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6^Uf ^^p-^ 




Digitized by tlie Internet Arcliive 

in 2010 witli funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Birectory and Register, 




•IW the Heads oi TauaiVies 




City and Suburbs, ffamiltonville, and Camden, N, y. 




JVo, 20-i, Market street. 


The Philadelphia Annual Advertiser. 


(from LONDON,) 

South West corner of Walnut and Dock streets, 


of the best quality and on reasonable terms ; and 
maker of Burnish Gold Size, of a very superior 
quality, equal to the very best that can be bought 
in London, and very cheap; likewise, manufacturer 
of Gold and Silver Paper, and Gold and Silver 
Embossed Borders, from l-8th of an inch wide to 
3 inches do. 

Respectfully informs the ladies of this city and 
its vicinity, that she continues to manufacture Leg- 
horn, Split Straw, and Silk HATS, of the newest 
and most approved fashions, and on the most rea- 
sonable terms. 

HATS 1)\EI>, 


N. B. AH orders in the above line will be thankfully re- 
ceived and promptly attended to. 


(^N. L.) Northern Liberties — (K.) Kensington-*. 
^P. T.) Penn Township — ( V.) Vineyard — (C.) for city 
— (S.) Southwark — (M.) Moyamensing — (O. y. r.). 
©Id York road — (Germ, r.) Germantown road — (P.) 
Passyunk — (Sch.) Schuylkill — (Frank, r.) Frankford 
coad — N. north — S. south— E. east — W. west— cor. 
corner— n. near— ab. above— r. road — -bet. between— i.- 
•^persons of colour — bel. below— ay. alley — ct. court— 
av. avenue — 1. lane— op. opposite — c. h. counting 
house— d. h. dwelling house — vict. victualler — gent, 
gjentleman — storekeefier, is always to be understood a^ 
dry goods storekeeper. 

ICP For names not found in the Sufifilement^ see the 
body of the work. 

The reader when searching for names, without 
knowing how properly to spell them, is requested to 
examine in every possible way they would admit of 
being spelled from their pronunciation. There are 
alternate references throughout the list of inhabitanlSi 
<Q those names having similar prominciation, but not 
being spelled alike ; viz. Allison, see Ellison — and 
vice versa. 

Each page of the list of inhabitants, is headed in 
capitals, with the three first letters of the bottom name. 

The reader will please to observe the following 
general rule for finding the numbers on houses, in the 
different streets in the city : — In those streets that run 
east and west, say Hit^h street, the numbers begin 
from the Delaware, the odd being on the north side, ^ 
In those that run north and south, say Fourth street^ 
\ht numbers begin from High street, running noi^th 
jtnd south, the odd being on the cast side^ 

^ in. vnr.iriTiA niKi-oTORY, BEC, . 


TO Tur. 

Philadelphia Directory. 

[^awrn that arc not in the Su/i/iUnient, ivill t;encral!u 
be found correct in the body of the ivork.'] 



Containing- the Heads of Families^ and Person-i 
in Business^ alphabeticothj arranged. 

J7* Sec " Directions to the Reader." 

\BBETT HENRY, blacksmir.h 111 N, Second— d. h. 

45 Race 
Abbott George, hairdresser 50 south Front 
\bbott John, currier 21 N. Sixth — d.h. 77 Clieny 
Vbercrombie Jas. d. d. seu. assistant minister of Christ 

churcli, St. Peter's and St. James' 111 Spruce street 
Adams Elizabeth, shoe store and ntilhncr 187 N. 2d 
Adams Ehzabeth, l)oarding iioust 74 Walnut 
Vdams J. Knox and Nixon, merchants 225 High 
Adams Thomas, merchant 81) south Wharves 
Adams William, liquor store coiDcr High and Sch. 8th 

— d. h. near cornt-r Filbert and Sch. 8th 
Adams William, Mantua Village 
XfTolman Jolin C. flour merchant 365 High — d. h. 160 

CIk-: rv street 
-\I!lick Mary, milliner 49 north Second 
Aiken Robert, tailor 39 Walnut 
Aitkcii Williiim, m. c.suigeon 309 Arch 
Albert! George F. practisini; physici?.n 164 north Fifth 
AlbriglR George M. tavcr:ikccper 121 north Water 
Algv Jaiiv s, grocer 18 Small tfc S; E. corner Catharine 

and S^v'anson 
Allen Charles, druggist &c. 180 south Second 

Allen John, grocer 10 N. 5th and 8 South alley 
Allen Lewis, merchant 190 High — d h. IS north 8th 
Allen WiUiam, merchant 53^ south Front 
Allen William, copperplate engraver 56 south 2d 
AUerton Nathan C. 12th above Markfet street 
Allison Miss A. &: M ladies dress makers 121 Spruce 
Alloway Samuel, tavernkeeper Catharine street wharf 
Anderson Robert, storekeeper S. W. corner Lombard 

and Seventh 
Anderson Samuel V. merchant 25 north Water — d. h. 

152 north Front 
Anderson Thomas, saddler 48 Lombard 
AndrcAv John, drygoods store 16 south Second 
Angrau John, drygoods store 245 south Second 
Anker Levi, 193 south Third 
Antrim John, grocer 90 soutlr Third 
Antrim 'I'homas E. taylor 395 High~d. h. 280 Arch 
Apple William, coppersmith 201 north Second 
Apt Charles, saddle and harness maker 343 north 2d 
Ardner Joseph, barber IS High 
Armour Susan N. storekeeper 6 Old York road 
Arney Elizabeth, tea warehouse 6 north Seventh 
Arnison Joseph, tavernkeeper 169 south Front 
AiTott James, merchant 35 south Front— d. h. N. W. 

corner Arch and Eleventh 
Ash Caleb, jr. apothecary 66 north Ninth 
Ash Michael, tavernkeeper N. W. cor. Old York I'oad 
- and Callowhill 

Ashburner John, jr. drygoods store 36 N. 2d, d h 17 Race 
Ashburner John & Thomas, 36 north Second > 
Ashhurst Richard, merchant 76 High — d. h. 70 S. 5th 
Askew Josepli, ironmonger 245 Hi^h — d h 116 Arch 
Askin John, shoemaker 216 south Second 
Atkinson Asher, saddler 8cc. 1 south Third 
Attmore Marshall, clock and watchmaker 38 Cedar 
Atwood James, merchant 111 High — d h 19 Race 
Atwood John M. merchant 111 High — d h 192 Arch 
Auner Joseph G. bookseller and stationer 79 Cherry 
Auner Peter, 79 Cherry 

Austin (ralen L. printer, office S. E. cor. 6th & Cherry 
Austin Thomas, flour mer. 443 High — d h 5 nortli 13th 
Avis Joseph, cabinet maker 39 Cedar 
Ayers David B. apothecary and druggist 302 S. Front 
Ayers 8c Turpin, druggists 8c apothecaries 302 S. Front 

BABE CATHARINE, milliner 39 Pine 

Babe George, apothecary S. E. corner Front and Cedar 

Babe Mary, storekeeper 197 south Second 

Babe Richard, hatter 50 Cedar 

Baeyertz Frederick, grocer corner Oak and Fifth 

^^ I'liiLAor.r.iMiiA niKi.cTORY. BEC^ 

IVigt^t- Jolm G. ^;rocer46'l soiitli FitiU 

B.igj^r M;uy, widow 464 suulli Front 

Kukui HLi.j'aiii'm F. lottery ofTicc 4S' north Tliird 

B:iki.M- IIciiMiM, M. n. 339 nortii I'liiid 

H.ik'.r J inics, iKirdwirt- st(MO 26.^ ll'nilh 

B.ikcr Michael, Jun. a^pjiersmiih '227 north Second*^- 

d h 330 north Front 
l^ddwin Isanr, grocer 90 N'ini; 

B;il(luin jolm, bookbiu<ler Sli cor. Cherry and Sixth 
H.dtf Lucas ?c Thomas, boot manufacturers 31 S. 4th 
■Bail Stephen, taverukeej)cr N. \V. eor. 3(1 & Shippen 
Ballcntiiic James & Co. grocers 34 south Second 
, Banckcr Charles N. mer. 33 N . Front — d h 320 Chesnnt 
Bankson William (i. drvKOods store 213 south Second 
Barat Francis, philusopliic;d instrument maker 379 

Barault Mrs. drvgoods store 51 nor'.li Second 
Barcroft Stacj B. drygoods store 21? jiortli Third 
Bardolte Josei)h. pertumcr 147 C'liesnut 
Barker James N. alderman, office 16 south otli — d h 

SW corner Cliesnut and Sixth 
Barlow Philip, 12^ south Sixth and 62 Zanc 
Barnard Derick, i)!oughmaker Ilii^h W. Sc!i. 4'.h 
Barnard Josejih, Higli west Scinivlkill Fourth 
Barnes Daniel, merchant 23 S. Water — d h 43 south 8th 
Barnes John, M D. 79 Arch corner Bread 
Barnes John H. office 117 S Second— d h 23 S. Second 
Barnes John, ladies' shoe store 147 south Secc-nd 
Barnes Josepli, ladies' shoe store 145 south Second 
Barnes Richard, glove manufactory 42 souti\ Second 
Barnes Roljcrt '!'. currier 55 Chesnut and 79 Arch 
Barnes S. bonnet inaker SE corner Cherry and Eighth 
Barnes Thomas, esq. currier 55 Citesnut and 79 Arch 
Barnes ThoiTjas and R. T. currieis 55 Cliesnut 
Barnes William, jun 389 south Second 
Barnitt Thos. Columbian printing press manuf. & tur- 
ner in brass, iron, &c. 198 N. P'ront & 3 Newmarket 
Barns James, innkeeper S. E. corner Spruce and Front 
Barn:^ Maiy. widow, teacher 7 FUim 
Barringtcn Cliarles, wine and liquor merchant 216 High 
Barrington Eleanor, widow of Richard 206 south 4th 
Barton Isaac, storekeeper 16 nortii Second 
Barwick John, currier 170 norri\ Third 
Buush Adam, sea ca]jtain Juniper near Vine 
Bayard (ieor^e, tinijlateworker 50 north Front 
Bavaid, R. H. attorney at law 55 soutli 7th — d h 254 

Beauregard J. C. m. d. 81 south 'I'hird 
Bechtel Jolui {bachelor) Sc Co. shoe warehouse 50 and 

52 Higli 
Beck Jacob, to!)acconist 182 south Front 
Beck Paul, jr. merchant 11 snutlj AVater— dh 315 High 
Beck VVm. C. stationer &c. S. W. cor. George & 12th 


Bedwell George W, apothecary and druggist 256 Arch 
Beidelman Abraham, drygoods store 88 north Second 
Belair Lewis D. foreign bookseller SW corner Sixth 

and Chesnut — d h 20 Raspberry street 
Beidon Hosea W. accountant 251 south Second 
Bell James 8c John, distillers NW corner 6th 8c Cedar 
Bell Samuel, merchant 181 High 
Bell Samuel, grocer and drover 236 Cedar 
Bell Wm. J. & Co: stock 8c exchange brokers 37 Dock 
Bell Wm.jun. stock &cc. broker 37 Dock— d h 93 Pine 
Bell William J. 154 Walnut street 
Bellemere Francis, stocking manufactory Hamilton 

Benjamin 8c Joseph, cordial distillers 167 Cedar 
Benners George, merchant 200 north Fourth 
Bennet Louisa, 6 north Sixth 
Bentley Christian, segarmaker 346 north Second 
Bentley David 8v John, coppersmiths 162 north Third 
Berry Joseph, storekeeper 146 Cedar 
Betts William, hatter 42 Plum 
Beylard John, jr. merchant 101 Walnut 
Bicknell George A. mercht. 127 High— d h 333 Arch 
Bicknell 8c Jackson, domestic warehouse 127 High 
Biddle Charles, jun. me"chant35 Dock 
Biddle C. 8c M. Canby, sugar refiners 27 Church alley 
Biddle Clement sugar refiner 27 Church alley — d h 

204 Arch 
Biddle John G. broker 26 Walnut — d h 9th near Walnut 
Biddle Thomas 8c John G. stock brokers 8cc. 26 Walnut 
Biddle Thomas, stock broker 8cc. 26 Walnut — d h 41 

Biddle William S. counsellor at law 183 Walnut 
Binder George, carpenter 375 north Front 
Binder Jacob, Iiatter 286 north Front 
Bioren John, printer 8c bookseller 72 S. 2d {see Byron 
Bird Julian, widow of Samuel, NE corner Water and 

Bishop Richard, importer of hosiery 36 south Front 
Black James, 208 Walnut street 

Black Wm. jr. merchant 18 north Front— d h 13 Pine 
Blair William, boot manufacturer 20 Chesnut 
Bloxton Thomas, (Theatre Hotel) Walnut near Ninth 
Blye John H. sea captain 226 south Second 
Boate Horatio, printer NE corner Wood and Fifth 
Bockius Jacob, brush manufacturer 249 north Second 
Boggs James, merchant 188 High street 
fBoisier Jerome, cordwainer 74 Lombard 
Bonish Matthew, fruiterer 390 south Second 
Book Peter J. hairdresser and bleeder 10 north Fourth 
Booth John, tailor 49 Pine 
Borhek John, confectioner 12 south Fourth 
Borrekens H. P. paper hanging^ warehouse 151 Ches- 

nut — d h SW ecrner 11th and Spruce 

PJIlL.\Ui:i,lMIl A plRKC i'ORY. BRU 

Bosbyslvcll & Sor\ crs, drygor.ds store 95 High 
Houvitr Michael, i;il)imi maker 6 south Front 
Bowen A. I. cahiiietniakcr i;)5 \\ ahint 
Bower Joliii, tavcnikeci)cv 9'1- north Eighth 
Boyd David, lucichant lailor 33 north Fourth 
Boyd Francis, currier 269 norih Second 
Boyd Joseph, cxchnngc & commission broker 20 S. 4th 
Boyle Cliarlcs, shopkeeper 3'25 Spruce 
Brackkcr Marshal, china store 324 north Second 
Bradsliaw Surah, tavernkeeper 28 Walnut 
Brady Daniel, accountant 122 Chesnut — dh 36 south 6th 
Brady F. tavernkeeper 5 north Sixth 
Brand Frederick, ladies' sluieniaker 124 south Second 
Brandt John, distiller 223 south 3d — d h 127 Lombard 
Bravard Rebecca, drygoods store 229 south Second 
Breban John, merchant 164 Higli— d h 79 Dock 
Brennen John, umljrclla maker 194 south Second 
Brick Jolir. R. 35 Cliesnut 
Brien James, tavernkeeper 289 Vine 
Brock Joliii, merchant 149 north Fourth 
Brognard Joseph, merchant 83 High 
Bronson John, hatter 136Swanson 
I 'rooke Robert, county commissioner Germantown road 

near Rising Sun 
Brooks John, china store 179 Callowhill 
Brown Adam, malster 256 Race 
Brown David Paul, attorney at law 104 Arch 
Brown Elijah, com. mer. 48 Dock — d h 39 south 4th 
Brown Elizal)eth, rniUi\ier 42 north Sixth 
Brown Ezra, cordwainer 167 north Tliird 
Brown & Harris, i^ainters, Ckc. 72 Chesnut 
Brown James, (of the house of J. A. B. 8c Co.) 109 S. 3d 
Brown James, tobacconist 46 north Fourtli 
Brown James, sea captain 13 Willing's alley 
Brown John A. aiul Co. importers of Irish linens 16 

Brown John S. boot and shoe manufactory 167 north 3d 
Brown J. ik: M. & M. D Lewis, merchants 159 Market 
Brown Liberty, conveyancer 18 south Sixtli— d h 59 

Tammany street 
Brown Paul S. merchant 215 Arch 
Brown William, printer, office Wagner's alley— d h G 

John above. Wood 
Browne Acjuilla A. attorney at law and conveyancer 38 

south Sixth— d h 307 Walnut 
Browne Charles, silkdyer U9 north Second 
Browne John, gentleman 37G north Front (N L) 
Browne Peter A. attorney at law and conveyancer, 194 

Browne Samuel, taylor 51 north Third 
Biiick. William A. biscuit baker 113 Vine 
Biugiere Charles, mercht. 247 High— d h 299Chcsnu'- 



Bryan Samuel, esq. Register for the Probate of Wills, 
and granting Letters of Administration in and for the 
city and county of Philadelphia, in the Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania, No, 6 east wing State house — d h 
S24 High 
Bryant Jolin Y. chemist, &c. 27 High 
Bryant Mordecai Y. wholesale and retail druggist 230 

north Second 
Bryant T. J. druggist, 8cc. 388 north Front 8c 205 N. 8th 
Bryant William, cabinet maker 361 High 
Brynen Edward, umbrella maker 151 north Second 
Buckley Anthony M. merchant 139 south Front — d h 
87 south Third [see Bickley and Backley^ 

Budd John B. merchant 14 south Seventh 
Budd Susan, widow 14 south Seventh 
Buffum Arnold, hatter 60 north Second 
Bujac J. Lachaussee, merchant 130 Pine 
Burd Jane R. confectioner 163 Chesnut & 66 Almond 
Burkart Samuel, brushmaker 1 N. 5th— d h 131 N. 8th 
Burkellow Isaac, dealer 293 north Second 
Burkhardt 8c Bailey, merchants 9 north Second 
Burkhimer Henry, tobacconist 348 north Front 
Burns John M. boot and shoe manufacturer 49 south 3d 
Buft Nathaniel, merchant 237 High 
Bushhead Joseph, 69 south Fifth 
Busser Francis, tinplate worker 321 south Second 
Butcher John, tinplate worker 363 south Front 
Butler James, china store 18 High 
Buzby H. 8c Co. flour merchants 365 High 
Buzby Hezekiah, 365 High — d h 6th above Wood 
Byrne Mrs. E. boarding house 19 south Fifth 
Byrne Patrick, lottery and exchange office NE corner 

Second and Chesnut 
Byron Rebecca, drygoods store 226 south Second 

CAHILL JOHN, tavernkeeper 10 Lsetitia court 
Calla Charles, Liverpool and glass warehouse 66 north 

Fourth— d h 40 north Eighth 
Cammeyer 8c Simons, auction 8c commission merchants 

262 Market 
Cammeyer William, jun. auctioneer 262 Market — d h 

348 Market 
Campbell Isaac, watchmaker 33 south Fourth 
Campbell James, mercer and tailor 85 south Fifth 
Campbell Thomas, ladies' shoemaker 79 Cedar 
Canby Caleb H. plumber 29 Bank street— d h 137 High 
Cannon John, innkeeper SW corner Catharine and 2d 
Canon Samuel, clothing store 342 High 
Cansler Margaret, drygoods store 81 Cedar 
Cantrall Robert, innkeeper NW cor. Water 8c Swanson 


Cany Charles, drygoods store 67 north Second 
Cards William, carpenter back 185 Cherry 
Cavlile Hudson, taverokecper Spruce corner Quince 
Carlisle David, carter corner Sixtli and Coates 
Carlisle John, ladies' shoemaker 204 south Second 
Carl! Kcv. Maskell M. 85 Wood street 
Carmalt Caleb ik James, conveyancers 298 north Third 

and 241 Arcli 
Carman J. Sc H. merchants 331 High 
Carman William, mercliant 'M7 Higii 
Carmicliael George & Son, tobacconists 404 High 
Carpenter Bejijamin E. 8c Co. grocers 213 nortli Third 
Carpenter Benjamin E. grocer 213 north Third 
Carpenter Miles, 121 north Ninth 
Carrell Joseph, boot and shoemaker 17 south Third 
Carrigcin Jacob, carpenter 204 Clierry 
Carson John, bookseller and stationer 159 north Third 
Carson John M. ladies' shoemaker SE cor. Race & 6th 
Carbtairs James, mer. South st. wharl— d h 264 S 2d 
Carter Enoch, painter, 8cc. 120 Chcsnut — d h 82 Arch 
Carvill H. & C. goldbeaters 55 Dock 
Cash Jacob, tobacconist 3 Arch and 35 Vine 
Cassedy Mary, widow 387 south Front 
Catherwood Hugh, distiller 217 Cedar 
Cave Thomas, druggist &;c. 45 High & SW corner 9th 

and Locust — d li 1 north Ninth 
Cavenaagii Michael, grocer and tavernkeeper SE cor- 
ner Second and Queen 
Chamberlin Jacob, merchant 47 south Eiel\th 
Cliamberlin Joseph, merchant 16 south Water 
Champion Benjamin, drygo»jds store 5i north Second 
Chandler George, boot and shoemaker 79 Green .street 
Chaney William M. broom manufacturer 172 Higli 
Chapron Sc Nidelet, meichants 155 High NE corner 4th 
Chapron John M. merchant 155 Higii — d ii 14 N. 9tl\ 
Chastant Louis, merchant 22 Church allev 
Chesnut Samuel & William, grocers 303 High 
Chcsnut Sam. grocer 303 High — d h SE cor. \ine & 8th 
Chew Elislia, currier 38 Ciiesnut 

Christie William, upholsterer and Venetian blind ma- 
ker 145 Chcsnut 
Ch. i*tine John, turner 358 north Front 
Cl .rk Daniel, grocer NE corner Fourtli and Green 
CI. irk John Y. .m. d. 167 Arch k L. B. book store 4 south Front 
CKirk Richard, boardinghouse ami grocer 152 Swansoii 
Cl ! * ges J uob, painter and glazier 189 Vine 
Cl'Ne Henry, grocer 385 N. Third NE corner Coates 
Cl i'ey John,jun. wircworker 17S. 4tii — dh 91souih 5th 
Ct. ucs Caleb, manuf of domestic coffee 88 Clierrv 
Co.iis Thomas, jun. conveyancer, and office for the pur- 
chase and sale of real e>tatc 328 norih Third 
Cochran Joho, distiller 376 and 386 High 


Ccckman Eliza, milliner 149 Walnut 

Cockinan George, jeweller 149 Walnut 

Coffee James, plumber 61 Walnut — d h 2d bel. Christian 

Coffin Tiiomas M. oil store 10 south Fourth 

Coggius David, currier 80 Chesnut — d h 31 Carters ay. 

Cohen Abraham B. carver and gilder 233 sowth Filth 

Cohen A M. & E. L. druggists 239 Market— d h NE 

corner Spruce and Fourth 
Cohen & Nisbet, merchants 26 south Front 
Cole Hannah, widow 429 south Second 
Coleman Lydia, mantuamaker 64 north Sixth 
Collins Moses, innkeeper 125 north Water 
Collins William, baker 148 south Front 
CoUom Jonathan, teacher 134 Coates 
Combes Germain, bi. d. and apothecary NE cornei 

Pine and Fourth 
Comfort Stephen, broker See. 26 south Third 
Comley Ethan, drygoods store 199 north Second 
Compton Joseph, mercer and tailor 27 north Sixth 
Conard John, marshal (Eastern Distinct) office State 

house — d h 206 Chesnut 
Condie David F. M. D. 99 south Fifth 
C'ondy J. W. counsellor at law 154 Chesnut 
(longer James, shopkeeper NE corner Castle & 11th 
Connell Thomas H. m. d. 49 Vine 
Connelly Matthew, tavernkeeper 47 south Water 
Conner John, saddle, trunk 6c harnessmaker 194 High 
Coiminglmm D. W. drygoods merchant 78 N. Second 
Conolay Peter, cordwainer 241 north Front 
Conover Joseph, shoe wai'ehouse SW cor. High & 6tli 
Constable William, cordwainer 394 south Second 
Couwell Right Rev. Doctor Henry, bishop of Philadel- 
phia, St. Joseph's 8c St. Mary's church, Wiiling'say., siioemaker 125 Chesnut 
C^n^ers Walter, boot manuf. 40 S- 3d — d h 9 George 
Cohyngham David H 109 south Fourth 
Cook George H. grocer 76 south Third — d h NW cor- 
ner 13th and Walnut 
Cook Samuel, tobacconist 267 north Second 
Cook 8c Snov/don, china merciiants 240 north Thii'd 
Cooke William, tobacconist 10 Market 
Cooley L. intelligence and exchange office 9 south 4tlv 

— .d h SW corner Seventli and Sansom 
Cooper F. smith 98 and 100 Shippeu 
Cooper Henry, printer Fifth near Wood 
Cope Jacob J. accountant Old York road ab. Callowhill 
Corfield Edward D. justice of the peace 259 N. Front 
Corlies J. W 8c Co. commission merchants 29^ south 

Wharves— d h 160 Arch 
Correy Wm. K mercliant 29 N. Water— d h 98 S. 4th 
Corry Helen, milliner 123 south Second 
Corson James, 184 Chesnut street 
Coulston Barnabas, tavernkeeper 271 Vine 
Coulston Q. W. tavernkeeper 212 north Third 


Cowan John, tailor 84 Cedar 

Cox IsAucN. attoi-ney at law 1 13 Chesnut.d h 1 32 Spruct 
Cox James, tailor 204 Clicrry street 
Cozens Josiali B. clock. & watchmaker 144 south Front 

[see Couzins 
tCr.mchel B. 66 south Third 
Crane Isaac W. counsellor at law Camden (N J) 
Crease William G, fancy t'c;itiicr manufactory 41 south 

Third, and confectionary 220 High 
Ci-eighton Robert, Irish hnen merchant 21 south Front 
Cress Alexander, cordwainer 42J north Third 
Cresann John H. & Joseph, china merchants 281 High 
Cresson John H. china mer. 281 Higli— d h 227 High 
Creth Daniel, distiller 222 soutli 6tli— d h 223 Cedar 
Creth & Williamson, distillers, distillery 102 and liquor 

store 108 north Nintli 
Creth William, distiller 108 north 9th— d h 379 Race 
Crombarger John, flour mer. 326 High & 84 south 11th 
Crooks William, tailor NE corner Chcsnut and Water 
Crothers William S. & Charles S. merchants 219 High 
— d h 389 Arch [see Carolhem 

Crowley John, watchmaker 132 south Front 
Crozier Andrew, grocer 424 south Front 
Crumpton William, silverplater 231 north Second 
Cruson William, inspector of lumber 269^ south Front 
CuUen & Pettit, grocers NE corner Spruce &: Seventh 
Cummins James, grocer N W corner Brown and Third 
Curran Arthur, innkeeper Green street fei-ry 
Currie Wm. m. d. practising physician NW corner of 

Front and Pine street 
Curry George, shoe store 30 High 
Curtis Asa, grocer SW corner Second and Callowhill 

— d h 8 Newmarket 
Curtis Cavender, drygoods store 233 south Second 
Curtis John H. clerk 448 south Front 
Cuthbcrt \V. C. druggist 264 south Second 

DABLIN FELIX, sliopkeepcr NE corner Arch & 8th 

Dallet Elijah & Tliomas, soap and candle manufactu- 
rers 34an<.l 341 High 

Dalling James, storekeeper 114 north Sixth 

Daly Cliailcs, cordwainer 44 Spruce 

Dannakcr C H. W. millstone maker Zane street— 
d h 135 north Third 

Dannakcr Sr^mticl, seafaring officer 24 Bread street 

l)aven])ort Wini;im, nKittifmatical instrument maker 
25 south Front— d li 86 Sassafras 

Davis David, cordwainer 61 Arch 

Davis George, stock and exchange broker 39 Dock— 
d h 246 Sjjruce 

Davis John, inspector of customs 305 Market 

Davis John, papct;,hanger 12 Goforth alley 


Davis John, shoe store 73 north Fifth 

Davis Jonathan, sawwhetter NW corner Cailowhill 

and Newmarket street 
Davis Richard, gentleman 350 Market street 
Davis Samuel V. cordwainer 356 sout'ii Pecond 
Davis Tliomas, printer and bookseller 204 Market 
Davis William, shipchandler and ropemaker SE corner 

Sassafras and Water — d h 273 Race 
Davison Robert, sailmaker 47 soutli Front 
Dawes Sibyl, drygoods store 6 south Stcoiid 
Dawson Jonas, clock and watchmaker 400 High — d h 

Juniper below High 
Dawson MordecaiL. 79 Chesnut — d h 7th ah. Chesnut 
Day Augustus, carver and gilder 124 north Third 
Dayton Maria C. drygoods store 246 north Third 
Deamer John, cooper Water above Callosvhill 
Deaves Trvril, blacksmith corner Tammany & Kunckel 
Decker R. I. tavernkeeper 122 south Front 
Deets George, victualler Buttonwood above Charles 
De Haven Holstein, carpenter 119 nortii Ninth 
Deitz William, shoemaker 203 north Third 
Delleker George, engraver 96 Chesnut — d h 42 Chester 
Denckla A. H. merchant 12 north Third 
Denman Aaron & Co. merchts. 271 High — d h 351 Arch 
Derkheim David, cabinetmaker 278 south Second 
De Silver Thomas, bookseller, &c. 253 High— d h 409 

Dcvin Sarah, widow Broad above Arch 
Devitt Tcrrence J. baker 151 Cherry 
Dewhurst Henry, glasswarestore 324 High 
Diachery Joseph, liquor store 96 High 
Dickeson William, h^itter 311 north Second 
Dickinson David, printer SW corner Decatur and 

Market — d h SE corner Castle and Eleventh 
Dickinson Leonard, trunk manufacturer 4 Schriver's 

court — d h 1 north Eighth 
Dickson John, grocer Swanson near Christian 
Dickson Joseph R. inspector of customs 163 so\ith 5th 
Dickson Wm. merchant 255 High— d b ^'ine above 10th 
Diehl Nicholas, notary public, office 117 south Second 

d h 157 south Ninth 
Dilion Richard, grocer SE corner Cedar and Fifth 
Dingee Charles, saddler 194 High 
Dixon Peter, saddler 214 Market— d h 27 north Ninth 
Dolman John M. shoemaker 46 Chesnut 
Donaldson Isaac, china storekeeper 76 north Second 

and 26 north Tiiird 
Donnaldson Edvvard M. shipmaster 43 Dock — d h 167 

Donnell James C. 129 south Third 
Donneli Natliauiel, 129 south Third 
Dorans William, gi'ocer SE corner Front and Almond 
Dougherty Michael, storekeeper 10th cor. Pryor's court 


Douglass John C. ladies' shoemaker 70 north Sixth 
Douglass I^. S. (hygoods store 47 south Fourth 
Doughiss Peter, loolhbnisl\niaktr 31 north Third 
i)owiur Charles L. merchant 26 south W'irarvcs — d l: 

16 Newmarket street 
Doyle Pairick, storekeeper 448 north Second 
Dreer Frederick, cabinetmaker 152 south Fourth 
Dreishach VV'iUiani, merchant 146 north Fourth 
Dreyfous Simeon, merchant 75 north Fourth 
Drinker Josei)h D. ji-. merchant 30 north Third 
Drysdale William, clock & watchmaker 44 High 
Ducker John, exchange broker 1 south Fourth — d h 9 

nortli Fleventh \_see Decker 

Dufficld William B. ?i. d. profcsoor of midwifery 198 

Spruce street 
Duffv Philip, tavernkeeper 144 Cedar 
Dullco Joseph, merchant 145 High— d h Washingtoj> 

Dulles Sophia, widow 151 Walnut 
Dun George W. 16 Bank street 
Dungan John, (Buck tavern) 132 north Second 
Dunn Samson, hatter 32 n^rth Sixth 
Dusar F. merchant Girard's buildings 1625 south 2d 
Duval James S. merchant 15 north 8th [svy* Devclle 
Dyke Scraven, tallowchandlcr 237 south Second 

EARHEART JOHN P. turner &c. ^C-^ Dock—d h 90 

south Fii'tli 
Earp Ann, widow 58 Union 
Earp Robert, hardware merchant SW corner High and 

5tii— d h 31 Filbert 
Earp Thomas hardware mer. SW corner High and 5th 

— d h NE corner 7th and Vine 
Eastwood William, grocer 473 High 
Eaton Charles, grocer 8 south Third — d h 59 north 7lh 

above Arch 
Eberbach John C. baker ^^I'c, south Front 
Eberle John, m. d. SW corner Race and Sixth 
Eckel Andrew, tobacconist 310 Sassafras 
Eckel George, tobacconist 141i north Third 
Eckfeldt John, sonp & candle manufactory 130 south 5th 
Eckfeldt Michael, carpenter 13th between Race & \ inc 
Eckhardt Frederick, tavernkeeper 193 Callowhill 
Ecky Anthony, a])oihecary and druggist 53 south 7tli 
Edgar John, grocer 314 High 

Edwards Joseph, saddle 6c harncssmakcr371 N. Front 
Eglec Jacob, cabinetmaker 66 south Fourth 
Egner Charles, grocer NE corner Arch and Third 
Ehrenzeller Jacob, c^irpentcr corner of Beck and Sixth 
Ehringhaus & Kampmann. stock 8c exchaiige brokeis 

N\V corner Third and Walnut 
Ehrmann Victor & Frederick, 154 north Fourth 


Eisenhut William, tobacconist 478 north Second 

Eldridge 8c Brick, curriers 35 Chesnut 

Elias Henry, drygoods stoi-e 212 north Second 

Elkin Abraham, gentleman 2 south Tenth 

Elliott Isaac, conveyancer 82 Chesnut 

Elliott Samuel, 74 north Second 

Ellis George, tavernkeeper 327 north Second 

Ellis Hugh, silverplater 206 High 

Ellmaker David, wholesale grocer 275 High — d h 36 

north Ninth 
Elton Anthony, late high constable (sign Gen. Mont- 
gomery) 14 south Fifth 
Elton Anthony, merchant 138 south Front 
Elton & Beck, merchants 138 south Front 
Eltjn Thomas, merchant 193 High — d h SE corner 

Filbert nnd Ninth 
Ehvell Samuel S accountant 273 Race 
EmerickWiUiamB, 26 North alley 
Enn( rson G. M. D. S7 Chesnut 

Euicry Lewis> boardinghouse & confectioner 128 N. 3d 
Emery Samuel, ship-broker and wax canuie manufac- 
turer 119 south Second 
Emlen Samuel, m. d. N W corner Arch and 7th 
Eiigard Jolm, tailor 418 north Second [see Ingard 

Engle Uichard, grocer 409 north Second 
Efigles Joseph P. classical teacher 63 Locust street 
Engles Rev. William M. pastor ot the Seventh Pres- . 

byteri:in church 63 Locust street 
English Joseph, cutler 108 Race 

English Mizeal, paperhanger 78 Chesnut 8c 48 Gaskill 
Epley 8c Murray, grocers 104 north Fourth 
Erben Henry, merchimt 263 High—d h 9 John 
Ernst Jacob, baker 89 Christian 
Erringer Frederick. oUector of taxes S7 Arch 
ErAvi>^ Henry, silversmith 191 south Second 
Esling Nicholas, (National Hotel) 217 High 
Evans Brooke, sp'^rtsman's 8c rifle store 7 north Third 
Evans David R. lumber merchant 23 Julianna street 
Evans Joseph., tanner 145 north Sixth 
Evans Martha, drygoods store 66 north Fourth 
Evans Robert I. flour mer. 394 High—d h 321 Chesnut 
Evans William M. clock and watchmaker 301 High — 

d h Hamilton village 
Everhai't Margaret, widow, cakebaker 235 N Second 
Everlv Adam, fancy store 8c combmanufactory 176 Higli 
Ewing Robert, merchant 113 High 

FABLE FREDERICK, baker SW corner Walnut 8c 

Dock, and~ in Goforth a'ley 
Fairbaim John, saddle and harnessmaker 7 north Fifth 


lairchiUl \NiUiain B. r.ombmaker 113 south Second 

Fcltcn IMiilip, iavcnikcc])er 157 north Third 

Fcrer John, sliopkeeper 296 Raco 

Ferguson Jesse, boot and shoemaker 271 south Second 

Fernandez Michael, tobacconist 88 Cedar 

Fetter Joan, innkecj)er 220 and 222 north Front 

Field, Fiibes & Co. domestic wareliouse 185 High 

Field James, merchant, 185 High— d h 10 north 11th 

Field & Palmer, grocers 6 High 

Figner Andrew, tailor 195 Callowhill 

Finlayson James, draughtsman; maps, plans Sc surveys, 

protracted or copied at J. Melish's 209 Chesnut 
Finley Anthony, bookseller, &;c. NE corner Chesnut 

and Fourth — dh 365 Arch 
Finley Ely, shopkeeper 339 Race Andrew, hatter i5 and i'51 High 
Fisher John 8c Martin, combmakers 3d near Green 
Fitzgerald K.aicto)i, stablekeepcr 13 6c 15 Marshairsay. 
Fleegal George, master armourer 167 Green street 
Fletcher George, jeweller — d h 122 Spruce 
Fletcher Thos jeweller 130 Chesnut, cl h Spruce ab. 5ih 
Flin Thomas, boardinghouse 64 Pcnn street 
Flowers George, dealer in hay 83 north Eighth 
Fobes George, domestic siore 185 High — d h 6N. 11th 
Faring Frederick, currier and justice of the peace 245 

north Third [sse luiring 

Folkrod Joshua, tinplateworker 235 High 
Folwell John, merchant 37 N, Front — d h 46 N. Front 
Folwell Wm. merchant 55 north Front— d h 233 Arch 
Foote Benjamin E. accountant 29 Dock — d h 123 S. 2d 
Forbes Jared, ladies' shoemaker 417 soiith Front 
Forepaugh Mary, storcktejjer 261 nortii Third 
Fo)-gison Samuel, sliipcarpenter 253 nortli Second 
Fortune Michael, lottery office 39 Walnut 
Fougeray Rene' J. & Son, iron store and stove manufuc- 

t<iry 99 north Second 
Foulke Cliarlcs, hardware merchant 151 High 
Foulkc Hannah, gentlewoman south 11th near Walnut 
Fowgey Susan, milliner 78 nortii Fourth 
Fowle Jonathan, juu. attorney at law 190 Chesnut 
Fox John, moroccodressev 356 north Thiid 
Fox Peter, shoemaker 244 north Second 
Francis John, lotterybroki r 39 south Third 
Franklin S.imuel K.' teacher High, west i«l Sch. 7th 
Franks Isaac, prothonotary of t'.ie supreme court of tlic 

Eastern diilrict of Penns) h ania. East wing of the 

State-h'use— (1 h 59 Cheriy street 
Free Edwitrd. cai ter & powder carrier Newmarket ; t. 
Freed li-a.ic. flour and feed store 100 Race 
Freeland U ivid S. tk Co. haltei-s 22 High— ;l '. 39 Race 
Frex tag 1). jjotter and quecnswai e stoi-c 139 Ced ir 
Fre> tag & Kampmann, ciiina, glass & queensware store 

68 north Third 



Frick Jacob, edito^ of the Am. Sentinel 92 Wood street 
Fry John H. shoewarehouse 88 High SE corner 3cl 
' Fryburg Joseph, victualler 8th above Callowhill — stall 

13 old shambles 
Fullmer John, grocer and flour store NE coi'ner Old 
York road and Callowhill 

GAMARD L. m. d. 42 south Fourth 
Gamble John, skindresser 297 north Second 
Gandy & Son, drygoods store 41 north Second 
Gardiner Baldwin, hardware merchant 98 Chesnut— 

d h 41 south Eighth 
Gardiner, Veron & Co. fancy hardware store 98 Chesnut 
Garretson E. druggist 39 north Fifth 
Garrett Levi & Son, tobacconists 138 south Front N W 

corner Drawbridge 
Garrigues Abraham M. 74- Arch street 
Garrigues Edward B. druggist 235 High — d h 39 Cherry 
Gai-rigues Sarah M. plain cloak & bonnet maker 74 Arch 
Gartley John H. principal of St. John's Acadejny 19 

Garvey James, tavernkeeper 10 south Eighth 
Gaul Frederick, jr. brewer back 147 High — dh Old 

York road above Callowhill 
Geary WiUiam, gunsmith 42 Cedar 
Geisse George W. merchant 57 north Foui'th 
Geisse H. gentleman 1 south Eighth 
Geisse & Korckhauss, merchants 213 High 
Geisse WiUiam, merchant 213 High 
George Charles, printer 118 north Ninth 
George Israel, currier NE corner Cedar and Third 
George Joseph, currier 44 Wood 
Germon Francis S. paperhanger & marble papcrmaker 

back 39 Cherry— d h SW corner Fifth 8c Race 

[see German and Jarnion 
Getze' F. A. professor of music, back 30 north Eighth 
Gibbs Benjamin, gentleman 16 north Front 
Gibbs John, lottery 8c exchange broker 4J south Third 

— d b SW corner Second and Lonibard 
Gilbert Henry R. 395 Arch 
Gilbert John, merchant 29 Dock 
Gildenfenny Henry, baker 277 north Third 
Gildner Frederick A. gunstock cutter 20 Callowhill 
Gillam Samuel, corder 133 north Water 
Gillespie 8c EUmaker, wholesale grocers 275 High 
Gillespie Samuel, merchant 69 north Third 
Glentworth James, jr. deputy surveyor of the port 112 

scut!' Eighth 
"Godlev Jesse, merchant 53 High 
Godshall John, cordwainer 376 north Third 


Gogarlv Nicholas, drygoods store lirA north Second 
Goldcr'Juhn, attorney at law 350 south Front, otticG 

l*rune street abo\e Fourth 
CloKley Henry, cordwaincr SE corner 8th and Race 

[ncc Gonldy 
(ioldMnilli Thomas, phujcmaker 383 north "Second, 

corner Green — d h 224 north Front 
Goudin Johi\ & Son, grocers 3 north 5th— d h 231 Arch 
Goodman George, printer, back, of 112 Wahmt— d h 

12 Kuiickel 
Goodwin JiJin, ropcmaker 8c shipchandler 71 N. Wa- 

te<- — d h 171 north Front 
Goodwin Fhonias, broker 77 Wahiut & 77 south Third 
(iordon Da\ id F. attorney at law 10 south Second 
(iordon Robert, wholesale and retail grocer NW corner 

Higli and Schuylkill Seventh 
(iorgas George, lumber mercliant 282 north Second — 

yard 228 north Water below Fool's bridge 
Gorges William, hairdresser &. bleeder 256 Race 
Gorr William, tailor Benfer's court, between Beaver 

and George street (N. L.) 
Gouiran Micliel, jeweller 98 north Third 
Goujon Louis, turner in metal 15 Cherry 
Gowen James, merchant and grocer NW corner Dock 

and Walnut or G9 Walnut 
Gracff John, tavernkeeper 77 Callowhill 
Graff" B. baker 6 Cherry street 
Graff Jacob, baker Tliird below Cedar 
Graham Sarah C. widow of Robert M. 258 south Second 
Grant Josei)h P. mercl.ant 43 N. Water— d h 19 S. 7th 
Gravensticu Jacob, baker 107 Vine 
Gray Hugli, tavernkeeper 74 north Water 
Gray James, teacher 351 north Third 
Gray J. china mercliant 199 High — d h 2 south Tenth 
(iray Patrick, tinplatcworkcr 48 north Eighth 
(iray Thomas, boot Ik shoe manufactory llOS. Second 
Greaves Edward, merchant 408 Arch 
Green Elizabeth, oystcr-liousc Water above Callowhill 
Green Richard, storekeeper 2 nonh Second 
(Jriffin Sarali, widow 8 3 north Second 
Grout Jonathan, iiuentor of universal grammar, 26 S. 

Fourth, itic/uirc of R. De Silver 
(irunlock Mrs. innkeeper 288 High 
(iwinner P. 362 Market— d h 38 Filbert 

HACKER GEOKfiE, drygoods store 447 north Second 
Ha(; way John T. mercliant 29 south AVharves — d h 

2 Sansom 
Hm s^lbnrth Adam C. tobacconist 226 north Third 
H..iii..v Hann ih. gentle v.' iinan 74 Airh street 
Haines Reuben, tarmer Germantown and 74 Arrh 


Hains George, tobacconist 264 north Third 

Hale Thomas, stove manufactory 291 north Second — 

d h 27 Newmarket 
Hall James, hardware store 5 north Second — d h SE 

corner Branch and Fourth 
Hall Thomas, sea captain 326 south Front 
Hamelin Joseph P. one of the editors of the Freeman's 

Journal and Mercantile Advertiser, SW corner Ches- 

nut and Front — d h 115 Lombard 
Hamilton Rebecca, milliner 31 north Sixth 
Hammell Butler, baker 60 Penn street 
Harnmelton Hugh, weaver Benfer's court, between 

Beaver and George street (N. L.) 
H i;u;iick Job, tobacconist 95 north Front 
H:ii:d Jcjvniiah, carter 9 Callowhill 
He ney William, grocer SW corner Front and Cedar 
HiTsell John, carver and gilder 162 Race 
H?.;:sell Joseph, carver and gilder oTh south Eighth 
Hniison John, merchant 3 north Water 
Harberger Henry, jup. copper and tinware, and wire- 
tender manufactory corner High and Schuylkill 6th 
Harder John G. ^17 goods merchant & furrier 34 N. 2d 
Hardy John, pocketbook manufacturer 45 Arch 
Hargesheimer Samuel, innkeeper Swanson street near 

Navy yard 
Harker Joshua G. merchant 3 south Second 
Harland John, 140 Arch street 

Harper Arthur, Walnut st, 2d door above 10th S. side 
Harper John P. innkeeper 205 Cedar 
Harper John, cordwainer James' street corner Charles 
Harrison Henry, 218 Chesnut 
Han ison Joseph, grocer 453 N. Second corner BroAvne 

Harrison , m. d. 41 north Eighth 

Hart William, tavernkeeper 94 north Second 
Hartley Thomas, grocer "N W corner Lombai'd 8c 5th 
Harxey George N. merchant 218 north Fourth 
Harwood John, gold and silversmith 12 north Second 
Haslam, J. B. importer of china &c. 7 south Third 
Hauptman John, baker 152 south Fourth 
Hawkins Wm. merchant 79 south Front — d h 105 Pine 
Haydon Wm. fancy chair manufacturer 109 Walnut 
Hayes A. L.. attorney at law 64 south Sixth 
Hedderly Edwin, be'llfounder, 8cc 134 south Fifth 
Heinold Charles, grocer 42 north Seventh 
Heiss Israel, gunsmith, &c. 412 north Front 
Heliiibold Joseph K. bookseller & stationer 93 Race 
Hemphill John, merchant and flaxseed stores 38 south 

Wharves — d h 95 Spi'uce 
Henchman Adam, grocer SE corner High and Sch. 

Second \_see Hinchman 

Hendel Elizabeth, china store 124 north Second 
Henderson John, grocer 421 north Third 
Henderson R, A. apothecary SE corner 5th and Race 


Hennings jr. & Zinkernagel, Gernrian booksellers 19 

Clierry street 
Tlciirv John S intrchant 192 High 
Htnry Marv, storekeeper N\V corner 8lh and Filbert 
Henry Robert ik Brotlier, merchants 163 High 
Hcntz & Matthews, grocers SW cor. CaHowhill & 6lh 
Henzev Sumuel, accountant 4 Elfrcth's alley 
Hcppai-d John, painter & glazier 202 north Front — d h 

l-.nilcn's conrt 
Herman Jolin, baker 152 north Fourth 
Henigcb Barnard, tobacconist 186 north Second 
He^kcth & Gillespy, distillers and wholesale and retail 

liijuor, wine and cordial store 43 south VV^ater 
Hes-. Philip, grocer NVV corner St. John and Green 
Hevl George, attorney at law and notary public, 22J 

VN'alnut — d h 63 north Seventh 
Hi' kman & Hazard, bookbinders 8c sellers 121 Chesnut 
Hickman James, accountant 97 S 2d — d h 528 N. 2d 
Hill John, tobacconist 247i south Second 
Hill Lxtitia, widow 247 south Second 
Hill William, tobacconist 247 south Second 
HiiK Elijah, barber 84 iiorth Sixth 
Hnichmans Benjamin M. merchant 203 High 

[sff Henchman 
Hinchmans & Newbold, merchants 203 Market 
Hiiidman John, accountant Bread street 
Hirigoyen Peter, co()perstill maimfaciurer 47 Arch 
Hiist Elizabeth, shopkeeper 15 Spruce 
Hirst I'homas, tinware manufacturer 151 north Fifth 

[see Hurst 
Hitclicock Irvine I. teacher 22 Cherry street 
Hitchci>ck R. tailor 111 north Third 
Hitner George, printer 1 Garden street 
Hi. ire Robert, painter &c 125 Spruce 
Hobscn George, merchant 30 Chesnut — d h Hilchpach, 

SW corner Ridge roati and Broad street 
HoWswii R H. merchant 166 Market street 
Hoteklev Christian F. coachlace and fringe maker 86 

south FiJth 
Hnffmcin John H. colnurman 24 Kunckel street 
Hoffman Jonatliin & Thomas, fruiterers 158 north 3d 
HiifTman S. & W^. comb manufacturers 5 north Third 
Hr>g:tn James, bottler, cellar under VVashington Hall 
Homeland John, taveriikceper 448 north Front 
H' Hermann John F. mercliant 7 north. Fourth 
Hi lluwbush Henry, plasterer 403 north Front 
H'lmes Joim C. grocer & bottler NE cor. Shippen and 

H( hues Zebulon, shopkeeper 28 Lombard 
Hols'.;ey Ciiarles, tailor Benfer's court, between Bea- 
ver iind (ieorge street (N. L.) 
Hemiller Samuel, gmcer 281 nurtlj Third 
Hood Wm. grocer SE cor. 6th 8c Cherry— d h 206 Race 
B 2 


Hope & Co. lottery & exchange office 63 Chesnut and 

63 south Third 
Hopkins Thomas & Co. 290 High 
Hopkinson Francis, attorney at law 15 south Fifth 
Hojjkinson Joseph, Esq. inquire at 15 south Fifth 
Hoifuberger Peter, victualler, stall 76 New market S. 

Second— d h 8th above Bnttonwood 
Horner Henry, bricklayer 269^ south Front 
Hornor Isaac J. merchant 292 Vine 
Horsey & Peters, bookbinders SW cor. 5th and Cherry 
Hovtz Peter, fiour and feedstorc 392 south Second 
Hosack Joseph, tavei'nkeeper coi'ner Eleventh 8c Race 
Hotham Samuel & Co, button and buttonmole manu- 
facturer 12 Little Dock 
Howell Asher M. mercht. 167 High— d h 93 S. 8th 
Howell John, paperhanging manufacturer 116 north 8th 
Howell Richard L, major 43 south Fourth 
Huber Adann, victualler Pleasant st, n. Charles (P. T,) 
Huber David, victualler Charles' st. near James (P. T.) 
Huber Frederick, victualler Turner's lane n. Ridge r, 
Huber Henry, inspector of customs 38 south Sixth 
Huber Henry, jun. hardware merchant and manuf. of 
plated saddlery furniture 40 N. 3d— d h 38 south 6th 
Huckel Samuel, clock and watchmaker 38 Cedar 
Hudson James, tavernkeeper 112 High 
Hughes James, tavernkeeper 245 south Second 
Hughes 8c Co. drygoods store 63 High 
Hughes Thos. drygoods store 63 High — d h 14 Frank- 
lin court 
Hukill Jeremiah, harnessmaker Callowhill above 9th 
Humphreys John, fruiterer 48 north Front 
Hurley Thomas, Lombard above Fourth 
Huron Laurence, domestic manufacturer 3 north 4th 
Husk Lewis, carter 312 south Front 
Hutchins Mason, at 22 Church alley 
Hutchinson John, jr. drygoods store 4 north Fifth— d h 

corner of Seventh and Orange 
Hutchinson Randall, clerk of the Mayor's court, 3 east 

wing of State-house— d h 323 Walnut 
Hutchinson R. jr. drygoods store 61 north Second 
Hutton Moses, shopkeeper 104 Crown street 
Huyck Gerardus, m. d. 403 south Second 
Hyler John, drygoods store 109 north Third 
Hyneman Elias, drygoods store 190 north Second: 

IMBRIE JAMES, merchant 14 south Front— d h 23S 

Inches Thomas, storekeeper 219 south Second 
Ing John, cordvvainer 64 north Third 
Iiigels George, county commissioner 22 NewmarfeeS 


IngersoU Jared, counsellor at law 92 south Eightii 

Isau; Joshuu, boot and sl\oeniakcr 82 Race 

Israel Michael E. mcr. 32 Walnut— d h 103 Walnut 

JACKSON JOHN G. mer- 127 High— d h 106 Walnut 

} Jackson John, barber 211 S. Ztli & 3i south Fourth 
ackson Richard, tailor 177 Arch 
James Joseph V. boot and shoemaker 58 Race 
James Otto, cabinetmaker 28 north Third, and 342 and 

346 south Front 
James Thomas A. auctioneer & com. mer. 254 High 
tJematricc John, hairdresser 61 Dock 
Jenkins John, cordwainer 84 north Fifth — dh 94 N. 5th 
Jenkins Joseph G. grocer 381 north Second 
Jeiiks Watson, merchant 54 south Wharves — d h 5 Vine 
Jobson Samuel, glue manufacturer, back 273 N. Third 
Johns David, tavernkeeper 4 Bank street 
Johnson Joseph, shipchandler 77 South Wharves — d h 

150 Pine and Third below Federal sti'eet 
■{■Johnson Richard B turner 60 Dock — d h 1 Locust 
Johnson William T. tailor 360 High 
Johnston John, drj goods store 1 N. Second & 61 High 
Jones Charles, teacher 304 Sassafras 
Jones Edward, gi-ocer and ciilico printer 157 south 6th 
Jones George D. cabinetmaker 62 south Fcurth 
JouL'. & Goodin, grocers NK corner Ninth and Filbert 
Jones Howell, shoemaker 103 S Second — d h 167 S 3d 
Jones Isaac, tobacconist 169 N. Front & 164 N. Wa>er 
Jones Isaac ficSon, tobacconists 169 north Front and i64 

north Water 
Jone'i Jacob C. Mansfield's Iiotcl, store 2 north Fourth 
JoTR's James, hairdresser 439 south Front 
Joiics Jesse, tailor 72 Callowiiill 
Joiies John, M. d. and druggist 79 Shippen 
Jon-.s Jr^hn W. shoemaker 1 Cherry street 
Jont • Jonathan D. hatter 157 south Front 
Jones & Mott, merchants 31 Chesnut 
Jonc- Paul, merchant 246 High — d h 299 Race 
Jones William, commission merchant 325 Arch 
Jordan Henry, currier 229 north Second 
Justice G. M. merchant 149 Market— d h 213 N. 4th 

KANE DAVID, tavernkeeper 221 Cedar 

K.'iz George, corder 195 north Water 

K'V James, bandbox m.uuifactory 160 Race 

K'i\ Joseph, hatter 76 High 

Kca»bey Jesse, cunier 67 Chewiut and 2 Lodge street 


Keating James H. merchant 129 south Thii'd 

Keating Lambert, boot & shoe manutactory 78 High 

Keating Margaret, widow 129 south Third 

Keemhle Margaret, widow, china store 79 north Third 

Keen Charles, 19 south Fourth 

Keen VViiliam W. currier 115 Chesnut — d h 19 S. 4th 

Keith Caleb, boot and shoemaker 25 north Sixth 

Keller Adam, storekeeper Coates below Budd 

Keller George, carter Coates below Budd 

Keller Herman, tinplateworker 256 south Front 

Keller Samuel, shoemaker 57 Arch 

Kelly John W. 55 north Second 

Kennedy David, glass and picture store 109 and tavern 

236 Walnut 
Kennedy S. looking-glass manufactory 72 Chesnut 
Kenton James C. grocer SW corner Vine and Fifth 
Kenworthy John, painter, 8cc. 3 south Seventh~d h IG 

nortii Eighth 
Kerr Juhn, coachmaker 19 Locust — d h 119 Arch 
Kerr Sarah, widovy' 119 Arch [see Carr iS" Karr 

Kerr Wm. saddle, harness 8c trunk manufartory 4 S. 4th 
Ke\ ser Andrew, drygoods store 90 north Fourth 
Kille Aaron, merchant 43^ N, Front — d h 88 Vine 
Kiiidel Clayton, stove manufacturer 224 south Front 
King John, grocer NW corner Second and German 
Kiiig John, goldbeater SW corner Dock and Walnut 
Kin-.ey Thomas, drygoods store 211 south Second 
Kiiisman Michael, merchant 89 High 
Kite Benjamin, jr. 20 north Third 
Kite Joseph, china store 120 south Fifth 
Kit:- Joseph, jr. printer 20 north Third 
K U 6c Reakirt, druggists NE corner Callowhill 8c 3d 
K!(Hser Henry, gentleman 296 Chesnut bet. lOtli 8c 11th 
Kneass 8c Saurman, copperplate printers 4 Decatur st. 
Kneass Wm. engraver 11 N. 4th — d h NE corner Fil- 
bert and Twelfth 
Kneeland rev. Abner, (minister of the first Independent 

church of Christ, called Universalist) 58 Chesnut 
Knec^land Eliza, fancy store 58 Chesnut 
Kniglit Margaret, widow of John L. tavernkeeper 18 

KiiOuse Jacob D- flour store 183 Callowhill 
Knowles Thomas, boot 8c shoemaker NE corner Wal- 
nut and Fourth 
Knows Jacob, shoestore 16 High — d h 169 Green 
Kii;.wslev Robert, grocer 543 south Second 
Km -■• John, merchant 225 Higi. — d h 38 north Seventh 
Kiiox J. 8c J. Nixon, merchants 225 High 
K:; IX Sarah, 455 north Second 
Koe' iding Gertrude, widow of Fi'ederick A. baker 26 

Kohler John, ironmonger 328 north S':.;ond 
Korndafiei' Jacob, grocer cor. Second 8c Moyamensing r. 


Rrevml)orR J, B. quill manui'aclinvr 41 Chesnut 

K'.-iclcr John 1. biscuit baker 91 S. W liarves— d h 9 Pcrnn 

Krsc Wiliiani, baker 4y0 south Second 

Kr'i:.>; V. V. mercliant 139^ High— d h 24 George 

Kuglcr Benjamin, 112 north Front 

Kurlin Elizabeth, innkeeper NW corner 3d iJc Coates 

LACAVE JOHN, hairdresser 76 south Fourth 
Ladd Samuel, attorney at law 153 south Eleventh 
•Lafferty Edward, sea captain 333 N. 2d ^see Laverty 
Laimc' & Henrion, confectioners 124 High 
Lalanne Dmninick P. cabinetmaker 73 Lombard 
Lambers E. J gold and silversmith 438 north Third 
Landreth & Co. nursery and seedsmen, Federal near 

Grav's ferry road and seed store 14 south Second 
Lang John, mastmaker and china store 276 south Front 
Lange John, m. d. 14 Cherry street 
Langley &: Son, drygoods store SW cor. 3d & Lombard 
Langstroth C. S. drygoods mer. 201 High— d h 355 High 
Langstroth J. G. paper manuf. NW cor. High & Ninth 
Langstroth &: Robins, drygoods merchants 201 High 
Lapsley Anthony, grocer and tavern 3G Plum 
Laurenson Susannah, shopkeeper 16 Strawberry alley 
Laverty Jesse, merchant 269 High — d h 32 north 9th 
Lawrence Henry W. 135 Pine 
Lawrence William, baker 57 Lombard 
Laws Daniel, drnggist NE corner 5th and Spruce 
Laws Elijah, jr. upholsterer 8c bedding store 295i High 
Lay Thomas 8c John, tobacconists 32 High 
Laycock J. H. fancy chairmaker 83 south Third 
Layer Hannah, shopkeeper 279 north Third 
Lea Isaac, merchant Vine above 10th — c.h. 193 High 
Lea John, mercliant Vine above 10th — c. h. 193 High 
Lea Joseph, merchant 80 south Wharves 
Leacii Richard, grocer NE corner Second & Christian 
Leaming F. merchant 33 north Front — d h 53 Lombard 
Leclerc Joseph P. 442 north Second 
Leconey Maria, storekeeper 61 south Second 

iL<f William, liairdresser 13 Chesnut 
iceds Josiali W. merchant tailor aHd clothing store 
144 Clicsnut 
Leliman Joseph, druggist 320 High 
Lehrs Henry, storekeeper 288 north Front 
Le Hinay Nicholas, jr. clock 8c watchmaker 160 N. 2d 
Leidy George, accountant 3 Stcinmetz's court 
Lein.iu George, A. hatter 140 nortli Third 
Leitniann Henry, grocer SW cor. Kace and Tenth 
Lelaiid Charles, merchant 152 High 
Lcnian James, carnctwe iver buck 75 nortli Sixth 
Lestrad Ann, shopkeeper 326 north Front 


Levering Thomas Washint^ton, brass and bell-founder 

123 south Fifth corner Marshall's alley 
Lev'y Aaron, drygoods store 170 north Second 
Lewis Elizabeth, widow 184 Swanson 
I-iewis John, shoemaker 81 north Eighth 
Lewis Mordecai & Co. white lead manufactory corner 

Pine and Schuylkill Seventh 
Lewis Wm. A. & Co. coppersmiths 201 north Third & 

75 north Front *V 

Ley John VV. 9 Penn street ^ 

' Lijjitoii William, bottler 534 north Second 
Linck Jacob, shoemaker 253 N. Second — d h 60 St. John 
Lindsey Alexander, cordwainer 10 Pine 
Lippincott Josliui, commission merchant 56 south Front 

— d h 379 Arch 
Lisle Charles P. 127 south Second 
I^ittle Rufus, i^rocer 84 Swanson 

fLloyd' Edward, fruiterer 293 Arch {see Loyd 

l.loyd N. & Son, stove manufactory 92 north Seventh 
Loage John, tanner Benfer's court, between Beaver 

and George street (N. L.) 
Lobdell Stetson, halter 100 High— d h NW corner 

Eighth and Cherry 
Locke Harrison, drygoods store 135 north Third 
Lodor Benjamin H.tailor 55 Walnut & 221 S. Front 
Lodor John, tailor 55 Walnut and 221 south Front 
Longan Patrick, shopkeeper 184 north Water 
Lougstrtth David, merchant 188 south Second 
Levering Josepli S. grocer 47 Pine \_see Lexiering 

Lovelt Robert, stone seal engraver 85 Dock — d h 

Towi'send's court 
Lovett Wdliam, tobacconist 389 north Second 
Lower George, baker 46 Vine 

Ludington Augustine, teacher of the various branches 
of Eiighsh education, including the mathematicks, 
practically applied to mensuration, surveying, naviga- 
tion, See. select seminary 169 south Fifth 
Luke '•■'^."illiam, merchant 21 Chesnut 
Lush John, printer NE Cliesiiut Sc Sell. Sixth 
Lutz Jacob, tobacconist, bark 22 x^. 10th above Filbert 
Luz'ijinerger Joseph, teacher 40 Cedar 
Lybi^and Mdrgaret, widow 39 north Eighth 
Lyriian 8c Brothers, mercliant-s 164^ High 
Lymau John W. mei'chant 100 south Fourth 
Lynian Thomas, merchant 100 south Fourth 
Lyncti William, merchant 32 Walnut — d h 226 Spruce 
Jjyon Samutl, tin & slieet iron wotker 33 High 
Lyons Andrew, shopkeeper 94 Swanson 

MCALLISTER ALEXANDER, jr. grocer SE corner 
Vine and Eighth 


M'Allister Charles, tailor 129 Pine 

M'Allister John &' Son, manufacturer of whips, canes 

and spectacles 48 Chcsniit 
M'Alpin Alexander B. merchant 161 High 
M'Arthur Daniel, tailor 60 Lombard 
M'Ashin Mark, bricklayer 36 Penn street 
M'Bridc I*fttrick, grocer NW cor. Walnut & Water 
M'Bride Robert Y. saddlev &c. 108 High 
M'Qfil^gBiarlcs, Liverpool 8c glassware store 66 N, 4th 
M'Cai^rey John, grocer 137 Vine 
M'Carty ijc Davis, booksellers, printers & bookbinders 

204 Market street [sre M'Cartic 

M'Carty James, vender of books 77 north Eighth 
M'Carty William, printer, bookseller and stationer 204 

Market — d h Francis lane near Sch Second 
M'Cauiey James, morocco dresser 372 Hi^h 
M'Causland Alexander, chocolate manufacturer &c. 

408 High — d h Juniper below Chesnut 
M'Clean Thomas, tavernkeeper 368 High 
M'Clen.ichan Robert, merchant 213 Callovvhill, 
M'Clenachan Robert, conveyancer 161 Vine stre«;t 
M*rioud Jolm, hatter 46 High {^aee M'Leod 

M'Cluskey James, tavernkeeper SW corner Market 

and Broad 
M'Crea Edward, shoestoreSl Arch 
M'Cu'ley James, plasterer 26 Plum 
M'Cul.'oh Robert P. printer, back 272 High, d h Spr'.icc 

above Sixth 
M'C'urdy John, boot and shoemaker 34 Chesnut 
M*D(^nough S. widow of Wm. tavernkeeper SW coriK- 

Eighth and Chcriy 
M'Glinsy John, drygoods store 60 Cedar 
M'Glinsy Wm.. accountant and drygoods blore SW cor- 

iiu-r Cedar and Second 
M'Gowan "V\'m. umbrellamaker 225 north Second 
MUhcnney Joseph E. clock 8c watchmaker 13 N. 31 
M'Karahei- Chas. fancystnrc 39 N. 2d— d h 106 S- 10. j, 
M'Kibbin David, grocer NW corner Union and Secoinl 

and 62 Market street 
M'Leau John, one ef the high constables 3 Gaskill 

M'Maken Samuel, chairmakcr 160 south Second 

M'Michael John, drygoods store 34 north Second 

M'Minn James, paper carrier 37 Walnut 

M Miillin Joseph T. ladies' shoemaker 68 south Fourth 

M'Murdy Jonathan, confectioner 283 north Secont^ 

Marcoun D. mercliant 1 south Fifth 

M.ckcy John, teacher 258 Arch 

Maddock Wm. carptiitcr SW cor. 4th and 'I'ummany 

M.igce Fanny, milliner SE cor. Second and Almond 

Mait'an'.i John 8c Thomas, grocers SW corner Fourth 

and Spruce — d h ot John 119 Lombard 
Malcomson Joseph, carpet weaver 224 Race 


Malon Philip D. trunk manufactory 154 north Fifth 
Maneuvre Maria, widow of Louis, tavernkeepev 176 S 2d 
Manley William, innkeeper 434 north Third 
Manly 8c Brown, merchants 12 north Wharves 
Mann Thomas, merchant 147 High 
Mann William, tavernkeeper T5 south Water 
Mannhardt C. L. mer. 16 South alley— d h 200 High 
Manning William, tinplate v/orker 223 south Second 
Mansfield Richard, (Golden Swan hotel) 69 north 3d 
Marbacher John, brewer 117 north Fourtn ahc3j^ Vine 

—d h NW coi'ner Wood and Juliana 
Markei Christian, millstone maker 122 Vine 
Marks Hyman, merchant 6S south Front 
Marks John F. ladies' shoemaker 50 north Eighth 
Marot Samuel, cabinetmaker 254 Sassafras 
Marsh Elias, drygoods mei'cliant 80 north Front 
Marshall CharleS; junr. druggist 294 High 
Martiacq Mary, 354 north Second 
Martin Ezra, bricklayer 36 Penn street 
Martin James, jun. gi-azier 504 south Second 
Martin Joseph "D druggist, 8cc. SW cor. 4th 8c Race 
Martin Robert C. saddler 32 south Third 
Mason D. H. engraver in brass, 8cc. 11 north Fourth 
Mason Elizabeth, widow 94 Swanson 
Mason Thomas A. apothecary and druggist 133 S 6tli 
Mason W. cabinetmaker 99 N. Front— d h 40 Ann (N L) 
Massey Sr.inuel, hardware store 16 south Thii'd 
Master William, ladies' shoemaker 23 south Fourth 
Matthews William H. tavenikeeper 232 soutli Third 
Matthews William, drygoods store 347 Race 
Mattison Sa; ah, Mrs. 20 Sansom 

Ma3l'n Joseph, minister of the Gospel, 6th bel. Germ, r, 
Mea'"! Azel, ladies' shoemaker 131 Arch 
Mecaskcy Ai;drew, drygoods store 153 north Third 
Mecaskev John. !-:i.orekeepev 249 south Second 
Mecke John, croiPietmaker 402 north Second 
Medary Samuel, turpentine distiller, store 447 north 

Front— d h Franktbrd road (K. ) [see Madsira 

Meigs Charles D. m d. 128 Arch 

Melish John, geographer 8c map publisher 209 Chesnut 
Mendenhall Adam, shipbroker back room oi 119 'r'. 2d 
Mendenhall P. accountant 13 Elfreth's alley 
Mentz George '*A' . bookbinder, bookseller and statu. n^'r 

71 Sassafras and 137 nortli Third [see Mintz 

Mercei- Bema-d, grocer 8c tavern 1 Callowhill st. wharf 
Me) rich Sarnuei, merchant 107 south Front 
Metz Geo.'ge, btllhanger 26 Lombard 
Mevers P. ■ ■ drygoods store 133 north Third 
Mi.idleton /Vllen, iron mer. 281 N. 3d— d h 11 Kunckel 
Middletc/ Ai>n & Co. blacksmiths 70 Callo^vhijl 
Middletor. HarJiah, shopki-eper 204 Chcrrv 
Mifiin Jame-. D. brash majufacturer 77 nor'n Second 
Miley Martin, tavernkeeper Water above Vine . 


Miller D.micl H. hardware merchant 162 north Second 

— d h Coatt's u!)o\ c Seventh 
Miller Daniel L. nicrcliant ll north Second 
Miller (Teori;e, victualler Buttonwood lane n. Ridge r. 
Miller Joel, drygooc'.s store 98 north Fourth 
Miller John, sawsharpener 56 Vine 
Miller John, victualler 260 north Eighth— stall 20 Old 

shambles High street 
Miller John, stevedore 415 south Front 
Miller J«eph, grocery 8c oil store NW cor. 3d & New 
fMilleWloah, slioemaker 125 Callowhill 
Miller Philip, tobacconist 47 Cedar 
Miller William T. tobacconist 158 north Second 
Milner Eliza, widow, beer-house 46 Dock 
Milnor William, attorney at law 204 Spruce 
Minck Adam, innkeeper (Golden Fleece) 242 N. Second 
Mitchell Charles, hairdresser & bleeder 99 Callowhill 
Mitclicll James, flour and grocery store 8 and 12 Old 

York road 
Mitchell John, chairmaker 520 N. Front & l63 Chesnnt 
Mitchell Thomas D. m. d. 171 Pine 
Monell & Wiley, merchant tailors N W corner Chesnut 

and Sixth 
MontmoUin Frederick, late auctioneer ZO north Third 
Montmollin M, & L. diygoods store 2j north Third 
Moore Andrew, tooth-brushmaker 119 north Third 
Moore John, carpenter 321 Race 
Moore Myers & Co. merchants 12S High 
Moorhouse Joshua, tavernkeeiK;r 295 north Third 
McrdecHi Isaac, siiopkeeper 27 Chestmt 
Morchaines John, lastmaker 1,3 Dock 
Morgan John, secdstore 8SA north Second 
Morgan Peter, storekeeper 201 south Second 
Morin Alex. C. jeweller, chaser, & die sinker 113 N. 3d 
Morrell James, china mercliant Fifth above Vine— d h 

Old York road above Vine 
Morris Aaron, carter 480 north Second 
Morris Anthony P. tanner and currier 68 south 3d — 

d h 159 Pine 
Morris John, bootmaker 9 north Sixth 
Morris Morris, shopkeeper 179 Race 
Morris Richard Hill, stock exchange broker 46 Wal- 
nut — d h 250 Spruce 
Morrison John D. late grocer Poplar lane 
Mortimer John, bookeellcr and stationer 345 High 
Moss Jacob, quill and pen manufactory and iaxxcy sta- 
tioner 65 south Third ' ' » 
Mott James, Jv, merchant 31 Chesnut— d h 285 Chesnut 
Mott Wm. B. auction and commission store 237 N. 2(1 
Mounier J. P. hairdresser fee. 22 south Fourth 
Moyer Charles, cordwainor 116 north Third 
Muhlenberg David, steam engineer and ironfounder 
comer Vine and Ninth — d h 295 Sassafras 


Muirhead William, (Burns' tavern) 13 Bank street 
Mulock Mrs. L. boarding-house 108 north Eighth 
Murphy David, tailor 130N. Water— d h 32 Coates' ay 
Murphy Martin, tavernkeeper 24 south Fourth 
Murray John, shoemaker 379 south Second 
Murrow Peter, chairmaker 400 north Second 
Murtagh & Welsh, bottling cellar SW coi-ner Walnut 

and Front 
Musgrave James, broker SE corner Chesnut aijd 3d— 

d h 234 Spruce % 

Musgrave John, attorney at law 56 Walnut — d h 234 

Mustin George, tailor 158 north Second 
Mustin John, shopkeeper 158 north Second 
Myers Anthony, merchant 123 High— d h SW corner 

Fifth and Powell 
Myers Warnet, coach and sign painter 289 north Se- 
cond — d h 38 Budd 

NATHAN JACOB, gentleman 78 north Ninth 
Nathans Nathan, attorney at law 16 Swanwick — d ii 

Arch above Eleventh 
Nathans Mrs. Sarah, widow, Arch above Eleventh 
Natt Thomas, looking-glass manufactory 76 Chesnut 
Naylor Joseph, shoemaker, back 267 Race 
Needles Jos. A. wireworker 58 N. Front — d h 23 Race 
Neff Jacob, clothing store 301 High 
Neill Revd. William, d. d. pastor of the 6th Presby- 
terian church 214 Pine 
Nesbitt Robert, drygoods store 265 S. 2d [see JVisbet 
NevinsPim, jun. 203 High 
Nevins Richard, stock and exchange broker 25 S. 3d— 

d h 300 Arch 
Nevins Samuel, stock and exchange broker 25 and d h 

134 south Third 
Newell John, grocer High west of Schuylkill Fifth 
Newkirk Garret, merchant 41 8c d h 34 north Front 
Newkirk & Spotswood, 41 north Front 
Newport Jesse W. drygoods store 69 north Second 
Nice Frederick, shoemaker 213 north Front 
Nicholas Francis & Co. morocco dressers 212 Vine 
Nicholson Lindzey, lumber merchant, yard 254 Ches- 
nut above Ninth— d h 326 High 
Nidelet S. F. 155 High NE corner of Fourth 
Niel John, shipcarpenter 64 Penn street * 
Ninesteel Andw. victualler Garden st.bel. Buttonwood 
Nisbet John, grocer 307 N, 3d— d h St. Tammany bel. 3d 
fNixon James, oysterman 297 Arch 
Nolen Elizabeth, milliner 24i south Second 
Norman Joseph, lime merchant SE cor. Race & Fifth 


Xdiris Samuel, slioemaker 103 north 3d and SE corner 

of Ninth and Race 
Northrop Juiiatlian, hattec 26 Pear 
Nugent Joliii, grocer NW cor. Swanson ^ Catharine 

O'CONNOR NICHOLAS, sea captain 521 N. Third 
O'Dnnnall Hernard, stvirekeeper 61 Cedar 
O'Neill John, gvdcer 191 Cedar 
Odo Lewis, confectioner 91 Cedar 
Oftl-nnan Frederick, barber &c. 445 iiorth Third 
Okr Henry, victualler 549 Callowhill 
Oler Philip, ropemaker Rugan near James 
Oliver G. & S. Bell, mercliants 181 High 
Oliver Jackson, grocer NE cor. Sixth and Cheriy 
Miver Thomas. a]}othecary and druggist NE cornel' 
Catharine and Front 
«.)liver Thomas P. tailor Loxley's court Arch street 
Oman Thorny, tailor and scourer 60 north Sixth 
Oppenheimcr Emanuel, drygoods store 118 N. Second 
Overholt Jacob, tavernkeeper 28 south Sixth 
Owen Thomas, distiller 159 Vine 

PAGE CHARLES M. broker and comraissiou mer- 
chant 67 and d h 69 Dock 

Page James, attorney at law 16 Swaixwick & 27 S. 10th 

Page John, grocer 79 north Second 

Page & Lisle, brokers and conveyancers 8 south Fifth 

Page Samuel, innkceper.501 N. Second above Poplar 1. 

Page Wm. merchant, 36 S. Front—d h 268 Chesnut 

Paillet Henry, merchant 229 High 

Palmer Aim, v.idow of Wm. NE cor. 6th and Spruce 

Palmer Richard, china and glass store SVV corner 7th 
and Race 

Papegay Miss, drygcods store 151 Walnut 

Parkcr'Thomas.'boot and shoemaker 196 Arcii S^V 
coiner Eighth 

Parkinsort George, (Green House) 161 Chesnut 

Parkinson James, tailor 44 north Fourth 

Parrish Robert A. hardware 5c plane manuf. 238 N. 3d 

Pariy John J. clock and watchmaker SW cor. Ches- 
nut and Sixth — 'I h 201 Chesnut [.jfc Perry 

Pai vin Benjamin C. 57 High 

Pascal John, (Middle Ward HoleH 24 south Tentli 

Patterson & Jones, merchants 246 High 

Patterson Robert, merchant, store and d. h. 246 High 

Paitun John M. merchant 285 High 

Pattoii Robert, flour, salt and piaster store 491 High-^ 
d h SE corner Twelfth and Filbert 


Paul David, grain dealer 116 St. John 8c 3 Spruce street 

Paul, Williams 6c Co. lumber merchants NW corner 

Buttonwood and Sixth 
Paxson Joseph R. merchant 148 Arch — c. h. 203 High 
Paxson Samuel, hatter 70 north Third 
Paxson William P. boarding-house 67 Arch 
Payne Ann, widow, grocer NW cor. Cedar and Penn 
Payran Stephen, hatter 22 Swanson 
Peacock Dodswortli, merchant 16 north Front 
Pechiu Wm. tanner SE cor. Sch. Front and High, &nd 

Cherry near Schuylkill 
Peckwortii rev. John P. 139 south Second 
Peirce Cyrus, merchant 51 South Wharves 
Pekz Philip, grazier, corner Passyunk and Buck road 
Pendergast Thomas, tavernkeeper 32 south Water 
Penereyre Charles, merchant 177i High 
Penington Edward, sugar refiner 155 and 159 Race 
Perkins Samuel H. attorney at law, office 72 south 6th 

— d h 74 south Sixth 
Perot Charles & Joseph, merchants 39 north Water 
Perpignann Peter, watchmaker and jeweller 359 N. 2d 
Perroteau B. agent for the Philadelphia steam boat line 

— d h 22 Vine 
Pesoa David, saddler 113 north Fifth 
Pesoa Pliila, widow of Isaac, merchant 113 N. Fifth 
Phillips A. L. fancy store 47 north Second 
Phillips B. I. merchant 54 north Front 
Phillips John, cordwainer 393 south Second 
Phillips R. and I. merchants 71 south Front 
Phillips William, last and boot-tree maker NJ^ corner 

Walnut and Dock — d h Farmer's Row 
Phillips Zeligman, attorney at law 118 Arch 
Pidgeon Joseph A. shoe warehouse 126 High 
Pierce F.. J. umbrella manufacturer 132 Higli 
Pierce Peter, umbrella manufacturer 177 Race 
Pirn Thomas F. grocer NE corner Vine and Ninth 
Pleis M. 8c J. M. apothecaries and druggists NE cor. 

Vine and Third 
Plitt John, rev. editor of the American Views, 68 N. 9lli 
Plowman Thomas L. map publisher 8 north Third 
Pollin Peter, boot manufacturer 57 south Third 
Poole William C. druggist and apothecary 62 N. 2d 
Porter Henry, brushmaker 1 N. 3d— d h 93 Arch 
Potter James, drygoods store 71 north Third 
Potter S. & Co. bookscllei's and stationers 87 Chesnut 
Potter Sheldon, bookseller 87 Chesnut 
Potts Benjn. tavern and boarding-house 142 S, Water 
Potts Susan, storekeeper 74 south Fourth 
Potts Wm. L. iron merchant SE cor. Second 8c Race 
Pratt J. B. fancy store 56 south Second 
Pratt Thomas, merchant 1 S. 3d— d h 58 south lUh 
?rei.c, David W. cheese .store 22 south Water 


Fresser Jacob, baker NE cor. Lombard and Seventh 

Preston Edwai-d, 63 High— d h 15 Wood 

Prevost Andrew M. stock, broker 46 Walnut— d h 99 

Price Joseph, feather store 96 north Second 
Price Philip, jnn. clock and watchmaker 71 High — d h 

1 Church alley 
Price William m. d. 225 Market street, north side, a 

few doors below Sixth 
Prickitt Barzillai, harnessmaker 402 north Second 
Primer Elizabeth, storekeeper SE cor. Lombard 8c 6th 
Pryor Edmund, druegist and manufacturer of castor 

oil, See. 373 north Jront 
Pryor Thomas E. apothecary 373 north Front 
Pugh Catharine, widow, SE corner Race and Third 
Pugh Isaac, boookscller SE corner Race and Third 
Pumeroy David, cakebaker 106 Budd street 
Pybus John, ladies' shoemaker 31 north Fourth 

QUIN ANDREW, tavernkeeper SW comer Passy- 
uiik and Shippen, (sign Gen. Wayne) [see Queen 
Quinn Barnet, grocer N W corner Fiftli and Prune 

RALSTON MATTHEW C. merchant 103 S. Front— 

d h 161 Walnut 
Ralston Robert jr. 189 Arch— c. h. 103 south Front 
Hambrie Bernard, grocer NW cor. Ninth and Cherry 
Randall James, grocer 433 north Third 
Randall Matthew, Tenth below Walnut 
Randel David, baker 578 north Second 
Randolph J. M. D. 126 north Second 
Randolph William, lumber merchant 223 N. Water— 

d h 14 Juliana street 
Raiiken William, 70 Callowhill — d h Emlen's court 
Rankin & Fowle, Frankhn hat manufactory 122A High 
Rapp Joseph, 47 north I'hird — d h 137 north Fourth 
Raser Matthias, printer, office NW corner Walnut fc 

Second — d h 41 Cherry 
Rasjjer John, chairinaker 201 south Front 
Raj- Moses, merciiant 135 S. Water and 141 north 3d ficGray, china merciiants NW cor. High £c5th 
Rcid Peier, painter and glazier 58 Race- 
Read Sarah, cirygoods store 45 north Second 
Re .K.irt John, grocer 439 north Second 
Recktfus & Terry, shoLinukcr.s 123 Race 
Redfern Robert, saddler 4U3 High 
c 2 


Redman James, teacher, seminary 98 Cherry near 6l:?i— 

d h SW corner High and Tenth 
Redman Mary, shopkeeper 28 south Fourth 
Redmond Matthew, innkeeper 238 south Third 
Reed Frederick, clock and watchmaker 150 High— 

d h 19 north Twelfth 
Reed Isaac, watchmaker NW cor. Second and Vine 
Reed John, tavernkeeper 252 Sassafras 
Reed Michael, stoi'ekeeper 188 north Second 
Reed Moses, grocer 428 Race, corner Juniper 
Reeder Isaac, 87 New street 
Rees Bartholomew & James, pocketbook manufactory 

77 north Second above Arch 
Rees Eleanor, 5S Wood street 

E.eess widow of Martin, (Enniskillen'inn) 97 south 5th 
Reeves Thomas, millwright NE cor, 5th and Walnut 
Reeves Timothy, tavernkeeper SW corner Front and 

Callow hill 
Regin Ann, milliner 241 south Second 
Rehn Casper, merchant 164 north Second 
Reid John 6c Co. drygoods store 2 N. Fifth 

{see Read b* Reed 
Reisch Henry, grocer 54 north Third 
Rennel Michael, shopkeeper 196 Callowhill 
Repusai'd Mitchel, cordwainer 37 Lombard 
Rex Christopher, flour and feed store 66 Shippen 
Rex George, (Lime Market) SE corner Vine and 6th 
Reynolds Benjamin, cooper Sc gauger, 7 N. wharves-— 

d h 13 north Water 
Reynolds Simeon, teacher 27 Branch street 
Rheem Jacob, flour merchant 371 High 
Rhodes S. & I. merchants 42 south Front {see Roads 
Rice Martin, ladies' shoemaker 180 north Second 
Richard Augustus G. merino and cashmei-e shawl 

washer 90 Cherry below Sixth 
Richards Samnel, fancy brushfinisher 152 Callowhill 
Richards Samuel, lime Merchant 3 Dock — d h 136 south 

Richardson Sc Kinsman, merchants 89 High 
Richardson William, merchant 89 High — d h Race 

above. Third 
Rickey Samuel, grocer NW cor. Noble and Fourth 
Riggs Wm H. C. clock and watchmaker NE corner 

Third and Chesnut 
Riley Tobias, baker 391 Race 

Riley William, apothecary SE corner 4th and Spruce 
Rinehart Michael, cordwainer 194 Callowhill 
Rink WiUiam S. merchant 183 south Second 
Risbrough John, drygoods store 252 south Second 
Rislev Richard S. grocer 56 north Front 
Ritchie William, 117 High— d h 86 Arch 
Riter Michael, merchant 180 Callowhill and 5th below 



Rlzer Charles, druggist cor. Passy unk road 5th & Plum 

Roal Jacob, cedar cooper Ridge road cor. (ireen 

Robard 8c Peneveyre, merchants 177i High 

Rob!) Charles, merchant tailor 186 south Fifth 

Robciio vVndrew, tailor 26 Watson's alley 

Rolieno John & Andrew, tailors NW corner Cedar and 

Front — d h 96 Christian 
Roberts Joseph jr. teacher of mathematics and natural 

philosophy in "Friends' academy Fourth street 
Roberts I'homas, merchant NE corner High and Wa- 
ter— d li 212 Walnut 
Roberts William, clock and watchmaker 73 N. Front 

— d h 28 Arch 
Robins Thomas, merchant 201 High 
Robinson Charles N. carver and gilder 54 Chesnut 
Robinson John, portrait and miniature painter 144^ 

Robinson John, distiller 207 Cedar 
Robinson Susan, 239 south Second 
Rockhill Thomas C. merchant 162^ High— d h IQ 

Franklin row 
Rogers Wm. jr. gunpowder manf. 48 north Third 
Rogers William, merchant 6 south Fourth 
Rohrman Henry, jr. tinplate worker 441 north Second 
Roney John, currier 304 Race street 
Room Barzillai, boarding-house SE corner Almond and 

Roscoe James, cordwainer 121 south Sixth 
Rose B. F. surgeons' instrument maker 309 High 
Ross Aaron, saddler &c. 38 N. 3d — d h 35 Chesnut 
Ross James, saddler 136 Cedar 
Ross John & Co. N W corner Coates and Front 
Rovoudt William, apothecary and druggist corner 

Wood and Old York road 
Rowlandson William, 166 Market street 
Roy John, shoemaker 367 north Third 
Royston Thomas, shopkeeper 408 north Front 
Ruhlman John, bottler, back of 115 Arch, Loxley'sct. 
Rushton Abraham, bookseller Pcgg st. n. 290 N. Front 
Russell John, grocer 69 Walnut and 12 north Third 
Russell Joseph S. spermaceti oil store 55 Chesnut— d h 

60 north Second 
Ryan WiUiam, currier 38 south Fifth 

SALAIGNACS & BREBAN, 164 Market street 
Saltinstall WiUiam, merchant 121 south Eleventh 
Sample John, plasterer 36 Penn street 
Sanford Benjamin, gentleman lllS. yth [.^ce Sandiford 
Sanmire WiUiam, grocer SW corner Green and Third 

Saiitinier , milliner and fancy store 141 south 2d 

Sarchet John, blacksmith 145 north Second 


Sauerman Frederick, tavernkeeper 440 north Second 
Saulnier John, auctioneer & commission mer. 15 N. 4th 

— d h 39 Filbert 
Saunders George, mer. 185 High — d li 295 High 
Savitz George, grocer 224 north Front 
Say Benjamin, brewer 177 Pine 
SchaeiFer Casper, m. d. 137 Race 
Schaeffer John J, tavernkeeper 45 soutli Front 
Scheetz Jacob, hatter 329 north Third 
Schenck Christian, cordwainer 406 north Third 
Schiemants Fred, cordwainer NE cor. 10th 6c Arch 
Schlatter & Bryans, merchants 223 High 
Schlatter WiUiam, merchant 223 High Isee Slaughter 
Schnatz Frederick, baker Callowhill street above 6th 
Scliooley Amelia, milliner 175 south Second 
Schrack Abraham, jun. saddler 76 noitli Fourth 
Schrack Catharine, v/idow of Abraham, tavernkeeper 

38 High 
Schriver Henry, victualler NE corner Front 8c Catha- 
rine — stall 17 old Shambles \_see Shriver 
Schroeder Henry, innkeeper 400 north Third 
Scbultz John, tavernkeeper 441 north Front 
Schulz Gottleib, clock & watchmaker 475 north 2d 
Schuster & Shepard, tavernkeeper 210 Cedar 
Schwikkard Frederick, sealing wax and wafer manu- 
factory 127 Vine 
Scott John M. attorney at law 250 Chesnut 
Scott Winfield, major general U. S. army, head quar- 
ters and d h 252 Walnut 
Scull Daniel, grocer 335 north Front 
Scull William, late innkeeper 13 Callowhill 
Seabrook James, mercliant tailor 55 soutli Third 
Seeley Wm. taylor 226 High — d h 4 north Eighth 
Sellers & Davis, grocers NE cor. Race and Third 
Sellers 6c Pennock, patent rivet hose, bucket, hydrau 

lion anct fire engine manufacturers 231 High 
Sergeant Thomas, attorney at law 68 south Sixth 
Serrill Pearson, merchant 169 Higli — d h 51 N. 8th 
Sewall John B. accountant 34 south Fifth 
Shade George, hatter 256 north Second 
Shaffer Michael, carpenter and grocer SW cor. Green 

and Old York road 
Shallus' A, P. Circulating Libraries, 94 south 3d and 34 

north Seventh 
Shanks Abraham, tailor NE cor. 8th and Race 
Shanly James D. wine store 42 Dock 
Sharpless Blake v, bookseller 93 High— d h 178 S. Front 
Shaw Mary, widow of Joshua, haj store 100 High — d h 

NW corner Eighth and Cherry 
Sheble Adam, hardware stoi-e &c cedar cooper 206 N. 2d 
Sheepshanks Thomas, merchant 22 Church alley 
Sheepshanks 'Wm. inerchant 166 High— d h 380 High 
Sheffield Thomas, accountant 97 south Fifth 


Sheldon William, lampmaker 93 Walnut — d h 44 Cur- 
rant alley 
Slierbonc William, buiscuit baker 70 Swanson 
Shever HLinnah, widow, 140 Swanson 
Sheridan (Iwen, stablekeeper, back of ufificr 33 N. 8th 

— d h 37 north Eightli 
Sherriff Charles, grocer SE corner Fifth and Plum 
Shields James, tailor 12 soutii Sixth 
Shinick Elizabeth, widow, 4i north Sixih 
Shiplev Thomas, hardware merchant 57 High — d h 24 

north Front 
Shippen Wm, A. watchmaker 52Cedar — dh 48Shippen 
Shobcr Samuel L. mer. 26 S. wharves — d h 35 Union 
Shoch Margaret, widow, shopkeeper 354 north Third 
Shoemaker Abraham, alderman, office 100 south 4th — 

d h 126 south Fourth 
Shoemaker Henry, attorney at law 126 south Fourth, 

or at Quarter Sessions office 
Shoemaker Jonathan, brewer 342 Arch 
Shoemaker Joseph, druggist 98 south Eleventh 
Shoemaker Lewis Sc Francis, conveyancers 100 S. 4tii. 
Shoemaker Samuel, attorney at law 217 Chesnut 
Shubert George, ladies' shoemaker 152 Cherry 
Sibbet &: Chadwick, grocers SW corner 5th & Prune 
Siddons Joseph, biscuit baker 30 South Wharves 
Silence Henry, carpenter Fourth above Noble 
Silveira A. E. tailor 48 north Fourth 
Silver John, flour store 367 High 
Simmons Anthony, assistant judge of the disti'Ict court, 

and colonel of tne 96th regiment 354 High 
Simms &; Creighton, Irish linen merchants 21 S. Front 
Simms Robert, Irish linen merchant 21 south Front — 

d h 98 south Fourth 
Simon Peter, merchant 44 north Third 
Simons Joseph, wholesale and retail drygooris store and 

carpet warehouse NE corner of Cedar and Second 
Simons Noah, linen and woolen drapery 397 High 
Sinclair Anthony, printer 75 north Sixth 
Sink Lawrence, cabinetmaker 186 south Second 
Sinnott Stephen M. broker 81 north Second 
Sjybert Eckert, baker 112 Callowhill 
Skinner William, cooper SE corner Third and Cedar 
Skyrin John, merchant 15 north Eleventh 
Slaymaker F. W. merchant 435 High 
Sloan Johrt, boot and shoemaker 28 south Third 
Small Abraham, jjrintcr and bookseller 165 Chesnut 
Small Thonjas, cabinetmaker and grocer 168 S. Sixth 
Smiley T.T. teacher 47 north Third 
Smiley William, tailor 24 Chesnut 
Smith Auron, flour mercluuu 445 Y\\^\\ 
Smith Benjamin P. accountant 217 Walnut 
Smith Charles E. druggist and manutacturcr of cold 

'Expressed caster oil Ibo north Second 


Smith Daniel B. druggist NE corner of Arch and Sixtli 
Smith Francis, millinery and drygoods store 58 N. 2d 
Smith G. widow of Thomas, 235 Vine 
Smith 8c Hawkins, merchants 79 south Front 
Smith Isaac 8c Co. drygoods store BE corner Fourth 8c 

Smith Jacob W. nailer 83 and d h 94 Race 
Smith James, jr- morocco store 12 N. 3d — d h 100 Arch 
"Smith James, grocer 66 north Sixth 
Smith John, upholstei'er 211 Chesnut 
Smith John George, currier, cor. Fetter 1. 8c 85 N. 3d 
Smith 8c M'Grath, grocei's 227 south Second 
Smith J. Russell, m. d. 142 south Tenth 
Smith Philip, printer NW corner Water and Race 
Smith Robert, merchant SW corner Union and Front 
Sn-,ith Robert, clock and watchmaker 331 north Second 
Smlcii Rowland, innkeeper 27 north Fifth 
Smith W. 8c D. B. drygoods store 19 north Second 
Smith William A merchant 38 south Front— d h SW 

corner Union and Front 
Smith William P. teacher of Geography 156 S. 10th 
Smith William W. stock and exchange broker 55 

Walnut— d h 415 Market 
Smith William, shoemaker 160 Cherry 
Snow Frisby H. m. d. 36 north Seventh 
Snow Samuel P. bellman 8c vendue crier German n. 3d 
Snowden Isaac, 255 High 

Snowden 8c Wagner^ commission merchants 221 Swan- 
son street, first below Swede's church 
Snowdon Joseph, china merchant 242 north Third 
Snowdon Leonard, 242 north Third 
Snyder Joseph K. grocer NW cor High and Twelfth 

— d h 12 th above Arch 
Solomon Henry, attorney at law 18 south Sixth 
Somrner Jonn, M. D. 68 north Ninth 
Sorver Jacob G. drygoods store 95 High 
Souder Casper, boot and shoemaker 36 Chesnut 
Souder Philip, jr. innkeeper 9 Lsetitia court 
Soumeillan Joseph, baker 340 north Front 
Sowerby Mary, widow, china store 47 north Eighth 
Sparks Thomas, plumber 49 South wharves 
.-Speace William, hairdresser 65 north Third 
Speck Christian A. tavernkeeper SW cor. Coates 8c 2d 
Spencer Mrs. Charlotte, NE corner of 8th and Sansom 
Sperry Jacob, merchant 99 S. Front — d h 99 S. Fourth 
Spohn William, grocer 133 north Second 
Spriggs James S. grocer 497' and 499 north 2d — d h 313 

north Third 
Stafford Nicholas, tavernkeeper 127 south Water 
Standbridge John C. 8c Co china merchants 211 High 

— d h 5 s(.uih Ninth 
Starne Joseph 8c Morris, curriers 407 north Second 


•U'nc Joseph, inspector of bark 407 north Second 
StauglUon Wm. D. D. pastor Baptist Church, Sansoni 
,. street — d h a;ul seminary, 1 norlli Minth 
Steel Win. merchant 66 S. wharves — d h 8j Lon^bart! 
Steel ^V■iliiam N. dryj^oods store 215 south Second 
Steelman Solomon, hairdresser 345 south Front 
Sleenberg Abraham, merchant 7h south Second 
Steer James, tavernkeepcr 356 High 
Stell & M'Alphi, merchants 161 High 
Stelwagijon Cliarlcs, baker 51 north Sixth 
^tclwaggon Frederick, iron merchant 21i) north Second 
Stevens Saml. cutler &c. 44 Arch— d h 2d near Green 
Stevenson John, bookseller 16 Decatui- — d h 302 S. 6th 
Stevenson Robert, m. d. 319 Walnut 
Stevenson Thomas, tallowchandler 203 south Sixth 
-•.ewart Jane & Co. miUinery and artificial flower 

manufacturer 85 north Second 
::)iewart John, cabinetmaker NW corner Sixth & Arcli 

— d h cor. Sugar alley and 6th 
Stlinmel & Lutz. tobacconists 285 High 
Stinger John, baker 165 Vine 
Stock John, oil and colourman 11 south Seventh 
Stockman Jacob, thimblemaker ike. 89 south Second 
Stoddart John, merchant 350 Higli 
Stokes Aquilla, flour store 221 north Front — d h New 

market street 
Stokes Jacob, tailor SE corner Chester and Vine 
Stokes Thomas, late tax collector 51 Chester 
Stone AndrcAV T. plumber 61 Walnut — d h 356 S. Front 
Stone Asajjh, merchant 63 south Front — d h Washing- 
ton square, south side 
Stone Dexter, merchant 43 N. Water — d h Ridge road 
Stone William, grocer 14 north Third 
Stork Aaron, grocer, wine, liquor and cordial store 10 

north Front — d h 90 south Front 
Stouse Daniel, blacksmitli 34 Cherry 
Stratton John, (Mansion House hotel) SE coi^r High 

and Eleventh 
Streeper & Wilt, grocers 338 north Third 
Street Robeit, druggist &c. SW cor. St. John & Green 
Stretch Amy, v.'idow, 114 Swanson 
Stroud Gcr.rge M. attorney at law, office 203 Arch — 

d h 85 Arch 
Stuart James, grocer 207 south Second 
Stuckert Henry J. druggist 33 north Fourth 
Stuckert William, apothecary 354 north Second 
Sturges Stephen, dry goods store 138 south Fifth 
Sullivan Charles, merchant 46 south Second 
Super Jane, widow of Jacob, cabinetmaker 162 and 164 
north Front — d h back 18 Keys' alley 
waim William, 63 N. 8tli, discoverer of the celebra- 
ted Panacea for the cure of Scrofulous, cancerous an(! 
syphilitic diseases, 8cc. 8cc. &c. 


Swain Elizabeth, nurse 121 noi'th Fifth 

Swain George, lottery and exchange office 218 Higi. 

Swartz John, furrier 119 Chesnut 

Swinney Daniel I. m b. 179 Lombard 

Sykes R, W. attorney at law 15 south Fifth— d h SW 

corner Fourth and Prune 
Sykes William, gentleman SW cor. Fourth and Prune 

TACY JOSEPH, hairdresser 410 north Front 

Talmage E. S. shoemaker 172 Sassafras 

Tarns Sampson, china nierchant 192 High 

Tanner Henry S. 8 Sansom street 

Taylor Benjamin, brushmaker 9O2 N. Front Sc 4 N. 5d 

Taylor B. & C. soap and candle manufactory 194 Vine 

Taylor Charles, merchant 31 north Water 

Taylor George, broker and translator of the French 

and Spanish languages 85 Chesnut near Third 
Taylor George, tinplate 8c sheet ironworker 116 N. 2d 
'J aylor Isaac, shoemaker 156 south Fifth 
Taylor Robert B. accountant 74 south Eleventh 
Taylor Mrs. R. shopkeeper 88 north Seventh 
Taylor Tracy, hardware merchant 02 N. 3d and cor- 
ner Beach and Maiden 
Taylor Wm. tinplate and sheet ironworker 135 N. 2d 
Tennent James, queensware manufactory 177 S. 2d 
Tennent John, ladies' fashionable coi'set maker 7?" S. 3d 
Terry Jonah, shoemaker 123 Race 
Thacher L. R. & Co. 33 north Water 
Thackara James A. m. d. 389 south Second 
Thibault Felix, jeweller 66 south Second 
Thibault Fi'ancis, jeweller 66 south Second 
Thibault Frederick, goldsmith 66 S. 2d, d h 222 S. Front 
Thomas David, boot and shoemaker 312 Race 
Thomas David, watchman 9th below Race 
Thomas George, boot and shoemaker 371 north Front 
Thomas John R. cooper 306 south Front 
Thomas & Kille, merchants 432 north Front 
Thomas Samuel H. merchant 107 south Front 
Thomas Timothy W. grocer 350 High 
Thompson Andrew, shoemaker 155 north Second 
Thompson David, drygoods store 449 north Second 
Thompson John, jun. wholesale boot and shoe manu- 
factory 296 south Front 
Thompson Jonah & Co. merchants 15 south Front 
Thompson Samuel, merchant tailor 35 south Third 
Thompson Samuel, tailor 154 north Water 
Thompson Walter, grocer 260 south Second 
Thomson Peter, junr. druggist 45 Coates' alley 
Thomson Peter, conveyancer 197 Mulberry 
Thornton John, tavernkeeper 36 Penn street. 


i hum John, baker 267 south Second 
Tichciior Riclutrd, boot aiul slio«;n\akcr 128 N. Fourth 
Ticdcuian Kcbecca, miirmcr 1 south Fourlli 
Tiffin James, iunkeepci- 10 and 12 Chesiiut 
Tilge Jolin Henry, luittcr 6 north Front 
Timings & Co. druggists 185 north Third 
lite Cliarles P. merchant 152 Iligli 
loland Henry, merchant 168 High— d h 122 S. Eighth 
Tohirid Robert, mercliant 228 High— d h Arch ab. 9th 
'I'oland, widow of Henry, Arch above Ninth 
Tomes William, shoemaker 318 north Front 
Torrcncc Aaron, chandler 16 Passyunk road 
I'drrence Daniel, chandler 1 Passyunk road 
; Foi-ris Bernard, tinman 41 Lombard 
i'owar Alexander M. at 249 Market 
Towson William, carpenter 151 north Second 
Train & Budd, merchants 7 north Water 
Travelli Francis, crockery store 67 north Fiftli 
Treadwell Francis C. patent bakery, back of 111 north 

I'reichcl Charles G. accountant 6 Lodge street 
Trcichel Charles, druggist 99 Walnut — d h 6 Lodge 
Fripp John, tavernkeeper 180 north Third 
Trotter Nathan 8c Co. merchants 47 north Front — d h 

of Nathan Trotter 170 nortli Front 
Trout John, victualler Buttonwood lane 
Tiyon Jacob G. justice of the peace and brigade inspec- 
tor, office 376 N 2d — d h Queen near Warren (K.) 
Tucker James, accountant, 12th street, 2d house north 

of Arch street 
Tully John, soan and candle manufacturer 157 N. 4th 
Tunis Thomas K. merchant 52, South wharves — d li 17 

Sansom street i 
Turner John, sen. gentleman NEcor. Christian & Front 
Turner John, jun. commission merchant 64 Queen 
Turner Susan, widow, boarding-Iiouse 1 Prune cor. 4th 
Turner Thomas, labourer, back 257 south Fourth 
Turpin William K. druggist 302 south Front 
Tuttle Edward, cordwainer 120 nortli Second 
Tybout Richard, hatter 53 Chesnut — d h 195 Spruce 

UBER-ADAM, victualler Pleasant al). Charles (P. T.) 
Ulman Mayer, grocery and ta\ern 57 Shippen 
Ulrich Abraham, tobacconist 425 nortli Tliird 
Underwood James, bricklayer & grocer 50 south 10th 
Underwood John, bricklaj er NW corner Shcaff 's alley 
and Eleventh 



VAIL DANIEL, fur and hat trimmings stove 3 nortu 

Front — d h 2 South alley 
Vallance John, »engraver 217 south Second 
Vallee Prosper, gunmaker 101 south Second 
"Vandervoort Daniel, ccrdwainer 47 south Fourth 
Vanharlingen John M. drygoods store 250 S. Second 
Vanhook Benjamin R. m. d. 98 Race 
Vanhoy Abm. u. v. Sc professor of midwifery 227 Spruce 
Veale George, boot and shoemaker 154 Cherry 
Veron Lewis, merchant 98 Chesnut 
Villegrain John, merchant 2^ north Third 
Vinton Thomas, merchant 153 High — d h 134 Arch 
Vizer Thomas, paper hanger 13 Dock 

WAGNER ADAM, oak cooper 8th above Buttonwood 
Wagner Mary, widow, 8th above Buttonwood 
Waite George Washintrton, manager of the Pennsyl- 
vania State Lottery, SW comer Chesinit and Third 
Walker John, grocer 156 south Third 
Walker William, brassfoundcr 80 north Third 
Wall John, fancy &c. chairmaker 87 & d h 133 N. Front 
Wallace Alexander & Co. ship chandler and grocer 

57 South wharves 
Wallace & Ross, saddlers, 8cc. 38 north Third 
Wallace Samuel, bricklayer 41 north Eighth 
Walmsley Wm. Mason, office 55 Walnut— d h 98 S. 4th 
Wain Lewis, merchant 154 High 
Walnut Francis 8c Thomas, hairdressers 29 S. Third 
Walraven John J. mercht. 15 N. Water — d h 69 Locust 
Walter Adam, bottler 123 Mulberry 
W^alters Michael, glover 59 north Fourth 
Waltei-s William, shopkeeper 32 north Fourth 
Walton George, carpenter 305 north Second 
VVard Jehu, clock & watchmaker 8c silversmith 42 High 
Ward William, accountant 119 south Fifth 
Warden Henry, tavern and grocery 8 High 
Warner 8c Carter, painters and glaziers 34 south 4th 
Warner Charles, painter and glazier 40 north Fourth 

—d h 200 north Eighth . 
Warner 8c Sanders, painters and glaziers 40 N. 4th 
Warner V/illiam 8c Son, merchants 15 south Water — 

d h 86 Arch 
Warren James, house and sign painter 89 north Third 
Warren Philip, cabinetmaker 363 Arch 
Warrington John, clock and watchmaker 96 Market 
Warrington Purnell, sea captain 185 south Second 
Warlman Adam, drayman 96 Coates 
Wartman George, jr. victualler 5th above Buttonwood 
Wartman Michael, messenger to the Health Office, 3 
Cranmer's court 


VVurwick Saml. E. tiivernkceDcr NKcor. Cedar & 7th 
VV iss Joseph, shoemakcv 59 Dock— .1 l» 121 S. Second 
Waterman Thomas, '27'J Wahiut 
VV Iters Charles, distiller 18 south Eij^hth 
W itkiii Rohcrt, drvgoods storo 23 iiortli Stcoiid 
W iibon James, clock and watclmiikfr 58 High 
Watson Joseph, kiniijcr iiu'rciriiil 206 Pine 
W itt Ak'xandc-r, accountant, ,\i)r->ra office, l)ack of 108 
Walnut, and tavernkccpor N W cor. drpentf r & 6lh 
Watt Wdliam, grocer N W corner Pine and Sixth 
W.vits Ann, drvgoods store 7 south Second 
Walts James Ci. & Co. publishers of the Union, NE 

corner of Walnut and Second 
Weatherby Jos. tavern & boarding-house 117 S. Watci* 
Weaver Adam, victualler Lawrence above Wood 
Weaver Charles, grocer SW corner 3d and Coates 
Weed Jrseph, grocer High W. Sch. 6th 
Weeks Mary, widow, drygoods store 131 High 
Weikel Samuel G. drygoods store 214 north Secortd 
Weiss Henry, tailor 271 nortli Second 
Welbank Henry, printer James above Charles 
Welbank John, victualler James above Charles 
Welch Hezekiah, printer 38 Zane 
Welden James, shoemaker 242 south Second 
Wellard Richard, innkeeper 145 Cedar 
Wells Benjamin, grocer 262 Arch 
Wentz Samuel, merchant tailor 114 Race 
West Chas. C. morch.ant trulor 62 Chesnut Sc 78 Wood 
Wcth«rill Charles, 65 north Front 
Wetherill Samuel, druggist and colouvman 419 High 
Wetherill Samuel P. 5c Co. druggists and colourmen, 

65 north Front 
Wevill & Nicolas, upholsterers and Venetian blind ma- 
kers N W corner Che.->nut and Fifth 
Weyman (ieorge, tobacciiuiit 157 south Front 
Weymer Samuel, tinplate worker 192 north Second 
Wharton James S. slioemaker 173 north Third 
Wharton I 6c T. C. stock 8c exchange brokers Dock st. 
Wharton John, bn)ker Dock st.— d a Chesnut ab. 12th 
Wharton Robert, ma\or 135 south Tliird 
Wheeler Chailes, attorney at law 112 Walnut 
Wlieeler George C. druggist 491 north Second 
Whilldin John G. M. D. 224 south Front ami 351 S. 2d 
Whistler Davii.1, tailor 226 High — d h 4tl» above Green 
VVIjistler & Seeley, tailors 226 Higii 
Whitaker J- & J stove, spiig ik nail nianuf. 166 N. 4th 
Wiiite John, 3 soutli Water — d li 96 south Front 
White John, victualler Catharine near Front 
White Joseph, mcrclu.nt 54 High 
White Samuel, merchant 107 High 
White Samuel, tobacconist 383 High 
White Thomas H. wine merchant, corner Dock und 
Pear— d h 89 Walnut 


Whitely Edward, printer 54 north Eighth 

WhitQtnan Ann, shopkeeper 385 Race 

Whit^man Peter, ladies' shoemaker SW corner Arch 

and Eighth 
Whiting Samuel, lottery and exchange office H S. 3d 
Whitman Nathan, jun. grocer 107^ north Second 
Whitmor Henry, tavernkeeper 89 south Water 
Whitney R. M. merchant 19 south Front— dh 93 S. 4th 
Whitney Thomas J combmaker 135 south Second 
Wickersham Elizabeth, drygoods store 37 south 2d 
Wickham 8c Co. military & fancy hai'dware store 265 

Wickham M. T. hardware merchant 265 High 
Widdifield William, hardware merchant 42 north 3d' — 

d h 160 Arch 
Widener David, tailor 62 north Fourth 
Wight Thomas, cordwainer 345 Race 

[see Whight iSf Voight 
Wiibank John, brassfounder and mineral water manu- 
facturer NE corner Seventh and Arch 
Wile George, tavern and grocer Sixth below Coates 
Wiley Alexander, merchant tailor 67 Cherry 
Williams Charles, currier 463 north Second 
Williams Henry J attorney at law, 86 Arch — d h 98 

south Fourth 
Williams Jos. cashier Commercial Bank — d h 33 Pine 
Williams Richard, merchant 19 High 
Williams Samuel, boot and shoemaker 326 Race 
Williams ThomaSj shoe manufactory 40 High 
Willing George C. attorney at law 54 south Sixth 
Willmarth Philander C. hatter 287 High 
Wilson Henry, tavernkeeper SW cor. Water 8c Cedar 
Wilson John, shoemaker 51 south Front 
Wilson 8c Wilkins, cabinetmakers 49 south Fifth 
Wilson William, merchant 323 High 
Wiltbohn P. I. lottery office 155 north Third 
Winebrener David, merchant tailor 150 south Third 
Wing Phcebe, widow of Frederick, baker 146 Spruce 
Wolf John G. cordwainer 415 north Front 
Wolf Zacharias, baker 149 Spruce 
Wolfe William B. hardware store 112 north Sixth 
Womrath George F. furrier 24 north Fourth 
Wood Adna, hat warehouse 2^ north Fourth — d h 6, 

Cresson's alley 
Wood James B. wheelwright, back 42 Spruce 
Wood J. 8c J. B. wheelwrights 42 Spruce 
Woodman Henry, teacher 227 Arch— d h 24 N. 6th 
Woods 8c Montelius, merchts. 277 High— d h 28 N. 8th 
Woods Wm. merchant 277 High— d h 28 north Eighth 
Woodside John A. sign painter, back of 115 Arch, Lox- 

ley's court 
Worknot Conrad, constable 252 north Front 
Wright Eliza, milliner ^nd manti^ama^er 137 S. 2d 


Wright John, tobacconist 4i N. Sixth— d h Spruce be- 
low Little- Dock 

Wright John, glore and patent shirt manu- 
racturer 169 sr.uth Second 

Wright Peter, china store 27 north 3d— d h Hazel alley 
below Locust 

Wright Hol)ert, printer 90 south Second 

Wri'glit Sanuiel G. merchant 13 soutli Front— d h 73 
north Front 

Wn>;ht Sarah, 81 north Third 

Wright Wni. upholsterer NW corner 4th and Vine 

Wright William, machinist, west of Schuvlkill Scvcntli 

Wurts Manricc, merchant 189 High— d li 33 S. Front 

Wurts Rodman & Wurts, merchants 189 High 

Wurts Wm. merchant 189 High— d h ^ ine above 10th 

[see Ji^irls 

Wylic & Engles' academy corner of 11th & Marble St. 

Wythe Kezia, boarding-house 3 north Eighth 

YAGER BENJAMIN, victualler 235 Callowhill 
Yager Henry, victualler (iardcn street above Callowhill 

— stand, corner 8lh and High 
Yarnall B. H. hardware merchant 39 High — d h 166 

Yarnail Charles, druggist 24 north Front 
Yarnall E. & C, wholesale druggists 22 Sc 24 N. Front 
Yarnall E, H. merchant 24 north Front— d h 357 High 
Yarnall Edward, druggist 24 norlii Front — d h 357 High 
Yarnall Israel, storekeeper 104 north Second 
Yatman John, Columbian shade manufacturer 104 N. 5th 
Yeager Casper, comb manufactory 25 north Third 
Yohe George, f Washington inn) 6 north Fourtli 
Young Edmund, coach painter Coates below Second 
Young & Delleker, engravers 96 Chesnut SW cor. 3d 
Young Edward, grocer 222 south Fifth 
Young Elizabeth, widow, 35 north Fourth 
Young & Felten, coach painters 226 Race 
Young George, china store 218 south Second 
Young Israel, ladies' shoemaker 51 south Fourth 
Young James, plumber 73 (iaskill 

Young James H. engraver 96 Chcsinit — d h 42 Chestei' 
Young John, cordwaincr 220 south Fifth 
Young Thomas, hardware merchant 207 south Secontl 
D 3 

List of Churches, and their 


Christ Church, St. Peter's and St. James' — The Right 
Reverend Bishop White, Rector. Rev'd Dr. Aber- 
crombie, and Rev'd Mr Kemper Assistant Ministers. 

St. Paul's Church. — Rev'd Doctor Pilmore, Rector. 

St. John's Church {N. /-.)— Rev'd Mr. Boyd, Rector. 

Sivedisk Lutheran Church. — Rev'd Dr. Collin, Rector. 


St. Mary's Church. — The Right Reverend Dr Corn- 
■well, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Churches in Phi- 

St. Aumistlne Church. — Rev'd Mr. Hurley, Pastor. 

Holy Trinity Church.— Rev'd Doctor Rolofs, Pastor 

German Lutheran Church. — Rev'd Doctor Schaffer, 

German Reformed Church. — Rev'd Mr. Helfenstein, 

E-6anc;elical Lutheran Church of St. John — Rev'd 
Mr. Mayer, Pastor. 

Friends' Meeting. Free Quakers. 

First Presbyterian Church. — Reverend Doctor Wil- 
son, Pastor. 

Second Presbyterian Church. — Reverend Doctor 
Janeway, Pastor. 

Third Presbyterian Church. — Reverend Doctor Ely, 

FourtA Presbyterian Church. — Reverend Mr. Potts, 

Fifth Presbyterian Church. — Reverend Mr. Skinner, 

Sixth Presbyterian Church. — Reverend Doctor Neill, 

Seventh Presbyterian Church. — Reverend William 
M. Engles, Pastor. 

Associate Reformed Scotch Presbyterian Church.-— 
Reverend Mr. M'Cartee, Pastor. 

First Reformed Dutch Church, (Crown street.)— 
Reverend Doctor Brodhead, Pastor. 

Second Reformed Dutch Church, or Tabernacle.-^ 

First Presbyterian Church (JV. Z.)— .Reverend Mr. 
Patterson, Pastor. 

First Reformed Dutch Church oj Sfiring Garderu-^ 
Reverend Mr. Hoff, Pastor: 


German Reformed Church, {J^. L. )— Reverend Mr, 
F. W Vandersloot, Pastor. 

dissociate Church. — Reverend Doctor Banks, Pastor. 

First Reformed Presbyterian Church. — Reverend 
Doctor Wiley, Pastor. 

First Bafitist Church. — Rev'd William Rogers, D. D. 
SE cor. Chesnut &; 8th — Reverend Doctor Holcombe, 

Second Bafitist Church, (A*, i,)— Reverend Mr. 
M'Laughlin, Pastor. 

Third Bajitist Church. — Reverend Mr. Peckworth, 

Sansom street Baptist church. — Reverend Doctor 
Staughton, Pastoi'. 

JVcw Market street Baptist Church. — Reverend Mr. 
Griffen, Pastor. 

German Baptist Reformed Church. — Reverend Mr. 
Keyser, Pastor. 


St. George's Ebenezer and -Sa/cm.— Reverend Mr. 
Smith, Rector. Reverend Messrs. Cooper and Smith, 
assistant ministers. 

Union Methodist CAwrcA.— Reverend Mr. Burch, 

St. Joh7i's Methodist Episcopal Church. — Reverend 
Mr. Cox, Pastor. 

Moravian Church, or United Brethren. — Reverend 
Mr. Van Vleck, Pastor. 

Universalist Churches, First and Second. — Reverend 
Mr. Kneeland, Pastor. 

Unitarian Church. 

JVcio Jerusalem Church. — Rev'd Mr. Carll, Pastor. 

Christian Church. — Mr. Ferguson, Elder. 

Hebreiv Synagogue, 


St. Thomas Episcopal Church. 

First African Presbyterian Church Reverend Mr. 

Gloucester, Pastor. 

First African Baptist Church Reverend Mr. Sim- 
mons, Pastor. 

African Methodist CAurcA.— Reverend Richard Al- 
len, Pastor 

African Union Methodist Church, 


Banking Institutions. 

Bank of the United States — Chesnut street, betvreen 
Fourth and Fttli, south side. Incorporated 1816. to 
endure until 1836. Capital 835,000,000, divided into 
350,000 shares of SlOO each. Dividends declared 
January and July. Discount days, Tuesdays and Fri- 
davs. Annual election, 1st Monday in January. Open 
dally, except Sundays, 1st Ja;iuary,'4th July and Christ- 
mas, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Notary, C. C. Biddle. 
Public Director!) — Langdon Cheeves, President, Nicho- 
las Biddle, John Connelly, Charles E. Dudley, of A''eiv 
York, James Wilson oi Mar if land. — Directors for 1821, 
— Pierce Butler, Thomas M. Willing, Gustavus Col- 
houn, James Schott, Samuel Wetherill, Silas E. Weir, 
James C Fisher, Tliomas P. Cope, Samuel Carswell, 
Henry Pratt, William Stevenson, John Coulter, Robert 
Flemming, John Potter, South Carolina, George Hoff- 
man, Maryland, Robert Gilmore, jun. Alaryland, Ro- 
bert Lenox, JVao York, Archibald Gracie, JVew York, 
Nathaniel Silsbee, Afa^sac/zMse^^s, David Sears, Mas- 

Langdon Cheeves, firesident — Thos. Wilson, cashier 
— James Houston, assistant cashier. 

List of Branches. — Portsmouth, N. H, Boston, Pro^ 
vidence, R. I. Middletown, Conn. N ew York, Baltimore, 
Washington, Norfolk, Richmond, Charleston, Savan- 
^^h, Aiigusta, r<(ew Orleans, Fayette ville, Pittsburg, 
Chillicottie, Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati. 

Bank of JVorth America — No. 99, Chesnut street.— 
Capital g834,00a Directors, John Morton, president ; 
George Latimer, Daniel Smith, James Read, Timothy 
Paxson, Henry Nixon, Benjamin R. Morgan, George 
Fox, George M'Callmont, Charles M'Alester, Joseph 
Peace, Jacob S. Wain — Henry Drinker, cashier. Open 
daily, except Sundays, Good-Friday, Cliristmas day, 
1st January, and 4th July, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. 
Discount days Mondays and Thursdays. Election 2d 
Monday in January, annually ; notary, Peter Lolira. 
Dividends, January and July. 

Bank of Pennsylvariia — 86 so\ith Second. Joseph 
Parker Norris, president— Z)»-fc^ors on the fiart of the 
State, William K Korrey, Thomas Leiper, Matthew 
Carey, James Smith. Chandler Price, Abraliam L. 
Pennock— Directors, Godfrey Haga. William Sansom, 
Charles Biddle, Louis Clapier, Jacob Ridgway, (icorgc 
Vaux. Anthonv Stocker, Francis Wisely. John llecke- 
v/elder, Jonas Preston, William Brown, James Robert- 
son, Jonah Thompson, Matthew C. Ralston, Peter Wa- 
ger, Mark Richards, Isaac Wayne, Tliomas Boudc— 
RlihuChauncey, cashier. Incorporated 1793, renewed 


1803, to endure until 1833. Capital ^2,500,000, divided 
into 6250 shares, at §400 each, all of which has been 
paid in. Dividends, January and July. Discount days, 
Wednesdays and Saturdays, Annual election, first 
Monday in February. Notary, Peter Lohra. Open 
daily, except Sundays, 1st January, 4th July, and Christ- 
mas, fronn 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. ' 

Bank of the Northern Liberties — 77 Vine street, be- 
low Third, north side. Directors, John Barclay, presi- 
dent ; Andrew C. Barclay, Samuel Grant, George Gor- 
gas, Thomas Hart, Joseph R. Jenks, Jonathan Knight, 
Thomas Latimer, Thomas Loyd, iun. William Milnor, 
Isaac W. Norris, James Paul, John Taylor, Joseph 
Thomas, James Whitehead — D. Mandeville, cashier. 
Incorporated 9th May, 1814, to emkire until 1st April, 
1825. Capital 500,000 dollars, on which §250,000 has 
been paid. — §25 paid on each share. Dividends 1st 
Monday of May and November. Discount days Tues- 
tlays and Fridays. Notary, John Goodman, Annual 
Election, 3d Monday of November. — Open daily, ex- 
cept Sundays, Christmas and 4th of July, from 9 A. M. 
to 3 P. M. — Transfer books close 14 days preceding the 
1st Monday of May and November. — Dividends paya- 
ble 10 days after declared. 

Camden Bank, New Jersey.— Capital §600,000. Di- 
rectors, Richard M. Cooper, president ; Joshua Long- 
strelh, Samuel Spackmailt Benjamin Masden, Isaac C. 
Jones, Thomas Fassitt, Joseph "Lea, Hugh F. llolllngs- 
head, Henry Chew, Isaac Wilkins, Joseph Rogers, 
Isaac Hewlings, Joseph Matlack, Joseph Ogden, Joseph 
Falkenburge, Bowman Hendry, James Matlack, James 
Saunders, Samuel C. Champion, Thomas Newbold — 
William Hillegas, cashiar. Office 21 Church alley. 
Dividends payable after 15th of April and after 15th of 

Commercial Bank of Peu7isylvania — No. 102, Ches- 
nut street. Directors, Andrew Bayard, president; 
Richard Dale, James S. Duval, Samuel Archer, John 
C. Smith, John M'Crea, Chai'lesN. Bancker, Charles 
Perry, William L. Hodge, Caleb P. Wayne, Samuel 
G. Wiight, Edwai-d Hallowell— Joseph Williams, 
cashier. Capital 1,000,000 dollars, divided into 2000 
shares. Dividends declared May and November. Dis- 
count days Tuesdays and Fridays. Notary, George 
Heyl. Closed Sundays, Christmas, New Year and 4th 
of July. Election 3d Monday in November. 

Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank—\57 Chesnut street- 
Incorporated in 1809. Chartered until 1824. Capital 
and amount paid in §1,250,000, divided in 25,000 shares 
at §50 each. Discount days, Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Annual election, last Saturday in January. Notary, 


Benjamin Nones. Open cveiy dav, Sundays, Christ 
mas, and New Years excepted. Directors, Joseph Ta- 
gert, president ; Samuel Barnes, W'm. K Howell, Seth 
Craig, William W. Fisher, James M'Alpin, John 
M'Caviley, George Pepper, Samuel Kichards, James 
Sharswood, George SheafF, Richard Tybout, Charles 
A. Harper — Henry Kuhl, cashier. 

Girard'x (Stephen) Fiankbit; House — Formerly the 
U. S. Bank, Third street, opposite Dock. George 
Simpson, cashier. Open daily, except Sundays, Christ- 
mas, and 4th of July, from 9 A. M. till 3 P. M. Days 
of discount Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Mechanics' Bank — 9 south Third. Directors, John 
Rogers, president ; Jonathan Sleeper, Thomas Parker, 
Joseph Burden, William Montelius, Ephraim Clark, 
Thomas Earp, Alexander Cook, John Stroup, juh. 
Stetson Lobdell — Samuel Wilcox, cashier. Incorpo- 
rated 9th May, 1814, to endure until 1st April, 1825. 
Capital 81,000,000, divided into 20,000 shares at §50 
each. Dividends declared first Mondays in May and 
November. Discount days, Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Annual election third Monday in November. Benja- 
min Nones, notary. Open daily, except Sundays, 1st 
Januan', 4th July, and Christmas. 

Philadelphia Bank — SW corner Fourth and Chesnut. 
Directors. John Read, president ; Lewis D. Carpentier, 
Samuel W. Jones, William Phillips, John A. Dutilh, 
Caleb Newbold, Edward Twells, Robert Patterson, 
Alexander M'Caraher, Samuel Smith, Jacob Sperr>', 
John Welsh, Joseph Lownes, Joseph R. Evans, Charles 
Biddle, jnnr. Daniel H. Miller, A. Fisher, Charles 
Graff, Benjamin Stille', John M Price, William Yard- 
ley — Quintin Campbell, cashier. Incorporated 1803, to 
endure until 1824. Capital 1,800,000 dollars, divided 
into 18,000 shares at 100 dollars each. Dividends de- 
clared March and September. Discount days, Mondays 
and Thursdays. Annual election second m 
February. N. Diehl, jun. notaiy. Open daily, except 
Sunday, 4th July, Christmas and Hrst January. 

Schuylkill Bank—S. E. corner High and Sixth. Di- 
rectors, William Mereditli, president; Simon Gratz, 
John Horner. Aaron Denman, John Dubarry, Thomas 
M. Souder, Robert A. Caldcleugh, Edward Smith, 
William Paxson, Benjamin Johnson, Jolin Bennet, Jo- 
seph Montgomery, George Thomson — Hosea J. Levis, 
cashier. Incorporated 9th May, 1814, to endure until 
1st April, 182,5. Capital Sl.OOO^OO. divided into 
20,000 shares. Dividends declared 1st Monday in May 
and November. Discount days, Tuesdays and' Fridays. 
Annual election 3d Monday in November. Benjamin 
Nones, notary. Open daily, except Sundays, Christ- 
mas, 1st January, Good Friday, and 4th Jufy. 


Insurance Companies. 

American Fire Insurance Coinfiany — Office 101 
Chesnut. Capital 8500,000, divided into 5000 shares, 
on each of which jS40 has been paid. Dividends declar- 
ed first Monday in April and October. Annual elec- 
tion first Monday in May. Directors, Chandler Price, 
president ; John Sergeant, John Savage, Samuel Y'' 'h.- 
erill, William Lynch, Joseph Reed, Manuel Eyr? -tuv 
Bryan, William Davidson — Edward Fox, secreta- • 

Delaware Insurance Comfiany — Office south cast 
corner ot Walnut and Second. Directors, Satruel 
Keith, president; William Bell, William Boyd, John 
Cook, Joseph R. Evans, Thomas P, Cope, Isaac Har- 
vey, jr. Benjamin Jones, Jamet; Kitchen, Fournier 
Roustain, Thomas A. Morgan, Joseph Barnett. Divi- 
dends, first Mondays in June and December. Choice 
of Directors 2d Monday in December. First incoi po- 
ration in 1803 — second in 1813 — expires in 1835. 5000 
shares at 40 doUacs per share — 200,000 dollars. Open 
every day — Sundays, 4th July and Christmas day ex- 

Insurance Comfiany of the Siate of FennsylvaJiia — 
Office N. E. corner ot Second and Dock — Annual elec- 
tion in January — Capital 500,000 dollars. Shares 400 
dollars. Dividends declared 1st February, and Isl of 
August. Dii-ectnrs, James S. Cox, president ; Johi; C. 
Wachsmuth, Henry Pratt, Joseph Sins, Daniel Smith, 
Samuel Coates, Henry Nixon, Paul Seimen, George 
Fox, Anthony Stocker, Charles M'Alester, John Mar- 
kot, Gustavus Colhoun 

Marine Insurance Comfiany — Office 47 Walnut. 
Directors, John Leamy, president ; David Walker, 
Joseph Peace, James Paul, John Coulter, Samuel N. 
Lewis, George M'Callmont, John B. Newman, H, liol- 
lingswoi'th. William Read, Elihu Chau'icey, Stephen 
Russell, Isaac W. Norris. Capital 300,000 dollars. 
Sh u'fs 100 dollars. Dividends July and January — 
Election 3d Monday in January, meet once in every 

Mutual Assurance Company — For insuring houses 
from loss by fire, in and near rhiindelphia. (Office 54 
Walnut street. Trustees, Robert Wharton, president ; 
Daniel Smith, Robert Smith, James r. Fsher, Walter 
Kerr, Thomas M'Euen, Thomas H dt. J: -o C. St'jckei-, 
Robert M. Lewis, George M'Callmont, 1 1, ". Markland, 
John Wharton — John B. Palmei', creasu: . 

J\rorth America Insurance Com/inny — <. -' 'Jrt ce 40 Wal- 
nut. Directors, John Inskeep, president , /-Jex-Lder 
Henry, James Read, Godfrey Haga, John !:J.iL'Ie. Sa.iioel 
Mifflin, Thomas Astley, Andrew Pettit.Ch.rles Perry, 


iinacl W. Jcnes, Thomas Latimer, Jacob S. Wain, 

xol) C. Wikoft", Edward Smith, Sanuicl Archer; 

iibcrt S Stephens, sccictary. Capital 600,000 dollars. 

Shaves 10 dollars. Dividends, second Mondays of 

. Hilary and July. Incorporated April 14th, 1794. 

■ hartc'r renewed 28th January, 1S13, to 1835. Annual 

•lection in January. 

Pr7inf!iflvania Com/iatiufjr Insurance on Lives and 
hantJ7ii^ Jnnuific! — Incorporated March, 1812. — 
Charter' perpetual. Capital stock §500,000— Shaves 
SlOO each — Dividends first Monday in January and 
Jvdy — Election third Monday in January — Office 173 
Chcsnut — Ojjen every day from 9 to 3 o'clock. Direc- 
tors, Jacob Sperry, president ; Joseph Peace, John Boh- 
len, Jeremiah Warder, jun. Cadwalader Evans, Charles 
N. Bancker, Charles Macalester, William Parker, 
William Bovd, Hyman Gratz, John C Montgomery, 
Robert M. Patterson, Samuel G. Wright; Jacob Shoe- 
maker, actuary. 

P/iUadfl/i/iia Contributionshi/2 — For the Insurance of 
louses from loss Iw fire, commonly called the Hand-in- 
: land Insurance Comfmny, 25 Dock street, where insu- 
rance will continue to be made, without limit as to time, 
on the usual terms, by application to Joseph S. Lewis. 
Incorporated 1768. Annual election, 2d Monday of 
Apiil. Directors, Joseph P. Norris, Josepii Crukshauk, 
Joseph Price, John Morton. Zachariah Poulson, Joseph 
Watson, Benjamin U Morgan, Zaccheus Collins, 
George Fox, Thomas Morris, .Tonah Thompson, Joshua 
Longstret.h ; Joseph S. Lewis, tirasurer ; John C. Evans, 
surveyor. Monthly meeting, first Tuesday in every 

Philadelfiliia Insurance Coin/ia/nj. — Office SW cor- 
ner Second and Walnut streets. Directors, Tlu-mas 
M. Willing, president ; John Ashley, James C. Fisiier, 
John Savage, William Wain, Joseph S. Lewis, James 
Smitli, l'"lliston Perot, William J. Miller, George Har- 
rison, William W. Fisher, Richard Willing, Samuel 
Volans, Capital 400,000 dollars— Shares 100 dollars. 
Dividends June and December. 

P/ianix Insurance Comfiany. — Office 96 south Se- 
cond street. Directors, Daviil Lewis, president ; Paul 
Beck, jun. Charles Biddle, Paschall Hollingsworth, 
John C. Smith, John (ioddurd, Lawrence Lewis, Al x- 
ander Murray, John Clement Storker. Capital 48t nOO 
dollars. Shares 80 dollars. Dividends June and De- 

Union Insurance Comfiamj. — Office 45 Wdnut. 
Directors. George Latimer, president; Jose; ' i^.dl, 
Richard Dale, Matthew Lawler, Lewis Clapier, John 



Bohlen, Stephen Girard, Hugh Colhoun, William Da- 
vis, Samuel Hays, William Lynch, Bankson 'laylor, 
and Austin Montgomery. Secretary, John Roberts. 
Capital 300,000 dolls, in 5000 shares of 60 dollars each. 
Days of declaring dividend, 1st Monday of January and 
July. Election 2d Monday in January. 

United Stcties Insurance Company. — Office 49 Wal- 
nut. Directors, Chandler Price, president ; William 
L. Hodge, secretary ; James Latimer, Caleb Newbold, 
Henry Sergeant, Benjamin B. Hov/ell, Matthew L. Se- 
van, J. Emlen, Jonah Thompson, Robert Toland, Rich- 
ard S. Smith, John Diamond. Capital 400,000 dollars. 
Shares 50 dollars. Dividends, June and December. 

Fire Association of Pliiladelfihia, (Insurance Com- 
pany.) — Agreeably to an act of Incorporation passed 
the twenty-seventh day of March, 1820, a meeting of 
the delegates representing the several companies, com- 
posing the Association was held, and the following were 
elected trustees of the Fire Association of Philadelphia, 
for one year : — Michael Fox, 11 north Ninth street — 
Frederick Hoeckley, 204 north Second street — Jere- 
miah Boone, 90 south Wharves — William Wagner, 
Sixth near Callowhill — Alexander Shaw, SW corner 
Third and Arch — Mordecai Y. Bryant, SW coiner 
Second and Callowhill — Benjamin Thaw, 106 south 
Second — Daniel Knip-ht, near the corner of Eighth and 
Cherry — Benjamin Martin, south Second near Cbi'is-f 
tian — William Abbott, 50 S. Front — Samuel Thackara, 
south Front street, and Caleb Carmalt, NW corner 
Tammany and Third. To either of whom, application 
may be made for Insurance from loss or damage, for a 
limited or perpetual period, or at the office of Caleb 
Carmalt, treasurer, No. 241 Arch street. 


Custom House. 

Between 112 and 120 south Second street, below Dock 
—Office hours from 9 o'clock, A. M. till 2, P. M. 

General John Steele, Collector — Andrew Epplee, 
JOefiuty Collector — Samuel Clark, J\faval Officer — Ro- 
bert Heysham, Deputy JVaval Officer — James Glent- 
•worth. Surveyor — James Glentworth,jun.Z)e;^z^;y Sur- 
■yeyor — John Steele, junr. Weigher — Samuel Ross, 
D'ejiuty Weigher — Robert Milnor, Gauger — James S. 
Huber, Jacob Kucher, J. Henderson, and Joseph Ab- 
bott, Measurers of Salt and Coal — Samuel Ross, and 
Thomas Stewart, Appraisers — Andrew Geyer, Inspec- 
tor and Keeper of the Public Stores. 

j-iil I.ivlJt.i.i- Hi A UlUlA. 1 UK'i . 

Ins/icclor'9 Office, 3 \V;iliuit si ret I. 
I;is/:iC(ofs. — J. I'. School, I'cUr Ozcuk, Andrew 
J.icksoi), Bttnjainin Thomas, (capt. of Kevi-iiuc bai-^e,) 
Robert ilookins, Frederick Shull — .// Marcus Hook, 
Tliomas CumIi, Ikniaiiiiu Ashineatl, James Stuart, 
Charles Anderson, Menrv Huber, David Kose — ylc the 
Lazanna, John K. Dickson, John Brown, J;.cub Zebley, 
Job Whipple, John Davis. J. \V. Dnrant, W. Delzell, 
Ch:unl)ev» Gaw, Gilbert Gaw, II. Huddj', John Reed, 
and J. Robinson. 

'X7^ Directions for Jindhit; the diff'treyit Offices vi the 
CiiJiioiu House. — The desk of the Clerks, &c. arc num- 
bered irom 1 to 11, and the business done at each desk, 
as follows : 

Desk, No. 1 — Entrance and Clearance of Vessels from 
and to foreign jjorts, and for preparing 
ship's papei's. 
No. 2 — Cashier, and for the Entrance and clear- 
ance of Vessels coastwise. 
No. 3 — Examination of Inward Entries, calcula- 
tions of Duties and Drawbacks. 
Nu. 4 — Record of Imports. 
No. 5 — Bonds for Duties taken and Permits issued 
No. 6 — Debentures paid, &c. 
No. 7 — Fjxports and Debenture. 
No, 8 — Record of Exports. 
No. 9 — Miscellaneous. 
No. 10 — Miscellai\eous. 
No. 11 — Protections, &c. 
-urvcjor's office, down stairs. 


Allen & Svkes, 115 S. 2d, opposite the Custom House 

frames & i!)iehl, opposite the Custom House 

-^ iinuel Emery, ll'J S 2d, opposite the Custom House 


For the City — Peter S. Duponcea, Peter Lohra. 
Nicholas Dield, George Heyl, Benjamin Nones, and 
Clement C. Biddle. 

J''jr Southwurk — Richard Renshaw. 

J^or (he JSl'orthern Liberties — John Goodman. 


Robert Ralston, Prrsulcnt — Thomas M. Willing, 
}Ienry Pratt, vice-Jirtsidcnts — Robert Smith, treasurtr 
— Jniin Vauplian, atcrtfun/. 

Tlie stated meetings of "t'.je Chamber are held on the 

rst Monday ot each n\t>nth, at seven o'clock in the 
. \ ening. At the January meeting tl\c officers ure 
elected. To a Cii\nnntlee (aj)iKif.ti(l every moiuh,) of 
five members, all din'ereiices, of wliith the'Chamber is 


rtquired to take cognizance, are referred for adjust- 
ment. Applications to the Committee to be made 
through the Secretary. Instituted in 1801. 


Appointed annually in April — office next to No. 20, 
Walnut street. 

Silas Foster, Mastei- Wafden — Paul Cox, Stephen 
Girard, Joseph Reynolds, William Newbold, William 
West, and Charles Penrose, Wardens — Thomas Jack- 
son, C/f?-A'— Captain Henry Kenyon, Quarter Master 
of the Port of Philadelphia, 41 north Eighth—Caleb 
£arle, Harbour Master. 

Attendance given trom 9 o'clock, A M to 3, P M~ 
On Saturday, from 9 o'clock, A M to 1 P M and from 
2 o'clock to sunset. 

Surveyors of Damaged Ships and their Cargoes.^ 
John Mease, William Hawks, and Arthur Stotesbury- 

Fire Engine, and Hose, Com- 

jlmicable Fire Engine Comfianij. — President, John 
Goodin ; vice-president, John Abbott ; secretary, Joseph 
R. Clark , treasurer, George Emerick — Directors, 
Thomas Rogers, John Goodin, Charles Kemble, John 
Abbott, George Emerick, William B Emerick, Joseph 

R. Clark, Saglee, Samuel Bardier. Election on 

the 3d Thursday evening in July and January. Stated 
meetings on the 3d Thursday evening of each month, 
at Bardier's Inn, North street, near Fifth. Engine 
stands in Fifth above Market — Instituted 1769. 

Assistance Fire Fngine (Company. — Instituted, 28th 
December, 1789. Engine house adjoining St. John's 
church, in Sassafras st, John Greiner, president ; Robert 
Imlay, vice-president ; John Lchra, treasurer ; John 
Hansen, secretary. Engineers, Edward W. Carr, Jacob 
Hansell, Jesse Pauling, John Hansell, J. C Nichols, P. 
H. Hansell, Samuel Knorr, William Wilson, James L, 
Hammond, Charles Davis. 

Colujnbia Hose Comfiany — Instituted May 1st, 1806, 
Meet at their house in Cherry street, between 7th and 
8th, Election, first Thursday in February and August, 

— — — , pi'esident ; John Hornketh, vice-ppsident ; 

Henry Ball, secretary ; Jackson Oliver, ti'easui-er. — 
Delegates in Fire Associatinri, Jackson Oliver, Henrv 


The Dilaware Fire Com/iany — Instituted in May, 
1761. Engine house siUiatcd in Hnrtung's court, 
nutiiing tVofn 2(-l to 3 1, an(ll)et\vccn M irkct ;in(l Arch. 
Ofliccrs ot tlie Company, Benjamin Tliaw, president ; 
Townsend Sliarpless, vice-i)resideut ; James H. Cole, 
treasurer ; William Clirystkr, secretary Ofllcer of 
the Engineers, Horatio G. Kowly, chief Engineer.— 
Directcri;. Robert Mitchell, Andrew T. Stone, Samuel 
Wliite, William Lawrence, William Stone. 

DUietnt Fire Efij^'-ine Comfuimi. — Engine house situa- 
ted in Nintli, below Market. Joiin Da%'is, president; 
Michael Fox, vice-president ; Joseph Cloud, secretary ; 
George Peternian, treasurer. Directors, Samuel Fox, 
William Rowland, George Eiglielburner, Jesse Smith. 

Fame Fire Cfjiufianif — Instituted '29th day of March, 
1764, and was called the Qiuen Charlotte Fire Compa- 
ny in Philadelphia, and after the Revolution, changed 
to the name of Feme, whicii name it has had ever since 
President and ti*easurer, Charles Woodward ; secreta- 
ry, Joseph Randall ; the present board of Engineers, 
consist of John M. Vaneman, William Weer, Jacob 
Clopp, Josei)h Ogden, John H. Gartky, Jesse J Kuight, 
Thomas Feran, Bartholomew Morrison and John 
Grimes. Stated meetings second Siturday in every 
other month. Annual election for officers in January. 

Fame Hose Comjiany. — Hose house in Fifth street, 
on the lot l)elonging to the Philadelphia Library Com- 
pany. President, Benjamin E. Valentin.e ; secretary, 
Charles S. Cope. Directors, L. M. Price, George 
Wevill, J. R. Rubicam, James W. Morse, Robert M. 
Auners, Evan Davis. Finance Committee, James W. 
Morse, chairman ; Thomas C. Price, 'I'homas C. Per- 
cival. ■ 

Franklin Fire Fti/rjue Comfiamj — Pi-esident, Benja- 
min Martin ; vice-prcs.ident, Jo!\i\ N. Seidel ; secretary, 
Samuel Ashmead, jun. ; treasurer, George Eskr. 

Good Intent Fire Fn^ine — Instituted 1820. Engine 
house situated at the corner of Prince street and Frank- 
foi-d road, Kensingtop. Presidrnt, Howe Keith ;vice- 
pi-esidcnt, Samuel P. Courtney ; treasurer, John Wood ; 
secretary, Adam Richards. 

Good Intent Fire Hose Comjianu — Instituted Maich 
Sth, 1804. Hose house situated in 4th Ixrlow Chesnut. 
Hold their stated meetings at the Resolution Hose 
hoiise, on the 1st Tuesday evening of every month 
(Officers elected 1st Tuesday in January. I'lxsident, 
William Abbott ; vice-presidei>t, Wilson , 
secretary, David Picirie; treasurer, Jacoli E. Tomp- 
kins. Directors, Gcoigy JcltVies, John A licit, Samuel 
Knorr, John Penot, David Pierrie.John Gilfry. 

Harmony Fire Cow//«7;;/— Instituted 17S4. Presi- 
dent, \\'illiam P. Ppv-np ;"viGc-j)residcnt, James Wil- 
son ; treasurer, Jienjamm C. Parvin ; sccrcta:-v, Benja- 


?jiin Kite, jun. Engineers, William P. Paxson, James 
Wilson, Edward Parker, James Hutchinson, Jacob F. 
Wilkins, Isaac Stow, \Villiani R. Maxfield, Benjamin 
Kite, jun. William Savery, Jacob A. Stanart, William 
M. Hansell, Joseph M'Dowell. Delegates to the Fire 
Association, Joseph M. Trueman, James Wilson. Sta- 
ted meetings are held on the second Monday in each 
month, at Harmony Hal], south Fifth below Mai-ket. 

Ho/ie Hose Coinpany — Meet the first Thursday in 
every month, at the New Market Hall. Semi-annual 
election for officers the first Thursday in February and 
the first Thursday in August. Hose house situated 
upper end south Second street Market. President, 
Peter Williamson ; vice-president, Robinson R. Moore ; 
treasurer, John C Herman; secretary, Alexander 
Henry ; assistant secretary, William C. GiUingham — 
Directors, Alexander Henry, James Coffee, Francis 
Dickinson, John Rink, John A. Ennis, Jacob Cowan, 
Francis Russell, William. C. GiUingham. 

Humane Hose Covifiany — President, Peter Parker ; 
secretary, John Hindman, jun. ; ti'easurer, M. Y. Bry- 
ant. Directors, John Smith, John Crox, John Seybert, 
Lucas Firth, Ezra Firth, Daniel Linker. Hose house 
stands in St. John street, above Vine, Stated meetings 
first Monday in every month, in the room over the 
United States engine house. 

N'orthcrn Liberty Fire C'om/ta7iy, Ao. 1 — Instituted 
May 1st, 1756. Situation on Pool's Bridge, Northern 
Liberties, east side. President, Samuel Lehman ; se- 
cretary, Joseph B. Liiierd ; treasurer, Isaac W. Norris, 
Directors, Joseph Rogers, jun. George Heyberger, 
James C, Keen, Samuel Crawford, Michael Baker, 
jun. Joseph Swab, Joseph B. Linerd, John Linker, John 
Stevenson, Thomas Scattergood, John Fox, Nathan 
Lavering Keyser, George W. Lehman, Henry Craw- 
ford, Charles Edwards, George Johnson. 

Pennsylxiania Fire ComJia?iy. — Engine house in Fifth, 
below Cliesnut, on Philadelphia Library lot. President, 
Richard Price, jun. ; treasurer, Richard Paxson ; secre- 
tary, William Heliry Morris. Engineers, Samuel M. 
Stewart, WiUiam J. Watson, Caleb Cope, jun John S. 
Hart, Charles H. White, Gsorge Sutton, Bcnnet Fling, 
William R Boone, Benjamin W. Bioren, Aaron Smith, 
Thomas J. Carter, Jacob Parry. 

Perseverance Hose Comfiany — Instituted August 6th, 
1805. President, Andi'ew Butler ; vice-president, Jo- 
seph W. R,';bb ; treasurer, Thomas M. Rush ; secreta- 
ry, Daniel Ms nich. Directors, Andrew Butler, D^iniel 
Mvnich, Jacob G,- Carter, William Scott, Tillinghos': 
K. Collins, William Cummins, and Samuel Bard. Hose 
house north side Race street above Fifth. 

Phanix Hose Company — Instituted August 25th, 
1817, Officers for 6 months, from 1st February. Pre- 


sident, John Briggs ; treasurer, Edward Torke ; sccre- 
tarv, Alexander M'Phcrson. Directois, Fr'.-derick 
Seiikel, Cliarles M'liucn, Samuel Wetlicrill, Henry D. 
Seckel, William Butcher, Ricliard C See. Stated 
meetings on tlic first Thursday in every moi.tli. Hose 
house situated in Zane street, between "th and 8th. 

Resotutioit Engine Comjianij — Instituted in 1793. 
The Engine house m Sixth street, under the Shakspeai'e 
buildings. President, Curtis Clay ; vice-presidentj 
William G. Govett ; secretary, Chai'les (iovett ; trea- 
surer, Thomas Morrell. Captain ofengineers, Thomas 
Morrell ; lieutenant, J. O. Evans ; secretary, Charles 
iVTandervill ; treasurer, James M'Levan. 

Southtuark Hose Comjiany — Instituted May 6th, 
1806. The stated meetings of the Company are held 
on the 3d Thursday in each month. Election tor offi- 
cers held at tlie stated meetings in May and Novem- 
ber. Hose house, south end south Second street mar- 
ket. PrcsideiU, Paul Durney ; vice-president, Stephen 
G. Fotterall ; treasurer, John Fausset ; secretary, Wil- 
liam R. Do! iicll. Dii-ectors, Archibald Randall, John 
Fausset, William R. Donnell, Shubert M. Gaw, Jacob 
B. Lancaster, Thomas Miller. Electing committee, 
Samuel A. Lewis, John Neagle, John Fausset, Shubert 
M. Gaw, Archibald Randall. Auditors, John Neagle, 
Daniel W. Dunn. 

United States Fire Engine — The Engine house is 
situated near the junction of 4th street and the Old 
York road, and between Vine and Callowhiil streets — 
has a convenient room over it for meeting in, which 
the company is desirous of renting to Fire Companies, 
Arbitrators, or Societies. Application to be made to 
eitlier of the trustees, or at John Keim's, opposite." — 
President, John M. Ogden ; secretary, John Child ; 
treasurer, Abraham Mitchell, jr. Trustees, Jesse (Jg- 
den, John M. Ogden, Caleb Carmalt, George Widdi- 
field, Thomas Zell. Delegates to the Fire Association 
of Pliiladelphia, Caleb Carmalt and John M. Ogden. 
Engineers, John M. Ogden, William M, Alberger, John 
A. Murray, Thomas Hale, Charles Conard, Charles 
Wooley, William H. Ellis, Joseph Reakirt, Jacob 
Strawn, Samuel Budd, Jesse Ogden, Tliomas Zell. 

Vigilant Fire Comfianxj — Instituted January 2cl, 1760. 
Engine house situated in Race between Front and 2d. 
President, Frederick Erringer ; vice-president, George 
W. Tryon ; treasurer, Peter Thomson : secretary, 
Thomas I. Carlisle. Engineers, John Willis, Thomas 
Yavdley, George Scott, E. Hollinshead, Job Lewis. 
David Lewis, Jacob T Bunting, George Branncr, jun 
James Hays, James Warren, David Simpson, George 
W. Tryon, George Bayard, George Fry, William 
Bean, Benjamirv S. Bonsall, George Chard, jun. Johr 


Washin((ton Fire Engine Comfiany — Instituted Janua- 
ry, 1798. Engine house situated in Spruce''street, be- 
tween 9th and lOtU. Monthly meetings held at the 
house of Mrs. VValtman, in Locust street above 11th, 
the first Wednesday evening in every month. Annual 
election held the first Wednesday in January. Presi- 
dent, Thomas Parker ; vice-pi'esident, Marshall B. 
Clark ; treasurer, James Harpei', jun. ; secretary, 
Samuel V. Walt man. 


jimerica Beneficial Society. — Jacob Snider, president ; 
William W. Pidgeon, vice president; Samuel Jones, 
treasurer ; James Gihon, secretary. This society meets 
at New Market Hall the first Tuesday in eveiy month. 
Euch person, on being admitted a member, pays into 
the funds a sum agreeable to his age : if between 21 
and 30 years, two dollars ; from 30 to 45, dollars, 
and from 45 to 50, thirty dollars. The monthly contri- 
bution of each member is 50 cents. Each person, after 
being one year a member, is entitled, if confined to his 
bed by sickness, to six dollars per week, and if his dis- 
order be (jf a less serious nature, yet so as to incapaci- 
tate him from persuing bis professional business, he is. 
entitled to receive four dollars per week. The above 
society was instituted October 6th, 1819, and incorpo- 
rated December 21st, 1819. 

A7nerican Philosofiliical Society — President, Robert 
Patterson ; vice-presidents, William Tilghman, Peter 
S. Du Ponceau, Zaccheus Collins ; secretaries, R. M; 
Patterson, T. T. Hewson, Robert Walsh, George Ord ; 
Counsellors, Thomas Jeft'erson, William JNi'Clure, 
Rev'd Dr. Collin, William Meredith, James Gibson, 
N. Chapman, Robert Hare, William Hembell, jun, 
William Rawle, Horace Binney, John Quincey Adams, 
John Sergeant. Curators, Joseph Cloud, Thomas Say, 
W. E. Horner. Treasurer Sclibrarian, John Vaughan. 

Caledonian Society — President, Thomas Dobson ; 
v!ce-i)resideut, Robert Adams ; ti-easurer, Alexander 
M'Causland; secretary, Thomas Campbell. Visitors, 
John Cochran, Alexander Campbell, John Davidson. 

Columbus Beneficial Society. — Meet 3d Tuesday m 
every month at the house of C. Baker, at No. 264 Race 
street. President, Jacob R Clark ; vice president, Wil- 
liam Carols ; treasurer, John C. Davis ; secretary, Phi- 
lip Stimmel ; messenger, Philip Schyler. 

German American Brotherly Society. — Meet the 2d 
Saturday in every month, at the NW corner of Third 
and Callowhill streets President, J. C Benfer ; secre 
ta.ry, John Benfer, senr. : treasurer, Jacob Leidy. 


Hand-in- Hand Bencvoltnt In.iti/ulion of Pc7jnaij!- 

:nut — Meets at the widow Kirlin's, corner ot Cor.tes' 
and Tivi?U street. Instuntvfi Seutcmber 7th, 1812. 
Inc rporated January 9rh. 1813. rresident, Lewis D. 
Belair ; vice president, Jacob Baker, jun. ; treasurer, 
D. Dailey; secretary, N. Helvestou ; door-keeper, 
Jafoi) Brown. 

Haydn Socirty of Pliiladdfihia. — Stated meetings for 
husiness, on the 2(1 Tu'sday in each month, at the Co- 
lumbia Hall. VVc( kly meetings on Friday evening of 
each week, in the large room corner of 4th and Vine 
streets. Society consists of eighty ladies and 50 gentle- 
men. The object of Xhis society is for the improvement 
in sacred music, vocal and instrumental. Spectators 
.idmitted on every other Friday e\ening. Instituted 1R09. 
President, Charles B. Reese ; vice president, Josh. 
George ; treasurer, William Conrad ; secretary, Wil- 
liam P. Auner ; managers, George Emerick, Martin 
Gaul, Josh. George ; door-keeper, John Riiinebath. 

Howard Benevolent Institution of Pennsylvania — 
Instituted October 29th, 1811, and Incorporated Janua- 
ry Tth, 1812. Meets at Northern Liberties Commission- 
ers Hall, in 3d street Election 2d Wednesday in 
January, annually. President, Abraham Mitchell ; vice- 
president, Enoch Nichols ; treasurer, John M'Cormick ; 
secretary, Joseph Taylor ; door-keeper, Archibald Bur- 

Jackson Benejicial Society of Pennsylvania. — Meets 
first Tuesday in each month, at the house of Henry 
Mcvers, corner of Fifth and Race. Incorporated Fe- 
bruary 20th, 1816. President, Lewis D. Bclair ; vice 
president, Levi Burrough ; treasurer, Josejih Shaw ; 
secretary, Samuel Simpson ; door-keeper, A. Burrough. 

