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Heads of Families and Persons in Business, 

wwm ©in nil sunsvouBSs 

With ether Useful Information, 


-hed and for sale by the Editor, 110 Walnut Street, and b\ 
the principal Booksellers of the City. 

Price, to Subscribers, $1. 25. 



Philadelphia Directorj 





The Heads of Families and Persons in Business, 


See " Directions to the Reader." 

ABBEY Charles, goldbeater, 22 Pear street 

Abbott David, collector, 19 Cresson's alley 

Abbott Mrs. 9 Chesnut 

Abel William, milkman, Cedar between Sch. 6th and 7th 

Abercrombie, James, D.D. senior assistant minister of Christ 

church, St. Peter's, and St. James, 164 Spruce 
Abert John, gentleman, 143 High 
Abraham John, merchant, 48 south Second 
Abrahams William, 30 Elizabeth 
.Academy of Fine Arts, Chesnut below Eleventh 
Adams Andrew, shopkeeper, 16 north Fourth 
Adams Benjamin, carpenter, 350 north Third 
Adams Elizabeth, boarding house, 8 north Front 
Adams John S. lumber mex-chant, 26 Race 
Adams Mrs. 74 Walnut 
Aechternacht F. A. tailor, 114 Race 
Aernton Robert B. 88 Chesnut 
Agnew Samuel, merchant, 22 south Second 
Albers John H. gentleman, 19 Powell 
Alberson Aaron, tailor, 121 south Sixth 
Albert Major John, 6 north Sixth 
Albright C. musical instrument maker, 3 south Third 
Albright Conrad, shoemaker, 11 Elfreth's alley 
Albright Daniel, 188 High 

Albright Ezekiel E. accountant, 11 Elfreth's alley 
Albright Jacob, flour and whiskey store, 447 High 
Albright William D. accountant, 11 Elfreth's alley 
Alcorn Henry, lastmaker, 19 Carter's alley 
Alden Jonathan, commission merchant, 77 south Front 
Alexander Charles, printer, 36 Dock 
Alexander James, labourer, Jones's allev 
Alexander Mrs. 92 south Third 

Al 8 Philadelphia Directory. 

Alexander Samuel, merchant, 50 S. "Wharves — d. h. N.E. co: 

Lombard and Third 
Allcott Jacob, millstone maker, 80 north Water 
Allen Sc Bowen, grocers, 75 Cedar 
Allen John, cooper, 20 Strawberry 
Allen John, cooper, back of 21 south "Water 
Allen Lewis, merchant, 194 High 
Allen Mrs. boardingjiouse, 66 south Sixth 
Allen Richard F. merchant, 14 Race 
Allen Robert, grocer, 75 Cedar 
Allen WilUam P. cqpper, 20 Strawberry 
Allen "William, merchant, d. h. 33 Pine 
Allen William, accountant, 202 south Third 
Allison Walter, in alley leading from Powell to Clever alley 
Amidon Stephen, merchant, 190 Spruce 
Anan Robert, hatter, Trotter's alley 

Anderson Christian, watchman, back of church, 4th St Pine 
Anderson James, millstone maker, 85 north Water 
Anderson John, mariner, 135 south Front 
Anderson Joseph, tailor, 53 New 
Anderson Leonard, sawyer, 29 Strawberry 
Anderson Sarah, shopkeeper, 182 Pine 
Anderson William, grocer, S.W. cor. Pine and Twelr 
Andrade Joseph, merchant, 75 south Second 
Andrews George, tanner, 6 Pear 
Andrews John, merchant, 34 south Second 
Andrews John, dry good store, 34 south Second 
Andrews Joshua, bricklayer. S.E. cor. Spruce and Perry 
Andrews William, clerk, 11 south Thirteenth 
Anners Robert M. jeweller, 141 Chesnut 
Apker Henry, carter, 148 Sprue » 
Arbuckle James, Rev. 200 south Fourth 
Archer k Bispham, merchants, 57 north Front 
Armbruster Jacob, brushmaker, 220 north Third 
Armstrong James, manufacturer, Tenth near Lombard 
Armstrong Thomas, attorney at law, 106 south Fourth 
Armstrong Sc Wallace, grocers, S.E. cor. Race and Fourth 
Arnold Jacob, baker, 127 Race 
Arnold Thomas, sea captain, 295 south Front 
Artas Giles, stable keeper, 15 south Eighth 
Arundel Margaret, gentlewoman, 165 Race r 
Arundel Robert I. attorney at law, 165 Race 
Ash Thomas, merchant, d. h. 208 south Thin."* 
Ashby William, tailor, 20 Branch 
Ashley John, gentleman, 94 south Fourth 
Ashton John, sen. tailor, 149 south Water 
Ashton John, jun. tailor, 151 south Water 
Ashton William E. Rev. 212 south Fourth 
Atkinson A. saddler, 5 north. Fifth 
Atwood John, merchant, 136 Arch 
Aun<_/ Joseph G. bookseller, 333 High 
Austin Alvey, 148 Arch 

Philadelphia Directory. BA1* 

Austin Mary, boarding house, 148 Arch 
Vustin Thomas, accountant, 18 south Front 
Ayres Seth, at Commercial Bank 

[See letter A second alphabet 

3ABADE Henrv, accountant, 86 Lombard 

BaChe Franklin," M. D, 138 Pine 

Bache Richard, Post Master, 206 Spruce 

Bacon &. Hart, music store, 30 south Fourth 

Bailey Chester, innkeeper, south Third, Mansion House 

Bailey F. cedar cooper, 280 north Third 

Bailey Joseph, Thirteenth near Spruce 

Bailey Joel C. innkeeper, Western Hotel, 288 High 

Bailey Lewis, 101 south Third 

Baker Charles, cabinetmaker, near Sch. Sixth and Chesnut 

Baker Chalkley, innkeeper, 264 Sassafras 

Baker Christian, ship watchman, 17 Venn 

Baker Doble, accountant, 34 Old York road 

Buker E. Mrs. boarding house, 116 Arch 

Baker Nathan, broker, 202. Spruce 

Baldwin E. S. 17 south Fourth 

Baldwin Joseph, clerk, 106 Lombard 

Balithe Benjamin, High near Schuylkill Sixth 

Ballentine William, labourer, Eleventh near Lombard 

Ballinger Amariah, shoemaker, 7 Lxtitia court 

Bangs Elijah R. sea captain, 178 north Front 

Banks Daniel, Bank street 

Banks Ebenezer, merchant, 13 Power! 

Bannon George P. auctioneer and commission merchant, 69 

Barbazett Jacob, cabinetmaker, 12 Pear 
Barber John, accountant, 55 Walnut 
Barclay Andrew, merchant, 29 S. Wharves, d. h. 248 north 

Barclay A. C. merchant, Boston Packet Wharf 
Barclay James J. attorney at law, d. h. 207 Spruce 
Barclay Jane, widow, 224 north Third 
Barclay John, jun. merchant, 228 north Third 
Barclay Joseph, sea captain, 17 Pine 
Bard Samuel, printer, Green's court 
Barger Joseph, ag-ent, Clever alley 
Barker Priscilla, 61 Spruce 
Barnado John B. clerk, 191 Pine 
Barnard Joseph, High near Schuylkill Sixth 
Barnard Joseph, jun. High near Schuylkill Sixth 
Barnhurst Joseph, brassfounder, 465 High 
Barnes John, tailor, 39 south Front 

Barnes John H. notary public and broker, south Seventh 
Barnes, John, jun. clerk, 23 south Second 
Barnes Robert, rigger, Harris* court 

BEN Philadelphia Directory. 

Barnes William, 135 south Second 

Barnet Edward, attorney at law, 68 north Ninth 

Barrazo Pereira Jeaquim, consul general of Portugal, 7i ; 
south Sixth 

Barrington Henrv, chocolate manufacturer, cor. Gaskill and 

Barry Edward, commercial agent for the Republic of Co- 
lombia, 120 Pine 

Bartholomew Frederick, tobacconist, 77 George 

Bartholomew Thomas, commission merchant, 22 Bank 

Barthouseri Christian, 5 south Front 

Bartleson Charles, sea captain, 105 north Front 

Bartleson & Harmer, upholsterers, 203 south Second 

Bartlett John, merchant, 15 south Water 

Bartley George, manufacturer of hosier}', 14 Elfreth's alley 

Barton Henry, merchant, 40 south Front 

Barton W. P. C, M.U., north-east corner of Tenth and 

Bartow George, gentleman, 13 Elfreth's alley 

Basseti Capt. Samuel, 350 north Third 

Bates Paul, principal of the Philom. Academy, Coates a few 
doors west of Third, N. L. 

Bauce James, printer, 121 south Second 

Bayard Richard H. attorney at law, 194 Chesnut 

Beach Waldon, carpenter, 412 High 

Beard Peter, carpenter, Eckfeldt's court 

Beaty George, tavern keeper, 40 S. Wharves 

Beaty John, paper hanger, 71 north Eighth 

Bechtel Godfrey, toyshop, 87 north Second 

Bechtell & Co. shoe and bootmakers, 64 south Second 

Bechtell John, shoe .and bootmaker, 64 south Second 

Beck George, clerk of the market, 215 Lombard 

Beck Henry Paul, attorney at law, 79 Walnut 

Beck Jacob, tobacconist, 32 Dock 

Beck Samuel, tobacconist, 32 Dock 

Beck William C. merchant, S. W. corner Third and Walnut. 
d. h. 115 south Eighth 

Beckcom William, grocer, N. W. corner Lombard and Sixth 

Beckett Henry, merchant, 95 south Fourth 

Bedell Gregory T., D.D. 208 Pine 

Bedford John, shoemaker, 53 Spruce 

Beers Ann, 13 Carter's alley 

Belfast Burton, M. D. 152 south Fifth 

Bell David, cabinetmaker, 40 Race 

Bell Richard, turner, 405 High 

Bell Samuel, merchant, 181 High 

Bell William J. broker, d. h. 154 Walnut 

Bell William jun. office 37 Dock, d. h. 93 Spruce 

Bellemere John, stocking weaver, 19 Walnut 

Benner Henry, carter, S. E. corner Juniper and George 

Denner Jacob, brickmaker, near Schuylkill Fifth and High 

ttermor John, tailor, back of 133 Lombard 

Philadelphia Directory, BOG 

Benner John, tavernkeeper, Chesnut 

Benner Mrs. 48 south Eighth 

Benner William, brickmaker, Lombard near Twelfth 

Benners George, merchant, 200 north Fourth 

Benners Margaret, widow of Jacob, sea captain,. 57 New 

Bennet William, ship carpenter, Marlboroughftiear Bedford 

Benninghove & Curtis, snuff manufacturers, 405 south Front 
Bennington Robert, tailor, 39 south Front 
Benson Alexander, merchant, 242 High 
Benson David P. merchant, 151 Chesnut 
Benson Peter, accountant, 151 Chesnut 
Benson, widow, boarding house, 151 Chesr.' 
Bentzone Peter, jeweller, 85 north Second 
Berry Ann, shopkeeper, 185 Cedar 
Berry Peter L. carpenter, 473 High 
Berryman E. drvgood store, 137 Cedar 
Berty Peregrine, merchant, 18 Bank 
Bettle Samuel, tailor, 14 south Third 
Bevans John jun. painter, 253 south Front 
Bickley Mary, 110 Sassafras 
Biddle Clement, sugar refiner, d. h. 164 Arch 
Biddle J. G. broker, 173 Walnut 
3iddle Joseph, druggist, 142 High 
Biddle Nicholas Esq. President of* the United States Bank. 

275 Chesnut 
Bigelow Thomas, carpenter, 142 north Front 
Biggs Mrs. boarding house, 68 south Eighth 
Bigonet Jacob, druggist, S. E, corner Seventh and George 
Bingham x\lbert, hatter, 61 south Third 
Bird Charles, merchant, Walnut above Twelfth . 
Birnie William, accountant, 1 Farmer's Row 
Bisbin Joseph, merchant, 116 Arch 
Bishop Thomas, M.D. Locust near Dean 
Bispham Ellis, 181 High 
Black John, weaver, back 246 Lombard 
Blackistone Captain F. 6 north Fourth 
Blackmore Thomas V. 50 south Front 
Blair John W. 63 south Front 
Blanchard, Haley & Beaty, paper hanging warehouse, 151 

Blanchard Isaac, paper manufacturer, S. W. comer Eleventh 

and Spruce 
Blight George, gentleman, Thirteenth near Chesnut 
Blight Peter, merchant, Thirteenth near Chesnut 
Blockston & Jones, drygood store, 211^ south Second 
Bloer Robert, dyer, 103 Cedar * 

Blood Caleb, shoemaker, 15 Strawberry alley 
Blood Mrs. shopkeeper, 118 north Water 
Bloomer, widow, cake baker, north Fourth 
Bluterman Michael, tailor, 141 south Front 
Boggs James, merchant, 188 High 

a 2 

BRI Philadelphia Directory. 

Boggs Samuel, shipcarpenter, Frankibrd road near Otter 

Boileau Isaac, collector, Frankford road near Otter 

Boileau T. attorney at law, office 108 Arch 

Boiree Charles, ladies' shoemaker, 126 south Second 

Bonesh Matthew B. fruiterer, 214 Spruce 

Bonnafon A. professor of dancing, 65 south Fourth, ball 

room, 62^ south Fourth 
Bonnell Thomas, still manufacturer, 98 Locust 
Bonsall Benjamin S. merchant, 20 south Seventh 
Bothwick Robert, fancy painter, 34 Arch 
Boudine Budd, shoemaker, 36 south Second 
Bouvier Michael, cabinetmaker, 6 south Front 
Bouvier Michael, cabinetmaker, 9 Norris's alley 
Bowen Geo. W. accountant, 13 Pine 
Bowen John, gent. 342 Arch 
Boyd Andrew, tailor, Eleventh near George 
Boyd John, engraver, 19~ Spruce 
Bovd Robert, sandpaper maker, near Schuvlkill Sixth ana 

Boyd Thomas G. carpenter, Mercer street 
Boyer Isaac, innkeeper, 212 north Third 
Boyer If. merchant, 111 south Ninth- 
Bover Michael, cooper, back of Schuvlkill Eighth south of 

Boyer Mrs. 113 south Third 

2 Ann, mantuamaker, S. E. corner Pine and Twelfth 
Boyle Mrs. 37 Spruce 
Braden James, tailor, 135 south Water 
Brad hurst Joseph, innkeeper, 193 north Second 
Bradley James, Judd's Hotel, south Third 
Bradley John, tailor, 11 Lxtitia court 
ley Wm. tailor. 11 Lstitia court 
Henry, innkeeper, 74 north Water 
Brady Mrs. seminary, 103 Arch 
Branse R. P. 120 south Second 
Branson Joshua E. innkeeper, 46 south Front 
Bray Daniel, drygood merchant, 184 north Third 
Bray John, painter, Crown near Race 
Brazier x\mable. jeweller, 12 south Third 
Brazier Francis, jeweller, 12 south Third 
Brazier Samuel, attorney at law, 69 Spruce 
Bready Mary, widow, 123 south Fifth 
Brenan Michael, hatter, 92 north Water 
Bresland John, stonecutter, 166 south Eleventh 
Breuno John, jeweller, 148 south Fifh 
Brewerton George, grocer, Schuylkill Fifth south of High 
Bridges & Chamberlain, merchants. 9 south Water 
Bridges Edwin N. merchant, 9 south "Water — d. h. 205 Arch 
Bridges James C. grocer, S. E. corner Union and Third 
Bridges, widow, 206 Pine 
Brien Daniel C. labourer, 2 Farmers Row 

Philadelphia Directory. BUG 

Briens Peter, distiller, N. W. corner Tenth and Juniper alley 

Bright John, bootmaker, 17 Franklin court 

Brill George, bricklayer, Hanover near Bedford (K.) 

Bringhurst John, printer, 70 south Third 

Brinton John S. attorney at law, 12 south Seventh 

Brobson Joseph, grocer, 437 south Front 

Brode John, carver, 9 Whitaker's Row 

Brodhead Rev. Jacob, 77 north Fifth 

Brodie Edward, carpenter, 21 Lombard 

Brooks George, innkeeper, 248 High 
* Brown Anthony, tailor, S. E. corner of Water and Chesnut 

Brown Captain Thomas, of the U. S. Navy, 5 south Eleventh 
between High and Chesnut 

Brown David S. merchant, 56 south Front — d. h 1 Prune 

Brown David Paul, attorney at law, corner Seventh and 
J Washington Square 
."> Brown James, tailor, 12 south Water 

'Brown James, weaver, 16 south Broad 

Broun John, custom house officer, 123 Lombard 

Brown John A. & Co. merchants, 16 Chesnut 

Brown John, 16 south Broad 

Brown Lawrence, hatter, 70 south Second 

Brown Miss, south Sixth 

Brown Miller, tailor, 27 Pine 

Brown Mrs. boarding house, 53 south Fifth 

Brown Peter A. attorney at law, 180 Chesnut 

Brown Samuel, tailor, 83 south Second 

Brown Samuel, tea merchant and liquor store, 73 Chesnut 

Brown Samuel, painter, 73 Chesnut 

Brown Thomas, stone cutter, back 46 south Fifth 

Brown Wm. merchant, 295 Chesnut 

Brown Wm. shoemaker, 12 south Second 

Brown Wm. cabinetmaker, 73 south Second 

Brown Wm. stonecutter, 198 Pine 

Brown Wm. coppersmith, 178 Lombard 

Brown Wm. accountant, Alms House 

Brown Wm. accountant, 27 Pine 

Brownwell Gardiner, grocer, K. W. corner Lombard and 

Brunner Adam &. William, skindressers and parchment ma- 
nufacturers, 11 Margaretta 

Brurly John, tailor, 9 Pear 

Brusley Daniel, Walnut street wharf 

Bruster Charles, grocer, 453 High 

Bryan Jesse, tailor, 46 Bread 

Bryant John Y. druggist, 83 Gaskill 

Buchanan Mrs. 43 south Eighth 

Buck Mary, widow of William, 434 north Fourth 

Buckhalter F. baker, 25 Franklin court 

Buckley Anthonv M.— c. h. 39^ north Water— cL h. 87 
south Third 

CAL Philadelphia Directory. 

Bucklev Chancev, attorney at law, 61 south Third — office 

48 Walnut 
Buckley Sarah, 87 south Third 
Budd George, merchant, 31 Chesnut 
Budd Samuel, stove manufacturer, 111 north Second 
Budd Wm. A. ironmonger, 126 south Third 
Buesant B. 8 south Tenth 
Bujac J. L. merchant, 128 Pine 
Bujart Wm. bookseller, 139 south Second 
Buley Isaac, letter earner, 130 Vine 
Bulk'ley James H. hatter, 61 south Third 
Bullock Dr. 333 High 
Bullock & Davis, skindressers and wool dealers, 473 north 

Bunner John, house carpenter, Marlborough near Bedford 

Bunting Jacob T. merchant, 95 north Second 
Burch Rev. Thomas, 123 Cedar 
Burckle Christian J. merchant, 60 Raee 
Burckle Mrs. 60 Race 

Burden Joseph, fancy chair manufacturer, 103 south Third 
Burgasse Cadet, 42 Union 

Burgen George H., M.D. and druggist, 74 Chesnut 
Burge John, confectioner, 189 south Second 
Burk Wm. labourer, 11 Lxtitia couit 
Burke Thomas, comedian, 179 south Seventh 
Burns Mrs. 13 Willing's alley 
Burns Mrs. boarding house, 305 High 
Burns Patrick, 60 Chesnut 
Burns William, M.D. 305 High 
Burr William H. boarding house, 200 Arch 
Burrill Anthony, shopkeeper, 60 south Second 
Burrough Marmaduke, M.D. 231 Arch 
Burrows John W. 3 Lodge 
Burson John, accountant, 171 south Third 
Buswell Benjamin G. button maker, 22 Strawberry alley 
Butcher Martha, Elbow lane 

Byrne Ellen, boarding house, S. W. corner Spruce and Sixth 

[See letter B second alphabet. 

CADDET Lion, drygood merchant, 82 north Fourth 
CafTrey James M. tailor and comb store, corner Second and 

Cain Robert, tailor, 93 Race 
Caldwell John, currier, 7 Strawberry street 
Caldwell Joseph, shoemaker, 7 Strawberry street ' 
Caldwell Margaret, widow, 169 Pine 
Caldwell Mrs. E. B., boarding house, High street 
Caldwell William, sailmaker, 11 Penn 

Philadelphia Directo] CAR 

Calhoun Dr. George, 265 Chesnut 

Calhoun Gustavus, merchant, 265 Chesnut 

Calhoun Hugh, merchant, 5 south Twelfth 

Callaby Jam<rs, shoemaker, 88 south Third 

Cullender Mrs. E. B., storekeeper, south Fourth 
-Callilla Thomas, weaver, 6 Elrnalie's alley 

Callord Abraham, carpenter, 157 south Fifth 
.Cammiskie Rev. Priest, pastor of St. Mary's Church, Wil 
ling's alley 

Campbell George, attorney at law, 203 Mulberry 

Campbell Hugh, plumber, dwelling 120 south Fifth 

Campbell James, tailor, 245 south Front 

Campbell John H., attorney at law, 41 north Sixth 

Campbell Mary, widow, 249 Cedar 

Campbell Mrs , widow, 136 south Fourth 

Campbell Mrs. S. J., seminary for young ladies, 144 S. 10th 

Campbell William, cooper, 58 Lombard 

Canby Meritt, merchant, 1 Prune 

Cannon James, 67 south Second 

Cannon Samuel, innkeeper, 427 High 

Cany Charles, dry good merchant, 5 south Second 

Cardwell, Potter 8c Co. merchants, 14 Chesnut 

Carie John, bottler, 322 High 

Carlile Abraham, hardware merchant, 139 High — d. h. 219 
north Fourth 

Carlile Hudson, innkeeper, 341 Spruce 

Carlton George, 145 Spruce 

Carlton Isaac, merchant, south Third 

Carmack Susan, widow, 125 Lombard 

Carmalt C. & J. conveyancers, 298 north Third 

Carmalt James, conveyancer, N.W. cor. Tammany and Third 

Carmalt Jonathan, gentleman, 302 north Third. 

Carmalt Jonathan, jun. collector, 298 north Third 

Carnan Hudson, d. h 116 Arch 

Carpenter & Gorgas, 230 north Third 

Carpenters' Hall, Chesnut bet. 3d and 4th, Carpenters' ct. 

Carpenter Isaac, cordwainer, 20S south Second 

Carpenter John, tailor, 88 south Second 
-Carpenter, William, hatter, back of 55 Chesnut 

Can* Thomas, professor of music, 132 south Second 

CaiT Henry, bar keeper, 27. south Third 

Carrell John, merchant, 198 High — d. h. 60 south Fifth 

Carrel] John jun. merchant, 198 High— d. h. 60 south Fifth 

Carroll, James, drayman, 18 Dock 

Can*oll Philip, baker, S.E. cor. Sch. Seventh and Spruce 

Carroll Thomas, tailor, 19 south Fourth 

Carson John, paper hanging and stationary store, 204 N. 3d 

Carson Robert, cordwainer, 251 south Second 

Carson William, plasterer, S. W. cor. Twelfth and Spruce 

Carson William, paper carrier, Prosperous alley 

Carstairs Thomas, carpenter, 121 Lombard 

I 'arswell Matthew William, 24 south Front 

( II R Philadelphia Directo, 

Carter Durden B. merchant, 7 south Ninth 
. <"arter Enoch, painter, 207 south Seventh 
Carter Jacob, packing box maker, Filbert bet 8th a: 
— d. h. 143 Filbert 

rter Jeremiah, innkeeper, S Strawberry 
Carter J .:ter, north Fifth 

Carter William, innkeeper, IS Bread street 
Carteret Daniel, chairmaker. 109 Lombard 
Cartmell Solomon, blacksmith 13 Elizabeth 
Carver Mrs. boarding house, S.E. cor. Chesnut and Sc 
Carvill Henry, goldbeater, d. h. 128 south Third 
Cash A. B. tobacconist, 5 Arch 

Mrs. 26 Race 
Cash Thomas C. accountant, 38 south Second 
Caskey James, grocer, 362 High 
Caskey Joseph, merchant, d. h. 441 High 

er, 49 Penn 
Cassey Joseph, perfumer and hairdresser, 35 south Fo 
Cavenaugh Hugh, 449 High 
Chaloner Daniel, druggist, d.h. 158 south Third 
Chamberlain George, shoemaker, 114 north Water 

- Chamberlain Joseph, 65 Walnut 
Chamberlain Mr. tailor, 17 north Fifth 
Chamberlain Richard, carpenter 246 north Third 
Chamberlain, widow, boarding house. 188 High 
Champion B. dry goods store, 100 north Front 
Champion Charles, innkeeper, Arch Street Ferry 
Chance Waterman, sea captain, 145 south Front 
Chancellor William, gentleman, 269 Chesnut 
Chanccy Buck, tinplate worker, 9 north Thirteenth 
Chandler John, grocer, 159 south Sixth 
Chapman Robert, painter, 66 Lombard 

rles Mrs. boarding house, 100 south Front 
Chase Thomas G. 41 south Second 

Cheeks M. D. 4 Locust 

Cheeks Henry, M. D. 19 Powel 

Cherry James, silversmith, 142 Spruce 

Chesapeahe and Delaware Canal Office, 99 Walnut 

Chesnut John, teacher, cor. Dean and Locust 

Chevalier A. sculptor, 69 Union 

Chevas Anthony, gentleman, 104 south Fifth 

Cheves Langdon, attorney at law, cor. Locust and Washiug- 

ton Square 
Cheves Mis?, Walnut, south side, 1st door below Eleventh 
Chew Benjamin jun. 87 south Fourth 
Chew Henry, esq. 87 south Fourth 

, Chew Samuel S7 south Fourth 

China William M. fruiterer, S.W. cor. Third and High 
Christie Charles, carter, 19 Hurst 

-Christie James, printer, 14 south Seventh 
Christie, Mrs. 7 Bell's court 

. Christman Henry, cordwainer, 116 T' 

Philadelphia Directory. COC 

dag-horn J. \V. 36 north Front 

Clark Alexander, 9 south Ninth 

Clark Benjamin W. 88 Arch 

-Clark Charles, carpenter and looking-glass frame maker, 23 
north Tenth 

Clark David, bookbinder, north Fourth 

Clark D. whitesmith, 449 north Third 

Clark George, currier, 6 Pear 

Clark George, painter, Eckfeldt's court 

fClark Jacob, 13 Chesnut 
^ Clark J. O., c. h. 20 north Front— d. h. 229 Vine 

Clark John L. 99 south Front 
— <Jlark Lambert, bookbinder and stationer, 115 north Front 

Clark Mrs. boarding houre, 55 Walnut 

Clark Pennell, tavernkeeper, 162 south Water 

Clark &. Raser, printers, 33 Carter's alley 

Clark Samuel, innkeeper, 162 south Wat~r 

Clark Thomas, 22 Franklin court 

Clark Thomas C. printer, 36 Dock 

Clark Thomas, 172 south Eleventh 

Clark William, accountant, 172 south Eleventh 

Clarkson Solomon, teacher, 155 Lombard 

Clawges Charles, grocer, 14 north Third 

Claxton Ashton, merchant, 88 south Front 

Claxton John W. accountant, 88 south Front 

Claxton John, cordwainer, 125 Pine 

Claxton John, merchant, 88 south Front 

Clay Edward, accountant, 19 south Seventh 

Claypole David C. gentleman, 301 Chesnut 

Claypole David C. jun. gentleman, 501 Chesnut 

Claypole Elizabeth, upholsterer, 74 south Front 

Claypole George, attorney at law, 301 Chesnut 

Clayton Curtis, cordwainer, 247 south Front 

Cleaver Aaron, teacher, 128 south Front 

Clement Charles, 65 Pine 

Clement Samuel, 65 Pine 

Clemment John, flour and feed store, Arch st. ferry 

Clemments Jacob B. merchant, 242 Spruce 

Clevenger Squire, tailor, 48 Race — shop 12 north Water 

Clevenger William S. teacher, 151 south Third 

Clifford John, oysterman, 38 Penn 

Cline Valentine, porter at North American Insurance Com- 
pany — d. h. 23 Barron st. 
- Closson D. milliner, 9 Strawberry 

Cluley Thomas, wire-fender maker, 193 Lombard 

Clydes Thomas, grocer, N.W. cor. Race and Ninth 

Coates Benjamin, M. D. 82 south Front 

Coates Thomas, jun., justice of peace, 316 north Third 

Coats John, morocco dresser, 2 Clever alley 

Coburn Mrs. 5 Franklin court 

Coburn Robert, grocer, d.h. 119 Cedar 

Cochran Alexander, tobacconist, 19 Strawberry 

COR Philadelphia Directory. 

Cochran John, tobacconist, 19 Strawberry 

Cochran John, carpenter, 209 south Fourth 

Cochran Thomas, carpenter, 209 south Fourth 

Cockburn James, weaver, Schuylkill Front and High 

Cog-gins Joseph, shoemaker, 20 Chesnut 

Cohen Abraham B. carver, 159 Cedar 

Cohen Eleazar, 453 High 

Cohen Joseph S. 453 High 

Cohen Samuel, druggist, 7 south Seventh 

Cohen Samuel, 453 High 

Cole David, tailor, 97 Gaskill 

Colesberry Isaac G. dry goods store, 26 south Second 

Colesberry 8c Purvis, cloth store, 26 south Second 

Colesbury William H. saddler, 138 High 

Collins Ann, Elbow lune 

Collins John, accountant, 12 Powell 

Collins Philip, printer, Elbow lane 

Collins Tillinghast, printer, Elbow lane 

Commercial Bci7ik, Chesnut near Third 

Conklin James, cordwainer, 12 North alley 

Connell Richard, cordwainer, 23 north Tenth 

Connelly Davis, cabinetmaker,* 15 Willing's alley 

Conner Charles, tailor, 5 south Front 

Conrad Jacob, 203 High 

Conrad Matthew, shoe store, 60 High 

Conrad Peter, brushmaker, 203 High 

Conrad William, brushmaker, 203 High 

Constable Richard, gunsmith, 88 south Second 

Constantio Francisco Solam, chevalier, charge des affaires of 

his Most Faithful Majesty, 218 Chesnut 
Conway, George, cordwainer, 154 south Fifth 
Conwell, Rev. Bishop, Willing's alley 
Conyers William, boot and shoemaker, 26 south Third 
Cook Benjamin, M.D. south Front 
Cook Elijah W. turner, 31 Carter's alley 
Cook George H. 24 Carter's alley 
Cook Samuel, bookbinder, 44 Bread 
Cook Thomas, chairmaker, 56 Walnut 
Cooper Colin, merchant, Arch near Front 
Cooper Joseph, grocer, Sch. Sixth and High 
Cooper William H. currier, 17 Key's alley 
Cope Caleb, merchant, 133 High 
Corbett Henry C. merchant, 40 south Second 
Corbin Henry, attorney at law, 23 south Seventh 
Corlies Britton, bricklayer, Dean near Locust 
Corman Joseph, shopkeeper, 124 south Fifth 
Corndius William, chairmaker, 75 Walnut 
Cornish James, 194 Lombard 
Cornwell George, accountant, 25 High 
Correy David, merchant, 97 south Front — d. h. 73 Walaut 
Coney David & William K. merchants, south Front 
Correy Ezra, sea captain, Race near Front 

Philadelphia Directory. CUS 

Cosfeldt E. locksmith, 449 north Third 
* Cotton Simon, grocer, 102 south Second 
Coulson Mrs. shopkeeper, 127£ Chesnut 
Coulton Wm. & Co. tailors, 127 south Water 
Coupland John, tailor, 39 south Front 
Cowpland David, carpenter, 48 Union 
Cox Elizabeth, widow, 53 Union 
Cox John D. esq. 76 Chesnut 
Cox Richard, carpenter, 253 High 
Coxe Henry S. merchant, 167 Pine 
Craig John, gentleman, 42 soutli Eighth 
Craig S. & Co. tailors, 5 south Water 
Craig Watkins, hatter, Elbow lane 
fCranchel Bethara, shopkeeper, 66 south Third 
Cranmer Jonathan, shoemaker, 36 south Second 
Crap Nicholas, boot and shoemaker, 164 south Sixth 
Crawford James, shopkeeper, 25 Shaffer's court 
Crawford Tobias, shoemaker, 36 south Second 
Crawley Edmund T. jeweller, Pine above Sixth 
Crazier James G. merchant, 127 Arch 

Crean J. & W. lumber merchants, S. E. cor. Spruce and 12th 
Crean William, lumber merchant, d. h. 94 south Eighth 
Creighton Robert, merchant, 21 soutli Front 
Cress Isaac, 36 north Eighth 
Cress Peter, 36 north Eighth 
Cresson Elliott, merchant, 30 Sansom 
Crichton David, storekeeper, 131 north Sixth 
Crocket & Tomlinson, tailors, south Water st. (Drawbridge) 
-Croll Emanuel, baker, 2 Elmslie's alley 
Crooks George R. currier, 216 N. 2d— d. h. 127 N. 5th 
Crosdill William, merchant, 174 High 
Cross Samuel, carpenter, Laetitia court 
Crow John, weaver, Ann near Sch. Sixth 
Crozier Benjamin, shoemaker, 3 Elmslie's alley 
Crumpton Elizabeth, widow, 161 south Eleventh 
Crumpton Thomas, silverplater, 161 south Eleventh 
Cummings Catharine, 188 south Fourth 
Cummings Samuel M. cordwainer, 236 south Second 
Cummins Isaac, clerk, 75 Walnut 
Cunkle Matthias, stovemaker, 88 north Front 
Cunningham James, cordwainer, Juniper near Locust 
Cunningham David, 109 south Fourth 
Cunningham David, U. S. navy, 109 south Fourth 
Cunningham John, shoemaker, 296 High 
Cunningham Thomas, hatter, Franklin court 
Cunningham William, bootmaker, 227 south Fifth 
Curren John, dyer, 38 Bread 

Curtis Hester, widow, seamstress, 7 Whitaker's Row 
Curtis Jarvis, teacher, 133 Lombard 
Cusby Michael, cooper, 83 south Water 


DEA* Philadelphia Directory. 

Custom House, 108 south Second 

Cutter Frost, smith, High near Schuylkill Sixth 

[See letter C second alphabet 

DAIILGREN Bernard, merchant, 100 south Front— d. h. 

14 Sansom 
Dully Peter, druggist, N. E. corner Walnut and Tenth 
Dale Edward, accountant, 33 Pine 
Dale Mrs. widow, 127 Lombard 
Daley Peter, livery stable keeper, Little George 
Dallett E. & Thomas, tallow chandlers, 306 High 
Dalling James, stationer, &.c. 374 High 
Dalton James, grocer, 144 south Front 
Daniel Joshua, grocer, Twelfth and Ohio 
Dannenberg Charles, 5 north Twelfth 
Darnell Henry Y. tavernkeeper, 133 south Water 
Darrach Thomas B. fur mercht. 96 High— d. h. 208 Walnut 
Dauphin John, 188 High 
David William K. drygood store 54 Itace 
Davidson William B. attorney at law, 161 Walnut 
Davis Amos, blacksmith, Fries's court 
Davis Ann P. 177 south Seventh 
Davis Charles, teacher, 344 High 
Davis Daniel, tailor, 121 Chesnut 
Davis George, coach painter, north Fourth 
Davis Isaac, suspendermaker, 31 south Front 
Davis James, suspendermaker, 31 south Front 
Davis Jesse, suspendermaker, 31 south Front 
Davis John, inspector of customs, Race strer" 
Davis John, tobacconist, 344 High 
Davis John C. 4 Bank 
Davis Jonathan, carpenter, 175 Pine 
Davis Mrs. S. 47 south Eighth 
Davis Robert, 4 Franklin court 
Davis Samuel, attorney at law, 16 south Fifth. — d. h. 

Davis William jun. 6 south Fifth 
Davis William, tobacconist, 344 High 
Davis William, tailor, 121 Chesnut 
Dawes Charles, Dean near Locust 
Dawson Aaron, cordwainer, back 133 Lombard 
Dawson Samuel H. 240 High 
Day Charles R. cordwainer, 183 Lombard 
Day James, drygood store, 239 south Second 
Deacon Israel, principal keeper Arch street prison, abo\e 

Deaf and Dumb Institution, S. E. corner High andElevc 
Deal Elias, baker, 25 Appletree alley 
Dean Bradley, turner, 184 Lombard 
Dean William H. apothecarv. Clever alley 

Philadelphia Directory. DOL 

Deangeli Giacinto, confectioner, 264 High 

Death John, innkeeper, 83 north Water 

De Baufre William, innkeeper, 145 Locust 

Debrce John, accountant, 121 south Third 

Debree William, cabinetmaker, 121 south Third 

Debrud Samuel, dealer, 4 Bank 

Decker Peter 1. lottery and exchange office, N. W. corner 

Chesnut and Third — d.h. 166 south Fourth 
De Cordova, china merchant, 279 High 
L)e Costa Charles, cooper, d. h. 40 Union 
De Grange L. D. accountant, 28 north Sixth 
De Haven Holstcin, carpenter, 121 north Ninth 
De Lancey Rev. W. Ninth near Walnut 
De La Roche William, merchant, d. h. 63 Filbert 
Delees Samuel, accountant, 146 south Second 
De Orlic Mr. French teacher, 45 Prune 
Denman Aaron, merchant, N. W. corner High and Seventh 

— d. h. 294 Arch 
Dennaut Benjamin, teacher, 111 south Second 
Dennin Robert, carpenter, 1S8 south Sixth 
Dennis Robert, cabinetmaker, 4 Lxtitia court 
Dennison George, teacher, 40 Sansom 
Densy Edward B. smith, 286 Lombard 
Desaa Peter A. gentleman, 128 Lombard 
De Schmitz H. G. attached to the Portuguese Legation, 79 

south Sixth 
Dewees William P., M.D., N.E. cor. Chesnut and Eighth 
Diamond John, merchant, c. h. Bank alley — d. h. 383 Arch 
Dick Philip & Daniel, tobacconists, 49 south Front 
Dick Walter B. accountant, 48 Chesnut 
Dick William, 96 south Third 
Dickerson Jacob, 417 north Front 
Dickerson John, lumber merchant, 11 Brown 
Dickinson Daniel, miniature painter, Swanwick street 
Dickinson Elizabeth, mangier, back 6 Norris' alley 
Dickinson John, watchmaker, 53 south Third 
Diehl Thomas, broker, 48 south Front 
Diehl William, grocer, 175 south Fifth 
Dietz Randolph, gentleman, 181 south Fifth 
Dillingham Charles, teacher of the Deaf and Dumb, S.E. 

cor. High and Eleventh 
Dimond Alexander, distiller, 205 Cedar 
Dixey Thomas, sea captain, 176 south Front 
Dixon John, grocer, 235 Lombard 

Dixon John, grocer, 200 south Third— d. h. 98 south Thirc! 
Dixon Joseph R. clerk at Custom House, 25 Powell 
Dixon Peter, saddler, 214 High 
Dixon Stansbury M. merchant, 1 Prune 
Dobson Jonathan, cordwainer, 182 north Third 
Dobson Judah, bookseller, 106 Chesnut 
Dobson Samuel, 115 Walnut 
Dollman Jofei M. ^nr.jwainer, 1)3 north Front 

DUT Philadelphia Directory. 

Donaldson Edward Capt. 167 Spruce 

Donaldson Jane, 62 Dock 

Donaldspn John, secretary to Delaware Insurance Compa- 
ny, 162 south Ninth 

Donath Joseph jun. 28 south Front 

Donavan Jeremiah, 85 north Water 
Donnelly Hugh, grocer, 191 south Seventh 

Donnelly Luke, grocer, 183 Cedar 

Donohue Jeremiah, tailor, 125 Fine 

Dornin Bernard, 86 south Third * •_ . 

Dorry Thomas, cabinetmaker, 3 Farmer's Row 

Dorsey Edward, printer, 19 south Fourth 

Dougherty Elizabeth, boarding house, 119 south Water 

Dougherty John, shoemaker, Clover street 

Dougherty Thomas, Blackhorse alley 

Douglass John, High Sheiuff, 17 Powell 

Douglass John jun. keeper of Debtors' Apartment, Arch 

Dover Andrew, hatter, 115 north Second 

Dowers John, merchant, 27 south Third 

Dowers Nicholas, tavernkeeper, N.W. cor. Pine and Green's 

Downing John, merchant, 6 north Fourth 

Downing John W. importer of British drygoods, 78 Market 
up stairs — d. h. Yohe's Hotel, north Fourth 

Doyle John, grocer, S.W. cor. High and Tenth 

Dreyfous Joseph, merchant, 201 High 

Drinker W. W. merchant, 199 Walnut 

Drinker William D. merchant, 49 north Front 

Drummond Mrs. H., S.W. cor. Eighth and Walnut 

Drury Michael, merchant, 194 High below Sixth 

Drury Michael, merchant, 174 High 

Duane William, printer, 70 south Eighth 

Ducoing John, merchant, 78 Union 

Ducoro$ Rosetta, widow, 177 Lombard 

Ducone'y Mrs. 137 south Second 

Duey Paul, shoemaker, 16 Strawberry 

Duff Samuel, carpenter, N.E. cor. Eleventh and Marble 

Duffield Edward, accountant, 121 South 

Dugan John, bootmaker, 17 south Third 

Duncan Ann, 31 Walnut 

Duncan Stephen, Esq. 63 Walnut 

Duncan Thomas O. 435 Chesnut 

Duncan Thomas O. grocer, 439 High 

Duncan William M. ironmonger, 185 Pine 

Dunham Alpheas, type founder, back 208 south Second 

Dunlap John, gentleman, N.E. cor. Chesnut and Eighth 

Dunseeth Mrs. mantuainaker, 150 south Fifth 

Dunton Jacob jun. shipchandler, 24 Key's alley 

Dunton Jacob '& Son, shipchandlers, 7 S. Wharves 

Dunton William, carpenter, 20 Bank 

Dupag John, confectioner, 203 Chesnut 

Dutilh Mrs. widow, 155 Pine 

Philadelphia Directory. ENG 

Duval Lewis, merchant, 254 High 
Duy Lambert, merchant, 170 south Eleventh 
D warts Daniel, carpet weaver, 282 north Third 
Dwight W. T. attorney at law, 70 south Sixth 
Dyke Thomas, accountant, 55 Walnut 

[See letter D second alphabet. 

EARL Thomas, teacher, 3 Sansom 

Earley John, cabinetmaker, 15 "Willing's alley 

Earnhart John, innkeeper, 234 north Third 

Earp George, merchant, d. h. 192 Arch 

Earp William, merchant, 78 High 

Easby John, oakcooper, 21 south Water 

Eastern, widow, boarding house, 9 south Ninth 

Eckel John, accountant, 7 Fayette 

Eckherat J. F. gentleman, south Sixth 

Eckley Jacob, cooper, Crown near Race 

Eckstein Jacob, tailor, 116 north Fourth 

Ecky Mrs. 53 south Seventh 

Edgington John, carpenter, N.E. cor. Pine and Seventh 

Edwards George, tailor, 9 Willing's alley 

Edwards Robert, clerk, 9 Willing's alley 

Eldridge Enos, currier, 42 south Second 

Eldridge Hannah, nurse, 110 Lombard 

Elfreth Isaac C. merchant, N.E. cor. Eleventh and Chesnut 

Ellerman John, gentleman, 427 north Third 

Elliott Jane, stationary and book store, 115 north Front 

Elliott John, storekeeper, d. h. 151 High 

Elliott Matthew, shoemaker, 22 Strawberry 

Elliott Theodore, bookbinder, S.E. cor. Front and Race 

Ellis Charles, druggist, 56 Chesnut 

Ellis George, engraver, 305 High 

Ellis Sc Griffitts, druggists, S.W. cor. Chesnut and Eighth 

Ellis James, constable, Front below South 

Ellis Joseph, ladies shoemaker, 156 south Fifth 

Ellis William, cabinetmaker, 106 Lombard 

Ellit Charles, gentleman, 186 Pine 

Elsworth David, coach painter, 8 Hurst 

Elton Anthony, accountant, cor. Dock and Front 

Ely Rev. E. S. pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church, 146 

south Second 
Emanuel Joseph, 66 south Front 
Emerick Baltis, gentleman, 72 south Eighth 
Emerson Samuel, painter, 165 Cedar 
Emery Samuel, broker, 256 High 
Emery Samuel, white wax manufacturer, 256 Market 
Emery T. B. cabinetmaker, south Fourth 
Emlen George, merchant, 70 south Fourth 
Englebert, Leonard, tailor, 12 Powell 
English & Cartmell, blacksmiths, 125 south Sixth 


FER * Philadelphia Director > t 

English Elisha, merchant, 121 6outh Eighth 

English Hugh, drygood store, 4^ north Sixth 

Enser William, shoemaker, south Second 

Erbin Henry, grocer, N.W. cor. Callowhill and Fifth — d. Ii 

9 St. John 
Errick Henry, carpenter, Callowhill above Eleventh 
Erringhaus A. broker,- 109 south Ninth 
Esher Jacob, tailor, 15 Dock 
Esherick Frederick, currier, 67 Chesnut 
Esler Benjamin, turner, 164 Pine 
Esling John, wool stapler, Prosperous alle\ 
Estwick Mrs. widow, 3 Clever alley 
Evans Charles H. grocer, S.W. cor. Ninth and High 
Evans and Dungan, grocers, 143 north Third ' 
Evans Griffith, gentleman, treasurer of the Willow Gp 

and Cheltenham Turnpike Company, 203 Mulberry 
Evans James, shoemaker, 15 Franklin court 
Evans Joseph Ogden, collector of taxes, 244 Lombard 
Evans Josiah, tailor, 122 Chesnut — d. h. 5 Library 
Evans Samuel, boarding house, 12 Chesnut 
Evans Thomas, 22 south Second 
Evans Thomas, carpenter, 35 Sugar alley 
Evans William M. collector of taxes, S.W. cor. George a 

Evans William, 134 south. Front 
Everham John, wheelwright, 497 High 
Ewing H. & I. & Co. druggists, 231 Chesnut 
Ewing Mrs. drygood store,' 74 south Fourth 
Ewing Samuel, cabinetmaker, 90 south Second 
Ewling Joseph, merchant, north Eighth 
Eyres John, grocer, 354 north Third 

[See letter E second nlUhab. 