Second Jackson Benevolent Society of Philadelfihia 
County. — Stated meetings, third Monday evening in 
every month, at the house of C Baker, 264 Race street. 
President, Samuel White ; vice president, Andrew 
Seaguy ; treasurer, Jacob Rudy ; secretary, Jolin P. 
Firing; door-keeper, Philip Schuyler. 

Jefferson Benevolent Instil utioti of Pennsylvania.— 
Instituted January 16th. and Incorporated March 22d. 
1819, Meets at Joseph Schrack's, corner of Fourth and 
Wood streets. Election second Tuesday in January. 
President, Bcnj. D. JefFeries ; vice-president, George 
Smith ; treasurer, Dr. Joseph Tliomas ; secretary, Hen- 
ry Ball ; door-keeper, Archibald Burrough. 

Johnsonian Association of Philadclfihia — Instituted 
May 30th, 1817, for the promotion of general litera- 
ture Meets weekly at tjie Harmonic Hull, Norris's 
al! V. President, A^ F. Dolncux ; vice-president, J. H. 
Rt Mtds; sccretarv, J. Burn-? ; treasurer. C S. Slee- 
per . librarian, J. M. Brlkr, and assistant "iiiji aiian, W. 
Roberts. Their election for officers are held quarter- 


jv, on the second Wednesday of the months of March, 
June, Septembei', and December. Their anniversary 
is celebrated on the evening of the 16th of September, 
being the birth day of the illustrious Johnson. J, Burns, 

Lawrence Benevolent Institution of Pennsylvania — 
Instituted 1st January, 1814, and Incorporated 1st June, 
1814. Meets at Stewart's tavern (Half Way house) 
Sixth street. Election first Thursday in January, an- 
nually. President, George Smith ; vice-pi'esident, E. 
3. Talmadge ; treasurer,^ Jacob Baker ; secretary, Lew- 
is D'Belair ; door-keeper, Archibald Burrough. 

Montgomery Beneficial Society of the city and county 
of Philadelfihia — Meets at John Wilson's tavern, 193 
Chesnut street. President, Jacob R. Clark ; vice- 
president, Bartholomew Rees ; secretary, Charles J. 
Boulter ; assistant secretary, Charles S. Clawges ; mes- 
senger, Jonathan Gardner. 

Mosheim Society — Incorporated for the improvement 
of the German language, the propagation of the Gos- 
pel, and the support of Sunday Schools President, J. 
N. Fischer ; vice-president, William Jager ; secretary, 
Jacob Hcerpel ; assistant secretary, Godfrey Schmauck ; 
treasurer, George MuUer. Book and Finance Com- 
mittee, J. N. Fischer, William Jager, Frederick Dreer, 
George MuUer, John Hcerpel Committee of Questions, 
C. L. Mannhardt, J G. Schmauck, John Hcerpel. 

Officers of the j^evj- England Society of Philadelfihia. 
— Charles Chauncey, president ; Enos Bronson, Elihu 
Chauncey, John W. Perit, Samuel Hodgdon, vice-pre- 
sidents ; Rev'd William Rogers, Rev'd Ezra Stiles Ely, 
chaplains ; Thos. Lyman, secretary ; Jonathan Fowle, 
assistant secretary ; Benjamin R Cheever, treasurer ; 
Humphrey Atherton, Samuel Badger, counsellors ; Dr. 
Joseph G. Nancrede, Dr. Charles Meigs, physicians ; 
Benjamin Ives Gilman, jun. Joseph P. Grant, WiUiam 
B. Austin, Charles Eaton, stewards. 

Philadelfihia Tyfiografihical Society — Meets at the 
house of the widow Colerick, Walnut street below 5th. 
Stated meetings 1st Saturday in every month. — Presi- 
dent, J. Preston Smith ; vice-president, Thomas C 
J^owden ; treasurer, Horatio Boate ; secretary, John 

Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of 
Public Prisons. — President, William White; vice- 
presidents, William Rogers, Thomas Wistar ; secreta- 
ries, Caleb Cresson, Roberts Vaux ; treasurer, Joseph 
M. Paul. Electing Committee, Bartholomew Wistar, 
Joun Paul, Henry Connelly, Samuel R. V\'oqd, William 
W<tyue, juiir. James P. Parke, Ephraira Haines, Wil- 
liam Morrison, Joseph Pyle, Thomas Shipley. 

Scots' Thistle Socie/i/— President, Adam Ramage j 
vice-president, RoT^ert Adams ; treasurer, Alexaadei' 


Uca, jun : secrctaty, Alexander M'Causland. Coun 
.sellors, Jolin Cochran, James Gibson. Hohert Coburn 
George Ronaldson, Adam Bald and Alexander M'Caus 
land. '-'«uo 

f^^'t'on Canal Comfiany of Pninsylvufiia—Omce No. 
.9 Dock street. Incorporated 2d April 18ir, Joseph 
VVatson president ; William Meredith, vice-president • 
Joseph h). Lewis, treasurer; John M. Scott, William 
Head, managers ; George Ehienzeller, secretary The 
object ot the company is the oj)ening a communication 
Dy water, tor the transportation of the production ot 
the country, and of goods, wares and merchandise, be- 
tween the city of Philadelpiiia and the western and 
nortli-western counties of the state of Pennsylvania, bv 
means ot a complete canal and lock navigation. The 
annual meeting of the stockholders is on the third 
1 uesday of November. 

Jlashington nencvolc7U Society of Pennsulvanin^ 
Instituted and incorporated 1813.^ Meefs on the fii^^ 
f "f '^>- '" J-\n"^'>% Anril, July and October, their hal 

^T\ ^.' r"^ ,^''°>'^ PP''"^^ ^^^'"''- Election annually 
the hrst Friday m January. Otficcrs take their se/t^ 

Ricia'rd D l"'^^"^'-^ ^^^^T ^'^^^'°"- I^' esfdent'com 
Richaid Dale ; vice-president, senior, Robert Wharton 
esq.; vice-presidents. Northern Liberties, Sebastain 
/.immerman; Unper Delaware Ward, ClTirles F 
Jenkins ; Lower l')elaware, William A. Peddle Hieh 
street. Jacob Chrystler ; Chesnut. John Rogers - wf 
nu , Peter Lohra ; Dock, Benjamin ThawfNev'v ut- 
ket. Joseph Watson, (merchant) ; Cedar John LohrL • 
Locust, John Gilder ; South, Janies Ash MU idle Sa^i' 
Pancoast jui,,; North. Samuel Hodgdon ; So uh Mul 
berry. John Fries ; North Mulberrv, Joseph S Col lad v 
oouthwark, George Reese. Corresponding secretaf/ 
"Lnt" ^}- ^^°" ' recordingsecretary, John Baco'" a^s^" ^ 
tant secretary, George tlevl ; treasurer. Isaac Emo? 
Comnmtee ot Superintendence. Joseph \Vu<=on An- 
thony M. Buckley, Phineas Eldridge. Caleb cTr'mllt' 
H.... Electing Committee-Northern Liberties K?c 

dar Anthonv Fvannen. Francis Wrigley Locust pi." 
I-icld, John S. Furey; South Frederiri\- v ' i . 
M. Read ; Middle. Jo'hn KenwoSSy Richard Sf^r."'" 
Nortli, Jo.,eph Blame. Joseph ComDton S,.^f {F. ' 

y?;'7' S""'"? ^^y^' "^''''^•' KnigiT;^Sonh^M b ;.': 

SulS"'£*' -'k'^^'iFM"'^"^^^^ Southwark. ohn Vl 
^4 Mulhn, Joseph Huddle, jun. School Committee- 


Northern Liberties, Stacy Potts, jun. J Upper Delaware 
wlvd Job Lewis ; Lower Delaware, Daniel Smith, G ; 
Hieh street. Isaac Lawrence ; Chesnut, Wilhan. Ro- 
toon minut, Peter Lohra; Dock, Robert Milnor ; 
S Market, James Cornish ; Cedar, Anthony Fannen ; 
fornst Samuel H. Thomas ; South, Joshua Allen ; 
MTddle Sard George , North, Jacob Howell ; South 
?i i^i^-Vu Tnhn Hart D. ; North Mulberry, Joseph 
S 'siuhw-i. John R: M'Mullin Counsellors, 
Ro iSnmR. Morgan. John C. Lowber, Charles Chaun- 
ce^ Sefs. Smith, David P.Brown, Joseph R.Inger- 
soU Charles Wheeler, William Milnor, jun Phomas 
K teV-a John M. Read. Physicians, Doctors Sergeant, 
BaiSs Car er, Heberton, Cleaver, Joseph K ^pP.- 
Stewards Thomas Morris, Timothy B. Mount, John 
lobers Thomas ElUott, Thomas Shoemaker Chief 
SlS, William Wallace. Door-keeper, Thomas 



Billings J. late preceptor 1 Markoe's court 

. , 1 -f^^r P G consul of the Netherlands, has re- 
^t^eA^s rffictforXe present to 387 north 2d 

Tre-idwell F. C. biscuit baker, (patent bakery) 84 
T^Seis^P wSorter of Dutchgoods 387 north 2d 

Young, plumber 73 Gaskill 





Contabiing the Heads of Families^ and Persons 
in Business^ alphabetically arranged. 

Jy* See " Directions to the Reader." 

ABADIE HILAR! AN, teacher of French 230 S. 7th 

Abaclie Jos. taylor 103 S. 2cl N. E. comer Walnut 

Abbett Henry, blackbtiiith 45 Race 

Abbett John, nailer 73 Budd 

Abbott David, bookseller 19 Cresson's alley 

Abbott Edward, sea captain 11 RciCe 

Abbott George, hairdresser 9 Chesnut 

Abbott James, brewer cor. Pear & Dock — d. h. 67 Pine 

Abbott John, cooper 28 Catliarine 

Abbott John, currier 21 N. Sixtli— d. h. 67 Cherry 

Abbott Joseph, measurer nfsalt J55 St. John st. 

Abbott Robt gentleman S. W. cor. 8th and Locust 

Abbott Sarali, widow 13 Ciilles's alley 

Abbott Timothy, currier 97 CIk snut— d. h. 74 S, Thii-d 

Abbott Timothy & Co. cunicrs, 97 Chesnut 

Abbott \Vm. Inii dresser 15 Norris' alley 

Abbott Wnt. 8c James, brewers cor. ot Pear and Dock 

Abbott William, brewei', corner Pear &. Dock— <1. h. 71 

Abel Anthony, shoemaker 82 Budd 
Abel Geo. shoemaker 143 north Water 
Abel J.^cob, victualler, stall 26 Mew Market 
Abel Joseph, cordwainei Poplar lane below Third 
Abel John, cordwainer Beach near Shakanuixon 
Abel John, .sen. sexton ot St. Joiin's church, back Com. 

Hall (N. L.) 


ADA whitely's annual 

Abel Peter, stable keeper n. 45 Cherry— d. h.21 Apple- 
tree alley 
f Abel Peter, tinplateworker 83 Cedar 
Abel Peter, cordvvainer 376 north Second 
Abell Joseph, labourer Cedar above Tenth 
Abercrombie Christiana, widow of Thos. 144 S. Ninth 
Abercrombie Jas. d. d. sen. assistant minister ot-Christ 

church, St. Peter's and St. James' 119 Lombard 
Abercrombie James, jr. inquire 119 Lombard 
Abraham Abraham, brickmaker back 424 N. 4th 
Abraham Ann, vict. 1 N. L. Market 
Abraham Hannah, vict. yVpple bel. George (N. L.) 
Abraham Isaac, vict. 170 Coats, stall 44 N. L. Market 
Abraham Jacob, brickmaker 25 Franklin street (N. L.) 
Abrams Henry, tailor 124 New street 
Abrams Isaac, minister of the gospel 161 Lombard 
Abrams Thos. merchant 13 S. whar\'es — d. h. 140 Phie 
Acheson Wm. weavei-, 'oecond above Ger. road 
Achilles George, cabinetmaker 7 Shield's court 
Ackley John B. paint and liardware store 168 N. 2d 
Ackley, widow of Thomas, Camden N. J. \see Akley 
Adair Wm. shoemaker 99 (ierman 
Adams Andrew £c Co. macliine cai-d manuf. 2 S. 3d — 

d. h. 2 New st. 
Adams Alexander, labourer West's court 
Adams Alex, tjrocei' &c. n. cor. Sch. Front 8c High 
Adams Benj. carpenter Noble above Second 
f A<lams Benj. labourer Eagle court 
f Adams Caesar, coachman 212 Cherry street 
Adams Charlotte Mrs. Cedar near 7th 
f Adams Comfort, widow 5 Gilles's alley 
Adams Elizabeth, slioe store and miUiner 171 N. 2d 
Adams Elizabeth, widow 4 Hinckel's court 
Adams Elizabeth, widow 70 Almond 
Adams George, potter Maiden 
Adams J. Knux and Nixon, merchants 159 High 
Adams Jacob W. printer 65 Mulberry 
Adams Ji.mes, painter &c. S. W. cor. 5th and Cedar 
Adams John, carter 17 Fitz waiter 
fAdams John, woodsawyer back 459 south Second 
JAdams John, H. W. mariner 84 Gaskill 
f Adams Jonathan, woodsawyer Trusty's court 
Adams Mary, widow Sch. Sixth below High 
Adams Nathan, shipwright Queen near Hanover 
Adams Peter, flour dealer Ger. road near Third 
Adams Peter, biscuit baker back 387 south Front 
Adams Priscilla, widow 201 Coats cor. 4th 
Adams and Reatb, grocers 56 south Second 
Adams Uobert, mer. 71 Sims' wliarf~d h 182 Chesnut 
Adams Robert, caryjenter and builder 9 Pine 
Adams Hubert, labourer Rose (N L) 
Adams Stey-hen W. collector and cryer 51 N Third 
Adams Stephen, stonecutter Buttonwood above Sixth 


Adams Thomas, cordwuiner \7 Charlotte 

Adams Wm. 9 Btidd 

Adams \\'iHi:im. Ucir.or ^tore coiner High & Sch. 8lh— 

d h corner Filhevt and Sch 8th 
Adams Zc|)h;iniah, wharf builder Beach above Maiden 
Adcock FJizabeli), widow Coats above 7th 
Addis licMJiimin, carpenter Sixth above Tnplar 
Adgate I)-«niel, grticcr 21 S Tiiird & 65 S Seventh 
Adkinsnn James, tanner 3C6 N 2d near Bea\er 
Adlcr Cijristian, morocco (hesstr back 536 N 3d 
Atlolpli John, carpenter corner St. Jf'lin & Green 
A'chternacht F, A mercer and tailor 115 N 'I'liird 
Afflick Mary, niilhner 151 north Sfconcl 
Affli'b.mi^h George, ostler Hanover n Frai'kford road 
At;a W'm shipwright Fvankford road near Prince 
Ager Margaret, widow Maiden near Stone l)ridge 
fAgew Aly:eo Frances, washerwoman 4 (iilUs's alley 
Agncw Andrew, dr%-goods store 20 south Second 
Agnew Margaret, 336 north Front 
Aikin Robert, tailor 64 Penn 
Aikirs Barbara, widow Cedar near l'^th 
Ailes Joseph, tavernkeeper 161 Ciiesnut 
A'tken John, sheet copj)er mannf. 8 south Broad 
Aiiken Robert, printer 60 Coats 
Aitkin William ?i. D. surgeon 3 north Tenth 
Akin James, engraver 166 Locust ab(»ve Eleventh 
Akins James, labourer High W. of Sch. Thh-d 
Akins \\'m. basket maker Morgan's st. above 11th 
Albcrson Gilbert, lumber merchant 103 Swanson 
Albert At toiiio, fruiterer 233 nortli Second 
Albert, widow of Casper, innkeeper 414 north Third 
Alijcrli (ieorge F m. d. 76 Vine 

Albertson Benjamin, merchar.t 19 H'gh — d h 141 Arch 
Albertson Elizabeth, widow Frankford road above Otter 
Albertscn Isaac, blacksmith 121 north 5th 
Albertson Mannudnke, sliipwright Marlb. n. Bedford 
Albcrtsdn Phoebe, widow 418 south Second street 
Albertson Wm. mariner 12 Almond street 
Alijrecht Charles, musical instrument maker 95 Vine 
Albright Conrad, shoe warehouse SE cor. High & 3d 
Albright Frederick, cedar cooper 81 Browne 
Albright John, watchman Coates above Fourth 
Albright J;iCob, watchman 80 German 
Albright V\'m., S E corner Lombard and 8th 
AUbright Fr<<lerick, boot and shoemaker 14 N 5th 
Alburgi.'r Abraham, vict. 259 Callowhill & 79 2d street 

Alburger Adam, vict. James — stall 45 2d st. market 
Albnrger E!iz. ornam.cntal needle w(»kei-241 Arch 
Ali)urger John, vict. 261 Callowhil!— •'tall 25 High st. 
Alburge;- Henry, vict. Cii?i lessr. (P T)bel. IVplar lane 
Alburger Philip, virt. J uiks — st:.ll 64 2d st. market 
Alburger widow of Philip, 76 Garden 

ALL whitely's annual 

Alburger Wm. M. plumber 8 Walnut — d h 94 Wood 

above 7th 
f Alburt James, whitewasher 12th below Chesnut 
Alcock Wm. jun. prinicutter Broad below High 
Alcorn (ieorge & Son, boottree and lastniakers, leath- 
er cutters, Imders, and dealers in all kinds of morocco 
and sole leather, 77 Dock 
Alcorn Henry, lastmaker 77 Dock 
Alcorn Henry, slioe kid manuf. 42 Queen (S) 
Alcott John, carter 2(1 above Germantown road 
Alcott Jacob, (Phoenix hotel) Camden (N. J,) 
Aldridge Abraham, mariner 63 Penn st. 
Aldworth John, tailor 18 Raspberry alley 
Alen Vve. widow 56 Lombard 
Alexander Aai'on, 112 Gaskill 
Alexander & Carstairs, wholesale & retail grocers S 

wliarvts above Cedar 
f Alexander Caleb, carter Cedar near 11th 
Alexander Eleanor, widow 112 south Tenth 
Alexander Eleanor, widow 29 Shippen 
Alexander Eleanor, widow St. Mary street (back) 
Alexander Elizabeth, widow 57 Filbert 
Alexander EHzabeth, Brusstar's alley (K) 
Alexander Elizabeth, widov/ grocer 27 Green 
Alexander George, tavern and grocery 52 Swanson 
Alexander James, shoemaker 147 Walnut 
Alexander James, shoemaker Jones st. near Sch. 5th 
Alexander Jane, Avidow back 216 south 6th 
Alexander John, painter Sec. 4 Hartung's alley 
Alexander Jolm, oysterman Galbraith's court 
fAlexander Joseph, porter 138 Locust 
Alexander Lydia, Mrs. 128 German street 
Alexander Mary, shopkeeper 74 north Fourth 
Alexander Margaret, widow 25 Elizabeth 
Alexander Hebecca, cakebaKer 132 south Ninth 
Alexander Richard, cabinetmaker 92 south Third 
Alexander Sophia, widow 146 Twelfth below Walnut 
Alexander Samuel, merchant 19 Catharine 
Alexander Wm. G. grocer NW. cor. 2d & Shippen 
Alexander Wm. teamdriver Filbert near Sch. 4th 
fAlexander Wm. waiter Cedar near Eleventh 
Algeo James, grocer 18 Small 
Aiken Martyn, merchant 19 Lombard 
lAllair Joseph, mariner 138 Locust 
Allardice Peter, silk dyer &c. 181 south Second 
AUchin George, backgammonboard manuf. 125 S 2d 
Allen Albertus, carpenter 557 south Second 
Allen Ann, widow of Joseph, Church street 
Allen Atalanta, sho])keeper 10 Yoi'k court 
f Allen Aueustus, smith Broad near George 
Allen Cairns, m, d. practitioner of midwifery 397 Race 
Allen Chamless, 76 south Eleventh 
Allen Charles, druggist &c. 160 south Second 


Allen Cha'?. hoarding house back 39 Hij;;Ii 

Alhii & Cl;irk, piint.-is 1H7 Arch 

Alien Diuid, cotton trader 117 Browne 

Allen David, shoemaker ;ind sexton 34 Christian 

Allen Elizaheth, shop keeper 249 Vine 

Allen Enoch, taylor 52 and 54 south Water — d h 1.' 

Cooml)'s alley 
jAlleu (iriffith, widow whitewashei' 265 S 2d 
fAllen Israel, waiter 3 Raspl)erry alley 
Allen James, gentleman 2 N Eighth 
tAlIcn John, waiter Green's court 
jAllen John, labourer 24 Burd's court 
Allen John, grocer 10 N 5th &; 7 South alley 
Allen John, c'/oijer 15 S. wharves, — d I) 18 Strawberry 
Allen John, sextf-n Christian between 'I'hird & Fourth 
Allen John W. printer 126 Cherry 
Allen Joseph, druggist Sec. 202 south 3d 
Alien Joshua, city clerk, oflice city hall — d h 61 S. 7th 
Allen Lewis, merchant 278 High— d.h. 18 N 8th 
Allen & iVIacartney, giocers 10' north Fifth 
Alhn Mary, widow boarding house 458 south Front 
Allen Rebecca, hat binder 3 Jones's alley 
Alte!) Richard F. merchant 141 Arch 
fAllen Richard metliodist minister 150 Spruce 
Allen Robert, collector of tuxes 156 south Sixth 
Allen Sam. merchant back 86 N Front — d h 397 Arch 
Allen Samuel, livery stable 42 north Sixth 
f .Mien Samuel, wood sawver Miles' court near Rose 
All<;n S. & M. lucky lottery office 18 south Third 
Allen Solomon, manager of the state lottery 18 S 3d 
Allen Thomas, mariner 275 north Front 
fAllen Tiiomas 156 south Second & 242 Lombard 
Allen Tliomas P. conibmaker 19 Paasyunk road 
Allen widow of Thomas, 77 Wood 
Allen William, mite Carpenter's alley 
Allen William, plasterer 295 \'ine 
fAllen Wm. sweepmaster 10 Middle alley 
tAllcM Zachariah, jjortcr 20 Hurst 
fAllen Zilphcy. whitewasher 90 Bedford above 7th 
AUibonc Thomas, attorney at law 8 soutii Fifth 
AUihonc. Thomas, carpenior \Vood ubo\ e Twelfth 
AUibonc William jun. agent & com. merchant 83 S 2d 
Allibone Willinm, v-.urrier 163 north Third 
Allien Peter, tNpefoundiT C< dar above 9tli [see jfiien 
Allitjond Thomas, manner 567 sont!; Front 
Allijigh lilt Wm. carpenter Jones' st. above Sob. 5th 
Allinson Bernice. widow 218 north Fourth 
AUinsuu Sainl. wine & licjr. s»nr<! 30^ ^Valnut, dh 39 Vine 
Allison Andrew, oak cooper 3 Hoffman's alley 
Allison Miss A. ik M- laches dressmakers 280 Arch 
Allison James, plasterer 280 Atch 
Allison John, grain nicasuvcr 11 Passyunk 

[see EUinoHy .illeaon, Allison Isi" Jllinson 
A 2 

AND whitely's annual 

Allison John, conveyancer Sc justice of the peace K W 

corner Front 8c Shippen— d h 256 south Front 
Allison John, tavernkeeper NW cor. Front &c Almond 
Allison John, carpenter Carpenter st. above Front 
Allison Sarah, widow 122 Brown 
Allison Walter, printer 10 Raspberry alley 
Allison William, sailmaker 29 Mary (S) 
AUman Thomas, bricklayer 137 south Eleventh 
Allmcndinger Catharine, widow of Jacob 130 N 4th 
AUmendinger George, baker 474 north Second 
AUmendinger Jacob jun. grdcer NW cor Race & 13th 
Alloway Joseph, labourer Germantown road ab. Front 
[see HoUoivay t?" HoUowell 
Alloway Joshua, smith Germantown road above Front 
Alloway Lewis, oak cooper Coats above Eighth 
Alloway Samuel, Callowhill street wharf 
Alpin Bryan, woodsawyer 29 Union 
Alrich Saml. blacksmith Bishop near Queen 
Alsop John, chiiia merchant 11 and 92 north Front — d 

h. 10 Frombei'ger's court 
Alsop Ochnie!, vmegav merchant 149 & d 1j 167 Vine 
Alston, Judith, nurse Prime below Second 
AUemus James, wiieelwright 524 north Second 
Altemus John, merchant tailor 38 Mulberry 
Altemus T. steward of C. hospital, Sch. Fourth near 

Bush hill 
Alter & Bispham, grocers 272 High 
Alter Jacob, grocer 272 High — d h 3 Filbert 
Ambers Levi, carpenter Hopkins' court 
fAmbett Henry, sawyer Bonsall street 
•{■America Richard, porter back 257 Catharine 
f America Calo, labourer St. Mary street back 
JAmcy Jolin, mariner Fuller's alley 
Aniey Samuel, watchman 85 Browne 
Amies Tliomas, paper manufacturer inquire 109 High 
Am mid on Otis, merchant 215 High 
Amos Abraham, boot and shoemaker 112 north Seventh 
Amos Jacob, carpenter Coate's alley 
Amos William, engineer north Front ab Maiden 
Ancker Levi, 138 south Fourth 
Ancrum J. H. gentleman 355 Arch 
Ancora Peter, drawing master "9 south Fifth 
Andaulle, widow of A. sea captain 260 Mulberry 
Anderson Alexander, boarding house 204 south Second 
Anderson Andrew, tobacconist 127 north Second 
Anderson Andrew, mariner back 35 Arch 
Anderson Barbara, boarding house 84 Locust 
|Anderson Aaron, sweep Swedes' alley 
jAnderson Aaron, sawj^er. Christian ab Fourth 
Anderson Christian, watchman back 459 south Second 
Anderson Clark, m.d. 69 Cedar 
Anderson Charles, inspector of customs 15 Brown 
Aoderson Charles mariner opposite 537 south Second 


tAndevson Cecilia, widow 2 Pine alley 
f Anderson Daniel, boavding house 22 St. Mary's 
Anderson Ezekicl, carter 285 St. Joiin above Poplar 
Anderson Elizabeth, widow 63 Sliippen 
Anderson Elizabeth, widow Shackamaxon n Queen (K.) 
Anderson Elizabeth, widow Mulberry near Schuylkill 
Anderson Elle;i, Mrs. of Wm.Oakab.hayscales (N.L ) 
Anderson Enoch jr. inquire 12 Pear street 
Anderson George, engineer Thirteenth above Filbert 
Anderson George, watchman St John near George 
Anderson Hanse, mariner 255 south Fourth 
Anderson Henry, porter Elbow alley 
fAnderson Isaac, oysterman 195 north Eighth 
Anderson Isaac, blacksmith 198 St. John 
Anderson Isabella, washerwoman Weaver's alley 
f Anderson James, manner 242 Lombard street 
Anderson James, carpenter 5 Wiley's court 
Anderson James, labourer St. Mary street 
Anderson James, mason Sixth above Poplar lane 
Anderson James, porter 20 Kunkle 
"Anderson James, sawyer Allen's alley 
•Anderson John, drayman, 242 Lombard street 
■Anderson John D. mariner 5 Hur^t street 
Anderson John, carpenter 10 Currant alley near Wal- 
nut — shop Locust above Twelfth 
Anderson John, tailor back 62 Race 
fAnderson Joseph, waiter 37 Currant allev 
Anderson Joseph, tailor 152 n Water and 351 n Front 
Anderson Leonard, labourer 11 Strawberry 
Ander.son Lvdia, widow Seventh near Small 
Anderson iVlary, mantuamakcr 104 Union 
Anderson Mary, widow 105 Catliarine 
Anderson Mary, mantuamaker. Juniper alley 
Anderson Mary, widow 4 Little Pine street 
Anderson Sc Meehan, printers 12 south Eighth 
fAnderson Moses, sadmaker 16 Cypress alley 
fAndersfm Philip, shoemaker 14/ Chesnut 
Anderson Hacliel, widow Hunter's court 
Anderson Rebecca, widow 15 Watson's alley 
Anderson Robert P. printer 12 s Eighth d h 200 s Sixth 
Anderson Samuel V. merchant 25 north Water 
Anderson Samuel, secretary to the Delaware Insurance 

comp.Hny, 134 Mull)erry 
Andcr.^on Samuel, carpenter Cheiry above Eleventh 
Anderson Saral\, widow back 437 north Third 
Anderson Sojjhia, widow of John, Twelfth below Pine 
Anderson Thomas, boarding house 95 north Ninth 
Anderson Thomas, fishmonger 13 Strawberry 
Anderson Thos. saddler Pine coiner Second ^ 
Anderson Thomas, sea captain 14 Pine 
fAnderson Thomas, waiter, back 257 soutli Fourth 
Anderson M, widow Prmce near Hanover 
fAnderson Wm. whitewasher, 6th above Poplar lane 
fAnderson William, labourer 18 Burd's court 

APP whitely's annual 

fAnderson Wm. waiter back 288 south Seventh 

f Anderson VVm. mariner St. Mary 

Andrade Jos. merchant 75 south Second 

Andress Jacob, carter Frankfort r near Prince street 

Andress John, carter Beacii near Maiden 

Andress Michael, bricklayer 7 Pratt's court 

Andi'ess Mrs. widow 174 north Eightli 

Andrews Catharine, widow Poplar lane rear St. John 

An:lrews David, wliarf-builder Fraiikfoad road n Ottev 

Andrews & Elliot, conveyancers 82 Chesnut 

Andrews Hannah, boarding house 82 C^hesaut 

Andrews Israel, coasting captaiii 61 Green 

Andrews John, turner Rachel street 

Andrews John, shallopmaii back 234 south Third 

Andrews John, drygoods store 211 south Second 

tAiidrews John, woodsawyer 8 Middle alley 

f Andrews John sawyer Emlen's court (N. L.) 

Andrews Joseph, incrchant 259 north Second 

Andrews Josiiua, bricklayer Pine above Tenth 

Andrews Mary, widow Sink's court 

Andrews IVIary, shopkeeper cor Newmarket and Noble 

Andrews Richardson, grocer, Camden N. J. 

Andrews Robert, teachei" 82_south EKventh 

Andrews Thomas, hatter 6 Wagner's alley 

Andrews William, conveyancer 82 Chesnut 

And.ews William, tobacconist 23 Charlotte 

Andrews William, drayman Sch Eighth below Vine 

Angelow David la!)ovirer 123Swanson 

Angue John, merchant 109 north Second 

Angue John, jun. conlial disciller 1.54 north Second 

Aiihaeuser H. C dutcii-school, West near Palmer (K.) 

Annadown Ttiomas, ladies shoemaker 207 north Front 

nortlieast cor Vine 
Anncrs Tlvomas S. perfumer, &c. 141 Chesnut 
Anncbley Robert, tobacco inspector, 12 Morris's alley — 

d h 15 north Filth 
Antliony E. boarding house 19 south Seventh 
Anthony Frederick, 32 Budd \_see Antony 

Anihoiiy Jacob, shipwrigiw 57 Coates * 
Aiithony Joseph, maririer 285 south Third corner Plum 
Anthony Joseph, carpenter, 39 Coates 
Anthony Manuel, segar maker 10 Ar.<yle 
Antho.iv Robert D. smith, CMuflTiiian's court 
Antlh) Anthony, sea captain 35 Lombard 
Antonio Aionzo, traderTownsend's court '\see Anthony 
Antrim John, accountant 55 Spruce 
Ai)p George pumpmakcr Frankford r n Queen \jice Afit 
Ai)pt widow of Michrt!.-!, cor Queen ap'i Marlborough 
Apkie Henry, ropemakcr Passyunk r h-clow Christian 
Apple Adam, papcrstanier Sch. Fioni .bove Arch 
Apple George, hairdresser 48 north Fifth 
Apple Henry, N- E. i-.or Fourth and Br -vvne 
Apple Henry, guager 5c oak cooper 27 s wlif. bel. Chest, 


Apple John, ladies' shoemaker 100 north Ninth 
Apple Jacob, paperstainer hch. Front above Arch 
Apple John, hairdresser Hiq;li west of Sell. Fourth 
Apple Philip, coppersmith 1;)0 north Third 
Apple Valentine, oak cooper 27 south \vh«ives — d h 

and store 70 north Second 
Applebaugh Henry, cabinetmaker, Hermantownr n 4th 
Applegate D^nid, carter 321 south Third 
Applegate Jonathan, carter IGSShippen 
Appleton, Mrs. Christiana L. ladies dress maker 132 

south Second 
Appo John confectioner 119 south Sixth 
Arbuckle James, grocer 576 n Sec. cor Germantown r 
fArcher Aaron, (81 years of age) 182 south Fourth 
Archer Ann, widow Camden, >I. J. 
Archer Renjamin, i'erry carter 8 Jones's alley 
Archer Chailes, watchman Arch alley 
Archer Charles, brashmaker 87 Coaces 
f Ai'cher Hannah, wife of Aaron, (98 years of age, her 

memory perfect, but her eye bightdeficient,) 182 s 4ch 
Archer Joseph, auctioneer, 54'^ Frnii.t, d h 36 n Front 
Archer Samuel, merchant 36 uonh Front 
Archibald Benj netmaker, P Shipnen street 
Arciiibald Martha, 11 Pine alley ' 
Ardis John W. carpenter 571 south Front 
Ardley R. A. broker 16 Caner's n'ley aiKl 128 Lombard 
Arep.true William, soa|jboiier o57 AVch 
Ardman Richard, gluemanufact. 222 Callow, ab Garden 
Arey Groom, 153 south >!inth 
Arey Robert B- tailor u:t]uirel5c>sQvX\\ Ninth 
Arey Samuel, carpenter ?'?2(^«/7r 153 south Ninth 
Arlv Hugh,labuurer, 10 Flmt's court 
Armbruster Henry, labourer Wiley's court 
Armbruster Jacob, brashmaker 220 north Third 
Aris James, ferryman 9 Perkenpine'^ court 
Armbruster John, victualler, 1 1 Well's row n Eighth 
Armbruster Nicholas, grocer 361 north second 
Armbruster Peter, labourer Arch westofSch. Eighth 
Armitage George, sih erplater, and military ornament 

niaker 438 Sassafras cor. Jacoby 
Armour John C. tailor 90 south Third 
Armour Matthew, carpenter Sell. Eighth near Vine 
Armour Susan M. storekeeper 6 Old Vord r 
Armour William, storekeeper 6 Old York r 
Armstrong Allen, hardware merchant 56 High 
Armstrong Andrew, mariner 251 north Front 
Armstrong Christopher, turnkey 3 Frazier's court 
fArmstrong Hannah, widow 440 south Front 
Armstrong Henry plasterer 178 Coalcs 
Armstrong Irwin, labourer, Anne (Penntown) 
Armstrong John, carpenter 95 Budd 
Armstrong James, wheelwright Queen n Shakamaxon 
Armstrong Mary, widow 31 Coates street 

ASH whitely's annual 

fArmstrong Moses, 90 Small street 

f Armstrong Mary, widow Mulberry alley 

fArmstrong Nancy, widow Baker's alley 

Armstrong Peter, carter 89 Budd 

Armstrong barah, mantuamaker 3 Poplar alley 

Armstrong Susan, widow 128 south Sixch 

Armstrong Thomas A. attorney at law, d h 85 Passy- 

unk road — office Prune above Fifth 
Armstrong Thomas, attorney at law 106 south Fourth 
Armstrong & Wallace, grocers 122 Race SE cor Fourth 
Armstrong William, tailor o43 north Front 
Arney Elizabeth, storekeeper 40 south Fourth 
Arnold Geui-ge, ladies' shoemaker 178 Sassafras 
Arnold John, labourer 100 Queen (S.) 
Arnold John, labourer. Prime below Front 
Arnold Levi, carpenter 84 Tammany 
Arnold Thomas, shipwright 16 Argyle 
Arnold Thomas, sea captain 303 south Front 
Arnold Thomas, bottler 379 north 2d 
Arrabin Mrs. boarding house 296 High 
Arrison John blacksmith 100 Locust 
Avrison Joseph, carter cor. Chestnut and Sch. Seventh 
Arrison Matthew, sen. and jun. carters corner George 

and Schuylkill Eighth 
Arrot James, merchant 35 south Front — d h N. W. cor- 
ner Arch and Elevcntli 
Arrowsmith Edmund, 110 north Sixth 
Arthur James, grocer and feedstore 2 north Tenth 
Arthur James, bookbinder Eleventh below Vine 
Arthur Margaret, nurse 32 Duke (N. L.) 
Arthurs Robert C. storekeeper Germant. r. ab. Second 
Arthur Samuel, tavern keei)er 349 Race N E cor Tenth 
fArtsey Lucinda, widow Dean's alley 
Arty Julie, stable keeper near 17 south Eighth 
Arundal Margaret widow 239 Arch 
f As Peter, labourer Elbow alley 
Ash Caleb, apothecary 66 north Ninth 
Ash John P. plasterer corner Green and 6th 
Ash John T. carper.ter 16 Juniper lane 
Ash James, gentleman (Sansom's row) 155 Walnut 
Ash Jonathan, victualler 537 s 2d--stall 52 New Market 
Ash Joseph, grazier 144 Swanson 
Ash Joshua, grazier 54 Christian 

Ash Mercy, widow, boarding house S.W. corner Wal- 
nut and Front 
Ash Michael, feedstore 172 nortli Fourth 
Ash Nicholas, carpenter Laurence near Callowhill 
Ash T. stave merchant Christian st i^harf— d h 208 s 3d 
Ashbridge Rebecca, widow of Joseph 24 Little George 
Ashbridge widow of W^illiam 321 Arch 
Ashbrooic Joseph, sailmakcr 86 Swanson 
Ashbrook Thomas, tailor 243 nortii Front 
Ashburn Peter, laboui'er Enilen's court (N. L. ) 


\shbnrncrJohn,jr. \7 Race 

\shbunier Joi.n, tanner 66 s Third— d h 321 north "d 

•' As ; hv Tv'.r"'"' '"" r''^'-'''' ^21 north bJcund^ 
; Ab iby U illiani, merchant tailor 43 Arch 
As .era t Joim, blacksmith Camden N. J. 
Asitojd hleanor, widow, 126 south 6t!i 
As hurst Richard, merchant 76 Hii?h_d h TO s Fifth 
Ashman Godfre>. cedar cooper 16 Charlotte 
Ashman Jamfs, ladies' shoe.naker 139 Race 
A^'^an James, late boot manutact, 13!h above Walnut 
Ashmead Bern, inspector of cust>,ms 159 north Sh 

S rit-'oV' rr^'T^'' ^"'> c. mnussion neit 
A ^' T:^ ^"^ ''"^ Lombard— d. h. 50 Lombard 
Ashme^H tT""'^'' carpenter 55 Shippen "^ 
aS nn A ^'•""'«^' accoutant 77 Lombard 
Ashton Andrew snutn 94 n Front— d h 6 Fetter lanP 
Ash on George, boatbuilder back ^94 north Fi on? 
Ashton John, oak cooper back 15 Noble 
Ashton John, tailor 123 south VV; er 
Ashtor Margaret, teacher 188 sr-uth Eleventh 

Aston J^'^'>';^'^r "^i'J^-"'"an Irish l^ne 

Ashton Samuel cabinetmaker 2^3 s Second & 9fi ITm;^. 

Ashton Susannah, widow, 94 Crown ""''.'" / u"""^'' c!>airmaker 83 & d h 114 north Front 
Askew & Paxson, hardware merc',anrs si" H eh "* 
Askew Joseph, ronmoneer ^^45 Hieh— H u - v ^ 

Aston wiclow of Jame. 37 Queen S. 

A her on Humphrey, attornev at law 194 Chesnnt 

A hf r"^- ["^••'^hant 121 south Ninth ""^ 

A Kn!°"^''^''^"' "^'^J commissioner Hazel ay bclLoc.t 

Atkmson Amassa, carter 26 Little Water • 

Atkinson Asher, saddler &c. 3 Ciawge ' ^ourt 

Atkinson Benjamm.painter Ike. Wall'. Elbow 

Atkmson Clayton G bricklaver 147 or 171 Pin^ 

tA k„,son Charles, carpenter 28 Blackberry allcv 

\tk!n:on \"f' "'^''^'^""^ '^"'"- 64 Che.tnuU h 29 s 9th 

A k "son i a':'.'"''","' "^;.'^^'- ' ""'-^h Fifth ^ 

Atkinson ^^uhan. caipInUn^fllrti/^oLttlV'^^^^ 
A kinson Phmeas, biscuit baker 230south T ird 
Atkinson Rebecca, widow Sprintrett aUev cr hL. 
A ku,son Samuel C. printer bacKs ViSh^' ^'™ 
A kinson Sarah, widow 9 south SeC^nl ^ 

P:'Z:^r^^Z'^^^^ »-i^- village 
fc\tmore & Loveridge, smiths 26 Dock 

AYR whitely's annual 

Atwood James, merchant 111 High— dh 129s Tenth 

Atwood 6c Co. merchants 111 High 

Atwood John M. merchant 111 High— d h 129 s Tenth 

Aubert John Peter, cook 209 south Fourth 

Auchinleck Alexander, mate 74 Penn 

Audas Joseph, pUimber, &c. High near Schuylkill 8th 

fAuder Flora, widow Washington court 

Auflort Frederick, shoemaker Wood above Queen (K.) 

Auge' N. & Lavigne, sugar refiner cor. Nicholson's and 

Malt alley 
Augustien Joseph, stevedore back 57 south Water 
f Augustin Peter, cook 219 south Fifth 
Augustin John, hairdresser cor, George and St. John 
Augustine Charles, blacksmith Hanover near Queen 
Augustin Peter, mariner Smitli's alley 
jAugustin Peter, hairdresser 79 Cedar 
Auner Joseph G. bookbinder 79 Cherry 
Auner Peter, tailor 79 Cherry 
Austie Margaret, boarding house 38 south Front 
Austin Alvah, buttonmaker and tinman Filbert ab 13th 
Austin Galen L. printer, office back 39 Cherry 
Austin Grace, widow, boarding house 12 north Third 
Austin 6c Hadaway, merchants 29 South wharves 
Austin Hosea, oysterman 50 Meade alley 
Austin James, labourer 10 Charlotte 
Austin Lewis L. baker High corner Schuylkill Fifth 
Austin Margaret, widow 364 south 2d 
Austin Mary, widow, 13 Spafford 
Austin Richard M grocer 97 north Fourth 
Austin & Smith, merchants 129 High 
Austin Samuel merchant 129 High — dh 6 Church alley 
Austin Thomas, merchant 7 north Thirteenth 
\ustin 6c Whitman, grocers 97 north Fourth 
Austin Wm B, merchant 29 s wharves — dh 2 Sansom 
Auze' Charles, merchant 5 George 
Avery Ira, cordwainer. Cedar near Thirteenth 
Avery Isaac, combmaker 133 south Second 
Avis George, shoemaker Beach above Maiden 
Avis Joseph, cabinet maker, 43 Cedar 
Await Hannah, widow corner George and Sch. 7th 
Await Henry, brickmaker corner George and Sch. 7th 
Await Jane, widow Joint alley 

Await John, brickmaker Chestnut west of Schuyl. 7th 
Awl Margaret, widow, 145 north Fourth 
Axe Frederick, 31 Queen (S.) 
Axfoi'd Samuel J. merchant taylor George 
Ayars Abijah, jun, cordwainer 86 Popl. lane. [See Eyre 
Ayars Hamilton, labourer 128 n Eleventh [and Eayre 
Ayars Sarah, widow of William, grocer 127 Swanson 
Aydelott Margaret, widov 17 Parham's alley 
f Ayres George, labourei- 24 Burd's street 
Ayres James, bricklayer Small street 
Ayres John, v.heehight Oak (N L) below Noble 
Ayres Jonathan D. teacher 53 Coates— d h Rose alley 


tAyres Rachel, boHuling Ijoiise 57 Sliippen 

lAyrcs Kcibcrt, lahouicr 97 Lombard 

Azan Joscpli, cordial distiller and dyer, back 66 S .'iih 

Azan Kachel, silk dyer and plumist, back 66 S 5tli 

f Azore John, labourer Shippen near Tl\irteenth 

Azpew T. T. teacher Norris's ay. — d h70 Queen (S) 

BABB MARIA, tailoress Maple street 
Babe Josc|)h, liatter 8 Perkenpine's court 
Babe Luke, grocer 338 south Front 
Babe Margaret and Catharine, storekeepers 197 S 2d 
Baljc Rachel, widow 46 Feun 
Babe Richard, h »tter Cedar corner Thirteenth 
Babciiew David, waterman back 28 Spruce 
Bach John, gentleman 267 north Second 
Bach L. widow 11 Bndd 
Bache Catharine, widow 228 Wahiut 
Bachc Franklin ai. d. 163 bjjruce 

Bache & Norvcll, editors of the Franklin Gazette Car- 
penter s court 

Bache Richard, postmaster, and editor of the Frank- 
hn Gazette 116 Chesnut r.,^^ n^^^,, 

Bach man Peter, baker 96 Crown street 
Backlev Edward, carpenter 16 Juniper lane 
Bacon Allyn, music store 11 south Fourth 
Bacon D.ivid, caipenter 192 north Front 
Bacon Elizabeth, Fdbert above Twelfth 
Bacon George, c-ngraver of music 11 south Fourth 
Bacon & Hart, music store 11 south Fourth 
Bacon Joshua B. engine manuf. 72 south Eleventh 
Bacon Job, merchant 25 Dock— dwelling 113 S. Ninth 
Jiacon John, ctv treasurer, office City Hall S W cor 

Chesnut and Fifth— d li ii9 Race 
Bacon Isaac, cabinetmaker 13 Budd street 
Bacon Joseph, sen. late iionmonger 190 north Frent 
Bacon Joseph jun. in)nmonger 188 north Front 
Bacon baml. sexton 2d Presl)v. church 3 Chancery lane 
Bacon Sanmel, tailor 154 St. John 
Bacon Samuel & Co. 188 north Front 

Wood and West'lK^) ''"" ''' "" ^'■"'^-^^ ^ ^-^^^• 
Baron Thomas, cabinet maker 11 Budd street 
Badaraque I liomas, accountant 179 Pine 
B-u e, .;^^ ' pa'chment maker 14 Franklin street 
K. Vi" M-^-^- ^^"^^^'•"'^lerer 50 N Eighth 
Baderley \V ,ll,am. locksmith 114 N W\ncv 
Badger Samuel, justice of tlie peace S E cor. Geore'- 

B'-^c ger VV dham, innkeeper 142 n.irth Water 
Badlun Joseph, soapboiler 10 Vernon 

BAK . whitely's annual 

Bagge Elizabeth, widow 408 south Second 

D.tgge Mary, widow 467 s. nth Front 

Bai< 'ell Ann, widow 184 Cedar 

fBii^well Rich, labourer Dnvis's ct. back 72 Christian 

BaHey Chester, agent for tlie General Post Office, and 

proprietor of the Mail & Citizeus* ctoches toM. Y, 
Bailey Gamaliel A. dry goods &c. 425 N 2d 
Bailey Jane, widow 28 "Catharine street 
Bailey John, sea captain 25 Eifreth's alley 
Bailey Joseph, brickmaker 12th above Lombard 
Bailey Lydia R. widow printer 10 North street 
Bailev Nathan, merchant 7 north Second 
Builey Wesley, boarding house 210 south 6th 
Builey VVm. jr. watch '&c clockmaker 80 High— d h 19 

Bailey Wm. jr clockmaker &c. 122 north Second 
Baily Jane, widow 305 south Third {.see Bellye 

Baily Joshua, jr. mercht. 113 High— d h 18 S Eighth 
Bain Saml. blacksmith Morgan's court above llth 
B.iird Joshua, labouier Fraliktord road near Queen 
Baird Sarah, widow 275 south Second [see Beard 

Bakehoven Joiin, fisherman Queen near Bishop (K) 
Baki.'lioven W. plumber Palmer near Prince 
Baker Addin, cabinetmaker Front near Maiden 
fBaker Adam, woodsawyer 28 Barron 
Baker. Bai tiiolon.ew, chairmaker back 117 German 
Baker Bassett, tavernkeeper 4 Lrctitia court 
B :ker Benjamin F. Callowhill above Eleventh 
Baker Clialkley, innkeeper (Jackson's head) 264 Race 
Baker Charles H. merchant 61 Race— d h 310 Arch 
Baker Cliarles, cabinetmaker 116 north Eighth 
Baker Christian, watchman Buttonwood near 6th 
Baker Christian, blacksmith James above Charles 
B.ker Conrad, fisherman Queen near Bishop 
B.iker Conrad, junr. fisiierman Queen near Bishop 
Baker Dobel, plumber 17 Wood above 4th 
Baker Edward, teaclier Pine above Thirteenth 
Baker Elizabeth, widow boarding house 116 Arch 
B iker Elizabeth, Germantown road above Third 
Baker F.liz. widow 124 B;-owne [ire Barker llf Boker 
Baker Elizabeth, widow 58 Arch 

Baker Frederick, labourer Frankford r n. Blackhorse 
Baker widow of George A. cor. of Cherry and Fourth 
Baker George A. attorney at law and conveyancer NE 

coruer Fourth and Cherry 
Baker George, vict. 32 N L market— d h 47 Budd , 
Baker (ieor^e N. lumber merchant 7 Wood 
Baker George, labciirer Knodle street 
Baker Hannah, 72 nr rth Fifth ■ 
Baker Hannah, wido-w 32 Race 
Baker Henry, sign and ornamental painter 82 N 6tix 
Baker Isabella, widow, keeper of the store of the Fe- 
male Hospitable Society 54 north Fourth 


Hake'- Jacob, smitli Rose ;illev below Green 

B:iker Jarob, \ ictiialK-r 47 Budd 

Bakir Jacob S t;niiMiiitli 51(3 iiurth Front 

Baktr Jiicob H. gnucr cor. Front & Bhickborse alley 

Baktr Jacob junr. \ictiiallef ;>2 Browne 

Baker fmus victnalkr ()I<1 V„rk r. aljove Tammany 

B'ikvr John H. excli and intel. office 3 Franklin court 

naker Jolm, sea captain 3 M iry (S) 

Baker Jolin F. mate of vessel 350 south Second 

Bak.-r Ji,lin. ropemaker (ierm road ab. first Rate 

Bake- J-hn H. C. grocer 222 south Seventh 

Baker Jnnn, flour and ft-edstore 433 north Second 

tf-ikf r John L. exch. broker and com. mer. 6 Lodee 

Baker John H. 8c Son, merchants 61 Sassafras 

Baker J-seph, ostler Hanover near Frankford road 

S:lr7 M • ^■'^^"=^il;''J^"^''^-' '^f- stall 32 N L market 
Jrtaker Marv, vict 33 N L market 

Baker Michael «c hon. lumber merchants N W corner 

crowne and north Second 
Bakor Mich hardware store 59 High_d h 166 Arch 
Baker M,ch. lun.ber mer. 74 Bmsvne tor. Second 
n:[ij f '>-^/-J\"'-^<>PPersmitb 330 N Front & 227 n. 2d 
Baker Michael ropen.akcr Hopkins's court 
nil V?'"'- '"''"'''' Hanover near Frankford road 
Kaker Newsom carpenter Sixth above Callou !iill 
Unw u'^'.'^'"' t'^h*'''"'^" <^'een above Bisliop (K) 
Baker Richard, accountant 157 Green street 
«aker Samuel, cordwainer 63 Green 
Baker Samuel, blacksmith 386 N Front 
Baker Samuel, fisherman Cher.-v near Prince 
Bakei Samuel, carpenter 49 north 6th 
Baker Stephen, cordwainer Ajiollo above Shippeu 
Baker Susan, Lombard above Ninth " 

Baker Susannah, 61 Queen (S) 

Baker 'hl\'n""'' ^"''i^erplate printer 11 soutli 4th 
Bakei Ihomas, sea captain 121 N 11th abo^ e Rwo 
Baker widow of Jacol), ropemaker 13 Well's ?owN 8th 

Baker Wm 'T ' '"'''''' 'T"^'" ^""^'^ anclGeorge '^ 
nli }Z^r ^- ''?^ "'erciiant 136 N 2d-d !i 69 Vine 
htltl S'- r^"'' '''"-^Sist 6 no,th Fifth ^'"^ 


Ba d Hnin'sen '^""T" " -'""^^^ "ea.'prince 
Ra . ll? ■ ' ^J'"- '^''K vict's. Hanover cor Prince 

Ba M • ^^•■P«'?^^'' Marlborough near BecUbrd 
Ba dt Margaret, vict. 9 Higli street marked 

Halt Wilham, vict. Marlborough near West (K) 

BAN whitely's annual 

Baldwin F. baker 45 Cedar street 

Baldwin Geoi'ge, stablekeeper 13 S4th — d h 69 Crown 

Baldwin John, bookbinder 28 Sugar alley 

Baldwin John, cm-dwainerDuke near Vienna 

Baldwin Joseph, supercargo 148 south 6th 

Baldwin Lewis, teacher 39 Sprnce 

Baldwin Mary, widow 129 south Eleventh 

Baldwin Matthias, jeweller College avenue — d h 129 

south Eleventh 
Baldwin Phcebe, milliner 40 south Fourth 
Baldwin William, farmer north Third near Ger. road 
Balfe Lucas 8c Thomas, boot manufacturers 27 south 4th 
Balfour George, of the Pennsylvania hospital 
Ball Elizabeth, widow of Henry 7 Fayette 
Ball Henry, druggist &c 34 north Tenth 
Ball Israel, ladies shoemaker 11 Shippen 
Ball Joseph, gentleman Point road (K) 
Ball Joseph, gentleman 349 Arch 
Ball Richard G. carpenter back 17 Passyunk 
Ball Stephen, tavernkeeper 234 south Third 
Ball Wm. coachman 13 Knight's court 
Ball WilHam, mariner 98 Swanson 
tBallard George, cooper 23 Mary's alley 
jBallard Janves, brassfounder Cordwainer's alley 
fBallard Levin, dealer 73 S Second— d h 170 Locust 
BaUentine James, cordwainer 70 German 
Ballinger Catharine, nurse 135 north Fifth 
Ballinger Daniel, weaver Fourtli below Brov/ne 
BaUinger Jacob, carpenter 70 north Ninth 
Ballintine James, grocer N W cor. Coates and Front 
BaUentine Joseph, grocer N side Almond st. whari 
Bancker Chas. N. merch. 16 Chesnut— dh 320 Chesnut 
Bancraft Jewell, 2 south 5d— d h 117 New street 
Bancraft Titus, 2 south 3d— d h New street 
Bane VVm. oysterman Allen st. (K) 
Banheld James, mariner 176 north Water 
Bantield widow of Thomas, sch. 7th below Walnut 
Banger Thomas, pocketbookmaker Nonnater's court 
Banger Timothy, account. (V) Ridge r. below 1st gate 
Bangs Elijah K. sea captain 168 north Front 
Banker Peter, mariner Washivgton above Second 
Banker Peter, mariner Washington bel. Moyamensmg r 
Banks George, smith Beach near Marlborough 
Banks John, d. d. 13 Powell 
fBanks Jonathan, carter 240 Shippen street 
tBanks Murrel, labourer 18 Plum 
Bankson Henrietta, 52 Vine 
Bannen John, carpenter Castle street 
Bannen Joseph, carpenter 10 Wagner's alley 
Banning John, cooper Frankford road near Queen 
fBantom Henry, labourer back 66 Small 
fBanlom Joseph, carter 18 Gaskill street 
fBantom Sarah, widow cook Shield's court 


jBannistcr MatRaret, widow 32 Lombard 
JBriptist Flora, Mis. 23H Lombard street 
Banuilt doclor Francis, 93 south Front 
Raraidl Mrs. dry goods store 93 ;>onili Front 
tUarbarousc John Philip, waiter Green's court 
Har!)aud J. J. A. jjortrait })ainter 55 Lombard street 
Harbazct Jacob, cabinetmaker 92 Callowhill 
Birbor Alexander, stone cutter 128 north Eleventh 
IBarber Anthony, sawyer Shippen'above 7th 
Barber David, draymaii Old York road ab. Poplar lane 
Barber Nathaniel, carpenter 203 Arch 
Hiirber Rebecca, widow Prime below Second 
Barl)er Tacy, taSloress back 80 Penn street 
f Barber Thomas, swecpmaster Hazel allev ab. Locust 
Barber VV'illium L shoemaker 307 south Front 
Barbier Stenhen P. goldsmith and jeweller 87 N 6th 
Barclay Anclw. C. mercht. 232 8c d h 250 north Third 
Barclay A. C Sc John, merchants 232 north Third 
Barclay widow of (icorge, grocer 168 south Second 
Barclay James J. attorney at law, office 119 Walnut 
Barclay Jolin, president N Lib. bank 227 north Third 
Barclay John, jun. merchant 224 and 230 north Third 
Barclvy John A. accountant 34 Union 
Barclay John, cordwain^" 31 Cox's alley 
Barclay Joseph, mariner 325 south Second 
Barclay Rudolph, stonecutter Walnut W. of Broad 
Barclay Samuel, hatter 323 south Second 
Barclay Samuel, jun. sea captain 324 south Second 
tBarclay Tobias, hatter 24 Elizabeth street » 
Barcrof h. B. dry goods st^re 217 north Third 
Barcus Stephen, labourer Sch. Seventh above Arch 
Bardcer Samuel, innkSjeper 295 N 3d & coach fringe 

manuf. (."rown street 
Barford William, manner Galbraith's court 
Barger Abel, paii\ter &c. 14 Carter's allev 
Bai ger Benjamin, drayman Apple near George N L 
Baiger Jacob, coopc;- (itrmantoun loid above Third 
Barger John, cedar cooper .121 N Fourth above Coates' 
Barger William, j)ainter, ike, Alder alley 
Bargei' William, rigger 7H BiuUl 
Bavgh William, baker 225 Walnut 

iBa'jona Elizahelli, widow 3"'. Gilles's alley 
larker Abram. mer. 37 S whai v s— d h 148 S Front 
Ba>kcr .\iin, wid-iw storekeeper ISbJ south Sec- nd 
Barkii- Elizabeth, back 321 Race [.srr hufccr 

Baiker Hai.ivah, widow Car].<cntt r (S.) below 3d 
Baiker Isuaos merraanr 137 High 
Bi.rker Jacob, carpenter back of 15 Pariiim's alley 
Barker Jamev N mavcr of the city—ottice Cir\ Hall 

S W corner 5 h and C!u-sinit— <1 It Oicsnut n 11th 
fBarKir Junes. miin;.i r IJth above Locust 
Barker KarUel, widow 2 Pii-isant a\enue 
Barker Stephen, labourer Soh. 7th above Arch 
B 2 

BAR whitely's annual 

Barley William, caulker 124 Queen (S.) 

Barling William E. caulker 46 German 

Barlow Arnold, mariner 2 Swanson 

Barlow George, mariner 72 Penn 

Barlow Joseph, weaver 83 Budd street 

Barlow Philip, 14 south 6th and 62 Zane 

Barlow Robert, weaver Oak above Coates street 

Barley George, shipwright Marlborough above Beach 

Barnaby Nathan, wheelwright Frankf. road near Ottei|- 

Barnacut William, tailor Relief street 

Barnard John, carpenter St. Bernard's ct. {see Bernard 

Barnard Joseph & Son, ploughmakers High W. Sch. 4th 

BarndoUar Daniel, back of 393 north Second 

BarndoUar Frederick, corslet maker &c. 10 Taper alley 

Barnes Ann, widow cor. Fourth and George N. L. 

fBarnes Charles, labourer Cedar near 13th 

Barnes Daniel, merchant 26 S whai'ves 

Barnes Elizabeth, milliner 65 Sassafras 

Barnes Hester, widow 14 Parham's alley 

IBarnes Isaac, cordwainer 4 Ball alley 

Barnes Isaac, tailor 1 1 1 Vine " [see Barns 

Barnes James, pilot 196 south Front 

Barnes John, m. d. 120 Arch 

Barnes John H. and N. Diehl, notaries public and ship 

brokers office, 117 south Second 
Barnes John H. 115 soutk Second— d h 22 Prune 
Barnes John, ladies' shoemaker 147 south Second 
Barnes John, pilot 501 south Front 
Barnes Joseph, judge of the district court of the city 

and county of Philadelphia, 122 south 4th 
Barnes Jos. & John, ladies shoestore 145 & 147 S 2d 
Barnes Joseph, mariner 35 Piime street (S^ 
Barnes Leonard, domestic coffee store 74 CallowhiU 
Barnes Mary, widow teacher 7 Plum 
Barnes Philip, boatbuilder 27 Mary (S) 
Barnes Samuel, currier 37 Chesnut~d h 13 N 4th 
Barnes Robert, mate of vessel 20 Catharine street 
Barnes Robert, waterman Hanover near Prince (K) 
Barnes Thomas, mariner Lombard street alley 
Barnes Tiiomas, esq. currier 57 C)iesnut—dh 275 N 2d 
Barnes Thomas and R. T. curriers 67 Chesnut 
Banies Wilham, jun. flour store 324 High 
Barnet Jacob, victualler 3d near Germantown road 
Barnet Joseph, carter 315 south 6th 
Barnett Sarah Mrs. Passyunk road n. corner Eighth 
Barnett T. 8c A. starch manuf Passyunk road cor. 8th 
Barnhill Sarah, widow 13 north Third 
Barnholt Fred. vict. 237 St. John— stall 24 N L market 
Barnholt George, victualler 249 CallowhiU 
Barnholt George, jr. victualler James above Rugan 
Barnholt John, laljourer 7 Well's row north Eightli 
Barnhurst Thos- & Jos. umbrella furniture makers and 

gen. brass founders. Filbert n. Broad Isee Bringlmrft 


Barnitt Thos. Columbian printing press manuf. & tur- 
ner in brass, iron, &c. 198 N Front & 7 Newmurket 
Barns James, coach trimmer 42 Prime (S.) 
Barns Robert, merchant 42 south Front 
Baron Josejjh, cordwainer 14 north 6th 
Barr Adam, Jones's street W Sch. 6th 
Barr (ieorge, saddler Otter near Frankford road 
Barr John, mate Crawford's court 
Barr Mary, Mrs. 36 Budd 
Barr Samuel, shoemaker, 19 Prosperous alley 
Barras Sarah, widow of John 122 Callowhill 
tBarreno Andre', mariner Crab below Cedar 
Barret George, labourer 12 Filler's alley 
Barret Riley, cordwainer Camden, N. J. 
Barrett Elizabeth, widow 256 Lombard 
Barrett Louise, 8 Elmslie's alley 
Barrett Lydia H. gentlewoman 173 south Eleventh 
Barrett Riley, cordwainer Camden, N. J. 
Barrett Robert, bricklayer Castlr at 
Barrington Charles, grocer, Src. 216 High 
Barrington Charles, jun. merchant 222 south Fourth 
Barrington Eleanor, widow of Richard 109 Lombard 
Barrington Henry, manuf. chocolate 206 south Fourth 

NW corner of (iaskill 
Barrington Wm. R. 206 s. Fourth N.W. corner Gaskill 
Barron Mary, widow of James 161 Pine 
Barron Jolui, carpenter north Eighth below Buttonwood 
Barry Ann, nurse 185 Cexlar 

Barry Charles, oysterman 22 North alley *v. 

Barry Edward, universal turner 45 Prime "^ 

Barry Eliza, Quince below Locust 
Barrv Jolm, shoemaker 164 Swanson 
Barrv John, smith south Fifth near Carpenter st. 
Barry Jos. B & son, cabinetmakers and upholsterers 
134 south Second {^sre Berry 

Barry Josejjh, jun. cabinetmaker 134 south Second 
Barrv Maria, nurse 4 Sassafras alley 
Barry Patiirk, grocer 186 N Water and 191 N Front 
Barry Samuel, planemaker Kunckel below Tammany 
Barry Samuel, baker 340 north Front 
Barrv Surah, widow of commodore 214Chesnut 
Barry William, innkeeper 208 south Fifth 
Barry Wiliiam, tobacconist 285 south Fourth 
Barthe Rev. Lewis, back of 17 Wilhng's alley 
fB;irtholcmy Wai. waiter, back 62 (iaskill 
Bartholomew Catharine, widow 106 Wood ab Eighth 
Bartholomew Cliarles. tobacconist 88 north Third 
Batholomew Fred, tobacconist 100 Wood above Eighth 
Bartliolomew Joseph, tinsmith 114 north Eighth 
Bartholomew Mary, gentlewoman Spruce below 7th 
Bai tliolomew Peter, victualler 48 Old Shambles 
Bartholomew Thos. farmer south 2d near Buck tavern 
Bartholomew Thomas, com. merchant 157 south Sixth 
Rartle George, turner, &c. Queen n. Frankford road 

BEC whitely's annual 

Beale Jacob, grocer 84 north Eleventh 

Beale Joseph, cabinetmaker 75 Dock — dh 2 Library 

Beale & Jamison, cabinetmakers 75 Dock 

Bealert Margaret, widow, 52 Lombard 

Beam Jacob, silversmith 301 north Second 

Beam Joseph, victualler Camden N J • 

Beamer Margaret, widow boarding ho. 4 Nicholson's ay. 

Beamer Samuel, stove manuf. 83 noi'th Seventh 

tBean Ezekiel woodsawyev Baker 

Bean Jacob, silversmith Fifth above Buttonwood 

Bean James storekeeper 163 north Second [see Bayne 

fBean Joseph mariner Green's court 

Beai^ Sr.muel. tailor 163 \iorth Second 

Be -in William, c .rdwainer Crab st. 

Bean Wilham, (I'iger Inn) 121 Vine 

Beans James, nii-rnner 126 soutli Sixth 

B'.'ar Mrs. sliopkeeper Cherry above Juniper 

Beard Catharine, widow 4 Chc^Miit 

Beard David, brickmal:er, Scii. Fourth above Walnut 

Be-n-d James, laboiirer back 295 south Third 

Beard John, carter Clynier's alley \_see Biard 

Beard Ma;tha^Say street 

Beard Nicholas, vict. 36 Charlotte — stall 8 N L market 

Beavi Pf;ipr, currier 3 Eckfeldt's court \ 

Btard Th<'mas, segarmaker 45 Cedar 

Be^rd Wni. -. let. 36 Charlotte — stall 63 High st. market 

B'^ai man H.cniled hair & glue nianuf. Filbprt n. Sch.6th 

Benrtolcb Mary, widow High W. Sob. Eighth 

Beaseley Abigail, widow 21 Christian 

Bersley Rev. Fi-ederick, d. d. Provost of the University 

289 Chesnut [see Bazely 

tBeadey Moses, wairer 191 south Fourth 
Beasley William segarmaker Taper alley 
Beatcs Frederick, scriveper 94 north Third 
Beatly John, chandler 53 Passyunk road 
Beaty Isabella, washerwoman" Cypress alley 
Beaty John, paperhanger 167 south Eleventh 
Beaty William, jnariner Juniper alley 
Beatty John, flour inspector Kunckel above Noble 
Beatty Samuel, baker 89 Cedar 
Beatty William, gentleman 308 south Second 
fBeaujon Lewis, barber 159 Swanson 
Beaumont EfFy, widow Frankfort road above Queen 
Beaumont Jacob, blacksmith Cherry bel. Sch. Sixth 
Beauveau E & Co. dry goods store 78 south Third 
Beaver Samuel, carpenter 290 south Third 
Beaver Jacob, labourer 393 north Third 
Beecherer Gabriel, baker 89 Christian 
Bechtel George, shoemaker 55 Duke (N. L.) 
Bechtel Jacob, boot and shoe manuf. 64 south Second 
Bechtel John {^bachelor) 8c Co. shoe warehouse 50 High 
Beck Daniel B- painter and glazier, 145 north Front, 

near Poplar lane — d h 81 Green 
Beck Elizabeth, widow back 207 St. John 


Heck Daniel, 23 St. Tammany 

Bfck. (icorge, clerk, of Higli st. market 215 Lombard 

Bick Henry A. druggist, occ. 248 north Front 

Bcck Henry, combinaker north Eiglitli n. Buttonwood 

Berk Henry, exchange broker & com. merch't 63 N3d 

Beck Isaiali, carpenter 147 St. John 

tBeck Ignatius, dealer under 219 south Second 

Beck John, painter, &c. near 11 Tammany 

Bei k Jacob, sen. accountant 15 Tammany 

Berk Jacob, jun. carpenter 22 Tarrrmany 

Beck John, eiocer 34 Passyurk 

Beck John, lite grocer Germantown road ah. first gate 

Beck Margaret, widow, north Eighth near Buttonwood 

Beck Paul, merchant 11 south Water — d h 315 High 

Beck Peter, late draper 486 voiuh Second 

Beck Peter, shoemaker 63 Penn 

Beck Valentine, shoemaker, back 2 Oak 

Beck W. C ?cS. M Stewart, stationers8c manufacnajier 

hangings & jilaying cards SW cor. Walnut and Third 
Beck \Vm. C stationer. &c. 77 south Sixth 
Beckel Godfrey, accountant 87 north Second 
Beckenback Benjamin, malster back 408 north Third 
Beckenback Jacob, carpenter back 12 Kunckel 
Beckenback Jacob, shoemaker 85 Green 
Becker Christian, piano forte maker 203 north Fourth 
Becker Francis, accountant and interpreter of foreign 

languages 28 north Third 
Becket Arcliibald, tailor Cooper's ferry ab. Camden N.J. 
Beckliorn Garret, tavernkceper 62 Shippen 
Beckman Daniel, shoemaker back 15 Charlotte 
Beckman Susannah, 15 Wagner's alley 
fBeckus Lewis, hairdresser 185 Spruce 
Beilell Joiiri, shoemaker 16 Browne (N. L.) 
Bedford Ann, teacher C-rown above Callowhill 
Bedford Isaac, accountant Crown above Callowhill 
Bedford John, boot and slioe manufacturer 296 High 
Bedford Joseph, printer 70 north Eighth 
Bedford Thos. jr. dry goods store, S7 north Second 
Bedford Thomas, Crown abore Callowhill 
Bedford Thomas, painter, &c. Kunckel above Tammany 

i Bedford William, carter south F-ighth near Cedar 
edinger Heniy, cordwainer back 190 Lombard 
Bedkins Mahlon, oysterman 16 south Sixth 
Bedlock William J. teacher near 49 Crown 
Bed well Thos. aj)othecary and druggist 250 north Third 
^cebe Lewis, pniiter Quince above Spruce 
^eer John, carpenter Hose alley above Coates 
Beers Robert, carter Lombard below Twelfth 
Beers Ann, 13 Carter's alley 
Beesley William, sugarmaker Taper alley 
Bcgley Tlmnuis, cordwainer, 116 German 
Behiicke Joiin C tavernkeeper 24 Swanson 
Belionin Charles, labourer 26 Burd's court 

BEN whitely's annual 

Beidelman Catharine, widow Queen below Wood (K.) 
Beidelman Elizabeth, widow Warren neat Beach 
Beidelnnan Henry, fisherman Queen near Bishop 
Beidelman Jacob, boarding house 108 Race 
Beidelman Jacob, fisherman Queen above Wood 
Beidelman John, fisherman corner Beach and Bishop 
Belair Lewis D. foreign bookseller SW corner Sixth and 

Chesnut— d h 8 Wood 
Beldon Hosea W- accountant 64 Vine 
Belford John, shipwright 33 Christian 
Be It. Augustus, merchant 237 Spruce 
Br'knap Stephen, jeweller 4 Quarry 
B. .1 Amos, cordwrtiner vVlban near Lombard 
B>. '-'■ Chai les, liqjuor merchant 442 north Second 
fBf'i Cvbele, widow back 30 Christian 
Btii RU'zabeth, widow 122 New 
Bell Cieorge, priiiter 44 Queen (S.) 
Bell Ham. ah, 5 Mark's lane 

Bell Henry , lumb. mer. yard 9th ab Race — d h 145 n 9th 
Bell J dcob, labourer Hansen's court 
Bell James, ladies' shoemaker 40 Christian 
Bell James, mate of vessel Sink's court 
Bell Janscs & John, di-^tillers 230 Cedar 
Beii John, grocer SW corner German and Third 
Bell John, sawyer 167 south Sixth 
Bell Mary, widow Christian below Sixth 
Bell & Mitchell, whip mnnufactory 77 St. John 
Bell Peter, sea captain 9 Powell 

BfcU Robert R. printer Christian above Passyunk road 
Bill Samuel, commission merchant 309 Walnut 
Bell Samuel, grocer and drover 230 and 236 Cedar 
tBell SaTnuel, waiter Lyndall's court 
Bell William, whipmaker 116 St. John 
Bell William, merchant, 105 south Fourth 
Bell William, (Green Tree inn) Hamilton Tillage 
Bell William, stoue cutter 266 Lombard 
Bell Wm J. & Co. stock and exchange brokers 35 Dock 
Bel! WiUiam, jun. stock Sec brok. 35 Dock — d h 93 Pine 
Bellaneee Isaac, bricklayer 13 Wood 
Bellanger Isaac, waterman, 107 Christian 
Bellew James, labourer back 216 south Sixth 
Beliir.g Andrew, combmaker 542 n Third [see Billingf: 
fBellize John, stevedore Fuller's alley 
Bellows Hester, widow of capt. D 117 north Second 
Belot Arno, merchant 72 Christian 
Belrose John, paperhanger 315 south Second 
Belsterling Mary, widow 484 north Third 
Belton major Francis S. assist, inspect, gen. U S army, 

29 south Seventh 
Beltzner Catharine, shopkeeper 72 Dock 
Benckert Geo F morocco dresser 1 Knox's court 
Bendel Israel W. pumpmaker 12 Maria ab. Fourth NL 
Bender Charles, cordwainer 154 St John 


Bender Chiisiopher, tobacconist Ger. road above 2d 

Bender Elizabeth, widow Prince Palmer 

Beiulcr Eliza, widow boarding hous*- 21 Strawberry St. 

Bender Jacob, combmaker Cherry above Thirteenth 

Bender John, shoemaker 14 Green [.v<f(r Binder 

Bender Mary, widow Queen near Wood 

Bender Mi-3. widow boarding house 3C4 High 

Benedict John, ladies shoemaker 149 Cherry 

Bcnter J. C. tailor 35:1 north Front 

f Benjamin Joseph, labourer 130 Plum street • 

Benjamin Taft, teacher 456 Race 

Benjamin vVoll", cordial distiller 167 Cedar 

j Henn Thomas, mariner back 444 south Front 

nenner Ann & Hannah, grocers b. Frankf. r. a. Queen 

Bcnner Charles, cooper 6 north Tentli — d h 327 Arch 

Benner Elizabeth, widow Lombard above Twelfth 

Bcnner Elizabeth, Mrs 99 Queen (S) 

Benner George, baker Frankford i*. near Queen street 

Benner Henry, drayman 196 Cherry 

Benner Henr>', brickmaker Spruce above 13th 

Benner Henr>', constable 11 Beaver 

Benner Isaac, toll collector at 1st gate Ger. road 

Benner Jacob, carter 20 Green 

Benner Jacob I. brickmaker 164 Lombard 

Benner Jacob, Jun. saddler 187 north Third 

Benner Jacob, sen. weaver 189 north Third 

Benner John, tailor 31 Berk's alhjy 

Benner John, chemist 48 south Eighth 

Benner John, baker 300 north Front 

Benner Mar>-, widow 17 Budd 

Bonner Matthias, brickmaker Spruce above 13th 

Benner Peter, oak cooper 365 nortli Second 

Benner Peter, brickmaker Spruce above Thirteenth 

Bcnner P. & M. brickmak. kilns cor. Walnut & Sch. 6th 

Benner Whitcman, siheiplater 23 Duke N L 

[Benner , sawyer St. John above Poplar lane 

Benners (ieoige, merchant 106 St. John 
Benners Margaret, widow 57 New street 
Bcnnel Abel, fisherman Queen above Palmer 
Btnnet Anna, Mrs. 9 Nernon street 
Bennet Ann Miss, Pryor's alley 
Bennct Ann, Mrs. Siiik's court 

Bennet Catharine, widow Marlborough near Bedford 
Bninct Christopher, mariner 13 Pratt's court 
Bennet Isaac, labourer Prime above 2d (S) 
Bennet Jacob, fancy store 78 Arch 
fBcnnet James, coachman James's alley 
Bennet Joel B. printer 1 1 Quariy street 
Bennet John, late marble "cutter' 63 Filbert 
Bennet John, coast captain 36 Meade alley 
Bennet John, confectioner 57 south Front 
Bennet Julia, mantuamaker 8cc. 172 south 5th 
Bennet Lewis, mariner Beach near Maiden 

BER whitely's annual 

Beimet Louisa, 6 south Fourth 
Bennet Martha, widow SE cor. Shippen 8c George 
Bennet Martha, widow 6 Vernon sti-eet 
Bennet Maria, dealer 7 Jones's alley 
Bennet Mary, widow of Jacob 105 Christian 
Bennet Nathaniel, carpenter Rose alley above Coates 
Bennet Nicholas, carter Wood near 6th 
Bennet Reuben, ironmonger 274 south 7th 
f Bennet Richard, 9G Lombard street 
Bennett Thomas, painter &c. 105 Christian 
Bennett Titus, bookseller &c. 37 High 
Bennett 8c Walton, booksellers See. 37 High 
fBennet Wm. sweepmaster St. Mary street 
Bennet W. W. storekeeper 6 south Fourth 
Bennett John, shipcaipenter Beach near W^arrea 
Benniker Geo ge H. Welshtown 
Benninghove Catharine, 2 Prune 
Benningho\e John, tobacconist 160 north Third 
Benninghove Elizabeth, widow 4 Church alley 
Benninghove & Nassau, tobacconists 77 High 
Benning Jane, widow 6 Frazier's coui't 
Ben.sadon Jacob, rev. trader back Hebrew synagogue 
Bensley Clement, teacher 150 south 6th 
. Benson Alexander, merchant 242 High {^see Bentzon 
Benson Catharine, Green's court 
fBenson Daniel, bootcleaner 96'GaskiU 
Benson Richard 8c Son, dry goods and carpet wai-ehouse 

242 High 
Benson Jane, widow boarding house 151 Chesnut 
IBenson Juba, sawyer St. John above Poplar lane 
BensoTi Paul, morocco finisher Boshhill 
Bent William, enginernaker 35 Zane 
Bentley Christian, segarmaker N 4th n. Poplar lane 
BentJey David 8c John, coppersmitlis 112 N 4th 
Benton John, carpenter and grocer SE corner Ninth and 

Bentzon Peter, jeweller 19 north Third [see Benson 
Beresford Robert H. printer 20 George {see Brelsford 
Berg Henry, tailor 2 Sassafras alley 
Bergasse Cadet, merchant 42 Union 
Berger Elizabeth, teacher Hause's court | 

Berger Jonathan, (Black Horse inn) 226 north Second | 
Bergameyer r)aniel, cordwainer 108 north 7th s 

Berkenback Benj. labourer N 4th near Browne 
Berkenbaugh Jacob, carpenter Kunckel below Greeii 
Bernadou J. B. merchant 221 High— d h 172 south 4th 
Bernanosse Claudius, teacher 47 Wood 
Bernard John, late newscarrier Ger. road below 2d 
Bernard v.-idow of John, 94 north Water and 97 north 
YvovX [-^^^ Barnard 

fBernet John, shoemaker 201 Cedar 
Bernhardt Lewis E. professor of music 22 Sar.som 
Berrett Lvdia, widow 173 south 11th 


ikrrctt Wm. sign :uu\ ornamental painter 9 Chwty 

[.see Barred 
Ik-nian Janics, late constable Lyndal's court 
Birrricn M^"s. !)o;irding house 47 south Eigluh 
Bi-riieti \\ in. tanner and currier 41 Prime street (S) 
f Rerrington Archibald, bootcleaner Clever alley 
Herrv Anthony, manner 7 Slejjhens' court 
Berry Charles', oyst^ rman 20 North alley 
Berry Cluirles, tanner and currier back 393 south 2d 
IBerry Charles, labourer 249 Spruce 
Hcrrv Edward, boardnicj luiusc 94 Swanson 
Berrv Henry, farmer 2i[ below Greenwich 
IBerry James, coach n>an T.^jfle court 
Berry Joseph, sea captain 366 south Front 
tBrr'ry Maria, widow 35 Currant alky 
jBcrry Moses, labourer Harper's alley (P. T.) 
BcrryOliver, boot and shoe •m niuf. 36 Mulberry 
Btrrv Peter L. carpenter 78 srAith Fitth 

>+Brrry Richard, sawyer 17 Mary's alley 
Bert V Richard, stevedore 83 Penn 
Berry Samuel, carter Ser-aid abo\ e Ger. road 
jBerry Sanuicl, waiter 253 Spruce 
jBcrry Severn, waterman C'aerry n. West K. 
Berry man Joseph, bricklayer 245 C lilov.liill ab. dentil 
Berryman Richard, shipvvrigin 31 Mary (S) 
Bci-bch Henry, baker cor. Siiippeii & Passyunk road 
Bersoon John, labourer Butcot.wcod above 5th 
Bertron David, m. d 328 north Second 
Besse John Baptist, 30 Elfreth's alley 

j Bcsselicvre Francis P. accountant Fitzwalter ab. 6th 
Besson L. & son, fancy dry goods store 52 south 2d 
Bcsson Lewis, fancy storekeeper 52 south 2d 
Best George, tailor 80 Spruce 

1 Bf*si John, sliotmakcr Morgan's court 
fBest Moses, gimsmith 16 Gaskill street 

j Beswlck James, hack driver back 123 Plum 
Betes John, weaver Cadwalader st. near Pitt 
Betliam Ann, layer out of the dead (ireen's court 
Bethausen Christopher, M. d. 7 soilth Front 8c 49 Green 
Bethell John, mariner Germ, road near Rose 
Bethell Josliua, shoemaker Frankford road bel. Queen 
lietterton Wm. cor. Moyamensing road .and Wharton 
Bettinger Michael, tanner Ger. road near 2d 
Bcttle Samuel, cloth merchant 14 south 3d 

[fiee Beetle and Biddle 
Iktridge Lucy, soutli 5lh near Carpenter 
Bctts \\'m. hatter 44 Plum 

Rctzel Herman, tailor W. end Upper Ferry bridge 
B. vail John, ShijjpL-n near Clifton 
R. van Henry, coopei- Lyndall's allev' 
l>v\ an John, nainter &c. 253 south Front 
B«.» an John, labourer (irissell's alley 
Bevan Matt. L. mer. :i5 South whafvca — d h 192 Arch 

BIG whitely's annual* 

Bevan Philip, N. labourer Mark's lane 
Bevan and Porter, merchants 35 South wharves 
tBevans Sarah, widow Bonsall below 10th 
Beverly Thomas, mariner 33 Elizabeth 
Beveridge Mrs. widow Mantua village 
Beverlin Mrs. of James, drayman 219 Callowhill 
Bewley Catharine, widow Wright's alley 
Bewley Hannah, widow 280 north 2d 
Bewly Isaac, letter carrier 130 Vine 
Bewley James P, accountant 280 north 2d 

\_see Boley and Boula 
Beylard John, jr. merchant 120 Walnut 
Beylle Joseph, wine mercht.' 63 S 2d — d h 184 Spruce 
Beylle Josepl> and Co. wine merchants 63 south 2d 
Bible Ehzabeth, widow tailoress 257 south Third 
Bickerton Benjamin, cooper 317 north Third 
Bickerton Elizabeth, widow Shakamaxon near Queep 
Bickerton Fanny, Mrs. 11 Lombard 
Bickei-ton Mary, widow nurse 25 Parham's alley 
Bickerton Thomas, o?ik cooper 45 Christian 
Bickham and Wade, dry goods store 245^ south 2d 
Bickham Savab, widow 254 soutli Front 
Bicking John, printer 452 N 3d — office Arch ab. 2d 
Bickley David, grocer SE cor. Front and Callowhill 
Bickley D;iniel, lumber merchant 30 Callowhill 
Bicklev Jacob, lumber merchant Oak N L near Higk 
bridge— d h 30 Callowhill 

[see Buckley, Beckley, and Bigley 
Bickley Mary, widow 77 New sti-eet 
Bicknell Charles, carpenter Fifth below Button wood 
Bicknell George A. mercht. 230 High— d h 309 Arch 
Bicknell and Jackson, dom. warehouse 230 High cor. 7th 
Bidaiix Charles, grocer Old York road above Fifth 
Biddle Clement C. notary pubhc 41 Dock, d h 303 Spruce 
Biddle Charles, jun. merchant 27 Branch 
Biddle Charles, gentleman 310 Chesnut 
Biddle, widow of Clement 67 Spruce 
Biddle Clem.sngar retin.27 Church ay. — d h 36 Filbert 
Biddle Dan. mariner Federal bel. 2d [see Bettle isf Bedelt 
Biddle James C. attorney at law 58 Walnut 
Biddle John E. tailor 145 south Fifth 
Biddle John G. broker— 26 Walnut— d h 67 Sruce 
Biddle M. and C Canby, sugar refiners 27 Church ay, 
Biddle Lydia, dry goods store 52 south Fourth 
Biddle Nicholas, attorney at law 210 Chesnut 
Biddle Rebecca, widow 204 Lombard street 
Biddle Samuel, druggist, 8cc. 142 High 
Biddle Thomas & John G. stock brokers 8cc. 26 and d h 

41 Walnut 
Biddle Wm. S. counsellor at law 112 Walnut— d h 310 

Bigelow, Mrs. widow Camden N. J. 
Bigelow Thomas, attorney at law 104 Walnut 


Bigg.inl John, oystcrman 11 Green and 473 south 2(1, 

Biggiud James, shocniaker back 210 St. John 

tBiggs Henry, porter 135 Plum [fice Ifoggs 

Biggs Jeremiah, accountant N 4th above Browne 

Biggs Thos. mathl. instrument maker 66 south Front 

Bigley John, hibourer Perry below Pine 

Big'.ey & Sweeny, grocers ISVV cr)r. Crab and Shipjjen 

Biglov.' 'I'liomas, carpenter Rogers* court 

Bigncll Mrs. Ann, sem. for young ladies 198 Race 

Bigonet Jacol), druggist 158 Lombard 

Biles Nathaniel, millwright, cor. Maiden anct Front 

Ihlcs Samuel, tavern keeper (black horse) Fl'ankfordr. 

Billings Isaac, auctioneer 383 Race 

Billings John, teacher 319 south Front [sfe Belting 

Billington (k-orge, attornev at law, 5 south Sixth 

Bills John, shipwright 8 Federal 

Bills William, sen. shipwright 8 Federal near Front 

Bills William, jun. shipwright 26 Federal 

Bilson John, cabinet maker"i south Fifth below Cedar 

{•Binder Joshua, labourer Bonsall 

Binder widow of Jacob, inkeeper Queen near Wood 

Binder William, hatter 286 north Front ' 

Binder William, jun. hatter 37o N. Front {see Bender 

Bingham Ringham, engineer Juniper above Race 

Bingham Robert, trunkmakerS W cor. Centre squai'e 

Binneau Theodore, silversmith 5 Willow court 

Binney Horace, counsellor at law, office 81 ikdh 79S. 4th 

Binns Benjamin P. 70Chesnut— dh 185 Lombard 

Bmns John, editor and publisher of the Democratic 

Press, 70 Chesnut [^see Bines 

Binny John, typefounder N W corner Cedar and Ninth 
Bioren Benjamin, 86 Chesnut — dh 154 Pine 
Biorcn John, printers bookseller 88 Chesnut [see Byroji 
Bioret Chas.cabinet makerN W cor Lombard and Third 
Birch Francis, tailor, &c 2 Quarry 
Birch Thomas, landscape painter '6 Prune 
Birch Thonuxs, gardner cor. Race and Sch. Second 
Birckett John, hatter. 11 Sassafras alley 
Biickheid Levin, coiuchmaker 370 High— d h 6 S. 12th 
Birckhead P. E. Ill south Fourth [.vr<* Burk/uird 

Bnd Barnabas, laijourer Callowhill near CJarden 
Bird Catharine, Mrs 34 Cierinan 
Bird Charles & Co. hardware merchants 98 High 
Bird capt. George, agent for N. York packets, 17 South 

whai-ves— d h 388 north Second 
fBird James, cordwainer 139 Pine 

Bird John G. confectioner 51 B.idd isn- Burd and Baird 
Bml Joseph, treasurer of ti.e connt\ of PliiladelphLl, 

uftice west wing ot the State-house, ui) stairs 
Bird Matthias, carter Callowhill above Garden 
Bird Nathan, carter Callowhill above Garden 
Huk Henrv, Oak above Noble 
Birkhead E. coachoiuker 6 south Twelfth 

BLA whitely's annual 

Birnie William, accountant Twelfth below Locust 

Birmingham Jolm, accountant 373 north Third 

Birmbanm John H. bottler 78 New 

Bisbing Andrew, labourer Pleasant n, Charles (K.) 

Bisbhig George oak cooper 200 north Fifth 

Bisbee Ascph, cordwainer Poplar lane near Third 

Bibby Mary, tailoress 10 German 

Bish George, oak cooper 31 German 

Bishop Benjamin, cabmetmaker 167 Coates 

Bishop Garret, teacher Germantown r. bel. the 1st gate 

Bishop Hijah, gardener Moyamensing r. bel Greenwich 

Bishop Margaret, widow 1 Harmony court 

Bishop Mary, widow Pine below Twelfth 

Bishop Nathaniel^ labourer Warren (C.) 

Bishop Richard, importer of hosiery 36 south Fi'ont — dh 

Vine above 1 enth 
Bishop William, carpenter 58 Moyamensing road 
Bispham Daniel, tailor Point road above Frankford r 
Bispham Joshua V. hatter back of CO Dock 
Bispham J. jun. 127 Arch 
Bispham Mrs. widow of John, Anne (V.) 
Bispham widow of Stacy B. merchant 112 Arch 
Bissell Lxtitia, widow 520 south Front 
Biter George, weaver 57 Garden 
Bits John, weaver Third near Germantown road 
Bitting George, Joiner, &c. 8 Fayette 
Bittoii Robert, Eighth above Callowhill 
Black Alexander, grocer S W cor. Sixth and Shippen 
Black Ann, dyer and scourer back 380 south Second 
Black Ann, widow 147 south Tenth 
Black Charles, mariner 310 south Seventh 
|Black Cyrus, shoeblack 84 Gaskill 
Black Dorcas, widow Wiley's court 
tBlack Ebenezer, chimney sweeper 14 EUzabeth 
Black Funtian, deputy keeper of the prison, 225 Chei'ry 
Black George, shipwright 15 Federal near Front 
Black Isaac C. grocer and innkeeper 22 Passyunk r. 
Black James, goldsmith andjeweller 123 Chesnut 
Black James, plasterer, 86 Cedar 
Black James, chandler 108 Plum 
Black Jesse, porter. Eagle court 
Black John, sea captain, 49 George 
fBlack John, waiter Eagle court 
Black John Y. blacking manuf. 10 Juniper lane 
Black Joseph, watchman. Church st. (S.) 
Black Matthew, cordwainer 91 Cedar 

) Black Matthew, brassfonnder 22 Elizabeth 
Black Raynor, widow 206 Coates 
Black Robert mariner 84 Gaskill 
tBlack Ruth shopkeeper 137 Cherry 
Black Samuel, tallow chandler 209 Cedar 
Black Thomas, grocery and tavern 93 Shippen 
Black Thomas, blacksmith 12 north Tenth 


tBlack Thomas, hatter 4 Fries's court 

Black Wm. jr. nierchaiit 18 N. Front— d h 126 S. Front 

Blackburn Mary, widow 44 N. Seventh 

Blacksom Louisa Mrs. 569 soutli Front 

tBhickston Catharine, widow Catharine above Third 

Blackston John, tanntr 8c ciir. 218 S. 4th — d h 151 Cedar 

Black^ton capt. Thomas, 81 Water 

Blackford Josepli, bricklayer Bonsall St. 

Blackman David, shingledre.sser Oak above Coates 

Blackman Enoch, grocer cur Oak and Noble (N L) 

Blackwell Robert, d. d. 50 Fine 

Blackwowl Atcheson, grocer cor. Pine and Perry 

Bladen Wm. T. buiscuit baker 165 north Water 

Blain, widow ot Cliarles, 100 Filbert 

Blaier Jas. superintendant of looms N. Third n. Germ, r, 

Blair Hugh, superintendant cotton weaving manufactory 

Germantown road below Third 
Blair Hannah, widow 228 Pine 
Blair John, blacksmith 306 south Front 
Blair William, boot manufacturer 49 south Third 
fBlair William, labourer Crown above Prince 
JBlaise John, hairdresser 150 south Eighth 

Blake Aljraham, carter 34 Blackberry alley 

Blake David, Ijootcleaner 246 Lombard 

lake George E music store and library 13 south Fifth 
tBlake James, mariner 12 Small 

fBlake Josepli, labourer Bonsall [sff Black 

Blake Josepli, carter Saunders' ct. 
tBlake Mitchell, mariner Twelfth above Locust 
JBlakf Sarah, widow Twelfth above Locust 
Blake Timothy, librarian 166 south Third 
Blake William V. carpenter Noble above Old York r. 
Blakely Michael, manner Duncan's court 
Blakie George, merchant 100 north Front 
Blame Josepli, clerk of High st. market 5 north Fifth 
Blanc Victor, coppersmith 260 north 2d 
Blanchard Margaret, widow 81 Vine 
Blancliard Isaac W. accountant cor. Noble & Kunckle 
BiHiichard John, ship carpenter Hanover near Green 
Bhiiichard Samuel, tavern & boarding house 5 south 7th 
Blanchard William, printer Noble bel. Kunckel 
Blanck John, cooper 277 north Front 
BUuickenburg Christiana, sliopkeepcr 3 Lemon st 
Blaney Henrietta, widow of Doctor 187i south 2d. 
Blaiiey Jolin, biscuitbaker 58 Penn 

Blanty Sarah, widow Joint alley 

Blanford George, blacksmitli back 251 Race 
fBliUiford Joiin, smitli Dean's alley 

Blanford Samuel, l)lacksmith back 124 N. Fifth 

Blank William, coppersmitii Oak below Coates 

Bhitikev Susan, widow Sch. Eighth near Vine 

Blatchford Stephen, 137 Race 

Blee Samuel, brickmaker corner George and Sch. 8th 

BOT whitely's annual 

Boon Samuel ]\f. lastmaker cor. Cedar and Third 
Boone Jeremiah merchant and salt provisioncr 90 south 

wharves — d h 163 Pine 
Booes Susan, washerwoman Weaver's alley 
Bootes Peregrine, accountant 20 Duke 
Booth Ann, widow 180 Vine 
fBooth Joseph, mariner 23 Crab 
Booth John, tailor 82 Cedar 
Booth Michael, tallow chandler back 324 Race 
Booth Thomas, umbrellamaker 185 north Eighth 
Booth William, mariner 27 Currant alley- 
Booth William, coachmaker 115 Browne 
Bodzer widow of Adam, Spruce above Thirteenth 
Boreaff Catharine, vict. cor. Cherry and Thirteenth 
Boreaff Henry, victualler 85 Garden 
Boreaff Valentine victualler Filbert below Thirteenth 
Borden Francis, bricklayer 13th bel. George [see Burden 
Borden Joseph, cordwainer 10 Rihl's court 
fBorden Richai'd, porter Prosperous alley 
Borhek John, confectioner 75 south Third 
Borie John J. sen, merchant 5 Minoi- — dh 11 N. Eighth 
Borie John J. jr. merchant 5 Minoi- — d h 11 N. Eighth 
Borie Simcn, paperstainer 165 Cedar 
Boring Thomas, drygoods store 114 north Third 
Borrekens H. P. merchant J51 Chesnut— d h 142 S. l6tlr 
Borman Amos, caulker 119Swanson 
Bormann Jno. sen, vict. 197 Callowhill, stall 3 N. market 
Bormann John, jr. vict. 158 St. John, stall 26 High 
Bormgard Godfrey, baker 9 Callowhill 
Borton Mary, boardinghouse 28 Arch 
Bortree William, gunsmith back of 433 north Third 
Bose Conrad, sen. labourer Buttonwood above Charles 
Bose Coprad, jr. labourei- Buttonwood above Charles 
Bosliart Catharine, sievemaker back of 110 N. Eighth 
Boshart John, cedar cooper 42 Old York road 
Boss Fred. 38 Appletree alley \_see Bass and Boze. 

|Boss Jacob, fiddler St. Mary above Seventh 
Boss William, brush maker back of 30 EUreth's alley 
Bossert George mealstore 126 Race 
Bossert Andi-ew, Seven star tavern NE cor. Race & 4th 
Bossier Joseph, brass founder Washington near Sch. 
Bost widow of. Jacob, cor. Christian and Seventh 
Bost widow of Michael, 259 Cathai'ine 
tBostick Maria, widow Green's court 
jBoston Elizabeth, widow Bradford's alley 
tBoston Elizabeth, 29 Blackberry alley 
Boston George, farmer Second below Back road 
Boston John, carter Harper's alley, P. T. ab. Pop. lane 
Boswell George, tin plate worker 43 High and 341 n. 2d 
Bo'-.well Samuel, printer 5 Sassafras alley 
Boswell widow of William, back of 12 N. Fi-ont 
Both well John, carter 408 N. Fourth above Coates 
Botsford Alvey, stonecutter Scott's alley back 383 High 


Bottomly John, trader Lugar's row 

Bottomlv Thomas cai-petweavcr 82 soifth Water 

Bottomly , dealer Palmer near Piniicc 

Bottomore Richard, oysterman & beerliouse 220 S. 4tii 

Boucher (ieorge, manner Sink's- court 

Bouchct Jost'iJh, cutler Passyunk road below Christian 

Bouchet Joseph, cutler 69 south Fifth 

Bourcherlte John, gunsmith 31 Franklin st 

Boulu widow of Peter, 120 north Ninth 

Boulter Benjamin, tailor Ann west of Sch. Eighth 

Boulter widow of Benjamin, Cherry cor. of Sch. Eighth 

Bourgeois Peter, shipwright 64 Coates 

Bourtc Hugh, shipsmith 172 & 74 Swanson 

Bourn S. H. teacher 1 Ann st. 

Bourselet Mrs. B. 8c Co. feather store 32 S. Second 

tBouser Jeremiah, oystennan 209 north Fourth 

Bousquet & Dutilh, merchants 30 Walnut 

Bousquet Frederick, sea captain 30 Walnut 

Bousquett Peter, 30 Walnut 

Bouvier P. vict. 60 Moyamensing r. stall 24 New market 

Bouvard William, carpenter 3 Juniper lane 

Boweker Henry, cordwainer 452 Race 

fBowen Clarissa, widow 255 Spruce 

Bowen Elijah, sexton of Christ church 3 Chancer}' Line 

Bowen Ezra, sea captain 226 soulJi Fifth 

Bowen Henry, tanner 12 Hinckel's court 

Bowen Henry, caulker Marlborough above Beach 

Bowen John, gentleman 338 Arch 

Bowen John, oak cooper back 7 Elfreth's alley 

tBowen Joseph, porter back 20 Appktree alley 

Bowen Joseph E. tailor 347 north Front 

Bowen J. B. librarian of Piiilada. Athenzum 45 Lombard 

tBowen Risden, waiter 238 Lombard. 

jBowen Tamar, widow Essex's alley 

Bowen Thom:»s, 1 Carlisle's court 

Bowen Thos. blacksmith 164 Swanson 

Bowen William, grocer S E cor. Cedar and Fourth 

Bowen William back 198 north Second 

fBowen William, coachman 66 Small 

Bower Cliristian, baker 114 north Eighth 

Bower Elizabeth, widow, gentlewoman back 352 S. 2d 

Bower George, carpenter Eighth near Green 

Bower John, baker Thirteenth below Race 

Bowtr Joshua, shipwright Beacli near Marlborough K. 

Bower Philip. P. printer 3 Flint's court 

Bowers David, cordwainer Frankf. r. n. Marlborough 

Bowers Geo. labourer Ann bet. Twelfth & Thirteenth 

Bowers Jesse, brickmaker Sch. Fourth near Cedar 

tBowcrs John, dealer 90 south Second 

Bowers John F. innkeeper cor. Ann and Callowhill 

Bowers Mary, widow 44S & 455 north Third 

Bowers Michael, surgeon-barber 402 nonh Third 

Bowei-s Peter, brickmaker Ann between 12th and 13th 

BOY whitely's annual 

Bowers Rebecca, tailoress 113 German 

Bowers Richard F. Frankford road above 1st gate 

Bower Samuel, shipbuilder Penn st. K. 

Bowes J. turner Marlborough near Bedford 

Bowhay Mary, widow back 353 south Front 

Bowhouver Frederick, wheelwright 450 Race 

Bowin Mary, n»illiner 82 south Fourth 

Bowie Jane, widow 282 south Second 

Bowlby Edward, hardware merchant 69 High — d h 9 

Church alley 
Bowlby & Weaver, hardware merchants 101 High 
Bowles James, stonecutter Cherry above Juniper 
Bowles R.ebecca, widow Ann W- Sch. Eighth 
Bowles WiUiam, block and pump maker 13 Swanson 

Bowley , victualler stall 18 Old Shambles 

fBowling James, coachman Baker 
Bowman Abraham, printer 263 south Fifth 
Bowman Casper, labourer Merriott's lane above Fifth 
Bowman Charles, cordwainer south 5th below Cedar 
Bowman Charles, mariner back 62 Catharine 
Bowman Isaac, mariner 83 Penn 
Bowman John, jr. agent for steamboats 3N. wharves 
Bowman John, vict. stall 31 N L. mar. and 390 N. 3d 
Bowman Michael, combmaker 390 north Third 
Bowman Rebecca, Mrs. Christian above Fifth 
Bowman Sarah, widow vict. Lawrence ab Pegg's run- 
stall 10 High St. market 
Bowman Wm. accountant inquire of Jas. Mitchell 8c Co. 
Bowman Zachariah, painter, &c. 207 Coates 

Bowman , printer 206 south Front 

B'lwnas James tallowcbitndler Arch west Sch. Second 
Bowne C. widow 68 Lombard 
Bowser Jeremiah, oysterman north 2d — dh 177 N. 4th 
Bowser John, woodsawyer Sch. Second above Spruce 
jbowser William, grocery and tavern 91 Plum 
Boyce Hannah M boarclinghouse 113 south Third 
fBoyce Jacob, tanner Elbow alley 
Bovce Michael, labourer 19 Hurst 
Boyce Sarah, boardinghouse 12 Gray's alley 
Boyd Uavid, merchant tailor ufifier 42 north Fourth 
Boyd rev. George, d. d. 21 Vine 
Boyd Hugh, grocer 4 Hopkins' court, N L 
Boyd John, ropemaker Eighth near Prime 
Boyd Joseph 8c John, exchange and commission brokers 

16i south Fourth-^d h 143 Spruce 
Boyd Maria, milliner 263 south Second 
Boyd Mrs. widow 6 Eckfeldt's court 
Boyd 8c Parks, flour merchants 425 High— dh 7 N 12th 
Boyd R. sandpaper and screwmaker Chesnut W. Broad 
Boyd Sophia, back 251 Race 
Boyd Susannah, widow Oak bel. Hayscales N L 
Boyd Thos. G. carpenter 12th bel. Locust— d h Mercer 
Boyd William, merchant 340 High S E corner Tenth 


Boyij \yilliam, floui- mcrcliant 7 north Twelfth 

Boyd VV illiam tallowchandler 121 north Filth 

Buyer Ai.n, Mrs. carpctw.-avcr south 5th be). German 

Boyer Ann, widow 129 Greene v;'cimdn 

Buyer Bonjamin, teaclier 27 Charlotte 

tBuver Daniel, labourer Catharine above Fifth 

Boyer F victualler N. Eighth above CallowhiU 

Boycr Henry, shipwright 43 Christian 

Buyer Isaac, merchant 142 north Second 

Boyer Jacob, innkeeper 140 north Second 

Boyei: Jonas scnvener 4 Wood near Second 

Buyer James tobacconist Germ, road near lit gate 

Boyer John, blacksmuii Frankf. road above Bedford 

Boyer John and James, carpenters 4 Wood 

tBoyer 1 homas, carpenter south Seventh bel. Shipnen 

fc.P: f^^l^?^'"^; ^'"^t- 275 N. 8th_stall S7 New riSct 

Bo\ e Charles, shopkeeper 235 Spruce 

Bo> e Ldward, Labourer Vine near Schuylkill 

Boyle James, tallowchandler Lemon st 

Boyle James, sandman 82 Swanson 

Boyle James, labourer Rasoberry alley 

Boy e James, labourer 48 Pass^ unk -oad 

Boy e John, sea captain 21 Little German 

Boyle John gardener P.n.^ above Eleventh 

Bo) e Michael, oak cooper rePenn 

Boyle Patrick, labourer 252 soutli Fifth 

Boy e Susannah widow grocer 30 Spruce 

n • 1 Ar-n""'''' J"'"Per between Arch andChcrrv 

Boy e VVdham, grocer South wharves near Cc^dlJ 

Boy e* Sarah, widow George near 2d fN L \ 

Boy Is Ann, seamstress 6 F.chfeldt's coui t 

Buys Mary, widow of Samuel 17 Browne 

Boyter Ameha, widow Miller's court (N L \ 

Boze U m. grocer and bricklayer 148 Lombard 

"""^^^la:^^-^^ ^ ^- corner 

Bozorth ^\m. carpenter 122 Filbert 

Braceland Jeremiah, 4 \ernon s( 

Bracehn Jane, widow 274 Sw:,uson 

Brackin Henry, printer 7 Cies>on's alley 

Brackney Isaac, tavlor 8 Carter's alley 

Sl-nHpn? K^'''''- ^-''g^^*^^'' ^ '^^"-ner in metals 2 Penn av 

Bv^dJn S;^^sr 18 P^s;i:i^^'"v^^'^ "■ 

^:^l^t':'^ ^--ulte!^ /-S;;^ bolc^^Hi^'^'-^ 
Hi .u field Benjamm, carter 18 Stamper's ;Jlcv • 

radtord 1 homas. j«n. att^urney at law 5 Sansom 

BRA whitely's annual 

Bradford Thomas, bookseller 8 south Front 

Bradford Thomas 8c William, booksellers, stationers and 

printers 8 south Front 
Bradford William, printer and bookseller 8 south Front 

■— d h 214 Mulberrj^ 
Bradford Thomas, labourer 473 noith 2d 
Bradley Anne, grocer 29 Prune 
Bradley EUzabeth, 313 Callowhill 
Bradley Elizabeth, widow, Callowhill above Garden 
Bradley Hugh, grocer 181 Cedar street 
-(-Bradley Isaac, labourer 59 Bedford (M.) 
Bradly Mary, widow grocer 200 Pine southeast cor. 7th 
Bradley James, baker 362 High 
Bradley John, ironmonger, i?iqui?-e 78 High 
Bradley John, tailor 295 south Third 
Bradley John, boarding house 108 Mulberry 
Bradley Patrick, coachman back 22 south Fourth 
Bradley Thomas, farmer and victualler Shippen's lane 

Bradley , tinplateworker 228 Lombard 

Bradshaw Sarah, tavern keeper 191 Chesnut 
Bradshaw Thomas, mariner Tui-ner's court 
Brady Alex, carpenter Sheaft's alley 
Brady Andrew, dealer 296 south Third 

ISee Bradey, Bready, Brodie 
Brady Catharine, pepperpot maker Old York r n Coates 
Brady Daniel, accountant 122 Chesnut — d h 172 Vine 
tBrady Essex, labourer Miles' court near Race 
Brady F. grocer and tavernkeepcr 289 Vine 
Brady James, storekeeper 107 s Fifth 
Brady James, morocco manufacturer 77 south Fifth 
Brady John, bricklayer Germantown road above Third 

Brady , pedlar Hazel alley below Locust 

Brady Laurence, 166 north Water 

Brady Richard, sliipwright. Old Yor]c r. below Coates 

Brady Sarah, widow 283 south Fourth 

Bradway, John, Beach near Maiden (K) 

Bradway, John, corder Oak (N L.) below Coates 

Bramin v/idow of Benjamin, Huddell's court 

Brseutigam Daniel, ironmonger &c. 194 north 2d 

Braley John, accountant Pearson's coui't 

Bramble Mary, Ann widow 40 St Tammany 

Bramble Wm. cooper 9 Sassafrass alley 

BrancoJ. P. tobacconist 72 south Front 

Branco John M. oysterman 99 Shippen 

Brand Christian Lewis, tinman 90 north Eleventh 

Brandum Samuel, porter Shippen near Thirteenth 

Brandt Aime', watchmaker and jeweller 129 north 2d 

Brandt John, carpenter 123 Coates 

Bramaker Frederick, ironfounder James above Ridge r. 

Brannan E. isf M. storekeepers 4 south 2d 

Brannan Peter, carpenter Lyndall's court 

Branner Daniel, labourer Pleasant above Charles 

Branner Fi-ederick, farmer Hickory lane near Ridge r. 

Branner George, late milkman 10 Brannei 's alley 

PHILAnr.LPHIA 1. IK, .. iC.i.Y. BRE 

Hraniicr Joseph, Shoemaker's court [See Brunner 

Braiuion Jolin, labourer C;imden N. J. 

Bramion John, carpenter Sheaff's alley 

Hrannuin Catliariuc, widow Hiitton's alley 

Brannum Frederick, milkman Kidgc road 

Brannum, Susan, widow 1;3 Wagner's alley 

Branson Aaron, rarptnter Shakamaxon cor. Prince 

Branson Elizabeth, nurse Cresson's alley 

Branson J. E aj^cnt for the N. Y. and Philad. line of post 

coaches 3 south Third 
Branson J. cedar cooper cellar 9 n. 6th — d h Loxley's ct. 
Br.uison Joshua, agent 25 north Fourth 
Brant Jesse A. labourer Raspberry alley 
Branson Elizabeth, widow of Day, Twelfth below Pine 
Bransby Mary, washerwoinan 4 Knight's court 
Brandt, T-aylor, stonemason and bricklayer 11 Budd 
Brant Wm. welldiggcr 8cc. cor Spruce and Sch. 7th 

[see Bra7idt 
Rranu Robert Peter, broker 120 south Second 
Br ;sier Amable, watchmaker and jeweller 12 south 3cl 
Brasiuglon Isaac, drayman 4-."8 north Front 
Braw James, labourer Second above Gernc.antown road 
Bi-ay t5'Barcroft dry goods store 217 north I'hircl 
Bray Daniel, storekeeper 217 north Third 
Bray Elkanrdi, sea captain 313 south 2d 
Bray Henry, labourer 301 south 7th 
tBray James, mariner Osbourn's court 
Bray John, painter &c. 26 Crown 
Brainan Samuel, plasterer 130 German 
Bra:;ic r John, whitesmith 171 Green [see Brasier 

Broaden James D innkeeper 121s Water 
Bready C. L, coachmaker 197 and d. h, 132 south Fifth 
Bready P. L. widow 144 south Fifth 
Brealey James, watchmaker 115 north Third — dwelling 

Fourth near (icrmantown road 
Brearley \Vm, shipwright Alberson's ct. n. shot factoiy 
Brcban Jolin, mcrcliant 164 High — d h 8 south Tenth 
Brtccc Charles, i?i(/uirr 'S- VV. corner Clierry and 7th 
Brecdin B. B. merchant 162^— d h 6th above Callowhill 
Bitidenhart Cieorge, upholsterer 117 south Front 
Breintnall David, ladies shoemaker 200 Chesnut 
Breintnall rev. Thomas, i«<7;i;>c' 200 Cliesnut 
Breish Joshua A. skindrcsser above 549 nortli Third 
Breisach George, drayman Kacc near Schuylkill "th 
Brelslord Fras. bootmaker She.ifTs^lley [see Beresford 
Broibford Joscpii, smith 90 Clu rry 
Brelsion' ^ Joyce, smiilis 90 Cherry 
Brilsf^rd Thomas, (sign Benevolent Heart) S.W. comer 

2d and Pojjlar lane 
Brcniaud C'. comnussion merchant 148 south Fourth 
Brcsland John, lal)ourer 1()6 south l*',leventh 
Brcsser J inb, ii.nkceix r cs'r. NE lor Lombard and 7th 
Bretlioff Henry, sea captain 21 Vernon 

BRI whitely's annual 

Bretz Adam, NW corner Tammany and St. John 

Bretz Jacob, merchant 32 north Third 

Brcuel Catharine, storekeeper 195 south Second 

Brevard Rebecca, widow storekeeper 229 south 2d 

Brewer Daniel, cordwainer 262 Arch 

Brewer Daniel, cordwainer 3 Faires's court 

Brewer Isaac, cordwainer 7 Myers' court 

Brewer Wm. clock and watchmaker Friend's almshouse 

Brewer Wm. waterman 353 south Front 

Brewster Lucinda, widow 5 Emlen's alley 

Bi^ewton Daniel, sea captain 444 south Front 

+Brx,e David, labourer Poplar lane near St. John 

Brice James, labourer Morgan's court ab Eleventh 

fBrice Wm. labourer Harper's alley, P. T. 

Brick William, tanner 8 Franklin street 

Bricker Jacob, weaver 473 north Third 

Brickman George, baker 44 Race 

Bridge James, teacher SE corner Spruce and Third 

Bridges Edwin N. teacher corner Vine and Fourth 

Bridges Culpepper, merchant 206 Pine 

Bridges Jemima, widow of Robert 259 south Front 

Bridport Hugh, miniture painter ^c.N.W. corner Ches- 

nut and 7th — d h 26 north 5th 
Brien Mary Ann, dry goods store NW corner Race and 

Fourth Isce Bryan 

Briggs Elizabeth, widow 55 St. Tammany 
Briggs John, cupper and bleeder 47 north Seventh 
Briggs Ralph, carter Rose N. L. 

Briggs Russel T. bailer maker Germantown road bel 2d 
Bright George, tavern keeper, 10 Spruce 
Brightwill Chavles, cordwainer 46 Budd 
Brill Geoi'ge, bricklayer Hanover near Fi'ankford road 
Brindle Dorothy, mantuamaker 75 north 6th 
Brindle James, grocer 447 north 4th NE cor Poplar 1. 
Brine James, milkman Ridge road above Callowhill 
Brmghurst Ann widow boarding house 35 Mechanic st. 
Br.ijghurst George, coachmaker 23 north Fifth 
Briughurst Jesse, coachmaker near 13 Kunkle 
Briiighurst Mary, inkeeper 215 N Second 
Bringhui'st Mary, widow 22 north Ninth 
Bringhurst Robert, cabinetmaker 5th n Carpenter (S.) 
+Brinkley David, labourer 5 Warner's court 
fBrinkle'v Rachael, widow 196 south 6th 
Brinlev Jacob S. merchant tailor NE cor 5th and Walnut 
Brinto'n John H. counsellor at law 217 Mulberry 
Brintzinghoffer George, wheelwright 114 and 116 n 5th 
-fBrister Peter labourer 6 Warner's court 
Bristol Hannah, 403 nsrth 2d 
tBristol James, woodsawyer Adams' street 
BristoU Mary, widow 403 north 2d 
Britt M iry, milliner 99 Arch 
Brittiii Joseph, Lower Delaware Hotel, 18 Bread 
Brittingham Mary, widow Cranmer's court 
Britten Charles, cordwainer Beach near High bridge- 


livitton John, gentlemnn Mantua village 

Britton Tlins, mintt-r Stew;irt's court 

Britton VVm. lumber mi-rchant, S E corner Ninth and 

Cherry — d ii 125 north Ninth 
Britzell Josepli, turner 12 York court N. L. 
Broatlheart John, woollen mauufacturcr 28 Stamper's ay. 
Broatlic Christian.i, 148 Locust 
Br')!)son Wm. 194 south Fourth 

Briiz Adain, innkeeper .uid grocer cor Front and Poplar I 
Br )l)stou Ann, widow 6 Cypress alley 
Bi-obston Joseph grocer SlL cor Fi'ont and Queen 
Broad Joshua, labourer Bushhill 
Broasnahin Daniel, labourer Hazel alley 
Brobst, Ann, widow cor Otter and (ierniantown road 
Brociiet Charles, jeweller Pottery allev 
Brock Fredei-ick, accountant 130 St. John 
Brock John, merchant 230 north 2d 
Brink 6i Rush, mevchantb 230 north 2d 
Brockeruian VVm. tobacconist 50 Tammany 
Brockleluirst R smith Scott's alley — d h 96 Filbert 
Brodliead Daniel, scrivener and accountant 12 Arch 
Broadhead rev. Jacob, 77 north Fifth 
Brodie Andrew, grocer S E cor. Coates and 2d 
Brodie Edward, carpenter 76 Almond 
Brodie Michael, tanner Germantown road near Third 
Bronger VVm. victualler Race near Sch. Eighth 
Brouson Enos, late editor of " The Union,' 6 Franklin 

row 9th below Walnut [see Branson 

Brooke Boyer, iron mer. 109 n Water — d h Brooke court 
B'ooke Caleb, smith 88 Callowhill — d h Kunkle above 

Pegg's run 
Brooke C. & S. blacksmith 88 Callowhill 
Brooke lgnatii\s, tar.ner St. John above Beaver 
Brooke Jojin, blacksmith 88 Callowhill— d h 412 n. 2d 
Brooke James, smith 419 n 4th N. L. [^.lee Brooks 

Brooke Robert, surveyor 316 N Third 
Brooke Susannah, widow Maria above Fourth 
Brooke William J. scresv-auger manufactory High 

west of Permanent Bridge 
Brooker, Christian, cordwainer 6th above Poplar lane 
Brookhouse John, labourer 255 St Jolm 
Brooks Catharine, 22 Seventh near Walnut 
Brooks David, carter 125 north Eleventh [see Brooke 
Brooks——, widow 7 Callowiidl 
{"Brooks Hannah, widow Portland lane 
Brooks John, cooper 83 S Waror — d h 5 Norris's alley 
Brooks John, caina store 272 nnrih Front 
Brooks Joseph, brassfounder Cadwal ider street 
Brooks Ijcwis, back 239 north Second 
Brooks Oliver, tawner and currier 362 north Front 
Brooks R ichel, widow of Wn. 2.5 Kev's .illey 
Brooks S.iuuiel, mercli (ii* ird's wharf — d h 80S 8tlv 
Brooks Wm. grocer corne; Juniper and Walnut 
D 2 


Broom Christopher grocer and drayman 104 Budd 
Broom James M counsellor at law, office 97 and d h 95 

Brooriri Lsetitia, widow 118 Cedar 

Broom Thos, cooper 10 Swanson — d h 353 south Front 
Broome Charles R. 1st lieutenant marines. Navy yard 
Broome William J. shoemaker Beacli below Warren 
Bross Elizabeth, widow 120 south Fifth 
Brcssie John, stagedriver 254 south Fourth 
Brnsiasky Henry, dealer 12th corner Lyndall's court 
Broilit-rihon Elizabeth, widow back 166 St. John 
Brotherton Hugh, shoemaker 330 south Front 
Brotherton John, shoemaker Germantownroad near 2d 
Broughton Hoi-ace, accountant 186 north Fifth 
Brower Jacob, potter 10 Rose alley near Brown 
Browne Aquilla A. attorney at law 38 s 6th — d h 30" 

fBrowne Abner, mariner 58 Passyunk 
Brown Ahni. mariner 113 Catharine 
Bi'own Abni. porler 40 Blackberry alley 
Brown Adam, grocer S W cor 9th and Cherry 

Brown , sexton back 49 Pine 

Brown Andrew, umkeeper 44 Cedar 

Brown Andrew, teacher 51 soutli Fifth 

Brown Ann, widow back 44 Spruce 

Brown Aim, widow 239 siiuth Fourth 

Brown Aulay, tailor 4 Chesnut 

Brown Bi:riiey, labourer Shackamaxon near Prince 

Brown Benjamin, skindresser George nearSecnid 

Brown Benneville D. hardware merch. 54 N Front — d h 

165 Arch 
Brown Benjamin V. carpenter 11 York court N. L. 
■fBrown Bei.jamin, porter Pine below Twelfth 
Brown Cii;i)les I. 39 south Fourth 
Brown Charles, labourer Ger. r. n. Fourth 
Browne Charles, silkdeyei' 49 Coate's alley 
Brown Charles H. merchant 28 S wharves — dh 258 n3d 
Brown Charles R. lieut. of marines "Navy yard 

! Brown Csesar, coachman M^irk's lane 
Brown Charles, coachman Acorn alley 
Brown Charles, mariner 3 Warner's court 
tBrown Charles, porter 257 Spruce 
Brown Christiana, widow back 405 south Second 
Brown Cornelius, boarding house 135 N Water 
Brow • Da^id, sea captain 383 south Front 
Brown D ivid Paul, c-.ttorney at law NE cor Arch & 6th 
tBrown David, labourer GrisseU's alley 
Brown Deborah, widow of Dr. Thomas 42 George (S.) 
Blown Elenor, widpw tailoress 53 Gaskill 
Brown Elij.ih, com. mer.48 Dock — d h 39 Fourth 
Brown Eliz.ibetli, boarding house 136 Front 
Brown Elizabeth, tailoress Fourth -be). Germantown r. 
Brown Elizabeth, widow of George 127 Callowhill 


Brown Elias & Robert, stonecutters 195 S Tth ab. Pine 

tBrown Ellis, sawyer Lyndall's court 

Brown I'.sther, widow 165 Arch 

Brown Ezra, cordwainer High ab. Schuylkill Seventh 

Brown Francis, inspector of military clothing, Ann (V.) 

Brown George, oysterman 106 Cedar 

Brown George, carpenter Lombard above Sixth 

tBrown George, labourer Mile's court n Rose 

Brown Geo. tavern keeper Cedar n (iray's ferry road 

Brown Grace, widow ot John 87 n Ninth 

Brown Hannah W. widow 250 N Second 

Brown & Harris, painters, Sec back of 73 Chesnut 

tBrown Harry, Dean's alley 

Brown Henry, whitesmith 452 Sassafrass 

Brown Henry, cordwainer 188 S Fourth 

Brown Hugh, nailcutter S Fourth n Carpenter 

Brown Isabella, widow cor Arch and Juniper 

Browr Isaiah, labourer 267 s Fifth 

Brown Jacob, morocco dresser 18 Popl. ab Front 

Brown Jacob, carter Federal bel. Second 

Brown Jacob,,corder Oak below Coates(N. L.) 

Brown Jacob,*labourei' Germantown r n Master's st. 

fBrown Jacob, waiter, 225 S Eighth near Cedar 

Brown James tobocconist 46 n Fourth 

Brown James, & Chas. Harris, painters &c. 30 Bank 

Brown James, weaver Sch. Sixth bel. High 

Brown James, blacksmith Bradford's alley 

Brown James, labourer back 18 Budd 

Brown James, tailor, 2 Vernon 

Brown James, cordwainer NE cor Locust and Ninth 

Brown James, tinplatc vvorkr-r Fourth n Germant.r 

Brown James, late mariner Frics's ct. 

fBrown James, waiter 6 Eagle court 

fBrown James, shoemaker 14 Hurst street 

Brown Jeremiah, mariner 29 Biowne 

tBrown Jeremiah, labourer 6th above Poplar lane 

fBrown Jesse, painter, 6cc. Warren (C) 

fBrown Jesse, dealer 14 Bonsall 

Brown John H sea captain Sh:xkamaxon n Bedford 

Browne John C. shipsmitu 331 N Front — d h Beach 

above Hanovc-r 
Brown John, in!^pector of customs 316 south Front 
Brown John, steam engineer 391 S -ssafras 
Brown John, labourer Arch west of Sch 2d 
Brown John .\. and Co. importers of Irish linens 22 south 

Front— d h 109 S(Hith 3'1 
Brown John, tailor 384 south Front 
Brown John, clo'k and watchmaker 359 N 2d 
Browne John, 376 nortl* Front N L 
Browne John, U. S. superintendant of fortifications, 1 

Little George 
Brown John, merchant 216 Chesnut 
Brown John, labourer Grissell's alley 

BRO whitely's annual 

Brown widow of John, cor. Juniper and Arcli 
Brown Jolm, labourer Shackamaxon above Bedford 
Brown John, siiverplater inquire 22 south Tliird 
Brown John, superintendant of military clothing 16, 

Broad above Chesnut 
Brown John, hairdresser 7^ S 6th— d h Washington ct. 
Brown John, painter. Sec. 24 Watson's alley 
Brown John M. rigger 14 Noble 
Brown John P. fisherman Queen above Palmer 
Brown John, cordwainer 6 South alley 
Brown John, labourer back 7 Shippen street 

Brown John, labourer Sch. 4th above Spruce 

Brown John, porter 73 Plum 
"Brown John, carpenter 11 Hurst street 

Brown John, barber Washington court 

■Brown Jolm, mariner back 183 Spruce 
'Brown John, waiter Portland lane 
■Bi'own John, labourer Bonsall 
"Brown John, sweep master 199 Shippen 

Brown John, carter Gray's ferry road near Cedar 
Brown Joseph, watcVunan Shaxamaxon n. Prince 
Brown Joseph, mariner 107 Christian street 
Brown Joseph, hatter back of 8 Oak (S.) 
Brown Joseph, watchman Arch below Broad 
fBrown Joseph, mariner back 105 German 
Brown J and M. and M. D. Lewis, mer. 234 Market 
Brown and Kinderdine, carpenters Kunckel bel. Green 
Brown Lawrence, 223 Spruce street 
tBrown Lawry, coachman Mark's lane 
Brown and Lee, hatters and straw hat manufacturers, 

70 south 2d 
Brown Lewis, merchant 146 High 
B'-own Liberty, conveyancer 393 N 2d and Falls of Sch 
•fBrown Lunar, sweep Browne above Fourth 
tBrown Lunar, jun. ragman Brown above Fourth 
Bi own Margaret, widow 23 Noble 
Brown Margaret, widow 587 south 2d 
fBi'ovvn Margaret, widow Atkinson's court 
Brov.'n Mary, widow grocer NW cor. 6th and Lombard 
Brow.-. Mary, widow cake baker 377 N 4th 
fBrown Mury, widow Crab above Shippen 
Brown Mary, widow 40 
Brown Micliael, rigger 8 Margaretta 
tBrown Moriea, Cedar abovt 12th 
Brown Mrs. widow above 239 St. John 
Brown Mrs. B. teacher 229 Ar ch 
Brown Noble, carter Clymer's alley near 6th 
Brown Peter, brushmaker back of 36 N Third 
Brown Peter A. attorney at law and conveyancer, office 

16Swanwick — d h 68 south 6th 
Brown Peter, tisherman Queen near Cherry 
Browne Philip, surgeon's instrument maker 49 N 7th 
Brown Philip, labourer Wood above Prince 


Brown Phoebe^ Mrs. back 249 Shippcu 

Brown Rachel, widow back 118 (icrman 
-fBrown Richard, sawyer 211 Shipptn street Ricliard, fancy store 353 south 2d 
Brown Robert, typelounder Cedar al)ove Ninth 
fBrown Robert, master sweep tfcc. Pine below Tenth 
Brown Rnth A. nurse 15 Watson's alley 
Brown Samuel, 140 soutli bVighth 
Brown Samuel, tea-warehouse 73 Chesnut 
Brown Samuel, pumpmaker 47 Mead alley 
jBrown Samnel, mariner Osbourn's court 

i Brown Samuel, waiter 185 south 7th 
roun Sarah, Pine above rentli 
Broun Sarah, widow of Joseph A. boarding house 74. 

south Eleventh 
Brown Sarah, widow Browne below 4th 
Brown Sarah, widow Ijoarding house 211 Arch 
jBrown Sarah, widow 90 Passyunk road 
JBrown Susan, widow St. Mary street (back) 
Brown Thos. carpenter 53 Tammany NE cor. Kunckel 
Brown Thomas, stave merchant 17 Swanson 
Brown Thos. oakcooj)er 24 Little Water, — dh S Front 
Brown Thomas, storekcejjer 17 south 2d 
Brown Thomas, capt. of U. S. navy 61 N 4th 
Brown 'I'homas, wholesale and retail grocer, SE cor. of 

Ninth and Locust 
jBrown Thomas, sawyer Plum alley 
tBrown Thomas, labourer George above 10th 

Brown Thomas, hairdresser 153 south 6th 

Brown Thomas, oysterman 238 High 
"Brown Thomas, porter back of 265 Race 

Brown Thomas, oysterman Tammany near Fourth 
]irown William, printer office 42 Prune — d h 6 John 

above Wood 
Brown William, rectifying distiller 172 Cedar 
Brown \V'illiam, tanner and currier 135 north 6th 
Brown William, wliitesmith 21 Green 
Brown Wm. tanner 4th ab. Callowhill— d h 196 N 4th 
Brown ^^"lUiam, accountant 123 Lombard 
Brown William W. carpei\ter 25 \\'ood 
Brown Wm. accountant. Alms-house Spruce ab. 10th 
Brown William P. merchant 6th above Callowhill 
Brown WiUiam, cabinet maker batk ot 262 Cedar 
Brown William, labourer Walnut W. Broad 
Brown William, bottler 50 north Fifth 
Brown William, taverrkeeper 54 Swanson 
Brown William, ladies shoemaker 140 Lombard 
Brown \\'m. mariner 51 Queen street 
Brown William, back 49 Pnie street 
Brown William, shoemaker Queen near Clurry 
-f Browji William, waiter Sell 2d below High 
JBrviwn William, labourer IS Hurst street 

(Brown William, boot cleaner \\'abhington court ,„ 

BRY whitely's annual 

fBrown William, waiter 17 north 8th 

JBrown William, master gweep 136 Cherry 

JBrown William, carpenter George below 11th 

Browne Wm. J. flour merchant 132 N Front 

Brownell Gai'dner, inn and ferry keeper 155 Swanson 

Brownell Sarah, widow 48 Prune 

Browner Nicholas, mariner Sch. 7th above Arch 

tBrpwnhill Daniel B. hairdresser 223 north 2d 

Browning George, labourer Camden N, J. 

tBrowning John, mariner back 75 George (S.) 

Brownshot Lewis, labourer 56 Cable lane 

Bruce WiUiam, innkeeper 30 Cedar 

Bruce William, biscuit baker 30 Queen 

Bruck William, buiscuit baker 113 Vine 

Brugiere Charles, mercht. 247 High — d h 296 Chesnut 

Brugiere C. and A. Teisseire, merchants 247 High 

Brum John, hatter 196 St. John 

Brumaken Frederick, labourer James bel. Ridge road 

Brumer Benjamin, sawmaker back of 15 north 6th 

Brumraell Samuel, stonemason Taper alley 

Brunei Andrew, mariner 29 Coate s street 

Brunner Adam & Son, skindressers, &c. 11 Margaretta 

Brunner Wm. skindresser 112 St. John & 11 Margaretta 

Brunner John, carver and gilder 90 N 3d [see Branner 

fBrunes William, stevedore 6th near Queen 

Brumer Thomas, laboui-er back 373 south Front 

jBrummy Samuel, sawyer Browne near Cherry (K) 

Bruorton George, china gilder and enameller, NE cor. 

Chesnut and Sch. 6th 
Bruorton Wm. grocer NE cor. Chesnut and Sch 6th 
tBrustar Caroline, Essex's alley [^see BrevJSter 

Brusstar Henry, shipwright Shaxamaxon near Queen 
Brasstar Samuel B. cabinet maker Queen n. Crown K. 
Brusstar Samuel, gentleman Beach near Marlborough 
Bruster Charles, grocer SW cor High and 13th 
Bryan Catharine, seanibcress 273 south Fifth 
tBryan Henry, mariner 30 Stamper's alley 
Bryan Jesse, tailor 13 Wood 

Bryan John C. cooper back 365 High— d h 2 south 12th 
Bryan John, cabinet maker 5 Hinckle's court 
tBryan Margai'et, widow Maiy's alley 
Bryan Mary, widow 93 south 4th 

Bryan Sax-ah, Miss Clover street [see Brian 

Bryan Samuel, esq. Register for the Probate of Wills, 
and granting Letters of Administration in and for the 
city and county of Philadelphia, in the Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania, No. 6 east wing State house 
tBrvan Thomas, sweep master Shippen above 7th 
Bryan Wm. P. merchant 223 High — d h 401 Arch 
Bryan T. M. mer. 223 High & d h 223 Arch [see Brien 
Bryant John Y. chemist, &c. NW cor. Pine and 2d 
Bryant Mordecai Y. wholesale and retail druggist 241 
north 2d 


Biyant T. J. druggist, Sec. 396 N Front and 205 N 8th 

Kryant W in. cabinet maker 68 Chcsnut— d h 36 Dock 

Bn ars 'I'lioinas, weaver liack 180 Lombard 

Br} den James, baker 145 Walnut 

Brvnan John, umbrella maker Sac. 194 south 2d 

Bryson William, cordwainer 220 S 3th 6c back 159 Pine 

Buchanan Alex, cordwainer Hunter's court 

Buchanan Andrew, grocer Jiuii|)er above Race 

Buchanan Catharine, widow IJth below Walnut 

Buchanan Georjje, bitm;iker Locust below 13th 

Bachanan Lxtitia, widow 190 Spruce 

Bachanan Margaret, widow Alban street 

Buchanan Thomas, weaver W'ea\er's alley 

Buchhalter George F. baker 25 Franklin court 

«nik C. N. merchant 144 south 3d— d h 204 south Front 

Buck C hauncey, tinplateworkeilSth bet. High & Filbert Ldwnrd, mariner 129 Cedar 

Buck Hugh, blacksmith 12 Crab Isee Book and Beck 

DU( k John, labourer Arch alley 

Buck and Krumbhaar, merchants 144 sojith 3d 

Buck Leonard cedar cooper 333 north 3d 

TBuck V\dcher,bootcleaner214 Lombard 

Buckmgham Edward, bootmaker 12lh above Race 

Hucknigham John, messenger to Health Office 42 S 5th 

Buckish N. J. copperplate printer 25 Currant alley 

B.,^1 I A 1 , [*■"' Bockius 

Muck ey Adam, cedar cooper Rose alley near Coats 
Buckley Anthony M. merchant 133 south Fiont— d h 87 

south od [,,,.,> Bkkley and Backlcy 

Uuckley Llizabeth, widow 36 south Sixth 
TBucklcy Henry, porter 2 Burd's court 
Buckley Isaac, meal store 389 north Front 
Buckley M. B. merchant 22 n„ith Water 
Buckman Benjamin, hatter 94 Gaskill 
Buckman & Benson, stock and exchange brokers 2 S 3d 
Buckman J. stock and exchange broker 2 S 3d— d h 19 

Buckman John, merchant 19 Sansom 
Budd John, cedarcooper Broad above Race 
Budd Samuel W\ apothecary &c. 3 New Market 
Buck! Susan, widow 14 south Sixth 
Budd Thos. A. attorney at law 113 Arch 
»"' > J.y^ cabinetmaker 55 Green 
Bu(.(l W m. A. merchant 23 north Front 
Hulhngton Isaac, cabinetmaker 62 Almond 
Bu,i;Iass Mary, b(X)kbindcr 12 Coombs' nllcv 
Bujac M merchant 30 S 4ih— d h 2 Ranstead's court 
lupic J- Lachassee, meichant 130 Pine 
Buiey Daniel, sawyer Broad below Locust 
" "uley Sarah, widow Kesler's alley 
^^Buley Wilhelmina, 6 Middle alley 
H t"l' iU^7' »^y<^>-«"t of the dead 235 Lombard 
Bulhnch Wilham, printer Unity court 

BUR whitely's annual 

Bull Lydia, nurse inquire at 27 south Second 

Bull Marcus, goldbeater 22 Pear 

Bullock David, tailor 81 north Front 

Bumgard Jacob, waterman Queen near Shakamaxon 

Bamm George, carter Pine above Thirteenth 

Bumm John, carpenter Marlborough above Bedford 

Bumm Peter, silversmith and jeweller 119 Chesnut 

Bumm &Shepper, silversmiths Scjewellers 119 Chesnut 

Bumm Samuel, carter Irish lane 

Bunce Jared, sea captain inquire at Girard's wharf 

Bundjck John, cordwainer 20 Vernon st. 

fBundy Solomon, waiter 12 Elizabeth 

Bungart Margaret, widow Juniper above Cheny 

Bunker Charles, confectioner 36 Plum 

Bunker John, sea captain 452 south Front 

Bunker Nathan, mer. 19 s. Water— d h 22 Washington st 

f Bunkum Charles, coacliman Middle alley 

Bunting Henry, coachman Filbert near Eleventh 

Bunting Isaac, wheelwright 28 Union alley 

Bunting Jacob T. merchant 166 N. 3d— d h 93 north 2d 

Bunting John, carpenter 172 south Sixth 

Bunting Joseph P. of the U. S. army Shippen near 4th 

Bunting Josiah, lumber merchant 281 Spruce 

Bunting Patrick, mariner 6 Steinmetz's court 

Bunting Philip S. merchant 95 north Second 

Bunting S. C merchant 93 north Second--d h 12 Branch 

Bunting Wm shingledresser 175 St, John 

Bui'bankMary, widow ofcapt.Geo. W. Juniper ab. Race 

Burch rev. James K. 10 north Eighth 

f Burch John, cor. Market and Sch. Sixth 

Burdi rev. Robert, 138 south Tenth 

Burchell Lydia, lady Eleventh below Spruce 

Burckle Christian T. merchant 60 Race 

fBui'd Cxsar, labourer Apple near George, (N. L."! 

Burd Edward, gentleman 247Chesnut \_se(t BirdlSf Biard 

Burd Edward S counsellor at law 276 Chesnut 

Burd Jane R. confectioner 163 Chesnut 8c 70 S. Front 

Burd Samuel, tavernkeeper 159 Water 

Burden Calvin, gunsmith back 110 Race 

Bui'den widow of George, 529 south Front 

Burden Jeremiah R. m. d. 35 Spruce 

Burden J, R. m. d. 95 south Third 

Burden Joseph, Windsor and fancy chairmaker 95 and 97 
south Third N E cor. York [see Borden isf Burton 

Burden Joseph, cordwainer 10 Rihl's court 

Burden Lydia, Miss, 216 south Third 

tBurden Susan, widow 107 Queen, (S.) 

Burdick Lewis, painter, 8cc. 13 Mark's lane 

Burge & Bioren, wine and liquor store 86 Chesnut 

Burge John, confectioner 86 Chesnut 

Burger George C. grocer 116 Callowhill [see Berger 

Bui'gess John, labourer 82 north Ninth 


hurgess M. & H. storekeepers 134 High 

Burgess Maw, widow 206 snutl) Fitih 
Hijri;;ess Kobtrt, wholesale i^rcccr Iligli west of Sch. 6th 
Biirtiin (ico. H m. d. 55 h N. Tiiird— d h 16.5 S. Fifth 
+Burgo\ ne Stephen, mariin.r 55 (iaskill 
Burk Ciiroliiif, Miss, 48 Currant alley 
Bulk Catharine, widow Locust above Juniper 
Burk James, clothing store 30 S. 6th, Shakspeare build- 
ings — dh 175 Walnut 
Burk Jane, grocer S E corner Walnut and Water 
Burk John, labourer Green's court 
Burk Tliomas, geiUleman S3 Plum 
Btirk Thos. coachtrimmcr cor. Uaspbeny & Shield's ay. 
Burk William, labourer 51.1 soutli Second 
Bu' k.rc .\dam L. turner 33 Browne {_.'<ee Burkhart 

Bnrkirt Frederick, constable. Cresson's alle) 
Buricart Saml. brushmaker 193 N. 3d 8c 5 Harmony ct' 
Burkart Valentine, gent. 28 AppUtree alley 
Burke Tliomas, dry goods store 6 north Second 
Burke Tliomas, comedian 32 Washington st. 
Burkelow Isaac, dealer 293 north Second 
Burkhard Samuel, tobacconist 230 south Fifth 
Burkhai'd, widow of A. tavernkeeper 7\ Soutli wharves 

\_aee Birckju-ad 
Burkhardt & Bailey, merchants 7 north Second 
B'irkhardt Henry, merciiant 9 N Second — dh 70 \'ine 
Burkhart Isaac, mariner 126 St. John 
Biirkhart Jacob, cal)inetmaker Rose alley ab. Tammany 
Buikhart Margaret, widow Rose alley above Tammany 
Burkhart Peter, hairdresser 57" nortii Water 

[^see I3urkart, Burk/'t, and Burkliardi 
Burkhart Robert, dentist, bleeder, &c. 72 north Front 
Buikiiimer Henry, mariner Millei's court, (N L) 
Buikink John, blacksmith 103 Queen 
jBurkitt Moses, poru-r Bnnsall l)elow Tenth 
Burkilt William, carpenter Knox's court 
Burklebaugh Matthias, shoemaker 6tli ab. Poplar lane 
Burky Josluia, ctirier 3(i4 nortli Front 
Bui lock William, merchant 67 south Fiftli 
Burman Henry, saddletremaker Fvank. r. n Soirtl IIiu-sc 
Barnam John, hog vict. 158 Si. Jniin. ,:nd 5 N. L. market 
Burnham Doicas, widow 107 Christian 
Bunihain John, labourer Swanson n. Ca'herine 
Bnrmann Guttlicii. vict 19 N L mark. — d li Poplai-jab 2d 
Burncll Robert, painter & j^Liziev, Juniper ab Race 
Bui"ns /\.r\roi), sea captain 15 A.n; st. 
Bums Artliu;*, carpenter Arch W S^h. 2d 
Burns (ie<)rge, labo.irer back 13 Mark's laijfc 
Bmiis Kliza mantuamaker 65 George St. 
Burns Elizabeth widow, J^ombard bel. 12th 
jBurns Ellen, wulow Nieman's alley 
Burns Jacob, currier 18 Mew M.irket 
Burns Jacob, sea captain 18 New Market 

BUS whitely's annual 

Burns James, ladies shoemaker 48 Spi-uce 

Burns John, laboui-er 257 Catharine 

Burns John M. boot and shoe manufacturer 45 Arch 

fBurns John, shipwright Shackamaxon above Prince 

Burns Joseph, storekeeper 244 N Front 

Burns Mary, widow, 57 Meade alley 

Burns Nicholas, grocer corner Sansom and Seventh 

Burns Penelope, teacher St. Joseph's avenue 

Burns Sarah, widow 110 Lombard 

Burns Wm. weaver Lombard ab. 12th 

Burns Wm. tailor Bi'yan's court 

Burns Wm. H. shoemaker 263 N 3d 

Burring Matthew, coasting captain 36 Coates' st. 

Burring and Wells merchants, S. wliarves bel. Walnut 

Burr WiUiam H. gentleman 13 Crown 

Burr George H. merchant 13 N Front 

tBurr John, hairdresser 223 N 2d & 51 Callowhiil 

Burr Joseph, painter and glazier 237 Lombard 

Burr Rebecca, widow 11 Vine 

Burr Richard, mercliant 95 north Fifth 

Burridge Benj Craft imitation bird maker Alban ab. 13th 

Burnsou Peter 49 Moyamensing r. 

fBurriss Peter, fidler back 24 Small 

Burrough Archibald, tailor 79 Green 

Burrough Jos. capt Union Steamboat Kaighnton N J 

Burrough Levi, tailor 13 Budd st. 

Burroughs Ann, widow 15 Key's alley 

Burroughs Ann, widow 383 Race 

Burrows Catharine widow 6th bel Fitzwalter 

Burrows Jesse, carpenter Malt alley — d h 82 N 7th 

Burrows John, carter back 590 S 2d 

Burrows John, weaver Cooper's ferry N J 

Burrows Wm. spectacle maker 2 Myer's court 

Burson John, 80 Wood 

Burt Nath. mercht. NE cor. High and 2d and 237 High 

Burth John, potter Germantown road n. 4th 

Burtis John, Beach near Warren K. 

fBurton Belfast, doctor 152 south Fifth 

tBurton Bristol, sawyer Mary's alley 

Burton George, mariner 192 S water 

-fBurton Isaac, coachman 32 Burd's court 

Burton Margaret, widow 202 south Second 

fBurton Milford, stablekeeper back 519 N 3d 

Isee Barton is" Burdo7i 
Burton Peter, constable Camden N J 
tBurton Phillis Mrs. Warner's ct. 
Burton Robert, shipbuilder 260 Swanson 
tBurton Robert, mariner 4 Giles' alley 
tBurton Robert, coachman Shippen above Seventh 
Burton Samuel, confectioner 171 S. 2d 
Burwell Stephen, bootmaker 3 Small 
Busch Andrew, shoemaker 138 N Third 
Busch John, mariner 281 S Third 


Rubh Bernard, shoemaker back 117 German 
Bush Susan, widow 98 Catliarine 
jBiish \Vm. labourer 7 (iilcs' alley- 
Rusher Mascs, sliipniastcr back of 15 BiuUl 
Busman John, bleeder and iiairdrt-sscr 98 N 5th 
Busscr Francis, tinplalc worker 341 S 2d— d h Gal- 
breaths' ct. 
Bussior AntUonv, baker, back 262 Cedar st 
Bussier Daniel, justice oftiie peace, 228 S. 3d st 
Bossier Samuel, grocer, cor. Christian & 3d 
Bussing Thomas, bookbinder Beach below Marlborough 
tBustlc David, plasterer Charles n. Coates 
Butcher Amos, W. merchant 49 N Water 
Butcher John, tinplate worker 222 south Fifth 
Butclier Joseph, bindlebit maker Locust bel. 13th 
Butcher Samuel, cordwainer 121 N 6th 
Butcher Wm boot and shoe manuf SE cor Arch and 7th 
Butland John, lace and fringe weaver 137 Cheny 
tButler Amelia, widow, 54 Currant alley 
Butler Charles, plasterer Juniper alley 
tButler Charles, saw sharper 26 Passyunk st 
Bvitier Christiana, widow, Crown n. west (K) 
tButler Dafney, washerwoman Fine above Eleventh 
Butler Deborah, widow 63 Christian 
Butler Eve, widow washerwoman Oliio st. 
Butler Ezekiel, late sea captain 96 N 5th 
Butler George, planemaker 178 N Eighth 
tButler Henry, hairdresser. Pine bel. 12th 

Butler Henry, labourer. Hose st. (N L) 

Butler Htmy, labourer, Shippen n. 13th 

liitlcr Isabella, widow 198 S 2d 
Butler James, accountant 65 N Fifth 
Butler James combmaker 56 Passyunk r, 
Butler widow of James, Bi'oad above Race 
Butler Jane, widow back of 14 Quarry 
Butler John, planemaker 12 Quarry 
Butler Jolin captain 7 Harmony court 
Butler Joseph, tailor 127 N 6th 
Butler Joseph, accountant High n. Sch. Front 
Butler Margaret, b^ardinghouse 98 Spruce 
Butler Martha, widow, M.iiden n. Stone bridge 
tButler Mary, widow, bark 10 Small st. 
Butler Nicholas, brickmakcr, 33 (German 
Butler Pierce, gentleman N\V cor. Cl\esnut and Eighth 
Butler Pirrce, wharf builder Beach near high bridge 
Butler PM*rce, constal)le 322 south Front 
Butler Pierce, clerk. Federal bel. Moyamensing 
Butler R. and 13. R. dry );oods store 14 S 2d 
Butler Richaril, baker 164 Locust 
Butler widow ot Richard, Fraiikford r. above Otter 

Butler Richard, woodsiiwyer Baker 

Butler Sanuiel, tailor 18 Juniper lane 

Butler Samuel, G. painter, &c. 136 south Ninth 

CAI whitely's annual ■* 

Butler Thomas, labourer North st. 

Butler Thonias R engraver 96 Chesnut 

Butler Wm. W. cabinetmaker, 6th bel. Shippen 

fButler Wm. labourer, Warren st. bel. 12th 

Butler Wm. L ladies shoemaker ip4 Locust st. 

Butler William., bill slicker 136 south Ninth 

Butt Wm. melter, N 3d near Franklin st. \ 

ButterwoJith John, tinplateworker 69 8c 90 Hieh cor. Sd 

and 355 N 3d 
Button Eli^iabeth, widow back 171 north Second 
Buzby Benjamin C. bookseller and stationer 282 north 

Third— d h 140 Race 
Buzby H & Co. flour mer. 86 N. Water— d h 73 Wood 
Buzby Hezekiah, grocer water & 26 Wcod 
Buzby Hezekiah, merchant 73 Wood 
Buzby John, late dealer in flour 164 Chei'iy 
Buzzard Rebecca, widow Prince near Palmer 
Buzzard Peter, cooper Sixth above Callowhill 
Byer George, labourer back 446 Race st. 
Byeiiy Christopher, gentleman 9 Sansom 
Byerly George, labourer Marlborough near Beach (K) 
Byei'ly John, shipwright Queen n. Shakamaxon 
Byerly Sophia, shopkeeper Queen near Marlborough 
Byers Samuel, carpenter 52 south Tenth shop Quince 
Byrnt Mrs. E. 19 S 5th [See Bums 

Byrne Henry, C. attorney at law 5 Little George 
Byrne John, bleeder and dentist 99 Swansou— -d h 451 

south Front 
Byrne Margaret, widow Small alley 
Byrne Patrick, lottery and exchange office 33 south 4th 

NE corner Chesnut — d h 318 Mulberry 
Byrne Redmond, gentleman, 7 N Water 
Bvsher Jacob, 152 St. John 

tCABIEL JULIAN, teacher 124 Spruce 8c 139 Lomb« 
Cabot Joseph, merchant 123 south Front 
Cadet Lyon, dry goods store 82 north Fourth 
Cadwalader gen. Thomas, counsellor at law SE corner 

Arch and Ninth 
fCaesar Julius, wcodsawyer 33 Currant alley 
-j Cjesar Luke, sawyer, 33 Cui'rant alley 
jCjesar Peter, labourer, 249 Shippen st. 
iCrosar's Samuel, labourer 179 Cedar st. 
Caffcrty Joseph, cordwainer Fraokford r. above Palmer 
Cahill Christopher, gardener. Prime ab. 8th 
Cahill John, carter 1. L2etitia court 
Cahoon John, 170 Cherry st. 
Cahoon Joseph, cordwainer Rhil's court 
f Cain Anthony, mariner 84 Plum 
Caines Hester, widow Shepard's alley 


jCain Adam, waiter 53 Currant alley 

fCaiti (icoige, sawyer. Atkinson's co»irt 

jCaiii Kinscy, waiter. Quince ab. Sj^ruce 

Cake Ann, widt.w Sink's conrt 

Cake jDsepli, liatter 110 nonh Second 

Cakfl Sitphcn. cordwaintr 24 Charlotte 

Cnnl)> Caleb, H. plumber 29 Bank 

Cairns Francis, grocer cor. Shippcnand 6th 

Cairns Richard, grocer. Prosperous alley 

Calljreath James F. 64 St. 'rammany 

C.iiddcngh RoI)ert A. gentleman 64 and d ir66 Walnu' 

Caiderwood A watchmaker Sic. Ger. r. ab. 1st gate 

CaUlwell Alexander, white licar inn 248 High 

Caldwell David, clerk of the Circuit & District courts 

of the United Slates, office west wing of the State 

house lip stairs 
tCaldwell Isaac, mariner back 11 Hurst st; 
Caldwell James, blacksmith Browne bel. Front 
CaUhvell James accountant 27 Mcclianic's st. 
Caldwell James S. C( r. Sch 3d & Hamilton 
Caldwell James, tish stoiv 23 StrasvbeiTV 
Caldwell James, weaver. Quince below Locust 
tC.ildwell James, sweep Browne n. 5th 
Caldwell Jolin, wheelwright, Callowhill n Sch 2d 
Caldwell John, cotton factorv Twelfth below Pine 
Caldwell Jonathan, printer Carpenter below Second 
Caldwell & Kilpatrick, sn/iths cor Brown & Front 
Caldwi.ll Martha, widow 146 ujrth Eighth 
Caldwell Noble, fencemaker Coates below Sixth 
Caldwell Oliver, labourer Stewart's alley 
tCaldwell Rifhard, master sweep St Mar)' above 7th 
Caldwell Sirah, widow 179 S 7th 
Caldwell Thomas, accountant Hamilton village 
Caldwell Timothy, brickmaker 152 north EiglUh — kilns 

Hivkcjry lane above Eighth [See Calweii 

Caldwell I'homas. sea captain 16 Christian 
Caldwell \Vm tailor, Cetlar ab 10th 
Cale Christopher, g.irdener Prime above Eighth 
Call Jolin, harness maker 33 Mary (S) 
Calhif^han Chnrles, merchant 4 Union 
Callaghan Cliarles, grain measurer 9 Wood st 
Callaghan Charles 9 W(K)fl st 
Cal.ihan Martin, labounr S Sixth st. 

Callahan. dr.iyman, Potterv alley 

Callan W'lliam, weaver 50 Small 
Callely Andrew, attendant in st<rt;. Pine bel. 12th 
Callelv di. widow 2 Willow conrt 
Cullender Mrs. widow 179 south Eleventh 
Calllolc Petir. fruiterer ifvi 160 High 
Calloway Jacob, goldbeater 22 Pear 
Calxfr)' Catharine, widow ('.eakr 12 Jones's alley 
Camac SnnrHurl, labounr Pine below Eleventh 
Camac Turner, gentleman 152 south Thii-d 

CAM ■ whitely's annual 

fCamberton Limus, porter Mary's alley 

Camerloch Ursula, widow 67 Coates' st. 

Cameron Jaiiies, gentleman 169 Walnut 

Cameron John, smith back 108 6c 104 north 8th 

Cameron John, agent \76 south Eleventh 

Camm William, hatter 24 north Third 

Camp Comfort, widow back 517 north Third 

Camp David, labourer cor. St. John £c Tammany 

Camp Nathaniel, labourer Prime above Second 

Caminfier Riley, mariner 72 Budd 

Cam.meyer \Vm. jurt. copperplate printer 100 Chesnut 

and 6 Randall's court 
Campardon Jolin B. tailor 137 south Fourth abox'e Pine 
fGtimpbell Ann, widow Jones's alley 
Ca.npbcil Alexander, boot and shoe manuf. 83 Cedar 
Campbell Alexander, cordwainer back 62 Plum 
Cumi)bell Anthony, carter Christian cor Fourth 
Cam]>beil Catliarine, widow Queen below Sixth 
Campbell Cornelius, cordwainer 379 south Second 
Campbell David, cabinetmaker &c. 17 Chesnut 
Cami)beU George, attorney at law 120 Arch 
Cami/oell George, high constable 22 Bank 
C'jm))bell 'ieorge, cordwainer back of 209 Cherry 
Campbell Henry, coachmaker back 22 Raspberry alley 
Campbell Hugh, coppersmith 10 Hinckel's court 
Camiyuell Isaac, watchcasemaker back of 40 N. Fourth 
Campbell James, mercer and tailor 115 S. Front 
Campbell James, labourer 119 Swanson 
Campbell James, tailor back of 419 N. Second 
Campbell James, cordwainer Shackamaxon n. Queen 
Campbell James, rigger Queen below Third 
Campbell James, labourer Hopkins' court (N L) < 
fCampbell James, mariner Clymer's alley 
Campbell James, 174 south Eleventh 
Campbell James, hackdriver 85 Queen (S) 
Campbell James, mariner bi'-ck 57 Shippen 
iCampoell Jamts, labourer Smith's alley 
Campbell Jane, milliner 51 north Second 
Campbell Jane, widow 164 soutn Tenth 
Campbell John, sea captain 19 Shippen 
Campbell John D merchant-tailor 8 S. Third 
fCampbell John, master sweep 1 Ball alley 
Campbell Joseph, tobacconist 1 Perkenpine's court 
Campbell Maria, boarding house 10 Sansom 
Campbell Mary Ann, widow 174 S. Eleventh 
Campbell Marv, widow 2 Watson's alley 
C-ampbell Mary, widow coi . Prince and Wood 
jCampbcll Mary, widow 295 S. Fourth 
Campbell Michael, ostler back of :i6 N. Third 
Campbell Patrick, tailor back of 295 south Third 
Campbell Quintin, cashier of the Philadelphia bank, 50 
' south Fourth, next to the bank 
Caippbell Richard, labourer Frankford r. above Que6?i 


Campbell Richard, miriner 2 Liberty alley 

Campbell Sarah, widow Crown near Frankford road 

Campbell Thomas, mariner 34 ficrmau 

Campl)cll I'liomas, merchant 2_'4 Fine 

Campbell Tristram, tailor 341 N- Front 

Campbell V\', oukcooper 369 south Front 

Campbell William, cabinetmaker 136 soutli Fourth 

Campbell William, shoemaker 8r Cedar 

Campbell William, labourer Spruce west ofSch. Fiftii 

+Camper, Stephen, ostler corner Sch. Fifth i*c Filbert 

Campion Francis, accountant 13 Race 

C.inb\ Isaiah, grocer NW cor. Walnut and Fourth 

Canby Merrit, sugar-refiner 27 Church alley 

Canby Sa\iil. jr. nierch. 56 S wharves — d h 112 S. 4th 

Cane Jaines, -vveaver cor. Eleventh and Castle 

Canely Wm. shingleshaver 1 Cliarlotte st. 