FAHXSTOCK George Sc D. E. druggists, 55 south Third 

Fahnstock H. F. merchant, 194 High 

Fairman Jabez, combmaker, 358 north Third 

Fales George, merchant, 127 Arch 

Fanell John B. accountant, north Sixth 

Turquhar James, attorney at law, d. h. Ches,,ut near Broad 

Fair Charles, printer, Weaver's alley, bet. 12th and 13th 

Farr John, primer, Weaver's alley, bet. 12th and loth 

Farr John C. watchmaker, 23 Elfreth's alley 

Farrand William P. 23 south Seventh 

Farrell Edward, 7 Greenleaf's court, south Fourth 

Fash aw John, merchant, Sansom 

Fassett John, drygood store, 10 south Second 

Feeney Patrick, printer, 30 Gillies' alley 

Fenton Thomas, shoemaker, M'Culloch's court 

Ferguson Jesse, ladies shoemaker, 220 Lombard 

Ferguson Rebecca, shoemaker, 18 Elfreth's alley 

Ferguson Robert, collector, Juniper below High 

Ferguson Samuel, merchant, 31 Elfreth's alley 

Philadelphia Directory. PRA 

Feron Francis, grocer, 170 south Sixth 

Ferris Bernard, gentleman, 10 Powell 

Field .hunes, 15 Norris's alley 

Field John & James, bookbinders, 17 Elfreth's alley 

Field John jun. merchant, over 13 S. Front — d*. h. 19 Penn 

Field John, brushmaker, Perry near Lombard 

Field Martha, boarding house, 177 Pine 

Fife James 8c Son, reedinakers, 469 High 

Finis Jacob, shoemaker, back of* 15 Strawberry 

Finkbine Frederick, shoemaker, Clover street 

Finnegan William, gentleman, 27 Carter's alley 

Fisher Andrew, hatter, 91 north Second 

Fisher Jubez, merchant, 326 Arch 

Fisher John, combmaker, 241 south Second 

Fisher Joseph, spectacle maker, 58 Chesnut 

Fisher Martin & Son, spectacle makers, Sec. 58 Chesnut 

Fisher Redwood, merchant, 326 Arch 

Fisher Thomas, merchant, 110 south Front — c. h. 27 Dock 

Fiske Frederick R. 188 High 

Fitch J. 8* Co. brokers, 5 south Third 

Fitch Thomas, exchange broker, 3 south Third — d. h. 127 
north Ninth 

Fitch William, blockmaker, back of 125 north Second 
Fitten Isaac, cabinetmaker, 15 Willing's alley 

Flagler Gilbert, M.D. 52 Almond 

Fleming Joseph, wine and liquor store, 125 south Second 

Fletcher Charles, watchmaker and jeweller, N.E. cor. Third 
and Chesnut 

Fletcher Rebecca, boarding house, 127 Arch 

Fletcher Thomas, 9 south Ninth 

Fleurc Andrew, gentleman, 415 High 

Fling B. cabinetmaker, 1 Library 

Flintham Matthias, Ranstead court 

Flood Isaac, shoemaker, 6 Franklin court 

Fob Peter, confectioner, 65 Vine 

Folwell Courtland, tailor, Franklin court 

Folwell Godfrey, engraver, Franklin court 

Foot Benjamin, clerk, 123 south Second 

Ford Deborah, widow, 44 Gaskill 

Ford John, hatter, Harris's court 

Ford, widow of Benjamin, innkeeper, 133 north Water 

Forrest, widow, 63 Chesnut 

Fortescue Thomas, sea captain, Christian below Third 

Fougeray Rene J. stove manufacturer, 99 north Second 

Foulke Charles, gentleman, 49 Sansom 

Fowle Jonathan jun. attorney at law, 275 north Second 

Fox & Forpaugh, curriers, 42 north Seventh 

Fox James, upholsterer, S7 Union 

Foy Michael, tailor, Pine near Thirteenth 

Francis John, broker, 187 Lombard 

Francis Joseph, blacksmith, 2 Bell's court 

Francis Thomas, clerk at Burgess' store, High near Sen. 5xk 

Franklin John, shoemaker, 59 south Third 

GET Philadelphia Directory. 

Franklin Samuel, shoemaker, 59 south Third 

Franks Henry, tobacconist, 226 north Third 

Frazier John, bricklayer, south Sixth 

Frederick John G. musical instrument maker, 5 Fayette 

Freeman Benjamin, printer, 10 Franklin court 

Freeman Henry G. attorney and counsellor at law, 215 

Freeman Thomas, 74 Chesnut street 
Flicker William, saddler, 420 High 
Fritz Peter, stonecutter, 52 Arch 
Fry George A. currier, 9 Pear 
Fry John H. shoemaker, 9 north Sixth 
Fryer Eve, widow, shopkeeper, 355 north Third 
Fryer William, merchant, 50 south Second 
Fullerton Mrs. 72 south Fourth 
Fultary George, storekeeper, 80 «outh Third 
Fultcher William, shoemaker, 18 south Fourth 
Fulton George, drygood store, 80 south Third 
Furey Charles, paver, 168 Locust 

Furey John S. collector of taxes & conveyancer, 101 Sprucr 
Furlong Joseph, grocer, 190 Lombard 
Furlong William, blacksmith, 190 Lombard 

[See letter F second alphabet. 

GALE Charles, printer, 36 Dock 

Gallaher David, M.D. south Fifth cor. Library 

Gallaspy M.D. Chesnut and ScL. Seventh 

Gallispy Samuel, merchant, 6 south Tenth 

Gardiner Baldwin, jeweller, 172 south Fourth 

Gardiner S. jeweller, 130 Chesnut 

Gardom George, paint store, 11 south Seventh 

Garrett George H. tobacconist, cor. Dock and Front 

Garrett John "it. drygood store, N. Fourth — d. h. 144 Higfc 

Garrett William E. accountant, 138 south Front 

Gartland John, china merchant, 335 High 

Gartland Mrs. 131 south Front 

Gaskill Benjamin, bookbinder, 40 north Fourth 

Gauge Mrs. boarding house, 25 Sansom 

Gaul Martin, Appletree alley 

Gaw E. S. merchant, 15 south Fourth 

Gaw James, drygood store, 69 Cedar 

Gaw Rebecca, widow, 23" Cedar 

Geisse Edward, keeper at prison, 16S south Elevendi 

Geisse George W. merchant, 285 High 

Geisse Henry, merchant, S.E. cor. Eighth and High 

Geisse William, merchant, 213 High 

Genary John, confectioner, 81 north Second 

George John D. deputy naval officer, Custom House— d. h. 

44 Almond 
German Hall, south Seventh between Chesnut and High 
Crethen John, manufacturer, 106 south Tenth 

Philadelphia Directory. GOW 

Gibbs Henry, drygood stove, S.W. cor. Arch and Fourth 

Giberson & Carrigan, manufacturers of plated bands and 
moulding, back of 99 Arch 

Gibson David, accountant, 155 Cedar 

Gibson Thomas, plumber, back of 12 south Fifth 

Gibson William, M.D. Professor of surgery in the University 
of Pennsylvania, 100 south Third 

Gifford Samuel, saddler, 26 High 

Gilbert Christopher, cordwainer, 156 south Eleventh 

Gilbert Dorcas, 156 south Eleventh 

Gilky James E. cabinetmaker, 150 south Fifth 

Gill John, merchant, 224 Pine 

Gill Mary, 48 south Third 

Gillard George, 15 Carter's alley 

Gillen Henry, bottler, 3 Pear 

Gillen Robert, bottler, 3 Pear 

Gillespie Andrew, gardener. Thirteenth near Snruce 

Gilliard John, ladies shoemaker, 119 south Fifth 

Gillies Theodore, comb store, 4 north Sixth 

Gillingham Mahlon, merchant, 127 High 

Gillis Peter, teacher, 202 Spruce 

Gilpin Henry D. attorney at law, 99 Walnut 

Gilpin Joshua, 149 south Water 

Gilroy John, cordwainer, back 168 south Fifth 

Gimeny John H. blacksmith, 248 Lombard 

Gimeny Richard, grocer, S.E. cor. Lombard and Ninth 

GirarcVs Bank, south Third opposite Dock 

Gitman Nicholas, tobacconist, back 12 north Front 

Glace Isaac, cabinetmaker, 15 Willing's alley 

Gleason Jonas, manufacturer, 259 High 

Glentworth James, surveyor of the customs, 140 S. Second 

Glentworth James, jun. deputy surveyor of the port of Phi- 
ladelphia, 68 south Fifth 

Glover Lemuel B. hat manufacturer, 134 High 

Goaff William, tailor, 141 south Front 

Goddard G. C. attorney at law, N.W. cor. 5th and North alley 

Godichew Peter, jeweller, 12 Franklin court 

Godley Jesse, merchant, 110 Arch 

Godson widow, shopkeeper, 32 south Fourth 

Goldey Jacob, shoemaker, Spruce near Thirteenth 

Goodfellow James, teacher, 133 Lombard 

Goodfellow John, painter, 45 Quince 

Goodin John, livery stable keeper, d. h. 15 north Ninth 

Goodman John, printer, 36 Dock 

Goodrich William, hatter, 176 north Third 

Gordon Robert, Walnut 

Gordon T. F. attorney at law, 32 south Sixth 

Gorman Archibald, cordwainer, 3 Gaskill 

Gorman Mrs. innkeeper, 128 north Front 

Gorman William T. 128 north Water 

Gomez John, 120 Pine 

Gowen Mary, boarding house, 202 Spruce 

HAC Philadelphia Directory. 

Gosher John, jeweller, 64 Dock 

slin Joseph, carpenter, Pine near Eleventh 
Gouran Michael, jeweller, 125 Chesnut 
(lowing Mrs. boarding house, 48 south Sixth 
Graff' Jacob, flour store, 364 High 

iff William, tailor, 141 south Front 
Graham Peter, merchant, d. h. Thirteenth near Chesnut 
Grant Joseph, merchant, 19 south Seventh 
Grant William, clerk, 138 south Front 
Gravelle R. L. jeweller, 137 Chesnut 
Greatback William, accountant, 195 A Lombard 
Green Rev. Ashbel 190 Pine 
Green B. 8c W. carpenters, back 115 Arch 
Green George, innkeeper, 10 Lietitia court 
Green Jacob, M.D. 190 Pine 
Green J. M., M.D. Alms House 
Green Job. chairmaker, 91 north Front 
Green John, accountant, 212 north Third 
Green Jonas, M.D. 65 Walnut 
Green Lemuel, merchant, 48 south Second 
Green Rev. Lemuel, 202 north Third 
Greenleaf James, 177 Pine 
Grelaud Mrs. 99 south Third 
Griffith John, bricklayer, Little Pine 
Griffith Matthew, shoemaker, 34 north Fourth 
Griffith Robert E. merchant, c. h. 123 Walnut — d. h. fCH 

south Eighth 
Griffith Samuel P., M.D. 62 south Front 
Griffith William F. merchant, 195 Market— d. h. 62 S. Front 
Grimshaw William, 263 Chesnut 

Griswold Lyman, tinman, S.W. cor. Thirteenth and High 
Gross Lewis, accountant, 72 Spruce 

Grotjan Peter A. publisher of Price Current, 158 S. Front 
Grout Jonathan, teacher, back 12 north Front 
Groves Anthony, merchant, 3 N. Front — d. h. 16 N. Seventh 
Grab Curtis, innkeeper, High near Sch. Bridge 
Crugan Charles, grocer, S.W. cor. Locust and Eleventh 
Grundy Hannah, south Fourth 
Gruner John, watchman, 10 Elmslie's alley 
Guion John, tailor, 13. Dock 
Gummy Man.-, 15 Franklin court 
Guyger Caspar, tailor, Blackhorse alley 
Guyger Conrad, confectioner, 104 High 
Guys Edward, deputy keeper at prison, 168 south Eleventh 
G'.vin Alexander, tailor, 177 Cedar 
Gwiner Charles C., M.D. Alms House 
Gwinner Peter, flour store, 394 High 

[See letter G second alp *• 

HACKER, Brown & Co. merchants, 56 south Front 
Hacker Isaiah, merchant, 56 south Front — d. h. 190 Arrh 

Philadelphia Directory. HAR 

Uackman Abraham, saddler, 106 High 

Hadaway & Co. commission merchants, 29 S. Wharves 

Hailcr George F. shoemaker, 36 north Eighth 

Haines Daniel J. 174 north Front 

Haines George, tobacconist, 264 north Third 

Haines George, bricklayer, 184 Locust 

Haines John, saddler, 184 Locust 

Haines William, bricklayer, 184 Locust 

Hains .Samuel, hatter, 115 north Second 

Halbach A. merchant, 105 south Fourth 

Hall Alexander, gent. 3 north Eleventh 

Hall Harrison, publisher Fort Folio, office S. Fourth — d. h, 

3 N. Fourth- 
Hall John, gent. 3 north Eleventh 

Hall John E. 3 north Eleventh 

Hall Mary, shopkeeper, 184 south Fourth 

Hall Mrs. milliner, 97 north Second 

Hallowell Thomas, currier, 16 Strawberry alley 

Hamer Jacob, tailor, 13 north Sixth 

Hamer John, teacher, 12 south Twelfth , 

Hamelin Jos. P. editor of Freeman's Journal, 86 S. Fifth 

Hamilton Alexander, baker, Lxtitia court 

Hamilton George, trader, 105 Cedar 

Hamilton James, sea captain, 16 Sansom 

Hamilton John, grocer, 4 High — d. h. 18 Race 

Hamilton William K. stable keeper, Elbow lane 

Hamilton William T. teacher, 45 north Eighth 

Hammill H. H. grocer, 31 north Tenth 

Hammill Joseph, blacksmith, 174 Pine 

Hammond James, artist, 210 south Sixth 

Hammond, Wallace & Co. stereotype foundry, 17 Cypress 

Hand Joseph, 8 Norris's alley 

Hand Thomas, tavernkeeper, Water second door above Cal- 

Handley William, printer, Chester street 

Handy George, merchant, 28 High 

Handy, Symington & Bird, hardware merchants, 98 High 

Haney & Criss, cor. Cedar and Swanson 

Hanna David, publisher, 24 south Eighth 

Hannah Edward, gent. 48 Gaskill 

Hansell Jacob, locksmith, 134 south Fifth 

Hansell John, carver and gilder, 123 south Sixth 

Hansell William M. merchant, store 298 High— d. h. Thir- 
teenth near Chesnut 

Hanson Elizabeth, teacher, 165 south Eleventh 

Hanson John, merchant, N.E. cor. Market and Water — d. h. 
north Fifth 

Harbert Z. dentist, 20 north Ninth 

Harding William, printer, 1 Lodge 

Hare Robert, professor of Chemistry in the University of 
Pennsylvania, 291 Chesnut 

HAY Philadelphia Directory. 

Harland Charles, attorney at law, 72 south Third 

Harland James, merchant, 33 south Front 

Harland Joshua, broker, 72 south Third 

Harland Richard, M.D. 72 south Third 

Harland William, merchant, 72 south Third 

Harley Francis, 63 Dock 

Harman George, plasterer, 174 Lombard 

Harmstead Martin, shoemaker, 35 north Fourth 

Harper Arthur, 264 Walnut * 

Harper Christopher, tavernkeeper, 26 Carter's alley 

Harper James, grocer, N. W. cor. Walnut and Thirteenth 

Harper Thomas, brickmaker, Sch. Fourth and High 

Harper Thomas," agent for Inland Transportation, 6 and 8 

south Seventh — d. h. 57 south Seventh 
Harper, widow, near Sch. Fifth and High 
Harper Walter, grocer, N.E. cor. Thirteenth and Locust 
Harris Jonas L. shoe and bootmaker, 32 south Third 
Harris Joseph B. 12 south Front 
Harris J. B. & F. C. druggists, 223 south Second 
Harris Nicholas, flour and feed store, 35 Lombard 
Harris Thomas, M.D. 230 Spruce 
Harris William, storekeeper, 131 south Second 
Harrold James, printer, 184 Lombard 
Harrold Rev. Wm. Vincent, pastor of St. Mary's Church. 

Willing's alley 
Hart George* publisher U. S. Gazette, 152 Pine 
Hart James M. innkeeper, 184 north Third 
Hart James, gent. 294 north Third 
Hart Joseph, grazier, 186 north Third 
Hart William H. merchant, 231 N. Third— d. h. 106 Arch 
Hartley Samuel, silversmith, 14 Cypress alley 
Hartley Thomas, grocer, N.W. cor. Lombard and Fifth 
Hartshorne Richard, 16 south Fourth 
Harvey Henry, saddler, 60 south Second 
Harvey George W. paper hanger, 60 south Second 
Harvey Samuel, merchant, S.W. cor. George and Twelfth 
Harwood Jeremiah, accountant, 31 North alley 
Haskins, widow, S.E. cor. Chesnut and Eleventh 
Haslet, widow, boarding house, 338 High 
Hass John, sugar refiner, Bread street 
Hassinger David S. attorney at law, 110 Arch 
Hassinger Jacob & Son, merchants, 6 South alley 
Hassinger Jonathan K. merchant, 6 South alley — d. h. 207 

Hassinger Jonathan K, burr millstone manufacturer, 6 South 

alley and 28 Old York Road above Wood 
Haus William & Co. merchants, 80 High 
Hause & M'Clelland, merchants, 80 Market cor. Bank 
Hause William, merchant, 80 Market— d. h. 49 N. Eighth 
Haven Jos. merchant, 41 south Eighth 
Hawley George W. VMell's alley 
Haydock Robert, painter, 41 Strawberry 

Philadelphia Directory* 1I1N 

Hay William, engraver, north Fifth 

Haydock Samuel, plumber, 4 Lodge alley 

Hazard Catherine, 73 south Third 

Hazlehurst Samuel, gentleman, 322 High 

Hazleton John, merchant, 15 south Fourth 

Head Joseph, innkeeper, SW. cor. Walnut and Washington 

Headman Andrew, coachmaker, 7 north Eighth 
Headman David, potter, 7 north Eighth 
Headman Francis W- 7 north Eighth 
Headman George, potter, 17 south Eighth 
Heberton George, merchant, 25 High — d. h. 411 High 
Heberton Henry F. clerk, 25 High 
Heberton & Stryker, drygood store, 25 High 
Heiss George, merchant, 447 High 
Helmuth Henry, 51 north Tenth 
Helmuth Rev. Dr. 51 north Tenth 

Hemphill John, merchant, 38 S. Wharves — d, h. 95 Spruce 
Henderson Guy, grocer, 22 Gaskill 
Henderson James, 59 south Second 
Henderson Mary, shopkeeper, 59 south Second 
Hendy Mrs. boarding house, 55 south Seventh 
Henesey Joshua, clerk of High street market, 36 Race 
Hennegoyen Peter, lamp maker, 29 Union 
Henry John Joseph, gun manufac. N.W cor. Noble and Third 
Heppard H. innkeeper, 46 north Sixth 
Hergesheimer Anthony & Samuel, bakers, 56 Union 
Herkness & Smith, stonecutters, 11 north Seventh 
Herman John C. 165 south Fifth 
Herman Rev. John G. 74 Race cor. Bread 
Hermstead Joseph, 7 Elbow lane 
Hess J. G. 24 Chesnut 
Hewes Albert, carpenter, Prosperous alley 
Hewet William, gentleman, 409 High 
Hewlings Mrs. 85 Walnut 
Higginton John, carpenter, Blackberry alley 
Higgs Robert, gentleman, 194 south Fourth 
Hddeburn Samuel, importer of watches, 202 south Fourth 
Hill James, cordwainer, 154 south Eleventh 
Hill James, hatter, Blackhorse alley 
fHill Jeremiah, painter, 35 Powell 
Hill John, bottler, 3 Pear 
Hill Peter, merchant, 221 High 
Hilyard Abraham, tailor, 19 south Third 
Hilyard Sarah, widow, 117 Lombard 
Hinchelwood James, weaver, Sch. Sixth and Chesnut 
Hinchelwood John, weaver, Sch. Sixth and Chesnut 
Hinchelwood Robert, weaver, Sch. Sixth and Chesnut 
Hinchelwood Thomas, weaver, Sch. Sixth and Chesnut 
Hinchman Adam, grocer, S.E. cor. Sch. Second and High 
Hinckley Adam H. shipchandler, Elfreth's alley 
Hines Samuel, turner, 80 High 

HOW Philadelphia Directory. 

Hines William, high constable, 9 Gaskill 

Hinkle John P. watchmaker, 89 Chesnut 

Hippie Jacob, merchant, 38^ north Fourth 

Hirst James M. 138 north Second 

Hitcher Thomas, 1 1 south Fifth 

Hobson Richard H. gentleman, 124 south Fourth 

Hob urn Mrs. 9 Franklin court 

Hocker Christopher, stonecutter, 220 Race — d. h. 52 Arch 

Hockley George, clerk, 146 south Second 

Hockley John, clerk, 146 south Second 

Hockley Thomas, clerk, 146 south Second 

Hodge Hugh A. 92 Mulberry 

Hodgson F. importer, 16 South alley 

Hodgson Robert, hatter, Shackamaxon ab. Queen, 1st house 

Hodgson William, merchant, 16 South alley — d. h. 9 Pal- 
myra Row 

Hoffman Samuel, cooper, back Sch. Eighth south of High 

Hogan James, tavernkeeper and bottler, 138 south Fourth 

Hogart Augustus, Ranstead court 

Hogg George, saddler, 77 south Eleventh 

Holliday Allen, dentist, 128 south Fifth 

Hollingshead Clayton, supercargo, Arch near Front 

Hollingshead Edward, 3 Farmer's Row 

Hollingsworth Thomas, merchant, 136 south Second 

Hollond Charles, merchant, 28 Chesnut— d. h. 220 Pine 

Holloway Jacob, principal keeper Philadelphia Prison, cor. 
Walnut and Sixth 

Hollowell Thomas, currier, 16 Strawberry alley 

Holmer James, merchant, 146 south Fourth 

Holt Eleazai*, teacher of the Deaf and Dumb, S.E. cor. Ele- 
venth and High 

Hood Albert, merchant, 29 Penn 

Hood John M. grocer, 16 Race 

Hood Thomas, 29 Penn 

Hood William, merchant, 29 Penn 

Hopkins Howell, attorney at law, 12 Prune 

Hopkins John, gentleman, 12 Prune 

Hopkins Joseph R. attorney at law, 62 south Fifth 

Hopkinson Jos. attorney at law, 196 Chesnut 

Hopley Joseph, gentleman, 53 Lombard 

Horman Samuel, cordwainer, 98 Union 

Horn Henry, silverplater, d. h. 248 Chesnut 

Horner William E., M.D. adj. professor of anatomy Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, 212 Chesnut 

Hotham Samuel, suspender and button mould manufactory, 
3 Sugar alley 

Houston Mrs. south Sixth 

Houston Paul, M.D. Tenth near Lombard 

How John, measurer of carpenters' work, 129 north Fourth 

Howe Keith, saddletree maker, 130 Frankford road between 
Otter and Prince 

Howel A., M.D. 1 north Eighth 

Philadelphia Directory. JAC 

Howell John, varnish maker, 94 Vine 

Howell William W. & Co. merchants, 167 Market 

Howell William W. merchant, 30 north Ninth 

Huckell William, tailor, 79 south Water 

Hudson D. W. saddler, 1 Whitaker'sRow 

Huggins Benjamin, sea captain, 26 Arch 

Hughes James, tavernkeeper, 27 Penn 

Hughes John, cotton manufac. Thirteenth above Walnut 

Hughes Jdhn, 22 Chesnut 

Hughes Thomas, teacher, 95 south Eighth 

Huhn Catherine, widow, Juniper above Locust 

Hummel George, cordwainer, 29 Lombard 

Humphreys James Y. 86 south Front 

Humphreys Solomon, toll gatherer at the Perm. Bridge, High 

Hunt Humphrey, carpenter, 155 south Fifth 

Hunt Uriah, bookseller, 147 High 

Hunt Wilson, merchant, 151 Chesnut — store 18 Chesnut 

Hunter Jacob, tailor, S3 Spruce 

Hurley Francis, paper hanging manufactory, south Fourth 

Hurley Isaac A. Old Ferry 

Hurry Hannah, Norris's alley 

Hurst John, tailor, 179 south Third 

Hurtle Joseph, printer, 100 south Second 

Hutchins Mason, merchant, 96 High 

Hutchinson James H. innkeeper, S.W. cor. Locust and 12th 

Hutchinson James, tailor, Twelfth near Walnut 

Hutchinson Thomas, carpenter, 2 Orange 

Huttert John, bleeder, 133 south Sixth 

Hutton Abraham, teacher of the Deaf and Dumb, S.E. cor. 

Eleventh and High 
Hymas Samuel, innkeeper, 122 south Front 
Hysham, widow, 283 Chesnut 

[See letter H second alphabet. 

IMBERT Frederick William, chairmaker, 46 Dock 

lngersoll Joseph R. counsellor at law, 77 south Fourth 

Ingram Elisha, innkeeper, 180 Sassafras 

Ingram James, printer, Eleventh near Pine 

Ireland Alphonso C. carpenter, city regulator and surveyor 

of carpenters' work, 27 Powell 
Irvine Hood, merchant, S.W. cor. Mulberry and Second — 

d. h. 117^ north Second 
Irwin John W. gentleman, 115 Lombard 
Isaacs Joshua, cordwainer, 174 south Second 
Isbraz Jacob, carpet weaver, 443 north Third 
Ives, Rev. pastor of the Episcopal Church in South wark 
Ivens Isaiah, carpenter, 19 south Third 

[See letter I second alphabet, 

JACKSON Andrew, inspector of customs, 189 Walnut 
Jackson Charles, coach trimmer, 33 Powell 

JON Philadelphia Directory. 

Jackson John G. merchant, 30 north Front 

Jackson Thomas, carpenter, Clover st. 

Jacobs John, merchant, 69 Spruce 

Jacoby Thomas, clerk, 152 south Second 

J aggers William, flour and feed store, N.W cor. Fro; 

Race » 
James Charles W. fancy chair and furniture manufactory, 

t north Third 
James Isaac M. japanner, 337 north Third 
James Joseph, teacher, 232 Spruce 
James Thomas, accountant, 100 Union 
Janney Benjamin S., M.D. 305 north Third 
Jaurette Francis, 14 Union 
JarvisMiss, Chesnut near Thirteenth 

.s Abisha, captain Steam Boat Philadelphia, 14 Nev 

.»Iarket st. 
:.ns Charles F. merchant, 31 Key's alley 
Jenkins Joseph G. agent of the Union Line Steam Boats, 9 

Jenkins Matthew C. captain Steam Boat Baltimore, 14 New 

Market st. 
Jennings Susanna, milliner, 92 north Fourth 
Jewell Leonard, 164 Arch 
Jewell Charles, 80 south Third 
Jewell Wilson, M.D. 80 south Third 
Johns David, 4 Bank 
Johns Joseph, bricklayer, 227 Lombard- 
Johnson Grace, Lombard near Seventh 
Johnson Hannah T. 223 north Fourth 
Johnson James, blacksmith. 12 Green's court 
Johnson James, weaver, Thirteenth near Pine 

-on John, gentleman, 249 south Second 
Johnson John, innkeeper, 14 Locust 
Johnson Joseph, shipcbanciler, 77 S. Wharves — d. h. 1S^ 

Johnson L. stereotype founder, 17 Cypress alley 
Johnson Moses. 1 north Sixth 
Johnson Mrs. boarding house, 6 Pear 
Johnson Robert, watchmaker, 186 south Fourth 
Johnson R. B. turner in ivory, wood and metals, 63 Walnut 
Johnson Samuel, shoemaker, 3 south Sixth 
Johnson Shadrach, cordwainer, 228 Lombard 
Johnson Thomas, dealer, 30 Strawberry 
Johnson William T. tailor, 360 High 
Jones Ann Catherine, 11 north Twelfth 
Jones Benjamin, 50 Walnut 
Jones Elijah, bricklayer, back 134 south Fourth 
Jones Evans, innkeeper, N.W. cor. Chesnut and Front 
Jones J. C. merchant, 14 north Fourth 
Jones John, umbrella maker, 22 Strawberry 
Jones John, 173 north Front 
Jones Joseph, 188 High 

Philadelphia Directory. KER 

Tones Mark, tailor, 64 Chcsnut 

.(ones Mary, 174 south Sixth 

Jones Mrs. widow, boarding house, 352 Higi; 

Jones Mrs. J. boarding house, 79 Walnut 

Jones Owen, gentleman, 154 south Second 

Jones Powell, cordwainer, 156 south Front 

Jones Samuel, grave digger, 170 south Sixth 

Jones Solomon, carter, Twelfth near Lombard 

Jones William, slater, N.W. cor. Penn and Perry 

Jones William R. engraver, Smith's alley running from Ches- 

nut to Carter's alley 
Jones W'illiam, 50 south Front 
Jorden Thomas, clerk to H. B. M. consul, 4 Library 
Jouber Frederick William, chairmaker, 46 Dock 
Joubert Peter, jeweller, 240 south Second 

[See letter J second alphabet. 

KALISKI Frederick, merchant, 20 Key's alley 

Kane Elisha, gentleman, 244 Walnut 

Katha Catherine, shopkeeper, 142 Lombard 

Kay Joseph L. sea captain, 113 Lombard 

Kayser John C. commission merchant, 7 Union 

Kearsing George, goldbeater, 55 Dock 

Keating George, 28 south Sixth 

Keating Thomas, 127 Pine 

Keck Charles H. machine maker and turner in metals, &c. 
5 Appletree alley — d. h. 153 Cherry 

Keemle Isaac, scrivener, 2 Littleboy's court 

Keemle Samuel, attorney at law, N.E. cor. 4th and Cherrv 

Keen Charles, currier, 115 Chesnut 

Kelley Rebecca, china store, 327^ High 

Kellogg Hosey, 65 Walnut 

Kelly John, bottler, 181 Lombard 

Kelly Mary, 57 south Front 

Kemble George, bootmaker, 33 north Third 

Kemble Joseph, bootmaker, 33 north Third 

Kemp George, accountant, 92 south Fifth 

Kemper Rev. Jackson, 224 Walnut 

Kempton Moses, merchant, 221 north Fourth 

Kenderdine Jacob, carpenter, 314 north Third 

Kendrick David, innkeeper, 329 High 

Kennedy J. P. cordwainer, N.W. cor. Locust and Washing- 
ton Square 

Kennedy Samuel, hatter, Trotter's alley 

Kennedy Samuel, gilder, 58 Walnut 

Kenney John A. teacher, 39 south Juniper 

Kenyon Capt. Henry, quarantine master of the port of Phi- 
ladelphia, Market near Eighth 

Keppele Mrs. Catherine, widow of Michael, 262 Walnut 

Kern Gabriel jun. tailor, d. h. Spruce near Front 


LAM Philadelphia Directory. 

Kern John, custom house officer, d. h. 37 Crown 

Kerr Ann, widow, Sch. Second and High 

Kerr Matthew, accountant, 236 Spruce 

Kerr William, saddler, 28 North Alley 

Kessler John, brassfounder, 214 south Seventh 

Key John, 72 south Front 

Keyser & Dickerson, lumber merchants, Oak street, first 

wharf above Noble, N. L. 
Keyser N. L. 232 north Front 
Kilgour & Gill, dyers, 187 south Second 
Kimber Caleb, teacher, 40 Gaskill 
King William, attorney, 75 Gaskill 
Kingston Stepen, S.E. cor. Fourth and Walnut 
Kinley James, shoemaker, 36 south Second 
Kinnan John, turner, 18 Franklin cour£ e 
Kinsdale Charles, lampmaker, 5 Bell's court 
Kinsey Joseph V. accountant, 144 Spruce 
Kirk John, fruiterer, cor. High and Sch. Eighth 
Kitchen Henry N. merchant, 39 Spruce and 163 High 
Kittenenger Leonard, innkeeper, (Conestoga wagon) 14& 

High *" \ 

Klemm J. G. musical instrument maker, 3 south Third 
Klett John, combmaker, 133 south Second 
Knappe, Philip & Robert, bottlers, 15 Walnut 
Kneass Christian, silverplater, 217 Walnut 
Knight William, grocer, near Sch. Eighth and High 
Knorr Elizabeth, drygood store, 249 south Second 
Knows Jacob, shoeseller, d. h. 27 Branch 
Knox Jacob, engraver, 224 Lombard 
Konigmacher Samuel, merchant, 188 High 
Kraft Gershom, watchman, 62 Union 
Krail Emanuel, barber, 92 south Second 
Kreider Lewis, shopkeeper, 74 north Fourth 
Kreymborg Anthony, quill manufacturer, 95 south Second 
Kreymborg John B. quill manufacturer, 95 south Second 
Kreymborg & Hagedorn, quill manufacturers, 95 S. Seconal 
Kuhn Hartman, gentleman, 136 Chesnut, next U. S. Bank 
Kunkle Mary, widow, 284 north Third 

[See letter K second alphabet. 

LABROUSE E. J. B. 12 Cypress alley 
Lachlan Jane, widow, 225 south Fifth 
I^fourn John, chairmaker, back of 13 Strawberry 
Lagarde Mrs. 106 south Second 
Lahrer John, brewer, 50 north Sixth 
Lahrer Melchoir, brewer, 50 north Sixth 
Lahrer William, brewer, 50 north Sixth 
Lamb Joseph, cordwainer, 333 Lombard 
Lamb & Robinson, commission merchants, 24 south Front 
Lambert John, merchant, 4 Carpenter's court — d. h. !^E. 
cor. Ridge road and Turner's lane 

Philadelphia Directory. LEW 

Lamot Daniel, merchant, d. h. 58 south Front 

Lancaster Jacob B. merchant, 114 Lombard 

Lance John, oysterman, Snanwick street 

Landreth D. &. C. seedsmen, &c. 85 Chesnut 

Landsdowne James, tailor, 160 south Front 

Langereue P. L. merchant, 113 south Eighth 

Lang-mere Nathaniel, suspender manufacturer, 207 S. 4th 

Lane Samuel, blacksmith, 3 Drinker's alley 

Lapear Mrs. 129 Lombard 

Lassaire John, tailor, 120 south Second 

Latour A. merchant, 261 south Front 

Lattimore William, 60 Chesnut 

Laverty Jesse, merchant, 10 Minor — d. h. 268 Arch 

Lavis David, printer, 21 Carter's alley 

Lawrence John, 73 south Third 

Lawrence John, fringemaker, 39 south Second 

Lawrence J. R. merchant, 64 south Eighth 

Lawrence Peter A. baker, 258 Lombard 

Lawrence Thomas, painter, 45 Quince 

Lawrence William, grocer, S. E. cor. Lombard and Fourth 

Lawrence William, fringemaker, 39 south Second 

Laws, Doctor, 98 Arch 

Lay Amos, geographer and map publisher, 88 north Fifth 

Laycock Isaac, chairmaker, 131 south Second 

Lea Isaac, bookseller, S.E. cor. Fourth and Chesnut — d. h. 

Eighth above Spruce 
Lea Lewis, merchant, 149 Pine 
Leatham James, shoemaker, 36 south Second 
Lee John, chairmaker, 85 south Front 
Lee Joseph, merchant, 150 Pine 
Lee Mathias H. tailor, 284 north Third 
Lee Mathias H. tailor, 117^ north Second 
Lefevre Philip, ladies shoemaker, 20 Strawberry 
Lehman John, merchant, 6 north Fourth 
Leidy Conrad, cordwainer, 196 north Third 
Ljidy Philip, hatter, 180 north Third 
Leidy Thomas, bottler, 461 High 
Leland Charles, merchant, 78 High 
Lelar Henry, merchant, 121 Lombard 
Leon John, tobacconist, 213 Cedar 
Leonard Joseph, carpenter, 66 Gaskill 
Le Sueur C. A. teacher, 33 Sansom 
Lethgow David, south Tenth near High 
Levan William, merchant, 217 north Sixth 
Leveridge, Joseph, blacksmith, 17 Dock 
Levis William, printer, 36 Dock 
Levy Aaron, broker, 11 south Third 
Levy Joseph, broker, 8 south Third — d. h. 171 Pine 
Levy Moses, president judge of the dist. court, 221 Chesnut 
Levy Sampson, attorney at law, 152 Chesnut 
Lewis David J. merchant, 142 south Second 
Lewis George A. clerk, 435 Chesnut 

LYM Philadelphia Directory. 

Lewis Hannah, 59 Spruce 
Lewis James, shopkeeper, Chester street 
Lewis Rachel, widow of Reeve, 186 south Eleventh 
Lewis Wharton, gentleman, 159 south Fifth 
Lewis William, gentleman, 159 south Fifth 
Lewis William D. merchant, 194 Arch 
Lex Charles F. sugar refiner, back of 283 High 
Linchan Coleman P. merchant, 57 south Second 
Lindsay William, printer, 5 Franklin court 
Linfesty Thomas, shoemaker, Race 2d door above Second 
Linn Mrs. 98 south Third 

Lippincott Aaron T. drygood store 28 north Second 
Lippincott Benjamin, grocer, d. h. Brooke's court 
Lippincott B. B. hatter, 108 High 
Lippincott Tyler, innkeeper, 14 north Front 
Lisle Charles T. broker, 127 south Second 
Little John, carpenter, Vaux's court 
Litton John, merchant, 85 Chesnut 

Lloyd Peyton, blacksmith, near the Sch. Permanent bridge 
Lloyd Thomas, drygood store, 127^ Arch 
Lloyd Thomas, shoemaker, 8 Bell's court 
Lobstein, Doctor, 12 north Third 
Lodor Benjamin, turner, 34 north Eighth 
Lodor Benjamin jun. turner, 14 Zane 
Logan Charles, grocer, 303 High 
Logan Samuel B. combmaker, 79 Cedar 
Long Stephen, major U. S. army, 31 Filbert 
Long William, accountant, 135 Lombard 
Long William, runner to the Philadelphia Bank, Fifth be- 
low South 
Longacre James, engraver, 31 north Sixth 
Longcope Mrs. Chesnut street 

Lopez Matthias, prompter at Theatre, 4 Willow court 
Lorick S. consul general of Sweden and Norway, 79 S. 6th 
Louton Francis, painter, 193 south Sixth 
Lovering Joseph S. sugar baker 40 south Second % 

Lovett Robert, seal engraver, 75 south Third 
Lowber Daniel, currier, 3 Lodge street 
Lower Abraham, cabinet and chair maker, 260 north Third 
Lower Joseph, silversmith, 5 Franklin court 
Lownes William, Gray's alley 

Lowry George, grocer, S.E. corner Coats and Budd, N.L. 
Luke William, merchant, 98 south Third 
Lukens, Dr., S.W. cor. Fourth and Arch 
Lukens Edward, cabinetmaker, 3 VVhitaker's Row 
Lybrand Samuel, carpenter, 39 north Eighth 
Lyle James, merchant, 95 south Fourth 
Lyle John, merchant, Washington Square 
Lyle Mrs. Mary, gentlewoman, 127 south Second 
Lyle Mrs. Ill "south Second 
Lyman & Brothers, merchants, 22 south Front 
Lyman Thomas, 152 south Second 

Philadelphia Directory. M'CO 

ILynd Michael K. merchant, 33 north Second 

Lyndall David, chairmaker, 278 north Third 

Lynn John H. merchant, 72 south Front— d. h. 229 Spruce 

Lyon John, carter, 129 south Water 

Lyons Benjamin, saddler, 9 north Fourth 

Lyons John, carter, 129 south Water 

[See letter L second alphabet. 

M'ADAMS Thomas, flour and liquor store, cor. Sch. Third 

and High 
M'AUier Barney, soap boiler, 129 south Water 
M'AUier John M. tavernkeeper, 12 south Sixth 
M'Allister John &. Son, manufacturers of spectacles, canes, 

&c. 48 Chesnut 
M'Allister John, jun. manufacturer of spectacles, canes, &e. 

48 Chesnut 
M'Allister John, whipmaker, Frankford road 
M'Alvie James, procurer of sea stores, 77 north Water 
M'Anall James, shopkeeper, 15 Hurst 
M'Calla William, innkeeper, 239 south Fifth 
M'Callister John, cordvvainer, N.E. cor. Pine and Juniper 
M'Carren Andrew, porter, 12 Pear 
M'Carty James, ladies shoemaker, 162 Lombard 
M'Casky Andrew, shopkeeper, 161 south Second 
M'Casky John, drygood store, 228 south Second 
M'Cauley Charles S. of the U. S. navy, 119 south Front 
M'Cauley F. G. stationer and paper hanging- warehouse, 43 

south Third 
M'Cauley Smith R. of the U. S. navy, 119 south Front 
M*Chesney Mary, boarding house, 253 High 
M'China William, confectioner, S.W. cor. Third and High 
M'Clain John, shoemaker, 429 Chesnut 
M'Clane Archibald, gentleman, 218 Spruce 
M'Clane John, tailor, 208 south Second 
M'Clannagan John, 6 north Fourth 

M'Claskey James, curbstone setter, S. Eleventh near High 
M'Claskey John, dyer, Cedar near Tenth 
M'Claskey Michael, curbstone setter, S. Eleventh n. High 
M'Claskey William, innkeeper, Centre Square 
M'Cleland John, clerk, 84 south Front 
M'Clelland Dr. 18 south Eighth 
M'Clelland George W. merchant, 90 north Second 
M'Clennan James, weaver, 16 south Broad 
M'Clevan Miles, sea captain, 113 Race 
M'Clintock John, drygood store, north Fourth 
M'Cord David, tinman, 13 Gray's alley 
M'Corkle William, justice of the peace, 186 north Fourth 
M'Collin John, accountant, 125 south Third 
M'Collins Thomas, watchmaker, 18 Greenleaf court, S. 4th 
M'Cormick John, grocer, N.W. cor. Second and Lombard 

M'NE 1'hiladelphia Directory. 

M'Cormick Henry, watchman, 155 Gaskill 

M'Coy George W. inspector, 45 Race 

M'Coy Ralph, grocer, N.E. cor. Eighth and Zone 

M'Coy William, teller at N. A. Bank, 8 Powell 

M'Crea Ann, shopkeeper, 469 High 

M'Crosson John, stablekeeper, back of 15 south Fourth 

M'Crosson Robert, stablekeeper, back of 15 south Fourth 

M'Cullough John, shoemaker, Fifth from Sch. S. of High 

M'Curdy John, boot and shoemaker, 42 Chesnut 

M'Curdy John YV. shoemaker, 14 north Fourth 

M'Cutchen Mary, shopkeeper, 160 south Eleventh 

M'Dermott John, morocco dresser, 199 south Seventh 

M'Dermott Peter, 113 south Front 

M'Devitt John, grocer, 233 south Fifth 

M'Devitt Roger, tailor, 11 Lxtitia court 

M'Donald Malcolm, innkeeper, 1^ Decatur 

M'Donough Michael, carpenter, 216 south Sixth 

M'Elroy Benjamin, sailmaker, 186 south Fourth 

M'Elroy James F. 45 north Seventh 

M'Elroy Thomas, labourer, Chesnut near Sch. Seventh 

M'Elwee Charles, corder at Chesnut st. wharf — d. h. 71 Union 

M'Entire William, clerk, 214 south Third 

M'Even James, cabinetmaker, 71 Walnut 

M'Ewen George, soapboiler, 18 Dock 

M'Ewen Daniel, plaster grinder, 19 north Ninth 

M'Ewing Mrs. N.W. cor. Juniper lane and Walnut 

M'Fadan Mrs. Little George 

M'Farland, constable, 135 south Fourth 

M'Farland Samuel, distiller, 20 Bank 

M'Grath John, clerk, 4 High 

M'Graw George, carpenter, St. George's alley 

M'Guire Michael, innkeeper, 10 Library 

M'Henry James, M.D. 62 south Second 

M'llvaine John K. jeweller, Pine near Thirteenth 

M'llvaine Bloomfield, attorney at law, 44 south Sixth 

M'llvaine J. B. merchant, 104 south Front 

M'Kean Henry, watchmaker, 21 Greenleaf court, S. Fourth 

M'Kee Mrs. 115 south Second 

M'Kibbin James, printer, 137 Pine 

M'Kissick William, cordwainer, 250 Lombard 

M'Kowen Samuel, weaver, 157 south Sixth 

M'Laughlin Charles, broker, 86 south Third 

M'Machen Dennis, cordwainer, S.W. cor. Lombard and 6th 

M'Mahan Henry, grocer, S.W. cor. Pine and Fifth 

M'Mahon H. & Co. seed store, &c. 13 south Second 

M'Main William, ironmonger, d. h. 51 North Eighth 

M'Manus &. Quin, grocers, Sch. and High 

M'Mullin James, clerk, 7 south Third 

M'Mullin John, innkeeper, 5 Race 

M'Mullin Joseph, grocer, 155 south Front 

M'Neily John, tavernkeeper, 226 south Sixth 

M'Nevin Elizabeth, nurse, 185 south Sixth 

Philadelphia Directory. MAR 

MTherson Alexander, 20 Barron st. 

M'Pherson John, 72 Spruce 

M'Shane Ezekiel, accountant, 17 north Sixth 

Maccoun David, merchant, 11 south Ninth 

Machison John, cordwainer, 4 Cypress alley 

Mackay Angus, printer, 60 Chesnut 

Mackin James, sailmaker, 11 Norris's alley 

Mackintire A. d. h. 320 Arch 

Mackintire Daniel, broker, 127 Chesnut 

Mackintire H. shoemaker, 76 Chesnut 

Mackintire James, broker, 127 Chesnut 

Macurdy Hugh, drygood store, 243 south Second 

Maddock Ezekiel, grocer, d. h. 62 Union 

Magenis Daniel, teacher, cor. Locust and Blackberry alley 

Magoffin Joseph, accountant, 202 Arch 

Magner Charles, 18 south Tentii 

Maguire Bernard, shoemaker, 129 south water 

Mahew Hazael, combmaker, 125 north Second 

Mahon Michael, teacher, near Sch. Fifth and High 

Maitland John, distiller, 119 Lombard 

Makeal Abraham, carpenter, Pine near Twelfth 

Malander Mrs. 157 south Second 

Manderfield John, cabinetmaker, 180 south Fourth 

Manderson John, grocer, 416 north Front 

Mange Samuel, importer of Swiss muslins, 43 Dock 

Manly Reuben, painter, 144 south Front 

Mann Horatio, 316 Arch 

Mann William, teacher, 266 north Third 

Mannifield Charles, pumpmaker, Sch. south Eighth 

Manning William, tinplate worker, N.E. cor. Lombard and 

Marchmont Jesse, shoemaker, Franklin court 
Margurete John D musician, 101 Lombard 
Marine Insurance Company, 47 Walnut 
Markland John, esq. 297 Sassafras 
Marks Hyman, 68 south Front 
Marks Jared, grocer, 180 Locust 
Marriott William, druggist, 46 north Fifth 
Marsden Benjamin, gentleman, 6 Library 
Marshall Benjamin, accountant, 184 south Eleventh 
Marshall John, bricklayer, 33 Gillies's alley 
Marshall Moses, shoemaker, 14 Franklin court 
Martin Ann, 190 south Sixth 
Martin Daniel, Twelfth near Pine 
Martin Henry, baker, 4 Franklin court 
Martin John, Captain, 210 south Fourth 
Martin John, sailmaker, 88 Lombard 
Martin Joseph, carpenter, 121 Spruce 
Martin Joseph D. white lead manufacturer, 15 north Twelfth 
Martin Mrs. 54 Race 
Martin Owen, 10 south Eighth 
Martin Robert C, saddler, 28 south Third 

MIL Philadelphia Directory. 