Caner Jolin, cabinetmaker 196 Pine 

Caner Michael, coachmaker 205 south Seventh 

Caney Ciiarles, dry goods store 6" north Second 

Cann Stuart, mariner 1 15 Coates 

Cannon Ann, widow St. Mary above Eighth 

Caiuion Daniel B. 24 Plum 

Cannon Edward, printer 250 south Fifth 

Cannon Isaac, mariner 54 Vine 

Cannon James, storekeeper 67 south Second 

Cannon John, carter 14 Sleade alley 

Cannon Patrick, labourer 84 Budd 

Cannon Rachel, widow 30 Elizabeth 

Cannon William, tavern, coach and H very stable keeper . 

83 south Fifth 
Canon Samuel, sliopkepper 383 High 
Canonge I' A. commission merciiant 12 Frflne 
Canrer Jacob, cabinetmaker 9 Filbert — d ii 110 N. 8th 
Cantrel George, labourer 3 bliippen 
Capehard Mary, widow back 538 N. Third 
Capron Wm. labourei; cor. Allen ifc Frankford road 
Capp John G chymist Scii. Eighth near Vine 
Carbo Susannah 460 north Second 
Cardeza J. M. merch.''it 57 Union 
Cardwell William C merchant 14Chesnut 
Carrarcr Elizal)eth, widow 24 Gaskill 
Care Jesse, s.tddletreeniakcr 10 Alinshou"^e 
Care Peter, merchant 30 N Water — d h 112 Spruce 
Csri'ls S.imuel, carpenter 173 Ciierry [fitc Carejl 

Cards Samuel, jr. carpenter SW cor. Ninth &Cheiiy 
Carels William, car|;entcr 320 Vine 
C >rey Dmiel, cord'vaincr 75 Ciiristian 
Caix'V Edward, victualler Fcjiirth below Christian 
C.ircy Edward, iiairdresser 111 north Tlurfl 
Carey Henry C- bookseller 126 Cliesnut — d liluWalnut 
+Carey John, basketmaker Sixth a))ove Poplar lane 
Carey Mary, widow Maria above Fourth (N L) 

CAR whitely's annual 

Carey Mathew, printer and bookseller, 124 and 126 
Chesnut corner Fourth [see Carre and Correy 

Carey Mathew and Son, booksellers, &c. SE cor. Ches- 
nut and Fourth 
Carey Sarah, widow back 180 south Fourth 
Carie' John, oysterman 334 High 
Carilson, widow of Wm. tavernkeeper 46 Plum 
Cariss Wm. tailor Twelfth below Pine 
Carlan Elizabeth, widow souih Seventli near Cedar 
Carles Samuel, carpenter 184 Cherry corner Ninth 
Carlin Mahlon G. cor-dwainerFranford r. near Otter 
Carlile Abm. hardware mer. 139 High— d h 219 N. 4th 
Carlile Hudson, soap and candle manuf. Spruce corner 

Carlisle David, labourer cor. Sixth and Coates 
Carlisle William, mercliant Coates above Seventh 
Carhsle Wm. carpenter 10 Pennsylvania avenue 
j-Carll John, waiter 20 Acorn alley 
Carll Rev. Maskell M. corner Twelfth and George 
Carlley Jeremiah, cordwainer 56 Shippen 
Carlley Joseph, carter 56 Sliippen 
Carlley Rebecca, midwife 56 Shippen 
Carlton (ieorge, dealer 145 Spruce 
fCarlton Robert, labourer 416 north Fourth 
Carlyle John, carpenter 155 Moyamensing road 

[see Carlisle 
Carmack Mary, grocer 163 north Water 
Carmalt Caleb, conveyancer 298 north Third 
Carmalt Jonathan, 302 north Third above Tammany 
Carmalt Jonathan, jun.NWcornerThird and Tammany 
Carmalt, Miss S. seminary for young ladies 129 Vine 
Carman Hudson, grocer .395 and d h 331 High 
Carman Jacob, carpenter 132 south Fourth 
Carman Jacob, slater 191 Lombard 8c yard 218 S. Front 
Carman James, merchant 331 High 
Carman James, saddletreemaker Swanson n. Queen 
Carman James, trunkmaker Washington above Second 
Carman Sanmel, merchant 331 High 
Carman Wm. merchant 331 High — d h 204 Arch 
Carmichael George, tobacconist 404 High 
Carn Elizabeth, widow 96 Christian 
Carnahatj Samuel, weaver 5 Friends' alms house 
Carnell William, coachmaker Germ. r. near first gate 
Carney Mary, widow back, 44 Spruce 
Carney Patrick, boot and shoemaker 47 south Third 
jCarney Philip, newscarrier Dean's alley 
Carney Robert, chymist back 98 Gaskill 
■fCarney Thomas, labourer back 489 south Second 
Cams James, labourer Carlyle's court 
Cams Richard, carter Lombard cor. Twelfth 
Cams Thomas, cordwainer 34 German 
Carpenter Benj. & Co. grocers 213 north Third 
fCarpenter Caleb, porter 308 south Seventh 


Carpenter Ch. jun. merchant 273 High— d h 121 N.9th 

Car|jciitcr Isaac, cordwainer 208 south Scconil 

jCai-pciitcr John, niarincr 38 Catharine 

Carpenter John, bookbinder 34 Coalcs' alley 

Carpenter Joiin, mer. tailor 88 S. 2d — d h 51 Walnut 

tCarpenier Jonatluin, labourer BoMsall 

Cai])eiiter Josiuia, ])ainter, 6cc.. back 205 south Second 

Carpenter and Martin, sailniakers 93 South wharves 

Carpenter Mary, \v)do\v 6th below Coates 

Carpenter Rachel, widow 1 Raspberry alley 

tCarpcnter Rebecca, cook &c. 13 Chesnut 

Carpenter S. sailmaker 93 S. wharves— d h 287 S. Front 

Carpenter Steplien, carpenter Sixth near Coates 

fCarpenter Tobias, waiter 7 Hurst St. 

Carpenter William, hatter (ireen's court 

Carpentier L. D. niercht. 208 Spruce \_see C/iar/ientier 

Carr Benjamin, professor of music 7 Powell 

Carr Edward W. screw and sawmaker and smith 158 

Race — d h 120 north Fiftli 
Cair Jacob, vict. 25 Lawrence — stall 15 High st, market 
Carr James, farmer Race near Schuylkill 
Carr John, carpenter 305 Walnut 
Carr Jolin, hardware agerA Pine abeve Thirteenth 
Carr John, iiler Juniper alley 
Carr Jolin, oysterhouse Juniper alley 
Carr Josei)h, innkeeper 149 north Fourth 
Carr Leah, widow nurse 5 Steinmetz court 
tCarr L. labourer Eagle court 
Carr Maria, widow 52 Lombard 
Can- rev. M. of St. Augustine's church ab. 47 Crown 
Carr Mary, Locust above Junii)er 
Cavr Mai y, widow of John, teacher Arch W. Sch, 2d. 
Carr Moigan, grocer 146 S. Tliiid cor. Cypress alley 
Carr Robert, cordwainer back 107 north Fifth 
Carr Robert, labourer 140 German 
Carr Robert, brass founder Pint* above Tenth 
Carr Robert, scetlman, Sec. Bartram's garden below 

Gray's Ferry ^sce Kecr and Kchr 

Carr Samuel, auger filer 15 Noble 
Cair Sarah, widow 19 Spaftbrd st 
Carr William, blacksmith cor. Christian and Fourth 
Carragan James, carpenter Mark's l:ine 
Carrahan Alexander, grocer 195 south Sixth 
Carre' Charles, teacher 6 Chester [.»<r (Jarni Isf Carie 
Carre' Charles L. blacksmith 428 S. 2d.— d'h 4 Moy 

amensiiig road 
Carre' ^ Sanderson scminan' 443 High 
Carre' John T. seminary 443 High 
CwiTc' Philip, shoemaker 4H Meide allev 
Cfirrel Edward & Co. merchants Bank alley 
Carrell ^the familv of t!ie late Edward) 383 Mulbern' 
Carrell H. widow 51 Arch [.vrr Carrll and Cartis 

Carrell John, hardware mcrcht. 198 High— <1 h 60 S. 5th 

CAR whitely's annual 

Carrell John 8c Son, hardware merchants 198 High 
NCarrelf Johnjun. hardware merchant 198 High 
Carrell John, cordwainer5T~Queen (S) 
Carrell Thomas, blacksmith back 38 Zane, and back 28 

north Seventh 
CaiTick William, tailor 3 Hyde's court 
Carroll Harriet 252 Walnut 
Carrol James, tallowchandler 3 Little Dock 
Carroll Patrick, ostler Nonnater's court 
Carson George, cordwainer 102 Cedar 
Carson John, bookseller and stationer 158 N. 3d 
Carson John M, 135 Walnut 
Carson Jonathan, 175 Cheny 
Carson Joseph, plasterer 18 Watson's alley 
Carson Miss Jemima, boarding house 173 Chesnut 
Carson Mrs. widow of captain, 121 N. Eleventh ab. Race 
Carson Patrick, drayman back 78 south Front 
Carson Robert, cordwainer Prime below Second 
Carson Sarah, shopkeeper 69 Cherry 
Carson Thomas, cabinetmaker Ann W. Sch. E^hth 
Carson William, plasterer SW cor. Spruce and Twelfth 
Carson Wm. weaver, 77 Plum 

\see Corson and Casspn 
Carstairs James, merchant 76 south Eighth 
Carstairs Thos. carpenter and draftsman 76 south 8th 
Carswell Samuel, merchant and alderman 24 S. Front 
Cart Ann, widow, nurse 9 Lombard 
Cart Peter, labourer Ger. road above Otter 
Carter Alexandei', labourer 31 Elizabeth 
Carter Barnaby, gentleman 168 Cjiesnut 
Carter D. B. merchant 182 High 

Carter Enoch, painter, &c. 120 Chesnut— d. h. 145 S. 8th 
Carter Elizabeth, widow 135 N. 6th 
Carter Elizabeth, widow layer out of the dead 16 

Pennsylvania avenue. 
fCarter James, master sweep 17 Springett alley 
Carter Job, blacksmith 7 Charlotte 
Carter Joel, tailor 9 Chancery lane 
Carter John, jr. shipwright Queen above Shakamaxou 
Carter John, waterman 496 south Second 
Carter John, shipwright Queen n^ Shakamaxon 
Carter John, stablekeeper 12 and 21 and 27 Prune 
Carter Joseph, nailfactory 331 south Second 
Carter Joseph, tavernkeeper Blackhorse alley 
Carter 8c Powell, livery stablekeepers 86 south Eleventh 
Carter Rebecca, widow 216 Green street 
Carter Sharon, china merchant 244 N. 3d 
Carter Thomas, mastraaker 104 Swanson 
Carter William, silkdver 93 Kew 
Carteret Josepli W. cabinetmaker 399 south Front 
Cartmell & English, smiths 125 S. Sixth & back 50 Zane 
Cartmell Solomon, blacksmith 125 south Sixth 


Cartrct Daniel, Windsor chairmaker 203 south Third 
Cartrct Elizabeth, widow 328 S. Front 
Carty Mary, widow 105 Lombard street 
Carusi Ci. toyshop, 31 N, 6th 

Caruthers Samuel, chairmaker, 3d n. George (N. L.) 
Carver Hannah, widow of Samuel, 96 Spruce 
Carver Jacob, cupner 52 Green and 249 K. 3d 
Carver James, veterinary surgeon, and professor of ani- 
mal medicine. Juniper below Chesnut 
Carver Sarah, boarding liouse 100 S. 4th 
Carvill Henry goldbeater 59 Dock street 
Casamajor Prudent, jr. 79 Sims' wharf d. h. 48 Walnut 
Casaubon & Rogier, artificial flower and feather manu- 
facturers 84 S. 3d 
Casdorp Elizabeth, widow 266 S. Front 
Casey llannali, widow George near St. John 
tCasey John, labourer 82 Garden 
Casey Michael, cordwainer 387 north Front 
Cash George S. tobacconist 3 and'14 Arch 
Cash Jacob, tobacconist 3 and 14 Arch 
Cash James, shoemaker 6th below Fitzwalter 
Cash Thomas, inspector of customs 46 Crown 
Caskey Joseph, distiller and grocer 392 High above 12th 
Caskey Mary, widow 33 Union 
Casner Catharine, widow 252 St. John 
Casner Christopher, mariner 12 Callowhill 
Casner Enoch, shoemaker, 105 N. 9th 
Casner Henry, skindresser 13tii above Race 
Casner Susannah, mantuamaker 81 Browne 
Cassan Mary, Mrs. 427 S. 2d street 
Casobon Egei'ie, artificial flower manuf. 84 south Third 
Cassan Hannah, widow 52 Almond 
Cassan Samuel, sea captain 427 south 2d 
Cassady John, tallowchandlcr, Stewart's alley 
Cassaday Patrick, grocer 89 Plum 
Cassady Sarah, widow 12 below Sassafras 
Cassedy Francis, mastmakcr 453 south Front 
Cassedy Hannah, widow Vine above 13tli 
Cassedy John, labourer Sell. 4th above Spruce 
Cassedy Maiy, widow 387 Front 
Cassedy Hugh, labourer Red's court, below 198 Cedar 
Cassedy John, labourer 18 Pine alley 
Cassedy Elizabeth, widow Spafford street 
Cassed Jane, huckster 78 German 
tCassev Jcseuh, hairdresser and perfumer 36 S. Fourth 
Castledine VVm. coachtrinimer, 516 S, Front 
Castor Jesse, attorney at law 7 N. Sixth 
Castles James, grocer 214 S. 2d 
Casper Martin, gentleman 26 Pino alley 
Castleline C. shoemaker 538 N. Third 
Castleline VVm. shoemaker 516 south Front 
Castles Joseph, grocer 145 Lombard 
Caswell Mrs. Emlen's alley 

CHA whitely's annual 

Caterson Robert, carter High near Sch. Seventh 

Caterson Wm. labourer corner George and Sch. Third 

Cathcart Lethe, shopkeeper 7 Duke (N. L.) 

Cathcart Wm. rigger Sf Meade alley 

Gather John, W. carver 47 German 

Cathrall Mrs. widow of Isaac M. D. 25 8th 

Cathrin Peter, labourer Palmer above West (K) 

Cathers John, 112 Cherry 

Catherwood and Robinson, distillers 207 Cedar 

Catherwood Hugh, distiller 207 Cedar 

Cathrall George, shipwright 471 N. 3d 

Cathrall Isaac, Budd near Coates 

Catlin George, musical instrument maker, NE cor. Fifth 

and Walnut — d. h. 3 Randall's court 
Caton Mary, widow 23 Lombard street 
Caton Jesse, waterman Pegg above Front 
Cattle Jonas, cabinetmaker Camden, (N. J.) 
Cattley John, crockei-y cellar 185 south Second 
Cattell David, labourer 20 Watson's alley 
CaufFman John, grocer Germantown r. near the 1st gate 
Cauffman Lawrence, china merchant 207 N. Third 
Cauffman Margaret, Germantown r. above 1st gate 
Cauffman Henry, labourer Hopkins' court 

Cauffman gardener, Frankford r. near Hart tavern 

Cauffman Margaret and Ann, 39 Sansom 

Caury Philip, cordwainer 256 S Fifth [see Corry 

Cauthron Lucy, widow Frankf. road near Hanover 

■fCavalier Philip, sawyer Bradford's alley 

Cave Thomas, druggist &c. 298 High & S W cor. Ninth 

and Locust — d h 1 north Ninth 
Cauvin Nicholas, tobacco manufactory 49 Lombard 
Cavenaugh Hugh, grocer and tavernkeeper south side 

of Almond (Argyle) street wharf 
Cavenaugh Michael, grocer and tavernkeeper S W cor. 

Second and Catharine 
Cavenaugh Wm. tavernkeeper N E cor. High & Juniper 
Cavender Curtis, storekeeper 233 south Second 
Caverly Peter, merchant 204 Pine 
Cavett Jesse F. printer Pearsoa's court. 
Cayfort James, carpenter Poplar lane near 4th 
Caze Madame Frances, widow 145 south Sixth 
Cecil Algernon, whitesmith 555 south Second 
tCeely Cyrus, woodsawyer 88 St. John's 
Celles John, hatier Sink's court 
Chare Paine M. grocei' 12 Maria above 4th (N L) 
Chadwick Henry W. teacher of the Kensington public 

Chadwick Isaac, plasterer 140 Locust 
Chadwick William, 22 Currant alley 
Cliaffin Ezekiel, shoemaker back of 31 Beck's alley 
ChafinF. oysterman under 106 Race & 124^ High 
Chalfandt Mary, widow of Jacob, .39 North street 
Chaloner Daniel, drnggist, &c. 69 Union street 


C Ualoner Thomas, accountant Price's court 
Chaloner \ym. merchant 192 Hii,'h— d h 355 Arch 
Chamberlaine Catharine, widow,' boarding house 9 N 6th 
Chamberlain Hannah, boarding house 86 Arch 
Cliambcrlain J. (i. mere. 43i N Front— d h 129 S 3d 
Chamberlain John, guager and inspector of domestic li- 
quors, 310 Vine cor. Chester 
Chamberlin Horatio N, merchant 9 soutli Water 
Chamberlin H. N. & J. jun. merchants 6 S wharves 
Chamberlin John, carpenter 52 Wood 
Chamberlin J. jr. merchant 8 south Water— d h 152 
i ^ south Front 
Chamberlin Richard, carpenter 246 north Third 
Chambers Charles, accountant bnck 29 Elfreth's alley 
Chambers James. shallopmHU Wall's elbow 
Chambers John, labourer Ouer near Frankf. road 
tChambers Joiin, labourer Pttschall's allay 
Chambers Maria, widow Roger's court 
Chambers Matilda & Jane, mantuamakers 48 Spruce 
Chambers Robert, coasting capt. 12 Shippen 
Champion Benjamin, drvgootls store 5^ and 41 N 2d 
tChampion James, teacher 12 Elizabeth 
tChampion Job, drayman Grissel's alley 
Champion Wm. inn & ferry keeper. Cedar street wharf 
Chance Marmus saddle & harness maker Camden (N J^ 
Chanceaulme Martin, cabinetmaker 9 Hiiil's court ' 
Chancellor Hannah, widow of Wm. 2ri Chesnut 
Ctiandler Miss Elizabeth, 16 north 9th 
Chandler Joseph R. teaclier 164 north Third 
i. lamberhn & Co. grocers 155 north 3d 
! Chand er Samuel H. container Wood ab. Prince fK^ 
, Ciiandler \\ illiam P. m. d. 99 Walnut ^^ 

; Channeller Wm. merciiant High— d h 353 Arch 
" Chapm Natiian, grocer N W cor. Cedar & Fiftli 
Chapman Benj. publisher {blmd) 18 N 10th cor. Filbert 
Chapman (layton, shoemaker 109 south Fifth 
J^hapmao Elizabeth, widow of Geo. R l8-> Pine 
Chapman John, sexton to Friends' meeting-house in 

Arch street & Venetian blindmaker 84 Arch 
v^hapman I^ucas, turner 159 Pine 
Chapman Mary, widow 133 south Third 

in'SS";;;;ly^" "• ' ^"■'^ •^"''^'^g-office back 
Chapman Robert, painter & glazier 573 south 2d 
C hapman rhomas, teacher it accountant 45 Lombard 
Chapman W.lham. accountant & teaciier 64 Spruce 
C .apron tc Nidelet, merchants 2o5 Hich 
Clianl George, 44 Circen 

Ch^'rion A.'\"v''''''^'' •^'i"<'."e. &c. manuf. 107 Walnut 
«. hardon (h) \ igneaux & Co. importers of French drv 
goods, 98 south Second ^ " "' ■ 

Charier Louis, cook and restaurateur 38 south 8th 
TV^harles George, coachman George above llth 

CHE wfitely's annual 

Charles Henry, copperplate printer and man publisher, 

117 N Fifth 
fCharles John, mariner Shippen near 13th 
Charles Thomas, carter 49 Moyamensing road 
Charles William, bookseller, stationer, copperplate en- 
graver and priiiter, north 6tli above Vine 
fCharlow Mary, widow Portland lane 
Charlton Benjamin, 133 north Sixth 
Charlton Martha, china store 417 N Front 
Charlton Richard, tailor 37 Cedar street 
Charnley J. H. hardware mer. 228 Higli— d h 19 N 12th 
Charpeatier Dan. confectioner 64 High — d h 156 S 4tii 

[see Carjientier 
Charret James, labourer 34 Coates street 
jChase Delia, widow Elbow alley 
Chase Elizabeth, widow Sch. 5th below High 
Chase Jolm, innkeeper 21& Race 
■j-Chase Richard, labourer back 215 Shippen 
fChase Samuel, waiter 174 north 8th 
Chasson George, coppersmith back of 226 south 3d 
Chathcim John, shoemaker 1 Gaskill street 
Chatham Joseph, cordwainer S E cor. Cedar and 3d 
Chattm Abraham, labourer Vienna near Duke 
Chattin Chester, carpenter 8 Fetter lane 
Chattin Miss EHzabeth, 218 north 4th 
Chattin Sarah, widow 47 Mechanic street 
Chaudron Simon, editor of the French journal 168 Spruce 
Chau'.icey 8c Barnes, merchants 26 South wharves 
Chauncey Cliarles, counsellor at law, office 83 and d h 

85 Walnut 
Chauncey E. cashier of Pennsylvania bank, 157 Walnut 
Chauncey Nathaniel, mer. 26 S wharves— d h 42 N 8th 
Chauveau Joseph, merchant 26 Powell street 
fChavers Amelia, widow Wood above 8th 
Chazotte P. S. teacher of French, 40 Sansom 
Cheeks WiUiam M. d. 78 Union 
Cheesman Jacob, labourer 35 Beck's alley 
Cheever Benjamin R. merchant 17 S Front 
Clieever & Fales, merchants 17 S Front 
Cherey John, hairdresser 153 Cedar 
Cherry Margaret, widov/ grocer I42 Spruce 
Cherry Moses, labourer Morgan's court 
Chesney Sai'ah, widow back 168 St. John's 
Chesney William, painter 8cc. Unity court 
Chesnut Mary, widow 14 Sugar alley 
Chesnut John, teacher cor. Locust and Dean 
Chesnut Sam. 5,'rucer 327 High — d h BE cor Vine 8c 8th 
Chesnut Samuel, stonecutter Alban 
Chesnut Samuel &: William, grocers 327 High 
fChester Charle;,, labourer back 6 Oak 
Chester Isabella, widow of Elijah 4 Littleboy's court 
Chester John, ropemaker Queen n. Frankford r. 
Cheston Elijah, coachmaker 83 Pine 


Chcvaliev Elizaljcth, widow Old York r. n. Popl. 1. 

tChevalier F:\iiny, widow back 105 German 

Clievalier J UR- li. widow 70 Tammany 

Chevas Anthony, 1'. merchant 72 Lombard 

CliLVCs Langdon,prcst U. S. bank 266 Walnntab. lOtU 

Chfvihcr, widow of Samuel, Old York ab. Poplar I. 

Chew Benjamin, counsellor at law, i^T south Foui'th 

Chew Henry, grocer Camden (N. J.) 

Chew Isaac, hidics' shoemaker Taper alley 

Chew Jeffry, confectioner 262 soutli Fifth 

Chew JeftVy,jun. ctinfectioner back 107 Catharine 

Chew Joseph, ladies' shoemaker 223 Chesnut 

Chew Joseph, drayman Germantown r. ab. Laurel 

Chew Richard, innkeeper cor. Laurel and Front N. L. 

Chew William, dealer 249 south Sixth 

tChew Wm. dealer 98 soutii Second and 245 Spi'uce 

Chierdel Paul, tailor 1 Trotter's alley 

Chilcot Margaret, widow 27 Noble 

Child Henry, late ironmonger 452 N. Second 

Child Joan, clock and watchmaker 452 N. Second 

Ciuld John, cooper 31 Green 

Childs C G. historical and landscape engraver 22 S 6th 

Chillis James, tailor 3 Whitehall st. 

Childs Mrs. widow boardmg house 256 High 

Childs Thomas, sea captain 268 south Sixth 

Childs William K. mariner near 25 Charlotte 

tChilders John, sawyer 22 Plum 

fChin Jesse, waiter 136 S. Kighth 

■|-ChriGH<?t<i 'I'Uoc jr>in«». Pf^/Un- nt>ar '^<>\-f»nth 

Chriskeyl^ewis, blacksmith Oakbelow hayscales (N.L.) 
Cl'.rist Michael, shipwright Ci\eiry ab. Uuke 
Christian Anthony, mariner 108 Christian 
Cliristian Daniel, shallojjman 254 south Filth 
Christian John, mariner back 338 S Second 
Christian Peter, alderman 72 north I'hird 
Christian and Stokes, hardware merchants 57 High 
Christian Thomas, 54 Race [Art- Christicn 

Christiana Stephen, professor music 429 Cliesnutab. 13th 
Christie Catharine, widow Tammany bel(>w St. John 
Christie Wm corrector for the press Sch. 8th n. Vine 
Christie William & Co. upholsterers and venitian blind 

makers 145 Chesnut 
Chri'>lie William, sveaver Fourth n Germant. r. 
('hristine Geo. drayman Old York road ab. Poplar!. 
Chri:.tine J acol), mariner back 338 south Second 
Christine John, turner Duke (N. L.) 
Christine Thomas, accountant Old \ork r. ab. Poplar I. 
Christman Henry, cordwainer 116 Race 
fChristma^ Margaret, widow 8 Pleasant avenue 
Christoph Lewis, cook 245 south Third 

iChristQuhcr Hay Us, labourer back 11 Hurst street 
Christopher Michael, labourer Poplar below Fourth 

CLA whitely's annual 

Christy Catharine -widow Small alley- 
Christy Charles drover 19 Hurst street [see Christie 
Chi'isty Robert, boot manufacturer, 41 south Front 
Chrystler Jacob, 3 N. Third 
Chubb Samuel, dry goods store 151 N. Third 
tChurch Jacob, labourer back 123 north Tenth 
Chur Jacob, baker 85 Race 
Church Mary Ann, 24 Argyle 
Churchill Stephen, mate of vessel 23 Almond 
Churnsides Stephen, milkman 10th below Shippen 
Cist Mrs. boardinghouse 342 High cor. Tenth 
Cirge' George pilot 66 Swanson 
Clackner John, farmer Passyunk below Federal 
Clampffer Mary, widow 21 Elfreth's alley 
ClampfFer William W, (Merino inn) 3 Cherry 
Clanigian William, labourer Camden (N, J.) 
Claphamson Samuel, (Pilgrim inn) cor. Sixth & Germ* x\ 
Clapier Lewis, merchant 6 Lombard — d h 216 S. Front 
Clare Bartholomew, 17 Fromberger's court 
Clare Charles, carter Christian cor. Seventh 
Claridge Philip L millinery and fancy store 25 N. 2d 
Clark Alexander H. & Co, merchants 177 High — d h 

Horth Seventh 
Clark Ann, widow tailoress St. John below George 
Clark Renj. watchmaker 1 S. Front— d h 88 Arch 
Clark Benj. Sc Ellis, clock and watchmakers 1 S. Front 

SE cor. High 
fClark Benjamin, labourer Cedar ab. 7th 

fClark. Benjiimin, whif-f^wacKev lO G.a.ekUl et. 

Clark B. widow 2 Chancery lane 

Clark Calvin, printer 44 south Fifth 

Clark Catharine, widow 42 north Fourth 

Clark Daniel, grocer NE cor. Third and Coates 

Clark David W. carpenter 209 north Eighth 

Clark Daniel, grocer NE cor. Third and Coates 

Clarke Edward, teacher academy 1 College avenue 

Clark Edward E. proprietor of the floating baths 

Clark Enos, labourer back 104 Filbert 

Clark Eleanor, widow whitewasherSt. Mary 

Clark Ellis, watchmaker 1 south Front S E cor. High 

Clark Elizabeth, Mrs. of Robert, Tenth above Vine 

Clark Ephraim, late watchmaker 3 S, Ninth 

Clark George, coachpainter Chesnut near Schuylkill 

Clark George, painter See. 74 north Sixth 

Clark Hannah, boarding house 13 High 

Clarke Henry silversmith 22 Franklin ct. 

Clark Hugh, teacher Queen n. Sixth 

Clark Israel, oyster cellar 81 Shippen 

Clark Jacob R. carpenter back 3 Sugar alley 

t Clark Jacob, waiter 155 Lombard 

Clark James, hatter 36 Sugar alley 

Clark James, brickmaker Filbert between 8th aod 9th 

Clark James, carpenter 8 Nicholson's alley 


Clark Jane, bonnctmaker 4 Strawberry 

Clark Jt-rcmiah, conlwainer 431 S. Second 

Clark Job, shoemaker 46 Chester st. 

Clark Johaunali, widow 13 Sassafras alley 

Clark John, grocer 39 Cedar 

Clark John, grocer Maiden near Beach 

Clark Jolin, labourer 410 south Second 

Clark John F. carpenter 95 Christian 

Clark John, chairniakerio N. Eighth 

Clark John, plumber 104 N. Sixth 

Clark John C. printer S W cor Fifth and Cherry— d h 

87 Locust 
Clark John, music-seller 129 Lombard 
Clark John, conlwainer 22 Oik (N. L.) 
Clark John, turner 260 S Third 

Clark John L. merchant 99 south Front— d h 32 N. Fifth 
Clark John V. ji. d. 10 Arch 

Clark Joseph, merchant 7 S Water— d h 102 S Front 
Clark Joseplj, carpenter Third near George N. L. 
Clark Joseph, drygoods store 24 N Sixth 
Clark Mary M. seamstress 31 Cresson's alley 
Clark Mary, 38 N Fifth 
Clark Mary, widow of John, Johns ab. Front 
Clark Maskline, accountant 27 Pine 
Chirk Michael F. shoestore 90 High S W cor. Third 
Clark Morris, shoemaker biththab. Callowhill 
Clark Peter, 268 Race 
Clark Peter labourer Juniper below Vine 
Clark & Raser, printers— office S W cor. Cherry & 5th 
Clark Richard, boardinghouse 330 S Fi out 
Clark Robert, blacksmith liack .3.53 S. Front 
Clark Robert, grocer 120 Swanson 
Clark Robert S. broker &c. 127 Sin-uce 
Clark Samuel, naval officer 22" south Front 
Clark Samuel, labourer back 11 Poplar lane 
Clark Sarah, widow nurse 233 Callowhill cor. John 
Clark Stephen, cordwainer (i'e<irge street iC) 
Clark Timothy, tailor 490 S Second 
Clark 'I'imotljy. jun. tailor 509 S Second 
Clark Wm. lookingglass-frame maker 176 Race 
Clark William, accountant 172 S Eleventh 
CI irk Willinm, shoemaker lOiU ab. \ine 
fClark WilHam, sawyer St. M iry street 
Clarkson Elizabetli, widow Race mar Sch. Eighth 
Cl.u•k^on Jacob, accountant 148 S. Ten'.h 
Clarkson John, tailor Filbirtab. Tenth 
Clark>5->ii Samuel, merchnnt 226 Pine 
tClarkson Q. teacher 167 Pine and Green's court 
jCl tikson Rebecca, widow back 25 Walnut 
tCl.irkson Solomon, teacher 155 Lombard 
Cl.iu^e John H. accountant N W cor. Puieand 11th 
Clavy Jof^n. maruier 21 Cox% alley 
Ciawges Daniel, sen. painter, &c. 188 Vine 


Clawges Daniel, jun. painter &c. 5 Clawges' court 

Clawges Cliarles S. accountant 52 n Fifth 

Clawges Jacob, painter 8cc, 189 Vine 

Cla-. ges John, sen. measurer ot painter's work 52 n 5th 

Clawges John jun, teacher N W cor Filbert and IGth 

Clawges Wm. combmaker Old York r. ab Br&wne 

Clawson Johnv labourer back 17 Cresson's alley 

Clawson John, watchman Seventh ab. Camac 

Claxton George B. shipchandler 5 North wharves 

Claxton Jnlm. merchant 6 N wharves — -6. h 11 s Fifth 

Claxton Roger, storekeeper 36 Cedar 

Clay Ann, widow teacher 34 north Tenth 

Clay Curtis, accountant 177 south Eleventh 

Clavpoole A. G gone to Chihcothe, Ohio 

Clavi)Oole David C. gentleman 301 Chesnut 

Claypoole Elizabeth, upholsterer 74 S Front 

Clavpoole Josiah, dep. keeper of the prison 183 Coates 

Claypoole 8c Wilson, upholsterers 74 S Front 

Claystine Bernard, sugarbaker 162 Vnie 

Clayton Charlts, late coachmaker 151 S Eleventh 

Clayton David, carpenter Crown ab. Prince 

Clayton Edward, coachmaker Juniper belov\r Spruce 

Clayton Henry, carpenter Second ab. Germantown r, 

Clayton Lydia, Middle alley 

Clayton Reynold, tallowchandler 369 Arch 

Clayton Thomas, hatter, 126 south Front 

Cleavenger Squire, taiK-r 12 N Water— d h 48 Race 

Cleaver Isaac, m. d. 286 N Second 

Cleaver Jesse, late lumber merchant 103 St. John 

Cleaver John, 26 Cherry 

Cleaver Mary, widow 215 N Eighth 

Clemens Ann, midwife 70 Green street 

Clemens Joseph, chymist and distiller of essential oils 

Clemens Wm. grocer 194 Lombard 
Clement Jacob, merchant 11 N Water — d h 65 Pine 
Clement Jacob B. sea captain 29 Penn 
Clement Joseph T. accountant 144 S Tenth 
IClemen' Lucy, widow back 190 Cedar 
Clements & Co. lottery and exchange office N. E cor. 

Third and Walnut 
Clements John, patent chimneysweep, alley between 

Quince and Raspberry alley 
Clemmer Mary, widow 107 north Third 
Clemson widow ot Thomas, cor. Filbert and Ninth 
Clenmeer John, tobacconist 483 north Third 
Clew Peter, brickmaker Race near Sch. Eighth 
Clew Wm porter in the U. S. bank 2 Whalebone alley 
Clifford John, merchant, inquire 29 north Water 
Clifford John, waterman back 28 Penn 
Clifford Mary, nurse 411 south Front 
CJiffio'i John, gentleman 206 
Clitton John, hatter Ann above Wood 


Clifton Isaac, hatter 1 W(><)cl near Second 

Clifton Sarah, widow 64 Alinoiid 

Chmtr Aiuhew, cunier 76 Christian street 

fClinclier Adam, porter Coidwainer's alley 

Chrie Barbara, 'l\velfth below Fine 

Cline Catharine, washerwoman 145 Moyamensing road 

Cline & Curtz, silverjihUifrs back 50 Zane 

Clinc Uavid, labonrer Hanover near West street 

tChne L>avid, IS F-iyette street 

Cline Elizabeth, milkwoman Irish lane 

Cline Elizabeth, widow, gentlewoman 68 north 6th 

Cline George, carter 35 Charlotte 

Cline (.ieorge, tailor 282 Race [see Kline 

Cline George, victualler 8ih st above Buttonwood 

Cline H("nry, tailor 463 Race 

Cline Jacob, drayman Sixth above Green 

Cline Joi\n V. waiter at N. Am. Ins. office 25 Barron 

Clinc J'lhn, brickmaker Cedar above Thirteenth 

Clin>_ & Lawrence, housepainters &c 133 Locust 

Cline Mary, widow grocer 354 north Front 

Cline Pnilip, silverplater cor. Luurel & Budd (N L) 

Cline Thomas, pilot 27 Beck's alley 

Cline William, labourer Frankf. r. near Sbakama:(on 

Cline Wm. brickmaker Cedar above Tnirteenth 

Clinger Frederick, sailmaktr back 104 N Fifth 

Chnger John, cordwainer Kunckel above Noble 

Cli'igman George, carpeiweaver 18 Oak 

Clinton Ann & Elizabeth, shopkeepers 5 south Fourth 

Clinton Francis, soapboiler Pcgg above Front 

Clinton John, printer 270 Cedar 

Clintt)!! R ibert, teacher Ridge road above Francis 

Clinton VVilham, boatbuilder Maiden near Beach 

Cliver Jotl, victualler Camden N J 

Clipper Frcderu k, carter 40 Plum 

Cloak Daniel, engineer 133 Greeri 

Clopp (ieorge, smitii 96 New 

Clopp John, smith 15 Branch and 92 New 

Clopp John.jun. coach-wlieelwright 36 Kunckel 

Clopper, widow boaidmghouse 225 High 

Close Christian, baker 81 Passyunk road 

Close Henry, grocer Hamilton street near Schuylkill 

Cio^e M.iry, widow 17 Tammany [sec Claust 

Closson Sarah, milliner 48 Arch 

Clothier Barb.ira, widow 365 iicrth Front 

ClothitT Ciiarles, bootmaker 14 Knight's court 

Clothier J'lseph, skindresser Thorn's court 

Cloinier M irgaiet, widow nurse 152 Siissafras 

Clothier Samuel, carpenttr Bcdtord near Crown 

Clotworthy John, baki r 27 south Water 

Cloud Cideb, carter Enilen's court (N L) 

Cl^ud Joseph, refiner .n the mmt 276 Mulberry 

Clonilc David, tanner Budd above Lauitl 

Clouden Jacob, labourer Shakamaxon n. Frankf. road 

COC whitely's annual 

Clouden John, labourer Shakamaxon near BedM'd 

Clouser Dorothy, washerwoman 331 Callowhill 

Clout Jacob, blacksmith Otter street 

tClover Prim blacksmith Quince above Spruce 

Clows Ann, widow Paschall's alley 

Clufty John, whitesmith 509 N 3d street 

Cluley Francis, wireworker 17 south Fourth 

Cluley John, wirefender 8cc. manuf. 17 south Fourth— 

d h Mantua village 
Cluley John, jun. wireworker 17 S 4th — d h 69 Chen^ 
Clun David, shipwright Beach near Hanover 
Clun John, shipwright Shakamaxon near Queen 
Clunn Charles, sea captain 224 south Third 
Clusey Peter, carpenter back 211 Callowhill street 
Clyde Joseph, labourer Smith's court near Sch. 8th 
Clyde Thomas, grocer N W corner Race and Ninth 
Clymer Archibald, tailor 115 German 
Clymer Jacob, carpenter 75 Crown 
Clymer Margaret, widow Newmarket bcl. Noble 
Coakney James, labourer Pottery alley 
Coates Benjamin H. m. d. N W cor. Walnut 6c Front- 
office 13 Walnut 
Coates Caleb, 4 Hinkel's court 
Coates George M. china merchant 49 High 
Coates Jacob, labourer 190 Lombard street 
Coates John, rigger Prosperous alley 
Coates John, sailmaker 23 Little German 
Coates John R. 225 Spruce 
Coates Mary, widow 127 New street 
Coates Mary, widow 60 north Third 
Coates Samuel, jun. accountant 65 Gaskill 
Coates Samuel, 82 S Front N W corner Walnut 
Coates Thos. M. (Custom house hotel) 130 south 2d 
Coats Isaac, shipwright Beach near Hanover 
Coats Matthias, accountant inquire state house 
Coats Margaret, widow of Wm. 382 noi'th Front 
Coats Warwick, shoemaker Prime above Second 
Coats Thomas, jun. conveyancer 8c office for the pui'- 

chase and sale of real estate 320 north Third 
Cobb Alfred, grocer N E corner 6th and Spruce 
Cobb Ebenezer, victualler 22 N L market 
fCobb John, sawyer 40 Meade alley 
Cobb Joseph, tailor Pottery alley 
Cobb Mary, widow of Thomas, 438 north Fourth 
Coiob Samuel, carpenter back 12 Cresson's alley 
Cobb William, carpenter Frank, road above Otter 
Cobb William, carpenter 90 Locust 
Coburn Abel, manner 83 Penn 
Coburn Robert, distiller 74, 76, and d h 119 Cedar 
Cochran Catharine, widow Relief street 
Cochran Chas. tavernkeeper 8c bottler 76 8c 86 N Water 
Cochran Edward, labourer 2 Summers' court 
Cochran Hugh, drayman 233 Shippen above 7th 


Cochran John, merchant 376 and 386 High 
Cochran John, shoemaker 6th below Fitzwalter 
Cochran John, gentleman 283 Sassafras U^e Corkrin 
Cochran Robert, gunsmith Rose alley above Tammanv 
Cockman George, jeweller 43 Union """"»"> 

CotK James, labourer 71 Moyamensing road 

Coffee George F. sprig manuf. 16 German 

Coffee James, plumber 61 Walnut 

Coffee Jonathan, smith shops NE cor. Vine & Ridee v 
and Bush hill— tl h 292 Vine 

Coffin Albert, sea captain 192 south Front 

h? « "IV"^' T'^°^^ boarding house 283 Chesnut 

^ «; "annah, washerwoman Bonsall 

Coftn Jeremiah, copperplate printer Heyde's court 

Coffin Mrs. Mary, F. milliner 126 south Second 

^-offin Robert, pnnter 99 north Front 

Coggins & Landis, curriers 80 Chesnut 

rcoggms Solomon & Thos. labourers 14 Surd's court 

Cogil Arncl!, shoemaker 28 south 5th 

^ogi Hannah tayloress Coates above Old York road 

Cogill Samuel H. mate Price's court 

Cogswell Samuel, inquire 144 Cedar 

Cohen Abraham B. 262 soutli Front 

Cohen A. M & E. L. druggists 7 S 7th-d h NE cor. 
spruce and Fourth 

Cohen O v-itiver &. gilder 262 S Front 

Cohen Eleazer, merchant 13 S Front— d li 86 Race 

Cohen Jacob I. merchant 155 Mulberiy 

tCohcn Manuel, waterman Shii)pen below 8th 

Cohen Morns B. dyer and scourer 45 Chesnut 

Cohen & Nisbct merchts. 13 S Front-d h 86 Race 

^om Patrick, labourer Cedar near 13th 

Coit Gabriel lastmaker and finder 57 Walnut 

J^oit Richard, slioemaker 7 Small 

Coker Su^an, widow teacher 87 Christian 

J^olbert 1 homas, mariner 5 Cox's alley (S) 

Co cold John P. printtr 188 south Fifth 

J;G(ovcy William, shoemaker Germ. r. bcl. lst.?ate 

^ol( water, watchnmn Buttonwood above'Fifth 

r^it 1^ h'', , ' ''• ^vatchman Buttonwood above Fifth 

vll n ""^'V''"'' ^-"•'^^^"^''kcrs 121 Pine cor. Green's ct. 

J^.olc IJaiiKl, fenvman Camden (N J.) 

Co c Deborah, widow of Samuel, Coates near 6th 

Co e Ehas, carpenter 343 Callowhill near Ridge road 

Cole Frederick, coachman Careen's court & 125 Pine 

tCole George, waiter hack 34 Elizabeth 

Co e Hannah, wid/.w 73 Queen 

Co e Isaac P teacher of muMC 45 Spruce 

Co e James H. merchant 99 High 

Cole John, boot manntacturer 42 south Third 

COL whitely's annual 

Cole John, tailor Lily alley above Green 

fCole John, dyer 84 Bedford 

f Cole Michael, sawyer Small street 

Cole S. tinplaleworker Twelfth below Walnut 

fCole Sarah, widow 325 south Front 

Cole Thomas, cordwainer High near Sch. Front 

Cole William tailor S W cor. Tammany 8c Kunckel 

tCole William, carter Vine alley above Twelfth 

Cole , James street above Charles 

Coles William, carpenter &c. 45 south Secojid 
Coleman Adam, cordwainer back 293 Vine 
Coleman Enoch, mate of vessel 12 Parham's alley 
fCcleman Hannah, widow back 257 Cathai'ine 
Coleman Jacob, drygoods store 419 north Second 
Coleman Jacob, carpenter Camden N. J. 
Coleman Jolin, brewer 23 Powell 
Coleman Margaret, widow 30 Meade alley 
Coleman Margaret, widow shopkeeper 65 Coates 
Coleman Philip, gluemaker 22 Noble 
Coleman Philip, carpenter 4 York court 
Coleman Rachel, tailoress 104 north 6th 
Coleman Susannah, widow innkeeper N E corner Race 

and Twelfth 
Coleman Thomas, grocer 127 Plum 
Coleman William, labourer 4 Farmer's row 
jColeman WiUiam, shoemaker Vine alley ab. Twelfth 
Coleman Wm. shoemaker 46 Plum 
Coles — see Cole 

Colhoun, widow of Duviil, Federal above Gccond 
Colhoun G'istavus, 265 Chesnut 

Collioun Hugh, mercht. 3rN Water— d h 5 south 12th 
Coihoun Samuel, m. d. 48 south Sixth luce Cahoon 

CoUaday Charles, carpenter Castle and 5 Elbow lane 
Colladay Hannah, u/ifier 136 Arch 
CoUaday Jacob, carpenter 137 Eighth above Race 
Colladay Joseph S. stonecutter 117 N 10th above Race 
Colladay Theodore, carpenter Castle street 
CoUari Jacob, carpenter Queen near Bishop K. 
CoUard Jolin, bricklayer Beach near Maiden 
Collar Mary, puts up sea stores 62 Penn 
Colley John, ropemaker back 467 south Front 
Collick Isaac A. printer Drn.ker's alley 
tCoilick Lewis, shopkee^)er 194 south Sixth 
Collier Richard, shoemaker 169 south 5th 
Colligan Brien. labourer Shijjpen above 7th 
Collin Nicholas, D. d. near the Swedes church Swanson 

street {_see Culin 

Colling James, cordwainer 13 Passyunk 
Collingwood Sarah, widow Britton's alley 
Collins Benjamin, painter &c. 60 & 120 Chesnut 
tCoUins Benjamm, labourer JuniT)er below Vine 
Collins Bernard, coachpainter 22 Hurst 
fCollins Cato, whitewasher 100 north Fourth 


Collins Charles, tailor 50 S. Water— d h 51 S. Front 

Collins & Croft, booksellers & stationers 73 Higli 

Collins Elisha, Tenth below Pine 

Collins liliza, widow 75 south Fifth 

Collins Fi'ederick, mariner 285 south Third 

Collins George, cooper 8 Blackhoi-se alley 

Collins Henry, oysterman Tammany above Second 

Collins H. cakebakerand confectioner 60 Chesnut 

Collins John, labourer S. Second below Jervis's lane 

•tCoUins John, porter 42 Passyunk road 

Collins Joseph E. accountant Bushhill 

fCollins Joseph, mariner Coates above Fourth 

Collins Lydia, 1 Myers' court 

Collins Margaret, widow grocery 184 north Second 

Collins Mary, widow 60 Dock 

Collins Moses, innkeeper 74 N. Water & 75 N. Front 

tCollins Philip, cellar-digger 381 north Fourth 

Collins Richard, late sailmaker Camden N. J. 

Collins Robert, signpainter, 8cc. 19 Filbert 

Collins Samuel, block and pumbmaker 116 Swanson 

Collins Samuel, waterman Queen st. wharf 

tCollins Sarah, Gardner's coui't 

Collins Sarah, widow Petticoat alley below Browne 

Collins Wm. bookseller 73 High— d h 112 Arch 

Collins Wm. baker Seventh three doors below Cedar 

Collins Zaccheus, gentleman 29 north Second 

Collinson Joseph, sea captain Townsend's court 

CoUom Wm. teacher school N. L. Commissioner's Hall 

— d h back 468 north Third 
Colonel John, jeweller 62 Gaskill 

Colp John, labourer 40 Meade alley [see Culfi 

Collrick C. widow (Printer's Hotel) 143 Walnut 
Colsher David, carter Ninth near Vine 
Colson Catharine, widow back 216 south Fifth 
Colson D. bonnetmaker 9 Strawberry 
tColson Elizabeth, widow 191 south Fourth 
Coltard Mary, widow 182 St. Johq 
Colter Sarah, widow 13 German 
"Colton & Baldwin, jewellers 1 College avenue 
Colton Oren, jeweller College avenue — d h 133 S. 11th 
Colville Dennis, watchman. Queen above Fifth 
Colvin James, grocery and tavern cor. Cedar &; Crab 
Colwell James, grocer 6 Little Water 
tColwell Jas. chimney sweeper Browne above Fourth 
Comalt Jonathan, Third near St. Tammany 
Combs Germain, m.d. & apothecary N E cor. Pine & 4th 
Combs John, carjjenter 88 Budd 
Combes John R. grocer corner Nobie and Oak 
Combs Joseph, stovemaker 124 St. Johns [see Coov^bs 
Combs Thomas, cabinetmaker 120 south 4th 
Comegys Cornelius & Co. merchants 40 Sc 42 N. 8th 
Comelow Mrs. widow bandbox maker 67 Coates 
Comelow John, cordwainer 239 north Front 

CON whitely's annual 

Comfoi't StepheB, broker 8cc. 66 Chesnut 
Comley Ethan, drygoods store 199 & 126 N. Second 
Comley George, shoemaker 322 south Second 
Comly Benjamin, shipwright 31 Browne 
Comly Charles, merchant 97 High 
Comly David, carpenter Vine above Twelfth 
Comly Jacob, livery stablekeeper 20 Coombs' alley 
Comly Samuel, merchant 97 High — ^d h 26 Church alley 
Compier Lavier, cabinetmaker 132 Cedar 
Compton Joseph, mercer & tailor 23 south Fourth 
Conaird Hannah, mantuamaker 143 north Fourth 
Conard John, marshal (Eastern District) office Stat€ 

house — d h cor. Fifth & Green 
Conard John, labourer Sch. Front above Arch 
Conard Jonathan, lumber merchant 184 N. Fourth- 
yard Noble below Fourth [see Conrad 
Conard & Lancaster, lumber merchants Noble bel. 4th 
Conarroe Darling, gentleman cor. Front and Browne 
Conarrce Richard, lumber merchant, Richmond village 

one mile above the Glasshouse (K) 
Conarrce Thomas, (late lumber mercht.) wharf builder, 

420 north Front 
Conaway Bernard, laboui'cr Race near Sch. Eighth 

Conaway , labourer Spruce near Schuyl. 

Conaway John, mainner 5 Cox's alley 
Concert George, ropemaker Shakamaxon near Frank- 
ford road 
Conden, widow of Wm. tavernkeeper 5 Greenleaf's ct. 
Condic David F. m. d. 193 Lombard 
Condie Thomas G. attorney at law 7 N. Sixth — d h 193 

Condon Joseph, trader Twelfth below Pine 
Condon William, blacksmith shop Penn (Kensington) 

dwelling 21 Beach 
tCondy Ann, widow Christian above Seventh 
Condy J. W. counsellor at law 187 Chesnut 
Cone Alice, widow 71 south Eighth 
Conger John, cordwainer 261 north Front 
fCongo Enos, labourer Smith's alley (N. L.) 
Conkle Henry, toyshop 84 N. Seventh [see Kunckel 
Conkle Matthias, sheetiron worker 5 Fetter lane 
Conklin James, cordwainer back 92 St. John 
Conkling Wm. shoemaker 43 Coates 
Conly 5c Fraser, miUiners 56 Arch 
Connell Elizabeth, widow Cobb's court (N. L. ) 
Connell John, merchant Bank alley— d h corner Ches 

nut and Juniper 
Connell John H. glass manufacturer Kensington 
Connell P. grocer 172 south Water, and 173 S Front 
Connell Thomas H. m. d. 82 Vine 
Connelly Eliza, 142 south Ninth 
Connelly Henry, cabinetmaker 72 south Fourth 
Connelly J. blacksmith 276 and d h 274 S. Third 


Connelly Joseph, painter & glazier 281 S. Third 
Connelly John, gentleman 280 Chesinit 
Connelly Mary, boardinghoiise Eagle court 
Connelly Mary, drvgoods store 289 \\'aln«t 
Connelly Sarah, Filbert above Sch. Eiglith 
Connelly Thomas, labourer North street 
fConne E. widow 33 Catharine 

Conner, Jumes & Andrew, oyster cellar, S Wcor Sassa- 
fras & Ninth 
Connery Martha, Hidow 311 south Third 
Conningliam D, W. storekeeper 78 nortli Second 
Connor Bernard, dravman Cedar above Ninth 
Connor Charles, mercer & tailor & innkeeocr 310 S. 2d 
Connor Edmuiid, cordwaincr 25 Mary (S.) 

ECoimor James, oysterman 20 Juniper alley 
Co!U)or John, sawyer 250 Lombard 
lonnor Join., ropeiiiaker Thorn's court [see O'Connor 
Connor J -hn, saddle, trunk and hariiessmaker 172 High 
Conn<,r John, shoemaker 75 George (S.) 
Connor Patrick, tailor 17 Apollo st. 
fConnor Philip, labourer Gilles's allev 
Connor Thomas G. coojwr & guager 3 and d h lOLittU- 

Connor Timothy, engineer, &c. 53 Cliester 
Connor Thomas, carpenter Slieaff's allev 
Connor Wm. B. 31 Elireth's alley 
Conory John S. shotinaker Arch 'near Sch. Second 
Conover Ann T. mantuamakcr 62 Spruce 
Conoxer Caze, waterman Rose allev above Coates 
Conover C. Ci.rpenter cor. Hamilton & Washington 
Cono\tr Jeremiah, shoestove 172^ High 
Conover Joseph, shoe warelrouse SW cor. High & Sixth 

— d h 78 High 
Conover Elias, hatter 418 south Front 
Conover Samuel F. m. d. 141 south Fifth 
Conrad Eve, widow 33 Catharine 
tConrad James, oysterman 20 Juniper alley 
Conrad Joseph, bricklaver 3 Summers' court 
Conrad John, chandlei- 31 Green's ct. [see Conard 

Conrad Joiui, n'sterman, Wood above Garden 
Conrad John, labourer Sch. Frontal). Spruce 
Conrad Matthew, shoe warehouse 60 High 
Conrad Peter, bnishmaker 187 High— d h 4 N. Front 
Conrad Samuel, NE cor. Fifth and CallowhiU 
Conrad bokmunW. bookseller 87 High— d h 81 Arch 
Conradi John, engni'-er back 191 C dlowhill 
Constable Charles, Ei(|luh above CallowhiU 
Constab e Hd. gunmaker (successor to Booth) 88 S "^d 
Constable VV m. coidwainer 397 south Secontl 
Convery Thomas, labourer S Little Water 
Conway Harriet, widow Ger.n.road above 1st gate 
(..on way Patrick, hatter, boardinghouse 160 S. Front 
V-onwaySusaimah, widow Nonnatcr's court 

coo whitely's a^tnual 

Conwell Gerard, tailor 184 S. Water & 185 S. Front 

Conwell James, carpenter Wood near Queen (K.) 

Conyer Peter, carpenter Shakamaxon near Queen 

Conyers Mary, widow Shakamaxon near Prince 

Conyers John, late cordwainer 40 south Third 

Conyers Walter, boot manuf 40 S. 3d — d h 16 Bank 

Conyngham David H. 229 Spruce [_see Cunningham 

Cooch Francis L. merchant 220 Spruce 

Cook Al)raham, letter carrier 37 Mulberry 

Cook Alex, soap & candle manuf. 136 and 140 N. 4th 

Cook Christiana, widow 28 Cresson's alley 

Cooke David, merchant 13 south Front 

Cook David, shoemaker 192 Shippen 

Cook Duncan, weaver Lombard above Twelfth 

Cook E. W. turner back 8 Goforth ay.— d h 69 Gaskill 

Cook George, plancmaker Lilly alley above Green 

Cook Geo. H. grocer 76 S Third— d h 9 Marshall's ct, 

Cook George L. mei chant-tailor 149 north Second 

Cook Hannah, teacher 40 George (S.) 

Cook Hannah, widow M'CuUoch's court 

Cook Jacob, labourer Britton's alley 

Cook James, brushmaker 238 High 

Cook John, fish vender back 9 Lsetitia court 

Cook John, newspaper carrier 33 Cresson's alley 

Cook John, cordwainer 237 S. Fourth 

Cook Jolin C. vv'hiskey, &c. merchant High W. Sch. 8th 

Cook John, merchant 298 Chesnut, and over 10 S. 4th 

Cook John, china merchant 27 Juliana 

Cook & LeufTer, whiskey &c. merchts. High W Sch. 4th 

Cook Maria, tailoress 126 Filbert 

Cook Mary, widow cor. Hinckel's ct. & Mulberry ay. 

Cook Margaret, widow shopkeeper 18 North alley 

Cook Margaret, widov; Rose alley above Tammanv 

Cook Mar'tlia, widow back 8 Oak (S.) 

Cook Maiy, washerwoman Lyndall's court 

Cook Michael, cordwainer 170Sliippen 

Cook & Parkin, cabuiet & chair manufs. 58 Walnut 

Cook Philip, shoemaker 159 south Sixth 

Cook Philip C. baker ]76 Pine 

Cook Rebecca, widow Old York r. ab. Buttonwood lant 

Cook & Snowden, china merchants 240 north Third 

Cook Susannah, grocer 76 south Third 

Cook Susannah, Sch. Eiglith above Cherry 

Cook Samuel, bookbinder Faris' court 

Cook Samuel, carpenter Alberson's court 

fCook Samuel, labourer back 249 Shippen 

Cook Wm. bootmaker 294 south Fourth 

Cooke John, gentleman 147 Arch 

Cocke Samuel, carpenter andjoiner Alberson's com t 

Cooke Tamer, tailoress 22 Swanscn 

Cooke William, tobacconist 10 N. Water— d h 89 Crowi, 

Cooker Jacob, gardener Prime above Eighth 

Cooker Jacob, tiler 4th near Germantown road 

Cooker John, vict. Christian above Third 


Cooley L. intel & exch. office 9 S. 4th— d h 1 Libraiy 
Cooinljs David, teacher .'50 (Jerman 
Coombs (ieoiije, carpenter 134 Pine 
Coombs & Sjiaiigler, stove mamifactory 285 north 5d 
Coombs Joseph, bhicksmilh 285 north Third— d !•. 124 
St. John L^ff CQ7tib(t 

Coon Ann, widow Taper alley 
Coon Christian, painter cor. Wood and West (K) 
Coon Jolin, shailopman Green at)ovc Front 
Coon William, manner back 322 soutli Tiiird 
Cooper Adam, cnrpenier Sch. Seventh above Race 
Cooper Ann, widow 17 Kev's alley 
Cooper B Sc B. merchants 'Hip;h street wh:irf south side 
Cooper Charles, victualler 6 Fayette st. 
Cooper Collin, merchant 35 nortii Front 
Cooper Conrad, shoemaker 256 north Front 
Cooper Deborah, widow 169 Sijruce 
Cooper F smith 100 Shippcn— d h 308 S. Fourth 
Coojjer Francis, tobacconist 104 Crown 
Cooiier George, tobacconist 36 Kunckel 
Coo])er George, labourer Georj^e near Sch. Third 
Cooper Hvnnah, widow 194 nortli Front 
Coo])er Henry, (printer Increase court 
Cooper Hugh, 313 Arch 
Cooper Ihdac, gentleman 235 Vine 
Cooper .Tacob, dry goods store 229 north lliird 
Cooper James, labourer 272 south Seventh 
Cooper James, oakcooper 264 south Third 
Cooper James, carpenter back 54 Duke (N L) 
Cooper James, proprietor of Bath house, back 124 S2d 
Cooper James, gentleman 249 nortli Front 
Cooper Jame.s, sea captain 212 south Third 
jCooper James, porter Nicholson's alley 
jCooper James, sawyer Bonsall above >finth 
Cooper Jane, widow of John, 137 Pine [nee Courier 

Cooper John, merchant 13 N. 2d— d h 108 Arch 
Cooper Joshua, carpenter Kacc W. of Broad 
Cooper John, printer 10 Green's court 
Cooper Joseph & C'ollin, nierchants 35 north Front 
Cooper Joseph, merchant 35 N Front — d h 55 N 4th 
Cooper Joseph, farmer Cooper's point N J ab. Camder. 
Cooper Michael, labourer LoinlKud W Sch. Eighth 
Cooper Michael, constable 177 Shippen 
Ctioper Mrs. widow back 169 nortli Second 
Cooper Richard M. prcs. of Camden bank Camden N J 
Cooper Robert, carpenter 137 Pine 
Cooper Robert, oak cooper back 60 Mead alley 
Cooper Susan, widow Camden N J 
Cooper Thomas, gentleman 2S2 Chesnut 
Cooper Thos. hardware mercliantSl High— dh 14N4th 
Cooper Thomas, constable 33 Strawberry 
Cooper T. i)rofcssor of chemistry in the University of 

€OR whitely's annual 

Cooper Thomas, labourer 16 Swanson 

fCooper Thomas, coachman Ci-ab st. 

Cooper Timothy, waterman Shakamaxon near Prince 

Cooper Wm. Cooper's ferry above Camden N J 

Cooper William E. millwright Poplar lane n. Second 

Cope Caleb, jun. merchant 165 High 

Cope Chas. vict. Carpenter st. — stall 39 Newmarket 

Cope Godfrey G. vict. comer 4th & Tammany— stall S^ 

High st market 
Cope H 8c C.jmi. merchants 165 High 
Cope Hannali, widow 89 Moyamensing road 
Cope Henry, merchant Walnut st. wl\arf — d h 102 S 4th 
Cope Herman, merchant 165 High — d h 40 Filbert 
Cope Israel & Jasper, merchants 165 High 
Cope Israel, merchant 165 High — d h 186 Arch 
Cope Jacob, accountant Old York road ab. Collowhill 
Cope Jasper, merchant 165 High — dh 391 Arch 
Cope John, mariner back 78 Plum 
Cope Joseph, milkman 40 Currant alley 
Cope Margaret, widow 157 Church street 
Cope Richard, cordwainer 16 Currant alley 
Cope Thomas P. & Son, merchants Walnut st. wharf N 

side — dwelling 36 north Fourth 
Cope Wm. carter Catharine above Third 
Copeland Abraham, store attendant cor. Locust & Dean 
tCopeland Allen, porter North st. 
Copeland Amelia, widow 524 south Front 
Copeland Asa, shipjoiner 524 south Front 
Copeland George, sea captain 13 Mary 
Copeland Jacob, shipjoiner 36 Queen, (S) 
Copeland Samuel, carpenter 29 Kunckel above Noble 
Copeland Mrs. Sarah 5 Mark's lane 
Copia Jacob, coachtrinimer 183 Pine 
Copper James C. accountant 56 south Eleventh 
Coppinger Clementina, widow nurse 360 south Second 
Copple Jacob, labourer Thirteenth below Walnut 
tCoppy James, sweepmaster 23 North alley 
Corbin Margai-et, widow Weaver's alley 
Corbitt Israel, carpenter 27Cresson's alley 
Corbitt Elizabeth, widow Drinker's court 
Corbitt 8c Spencer, dry goods store 170 south Sixth 
Cordell Elizabeth, widow 174 Lombard 
Cordis Ann, widow 4th above Masters' street (N L) 
Cordova Joshua, storekeeper 189 Pine 
Cordova Raphael, storekeeper 189 Pine 
Cordova 8c Son, storekeepers 204 south Second 
Corey David, agent for military lands N E cor. Walnut 

and Fifth— d h 176 Lombard {see Curry 

Corev Ezra, mariner 6 Harmony court 
Corlield Adam, draper, mercer and tailor 64 Vine 
Corfield Edward I), justice of the peace 234 N. Front 
Corgee Arthur F. blockmaker 13 Mead alley 
Corgee 8c Bashford, blockmakers 115 south Water 
tQork Lewis, labourer Dean's alley 


■Cork Peri'V-, lal)0iircr 63 Curnvnt uUcy 
Cork Hcynoitl.s, waiter 2H Uoiisall 
Cork William, poru-r Atkinson's court 
Corkcrum Mary, widow 18 Pear 
Corkrey Alice, widow 73 Moyamonsing r, 
Coi-krin James, jun. carpenter 20" S. 4th Isce Cochran 
Corlett Catharine, widow 81 Swanson 
Corlifs Britton, brickliyer 51 north Eijjhth 
Corlies J. W. commission merchant 4 North wharves — 

dh 160 Arch 
Cormiik David, sea captain 29 German 
Corn Sarali, widow of Lawrence, Maria aljove Fourth 
CorndaflFcr John, labourer back 25 Cresson's alley 
Cornell Marv, 72 New- 
Cornish Orlando B. bookseller SE cor. Catharine & 2d 
fCornish Samuel mariner 31 Elizabeth 
Cornnian .-Vdam, jun. printer 199 south Seventh 
Cornman Adam, sugar refiner 213 north Front 
Cornman Marv widow of Josepli, Juniper bel. Wahiut 
Corncau John B. carpenter Shield's alley 
Cornell Jolm, hatter back 40 Cherry 
Cornell Mary, widow 475 High cor. Thirteenth 
Cornelius Christian, silveri)later 183 Cherry 
Cornelius William, fisherman near Glass-house, K. 
Cornelius William, shingledresser near 39 Charlotte 
tCornish Tilghnian 109 German 
Cornwell Daniel, painter, 8cc. Camden, N J 
jCornwell John, labooi-er back 66 Shippen 
Cornwell Joseph, pilot Carpenter above Front 
Cornwell Wr*. laljourer cor. George andSch. Seventh 
Corrv Helen, milliner 113 south Second 
Corr'ey David, merchant 29 N. Water — d h 7c> Walnut 

[.vte Curry and Curric 
Correy David & Wm. K. merchants 29 north Water 
Correy Robert, gentleman 29 Church alley 
Correy W^m. K. merchant 29 N Water — dh 85 Arch 
Corson Jacob, mariner Federal al)ove Second 
Coryell Henry L. carpenter 23ijombard 
Cossart David, cedar cooper 483 north Second 
Cosson Mary, widow 569 south Front 
Cost George, turner 123 north Water 
tCoste R. perfumer 19« Calluwhill 
Coster Abralidm, labourer 54 Artillery lane 
Coston Constantine, Cooper's court (N L) 
Coston Joshua, labourer 20 Budd 
j Cotance Wiley, master sweep 257 Spruce 
Cotman William, Branch st. K. 
Cotter Elizabeth, widow Paschall's alley 
Cotton John, labourer Pine alley below Fourth 
Couden David, dyer, ifcc. 6 Spruce 
Couglilin Thomas, innkeeper 184 Callowhill 
Coulon Helena C fancy store 129 Chcsnut 
tCoulston James, barber Smith's court 

cox whitely's -annual 

Coulter Israel, merchant N W cor. Union and Froni 
Coulter John, merchant, counting-house 3 8c d h 5 Unioi. 
CouUon 8c Rakestraw, taylors N E cor. Penn and Cedar 
Coulston Barnabas, tanner 4 Franklin st. 
Coulston Israel, cabinetmaker 66 Tammany 
Council Joseph, bricklayer Cedar below Twelfth 
Countrymen C. ornamental painter back 120 German 
Course Sarah, widow St. Mary's above Sixth 
Courtney Joseph, carpenter 8 Sugar alley 
Courtney Samuel P. grocer cor. Frankford r. 8c Queen 
Couzins Benjamin, carpenter 531 south Second, N E. 

corner Prime [see Cozens 

Corvet Isaac, block and pumpmaker 65 south Water 
Cowan John, tailor 104 Cedar 
Cowden Jane, widow back of 58 Zane 
Cowden John, stonecutter Old York r. bel. Tammany 
Cowden Samuel, stonecutter Juniper above Arch 
Cowdy Daniel, mariner Sixth below Coates 
Cowell John V. merchant 38 south Second 
Cowen Jacob, Windsor chairmaker 102 Plum 
■ Cownover Jacob, grocer N E corner 3d and Noble 
Cowper Daniel, labourer 6th above Poplar lane 
Cowperthwaite James, tailor 26 south Water 
Cowperthwaite Mark, shoemaker 165 Spruce 
Cowpertliwaite 8c Newbold, 9, north Fi'ont 
Cowperthwaite Prudence, teacher 177 Arch 
Cowperthwaite Sarah, widow of Hulings, 204 N. Front 
Cowperthwaite Thomas S. Camden N J 
Cowperthwait William H. merchant 9 north Front-— 

d h 204 north Front 
Cox Abraham L. teacher 49 Filbert 
Cox Ann, widow Wharton below Second 
Coxe A. S. attorney at law Chesnut S W cor. Sixth— 

d h 167 Pine 
Cox Benjamin, tanner High west of Permanent bridge 
Cox Catiiarine, boarding bouse back 40 Cherry 
Coxe Charles Sidney, attorney at law 36 south Sixth-— 

d h 167 Pine 
Coxe Daniel W. merchant 256 Walnut 
Cox David, carter Raceab. Broad 
Cox David, marketman back of 10 Ljetitia court 
Cox Edward, smith 2S Duke (N L) 
Cox Elizabeth, gentlewoman 9 Filbert 
Cox Elizabeth Miss, 239 S. 6th st 
Cox-Elizabeth H teacher 8 College av— d h 233 Spruce 
Cox Elizabeth, widow Loxley's coui't 
Cox Elizabeth, widow NE cor Umon and Third 
Cox Gabriel, carter 524 N. Second 
Cox George, tailor 185 Cedar 
Cox Gideon, cedar cooper 25-3 & 235 High 
Cox Isaac, ladies' shoemaker 153 St. John 
Cox James 8c Abraham L. teachers of English, and 

Latin, 49 N Seventh 
Cox Jam€8> teacher 49 Filbert 


Cox James, S president of the Pennsylvania InsurniK'c 
cotupany, 295 Chesnut 

Cox James, diawing-master NE cor. Fourth and Ches- 
nut — d h 39 Almond 

Cox Joiin, convf yancer 38 Zane street 

Cox John, jr. gentleman Broad bel. High street 

Cox John, A. late shoemaker Tentli below Pine 

tCc>x Joseph, ticket-porter 100 Gaskill 

Cox Mary, teacher 23 N.Fourtli 

Cox Martin, gunsmith, ike. Oak ab. Noble (N. L.) — d h 
419 N, Front 

Cox Mary, L & Susan H tcacliers 49 Filbert street 

Cox Paul, late sea ca])tain 88 S Front 

Cox Rachel, widow, 125 Arch 

|Cox Rebecca, widow 7 Pine alley 

Cox Rebecca, & Co. storekeepers 18 N. Second 

Cox Ruth, widow 8 Coomb's alley 

Coxe John, D. gentleman "6 Walnut 

Coxe John Redman, M. d. 8 York buiklings — office back 
in Goodwatcr alley 

Coxe Tench, gentleman 167 Pine 

Coyle James, tailor 169 S Third street 

Coylc Joiin, mariner 32 (ierman st 

Coyle John, bottler. 17 Walnut 

C oj le Patrick labrjurer, back ot 70 S 5th street 

C oyle Wni. labourer Hiph n Scii 2d 

Coyles Daniel, tallowc handler 132 Crown 

Cozens A. J. pilot's hotel SE cor. Penn and Pine 

Cozens Benjamin, sea capt. Swanson n. cor. of Catiieriiic 

Cozens Benjamin, carpenter 531 S 2d stitct 

Cozens Heniy.S. conveyancer 366 N 4th 

Cozens Josiah B. clock & watchmaker 73 north Front 
cor. Arch (^.see Couzint- 

Crabb Wm. accountant 25 south Tenth 

Crabb Wm. cordwuincr 139 l.octist 

Craft Gershom, printer back 267 Race (.;ct Cioj\ 

Craft Jacob, carpenter Fourth n. George N. L. 

Craft John, C. hatter 9 Harmony court 

Cratt Mary, widow back 216 SGtli street 

Cragg (ieorgc, dyer back 529 fed h 475 north Tliird 

Cragg Wm. cabinet maker. 15 Gaskill st. 

Craig Andrew, labourer 390 Sassafras 

Craig Ann, Miss, 113 Spruce st. 

Craig Charles, whiskey sloii: & bottler cellar High W 
of Scl> 3d ^ 

Craig Isabella, widow back 89 Passyunk r. 

tCraig Jacob, coachman 104 N. lllh 

jCraig Jacob, sail maker, back 183 Spruce st. 

Craig James, labourer, Apple n. (ieorge N. L. 

Craig James, gtjntlcman 208 Chesnut 

Craig J imes, boot maker 63 Walnut 

Craig Jane, shotbinder 56 Passyunk 

Craig Jane, Miss. 113 Spruce et. 

CRA whitely's annual 

Craig John, nailer 136 Locust 

Craig John, cordwainer 568 S. 2d 

Craig Lydia, widow 405 south Second 

Craig Margaret, Mrs. 397 Race 

Craig Saml, smith & farrier 5 Locust — d. h. 124 s 10th 

Craig Samuel, tailor back 5 s. Front 

Craig Wm. merch. 8 Chesnut — d. h. 136 s. Second 

Craigan Alexander, di-ayman 8 Frazier's court 

Craige Huston 8c Co. fancy plated saddlery warestore 
and Globe mill warehouse 110 High 

Ci-aige John, saddler cor. 2d & Germantown r. 

Craige Wm. proprietor cotton manuf. Globe mill Ger- 
mantown road above Second 

Craighead Job, shoemaker 196 S. 2d st. 

Craighead Samuel, sea captain 35 Key's alley 

Cramer John, jun. shoemaker 30 Mary (S.) 

Cramer Matthias, shipwright Crown n. Bedford 

[see Creamer iff Cranmer 

Cramond Wm, merch. 248 Walnut 

Cramp George, shipwright Marlborough near Queen 

Cramp John, tisherman Queen near Cherry (K.) 

Cramp Martin, fisherman Queen near Wood 

fCranchel B. 15 S. 7th 

Crane Elizabeth, Iraurel N. L, above Front 

Crane John, lumber mei-chant, 94 S. 8th 

Ci'ane John A. printer and editor of the Gloucester Far- 
mer Camden N. J. 

Crane Thomas B. cordwainer 309 north Front 

Craner John, grocer 39 South wharves 

Craney Daniel, 17 Walnut 

Crangel Patrick, labourer Carpenter n. 6th 

Cranmer Joseph S. ladle's shoemaker 36 south Second 

Cranmer Thomas, carpenter 22 Garden 

Crans Peter, constable 97 Plum 

Crap George M. coppersmith 23 Duke N. L. 

Crap Nicholas, boot and shoemaker 17 Spruce 

-Craven George, tanner 2d n Beaver 

Craven Ishi, accountant Poplar lane above Fourth 

Crawford Alexander, tailor 28Kunckel 

Crawford David, tailor S. 10th 2 doors from Chesnut 

Crawford Henry M. currier 324 North Front 

Crawford Heniy, carter Oak N. L. ab. Noble 

Crawford James, labourer 387 Race 

Crawford James, ostler, 3 Marble 

Crawford James, dealer 222 S. 5th 

Crawford John, labourer SheaflF's alley 

Crawford John, labourer Pine bel. Twelfth 

Crawford John, mate 162 Swanson 

Crawford Margaret, widow 151 St. John 

Crawford Mary, widow of James 73 south Sixth 

Crawford Mary, widow|washerwoman Sch. 4th n. Spruce 

Crawford Mai-y, widow back 517 north Third 

Crawford Nathaniel, sbipjoiner Sarah st. near Queen 


jCrawford Nelson, mariner 9 Hurst st. 

Crawford Samuel, W. d. d. teacher Marble cor. 11th — 

d.h. 3 North 13th 
Crawford Saniuvl H. boatbuilder 328 north Front- 
Crawford VVilliam, silkdver 94 \ ine 
Crawl Pelcr, jr. brickmaker Sch. Fourth near Cedar 
Crawley A!)raliam, machinemaker 1 Drinker's alley 
Crawley Kdmuiid, jeweller 295 Walnut [*■<■«> Crowlcij 
Craycroft Benjamin, sea ca|)tain 441 soutli Front 
Craycroft Joseph, shocm;iker 309 south Second 
Creamer Christian, labourer back 41 Prime 
Creamer f ieor^e, vict. Garden above Callowhill 
Creamer Jacob, blacksmith 68 and 70 Cedar 
Creamer John, victualler Old York r. ab. Fifth, stall 6 

New Market and 29 Higli st. market [^ncc Cranur 
Creamer Matthias, Point road above Glasshouse 
Creamer William, bricklayer 306 north Second 
Crean John, lumber merchant 12th st. cor. Locust — d h 

94 south Eighth 
Crean John, jun. lumber merchant Pine above Tenth 
Crease William G. fancy feather manufactory 43 south 

Third, and confectionary 220 High 
Crecly Michael, labourer Mai-lborough uear Bedford 
Crc^ur Samuel, shoemaker Kunckel above Tammany 
Creger George, cotton card manufactory 13" Chciry 
CreighixT Joseph, miiku)an Mai'lborough above Prince 
('reighton John, bookbinder 44 Cherry 
Creighton Robert, Irish linen merchant 11 s Front — dli 

48 Walnut 
Crelliu Henry, shoemaker 37 Meade alley 
Cremona Mrs. of Peter waxworker &c. 260 Lombard 
Crenmer \\'iHiam B. tailor Lombard above Twelfth 
Cre'pu V. jeweller 11 Franklin court 
Cress Alexander, cordwainer 182 St. John 
Cress Cieorge, carter Lombard above Twelftli 
Cress (ieorge, jun. harnessmaker 249 \'inc 
Cress Isaac, merchant 3 north Eighth 
Cress Josepli, mariner 9 Littje Water 
Cress Lydia, widow of J. 299 Race 
Cress Thomas, cooper St. John above Callowhill 
Cresse Josiah, carpenter Smith's ct. & back 117 N 5lii 
Cressey Aaron, mariner 18 Jones' alley 
Ci-essman Henry, cordwainer 138 n. 8th \_see Crosswar: 
Cresson Benjamin, 197 Sassafras . 
Cresson Caleb, gentleman 2t)l Arch 
Cresson Elliott, merchant 133 High — d h 30 Sansum 
Cresson James, china mercliant 227 I ligh— -d h 37 n. 7th 
('rcsson Joseph, china merchant 281 High 
Cresson Joshua, accountant 18 Chester 
Cresson Mary, widow of John E. 30 Sansom 
Cresson Richard C. grocer 407 and 409 north Front 
Cresson Samuel lumber merchant 204 north Sixth 
Cresson Wistcr Hi Co. merchants 133 High 

CRO whitely's annual 

Creth Daniel, distiller 217 and d h 223 Cedar 

Creth & Williamson, distillers 108 north Ninth 

Creth William, distiller 108 north Ninth 

Cribs Mary, widow 90 Callo-whill 

Cridland Benjamin, chinastore 223 south Second 

Crigemire Henry, labouver 442 Race 

fOippin Isaac, porter back 202 Lombard 

Crispin Peter, waterman Franklin, N. L. near Second 

Crissy James, bookbinder & stationer 112 Walnut 

Crist John, oakcooper Rogers' court 

Cnst John, supervisor Palmer above Duke 

Cnst Joseph, caulker Palmer above Prince 

Crist Michael, shipwright Cherry near Browne 

Crist Samuel, victualler Palmer near West 

Cristine Abraham, carpenter Frankf. roadn. Queen 

Crivell George, cordwainer back 198 north Second 

Croasdill W;n. merchant 174 High [see Crosdell 

Croker Catharine, widow Smith's alley 

Ciocker Henry, mercer and tailor 37 Spruce 

Crockett John, carter Cooper's court, (N L) 

Crockett Saml. tailor 154 s. Water — d h 51 Spruce 

Crockett 8c 1 umblestou, tailors N W corner Water and 

Drav; bridge dock 
Crocks Bartholomew, carter corner Coates and 7th 

\_see Grog 
Crocks John, watchman Second above Germ, road 
Croft E, carpenter 17 Blackhorae alley 
Croft Francis, bookseller 73 High — d"h 11 Elfreth'say. 
Croft Thomas, mariner 177 Coates \_see Craft 

Croft William, gentleman 3 south Tenth 
Crombarger John, flour merch. 314 High & 84 s. 11th 
Cromley Jacob, brickmaker. Cedar W. Sch Seventh 
Cromley Thomas, brickmaker Sc-h. 7th cor. Walnut 
Cromly Christiana, widow back 31 n. 7th [see Crumley 
Cromly Thomas, accountant back 31 north Seventh 
Crommie James, tavernkeeper High near Sch. 8th 
tCromwell John, sailmaker back 17 Swanson — d. h. 

Green's court 
Cromwell John, bricklayer 20 Schrivers' court 
Cromwell Oliver, bricklayer Kunckel bel. Tammany 
Cronins Edward, grocer S E corner Fifth and Spruce 
Crooks George R. currier and leathercutter 216 N. 2d 
Crooks William, tailor N E corner Chesnut and Water 

— d h 57 South 
tCropper Sarah, nurse 7 o^^^., „u « -rtu 

ICropper John, stevedore j ^^^^"^ ^^"'^^ ^^^ 
Cropper Isaac, boarding house 1 Callowhill 
tCropper Isaac, sweep N. 4th above Browne 
Cropper Kendall S. lumber merch. 109 8c 122 Swanson 
fCrosberry David, waiter 22 Prosperous alley 
fCrosberry George, labourer 35 Currant alley 
fCrosberry James, porter 300 S, 7th 
fCrosberry Thomas, porter Taper alley 


( rosby Elizabctli, shopkffper 82 Cedar 

Crosl/y Hcniy, brickiDaker 6 Wells' row north Eighth 

Cvohby Jan\es weaver Lombard n. Twelfth 

fCrosby James, porter 300 south Seventh 

Crojby Lydia, widow b;itk 2j Callowhill 

Crost)y M. stonecutter 9 Fayette street 

Crosier Andrew, grocer 42i south Front 

Crosier Benjamin, slioemaker 3 Elmslie's alley 

Crt)skey (ieorge D. accountant 161 N 9th 

Crosland VN'illiam, straw hat manuf. 175 south Second 

Croslcy Mary, boardinghouse 77 south Second 

Crossley Samuel, toliacconist Coates near 6th 

Crossin, Mary, widow. Hazel allev 

Cross Benjamin, teacher of music 82 south Fifth 

Cross Daniel, lalwurcr back 207 St. John 

Cross Eliza, teacher, 56 Arch street 

Crosson James, bricklayer 298 south Fourth 

Crossmaii Jane, widow Tenth below Fine {hcc Cressman 

Crothers VVm. S. and Charles T. mercht. 219 High— d. 

h. 389 Arch \see Carot/iers 

Crotto Henry, labourer 22 Sugar alley 
Croucher Samuel oak cooper 125 New 
Crouding Elizabeth, shopkeeper 60 north Sixtli 
Crousde'll John, labourer Cobb's court (N. L) 
Crouse Christoplier, victualler stall 4 Old Shambles 

— d. h. Garden street 
Crouta John, cook and cenfectioner 81 S. 5th 
Crow William, labourer 13th above Filbert 
Crowell (ieorge, stocking weaver, 94 Green 
Crowell George, labourer above 543 nortli Third 
Crowell Elisha, druggist S. W. corner 2d and Shippen 

and 69 Cedar 
Crowell Ellis B. merchant S. W. corner 5th and Vine 
Crowell James, teacher 26 Arg)ie and 18 Shippen 
Crowell Samuel, pilot 92 Swanson 
Crowell Smith, Moyamensing road near Federal 
Crowell Thomas, gentleman 147 Pine 
Crowell Thomas, painter, &c. back 91 Callowhill 
Crowl Martin, mariner 2 Branner's alley 
Crowle Jane, widow Shield's above Raspberry 
Crowley Jas. shoemaker back 122 N 11th [«fe Craiolcij 
Crawley John, watchmaker 132 south Front 
Crowers George, skindresser Fourth above Franklin 
Crozicr Benjamin, cordwainer 3 I'Llinslie's alley 
Ci'ozier Maigaret, widow S9 Union 
Cruger Ji hn I), farmer, Scli. 4th (Penntown) 
tCruger Phillis, widow 218 S. 6th 

Crukshank Jos. printer & stationer 16 & 20 Church alley 
Crumback Jacob, cordwainer 40 Passyunk [ace A'rurn 
Crumback (iodfrey, cordwainer 15 Vernon 
Crumback Peter, laliourer Shippen corner Broad 
Crumley George, brickmaker Cedar above Thirteenth 

CUM whitely's annual 

Crumley Henry, jun.brickmaker Irish lane [see Crovileij 
Crumley Henry, Mechanic's hotel Cedar above 13th 
Crumley Thomas, ropemaker cor Walnut Sc Sch. 7th 
Crummell Juliana, victualler, stall 95 High st. market 
Crummel Philip, victualler 7 Chariotte 
CrumfJton William, silverplater 89 south Sixth 
Crumwell Martha, nuvse Miller's alley 
Cruse Rev. Christian, F.Callowhill 8c John 
Cruse Peter, mariner A29 south Second 
Cruson William, inspector of lumber 3 Swanson 
Grussy Jacob, coachman back 9 Crown 
Cryder John, cordwainer, 6th near Coates 
Cryder Mary C. storekeeper 165 N. 3d \_see Kreider 
-fC off Daniel, labourer Paschall's alley 
Culberson James, st.)nemason back 299 CalloWhill 
Caiin Isaac V. tailor 59 Meade alley 
''Culin John, tailor S W corner High and Water — d. h. 

4 Chancery lane _ 

Culin Samual, ladies' shoemaker 62 Plum 
GuUin Jonathan, shallopman carpenter bel. 2d (S.) 

'isee Collin 
Cullen John, M. d chemist &c. 92 S Front 
Cullen & Pettit, grocers N. W corner Spruce and 7th 
Culp George, brickmaker Camac belcw Old York road 
Culp Jacob, grocer 222 N. Second \_see Colfi 

Culver Martha, widow 175 Vine 
Cummerford John, oilcloth manuf. Wright's alley 
Cummings Abigail, widow 497 north Third 
fCummings Ann, washt-rwoman Old Yoik r. n, Coates ' 
Gumming Catharine, 3 Prune "" 

Cummings David, accountant 157 N. 4th 
Cummings Enoch, grocer 426 north Second & 396 N. 3tl 
Cummings James, labourer back 152 Spruce 
Gumming Martha, widow 274 north Second 
fCummings Peter, waiter back 37 St. Mary street 
fCummings Richard, porter Acorn alley 
Gumming Richard P. roof copperer, 163 Green st. 
fCurnmings Robert, carpenter, 29 Sassafras alley 
Cummings Samuel S. druggist 8cc. 288 and 274 N. 2d 
Cummings Samuel S & Co. druggists Sec. 288 N. 2d 
Cummings Wm. carpenter 5 Elizabeth 
Cummings Wm. grocer 6c corn factor 92 S. wharves— d. 

h 26 Plum 
Cummings Wm. labourer back 17 Beck's alley 
Cummings James, weaver Maiden near Shakamaxon 
Cummins Ann, milliner 29 N. 4th 
Cummins David grocer and liquor store 87 S water 
Cummins Ebenezer H. attorney at law, 55 S. 7th 
Cummins David & Co. merchants 68 South wharves 
Cummins Isaac, coachinan 53 Currant alley 
Cumins Joseph, tavernkeeper cor. Callowhill and Old 

York road 
Cummins Richard P. 274 N. Second 

fWILADKl.l'lilA niRill rORV. CUS 

C\iiiiinins & Slioeinakev, com. merchants 6 Dtcatur 
Cimningham Kli/.aheth. widow 94- ^outh Fifth 
CuMniiiijham Jami-s, corUwainci Locust above Twelfth 
Cuiiningiiam Jo<e]ili, waiter, Chvivcli street (S.) Wack 
(.'uimini^hain John II. printer 70 south 'Ihircl 
Cuiiniugliam John, slioemaker Hartiing's alley 
Cunningliam Sarah, widow 236 S. 4tii street 
Ciinnintjham Silas, wl\arfhriilder, 263 S. 5tli 
Cunnincliam Tliomas, milkman Ridge r. ii. Penntowii 
Ciubv ivlward, mariner 14 Pine: 
Curhy Michael, guager and cooper 91 S. Water 
Curcicr Andrew, merchant, coimting-house n/i stairs 43 

Dock — d. h. S. Tliird 1st door below Pine 
Ciircicr Andrew, jun. merciiant 162^ High 
Curran Arthur, barkeeper 125 Cedar 
Curren Hugli, labourer back 10 Prosperous alley 
Curren William, livery stablekeeper 9 Little George 
Currin James, cordwainer corner 6th & Buttonwood 
Currin Mici\ael, classical teaclier, 231 S. 5th corner 

Currin Timothy, plasterer 301 Walnut 
Currie Helen, boardinghouse 100 S. Front 
Currie William, m. d. 186 S. Front cor. Pine 
Curry Ann, widow 137 Spruce 
Curry Arcliibald, carpenter Arch n. Sch. Second 
Curry Elizabeth, widow Pitt near Germantown road 
Curry (ienrgc, shoestore 18 Higli — d. h. 3 EltVeth's alley 
Curry James, typefounder Shippen above Ninth 
Curry John, merchant tailor 121 S. 'I'hird 
Curry Jolin, cordwainer 316 S. Second 
Curry Richard, cordwainer Caniac below Old York r. 
("urry Samuel, cordwainer 4 Soutli alley 
Curtis ANa, grocer N. E. cor. Second and Arch — d. li. 

8 Newmarket 
Curtis Cook, carpenter 195 Green 
Curtis. David W. stoi.ciuason &c. Vine above Broad 
Curtis Jolm, i>otttr405 and 407 S. Fiont 
Curtis John H. accountant 413 S Frtsnt 
Curtis Jonathan, weaver Maple street 
Curtis Kezia, widow, shojjkeeper cor. Rudd I'c Laurel 
Curtis M irgaret, widow, mangier 16 Cnomb's alley 
fCurtis Samuel, master swce;) 34 Powell 
' fCu' tis Se\ern, womlsawyer 95 Lombard 
■ Curts Harbara, 7,<,,i' ^, , /,, 

Curts Catharine 5^^"^ street below Cheshut 

Curts Elizabeth, widow \Vhitoh:dl sti-eet 
Cusfeldt Francis, black ik whiti-mith 469 N*- Third 
Cusiiing Caleb, sea captain 421 S. Fi-ftn^ 
Cuslving John, sea captain 421 S. Front street 
Cussaw Antliony, oysterman Mntti.n's alley 
Cutter Simutl, smith Fr.mkford ro id abine Bedford 
fCuNtis (iforge pi.rier, 78 Catharine street 
Cubzine Wm. ihipwright, 499 S. Front 

DAL ■ whitely's annual 

Cutbush James, assistant aDothecaiy-genei'al of the U, 

States, army 207 S. Fourth 
Cuthbert Anthony, gentleman 41 Penn 
Cuthbert A. W. mariner 264 S. Second 
Cuthbert EUzabeth gentlewoman 397 N. Front 
Cuthbert James L. gentleman 189 south Third 
Cuthbert James, weaver, 20 Franklin street 
Cuthbert John, carpenter Loxley's court Spruce street 
Cuthbert Mary, widow grocer 108 Filbert 
Cuthbert Samuel, 206 S. Third 

Cuthbert Thomas, merchant 1 L. Water— d. h 264 S. 2d 
Cutter Frost, blacksmith St. Joseph's avenue 
Cutler James, mariner 14 Christian 
Cutler Joseph, 322 S. Front 
Cuzwell Francis, lock and keymaker 438 N. 3<i 

fDABANIER PETER, bootcleaner, Green's court 
Dacoster Charles, oakcooper 13 Cox's alley 
Daderker Adam, baker Marlborough near Bedford 
Daffin EhzalSeth, teacher 38 Strawberry 
Dahlgren Bernard, merchant 107 south Front — d. h. 

14 Sansom 
Dahnger Jacob, dealer 32 Coate's alley 
Dahony Darnel, sawyer Shippen above 7th 
Daily Bernard, cordwainer Smith's court n. Sch. 8th 
Daily Bernard, typefounder Grissel's alley 
Daily Dennis, drayman 22 Poplar lane 
Daily Nicholas, cabinetmaker 135 Lombard street 
Daily Robert, iniikeeper 243 S. 6th 
Dainty John, copperplate printer 8 College avenue and 

32 S. 5th 
Dakins Hannah, widow Carpenter (S.) above 4th 
Dale commodore Richard, 55 Pine 
tDale Andrew, mariner Queen above 2d 
Dale Peter, labourer Carpenter above Fourth 
Dallas widow of Alexander James, 2d below Walnut 
Dallas George M. attorney at law 174 Chesnut 
Dallas Wm plasterer 100 Catharine \_see Dulles 

Dallet Elijah 8c Thomas, soap and candle manufac- 
turers 34 and 345 High 
Dalling James, v/arehouseraan 15 Elizabeth 
Dallman John, smith and pumpmaker 200 N. Eighth 
Dalrymple Elizabeth, nurse Prime below Second 
Dalrymple James, cordwainer Prime below Second 
Daly Charles, cox'dwainer 134 Cedar 
Daly John, sea captain 34 Queen (S.) 
Daly Jolm, tavernkeeper 44 S. Eighth 
Daly John, sailmaker 162 S. Sixth 
fDaly Joseph, mariner 193 Cedar 
Dalzell Robert, weaver 225 Shippen 


Dalzell William, tidewaiter 79 Lombard 

Diinbv Abraham, sawyer Malt alley 

Dindflof Louisa, boardinKlimise 40 S. Eighth 

Dmenhnwer Cliark-s, (old Rotterdam inn) 118 N.3d 

U.inonhower L\ dia, hoarilinghouse 131 N. Fourth 

D iiitorlli Cyrus. cuiTicr 141 Hacc 

Daniels (ii-orgc, CiiTiK-ntei- Budd near Locust 

Daniels Joshua, grocer Twelfth below Pino ^ 

fDaniels Whittensnin, laljnurer Sinall near Sixth 

DinielsWm. mariner Oak (N.L.) below Cnates 

Daniels Wm- carjjenter Miller's court (N. L.) 

Dankel Henry, baker 31 Pcnn st. 

Dankworth John, baker S W cor. 6th and Elizabetii 

Dannaker Christian, storekeeper 143 N. Third 

Dannacker George, grocer 22 N. 2d— d h 6Hartung'say. 

Daimenberg Christian, 270 Arch 

Danzell Elizabeth, widow 158 Spruce 

Dardine John L. tobacconist 33 Green 

D irking Ciiarles L. p unter &c back 9 Shippen 

Darland Thomas, harnessmaker 39 Chester 

D u ley John, comedian 91 north Sixth 

D irliiig Ann, widow 282 south Seventh 

Darling Mary Ann, widow Juniper alley 

Darling Samuel, grocer 253 High, opposite Decatur— 

d h 77 Wood 
Darnell Henry, measurer of grain, &c. 234 Catharine 
Darr widow of John, victualler 83 Brown 
Darrach Eliza, widow of James, hatter 268 Arch 
D irracli Thomas B. hat manuf. 62 south Second 
Darrach Wm. labourer Oak (N. L ) bel. hayscales 
Darragh Arciiibald, grocer 55 north Fifth 
Darragh John, carpenter 174 Spruce 
Darragh John, malstcr Broad above Race 
D.ii-ragli Neil, carter 294 south Thiixl 
flJ irragli Priscilla, widow Ship|)en above Seventh 
Daubaysoii Victoirc, goldsmith &:c. 5 Cherry 
Davallc Lewis August, 14 Juniper lane 
Davault, John, labourer back 422 ivorth Fourth 
Davaux Ainie', sea captain 24 Meade alley 
D.ivenport Elizabeth, widow of J.imes, 465 S. Front 
Daven|)ori John, Arch alwve ScU. Third 
Davenport Mary, milliner 50 Arch 
DivenportKoljcrt, jeweller 298 south Seventh 
Dav(.n])ort Wm. niathem uical instrument maker 25 S. 

Front — d ;i 90 S issafras 
David Jacob, storekeeper 200 north Second 
David Juhn, iabouivr 6 Kitzwalter 
D ivkI J')hu'l\ merchant 164 High— d h 167 Spruce 
D a idson D ivid, tavern 183 S. Front & 182 S. V\'ater 
D n idsnn J")ui, baker 22l> st.iiih Fourth 
D .V idson Natlian, meirhant 239 Nine 
D.ividson Uonert, innkeeper, ike. S ]•'. cor. 2il.& Queen 
Davidson Wm. broker S3 Chesnut— d h 268 Walnut 

DAV whitely's annual 

Davie John, cabinetmaker 130 Cedar 

Davison Robert, sailinaker 71 Walnut 

Davison Robert, carpenter Wood above Eighth 

Davison Wm. accountant 30 Strawberry 

Davies Edward, pauiter 39 north Fifih 

Divies Edwai'd, stablekeeper next 2 N. Ninth 

tDavis A:-.ron, oysterman Eagle court 

Davis Abel, labouier 145 Moyamensing road 

Divis Abner, shoestore 92 High 

Davis Abm labourer 143 Moyamensing road 

Davis Absalom, grocer cor. Cherry and Sch. 7th 

Davis Amos, blacksmith Juniper below High — d h Lo 

cust near Broad 
Davis Andrew, labourer Lombard W. Sch. Eighth 
tDavis Andrew, labourer IScbie above Ninth 
Davis Ann, widow nurse back 13 German 
Davis Ann, widow back 14 south I'enth 
Davis Ann, widow 405 south Second 
Davis Arnion, flour fherchant, store 224 High — d h 7 S. 

Eleventh above Chesnut 
Davis Benjamin, bookbinder 214 south Fifth 
Davis Benjamin, brickmaker S-xth near Coates 
Davis Benjn mercht. 40 N. Second and 31 Key's alley 
tDavis Csesar, labourer Paschall's alley 
Davis Charles, carpenter Vienna near Duke 
tDavis Chai'les, sweep Apple near George 
Davis Christopher, smith Thirteenth above Wood and 

SW cor. Centre square 
Davis David, cordwainer 123 Arch 
Davii David Jones, m. d. 301 Arch N W cor. Eighth 
Davis Ddvid M. accountant 92 Wood 
Davis David, distiller cor. Fifth and Germantown r. 
Davis D, and S. storekeepers 29 N. Ninth 
Davis Edward, carter 34 Budd \_see Davies ^ Deavs 
Davis Eli, shoestore Second between Coates and Brown 
Davis Elijah, drayman 77 Budd 
Davis Elizabeth, widow carpetweaver 62 Gaskill 
Davis Elizaljeth, widow 25 Catharine 
Davis Elijah, 19 Wood above Fourth 
tDavis Elizabeth, widow St. John above Poplar lane 
Davis Elizabeth, widow 257 south Front 
Davis Elizabeth, boardinghouse 120 Arch 
Davis Geo. stock and exchange broker 39 Dock — d h 8 

Davis George, junr. 39 Dock and 8 Swanson 
Davis George, carpenter back 39 Prime 
Davis Henry, ostler Camden (N. J.) 
Davis Hannah, 3 Schriver's court 
Davis Harriet, -widow 11 Juniper lane 

i Davis Hetty, Avidow 8th below Lombard 
)avis Isaac, tanner cor. Fifth and Noble and 109 Ches- 
nut— d h 88 New 
tDavis Isaac, carter Paschall's alley 


jDavis Israel, carter Paschall's alley 

Davis James, suspenticrmiikcr 360 S. Front 

Da^ is James, smith 185 Sliippcn — d h and inn SE corner 

German and Fourtli 
Davis Jeliii, morocco hatmaker 392 south Second 
Davis Jesse, carter 179 Coates 
D.ivis Joliii, waichman Arch corner Sch. Front 

iD.ivis Joiin, labourer 163 Coates 
)avisJohu, labourer IbtSwanson 
Da\isJ»hii, bookbinder 15 Fromberger's court 
Davis Juhn, tailor back 62 Plum 
jDavis John, mariner 18 Burd's court 
Davis John, shoestore 40 Hign 
Davis John, tobacconist 344 High 
Davis John, cabinetmaker 40 Christian 
Da\is John, labourer Spruce near Schuylkill 
D.iMs John, milkman Locust above Broad 
fDavis John, woodsawyer cor. 11th and Cherry 

t Davis John, porter back 199 Lombard 
)avib Jtnaihan, carpenter 175 Fine 
Davis Jonathan, sawwhetter 28 Vine 
Davis Joseph, manner 181 N. Front 
Dcisis Joseph, plasterer Coates above Seventh 
Davis Joseph, shoemaker back 176 N. Eighth 
Davis Joseph VV. mason Sch. Front below Locust 
Davis Margaret, widow N. Fourth above Tammany 
Davis Mary Miss, Poplar court 
Davis Mary Mrs. 92 VVood 
Davis Mary Mrs. 28 Meade alley 
Davis Micajah, carter 17 Elfreth's alley 
Davis Miriam, nurse 7 Cresson's alley 
Davis Morgan, carpenter 6th above CallcwliiU 
Davis Nathan, storekeeper Camden (N. J.) 
Davis Pardon, seminary 17 Fromi>erger's court— d h 39 

ixu'th Second 
Davis Patience, Mrs. 26 Small 
Davis Patty, St. John near George 

t Davis Peter, Blackberry alley 
)avis Phoebe Mrs. boarcUngliouse 1 south 5th 
Davis Rebecca, milliner tor. Spruce and Second 
Davis Robert, labourer Budd be'.ow Walnut 
Davis Samuel C. tailor 80 Pcnn 
D.ivis Samuel B. gentlenran 178 Chesnut 
Davis Samuel L- grocer 54 noria Third 
Davis Samuel V. cordwainer 360 south Second 
Davis Siirah, widow 25 Jones' allev 
Davis Sarah, widow 84 George (.is.) 
|Davis Simon, sawyer Paschall's alley 
Da\ U". Stephen P. grocer 580 north ihird 
tDavis Susan, wiciow St. Mary below Seventh 
jDavis Thomas, carter 228 Lonibanl 
Da\is I'homas, blacksniiil\ Shepherd's alley CheTTyst. 
Davis Thomas, weaver S E cor. St. lohu and Green 

DEA whitely's annual 

Davis Thomas, printer and bookseller S E corner Race 

and Ninth 
Davis Thomas, (Black Bear inn) 1 south 5th near High 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmaker 32 Almond 
Davis Thomas, carpenter 369 north Third 
Davis Wm, priiiter 64 north 5th 
Davis William, blockmaker 13 Church 
Davis William, merchant tailor 31 north Third 
Davis William, woodsawyer Old York r. ab, Brovt^ne 
Davis William, labourer Sch. Third below High 
Davis William, moulder Juniper below Vine 
Davis William, tailor 6 south Fifth 
Davis William, carpenter 241 Cedar 
Davis William, shipchandler and ropemaker S E corner 

Sassafras and Water — d h 118 Mulberry 
Davis William, bookbinder 309 Walnut 
Davis William, millwright 111 Cherry 
Davis Zephaniah, mason Chesnut near Sch. Front 
Davolt John, carter Fourth above Browne 
Davoit Philip, drayman Davolt's court (N. L ) 
Dawes Ann, widow 20 north Sixth . 
Daws Timothy, sea captain 534 south Front 
Dawsoii Edward, carpenter 96 north Eleventh 
Dawsou Elizabeth, widow 113 Christian 
Dawson Geoi'ge, soap and candle factory 377 S. Second 
Dawson George B. merchant 12 Pine 
Dawson George A. attorney and counsellor at law 203 

Arch and 12 Pine 
tDawson James, glass papermaker Paper alley 
Dawson Jonas, clock and watchmaker 418 Higli — d h 

Juniper below High 
Dawson Joseph, stockingweayer 6th below Fitzwalter 
Dawson Josiah, gentleman 101 north Second 
Dawson Mordecai.L. 79 and d h 77 Chesnut 
Dawson and Morrison, brewers 79 Chesnut 
Dawson, widow of William, 77 Chesnut 
Day Augustus, carver & gilder 22 Clierry 
Day Benjamin, shipwright Saraii near Queen 
Day Chai-les R. cordwainer back 387 south Front 
Day James, drygoods store 221 south Second 
Day John, weaver Spruce W Schuylkill Sixth 
Day Joseph, shipwright Maiden near Beach 
Day Mary, tailoress 121 south Sixth 
Day Michael, Palmer near West 
Day Margaret, bonnetmaker 7 Strawberry 
Day Samuel, tailor 11 Quarry 
Day Wm A. gentleman corner Spruce, and Tenth 
Daymen Francis, teacher Vine near Ninth 
Dayten Lewis, mariner Germantown r. above Second 
Dayton Maria, 246 north Third 
Dazey Jemima, widow Sixth above Callowhill 
Deacon Israel, principal keeper of the Prune street 

apartment of the prison 
Deacon Joseph, drygoods merchant 167 St. John 


Decan Peter, shipmaster 19 Queen 

Deal Abraham, pumpmLikcr 1.2 M:iria above Fourth 

Deal Charles, grocei- 46 W'okI [axt Dale is" Diclil 

Deal Christian, baker 387 north Fourth 

Deal Cliristopher 174 north l'Li>?hth 

Deal Daniel, blacksmith Queen near Shakamaxon , 

Deal Elizabeth Scii. Seventh below Uac« 

Deal Elizabeth, widow 195 St. John 

Deal E. baker 25 Appletree alley 

Deal Francis, victualler stall 34 N L market, and 55 

High street market 
Deal Jacob, carter Eighth below Buttonwood 
Deal Jacob, baker Marlborough near Bedford 
Deal Jacob, baker 80 Callowliill 

Deal Jacob, vict. (ier. r. n. 1st gate — stall 39 N L market 
Deal John, labourer Sch. Seventh below Race 
Deal Joiin, baker 174 Coates 
Deal John, drayman Germ, road below 1st gate 
Deal Martin, baker north Fourth above Browne 
Deal Michael 6c Co. cur. Queen and Hanover, K. 
Deal Miriam, widow Queen near Shakamaxon 
Deal Peter, gentleman Queen near Sliakamaxon 
Deal Peier, Queen above Marlborough 
Deal William, victualler Buttonwood near Fifth 
Deamer Christian, labourer Frnnkf. r. oelow 1st gate 
Dcamer George, wheelwright Germ, road near Second 
Deamer Lewis, 65 Queen, (S) 
Dean Janett, widow 192 St. John 
Dean John, 76 north Fifth 
Dean Alexander J. teacher Clever alley 
De-iu M. academy for young ladies 7 Clever alley n. side 
fDean Thomas, oysterman 8 north Fourth 
Dear.geli Giacento, fruiterer SVV cor. Chesnut & Eighth 
Dear Sprogei O. wheelwright 352 Callowliill 
Deary James, labourer 9 Shippen 

Death John, vict. Pleasant street near Ridge road and 49 
Higli street mmket . 

Deaves John, carver Coates below Old York road 
Deitves Tryal, blacksmith 26 Old York r. \_S('e Dax'is 
Deavs Isaac, carpenter 220 VYalnut 
De BL-nneville N. clock ik watchmaker 178 north 3d 
Del/m<ler Joseph, shipwright 38 Christian 
Del)ow .\udrew, smith Sch. Eighth above Race — d h 

Race ne ir Sth. Seventh 
Do Bree John B. accountant 148 south Seventh 
Dcbust John, sailmaktr 4 Hoffman's alley 
De Cliarms Sarah, fi-male seminary 33 Sansom 
Decker .Moses, labourer 202 St. J 'hn 
Dicker P. 1 storekeeper 100 north Second 
Decatrell Joseph, jeweller Christian above Seventh 
De Cruz Anlonia Gonsaloes, ambassador from the re- 
public of Pernambuco 150 south Second 
Deemer Mary, Germantown road above Third 

DEW whitely's annual 

tDerrick James, 224 south Second 

Demckson Ann, widow cakebaker Bushhill 

fDerrickson James, dealer 240 south Second 

f Derrickson Milford, sawyer 291 south Fifth 

f Derrickson Purnell, labourer Swedes' court 

fDerry Tenor, washerwoman and cook Malt alley , 

Desabaye Lewis, painter, 6cc. iRandall's coui't 

Desauque Lewis, merchant 65 south Second 

Deshong Matthias, tavernkeeper 82 Dock 

De Silver Joseph, 500 north Second 

r>e Silver Robert, bookseller, binder, &c. 110 Walnut 

De Silver Thomas, bookseller, &c. 218 High— d h 40:9 

Desilvey Thomas, mariner back 64 Christian 
Desmond Daniel J. attorney at law 122 south Fourth— 

d h 99 Spruce 
Desmond Jeremiah, whipmaker 58 Queen 
Desmond T. painter and glazier 148 and d h 99 Spruce 
Despatz James, storekeeper 316 north Front 
D'Espinos Cecilia, widow Green's court 
Desplat Stephen, ladies' shoemaker 49 south Fourth 
Dessalet John, pumpmaker Germantown r. above 3d 
Deswan Christopher, trunkaiaker St. John bel. George 
Destouet S. merchant 209 High 
Detiz Peter, cooper 33 Union 
tDetray Joseph, shopkeeper 63 Currant alley 
De vault Henry, porter north Fourth above Browne 
Deveiin Arthur, weaver Christian below Sixth 
Deveney Jane, widow gi'ocer 12 Christi<:.»ri 
Deveney John, Green Tree inn, cor. Prince 8c Marlboro' 
Dever Michael, labourer Pottery alley 
Devereaux James, glasshouse Lombard near Sch. 
Devereux John, sea captairj 446 south Front 
Devei'eaiix John, tailor 256 Race 
Devereaux Peter, storekeeper Lemon st. 
Deveries G. inn and ferrykeeper, Greenwich point 
Devin Sarah, widow Broad below Arch 
Devitt Hugh, baker 240 Cedar 
Devitt Patrick, draymati 270 south Fourth 
Devitt Terrence J. baker 119 Spruce 
Devitt Terrence, baker 240 Cedar 
Devlin Ferdinand, labourer Steinmetz court 
Devlins Felix, grocer 297 Arch 
Dewar Susannah, teacher 44 Gaskill 
Dewees C carver and gilder 77 south Second 
Dewses David, tailor on the Drawbi'idge — dh 10 Union 
Dewees Elizabeth, widow -storekeeper 13 north Sixth 
Dewees George W. tobacconist Pryor's court 
Dewees Martha widow Emlen's alley 
Dewees Mrs. boardinghouse 3 south Fourth 
De vees S. 8cD. tailors 153^ S. Front on the Drawbridge 
Dewees Spencer, tailor ou the Drawbridge — dh south 

Sixth near Fitz waiter 


Dewecs William P. M. D. 154Chesnut 

Dewey James, surveyor 41 (irceii 

Dcwit Peter, accouiitaiU 94 Poj<lar lane 

Dews Tiionias, back 37 Newmarket 

Dexter John, manner 86 Catharine 

i Dexter Sarali, widow 203 liomhard 
ley Amos, labourer Fraiiktord road ab. Shakamaxoiv 
Dey Steplien, whitesmith, Fraiikf. r. ab. Shakamaxon 
Diamond Hu>;^h, grocer 22 Parhain'ji alley 
Diamond Jacob, carpenter ri\irteeiitlt abc)ve Sassafras 
Diamond Jolin, meichant Bai.k alley — d h 383 Arch 
Diamond John, cordnainer Race above 1 hirieenih 
Dice Christiana, milkwoman cor. Cherry aiul Sch. 8lh 
Dick ArchibakI T. attorney at law 74 Arch 
Dick Daniel & Co. tol)accnnists 49 snuth Front 
Dick Philip, tobacconist 49 soutli Front above ChesHUt 
Diet Peter, tailor John's below Second 
Dick William, janitor Umversiiy of Pennsylvania s. 9th 
Dickenson Kebecca, widow N Ecor. Chesnut and 8lh 
Dickeson William, hatter A<leiphi avenue 
Dickerson John, jr. inspector ol lumbt r 37 Coates 
Dickiiart J. victualler — d h Logan ab. 8th — stall 47 New 

Dickinsheet David, labourer Poplar lane ab. St. John 
Dickinson Antiiony, labourer St. Mary st. 
Dickinson Catharine, above 543 N Third 
Dickinson Daniel, tniniature jjainter 169 Chesnut 
Dickinson David, printer back ot 1 1 N Tenth 
Dickinson Elizabeth, mangier 6 Norris's ay. 
Dickinson F.lizabeth, glove manufactoiy 42 s Second 
Dickinson Jesse, carter 20 N^ble 
Dickinson John, mariner 21 Cox's alley 
Dickinson John, carver and gilder 121 N Tenth 
Dicki'ison Jos. ropemaker Juniper bel. \\'alnut 
Dickinson Keturah, widow of Abel, i)rintev (Whitehall) 

Ridge r. ab Buttonwood 
Dickinson Leonard, architect 4 Schriver's court — d h 

155 Cherrv 
Dickinson Maitha, widow cor Front ;tndGcrnnantown r 
tDickinson Martin, waiter Cypre-s av. 
Dickinson Plioebe, widow 158 south Second 
Dickinson Richard C grocer N K cor lOtli & Lombard 
tDickinson Samuel, oysterman 177 north Fourth 
Dickinson Solomo.), dealer in stone &c. N W cor 11th 

and Vine 
Dickinson Wm. labourer Frankford r. n. Queen 

Dickinson , widow 16 Franklin ct. 

Dickis Frederick, joiner Cherry n. West 

Dirkis Samuel, shoemaker Hanovern Queen 

Dicks Barton, shoemaker 55 Chester 

Dickson John, grocer 7 Swanson 

Dickson John, grocer 200 S Third cor Gaskill— d h 198 

south Third [.vet- Dii^on 

DIX whitely's annual 

Dickson Josqih R. inspectoi' of customs 92 Spruci- 

Dicksou Mary, widow 294 Lonibard 

Dickson Mioliael, sea capiaii' 171 S Eleventh 

Dickson Wru. merchani 255 HigVi—d li 320 Arfch 

Dickson,Wm. hibcurer bacK 490 Race 

Dielison Victoire, widow 129Loi-!ibard 

Diehl Elizabetii 6 High st. market 

Diehl Nich. notary public, office 115 S 2d — d h 6 Locust 

Diehl Thomas, inerchaut 335 High {see Deal 

Diehl Wm, mercliant 8 Minor — d h 135 n Ninth 

Diehr Adam, wheehi-onmaker Popla; lane ab. St. John 

Diekeli George, Mary (K.) near Frankford r 

Dietz Rudolph, 102 south Fii'th Isee Diets 

Diiffenbough Charles, ctinuer &c. Vine near Sch. 

fDiggs David, waiter Warner's ct. 

Dilhorn Ann, widow of Nathl. biscuitbaker 82 Arch 

Dilks Elijah, Uvery stublekeeper Camden N. J. 

fDill Abner, sawyer Middle ay. 

Dill Joseph tj.sea captain 117 Swanson 

tDill John, waiter 39 Middle alley 

IDilt Salomon, labourer Rose (N. L.) 

IDilUn Archibald, curbstone setter 216 south Sixth 

Dillin Hannah, storekeeper 106 north Ninth 

Dillin Mary, Germantown r. ab. Otter (N. L.) 

Dillin Owen, bricklayer Vine bel. 11th {see Dillon 

Dillinger John, drygoods store 196 N Second 

Dillingham Mrs. boardinghouse 181 Arch _ 

Dillman Jacob, labourer Third ab Poplar lane ^ 

Dilmore Catharine, widow Prime n. Crown 

Dillon James, grocer cor Passyunk and Catharine 

Dillon John, drayman Carpenter below Fifth 

Dillon John, v.'eaver I^ittie Oak {see Dillin 

Dillon Richard, grocei- N W^ cor Fifth and Lonibard 

Dillon Richard, grocer S E cor of Ninth and Vine 

Dillon Valent. musical and literary academy 97 Pine 

Dilman Christopher, hairdresser 420 north Second 

Dilworth Mrs. Sarah, 53 Union 

Dilworth Wm. ironmonger 59 High — d h 53 Union 

Dingee Charles, saddler 116 Cherry 

Dinnin Robert, carpenter 188 south Sixth 

Dito Shery, grocer 72 Locust 

fDiton John, labourer 3 Pryor's alley 

Diver Joseph carpenter 4 Filbert — d h 185 Cherry 

\_see Di/er 
Divine Mark, weaver Wood near Prince (K). 
Dixcey James, currier Adelphi avenue 
Dixcy Jonathan, carpenter 3i2 south Seventh 
Dixcy Thomas, i)um!)maker Fitz waiter above Seventh 
Dixcy Wm printer Eighth near Green 
Dixcy Wm. pumpmaker 296 south Seventh- 
Dixey Isaiah, sen. pumpmaker Sclr Eighth bel. High 
Dixey Isaiah, jun. carpenter Smith's ct. west Sch. 8th 
Dixey Wm.cordwainer back 390 Race 


Dixon John, drayman Cedar above Tenth 

Dixon Jiistph, merchant .^S s>outli Front 

Dixon Joseph, mustard nianulacturer (only son of the 

hite John) 30 south P'ront 
Dixon PetL•^,^acidler 285 Market— d h 27 north Ninth 
Dixon Samuel, sawyer Kunckle abo\e Noble 
Dixon Thomas, draym;in Cedai- above l enth 
Dixiin William, farmer Walnut btlow NuUh 
Do ik M itthew, labourer Weaver's alley 
Dob dl Sarah, widow Eleventh below Walnut 
Dobbins Caleb, carpenter cnr. C'l\esnut and Sch. Sixth 
Dol)l)ins Elizabeth, widow ot Thomas 298 High 
Dol)bins Stewart A. 8c Co. mercers and tailors 5 South. 

Front and 4 south Water — d h 298 High 

Dobbins , mate ot vessel 10 Prospect alley 

Dobbins Joseph, Circen st. terry Oak (N L.) ab Noble 
Di)bcll)ower Charles, printer 332 south Second 
Dobson Jonathan, shoemaker N \V corner Third and 

Brewer's alley 
Dobson Thomas & Son, booksellers and stationers (stone 

bouse) 41 soutl\ Second above Chesnot 
Dodd Aaron, labourer back 23 Juliana 
Dodd Margaret, widow 271 soutli Fourth 
Dodd Stephen, carter \ ine near Sr.h. Eighth 
Dodameane Thos- brassfounder SiieafFs alley 
Dodson Robert, printer 68 Sliippen 
Dndge Daniel H. jeweller 19 Powell street 
Dodge Wm. steam enginemak;-'r cor Penn and Beach 
Dohnert Maria C. widow 186 Race 
Doig John, stonecutter 215 soutii Sixth 
D^>ke John, coachtrimmer Cedar above Tenth 
Doke Mary, widow Siieaft'*s alley 
Doke Matthew, labourt r Cedar above Tenth 
Dolan Ann, iiikeeper63 (iermanst. 
Dolan Hugh, linenweaver back 6 Dock 
Dolbert Joim, sexton and clerk of Swedes' church south 

Fourth near Queen 
Dolby Ann, boardinghouse 59 south Seventh 
Dolby Christian, widow 21 Cherry street 
Dolby Mary, widow 3M8 vouth Second 
Doll Valentine, weaver Frankford r opposite Marlbo. 
Dolman Joliii & Co. shoen aker 46 Cliesnut 
Dolton James, labourer Wiley's court 
Doman Thomas, currier 37 Frankim 
Dominiik John, mariner back 7 Shippen 

iDominick John, sawyer back 96 Siii|)per 
>oomer Thomas, viciualler516 north Front 
Donagan Thomas, drygoods store 410 N. Second 
Donahoe, Charles, labourer Cobb's court (N. L.) 
Donaghy Hugh, grocer soutli Fifth corner Small 
Donaghue Patrick, carter l)nck 125 Plum 
Donahue James, labourer Mifflin's court 

DOR whitely's annual 

Donahue Mcittbew, soapboiler 57 north Eighth 

Donaughey Jaiie, widow 116 Plum 

Donalasun Andrew, mastriiaker Pennnear Maiden:— d h 

Beach above Maiden 
Donaldson Isaac, china storekeeper 76 north Second 
Donaldson John, sea captain 274 soulii Front 
'Donaklsonjoseph, hatter 72 N. Second \_see Donnaldson 
Donaldson & Lang, mastmakers 95 Swanson 
Donaldson Mary, chinastore 307 S. Second 
Donaldson widow of William T. Beac'i above Maiden 
Donaldson Weston C. 95 S\vanson — d h 9 Catharine (^S.) 
Donath Joseph, merchant 28 S. Front 
Doncourt Jos. stationer 93 Kacc 

Doneker John, vict 211CallowhilI [^see Danrmker 

Donekower Charles, engineer of Mint 13th ab. Race 
fDonehower Peter, labourer Sch. 8th near Race 
Donhower Abraham, piiperstainer Hazel st. 
Donley Alex, carter Moyamensing load ab. Prime 
Donley James, storekeeper 149 N. Third 
Donnaldson Edward M, shipmaster 43 Dock 
Donnaldson John, jun. insurance broker, and dispacheur 

for adjusting average and insurance losses, 43 Dock. 

— dh 38 Walnut 
Donnaids')n Rich, M.shipmast 43D6Ck [jsee Donatdsonr 
Donnel James C 74 Catharine i; 

Donnel Lister F. shipmaster 47 Catharine ;' 

Donnel Matilda, widow of Robt. Perry below Pine 
Donnel Nathaniel, 74 Catharine 
Donnellon Antoine, late grocer 276 S. Fifth 
Doiniells Jas. cotton manuf. S. W cor. High 8c*Broad 
Donnell) Alexander, chandler 26 Mary 
Donnelly Ann. widow Germantown r. ab Otter (N.X..) 
Donnelly Eleanor tavernkeeper 140 Cherry [are Donley 
Donnelly Hugh, bricklayer S W cor. Plum and Foiirth 
Donnelly James, labourer Maria ab. 4th (N. L.) 
Doonelly Mrs Jane, lltli below Pine 
Donnelly Martha, widow (ialbreath's court 
Donnelly Margaret, widow Eleventh below Pine 
Donnelly Michael, tailor 123 Plum 
Donzac Bertrand, hatter 6 Biddle's alley 
Doogan Thornton M upholsterer 328 north Second 
I")ooer James, cordwainer Camden (N. J.) 
Doores William C. tailor 2 Hey de's ct. 

{^see Dittues^l^f D&ibers 
Dorm Michael, merchant 26 S. Second 
Dnrun Will-am, grocer S E coiner Front and Almond 
Doi'britt Eliza, widow back 8 Oak (S.) 
Dortf Patrick, tinplateworker 307 High 
Doras James, shopkee])er 32 north Eighth 
iDoris Elizabeth, widow 4 Middle alley 
Dorman James, cordwainer 18 Filbert 
Dorman Wm. saddler Mary corner Front 
Dor'hian Wm. sawyer Queen u. Fourth 


Dorren John, papevstaincr 13 Christian 

Doriiin Bor aid, bookseller aiul lottery ofTice, 58 south 

P iiscivimcr Lewis (i. baker 92 CIumtv below Sixth- 
tl),) Lfvi, OKiriner hack 24 SmuU 
Divicr W.ii. sliocnutk':'* 4~'3 n. Taird 
Dor>fv Benedict, cliin.i &c, merchant 132 n. Sc-cond 
Uor^tv Jolin, 53 soutii S \tnlh 
Dorsev John, re);;ulator of M?eigUt& and rucasur^s, corner 

8tli and Fill) rt 
Dirsey uidow ot'Jolm S M. D 189 Mulberry 
DorstN M iry, widow 7 n Niiith 
Dorsey Moses, lainmicr 418 si.ii'^li Second 
D irscy Mivhael, carter 6tli nb Poplar lane 
Dotsey S nioii, goldsniitli Christian above Seventh 
D siei Daniel, M. D. 33 Coates 
D lugal John, wea\er 5 Ap|)litree alley 
D.fiigherty Alex, clothing store S E corner Water and 

D >i;glierty Bernard, labourer Washington ab.Callowhill 
Doigiierty Charles, laljonrerbjck 134 south Fourth 
Dougherty Daniel grocer 178 Swanson 
D').i;^herty Edward, huckster Camden N.J. 
Dougherty Elizahetli, bourdii.ghouse 119 south Water 
Dniigherty Edward, blicksmith 5 Hyde's court 
Douguerty George, hi-.rdwave merclit. 145 & 147 S FroiU 
Douglierty George, Lonih.ivd near Schuylkill 
D >ugherty Hugh, weaver 2 >1 south Foui tl» 
Douj^herty Hugh. Ijrickaiaker St. Joseph's ivenue 
Dougherty James, papeiiiangei- 8tli bel')w Lombard 
D'Miglierty James, drayman Queen near 4th 
Dougherty James, labourer back 111 Cathaiice 
D'.ugherty John, H m .\ tr near Prii.ce 
Dougherty John, carter lu6 Germau 
Dougherty Jolui, ladies' shoemaker 36 Gerrr»an 
D uigherty Joseph, miller F'ottery al,k-y 
Dougherty Jt.sfpU S. ci Td\yainer 155 south Sixth 
Dougherty Mrs. Lvd'a, Siiippen below 5th 
D.,\igherly Patrick, ba' k 10 Somali 
Doug'.ierty Rachael, wichiw Mark's lane 
Dougherty Richard, carpen'.er 228 .south Seventh 
Dougherty Robert, skindresscr Third n. Germunt. r. 
Dougherty Sarah, widow 19 Cedar 
Dougherty Susatmah, widow 117 Callowhill 
Dougherty 'ihomas, !)oardinghouse 63 nortli Tenth 
Dougherty W. sen soap!)oiler corner Sixth ami Noble 
Dougherty Wm. innkeeper Wasiiingion near Vine 
Doughten Mary, widow Kaigimton N J. 
Doughty John, liardwarc merchant 41 High 
Doughty Thomas, landscape painter (Jirni. r. ab. od 

tHouelass Cuff, carter 2ri Blackberry v 
louglass Francis, bricklayer 71 south Eleventh 
Douglass John C. patent j)eg5lioeinakcr 5(» Zane 

BRA whitely's annual 

Douglass John, alderman 168 south Fourth * 

Douglass^ J, sailmaker 48 S wharves — d h 17 Powell 
'Douglass Peter, toothbrubhmaker 67 north Third 
tDouglass Robert, hairdresser &c. 54 Mulberry 
Douglass S. L. accountant 479 south Front 
tDouglass Thos. oysterman 39 south Third 
Douglass 8c Ware, sailmakers 48 South wharves 
Douglass William, carpenter 4S Spruce 
Doule Thos. B. iiuikeeper 320 north Front cor. Noble 

iDoBse Richard, labourer 126 Plum 
)outhwet Abraham, weaver 17 Apollo street 
Dove William, vender of books Coates above Seventh 
Dover Catharine, widow Ger. road above first gate 
Dover Joseph, silverplater Germ, road ab. 1st gate 
Dow Abraham, cordwainer 94 north Eleventh 
Dow George, boardinghouse 14 Shippen 
Dow John, yjrinter 373 Race 

JDowden Knight, barber & oysterman 153 Lombard 
)owd Thomas, teacher 96 Catharine 
Dowds, Rebecca, widow 9 Small street 
Dowdy Ammon, mate 21 Swanson street 
Dowell Thomas, mate 31 Catharine 
Dowerman Matthias, shipwright Sarah st. near Quc^p 
Dowers Nichdas, tavern & stablekeeper 123 Pine 
Dowlan Hugh, labourer Crab below Cedar 
Dowlan John, plasterer 20 Juniper lane 
Dowhng John, pawnbroker S W cor. Cedar 8c Fourtk 
Downer Charles L. mercht. 5 S wharves — dh M'Cirt- 

loch's court 
Downing Isaac, 6 Minor — d h 41 north 8th 
Downing John J. mercht. Girard's wharf — d h 58 S 6th 
Downing Thomas, ladies* shoemaker Germ. r. ab. Otter 
Downs Earl, shoemaker Bedford near Crown (K) 
tDowns Eleanor, widow Mark's lane 
Downs Miles, printer St. Mary above 6th 
Downey Elizabeth, widow Mark's lane 
Doyle Andrew, bottler 75 Dock 
Doyle Bartholomew, stablekeeper Hartung^s allej" 
Doyle Catharine, widow 9 Fromberger's court 
Doyle Edward, mariner back 1 Elbow lane 
Doyle EUzabeth, Mrs. 83 German 
Doyle Hugh, accountant Wiggins' court 
Doyle James, sea captain 58 Moyamensing road 
Doyle James, cordwainer Miles*^ alley 
Doyle John, grocer 338 High 
Doyle John, tavernkeeper Leopard Inn (Head Quarters 

for the members of 12^) Latitia court 
Doyle Lawrence, cordwamer 32 Catharine 
Doyle 8c O'Neill, bottlers 75 Dock 
Drais Daniel, sailmaker 3 Quarry 
Drake Margaret, boardinghouse 128 Pine 
■{■Draper Charles, ropemaker 257 Catharine 
JDrapcr Francis, porter 306 south Seventh 


Draper Francis, siiwycr 6th below Fitzwalter 
•Draper Jkcol), pnrlcr back 4«9 soulli Second 
Draper Jusse, porter 92 Be<ll"oi(l 
Draper John, engraver iw^uirt A7 Srtnsoin 

tDr ip r Siiadracli, kibourer Lyndall's court ' 

>rayton James, umbrella manufacturer 3 south Fourth 
Drayton Jos. engraver & portrait painter Filbert n. IJth 
Dredger John, tavenikeeper 156 nortli Water and lil 

north Front 
Dreer Frederick, cabinetmaker 152 S 4th & 104 N 5:h 
Dreisbach Adam, clerk corner Nvble and Kuncklc. 
Drcisbach Wm. merchant cor 3d Sc \ ine — d h 97 N' ^l" 
Drew John, llaxhackler 30 Gilles' alley 
Drew William, storekeeper 211 Cvdar 
Drexel Francis M. portrait painter 171 Chesnut 
Dreyfous 8c Brother, importers ot watches, jewellery, 

musical piecCh &.c. 37 (jliesnnt 
Drinker Henry, cashier bank N. America 30 N Front 
Drinker Henry S. gentleman 67 Locust 
Drinker John, attorney at law 199 Walnut below 8th 
Drinker VVm, W. mercliant 30 north Front 
Drips Matthew, oilcloth manufactory BuslAhill 
Drisco Jane, widow boardinghouse 70 south Sixth 
Drisdall Rachel, nurse Margaretta beluw Second 
Drinkwater\\'illiam, carpenter 85 south Front 
Drosdorf Charles A. grocer N E cor. Locubt and 11th 
Druz Charles A. clock and watchniakor 116 Walnut 
Druba Lewis, stonemason Peim near Maiden 
Dramb Uriah, labourer Swanson neai Prime 
Drum John, \ ictualler stall 25 Nev/ market — d h But- 
ton wood near 8th 
Drum Wm vict. 302 N 8tli— stall 32 High st. market 
Drunibor Henry, innkeej^er Junipei- c r. Lambert 
Diuinmond J. bleeder with leeclies 34 lu^rtii Eighth 
Drummond Mary, widow 14LorMb-ird 
Diumniond Miry, widow bjck20 Budd 
Dri.ry Michael, nurchant 43 N Frotit & 63 south 3d 
Dr\sdale Wm. clock md w?.tcamaker 144 south Front 
Duane Wm. editor and ])'il>lishei of ttie Aurora — dh 

108 and office back 110 Wahiut 
Duane William J. atlorncv at law 44 south Sixth 
DubaiTV John, merchant 213 Hi^h 
Dub isee Joseph, carpenter cur. Christian and Eighth 
Dui).ise'- Susannali, w.t!sherwoman ':ur. Christian & 8th 
DuiK-naurd Ttioin is, carp-.-ntcr 'J2 Sissairas allv) 
fDubhii K-lizabeth, \v!(l<>w Plum alley 
Duijhi. Ferdinand, labi'i:r.r Bottonwood nwir Fifth 
Dul)ots Benjanun, i);iX!i»ak' '. Lily alley 
Dubois John, sht^em .kvr & bt>ardihghoH»e 32 Plum 
Dubois John, oystti man 9 south Sistli 
Dubois M rv L. widow of Al)i ..'n.n ,'6 ^'rruce 
Dul) 'IS Wilham, ro'.ibm ki r 46; \u rt; .\1 
Dubosq Henry, lookiugglass silverer &c. 131 Sliippcn 

DUM whitely's annual 

Dubrey John, clerk Filbevt below Schuylkill Fifth 
Dubs Martin, broker 8 Minor— d h N. E.cor. Race & 9th 
Duche' & Dpnaand, gold Sc silversmiths 29 Lombard 
Duclif Jane, widow 22 Catharine 

Ducker John, exchange broker 20 south 4th [^see Decker 
Ducoing John, milliner 8c fancy store 111 south Second 
Ducoing Peter, 132 Spruce 

DLicomb Elizabeth, Mrs, widow of John, G2 north 6th 
Diicomb Gaspard F. accountant 168 south 6th 
Diicomb Mrs. R, gentlewoman 168 south 6th 
Du Commun H. watchmaker 1^ south Fourth 
Duddy Bernard, typefounder Bonsall near Tenth 
Diidcn John, lock and whitesmith Second near Pegg 
Dudgeon John, shoemaker Thirteenth near Race 
Dudley Margaret, widow shopkeeper 23 Walnut 
Dudley Nicholas, tailor 2 Hinkel's court 
Dudley 8c Peart, tailors 64 nortli Third 
Dudreau John, oystei-man 48 south Fifth \ 
Duey Mary, widow of Adam, tavernkeeper 10 S Fifth 
Duff Eliza, manuf, of razorstrops 54 north Fifth 
Duff James, soap and candle manuf. 484 N Second 
Duff Patrick, grocer 28 Plum 
fDuff Robert, Juniper alley 

Duff Wra. grocer S W cor. 2d 8c Queen [see Daffield 
Duffel James, cordwainer Cheny below Sch. Eighth 
Duffel John, shipcarpenter back 64 Catharine 
Duffey Michael, printer Federal below Second 
DufEeld Wm. B. m. d. 41 Spruce, professor of midwifery 

\_see Duffel 
fDuffins John, coachman 40 Blackberry alley 
tDufful William, bootblack 11 Chesnut 
Duffy Ann, Penn street Point Pleasant (K) 
Duffy Francis, tavernkeeper 11 Walnut 
Duffy Francis giocery 8c tavern N W cor. 3d 8c Plum 
Duffy James, labourer Queen near Cherry 
Duffy John, teacher 378 south Second 
Duffy John, cordwainer Lombard above Tenth 
Duffv Margiiret, bottler 3 Pear N W corner Dock 
Duffy Pliihp, bottler Juniper alley 
D'jffy Philip, grocer corner Plum and George 
DutfV William, copperplatepvinter 159 S Tenth 
Dutief N. G. universal bookstore 118 Chesnut 
Dugan Edward, labourer Price's court 
Dugan Mary, widow back 201 north Third 
Dagan Patrick, stonemason Sch. 8th above Cherry 
Duiiamel John, tailor 63 south Fourth 
Dugdale Thomas, jun. teacher of languages, Frierids' 
Dschool south Fourth — d h 166 Spruce 
Dukemineer Marmaduke, labourer 451 south Second 
Duler Peter, professor of languages 12 Powell 
Duley Catharine, widow 96 Plum 
Dulles Joseph, merchant 145 High— d h Washington st. 
Dulles 8c Wilcox, merchants 145 High [see Dallas 
Dumas EUas, gentleman 116 Budd 


DumoulinS.irah, widow of M. hoardnk^hnuse 112 S 8ih 
Uiimiititct I'.lizabetli, widow jeweller S E cor. Chesmit 

and St-Coiid 
Dun Gtorije W merchant 48 High 
Diinaiii liiizaljcth, widow ot Edward, 275 Cliesnut 
fDimljar Gecrge, n\arincr 6ih near Caiptntcr 

1Diinl)ar widow of" William, 76 German street 
)uiican Benjamin, corder 341 houtii Second 
Duncan I)a\ i . T. jjrinter 481 Hisj,!! above Thirteenth 
Duncan David, grocer N E coi-. \\'alnui and Water 
Dune in & Doughty, iiardware merchants 41 High 
Duncan Eliz iheth, widow 24 Slitppen 
Duncan George, back 344 Kace 
Duncan John, chandler Ridge road above 9th 
Duncan Lxtitia, widow 435 Chesnut 
Duncan Margaret, widow back 47 Christian 
Duncan Mary, widow 30 Kunckel 
fDuncan I'atience, widow Elbow ;dley 
fDuncan Primas, sawyer Old York road above Browne 

i Duncan Sarah, widow Middle allev 
)uiican (general) Wm hardware merchant 41 High 
Duncan V\'m. young ladies' academy 18 Library and 

49 hpruce 
Duncan William, carter Mark's alley 
Duncan Willinm M. hardware merchant 41 Hieh 
Dundas James H. attorney at law, office 42 Wali\ut, 

dwelling 122 south Fourth 
Dundas James, merchant 42 Walnut & 122 south 4th 
Dungan Da\id, tobacconist 41 (i'.<>kill 
Diugan Ji/lm, (Buck tavern) 130 north Ninth 
Diuiham Hugh, carpenter Oinideii (N J) 
Du!,kin Ann, gentlewoman 95 S Eighth [.lee Duncan 
Dunkin Tliomas, associate judge of the Sujjrcme court, 

68 Walnut 
Dunlap Catharine, widow 136 north Eighth 
Dunlap Eliza, widow otjolm, N E cor. 15th & Chesnut 
Dunlaj) Elizabeth, i75 south Front 
Dunl.ip James Cc Co. merchants 54 north Second 
Dunlap James, m. d. 107 Mulberrv' 

Dunlap James, gardener Washiujjton st. Sch. ab. Race 
Dunlaj) Jolin, ge;ulem:'.n N E cor. Ihirteenth iic Chesnut 
Dunlap Mary, 149 Locust 
Dimlap K(.t)ert, dealer 232 south Fourth 
Dimlap Tlios. attorney at law 56 Walnut — d h 107 Arch 
Dunlap Thomas, mason H(tpkins' court 
Dnnlaj) widow of David, bookbiiuler Coatcs above Old 

York road 
I^unlap William, carter Adams st. 
Dunlap William, paver 104 Locust 
Dindevy John, shoemaker 22 Vernon 
Dunlevy Robert, sea captain 54 Catharine 
Dunlop'john (Green Tree Inn) 50 north 4th ab. Arch 
Dnnn Ann, widow Oak below hayscales ' 

DUR whitely's annual 

Dunn Edward^ carter 150 south Ninth 

Dunn Frances, widow Hazel alley 

Dunn George, turner and ui^brellamaker 96 St. John 

Dun George W. mercht. 28 N. Third — d h Green's cr. 

Dunn Hugh, constable and collector of taxes 175 Green 

Dunn James H. merchant 35 Coates' alley 

Dunn John, carmaker 17 Beck's alley 

Dunn Maiy, widow innkeeper 213 south Second 

Duim Mary, widow back 339 Callowhill 

Dunn Michael, labourer 34 St. Mary 

Dunn Robert, chandler 5 Wagner's alley 

Dunn Samson, hatter Loxley's court 

Dunn Thomas, m.d. 155 Vine 

Dunnell, Lyman, & Co. merchants 164 High 

Dunnin Edward, labourer Christian above Fourth 

Dunott Rachael, widow oilcloth manuf. 174 Coates 

Dunphy John, merchant 16 north Second 

Dunseeth James m. d. 101 Catharine 

Dunton George, sea captain 30 Green 

Dunton Jacob, sailmaker 5 North wharves — d h 61 New 

Dunton & Ker, shipchandlers, &c. 7 South wharves 

Dunwick Jane, widow 101 Christian 

Dunwoody Ruth, boardinghouse 41 north Seventh 

Dupella Andrew, gardner Weaver's alley 

jDupeyun Fi'ancis, shipcarpenter Nieunaan's alley 

Duplaine Agathose C. druggist cor. Noble and Fourth 

Duplaine Rachel C. widow of Anthony C. cor. Noble 

and Fourth 
Du Ponceau Peter S. counsellor at law, oflB.ce 15 S. 6th, 

d. h. 199 Chesnut N E corner Sixth 
Dupouy A. wine, grocery, and liquor store cor. Minor 

and Sixth 
^Dupree Jerome, hairdresser 56 south Tenth 
Dupree Staten R. carver and gilder 463 south Front 
Dupuy Daniel, 161 Sassafras 
Dupuy John, jun. merchant ingjiire 160 Sassafras 
Dupuy John, cook and confectioner 203 Chesnut 
Durfin Lewis V. confectioner 126 south Sixth 
Durand Francis, paperhanger 88 Christian 
Durang John, comedian 216 Cedar 
Durant John W. inspector of customs 121 Cedar 
Durborow, Bryan, 8c Dehaven, merchants 185 High 
Durborow Hugh, chip hatfactcry 102 Poplar below 2d 
Durborow Saml. merch. 185 High — d h 139 south Sixth 
Durell Hannah, of Jeremiah 295 N Second 
Di.rell Isaac, tailor Camden N. J, 
Diirfor George, carpenter 17 Fayette 
fDurh am Clayton, carter 95 Bedford 
■fDurham Isaac, porter Portland lane 
tDurham William, carter above 233 Sliippen 
Durham Whitiington, corkcutter back 169 south 3d 
Durm Sarali, Wood corner Garden 
Durnell Samuel, carter Queen below Sixth 


Uurney Catharine, widow Spafford 
Durncy Joliii, biscuit baker 

" ' S E corner of Second and 


Durncy Joliii, biscuit baker -j 
Diirney Michael, do. do. / 
Durnev Tobias, «<lo. do f 
Diirnt) Paul, accountant J 

Durr John, sugarbaker back 147 Cherry 
Diisar F. nu-r Girard's buildings S 2d op Little Dock 
Dusenberry Henry, sti.rekeeper 188 N. 2d 6c 51 Vine 
DiisuUe Jonn, iire workmaker Olympic Theatre corner 

VVulnutand Ninth 
Dustin David, seacaptain 49 Almond 
Duswald John, ostler 9 Sugar alley 
Dutch Ezra, grocer 98 New st. 
Duterre Maturin, hairdresser 46 north Third 
Dutilh &c Co grocers 499 north Second 
Dutilh Edmund G. 499 north Second 
Dutilh John A merchant 155 Fine 
IDutray John, barber 211 south Eleventh 
tDutrelle John, hairdresser 125 Spruce 
Dutton Caleb, bricklayer Callowhill above Tenth 
Dutton Elizabeth Mrs 157 Lombard 
Dutton George, teacher 11 Powell street 
Dutton Isaac, shoewarehouse SE corner High and At\\ 

— d h 124 High 
Dutton John, shoemaker 164 south Sixth 
Dutton Joseph L. carpenter 88 Lombard & 197 S- Front 
fDutton Jidiana Mrs. 232^ Lombard 
Duval & Co. merchants 179 Higli 
Duval Jas. S. mercht. 275 High— d h 15 N. Eighth 

[fife Develle 
fDuvard Robert, sawyer Spafford st. 
Dyachry Joseph, tavernkeeper 96 High 
Dych Hetty, widow Queen below Hanover 
Dyer Richard, labouier 28 Passyunk road 
Dyer William, brewer 121 Green 
Dyke John, hairdresser Christian below Fifth 
Dyke Solomon, mariner 29 Cox's alley 
Dyott T. W. M. D. & druggist N E cor. Second & Race 
Dyson Mary, widow Shuckamaxon 

EACHrU ROBERT, brassfonnder 32 Citharinc 
Eadcn William, Hroad above Race 
Eager Mis. C. midwiR- Frankford road near Queen 
Eager William, wlicclriglu Queen near Shakamaxon 
Eakins Isaiah, shoemaker 18 soutli Tenth [nee .^itkeu 
Ealer Frederick, baker High W. Schuylkill Eighth 
Earheart John i*. turner &c. 76 Dick 
Earle & Barker, merchants 1:17 High 
Earl Caleb, shipmaster 271 south Front 

ECK whitely's annual "^ 

Earl Clayton, rtif rchant 33 north, Water — d h 20 Pine 
Earle Edward, bookseller 62 S. 4th S Wcor. Library 
Earl Klizabeth, widow shopkeeper 393 north Front 
Earl Hannah, boardinghouse 60 nortU Fifth 
Earle James, carver and gilder and gallery of paintings 

169 Chesnut 
Earle John, caulker back 15 Poplar lane 
Earle Martlia, seamstress Garden above Vine 
Earle Thomas, merchant )37 High — d h 285 Chesnut ' 
Early Hugh, labourer Wdey's court 
Earley Hugh, drayman Federal above Second 
Earley John, drayman Race above Schuylkill Seventh 
Earley John, drayman 552 south Front 
Earley Saaiuel, shingledresser Lyndall's court 
Earley William, carter 9 Lombard 
Earlston George, carpenter bac k 131 north Third 
Earnest David, tailor 19 south Fourtli — d h 111 S. 5th 
Earnest Jacob, merchant tailor 16 south Fourth 
Eai-nhurt John, innkeeper 236 north Third 
Edip Ann, widt)w 17 Lombard 
Earp & Brothers, h'udware merchants SWcar. High 

and Fifth and 209 south Second 
Earp George, hardw<ire merchant 209 south Second. 
Earp Robert, haidwaie merch. SWcor. H'gh & Fifth 
Eurp T. G. 6c R. hardware merchants 209 S. Second 
Earp Thos. uardware merch. S W cor. High 8c Fifth 
Easby Jolin, cooper 56 Callowhill 
Easby William, boatbu)lder 50 Duke (N. L,) 
Eastburn Elizabetu, leacher Lombard st. public school, 
Eastbui-n wido\v of Thomas, 47 Christian 
Eastburn Joseph, 86 Vine 
Easterday David, labourer 267'Catb.arine 
Easterday Peter, L'bout^er south Second bel. Gr-eenwich 
Eastlack Francis, under corder Callowhill st. wharf 
lEa'oton Abraham, nailer Juniper above Chesnut 
Eastwick Margaret, 3 Clever alley 
Eaton Elijah, mealman Hopkins' court 
Eaton Jesse &c Charles, grocers, 8 S. Third— d h 59 N. 

Seventh above Arch 
Eaton Jonathan, tanner Rose alley near Coates 
Eaton Levi, glassblower Lombard near Schuylkill 
Eberbach John C. baker 249 south Third 
Ebe,rle Charles, 11 north Sixth N E cor. South alley 
Eberle Frederick, baker 150 Locust 
Eberie PhiUp, musician 172 Locust 
Ebertli Conrad, gentleman 127 north Fifth 
Eberth Joseph, carpenter 143 Vine 
Ebling Daniel C. ladies' shoemaker 115 north Second 
Ebhng Robert, shoemaker 7 north Fourth 
Ebsworth David, coachpainter 8 Hurst 
Ecdles James, distiller NW cor. Seventh and Cedar 
Eckar Adam, labourer Lawrence above Wood 
Eckard John, sugarretiner Charlotte 


Rckanl J. F translator of langiuiges 22^ Walnut 
lickel Amlrcw, tol>iicr«nis>t 308 S.issafi'as 
EckclbiirgluT JoMiithiin, hatter Huttonwotxl ab. Charles* 
Eckcndorff M >riin, surgeon barbej- 22 N 9ih n. Filbert 
F^kcr Christian, drayman MdVia above Old York nad 
Ec kert Abraham, labourer Lawrence above Wood 
Eckcrt Cliaiks, lalhAvciuiudler 342 8c .167 N. Second 
Eckert Conrad, baker Queen near Bishop 
Eckert fioorge, watrlunan Wood corner Lawrence 
Eckeri John, sen. i^aidt ner Hanover near Queen . 
Eckitldt AdanijChiticouierin the mint Juniper bel.Vlne 
Eckfcldt John, soap and candle manutactory 203 south 

Sixth — d h 195 Lombard 
Eckteldt Michael, carpenter Juniper below Vine 
Eckiiardt Fi-cderick, turner Kunckel above Tammany 
Eckley Jaco'), cooper 33 Crown 
Ecklev Sirah, widow 33 Crown 
EcklolTG F. tailor 112 Race 
Eckman Benjamin, slioemi^.ker Pine above Tenth 
Eckstein Jacob, tailor and shopkeeper llS'nor h 4th 
Ertkstein John, Itrushniakcr 138 High and 36 N ..Third 
Eckstein Jolin, gi-ocer and tavern 199 north Water 
Eckstein & Richardson, bellows manuf. 36 north Third 
Eck^tcin Samuel, paj^erstore 116 north Fourth 
Eckstein William, currier 116 north Fourth 
Kcky Anthony, apothecary and druggist 83 Union 
Ecroyd Jaines, teacher school-house corrPoplar lane and 

Front — d h. 57 Browne 
Eddinfield Thomas, i)ilut back 30 Plum 
Eddowes John, china merchant 96 north Second 
Edd\ James, gunsmith 275 north Front 
Edei John, oakcoc>])er Gcrmanfown road near Fourth 
Edelman Mary, widow Filbert above Eleventh 
Eden Catharine, widow 118 north Ninth 
Edenborn widow of Jacob, 110 Sassafras 
Edgar James, carpenter 33 Sugar alley 
Edgar John, printer Callowhill above Tenth 
Edgar Owen, newscarrier Thirteenth above Filbert 
Exlgill Benjamin, uaterman 1 Bird's alley (S.) 
Edgington Mi s. drygoods store 123 soutii Front 
Edmiston Elisha, mariner back 380 south Second 
Edmonson Mary, widow 8 Juniper lane 
Edwards Ann, widow 396 Sas>-airas 
Edwards Cliristiana, widow CatWi^^rinc above Fifth 
Edwards Elizabeth, ladies' seminary 45 north Soxenlh 
Edwards Elizabetli, widow Was!\ington above Front 
Edwards Ehzabeth, widow 81 soutli Eleventh 
Edwards Edward, grocer 326 north Front 
Edwards Edward, genllema\i 28 Green 
Edwards Griffith, grocer 16 and 18 nortli Fifth 
Edwards John, jun. attorney at law, 108 Arch 
Edwards John, cooper 94 Ciaskill St. 
Edwards Joseph, brassfounder 214 Race 


Edwards Josiah, ferryman Camden N, J. 