Martin Peter, baker, Twelfth near Pine 

Marsk James, innkeeper, 5 south Seventh 

Mason John J. brassfounder, 431 north Third * 

Mason Mrs. widow, 183 Pine 

Mason Philip, general superintendant of the Philadelphia 

and Lancaster Turnpike, 131 south Sixth 
Mason Thomas A. druggist, N.W. cor. Locust and Eleventh 
Mason "William, jun. oak cooper, 9 Decatur 
Masonic Hall, Chesnut street 
Massey Samuel, currier, 29 Carter's alley 

Masters, ladies shoemaker, south Third 

Mathias Samuel, baker, 4 Franklin court 

Matthews George, shoemaker, 12 south Second 

Mattison Joseph, combmaker, 6 Powell 

Mattison Smith, accountant, 6 Powell 

Maul James, sailmaker, 111 south Second 

Maw Ian Thomas, hatcheller of flax, 97 north Second 

Maxwell Andrew, carpenter, 223 Cedar 

Maxwell James, printer, 14 north Eighth 

May George, currier, 28 Elfreth's alley 

Mayer Lewis, merchant, 7 north Ninth 

Mead Charles, schoolmaster, 5 Appletree alley 

Mead Mary, widow, drygood store, 202 north Sixth 

Mealy James, brickmaker, Thirteenth near Walnut 

Mealy William, brickmaker, Thirteenth near Walnut 

Mears Catherine, 11 Gray's alley 

Mears John, chairmaker and artist, south Seventh 

Mease John, surveyor, 4 Norris's alley 

Meer John, artist, manufacturer of Unique razor strops and 

Columbian hones, 4 south Seventh 
Meight Elizabeth, near Sch. Sixth and High 
Mercer, widow, 79 south Second 

Mercer, widow of George, boarding house, 161 south Water 
Mercier Charles, confectioner, 111 south Third 
Merkins Maria, widow, boarding house, 208 Pine 
Menige Oliver, oysterman, cor. Chesnut and Sixth — d. h. 151 

south Sixth 
Mfcntzer Joseph, victualler, 200 south Second 
Middl^ton Joshua, carpenter, 127 Spruce 
Mifflin Lloyd, gentleman, 252 Spruce 
Mignet Francis, hairdresser, 1 south Fourth 
Milbank James, 281 Chesnut 
Miles John, 86 Callowhill street 
Miles, widow of William, 429 north Third 
Miley George, carter, Pine near Twelfth 
Miller Charles, chocolate manufactory, 216 north Third 
Miller Charles, baker, 200 south Second 
Miller George, teacher, 198 south Fourth 
Miller George, teacher, 35 north Fourth 
Miller John, tobacconist, 350 north Third 
Miller Margaret, widow, shopkeeper, 348 north Thirfl 
Miller Moses, shoemaker, 28 Strawberry 

Philadelphia Directory. MOJft 

Miller William, jeweller, 163 Chesnut 

Miller, widow, 56 south Water 

Milliken Robert jr. 22 Chesnut 

Millizett Mrs. 141 south Second 

Millman Jesse, shoestore, S.E. corner of High and Eighth 

Mills George, teacher, 198 south Fourth 

Mills Jeffrey, cotton carder, 118 Lombard 

Milne Michael, fruiterer, Sassafras 

Milne Richard, merchant, 79 south Front 

Milnor George A. grocer, 96 south Third 

Milnor Hannah, 96 south Third 

Milnor Robert, M. D. 341 High 

Manor William, alderman, 65 Dock 

Mingus Robert W. baker, 185 south Fifth 

Minshall John, china merchant, 23 south Fourth 

Mitchell James, baker, Pine near Twelfth 

Mitchell K., M.D. 119 south Fifth 

Mitchell Thomas, conveyancer, N.W. cor. Third and Spruce, 

d. h. 187 south Third 
Mogridge Thomas, currier, 28 Elfreth's alley 
Monagan John, hatter, 15 Walnut 
Monier John P. shoemaker, 22 south Fourth 
Montgomery James, chairmaker, 94 north Water 
Montgomery John, bricklayer, Perry near Spruce 
Montgomery, widow, dry good store, 207 south Second 
Molony J. D. & D. grocers, N.E. cor. High and Ninth 
Moody Miss, boarding house, 20 Sansom 
Moore Francis, cabinetmaker, 36 Dock 
Moore James, shipwright, 43 Prime 
Moore James, carpenter, Prosperous alley 
Moore John, currier, 172 south Sixth 
Moore John &. Sons, leather store, 33 north Seventh 
Moore M. & S. 2 Bank st. 
Morgan Joel, razorstrop maker, 11 Gray's alley 
Morgan John, gentleman, 2 Lodge 
Morgan John, M. D. 146 south Fifth 

Morgan Peter, jun. accountant, N.E. cor. Pine and Second 
Morgan Thomas W. merchant, 45 south Eighth 
Morgan Thomas, painter, 207 south Fourth, d. h. 106 Cedar 
Morrell Abraham, sea captain, north 7th bet. Vine 8c Wood 
Morrell J. W. agent and commission merchant, 106 Union 
Morrell John R. merchant, 138 south Second 
Morrell Joseph, hatter, 46 High 
Morrell Sarah, widow of John, 26 south Tenth 
Morris Daniel, shoemaker, 76 Chesnut . 
Morris Thomas W. attorney at law, 98 south Fourth 
Morris William, cabinetmaker, 15 Willing's alley 
Morrison Abraham, cabinetmaker, Green's court 
Morrison & Dawson, brewers, 79 Chesnut 
Morrison James, weaver, Locust near Thirteenth 
Morrison John, south Tenth near High 
Morrison William, merchant, 132 south Third 


SKL Philadelphia JJirectoiy. 

Morrow George, cordwainer, Clever alley 

Morse Henry, N.W. cor. Elizabeth and Sixth 

Moses Solomon, commission merchant, 219 Chesnut 

Mosley George, carpenter, Perry near Pine 

Mostler Samuel, tailor, 213 Lombard 

Muhlenberg P. S. gentleman, 162 Arch 

Muhlenberg Philip, clerk, 51 Spruce 

Muirhead "William, innkeeper, 13 Bank 

Mullen James, tailor, 15 Dock 

Munell Henry, baker, Prosperous alley 

Murphy James, cabinetmaker, 30 south Fifth 

Murphy John K. cordwainer, Thirteenth near Locust • 

Murphy Lawrence, south Fourth 

Murphy Richard, tailor, back 140 south Fourth 

Murphy Robert, collector, 17 south Third 

Murphy "William G. bookbinder, 9 north Fourth 

Murray Joseph, shoemaker, 53 south Third 

Murray Mrs. 104 south Front 

Murray Mrs. widow, storekeeper, S.W. cor. Lombard and 

Murray William, comedian, 179 Lombard 
Mussi Joseph, 180 Spruce 
Mustin Ebenezer, japanner, 167 north Second 
Myer &. Jones, painters and glaziers, Chesnut above Second 
Myers Henry, carpenter, York court 
Myers Henry, jun. corder, York court 
Myers Henry, innkeeper, 26 Franklin court 
Myers John, merchant, 208 Pine 
Myers Marmaduke, watchman, Barron street 
Myers Wanet, painter, &c. 89 south Second 
Myring Joseph, lapidary, 16 Franklin court 
Myring Mrs. boarding house, 331 -High 

[.Set? letter M second alphabet. 

NAFF "William, hatter, back of 118 north Second 
Nailer Ma^on, hatter, 16 Strawberry 

Nancrede Thomas, clerk, N.E. corner of Walnut and Third 
Nanstingle John J. victualler, 102 Garden 
Nathans" Nathan, attorney at law, 60 south Sixth 
Neal John, carpenter, 4 Nicholson's court 
Neal Samuel, 117 south Third 
Neff G. W. attorney at law, 113 south Fourth 
Neff Jacob, tailor, 22 north Sixth 
Neff John, innkeeper, 24-1 High 
Neff John R merchant, 113 south Fourth 
Negus Stephen W. grocer, 13 south Water 
Neill William, D.D. 214 Pine 
Neill William, Franklin Hotel, Harmony court 
Nelson George, accountant, 155 soutli Si 
Nelson Marv, mantuamaker, 25 Hu 
rath Seventh 

Philadelphia Directory. O'DO 

»bet Michael, merchant, 41 south Fronl 
Nesmeth James, engraver, 42 south Sixtli 
Netty Eugene, teacher, 117 Spruce 
Newbold James, 15 south Third 
\e\\ bold Thomas, 36 south Third 
Ncwcomb Bayse, attorney at law, 124 Walnm 
Newell James, sea captain, 32 Arch 
Newell Stewart, storekeeper, 10 High 
Newfinjohn S. merchant, 9 north Second 
Newlin ThomaS, clerk, 110 Arch 
Newman Thomas, broker, 151 Chesnut 
Newnham Daniel, plaisterer, Twelfth near Locus:* 
Newnham Eli, plasterer, Twelfth near Locust 
Newnham Mrs. 38 Walnut 
Newton Elizabeth, widow, 143 south Fifth 
Nice Matthias, tobacconist, 162 south Fifth 
Nicholas Caspar, back of 39 south Juniper 
Nichols Arthur St. Clair, merchant, 175 Walnut 
Nichols Mrs. 119 south Water 
Nicholson Captain, U. S. navy, 59 south Fourth 
Nickervis Thomas, 6 Norris's alley 
Nidelette F. S. merchant, 6 north Fourth 
Nixon Alexander, G. coachmaker, 33 PoweM 
Nixon James, silversmith, 19 south Fourth 
Nixon Richard, jeweller, 236 south Seventh 
Noble Richard, gentleman, 230 north Third 
Noble Samuel, tanner, 268 north Third 
Nones- Benjamin, notary public and sworn interpreter of 

foreign languages, 112 south Front and 22 Chesnut 
Norrnan Lewis, shoemaker, 20 Strawberry alley 
Norris Joseph, stove finisher, 174 north Second 

Norris , tailor, Franklin court 

\ T orris Samuel, Chesnut above Tenth 

North American Insurance Company Office, Walnut 

North Caleb, jun. Chesnut 

North Richard, boot and shoemaker, south Third 

Northrop Enoch, cedar cooper, N.E. cor. Lombard and 4tl 

Northrop Jonathan, grocer, 26 Pear 

Notter Robert, carpenter, Locust near Thirteenth 

Nunnelly Nathaniel, auctioneer, 93 north Front 

Nutt Edmund, tailor, back 233 Cedar 

Nuttle Robert E. coachmaker, 98 south Fifth 

Nuttz Mrs. boarding house, 9 Pear 

[See letter N second alphabet 

OBERY , blacksmith, 206 south Sixth 

O'Brien Joseph, 4 Sansom 

O'Brien Daniel, labourer, 2 Farmer's Row 

O^Daniel John, atty. at law, office 41 N. 6th— <L h. 33 Unio;> 

«rx)onnell Constamine, cordwauier, Green's court 

PAS Philadelphia Directory. 

O'Donnell James, labourer, 12 Willing's alley 

O'Dwyer, widow, boarding house, 148 south Fourth 

O'Morrin George, N.E. cor Tenth and Cedar 

O'Morrin William, teacher, N.E. cor. Tenth and Cedar 

O'Neill John, shopkeeper, 78 south Fourth 

Ofterman F. bleeder with leeches, 445 north Third 

Ogden Hannah, grocer, 233 Lombard 

Oldmixon, Mrs. 66 south Eighth 

Oliver & Graham, jewellery manufacturers,. 72 High 

Oliver Joseph, 80 High 

Oliver Joshua C. merchant, 43 north Front 

Oliver Thomas P. tailor, Fries's court 

Olmstead Moses, 134 High 

Oram Thomas, tailor, Sassafras street 

Own Benjamin, 256 High 

Orman Henry, tavernkeeper, N.E. cor. Pine and Seventh 

Oit Ann, 166 Pine 

Orr Thomas, shoemaker, 7 Greenleaf's court 

Orr William, tinplate worker, 166 Pine 

Orsey Ann, 171 Pine 

Ostereicher John, barber, 346 north Third 

Owen Thor>.as, merchant, 181 Pine 

Owens Henry, tailor, 19 south Third 

Oxford Samuel, tailor, Fries's court 

[See letter O second alphabet. 

PADvE George, carpenter, 78 north Front 

Painter Thomas, Dock street 

Palacio L. consul general Colombian Republic, 120 Pine 

Palmer Anthony, south Water street 

Palmer Job, American Monthly Magazine office 38 Chesnut 

— d. h. 24 south Second 
Palmer Thomas, gentleman, 142 Pine 
Palmer Thomas, stationer, 201 Chesnut 
Pancoast Samuel, gentleman, 181 Pine 
Parham John, carpenter, 62 south Eleventh 
Parham Joseph, grocer, Twelfth near Spruce 
Parham Joseph, 176 Locust 
Parker, Antrim & Co. 13 south Third 
Parker Achilles, Norris's alley 
Parker Eleazar, M.D. 154 south Sixth 
Parker Elisha, tailor, 115 north Second 
Parker William, paper hanger, S.E. cor. Powell and Sixth 
Parkinson George, innkeeper, 161 Chesnut 
Paris Benjamin, turner, Littleboy's court 
Parish Ebenezer captain, 198 south Fourth 
Parry Isaac, plaisterer, 300 north Third s 

Parrv John F. watchmaker, 319 High 
Pascall Edward, Gray's alley 

Fohn, merchant, 31 I.ombv 

Philadelphia Directory. PET 

Passmore Thomas, auctioneer, 39 S. Third and 32 S. Front 

— d. h. 17 Chesnut 
Patrullo Andrew, merchant, 224 Spruce 
Patterson Godfrey, accountant, 148 south Second 
Patterson Jonathan, teller at U. S. Bank, 109 south Eighth 
Patterson Rev. James, Third above Callowhili 
Patterson Joseph, cabinetmaker, 113 north Front 
Patterson Col. Robert, merchant, d. h. 113 south Ninth 
Pattei-son Thomas, grocer, S.E. Powell and Sixth 
Patton Thomas, silversmith, 5 Franklin court 
Paul James, 138 north Front 
Paxon Joseph R. merchant, 148 Arch 
Paxon Richard, hardware merchant, 245 High 
Paxon Samuel, hatter, 42 Carpenter 
Paxon William, merchant, 40 Filbert 
Peace Joseph, attorney at law, 78 south Sixth 
Peale Charles Wilson, portrait painter, N.W cor. Walnut and 

Swan wick 
Peale Titian, naturalist, Philad. Museum, d. h. Walnut 
Pearce John, plumber, 76 south Fourth 
Pearce Susannah, comb and fancy store, 76 south Fourth 
Pearson Thomas, boarding house, 21 Walnut 
Peart Abraham, cabinetmaker, 150 south P'ifth 
Peart & Gilky, cabinetmakers, 150 south Fifth 
Peixotto A. C. merchant, 179 south Fifth 
Peltz William, justice of the peace, S.E. cor. of Crabb and 

Pennington Mrs. George street 
Pennock H. P. dealer, Wood 2d door below Fifth 
Pennock Sarah, N.E. cor. Chesnut and Eleventh 
Pennsylvania Bank, south Second near Walnut 
Pennsylvania Insurance Company, cor. Dock and Second 
Pepper George, Dock near Third 
Percall John, cordwainer, 146 Lombard 
Percival Thomas C. druggist, 14 N. 2d— d. h. 162 S. Fourth 
Pereira Joaquim Barrazo, consul general of Portugal, 79 S 

Periteau Bazael, sea captain, 95 High 
Perkins Dr. 162 north Fifth 
Perkins Thomas, clerk, 54 south Second 
Pernier Joseph, fruiterer* old Centre Square, High \ 

Perot James 8c Sansom, merchants, 41 north Water 
Persico George, miniature painter, 46 south Sixth 
Pesoa David, saddler, 107 north Front 
Peters Ann, confectioner, 5 north Ninth 
Peters Richard, judge of the District Court of the Uniteti 

States, Belmont west of Sch. 
Peters Richard, jun. attorney at law, 106 Walnut 
Peterson Derrick, gentleman, 146 south Second 
Peterson William, merchant, 12 north Seventh 
Petitt Samuel, cedar cooper, 437 north Third 
Peto Mrs. widow, mantuamaker, 140 south Fourth 

d 2 

PRO Philadelphia- Directory. 

Pettit William, confectioner, 121 north Second 

Petts William, Elbow lane 

Petty Philip, grazier, 12 Lombard 

Petty Philip jr., M.D. 341 south Second 

Pfaff Conrad, cordwainer, 9 north Water I 

Philadelphia Insurance Company, N.W. cor. 2d and Walnut 

Phillips Benjamin R. gentleman, 20 Race 

Phillips Mrs. boarding house, 76 south Eighth 

Phillips Samuel, gentleman, 100 south Eighth 

Phillips William, lastmaker, 61 Dock 

Phoenix Insurance Company, 96 south Second 

Pidgeon David, d. h. back 209 south Second 

Pidgeon Rachel, widow, shoestore 249 south Second 

Pilkington B. printer, 17 north Fifth 

Pisanall Francis, hairdresser, 398 High 

Plowman T. L. oil merchant, S.E. cor. Callowhill and Julian 

Polhemus Ann, boarding house, S.W. cor. Fourth and Arch 

Polhemus John, merchant, 20 north Front — d. h. S.W. cov. 

Arch and Fourth 
Polie Mrs. south Eighth 

Pomcray DeLaTexier, French teacher, 270 Walnut 
Pumroy Ralph, Fries's court 
Pool William, innkeeper, Old Ferry 
Poole William C. druggist, S.E. cor. Ninth and Race 
Porter Thomas, brushmaker, 16 Franklin court 
Potter Richard C. merchant, 186 High 
Potter Samuel C. merchant, 186 High 
Potter Samuel N. accountant, 248 Spruce 
Potter Sheldon, bookseller, d. h. 64 Union 
Potter S. & Co. booksellers, 115 Chesnut 
Potts &, Peddle, gaugers and coopers, 63 north Wi 
Potts, widow, 2 south Twelfth 
Potts William S. studept, 2 south Twelfth 
Poultney John, 178 south Eleventh 
Powell Thomas, Ranstead's court 
Pratt JohnB. & Co. shopkeepers, 56 south Second 
Prescott Daniel W. merchant, 65 south Front 
Preston George, gentleman, 427 north Third 
Price John M. merchant, 3 north Ninth 
Price John, agent, 25 Sansom 
Price Mary, tavernkeeper, 145 Cedar 
Price Philip, watchmaker, 68 Union 
Prichett Elizabeth Mrs. Eighth near Cedar 
Prichett Thomas, merchant, 204 Pine 
Prindeble John, tailor, 12 Hurst 
Pringle Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 212 Pine 
Pritchett Thomas B. brewer, south Front below Almond 
Pritchett William &, James C. curriers, 112 Chesnut 
Probasco Peter, plane maker, 241 south Second 
Probasco Simon, printer, Second near New Market (N. L.) 
Provenshure Peter, gentleman, 183 south Fifth 
Provost Mrs. 59 south Fourth 

Philadelphia Directory. "REE 

t'lyo- James, wai'.er, 6 north Fourth 
Pugh Edward, hatter, Franklin court 
Pulle P. gunsmith, 101 south Second 
Pumroy David, baker, 27 Strawberry alley 
Purdon Joseph, accountant, 105 Pine 
Purves John, merchant, 22 south Second 
Pusy Caleb & Co. merchants, 19 south Water 
Putton Samuel, tailor, 139 south Front 

[See letter P second alphabet-. 

i-iUANDALE Lewis, watchmaker, 36 south Third 

Quigley John, shoemaker, 8 Franklin court 

Quin Barnet, grocer, 137 south Water 

Quin Henry, boarding house, near Sch. Eighth and High 

Quin Patrick, labourer, near Sell. Eighth 

[See letter Q second alphabet. 

RAKESTRAW Joseph, printer, &c. 254 north Third 

Raleigh Samuel, confectioner, 132 Arch 

Ralston G. merchant, S.W. cor. Twelfth and Walnut 

Ralston Sc Lyman, commission merchants, 11 south Front 

Ralston Robert, jr. 333 Mulberry 

Ramage Adam, joirer and cabinetmaker, Librarv near Fifth, 

d. h. 89 south Fifth 
Rambo John, blacksmith, 35 Spruce 
Randall Joseph S. accountant 59 Dock 
Randall Matthew, prothonotary, 22 Sansom 
Randolph G. F. & E. merchants, 63 south Front 
Randolph S., M.D. 73 Spruce 
Rankin Alexander, blockmaker, 94 north Water 
Rankin William, cabinetmaker, 20 Walnut 
Rawle S. B. merchant, 112 south Third 
"Rawlings George, cabinetmaker, 104 Gaskill 
Ray James, shoemaker, 163 south Front 
Raybold Thomas, dyer, Clover street 
Raser Thomas M. teacher, seminary, Session House, Cherry 

above Fifth — d. h. 87 Locust 
Read H. M. M.D. 176 Chesnut 
Read John, merchant, 85 Chesnut 
Read John, merchant, 132 High 
Read Patrick, painter, 46 south Fifth 
Readies Adam, turner, 10 Strawberry allev 
Rechel George, storekeeper, 290 north Third 
Redman James, grocer, S.W. cor. Pine and Sixth 
Reed Samuel H. grocer, S.W. cor. Thirteenth and Higt 
Reed William, grocer. S.W. cor. Thirteenth and High' 
Reely Michael, 368 High 
Rees Bartholomew, 22 Carter's alley 
Rees B. Rush M.D. 225 south Front 

ROB Philadelphia Directory. « 

Bees Charles B. cordwainer, Vine 

Bees John, whitesmith, Sch. Fifth and High 

Bees John Loxley, teacher, Loxley's court 

Bees Morgan J. accountant, Loxley's court 

Bees Samuel, bricklayer, Twelfth near Locust 

Begister D. natter, Trotter's alley 

Beilly Bernard, bottler, 157 south Water 

Beilly Paul, shoemaker, 16 Bank 

Beynolds Henry, gilder, 114 Chesnut 

Bhoads Mrs. 2 Laurel court 

Bianhard J. merchant, 14 North alley 

Bichard Joseph; shoemaker, 13 Strawberry 

Bichard Thomas, segarmaker, 195 Lombard 

Richards Benjamin W. auctioneer and commission merchant 

34 south Front — d. h. 381 Mulberry 
Bichards & Hinold, tailors, 192 north Third 
Bichards Joseph, carpenter, 160 south Fourth 
Bichards J. grocer, 6 north Sixth 
Bichards John, painter, 142 north Front 
Bichards Washington, china merchant, 21 south Third 
Bichardson Ann, drygood store, 78 south Third 
Bichardson & Bonsall, merchants, 161 High 
Bichardson Hannah, grocer, S.E. cor. Pine and Seventh 
Bichardson John, blacksmith, 16 Gray's alley 
Bichardson John, bookseller, 252 High — d. h. 359 High 
Bichardson Joseph, assayer of the mint, 359 Market 
Bichardson Mary, umbrella maker, 31 south Third 
Bichardson Mrs. 78 south Third 
Bichardson Nathaniel, 359 Market 
Bichardson Thomas, dealer, Elbow lane 
Bichardson Thomas jr. Elbow lane 
Bichie Bobert, leather store, 218 north Third 
Bickards "William, jeweller, 8 Carter's alley 
Bideout George, grocer, 38 south Eighth 
Biley Daniel, accountant, S.W. cor. Spruce and Fourth 
Riley Michael, china packer, 168 south Third 
Bink Jacob, brickmaker, Thirteenth near Walnut 
Bipperger C. bleeder, N.W. cor. George and Sixth 
Bittenhouse Joseph, 106 Chesnut 
Bitter George, currier, Trotter's alley 
Bitter John, gardener, 13 Franklin court 
Bivers Nehemiah, cordwainer, 8 Little Pine 
Bizers Charles, druggist, d. h. S.W. cor. Lombard and 

Boach Isaac, captain, 200 Spruce 
Boach 1. major U. S. army, 200 Spruce 
Boatch William B. tailor 290 north Third 
Robb James, letter carrier, 203 south Fifth 
Bobb John, carter, 28 Quince 
Bobbins Caleb, baker, 7 Gray's alley 
Bobbins Thomas, merchant, 48 High street 
Roberjot John H. accountant, 99 south Third 

Philadelphia Directory. RYA 

Roberts Algernon, 85 south Second 

Roberts Allen, accountant, 22 Dock 

Roberts Edward, 85 south Second 

Roberts John, carter, Drinker's court 

Roberts Joseph, cashier of Girard's Bank, 104 Chesnut 

Roberts Joseph L. accountant, 85 south Eleventh 

Roberts Samuel, grocer, S.W. cor. Shippen and Fifth 

Roberts Thomas, cabinetmaker, 159 horth Third 

Robins "William, carpenter, 4 Pleasant avenue 

Robinson Catherine, mantuamaker, 7 Little Pine 

Robinett Ferguson, attorney at law, 5 Powell 

Robinson George, Taylor's alley 

Robinson John, cabinetmaker, 220 south Fourth 

Robinson John, distiller, 207 Cedar 

Robinson Joseph, sea captain, 50 Lombard 

Robinson Joseph D. turner, 42 Gaskill 

Robinson J. I. merchant, 24 south Front 

Rockhill William, clerk, 138 south Second 

Roderfield William, drygood store, 216 south Second 

Rodman John, merchant, 6 north Fourth 

Rodman Thomas, gentleman, 98 south Third 

Rodgers William, watchmaker, High west of Sch. Seveath 

Rogers George N. ironmonger, 52 High 

Rogers James, hardware merchant, 239 High— d. h. 98 south 

Rogers John, ironmonger, 231 Lombard 
Rogers "William jun. Nitre Hall gunpowder manufacturer, 

3 Minor street 
Rogers Wm. E. ironmonger, 52 High 
Roget Edward, tobacconist, 52 Arch 
Roget Moses, tobacconist, 52 Arch 
Rolph James, boarding house, 258 High 
Ronaldson George, cabinetmaker, 130 south Second 
Ronaldson George cabinetmaker, 53 Pine 
Rosewell Ann, Appletree alley 
Ross Samuel, deputy weighmaster, 28 Powell 
Ross William, painter, 76 High 

Rousseau Clement V. druggist, S.E. cor. Pine and Sixth 
Rousseau J. C, M.D. 158 Pine 
Rowen-E. W. hairdresser, 3 south Fourth 
Ruan John, M.D. 214 Walnut 
Rubicam Justus, 18 south Sixth 
Rulon John W. drygood store, 51 north Second" 
Rush Joseph, sea captain, 172 north Front 
Rush Samuel, attorney at law, d. h. 98^ south Fourth 
Rush Samuel W. register of the watering committee, 172 

north Front 
Rush Thomas, coachmaker, 1*2 north Froijt 
Rush William, M.D. 984 south Fourth 
Russell John, weaver, £66 High 
Ruth Michael, baker, 182 Locust 
Ryan James, gentleman, 355 Ra,ce 

SEI Philadelphia Directory. 

Ryan Richard, paper stainer, 247 Cedar 

Ryan Lewis jun. shoemaker, 50 south Third 

Ryan, Rev. pastor of St. Mary's church, Willing's alley 

[See letter R second alphabd. 

SAFUNG Gotlieb, shoemaker, 52 New 

Saggee Andrew, 437 north Third 

Salazar M. consul for Republic of Colombia, 163 Walnut 

Salignac & Breban, silk and fancy store, 164 Market 

Salkeid Job, waterman, 194 south Front 

Sansom Samuel, gentleman, 1 Prune 

Saunderson John M. printer, 84 south Front 

Savage John, merchant, N.W. cor. Spruce and Eleven 

Savell Mrs. Walnut street 

Savery William, -lumber merchant, cor. Fifth and B 

wood lane — d. h. 20 north Fifth 
Saving Fund Society, Decatur street 
Sawyer Mrs. 165 south Second 
Sayers E. S. merchant, south Sixth 
Schalliol Peter, baker, Walnut next to the Circus 
Scheerer Gotlieb, cordwainer, 344 north Third 
Scherzinger, John M. oil and colourman, 26 north Fourth 
Scheuermann Charles, 8 south Sixth 
Scheuermann Michael, tobacconist, 8 south Sixth 
Schlatter William, merchant, 237 High 
Schmitz De H. G. attached to the Portuguese legation, 79 

south Sixth 
Scholl Henry, innkeeper, 501 north Second 
Schrader John H. turner, 48 south Fifth 
Schroder Henry, innkeeper, 318 north Third 
Schwartze George, tailor, 124 north Water 
Schwartze J. E. merchant, 287£ High- 
Schwartze Peter, coppersmith, 124 north Water 
Schweppenheiser Nicholas, tailor, 433 north Third 
Scofield L. blacksmith, Twelfth near Locust — d. h. Mercer 91 
Scott Andrew, confectioner, 104 High 
Scott James B. tavernkeeper, 131 south Water 
Scott John tavernkeeper, 158 south Water 
Scott Rev. John W. 81 south Second 
Seargent David R. merchant, 104 south Eighth 
Seckel George T. printer, 5 High 
Seckel Henry, 8 north Eighth 
Seckel Frederick, brewer, d. h. 164 south Ninth 
Seckel Lawrence D. 8 north Eighth 
Seeds Simon, manufacturer, Lombard near Twelfth 
Seeger David, merchant, 18 south Seventh 
Seeger Frederick, silverplater, 14 Filbert 
Seeley William, tailor, S.E. cor. Decatur and High 
Seixas David G. Philadelphia Asylum for Deaf and Dmnb, 

N E. cor. High and Ninth 

Philadelphia Directory, SIM 

Selkirk John, importer of hardware, 8 Minor — d. h. 295 

Sellers Jacob M. saddler, 26 High 
Sevelinge Joseph, wine storekeeper, 62 south Second 
Sewart John, merchant, 142 Pine 
Sexton Joseph S. shopkeeper, 226 south Second 
Shackelford Mrs. B. Sansom street 
Shake Jacob, tailor, 15 Dock 
Shanks George, tobacconist, 163 north Second 
Sharp Benjamin jun. clerk, 21 south Second 
Sharp John jun, merchant, 17 south Fourth — d. 154 S. 9th 
Sharp Joseph, merchant, 124 Pine 
Sharp Patrick, tailor, 160 south Fourth 
Sharpless Blakey, bookseller, 93 High — d. h. 178 S. Front 
Sharpless Joseph I. merchant, 39 Key's alley 
Sharpless Townsend, merchant, 33 south Second 
Shaw John, cabinetmaker, 15 Willmg's alley 
Sheaff John, gentleman, 162 Arch 
Sheepshanks Thomas, 5 south Fourth 
Sheepshanks William, merchant, 380 High 
Sherburn William jun. baker, 44 Race 
Shinkle John P watchmaker, 89 Chesilut 
Shinn Earl, bricklayer, 11 Powell 
Shinn Mrs. boarding house, 110 south Third 
Shinn Samuel, 134 Pine 
Shippen Richard, sea captain, south Sixth 
Shivelin Michael, porter, 74 north Water 
Shively Jacob, dealer, 79 north Fifth 
Shively Thomas, merchant, 79 north Fifth 
Shoemaker, Abraham, alderman, 100 south Fourth — d. h. 

208 Spruce 
Shoemaker Deborah, widow of Abraham, 126 south Fourth 

Shoemaker Henry, attorney at law, S.W. cor. Fifth and Wal- 
nut — d. h. 126 south Fourth 
Shoemaker Jacob, paper hanging manufacturer, 243 High 
Shoemaker John J. tobacconist, 219 south Second 
Shoemaker S. & F. merchants, 30 South Wharves— d. h. 126 
south Fourth 

Short William, gentleman, 151 Chesnut 

Showber Martin, tobacconist, 276 High 
, Shultz John, innkeeper, 95 north Fourth 

Shumo Thomas, watchmaker, 69 Chesnut 

Siemen Paul, gentleman, 286 Chesnut 

Silveira Alexander, tailor, 7 Norris's alley 

Silveira & Brown, tailors, 85 south Second 

Simmons William S. merchant, 127 Arch 

Simpson George, skinner and wool dealer, 473 north Iron' 
— d. h. 4 Poplar lane 

Simpson John, boot and shoe manufactory, 57$ Mulbern 

Simpson Thomas, merchant, south Seventh 

Simpson Thomas, combmaker, 71 New 

Simpson Thomas, combmaker, south Fourth 

SOL Philadelphia Directory. 

Sims David, innkeeper, 9 Laetitia court 

Skinner Johnson, sea captain, 210 south Third 

Slater Anthony, merchant, 306 Mulberry 

Sleeper Jonathan, china store, 29 north Third 

Slemmer Jacob, cedar cooper, 439 north Third 

Smedley Jacob, commission store, 3 north Fifth 

Smith Aaron, flour and plaster of paris merchant, N. W. cor. 

High and Twelfth 
Smith Benjamin P. accountant, 1 north Thirteenth 
Smith Charles S. merchant, d. h. 167 south Third 
Smith C. W. Sc J. R. merchants, 103 north Front 
Smith Cornelius S. ironmonger, 154 south Second 
Smith Daniel, president of the Pennsylvania Insurance 

Company, 181 south Third 
Smith & Dimond, distillers, 205 Cedar 
Smith Elisha, teacher, 7 south Thirteenth 
Smith Hannah, shopkeeper, 45 south Second 
Smith Isaac, merchant, 172 High 
Smith James S. attorney at law, 101 south Fourth 
Smith James jun. leather seller, 63 Chesnut 
Smith Jesse, painter, 46 north Seventh 
Smith John, accountant. 240 Filbert 
Smith John H cordwainer, 225 Cedar 
Smith Capt. John R. C, S.W. cor. Union and Fr 
Smith Jonathan, cashier of the Mechanics Bank, 134 Walnut 
Smith Joseph, chemist, near Sch. Sixth and High 
Smith J. Alien, esq. gentleman, 291 Spruce 
Smith Margaret, widow of George, 192 north Third 
Smith Philip, innkeeper, 31 Prune 
Smith Robert, saddler, 33 north Fourth 
Smith Robert, jeweller, 45 south Second 
Smith Robert H. city clerk, 214 south Fourth 
Smith Capt. 163 south Fifth 

Smith Seth. teach. rth alley 

Smith Stephen W. storekeeper, 154 south Secoad 
Smith Sc Stewardson, 33 S. Wharves 
Smith Theobald, blacksmith, 115 and 117 Pine 
Smith Thomas, clerk. Chesnut street 
Smith Thomas, morocco dresser, Pine near Sixth 
Smith Thomas, gardener, 218 south Seventh 
Smith William, distiller, 205 Cedar 
Smith William, attorney at law, 81 Walnut * 

Smith William, innkeeper, 340 north Third 
Smith William W. merchant, 8 north Eleventh 
Sneed Samuel, druggist, d. h. 27 Key's alley 
Snowden Isaac, gentleman, 195 Walnut 
Snowden Leonard, gentleman, 233 north Third 
Snowden Miles, china merchant, 55 N. Front — d. h. 24 Wood 
Snyder Jacob, tailor, 154 Arch 
Snyder John, brickmaker, Thirteenth near Walnut 
Snyder Peter, tailor, 176£,ombard 
Solliday John, butcher, Sch. Second near High 

* Philadelphia Directory. STE 

Songster John, paver, Prosperous alley 

Sorbe Peter O. merchant, 52 Chesnut— d. h. 56 south Fifth 

Souder Charles, justice of the peace, 210 north Sixth 

Souder Thomas, agent for Inland Transportation, d. h. N.E. 
cor. Pine and Fourth 

Souder Thomas R. druggist, N.E. cor. Pine and Fourth 

Soullier Bernard, 132 Pine 

Southwell ilichard, brazier, 17 Pear 

Sowerby Mrs. shopkeeper, 90 north Fourth 

Sowerman Yerkes, printer, 18 Franklin court 

Sowers John, 188 High 

Spackman George, watchmaker, 3^ north Third 

Sparks Sarah, 161 south Second 

Speakman John, commission merchant, Crown street 

Speck C. A. cor. Crown and Vine 

Speer William, innkeeper, 2 North alley 

Spencer Asa, engraver, 31 north Sixth 

Spering Charles, cordwainer, 98 Race 

Spragg Richard, jun. commission merchant, &c. 36 Dock 

Springer Benjamin H. clerk, 19 Branch 

Springer Francis, 74 Union 

Springer Margaret, nurse, 1 Gray's alley 

Stalder John, carpet weaver, Quince below Walnut 

StanclifTe John, cordwainer, Sixth 2 doors above Christian 

Stansbury Dixon M. merchant, 1 Prune 

Stanton Richard, dealer, 188 north Third 

Stark Robert, tailor, 45 Spruce 

Starr Henry, brand, stamp and letter cutter, 6 Randall's cou??; 

Starr Joseph, merchant, 69 Spruce 

Starr Samuel, merchant, Arch near Front 

Stavely & Bringhurst, stationers, 70 south Third 

Stavely William, printer, 70 south Third 

Steel John, accountant, 71 south Sixth 

Steel John J. weigh master, 71 south Sixth 

Steel John, merchant, 19 south Second 

Steel & M'Alpin, merchants, 34 north Front 

Steer Daniel, musician, Franklin court 

Steer Edward, farrier, 41 Prune 

Stein Robert, merchant, Sch. Fifth and High 

Steinhauer D. seminary, 239 Spruce , 

Steinmetz Daniel, clerk at the Commercial Bank, Chesnut 
near Sch. Seventh 

Steinmetz Elizabeth, 136 High 

Stephens Robert, secretary to the North American Insu- 
rance Company, 5 south Fourth 

Stevens Samuel, plasterer, 2 Bonsall 

Stevens William, carpenter, 266 Lombard 

Stevenson John H. merchant, d. h. 115 south Fourth 

Stevenson John H. & Co. merchants, 35 north Water 

Stevenson John, coachmaker, Prosperous ailey 

Stevenson Robert, clerk, 64 High 

Stewart Alexander, grocer and carter, 164 south Eleventh 


SWA Philadelphia Directory. 

Stewart George &. Co. watchmakers, 473 High 

Stewart James, cordwainer, 36 south Second 

Stewart James, merchant, 192 High 

Stewart James, merchant, 146 south Fourth 

Stewart James, commission merchant, 48 south Front 

Stewart John, storekeeper, 155 Cedar 

Stewart Thomas, U. S. appraiser, 141 south Tenth 

Stewart William, innkeeper, 102 Cherry, cor. Bryan's court 

Stein John, watchman, Sch. Fifth and South 

Stille John & Co. merchants, S3 south "Water 

Stiner George, baker, 124 south Second 

Stocker John C. merchant, 10 Prune 

Stockle)', Birch & Stockton, merchant tailors, 251 High 

Stockton Charles, tailor, 251 High 

Stokes Charles M. merchant, 16 High 

Stokes Charles, shopkeeper, 54 south Second 

Stokes Edward, saddler, 106 High 

Stokes Thomas, carpenter, south Tenth near High 

Stolz Michael, cordwainer, 447 north Third 

Stone Asaph, merchant, d. h. Thirteenth near Chesnut 

Stone Dexter, merchant, 9 south Ninth 

Stone Samuel, merchant, S. Tenth bet. Walnut and Locu? 

Stork A. grocer, d. h. 90 north Front 

Stork Hart, grocer, 90 south Front 

Stout Charles, drygood store, 159 north Second 

Stout William, tailor, Loxley's court 

Strahan Joseph, carpenter, 284 Lombard 

Strahan Paul, cooper, Eighth near Lombard 

Stratton John, 174 Lombard 

Stratton William, clerk, 7 High 

Streeper & Wilt, grocers, 338 north Third 

Strickland John, carpenter, 174 south Fifth 

Stroup George, tailor, 127 north Front 

Stroup John, gentleman, Franklin court 

Stubbs William, blacking maker, N.W. cor. Walnut and 9th 

Stuckart George T. drygood storekeeper, 64 north Fourth 

Stuckert John, hatter, 45 south Third 

Sturgis Mary, shopkeeper, N.E. Sixth and Powell 

Sturgis Stephen, storekeeper, 138 south Fifth 

Stusard Mint, saddler, Lsetitia court 

Suflfitt Claudius, shoemaker, cor. Sch. Fifth and High 

Sulger Christian, baker, 194 north Third 

Sullivan Dennis, hostler at Whitehorse, Bank street 

Sullivan Florence, teacher, 5 Marshall's court 

Sully Thomas, artist, N.W. cor. Minor and Fifth 

Summers Philip, at the Mint 

Summerset Samuel, cabinetmaker, south Front 

Sutherland Joel B. attorney at law, 66 George (S.) 

Sutter Charles S. tobacconist, 222 north Third 

Sutter Samuel, boarding house, 286 north Third 

Sutton Mary Ann, 9 Willing's alley 

Swain Jonathan, shoemaker, 110 south Second 

Philadelphia Directory. THO 

Swift John, attorney at law, office south Sixth, d. h. south 
Tenth, between Walnut and Locust 

Swift Joseph, merchant, 69 Spruce 

Swift Robert E. attorney at law, south Tenth between Wal- 
nut and Locust 

Sword James, merchant, 70 south Fourth 

Sykea William, 49 south Water 

Symington Alexander, merchant, 39 Sansom 

See letter S second alphabet, 

I AGG George, merchant, 9 south Second 
faggert William, innkeeper, 2 south Seventh 
Tarns Sampson, china merchant, d. h. 110 Arch 
Tappan W. B. teacher, 6 Sansom 
Tan-is Mrs. 35 Dock 

Taws John, musical instrument maker, 74 Union 
Taws Joseph C. professorjof music, 7 Powell 
Taylor Jeremiah, saddler, 8 south Broad 
Taylor John M. gentleman, 5 south Twelfth 
Taylor John, distiller, 122 south Front 
Taylor Margaret, 37 Sansom 
Taylor Ryan, 10 Dock 
Taylor Washington, 114 south Eighth 
Taylor William, clerk, Thirteenth near Clover 
Taylor William, tinplate worker, 135 north Second 
Teany John, tailor, 77 south Water 
Tees George, saddler, 8 south Broad 
Telleire Francis, skin and wool dresser, 15 Lombard 
Tempest Robert, jeweller, 22 Lombard 
Temple Solomon, druggist, 107 High 
Terredell Anthony, carpenter, 176 Locust 
Thackara James, engraver, Academy of Fine Arts, Chesnut 
Thackara J. A., M. D. 143 Spruce 
Thatcher Lewis R. merchant, 33 north Water, — d. h. 72 

south Fifth 
Thatcher, Pray & Co. merchants, 33 north Water 
Thibault Frederick, S.E. cor. Spruce and Green's court 
Thomas Asa, shoe store, 123 north Second 
Thomas Enoch, cabinetmaker, 20 Dock 
Thomas John, shoemaker, 44 south Third 
Thomas- John S. clerk, S.W, cor. Fourth and Arch 
Thomas Jonathan, commission merchant, 431 Chesnut 
Thomas Joseph, merchant, north Fifth 
Thomas Joseph M. teacher of the French language, 20 

Thomas Lewis, innkeeper, Blackhorse alley 
Thomas M. & S. auctioneers, 87 Chesnut 
Thomas Robert, coachmaker, 4 Elizabeth 
Thomas Samuel H. bookseller, 108 Chesnut 
Thomas, Sheriff & Co. coachmakers, 197 south Fifth 

TRU Philadelphia Directory. 

Thommason A. G. lock and whitesmith, killing's alley 

Thommason, tinplate worker, 12 south Second 

Thompson Anthony, grocer, 26 Gillies's alley 

Thompson Charles W. teacher, Thompson's court 

Thompson David, soapboiler, Eleventh near Pine 

Thompson David, ship watchman, 91 Water 

Thompson George, mariner, 8 Pear 

Thompson George, gentleman, 189 Chesnut 

Thompson Jesse, M. D. Thompson's court 

Thompson J. G. professor at the University, High 

Thompson Mrs. 8 Fear 

Thompson Newcomb, clerk, Arch Street ferry 

Thompson Robert, merchant, 11 north Water, — d. h. 18S 

Thompson Robert, grocer, 162 south Sixth 

Thompson Samuel, tailor, 35 south Third 

Thompson Samuel, merchant, 26 north Front 

Thompson Shubert, 119 south Fifth 

Thorn Enoch, carpenter, S.E. cor. Pine and Perry 

Thursby Edward, gentleman, 1 Prune 

Tieise John, sea captain, 34 Union 

Tierney John, hatter, 81 south Water 

Tillingnast Nicholas, accountant, office 150 south Sixth- 
agent and commission merchant 

Timmons Bernard, tailor, 94 south Front 

Timmons Charles, tailor, 94 south Front 

Timmons Francis, tailor, 94 south Front 

Tingely Benjamin, merchant, 48 High 

Todd Thomas, grocer, Blackberry alley 

Todd & De la Roche, grocers, 389 High 

Togno John, broker, 23 south Fourth 

Tomlinson Jesse, 288 High 

Tomlinson John, western stage office, 284 High 

Tonkins & Clement, flour store, 59 north Water 

Tourpman George, stocking weaver, 16 Walnut 

Torr Jaboel, tailor, 48 Filbert 

Torrance John, carpenter, 75 south Water 

Torset, widow, 8 south Tenth 

Tower Alexander, 255 Market 

Tracy Patrick, cabinetmaker, 71 Walnut 

Traymer Conrad, baker, 3 Lsetitia court 

Trees & Cooper, carpenters, 185 south Fifth 

Trimble Cornelius, tailor, 14 Strawberry 

Trindel James, teacher, 23 south Seventh 

Tripler Jacob, grocer, d. h. 292 north Third 

Tri stout Saturn, merchant, Chesnut above Tenth 

Troth Samuel, druggist, 222 High 
Trotter Mary, widow, 221 north Fourth 

Trout John, collector of taxes, 67 New 

Trucket M. gentleman, 1 Marshall's alley 

Truman Evan, cabinetmaker. 115 north Fifth 

Philadelphia Directory. WAL 

tucker William E. engraver, 34 south Third 

Tunisan Stephen, shopkeeper, 188 Lombard 

Turley, widow, shopkeeper, 47 Race 

Turner Learning-, merchant, 8 north Front 

Turner Mrs. 101 south Third 

Turner "William, 65 Walnut 

Tyson Job R. teacher of Friends' school, 6 south Twelfth, 

near High 
Tyson Joseph, accountant and collector, 6 south Twelfth, 

near High 

See letter T second alphabet 

Ummerlee George, baker, Blackhorse alley 
Union Insurance Company ■, 54 Walnut 
United States Insurance Company, 49 Walnut 

See letter U second alphabet. 

VAIL & MARTIN, 162 High 

Vallette Thomas, clerk in Custom House, 22 Race 

Vanblunk Charles, 15 Parham's alley 

Vanblunk Peter C. carpenter, 22 Parham's alley 

Van Gelder Garrett, 57 Union 

Van Gelder George H. accountant, 57$ Union 

Van Griffith William, cabinetmaker, 111 south Fron 

Vanhorn Robert, upholsterer, 104 north Front 

Van Lamheter Frederick, merchant, 5 south Fourth 

Vanmetre Henry, blacksmith, M'Culloch's court 

Vannini Joseph, inventor new series lotteries, north Eighth 

Vanosten William, carpenter, 2 north Eighth 

Van Pelt Alexander, dentist, 184 north Fourth 

Varnum Hugh, stage driver, Franklin court 

Vevon Charles, gilder, 127 south Fourth 

Vickers James, bricklayer, High above Sixth from Sch. 

Vickers, widow of Thomas, bricklayer, High ab. Sixth from 

Virchaux Henry T. accountant, 55 Spruce 

[See letter V second alphabet. 

WADE Patrick, currier, 197 south Seventh 
Wagner Jacob, attorney at law, 32 Bread 
Wagner Samuel, merchant, 15 north Eighth 
Wagner Willia7n, merchant, d. h. 74 south Fifth 
Wainwright William, grocer, N.E. cor. Second and Arc h. 
Waithvvas Constant, sea captain, 111 south Front 
Walker John F. clerk, 161 south Second 
Walker Mary, circulating library, 296 south Front 

e 2 

W EA Philadelphia Directory. 

Walker Robert, grocer, 100 Filbert 

Walker Thomas, merchant, 1 Prune 

Walker Thomas E. & Co. merchants, 14 north Fourth 

Walker William, currier, 9 Pear 

Wall George, chairmaker, 10 Powell 

Wall George, tailor, 6 Swanson — d. h. 61 Penn 

Wall John, chairmaker, north Front near Race 

Wall & Snyder, chairmakers, cor. Drinker's ay. andN. Front 

Wallington Captain Edward, merchant, 230 south Second 

Wellington Mrs. boarding house, 55 south Fifth 

Wain Jacob, attorney at law, 193 Pine 

Walter Adam, bottler, 123 Arch 

Walter Edwin, secretary of Lehigh Coal and Navigation 

Company, 176 north Fifth 
Walter Frederick, tir.plate worker, back 40 Cherry 
Walter Thomas, teacher, 176 north Fifth 
"Ward Charles, jeweller, 13 Franklin court 
Ward Reuben, pewterer, 11 Franklin court 
WardeH Thomas, bookseller, 230 Arch 
Warner Joseph, gentleman, 223 north Fourth 
Warner Philip, cordwainer, 41 Zane 
Warner Stephen, painter, 34 south Fourth 
Warner William, cordwainer, 41 Zane 

Warr John, engraver, 7 Wood W. of Fourth, &. 110 Walnut 
Warrance Edward, coachmaker, back 174 Pine 
Warren William, manager of New Theatre, 211 Spruce 
Waters John, watchman, 88 north Front 
Waters Thomas, teacher, 23 Powell 
Waterman Chance, sea captain, 146 south Front 

Watkinson Richard, tailor, 19 south Fourth 

Watkinson William, tailor, 19 south Fourth 
Watman Barbara, shopkeeper, 441 north Third 

Watmough E. C. attorney at law, 159 Walnut 

Watson James, watchmaker, 41 Race 

Watson John W. merchant 111 south Ninth 

Watson Dr. 370 High 

Watson Henry R. 92 Chesnut 

W T atson Mrs. E. biscuit baker, 84 north Front 

Watson Mrs. 1 Bell's court 

Watson Simon, blacksmith, Bank street 

Watson Thomas, teacher, 222 south Fourth 

Watson Thomas, biscuit baker, 84 north Front 

Way Margaret, shopkeeper, 4 south Second 

Wayne Benjamin, carpenter, 207 south Seventh 

Wayne Caleb P. merchant, S.W. cor. Fourth and Market — 
d". h. 38£ north Fourth 

Wavne Charles, clerk, 110 Arch 

Weatherby J. D., N.E. cor. W T ater 8c Walnut— d. h. 24 Race 

Weatherby Mrs. 24 Race 

Weaver John, land agent, 149 Walnut 

Weaver John, cordwainer, Locust near Dean 

Weaver Joseph, dry good merchant, 180 north Second 

Philadelphia Directory. WIG 

Weber G. importer of dry goods, 162^ south Second 

Wedge Sarah, shopkeeper, '220 south Seventh 

Weed Mrs. layer out of the dead, 8 south Fifth 

Weeks Benjamin, 134 High 

Weeks Joseph, ladies shoemaker, 162 Lombard 

Welch Hezekiah, printer, Chester street 

Wells Benjamin, grocer, 264 Arch 

Wells R. W. 119 south Ninth 

Welsh George, shoemaker, South alley 

Wcrtzlcr John, blockmaker, 94 north Water 

West Richard, painter, 69 Gaskill 

West Robert, cabinet and sofa maker, 129 Walnut — d. h. 2d 

Little George 
West James, clerk, 49 Spruce 
Wetherill John P. druggist, d. h. 210 Arch 
Wevill, widow, upholsterer, N.W. cor. Chesnut and Fifth 
Wharton Charles, jun. merchant, 237 south Front 
Wharton Henry, printer, 36 Dock 

Wharton John, broker, Chesnut between Twelfth and 13th 
Wharton Margaret, gentlewoman, 242 Walnut 
Wharton Thomas C. office, 13 Walnut 
Wharton Thomas I. attorney at law, 56 south Sixth 
Wheelan Charles, 100 south Water 
Wheelan William E. merchant, 205 High 
Wheeler Charles, attorney at law, 46 Walnut 
Whistler David, tailor, 210 High— d. h. Crown street 
White Britton, jun. broker, 70 south Sixth 
White Charles II. cabinetmaker, 109 Walnut 
White David, carpenter, Prosperous alley 
White Henry, preacher, 40 north Fourth 
White James, cabinetmaker, 124 south Front 
White John, M.D. 82 north Front 
White John, grocer, 115 south Third 

White John, merchant, 17 south Water — d. h. 115 S. Third 
White John, merchant, 17 south Water 
White Joseph, 146 south Second 
White Margaret, drygood store, 81 south Second 
White Nathan, tailor, north Thirteenth near High 
White Thomas H. merchant, 89 Walnut 
White William, merchant, 111 south Fourth 
White William, Harmony court 
White William, tallow chandler, 236 north Third 
Whitecar Thomas, chairmaker, 106 Lombard 
Whiteman William E. 61 south Third 
Whitman Nathan, grocer, 107 north Second 
Whitney Reuben, merchant, 93 south Fourth 
Whitney William, merchant, 33 south Fifth 
Whittle Samuel, merchant, 15 south Second 
Wickersham Thomas, broker, 161 Pine 
Widdowes Peter, teacher, 4 Strawberry 
Wiekle & Berger, drygood store, 214 north Second 
Wigfall Samuel, 81 Union 

WIR Philadelphia Directory. 

Wigmore Joseph A. 72 Walnut 

Wig-more Joseph, 72 Walnut 

Wilcox Edmund, shoemaker, back 22 south Fourth 

Wilcox Edmund, merchant, d. h. 134 Arch 

Wile John, cordwainer, 140 Lombard 

Wiley Alexander, d. h. 117 New 

Wiley & Davis, tailors, 108 Chesnut 

Wiley Joseph, clerk, Arch Street Ferry 

Wiley Robert, clerk, 69 Walnut 

Willard Benjamin, carpenter, cor. Weaver's ay. and 12th 

Willard George, ciyer of* court, cor. Weaver's ay. and 12th 

Willard Parr, shoemaker, 15 Strawberry 

Williams Abraham, bricklayer, 17*2 south Ninth 

Williams Charles, 172 south Ninth 

Williams D. F. shopkeeper, 22 north Eighth 

Williams Daniel, fruiterer, Lxtitia court 

Williams Edward, bricklayer, 172 south Ninth 

Williams Henry J. attorney at law, 100 south Fourth 

Williams John, grocer, 12 Strawberry 

Williams Sarah, tailoress, 172 south Fifth 

Williams Sarah, 219 Walnut 

Williams Thomas, grocer, 56 South 

Williams William J. gentleman, 102 south Fifth 

Williams William, grocer, 220 south Third 

Williamson Joseph F. lumber merchant, N.W. cor. Dean 

and Spruce 
Williamson Michael, hay presser, 4 Powell 
Williamson Mrs. 93 north Water 
W'illig George, jun. music store, 171 Chesnut 
Willing Thomas M. merchant, 98 south Fourth 
Willis Henry, merchant, 101 south Third 
Willis John," muffin baker, 7 Gaskill 
Willis John, 14 Filbert 
Wihnarth P. C. hatter, 254 High 
Wilmer James, merchant, d. h. 417 High 
Wilson David E. merchant, 205 High 
Wilson George, bootmaker, 100 south Second 
Wilson James P., D.D. 24 Sansom 
Wilsan James, 74 Chesnut 
Wilson John, deputy marshal, 44 Carpenter 
W r ilson Mark, merchant, 32 Chesnut— d. h. 90 S. Eighth 
Wilson M. innkeeper, Sorrelhorse — Swift sure, Frankford. 

and Holmesburg stage office, 39 north Second 
Wilson Thomas, principal cashier at U. S. Bank, Ninth near 

Wilson Thomas, 13 south Ninth 
Wilson William, 96 south Fourth 
Windell John, gilder, south Fifth 
Winnemore Thomas, hatter, 212 south Second 
Winter James, scourer and bandbox maker, 37 Arch 
Wirtz Wynkoop, teacher, 202 Arch 
Wirtz Mrs. M. boarding house, 202 Arch 

Philadelphia Directory. WUR 

Wister John, clerk, 115 south Fourth 

Wister Joseph, 337 High 

Wister Richard, merchant, 110 Chesnut, and N.W. cor. of 

High and Third 
Wister Sarah, 110 Chesnut 
Withington Samuel, jeweller, 119 Chesnut 
Witmer Henry, innkeeper, 89 south Water 
Witmer Henry, innkeeper, 30 north Fifth 
Wirner John, innkeeper, 20 Bread 
Wittendale Robert, cordwainer, 224 south Second 
Wittlesy Mary Ann, widow, 352 north Third 
Wolf Jacob, baker, 140 north Front 
Wolf Thomas, tailor, 145 south Front 
Wood Allen, grocer, 135 Race 
Wood Elijah, blacksmith, 35 Zane 
Wood George C. framemaker, between Sch. Fifth and 

Sixth, south of High 
Wood G. B. doctor, 122 Arch 
Wood Isaac, shopkeeper, 84 south Third 
Wood James B. wheelwright, 44 Spruce 
Wood Joseph, paperhanger, Prospect alley 
Wood & Passmore, auctioneers, 32 south Front- and 39 

south Third 
Wood Samuel, tanner, 108 Walnut 
Wood Thomas, morocco dresser, 108 Walnut 
Wood William, morocco dresser, 108 Walnut 
Wood William, blacksmith, 44 Spruce 
Woodhouse Samuel, captain U. S. navy, 26 Sansom 
Wooden John, sea captain, 197 south Fourth 
Woodman Rebecca, nurse, 198 Lombard 
Woodworth Martin, merchant, 266 north Third 
Woodward Janvier J. bookseller, 35 Dock 
Woodward William W. bookseller, 35 Dock and 52 S. 2d 
Woolston Benjamin, gentleman, south Sixth 
Worley & Welsh, merchants, 131 High 
Worn & Shourds, cabinetmakers, 168 north Third 
Worrell John, teacher, Chesnut street 
Wray Mary, shopkeeper, 43 south Second 
Wright & Coston, tobacconists, 41 south Third 
Wright Edmond, umbrella maker, 56 High 
Wright Edward, umbrella maker, 56 High 
Wright Elihu, carpenter, 264 Lombard 
Wright John, umbrella maker, 56 High 
Wright Joseph, umbrella maker, 56 High 
Wright Samuel, umbrella maker, 56 High 
Wright Thomas A. drygood store, 16 south Second 
Wright Thomas, merchant, 230 Pine 
Wright Thomas, merchant, 30 Union 
Wright William, clerk, 24 Pear 
Wucherer John, clerk, 146 south Second 
Wurts Charles, merchant, 6 north Fourth 

[See letter W second alphabet. 

/EN Philadelphia Directory. 

YARD James, merchant, d. h. 242 Walnut 

yardley Thomas, M.U. 219$ north Fourth 

Yardley William, merchant, 216 north Fourth 

Yarnall Charles, 357 High 

Yarnall Edward, 357 High 

Yarnall John, merchant, 4 Bank 

Yeager Joseph, engraver, Chester street 

Verger John, cordwainer, 354 north Third 

Young James, dyer, 13 Lombard 

Young & Delleker, engravers, 40 Chesnut 

Young Mary Mrs. 239 Lombard 

Young Mrs. widow, grocer, 224 south Sixth 

Young Robert, drover, 33 south Juniper 

Young Robert, drover and dealer, south Juniper 

Youst John, dealer, Franklin court 

[See letter Y second alphabet. 

ZEBLEY Lewis, copperplate printer, 14 Union 
Zeilin Jacob, tavernkeeper, 38 south Sixth 
Zeller Frederick, clerk, Franklin court 
Zentler Conrad, printer, 6 Lodge alley 
Zentler & Rosengarten, manufacturing chemists, opposite 
No. 65 Pitt street, running west from St. John st. N.L. 

[See letter Z second alphabet. 

Should the reader not find the name he seeks in the first 
alphabetical Lst, he is requested . "> the second series, 

immediately follow 


In Second below Dock, corner of Ehnslie'a alley. 

Gen. John Steele, Collector — Andrew Epplee, Deputy Col 
lector — Samuel Clark, jYaval Officer — John D. George, De- 
puty J\*aval Officer — James Glentworth, Surveyor — James 
Glentworth, jr. Deputy Surveyor — John Steele, jr. Weigher 
— Robert Jackson, Marker of Teas, &c. — Robert Milnor, 
Gauger — Thomas Stewart, Samuel Ross, Appraisers — An- 
drew Geyer, Inspector and Keeper of the Stores — Joseph Ab- 
bott, Matthias S. Steel, James S. Huber, and John Scott. 


Desk, No. 1. — Entrance and Clearance of Vessels from 
and to foreign ports, and for preparing 
ship's papers. 

No. 2. — Cashier, and for the Entrance and Clear- 
ance of Vessels coastwise. 

No. 3. — Examination of Inward Entries, calculating 
of Duties and Drawbacks, and issuing of 
Certificates for goods shipped coastwise en- 
titled to Drawback. 

No. 4. — Record of Imports. 

No. 5. — Bonds for Duties taken and Permits is- 
sued for landing goods. 
No. 6. — For paying Debentures. 

No. 7. — Export Bonds taken and cancelled, export 
Permits, and Permits for landing goods, re- 
ceived coastwise, issued. 

No. 8. — Record of Exports. 

No. 9. — Cash book keeper. 

No. 10. — Protections issued — and admission for sick 
seamen into the Hospital. 


Upper District. — From the North side of Market to Ken- 
sington — Peter Ozeas, Thomas Cash, Charles Anderson, 
John P. Schott, Gilbert Gaw, John Reed, Chambers Gaw. 

Middle District. — From Market to Spruce — Benjamin 
Ashmead, Henry Hr.ber, Jacob Zebley, John Davies, John 
AV. Durant, Joseph R. Dicksom 

Lo-wer District. — From Spruce to the mouth of Schuylkill 
— Andrew Jackson, Robert Hopkins, William Dalzell, Job 
"Whipple, J. Brown, Hunlock Huddy, Joseph Robinson. 

At the Lazaretto — David Rose. 

At Marcus Hook — Frederick Shull. 

Benjamin Thomas, Inspector, and captain of the Port Re- 
venue Barge. 

Consuls from Denmark, resident in the U. States. 

P. Pedersen, Minister Resident and Consul-General from 

Denmark to the United States. 
L. Brandis, attached to the Legation. 
I. Bohlen, Vice Consul, Philadelphia. 
G. Hammeken, Consul, New Yol'k. 
H. G. Jacobsen, Vice Consul, Baltimore. 
T. Swift, Vice Consul, Alexandria. 
M. Myers, Vice Consul, Norfolk. 

Vacant, Wilmington, N. C. 

J. H. Ladson, Vice Consul, Charleston, S.C. 
N. M. Petersen, Vice Consul, Savannah. 
Eben Fiske, Vice Consul, New Orleans. 

Protestant Episcopal Sunday and Mult School So- 
ciety of Philadelphia, 

Meet quarterly at St. James' Church, viz. on the fourth 
Tuesday in February, May, August and November ; Anni- 
versary on the Festival of Holy Innocents, December 28. 

Patron, Right Rev. Bishop White ; President, Hon. Wil- 
liam Tilghman ; Treasurer, William J. Baker ; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Rev. G. T. Bedell ; Recording Secfctary, Wil- 
liam Robinson. 

The Society have appointed James Crissy, No. 177 Ches- 
nut Street, agent, where schools attached to the Protestant 
Episcopal Church can be supplied with the publications of 
the Society at a very low rate. 

American Beneficial Society. 

Instituted October 6th, 1819— Incorporated Dec. 21st, 
1819. — Hold their stated meetings at the New Market Hall, 
the first Tuesday in every month. 

President, Jacob Snider ; Vice President, Robert Ralston ; 
Treasurer, Thomas Taylor ; Secretary, James Gihon ; Mes- 
s enger, Henry Habick. 

Forensic and Literary Circle. 

Instituted February 17th 1823. — Its object the dissemi- 
nation of Literature. — Meets every Friday evening at the 
hall of the Harmony engine, in Fifth opposite Minor street. 
— Semi-annual elections for officers in January and July. — 
President, Morgan J. Rheese; Secretary, William Lloyd 
Maddock; Recording Secretary, Charles Moulia; Trea- 
surer, Alexander J. Etris ; Librarian, John Ashton Jr. 


ymmAm m^wmtA wewim 




Containing the Heads of Families and Persons in 
Business, alphabetically arranged, 

(Cj* See " DirectiMfafr the Reader," 

~ \BADIE and Son, French^eachers, 47 South Eighth sir 
.Abbett Henry, nail and steiiM*8tore, 111 North Second 
Ybbott David, bookseller, 19 Cresson's alley 
Abbott E. captain, 21.4 North Front 
Abbott Edward, sea captain, 29 S. Third 
Abbott George, hair dresser, 9 Chesnut 
Abbott James, bvevver, corner Pear and Dock 
Abbott John, cooper, 28 Catharine 
Abbott John, nailer, 71 Budd street 
Abbott John, dry goods store, 21 N. Sixth 
Abbott Joseph, salt and coal measurer, 155 St. John 
-Abbott Robert, gentleman, Walnut 2d house above Twelfth 
Abbott Timothy, currier, 97 Chesnut — d. h. 74 S. Third 
Abbott Timothy & Co. curriers, 97 Chesnut 
Abbott widow, 112 Wood street 

Abbott William, brewer, cor. Peav and Dock — d. h. 71 Spruce 
Abbott William, morrocco manufactory 372 Market, dwelling 

Twelfth above High 
Abadie and Son, seminary, 47 S. Eighth street 
Abel Abraham, brickmaker, between Fourth and Charlotte 
Abel Anthony, shoemaker, 82 Budd 
Abel George, shoemaker, 80 North Ninth 
Abel George, shoe store, 240 Market — d. h. 83 North Ninth 
Abel John, sexton St. John's church, 323 near Third, back of 

commissioners' hall 
Abel John, shoemaker, Beach near Shakamaxon (K.) 
Abel Joseph, cordwainer, Samson alley 
Abel Joseph, cordwainer, Poplar lane below Third 
Abel Peter, stable keeper, near 45 Cherry — d. h. 21 Apj) le 

tree alley 
Abel Peter, stable keeper, 122 Budd 
Abel Peter, cordwainer, 476 North Second 
Abel Peter, victualler, Flower's alley 
Abewombie Christiana, 146 Locust 

2 Philadelphia Index. 

Abercrombie James, D. D. senior assistant minister of Christ 

church, St. Peter's and St. James', 111 Spruce 
Abercrombie John D jeweller 3l£ Powell 
Abraham Isaac, victualler, Second near Otter street 
Abraham Joseph, brickmaker, Fourth near Poplar lane 
Abrams Henry, tailor, 7 Franklin court 
Abrams Thomas, merchant, 1.3 S. wharves — d. h. 140 Pine 
Abrams William, printer, Middle alley near Seventh 
Achilles George, cabinetmaker, 7 Shield's court 
Ackley Amasa, widow, 33 Old York road 
Ackley John B. paint and hardware store, 168 X. Second 
Ackley Jacob, cedar cooper, 33 Crown street 
Ackley Sarah, widow, 33 Crown 

Adams A. & Co. card factorv, 2 South Third, vp stair, 
S. E. corner of Filbert and SchuyJoi Eighth 

Adams Alexander, 9torekejMMr, 154- N. WM 

Adams Alexander, grocerljI^W. cor. Sch^Eigbth and High. 

Adams and Allen, grocers, 56 jjgfeh Second 

Adams and Jewell, dry good stSfe^ 68 Marketed, b. 10 South 

Adams and Simmons, board-yard, 217 N. "Water 
Adams and Burtans, bookbindery, 32 Church alley 
Adams Ann, widow, Button wood near Sixth 
Adams C. milliner, 66 Mulberry 
Aecl/ternacht F. A. tailor, 114 Sassafras 
Adams Daniel, stage driver, 1 Cresson's alley 
Adams Elizabeth, widow, 179 North Front 
Adams Elizabeth, widow of Wm., Filbert near Sch. Eigr 
Adams George, ladies' shoemaker, George near Shippen 
Adams James, grocer, 49 Chesnut 
Adams John, oak cooper, 4 Little Water 
-"fAdams Jonathan, turner, 5 Kean's court 
Adams Joseph, shoemaker, 183 North Eighth 
Adams Robert, grocer, N. W. cor. of High and Sch. Eighth 
Adams Robert, carpenter, 9 Pine street 
Adams Robert, merchant, d. h. 182 Chestnut, counting house 

79 South Wharves 
Adams S. W. crier of the court of common pleas and agent, 

21 Franklin court 
Adams Thomas, shoemaker, back of 486 North Third 
Adams William, shipcarpenter, Liberty alley 
Adams William, grocer, .56 S. Second 
Adams William, schoolmaster, 362 North Front 
Adams Zephaniuh, wharf builder, Beach above Maiden (K.) 

is William, bchoolmaster, 362 N. Front 
Adair William, cordwainer, 76 German 
Adcock Elizabeth, widow, Coatea' above Seventh 
Adcock William, accountant, Coate's near Eighth 
Adgate Daniel, grocer, 21 South Third & 65 South Seventh 
Adkinso:i Jane, widow, 26 Little Water 
Adolph George, house carpenter, 365 north Third 
Adolph Johr., carpenter, 172 St. Jghn 

Philadelfihia Index, 3 

Affiiek Mary, milliner, 49 North Second 
Agan John, paver, Eckieldt's court 
Ageus Tsaac, currier, Cobb's court (N\ L.) 
Agnew Andrew, dry good store, 6 South Second 
Agnew John, fire engine maker, Zane near Seventh 
Agnew Margaret, widow, 1 Duke street (N. L.) 
Agnew Samuel, dry good merchant, 28 North Second 
Agnew William, dry good store, 70 North Second 
Aiken Robert, tailor, N. E. corner of Cedar and Front 
Aitken John, printer, 89 New street 
Aitken Robert, trunkmaker, 60 Coates' 
Aitken William, trunkmaker, 66 Coates' 
-^Aitkin William, M. I), surgeon, 415 Arch 
Akin James, rural lodge, opposite new penitentiary 
Akins William, drayman, 66 Coates' 
Akins William, labourer, Maginnes' court 
Alben Samuel, oysterman, Whitehall street 
Albert Eve, widow, 71 Green 
f Albert Joseph^, bleeder 23 Bedford 
Alberti George P., M. D. 164 North Fifth 
Alberson Gilbert, 103 Swanson 
Albertson Hannah, nurse, 30 John 
Albertson Isaac, blacksmith, 164 Vine 
Albertson James, saddler, 9 Fayette 
Albertson Joseph, shoemaker, Queen near Marlborough 
Albison Timothy, shipcarpenter Marlborough n. Bedford (K.) 
Albrecht Charles, musical instrumentmaker, 95 Vine 
Albright Frederick, cedar cooper, 81 Browne 
- Albright Jacob, watchman 80 German 
Albright Frederick, 14 North Fifth 
Albright John, labourer Petticoat alley 
Albright Christian, instrumentmaker 106 St. John 
Albrig*ht Conrad, 11 Elfreth's alley 

Albright J. W. paymaster United States, 147 North Ninth 
Albright John, watchman at Girard's bank 
Alburger Abraham, victualler 259 Callowhill and 79 Second 

street market 
Alburger Elizabeth, ornamental needleworker 112 N. Eighth 
Alburger John, victualler 261 Cahowhill, stall 25 High 
Alburger Philip, victualler James, stall 64 Second st. market 
Alburger William M., plumber 6 Walnut, dwelling- house 100 

Wood above Seventh 
Alcock William, callico stampmaker back 97 N. Eleventh 
Alcorn and Brown, boot tree and lastmakers, leather cutters, 

finders and dealers in all kinds of morocco and sole leather 

77 Dock 
Alcorn George, (same as Alcorn and Brown) 
Alcorn Henry, last maker and leather dyer 77 Dopk 
Alcott Benjamin, millwright 70 Race 
Aleut Joseph, shoemaker Smith's court, North Front 
Alcutt Jacob, 80 North Water 
Alecker Elizabeth, dealer Queen near Second 

4 Philadelphia Indt 

"Alexander A. painter 154 Pine 

Alexander Margaret, widow, dealer 81 South Fifth 

Alexander Richard, cabinetmaker and sexton of St. i' 
church, 92 South Third 

Alexander Ann, widow back 364 South Second 

Alexander Elizabeth, grocer 27 Green 

Alexander Eleanor, widow 112 South Tenth 

Alexander Eleanor, grocer N. W. cor. of Second and 

Alexander James, shoemaker 147 Walnut 

Alexander John, painter, &c. 15 Frombergc. 

Alexander John, mariner, ICO Swanson 

Alexander George, grocer 52 Swanson 

Alexander Lydia, shoebinder 128 German 

Alexander Mary, widow tailoress 202 Vine 

Alexander 'Mary, widow 15 Fromberger's court 

\lexander Rebecca, cake baker 132 South Ninth 

Alexander Samuel, merchant 195 South Fourth 
Alexander Sophia, widow 146 Twelfth below Walnut 
Alexander William G. grocer X. W. cor. Secon^and Shipper: 
Alexander William, team driver Filbert near Sch. Fourth 
Algeo James, grocer, south-east corner Catharine & 
Algeo John, accountant, back 53 Zane street 
Algeo Thomas, Cedar near Twelfth 
Aiken Martin, merchant 19 Lombard 
Allaneese, boot and shoe cleaner, under the north-west 

ner of Walnut and Second 
Allardice Peter, silk dyer Sec. 181 South Second 

bin George, bookbinder 163 Vine street 
Allchui John, trunkmaker, Xew-market near Callow] 
Allen Ann, widow, Church near Christian 
Allen Ann, widow Fifth below Buttonwood 
Allen Ann, widow, 123 Swanson 
Allen Atlanta, shopkeeper, 10 York c 
Allen Benjamin, 's court 

Allen Benjamin, currier 13 North Fourth 
Allen Rev. Benjamin, rector of St. Paul's church, noj 
corner of Fourth and Pine 

. M. D. practitioner of mic 97 Race 

Allen Charaless, 76 South Eleventh 

Allen Charles, druggist and apothecary 180 South Second 
Allen David, trader 117 Brown street 

Allen David, sexton of Third Presbyterian ch. 34 Christi 
Allen Edward, ladies' - :ust 

Allen Enoch, tuilor sr. corner of Chesnut and V.\. 

•i-lling house 15 Comb> 
Allen George, puinter and glazier, back 147 Ch : 
Allen George, pai.;r r 7 1 North Eighth 
Allen Henry, labourer back 109 Plum 
fAllen Israel. iberry alley- 

Allen Isaac, carpenter 11 York court (X. L.) 
Allen James, teacher back 49 North Eighth 
Allen Jam. rer, Vine near Thi: 

Philadelphia Index. 

Allen Jared, widow 77 Wood 
• Allen John, mariner 124 Catharine 
Allen John, merchant 39 Union 

Allen John, grocer 10 North Fifth, dwelling 8 South alley 
f Allen John, sexton of Ebenezer church, next to the church 
Allen Joseph, druggist 202 South Third' 
Allen Jedediah, gentleman, 23 Mulberry 
Allen Martha, widow 156 South Sixth 
Allen Mary, widow, 460 South Front 

Allen Michael, cordwainer, 68£ S. Third and 20 Carter's alley 
Allen Rebecca, widow 16 Vine 
; Allen Richard, methodist minister 150 Spruce 
Allen Samuel, stable-keeper 44 North Sixth 
Mien Samuel, merchant back 86 N. Front, dwelling 397 Arch 
Allen S. and M. lottery office 18 South Third 
\ilen Sarah, widow, washerwoman 259 Race 
Allen Solomon, broker 18 South Third 
Allen Susan, 180 Lombard 
Allen Thomas, rigger Margaretta near Front 
Allen Thomas, clothes dealer 2 Allen's court 
Allen Thomas, combmaker 19 South Fifth 
Allen Thomas H. collector of taxes, 6 Elizabeth 
Mien Thomas, grocer Vine near Twelfth 
Allen widow, boarding house 66 South Sixth 
Allen William C boarding house 2d door ab. South in Penn 
Allen William, livery stable keeper 31 North alley 
Allen William G. dry good store 109 North Second 
Allen William, grocer 56 South Second, dwelling corner of 

Fifth and South alley 
Allen William, mariner, 71 Plum 
Allen William, merchant 33 South Front 
Allen William, plasterer 98 North Seventh 
Mien Zachariah, porter Bradford's alley 
Allen John, cordwainer back 296 South Fourth 
| Alien John, waiter 60 Spruce 
f Allen John, labourer 22 Surd's alley 
Allen Ann, widow, cake-bake* 91 South Sixth 
Mlibone Sarah, boarding house 139 Walnut 
Aliibone William, currier 163 North Third 
A'.lick Philip, gentleman 86 Tammany 
Alligood Thomas, mariner, 567 South Front 
Allin Mrs. V. boarding house 9 Lombard 
A'lingham William, carpenter Jones' alley near Schuylkill 

Fifth and Filbert 
Mlinson Bermce, widow 218 North Fourth 
Allinson Samuel, merchant S. E. corner Julian and Wood- 
Allison Andrew, cak cooper 24 Filbert 
Allison Amey, storekeeper 396 North Front 
Allison John, carpenter, 12 John 

Allison John, grain measurer South Fifth below Cedar 
Allison Margaret, grocer l£l Spruce 


6 Pi,i'adel/.hia Index. 

Allison Sarah, widow 122 Brown 

Allison Walter, printer 1 Elmslie's alley 

Allman Thomas, bricklayer 108 North Sixth 

Mlmending Jacob, grocer N. E. cor. of Thirteenth :> 

Allmendinger Catharine, baker 130 North Fourth 

Allmendinger George, carter Beach near Maiden 

Alio way Samuel, innkeeper 177 South Front 

-Alsop I. waiter Sink's court 

Alsop Othniel, vinegar merchant 149, dwelling 167 Vine 

Altemus Isaac, sailor 3 Cresson's alley 
Vltemus James, wheelwright N . W. cor. of Brown and Se c 

Altemus John, merchant tailor, 38 Mulberry 

Altemus T. steward of city hospital Sch. Fourth nr. I 

Altimus German, blacksmith Pfeifer's alley 

Altimus Samuel, wheelwright Otter street 

Alsbach George, baker 1 Chancery lane 

Alter and Bispham, grocers 325 High 

Alter Jacob, grocer 272 High, dwelling 23 Filbert 

Amber Levi, shoemaker Hopkins' court (N. L.) 

Ambrose G. scourer 43| Chesnut 

Amer Henry, gardener Callowhill near Schnylkill 1'. 

America Richard, porter German near Fifth 

Ames Josiah, mariner, 65 Mead alley 

Amos Abraham, shoemaker 175 North Fifth 

Amos Abel, grocer near Ninth in Callowhill 

Amos Walter, grocer, 133 Mulberry 

Amos Jacob, carpenter 37 Coates' alley, d. h. 48 Vine 

Amey Samuel, watchman north-west cor. Tammany &. St. Jwln 

AmmidonOtis,rnerchant 10 Minor, dwelling house 190 Sg 

Ancora Peter, drawing master 145 Pine 

Ancrum J. H., gentleman 325 Walnut 

And Michael, labourer 75 Green 

Anderson Ann, boarding house 95 North Ninth 

■{■Anderson Cecelia, whitewash er 2 Pine alley 

Anderson Joseph, tallowchandler Vine alley* North Twe'.fth 

Anderson Frederick, merchant 2 North Fourth 

Anderson Hugh, hatter Cauffman's court 

Anderson Ezekicl, oysterhouse 486 North Second 

Anderson Elizabeth, widow 63 Shippen 

Anderson James, stonecutter, Hodge's wharf 

Antierson Isabella, dry good store 239 South Second 

Anderson Isaac, labourer 61 German 

Anderson John, giocer south ea*t corner of Queen and S 

Anderson James, labourer 3 Madison's court 

Anderson James, stone-cutter back 83 North Water 

Anderson James, printer U North Seventh 

f Anderson Joseph, waiter 39 Gur-rin alley 

A derson M., mantuamaker 182 Pine 

Anderson Nicholas, rigger Budd 

Anderson Philip, cordwainer 227 Walnut 

Anderson Andrew, tobacconist, 98 North Second 

Anderson Andrew, mariner back 35 Arch 

Philadelphia Index. 7 

Anderson Clark? M D. 69 South 

Anderson Elizabeth, widow Shakamaxon near Queen (K ) 
Anderson Charles, inspector of customs Brooks' court 
f Anderson Daniel, boarding house 21 St. Mary's 
Anderson David, coachmaker 2-1 Shippen 

.lerson Henry, porter 119 Plum 
Anderson George, turner in general, 60 Dock, d. h. Elm file's 

Anderson Hugh, engraver 448 North Second 
Anderson Isaac, blacksmith Paries' court 
Anderson James, carpenter Pearl street 
Anderson Joseph, taylor 137 North Front 

Vnderson Moses, Siilmaker 16 Cypress alley 
Anderson Samuel V. merchant 25 No^-tii Water, dwelling 

house 152 North Front 
Anderson Samuel, cordwainer Shippen near Tenth 
Anderson Sarah, widow Taper alley 
* Vnderson Samuel, labourer at Beck's shot factory, SassaiVas 

street, West Schuylkill Third 
Anderson Thomas, labourer 121 B'idd 
Anderson 'William, gentleman 48 Wood 
- Vnderson William, labourer Portland lane 
Anderson William V. merchant 186 Vine 
Andrille Charlotte, widow 260 Mulberry 
Anderson William, innkeeper north-east corner of Fif;h :cnd» 

Anderson Christian, city watch, Swedes' court 
•Anderson William, labourer 226 Lombard 
Anderson Walter, china merchant, 192 High, dwelling house 

Yohe's hotel 
Andreas George, tobacconist 36 Frankford road 
Andrews John, labourer Beach near Maiden 
Andrews H., boarding and d^y school 300 Chesnut 
Andrews Joseph, merchant 259 North Second 

drews Joseph, dry good store 34 South Second 
Andrews Joseph, merchant 92 North Second 
Andrews John, cashier bank U. 3. Walnut near Thirteenth 
Andrews Michael, bricklayer 7 Pratt's court 
Andrews Robert, gentleman north side Arch 5 doors above 

Andrews William, accountant M'Culley's court 
Andrews Joshua, merchant, 269 North Second 
Andrews Sophia, 45s' South Front 

Andrews Israel, sea captain 61 Green 
Andrews Thomas, hatter 6 Wagner's alley 

Andrews D^vid, shipwright Frankford road near Bedford 

Andrews William, tobacconist 478 North Second 

Andrew Elizabeth Catharine, widow 272 St. John 

Andrew Philip, stone cutter 170 North Eighth 

Andrew Robert, gentleman, 387 Mulberry 

Angel John, gunsmith 97 Dillwyn street 

Angell James, mariner 290 South iYons 

Philadelphia Index* 

A ngue John, gentleman 109 North Second 
Angue John, jun. cordial distiller 30 North Third 

Anlock , mariner, S3 Perm 

Annadown Thomas, ladies shoemaker 207 North Front north 

east corner Vine 
Annesly widow, washerwoman, north side Chesnut, firs* 

above Thirteenth 
\nnew Samuel, engraver on wood, Sixth near Coates* 
Annesly Robert, genth man, 163 Walnut 

iers Thomas S. perfumer &c. 141 Chesnut 
Antelo Charlotte, widow 33 Lombard 
Anthony Joseph, house carpenter 57 Coates' 
Anthony Emanuel, segarmaker, 10 Almond 
Antonio John, mariner Fourth above German 
Antonio Joseph, mariner south-east corner Third and Pi . 
Anthony E. boarding- house 19 south Seventh 
Anthony Frederick, 32 Budd 
Anthony Jacob, shipwright 57 Coates' 
Anthony Robert D. smith, Cauffman's court 
Antrim P. manufacturer, north-west corner of Julian 8c Wood 
Antrim John, grocer and Mayor's clerk 90 South Third 
Apwith Thomas, tailor Miller's alley 
App George, pumpmaker 46 Frankford road 
App Elizabeth, widow, grocer cor. Queen and Marlborough 
Apple George, carver and gilder 50 Chesnut 
Apple Adam, paper stainer, Arch West Schuylkill, Second 
Apple Philip, coppersmith, S. W. corner Branch and Third 
Apple William, dry-good store S. E. cor. Vine and Second 
Apple Henry, north-east corner Fourth and Brown 
Apple Henry, oak cooper 92 South Water, d. h. 5 Grab's alley 
Apple John, ladies' shoemaker, 21 Race 
Apple Jacob, paper stainer Schuylkill Front above Arch 
Apple Valentine, oak cooper cor. Hoffman and Cresson's allert 
Applegate Lydia, widow 137 South Tenth 
Appleton Christian, carver and inlayer 15 York court (X, L , 
Appleton Daniel, shoemaker, ShearPs alley 
Applegate Jonathan, carter, 137 Swanson 
Applegate D^vid, Nicholson's alley 
A^-pie George, shipwright, 26 Union alley 
Apkey Henry, ropemaker, Marriott's lane near Sixth 
Apt Charles, harness maker, 341 North Second 
Arbuckle J , D.D. 85 South Eleventh 

^rbuckle James, grocer 576 Second, cor. Gerror-ntown road 
Archer Charles, cordwainer 7 Yoik Court, (N. L) 
Archer Benjamin, carter, at Arch st. ferry 22 Elfreth's alley 
Archer Job, brushmaker back of 132 Coates' 
Archer Charles, brushmaker 124 Coates' 
Archer Samuel, merchant 39 North Front, d. h. 291 Mulberrv 
Ardin John, carpenter, 564 South Front 
Ardley R. A., broker 16 Carter's alley and 128 Lombard 
Arentrue W illiam, tallow chandler 262 Mulberry 
Armbrustcr Nicholas, grocer, 361 North Second 

Philadelphia Judex. 

Annbvuster Peter, grave digger, Sch. Seventh near Cherry 

Armbrnstar Henry, near 11 Castle street 

Armat James, merchant S.W. cor. Twelfth and George 

Armitage (ieorL'o, silverplater 438 Sassafras, corner Jacoby 
Armour Susan M., storekeeper 6 Old York road 

Armroyd Helen, 2 North Eighth 

Armstrong Allen, hardware merchant 113 High, dwelling 
38 North Fourth 

Armstrong Henry, plasterer 130 St. John 

Armstrong Thomas A., attorney at law 105 South Fifth 

Armstrong John, carpenter 95 Budd 

Armstrong Susan, widow 128 South Sixth 

Armstrong William, tailor 343 North Front 

Araey Elizabeth, widow 10 North Ninth 

Arnold George, ladies' shoemaker 178 Sassafras 

Arnold John, labourer, back of 569 South Front 

Arrison Matthew, sen. and jun. carters corner George una 
Schuylkill Eighth 

Arrott James, merchant 55 South Front, dwelling south- 
corner of George and Thirteenth 

Arrowsmith Edmond, gentleman 110 North Sixth 

Arthur James, grocer and feed store 2 North Tenth 

Artis C. widow, 54 Christian 

Arundal Margaret, boarding house 239 Arch 

f Armitt Thomas, labourer 7 Middle Alley 

Armistead Jas. cabinetmaker N.W. corner Callowhill & Kin 

Armon Peter, hairdresser S.W. cor. Tenth and Marble sti 

f Arm stead John, waiter 4 Burd's alley 

Armour John, tailor, 6Cvpress alley 

Armour William, merchant 6 Old York Road 

Armstrong Julian 173 North Water 

Arner Joseph, hairdresser 18 Market 

Arnold Thomas, 191 South Second 

Arrison John, carter 169 North Sixth 

Arrison Joseph, innkeeper 169 South Front 

Arundel Robert J'., attorney at law 239 Mulberry 

Artherton Humphrey, 103 St. John 

Arthur Samuel, tavernkeeper N. E. cor. Eleventh & Sassai 

Arsh Martin, plasterer 93 Wood 

Ash Caleb, jun. druggist 65 North Ninth 

Ash James, gentleman 208 South Third 

Ash James, gentleman 155 Walnut 

Ash John P. plasterer, Fifth above Buttonwood 

Ash Michael, tavernkeeper corner Callowhill and O. Yk 

Ash Thomas, carpenter 2 Watson's alley 

Ash Joshua, grazier 54 Christian 

Ash Rebecca, widow 54 Christian 

Ash Joseph, grazier 144 Swanson 
Mary, widow 10! South Fifth 

Ashurst Richard* merchant 75 High d. h. 70 South Fifth 

\shbrook Joseph, sailmaker, Church streec 

Philadelphia Index- 

ranees, widow, 37 Queen 
Ashburner John, tanner, 321 North Second 
Ashburner Benjamin, tanner 315 North Second 
Ashburner Adam, merchant 315 North Second 
Ashman Charles, ladies' shoemaker 295 North Second 
Ashmead Thomas, accomptant 297 South Front 
Ashbfidge Thomason, widow 321 Mulberry 
Ashbridge Sarah, widow 15' Vine 

Ashburner John, tanner 66 South Third d. b. 321 N. Second 
Ashburner John, jun. merchant 17 Sassafras 
Ashburner Adam, merchant 315 North Second 
Ashburner Benjamin, tanner 315 North Second 
Ashburner I. and Sons, leather tannery 66 South Th : . 
Ashbrook Thomas, taylor 30 Wood 
Asher D. dentist 34 North Sixth 
Ashford Eleanor, widow 126^ South Sixth 

burst Kichard, merchant 76 High, d. h. 70 South Fifth 
Ashman Daniel, ladies' shoemaker, 153 North Second 
Ashman Peter, cedar cooper back 91 Brown 

Ashman , widow, gentlewoman Thirteenth above Walnut 

Ashmead I. & Co. printers, Harmony Court 

Ashmead Benjamin, inspector of customs 159 North Ninth 

Ashmead John, auctioneer and commission merchant, south 

east corner Second and Lombard, d. h. 50 Lombard 
Ashmead Samuel, carpenter 5j Shippen 
Ashton John, clothing store 150 South Water 
Asliton Samuel,, carpenter 12 Ann 
Ashton Samuel, cabinetmaker 273 South Second 
Asliton Susannah, widow 94 Crown 

Ashton Thomas, chairmaker 83 and d. h. 114 North Front 
Ashton Thomas, chairmaker 63 North Front 
Askew and Odenheimer, dry good merchants 243 High 
Ashton John, carpenter, S. F. corner Duke and New market 
Askew I. merchant, 318 Mulberry 
Aspell Thomas, teacher 42 North Fourth 
Aspell Richard C, conveyancer and land broker 39 N Seventh 

:i George, callico printer 300 South Fourth 
Astie Peter, harnessmaker near corner Tenth and Sassafras 
Astley Thomas, merchant soutl rner Walnut & Ninth 

Atchinson Adam, beer-house lu Walnut 
Atherton Humphrey, attorney at law 190 Chesnut 
Atheiton Nathan, city commissioner North Twelfth near High 
Atkins James, Blacksmith corner High and Schuylkill Tl 
Atkins W. and I., planters 134 North Fourth 
Atkinson Ann, teacher over 94 North Sixth 
Atkinson Amos, bricklayer 225 Lombard 
Atkinson Andrew, 6bi Queen 
Atkinson Alexander, printer back 53 High 
Atkinson Asher, saddle: h Fifth 

Atkinson C. bricktnaker 253 South Seventh 
Atkinson Henrv H. blacksmith 156 Sassa; 

Philadelphia Index. I I 

Atkinson Harrison, silver plater 20 Barron street 

Atkinson James, teacher 96 Poplar 

Atkinson Joel, merchant tailor 54 Chesnut d. h. 129 S. Ninth 

; Atkinson Maria, widow Dean's alley 

Atkinson Phineas, biscuit baker 6 Prospect alley 

Atkinson Samuel C. printer 16 Elfreth's a!*ey 

Atkinson Watson, conveyancer, 19^ Cresson's alley 

Atlee Edwin A., Al. D. 180 Sassafras 

Atlee Edwin P., M. D. 137 Vine 

Atmore Hannah, 163 South Third 

Attmore, M. clock and watchmaker S.E. corner Front & Ches". 

Atwood James, merchant 9 North Front, dwelling- 19 J ; 

Atwood & Co., merchants 111 High 

Aubert John Peter, cook 209 South Fourth 

Aubrey George, blacksmith 206 Lombard 

Auchinfeck Mary, widow Drinker's court 

Audes Joseph, painter and glazier 2 Smith's court 

August B., dancing master 2 Taylor's alley 

Augustine Peter, pastry cook 219 South Fifth 

Aujour Rebecca, widow, Sixth near Fitzwater 

Auner Peter, tailor 79 Cherry 

Auner Joseph G., bookbinder &c. 79 Cherry 

Austin Hannah, widow 148 Mulberry 

Austin Esther, widow Federal near Second 

Austin Hosea, oysterman 50 Mead alley 

Austin James A., druggist 273 North Third 

Austin Margaret, widow, teacher, 364 South Second 

Austin Grace, boarding house 183 High 

Austie Margaret, widow boarding house 215 High 

Avery John &. Co., merchants 65 South Front 

Avery Isaac, combmaker, 133 South Second 

Avis Joseph, innkeeper 13 Shippen 

Avis George, shoemaker, Beach near Maiden (K.) 