Edwards Levi, labourer Rogers' court ' 

Edwards M:iry, widow 14 Parham's alley 

Edwards Nathan, vict.Steinmetz ct. — stall 22 N; market 

SEdwai'ds Owen, hatter Broad below Locust 
Edwards Patience, widow St. John ab. Poplar lane 
jdwards Sarah, tailoress 459 N. 3d [see Edwords 

Edwards S trah, gentlewoman 12 Little Pine 
Edwards Susannah, widow back 23 Catliarine 
Edwards Thomas, cordwainer 9 Flint's court 
Edwards Wm. labourer German below Fourth 
Edwin David, grocer and engraver 165 south Tenth 
Edwords John J. druggist Sec. 336 High 
Eells Nathaii, sea captain 11 Vernon 
Eafflaud Elizabeth, Mrs. 99 Queen street '^S.) 
Egert Geori^e, baker 357 ini'tu Second \_see Eckert 
Egenton William, bottler 216 North Front 
Eglee Jacob, cabiiietmnker 64 south Fourth 
Eguer Chaides, grocer 141 ooi-th Third 
Eggers Caroline, widow 174 Pii>e 
Egi^leston A.. ni, 'widow 1 Fanes's couVt 
Eggleton Jouii, cnrter Allen near Beach 
Egt^leston Joseph, smith & tavern keeper 137 S. Water 
Ehi'enztlkr Jacob, carpenter cor. Beck 8c Sixeh 

N. W. cor. of 3d & W dnut— d. h. 109 South Ninth 
Ehrenzeller Catharine, widow 70 S. 11th cor. George 
EUrtnzeller Gen. accountant 70 S. 11th cor. George 
Ehnnghaus & Kampmann stock 8c exchange brokers 
Earinghaus Adolph, broker, corner Third & Walnut 

d h 109 south Ninth 
Ehrmann Victor, 102 north Thii'd 
Eigelberner Margaret, widow 12 Prospect alley 
Einwechter Elizabeth, widow, Poplir lane n. 4th 
- Einwechter George, carpenter 49 Charlotte 
Eisen Daniel, soap 8c tallowchandler 90 Green 
Eisenbrey Jacob, tallowchandler 4th above Poplai!' 
Eisenbrey Jacob, carpetweaver 443 nortli Third 
Eisenbrey John grocer 142 Cherry ' 

Eisenbrey PhiUp, coachpainter, south 8th — d.h. 37 ZanC 
Eisenbring L. baker 544 north Third 
Eisenhut John D. coppersmith 203 N, 2d NE cor. Vine 
Eisenhutt Mary widow 100 Budd 
Elben John, late shoemaker Church street 
Elberson Francis, pilot 20 Parham's alley 
Elder Miss Mary, back of 184 Lombard 
Elder William 1'. cotton, hay, &c, packer, Redstore- 

wharf — d. h. 241 Vine 
Eldredg^ James H. mariner Federal above Second 
Eldridge Anthony sea captain Carpenter cor. Fifth 
lEldridge, Brick and Co. curriers 35 Chesnut 
Eldredge Isaiah, ship master 79 C!hristian 
Eldridge Job, labourer Hopkins' court 
Eldridge Joseph M, currier 14 north Eighth 


Eltlvidge Plvineas, late se»^ capt. Carpeuter (S.) cor. 5th 

EHreth Is.iac C. nitrchant 2 south 8iii 

Elirctli S.iinuel, cai'ter coriur Coates and SeventJi 

EUrcy JarnI), cooper 2 Knight's court 

Ellrey William, cooper Maria above 4th 

Elias Henry, drygootls store 17 Juliana 

Elkin Abraiiam, Kt^nlleman 313 north Second 

Elkinton Asa, & son tallowcliandlers 202 north 2d 

Ella Harniali, nuUinor 21 sontli Fourth 

Ella John, agent 8cc, '^1 south Fourth 

Ellick. John, carpenter rarnniany bel.Old York roati 

Elliott widow ot Charles 13th above Cedar 

Elliott Cliarles, storekeei)er 431 north Second 

Elliott Elijah, lanourer Franktort road near Queeii 

Elliott Hannah. 56 north Fourth 

Elliott Isaac, conveyancer 82 Chesnut — d. h. 25 S. 10th 

Elliott James, Shakespeare-h'itel 193 Chesnut 

Elliott John, grocer corner ot Bioad and Vine 

Elliott John, hardware merchant 115 High 

Elliott John, druggist, &c. 60 S. Front— li. h. 68 N. 7th 

Elliott John and Daniel, druggists, 8cc 60 south Front 

Elli(.tt John, teacher Mantua village 

Elliott John, shipjoiner M irlb ir^ugh nery Qaeen 

Elliott John, sea captain 35 Quetn 

Elliott iVlargaret, widow ot William 14 Fayette 

Elliott Riclufd K. coachtrimmci- Wiggins's court 

Elliott Samuel, drayman Schuylkill 7tli above Race 

tElliott Solomon, waiter 22 Sugar alley 

Elliott Susan widow Passvunk road 

Elliott Thos. principal deputy sheriff, 41 George (S.) 

near Cedar 
Elliou W lliam labourer Broad near Vine 
Elli )tt Willi im, g'ocer 12 Strawberry 
Elliott William, (H irpand Eagle hotel) 43 north Third 
Elliott D uiiel, druggist, &c 60 south Front 
lElhott Elizabeth, widow 22 Gilles' alley 
Elliott E. and M. drygoods store 74 N Second 
Elliott , teaclier and clock and watchmaker, Lan- 
caster turnpike above 1 mile stone 
Ellis D u'id, teacher K»y's alley— d h 123 Callowhill 
Ellis Enos, cabinet m..k> r55 Chester 
Ellis & Francis lab( un-rs Locust above Broad 
Elhs Hugh, silverplater 214 High— d h. 206 Race 
Ellis James, br.issf.>under 252 south Front 
Ellis John, cari)rntc-r back ot 5 
Ellis Martha, boardinghousc 188 iKMth Fifth 
Elhs T;) )mas, (Kikcoc.jjer High west of Schuylkill 4th 
Ellis Thomas, livery stable keeper Drinker's .dlcy 
Ellis and Sloan, stable keepers 2 Drinker's alley 
Ellis Mrs. Rebecca, Wharton below Second 
Ellis William, carpenter Mar'borongh near Bvi'ch 
Ellis Z. morocco manufactory T 7 south Second 

EML u'hitely's annual 

Ellison, Christian shipwatch 19 Parham's alley 
Ellison James, labourer 9 Pryor's alley [see AUison 

Ellrnaker Levi, flour merchant 461 High~d h 405 Arch 
Elmes Thos. hatwarehouse 202 High— -d h 10 Sugar ay 
Elston Thomas, caulker Marlborough near Beach 
Elston Thomas ji'. carpenter Queen below Hanover 
Elton Anthony, late higli constable (Beehive beerhouse) 
Elton Hannah, widow of Anthony, 41 North alley 
Elton Samuel, bricklayer Camden N. J, 
Elton Thomas, carpenter 149 Chery 

15 south Fifth 
Elmes Abner hatter 202 High— d h 45 Filbert 
Elmslie Alexander merchant 232 south Front 
Elmes T. 8c A. hat manufactory 202 High 
Elton Thomas, merchant 193 High— d. h. 30 Wood 
Elton Thomas, tailor back 78 Plum street 
EltonlieadGeo.stavefinisher n. stone bridge Frankford r. 
Eltonhead Jane, widow, boardinghouse 5 Cherry street 
Elva Ann, seamstress back of 7 Whitehall 
Elwell David, carpenter 27 Browne 
Elwell Henry, blacksmith, shop 8 &d. h. 19 Meade alley 
Elwell Jeremiah, blacksmitli 27 Browne 
Elwell Jos. M. cabinetmaker and grocer 361 Arch 
Elwell Robert blacksmith SpafFcrd street 
Elwell Samuel S. accountant 267 Race 
Elwell Wm. grocer 445 JN. Thrid 
Elwine Michael, labourer Otter n. Frankford road 
Ely Benjamin, gentleman 185 Cireen bel Old York i^oad 
Ely rev. E. S. pastor of the second Presbyterian church, 

200 Spruce 
fEly Frances, widow back 100 N. 11th 
Elv John teacher of the public model school 136 N. 8th 
Ely Joseph, 188 Arch 
Emerick Baltus, 72 south Eighth 
Emerick Benjamin, bootmaker 72 south Eighth 
Emerick David, bridlebitmaker Palmer ab. West 
Emerick Frederick, shipcarpenter Palmer ab. West 
Emerick George, 23 N. 6th 
Emerick Peter K. china merchant, 247 north 2d — d. h. 

Pfeiffer's alley 
Emerick WiUiam B. 19 N. 7th 
Emerick Wm. B. and George, grocers 23 N. 6th 
Emmerson Henrietta widow 14 Little Pine 
Emmerson Samuel boardinghouse 92 south Front 
Emery Abraham, carter Bakers court 
tEmery Edward, labourer 120 Plum 
Emery widow of Henry, Rose alley 
Emery widow of Jacob, 3d near Germantown road 
tEmery John mariner 332 S. 3d 

Emery Lewis, grocer and confectioner 31 north Fourth 
Emery Win. farmer Sixth cor Germantown road 
tEmery Wm. waiter 129 Locust 
Ernes Ann, widow 207 Race 
Emlen 8c Howell, merchants 17 south wharve* 


Emlen Jeremiah, drug and paint store 6 north Third 

Kmlen Joshrta, nicrcliant 17 S. wharves 

limlen Samuel, m. d. 2 17 Arch 

Enilcn Sarah, picntlewoman lO.lSonth Fourth 

Emincs John, rigger 574 soutli Second 

Emor Ctiarles, labourer Sixth ahove Camac 

Eneu James, sen. Federal near Passyunk road 

Eneu James, jwn. baker S I'assyunk road 

Eneu Jane, iVIrs. 60 Passyunk road 

Eneu Samuel, carpenter 152 south Fourth 

Engard Adam, carter ISO St. John [.ice I.iffard 

Engard Jolin, tailor 118 N. 2d 

Engelman Daniel gardncr, 8cc. Cherry below Sch. 8th 

tEngland Thomas laliourer Shippen above 7th 

fengle Benjamin, storekeeper cor. Coates and Fourth 

Englc Henry under sheriff 25 Plum 

Engle James, inspector of customs 96 south Fifth 

Engle Margaret, widow 139 Green 

Engle Maiiin, tailor 408 north Third 

Engle Maihias, watchman 2 Eckfeldt's court 

Engle Richard, grocer N E corner Third and Race 

Engie Thomas S. accountant 155 Pine 

Engkbert Leonard, mer. 108 High — d. h. 38 Carter's ay. 

Englefred Christopher, smith Kachel above Browne 

Englehnrt John G. watchman George near Second 

Englehart Joseph milkman Irish lane 

Engleman Daniel, florist Arch W. Sch, Eighth 

Engies Joseph P. teacher of languages corner Eleventh 

and Marble — d. h. 63 Locust 
Engies William, wharfbudder Maiden near Beach 
Engli.-h widow of Edward, grocer Cedar street wharf 
English Elisha N. merchant 31 Pine 
English Josej)h, culler 98 north Third 
English Levi, tailor 50 Moyamensing road 
English Micliael, carpenter Wall's elbow 
English Robert S. carpenter Juliana near Wood — d. h. 

8 I^ittkboy's court 
English S. c.'iljinctmaker 135 Walnut— d. h. 178 Mne 
Ennis John, carpenter Holmes's allev 
Ennis S. widow storekeeper 288 south Front 
Ennis Thomas inspector of butter and lard, office 15 

Arcli— d. h 85 St. John street 
Enos John currier Loxley's court 
Ensworth Henj. shoemaker. Law's court 
Entrikii\ Thomas, late grocer 187 I.>nmbnrd 
Enters Lewis, innkeeper 54 CallowliiU 
Epley Jacob, drayman CImstian below Filth 
Eplin Mir'jaret widow 2d near (Jcrmantown road 
Ei)pelsheinur Lewis, sugar retiners 168 north 5th 
Kpjjcs James, rordwaincr 19 Strawbeny 
Epplee Andrew, deputv collector customs 222 Walnut 
Epplce & Miirr\ , groceis 104 north Fourth 
Ei)stein Jacob, dealer, 19.5 north 4th 
Epstein Jacob, hcadstringer north Secomi 

ETR wHitely's annual 

Ellis Aaron, cordwainer 8 Fromberger's court 

Erben Henry, merchant 263 High — d h. 11 John 

Erdmann Charles A. printer, Alban street 

Erdmann Frederick, carpenter 13th near Vine 

Erdmann Henry, carpenter Castle sti-eet 

Erhard Adam, blacksmith 5th near Germantown road 

Erhart Joseph, tanner 4 Farmer's row 

Erickson Christian, sea Ciiptain 44 Almond 

Erickson Krick, mariner McCuUougli's court 

Erming Elizabeth, widon shopkeeper 146 north Third 

Ernst Jacob, baker 100 Christian 

Erskin Martin, cordwainer 32 Garden 

Ervine Casper, bottler 204 north Eighth 

Ervin Ann, widow Queen below Third 

Ervin David, labourer Merriott's lane above 4th 

Ervin James, labourer 27 Mechanic 

Erwin Andrew cordwainer cor. Rose 8c Germantown v 

Erwin Catharine tayloress back of 9 Crown 

Erwin Deborah, milliner 72 Mulberry 

Erwin Henry, silversmith-26 south Third 

Erving John, labourer 306 south Front 

Erwin James, carpenter back 58 Passyunk road 

Erwin John, carpenter 259 S 4th [see Irivincy if Anven 

Erwin Joseph E mercer & tailor 45 Pine ab. Second 

Erwin Margaret, widow grocer 109 Plum 

Erwin Nathaniel, carpenter 39 Keys' alley 

Erwin Susan, gentlewoman 9 south Seventh 

Erwin Wm. hatter 9 Myers' court 

Esher Conrad, saddler Lily alley above Taminany 

\_aee Usher 
Esher Conrad, grocer S E cor. Plum and 5th street 
Esher Henry, innkeeper & hatter 3d near Germ, road 
Esher Jacob, tailor Third near Germantown road 
Esherick Joseph, hairdresser and bleeder 9 north 5th 
Eslierick Margaret, widow boardinghouse 2 South ay. 
Esherick Mary, boardinghouse 48 Cherry 
Esket Mary, widow tutoress Coates above 4th 
Esler Benj. turner Harmony — d h 20 Carter's alley 
Esler George, carpenter 348 south Second 
Esler William, carter 100 Plum 
Esling Nicholas, Thirteenth above Race 
Esling Thomas, waterman 16 Swanson 
Espanet Augustus, candle manuf. 231 south 4th 
Espey Elizabeth, 6thAbove Callowhill 
Espey James P. teacher Philada Academy 40 N 4th 
Essick Balser, gardener Geoi'ge (N L) above 4th 
Estell Daniel, tailor 24 north Water— d h 69 Arch 
Estell Danl. E. merch. 30 N Water— d h 5 Elfreth's ay. 
Esterlon Andrew, bottler 244 Cedar 
Estine Jacob, labourer West near Orange 
Estine John, victualler West near Orange 
EstlackTUomas, bricklayer 113 Lombard 
Etris Christiana, widow 130 nortli 5th 
Etris David, cabinetmaker 1 30 north 5th 


Etris Maiy, nurse back 167 Coates above 4th 

Ktris S;\miiei tavernkeeper 426 south Second 

Etris Win. tavernkeeper S W cor. Second & Lombard 

Kttcrs Pliilip, trunkmaker Middle alley 

Ettinger William, bricklayer 129 ('allowhill 

Eustace Thos. teacher 4 Locust (Washington square) 

fEustin Petej-, laliounr St. M.iry street 

Evans Abel, lumber inspector 171 north 4th 

Evans Aim, wiilow 107 riue 

Evans Ann, tailoress 16 Coomb's alley 

Evans Ann, back 369 Arch 

Evans Barbara, widow 31 Spruce 

Evans Brooke, sportsman &, hardwarestore 120 High 

Evans Cadwalader, merchant 60 north Eighth 

Evans Cadwalader, juu. flour merchant 394 and d h 

nfifier 375 High 
Evans Cadw alader & Robert L flour merch. 394 High 
Evans Cad waliider, gentleman 299 Race 
Evans Charles, teed &c. store 147 N 6th {^aee Evens 
Evans Charles, counsellor at law 3 York buildings 
Evans Charlotte, widow 171 St. John 
Evans Daniel, shoemaker 20 Cedar 
Evans David, labourer corner Shakamaxon & Prince 
Evans & Dungan, merchants 183 north Third 
Evans Edward, caster of ornamental stucco work 113 

N 9th corwer Maple 
Evans EHza, tailoress 127 north Eleventh above Race 
Evans Elizabeth, layer out of the dead 36 Prune 
Evans Elizabeth, storekeeper u/ifier 341 High 
|Evans Elizabeth, widow back Duncan's court 
Evans E. toll collector at 2d gate Ger. road 
Evans Griffith, ti-easurer of the Cheltenham 8c Willow- 
grove turnpike company cor. Decatur & Carpenter 
Evans Gulielma, Miss 221 Spruce 
Evans Jacob, currier Prospect alley 
Evans John & Son, lumber merch. Sixth near Noble— 
d h 145 north Sixth [.^ee- Evins 

Evans Joiin, nurseryman and buttonmaker Frankford 

road near Otter 
Evans John, signjjainter and fanlight maker 7o Dock— 

d h Watson's alley 
Evans John C. hardware merchant 16 south Third — d h 

Hamilton village 
I'.vuns John F. late flour merchant 97 Crown 
Evans Jonathan, gentleman 102 Union 
Evans Joseph, commission meixhant 7 South wharves 
Evans J. Ogdon, chinastoie 152 south Sixth 
Evans Joseph \\. merch. 31 S wharves — d h 101 Pine 
Evans Josiah, bricklayer 8 Blackberry alley 
Evans Josiah & Co. merchant tailors 122 Chesnut 
Evans Josiah, meix^h. tailor 122 Chesimt — d h 5 Library' 
Evans Mary, widow 2 Friend's almshouse 
Evans Mary, widow back 120 north Eleventh 

EWl whitely's annual 

Evans Nidiolas, labourer Frankf. road neai' 1st gate 

Evans Owen, soap and candlemaker 388 north Front 

Evans Peter, tavernkeeper 3 Little George 

P^vans Peter H. carpenter 28 Garden 

Evans Robert, innkeeper 100 New 

Evans Robert J. flour mercht. 394 High — d h 1 S 10th 

Evans Susan, widow 13 Apollo 

Evans Susannah, widow 246 south Third 

Evans Thomas, druggist N E corner Spruce & Third 

Evans Thomas, storekeeper 234 north Front 

Evans Thomas, tailor 19 south Third 

Evans Thomas, labourer Crown (K) below Prince 

Evans Thomas, accountant back 1 Elmslie's alley 

Evans Thomas, tailor 7 Pharris's court 

Evans William M- clock and wa^tchmaker 287 High — 

d h Hamilton village 
Evans Wm. druggist Sec. 134 S Front—d h 102 Union 
Evans William, accountant 36 Ann (N L) 
Evans William, mariner 98 Cedar street 
Evans Wm. M. gentleman S E cor. Eleventh 8c Arch 
Evaul Jacob, Camden (K J) 
Eveland Samuel, carter Davis's court (K) 
Eveligh Wm. mate of vessel 66 Catharine 
Evens Isaiah, labourer 25 Apollo 

Evens Whitton, merch. 77 S wharves— d h 213 Spruce 
Eyerdell James, sen. musician 21 Currant alley 
Everhart Abraham, innkeeper 235 north Third 
Everhart Anthonj', cooper 12 Swanson street 
Everhart David, coachmaker 151 north Sixth 
Everhart Margaret, widow cakebaker215 N Second 
Everhart Martin, painter &c 6 Emlen's court 
Everitt James, tanner 162 south 5th 
Everitt John, shoemaker 81 Budd street 
Everitt John, shoemaker Fromberger's court 
Everitt Jonathan, harnessmaker 3 Mechanic street 
fEveritt Samuel herbdoctor back 259 Cedar 
Everley Jane, widow of Jacob, 123 Cedar 
Everly Adam, fancy store & comb manuf. 87 Chesnut 
Evers Ann, Mrs. 54 Plum street 
fEverson Elijah, oysterman 139 Pine 
Everson Thomas, coachtrimmer 11 Strawberry 
Everton James, manner 28 Parham's alley 
Evil John, carter Race near Sch. 8th 
Evinger Wm. cordwainer 5th above Buttonwood 
Evitt, Margery, nurse 362 south Second street 
Ewell Robert, blacksmith 146 Brown 
Ewing Henry, smith Sch. Front below Chesnut 
Ewing James S. druggist 231 Chesnut, and plumber 
Lodge alley [««' Euwing 

Ewing widow of John, attorney at law 106 Walnut 
Ewing Mary, widow 72 George (S) 
Ewing Robert, merchant 225 High 
Ewing Samuel, attorney at law 146 Chesnut 


Exley John, smith &c. 92 Vine [are Kckly 

Eyre Jas. shipjoinev Beach st. Point Pleasant (K) 

Eyre Franklin, shij) builder Hanover above Beach 

Evre widow, Reach n. Hanover \_ste Kaijrcs is" Jhjroi 

Eyre Isaac, sliipbuilder Beach above Maiden 

Eyre Jehu, shipbuilder Beach near Hanover 

Eyre Manuel, mercht. 28 S wiiarves — d h 278 Chcsnut 

Eyre & Massey, merchants 28 South wharves 

Eyre Sc Landell, boatbuilders Penn st. (K) 

Eyres David, labourer Clierry near Prince 

Eyres John, tavern & liquor store 318 N 2d 

Eystvickcr John, barber back 203 north 4th 

Ey tinge ik: Philip, merchants 13 south Front 

FAATZ PHILIP, pill-boxmaker at the junction of the 

Frankford road, Crown and \\'est 
Fable Fred baker S \W corner \^'alnut and Dock 
Fable George, labourer N E corner Browne and 4th 
Fabry Catharine, widow back 174 Pine 
Fabry Miss, seminary 20 north 8th 
Fackney John, cordwainer 2 Pennsylvania avenue 
Facy John H. cordwainer 6 Willow court 
Fagan Augustus, grocer High west of Perm, bridge 
Fagan Hannah, widow 10 Small street 
Fagundus Jacob, brassfcunder 87 Browne 
Fagundus widow of George, milliner 68 Arch 
Faiciy Mary, widow 165 south Third 
Fainour Jos-eph, tinplateworker 113 S Front near Pine 
Faircliild Kufus, ladies' shoemaker 121 suuth Second 
Faircliild VVni. B.combmaker 121 south Second 
Fairchild Marcus, shoestore 257 south Second 
Fairchil'ls Abner, cordwainer 469 north Third 
Fairis Martha, widow 180 I..oiiibard street 
Fairman (iidcon, hi.storical designer and engraver, 30 

south Seventh S \V comer Cliesnut 
Fairman Ja!)e7., comhmaker 358 north Third 
Fairman Richard, engraver 7th S V\' corner Chesnut 
Fairweathcr Robert, mariutr 40 Almond 
Falconer John, shipcar])entev 301 south Front 
Fales (ieorge, merchant 17 sou'h Front 
Falknier J«>seph, sJtoe wareiiousc 162 High 
Falls Elizai)c-lh, widow ta\ ernkeeper N Front n. Laurel 
Fancc Michael, tivlicrman Btnch near Bishop 
Fanncn .\nthony, collector of taxes, 244 south 7th 
Fani^ing Ciiarles, grocer 52 Small 
Fardcn William, mariner 27 (ic-^rge street (S) 
Fareir John, hatter 8 Carter's alley 
Faries & M'Afee. carti rs and diggers Nortli street 
Faries Wm. tailor 2 VN'oi^hnn's court 
Farley James, tailor 84 Cedar 

FAW ivhitely's annual 

Farley John E. hatter Taper alley 

Farling Michael, labourer 187 north Front 

Farmer Mrs. widow of James, 469 south Front 

fFarmer Thomas, labourer 30 Burd's coirrt 

Farquhar Elizabeth, widow of George, 50Sansom 

Farquhar G. W. attorney at law 36 south 5th 

Farr & Kunzi, chemical laboratory Arch above 12th—. 

d h 171 Arch 
Farr Wm. wheelwright Broad above Race 
Farrand Wm. P. commission merchant 122^ High S 

W cor. Decatur — d h 19 south 7th {_see Ferraiid 

Farrell Andrew, dealer cor. 7th and Buttonwood lane 
Farrell Edward, beerhouse 94 north 5th 
Farrell John B. accountant 167 N 4th 
Farren Mrs. 180 south 4th 
FaiTenNeil, speculator 7 Vernon 
jFarrer Thomas, labourer 225 south Third 
FaiTer William, mariner back of 300 south Thii'd 
Farrier Robert, weaver 35 German 
Farrier William, tailor Price's court 
Farrington Gilbert, hardv/are store SE cor. 3d 8c Race 
Farris Elizabeth, Mrs. 37 Dock 
IFarro John, woodsawyer Allen's alley 
Farron John, cordwainer Loxley's court 
Faron Robert, labourer Broad above Arch 
Farrow Rebecca, widow Camden N. J. 
Farry J^ne, widow S E coraer Sch. 7th and High 
Farthing George, paver 324 south 3d 
Farthing James, grocer 90 Shippen 
Fassitt, Jas. merch. 329 Arch [see Foucett llf Fawcett 
Fassitt T. & J. fancy hardware store S W corner High 

and Second 
Fassitt Thomas, hardware merchant S W corner High 

and Second — d h 327 Arch 
Faunce Ann, widow 441 north Third 
Faunce Ann, Mrs. widow 40 Coates 
Faunce Christian, sen. fishei'man Cheriy near Prince 
Faunce Christian, fisherman Queen near Wood 
Faunce Conrad, fisherman Queen opposite Bishop (K.) 
Faunce George, shipcarpenter Queen n. Hanover 
Faunce Henry, caulker 227 St. John 
Faunce Isaac, shipwright Queen above Palmer (K.) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman Bishop near Queen 
Faunce Jacob, jun. fisherman Cherry near Prince 
Faunce Michael, fisherman Queen near Wood 
Faulkners John H. mariner 11 Parham's alley 
Faures L. P. merchant 215 north Sixth 
Fausset Eleanor, storekeeper 228 south Second 
Faussett James, gentleman 43 Lombard 
Fauver Casper, skindresser 57 Green 
Faw Lewis M. 108 Gaskill 

fawcett Wm. accountant 75 Cherry 
awkes Richard, innkeeper 14 Sti-awberry 


Fa\Tl Elizabeth, widow innkeeper N W corner Shippen 

and Froi>t 
Fay James, grocer High west of Schuylkill 5th 
Ftablc Antliony. tailor Vine 
Feable George F. tailor 39 Crown 

Fcanng Martin, ncco'intant 149 soutii 3d [^sec Fxring 
Fcarnn Jiines, soap & candle factor 49 and d h 6^ Union 
Fearon Josepl\, tallowch.itidltr 104 Plum 
Fcaron & Russell. snap&can<Ue ma.iuf. 49 Union 
February Ji-ihn, invalid Ruse street (N L) 
Fearis Bi rnard, 10 Pov^ell 
Feaster Jolm, iniikeejKT 193 north Second 
Fceny Dennis, labourer S nail near Sixth 
Feeny Patrick, priiitfr9 Pine ay [^set Finney isf Phinney 
Feeny Thomas, victualler German below 5lh 
Ft- genbush D. shoemaker 429 nor'ii Second 
Feigcl Charles, oak copper Scli Sixth below High 
Feinour George, cooper 73 S. Water — d h 162 S. Front 
Feinnur Josej^h, tin and iron platew<>rker and armourer 

212 south V\'ater— d h 213 south Front 
Fell Jacob, tanner Pe-kenpiHc's court 
Fell John 'I", custondiouse bargeman 5 Litt^le German 
Fell Jonathan, mustard mauut. .52 south Front 
Felt John, shipwright Prime below Second 
Felthousaiul Mary, 45 Mechanic street 
tFelton Charles, herb doctor Lombard above Ninth 
Fell on Scirah, widow Shippen near Clifton 
FcUy Godfrey, labourer Penntcwr R'dge r. 
Felty John F. shoemaker CaufF\n .u's court 
Feiiimore Benjamin, cordwaiiier Saundcr's row 
Fcnimore Josejiu H. cordwuiner St. J.^lm 
Feiuiiiore J. L. & Co. merch. High west of Perm, bridge 
Fenimore John, bricklayer S9 'jreene 
Fcnimore Samuel, )51 south Ti'ird 
Feauell William, jun. copperplate printer 18 Library 

d h 263 N Second 
Fenner Elizabeth, widow 409 smith Front 
Fenner Peter, sen. sexton Sterling alley 
Fenner Peter, sextan tobacconist. 79 nortii 4th 
Fcnton Thomas, ladies' shoemaker 38 Sassafras 
Fer.uer John F. tobacconist 165 v.orth Front 
Fenno John, scissorgrinder Queen below 5th 
Fenton /Vndrew, sailmaker Mutdock ik. Latimer''^ 

wharf— d h 28 Callowhill 
Fenton Margaret, widow 289 south Third 
Fenton Peter, cordwaincr 289 south Third 
Ferat Charles, confectioner 46 Cedar 
Ferguson Agnes, widow 130 N Eleventh 
Ferguson Benjamin, tailor 15 Arch 
Ferguson Ebenezcr, head inspector of lumber, and jus- 
tice of the peace, 46 (iec rge (S) 
Ferguson E. C. cordwaincr 176 south Second 


Ferguson Edwai'd, corner Queen and Bishop 
Ferguson George W inspector of customs, 64 Queen 
Ferguson George, trunkmaker Walnut bel. Broad 
Ferguson George, watchmaker 400 High 
tFerguson Grace, widow 203 Cedar 
Ferguson colonel Hugh, 237 Arch 
Ferguson Hannah, seamstress back of 40 George (S) 
Ferguson Jesse, boot and shoemaker 261 south Second 
Ferguson John D. moroccodresser cor Pitt and George 
tFerguson Jonathan, oysterraan 111 south Third 

Ferguson , cordwainer 253 Catharine 

Ferguson Mary, widow 15 Spruce 
Ferguson Robei't, gentleman Davison's alley 
Ferguson Rebecca, shopkeeper 18 Elfreth's alley 
Ferguson rev. Robert F. Merriott's lane above 5th 
Ferguson Robert, labourer Prince street (K.)" 
Fei-guson Ross, cordwainer Merriott's lane above 4th 
Ferguson Sam. inspector of lumber, inq, 46 George (S) 
Ferguson Samuel, shipwright 253 north Second 
Ferguson Samuel, labourer Cedar near 13th 
Ferguson 8c Stewart, commission merchants 157 S 2d 
Ferguson Susan, shopkeeper 57 Budd 
Ferit Louis jeweller 2 Carter's alley 
Fernagus John, bookseller 8 Wood above Second 
Fernandez Joseph, mariner 45 Catharine 
Fernsler John, grocer High west Sch. Sixth 
Feron J & F grocers SW corner Seventh 8c Race 
Ferran Patrick, innkeeper Darby road below High 
Ferrel Catharine, widow tavernkeeper N W corner 

4th and Lombard 
Ferrel Joseph, plasterer Wood above Tenth 
fFerrel Joseph, mariner back 11 Plum 
Ferrel Margaret, boardinghouse Beach n. Marlborough 
Ferren Thomas, shipwright Queen near Palmer 
Ferris James, innkeeper Ridge road ab. Francis's 1. 
IFerris James, blacksmith comer Ball and Pine alley 
Ferris Mrs. widow boardinghouse 36 south Sixth 
Ferris Robert, accountant 22 Swan wick 
Ferris Samuel, grocer Ridge r. above Francis street 
Ferris Wm. tailor Sturgis's court 
fFerrer Thomas, labourer 225 south Third 
Ferrow Thomas, labourer back 105 German 
Feriy Jane, widow Chesnut west of Schuylkill 6th 
Fertner Catharine, widow Hanover near Prince 
Fertner Lewis, glassblower, Lombard near Schuylkill 
Fertner Moses, victualler Clicrry near Schuylkill 6th 
Fesmore Christian, cabinetmaker back 124 Catharine 
Fetter John, innkeeper 220 north Front 
Fetters Jacob, ferryman (Camden (N J) 
Fetters James ropemaker,Marlboi'ough above Prince 
Fetters Richard, ferry ctirlcr Jones's alley 
Fetters Peter, shipwright 43 Bndd 
Fewkes William baker 112 Shippen 


l^eycrhocker Henry, carter Second above Ger. road 

Fichlner (xodt'rey, peclniakL-rShipi '^i above Seventh 

Ficlitcr Catharine widow SihuyUiill 8'ti above Chcrrj" 

Fidey Cynthia, widow 134 German 

Fiegel Clvirles cooper Sch. Sixth below High 

Field Charles, 110 north Front 

Field Charles, carpenter 77 Moyamensing road 

Field Christian, widow boardinghouse 127 Wahiut 

Field Fobes & Co. domestic warehouse 275 High 

Field James, merchant 275 High — d h 10 nojtii. llth 

Field John, carpenter Marlborough above BttUbrd 

Field John, merchant NVV cor. Locust and Eleventh 

Filed John, brickmoulder Irish lane below Snippen 

tField Lxtitia widow Allen's alley 

Field Peter coachi)ainter Acorn alley 

Field Peter, tailor 137 and 139 Spruce 

Field Peter brickm.iker Thirteenth above Sassafras 

Field Peter, gardener Irish lane 

Field P. gardener Greenwich below Second 

f Field Peter waiter 20 Hurst street 

Field Samuel, grocer 6 High — d h 17 Arch 

Field Samuel & Charles, grocers 6 High 

Field Samuel, silverplatcr 11 N. 7th— d h 91 N. 9th 

Field Samuel, victualler Thirteenth above Race 

Field Thomas, blacksmith 4 Flint's court 

Field Thomas S. merchant 43i north Front 

Field Thomas, saddler 6 Shield'.*; co.irt 

Field William, labourer 4th above Masters (N L) 

File Jehn, weaver Lombard west Schuylkill Seventh 

Fife William, reedmaker Schuylkill Third below High 

Filbert Peter, 52 George (S) 

Fin>ple Mary, widow back 14 Ku/ickel 

Filleter Thomas weaver Germain road near Second 

Filley Harvey & Co. tinplateworkers cor. loth and High 

Finch Elizabeth, widow of John A. 41 north Sixth 

Finch Elizabeth, widow 44 south Front 

Finch Peter, labourer 28 Elizabeth street 

Fink Adam, stockinijweaver Ger. road below Fourth 

Fink George, stockmgweaver cor. Third and Ger. r. 

Fink Jacob, sen. stockingweaver 3d near Ger. road 

Fink Nieliolas, printer 3 Lombard 

Finkbine Frederick, shoemaker Thirteenth bel. Chesnut 

Finlaw Fow, woodsawyer 28 Bread 

Finlev Antliony, bookseller, &c. NE corner Chesnut 

and Fourth — d h 65 Cherry street 
Finley John, hatter Sch. Eighth near Vine 
Finnegan ("harles W. accountant 2 Sugar alley 
Finnegan Mrs. of James, 2 Sugar allev 
Finny Charles hatter 92 Cedar [at? f*hinncij iJf Ficuy 
Finlev & Johnson, milliners 6 north 7th 
Finn "Mary, widow milliner 122 Locust 
fPinney Samael porter 230 Kace 
FiiX'liocker Henry, carter Second above German, road 

FIS whitely's annual 

fFiring Joseph, shoemaker, Baker's alley 

Firing George, grocer 127 Green 

Firth Preston, C. inspector of lumber 28 Ann (N h) 

Fish Charles H, ferry and innkeeper High st ferry S. side 

Fish James, shallopcnan cor. Green 8c Lily alley 

Fish Samuel P. wharfbuilder Queen near Frank. I'oad 

fFisher Abraham, mariner Osbourn's court 

Fisher Andrew, hatter 25 High — d h 22 Arch 

Fisher Ann Ehza, widow of James, 294 Arch 

Fish&u Ann, stall 51 New Market south Second 

Fisher AniH shopkeeper 506 Sassafras 

Fisher Casper, ropentaker Washington above Front 

Fisher Christopher, baker 341 Callowhill 

Fisher David, painter, &c. 12 Prospect alley 

Fisher Ehzabeth widow seamstress 19 C'ox's alley 

Fisher Elizabeth Powell, 170 Chesnut 

Fisher Elizabeth, widow Hanover above Queen 

Fisher Fred grocer & tavern SW cor. Shippen and 4th 

Fisher George, nailer 28 Gilles' alley 

Fisher George, 41 N. L. market and Ger. r. ab. Master 

Fisher George weaver Prince near Marlborough 

Fisher George, whartbuilder Beach near High bridge 

Fisher George, drover Ger. road below Fourth 

Fisher George, (Old Masonic Hallinn) 12 Filbert street 

Fisher George, weaver Marlbro. near Bedford 

Fisher Hanse H. sea captain 206 Cherry 

Fisher Henrv, brickmaker 500 Race 

Fisher Henry, wheelwing'ht OakN L. near Browne 

Fisher Jacob, carpenter 49 Browne (N L) 

Fisher James C. merchant 177 Chesnut 

Fisher John, combmaktr 43 Budd 

Fisher John, blacksmith, St. Joseph's avenue 

Fisher John, C. jr. plasterer Race W Schuylkill 8th 

Fisher John, victualler Garden above Pegg's run 

Fi.'<her John, labourer Schuylkill 8th above Race 

Fisher John, victualler Wood near Garden 

Fisher John, milkman Gtr. road below 1st gate 

Fisher John, sen, Germantown road near 4th 

Fisher John, biickmaker Sch. 8th above Race 

Fisher Jolin, labourer Queen near Frankford road 

Fisher J. N lace and fringe weaver 121 Mulberry 

Fisher John, coachtrimmer4Myers' court 

Fisher John, painter 8cc. Juniper alley 

Fisher John, cordwainer Hoffman's alley 

Fisher John P. silverplater 10 Prospect alley 

Fisher Joseph, ferryman Camden N. J. 

Fisher Joseph, victualler stall 26 4th street market 

Fisher Lydia widow north 4th above Browne 

Fisher Marv, widow 365 Arch 

Fisher Margaret storekeeper 429 north Front 

Fisher Mary, widow Cedar above 12th 

Fisher Michael, sea captain 190 St. John 

Fisher widow of Miers, 11 south 9th 


Fisher Martin and Son, thermometer and spectacle ma- 
kers 105 north Second 
Fisher Rachel, dryKoods btore 190 sf>uth Second 
Fisher Rebecca, gentlewoman 306 Chesnul 
Fisher Rohert Y. nji^riner ijack 17 noi-fh Eighth 
Fi'^her Samuel, cardfuctorv Rearsticker's court 
Fisher Sam. R. mercht 27 Dick— d. h. 110 south Front 
Fisher Sarah, Mrs. tailoress 119 Swanson 
Fisher S ir.ih VV. widow 290 Chesnut 
Fisher WMliain, mariner 16 M iry 

Fisher \V m. W- mercht. 31-2 Chesnut above Eleventh 
Fi-'her widow of Elias, tavernkeeper Oak (N. L.)n. h. b. 
Fislei' Cliurles, grocer 146 N. 4th — d h. 59 Stssafras 
Fisler Jacob H. merchant tailor 157 north Second 
Fiss Henry, blacksmitii 326Callowhill 
Fiss Henry tanner Kunckel above Tammany 
Fiss Jacol) hog vict. garden near Callowhill 
Fiss John, carpenter 124 Filbert street 
Fiss John, late grocer 86 north 1 lih 
Fiss Josei)h sailmaker Grissell's alley 
Fiss Joseph, m. d 77 Green 
Fiss Samuel, cabinetmaker 8 Little Pine 
Fiss Wm. sailmaker 58 Cable lane 
Fitch Thomns, exchange broker 4 south Third — d. h 

127 north 9th 
Fitch Thomas, m. d. near 127 north Ninth 
Fite .\ndrew, labourer Ridge road above Callowhill 
Fite Mary, midwife alley between Beach and Allen 
Fite Samuel, cordwainer back 450 Race 
Fithian John, (Easton hotel) 121 north VV\'iter 
Fitler Daniel vict. ab 508 N. 2d— stall 20 N. L. market 
Fitler Jacob, late sheriff, 511 nortii 2d oj^posite Beaver 
Fitler Jacob, jr. tanner 554 north Second 
Fitler Wm. tanner and currier 515 and 519 N. Second 
fFitz Todd waiter Miles alley 
Fitzevan Lewis, weaver Rose alley 
jFitzgerald David, woodsawyer 235 Cedar 
Fitzgerald (ieorge, coojier Spafluril street 
tFitzgerald Jacob, carpenter 6th aLove Poplar 
jFitzgerald Jeremiah, waiter Clever alley 
Fitzgerald Jesse, innkeeper 139 north Third 
tFitzgerald Phillis widow Meiedith's court 
Fitzgerald Tiiomas, barkeeper 52 Passyunk road 
Fitzgerald Thomas, 132 Lomiiard 
Fitzpatrick John, vict. N. L. market — d. h. 4th ab. 

Fitzpatrick Mary, widow Rose alley near Browne 
Fizel Ehj. j)ai)crhanger 314 Sassafras 
Fizell Lewis, c irpenter Prince near Crown 
Fizon John, labourer 1 Buttonwood 
FizoHc Jacob, carpenter back 321 Race 
Fizone Lewis, stocking weaver. Rose alley above Coates 

FLI whitely's annual 

Flagler Gilb. m. d. 8c man-midwife 208 S. 5th corner 

Flagler Valentine, 27 North alley 
Flahaven Margaret, storekeeper 89-N. Second 
Flaherty Edward, cordwainer 433 south Front 
Flake Ann, widow 172 north 8th 
Flake Benj. labourer Queen near Palmer 
Flake George, painter &c. 198 Arch and 55 north 8th 
Flake George, coachmaker 55 north 8th 
fFlamer Alexander labourer St. Mary below 8th 
fFlamer Solomon, labourer St. Mary below 8th 
Flanagan James, cordwainer Baker's Court 
Flannegan James, carpenter Broad above Sassafras 
Flanagan Owen, bookvender 17 Beck's alley 
Flanagan Patrick, tailor 249 south 4th 
Flanagan Stephen, pilot 444 south Front 
Flanagan Wm. shoemaker 39 George (S.) 
Flanagan Wm. T. shoemaker 68 German street 
Flannery William, carpenter Broad above Race and 

160 Cherry 
Fleck Ehzabeth, widow 83 Ninth 

Fleegal George, master armourer United States arsenal 
Fleetwood Jos. oysterman 1 Decatur or back 210 High 
Fleming Alexander, innkeeper 244 south Front 
Fleming F. French boardinghouse 129 south Second 
Fleming Robert, wholesale and I'etail grocery corner 

Market and Sch. 7th 
Flemmg Thomas cordwainer 53 Callowhill 
Fleming Wm. sea captain 150 south 5th 
Flenner Ann, widow Mulberry alley above 8th 
Fleshhower Martin, carter Steinmetz court 
Fletcher Ann, widow 250 Lombard 
fFletcher Anthony, mariner Portland lane 
Fletcher Catharine, cake baker 110 north 7th 
Fletcher C. & G jewellers &c. N E cor. Chesnut and 3d 
Fletcher Edward, tobacconist 93 St. John 
Fletcher &., Gardiner, silversmiths & jewellers 130 

Chesnut, next above Philadelphia bank 
Fletcher Joshua, bookbinder back 3 Little Pine 
Fletcher John, oysterman Huddell's court 
Fletcher Rebecca, boardinghouse 172 Mulberry 
Fletcher Sarah, widow Locust above 12th 
Fletcher Thos. jeweller 130 Chesnut— d. h. 157 S.5th 
Flexon Charles, rigger 42 German 
Flick Andrew, currier 72 Crown 
Flick Ehzabeth, v/idow Prince near Hanover 
Flick Geo. blockmaker 144 Water— d. h. 142 N. Front 
Flick Thomas, shoemaker Queen near Bishop (K.) 
Flick WiUiam, fisherman Bishop near Quern 
Flickwire widow of David carpenter 24 German 
Flictor Catharine, widow Sch. Eighth above Cherry 
Fhng B. & W. B. cabinetmakers back of 113 Chesnut 
Fling Daniel, clock and watchmaker John ab. Callowhill 



Fling Edward, painter &c. 7 Harmony court 

Fling Hannali, widow Callowlnll above 6lh 

Fling Susan, boavdinghousc llo Chcsnut 

Flinn Alexander, slu-cmakcr 5U1 south Front 

Flinn Robert, plasterer 381 Race 

Flint Achilles, cabinetmaker 277 Walniit 

Flint Erastiib, cabinetmakers south Twelfth 

Flint John, coachmaker 13 Filbert and 210}> Mulberry 

Flinthim Elizabeth, widow 91 Vine 

Flintham \Vm. merchant 218 Arch 

Flintott Ciiri.stiana, widow 72 Vine 

Flisher lilizibeth widow Queen near Shakamaxon 

Flitcraft Francis innkeeper 448 north Front street 

Flomerfelt Geo. Columbian shoe manuf. S. VV. corner 

High and Sch. Eighth 
Flood Matthew, labourer 180 south Fourth 
Florence David, boatbuilder o2 Swanson — d. h. 374 S. 

Florence Eleanor, widow tailoress 25 Parham's alley 
Florence Cc Sheets, boaibuilders 32 Swanson 
Flour Aaron, 104 south Fifth 

Flowers Christopher, cedar cooper Whiteman's alley 
Flower John, 45 Swanson 

Flowers Geo. jun. grocer S. E. corner Race and Eighth 
Flowers Thomas carter S. W. comer Newmarket and 

Flowers Thomas, pilot 36 Passyunk road 
Floyd Jemima, widow back 69 Christian 
Floyd, grocer 265 soutli Tliird 
Floyd J.'hn, grocer S. W. corner Ff>"rth and German 
Flovd \Vm. carter back 3 Passyunk road 
Fluck Catharine widow of Adam, 119 CallowhiU 
Fluktr Thomas, cordwaincr P.issvunk below Prime 
Fobes George W. merchant, 275 High 
Fceld Thomas, black'-nulh 7 Flint's cc.urt 
Foering Abraham, saddler and harnessmaker -228 N 2d 
Peering Fi-ederick, currier and justice of the peace 145 

north Third [sct Faring 

Foering Samuel & Frederick, curriers 265 [north Secoiui 
Fogal Nicholas, woodsawyer 447 north Third 
Foley Edmund, labourer back 57 south Water 
Folk Caleb, 6 north 11th 
Folk Maiy, widow 31 Coates' allev 
Folkrod Elizabeth, widnw 35 Ann 
Folkrod Joshua, tinplateworl«-r 233 High 
Folsom Joshua, baker Race near Sell. Seventij 
Folwell Charles S. merch. 26 north 2d— d. h. 233 Arch 
Folwell & Comly, merchants 97 High 
Folwell Eliza, widow 442 south Hront 
Folwell Job, cordwaincr 14 York court 
Folwell John, cord wainer Newmarket street 
Folwell John, merchant 47 N. Front cor.Coombe's alley 
Folwell Nathan, merch. 97 High— d. h. 343 N. Third 


Folwell Samuel, tailor back 4 Oak street (S.) 

Folwell Thomas J. merchant 63 High 

Folwell Thomas, tailor 39 Duke (N. L.) 

Folwell Wm. merchant 57 north Front— d. h. 233 Arch 

Folwell Wm. jr. merch. 55 N. Front— d. h. 235 Arch st, 

Fende' Andre', 91 Budd 

Foote Benj. E. accountant 29 Dock— d. h. 132 N. 11th 

Foote James R. innkeeper (Washington head) Callow- 
hill near 12th 

Foote John, shoemaker 35 Meade alley 

Forbes Jared, ladies shoemaker Galbreath's court 

_ [see Fobes 

Forbes George domestic store High above 12th — d. h. 
26 George street 

Forbes Mary, widow 20 Mary (S.) 

Forbes Thomas, ladies shoemaker back 113 Christian 

Force Ann, tailoress 28 Mary 

Ford Abm stonemason Arch west of Sch. 8th 

Ford David, carver and gilder 9 Garden street 

Forri Deborah, 47 Gaskill 

Ford Edward, plasterer Sch. 5th below High 

FoTd Elizabeth, widow 105 north Sixth 

Ford George, grocer 106 north Seventh 

Fo-<d Jacob, wheelwright 88 north 6th— d. h. 166 N. 8tlt 

tFord Jacob, waiter back 14 north 10th 

Ford John, merchant 206 High — d. h.8 north 7th 

Ford Mary, boardinghouse 8 Fromberger's court 

Ford Mary, widow Fourth above Poplar lane 

Ford Mary, widow 16 Wagner's alley 

Fcrd Peter, 211 south Third 

Ford Saralii, witlow, Slurckceper 33 noi th Sixth 

Fordham John, shipwright Beach near Bishop 

Fordham Richard, shipwright Queen above Cherry 

Fordyce Abraham, chairmaker back 61 Budd 

Forehand Mary, widow 8 Fitzwalter 

tForeman Jacob, waiter North street 

Foreman Joshua D cordwainer Fuller's alley 

tForeman Wm. labourer 129 Cherry 

Form an Andrew, laboui'er Bedford near Crown 

Forman Enoch, blacksmith Camden, N. J. 

Forman Isaac, teacher 61 north 7th \_see Furman 

Forman Isaac, innkeeper S. E. corner Shippen 8c 4th 

Forman Thomas, mariner 267 S. 4th 

Forman and Laning, livery stable Camden, N. J. 

Forepaugh Christiana, widow back 14Kunckel 

Forepaugh widow of William, James above Charles 

Forepaugh Mary, storekeeper 267 north Third 

Fornman Godfrey, lal)ourer Sch, 3d below Chesnut 

Forrest James, baker 6 Prosperous alley 

Forrest Rebecca, widow 77 Cedar 

Forrester Cathainne, 100 Arch 

Forrester Henvy, blacksmith 8 St. Mary street 

Forrestier 282 Coates street [see Fourestier 

Forsburg John, carpenter Weaver's alley 


Forst Abraham, Jew-victualler 2G3 north 8th 

Forst David, tavern ik };ruccr> Dak n Coatcs (N. L.) 

Forst William, iiphclstcrer 5 Watson's alley 

Forsytli James, innkeeper 71 south Water 

Forsyth James, gentleman soutli 5th below Cedar 

Forsythe Isaac, carpenter 64 south 6th 

Forsvthe and MavMe, smiths. Ridge road above Vine 

Fort'Daniel, bricklayer 389 Sassafras 

Fort Lewis C. accountant 108 Gaskill 

Forte Levi, cordwainer 58 Meade alley 

•fFcrtcn James, sailinaker 95 South wharves— d h 92 

Fortener Egbert, watermati 11 Po])lar laue ab. Fi'ont 
Fortescue Joseph, shipmaster Mifflin's court 
Forlcscue Thomas, carpenter 46 Almond 

Fortunate , shallopman back 15 Poplar lane 

tFonune Fnmklin, labourer Browne above Fourth 
JFortune Jolii\, sweep 147 Browne (N.L.) 
JFortune John, sweepmaster 12 St. Mary street 
tFortune John, hairdresser 384 south Second 
Fortune Margaret, widow Shields' court 
Fortune Michael, lottery office 117 Chesnut 
tFoss Henry, mariner back 90 Shippen 
jFossett Ellis, mariner Quince below Locust 
Foster Adam, mariner 28 Little Water 
Foster Ann, seamstress back 351 north Third 
Foster Conrad, whipmaker 419 north Second 
Foster David, fanner 9 Flint's court 
Foster Eliza, widow Tammany above St. John 
Foster Elizabeth, widow Prime above Front 
Foster Gabriel B. cordwainer back 132 Callowhill 
Foster Hannah Mrs widow 23 Coomb's alley 
Foster Isaac, labourer Stillhouse alley 
Foster James, cordwainer 30 Coates' alley 
Foster Jane, widow Locust below Thirteenth 
Foster John, caulker Hanover near Queen 
Foster John, tobacconist 67 New st. 
Foster Jos. bookl)indcr 24 Strawberry 
Foster Margaret, Prince near West (K.) 
Foster Mary, widow 82 German 
Foster Rebecca, widow 14 Juniper lane 
Foster Sarah, widow Tamman\ near St. John 
Foster Sarah, widow Camden N. J. 
•Foster Silas, pilot 36 Almond 
Foster Thomas, slioeinakerS. Fifth below Christian 
Foster, Thomas 8c Mary 10 Hoffman's alley 
Foster William, mercliant North alley 
Fotterall and Brollier-, wholesale and retail drygoods 

store and carpet warehouse, 31 south Second 
Fotterall Steplien E. merchant, c. h. back 31 south 2d — 

d h 68 south Front 
Foudray Jolm, tobacconist 4 Gray's alley 
Fougeray George I. stove manuf. 99 north Second 
L 2 • 

FRA whitely's annual 

tFrancisco, William, carter Spafford street 
jFran§ois Bernard, labourer back 96 Shippen 
tFran§ois Mary, widow 228 Shippen 
Franck George, tobacconist Sir north Second 
Franck Luther, glassworks Cedar near Schuylkill — d h 

196 north Eighth 
Frank C. painter, 8cc. 479 Race and 94 N Eleventh 
fFrank Cyrus, labourer 13 Parham's alley 
Frank Elizabeth, widow 32 north Tenth 
Frank Henry, farmer north Front opposite West 
Frank Jacob, tanner Noble above Fifth 
Frank Jacob, tailor 75 north Tenth [see Franks 

Frank John, sugar refiner 195 St. John 
Frank widow of John, Marlborough near West 
Frank Lewis P. printer 32 north Tenth 
Frankelbery Sarah, tailoress 5 M'Culloch's court 
Frankish Samuel, printer Clever alley 
Franklin Ellen, widow, nurse 36 Appletree alley 
Franklin George, hairdresser Marlborough near Queen 
Franklin John, West near Hanover 
Franklin Joseph, constable cor. 5th and Buttonwood 
fFranklin Joseph, labourer back 100 north Eleventh 
Franklin Lemuel, boot manufactory 59 south Third 
Franklin Lydia, widow Lolar's court 
Franklin Margaret, widow tailoress 252 south Seventh 
Frankhn Nathaniel, sea captain 35 south Front 
Franklin Samuel R. teacher Sch. 5th below High 
Franks George, tanner 5th below Buttonwood 
Franks Isaac, prothonotary of the supreme court of the 
Eastern district of Pennsylvania, East wing of the 
Franks Jacob, carpenter Old York r. below Callowhill 
Franks John, watchman 102 north 5th 
Franks John, labourer 195 St John [see Frank 

Franks John, mariner 385 south Front 
Franks Lewis, drayman back 38 Crown 
Franks Mary Mr^. v;idow 181 north Eighth 
Franks William, tobacconist 371 north Fourth 
Fraser Andrew, gentleman Fourth near George 
Fraser James, mariner 118 Lombard 
Fraser Thomas, carpenter Poplar lane above St. Johns 
Fratus Anthony, mariner near Allen st. Frankford r. , 
Frazer Ann, widow S E corner Fourth and Walnut 
Frazier Ann, boardinghouse 124 Spruce 
Frazer Emanuel, carpenter 278 south Seventh 
Frazer Robert, counsellor and attorney at law, West- 
chester road 12 miles from Philadelphia 
Frazier Anthony, carpenter Blackberry alley 
Frazier Eleanor, widow 1 Bud's court 
Frazier Elizabeth, widow 183 north Front 
Frazier James P. turner Prospect alley 
Frazier John, starch manuf. S. 5th below Christian 
Frazier John, -wheelwright Noble below Third 


Frazier Thomas, caqienter Poplar lane near St. John 
Frazier Wm. mariner 78 Pcnn ■* 

Frazier Wm. thread mauutarturcr Christian cor. Fiftli 
Frazier VVm. labourer near 6 Emlcn's court 
Frederick Elizabeth, widow ot John P back 227 Walnut 
Frederick George, musical instrumeiit maker 5 Fayette 
Frederick (ieorge, watcliman 149 Moyamensiug road 
Frederick George, fisherman, Wood above Prince (K.) 
Frederick John L. engfaver and music store 53 S. 4th— 

d h 5 Fayette 
Frederick John, carter Shields' alley 
Frederick Mary, widow Button wood lane 
Frederick Masey, widow 24 Parham's alley 
Frederick Wm.S. grocer 354 Callowhill 
tFrederickson Abraham, shoemaker Ann W. Sch. 8th 
Frederickson Godfrey, sugar-refiner 214 north Second 
Fredly Casper, basketmaker Gt rm. road hel. l^t gate 
Frehcller George, cordwainer Germ, road near Fourth 
Free Benjamin, storekeeper 102 north Second 
Free Edward, carter and powder carrier 237 N. Second 
Free Samuel, carter Laurel st. near Budd (N. L.) 
Freeberger Peter, hatter 18 Sugar alley 
Freeburn Daniel, blacksmith 101 Christian 
Freed A. mahogany framemaker Green cor. St. John 
Freed David, flour store S E cor Noble and Tliird 
Freed George, cordwainer (icrm. road near Fourth 
Freed George, mahogany framemaker 91 (ireen 
Freed Henry, (Kensington hotel) Frankford r, ab. Queen 
Freehart George, cordwainer (icrm. road near Fourth 
Freel Margaret, widow 25 Hurst street 
Freeland David S. & Co. hatters 22 High 
Freeland John, shoemaker 31 (ierman 
IFreeman Catharine, widow back 183 Spruce 
Freeman Hannah, widow 12 Sugar alley 
Freeman Heniy G. attorney and counsellor at law 38 

Freeman Jacob, grocer Cedar below Twelfth 

Freeman James, waitei- 120Cliristian 
, Freeman John, coachman Frics's court 
Freeman L widow 131 Locust 
Freeman T. B. auctioneer N W cor. Chesnut 8c Seventh 

— d h S E corner Ciiesnut and Tenth 
Freestone Uobert, silvcrplater 43 Coates' alley 
Frceston Wm. coachtrimmer Zl Moyamensing road 
Freeze M irgaret, mantuamaker Castle itrect 
Frcnaye M.irk A. merchant 271 High corner Seventh 
Frenave & Fontanges, merchants N W cor. 7lh 6c High 
Frena've Peter S mLrcht.271 High— <1 h 184 S- 11th 
French John, toll gatheier at 1st gate Ridge road 
French Mahlon, printer 1.5 Gray's alley 
French Wm. P. blacksmith 7 Federal 
Freno Paul, storekeeper 28 Spruce 
Freshmuth Jacob, tobacconist 225 Callowhill ab. Sixth 


FRY whitely's annual 

Prevail Mrs. Powell street 
Freyberg Joseph, victualler 261 north Eighth 
Fre'ymuth Benjamin, printer 89 Passyunk road 
Freytag Dan. potter and queensware store 139 Cedav 
Freytag Daniel C. china, See. store 68 north Third 
Fi'eytag & Kempman, china glass and queensware store 

68 north Third 
Freytag Michael, justice of the peace 198 south Fifth 
Frezell Lewis, carpenter Crown above Queen 
Frick Jacob 8c Co, editors and publishers of the Ame- 
rican Centinel 22 Walnut 
Frick Jacob, editor of the Am. Centinel 56 noi'th Front 
Frick Jacob, brickmaker Thorn's court, (N L) 
Frick Michael, brassfounder 364 north Third 
Fricke Henry, cabinetmaker 209 St. John 
Fricker Joseph, gentleman 362 north Second 
Fricker John, cabinetmaker 69 Green and 356 N. 2d 
Freidlein John A. Shippen near Passyunk 
Fi'iel William, grocer 191 south Sixth 
Friend Andrew, smith 41 south Tfutli 
Frier Mary, widow tavernkeepfr Second near Caraae 
Fries John, sen. gentleman 167 Mulberry 
Fries John, jun. 167 Mulbeny 
Fries Mary, widow 86 Callowliill 
Friez widow of Conrad, Sch. Eighth below Arch 
Frisby Stephen, sawyer Quince above Locust 
Fritez Peter F. printer 234 north Front 
Fritz Christopher, baker 100 ni rch Seventh 
Fritz Elizabeth, widow 179 St. John 
Fiitz Elizabeth, v/idow 52 Mulberry 
Fritz George, cai'ter George (N L) near 4th 
Fritz George, blacksmith Ger; road above Third 
Fritz Jacob, cabinetmaker 13 South alley- 
Fritz John, 10 South alley 

Fritz widow of Peter, stonecutter 220 Sassafras 
Fromberger Maria, 187 Pine 
Fromberger John, tobacconist 30 Ann 
Frost Daniel, mate, 4 Budd 
Frost Mary, widow nurse 163 north Third 
Frost Thomas, painter 21 Chaiiotte 
Frost Thomas, trunkmaker 169 north Sixth 
Frowert John, boot and shoemaker 62 north Fifth 
Frowert John jr. boot and shoemaker 232 Swanson 
Frowert Lewis H. boot and shoemaker 281 Vine 
Frugornain Godfrey, shipmaster back 140 south 5th 
Fry Ellis, late victualler Wood above Seventh 
Fry George, windsoi* and fancy chairmaker 88 N. Front 
Fry Henry, merchant 176 High 
Fry John, baker 46 Vine 
Fry John H. shoe warehouse S E corner Third and High 

— d h 19 Fi'anklin court 
Fry John, mariner 5 Coxe's alley 
Fry J. blockmaker 139 N. Water—d h 34 Elfreth's ay. 


F17 Lucrctia, widow Lily alley above (irecn 

Fry VVilliam, printer 63 S. Filth — d h 65 south Fifth 

Fryburg Joseph, vict. 57 N. 8th — stall 13 old sshainbles 

Fryburg Susan, widow of John, vict. 57 north Eighth 

Fryday George H. baker Thirteenth below Vine 

Fryer & Anderson, dry goods store 48 south Second 

Fryer Eve, shopkeeper 356 north Third 

Fryer John, mariner 59 Queen ^S) 

Fryer VVilliam 71 Callowhili 

Fulker Philip, labourer back 473 north Third 

Fullen Lewis, cotton manuf. cor. Vine and Sch. Front 

Fuller Mary, widow of James, back 22 Pear 

Fullender Aaron, labourer Hanover above Bedfoi'd 

Fuller Archibald, baker 45 Plum 

Fuller John, pilot 58 Catharine 

Fullert»n Alexander, gentleman 33 Filbert 

Fullerton C. boardinghouse near 23 Oak (N L) 

Fullerton Eleanor, widow 28 Queen 

FuUertOD Mrs. boardinghouse 72 south Fourth 

Fullerton Wm. labourer Old Yord road above Poplar 1. 

tFulman Isaac, labourer Sjiafford 

"Fulman Isaac, labourer Grissel's alley 

• Fulman Philip, porter 8 Warner's court 

Fullmer Frederick, watchman Wood above Eighth 

Fullmer John, merchant 8 Old York road 

Fulmer John, carpenter Franklin street near Fourth 

Fulmer John, milkman near the City Hospital 

Fulmer John, carpenter Palmer near West 

Fulmer Mary, widow 18 Budd 

FultoB George, accountant 2 Harmony court 

Fulton, James, storekeeper 22 Lombard 

Fulton Mary, widow 11 north Tenth 

Fulton Samuel, salt and plaster store 365 High— d h 50 

Fulton Jane, widow 32 German 
Fulwiler John, joiner Hinckel's court 
Fulwood Charles, shoemaker Pfeiffer's court 
Fimk Jacob, milkman. West above Wood 
Funk James, manner Second above Germantown road 
Funk John, shojikeeper 173 St. John 
Funk Susan, widow 5th above Buttonwood 
Funston Johnson, weaver Cadwalader near Pitt 
Funston Joseph, weaver 23 Franklin 
Funston Tliomas, grocer cor. Poplar lane and St. John 
Funston William, bottler N W cor. Front & Catharine 
Fuixiananduiz Josepli, mariner 45 Catharine 
Furey Charles, weaver Hazel alley below Locust 
Furcy Charles, jun. paver 168 Locust 
Furey John S conveyancer and tax collector Hazel al 

ley below Locust 
Furey John, cordwainer Loxley's court 
Furdge Henry, boodbindcr 3 Farmer's row 
Furlong Elizabeth, widow 190 Lombard 


Furlong Jame^Sj grocer 2 liittle Water 

Furman Abijah, tinplate worker Ann ab. Sch. Eighth 

Furman Adeline, lady George above Tenth [see Forma) 

Furman 8c M'Danel, coaGhspringmakers Grape 

Furman Jonathan, smith Spruce st. — d h 128 south 5th 

Furman Ruth, widow Alder alley 

fFurrow Joseph, bootcleaner Quince below Locust 

Furter Moses, victualler 77 High street market 

Furze James, accountant 323 south Second 

Fuss Mary, widow baker Federal above Second 

Fussmau WiUiam, waterntian back 517 north Third 

Fussman William, labourer 97 Budd 

Fy an Catharine, widow 39 Coates 

GABLE JOHN, carpenter 451 north Second 

Gable Peter, jiin. carpenter Poplar lane near Front 

Gable Peter, carpente-- 418 north Front 

Gadsdell Elizabeth Mrs. 297 Spruce 

Gaffknv Edward, soapboiler 252 south Fifth 

Gagle Phihp, printer 411 north Fourth 

Gailey W Uiain, grocer Frankfurd road above Queen 

Gaillard G T. importer of Ft ench dry goods 85 Chesnut 

Gains William, tailor 1 Schriver's court 

Galbreath James, carter 109 Queen (h) 

Galbreath Robert, carter 119 Queen (S) 

Galbraitli Margaret, .widow 58 Duke street 

Gale Isaac, cordwainer Beach near High bridge 

fGale Jane, back 8 Blackberry alley 

Gale Malick, woollen manufacturer 112 Plum 

tGale Richard, waiter 127 Cherry 

Gale William, labourer 236 St. John 

Gallagher Anthony, labourer Washington ab. CallowhiU 

Gallagher Bernard, grocer 12 south Seventh 

Gallagher Daniel, labourer 18 Fitzwalter 

Gallagher Hugh, labourer Bedford above Seventh 

Gallagher Jacob, ivoryturner Phillips' court 

Gallagher James, m. d. south Fifth, corner Library 

Gallagher Jonn, labourer 288 south Fourth 

Gallagher Jrihn, labourer back 26 Barron 

Gallagher Lewis, labourer Prince near West (K) 

Gallagher Margaret, widow 5 Jones' alley 

Gallagher Mary, tailoress 87 Small 

Gallagher Mary, mantuamaker 38 Middle alley 

Gallagher Mary, chinastore 116 north Second 

Gallagher Michael, labourer cor. German and Passyunk 

Gallagher Patrick, labourer back 50 Currant alley 

Gallagher William, labourer Marlborough ab. Prince 

Gallagher, widow of Andrew, 43 north Sixth 

Gallagher John, conchmaker back 134 south Fourth 

Gallagher William, brickmaker Lombard near Sch. 


Gallanl & Co. jewellery maniif. 103 north Third 

G.illiird l»L'lcr. jcwclU-r 103 n- rth Third 

G:Ulay Hcnrv, sailiiKiker 17 (iirmaii 

Galley Ami C. widow toljuccoiubt 64 north Second 

Gaily Isaac C. tobacconist and innkeeper (sign Battle ot 

Trenton^ J38 south 3d 
Galloncr Theresa, widow Palmer below West 
Galldway John, mechanist and engineer 82 north Third 
Galloway Jnlin, tailor 56 Meade alley 
(ialloway William, labourer 24 Sugar alley 
Gallway John, carpenter Baiclay's alley 
Galway Junes, teacher Federal above Front 
Gamard L m d 32 south Third 
Gamble Arcliibald, clerk 363 north Second 
Gamble^, widow of James, 216 Spruce 
Gamble Joh.i, weaver Fitzwalter street cor. Seventh 
Gamble John, skin('.res.ser StCdud above Poplar lane 
Gamble Jane, widow 14 Queer. (S) 
Gamble John M. majcr U. S. M C. navy yard 
Ganible Tiiomas, woisted manuf. High between Sch. 

Third and Fourth 
Gaml)le Thomas, moroccodresscr 546 north Third 
Gamble William, mariner 70 (merman 
Gampher Michael, co.>per 39 Lombard — dh 274S5th 
Gince Jt)hi), 262 Arch 

Gai\dy Enoch, waterman Sch. Eighth above Race 
Gaudy & Son, Jrygoods store 17 north Second 
Gandy Thomas, shallop man hark 12 Christian 

JCi.mges Aaron, waiter 6 Pophir alky 
Ganges Millender, carter Sch Front above Mulberry 
ianlen Thomas, labovn er 33 Cailiarine 
G uin J )Un, blacksinith Queen ni iir Kanovcr 
Gano J.jhn, storek- cper 2 N Third— d h 2fc> North street 
Ganse James, gardener Pi'me above Eighth 
Ganse\ Cxsar, porter 1:20 Christian 
(T.insey James, labuiirer Meredith's court 
•Ginsey Laliy, ostler 40 Mi\i<'e alley 
"(i insey S imuel, sawyer 7 G 1'' s's alley 
"Ci .nson Uobert, coachman 3 Fnes's court 
Gil ler Valentine, labourer M.tri t 
Gai.xiion Francis, cor. Filtli and Walnut 
G a-den James, paperm.iker 106 Cedar 
Garden William, printer back 27 Cresson's alley 
G.irdeite James, dentist N \V cor. -md C'hesnut 
Gardiner Hal. i win, hardwaru merchant 98 Chesr.ut — 

d h 109 south Foiirtli 
Gardiner Evlward C. seitcppt.iin China below Second 
Gardiner (ieorge, dr. goods store 21 li south Secotid 
Gardiner Haiinuh, i. ukeeiier H Stra\Nbeirv street 
(i irdiner J,lme^, carpentt r 3 L\th's couit 
Gardiner John, jun. merchant 38 Suuth wharves — d h 

270 Walnut 
Gardiner John, shipwright Union alley above Swanson 

GAR whitely's annual 

Gardiner John, shipcarpenter 30 Meade alley 
Gardiner Peter, druggist S E corner Cedar and Front "J 
Gardiner Peter, chairmaker 56 Catharine 
Gardiner Sidney, jeweller, 8cc. 130 Chesnut 
Gardiner, Vernon _ 8c Co. fancy hardward store, 9^ 

Gardner Catharine Mrs. Coates' alley 
Gardner Christiana, widow 66 Catharine 
f Gardner Emanuel, coachman Lombard below 10th 
Gardner George R. dry goods store 30 north Second 
Gardner Gilbert, carter Rose alley (N L) 
Gardner Henry, coachmaker 14 Chester 
Gardner Jacob, grocer 293 Vine 
Gardner Jacob H. skindresser 311 and 312 Vine 
Gardner James, grocer 144 south Eighth 
Gardner James, cordwainer Cherry above 13th 
■j-Gardner Jonathan, coachman 22 Elizabeth 
Gardner Jonathan, baker 127 Pine 
fGardner Joseph, mariner back 137 Plum 
Gardner widow of Valentine, 291 Vine 
Gardom Thomas, cordwainer 108 Cherry alley 
Gardre Alexis, wine store, 8cc, Second below Dock 
Gardy John, shoemaker Hanover near Bedford 
Garesche' Gabriel, merch. 11 Minor — d h 199 Chesnut 
Garing Michael, labourer Wood above Queen (K) 
Garlanger Henry, bricklayer 148 St. John 
Garlick Joseph, cotton manuf. cor. Vine and Sch 2d 
Garlick William, cotton spinner Vine near Sch. 2d 
Garman Charles, cabinetmaker 350 south Second 
Garmon David, oakcooper north 6th above Camac 
Garner Thomas, innkeeper 47 N Front 8c 46 N Water 
Garnor Daniel, cordwainer Green below Third 
Gams John, carpenter 287 south Fifth 
Garnett Michael, carpenter cor. Wood and Juliana 
Geri etson Ely, mariner back 403 north Second 
Garretson John, harnessmaker 494 south Second 
Garretson A. storekeeper 10 south Second 
f Garretson Priscilla, widow St. Mary's street 
Garretson Samuel, waterman 51 Catharine 
Garretson William, cordwainer back 63 Union 
Garrett Eleanor, 4 Elmslie's alley 
Garrett Jolm K. drygoods store 25 N. 4th— d h 144 High 
Garrett Levi, tobacconist 138 south Front N W corner 

Garrett Philip, clock 8c watchmaker 144 High 8c 9 N 6th 
f Garrett Richard, porter Green's court 
Garrett Sf.muel, grocer 243'Callowhill above Tenth 
Garrett Wm. brassfounder brass hinges 8cc. 287 Vine 
Garrettson Eliakim, apothecary store S E cor. Race 
and 5th— d h 76 north Fourth [see Garrisoii 

Garrick Ehzabeth, widow Shields' alley 
Garris^ues Edward B. druggist 6 N 6th— d h 39 Cherry 
GaiTigues Edward, jr, 155 south Second 


CJcorge John G. merchant 229 High 

George Joseph & Israel L. curriers, 172 north Third — 

d. ii. 44 \\ ond 
George Joseph, currier 172 N 3d — dh 12 Sterling alley 
George Marv, widow ot'Clias. milkwonian Pine cor. 12th 
George Kich'ard, hatter 156 High 
George Williiiiti, mariner b;ick. 10 Shippen 
Gerard Mary Jane, widow Coates alley 
Gerhard Elizabetii, widow, 31 Race 
(JerhardW'm. hatter 44 N Front and 20 north 7th 
GerlKirt John, plasterer 13th abore Race 
Gernion Francis S. paperhanger & marble papermaker 

back 39 Cherry, d h 148 Race [.vrf Gcrvian is^ Jarmon 
Germon (ireenberry I), silversniith 329 uoith Second 
(iermon John, goldsmitli Sec 3 Quarry 
Gerome Catliarine, Miss vitualling cellar 124^ High 
Gerrisli Levi, flour mer. 2 N wharves — d h 23 Browne 
Gesemyer Jacob, taylor 7 Pennsylvania avenue 
Gcst John, flour, salt & plaster store N W cor. High & 

Tenth — d h N Tenth near Mulberry {see Guest 

Getchill David, wheelwright 58 Currant alley 
Gethen John, manufacturer 106 south Tenth 
Getler Christopher, labourer Christian near Seventh 
Getman Nicholas, tobacconist back 196 north Second 
Getz George, victualler 156 St. John 
Getze' F. A. professor of music back 278 High 
Gcyer Andrew, inspector of customs 129 Sassafras 
Geyer George, carpenter 248 north 8th 
Geyer (ieorge, baker 4th below Master 
Cieycr John, gentleman 199 S 4th [see GuierlSf Guyer 
Gcyer John, one of t!ie aldermen 122 north Tiurd 
Geyer Martin, labourer PfeifTer's court 
Geyer Simon, regulator of dry measures 329 Race 
Geyer William 6. currier S E cor. Lombard & Third 

— d h 199 south 4th 
Geyer widow of Andrew, 329 Race 
Gliriskey [..ewis, gun a^d blacksmith Oak N. Lib. above 

Hayscales — d h 361 north Front 
Gibbings John, baker back 145 Walnut 
(iibbons D.ivid. mariner Mifllin's court 
Gibbons (ieo. W. conveyancer and office for the pur- 
chase and sale ot real estate 57 south 5lh N E corner 

Walnut— d h 73 south. lUh 
fGibbons James, mariner Small near Sixth 
Gibbons Joseph, convevancer & oflice for the purchase 

& ^ile of real estate' 64 S 4th— <l h 149 S Tenth 
tGibbs Abraham, labourer 2 Atkinson's court 
jGibbs Charity, widow back 100 N Eleventh 
Gibbs Elizabeth, widow Davis's coxiit (N L) 
tGibbs Eliza, washerwoman back 43 Small 
jGibb-> George, labourer Atkin>on's court 
Gibbs Henry, merchant 175 .\rc.h corner 5th 
tGibbs Henry, labourer Hazel alley 
M 2 


|Gibbs Jacob, bootcleaner Portland lane 
f Gibbs James, labourer Green's court 
Gibbs Job, carpenter 193 Green 

Gibbs Joel, notary pub. &c. Wildes ferry Camden (N J) 
Gibbs John W. printer 47 Prune 
tGibbs Jonathan, waiter Eagle coui't 
•Oibbs J. W. merchant 10 S4th— d h 213 north 6th 
Gibbs Josiah W. jr. merchant N E cor. Arch and 4th 
fGibbs Peter, mariner 14 (raskill street 
Gibbs Rachel, widow 134 German 
Gibbs Rosannah, widow back 62 Race 
tGibbs Shepherd waiter 5 Little Dock 
Gibbs Thomas, drayman West's court 
Giberson M. M. 8c E. fancy dr3-goo';ls store 66 N 3d 
Gibson Benjamin, smith 15 nor^h 7th 
fGibson Benjamin, labourer 122 Christian 
Gibson Elizabeth, Juniper alley 
tGibson Francis, labourer Swedes' ct. bel. Christian 
Gibson Jacob, tinplateworker 334 south Second 
Gibson James, counsellor at law, d h 78 Walnut — office 

61 south 4th second door below Walnut 
Gibson James, distdler 83 Shippen 
fGibson James, carter Wharton above Front 
Gibson John, storekeeper 350 High 
Gibson John, shoemaker 107 Catharine 
"fGibson John, shoemaker Dean alley 
fGibson John, sawyer 122 Christian street 
Gibson Joseph, tailor 7 Hinkel's court 
Gibson I^ydia, Alder alley 
Gibson MaT'garet, storekeeper 99 Cedar 
Gibson Margaret, 10 Emslie's alley 
Gibson Mary, seamstress St. Mary's above Seventh 
Gibson Thomas, plumber 56 north 8th 
fGibson Thomas, doctor 136 south 8th 
Gibson Wm. m. d. professor of surgery 132 Walnut 

above 5th 
Gibson Wm. B. tinplateworker 36 Cherry 
Gibson William, collector 177 south Seventh 
Gibson William, carpenter 21O2 Arch 
Gibson William, sawyer back 14 Plum 
Gice George, gentleman 157 north Ninth 
Gideon Benjamin, coachtrimmer Miller's alley 
Gideon Casper P. saddler back 14 Cherry 
Gideon G'.-orge, chairmaker 202 north 8th 
Gideon Henry, vict. 202 N 8th, stall 11 old shambles 
Gideon Mary, widow 202 north 8th ' 

GifFen John, carpenter 304 snuth Third 
Gifford Allen, mariner 66 Christian 
Gilford Mary, mantuamaker 349 south Front 
Gifford William, carpenter Bushhill 
Giger A- H. distiller 352 north Second 
Gihon James, printer 26 Cresson's alley 
Gihon John H. tailor 100 Spruce street . 


Gihon Mary, bookfoldcr 26 Crcsson's alley 

C»ill)crt C;ithaiiiic, widow Oak. below Coates 

Gill)ert Clirislophcr, cordwaintT 144 Lonil)afd 

Gilljcrt Fred. & Son, merchts. 18" High — d h r^95 Arcli 

Gilbert George, engraver on wood 13 south 4tli 

Gilbert George, baker, back. 28 Spruce 

Gilbert Hannah, widow Coates alxive 8th 

Gilbert Jacob, tailor 139 north 6th 

Gilbert John, tavernkeeper Coates above 8tli 

Gilbert Jol\n, mariner 30 Penn 

Gilbert John G. tailor 96 Vine 

Gilbert John, mercht. 29 Dock — d h Renshaw's liotel 

Gilbert J. carpenter 20 Chester 

Gilbert Josei)h, unibrellanriaker 158 High 

Gilbert Joseph, cordwainer Carroll's ct. n. 4th (N 1^) 

Gilbert Magdalen, shopkeeper back 11 \\'alnut 

Gilbert Mary, Mrs. washerwoman 30 Gaskill street 

Gilbert Peter, grocer and tavern Biitionwood ab Charles 

Gilbert Samuel, brickmaker Coates near Eighth 

Gihiert Samuel, tobacconist 208 north Second 

Gilbert Sarah, widow 18 Vine 

Gilbert & Wessel, m.erchants 29 Dock 

Gilby Margaret, widow 326 south Third 

Gilbenfenny Henry, baker 176 Pine 

Gilder John, city -commissioner 155 south Eleventh 

Gilder Reuben, innkeeper S VV cor. Second and Pine 

Gildner Frederick A. shopkeeper 18 Callowhill 

Giles George, vender of books Federal ab. Second 

|Giles (ieorge, sawyer Portland lane 

Giles Wm. accountant 19 Green 

Giltillan E. m. d. (Sansom's row) 195 Walnut 

Giltry John, brush maker 308 south Front 

Gilfry .Wm. i)rushmaker back 102 High 

Giltry Wm. shipwright 83 M-n amensing road 

Gilkey Isaac, stonepolisher Castle street 

Gilkey John, carter FitzwaUer ab. 6th 

(iilkey Jos. cabinetmaker Little Pine op. Pleasant av. 

Gill Edward, accountant 165 north 4th 

Gill John, jun. & Co. merchants 204 High 

Gill Mrs. widow washerwoman back 11 Walnut 

Gill Nicholas, sliipjoiner Ma'clen n. Front 

Gill Philip, labourer back 262 S. 5th 

Gill Robert, jun. niercliant 2 north Eighth 

Gill R.ichael, widow 5 Ran 'tead's court 

Gill S.imuel, carlcr Oak below tiie hay-scales (N L) 

Gill Thomas, cabinetmaker 17 Passyunk road 

Gill I'homas, cabinetmaker 7 Cyiiress alley 

Gillam Jeremiah, shallopman Oak ab hay -scales (N L) 

Gill am Saml. corder Oakab. hay-scales winrf N L 

Gillaspcy (ieor^^e, m. D.Chesnutn. Sch. Seventh 

Gillas])L'y Hannah, storek^-eper 44 S. Second 

GilK ^ Robt. weaver Lombard wt- st Sch. Eighth 

Gillespie Audre^v, gardener corner 13th and Pine 

Gillespie D. lottery and exchange olfice 11 south 3d 

GIR whitely's annual 

Gillespie Joseph, grocer High west of Schuylkill 4th 

Gillespie Samuel, merchant 27 north Water 

Gillet Anthony, painter &g. 51 New 

GiUiard Miss E. milliner 79 Race 

Gillies John, 63 north Third 

Gillit EUzabeth, widow llSSwanson 

Gillit Wm. shipwright Prime ab. Second 

GillJams Lewis, 35 Arch 

Gilliams Jacob, dentist 35 Arch 

GiUiard George, ladies' slioemaker 39 Plum 

GiUiard John, ladies' shoemaker 184 south Second 

GiUiard 8c Pidgeon, shoewarehouse 126 High 

GiUies A. fruiterer 63 north Second 

Gillies Theodore, combmaker59New 8c 25 north 4th 

GillingViam George, labourer 10 Elbow lane 

Gillingham Jame^ hatter 175 soutn Front 

Gillingham Joseph, president Mechanics' bank 158 Arcli 

Gillingham Mahlon, merch. 241 High— d h 10 N. 7th ,; 

Gillingham 8c Randolph, merchants 241 High 

Gilman 8c Ammidon, merchants 215 High 

Gilman Amos, grocer and tavern, N. 3d cor. Germ. r. 

Gilman Benjamin I. 215 merchant High — d h 106 Arch 

Gilman Benjamin I. jun. dome.stic warehouse 215 High 

— d h 106 Arch 
Gilman Francis, milliner N W corner Cherry and 4th 
Gilmer George, boardinghouse 16 Strawberry 
Gilmer James, watchman Pennsylvania Bank 82 Plum 
GUmer widow of James, 110 north Fourth 
Gilmore Hugh, cordwainer 4 Vernon 
Gilmore widow of James, 200 Shippen 
tGilmore Isaac, sawyer Madison court 
fGilmore Jacob, fruiterer 123 south Sixth " ■ 

Gilpin 8c Carpenter, grocers 295 Market street 
Gilpin Dynes, back 47 Gaskill 

Gilpin Joshua 8c Thomas, merchants 149 ?,outh Front 
Gilpin Joshua, merchant 45 S. Eighth 
Gilpin Thomas, merchant 14 Dock 
Gilson David, 4 Pennsylvania avenue 
Giithy Wm, carter 3 Ball alley 
Ginder Wm. mariner 220 north Fifth 
+Gmn Littleton, labourer 36 Blackberry alley 
Ginnings J. C. potter Frankford r. near Point road 

l^see Jennings 
Ginther Charlotte, widow mead garden Arch ab lltK 
Ginther David, victualler 94 PopL 1. 31 High St. market 
Ginther Frances, widow victualler 42 Budd 
Ginther George, victualler 459 N. 2d— stall N Jj market 
IGirard Mary, madam 9 Norris alley 
Giiard Stephen, merchant 21 and 23 N. Water— bank- 

inghouse Third opposite Dock 
Girdon David, tanner Pitt below Beaver 
Girdon James, sea captain 41 Key's ay. [see Gordon 
Girling William 73 Pine street 

PHILADELPHIA DIKECTORY. GLO James, merchant 62 Higli 

GirvaiJ James, tailor 2 south Seventh [see Garvin 

Girvan John, cvirrier 64 Bilhngs' court 

Gil-van Wm. hibourer Lomljurd westof Sch. 8th 

Givaii Patrick., labourer Hi^h west of Perm, bridge 

Givan Robert, mariner High west of Perm. bridge 

Givin Samuel, tavcrnkcepcr N \V cor. Race and ScK. 

Githcns Sarah, widow 250 south 4th 
Githins Cliarles, cooper M'Cullou^h's court 
Githins Isaac, farmer Kaiglinton N J 
Gitliins Samuel, carter 144 north Front 
Glacking Daniel, hatter back 204 north Second 
(ilading James guagcr 31 Penn 
Glading John, oak cooper 13 Penn, and 28 Swansott 
Glading Joseph, nailer 197 St. John and 93 Coates 
Gladnev David, labourer S3 Penn 
"Glasgow Hester widow weaver 524 north Front 
Glasgow James, plasterer Pm(^i»bove Tenth 
Glass John, teacher 27 Chester , 

Glass Samuel. 94 Spruce 
Glass Samiu'l, carpenter Tenth below Pine 
• Glassmire George, cordwainer and bleeder, Ridge r. 
above Francis 

Mazier K.lizabctli, widow tailoress Hause's court 

^-'ier David, nailer 191 St. John 

Gooci,. Jacob, labourer. Germantown road near 4th 

^oP-fiV !l<)hii A, teacher Hause's ct.— d h 96 noi th 5th 
* jiause Abi-aham, hatter Hazel alley near Perry 

Mause Haniott 448 noriii Third 
vilause Samuel, carpenter 10th below Pine 
' Gleason Jonas &. Simon, hardware manuf. High west ot 
Sch. Sixth 
t-Gleavc- (icorge, laljourcr cor S'aippcn andShippen'sl. 
Glenn D miel, caulker Beach bolow Warren 
Glenn Douglass shipwriglit Siakamaxon n. Prince 
CJlcnn I'-'izabeth, widow Shakamaxon near Prince 
Cilenn Hamilton L. (jrinter 24 Strawberry 
Glenn Hannah, widow Mai'ble near Tenth 
GleiMi John, bdatbuilder near tlie glasshouse (K) 
(ilcnn John, grocer 4 north Tenth 
Glenn Jolni, wharf builder Beacli near the high bridge 
Glenn Mis. l)oar<linghousc 322 High 
Glenn Robert, shipwright near the glasshouse (K) 
Gleim William, steel furnace at tlie glasshouse (K) 
(ilenn Wni. cordwainer Water near Callowhill 
Glentworth (icorge, druggist, N E corner Chester and 

Race— d h 281 Race 
Glentworth James, surveyor of the port 140SSccond 
filcntworth James, jun. deputy surveyor of the port 140 

south Eleventh 
Glentworth Plunket F. m. d. Trenton (N J) 
Gloringcr & Hijjpel, shopkeepers 192 north Third 

GOO whitely's annual 

fGloss Wm. labourer Read's alley 
fGloucester Rev. John, 268 south Seventh cor Bedford 
Glover Andrew, milkman cor. Pine and Tenth 
Goddard George, gentleman 12 Noble 
Goddard John, mercht. 61 S. Front— d h 417 High 
Godfrey Andrew, victualler Juniper ab. Cherry 
Godfrey Charles, ropemaker Carpenter above 5th (S) 
Godon V. storekeeper 32 south 4th 
Godshall Ann, widow teacher back 37 Beck's alley 
Godshall John, cordwainer& collector of taxes 376 N 3d 
Godshall Wm. ropemaker Passyunk road below Chris- 
tian Isee Gatchell 
Godshaw Paul, carter Moyamensing road 
Goetz Frederick A. professor of music back 278 High 
GcKtz Fred. jun. smith cor. Sassafras and Mulberry ay. 
Goetze M. G. storekeejier 30 north Sixth 
GofF Elizabeth, nurse Prime below Moyamensing read 
GofF Henry, carter Moyamensing below Wharton 
Goldaker Matthias, oysterman Pine alley 
tGolden Amos, waiter Middle alley 
fGoldcn Isaac, labourer 161 south Sixth 
Golden Hannah, widow tailoress 2d ab. Germantown r. 
Golder John, attorney at law 350 south Front 
Goldey Henry, cordwainer 164 Lombard {see Gouldy 
"fGolding Eli, labourer 3 Hurst street 
Goldy John, cordwainer back 310 Race 
Goldsmith Charles, carter Swanson above Almon-' flum 
Goldsmith George, planeniaker Laurel n. 2d (i ^ 
Goldsmith Jeremiah, corder Oak (N L) ab. HtZ-a/^^.c 
Goldsmith Levi M. 422 north Second 
Goldsmith Thomas, planemaker 383 north 2d, comer 

Green— d h 236 north Front 
Goldson Mary, widow back 57 Budd 
Goldmp Wm. carpenter 12 Knight's court 
Gomez, Michael, mariner back 41 Beck's ay. 
Gomminger Agnes, glovemaker 83 Callowhill 
Gomminger Joseph, drayman 2 Baker's court 
tGonge Aaron, labourer Meredith's court 
fGonge Enos, labourer Apple near Ceorge (N L) 
Good George, biscuitbaker Hause's court 
Good Else, boardinghouse 7 Hartung's alley 
Good Joseph, 439 north Front 
Gooden Jonathan, carpenter Camden N J 
Goodfellow Elizabet. widow of Wm. pastrycook 64 Dock 
Goodfellow James, nailer Wiley's court 
Goodger John, sugarboiler James below Ridge road 
Goodhart John, hatter 126 north 4th 
Goodin John, tavcrnkeeperS South alley 
Goodin James, grocer corner Nintd and Filbert 
Goodman Charles, engraver 87 Callowhill 
Goodman George, printei" 24 Cherry — d h 12 Kunckle 
Goodman George F. clerk 87 Callowhill 


(joodinan John, justice of the peace and notiiiy public 
87 Callowhill 
. Goodman rev. John R. (Union Seminary) Germantown 
Goodman Mary, widow ot" bamuel, (ouios the bites of 

madanini lis) 12 Kunckle 
Goodman Thomas F. letter-carrier 134 Locust 
tGoodness M;inuel, w;,ittr R< se ay (iS L) 
Goo<lriclx VVm. hatter 187 Arcli 
Goods Gei.rgt , biscuitbakcr lvi4 n-irtb Front 
Goodwin Ada.n, clothes dcnler cellar Sixth between 
t' High and Chosnut — d ii 13 Sugar av. 
t Goodwin Catharine, widow tailoress iSlerriott's 1. ab 5th 
[ Goodwin Courted, attorney at law 28 north 5th 

Goodwin Ed>vard, ropemaker &c S W corner Oak 
? (N L) and Coates — d h 414 north Front 
; Goodwin Gtorge, ropemnker 216 north Sixth 

1 Goodwin George, jun. labourci 156 Coates 
Goodwin John D. & Edward, rc^emakers S W cor. Oak 
[ and Coates (N L) 

L Goodwin John D. auctioneer and commission store 27S 
[ north Second 

■ Goudwm J. groceiy and tavern Oak near hayscalcs whf 
Goodwin John, ropemaker shipchandlcr and agent for 

N. Y. exchange line 71 N Water— dh 171 N. Front 
Goodwin Jonathan, tailor 53 north Sixth 
Goodwin Samuel, watchmaker 33 Penn 
Goodwin Thomas, broker vicjuire 12 Carter's ay- 
I Goodwin Thomas F letter-carrier 166 south Tenth 
I Gordon David, carpenter 124 Plum 
' Gordon David F. attorney at law 210 Spruce 
" (iordon Elisha, inquire 210 Spruce 

Gordon Henry, grocer 165 ^aippen [see Girdon 

Gordon M. L apothecary 66 north S econd 
fGordon Nancy, widow Crab near Plum street 
; Gordon Peter, caulker Nieman's alley 

Gordon Robert, inquire 210 Spruce 
' Gordon Rosanna, iviark's lane 
^ tGordon Robert C. fruiterer 8cc. 60 Walnut 
f Gordon Samuel, labourer 6 Budd's court 
Gordon Tliomas F. attorney at law and clerk of the Or- 
phan's court — office 12Stateh()Use — dh 32 Callowhill 
(iordon, widow of Robert, cor. High and Sch. 7th 
[Ciordon Wdliam, oysterman Cedar above Twelfth 
tiordus George, labourer back 291 Vine 
Gorgas (ieorge, luit^ber merchant 282 N. Second — yard 

south Water below Pool's bridge 
Gorgas Josepli, hnnber merchant 185 Callowhill 
Gorgas Josepii C. lumber merchant 282 N Second 
(iorgas Peter K. merchant 185 Callowhill 
Gorgas, Son & Keyser, lumber merchants 9th bel. Vine 
Gorge William, woollen and cotton manufacturer 25S 

south Tliird corner Sliippcn 
Gorges William, hairdresser J 

& bleeder 257 Race 

GOY whitely's annual 

Goring Catharine, widow 296 south 4th 
Goring Joseph, mariner Old S Front bel. Ropewalk 
Gorman Catharine, widow back 12 PaschaU's alley 
Gorman David, whitesmith Sixth near Ger. road 
Gorman James, innkeeper 29 soutii Water 
Gorman Patrick, saddler 26 Gaskill sti-eet 
Gorman Thomas, tavern & stablekeeper 150 Race 
Gorman widow of E. ta\ ernkeeper 128 north Water 
Goshong Louis, turner 4th near Carpenter street (S) 
Gosman John, victualler 24 old shambles, d h Lav?- 

rence above Wood 
Gosner Christopner, ropemaker Greenwich street 
Gosner Joseph, potter 205 Coates 
Goss Charles, mariner St. John near George 
Gosser Jacob, fisherman Queen near Wood 
Gi.'sser John, carpenter Beach near Bishop 
Goss:"r widow of Philip, Queen near Bishop 
Gossline widow of Nathaniel, 272 St. John 
|Gott Christian, mariner Beach near the mai'ket 
Gouge John, druggist &c. 300 Race 
Gouge Rebecca, boardinghouse 253 High 
Gouge VV illiam M. apothecary 241 Arch 
Goughshe Joseph, victualler 1 22 Browne 
Gouirun Michael, jeweller 136 Cedar 
Goulcher Emanuel, gunsmith 8th near Green 
Gould James, welldigger Callowhill above G irden 
Gould Samuel, mariner Emlen's court (N L) 
Gould Sarah, widow teacher 43 Duke 
Gould Walter, chairmaker 3 Clever alley 
Gouldbourn Joseph, tailor 8 Myers' court 
Guulding Ann H. widow 276 south 4th 
fGoulding James, labourer Miles' court near Rose 
fGoulding Sarah, widow Shippcn above Seventh 
Goulcly Caspar, labourer corner Locust and Juniper 
Gouldy David, brickmaker Sch. 3d bel. Pine [see Goldetj 
Gouldy Eliz. washerwoman cor. Locust and Juniper 
Gouldy Henry, brickmaker Sch. Ttiird below Pine 
Gouldy John, shoemaker Smith's alley W Sch. 8th 
Goulker Henry, segarmaker Rose alley above Coates 
Gourley Hugh, 28 Union 

|Goutier Jolm, painter and glazier 120 Lombard 
jGovens Adam, labourer 95 Passyunk road 
Govett Charles; accountant 51 Filbert 
Govett Ellen, widow 27 Filbert 
Govett WilUam J. carpenter Cedar above Nirith 
Govett Robert, accountant 51 Filbert 
Govett Sarah, widow 51 Filbert 
Govett WiUiam G. accountant 51 Filbert 
Govett William, carpenter Cedar below Tenth 
Gowen Edward, grocer S W corner Front and Vine 
Gowen James, merchant 95 north Water 
Gowing.Mary, widow of capt. Jnhn, 111 Lombard 
Gowl James, stonemason back 282 Arch 
Goyt Christian, labourer Beach below Shakamaxon 


Grace Christiana, Charles' street [«w Gricc 

Grace Jane, widow 35 Powell 
Grace Jolin W. shneniaker 427 north Third 
Grace John, brickmakcr Cliarles below James 
Gradv John, carter North street 
Grad'v Jolin, cooper 199 St. John street 
Gracff &; Homillcr, giocers 2H9 north Third 
Graff Arthur, carter 147 Cedar 
Graff Bakiis, baktr Poplar lane near Second 
Graff Balihazer, baker 6 Cherry 

Graff Ciuirles, merchant S E coiner Mulberry and 6th 
Graff Fred, manager of the waterworks 22 N Sixth 
Graff George, cooper Germ, road above Laurel 
Graff Henry, balance weigher 1 Spruce street wharf— 
, d h 29 north Sixth 
Graff Henry, bricklaver back 469 north Third 
Graff Jacob, grocer, "N W corner Tweltth & Chesnut 
G'-aff J. & B. bakers 6 Cherry 
Graff John, gentleman 303 Arch 
Graff Joscpli, victualler 41 old shambles 
Graff Joseph, victualler 31 Third street market 
Graff Rebecca, widow layer out of the dead 46 Pean 
Graff William, tailor 178 north Water 
(iraham .\bigail, widow of John, 69 south Eleventh 
Graham Ann, teacher back 124 Catharine 
Graham Charles, drayman 229 Shippen 
Graham James, gentleman 4 north Eleventh 
Graham James, founder \\\\q near Thirteenth 
(iraham James, v/eaver Tliirleenth above Cedar 
iTraham John K. grocer and agent for inland transpor- 
tation 308 High 
Graham John, nnporter of British drygoods 4 N Third 
Graham John, tailor Passyunk near Sth 
Graham John, chair and sofamaker 28 Bank — d hi? 

Guforth alley 
fGraham John, carter James below Ridge road 
(iraham Marv, widow Federal above Second 
Graham P. & Co. merclUs. 59 S Front— d h 291 Chesnut 
Graham Samuel, weaver Pitt below (ierm. road 
Graliam Sarah C. widow of Robert M. 271 S Second 
f.r.iliam Peter & Co. merchants 59 south Front — d h 

.91 Chesnut 
t iraham Thomas, grocer 289 High 
Graliani Wm. grocer S V. cor. Cedarand 5th street 
GranUjo widow of Christian, mcrclianl 80 Nine 
Grandom John, (in his 90th year) cor. San- 

som and Seventh 
Grandom John jun. gentleman corner 7th & Sansom 
<irandsby George, sea captain 259 south 5tli 
Granger Juliana, wido-v Vine near Scl\. Second 
tGrant Abraliaui, c.irter Christian below 5th 
tCi rant Ann, 28 Elizabeth sticet 
Grant Eleanor, widow 115 Christian 

GRA whitely's annual 

fGrant Francis, coachman 68 Small 

Grant George, late tavernkeeper 498 north Second 

Grant Hannah, widow Juliana 

Grant Joseph P merch 43 N Water — d h 98 south 3cl 

f Graut Joseph, labourer back 75 George (S) 

Grant Mary, widow nurse 294 south Front 

Grant Robert, bottler 48 Lombard 

Grant Samuel, merchant 43 north Watei' — d h N E 

corner High and Eleventh 
Grant William, blockmaker 62 Christian 
Grants & Stone, merchts. 43 N Water and Perot's whf. 
Granville Ann, widow 117Swanson 
Grasson Wm. starch maker St Mary's 
Gratz Benjamin, attorney at law 219 Chesnut 
Gratz Hyman, mercht. 2 S Seventh — d h 219 Chesnut 
Gratz Jacob, merchant 219 Chesnut 
Gratz Joseph, merchant 219 Chesnut 
Gratz Simon & Brother, merchants 2 south Seventh 
Graucl John, baker 334 north Second 
Gravel (veorge, carpenter 11 Sassafras alley 
Gravel Henry, carpenter 220 Vine 
Gravell James, copperplate printer 126 south Sixth 
Graville Margaret, widow Germantown road ab. Pitt 
Gravelle Lsa. M jeweller, &c. 117 Chesnut 
Gravelie Rene' L. military and jewellery store 19 N 3d 

and 117 Chesnut 
Gravenscme Ehzabeth, fruiterer 131 Race 
Gravenstine (ieorge, stablekeeper 202 Race 8c 96 N 6tb. 
Gravenstjen Jacob, drayman 143 Coates 
Graves Bavt'\olomew, Spring (iarden tavern and cattle 

market, 6th below Buttonwood 

[_see Groves isf Greeves 
Graves Bazel, tallowchandler 16 Spruce 
Graves James, carter 115 Christian 
Graves William, innkeeper 40 Browne 
Gray Augustus, carver and gilder 22 Cherry 
Gray Caleb, dry goods store 10 Jiorth Second 
Gray Edvvard, mate 102 Swanson 
Gray Gawn, mariner 406 north Third 
Gray George, tyler, Tliii-teenth below Chesnut 
Gray Hugh, drayman 15 Poplar lane 
fGr'ay Jabez, shoeblack Juniper alley 
Gray James, teacher 355 north Third 
fGray James, cordwainer 14S south 8th 
Gray Jane, widow, back 389 Race 
IGray Javis, bootcleaner Juniper alley 
Gray John, labourer back 71 Christian street 
Gray John, waiter Atkinson's court 
Gray John, carter Second above Laurel street 
(rray John, carter Vine below Eleventh 
Gray Joseph, Juniper below Chesnut 
Gray J. china merchant 304 High— d h 2 south Tenth 


Gray Patiick, tinplateworkcr cor. Uecatur and High — 

d h 4 Colk'gc avenue 
fGr.iy IVtLT, wooilsawycr Smitli's court 
Gray Richard, sc.i cajjtaiu 26 Unicii 
Gray Robert, dra\ iiiau Poplar l.uie bilow Hudd 
Gray Robert l'\. biewar 24 and d h 22 south Sixth 
firay Robert E. 8v Co. brewers 24 south Sixt!\ 
Gray Samuel N. brewer 24 south Sixth 
Gray Tliomas, carter Vine below Eleventh 
Gray Thomas, boot and slioe manufactory 75 north 3d 
Gray 'IMiomas, labourer Perry below Pine 
Gray William, dealer Second near Gei mantown road 
Gray William, hatter liuttonwood above Charles 
Gray William, shoemaker 8 Pratt's court 
Gray William, hatter James' alley 
Gray William, carter Vine near Schuylkill 8th 

Gray , waterman Shakamaxon (K.) 

Grcar Jacob, victualler Buttonwood above 8th 

Grear Jacob, victualler corner Garden and Buttonwood 

Grear John, vie. Mulberry alley — stall 66 New Market 

Grear Nicholas, victualler 234 north 8th [see Greer 

Grcar Mary, of William, North alley 

Greble James, bricklayer 568 south Front 

Grcble liebecca, widow of George, Ciierry above 11th 

Greble William H. carpenter Cherry above Juniper 

Green. Alexander, waterman 112 Swanson 

Green Alexander, accountant 376 south Front 

iGreen Amelia, whitewasher 160 Cherry alley 

Green Asa, blacksmith Queen near Crown 

tGreen Benjamin, porter Malt allev 

Green Branch, stoneware factory >J Second above Ger 

road — d h 536 noi-th Second 
IGreen Caleb, jjorter Bard's court 
Green Cliarles, metallogist 139 south Ninth 
Green Charles, tailor Laurel near Second (N L) 
f Green Charles, waiter Sch. Seventh below Race 
Green Daniel, weaver back 31 Mary street (S) 
Green F.dwaid, lai)()urcr Arch west of Sch. Second 
Green Eleanor, widow, storekeeper 134 south 4th 
(ireen Elizabetii, grocer Hose street 
Green Elizabeth, innkeeper 252 north Front 
Green Elizabeth, nurse 196 north 5cli 
Green Elizabeth, widow Cherry below Schuylkill 8th 
Green Esther, widow 22 Small street 
(ireeii Francis, cabinetmaker 26 Barron street 

iGreen Francis, liatter Malt alley 
ri-een (ieorge, inn and ferrykoeper 45 north Water 
jGreen Henry, waiter Quince above S;)ruce 
Green Henry, labourer Church street (back) 
Green Hetty, widow 5 Snail street 
Green Humphry, 11 Lxtiti.i court 
CJreen Isaac, carpenter 3 Little Dock 
(4reen Jacob, millwright 191 north 8th above \'\t\c 

GRE whitely's annual 

Green Jacob, cordwainer 11 Summer's court 

-{■Green James, newscarrier 213 Shippen 

fGieen James, sawyer 5 Madison court 

Green Job, chairmaker Drinker's alley^ 

Green John, S W corner Eighth and Vine 

Green John, brassfounder 104 Poplar lane near Second 

Green John, sailmaker 3 Federal street 

Green John, packer U. S. arsenal Gray's ferry road 

Green John, bootmaker 73 north Third 

Green John, sea captain China above Front 

Green John, machinemaker St. John below George 

Green John shallopman 123 Swanson 

Green John, carpenter China above Sixth 

f Green John, labourer 45 Small 

Green Joseph, plasterer Kunckel near Tammany 

iCrreen Joseph, labourer 45 Small 

G-een rev. Lemuel, 202 north Third 

fGieen Lemuel, labourer Swedes' alley 

Green Lydia, widow boardinghouse 31 Chesnut 

Green Lydia, Miss washerwoman N. 3d above Otter 

Green Margaret, washerwoman 4 Hoffman's alley 

Green Mary, widow Arch near Schuylkill 

Green Mrs. nurse inquire 78 Chesnut 

Green Patrick, painter, &c. 46 south 5th 

Green Richard, storekeeper 81 north Second 

tGreen Richard, labourer 210 Cherry 

tGreen Robert, coachman 167 south Sixth 

Green Samuel R. boxmaker 133 Vine 

Green Stephen, fisherman 135 Green 

! Green Stephen, woodsawyer Malt alley 
Green Tamar, widow back 228 Lombard 
ireen Thomas, carpenter 110 Lombard 
Green William, printer back 308 south Front 
tGreen VVilliam, labourer Dean's alley 
JGreenage John, labourer back 11 Hurst's court 
Greenham James, grocer Upper ferry road 
Greenleaf James, gentleman 158 W^alnut 
Greenman Josiah, baker 2d near George (N L) 
Greer Andrew, smith 14 Starr alley and 119 N. Tenth 
tGreer Dover, labourer Cherry above Eleventh 
Greer Jacob, vict. stall 74 New market — d h Button- 
wood lane opposite Garden [see Great 
Greer Jacob, cordwainer 20 Starr alley 
Greer John, jr. vict. Eighth above Buttoowood 
Greer Mary, Mrs. 24 North alley 
Greer Nicholas, vict.— d h cor. Eighth and Callowhill 
Greer Sarah, widow 18 Juniper lane 
Greeves Mary, widow 5 north Ninth 
Gregg Elizabeth, widow 180 Swanson 
Gregg Mary, boardinghouse 23 Franklin ct, \_8ee Griggs 
Gregg Richard, labourer Washington below Vine 
Gregory A. L. m. d. 288 north Second 
Gregory Casper, mariner 8 Callowhill 
Gregory Cornelius, waterman 246 Swanson 


(iregory David, iiapcihuii^f r Fraiikf. r. above Queen 
(ircs'>ry John. c;J) 156 S. 2d — (I h 56 Spruce 
(irej^orv WiUium, i^ucksriM- C uiiden, (N J) 
Grciner Jolin, i lilor l>.ick 204 south 4'1» 
Grieuer John, doiucslic warehouse 260 High — d h 182 

Grelaud Madame, female seminary 89 south Tliir'l 
Grelaud Titoii, auctioneer 51 N Front — d li 96 ';;tce 
(iresham Geo. collector & haircurler Loml)ard oel. 13th 
(irihle James, bricklayer 41 north Second 
Grible William, i)ric.klayer 235 south Fittli 
Grice M. boardinghouse 4^6 south Fiont 

[xec Grosn CJ* Guys ilf Grace 
Grice Samuel, shipbuilder Penn (K.) near Maiden 
(Jrier Jolin, vict. noith Eighth ai)ove Button wood 
Grieves Jolui, sea captain 3oi south Fiont 
Grieves Thomas F. accountant 478 north Third 
firiffee John, ^''ocer 183 north Second 
tGriflii\ Aaron, carter O. York road above Poplar lane 
(iritfni Denman, ])ainter and glazier back 397 south 2d 
(iriffin Michael, boardinghouse 85 soutli Water 
Griffin Sarah, widow 27 EUVeth's alley 
(iriflin rev. Thomas, 38 St. Tammany corner Third 
(iriffin Thomas, minter Courtney's court 
Griffin William, stevedore Huddell's court 
(iriffin William, mariner 7 Chancery lane 
Griffith Benjamin, blacksmith Church street 
(iriffith Cadr. boardinghouse 125 south Eleventh 
Griffith Catliarine, widow storekeeper UU north Third 
Griffith Eleanor, widow 348 High 
Griffith EHzviljeth, layer out of the dead 13th bel.Race 
Griffith Elizabeth, tailoress 63 (ireen 
(iriffith (ieorge, mariner back 62 Catharine 
Griffith Is. wood wharf Oak bel. Coates, dh 24Kunckei 
Griffith John, blacksmith Rose below Browne 
Griffitiis John R. slater. Sixth 1st huuse above Vine 
Griffith Joseph, carpenter 13th below Race 
(iriffith Joseph, shipjoiner 378 south Front 
(iriffith Judith, widow, tailoress Broad l)elow George 
(iriffith Mathew, cordwainer 34 noiih Fouilh 
Griffith Mary, widow 85 Walnut between 7th and 8th 
(iriffith Mary, widow 134 St. John 
Griffith Robeit E. merchant 9 Dock— d h 106 S. 8th 
Griffitli Roljert, milkman S|)riict W. Sch. Second 
Ciriffitli Knbert, stonecutter Jumper near Arch 
Griffith Hussell, shoemaker 72 Coates 
Griffith Sarah, widow back 51 Budd 
(iriffiths Elijah, m. u i]7 nortii 5lh 
(iriffiths James, 22 Hartung's alley 
Griffitts Samuel P. M. D. 62 south Front 
Griffitts Sarah, widow 174 south 5th 
Griffitts V\'m. F. mercht. 256 High— d h 62 S. Front 
Griggs Ann, tailoress 28 Mary street 
N 2 

GRO whitely's annual 

Grigg Jacob, rev. teacher Washington academy 6 Old 
York r. — d h 296 north Third corner Tammany 

Griggs Anthony, printer (Whitehall) Ridge road above 
Buttonwood — d h Torr's court 

Griggs & ('o. printers (Whitehall) Ridge road above 
Buttonwood \_see Gregg 

! Griggs Cato, mariner Sf . Mary street 
Griggs John, labourer Harper s alley (P T) 
rriggs Joseph, (Whitehall) Ridge r. ab. Buttonwood 
Grigler Cornelius, mariner back 353 south Front 
Grigsby Solomon, laboui-er Church street 
Grim Elizabeth, milkwoman 466 north Third 
Grim Hannah, widow back 19 north Fifth 
Grim Henry, drygoods store 148 north 4th 
Grim Peter, brickmaker, yard Germ r. — d h 480 N 3d 
Grimes George, cordwainer back 230 south Third 
Grimes James, engineer SheafF's alley 
Grimes James, drayman corner Sixth and Shippen 
Grimes Noble, weaver Thirteenth near Cedar 
(Jrimshaw Mrs. seminary 79 south Sixth 
Grimshaw William, rigger 43 Meade alley 
Grimsliur William, rigger, loft South street wharf north 

side — d h S E corner Third and German 
Griner Joseph, coachpainter 180 Locust above Eleventh 
— d h 16 Acorn alley [see Greiner 

Grinnell Wm. attorney at law 128 Walnut above 5th 
Grimiell W. planemaker S W corner 10th and Cherry 
Griscom Rachel, upholsteress 52 Race 
Griscom Samuel, bricklayer Vine above Tenth 
Griscom Samuel, bricklayer Callowhill above Eleventh 
Griskev Lewis, gunsmith Beach near High bridge 
Grisky Cornelius, labourer Crown near Franktord r. 
Grissom Daniel, caulker Cherry near Prince 
Grissom widow of Caspar, Vienna corner Duke 
Griswell Gilbert, cabinetmaker 2d above Germ, road 
Grives Diderich, chemist 180 Coates 
Grobon 8c Tissot, oyster cellar under 218 High 
Groff Jacob, vict. Old York road above Tammany 
Grog Bartholomew, carter corner Coates and Seventh 
Groff Joseph, victualler 225 N. Eighth [see Graf 

Groff Joseph, victualler Lawrence above Wood 
Grogan Margaret, widow corner Rose and Coates 
Groome Rachel, widow, John corner Callowhill 
Grose Henry, cordwainer 20 Budd 
Grose Michael, carpenter 98 Budd 
Grosner Joseph, earthenware manuf. Maria bel. O. Y. r, 
Gross Ann D. widow of Jacob, Quince below Walnut 
Gross Gottleib, hog victualler cor. Ch.Hrles and Pleasant 
Gross George, farmer Passyunk below Prime 
Gross Henry, farmer 16 Starr alley 
Gross Jacob, shoemaker 144 south 12th below Walnut 
Gross John, accountant back 39 Newmarket 
Gross John, shoemaker Cherry W. Sch. Eighth 


f Gross Thomas, jun. undertakcT and cabinetmaker 136 

Groijun Peter A. editor of the PhiladrlpluH Priccb Cur- 

niu anil Weekly Public Sale Report 151 bouth 3d 
Gnitjaii & Blatchford, editors ot the I'hiladelphiu Letter 

Sheet Prices Current 151 south Third 
Grouchy {Marshal) Emanuel, 244 L<.mbard 
Grouel George, labourer Third near George (N L) 
Grout Jonathan, inventor of uiuversal grammar, 1 Car- 
penter's court, irn/uirc of R. Desilver 
Grover Christopher, shipmaster 20 Union alley 
Grover George spoonmaker 37 Bick's alley 
Grover John, sea captain 281 south Front 
Grover John D. l)natbuilder Church street 
Grover Thomas D. wharf builder 33 Christian 
Gro\es Anthony, mercht. 3 N. Front — d h 16 north 7th 
Groves Christiana, widow of Robert, Red's court back 

198 Cedar 
Groves Daniel, bricklayer 169 Vine 
Groves E. widow of Christopher 119 north 5th 

[Afr Cravrs isf Greevea 
fGroves Samuel, labourer cor. Eleventh and Filbert 
Groves William, bricklayer 132 CoUowhill 
Grow Jane, widow Lyttle's court 
Grubb Christopher, hsherman Wood ab. Queen (K) 
Grubb Christopher, labourer Wood near Queen 
Grubb Curtis, 68 north Ninth 
Grubb Elizabeth, widow 23 Cox's alley 
Grubb Jacob, mariner Hanover near Prince 
Grubb John, cedar coojkm- l"ammany below O. Y. road 
Grugan Charles, plasterer Quince above Spruce 
Gut)ert Joseph H. china merciiant 264 High 
Guenat John B. merchant 230 Walnut 
Guest Anna and Amelia, gentlewomen 240 Filbert above 

Twelfth [Ar(° Gest 

Guest Elizabeth and Anna, gentlewomen 330 Arch 

above Eleventh 
Gue-n;ird Theodore, jeweller Davison's alley 
Guiau E J. merchant S E corner Pine and 5th 
Guier Adam, grazier near Ciray's ferry [^see Geyer 
Guiev widow of Andrew 329 Race 
Guier George, n\erchanl 8 Minor — d h 361 Race 
Guiir Mary, widow 6 I/itllc Pine 
Guier S;»rah, widow 6 Little Pine 
Guier Win. & Son, nierch;ints 8 Minor 
Guier Wni merchant 8 Minor and 5 north Ninth — d h 

242 Walnut 
Guirey Samuel, merchant 23 north Front 
Guigue A. baker 343 south Front 
Guiilou Victor, dancing master Washington hall — d h 

175 south 5tii 
Gum William, tailor 125 S. Water— d h 289 S. Front 
Guinn Margaret, washerwoman 1 Goforth alley 

HAG whitely's annual 

Guirey Daniel, farmer Passyunk below Federal 
Gulager Mrs. Mary, gentlewoman 19 Aixh 
Guldy Jacob, labourer Weaver's alley 
GuUen John, stonecutter 289 Arch — dh Schriver's ct. 
Gumpert Abraham, merchant 31 Callowhill 
Gumpert Saml. mei'chant 31 Callowhill — store 263N 2d 
Gumpert S. & Co. merchants 263 north Second 
Gundelach C.H. storekeeper 21 Callowhill 
Gundelach G. innkeeper 20 Bread 
Gune Jacob, carpenter U. S. arsenal Gray's ferry road 
Guthrie Ann, widow 4 Fayette 
Guy Matthew, typefounder Cedar above Tenth 
Guyant David, shipwright Wai-ren (K) 
Ciuyant John, 462 north Third 
Guyer George, carpenter 260 north Eighth 
Guyerly Daniel, farmer Passyunk road bel. Federal st. 
Guyger Casper, tailor Blackhorse alley 
Guyger George, hatter 87 south Fourth 
Guyger James, tailor 5 Lemon street 
Guys Edward, deputy keeper of prison 168 south 11th 

{see Geisse and Grice 
Gwin Alexander, tailor 25 Gilles's alley 
Gwin Andrew, tavernkeeper 26 Pine alley 
Gwin William, carter 49 Currant alley 

HAARS CHRISTIAN, vinegar merch. Race 

Haars Jacob, sugar refiner 189 Cherry 

Haas Adam, carpenter 315 south Third 

Haas Charles, painter, &c. 124 Coates 

Haas Fred, carpenter N W cor. Callowhill and Eighth 

Haas Frederick, shoemaker 110 Green 

Haas Frederick, stockingweaver 361 north Third 

Haas Hannah, widow 391 north Third 

Haas John, cooper 391 north Third \_see Hause 

Haas Samuel, carpenter cor. Poplar lane and Sixth 

Habbeck Henry, cordwainer 378 south Third 

Habermehl Henry, saddler 4 Stamper's alley 

Hacker George, baker 106 Budd 

Hacker John, labourer (Vineyard) Ridge road 

Hackett Hannah, widow 264 south Fourth 

jHackett Joseph, sawyer 25 Mary's alley 

fHackney Ezekiel, oysterman Relief alley ab. Front 

Hackney Joseph, boardinghouse 68 Vine 

Hackney Rachel, widow 8 Springett alley 

tHaddocks Seymour, shipwright 138 Crab 

HafFline Sarah, widow 133 north Sixth 

Haga Godfrey, gentleman (Gothic mansion) Chesnut 

above Twelfth 
Hagar Catharine, hardware dealer 59 Coates 
Hagar Christian, cordwainer 21 Sassafras alley 
Hagar Daniel, grocer and tavern 359 north Front 


H^ger John, shoemaker 22 Vernon street 

|H;igerman John, waiter 36 Biird's court 

jHagernnui Sarah widow 25 Mary's alley 

Hagcrty Deborah, widow Norman alley 

Hugerty Henry, milkman Poplar lane n. Ridg« road 

Hagerty Thomas, lab(.urer St. Mary's 

Haghcy Ann, widow Hazel alley 

Haghery Hugh, smith Smith's court n. Schuylkill 8th 

Hagins Andrew, painter back 325 Spruce 

Hagner P. chocolate manufactory 112 Race and at the 

Falls of Schuylkill 
Hagner William cordwainer Cherry below West (K) 
Hagner William V. carpenter 18 Garden 
Haghtoz Jacob, sugarboiler 25 Church alley 
Hague Andrew, milkman Hanover near Prince 
Hague William milkman, Hanover near Prince 
H ihn Ann, widow Garden street 
Hahn John W. iinkeeper Germantown road ab. Otter 
Hahn John, packer, John above Callowliill 
Hahn Peter, merchant 101 N. Front— d h 222 Arch 
Haig Henry, shipwright Hanover above Queen 
Haig Thomas, potter north 4th above Poplar — d h Pop-- 

lar lane near Second 
Haigh Elizabeth, Mrs of Charles, Scott's alley 
Haight Charles, printer 8 Hinkel's court 
Hailer Catliarine, widow, bleeder and cupper 62 N. 6th 
Hailcr Fretlerick, ladies shoemaker 40 north Sixth 
Hail Joseph, carter Arch west of Schuylkill Third 

[see Hale and Heyl 
Hailly Elizabeth, widow 87 north Ninth 
Haily Philip, stonecutter Shippen above Seventh 
Haine Jacob blacksmith cor. Sixth and Coates 
Hains George, tobacconist 64 north Tliird 
Hains John, victualler south Fourth near Merriott's 

lane — stall 15 New Market 
Haines J. Morrow, lastniaker 13 Dock street 
Hains Philip, blacksmith back 21Ui Arch 
Hains Saml. surveyor and city regulator 317 Mulberry' 
Haines C. W. teacher Pnint-no-point 
Haines Catharine, widow Wood above Prince 
Haines Daniel, gravedigger Ciierry above Duke 
Haines Ei)hraim, lumber incrcliant, &c. 307 and d h 174 

north Front [ste Haynea and Jleim 

Haines Hannah widow 18 Watson's alley 
Haines Henry, cordwainer 240 Lombard street 
Haines John chinajjacker Jolwi above Callowhill 
Haines John grocer Second near Gcrniantown road 
Haines John, gardener Cherry corner Duke 
Haines John, shipwright Crown below Prince (K) 
Haines John, victualler Foiirtii below Merriott s lau(. 
Haines Joseph, grocer 503 noi th Second 
Haines Joseph, drayman James opposite Rugan 
Haines Joseph, waggoncover maker 120 Filbert 

HAL whitely's annual 

Haines Joseph, carpenter Callowhill above Tenth 

Haines Joseph, carpenter Alder ahey 

Haines Josiah, boatbuilder 231 Swanson 

Haines N & Charles tanners and storekeepers, Coo- 
per's ferry (N J) 

Haines Peter, carpenter Cherry near Duke 

Haines Reube.i, gentleman 300 Chesnut 

tH tines Thomas carter 13th above Cedar 

H.abach A. merchant 19 Dock— d h 119 south Fifth 

tHalbert Joseph doctoi* 23 Small street 

Hale Margery widow boardinghouse SW corner of 
Race and Seventh 

Hale Matthias, gunsmith Juniper above Race 

Hale Thomas blacksmith Second near Pegg's street 

Hale Thomas, broker 83 and d h 284 Chesnut 

Hale Thomas 291 north Second — d h 27 Newmarket 

Hdley Elizabeth, nurse 85 north Ninth 

Haley John, shopkeeper 318 south Sixth 

Haley Owen, farmer back 125 Plum 

Halford Henry, victualler corner Cedar and Sixth 

Halfpenny Robert painter &c. 168 north Eighth 

Hall Abraham, back 75 Christian 

Hall Alexander, grocer S W corner Cedar and Penn 

Hall and Atkinson, printers 53 High 

tHall A. labourer Bonsall 

f Hall Cssar^ porter 235 Catharine 

Hall Catharine, widow Prince near Hanover 

Hall David, printer 53 High [see Hill, Hail and Heyl 

Hall Elizabeth, widow 79 south Eleventh 

Hall Elizabeth, widow 86 Browne 

Hall Elizabeth, widow 14 Fayette street 

Hall Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin matron of the Or- 
phan's Asylum, corner of Cherry and Sch. Fifth 

Hall Elizabeth, Mrs. 13th near Cedar 

Hall Harrison, bookseller and publisher of the Port Fo- 
lio 209 Chesnut — d h Eleventh above Market 

Hall Harriet B. mantuamaker 12G Cherry 

Hall Henry, labourer Ann west of 12th 

Hall Isaac, corder Hayscales wharf— d h 318 n. Front 

Hall Isaac, shipmaster 35 Almond 

fHall Isaiah, hatter Lyndall's court 

Hall Jacob, merchant 190 High 

Hall James, hayscales keeper cor. Buttonwood 6c 8th 

Hall James, hardware store 5 N 2d— d h 61 north Sixth 

fHall James, labourer back 100 north Eleventh 

-fHall James, labourer Ball alley 

Hall James, printer carpenter near Fifth 

Hall James, carpenter 126 Pine 

Hall John, hatter 66 north Front 

Hall John, gentleman 5 north Eleventh 

Hall John, clock and watchmaker S E corner Secqnd 
and Union — d h 71 Union 

Hall John E. attorney at law Eleventh above Market 

Hall John, weaver Germantown road above Second 


Hall John, carpenter 118 south Tenth 

Hal! John, cordwaincr York street 

Hill Joseph, cottnnspinner (ieorge (N.L.) 

tHall Lavmia, widow 71 Pine near Second 

H.I 11 Louisa widow George (N L) near Second 

Hall Margaret widow back 42 Zane 

Hall Margaret, 71 High 

Hall Mary Mrs. 134 south Eighth 

Hall Mary, milliner 31 north Fourth 

Hail Peleg, shipmaster 236 south Front 

Hall Robert, waterman M'Culloch's court 

Hall Samuel, labourer Vine alley near Thirteenth 

Hall Spiccr, shoemaker west of the Perm, bridge 

Hall 1 iiomas, sea captain 3 south Tenth 

Hall Thomas M. M. D corner 6th & Callowhill 

Hall Thomas, hayweigher corner Front & Frankford v 

Hall widow of Thomas M 42 south Sixth 

Hall William, printer Mulberrv court 

Hall William blacksmith cor. Oak & Coates (N L) 

Hall William, shallopman, Burd's alley 

tHall Wm. coachman Wagner's alley 

iHall Zara, hatter Lyndall's court 
lallman John S. oak cooper Phariss's' court 
H dlman Mary, tailoress Loxley's court 
Hallo well Chas. T. merchhant 125 High— d h 11th 

belcAv Arch 
Hallowell Chalkley, shoestore 97 north Second 
Hallowell Edward, merchant 169 Callowhill 
H illowell Jesse, clerk, 85 Callowhill 
Hallowell John, counsellor at law, SE cor. Chesnut & 5th 
Htillowcll Wm. jun. ironmonger l9rN.'3d. Isee HoUoiveU 
Halstead Sarah, widow of captain Isaac 45 Shippen 
Halverson Hannah, widow 299 south Front 
Hslzel John, tailor 513 north Third 
Halzel Mary, widow 419 north Front 
Ham Huffman carter back 47 Kunckel 
Hama Godfrey, grocer h. E. corner Green and Third 
Hambauch Jacob, bl.icksmith 1 Green's court 
Hamel Butler, baker 60 Penn 

Hamel Christian vict. 2 Old Shambles — d h'Buttonwood 
Ham.. Jacob, tailor 22 J>nes's alley 
Hamer john, teacher Beach near Marlborough 
Han\ill HenYy H. tavernkeeper (head quartci-s of the 

PotatKc Cl«b) 13 south Seventh 
Hamill James, blacksmith Price's court 
Hamili James, watchman Walnut above Broad 
Hamdl Jo!m, carpenter Vine above Thirteenib 
Hamill and Pierie, curners 81 Dock [str //urns 

Hamill Riibc rt, currier 81 Dock 
11 iinill Samuel shoestore, 2 IK south Third 
Ha;neliii Joseph P. one of the editors of the Freeman's 

Jourtiul and Merca;ilile Advertiser, SW cor. Chesnut 

and Front— d h 208 south Fourth 

HAM whitely's annual 

Hamielton George, dealer 105 Cedar 
Hamilton Alexander 324 north Secend 
Hamilton Archibald, carter Crown near Qtieeu 
Hamilton & Desabay, painters &c. 215 south Fifth 
Hamilton Elizabeth drygoods store 117 north Fifth 
Hamilton Gavin, tobacconist 122 High 
Hamilton George, shoemaker 262 Arch 
Hamilton Hannah, boardinghouse 200 Arch 
Hamilton and Hood, grocers 4 High 
Hamilton James, gentleman 260 Walnut 
Hamilton James, sea captain 17 North alley 
Hamilton James, shallopman 121 Moyamensing road 
Hamilton John, shipwright 89 Bioad 
Hamilton John, cordwainer 52 Plum 
Hamilton John hatter 249nortli Second & 50 CallowhiU 
Hamilton John, drygoods and hat store 9 north Third 
Hamilton John grocer 4 High — d h 18 Race 
Hamilton John W. painter, See. 215 south Fifth 
Hamilton Margaretta M. drygoods store 28 south 2d 
Hamilton Phcebe, widow 38 Strawberry j 

Hamilton Priscilla, widow 6 Chancery lane 
Hamilton Rachel, Federal above Second 
Hamilton Rebecca, boardinghouse 82 south Eighth 
Hamilton Robert, late waterman back 31 Catharine 
Hamilton Robert, carter back 18 Green 
Hamiltor. WiUiam K. livery stable Bank — d h 99 Arch 
Hamilton William, cordwainer 96 north Seventh 
Hamilton William, mariner 25 Little German 
Hamilton William, cabinetmaker Cedar below Twelfth 
Hamilton \N illiam, accountant 448 south Front 
Hamilton William, mariner 4 Eagle court 
Hamlin Joseph, carter Frankf. road near Shakamaxon 
Hamlin Thomas, boardinghouse 114 Swanson 
Hamm Anthony, shipwright Second below Federal 
Haraman Philip, sugar refiner Wood below Third 
Hammar Adam, shoemaker 60 Vine 
Hammer Lewis, fruiterer 147 north Third 
Hammit Isaac, shipwright Hanover near Queen 
riammit Joseph, blacksmitli 9th below Lombard 
Hammit Mary, widow Shakamaxon near Queen 

Hammit innkeeper north Front n. Blackhorse lane 

Ham mitt Jane, widow Hanover near Queen 

Ham mitt Thomas, sea captain back 111 Browne street 

Hammon Elijah, cordwainer 354 N. 2d — dh 167 Coatcs 

tHamition Frederick labourer Swedes court 

Hampshire John, 129 north Eleventh 

Hamptffin Alexander, carpenter, 407 Mulberry above • 

Hampton Elizabeth, widow teacher 125 New 
Hampton Jacob, keeper of Arch street ferry and inn 
Hampton John H. shipmaster 448 south Front 
Hampton Jonathan, attorney at law 21 S. 7th 
Hampton Mrs. Mary 146 south Eighth [see Hamfiton 


Hanagan James, cordwaint-r 2 Baker's court 

H;mcc Jeremiali, grocci- 90 Budd corner Poplar 

Hance John, teacher 64 Lombard — d h 273 south Front 

Hancock. Ann, millinery and fancy store 37 north 2d 

H incock, Teagle, farmer Jcrviss s lane above Front 

Hancock W C. hardware stove 88 north Second 

Hancocks Robert, silkdyer 93 Vine 

Hand Caleb, sea captain 26 Green 

Hand E. waterman 29 Beck's alley 

Hand Klijah, sea captain 498 south Front 

Hand Jeremiah, carter 275 north Front 

Hand Jolin, mariner 58 Vine 

Hand Ruth, schoolmistress 130 Sassafras 

Handerhun Elizabeth, widow Fryor's alley 

Handley James, importer of hardware, &c. 32 N. Third 

d. h. Old York road above Callowhill 
tHandy Sarah, widow 21 Hurst 
Haney Thomas, carter Cedar above Tenth 
Hangary Gabriel, shipwright Marlborough below Prince 
Hanigan John, carpenter Ann between 12th & 13tli 
Hanington John, cordwainer Charlotte below Poj)lar 
Hank Henry labourer Mulberry allev above Eighth 
Hank John, iun. combmaker back 120 north Eleventh 
Hanker Catharine, widow north 4th above Browne 
Hankins Daniel, tailor. Strawberry street 
Hankinson, widow of Samuel, 157 Coates 
Hankinsou Samuel, bricklayer 157 Coates 
H.jikinson Thomas, bricklayer 51 Budd 
Hanle John, carter 205 Callowhill 
Hanlen John, lal>ourer Morgan's court above Vine 
Hanna Edward, late tavernkecpcr 291 South Fi'ont 
H.inna Edward, hatter Kunckel below Green 
Hanna John, stevedore 20 Almond street 
Hanna John, stevedore 28 Vine 

Hi.nnah Preston, gardener Spruce west of Sch. Front 
Hannahgaui Rutli, widow 2 Cherry 
Hannan John, bricklaytr 232 Plum 
Hannings Williani, cordwainef Rose- allev 
Hannis Andrew, farmei- Passyunk below Buck I'oad 
Hannold George, tailor 49 Coates alley 
Hannum I«iaac (i. printer 110 soutli Second 
H mnum Mrs. milliner 110 south Second 
Hause Chas. carter Old York road above Poplar lane 
Hanse Conrad, coaclimaker S. VV. comer Fourth & 

Walnut— d. h. 121 Walnut 
Hanse Cliarlcs, l)nckn).iker Sell. Second near Walnut 
Hause ik Harper, coachniakers S. W. cor. Walnut Sv, 4tii 
Hanse Jacob l)rickn\ake: TiHChailotte 
JHanse Jacob, labourer 205 Ciierry 
Hiuse J.mes, mariut r Wasliington above Second 
Hanse Samuel, bookbinder 170 south Second 
Hansell Andrew mariner 67 Quten (S.) 
^ O 

HAR whitely's annual 

Hansel! Charles F. combmaker cor. Wood and Eighti» 
Hansel! 8c Iseminger, wheelwriglits cor. 6th 8c Passyunk 
Hansel! Jacob, gravedigger 11 Hinkel's court 
Hansel! Barbara, shopkeeper 106 north Third 
Hansel! Janies, clock, 8cc. maker 3 N. Sixth — d. h. 180 

Hansel! John, wheelwright Queen below Sixth 
Hansel! Joseph, carver and gilder, 162 Race 
Hansel! Mary, 162 Sassafras 

Hansel! P. H. gilder Old York road below Tammany 
Hansel! Sarah, widow 49^ north 7th 
Hansel! Sarah, widow storekeeper 18 N. 6th 
Hansel! Thomas, turner 291 Arch — d. h. 2 Schriver'sct. 
Hansel! William, blacksmith back 12 Schriver's court 
Hansel! William M. drygoods store 16 north Sixth — dh 

173 south 11th 
Hansel! William S. saddler, 8cc. 24 High 
Hansel! Wm. accountant 173 south 11th 
f Hanson Benjamin, shoeblack 2 south Twelfth 
Hanson John, merchants N. E corner High and Water 
Hanson Lorenzo, mariner 99 St. John 
Hanson Matthias, tallowchandler 7 EUzabeth 
Hanson Matthias, labourer Broad below George 
Hanson 8c Roberts, merchants N. E. cor. High & Water 
Hara John, bi'ushmaker 162 south Third 
Harbaugh Samuel, tailor Ann W. Sch. Eighth 
Harberger Henry, dentist 132 S. Eleventh be!. Walnut 
Harberger Henry, jun. copper and tin ware and wire 

fender manuf. 406 High ab. 13th — d. h. High near Sch. 

Harbert Isaac, bricklayer 151 north 9th {see Herbert 
Harbert John, carter Sch. Eighth below Vine 
Harbert Zebedee, bottler 133 Green 
Harbeson Benjamin, agent for the inland transportation 

of merchandise 21 Minor — d- h. 74 Wood cor. John 
Harbeson Hugh, grocer, store on the Drawbridge— d h. 

110 Union 
Harbeson Joseph, inquire 130 south Sixth 
Harborn Joseph, jr. cooper 6 Vernon 
Harborn Joseph, sen. mariner 22 Shippen 
Harden James, clockdial and japan manuf. 18 Dock 
Harder 8c Conningham, drygoods store 78 north Second 
Harder John G. furrier 78 north Second 
Hardie David, inspector of customs 22 Oak (S.) 
Hai'din Wm carpenter Gardner's court 
Harding Hezekiah, sea captain 85 Pine 
Harding Jasper, printer 366 south Second 
fHarding John, mariner Quince below Locust 
Harding John, oakcooper Rose alley (N. L.) bel. Green 
Harding Richard, stablekeeper 102 Sassafras 
Haiding w idov/ of George 366 south Second 
tHarding William, mariner Second below Christian 


Hardunuff George cordwainer 94 Plum 

Huidway Henry, chandler 488 south Second 

H.irdwick John, puiiUer & glazier Cypress alley 

Hard wick Robert, accountant, &c. 20 Raspberry alley 

tHardy (ieorge, labourer St. jolui above Poplar 

H inly John, baker 146 south Front 

Hardy John, labourer Spafford 

H.irdy John C baker "8 Spruce [_see Hardie 

Hardy Patrick, grocer N. vV. corner Fourth and Plum 

Hare Chas. W. attorney at law S. W. cor. 10th and 

Hare & Masey, merchants S. wharves ab. Drawbridge 
Hare Robert, professor of chemistry S. E. corner of 

Walnut and 10th 
Haren Mary, widow 9 Cox's alley 
H irford John, accountant Walnut alley 
Hargan Carey, bottler 12 Pine 
H.irgesheimer John, painter 8cc. 140 Swanson and 94 

Catharine street 
H .rgesheimer Jonathan, vict. stall 77 Newmarket 
Hargesh.cimer S. victualler 1 Church street 
Hargis Julian, boardinghouse 5 Franklin couit 
Harker Benj. bricklayer 161 north Fourth 
Harker Joshua G. merchant 27 north 6th 
Harker Thomas, carter Cooper's court (N. L.) 
Harkins Catharine, widow Stcinmetz court 
Harkins John, cordwainer 96 Cedar 
Harkins Mary, widow Poplar lane near St. John 
Harkins Neil, stablekeeper Willing's alley — d. h. back 

88 south Third 
Havkins Wm. cordwainer Carpenter (S.) below Sixth 
Haikins W'illiam, cordwainer 49 Plum 
Harlan (ieorge, carpenter ,39 Crown 
Harlan Henry carpenter 10th above Pine 
Harlan Joshua, broker 79 Arch 
Harlan Richard, M. D. 79 Arch 
Harlan widow of William, 138 south 10th 
Harland John, merchant 140 Mulberry 
Harland John, jun. merchant 403 Mulberry 
Harlay Francis, coppersmith 95 south Front — d. h. 63 

Harley George & F. coppersmiths 95 south Front 
Harley (ieo. coppersmith 95 S. Frojit— d, h. 126 Spruce 
Harley Rudolph, tanner Maidtn 3 d<iors W. of stone b. 

tHarman Ann, back 10 Cypress alley 
[arman Elizabeth, boardiiigtiouse 204 Race 
tHarman Ezekicl porter 304 south Seventh 
jHarman E- oysterman 304 Hakcr sti'eet 
rl.irman George, plaster* i- Castle street 
Hannan Jacob, jun. sea captain 117 Lombard 
Harman Jeremiah, labourer 291 south Fourth 

tHarman Jeremiah, labourer back 299 south Third 
larman Jesse, carpenter Brusstar's alley (K.) 
fHarman John S. carter Shippen below Eightli 

HAR whitely's annual 

fHarman L^wis, porter Atkinson's court 
tHarman Lot, porter in flourstore, 257 Spruce 
Harman Mary, shopkeeper N. E„ cor. New & Fourth 
Harman Mary, widow washerwoman Wood above 3d 
Harmar Hannah, gloveress 3 Friends' almshouse 
Harmar Mezzy widow corner Queen & Shakamaxon 
Harmes J. N. merchant 8 Minor — d. h. 258 Wahiut 
tHarmon Joseph, oysterman Shippen below 8th 
Harmstead Laurence, carpenter 26 Elizabeth 
Harmstead Sarah, storekeepg*, 56 north Fourth 
Harmstead Martin, shoemaker 135 north Front S. E. 

corner Race 
Harmstead Wm. carpenter Weaver's ay. [see Hermstadt 
Harned John, tinplateworker 330 liigh 
Harod David, labourer 30 Stamper's alley 
Harod Jane, widow 22 Cedar street 
Harp Abraham, cordwainer Castle street 
Harpel Jno. cordwainer. Wood above Second 
Harper Alexander, blacksmith Filbert E. of 11th, and 

12 N. Tenth. 
Harper Charles A. & Co. merchants S. E. corner Arch 

and Second — d, h. 21 Mulberry 
Harper Eciward, painter 8cc. alley near Allen street 

Frankford road 
Harper James, jun. briekmaker 291 Walnut 
Harper James, briekmaker Barker near Sch. Fourth 
Harper John P. innkeeper 60 Dock 
Harper John, saddler 146 north Third 
Harper John, cooper 21 south Water 
Harper John grocer 205 Cedar 
Harper Peter, dealer, 475 north Second 
Harper Samuel, tailor 1 Schriver's court 
Harper Thomas, briekmaker Chesnut corner Sch. 4th 
Harper Thomas, agent for inland transportation of mer- 
chandise, and treasurer and secretary for the Schuyl- 
kill navigation company, 18 Decatur street 
Harper Walter, coachmaker back 127 Walnut 
Harpham Simeon, teacher back 96 Union 
Harpur Ruth, widow Maiden below Front 
Harrar George, rulemaker Coates below Sixth 
Harrar John, carpenter Law's court 
Harrell James M. printer back 186 Lombard 
Harrington Daniel, dentist 235 Arch 
Harrington William, printer, 62 Chesnut 
Harris Adam G. coachmaker 14 Currant alley 
iHarris Alexander, labourer SpafFord street 
Harris Benjamin, brewer Ann W. Sch. Eighth 
fHarris Benj. waiter in store 129 Cedar 
Harris Charles B. painter &c. 30 Bank— d. h. 3 Sassafras 

Harris Charles, drug, glass and colour warehouse, 12 

south Front 
Harris Charles, paperhanger, 23 Coorr-b's alley 


tHarris Daniel, sawyer 196 south Sixth 

J Harris Hector, labourer 248 Loniljard 

Hams Jiimes, (Irayiiiaii Ann West Sch. Eighth 

tHarris James, lubourtr Browne above 4th 

Harris Jane, widow St Mary 

Hurls Jolin, dealer Ciarden \u'ar Callowhill 

Harris John, mariner 7 Meade alley 

Harris Joiiii, labourer Wliarton below Second 

Harris John, tailor Wiggins's court 

Harris John \V. c irpeiiter 205 Race 

Harris Joseph, carpenter 170 south Ninth 

H irris M;iry Mrs. boardinghonse 35 Cliesnut 

H.irris Michael labourer Old York road near George 

tH:irri<;Nathanitl, labouier 28 Budd sti-eet 

Harris Nicholas, Hour and feedstore 35 Lombard 

Har« is Richard, tavenikeeper 16 north Third 

Harris Robert, mariner Drinker's court 

Harris Samuel, coppersmith 1 Poplar alley 

H irris Sanuiel,M. d. Camden (N J.) 

f Harris Sarah, washerwoman Smith's court n. Sch. 8th 

tHarris Simeon, mariner back 399 south '1 hird 

Harris S B. merchant 199 High— d.h. 98 south Third 

Harris Thomas, silverplater Brooke's court 

Harris Thomas, M. d. 210 south Third 

tHarris Walter, 142 south Eighth 

Harris William, collector of taxes 127 south 11th 

Harriss Wm. china mercht. 27 north 3d — d. h. Vine ab. 

Harriss & Wright, china merchants 27 north Third 

Harris William, porter Pine above Ninth 

Harris William, oysterman 48 Filbert 

Harris Wm. porter Fitzwater abo^a Sixth 

Harris Wm. labourer Bringhurst's court 

Harris Wm- mariner back 85 Small 
Hairison Amelia C. widow teacher Quince ab. Spruce 
Hai-rison Charles E. paperhanger 2 Littleboy's court 
Harrison Cliarles V. engraver and copperplate printer 

336 Chesnut above Twelfth 
Harrison Francis, grocer 453 N. Second cor. Browne 
Harrison Geo. navy agent 64 Dock — d h 156 Chesnut 
Harrison Henry, sea cajniiin. Beach near Marlborough 
Harrison Henry, broker 80 S. Front — d h 218 Chesnut 
Harrison Henry, stevedore 9 Bnrd's alley 
Harrison Israel, bricklayer 19 Carter's alley 
Harrison Jt>hn, clxemist and wliite lead manufac. near 

hrst gate Frankford road 
Harrison Jolm, innkeeper and blacksmith S E comer 

Fourth and (ierman 
Harrison Joseph, ironmoulder Beach street (K.) 
Harrison Josiah, attorney at l.iw Camden N. J. 
Harrison Rachel, widow 2 Chester 
Harrison Ruth widow of Robert, 118 south Front 
Harrison Richard, engraver 12 Chester 


Harrison Samuel, cordvvainer 267 Coates 

Harrison Thos. locksmith cor. Queen 8c Third 

Harrison Thomas, m. d, 2 Chester 

Harrison Thomas, sea captain 15 Mary (S.) 

Harrison Wm. shipwright Ferris's court 

Harrison William, boardinghouse 343 High 

fHarrison William, hairdresser 15 Blackberry alley 

tHari-od Sarah, widow 20 Juniper alley 

Harrow John, fencemaker Carpenter below Sixth 

Harrow John, junr. carpenter 108 Christian 

Hari'v William, laborer back 10 Oak (S.) 

Hart 'Abraham L. music store 11 S. 4th — d h 75 N. 4th 

Hart Charles, grocer 337 Callowhill 

Hart Elizabeth, nurse back 26 Spruce 

Hart Hetty, widow boardinghouse 75 north Fourth 

Hart James M. innkeeper 184 north I'hird 

Hart James, gentleman 294 north Third 

Hart James, blacksmith back 40 Bread 

Hart John, druggist lower 8 south 2d— d h 195 Arch 

Hart John, shoemaker 225 Cedar 

Hart John V. merchant 173 Callowhill 

fHart John, waiter 51 Currant alley 

Hart Joseph, grazier 186 north Third 

Hart Levi, teacher of the Greek and Latin languages 

14^ south Eighth 
Hart Mary, widow back 186 Lombard 
Hart Mary, widow back 536 north Third 
Hart Mary, widow Race above Schuylkill Eighth 
Hart Mary, widow Crown near Franktord road 
Hart Mary, widow of John, 161 south Tenth 
Hart Mordecai, saddler High west Permanent bridge 
Hart Nicholas, cedar cooper 164 south Third 
Hart Noah, tailor 3 Garrigues court 
Hart Samuel, pilot Lombard street alley 
Hart Susannah, widow Quince above Spruce 
Hart Thomas and W. H. grocers' 231 north Third 
Hart Thomas, merchant 198 north' Fourth 
Hart Wm. oakcooper back 83 S. Water— d h 4 Penn 
HartWm. silversmith 20 Keys' alley 
Hart Wm. H. merchant 231 north Third— d h 114 Arch 
Hartendorf John, weaver 586 north Third 
Hartford Sarah, widow M'Culloch's court 
Hartley George, drygoods store 24 north Second 
Hartley Henry, labourer back 29 Prime 
Hartley John M. gentleman 55 New 
Hartley Joseph, upholsterer 266 south Second 
Hartley Mary, widow Fearris's court 
Hartley Thomas, baker 165 Vine 
Hartley & Vanhorn, upholsterers 27 south Front 
Hartman Augustus, labourer Otter near Germ, road 
Hartman Christian, glassblower Gray's ferry r. n. South, 
Hartman Elizabeth 17 Appletree alley Isee Hennan. 
Hartman John, hairdresser, bleeder, cupper & leecher,, 

114 noyth Sixth 


Hartman Joseph, malsicr 17 Applctrec alley 

Hartman Philip, 24 Crown 

Hartman Sebastian, brickmakerCallowhill near 13th 

Hartnctt Sarali, widow 366 Cedar 

Hartranffl Sophia, widow 73 George (S^ 

Hartshorne Pattison P. gentleman 122 IVlulberry 

Hartshorne Joseph, M. d. S E cor Seventh and'Sprucg 

Hartshorn William, back 107 north Fifth 

Hartsliorn Thon\as, coachmaker 47 Charlotte 

Hartnock Christian, brickmaker 507 north Third 

Hartralt Michael, plasterer Juniper above Arch 

Hai trafft George, shoemaker 33 Noble 

Harvey David, weaver Queen near Marlborough 

Harvey Frederick, whiskev store High near Sch. Third 

Harvey Gabriel, tailor 10 Harmony court 

Harvey George N. merchant 110 Mulberry 

Harvey Hannah, Miss, 10 Norris's alley 

Harvey Isaac, merchant d h 266 Cbesnut— office back 

in George 
Harvey James, Farmer & Mechanics' inn 2d ab. Mud 1. 
Harvey James, carter 288 south Third 
Harvey Job, labourer Wood near Prince (K.) 
Harvey Joseph, tavernkeei)er 244 south Third 
tHarvey Joshua, porter Atkinson's court [see Hervey 
Harvey Richard, carter Franklord i oad near Hanover 
Harvey Robert, watchmAn 94 Spruce ^ ^ 

Harvev Robert, tailor 200 south Fifth 
Harvey Samuel & Sons, hardware merchts. 62 N. Front 
Harvey Samuel jun. merchant 110 Arch 
Harvev Samuel D. gentleman Broad below High 
Harvev Thomas, manner 11 Burd's alley 
Harvey William, constable 70 Shippen 
Harvey Wiiiiam, weaver Marlborough near Queen 
Harwood Samuel, labourer back 32 Catharine 
HasljergJohn Frederick, coachman Weaver's alley 
Haseltine Jolm, merchant 10 South wharves 
Haskins Elizabeth widow of Thomas 502 Ciicsnut 

[ire Honkhin 

Haslam , importer of cliina Sec. 21 Chesnut 

Haslett Elizabeth tailoress 17 \\'agner's alley 
Haslclt John, tobacconist Crawford's court 
Haslett \\ illiam, merchant SWcor. Front & Walnut 
Haslnck & Maxfield, hardware stort; 10 north Third 
Hassail John, ladies shoemaker 181 north Second 
Hassall Joseph, shoemaker 305 south Second 
Hassell John, callenderer 9 Crown 
Hassett Benjamin, shoemaker Beach below Maiden 
Hassinger Jacob, merchant 6 South alley & 207 High 
Hassinger Jacob 2c Smi, merchants 207 High 
Hassinger Philip, sugarlioiler 53 Coates 
Hassinger Jonathan K. mercliant 207 High 
Hastings James, cordwainer back o56 south Second 
Hasitings Robert, weaver 576 north Third 
Hastings Sarah Mrs. 110 Cherry 

HAY whitely's annual 

Hatcher Thomas, shoemaker 10 Green's coiu't 

Hatfield Abraham, cordwainer Smith's court 

Hatfield Adam, tailor 84 Vine 

Hathaway Caleb & Co. merchants 28 South wharves 

Hathaway Caleb, mercht.28 S. wharves — d h4Laui*eI 

Hathwell George comedian 11 Watson's alley 

Hattenfield Charles, miller Prince uear Fran kford road 

Hatter William, nailer back 268 Race 

Hatton Sarah, teacher 33 Jacoby street 

Haughey Alice, tavern 169 south Front 

Hauptman John, baker 57 Lombard 

Hause Isaac, (Mechanic 2 pot house) cor. Cherry 8c 10th 

Hause William, carpenter 193 Cherry —d h 49 N. 8th 

[_see Haus isf HawCs 
Havelan Catharine, widow 247 south Fourth 
Haven Joshua, merchant 127 S Front — d h 22 Pine 
Havens Joseph, carter Lolar's court 
Havens Mary, widow Lolar's court 
Havens Mary, widow 9 Coxe's alley 
Havenstrite Samuel, cabinetmaker 2 Stamper's alley 
Haverstick Chas. 8c Co. china mei'chants 128 N. Third 
Haverstick Wm.jun. china merchant 8cc. 250 High 
Havikin Catharine, widow 249 Cedar 
Haviland 8c Bridport, decorative architects and furnish- 
ers, 8c architectural and miscellaneous drawing aca- 
demy N W corner Chesnut and Seventh 
Haviland Cornelius, shoemaker 268 Cedar 
Haviland John, architect 26 north Fifth 
Hawk Christian, hosier 440 Sassafras 
Hawks William, harbour-master 2 Norris' alley 
tHawkins Daniel, labourer 249 Shippen 
Hawkins Daniel, sawyer 151 Locust 
Hawkins Elizabeth, widow90 German 
Hawkins widow of John, 372 north I'hird 
Haw kins Temperance Mrs. south Fifth below Christian 
Hawkins Wm. shoemakt- r N E cor. Mary and Third 
Hawkins Wm. merchant 240 High — d h. 105 Pine 
Hawkley Mary, widow 10 north Ninth 
Hawley Lemuel, sea captain 35 Sansom 
Haws John, labourer 113 north Fourth 
Hawthorn John, hatter back 26 Lombard 
Hawthorn Thomas, mariner 69 Moyamensii g road 
Hay Catharine, widow Rotterdam inn 124 north Fourth 
Hay Jane, storekeeper 99 north Fourth 
Hav Peter, one of the editors of the American Centinel 

22 Walnut— d h 30 Newmarket 
Hay William, engraver Smith's court back 117 N. 5th 
Haycock James, labourer 46 Budd 
Haydock Edward, m. d 50 south Second 
Hay dock widow of Eden, plumber 8cc. 5 Lodge 
Haydock Samuel, domestic warehouse 35 Strawberry 

8c plumbers shop 37 8c 39 Strawberry— d h 50 S. 2d 
Haydock Wm. painter 8cc. 39 Strawberry— d h 50 S. 2d 


Haydon Wm. fancy chair manufacturer 109 Walnut— 

d li Wasliington stret-t 
Hayes Hannah, 21 north Ninth [see Haya 

H.iyts V. sea captain 10 (Franklin row) south Nintiv 
Hayes Hhodea, widow 1 Lihcrty alley 
Haynier John, tcaclier, Hanover neai' Queen 
Hayncb D.ivid, 319 south Third 
Hayncs Robert, shoeniaKcr 143 St. John 
H.iynes Sarah, widow 46 Bread street 
Hays Addis, carpenter corner Charles and James 
Hays Edward, shipmaster 470 soutli Front 
Hays George, woodsawyer Rachel 
Hays James, cabinetmaker 23 Sassafras 
Hays John, Windsor cliairmaker 21 north Ninth' 
Ha\s Margery, widow boardinghouse 460 soutli Front 
Hays Samuel, merchant Chesnut above Twelfth 
Hays Thomas, silkdyer Caledonia court \_fite Hayes 
Haysom Christopher, stonecutter 347 Race 
Hayter James, ropemaker Germantown road ab. Otter 
Hayward John, baker 30 North alley- 
Hazard Abigail, widow 31 Filbert 
f Hazard Cyrus, coachman Blackberry alley 
Hazard David, tailor 3 Shields' court 
H izard Ebenezer, labourer 445 south Front 
tHazard Edward, porter 22 Burd's court 
Hazard H. oysterman 454 north Water 
Hazard Morris, boardinghouse 209 Chesnut 
tHazcl Frances, widow 7 Sassafras alley 
Hazel Joseph, welldigger Thirteenth below Chesnut 
Hazclton Isaiah, trunkir.aker Davison's alley 
Hazelton Margaret, 45 Charlotte 
Hazlehurst Samuel, 220 Mulberry 
Hazlelt Ann, widow 99 Shippen 
Headman George, potter 9 north 8th 
Headman Jacob, coachmaker Castle street 
Headman William, potter 17 south 8th 
Headman William, jun. potter George above Eleventh 
Hearn Margaret, teacher 33 Keys' alley 
Heater Caroline, widow Powell above Vineyard 
Heath Charles P. Hamilton village 
Heaton Catharine, widow Noble above St. John 
Heuion Elijah, ttour dealer 6 Hopkms' court 
Heaton Jeremiah, saddler 1 Strawberry [see Eatoi% 
Heaton Thomas, cordwainer Simons's court 
Hel)bard William, weaver 67 Uudd 
Heberton J. attorney at law 32 south 5th 
Heberton (icorgc, merchant 5 south Second 
Heberton J. C. m. d. 115 soutli 5th 
Heberton William Y. drygoods store 22 south Second 
Heck George, carpenter 67 Lombard 
Heckman Geo»-ge M. tavernkecper 211 north Front & 

20ft north Water {see liickvia? 