Avolt John, sawyer Sch. Sixth between Chesnut and George 

Axford Samuel J., merchant taylor Fries' court 

Aydclatt Margaret, widow 17 Parham's alley 

Ayers Mary, widow, seamstress 22 Mead alley 

Ayers David B., druggist, Beach near Maiden (K.) 

jAyers Daniel, mariner, 20 Blackberry alley 

Aykroid Josiah, cordwainer, Sturgesse's court 

Aylward Michael, harness-maker, 23 Lawrence 

Aymard L., cabinetmaker 72 Penn 

Ayris James, bricklayer, 162 South Fifth 

Ayrs S., grocer north-east corner Catharine and Swansoo 

Azan Rachel, silk dyer and plumist, 132 South Sixth 

BABCOCK JACOB, sea captain, 163 North Water 
Babcock Joseph, sea captain New-market near Pegg street 
Bab Grace, widow seamstress 15 Sassafras alley 
Babe Margaret, shopkeeper 197 South Second 
Babe Luke, cabinetmaker 45 Callowhill 

1 2 Philadelphia Index. 

Babe Richard, hatter S5 Shippen 

Babe Catharine, milliner 39 Pine 

Babe George, druggist north -«ast corner of Front and South 

Babbington Thomas, brushmaker Queen near Fourth 

Babbliugton James, cysterman 2 Bird's alley 

Babnew David, innkeeper S. E. corner Front and Spruce 

Bache Franklin, M. 1). 206 Spruce 

Bache Richard, post master 116 Chesnut, see Beach 

Bachman P., baker 55 Crowp 

Bacon David, carpenter 192 North Front 

Bacon Edmond, shoemaker back Poplar lane n. St. John' 

Bacon George, engraver of music 168 South Thiid 

Bacon George, music store 65 Chesnut street 

Bacon Ephraim, gentleman 2f9 High 

Bacon and Hart, music store 11 South Fourth 

Bacon Job, merchant 25 Dock, dwelling 234 Filbert 

Bacon John, city treasurer, office city hall south-west c 

Chesnut and Fifth, dwelling 119 Hace 
Bacon David, livery stables 1 New-market 
Bacon Richard, carpenter 98 Budd 
Bacon Isaac, cabinetmaker 66 Lombard 
Bacon Joseph, sen. late ironmonger 190 Vorth Front 
Bacon Joseph, jun. ironmonger 18 3 North Front 
Bacon Thomas, merchant 25 New-market 
BadSun Joseph, tailowchandler, 8 and 10 Vernon 
Badger James, halter Lemon street 

Badger Samuel alderman, office corner Little George 
Swan wick, dwelling S. W. corner Sixth and Little Gtc. 
Badaraque Thomas, accountant 1~9 Pine 
BafFord William, mariner 19 Cox's alley 
Bagia Angelo, innkeeper 1-1-5 South Eighth 
Bagge Jo;m G., grocer 101 Swanson 
Baggs and Barras, tailors 137 North Third 
Bailey Chester, a r : cut for U. S. mail stage and New York and 
Baltimore poot coach lines 30 South Third and 24 W i 
ingion square 
Baitcy Lydia R., widow pr r nter 10 North alley 
Bailey Nathan, merchant 7 North Second 
Bailey \Vm. jun , dockmaker, &.c. 80 High d. h.3 Lodge alley 
Bailey Ahner, stone mason Upper-ferry road near Schuylkill 
Bailey Francis, back 134 South Fourth 
Bailey Charles, house carpenter High West Schuylkill 1 
Bailey Jane, widow Third above German 
Bailey James, labourer 10 St. Mary 
Bailey John, dyer 196 South Third 
Bailey Samuel, dry good store 425 North Second 
Bailey Richard, supercargo N. E corner George and Ten 
f Bailey Levi, labourer 15 Middle alley 
Bailey Sarah Mrs. 290 Lombard 
Bailey and Willis, merchants 31 South Wharves, dwelling 

91 South Third 
Bailey John, tuvetnkeeper 30 Lsetitia court 


Baily John, sea captain 5 Elfreth's alley 

Bail} - John, carpenter Scott's c 

Baily Joshua, jun. merchant 113 High, dwelling 18 S. 12". . 

Baily Joseph, ropemaker Front near Federal 

Baines Ariileus, M. D. Beach near Maiden (KL.) 

Bainbridge Commodore, 310 Chesnut 

Buird Catharine, widow of James, tavernkeeper 4 Chesnut 

Baird John, spinner and spooler 37 Franklin 

Bnird James, labourer back 295 South Third 

Buird Peter, currier Eckfeldt's court 

Baird Sarah, widow 275 South Second Beartt 

Baker Allen, music seller 11 South Fourth 

Baker Adam, joiner 541 North Front 

fBaker Adam, woodsawyer 28 Barron 

Baker Bartholomew, chairmsker Smith's court, I 

Baker Benjamin H , clock and watchmaker 70 S. Third 

Baker Basset, widow of, 4 tavernkeeper Lsetitia court 

Baker Christian, mariner 2 Elmslie's alley 

Baker Christiana, marketwoman St. John 

Baker Charles H. merchant 61 Race, dwelling 1 310 Arch 

Baker Charles, cabinetmaker 46 Gaskill 

Baker Doodle, plumber 34 Old York road 

Baker Elizabeth, 116 Arch 

Baker Elizabeth, widow 126 Browne, [cee Barker and 11 

Baker Elizabeth, widow 53 Arch 

Baker Edward, teacher 49 Prune 

Baker George, brass founder 8 York court (X. L.) 

Baker George, inkeeper 264 Race 

Baker George A. attorney at law and conveyancer north 

corner of Fourth and Cherry 
Baker George X. lumber merchant 7 Wood 
Baker Henry, stablekeeper 51 Xoble 
Baker Hannah, storekeeper 72 North Fifth 
Baker Henry, sign and ornamental painter 82 Xorth Sixth 
Baker Isabella, widow, keeper of the store of the Femsfio 

Hospitable Society 54 Xorth Fourth 
Baker Jacob, cordwainer 61 Queen 
Baker Jacob, smith Rose alley below Green 
Baker Jacob, victualler 47 Budd and 32 Browne 
Baker John H., exchange and intelligence office, dwelling 3 

Franklin court 
Baker John, victualler 7 Rachel 
Baker John R. and Son, merchants 61 Race 
Baker James, victualler 123 Old York road 
Eaker Joan, trader S. E. corner Schuylkill Fifth and Mr. 
Baker John, grocer and feed store corner of Front and Otter 
Baker John L. exchange broker and commission merchant 

dwelling 126 South Fifth, office Walnut belaw Sixtti 
Baker John R. merchant 63 Race 
Baker John, sea captain Federal near Front 
Baktr John F., mariner 80 Christian 


BAL Philadelphia Index. 

Baker Margaret, widow Buttonwood near Sixth 

Baker Mary, widow seamstress Lilly alley 

Baker Michael, coppersmith 227 North Second 

Baker Michael, hardware store 59 High, dwelling- 166 Arch 

Baker Michael, lumber merchant 74 Browne and cor. Second 

Baker Michael, jun. coppersmith 330 North Front and 227 

North Second 
Baker Michael, ropemaker Hopkin's court (N. L.) 
Baker Mrs. S. widow 387 Race 

Baker Nathan, house carpenter, shop Sixth near Noble 
Baker Richard, preparer of essences 3 Little Dock 
I-.tker Samuel, cordwainer 79 Green 
Baker Samuel, carpenter 47 North Sixth 
Baker Samuel, sexton and tailor, Queen and Marlborough 
Baker Stephen, cordwainer 90 Locust 
Baker Sylvanus, copperplate printer 11 South Fourth 
Baker William, druggist &c. 6 North Fifth 
Baker William J. wine merchant 136 North Second, dwelling 

5 Palmyra row 
Baker William, carter Apple and George 
Baker widow, 23 Old York road 
Bakerly Catharine, widow back 176 North Eighth 
Balan Elizabeth, widow confectioner 241 South Second 
Bu.ibeck David, tanner Rose alley 

Bald Adam, grocer 472 North Second N. W. corner Poplar 
Bald Robert, 144 North Eighth 
Baldwin David, blacksmith Ann, near Schuylkill 
Baldwin George, stablekeeper 13 S. Fourth, d. h. 69 Crown 
Baldwin Isaac, grocer, dwelling 190 Vine 
Baldwin .Tohn, bookbi »der 144 South Fifth 
Baldwin Joseph, jeweller 106 Lombard 

Baldwin Joseph, accountant, 49 Mulberry 

Baldwin Lewis, teacher 4 Powell 

Baldwin M. W. machinist 1 College avenue, dwelling house 
160 Seuth Tenth 

Baldwin Phoebe, milliner 40 South Fourth 

Baldwin Stephen, sea captain 146 Pine 

Ball George, cabinetmaker 323 North Second 

Ball Israel, ladies' shoemaker 66 German 

Ball Joseph, gentleman 250 North Second 

Ball Richard G. carpenter 336 South Third 

Ball Stephen, tavernkeeper south-east corner Fifth & Second 

Ball Stephen, labourer 266 South Third 

Ball William, coachmam 13 Knight's court 

Bali widow of Joseph, 248 Mulberry 

Ballard Matilda, Cordwainer's alley 

Ballentine Joseph, dealer north side of Almond street wharf 

Ballentine Rev. William, school room over south-west Corner 
of High and Decatur street 

Ba.i'.nger Jacob, carpenter 70 North Ninth 

Balingo Michael, tanner Second, Germantown road 

Ballentine Mary, dry good store 437 North Second 

Philadelphia Index. BAR 

Ballentine Rev. William, Bryan's court 

Bailor Philip, tavcrnkeeper lower 12 South Sixth 

Balfe Lucas 8c Thomas, hoot manufacturers 31 South Fourth 

Bait John, housecarpeuter Marlborough near Bedford (K.) 

Bancroft James, sea captain 29 Mulberry 

Bancroft, Jewell & Co., goldbeaters 38 S. Front & 63 Market 

Bancroft Titus, goldbeater 

Bancker Charles N. merchant counting-house 33 North Front, 

dwelling 320 Chesnut 
Bandarnin Catharine, widow 15 SpafFord 
Banger Thomas, pocketbook maker Filbert near Eleventh 
Banger Timothy, accountant Francisville (N. L.) 
Banger William, morocco dresser near toll-gate, Ridge road,, 

Banks George, smith back 187 North Second 
j J tanks Jonathan, dealer Shippen near Eighth 
Banks John, U. D. 13 Powell 
fBanks M., basketmakcr 119 Plum 
Bankson Henrietta, 69 Wood 
Bannen John, carpenter SheafPs court 
Bannon Joseph, carpenter 10 Wagner's alley 
Bannerman Ruth, nurse 3 Kinckle's court 
Bantleor Elizabeth, nurse 49 Pine 
fBantom D. porter Currant alley 
{•Hantom Joseph, carter Smith's court 
Barber Alexander, stonecutter SheafPs court 
Barber Nathaniel, carpenter 203 Arch 
Barber Joseph, woodsawyer Vine near Thirteenth 
Barber Alexander, shoemaker, south-east corner Thirteenth 

and Market 
f Barber Anthony, labourer back 15 Middle alley 
Barber John, commission merchant 24 South wharves 
Barber John, blacksmith Second near Prime 
Barber Rebecca, widow 23 Mary 
Barber William, painter, North street 
Barb'.er P. goldsmith and jeweller 161 North Third 
Burbin Amos, tailor German town road near Fourth 
Barclay Elizabeth, widow 324 South Second 
Barclay James J., attorney at law office 119 Walnut dwelling 

207 Pine 
Barclay John R , cordwainer 18 Little Water 
Barclay John, president N. L. bank 227 North Third 
Barclay John A. accountant 41 Union 
Barclay Joseph, mariner 72 Almond 
f 3 arc lay Robert, mariner 163 Pine 
Bardier Samuel, innkeeper 166 North Fifth 
Barclay Samuel, gentleman 323 South Second 
fBarclay Sancho, porter Cauffinan's court 
Barcus Stephen, labourer Schuylkill Seventh above Arch 
f Barclay Tobias, 41 Currant alley 
Barclay widow of George, grocer 168 South Second 
d Ezekiel, carter 88 Budd street 

AR P. tie Index. 

Bard Marks, innkeeper forks Germantown road 
Bard Nicholas, gentleman Charlotte near Brown 

I Samuel, printer court back 46 North Seventh 
Bard William, victualler Charlotte near Brown 
Bardotte J., hairdresser and perfumer opposite United States 

bunk V4 lut 

Barga John, grocer 421 North Fourth 

^-er Abel, painter Sic. 73 l)>ck, dwelling 14 Carter's 
';>, cooper Germantown road above Third 
Barger William, rig-ger 78 Budd 

,h \^, grocer 149 South Eleventh, d. b. 225 Walnut 
Bargh \\ illiam, baker 225 Walnut 

koffer i*rederick, wheelwright 67 Garden 
Barkman Jane, widow Rose alley (cit>) 

:er James X. alderman, S W. coiner Sixth and Che- 
Mary, tayloress Charlotte street, near Poplar lane 
.cr 12 Almond 
Barlow Philip, tavernkeep '.ace 

Barnard John, carpenter 270 South Third 
Ban n, plough makers High W. Sch. Fourth 

. trunk and shoe factory 393 North Second 
,es Abraham^ Apple between Fourth and Fifth 
:es Alexander, blacksmith 26 Gatkill 
es Daniel, merchant 87 Wood 
Bp.rnes Elizabeth, (formerly Dickinson) glovemaker 43 C 
Barnes Elizabeth, 65 Race 

nan Fourth above Poplar 
tes Isaac, tailor 111 Vine 

:, shoemaker Cropper's court 
D. 29 Mulberry 

maker 147 South Second 

., labourer back 295 South Third 

kd X". Diehi, notaries public, and i 
hn H. notary public and ship broker 117 South 
-oni, dwelling 23 South Second 

h, attorney at Lw 11 Sansom 
! > North Fourth 
rt, house carpenter Harris' court 
arah, widow south-east corner Eighth 

Cherry, and victual)i:i. under 20 Market 

. dwelling Wood 

i i Chesnut, d. h. 16 North Fou: 
Barnes Thomas and Robert, curriers 55. Chesnut 
ns James, coachtrimmer 45 Plum 

irham's alley 
Ji^r -, pilot 12 Pai-ham's alley 

Philander, boarding-house 48 North alley 
Barnet Edward, counsellor at law, office 45 Nortli Seve;: 
:t Joseph, gentleman 141 Chesnut 

Philadcljihfa Index. BAR 

Rarnet Joseph, carter opposite 319 South Sixth 

Harriet Thomas, turner 198 North Front 

Burnett Thomas, starch manufactory Pass) unk road cornel 

of Eighth 
Bamitt Thomas, Columbian printing press manufacturer aric 

turner in brass, iron £*c. 198 North Front and 7 N. Markc 
Barlow Arnold, mariner Christian above Eighth 
Barnard John, carpenter 499 South Front 
Bartratn David, printer back 300 South Third 
Bartlett Thomas, shipwright 11 Mary 
Raringor Margaret, widow 20 Mary 
Barritt George, mariner Nieman's alley 
Barling William, caulker 110 Swanson 
Barnholt Frederick, victualler 237 St. John, stall 24 N. h. 

Barnholt George, victualler corner Callowhill and Seventh 
Barnholt George, jun. victualler Charles st. N. L. 
Barr Christian, caulker 36 Budd 
Barlow Joseph, weaver 27 Franklin 
Barnman John, victualler 158 St. John 
Barnard Joseph, house carpenter and ploughmaker High 

West Schuylkill Sixth 
Barr Adam, shoemaker Sch. Fifth, bet. Market and Chesnut 
Barr James, carter Jones' alley near Sch. Fifth and Arch 
Barr John, weaver Wood near Thirteenth 
"Barr John, stonecutter Mint court 
Barr Philip, printer 4 HofTner's alley 
Barr Samuel, carpenter near Fourth 
Barr Thomas, cell keeper Pennsylvania hospital 
Barrett Eliza, widow 8 Willow court 
Barrett Samuel, teacher 32 North Sixth 
Harrington Charles, teacher 129 Lombard 
Harrington Eleanor widow 75 Gaskill 
Barrington Eleanor, widow 75 Gaskill 
Barron Joseph, ladies' shoemaker 12 South Fourth 
Barron Mary, widow 161 Pine 
Barry Ann, nurse 185 Cedar 
Barry Cordelia, widow 25 Lombard 
Barry Edward, teacher 90 South Eighth 
Barry Joseph B., cabinetmaker 134 South Second 
Barry John, blacksmith Poplar near Budd 
Barry Joseph B., jun. cabinetmaker 189 South Second 
Barry Joshua, sea captain 49 Almond 

Barry Patrick, grocer 1S6 North Water and 191 North Fhmti 
.Barry Sarah, widow of commodore t214 Chesnut 
Barry William, labourer 100 Plum 
Barry William, planerhakVr 107 Dillwyn 
Barry William, tobacconist 285 South Fourth 
Barry William, brick:naker 10 Parham's alley 
Barras Charles, carpenter Julian, near Callowhill 

JJAS Philadeljihia Index. 

Barret Catharine, widow 8 Hinckle's court 

Barret Eliza, widow 3 Willow court 

Barret Robert, bricklayer 8 Myers' cotirt 

Barrett Robert, bricklayer 8 Castle 

Barrington Charles, grocer, &c 216 High 

Barrington Henry, manafacturer of coffee and chocolate 206 

South Fourth north-west corner of Gaskill 
Barry Cordelia, widow 25 Lombard 
Barry John, mariner 9 Parham's alley 
Barsh George, tailor Fifth above Noble 
Barth John, tailor 3 Harmony court 
Barthe Ishmael, 8 Madison's court 
Bartholomew Catharine, widow 106 Wood above Ei ; , 
Bartholomew Charles, tobacconist 88 North Third 
Bartholomew Mary, gentlewoman 157 North Ninth 
Bartholomew Thomas, commission merchant 176 South S 
Bartholomew Joseph, tinman north-east cor. Garden and Wood 
Bartholomew Frederick, taverr.keeper 51 George 
Barth Gotlieb, locksmith 283 North Second 
tBarth Ishmael, plasterer 8 Madison's court 
Barth John Joseph, barber corner Brown and St. John 
Bartle William, pump and blockmaker 10" Catharine 
Bartleson Eunice, widow 105 North Front 
Bartleson Peter, carpenter Fifth near Noble 
Bartley Margaret, bandboxmaker 63 Coates' 
Bartley Richard, hosier back of 192 Race 
Bartling Christlieb, inspector of lumber 485 North Second 
Bartling Conrad, carpenter 455 Arch above Twelfth 
Baftling Charles, sea captain 67 Cherry 
Bartling Eliza, 453 Arch above Twelfth 

Bartlit John & Co., merchants 1? S. Water, d.h. 147 S. Third 
Barton Isaac, storekeeper 16 North Second 
Barton Mary, widow of Benjamin S., M. D. 204 Chesnut 
Barton Thomas, tailor back of Randolph court 
Barton Rhea, M. D. 204 Chesnut 
Barton Richard, carpenter 13 Cherry 
Barton William, taylor back 126 North Second 
Barton Elizabeth, widew, nurse 36 Coates' al 
Bartram George, alderman 68 South Second 
Bartram Isaac, late druggist IZ Juliana 
Bartram Rebecca, 170 Vine 
Barwell John, painter 105 Old York road 
Barwick John, currier, dwelling 22 Bank alley south-east 

corner Little Dock and Second 
Bashford Heath, block and pumpmaker 193 South Front 
Basle Henry, ship carpenter Hanover near Bedford 
fBass Samuel, barber 15 I] 
Bass J. B., gentleman 30 Elfreth's alley 
Bassett & Atwood, dry good store 78 -Market 
Bassler David, victualler corner Buttonwood and Garden 
= i Daniel, cakebaktr 238 South 

Philadelphia Index. BAY 

Bastian Joseph, senr. George West Schuylkill Fourth 
Bastian Joseph jun., paper stainer 12 South Broad 
Batchclder Alexander S., hatter back 63 Union 
Batchelor William, carter Charles st. (N. L.) 
Batchelor Hester, widow* Miller's court 
Bateman John, sailmaker Spruce street wharf, d. h. 41 Plum 
Bateman Susannah, widow 15 Wagner's alley 
Bates Benjamin, accountant 21 Cherry 
Bates Benoni, late lumber merchant 225 Callowhiil 
Bates Elizabeth, widow nurse 440 South Front 
Bates Isaiah, blacksmith back 169 North Second 
Bates John, carpenter Cobb's court 
Bates William, cordwaincr 291 South Fourth 
Bates William, baker Mead alley near Second 
Battel Philip, oak cooper 303 Callowhiil 
Battes John, oysterman 166 Shippen 
Baltics George, tavernkeeper 379 Sassafras 
Button John, labourer Arch West Schuylkill Second 
Bat ton Mary, widow, dealer 6 above Catharine 
fBaltis John, hairdresser 29 Union 
Battis Nicholas, mariner 21 Parham's alley 
Butts John, mariner 447, South Second 
Bauch Margaret, widow 131 Green 
Baugh Harmun, turner 291 Vine 
Baughman Catharine, widow Acorn alley 
Bault Henry, victualler, N. W. corner Hanover and Prince 
BaultMary, widow of Henry, Hanover near Prince 
Baulu Adelaide, widow 325 Sassafras 
Baum Charles, student in Alms House 
Baum Micael, labourer Sassafras near Sckuylkill Third 
Baurbeck John N-, German goods store 67 North Third 
Baush George, tailor Fifth above Noble 

Baxter Isaac B. & Co. hardware merchants 248 Soufh Second 
Baxter Matthew, grocer 305 High 
Baxter Anthony, furcutter Kugler's court 
Baxter Charles, carter 183 Shippen 
Baxter William, dealer 244 South Front 

Baxter Edward, tavernkeeper cor. High and Schuylkill Fran*: 
Baxter Joseph, weaver Frankford roardnear Otter 
Baxter Rebecca, widow seamstress Sansom alley- 
Baxter Thomas, labourer Vine near Broad 
Bayard Andrew, president. of Commercial Bank 102 S.Ei. 
{"Bayard Andrew, labourer 8 Burd's alley 
Bayard George, tinplate worker 50 North Front 
Bayard Richard H., gentleman 254 Walnut 
Bayard R. H. attorney at law 59 South Seventh 
Bayard William, cordwainei- 247 South Third 
Bayne Esther, widow Eighth near Callowhiil 
Buyne Joseph, rule, square and umbrellamakef tebind 100 

Buyne Nathaniel, turner 85 North. Front 

BEC Philadelphia Index. 

Bavfie Samuel, labourer Lombard above Twelfth 

Bayne Samuel, cordwainer 316 South Second 

Bazeley Charles W. and Mrs. B., female seminary 75 Soutli 

Fourth [sec Baselei; 

Beach Waldon, carpenter 86 Lombard, [see liacfc 

Beach William, house carpenter St. Joseph's avenue 
Beade John, cordwainer 105 Christian 
Beagle Henry, blacksmith Fifth above Callowhill 
Beale William, carpenter and joiner Sansom alley 
Bealert Margaret, widow 52 Lombard 

Bean James, store keeper 163 North Second, [see Baync 

Bean Samuel, tailor 163 North Second 
Beard David, brickmaker George West Schuylkill Fourth 
Beard Mary, widow 10 Noble 

Beal Jacob, sugarboiler north-west corner Cherry and Eleventh 
Beale Jacob, sagarrefiner and sugarhouse Nicholson's court 
Beal Henry, weaver and dyer Pearl 
Beam Jacob C, collector Vine near Thirteenth 
Beam William, storekeeper 402 North Second 
Beamer Samuel, stovefinisher 20 Currant alley 
Bean William, innkeeper 121 Vine 
Bear John, carpenter Brooke's street 
Bear William J., German teacher John above Callowhill 
■{Beard A., coachman back 5 Cypress alley 
Bears Hannah, widow washerwoman Smith's alley 
Beasley Abigail, widow 21 Christian 
Beasley Rev. Frederick, D. D. Provost of the University 289 

Chesnut [see Bazclei 

Beasly William, 418 North Front 
Beates Frederick, scrivener 94 North Third 
Beatman James, methodist minister 194 North Fifth 
Beatman John, sailmaker Spruce street wharf, dwelling hous? 

41 Plum 
Beatty Arthur, weaver 234 Catharine 
Beatty David, weaver 229 Shippen 
Beatty Edward, weaver Cedar near Tenth 
Beatty Isabella, widow back 20 Cypress alley 
Beatty John, flour inspector 101 Crown 
Beatty Mrs., widow 33 Powell 
Beatty Samuel, weaver 129 South Eleventh 
Beaty George, grocer 255 South Fifth 
Beaty John, paper hanger 153 Arch 
Beaty William, dealer 308 South Second 
Bech Elizabeth, grocer Second near Federal 
Bechler Charles, mariner 51 Bedford 
Bechler Tobias, grocer 426 N. Second and 57 Brown. 
Bechtel George, shoemaker 29 Duke (>J. L.) 
Bechtel Jacob, boot and shoe manufactory 64 Soutli Sfecc' 
Bechtel John & Co., shoe warehouse 50 High 
Bechtel Wilson L., shoe merchant 30 Church alley 
Beck Abigail, widow seamstress 293 South Fifth 

Philadelphia Index. BEL 

Beck Bazilla, drayman Oak and Coates* A 

"Beck Henry A., drug-gist, &c. 248 North Front 
Beck Henry, exchange broker and commission merch. Third 
near Noble 

Beck Jacob, tobacconist 32 Dock 

Beck Daniel B., painter and glazier 187 Arch, dwelling- 58 

Beck George, carpenter back 73 North Fifth 

Beck Harvey, merchant, 11 South Water, dwelling 315 High 

Beck Jacob, accountant 19 Tammany 
Beck Jacob, jun. carpenter Rose alley 

Beck John, combmaker 311 North Eighth 

Beck John, baker 73 Budd 

Beck Martin, carpenter 18 Budd 

Beck Paul, merchant 11 South Water, d. h. 315 High 

Beck Richard, merchant tailor 38 N. Fourth, d. h. 14 Ann 

Beck Susan, widow shopkeeper 70 Sassafras 

Beck Valentine, cordvvainer Oak near Crabb 

Beck W. C. and S. M. Stewart, stationers and manufac. paper 
hangings and playing cards S.W. cor. Walnut and Third 

Beck William C, merchant S.W. corner of Third and Walnut, 
dwelling Eighth near Locust 

Beckcnback Jacob, shoemaker 85 Green 

Becker Francis, accountant and interpreter of foreign lan- 
guages 28 North Third 

Becket Henry, dealer 205 Shippen 

fBecket Henry, old clothes' merchant, under 90 S. Second 

Beckhorn Garret, tavernkeeper 62 Shippen 

Beckman Daniel, paper carrier Charlotte near Brown 

Becktold Gotlieb, baker 440 North Third 

-{Beckus Lewis, hairdresser 40 S; Eighth; d.h. 14 Currant al, 

Bedford John, boot and shoe manufacturer 296 High 

Bedford Thomas and Isaac, dry good store 59 North Second 

Bedford Thomas, accountant, N. E. cor. Vine & Thirteenth 

Bedford Thomas, painter &c. Kunckle above Tammany 

•[■Bedford Wm. carter Ninth above Cedar 

Bedkins Mahlon, oysterman 16 South Sixth 

Bedlock William J. teacher near 49 Crown 

Bedwell Thomas, apothecary and drug-gist 250 N. Third 

Beers and Bunnell, stock and exchange brokers, 4 S. Third 

Beere Robert, carter Lombard below Twelfth 

Beers Ann, boarding house 13 Carter's alley 

Begley Thomas, mast maker 116 German 

Behncke John, boarding-house 87 Henri 

Beidelman Henry, fisherman Green above Wood (K.) 

Beidelman Jacob, fisherman Green above Wood (K.) 

Beidelman John, fisherman corner Beach and Bishop (K.) 

Beidelman J. R., dry good store 88 North Second 

Belair Lewis* D., foreign bookseller, 123 North Fifth 

Belangee Hannah, shopkeeper 13 North Fifth 

Beidon Hosea W., tailor 251 South Second 

BEN Philadelphia Inde. 

Belf Samuel, grocer 236 Cedar 

Belin Augustus, merchant 237 Spruce 

Bell Charles, bookseller 91 North Sixth 

Bell Elizabeth, widow of Henry 7 Fayette 

Bell Elizabeth, widow 3 Wells*' row 

BellJames, distiller 228 South Sixth 

Bell James and John, distillers corner of Cedar and Sixth 

Bell John, distiller dwelling 219 Cedar 

BellJohn, grocer south-west corner German and Third 

Bell John, weaver 110 Thirteenth 

Bell John, M. D. 138 South Fourth 

Bell John, brushfmisher, 3 Wells' row 

Bell Joseph and Joseph Watson, merchants, 2 Sims' alley or 

back 12 South wharves 
Bell Mary, widow Christian below Sixth 
Bell Mary, widow shopkeeper 30 Branch 
Bell Peter, sea captain 9 Powell 
Bell Robert R., printer Christian near Sixth 
Bell Samuel, grocer and drover 230 and 236 Cedar 
Bell Sarah, milliner 98 New 
Bell Henry, lumber merchant, yard Ninth above Race, dwelling' 

145 near Ninth 
Bell William, gardener Hunter's court 
Bell William, whipmaker 77 St. John 

Bell William J. & Co. stock &c. brokers 37 Dock, d. h. 93 Pine 
Bell William, jun. stock &c. broker 35 Dock, d. h. 54 Walnut 
Bell William, weaver north-east corner Seventh and Coates' 
Bell William, gentleman 97 Pine 
Belling Andrew, combmaker Smith's alley 
Bellknap Stephen, jeweller 59 Cherry 
Bellows Hester, milliner 117 North Second 
Belrose John, china store 315 South Second 
Belsterling Mary, boarding house 404 North Third 
Beltzner Catharine, shopkeeper 264 North Fourth 
Benckert George F., morocco dresser Queen near Sixth 
Bend el Israel & Co. well diggers Germantown road 
Bender Adam, victualler 62 Garden 
Bender Charles, cordwaiiu-r 15-1 St. John 
Bender Christopher, tobacconist Second near Beaver 
Bender Jacob, bookbinder 98 Thirteenth 
Bender John, carpenter S. W. corner Callowhill and Kunke' 
Bender Richard, constable Fifth above Buttonwood lane 
Benders Richard, shoemaker 127 Brown 
Benedict John, shoemaker Stewart's alley 
Benfer John, jun. tailor 3.51 North. Front 
Benjamin Theodore, jeweller 190 South Fifth 
Benjamin Wolf, cordial distiller 167 Cedar 
Benner Charles, cooper 4 North Tenth, dwelling 321 Arch 
Benner Elizabeth, widow Lombard above Twelfth 
Benner Elizabeth, milliner 93 Mulberry 
Benner George, merchant 2 ; North Fourth 
Benner George, baker Frankford road 

Philadelphia Index. BEO 

Benner Hannah, storekeeper corner Fourth and Poplar lane 

Benner Jacob, sen. weaver 189 North Third 

Benner Jacob, jun. saddler 187 North Third 

Benner James, accountant 57 New 

Benner James 133 Plum 

Benner John, chemist 48 South Eighth 

Benner John, baker 300 North Front 

Benner John, bricklayer George West Schuylkill Seventh 

Benner John, tailor 48 Spruce 

Benner John, tavernkeeper 40 Chesnut 

Benner Mary, grocer 11 Budd 

Benner Mary, widow of Jacob sea captain 57 New 

Benner Rachel, widow 128 North Front 

Benner Peter, oak cooper 365 North Second 

Benner Sebastian, cabinetmaker 62 North Juniper 

Benner Whiteman, silverplater Mint court 

Benners Henry, porter 65 South Juniper 

Bennet Ann, widow Sink's court 

jBennett Benjamin, musician 34 Powell 

Bennet Christopher, mariner Workman's court 

Bennett John, cordwainer back 294 South Third 

Bennet John, marble cutter 13 North Tenth, d. h. 63 Filbert 

Bennet John, mariner back 98 Swanson 

Bennet John, merchant, 313 North Second 

Bennett John, shipcarpenter Beach near Marlborough 

Bennet John, stevedore, 121 South Water 

Bennet Joel B., printer 11 Quarry 

Bennett Joseph L. mariner 79 Plum 

Bennett Lewis, seaman Front near Laurel 

Bennett Nathaniel, labourer Rose alley 

Bennett Nicholas, carter Wood near Juliana st. 

Bennet Titus, bookseller &.c. 37 High 

Bennet & Walton, booksellers &c. 37 High 

Bennett Wra. S. sea captain 11 Vernon 

Bennett William W., dry good store 122 South Tenth 

Benninghove Elizabeth, widow 4 Church alley 

Benninghove Sc Nassau, tobacconists 77 High 

Bennis Henry, hatter 155 Cherry 

Bensley Clement B., teacher 150 South Sixth 

Benson Alexander, stock and exchange broker 142 Market 

Benson Daniel, 96 Gaskill 

Benson Jane, widow boarding house 151 Chesnut 

Benson Richard, carpet warehouse 242 High 

Bent William, machinemaker 11 6 South Eighth 

Benthall John D mariner 518 South Front 

Bentley Christian, tobacconist 346 North Second 

Bern ley Bavid and John, coppersmiths 162 North Third 

Bentley John, tobacconist Fourth near Poplar lane 

Bently John, gentleman North Fourth near Poplar lane 

fBentley R., labourer Fourth above Chesnut 

Benton John, carpenter & grocer N.E. cor. Sixth te'FjtZWater 

Beoraff Valentine, victualler hear Thirteenth 

BEW Philadcl/ihia Index. 

Berg Henry, tailor 260 St. JoTin 

Bergasse Cadet, merchant 42 Union 

Berger Elizabeth, teacher Hause's court 

Berger Robert B., umbrellamaker south-vest corner Sixth and 

Berkley Christian, supercargo 60 Sassafras 
Bernard Elias, oyesterman 84 North Second 
Bernard John, gentleman Germantown road 97 
Bernard Lewis, shopkeeper near Callowhill st. wharf 

Bernard Phcebe, 97 North Front 

Bernard "widow of John, 94 North Water and 97 North Front 

Bernadou J. B., merchant 221 High, dwelling 191 Pine 

-f-Bernet John, shoemaker 201 Cedar 

Berriand Mrs., widow boarding house 148 South Fourth. 

Berrett William, sign and ornamental painter 9 Cherry 

Berrien Mary, widow 72 Lombard 

| Berry Charles, cobbler Paschall's alley 

Berry Charles, waterman 108 Green 

f Berry James, mariner 35 Currant alley 

}Berry Memory, 30 Blackberry alley 

Berry Oliver, boot and shoe manufacturer 56 Mulberry 

Berry Peter L, carpenter 27 Powell 

fBerry Reuben, mariner 87 Shippen 

Berry Richard, innkeeper S.W. corner Front and SeuCh 

f Berry Samuel, waiter 253 Spruce 

Berryman Joseph, bricklayer back 261 St. John 

Berryman Richard, shipwright 31 Mary 

Bcrrymar. Robert coachmaker 22 Mary 

Bersch Henry, baker south-east corner Fifth and Shippen 

Bertron David, M. D. corner Callowhill and Kunkel 

Bertram Francis, oysterman 222 Lombard 

Bess John, shoemaker Tenth near Callowhill 

Besselievre Francis P., accountant Fitzwater above Sixth 

Besson L. & Son, fancy dry good store 52 South Second 

Best C , widow of Michael B. Christian near Sixth 

Beswiche Ann, widow dealer 366 South Front 

Betcheil Godfrey, accountant 87 North Second 

Bethousen C, feather and bedding warehouse 7 South F: 

dwelling 49 Green 
Bethell Jacob, shoemaker, Beach near Shackamaxon (K.) 
Betterton George, grocer X.W. corner Federal and Second 
Betteridge Lucy, Fourth near Carpenter 
Bettle Rachel, widow shoemaker 16 Brown 
Betton widow, boarding house 350 Market 
Betz Phillipina, shopkeeper 227 St. John 
Betz Willium, hatter 332 -orth Second 
Bevan Matthew L., merchant 35 S. wharves, d. h. 218 /5rch 
Bevan & Porter, merchants 35 South wharves 
Beven John, painter, Sec 253 South Front 
Beverlin Magdalen, widow tayloress 6 Sugar allej 
fBeverly Thomas, mariner 37 Elizabeth 
Bewley Catharine, widow seamstress Wright's ceurt 

Philadelphia Index. BEO 

Bewly Isaac, letter carrier 130 Vine 
Beylard John, jr. merchant 101 "Walnut 

Beylle Joseph, wine merchant 63 S. Second, d. h. 184 Spruce 
Bejlle Joseph & Co., wine merchants 63 South Second 
Bian James, printer 155 South Sixth 
Bibens John, painter &c. 256 South Fifth 
Bibighaus Jacob, German teacher Rose alley (X. L.) 
Bickerton Benjamin, cooper Race near Sch. Seventh 
Bickerton Mary, nurse 25 Parham's alley 
Bickerton Thomas, oak cooper 45 Christian 
Bickham George, labourer 471 North Third 
Bickham Sarah, widow 254 South Front 
Bicking John, printer S. W. corner Third and Chesnut 
• Bickley Edward, carpenter 44 Wood 
Bickley Daniel, lumberyard and wharf Oak near Brown, dwel- 
ling SO Callowhill 
Bickley David, grocer S. E. corner Front and Callowhill 
Bickley s H. 8c J., curriers and leather store 110 Sassafras 
Bicknell George A., merchant 131 High, d. h. 4 Palmyra row 

Bidaux Charles, umbrella maker Fifth above Buttonwood 

Biddle Charles, jun. dry good store and looking glass ware- 
house S. W. corner Front and High, d. h 80 South Front 
Biddle Clement C, notary public, stock and exch. broker anfl 
attorney at law 41 Dock, dwelling 303 Spruce 

Biddle Clement, sugar refiner 27 Church alley, d.h.'204 Arch 

Biddle Edward R., gentleman 43 Walnut 

Biddle Elizabeth, widow of John, 142 High 

Biddle Hannah, widow 13S Lombard 

Biddle James C, attorney at law 43 Walnut 

Biddle John E., tailor 145 South Fifth 

Biddle John, storekeeper Vine near Eighth 

Biddle John G., broker 26 Walnut, dwelling 3 Franklin row 

Biddle Mr., gentleman 273 Chesnut 

Biddle Mrs. C, gentlewoman 43 Walnut 

Biddle S., storekeeper 52 South Fourth 

Biddle Samuel, druggist, &c. 142 High 
"Biddle Thomas & John S., stock and exch. brokers 26 Walnut 

Biddle Thomas, stock broker, Sec. 120| South Fourth 

Biddle Thomas, stock and exch. broker 26 Walnut, dwelling 
122 South Fourth 

Biddle Wm. M., gentleman 52 South Fourth 

Biddle Wm. S., counsellor at law 183 Walnut, dwelling 310 

Bigar Ann, 64 Arch 

Biggard John, oysterman 60 Cedar 

j-Biggs Henry, carter Christian near Sixth 

Btgler Jacob, sailmaker 1 Rogers' court (X. L.) 

Bigley & Sweeney, grocers N. W. corner Crab and Shippea 

Bignell John, hatter 10 Coombes' alley 

Bigonet Jacob, druggist 158 Lombard 

Bigwortb Julia, 6hoebinder back 159 St. John 

BIS Philadelphia Index. 

Bilbrough Samuel, merchant 9 Dock, dwelling" 1 Prune 

Billing widow, seamstress, 3 Smith's court 

Billings Isaac, auctioneer 383 Race 

Billings Thomas, dyer and printer Sassafras near Sch. Front 

Billings William, Whalebone alley 

Billington George, gentleman 163 Spruce 

Bills William, shipwright Federal near P'ront 

Bilsland Ann, widow 9 Franklin row South Ninth 

Binder Jacob, hatter 286 North Front 

Binder Joshua, labourer 257 Spruce 

Binder William, hatter 286 North Front 

Binderman Frederick W., tobacconist 19 north Front 

Bingham Elizabeth, widow 111 North Juniper 

Bingham John, weaver Fitzwater above Seventh 

Bingham Robert, trunkmaker S W. corner Centre square 

Bingham Samuel, printer 154 South Fifth 

Binns Benjamin P., accountant 51 Gaskill 

Binns John, alderman 70 Chesnut, editor and publisher of the 

Democratic Press 
Binney Horace, counsellor at law, office 81 & d. h. 79 S. 4th. 
Binny John, type founder N.W. corner Cedar and Ninth 
Binney Joseph, cutler cor. Passyunk road and Federal 
Bioren Benjamin, sea captain 69 Union 
Bioren John, printer and bookseller 73 South Second 
Birch Francis, tailor 17 Cherry alley 
Birch Thomas, landscape painter 25 North Fourth 
Birch Thomas, gardener corner Race and Sch. Second 
Birch Thomas, D. D. North Fourth front of the old Academy 
Birch William Y., gentleman 212 Walnut 
Bird Charles & Co., hardware merchants 98 High dwelling 

house Fourth above 12 
Bird Charles, cooper 215 South Sixth 
Bird captain George, agent for New York packets 17 South 

Wharves, dwelling 357 North Second 
fBird James, shoemaker 25 North Tenth 
Bird Jane, confectioner and pastry cook 163 Chesnut 
Bird Joseph, county treasurer, office west wing of the state 

house, dwelling Fifth above iJuttonwood 
Bird Juliana, innkeeper South Water 2d below Drawbridge 
Bird M-, fancy dry good store 61 South Second 
Birkett James, sea captain 267 South Front 
Birkhorn Elizabeth, widow N. E. corner Second & Mary 
Birmingham John, 43 Budd 
ftijrson James, 171 South Third 

Bisby Asoph, cordwainer corner Sch. Eighth And Say 
Bisby Mary, taylovess German above Second 
Bishop A labourer 38 Christian 
Bishop Benjamin cabinet maker S.W. corner Callowhiil and 

Bishop David, trader Charlotte near Poplar lane 
Bishop Mary, widow 266 Lombard 
Btshop Richard, merchant 9 Palmyra ro\r 

Philadelphia In dex. E t A 

Bishop Richard, merchant 16 South Front, dwelling Palmyra 

square , _' -, u 

Bishop Richard, importer of hosiery 55 Chesnut, dwelling 

415 Arch 

Bishop , teacher 5 Cresson's alley 

Bispham Catharine, widow tayloress 38 Christian 

Bispham Daniel, tailor Green near Shackamaxon 

Bispham George, oak cooper 200 North Fifth 

Bissell Laetitia, tutoress 520 south Front 

Bitner Catharine, tayloress 4 Knight's court 

Black Andrew, carter 111 Swansou 

Black Ann, widow 147 South Tenth 

Black Alexander, grocer S.W. corner Sixth and Shippen 

Black Furman, deputy keeper of the prison, 223 Cherry 

Black George, shipwright 15 Federal near Front 

Black James, 208 Walnut 

Black J. Young, liquid blacking maker 19 Franklin court * 

Black Joseph, labourer 86 Swanson 

Black M., cordwainer 68 German 

Black Margaret, widow of James, 22 Christian 

Black Miss, boarding house 115 Walnut 

Black Rhodes & Silas, porters 84 Gaskill 

Black Robert, importer of precious stones, jewellery and 

fancy goods, 4 Carpenter's court 
Black Samuel, wood wharf near 99 Swanson, d.h. 209 South 
Black Thomas, blacksmith 19 Franklin court 
Black Thomas, grocer 95 Shippen, dwelling Marble court 
Black Thomas, hatter .Blackberry alley 
Black William, merchant 98 North Front 
Blackburn Alexnnder, hatter back 387 Race 
Blackburne John, labourer Say street 

Blackburn Mary, widow boarding house 44 North Seventh 
Blackliart A. J., dealer 77 Bedford 
Blackiston John, sea captain 49 George (S.) 
Blackman David, shingle-dresser 112 Oak above Coates' 
Blackmail Enoch, grocer corner Oak and Noble (N. 
Blackman Robert, shoemaker 82 .Budd 
Blackston J., tanner N. W. corner Crab and Cedar 
Blackstone & Leaman, dry good merchants 147 High 
Blackwell Robert, D. D. 50 Pine 
Blackwell William, mariner back 219 Swanson 
Blackwood Atchinson, carpet weaver 125 North Eleventh 
Bladen Wm. T., biscuit baker 165 North Water 
Blaikic George D., merchant 103 North Front 
Blain Margaret, widow boarding house 100 Filbert 
Blain William, weaver High near Sch. Sixth 
Blair Hugh, superintendent of Craigs' factory 166 German 
Blair Hannah, widow 228 Pine 

Blair James, grocer corner Third and Germantown road 
Blair William, boot and shoe manufacturer 20 Chesnut 
Blake Ann, widow circulating library 166 South Third 
Blake David, labourer 77 -Bedford 

BOD PhiladtllMia Index. 