Heckman John, gunstockcr back ISCherrv 

HEL whitely's annual 

Hector Archibald, sawyer back 129 Cherry 
tHeddelman John, labourer Hunter's court 
Hedderman John W. milkman Christian above 8th 
Hedderman Lydia, Christian corner Seventh 
Hedderman William, milkman Prime above Eighth 
Hedderly Edward, bellfoundei% 8cc 48 south 5th 
Hedelius Andrew, sea captain 180 south Front 
Hedenfield William S. mariner 415 Catharine 
Hedges William, tailor, back 211 St. John 
Heeny Sarah, widow 2 Callowhill 
Heft Elizabeth, widow, vict. cor. George 8c Old York r^ 
Heft George, vict. 22 Third street market. High street 
tHegemin John, sweepmaster back 108 Filbert 
Heimer Catharine, widow Crown below Bedford 
Heimer John, victualler 306 Vine — stall 40 New market 
Heimer John, junr. victualler 306 Vine 
Heineken Mrs. 169 south 5th 

Heinold Charles, grocer 138 Callowhill & 34 north ITtb 
Heisler John, cooper 114 north 4th 
Heisler Peter, gentleman 514 north Second 
Heiss Christian, lookingglass silverer Hopkins's court 
Heiss Israel, gunsmith, &;c. 8 Noble street 
Heiss James, cordwainer 341 north Third 
Heiss John, shopkeeper 10 Cresson's alley 
Heiss Joseph, cordwainer Hopkins's court \^see Hess 
Heiss William, copperware, copperplate 8c stove ma- 
nufacturer 213 north Second 
HelfFenstein rev. Samuel, minister of the German re-* 

formed church 39 north Fourth 
HelflFrich Francis, tailor 179 north Eighth 
HelfFrich Mary, widow 19 Spafford 
Heller Daniel, gentleman Crown below Prince 
Heller Joseph, labourer Prince near Hanover 
Hellings widow of John, 81 south Second 
Hellings William, plasterer 7 Baker's court 
Helmbold EUzabeth, midwife 1 Quarry street 
Helmbold Frederick, innkeeper S E cor. Juniper 8c High 
Helmbold George, paper warehouse 191 S Front — d h 

60 Union 
Helmbold George, editor of the Independent Balance, 

2 Fromberger's court 
Helmbold Henry, inquire 191 south Front 
Helmbold Joseph K. clerk 2 Vernon 8c 191 S Front 
Helmes Ann, widow back 81 George (C) 
Helms Charles, mariner 28 Parham's alley 
Helmuth Henrv K. mercha v 279 High 
Helmuth John K. merch. 16 South ay. — d h 297 Chesnut 
Helmuth rev. I. H. C. 279 High 
Helt Mary, widow 166 St. John's 
Helt William, bricklayer Vine alley above Twelfth 
■fHel on Jacob, cook Po'^tland lane 
Helverson Jonathan, cabinecmaker Second ab. Ger. r. 
Helvevson Jonathan, pocketbook maker 3 Pratt's court 


Helvefson Nicholas, carpenter 106 Coates 

Heherston , widow Carroll's court near 4th 

Hembel \\'illiaiu, tailor 16nonli Water 
Hembel William, jiui. merchant 17 north Front 
tHcmmenway James, hairdresser 41 Pine 
Hemphill James, merchant 42 Walnut — d h 19 S 7th 
Hemphill James & John, merchants 42 Walnut 
Hemphill John, niercht. 42 Walnut — d h 95 Spruce 
Hemphill Joseph, counsellor at law l44Chcsnut 
H'-mphill Thomas, shoemaker 16 Greenleafs court 
Hemple Samuel, senr. carter Button wood n Ridge r. 
Hcmple Samuel, junr. tobacconist 47 north 4ih 
Henchman Adam, b ickmaker S E corner High and 

Sch. Second [^aec Hinchman 

Henchman John, 178 Race 
Hendel Elizabeth, chinastore 122 north Second 
Henderson Alexander, labourer Spruce W. of Sch.Stli 
Henderson Ann, tailorcss Coates above Old York road 
Henderson Elizabeth, widow Juniper above Cherry 
Henderson Guy, bookbinder 99 Cherry 
Hender^n Jas! attorney at law 21 S7th — d h 59 S 2(1 
Henderson James, carpenter 222 south Third 
Henderson Jane, widow Green's court 
Henderson John, cordwainer25 Mechanic street 
Heudtrson John L. grocer Perry street 
Henderson John, drayman cor Lombard & Sch. Sixth 
Henderson John, carpenter 111 north Tenth 
Henderson John, grocer N Eighth N E corner Zane 
Henderson Mary, Mrs. of James, cor Sch. 2d 6c Arch 
Henderson Maiy, widow back 133 nortli Third 
Henderson Marj , drygoods store 59 south Second 
Henderson Robert, cupper and bleeder Little Pine 
Henderson Sarah, gentlewoman 4 Library street 
Henderson Thomas, grocer N W cor. Callowhill and 

Henderson Thomas, porter Green's court 
Henderson William, labourer 2 Prosjierous alley 

Henderson , widow Mulijerry W. Sch. Second 

Henih'icks Charity, nurse 106 Cedar 

Hendricks Randolph, cordwainer Hamilton village 

Hendricks William, cordwainer 461 south Front 

Hendrickson Alchy, widow 69 Locust 

Hendrickson Benjamin, paintgrinder back 16 Arch 

Hendrickson Henry, mariner 55 Prime 

Hendrickson Joseph, shoemaker West near Marlbro'. 

Hendrickson Peter, bricklayer 79 Locust 

Hendrickson P. 8c S. livery stablekcepers Raspberry ay. 

Hendv Elizabeth, Mrs. boardinghouse 26 north Front 

Hcneberry Thomas, sailmaker 193 St. John 

Henk D. George, baker 423 nortii Second 

Henley William, merchant 4 north S«*cond 

Hennesey Margaret, tailoress Prime bel. Moyamensing 

Hennessy Margaret, widow Prime above Second 

HEN whitely's annual 

Hennessy Michael, grocer 16 Cedar [see Henzey 

Hennessy Robert, tailor 4 Dock 

Hennessy widow of Thomas, N 8th near Buttonwood 

Hennings jr. & Zinkernogel, booksellers 19 Cherry st, 

Henri EUzabeth, boardinghouse 110 Arch 

Henrick John, mate of vessel 411 south Front 

Henry Alexander, merchant 25 Minor — d h 192 High 

Henry Alexander, jun. & Co. merchants 192 High 

tHenry Andrew, packer Eagle court 

Henry Ann, widow Mark's lane 

fHenry Catharine, Dean's alley 

Henry Christopher, dealer 536 north Third 

Henry Casper, grocer Locust cor. Sch. Front 

fHenry Francis, vender secondhand clothes, cellar o^ 

219 south Second 
Henry Hannah, widow Arch above Thirteenth 
Henry Hester, widow 143 Locust 
Henry Hugh, drayman St. Joseph's avenue 
Henry Hugh, gentleman LombardyN Wcor Centre Sq. 
Henry Isaac, m d. Lombardy N W cor. Centre Square 
Henry James, shipwright 4th near Carpenter (S) 
Henry Jane, widow grocer St. Mary corner Seventh 
Henry Jesse, widow St. Mary 
Henry John, carpenter 17 Apollo 
Henry John, labourer 10 south Broad 
Henry John, doorkeeper at West's painting Spruce ab. 

Henry John Joseph, gunmanuf 290 north Third N W 

corner Noble 
tHenry John, barber Poplar above St. John 
Henry Joseph, merchant 280 High 
Henry Juliana, milliner 48 Arch 
Henry Kesiah, taver:. keeper 304 south 4th 
Henry Mary, widow 5 Shippen 
Henry Mary, storekeeper 54 south 4th 
Henry Peter, oysterman 412 noi'th 4th above Browne 
Henry R. Norris, bookseller 74 S 2d — d h 54 south 4tl; 
Henry Robert 8c Brothers, merchants 163 High 
Henry Samuel, shopkeeper 83 north Third 
tHenry Samuel, whitewasher Third above Otter 
Henry Thomas, merchant 163 High 
Henry William, gentleman Kunckel above Noble 
Henry WiUiam S merchant 192 High 
Henry WiUiam, copper and tinsmith 200 Lombard 
Henry, widow of Samuel, 143 Locust 
Hensel Catharine, widow Vine below Sch. Eighth 
Hensman Henry, confectioner 240 Lombard 
tHenson Henry, mariner 63 Curj'ant alley 
Henson Nathan, oystermau 21 Prosperous alley 
tHenson Nathan, oysterman High corner Juniper 
Henszey Joshua, accountant 36 Race [see Hennessy 
Henszey Samuel, accountant 41 Wood 
Henszey Thomas, carpenter 12 Cypress alley 
Henwood Abraham, carter 66 Plum street 


Henzev Samuel, accountant 41 Wood 

Hepburn Charles, hatter 84 Union 

Hepler Henry, tobacconibt 478 north Second 

Hepp Adam, Rose alley and 101 Coates 

Ht-ppard Hezekiah, inn and ferrykeeper 9 N wharvei 

Heppard John, painter & glazier Emlen's court — d U 

202 north Front 
Heppard Joseph, merchant 205 High— d h 116 N 9th 
Heppard l"homas, barkeeper 438 north Front 
Hcpjjel Adam, woodsawyer Vine below Eleventh 
Hera John, pewterer 61 Walnut 
Herl)ert William, stevedoi-e )4 Mary (S) 
Hcrgesheimer Samuel, victualler — stall 63 New market 
Hengcs Bernard, tobacconist 186 north Second 
Heriges John J. tobacconist 471 north Stcond 
Heriis Francis, goldsmith & jeweller 21 Franklin court 
Herkness Adam, stonecutter 11 N 7th— d h 22 N 9th 
Herman Hannah, widow grocer 93 Christian 
Herman John C. 165 south 5th {_see Harman 

Herman William, tavernkeeper 2 Moyamensing road 

S W corner Christian 
Hermon George, gentleman 45 north Sixth 
Hermstad Catharine, boardinghouse 7 Elbow lane 

\sec Harmstead 
Hermstad Joseph, bookbinder 7 Elbow lune 
Herning Henry, distiller Vine al)ove Eleventh 
Heron James, printer Juniper above Race 
Heron John, grocer 253 south 4th N. E. corner Shippen 
Herrigal G. tailor Pnnce below Crown 
Herrington Mary, widow 54G»'r(len 
Herse John, baker 578 north Tliird 
Herse S. Mrs. storekeeper 10 souih Sixth 
Hertzog Joseph, merchant 33 Bread 
Hertzog Michael, upholsleri-r 46 Ci'dar 
Hertzijg and M'Caraher, grocere N. E. corner Vine 

and Fourth 
Hertzojj Peter, grocer N E. cor. Vine and 4th — d. h. 

115 Vine 
Hoss Al)ral»am, carter \'inc above Juniper 
Hess Arnold, garderer FrauktVird ro.ul op. Marlbro. 
Hess Conrad, cordwainer JOS Co ites 
Hess George, laoourer 100 Coates 
Hess John, constable 17K north FifMi 
Hess John and Samuel, grocers coiner Sch. Eighth and 

Hess John M. tinplateworker and grocer cor. Sch. 8th 

and Vine [.v, <: //ci.w 

H(.ss Jolin, baker 578 nortlx 'I'liird 
Hess IVter, sh- cmaker 193 iK'itlj Third 
Hess Pliilip, cooperlSl St. J' l-.n 
Hess Samuel, grocer corier Sc'i. Eiglxth and Vine 
Hes-. Sc Son, groreis cor. Srh. Iv^hih and Vine 
Heisst William, tinplateworker 392 Race 

HEY whitely's annual 

Hess William, carpenter 122 Coates 

Hess William, jun. mate 21 Mary (S) 

Hess William, cordwainer Cedar above Tenth 

Hesselpoth Henry, Hanover near West (K) 

Hesser Charles, coachmaker Pteiffer's court 

Hesser Daniel, stontcutter 30 north Eighth 

Hesser Edith, Mrs. Mary st. below Second 

Hesketh & Sidebotham, distillers wholesale and retail liq, 

wine and cordial store, cor. Laurel and Front (NL) 
Hester Conrad, deputy sheriff 212 north Second ; 

Hester widow of Conrad, 212 north Second | 

Heston Hannah, widow of Thomas, 205 Arch 
Heston ik. Hays, storekeepers 21 north Ninth 
Heston Robert, weaver 576 north Third 
Heston William, painter 21 north Ninth [see Huston 
Hetterman Wm. milkman Hudson's lane 
Hetzel B. oakcooper 169 St. John 
Hetzel John, oakcooper Lily alley 
Heuer Henry, baker 243 south 4th 
Hewcs Josiah, gentleman 15 south Third [^see Uug-hes 
Hewitt Abijah, corder 58 Browne 
Hewitt John, sandman Buttonwood near 5th 
Hewitt Margaretta, widow boardinghouse 304 Race 
Hewitt Elizabeth, widow 175 Coates 
Hewitt Thomas, sea captain 11 Pine 
Hev;itts Wm, merchant 57 nor:h Eighth 
Hewlings Elizabeth, widow 99 south 5th 
Hewlings 8c Folwell, merchants 63 High 
Hewlings Joseph, merchant 57^ Union 
Hewlings Thomas 1. n)erchant 63 High 
Hewson John, jun. calicoprinter Beach near Warren 
Hew son John, gentlenian near the glasshouse (K) 
Hewson Thomas, T. u. d. 7 Library — d h 132 Chesnui 
Isee Heuson, Hust07i, and Muston 
Hewston John, cotton manufacturer 9 Green 
Hey Moses, worsted spinner Smith's court 
Heybcrger Cliarles, blacksmith 6 Noble 
Hcyberger (ieorge, coachspringmaker, Emlen's couri 

~d h 52 Coates [j^ee Heimberger 

Heyberger Jacob & Co. chocolate manuf. 154 N. Third 
Heyberger J; cob, Penn township and 154N. Third 
'Heyberger Mary, widow of George, 6 Noble 
Htyev Jacob, victualler St. John above Beaver (N L) 
Hevl George, attorney at law and notary public, 22t' 

Walnut — d h 49 north Eighth 
Hey] Henry C. hog victualler (keeper Columbia Garden 

Camden, N. J.)— stalls 6 High st, and Jersey marke^jj 
Heyl Isaac, victualler 27 N L market ■%' 

Heyi John, baker 106 north Second [see //(^ 

Heyl Jol^n, bi'ush maker 204 north Second 
Heyi Philip, carpenter 173 Greene 
Heyl William, drug and paint store 35 High .jl 

Heyland George, Tabourer Sth below Hudson's lane ' f 


f Heyland John, mariner 76 Cierm:m 

HevlLT Jnhii, storrkeeper 109 iiortli Third 

Heyhii Isaaf., m. d. 57 south Scveinh 

Hcysham Robeit, deputy naval ofiiccr, 323 N. Second 

Hey wood Tiuimas, l)aker 277 iioitli Third 

Hiatt James, driip;!;ist Sch. Fifth below High 

Hihhs Barbara, Mrs. Wharton below Srccnd 

Hibbs Isaac, ropeniakcr Federal below Second 

Hickain »Mnry, widow Coates above Eighth 

Hickcy James, grocer 124 Locust 

Hickey John, ropemaker Second ab. Germantown r. 

Hickey Michael, proiessor otmnsic Galbraitli's court 

Hiikham Kichard, tencemaker Fhirteentli n- Cedar 

Hickman Elizabeth, widow nurse back 20 Almond 

Hickman George, innkeeper 208 N. Water and 211 N, 

Front [_see Heck man 

Hickman Isaac, laboui*er 275 south Front 
Hickman Jhs. accountant 97 S. Second — d h 20 Federal 
Hickman Jas. accountant Kunckel bel. St. Tammany 
Hickman Nathaniel, bookbinder and seller 53 High and 

158 .south 4th 
Hickman Seiby, inquire 20 Federal 
liicks Charles, carpenter 19 Duke 
Hicks Elizabeth, widow 5th above Buitonwood 
Hicks Josiah, waterman S W cor. Queen and 2d (S) 
Hicks Richard, carpenter 21 Union 
tHicks Robert, bootcleawer and carpenter Apple near 

Hirler Joiin, bricklayer N E cor Eleventh and North 
Hjffernan M iry, widow Merriott's lane above 5th 
Higbey Elizabeth, widow Wood near Queen (K.) 
Higden James, boardinghouse 151 vnnth Water 
Higginbottnm William, sugarbniler 32 Crown 
Higgins Hannah, widow of Fr.tncis, 149 .south Ninth 
Higgins Isdbellu. widow back 126 south Sixth 
tHiggins Joiin, silkdver 8 Burd's court 
Higgins Nicholas, wheelwright 5 Green's court 
Higgins Robert, mariner 151 Cedar 
Higginson (ieorge, carpetweaver 504 south Front 
Higgs Wm milkman Irish lane 
Highland Samuel, carter 12 Juniper lane 
Hight Adam, victualler 51 (iivdcn 
Hight Cliristian, watchmaker bark 257 Race 
Higlit Christian, coachmakei- 12 Schriver's court 
Higner Jotin. 180 Coutes 
Hil')oni Benj imin. wheelwright 325 Callowhill— d h 

242 north Eighth 
Hilborn Cnarles, mariner 511 north Third 
Ilildrbrand Charles F. A. liakei- 90 nnrlli Eleventh 
HiUleburn Samuel, clock and watchmaker &c. 7? 

Hiv'h— d h 202 south 4th 
Hill .\nn, widow m.intn.un iker 52 Cedar 
Hill .\nn, widow boardinghouse 61 Dock 

HIL whitely's annual 

Hill Charles, tailor 2 north Water and cor. Arch— d h 
23 Elfreth's alley [see Hail 

Hill Charles, bricklayer 6 Knight's court 
fHill Edward, labourer Lombard near Sch. 6th 
Hill Elizabeth, widow of Moses, 110 St. John 
Hill Ehzabeth, storekeeper 1 10 north Third 
Hill Elizabeth, Mrs. of Joseph, Callowhill near Sch. Sd 
Hill George, carpenter Pine alley 
Hill George, blacksmith 18 Greene 
Hill George, labourer Twelfth below Pine alley 
Hill Jacob, fisherman Queen near Bishop 
Hill Jacob, jun. caulker Hanover near Prince 
tHill Jacob, labourer Cedar above Twelfth 
Hill Jane, 13 Shippen corner Vernon 
fHill Jane, widow 246 Lombard 
JHill Jeremiah, painter 185 south Seventh 
Hill widow of John, shipwright Queen near Bishep (K) 
Hill John, engraver 111 Moyamensing road 
Hill John, sea captain Oak corner Whitehall 
Hill John, blacksmith 67 Budd 
tHill John, stablekeeper 160 Spi'uce 
H:ll Jonathan, 6 Baker's court 

Hill Joseph, boatbuilder 157 Swanson — d h 10 Queen 
Hill Joseph, combmaker 7 Pennsylvania avenue 
Hill Joseph, victualler 122 Shippen 
Hill Joseph, labourer cor. Sch. 3d and Callowhill 
Hill Laban, ladies shoemaker Sixth above Callowhill 
Hill Lawrence, shipwright Marlborough near Queen 
Hill Mary, widow 381 north Front 
Hill Mary, widow 5 Summers' court 
Hill Mary, 137 south Tenth 
'Hill Mary, milliner New above Third 
Hill Rebecca, widow netmaker Queen bel<5w Bishop 
Hill Robert, cabinetmaker 8 Prospect ay. 
Hill Robert, (watchman at Sheriff's office) Pryor's court 
Hill Samuel, carpenter 125 north Sixth 
Hill Samuel, chandler, corner Callowhill and Rugan 
|Hill Samuel, sawyer Juniper ay. 
tHill Samuel, labourer Portland lane 
Hill Sarah, widow Pine below Twelfth 
Hill Thomas, weaver Sch. Third below High 
Hill Wm. F. sea captain 352 north Fifth 
fHill Wm. woodsawyer 231 Catharine 
tHill Wealthy, Mrs. 159 Lombard 
Hiilegas Joseph K. stock and exchange broker 46-o 

Walnut— d h Filbert above Eighth 
Hiilega'- Wm. cashier of Camden bank, Camden N J 
Hiilerrnan John, labourer 20 Charlotte 
HiUier Joseph, Icukingglass manufacturer 133 Vine 
HUlma'! Eliakim, waterman 70 Budd 
HUlman Mary, teacher 43 Vine 
Hillman Zacharias, carter 7^ north Front 
Hilsee Joseph, tailor 119 S. Water—d h 9 Shields' cour*: 


Hilsce Jolui, tailor 7 Callowhill 
Hilsee Samuel, l)ricklaycr Vine Ijelow Thirteenth 
Hilsec ik Tliackray, tailors 113 sfxith Water 
Hilsce VVm. wheclwri^lit 454 N Front — d h 11 Browne 
Hijviee \Vm. tailor 88 north Water 
Hilsman Frederick, tohacconist Thirteenth bel High 
Hilt Su<;annah, 2 Stanijiei-'s ay. 

tHilton Kavnard, labourer Mcrriott's lane al)ove Fourth 
Hilton & Taylor, i;rocers Tliird near (iurmantown r. 
Hilyard Alirm. mcMxh. tailor 19 S. 3d — d*h 113 Chesnut 
Hilyard F.ber bricklayer 117 Lombard 
Hilyard Henry t^roctr 152 south F-leventh cor. Locust 
Himehack Adam, cordwainer Frankt'ord r, n. ()tter 
.Himcr Adam, brickmaker Coates «bove EielUh 
Himcs Cl\rist(iplier, fislicrman Aspen ay. n. bch. 2d 
Hiines Frederick, i'lsherman Beacli corner Shakamaxon 
Himes Martin, shipjoiiier Hanover above Queen 
Hinchelwood Tlios. weaver N Ecor Chesnut 8c Sch. 6th 
Hincl\nnn Benjamin M. merchant 199 High 
Hinciiman Joseph B. innkeeper 441 N Front 8c 19 Budd 
Hinciiman John, merchant 84 Wood \hcc Henchman 
Hindi mans 8c Newbold, merchants 199 Market 
Hindman John, accountant 130 Vine 
Hineman John, currier 55 St. Tammany 
Hine Jacob, drover 218 Vine 

Hines Andrew, cordwainer south Eleventh below Pine 
Hines Christopher, fislierman Aspen ay. above Spruce 
Mines James, labourer back 106 Christian 
Hines Jas. stevedore 71 Queen (S) [srf Hijneslsf Hanes 
Hines John, tobacconist 469 Race 
Mines Wm. carpenter Hanover near Bedford 
Hines Wm. mariner 176 Cedar 
Hines Wm. shipwright Sch. Fifth near M irkct 
Hinckcl Adam H. shipchandler 23 South wharves 
Hinckel Adam, vict. stall 56 New market — d li 265 Cal- 
Hinckel Conrad, ropemaker William (N L) 
Hinckel Henry, sesi. and jr. draymen, Rugan and 350 

Hinckel Jolin, drayman Coates al)ovc Eighth 
Hinckcl John, blacksmih back 2!6 Vine 
Huickel Peter, vict. ?>tall 27 New market — d h corner 

of Callowliill and Lawrence 
Hinckel Peter. 354 north Third 
Hrnkle Elizabetli, widow 35 Ann (N L) 
Hinklev Daniel, blacksmitii 258 St. Johfjs 
Hinsl\ellwood John, weaver cor So!i. 8lh and Walnut 
tHinson Nathan, ovsterman 21 Prosperou.s alky 
liint John, bricklayer Wt)o(l al)i've Se\eiu!i 
Hippensteel Frttlerick, graved;ggt,r CiiLMi-y n. 'i')uke 
Hinijle Lawrence, tavernkccper, Blockleyville, West 

Cliester road 
Hipwell James, moroccodresser back 126 south Sixth 

HOF whitely's annual 

Hire George, innkeeper S W cor. Juniper and Cheny 
Hirigoyen Peter, copperstill manu-f. 473 north Front 
Hirneiben Alice, widow 22 Chester 
Hirneisen A. M. widow milkwoman 25 north Seventh 
Hirneisen Susan, widow storekeeper 21 north Seventh 
Hiist Thomas, tinware manufacturer, inquire 34 Ches- 
ter [see Hurst 
Hise John, shopkeeper Cresson's alley 
Hitchcock Ira E. teacher 143 north Second 
Hitchcock R. tailor 54 Chesnut 
Hite Aaron, vict. Garden street 
Hitner George, printer 296 Vine 
Hittel Eve, widow Hinckel's court 
Hoare, Robt. painter 8cc. N W cor Fifth and Spruce 
Hoat George, gentleman N E cor Fourth and Tammany 
Hobart Elizabeth, widow 288 south Seventh 
Hobbs James, whitesmith SW cor. Centre square — shop 

corner Broad and Locust 
Hobbs James, brushmaker Wharton below Second 
Hobbs Thomas, cordwainer Pegg's street 
Hobison John mariner 415 Cathai'ine 
Hobsoii Benjamin, brushmaker 126 north Front 
Hobson John, l)roker 146 south Fifth 
Hobson George, merchant 30 Chesnut — d h near cor. 

Ridge road and Broad 
Hobson J. S. & G. merchants 30 Chesnut 
Hocker Christ, stonecutter 8cc 220 Race — d h 52 Arch 
Hocfcer Jacob, refiner 91 Budd 
Hodgdon Samuel, merchant 126 Mulberry 
Hodge Andrew, gentleman 92 Mulberry 
Hodge Richard, shipcarpenter c. Frankford r. 8c Queen 
H'idge Margaret, widow Marble above Tenth 
Hodge Wm. L. merchant 97 S, Front— d li 92 Arch 
Hodges Benjamin, cabinetmaker — shop 266 north 2d 
Hodges Elizabeth, back 133 Locust 
Hodges Frederick, shipwright Frankford r. bel. Queen 
Hodges Haiuiah, widow Frankford road n. Point road 
Hodgkinsun Sarah, widow Crown near Bedford (K.) 
Hodgkins>on Samuel, shoemaker Rose (N. L ) 
Hodgson John B. (sea captain) innkeeper Coatesab. 9th 
Hodgson Ralph, farmer Fifth above Buttonwood 
Hodgson Richard, farmer Fifth above Buttonwood 
Hodgson Robert, hatter 82 Vine 
Hoding Thomas, landscape painter 26 north Ninth 
Hodnett Mary, 210 north Water 
Hoeth Charles, di-v goods store 172 north Second 
Hoeckley Christr. F. coachlace & fringe maker 86 S. 5th 
Hoeckley F. lace and fringe weaver 304 north Second 
Hoever Jacob, mariner Marlboro' (K.) 
HofFGeorge, bricklayer 139 north Fifth 

Isee Haff, Huff, \Jf Hough 
HofFecker John, constable 4 Hurst 
Hoffman Adam, blacksmith 17 Charlotte 


Hnffinan Adam, ciirneiitcr V\'ood near Quet- n 
Hoffman Andrew, Irboiirer Thnrn's court uortli Fourth 
H 'H'maii Christian, gunsmith 14 Cliarlotti; 
Huffman Filizabeth, nurse Cedar below Twelfih 
H<-ffman Frederick, grocer & armourer N E corner 6th 

and Shipijcn 
H'iffman iTabriel, bracemaker b.ick 134 St. John 
H 'ffman Gabriel, brushmaker 134 St. John 
H ffinan George, carpenter Vienna near Duke 
H ftman (ieorge, carter Vienna near Browne 
H)frinan Jacob, ttour and teed store 179 Race 
Htifl'inan Jacob, shoemaker 267 north Front 
Hoffinaii Jacob, carpenter Queen near Bisliop 
H< tfman James, labourer Duke near Vienna 
H')ff,iian John, accountant North stieet 
Hoffman John, shipwright Wood above Prince 
Hoff nan John, stockingwcaver 99 Cireen 
Hoff'iian Jonathan, cabinetmaker N. 4th cor. Po])lar 1. 
Hoffinan Margaret, widow Queen near Marlborough 
Hoffman Mary, widow 26 Kimckel 
Hoffuiai) Samuel, shipwright Marlboro' near Bedford 
Hoffman Sanmel, oakcooper Sch. Eigluh below High 
Huffman Sainuel, combmakcr 7norlh 3d — cLii 262 Race 
Hoffman Sarah, widow Wood near Prince (K.) 
Huffman Susannah, widow 166 Sassafras 
Hoffmans and Rudy, comb manufacturers 7 north Third 
Huffman Thomas, labourer Federal bel. Moyamcnsing 
Hoffman William, blacksmith Seventh above Camac 
Hoffman Wm. & Samuel comb factory 262 Sassafras 
Hoffman widow of, 262 Sassafras 
Hoffiier Charles B. pajjerstainer Bushliill 
Hoffiier Frederick, labourer Lawrence below Wood 
Hoffiier Lucy B. widow Bu^hhill 
Hntn.igle George, tailor 4J St. Tammany 
Hoj^.iu D.ivid, booksc'lter and stationer 249 High 
Hogan James, Steamboat hotel 49 S. Water bel. Chesnut 
Hugan Patrick, 269 south Front 

Hogijin John, tailor 30 S. Water- -d h 1 6 Fromberger's ct. 
Hogerbets John, ri.gger Lolar's court 
Hogg (ieorge, saddler 143 south Eleventh 
Hogg Jane Mrs. milliner &c 14"> south Eleventh 
Holland Jonathan, contractor for roads, Ann (P T.) 
Hoi la.m Amos, tavernkeeper S E cor. Znne & Eighth 
Hoi liian Jacob, iimkeepir and smitli ror. Locust & 10th 
Holbert Ebenezer, cordwainer 41 I''rince(SJ 
HnVorook Benjamin, se.i captain 562 south Front 
Holby Wm. carvei- 10 Litileboy's court— d h 174 N. 4th 
Holcombe Henry, d. d. pastor of tlie Hrst Baptist church 

21 Branch 
Holden James, manner back 378 south Second 
Holderman Abraham, gravedigger back 251 Rare 
Holilerness Edward, livery stablekeeper 2 York St. 
Holding Sophia, widow 23 Noble street 

HOL whitely's annual 

Holgate Jacob, head flour inspector 131 Vine 

Holgate Samuel, cordwainer 389 south Front 

Holland Abel, tailor 157 Vine 

Holland Benjamin, 501 noith Third 

Holland James J. pilot 15 Vernon {see Hollnnd 

Holland John, weaver Franklin near Second (N. L.) 

Holland Lawrence, stonecutter 211 Cherry 

Holland Nathaniel, hatter, 58 S. Second below Chesnut 

tHoUand Samuel, porter Christian above Fourth 

Holland , widow Ann W. Schuylkill Eighth 

Hollick Joseph, late baker Alban 
HolUday Allen, collector 158 south Thir^i#* - 
HoUiday Peter, victualler stall 34 New Market 
Hollinshead Edmund J. merchant 3d wharf bel. Race— 

d h 144 Vine 
Hollinshead Hugh F, merchant 47 N. VS'^ater — d h 23? 

Hollinshead Mrs. H. 42 Sassafras 
HolUngshead Mary, widow N W cor. Eighth & Arcli 
Holiingshead Sarah, widow 230 Spruce 
HoUingshead 8c Piatt, merchants 47 north Water 
Hollingsworth Henry, merchant 185 south Thii'd 
Hollingsworth J. merchant 22 Penn— d h 237 S. Front 
Hollingsworth James, stocking weaver 510 north Front 
Hollingswoi'th Levi, merchant 16 Dock 
HoUingswoi'thL. & Son, merchts.S. wharves bel. Spruce 
Hollingsworth Paschall, merchant 7 Union 
Hollingsworth Thomas, merchant 136 south Second 
Hollingsworth Samuel, merchant 267 south Front 
Hollingsworth S. 8c T, G. merchants, Cedar st. wharf 
Hollingsworth Thomas G.. merchant Cedar st. wharf 
HoUis Ann, widow 85 Cedar 
Holiis Hinson M. tailor Pearson's court 
Hollman Sarah, widow Callowhill near Twelfth 
HoUman Susannah, Juniper below Chesnut 
HoUond Charles, merch. 28 Chesnut — d h 221 Lombard 

\_see Holland 
Hollowbush George, plasterer 98 New 
HoUowbush Henry, plasterer 137 Green 
Hollowbush John, 98 New 
Hollowbush Youts, gentleman 98 New 
Hollowbush M. shopkeeper 239 St. John 
Holloway Ann, widow 253 Race 
Holloway Thomas, engineer 99 Budd 
Holloway Jacob, principal keeper of the Penitentiary 
Hollowell John, shoemaker Eleventh below Spruce 
Hollowell Richard, Juniper alley 
HoUowhill Jonathan, bricklayer cor, 13th and Vine 
Holmburgh Charles, shopkeeper 8ft Green 
Holme James C. storekeeper 395 north Front 
Holmes Alexander, labourer Third near German 
Holmes Daniel, labourer Hopkins's court 
Holmes George, accountant 58 St. John 


Holmes Jcshcr, carpenter Ann west Sch. Eighth 
Hohncs John C. grocer & bottler N VV cor. Pint: & 6th 
Hohn«.s John, cotton manutactiirer 110 High — d h near 

Ghibe mill (iermantowii road 
Holmes James, carpenter 9 Pleasant avenue 
|li limes Jjhn, labourer Puttery alley- 
Holmes Mary, widow Tenth below Lombard 
fHolmcs Ralph, carter back 26 Passvunk. 
H'lnies VVm. T. labourer Wharton below Second 
H.)lmes Zebulon, domestic goods manuf. 28 Lombard 
Holstead Sarali, widow 30 Spruce 
Holson VVnitton, labourer 4 Green above Front 
Holston John, carter Cedar near Eleventh 
tHollev Elizabetli, widow Shippen above Seventh 
Holt Abner, innkeeper Sixth above Callowliill 
Holt Isaac, (Citizen's hotel) 179 Chesnut 
Holt Jesse, late carter Fourth near Cieorge (N. L.) 
Holt, mariner back 498 south Second 
Homan Abraham, carpenter 332 Sassafras 
Homan Mrs. widow 115 Catharine 
Homer Ann, widow Hopkm's court (N. L ) 
Hommann L C. sen. professor of music 43 N. Seventh 
Hommann 1. C. jun. 43 north Seventh 
Honey George, jun. car|)eMter 72 north Eleventh 
Hood Catharine, widow buck 38 Cherry 
Hood Elizabeth, widow Old York road above Browne 
Hood Geo. woodcorder cor. Swanson and Catharine 
Hood Hanr.ah, widow 42 south Eighth 
Hood John, grocer 9 and 11 Swanson 
Hood John M. grocer 4 High — d h 16 Race 
tHood John, porter 138 south Eighth 
Hood Lambert, cordwainer Jones west Sch. Fifth 
Hood Mary, midwife 21 Clif rry 
Hood N. P. accountant 43 Zane 
Hood Samuel, cordwainer Pratt's court 
Hood Thomas, 29 Pcnn 
H(«)d Thomas, cordv/uiner .3 Pr itt'scourt 
Hood VVm. & Co. merchants 244 High— dh 3N. lOtii 
Hook Jane, layer out of tlie dead and boanhiig house 25 
Coonibs' alley 

{Hook Peter, waiter Warrea 
look William, potter 254 south Third 
Hook'-y .\iUhony, cabinetmaker 395 north Third ^ 
Hooky Aiittiooy, storekeeper N E cor. Green & Third 
Hiwne Adam, biickmaker Spruce W. Sch. Second 
tHooper Cxsar, coachman Quincc; above Spruce 
Hooper Isaac, pilot of IMiiladcljjhia steamboat. Crown 

near liedfonl (K.) 
Hooper Tiionuis, bootmaker 401 Race 
Hoopes An\os, larpenter Ncu'tji street 
HiKjpes David, iron meroht. High W. Permanent brulce 
Hoopes Israel, constable and tavernkeeper High W Si n. 

HOR whitely's annual 

Hooton Andi*e\v, cabinet maker 262 Cedar 
Hooven David, blacksmith Callowhilln. Schuylkill 
Hooven Henry, blacksmith Poplar lane near Front 
Hooven Wm. wheelwright Old York r. ab. Buttonwood 
Hoover Adam, victualler Charles below James 
Hoover Andrew, shoemaker Old York r. above Brown 
Hoover Catharine, Marlboro' near Prince 
Hoover Elizabeth, washerwoman Marlboro* ab. Prince 
Hoover Henry, smith N E cor. Browne &N. Front, and 

5 Poplar lane 
Hoover John, cordwainer 119 Browne 
Hoover J. ropemaker 62 Moyamensing I'oad 
Hoover Laurence, mastmaker Beach near Maiden 
Hoover Mary, widow 153 Green 
Hoover Mrs. widow 45 Charlotte 
Hope &Co. lottery and exchange office 63 Chesnut 
Hojie John, carpenter 201 Coates above Fourth 
H )pe Thos. lottery and exchange broker 8cc. 63 Chesnut 
Hope Wm, ferryman Camden (N. J.) 
Hopkins Alexander, shoemaker 11 Stephen's court 
Hopkins Barzilla, ladies' shoemaker 212 south Seventh 
tHopkins Cornehus, coachm m 15 Fayette 
Hopknis Henry, l)rickmaker Fourth near Germ, road 
Hopkins Hester, widow 542 south Front 
Hopkins Howell, attorney at law, office 62 S. Fifth 
Hopkins Johns, gentleman 413 Arch above Eleventh 
Hopkins Jolin, carpenter Nieman's alley 
Hopkins Jolin, sea captain back 21 Noble 
Hoj)kins Joseph R. attorney at law Walnut above 11th 
Hopkins Joseph R. & H. attorneys at law 62 S. Fifth 
Hopkins Nicholas, mercht. 9S. Eleventh ab. Chesnut 
Hopkins Richard, sawyer Shippen above Seventh 
Hopkins Robert, inspector of customs 182 S, Second 
Hopkins Ruth, widow 12 Knight's court 
Hopkins Susan, widow boardinghouse 25 Sansom 
tHopkins Susannah, washerwoman 4 Gilles's alley 
Hopkins Tliomas, accountant 161 Green above Fourth 
tHopkins i'homas, labourt-r Bonsall 
Hopkinsoii Francis, attorney at law 17 south Fifth 
Hopkinson Joseph, Esq. inquire 17 south Fifth 
Hopper Isaac T. tailor 33 Spruce 
Hopper Joseph M. watciimaker inquire 178 High 
Hoj^per Levi, 396 Sassafras [fiee Hoofier 

Hopple John, shoemaker Christian above Fifth 
Hopple John, combmaker Ottt r near (iei-mantown road 
Horn Abraham, dealer 244 south Fourth 
Horn Henry, silverjjlater 16 south Sixth 8c 248 Chesnut 
Horn Jacob, innkeeper W. end Upper ferry bridge 
Horn, John, skindresser 18 Raspberry allev 
Horn John, coachmaker 56 S Tenth Sc 248 Chesnut 
Horn & Kneass, silverplaters 16 south Sixth 
Horn Mary, widow 4 Rihl's court 
Horn Philip, smith 46 N 5th— d h 18 Branner's alley 


Horn William, tobacconist Wright's alley 

Horn, accnuntatii 13 Y^rk court 

Horn XVilliam, oakcooper JIl south Fifth street 

Horn William, High i.ear Schujlkill Stventh 

Homberger Lewis, hatter W Jones's ;illey 
Hornbergir Peter, victualler stall 76 New market b 

2d — d i\ Bnttonwood lane near bjglith 
Home Isaac, corder Oak below Ha}scale> (N L) 
Home Mary, layer out of the dead 12 Biidd 
Home William, corder C'allowhill below Fr-^nt — d h IT 

York court 
Homer Catharine Mrs. widow grocer .561 S Second 
Horner Elizabetii, widow Qneen near Shakamaxcn Henry, bricklaytr 3 Swunson 
Homer Samuel, drayman 93 liudd 
Horner William E M. d. S V\' cor. Chesnut & Eighth 
H'-rnor Benjamin, gentlen)an 49 High 
H( n.or John, merchant 261 High— d h 378 High 
HornnrJ seph P. hardware store 47 High, d h 63 Spruce 
Hornor M:.rv, widow of Benjamin, 62 north '1 bird 
Horiior& Wilson, merchants 261 High 
Hornketh Henry, brickmaker W'st^ir's court 
Hornketh Jeremiah, brickmaker Wistar's court 
Horsfall Joseph, painter &;c. alky back 149 C<:dar 
Horsier Henrietta, widow, John above Callowhill 
Hovstmaini William G. & Co. lace and fringe weavers 

45 and 55 north Third 
Horter Geo. vict. Ger. r. — stalls High & N L markets 
Hortcr Jacob, victualler 27 Third street market 
Horter Jacob, victualler 2 Third street market 
Horterson James, labourer north 3d above Germ, road 
Hortz Peter, flour and feedstcre 592 High 
Ht)rwitz J. M. D. 59 Vine 
Hoscamj) Mary, grocery 397 south Front 
Ho^kms Eleanor, wi«l()w 180 Arch 
Hoskins John, teacher ladies' seminary 383 High 
Hoskin, accountant 163 Cedar 
Hossack Jo'<eph, grocer, corner Eleventh and Race 
Host George, saddler Heyde's court 
HostUr Henrietta, widow John above Callowhill 
Hotz Daniel, victualler 239 Calh.whill 
Hoiz P. vict. 45 Old Shambles ik N 8th a!). Buttonwooci 
Honard Lewis, merchant tailor 120 S 2d [^rr Hoii'ard 
Houck Elizabeth, widow 113 Catharine 
Houck Frederick, mariner back 41 Prime 
Houck William, carpenter Fourth near George 
Hough Constant, mariner 17 Cnatcs alley \_fice Hojff 
Hough John, fancy store 2 >9 n< rth Front 
Houghev Alice; widow, boirdinghousc 168 and d h 169 

south Front 
Houghton John, brassfounder Germ, road ab. first gate 
Houghton Thomas, labourer 286 l^ombard 
Houghtot^ Thomas, gunsmith Germ, road ab first gat<> 


Houlding James, mariner back 351 south Front 

Houpt Jacob, drygoods store 211 N. Second 8c 52 ArcU 

House Elizabeth, widow Beach «ear Maiden 

House Peter, cabinetmaker 10 FrankUn 

House WiUiam, mariner ^eorge near Second (N L) 

Housman 8c Brobston, grocers S E cor. Front & Queen 

Houseman Danl. vict. stall 4 New market, d h 469 S 2d 

Houser John, victualler Buttonwood corner Charles 

Houser Margaret, grocer 32 Passyunk 

Houser, widow, victualler Buttonwood corner Charles 

Houston Amy, widow Kunckel above Noble 

Houston Catharine, Mrs. 17 Mary (S) 

Houston George, labourer 18 Hurst 

Houston James, assistant cashier U. S. bank 60 south 6th 

Houston James, shipmaster 278 south Fourth 

Houston Jane, midwife 28 Franklin court 

Houston John A. L. drygoods store 437 north Second 

Houston P. W. M. D. surgeon 8c dentist 28 Franklin ct. 

Houston Susannah, washerwoman back 118 Lombard 

Houston Thomas, printer Shakamaxon near Queen 

Hovel Richard, cabinetmaker 5 Shields' court 

Hovemier Charles, labourer back 265 Race 

How John, carpenter 129 north Fourth 

How Joseph, trader Juhiper abuve Locust 

How Philip, shopkeeper 20 Small 

How Robert, carter Schuylkill Front above Mulberry 

Howard Azel, sea captain 269 S Front [see Houard 

Howard Catharine, boardinghouse Beach n. the market 

Howard Elizabeth, widow back 111 Catharine 

Howard John, silversmith Price's court 

Howard John D. mariner 45 Meade alley 

fHoward Robert, waiter 122 Lombard 

Howard Sarah, 14 Sterling alley 

Howden John, milkman 83 Christian 

Howell Abraham, m. d. 174 Lombard 

Howell Amos, coachmaker S E corner Arch and Eighth 

— d h 66 north Eighth 
Howell Asher M. mercht, 167 High— d h 16 south 7th 
Howell Benj. B. mercht. 33 S Front— d h 90 S Front 
Howell Catharine, tavernkeeper cor. Beach 8c Maiden 
Howell Cathaiine, cakebaker Shields' alley 
Howell Charlotte, widow. Beach corner Maiden 
Howell Cornelius, trader 26 Juliana 
Howell David, blncksmith Beach near Marlborough 
Howell D 8c E. Drummond, storekeepers 44 south 4th 
Howell Elijah, innkeeper 87 Plum * 

Howell Elizabeth, widow Pleasant above Charles 
Howell Elizabeth, layer out of the dead 4 Hoffman's ay. 
Howell Ephraim, Smith's court W. Sch. 8th 
Howell Ezekiel, tailor 20 < herry 
Howell Felix, coach makir Church alley " 
Howell Israel, currier 107 Chesnut — d h 148 south 9th 
Howell William, blacksmith Beach near Marlborough 


Howell Jacob, currier 107 Chesnut — d. U.S. W. corned 

Nintli and Chcsiiut 
Hovvtll J.iines K. goldbeater back 47 Kunckel 
H )well James, drygoods store 92 nonh Fourth 
Howell Joint, i)ai)erhani;iiig manufacturer 125 N. Froht 
Howell Jolin, carpenter 76 nortli Eleventh 
Howell Joseph, currier 107 Chesnut and 217 Spruce 
Howell Juseph and Co. curriers, 107 Chesnut 
Howell Joseph, sandman and carttr Wood near Sixth 
Howell Lemuel, house carpenter 56 Filbert 
Howell Marg;Hiet, widow 168 Arch 
Howell M iry, widow Barclay's alley 
How(.ll Mrs. Mary, widow of Artliur 107 Chesnut 
Howell Reading, surveyoi' &c. hu/uire 228 Spruce 
Howell Richard L. major 41 south Fourth 
tHowcll Richard, oy.sterman 6 Locust 
Howell Samuel E meichant 17 South wharves 
Howell Sarah widow of Joseph E. 311 Walnut 
Howell VV. VV. & Co. merchants 167 High— d. h. 107 

Howell VVm E. mercht. 17 S. wharves — d. h. 132 S. 3d 
Howell Zachariah, carpenter 7 Poplar lane 
Howland Isaac, sea captain, corner Queen and Front 
Howortli George, bookbinder corner Darby lodd 8c High 
Howshell John, watchman Gerard's bank, 28 Penn 
Hoy T.*iomas, shoemaker Petticoat alley 
Hubb.ird Henry, blacksmitn 5 B.iker's court 
Hubb.ird John, starch facte n north 2d above Ger. road 
JIul)i)ar(l William, marin(.r 25 Mary street 
Hubiiard William, watchman B.iiker street n. Sch. 4th 
Hubbard William, oysterman 124 Catharine 
Hubbard ^Vm. starch manufacturer 522 north Second 
Hubbel Samuel, carpenter 54 Moyamensing road 
Hubbell T. M. lumber merchant ist wharf above Hay- 
scales — a. h.45 Swanson 
Hiibl)er Samuel, ronemaker N. 3d n. Germantown r. 
Hubbcr Sophia, witlow 40 Pine 

Hubbert Anthony, starch manufact'ircr 521 N. Second 
Hubbert Benjamin, coi-dwainer Poplar lane near 2d 
Hubbert Chiistian, cabinetmaker 494 north Second 
Hubbert John, cordwainer 119 
Hubbs Paul K. merchant 40 north Front 
Hui)er Henry, inspect(<r of customs 147 Vine 
Hui)er Henry, jun. hardware nicichant and manuf. of 
plated saddlery furniture 34 N. 3d — d.h. b4Callowhill 
Hubcr Janies S. 84 Callowhill 

Hubcr Tobias, soap and candle manuf. 21 Coatcs' alley 
Hubie John, organ builder Old York near Germ, road 
Hiickel Francis, chairmaker 38 Cedar 
Huckel Joseph, dentist 35 Pine 
Huckcl Robert, tailor 14 north Front 
Huckel Samuel, clock and watchruaker 14 north Front 
Huckel Wdliani, 164 soutli Front 



Huddell Joseph, stave merchant 77 and 87 Swanson 
Huddell Joseph and Son, stave merchants 77 Swanson 
Huddell Joseph, jun. stave merchant 77 Swanson — d. h, 

356 south Front 
Huddy Hunlock, inspector of customs 67 Gaskill 
Hudson D. W. saddle and harnessmaker 2 Decatur 
Hudson Edward, dentist 133 Walnut 
Hudson James, broker 204 south Fourth 
fHudson James, porter 250 Lombard 
Hudson John, mariner 67 Queen (S.) 
Hudson Samuel, labourer 23 Jones's alley 
Hudson William, merchant 109 Moyamensing road 
HuflF Jacob, vict. 355 Callowhill — stall 5 Old shambles 
Huff Jacob, jr. victualler 355 Callowhill 
Huff John, carpenter 353 Callowhill 
Huff John, vict. stall 23 New market — d. h. south Front 

below Federal 
Huff Samuel, manner 23 Parham's alley 
Huffman Henry O. cooper back 7 Elireth's alley 
Huffnagle Charlotte, 98 Arch 
Huffnagle John, merchant N, E. corner High 8c Fifth — 

d. h. 429 High 
Huffstidler Heorge, mate Phariss's court 
Hufty Joseph, tavernkeeper 14 Locust (Washington sq.) 
Hufty Mary, widow of John, (Perry hotel) N. E. corner 

Cedar and Fifth 
Hugg Bright, shipjoincrN. W. corner Vine Sc Water 
Hugg George W. inn and ferrykeeper Kaighnton N. J. 
Hugg Jacob, labourer Shakamaxon above Bedford 
Hugg Joseph, inn and ferrykeeper Gloucester (N. J. 
Hugg Levi, shipjoiner 125 north Water 
Hugg Wm. rigger Shakamaxon near Prince 
Huggens Samuel, morocco manuf. Ill Chesnut — d. h. 

46 Browne 
Huggins Benjamin, sea captain 5 Ann (N. L.) 
Huggins Samuel, morocco manuf. Ill Chesnut and 46 

fHuggs James, sawyer 12 Acorn alley 
Hughes Ann, Avidow 81 German street 
IHughes Ashel, waiter Cedar near Twelfth 
Hughes Benjamin, grazier 16 Moyamensing road 
Hughes and Co. dry goods store 137 north Third 
Hughes Edward, labourer Otter near Frankford road 
Hughes Elizabeth, widow, teacher Wood above 8th 
Hughes Elizabeth junr. teacher, south 3d corner Pear 
Hughes Isabella schoolmistress. Cedar above Twelfth 
tHughes Isaiah, labourer. Cedar near Eleventh 
Hughes James, 27 Penn 
Hoighes John, labourer Warner's court 
Hughes John, jun. merchant, 13th below George 
Hughes Jonathan, watchman Broad below Locust 
Hughes 8c Korndaffer, grocers, point Moyamensing road 

and Second 


Hugties Mary, shopkeeper 44 S|)rucc 

Hiiglies Mary, washerwoman Germantown r. ab. Otter 

Hughes Miles H. broker 31 Church alley 

Huglies Peter, cordwaiucr 24 Old York road 

Huj^hes Thomas, drygoods store 1 north Third 

Hugiies William, grocer 58 Spruce 

Hughes Wm. grazier 460 south Second street 

Hughes Wm. carpenter Chester street 

Hughs William, cabinetmaker 18 Bryan's alley 

Huguenin C. A. gold and silver watchcasemaker, A'2 

Bread street 
Huhn Catharine, widow Juniper above Locust 
Huhn Daniel, brickmaker 34,5 Race 
Huhn John D. brickmaker Race above Twelfth— kiln 

corner Callowhill and Broad 
Hukill & Apt, harnessmakers Callowhill above Garden 
Hukill Jeremiah, harnessmaker Callowhill ab. Garden 
Hulands Henry, coachpainter 187 Arch and 79 N. 5th 
Huler Henry, baker 343 south Fourth 
Hulfish Obudiah, curdwainer N. 4th above Browne 
Hulfish Wm. cordwainer Third near George (N L) 
Hulings Ann, nurse West's court [see Hullinqs 

Hulings Michael, paperstainer 103 Catharine 
Hulings William E. m, d. 264 Chesnut 
Hulings Abraham, feedstore 68 Plum 
Hulings Elizabeth, 499 South Front - 
Huley John, labourer Carpenter below Third (S) 
Hull Agnes, milliner 100 south Second cor. dt" Dock 
Hull Benjamin, gunsmith Sansom's alley atjove Noble 
Hull Wm. L. merchant Sixth above Callowhill 
Hidlings Hannah, widow 41 Coates 
Hulme Thomas, gentleman 371 High 
Hults Benjamin, blacksmith Prime below Second 
fHuly William, carter 98 Plum 
Humble Margaret, widow 102 Coates 
Humes Archibald, bottlei- and grocer 88 Swanson 
Humes George, grocer and distiller 222 south Sixth 
Humes Jas. bottler and grocer N E cor. German &: 4th 
Humes John, auctioneer 56 south Front — d h 165 Wal- 
nut (Sansom's row) 
Humes William, bottler and grocer 185 south Sixth 
Hummel Casper, tailor 365 nortli Front 
Hummel Jacob, morocco manuf. 525 north Third 
Humiticl Jacob, tjrassfounder 443 novtii Tliird 
Hummel .Magdelina, widow 4.53 north Third 
Hmnm<.-! Phcel)e, nurse 166 Vine 

Humphreville Josluia, cabuietmaker Beach near Maiden 
Hiiinphreville IMartha, se.imstress Queen n. Marlboro' 
Humphreys A. Y. statio.ur .S5 Locust 
Humphreys Ann, boardinghouse 146 Chesnut 
Humnhreys Clement, inspector of customs 33 Pine 
Humphreys Edwarri, lal)>Hirer Camden (N J) 
Humphreys Eliza, widow ot Thomas 8 Bi(Jdle's allev 

HUP whitely's Annual 

Humphreys James Y. stationer and playing card manij- 

facturer 86 south Front 
Humphreys Jas. ropemaker Frankf. r n. Shakamaxon 
Humphreys James, shipwright Warren (K) 
Humphreys John, accountant 48 north Front 
Humphreys John, bookseller 48 north Front 
Humphreys Richard, genileman 32 Sansom 
HuvTiphreys Saml. shipbuilder of U. S. navy 320 S. Froht 
Humphreys Sophia, tailoress 11 Friends' alms-house 
Humphreys Elizabeth, widow Cheriy near Queen 
Humphreys ik. Turner, mastmakers near 68 Swansoti 
Huneker John, chairmaker 371 north Second 
Huneker Joseph, gardener Irish lane 
Huneker Joseph, jun ornamental painter and gilder 

371 north Second 
Hungerford James, mai-iner Beach near Marlborough 
Hunt Charles, smith Davison's alley 
Hunt Edward, sea captain 80 south Fourth 
Hunt Humphrey, cabinetmaker 155 south Fifth 
Hunt James, vict, stall 14 Penn.— d h cor. of Sixth am^. 

Button wood 
Hunt John, cordwainerback of 11 south Seventh 
Hunt Joseph, currier 12 Oak (S) 
Hunt Mary, widow 36 Queen (S) 
Hunt Paul, labourer Pottery alley 
Hunt Samuel, grocer 85 Passyunk road 
Hunt Wm. silversmith 176 Race 
Hunt Wm. shopkeeper and bottler 67 north Front 
Hunt Wilson, merchant 18 and d h 151 Chesnut 
Hunter Edward, flour and feedstore Germantown roac 

below Fourth 
Hunter Dr George, gone to New Orleans 
Hunter Israel, carter Knodle 
Hunter James, sea captain 9 Summers' court 
Hunter James, weaver Perry below Pine 
Hunter John C carpenter 51 Moyamensing road 
Hunter John, justice of the peace 186 south Fifth 
Hunter John, innkeeper 92 north Water 
Hunter John, Race near Sch. Ejghth 
Hunter Joseph, currier St. John above Beaver 
Hunter Margaret, Petticoat alley below Browne 
Hunter Rachel, 82 south Fourth 
Hunter Susannah, china store 397 noi'th Third 
Hunter William, weaver 241 south Sixth 
Hunter William, carter Knodle West Sch. Eighth 
tHunter Wilham, sweepmaster 22 Mary's alley 
Hunter & Underwood, 5 Biddle's alley 
Hunterson John, shoemaker 308 south Fourth 
Huntington James, mariner back of 67 Catharine 
Huntley John, carpenter back 27Cres&on's alley 
Hupfeld widow of Charles, grocery 112 north Sixth 
Hupfeld Charles F. professor of music 26 north Tenth 
Hupfeld John F. musician 26 north Tenth 


Huplits George H. tailor Brown near West (K) 

Huplitz John, tailor Rachel 

Hi\(iuenelc Frederick, M. n. 27 Fill)ert 

Hurchin Vandcr, tinplateworker Sch. Hth above Race 

Hindman Peter, cliairmaker 39 Coates' alley 

Hurley Georpe, confectioner 318 south Second 

Hurley Isaac A. accountant Arch street ferry 

Hurley rev. Michael, of St. Aucustine's church, above 

39 Crown in the rear of the church 
Hurley's paper hanging warehouse 78 Chesnut 
Hurley Thomas, 142 Sassafras 

Hurlitk. William, innkeeper N W cor. Race and Fifth 
Hurry Samuel, Anne st. Pen' town 
Hurst Elizabeth, widow 15 Spruce [«ee Hirst 

Hurst John, shopkeeper 230 nortii Water 
Hurst Lewis, carter 306 south Front 
Hiirtel John F. printer back 124 south Second 
Husband Jolm J. teacher 197 south Fourth 
Husbands Mary, widow back 51 Budd 
Hush Lewis, drayman 18 Duke 
Hustlebaugh Henry, milkman Hanover near West 
Hustleb^ugh Mrs. West near Palmer 
Hustler John, merchant 36 Church ay. — d h 23 Filbert 
Huston James, drayman Sch. 8th above Race 
Huston Maria Mrs. 132 Locust 
Huston Thomas, 110 High— d h 66 south Eighth 

[iff Heston and Houston 
Hutchins Ann, widow back 203 north Fourth 
Hutchins Charles, hatter Noble below Second 
Hutchins Henry J. clerk in loan office, 116 Prune 
fHutchins Matthias, coachman 34 Currant alley 
Hutchins Kicliard, innkeeper Sixth above Poplar lane 
H'lthins William, carpenter Sixth above Poplar lane 
Hutchinson Benjamin, machine maker Germ. r. bel. 3d 
Hutchinson Benijah, carter Ohio street 
Hutchinson Benjamin P. broker 85 S. 2d — d h 113 Pine 
Hutchinson Francis, clerk 471 Race 
Hutchinson Henry, mariner 68 (ieorge (S) 
Hutchinson Isabella, widow 132 south Tenth 
Hutchinson James, carpenter 146 south Seventh 
Hutchinson James, tailor 1 Lyndall's alley 
Hutchinson John, labourer 132 south Tenth 
Hutchinson John, carpenter Orange 
Hutcliiuson John jr. drygoods store 1 north Fifth— d h 

corner of Seventh and Orange 
Hutchinson John, carter Sixth below Coates 
Hutchinson Margaret, grocer 31 north Tenth 
Hutchinson Randall, clerk of the Mavor's court, 3 E. 

wing ot State-house — d h Walnut Ist' house ab. 11th 
Hutchinson R. jr. drygoods store 60 north Second 
Hutchinson Sarah, wiclow Kugler's court 
Hutchinson Ti\omas, clock and watchmaker 31 S. 4tli 

d h 6 M'CuUoch's court 

INC whitely's annual 

Hutchison James, tailor Lyndall's alley 

Hute Catharine, widow 40 Cherrv 

Hutn)an Elizabeth, layer out of the dead, Maria ab. 4th 

Hutsel John, oakcooper Lily above Tammany 

Hutson Henry, currier M'CuUoch's court^ 

fHutt Jane, teacher 163 south Sixth 

Huttert John, innkeeper Purple and Blue inn (Crosby's) 

Moyamensing road below Federal 
Hutton John, 502 south Front '; 

Hutton Mary, widow 36 Queen (S) 
Hutton Nathaniel, sen. shipbuilder 382 south Front 
Huver Andrew, cordwainer Old York road ab. Coates 
Huver Jolin, labourer 39 Charlotte 
'Huvor Mary, widow 151 Green above Fourth 
Hyatt Dorothy, widow 450 south Front 
Huyes John, cooper above 42 Tammany 
Hyde Charles, shipmaster 350 south Second 
Hyde George, bookbinder and stationer Tl Chesnut-»- 

— d h 210 Walnut 
Hyde Geo. 8c Son, booksellers and stationers 71 Chesnut 
Hyde John, tailor 25 Filbert 

Hyde Oreii, teacher Washington academy 4th ab. Vine 
Hyde Wm. bookseller and stationer 71 Chesnut 
Hyle George, sailmaker 6 Vernon 
Hymas Samuel, innkeeper (sign of the Lamb) 30 N. 5th 
Hymas William, silverplater Germ. r. above 1st gate 
Hymer John, labourer 214 north 4th near Browne 
Hymer Peter, labourer 214 north 4th above Browne 
Hymer Stephen, brickmaker Ann west of Twelfth 
Hyneman Cliristian, cooper 265 Catharine 
Hyneman F. accountant Ann above Callowhill 
Hyneman John D. 119 Green above Third 
Hyneman WiUiam, grocer 121 Browne and 119 Green 
Hynyore Ruth, widow 42 Parham's alley 

IDAR HENRY, shipwright 61 Christian 

Iddings Caleb P. accountant 21 Newmarket 

Idlei- Jacob, merchant back 75 N. Water — d h 231 Arch 

Idlet Mary, widow 27 Meade alley 

Ightlinger John, skindresser James near Ridge road 

Imbrie James 8c Co. domestic warehouse 127 High 

Imbrie David, merchant 127 High 

Imbrie James, merchant 127 High— dh 238 Spruce 

Imes Solomon, shingledresser cor. 11th and Cherry 

Imlay 8c Potts, merchants 5 north Water 

Imlay Robert, merchant 5 N. Water — d h 6th cor. Race 

Immel Catharine, widow storekeeper 76 north Third 

Immel Jacob 8c Co. merchants 76 north Third 

Immel widow of John, Stewart's alley 

Inches Thomas, storekeeper 216 south Second 


Inewichter Elizabeth, widow Poplar lane below Fourth 
Incwichter VV'm. bricklayer OKI York road n. George 
Iiig John, cordwainer 44 noith Tliird 
IngcrsoU Charles J. attorney at law 130 Walnut 
IngcrsoU Edward, attorney at law 159 Walnut ab. 6th 
Ingersoll Jared, counsellor at law 136 Walnut 
Ingersoll Joseph K. counsellor at law 180 Chesnut 
Ingham Catharine, widow Blackberry alley 
Inglianj John, cabinetmaker Mint court 
Ingleman Daniel, confectioner Cherry above Sch. 8th 
Ingles George, county commissioner 22 Mewmarket 
Ingling Samuel, carpenter Coates above Old York road 
Inglis Catharine, 91 Pine \_see Engle 

Inglis Joseph L. treasurer to Frankford & Bristol turn- 
pikes 331 Arch 

fingraham Anthony, labourer 41 Crab 
ngraham Edward D. attorney at law, 215 Chesnut 2*1 
door above Seventh 
Ingraham Francis, gentleman 431 Arch above Eleventh 
Ingraham John, shoemaker M'Culloch's court 
Ingram Sarah, widow mantuamaker 40 Union 
Ingram Thomas, tailor Vine below Eleventh 
Inkson Rebecca, shopkeeper 200 north Front 
Innes Cornelius, shoemaker 125 Plum \_see JSnnes 

tinnes John, mariner 139 Ci-ab 
Inncb Joseph, carpenter Hamilton near Schuylkill 
Innct David, chandler 21 Juliana 

Innskeep John, President oi the N. A. insurance com- 
pany, 171 VN'alnut 
Inskeep Samuel, labourer back 159 Moyamensing road 
Inslee John A. steward ot Almshouse Spruce ab. 10th 
Inslee Martha, matronof the Almshouse Spruce ab 10th 
Irclai\d Alphonso C. carpenter, city regulator, & mea- 
surer of carpenters' work 122 Pme below Fifth 
Ireland Edward, trunkmaker, shop Norris' alley — d h 

Oak above Coates 
Ireland (ieorge, vinegar store 48 Browne 
Ireland James, bottler 123 Vine 
Ireland James, carter Oak above Coates 
Ireland Jacob, labourer 57 Prime (S.) 
Ireland John, carter 291 Callowhill 
Ireland John, wharf builder Shakamaxon near Bedford 
Ireland Richard, trader Camden N J. 
Ireman Elizabeth, widow cor. Prime & Moyamensing r. 
Irick Catliarine, widow 114 Spruce 
Irick Christr. sexton of St. Peter's church 176 S. Sixth 
■ Irons Jacob, woodsawyer 25 Pine alley 
Irons Richard, waiter Middle alley 
Irvin Charles, cooper Nieman's alley 
IrvinJohn, waiter 12 .\c(irn alley 
' rvine Callender, commiss>ary general of U. S. 431 High 
Irvine Casper, bridlebitniaker Camac abo^e Gcr. road 
Irvine Henry, (Buck inn) 356 High 


Irvine Hood, roercht. S E cor. 2d & Arch— d h 31 Vine 

f Irvine Samuel, cooper Nieman's alley 

Irving Esther, widow 111 Catharine 

Irvist John, brickmaker Buttonwood lane 

Irwin Charles, sea captain 50 Shippen 

Irwin Ezra, labourer Clymer's alley 

Irwin Edward, weaver cor. Thirteenth and Cedar 

Irwin Elizabeth, widow 238 Filbert near Twelfth 

Irwin Frederick, accountant 3 north Eighth 

Irwin James, drygoods store 217 south Second 

Irwin John W. 115 Lombard 

Irwin Thomas, carpenter St. Joseph's avenue 

Irwin William, stonecutter Vine near Thirteenth 

{see Erwen Isf Arnvin 
Isdell Elizabeth, widow 45 Penn 
Iseminger Adam, wheelwright Queen below Sixth 
Isenring John, skindresser 391 north Front 
Isington James, tobacconist cor. St. Tarn many & Kunckel 
Islington Lane, Sansom above Eighth 
Israel Abraham, 33 Callowhill and drygoods store 329 

north Second 
Israel 8c Goldsmith, drygoods store 329 north Second 
Israel Israel, gentleman 103 Walnut 
Israel Samuel, merchant 186 Pine 
Ivins Ezekiel, bricklayer Broad corner Arch 
Izard Alice, widow 307 Spruce below Tenth 
Izard Gen. George, 295 Spruce 

JACK ANN, widow of Francis, 218 south Third 
Jack Mary, widow mantuamaker arid tailoi'ess 33 EI- 

freth's alley 
Jackaway Nathan, plasterer north Fourth near Browne 
Jackson Andrew, inspector of customs 27 north Twelfth 
Jackson Benjamin, carpenter 4 Wiley's court 
tJackson Benjamin, labourer Coates above Fourth 

Jackson , lace, fringe &c. weaver 96 N- Seventh 

Jackson Charles C. innkeeper (Schuylkill inn) High n, 

Schuylkill Front 
f Jackson Caleb, sawyer Browne above Fourth 
Jackson Francis, coachman Twelfth below Chesnut 
^Jackson Frances, widow Green's court 
Jackson George W. carpenter 208 north Eighth 
jJackson Henry, woodsawyer Barclay's court 
Jackson 8c Hoare, sign painters. See. N W corner Fifth 

and Spruce 
Jackson Isaac, china store Coates bel. Old York road 
Jackson Jacob, labourer 10 Gaskill street 
Jackson Jacob, mariner 41 Catharine 
fJackson Jacob, waiter Shippen above Seventh 
Jackson James, mariner Galbraith's court 


f Jackson James, labourer 206 Coates near Fiflh 
f Jackson James, waiter Fries's court 
Jackson James, mariner 13 Elizabeth 

Jackson Jane, Allen's alley 
. ackson Jesse, painter and glazier Middle alley 
■Jackson Job, sweep Miles' court near Rose 

■Jackson John, barber 211 S. 7th & Fourth near High 
. ackson Joiin, tanner cor. Prince and Duke (K.) 
Jackson John W. coi-dwainer Castle 
Jackson John, gentleman S W cor. Walnut and 12th 
t Jackson John, icecream maker 211 south Seventh 
Jackson Josepli, fijur and f'-edstore 245 north Front 
Jackson Jos carpenter 10 Franklin court 

JJa^ kson Peter, labourer back 90 Bedford 
ai kson Rachael, Union street 

} Jackson Rebecca, widow Third near George (N. L.) 
ackson Richard, tailor 159 Arch 
JJ.ickson Samuel, caipenter 10 Franklin st. 
ackson S imuel, M. D. 40 north Foui'th 
Jackson Samuel, painter and glazier 163 Shippen 
Jackson Sanil. & b (late David & S.) druggists 40 N. 4th 
fJackson Samuel, sweep Warren st. 

} Jackson Samuel, bootcleaner 5 Little Dock 
ackson Saraii, widow N W corner 12th and Arch 
Jackson Susan, widow of David, 40 north Fourth 
Jackson Thomas, late grocer Dawson's alley 
Jackson Thomas, accountant Orange street (C.) 
Jackson Thomas, coachmaker Locust above Eighth 
Jackson Thomas, 101 Walnut — resid Mount Pleasant 
Jackson Tliomas, late grocer Davison's allev 
JackMin Wasliington, mercliant, iififier 190 High 
tJackson Wm. manner 215S'iippen 
Jackson Wm. mariner 10 Shippen 
Jackson Wm. 34 Chester 
Jackson \\\\\. carpenter Twelfth above Race 
Jackson Wm. editor of the Political & Commercial Re- 
- gistcr, office 1 Lodge — d h (Franklin row) south 9th 

near Locust 
tJackson Wni. coachman 3 Bell's court 
fjacobs Abel, shoemaker 107 Queen 
tJacobs /Vnthony, labourer Browne above Fourth 
fjacobs Burton, woodsawycr Bonsall 
Jacobs Catharine, widow '26 (Jarden 
tJacob'"; Henry, barber 93 south Water 
Jacobs Joseph, sexton 1st Presbvt. church, back 104 Vine 
Jacobs Louisa, widow 17 Sassafras alley 
tJacobs Miles, oysterman 87 south Second 
Jacobs Peter, tanner Pottery alley 
Jacobs Philip, collector 40 Crowii 
Jacobs Richard, mariner 6 Pcun 
Jacobs Sarah, widow 133 (ireen 
Jacobs Samuel H. attorney .nt law 63 north Seveivth 
tJacobs Stephen, welldiggcr Hazel alley 

JAR whitely's annual 

Jacobs widow of doctor John P. 54 Chester 

Jacobs Wm. hatter 34 Wood below Third 

Jacobs Wm. carpenter, back 58 Ann 

Jacobson Hanse, oysterman 7 Burd's alley 

Jacoby Francis, gentleman Frankford r. near Hart inu 

Jacoby John, cordwainer N E cor. Foui'th and Browne 

Jaggers Jonathan, 7h north Front 

Jahns Christian, patent wall colourer and painter 21& 

N. Eighth below Callowhill {see Johns 

James Catharine, huckster 2 Callowhill 
James rev. Daniel, 5 Lemon 
f James Elijah, mariner 114 Cherry 
fjames Francis, whitewasher Browne above Fourth 
fjames Frederick, carpenter 107 German 
James Israel E. cabinetmaker 276 north Second 
James Issachar, grocer and fruiterer 97 north Third 
James James, late shopkeeper 38 Meade alley 
James Jeremiah, merchant tailor 212 High 
James Jesse, carpenter back 468 north Thirc^ 
James John, sen. merchant 71 Cherry 
James John, grocer 360 north Front 
James John, junior, cabinetmaker back 113 Chesnut— 

d h 71 Cherry 
James John, cordwainer 29 Union 
fJames John, labourer Harper's alley (P. T.) 
jjames Judith, whitewasher 232J Lombard 
James Margaret, widow 27 Queen (S.) 
James Otto, cabinetmaker 342 and 346 south Front 
IJames Peter, waiter Rose alley 
f James Robert, porter Fourth below Merriott's lane 
rjames Samuel, labourer 20 Prospei'ous alley 
i^ James Stephen, woodsawyer Baker st. 
James Thomas, clei'k in U. S. bank, 263 south Third 
James Thomas C. accountant Allen near Beach 
James Thomas, labourer Sliakamaxon above Prince 
James Thomas, teacher 1 Budd 
James Thomas Cm. d. professor of midwifery in the 

University of Pennsylvania, 7 York buildings 
IJameson Csesar, waiter Davison's alley near Juniper 
Jameson John, grocer 39 Small 
Jameson Robert, shipwright 547 south Front 
Jamieson Robert (Harmonic Tavern) cor. Union 5c 2d 
Jamison Ann, widow 66 Swanson 
Jamison John, cabinetmaker 75 Dock 
Janeway rev. Jacob J 208 Mulberry 
Janney Benjamin S. bi. d. 312 north Third 
January David, merchant 212 south Fourth 
January H. layer out of the dead, back 39 Arch 
January Rebecca, mantuamaker 39 Arch 
Janvier Wm. merchant 85 High 
Taquett and Shaw, upholsterers 35 riortli Third 
Jaquejtt Thomas, upholsterer 35 N. 3d— d h 68 N Fifth 
Jardella Andrew B sculpturer and stonecutter 59 N. 8th 


Jarden Catharine, widow of Samuel, lloN Eleventh 

[nrr Jordav 
Jarden John, stonecutter 224 S Front & 43 (ierni-m 
Jardtn Wni. plasterer 389 Siss^fras below Eleventh 
Jardoii Srtml. labouier cor. and Twcltth 
Jarman Charles, cabinetmaker oth n. Carpenter (S.) 
Jarnian Daniel, chairnihker 388 S 2d [^str Grrmon Reuben, dr) goods store 445 north Second 
Jarett John, oysterman near Cedar st. ferry 
Jarraitt John, weaver Camden N. J. 
Jarvis Elizabeth, widow tailoress Camden N. J. 
Jarves Stephen, shoemaker Carpenter (S ) ab. Fourth 
Jasper James, sea captain 32 Union 
Jaudon Daniel, ladies academy 221 Mull)eny 
Jay Benjamin, cordwainer Juniper above Race 
Jeanes Amos, lumber merchant High west Sch. Sixth 

[*ff Jones 
Jeanes Isaiah, mercht. yss N Water — d h 208 N. Front 

JJcffees Mary, back 519 north Third 
efferies Benjamin, shoemaker O. York r. ab. Tammany 
Jefteries Jumes, smith 79 L..cust 

Jeffers Barbara, widow milkwoman Coates bel. Fourth 
JefFers John, victualler cor. Callow hill 6c Ridge road 
Jefferson Joseph, comedian 14 Powell 
Jefferson Richard, painter & glazier Prime above Front 
Jeffrey James, skindresser Third, nc;ar Ger. road 
Jeffrey Samuel, brickmaker Coates above O. York r. 
JeffriesDaniel, orickmaktr 4th above Poplar lane 
Jeffries and Nuttle, coachmakers 40 Prune 
Jeff'ies Cieorge, coachmaker 40 Pruue — d h 46 Union 
Jeffreys William, coachman 216 Lombard 
Jeineson Stej)hen, W. carpenter 46? south Second 

IJematrice John, hairdresser 70 Dot k 
enkins Al)asha, shipmaster 25 Newmarket 
Jenkins Andrew, huckster Camden N. J. 
Jenkins Charles, mariner 47 Charlotte 
Jenkins Charles F. drygoods store 90 N. Second — d h 

24 Key's alley 
Jenkins David, carter llth below Spruce 

} Jenkins Henrietta widow Bonsall below Tenth 
ei.kins Jabez, merchant Townsend's court 
IJenkins James, bootblack 10 Acorn alley 
eiikins John, hackler 33 down 
Jenkins John, cordwainer 84 north Fifth 
JenkiHs John, carter back 41 Coates 
Jenkins John J. bookbinder 123 Uace 

} Jenkins J<-hn, labourer Apple near George 
enkins John, rivet hose ficc. maker Quince bel. Walnut 
Jenkins Joseph G. S7 Browne 
Jenkins Launcelot, tavernkeeper High west Permanent 

Jenkins Mai^v, widow 62 Tammany 
tJenkins Robert sawyer back 129 Plum 

JOH whitely's annual 

Jenkins Sarah, storekeeper 208 south Second 

fJe.ik.ins Stephen, porter ISc.i above Cedar 

Jenkins Tabitha widow Townsend's court 

fJenkins William porter 219 Ciierry 

Jenkb Jonathan, merchant 566 south Front 

Jenks John, printer Tenth ahove Vine 

Jenks Joseph R. m-^rch. 54 S. wharves — dh 5 Vine 

Jennings Ehza, widuw back 9 Shijjpeu 

Jennings Geo. vict. Lombard near Schuylkill river 

tJennings Jane, widow 211 south Seventh 

Jennings John, auc'r 107 south Fourth 

Jennings Nathan B. mamer 38 Mead alley [see Gimiing-s 

Jenny Elizabeth, widow Queen near Bishop 

Jerrell Ha-.inah, widow near 16 Fitz waiter 

Jervis Joseph I. seacaptmn 330 south Second street 

Jess Ruth, bonnetmaker 14 Church alley 

tJessop Isaac, woodsawyer 198 south Sixth 

Jester T. P. painter gcc. Littleboy's court 

Jewell,~Bancraft & Co. goldbeaters 2 south Third 

Jewell Kenneth, merchant tailor 78 and 80 south Third 

Jewell Leonard, goldbeater 2 S. Third — d h 117 New 

Jewell Mary, ladies' dressmaker 11 Strawberry 

Johannes WiUiam. B. baker23 norh Seventh 

John Brown, blacksmith Beach below Warren 

John David, runner of Farm. & Mech. Bank 4 Bank 

Johns John, boot and shoemaker Drinker's alley 

Johns Joseph, bricklayer 227 Lombard 

Johns and Linei'd. mastmakers Hayscales wharf (NL) 

Johns Richard, mastmaker, yai'd at the Hayscales 

wharf — dh Liberty alley 
Johns Thomas, shipwright 18 Mary (S.) 
Johnson Abraham, blacksmith Frankford r. ab. Queen 
fjohnson Abraham, labourer Bonsall 
f Johnson Abraham, waiter Quince above Warren 
Johnson Alexander, Germantown road near Fourth 
f Johnson Alexander, waiter Quince above Spruce 
Johnson Ann, nurse Cresson's alley 
Johnson Ann, cotton embroiderer Arch near Broad 
Johnson Ann, widow of David 59 south Eleventh 
tJohnson Ann, widow St. Mary street 
fjohnson Arcy, 1-abourer Sch Seventh below Race 
Johnson Augustus W. brassfounder 2d ab. Ger. road 
Johnson Benj. bookseller store 31 and — d.h. 455 High 
Johnson Bernard, oysterman Spafford street 
Johnson Catharine, widow 160 north Water 
Johnson Charles, printing ink and lampblack manufac- 
tory cor. of Tenth and Lombard 
tJohnson Daniel, ])orter back 72 Christian 
jjohnson David, porter back 203 Lombard 
Johnson David, blacksmith Maiden near Front 
Johnson David, shallopman Cooper's court (N L) 
tJohnson Diana, widow Middle alley 
jJohnson Edward, sailmaker 21 fiurst 


Johnson Eicanor, widow Liberty alley 
Johnson li.hz.iijfth, widow Juniper above Race 
Johnson Kliz^bcth, widow Tammany l)elow St. Joiui 
Jolmsuii F.jizabeth, widow 446 north Front 
Johnson Elizabeth, widow Id OYork. road ab. Poplar lane 
Jolinsjn Klzabeth wulov i2ih below Race 
tJoimson Elizabeth, widow (irecn's court 
Joiinson Ellen, widow back 142 south Fifth 
4j/thiistin Eztfkiel, shoeblack back 123 north Tenth 
XJ )hnson Francis, distiller 61 Currant alley 
tJohnson Francis, musician 65 south Fourth 
Johnson Gabriel, mariner 1 98 Lombard 
Johnson G^'orge, shoemaker back III Plum 
Johnson George, sugarboiler Kunckel above Nobk 
fJohnson George, labourer Chester near Vine 
tJohnson George, waiter 23 Currant alley 
■fJohnson George, labourer Juniper below Vine 
Joiinson Hannah, boardinghouse 122 north Front 
Johnson Hannah, widow SE cor. of Fourth & Green 
Johnson Henry, carter back 293 south Fiftli 
fJohnson Henry, waiter 226 south Seventh 
Johnson Isaac, coachman 179 south Fourth 
tJohnson Isaac, sawyer Twelfth below Chesnut 
Johnson Jacob, carpenter back 84 Union 
Johnson Jacob, bookseller 2j9 north Fourth 
Johnson Jacob, carter 39 Newmarket 
Joiinson Jacob, bootmaker 152 Race 
John-on Jacob, labourer West above Wood 
fJohnson James, labourer Swede's alley 
Johnson James, carpenter back of 172 Spruce 
fJohnson James, painter &c. 265 Spruce 

1 Johnson Jane, Dean's alley 
Johnson Jesse, sawyer 14 St. Marv 
Johnson Job, master sweep 226 ishippen 
ohnson John, justice of the peace, Hanover ab. Prince 
Johnson John, tavernkeeper 550 south Front 
Johnson John, labourer Second above the Germ, road 
Johnson John, labourer Thirteenth below Race 
Johnson John, 249 south Second 
Johnson John & Co. oyster cellar 5 N. Front & 4 north 

Johnson John G. carpenter 24 Sassafras alley 
Johnson John, carter 272 Swanson street 
Johnson John, baker 225 south Fifth 
Johnson John, hatter, back 88 north Front 
Johnson John, sexton 38 Catharine 
Johnson John P. mate 19 Cox's alley 
Johnson John, drayman Coates below Sixth 
f J< .hnson John R. oyster cellar N. 6ih & Osborn's ay. NX 
Johnsen Jonathan, carpenter 539 north Front 
Johnson Jonathan, farmer Chesnut near Sch. Front 
Johnson Joseph, sea captain 544 south Front 

JOH whitely's annual 

Johnson Joseph, shipchandler 77 South wharves— -d h 
Moyamensing roaa comer Johnson's lane 8c 150 Pine 
Johnson Joseph, mariner Crown near Bedford ' 
Johnson Jo:^eph, slater Laurel near Budd (N. L ) 
Johnson Josephus, mariner 16 Phim 
iJohuson, widow of Joseph, back 90 Bedford 
tJohnson Josiah, blacksmith 107 Budd below Laurel 
Johnson Josian, letter earner 22 George 
tJohnson Joshua, shoeblack 2,7 Prosperous alley 
Ijohnson Lawrence, labourer Bedford s alley 
Johnson Levi, labourer 99 Queen 
tJohnson L. labourer, 226 Cathanne « 
tJohnson Margaret, widow Apple near George 
tJohnson Maw, widow Miles' alley , , , 
Johnson Marm T. teacher Sch. I'.ighth above Race 
Johnson Mnrv, widow, tailoress 283 south Third 
Johnson Maiy, widow Church street (back) 
Johnson Mary & Elizabeth, storekeepers 28 north 4th 
Johnson Michael, carter Paschal's alley 
Johnson MrL boardinghouse S E. cor. Tammany Cc 4th 
tJohnson Nathan, woodsawyer Miles' court 
Johnson Noah, labourer Washington ,, ^ _ 
tJohnson Patience, dealer, lOOS. 2d— dh 245 Spruce 
Johnson Peter, blacksmith Budd above Laurel 
Johnson Peter, waterman 13 Federal 

Johnson Peter, jun. mariner, back 77 Christian 
Johnson Peter, watchman, back 454 south Front 
Johnson Peter, weaver, corner Thirteenth and Cherry 
Johnson Peter, rigger, 17 Parham's alley 

Johnson Peter, grocer Catharine street whart 

tJohnson Phoebe, widow Allen's alley 

Johnson labourer 322 south Front 

Johnson Rachel, widow Second above Germantown r 

Johnson Randal, mariner 468 south Front 

JohBSon Richard, huckster Camden (N. J.) 

Johnson Richard, labourer 77 German 

Johnson Richard B. turner 58 Dock— d h 1 Locust 

Johnson Robert, carter 328 south Sixth 

Johnson Robt. S. iron mevch. 59 N. Water— d h 26 Vine 

Johnson Robert, smith 33 Penn 

Johnson R. widow Maiden near the stone bridge 

Johnson Samuel, cordwainer S. E. cor. Manor Sc Sixth 

Johnson Sarah, widow 51 Meade alley 

Johnson Sarah, widow 176 Arch 

Johnson Sarah, widow 46 Queen 

tJohnson Solomon, waiter 21 Prosperous alley 

Johnson Sophia, widow 98 Coates 

tJohnson Stacy, woodsawyer back 130 north v ittft 

tJohnson Susan, Meredith's court 

Johnson Susannah, widow M'Ginnis's court 

tJohnson Tamer, widow 90 Small 

Johnson Thos. cordwainer Scott's alley back 383 liigr 

tJohnson Thomas, labourer, back 219 Cherry street 


Johnson Thomas, mariner China below Second 
Johnson Wm. lumbi.T nu'ichant, corner, Sixth and But- 

tonwoo'l — (I. h. •J-9 Tammany 
Joliiison Wm. B. cnaoliinaker George above Tenth 
JohiiKon W'm. 29 lindd 

Johnson VVn). conlwaincr 27 Watson's alley 
Johnson Wm. T. t;ulor 39" Hij^U 
Johnson Wm. labourer street 
Johnsun Wm II hatter, 47 Currant alley 
Johnson Wm. caulker Hanover near Queen 
rJohnson Wm. lai^ourcr 6ih corner Merriott's lane 
jJohnsjn Wm. labourer 30 Christian 
fjohnson Wm. woodsawyer Quince above Spruce 
tJohnson York, slioeblack 2 south Eighth 
Jolinston Adam, lallowchandler 4Cu Kace 
Johnston Alexander W. merchant 25 south Water — 

d. h. 5 York buildings 
Johnston Alice, widow of colonel Fi-ancis, 162 S. Tenth 
Johnston Ann, widow, nurse 18 Star alley 
Johnston Andrew, carpenter 62 Passyuiik road 
Johnston Benjamin, senior 29 Jones's alley 
Johnston Beujjun. oysterman 22 High— d. h 27 Jones' ay. 
tJohnston Benjamin, sawyer Little Oak 
Johnston Charles, carpenter 21 Wagner's alley 
Johnston Christopher, labourer Nine above Broad 
Johnston Deborah, widow Barron street 
Johnston Eliza, milliner 153 Arch 
Johnston Ezekiel, labourer, back 519 north Third 
Johnston Frederick, labourer Federal below Second 
Johnston Hannah, boardinghouse 41 Sansom sti-eet 
Johnston James, gentleman 3U6 south Strcond 
Johnston James, grocer N. E. cor. Walnut and Eleveiith 
Johnston Jane, widow grocer Cliesnut above Thirteenth 
Johnston Job, sexton Prince above Front 
Johnston John, mariner 112 Swanson 
Johnston Jolin, drayman Sch. Seventh above Race 
Jolinston John, carter Coates above the Old York road 
Johnston Jolni, carpenter 149 St. John 
Johnston, John, drygoods store 2 north Second 
fJohnston Josluia, labouier 37 Prosperous alley 
Johnston Mary, sliopkeeper 380 south Second 

) Johnston Patience, dealer 100 S. 2(1 — rl. h. 245 Spruce 
Johnston Richard, waiter 100 north Eleventh 
Johnston Sanmel, labourer Smith's court 
tJohnsion Samuel, labourer 220Shippen 
Johnston Thomas, labourer 24 Coomb's alley 
Johnston Wm. P. printer 47 Dock— d h 143 south 5th 
IJohnston Wm. labouier 13 Plum 
Jolinston Wm trunkmaker 1S9 north Front 
Jolly Samuel, storekeeper J8 Plum street 
Jones Abraliam, trader 93 north Ninth 
Jones Abraham, rordwainer Sansom's allev 
'"ne8 Abraham, turner 203 north Third 


Jones Amos A. iron merchant 220 north Eighth 

JJones Amos, coachman Appletree alley 

Jones Amy, boardinghouse corner Otter 8c Frankford r. 

Jones Anthony, labourer 134 Browne 

tJones Anthony, master sweep Fries's court 

Jones Arabella, widow (Sansom's row) 187Walnut 

Jon s & Barton, drygoods store 20 north Second 

Jones Benjamin, iron merchant 17 S. wharves — dwelling 

267 Chesnut \_see Ja/ins, Johns, t3* Janes 

Jones Benjamin, jun. merchant 211 and d h 234 S Front 
Jones Benj. cabinetmaker Prime below Second 
Jones Benj. labourer Pottery alley 
Jones Benjamin, engraver 47 Chesnut and 50 Walnut 
Jones Benjamin, sen. grazier 7 Cedar' 
Jones Charles, teacher S. W. corner Tlurd and Vine— 

d h 28 north Fifth 
Jones C. & N. jr. hosiery store N. W. cor. Chesnut & 2d 
Jones Cuitih, labourer 46 Queen 
Jones Daniel, blacksmith 386 north Third 
Jones David, cordwainer Frankford road above Queen 
Jones David, carpenter 109 Christian 
Jones David, hatter 128 north Second 
Jones David, carpenter 6 Fries' court 
Jones David, mariner 4 Meade alley 
Jones David, mrsriner 58 Meade alley 
Jones Edward, grocer 137 south Sixth 
Jones Edward, accountant 16 Newmarket 
Jones Edward, grocer N. W. cor. Catharine and Third 
Jones Elizabeth, widow 9 Elizabeth street 

1 Jones Elizabeth, 12th above Spruce 
Jones Elizabeth, widow above Atkinson's court 
ones Elvey, collector 54 Newmarket 
Jones Esther Mrs. 263 Spruce 

Jones Evan, tavernkeeper N W. cor. Chesnut & Front 
Jones Evan, milkman Locust west of Broad 

JJonesFivans, mariner 18 Elizabeth 
ones George W. painter, 8cc. 51 Chesnut 
Jones George m. d. 120 south Eighth 
Jones George, weaver Marlbr^' near Queen 
Jones Geo. W auctioneer 34 S. Front — d h 139 Walnut 
Jones George D, cabinetmaker 83 Dock — d h 79 Walnut 
fjones George, oysterman 152 south Fifth 
Jones 8c Gordin, grocers N E cor. Ninth 8c Filbert 
f Jones Hannah, widow Pottery alley 
Jones Henry, shoemaker, back 372 north Third 
Jones Henry jr. cordwainer 13th cor. Weaver's alley 
Jones Ho'vell, shoemaker 167 south Third 
Jones Hugh, milkman Broad below Walnut 
Jones Ira, 18 Cherry 
Jones Isaac, cabinetmaker 77 north Front 
Jones Isaac, shoemaker Camden (N. J.) 
fjones Isaac, labourer near 163 Coates 
tjjones Isaac, labourer 163 Coates 


Jones Isaac C. Oakford & Co. merchants 84 Hieli 

Jones lsa;ic Cmtrclumt 84 Higli — d li 184 Mulberry 

Jones Isaac H. iol)acci)nist 169 north From 

Jones ls:iac H. Ik Son, tobacconists 169 north Front 

Jones Isaac K. drvfjoods store 20 north Second 

Jones James L. cordwain:.'r Cherry above Eleventh 

Jones Jane, widow boanhn^hoiisc 181 sourth Front 

Jones Jane, widow boardinghonse 6 Laurel street 

Jones Jesse, taih)r 128 CaUowhill 

Jones Jesse, carter George (N. L.) near Fourth 

Jones Jesse, 126 Pine 

|Jones Jesse, i)unipmakcr Rose street 

Jones Jehu, shotmak'v south 5th below Mernott's court 

Jones John, wlieelwii«i\t St. John above Tammany 

Jones Jolin, druggist 79 Shippcn 

Jones Jolin, wheelwright High W. Darby r. Hamilton vil. 

Jones John, labourer Third near Germantown road 

Jones rev. John, teaclier Mantua village 

Jones Jolin, ferryman Camden (N. J.) 

Jones John M distiller, &c. 16 8c 18 south Eighth 

Jones John, tailoi" Germantown road above Tliird 

Jones John, labourer Beach near Marlbro' 

Jones John & Co. lottery office 244 north Second 

Jones John J. grocer Vienna near Duke (N. L) 

tJones John, atteudant in store 25 Coxe's alley 

Jones John, calicoprinter, Charlotte near Fourth 

Jones John, flour merchant 228 and 30 north Front 

I Jones John, mai-iner 6 Madison's court 
ones Jonathan D. hatter 161 south Fiont 
Jones Joseph, wheelwright 4 Vernon 
Jones Joseph, accountant 2 Ann street 
Jones Josepli, saddler Cresson's alley 
Jones Joshua, grocer corner Ninth & Filbert 
tJones Leonard, sawyer Lyndall's court 
tJones Lewis, ticket porter 242 Lombard 
Jones Lloyd, sea captain 225 south Front 
Jones Lovell, gunsnuth 6th near Coates 
tJones Louisa, washerwoman back 43 Small 
Jones Margai"et, widow 21 Catharine 
Jones Margaret, milkwoman Broad below Walnut 
tJones Martha, widow Bedfoixl near Hanover 
Jones Martha, widow St. Mary near Seventh 
Jones Marhon, widow 43 Almond 
Jones Mark, tailor Nonnater's court 
Jones Man , boardinghonse 266 Arch 
Jones Mary, widow Carpenter near Fourth (S) 
Jones Mary widow ot Andrew, 486 Race 
tJones Mary 4 Gilles's alley 
Jones .\Iercy, teacher Rose alley above G'^een 
tJones Moses, sawyer Juniper alley 
f Jones Moses, sweepmaster Ball alle; 
Jones Mui-dock, labourer 575 soutb Front 
Jones Nathan, stoi-ekecper 58 south Second 
R i> 



Jones Nathan, jun. 60 south Second — d h 82 Union 

Jones Owen, gentleman 154 south Second 

Jones Paul, merchant 299 Race 

Jones Peter N. plasterer Pine below Tenth 

tJones Peter, porter Coates below Old York road 

Jones Philip, umbrella maker 23^ north Second 

Jones Philip, labourer Malt alley 

Jones R. 8c H. drygoods store 26 north Fourth 

Jones Richard, bottler 159 north Sixth 

tJones Richard D. poi'ter, Mark's lane 

Jones Robert, sea captain 191 Cedar 

Jones Robert W. Thirteenth 2d door above Wabmt 

Jones Robert, bricklayer 30 Fitzwalter 

Jones Samuel, mariner 45 Greerf \_see Ja/ms isf Jones 

Jones Samuel, smith and wheelwright '303 and 309 S. 

Front, shop Penn street 
Jones Samuel, drygoods store 48 north Second 
Jones Samuel, ornamental painter 101 Swanson 
Jones Samuel, cabinetmaker back 83 Chesnut 
Jones Samuel, dyer, 8cc. 38 Penn 
fJones Samuel, porter Fitzwalter above Sixth 
Jones Samuel S. accountant 12 Garden street 
Jones Samuel W. merchant 103 & d h 154 north Front 
tJones Simon, fruitstore and intelligence office 9^ S 6th 
Jones 8c Smith, merchants 103 north Front 
Jones Susan, cakebaker 13 south Tenth 
fJones Susan, widow back 257 south Fourth 
Jones Thomas, cordwainer Green above Front 
Jones Thomas, Pearson's court 
Jones Thomas, calico glazier Sch- Front above Vine 
Jones Thomas, merchant 25 south Second 
Jones Thomas, ccachtrimmer 156 north Fifth 
Jones Thomas, jun. storekeeper 39 north Second 
Jones Thomas, shoemaker Prime below Second (S) 
Jones Thos. merch. 95 Crown— office on Hodge's wharf 
Jones widow of Thomas, Frankf, road above Queen 
tJones Walter, carter Cherry below Thirteenth 
•Jones Wilkin, mariner Cypress alley 
Jones William, gentleman 12 Lombard street 
Jones William, com. merch. 244 Arch 2 doors W. 9th 
Jones William, plasterer 233 Spruce 
Jones William, merchant 169 High — d h 80 Wood 
Jones Wm. cordwaiiier alley n. Allen st. Frankford r. 
Tones William, quarryman Otter near Frankf. road 
JiJ^es William, labourer 265 Catharine 
JontT William, labourer 460 south Second 
Jones "Villiam, cordwainer Vine above Thirteenth 
Jones W Kx. wheelwright Frankf. road above Queen 
Jones Willuni R. engraver 23 Cai'ter's alley 
JJones William, labowrer, back 100 north Eleventh 
Jordan Abigail, vidow German below Fourth 
Jordan Frances, superior of the St. Joseph*$ Orphans' 
asylum, 134 south Sixth 


Jordan Henry, currier 129 north Second 

Jordan John, merchant 123 north Tliird 

Jortlan Joseph F. pedlar 161 Crdar 

Jordan Mary, wi'low ot"Jo>epli, 10 Bonsall 

Joi'xlan Michael, t lilor 4th above Franklin 

Jordan Michael, mariner 310 south Third 

Jordan Patrick, teacher 246 south Third 

Jordan Richard, druggist and apothecary S E cornci 

Third and Coates 
Jordan Thomas, agent for inland transport. 4 Decatur 
Jordan William, cordwainer 9 Pratt's court 
Jordan Zachariah, labourer West near Marlborough 
Jorct Francis, oysterman 52 N Second — d h 14 Union 
Joseph Al)raham, mei-chant 130 Arch 
tjoseph Eliza, back 165 (ierman 
fjoseph John, sawyer Clever alley 

I Joseph John, barber 214 Cedar 
osepli Manuel, manner 75 Plum 
Josepli S-\muel, late storekeeper 161 Cedar 

I Joseph William, hairdresser 84 Shippen 
osiah James, sea captain io Christian 
Josiah J. & G. M'Leod, ropemakers and shipchandlers 

40 South wharves 
Joubert Peter, goldsmith 240 south Second 
Joule Sarah, milliner from London, 410 north 4th 
Jourdan David, merchant back :J9 N Water — d h Cal- 

lowhill above Eleventli 
Jourdan Henry, labourer Maria above 4th (N L) 
Jourdan Samuel, labourer Shippen above Sixth 
Jourdan Sarah, boardinghouse 41 north Eighth 
fJourdan Thomas, carter 76 Plum 
jourdon Thomas, weaver 84 north Water 
fJoval John, labourer Pa^svunk below Christian 
Joyce David, shoemaker Clever alley 
Joyce John J. smith 90 Cherry 
Joyce Thomas, watchmaker 2-12 south Sixth 
Joyce Thomas, tobacconist 86 Shippen 
Joyce Thomas, tailor 20 \'ci iion 
Joyncs Littleton, grocer 418 north Third 
Joynt Charles, sui-gcon barher 335 north Front 
tJudah Harriet, Paper alley 
Judd Anson (Judd's hotel) 27 south Third 
Julian William, carpenter 34 Carter's alley 
jjulius James, sawyer 5 Madison's alley 
f Jupiter Esther. Small below Sixth 
Juppenlatz Frederick, baker 354 south Second 
Justice Cliarles, shoemaker 474 Race 
Justice Eilizabeth, widow, 201 Shippen 
Justice Friend, carter Sch. 8th above Race 
Justice (jeorge, surveyor toNoith American insursmce 

company 82 Crown 
Justice G.M merchant 149 Market — d h 233 Vine 
Justice George W. accountant 33 Coates 

KAT whitely's annual 

Justice Isaac, brickinaker Perry below Pine 
Justice J. & G. M. merchants 149 High 
Justice Jacob, hardware merch. 149 High and 117 Vine 
Justice J. P. printer 481 north Second 
Justice Margaret, 74 Crown 

Justice Samuel, cordwainer Second above Germ, road 
Justice W. A. shipwright Marlborough cor Bedford 
Justus Philip, carpenter 24 Wood 
Juvenal Bartholomew, starch and hairpowder manufac- 
tory, cor. Margaretta and Newmarket streets 
•Juvenal Jacob, starch factory O. York r. ab. Callowhill 
Juvenal Susannah, starchmaker cor. Old York & Noble 

KAGAN TIMOTHY, carter Small near Sixth 

Kaign Joseph, farmer Kaighnton (N J) 

Kaign John, farmer Kaighnton (N J) 

Kaighn Sarah, gentlewoman Kaighnton (N J) 

Kaiker Anthony, victualler O. York r. ab. Buttonwood 

Kaiter Isaac, shipcarpenter John street 

Kalbach Henry, sugar refiner 31 Chester 

Kalbach & Landes, sugar refiners 189 Cherry 

Kale Geo. labourer Apple near George (N L) 

Kaler Jacob, shopkeeper 56 St. Taminany 

Kalhaffer Margaret, widow 20 Bryan's alley 

Kampman Francis C. 68 north Third 

Kane Daniel, tobacconist corner Queen and Second 

Kane Daniel, jr. tobacconist 87 Queen (S) 

Kane Elisha, gentleman 244 Walnut 

Kane Elizabeth, widow 99 New 

Kane George, tobacconist N W cor. Queen and Second 

Kane John K. attorney at law 191 Walnut 

tKane Richard, wondsawyer Merriott's lane above 4th 

Kane Thomas, cordwainer Beach near Maiden 

Kane, widow of John, grocer 25 Union 

Kanows Marv, widow 30 Kunckel 

Karchoff Christopher, 392 north Third 

Karch off Jacob, tobacconist S94 north Third 

Karen Francis, typefounder 178 Shippen 

Karl John, accountant Ger. road below Third 

Karne Anthony (96 next 14th April, his 2d wife 76) 

65 Budd 
Karner Christian, watchman, back 174 Pine 
Karrager Anthony, vict. 81 High st. market above 5th 
Karral Mary, widow cor. Otter and Germantown road 
Kartsher Charles, grocer corner Fourth and Browne 
Kaseley Andrew, tailor Seh. 8th below High 
Katez Dorothy, widow 30 north Seventh 
Kates Jacob, tobacconist 9 Hoffman's alley •- 

Katz Adam, smith 486 north Third / 

Katz George, corder 23 Vine 


Jiatz Henry, woodsawyer Fourth above Browne 

Katz John, baker 113 Cherry street 

Katz J. Jcihn, bookbinder over the Phoenix hosehouse — 

d h 9 Zanc 
Katz John, labourer 113Clieiry 
Katz Michael, carter llKunckel 
Katez VVm. bellhanger and locksmith 28 north 7th 
Kavanaugh Arthur, mariner 11 Dock 
Kavanaugh Frances, widow 292 Arcli above Tenth 
Kay Aaron, accountant Prime above Front 
Kay Benjamin, grocer 200 N Water & 205 north Front 
Kay Charles, sea captain 47 Almond 
Kay James, bandbox manufactory 119 north Sixth 
Kay Joseph, tanner corner Fourth aud Franklin 
Kay Joseph, hatter 42 north Fiont and 50 High 
Kay Joseph L sea captain 113 Lombard 
Kay Josiah S. Poplar lane above Ninth 

Kay , tiacher Franklin court 

Kays Addis, carpenter corner Charles and James 

Kaystr Jolin G. doctor 176 not th Fifth 

Keal Conrad, weaver Hose alley below Coates 

Kean Harman, tailor 187 St. John [see Keen 

Kean John, smith & farrier, Lombard ab. 4th — d h 78 

south Fifth 
Kean Mary, spinster Galbreath's court 
Kean Roger, mariner 97 Shippen 
Kean Roger, mariner 94 Clare alley 
Kean Sarah, widow grocer 22 Barron 
Kean William, clerk 82 Race 

Kearny Francis, engraver 10 Library — d h 57 south 7th 
Kearney Mary, widow back 46 Spruce [.sre Carney 
Kearney Robert, Beach near Maiden (K) 
Kearney Samuel, cordwainer 276 south Sixth 
Keasbcy Jesse, currier 67 and 2 Lodge street 
Keates Margaret, widow 19 Beck's alley 
Keath William, currier S Ecor. Eleventh and North 
Keating Jerome, mercliant 183 south Fifth 
Keating John, gentleman 183 scutli Fifth 
Keating John, jr. attorney at law 17 & 183 south Fifth 
Keating John, coachman 1 Dawson's court 
Keating Lambert, boot & shoe manuf. 51 N Second 
Keating Margaret, widow shopkeeper 6 Prune 
Keating William, late grocer Cherry near Sch. 6th 
Keck Adam, currier Crown above Callowhill & back 

461 north Second 
Keck C H. machincmaker and turner in metals 5 Ap- 

pletrec alley — d h 153 Cherry 
Keck John, tanner, Allen near Point road (K) 
Keeck Mercy, nurse 448 north Front 
Keef John & Jas. vermicelli manuf. Prime ab. Front 
Keef Joseph, oakcooper 9 Federal 
Keegan William, tailor Hause's court 
Keel Baltjs, printer 21 Sassafras alley 


Keel Ellis, constable High W. Permanent Bridge 
Keel Henry, shop 15 Bnan's alley 
Keel John, cordwainer Callowhill above John 
Keely Abraham, blacksmith Ger. road below Second 
Keemer Elizabeth, widow 422 south Front 
Keeley Ellen, widow 165 north Sixth 
Keemhle John, m. d. 6th above Callowhill 
Keemle' Isaac A. conveyancer 6th above Callowhill 
Kcemle' Isaac, conveyancer 222 north Fifth 
Keemle' John, m. d. 222 north Fifth 
Keemle' Samuel, attornev at law 10:1 Arch 
Keen Abigail, widow, back 580 vouu\ Second 
Keen Andrew, shipjoiner Shakamaxon near Queen 
Keen Catharine, widt)W Queen near Bishop (K) 
Keen 8c Curry, lumber merch. W. Permanent Bridge 
Keen & Drais, sailmak'^rs Summer's whai'f 
Keen Harman, tailor 189 St John 
fKcen Henry, oysterman 80 St. Mary 
Keen Jacob, shipjoiner Penn ^K)— d h Crown bel. Prince 
Ke -u James, labourer Cedar above Thirteenth 
Keta James, shipjoiner 485 south Second 
Keen James C. sailmaker 367 north Front 
Keen John E. tanner 511 north Front 
Keen J. storekeeper Lancaster turnpike i*. ab. High 
Keen Joseph S. & Co. lumber merch. W. Per nrt. Bridge 
Keen Jos. & Sons, curriers 115 Chesnut 8c 19 S Fourth 
Keen Matthias, carpenter Lancaster turnpike n. High 
Keen Rebecca, mantuamaker 146 Cherry 
Keen Samuel VV. currier 115 Chesnut— d h 19 S 4th 
Keen Sarah, widow 120 New street 
Keen Sarah Mrs. 147 south Ninth 
Keen William W. currier 115 Chesnut street 
KefFer Anthony, caulker Vienna near Duke 
KefFer John, cordwainer 164 north Fourth 
Keffer Mary, milkwoman Vienna near Duke 
Kehr J. baker 447 north Third [see Korr and Corr 

Kehram Thomas, labourer 154 north Fifth 
Keighler Jacob, copper 8c tinware manuf. S E corner 
^ Cherry and Sixth— d h 94 north Sixth 
Keighler Margaret, boai'dinghouse 123 south Eleventh 
Keighler William, tinsmith back of 104 north Sixth 
Keilig C. F. drygoods store and furrier 77 north Third 
Keim Jacob, copperplate maker 187 Cherry 
Keim John, turner 8c coal dealer 125 8c 127 N Fourth 
Keim Wilham, turner 174 north Fourth 
Keim WiUiam, jr. turner 174 north Fourth 
Keiper Abraham, tobacconist 86 north Fourth 
Keisler Catharine, widow Steinmetz court 
Keiter Isaac, shipwright Carpenter above Front 
Keith Caleb, boot and shoemaker 152 Arch 
Keith How, saddletree plater, Frankf. road n. Otter 
Keith Robert, hairdresser 62 Race 
Keith Samuel, merchant 231 south Front 


Kcitli William, currier Eleventh corner North 
Kflcli (ieorgc, weaver 32 Bread 
Kclch James, saddler 4 Carlisle's court 
Kelcli James, cordwainer 97 (ierman 

Kcliskv .gentleman 119 south Front 

Kell Adam, laljourcr Sch. Eighth above Cherry 

Kellana Ann, Mrs. mantuamaker 31 Jones's alley 

Keller John, waterman 107 Catliarine 

Keller Conrad, tjnplate worker 64 north Front 

Keller George, carpenter Crown above Race 

Keller Herman, tinplate worker 403 S Second street 

Keller Samuel, shoemaker 203 north Thinl 

Keller William, blacksmith 81 New 

Keller William P. carpenter 12 Wagner's alley 

Kelley Eleanor, grocer 198 north Water 

Kelley Haanah, widow boardinghouse 83 Arch 

[see K'ik, Kille, 1st Kelly 
Kellogg Hosea, merchant 15 north Water 
Kellum Uavid, wharf builder Shakamaxon 
Kellum John, labourer 513 sonth Second n. Bedford 
Killnm Sarah, widow Emlen's ay. or coui;J; 
Kelly Catharine, widow Pitt near Germantown road 
Kelly Daniel, weaver Penntown (Ridge road) 
Kelly Edward, tavernkeeper 5 Greenleaf alley 
Kelly Elizabeth, widow Cobb's court (N L) 
Kelly Daniel R. merchant tailor 12 north Front 
Kelly Hugh, cordwainer Merriott's lane above Fourth 
Kelly Jas. teacher 6 Myers' ct. — school Cherry ab. 6th 
Kelly John, labourer back 387 south Front 
Kelly John, labourer Shakamaxon near Bedford 
Kelly John, grocer 20 Sansom and 79 Penn 
Kelly John, labourer Lombard above Sch. Sixth 
Kelly John W. 56 north Second — d h 154 north Fourth 
Kelly John, cordwainer Washington above Second 
Kelly John, sea captain and pilot 51 Meade ay. 
Kelly John, carter 297 south Fifth 
Kelly Jonathan, carpenter 8 Pratt's court 
Kelly Mary, widow Lombard near Perry 
Kelly Norris, shoemaker 3 Shippen 
Kelly Patk. weaver Germantown road near Fourth 
Kelly Philip, 299 Chesimt 
Kelly Rebecca, widow milliner 91 Arch 
Kelly Robert W. trunkmaker south Water — d n 111 

soutk Front 
tKelly Samuel, sawyer, back 120 Plum 
Kelly Thomas, 70 High — d h 10 south Seventh 
Kelly Thomas, tailor Merriott's lane ney Fifth 
Kelly Wm. shoemaker 95 German 
Kelly Wm. skindresser Pitt below the Germ, road 
Kelly widow of John, skindresser Pitt near Germ, road 
Kelly Wm. shipwrighl 9 Christian 
tKclsey John, labourer 261 Spruce 

KEN whitely's annual 

Kelter David, juncombmaker 140 Cedar 

Kelton Robert, porter Fourth above Browne 

Kemble Chas. oak cooper 56 N. 5th — shop in South ay , 

Kerable George, shoemaker 33 south 'Ihird 

Kemble Joseph, wheelwright Maiden near stone bridge 

Kemble West, carter Hart's court 

Kemil John, \ict. 237 St. John's 

Kemp George, accoHiitant 92 south Fifth 

Kemp John, tailor, back 109 Cherry 

Kemper rev Jackson, 25 Sansom 

Kempton Jchn, bricklaver 192 north Fifth 

Kempton Mrs. widow boardinghouse 143 Chesnut 

Kempton Samuel M. accountant 18 High 

Kenderdiue Jacob, carpenter Kunckle below Green 

Kendrick David, innkeeper 427 High 

tKennard Jas. waiter Quince below Locust _ 

Kennard Margaret, widow 220 S. 7th [see Kinnard 

Kennedy Andrew, accountant 510 south Front 

Kennedy David, in bank of N. America, 108 Union 

Kennedy David, glass and picture store 109 and d h 236 

Kennedy Frances, widow 12 Gilles' alley 
Kennedy George, labourer Germ. r. above 1st gate 
Kennedy Henry H. sea captain 41 ShJppen 
Kennedy Isaac P. boot manufacturer and teacher of 

sacred music, 43 south Front 
Kennedy John, innkeeper Ridge road bel. the 1st gate 
Kennedy John, cordwainer 90ncrth Water 
Kennedy M. & K. miUiners 464 Race n. Broad 
Kennedy Mary Ann Mrs. Passyunk road above 8th 
Kennedy Mary Mrs. back 107 Catharine 
Kennedy Nathaniel, teacher Queen n. Frankford road 
Kennedy Patrick, victualler 119 Moyamensing road- 
stall 39 New market 
Kennedy Peter, blacksmith 54 north Eighth 
Kennedy Rachel, widow 226 north W^ater 
Kennedy Rachel Mrs. 56 Queen (S) 
Kennedy Robert S. carpenter 56 George (S) 
Kennedy Robert, naval storekeeper 566 S. Front 
Kennedy Robert Penn, Point Pleasant (K) 

Kennedy , 500 south Front 

Kennedy Saml. sign 8c ornamental painter back 93 Arch 
Kennedy Samuel, cordwainer Buttonwood above Fifth 
Kennedy S. lookingglass manufactory 72 Chesnut— d h 

3 Lodge 
Kennedy Samuel, hatter 4 Trotter's ay. 
Kennedy Sarah, widow 270 south Third 
Kennedy Sarah, Mrs. 87 Queen (S) 
Kennedy Thomas, conveyancer &c. back 93 Arch 
Kennedy Thomas D. sea captain 219 south Front 
Kennedy W. D. carpenter 255 south Seventh 
Kennedy William, bookbinder Buttonwood lane 
Kennedy William, cordwainer 46 Spruce 


Kennedy William, weaver 292 south Third 

Kennedy William, weaver Dean 

Kenney Jimes, labourer Mark's lane 

Kenney Mary, widow ot Daniel, back 77 Christian 

Kenney Sarah, widow 38 Queen 

Kenny iNlichael, carter 223 Shippen 

Kenny Thomas, carpenter Vine near SchuvlkiU 8th 

Kensel George, carpenter near 46j nunli Ttiird 

Kensel Gc()rgc, plasterer Hnnovcr near Prince 

Kensel Jacob, bricklayer Smith's alley (N L) 

Kensel John, gentleman 69 north Eighth 

Kensel John, cordwainer 37 North street 

Kensel Margaret, widow 30 Kunckcl 

Kensler Klizabeth, widow, nurse 3 York court 

Kensler Michael, brirkmakcr Cedar near Sch. Eighth 

Kent Joseph, mariner 66 Passyunk road 

fKenion Augustus, cook 143 Cedar 

Kenton Barbara N. widow 155 Cherry 

Kenton James C 163 Vine 

Kenton Joseph, jun. distiller Carpenter bet. 6th and 7th 

Kenton Robert, innkeeper Ridge road above Francis 

Kenton & Torens, wholesale & retail grocers 134 High 

Kenworthy John, painter, 8cc. 3 south Seventh — d h 

George above Tenth 
Kenyon capt. Henry, quarantine master of the port of 

Pliiladelphia, 41 north Eighth 
Keogh Patrick, grocer 78 N Fifth S W corner Cherry 
Kepley Christian, drayman Old Yi 'kr. bel. Tammany 
Keppele Michael, alaerman 3 Library — d h 266 Wal- 
nut above Tenth 
Kerbaugh Daniel, labourer, back 43 Charlotte 
Kerbaugh John, cooper Crown near Frankford road 
Kern G. jun. 8c Co. clothing warehouse 123^ S Wuter 

N E cor horsedock, Dr.twbridge 
Kern Gabriel, iun. tailor 123i S Water and N E corner 

Swanson and Alnaond 
Kern John, accountant (of the Custom house) 37 Crown 
Kern John, 181 Pine 

Kern Thos. innkeeper (Bull's Head'! H.inMiton village 
Kern Maria, widow Queen above Marlborough 
Kerney Wm. labourer 77 Plmn 
Ker Adam, .sea captain 68 ITnion 
Kcr John, coachmaker 19 Locust 

Ker S.irah, widow 1 19 Arch {nee Carr llf Karr 

Kerr Ann, widow Arch above Schuylkill Fourth 
Kerr James, saddlery and coach fun, iturc warehouse 

120 High 
Kerr J;.ines, Race below Schuylkill Front 
Kerr John, !)ricklaycr Jones street above Sch. Fifth 
KeiT Wm. saddle, liarness & trunk manuf Vy2 High 
Kerrick Andrew, labourer corner Sch. 5th and Pine 
Kerrick Sarah, widow Perry bclo'v Prince 
Kessler Frederick, shoemaker 8 Hoffman's alley 

KIL whitely's annual 

Kessler John, justice of the peace, 166 Coates 
Kessler John, jun. grocer and collector of taxes tor 
wards No. 1, 2, 3 and 4, of the Northern Liberties, 
S W corner Fourth and Coates 
Kessler George, labourer Cherry above Duke 
Kessler Mary, widow of Jjconard N E cor Noble & 4th 
Kessler Mary, widow 10 Small 
Ketler Charles, tobacconist 17 German 
Ketler Christian, gardener Passyunk i'. bel. Christian 
Ketler John, flour store Callowhill near Ridge road 
Ketler Joseph, teacher of the Adelphi public school, 

S W corner Green and Second 
Ketler Wm. cooper S W corner Green and Second 
Ketler Wm. stonemason &c, 354 Greene 
Kethering Peter, labourer Orange above West 
Keys John, carpenter Vine ay. above Twelfth 
Keys John L. shipmaster 26 Union ay, (S) 
Keys John, shoemaker High near Sch. Seventh 
Keys Joseph, shoemaker 35 Franklin street 
Keysen Andrew, drygoods store 70 north Fourth 
Keyser Adam, baker Pine below Twelfth 
Keyser Charles, teacher German hall — d h 8 N Ninth 
Keyser Elhanan W. lumber merchant 133 N Ninth 
Keyser Elizabeth, widow 266 St. John 
Keyser George, baker 378 N Second 
Keyser & Gorgas, lumber merchants 225 N Water 
Keyser Henry, ladies' shoemaker Vine ab Thirteenth 
Keyser Jacob, grocer 195 N Second — d h 56 Vine 
Keyser Jacob, plasterer 346 Race above Twelfth 
Keyser Jacob, baker St, Joseph's avenue 
Keyser John, flour store 291 Callowhill 
Keyser widow of John, 236 St. John 
- Keyser Joseph 8c Jacob, grocers 195 N Second 
Keyser Joseph, fancy chairmaker Rachel 
Keyser Nathan L. lumber merchant 35 Callowhill 
Keyser Nicholas, labourer Wright's ay. near Vine 
Keyser Peter, lumber merchant 35 Callowhill 
Keyser William, cooper Rose alley above Coates 
Kibby Charles, baker 161 north Water 
Kibler Joseph, brushmaker 104 north Third 
Kibler Margaret, widow 198 St. John 
Kidd John, labourer Oak near Noble 
Kid Robert, coppe*" merchant 91 Walnut 
Kidwell Ann, widow milliner 64 Mulberry 
Kiechline Wm. victualler, 31 New market south 2d — 

d h Callowhill above Eighth 
Kiifkard Daniel, oysterman 112 south Water 
Kiker Pete r, victualler Cranmer's court 
Kiker Samuel, vict. 3 Cranmer's court 
liile George, fisherman Cherry near Prince 
Kilgris James, weaver Aspen ay. west Sch. Second 
Kilhower Michael, farmer Moyamensing road below 


Kille Aaron, merchant 63 N Front— d h 88 Vine 

Killigan M;iiy, storekeeper 98 north Seventh 

KiUion Mrs>. ci)r>Ietn>uker 156 Arch 

Killpaliick Fr.iiiris, soap& candle niamif. 320CallowhiU 

Kilipatrick Matilda, widow Lombard west Sch. 8th 

Killroy John, cordwaincr Shields' ay 

Kilpatrick Aniii-ew, grocer corner Shippen and 7th 

Kilpalrick (icorge, cliandler Pine west Broad 

Kilpairick Wni. manner 84 (ierman 

Kimbtr Caleb, teacher Londjard street public scliool 

— d h 197 Lombard 
Kimber George, saddler 40 Coate's ay. 
Kiniber & Siiarplcss, booKsellers ar.d stationers 93 High 
Kimber Thomas, bookseller 93 High— dii 124 Fine 
Kimble Job, cabinetmaker 16 \ ernon 
Kimmey Abraham, sea captain 38 Almond 
Kindale Elizabeth, tailorcss 21 north Eigl\tii 
Kindel Clavion, siove manufacturer 224 south Front — 

d h 78 Cedar 
Kir.dcli M;iry, widow Brown below Third 
Kimr Henry, labourer Christian above Third 
Knicr Lewis, carter Merriott's lane above Fourth 
King Alexander, drayman Rarliel above Poplar 
King Benasah, tailor Kacliel above Poplar lane 

tKing Charles, cook Bradfi»rd's ay. 

King Danitl, bras^tounder 76 south Front 

King Deborah, tutoress 170 south Fifth 

King Edward, attorney at law 99 south Fifth 

King Elizabeth, shopkeeper 183Shippen 

King Henry, sea captain 8 Noble 

King Heimanus, tailor 37 Coate's ay 

King Isaiah, carter Frankford road above Quec; 

King J. labourer below Front * 

King Jacob, carter Rachel near Laurel 

King James, gentleman 210 north Front 

King James, cordwainer Middle allev 

King John, painter, &c. Pine above Tenth 

King John, gardener Arcli above Sch. Third 

KiiiR John, shipcarpenter 35 Piosperous alley 

King John, grocer corner Sec nd and Cierman 

King John, goldbeater 131 norih Eighth 

tKinj^ John, jjorter 35 Piosperous alley 

King Joseph, shallopman Oak (N L) below hayscales 

King Joseph, wircfender-inaker Broad below Locust 

Kin^ Lxtitia, cordwainer 79 C'cdar 

tKing Lawrence, nitriner Atkinson's court 

King IVlfiry, shopkee])er 115 Callowh\ll 

King Margaret, sluKstorc 236 south Second 

KiuK Rich;ird, carpenter 26 ')ak(S) 

King Solomon, shoel)lack 29 soutli 'I bird 

KiiiR Thomas, tanner 502 north Second 
tKins Thomas, bottler 203 \\'ashington court 

King W'm. T. & C. merchants, 48 South wharves— d h 
76 south Front 

KIT whitely's annual 

King Wm. carpenter Ann above Sch, Eighth 
Kingston Si mon, sea captain and mastei' of the navy yard 

538 south Front 
Kingston Stephen, merchant — office back 14 Locust 
Kingston Thomas, carpenter 217 south Fifth 
Kingston William, rigger Thatcher's court 
Kinley Henry, carpenter, back 88 north Front 
Kinnan John, turner, &c. 76 Dock — d h 5 Gray's alley 
Kinnard Anthony, carpenter 208 St. John [see Kennard 
Kinney John, tavernkeeper 202 Cedar 
Kinsey Edward, sen. N W corner of Chesnut and Third 
Kinsey Edw. jr. saddler, &c. N W cor. Chesnut & 3d 
Kinsey James, drygoods store 46 south Second 
Kinsey Jonathan, carpenter 11 Summers' court 
Kinsey Jonathan, sea captain back 171 Green 
Kinsler Elizabeth, widow Thirteenth below Racfe- 
Kinsley George, plasterer Say street 
Kinsley John, linen weaver 66 Shippen 
Kinsley John, printer 16 Shippen opposite Vernon 
Kinsley Robert, brickmaker Spruce W. Sch. Sixth 
Kinsley Samuel, brickmaker Spruce cor. Sch. Sixth 
Kinsman Israel, merchant 111 High— d h 250 Arch 
Kintzing Abraham, merchant 5 south Eleventh 
Kip William, cordwainer High west of Sch. Sixth 
Kip Isaac J. teacher Prince near Shakamaxon 
Kirby William, shoemaker 58 Cun-ant alley 
Kirk Isaac D. lapidary and glass engraver Sch. Eighth 
Kirk John, coachmaker Vine near Schuylkill 
Kirk Robert, cabinetmaker Baker's court 
Kirk Thomas, farmer Baker's court 
Kirk William, wheelwi'ight Baker's court 
Kirkley William, tanner back 52 New 
^Kirkham William, merchant 7 south Fourth 
Kirkland Thos. tanner and currier Oak below Coates 
Kirkpatrick David, currier 97 Chesnut 
Kirkpatrick Ferguson, cabinetmaker and grocer 188 

Cedar :^ 

Kirkpatrick John, carpenter Locust below Thirteenth 
Kirkpatrick Rachel, 2 Billings' court 
Kirn Abraham, cordwair,er Allen near Frankford road 
Kisselman Susannah, gentlewoman 166 south Second 
Kissick John, engineer Water-works at Fair Mount 
Kitchen James, Merchants' Coffee-house, 86 south 2d — 

d h 99, olijiosite, in the same street 
Kitchen Joseph, trader 108 Crowrt 
Kitchen Phineas, corner Seventh and Wood 
Kite Berijamin & Thomas, booksellers a9d stationers 20 

north Third 
Kite Isaac, jun. carpenter 98 north Eleventh 
Kite Jonathan, potter 125 Garden 
Kite Joseph, china store 34 south Fourth 
Kite Joseph, printer 20 north Third 
Kite Joseph S. keeper of the Debtor's prison. Arch ab. 



Rite Tliomas, bookseller 20 north Third — d h 137 High 
Kitcr William, conhvaiiicr Hrnsstar's iilloy (K) 
Kitlcr J)l\n L. Windsor clv.iirmaker ,1Ky lunili I'liird 
Kittcra 'I'honias, attorney at law, fij smith Sixth 
Kitts John, slii])nKister '293 south Front 
Kitts Miciiacl, oak cooper Price's court 
Klapp Joseph, M.D. 290 S. Second and 72 Almond 
Klajjp &: Williamson, druggists N E cor. 2d & Almond 

Klapp , grocer Sixtli near Crcrmantown road 

Kleckner John, farmer Passyunk ruad ab. Federal 
Klein (ieorge, vie t. 80 High st. market above Fifth 
KIcitz Daniel, baker Po|)iar lane near Fourth 
Klemm & Brother, importers of all kinds of musicalin- 

struments, &c. 1 north Fourth 
Kletc Frederick, drug, paint and glass store 261 N. 2d 

— d h N E cor. 3d and Callowliill 
Klett John, combmakcr 83 Plum 
Klewell Abraham, turner cor. Sixth and Germ, road 
Kline Abraham, innkeeper 90 north Seventh 
Kline George, cordwainer 505 north Third 
Kline George, jr. cordwainer 105 Budd 
Kline James, cordwainer 105 Budd 
Kline John, drayman 88 Bedford [see C/me 

Kline John, 9 N. L market 
Kline John, cordwainer 6 Rihl's court 
Kline John G. grocery and tavern 492 north Third 
Kline Peter, biicklayer 374 north 'I'liird ' 
Klincsmith Lewis, cabinetmaker back 82 Green 
Klinglc Andrew, cooj^r and gnager 268 N. Second 
Klonegar John, baker 1 C!\anccry lane 
Klose Peter, baker 83 Passyunk road 
Klosser H. gentleman 28 S.uisom 
Klotz Charles, storekeeper 188 north Second — d h Em- 

len's court 
Klotz John, weaver 207 St. Johns 
Klotz John C. tailor High W. of Sch. Seventh 
Kneass Christian, silver|)later 16 S 6th — d h 154 S. 6th 
Kneass & Co plane and tool manuf. 10 south Eighth 
Kneass Fred. F. plane. &c manuf. 10 south Eighth— d U 

south Sixtli below Spruce 
Kneass Michael, planemaker 10 south Eighth— d h 162 

Kneass John, copperplate printer 18 Library street, op- 
posite U. S Hank— d h 8 S. Sch. Eighth 
Kneass 8c Saurman, copj)eri)late printers 18 Library St. 

opposite the U. S Bank 
Kneass Wm. engraver 8 S. 8th, d h N E cor. Filb. & 12th 
Knenss, Young & Co. engravers 8 south Eighth 
Knecht George, victualler 189 Callowhill, stall 61 New 

market soutli Svcond 
Knteland rev. Abncr, (minister of the first Independent 

church of Christ) 137 Chesnut 
Knerr Henrv, innkeeper 140 High [see Knorr 

s 2 

KUR whitely's annual 

Krim Henry, moroccodresser 527 north Third 
Krim Margaret, 8 Juniper lane 
Krim Mary, nurse 39 Coates alley 
Krimel George F. merchant 252 Lombard 
Krimmer William, tailor, back of 111 Bi'owne 
Ki'ipps Jacob, chairmaker 462 north Second 
Kripps Margaret, shopkeeper 464 north Second 
Kripps Philip, potter 265 St. John 
Krise William, baker S W corner Second and Plum 
Krisig Christopher, roppmaker 455 south Second 
Krites Peter, brickmaker Jones' alley below Sch. Sixth 
KroU William, cupper & bleeder, Kunckel bel. Noble 
Kromm Henry, vict. stall 10 New market, S Second 

— d h cor. of James and Charles 
Krouskop George, blacksmith 416 south Second 
Krouskop John, carpenter Sixth below Fitzwalter 
Krug F. V, merchant 139i High 
Kruger Rachel, High above Schuylkill Fifth 
Krull George, watchman 373 north Front 
Krumbhaar Lewis, merchant 106 Spruce 
Krumer Daniel, cordwainer 106 Green 
Krump Adam, labourer William near Rose 
Kubler John, labourer 250 south Sixth 
Kucher Jacob, salt and coal measurer, 13 Sassafras alley 

and 26 Juliana 
Kuen Samuel, combmaker 399 south Third 
Kugler Catharine, widow, 89 Callowhill 
Kugler George, tallow chandler 208 Vine 
Kugler Henry, watchman Queen below Sixth 
Kugler Jacob, farmer Passyunk road below Federal 
Kugler John, oakcooper 45 Passyunk road 
Kuhl Henry, cashier of the Farmers' and Mechanics' 

bank, 108 south Eighth 
K-uhn Catharine, widow 92 Crown 
Kubn C. merchant (4 York buildings) Walnut near 8th 
Kuhn Daniel, late cordwainer 2 Lxtitia court 
Kuhn Elizabeth, 52 Crown 
Kuhn George, beerhouse 132 south Water 
Kuhn George K. auctioneer and commission merchant, 

15 north Fourth — dh 31 Sansom 
Kuhn Hartman, merchant 142 Chesnut 
Kuhn John, milkman Ridge road above Callowhill 
Kuhn W^illiam, shoemaker 2 Lsetitia court 
Kunckel John, victualler, stall 9 New-market, south 2d 

— d h James (P T) isee Conkle 

Kunckel M, gentlewoman 284 north Third 
Kunitz L cupper, bleeder and leecher 17 north Eighth 
Kunz Jacob, gunsmith Germantown road above Second 
Kurtz George, painter &c. Wood above Eighth 
Kurtz John, storekeeper 145 St. John 
Kurtz Sarah, widow, Apple below George f N L) 
Kurtz Sarah, seamstress Smith's court W. Sch. Eighth 
Kurtz William, milkman Poplar lane above Ninth 

urver James, hatter 61 Coates 


Kutter & Shuman. new German coffL-e-house 75 Walnut 
Kutter Joliii M G-.-rinan coffee house, 75 Walnut 
K\ Ic Conriul, sen. CHipet weavci" 40 north Third 
Kyle Jane, teaclier 122 north Front 
Kyser Nicholas, sngarboiler Wright's ay. [see Keyset 

L.\BBEE CHARLES, Stewart's alley 

Labbee Francis C. dancing master 13 Library — d h 169 

Labbree J. B. sea captain Queen near Gunner's run 
La Blanc Louis, 198 south Fifth 
Labtuere Henry, broker 78 south Eighth 
La Brouse , gentleman Moyamensing road below 

Lacave John, hairdresser 101 south Fifth 
Lace William, coachspringmaker 17 south Seventh — d 

h 46 Carpenter 
Tjacey Edward, mariner Federal above Front 
Lacey Jesse, tailor 194 Front 5 doors below Pine 
Lacey John, watchinaker 79 Walnut — d h 194 S Front 
Lacey Moses jr. labourer Wright's alley 
Lacey I'aul, mercer and tailor 6 Jones's alley 
Lacey Pernel, washerwoman Arch near Broad 
Lacey Robert, brickmaker Juniper above Race 
Lnckev Hcnrv, blockmaker 15 South wharves 
Lackev Jas. blacksmith 1 1 Franklin ct. [see Luckey 

Lacock William S. carpenter. Quince below Locust 
Lacoml)e C boardir.ghouse 178 Spruce 
Lacoml)e Peter, drvj^oods store 232 south Second 
Ladd Samuel, gentleman, 153 S Eleventh [see Laird 
Laddon Abraham, combmaker Buitonwood above Fifth 
Lady Mary, shopkeeper 487 High 
Lafaver Philip, ladies' shoemaker 6 Pear 
Laffertv Bernard, labourer 214 south Sixth 
Laffert'y Edward, sea captain 235 N 2d [see Luverth 
Lalerty Archibald, cordwainer l)ack 49 Brown 
Lafetra Amy, lailoress, Sec. 105 north Front 
I^afilte Anthony, teacher 40 Strawberry 
Laforgue Bridget, widow 3 ^^'illow court 
Lafourcade P. M. printer & bookseller N W Race & 2d 
Lahra Mary, widow St. Mary above Seventh 
Laidley Phoebe, widow of James, 29 south Front 
tLagraurd Michael, 211 south Seventh 
Laime' & Heurion, confectioners 124 High 
Laime' B. confectioner 124 High 
Lair John, shoemaker Eleventh below Pine 
Lair John, farmer Quince below Walnut 

I Lair Joseph, woodsawyer Ninth below Lombard 
^aird Thomas, weaver north Front above Stone bridgt 
1 .aird Wm. tobacconist 109 Race [sec Ladd is" Llotu: 

LAN whitely's annual 

Lajou Josephine, widow 140 south Fifth 

Lajus Paul, confectioner 86 High — d h 165 Pine 

Lake Christopher, labourer Front above Poplar 

Lake David, sexton to Methodist church, New street 

Lake Jacob, labourer Fraiikford road n. Palmer sti'ee.t 

Ijake John, moroccodresser 89 south Fifth 

Lake Lucas, blacksmith Beach near High bridge 

Lake Mary, widow Green near Kunckel 

Lake Thomas, accountant 47" George (S) 

Laland John, cabinetmaker 67 Queen 

Lalanne Dominick P broker 73 Lombard 

Lalemand (general) Henry, 148 Pine 

];Lamai Etienne, barber Chesnut bet. Fourth & Fifth 

Lamarzelle Peter, hairdresser 44 Duke 

Lamb John, grocer 336 Race 

Lamb John, malster 97 St. John and 187 Callowhill 

Lamb John, labourer 69 Currant alley near Spruce 

Lamb John, labourer St. John near Callowhill 

Lamb Joseph, victualler Davault's court 

Lamb William, malster 95 St. John below Noble 

Lambeath Catharine, teacher 46 Brewer's alley 

Lambary John, bottler 38 Green 

Lambert Benjamin, 48 Union 

Lax-nbert Ehzabeth, widow N W cor. Queen & Swanson 

Lambert Gei-shom W. merchant 75 High — dh 35 Union 

L(ambert John, merchant 20 Branch 

Lamberton Geo. vict. Spring st — stall 16 N. markt. S 2d 

Lame, Margaret, nurse 453 south Front 

Lameasurer James, tailor, back 85 Passyunk 

Lament John, rigger 4 Parham's alley 

Lammot Daniel, merchant 13 S Water— d h 98 S Frant 

tLammoth Jacob, mariner 233 Catharine 

Lamon James, carpet weaver, back 75 north Sixth 

Lamorelle Joseph, tobacco manuf. 61 Lombard 

Lampater George, vict. Garden below Buttonwood 

Lampley Hannah, widow, south 5th above Christian 

Lamsback John, carter Lawrence S E cor. Callowhill 

Lancaster Jacob, labourer Ger. r. above first gate 

i Lancaster Jacob, labourer Pine alley 
.ancaster John, lumber merchant 176 north Fourth 
Lancaster 8c Jenkins, drygoods stoi-e 21 north Second 
Lancaster Joseph, dealer 266 south Fifth 
tLancaster Joseph, porter 100 Gaskill 
Lancaster Knowles, storekeeper 21 N 2d— d h 200 N 4th 
Lancaster Levi, carter 32 Gardc^n 
Lancaster Moses, carpenter 180 north Fourth 
Lancaster Richard, jeweller Cliristian above Seventh 
tLancaster Susan, washerwoman 2331 Lombard 
Lancaster Thomas, grain merchant 61 South wharves 

(Hamilton's wharf) — d h 114 Lombard 
Lance John, mariner 49 Meade alley 
Land Julin, hatter 234 Koutlj Secorid 
Land Mary, widow, back 483 north Second 


Land Michael, labourer 73 Green 

liLindcll George, boatbiiildcr Pcnn (K) — d I) 15 Beach 

Laiulell Mary, boardmghousc 'i77 noith Front 

Laiidcnbiugh VVdliim. cooper Second near Laurel 

Landi Lcsi, 375 south Front 

Landinc Lucy, widow 375 south Front 

Landis David, sugiiri)akor back 185 Cherry 

Landis Henry, slabkkeeper Harmony — d h 15 Powell 

Landis H P. currier 80 Chesnut — d h 31 Carter's alley 

Landis Sanuiel C. saddler &c 254 Sassafras 

Landis & Wilson, livtr) stable Harmony 

Landreth & Co. nursery and seedsmen Federal near 

Gray's terry road 
Landy John, carpenter Germantown road above Budd 
Lane Ann, widow. Mechanic sti"eet 

iLane Charles, 192 Spruce 
■ane Catharine, widow, Camden (N J) 
Lane Edward, accountant 141 south Ninth 
Lane Edward, cordwainev 187 south Front 
Lane John, shoemaker 120 German 
Lane John, oystcrman, cellar S W corner Sixth and 

Carpenter — d h Meade alley 
Lane William N blacksmith 36 Coates alley 

iLang Charles, hairdresser 303 Walnut 
■ang John, mastmakeraiid china store 255 south Front 
tLaiig John, woodsawyer Sixth below Christian 
Lang John C. mercht.'69 south 4th — d h 336 High 
Lang John G. baker 26 Jones' alley 
Lang widow of John, store &: mantuamaker 33 N 8th 
Lang William, gatekeeper at Almshouse 
Lange Jolm, m. d. 95 Green 
Langebartel John Augustus, 95 Coates 
Langer Joseph, suspendermaker 126 north Third 
Langley Davis, mariner Turner's court 
Langstroth J. G. paper manufacturer inquire S W cor. 

High & St-cond 
Langton Thomas, liquor store 24 Lombard 
Langwill Matilda, boardinghouse 16 Carter's alley 
Lannbaugh Frederick, victualler Ajjple near George 
I..annin Tliomas, labourer Hazel alley 

Lanning Benjamin engineer Second near Beaver 
Lanning Hannah, widow tailoress4th above Green 
Lanning Hannah, widow tailoress Fourth above Green 
Lanning Paul, livery stablekeepers Camden N. J. 
Lansinger Mrs. of Jacob, Christian above 5th 
Lapeyre, Farrouilli & Co. merchants 217 High 
Lapeyre Jolm, merchant 217 High 
Laplanche JohnB, confectioner 336 south Second 
Laplante Louis, morocco manuf. 63i south Third — 

d h corner Goforth & Carter's alley 
Lapp Abraham, labouitT 515 north Third 

Lapp Christiana, milliner 446 north Third 

Lapsley David, gentleman 144 Mulberry 

Lapsley David, jun. merchant 157 High->d h 144 Arch 

LAU whitely's annual 

I^apsley John, 23 south Second 

Lapsley Joseph B. merchant 23 south Second — d h 

Chcsniit below Thirteenth 
Lapsley Moses, carter 54 Passyunk road 
Langstroth & Robbins dry goods and hardware store 
Lansh)ger Nicho. lookingglass frame maker Greenwich 
Lapo John, cooper 12 Little Water 
Lantz Jacob, lailor 276 south Seventh 
Larama Francis, painter and glazier Taper alley 
Lare John, brickmaker W dnut near ^^ch. Third 
Lare Henry, jun brickmaker Waln\it near Sch. Third 
Lare Henry & Peter, brickmakers Waluut n. Sch. 3d, 
Larer John, brewer 50 north Sixth 
Larer Melchor, brewer 50 noith Sixth 
Large Daniel, steam enginemaker, factory Front above 

Gcr. road— dh 471 north Front 
Large Dorothy, Mrs. (Sansom's row) 167 Walnut 
Large James, 298 Arch 

Large John, merchant 31 Chesnnt — d h 287 Arch 
Large Stephen, cabinetmaker 103 Budd 
Lark Jolin, porter corner Vine and Thirteenth 
Larkey Edward, labourer 11th near Pine 
Larkum Thomas, boardinghouse 303 Race 
•tLarmeth Jacob, mariner 233 Catharine 
jLarner William, labourer Old York road 
La Page Peter, plasterer Union iilley 
La Roche Rene, m. d 145 Pine above Fifth 
fLary Robert, hatter Quince above Spruce 
Laskey John, baker 111 Brown 

Lasmart Henry, watchman north Eighth ab. Callowhili 
Lassalle John, merchant 440 south Front 
Latimer Eliza, widow 282 south Front 
tLatimer Freeman, mariner 201 Cedar street 
Latimer George, merchant and president of the Union 

Insurance Company, 85 south Sixth 
Latimer Henrietta, widow 33 George (S) 
Latimer James, merchant 129 south Front 
Latimer James, watch 8cc. maker 91^ Chesnut 
Latimer John R. merchant 101 south Front — dh S W 

corner Fourth and Prune 
Latimer & Murdock, merchants 67 north Water — d h 

186 High 
Latimer Thomas, merchant 67 N. Water— d h 216 Mul- 
LatterWilliam labourer 8 Wiley's court 
Latta William, labourer Wiley's court 
Latting, Margaret, widow Townsend's court 
Latouch B. cookshop and restaurature 81 south Fifth 
Latour John, merchant 261 south Front 
Latourno Joseph, Vauxhall, Camden N. J. 
Lauber Martin, baker 188 St. John 
Lauck David, cooper 128 Sassafras 
Lauck Hannah, widow 240 High 


Lauck Mrs. widow 128 Race 

Laudeiihliiger George, victualler Turner's lane — stall 

68 old sliambles 
I^audcnslager Michael, victualler 65 old shambles 
Lauder Elizabeth widow 26 Shippen 
Lauderdale Robert, teacher 19 north Eighth n. Vine 
Laughead Robert, grocer, corner Fifth and Oak 
Laughlin Thomas, labourer 217 south Sixth 
Laussat Ambrose, merchant 17 Minor 5c 165 N. Ninth 
Laussat Antliony, merchant 208 Walnut 
Laurens James, ropemaker 569 south Second 
Laurens John C. 560 south Front 
Lauz Martin, manner 54 Meade alley 
Laval John, merchant 210 Pine 
Laval Peter, ropemaker P'roiit below Federal 
Lavell Joseph, ropemaker 570 soutli Second 

Lavelle , widow, below 586 south Front 

Lavcrty Jesse, merchant 31 N. Water — d h 32 N 9th 
Laverell William' saddler 8cc S. Fourth n. Carpentet 
Laverty Louisa H. widow St. Marys below Eighth 

iLavice Thomas, labourer IdElizabL-th 
■avigne John, sugar retiner Malt alley 
Lavis Mary, widow Lolar's court 
Law Andrew, weaver back 347 Race 
Lawerswiler Thomas, halter Coa'.es nekr Sixth 
Law Samuel, paperhanging manutucto.y 102 Christian 
Lawler Martha, widow 66 Bu'ld 
Lawler Matthew, alderman ;>4 vValnut 
Lawrence Ann, washerwoniati 185 south Filth 
Lawrence A. 19 S|)afford — oyster cellar 11 south Sixth 
|Lawrence Anthony, hairdressei' 405 north Front 
Lawrence C. B. portrait painter !40 Chesnul — d h 298 

Lawrence Charles, carter Prime below Second^ 
Lawrence Charles, victualler James near Ridge road 
Lawrence Christian, victualler James above Rugan 
Lawrence Elizabeth, widow vict. house 33 Jones ay. 
Lawrence George, victualler Buttonwood bel. Ridge r 
Lawrence & Gibson, smiths 15 north Seventh 
Lawrence H. & W. fringe &c. maiuif. 39 S. Second 
Lawrence l>>aac, shipjoiner back 15 Poplar lane 
Lawrence Isaac & Co. merchants 103 Higli 
tLawrence Isaac, waiter bark 8 Wagner's alley 
Lawrence Janies, ropemaker 494 south Se. oiul 
Lawrence Jacob, sen. carter 5;j9 south Stcond 
Lawrence Jacob, jnn. 529 south S.cond 
Lawrence John, baker 73 south T'aird 
Lawrence John, paperiianger 24 Mary (S.) 
Lawrence John, 39 south Second 
Lawrence Jolm, carpenter 35 » Callowhill 
Lawri"nce John, mariner 356 S. S cund [tee Lnurenf 
Lawrence John H. labourer, b.ick 575 south Fro«(t 
LawreHce Joseph, jeweller 28 Church alley 

L£A whitely's annual 

Lawrence Joseph Redman, mercht. ufifier 159 Pine 
Lawrence Lawrence, skindresser 290 Vine 
Lawrence Mary, widow 151 Moyamensing road 
Lawrence Mary, teacher 3 Strawberry 
Lawrence Mahlon, tailor N W cor. High and Water— 

d h 15 north Water 
Lawrence Rebecca, widow 159 Pine 
Lawrence Samuel, labourer Apple n. George (N. L.) 
Lawrence Stephen, blacksmith 11 Myers' court 

I Lawrence Stephen, mariner 112 Christian 
.awrcnce WiUiam, baker, back 91 Arch 
Lawrenson Susannah 16 Strawberry 
tLaws Caesar, labourer 20 Elizabeth 
Laws Clement, 9 John above Wood 
Laws Elijah, carpet and bedding warehouse 348 High 
Laws George, tanner 171 Vine 

Laws Jumes, tanner 529 N. Front \_see Law isf Low 
tLaws Jeremiah, ostler 6 Hurst street 
Laws John, silverplater35 Zane st. 
Laws Ludawick, hide 8c leather store 39 south Third — 

d h 209 Spruce 
Laws Mary, widow 74 Wood 
fLaws Stephen, labourer 109 German 
fLaws Stephen, woodsavvyer, back 109 German 
Laws Thomas, currier 39 south Third 
Lawson Alexander, engraver Pine above Ninth 
Lawson Matthew, mariner 36 Meade alley 
Lawson Rachel, widow of John, China above Front 
Lawson Thomas, grocer 44 Browne (N. L) 
Lawton Daniel, bricklayer 456 south Front' 
Lawton John, blacksmith Little Oak 
Lawton John, stablekeeper 10 Laurel 
Lay John, fruiterer 32 High 
Lay Madame, 201 south Fifth 

Lay Thomas, fruiterer 32 High \_see Lee, Ley, \^ Lea 
Laycock J. H. fancy chairmaker 90 south Third 
Laycock John, bookbinder 3 Unity court 
Layman David, weaver St. John near Green 
Lazerow John, waterman 23 Parham's alley 
Lea Isaac, merchant Chesnut below Eleventh 
Lea John, merchant Chesnut below Eleventh 
Lea John. jun. 8c Co. merchants 51 South wharves 
Leacock William S. carpenter 13th below High 
Leadbeater John, iampmaker 8cc. 93 Walnut 
Leadbeater 8c Sheldon, patent lamp manufacturers and 

brassfounders 93 Walnut 
Learner A. tavern and grocery Plum N E cor- George 
Leaming F. merchant 27 High— d h 53 Lombard 
Learning J. F. merchant 199 S. Front— d h 53 Pine 
Leaming Rebecca, gentlewoman 53 Pine 
Learning Thomas F. merchant 199 south Front— d h 

113 south Fourth 
Leaniy John, president of the Marine Insurance Com- 
pany, 79 south Third S E corner Walnut 


Leanard John, tinplatcworkerWright's ay [see Leonard 
Lear — — , cordwuiiier, back 171 iiortli Second 
Leary John, labourer, back 159 Mnvainiiising road 
tLe.irv Hubert, labourer, court in BlackbLM-ry ay. 
Lealherberry Abel, cordwainer 189 St. John 
Leuilierby Joseph, oysterman 119 Clicsnut 
Leatherhead Kichard, soapboiler \5h Germ, road 
l^eathennan M. draynian Lily alley near Tammany 

Leaihtrman , widow Christian above Eighth 

Le Beche Philip, locksmith 40 New 
tLe Blanc Felix, hairdresser 17 south Seventh 
jLe Blanc Gie, shoemaker 219 south Fifth 
Le Blanc Lewis, gunsnjith 198 soutli Filth 
Le Blanc Mary, widow 216 south Fitth 
Lebo Daniel, tavernkeeper 106 Race 

Le Bruce , farmer IV^T)yamen:5ing r. bel, Greenwich 

Le Brun Charles, sworn «ate interpreter and professor 

of the French, Spanish and English languages 159 S. 

Le Brun Mrs. young ladies' seminary 159 S. Second 
Le Campion Francis, drygoods store 336 north Front 
Lechleitner P. G. merchant, consul for the Netherlands 

107 north Front 
Lechler Elizabeth, widow 238 south Fourth 
Lechler George, vict Fourth above Browne 
Leclerc Joseph P. 166Coates 
Lecompt Wm. innkeeper 83 north Water 
I^econey Catharine, fancy store, 231 south Second 
Leconey James, sea captain 12 Cresson's alley 
jLerount James, oysterman 9'2 N. 2d — d h 38 Coats' ay. 
JLecount Joseph, labourer 30 Bonsall street 
LecuUdl Tiiomas, oysterman 123 south Third 
Lecount Thomas, combmaker Billings' court 
Lecture Wm. cordwainer Carpenter (S.) above Second 
Leddon Perryman, combmaker Rilil's court N. Third 
Leddon Samuel, combmaker Laurel near Budd (^N.L.) 
Leddy Michael, grocer 487 High 
tLee Abraham, blacksmith 233 Shippen above 7th 
Lee Andrew, shallopman 135 nortli Water 
Lee Ann Mrs. 52 Cedar street 
tLee Ann Mrs back 25 Cresson's alley 
Lee Ann, widow of John, 13 Geiman 

Lee , M. D. 315 north Second 

Lee Benjamin Admiral, bricklayer 5 Pine alley 
Lee & Blood. 293 north Second 

I Lee Cassy, widow 44 Small 
lee Charles, printer and grocer N W cor. Lombard 8c 
Lee Ciiristopher, glass manufacturer Penn (K.) 
Lee Da^^soi\, stone cutter Fourth below Christian 
Lee Elizabeth, milkwoman 101 Cherry Frankbn, briiklayer 9.S Poplar ntar Second 
Lee James, capt. Union steam ferry Ixjut, Kaighnton N.J 

LEH whitely's annual 

■Lee James, labourer 55 Currant alley 

"Lee J. widow Elbow alley [see X,ea, Ley, i5* La^ 

•] jee John, grocer N W cor. Cedar and Fourth 
Lee John, mariner Washington above Second 
Lee John, shipcarpenter 26 Parham's alley 
Lee Matthias H. tailor 284 north Second 
tLee Peter, nailer Lombard W. Schuylkill Sixth 
Lee Richard, skindresser Eighth above Callowhill 
Lee Robert, carter 134 Cedar 
tLee Stacy, woodsawyer, back 159 Lombard 
Lee Wm. teacher Sch Fifth below High 
Lee Wm. chairmaker 360 N. Second — d h 3 Lily alley 
Lee Wm. hairdresser 128 south Second 
fLee Wm. hairdresser Thirteenth below High 
fLee Wm labourer Shippen above Seventh 

iLee Yannut, labourer Shippen below Eighth 
.eech Fi'ederick, shoemaker 283 south Third 

Leech Henry, dealer 98 & 100 Vine 

Leech Margaret, widow 130 Callowhill [^see Leich 

Leconey John, labourer Camden N. J. 

Leedes Wm. grocer &c. 59 Arch 

Leedom Jonathan, merchant 210 south Water, and 211 
south Front— d h 29 Pine 

Leedom widow of Wm. merchant 198 Spruce 

Leeds Ann, widow 5 Duke street 

Leeds Josiah W. merchant tailor and clothing store 254 

Leek Wm. malster 99 St. John 

Lees Henry, victualler N. Fourth above Tammany 

Lees Peter, tailor 50 Wood 

Lefevre Ann, widow 136 south Fifth 

Le Fevre James, merchant and agent for the Baltimore 
and Union line of packets & steamboats 6 S. wharves 
—d h 27 Race 

Lefevre Theodore, silver chaser 126 south Fifth 

LefFerts Charles, clock and watchmaker 61^ south Se- 
cond — d h 203 south Seventh 

Lefferts 8c Hall, clock and watchmakers 61^ south 2d 

Leger Lott, blacksmith Christian near Fifth 

Leger Nicolas, trader N E cor. Wood and Sixth 

Legray Stephen, French teacher 85 Cedar 

Lehman Charles, cabinetmaker 5 Bell's court 

Lehman Christian, coachtrimmer 163 Vine 

Lehman David, stockingweaver 181 St. John 

Lehman George, late cordwainer 194 Callowhill 

Lehma:t George F. M. d. Lazaretto physician Lombard 
near Tenth 

tLehman Jacob, coachman 67 north Seventh 

Lehman John, fencing master 9 Cherry 

I^eiiman Joseph, late druggist 320 High & Hamilton viK 

Lehman Joseph, 242 High 

Lehman Joseph, hatter 32 Juliana 

liChman Peter, druggist 320 High {see Leman 


Lehman Samuel, blacksmith 296 and 304 N. Front 

Lehman Sevbt-lla, widow 94 Crown William, druggist &c. 76 soutl\ Second 

Lehr Heiny, storekeeper 288 north Fi-ont 

Le Hiiray Nicholas, clock and watchmaker 160 N. 2d 

Leib Michael, M. d. corner I'ammany and Third 

Leil)brandt John Andrew, skindresser 490N. Second 

Leibtck Philip, locksmith 40 New st. 

Leich & Huckel, tailors 79 soutli VV ater 

Leich Richard, tailor and tavernkreper N E cor . Second 

and Christian 
Lcidy Conrad, cordwaincr 14 Raspberry alley 
Leidy George, accountant 4 Bread st. 
Leidy Jacob, grocer 204 north Third 
Lcidy Jacob, shoemaker Rasptierry alley above Spruce 
Leidy Philip, hatter 196 norih Third 
Leighton John, labourer Joint alley 
Leinhart Jolm, labourer Germantown road below 4th 
Leip Sarah, widow Tenth above Vine 
Leiper James, grocer S W cor. of Vine and Tenth 
Lei per Thomas, tobacconist 274 High 
Leinau Andrew, hatter 101 north Tiiird 
Leinau Daniel, hatter 18 north Third 
Leishman Robert, saddler 47 south Fourth 
Leitman Henry, grocer S W cor. High and Tenth 
Lejee Jshn R. merchant 162 south Second 
Lejer Nicholas, trader 189 north Sixth 
Leland Benjamin, shoestore 159 nortli Third 
Lelar Henry, shipmaster 121 Lombard 
Lelurge Joseph, jeweller, &c. Mentzer's court 
Lemaire Ann, widow 13 Elfreth's alley 
fLemaire E. hairdresser 30 Lombard 
J..emarkJohn, labourer Marlborough below Prince 
I^emar Josei)h, stevedore 7 Christian 
Lemette Lewis, modeller Germantown road near 4th 
Lemit M. B. Miss, milliner 123 south Second 
Lemkey Frederick, cooper 3 Callowhill 
Lemmon John H. painter & glazier 1 Faries's court 
Lemon Mrs widow back of 10 Lxtitia court 
Lemon Wni. mariner 262 south Fourth 
Lennarmon Elizabeth, widow Tidmush st. below 10th 
Lenning Nicholas, merchant 66 Vine 
Lennon Henry, cordwaincr Hazel alley 
Lenfestey Mary, widow Clever alley 
Lenoir 1* rancis, shipwright 70 Coates 
Lenox David, gentleman N Wcor. lOtU and Chesnut 
Lenox John, waterman 122 Phim st. 
Lenternotte John, labourer Thirteenth below Race 
Lentner George C. fancy chairmakcr and justice of the- 

peace. High west of the PejiiKinent bridge 
Lentrer Adam, tallow chandler 60 Browne 
Lentz George, vict. 405 north Fourth — stall 1 N. L. 

LEV whitely's annual 

Lentz Henry, merchant 236 and 238 north Second 
Lentz Jacob, late storekeeper 22 Kunckel 
Lentz John, vict. cor. Maria 8c 4th, stall 1 1 N. L. market 
Lentz John, cabinetmaker 444 north Third 
Lentz widow of John C- Passyunk road below Eighth 

l^see Lentz and Lance 
Leon John, tobacconist back 381 south Second 

Leonard tinman Caliowhill above Tenth 

Leonard John, bleeder, 8cc. 108 German 

Isee Linnard and Lennard 
Leonard Michael, stonecutter 41 Mechanic street 
Leonard Mrs. Martha, Race above Sch. Eighth 
Leonard Rosina, widow, 48 Caliowhill 
Lepper Arthur, weaver Front above stone bridge 
tLernons L. widow, back 138 Lombard 
Leroy Alexander, hair-watchchainmaker 10 Bread 
I^eroy Charles, broker 10 Biead 
Lesage Margaret, 16 Powell 

Lesher (^harles, coach maker near 45 Newmarket 
Lesher George, coachniaker cor. of Caliowhill 8c New- 
market [see JLasher 
Lesher John, grazier Christian above Sixth 
Lesher Samuel, gardener Carpenter above Sixth 
Lesher Wm. farmer Shippeu's lane 
Lesher Wm. papermaker 327 north Third 
Leslel John, printer Eighth near Green 
Leslie Lydia, boardinghouse 188 Spruce 
Lesley Catharine, widow 22 Wood 
Lesley James, accountant 77 south Eleventh 
Lesley P. cabinetmaker 151 Vine and 54 north Third 
Lesley Sarah, widow, Lombard near Schuylkill 
Le Sueur C. A naturalist 104 south Front 
Lets Elizabeth, widow 347 south Second 
Letford Wm. cordwainer 87 north Third 
Lettelier Wm. cordwainer 4 Passyunk road 
IjCturno Clement, blacksmith 76 north Sixth 
Leturno and Durff, smiths 76 north Sixth 
Leturno Michael, smith Locust above Eleventh 
Letzinger Thomas, tailor 95 German 
Leubben Henry, baker 316 north Second 
Leuifer Thomas G. whiskey 8cc. merchant, High west 

of Sch Sixth 
Leupold Adam, baker 51 north Sixth 
Levan Jacob, carpenter Fifth below Buttonwood 
Levan William, grocer 41 Cherry 
Leveller Lewis, barber, back of 56 Lombard 
Lever David, biscuit baker Grissel's alley 
Levering Charles, currier, back of 127 north Fourth 
Levering Jacob, grocery, S. W. corner of Third and 
Cedar [see Covering 

Levering Jonathan H. carpenter 478 Race 
Levering Richard, cordwainer Brewer's alley below 


I.c%ering Thomas Washington, brass and belNfounder 

94 Kace below Third 
Levering Zachanah, poUer 270 north Eighth below 

Levers Miss Mary, Marshall's alley 

iLevick Charles, 4 Frif s's court 
rcvick Ebenezer, currier N. W. corner of Second and 
Callow hill 

ILevick Lucy Mrs. 3 Fries's court 
icvincston James, blacksmith Alban 
Levis Hosea L accountant 163 north Ninth 
Levis Isaac, paper manufacturer 3 Minor — d h 28 north 

Six til 
Levis Mahlon M. teacher Soiithwark academy 
Levis Tlieresa, tailoress 72 Queen street (S.) 
Leviston James, tavernkceper & grocer S. E. corner 4th 

and Plum 
Levy Hart, mercliant 200 Race 
Levy Isaac J. commission mtrcliant 77 north Fourth — 

d h Germantown road below 1st gate 
Levy J. broker and commission merchant 36 S. Third 
Levy Moses, counsellor at law, 221 Chesnut above 7th 
Levy Rachel, widow Penntown near Ridge road 
Levy Samson, counsellor at law 152 Chesnut 
Lewellen Thomas, cordwuiner Vine below Eleventh 
Lewellen Wm. mariner, 241 south Fourth 

iLewey Alexander, chandler, Brown above Fourth 
•ewis Ann, widow 11 Pear 
Lewis Benjamin, Germantown road above Laurel 
tLewis Caroline, widow 179 Cedar 
Lewis Christian, baker 32 Str.iwberry 
Lewis David, merchant and president of the Phoenix Iiv 

surance company 127 S. Front — d h 142 S. Second 
Lewis David, oak cooper 12 Bmnnei's alley 
Lewis Elizabeth, widow 363 south Front 
Lewis Fiiizabeth, widow back 40 C^ecrgt (S) 
Lewis Elizabeth, mantuamaker 21 Union 
tLewis Elizabeth, widow, 211 south Seventh 
Lewis Ellis, attorney at law, 50 Walnut street 
Lewis Eliza, widow Gillies' alley 
Lewis Emanuel, accountant 393 north Second 
Lewis Fanny Mrs. 293 Callowhill 
Lewis Francis, vict. Callowhill ab. 8th & 82 High street 

market above Filth 
Lewis Francis, hatter 362 north Second 

i Lewis Francis, labnurtr 339 Race 
•ewis Cicorge, accuntant Tt-iuli ticar Pine 
Lewis George, brickmakcr Race near Sch. Eighth 
I.«e wis George, carter Irish hmc 
Lewis George, innkeeper (sign of the king of Prussia > 

Westchester road 
tLewis George, carpenter 96 Bedford 

LEW whitely's annual 

i Lewis George, labourer Shippen above Seventh 
,ewis Hannah, ^enllewoman 252 Spruce 

Lewis Harvey, silversmith 143 Chesnut 

Lewis, Haven 8c Co. merchants 127 south Front 

Lewis Henry C. printer, back of 272 High st. 

Lewis Henry, tavernkeeper 95 north Fourth 

Lewis Hezekiah, victualler 211 Callowhill, stall 92 High 
street market between Fifth and Sixth 

Lewis Jacob M. storekeeper 201 north Third 

Lewis Jacob, brickmaker Broad near Race 

Lewis James, hatter 66 Passyunk road 

Lewis James, oysterman 326 south Second 

Lewis James, hatter, 64 Race 

Lewis Job, dealer, 8 Vernon 

Lewis Job and David, coopers. North wharves below 
Arch — d h back 43 Key's alley 

Lewis John, victualler Garden— stall 45 High st. market 

Lewis John, shoemaker 113 north Eighth 

Lewis John, stonecutter back 73 north Eighth 

Lewis John, cordwainer 95 German 

Lewis John F. auctioneer 20 S. Front — d h 124 S. 3d 

Lewis John, cordwainer, back 389 Race 

"Lewis John, waiter 188 Cherry 
"Lewis John, French cook 12 Gaskill 
"Lewis John, waiter Quince below Locust 
"Lewis John, porter, Warren street (S.) 
"Lewis Joseph, sweep, Paschal's alley near Fifth 

Lewis Joseph S. and J. Bacon, merchants 25 Dock 

Lewis Joseph, shallopman 210 St. John 

Lewis Joseph, stevedore 96 Union 

Lewis Joseph, ropemaker Prince above Shakarnaxon 

Lewis Joseph, skindresser 552 north Third 

Lewis "Joseph S. merchant 25 Dock — d h Rittenhouse 

Lewis Lewis, late grocer, 56 Walnut *i 

Lewis Lydia, widow 9 Friend's almshouse 

Lewis Mary, perfumer 163 north Front 

i Lewis Mary, 112 Lombard 
iCwisMordecai, merch. 135 S. Front — d h 283 Spruce st. 
Lewis M. and S. N. merchants 135 south Front 
Lewis M. D. merchant 234 High 
Lewis Mrs. Margaret, Lyndall's court 
fLewis Peter, waiter 310 south Seventh 
JLewis Peter, barber 26 Christian 
tLewis Peter, mariner Crab near Plum 
f Lewis Priscilla, widow 28 Barron 
Lewis Rachel widow of Wm. 157 south Fifth 
Lewis Reeve, merchant 216 Pine 
Lewis Reeve and Co. merchants 33 south Front 
Lewis Robt. M. merchant 188 south Front 
Lewis Samuel, sea captain 491 south Front 
IjCwIs Samueljtailor and cordwainer Cooper's ferry N. J 


Lewis Saml. geographer & writing mAstcr 10th bel. Pine 
Lewis S;iimiel N. 135 south Front — d h 232 Walnut 

t Lewis Thomas, wliitc washer 4 Warner's court 
.ewis Thomas, carter Queen near Bibhop 
Lewis Wm. wheelwright Hopkins' court (N. L ) 
Lewis V\'m. counsellor at law, iiuiuirc 173 Walnut 
Lewis Will. A. & Co. coppersmitns 201 north Third-i 

d h 95 Callowhill 
tLewis Wm oyster cellar 257 Spruce 
fLewis Wn. labourer 23 Blacklierry alley 

i Lewis Wm. mariner Gillies' alley 
.ex Andrew, victualler Lawrence above Wood 
X.ex Charles, hog victualler 345 Callowhill—stall 69 
. Newmarket south Second 
Lex Charles, combmaker 4th near Poplar lane 
Lex Henry, vict. Garden, stall 54 New market S. 2d 
Lex Jacob, merchant 283 High — d h 6 norih Nmth 
Lex Margaret, victualler Buttonwood corner Charles 
Lex Peter, sugar rehner 283 High 

iLexey Josepli, mariner Fries's court 
ley Daniel, grocery & tavern. Sixth n. Ger. v, [^see Lee 
Levden Adam, baker 29 north Ninth 
L'HommedieuBiaddock, lumber merchant Beach near 

High bridge 
L'Hulier John B. professor of music 44 Carpenter 
Libbey Samuel, mariner Old alley between Hanover & 

Marlborough (K.) 
Lichtell Jacob, drayman 133 Coates 
Lichtell Margaret, Maria above Fourth (N. L.) 
Liddle Wm. 32 Fitz waiter 
Ligget John, storekeeper 51 south Second 
Ligiitel Margaret, marketwoman Maria st. 
tLightell Thomas, sugarboiler, back 125 N.TeuJh 
Lighton Wm. bottler 175 north Front 
Likes George, labourer, back 455 north Third 

iLile Wm. porter Sixth near Carpenter 
.iley John, gilder, back 267 South Fifth 
Lillibridge Charlotte, widow 121 New 
Limeburner George, bookbinder 53 Duke (N. L.) 
Limeburner George, cooper 101 Budd 
Limeburner Mary, widow, back 11 Budd 
Limete Lewis, mantle ornament maker Ger. r. near 4tli 

iLimehouse Samuel, waiter Webb's alley 
jnan Andrew, hatter 101 north Tliird 
Linck Geo. carpenter Tenth above Race \^sce Link 
Linck Henry, cordwainer 102 Crown 
Linck Jacob, cedar cooper Jones W Sch. Fifth 
Linck John, cordwainer 108 north Eighth 
Linck Peter, cordwainer 141 Vine 
Lindsey Alexander, cordwainer 179 south Second 
Lindsey Andrew, weaver Aspen alley W. Sch. Second 
Lindsay Hugh, labourer cor Seventh and Wood 

i Lindsay John, mariner Sliippen above Seventh 
limlsay "Robert, cabinetmaker 1 Decatur — d h 12 N. 6tU 

LIS w&itely's annual 

Lindsay John, carter 446 north Third 
Line John, stonecutter 68 Zane st. 
Linensheets Charles, labourer 470 north Third 
Lines Conrad, cordwainer 467 S. Second [see Lyons 
Linerd John, mastmaker corner Oak 8c Noble — d h 24 

Lingfelter Andrew, wireworker 27 Appletree alley 
Link Jacob, cedar cooper S E cor. Sch. 6th 8c Filbert 
Link John, cordwainer 2 back 131 north Third 
Link Martha, widow tailoress 435 south Second 
Link Peter, jeweller back 81 north Fifth 
Linker Henry, 302 north Second 
i^inker John and Henry, potters 320 north Second 
Linn Henry, shipmaster 7 German 
Linn John, merchant 171 south Third 
Linn John H. merchandise broker 73 south Front 
Linn Mary Mrs. 112 south Front {see Lymi 

Linn Prudence, grocer 16 Sassafras alley 
Linn Robert, mariner 45 Meade alley 
Linnaixl Jas. M. lumber merchant 229 S. Third 

[see Leonard 
Linnard T. M. 8c J M- lumber merchants cor. Spruce 

and Eleventh 
Linnard Thomas M. lumber merchant 150 south Tenth 
Linnai'd Wm. U. S. dep. quarter master gen. 205 S 4th 
Linters William, waterman 84 Swanson 
Linton Benjamin, nailer 269 Race — d h 27 north Tenth 

i Linton Catharine, widow. Little Oak 
iinton John, tobacconist 28 Konckel 
I.iinton Martha, shopkeeper 223 Swanson 
Linton Samuel, shoemaker SpafFord street 
Linton Thomas, mariner 10 Little German 
Lions Andrew, 6 Juniper lane 
Lipman Jacob, dealer St. Joseph's avenue 
Lipp Mary, widow of James, Trinity church yard back 

185 Spruce 
Lippincott Amelia, widow tailoress 42 Newmarket St. 
Lippincott Benjamin, grocer N W corner Arch and 

Front— d h 14 Elfreth's alley 
Lippincott Collins P tailor, back 216 north Front 
Lippincott Elizabeth, milliner 179 north Second 
Lippincott John, tanner Penn st (K) Point Pleasant' 
Lippincott Joshua, commission merchant S79 Arch 
Lippincott J. 8c W. commission merchants 56 S Front 
Lippincott Samuel, merchant 29 High — d h 34 Arch 
Lippincott Samuel, shoemaker 365 south Front 
Lippincott Sarah, gentlewoman 136 Mulberry 
Lippincott Sarah, boardingliouse 15 Norris's alley 
Lippincott William, commission merchant 56 south 

Front— d h 136 Arch 
Lish Henry, cordwainer 186 Cherry [see Lush 

Lisle John, auctioneer 20 S Front — d h Wash, square 
I-isle Mary, gentlewoman 127 south Second [see Lyle 


Lisle, VVeir & Co. auctioneers 20 south Front 
List John, pajjerliangcr Stewart's alley 

iLiitun DijbUn, sawyer Atkinson's court 
lister Gt'orge, brasst'oundcT Germ. roa<l above Second 
1 Lister Glasgow, sawyer, north 4th above Browne 
lister Jacob, mariner 103 Coates 
Lister James, sea captain N E cor. Green and Budd 
Lister John S. shipujaster 78 Plum 
Lister Thomas, printer, ba< k78 Flum 

IListly Lewis, sawyer 21 Ajjolln 
Liston Jeremiah, labourer 251 Spruce 
lithgow Elizabeth, widow, china store 238 south 2d 
Litman Elizabeth, widow corner Front and Queen 
Littell Eliakim, bookseller 74 S 2d — d h 54 south 4th 
Littell & Henry, booksellers, stationers, and publishers 

of the National Recorder 74 south Second 
Little Aaron, coachdriver 21 Mary's alley 
Little Ann, widow 101 Vine 

Little Archibald, trader 93 Lombard Isee Liddle 

Little Archibald, tavernkeeper 142 north Water 
Little Archiljald, sea captain 299 south Front ^ 
Little Charles, stave inspector Queen above Third 
Little Hannah, widow 138 Lombard 
Little Ireland, labourer Pottery alley 
Little James, carter Vine above Twelfth 
Little James, carter Vine above Broad 
Little Jolin, carpenter High W. Permanent bridge 
Little John P. merchant 204 Hieh 
Little John, weaver 548 north Third 
Little Otis, tishcrman 6 Blackhorse alley 
Little Rufus, vender of books 84 Swanson 
Little Sarah, widow seamstress 46 Penn 

i Little Sarah, widow. Pottery alley 
little Thomas, ropemaker Pitt near north Second 
1 Little Thomas, labourer Cordwainer's alley 
little Thomas, merchant 21 — d h 8 Church alley 
Little William, b#ewer Pleasant near Charles 
Littleboy M. J. military feather, comb, and patent lamp 

store 46 north Second 
Littleboy Geo. combmaker Seventh above Camac 
' Livensettcr John, teacher 43 Newmarket street & 43 
Livezely Jacob, wheelwright 59 and 61 Plum 
Livezely Lxtitia, widow, innkeeper 36 Penn 
Livezly John, stablekeepcr 333 south Second 
Livezey John jr. flour merchant N E corner Water and 

Race — d h 184 Chesnut 
Livezey oohn, tailor 50 north Water 
Livingston Ann Mrs. gentlewoman 346 High 
Livingston Ann Mi-s. 81 Plum street 
liivingston James, blacksmith Filbert above Juniper— 

d h Lambert 
ILivingstcn John, waiter Portland lane 

LOG whitely's annual 

Livingston John, painter &c. Quince below Walnut 
Livingston Mary, Mrs. of Henry, Sch. 7th above Cedar 
Litzenberg Jacob, sen. labourer Spruce W. Sch. 7th 
Litzenberg Jacob jr. labourer Ai'ch W Sch. Second 
tLioyd Adam, waiter 503 south Front 
Lloyd Ann Miss, Sixth below Shippen 
jLloyd Edward, fruiterer 224 south Seventh and Ches- 
nut above Sixth [see Loyd 

Lloyd Henry, shoemaker 63 George (S) 
Lloyd Isaac, flour merchant 86 Union 
Lloyd Isaac, merchant 53 S wharves — d h 86 Union 

i Lloyd Isabella, widow, Meredith's court 
,loyd Joseph, waterman, back 28 Christian 
Lloyd Joseph, attorney at law 150 or 210 south Sixth 
Lloyd Margaret, widow, nurse back 154 Race 
Lloyd Nicodemus, stove manufactory 92 north Seventh 
Lloyd Richard, carpenter 197 north Fourth 
Lloyd Thomas, accountant 40 Union 
Lloyd Thomas, stenographer 148 north Eighth 
Lobb Benjamin, labourer Sch. Front above Arch 
Lobdell Stetson, hatter 100 High— d h 98 south Fifth 
Lobstein J. F. D. M. d. 77 north Second 
Lock Samuel, drayman 71 Budd 
Lockard Mary, widow, back 242 St. John 
Lockart William, labourer Merriott's lane above Fifth 
Locke Harrison, drygoods store 30 High 
Locken James, bookbinder 1 Hinckel's court 
Loyd Joshua, cordwainer 83 Vine 
Loyd Thomas, merchant 347 High 
Loyd Thomas, cordwainer Kunckel above Noble 
Lockler Joseph, carter Brown below Third 
Lockton Elizabeth, widow, drygoods store 150 S Front 
Lockwert George, baker 107 Vine 
Lockwood Joseph, paperhanger 207 south Seventh 
Lockwood Oliver, shoemaker Turner's court (S) 
Lockwqpd Richard, cabinetmaker 15 Plum 
Lockyer George, shipmaster 73 Union 
Lodor Benjamin, turner 128 north Fifth 
Lodor Benjamin H. tailor 77 S Second & 221 S Front 
Lodor George, labourer Callowhill near Garden 
Lodor John, tailor 156 and 221 south Front 
-j-Lodine Sarah, widow Atkinson's court 
JLoflBey Hannah Mrs. cook 6 Poplar alley 
Lofland Jonathan, labourer Washington above Second 
tLoftus Hannah, washerwoman 6 Poplar lane 
Logan Elizabeth, mantuamaker 123 north Front 
Logan Elizabeth, teacher 101 north Fifth 
Logan John, cutler 11 Quarry street 
Logan Mary, widow 42 Coates' street 
Logan, widow of Daniel, Quince below Walnut 
Logan William, silk 8cc. dyer 17 Filbert 
Log'ie Catharine, widow, Grissell's alley 
Logue Edward, chandler 16 Small street 


Logue J.imes, labourer 8 Chancery lane 

LogueMeiiassa, tanner andcunier, back 109Qncen (S) 

Lopue William, drayman Race near Sch. Eighth 

Lohra Sc Carlile, ironmoncers 139 High 

Lolna J. ironmonger 139 Higli. dwelling 222 Spruce 

Lolira Peter, notary public 65 Dock 

Loiter Thomas, 14 Duke (N L) [see Laior iJf Laivlcr 

Lonabaugh Christian, drayman 491 north Third 

Lonabaugh George, victualler 483 north Third 

Long Andjrew, siioemaker Steinmetz's court 

Long Archil)ald, labourer Morgan's court 

Long F-lizabetli, widow. Rose (N L) 

Long Henry, scavenger, back 196 north Third 

Long Henry, labourer 21 Budd 

Long Henry, shoemaker 405 Race 

Long Jacob, boot and shoemaker Crown below Prince 

Long Jacob, carpenter Poplar lane at) Charles (P T) 

Long John, hackdriver 12 Stamper's alley 

Long John, labourer, back 441 north Third 

Long John, mariner 5 Shipuen 

Long John, blacksmith S vV cor. Green and Rose alley 

Long John, brickmaker Poplar lane ab. Cli.irlcs (P T) 

Long John, tallowchandler, corner Wood aivl Sixth 

Long John, Frankford road near Queen 

Long Kezia, milliner 47 north Second 

Long Mary, boardiughouse N Fourth above Wood 

Long Mary, widow, washerwoman 14 Juniper lane 

Long Peter, stationer 28 Jones's alley 

Long Peter, trader Germantown road above Second 

Long 'I'liomas, stagedri%cr 33 Race 

Long William, gold and silversniitli 284 liorth Eighth 

Long William, runner in Pliiladelphia bank 190 S Jth 

Longbaugh A. meal dealer, 4th near Gerni.'.niown road 

Longbaugii (icorgc, shoemaker 4th nenr Cierm. road 

Longbaugh William, victualU-r Apple n. George (N L) 

Longcope Samuel, printer 171 Pine 

Longcratt , glassblowcr Cedar near Gray's ferry r 

Longer Hannah, 117nori.h Water 
Ijongmire & Co. maiuif. of blacking, 8cc. 77 south 2d 
tLongpoint Dollar, laljonrer riymer's alley 
jLongpoint Samuel, waiter, b.irk 50 Currant alley 
Longport George, victualler (iardcn street 
tLongstreet Robert, labourer 8 M.ulison's court 
Longstvetli & Bailey, merchants 113 High 
Longsti"cth Chas. menuant 12 N Th\rd — d h 403 High 
Longsireth David & Charles, merchants 12 north 3d 
Longstreth David, merch. 12 N 3d — d h 3 Church ay. 
Longstreth Isaac T. broker 26 Cluirch ay — d h,"u\ Race 
Longstreth Joshua, merch. 21 i.'hurch ay. — d li l.^'o Arch 
Longstreth Samuel, mercht. 113 High — d h 183 Arch 
Longstreth 'Tliomas M bookseller and manufacturer of 
hanging paper 129 High — d h 185 Arch 

[see Langatroth 


Longuefosse John B, merchant 107 Lombard 
Longworth Henry, shoemaker GO Queen (S) 
Lonton Francis, painter &c. 164 Lombard 
Lonton Joseph, painter &c. 143 S 2d — d h 3 Green's ct, 

ILopeman Israel, sawyer Davis's court 
■oper Daniel, shoestore, — High — d h Church alley 
tLoper Rachel, widow Jones' alley 
jLoper Samuel, labourer Perry below Pine 
Loper Sarah, widow Hopkins court 
Lopez M. L. M. D. Medical Repository 4 Cypress alley 
Lopias Nicholas A. tailor 87 Gaskill street 
Lord James, combmaker 411 north Fourth 
Lord Levi, labourer Cedar above Twelfth 
fLoress John, waiter Dean's allpy 
Lorronge Lewis, grocer, corner Sixth and Fitzwalter 
Loring Charles, m. d. 339 north Third 
Lort Mary, grocer 16 Cherry 
Lothian James, typefounder Shippen above Ninth 
[Lot John, cellarkeeper 151 Locust 
Lott Henry, storekeeper 386 south Front 
Lott Jacob R. H. grocer 75 south Fifth 
Lott Samuel, drayman 116 Budd 
Lott ThoiT^as, carpenter Cedar near Thirteenth 
Louch A. ladies' seminary 132 south Second 
Loud Hester Sc Co. grocers N W cor. Prune and Fifth 
Loud John, pianoforte maker N W cor. Prune 8c 5th 
Loud Thomas 8c John, piano forte manufactoiy N W 

corner Fifth and Prune 
Loud Thos. piano forte maker N W cor. 5th 8c Prune 
Louden John, tobacconist 311 south Second 
Loudenslager Richard, toyshop 90 north Fourth 
Louder Ezra, labourer, back 28 Duke (N L) 
Louderback Amelia, widow of John, 70 Spruce 
Louderback Benjamin, 137 north Sixth 
Louderback Elias, cordwainer 53 Coates 
Ijouderback George, labourer 24 Springett alley 
Loudeiback Matthias, 2 M'Culloch's court 
Louderback Mary, widow 24 Gaskill 
Louderback Mary, widow of Conrad, Prime below 2d 
Louderback Peter, printer Spruce near Third 
Louderback William, cordwainer Paschall's alley 
Louderback Wm. bricklayer cor. Eleventh 8£ Spruce 
Lougay Phoebe, boardinghouse 25 Prune 
Louge James, soapboiler 8 Cliancery lane 
Loughead Robert L. grocer cor. Oak and Passyunk 
Loughead Thomas, sea captain 54 Green 
Lougheed Ellen, widow shopkeeper 74 Passyunk road 
Loughery John, bark manuf. below Nuvy yaid — d h 320 

south Front 
Loughery Esther, widow 129 north Ninth 
Loughery Neal, grocer 261 south Seventh 
Lotiiset Alex. D. thread lace 8c silk wasl»er, 90 Cherry 
Loupy V. perfumer 6 CaufFman's court 


Lm'e David, snperintcrKlant of the Magdalen Assylum, 

comer Scluivlkill Second and Race 
Love (icorge.'matc of vf sscl 18 Little Water 
Love Lvdia, 104 St. John 

Love Robert, printer Carpenter below Second 
Lovt Tliom^is, cordwainer 227 Shippen 
I^iove Thomas, back 270 south Second 
I^ove Thomas, hwlici.' slioemaker Fifth below Queen 
fjove William, cordwainer, back 15 Charlotte 
Lovcar ('hristiuna, widow St Joseph's avenue 
Lovear John, plasterer St. Joseph's avenue 
Lovel James, gunsmitli Green above Third 
Lovering Jo-sejjh S. grocer Pine above Second 

[see Levering 
Lovei-ing Wm. paperhanger 78 Chesnnt and 29 Juliana 
Lovett Robert, stone seal engraver, 69 Walnut — d. h. 

156 south Eleventh 
Low Charlotte, teacher Fromberger's court 
Low \'iiiccnt, pilot 17 Christian 
Low William H. drygoods merchant 181 High 
Lowary John, cabinetmaker Beach near Maiden 
Lowber Bowers, currier 207 north Second 
Lowber Daniel, 82 High— d h 5 Church alley 
liowber Edward, druggist 144 north Third — d h l77 

Lowber John C. attorney at law 46A Walnut 
Jjowber Pl\ilip, labourer Race near Schuylkill 

Lowber W^illiam, tanner and currier 251 north Third 

Lowber Wm. and Daniel, curriers, and boot and shoe 
manufacturers — shoe warehouse 82 High 

Lowder Ezra, shingledresser back 28 Duke 

Lowdcr Cieorge, labourer Cranmer's court 

Lowder Mary, widow Britten's alley 

Lowe James, cotton carder Second above Germ, road 

Lower Abraham, cabinetmaker 260 north Third, and 
98 St. John 

Lower Elizabeth 257 north Front 

Lower George, baker 311 Race 

Lower John S. carpenter cor. Mcrriott's lane and 4tli 

Lower Joseph, silversmith 3 Dock 

Lowery Andrew, weaver Aspen alley near Sch. Front 

Lowerv Ann, widow Hyde's court 

t Lowery Thomas, labourer 122 Lombard 
lOwnes Edward, silversmith lOi south Third 
Lownes Josepli ifc Josiah H silversmiths 124 S. Front 
Lowrey James, weaver Cadwalader near Pitt 
Lowrey Robert, labourer Spruce near Sch. Fourth 
Lowrv AI)igail, upholstress 29 Callowliill 
Lowry Ann, spinnei- Fourtli below Memott's lane 
L0W17 Cluistian, brickmaker Peter's alley 
Lowry Eleanor, martuamakor 210 south Front 
llowry Isaac, mealstore .v^K S Front N \\' cor. Queen 
Lowry John, cabinetmaker Beach near Maiden 

LUK whitely's annual 

Lowry Lewis, victualler Vine cor. Tenth — stall 34 Old 

Lowry Margaret, shopkeeper §9 Callowhill 

Ijowry Mary, Cadwalader 

Lowry Mary, widow Mark's lane 

Lowiy Peter, vict. James below Ridge road 

Lowry Philip, vict. 271 Callowhill 

Lowry PhiHp, jun vict. Mulberry alley 

Lowth Samuel, shipmaster 13 Queen 

Loxley Mary, widow 117 Mulberry 

Loxley Richard, currier 115 Mulljerry 

Loxley Richard & B. curriers 115 and 117 MulbeiTy 

Loyd, Serrill and Oakford, merchants 169 High 

Loyd Thomas, jun. merchant 169 and d h 347 High 

• Isee Lloyd and Laird 

Luburg John F. mariner back 246 south Front 

tLucas Eleanor, 18 Lombard 

Lucas Esther, widow Poplar lane below Second 

Lucas Francis, oysterman 16 Swanson 

Luoas James, cook, back 169 south Sixth 

tLucas John, cordwainer 18 Lombard 

Lucet Alexander, shipmaster 224 south Fourth 

Luciani P. confectioner 136 High 

Lucy William, printer. High corner Sch. Third 

Luddington Margaret Mrs. 13 Mulberry alley 

I..uderitz Mary, widow 163 north Fifth 

Luders, Marbacher & Co. Northern Liberty brewery, 
117 north Fourth above Vine 

Luders Thomas C. brewer Wood below Fourth 

Ludington A. teacher 7 Cypress alley — dh 56 Lombard 

Ludlam Reuben, merchant Camden (N J) 

tLudley Mark, porter Eagle court 

Ludley Sarah, widow 7 Biddle's alley 

Ludwick George, (sign of the Waggon) Lancaster turn- 
pike above the 1 mile stone 

Ludwick Sophia, widow 105 Vine 

Ludwick widow of Jehu, north Eighth ab. Callowhill 

Ludwig Henry, painter and glazier, back 251 St. Johns 

tLuff Cuffee, porter 158 Cherry 

LuflF Judith, 53 German 

tLufF London, labourer 246 Lombard 

LufFberry Conrad, shipwright Marlborough near Queen 

Luffberry John, sliipwrighl Bishop near Queen (K) 

Lugar Barbary, 430 north Front 

Lugar Christopher, victualler Lugar's row 

Lugar Sophia, widow 26 Poplar lane 

Lugar widow of Jacob, Lugar's row 

Lughany Neill, grocer St, Mary 

Luhn Jacob, commission merchant 131 south Front 

Luke Campbell, merchant 75 south Front 

Luke James 8c Brothers, merchants 75 south Front 

Luke Wilham, merchant 75 south Fi-ont 

Lukens Abraham, bricklayer 176 Coates 


L\ikens Abraham, conlwaiiifv 5 Fetter lane 

Ii\ikens Klizubeth, widow Old York road ab. I'oplar 1. 

Lukens Rliza.)t'th, wicha^, niiHiucr Hi Arch 

Lukcns Kiins. saddler, &:c. 106 Hi^h 

Lukciis rV & Co. saddlers, ike. 106 Hif!;h 

Lukcns Isaiah, mechanist, hack 173 High 

I>ukcns Jonathan &.S011, saddlers, ikr. 102 High 

Lukcns Jol\n, shoemaker Paschall's alley 

Lukens Joseph, yeoman I4I Green 

Lukeiis Maria, boardinghouse 36 Sansom 

Lukens William, blacksmith, back 101 Budd 

Luker Timothy, 52 Plum 

fLunn Uenjn. labourer Sch. Front aljove Spruce 

Lunns Lewis, grocer 4'26nort!i Fourth 

Luuy Jacob, housecarpenter 99 Gr#en 

Luplau Heniy, mariner, back 143Moyamensing roa 

l-iush John, printer. Prosperous alley 

Lusk Francis, cordwainer Cresson's alley 

Lusty Waley, victualler Vine near Sch. Eighth — stall 

60 New market south Second 
Lutlur William T. Boston buiscuitbaker South wharves 

below Cedar 
Lutier Thomas, tailor 302 south Third 
fLutter Isaac, shoeblack, shop south Second — d h Bed- 
ford above Seventh 
Lutz Charles, gardener Irish lane 
Lutz Conrad, shipwright Hanover below Queen 

Lutz , mariner 4 M'Culloch's court 

Lutz Conrad, tobacconist Buttonwood above Fifth 
Lutz Eleanor, widow, milkwoman Irish lane 
Lutz Frederick, cedar cooper 467 north Second 
Lutz George, sliipwright Shakamaxon near Prince 
Lutz (ieorge F. watchnian 159 Moyamensing road 
Lutz Jacob, tobacconist Sch. Fifth below High 
Lutz John, watchman. Say street 
Lutz Martin, carter, back 149 Ciierry 
Lutz Philip, vicuialler Pleas.uit near Charles 
Luzenberger Joseph, teacher 39 Cedar 
Lybrand Christian, brickmaker 129 New 
Lybrand (ieorge, brickmaker 307 Mulberiy 
Lybrand Margaret, widow 37 north F.i^luh 
Lybrand Michael, brickmaker 38 Filbert 
l^ybrant Frederick, (iernian teaciier 201 St John 
Lyburn John, silverplatcr Shakamaxon near Bedford 
Lycett John, silverplater 46Q iiare 
Lyle Henry, p.iinter and glazier, back 3b0 south Second 
Lyle James, merciiant 53 Walnut — d h 95 south Fourth 
Lyle Mary, seamstress 46 Almond [nee Lesle 

Lyle 8c Newman, merchants 53 Walnut 
Lyle Peter, merchai.t Iligli cor. Sch. Sixth 
Lyman Frances Miss 97 south Fom th 
Lyman John W. merc!\ant 31 Sansom 
Lyman Thomas, merchant 31 Sansom 


Lynan Edward, paj)ei'stainer 16 south Tenth 

Lynch Edward, jun. accountant 144 north Third 

Lynch Daniel, coachmaker 10 Little Pine 

Lynch Patrick, teacher 216 south Fifth 

Lynch Thomas, bottler 11 north Fourth 

Lynch William, merchant 38 Dock — d h 226 Spruce 

Lynd James, domestic warehouse 33 north Second 

Lyndall widow of Benjamin, cabinetmaker 104 Lombard 

Lyndall David, chairmaker 278 north Third 

Lyndall James, carpenter Pine above Ninth 

Lyndall John, shipjoiner 226 Swanson — d h Federal ab. 

Lyndall Joseph W. cabinetmaker 201 and 203 S. Front 
Jjyndall Joseph W. 8c Samuel cabinetmakers ^3 S. 4th 
Lyndall Joseph, carpenter Green's court 
Lyndall Samuel, cabinetmaker 80 Gaskill and 203 south 

Lyndall Sirah, matron of the Widows' Asylum, cor 

Cherry and Sch. Fifth 
Lynn Ann, widow 139 Vine, corner of Crown 
Lynn John M. M. D. 139 Vine, corner of Crown 
Lynn Simon, merchant 278 High 
Lynn Susan, widow Queen above Marlborough 
Lyon Ann, 9 Franklin court 
Lyon Henry, mariner 9 Pleasant avenue 
Lyon Patrick, smith and hydraulic enginemaker Library 
Lyon Samuel, tinman 123 Chesnut 
Lyon William, innkeeper 26 south Water 
Lyons Hannah, widow 119 norih Sixth [^see Lines 

Lyons Mary, nurse Broad near Vine 
Lyons Matthew, blacksmith George st. shop below 10th 
Lyons Philip, tailor 13 German 
Lytle Jane, widow Filbert above Tenth 
Lytle John, accountant 43 Shippen 
Lytle widow of 'ihomas, Drinker's court 
Lytle William, hackman 4 Dawson's court 
Lytton John 108 south Fourth 

M'ADAMS JAMES, grocery and tavern 146 Cedar 
M' Adams Thos. whiskey 8c flour store High W. Sch. 7th 
M'Adan Thomas F. winsor chairmaker back 30 Cherry 
M'AfFee James, North street above Tenth 
M'AfFee James, labourer Lombard west Sch. Eighth 
M'AfFee John, carter, coi'ner Queen and Sixth 
M'AflFee Margaret, widow Galbraith's court 
M'AfFee Wm. tobacconist 36 Coates' ay. 
M'Alester Charles, merch. 66 Dock — d h 142 Arch 
M'Alister Alexander, late grocer 160 north Eighth 

[see M'Callister ijf Maealeste'- 
M'AUister Charles, tailor 46. Gaskill 


M'AlHster David, mariner Marlbormiglj w. Fraukford r. 
M'AIlister (icorge, labourer Stillhouse ay. 
M'Allister James F. cordwuincr I'inc near Broad 
M'Allister James, cordwainer Prince near West (K) 
M'Allister Jolui & Son, whipmakers &c.. 48 Chesnut 
M'Allister John, sen. whipmaker Ike. 64 Union 
M'Allister John, jun. whi()maker &c. 48 Chesnut 
M'Allister John, grocer S W cor. Race and Eighth 
M'Allister John, whipmaker Frankf. r. below Queen 
M'Allister Mrs. widow 220 Race 
M'Allister Margaret, widow, 76 north Seventh 
M'Allister Margery, widviw opposite 13 Prosperous ay. 
M'Allister Randal, painter &c. Rose alley 
M'Alpin Andrew, merchant tailor 122 Chesnut — d h 11 

Carter's alley * 

M'Alpin James, gentleman 122 Chesnut 
M'Anall James, fruiterer 134 south Tenth 
M'Anestry Catharine, widow 71 Small 
M'Anulty Ennis, labourer Washington ab. Callowhill 
M'\nulty Hugh, tavernkeeper 416 High above 13ih 
M' Aran Jolin, gardener Pratt's place near Schuylkill 
M'Arthur Charles, scourer and dyer 31 Union 
M' Arthur Daniel, tailor 158 south Fifth 
M'Arthur Peter, dyer and scourtr 103i Arch 
M'Avoy Richard, grocer 36 Browne S E corner Budd 
M'Bride Collin, grocer and bottler Broad above Arch 
M'Bridc James, stevedore 247 south 'i'hird 
M'Bride Robert, labourer St. Joseph's avenue 
M'Bride Robt. Y, saddler 8cc. 42 High 
M'Bride William, shoemaker 32 German 
M'Bryan Margaret, Miss, Coates above Eighth 
M'Bryan Patrick, carter 150 Cedar 
M'Cabe widow of Bernard, cor. High and Sch. Front 
MCabe & Curran, chandlers 114 Plum 
M'Cabe Mary, widow, corner Juniper and Lombard 
M'Cabe Patrick, labourer 219 south Sixth 
M'Caffcrty James, drayman 39 (ierman 
M'CafFerty James, drayman Cedar ab. Tenth 
M'Calici) Ann, mantuamaker and lailorness 54 south 

Fifth [see M'Kean 

M'Call Eleanor, Miss, 77 south Fourth 
jM'Call Elisha, waiter 30 Budd's court 
M'Call George C. 308 Chesnut 
M'Call John C. attorney at law 125 Walnut— d h 308 

M'Call John, shipwriglit Prince above Second 
M'Call Judith, widow 30S Chesnut 
M'Call Margaret, 91 Pine 

tM'Call Robert, waterman. Ciiristian above Seventh 
M'Call Wm. grocer, corner Fitth and Marriott's lane 
M'Call Wm. C. 108 Chesnut street 
M'Calla Alexander, auctioneer and commission mer- 
chant, 15 & 64 north Fourth [aee M'CauUii 

M'CA whitely's annual 

M'Calla Andrew, cordwainer 263 south 4th 
M'Calla Archd. china nierch. 47 N 3d and 66 N 4th 
M'Calla Hannah, Mrs. 162 south Fifth 
M'Calla Hugh, tallow chandler Nonnater's court 
M'Calla John, storekeeper 66 north Fourth 
M'Calla & Rapp, china merchants 47 north Third 
M'Calla Robert P. druggist &c. S E cor Cedar & Front 
M'Calla Wm. H. storekeeper 48 N 4th— d h 37 Cherry 
M'Callmont George, merch. 21 Dock—d h 70 S 4th 
M'Calley Margaret, widow, Sch. Second below Walnut 
M'Callister Archibald, tailor, back 70 Shippen 
M'Camman Samuel, drayman High west of Sch. 8th 
M'Can John, commissioner 161 Shippen 
M'Cane George, labourer 67 north Tenth 
M'Canles John, deputy maj'shal inquire 57 north 4th 
M'Canles John, jun. grocer ]S E cor. Branch and 4tli 
M'Cann Cornelius, bricklayer Spaffbrd n. Fitzwalter 
M'Cann Henry, laboui-er Crab below Cedar 
M'Cann James, superintendant for Moyamensing town- 
ship 161 Shippen 
M'Caraher. Alexander, grocer N E corner Vine and 4th 
—dh 135 Vine [see'M'Karaher 

M'Carey Mary, widow Maria 
M'Carra J. gentleman Hamiltonville 
M'Carrane Charles, labourer Pine ay 
M'Carren James, bottler Thirteenth above Sassafras 
M'Carren Robert, (runner in the Custom house) Elms- 
lie's alley 
M'Carren Charles, shoemaker, back 16 Pine alley 
M'Carron Darby, grocer 222 Cedar 
M'Carron Wm. watchman, back 227 Wood 
M'Cartee rev. Robert, d. d. S W corner Powell and 5th 
M'Carter Wm. turner 78 north Sixth 
M'Cartney Daniel, labourer 219 south Sixth 
M'Cartney Joim, baker, back 44 Spruce 
M'Cartney Robert, labourer, back 573 south Front 
M'Cai'tney Wra. tallowchandler. back 111 Plum 
M'Carty Charles, oakcooper back 402 south Front 
M'Carty Daniel, shipjoiner Washington below Second 
M'Carty 8c Davis, booksellers, printers and bookbinders 
S E corner Race and Ninth [see ikf' Cartie 

M'Carty James, vender of books, back 395 Race 
M'Carty Patrick, grocer corner Sixth 8c Small 
M'Carty Sarah, widow Church street (S) 
M'Carty Samuel, smith 4 Dock 

M'Carty Wm. printer, bookseller and stationer SE 
cor Race and Ninth — d h Francis 1. near Sch. Second 
M'Casby Elizabeth, widov/ Unity court 
M'Cauley James, labourer George near Sch 3d 

[see M'Calla, M'Cauley Isf M'Ca'wleu 
M'Cauley James, carpenter 7 Rihl's coui't 
M'Cauley James, weaver 134 south Ninth 


M'Cauley John, coppiM-smith 119 south Front 
M'Cavilev Knbert, cordwaiiicr 279 south Sixth 
M'Causthind Alexander, bookbinder &c. 408 High — 

d h Juniper below Chesnut 
M'Cuvcny Wm. labourer Chesnut W. Sch. Second 
M'Cawley James, merchant 28 Wood 
M'Cawley James, jun. mercliant 28 Wood 
M'Ccly Patrick, shoemaker 32 St. Mary 
M'Chcsncy Sarah, widow, back 166 St. John 
tM'Clain Abraham, labourer, back 60 Ann (N L) 
M'Clain Morris, shoemaker 43Passyunk road 
M'Clane Ann, widow, near N V. cor. Arch and Eighth 
M'Clane Joan, tailor, back 49 Pine 

[see AP Clean iJf M'Latir 
M'Clane Laughlin, painter 12 Juniper lane 
M'Clane Stepnen, hackdriver 12\Villing's ay 
M'CIaskey Charles, labourer Spafford 
MClaskey Catharine, widow 52 Queen (S) 
M'CIaskey James, mariner, back 387 south Front 
M'CIaskey James, teacher, back 246 north Second 
M'CIaskey James, carpenter 21-S Cedar 
M'CIaskey Lydia, widow 249 south Front 
M'CIaskey Patrick, carter, back 513 south Second 
M'CIaskey Peter, tyi)efounder St. Mary street 
M'Clatchey Robt. grocer N W cor Front & Catharine 
M'Clay James, bricklayer back 162 Race 
M'Cljiy John, cari)enter Torr's court 
M'Clay John, plasterer 14 Juniper lane 
M'Clean Archibald, stocking hosiery 496 south Front 
M'Clean John, grocer N W cor Fourtli and Shijjpen 
M'Clean Thomas, bottler and tavernkeeper N E cor- 

r,er Fifili and Prune [see AJ'Ciane 

M'Clean Wm. mahogany sawyer cor Federal and 2d 
M'Cleary Alex, shipwright Crown below Bedford 
M'Cleary Daniel, plasterer 5 Randall's court 
M'Cleary John, storekeeper 1 Strawberry 
M'Cleaiy Robert, turner 46 north Seventh 
M'Clelan James, cordwaiiier 3 Charlotte 
M'Clellan Catharine, north 3d bet. Browne and Poplai 
M'Clellan (ieorge, m.d. 166 Chesnut S W c;)rner 7th 
M'Clelland Geo. W merchant 19 north Second 
M'Clenachaii John, Vine west ot Broad 
M'Clennen (ieorge, weaver 105 Poplar lane 
M'Clenion Hugh, curdwaincr70 Citr!.,an 
M'Clintock Joseph A. carpenter 28 Chester 
M'Clintock John, drygoods store 118 north Fourth 
M'Clintock Thomas, druggist 107 south Ninth 
M'Closkey Mary, widow Thirteenth below High 
M'Closkev Wm. cordwaincr SPassyunk load 
M'Cloud John, hatter 43 Clicsnul below St"cond 

[see M^l^eod 
M'Cluce Ann. Miss, 81 Lombard 
M'Clure David, nautical academy 20 Walnut 

M'DO whitely's annual 

M'CuUy James, labourer Lombard above Eleventli 
M'Caue Clement, weaver Sch. Third below High 
M'Curdy Andrew, innkeeper Wissahickon or Ridge r. 
M'Curdy Daniel, collector of poor-tax Juniper above 

M'Curdy Hugh, shoestore 20 High {see Macurdy 

M'Curdy James, cordwainer 30 Little Water 
M'Curdy Jane Mrs. Cedar near Eleventh 
M'Curdy John, ship carpenter, back 387 south Front 
M'Curdy John, boot and shoemaker 52 Chesnut 
M'Curdy John, jun. boot and shoemaker 42 Chesnut 
M'Curdy Rachael, mantuamaker &c. North st. 
M'Cutchen Ebenezer, merchant 117 New 
MCutchen Mary, shopkeeper 160 south Eleventh 
M'Cutchen Wm. H. merchant, back of 133 N. Third 
M'Danel John, coachspring maker Grape st — d h 147 

south Eleventh 
M'Daniel John B. labourer M'Crelish's court 
M'Daniel John, dep. keeper in the prison 38 Ann (N. L.) 
M'Dermott Cath. widow grocer N E cor. Filbert & 11th 
M'Dermott Edward, merchant N E cor Front & Ches- 
nut — d h 186 Spruce 
M'Dermott John, moroccodresser 129 Pine 
M'Dermott John, skindresser George (N. L.)n. Pitt 
M'Dermott John, bottler 152 north Fifth 
M'Dermott Mary, widow Lytle's court 
M'Dermott Peter, bottler 33 Walnut 
M'Dermott Wm. labourer Washington above Vine 
M'Devinger F. woodsawyer Shakamaxon ab. Prince 
M'Devitt James, cordwainer 274 south Second 
M'Devitt Roger, tailor S. Fourth near Carpenter 
M'Devitt Thomas, laboui'er cor. Sch. 5th and Spruce 
M'Donald Alexander, carpenter Jones's alley 
M'Donald Ann, widow 14 Sterling alley 
M'Donald Francis, labourer Ann west of Sch, 8th 
M'Donald John, smith Juniper alley 
M'Donald John, teacher 114 north Eighth 
M'Donald Joseph, carter Sch. Seventh above Race 
M'Donald Mordecai, cordwainer, back 198 N. Second 
M'Donald Richard, silverplater 327 Walnut 
M'Donnald Charles, brickmaker Juniper above Race 
M'Donnald Elisha, coachman 58 Coates 
M'Donnald Eliza, widow Seh. 7th above Race 
M'Donnald George, labourer Mary's alley 
M'Donnald James, accountant 114 north Eighth 
M'Donnald Malcolm, merchant 150 south Tenth 
M'Donnald Margaret, widow 347 south Second 
M'Donnald Maigaret, teacher 237 south Fifth 
M'Donnald M. brickmnker cor. Lombard & Sch. 2d 
M'Donnald Nancy, mangier 15 Cherry 
M'Donough Daniel, shoemaker Hopkins' ct. (N, L.) 
M'Donough James, cordwainer Bearsticker's court 
M'Donough Jeremiah, tailor 242 south Third 


M'Donoiigh Michiicl, carpenter 187 sotitli Sixth 
M'l)onnu>^li Tliomas, port r 261 C^ntharinc 
M'DoDinigh VVm. grocer SW corner 4lh and Spruce 
M'Donoiigli widow of Wm. grocer 299 Arch 

[xee Macdonougli 
M'Donnough Patrick, labourer back 210i Arch 
M'Dfnigiill Eliza, drygoods store 68 south Fom-th 
M'Dougall Samuel, accountant, back 37'4 south Front 
M'Dowale Elizabeth, widow 11 Shippcn 
M Do veil E. carpenter, back of 110 north Eighth 
M'l) nvell Hannah, widow 2 Frazier's court 
M'Dowell J imes, tailor 10 Oak st. (S-) 
M'Dowell Mary, tavernkeeper 32 south Water 
M'Dowell Itebecca, storekeeper 248 north Second 
M'Dowell Wu). huckster Camden (N.J.) 
M'Dowell Wm. H. c]ecJ>: and watchmaker 130 S. Front 

M'Elroy , chairr^tker Camden (N J.) 

M'Elroy Catharine, widow N. Third n. Germ, road 
M'Elroy Hannah, widow 186 south Fourth 
M'Elroy Hugh, stocking weaver Lombard above 12th 
M'Elroy James F. accountant 188 south Fourth 
M'Elroy John, labourer Cherry below Sch, Sixth 
M'Elroy Margaret, 64 Browne 
M'Elroy Martha, widow 64 Budd st. 
M'Elroy Sarah, boarding house 118 Spruce 
M'Elroy Wm. painter, 8cc. 27 Meade alley 
M'Elwee Rebecca, wid(nv (seminary) 39 Zane st. 
M'Euen Archibald, carter George st. (C.) 
M'Euen, Hale & Dividson, brokers 83 Chesnut 
M'Euen Hannali, back 29.S 
M'Euen John, founder Sheaft"'s alley ' 
M E'jen Patrick, nlaister ot Paris manuf. 2 8c 9 Filbert 
M'Euen Patrick, labourer Scii. 4th near Spruce 
M'Faicu Samuel, carpet-weaver 1 Huist 
M'Euen Fhomas, 255 Arcli \_nee AI'Koivn 

M'Evoy Edward, cotton manuf. Thii'd ab. Germ, road 
M'Ewen James, iiui and livery stablekcjper 322 N. 2d 
M'Faden Alexandei', gunsmith, back 14 Clieny st. 
M'Fa».ien Alexander, l)lacksn)ith S. 4th near Carpenter 
M'Faden Archibald, typefounder Cedar above Tenth 
M'Faden James, labourer Clymer's alley 
M'Faden Stejihen, bottler cor Cedar and Eleventh 
M'Faden Wm. gentleman 148 Chesnut 
M'Favlan Charlotte, widow 292 s mth Front 
M'F irland Alexander, carter 196 Shippen 
M'Farlund B.irbara, back 191 Race 
M'F irland Duncan, stocking weaver Sheaff's alley 
M'F 'rland James, tax-collector 212 Shippen 
M'Farlanvl John, carter 216 Shippen 
M'Farland Joseph, blacksmith Browne near Cherrv 
M'Farland Margaret, widow storekeeper 101 Spruce 
M'Farlauvl M uy, vvidow of John, 12 north Seventh 
M'Farland Miss, 424 north Second 

M'GI whitely's annual 

M'Farland Walter, mariner 163 Chesnut 

M'Farland Wm. coachmaker 112 Union 

M'Farlane John C. merchant 123 High 

M'Farlane Mrs. widow Rogei-s' court and Miller's ct. 

M'Farlane Rebecca, widow 358 south Front 

M'Farlane Sarah, teacher 154 St. John 

M'Farlane 8c Scudder, merchants 123 High 

M'Fearan Joseph, blacksmith Browne (K..) 

M'Fee Alice, widow, back 64 George (S.) 

M'Fee John, weaver Lombard above Twelfth 

M'Fee John, corder & grocer 1 Chi'istian st. wharf 

M'Fee Wm. tobacconist 23 Coates alKy 

M'Fell John, shoemaker 291 south Fourth 

M'Feely John, typefounder Cedar above Ninth 

M'Ferren Alex, cordwainer Vine below Sch. Eighth 

M'Ferren Mary, 424 north Second 

M'Fetrich Saml. H measurer and farmer Johnson's lane 

M'Gaharn Margaretta, nurse, back 126 south Sixth 

M'Gahey Mary, widow back 70 Shippen 

M'Gan'aghan Terrence, labourer 246 south Sixth 

M'Garvey James, oysterman Queen near Sixth 

M'Garvey John, vendue cryer Ly tie's court 

M'Gauley Mary, widow, grocer cor. Front and Prime 

M'Gauley Richard, grocer S W cor. Water and Race 

M'Gaw John, candle manuf. Frankford road n. Queen 

M'Gaw Timothy, Buttonwood above Fifth 

M'Gee Ann, widow 4 Vernon and 28 Duke (N.L.) 

M'Gee Bernard, labourer Say street 

M'Gee Charles, mariner 49 Meade alley 

M'Gee David, carpenter 243 Callowhill above 10th 

M'Gee Edward, grocer 158 south Sixth cor. Elizabeth 

M'Gee Frances, widow 9 Pleasant avenue 

M'Gee Frances, milliner S E cor. Almond and Second 

M'Gee .Tohn, drayman 85 Budd 

M'Gee Mary Mrs. widow Sheaff's alley 

[see M'-Kee and Magec 
M'Gee Thomas, carpenter Third n. George (N.L.) 
M'Gee Thomas, labourer 150 St. John ' 

M'Gee William, oakcooper Stillhouse alley 
M'Gill James, cooper 20 Mary (S.) 
M'Gill Matthias, rigger 76 Penn 
M'Gill Michael, grocer 322 north Front cor. Noble 
M'Gill Prudence, widow 497 south Front 
M'Gilligan Ann, widow 9 Lombard 
M'Ginley Hugh, tavernkeeper 287 Walnut coi*. 10th 
M'Ginley John, stevedore Pottery alley 
M'Ginley W. constable 150 Chen-y bel. Eighth 

see M''Kinley 
M'Ginnes. Margaret Mrs. widow 58 Green 

[see Maginnes and Meginnes 
M'Ginnes Wm. labourer Buttonwood ab. Charles 
M«(;)nnis Neal, 232 south Fifth 
M'Ginnis , labourer Spruce near Schuylkill 


M'Girr rev. Terrencc, 17 Willins's alley 
M*(i lathery George, car|)entcr 334 south Third 
M'(ilathery M .rgurct, widow (Jecrgc above Plum 
M'CJlathcry MoraeCii, hatter 2d above (ierm. road 
M'(iliiiscy James, hemp liackl'-r 13th below Vine 
M'Ciiinsy Patrick, grocer 62 Cedar \sfe M' Line hey 
M'Ciiinsv Wm. accountant & dngoods store 245 S. 2d 
M'CtUic Hanna'ii, widow 92 Locust 
M'Gliic Luke, haruessmaker &c. 22 Raspl)erry alley 
M'Gonaglc Edward, mariner cor. Queen and Second 
M'Gonagl*^; John, grocer 212 Lombard S VV cor. 7th 
M'Gonegal Alexander, chandler Soutli alley n. Sixth 
M'(ionegal Hugh, labourer 6 St. Mary 
M'Gonegle Isabella, widow Churcli street (back) 
M'Cionegall Ferguson, labourer 206 Lombart^ 
M'Gonnigle Patrick, labourer 72 Plum st. 
M'(4onigcll Alexander, labourer, back 269 Race 
M'Gowan Elizabeth, widow 61 Shinpen 
M'Gowan Hannah Mrs. Carpenter s alley (S.) 
M Ciowan James, soa])boiler 266 south Third 
M'Gowan John, grocer 242 south 6th corner Small 
M'Gowan Patrick, grocer 217 Lombard 
M'Gowan Wm. umbrella maker 151 north Second 
M'Gowen widow of Edward, 111 Plum 
M'Gowcn Martin, ship watchman 15 Spafford 
M'Gowen Peter, teacher of the male department in the 

Moyamensing public school — d h 217 Lombard 
M'Grady Sarah, cake baker Poplar lane ab. St, Johi^ 
M'Grath Bernard, carpenter Pcnn near Maiden 
M'(irath John, blacksmith, back 184 Lombard 
M'Gregor Ann, widow 10 German 
M'Gregor John, blacksmith 136 north Eighth 
M'Groty James, cordwainer, back 20 St. Mary 
M'Guay John, brickmaker Sch. Eighth below Walnut 
M'Guffin Tluimas, drvgoods store 158 south Eleventh 
M'Guigan Felix, caudle manufactuicr 63 Union 
M'Guigan John, drygoods store 211 south Second 
M'Guigan Patrick, tavcrnkeeper 315 Spruce 
M'(iuigan Patrick, typefounder 210 Shippen 
M Guirc Anna Statia, widow 229 south Fifth 
M'Guire James, 212 north Water 
M'fiuire James, 112 north Water 
M'Ciuirc Miciiael, tailor 127 Cedar 
M'Guire Patrick, carter 198 Shi>-f'^" .^'-'"'^'-'^ ., , 
M*(iuire Robert, carpenter TMrteentli near Cedar 

M'Guire Willi-."-. :•-' ^>ak above Noble 

[.?<"<■ Mapuire isf Mef^ire 
M'Gyear Mrs. widow Kuiickel above Tammauy 
M'Ham Daniel, pilot 308 soutli Front 
M'Hannah Thomas, lalxairrr St Mary st. below 7th 
M'Henry Tliomas, .shoemaker 10 Hurst street 
M'Heran Catliarinc, widow of John, 401 Racr 

M'KE whitely's annual 

M'Herg James, cordwainer Race above Sch. Seventh 
M'llhenny Catharine, Barker st. near Sch. Fourth 
M'llhenney John, accountant cor. Juniper & Walnut 
M'lUienney Joseph E. clock & watchmaker 13 N. 3d 

[sef M,Elhmey 
M'llhenney Moses, carter 226 south Fifth 
M'llhenney & West, clock & watchmakers 13 N. 3d 
M'llhenney William, tailor 52 Mulberry 
M'llhenny Wm.jun.att'y. at law, N E cor. Arch 8c 6th 
M'llvain Bloomfield, attorney at law 74 south Sixth 
M'llvain Richard ScHugh, lumb. merchants at the com- 
mencemeni of Lancaster turnpike W. Perm, bridge 
M'lUvaine Joseph B. merchant 55 South wharves 
M'llwaine Catharine, widow Buttonwood ab. Charles 
M'llvaine -William merchant 11 Prune 
M'llwain George, printer Lombard above 12th 
M'llwham, widow of Thomas, Locust cor. Rose alley 
M'Idoo Robert, carpenter 54 Currant alley 
M'Inniry Thomas, cordwainer Little Oak street 
M'Intier Abel shoestore 46 High 
M'Intire Alexander, smith Old York road n. Coates 
M'Intire Isaiah, bootmaker 83 south Front 
M'Intire John, shoemaker 43 Passyunk 
M'Intire Margaret, mantuamaker 214 south Third 
M'Intire Sarah, widow Marlborough near Beach 
M'Intire Stephen, cordwainer 23 Moyamensing road 
M'lver Michael, brickmaker Lombard near Sch. river 

[^see M'Kever 
M'Kape William, gi-ocer south Sixth cor. Fitzwalter 
M'Karaher Charles, sawmaker back 12 Cresson's alley 
M'Karaher Chas late hardware meixhant 106 south 10th 
M'Kane Mary Blackberry alley 
M'Kay John, shoemakv^r 9 Prosperous alley 
M'Kay Thomas, bricklayer 7 Sugar alley [see M'Coy 
IVL'Keage James, painter &c. 13 South alley 
M'Kean Alexander, labourer, back 13 Decatur 
M'Kean Ann, Avidow milliner 147 Cherry [see M^Cahan 
M'Kean George, labourer 67 north Tenth 
M'Kean Joseph B. Esq. (Judge) 250 Arch above Ninth 
^'^^ean Thomas, gentleman 117 south Fifth 
^<^^^' Thomas, mariner 93 Race 
i^3^^"i '^"r'ow of Thomas, late governor, 130 S. Sixth 
M'lvee Andrev,, .^ji^r 8 Harmonv court 
MKee Andrew saac-^^ jg south Tenth 
M'Kee Bernard, drayman <. Farmer's row 
M'Kee Bernard, bottler 35 i-ov,,.ii..,„„„i. 

[see M'' Gee M'Mackieand Mac/ccjj/ 
M'Kee James, weavers Rhil's court 
M'Kee James, weaver 12th above Lombard 
M'Kee William, labourer near Pratt's place Sch. 

SI'Keel John, porter Green's court 
'Keen Andrew, tailor 2 Richardson's court 
M'Keever Benjamin, tanner and currier 19 Franklin 


!M'Kccver Charles, labourer Webb's alley 
M'Keevcr M. labourer, Cedar ncir Scluiylkill river 
M'Kcever Peter, smith 50 Sln])ptii i^treet 
M'Keighan Sarali, widow 112 Cherry 
M'Kever Isaac, ropcmaker Shakamaxon cor Prince (K) 
M'Kever widow ot John, sea captain 15 Almond 
iM'Keown George, grocery &; tavern 294 Cedar 
M'Kenna Felix, weaver, Hopkins' court 
M'Kenna Elizabeth Mrs. Oak street (S) 
M'Keniiy Mary, widow Sink's court 
M'Kenny Michael, i)rii.ttr 180 north Water 
M'Kcnny Thomas R. dray man West street near Haoover 
M'Kenzie Charles, tailor 42 Strawberry 

IsecAf'Kvizic and j\'lackenzic 
M'Kenzie Hugh, mariner 105 Christian 
M'Kenzic Hugh, mariner 78 Christian 
f M'Kenzie James, mariner "3 Passyunk 
M'Kcnzie John, Columbian pie-house 3 Goforth alley 
M'Kenzie John S. W. cor. George and Shippen 
M'Kenzic Mrs. widow 7 Budd 
M'K.ibbin David, grocer N W. cor. Union 8c Second — 

d h 34 Union 
M'Kibbin James, printer 137 Pine 
M'Kibbin John, printer 137 Pine 
M'Kibbin W^illiam sea captain 192 Pine 
M'Kimm William labourer Washington ab. Callowhill 
M'Kinlay James, plastei'er 224 soutli Third 
M'Kinley David, labourerPrince near Frankford road 
M'Kinley John, teacher, back 40 north Fourth 
M'Kinley Elizabeth, widow CJak street 
M'Kinley Hugh, cordwainer Juniper above CHerry 
M'Kmley Mary, widow 32 Crown 
M'Kinley Martha, drygoods store 133 south Ninth 
M'Kinley Nathan, cordwainer 9 Wliitehall 
M'Kinley Thomas, carter cor. 5th & Mcrriott's lane 
M'Kinley William, grocer SW cor. Second & Dock 
M'Kinney Abraham, carpenter 9 Bird's alley 
M'Kinncy Felix, weaver cor. George and Pitt (N L) 
M'Kinney James, tavcrnkeepcr Vine near Schuylkill 
M'Kinney Mary, seamstress Sixtli above Green 
M'Kinory Fanny, widow 42 Coates' alley 
jM'Kinsey Donald, porter 51 Small street 
M'Kissick William bootmaker 15 Elizabeth 
M'Knight A. M. burr millsionc maker 5 Decatur 
M'Kniglit George, grocer 287 S. Fourth \_acr M'Knig/it 
M'Knight James, printer 336 south Second 
M'Kniglit Robert, labourer Juniper al)()vc Race 
M'Kowen George, cordwainer 45 Passyunk road 

[sec M'Eutn and M'Gowen 
M'Koy James, shipwright. Maiden near Beacu 
M'Koy Roliert, bellowsmaker and branch utter 7 Tam- 
many, shop Lily alley [see M'Koy and M^Kay 
M'Koy W'ilham accountant 90 Spruce 


M,MU whitely's annual 

M'i.amie Margaret, nurse 228 Catharine 

M'Lane John, tailor PuUin's court 

{aee M'Ciane, M' Learn and M^Ledn '■ 

M'Laren Archibald grocer NW coi Sixth and Wood 

M'Laughlin Catharine, widow M'Ginnes' conrt 

M'Laughlin Charles, broker 28 Carter's alley 

M'Laughlin Dennis, nailer, back 269 Race 

M'Laughlin Eleanor, widow Hazel alley ^ 

M'Laughlin George, grocer, 133 Pine 

M'Laughlin Hugh, cordwainer 390 High 

M'Laughlin Rev James 374 north Front 

M'Llaughlin James, baker 225 south Fifth 

M'Laughlin John, stonecutter 392 Race 

M'Laughhn John, labourer 21 Pine alley 

M'Laughlin Mary Mrs. 25 Meade alley 

M'Laughlin Patrick, grocer 54 Cedar 

M'Laughlin Samuel, soapboiler Hopkins's court 

M'Laughlin William, mariner 36 Meade alley 

M'Laveen Myles, sea captain 113 Race 
M'Lean Ann, widow, back 21 Plum 

M'Lf an John, constable 3 Gaskill street see JlVLane 

M'Learen Duncan, carpenter 88 north Sixth 

M'Learner Samuel labourer Sch. 3d. south of George 

M'Learn Samuel, carpenter 41 Passyunk 

M'Lear James, carter 19 Fitz waiter 

M'Leod George, shijichandler &c. 40 South wharves 

M'Leod Christiana, nurse 81 north Third 

iSI'Leod John, iiead measurer of grain, coal, salt, &c 

48 Swanson near Almond [;see M' Cloud b* iWLoud 
M'Leod Malcolm, carpenter, back 154 Race 
M'LincWey James, grocer 260 south 2d [see M'Glinseij 
M'Mackin Dennis, cordwainer SW cor. Lombard 8c 6th 

M'Mahon newscarrier back 128 north Fifth 

M'Mahon Patrick, labourer 71 Passyunk road 
M'Mahon T. P. seed merchant 8c nurseryman &c 13 

south Second 
M'Mahon Henry, storekeeper 118 south Fifth cor. Pine 
M'Mahon Philip, carter 276 south Fifth 
M'Mahon Wm. F. primer (secretary Typographical 

society) 45 Pine 
M'Maih Andrew, cooper Rose alley 
M'Maken Samuel, chairmaker 296 south Froat 
M'Mannemy Bernard, bricklayer Washington near 

Ridge road 
M'Manamy Joseph, stonecutter, back 85 Passyunk road 
M'Mennomy Henry, tailor N E cor. Geoi'ge and Tenth 
M'Mennomy James, tavernkeeper Bushhill 
M'Mennomy Thomas, shopkeeper 82 George (S.) 
M'Mannus Mary, nurse Cypress alley 
M'Mannus Michael, glovemaker, 288 south Fourth 
M'Mannus Owen, carter, 12th above Locust 
M'Masters John, constable 80 Union. 
M'Mullan James, grocer 227 south Second 


M'Mullan & Miilock, grocers, 1227 south Second 
M'Micliael John, U>l)<>urer Spruce iiciir S<;l». Fittli 
M'MichacI John, drygoods stoic 447 ni-rtli Sccoiul 
M'Micliael Win. shipwright corner Clierry and Dnko 
M'Minn Robert, 177 Green street 
M'Minn Robert, late ironmonger, 1 04 nortli Sixth 
MMinn Samuel, lastniaker 37 Walnut 
M-Minn Wm back 121 Arch 
M'Minnamy Win. cordwainer 19 Crab street 
M'Midlen Aicliibald, drayman '284 south Seventh 
M'Mtdlen John li. blackhinith 268 Swanson>& 23 Prime 
M'Midlen Neal, innkeeper, 319 north Front 
M Mullen Win. shii)wriglit 2o Prime [see MUlen 

M'Miillin Constant, widow, l)ack 33 German 
M'Mullin Elizabeth, teaclier 8 College aventie 
M'Mullin Hugh, labourer 83 Budd 
M'Mullish Isaac, carpenter, 125 south Eleventh 
M'Mullin John, goldsmith and jeweller 114 south Front 
M'Mullin Joseph, grocer 155 south Front ab. Spruce 
M'Mullin Joseph T. ladies' shoemaker 55 south Fourth 
M'Mullin Robert, lumber mercU't — yard 161 and dwell- 
ing 62 Swanson 
M'Mullin Robert, jun. lumber merch't 361 south Front 
M'Mullin Robert, labourer Shippen above Seventh 
M'Mullin Rosina, teacher 52 Zane 
MMuUin Sarah, widow, seminary 1 Norris's alley 
M'Mullin Thomas, carpenter, back 8 Mulberry alley 
M'Mr.llin Wnj. blacksmith, 25 Prime street 
M'Munn Wm. shallopman Baker's alley 
M'Murdy Benjamin, confectioner 119 Browne 
M'Murdy Jonathan, confectioner 346 north Second 
M Murrv Je-:ie, clerk 7 Littleboy's court 
M Mun'y Judith, widow 3>6 Zane 
M'Murtrie, Jas. stock biiktr, &c. inquire 57 Dork 
M'Namara James, storekee\/" r 3d above (ierman. road 
M'NameeJohn, typefounder Higli west of Sch. Fourth 
M'Namee John, carpenter, back 203 I'oates 
M'Namee Micliael, cordwainer Higli near Sch. Fourth 
M'Namee Win. 228 Catharine street 
M'Nally Beinard, tobacconist, 298 south Front 
M'Nenin Malcom, sea captain, 336 soutii Front 
M'Neal John, labourer M^ai k's lane 
tM'Nacl Peter, stevedore 153 Cedar 
M'Naghton Wm. cordwainer, &c. 52 Cedar 
M'Neal Thomas, laliourer Cedar near Sch Seventh 
M'Neal Wakefield, labourer Vine near Sch. 
M'Neal Isaac, bookbinder, back 54 noi th Fourth 
M'Neil Ann, widow S E corner Pine & Thirteenth 

iM'Neil MaJ7, widow, 165 Pine 
I'Neilledgc Alexander, mate of vessel, 75 Gaskill 
M'Neillis Wm. razorstroji niaker 19 Jones's alley 
M'Neilly John, innkeeper, 226 soulli Sixth street 
M'Ncmir James, farmer 107 Moyamcnsitig road 

MAC whitely's annual 

M'Night Robt. labourer Juniper ab. Race [see M^JVig/u 
M'Nichol Charles, cordwainer 120 south Tenth 
M'Nulljr Patrick, weaver, George (N. L.) near Second 
M'Owen Hannah, widow 296 Race 
M'Ovi Edward, weaver Germantown road near Third 
M'Phail Ann, widow, grocer N W cor. Walnut 8c 8th 
M'Pherson Alex, labourer 24 Barron 
M'Pherson Daniel, sea captain 100 south Fifth 
M'Pherson Hugh, sea captain 5 Mary (S.) 
M'Pherson John, Frankford road above Palmer 
M'Pher son |f Misses Margai'et and Maria, 289 Spruce 
M'Pherson Maiy, widow 15 South alley 
M'Pherson Robert, ship carpenter, 492 south Second st. 
M'Pherson Robert, labourer 24 Barron street 
M'Pherson and Ross, confectioners, 8cc. 74 High 
M'Pherson widow of John, 74 High 
M'Pherson Sarah, mantuamaker, 15 South alley 
M'Pherson Thomas, labourer, 28 Little Water 
M'Quaid Felix, tallow chandler Old York r. cor. Noble 
M'Queen Archibald, rigger Oak below Coates 
M'Que Patrick, labourer Juniper above Race 
M'Quillan High, sea captain 164 Lombard 
M'Quillin Bilizabeth, widow 98 Christian 
M'Ree Andrew, late wheelwright Say street 
M'Shane Chailes, cordwainer 7 Watson's alley 
M'Shane Ezekiel, accountant 47 north Sixth 
M'Swain George, woodsawyer Hazel alley 
M'Toy Wm. shopkeeper Fourth above Poplar 
M'Vea Daniel, M, d. Perry street 
M'Vey James, weaver 244 south Fourth 
M'Vicker John, labourer, back 387 Race 
M'Williams Mary, mantuamaker 224 south Third St. 
Maag Margaret, tailoress 2 Starr alley 
Mass David J, baker 60 Almond 
Macan'tee Bernard, tobacconist Castle street 
Macarty Rebecca, midwife Heyde's court 
Macashin Mark, stonemason Cedar ab. Ninth 
Macauley Isaac, patent floor cloth manufacturer, store 
4 north 4th — manufactory and dwelling Bushhjn 

{.see M Cauley 
Maccoun D. merchant 292 High — d h 6 Franklin row 
Mace Joseph, combmaker 10 Poplar lane 
Mace Rachel, boardinghouse, 29 Cresson's alley 
Macfadden Archibald, typefounder Cedar above Ninth 
Macfadden John, typefounder Cedar above Ninth 
Macferran Samuel, justice of the peace 456 north 3d 
Machan Thomas, chairmaker 1 67 north Front 
Mack Conrad, baker Passyunk road below Christian. 
Mack Jacob, ropemaker Cedar above Eleventh 
Mack Nicholas, tavernkeeper, High near Sch. Eighth 
Mack William, saddler Germantown r. near first gate 
Mackason Mary, 25 Race 
Mackason William, shipwright 31 Duke (N L)-''-^ ■"- 


Mackdoyle Walter, dyer Frankford road above Queen 
Mackcntirc Elizabeth, widow, 26 Chester 
Mackenzie Mary, widow 36 Union [sec AI'Kcnzit 

Mackenzie William, gentleman cor. Union and Second 
Mackcy Richard, grocer cor. Moyamensing & Federal 
Mackey William, carter Vine above Tenth 
Mackey Wm ropemaker Cadwalader [sfe M'Kee 
Mackie Elizabeth, widow 184 St. John 
Mackic Peter, accountant 69 New 
Mackie Thomas, merchant 265 south Front 
Mackie Wm. ropemaker, Pitt near Germantown road 
Mackintire Abel, commission agent, back 19 N 2d — 
shoe store 46 High — d h 83 Walnut [str AVIntire 

iMacklin Moses, sawyer back 109 Queen (S) 
lackvay James,' tailor Sch. Seventh below Walnut 
Macky Robert, labourer 101 Queen (S) 
Macomson Joseph, carpet weaver 224 Race 
Macurdy Hugh, drygoods store 243 S 2d \_see M*^ Curdy 
•Madden Agnes, widow, Dean's alley 
■Madden Catharine, washerwoman 39 Crab 
Madden Jeffery, labourer Bonsall 
Madden Marv, widow 96 Rare 

Maddin Ferdinand, bottler 9 Brewer's alley (Wood) 
Maddock E. E. mercht. 153 S Front — d h 223 Lombard 
M'lddock Hannah, tailoress, &c. 31 Crown 
Maddock Wm. carpenter Old York road above Noble 
Ma.'idox Israel, watchman Philadelphia Dank, back 110 

Madeira David, mariner 114 Shippen 
Madeira G. A. and J. mercliants 239 High 
Madeira Peter, carter U. S arsenal Gray's ferry road 
Madili Catharine, Cauffman's court 
MadiU George, printer Cauffman's court 
Mudill Mai-garet, widow. Cherry below Sch. Sixth 
Madureria Jane, Mrs. of Jo^epli, lenth below Pine 
Mafftt David, drygoods store 8 S Second [str Moffii 
Maffct James, shipmaster 122 Christian street 
Magan Micliael, baker 86 south Third 
Magaheran Mary Miss, Union N W corner Third 
Magarge Samuel, flour and feed store 237 N Front 
Magaw A. S. attorney at law Say street 
Magcc Hugh S. oakc'ooper 132 Vine 

[*cd- M^Gee and Muf^hec 
Mager Nicholas, tailor 32 Duke (N L) 
Mager, widow of Philip, tailor 30 Duke (N L^ 
Maggs Rachel, widow, nu^^e Ro.^e ay. below Browne 
Magilton Martha, tailoress 31 Gilles alley 
Magiicr Charles, Vauxhail tavern, SW cor. ol Gofoith 

and Caller's alley 
Magnis Daniel, teacher of elocution, 83 Locust 
Magoffin William M. & Co. merchants 189 High 
Magonagle John, cooper 13 Catharine 
Magradv John, cedar cpoper 181 St. John 
Magragh George, carver 11 QuariT 

MAN whitely's annual 

Magrath Michael, tallowchandler 23 Wood st — d h 

34 Ann (N L) 
Magraw John, labourer Smith's court near Sch. 8th 
Magraw Thomas, cordwainer 413 north Fourth 
Maguier Mary, widow, 17 Appletree alley 
Maguire John, grocer S E cor. Fourth and Callowhill 
Maguire James, typefounder 263 south Fifth street 
Maguire Thomas, labourer cor. Sch. Front & Chesnut 
Mahany James A. attorney at law 89 Race — d h 55 Vine 
MahofFer William, saddletree maker, back 220 N 8th 
Mahon John, waterman 121 Swanson 
Mahony Michael, grocer High near Schuylkill Fourth 
Mahony James, labourer Prime above Front 
Mahony John, teacher High west of Schuylkill Fifth 
Mahl John, hog victualler Germantown r. bel, 1st gate 
Mahorter Elizabeth, widow 143 Cl»erry 
Mahy John, cordwainer 63 north Fifth 
Main Charles, mariner 2 Parham's alley 
Main James, shipwright, back 57 Budd [see Mein 

Main Thomas, shipwright Maiden near stone bridge 
Mains Arthur, weaver 1 Crab 
Mains John, cordwainer 1 Crab 

Maison John A. merchant 196 High Isee Mason 

Maitland John & Thomas, grocers 187 S 4th near Lom- 

bai'd — d h of John, 119 Lombard 
Maitland Thos. merchant 17 S Water— d h 153 Pine 
Major Robert, carpenter 315 south Second 
Makins James N; sailmaker Spruce st. wharf— d h 11 

N orris's alley 
Makins Sarah, widow 11 Norris's alley 
Makins William, weaver Lombard near Perry 
Maikins Wm, S, carpenter, 60 and d h 11 Dock 
Malbec John, ladies' shoemaker 124 south Second 
Malcolm Henry, m. d. 35 Zane corner Seventh 
Maley Ann, widow grocer N E cor. Walnut & Tenth 
Maley John, grocer Juniper above Race 
Maley Mrs. widow of Michl. grocer Juniper ab. Race 
Maley Peter, stonecutter Juniper above Race 
Maley Simon, labourer Cobb's court (N L) 

[see Marley and Miley 
Malin Charlotte, widow, 121 S Eleventh [see Mayland 
Mallan Thomas, paperstainer 268 south Fourth 
Mallendar Mary, widow, 70 Queen (S) 
Mallet David, shoemaker 3 Cranmer's court 
Mallon Mrs. young ladies' seminary 70 Walnut 
Malon Philip T. trunk maniif. 352 north Second 
Malone Mary Smyth, widow, Sch. 7th above Arch 
Malloney James, 26 Gilles's alley 
Malsberger Joseph, storekeeper 364 noi-th Scconrl 
Maltman James, mariner Carpenter above Front 
Manderfield C. block and piimpmaker 296 south 7th 
Manderfield Henry, trader 58 Lombard 
Manderson Andrew, storekeeper 445 north Second 
Manderson James, baker Beach near Maiden 


Mandej-son John, teacher Beach near Maiden 
Mandevillc David, cashier of the bank of Northern 

Liberties, 81 north Sixtii 
Mandcville Mary, hairworkcr 10 Bread 
Mutidry & Gravenstine, livcrystablc 100 north Sixth 
Mandry William, health officer, 102 north Sixth 
Maneiy Enoch, oysterman Prime below Second 
Mancry Jonathan, siuillopman 508 south Fn)nt 
tMang Jolin, labourer Shippen above Seventh 
Mangan Jc^in, coachspring maker 251 Race corner 7th 
Manger Christ, vict 4th bel. Master, stall 42 N L market 
Manger Daniel, oakcoopcr Fourth al)Ove Foplar 
Maneuvre Maria, widow of Louis, confectioner 176 S 2d 
Manierre Benjamin, mariner 32 Meade alley 
Manigault Margaret S. widow N W cor. 9ili & Spruce 
Manington Thomas, labourer 7 Stcpiiens' court 
Mankin Edward, tailor 258 north Second 
Manley William, innkeeper 91 north Water 
fManlove Philip, carter 18 Kunckel street 

iManlovt Solomon, labourer 28 Elizabeth 
lanlove William E. grocer 164 Shippen 
Manly Heniy, gentleman 13 Brancli 
IMann Abraham, porter Traquair's court 
Mann Catharine, widow, 79 Vine 
Mann & Cupples, merchants 147 High 
Matm Horatio, gentleman 244 Race [see Mahoii 

Mann Jacob, draynoan 219 nortli Eighth 
Mann Jahan, shoemaker 389 north Front 
Mann Jesse F. cordwainer 13 Pryor's alley 
Mann John, cordwainer 389 north Front 
Mann John, nealer in U. S mint, 62 Garden 
tMann F'erry, farmer Malt alley 
Mann Thomas, merchant 288 High 
Mann Wm. carpenter 170 S Water & 171 south Front 
Manual Andrew, baker cor. Third and Germantown r. 
Mannerlj' Enoch, fislierman Prime above Front 
Mannhardt C. L. inqiiirr 200 High 
Manning Elizabeth, 59 Race 
Manning John, mariner 170 Shippen 
Manning John, silverplatcr, back 251 Race 
Manning Thomas S. printer — office 30 Shakspeare 

buildings N W cor. 6th Sc Chesnut — d h 13 S Sixth 
Manning w'illiam, tinplate worker 242 south Second 
Mannineton Thomas, labourer Apple n. George (N L) 
Mansfield John, tavernkeeper. Poplar lane below 4th 
Mansfield Richard, Golden-eagle hotel, N W cor. High 

and Ninth 
Mansfield Thomas, tailor Sink's court 
Mansure John, sea captain Kurd's alley 
Mantell Conrad, l)aker 27 Walnut 
Manuel J. E. carpenter shop 20 Norris's alley — d h 14 

Cypress alley 
Minypenny Mrs. of Joseph, 407 north Fourth 

MAR whitely's annual 

Marbacher Charles, carpenter 4th near Germ, road 
Marbacher John, brewer 117 N 4th above Vine — d h 

78 Wood 
Marbele George F. gentleman 93 Passyunk 
Marcev Jos. tailor 30 Branch \_see mercer iJf MerQier 
|Marcette Francis, tobacconist 167 south Sixth 
March James, reedmaker, back 224 High [se<? Marsh 
Marchment Jesse, shoemaker 74 Queen (S) 
Marcker Philip, blacksmith, Carpenter (S) ab. Front 

[see Marker 
Marclay Ann, widow, 30 Budd 
Maree James, stonecutter, 3 Pleasant avenue 
Margarim David, gunsmith Kunckel above Tammany 
Mariner Andrew, oysterman, back 29 Green 
Mariner Fen wick, pilot 503 south Front 
Mariner Mary, widow, 11 German 
Mariner Samuel, waterman, back 281 south Third 
Marinot Michael, cook 151 south Sixth 
Maris & Evans, merchts. 31 S wharves — d li 101 Pine 
Maris Rachel R widow of Richard, 177 Walnut (San- 

som's row) 
Mark Ann, widow, confectioner 91 Cedar [see Marks 
Mark Elizabeth, widow 242 St. John 
Mark John, merchant 78 Lombard 
Mark John, minter Fifth below Buttonwood 
Markel Christian, millstone maker 11 North alley 
Marker Ehzabeth, widow, 34 Green 
Marker George, farmer, (98 years of age) Moyamen- 

sing road below Jervis's lane 
Marker George, tailor Sch. Front below Chesnut 
Marker John, papermaker 119 German 
Marker Mary, widow, south Second below Greenwich 
Marker Mary, 77 north Eightli [see Marcker 

Markland John, 297 Race 

Markle Jacob, carpenter 5 Wood above Fourth 
Markley Elizabeth, widow, back 48 Lombard 
Markley Jacob, gentleman 18 Kunckel ab. Tammany 
Markley Mary, nurse 120 north Fifth 
Markoe Francis, merchant 154 south Front 
Markoe John, gentleman 293 Chesnut above Ninth 
Marks Catharine, widow, 4 Mai'ia street 
Marks Isaac, merchant 119 north Fifth 
Marks Jared, druggist, 8cc Quince above Warren 
Marks John, mariner 234 south Fifth 
Marks Mary, widow. Old York road near Buttonvrood 
tMarks Samuel, fruiterer 162 Spruce [see Mark 

Marks Samuel, brickmaker Lombard near Schuylkill 
Mai'ks Susannah, widow, Marks' lane 
Markward William, coachsmith 8 Raspberry alley 
Marley John, coachmaker & corder Vine near Sell. 
Marley Joseph D. ladies' shoemaker, 121 north Fourtli 
Marley Thomas, jr. cordwainer Broad above Walnut 
Marley Thomas, mariner 6 Penn [see Maley is' Miley 


Marley William, cordwainer Broad below Georee 

Marlin Andrew, mariner 115 Catharine 

Murlin Thomas, drayman Laurel near Second 

Marine John, mariner, back 29 Prime 

Marneil Daniel, tailor 120 south Fourth [are Monell 

Marot Davenport, spinningwheel and chairmaker 13 & 

18 Coomb's alley r^f^^ Merritt 

Marot Elizabeth, widow, 19 Chiistian street 
Marot \V m. bookbinder 455 High—d h Juniper near 

Marotte L. & G. Follin, wine store, 3 north Fourth 
Marotte Louis, merchant, 3 north Fourth 
Marple David, gentleman 206 north Sixth 
Marple Elizabeth, widow, 8 Coomb's alley 
Marpole Abraham, shipwright Frankford r. n. Queen 
Marran Elizabeth, tailoress 27 Prune 
Marr Abigail, widow, back 79 north Fifth 

» , . , r^ ^ ^ [«<?f Marrs ijf Malm 

Marrs, widow of Robert, 17 Sterling allev 

Marsh Catharine, widow, Maria near Fourth (N L") 

Marsh Elias, drygoods merchant 28 north Eichth 

Marsh James, agent 247 south Seventh [see March 

Marsh John, labourer 291 south Fourth 

Marsh John, glasscutter Pine near Schuylkill 

Marsh Joseph, shipwright 23 Christian 

tMarsh Juber, labourer, back 107 Queen (S) 

Marsh Mai^', milliner 104 south Second 

Marshall Abraham, carpenter 375 Race 

Marshall Aaron, siioemaker 489 north Third 

Marshall widow of Amor, wafermaker 59 Walnut 

Marshall Benjamin, accountant 170 south Eleventh 

Marshall Charles, chemist, &c. 56 Chesnut 

Marshall Charles, jr. druggist 310 High 

Marshall Christopher, druegist 19 north Fourth 

Marshall Hannah, widow, boarding house 38 Sansom 

Marshall John, vict. back 584 south Front 

Marshall John, bricklayer 9 Small 

tMarshall John, cook. Middle alley 

Marshall widow of John, Oak bei.hayscales, (N L) 

tMarshall John, blacksmith 100 north Eleventh 

Marshall Joseph C, cordwainer 41 Coates 

Marshall Mary, boardinghouse 18 Bank 

Marshall Moses D. cordwainer 331 north Second 

Marshall Samuel, cordwainer 123 south Third— <1 h 5 

Belrs court 
Marshall & Tempest, goldsmiths. &c. 87 south Second 
Marshall Thomas, sea captain Baker's alley 
Mai-shall William, printer 218 south Seventh 
Marston David, gunsmith 179 north Fourth 
Martel M L. 140 south Fifth 
Martens John F. sandman Broad bel. Vine 
Marter Abm. terrvman Camden (N J) 
Martien Elizabeth, widow, teacher 38 Church alley 

MAR whitely's annual 

Martimer Ralph, 38 Crown 

Martin Abraham, accountant 171 Arch \ 

Martin Andrew, labourer, Pine W. Broad 

Martin Benjamin, 230 south Third 

Martin Benjamin, grazier 508 south Second 

Martin Catharine, widow. Fourth above Poplar lane. 

Maitin Charles, 3 Harmonr court 

|Martin Charles, labourer. Pottery alley 

Martin Daniel, labourer Twelfth below Pine 

Martin Edward, accountant 211 Arch 

jViartin Edward P. plasterer 72 Green 

Martin Elizabeth, widow, 24 Parham*^s alley 

Martin Elizabeth, nurse Knodle 

Martin Frances, Mrs. 260 south Fourth 

Martin George, mariner, back 338 south Front 

Martin & Harts, merchants 233 north Third 

Martin Jacob, grocer 293 north Third 

Marti Jacob, merchant 233 and 287 north Third 

Martin Jacob, gentleman 105 south Ninth 

Martin Jacob, gentleman, cor. 4th and George (N L) 

Martin & Jacobs, merchants 21 north Front 

Martin James, gentleman 64 George (S) 

Martin James, jun. grazier 48 Moyamensing road 

Martin James, merchant 45 N. Front — d h 95 New 

Martin Jane, widow, SheaflF's alley 

Martin John, mariner 184 Cedar 

Martin John F. waterman Broad near Vine 

Martin John, sea captain 270 south Third 

Martin John, carpenter Maria above Fourth (N L) 

Martin John, flour store, corner High and Twelfth 

Martin Jno. smith & tavern 176 S. Water & 177 S. Front 

Martin Joseph, gentleman 272 north Second 

Martin Joaeph D. druggist, &c. 190 Callowhill 

fMartin Josephine, widow 18 Ehzabeth 

Martin Lavinia, widow of Isaac, Lombard above Ninth 

M.irtin Margaret, nurse 22 Little Water 

Martin Margaret, widow 280 south Front 

Martin Marmaduke, bricklayer 463 south Second 

fMartin Mary, widow 18 Elizabeth 

Martin Mary, widow 126 north Fifth 

Martin Mary, widow 167 north Ninth 

Msrtin Mary, widow 4 Unity court 

tMurtin Morilla, v/idow, back 185 south Seventh 

Martin & Parham, cabinetmakers 217 north Front 

Mai'tin Patrick, watch and clockmaker 98 north Sixth 

Martin Patrick, labourer Sch. Fourth above Filbert 

Martin Peter, baker Twelfth below Pine 

Martin Philip, sea captain 55 Lombard 

Martin Prosper 8c Co. iron founders Beach ab. Maiden 

Martin Richard G. accountant 473 south Second 

Martin Samuel, sailmaker 106 Lombard 

Martin Samuel, calico printer Old York r. n. mill pond 

Martin Samuel M. mei-chant 16 N. Front— d h 21 Wood 


Martin Sarah, boardinghouse 4 Swanson 

Miiitin Susannah, widow, Sch. St- vciith below Walnut 

Martin Thomas, grazier 457 south Second 

Martin Thomas, carpenter 293 south Fourth 

Martin Thomas, blacksmith 29 Gilles' alley 

Martin Thomas, carpcnfcr. Maiden near sione bridge 

Martin Thomas, tallowchandler 98 north Sixth 

Martin Tobias, smith, shop 22G — d h 160 Race 

Martin William, merchant 29 south Second 

Martin W'm. cabinetmaker 21" N. Front — dh 87 St. John 

Martin William, victualler, d h Spring Garden, stall 22 

New market souih Second 
Marts Susannah, widow, Mark's lane 
Masden Benjamin, merch. 19 S. Water & 13 S. wharves 
Masden & Bunker, merchants, 19 south Water and 13 

South wharves 
Masden John, copperplate pi-inter, back 58 Ann (N L) 
Mashmon Catharine, widow, 435 south Second 
Masminster John, labourer 7 Garden 
Mason Alva, engi-avcr in brass, &c. 13 south Fourth— 

d h back 58 Zane 
Mason Ann, widow boardinghouse 276 High 
Mason C. teacher Philadelphia academy 40 north 4th 
Mason U, H. engraver in brass, &c- 13 south Fourth 
Mason Elias, tailor south Second above Federal 
Mason Elizabeth, widow 64 Catharine 
Mason Elizabeth, 13 Vine 
Miison George, rush bottomer 63 Filbert 
Mason Isaac, 135 south Eleventh 
Mason Isaac N. bo(jki)inder N E cor. Chesnut & Water 
Mason James, carpenter 15 Noble 
Mason James, tailor. Relief st. 
Mason John, tjrassfounder 431 north Third 
Mason Joseph, hatter, back 29 Beck's alley 
tMason Joseph, oysterman 23 Prosperous alley 
Mason Mary, matron of the Penn. hospital Pine ab. 8th 
Mason Philip, superintcndant of the Lancaster turnpike 

131 south Sixth 
Mason Richard, m. d.49 north Eighth [^see Maison 

Mason Robert, 85 Shippen 

Mason Robert, merch. 40 S. wharves — d h 157 Pine 
Mason Robert, mariner 65 Meade alley 
Mason Samuel. Stewart of tlie Penn. hosp. Pine al). 8th 
Mason Samuel, jr. clock and watchmaker 167 Chesnut 

— d h 35 south Fourth 
Mason & Seelhorst, grocers N E cor. Race and Fifth 
Mason Simeon, grocer N E cor. Race and Fifth 
Mason Tanton, baker 6 Me.ade alley 
Mason Tliomas, toll collector at Upper ferr>' bridge Sch. 
Mason Thomas A. apotliccary and druggist 183 S. 6th 
Mason VV'illiam, oak cooper 9 Decatur 
Mason W. cabinetmaker 99 north Front— d h back 40 

Ann (N L) 
Mason William, 140 St. John 

MAT whitely's annual 

Mason William, engraver in brass, 8cc. 13 south Fourth 

— d h 8 Norris's alley 
Mason W. 8c A. engravers in brass, &c. 13 south 4th 
Massac John, sailmaiier S. wharves S W corner Cedar 

— d h near Gaskill 
Massey Charles, jun. merchant 28 South wharves — d h 

170 Arch 
Massey Henry, cotton spinner, Second, above Germ. r. 
Massey James W. planemaker 58 St. 1 ammany 
Massey John, gentleman, Camden (N J) 
Massey Lydia Eliza, 6 Chester 
Massey Thomas, sea captain 23 German 
Massey Thomas, carpenter Juliana below Green 
Massey William, accountant 6 Chester 
Master Joseph, gauger 68 Spruce 
Master William, ladies' shoemaker 65 north Third 
Mather, widow of James, grocer George above Tenth 
Mather Jeremiah, weaver Cedar cor Twelfth 
tMathers Edward, sawyer corner Coates and Fifth 
Mcithers Thomas, waterman Marlborough near Queen 
Matthias A carpenter 94 St. John 
Mathias Benjamin, machinemaker N. 2d near Camacl. 
Muthias Samuel, drayman Juliana above Noble 
Mathias Sarah, widow Second above Germ, road 
Mathieu Armond, cooper 184 south Sixth 
Mathieu Joseph, m. d . 52 Walnut 
Mathison Neil, grocer 12 Pine 
Matlack Benjamin, mate 95 Shippen 
Matlack Hannah, widow, nurse 56 George 
Matlack Jacob, 95 St. John below Noble 
Matlack Timothy, prothonotary of the district court, 

office E, wing State-house — d h 248 Spruce 
Matlack Thomas, accountant 33 Chester 
Matsinger Ann Mrs. gardener Irish lane 
Matsinger George, carter Juniper above Cherry 
Matson Mary, 92 Union 
Mattern Mary, widow, back 247 N. 2d 
Mathew Armand, oysterman 184 S. 6th [^see Matthews 
Matthew Austin, grocer 389 High— d h 12 N Eighth 
Matthew James, grocer 389 High 
tMathew Peter, waiter 165 Lombard 
Matthews Alicia, ladies' boarding school SWcor. 11th 

and Arch [see Mathew 

Matthews Barnibald, mariner 6 York court 
Matthews Barny, mariner St. John near George 

i Matthews Edwaid, dyer, 14 Hurst street 
latthews Eleanor, Mrs. Cherry below Thirteenth 
fMatthews George, labourer 10 Burd's court 
fMatthews Jacob, teacher Allen's alley 
Mathews, widow of James, Sch. Fifth above High 
Matthews James, nailer 57 George above Tenth 
Matthews John, jr. boot and shoemaker 393 High 
tMatthews John, labourer 39 Middle alley 


Matthews John, paper store 393 High 
Mitllu'ws Jovinlaii, watermiin, Qir-cmi n. Murlborough 
M ittlicivs Julia Ann, widow, 250 Lombard 
MatliL'ws Lvdia, tailorcss 3 Elni^lic's alley 
Matthews Mary & Sarah, sliop keepers 202 Vine 
M itthews Matihew, commission merchant 393 High 
jMiitthews Peter, clothes dealer. Dock — d h 216 Lom- 

i)ar(l street 
Matthews Peter, labourer 139 Plum 
M tthews Richard, Willow square manuf. 177 south 2d 
M iithews Samuel, laliourer Queen n. Marlborough 
Matthews V\'illiam H. baker 67 Cedar 
Matthews William, cattle dealer, Sch. Fifth bel. High 
Matilie ws Wm. papermaker and boardinghouse 50 Arch 
Mattliewson, Ci. stonecutter High W. Scb. Third 
Mat inglv Lewis, shoemaker 218 Eighth bel. Callowhill 

iMaitis John, waiter 16 Herd's court 
1 :ttison Joseph, combnuiker Filbert W. Sch. Eighth 
Mattison Sarah, Mrs. 120 Sansom 

Maul Calelj, himlier merchant S W cor. Ninth and Vine 
Maule Caleb, carpenter 117 north Fifth 
Maule Israel, carpenter 14 John above Wood 
Maule Jonathan, blacksmith Ridge road above Vine 

iMaulcon Marie C. washerwoman 5 Cauffman's court 
luull Henry, labourer Second above Prime 
Maull Jas. sailmaker 12 S. wharves — d h 19 Carter's ay. 
Maull John, sailmaker 19 Carter's alley 
Mau.'l, widow of N. boatbuilder 19 Christian 
Maud R. and J. sailmakers 9 South wharves 
Maull Robert, sailmaker 4 Bread — loft 9 South wharves 
MauU William, shipwright 567 south Second 
Maurer John A. M. D. Lawrence above Wood 
MaxHeld John, coidwainer 16 Crab 
Maxtield Joseph, accountant 222 north Fourth 
tMaxtield P. porter 246 Lombard 
M ixseiner Adam, shopKeeper 30 Ann (N L) 
Maxwell Andrew, carpenter 181 south Seventh 
Maxwell & Co. commission merchants 79 south Front 
Maxwell Elizaljeth, widow 174 south Sixth 
Maxwell James, bookseller and printer, S E corner of 

Fourtli and VValiuit 
Maxwell James, carpenter 512 north Front 
M vxwell James, cordwainer Spafford street 
M i.\.vell James, weaver. Ced.u above Twelfth 
Maxwell Ja'iu s, wharlhuilder Frank!, r. near Maiden 
Maxwell James, commission merchant 140 Chesnut 
M ix.vell John, grocer 237 si. nth Fourth 
Maxwell Hannah, widow Maiden near Beach 
Maxwell John, sen. weaver 1!6 C'lristian 
Maxwell John, jun. carpenter 116 Christian 
Maxwell Robert, wharthuiKlcr Mai^len near Beach 
Maxwell Sirah, widow 9 Lytle'scourt 
May Daniel, bricklayer Queen above Third 

: 'lEA whitely's annual 

May Henry, hatter N E cor. Tenth and Cherry 

May" Esther, widow Parliam's alley 

May John, brickmaker Beaver near Pitt 

May Lewis, shoemaker Lawience above Wood 

May Lewis, jr. carpenter 344 Race 

M.iv Maria, widow, back 264 St. John 

M t v Mary, widow 77 north Tenth 

Mayotivry Martlia, washerwoman 27 Gilles's alley 

Maybirj Jolm, merchant 5 Chesnnt — d h 124 Arch 

Mayburry Jeremiah W. grocer 268 north Front 

Mayer Andrew, coach and sign painter N Ecor. Poplar 

and Rachel \see Meyer and Maker 

Mayer Philip F.Rev. D. D. 87 SassiuVas 
Mayer John Dr. surgeon 500 north Third n. Germ. r. 
Mayer John, labourer Frankford road above Palmer 
Mayhew David, baker 120 Browne 
Mayl>ew David, combmaker Poplar above Second 
Mayhew Hazael, combmaker 269 north Second 
Mayhew Joseph, carter 128 Browne 
Mayhew Samuel, tailor 70 north Third 
Mayland Jacob, tobacconist 99 Sassafras cor. Third 
Mayland James, tobacconist Beach near Maiden 
Mayland Samuel, tobacconist 26 Sassafras alley 
Mayland Samuel, tobacconist 416 north Front 

\see Malpi, Moreland and Moyland 
Maylin Joseph, Sixth below Germantown road 
Mayne Thomas, shipmaster back 204 north Second 
Mays Joseph, shoemaker Carrell's court ^th st. (N L) 

[^see Maze iJf Mease 
Mays Mary, widow 168 south Third 
Maysenhoelder Charles, jeweller &c. 26 Strawberry 
Mayville Mrs. widow, back 325 Spruce 
May weg John, whitesmith Green below 4th 8c cor. 3d 
May weg William, hardware merchant 94 High 
Maze John G. carpenter 33 Mary (S) 

\_see Mease ijf Mays 
Maze Mrs. boardinghouse cor Watt's and Shield's ay 
Mazui'ie James I. merchant 115 south Third 
Mead Elizabeth, widow cor Fourth and Maria (N L) 
Mead Chas. teacher Frankhn academy 32 Church ay 
Mead Jeremiah, ladies' shoemaker Bernard's court 
Mead John G. vict 40 old (N L) market— d h Germ.r. 
tMead Lewis, hairdresser 414 High 
Mfead Margaret Mrs. of Richard, Chesnut above 12th 
Mead Mrs. of Lanson, 9 Well's row, north Eighth 
Mead Samuel, carter, corner Cherry ay. and Twelfth 
Meade Elizabeth, widow 291 south Third 
fMcade Guy, mariner 292 south Third 
Meade James, hairdresser 291 south Third 
Meade Maiy, widow of Edward, shipmaster N. Sixth 

above Wood 
fMeadesel Anthony, oysterman ct. in Blackberry alley 
Mealy Patrick, tavernkeeper 2 south Fourth 


Mealy William, brickmaker Thirteenth bel. Walnut 
Means Rlizabetli, widow 23 Green [sec Mien ijf Main 
Means John, victualler — d h South wark, stall 2 market 

south Seco-nd 
Meany John, 4 (Franklin row) south 9th 
Meany Owen, labourer 319 Spruce 
Mears Benjamin, china stote 47 south 4th [sec Mccr 
Mease James, m.d. 192 Chesnut [see Maze iP" ^lays 
Mease John, surveyor of damaged ships and corgoes, 

Norris's alley 
Mecaskey Andrew, drygoods store 143 north Third 
Mccaskey John, storekeeper 201 south Second cor Pine 
Meclilin Jacob, accountant 149 Race 
Mtick Michael, labourer St. Mary's street below 7th 
Mecke John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer 402 N 2d 
Mecom & Rogers, boardinghouse 113 Arch 
Medary Samuel, turpentine distitiller, store 447 north 

Front — d h 16 Poplar lane [see Madeira 

Median John S. prmter 12 south 8th — d h 253 S 7th 

iMcdcaj) Philip, waiter, back 26 Barron 
leeker Cory, cordwainer 377 north Second 
Meeker Daniel, cordwainer 246 north Second 
Meeker widow of Samuel S S E cor. Third and High 
tMcckle Elisha, waiter 36 Burd's court 
Meer John, artist 4 south Seventh 

[seeMears, Meyer i:f Meres 
Meer John, jun. artist Juniper below Chesnut 
Meers Joseph, stagedriver 148 Cherry 
Meers Mrs. victualler 351 Callowlull 
Megan Sophia, widow 106 Christian street 
Megaw Thomas, porter cor Fifth and Davis's court 
Megella John, Hunter's court 
Megonegal Roswell, teacher 216 north Sixth 
Megraw Thomas, tavernkeeper & bottler N E corner 

Cedar and Tenth 
Meguire John, carter Vine alley above Twelfth 
Meguire Patrick, typefounder Shippen above Seventh 

[see Alaifuire isf M'Gtiire 
Mehany Richard, ship watcliman back 57 south Water 
Meiers Joseph, coachman 9 Appletree alley 
Meigs Charles D m. d. 134 norti; Eighth 
Mekeal Abraham, carpenter Lombard above Twelfth 
Meinicka Christian, bootmaker 285 Vine 
Melbeck John, broker and commis. mercht. Washington 

near Ridge road 
Melchor Horatio L. deputy sheriff 82 Locust below 9th 
Melchor John, oakcooper 1 1 south ay & 4th ab Poplar 
Melick John, vict. Buttonwond above Charles 
Melick Peter, labourer Cobb's court 
Melish John, geographer 121 Chesuut, where maps of 

every kind may be had 
Melius Wm. floorcloth printer Bushhill 

MER whitely's annual 

Melizet Francis, merchant 141 south Second 
Melone John, combmaker 9 Branch 
Mellan Robert, carpenter 56 Current ay. 
Mellen widow of Wm. smith Church street 
Meliy B. widow of Wm. 203 Shippen street 
Mekom Edward, grocer S E cor 11th and Locust 
Mendenhall Adam, accountant 2 Elmshe's ay 
Mendenhall Isaac, wheat fanmaker 22 Old York road 
Mendenhall Isaac, wheat fanmaker 12 Little Dock— 

dh 93 High 
Mendenhall P. accountant 29 Elfreth's ay 
fMendonzer Anthony, hairdresser 29 Lombard street 
Menige' & Godebout, oysterman 30 south Sixth 
Menige' Oliver, oysterman 30 south Sixth 
Menus John & Joseph, hog vict. c^r Charles & Pleasant 
Mensing Frederick, bootmaker llsocrth Sixth 
Mentz Charles, tiuplateworker 71 High — d h 6 Poplar 
Mentz George W bookbinder, bookseller and stationer 

71 Sassafras \sce Mintz 

Menzies John, clock and watchmaker S "W cor Front 

and Spruce 
Merady Joseph, labourer Shippen's lane 
Mercer Bernard, carpenter S W cor 10th 8c Locust 
Mercer George, tavern and grocery 160 south Water 

and 161 south Front 
Mercer George, grocer 56 Almond 
Mercer Jane, grocer 173 south Fifth 
Mercer Robert, sea captain 1 Mary (S) [see Marcer 
Mercer Robert, auctioner 314 High 
Mercer Thomas, grocerSW cor Christian andSwanson 
Mercier Charles, confectioner 104 High 
Mercier Charles, accountant 10 Pleasant avenue 
Mercier Sarah, widow 4 Cypress ay. 
Merdick Ann, shopkeeper Maiden near Beach 

[see Murdoch 
Meredith Ann, widow, back 3 Little Phie 
Meredith Benjamin, plasterer 98 Crown 
Meredith Benjamin A. hardware merchant 44 north 

Second— d h 49 Duke (N L) 
Mei'edith David, baker Buitonwood above Fifth 
tMeredith David mariner Grissel's ay. 
Meredith Jos. coachsmith 193 Shippen & 11 Hyde's ct. 
Meredith Joseph, labourer cor. Sch. Fifth and Pine 
Meredith Moses, innkeeper Coates above Fourth 
Meredith widow of Thos. innkeeper Buttonwood n. 5th 
Meredith William, counsellor at law, office 1 souths 6th 

— d h S W cor. Chesnut and Tenth 
Meredith William M. attorney at law, 1 south Sixth— 
- d h S W cor. Tenth and Chesnut 
Meriti Jacob & Co. 355 Race 
Meres Savah, widow 75 Christian street 
tMeres Shadrack, mariner, back 444 south Front 
Merkle Christian, labourer 11 North ay. 


Merklee Conrad, cordwainer 108 north Third 

Merrick Amos, ladies' shoemaker Merriott'sl. near 5th 

Merrick Alexander P. mariner 254 south Front 

Merrick Hannah, widow 48 north Sixth 

Merrick Jushua, carpenter 8 Mary (S) 

Merrick Richard, teacher Eleventh above Locust 

Merriken Eliza, widow. Cherry above Eleventh 

Merrill Otis B printer 17 north Eighth 

Merrill Mrs. Otis B. ladies' hatmaker &c. 17 N 8th 

Merrit Cinnetta, widow 6 Jones' ay. 

Merrit E. S. 8c M. bonnetmakers 67 Mulberry 

Merrit Georg , blacksmith Prince below Second (S) 

Merrit John, pilot 3 Parkham's ay. \ae€ Marot 

Merrit John, mariner 425 south Front 

Merrit John, oysterman 270 south Fifth 

Merritt Joseph, labourer Webb's ay. 

Merritt & Lance, oyster cellar S W cor 6th 8c Carpenter 

Merritt Susan, widow 39 George (S) 

Merrio Andrew, baker, back 422 south Front 

Merryman John, carter, corner Queen and Third 

Mervin Ferdinand, ladies' shoemaker 365 south Front 

Mervine Andrew, cooper Buttonwood near Eighth 

Mtrvine Hannah, widow, teacher 181 Plum street 

Mervine John, cooper Vineyard near Ridge road 

Mervine John, tailor N W corner Dock and Walnut 

Mervine Peter, cooper 2 Franklin street 

Mervine Thomas, smith Upper ferry road 

Mcser Hcnrv, baker Hammilton village 

Messchert Matthew H. merchant 11 Sansom 

Messeix Samuel, 510 south Second 

Messinger Simpson, hatter 139 High S W corner 4th 

Metcalfe Margaret, widow 6 Chancery 

Metcalfe Wm. teacher back 10 north Front 

Metham Pren, muffinbaker 73 south Fourth 

Mesteyer Lewis, comedian. Arch street theatre — dh 

2 College avenue 
Metts George, Buttonwood near Sixth \_8ee MHz 

Metts Barbary, widow Buttonwood near Sixth 
Mettler Samuel, 401 north Second 
Mettler Wm (Buck's county inn) 337 north Second 
Metz Barbara, widow Buttonwood near Fifth 
Mctz George, corner Fourth and Lombard 
Metz George, carpenter Buttonwood near Fifth 
Mctz & Jouny, bellhangers 26 Lombard 
Metzger Abraham, labourer Brown near Cherry 
Metzger John, Frombcrger's court 
Metzger John M. tailor 245 north Second 
Metzger widow of George, Old York road ab. Poplar 
Mettey Thomas, oysterman, back 19 Lombard, cellar 

94 north Second 
Meurer Frederick, dyer Gcrmantown road below 3d 
Meyers George G. carpenter 133 north Third 

MID whitely's annual 

Meyer Henry, baker 9 Elfreth's ay. 
Meyers Henry, sen. merchant 13S north Third 
Meyers Hannah, widow of George, innkeeper 269 Vine 
Meyers Henry, jun. 20 Race 

[see Mayer, Maker, Myers, Mears isf Meres 
Meyers Henry, College avenue 
Meyers Henry, innkeeper S W cor. Fifth and Race 
Meyers Jacob, victualler stall 32 New market south 2d 
Meyei'S John P. weaver 124 north Fifth 
Meyers Mary, widow 131 north Sixth 
Meyers Mary, back 154 north Fiftli 
Meyers widow of Michael, 13 Callowhill 
Meyers & Son, drygoods store 1 33 north Third 
Meyers Thomas, accountant 82 Wood 
Meyers Peter C. merchant 133 north Third 
Meynie' John U. merchant 7 Minor — d h 148 S Fourth 

[see Meany 
Michael Rachel, widow of Joseph, 100 Swanson 
Michaels John, labourer, Washington street (P T) 
Michellan Lewis, mate of vessel, 20 Little German 
Mick George, shoemaker 285 north Third 
Mick Michael, ironfounder St Maiy 
Mickels Naomi, grocer S E cor. Lombard and Eighth 
Mickel James, cedarcooper Frankford r, near Otter 
Mickel Wm. shipwright Cherry above Duke 
Mickmack Christian, welldigger Buttonwood near 5th 
Micnicka Christian, cordwainer 104 north Sixth 
tMidcap Philip, waiter 6 Hurst street 
Middleton Allen & Co, blacksmiths 281 north Third, & 

70 Callowhill— d h 11 Kunckel 
Middleton Allen, blacksmith Emlen's court 
Middleton Ann, Mrs. 70 Penn 

i Middleton Benjamin, coachman 129 Locust 
liddleton Enoch, boxmaker, back 173 High~d h 128 
St. John 
Middleton Gabriel, lumber merchant 188 N Fourth 
Middleton George, marinerMiller's court (N L) 
Middleton Hannah, teacher Kunckel near Noble 
Middleton Hudson, merchant tailor 39 Arch 
Middleton Isaac, labourer Camden (N J) 
tMiddleton Jacob, mastmaker 153 Cedar 
Middleton John, waterman, back 291 south Fourth 
Middleton John, hatter, back 160 Race 
Middleton Joseph, tailor 22 Union ay. 
tMiddleton Joseph, labourer 32 Burd's court 
Middleton Joshua, carpenter 177 Arch — shop 171 High 
Middleton Lewis, cabinetmaker 151 north Fourth 
Middleton Robert, weaver 33 Prosperous ay. 
Middleton Wm. agent for guardians of poor 171 Pine 
Middleton & Woolly, lumber yard cor. Fourth & Green 
fMiddlesworth Joseph, labourer Juliana below Noble 
Midlin Walter, sea captain 379 south Front 


Mierckcn Peter & Co. sugar refiners 37Shippen 
Miercken Catharine, widow 53 Shippen 
Miersch Elizab. victualler Gaitleii — stall 28 N market 
Miffin & Conrad, brush manuf. 75 Higli 
Mifflin Benjamin, printer 6 6ansom 
Mifflin Jas. L. aucioneer 34 south Front — d h 351 High 
Mifflin Joseph, accountant 176 Vine 
Mifflin Lloyd, merchant 21 Church ay. — d h 176 Vine 
Mifflin Mary, widow of Benjamin, 6 Sansom 
Mifflin Mrs C. widow of John F. 226 Walnut 
Mifflin Samuel, merchant 164 south Ninth 
Mifflin Thomas, merchant 31 Chesnut— d h 351 High 
Mifflin Thomas, carpenter 4 Pear 
Mii^ht Eliza, Smith's court 
tMilbin Peter, woodsawyer, back 12 Christian 
Milbine John C. baker Lombard street alley 
Miles Ann, widow. Sixth near Fitzwalter 
Miles Catharine, widow, 139 south Eleventh street 
Miles Edward, drawing master 206 Walnut 
Miles Elizabeth, washerwoman 234 Shippen 
Miles Jacob, boot and shoe manuf. 25 south Fourth 
f Miles John, waiter, back 15 Mulberry alley 
Miles Lewis, 49 Cedar ^see MUles ls> Mills 

Miles Mary, widow of John, gunsmith 86 Callowhill 
Miles Rebecca, widow, N E cor. Walnut and Seventh 
Miles Robert, carpenter 114 south Tenth 
Miles widow of Wm. reedmaker 429 north Third 
Miley Frederick, senr. carter Juniper above Cherry 
Miley Frederick, junr. carter Thirteenth below Race 
Miley George, victualler and innkeeper Broad ab. Race 
Miley Jacob, cordwainer N Sixth near Germ, road 
Miley Jacob, victualler Second above Ger. road 
Miley John, brickmaker Juniper above Cherry 
Miley John, victualler George (N L) near Fourth 
Miley John, victualler George above Third (N L)— 
stall 16 N L market \_see Marlcy iJf Myerli 

Miley John, vict. 136 Browne — stall 13 N L market 
Miley William, cabinetmaker 6th near CJer. road 
jMiltord James, labourer 6 Warner's court 
Millar Thomas, watchmaker 80 north Second 
Millard Charles, carver 412 north Front 
Millard Clement, m. d, 410 north Front 
Millard Elizabeth, widow, 16 Branner's alley 
Millard William, surgeon dentist 53 Catharine 

\^see Millward 
Miller Aaron, labourer Twelfth below Race 
Miller Abraham, labourer 3 Callowhill 
Miller Abm. &: Andrew, jun. poiters 45 and 47 Z^ine 
Miller Adam, flour mercht. 348 High [str Millars 

Miller Adam, tanner Twelfth below Race 
Miller Adam, tobacconist 350 north Third 
Miller Adam, ropemaker Shakamaxon ab. Bedford 
Miller Agnes, 1 Marble alley 

MIL white'ly's annual 

Miller Alexander, bottler and tavern 56 south Water 

Miller Andrew, sen. gentleman 45 Zane street 

Miller Ann, widow, nurse 513 north Third 

Miller Ann, gentlewoman 199 Spruce 

Miller Ann, widow, 7 Juliana N E comer Wood 

fMiller Anthony, shoemaker, back 387 north Third 

tMiller Anthony, labourer 38 Blackberry alley 

Miller Catharine, milkwoman Palmer above Duke 

Miller Catharine, nurse 22 Poplar lane 

Miller Catharine, widow, 188 St. John 

Miller Catharine, widow, 32 Elizabeth 

Miller Charles, manner, back 24 Small 

Miller Charles, grocer and chocolate manufacturer, 208 

and 210 nortli Third 
Miller Charles, baker 269 south Fifth 
Mdlev Christian, labourer Frankford road opposite 

Miller Cliristopher, labourer 170 Shippen 
Miller Clement S. attorney at law 113 Walnut — d h 

202 south Front 
Miller Conrad, tailor 345 north Front 

i Miller Cybelle, widow, Bradford's alley 
liller D. gardener Carpenter below Sixth (S) 
Miller Paniel, innkeeper 416 north Second 
Miller Bctniel H. hardware merchant 162 north 2d 
Miller Daniel K potter 310 north Second 
Miller Daniel L mercht. 13 N 2d~d h Coates ab. 7th 
Miller Daniel L. & Co. merchants 13 north Second 
Miller David, 76 Lombard 
Miller David, cedar cooper Laurel near Budd 
Miller David, labourer 43 south Water 
fMiller David, woodsawyer 154 south Eighth 
tMiller Elijah, porter Norman alley 
jMillei'.Elijah, labourer Ninth below Lombard 
Milkrf'^izabeth, widow, 128 Coates' street 
Miller Elizabeth, widow. Smith's alley 
Miller Elizabeth, shopkeeper 306 north Second 
fMiller Ephrairn, porter 2 Warner's court 
fMiller Fanny, widow. Old York road near Coates 
Miller Francis, combmaker Hopkins' court 
Miller Francis, blacksmith Sch. Fourth near Spruce 
Miller Frederick, mariner 14 York court 
Miller Frederick, victualler Grissel's alley 
Miller George, teacher of German, back 33 N. Fourth 
MiUer George, blacksmith Christian below Fifth 
Miller George, cordwainer 187 St. John 
Miller George, victualler Eightl'. above Buttonwood 
Miller George, victualler stall 1 New Market 
Miller George, black and whitesmith 212 Vine 
Miller George, stove and saddletree maker 148 north 

Third—d h 212 Vine 
Miller George, shipjoiner 31 Charlotte 
fMiller George, carpenter 2 Warner's court 


j Miller George, porter, back 78 nortli Fourtli 
fMilliT (icorge, oysterman 130 nortli Second 
Miller Henry, cooper 24 Hurst 

Miller Henry, sawfiler 42 Arch — d h 67 Tammany 
Miller Henry, ship\yriglvt Hanover near Bcdtord 
Miller Henry, sugar refiner Mar^aretta and Charlotte 
Miller Henry, mariner 8 Callowlnll 
Miller Henry, colourman, back 314 north Second 
Miller Henry H. vict. 262 N 8th— stall 12 High st. mark. 
Miller Hugh, weaver, corner Cedar and Thirteenth 
Miller Hugh, cordwainer Sixth above Green 
Miller Isabella, tavernkeeper 95 south Water 
Miller Jacob, I'opemaker, corner Prime and Ele\enth 
Miller Jacob, potter Rose alley above Tammany 
Miller Jacob, mariner 38 Christian 
Miller Jacob, labourer 496 north SeCond 
Miller Jacob, baker 18 Arch 
tMiller Jacob, labourer 183 Spruce 
7 Miller Jacob, labourer Broi.d near Vine 
tMiller Jacob, woudsawyer Bradford's alley 
JMiller Jacob, tanner 196 Lombard 
JMdler Jacob, vict. cellar Cedar st. — d h 122 German 
jMdler Jacob, labourer, cor. Shippen & Shippen's lane 
Miller James, tailor 52 north Eighth 
Miller James, gardener Hamilton village 
Miller James, sailmaker 89 Swanson street 
tMiller James, oyster cellar 203 Cedar 
Miller Jane, back 7 Filbert 
Miller Jane, widow, storekeeper 260 Sassafras 
Miller Jesse, sexton 1st Baptist church 42 N. Second 
Miller John, innkeeper 63 north Fourth 
Miller John, turner, &c. 144 Cherry 
Miller John, sawshai-per, back 310 north Second 
Miller John, jun. merchani 109 and d h 202 S. Front 
Miller John, cabinetmaker Coates above Fourth 
Miller John, constable 126 Callowhill 
Miller John, weaver Lombard above T\v6lfth 
Miller John, labourer 571 south Second 
Miller John, shipwatch 274 Swanson 
Miller John, carter Callowhill above Tenth 
Miller John, carpenter Juniper above Hare 
Miller John, victualler 20 Old shambles High street 
Miller John, smith 153 south Fifth 
Miller John, labourer corner Coates and Sixth 
Miller John, ostler 4 Sugar alley 
Miller John, tobacconist 350 north Third 
Miller John, stevedore 464 south Front 
Miller John, labourer Lombard near Schuylkill 
Miller John C, innkeeper 228 Swanson 
Miller John, waiter 272 south Fourth street 
Miller John, labourer Washington near Ridge road 
Miller John, labourer Old York road near Fifth 
Miller Joseph, grocer N W comer New and Third 

MIL whitely's annual 

Miller Joseph, salt stove N W corner Third and New 
Miller Joseph, labourer Cherry below West 
Miller & Lovett, tobacconists 47 Cedar 8c 389 N 2d 
Miller Lydia, nurse, back 110 Catharine 
Miller Lydia, widow, 89 Moyamensingroad 
Miller Mai'garet, widow, 348 N 3d N W cor. Green 
Miller Margaret Miss, boardinghouse 287 Chesnut 

J Miller Mark, carjjenter, back of 90 Bedford above 7th 
liller Martin, tanner 45 Browne 
Milter Mary, mantuamaker 180 Shippen 
Miller Mary, widow, back S3 German 
Miller Mary, widow, S E corner ElevcHth and Castle 
Millet- Mary, widow, back 24 Kunckel 
Miller Mary, tailoress 1 Ranstead's court 
Miller Mary, tailoress 5 Pratt's court 
Miller Mary, widow, Hanover above Queen 
Miller Mary, widow, 134 Browne 
Miller Matthew, labourer Camden (N J) 
Miller Matthias, ladies' shoemaker 83 Passyunk road 
Miller Michael, carter Moyamensing r. bcl. Greenwich 

i Miller Milford, labourer Paschall's alley 
liller Moses, ladies' shoemaker Poplar lane below 4th 
Miller & Moser, potters 310 north Second 
tMiller Moses, woodsawyer 13 Springett alley 
Miller Mrs. widow. Garden street 
Miller Nicholas, blacksmith Newmarket above Pegg 

J Miller Noah, shoemaker 196 Lombard street 
liller Peter, M. D. 181 Mulberry 
Miller Peter, gardener Cedar near Broad 
tMiller Peter, mariner, back 199 Lombai'd 
Miller Philip, printer York street 
Miller Philip, tobacconist 47 Cedar 
Mdler Rachel & Co. storekeepers 28^ north Second 
Miller Rachel, 10 north Third 

fMiller Richard, painter &c. cor. Cedar and Seventh 
Miller Robert, blacksmith Juniper below Spruce 
Miller Rosanna, widow. Crown near Frankford r. 
Miller Robert, copperplate printer Cedar above 12th 
Miller Samuel, carpenter 47 Green 
Miller Samuel, wheat fanmaker 170 and 172 Spruce 
Miller Samuel, ship carpenter, back 39 Beck's alley 
Miller Sarah, widow. Brown below Front 
Miller Simon, waterman 7 Little German 
•fMiller Thomas, waiter 57 Currant alley 
Miller & Van Beuren, merchants 109 south Front 
Miller Warwick P, of the Pennsy' vania hospital 
Miller, widow of Samuei, Wiley's court 
Miller Williahfi, sea captain 485 south Front 
MilUer William, jeweller, &c. 49 south Second 
Miller William, carter 135 Cherry 
MillerWm.sec'ry. to Philad. Insurance Comp. 55 Unioji 
Miller Wm. grocer 415 S Front S W cor. Catharine 
Miller "William T. tobacconist 171 north Second 


Miller \\'iUiam, victuullcr Buttonwood above Charles 
Miller ^^'\n. dr) goods store S E coniei- '2d and Pine 
Milliettc Joseph, lypctoimder 275 south Seventh 
Milli^iin Francis, storekeciK-r 54 High — d h 13 Church 
MiUigan John, farmer, back 102 Higli 
MiMigan Patrick, cordwaincr 51 Small 
Millij^aii Samuel, atiornev at law, 263 Chcsnut 
Milligan Wm. dravmnn Joncs' stj-eet above Sch. 5th 
Millik m Robert, boot and shoe manufartory 40 Chcsnut 

[.v(r Mullikin 
Millikan William, grocer 25 Strawberry 
Milliman Jolin, constable 1" Carter's alley 
Millis Nehemiuh, cabinetmaker Maria near 5th (N L) 

[^scc Mills 
Millman Jesse, shoe warehouse 266 Hig'n S R cor. 8th 
Millman William, shoemaker 348 north Second 
Mills Ann, widow, 419 si-utli Front 
Mills George, lookingglass frame maker Ger. r. op. 4th 
Mills George, jun. cabinetmaker 44 Crown 
Mills Kdw;»rd, labourer M'Ginnes's court 
Mills Elizabeth, widow, 5 Cox's alley 
Mills Evey, widow, Bedford near Shiikamaxon 
Mills J.imes. labourer Frankford road near first gate 
Mills Jaincs, hatter Sheaff's alley [.scf Miles iJ" Millis 
hMills ll(il)ert. porter 228 Lombard 
Slills Smith, constable 79 New 
Mills VVhitton, ferryman Cooper's ferry (N J) 
Mills William, M'CuUoch's court 
Millwanl William, mastmaker 448 north Third 
Millwood John, m iiincr Sarah near Bedford (K) 
Milne Edmund, (90 years of age) 83 (ireen 
Milnu Mic.liaol, fruiterpr S E cor. High & Third — d h 

25 north Fourth 
Milne Richard, merchant 9 S Front — d h 7 Sansom 
Milner Eliza, widow boardinghouse 116 north Water 
Milner Eliza, widow S. Sixth next below Fitzwalter 
Milner (ieorge, weaver 100 nnilh Fifth 
Milner Pl\oebe, boardinghouse 1 north Sixth 
Milnor Isaac, wine and grocery store Chcsnut street 

wharf d h 96 south Second 
Milnor John, taylor SO north Water 
Milnor & Richarls, grocers and iron merdiants S W 

Cftrner 'lliird and Vine 
Milnor Robert, druggist, Sec. 161 south Second 
Milnor Wm. merohant S W cor. Vine & 3d— h h 87 Vine 
Minch Benjamin, carpenter. 490 south Second street 
Minck Adam, innkeeper (CJolden Fleece) 240 N. Second 
Mingle John & son. blacksmiths 263 Race 
Mingle John, sen. blacksmith 263 Race— d h 65 N. 8th 
Mingle John, jun. blacksmitli 263 Race— d h 65 N. 8th 
Mingk- Philip, brewer 53 Mechanic 
>'inns Joseph, hog victualler cor. Charles & Pleasant 


Minier William, carpenter Kunckel above Tammany 
Minore T. confectioner and fruiterer 115 north Third 
fMintes Barsillas, porter 24 Currant alley 
fMintes William, shipwright 269 Catharine 
Mintzer Adam, carter 321 north Third 
Mintzer Christopher, hog victualler stall 14 Old N. L. 

Mintzer David, drajrman, 4th near George (N. L) 
Mintzer Deborah, widow, 35 north Third 
Mintzer Francis, ladies shoemaker, back 102 Christian 
Mintzer John G. innkeej)er 404 north Second 
Mintzer John, victualler Fourth above Poplar lane 
Mintzer Joseph, victualler back 600 south Second 
Mintzer Peter, coachtrimmer, 8cc. Thirteenth bel. Vine 
Miquet Francis, suspendermaker & perfumer 236 north 

Miraben Bertrand, confectioner 15 south Fourth 
Mirkil Barbara, widow Taper alley 
Miskey Anthony, tailor anddrygoods store 382 north 2d 
Mitchell Abel, ropemaker 566 north Second 
Mitchell Abel, jun. tailor 566 north Second 
Mitchell, Ames & White, publishers, office 305 Arch 
Mitchell Abm. inspector of staves 21 Duke (N. L-) 
Mitchell Abraham, jun. accountant 3 PfeifFer's alley 
Mitchell Andrew, meixhant, 68 south Front 
Mitchell Benjamin, bricklayer Noble near Third 
Mitchell Catharine, widow back 5 Little Pine 
Mitchell Charles, hairdresser and bleeder 402 north 2d 
Mitchell Caleb, mariner 587 south Second street 
Mitchell Daniel, cell-keeper Philadelphia almshouse 
Mitchell Elizabeth, widow 5 Pleasant avenue 
Mitchell Elizabeth, widow 126 north Fifth 
Mitchell Francis, trunkmaker Vine between 11th 8c 12th 
fMitchell Francis, shipwright Davis's court back 72 

Mitchell George, laboui-er 14 Green (S.) 
Mitchell Gilbert L. Buck's county, and Montgomery 

Hotel, S E corner Six|,h and Vine 
Mitchell Jacob, mahogany merchant 131 Cedar 
Mitchell James & Co. grocers 8 and 12 Old Yord road 
Mitchell James, fancy chairmaker 76 south Fourth 
Mitchell James, M. n. 98 Shippen 
-J-Mitchell James, paperstainer, back 111 Christian 
tMitchell Jane, widow, Atkinson's court 
Mitchell Jesse, carpenter St. John above St. Tammany 
Mitchell John, chairmaker 520 north Front 
Mitchell John, labourer Marlborough near Prince 
tMitchell John, upholsterer 83 Gaskill street 
{Mitchell John, hairdresser Ridge road near Collowhill 
Mitchell John, carpenter 70 north Sixth 
Mitchell John, tailor Simmon's court 
Mitchell Joseph B. accountant 64 Gaskill 
Mitchell Joseph, boatbuilder 414 south Second 


Mitchell Hachel, widow 398 north Front 
Mitcliell Robert, emcer 50 nf^rlh Third 
Mitchell Samuel A. publisher, &r,.305 Arch 
M'tchell Thomris, conveyancer N VV cor. 3d & Spruce 
Mitchell Thomas D. m. n. itK/uirc 131 Cedar 
Mi'chell Thomas L. fancy chairmaker Loxley's court 
Mitrtiell 5c Tliomman, grocers 50 nortii Third 
Miiclicll William, whipinaker 77 and 114 St. John 
Mitrlieson K, br.mdy & cordial distiller 275 north Third 
Mitchner Isaac, farrier, corner Ger. road and Laurel 
Mittaiij^Ji Eliza, widow 4 Blackberry ;dlcy 

Mites W'm. Smith's court near Sch. Eighth 

Mochcll Win. labourer Acorn alley 
M'lck Adam, carter 523 north Third street 
tMode David, mariner Shi|)pen above Seventh 
Moffat Spencer, grocer, corner Race and Tenth 
Moffct Alexander, weaver Cedar near Tiiirteenth 
MoflL'c Camper, bootmaker, back 13 Decatur 
Mrffctt Adam, labourer back 13 Decatur [see Maffet 
Moffott Hichard, blacksmith, 210 south Seventh 
Miiliere Henry, gentleman 292 south Se.tbud 
Molineux Benj. hatter 4 north Sixth — cTh 377 Race 
Mdineux John E. hairdresser 187 and 189 Cedar 
Molony James, currier Gray's ferry road below Cedar 
Molony John, combmaker 4 back 131 north Second 
Momma Henry L. weaver 145 Coates street 
Monell John, merchant tailor, corner Chesnut and 6th 
M )nell Wm^ cordwainer Margaretta below Second 
Monet Peter, machinemaker Sliippen above Ninth 
M iigan Francis, drover 13th below High 
Monges John R. M. d. 13 Sansom 
Monegar John, painter, &c: Sixth above Poplar 
Mongar Christian, victualler 42 Old N. L. market— 

d h Fourth near Master street 
Monier Phcebe. widow 8 Friends' almshouse 
Moke Cynthia Mrs. 31 German 
Moland Elizabeth, teacher 6 Clever alley 
tMoies Samuel, bootcleancr 4 Bonsall street 
Monk Phoebe, widow 1 Eckfeldt's court 
Monk Joseph, mariner 168 north Water 
M'lnuiiigton Jolui, carpenter 211 north Sixth 
tMonroe Abraliam, shoemaker Old York r. bel. Noble 
jMi-nroe Abiaham, m:iriner 14 Springelt alley 
Mcin'oe Ji hn, clerk 212 south Fifth 
Munroe William, cordwainer 90 (>askill 

iMonshcU Jane, Miss, 246 Lombard 
lontaig JaiiR'., drayman 26 Jidiana 
Muntant Claudius, storekeeper 56 south Fourth 
Mnntanvt F-dwanl, cordwamer Passyimk below Pnme 
Mon elius Wm. mercliant277 High-^d h50 N. Seventh 
Montelius Marcus & Co tobacconists 270 Higli 
Montgomery Alexander jun. brickmaker6th ab. Greca 
•L 2 

MOO whitjely's annual 

Montgomery Andrew, teacher 332 south Front— school 

64 Lombard 
Montgomery Austin, mercht. 41 N. Front — dh 252 Arch 
Montgomery Charles, 33 Powell 
Montgomery John C. 73 Spruce 
Montgomery John, labourer West near Marlborough 
Montgomery John, carpenter'Second above Beaver 
Montgomery John, Smith's alley 
Montgomei'y John, bricklayer, Prosperous alley 
Montgomery John, bricklayer, Loxley's court 
Montgomery Joseph, merchant 101 north Front — d h 4 

Rittenhouse place 
Montgomery Joseph, brickmaker Buttonwood above 

Montgomery Joseph jr. brickmaker Buttonwood above 

Montgomery Thomas, gentleman N E cor. John 8c Wood 
Montgomery Thomas, cordwainer cor. Walnut 8c 11th 
Montgomery William, jun. merchant 63 Lombard cor. 

Montgomer^eiVm. merch. 101 N. Front— d h 128 Arch 
Montgomery vv'm. & Son, merchants 101 north Front 
Montgomery WiUiam, boot and shoemaker N E corner 

Chesnut and Seventh 
fMontier Rachel, widow 36 Crown 
MontmoUin Frederick, late auctioneer 8 north Third 
MontmoUin M. 8c L. drygoods store, 8 north I'hird 
Moode Jacob, fisherman Queen near Wood 
Moode John, fisherman, near the Glass-house (K.) 
Moody Ehzabeth, washerwoman 12th above Cherry 
Moody John, printer inquire Twelfth above Cherry 
Moody Moses B. merch. 10 S. Wharves — d h 94 Arch 
Moody Sarah, Miss, 124 south Sixth street 
Moody, Wyman 8c Co. merchants, ufi stairs 10 South 

Moon Wm. ladies' shoemaker 12 south Second 
Mooney Cornelius, grocer 268 south Fourth street 
Mooney Daniel, painter, 8cc. 124 Shippen corner Crab 
Mooney Dennis, papermaker, Davison's alley 
Mooney Hugh, blacksmith, corner High and Sch. 4th 
Mooney Jacob, victualler St. John above Poplar 
Mooney James, carter 260 Cedar 
Mooney Jane, widow 166 Shippen 
Mooney John, labourer 289 south Fourth street 
Mooney John, labourer Washington above Callowhill 
Mooney John, botler 298 Vine 
Mooney Thomas, labourer 170 south Sixth 
Moor Ann, fortune-teller 18 Blackberry alley 
Moore Ann, widow 121 Swansea 
Moore Ann, Sch. Front above Arch 
Moore Archibald, shoemaker Second near German, road 
Moore Archibald, labourer Sch. Third near High 
Moore Andrew, tooth-brushmaker 9 Hinckel's court 
Moore Asa, cooper Bickham's court, back 254 S. Front 


Moore Asher, coachmaker Haiisc's court [tee Mown: 
Moore Christiana, widow 95 south Fifth 
Moore David, grocery and tavern, 1 Spruce 
Moore David, grocer Broad below George 
Moore David, cabinetmaker, 52 Crown 
Moore Dorothea, widow 268 Lombard street 
Moore Edward, grocer and bottler 299 VValnut 
Moore EUjah, barkeeper at Merchants' coffee-house 
Moore EUzabeth, widow of Marmaduke, stonecutter 4.> 

Moore Fred, dry goods store 18 N. 2d — d h New ab. 3d 
Moore Geo. gardener, corner Carpenter & Passyunk 
Moore George D. painter, ike. 479 High 

i Moore George, mariner 8th below Lombard 
loore & Gray, grocers 6 Decatur 
Moore Hannah, wife of John, Spafford ab. Shippen st. 
tMoore Hannibal, labourer Filbert near Sch. Eighth 
Moore James, carter Sixth below Coates 
Moore Jacob, millwright Sarah (K.) 
Moore James, oakcoopcr 28 Bread 
Moore James, seacaptam 132 south Eighth 
Moore James, bottler 242 south Fourth 
Moore James, weaver Hazel alley above Walnut 
Moore James, soapboiler 6th near Coates 
Moore Jeremiah, shoemaker 50 south Front 
Moore John, carpenter 321 Race & Kunckcl bel. Green 
Moore John, brickmaker 500 south Second street 
Moore John, plasterer 469 .Race 
Moore John, victualler 82 Garden near Logan 
Moore John C. bricklayer 16 Chester 
Moore Jolin Wilson, m. d. 61 Spruce 
Moore John M d. 65 south Seventh 
Moore John, carpenter Kunckel below Gieen 
Moore Jonathan, boardinghouse 13 Crab 
Moore Joseph, carpenter 12th below Spruce 
Moore Luke, pewterer 501 soutli Second 
Mooic Margaret, widow 24 Watson's alley 
Moore Mary, widow Queen near Bishop 
Moore Mary, shopkeeper 67 Race 
Moore Mary, china store 13nortli Fifth 
Moore Mary and Sarah, 2 Bank 
Moore Mary, widow 7 Shields' court 
Moore Mrs. widow, nurse Poplar lane above St. John 
Moore Myers & Co. mcrcliants 190 High 
Moore Peter, silk seller 154 soutli Fifth 
tMoore Reulx-n, master sweep 199 Lo<ilj''t'^l 
Moore Suniucl, carpenter, corner 4tb :•;."' George 
Moore Samuel F. plasterer, 155 noMi Ninth 
Moore Sarah, widow 36 Bread 
Moore Sarah, widow 89 Pine 

Moore Saraii, widow 2 LyndsH's allev 

Moore Sarali Ann, mantuamaker Washmgton street 
near Schuylkill 

MOR whitely''s annual 

Moore Sarah, widow 46 St. Tammany street 
Moore Thomas, grocer 19 north Fifth 
Moore Wm. cord wainer 18 Starr alley 
Moore Wm. weaver Newmarket near Pegg 
Moore Wm. currier 480 north Second 
Moore Wm. ship carpenter 567 south Second 
Moore Wm. soap and candle manuf. 127 south Sixth 
Moore Wm. caulker Cherry near Prince 
Moore Wm. blacksmith, back 249 Shippen 
Moore Wm. plasterer Poplar lane near Third 
fMoore Wm. carriage driver Chfton street 
Moorhead George, weaver 13th near Cedar 
Moran Edward, labourer SheafF's alley 
Mcians Sarah, widow, back 199 Lombard 

iMorant Charles, mariner 230 Lombard 
lorasso Sebastian, tavern N W cor. 2d and Lombard 
Moi'ehane Joseph, accountant, back 487 north Third 
Moreland Daniel, soapboiler Lily alley \_see Morland 
Moren Wm. turner Vine west of Broad 
Morgan Aury, seaman corner Bread and Arch 
Morgan Benjamin R. counsellor at law 41 Arch 
Morgan Bennet, stonecutter 9 Heyde's court 
tMorgan Charles, woodsawyer Jones' alley (N. L.) 
Morgan David, mariner 8 Parham's alley 
Morgan George W. esq. 371 Arch 
Morgan James, carpenter 192 Eighth above Vine 
Morgan John, sheet iron manuf. 12 PfeifFer's alley 
Morgan John, seed store 88^ north Ninth 
Morgan John, curiner Holmes' alley 
Morgan John, brassfounder Callowhill ab. Twelfth 
Morgan Jno. E. glue 8c cowskin whipmaker Vine b. 12th 
Morgan Luke, teacher Bishop near Queen 
Morgan Luke, carpenter 289 south Fourth 
Morgan Mary, widow Penn (K.) 
Morgan Mordecai, m. d. 2 south Tenth 
Moi'gan Mrs. widow, nurse 7 vVood above Second 
M-ngan Nicholas, mariner 68 Coates 
Movgan Peter, storekeeper 265 south Second 
Morjjan Solomon, grocer 235 south Fourth 
Morgan Thomas, sea captain 55 Queen (S. ) 
Morgan Thomas, neatsfoot oil, glue, &c. manufactory 

381 Callowhill 
Morgan l^omas A. mercht. 41 Dock— d h 94 S. Front 
M ganTht-mas W.mercht.43iN. Front— dh 4 Lodge 
M .r^^an Thot»as, cordwainer 116 north Sixth 
tMorgan Thongs, waiter 5 Prune 
Morgan Ward, s^a captaih 303 south Front 
Morgan Wm laborer Sch. Third above High 
Morgan Wm. glue St-^owskin whipmaker Vine bel. 12th 
Morgan Wai H. carvtv and gilder 114 Chesnut 
Mr,rij;an Wm. V, bookbin^ler Mujdle alley 
Morin Alex, jeweller, chabe,r & die sinker 113 N. 3d 
Monn John, jeweller 8cc. 23 Rorth Third 


Morland Martha, widow 132 Browne 

[sec A'laijland and ^^Torrland 
Morrell Abraham, mariner Green ab. Old York road 
Morrell James, hatter 123 north Water 
Morrell James, china mercht. 57 N. Fourth — d h 12th 

above Arch 
Morrell Jolm, carjienter 125 north Eleventli 
Morrell Mrs. widow, trader Wi-ight's alley 
Morrell Mrs. widow, corner Cherry and Juniper 
Morrell Judith Mrs. midwife 71 Union 

see Murrell and Morel 
Morrell Richard, china mercht 24 Minor — d h 5 Lomb. 
Morrell Richard & Tliomas, china meixhants 24 Minor 
Morrell Robert, late ctiiiia mercht. S E cor. 10th & Arch 
Morrell Robert E. carpenter 148 Cherry 
Morrell Thomas, china mercht. 24 Minor — d h 43 S. 8th 
Morris Aaron, carter 31 Browne 
Morris Abigail, widow of Joseph, 160 north Front 
|Morri3 Abiaham, labourer Clever alley 
f Morris Amos, labourer 45 Small 
Morris Ann, widow, tailoress 293 south Third 
Morris Anna Mrs. widow of Robert, jun. 196 Chesnut 
Morris Anthony J. gentleman 21 Powell 
Morris Anthony P. tanner and currier 68 south Second 
Morris Benjamin, cordwainer, back. 44 Budd 
tMorris Benjamin, glass papermaker Paper alley 
Morris 8c Brother, druggists &c. 45 north Third 
Morri.s Casper W. gentleman 19 Prune 
Morris Catiiarine W. 56 north Fourth 
Morris Daniel, harnessmaker Sturges' court 
■fMorris Daniel, waiter, back 52 Currant alley 
fMorris Edward, coacliman Bonsall 

i Morris Eleanor, widow 26 Shiimen 
lorris Evan & Wm. slaters 3 Miller's alley 
Alorris George, merchant 182 High — d h 236 Spruce 
Morris George L. bookbinder 2 Dock 
Morris George W. brushmaker 125 north Second 
tMorris George, porter, back 23 North alley 
Morris Gertrude, grocer 67 Race 
jMorris Hannah, widow Catharine above Third 
tMorris Hester, widow SpafFord street 
Morris Isaac, cordwainer 44 Budd 
Morris Isaac W. late brewer 144 south Fourth 
tMorris Jacob, labourer 230 Lombaid 
Morris Jehu, grocery and tavern 427 north Front 
Morris Jeremiah, druggist 293 Higlv 
tMorris J, dealer 85 Bedford (M.) ^ 
Morris Jolin, bootmaker 38 south Eighth 
Morris John, brushmaker, back 506 south Second 
Morris John, blacksmith Say street 
Morris John, boat tree & las'tmaker 27 Carter's alle> 
Morris John, printer 135 nortli Fifth 
Morris John, draymau Broad above Race 


Morris John, accountant 63 south Eleventh 

Morris John, fisherman Wood near Prince 

Morris John, carver, back 123 Race 

Morris Jos. carpenter & city commissioner, shop Schri- 

ver's court — d h 58 north Eighth 
Morris Joseph, hatter 12 Chancery lane 
Morris Joshua, cordwainer Kunckel above Tammany 
Morris Li. widow, back 31 Noble * 

Morris Luke W. lumber merchant 93 south Eighth 
Morris Mary, widow bel. Acad, of Fine Arts, Chesnut 
Morris Miles, baker 10 St. Mary 
Mori'is & Moore, tooth bruhhinakers Hartung's alley 
tMorris Omar, widow Middle alley 
Morris Pearson, chairn^aker back 84 Vine 
Morris Rachel, widow north Second cor. Pfeiffer's ct» 
Morris Rebecca, widow Fifth b-rlow Men-iott's lane 
Mori-is Reese, tax collector 33 Wood 
Morris Richard Hill, stock exchange broker 85 Dock—- 

d h 250 Spruce 
Morris Robert, labourer Juniper alley 
tMorris Robert, labourer 3 Prosperous alley 
Morris Sam.B. mercht 34 South wharves— dh 93 S. 8th 

i Morris Samuel, labourer Dean's alley 
lorris Sarah, widow 177 Green 
Morris & Smith, lumber merchants 9th below Chesnut 
tMorris Simon, porter Christian above Seventh 
Morriss Susannah, gentlewoman 35 Filbert 
Morris Thomas M. Sansom above Eighth 
Morris Thomas, brewer 85 north Second 
Morris Thomas W. attoruey at law 86 Arch S W cor. 

Morris Thomas C. labourer Charles near Callowhill 
tMorris Thomas, labourer 208 Cedar 
Morris Wm. turner 3 Hinckel's court 
Morris Wm. drygoods store 75 High 
-Morrison Alexander, shipwright 316 south Sixth 
Morrison Alexander, tailor 141 Cherry 
Morrison Andrew, superintendant cot. manuf. 10 Green 
Morrison Ann, widow Schuylkill Second above Race 
Morrison Abm. cabinetmaker 10 Green's court 
Morrison Edward, clerk 110 south Tenth 
Morrison Evan, merchant 433 north Front 
Morrison John, waterman, back 106 Plum st. 
Morrison John D. late grocer Hansell's court 
Morrison Sarah, mantuamaker, back 86 south Third 

Morrison , widow 83 north Fifth 

Morrison Wm. brewer 79 and d h 76 Chesnut 
Morrison Robert, labourer Thirteenth below High 
Morrison Sai-ah, widow, teacher 4 Acorn alley 
fMorrow Glasgow, bootcleaner, back 118 German 
Morrow James, carpet weaver 190 north Fifth 
Morrow John, weaver 446 north Front 
Morrow Rebecca, widow 68 Passyunk road 


Morrow Samuel, smith corner Pitic and Fifth 

[me Murray and Murrow 
Morow I'eter, Windsor chairniaker 153 north Fourth 
Morse benjanini, tailor, back 517 north Tliird 
Morse George W. sea captain 235 Spruce 
Morse Henry, seminary 264 Arch 
tMorss Andrew, waiter 131 Locust 
jMorss Andrew, waiter Spaftord st. [see Moss 

Morst Henry, wlieelwriglil Swanson below Queen 
Mori William P. mercliant 125 High 

t Morton Abraham, porter 213 south Seventh 
lorton Andrew, shijiwright 301 south Second 
Morton Ann, 1 Poplar alley 
Moiton Benjamin, hatter 343 south Second 
Morton Eleanor, widow Alberson's court 
Morton Elizabeth, widow 49 Catharine 
Morton James, printer 38 Strawberry 
Morton James, mariner John's (S.) 
Morton John, President of N. A. Bank 116 S. Front 
Morton John, mariner Alberson's court 
Morton Joseph, boatbuilder Maiden near stone bridge 
Morton Matthias, shallopman 301 south Third 
Morton Thomas, bookbinder and paper ruler 10 Go- 
forth alley 
Moiton Tliomas, tailor 9 Vernon street 
Moiton Thomas, carpenter Maiden near Front 
Morton and Wallace, rulers and bookbinders 74 N. 3d 
Mory Elizabeth, widow 29" south Front 
Mosberry Lydia, widow Callowhill below Eighth 
Moser Catharine, widow 310 north Second 
Moser Henry, victualler corner West and Palmer-r- 

stall 4 Old'N. L. market 
Moser Jacob, victualler Queen below Cherry 
Moser widow of Martin, potter 310 north Second 
f Moses Daniel, porter 215 south Seventh 
JMoses Ezekiel, mariner 215 south Seventh 
JMoses Hancc, porter 215 south Seventh 
Moses Henry, currier Charlotte 
Moses Jacob, jeweller 355 north Second 
tMoses Jonathan, waiter 20 Appletree alley 
jMoses Prophet, mariner Swede's alley 
Moses P. and M. dryeoods store 230 north Second 
Moses Solomoi*, merchant 125 J south Front — d h Locust 

(Washington square) 


tMoses Wm. labourer 11 Poplar lane 
Moss Christopher, cordwainer Germ, road bel. Fourth 
Moss George, labourer back 222 south Fifth 
Moss Jacob, quill and pen manufactory 61 S. Third 
Moss John, merchant 77 south Front — d h 189 Spruce 
[nee Maas, Alornf, isl' Morst 
Moss Samuel, merchant 77 S. Front--d )\ 191 Spruce 
Mossop John, cordwainer 16 Vine 

MUL whitely's annual 

Mott Edward, paint manufactory 10 Fetter lane — stort 

2 Cherry street 
Mouille Maturine, wine cooper Locust near Broad 
IMoulder Isaac, waiter St. Mary (back) 
tMoulder Jacob, labourer, back 120 Plum 
Moulder Joseph, ship carpenter 50 Swanson 
Moulder Margai«t, widow 24 Pear 
Moulc^er Wm. justice of the peace 330 north Second 
Moulther Wm. H. accountant 175 rsouth Eleventh 
Mounier J. P. hairdresser &c. 27 Chesnut 
Mount Samuel, tavernkeeper 261 south Fourth 
fMount Sarah, widow 542 north Third 
Mountain James M. mate of vessel, 294 south Front 
Moutea George, cordwainer 27 Sugar alley 
Mower Ann, widow Maple street 
Mower John A. back 211 Callowhill 
Moxley Stephen, labourer 232 north Water 
Moyel Charles, cordwainer 116 north Third 
Moyer Jacob, carpenter 206 St. John 
Moyer Thomas, saddler &c. 26 High 
Moyes James, gentleman 119 Pine 
Moyn John, boot manufacturer 88 south Third 
fMozely Isaac, waiter 23 Walnut 
Much Adam, shipwright 556 south Front 
Much Elizabeth, nurse, 59 Meade alley 
Muck Adam, carter 527 north Third 
Muckelston Peter, co?chmaker 19 Watson's alley 
Muhlen John, dealer 220 south Third corner Cedar 
Muhlenberg David, 295 Sassafras 
Muhlenberg Mary, widow 162 Arch 
Muhlenberg Rebecca, back 50 Currant alley 
Muhlenberg widow ot F. A. 295 Race 
Muhlenberg, rev. Wm. A. d. d. 162 Arch 
Muier Daniel, watchman 9 Mary (S.) 
Muir John, carpenter 4 Randolph's court 
Muirhead Wm. grocer 206 Cedar 
Mulhall Henry, baker 4 Prosperous alley • 
MulhoUen John, brickmaker Race near Sch. Seventh 
Mull Benjamin, combmaker 19 south Second 
Mullen E. grocer cor. Oak and Hayscales wharf 
Mullen Hugh, labourer cor. Sch. Third and George 
Mullen James, biscuitbaker 134 St. John 
Mullen Joseph C, mariner 14 Queen (S.) 
Mullen John, carter 43 Currant alley 
Mullen John, typefounder 10 Hurst street 
Mullen Nicholas, cordwainer 322 south Third 
Mullen William, grocer 14 Oak (S.) 
Mullen Wlliam labourer Sansom bel. Ninth 
Mullen William, jr. cordwainer 14 Oak (S.) 
Mullin Edward, mariner 26 Catharine 
MuUica John, glassblower near Glasshouse (K.) 
MuUer Charles, sea captain 94 Lombard 
MuUiken Magdalen, widow 91 Callowhill 


MuUins Joliii, merchant 43 north Front 
Mulhson Jolui, brickhiyer63 Tammany 
Miilock Kdward, cordwainer 312 Race 
Mulock George, currier 12 Sterling alley 
Mulock Leah, widow bnardinghovise 98 north 
Miilvcn Daniel, blacksmith 16 Small street 

iMullony Elizabeth, widow Miles' court near Rose 
lullony Samuel, woodsawyer Miles* court near Rose 
tMullony Solomon sawyer Mlies' court near Rose 
Mulvey Chas. Spanish consul for Georgia 242 Spruce 
Mulvey Joseph, merchant Pine street wharf — Q h 242 

iMundy James, clothes seller Stamper's alley 
lunns Sarah, storekeeper 1 South Tenth 

fMunt Jonathan, labourer Sch. Seventh ab. Race 

Munyan John P. labourer Wharton below Second 

Munyan John, wheelwright Sch. Eighth above Race 

Murat John, tailor 126i south Second 

Murdock Hannah, widow cor. Carpenter (S.) and Fifth 

Murdock James W. sea captain 81 Penn 

Murdock John, smith Majlborough near Bedford 

Murdock Mary, widow Coates alley 

Murdock , tailor Bnshhill [see Murdick 

Murdock Robert, cottonspinner, Cadwalader n. Pitt 

Murdock Samuel, sea captain 61 Pine 

Murdock Thomas, botikbinder 46 Race 

Murdock Wm. merchant 67 N. Water — d h 186 High 

Murfin, Mrs L. 290 Arch 

Murphy Alexander, accountant 3 Ann (N. L.) 
Murphy Alexander, labourer, cor. Sixth and Prune. 