Wake George B., music store and library 13 South Fifth 

£Blake John, laborer 34 blackberry alley 

Blakely Michael, mariner back 296 South Fourth 

Blakembre Thomas V., japanner 195$ Lombard 

Blanchard Felix, tallow' chandler 81 Vine 

Blanchard Isaac W., accountant N. E. corner Dillwyn & Noblo 

Blanchard, widow boarding house 42 Carpenter 

Blane Sarah E., widow 220 Arch 

BJaney Heftry, printer 181 North Eighth 

Blaney Mary, widow 58 Penn 

Blaney Mrs., widow 1/0 South Third 

Blaney, widow washerwoman S.W. corner Centre square 

Blandford David, blacksmith back 126 North Fifth 

Blandford George,, blacksmith Cresson's alley 

Blandford Samuel, blacksmith back 126 North Fifth 

Blanding Doctor, 84 "Wood 

Blangee Reuben, pilot Smith's court north Front 

Blank Mary, widow Cedar above Twelfth 

Biankin Susan, widow shopkeeper Sch. Eighth between Sas 

safras and Vine 
Blankinback Christiana, widow Lemon 
Blame Joseph, bottler 5 North Fifth 

Biatchford Stephen, pawn broker NVV. cor. Vine & Fifth 
Bhrtt William, grocer 102 Oak (N.L.) 
Biee Samuel, brick maker George West Sch. Fourth 
Blecker Henry, eedar cooper Ridge road above Vine 
Bleyler John, tavernkeeper 300 North Second 
Block Henry, boarding house 28 North Third [see Blue 1 
Blondeau Francis, professor of music 63 North Eighth 
Blood Eleanor, widow 230 North Water 
Blood Rowland, waterman N.W. corner Brown. and Budd 
Bloom John, carter Sixth near Green 
Bloomer John, oak cooper 176 St. John 
Blower Elizabeth, widow dyer 78 North Seventh 
Bloxon Woodman, oysterman 10" Christian 
Bloxton Elizabeth, widow back 156 Swanson 
Blume George, cordwainer 21^ Pewterplatter alle) 
Bluncr Ann, bread and cake baker 137 Arch 
Ulye S. dry good store 403 north Third 
Boardman John, hatter back 262 Cedar 
fBoardly Stephen, labourer 217 Shippen 
BoateDoiah, cake baker 150 North Fifth 
Boate Horatio, printer corner of Wood and Fifth 
Boat Jacob, shoemaker 13 Pratts' court 
Boat Richard, shoemaker 15 Pratts' court 
Bochin Daniel, gentleman Bockius' court 
Bochin William, gentleman Bockius' court 
Buckholt Andrew, mariner Queen near Second 
Bockius Jacob, hatter 219 north Second 
Bockius John, sea captain 381 south Front 
Bockius William, carpenter 270 Lombard, d. h. 81 Unioi- 
Bodett Anthony, drayman corner Queen and Fifth 

Philadelphia Index. BON 

Bodey Rudolph, chairmaker 279 South Third 
Bodkin George, storekeeper 300 Walnut 
Boga John, sugar boiler 141 north Fifth 
Boggins Nicholas, fruiterer 59 north Third 
Boggs Catharine, widow tailoress 21 Plum 
Boggs David, cabinet maker 2 Kean's court 
Boggs Edwin, bricklayer 5 Shields' court 
Boggs Francis, 13 Friends' alms house 
Boggs George & James, wholesale dry good store 188 II: -A 
Boggs Margaret S. widow 123 north Ninth 
Boggs Slary, widow Hunter's court 
| Bogle Robert, waiter 46 south Eighth 
Bohlen B. & J. merchants 67 and 69 south Fourth 
Bohlen John, merchant 67 south 4th, dwelling 238 Wainu 
Bohlen Rebecca, widow 46 Tammany 
Bohonnon Charles, broker 208 south Seventh 
Boileau Thomas L. attorney at law 149 north Fourth 
Boiren Benjamin, bricklayer 148 St. John 
B jissier Anthony, baker "Eckfeldt's court 
Boisier Jerome, cordwainer 78 Lombard 
Boizard Lewis, oysterman 35 Powell [see Boyzapth 

Boke, widow, shopkeeper Juniper alley 
Boker Charles S. domestic coffee warehouse 32 Church alley 
Boker L. millinery store 14 south Fourth 
Boland John, shoemaker 183 north Front 
Bolass John, stevedore Plumb above Second 
• Holden Andrew, woodsawyer 78 north Eleventh 
Boiler, widow of John, 89 Sassafras 
Bolter Patience, widow washerwoman 70 north Junip-eT 
Bolton John R. printer Sassafras near Juniper 
Bomeisler L. Sc Co. fancy store 93 north Third 
Uonslee John, victualler, 543 north Third 
Bond Thomas, cabinetmaker Hoffman's alley 
Bonnell Samuel hardware merchant 251 High d. h. 96 n. Sixth 
tfonnell Sarah, widow washerwoman Taper alley 
Bonneuil Peter, confectioner 37 Pine 

Bond Elizabeth, widow sfioebinder near Maple & Mechanic 
Bond Henry, M. D. 120 Arch 
Bones Samuel, biker 29 north Ninth 
Bonfield Robert, stone cutter Castle street 
Bongard Margaret, washerwoman back 94 north Juniper 
Bonnafon A. dancmg master 685 S. Fourth, d. h. 100 Union 
Bonne Mrs. boarding house 68 Lombard 
Bonnin George, auctioneer 69 (upper) Cedar 
Bonsall Benjamin. Fetter lane 

.Bonsall Benjamin S. merchant 201 Spruce 
Bonsall Edward, gentleman S.W. corner Spruce and Sfxth 
JBonsall Elizabeth, widow Shields' alley 
Bonsai Henry, grocer 21 Juliana 

Bonsall John, cdavey&ttcer office 3 Carpenter's court, dwe*J= 
.ling Locust W*. of S . \>po. Washington square 


iiOY Philadelphia Index. 

Bowler Jacob, gentleman 21 Newmarket 

Howies Andrew, labourer Ridge road above CallowLili 

Bowles Robert, gentleman 20 Garden 

Bowles , bloek and pumpmaker 13 Swansnn 

Bowman Abraham, printer 4 Elmslies* alley 

Bowman Casper, labourer i?onsall near Tenth 

Bowman Charles, carter 279 South Fifth 

Bowman Charles, mariner 36 Mead alley 

-Bowman Grace, pepperpot and hominy house Old York road* 

near Coates' 
Cowman Isaac, mariner 5 Parham's alley 
Bowman Jacob, labourer Petticoat alley 
Bowman John, jun. agent for steam boats 3 High, dwelling 

Townsend's court 
Bowman Joseph, carter 13 Kunkel 
Bowman Michael, combmaker 390 north Third 
Bowman Thomas, accountant PfeifFer's alley 
Bowman Zacharia, painter &c. 207 Coates' 
Bownas James, taliow chandler Arch west Schuylkill Second 
Bowning William, victualler 272 south Seventh 
? Bowser Jeremiah, oysterman north Second, dwelDmj 177 

North Fourth 
Bowser William, 123 south Water 
Bowston Daniel, sea captain 444 south Front 
Boyce Benjamin, cordwainer 2 Locust, dwelling 197 Spr 
Boyce Hannah M. boardinghouse 113 south Third 
Boyce Sarah, boarding house 12 Gray's alley 
Boyd Charles, oysterman 25 Pewterplatter alley 
Boyd David, merchant tailor upper 33 north Fourth. 
Coyd Hugh, grocer 4 Hopkin's court (N. L.) 
Boyd Hugh, labourer W T illey's court 

Boyd John, broker 20 south Fourth, dwelling 143 Sprucfc 
Boyd John, engraver S. W. corner Chesnut and Third 
Boyd John, tailor 28 north Front 
"Boyd Maria, milliner 263 south Second 
Boyd Rev. George, D. D. north-east comer Virue arui Jul'.' 
Boyd Susan, shopkeeper 3 Wood 
Bold Thomas, nailer 330 south Front 
Boyd William, merchant back 340 High 
Boyd William, taliow chandler 121 north Fifth 
Boyer Daniel, 244 south Fifth 
Boyer James, scrivener 4 vVood near Second 
Boyer John and James, carpenters 4 \\ ood 
Boyer Mary, widow of Isaac, 142 north Second 
Boyer Valentine, vici. 28a X. Eighth, stall 57 Ne\V-marl 
Boyer William, gentleman 21 I'ow 
Boyer William W. cordwainer -! 1 Front 

Boyers Hanec, grocer South - of 

Boyle Charles, shopkeeper 325 
iJoyle Eliza, principal tea- aa Asylum of 

Joseph's church Sixth near Spi 
"Boyle James & Co. tobacconist < north Fourth 

Philadelphia Index. BAR 

Boyle James, labourer 24 Raspberry alley 

Boyle James, labourer 48 Passyunk road 

Boyle James, sandman 82 Swanson 

Boyle John, blacksmith 25 Sugar alley 

Boyle John, coachsmith 10 Chester 

Boyle Martha, spinner 79 north Juniper 

Boyles Nathaniel, grocer 543 north Front 

Boyle William, dealer south-east corner Third and Shippen 

Boys Mary, widow of Samuel, 19 Browne 

Boyter Amelia, widow back 38 i?udd 

Boz Conrad, shopkeeper Julianna 

Boze William, grocer and bricklayer 148 Lombard 

Bozorth Wi Ilium, carpenter 122 Filbert 

Braceland Jeremiah, tailor back 126 Plum 

Brackin Henry, printer 7 Cresson's alley 

Brackney Samuel, tailor 7 taker's court 

Bracner Lewis, tobacconist near Green st. Rose alley 

Brade John, carver 2 Whitaker's row 

Brades Peter, innkeeper 140 north Second 

Bradford James H. student in Alms house 

fMradford John, porter .Blackberry alley 

Bradford Samuel, cordwainer 115 Dillwyn 

Bradford Samuel F. gentleman 206 Chesnut 

Bradford Selby, city watchman Noble near Sixth 

Bradford Susannah, widow boarding house 68 north Fifth 

Bradford Thomas, gentleman 8 south Front 

Bradford Thomas, jun. attorney at law 5 Sansom 

Bradford Thomas, labourer 473 north Second 

Bradford widow, 6 College avenue 

Bradford William, printer and bookseller 8 south Front, 

dwelling 214 Mulberry 
Bradhurst Davis, boarding house 6 Franklin court 
Bradley James, baker 362 High 
Bradley John, 108 Arch 
Bradley Mary, 189 north Front 
Bradley Michael, labourer 72 Plum 
Bradley Mrs. grocer 31 Prune 
Bradley Patrick, labourer 298 Vine and 90 Filbert 
Bradley Richard S. tailor 60 Zane 
Bradley Silas, mariner 203 Lombard 
Bradley William, tailor 295 south Third 
Bradshaw Barbara, widow shopkeeper north-east corner ot 

Cherry and Tenth 
Bradshaw Sarab, taverkeepev 193 Chesnut 
Brady Alexander, carpenter SheafPs alley 
Brady Andrew, tailor 258 south Sixth 
Brady Bartholomew, shopkeeper 78 south Fourth 
Bready C. L. coachmaker 197, dwelling 132 south Fifth 
Brady Farrel, tavernkeeper 5 north Sixth 
Bready James, carpenter 283 south Fourth 
Brady James, cordwainer Taylor's court 
Brady James, labourer 3 Coombs' alley 

BRE Philadelphia Index. 

Brady James, morocco manufacturer 77 south Fifth 

Brady J. & H. dry good store S. E. comer of Fifth and Prune 

Brady John, dry good store 4 south Eighth 

Bready John, shoemaker 33 Lawrence 

Brady John, teacher 31 Prune 

Bready Lawrence, trader 168 north Water 

BradyP. and Son, cotton manufactory Cermantown road 

Brady Robert, stone cutter 7 south Thirteenth 

Bragenton widow, 438 north Front 

Brail/ John, watchman Heyde's court 

fBraklin Samuel, cabinetmaker Acorn alley 

Brand Christian, tinman 90 north Eleventh and 125 High 

Brandberg Mary, widow washerwoman 4 Knight's c urt 

Branner Federick, milkman Francisville (N. L.) 

Brandt Aime, watchmaker and jeweller 129 north Second. 

Brandt John, carpenter 388 north Third 

Brandt Taylor, innkeeper 358 north Front 

Brandt Thomas, stone mason 393 north Second 

Brandt William, well digger Eleventh above Pine 

Brannagan Thomas, collector 105 Coates' 

Brannan Benjamin, oysterman 233 Cedar 

Brannan Edward, umbrellamaker 153 north Second 

Brannon Elisha, carpenter above Fourth in Poplar lane 

Brannon John, drayman 15 Fayette 

Brannan Miss Ann, dry good store 245 south Second 

Brannan Samuel, plaisterer Fifth below Cedar 

Brannan Susannah, widow 13 Wagner's alley 

Bransau Peter, braes founder Apple bet. Fourth & Fifth (N'.L. 

Bransau Sarah, dry good store 32 north Second 

Bransau Sarah, painter on velvet 8 Fetter lane 

Branson John, cedar cooper celler 7 north Sixth, dwelling 12; 

north Sixth 
Branson Joshua E. innkeeper 14 north Front 
Bramble William, oak cooper back 9 Crown 
Brame Henry, carpenter 83 J?rown 
Bramer Surah, china store 52 Cedar 
Brasenton widow, 438 north Front 

Brasier Amuble, watchmaker and jeweller 12 south Thi 
Bratton John, weaver 121 iiudd 
Bratton R<,b. rt, carpenter 159 Cedar 
Bravard R. dry good store ~29 south Second 
Braxton Mrs. boarding house 3'±9 Mulberry 
Bray and Barcroft, dry good store 217 north Third 
Bray Elkanah, sea captain 313 south Second 
Bray Susannah, dealer 313 south Second 
Brazier Christopher, biscuit baker 8 Fetter lane 
Brazier John, whitesmith 171 Crcen [see 1 

Breadin James, tailor 67 south Front 
Bream Hannah, 1 IS South 

Breautigam Daniel, iron store 194 north Second 
Breb^n John, merchant 23 south Tenth 
Breed Samuel D. shoe manufactory 49 north Front 

Philadelphia Index. BRI 

$reen Peter, distiller N. W. corner Juniper alley and Tenth 

Breidenhart George, upholsterer 117 south Front 

Breintnall David, ladies shoemaker 200 Chesnut 

Breintnall Kev. Thomas, inquire 200 Chesnut 

Breish I. innkeeper north-west corner Poplar and Third 

Brelsford Francis, hoot and shoemaker 52 -Mechanic 

Brelsford and Joyce, Spring makers 90 Cherry 

Brelsford John, shipwright 33 Christian 

Brelsford Joseph, blacksmith near 11 Castle 

Brelsford T. innkeeper 468 north Second 

Bremen Peter, Margaretta near Front 

Brentzhofer George, wheelwright 7 Quarry 

Brethoff Henry, sea captain 21 Vernon 

Bretz Jacob, merchant 32 north Third 

Breuil Catharine, widow storekeeper 195 south Second 

Brewer John, weaver Queen near Marlborough 

Brewer Wm. clock and watch maker 4 Friend's alms house 

Brewer William, mariner 6 Little row 

Brewster Charles, grocer 473 High 

Brewster Francis E. attorney at law 5 Little George 

Brewster Samuel, shipcarpenter Beach near Marlborough (K.) 

Brick John R. currier 182 north Fourth, dwelling 31 Chesnut 

Brick William, tanner 8 Franklin 

Bricker Jacob, weaver 473 north Third 

Brickman George, baker 82 south Eleventh 

Bricknell Charles H. carpenter 228 Green 

tBridge London, waiter Ball alley near Shippen 

Bridges Culpepper, merchant 206 Pine 

Bridges James, grocer south-east corner Third and Spruce 

Bridges Jemima, widow of Robert 259 south Front 

Brierd Catharine, widow 104 Cedar 

Briggs Elizabeth, widow X. W. cor. Tammany and Dilhvyn 

Briggs John, cupper and bleeder 47 north Seventh 

Briggs William, whitesmith 155 Locust 

Brighman Charles, shoemaker 55 Budd 

Bright Ann, milliner and seamstress 12 Coombs' alley 

Bright George, gentieman north side of Chesnut between 

Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Bright George, innkeeper 132 south Water 
Brill Mary, widow market woman Petticoat alley 
Brindle James, grocer 447 near Fourth north-east comer »f 

Poplar lane 
Bringhurst George, coachmaker 23 north Fifth 
Bringhurst Mary, widow 22 north Ninth 
Bringhurst Robert R. cabinetmaker 345 south Second 
Brinsley J. S. merchant tailor N. E. corner Walnut and Fifth 
Brinton Jol.p H. counseller at law 217 Mulberry 
Brinton John S. attorney at law 12 south Seventh 
Brish Joshua, innkeeper N. W corner Poplar lane and Third 
Bristoll Hannah, 403 north Second 
Brittan Charles, shoemaker Cobb's court (N. L.) 
Britton's board yard 215 north Water 

BRO Philadelphia Index. 

Britton Isaac, oysterman 18 Green 

Britton Robert, basketmaker Callowhill near Garden 

Britton Thomas, minter Wiley's court 

Britton William, lumber merchant 142 north Water, dwell- 
ing north Ninth 

Britz Adam, grocer 426 north Front 

Broad Aaron, blacksmith 102 Market west Centre square 

Broad Joseph, tanner 16 Brown 

Broadie Christiana, widow 148 Locust 

Broadnick Richard, house carpenter Castle 

Brobston Ann, widow 45 Gaskill 

Brobston Joseph, boarding house N. W. corner Lombard and 

Brobson Joshua, grocer 437 south Front 

Brochman Benjamin, carter back 101 Dillwyn 

Brock Charles, accountant 128 Callowhill 

Brock Deacon, cordwainer 51 2?rown 

Brock John, grocer north Second, dwelling 11 PfeifFer's alley 

Brock John, tailor back 22 Elfreth's alley 

Brock Thomas, tavernkeeper S. W. corner Tenth and Arch 

Brockerman William, tobacconist 50 Tammany 

Brocklehurst R. smith Wistar's court 

Brodhead Daniel, accountant 12 Arch 

Brodhead Rev. Jacob, 77 north Fifth 

Brode Michael, tanner Noble near Front 

Brodie Andrew, grocer south-east corner Coates' and Second 

Broearley William, shipwright 66 Swanson 

Brokerhoflf Peter, sugar boiler back 500 south Front 

Brongar Catharine, widow boarding house 170 Cherry 

Bronson Enos, classical teacher 6 Franklin row below Walnut 

Bronson John, hatter 136 Swanson 

Brooke Caleb, smith 88 Callowhill, dwelling Kunkcl above 
Pegg's run 

Brooke C. and J. blacksmiths 88 Callowhill 

Brooke C. P. storekeeper 411 north Second 

Brooke Doctor, north-east corner Fourth and Tammany 

Brooke Frederick, accountant 130 St. John 

Brooke James, smith Fourth near .Brown 

Brooke John, blacksmith 88 Callowhill, d. h. 412 N. Third 

Brook John, blacksmith Charlotte near Urown 

Brooke S innkeeper and machinemaker 295 north Third 

Brook Susan, widow Charlotte near Urown 

Brooker Benjamin, broker 244 south Fourth 

Brooker Christian, silk dyer 124 north Eleventh 

Brooker Joseph, stevedore back 50 Bedford 

Brookfield Is.iac, cordwainer Trotter's alley 

Brookover John, carter b4 north Juniper 

Brooks Catharine, 22 Seventh near Walnut 

Brooks James, blacksmith back 112 ifrown 

Brooks John, carpenter 32 Garden 

Brooks John, china store & clerk at bank N. A. 179Callowhil 

Brooks John, cooper 63 south Water, dwelling- 5 Norris' alley 

Philadelphia Index. BRO 

Brookes John.plaisterer near Tammany and Old York road 

Brooks Lewis, gentleman Noble near Third 

Brooks Oliver, sea captain 17 Fine 

Brooks Robert, county commissioner Callowhillab. Eleventh 

Brooks Samuel, merchant Guard's wharf, d. b. 228 Walnut 

Brooks William, weaver Walnut below Broad 

Broom and Wagner, coopers 352 north Front 

Broom Christopher, drayman 104 Budd 

Broom James M. counseller at law office 97, d. h. 95 Walnir. 

Broome Miss Hannah, 118 Cedar 

Broome William, carpenter 75 south Second 

Broomer John, oak cooper 175 St. John 

Broomer Peter, carter Fifth below Cedar 

Broomer Thomas, labourer Fifth below Cedar 

Brotherton Hugh, shoemaker 314 south Second 

Broughton Horace, accountant 186 north Fifth 

Brown Abraham, blacksmith 97 Budd r 

Brown Abraham, mariner Third near Shippen ', 

Brown Adam, maltster Nonnater's court 

Brown Andrew, innkeeper 44 South 

Brown Andrew, teacher 51 south Fifth 

Brown Ann, 241 north Front 

Brown Anlay, tailor 6 Chesnut 

Browne Aquilla A. attorney at law 60 south Sixth, dwelling 

307 Walnut 
Brown and Wagner, coopers 352 north Front 
Brown Catharine, widow of Peter, Hanover near Prince 
jttrown Charles, coachman Acorn alley 
Brown Charles H. gentleman 25 Key's alley 
Brown Christiana, 31 Crabb 
Brown Christiana, 440 south Front 
|Brown Clement, labourer at Bushill foundry 
fBrown Constant, mariner 1 Bell's court 
Brown Cornelius, boarding house 135 north Water 
Brownhill Daniel B. hair dresser 215 north Second 
Brown David, blacksmith back 99 Budd 
Brown David P. attorney at law 104 Arch 
Brown David, sea captain 383 south Front 
Brown Deborah, widow of Dr. Thomas 42 George 
Brown Draper, labourer Fourth near Brown 
Brown Eleanor, widow tailoress 71 Gaskill 
Brown Elias, stone cutter, yard Seventh above Pine, dwelling 

13 Pine 
Brown Elias, stone cutter 195 south Seventh, dwelling Pine 

below Tenth 
Brown Elijah, commission merchant 48 Dock, dwelling 39 

south Fourth 
fBrown Elisha, waiter back 2 Dean's alley 
Brown Elizabeth, back 364 south Second 
Brown Elizabeth, boarding house 128 south Fourth 
Brown Elizabeth, milliner 97 north Second 


BRO Philadelfi!. 

jBrown Elizabeth, whitewasher 109 Ch . 

Brown Elizabeth, widow High corner Schu; 

Brown Elizabeth, widow of George 127 < 

Brown Esther, widow 165 Arch 

Brown Elizabeth, widow seamstress 89 Passyunk road 

fBrov. n Emanuel, waiter hack 94 north Eleventh 

Brown Francis, tailor FrancisviHe (X. L.) 

Brown Frederick, chemist and druggist n<: 

Chesnut and Fifth 
j-Br >wn George, barber 135 Lombard 
Brown George, oysterman 196 Cedar 
Brown George, tavernkeeper Cedar near Gi 
Brown George, tobacconist Spruce west Sci.u) ikiil Front 
Brown Gowen. cordwainer 2o Shippen 
Brown Hannah, widow 62 Vine 

Brown Henry, cordwainer George above Second \S 155 C 
Brown Henry, ladies' shoemaker 11 Marshall's alley 
Brown Henry L. chair and sofamaker, 66 Dock 
Brown Isaac, carpenter corner Fifth and Davis' t 
Brown Isaac, gilder 8 Spruce 
Brown Isabella, wid jW corner Arch a 
Brown Isaiah, labourer 267 south Fifth 
Brown Jacob, morocco dresser 16 Poplar lane 
Brown Jacob. r S. W. cor. Sch. I 

Brown Jacob, corder Oak above Green (N. L) 
t Brown Jacob, carter Smith's court near Eic: 
Brown Jacob, cordwainer Taper alley 
Brown James, cor :->. E. corner I . 

Brown James X. mari:. 
Brown James, M, D 352 Market 
Brown James, merchant 109 south Third 

a James, sin 12 Willing* s alley 

Brown James, skin dre irth above Poj 

Brown James, tailor 28 Franklin court 
Brown James, waiter 32 Bonsai] 
Brown James, weaver St. Joseph's avenue 
Brown J. and M. and M. D Lew's, rnei 
jBrown Jesse, 264 south Seventh 

vn Jeremiah, merchant 114 Arch 
Brown Joel, emaker 1 

Brow Co. merchants 2& 

Brown John ?c Co. merchants 16 Chesnut 

vn John, brushmaker 24 Ann 
Brown John C. blacksmith Beach above >I 
Browne John C, shtpsmtth and lumber mer 

north Front, dwelling Bench above 1! 
Brc .lector 44 Mead alley 

Urown John, engineer near 11 Sassafr 

jentleman b Front 

;er 62 south Ele~- 
i . ourer Fitzwater belo' 

% 353 s&utk P;\ * 

Philadelphia Index. BRO 

Brown John, merchant 216 Chesrmt 

Brown John M. rigger 14 Noble 

Brown John P. fisherman Warren 

Brown John, painter &c. 22 Raspberry 

Brown John S. shoemaker 167 north Third 

Brown John, silver plajter north Tenth second house above 

Cherry or 15 north Third 
Brown John, tailor 16 Broad 
Brown John, 376 north Front 
Brown Joseph, boot-tree and lastmaker and finding store 13 

Dock, dwelling 5 Lxtitia court 
Brown Joseph, currier 6 Elmslie's alley 
Brown Joseph, mariner 90 Christian 
Brown Lewis, merchant 146 High 

Browne Liberty, conveyancer 18 S Sixth, d.h.59 Tammany 
f Brown Lowery, coachman Mark's lane 
| Brown Lunar, sweep Brown above Fourth 
f Brown Lunar, jun. ragman Brown above Fourth 
Brown M. and J. M. riggers first wharf belo"W Hay-scales 
Brown Margaret, widow Galbraith's court 
Brown Maria, widow of Stephen fancy millinery store 6 N.Sixlh 
Brown Mark, labourer at Bushill foundry 
Brown Martha, widow back 111 Catharine 
f Brown Mary, Rose alley (City) 
Brown Mary, shopkeeper Brown near Fourth 
Brown Mary widow 6 South alley 
j-Brown Mary, widow Gaskill above Fourth 
Brown Mary, widow Brown's court 
Brown Mary, widow 36 Zane 
Brown Michael, rigger 6 Margaretta 
Brown Mrs. M. teacher 205 Arch 
Brown Noble, carter opposite 320 south Sixth 
Brown Paul S. merchant Girard's wharf, dwelling 132 Spruce 
Browne Peter A. counsellor at law 194 Chesnut 
Brown Peter, brushmaker 72 Crown 
Brown Rachel, widow back 116 German 
Brown Rebecca, boarding house 135 north Water 
Brown Rebecca, glovemuker 143 Locust 
Brown Richard, storekeeper 353 south Second 
f Jrown Robert, labourer Ninth above Cedar 
f Brown Robert, master sweep 149 Locust 
Brown Robert, weaver Callowhill near Twelfth 
f Brown Samuel, mariner Osburn's court 
Brown Sarah, widow boarding house 213 Arch 
Brown Thomas, captain of U. S. navy 78 south Eleventh 
f Brown Thomas, coachman 254 Lombard 
Brown Thomas, gentleman N. E. cor. Tammany and Diliwyn 
Brown Thomas, grocer south-east corner Locust and Ninth 
Brown Thomas L. tailor 71 Gaskill 
Brown Thomas, storekeeper 17 south Second 
Brown William, cabinetmaker back 132 South Front 

BRY Philadelphia Index . 

Brown William, cabinetmaker back of 132 Cedar 
Brown AYilliam, bottler 50 north Fifth 
Brown William, hair cutter Miller's alley 
Brown William, inspector of the customs 123 Lombard 
Brown William, labourer Jones' alley n. Sch. Fifth £J Filbert 
Brown William, ladies' shoemaker 140 Lombard 
■f Brown William, master sweep 136 Cherry 
Brown William, plumber 180 Lombard 
Brown William, printer, office Wagner's alley near Race 
Brown William, tanner Fifth above Callowhill 
Brown William, tanner 69 Plum 
Brown William, tanner Old York road near Noble 
Brown William W. carpenter 25 Wood below Fourth 
Brown William, whitesmith 21 Green 
| Brown William, waiter 32 Bonsall 
Brown William, watchmaker 57 south Front 
Brown widow, 87 north Ninth 

Brown widow, boarding house 4th door ab. Eleventh in George 
jBrownhiil Daniel B. hairdresser 215 north Second 
Bruce Mrs. gentlewoman 39 Swan son above Eighth 
Bruce Queen, biscuit baker 30 Queen 
Bruce Thomas, cabinetmaker 152 St. John 
Bruck William A. cracker & biscuit seller 99 Crown Si 68 Arch 
Brudanell George, 250 South 
Bruff Robert, carpenter 108 north Second 
Brugiere C. and A. Teisseire, merchants 247 High 
Brun De Doetor, 136 north Third 
Brunei Andrew, 14 Magaretta 
Brunner Adam, skindresser &c. 11 Margaretta 
Brunner John, carver and gilder 87 north Third 
Brunner William, skindresser 112 St. John and 11 Margaretta 
Brumer Adam and William, skin dressers and parchment 
manufactory Peg near Front 

Brumer Benjamin, sailmaker, 13 Budd 

Brustar Lucinda, widow 473 Sassafras 

Brustar Samuel, cabinetmaker Queen near Marlborough 

Bryan Catharine?, seamstress 273 south Fifth 

Bryan Isaac, shallopman back 28 Duke 

Bryan James, tavernkeeper 289 Vine 

Bryan John, cabinetmaker 5 Hinckle's court 

Bryan John, oak cooper 50 Cherry 

Bryan Mary, widow boarding house 89 south Sixth 

Bryan Thomas O. coachman 15 Filbert 

Bryan T. M. merchant 223 Arch 

Bryan William P. merchant 223 High, dwelling 401 Arch 

Bryant Henry, mariner 222 Shippen 

Bryant John Y. chemist &c. 173 south Second 

Bryant Moses H. tailor 83 Brown 

Bryant M. Y. druggist 230 north Second 

Bryant T. J. druggist &c. 396 north Front & 205 N. Eighth 

Bryant William, cabinetmaker 67 Dock 

Brynan John, umbrellamaker and shoe seller 192 S. Second 

Pfiiladdfihia Index, BVX 

Bryson William, cordwainer 30 Elizabeth 
Buck and Krumbhaar, merchant* 144 South Third 
Buck Chauncey, tinplateworker George near Thirty 
Buck Christian, shoemaker 223 north Fourth 
Buck Ebenezer, dry good store 455 High 
fHuck Edward, mariner 129 Cedar 
Buck George, labourer Charlotte near Brown 
Buck Leonard, cedar cooper 331 north Third 
Buckley Adam, cedar cooper Smith's court 
Buckley Anthony M. merchant 139 S. Front, d. h. 87 S. Third 
Buckley Chauncy, attorney at law 48 Walnut 
Buchanan Alexander, cordwainer, Duncan's court 
"Buchannan Elizabeth, widow grocery store 136 north Juniper 
Buchannan George, bridle-bitmaker Fourth near Coats' 
Buchannan George, basketmaker 496 north Second 
Buchannan Margaret, widow 119 north Juniper 
Buchannan widow, gentlewoman 68 south Eighth 
Ruchltalter George F. baker 25 Franklin court 
tluckius Ann, widow Margaretta near New-market 
Buckman and Benson, exchange brokers 2 south Thh'4. 
*Buckman Benjamin, hatter 15 Norris' alley 
Huckman Jacob, house carpenter Rose alley 
Uuckman J. exchange broker 2 S. Third, dwelling 19 SwarfSftv. 
Buckingham Edward, shoemaker 60 north Sixth 
Buckingham John, messenger to the health office 42 S.FITQ 
Buckley Elizabeth, 240 north Water 
Buckley Martha, widow 249 Spruce 
Budd John B. merchant 7 north Water 
Budd Samuel, stove finisher 2 Pfeiffer's alley 
Budd Susan, widow 171 Pine 

Budd Thomas W. cabinetmaker Tammany near St John 
Budd Thomas, attorney at law 15 south Fifth, d. h. 146 Arch 
Budden Joseph, shoemaker 439 north Second 
Buffington A. dry good store 58 south Second 
Buffington Isaac, cabinetmaker 11 Green's court 
Buglass Mary, bookbinder Coombs' alley 
Bujac M. merchant, 176 Market 
jBuley Wilhelmina, Deane's alley 
Bulkley C. hatter 61 south Third 
Bulkley Elizabeth, widow 1 Randall's court 
Bull Marcus, gold beater 22 Pear 
Bullen Henry, harnessmaker 28 Raspberry alley 
"Sullin Justus P. ladies' shoemaker 5 Shippen 
Bullock and Davis, tanners 473 north Front 
Bullock Benjamin, tanner 471 north Front 
Bullock Benjamin, wood dealer 471 and 473 north Fro*^ ^. 
Uunam Elizabeth, widow washerwoman ab. Race Sc*« Rigutt 
Bumm George, carter S. W. corner of Lombard otl d Bro2& 
Summ Peter, silversmith and jeweller 119 Cfcesnut 
jiund Maria, confectioner 66 Almond 
■Bluidick John, cordwainer German bctoW Fourth 
D 2 

BUR Philadelphia Index, 

fBundy Solomon, waiter 14 Elizabeth 

Bunker and Starr, merchants 19 S. Water and 56 S. wharves 

Bunker Charles, confectioner and fruiterer 278 S. Second 

Bunker John, mariner Church near Christian 

Bunker Nathan, merchant 19 S. Water, d. h. 22 Washington 

Bunn George, boarding house 599 north Second 

Bunn Revil, ladies* shoemaker back 101 Cherry 

Bunting Alice, teacher 117 north Front 

Bunting and Schofield, 37 north Front 

Bunting Charles, coachmaker 74 Wood 

Bunting George, labourer 175 St. John 

Bunting John, carpenter 172 south Sixth 

Bunting Joshua, & Co. commission merchants Latimer and 

Murdock's wharf 
Bunting Josiah, lumber merchant 281 Spruce 
Bunting Patrick, mariner 3 Miller's court 
Bunting Philip S. merchant 95 north Second 
Bunting Samuel, merchant 12 Branch 
Bunting S. C. merchant 93 north Second, dwelling 63 Pine 
Buonaparte Joseph, gentleman S. E. corner Market & 12th 
f Burch John, old clothes dealer south Seventh near Fitzwater 
Burchall Sarah, widow of Caleb hatter Jones' alley near 

Schuylkill Fifth and Filbert 
Burd Albert, silver plater Shriver's court 
Burd Edward, gentleman 233 Chesnut 
Burd Edward S. counsellor at law 276 Chesnut 
■f'Burd James, shoemaker 6 north Tenth 
Burd John, confectioner 72 Budd 
fBurd John, mariner Stewart's alley 
Burd John, tallow chandler 6 Cypress alley 

Burd Matthias, carter 317 Callowhill 

Bard William, gentleman 200 Arch 

Burden Alexander, fancy and Windsor chairmaker 293 and 
297 Mulberry 

Burden Doctor, office corner St. John and Green 

Burden F. bricklayer 6 doors above Walnut in Thirteenth 
^Burden Hannah, widow 529 south Front 

Burden Joseph, Windsor and fancy chairmaker 95 and 97 
south Third north-east corner York 

Burden J. R , M. D. 95 south Third 

Burden Lydia, seamstress 216 south Third 

Burdick Lewis, painter &c. 13 Mark's lane 

Burdm Calvin, tavernkeeper S. E corner Spruce and Water 

Buret Charles, cabinetmaker N. W. cor. Third and Lombard 

Bu?ge John, confectioner 38 south Eighth 

Burger George C. tavernkeeper 116 Callowhill 

BuijFCesa %y, widow280 south Sixth 
-*4Burge*s Robevt, wholesale grocer High between Schuylkill 
Fifth Ntnd Sixth 

Burgin Bs.yjd, druggis* Arch street ferry 

Burgin Gebrge, druggist 74 Chesnut 

fiturgms David R. druggist 57 north Third 

Philadelphia Index. BUK 

Burk Eleanor, widow 169 south Eleventh 

Burk Elizabeth', washerwoman 464 north Third 

Burk George, soap boiler 228 Catharine 

Burke Hugh, shipsmith 30 Christian 

Burk Jacob, teacher 153 S. John's 

Burk James, tailor and clothing warehouse 30 south Sixth 

Shakspeare buildings, dwelling 105 south lentil 
Burk John, painter 216 Vine 
Burk Michael, cordwainer Green's court 
Burk Peter W. saddler Hyde's court 
Burk Thomas, coachtrimmer south Juniper near Kelley's ailet 

(say 35 south Juniper) 
Burk Thomas, gentleman 33 Plum 
Burk Thomas, merchant 6 north Second 
Burkart Adam L. turner 45 Wood 
Burkhardt and Bailey, merchants 7 north Second 
Burkhart George, baker 46 Filbert 
Burkhard Henry, dry good merchant dwelling 70 Vine 
Burkhart John, bootmaker cor. Green st. and Rose alley 
Burkhart J. sea captain near old York road and Tammany 
Burkhart Peter, hairdresser 57 north Water 
Burkhart P. dentist bleeder Sic. 72 north Front 
Burkhart R. F. pianoforte maker 83 north Fifth 
Burkart Samuel, brushmaker 66 north Front 
Burkhart Samuel, tobacconist 91 north Fifth 
Burket Valentine, accountant 30 Appletree alley 
Burkitt William, carpenter 13 Cox alley 
Burkelow Isaac, storekeeper 258 north Second 
Burley Joshua, carter Oak above Green 
Burley Thomas reed maker Green and Cermantown road 
Burling B. S. merchant 213 north Eighth 
Burling Matthew, watchman 36 Coats' 
Burman John, victualler Julian near Callowhill 
Burman Samuel, carter 321 south Front 
Burn John, silver plater 22 Callowhill 
Burn Joseph, storekeeper 244 north Front 
Burncater Elizabeth, widow washerwoman Maria 
Bilrnell Robert, painter and glazier 16 Noble 
Burnett George, machinist 141 south Sixth 
fBurnett James, plaisterer Race west of Schuylkill Eighth 
Burnett Samuel, cordwainer corner Pine and Bidl alley 
Burns Aaron, sea captain "42 Vine 
Burns Eliza, widow Lombard below Twelfth 
Burns George, labourer Mark's lane 
Burns Jesse, sad'lei'T42 Cherry 
B.irns John, sea capuin 152 Locust 

Burns John M. boot b. and shoe manufacturer 49 S Thirft 
Burn3 Nicholas, grocer corner Sansom and Seventh 
Burns William, tailor 3 Carlyle's court 
Burnson Peter, labourer 106 no?th Eleventh 
Burr Beaulah, boardinghouse 78 north Front 

BL*T Philadelphia Index. 

R irr George H. merchant 13 north Front— dwelling 11 V * 

Burr Joseph, painter and glazier 237 Lombard 

Burr Rebecca, widow 11 Vine 

Burrell — — , oysterman and dealer 118 Lombard 

Rurrough Archibald, tailor 113 Brown 

Burt Nathaniel, dry good store SW corner High and Sixth 
:es John, accountant Beach above "Warren (K.) 
s John, cotton factory corner Beach and Warren (K. 

Burton and Vanbohink, mastmakers near navy yard 
Burton D. coachman 32 Burd's court 
.rton Elisha, coachman 14 Gray's alley 

f Burton Milford, stablekeeper back 80 north Front 
rton Moses, waiter Lombard above Tenth 

Burton Robert, shipwright Swanson near navy yard 

Burton Samuel, silk woollen and cotton dyer and scotfr; 
Bank alley. 

Burroughs Ann, widow 48 north Eighth 

Burrows Benjamin, tailor 54 Almond 

Burrows James, weaver Say 

Burrows Jesse, carpenter Malt alley — dwelling B2 S 

Burroughs L. tailor 206 St. John's 

Burrows Wm. spectacle maker 71 Noble 

Burwell Stephen, bootmaker, 3 Bedford 

Bury John, merchant 57 Keys' alley 

Busar F.dward, drayman 16 Mulberry alley 

Busby F. W. dry good store 43 new Market 

Busby H. flour merchant 215 north Eigth 

Busch Andrew, shoemaker 138 north Third 

Bush Peter, innkeeper 395 High 

Bush Susannah, widow nurse 19 Plum 

Bushart George, storekeeper 9 north Fifth 

Busbart John, cedar cooper 42 old York road 
Bushell John J, morocco factor}* 210 Vine street dwel 
house 58 Chester 

-man John, bleeder and hair dresser 98 north Fifth 
Busser Moses, mariner back 79 Swanson 
Bussiere Francis, tinplate worker 241 and 321 south Sec'GTui 

"Bussier Samuel, starchmaker 103^ Christian 
Bussinger Frederick, lace weaver 3 Appletree alley 
JBustin David, plaisterer Callowhill near Crown 
Butcher Amos W. merchant 49 north Water 

■^Butcher John, tinplate worker 363 south Front 

Butcher Joseph, wheelright 25 Wood 

Butcher Martha, seamstress 6 Biddle's alley 

Butcher Samuel, cordwainer 300 south Third 

Butcher Wm. boot & shoe manuf. SE cor. Arch and Seren" 

Butland John, lace and fringe weaver 137 Cherry 

Butler Ann, widow 13 Elfreth's -hey 

Butler Eli, carpenter Abbott's garden Gray's ferry read 

Butler Eve, widow washerwoman Eleventh beL&w Spruce 

Butler Charles, plaisterer George near Tenth 

BMler George, planemaker 178 north Eighth 

Philadelphia Inde CAI 

Butler Isabella, widow Duncan's court 

Butler James, combmaker 85 north Fifth 

Butler John, planeniaker 11 Quarry 

Butler John, shoemaker 116 Dillwyn 

Butler John K. sea captain 7 Harmony court 

Butler John, watchman back 24 Duke 

Butler Joseph, tailor 1 \\ atson's alley 

Butler Joseph, tailor 92 Crown 

Butler J. tave-rnkeeper 44 south Eighth 

Butler Magret, widow 56 Lombard 

Butler Moses, cordwainer 22 Oak street 

Butler Pierce, wharf builder Beach near Maiden 

Butler Pierce, accountant Third below Shippen 

Butler Richard, oysterman, Baker street near Fitzwater 

Butler Samuel, tailor Nonnater's court 

Butler Samuel G. painter Sec. 136 south Ninth 

f-Butler Thomas, hair dresser 46 north Eighth 

Butler Thomas, Esq. gentleman N-W cor. Chesnut and Eighth 

Butler William L. ladies' shoemaker 106 Locust 

f Butler William, labourer 27 Bonsall 

Butler William, bill sticker 136 south Ninth 

Butterworth I. tanner 355 north Third 

Butterworth John, tinplate worker under 90 Market 

Buvier Peter, victualler S. W. cor. Prime &■ Moyamensing i 

Buzby & CaufFman, stone cutters 339 Sassafras 

Buzby H. &. Co. merchants 365 High dwelling 26 Wood 

Buzby B. Harman stone cutter 164 Cherry 

Buzzell Daniel, bone and ivory button maker SW corner or 

Lombard and Broad 
fByard David, feed store 228 Lombard 
Byer John, comb maker Lilly alley 
Byerly Andrew, supercargo 9 Sansom 
Byerly Christopher, gentleman 9 Sansom 
Byerly John, gentleman 192 Vine 
Byerly John, shipwright Hanover (N. L.) 
Byerly Sophia, sh( pkeeper Queen near Hanover 
Byers Margaret, widow 15 north Thud 

Byrne Ellen, widow of Patrick NE corner Chesnut and Fifth 
Byrne Gerald, 7 north water 
Byrne John, bleeder 125 Swan son 
Byrne Margaret, seamstress 124 Queen 
Byron Bebecca, dry good store 271 south Second 
Bywater William, shoemaker, 183 north Eighth 

CADDY ROBERT, tailor 1 ElmshVs alley 

Cadwalader gen. Thomas, counsellor at law SE corner Arc' 

and Ninth 
Caff rey James, tailor 3 I north Fourth 
Cahill Edward, blacksmith 32 Powell 
Cahoone John, porter St. Joseph's a\ enue 
Cain David, hostler 5 South alley 
Cain Robert, tailor 33 Mulberry 

CAM Philadelphia index. 

Cain Thomas, labourer "Washington street Jllorrii 

s Hetty, widow 5 Shepherd's alky 
Gair John, weaver Jones' alley north Schuylkill 5th 3c Fiiber- 
Cake Joseph, hatter 110 north Second 

Caldcleugh Robert A. gentleman 64 aixl dwelling 66 Walnut 
Caldwell Alexander, inkeeper 288 High 

Caldwell & Kilpatrick, blacksmiths, corner Brown and Front 
Caldwell David, clerk of the circuit and district courts of the 

United States, office in state house — dwelling' 181 Callow 
Caldwell Dennis, ship watch bark of €9 Christian 
Caldwell James, fish store ~ Strawberry 
Caldwell James, gentleman 262 Walnut 
Caldwell James B. grocer 99 south Second 
Caldwell James, 25 Branch 
Caldwell James, shoemaker 54 Chester 
Caldwell Jane, shopkeeper 195 north Fifth 
Caldwell Martha, widow 145 north Eighth 
Caldwell Ninian, grocer SW corner Swanson and Almo 
Caldwell Xoble, fencenYaker Coats' below Sixth 
Caldwell Sarah, widow 107 Lombard 
Caldwell Thomas, accountant Hamilton village 
Caldwell Thomas, Bailor Twelfth near Vine 
Caldwell Thomas, sea captain 22 Christian 
Caldwell Timothy, brickmaker 16 Chester — kilns Hie 

lane' above Eighth 
Caldwell Wilham, marble labourer Race near Sch. High 
Call John, harnesamaker 33 Maty 
Call William, tanner and currier 161 south Tenth 
Callahan Charles, grain measurer 9 \\ ood 
Callahan Martin, wa'er works 198 Chewy 
Callahan Thomas, labourer 108 Thirteenth 
Callaghan Charles, merchant Spruce street wharf— 

164 Sprqce 
CalLan Samuel, weaver 163 south Tenth 
Callan William, weaver 50Bedfo;d 
Callender Mrs. widow 1?9 south Etevei 

•S. boarding school for voung ladies 79 S - 
Calliole Peter, fruiterer ic. 160 High 
Callion Marshall, printer Hyde's court 
Callord Henry, carpenter 13 Elizabeth 
Calscher Dayid, keeper of carls i orth Ninth near V. 
Calvert James, accountant Smith's a. 
Calvert Nathaniel, broker 34 German 
Carnac Turner, gentleman 152 south Third 
t'amm William, hatter 24 north Third 
Cammeron Alexander, cordwainer 303 Walnut 
Cammeron Elizabeth, seamstress 6-Miller's court 
Cameron James, gentleman 169 Walnut 
Cameron John, smith 104 north Eighth and Rasberry . 
Camp Nathaniel, labourer Prime above Second 
C&mpardon John B. tailor \37 south Fourth above Pine 
pbell Alexander, boot and shoe manufacturer 83 I 

Ph iladelphia In dex. C A N 

Campbell Andrew, cordwainer cor. Fourth and Noble 
Campbell Archibald, weaver S\V corner Beaver and 
Campbell Archibald, weaver Ann near Schuylkill Eighth 
■f Campbell Benjamin, mariner 206 south Fifth 
Campbell Catharine, widow Queen below Sixth 
Campbell Daniel, weaver Hopkins' court 
Campbell David, cabinetmaker &c. 17 Chesnut 
Campbell Elizabeth, storekeeper 268 St. John's 
Campbell Henry, coachmaker Eighth between Carpente: 

Love lane 
Campbell Hugh, & Co. plumbers &c. 15 north Sev<: 
Campbell Hugh, plumber dwelling 85 north Sixth 
Campbell Isaac, watchmaker 98 north Third 
Campbell James, carpenter Ninth below Lombard 
Campbell James, carter 171 Green 
Campbell James, labourer Queen below Third 
Campbell James, labourer Schy. 3d between Walnut - - 
Campbell James, labourer 11 Pewterplatter alley 
Campbell Jane, widow tailoress 156 south Tenth 
Campbell John D. merchant-tailor 8 south Third 
Campbell John, sea captain 94 Lombard 
Campbell John, sea captain 19 Shippen 
Campbell John, tailor 109 south Second 
Campbell Jonathan, shoemaker 261 St. John's 
Campbell Joshua, grocer cor. Cailowhill and Old York r-. 
fCampbell Joshua, segar-box maker 6 Sassafras alley 
Campbell Maria, boarding house 10 Sansom 
Campbell Michael, hostler back of 36 north Third 
Campbell Michael, shoemaker back 33 north Fifth 
Campbell Quintin, cashier of the Philadelphia t. 