Murphy Arthur, bricklayer 62 Arch 

Murphy Archibald, stonemason Sixth three doors bel 

Fitz waiter 
Murphy, Charles, shipwright Marlborough n. Prince 
Murphy Comfort, shopkeeper High west of Sch. 7th 

Murphy Cornelius, shoemaker 38 Vine 
Murphy Daniel, storekeeper Frankford r. n. Point r 
Murphy John, saddletree makir 75 Green 
Murphey John, coachman Stamper's alley 
Murphey Patrick, 6th below Fitzwalttr 
Murphey Sarali, widow Weaver's alley 
M'.irpliy C. shipwright Marlborough near Bedford 
Murphy Davie', combmaker 567 south Front 
Miir]>hy D.i\id, tailor 122 and 130 north Water 
Murphy Deni.irus, widow 9 Verno'n 
Mui-phy Klizabeth, eating-house back 12 north Front 
Murphy Hannah, widow 2 Cresson's alley 
Murvel William cordwainer 90 G.iskill si 
Murphy James, tavcmkeejjtr 34 Washington 
Mm-phey James, cabinetmaker 38 Chesnut 
Murphy John, carter Point Road 
+Muri)hy Joi:n labourer Wistar's court 
Murphy John paver Quince street below Locust 

MUS whitely's annual 

Murphy John saddletree maker north Front n. Laurel 
Murphy Louisa, widow Pegg above Front 
Murphy Malcolm, smith Juniper above Chesnut 
Murphy Martin, grocer, corner Seventh and Small 
Murphy Sarah, widow Weaver's alley 
Murphy Stephen, blacksmith back 99 Budd 
Murphey Robert, boot and shoemaker 17 south Third 
Murphy William, fisherman Queen above Cherry 
Murphy William carpenter 25 Plum 
Murphy William G. bookbinder Francis' lane n. Sch. 
Murray Alexander, blacksmith, back 597 south Second 
tMurray Benjamin, waiter, back 242 Lombard 
Murray Catharine, widow 215 Chesnut 

i Murray Charles, labourer 13 Elizabeth 
lurray Eleanor, grocer Mary street near Seventh 
Murray, Fairman and Co. bankbill, &c. engravers 47 
Sansom above 8th [see Morrow and-Murroiu 

Murray George, engraver 45 Sansom 
Murray George, fancy store 187 south Second 
Murray Jacob, mariner 15 Parham's alley 
Murray James, bookbinder 4 Cresson's court 
Murray James, grocer 389 Race 
Murray James W. attorney at law, 215 Chesnut 

J Murray James, waiter Eighth below Lombard 
lurray Jane, cakebaker 45 Vine above Seventh 
Murray John, labourer Fedei'al above Front 
Murray John, shoemaker 47 Catharine street 
Murray John, farmer Cooper's point (N.J.) 
Murray Joseph, boot and shoe manuf. 51 south Third 
Murray Margaret, widow back 8 Mulberry alley 
Murray Michael, labourer Federal below Second 
Murray Michael, tailor 19 Noble 
Murray Nicholas, baker 167 Coates 
fMurray Samuel, master sweep 56 Small 
Murray William, labourer, back 46 Spruce 
Murray William E. oakcooper 205 south Front 
Murray William, labourer Pea patch 
Murray William tailor 126 south Fifth 
Murreli Susan, back 257 Race {see Morrell 

Murrells Samuel, brushmaker. Baker's court 
Murrey Jacob, mariner 15 Parham's alley 
Murta Charles, grocer 106 Plum 
Murtagh William, 8 Cypress alley 
Murther Philip, carter 257 Catharine 
Mui'selas Cornelius, shoemaker, back 117 German 
Muschell Elizabeth, widow 50 Crown 
Muschert Catharine, widow "225 St. John 
Muschert George, sailmaker, loft t)ak above Noble— 

d h 225 St. John 
Musgrave James, broker SE corner Chesnut and Third 

— d h 74 Spruce 
Musgrave John, attorney at law, 56 Walnut — d h 74 



Miisgrave Joseph P. gentleman 142 Pine 

Mcssar Sarali, widow 28 north Sixth 

Musser William, mtMchant 263 Hi^li— tl h 415 Arch 

Mitssi Josepli, merchiuit S VV cor. Twelfth & Chesnut 

Miistin Aiithoiiv, storekeeper 464 SHSsatVas 

Miistin I'^ljenczer & Co. japanners 17 north Sixth 

Miisti-i Eli, barkeeper at the Washington hailed h 1 

Bell's court ' 

Mustin (ieorge, tailor Alder alley 
Mu.tin John, sliopkeeper 158 N Second — d h 20 Vine 
Myars Frederick, carter Sixth above Green 
Myars Mary, widow Sixth above Green [see Myers 
Myars Michael, wheelwright Sixth above Green 
Myars Melchor, carter Sixth above Green 
Myars William, carter Sixth above Green 
Mybert E. widow, 9 Tammany 
Myerle David, block and pumpmaker 85 Swanson — d 

h Passvunk road near Prime 
Mver Isaac, painter, &c. 51 and d h 23 Chesnut 
Myer Jacob, carpenter 128 Plmn 
Myer & Jones, house and sign painters 51 Chesnut 

[see Mayer, Meyer, Meres, Mears, Merr isf Myars 
Myers Abigail, widow of Wm. 131 north Sixth 
Myers Ann, boardinghouse 6 north Front 
Myers Ann Maria, widow, 116 Cedar street 
Myers Anthony, merchant 154 High — d h 73 Spruce 
Myers Catharine, widow, Hudson's lane 
Myers Catharine. 141 north Fifth 
Myers Catharine, widow, 3 Read's alley 
Myers C.itharine, widow, 11 (iray's alley 
Myers Uaiiiel, cabinetmaker 334 Race 
Myers Frederick, carter Sixth above Green 
Myers George, smith Carpenter (S) below Third 
Myers George, rigger 210 nortli Water 
Myers George, tailor Button wood near Sixth 
Myers (ieorgc, cooper Steinmetz court (N L) 
Myers George, carpenter 12 Federal near Front 
Myers (yrace. widow. Cedar near Eleventh 
Myei-s Hannah, doctress 495 nortli Second 
Myers Henry, copjierplate printer 6 College avenue 
Myers Henry, tailor 84 nortli Sixth 
Myers Henry, ropemaker Sixth near Germantown r. 
Myers Jacob, baker 126 north Fifth 
Myers Jacob, labourer corner Shippen and Broad 
Myers Jacob, c irpenter George (N L) above Fourth 
Myers Jacob, laI)ourer Pleasant street 
Myers Jacob, vict. 2S2 .south Front below Federal 
Myers Jacob, carpenter 554 south Front 
Myers James, carpenter 202 Lombard 
Myers Jolin, m. d. Third near (iermantown road 
Myers John, Ijivwer, Pleasant street near Ridge road 
Myers Jolin, ti)i)acconist Buttonwowl near Ridge road 
Myers John, labourer Frankf. road near first gate 

NAP whitely's annual 

Myers John, porter Juliana below Green, 
Myers John, carpenter Bonsall below Tenth 
Myers John, jun. victualler, stall 50 New market 
Myers John, vici. corner Grissell's alley & Fitzwalter 
Myers, widow of John, sea captain High W. of Per- 
manent bridge 
Myers Joseph, victualler Bedford near Hanover 
Mye^^os. saddler 8c harness maker, Camden (N J) 
Mj ersMargaret, widow, 57 Green 
Myers Marmaduke, watchman Federal ab. Second 
Myers Martha, widow. Sixth above Green 
Myers Mrs. widow of John, Ann west of Sch. Eighth 
Myers Nicholas, hackdriver 8 Fetter lane 
Myers Peter, tobacconist Butlonwood above Eighth 
Myers Peter, tailor 126 north Fifth 
Myers P.iilip, labourer St. John belov; George 
Myers Rachel, widow, 32 Christian 
Myers Samuel, carter Say street 
Myers Thomas, mariner 554 south Front 
Myers Warnet, coach andsifi;n painter 38 Budd 
Myers William, watchman 248 St. John 
Myers Wm. blacksmith Sch. Eighth above Race 
Myers William, carter Sixth above Green 
Myers Wm. shipsmith, cor. Swanson and Christian— d 

h south Front N E corner Union alley 
Mynich Jacob, painter and glazier 81 north Fifth 
Myrick Jethro, sea captain 62 north Eighth 
Myring Joseph, lapidary 16 Fi-anklin court 
Myring Mary, Mrs boarding house N 9th cor. High 
Myrle Ann, grocer N E cor. Queen and Second 

NACE JACOB, wrought nail manufactory 163 St. John 
Nadross Louisa, widow, 10 Passyunk opposite Plum 
Nagel James, whitesmith 145 Locust street 
Nagel William, saddler, &c. Sch. Eighth near Vine 
Nagel Michael, tavernkeeper 145 Locust 
Nagle George, storekeeper 209 north Third 
Nagle Samuel, bookbinder, back 1 Little Pine 
Naglee Benjamin, lumber merchant — yard Beach (K) 

near High bridge — d h 454 north Second 
Naglee Henry, grazier Germantown road above Otter 
Naglee John, lumber merchant — yard Beach (K) near 

High bridge — d h 413 north Front 
Naglee Rebecca, widow, nurse 16 Little Water 
Naglee William, shipwright 85 Moyamensing road 
Nancrede J. G. m. d. 151 south Tenth 
Nancrede Nicholas C. m. d. N W corner 5th 8c Powell 
Nangel Walter, grocer 48 Cedar S E corner Vernon 
Nansteal Andrew, victualler 59 New market 
Napheys Abraham, carpenter Hause's court 


Naplicys C. A. carpenter Hause*s court 

Napier, widow ot Alexaixk-r, S VV cor. Centre Square 

NaniiT, widow of Thomas, propriftor of Fisher's and 

I^apicr's ])ills, 15 Relief alley 
Napier VV^illiam, printer Merriott's lane above Fifth 
Nardier Jolin F. watcUcasc maker Quarry street 
Naiti»;;ue VVilli.'.m E. merchant 8 Powell ^ 
Nash Sarah, widow, 12 Kiinckel -''* 

iNash William, porter 237 Catharine 
lassau Micliael, tobacconist, 33 north Fifth 
Nassau William, toliacconist 17 High— d h 64 S 5th 
Natl\an Jacob, goiuleman 311 Arch 
Nathan Moses, 3 Crcsson's alley 
Nathans Isaac, shipjoiner 53 Duke 
Nathans Isaiah, merchant 256 north Second 
Nathans Josiah, gentleman 7?, nortli Tenth 
Nathans Lydia, widow, 46 Currant alley 
Nathans Mrs. Sarah, widow, 304 Chesnut ab. Eleventh 
Navarre Peter, baker 212 south Sixth 
Naves Benjamin, mute 28 Argyle 
Nayle Elizabeth, widow, 1 Moyamensing \see JVeill 
Nayle Elizabeth, widow, 465 south Front 
Nay lor Charlotte, widow. Noble below Thh'd 
Naylor Joseph, shoemaker, back 401 Race 
Naylor Samuel, shipwright 52 Duke street (N L) 
Naylor William, mastmaker Stillhouse alley 
Neagle James, engraver 451 Arch above Twellth 
Neagle John, portrait painter 288 south Front 
Neal Christiana, widow, Union Circulating Library 201 

Chesnut, next door above the New Theatre 
Neal Cunrod, (blind man) Camden (N J) 
Neal Ijcwis, farmer Passyunk road i>elow Federal 
Neal Samuel, corner Cherry and Twelfth 

Neal , Callowhill near Schuylkill Second 

Ne'imond Casper, blacksmith 95 Crown 
Neamond John, baker 95 Crown street 
Nebling Samuel, cutler, back 34 Wood 

iNcbo Isaac, labourer Brown's court 
ledross Louisa, widow, 228 south Fifth street 
Neil Wm. tavernkeeper, Franklin hotel, 2 Harmony st- 
Neobinger Andrew, coachmaker Carnenter st. bcl. 2d 
Needles Edward, druggist, 8cc. 222 High — d h 3 From- 

bcrger's court 
Needles Jos. A. wireworker 58 N Front — d h 72 Wood 
Needles Joseph & John, wireworkers, &c. 58 N Front 
Neely Archibald, dra\ man Sch. S'.-venth above Race 
Neely John, drover Say street 
Neely Robert, drover Sch. Eighth above Race 
Neely William, drayman Sch Eighth above Race 
Neely William, tailor M'Culloch s court 
Neesam George, grocer Driwbridge wharf south side 
Neff Christian, drayman SlieafF's afley 
Neff Christian, carpetweaver Callowhill above Eighliii 

NEV whitely's annual 

Neff Jacob, clothing store 327^ High 

Neff Jacob, turner 10 Elfreth's alley — d h 33 Chierry 

Neff John David, baker 207 south Sixth 

NeiFJohn R merchant 7 south J^inth 

NefF John R. & W. merchants Latimer and Murdock's 

wharf, back 67 north Water 
NefF, Jones & Co. auctioneers 34 south Front 
Neff Mdry, widow, 33 Cherry 
Neff Rudolph, grocer N W corner Vine and Eighth 
Negley Wm. pilot, back 124 Catharine [see J^aglec 
Negus' John, (Naval Inn) cor. Swanson and Prime 
Neill Henry, m. d. 146 south Second above Spruce 
Neill John, tailor 14 Coomb's alley 
Neill Lewis, merchant 154 High 

Neill William, rev. 208 Pine ' [*ee JVayle 

Neilson Noble Caldwell, 180 Spruce 
Neisser Jacob, potter Pfeiffer's court 
Neisser Jacob, potter Germ, road above Laurel 
Nekervis Thomas, commission merchant 148 S Front 
Nelis James, tailor 12 south Sixth 
Nell Casper, victualler 482 north Third 
Nell John C. carpenter 482 north Third 
Nelson Ambrose, sea captain 203 south Seventh 
Nelson Andrew, grocer Rose near Ger. road 
Nelson George, 9 Littleboy's court 
Nelson John, currier, 8cc. 83 Ann 
Nelson Mary, widow, back 291 Mulberry 
Nelson Mary, widow, back 184 Lombai'd street 
Nelson Mary, widow, 3 Burd's alley 
Nelson Martin, suspender, &c. manuf. 158 High 
tNelson Ralph, waiter 102 Gaskill 
Nelson Thomas, 29 Mechanic 
Nelson William, victualler Pleasant above Charles 
Nelson Wm. labourer Rose near Germantown road 
Nelson, widow of Wilham, Pitt near Germantown I'oad 
tNelson Wm. waiter Eighth below Lombard 
Nemand Casper, smith 95 Crown 
Neraud Francis, tavernkeeper 238 Cedar 
Nesbitt Robert, drygoods store 226 S 2d {see J\/iabet 
Nesbitt Thomas, printer Knodle W Sch. Eighth 
Nesbitt Thomas, stonecutter Barker near Sch. Front 
Nesbitt William, storekeeper 416 south Front 

JNetter Isaac, bootcleaner 24 Acorn alley 
lettles George, drayman Rugan near James 
Neuby Rachel, widow, 178 Lombard 

Neuvalen , labourer Pleasant above Charles 

Neveil John, weaver St. John above Beaver 

Nevling Daniel, sign Hornet & Peacock, Beach st. (K) 

Nevins James, stock & exchange broker 25 south Third 

— d h 300 Arch 
Nevins Pim, jun. woollen warehouse 203 High 
Nevins Richard, exchange broker 25 & a h 134 S 3d 
Nevins Samuel, James, & Co. stock and exchange bro- 
kers 25 south Third 


Kevins Samuel, exchange broker 25 8c d h 134 S 3d 

New James, labourer 265 St. John 

New John, fisherman Queen below Shakamaxon 

Newberry EHzabeth, widow, back 181 north Third 

Newberry James, clock maker 367 N 3d ah. Cireen 

Newbold C. jun. mercht. 33 S Front — d h 148 Chesnut 

Newbold Samuel, merchant 18 Pine 

Newbold VVm merchant 199 High— d h 229 Vine 

Newbold VVm. L. merchant 9 N Front— d h 229 Vine 

Nesvburn Sarah, widow, Old York road above Noble 

Newburn William, Camden (IS J) 

Newcomb Asaph, stirrup manuf. Queen (S) bel. Sixth 

Newcomb Bayse, attorney at law 124 Walnvit 

Newcomb & Dantforth, curriers N E cor. 4th and Race 

Newcomb Hezekiah, N E corner 4th and Race and old 

4th near Tammany 
Newcomb John, broker 236 south Seventh 
Newel Richard, vict. High W. Schuylkill Fifth 
Newell Ann, widow, boardinghouse 81 north Water 
Newell George, merchant 1 Carpenter's court 
Newell James, tailor, back 69 Christian 
Newell Jane, widow, 259 south Fifth street 
Newell John, labourer, back 252 Lombard 
Newell John, grocer 1 Callowhill — d h 39 Vine 
Newell Samuel, victualler Hamilton village 
Newell Simon, shipwright Crown near Queen (K) 
Newell William, (four and feed store 166 Cherry 
Newell Wm. sen. and jun. merchants S E cor. High & 

Newhouse Jacob W. hairdresser & bleeder with leech- 
es 156 north Third 
Newkirk Garret, merchant 41 & d h 152 north Front 
Newkirk George, gardener, cor. West and Vienna 
Newkirk Isaac, carpenter, Vienna near West (K.) 
Newkirk Matthew, drygoods merchant 53 N. Second 
Newkirk and Worth, mercha.its 41 north Front 
Newlin E. P. Mrs. boardinghouse 180 High 
Newlin John, carpenter 54 south Tenth 
Newlin Margaret, widow 50 Spruce 
Newlin Thomas, gentleman 214 north Fifth 
Kewlyn Daniel, cabinetmaker 193 south Fourth 
Newman Abraham, back 427 north Third 
Nt wman Daniel, contractor for roads 261 N. Eighth 
Newman Daniel, grain measurer cor. 12th & Locust 
Newman Eli, plasterer cor. Twelfth and Locust 
Newman Henry, mariner Huddell's ct. [see A^omian 

i Newman Jiimes, boolcleaner 10 Acorn alley 
lewman Jacob, accomUant 214 north Sixth 
Newman widow of John, grocer 5 south Water 
Newman John, distiller 75 St. John 
Newman J. B. mercht, 53 Walnut — d h 20 Washington 
Newman Lucy, shopkeeper 352 north Third 
Newman Susan, widow 29 German 

NIC whitely's annual 

Ne^vman Thomas, stock and exchange broker 62 Dock 

— d h 20 south Seventh 
Newnham C. boardinghouse 85 Chesnut 
Newport Benj. wheelwright &c. 305 north Third — d h 

187 Green 
Newport David, 284 north Second 
Newport Jesse W. drygoods store 284 north Second 
tNewport John, sailmaker 208 south Seventh 
Newsham John, carpenter 502 Sassafras 
Newsham Richard, patternmaker for castings in iron 

502 Sassafras 
jNewsome Nathan, bi'icklayer Poplar 1. bel. St. John 
Newton George, gi'ocer S E cor. 8th and Callowhill 
Newton Hannah, back 7 Elfreth's alley 
Newton Isaac, tailor Price's court 
fNewton John, labourer Paschall's alley 
Newton John, callico printer Crown (K.) 
Newton Margaret, widow 231 N. 8th cor. Callowhill 
Newlon Mary, widow, 117 Cedar 
Newton Thomas, corkcutter 90 south Fifth 
Newton Wm. tanner & currier Camden N. J. 
Nezmos John H. sea captain 82 Christian 
Nice Frederick, shoemaker 258 north Second 
Nice James, cooper Wood n. 3d — d h back 201 N. 3d 
Nice James 8c Washington, coopers Wood below Third 
Nice John, cabinetmaker M'Crellish's court 
Nice Joseph, labourer 7 Eckfeldt's court {see JVace 
Nice Levi, machinemaker and turner 73 Vine 
Nice Michl. planemaker Old York road ab, Callowhill 
Nice Washington, cooper Wood — d h back 201 N. 3d 
Nicholas Charles J. accountant 3 south Twelfth 
Nicholas Jeremiah, grocer 358 south Second 
fNicholas John, labourer 23 Gilles's alley 

i Nicholas Lofies, tailor Gaskill street 
Hcolas Lewis, upholsterer N W cor. Chesnut 8c 5th— 
d h 433 Chesnut 
Nicholas Mrs. Mary, gentlewoman 1 south Twelfth 
Nichol Charles, carpenter 63 and 61 Meade alley 
Nicholl 8c Russell, merchants 14 north Third 
Nicholl Thomas, merchant inquire 14 north Third 
Nichols Davis, ferryman Camden N. J. 
Nichols Edward, locksmith 124 Cedar 
Nichols Elworth, wheelwright Second corner Camac 
Nichols Enoch, tailor 47 Callowhill 
Nichols Geoi'ge, watchman 70 Christian st. 
Nichols James A. baker Quince below Walnut 
Nichols James, shipwright 63 Meade alley 
Nichols John, stonecutter Say street 
Nichols Margaret, widow 89 Penn 
Nichols Rebecca, widow 115 Lombard 
Nichols Wm. tailor High W. Schuylkill Fourth 
Nicholson Isaac, blacksmith Littleboy's ct-d h 22 Bread 
Nicholson John, mariner 3 Callowhill 


Nicholson John, shallopman 4 Callowhill 

^Nicholson John, attends in a wine cellar — d h 72 Small 

JNicholson John, sawyer Portland lane 

Nicholson Lindsev, lumber merchant, yard 254Chesnut 

above Ninth — u h 326 High 
Nicholson Samuel, labourer Noble below Sixth 
Nicholson Wm. teacher 177 Cedar 
Nichuals Ilhasma C carpenter 2 Mulberry alley 

tNickins Hannah, widow 130 Plum st. 
■lickle John, labourer Say street 
Nicklin Julia, widow of Philip, 287 Chesnut 
Nicklin Pliilip H. bookseller &c 175 Chesnut 
Nickburn Samuel, bricklayer Crown (K.) 
Nickels Wm. watchman High near Schuylkill Third 
Nicoll James A. baker Quince below Walnut 
Nicollas Peter, 65 north Third & 15 south Fourth 
Nicum Jacob, labourer, near 21 Noble 
Nidda Frederick K. merchant 12 north Third 
Niebuhr Christopher, baker, north 8th ab. Pegg's run 
Nielson George, currier 8 Littleboy's court 
Nietscke John S. shoemaker 16 Vernon 
Nightingale Jas. sailmaker north side Vine st. wharf— 

d h Oak above Noble 
Nightlinger John, vict. James above Rugan 
Niles Daniel, finding shop 95 Arch 
Niles Joseph, cordwainer S W cor. 6th and Lombard 
Niles Wm. shoemaker 95 Arch {see Kniles 

Ninesteel Andrew, victualler 349 Callowhill 
Nisbet Ann, widow 95 Race [see jYesbeC 

Nisbet F. H. merch. 155 High N E cor. 4th— dh 95 Race 
Nisbet John, grocer 307 N. Third — d h 48 St. Tammany 
Nisbet John, carpenter 12 south Twelfth 
Nisbet John, carpenter Filbert ab. 10th— d h 193 Pine 
Nisbet Michael, merchant 1.1 S. Front — d h 86 Race 
Nippes Mary, widow 262 St. John 
Nippes W^m. gunsmith 254 St. John 
Nixon Alexander G. coachmaker Sturges's court 
Nixon Cambridge, whittwasher Knnckel bql Tammany 
fNixon Daniel, gardener 8cc. Jones's alley 
Nixon Henry, merchant 333 Arch N E cor. 9th— c h 

93 South wharves 
Nixon J.imes, mercht. 159 High — d h 38 north Seventh 
tNixon James, oysterrnan 125 Spruce Ik 202 High 
Nixon Jane, mantuamaker 77 Small 
Nixon Jane, widow, bark 136 south Ninth 
Nixon John, bellowsmaker &c. 340 Callowhill 
Nixon Mary, gentlewoman 10 north Eighth 
Nixon Rebecca, widow 37 Jones' alley 
Nixon Richard, silversmith 240 south Seventh 
Nixon Silas, mariner 58 Contes slr«et 
Nixon and Walker, merchants 93 South wharves 
Noah (ieorge, gentleman 10 Newmarket 
Noad Martha, widow, back 51 Budd 

I»^OR whitely's annual 

Noble Eleanor, storekeeper 381 south Second 

Noble James, cordwainer, back 117 German 

Nobie Samuel, tanner 268 north Third 

Noble Samuel, shoemaker 111 Browne 

Noble, widow of Joseph, tavernkeeper Gray's ferrjr r, 

Noblit, widow of A. carpenter ;S) above Fifth 

Noblit Culert, carpenter 190 north Fifth 

Noe Amy, widow 265 Catharine 

No8 Elias, shipcarpenter back 450 south Front 

Noel George, teacher Coates near Sixth 

Nolan Joseph, shingleshaver 67 New 

Nolan Rosanna, widow, back 257 south Fourth 

Nolen Chas. furniture warehouse 8 S. 3d— d h 63 Pine 

Nolen & Curtis, clock and watch tools 8c material store 

49 north Third 
Nolen Elizabeth, milliner 213 south Second 
Nolen Spencer, clock dial manuf. 49 N. 3d — d h 17 Pine 
fNondine Michael, hairdresser cor. Race & Eighth 
Nones Benjamin, notary public and sworn interpreter 

of foreign languages 22 Chesnut 
Nones David B. merchant 8 Library 
Nonnaraaker Mary, widow Davault's court (N. L.) 
Nonnater Charles H. vict. Juniper above Cherry 
Nonnater John, vict. 19 Third street market High 
Nonnater Peter, weaver Nonnater's court 
Nonnater Peter P. vict. 1 Third st. market High 
Nooney Margaret, widow 258 Lombard 
Nooney Wm. baker 25i8 Lombard 
Norberry Hannah, widow 42 German 
Norbury Jacob, shoemaker, back 269 Sassafras 
Norbury Joseph B.prothonotary of the court of common 
pleas for the city and county of Philadelphia — office 
9 west wing State house — d h 71 Wood 
Norcross Chapin, cork manufacturer 11 Dock 
Norgrave Jeremiah, mate 155 south Fifth 
Norgrove Catharine, tailoress Norman st. ab. 13th 
Norgrove widow of Nathl. m. d. Thirteenth ab. Race ■ 
Norkway Catharine, widow 403 south Front 
Norman John, jr. china store S E cor. Fifth and Race 
fNorman John, coachman 3 Raspberry alley 
Norman Joseph, shoemaker 114 Race \^see J^ewinan 
Norman Joseph, lime merchant 47 north Fifth 
jNorman Peter, hairdresser 385 Race 
Norman Sarah, boardinghouse 31 south Second 
Normanton Wm. smallware manuf. 8c smallware loom- 
maker 104 south Tenth 
NoronaM. C. employed in the Spanish legation 100 S. 2d' 
Norris Elizabeth, widow Palmer below Duke 
Norris Hannah, widow nurse 81 Cedar 
Norris Isaac, hatter 32 north Front 
Norris Isaac W. shipchandler and ropemaker, store cor. 

Vine and Water — d h 218 north Front 
Norris John, drayman Vine above Broad 


Norris John, mariner back 215 St. John 
Norris Jose|>h, shipwright Reach near Warren 
Norns Jos. r. |)re8ideiit Bank of Pennsylvania, Chesnut 

first door above 'I'enth north side 
Norris Jos. V jr. attorney at law 114 south Fourth 
Norris Mrs. dealer back 69 Hijjh 
Norris Samuel, shoemaker 172 Race 
Norris Samuel, mariner Carpenter (S) above Fourth 
Norris Thomas, 5 Chancery lane 
Norris Thomas, mariner north Thiixi above Franklin 
North Caleb, merchant, 31 north Water, and Sheriff of 

the city and county of Philadelphia — office 10 west 

■wing of Statehouse — d h 279 Chesnut 
North Jane and Lydia, storekeepers 66 Sassafras 
North John, livery stablekeeper 172 Cedar 
North John, teacher Old York r. bel. St. Tammany 
North Josiah, shipwriglit Marlborough above Beach 
North Richard, stonecutter 53 Filbert & N E cor. Tenth 
North Wilham, bark manufacturer first wharf bclovr 

navy yard — d h 222 Pine 
North Stephen, druggist &c. 14 north Second — d h N. 

Fifth N W corner North st. 
tNorthgale Amos, labourer Fitz waiter above Sixth 
Northrop Enoch, cedar cooper 356 south Second 
Northrop Jonathan, hatter 48 Penn 
Norton Barbara, washerwoman 9 Cresson's alley 
Norton Daniel, bricklayer 458 south Front 
Norton George, oakcooper, back 81 south Water 
Norton Jane, nurse 13 Cresson's alley 
Norton James, wheelwright 444 north Front 
Norton John, labourer Alberson's court 
Norton John F. watch casemaker Quarry street 
Norton Thomas, gentleman 9 Vine 
Norton Thomas, brassfounder 17 Beaver near Second 
Norton Thomas, blacksmith Browne's court 
Norton Thomas, smith Vienna near Browne (K.) 
Norton Wm. L. printer, back 386 south Second 
fNorton Wm. baker 61 Currant alley 
Norton Youhe, nurse widow 429 south Second 
tNorway George, coachman 208 south Seventh 
fNorwood John, oysterman 87 south Second 
Notson Christiana, widow, 75 Penn street 
Nourse major Charles, 65 Spiuce 

iNovee Thomas, coachman Elbow alley 
fowlan Morris, paperhanger 117 Ctdar 
Nowland Thomas, Coates above Seventh 
Nowlen Mary, widow back 31 Green 
Nowlen John, cordwainer 223 Shippen 

Noyes , combmaker north Fourth bel Poplar lane 

Nugent George, mercnt. 26 Chesnut — d h 178 >J . Fourth 
Nugant Mary, widow Friinkford road above Otter 
Null Anthony, saddler 379 north Fourth 
Nunes A. J. broker 127 Lombard 

O'CO whitely's annual 

Nunneley Mrs. female academy 154 Cedar 

Nunneley Nathaniel, teacher 154 Cedar 

Nutt Aaron, tobacconist 8 Baker's court 

Nutt Edmund, tailor north side Almond street wharf 

Nutt John, taylor 162 north Water 

Nutter Robert, carpenter Weaver's alley 

fN utter Samuel, waiter, back 49 Coates alley 

Nuttle David, weaver Third near Germ an town road 

Nuskey Lewis, ropemaker S. Front above Prime 

Nutz Charlotte Miss, boardinghouse 24 Race 

Nutz Wm. tanner and currier, 220 south Fourth street 

OAKFORD HANNAH, widow 312 south Second 

Oaktord Joseph L. merchant 169 High — d h 12 John 

Oakford Richard, merchant 84 High — d h 21 Sansom 

Oakford Samuel, late coal measurer 319 south Second 

Oakley George, gentleman 22 Dock 

Oakman R. High near Sch. Seventh 

Oar Jared, engineer 42 Tammany 

Oat George H. acoouutant cor. Fourth and Tammany 

Oat Joseph, grocer 265 north Third 

Oat Joseph, bookbinder 2 Clawges' court 

Oat widow of Jesse, late coppersmith 208 north Sixth 

Oatham shoemaker, Hanover near Bedford 

8 'Boyle Bernard, grocer 135 south Sixth 
'Brie Nicholas gc Co. merchants 221 High 
O'Brien Arthur, drover, corner Vine and Broad 
O'Brien Daniel, ostler, 2 Farmer's row 
O'Brien Elizabeth, widow 1 Pleasant avenue 
O'Brien Hugh, oyster cellar corner Shippen & Fourth 
O'Brien John, pay)erstainer 40 south Fifth 
O'Brien John M. labourer Farmer's row 
O'Brien John, painter &c. 40 south Fifth 
O'Brien Martin, innkeeper 130 south Water 
O'Brien Wm labourer 33 Penn street 
O'Bryan Benjamin, 160 north Eighth 
O'Bryan Lawrence, labourer 11 Sterling alley 
O'Bryen Daniel, carriagekeeper Farmer's row 
O'Burn Elizabeth, widow 1 Pleasant avenue 
O'Conner Ann, widow 299 Spruce 
O'Conner Christopher, justice of peace 22 Argyle street 

office 258 south Fourth 
O'Connor Charles, tailor and innkeeper 310 south 2d 
O'Connor Daniel, bottler 15 Little German 
O'Connor John, carter St. Joseph's avenue 
O'Conner Kelly, cabinetmaker, back 191 Callowhill 
O'Connor Michael, labourer 226 Cedar 
O'Connor Mrs, Jane, St. Mary street 
O'Connor Nicholas, sea captain 6th above Race ; 

O'Connor Rebecca, widow 205 south Third 


O'Conway Matthias James, interpreter and teacher of 

the Spanisli, French and Englisli languages 140 Spruce 

O'Ucar Sprogal, wheelwright Hidge above Vine — d h 

< )'Doniild Charles, labourer 9 Small 
O'Daiiiel John, attorney at law, 70 south Sixth 
O'Donnall Heniaixl, late storekeeper 160 south Fifth 
O'DonncIl Dennis, hsherman, back 257 south Fourth . 
t)'l)iiiuiel Con, bottler and innkeeper 314 south Tlvird 
O'Donnel M. brickmaker, corner Lombard and Sch. 2d 
O'Doiinell Bridget, widow Locust above Juniper 
O'Uonnt'U Hugh, farmer 162 north Water 
O'Doniiell Isaac, morocco dresstr 125 Pine 
O'DunnellJames, brewer, back 102 High 
O'Dounell James, labourer v.-lymer's alley 
O'Dnnnell Mary, shopkeeper 142 south Front 
O'Driscoll Dennis, shoemaker 154 south Fourth 
O'Kllers James P. of U. S navy. Pine bet. 5th & Sixth 
O'Kllei-s widow of J. N.W. corner S{)rucc and Fourth 
O'Hara Mury, teacher Tliirteenth below High 
O'Hara Sarah, widow of James, Rose alley near Coates 
O'Hara Thomas, carjjenter Lnxlcy's court 
O'lvain Michael, grocer 327 Walnut 
O'Leary William, grocer 66 south Fifth 
O'Morrin Wm. teacher Lebanon garden Cedar n. 10ti\ 
O'Neale John, shipwright Queen near Frankford road 
O'Neall Neal, labourer \'ine r.ear Sch. river 
O'Neal Elizabeth, widow 247 south liurd 
O'Nedly Robert, waiter 2 Bell's court 
O'Neiai John, tailor Lon\bi»rd above Tenth 
O'Neil Daniel, tailor 246 soutli Fourth 
O'Neil Louisa, gentlewoman, Genr^^e (C.) 
O'Neill 8c Coryill, carpenters 9 G.iskill street 
O'Neill John, cordwainer 437 Chesnut 
O'Neill Jolin, grocer 200 Cedar 
O'Neill Jolm, bottler 150 nortli Third 
O'Neill John, carpenter 103 Spruce 
O'Neill Kvrau, grocei- 204 Slvippcn 
O'Neill Michael, bottler 75 Dock 
O'Neill Robert, taih)r 33 Arch 
O'Neill Robert, carpenter 82 Cedar 
O'Neill Susannah, widow 82 Cedar 
O'Neill \\'n\ mariner, back 575 si^uth Front 
O'hkullion Franci*;. cordwaincr Hazel alley n. W.'.huit 
Odenheimer Jolui W. merrluiut 193 High — d h 79 Union 
Odenheimcr John, baker 56 Phnn 
t)denheimer Jacob, coachtrimmer, bark 182 Pine 
Odenheimer & Elton, merchants 193 High 
Odlin Woodin-idge, 38 S. wiiarves — d h 119 S. Ninth 
Odo Lewis, confectioner 113 (ieriiian 
Offerman Frederick, barlicrikc. 422 north Third 
Offennan Jolin C flour store 87 north Water — d h 2 
Schnver's court 



Offley Ann, widow 178 south Front 

Offlerbaugh George, labourer Hanover n. Frankford r, 

Ogden Elizabeth, nurse 43 Currant alley 

Ogden Esther, widow Juniper above Arch 

Ogden John M. carpenter 10 John street 

Ogden John, teacher Thira near Germantown road 

Ogden Joshua, cotton weaver, 28 Stamper's alley 

Ogden Mary, widow 47 Prime 

Ogden Mary, widow 18 Walnut street 

Ogden Michael, mate, back 36 Sassafras 

Ogden Mrs. widow Juniper near Arch 

Ogden Robert, painter Cherry al)ove Thirteenth 

Ogden Robert W. accountant Camden bank (N. J.) 

Ogden Sarah, widow, corner Spruce and Seventh 

Ogilbe Sarah, widow 105 Christian 

Ogilby Joseph, shipbuilder 56 Swanson 

Ogle Ann, Mrs. boardinghouse 139 Chesnut 

Ogle Benjamin, 53 Currant alley 

Ogle James, tailor, south Sixth above Fitz waiter sti'eet 

Ogle Mary, widow, back 24 Old York road 

Ogle Thomas, coachmaker 9 south 6th — d h 70 S. 8th 

Ohl John F. Ill Moyaniensing i-oad 

Ohm George A. baker 277 south Fourth 

Okie Abraham, merchant 83 High 

Okie & Brognard, merchants, 83 High 

Oldden James, agent and broker, 19 Crown 

Oldden Deborah, widow of James, 96 nortli Front 

Oldden Elizabeth, boardinghouse N. W. cor. Filbert & 

Oldenburgh Daniel, hatter 43 High 
Oldmixon Mary, widow of Jolm, 51 Sansom 
Oldson Margaret, widow 31 Gilles' alley 
Gler Philip, ropemaker Buttonwood above Charles 
Oliphant Mary, widow 25 Jones' alley 
Oliver Andi-ew, innkeeper (Indian king) 80 High 
tOliver Candy, widow washerwoman 3 Gray's alley 
fOliver Isaac, sawyer Elbow alley 
Oliver Jackson, grocer N E corner Sixth and Cherry 
Oliver JohnG. & Co. merchants 37 south Front 
Oliver John G. merchant, Vine near Eleventh 
Oliver Joshua C. com. njerchant 75 South wharves — 

d h 64 south Second 
Oliver Paul, sea captain. Beach near Hanover 
Oliver Reuben, tailor N E corner Spruce and Water-— 

d h 43 Spruce 
Oliver Robert, carpenter 86 Cedar 
Oliver Thomas P. tailor 74 north Eleventh 
Oliver Wm. merchant 37 S. Front— d h 83 south 11th : 
Oliver Wm. tavern keeper (U. S. hotel) 47 S. Water 
Oliver Wm. jun. sea captain 47 south Water 
fOlm stead John, waiter 4 Burd's court 
Olmstead Sarah, widow boardinghouse, lower 98 south 



Olmstead Mrs. Upper ferry road near Scluiylkill 

Olson John, coastinj; raptain 70 Pciui 

Oman Tliomas, scourer and repairer of garments 39 

Omurah W'm. shoemaker M'Ciinnc.s's court 
OmhriMtcr Matthias, shoemaker Castle street 
tOmcr A-iron, porter £aKle court 
Omlech Ilenrv, shocimker Prince above Shakamaxon 
Ong widow of Joseph, 184 St. John 
Oprehaui:;!! George, labourer Hanover near Frankf. r. 
Oram \Vm. carpenter Paschall's alley 
Ore Frederick, baker 2 south Twelfth street 
Ord Catharine, washerwoman 107 Vine 
Ord George, shipchandler 99 South wharves and 354 

south Front 
Ord Rebecca, widow of George, 354 south Front 
Ord John, teacher 57 Tammany 
Ormrod John, teacher Germantown 
Orr Ann, widow 67 Flum sti'ect 
Orr widow of Arthur, Castle street 
Orr Elizabeth, widow Quince below Locust 
Orr James, plasterer Lancaster below Wharton 
Orr James, bootmaker 15 Hoffman's alley 
Orr John, coachmaker 56 Crown — d h Perry n. Hazel 
Orr Robert, storekeeper 325 Walnut 
Orr Wm. cordwainer 15 Callowhill 
Orr Wm. cordwainer, Washington above Callowhill 
Orrell James K. reedmaker & innkeeper 434 north 3d 
Ork Wm. carter Sch. F'ront near Walnut 
Oram Davis, di-ygoods store 52 north Fourth 
Orum James, labourer Washington above Callowhill 
Ossback Arthur, carter 8 M'Culloch's court 
Ossback John, chairmaker 2 M'Culloch's court 
Osbern Maria, widow young lailies' seminary 129 Spruce 
Osborne George, watercolounnan 12 (ierman 
Osbourne Ebcnezer, carpenter, back 33 Cedar — d h 80 

Osborne Hannah & Sarah, 1 Laurel 
Osborn David, hatter, back 192 north Eighth 
Osborn James, tisherniau o25 north Front 
Osborn John, mariner 596 south Second 

Osborn waterntan 258 north Second 

Osborn Samuel, labourer 238 south Fifth street 
Osbourn Ann, Mrs. 8 Vernon 
Osbourn Jeremiali, drayman 41 Cedar 
Osbun David, oysterman, Rogers's court 
Osi)un Tiiomas E. hairdresser, 11 north Tenth 
Osmus Christian, victualler 2.15 Cillowiiill 
OsterheMt Frederick, hog vict. corner (harden & Logan 
Obtrum John, stagedriver 26 l?ranch 
Oswald I'^lcazar, printei- ()(> D( ck 
n>w;iUl Wm. li. traii'slator of French, Spanifih and 

Ualian languaes Juniper below Chesnut 

OXH whitely's annual 

Oswill George, grocery and liquor store, N E corner St, 

Tammany and Old York road 
Otis B. portrait painter 63 Cherry 
Otley Elizabeth, Alder alley 

Ottinger John, papermaker, Alban street ab. Lambert 
Ott Catharine, widow 86 north Sixth 
Ott Francis J. brushmaker 70 New 
Ottason James, weaver Second above Germantown road 
Otto Jacob S. wine merchant 3 S. 5th — d h 163 Walnut 
Otto John C. M. D. 139 Mulberry 
Otto John, cabinetmaker 8 Chorlotte 
Otvvay Nicholas, sea captain 13 Beck's alley 
Oudinot Henry, hairdresser 345 Race 
Ouram Ann, widow Prune corner Sixth 
Ouram Wm. whitesmith &c. Prune near Sixth — d h 314 

south Sixth 
Ourt Charles, combmaker 340 Race 
Ourt Lewis, smith Broad near Race 
Outerside William, mariner 18 Little Water 
Overholt Jacob, grocer 448 north Second 
Overman Wm. broker and CQmmission merchant 2 

Bank alley— d h 200 south Fourth 
Overn John, trunkmaker Juniper corner Lambert 
Overy Isabella, 41 Middle alley 

Overy John, silk dyer and scourer, back 12 south Fifth 
|Oventon Lemuel, sawyer, 53 German street 
Ovington John, carpenter corner Cedar & Ninth 
Ovington Mary, widow, milkwomah cor. Cedar & Ninth 
Owings Elizabeth, widow 61 German street 
Owen Jane, drygoods store 141 north Second 
Owen John, teacher 133 Lombard 
Owen John, silversmith 65 north Second 
Owen Mary, grocer 217 north Second 
Owen & Richards, merchants 131 High 
Owen Sarah, widow, tailoress 487 north Third 
Owen Thomas, distiller 54 New — d h 52 Wood 
Owen Thomas, jun. merchant 131 High — d h 10 Old 

York road 
Owen Thomas, 28 Chesnut 
Owen Thomas, weaver, back 587 north Second 
Owens Ann, widow, back 9 Crown street 
Owens Edward, smith 101 Cherry 
Owens James, coachman 114 German 
Owens John, mate 542 south Front 
.Owens Margaret, widow, tailoress Walnut above 13th 
Owens Robert, tanner Rose near Germantown road 
Owens Samuel, sea captain High W. Sch. Third 
Owens Thomas, wheelwright N. Fourth ab. Tammany 
Owman Thomas, tailor. Chesnut above Front 
Ox Sarah Mrs. Arch near Schuylkill 
Oxford Hannah, widow. Liberty alley 
Oxheimer Barbara, widow, cor. Ger.r. gc BlackhorseL 


xley Margaret, widow, cor. Sixth and Pcplar lane 
i,>xley Willi, im, accountant 55 south l^k-vrntii Mrs. widow, N. liiKhlii near Bntioiiwood 
Ozcas Peter, inspector of customs 311 Mulljcrry 

PACKER EDWARD, !>rassf..under, back 33 N. 7th 

Packer James, brasstounder 8 Hulfman's alley 

Paden George, cordwainer 23 Pine alley 

Padget George, weaver Lombard above Twelfth 

tPagans D ivid, labourer Stewart's alley 

Page Charles N. com. merchant 67 & d h 69 Dock 

Page Godfrey, gardener Ridge road near 1st gate 

Page Hannah, widow 7 Vine 

Page Henry, gardener Ridge road near 1st gate 

Page James H. wine merchant 59 South wharves — d h 

87 south Eleventh 
Page James, attorney at law 16 Swanwick and 225 Arch 
Page John, hatter 84 north Second 
Page John, grocer N E corner of Green and Fourth 
Page Jolin, sen. gardener Ridge road near 1st gate 
Page John, shallopman 262 south Fourth 
Page Peter, plasterer 30 Union alley 
Page Samuel, innkeeper 507 Second above Poplar 
Page Samuel R. grocer Beach above Maiden 
Page Wm. merchant 268 Chesnut — d h 36 south Front 
Painter Adam, cordwainer Lily alley below Green and 

Trimble's court 
Painter George, caulker Marlborough below Queen 
Painter widow of George, Ger. load above Second 
Painter Henry, brassfou'uler 488 north Third 
Painter Isaac, innkeeper cor. Callowhill and (iarden 
tPainter Isaac, labourer St. Mar)' street 
Painter Jacob, dealer 42 Garden 
Painter Jacob, carpenter Wood near Prince (K) 
Painter Jacob, bricklayer Beaver near Pitt 
IPainter Jeffery, labourer Webb's alley 
Painter John, car|)entcr Poi)lar lane below Third 
Painter John, turner 32 Cherry — d h Garden n. Wood 
Painter Margaret, widow Thirteenth below High 
Painter M.irgaret, widow Fourth below Poplar 
Painter Mary, widow 488 north Third 
Painter Mary, widow. Prince nerr Hanover 
Painter Nicliolas, shipwright Palmer near Prince 
Painter Nicholas, bri. klayer 48.S north Tiiiitl 
Painter Philip, cordwainer Oak near Br«.uvne 
tPainter Phillis, widow. Smith's alley (hack) 
Painter Wm. patent peg shoemaker IVlarlborough (K) 
Palber Charles, labourer Maiden near the Stone bridge 
Paleske Hannah, widow of George C. 79 Dock 
2 B 2 


Palethorp Robert, inkpowder manuf. 444 N. Second 
Palethorp Robert, jun. & J. H. pewter ware and ink 

powder manuf. 50 north Second 
Palethorp Robert, jun. pewter manuf. 444 N. Second 
Palm Henry, printer 26 Arch 

Palmer Aaron, combmakei', noi'th 4th cor. Poplar lane 
tPalmer Aaron, woodsawyer Lily alley 
Palmer Amos, liquor store High west of Sch. Seventh 
Palmer Amos, carpenter 142 north Third 
Palmer Ann, widow of Wm. 27 south Tenth 
Palmer Ann, widow, cor. Juniper and Arch 
Palmer Anthony A. druggist N E cor. Fifth and Spruce 

and grocer 6 High— d h 27 Powel 
fPalmer Daniel, sawyer Browne above Fourth 
Palmer James, shipwright Prince near Crown 
Palmer Job, drygoods store 24 south Second 
Palmer John, caulker Otter near Frankford road (K) 
Palmer John B. treasurer and secretary of the Mutual 

Insurance company for the insurance of houses from 

loss by fire, 54 Walnut 
Palmer Jonathan, jun. teacher 69 Pine 
fPalmer Mattiiias, labourer Spruce near Sch. Fifth 
Palmer Richard, justice of tlie peace 64 Shippen 
Palmer Richard, furniture, &c. store, 145 north Second 

— d h 88 north Seventh 
Palmer Sarah, widow. Otter near Frankf. road (K) 
Palmer Samuel, druggist, &c. 74 Chesnut 
Palmer Simeon, pilot 107 Swanson 
Palmer Thomas, N E corner %)ruce and Fifth 
Palmer Thomas H. printer 201 Chesnut — office Locust 

above Eighth 
P-almer Thomas, carpenter 554 south Front 
Palmer William, tailor Cresson's court 
Pancoast Samuel, sen. Filbert above Twelfth 
Pancoast Samuel jun. hardware merchant 148 High 
Pantalun Henry, vict. Steinmetz court 
Paoli George, chandler 7 Vernon 

Papegay Miss, artificial flower manuf. 8cc, 151 Walnut 
Parent John, labourer Meredith's court 
Parham John, carpenter 62 south Eleventh 
Parham Joseph, carpenter 176 Locust 
Park Christiana, widow, boardinghouse 144 Chesnut 
Pai-k & Carpenter, merchants 273 High 
Park Samuel, merchant 273 High — d h 2 north Seventh 
Parke Charles B. brass, &c. founder Penn near Maiden 
Parke James P. bookseller and stationer 74 S. Second 
Parke Solomon, clock and watchmaker 146 N. Front 
Parke Thomas, M. d. 1 Rittenhouse place 
Parker Achilles, wine merchant, &c. 13 &17 Norris' ay, 
Parker Alexander, gardener Prime above Eleventh 
Parker Alice and Hannah, millinery 21 north Third 
Parker Andrew, tailor 1 Wood 
Parker Ann, widow 262 Catharine 


Parker B. widow 67 Pine 

Paiker Buny.tu, Irxbomtrr Qiif:en near Shakainaxon 

Pai k(.T BLMijinjiii, cabinet and cliairmaker 'J.58 Cedar 

Parker Daniel, livery st:iblekfej>cr 14 and 16 Bread 

Parker David, D. D. 68 south Eiijlilli 

Parker Dorothy, widow Philhps court 

Parker Edward, merchant 60 Zane 

Parker Edward, bookseller and stationer 178 High 

Parker Elizabeth A. milliner 189 north Front 

Parker Esther, boardinghouse 116 north Sixth 

Parker George, whipmakev Prime above Eightli 

Parker George, ropemaker Crown near West (K) 

ParKcr George, plasterer, &c. Frankf. r. n. Prince 

Parker Hannah, seamstress, Bushhill 

Parker Hannah, widow 8 Union 

Parker Henry, cordwainer Fifth below Christian 

Parker Isaac, clock and watchmaker 13 south Third 

Parker Jacob, labourer Race above Sch. Seventh 

Parker James, oystermaii 6 Cresson's alley 

Parker Jeremiah, gentleman (Peel hall) Ridge road 

Parker John, tavcrnkeeper N E cor. Race and Sixth 

Parker John, fancy store 107 north Second 

Parker John, mariner 227 south Fifth 

tParker John, porter 228 Race 

Parker John A. bookbinder 190 Cherry 

Parker John, ropemaker Crown near West 

Parker Joseph, merchant 178 High— d h 125 N. Fifth 

Parker Joseph, collector of taxes 28 Race 

tParker Joseph, ostler Traquair's court 

Parker Lewis, mariner, back of 32 Catharine 

Parker Margaret, widow 5 Steinmetz court 

Parker Phoebe, widow. Unity court 

Parket Peter, hatter Deval's court 

Parker Rebecca, tailoress, back 282 Arch 

H'arkcr Richard, shoeblack 29 S. 3d & 11th bel. Pine 

Parker Samuel, shotmaker Arch near Sch. Second 

Parker Sarah, widow 92 north Eighth corner Clierry 

tParker Silas, labourer and whitcwasher 230 Shippen 

Parkei- Susan. Mrs. widow of John, south Tenth, one 

door from Chesnut 
tParker Stephen, bootcleaner 19 south Seventh 
Parker Thonias, 13 south Third 
Parker Thomas, jun. clock and watchmaker 14 south 

Parker Thomas, carpenter 144 south Ninth 
Parker Thomas, labourer Prime below Second 
Parker Thomas, carpenter, ike. 18 Curiaiit alley 
tParker Thomas, labouier Old Ytirk road 
fParker Wiley, labourer Passyunk r. below Chiistian 
Parker William, merchant (J'ecl hall) Ridge road 
tParker William, mariner 34 Small 
Parker \^'illiam, labourer 412 south Second 
Parker William C. carpenter 263 south Seventh 

PAT whitely's annual 

Parker William, tanner 101 north Fifth 

Parker Wm. tavern and oyster house 10 Arch ; 

Parkes Zachariah, fancy store 3 north Third 

Parkinson George, (Burns tavern) 13 Bank 

Parkinson James, tailor 106 Crown 

Parkinson Rachel, bonnetmaker 77 Arch 

fParks Susan, Barclay's alley 

rarmentier Charles, accountant 17 north Twelfth 

Parmentier Theresa, widow 62 south Fifth 

Parr John, tailor 25 north Ninth 

Parris Gabriel, constable 42 Arch 

Parrish Ebenezer, innkeeper 317 south Third 

Parrish Isaac, gentleman Mulberry court 

Parrish Joseph, M. d. 109 Arch 

Parrish 8c IViussey, ironmongers, 238 north 3d bel. Noble 

Parrish Robert A. planemaker 238 north Third 

tPerott R. pi-inter 135 Lombard 

Parry Anna, widow, 3 Sansom 

Parry Isaac, plasterer 300 north Third 

Pariy John J. clock and watchmaker SW cor. Chesnut 

and Sixth Isee J^erry 

Parry Thomas, storekeeper 23 north Second 
Parsons Abraham, shallopman Juniper above Locust 
Parsons John, 76 Almond 

Parsons Margaret, widow, back 295 south Third 
Parsons William, fei-ryman 30 Jones's alley 
Partenheinier Adam, brewer 77 Arch corner Bread 
Partenheimer, Pepper & Co. Philadelphia brewery, 9 

Partoles Mary, widow 276 south Fourth 
Pai'tridge David, oakcooper, back 391 Race 
Parvin Pearson, teacher 25 north Fifth 
t?arvis Isaac, saw-sharpener Passyunk r. bel. Christian 
tPascal Benjamin, waiter Middle alley 
Pascal Jane, widow, teacher 142 south Fifth 
Pascal John, blacksmith 20 and d h 24 south Tenth 
Paschall Edward J. tailor 2 Farmer's row 
Paschall Thomas, accountant Hamilton village 
Pass Peter, tailor 150 south Fourth 
Passey Samuel, teacher 127 Moyamensing road 
Passmore Carleton, teacher 56 New 
Passmore & Sparhawk, auctioneers 52 south Front 
Passmore Thomas, auctioneer 32 south Front 
Pastorius Abraham, sea captain 165 Green 
Pastorus John, north Fifth below Buttonwood 
Patterson Alexander, chandler 110 Plum 
Patterson Eadly, drover S W cor. Eighth and Lombard 
Patterson Eliza, Blackberry alley 

Patterson Elizabeth, widow 4 Quarry [see Peterson 
Patterson Hester, widow 149 south Eighth 
Patterson Isaac, (Robinson Crusoe inn) 23 south Third 
Patterson James, accountant. Maiden near Front 
Patterson rev. James, 460 north Second 


^ Patterson Jonnna, pastry cook SmiiliN alley 
'atterson John, fancy chairmakt-r Fourth aljovc Poplar 
Patterson John, weaver Prime (Wliarton's hiiililings) 
Patterson Jonathan, director of U. S. bank 164 Spruce 
Pattei-son Rachel, widow Chesnut b«"low Thineentli 
Patterson John, shipjoiner Sliakamaxon n. Bedford (K) 
Patterson & Jones, merchants 287^ Hifjli 
Patterson Joseph, cabinetmaker 90 nortn Front 
Patterson Margaret, widow 9 Fiazier's court 
Patter.>on Margaret, widow Torr's court 
Patterson Martha, widow Christian below Fourth 
Patterson Maigwret, seamstress Torr's court 
fPatterson Margaret, widow 3 Biddle's alley 
Patterson Mary, widow Burd's alley (S) 
Pattersjn Mary, widow, cowkeeper, back 74 Plum 
Patterson Paul, merchant 287i High — d h 297 Race 
Patterson Rachel, gentlewoman 1 Thirteentli 
Patterson Robert M. m. d. vice ])rovost, professor of 

mathematics and natural philosophy in the University 

of Pennsylvania, 210 Arch 
Patterson Robert, carpenter 48 nortli Eighth 
Patterson Robert, grocer. Cedar next bel cor. Third 
Patterson Robert, nierchant 287i High — d h 61 Locust 
Patterson Robert, president of U. S. mint 285 Chesnut 
Patterson Robert, bricklayer Weaver's alley 
Patterson Robert, carter Juniper above Locust 
Patterson Susan, 514 north Front 

Patterson Thos. teacher 205 south Fifth— d h 23 Prune 
Patterson Tlios, blockm.iker, &c. 63 and op. 62 Swanson 
Patterson Walter, laboui-er Eleventh ab. Race 
Patterson Wm. 8c Co. merchants N E corner Arch & 

Water— d li 29 Vine 
Patterson Wm. mate of ship, 387 soutli Front 
Patterson Wm. blacksmith Arch near 5Sch. Seventh 
Patterson Wm. sea captain Thirteenth above Clierry 
fPatterson Wm. herb doctor Callowhill n. Sch. Fourth 
Patterson Sarah, widow 110 Swanson street 
Pattison & Brother, mercht. N E cor. Chesnut 8c Front 
Pattison Granville, M. D. 154 Walnut 
Pattison John, merchant 53 S Front — d h 151 Walnut 
Paiton Abraham, late watchmaker 131 south Eleventh 
Patton Ann, Mrs. Thirteenth near Cedar 

iPatlon Ann, Dean's ay. [see Patteti 

'atton Anna, widow 43 Callowhill 
Patton Bernard, carpenter 43 Callowhill 
Patton James, jun. merchant 23 N Front — d h59N4th 
Patton John C. mi^rchant 117 S Ninth 
Patton John M. itujuire 5 north Twelfth 
Patton Margaret, widow 34 Browne 
Pattoii Marv, widow Met riott's lane above Fourt'ti 

Patton ', iat)curer41H south Second street 

Paiton Robert, conlwainer Locust above Twelfth 

PAX whitely's annual 

Patton Robert, flour, salt and plaster store 491 High— > 

d h 5 north Twelfth ,. 

Patton Samuel, grocer 61 South wharves 
Patton Samuel, accountant 8 German 
Patton Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, back 417 S Front 
Patton Wm. jun. accountant 175 Lombard 
Patton Wm queenswai'e store 65 Cedar 
Patton Wm. printer Pine below Twelfth 
Pattrullo N. merchant 224 Spruce 
Paul Abraham, vict. 1 Fourth street market 
Paul Alice, widow 12 Green 
Paul Catharine, widow, back 55 Duke 
Paul, Comegys 8c Co. merchants 176 High— d h 42 N 5th 
Paul Daniel, vict. 27 Fourth street market 
Paul David, carpenter 116 St. John 
Paul Hannah, widow, Camac below Old Yord road 
Paul Hannah, widow. Fourth below Master 
Paul James, merchant SW cor. North ay. and Fifth 
Paul Jane, widow, shopkeeper 405 north Third 
Paul John, gentleman 60 north Fourth 
Paul Jo.seph M. merchant 257 High— d h 202 Arch 
Paul Nathan, 237 High— d h 6 north Fifth 
jPaul Thos. drayman 159 Spruce 
Paul Perry, laboui'erRose (N L) 
Paul Mrs. R. widow of Jeremiah, 6 north Fifth 
Paul Williarti, carpenter 22 Strawberry 
Paul Wm. W. sea captain Federal above Front 
Paul Wm. S. cai'ter 2 Fetter lane 
Paulding Sarah, widow Thirteenth above Race 
PauUin Joel, tailor 13 Prosperous ay. 
Paulin P. widow of*John, tailor 10 Hinkel's court 
Paulus Adam, baker 26 south Fiftii corner Walnut 
Pawling Jesse, blacksmith 93 north Fifth 
Paxson Benjamin, accountant 124 Cherry 
Paxson Charles, 198 north Sixth 
Paxson Edward, attorney at law 32 S Seventh — d h 158 

north Front 
Paxson Isaiah, dry goods store 100 north Second 
Paxson James, sliipwright Shakamaxon n, Bedford 
Paxson James, shipwright 20 Browne 
Paxson James, shipcarpenter Palmer above Duke 
Paxson Joseph R. merchant 3 Sansom 
Paxson Joseph S. corner Beach and Warren 
Paxson Phineas, w'leelwviglit 5 Summer's court 
Paxson Samuel, hatter 33 south Fourth 
PaxsonTimothy & Son, merchants 65 N Water 8c 158 N 

Paxson Wm. hardware merchant 203 High— d h 3 N9th 
Paxson Wm. I. flour mei'ch. 65 N Water — d h N Front 

cor. Vine 
Paxton Jolin A. (late Editor of the Philadelphia Direc- 
tory,) book and mapseller, stationei', land and general 
agent, and commis. merch. at St. Louis, (Missouri) 


I'ayden George, shoemaker Pine ay. 
Payne John, mariner 30 Carter's ay. 
Payne VVm. carpenter 164 soiitli Fifth 
Paynter Lemuel, grocer 117 (jcrman 
fPayton James, coachman 6 Wasiiington court 
"Payton Joshua, waiter 18 Kurd's court 
■Pay ton Julius, waiter Clover ay. 
Pea Abraham, porter 22 Blackberry ay, 
"Pea Jonathan, coachman Shippea below Eighth 
Peace Joseph, gentleman 78 soutii Sixth l^ce Pease 

Peacock Dodsworth, merchant 21 north Front 
Peacock Eber, millwright 9 Poplar laneaboxe Front 
Peacock George, (sign of tlic Gulden Swan) 69 N 3d 
Peake Edward, carpenter Queen near Frankford r. 
Peake Elias, carter Shakamaxon near Prince 
Pcake Robert, shoemaker Merriott's lane near Fifth 
Peake Thomas, shipwright, Allen near Beach 
Peal Henry, pewiercr 119 Swauson street 
Peale Ann C miniature painter 228 Spruce 
Peale James, portrait painter 228 Spruce 
Peale James, blockmaker 449 south St.xond 
Peale Raphael, jjortrait painter 99 Pine street 
Peale Rubens, naturalist. Museum, Statehouse — d h 

Walnut above Sixth 
Peale Sarah M. portrait painter, 228 Spruce 
tPearce Henry, bootcleaner Washington court 
Pearce John & Co- plumbers &c. back 12 south Fifth 
— d h Kaighton N J \_sce Pcirce c?" Pierce 

Pearce Mary, widow 72 Browne 
Pearce Noah, shallopman 11 Meade ay. 
Pearce Robert, painter, 112 Swanson 
fPearce Saml. carter 4 Bonsall street 
Pearce Sarah, widow Prime above Front 
Pearce Ward, shalli>pman 79 Swanson 
Pearl Jas. 318 N Front, deputy corder Haycsales (N L) 
Peannan Sarah, shookeeper N 8th ab. Mulberry ay. 
Pearson Cynis, tanner Sarah near Queen (K) 
Pearson David, skindresser 282 north Eighth 
Pearson George, nrincinal regulator ot southern dis- 
trict, 399 south Second lace Peirson 
Pearson Isaac L. stationer 109 High 
Pearson Mary, storekeeper 17 north Seventh 
Pearson Miry, widow, nurse 9 Knight's court 
Pearson & Roberts, storekeepers 104 north Seventh 
Pearson Thomas, saddler &c 138 High 
Peart Elizabeth, widow 286 St. John 
Pease Charlotte, boardinghouse 295 High [tee Peace 
Pechin John, guardian of poor 21 north Twelfth 
Perhin Wm. tanner 21 north Twelfth and Cherry near 

Peck C. cordwainer 166 south Fourth 
Peck Collins, shoemaker Prime above Front 

PEN whitely's annual 

Peck Daniel L. teacher, school N W cor. Arch and 3d 

— d h 123 south 9th 
Peck Jeremiah, 161 Chesnut 

Peckworth rev, John P. ladies' shoe&tore 139 S Second 
Peckworth John R. m. d. 39 Spruce corner Laurel 
Peddle Joshua, oakcooper 10 Penn and 7 Little Water 

— d h 153 south Water 
Peddle Wm. A. oakcooper and guager 63 north Water 

and 8 Elfi-eth's ay. 
Peddle widow of George, 7 Elfreth's ay. 
Pedersen P. Esq. minister resident and consul general 

from the court of Denmark 393 Arch above Tenth 
Pedrick John, cordwainer, back 106 Cherry 
Pedrick Samuel, blacksmith Prime above Front 
Peel Francis, vict. High west Sch. 5th 
Peeler Catharine, Miss, 93 Shippen sti'eet 
fPeets Francis, mariner 115 Queen street (S) 
PeifFer John, vict. 76 5th st. market — h h Buttonwood 
Peirce Caleb, hardware merchant 81 High — d h 10 

Church ay. \see Pearce 

Peirce James, labourer Sixth above Poplar lane 
Peirsol 8c Grelaud, auctioneers 51 north Front 
Piersol Jeremiah, auctioneer 51 N Front — d h 91 New 
Peirsol Wm. iron merchant 197 Walnut 
Peirson Stephen, pilot north Fourth above Coates 
Pele Andrew, bookbinder 2 Goddard's ay. 
Pells Susan, tailoress 79 Green 
Peloux Peter, gunsmith 190 Cedar 
Petz Philip, grazier corner Passyunk and Buck road 
Peltz Susan, widow 412 north Second 
Peltz Wm. gentleman 68 Queen 
Pember Charles, labourer Maiden below Front 
Pember Christian, cordwainer, back 7 Kunckel 
Pemberton Philadelphia, shopkeeper 61 noi-th Third 
Pendegrass Eleanor, widow, back 32 Plum 
Pendrill Mrs. of Charles, 3 Marshall's ay. 
Penn Abraham, shipcarpenter 75 Queen 
Penn Susan, widow. Thirteenth above Filbert 
Pennebecker Benj. (sign of Sorrel Horse) 150 N 4th 
Penneger Samuel, labourer, west of Permanent bridge 
tPennel Benjamin, hackdriver Juniper ay. 
Pennel Joseph, carpenter 9 Watson's ay. 
Pennewill David, smith 41 Currant ay. ' 
j-Pennington Charles, fiddler Clymer's ay. 
Pennington Edward, sugar refiner 155 & 159 Race 
Pennington Heniy, shipwright Palmer below Duke 
Pennington John, porter Otter near Front 
Pennington Martha, widow, boardinghouse 72 N 9th 
Pennington Wm. shipwright Beach near Maiden 
Pennick James, cordwainer Brusstar's ay. (K) 
Pennick Joseph, labourer, back 16 Budd 
Pennig Mary, seamstress 24 Tammany 
Penning Mars, mariner Queen near Marlborough (K) 

HHir.AL>£l.PHI.\ DIKKC. roRY. PEK 

Penniwill , widow Prime below Second (S) 

PeiinoL-k. Ahm. L merchant 231 High— d h 122 N 5th 
Peiinock Horatio B. 161 Vine 
Pfiiiiocic S:ivah, widow oiC) Arcli ahnve Eleventh 
Pcnot Francis & Son, ladies' shoemakers 135 Chcsnut 
Penrose Charles, shiptinilder 93 Pcnn above Ar.myle 
Penrose Joscjjh, carpenter Arm westSch. Eighth 
Penrose Sophia, widow, shopkeeper Acorn ay n. Spruce 
fPenrosc Wm. 61 Small 

Penton Kuel, labourer Sch. Seventh aljovc Race 
Penry Walter, shoemaker Merriott's lane near Fifth 
Peoples John, calicoprinter Sch. Front above Vine 
Pepplow Edward, victualler 582 south Second — stall 20 

ISewmarket south Second 
Pepper George, brewer 2 south Fifth N VV cor. Minor 

— d h Chesnut next above Masonic Hall 
lV])per Hester, nurse 10 South ay. 
Pepper John, stonecutter 61 north Seventh 
Pcjijjer Joseph, toothbrushmaker 8 Pennsylvania ay. 
Pepper Michael, carpenter 5c shipjoiner 232 Catharine 
Pei)per Philip H. brewer 9 Bread street 
Pepperd Standish, chairpainter Hii^h west Perm. Bridge 
i'ercival Joshua, mercht. 78 south Front — d h 149 Pine 
Peres Peter, m. d. 54 Callowlull 
Peres Wm. jeweller 3 Burd's court 
Pereyra Peter, merchant Baker's ay, 
Perie Charles, coaclimaker 21 Watson's ay. 
Perine Daniel, tailor 56 north Eighth 
Perine John, bricklayer 3 Ho'imes' ay. 
Perit Sc Cabot, merchants 123 south Front \_fiee Perot 
Pcrit John W. merchant 123 S Front — d h 105 Arch 
' rkenpine John, victualler 2 Perkenpine's court 

kin John, north Second between Race and \'ine 

Icin John, m u. 159 nortli Second 

kins Benjamin, wiiarfbuilder Frankford r. n. Queeri 
. 1 kins Elizabeth, boardinghousc 97 Shipjien 
[l^•rkins Francis, steward, back 146 Cherry 
W rkins Henry, smith 302 Race 

Tn kins Henry, wheelwright Frankford r. ab. Queen 
i' rkins & Bacon, patent entjine ike. nianuf. Pearson's 

urt — cl h Sansoni above Eighth 

kins Jacob, brickmaker coi". Cedar and Twelfth 

rkins J.imes, vender of old clothes 194s()utii 2d 

kins Joseph, designer & engraver ot writing 34 S. 6th 
r kins Mary, tailoress25 Cresson's allev 
fPerkins Samuel, vender of old clothes 208 south 2d 
Perkins Sarah R. storekeeper 58 south Second 
Peikins Sasan, wiclow 147 Spruce 
fPerkirs Wm. vender second-hand clothes 194 S. 2d 
Perkins Wivluni, labourer Crab below Shippen 
Perlas Judv, wahlit-rwoman, back 299 south Third 
Vrlasca Peter, morocco case manuf. 21 Sterling alley 
IVrle James, grocer i lay scales wharf & 316 N. Front 
2 C 


PET whitely's annual 

tPernel George, labourer Paschall's ay. near Fifth 
Pernier John, confectioner High W. Sch. Eighth 
Perot EUiston & John, merchants 41 nortl> Water 
Perot Elliston, mercht. 41 north Water— d h 299 High 
Perot Francis, brewer 120 "Vine Sc 107 New [see Peril 
Perot James & Sansom, merchants 41 north Water 
Perot James, mercht. 41 N. Water — dh 297 High 
Perot Jolin, mercht. 41 N. Water— d h 297 High 
Perot Sansom merchant 41 N. Water — d h 299 High 
Perpiguann Peter, watchmaker and jeweller 367 N. 3d 
Perrin Wm. trader 46 Cedar St. J 

PeiToteau B. 123 north Fifth ' | 

Perry Charles 8c Co, merchants Summer's wharf — d h ' 

164 Arch 
Perry Charles, mariner 55 Catharine 
Perry Felicity, widow, watchcase poUsher 55 Lombard 
Perry Hiram A. barkeeper 8 Oak (S) 
Perry John, dyer and scourer 135 Locust 
Perry Margaret, seamstress 32 Currant alley 
Perry Mary, widow Juliana st. ^see Parry 

Perry Mary, widow 19 Cox's alley 
Perry Mary, widow, 18 Almond street 
Perry Oliver, labourer Gray's ferry r. near Cedar 
Perry Richard, drygoods store 3 South Third 
Perry Theodosia, widow 86 Swanson st. ] 

Pesoa widow of Isaac, merchant 152 Callowhill | 

Peterman Geo. flour mercht. 366 High— d h 106 Filbert | 
Peterman George & Jacob, flour mejxhts. 366 High ( 

Peterman Jacob, flour mercht. 366 High — d h 59S. 11th | 
fPeter John, shoemaker 200 south Sixth ] 

fPeter John, mariner 80 George (S.) 
Peters Charles, mai'iner 98 Swanson 
Peters Charles, tailor, back 12 north Front 
Petei's Conrad, cordwainer 3 Jones' alley 
tPeters David, coachman 218 Plum street 
fPeters Diana, widow. Quince below Locust 
reters Evan, bricklayer 23 north Ninth 
Peters Francis, ferryman Camden N. J. 
Peters George, shipwright Beach above Marlborough 
Peters George, labourer 251 St. John st. 
tPeters Isaiah, sawyer, back 24 Elizabeth 
Peters Jacob, auctioneer 8 Decatur — d h 32 S. Tenth 
Peters Jacob, labourer 543 north Third 
Peters James, thimble, &c manufacturer 65 Arch | 

tPeters John, labourer 4 Fine alley 1 

tPetcrs John, fiddler Schuylkill Second above Race ; 

Peters John W. accountant 35 south Fourth | 

tPeters John, labourer St. Mary street . 1 

Peters .John, vict. cellar 20 High & back 12 north Front i 
tPeters John, labourer, back 105 German ] 

fPeters Joseph, cook 32 Gaskill street 
Peters Leonard, hardware store corner 4th and Vine 


Peters Margaret, widow, 121 Swanson 

Peters M iry, widow. Tenth above Race • 

Peters Nicliolas, oystcrman 78 High & 5 Cresson's ay. 

PettM^ Hali)li, fanner Maiitiu village 

Peters Ricliard, judge otthe District Court of the United 

States, Belmont west of Schuylkill 
Peters Richard, jun. attorney at law N W comer Sixth 

and Little George — d h SE cor Walnut & Eleventh 
Peters Thumas R. attorney at law 61 south Seventh 
Peterson Aaron, waterman Prime above Second 
Peterson Abigail, widow, 32 Fitzwalter 
Peterson Abraham, waterman, back 44 Spruce 
Peterson C itiuirine, widow, 6th above Poplar lane 
Peterson Charles, porter Pine corner Eleventh 
'Peterson Daniel, steamboat steward 184 Pine 
■Peterson Flora, widow, back 28 Barron 
!*eters<)n George, grcjcer 3 S 3d — d h 102 Arch 
Peterson Jacob, merchant 93 Callowhill 
Peterson Jacob, mariner 12 Fraiikhn street 
Peterson John, mariner, back 64 Catiiarine 
Peterson John, currier 95 Chesnnt — d h 18 Sansom 
Peterson John, carj)enter42 Christian 
Peterson John, mariner 40 Queen (S) 
Peterson John, jun. collect-r 18 Wagner's alley 
tPeterson, Juliana, widow, 4 Eagle court 
fpeterson Nathan, labourer Qaince above Locust 
Peterson Saml. cabinetmaker Frank, road above Queen 
f Peterson Samuel, carter 4 Burd's court 
Peterson Siiah, widow, 1 Sliiimen 
Peterson Tiiomas, labourer 6 Pennsylvania avenue 
Peterson Thomas, waterman 3 Shippen 
Peterson widow of Emanuel, 1 Shippen 
Pecersoh Wm. drygoods store 58 north Third 
Petherbridge John, shipwright Churcli street 
Peto Ann, corsletmaker 132 south Fourth 
Peto Elizabeth, corsletmaker.132 south Fourth 
Petiy J. B. consul-general of France 151 Pine 
Pettibone Daniel, inquire 15 north Seventh 
Petite JoliM, back 5 Combs' alley 

Pettit Andrew, alderman 12 south 4th — (\\\ 69 S. Sixth 
Pettit Jonathan, brickla\er 202 north 4th above Noble 
Pettit Thos. M. attorney at law 36 S. 5th — d h 69 S. 6th 
Petit Nicholas, tailor 121 norlli Second 
tPetts Francis, mariner Queen below Third 
Petty John, drayman, back 45 Charlotte 
Peuscli Jacob, laljourer 192 north Water 
Pew Hugh, carpenter Aim below Sch. Eighth 
Pew Robert, tailor 127 Cedar 

Pevnisse Arnold, tailor S E cor. Spruce and Fourth 
Pfaff George, cordwainer 213 north Front 
Pfau John, farmer Frankford road below 1st gate 
Pfeiffer Christian, grocer cor. Germ, road andSccoud 
PfeiflTer Geo. professor of music 193 Spruce 

PHI whitely's annual 

Pfeifer Jacob, flour dealer 125 Green 

[see Pfeiffei\ Pifer iJf Pifier 
Pfeiffer Peter, shopkeeper 92 north Third 
Pfeiffer Peter, victualler, back 484 north Third 
Pfeil John, cabinetmaker 338 north Second 
Phalen Patrick, skindresser George near Second 
Philbert Tamer, tailoress Coates near Sixth 
Phile Daniel, cabinetmaker Branch 
Phile John, 157 Arch 

Phile John, turner and umbrella maker S67 N. Second 
Philler Andrew, gentleman 529 Front 
Philler Andrew, jun. boot and shoemaker 269 S. Second 
fPhillips Adam, porter 228 Race 
Phillips Ann, widow Alban street 
Phillips A. L. fancy store 7i south.Second 
Phillips Benjamin, late storekeeper Arch near Sch. 2d 
Phillips Daniel, carpenter, back of 15 Noble 
Phillips Edward, lastmaker 26 Strawberry 
Phillips Goodhour, widow 52 New 
Phillips Henry, blacksmith Passyunk r. ab. Carpenter 
Phillips Isabella, ^washerwoman 83 Swanson 
PhiUips Jacob, blacksmith Cherry above Thirteenth 
Phillips James, mariner 113 north Water 
Phillips James, carpenter 50 Browne 
Phillips John, baker 326 north Second 
Phillips John, labourer 543 north Third 
Phillips John, milkman south Fourth bel. Christian 
Phillips John, cordwainer, back of 157 St. John 
PhiUips John, cordwainer Federal above Second 
Phillips John, labourer, back 97 Budd 
Phillips John, carter Frankford road near Prince 
fPhillips John, hairdresser 97 Green 

Phillips , bricklayer 141 Moyamensing road 

Phillips Joseph, labourer Pine above Thirteenth 

Phillips Joseph, 41 north Fourth 

PhiUips Jonathan, West corner Marlborough 

Phillips Levi, merchant 22 north Fourth 

PhiUips Lydia, circulating library, 8cc. 119 south Third 

Phillips Mary, widow, 76 SmaU 

Phillips Mary, widow, 13 Tammany 

Phillips Peter, grocer and bottler, cor. Locust and 1 0th 

Phillips R. and I. merchants 20 Chesnut 

Phillips Rebecca, widow of John, 7 Pine 

Phillips Robert, calico-printer Germ, road ab. Laurel 

Phillips Rowland, labourer Wright's alley below Vine 

Phillips Samuel, coachmaker 6 Blackberry alley 

Phillips Samuel, last and boot-tree maker 63 Walnut 

Phillips Sarah, widow, back of 32 Catharine 

Phillips Sarah, widow 101 Cedar 

Phillips Thomas D. shoemaker St. John op. the church 

Phillips Thomas, ladies' shoemaker 11 south Second 

Phillips Thomas, bricklayer 135 Cedar 

Phillips Wm. blacksmith 115 Swanson 


Phillips William, gcntlcma!i 200 south Front 
Pliillips William, hatter 6 Carter's alley 
Pliillil).s William, sea captain .258 soutli Front 
Phillips Z. lijjjinan, attoi-ncv at law, 1H5 Chesnut 
Pr.illipsoii SiuKin, mt-rchant 122 Spruce 
PIvilson Ann, teacher Perry below Pine 
Piivel" James, n lilcr Rose alley 
Physick Abigail. 210 north Fourth 
Pliysick Mrs. Elizabeth, 66 south Sixth 

- Pnysick Philip S. !>i. n. processor of surgery, south 4th 
between Union and Cypress alky 
Picard Peter M. late drayman, iiufuirr 266 Lombard 
Pickird Wm. vender of books, 505 soutli Second 
P ckel Ann, widow 126 Cedar 
Pi kel Caspar, coicli lampinaker & repairer of all sorts 

<il l.imps. 111 \Valnut 
Pickeriiij; Kliim, teaciier Kcv's alley — d h 194 N. Sixth 
Pickering Cieorge, tailor 126 Coites 
Pickering Joseph, watchmaker 315 north Front 

■^ Pickering John, bras?founder Alder alley 
Pickering Mary, Coates above Fourth 
Pickering I'homas, oysterman 302 south Fourth 
Pirkctt Wm. carter 589 south Second N E cor. Wharton 
Picquet Martin, merchant 205 High 
Pidgeon Christopher, crier of the district court 458 S. 2d 
Pidgoon James, crier of the Mayor's court 121 German 
Pidgton Wm. superintendant 352 south Second 
Pierce Cyrus, merchant 50 S. wharves — (1 h 246 S. 7lh 

. Pierce E. J umbrella manufacti:rer 132i High 
Pierce Hannah, bonnetnuiker 56 Arch 
Pierce Irenaus, gentleman Quince below Locust 
Pierce Jalin, slup chandler Spruce st. wharf — d h 36 
Clnislian \_see Fearce 

Pierce Joshua, merchant 91 Wood 
Pierce I'eter, umbrella mnnuf. 81 south Second 
l*ierce Samuel, sea captain, back 39 Beck's alley 
Pierce & 'I'hackara, ship chandlers 67 Spruce st. wharf 

► Piercy Catharine, mantuamaker 126 nortli Fifth 
Pierie Charles, coachm iker US Watson's alley 
Pierie J ihn, bleeder 122 S. 4lli S W cor. M.irshall's ay. 
Pierie Wm. currier 81 Dock — d h 20 Greeiilcaf 's court 
Pierpont Robert, silk dyer Filbert a!)ovc Tenth 
Pierson Eli, labourer 54 Queen (S) 
P>ersoii Silas, tanner Nob'e above Fifth 
Piex Robert, shoemaker Prime abo\e Second 
Piggot Robert, cngiMver, and agent for the Sunday and 

adult school Union society 29 north Fourth 
Pike Marinus Wdlett. c:'.rver Sc gilder 41 north Sixth 
Pile Rebecca, widow 164 Swanson 
Pile Wm. accountant Pine above Tenth [stePylf' 

Pdes Peter, labourer 124 Queen (S) 
PiUing Wm.cordwainer 200 south Sixth 
Pilmorc rev. Joseph, d. d. 171 south Fifth 
2 c 2 

PLU whitely's annual 

Pilson Henry, inariner 21 Cox's alley 

Pinchin Jane, widow of William, 120 north Nintk 

Pinchin John, paperhanger 7 Appletree alley 

Pinchni William, silver plater Jacoby st. 

Pinyard Elizabeth, widow, 13 Queen (S.) 

Pinyard Joseph, shipcarpenter, back 18 Biidd 

Pia'ckney Matilda, widow, 12 German 

Pinkerton Mary, widow, Coates above Fourth 

Pinkerton Margaret, teacher Pryor's alley 

Piper Frederick, currier 370 N 2d \see Pifer isf Pfdffer 

Piper John, hog butcher Buttonwoud 

Piper Wm. commission merchant, St. Johns 

Pippit Isaac, cabinetmaker 71 Walnut 

fPiros Abraham, mariner 24 Mary's alley 

Pirrie Jchn, bootmaker 1 Pennsylvania avenue 

Pisanolli Francis, hairdresser 213 south Seventh 

Pister Jacob, shipwright Queen near Crown 

Pitcarr , Mrs. 266 Lombard street 

Pitcher Henry, shipwright Bishop near Queen 
Pitcher Rufus, umbrella manuf. and fancy store 79 S 2d 
Pitman Rebecca, widow, 7 Clever alley 
Pitner Ann, widow, 221 Swanson street 
Pitt Thomas, shoemaker Davison's alley 

tPitt , widow, Wistar's court 

Plackett John, tailor N Front near Blackhorse lane 
Plaine Samuel, oakcooper 11 Jones's alley — d h Hop- 
kins' court 
Plane Jacob, carpenter 410 N 4tli above Browne 
Plank Mrs. widow. Sixth abo^e Poplar lane 
Plank Peter, carter Small st. continued n. Thirteenth 
Plankenhorn Susannah, widow, Sch. 8th near Vine 
Plant John B. labourer 80 Plum street 
Plantou Mrs. portrait painter 110 south Fourth 
Piatt & Cooper, grocer 303 High N E cor. of Eighth 
Piatt Wm. merchant 47 north Water— d h 201 Arch 
Piatt Wm. tavern and grocery Beach near High bridge 
Pleasants Charles, hardware merchant 228 High — d h 

Walnut above Eleventh 
Pleasants & Charnley, hardware merchants 228 High 
Pleasants Israel, president of the U. States Insurance 

company, Chesnut above Thirteenth 
Pleasants Joseph, hardware merchant 267 High 
Pleasants Mary, widow of Samuel, 23 Sansom 
Pleas George, cooper 175 St John 
Plecker Peter, cedarcooper 271 north Second 
Pleis Matthias, apothecaiy 8c druggist 461 N Second 
Pless George, oakcooper 21 Budd 
Plitt John, rev. editor of the American Views, 116 N 

Seventh street 
Plocher John J. wheelwright Thirteenth below High 
Plowman Thomas L. Library st. — d h west of the Per- 
manent bridge 
Plumb Peter, ropemaker Federal above Second 


I'liimb widow of A. Hudson's lane above Eighth 

Plumb Joseph, shoemaker Ciiristian st. ab. Passjnnk i 

Plume Pliilip, baker Ihirteenth below Kace 

Plumley Absalom, labouicr Washington bel. 2d strict 

Plumlev Patience, widow, 63 Cluistian 

Plummcr Frederick rev. Kaighnton, (N J) 

Pluminer Margaret, 8 Bell's court 

Plummer M iry, widow, 57 Vine street 

tPliiiTimcr Thomas, porter Allen's allev 

Pluriglit William, accouiitaiit 36 south fifth 

Poalk Robert, merchanrdo south Front — d h 43 N 4tli 

Poalk Solomon, bottler 244 south Third street 

Pochin John, baker 25 Walnut 

Rock William, labourer Maiia street (N L) 

Point John, pumpmaker N 4th between \'ine and Cal- 

lowhill — d h Richardson's court 
Pointer Thomas, cordwainer Christian above Fourth 
Polan Thomas, typefounder Cedar above Ninth 
Pole Edward, teacher Passyunk road near Long lane 

Polick , trader, back 10 Green 

Pollard Charles, i>rinter 135 Lombard 

fPollard John, cordwainer North street 

Pollin (ieorge, nailcutter. Falls Schuylkill 

Pollin P^ter, boot manufacturer 46 south Third 

Pollock David, dealer Eleventh below Vine 

Pollock Hyman, dealer 11 Key's alley 

Pollock W^illiam, labourer, back 15 north Sixth 

Pollock Wm. N. storekeeper & dealer 369 north 2d 

Polly Richard, weaver 243 Shippen above Seventh 

Pommer Charles, piano forte maker 72 Race 

Pnmeroy Sarah, ot Wm. boarcinghouse 67 Walnut 

IPompey Lewis, mariner, back 90 Shii)i)en stnet 

Pomryol Israel, cordwainer Fourth below Poplar 

Pond Martha, widow of Samuel, back 268 Race 

Pond Mary, widow, 11 Duke (N L) 

Pons Jolm B. hatter Burd's alley (S; 

Pont Christiana, widow, Jones's alley (N L) 

Pool John, tailor, back 88 north Sixiii 

Pool Edward, coachdriver 41 Coates' alley 

Pool Joseph, combmakcr 63 north Sixth 

Pool Wm. combmakcr 101 Cherry street 

Pope Nathaniel, b;ickla>er 74 noith Ninth 

P()I)e Peter, labourer, back 519 north Third street 

Poj>e William, labourer Rose alley (N L) 

Poppal f»>nrge, victualler and innkeeper 178 Cedar — 

stall 14 New Market 
Po])pe Henry, t.ivernkeeper 154 Vine 
Porce Mrs. A. M. gentlewoman 130 south Third 
Port Henry, labouier Camden (N J^ 
Portalis Mary, widow 5lh between Shippen & Plum 
fPorter Cyrus, coachman 79 north Sixth 
Porter Henry, brushniaker lA north 5th &; 93 Arch 
Porter Henry, turner 57 Arch N E cor. Third 

POT whitely's annual 

Porter Isaac, tinplate worker N E cor. 3d & High — d 

h 375 N 2d 
Porter Isaac, shoemaker Germ, road above Laurel 
'tPorter Isaac, waterman. Brown above Fourth 
fPorter Jacob, carpenter Brown above Fourth 
Porter James, accountant 399 Race 
Porter James, copperplate printer cor. Chesnut & 3d — 

d h 13 Frankhn court 
Porter John, m. d. 81 south Sixth 

Porter John, captain Ridgway team Camden ferry boat 
Porter John, sen. brushvnaker 89 Mulberry 
Porter John, jun. brushmaker 220 High 
Porter John, saddler 15 Carter's alley 
Porter John, cordwainer William (N L) 
Porter John, labourer, back 134 Brown 
Porter Mary, widow, grocer 162 south Water 
Porter Margaret, shopkeeper 24 Carter's alley 
Porter Moses, labourer Emlen's court 
Porter Nicholas, weaver Lombard above Twelfth 
fPorcer Robert, blacksmith 6 Starr alley 
Porter S. & N. tinplate workers cor. 13th and Filbert 
Porter Samuel, tinplate worker 1 north Twelfth 
Porter Samuel, smith 25 N 10th— d h Prospect alley 
f Porter Samuel, woodsawver 57 Currant alley 
fPorter Thomas, tailor Weljb's alley 
Porter William, tailor, back 180 Lombard 
Porter Wm. merchant 35 S wharves — d h 446 N 2d 
Porterfield Rachel, widow, 120 Cedar 
Porterfield Wm. cordwainer 1 Watson's alley 
Pote Christian, glassblower Wood above Queen 
Pote Henry P. carpenter Wood near Queen (K) 
Pote M. labourer Wood near Queen 
Pote Peter H. fisherman Queen near Bishop 
Pote Peter M fisherman Wood above Queen 

Pote , widow. Wood near Queen 

Poth Conrad, tallow chandler 178 St. John above Green 

Potkin George, coachman George street 

''otcer Richard C merchant 29 north Third 

Potter S. & Co. booksellers and stationers 55 Chesnut 

Potter Samuel, stable 168 south Fifth and Cedar 

Potter Sheldon, bookseller 55 Chesnut — d h 24 Key's ay. 

Potter Wm. W. bookbinder & stationer 36 Carter's ay. 

— -d h 66 Chesnut 
fP otter WiUiam, carter Webb's alley 
Potts Benjn. tavern 8c boardinghouse 117 south Water 
Potts George C. rev. pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian 

church, 65 Locust above Eighth 
Potts James, oak cooner 63 and 73 north Water 
Potts James & Wm. A. Peddle, coopers and guagers 63 

north Water 
Potts Joseph, teacher 224 Lombard street 
Potts John, cordwainer, back 531 south Front 
Potts Mary, widow of David, 42 Vine 
Potts Nathan R. attorney at law 97 Arch 


l^otis Nathaniel, inercht. 5 N Water— d h 20 north 7th 
Potts Pluneas, accountant 442 south Front 
Potts Robert T. mcrcliant 10;> High 
tPotts Samuel, hiijoin er Ehzahcth street 
fPotts Silas, bootbhick 12Klizabcih street 
Potts Stacy, accountant 314 nortli 'I'hird 
Potts Susan, storekeeper 42 soutli Fourdi 
Potts Susan, widow, 85 Arch 
'CIS William L. iron mcrcliant 143 north Second 

■ulson Ann, widow, 20 Chester 
■pvdsfin Charles Augustus. 172 south Front 
iVudson fieorge, bricklayer Sixth below Shippcn 
I'oulson John, Pu south Fcnirtli 
I'oulson SainucI, tanner St. John street 
Poulson Zachariah, editor and publisher of the Ameri- 
can Daily Advertiser 106Chesnut 
Poulterer Stephen, carpenter Christian below 5tii 
Poultney Catharine, widow, 3 Strawberry 
Poultney James, 150 S Seventh N VV cor'. Spruce 
Poultney John, balance weigher 8 Walnut st. wharf— d 

d 178 south F.leventh 
Pounder Jonathan, bookseller 134 north Fourth 
Povall Richard, m d. 115 south Ninth 
:Foway James, ragman Locust W. Sch. Second 
Powell Abraham, cor. Wharton & Lancaster st. (S) 
Powell Ann, widow, 291 south Third 
Powell Benjamin, weaver, back 135 north Sixth 
Powell Benjamin, grocer Thirteenth corner Vine 
Powell Benjamin, labourer 3 Acorn alley 
Powell Catharme Mrs. back 57 Budd 
Powell Dennis, Hamilton a'iove Sch. Eighth 
Powell Edith Mrs. teacher 15 Elf\eth's alley 
Powell Elihu B. cordwainer 113 Christiari 
Powell Elizabeth, gentlewoman 207 Chesnut bel. 7th 
Powell George, carpenter 197 south Seventh 
Powell George, caipentcr Hinkel's court below 7th 
Powell John Hare, 172 Chesnut and Powellton 
Powell John, bricklayer Bonsall 
Powell John, linplate worker l8o south Second 
Powell John L. bricklayer 87 Passyunk road 
Powell John, 86 south Eleventh 

Powell Jos. wheclwriglu Fr.inkford road near Queen 
i'owell Peter, Ijrewhouse man, Bushhill 
Powell Peter, brickmuker Irish lane 
I'owell Peter, cor(lwai\ier St. Bernard's court 
Powell R. layer out of tlie dead, 15 Eltreth's alley 
I'owell Sarah, widow, 353 south Front 
Powell Samuel, cordwainer Rose n. Germantown road 
Powell Samuel, cordwainer 4th below (iermantown r. 
Powell Samuel, carjienler Miller's court (N L) 
Powell Susanna, widow, Mark's lane 
Powell Thomas, brassfounder, back 210i Arch 
Powell Wm. wheelwright Queen below Shakamaxon 

PRE whitely'^s annual 

Powell Wm. gentleman 101 north Seventh 
Powis James, painter, 8cc. S Ranstead's court 
Powison Andrew, shallopman 7 York court 
Povver William, mariner 10 Shields' court 
Powers John, sailmaker 10 Parham's alley- 
Powers Samuel, caner Lombard west Broad 
Powei's Stephen, saddler 10 Parham's alley 
Poyner Francis, porter in Mechanics' Bank 3 Fitzwaltet 
Poyntell, widow oi William, 6 York buildings 
Pradley Matgaret, widow, Queen above Cherry (K) 
Prager Susan, widow, boardinghouse 19 Wagner's ay. 
Prager Mark, stock, &c. broker 63 Dock 
Prahl Samuel, spring maker Rachel street 
Prall Edward, chair maker N W cor. Arch & 6th — d h 

64 north Fifth ,^ 

Pratt & Dundas, merchants 42 Walnut 
Pratt Edmund, mercht. back 95 N. Water— d h 112 N. 

Pratt Henry, mercht. back 95 N. Water & 112 n. Front 
Pratt J. D. fancy store 82 south Third 
Pratt James, tobacconist 128 Cedar 
Prart John, cabinetmaker, back 338 south Front 
Pratt John, ropemaker Harper's alley (P T) 
Pratt John, carter 56,Penn 
Pratt John, sen. waterman, 56 Penn 
Pratt J. B. merchant, back 95 north Water 
Pratt & Ku^er, merchants, back 95 north Water 
Pivitt Thomas, mariner Church street 
Pratt Thomas, merchant 42 Walnut — d h 58 south 11th 
fPiattis David, woodsawyer Cherry above Eleventh 
Pray Charles, T Kniglit's court 
Pray John sen. vict. Fourth below Poplar 
Pray John, jun. vict. Fourth below Poplar 
Preall John shoemaker 13 Pine allev 
Pree Charles, silverplater Callowhill below Rugan 
Preole George, shoemaker 15 Pine alley [see Prahl 
Brescott David W. fishstore 22 south Water 
Preatzel Charles S. baker 150 North Eighth 
Prendivill John, tailor 12 Hurst street 
Preston Edwaid, 135 north Third 
Preston John, carpenter 22 Lombard 
Preston Jonas, m. d. 2^15 Race 
Preston William jun. boatbnilder 51 Duke (N. L) 
Prettyman Eliza, nurte 35 Charlotte 
Prever James, labourer, Locust west of Sch. Second 
Preston Jacob, labourer 6th near Poplar lane 
Preston John Painter & glazier 257 south Third 
Preston John, shoemaker 205 south Third 
Preston William, plasterer &c. 45 Plum street 
Preston William, sen. boatbuilder 51 Duke (N L) 
tPrettyman Moses, mariner 14 Stamper's alley 
Prevost Andrew M. stock broker 79 Dock— d h 99 



I'rovost, widow ot H. M. 23 south Srventh 

Price Abijah, deputy keeper of the prisuii 71 Crown 

Price Cliaiullcr, merchant 41 Dm k — d h 94 sovitli front 

Price C. & Morgan, merclus. 41 Dock cast of Second 

I'rice David, sea captain 362 soutli Second 

Frice Edward, mcrcnant 435 High 

Price Elizabeth, widow 58bouth Sixth 

Price Elizabeth, boardinghouse 150 Arch 

Price EHzabetli, widow 11 Beck's alley 

Price Ferriss, carpenter 143 south Ninth 

Price Henry, drover, back 369 south Front street 

Price James, oysterman Cooper's ferry (N J) 

P rice John, skindresser Third near Germ, road 

Price John, late sea captain 5 Parham's alley 

Price John, medicine pulveriser, back 58 y\.nn 

Price John, patnt maker 20 C.dlowhill 

Price John, carpenter Poplar lane near Budd 

Price John M. merchant 143 High 

Price Joseph, hatter 79 Hig-ii 

Price Joseph, feather stoiv 209 north Second 

Price Joseph, blacksmith Tammany above Fourth 

Price Mary, widow, Sliakamaxon near Bedford 

Price Mary, widow nurse 30 Christian 

"Price Philip, jun. clock & watchmaker 71 High — d h3 

South alley 
Price Rebecca, teacher 78 Crown 

Price Richard, jun. merchant 133 High — d h 143 Arch 
Price Richard, gentleman 196 south Fourth 
tPrice Stephen, waiter 7 Prune 
Price Seth, deputy keeper of the prison NW cor Fourth 

and Wood 
Price Timothy, milkman Frankf. road near first gate 
Price Wm. m. d. 112 south Fourt corner Prune 
tPrice William, mariner 199 Lombard 
Price William, pilot 9Pariiam's alley 
Price William I. 27 Pine alley 
Price William huckster Cooper's ferry N. J. 
Price William H. silverplater Ann W. Sch. Eighth 
Price William, grocer 1 Spruce street wharf 
Prichard James, cordwainer 4 Hoffman's alley 
Prichett Cnarles, flour merchant 25 South wharves — 

d h 98 south Eighth 
Priclieit Catharine, widoW 239 Spruce 
Prichett Thomas and John, flour merchants 41 south 

Water and 98 south Eighth & 138 Pine 
Prichett E. widow of Thos. late cooper 8th n. Cedar 
Prichett Thos. B. brewer 367 S. Front— d h 8th near 

Prichett Thomas, merchant 138 Pine 
Pichett Wm. and Jas. curriers 127 Chesnut — d h 63 

south Third 
Prichett William, gentleman 98 south Eighth 

PUM wihTely's annual 

Prichett Wni. R. gent. Beach bel. Shakamaxou (K) 

Prickitt Barzillai, corder Oak below Coates 

Prickitt Wm. carter 589 south Second street 

Frieshop- George, labourer Arch near Schuylkill 

Primer Adam, yeoman Anne street Vineyard n. Ridge v 

Primer Lewis, labourer Frankf. road above first gate 

Priest Elizabeth, widow 278 south Third 

Priest Emanuel, caulker 12 Mary 

Priest George, tailor 123 Race 

Piiest Thomas, labourer Rose alley (N L) 

Prichtman Wm. mei'chatyt S E cor. High and Ninth 

Priestman William, jr. 242 Arch abwve Ninth 

Primmer Eiizabetn, widow grocer SE.cor^6th 8cLomb 

Prise Henry, 370 north Third below Coates 

Primrose Violet, saddler &c- 291 High 

tPrince Matilda, widow Fries's court 

Prince Isaac, 154 south '1 enrh 

Pringle Ehzabeth, widow 212 Pine 

Pringle John, stonecutter Higli West Schuylkill Seventh 

Pringle Margaret, widow, 4 Farmer's row 

Pringle Wm. mariner 4 Farmer's row 

Probasco Martha, widow 350 north Second 

Prnbasco Simon, printing office 350 north Second 

jProctor Francis, carter opposite 31 south Seventi^ 

f Proctor James, labourer Juniper above Arch 

tProctor Walter, cordvvainer 86 Bedford 

Propert John, farmer Johnson's lane 

Propert William, 375 Arch 

jProsser James, oysterman 124 High — d h Cherry alley 

Prosser Thomas, merchant 242 Filbert above Twelfth 

Proudfoot Jane L. teacher female department Adelphi 

public scliool, 372 north Front 
Proudfoot Richai'd, teacher 372 north Front 
Provenchere Peter, gentleman 183 south Fifth 
Prouty James, grocer 543 south Second cor. Federal 
Pryfold Philip, drayman Old York road above Browne 
Prowatin Evan, rigger 35 Duke 

fPryor Benjamin, waiter Merriott's lane above Fourth 
Pryor Edmund, druggist, &c. 373 north Front 
Pry or Joseph, cabinetmaker 1 S. 11th — d h 54 Filbert 
Pryor Josiah, currier Duke (N L) 

Pryor Joseph, clerk to the Health Office 25 Elfreth's ay, 
Pryor Margery, widow 47 Union 
Pryor Richard, hatter, shop 6&d h 105 north Front 
Pryor Samuel, accountant 26 Elfreth's alley 
Pryor Sarah, widow 22 Little Water 
Pryor Thomas W. merchant 373 north Front 
Pugh Catharine, widow 69 Pine 
Pugh Jesse, cabinetmaker 9 Wagner's alley 
Pugh Michael, blacksmith 46 Penn 
PuUen Robert, treasurer New Theatre 132 south Sixth 
Pugh Samuel, (sign Sorrel Horse) 25 South alley 
Pumeroy David, cakebaker 5 Blackberry alley 


I'ummer Charles, piano forte maker 72 Race 

Furdon Jdlin, attorney at law 104 soulii Fourth 

Purdon William, manner Small alley 

|I*iii(ly Henry, coachman, 37 Currant alley 

Purdy James, dealer 452 north Sixtli ab. I'oplar lane 

Purdy James, dealer 7 Pleasant avenue 

J'lin'il Josc'.pli, shipwn,c;lit ik tavcrnkeeper 355 N. Front 

jPiirlis Judith, widow 299 south Tliird 

fPuvncU Ciiloe, widow. Broad below Locust 

Purnell Isaac, labourer St. Marys street 

tPurnell Joshua, oysterman Uonsall 

Purple Alex, siiipwright Queen aI)ovc Shakamaxon 

Purves Alexander, merchant lower 22 S. 2d 

tPurvis Isaac, sawsharpcncr Passyunk r. bel. Christian 

Purvis Mary, widow, Fourth below Po))lar 

Pursley Robert, labourer, back 394 Race 

tPursue Aaron, carter, back 8 Coombs' alley 

fPusey James, mariner Webb's alley 

Pussel John, vict. Garden near Callowhill 

I'ussel John, whitesmith Ger. road below first gate 

Putley Richard J. cordwainer 2 Dock 

Pybus John, ladies' shoemaker 131 Arch 

Pyf« John, weaver Thirteenth near Cedar 

Pyle Jos, storekee_j:)er 42 N. 2d — d h 69 Wood [see Pi!e 

Pyle Prudence, Mrs. 2 Holmes' alley , 

tPyren Foley, cordwainer 20 Burd's court 

QUAIL MARY, widow, Brooke's court 
Quain William S. hatter 483 south Second 
Quandale L. clock and watchmaker 69 Chesnut 
Quandril Charles,'shipmaster 185 Pine 
Quandril Jane, widow, N E cor. Browne arid Fourth ' 
Quantrell William, shopkeeper 84 Race 
tQuard John, hairdresser 89 south Fourth 
Quay £c Jones, cordwainers. Pock above Front 
Queen Bernard, grocer 388 High 
Queen EUzabetli, widow 73 Union 
Queen John, tailor, corner Lombard and Sch. Seventh 
Queen William, cordwainer Christian above Third 
Querville Antoine Gabriel, cabimtmakcr 11 Lombard 
Quick John, labourer Crown near Prince 
Quick Margaret, widow 78 Union 
Quicksall Joseph, tailor Frankf. road above Bedford 
Quicksall Joseph, carter Queen above Marlboroygh 
Quicksall Thomas, fisherman 19 Jones's alley 
Quig Henry, tallowckandlcr 218 north Eighth 
Quiglcy Janies, watermaji 6 Little Water 
Quigley Mary, widow Mary's alley 
Qiiin Andrew, hairdresser and tavernkeeper S W cor. 
Pussvunk Ca. Shipptn, f sign Gen. Wayne) [o< t- Quern 


Quin Felix, grocer Cedar above Tenth 

Quin Francis, carpenter 30 south Fifth 

Quia John, labourer, back 74 south Fifth 

Quin William, shoemaker, back 262 Cedar 

Quinn Barnet, grocer, Queen S W corl Swanson 

Quinn Charles, grocer S W cor. Argyle and Swanson 

Quinn Roger, waterman Crown near Frankford road 

Quindlen Mark, pilot 10 Mary above Front 

Quine James, waiter 81 south Front 

Quine Jonathan, 10 Cypress alley 

Quinliu Margaret, widow 148 north Front 

Quinlin William, halter Lily alley below Green 

Quinlin WilHam, Nonnater's court 

Quinter Thomas, Pegg street 

Quinton Thomas, gluemaker Pegg st. bel. New market 

tQuire Peter, labourer Pryor's alley 

jQuonn Abigail, teacher, back 269 Spruce 

RABJOHN JOHN, tailor 229 St. John 

Rabjohn WiUiam, cordwainer, back 207 St. John 

Raborun Ellen, widow 97 Queen 

Raborg Mary, Mrs. 36 north Seventh 

Rabsom Mary, widow, boardinghouse 292 High 

Racy William, mariner, back 64 Catharine 

Radcliff John, mastmaker Carpenter above Front 

Radford Elizabeth, widow 411 south Front 

Radford George, gardener 25 Prosperous alley 

Rae Robert, mate of vessel 33 Almond 

Raetle Charles, tallowchandler Crown n. Frankford r. 

Rafert Mr. gentleman 393 Spruce 

Rafield John, accountant 110 Union 

RafFei't Thomas, carter, Lombard cor. Eleventh 

RafFerty Patrick, weaver, back 106 Plum 

Rager Talitha, widow 6 Hoffman's alley 

Raguet Condy, merchant 187 Chesnnt 

Rain Elizabeth, widow, back 117 Callowhill 

Rainey John, carter. Filbert W. Sch. Fifth 

Rakestraw John, tailor 279 south Front 

Rakestraw Joseph, printer and bookseller 254 and 256 

north Third 
Ralston Archibald, labourer, Jones west Sch. Fifth 
Ralston Harvey, labourer Pine alley above Twelfth 
Ralston Matthew G. mer. 103 S. Front— dh 161 Walnut 
Ralston Robt. merchant 189 Mulberry, counting house 

103 south Front 
Ralston Robert, jr. accountant Church st. 
Raiston Sarah, widow 446 north Front 
Ramage Adam, printer's joiner and cabinetmaker— shop 

Library — d h 6 Elizabeth 
Ramage Emily, schoolmistress 127 north Sixth 


Rambo David, cordwaincr, back 114 German 

Kambo Hannah, widow ot" Daniel, 4:5 (ireen 

Kanibn John, sniitli. Harmony court — d h 35 Spruce 

Kanibo Pt-tcr, shipwriglit, Hanover near Bedford 

Kainbrie Benncr, grocer N W cor. Ninth and Cherry 

Kamsay Thomas, cord\v;iincr, Ujiper Ferry road 

Kamsey Alexander, car|)enter 17.5 Cherry [^see Ramsey 

Ramsey Barbara, widow 154 south Fifth 

Ramsey Sarah, 27 Coatcs 

Ram.sey Stopliel, 461 Race 

Ramsdalc Susannah, tayloress Cauflfman's court 

Ramsiiardt Frederick, baker Old York r. cor. Pop. 1. 

Rand B. H. professor of penmanship 31 south Sixth 

Randall Arcliibald, attorney at law l';:i2 south Fourth 

Randall A. storekeeper 43 south Second 

Randall Jacob, gunsmith 31 Coates 

Randall Joseph, carpenter 103 south Ninth 

Randall Josiah, attorney at law 80 Walnut 

Randall Matthew, city clerk, office City-hall— dh 8# 

Randall Margaret, widow, 167 south Fifth 
Randels Mary, widow, back 291 Arch 
Randolph Edward, gentleman 126 north Second 
Randolph Edward, jun. merchant 241 High — d h 214 

north Fourth 
Randolph G. F. merchant 241 High— d h 190 Arch 

below Eighth 
tRandolph Joseph, painter, &c. 212 Cedar 
Randolph Francis, labourer Frank, road cor. Bedford 
Randolph William, lumber merchant 223 N. Water— 

d h Juliana above Wood 
Rang Henry, labourer Mulberry alley near Eighth 
Rang John, teacher, corner West and Hanover 
Ranken Alexander, cordwaincr 183 St. John 
Ranken & Adams, grocers 49 Chesnut 
Ranken David, grocer 49 Chesnut 

Ranken George 6c Son, cabinetmakers 113 south Front 
Ranken George, jun, shoemaker 106 north Eighth 
Ranken William N. Fourth above Noble 
Rankin 2c Weir, grocery and tavern 84 Plum 
Ransford Elizabeth, widow 112 .Swanson 
Raphune Christopher, baker Grissel's alley 
Ra|)hune John, tailor George above Eleventh 
Rapp John, 94 Chnstian 

Rapp Joseph 47 noith Tiiird — d h 138 north Fourth 
Rasber John, chairmaker 33 Catharine 
Raser Charles, druggist 1 Plum cor. Passyunk & Fifth 
Raser Abigail, widow 41 Cherry 
Raser Matthias, j)rinter S \V cor. Fifth and Cherry — 

d h 41 Cherry 
Raser Thomas M. teacher S W ccr. Fifth and Cherry 

— d h 89 Locust 
Rass (ieorge, carter Sch. Fifth above Spruce 

RE A whitely's annual 

Raster William, tavernkeeper S W cor. Arch and 10th 
Ratsheller A. black and •whitesmith 360 north Third 
Ranch John C. G. tailor 1 Watson's alley 
Rauffinbart Peter, oaker, back 1 Nonnater's court 
Ravely John, labourer Sch. Fourth, Penntcwn , 
Ravesies Frederick, merchant 164 High — dh corner of 

Minor and Fifth 
Rawle Wilham, counsellor at law, office 116 and d h 

112 '-^outh Third 
Rawle William, jun. attorney at lav/ 46 south Sixth 
Rawlings Thomas, shoemaker 54 Moyamensing road 
Rawlins Nathan, shopkeeper 15 Shippen cor. Vernon 
Rav;orth Mary, widow 33 Almond 
Ray AdeJinev widow, Warren st. 
Ray Anthony, grocer Carpenter (S) ab. Second 
Rr.y .Oavid, tanner 32 Charlotte 
Ray David, wheelv/right Frank, road above Queen 
Ray Jonathan, hatter 5 Elbow lane [^see Rea 

Ray Lydia Mrs. Sch. Seventh bel. Race 
Rnv Margaret & Co. storekeepers 3 north Second 
Ray Moses, merchant 135 south Water— d h 295 sifith 

Ray Rachel, widow, Vine above Thirteenth 
Ray Sarah, widow 166 Swanson 
Ray Thomas, drayman, Say st. 
fRay Thomas, waiter Middle alley 
Ray William, carter Thirteenth above Filbert 
Raybold Joshua, justice of the peace, office 179 Shippea 

— d h 51 Fitzwalter 
Raybold Jacob A druggist, &c. 336 High 
Raybold Thomas, Windsor chairmaker Arch W. Sch. 3d 
Raymer John, ostler 389 north Front 
■fRaymond Andrew, hairdresser 74 Dock 
Raymond Espagnel, storekeeper 148 Cedar 
fR'aymond Jacob, waiter 198 Cheriy 
Raymond Mary, widow 335 north Third 
Rayner John, mariner 8 Argyle 
Rayner Nathan, carpenter North st. 
Rea Alexander, umbrellamaker 38 south Third 
Rea Daniel, sea captain 30 Bqdd 
Rea George, sign painter 6 Hyde's court 
Rea John, upholsterer 153 Chesnut [see Ray isf Wray 
Rea William, blacksmith, intersection of Ger. road and 

Second st. 
Read Alexander, china merchant 304 High — d h 37 S. 

Read Christian, grocer 48 Budd 

Read Elimelech, grocer and bottler. Christian ab. 4th 
Read George, mariner Davison's alley 
Read 8c Gray, china merchants 304 High 
Read Helena, widow Prime above Second 
Read Henry, grocer Poplar lane above Third 
Read Isaac, watchmaker N W corner Vine 3c Second 


Read James, mcrciiant 1 North alley corner Fiftli 

liead James. 81 Walnut ' [.vtr Had ij" Hciif 

Head Jolui, shoen):ikLM- 100 Wood 

Read John, umbrella maker 37 south Second 

Head John, ounstllor at law and president Philadelphia 

bank, 176 Chesnut 
Read John Al attorney at law 176 Chesnut 
tRead Peter, woodsawyer S]KifFjrd 
Read Robert, cordwainer 6;"! Penn 
Read Richard, shij) mastei' 566 S. 2d above Wharton 
Read Samuel, dryjjoods store 45 north Second 
fRead Susan, widow ;3 Atkinson's court 
Read AV'm bookbinder 75 (Jreen 
Read \Vm mercliant 6-^ Dock and 15 Sinsom 
J^ead \Vm. L. saddler &c. 53 and d h 121 Callowhiil 
Reading Jf)lui, tinplate worker 40 Ann (N. L.) 
Re.idiny; Rebecca, widow Dean's alley 
R .ik art Jolm. grocer 439 north Second 
Re.iknt Jacob, dej). keeper of the i»rison 599 north 2d 
Reall Joseph, umljrella maker, back 22 Callowhiil 
Rc.all Michael, carpenter Marlborough near Bedford 
Reall Samuel, corder Britton's wharf — d h 246 N. Front 
Reamer John, victualler Frank, road near Sorrel horse 
Reamer Matthew, shipwright S'aakamaxon n. Bedford 
Reamer Sarah, widow Shakamaxon near Queen 
Reaj) Andrew, cordwainer 184 Browne 
Reap Philip, carpenter 100 Budd 
Reapsher Bernard, skindresscr, back 267 Race 
Reasen Abraham, labourer 5 Atkinson's court 
Rease Francis, pewterer Thirteenth above Filbert 
Reaver Kezia, sciioolmistress. Cherry near Queen 
Resst-n Samuel, waiter, 16 liurd's court 
Rcccles Anthony, ropemaker Carpenter (S.) bel. 5th 
Reckhow Daniel, shipwright Frankford below Queen 
Recivhow Isaac, cabinetmaker Franktord bel. Queen 
Reckitt Joseph, lumber inspector 6 Bramier's alley 
Rechel 'ieorge, grocei" 290 nortli Third street 
Richel Jacol>, sugar reliner 5 Crovvn 
Re< kefus D ivid, c<jrdwainer 3 Harmony court 
Ruddingei Jacob, cordwiiiner Steinmetz's court (N. L.) 
Redterr Robert, 403 High 

Redhaii- M irlin, cord -vainer Lawrence above Wood 
RedlieHVr Charles, miilwriglU Sec. back 7 Wiiilehall st. 
Redk's Ailam, turner 10 Sirawbtrry al'ey 
Redlion Henry, labourer Sixih below Fitzwalter 
Redman, printer 123 soulli Sixth 
Hell nan James, teacher Scli. academy High n. Sch. 6lh 
Redman Jo!m, bricklayer li Small 
Redman M. sliopkeeper 28 soulh Fourth 
Redman Tiiomas, gentleman 188 Chesuut 
Redscreke J- cal)inetmaker 54 Dock 
Reed Adam,bakei- 586 south Front below Federal 
Reed Alexander W. grocer S W corner Cedar & 6th 
2 d2 

itEE whitely's annual 

Reed Alexander, labouvei' German, road above Second 

Reed Alexander, labourer, back 294 south Third 

Reed Ann, widow nurse 106 Cedar 

Reed Ann, widow, washerwoman, back 321 Race 

Reed & Beidelman, drygoods store 156 north Second 

Reed David, sen. Camden (N. J.) 

Reed Frederick, clock and watchmaker 150 High— - 

d h 11 north Twelfth 
Reed Hannah, of David, jun. huckster Camden (N. J.) 
Reed Isaac, watchmaker N W cor. Second and Pine — 

d h 55 south Seventh 
Reed James, huckster Camden (N. J.) 
Reed Joel, labourer Camden (N. J.) 
Reed John, morocco dresser, back 108 north Seventh 
Reed John, merchant 164 north Fifth 
Reed John, mate, 74 Penn street 
+Reed John, shoemaker, 46 Small 
Reed Joseph, counsellor at law and recorder for the city 

of Philadelphia 187 Spruce 
Reed Joseph, labourer Rose below Green 
Reed Martha, widow 10 Frazier's court 
Reed Michael, storekeeper 156 N. 2d— d h 53 New st. 
Reed Robert, tavernkeeper N W cor. Ridge r. & Vine 
Reed Robert, shoemaker 63 Penn 

Reed Samuel, grocer S E corner of Mary 8c Second st. 
Reed Samuel, tailor 24 Watson's alley 
Reed Sarah, widow Relief alley 

Reed Thomas, weaver Germantown road below Third 
Reed Wm. tailor 68 south Water and 69 south Front 
Reed Wm. bookbinder Davis's court above Button wood 
Reed Wm. saddler Lyndall's court 
Reeder Isaac N. Y. stage office 39 S. 3d — d h 87 New 
Reel J:>hn, smith Second near Laurel 
Reel John, labourer Fourth above Poplar 
Reel Michael, carpenter Bedford near Marlborough 
Reemer Frederick, grocer 10 Elizabeth street 
Reemer John, victualler Frankford road near Prince 
Reemer Matthew, shipwright Shakamaxon near Queen 
Reemer Susan, weaver Frankford road corner Otter 
Reep John, cordwainer Crown near West (K.) 
Rees Bernard, drygoods store, 122 north Second 
Rees Charles B. cordwainer 277 south Second 
Rees Eleanor, storekeeper 27 Coates alley 
Rees Evan, stirrup filer, back 385 Race 
Rees Ezekiel, innkeeper S W corner Front & Callowhill 
Reese George, boot and shoemaker 276 south Second 
Rees George, toll collector Sch. Permanent bridge 
Rees George, victualler Vine W. of Broad — stall 73 

New market, south Second 
Rees George, furrier, 264 south Front 
Rees Henry, smith, back 401 Race 
Tlees Henry, tailor 75 north Fourth corner ^ew street 
Reese Henry, cordwainer Cadwalader 


Reese Jacob, cedar cooper 77 Race \sre J^r-rs and Ria 
Reese Jacob, merchant, 195 High — d h 399 Arch 
tReese Jane, widow 208 south Seventh 
Reese Jolin, grocer, 115 Race [see Rcys, Rftrea cS" Keiss 
Reese Joseph, late bottler Vine above Twelfth 
Reese Margaret, widow 464 nortii Tliird 

iKeesc Friscilla, washerwoman, Hopkins' court 
ees Margaret, nurse, back 38 Charlotte 
Rees Mary, widow 35 Plum 
Rees Mrs. shopkeeper 103 south Fifth 
Rees Peter, milkman Gray's ferry road below Cedar 
Rees Wm. carter S W corner VVood and Eighth 
Reess Martin, one of the high constables, EnuiskiUee 

inn) 97 south Fifth 
Reess Samuel, bricklayer Currant alley 
Reeve Hosea, labourer Sch. 5th below High 
Reeve Isaac, carpenter Torr's court 
Reeve Jacob, bricklayer l'2th below Spruce 
Reeve Ruth, widow 208 north Fourth 
Reeve S. A. principal of Franklin acad. back 77 Arch 
Reeves Aaron, wheelwright 5 Liberty alley 
Reeves Benjamin, inn and ferry Camden (N. J.) 
Reeves Enos, shoemaker back 291 Arch 
Reeves Isaac, carpenter, Torr's court 
Reeves J. C. cordwainer 16 Jones's alley 
Reeves Joshua, cordwainer, back 322 south Third street 
Reeves Nehemiah, cordwainer, 3 Little Pine 
Reeves Sarah, inn and feriy, north side High st. wharf 
Reeves Thomas, jun. grocer N W corner Second and 

Arch— d h 23 Arch 
Ree\es Thomas, millwright 149 Walnut 
Reevfs Timothy, oysterman 271 north Front 
Reffcrt Ursula, widow, sign Rising Sun, 133 Race 
Retold Elizabeth, storekeeper 24 south Tlurd 
Regia Abraliam, bilverplater Deval's court 
Regli Job'jph, mcrcliant 2U8 High 
Regnaud A. broker, &c. N E cor. Front and Walnut— 

d h 21 Key's alley 
Kegnauk C. F. paperhanger 218 Lombard 
Regnault George, paperhanger 220 Lombard 
Rehn Casper, merchant 63 New 
Hehn Eve, widow 62 New 
Rehn George and Co. brewers 68 New 
Rehn (ieorge, brewer 256 Third above Callowhill 
Rehn Joliii, brewer 60 New 

Rcid Alexander J. grocer 251 S. TJiird corner Shippen 
Reid Adam, grocer and bottler 320 south Second 
Held Citliarinc, widow, storekeeper 25 Callowhill 
Keid Jolin, drygoods store 2 N. Fifth [vcf Read isf Reed 
Reid I'atrick, house & sign painter and glazier 46 S. 5th 
Heilcy James, tailor 29 Currant alley 
Reilley Hernard, bottler 157 S. Front & 156 S. Water 
Reilley Hugli, boardinghousc 140 north Water 

REN whitely's annual 

Reilley James, oystei'man 8 Dock 

Reilley Wm. watchman, Popiar lane near Fourth 

Reilly Bernard, shopkeeper 316 Race 

Reily John, grocer 15 Strawberry 

Reilly Maithew, cordwainer 262 south Fourth 

Reilly Owen, plasterer 34 Washington street 

Reilly Paul, bottler and tavernkeeper 39 S. Water 

Reinboth Fred, sexton St, John's church, back 130 N.5th 

Reinboth George, carpentei* 8 Mulberry alley 

Reineck Elizabeth, widow seedswoman Prime ab. 8th 

Reineck Lewis, biscuit baker 9 Penn and 91 S, wharves 

Reinhard C wheelwriglit I'idmash street 

Reinhard Elizabeth, widow 97 Cherry st. 

Reinhart Christian, victualler Frank, r. n. stone bridge 

Reinhart George V. coach painter, &c. 158 Vine 

Reinhart Godfrey, labourer 81 New 

Reinhart Henry, carter Broad above Race 

Reinhart Theresa, widow Tidmash below Eleventh 

Reinhart Washington, teacher 13 Juniper lane 

Remhert John H. watchman N E cor. 8th and Cherry 

Reinholdt Mary, widow 36 north Fifth 

Reins John, mariner 83 Penn 

Reisinger George, cordwainer Miller's court (N. L.) 

Reiter John, glover 239 north Second 

Relf Samuel, editor of the Philadelphia Gazette, office 

97 south Second 
Rementer Anthony, gardener Irish lane 
Rementer Peter, carpenter Passyunk below Prime 
Remthey John, shoemaker Poplar lane near St. John 
Remick Enoch, mastmaker 91 Swanson 
Remick John, shoemaker 91 Swanson 
Remington C. lumber merchant N W cor. 6th 8c Vine— 

d h 192 north Sixth 
Remington Eliza, widow 37 Christian 
Remington Jane, widow, back 282 Arch 
Remington Job B. lumber merchant, yard Water above 

Vine — d h 42 New Market st. 
Remington John A. lumber merchant Water above Vine 

— d h 42 New Market 
Remsou John H watchman 1 Knight's court 
Renaud Ann, 6 Powell street 
Renaud Peter, broker 220 south Fifth 
litnguenet Don Tiartol, Spanish consul 69 Spruce 
Renn Frederick, labourer 582 south Front bel. Federal 
Reuiiel Michael, oysterhouse 196 Callowhill 
Renshaw Benjamin* merchant 40 Dock — d h 115 S. 4th 
Renshaw Ann, widow 90 Union 
Renshaw Frances, boarding house 183 Walnut 
Renshaw Richard,justice of the peace and notary public 

— office 304 and d h 302 south Second 
Renshaw William, (Mansion house hotel, adjoining the 

Washington hall) 122 soutn Third 
Renouf Nicholas, tailor 29 Franklin 


Heppard Sarah, widow, nurse 17 German 
Rcpshcr Leonard, drayman Geo.rf;;c N. I-, near Third 
Kepsher Jacob, sawinaker, l)ack 19 norlli Kigluli 
Repsher Peter, brassfoinulcr Btavcr near Second 
Hepsor Adam, vict. St. John above Poplar lane 

iKex Diana, widow, Mark's lane 
.ex Francis, blacksmith Hidire road above Francis' lane 
Hex George, (Lime Market) 271 Vine corner Eighth 
Rex William, mariner, back 13 German 
Reynegan Francis W. shipmaster 450 south Front 
Reynolds & Adgate, grocers 21 south Third 
Reynolds Ann, widow, 41 south Eighth 
Reynolds Benjamin, cooper, guager, and head inspector 
of salt provisions 7 N wharves — d h 13 north Water 
Reynolds David, taimer 87 Budd above Laurel 
Reynolds Elias, carpenter 58 Almond street 
Reynolds George, carter 6th below FitzwaUer 
Reynolds James, tailor 308 south Front 

i Reynolds John, labourer Quince below Locust 
Reynolds Jos. grocer 21 S Third — d h 20 New Market 
Reynolds Joshua, blacksmith Prime above Front 
Reynolds Margaret, widow, 33 Coates 
Reynolds Mary, widow, cor. German and Passyunk r. 
Reynolds Robert, shoemaker 4 Prosperous alley 
Reynolds Samuel, merchant tailor 48 south Third 
Reynolds William, shipjoiner 1 Mary (S) 

Reynolds , widow, Camden (N J) 

Rhamp Susannah, widow, 17 Wagner's alley 
Rlieem Jacob, flour mcrcht. 373 High N E cor. Tenth 
Rhecs Ann, widow ot "Morgan, Loxley's court 
Rhees John L. leather store 177 S 2d — d h Loxley's ct. 
Rhinehart Joseph, cordwainer 262 south Fourth street 
Rhoads & Jeanes, lumber merchants, High near Per- 
manent bridge — d h High W. Sen. Sixth 
Rhoads Daniel J. merchant High W. Sch. Sixth 
Rhoads Hannah, widow, 2 Wood street 
[Rhodes John, labourer Brown above Fourth 
Rhodes Joseph, glass manuf. Spruce W.Sch. Second 
Rhodes Samuel, merchant 42 S Front {see Rcade 

Rhil Hcniy, carpenter Marlboro' near Pnnce 
Rhil Richard, farmer Palmer near the Frankf. road 
Rliume Henry, baker 447 south Front 
Rianharil John, merchant 179 High 
Riblett Pierrie, grocer 37 Passyunk road 
Rice Ann, teacher 53 Almond 
Rice Ann, seamstress, back 188 St. John 
Rice Edwurd, carter 3 Liberty alley 
tRicc George, coachman Shippen west of Seventh 
Uice John, cordwainer Sch Eighth near\'ine 
Rice John, Hsherman Queen near Wood 
Rice John, sea captain 39 Passyunk road 
Rice John P. fisherman Queen above Bishop 

RIC whitely's annual 

Rice Joseph, blacksmith Old York road— d h 28 Old 

York road 
Rice Margaret, widow, back 28 Spruce 
Rice Martin, ladies' shoemaker Queen n. Fi'ankf. r. (K) 
Rice & M'Donald, grocers N W cor. Arch 8c Fourth 
Rice Michael, grocer N W cor. Arch and Fourth 
Rice Peter, fisherman Queen near Wood 
Rice Robert, rectifier of liquors, High west of Sch. 5th 
Rice Sarah, widow 71 Gaskill 
tRice Thomas, waiter 328 south Third street 
Rice WiUiam, innkeeper 337 north Front 
Rice William, drayman 41 Browne street 
Rice Wm. jr. labourer 165 Coates above Fourth 
Rice, widow of John, fisherman Queen near Wood 
|Rice Wm. coachman, back 119 north Tenth 
Rich George, grocer 477 north Third 
Rich Henry, watchman 12 Paschal's alley 
Richard Augustus G. mangier 90 Cherry below Sixth 
Richardett Catharine, widow of Saml. jun. 298 S Front 
Richards Adam,ropemaker Shakamaxon n. Bedford (K) 
Richards Ann, teacher 31 Crown 
Richards Ann, widow, 177 north Sixth 
Richards Azell, blacksmith, back 192 north Eighth 
Richards Catharine, tavernkeeper 57 south Water 
Richards Enoch, 88 Cherry and 127i Arch 
Richards 8c Godley, merchants 53 High 
jRichards Henry, bootcleaner 18 Lombard 
Richards Jesse, lottery 8c exchange office 21 Pine 
Richards John, milkman Sch. Second above Race 
Richards John, labourer, back 572 south Second street 
Richards Joseph, grocer N E corner 2d and Arch 
Richards Joseph, white and red lead manuf. 352 High 
Richards Mark, iron merchant 125 and 127 north 3d 
Richards Mary, widow, Shakamaxon below Prince 
Richards Mary, Miss, washerwoman N 3d above Otter 
tRichards Myers, dealer 83 south Front 
tRichards Nicholas, barber 257 Catharine 
Richards Peter, tailor Carpenter below Second 
Richards Rachel, widow, 206 north Front 
Richards Richard, drayman south Fifth below Queen 
Richards Samuel, fancy brushfinisher 44 Old York r. 

— shop cor. 5th and Callowhill 
Richards Samuel, lime merchant 3 Dock 
Richards Samuel, iron merchant 111 north Water — d h 

347 Arch 
Richards Thomas, mercht. 151 N 3d, ac 106 north 4th 
Richards Thomas, grocer 8 Bonsall 
tRichards Thomas, waiter Little Oak street 
Richards Wm. H. china merchant 20 south Third 
Richards W. 8c S. R. watchmakers and silversmiths 136 

south Front 
Richards Wm. Shakamaxon near the Frankford road 


Richards William, carpenter, back of 405 Race 
Kicliards William, founder Alder alley 
Ricliardson Elizabeth Mrs. JO St. Mary street 
Richardson Eli»Rbeth, Crown above Prince 
Richardson Elkanah, waterman 25 Parham's alley 
tRichardson Elora, widow, 55 Currant alley 
Richardson Hannah, grocer 31 Prime street 
fRiciiardson J.icob, methodist minister, back 85 Small 
Richardson Jarcd, carpenter Broad above Arch 
Richardson John, bookseller, &c. 224 and d h 359 High 
Richardson John, labourer 24 Federal 
Richardson John, Frankford road n. the Sorrel Horse 
Richardson John, smith 108 north Seventh 
fRichardson John, woodsawyer 118 German 
Richardson Jonas, hatter Camden (N J) 
Richardson Joseph, assayer in the mint 359 High 
Richardson Mary, widow, umbrella manuf. 41 S Third 
Richardson Mary, widow, 7 Gaskill street 

i Richardson Nicholas, labourer, back 24 Small 
lichardson Oliver, cordwainer Kunckel street 
Richardson Robert, smith, &c. Cresson's court 
Richardson R. B. brushfinisher and bellowsmaker 251 

■(Richardson Samuel, carter Bonsall 
Richardson Thomas, shipwright 31 Prime 
Richardson Thomas, 4 Biddle's alley 
Richardson Westall. cutler & grinder 19 north Ninth 
Richardson W^illiam, carpenter 92 Gaskill 
Richardson Wm umbrella manuf. 6 south Third 
Richardson, widow, 7 Springett alley 
Riche George, grocer 477 N Third cor. Poplar lane 
Richey Henry M. cabinetmaker Poplar lane ab. St. John 
Richman Isaac Oak near Coates 
Richman John, carver and gilder 378 north Front 
Richman William, shipwright 261 St. John 
Richmond Isaac, carpenter 107 Cherry alley 
Richmond John, boxmaker 79 Plum 
Richmond Mary, widow, 94 north Ninth 
|Richmond Peter, hatter 417 N 4th above Coates 
jRichmond Philip, carter Old York road 
Richter Charles, 398 north Front 
Rickel John, ropemaker Crown n. the Frankford road 
Ricketts George, tobacconist, back 5 Fetter lane 
Ricketts Isaac, labourer 23 Pariiam's alley 
Ricketts Solomon, coachman Warner's court 
Rickson Andrew, rigger 69 Queen (S) 
Rickstine John, morocco dresser 423 north Third 
Rickstine Mrs. widow. West near Palmer 
Ridabock Lewis, farmer Passyunk r. above Federal 
Ridabock P. blacksmith 18 and d h 12 south Fifth 
Riday John, brickmaker Coates abovt Eighth 
Riddit Mary, widow, 115 north Water 
Ridles Adam, turner 475 north Second 

RIH whitely's aknual 

Riddle Jacob, Point-no-Point road 
Riddle James, weaver Twelfth below Pine 
-Riddle James, carpenter 15 Pine alley 
Riddle James, bookbinder Carpentec (6) below Sixth 
Riddle Johanna, widow, 393 south Second i 
Riddle John, innkeeper 126 Queen (S) [see Reedle 
Riddle Mary, boardinghouse 69 Chesnut 
Riddle Samuel, boot and shoemaker 137 north Front 
Rider Andrew, japanner Jones west of Sch. Fifth 
fRider Deboi^ah, widow Bradford's alley 
Rider John, labourer 19 Mary's alley 
Ridey Samuel, victualler Pleasant above Charles 
Ridgway Benj. S. millwright Frankford road ab. Queen 
Ridgway Jacob 8c Thomas, flour mcrchts. 51 N Water 
Ridgway Jacob, jun. flour merchant 51 north Water— 

d h 31 Arch 
Ridgway Jacob, gentleman 183 Chesnat 
Ridgway John, bricklayer 76 north Ninth 
Ridgway Joseph F. flour merchant 55 north Watei'— d h 

107 New 
Ridgway Joseph, merchant tailor 57 north Second 
Ridgway Miss Rebecca, boardinghouse 141 Arch 
Ridgway Richards, grocer Old York r. S W cor, Coates 
Ridgway Thomas S. conveyancer, 6cc. 8 southTifth 8c 

182 Vine 
Riebsam John, grocer 290 north 2d — d h 37 Noble 
Riechers August H. baker Germ. r. above first gate 
Riehle Wm. tanne.r, cor, 4th 8c Noble— d h 75 N 4th 
Riehle Mrs. widow; 150 High 

Rieley John, sea captain 40 south Sixth \_see Riley 

Rier Peter, Water near Callowhill 
Riesch Henry, late grocer 71 north Fifth 
Riffett Jacob, victualler Rugan near James — stall 70 

New market, south Second 
RifFord Brighty, widow, Brusstar's court 
Riffbrd Peter, victualler James above Rugan 
Riffbrd Matthias, rigger Shakamaxon near Queen 
RifFord, widow, Beach near Shakamaxon 
Riekie Wm. shipwright 545 south Second street 
Rigby Agnes, widow 17 Jones' alley 
Rigby Henry, late cabinetmaker 'iS Race 
Rigden Christiana, widow, milliner 205 south Second 
Riggins Rachel, widow. Oak below Hayscales (N L) 
Rigler John, vict. 12th bel. Vine — stall 13 new shambles 
Rigler Margaret Mrs. 477 Sassafras 
Rigler Stephen, vict. Frankford road near first gate 
Rignault Clare F. 8c G. paperhangers 218 Lombai'd 
Rignault Francis, paperlianger 218 south Seventh 
Rihl Henry, shipwright Marlborough above Prince 
Rihl Henry, carpenter 486 north Third 
Rihl Henry, pilot 39 Christian [see Reel Isf Riehle 

Rihl Sarah, widow of Jacob, Frankf. r. near Prince 
Rihl Susanna, widow, 503 north Third 


Uiland & Co. bell founders 48 south Fifth 

Rilaiul \A'illi;im, rev. 90 Crown 

Rilarui Wni. bell founder 48 S 5th — dh 1 Green's ct. 

Kile William, tavernkeeper 69 Race 

Riley Ann, widow, 2 Fearris' court 

Riley Charles, chairmaker Fearris' court 

Riley Charles, chairmaker Poplar lane aliove Front 

Riley Isaac, bookseller 8 Decatur — d h S W cor. Ches- 

nut and Eleventh 
Riley James, labourer China above Front 
jRiley James, oysierman 5 Little Dock 
Riley John, shipmaster 40 south Sixth 
Riley John, coachman 10 Filbert 
Riley John, coHchman Tinriecnth below High 
Riley Josepli S. currier 171 north 3d — d h 83 Vine N fc 

corner 'Fhird 
Riley M. china packer Myer's court 
fRiley Mrs. widow, Barrou 
Riley Peter, pinnter 5 Pleasant avenue 
Riley Sarah, widow, 408 north Front 
Riley Thomas, fisherman Wood above Prince 
Riley Tobias, baker 341 Race 

Riley Wm. silverplater 108 north 6th-.d h 113 N 5th 
Riley Wm. watchman Poplar lane n. 4th [^see Reiley 
fRiley William, barber 316 south Tiiird street 
Rimer Thomas, late cordwainer 10 Carter's alley 
Riiiacke Margaret Mrs Juniper below Walnut 
Rind Dennis, gardener 221 Shii)pen street 
Rine Lewis, tailor 37 Franklin 
Rinedoller Henry, shipcarpenter 385 north Front 
Rinedoller Jacob & Son, mastmakers Oak below Coates 
Rinedoller Jacob, shij)wright 385 north Front 
Rinedoller Jacob, jun. mastmaker, yard Oak n. Coates 

— d h 9 Duke 
Rinehart Joim, blacksmith 498 south Second 
Rinehart Michael, cordwainer 36 Juliana 
Ring Mary, widow. Locust below Thirteenth 
Ring Rachel, nurse Gall)reath's court 
Riiigler Julia Mrs. 21 Wagner's alley 
Rink Jacob, blacksmith, back 263 St. John 
Kink Wm. S. & J. merchants 183 soulli Second 
KinkerSaml. sailingmuster Franklin 74, 11 Fedefal 
Rinsimer Christian, carter H.inover above Prince 
Riordan Jeremiah, dealer 394 north Front 
Kipkey Josejih, cotton weaving manwf. Poplar bel. 4tlj 

i Ripley Peter, sawyer 128 Plum street (back) 
lipperger Conrad, bleeder and IcechcioS Cherry 
Ki>l)rough John, di ygoods store 239 south Second 
Risdel P. widow, tiftfur 157 Pine 
Rising F,li, domestic warehouse 65 north Fourth 
RisK y Norman, shoemaker S. Fifth near Carpenter 
Kislc\ Kicli;ivd S. hiti- grocef 160 south Tenth 
Ristine Jacob, tailor 387 north Front 
2 E 

ROB whitely's annual 

Ristine Jacob, labourer West above Palmer 
Ristine John, victualler West above Palmer 
Ritchie Mrs. widow, back lower 58 south Second 
Riter George, livery stable keeper 150 Sassafras 
Riter Matthias, paver Ann street (P T ) 
Riter Michl. mercht. 180 Callowhill & 6th bel. Wood 
Ritle John, ropemaker Crown near West 
Ritman Daniel, labourer, back 171 Green 
Rittenhouse Benjamin, mathematical instrument maker 

258 Arch 
Rittenhouse Henry, carpenter 77 Crown 
Rittenhouse Peter, vict. 89 New shambles High street 
Ritter Abraham, merchant 333 High 
Ritter Ann, widow, 24 north Fifth 
Ritter Edward, chairmak^r 313 north Third 
Ritter George, cabinetmaker 72 north Fourth 
Ritter Henry, baker 129 south Fourth 
Ritter Jacob, storekeeper 70 north Front 
Ritter Jacob, jun. merchant 333 High 
Ritt>-r J. & A. merchants 333 High [see Rutter isf Riter 
Ritter John, painter & glazier High W. Perman't. bridge 
Ritter Wm. bricklayer Coates above Seventh 
Rittison Adam, ropemaker Marlboro' above Prince 
Rittisou Catharine, widow, Crown near West (K.) 
Rivel Adam, carpenter, south Fifth below Christian 
Rivel George, shipwright 55 Moyamensing {see Revel 
Rivel John, carter 22 Charlotte 

Rivers Jos. tinplate worker 26 High — d h 17 Kunckel 
Roads Henry, carter Lombard near Schuylkill 
Roads John, labourer Lombard nearSch. [see R/ioads 
tRoach Benjamin, porter 112 Christian 
Koach John, bookbinder 10 north Front 
fRoach Mary, washerwoman 233 south 8th ab. Cedar 
Roach Nicholas, labourer 115 Green 
fRoach Sarah, widow, Shippen below Fifth 
Roat Alice Mrs. 2 Pratt's court 
Roat Jacob, cedar cooper Ridge road above Vine 
Roat Jacob, cordwainer Davis's court 
Roat Richard P. cordwainer Davis's court 
Robard Joseph, merchant l77i High 
Roan Christopher, labourer Prince near Crown 
Robb Alexander, letter carrier 3 Powell 
Robb Catharine, widow, Germantown road near Rose 
Robb James, cabinetmakei; 10 Plum 
Robb James, letter carrier 4 Elbow lane 
Robb John, labourer Browne near Cherry 
Robb John, carter Locust above Hazel alley 
Robb & VVinebrener, mei-chant tailors 100 Chesnut 

Robbins , chairmaker Hyde's court 

Robbins Benjamin, carpenter cor. 7th & Buttonwood I. 
f Robbins Diana, washerwoman Mint court 
Robbins Isaiah, maiiner Prime above Second 
Robbins James, shipmaster Appletree ay. near Fifth 


Hobbiiis Job, weaver Fourth above Poplar lane 

Koblfins John, curter Fourth ;ibnve Tumiuauy 

Rol)biiis & Smith, mcrcliants 17:3 Hij;li 

Robbins Samuel J. mercht. 173Hisli— d h 122 N. Fifth 

Rbbbins Sarah, widow, 9 Little Water 

Robbins Wm. uiarincr 3 Burd's alley 

Robbins Euoch, bricklayer Filbert \V. Sch. Eighth 

Robedeau Lewis, 270 south Filtli 

Roljeno Andrew, tailor ;v4 Aiinniid 

Robeno Jno. & Audw. tailors 150 S. Water — d h 38Penn 

Roberson Beiij imin, mariner St. John above Poplar lane 

Roberts Abigail, widow, 91 Cl.ristian 

t Roberts Alice, back 137 south Eleventh 
[oberts Amos, tax collector 64- south Eleventh 
Roberts Ann, bonnetniaker 314 south Second 
Roberts Ann, widow, Christian below Fourth 
j'Ruljerts Biddy, widow, 29 Prosjjerous alley 

iR(^berts Bowden, labourer 249 Spruce 
.oberts Catharine, cakebaker 78 north "Ninth 
Ri)berts Charles F. gentleman 250 Chcsuut 
Rnl)erts Charles, lumber merchant Oak below Coales 

— d h 174 Mulberry 
R^')erts Cliaries, carpenter 375 north Fourth 
^Roberts Curtis, labourer, back 29 Union 
Roberts Daniel, carpenter, back 416 Race 
IRoberts Daniel, woodsawyer. back G6 Small 
Roberts Daniel, painter &c. 314 south Second 
Roberts Daniel, harness & fire bucketmaker 123 New 
Roberts Edward, carpet weaver below 538 N. Third 
Roberts Ebiza, widow, 5 Acorn alley 
Roberts Eliliu, house painter, &c. 38 south Fifth 
Roberts Enoch, hardware 8c fancy goods store 17 N. 3d 
tRoberts Flora, widow 18 Cvpress alley 
Roberts Frances, widow of Michael, 212 Walnut 
tRoberts Francis, waiter 161 Lombard 
Roberts George, carpenter Rose alley 
Roberts George, merchant 252 Chesnut 
Roberts Helen, widow 70 Union 
Roberts Henry, plasterer, back 168 south Fifth 

i Roberts Henry, porter iVliddle alley 
oberts Hugh, 65 south Eleventh 
Roberts Israel, coppersmith 132 north Third 
Roberts Jacob, shoemaker 40 Queen ^S.) 
tRoberts Jacob, labourer Spruce W. Sch. Fifth 
Roberts James, cordwainer 48 Penn 
Roberts Jemima, widow 256 Lomljard 
Roberts John, sea captain 352 sotitli Front 
Roberts John, chairmakcr 33 German 
Roberts John, grain measurer Tenth below Pine 
Roberts John, accountant 19 Keys' alley 
Rol)erts John, cabinetmaker 25 north Riglith 
Roberts Jonathan, carpenter 38 Kunckel 
Roberts Joseph, teller in Girard's bank 168 Arcli 

ROB whitely's annual 

Roberts Joseph J. teacher of mathematics and natural 

philosophy", Friends' academy, south Fourth 
Roberts Joseph, back 33 German 
Roberts Joseph, accountant 77 Cherry- 
Roberts Joseph, labourer, back 419 north Front 
Roberts Joseph, tailor 15 Summer's court 
Roberts Leonard, leather capmaker Galbreath's court 
Roberts Lewis, grocer N E corner Front and Cedar 
Roberts Margaret, widow, back 17 Passyunk road 
Roberts Mary, widow, back 9 Crown 
Roberts Mary, teacher 128 Cherry 
Roberts Mordecai, innkeeper 94 north Second 
Roberts Rachel, widow 12 north Fourth 
Roberts Robert, 223 north Eighth 
Roberts Robert, carpet weaver 219 north Eighth 
Roberts Robert, porter Middle alley 
Roberts Samuel, dep. keep, of the prison 296 Vine 
Roberts Sarah, widow, 93 Christian 
tRoberts Selah, mariner Little Oak st. 
Roberts Septimus, lumber merchant Oak above Noble 
Roberts Seth, carpenter 56 Moyamensing road 
Roberts Sylvester, printer 2 Decatur— d h 328 S. 2d 
Roberts Tacy, widow of AlgernoH, 123 north Ninth 
Roberts Thomas, merchant N E cor. High and WateY 

•— d h 250 Chesnut 
Roberts Thomas, joiner 69 Lombard 
Roberts Thomas P. merchant 25 north Twelfth 
Roberts Thomas, cordwainer 150 Lombard 
Roberts Thomas S. accountant 128 Cherry above 7tfe 
Roberts Thomas, carpenter, back 126 south Sixth 
Roberts Thomsine, widow 250 Chesnut 
Roberts W. D. upholsterer 18 south Twelfth 
Roberts Wrn. carpenter 74 south Fifth 
tRoberts Wm. waiter, back 158 Lombard 
Robertson Elizabeth, Avidow 60 Catharine 
Robertson Gilbeit, British consul 158 S. Ninth — office 

32i Walnut 
Robertson James, merchant 11 Franklin row 
Robertson Rebecca, widow, teacher 88 Spruce 
Robertson Thomas, victualler 8th near Buttonwood 
Robertson Wm.mercht. 60S. wharves — dh 100 S. Front 
Robertson Wm. chairmaker, back 108 Filbert 
Robidou Anthony, 11 Minor 
Robinett Elizabeth, widow, back 92 Gaskili 
Robinett Richard, merchant 5 Powell 
Robins Thomas, merchant 294 High 
Robmson Anthony W. carpenter 26 Chester 
Robinson Arthur, 253 Race 
Robinson Benjamin, carter cor. Laurel and Budd 
Robinson Benjamin, rigger St. Jehn above Poplar lane 
Robinson Charles, sailmaker, back 107 Catharine 
Robinson Charles, carpenter 93 Queen 
Robinson Charlotte, widow, 115 Christian 


Robinson Charles N. carver aiul ^iklcr lonver 56 S. 2d 
Kol)insoii Chas. C. chairmakcr liii^li VV. I'l'iiii. Uridge 
Kohinson Christian, mariner, back 3J'J soiitli Second 
Robinson Eleanor, nursL- Second near (itorge 
Robinson Frederick, c;irttr Oak above Noble 
Robinson (ieorge, slunniastcr 13 Catliarine 
Robinson George & Co. leatlier store 109 Chesnut 

- Robinson George, cunier 109 Ciiesnut — d ii 206 N. 4th 
Robinson (ieorge, victviallev Hinktl's court 
Robinson 8c Harwood, gold and sihersniiths 12 N. 2d 
|Robinson Isaac, labourer 34 B>ird's court 
tRobinsonlsliman, (up wards 100 veal's of iigc)Grcen'sct. 
jRobinson Jacob, labourer Cedar above Twell'th 
Robinson James, ])riiiter Tnird near Chesnut 
Robinson J. & A. Sitclier, printers Third near Chesnut 
Roliinson James, mariner 65 Catharine 
RiiJjinson James, rii^ger Marlboro' b''low Prince 
Rol)inson James, sea captain Siiakamaxon below Prince 
Robinson John, car|)enter Wood above Second 
Robinson John, cordvvainer 40 Cedar 
Robinson John, portrait and miniature painter 163 south 

Tenth ai)ove Spruce 
Jiobinson John, mariner 9 Budd 
iiobinson John, mariner 13 Christian 
Robinson John, distiller 207 Cedar 

Robinson John, rigger 99 Swanson — d h Carpenter's ay. 
Robinson John, carpet weaver, back 4.S l^ombard 
Robinson John, mariner Fifth below Merriolt's lane 
Robinson John, jun. cabinetmaker 28 Union alley 
[Robinson Jolui, labourer Browne's court 
Robinson Joseph, sea captain 40 Pine above Second 
Robinson Joseph, constable 135 south Tenth 
t^obinson Joseph, mariner 210 Cedar 
Robinson Joshua, carpenter 254 south Fifth 
fRobinson Josiiua, shipwright 97 Passyunk 
JRobinson Kinie, shipwrigl\t Merriott's lane above 5th 
t Robinson Levi, shoemaker, south Eighth bel. Lombard 
Robinson Lewis, merchant SE corner Second & Cedar 
Robinson Martha, widow 88 Union 
Robinson Margaret, tailorcss, back 134 south Eighth 
Robinson Mary, widow tailoress, back 3 Little Pine 
Robinson Matthew, cordwainer Germ, road below 4th 
\ Robinson Minta, widow 8 Sassafras alley 
Robinson Peter, currier CaufTuian's court 

. Robinson Reter, Frankford road near Front 

1 Robinson Robert, labourer Bonsall street 
lol)inson & Son, hatters 36 High 
Robinson Samuel, hatter 36 High 
t Robinson Stcjihen, sawyer St. John above Poplar lane 
Robinson Susan, 251 south Second 
Robinson Thomas, victualler 8th near Buttonwood, stall 

75 Ntw Market south Second 
tRobinson Thomas, shipwright N E cor. Cedar aiid 5th 

« & « 


Robinson VVm. bookseller 25 Filbert 
Kobinson Wm. shoemaker 199 Shippen 
Robinson Wm, hatter 36 High 
Robinson Wm. A, druggist 273 north Third 
fRobinson Wm. coachman Fourth bel. Mcrriott'.s lane 
Robison Christian, mariner, back 352 south Second 
Robson John, drorer 301 Callowhill 
Roch Christian, china store 99 north Ninth 
Roche James M. printer Paschall's ay. 
fRoche Mary, widow Acorn ay. 
Roche Morris, marble polisher, cor. Filbert 8c Tenth 
Rock Thomas, coi'dwainer Locust corner Thirteenth 
Rocket Nicholas, labourer Buttonwood below Sixth 
Rockhill Joshua, inn and ferry keeper Camden N J 
Rockhill Thos. C. merchant 290 High— d h 10 Frank- 
lin row 
Rockwell Justus, smith 217 N Eighth — shop S W cor. 

Callowhill and Garden 
Roderiield Wm. accountant 69 St. Tammany 
Rodes & Hentz, grocers Sixth above Callowhill 
tRodgers Wm. steward steam boat Delaware 272 S 5th 
Rodman Solomon, sea captain Marlborough n. Prince 
Rodrigue Andrew, merchant cor. Seventh 8c Walnut 
Rodrigue widow of I. diygoods store 93' north Third 
Roe Rachel, widow Wood near Garden 
Roe Robert, sawyer, 31 Crab street 
Roebuck John, labourer 10 Franklin street 
Roff John, nailer 39 Prirtie 
Rogers Allen, agent for stages 43 south Fourth 
Rogers Benjamin, copperplate printer 18 George 
Rogers 8c Brothers, hardware merchants 52 High 
Rogers Charles, hardware merchant 52 High above 2d 
Rogers Daniel N. mariner 170 Shippen 
Rogers E, Miss, boardinghouse 313 Arch 
Rogers Evans, hardware merchant 52 High above 2d 
j-Rogers George, labourer Warner's court 
Rogers Henry, druggist 8cc 201 High 
Rojcers Hugh, wheelmaker Alban near Lambert 
Rogers Jacob, 181 Green, office on Green sreet wharf 
Rogers Jacob, saw warehouse 173 High — d h 181 Greei> 
■(•Rogers Jacob, labourer Paschal's ay. 
Rogers James, hardware merchant 259 High 
Rogers John R. cordwainer, back 15 north Sixth 
Rogers John, haj'dware merchant 52 High above 2d 
Rogers John, shoemaker 138 Cedar 
Rogers Joseph, justice of peace, Pegg above Front — dh. 