Fourth next to the bank 
Campbell Robert, engraver 86 South 
Campbell Richard, watchman Perkenpine couri 
Campbell Thomas, ladies' shoemaker 81 Cedar 
Campbell Thomas, merchant 22i Pine 
Campbell Tristram, tailor 341 north Front 
Campbell William, oakcooper 58 Union 
Campbell William, cabinet maker 136 south Fourth 
Campbell William, shoemaker 89 Cedar 
Canby Caleb H. plumber 29 Bank alley— d. h. 137 Mar£< 
.Canby Isaiah H. grocer N'W corner Walnut and Fourth 
Cane Catharine, cake shop High west Schuylkill Fo. 
Cane James, grocer north Eleventh above Race 
Caner John, cabinetmaker 196 Pine 
Caner Michael, coachmaker 205 south Seventh 
Canfield P. lottery and exchange broker 127 Che 
Cann Hannah, widow 115 Coats' 
Cannon Andrew, mariner 569 south Front 
Cannon Daniel B. flour dealer 24 Plum c? 64 S. wfcaa 
Cannon E. straw bonnet maker 67 south Second 
Cannon John, grocer north-west cor. Second and CatHfrina 
Cannon Patrick, labourer 84 Budd 

CAR Philadelphia Index. 

Cannon Samuel, merchant 342 High 

Cannon William, tavern, coach and livery stable keeper 83 

south Fifth 
Canter Jacob, cabinet maker 9 Filbert — d. h. 143 Eleventh 
Cantrell Robert, innkeeper corner of Swanson and Prime 
Cantrell Robert, victualler north-east corner Cedar and Sixth 
Cany Charles, dry good merchant 6/ north Second 
Cape Joseph, back 100 Plum 
Capehard James, carpenter Poplar below Fourth 
Capp Catherine, Juniper near Vine 
Capp John G. Juniper near Vine 
Carberry William, gentleman 60 Union 
Card Hannah, tailoress 121 north Sixth 
Cardeza J. M. gentleman 57 Union 

Cardwell Margaret, millinery and fancy store 62 S. Second 
Cardwell William C. merchant 14 Chesnut — dwelling south- 
west corner Twelfth and Walnut 
Care Barbara Ann, widow 238 Spruce 
Care Jesse, saddle-tfreemaker 10 Alms-house 
Cary Edward, hairdresser NW corner Second and Walnut 
Carey Edward, victualler Fourth near Carpenter 
Carey Daniel, cordwainer Christian near Eighth 
Carey H. C. & I. Lea, booksellers and stationers 126 Chesnut 
Carey Henry C. bookseller 126 Chesnut — d. h. 114 Walnut 
Carey Mathew, gentleman 124 and 126 Chesnut cor. Fourth 
f Carey Robert, mariner back 51 Small 
Carlile Abm. hardware mer. 139 High — d. h 219 X. Front 
Carlire Mablon, cordwainer back 4 Stamper's alley 
Carlisle John, cordwainer 204 south Second 
Carlisle William, carpenter Vine near Juniper 
Carlisle Sarah, widow Arch near Twelfth 
Carll Maskell M., D. I). 40Sansom and back 231 Arch 
Carlley Jeremiah, cordwainer 56 Shippen 
Carlley Joseph, carter 70 Shippen 
Carlley Rebecca, midwife 56 Shippen 
Carlton George, late tavernkeeper 145 Spruce 
Carmalt C. & J. conveyancers 241 Mulberry 
Carmalt Caleb, jun. conveyancer 298 north Third 
Carman Jacob, carpenter 132 south Fourth 
Carman James, saddle-treemaker 142 Swanson 
Carman James, labourer China 

Carman William, merchant 317 High — dwelling 204 Arch 
Carman Wilson P. coachmaker 30 Cherry 
Carmack Mary, grocer 204 north Water NW corner Vine 
Carmichael George & Son, tobacconists 404 High 
Carnahan Samuel, widow 96 Christian 
Carnes Thomas, labourer back 81 Walnut 
Carney Patrick, boot and shoemaker 47 south Third 
Carney Patrick, labourer 266 south Third 
Carney Rachel, shoebinder 16 Oak (S.) 
Carpenter and Levan, grocers 213 north Third 
Carpenter Benjamin E. grocer 213 north Third 

Philadelphia Index. C A R 

f Carpenter Collins, 20 Elizabeth 

Carpenter George W. cordwainer Workman's court 

Carpenter John, bookbinder 32 Coats' alley 

Carpenter John, cabinet maker Sixth near Coats' 

Carpenter J. shoe dealer 208 south Second 

Carpenter Joshua, painter 70 Lombard 

Carpenter Mary, widow Sixth below Coats' 

Carpenter Miles N. grocer 89 Wood 

Carpenter Powell, bricklayer 79 Tammany 

Carpenter Robei't, saddler back 154 Sassafras 

Carpenter Sarah, widow, 69 Cherry 

Carpenter Stephen H. carpenter, Rose alley 

Carpentier L. U. merchant 4 York buildings 

Carr Ann, Marriott lane between Fifth and Sixth 

Carr Benjamin, professor of music 7 Powell 

Carr Edward W. screw and saw maker and smith 158 Ra 

dwelling 120 north Fifth 
Carr James,wharf builder Reach near Maiden (K.) 
Carr J. innkeeper 149 north Fourth 
Carr John, ashman, Hodge's wharf 
Carr Leah, widow nurse Juniper alley 
-fCarr Leven, labourer Currant alley 
Carr Martha, widow nurse 2 Miller's court 
Carr Mary, widow Townsend's court 

Carr Morgan, grocer 146 south Third corner Cypress alley 
Carr Samuel, augur filer 68 Noble 

Carre Charles, blacksmith Second near Queen and 66 Green 
Carrell Elizabeth, widow 1 Chester 
fCarrell Elizabeth, widow Blackberry alley 
Carrell Hannah, tailor Raccoon alley (N.L.) 
Carrell John & Son, hardware merchants 193 High 
Carrell John, cordwainer 4 Gilbert's court 
Carrell John, hardware merchant 198 High 
Carrell John, jun. hardware merchant 198 High 
Carrell Thomas, blacksmith back 42 Zane, and back 28 north 

Carroll James, drayman 1 1 Gaskill 
Carroll Osborn, clothes' dealer Portland lane 
Carrey Thomas, cabinetmaker 19 Pewterplatter alley 
Carrygan James, carpenter Mark's lane 
Carson Ann Mrs. widow corner Bryan's court Cherry alley 
Carson George, cordwainer 105 north Ninth 
Carson John M. shoemaker 62 north Fourth 
Carson John, paper hanging factory Kunkel 
Carson Jonathan, 397 High 

Carson Robert, cordwainer Federal near Second 
Carson Robert, shoe store 18 Market — dwelling Prime be? 

tween Front and Second 
Carson Sarah, shopkeeper 27 Cresson's alley 
Carson Thomas, cabinetmaker Sch. Seventh neaT Mulberry 
Carson William, mariner 502 south Front 

CAS Philadelphia Index. 

Carsfield Francis, whitesmith 252 St. John's 

Carstairs James, grocer and liquor merchant south Wharvti 

second door above Cedar — dwelling- 121 Lombard 
Carswell Samuel, mariner Lombard street alley near Penn 
Carswell Samuel, widow of 24 south Front 
Cart Elizabeth, widow 83 Germantown road 
Carter Barnaby, gentleman 168 Chesnut 
Carter D. C. merchant 182 High — dwelling 2 Palmyra row 
Carter Elizabeth, layer-out of the dead 3 Hinkel's court 
Carter Enoch, painter and glazier 34 south Fourth — dwelling 

12 Swanwick 
Carter Henry Y., M. D. 82 south Fifth 
Carter Job, blacksmith Scott's court 
Carter John, 7 Randall's court 

Carter John, jr. ship carpenter Queen near Shackamaxo;: 
Carter John, ship carpenter Queen near Shackamaxon 
Carter Joseph, liven, stablekeeper 86 south Eleventh 
Carter Joseph, nail factory 331 south Second 
Carter Joseph, tailor 9 Coombs' alley 
Carter Joseph, tavernkeeper 8 Letitia court 
Carter Samuel, accountant 133 north Sixth 
Carter Sarah, widow of John, 52 south Fifth 
Carter Sharon, china merchant 18 S. Front — dwelling 244 

north Third 
Carter Thomas and William, livery stable keepers Pruru-. 

near Sixth 
Carter Thomas, livery stable keeper 52 south Fifth 
Carter Thomas, watchmaker nortfi-west corner Swanson am". 

Parham's alley 
Carter William, dyer and scourer 93 New 
Carter Wm. weaver near forks Germantown road 
Carteret Joshua, cabinet and clVairmaker 399 smith Front 
Cartmell &. English, smiths 125 S. Sixth and back of 50 >'. 
Cartmell Solomon, bhu-ksmith 125 south Sixth 
Cartey Jeremiah, cordwai icr Prime opposite navy yard 
Cartwright Mary, widow 44 George (S.) 
Carty John, carpenter 7 Myers* court 
Carty Josiah, hatter 177 Race 
Carty Mary, widow 148 Pine 
Carver Jacob, currier 52 Green 
L'arver Hannah, widow of Samuel, 96 Spruce 
Carver Mrs. boarding house 1 100 south Fourth 
£arvill H. and C. gold leaf manufacturers 55 Dock 
Qarvili Henry, goldbeater d. h. 48 north Fifth 
Casey Michael, cordwainer 356 and 29 Duke (X. L ) 
Qii&b Jacob, tobacconist 3 and 14 Arch — dwelling 2b R 
ras'"- Thomas, inspector of customs 46 Crown 
(;askey Joseph, distiller and grocer 392 High above Twtl 
(jaskey Mary, widow 33 Union 
fjaalm John H. mariner back 27 Beck's alley 
Caspar Martin, Pine alley near Fourth 
r;ussedy Francis, mastmaker 453 south Front 

Philadelphia Index. CHA 

Cassady John, grocer north-west corner Filhert & Eleventh 

Cassady John, labourer and shopkeeper Hodge's wharf 

Cassady Mary, widow 387 south Front 

Cassady Robert, labourer Cedar below Thirteenth 

Cassady Hose, widow Ann near Schuylkill Eighth 

Cassamajor Prudent, jr. merchant 12 Dock, d. h. 48 Walnut 

Cassan Mary, dry good store 427 south Second 

Cassey Dennis, nailer 26 Christian 

Caster Susannah, mantua maker 81 Crown 

Castleline C. shoemaker 538 north Third 

Castles James, grocer 214 south Second 

Castles Joseph, grocer 145 Lombard 

Cathcart Eleanor, widow 6 Penn 

Cath'cart Laetitia, shopkeeper 7 Duke (N. L.) 

Cathcart William, rigger south-east corner Front and Argyle 

Enthrall Edward, West's court (N. L.) 

Cathroll Edward, boat builder 22 Duke 

Catherall Elizabeth, washerwoman back 119 north Juniper 

Catiirall Georg-e, paper hanging store 471 north Third 

Gathers John, 112 Cherry 

'^itherwood Hugh, distiller 211 and 217 Cedar 

Catlin George, miniature painter 116 Walnut 

Catlin George, musical instrument maker 6 Randall's court 

Caton Jesse, waterman Roger's court (N. L.) 

Cattell Joseph, oyster cellar under 112 Market 

CaufFman Lawrence, china merchant 207 north Third 

Caulton Wm. & Co. clothing store 128 south Water 

Caury Philip, cordwainer 256 south Fifth 

Cauver Nicholas, baker 49 Lombard 

Cave Thomas, druggist &c. 334 High and south-west corner 
of Ninth and Locti-t 

Given Robert accountant 48 north Second 

Cavenaugh Hugh, grocer and tavernkeeper south side of Al- 
mond (Argyle) street wharf 

Cavenaugh Michael, grocer and tavernkeeper south-west 
corner Second and Queen 

Cavenaugh Wm. tavernkeeper NE corner High and Juniper 

Cavender Custis, storekeeper 233 south Second 

Caverly Catherine, cake seller 12 Pcwterplatter alley 

Caverly Peter, merchant 111 High dwelling 99 Pine 

Cavet Jesse F. printer 10 Elbow fcme 

Cerah John, farmer Shippen's lane 

Cerls William, carpenter 320 Vine 

Cerveau Joseph, toy store 52 Chesnnt 

Chadwick Isaac, plaisterer ~i50 Cedar 

Chadwick Thomas, silversmith and jeweller Broad below 

Chaffin Fortune, keeper of bath house 124 south Second and 
oyster cellar under 106 Race 

Chaloner Wm. merchant 192 Market 

Chambers George W. druggist 69£ Race 

Chambers Mary, widow 71 Coats' 

I A / jr. 

. widow German near Thii 
Chambers Robert, sea captain 68 Swanson 
Chamberlain and Evans, boot and shoemakers 258 M 

nberlain Horatio X. merchant 9 south Water, dwel 
Chamberlin H. N. and J. jun. merchants 9 south Water 
Chamberlain John, carpenter 50 Kunkel 
Chamberlain Joseph, merchant 9>. Water, d h 
imberlin Lydia, shopkeeper 284 north Second 

nberlain Mrs. boarding house 85 Aarch 
.-nberlain, widow 353 north Third 
Chamberlain, widow shoe binder 17 Walnut 
Chamberlain William, shoe store 353 north Third 

n, dry good store 5h north Second 
arles, inn and ferry keep;: Street wh. 

mpion Peter, comedian 97 Gaskill 
npion Win. inn and ferry keeper, Cedar st. wharf 
Chance Marinas, saddle and harnessmaker Camden (X. 
Chanceaulme Martin, cabinetmaker 44 German 

icellor Grace, tailoress 18 Xoble 
Chancell" ., widow of Wro. 

iler Ann, back 43 

jrabeth, widow boarding house 16 nori": 
shoemaker 79 Green 
Chan;. am, merchant, dwelling- 353 Mull 

;.h R. teacher 164 north Third 
cller John, stable keeper 149 north Fourth 
Chandler, widow of late Dr. S. 99 Walnut 
Chandler Thomas, labourer back 63 Cnion 
Chany Wm. brush maker under rket 

- amuel, gr 
:n Nathan & Son, grocers XW cor. Cedar and Fifth 
David, shoemaker St. Joseph's avenue 
Chapman Abraham, grocer XE corner Coats' and Fourth 
Chapman Abraham, steam boat 479 north Second 

pman Ben), publisher (blind) 2d X. Tenth cor. Filbe 
praan Clayton, ccrdwainer 109 south Fifth 
Chapman Elizabeth, teacher 56 Arch 

Chapman Elizabeth, widow of George R. 365 south Front 
Chapman George, ■ cordwainer 164 south Sixth James, distiller 4th near Charlotte and Poplar lane 
f Chapman James, labourer 7 Pine alley 
Chapman John, sexton (to Friends' meeting house in Arch 

Chapman Jonathan, engineer 54 Vine 
Chapman Lucas, turner 28S Lombard 
Chapman Lucretia, teacher 187 Pine 
Chapman Mrs. Mary, widow 222 Pine 

n^r. Nathaniel, M. D. 9 York buildings, office back in 
Goodwater alley 
Chapman Robert, painter, 8tc. 108 Cedar 
Chapman William, bricklayer 30 Garden 

Philadelphia Index. CHE 

Chapman William, jun. bricklayer 30 Garden 
Chapman William, inventor of the means of restoring per- 
sons of defective utterance, to the free use of speech, 187 
Chappell Thomas, baker 205 Race 
Chapron and Nidelet, merchants 155 High 
Chapron John M. merchant 14 north Ninth 
Chardon Anth. paper hanging, &,c. manufactory 107 Walnut 
Charles Bolter I. potter 103 north Juniper 
Charles Henry, copperplate printer and map publisher 117 

north Fifth 
Charlton Benjamin, taildr- 83 Green 
Charlton Martha, widow tavernkeeper south-east corner Zane 

and Eighth 
Charlton Robert, hatter 12 Cresson's alley 
Charnley Mrs., widow 76 Locust 
Charpentier Daniel confectioner 64 High, dwelling 156 north 

Chase Ezra, coach trimmer 5 Prune 

Chase John, new theatre hotel NW cor. 6th and Carpenter 
-Chase Paine M. grocer 388 north Front 
Chase Wm. F. accountant 17 Wood 
Chatfield E. widow 152 St. John's 
Chatham Joseph, cordwainer blackberry alley 
Chance Walton, sea captain 68 Swanson 
Chauncey Charles, counsellor at law office 85 and dwelling 

87 Walnut 
Chauncey E. cashier ofVpennsylvania bank, 157 Walnut 
-Chauvenet William M. grocer south-west cor. 3d and Shippen 
Chaver Amelia, widow near Callowhiil and Ridge road 
Ohaux Theresa, (Indian) cure of rheumatism Germantown. 

road above the forks 
Cheek Godfrey, baker 126 north Fifth 
Cheever and Fales, merchants 17 south Front 
Cherry Margaret, widow grocer 142 Spruce 
Chesnut Jane, widow shoopkeeper near corner Callowhiil 

and Thirteenth 
Chesnut Mary, widow 14 Sugar alley 
Chesnut Samuel and William,. grocers 303 High 
Chesnut Sam. grocer 327 High, d. h. SE cor. Vine and 8th 
Chesnut Samuel, stonecutter Perry 
Chester Hiram, shoemaker -86 Budd 

Chester Henry, attorney at law 85 Walnut, dwelling 56 S. 6th 
Chester Seth, shailopman Keller's alley 
Cheston Elijah, coachmaker 81 and 83 Pine 
Cheavens Frederick, cabinetmaker 97 Shippen 
Chevalier Clement B jeweller 12 Ridge road 
Chevalier Jane H. widow 70 Tammany 
Chevas Anthony J. merchant 104 Fine 
Cheveau Jane, gentlewoman 26 Powell 

Cheves Langdon, Esq. gentleman 319 Chesnut above Twelfth 
E x 

CLA Philadelphia Index. 

Chew Benjamin, counsellor at law 87 south Fourth 

Chew Misses, Walnut first house below Eleventh 

Chew Isaac, shoemaker Beach near Maiden 

Chew James, chair maker back 338 south Second 

Chew Jeffrey, confectioner 221 Shippen 

Chew Job, tavernkeeper 144 Cedar 

Chew Jonathan, ladies' shoemaker 140 German 

Chew Joseph, ladies' shoemaker 223 Chesnut above Sevc: 

Ciiew Samuel, attorney at law 114 south Fourth 

f Chew Wm, dealer 98 south Second and 187 south Seventh 

Chierdal Paul, tailor Elbow lane 

Child John, clock and watchmaker 452 north Second 

Child Stephen, comb maker Lilly alley 

Child Stephen, comb maker 568 north Second 

Childs C. G. historical and landscape engraver 30i south 7th 

Childs Eliza, boarding house 180 Market 

f Childs George, coachman George 3d house above Eleventh 

Childs Henry, gentleman 452 north Second 

Childs James, tailor Whitehall street 

Childs Stephen, comb maker Whitehall 9treet 

Childs Thomas, sea captain 268 south Sixth 

Childs William, comb maker Whitehall street 

Christian Daniel, shallopman 254 south Fifth 

Christian Peter, alderman 72 north Third 

Christy Archibald, grocer SE corner German and Third 

Christy Christiana, grocer 125 Browne 

Christy Dennis, wheelwright 124 German 

Christy George, cordwainer Green's court 

Christy Robert, boot manufacturer, 41 south Front 

Christy William, cordwainer 113 Christian 

Christie William, upholsterer and Venetian blind make: 

Christine Abraham, labourer 464 south Front 
Christine John, innkeeper 371 north Front 
Christmas Henry, S . ed and woollcn yavn manufac- 

Christman Henry, jr. £ n6 s^fras 

Lhristman t\ ilham, j 

( Christmas Samuel, carpenter 189 south Sixth 
Chrystler Jacob, 3 north Third 

Christopher John, grocer NW corner German and Four 
Chubb Sum uel, dry good store 151 north Third 
Chur Jacob, baker 85 Race 
Church Mary Ann, 24 Almond 
Cist Mrs. boarding house 190 Market 
City John, plaister of pans moulder Deihl's court 
Claghim J. W. 36 north Front 
Clampffer Mary, widow 21 Elfreth's alley 
Clampffer William W. late tavernkeeper 156 north Fifth 
Clampit Cook, pdot328 south Second 

Clapier Lewis, merchant 6 Lombard, d. h. 216 south Front 
Clare B. tavernkeeper 14 south Fifth 
Claridge Philip I. millinery and fancy store 25 north Second 

Philadeljilua Index. CLA 

Clark and Raser, printers, office back 88 Chesnut 

Clark and Jones, boot and shoemakers 98 north Fifth 

Clark Alexander, & Co. merchants 177 High 

•fClark Benjamin, carter 286 Cedar 

Clark Benjamin &f Ellis, clock and Watchmakers I S. Front 

south-east corner High 
Clark Benj. watchmaker 1 south Front, dwelling- 88 Arch 
Clark Calvin C. printer 194 south Fifth 
Clark Daniel, gunsmith 212 Green 
Clark Elizabeth Mrs. of Robert, Tenth above Vine 
Clark Elizabeth, oyster house Broad near Sassafr as 
Clark Ellis, watchmaker 1 south Front SE corner High 
Clark Ephraim, gentleman 3 south Ninth 
Clark George, currier 18 Bank alley 
Clark George, labourer Vine near Schuylkill 
Clark George, mariner 257 south Front 
Clark George, painter, &c. Eckfeld's court 
Clarke Henry, silversmith 22 Franklin court 
Clark Hugh, dealer Queen near Sixth 
Clark Jacob R. cotton and wool card maker 221 Cherry 
Clark James, bookbinder 25 Coats' 
Clark James, carpenter 8 Nicholson's alley 
Clark James, farmer 72 Queen 
Clark Jane, bonnet maker 11 Strawberry 
Clark Jeremiah, cordwainer 431 south Second 
Clark Job, shoemaker 46 Chester 

Clark Johanna widow mantua maker 19 Sassafras alley 
Clark John C. printer, office Carter's alley, d. h. 83 Locust 
Clark John, drayman, SE corner Fourth and Cedar 
Clark John L. merchant over 99 S. Front, d. h. 32 N. Fifth 
Clark John, plumber 106 north Sixth 
Clark John, turner 198 south Fourth 
Clark John, washing machine maker 177 St. John's 
Clark John, weaver Maiden st. near Stone bridge (K.) 
Clark John Y., M. U. 167 Arch 
Clark Joseph, merchant, dwelling 67 Vine 
Clark Joseph, merchant 7 S. Water, dwelling 102 S. Front 
Clark Joseph, gentleman 24 north Sixth 
Clark J. S. upholsterer 223 north Second and 103 N. Third 
Clark L. B. half price book store 4 south Front 
Clark Mary M. seamstress 59 south Juniper 
Clark Mary, widow Bryan's court 
Clark Mary, widow dealer 105 Catharine 
Clark Mary, widow 469 south Front 
Clark Mary, 38 north Fifth 
Clark Michael F shoestore 90 High stuth-west corner Third 

dwelling 157 Arch 
Clark Morris, shoemaker 8 Wells' row 
Clark Mrs. boarding house 55 Walnut 
Clark Mrs. M. 27 Pine 
Clark Mrs. near 32 GilJe's alley 
Clark Neal, labourer 104 Filbert 

A Philadelphia Index. 

irk Penuel, 162 south Water 
f Clark Peter, labourer in the mint 8 Oak ( 
k Robert, blacksmith 353 south Front 
Clark Kobert, grocer 120 Swanson 
t lark Robert S. broker Uc. Ridge road 
Clark Samuel, labourer Brook 
Clank Samuel, merchant 227 south Front 
■f-lark Sarah, widow 104 Filbert 
Clark Stephen, carpenter 4 Poplar alley 
Clark Thomas, bookbinder, dwelling 10 Sugar alley and over 

249 High 
Clark Timothy, jr south Second near Mary 
Clark Timothy, sen. 492 south Second 
Clark William, clerk in alms house 
Clark William, grocer 532 north Second 
Clark Wm. looking glass frame maker 23 north Tenth 
Clark Wm. shallopman 44 Coats' 

Clark William, storekeeper South near Gray's ferry road 
Clark Wm. tai'tor 17 German 
Clarkson Comly, teacher 167 Pine 
Clarkson Elizabeth, widow Race near Sch. Eighth 
Clarkson Jacob, merchant 193 Spruce 
Clarkson Samuel, merchant 226 Pine 
Class Peter, copperplate printer 38 Strawberry 
Clatham John, cordwainer 1 Gaskill 

Clause John H. acc<nintant NW corner Pine and Eleventh 
Clavier Mrs. wiu |f 1 o7 south Second 
Clary John, mariner -i. Cox's alley 
Clawges Dai j -r, !Jc. 188 Vine 

Clawges Daniel, jan. pointer, &c. 3 Clawges' court 
Clawges Jacob, painter-, &c 189 Vine 
Clawges John, j \ tc icher and conveyancer 464 Race 
Clawges Wm combmaker Old York road above Brown 
Claxton George B. merchant 5 north Wharves, dwelling 76 

Claxton John, merchant 6 North Wharves, dwelling 11 south 

Clay Curtis, a " I south Eleventh 

Claypoole and . upholsterers 74 south Front 

Claypoole D . ■ Spruce 

Claypooh ' C'nesnut 

Claypooh it law 50 Waiaut 

Claypoole irse almshouse 

Claypooi* ' jeper of the prison 183 Coats' 

Claypooh at prison 183 Coats' 

Claystine B bakei 162 Vine 

jClayton wyer back 100 north Eleventh 

Clayton ( » 3 Filbert 

Clayton I idge's csurt 

Clayton John, uce 

Clayton Reyn< 369 Mulberry 

Clayton Thorn south Front 

Philadelphia Index, CLI 

Cleaver Elizabeth, widow 103 St. John's 

Cleghorn John W. accountant buck 36 north Front 

Clemens Ann, midwife 70 Green 

Clemens Benj. S. turner m ivory and wood and musical in* 

strument maker 22$ Walnut 
Clemens Jacob, gentleman "0 Green 
Clemens Lear, carpet weaver back 301 south Second 
Clemmens Robert, weaver Marlborough near Shackamaxon 
Clemmen Wm victualler, Charlotte near Brown 
fClement Elizabeth, widow washerwoman 2'JO south Fifth 
Clement Jacob, tobacco manufactory 11 N. Water, dwelling 

65 Pine 
Clement Mary, nurse 9 Franklin court 
Clement Mrs. gentlewoman 14 Swanwick 
Clemmer John, tobacconist Petticoat alley 
Clemmer Mary, widow 483 north Third above Poplar 
Clemson widow of Thomas, corner Filbert and XintJi 
Clendenon 8. & R. dry good store 123 north Fourth 
Clentz Alexander, carter 34 Budd 

Clerry Archibald, carpenter Mulberry near Schuylkill Front 
Clever Mary, widow 215 north Eighth 
Clevinger Squire, tailor 12 X. Watery dwelling Race 
Clew Edward, bricklayer 4 Acorn alley 
Clew Peter, brickmaker Race near Sch. Eighth 
Clew Wm. porter in the U. S. b::nk S. 4th opposite Libr: 
fClifF Joseph, labourer 37 Elizabeth 
Clifford George, tailor back 55 German 
Clifford John, oysterraan 38 Penn 
Clifford, widow 72 south Eleventh 
fClift Ann, washerwoman Currant alley 
Clifton Isaac, hatter 1 Wood near Second 
Clifton John, hatter 29 Ann 
Clifton Sarah, widow 64 Almond 

Cline & Lawrence, painters and glaz':ers 56 south Tenth 
Cline and Rothtrock, tailors 387 north Front 
Cline Benjamin, bricklayer 47 Brown 
Cline David, porter 17 Fayette 
Cline Elizabeth, gentlewoman 68 north Third 
Cline George, tailor 2S2 Race 
Cline George, labourer 458 north Third 
Cline Henry, tailor 141 south" Eleventh 
Cline Mary, widow grocer 35-1 north Front 
Cline Mary, widow Walter's court 
Cline Peter, bricklayer 371 north Third 
Cline Thomas, grocer, XYV corner Ninth and Sassafias 
Cline Thomas, pilot back 35 Beck's alley 
I Clincher Adam, porter 10 Cordwain^r's alley 
Clinton Ann &? Elizabeth, shopkeepers 5 south Fourth 
Clinton Francis, soapboiler 2 Roger's court (X. L.) 
Clinton John, printer SE corner of Cedar and Seventh 
Clinton William, boatbuilder Beach near Maiden 
Clinton Wm. trader Filbert near Schuylkill 

C O A Philadelfxh ia Index , 

Climer Andrew B. currier 76 Christian 

Clippcn Mary, widow dealer 34 Plum 

Clopp George, innkeeper 15 Branch 

('lopp Henry, cabinetmaker 131 north Fourth 

Clopp John, gentleman 174 north Fourth 

Clopp John, jun. coach wheelwright 131 north Fourth 

Clopp John, smith 15 Branch and 92 New 

Clopp John wheelright near Fourth in Vine 

Cloppcr Sarah, widow boarding house 18 south Front 

Close Christian, baker 4.oS south Front 

Close Henry, grocer 30 north Third 

Clos^an San«h, miMiner 84 Arch 

Clothier Charles, shoemaker Starr alley 

Clothier Margaret, widow nurse 152 Sassafras 

Clothier, widow 365 north Front 

Clotworthy John, biscuit baker back 19 south Wharf and 27 

south Water, dwelling 224 south Fifth 
Cloud Caleb, carter 51 Green 
Cloud Joseph, refiner in the mint 276 Mulberry 
Cloud Joseph, student in the Alms house 
Cloud Parsha, widow 27 Emlen's court (X. L.) 
Cloudes David, carter corner Oak and Noble, (N. L.) 
Clouny John, weaver 261 Catharine 
Clowney Levin, weaver 220 Shippen 

< .kifty j'ohn, blacksmith 119 Brown, dwelling 61 Tammany 
Cluley Francis, wire worker 19 Cherry alley 
Cluley J. & T. wire fender and bird cage manufacturers 17 

south Fourth 
Cluley John, jun. wire worker 17 south Fourth, dwelling 
back 3 south Fourth 

Cluley John, tavernkeeper back 3$ south Fourth 

Clunn John, shipwright Shackamaxon near Queen 

Clutch Rebecca, widow back 89 High 

Clyde Joseph, labourer 4 Smith's court 

Cl'ymer Archibald, tailor 101 German 

Olymer Jacob, carpentei 75 Crown 

Coad Patrick, teacher 63 Union 

Coancs Jesse, coachman 16 Currant alley 

Coaston George W. lumber yard Bear near Marble street 

Coates Bcryn, M. D. north-west cor. Walnut and Front 

Coates George M. china merchant 49 High 

Coates Isaac, shipwright H?ach near Warren (K.) 

Coates John It. merchant 32h Walnut, dwelling 225 Spruce 

Coates John K. attorney at law 225 Spruce 

f'oats Margaret, widow of Wm, 382 north Front 

Coates Mary, widow 60 north Third 

Coats Matthias, accountant 475 Sassafras 

Coates Samuel, jun. accountant 65 Gaskill 

Coates Samuel, 82 south Front SW corner Walnut 

ates Warwick, cordwaincr Christian between Second and 


..ts William, grocer 174 Swanson 

Philadelphia Index. COL 

Cobb k Johnston, blacksmiths NE cor. Vine & Ridge road 

Cobb Mary, widow of Thomas 438 north Fourth 

Cobb Samuel, carpenter 117 Carpenter 

Cobb William, carpenter 38 Palmyra square 

Cobb William, ship carpenter Frankford near Otter 

Cobb Wm. tailor Vine near Thirteenth 

Coburn Abel, distiller 74 and 119 Cedar 

Coburn James, weaver High west Schuylkill Second 

Coburn Robert, distiller 74 Cedar 

Cochran Ann, washerwoman and seamstress 130 N. Front 

Cochran Ann, bottling-cellar 86 north Water 

Cochran Catharine, widow 39 Palmyra square 

Cochran Cornelius, shopkeeper corner Chancery lane and 

Coombs' alley 
Cochran John, mariner back 135 Plum 
Cochran John, merchant 376 and 386 High 
Cochran Maria, tobacconist 19 Strawberry alley 
Coe Richard, merchant dwelling 171 Callowhill 
Coffee Geoge F. spring manufacturer 16 German 
Coffee James, plumber 61 Walnut dwelling 46 Union 
Coffee Jonathan, smith' 292 Vine 
Coffin A. boarding house 44 south Sixth 
Coffin Albert, sea captain, boarding house 160 Union 
Coffin Jeremiah, copperplate printer 10 north Eleventh 
Coffin Thomas M. lamp Sc oil store 10 south Fourth, dwelling 

44 south Sixth 
Coghling Maria, mantuamaker 21 Brown 
Cogill Charles, tailor 52 Arch 

Coggins Joseph, boot and shoemaker 36 Carter's alley 
Cohen & Nlsbet merchants 26 south Front 
Cohen A. B. 58 Chesnut 
Cohen Abraham, dealer 233 south Fifth 

Cohen A. M. & E. L. druggists 453 High and 7 south Seventh 
Cohen Barnet, cabinet maker 120 Cedar 
Cohen E. merchant 26 south Front 
jCohen Emanuel, mariner 262 south Third 
Cohen Jacob I. merchant 155 Mulberry 
Cohen M. B. scourerer 45 Chesnut, dwelling 52 N". Fifth 
Cohen Joseph S. attorney at law 7 south Seventh 
Cohili Richard, .shoemaker 23 north Tenth 
Coil James, mariner 24 Little Water 
Coit Gabriel, last maker and finder 57 Walnut 
Coit Richard, shoemaker 7 Bedford 
Colbert Thomas, mariner 255 south Front 
Coldekit William, rigger opposite navy yard 
Coldwater Jamts, watchman Buttonwood above Fifth 
Coldwater Philip, watchman Buttonwood above Fifth 
Cole Deborah, widow of Samuel back Cherry near Thirtr, 
Cole Elijah, carpenter James' street 
Cole Francis, shoemaker Nicholson's court 
Cole Hannah, widow 42 Christian 
Cole Isaac P. hoarding house cor. Sixth and Sugar alley 

COL Fhiladelfxhia Indesr. 

Cole James, blacksmith 374 south Front 

Cole James, H. merchant 99 High 

Cole John, boot manufacturer 42 south Third 

fCole John, mariner 94 Bedford 

Cole John, tailor 163 Green 

Cole Thomas, cordwainer High near Sch. Front 

Cole William, tailor 62 Tammany 

Coleman Ann, faantua maker 6-1 north Si^th 

Coleman Jacob, dry good store 419 north Second 

Coleman James, whip maker 70 north Second 

Coleman John, brewer 24 George 

Coleman Margaret, widow 65 Coats' 

Coleman Margaret, widow 30 Mead alley 

Coleman Nathan, tobacconist 1 north Fifth 

Coleman Nathan, tobacconist 187 north Second 

Coleman Philip, glue maker 22 Noble 

Coleman S innkeeper NE corner Twelfth and Sassafras 

Coleman Thomas, grocer 127 Plum 

Coleman William, labourer 264 south Fifth near Maiden 

Coleman William, mariner 76 Plum 

Colerick Catharine, widow boarding house 74 north Fifth 

Coles Cornelius, ladies' shoemaker back 33 German 

Coles William, carpenter 237 Race 

Colescott Othneall, carpenter SE corner Lawrence fc? X 

Coley Ezra, sea captain 13 Sassafras 

Colhoun Doctor, 6 Sansom 

Colhoun Elizabeth, widow of David Federal above Sect; 

Colhoun F. &. G. grocers SE corner Third and Vine 

Colhoun G. Zs H merchants 37 north Water 

Colhoun Gustavus, 37 N. Water, dwelling 265 Chesnut 

Colhoun Hugh, merchant 37 N. Water, dwelling 5 south 3 

Colhoun Joseph, cordwainer 306 south Front 

Colladay Theodore, carpenter Castle street 

Collady Charles, carpenter Castle and 5 Elbow lane, 

Collar Jacob, ship carpenter corner Queen and Cherry (K 

Collar Mary, widow dealer 62 Penn 

Collard John, bricklayer Beach 

Collin Nicholas Rev. Dr. Swanson street near Christian 

Colling James, cordwainer 5 below South 

Collins Benjamin, painter c/c. 120 Chesnut, dwelling 60 C? 

■JCollins Benjamin, uoodsawyer 112 north Juniper 

■fCollins Cato, white washer 100 north Fourth 

Collins Charles, tailor 50 S. Water, dwelling 51 south Front 

Collins Daniel, brass founder, bellhanger and locksmith back 

of 42 south Fifth 
Collins Elisha, Tenth below Pine 
Collins Eliza, widow 75 south Fifth 
Collins Frederick, mariner 285 south Third 
Collins George, cooper 1 Elbow lane 
Collins H. cake baker and confectioner 60 Chesnut 
Collins Henry, oysterman 9 Tammany 

ins John, accountant 5 Pennsylvania avenue 

Ph iladelfihia Index. CON 

Collins Johni labourer Swanson near Prime 

fCollins John, porter 44 Passyunk road 

Collins Joseph, back 85 Passyunk road 

Collins Lydia, widow 1 Myer's court 

Collins Margaret, wido # grocer 184 north Second 

Collins Mary, widow 70 Dock 

Collins Robert, painter &c. 19 Filbert 

Collins Robert, grocer Frankford road near Bedford 

Collins Samuel, block and pump maker 47 south Water, 

dwelling- corner Billett's wharf 
Collins Sarah, widow Petticoat alley below Browne 
Collins Wm. baker 14 Almond 
Collins Wm. bookseller 112 Arch 

Collins William, weaver NW corner Thirteenth and Cedar 
Collins Zaccheus, gentleman 29 north Second 
Collinson George, 288 south Fourth 
Collison Joseph, sea captain 58 Vine 
Collom John, carpenter 120 Coats* 
Collom Jonathan, teacher 132 Coats' 
Collom William teacher school N. L. Commissioner's Hal! 

dwelling 401 north Third 
Colquhoun, widow gentlewoman 177 Walnut 
Colson D. bonnet maker 9 Strawberry 
iColson James, labourer 231 south Fourth 
Colton Oren, shuttle maker 1 College avenue, dwelling 29S 

Walnut near Tenth 
Colton Sarah, 3 Library 
Colvin James, labourer 231 south Fourth 
Colwell James, grocer 6 Little Water 
Combes G. apothecary north-east corner Fourth and Pine 
Combes John R. grocer 44 Oak (N. L.) 
Combs Thomas, cabinetmaker 120 south Fourth 
Combs, widow at 92 Crown 
Comegys Cornelius & Co. merchants 40 north Eighth, d. h. 

42 north Eighth 
Comelow Mrs. widow bandbox maker 67 Coats' 
Comfort Catherine, widow of John, Wright's court 
Comly and Tevis, auctioneers 73 High 
Comley Ethan, dry good store 199 north Second 
Comly Jacob, livery stable keeper 20 Coombs' alley 
Comley Pearsan, shallopman 51 Budd 
Comly Samuel, auctioneer 26 Church alley 
f Comley William, labourer 31 Middle alley 
Commer Charlotte, spinner of threads Rose alley 
Commissioner's Hall, 325 north Thrid (N. L.) 
Compton Joseph, mercer and tailor 27 north Sixth 
Conard and Lancaster lumber merchants below Tammany 
Conard John, marshall's office west wing state house, dwell* 

ing 221 north Eighth 
Conard Jonathan, lumber merchant 184 north Fourth, yard 

Noble below Fourth 

CON P/iiladel/i/iia Index. 

Conaway George, cordwainer back 262 south Fifth 

Conde Charles, perfumer and hair dresser 114 N. Fifth 

Condie David F., M. D. 99 south Fifth 

Condy J. W. counsellor at law 48 Walnut 

Condie Thomas G. attorney at law 99 south Fifth 

Condy William, book binder 3 Elfreth's alley 

Condon Mary, widow 42 George 

Conden William, Beach near Maiden 

Condon William, blacksmith shop Penn (Kensington) dwell 

21 Beach 
Cone A. M. widow gentlewoman 82 south Eighth 
Cone Elizabeth widow 54 Crown 
Coner John, cabinetmaker 196 Pine 
Conger Elizabeth, widow 53 Brown 
Conger William, cordwainer 51 Budd 
fCongo Martha, widow Dean's alley 
Conkle Henry, toy shop 84 north Seventh 
Conklin James, cordwainer Vine near Thirteenth 
Conly and Fraser, milliners 56 Arch 
Conn Sarah, victualling house 9 Elbow lane 
Connelly Henry, cabinetmaker 8 Library, dwelling 233 Spruce 
Connelly Henry, 233 Spruce 
Connelly J. blacksmith 274 south Third 
Connelly John, gentleman 280 Chesnut 

Connelly John, labourer Sch. Fourth between High & Filbert 
Connelly Joseph, painter and glazier back 111 Catharine 
Connelly Peter, shoemaker 14 Arch 

Connelly Sarah, widow of James, Filbert near Sch. Eighth 
Connelly William, gunsmith Baker's court 
Connelf Elizabeth, seamstress Fourth near Poplar 
Connell Mary, mantuamaker 72 New 
Connell Thomas, M. D. 87 Mulberry 

Connor Charles, tailor and tavernkeeper 310 south Second 
Connor Daniel, labourer back 246 Shippen 
Conner Edmund, cordwainer 25 Mary 
Connor Ellen, shopkeeper 232 north Water 
f Connor James, oysterman and coachman under 157 Walnut 
Conner J. saddler 194 Market 
Connor Mary, tailoress 126 New 
Connor Mrs. widow 50 Penn 
Connor Rachel, widow, 75 George 
fConnor Rachel, widow 23 Union 
Connor Robert, hatter back of 12 Cresson's alley 
Connor Thomas G. cooper 3 and dwelling 43 Penn 
Conover Cornelius, carpenter corner Hamilton &, Washington 
Gqnoyer Jeremiah, shoemaker back 122 Market 
Conover Samuel F., M. D. 141 south Fifth 
Conoway James, spade maker Simmons' court (X. L.) 
Conoway Joseph, ladies' shoemaker Pine allley near Foul 
Conrad Elijah, storekeper 81 Mulberry 
Conrad Henry, weaver St. John's near Poplar lane 
Conrad Isaiah, plaisterer 128 Coats' 

Philadc/fihia Index. COO 

Conrad John, bookseller NE corner of Fifth and Callowhill 

Conrad Kelley and Co. shoe store 60 Market 

Conrad Mathew, shoe dealer 25 Mulberry 

Conrad Peter, brushmaker 163 High, dwelling 4 north Front 

Conrad Solomon W. bookseller 87 High, dwelling 81 Arch 

Conray Thomas, 116 north Water 

Constable Curtis, basket maker Eighth above Callowhill 

Constable Richard, gunmaker 88 south Second 

Constable William, cordwainer 426 south Second 

Constancio, Francisco Solano Chevalier, charge dcs affaires of 

his most faithful majesty 238 Spruce 
Conway Barney, labourer back 126 south Sixth 
Conway Bernard, labourer Race near Schuylkill Eighth 
Conway Edward, brewer 73 Union 
Conway Patrick, hatter back 170 Spruce 
Conwell Ann, widow brushmaker 185 south Front 
Conwell Henry, Right Rev. Dr. of the catholic church WiL 

ling's alley 

Conyers , bootmaker 1 south Third 

fConyers J. oyster cellar under 356 Market 

Conyers Walter, boot manufactory 40 south Third, dwelling 

20 Little George 
Conyngham David H. gentleman 109 south Fourth 
Cook Abraham, letter carrier 37 Mulberry 
Cook Alexander, soap and candle manufactory 136 and 140 

North Fourth 
Cook & Leuffer, whiskey &c. merchts. High W. Sch. Fourth 
Cook and Parkins, cabinetmakers 56 Walnut and 42 Dock 
Cook and Pettit, whitesmiths & grate factory 3 Wagner's alley 
Cook and Snowden, china merchants 47 north Third 
Cook Benjamin, drayman back 459 north Third 
Cook Charles L. tailor 73 north Fifth 
Cook Christiana, widow Cresson's alley 
Cook Conrad, labourer 136 St. John's 
Cook Curtis H. carpenter 195 Green 

Cook , cordwainer 159 south Sixth 

Cooke David, merchant 13 south Front 
Cook Elizabeth, Prime below Moyamensing 
Cooke Tamer, tailoress 126 south Second 
Cook E. W. turner back 8 Goforth alley, d. h. 122 N. Second 
Cooke Zachariah, coach maker 9 Meyers' court 
Cook George H. grocer, &c. NW cor. Walnut & Thirteenth 
Cook George L. merchant tailor 149 north Second 
Cook Georg-e, planemaker Laurel near Budd 
Cook Hannah, teacher 40 George (S.) 
Cook James, brushmaker 238 High 
Cook Joel, merchant tailor 301 Vine 
Cook Joel, merchant tailor 26 north Fifth 
rook John, china merchant 47 north Third 
Cook John, fish vender Black horse alley 
Cook John, grate maker Nicholson's court 
iok John, labourer Rose alley 

COO Philadelphia Index. 

Cook John, merchant 68 south Front and 298 Chesnu* 

Cook John, morocco dresser Cleaver alley near Fifth 

Cook John, newspaper carrier Cresson's alley 

Cook John, stevedore back 35 Penn 

Cook Margaret, widow 98 Gaskill 

Cook Margaret, widow shopkeeper 18 north alley 

Cook Maria, widow 82 Brown 

Cook Martha, widow back 8 Oak (S.) 

Cook Mary, washerwoman back 172 Pine 

Cook Michael, cordwainer 8 Oak (S.) 

Cook P. and M. dry good store 122 north Second 

Cook Philip, cabinetmaker Webbs' alley 

Cook Samuel, bookbinder 92 north Fifth 

Cook Samuel, grocer north-east corner Green and Fourth, 

Cook Samuel, tobacconist 271 north Second 

Cook Susannah, grocer 79 south Third 

Cook Philip, shoemaker 159 south Sixth 

Cook William, bootmaker and grocer north-west corner of 

Third and Christian 
Cook William, brickmaker Schuylkill Fifth between Market 

and Chesnut 
Cook William, cordwainer 24 Parham's alley 

north Fourth 
Cook William, tobacconist 10 High 
Cooker John, victualler 150 German 

Cooley L. intelligence and exchange office 125 north Fifth 
Coombs Amos, carpenter corner Charlotte and Poplar lane 
Coombs David, teacher 50 German 
Coombs George W. Venetian blindmaker 131 Pine 
Toon James, tin pedlar 10 south Tenth 
Coon William, painter and glazier 137 Cherry 

i>ooney , mariner 46 Mead alley 

Cooper Adam, carpenter Schuylkill Seventh near Vine 
Cooper and Patterson, grocers lower 40 north Fourth near ok ; . 