Elmslie's ay. 
Rogers J. jun. glue, cowskin whip, and neat's foot oil 

manuf Pegg— d h 299 N Second 
Rogers Josiah, lumber merchant Oak below Coates' 
' Rogers Mary, widow tailorcss 94 Christian 
Rogers Margaret, widow, nurse 7 Prosperous ay, 
Rogers Margaret, widow 395 Race 


Rogers Martha, Mi"s. of Thomas, Locust above 12lh 

Rogers Tiiomas, brassfouuder 28 Cliciry 

Rogers Tlioinas, merchant 411 Arch 

Rogers TUoiiwis, oakcooper Churcli street 

Rogers & Turner, hardware merchants 173 High 

Ru^-ers Wni. ji. 48 north Tliird 

R ^er> rev. VVm. D. D. 198 ClicsnutS E corner Eiglith 

Rogers Wni. merchant 4 south Fourth 

Roju'et Muses, segarmaker 40 Biead 

Roliiiiian Francia, Ir^bourer Laurel (N L) near Budd 

Rolirman Henry, wlicelwright 441 norili Second 

Ro'jrinan John, wheelwright Sch. Eighth above Clierty 

Rontiiant Frederick G. shoemaker Hanover n. Queen 

Roland & Ford, merchants 206 High [see Roivland 

Ri.iand Jolin, merchant 206 High — d h 14 N Seventh 

fRoiey Abner, hairdresser 11?N Fifth 

Roliings Otho, labourer Spruce west Sch. Sixth 

Rollins George, cabinetmaker 44 German 

Rnlof rev. Francis, pastor of Trinity church 181 Spruce 

Trinity church yard 
Rolph James, teacher and boardinghouse 164 S Ninth 
Rolph Wm. fancy cliairmaker, cor Carpenter & 3d (S) 
Ronaklson James, letterfounder Cedar above Ninth 
Ronaldson Richard, letterfounder Cedar above Ninth 
Roney John, currier 128 north Third 
fRoney Joseph, shoemaker 70 Lombard 
Roney Thomas, currier cor Dock and 3d — d h 8 Prune 
Rook Mary, widow, back 242 Race 
Rooksiool Henry, cordwainer 150 Coates 
Rookstool John, labouitr Crown near Frankford road 
Rooney Bernard, cooper 30 Penn 

Rooncy James D. apothecary 8cc. S W cor. Green &2d 
Root John, blacksmith Race above Sch. Seventh 
Ro(.t John, \ict 29 Fourth street market, High street 
Roots Mic!iael, baker 4 Junijjer lane 
Rn!\g W. P. combmaker 106 Coates 
Rorer Samuel, surgeons' instrumcntmakev 78 Race 
Ron-r John, surgeons' instrumcntmaker 179 Arch 
Roscoe James, cordwainer 103 Cedar 
Rose Andrew, shoemaker Prime above Second 
Rose Ann, washerwoman, 161 north Si^^th 
Rose Ann, midwife 6 Brewer's ay. 'Wood street) 
fRose Ann, widow 51 Gaskill 

Rose B. F. sur)jeons' instrumentmaker 53 south Seventh 
Rose Champlaui, whitewasher, back 24 Elizabeth 
Rose Christiana, widow Drinker's court 
Rose Charles, carter Irish lane 
Rose Hannah, widow 2 Wood 
Rose Jane, midwife 7 Brewer's ay. (Wood street) 
Rose John, vict. 8 Fourth street maiket. High street 
Rose Jolin, currier 10 Brewer's ay. (Wood street") 
Rose Jonailian, tailor Simmons' court 

ROU whitely's annual 

Rose Joseph 6c Wm. surgeons' instrument makers Ha- 
milton village 
Rose Mary, cakebaker, back 271 Race 
fRose — : — , {French) 3 Read's ay. 
Rose Peter, shoemaker Shippen's lane 
Rose Peter, shingledresser 26 Union alley 
Rose Thomas, labourer Second near Laurel 
Rose Thomas, brickmaker Germant. r. above lirstgate 
Rosekrans Frederick, skindresser High n. Sch. Second 
Roseman Elizabeth, widow, Race above Sch. Seventh 
Roseman Robert, packer of ware, Nonnater's court 
Rosnagel John, sawyer Merriott's lane near Fifth 
Roset Jacob, merchant inquire I7dl High — d h Rich- 
mond Hill Ridge road 
Roset John, merchant 17S)1 High— d h 10 north Fifth 
Ross Aaron, saddler &c. 38 and d h 49 north Third 
Ross Andrew, painter &e. 142 Lombard 
Ross David, carpenter 81 north Ninth cor. Cherry 
Ross Elizabeth, widow, tobacconist 211 Plum 
Ross Frederick, painter Sec. 342 south Second 
Ross James, professor of Latin and Gi'eek 44 ndrtii 4th 
Ross Joseph, ferryman Camden N J 
Ross Lxtitia, widow 218 north Sixth 
Ross Martha, widow 142 Lombard street 
Ross Mary, widow 342 south Second 
Ross Mary, boardinghouse 184 High 
Ross Mary L. boardmghouse 75 Penn 
Ross Mary, widow Juniper below Walnut 
Ross Mrs. widow tailoress, back 266 Race 
Ross Robert, labourer, back 44 Spruce 
Ross Samuel, U, S. appraiser 301 Race 
Ross Samuel, deputy weighmaster 14 Raspberry aiiey 
IRoss Thomas, labourer 226 Catharine 

Ross , widow, gentlewoman, Hamilton village 

Ross Walter, porter in U. S. bank 14 Passyunk road 

Ross Wm. late printer 87 Locust above Eighth 

Ross Wm. accountant cor. Filbert and Thirteenth 

Ross Wm. confectioner 74 High — d h 30 Church ay 

Ross Wm. whipmaker 188 Lombard 

Rossman John, tailor West near Marlboro' 

Rostain F. merchant N W corner Pine and Fifth 

Roston Thomas, innkeeper 408 north Front 

Rotan Frederick, cordwainer Hanover below Prince 

Rotan Susan, widow Palmer below Duke 

Rotan Wm. shipwright Marlboro' above Beach 

Rothwell Wm. labourer Germantown r. above Second 

Rotts Andrew, victualler Mulberry ay. 

Roulston Harry, drayman Vine ab. 12th [see Ralston 

Rougiz Simon, master stevedore 54 Almond 

Rounds Ann, widow 6 Pleasant avenue 

Rourk Rachel, widow, maker of the Grand Pectoral 

syrup, 14 Mulberry 
Rouch M, skindresser 58 Sassafras {see Rush 


Kousseau John C. m. d. 139 south 6th S E corner Pine 

Routh widow of Richard, 587 north Second 
Roiivert Kdinund, mercliant 111 Spruce 
Ro\oudt William, m. d cor Wood and Old York road 
Rowe George ,cordwainer 1S6 German 
Rowe Samuel, ropcmaker 4 Federal 
Row, Samuel, ropemaker Front below the Navy yard 
+Row Robert, woodsawyer 31 Crab 
Rowan Amelia, nurse 358 south Front 
Rowan y\.dam, teacher Merriotl^i lane above Fifth 
Rowan John, carpenter 77 Locust above Eighth 
Rowan Wm. accountant 26 Coates' alley 
Rowand Margaret, bitters-maker 218 Shippen 
Rowbuck John, labourer George (N L) 
Rowcn Henry, caulker, Mitrlborough near Beach, (K) 
Rowen Jane, widow, 48 south Sixth 
Rowland James, sen. iron merchant 46 Arch — d h 
Fromberger's court \_aee Roland 

Rowland James, jun. 46 Arch — d. h. Fromberger's ct. 
Rowland John, cabinetmaker 6 Mary above Front 
Rowland Joseph \\: . iron merchant 161 N Second 
Rowland William, saw factory 54 Zane — d h 24 N 9th 
Rowley & Alburger, plumbers 9 south 6lh & 8 Walnut 
Rowley Edward & Son, merchants 22 N Third 
Rowley H. G. plumber 8 Walnut— d h 22 N Third 
Rowley Richard, merchant 22 north Third 
Rowley Samuel, pilot 467 south Front 

iRowlev William, waiter 204 south Fifth street 
[owse Martha, widow Noble street near Tliird 
fRoxbury David, labourer 6th near Catharine 
Roy John, victualler Charles near Buttonwood lafte 
Roy John, shoemaker 381 north Third 
1"Roy Mary, widow, washerwoman Garden street 
Roy Thomas, shoemaker 176 St. John 
Royal William B. teaclier 49 Crown 
Royer George, carpenter Kunckel near Tammany 
Rozts Andrew, victualler 14 Well's row, north 8lh 
Rubicam Charles, hatter 387 north Second 
Rubicam Daniel, Wa.shington hotel 20 south Sixth 
Hubicam John, farmer Camac's lane near Second 
Rubicam Jonathan, carpenter 144 Locust 
Rubicam Joseph, fruiterer 105 nortl\ Third 
Riiboy Joseph, labourer, l)ack of 54 N Fourth 
Ruby Mary, widow, 18 North alley 
Rucco Julius, M. D. 168 Spruce 
Ruch John, drygoods store 192 north Second 
Ruddach Jane, widow, back of 134 south Eighth 
Rudduach Mary, widow. 211 Sliipjien street 
Rudolf Conrad, turner Prince near Marlboro' 
Kudolph Catharine, widow, cor. Germ, road & Black- 
horse lane 
Rii'loif Christian, turner 470 north Third 
Rudolph George, carpenter Race ab. Sch. Seventh 
Rudolph George, jun. carpenter cor. of Alban i<c Castle 

RUS whitely's annual 

Rudolph Jacob, coachman 12 Stamper's alley 

Rudolph John, oakcoopei- 96 Green cor. Rose alley 

Rudolph John F. tailor 1 Hoffman's alley 

Rudolph William, hatter, back of 178 Race 

Rudy Jacob, innkeeper 377 High 

Rudy Jacob, combmaker 4th near Poplar lane 

Rue Benjamin, carpenter Camden (N J) 

Rue John, grocery and tavern 472 south Front street 

RuffWm. painter, &c. 14 S Eighth— d h 132 N 4th 

Rugan Charles, sea captain S8 Chester 

Rugan George, merchant 16 IJoble 

Rugan John & Sons, merchants 97 N Water — d h 248 

Rugan Joseph, weaver Fitzwalter cor. Seventh 
Ruggles Hannah, widow of Sherman, 106 Cherry 
Ruhl George, coachmakerand boardinghouse 90 N 5th 
Ruhli John E. coachmaker 23 Lombard 
Ruhlman John, cordwainer, back 123 Arch 
Rulon Benjamin, boardinghouse 111 Arch 
Rulon John W storekeeper 1 south Second 
Rulon Job, shipwright Marlborough above Bedford 
Rumley John, weaver, back 252 Lombard 
Rurnmel George, victualler Twelfth below Vine — stall 

71 High street market 
Rummel Jacob, plasterer 279 south Fifth 
tRummel John, mariner 90 Passyunk road 
Runisey Elizabeth, widow Shippen bel, 5th 
Rumsey, Sarah, boardinghouse Beach n. Maiden (K.) 
Rumsey William m.-d. 186 north Fourth [see Ramsey 
tRumsey Michael, labourer Hazel alley 
Rumpt Jacob, labourer cor. Coates and Sixth 
Rumpf Peter, cordwainer 142 Cedar 
Runckle William, clerk of the court of Quarter ses- 
sions, office 13 W wing of Statehouse 
Rundle Geo. stock and exchange broker (treasurer of 
the Sch. bridge company) Bank alley — d h Ritten- 
house place, Locust above 9th [see Randall 
Runner John, vict. stall 46 Old shambles 
Runoer Sarah, widow Old York road ab. Buttonwood 
Rush Catharine, widow 141 Locust street 
Rush Daniel^ farmer- Frankford road above West 
Rush Elizabeth, Mrs. Race below Sch Eighth 
Rush George, carpenter 211 Cherry [see Rasch 

Rush Misses, daughters of the late judge Jacob 278 

Rush Jacob, oysterman Britton's alley 
Rush James, m. d. 18 Chesnut 
Rush James I. ironfounder and Steam engineer corner 

9th and ^'ine — d h Palmyra Square 
Rush John, merchant 125 Race 
Rush John, carver 246 north Front 
Rush Julia, widow of Dr. Benjamin, 98 south Fourth 
Rush Lay ton, mariner, back 587 north Second 
Rush Lewis, gentleman 125 Race 


Rush & Mulik-nberg, steam engineers & ironfoundcrs 

CO r. \ inc aiii! Ninth 
Riisli Pliabc, widow, back 32 Plum 
Riisli Samuel, attorney at law, 73 and d h 98 S. Fourth 
Riisli Thomas W. coachmaker 45 soutli Foiirth 
Rush Tiiomas M. merchant 230 N. 2d.— d li 90 Wood 
Rush William, sen. carver 172 and 177 north Front 
Rush Wm.jun. clerk in the U. S. bank, Sixth corner 

Rush William, engine maker, back 341 Race 
Ruslia Joseph, carver and gilder 15 Perry street 
Rushton Edward, bandbox maker 93 north Front 
Rushton Wm. cotton spinner corner Cedar 8c Broad 
Rusk David, vict. 28 High st. market & Hartungs alley 
Rusk Elizabeth, Mrs. of Wm. north Third ab. Frauklm 
Rusk Charles, shoemaker 372 north Second 
Rusk Geoige, tanner and currier 79 Budd 
Rusk Samuel, carter 147 St John 
Rusk William, vict. Second below the Germantown r. 
+Russell Barney, barber Fuller's alley 
Russell Edw. merchant 73 S. wharves — d h 144 Pine 
Russell Elizabeth, widow 20 Walnut 
Russell Frances,, grocer 131 south Second 
Russell George, saddler 159 St. Johns 
Russell James, labourer Lombard west of Sch; Eighth 
Russell James, mariner 3 Sugar alley 
Russell John, weaver Washington above Callowhill 
Russell John, black and whitesmith 476 Race 
Russell John, painter &c. Alban 
Russell John, grocer 14 N. Third — d h 31 Chesnut 
Russell Jonathan, shallopman 72 Swanson 
Russell Joseph, grocer, corner of Beach and Maiden 
Russell Joseph S. spermaceti oil stramer 8cc. 55 Chesnut 
Russell, Louisa, teacher 48 south Fifth 
Russell Philip M. merchant 125 north Fifth 
Russell Robert, cordwainer 95 German 
Russell Samuel C. cordwainer 148 Cherry street 
Russell 8c Smith, merchants 75 south Wharves 
Russell Stephen, merch. 92 S. wharves — d li 77 Union 
Russell Wm. shipwright Marlborough below Prince 
Russell William, cotton manufactory 13th cor. Cieorge 
Rute Maiy, widow Old York road ab. Callowhill 
Ruth E. widow of William 51 Tammany 
Rutherford Jacob, carter 44 Ann 
Rutherford John, drover Locust above Juniper 
Rutter Henry, ropcmaker 572 S. Second ab. Wharton 
Rutter John, shoemaker Washington above Second 
Rutter John, jun. ropemakcr Cireenwich street 
Rutter Mrs. widow (iermantown road abf ve Pitt 
Rutter Mrs. widow of Samuel, 236 Filbert above 12th 
Rutter Matthias, carpetweaver cor. Moyamensing & 



fRyal John, carter 43 Small 

Ryan Hannah, widow, Pearson's court 

Ryan Hannah, widow, boardinghouse 5j Coomb's alley 

Ryan Heniy, carter back 21 Duke 

Ryan James, drover Pine near Schuylkill 

Ryan James, gentleman 77 north Seventh 

Ryan Lewis, boot and shoemaker 50 south Third 

Ryan Patrick, china store 15 north Third 

Ryan Timothy, carpenter 49 Penn 

Ryan William, currier 15 Chesnut 

Rycknvtin Jchn, cabinetmaker 243 north Front 

Ryckman Lewis, laoies' Khoemciker 345 -cuth Second 

RyersonG. Ormsby&Ct^ dng-gists 99 Walnut 

Ryland William Rev. 90 Crown 

SAABYE HANNAH, widow 98 Swanson 

Sabin Jose)>h, mariner Cherry near Prince 

Backer Henry, shoemaker Wood near Queen 

fSadler Levin bootcleaner 37 St. Mary street 

Sadler 'Eleanor, gentlewoman 169 Mulberry 

Sackriter David, cabinetmaker 259 south Seventh 

Sackriter Deborah, nurse 259 south Seventh street 

Saeltzer Benjamin, baker 485 north Third 

SafFord Ebenezer M. tailor 4 Harmony court 

Saffron Charles, cordwainer 16 York court (N. L) 

Safford John, stevedore 219 Swanson 

Saffron John, cordwainer 436 north Thix'd 

Sage Anthony., printer 184 south Sixth 

Sage DrumaUs grocer 480 High 

Sage Isaac, ferryman Camden (N J") 

Sage widow of Miles, ferryman Camden (N J) 

Sa'gathy Wm. innkeeper S. W. cor. of 2d. & Coates 

Sagee Francis, shipwright 7 Lytle's court 

Sager Hannah, widow, innkeeper 39 north Second 

Sager Michael, baker 274 Mulberry 

Sager Mrs. widow, 75 north Tenth 

Sageson James, blacksmith 17 Hurst street 

Sagey Andrew, furrier 437 north Third 

Sagers Jacob, matchmaker cor. Poplar and Fourth 

Sagers Samuel D. accountant 47 Wood 

Sagnier Henry, riding master, back 227 Walnut 

Sailer John, tailor 14 north Water 

Sailor George, vict. Front n Poplar lane Isee Say lor 

Sailor Godfrey, oakcooper Walker's court 

Sailor Henry, cigarmaker 11 north Fifth 

Sailor Henry, stonecutter 133 north Eighth 

Sailor Jacob, potter Third near Germantown road 

Sailor John, cabinetmaker 42 north Seventh 

Sailor Samuel, painter Lawrence above Wood 


Sailor Thomas, vict.203 St. John— stall 11 N L market 

Saint Daniel, corder Cliesnut st. wharf — d h 98 Union 

Saint Douglass, late corder 41 Cedar 

Salade Sebastian, fringe and lace weaver 10 north 6th 

Salaignac A. C accovmtant 44 Filbert 

Salez Jubin, oysterman N W cor. 2d and Walnut 

Salonius Elizabeth, widow 44 Meade alley 

Sal.sbury John, cordwainer Arch near Schuylkdl river 

SalspauglijJohn, cordwainer Arch near Schuylkill 

Salter Samuel, carver and gilder 2d above Ger. road 

Salter Sarah, 1 Library corner Fourth 

Saltinsta'l William, iccountant 121 south Eleventh 

fSaltus Samuel, mariner 76 Gcimau 

Saltzman Jacob, tavernkeeper 303 Vine 

Salvin James, Lewis, cakebaker Clymer's alley 

tSimmons Alice, widow, Lombard below Tenth 

™ainpson Peter, oysterman 489 south 2d street 

aamson Hasadiah P. grocer S E cor. Race and Front— 

d h 12 Race 
Samson John, grocer and tavern 422 north Front 
Samson Jos. awning 8c bed sacking maker 19 N Front 
Samuel Eliz. Mrs. French mantuamaker 54 Lombard 
Sanders Ann, seminay 78 north 7th [_see Saunderi 

Sanders Elizabeth, widow, Reliei street 
tSanders Ephraim, carter Cox's alley near 2d 
Sanders Henry, Crown near Frankford road 
Sanders Isaac, oakcooper Coatesnear Eighth 
Sanders Jesse, constable Maiden below Front 
Sanders John, carpenter north 2d above Beaver 
Sanders John, carpenter. Carpenter above Sixth 
tSanders John, mariner Nieman's alley 
Sanders Joseph, shipmaster 48 German 
Sanders Joseph, mariner Alberson's court 
tSanders Joseph, lal)ourcr Christian 
Sanders Mary, widow. Harper's alley (P T) 
fSanders Phoebe, widow, St. Mirv's street near 8th 
Sanders Rachel, widow, back 46 Spruce 
Sanders Richard, manner 522 south Front 
tSanders Robert, labourer Ball alley 
Sanders William, tavernkeepcr 24 south Fourth 
Sanders Wdliam, gunsmith 44 Cedar 
Sanders William, natter Faries's court 
Sanderson Joiin, seminaiy 443 High 
Sandford Ann, widow, 169 Pine 
Sandgren Charles, shipmaster 14 Queen 
Sandiford Rowland, coachmakcr 13th above Race 

Isee iktnjtrd 
Sandoz P. A. jeweller 24 Bread 
Sands Abraham, nailcuticr 298 Vine 
Sands John, carpenter Oak hiluw Coates 
Sands Nathan, shoiMnakcr Charles below James 
Sandy Martha, teacher 60 St. Tammany 
Sanford Bcnj. gentleman 16 S.msom {see Sandiford 
2 F 

SAV whitely's annual 

Sanford James, vender of books 201 north Fourth 
Sanford Wm. H. publisher & proprietor of the Union, 

50 Chesnut — d h 16 Sansom 
Sanno Frederick D. brassfounder418 north Fourth 
Sansom Joseyih, gentleman 182 north Fourth 
Sansom William, merchant 96 Mulberry 
Sante Christopher, labourer 145 Coates 
fSantierre Maria Ann, Eleventh below Pine 
SappV^rmstrong, huckster Cam.den (N J) 
Sapp Edward, bricklayer cor. Thirteenth and Vine 
Sapp Jacob, drayman, back 97 Budd 
S?.pp Margaret, widow, boardinghouse S3 Mulberry 
Sarchet John, blacksmith 81 Race — d h 30 Coates' alley 
Sargent Thomas, m. d. 144 Race 

Sargent Thomas, innkeeper 71 Dock fsee Sergeant 
Sarin Mar}', widow, cor. 4th and Christian 
Sarmiento Catharine, 206 Chesnut 
Sarno Frederick, labourer, back 471 north Third 
Sarvey Daniel, shoemaker 418 south 2d street 
Sasman William, biscuilbaker 389 N Front 
Satterthwaite Richard, brickmaker 20 Garden 
Saul Mary, teacher 198 Chesnut 
Saul Martha, widow, back 2IO3 Arch 
Saulnier John, accountant iyiguire 229 High 
Saulnier J. 8c John Durand, dry goods store 66 south 4th 
Saulnier John, merchant 39 Filbert 
Saulnier Joseph, carpenter 438 Sassafras 
-j-Saulnow Gabriel, carpenter 18 Burd's court 
Saunders Henry S. tavern & gi'ocery S Wcor, Front & 

Poplar lane \_see Sanders 

Saunders John W. merchant 64 South v/harves — d h 46 

Saunderson William, cordwainer 181 Race 
Saurman, widow of Martin, boardinghouse 97 N 9th 
Saurman Yerkes, copperplate printer 18 Library st. op, 

U. S. Bank— d h 30 Cherry 
Sausman Henry, watcliman Fifth aI:)ove Buttonwood 
Savage 8c Dugan, merchants Yoi'k street 
Savage (jeorge, grocer 2d ab. Poplar 1 — d h 69 Coates : 
Savage Jemima, widow, Knight's court 
Savage John, merchant York st. — d h 91 south 3d 
Savage Maria, widow, 79 German street 
Savage Mary, gentlewoman 328 :outh Front 
Savage Reuben, carpenter 381 Sassafras 8c 11th ab. Race /; 
Savage Wilham, carpenter 114 Budd above Poplar 
Savage William, labourer St. John above Beaver 
Savery George, turner Germ. r. above first gate 
Saxery Rebeqca, widow of Thomas, 20 north Fifth 
•fSavel Samuel, labourer Webb's alley 
Saville William, silverplater, 317 south Second 
Savin Samviel, sea captain 17 Duke (N L) 
Savo) Francis, paperhanger 79 north Fifth 
Savoy John R. card manufactory 18 Raspberry alley 


.■^;i\vn Harriet, 5 Cnllowhill 

Siiwner , ganlcncr I'rimc above Fifth 

Sawyer JamCN, Rcnileniau 201 south Second 
tSawyer Joliii, '2'26 Slii|)pen 
Sawyer Jonathan, mariner Marparetta 
Sawyer, widow «t Lewden, milliner 165 south 2d 
Sawyer Hobi-rt, blacksmitli 54 Duke (N L) 
Saw) er Tliomas, iiif/uirc cor. Pine and Second 
Saxton William, wheelwriu;ht 97 noith Kightii 
Say Miiiam, widow (<t Benjamin, 279 Chesnut 
Suyre Piter, tailor 1" Cresson's alley 
Sayre Wdliam, mate Queen near Shakamaxon 
Sayres David, shoemaker, back lOl Budd 
ScandUnij; Jeremiah, cordwainer 2 Ciab 
Scanlan VV'm. vict. stall 53 Old Shambles 
Scanlin Cornelius, weaver Cadwalader near Pitt 
Scantling Hugh, moroccodresser Callowhdl cnr. Sch. 3d 
Scantling Patrick, paver Fifth below Button wood 
Scantluig Peter, moroccodresser Rush's court 
Scargle Tliomas, drayman Cadwalader near Camac 
Sc iigle Wdliam, porter Pitt street n north Second 
Scarlet Samuel, artist and picture restorer 547 S 2d 
8c;ittergood John, carter 191 Callowhill 
S ittcrgood Joseph, cui-rier, &c. 276 & 278 N Front 
"^ ttergood Thomas F. carpenter, back of 187 Arch 
^ xll) Patrick, tallowchandler 218 nortli Sixth 
Schaeffer Catharine, widow. Carpenter above Fourth 
Schaeffer Charles, M. d. 137 Race 
SchaeHer Christian, baker Apple near George (N L) 
Schaeffer Dorothea Mi-s. midwife, ixick 267 Kace 
Schaeffer Fndk. D. rev. d. d. 27 N 4th [.srr Schaffer 
ScluiefTer Henry, soapboiler, Carpenter near Fifth 
Schaeffer Margaret, widow. High near Sch. Fifth 
Schafier Charles, accountant 66 south Eleventh 
Schaffer, widow, back 408 north Third 
Scliaida Christian, baker Callowhill next to 219 
Schallenburgh Manuel, farmer S 2d bel. Greenwich 
Schaumankessel Frederick, 352 north Second 
Scheel Jolm Daniel, accountant 16 south Twelfth 
Scheetz Conrad, hatter 329 north Thii-d 
Schell Henry, grocer 191 north Second \_see Shell 

Schell Marv, Old York n>ad ciniier Noble 
Schellinck Jolin, grocer Lom!>ard above Ninth 
Schellinger W'm. nilol 47 Cathaijnc \_net Hkeliintrer 
Scherzinger John M. oil and colourman 66 N 4lh — ti h 
^ 27 Cherry 

Sclietky (ivorgc, professor of music 71 Locust 
Schetky Miss, miniature portrait painter 71 Locust 
Scheucrnjann D.ivid, ccrdwainer 76 south Fifth 
Scheuermaim Mattliias, jun. toi)acconist 8soutii Sixth 
Schiemants Frederick, cordwainer above 543 N Third 
Sciiieser John J sexton, back 227 \\'ainut 
Si-.liindler Mnhael, c.^nier Oak and Passyunk 

SCH whitely's annual 

Schively George, attorney at law 16 Filbert 
Schively George C. shoemaker Queen n. Shakamaxon 
Schively Henry, cutler & surgeons' instrument maker 

75 Chesnut 
Schively Joshua, grocer 9 north Fourth 
Schlattei-er John, baker 210 north Second 
Schlatter & Bryan, merchants 223 High 
Schlatter William, merchant 223 High — dwelling Ches- 
nut above Twelfth \see Slaughter 
Schlechter Andrew, gentleman 93 Green 
Schiichter Andrew, gentleman 345 north Third 
Schlinch Catharine, widow, 117 Coates 
Sclilosser Jacob H. late currier cor. Cherry & Duke (K) 
Schnaible Lawrence, mealman Frankiord road 
Schnatz Sebastian, baker near 3C2 north Third 
Schneck Elizabeth, victualler 40 Old Shambles 
Schneider Rachel, tavcrnkeeper 290 north Front 
Schnell Philip, taveri)kei.-per 159 Callowhill 
Schnider Charles, assistant tyler to the Grand Lodge of 

Pennsylvania, 8 Heyde's court [see Snyder 

Schnider Wm. tyler lo Grand Lodge of Penn. 7 N 8th 

Schnider , widow, grocer cor. Spruv-e and Sixth 

Schmieding Frederick, turner 4th below Poplar 

Schoen Deborah, widow, teacher 99 Coates 

Schoch Geo. inn (sign Com. Decatur) 12 & 14 Decatur 

Scholfield Jared, teacher 92 Crown 

Scliooles Elizabeth, widow, 411 south Front 

Schooley Samuel, carter Liberty alley 

Schools John, distiller Maiden near Stone bridge 

Schott G. S. M. D. 47 north Eighth 

Schott James 8c Co. merchants 54 S Front & 385 Arch 

Schott John P. inspector of customs 43 north Sixth 

Schott Margaret, widow, 428 north Front 

Schovlfield Harrison, cordwainer Chai'lotte n. 4th and 

Germ, road 
Schraader Henry, innkeeper 400 north Third 
Schrack Abraham, jun. saddler 78 north Fourth 
Schrack Abraham, innkeeper 38 High 
Schrack Christian, coachpainter 80 north Fourth 
Schrack Henry, skindresser and parchment manufacr 

turer Margarctta near Newmarket 
Schrack Joseph, tavernkeeper Wood below 4th 
Schrader Henry & Philip, ropemakers cor. Ger. road 

and Master 
Schram Louisa, boardinghouse 35 Crown 
Schrank Phoebe, baker Jacoby street 
Schreider John D. watchman SheafF's alley 
Schreiner C. W. clock and watchmaker 78 N Third 
Schreiner Elizabeth, widow of Jacob, 27 Key's alley 
Schreiner Jacob, bookbinder back 110 north Eighth 
Schreiner Joseph H. hardware merchant 112 Sec6nd 

corner Race 
Schrieber Theodore, painter, &c. 70 Catharine 


Schreincr Mary, wulow hack 110 nortli Eighth 

Sctircincr Nicholas, tunicr Haiisc's covin 

Scliroiner Susan, widow 448-Suss;ihMs 

Sclnincr VVm. iKiokbiiider Q7 Joiic's aUcy 

Scliicka};ast George H. lainnirer back 91 north Third 

Sclircycr John, baker 20 Braiiner's alley 

Schriver Henry, victualler CallowhiU corner 13th — 
stall 17 old Shambles [va- S/irh'cr 

Schriver Peter, vict. Ciiarlcs — stall 13 Newmarket S. 2d 

Schriver Sirah, widow Charles near James 

Schriver Wm. vict. Charles — stall 11 Newmarket S. 2d 

Schroder Charles H. teacher 184 Locust 

Schrvcr (ieorgc, glue and cowskin whip factory 335 

Schult.heis John Nicholas, baker 85 New 

Schumo Phcebe, widow 22 EltVetli's alley 

Scluirck John, weaver 21 St. Tammany 

Scluiyler I'pilip, sailmaker near S?concl, Cobb's court 

Schuzcr Jolin Jacob, sexton of Sansom street Church 

between Eighth and Ninth in Sansom street 
Schwarz J, E. fur and commission merchant 23 Minor— 

d h 355 Race street 
Schwise John, shoemaker Old York road above Browne 
Schwitzer John, combmaker 4th below Master 
Schwenk Henry, tavernkeeper corner German and 

Passyunk road 
Sch^yeppenheiser John, carpenter 451 north Third 
SchxVeppenheiser Nicholas, tailor 435 north Third 
Schwikkard Frederick sealing wax and wafer manu- 
factory 255 north Front 
Scillingcr Justus, cooper back 111 Catharine 
Scoheld Gerard, teacher, school 18 Library — d h 58 N. 

, Sixth 

Scoheld Frederick, tsacher Coates ab. 2d — d h 108 Budd 
Scoficld James, tailor 10 Almond street 
Scoheld Lane, blacksm. Mercer st. shop 12th bel. Locust 
Scoggy John, carter Hose near Germantown road 
Scott Amos, cartel Oak al)Ove Coates 
Scott Andrew, weaver Hazel alley below Locust 
Scott Debora, widow nurse back 392 Race 
Scott Edwin T. grocer N E corner Ivghth & Cherry — 

d h 3 Schriver's court 
Scott (icorge, bottler 130 north Front 
Scott (ieoi gc & Son, oak co(>iums 1 19 north Water 
Scott George, mariner. 195 nortli Front 
|Scott Henry, carter 14 Hurst street 
j^Scott Henry, boot cleaner an<l dealer "9 south Second 
bcott James, bottler and wine and sjjirlt merchant 14 

south Front 
Scott James B. grain measurer 26 Si)rucc 
Scolt Jeremiah, labourer. Church street (back) 
Scott Job, wharf budder 14 Pi^plar abo\e Front — lumber 
yard corner Browne and (.)ak 
2 y 2 

SEA whitely's annual . 

Scott John M. attorney at law 217 Chesnut 

Scott John, grain measurer 26 Spruce above Front 

Scott John W. printer 36 north Sixth 

fScott John, shoemaker, corner Poplar lane 8c St. Johii 

fScctt John, hairdresser, 23 Cedar 

tScott John, porter 245 south Fourth 

Scott Juliana, gentlewoman S E corner Chesnut and 9th 

Scott Lawrence, morocco dresser, St. John ab. Poplar 

Scott M, widow tallowchandler 5 Quarry 

Scott Mary, niantuamaker 41 Mechanic 

tScott Mary, widow, opposite 310 south Seventh 

Scott Miss Sarah, shopkeeper, corner Shippen 8c Third 

Scott Patrick, soap 8cc. manufacturer 8 north Fifth and 

Gai-den sti-eet 
Scott Rees, carpenter Sch. 6th below Hi|;h 
Scott Robert, shoemaker Sch. 3d below High 
Scott Robert, tailor. Pine W. Broad 
Scott Robert, Hazel alley below Locust 
Scott Robert, engraver in the mint 
Scott Thomas, brushmaker Duval's court 
Scott Thomas, merchant 180 High — d h N W corner 

Ninth and Arch 
Scoct Thomas, tanner Budd above Poplar 
Scott William, dyer 38 Bread 
Scott William, tailor 170 Race 
Scott William, accountant 123 north Fifth 
Scott William, pilot 244 Swanson 
Scott Wiirfield, major general U. S. army, head qu^- 

ters and d h 91 south Eighth 
Scotten P. 8c A. bonnet makers 5 Strawberry 
Scotti John, perfumer and hairdresser, 15 south Fourth 
Scravendyke Peter, soap and candle maker 237 S. 2d 
Scriven Ehzabeth, widow. Prince near Hanover 
Scrnggy John, carter Rose (N. L.) 
Scrnggy Thomas, labourer 19 Prosperous alley 
Scrog'gy Thomas, grocer and bottler 270 south Seventh 
Scuber Rachel, seamtress Prime 
ScuU Daniel, grocer 333 north Front . 
Scull and Lafferty, corders Oak street below Noble 
Scull Samuel, coachmaker Camden (N. J.) 
Scull Samuel, shipmaster, 333 north Front 
Scull William, late innkeeper 4 Callowhill 
Scull William B. hardware store 96 north Third 
Scull Wm. drayman, S. W. corner of Centre Square 
Scully John, bottler 17 Walnut 

Scurrah Ann, grocer N W corner Cedar and Barron 
Seaborn Elizabeth, widow, shopkeeper 76 Arch 
Seabrook James, merchant tailor, 53 south Third 
Seal William, jun. silversmith 118 south Front 
Sealey Solomon, cordwainer cor. Sixth and Germ, ro^d 
Seaman Charles, cordwainer Greenes court 
tSeanian Francis, mariner 15 I^arham's alley 


Seaman George, waterman, 16 Queen street (S.) 

[see Sitnian i}^ Scema7i 
Search Joseph, ropemaker, Kichtli Fitzwahcr street 
Search Joshua, ropemaker Eiglith near Passyimk 
Search, ifc Marryon, wheelwrights, Sch. 8th ahf>\ e Hacr 
Search Wni. wheelwright Schuylkill 8th above Race 
Searl Enos, drayman, Lauret near Budcl 
Searl Joseph, drayman 241 Callowhill above Tenth 
Seal s Christopher, drayman, 442 N- Front above Poplar 
Seal's Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, corner Poplar lane & 

Budd sti-cet 
Sears Mrs. widow, Frankford road below Queen 
Seawright Mary, widow, 57 Budd 
Sebeiilist Michael, city watcliman 6 Sugar alley 
Setcor David J. carpenter Marks' lane 
Secicel Adam & Co. brewers 16 and d h 24 George 
Stckel George L. merchant. 13 south Ninth 
Seckel George D grazier Eighth north Eighth 
Seokel Joshua C. copal varnish and japan manuf. 37 Vine 
Seckel Lawrence D. merchant 313 High 
Seckel Lawrence, wine merchant, 1 north Fourth — d h 

162 north Fifth 
Seddidger M. saddletreemaker Frank, r. ab Bedford 
Seddinger Matthias, silverphiter Smith's alley (N. L.) 
Seeds Adam, labourer, Lombard below Twelftl\ 
Seeds Samuel, weaver, Lombard above Twelfth 
Seeger David, 226 High — d h 18 south Seventh 

{see Soger 
Seeger William F. mermant, 21 south Front 
Segravt Walter, bottler ficc. 139 north Front 
Segn George, gold and silversmith, back 484 N. Third 
Seel Elizabech, widow Maria street 
Seeley and Gibb's, drygoods store N E corner Arch and 

Seelhorst Frederick, grocer, 67 north Eighth — store 

N M c< rnerRace and Fifth 
Sees George, late grocer, Pine above Thirteenth 
Seidel John N morocco leather dresser 174 Cedar 
Seidel Nicholas, morocco lenther dresser 174 Cedar 
Seiders Cnarles, baker 18 Green 
Scip Peter, accountant 1 Sterling alley 
Seip Jacob, pewterer 455 south Second street 
Sclah John, baker 443 north Front 
Selfiidgc VVm carpenter 123 north Eleventh ab. Race 
tSclmau Jane, widow, 32 Lombard street 
Seixas David G. queensware manuf. High W. Sch. 7ih 
Selkirk Jolm, importer of hardware 19 Minor d h 186 

souch Eleventh 
Sell Jacob, tailor Prince near Hanover 
Sell Samuel, baker 405 Secoi\d above Poplar lane 
Sell Solomon, tailor, 76 Browne 
Sellers Coleman, wirewrvkev 231 High 
Sellers & Davis, grocers 54 north Third 

SEX whitely's annual 

Sellers Isaac, brassfounder 2 Trotter's alley — d h back 

398 north Front 
Sellers J- corder Arch street wharf 
Sellers James, wireworker 231 High — d h Mulberry ct. 
Sellers Jane, matron of Christ Church Hospital 10 

Sellers Jesse, grocer 54- NOblc — ^d h 5 Elfreth's alley 
Sellers Nathan & David, wireworkers 231 Pligh 
Sellers Nathan Y. turner, back 129 Walnut 
Sellers & Pennock patent fire hose, and bucket manu- 
factures 231 High 
Sellei's Rachel, widow of David 8 north Sixth 
Sellers Samuel, wireworker 231 High — d h 8 north 

fSelUston Favoury cook, 8 Pleasant avenue 
ISillison Ann, widow Plum alley 
Se'ne'maud J. B. jeweller 126 south Fourth 
Senderling Nicholas, carter Beach near Maiden 
Sener John, tanner, Prime above Fifth street 
SenifF John A. gardener above Spruce near Sch. Front 
Senior Catharine, milliner 78 south Fourth 
Senior Sarah, widow, washerwoman Ann W. Sch. 8th 
Senn Henry, cordwainer, 151 Green 
Senn William, shoemaker 124 Callowhill 
Sennet James, weaver Otter near Germantown road 
Sennet Prosper L, drygoods store 14T south Eiglith 
Sergeant Eliza, widow. Otter near Germantown road 
Sergeant Eliza, widow, 104 south Eighth 
Sergeant E. Spencer, attorney atgjaw 72 south Fourth 
Sergeant Henry, merchant 121 S. rront — d h 36 Sansom 
Sergeant John, counsellor at law, office 91 and d h 89 
south Fourth [see Sargeant 

Sergeant Thomas, attorney at law, 72 south Sixth 
Serls Thomas, draydriver, West near Hanover 
Serrill Pearson, merchant 169 High — d h 17 Sansom 
Seright Mary, widow 57 Budd ► 

Service George, morocco dresser 118 St. John 
Server John, cabinetmaker, back 214 north Eighth 
Servoss C. K. 126 Walnut 
jSesser Alexander, 2 Bonsall (93 years of age next 

fSeth Wm. porter 45 Currant alley 
Settle Nicholas, brickmaker Vine W. of Broad 
Setzinger John, cordwainer 438 north Third 
Severin George, ivory turner German, r. above 1st gate 
Seveke Godfred, baker 86 north Front 
Severn Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin, 66 Zane 
Severne Wm. vict. 220 north 8th — stall 44 Newmarket 
tSevinger Diana, Miles' court near Rose 
Sewall John, accountant 34 south Fifth 
Sewell Norris, baker Frankford road near Queen 
Sexton Benjamin, 125 south Ninth 
Sexton Catharine, widow Courtney's court 



Sexton John, wharfbuilder Beach near Maiden 

Sexton Joseph S. merchant 59 Spruce 

Sexton Silas W. tailor 28 Hieh 

Seybci-t Cutlip, blacksmith Kunckcl below Callowhill 

Seybert Adam, M. D. irtc/uire 8 south Tenth 

[see Sidbet, Sibcrt, if Sijbert 
SeybtTt Conrad, gentleman 388 north Second 
Seybert Elizabeth, shopkee|)er Fourth near George 
Seyl)ert Gerhard, 12 N. L market 
Seybert John, tooth brushmaker Garden street 
Seybert Phoebe, widow 7 Wagner's alley 
Seybert William, sea captain 62 Green 
Seyfert Conrad, bookbinder 10 Pear 
Seyfert Charles, bookbinder and grocer 136 Swansea 
Seytert John, blacksmith 90 St. John 
Seyferfelt John, shipwright Shakamaxon above Queen 
Seyferlield John, shipwright 5'^) Green 
fSeymour Cato, mariner ISlShippen 
tSeymour John, labomer. Middle alley 
Seymour Joseph H. engraver 135 Movamensin^ road 
Seymour Saml. engraver inquire 135 Moyamensmg road 
Shabert Eliza, widow 152 Locust 
tSliad Jeremiah, blacksmith 45 Currant alley 
Shade George, hatter 231 north Second 
Shade John, ropemaker, south Front above Prime 
Shade Peter, brushmaker 2 north Front 
Shafel Christian, baker, south Fifth below Chinstian 
Shafer Ann, 92 Locust 
Shafer Elizabeth, widow, 559 south Second 
Shafer Hannah, widow 9 Plum 
Shafer Jeremiah, cordwaincr High W. Sch. Eighth 
Shafer John, carter Cedar above Twelfth 
Shafer Lydia, widow, Lombard near Sch. Seventh 
Shafer Philip, carter Sch. Second above Spruce 
Shaffer Adam, carter, back 473 N. 3d [see Shaejffl> 
Shaffer Christian, vict. 91 Garden almve Pcgg's run 
Shaffer Conrad, carter Carpenter (S) above Fifth 
Shaffer David, vict. IS Budd 
Shaffer Elizabeth, widosv, 24 Passyunk road 
Shaffer George, cordwainer Lily alley 
Shaffer Jacob, labourer Buttonw'ood above Eiglith 
Shaffer Jacob, victualler Ciardcn above Pegg's run 
Shaffer John, bricklayer Coates above Seventh 
Shaffer John, tanner Laurel near Second 
Shaffer 'Michael, carter and grocer S W cor. Green and 

Old York road 
Shaffer Michael, carter Clifton 
Shaffer Peter, labourer Lombard W. Sch. Eighth 
Shaffer Philip, carpenter Ann street, Penntown 
Shaffer Thomas, glassblowcr, Prince near Cherry 
Shaffer William, carter Gcr. road above Fourth 
Shales Jacob, wharfbuilder Germ. r. above Laurel 

SHA wkitely's annual 

Shallcross Leonard, shoemaker 137" south Front 

Shallow Marj^, widow Portland lane 

Siiallus Francis, engraver 161 Chesnut 

Shallus' Circulating Libraries, 94 S. 3d and 142 N/ 3d 

Shamway Sylvaiuis, collector 17 Branch 

Shanahan Margaret, widow 186 Cedar 

Shane Casper, teed store 444 Race 

Sliane George L. ropemaker Beach near Maiden 

Shane Mary, laundress 183 north Eighth 

Shanessy John, hairdresser 55 south Third 

fSliankland Louisa Ann, widow, Meredith's court 

Shaukland Margaret, widow 1 Federal st. 

Shanks Abraham, tailor 106 Green 

Shrdiks George, tobacconist 152 Cedar 

Shanks Hannah, widow Kugler's court 

Shannon Baltus, carpenter, Pi'ince near Hanover 

Shannon Henry, shipcarpenter Queen near Marlboro' 

Shannon James, labourer 9 Prosperous alley 

Shannon Jane, tavernkeeper 368 High 

Shannon Jolin, hatter 20 Cresson's alley 

Shannon Michael, labourer, back 295 south Third 

Siiannon Mrs. widow of William 146 High 

Shannon William, gunsmith and cutler 223 Shippen 

Sharmer Kitty, widow, Lily alley near Tammany 

Snarp Abiah, shipmaster 8 Lombard 

fSharp Adam, porter. Christian below Sixth 

Sharp Catharine, widow 146 Lombard 

Shai-p Cliarles, merchant tailor 39 north Third 

Sharp Daniel, brigade inspector. Juniper below High 

Shai-p Edward, gentleman, Camden (N J) 

Sharp George, carpenter Palmer above West 

Sharp Hannah, widow 447 south Front 

Sharp Isaac, waterman 10 Stephens' court 

Sharp John, tailor 317 south Second 

Sharp John, pilot 40 Queen 
Sharp John G. ca 

carpenter 47 Browne (N L) 
Sharp John & Co. mei'chants 1 Greenleat's court, or 

over 10 south Fourth— d h 66 north Fifth 
Sharp Joseph, drygoods store 9 south Second 
Sharp Josiah, chairmaker 395 south Front 
Sharp Mary, widow, German below Fourth 
Sharp Patrick, tailor 42 S. Water and 2 Bell's court 
Sharp Philip, cotton, &c. presser 91 N. Water and red 

store N. wharves 
Suarp Rob. tinman, back 75 N. Sixth 
Sharp Robert, labourer, back 338 north Second 
fSharp Robert, labourer Rose (N L) 
Sharp Samuel, captain of the T. eamboat Camden, back 

11 Wagner's alley 
Sharp & Sleeper, merchant tailors 39 north Third 
Sharp Susan, widow. Palmer above West (K) 
Sharp Thomas, tailor 110 Crown 
Sharp — — , shallopman, back 97 Budd 

i>Hii,Ain:LPHiA DintcToRYt SHL 

Sluirpe Benjamin, clotli 21 smith Second 

Sharpe Lcdcw) kc, lucrcliant 18 north Ninth 

Shiirjie rev Solomon, 5'22 noitli Second cor. Beaver 

Sliarplcss Awn, south Klcvintli beh.nv Spruce 

Sharpless Jesse, 48 High — d h 9 north Fourth 

Sliar|)les8 Joseph. bookt)inder 21 north Fourth 

Sliarpless Jos. J. drygoods store 16} S. 2d — d li 9 N. 4th 

Sharpless Joshua, jun. carpenter High \V. Perm.briilgc 

Sharpless Juliana, widow, storekeeper 16 north Sixth 

Sharpless E. bonnetmaker 30 Arch 

Sharpless Mary, 34 Sugar alley 

Sharpless Townsend, merchant 30 south Second 

Sharjjnack Benjamin, mercliant 209 Higli 

Sharpnack, Destouct ik Co. merchants 209 High 

Sharssvood James, gentleman 92 north Sixth 

Sharswood William, gentleman 92 north Sixth 

Shavvey Daniel, lal)ourer 416 south Second 

Shauck Michael, 79 Green 

Shaw Amos, sasvyer 8 Stepliens' court 

Shaw Alex, hardware merchant S W cor. Third & Arch 

Shaw Ann, segarmaker 53 Small 

Shaw Ann, widow of George, 31 south Front 

Shaw Benjamin, gentleman 52 south Fifth 

fSluiw Benjamin, mariner Shippen below Eighth 

Shaw Abial, woodsawyer Cooper's court (NX) 

tShaw Benjamin, labourer 21 Hurst street 

Shaw Elizabeth, widow 49 Pine 

Shaw Eleanor, widow 184 St. John 

Shaw Isaac, blacksmith, Shippen below Fifth 

Shaw James, carpenter 125 Cedar 

Shaw James M. hatter 218 Hig4i 

Shaw Jeremiah, tavernkeeper Old York r.ab. Tammany 

Shaw John H. (U. S. Navy hotel) 25 Prime 

Shaw John, justice of the peace, 406 north Second 

Siiaw John, labourer Huddle's court 

Shaw Joseph, upholsterer 35 north Third, and 112 Race 

Shaw Joseph, artist 570 south Front 

Shaw Joshua, hatter 100 High— d h N W cor. Eighth 

and Cherry 
Siiaw & Lobdell, hat-warehouse 100 High 
Shaw Mary, china store 65 north Seventh 
Shaw Richard, carter 283 north Front 
Shaw Robert, vict. High W. of the Permanent bridge 
Shaw William, M. D. 237^1 Arch 
Shaw Wm. labourer Mifflin's court 
Shay Daniel, mate 12 Almond 
tSliav Hannah, widow Trusty's court 
Sheatf widow ot Pliilip, 172 Vine 
Siicaflcr John, Carpenter Se\ enth above Camac 
SlR-arcr John B. shoemaker 38 south Fiftli 
Shearer John, cordwainer, back 482 north Third 
Shearer Valentine, carter 271 N. Eighth l-sec Sfierer 
Shearman Conger, storekeeper 196 Cedar 

SHE whitely's annual 

Sheble Adam, hardware store 8c cedar cooper 206 N. 3d 
Sheble David, hardwai-e store 155 north Third 
Sheble Frederick, corner Callowhill and Sixth 
Sheble Jacob, dealer in second-hand furniture 79 N. 5th 
Sheble Jacob, jun. cabinetmaker 465 north Second 
Shedaker James, guager and oak cooper 45 S. Water 
Sheed George, plasterer 275 south Fifth 
Sheed Maiy, widow of Wm German below Fifth 
Sheed William W. sea captain 33 Queen 
Sheepshanks Thomas, merchant 22 Church alley 
Sheepshanks William 8c Co. merchants 166 High 
Sheep.hankb Wm. merchant 166 High — d h 230 Race 
Sheer Frederick, victualler, stall 30 New market — d h 

48 Moyamensing road 
Sheer widow of Jolin, 22 Plum 
Sheets Jacob, boatbuikler 456 south Front 
Sheetz Jacob, hatter 329 north Third 
Sheet z John, accountant 329 north Third 
Sheetz John, caulker, Hanover above Prince 
Sheetz Mary, widow Hanover above Queen 
Sheetz Matthias, labourer Spruce near Broad 
Sheetz Peter, farmer Marlborough near Bedford 
Sheetz Peter, chairmaker Palmer above West 
Sheetz Sarah, widow Cherry near West 
Sheilds Luke, carpenter 203 north Fourth 
Sheldon William, lampmaker 93 Walnut — d h 42 Cur- 
rant alley 
Shell Lewis, segarmaker Broad above Race 
Stiell Miss Margaret, cakebaker 79 Race 
fShell William,^labourer 6 Acorn alley 
Shellcup Mrs. washerwoman 15 Wells' row 
Shelmerdine Edward, hat manufactory and warehouse 

159 Chesnut 
Shemar James, waterman 15 Christian 
Shepard Henry, innkeeper 144 Cedar 
tShepard Ezekiel, mariner 2 Eagle court 
Shepherd Catharine, boardinghouse 128 north Fourth 
Shepherd Collins, grocer 306 High— d h N W cor. of 

George and Eleventh 
Shepherd 8c Davis, grocers 306 High 
Shepherd Daniel, watchman 160 Swanson 
Shepherd Francis, rigger Nieman's alley 
Shepherd Jacob, vict James st. — stall 62 New market 
Shepherd Jacob, caulker Marlborough near Prince 
Shepherd James, carpenter Smith's alley (N L) 
Shepherd John, vict James st. — stall 68 New market 
Shepherd John, jr. vict, James near Ridge road 
Shepherd John, caulker Frankford road near Bedford 
jShepherd John, labourer 1 Pottery alley 
Shepherd Josejih, mariner 13 Swanson 
Shepherd Margaret, widow. Beach near Maiden 
Shepherd Philip, victualler. Pleasant 
^Shepherd Randall, fruiterer S W cor. Chesnut and 7tb 


Sli€i>licr(l Kobcrt. vict. Apple near (Jcorge(N L) 
Shepherd S.irali, widow Apple near (ienrgc 
SlicplR-nl Silvimus, huckster C.Tn>'!(.n (N J) 
Sl>c|)licrd Simpson, accountant 5 LitllclKn's couit 
ShcijlKrd ri»oin;is, storekeeper l north Filth 
Shei)lieid William, bcllhangcr, &c. 250 Race 
Sheppard (';itl>arine, widow 57 Vine 
Shepp.ird Richd. corder on Vine st. wharf, UPfciffer'sa) . 
Sheppcrd Mar)-, widow Hanover near Prince 
Shi.i)pcrly Josepli, vict. 440 nortli Second 
Shcpperly Joseph, vict. stall 22 N L market 
Sherborne William, iiuibcuit baker 70 Swanson and 165 

Sherely Jolin, stockingwcaver Tammany bel. Rose ay. 
Sherer Ann, nnrse 264 Lombard 
Sherer Hannah, \siilow 6.1 Queen 
Sherer Isaac, carpenter Rose alley ab. Coatcs'st. 

Sherky , widow, Vine above Broad 

Sheridan Abm. gentleman Sch. Upper bridge, W. end 
Slieridan Elizabeth, widow 1 Cresson's alley 
Sheridan Owen, stablekeeper, back of ti/i/jer 33 N.8lh 
Sheridine Mary, widow of D. lute deaiei 61 C-hristian 
Shermcr Elizabeth, milliner 79 north Second 
Sherman Wm. E. sea captain MCnUocii's court 
Shermer A. ik: J. cabinetmakers 42 Browne 
Shcrmer Jacob, cabinetmaker 422 north Tliird 
Shermer John, sexton otii Presbyterian ch. 80 Locust 
Shermer John, shoemaker 21d south Seventh 
Shermer Mary, widow, boardinghouse 5 Sterling alley 

Shermer , widow 64 Browne 

Sliermer \\'m. carver and gilder 13o Arcli 
Shevrerd Catharine, widow 31 New Market 
Sherrerd John, gioter OUi York road comer Noble 
~ errifFCieorge, baker 46 Fill)ert 
crriff \N', baker 332 High below Tenth 
rry James, drygcxls store, 38 south Fifth 
^lerry John, barber, hack 66 Shippen 
^lerry Margaret, widow, Apollo above Cedar 
Slierwood James, sl.ijjwi igiil Carpenter below Second 
Sliettel Daniel, brickmaker 239 Callowhill ab. Tenth 
Sheitel Henry, victualler 239 CallovOiill above Tenth 
Shetzline Samuel, caulker Lauitl above Front 
-'etzline Michael, cartor Laurel above Front 
.'jwell Thomas, meich^tnt o5 north Secind 
.oy John, shipwright Marlborough r.ear Prir.ce 
> iibe Catharit.e. boarding iiouse (ier. roa«l near Third 
"^..ibe John, shipwii^^lu (.Jiter near Frankfonl road (K.) 

->l)ihe , saw\er Shakam.axon near Bedford 

^ .ields .\r.n, 29'North alley 

>i lields Catharine, widow, hookfolder. back 74 S. Fifth 
"^lields Charles, plastrrer, back 490 Race 
Siiielils Eliza Mrs. Cedar abo\ c Seventh 
Shields Jacob, sliipwr'glit 444 N. Frontab. Poplar lane 
2 G 


Shreve Margaret, widow 37 Key's alley 

ihrlJei: ?'"7' ^'J^'"^^^^'- 40 Catharine ^''' ^'''"''"' 
blinver barah, widow, victuallpr rhar.i-:.c u ^ r 

Shronk widow of Geo'rge^SOO CoSlf '' ^''°^ ^^'"^^ 

bhronk Josepii, carter 446 Race 

bhronk Phoebe, widow Jacoby street 

Shubard George, fisherman Hanovernear PriRce 

Shubert George, ladies' shoemaker 14 KnLht's court 

Shuber Isaac, carpenter 10th below Pine ^ 

Shuber John.coachnr^aker 22 Federal below Second 

ihuffle'bmom wT^T'' ^^"f^"^^ below Second 
suuraeDottom Wrn. china merchant 42 north Spmnr^ 

Shugart George S. hardware store 385 north SecoTc 
IhufeTF^'JT';/"'"-.""""'^^"^' 366 "°'-th Second ° 
Shn 1 F^i , ^^'^'' ''''*°^'' of Jacob, 209 north Third 
S u jJhn R'rif ? •' ?f '^^ ""^^"'"^ ^' Marcus Hook 
Shn L r .K ^^""''^ '■". ^''^ Cnstom-house 384 S. Front 
§!'"J:^Catharine, widow, back 99 Shippen 

Shn 'yr\''''T""-u^'^^^^°^« 20 Pa4unk road 

Shu S r^^''^"' h ^^°^'"^ker 277- north Tliird 

bhu tz George, labourer St. Joseph's avenue 

bhu tz Hannah, widow Grissel's alky 

bhu tz John, jeweller 272 south Third [see Shut^ 

?hr .' NiH^', ''^'^"^ Carpenter (S.) above Fourth 
bhultz Nicholas, carpenter 131 Cherrv 
bhuman Frederick, storekeeper 387 north Third 

Shumai- Wm. labourer Juniper above Race 
bhunk Isaac, carpenter 57 Mechanic 
cu ''M°ff f }o»^as. labourer 560 north Second 
Shurtleff Wm. mate 68 Catharine 
Shusted David, labourer 15 Christian 

thus ev r Jh '^•''' °'^''- ?°"P^^" ^ Pe""^ylvania avenue 
bhustei Catharine, widow, nurse Cadwalader 
bhus er Jacob, oak cooper 75 N. Water~d h 30 Vine 
OM Jh^mble?'"' "'^"^""' ^' Lawrence-stall 31 

^'if n «%*^"'' ''•^^'^"^^ Lawrence below Callowkill- 

stallS New market south Second 
bhute David, teacher, back 15 Budd 
bhute Enoch, 330 south Third 

Shute vVilIiam. umbrella maker, back 355 N. Second 
thn H i>"" -'V u'^T Carpenter (S.) above Fourth 
bhutt e Daniel, brickmaker CallowhiU above Tenth 
bhuttle Henry, victualler 47 Old shambles 
bhutz.ine D-.ivid, farmer Passyunk below Buck road 
bibble John, Victualler, Allen near Frankford road (K.) 
bibbie Mary, Pcnn (K.) Point Pleasant ^ 


Sil)l)ct John, plasterer S VV r(M-. Fifi!» aiul Pniiic 

Sil)LTt Aihun, cordwHiiicr 2^4 \ ine b',1. 8tli [.itr Scybert 

Sibv!, Davics & Co. drygnoris store f) south Second 

Sickle Catliarine, wulow 124 soutli Fitili 

Sickels Julia Ann Mrs. 173 north Front 

Sickels Thomas H. I idies' shotm iker Paschal's alley 

SicklVct Geoige, c;.'r>lwi»i,)fr 27 Mechanic 

SicktVet John, ^hip^• irpcnter Beach above Hanover 

Sickfrt't Joseph, ship\Nri}^ht Hanovernear Queen 

Siddall James, tavernkceper 74 N. Water & 75 N. Front 

Siddall Ji.sepli H. surveyor& draftsman, 105 N. Front 

Siddall Jos<.'i)h, dn'goods store 59 ruirlii Third 

Siddons John, mariner 4.52 so ith Front 

SiddoMS Jos. biscuit baker 30 S. wharves — d h 24 Union 

Siddons Josiah,dryg<-otls store 193 south S-Cond 

Side George, cordwaiuer Baker's court 

Side Hannah, taihiress Sch Second b»,*lo\v Spruce 

Side William, cordwainer, buck 517 north Tliird 

Sides William, brickmaker ror. Spruce and Sch. 2d 

Siebcrt F.ckhart. baker 112 Callowhill 

Siemcrs Frederick, oak cooper, back 54 Newmarket 

Siens Barbara, widow, back 295 south Third 

Sigk-r Amos, gunsmith cor. Broad and Cedar 

Sigone Madame. 120 Pine 

Silbert George, labourer Carpenter (S ) above Fifth 

Silbert Peter, labourer 230 south Fifth 

Silcoek Charles, cooper 15 Swanson 

Silence widow of Jolm, Locust above Twelth 

Sills F,has, wharf builder 30 Browne 

Silva Francis, mariner 23 Plum 

Silvan Jiihn L. pastry cook,&-\ Clymer's alley 

Silveira A ¥.. tailor 55 north Third 

Silvers Jacob, I)lacksmitli Pcggnear Calile lane 

Slherthorn John, suilmakcr 10 Coombs' alley 

Simts Jimes W. druggist, &c. 459 High [see Sims 

Simington George, shoemiker Second above Catharine 

Simkins Wm. waterman M'CulIoch's court 

Simler George, tailor l*enntown [«fe Symington 

tSimmons Ann, widow, back 93 Sliiopeii 

Simmons Anthony, assistant'-judge of the district court 

and colonel of the 96th regiment 100 south l'!ighth 
Simmons Edward, lumlier merchant 145 north Third 
Simmons Rdwaid and Son, lumber merchants 145 N. 3d 

and 144 n'.r'li Second 
Simmons Edward, jun. supercargo 217 Walnut 
Simmons E<lwaiil, 85 Wood 
fSimmons Edward, Wood corner Garden 
Simmoiis I'.li/. ibeth, 25 Meade alley 
^Simmons Hcnrv, rag dealer Ganlen above Wood 
Simmons Is lac, sjiipwatch, back 3 Pirliam's alley 
tSimmons Jane, widow Smith's court 
Simoions John, collector 47 Tammanv 
2 g2 


Simmons Joseph, commission merchant, near cor. 10th 

and Cherry 
Simmons Mordecai, teacher Willings' alley — d h 28 St. 

John street 
fSimmons Rachel, widow Pine alley 
Simmons Rebecca, teacher 65 Tammany 
SiMinions Sarah, widow Callowhill above Twelfth 
Si iimcns Stephen, lumber merchant 179 N Watei* — dh 

119 Vine 
Simmons Steph bleeder See. 181 S Front & 180 S Water 
fSmmons Susan, widow St. Mary street 
Sin.innns WiUiam, balance weigher, back 78 south 

FroiU-^-d h Tammany above Fourth 
Simmons William, jun. merchant 214 Pine 
Simmons William b, merchant 127 Arch 
Simms & Creighton, Irish linen merchants 11 S Front 
Simnia Robert, li'ish Imen merchant 11 south Front — 

d h 48 W^alnut 
fSimon Alice, widow Clever alley 
Simon John, shoemaker 13 Hinkel's court 
Simon Jolm, jun. grocer Beach above Maiden 
Simon John, baker 24 Wahiut 
fSinion John, Ijarber 302 Vine 
tSirnon Jolm, cook Middle alley 
Simon Joseph, bathhouse 6 &c 7 Fi'omberger's court 
Simon Michael, cooper 368 High 
Simon Michael, shipwright Frankford r. near Queen 
Simon Peter, mcrciiant 164 Race 
Simon Philip F. bleeder and barber 282 Vine 
Simons John P. hatter Hunter's court 
Simons Joseph & Co. linen and woollen drapers — N E 

corner Cedar and Second 
Simons Noah, storekeeper 39 Pine 
Simons Wm. hatter 387 north Second 
Simpson y\nthony, labourer 206 Clierry 
Simpson David, cooper 391 north Front 
Simpson Deborah, widow, teacher 3 Meade ay. 
Simpson EUzahetii, widow 54 Plum 
Simpson George, cashier Girard's banking house— d h 

104 Chesnut 
Simpson George, cordwainer 242 south Sixth 
Simpson Hannah, widow, 180 north Second 
Simpson Hannah, nurse 158 north Water 
Simpson Henry, merch. 26 N Front — d h 104 Chesnut 
tSimpson Henry, waiter Green's court 
Simpson Isaac, cabinetmaker 7 Shippen 
Simpson James, grocer S W cor Plum and Third 
Simpson James, combmaker 18 south Fourth 
Simpson James, carter 62 Catharine 
Simpson John, cordwainer Race below Sch. Eighth 
Simpson John, paperstalner 461 Race 
Simpson Matthew, whipthongmaker 11 Kibb's court 
Simpson Michael, engineer 158 north Fifth 


Simpson Richard, boot aiul shoemaker 168 soutli Ninth/ 

Simpson Samuel, teacher 25 Green 

Simpson Stepl\en, accountant 5 north Thirteenth 

Simpson Thos. diygoods store 28 Chevnut — d h 156 Fine 

Simpson Thomas, combnianuf 137 south '2(.\ 

Simpson William, cordwaincr Cherry cor. Elevcntli 

Simpson William T. innkeeper 110 north Ninth 

Simpson Wni. late grocer Tliirteentli below High 

f Simpson Wm. doctor Barclay's alley 

Simpson Wm. cordwainer 168 soutii 9th bel. Lombanl 

Simpson William, weaver Lombard above Twelfth 

Sims David, corder 12 Margaretta 

Sims John, painter &:c 40 soutli Eighth and 429 Arch 

— d h Eleventh below Arcli 
Sims Joseiih, merchant countinghouse 155 south Water, 

d h S W coi'. Chesnvit and Ninth 
Sims Peter, ropemaker Carpenter's alley 
Sims Wm. ropemaker Carpenter (S) above Fifth 

l-see Simes If Simnift 
Sin Susannah, cakebaker shop 70 Race 
jSinclair Cornelius, waiter 22 Biird's court 
iSinclair Joseph, porter 42 Passyunk road 
Sinclair Samuel, watchman Buttonwood near Fifth 
Sinclair Wm. cabinetmaker, back 126 south 
Sinen John, cordwaiaer Margaretta 

Siner , widow George n. Scti. Eighth 

Siner Jacob, brassfounder Fourth below Cieorge (N J.) 
Siner John, bi'assfounder4th near George (N L) 
Siner John, ropemaker 483 south Front 
Siner Thomas, shuttlemaker Thorn's court 
Sinex Jnlin, cordwainer, back 45 Key's alley 
• Singer John & Co. merchants 263 High 

- Singer John, jun. merchant 263 High 

■ Singer John, coachtrimmer, back 84 Union 
Singer John, merchant 263 & d h 413 Higli 

'■ Singer Susanna!), widow 53 (>corge street (S) 

' Singerly (ieorge, tailor 429 north Third 

' |Singler Jacob, labourer Miles' court near Rose 

', bingleton James, shipwright 30 Mury 

- |Singleton Joseph, bootcleaner Middle alley 
; tSingleton Rachel, widow 200 Lombard 

■_ Singleton Stephen, sea cajjtaiu 89 Pcnn 
Singleton i'homas, caulki:r453 soutl\ Front 
Singletin Wm, gentleman 173 Vine 
Sink ,\l)raham. military store 21 High — d h 136 s. 10th 

4 Sink Catharine, widow, \'iue above Thirteenth 

; Sink Clnistopher, cor. 8th and Passyunk road 

, ""tSinker Josepli, porter, back 137 Plum 
Sinkler Pl\oebe ^Irs. .397 Sassafras 
Sinn Catharine, widow 490 nortli Third 
Sinn (ieorge, biicklayer 490 nortli Third 
Sinn Jacob, brassfounder, i^ack 437 north Third 

i* Sinnot William, Uoardinghouse 78 Dock 

SMI whitely's annual 

Smith Abigail, gentlewoman 103 Chesnut 

Smith Abraham, wharfbuilder Beach near high bridge 

Smith Abraham, cordwainer High W Permanent bridge 

fSmith Adam, (100 years of age) Quincfe below Locust 

Smith Alexander, mariner 56 Middle alley 

Smith Alex, cordwainer 4th near Carpenter (S) 

Smith Amns, oakcooper, back 227 Walnut 

Smith Andrew, carpenter 47 Fitzwalter 

Smith Andrew, nailer Rose alley (C) 

Smith Ann, seamstress 62 Dock [see Smidth 

Smith Ann, tailoress 3 Cresson's court 

Smith Ann, widow West above Palmer 

Smith Ann, widow 71 Pine street 

Smith Allen, merchant 291 Spruce 

Smith Ben, innkeeper ( sign of the Lamb) Lancaster 

turnpike above one mile stone 
Smith Bernard, victualler Old York r. ab. Poplar lane 
Smith C, S. 8cT. W. merchants 135 High— d h 154 S 2d 
Smith C. W & J.R. merchants 103 north Front 
Smith Catharine widow of John, gi'ocer N W corner 

Pine and Seventh 
Smith Catharine, widow 37 Charlotte 
Smith Charles W. mercht. 103 N. Front— dh 251 Arch 
Smith Charles E. wholesale druggist 59 &d h 90 Vine 
Smith Charles, merchant 43^ N. Front aud 105 Chesnut 
Smith Charles, dealer 55 Callowhill NE cor. Second 
Smith Charles, grocer SW cor. Eleventh and Walnut 
Smiiii Charles, coachmaker 177 south Third 
Smith Charles L. grocer 37 S. 3d — d h 16 N- Fourth 
Smith Charles, carpenter Pine above Thirteenth 
Smith Charles, smith 14 Coombs' alley 
tSmith Charles, mariner Emlen's court 
Smith Christian, waterman 5 German 
Smith Christian G baker 3 Laetitia court 
Smith Christian, silversmith & spectacle manuf. 6 Fet- 
ter lane 
Smith Christian, shipwright 170 north Water 

Smith , stonecutter Pafchal's ay. bel. York road 

Smith Constant, bricklayer 4 Farmer's row 

Smith Cornelia, widow 40 Arch 

Smith Cornelius, mariner 6 Callowhill 

Smith Daniel, grocer 99 north Third 

Smith Daniel, merchant 181 south Third 

Smith Daniel, stonecutter back 62 Catharine 

Smitli Daniel, carpenter 22 J Green 

Smith Daniel B druggist 33 Higli— d h 302 Arch 

Smith Daniel, jun. merchant 75 -South wharves — d h 44 

Smith David B. storekeeper 19 north Second — d h 43 

Key's alley 
Smith D ivid, shallopman Oak below Coates 
Smith Dena, widow 66 south Water 


Smilli Dcckerny, nicicliani 189 Walnut 
Smith Edward, 4 North wharvts and 156 north Front 
b-'mith Edward, grocer Second SE cur. Cluistiaii 
Smitli Edward, tecdstore 257 bouth Fifth cor. of l\i - 

syuiik road 
Smith Elizabeth, 299 Callowhill near Garden 
Smith Eliz.ilicth, widow 11 Myers.' court 
Smith EH/a'jeth, widow Church street 
Smith EHzal)eth, widow, cor. Broad & Cedar 
tjmith EUzabetI\, widow 73 Cherry street 
tSmith Ezekiel, labourer, back of 209 south Third 

Smith F.G. aiidjK.S. merchants 201 south Front 

Smith F. coachmaker 45 south Fourth 

Smith Francis G. merchant 201 south Front — d h 42 

Smith Francis, coachlrimmer 147 Locust 
Smith Francis, watchman of Com. bank, back 61 Queen 
Smith Francis, cabinetmaker 61 Arch 
Smith Frederick, quarryman Callowhill near Sch. 3d 
Smith Frederick, labourer 144 St. Johns 
Smith (jeorge, C( . per 176 north Eighth 
Smith Cieorge W. drygoods store 175 north Second 

Smith CJeorge, nail manuf. 15 N- 7th & 7 Heyde's ct. 

Smith George, brickmaker 142 Browne 

Smith (Jeorge, stonecutter 396 Race 

Smith George, stonecutter Sheart''s alley 

Smith George, carpenter Noble above Fitth 

Smith George, smith 576 north Second 

Smith George,, victualler Twelfth above Kace 

Smith George John, currier Fetter lane — d h85N. Zd 

Smith George saddler, ?\c. 3 Fayette 

Smith George R. 1st teller Penti. bank, N. Eleventli 

Smith (ieorge, shoestore 221 Cedar 

Smith George, drayman Race near Sch Third 

Smith George, mariner 25 Prime street 

Smitii George, whitesmith 476 nortli Second 

Smith & Gnfhtts, mc roiiants 256 High 

Smith Gilbert, cordwainor, back 143 Moyamensing i-. 

Smith (irizzel, widow 202 north Sixth 

Smith Gulielma M. widow 302 Arch 

fSmith (icxifrey, waiter, back 159 Lombard 

Smith , mariner back of 150 Spruce 

Smith Hannah, Mrj. Ciaskill street 

Smith Hanna!>, irhopkteper 550 south Second 

jSmith Hmnah, Apple near (ieorv;o 

Smith ik Hawkins, merchants 240 High 

Smitli Hciiry, quarryman Callowhill near Sch. Fourth 

Smith Henry, carter Say street 

Smith Henry, oak cooper back 12 Cresson's alley 

Smith Henry, organ builder Germ, road bel. 1st gate 

Smith Henry, labourer Merriott's lane below Fifth 

Smith & Hutchinson, slock ikc. l)rokers 85 south Second 
m itii Henrietta, widow 228 Lombard street 


Smith Henry, dealer in furs, 58 Queen street (S) 
Smith Henry, labourer Wood above Prince 
Smith Henry, blacksmith Ma iden near stone bridge 
|Smith Henry, oysterman Malt alley 
Smith Isaac, jiin. flour merchant Camden (N J) 
Smith Isaac, drygoods store SE cor. 4th and Lombard 
Smith I. Indian doctor 112 Lombard 
Smith Isabella, nurse, 23 Lombard street 
Smith Isabella, widow, tailoress 9 Garden 
Smith Jacob R. merchant 103 N. Front — d h 249 Arch 
Smith J. L inquire NE cor. Filbert and Ninth 
Smith Jacob, carter 99 St. John 
Smith Jacob, shoemaker, back 437 north Third 
Smith Jacob, drayman Race cor. Sch Seventh 
Smith Jacob, cordwainer Pryor's alley 
Smitli Jacob W. nailer 86 and d h back 62 Race 
Smith Jacob, store attendant 124 Callowhill 
Smith Jacob, silversnuth Wood above Eighth 
Smith Jacob W. mate of vessel 57 Catharine 
Smith Jacob, brewer, corner of Callowhill and New- 
market — d h 210 noi-th Sixth 
Smitli Jacob, surgeon dentist 76 Union 
Smith Jacob, Third near Germantown road 
Smith Jacob, yeoman Vienna near West 
Smith Jacob, baker FrankfoVd road near the Sorrel horse 
Smith Jacob, tailor 143 south Ninth 
Smith James, saddler. Prime below Second (S.) 
Smith James S. jr. accountant, 165 south Eleventh 
Smith James, m. d. 300 south Eighth 
Smith James, d. d. 449 south Front 
Smith James, mei'chant 103 north Front — d h 253 Arch 
Smith James E. 165 south Eleventh 
Smith James, jr. morocco store 18 High — d h 100 Arch 
Smith James S. attorney at law 101 south Fourth 
Smith James, innkeeper cor. Third & Germantown r. 
Smith James P. cordwainer, back 143 Moyamensing r. 
Smith James, labourer Prime above Second 
Smith James L. druggist 139 Chesnut 
Smith Jane, teacher 15 Cresson's alley- 
Smith Jane, Ann west of Schuylkill Eighth 
Smith Jaae, Mrs. milliner 61 Arch 
Smith Jane, widow of Jos. boardinghouse 229 High 
Smith Jeremiah, brickmaker Thirteenth above Race 
fSmitli Jeremiah, labourer Elbow alley 
fSmith Jeremiah, coachman 6 Burd's court 
Smith Jesse, painter and glazier 25 and d h 70 N. 6th 
Smith Jesse, baker 184 Race 
Smith Job, broker, south Second — d h 4 Sansom 
Smith Job, Indian doctor S E corner Centre Square 
jSmith Job, sawyer, Shippen above Seventh — d h 431 

Chesnut above Thirteenth 
Smith John, late marslial 320 Arch 
Smith John C. and Willia~?a H. raercliaots Lodge 


Smith John, blacksmith n. Upper fcriy bridge, wast end 

Smith Jchn, shipmaster 3 Vernon 

Smith John B. arxountant 100 Spruce 

Smith Jolin C. meuchant 126 south Eigiith 

Smith John, silversmith 79 Plum 

Smith John, grocer 90 Swanson S W cor. of Meade alley 

Smith John, shipmaster 17 Vine 

Smith John, carpenter Budd above Laurel 

Smith John, silverplater Jones' street above Sch. Fifth 

Smith John, stonecutter Brond above Race 

Smith John, labourer 262 south Fourth street 

Smith John, trader Lombard above Twelfth 

Smith John D. lumber merchant corner of Ninth and 

George — d h Twelfth above Filbert 
Smith Jolin, whitesmitli 52 and 54 Cedar 
Smith John, grocer 32 South wharves 
Smith John, mate 511 south Second 
Smith John E. flour and feed store 50 south Tenth 
Smith John, moulder and founder, Callowhill near 12th 
Smith John, plasterer, Ann VV. Sch. Eighth 
Smith John, agent, 146 Locust street 
Smitii John, cedar cooper, 467 north Second 
Smith John J. suttler Fort Mifflin— d h 160 Lombard 
Smith John George, currier corner Fetter lane & N. 3d 
Smith John, runner of F. and M. bank 57 south Eleventh 
Smith John, warehouseman, back 18 Blackberrv alley 
Smith John A. tobacconist Newmarket above Pegg st. 
Smith John D. lumber merchant 29 north Twelttii 
Smith John H. cordwainer 427 ('atharine 
Smith Johi: J. merchant 344 Arch 
Smith Jolin J. jr. druggist, &;c. 121 High — d h 302 Arch 
Smiths Drug and Chemical store 139Chesnut 
Smith John, vict. Kensington — stall 11 N. L. market 
Smith John, Ship-launch inn 72 German 
Smith John, upholsterer 111 Chesnut 
Smitli John, labourer Lombard west of Sch. Eighth 
Smitl\ John, innkeeper 242 Swunson near Navy-yaixl 
Smith John, sawyer, back 24 Catharine 
Smith John, labourer, back 517 north Third 
Smith John, carpenter. Old York road near Coates 
Smith Jolin, plasterer, 80 Plum street 
Smith John, labourer. Cherry above Duke 
~^ fh Jolm, woodsawyer, back of 23 north Sixth 

''i John K. attorney at law 74 Walnut 
oni'.th John S. stock arid exchange broker S VV. corner 
^ Lom!)ard and Front 

Smith John L. Spanish segar manuf. and tobacconist 26 
^ north Sixth 

Smith John, gate-keeper at the Pennsylvania Hospital 
Smith JdliM, biirkmaker. Fourth near Germuntown r. 
tSmith John, labourer Bonsall below Ninth 
tSmiih John, labourer Meredith's court 
tSmitli John, mariner, 32 Stamper's alley 


SMI whitely's annual 

Smith Jonas, corder Sch. Eighth near Vine 

Smith Jonathan, late cashier of the U. S. bank 134 

Smith Jonathan P. bricklayer 215 north Fourth 
Smith Jonathan, 4 Carpenter's court 
Smith Joseph, Few 8c Co. flour merchants 55 north 

Water S E corner of Arch— d h 298 north Front 
Smith Joseph B. boot and shoe manufacturer 334 High 
Smith Joseph, mariner 48 Meade alley 
Smith Joseph, carpenter 179 Green 
Smith Joseph, hatter, back of 38 Cherry 
Smith Joseph, shallopman 8 Budd street 
Smith Joseph, innkeeper 191 noi'th Third 
Smith Joseph, mariner, Shakamaxon near Bedford 
Smith Joseph, labourer Wood near Prince 
Smith Joseph, morocco dresser 523 north Third 
Smith Joseph H. accountant 1 Schriver's court 
Smith Joseph, labourer 7 Wiley's court 
"I^Smith Joseph, labourer 90 Bedford 
Smith Josiah, shoemaker, 8 Almond street 
Smith Juliann, widow Wood above Lawrence 
Smith Justin, nailcutter 58 Cable lane bel. Margaretta 
tSmith Keziah, widow, Quince below Locust 
Smith & Knorr, painters and glaziers 25 north Sixth 
Smith & M'Grath, grocers, S E cor. 5th and Oak (S) 
Smith 8c Mason, oakcoopers 7 Decatur 
Smith Russell, m. d. physician to the out-door poor 165 

south Eleventh 

Smith ostler 6th above Camac 

Smith gunsmith, Cedar near Gray's ferry road 

Smith Margaret, 193 south Sixth 

Smith Margaret, widow of George, 192 north Third 

Smith Margaret, Mrs. of Henry, 125 Moyamensing r. 

Smith Margaretta I. widow, boardinghouse 262 High 

Smith Maria, widow, back 301 south Third 

Smith Martha, Mrs. of Robert, Washington above 2d 

Smith Mary, widow of John, 363 north Third 

Smith Mary, widow, 218 south Seventh 

Smith Mary, Miss, 126 Filbert above Eleventh 

Smith Mary, Mrs. Garden st. above Pegg's run 

Smith Mary, widow of John, Alder alley 

Smith Mary, widow lS4Swanson 

Sn^ith Mary, widow 326 south Sixth 

Smith Mary, widow. Wood near Prince 

Smith Mary, widow, Prince near Palmer 

Smith Mary, widow, Barron st. 

Smith Mary, widow 87 Mulberry 

Smith Mary, widow, back 10 north Front 

Smith Matilda, widow 65 Catharine 

Smith Matthias, hairdresser 91 Race 

Smith Mrs. back 81 Locust 

Smith Mrs. of Wm. m.erchant 130 south Third 

Smith Nathan A. measurer of carpenter's work 104 

north Seventh 


Diiiitli N'athan, cordwaincr 18 Grcenleaf's court 

Smith Nathan, hue Umiljer merchant Zi Cluirch ay. 

Smith Newberry, gentleman 227 Vine N W cor. John 

Smitli OUver, accountant 2 Chester 

Smitli Paul, lihicksniitli Say st. 

SiuiiliJ'eter, t;ulor 247 n<irth Front 

Smith Peter, fringe conhuaker 312 south Front 

Smith PhiUp, printer 133 nortii Water 

Smith Pliihp, gunsmitli. Cedar near Gray's ferry ro?*i 

Smith Plw'iip, brewer Buitonwood hme 

Smith Pliihp, victualler 12 Wells' row, north Eighth 

Smith Philij), grocer N E cor. Front and Spruce — d li 

120 Spruce 
Smith, Rachel, huckster Cainden (N J) 
Smith Ralph, carpenter 314 north Second 
Smith Ralpii, carpenter St. Tammany ab. St. John 
Smitli Ralph, tobacconist 1 Saunders' court 
Smith Rebecca, boardinghouse N E cor, 6th and Arch 
Smith Reuben, ship watchman 79 south Water 
Smith Richard S. merchant 40 Lombard 
Smith Ricliard, watchman 20 Sugar alley 
Smith Richard, shoemaker 313 south Third 
Smith Richard, turner 89 south Eleventh — d h Juni- 
per lane 
Smitli Richard, bookseller, 31 north Second 
Smith Robert, merchant 58 south Front 
Smith Robei't, curbstone setter, &c. Sch. 6th bel. High 
Smith Robert, (Western Hotel) 288 High 
Smith Robert, labourer. Thirteenth above Race 
Smith R(>bert, jeweller 47 south Second 
Smith Robert, wheelwright, Lombard W. Sch. Eighth 
Smith Robert, accountant, Camden (N J) 
Smith Robert, clock and watchmaker 302 north Second 
Smith Robert H. attorney at law, 48 Walnut — d h 58 

south Front 
Smith Robert T. hairdresser 360 High 
Smith Robert, Thirteenth below High 
Smith Robert, labourer, south Second ab. Wharton 
Smith Roger, china store 33 north Fourth 
~ -'h Ruth, widow 32 Meade alley 

ith Rowland, inspector of customs and keeper of the 

Washington tavern and eating house N W cor. south 

Sixth and Carpenter st. 

Smith , milkman Wright's alley 

Smith Siml. teacher 32 Church ay. — dh 79 TammdTiy 

Smitii S B doc'.or 231 south Third 

Smith Samuel, gram measui'er and grocer N W corner 

Spruce and South wharves — d h 189 soutli Front 
Smith Samuel, mahogany savvyer 11 Springeit alley 
Smith Samuel, grocer Spruce st. wharf — d h 189 south 

Smith Samuel, tailor 98 Spruce 

SMI whitely's annual 

Smith & Sailor, Spanish segar manuf. and tobacconists, 

26 north Sixth 
Smith Samuel O. gentleman 22 north Eighth 
tSmith Samuel, labourer Bonsall 
Smith Samuel, bi'icklayer 37 Mechanic 
Smith Samuel, auctioneer 20 s. Front — d h 131 s. 3d 
Smith Samuel, mead garden Camden (N J) 
Smith Samuel, ferryman, Camden (N J) 
Smith Sarah, boardinghouse 309 north Front 
Smith Sarah, widow Church st. 
Smith Sarah, widow of Wm. G. 2 north Eleventh 
Smith Sarah, tailoress 123 Green 
Smith Sarah, boniietmaker 81 Mulberry 
Smith & Shoemaker, brewers Newmarket above Cal~ 

lowhill St. 
Smith Stephen W. merchant 103 north Front — d h 174 

south Front 
Smith Stevenson, merchant 173 High — d h 154 south 

Smith & Stevenson, merchants 3 South wharves 
Smith Theobald, blacksmith 117 and d h 115 Pine 
Smith Thomas & Co. lumber merchants N E corner of 

Vine and Sixth 
Smith Thomas, labourer 39 Mechanic 
Smith Thomas, shoemaker 72 north Seventh 
Smith Thomas, labourer Lombard above Eleventh 
Smith Thomas, labourer PfeifFer's court 
Smith Thos, accountant (Mechanics' bank) 13 N. 12th 
Smith T. W. merchant 223 Walnut 
Smith Thomas, sailmaker Almond st. wharf N. side 
Smith Thomas, accountant bank N. America — d h 202 

fSmith Thomas, barber north Fourth cor. Paschal's ay, 
tSmith Thomas, barber Old York road above Brown 
jSmith Thomas, waiter 84 Gaskill 
Smith Walton, merchant 31i S, Front— d h 220 Green 
Smith Washington G. 128 south Eighth 
Smith WiUiam, bricklayer Callowhill near Sch. 3d 
Smith William, baker 438 north Third 
Smith William, storekeeper Kunckel above Tammanv 
Smith William, D. hatter back 296 Race 
Smith WiUiam, D. carpenter 29 Pine street (S) 
Smith William carpenter 294 Sassafras 
Smith William, cai-ter 142 Browne 
Smith William, stonecutter, back 282 Ai'ch ab. Tenth 
Smith William, attorney at law 103 Chesnut 
Smith William, tobacconist 3 Wood ab. Fourth 
Smith William, typefonnder and innkeeper (Lebanon 

garden) Cedar near Tenth 
Smith William, mariner back 397 south Second 
Smith William, mariner 6 Shields' court 
Smith vVuiiam, gentleman 27 Sansom 
Smith William, morocco dresser Kessler's court 


Smith William W. stock and exchange broker 53i 

WaiiHit— d h 415 M irkcl 
tSinlili Willi im, carter Lily allev below Green 
Sniitu William A. merchant 256 High— d h 58 S. Front 
Smith WiUiam H merchant Lodge — d h 27 Sansom 
Sniitli U'lUiam S. & Co. salt merchants 88 S. wharves 

tl h 1«1 south Third 
Smitl. William, mariuer 44 Meade alley 
Smith William, mariner 311 south Third 
S iiitii William, watchmaker 216 south Filth 
Smith Wiili.un, printer, back 299 Callowhill 
Smith William, innkee|)er 340 North Tliird 
tSmith William, mariner 16 Hurst street 
Smither Joliii, baker, convr Dmk and Walnut 
tSiiiotlu-rs \uroii, porter 300 s utii Sevt ntli 
jSinothers Grace, widow of Jnsliua, 238 Lombard 
■j^Snothers Isaac, sawyer. Middle alley 
Sm\ til A. boardinghouse 124 south Fourth 
Sniv th J.imes, weaver (iermantown road below Third 
Snn th Lambert, inspector ol customs 237 Lombard i» 
Smytli M irv, Mrv 128 north Fifth 
Snack Jacob, vict. Hinkel's court— stall 43 New mar 

ket south Second 
Snare Stephen, waiter Kunckel below Callowhill 
Snare William jr. carter Buttonwood lane below Sixth 
Sn ire William, innkeeper CallowhiW above 1 bird 
Sncad Levin, insjiector of lumber 42 Almond 
Srii-ck Jacob, victualler 8th above Buttonwood 
Sneck Philip, vict. James below the Uidge road 
Siielbakcr Philip, bottler 190 north Water 
Snell Benjamin, mariner 471 south Second street 
Siiell t^'rawford, porter 251 Cedar 
Sac 11 Mary, widow Buttonwo<xl near Fifth 
Snell Mary, widow, teacher cor. Newmarket 5c Noble 
Sncll Pcivz, trader 44 Charlotte 
Sneston lal^mrer 4 Lyndall's alley 
Siiethen D.^vid J. grocer cor. of Callowhill and Garden 
Snether Waitel, distiller Kidge road near Callowhill 
S'liyd S.imuel, a<xounlant 37 Race 
Sutler widow of Jacob, shoemaker 44 and 46 Elder 

or Jacob, shoemaker 5 MO'ih Eii;luli [nee Unyder 

I el .blacksmith Kessltr's court 

Sii'iw Beiijaii>in, shipmaster UiOSw.inson 

Siii>w J ime-i M. u. S E cor. Race & riiirtecnth 

Snow Samuel, P. bellman & vendue cryer Christian 

near Fiftli 
Snow Silas, carpenter below Ninth 
Siiowden Charles, mariner Pine above Tenth 
Snowden David, mariner 7 Bell's court 
Snowden Isaac, gentleman 85 Mulberry 
Snowden Joseph, china men hant 242 north Third 
Snowden Jose|)l» S. commission m-.TChant 22 Christian 
Snowden Leonard, 242 north Third 
2 H 2 


Snowden Rebecca, widow Pine above Tenth j 

Snowden Sophia, 85 north Ninth 
Snowden Thomas 96 north Eleventh 
Snowden & Wagner, commission merchants 221 Swan- 
son street below Swede's church 
Snowden, widow of Joseph, Gray's ferry road n. Federal 
Snyder Aaron, tobacconist 1 Hoffman's alley 

\see Snider and Schneider 
Snyder Adam, brickmaker Spruce n. Sch. Fifth 
Snyder Abraham H. carter NW cor. Noble Sc O. Y. r. 
Snyder Adam, chairmaker 116 Browne 
Snyder Charles, 8 Hyde's court 
Snyder Catharine, widow 192 Cedar 
Snyder Christiana, widow 36 Appletree alley 
Snyder Christian, grocer 215 north Third 
Snyder Christian, cabinetmaker 49 north Fourth 
Snyder David, bricklayer 96 Budd (N L) 
Snyder E. widow 118 Browne 
Snyder Eliza, grocer S E corner Spruce and Fifth 
Snyder Eleanor, teacher 11 Vernon street 
Snyder Elizabeth, Shakamaxon near Frankford road 
Snyder Elizabeth, widow 241 north Second 
Snyder.E coach wheelwright 263 Race — d h 156 N. 8th 
Snyder Geo. (attends in an auction store) 12 Chancery 1. 
Snyder George A. tailor 123§ S. Water and 40 Race 
Snyder George, tavernkeeper Bushhill 
Snyder George C. tax collector 48 Almond. 
Snyder George, innkeeper N E cor Fifth & Lombard 
Snyder Henry, house and ship painter, 8cc 289 N. Front 

— dh 16 Duke (NL) 
Snyder Honry, tinplate worker, back 143 Coates street 
Snyder Henry, grocer NW coi\ High and Twelfth— 

d h 9 north Twelfth 
Snyder Jacob, tailor and boardinghouse 177 Race 
Snyder Jacob, flour merchant 210 High — d h 8 N. llLh 
Snyder John, deputy sheriff, Oak(N L) above hayscales 
Snyder John, cabinetmaker 104 north Front 
Snyder John, Seventh above Camac 
Snyder John, cabinetmaker 3 Bell's court 
Snyder John, gardener Irish lane 
Snyder John, brickmaker Spruce west of Broad 
Snyder John, jr. brickmaker Juniper N E cor. George st= 
Snyder John, brickmaker Lombard near Schuylkill 
Snyder John, grocer 321 High 

Snyder Jos. gilder and composition manuf. 105 Walnut 
Snyder Joseph, shipsmith, shops Little Water and cor, 

Swanson & Christian — d h 18 Swanson 8c 79 Penn 
Snyder Julia Ann, widow 1 Clawges's court 
Snyder Lewis, blacksmith Locust above Juniper 
Snyder and Myers, blacksmiths N W cor. Swanson dnd 

Snyder Margaret, widow Buttonwood below Ridge road 


Snyder Peter, tailor 130 south Filth 

Snytler Pttcr, blacksmith 92 Locust 

Snyder Sarah, widow 483 nortii Third 

Snyder General Thomas, innkeeper 400 N. Third 

Snyder, widow ot "Peter, Sch. Eighth above Race 

Soast Elizabetli, washerwoman cor. Garden and Wood 

Sobba Walter, painter and glazier 12 Shields' court 

Sobv Mary, widow Ann above Wood 

Sockam Peter, cordwainer 23 Union 

Soffee John, shoemaker \i5 Moyamensing cor. Wharton 

Solomon Alexander E. nmbrcllamaker 269 S. Fourth 

Solomon, Catharine, widow of Myer, 175 S. Seventh 

tSolomon John, barber Poplar lane near Second 

Solomon S. M. accountant 172 Lombard 

Scmers Ann, widow Camden (N. J.) [«<?<? Summera 

Somers John, Camden (N. J.) 

Somers Joseph, slioemaker Harper's alley (P. T.) 

Somers Marv, widow 12 Wagner's alley 

jSomersett John, porter 151 Locust 

Somerndike E. & J. stable keepers cor. Locust and 8th 

Sommer John, m. d. 43 north Eighth 

Somervile Wm. iron founder cor. Filbert and Juniper — 

d h Washington above Callowhill ; 

Songster John, labourer Quince above Spruce 
Songster Wm. labourer Cherry above Juniper 
Songway Daniel, bottler near Rogers' court 
Sones Agnes, widow 14 South alley 
Sone Henry, cedar cooper Camden (N. J.) 
Soper James, waterman 20 Cedar 
Sorbe' Edward P. merchant 11 Minor 
Sork George, labourer Duke near Clierry 
fSordcn Abner, labourer Allen's alley 
Sorver Jacob, grocer 191 N. Tliird & 79 Callowhill 
Soudcr Casper, boot and shoemaker 34 Chcsnut 
Souder Charles, justice of the ])eace 212 N. Sixth 
Souder Christopher, victualler Crown (K) — stall 18 N.* 

L. Market 
Souder Jacob, bricklayer Kunckel below Tammany 
Souder Jacob, victualler Marlborough below Piiiice 
Souder Jacob, bricklayer 315 north Second 
Souder John, grocer 3iS6 north Third 
Souder John J. bricklayer Kunckcl l)elow Green 
Souder John, innkeeper Germ, road near Fourth 
Souder M. milhner aral bonnetmaker 297 N. Second 
Souder Philip, innkeeper Palmer below Duke 
Souder Philip, innkeeper 9 Lxtilia court 
Souder Thomas M. agent for the inland transportation 

of mercliandise 312 High 
Souders Casper, ropemaker Shakamaxon ab. Prince 
Souders Catharine, shopkeeper 14 Kuntkel 
Souders Godfrey, grocer 173 Mulberry 
•j^Souders John, coachman Eleventh above Filbert 
Souders John, trader 150 St. John st. 

SPE whitely's annual 

Souffrain John, hairdresser 106 north Front 

Soullier John M. merehant 132 Pine 

Soursworth Isaac, labourer Vine near Schujlkill river 

|Suurwalt Anthony, mariner 55 Gaskill 

Sourwalt John, tobacconist 131 Callowhill N E cor. 4th 

South Ann, seamstress Germantown road ab. Laurel 

South Ehzabeth, widow, boarding house 179 S. Fifth 

South wick Samuel, 201 north Front 

Sover John, cabinetmaker, back 116 north Eighth 

tSovereign Sarah, widow Swede's alley 

Sowcrby Mary, widow, china store 233 south Fifth 

Sowers Christiana, 211 north Eighth 

Sowers George, victualler James above Rugan 

Sower Hannah, widow, boardinghouse 61 Cherry street 

Sowers Jacob, labourer, back 517 north Third 

Sowers Jacob, labourer Schleisman's alley near Third 

Sowers Peter, farmer Duke near Cherry 

Spackman & Little, merchants 21 Church alley 

Spackman Saml. mercht. 21 Church ay. — d h 308 Arch 

above Tenth 
Spaeth Frederick, tailor, back 382 north Second 
Spade John, carpenter 59 Shippen 
Spangler Ci. blacksmith 34 Cedar — d h 250 south Front 
Spangler Henry, blacksmith 32 Cedar 
Spangler James, cordwainer Church st. (back) 
Spangler Mary, widow 32 Cedar 
Spargelia J B. merchant 178 north Second 
Sparhawk Thomas, auctioneer 32 south Front — d h 19 

Sparks Elizabeth, widow, south Tenth belovy Pi'"'^^ 
Sparks Henry, inspector of domestic liquo'^ ■ • corner 

Filbert and Twelfth 
Sparks Hugh, labourer 542 north Third 
Sparks Jacob, corder below Christian — d h Queen 
Sparks Ricn.ard, plumber 478 south Front 
Spd'ks Samuel, corder 452 south Front 
Sparks Sarah, widow of R. F. 163 south Second 
Sparks T. and R. plumbers 49 South wharves 
Sp irksThovnas,shot manuf, 476 S, Front & 49 S. wharves 
SpCHknian Hannah, widow 178 Mnlberry 
Speare William, hairdresser 65 north Third 
Snece Henry, labourer N W cor. Arch and Twelfth 
Spece Josepii, labourer Hanover near Frankford road 
Specht, widow of George, 146 St. John 
Specht Jacob, victualler Charles below James 
Speck Christian A. tavern 14 south Fifth 
Speck Charles Wm. baker cor. Thirteenth 8c George 
Specker Catharine, widow, south Fifth near Carpenter 
Speel George, baker 146 south Front 
Speel, widow of John, boardinghouse 46 Strawberry 
Speer Alexander, grocer South wharves bel. Cedar-~ 

d h 173 south Fifth 
Speer Manuel, back 93 Lombard 


Spencc Joseph, merchant 10.1 north Fifth 
Spence Mai^, widow 206 Lombard 
jSpcncc Robert, sailnnaker 194 south Fifth 
Spt-ncer Charlotte, boarding house 98 soutli Third 
Spencer (icorge, m. d. 6 York buildings 
Spencer Jas. S. nier. 113 N. 7th— d h 232 Race bel. 7th 
Spencer iaincs, drover 113 Moyamensing road 
Sj)encer James, victualler N. Second — stall 33 New mar- 
ket south Second 
Spencer Joseph, professor of languages Protestant Epis- 
copal academy Locust above Kinth 
Spencer Joseph, 103 noith Fifth 
Spencer Margaret, shopkeeper Castle street 
^Spencer Margi^ret, Bradford's alley 
Spencer Moffat, grocer S E cor. \'ine and Ninth 
Spencer Oliver, M. D. 107 south Fourth 
Spencer Samuel, waterman, back 168 St. Johh 
tSpencer Samuel, labourer Twelfth above Spruce 
fSpcncer Thomas, labourer 26 Shippen 
Spennanberg Charlotte, storekeej)er 68 N. Second 
Sjjerry Frederick W. mercht. 99 S. Front — d h 151 Pine 
Sperry Jacob, mercht. 39 S. Front — d h 99 south Fourth 
Sperry John, meixhant 33 South wharves — d h 4 Frank- 
lin row south Ninth 
Sperry and Stansbury, merchants 33 South wharves 
Spcrzalin Margaret, sliop keeper Castle street 
Spicer Frances, drygoods store 462 south Front 
Spicer Walter, teacher 201 Coates above Fourth 
Spiegle Elizabeth, widuw Davis's court (N.L.) 
Spiegle Isaac, potter Spruce near Schuylkill 
Spiegle John, soapboiler 8c tallow chandler Buttonwood 

above Fifth 
Spiegle Susannah, Schuylkill Front below Chesnut 
Spiers John, ropemaker 30 Mary (S.) 
Spikeman Samuel, brickmakcr Wood above Tenth 
Spilliart Alice, widow 60 Swanson 
tSpiris William, labourer Jones' alley 
Spohn Wm. grocer S E cor. S issafras and Second 
Spofford Jacob, sea captain Frankford r. near Beach 
Spooner \\'illiam, currier 223 north Second 
Spotswood Hannah, widow 47 Sassafras 
Spottswood Mary Ann, seamstress 4K4 Rare 
Spottswood Thomas C. merchant 41 north Front 
Spragg Mary, widow 16 Pennsylvania avenue 
Spragg Richard, sen. and jun. dealers in household fur 

niture 17 Dock 
Spranza Jolin, fisherman Bishop near Queen 
Sprenger Jos. Ch. & Co. >ncrcl»ts. 196 Hif h above 6th 
Spriggs Margt. widow Rose ay. above Tammany (N. L.) 
Springer Abraham, briillehit filer, back 385 Race 
Springer Benjamin, inn and ferry Camden (N. J.) 
Springer Hanuali, nurse Drinker's court 
Springer Isabella, widow (iarden street 

STA whitely's annual 

Springer John, tanner, back 43 Noble 

Springer Joseph, shipwright Frankf. road near Otter 

fSpringer WiUiam, waiter 32 Burd's court 

Springstein Win. tanner, &c. Cherry above Sch. Sixth 

Sproat James W. gentleman 15 Decatur— d h 231 Vine 

Sprogle Ann, Miss, 171 St. John 

Sprong John, carpenter Beach near high bridge 

Sproul James, cooper, back 83 south Water 

Sproul Margaret, widow,. boardinghouse 7 north Sixth 

fspry John, mariner Cordwainer's alley 

Spyers Moses, dealer 66 Callowhill 

Spyers Peter, ropemaker 81 Moyamensing road 

Stabs Daniel, painter Crown above Prince 

Gtaatz Daniel, painter and glazier Brown above Prince 

Stacey Jas. G. agent for N. Y Union & Despatch Lines 

of Packets 22 South wharves 
Stackhouse Amos, china store 178 north Front 
Stackliouse Amy, tailoress James alley 
Stackhouse Ann, widow Camden (N. J.) 
Stackhouse Hastings, hatter Torr's court 
Stackhouse Powell, stove patternmaker, d h 19 Vine 
Stackhouse Samuel P, china merchant 134 N. Third 
Stacy Margai'et, widow Faries's court 
fStafthrd Charles, barrow porter Cordwainer's alley 
St ifFord David, labourer Swanson near Prime 
Stafford Mary Ann, doctress 274 south Fourth 
Stafford Nicholas, tavernkeeper 157 south Water 
Stafford Robert, m, d. 219 south Front corner Pine 
Stag Peter, carter Charlotte 
Stager Cornelius, shoemaker 183 north Front 
Stagg Josiah, brickmaker 504 Sassafras 
Stagg Sarah, widow 108 Christian 

Stainrook David, smith, shop cor. Crown & Callowhill 
Stall Catharine, widow of Frederick, Ridge road near 

Buttonwood [see Stell 

Stallard James, stablekeeper 36 Pine 
Stamper Sarah, gentlewoman 68 Pine corner Third 
Stanchffe Benjamin, optician, piiilosophical and mathe 

matical instrun\ent maker 14 Walnut 
Stancliffe Sylvia, widow Fourth below Chesnut 
Standbridge John C. 8c Co. china merchants 276 High— • 

d h 5 south Ninth 
Stanert Rebecca A. teacher Race near Sch. Eighth 
Stanfield Sarah, widow 2 Vernon 
Stanford Wm. labourer near the Glasshouse (K.) 
Stanislas , Tivoly Garden (formerly Columbian) 

485 High 
Stanley l^Jorris, mercht. 208 S. Water— d h 74 Lombard 
fStanley Samuel, porter Warner's court 
fStanly Diana, widow Middle alley 
Stanmire Eliza, widow 4th below Germantown road 
Sanmire Wm. oakcooper, Jones W. Sch. 5th 8c2 N. 13th 
Stanner Wm.back 112 north Seventh 


Stansbury Dixon, merchant 33 Snulli wharves 

|Stansl)ury I^aac, oysitrinan 102 ncrili Third 

StaiU William, tailor Loxlev's court 

Stantlifr Sally, widow Duncan's court 

tStanton l''.lizabclii, widow Sixth above Poplar lane 

Stanton Riciuird, dealer 190 nortli Third 

StantvMi William, victualler (ianlen streit 

Stanwcll William, carpenl( r 46 noith Kighth 

Stappen II. cordwainer 199 north Front 

Stark Jane, widow 182 Locust 

Starkey Charles, plumber Bryan's court 

Starkey Charles, CHi>inctmaker 273 north Front 

Starkey George, mariner, bark 345 north Front 

Starkpine Henry, caulker Palmer below Duke 

Starn Jacob, viciuAlIer (iarden street 

Starne Joseph, inspector ot bark, N W corner St. John 

and St. 'I ammany 
Starr Edwin, typefounder Lombard near Tenth 
Starr tlenrv, lettercuttcr S E corner Christian and 7tli 
Starr John H. shoestore 46 High 
Starr John, saddler 366 High 
Starr Moses, Ijlacksmith 101 Budd 
Starratt E. measurer Federal above 2d 
Sta^ansky Michael, mariner Maiden near Front 
fStates Eleanor, widow, back 78 Plum street 
Statzel Henry, brassfounder n. 440 N 4th bel. Poplar 
Statzel Jacob, sen. 473 north 2d 
Statzel Jacob, jun. labourer Pteiffer's court 
Staudt Margaret, widow 41 north 6th 
Staughton Wm. d. d. pastor Bantist Church Sansom st 

seminary Cherry above 5th — a h 316 Arch 
St. Clair Mary, Prvor's alley 
St. John Mary, wiclow 23 Coxe's alley 
Stead Henry, printer 22 Cedar 

Steainman John, baker Germantown road near 2d street 
Stear Mary, victualler, back 242 north Eighth 
Stearly Jacob, 136 Coates 

Steel Archibald, military storekeeper U S arsenal 
Steel Catharine, widow 5 Poplar alley 
Steel Charles, carter Knodle 
Steel Elizabeth, 122 south 2d 
Steel & Field, silverplaters &c. 11 north 7lh 
Steel Harriet, widow, back 124 Queen 
Steel James, stonecutter 92 north Eleventh 
Steel James, 29 W.alnut 
Steel John, brassfounder 38 New street 
Steel John, 49 Christian street 
Steel John rear of 183 High 
Steel Josiah, cartel- Knodle street 
Steel Josiah, 4 Emlcn's court 
Steel Kesiah, widow of Alexander, 15 (ierman 
Steel Mathias L. sea captain 18 Ann (N L) 
Steel Margaret, yarnwinder, Rose (N L) 


Steel & Potter, auctioneers 183 High 

Steel Robert, si^erplater 223 Callowhill 

-j-Steel Simon, labourer, back 251 Spruce 

Steel Thomas, plasterer 12 Hinkel's court 

Steel Thomas, chairmaker 223 Callowhill 

Steel Thomas, moroccodresser 101 St. John 

Steel Thomas, weaver St. Joseph's avenue 

Steel W. hatter 3 Clawges' court 

Steel William, pilot 16 Catharine 

Steel William, merchant 85 Lombard 

Steel William N. accountant 215 south 2d 

Steele general John, collector of the port 196 Spruce 

Steele John, jun. weigher of the port 71 south 6th 

Steele Thos. B. (Yellow-cottage inn) 2d below Federal ' 

Steelman Elijah, ferryman Hodge's wharf 

Steelman John, innkeeper 36 north Water 

Steelman Solomon, hairdresser 345 Front 

Steenberg Abraham, merchant Beach near Bishop 

Steer Edward, farrier Locust above Washington square 

Steer James, accountant 172 Vine 

Steer Joseph, victualler, cor Buttonwood & Charles 

Steever Daniel, flour dealer Ann west Schuylkill 8th 

Steever Henry, flour store 407 High 

Stein Abraham, dealer in watches 86 north Third 

Stein William, of the U. S. mint 158 north Eighth 

Steinauer G. W. gentleman 104 Vine 

Steinauer Joseph W". accountant 190 Vine 

Steinauer Michael, shoemaker 33 Vine 

Steinauer WiUiam, shoemaker 33 Vine 

Steinburger John, labourer 6th above Callowhill 

Steiner Adam, cooper, back 34 Green 

Steiner Frederick, tailor 12 North alley 

Steiner 8c Fries, cabinetmakers 295 Arch 

Steiner George, baker 27 Strawberry 

Steiner Jacob, cabinetmaker 295 Arch — d h 12 North 

Steiner John, cutler & surgeons' instr. maker 5 N 6th 

Steinman John, gunsmith 51 Green 

Steinman John, baker Germantown road below 2d 

Steinmetz Christ, innkeeper cor 5th 8c Buttonwood 1. 

Steinmetz Eliza, gentlewoman 270 Chesnut 

Steinmetz Jacob, brickmaker Coates above 7th 

Steinmetz Leonard, gardener Frank, r. above first gate 

Stell James, (Woodman tavern) Germ. r. near first gate 

Stell James, grocer 484 north Second 

Stell WiUiam S. mercht. 161 High ^see Steel 

StgUwagen Daniel, of U S navy 75 Mulberry 

Stelwaggon Charles, flour and feed store 125 Callowhill 

Stelwaggon Frederick, 219 north Second 

Stelwaggon Jesse L. iron merchant comer Old York 

road and Callowhill — d h 100 Crown 
Stelwaggon Joseph, carpenter 31 Wood 
Stelwaggon 8c Knight, iron merchants 219 N Second 
Stenson 8c Armour, tailors 72 south Second 


btcnwick Catharine, widow grocer 118 north Water 
Stephen William, grocer 380 north Third 

\Stephens Alexander, accountant Caledonia court 
Stephens Benjamin, grocer S W cor Arch and Second 
Stephens David, grocer 484 north Second 
Stephens John, moroccodresscr 'I'hirtccnlh I'.b. Wood 
Stephens John, tobacconist Sheaff's alley 
Stephens Thomas, carpenter Lombard below Tenth 
Stephens William, carnenter Lombard below Tenth 
Stephenson John, bricklayer High west Schuylkill 7th 
Stephenson William, shoi-maker 69 Race 
•fStenhenson Levin, woodsawycr Honsall 
Stephenson Perry, cordwainer 107 north Ninth 

[nfc Sti-fL'Ti.son CT* Stevens 
Steriger Justus, cooper, back 111 Catharine 
Stern Jacob, hog victualler Garden corner Bnttonwood 
Stern WilUam, watchmaker 158 north Eighth 
Sterr George, storekeeper 154 north Eighth 
Sterrett Ezekiel, measurer of grain Federal ab. Second 
Stetler Phoebe, widow Pfeiffer's court 
Stetser Kitty, widow, back 110 north Eighth 
Stettezell Jacob, turner and cliairmaker 473 N Second 
Steuart David, curbstone setter Scott's alley 
tSlevens Andrew, mariner 179 south Sixth 
Stevens Elizabeth, Mrs. St. Maiy street 
Stevens John, shoemaker 62 Penn » 

Stevens John, labourer Green below Fourth 
tStevens Lloyd, labourer, back 137 Plum 
Stevens Mi's. Maiy of Jacob, St. Mary 
Stevens Mary, widow, back 386 south Second 
Stevens Samuel, copperplate printer 91 Green 
Stevens Saml. cutler &c. 44 Arci)— d h back 169 N 2d 
tStevens Solomon, painter Ctdar al)ove Twelfth 

• Stevens William, innkeeper 145 Cedar 

[.srr Str/i/trrin isf Sle/i/icnson 
Stevenson Ann, widow Perry above Lomb;;rd 
Stevenson Aaron, soap and canciie manuf. 221 south 5th 
Stevenson Augustine, mercliant 243 north Third 
Stevenson Cornelius, collector of taxes, 5 north Ninth 
Stevenson Crooke, merclit. 35 N Water — d h 296 Arch 
Stevenson Eliza M. slio|)keeper 374 no\ Ih Second 
''^'•Mcnson Ephraim, tailor 4 Frazier's court 

venson H. j)ocketligiit maker 203 north Front 
-^uvenson ik Hart, drygoods store 225 norih Third 
iStevenson James, mariner 247 Spruce street 

" Stevenson John, grocer Race above Scliuylkill Seventli 
Stevenson John H. merchant 35 nortli Water 
Stevenson John, carter \'ine alley above Twelfth 
Stevenson John, shi|)joiner l^vdstone wharf— d h 6 Nobk 
Stevenson John, grofer 264 smith Fifth 
Stevenson John, Ijodkseller 16 Decatur — d h corner Old 

York road and ("oates 
Stevenson Jolui, coaclunaker 5 Prosperous alley 


Stevenson John, bricklayer Locust below Thirteenth 
jStevenson Laban, sawyer Atkinson's court 
Stevenson Samuelv"iRoi'occodresser Otter near Ger. v. 
Stevenson Samuel, manner 15 Pratt's coui't '^^N L) 
Stevenson Thomas, tallowchandler 6 Dock 
Stevenson William, currier 252 north Third 
Stevenson William, gentleman 288 Chesnut 
Stevenson William, carter Spruce W Schuylkill 7th 
Stevenson William, labourer Spruce above Thirteenth 
fSteward Alexander, carter Cedar above Twelfth 
Steward Charles, teacher 169 Green street 
Steward Elizabeth, widow Lily alley below Green 
Steward Matthew, labourer Vine above Thirteenth 
Steward Roger, inspector of leather, U S arsenal 
Stewardson Thomas, merchant 90 Arch 
fStewart Abraham, Osbourn's court 
Stewart Alexander, carter 102 south Tenth 
Stewart Alexander, supercargo 42 Filbert 
Stewart Andrew, tavernkeeper corner Vine and Front 
Stewart Andrew, bridlebitniaker Stephens' court, back 

of 448 north Front 
Stewart & Barger, painters See. 73 Dock — d h 7 Lodge 
Stewart Charles, bonnet warehouse 27 north Second 
Stewart Christiana, widow Morgan's court 
Stewart David, labourer cor Cherry and Sch. Eighth 
IStewart David, dealer N E cor Fourth and Lombard 
Stewart Deborah, widow 72 south Fifth 
Stewart Elizabeth, widow, nui-se 190 Cherry above 9th 
Stewart Francis, smith 373 Race above Tenth 
-tStewart Ferraby, widow Portland lane 
Stewart George, carpenter Juniper alley 
Stewart James, worsted manuf. Otter near Ger, road 
Stewart widow of James, 32 north Tenth 
Stewart James, grocer 416 Race 
Stewart James, carpenter 17 Plum 
Stewart James, brickmaker Juniper below Spruce 
Stewart James, mariner Davis's court (N L) 
Stewart James, grocer 207 south Second 
Stewart James, pianoforte maker 141 Spruce 
Stewart James, plasterer 73 Locust 
Stewart John, grocer cor. Ridge road and Tenth 
Stewart John, printer 190 Cherry 
Stewart John, ornamental painter &c. 80 Cedar 
Stewart John, teacher 3 Fetter lane 
Stewart John, farmer Washington above Second 
Stewart John, cooper Thirteenth below High 
Stewart Joseph, carpenter 115 north Tenth 
|Stewart Lloyd, labourer Gillies' alley 
Stewart Margaret, widow 310 north Front 
Stewart Margaret, tailoress 5 Pennsylvania avenue 
Stewart Mary, nurse St. John above Poplar 
Stewart Paul Cox, accountant 15 Wood 
Stewart Peter, japanner Juniper below Spruce 


jStewar. Pcirson, waiter, bnck. 8 Blackberry alley 

Istuwart Pliilip, brickm ikcr Vine above Ridge road 

Siewart Robert, smith 15 Pine alley 

Stewart Robert, back 40 Clicrry street 

Stewart Robert, acronntani88 south Front street 

Stewart Robert, sijipnaastcr V2 Queen (S) 

Stewart S imuel M. stationer Sec. S VV corner Walnut 

and T!)ird— d h «3 Walnut 
Stewart Samuel, m n 106 south I'Vighth 
Stewart Sarah, Mrs of Matthew, Vine ab. Thirteenth 
|Stewart Sidnev , widow Coates near Fifth 
fStewart Stephen, sawyer 59 Small 
Stewart Thomas, back .38 Ciierrv 
Stewart Thomas, jjainter &c. 73 Dock — d h 7 Lodge 
Stewart Tliomas, U S appraiser, cor 7th and Button svood 
Stewart Thomas, carpenter 182 Lombard 
Stewart Thomas, pianoforte maker Cypress alley 

Stewart , widow 46 Budd 

Stewart Wm. f)ricklayer 20 Queen (S) 

Stewart Wm. carpenter 11 Knight's court 

Stewart Wm innkeeper (sign Half-way-house) 46 N 6th 

Stewart Wm. carpenter, back 251 St. John 

Stewart William H. ornamental painter, japanner and 

gilder 29 Chesnut 
Stewart William, 100 south Eighth 
Stewart Wm. mariner, back 299 south Third street 
Stil)bs Chi'istopher, upholsterer & paperhanger 171 

Arch third door l)elow Fifth 
Sticker Ann, widow 16 Ann 

Sticknev Samuel B. labourer Brown above Oak (N L) 
Stief John, baker 148 north Fifth 
Stiff Nancy, widow 8 Callowhill 
Stiles Ann, widow 98 Cedar 
Stiles Ann, widow of Jol\n, 7 Browne 
Stiles Henry, lumber merchant, yard Stiles' wharf Oak 

street (NL) — d h 411 north Front 
Stiles H & J. lumber merchants Oak above Coates 
Stiles John, lumber merchant Oak above Coates — d h 

13 Browne 

Stiles , huckster Kiighton N J 

Stiles John, drayman 440 north Front 

Stiles widow of John, 411 north Front 

Stiles Robt. cabinetmaker Lawrence above Callowhill 

Stiles Thomas T. city cominis'-ioner Eleventh below 

Walnut, west side 
Still Lxtitia, widow, M'Culloch's court 
tStill S imson, carter Quince ubovc Spruce 
fStill Silas, carter back 111 Shippen 
tStiil Wm. sawyer, \y.\ck 199 Lombard street 
Stillc' Benj.merch. 33 S Water— d h Chesnut bel. lllh 
Siille' John, gentleman S K corner Walnut and Eighth 
Stille' Mary, gentlewoman 40 south Front 
Stillwell Catharine, widow 33 German 

STO whitely's annual 

Stillwill John, cordwainer, 4 Oak street 

Stiltz John D. bakei' Kunckel above Tammany 

Stimble George S. accountant, 315 north Third 

Stimmel Philip, tobacconist, back 22 N. 10th ab. Filbert 

Stinceman Jacob, sen. cordwainur, Greenwich 

Stinceman Jacob, jr. cordwainer. Crab near Plum 

Stinceman John, labourer Hansen's court 

Stinceman Peter, cordwainer Greenwich street 

Stinchman Moses, ropemaker Hanover near Queen 

Stine Esther, widow Rugan 

Stine Mary, widow of Peter, 115 Cherry 

Stine Samuel, Camden (N. J.) 

Stiner Margaret, huckster Poplar above St. John 

Stinebeck Adam, vict, Lawrence above Wood 

Stineford George, baker Law's court 

Stinemeyer Elizabeth, widow, 4th ab. Master's (N. L.) 

Stinger Eve, Avidow 127 New 

Stinger Joseph, coachman, back of 176 Race 

Stinson John, ladies' shoemaker Dock street 

Stites George, cabinetmaker Oak below Coates 

Stites Peter, tailor 3 Pleasant avenue 

Stites Richard, shipmaster 156 south Tenth 

Stitler Jacob, malster 17 Sassafras alley 

Stivers Gideon, carpenter Camden (N- J.) 

St. Felix John R. merchant. High— d h 114 south Eightb 

St. John Mary, widow 23 Coxe's alley 

St. John Rachel, widow south Sixth below Fitzwalter 

Stock Frederick, carpenter Tammany near Fourth 

Stock George, blacksmith 11 Sugar alley 

Stock John, painter 8cc. 11 south Seventh 

Stock Mary E. widow of John, Cooper's court 

Stock Philip, carpenter Davis's court 

Stockbine Philip, labourer Ridge road above Francis 

Stockdale George, weaver Lombard above Twelfth 

Stockdale Geraldus, teacher 6 Plum 

Stockdale John, printer and teacher, 6 Plum 

Stockdon John, back of 573 south Front 

Stocker Anthony, merchant 118 Pine 

■j^Stocker James, woodsawyer Browne near Fourth 

btocker John C. merchant 10 Prune 

Stocker Margaret, gentlewoman 193 south Front 

Stockhouse Thomas, carpenter &c. 66 Union 

Stockley Mary, widow 32 Chesnut {_see Stokeleij 

Stockley Pretty man, cordwainer 110 Swanson 

Stokeley Scarborough, tailor, 78 Penn street 

Stockley Wm. merchant tailor 243 High 

Stockman Christian, mariner, back 27 Beck's alley 

Stockman Jacob, thimblemaker &c. 92 south Second 

Stockton Ciiarles, merchant tailor 45 south Third 

Stockton & Howell, proprietors of the New York and 

Baltimore mail stages—office 43 south Fourth 
Stockton Sarah, gentlewoman S W cor. 8th and Walnut 
Stockton Wm. 1 . proprietor of stages 43 south Fourth 
Stoddard Henry, 68 High 

I'lili.MJi.i.i'ill A DIKI.C 1 •.>KV. STO 

•Stodiluit John, merchant 68 High SE coriicr Hart- and 

Stoker Johanna, widow, 6 Almond street 
Stokes Abraham, cordwainer 458 south Second 
Stokes Abralmm, 334 nortli Front 
Stokes llenjamin, flour store 221 north Front — d h 2" 

K'-'v's alley 
Stoke*, C'-?Kirles, merchant toivcr 54 sontli Second 
Stokes Ellis, hardware meichant 57 High — d h 41 Vine 
Stokes Isaac, brickmaker, Lombard above Sch. Seventh 
Stokes J-.icob, tailor 308 Vine 
Stokes Joshna, flour mcrciiant, north Front above 

Nol)le — d h 6 Strawberry 
Stokes Joshua, jun. carpt-nter 23 Newmarket 
Stokes Thonias, lute tax coir-'Ctor 316 \'ine 
Stokes Thomas, jun. plasterer 48 Chester 
Stokes VVm. A. lumber merchant Browne near Oak — 

d h 9 Hrowne 
Stokes VVm. I)oot and sh.oemakcr 50 Race 
Stoltz Michael, boot and shoemaker 447 north Third 
Stone Andrew, plumber 61 Walnut — d h 358 S- Front 
Stone Asaph, merchant 63 south Front — d h Washing- 
ton square 
Stone Benjamin, painter and glazier 321 Si)ruce 
Stone Columbus J. drvgoods store 249 south Second 
Stone & Coffee, plumbers 61 Walnut near Dock 
Stone Dexter, merchant 43 north Water — d ii 128 S. 3d 
Stone Elizabeth, widow, back 31 Charlotte 
Stone Jacob, brickmaker, corner Spruce and Sell. I'lfth 
Stone John, labourer Christian al)ove Sixth 
Ston'.' John, storekeeper 167 sou^li S-.-cond 
Stone Mary, widow, back 251 Race 
Stone Mary, milliner 103 north Second 
Stone Marv, widow Spruce W. Sih. Sixth 
Stone Sc Todd, merchants 63 south Front 
Stone Thomas, innkeeper 14 Callowliill 
Stone William, hairdresser 315 south Front 
S'oneman Joseph, plastei'er, back 111 Browne 
Stones Samuel, merchant 111 south Tt-nth 
Stoo])s Adam, grocery and tavern, coiner Cedar and 4th 
jS o jps Hatinah, widow 155 I^omljard strict 
fSto'ips Jacob, bootblack, Atkinson's court 
tStoops Jicob, waitor, 249 Shipjien 
Stoops John, ni;\riner 3 Voi-k court 
fStoops John, waiter Oshouru's court 
Storer Samuel, sea captain 349 south Second 
Stork Aaron, wine, li(|uor and cordial store 453 High 
Stork Henry, merchant 72 nortli Fifth near Cherry 
Stork I'hilij), car|)enti.-r Juliana above Buttonwood 
Storey Wdliam, blacksmith back 1?4 Lombard 
Stonii Wm. baker, 31 Swanson street 
Storms John, cedar cooper 19 Currant alley 
Story Benjamin, tailor, 208 south Fifth slrcut 
2 12 

STR whitely's annual 

Story Elizabeth, tailoress, 293 south Third 

Story George P. bookfolder 9 Gray's alley 

Story James, mariner 7 Coxe's alley 

Story Polly, huckster 4 Stamper's alley— fruit cellar 

under 196 south Second 
Story William, mariner, back 46 Spruce 
Story Wm. mariner 414 north Third street cor. Browne 
Story William, nailer 126 Lfombard 
Stotesbury Arthur, sea captain 59 Almond 
Stothers James, blacksmith, back 251 Race 
Stotsenburgh Christopher, cordwainer Race ab. Sch. 7th 
Stotsenbiireh Margaret, widow Race near Sch. Eighth 
Stothart William, merchant 244 and d h 349 High 
Stothai'd J. drover & grocer Bi'oad above Race 

\_see Stoddarl 
Stott Abel, weaver 6 Franklin street (N.L.) 
Stott Elizabeth, widow of Jacob, Weaver's alley 
Stott John, ropemaker 83 Moyamensing road 
Stoulder John, 446 north Third 
Stoul George P. welldigger 125 Coates 
Stouse Daniel, blacksmith 37 Cherry 
Stouse Josepii, M. D. 417 nortii Second corner Coates 
Stout Ann, widow, 256 Cedar street 
Stout George, whipmaker 454 north Third 
Stout George, bricklayer Sixtli near Poplar lane 
Stout Jacob C. hatter, next 30 Sassafras alley 
Stout James, labourer Stewart's alley 
Stout James, tobacconist, 40 Coates street 
Stout John L. lookingglass framemaker 17 Coates 
Stout John, saddler and harnessmaker, corner Catharine 

and Sixth 
Stout Jol'in, mariner, 36 Queen (S.) 
Stout John, whipmaker 454 north 'i'hird 
Stout Margaret, Merriott's lane above Fourth 
Stout Mary, widow 27 George street (S.) 
Stout Petei-, blacksmith. Prince above Shakamaxon 
Stout Win. sugarboiler, back 51 Callowhill 
Stow Charles, tailor and drygoods store 38 north Sixth 
Stow Cyrus, sea captain, 247 north Front 
Stow J«remiali, mariner, back 43 Noble 
Stow John, turner 76 Sassafras— shop 40 Bread 
Stow John I. shipwright Marlborough near Beach (K.) 
Stow Mrs. widow Crown near Bedford 
Stoy Henry, shipwright Beach corner Shakamaxon 
Strack Christian, 3 Steinmetz's court 
Strack Peter, carter Mintzer's court 
Strahan Margaret, widow of Gregory, 190 south Eighth 

below Pine 
Strahan Joseph, carpenter 284 Lombard 
Strahan Paul, oak cooper 15 Coxe's alley 
Stran James, mariner 90 Christian 
Stranaghan James, weaver 245 Shippen 
Strang Peter, carter Callowhill above 10th 


Stratton Albey, labourer Queen above Shakamaxon (K. ; 

Stratton Redtord, l)arkeener Cooper's ferry (N. J ) 

Stratton Benjamin, 11 VVood sln-ct 

■{•Stratton Christopl\er, waiter (ircen's coiirt 

Stratton Clayton, clerk, 183 Green 

Stratton Ebenezar, tailor 22 Appletree alley 

Stratton John (Masonic hotel) 28 south Sixili 

Stratton Levi, carpenter 75 Budd 

Strjition rev. Tithian, Queen near Shakamaxon 

fStratton Tobias, coachman Green's court 

Straiton Wm. starch manuf Shakamaxon near Qncen 

Straw Christian, ostler 193 Eighth above Vine 

Strawback Anthony, drayman Say street 

Strawbridge (Jeorgc, merchant 232 Spruce 

Strawbridge Joiin, gentleman 206 Spruce 

Strawn Jacob, bricklayer, Tammany street between 

Fourth and OUl York road 
Straylinc Elizabeth, widow milkwoman Ridge road 

above Vine 
Streaper Richard, baker, &c. 198 south Third 
Streeper John, grocer 544 north Third street 
Streeper John, nailcutler 540 north Third 
Streeper Samuel, drayman between Juniper & Cherry 
Strcei)er Sc Wilt, grocers, 388 nortli Third 
Streper — — widow, Camac near Germantown road 
Street Jacob, cordwainer, back 221 Shippen 
Street Robert, druggist &c. Beach near Maiden 
Street Thomas, boot and shoemaker 197 north Second 
Streeton J(>hn, shipcarpenter Jervis's lane above Front 
Streeton William, shipwright Budd above Laurel 
Slreiby Joseph, brassfounder 402 north Front 
Streiper John, Sixth above Poplar lane 
Strembeck Jacob, silverplater, 41 Zane 
Strembeck J. sen measurer of painters' work 60 S. 1 1th 
Strembeck John, tavernkeeper Ridge road ab. Francis 
Strembeck VVm. painter and glazier 94 Christian 
Stretch Amy, widow, 118 Swanson 
Stretch Natlianiel, bricklayer Baker's court 
Stretcher Fenix, carpenter 129 soutli Sixth 
Striceboch, John, labourer. Prince near Marlborough 
Strieker Barl)ara, widow, cor. Aim and Biewir's alley 
Strieker Ciiarles, skindrcsser Newmarket near Pepg 
Strieker Daniel, cop]>ersiuiih Murgarettatielow Cable 
Strieker F.lias, shipwright Libertv alley near Duke 
Strieker Leonard, gentleman bO (ircen 
Strieker Margaret, widow 234 i.orth Front 
Sti-icker Susan, widow 25 Callowhill 
Strickland Aaron, osilei Camclen (N. J.) 
Strickland George, designer 14 north Ninth 
Strickland John, jun carpenter 4 Willow court 
Strickland John, sen. car|)enicr 6 Clever alley 
Strickland Wm. arcliitect and engineer 14 north Nint!' 
Strieby Joseph, innkeeper 402 north Fronf 

SUK whitely's annual 

Strimmel Richard, labourer, Hanover near Queen 
tStringer Telly, shoemaker, south Sixth near Fitz waiter 
Stringfield Wm. 34 Crown 
Strockbine George, gardener, Moyamensing below 

Strockbine Henry, caulker Prince near Palmer 
Strockbine Henry, labourer. Cherry above Duke 
Stroby George, labourer Washington above Front 
Strock Daniel, combmaker 274 St. John 
Strock Joseph, tailor 309 north Front 
Strong Christian, victualler 213 north Eighth 
Stroop John, tavernkeeper 26 Franklin court 
Stroud George M. attorney at law 103 Arch 
Stroup John & Jacob, 4 and 8 north Water 
Stroup John, 127 north Front 

Stroup John, Jan. tailor 4 N. Water— d h 205 N. Second 
Stroup John, victualler George (N. L.) near Third 
Strow Christian, labourer 193 north Eighth 
Strowman Rebecca Mrs. George below Shippen 
Stuart George, cordwainer 156 Lombard 
Stuart Isabella Mrs. grocer 102 Shippen 
Stuart James, inspector of customs 155 Cedar 
Stuart John, cabinetmaker, shop N W corner Sixth & 
Arch — d h Prune aljove Fifth \_see Slenvart 

Stuart Walter, late carpenter Sch. Seventh ab. Arch 
Stublas Wm. maker patent blacking N W cor. Walnut 

and Ninth 
Stuckert John, gentleman 304 north Third 
Stuffie John, farmer Jolinson's lane 
StuU Adam, victualler Buttonwood below Ridge road- 
stall 50 Old shambles 
StuU Adam, shoemaker 334 Sassafras 
Stull John, cellar digger 214 Vine 
StuU John, currier Cauffman's court 
StuU William, jun. shoemaker 288 Arcli 
StuU William, woodsawyer, back 294 Arch aiiove 10th 
Sturck Jacob, shoemaker Fourth near George 
Sturges Ehzabeth, widow 4 Plum 
Sturges Lemuel, cordwainer 92 St- John 
Sturges Nathaniel, paperhanger, back 296 S. Third 
Sturgis Margaret, widow 40 Ann 
Sturgis Peter, shoemaker 138 south Fifth 
Sturgis Stokely, oysterman 122 north Front 
Stuizil Henry, brassfounder Fourth near Poplar lane 
Styers John, v/hite leadworker Alder alley 
tSueld Wm. waiter Blackberry alley 
Suidler Savier, labourer Twelfth above Arch 
Suiter Joseph, watchman at Bank, Camden (N. J.) 
Suiters Abigail, widow Camden (N.J.) 
Suiters Enoch, ferryman Camden (N. J.) 
Suker Henry, cordwainer Wood above Queen 
Suker Jacob, shipwright Shaknmaxon near Bedford 
Suker Philip, caulker Wood above Queen 


Sulby Mary, widow 207 Spruce 
Sulgcr Christian, baker 161 St. John 
Sulger Jacob, jim. stcretury to Marine Insurance Com- 
pany 161 Mulberry 
Sulger Jacob, sea captain 45 German 
Sullcnder, widow, innkeeper SVV cor.St. John & Poplar 
Sullender John, oak ccxiper 7 Summers' court 
SulKnder John, sen. blacksmith 7 Summers' court 
Suilf nder Maria, widow 2 Poplar alley 
Sullengcr W. F. boatman 125 Swanson 
fSullivan Ann. widow Pleasant st near Ridge road 
Sullivan Charles, merchant 191 High— d h 47 Filbert 
Sullivan F. accountant Junijier above Race 
Sullivan John T. stationer N E cor. of Front & High — 

d h 241 Spruce 
Stillivan Margaret, widow N W cor. Vine and Fifth 
Sullivan Myers, mariner Emlen's court 
Sullivan Nehemiah, waterman 82 Green 
Sully Thomas, portrait painter Philosophical Hall, Fifth 

below Chesnut 
Summerl Sarah, widow Camden (N. J.) 
tSummer Foster, waiter 141 Cherry 
Summerlin William, Camden (N. J.) 
Summers Andrew, accountant 20 Swanwick 
Summers Catharine, widow 45 Noble near Second 
Summers (ieorge, carpenter 25 Powell 
Summers George, mariner 5 Summers' court 
Summers Hannah, widow 15 Summer's court 
Summers Henry, grocer Thirteenth near Sassafras 
Summers Isaac, huckster Camden (N. J.) 
Summers Jolin, nailer Wright's and Miller's alley 
Summers John, mariner 3 Margaretta street 
Summers Martin, planemaker cor.("hesmjt f< Sch. 7tfi 
Summers Philip, Chesnut corner Scluiylkill Sixth 
Sumpton Rebecca, confectioner 154 Arch 
Sumption Mary, nurse 6 Knight's court 
Sunderland John, blacksmiih 2 Suga"* alley 
Sunlighter Mary, widow Hoffman s alley ^ 
Super Jacob, caliinetmaker 162 and 164 N. Front — tl i. 

I)ack 18 Key's alley 
Siii)plec Jonas, carpenter Pearson's court 
Survilliers Count de, S K corner Higli and Twellib 
Surrick John, caulker Wood near Prince 
Surrick Simon, labourer Prince near Wood 
Suter Elizabeth, widow, .\nn above Calinwhill 
Suter Josepli, cabinetnwikcr 450 north Thinl 
Sutherland Daniel, late sliipw right 60 Plum 
Sutherland Joel B. attorney at law, 66 George (S.) 
Sutter Ann, widow, i)oardinghouse 30 north Sixth 
Sutter Charles J. tobiccnnist 222 north Third 
Sutter Daniel, late grocer 97 New 
Sutter Samuel, drygoods storekeeper 286 north Thirci 
Sutterly Charles, academy 118 New 

SWE wiiitely's annual 

Sutton Edward, shipcarpenter Prince near Hanover 

Sutton George, shipwright Crown near Bedford 

Sutton Maria, widow 12 Cypress alley 

Sutton Mary, widow, 15 Pratt's court 

Sutton John, shipwright Queen near Shakamaxon 

Sutton John, gunsmith 55 Duke 

Sutton Joseph, drayntian N. 2d below Germantown road 

Sutton Mary & Ann, tailoi'esses 9 Willing's alley 

Sutton Samuel, labourer Oak (N. L.) near Browne 

Sutton Surah, widow of Jesse, 31 Gilles's alley 

Sutton Susan, widow, 274 north Eighth 

Sutton Wm shipbuilder Queen near Marlborough 

Swager Jane, widow, nurse 3 Fromberger's court 

Swaim Wm. paper marbler 21 Carter's alley 

fSwain Diana, widow Green's court 

Swain Elizabeth, storekeeper 69 south Second 

Swain Isaac, ladies' shoemaker 506 north Second 

Swain John, mariner IIS Catharine 

Swain John, painter and glazier 301 north Second 

Swain John W. druggist 363 north Second 

Swain Martha, 226 north Fifth 

Swain Michael, mariner 83 Swanson 

Swain Shubel, sea captain Green below Fourth 

Swain Sophia, shopkeeper 363 north Second 

Swain Thomas C. umbrella maker 363 north Second 

Swain Willis, tobacconist Crown 

Swaine Francis, boot and shoemaker 179 south Front — 

d h 178 south Water 
Swallow Jacob, innkeeper 57 George street (C.) 
Swan Andrew, tanner Maiden near stone bridge 
Swan & Johnson, boot and shoemakers 91 N. Second 
Swan Page, labourer, back 249 Shippen 
tSwan \^m. mariner 97 Gaskill 
Swanson Andrew, bottler 12 Almond street 
Swanson Andrew, mariner 48 Meade alley 
Swanson Charles, mariner 9 Burd's alley 
Swanson John, mate 6 Perkenpine's coui't 
Swartz Catharine, widow 80 Cedar 
Swartz Daniel, carpet weaver 299 north Third 
Swartz George, tailor 124 north Water 
Swartz Jacob, shipjoiner Shakamaxon near Bedford 
Swartz Joseph, carpet weaver 319 north Third 
Swartz & Louderback, shipjoiners 124 Swanson 
Sweat Joseph, labourer Pleasant above Charles^ 
Sweebley Frederick, grocer 52 Browne 
Sweeney Archibald, innkeeper cor. Cedar 8c Sch. 7tli 
Sweeny David, labourer Sch. Seventh below Pine 
Sweeny Dennis, collector of ashes 23 Hurst street 
Sweeny Elizabeth Miss, schoolmistress. Fourth near 

George (N. L.) 
Sweeny James, carpenter, back 257 south Fourth 
Sweeny Lawrence, 163 Chesnut 
Sweeny Martha, boardinghouse 54 south Eleventh 


^.vceny Michael, weaver soutli Sixth below Fitzwalttjr 

Sweeny Miles, liibourer S;iy street 

Sweiiey S:umiel, grocer N K cor. German and Third 

Sweet Jane, widow, 5 Pleasant avenue 

Sweeten William, cordwainer 568 south Third 

Sweeten Wm. cliairmaker 69 Plum 

Sweitzer Frederick, drayman Browne's court 

Swcitzer Frederick, 463 north Third 

Sweitzer Michael, drayman Browne 

Sweitzer, widow ot Michael, 4 Steinmetz's court 

Swenke Henry, labourer Germ, road above Second 

Swett John B. mcrcliant 29 south Tenth 

Sweyer Henry, grocer 195 N. Third— d h 70 N. 7tli 

Sweyer & Koons, grocers 195 north Third 

SweVer Peter, gentleman 366 north Third 

Swift Christian, cordwainer Maria near Fifth 

Swift Jesse, mariner Washington above Second 

Swift John, attoiney at law, office 38 south Sixth— d ii 

107 south Tenth 
Swift John W. merchant 8 Penn— d h 103 Pine 
Swift Rebecca, widow, 50 Nine 
Swift Robert, confectioner 282 Arch 
Swites Charles, labourer Broad above Race 
bwope George, painter, &c. 351 north Second 
Swope Walter, carter 580 Front below Federal 
Sword A. C. storekeeper 70 south Fourth 
Sybert Henry, labourer 56 Duke 

-Sybert Joseph, barkeeper 269 Vine [see Sibcrt If Seybert 
Sydleman Casper, brushmaker, back 10 South alley 
Sycrs Abbey, widow, 138 Browne 
Syfax Jolin, fancy store 88 Shif)pen 
Syfcrheld John C. shipwright 53 Green 
Syfrit Euphania, widow, 227 Cedar 
Sykes Ann, widow, mantuamaker 149 Cherry 
Sykes R. W. attorney at law 17 S. 5tli— d h 222 S. Front 
Sykes Samuel M. shipbroker 1 Elmslie's alley— d h 22'^ 

south Front 
Sykes Wni. gentleman 222 south Front 
Sylvester John, glassblower Lombard near Schuvlkill 
Symmgton Sarah, teacher S E cor. Eleventh i!c Filbert 
Syng John, ladies' shoemaker 252 Lombard 

TABER ANTIPAS, mariner 218 south Fifth 
Taber Benjamin, caulker Queen near Shakamaxon 
1 abcr John M. diygoods store 38 north Second 
Pack Charles, tailor, ini/uirr 62 nortli Fifth 
Tack John C. tailor 162 Sliippen 
Tackman Frederick, sugar refiner 144 Coates 
Tacy Joseph, hairdresser 392 noi tii Fi-ont 
Taerny Jacob, carpenter 49 Mechanic street 


Tage Mary, widow, Vine above Thirteenth 

Tagert Joseph, president of the Farmers' & Mechanics' 

bank 76 south Sixth 
Taggert Ann, widow, hack 20 Almond street 
Taggert Hannah, widow of Patrick, 513 north Third 
Taggert John, stonecutter 78 north Seventh 
Taggert Margaret, widow, back 14 south Fifth 
Taggert Robert, skindresser, back 104 north Fifth 
Taggert Susan, china store 108 north Second 
Taggert WiUiam, tavernkeeper 22 south Tenth 
Tallen Edward, tailor, back 216 south Sixth 
Talley Mary, milliner 169 south Second 
'I'alliana Christiana, storekeeper 80 Sassafras 
Tallman George, milkman Poplar lane above Seventh 
Tallman George, vict. N W cor. Margaretta & Front 
Talman Mrs. boardinghouse 55 Walnut 
Tallmange James H. hatter Barker near Sch. Fourth 
TalmageE. S. shoemaker 48 north Seventh 
Tanis Sampson, china merchant 302 High SW Gor.9th 
Tanguy John, jeweller 33 north Third . 
Tanier Ann, widow Carpenter above Fourth (S.) 
Tanier John, i'o]jemaker cor. Federal & Moyamensing 
Tanner Benjamin, engraver 74 south Eighth 
Tanner Ann, widow 2 Sansom 
Tanner H. S. engraver 10 Library— d h 214 Walnut 
Tanner, Kearay ScTiebout, banknote engrav.lOLib'ry. 
Taney Sarah, nurse 314 south Second street 
Tape Margaret, widow, 450 south Front 
ITapsico Rev. Jacob, 247 Snippen above Seventh 
Tarbett Henry, stocking weaver Sch. Second bel. Pine 
Tardy C. milliner 80 south Third 
Tarr Frederick, drayman Laurel , (N L) near Budd 
Tarrant Thomas, pilot 34 Catharine 
Tarrs Catharine, widow 8 Plum street 
Tarris John, sea captain 489 south Front 

Tarrapin , labourer back 366 north Second 

Tasca J. B. confectioner 216 High 

Tash Samuel, grocer cor. Callowhill and Washington 

Tate Robert, grocer 379 Race 

tTate Solomon, labourer 88 St. John street 

Tatem Edmund, sea captain 74 Christian 

Tatem George, mate 16 Wood NW corner Ann 

Tatem Jos. E. sailmaker 24 Christian 

Tatem Mary, widow, 19 Browne 

Tatem Mary, widow 58 Almond 

fTaught Caesar, porter Dean's alley 

fTaught Joshua, labourer Madison court 

Taurason Stephen, shipwright Poplar above St. John 

Taws Charles, musical instrument maker Union 

Tawmley Mai y Mrs, 238 south Seventh 

tTayloe Araminta, washerwoman 11 Chesnut 

Taylor Abraham, tallowchandler 2 Newmarket 

Taylor Abraham F, hatter back 92 Crown 

I'HILAOtLl'lll A JUlllLClOR^. 'lAY 

laylor Absalom, shoemaker 41 Bcck'sallcy 

Taylor yVdam, rigger M'CviUdcIi's court 

Taylor Alexander, slupwriglu 502 south Second 

Taylor Alexander, mariner, back ;>5 Arch 

Taylor Amos, mercht. 44 & 46 N. Water— d h 199 Arch 

'I'ajlor Ann, widow 12 Wagner's alley 

Taylor A^a, spermaceti oil, Ike. store 4 south Eigiith 

sign of the VVliale 
Taylor Bankson, (of Allen and Taylor) 30 Race 
Taylor Benjamin, brushmaker 90i north Front 
Taylor Caleb, wholesale druggist 22 and 24 N. Front 
Taylor Catliarine, widow 37 Sansom corner Eighth 
Taylor Charles, cordwaincr China street bel. Second 
Taylor Charles, weaver St. Johns 
Taylor Charles, cordwaincr 92 north Fifth 
Taylor Curtis, plasterer 119 north Nnitli 
ITaylor Daniel, labourer 332 soutli Front 
Taylor & Uutton, shoestore, 128 Higii, S E cor. Fourth 
Taylor EdinunJ, weaver, back 15 Poplar lane 
Taylor Elizabeth, widow 418 north Fourth 
Taylor Enoch, bricklayer, back 29 Elfretii's alley 
Taylor Enoch, tailor 9 Coombs' alley 
Taylor George, baker 21 Bank 
Taylor George, sen. broker and translator of the Frcncii 

and Spanish lang uages 8J Cliesnut nearThird 
Taylor George, jun. stock &c. broker 85 Chesnut n. 3d 
fTaylor George, stage driver back 20 Appletree alley 
Taylor George tinplate and sheet ironworker 89 north 

tTavlor George, labourer 3 Pottery alley 
Taylor German, labourer Ger.nantovvn road ab. Third 
Taylor Hannah, 62 Sj)ruce 
Taylor Henry, wool dealer 145 north Front 
Taylor Isaac, shoemaker 558 south Front 
Taylor Isaac P. teacher 80 Crown 
Taylor Jacob, farmer Wood near Prince 
Taylor Jacob, gent. cor. West and Wood 
T.iylor James Rev. 246 Walnut 
1 aylor James, sawyer Juniper above Ciierry 
1 avlor James, shipwriglit 6' badd 
Taylor James, carpenter Fourtl\ n. Carnentcr (S) 
Taylor James, weaver, corner Cedar and Broad 
1 uylor Jane, drygoods store 25 north Front 
Tavlor Jeremiah, ladies' shoemaker 119 south Second 
Taylor John, waterman, 16 Little W.itcr 
rayl»>r John, turner in metals and macliine maker 30 

I lylor John M merchant 5 south Twelfth 
1 ay lor John, farmer Fr.inkford r. ab \Vood street 
Tayior Jolin, carpenter 290 nortli Third 
TaN lor Johnson, teacher back 15 south Eighth 
Taylor Josepli, capt.of stcaml)oat Twins Camden (NJ) 
Taylor Jos. innkeeper (sign of Cross Key's) 18 N 4;li 
2 K 


Taylor Joseph, plasterer Sch. Seventh above Arcli 

Taylor Leban, labourer Charlotte n. Germantown i, 

Taylor Lemuel, cordwainer Rachel near Poplar 

Taylor Levi, grocer 246 south Second 

Taylor Levi, labourer Cadwalader near Pitt 

Taylor Lewis, shoe warehouse 124 High 

Taylor Lowther, boardinghouse 51 north Third 

Taylor Margaret Mrs. widow Broad above High 

Taylor Mary, shopkeeper 43 Mechanic 

Taylor Mary, teacher Buttonwood ab. Charles 

Taylor Maiy, widow, nurse, back 51 Meade alley 

Taylor Mary, tailoress 92 north Fifth 

Taylor Miss seminary 125 Vine 

Taylor Moses, teacher, school NE cor. Buttonwood and 

Fjghth~d li 299 Callowhill 
Taylor Nathan, cordwainer 13 Tammany 
Taylor Philip, saddler 223 Swanson 
Taylor Rene', teacher of music 72 north Sixth 
Taylor Robert, auctioneer 29 N. Front— d h 206 Arch 
Taylor Mrs. widow of Robert, Windsor chair maker 133 

south Front 
Taylor Robert, hatter 33 Jacoby street 
Taylor Robert m, d. N W cor. Tenth and Arch 
Taylor Robert, boot and shoemaker S north Third 
Taylor Samuel, brushmaker 66 south Third 
fTaylor Samuel, plasterer 4 Wagner's alley 
Taylor Samuel, labourer 23 Budd street 
Taylor Samuel, carpenter 16 north Eighth 
Taylor Shadrach & Joseph, bookbinders 384 N. Second 
Taylor Tracy, hardware mercht. cor. Beach & Maiden 
Taylor Thomas, tailor 196 and 150 north Water 
Taylor Thos. grocer & tavern SW cor. Swanson and 

Taylor Thomas, boot and shoemaker 247 south Front 
Taylor Thomas, currier shop 3 Elbow lane 
Taylor & Wagner auctioneers 29 north Front 
'I'aylor Wm.jun. merchant 184 and d h 387 High 
Taylor William, tallowchandler Brooke's court 
Taylor William blacksmith Noble above Old York r 
Faylor William, shoewarehouse 124 High 
Taylor Wm tinplate & sheetironworker 155 N. 2d 
'I'aylor William, bricklayer 12 Juniper lane 

Taylor , carpenter, back of 99 Budd 

Taylorson Robert, cordwainer Sturges's court 
Teamer Henrietta, 17 Blackhorse alley 
Teaney Jacob, carpenter 49 Mechanic 
Teaney John, tailor 77 south Water 

Teamer , shipwright Bedford near Crown 

'i'ear John, shipiTiaster 52 Moyamcnsing road 

Tear Philip, mariner 88 Shipi)en 

Tearney Hugh, carpenter, back of 303 Walnut 

Teat Matthias, ropemaker Shakamaxon near Bedford 

Teas Rachel, widow, china store 189 north Second 

Tedrick Catharine, widow 74 Vine 


I eel Daniel, carter 328 soutli Third street 
Tcel Ezekiel, pilot 15 Beck's alley 
Teel Mcnry, carpenter Mei'edith's lane above Filth 
Teel Jesse, iniiriner, 15 Beck's alley 
Tecpel John, cordwaincr Christian helow Fourth 
Tcesc Daniel, spinnirif^wheelmakcr 150 north Front 
Tees Lewis, jji' Cherry corner of Duke 
Tees Jacot), shipwriglit Beach near Marlborough 
Tees Jo!in, shipwight Clierry near Prince 
Tees Peter, shipwright Beach near Marlborough 
Teesdale Robert, grocer 270 Race 
Teisseii'e Anthony, 296 Chesnut 

Teisseirc James, merchant 247 High — dh 23 south lOtli 
Tempest Robert, jeweller 87 S 2d — d h 56 George (S) 
Tempest William, carpenter 94 Cedar 
Temple Daniel G. drygoods store 40 south Second 
tTemple George, labourer Sch. S?cond near Spruce 
Temple & Smith, wholesale druggists 121 High 
Temple S. druggist, &c. 121 High— d h 285 Chesnut 
tTempIc SHmuel, woodsawyer Malt alley 
Tcnbro(3k Abraham, attorney at law 115 Spruce 
Tennant Christopher, stonecutter S E corner ot Tenth 

and Filljert— d h 443 High 
Tennant Mary Ann, nurse 556 N Second near George 
Tennent James, queen's ware manuf. 122 south Fifth 
Tennent John, ladies' corslet maker 77 south 3d 
Tennent William, mariner 23 Union 
Tennery E. M. boardinghouse 121 Swanson 
Tenno Mary, tailoress 5 Poplar alley 
Tcrradell Anthony, carpenter 159 Moyameusing road 
Teih'ier Baptist, mariner, back 53 Catharine 
Terrier Fred. Daniel, teacher 297 north 3d 
Terrill Ephraim, fancy drygootls store 26 south Fourth 
Terris Charles, carpenter 18 Federal street 
Terry David, cordwainer Arch above Scimylkill Eightii 
Terry William, Avorsted manuf. 28 Budd 
Teston Joshua, painter &c. Jjombard above 10th 
Teter Henry, blacksmith Race near Scimylkill Eighth 
Teter John, carter Schuylkill 8th above Race 
Teterel Francis, merchant 265 Higli — d h 2 N Ninth 
Teterel & Frenaye, jun. merchants 265 High 
Tetsell Bernard, cooper 92 Green 
Tetters John, watchman 17 Wood 
'Fhackara Eleanor, widow, 36 south Sixth 
Thrckara James A. m. d. 389 south Second 
Thickara James, ") engravers — Academy of Fine Arts 
ThackaraWm. 3 ^'i*-'**""t '^Ij^^'c lOtli 
Tackai-a Mark, tailor 355 south Second 
Thack ira Simucl, shipcliandler Spruce street wharf— r 

d ii Front below Federal 
Thackilra William, jr. iilasterer 218 Pine 
Thatcher Aadrcw, late lumber merchant 312 N Front 
Tliatcher D uiii.-l, druggist &c. N W cor High and Se 
cond — d li 30 north 3d 

THO whitely's annual 

Thatcher E. widow 31 Coates 

Thatcher Samuel, smith, back of 210 St. John 

Thatcher 8c Thompson, druggists 8cc, N W cor, Higi: 

and Second 
Thatcher widow of Joseph, 396 north 3d 
Thaw Benjamin, 106 south Second 
Thaw Charles, storekeeper 106 south 2d — d h 37 Duke 
Thaw William, accountant 163 north Fourth 
Thibault &: Brothers, jewellers 66 south Second 
Thibault C. widow 66 south Second 
'i'hibault Felix, jeweller 66 south 2d — d h 50 Almond 
Thibault Francis, jeweller 66 south 2d — dh 58 Union 
Thibault Frederick, goldsmith 66 S 2d— d h 278 S Front 
Thibault Mary, widow, 4 Hoffman's alley 
Thiell Henry, printer 211 Cedar 
Thorn Charles Frederick, cordwainer 50 Green 
Thorn Mary, widow Green below Second 
fThomas Alice, widovy 76 German street 
Thomas Amos, tailor 60 Shippen 
'J'homas Amos, nailer Sixth above Poplar lane 
Thomas Amos, wheelwright cor. Spruce and Sch. 7th 
Thomas Ann, milkwoman near Pratt's place 
1 homas Ann & Maria, tailoress 11 Gray's alley 
fThomas Aug-ustus, boardinghouse 48 Small 
Thomas Benj. sen. inspector ot customs 138 Swanson 
Thomas Benj. jun. accountant 75 Plum 
Thomas & Baldwins, grocers and livery stable keepers 

9 & 13 south Fourth 
Thomas Catharine Mrs. 4 Shippen 
Thomas Catharine, widow Sixth below Fitzwalter 
tThomas Charles, barber 275 south 3d 
Thomas Daniel, gentleman 132 Arch 
Thomas Daniel, paperhangerLjetitia court 
Thomas David, blacksmith Torr's court 
Thomas Davixl, doorkeeper Washingt. hall 7 Gray's ay. 
fThomas Diana, widow, back 190 Pine 
Gliomas Edw. merchant 63 N Fi'ont— d h 75 New 
Thomas Edw. porter 540 N Third opposite Beaver 
Thomas Eliza, miUinerFiiih above Button wood 
Thomas Eliza, widow Germantown road ab. first gate 
Thomas Ely, grocer 204 north Third 
Thomas Enoch, cabinetmaker, back ot 71 Small 
Thomas Ezra, labourer Marlborough above Bedford 
Thomas George, 46 Lombard street 
Thomas George L. merch. 45 N Front— d h 27 Arch 
Thomas Isaac, cordwainer, back 83 Small 
Thomas Isaac, shoe and morocco store 123 N Second 
Thomas Israel, nailer Noble above St. John 
Thomas Jacob, carpenter 1 Little Pine 
|Tiiomas Jacob, fruiterer 139 Cherry 
Thomas James, carpenter 50 Currant alley 
Thomas James, grocer and meal store S E cor Vine 8c 3d 
Thomas Jane, widow Oak below Browne 
Thomas Jesse, merchant 38 north Front 


I'liomas Jesse, carpenter 58 Filbert 

1 Jolu), goldbeater, back 47 Kiinrkel 
'I'lioinas Jt)bn, boot maniit. 44 soiitb :](\ 

I iohn K. cooper 46 Lomiiurd — d h 66 Almond 
'i'homHS John, cordwainer 71 Phitn 

Tliornas John, blacksmith, l)ack 110 Cherry 
Tlionuis John D. m.d. 163 Race 
Thomas John, brickmakt-r (ri^een 

t Thomas Jolin, labourer Meredith's lane above Fourth 
t riiomas John, mariner Crab near I'liim 
* Thomas John, oystcrman 38 Cl\esnut 

Thomas Jonathan, blacksmitii 141 north Sixth 

1 luxiiMs Jonathan, gei\t Old York