Cooper and Wright, tobacconists 313 High 
Cooper Ann, widow 17 Key's alley 

Cooper B. and B. merchants High street wharf south side 
Cooper Benjamin, tailor 33 Elfreth's alley 
Cooper Britain, merchant 2 High, dwelling 36 Filbert 
Cooper Charles, victualler Fayette street 
Cooper Colin, merchant 31 Mulberry 
Cooper Collin and Joseph, merchant 35 north Front 
Cooper Conrad, shoemaker 256 north Front 
Cooper Deborah, widow 169 Spruce 
Cooper F. smith 100 Shippen, dwelling 230 Catharine 
Cooper Hannah, widow 194 north Front 
Cooper Henry, printer 188 north Fifth 
Cooper Hugh, blacksmith Davis' court 
Cooper Hugh, dwelling 313 Arch 
Cooper Hugh, grocer 50 north Third, dwelling 313 A 
Cooper Isaac, gentleman corner of John and Vine 

Philadelphia I COP 

, Cooper Isaiah, labourer 127 Cedar 

Copper James C. accountant 87 south Sixth 

Copper James, oak cooper 90 south Water, d. h. 91 S. Front 

fCooper James, porter 21 North alley 

Cooper James, sea captain 212 south Third 

Cooper James, 249 north Front 

Cooper Jane, widow of John 137 Pine 

Cooper John, leather store 273 south Second 

Cooper John, merchant 175 High, dwelling 85 Mulberry 

jCooper John, porter and beer house 150 Lombard 

Cooper John, printer 10 Green's court 

Cooper John, tailor and scourer 89 north Front 

Cooper Joseph, merchant 35 nortli Front, d. h. 55 N. Fourth 

Cooper Joshua, carpenter Race W. of Broad 

Cooper Margret, widow 117 Germantown road 

Cooper Michael, constable 177 Shippen 

Cooper Michael, labourer Cedar above Thirteenth 

Cooper Robert, carpenter 139 Pine and 18^ south Fifth 

Cooper Robert, oak cooper 200 south Water 

Cooper Thomas, constable 33 Strawberry 

Cooper Thomas, hardware merchant 51 High 

Cooper Thomas merchant 31 Mulberry 

Cooper widow, 31 Mulberry 

Cooper William, baker back 36 north Third 

Cooper William, dry good store 433 north Second 

Cope Charles, victualler John's, stall 39 New-market 

Cope Elizabeth, widow 28 John 

Cope Godfrey G. victualler corner of Fourth and Tammany, 

stall 8 High street market 
Cope H. and C. merchants 165 High 

Cope Henry, merchant Walnut st. wharf, d. h. 102 S. Fourth 
Cope Herman, merchant 165 High, dwelling 413 Arch 
Cope Israel, merchant 165 High, dwelling 186 Arch 
Cope Jacob, accountant near old York road and Tammany 
Cope Jacob, woodsawyer Jones' alley 

Cope Jasper & Co. merchants 165 High, dwelling 391 Arch 
Cope John, accountant corner of Fourth and Tammany 
Cope John, mariner Noble near Front 
Cope Margaret, widow Church street near Christian 
Cope Thomas P. and Son, merchants Walnut street wharf 

north side, dwelling 36 north Fourth 
Cope William, carter Catharine near Third 
Cope William D. merchant 36 north Fourth 
J-Copeland Allen, shoemaker under 75 south Second 
Copeland Amelia, widow N. W. corner of Prime and Front 
Copeland A. ship joiner Federal near Front 
Copeland George, sea captain China street 
Copeland Jacob, ship joiner 516 south Front 
Copeland Nancy, housekeeper 148 Market 
Copeland Sarah, seamstress Mark's lane 
Copia Jacob, coach trimmer 183 Pine 

COR Philadelphia Index. 

Copland Nathaniel, deputy flour inspector 159 Vine 

Copland Samuel P. carpenter 27 old York road 

Corbett Inlos, mariner back 81 Walnut 

Corbett Samuel, dry good store 160 south Sixth 

Corbin Henry, gentleman 166 Vine 

Corbitt Elizabeth, widow 176 south Front 

Corbitt Israel, carpenter 472 Race 

j-Cordosa W. waiter 6 Burd's alley 

Corfield Adam, draper, mercer and tailor 64 Vine 

Corfield Edward D. justice of the peace 234 north Front 

Corfield Jesse, morocco dresser 225 Mulberry 

Corgee Arthur, clockmaker 412 south Front 

Corgee Arthur F. block and pumpmaker 126 Swansor 

115 south Water 
Corgen John, weaver Bon sail 
Corger George, pilot 87 Christian 
Corker Robert, wheelwright 24 Union alley 
Corkrin James, carpenter 207 south Fourth 
Corlett Catharine, widow 81 Swanson 
Corlies Britton, bricklayer 55 north Eighth 
Corlies J. W. 8c Co. merchants 29$ south wharves 
Cormick David, mariner 29 German 
Corndeffer Philip, labourer Vine alley near Twelfth 
Corneau John B. carpenter Shield's alley 
Corneil John, hatter 135 north Fifth 
Cornelius Christian, silverplater 183 Cherry 
Cornell Mary, widow 475 High corner Thirteenth 
Cornell William, sea captain N. W. cor. Thirteenth and Higt- 
Cornely William, labourer, Brown near Charlotte 
Corner Mary, milliner 123 New 
Corners Joseph, blacksmith Plum above Second 
Cornish James, gentleman 143 south Sixth 
Cornish O. B. bookseller 350 south Second 
{-Cornish Tilghman, porter Christian near Fifth 
Cornman Adam, printer 146 Locust 
Cornman Adam, sugar refiner 30 Wood 
JCorr Joseph M. painter 161 Lombard 
Corran Thomas, labourer Prime near Front 
Corry &. Co. bootmakers 47 south Fourth 
Correy Ann, storekeeper Fourth near Brown 
Correy David and William K. merchants 29 north Water 
Correy David, merchant 29 north Water, dwelling EkteB 

house place Locust below Tenth 
Corry Helen, milliner 123 south Second 
Correy John, attorney at law 224 south Fourth 
Correy William K. merchant 29 north Water, d.h. 85 Arch 
Corrin Josiah, silver smith 17 Queen 
Corson Amos, blacksmith 47 south Juniper 
Corson Jacob, sea captain 74 Queen 
Corson James, gentleman 112 Green 
Corson James, grocer Oak below Coats' 
Gcryell Henry L. carpenter 23 lower Lombard 

Philadelphia Index. COX. 

Cossart Mary, cedar cooper 483 north Second 

Cost George, turner 125 north Water 

Costen Constantine, shallopman Johnson's court 

Coster J. M. gentleman Mechanic near Maple 

Coston Belton, cabinetmaker Nonnater's court 

Coston Joseph, tailor N.W. cor. Chesnut and Water dwelling 

25 Carter's alley 
Coston Joshua, labourer 19 Budd 
Cotterell Richard, mariner 469 south Front 
Cottinger John, papermaker little Seventh 
Cotton John S. gi'ocer 34 Passyunk road 
Cottman William B. turner and smith, shop Beach near 

Shackamaxon (K.) 
Cottringer John J. accountant 75 south Fifth 
Couden Joseph, stonecutter 292 south Fourth 
Coudrick Mary, nurse 4 Budd 

Coulin Cornelius, dealer N. E. corner Lombard and Fourth 
Coulon Helena C. fancy store 129 Chesnut 
Coulson Jonathan, china merchant near O. Y. R. and Tammany 
Coulston Barnabas, tanner 4 Franklin 
Coulston G. W. inkeeper 150 Sassafras 
Coulston Israel, cabinetmaker 66 Tammany 
Coulter John, weaver near George's in Third 
Coulter Israel, merchant 183 Union 

Coulter John, merchant counting-house 3 and d. h. 5 Union 
Coulton and Rakestraw, tailors N, E. corner Penn and Cedar 
Coulton Margaret, widow Gaskill above Fourth 
Councell Thomas, hatter Davis' court 
Counril Joseph, bricklayer Shippen above Shippen's lane 
Countryman C. ornamental painter back of 120 German 
Couper David, agent and collector 101 old York road 
Courtney Joseph, carpenter 8 Sugar alley 
Courtney Joseph, weaver Jones' alley near Sch. Fifth and 

Courtney Samuel P grocer cor. Frankford road and Green 

Couston Barnabas, lime merchant 41 Garden 

Couzen3 John, carpenter 160 St. John's 

'.'overt I<*aac, block and pump maker 65 south Water, d. h, 
15 Budd 

Cowan John, tailor 84 Cedar 

Coward William millwright 5 Fetter lane 

Cowden John, stonecutter 91 old York road 

Cowden Samuel, stonecutter Juniper above Arch 

Cowdy John ropemaker 79 Germantown road 

Co wel John V. merchant 38 south Second 

Cowperthwaite Ambrose, bricklayer 

Cowperthwaite Joseph, clerk in U. S. bank d. h; 30 Wood 

Cowperthwaite Mark, shoemaker 165 Spruce 

Cowperthwaite P. teacher 72 Locust 

Cowperthwaite Sarah, widow of Hulings 204 north Front 

Cowpland A. milliner 213 south Second 

Cox Abraham L. student in Alms-house 

CRA Philadelphia Index. 

Coxe A. S. attorney at law 34 south Sixth, d. h. 167 Pine 

Cox C. dealer 224 Cedur 

Coxe' Charles S. attorney at law 34 south Sixth, d. h. 167 Pine 

Coxe Daniel W. merchant 256 Walnut 

Cox David, carter 110 north Juniper 

Coxe Edmund S. attorney at law 34 south Sixth, d. h. 167 Pien 

Cox Edward, smith Maiden near stone bridge 

Cox Elizabeth H. seminary 25 Filbert 

Cox Gabriel, carter 542 north Second 

Cox Gideon, cedarcooper 253 and dry good store and d. h 
233 High 

Cox Isaac carpenter 66 Zane 

Cox Isaac, ladies shoemaker 365 north Third 

Cox Isaac N. attorney at law 108 south Fourth 

Cox James, drawing-master N. E. corner Fourth and Chesnut, 
d. h. 39 Almond 

Cox James S. president of the Pennsylvania Insurance com- 
pany, 295 Chesnut 

Cox James, 28 Newmarket 

Cox John, gentleman 295 Chesnut 

Cox John, labourer Queen near Second 

Coxe John Redman, M. D. 8 York buildings, ofike back in 
Goodwater alley 

Cox John, seminary back 57 Filbert 

|Cox Joseph, sweep master 90 Lombard 

Cox Margaret, widow 89 north Juniper 

Cox Maria, fancy millinery store 1 north Ninth 

Cox Martin, blacksmith 419 north Front 

Cox Paul, late sea captain 88 south Front 

Cox Rebecca & Co. storekeepes 18 north Second 

Cox Rachel, widow milliner 125 Arch 

r ox Richard, carpenter 25 Filbert 

Cox Sarah, storekeeper 190 Filbert 

Coxe Tench, gentleman 167 Pine 

*2ox widow, gentlewoman 226 .Market 

Cox William, carter 452 north Second 

Cox William, coachmaker Cermantown road above the forks 

Coy Id William, labourer High west Sch. Fourth 

Coyle James tailor 169 south Third 

Coyle Patrick labourer Prices' court 

Coyles Daniel, tallowchandler 102 Crown 

Coyn Patrick, doctor 148 Coats' 

Coynd Patrick, labourer Lombard above Twelfth 

Cozens A. J. pilot's hotel south-east corner Penn and Piroc 

Cozens A. J south-east corner Second and Vine 

Cozens Archibald J. Workman's court 

Cozens Benjamin, sea captain Swansqn near Catharine 

Cozens Henry S. conveyancer 319 -oath Third 

Cozens J B. watchmaker i.W. co!\ Harmony court and Four I 

Cozens Josiah B. jeweller 12 north Second 

Crabb William, accountant 34 sot I Tenth 

Crabb William, cordwa1h< 

Philadelphia Index, CRA 

£rabb William, cordwainer 164 Lombard 

Crab William, clerk in the nary \ard 

Craft Gersham, city watch 60$ Union 

Craft Jacob, carpenter back of 529 north Third 

Craft John C. hatter 14 Raspberry alley 

Craft Rosanna, nurse St. John's near Coats' 

Cragg George, dyer back 529 and d. h. 475 north Third 

Craig and Stokes, house carpenters 13 Decatur 

Craig Charles, whiskey store High west of Sch. Third 

Craige Eliza, widow of Wm. 172 Germantown road 

Craige John, saddler &c. Germantown road below Third 

Craige Samuel, tailor back 62 Cherry 

Craige Seth, jun. 110 and d. h. 546 High 

Craighead Mary, widow dealer 196 south Second 

Craighead Samuel sea captain 11 Keys' alley 

Craig, Huston and Co. saddlers 110 Market 

Craig Isabella, widow back 89 Passyunk road 

fCraig Jacob, coachman Mark's lane 

fCraig Jacob, jackmaker Green's court 

Craig James, carpenter 13 Decatur, dwelling 197 S. Seventh 

Craig James, gentleman 208 Chesnut 

Craig Jane Miss 113 Spruce 

Craig John, blacksmith 20 Bank alley, d. h. Dawson's court 

Craig John, nailer 136 Locust 

Craig Lydia, widow 405 south Second 

Craig Margaret, widow shopkeeper 385 Race 

Craig Saiial. smith »nd farrier 39 Locust, d.h. 124 -south Tenth 

Craig Samuel, blacksmith 18 Rachel 

Craig Samuel, tailor 5 south Water dwelling Cherry 

Craig Thomas, saddler 550 north Front 

Craig William, merchant 8 Chesnut, d. h. 136 south Second 

Cramer Philip V. bleeder Lombard above Twelfth 

Crammer Ann, widow 6 Starr alley 

Crammer Thomas, carpenter 22 Garden 

Crammond William, merchant 43 Dock, d. h. 248 Walnut 

Cramp George, ship carpenter Marlborough near Bedford 

Cranchal B fruit store 66 south Third 

Crane Elizabeth, Laurel (N. L.) above Front 

Cranmer Joseph, shingle dresser back 44 Coats' 

Cranmer Joseph S. ladies' shoemaker 36 south Second 

Cranmer Newell, tanner Miller's court 

Crans Peter, cordwainer 106 German 

Crap George M. tin plate worker 3 Duke (N. L. 

Crause Louisa, victualler 59 Garden 

Crap Nicholas, boot and shoemaker 17 Spruce 

Craven Ishi, accountant 398 north Third 

Craven John, farmer Second below Prime 

Craven John, labourer St. John's near Coats' 

Craven Mary, porter house 66 south Water 

Craver John, farmer Second below Prime 

Crawford Alexander, tailor 28 Kunckle 

Crawford Allen, dealer Cedar near Twelfth 

CRE Philadelphia Index. 

Crawford Elizabeth, widow 43 Noble 

Crawford James, labourer Fearis' alley 

Crawford James, labourer 260 St. John's 

Crawford James, mariner 142 south Tenth 

Crawford James shopkeeper, 25 Coats' 

Crawford John, labourer North street 

Crawford John, mariner 162 Swanson 

Crawford John, tailor 54 Ann 

Crawford Samuel H. boat builder 328 north Front 

Crawford Samuel W., D. D. teacher 5 doors above Eleventh 

near George 
Crawford Margaret, widow 151 St. John's 
Crawford W. cabinetmaker south Klpventh, above Walnut 
Crawley Abraham, cardmaker Loxley's court 
Crawley Edmond, jeweller 295 Walnut 
Crawley John, labourer Schuylkill Second above Vine 
Crawley Mrs. boarding house 5 south Sixth 
Craycroft Benjamin, sea captain 35 Queen 
Craycroft Joseph, shoemaker 309 south Second and 226 High 
Creamer Christian, labourer back 41 Prime 
Creamer Jacob, dealer 71 Cedar 

Creamer Mathias, ship carpenter Marlborough near Bedford 
Crean John, gentleman 94 south Eighth 
Crease Wm. G. fancy feather manufactory 43 south. Third 
Creese Jesse, carpenter 364 south Second 
Crees Thomas C. coach-lamp maker and ornamental glass 

cutter 12 Juniper lane, dwelling 81 south Eleventh 
Cregar Samuel, shoemaker Noble corner Sansom's court 
Creighton John, bookbinder 9 ' Hnkle's court 
Crelan Henry, cordwainer 353 south Front 
Cremer Christian, widow washerwoman 2 Garrigue's court 
Crengal Patrick, labourer 358 south Third 
Creps Philip, potter St. John's (N. L.) 
Cress Alexander, shoemaker 422 north Third 
Cress George, jun. harnessmaker 249 Vine 
Cress George, Lombard shove Twelfth 
Cress James, bricklayer 176 St. John's 
Cress Jo'.m, coach painter 176 St. John's 
Cress John jun. oak cooper near New market and Callowhill 
Cressman Henry, cap maker 138 north Eighth 
Cresson Bc-njainin, china merchant 197 Sassafras 
Crcsson James and Brothers, china merchants 281, dwelling 

227 High 
Cresson James, china merchant 227 High, d. h.37 N. Seventh 
Cresson John II. china merchant 281, dwelling 227 High 
Cresson Joseph, china merch. 231 High, d. h. 104 S. Fourth 
Cresson Joshua, accountant 18 Chester 
Cresson Mary, widow of John E. 3u Sansom 
Cresson Richard C. grocer 391 north Front 
Cresson, widow of Calek 261 Arch 
Cress Philip, potter Poplar near St. John's 
Cress Thomas, cooper John above Callowhill 

Philadelphia Index. CRO 

Creth Daniel, distiller north-west corner St. Mary &, Sixth 
Creth Wm. distiller 132 North street and 108 north Ninth 
Crichton David, domesti manufactury 70 Frankford road 
Crispin Peter, waterman north-west corner Browne and Budd 
Crispin Benjamin, labourer Budd above Laurel 
Crispins Benjamin, labourer Prime below Moyamensing road 
Crissy James, book binder and stationer 177 Chesnut, dwell- 
ing 142 Chesnut 
Crissy Joseph, rigger 38 Penn 

Cristman Henry, woollen manufacturer 116 Sassafras 
Critza Jacob, oak cooper back 19 Garden 
Critzer Philip, shoemaker Charlotte near Poplar lane 
Croasdill Wm. merchant 174 High, d. h. 154 Callowhill 
Crock Bartholomew, carter north-west cor. Seventh & Coats' 
Crocks John, currier Cherry near Schuylkill Eighth 
Crocks John, watchman Second above Germantown road 
Croft E. carpenter 15 Pewterplatter alley 
Croft Thomas, sea captain 25 Elfreth's alley 
Croket Maria, widow 78 Christian 
Croll Martin, grocer 1 Mulberry alley 
Croll Martin, watchman 4 Branner's alley 
Crombarger John, flour mer. 326 High, d. h. S4 S. Eleventh 
Cromley Henry, brick maker Irish Tract lane below Cedar 
Cromley Jacob, brick maker Sch. Third bet. Cedar & Spruce 
Cromley Jacob, brick maker Spruce west Schuylkill Front 
Cromley Sophia, widow NE corner of Cedar and Broad 
fCromwell George 8c R. L. Allen, confectioners 55 S. Foi 
Cromwell John, bricklayer 20 Schrivers* court 
fCromwell John, sailmaker Green's court 
Cromwell Oliver, bricklayer 134 Dillwyn 
Crone Phoebe, widow dealer back 125 Plum 
Cronger James G. merchant 127 Mulberry 
Cronin Edward, grocer south-east corner Fifth and Spruce 
Crooks George It. currier and leather cutter 127 N. Fifth 
Crooks G. R. currier 216 north Second 
Crooks Wm. tailor north-east comer Chesnut and Water 
Cropper Edmund, carpenter 106 South 
Cropper Isaac, grocer 302 south Second 
f Cropper London, labourer Cropper's court 
Cropper Randall S. dry good store 215 south Second 
-{•Crosby Edward, porter 172 north Eighth 
Crosby Sarah, widow Lombard above Eleventh 
Crosby M. stonecutter 30 north Tenth 
Crosdell John, woodsawyer Cobb's court 
Crosier Benjamin, shoemaker 3 Elmslie's alley 
Croskey George D. accountant 161 north Ninth 
Cross Benjamin, gentleman 151 south Fifth 
Cross Daniel, watchman back 207 St. John's 
Cross Joseph, labourer corner Thirteenth and Wood 
Crossman Henry, grocer 85 north Sixth 
Grossman John, oysterman Otter 
Crossman W. tallow chandler NE corner Juliana fc Callowhill 

CUL Philadelphia Index. 

Crosson James, bricklayer and grocer 298 south Fo.. 

Crothers Mary, widow 72 north Sixth 

Crothers William S. merchant 219 High, d. h. 389 A 

Crotto Henry, labourer 32 Sugar alley 

Croucher Samuel oakcooper 22 Sugar alley 

Crouding Elizabeth, shopkeeper 148 Cherry 

Crouse Andrew, victualler 100 Thirteenth 

Crouse Christopher, victualler stall 4 Old Shambles, and 
Fourth near Vine 

Crousie Peter, carpenter Fourth near Vine 

Crowell Elisha, druggist 258 south Second and N. E. cornei 
Cedar and Fifth 

Crowell Ellis B. Lombard below Tenth 

Crowell Ephraim, brush maker Ann street 

Crowell James, teacher 26 Almond 

Crowell Samuel, pilot 92 Swanson 

Crowell Smith, bottler opposite Wharton market 

Crowell S. storekeeper 186 north Second 

Crowell Thomas, gentleman 147 Pine 

Crowell Thomas, painter, &c. back 53 Coats* 

Crowers George, skindresser Fourth above George 

Crow Jane, widow back 265 South 

Crowley and Farr, clock and watchmakers 106 High 

Crowley Cornelius, carpenter Holmes' alley 

Crowley James, shoemaker SheafPs alley 

Crowley John, watchmaker 132 south Front 

Crowley Joseph, teacher 405 High 

Crow Owen, hatter 40 Cherry 

Croy Sarah, widow 90 north Ninth 

Crozier Andrew, grocer 425 south Front 

Crukshank Joseph, printer & stationer 16 &, 20 Churc 

Crumback Catherine Sch. Second near Spruce 

Crumback Godfrey, innkeeper Swanson near navy yard 

Crumback Jacob, constable 260 south Sixth 

Crumpton Elizabeth, widow 161 Locust 

Crumpton Thomas, silver plater 161 Locust 

Cruse John, drayman, 50 Crown 

Crasel Peter, mariner 93 Christian 

Cryder M. dry good store 165 north Second 

Cubler Jacob, carter 252 south Fifth 

Culin Daniel, tailor Brooks' court 

Culin George, 244 north Second 

Culin Isaac J. tailor 349 south Second 

Culin John, Son & Co. tailors S.W. corner High and Water 

and 5 south Front 
Culin Robert S. & Co. tailors 5 south Front 
Cullan Martha, grocer north-east corner Seventh and Spruce 
Cullen qJ Pettit, grocers 203 Spruce 
Cullin Jonathan, mariner 30 John 
Cullin Thomas, sea captain 348 south Front 
Culnan widow of Charles, 264 south Fourth 
Culp Aaron J. dealer 74 Almond 

Philadelphia Index. CU R 

' -alp Jacob 8c Co. grocers 222 north Second 

Culp Jacob, grocer 222 north Second, d. h. 32 Newmarket 

Culuen George, tailor 40 Ann 

Culver Sarah, teacher 104 Union 

Cumberland factory, nail hoop and iron store 33 north Front 

Cumley Edward, carpenter 196 Cherry 

dimming Jane, widow south Seventh 

Cummings Abigail, midwife cor. Baker's court and Callowhill 

Cummings Sc Duy, merchants 1 north Fifth 

Cummings Abraham, weaver 495 north Second 

Cummings Enoch, grocer 396 north Third and 428 X. Secona 

fCummings Isaac, coachman Currant alley 

Cummings James, weaver Vine alley 

Cummings Jane, widow, 234 south Front 

Cummings John, shoemaker corner of Budd and Green 

Cummings John, mariner 19 Cedar 

Cummings Martha, widow 276 north Second 
Cummings Richard P. tinman 276 north Second 
Cummings Samuel S. druggist, &c. 288 and 276 north Second 
Cummings Samuel S. & Co. druggists, &c. 288 north Second 

Cummings William, drayman 141 north Fifth 

Cummings William, grocer and corn factor 92 south wharves, 

dwelling 26 Plum 
Cummin James, grocer 416 north Third 
Cummins Ann, milliner 29 north Fourth 
Cummins David, merchant 68 south Wharves 
Cummins John, carpenter 152 Coats' 

Cummins John, shoemaker S.W. cor. Green and Newmarket 
Cummins Richard, porter Acorn alley 
Cummins Thomas, coppersmith 6 Chancery lane 
Cummiskey J. Rev. pastor of St. Mary's church WHling's alley 
Cumpston Thomas, merchant 244 Sassafras 
Cunningham John H. printer 70 south Third 
Cunningham John, shoemaker 91 north Second 
Cunningham John, teacher 2 Bedford 

Cunningham , mariner 227 south Fifth 

Cunningham M. widow 94 south Fifth 

Cunningham William, mariner 225 south Fifth 

Cunitz Jacob S. bricklayer Ann near Schuylkill Eighth 

Cunius Philip, blacksmith Charlotte near Poplar lane 

-Cunriden William, mariner Church street near Christian 

Cupples Samuel, merchant 284£ High 

Cuppuck John, bricklayer 22 Chester 

Cuq Francis, 4 Goforth alley 

Curby Edward, mariner 14 Pine 

Curby Michael, gauger and cooper 91 south Water, dwelling 

46 Penn 
Curcier Andrew, mer. S. Third next below St. Peter's churck 
Curlin Ann, widow segarmaker back 73 north Eighth 
fCurltew Susannah, washerwoman Duncan's court 
Curran Arthur, 72 Oak street (N. L.) 

DAL Philadelphia Index. 

Curren Credcrick, ropemaker X. E. cor. Newmarket Q Duke 
Curren William, livery stable keeper S Little George 
Curren William, livery stable keeper Marshall's alley n. 1 
Carrie Helen, boarding 1 house 143 south Second 
Currie William, M. D north-west corner Front and Pine 
Currin Timothy, plaisterer 301 Walnut 
Curry David, merchant 73 Walnut 
fCurry Elizabeth cJ Mary, washerwomen 135 Spruce 
Curry Enoch, turner back 49 Pine 
Curry George, shoe store 30 High 

Curry James £r* William, type founders Cedar below T Chili 
Curry John, shoe seller 265 south Second 
Carry John, tailor 57 south Third 
Curry Joshua, hatter 2 Richardson's court 
Curry Richard, cordwainer Camac below Old York roa'd 
Curry Richard, cordwainer Cobb's court 
Curry Samuel, cordwainer 4 south alley 
Curry Thomas, cordwainer Federal near Front 
Curry William, colourman Mulberry near Sch. Front 
Curry William, typefounder Shippen above Ninth 
Curtis A. hatter 241 south Second 

Curtis Asa, grocer 232 north Second, dwelling 15 Vine 
Curtis Henry W. potter 122 Swansou 
Curtis John, brass founder 129 north Eighth 
Curtis John II. accountant 31 Queen 
Curtis John, potter 407 south Front 
Cashing" John, sea captain 421 south Front 
CarUs Jonathan, weaver 5 Apple-tree alley 
Cuitis Margaret, widow mangier 16 Coombs* alley 
fCurtis Saul, pump maker 211 Shippen 
Cuseck John, grocer 194 north Water 
Custif Margaret, widow 95 Lombard 
fCuslino William, waiter 6 Madison's court 
Cuszine William, shipwright 154 :vvi.:ison 
Cuthbert Anthony, gentleman 41 Penn 
Cuthbert El<2.a, gentlewoman 397 north Cr<. 
|Cuthbert Enos, boot cleaner Acorn aliey 
Cuthbert Geay, weaver 213 Plum 
Cuthbert James L. gentleman 189 south Third 
Cuthbert James, weaver 20 Cranklin 
Cuthbert Samuel, gentleman 204 south Second 
Cuthbert Thomas, gentleman 262 south Second 
Cutbush James, assistant apothecary-general oi' 
south l-'ourth 
aviki Stanilas, jeweller 16 south F 

F1LGUEN BERNARD, merchant south-east 
nu com, dwelling 14 Sansom 

Dennis, grocer 22 Poplar lane 

perplate printer and innkeeper (Cedar w 
Lei) 1 Elizabeth 

se allev 

Philadelphia Judex. BAR 

Dale Peter, labourer Carpenter near Fourth 

Dale Richard, commodore 55 Pine 

Daley Bernard, shoemaker 390 Market 

Daley James, 3 Library 

f Daley Joseph, mariner 199 CVdar 

Dallas Alexander A. ladies' shoemaker. 7 Mary 

Dallas George M. attorney at law 1G5 Walnut 

Dallas widow of Alexander James, 64 south Eighth 

Dallas William, plaisterer 7 Mary 

Dallett Elijah and Thomas, soap and candle manufacturers 

34 and 341 High 
Dallett Elijah, tallow chandler 341 High 
Dalrymple Ephraim, ladies' shoemaker Second near Prime 
Dalrymple James, cordwaincr 379 south Second 
Daly John, sailmaker 48 German 
Daly John, sea captain 9 Summer's court 
Daly Nicholas, cabinetmaker 133-Lombard 
Dalzcll Elizabeth, widow 153 Spruce 
Dalzell William, inspector of customs 80 Lombard 
Damon John, tailor near Fourth in Vine 
Danby Joseph, engraver 251 Sassafras 
Dandelot Louisa, boarding- -house 40 south Eighth 
Danenhower Charles, old Rotterdam inn 118 north Third 
Danenhower John, flour inspector 116 St. John's 
Danenhower Thomas, skindresser Charlotte near Poplar lane 
Danforth Cyrus, currier 45 Old York road 
Dangu Jacob, skin dresser 31 3 north Second 
Daniels Aaron, tanner 55 Noble 
Daniel Eliza, widow 10 Budd 
Daniels Ephraim N. 339 north Front 

Daniels James, machine maker cor. Sch. Third and Aich 
Daniels John L. cordwainer 297 Vine 
Daniels John R. tailor 339 north Front 
Daniels Susan, 2>8 north Water 
Daniels William, carpenter Miller's court 
Daniels William, mariner Oak (N. L ) above Green 
Dankel Henry, baker 1504 south Fourth 
Danly John, carter 292 south Third 
Dannasell George, weigh master at custom house G Har 

tung's alley 
Dannenberg Christian 5 Thirteenth near High 
Darby Samuel, carpenter 55 Duke 
Darby William, lecturer on History 72 south Sixth 
Dare John, labourer 440 north Front 
Daring John, brewer Webb's alley 
Darland Thomas, hamessmaker 39 Chester 
Darley John, comedian 80 south Eleventh 
Darmon William, saddler 245$ south Second 
Darnel Henry, measurer of grain 19 St. Man's 
Darr Benjamin, shoemaker Lilly alley 
Darr Jennett, school mistress 194 St. John's 
Darracb Cornelius, carter 27 Hurst 

DAY Philadelphia Index. 

ch Ellen A. teacher back 142 south Fourth 
Daffagh John, carpenter 209 south Seventh 
Darach John, maltster Broad near Vine 
Darrach Thomas B. ci? Co. fur dealers 96 Market 
Darrach Thomas B. hat manufacturer and fur dealer 62 6 

Darrach William, M. D. SW corner Chesnut and Seventh 

ibaragh Bernard, shoemaker near 11 Castle 
Dauei Sjmon, jeweller Christian near Eighth 
.h, Vine near Sch. Front 
nport John, stocking- weaver Eighth near Callowhil: 
Apart William, mathematical instrument maker 25 south 
Front, d. h. 86 Sassafras 

Davenport , 445 south Front 

:d and Sicard, jr. merchants 7 Minor 
I Jacob, storekeeper 118 north Second 

F. merchant 7 Minor, dwelling 9 south Eleventh 
A. silversmith back 135 Plum 
il'.iapi K. dry good store 113 north Second 
Davidson farble street 

Alexander, currier Starr alley 
isoB David, tavern 183 south Front and 182 south VI 
:dson Eunice, 2 south Thirteenth 
ithan, merchant 239 Vine 
Davison Robert, innkeeper 116 South 

son Robert, sailmaker 43 S. Water and 47 south Front 
Davidson William, bookseller cellar under 31 south Second 

eiling 22 Strawber 
Davidson William, gentleman 268 Walnut 
Davies Edward, hoarding house 264 Market 
Lbner, shoestore 92 High 
s Absalom, grocer corner Cherry and Sch. Seventh 
La Alexander, Noble near Fourth 
Davis Amos, blacksmith Juniper below Walnut 

- Andrew, labourer Lombard west Schuylkill Eighth 
is and Robinson tanners SW comer of Fifth and Noble 
a Ann, widow seamstress 2 Willow court 
s Arrnon, flour merchant 304 High, d. h. 7 south F.lev- 
above Chesnut 

in, carter Sixth near Coats' 
Davis Benjamin, bookbinder Christian near Third 
i Benjamin, dry good store" 40 north Second 
mjamin, merchant 75 north Front 
Davis Catharine, back -unk 

[-Davis Caesar, labourer Baseball's alley 

5 C, teai .th, dwelling 344 Mai 

niei, tailor 2 CaufFman's court near Second 
. cordwainer 73 north Eighth 
Davis David M. merchant 2 north Third, dwelling 98 W 
Davi- , mariner 121 Swanson 

aid, carter 34 Budd 

Philadclfiliia Imler. DA* 

Uavis Eli sha, collector 19 Wood 

Davis Eliea, dealer south-west cor. Thirteenth and Cedar 

Davis Eliza, widow 18 Stamper's alley 

Davis Elnathan, Oak above Green (N. L.) 

Davis George, stock, and exchange broker 39 Bock, dwelling 

24-6 Spruce 
Davis Hannah, widow 72 north Ninth 
Davis Henry It. broker 87 south Eleventh 
Davis Isaac, domestic coffee-factory SW cor. Fifth and $oble 
Davis Isaac, tailor south Second near Christian 
Davi6 Isaac, tanner corner Old York road and Noble, dweli 

ing 88 New 
Davis I. suspender maker 31 south Front 
Davis Jacob, combmaker 31 Green 
Davis James, blacksmith and clerk of Moyamensing 18 i 

Shippen, dwelling 53 Fit/water 
Davis James, shoemaker 123 Btidd 
Davis Jesse, carter 179 Coats' 

Davis John and George, grocery & feed store 147 N. Sixth 
Dvttis John, assistant in the mint North st. 
Davis John, bookbinder 16 Fromberger's court 
Davis John, liatter 70 north Sixth 

Davis John, inspector of customs 305 High 

Davis John, labourer Arch west Schuylkill Second 

Davis John, labourer 115 Christian 

Davis John, morocco finisher 78 Dock 

Dav'i9 John, paper hunger 147 north Sixth 

Davis John, tailor "Vine near Thirteenth 

Davis John, trunkmaker 73 north Fifth 

Davis Jonathan F. grocer 306 High, dwelling 31 "is. Third 

Davis Joseph, hatter 3 Wood 

Davis Jvistini, s:<.w whetter 5 Little Dock 

Davis Margaret, next 22 Christian 

Davis Mary, 12 Wagner's alley 

Davis Mary V. widow boarding house 2 South alley 

Devis Mary, widow 98 Wood 

Davis M. carter & keeper of carts & drays 14 ElfretfeVaflev 

Davis Mrs. 381 north Front 

Davis Pardon, seminary 17 'Fromberger'-s court, dwelling 
39 north Second 

Davis Peter, Locust above Broad 

Davis Phoebe, widow boarding house 253 High 

Davis Rebecca, milliner 32 south Fifth 

Davis Richai etnan south-west cor. Tenth 8c Watr&i 

Davis Roland, boarding house 55 George 

Davis Sampson, shoemaker back 174 Vine 

Davis Samuel V ordwainer 356 south Second 

Davis S. and D. di \ good store 27 noi-th Ninth 

Bavis Thomas, (Black Bear inn) 1 south Fifth near ^Hfe 

Davis Thomas, cabinet maker 260 south Third ' 

Davi9 Thomas, carpenter .369 north Third 

DEA Philudelfihia Index, 

Oavis Thomas, bouse carpenter back 21 North alley 

Davis Thomas, labourer back 109 Christian 

Davis Thoma9, weaver 29 Browne 

Davis William, carpenter 241 Cedar 

Davis William, domestic manufactory 2 Chester 

Davis William, grocer north-east corner Tenth and Walnut 

Davis William, hatter 20 Union 

Davis William, jun. fancy dry good store 119 Chesnut 

Davis William, moulder near Thirteenth 

Davis William, shipchandler and ropemaker SE corner 

safras and Water, dwelling 273 Race 
Davis William, shoemaker 31 Crown 
Davis Wiiliam, tailor 51 south Ninth 
Davis V. illiam, tailor 6 south Fifth 
Davis \ tlb am, woodsawyer 187 north Front 
Davy James, mariner back 106 Plum 
Daws Ann, widow 20 north Sixth 
Dawes Deborah, teacher S Noma* alley 
Dawes R. dry good siore 48 south Second 
Dawes William C. tailor Hyde's court 
Dawson and Morrison, brewers 79 Chesnut 
Dawson George, tallow chandler 277 south Second 
Dawson H. agent 240 Market 
Dawson Jeremiah, paver 27 Coats' 
Dawson Jonas, clock and watchmaker 398, High dwell 

Filbett near Schuylkill Eighth 
Dawson Josiah, gentleman, 101 north Second 
Dawson M. L. brewer 77 Chesnut 
Dawson, widow of "William, 77 Chesnut 
Day Augustus, looking glass maker 124 north Third 
Day Charles, cordwainer 187 Lombard 
Day James, dry good store 221 south Second 
Day Michael, tax collector Marlborough near Bedford (K.) 
Day Peter, baker Marlborough near Shackamaxon 
Day Peter, coachmaker 10 Budd 
Day Samuel, tailor 62 Cherry 
Day Thomas, mariner 307 south Front 
DayhofT Margaret, widow shopkeeper 203 Race 
Dayman Elizabeth, mantua maker 83 St. John's 
Daymond Francis, teacher Q-iince below Walnut 
Dayton L)iz:beth, laVerdttt of dead, N. Second near Lac 
D ay tor. Hugh, labourer Maiden near Stone bridge 
Dayton Lew north Second ne;ir Laurel 

Deacon Joseph, north-east corner of Wood and 
Deacon J • Co. merchants 139$ High 

Deacon Samuti It. silver plater 55 Browne 
Deakflkarles, grocer 46 Dillwyn 
Do^HI'i^tia.i, bilker 387 north Fourth 
Dea^ r 25 Appletree alley 

Dea' • near Buuonwood acd Eighth, stall 2 C J 

N. L market 
Deal : >hn, baker, 172 Coats* 

Philadelphia Index . D £ i I 

Deal John, woodsawyer Schuylkill Seventh near Cherry 

Deal Martin, baker bet. Fourth & Charlotte sts. &. Poplar Ian* 

Deal Mary widow of Daniel, Queen near Marlborough 

Deal Peter S. Queen near Marlborough 

Deamer George, wheelwright Germantown road neai 

Deamer Lewis 395 south Second 

{Dean Abner, mariner CaufFman's court 

Dean Alexander J. teacher 7 Clever alley 

Dean Bradley, coachmaker 39 Cherry 

Dean John, gentleman 76 north Fifth 

Dean M. & J. academy for young" ladies 7 Clever alley 

Dean William, victualler Buttonwood near Fifth 

Deangeli Giacinto, fruiterer 264 Market 

Deare George, shallopman 185 north Front 

Dear Michael, weaver Charlotte near Poplar lane 

Deavs Isaac, carpenter 220 Walnut 

Deaves Tryal, blacksmith 333 north Third 

De Bain Anthony, tallow chandler corner Budd tsf Laurel 

Debee George, wheelwright Germantown road ab. the forks 

De Belair Lewis, foreign bookseller 26, d. h. 123 N. Fifth 

Deblin Fe. Jinand, brewer Buttonwood lane 

Debney T nomas, bricklayer and plaisterer 6 Carter's alley 

Debolster G. mariner Federal near Second 

De Boissia Alexander, M. D. office near cor. Race £J Seventh 

De Bree John B. accountant 148 south Seventh 

Debust John, sailmaker 152 north Fifth 

Decamp Margaret, seamstress 37 New Market 

Decan Peter, mariner 19 Queen 

Decker Moses, labourer 202 St. John's 

Decker Peter, gentleman 176 Lombard 

Decker P. 1. lottery and exchange broker north-west corner 

Chesnut and Third, dwelling 176 Lombard 
Decklyne Theodorus, wood yard near Noble (N. L.) 
De Cline Theodorus, blockmaker 361 north Front and Oak 

near Green 
Deffebach Charles, skin dresser corner Ninth and Callowhill 
DefFebach Lewis, printer 12 Pennsylvania avenue 
Deffenbach John, doubler and twi3ter for carpetting back 

of 27 Bonsall 
De Forrest •oeorge, comb maker back 64 north Eighth 
Deforest Mary, widow 64 no'th Eighth 
De France Augustus, gemler-ian 155 Pine 
Degen Gotleib, shoemaker 85 north Sixth 
Deggan John, cedar cooper 268 south Fifth 
Degrass Jeremiah, cordwainer 357 south Front 
De Haven Eliza, market woma r 2S7 north Eighth 
De Haven Hannah, widow 16 I rank 
De Haven Hugh, gentleman upper 45 north Sixth 
De Haven Hugh, jiu? :.iant 121 north Ninth 

De Haven Lindsey, gentleman 203 Arch 
De Haven Margaret, nurse 75 Budd 
De Haven Marv, widows - nurse Vine Bear Sell. Eij 

DEN Philadelphia Index. 

De Haven Rebecca, widow nurse Rose alley (N 1. 

Deimling Francis C. clerk in the post-office, 2 Qi? 

Deimling John C. clerk in the post-office, 2 Quarry 

Deita Sarah, widow 203 north Third 

Deitz William, shoemaker 203 north Third 

Dela Roche William, merchant 230 Spruce 

Delacroix Clement J. French teacher 218 south Third 

Delacroix Joseph, merchant 100 north Third 

Delacroix L. and J. Donarth, jun. cordial distillery and liquor 

store 388 north Second and 272 High 
Delacroix Louis, distiller 388 north Second and 272 High 
Delamatar John, merchant 68 north Eighth 
Delany Daniel, boarding-house 166 Vine 
Delany Mis. widow of William, 50 south Sixth 
Delaplaine Joseph, repository of the portraits and lives of 

distinguished American characters, 466 north Second 
De la Pommeraye Texier, 279 Walnut 
Delavau Barbara, widow 217Swanson 

Delavau & Jones, cabinetmakers S. W. cor. Library & Fourth 
Deleveau James, confectioner 312 north Second 
Delevau Matthew, soap boiler Fifth near Noble 
Delavau William, fancj chairmaker Browne near ekl Y, roud 
Dell John C. blacksmith 20 Branner's alley 
Jtelleker George, engraver 8 south Eighth, d. h. 42 Chester r 
Deluce N. teacher of music 34 north Eighth 
Deluy Ylaire F. hairdresser 218 High and 1 south Seventh 
Demerlier J. B. shoemaker 172 south Second 
Dempsey James, innkeeper 98 south Second 
Dempsey John, iron merchant 8 Bread and south whaFVes 
Dempsey Martha, widow 323 Spruce 
Dempsey Sarah, widow 32 Stamper's alley 
Denabre Mrs. 140 south Fifth 
Denabre Mrs. 140 south Eighth 

Denckla A. H. merchant 12 north Third dwelling 49 
Denham John, mariner back 70 Plum 
Denham Susan, widow 42 Gaskill 
Denike Davis, mariner back 109 Christian 
Denike Thomas, sea captain 137 south Front 
Denise Samuel, labourer 206 south Fifth 
Denman Aaron, merchant 271 High, dwelling 351 Arch 
Denmark John, tobacconist S. E. cor. Callowhill and Eighth 
Denuike Robert, mar i lifer 19 Cedar 

Dennis James, innkeeper NW corner Almond and Swanson 
Dennis Jeremiah., aunkmaker 71 south Water 
Dennis John, coroner north west coiner 8ixth and Cherry 
Dennis Richard, of U S. army, 280 Walnut 
Dennison James, potter 119 Vine 
D^nnison George, select «eadamy 128 Locust 

.» any Eleanor, widow fancy store 175 south Second 
Benny George, lab mrer 26 Blackberry alley 
Denny Joseph, labourer 99 Budd 
Denton George, sea captain 30 Green 

Philadelphia Index. DEW 

Dehtler Jacob, baker 277 south Fourth 

j-D'Pee Thomas, white washer Cauflman's court 

Derbyshire Mrs. widow 2 Carpenter's court 

Derdang Lewis, labourer 165 Green 

Derkheim Sarah, widow 105 Lombard 

fDernbrick Abraham, woodsawyer Nicholson's court 

Derpinger, gun factory, &.c. Brown's court 

Derr John, sugar refiner, 83 Coats' 

Derrick George, labourer Johnson's court 

Derringer Henry, gunmaker 370 north Front 

Derrum Isaac, oyster cellar under 138 High 

Derry Ellen, widow 30 Appletree alley 

fDerry William, waiter Cauffman's court 

Desabaye Lewis, painter &c. Randall's court 

Desaque L. wine and liquor store 65 south Second 

De Schmitz H. G. attached to the Portuguese legation 68 

south Fifth 
Desfall John, hostler 9 Sugar alley 

Deshang Frederick, gardener near United States arsenal 
Desher William, brickmaker George west Schuylkill Fourth 
Deshong Frederick, gardener near U. S. arsenal 
Deshong Mathias, tavernkeeper 82 Dock 
De Silver Robert, bookseller, binder &c. 110 Walnut 
De Silver Thomas, bookseller &c. 253 Market, dwelling 43 

Sansom above Eighth 
Desmond Daniel J. attorney at law 99 Spruce 
Desmond T. painter and glazier l48, dwelling 99 Spruce 
Desplat Stephen, ladies' shoemaker 49 south Fourth 
Destass James, 310 north Front 
Destouet S. merchant 313 Chesnut 
Destuet S. and B. merchants 209 High 
Detrick Catherine, widow 74 Vine 
Detterer Isaac, innkeeper 100 New 
Devarnish John M. confectioner south-east corner Sixth and 

Spruce, dwelling back 134 south Fourth 
Deveny Patrick, dealer 122 Shippen 
■jDeveny Peter, clothes merchant and boot and shoe cleaner 

under 12 south Sixth 
Dever Michael, carter Freytag's alley 
Deveraux Peter, brewer Limon street 

Deveraux , 446 south Front 

Develin Felix, north-east corner Mulberry and Ninth 

Devillan Barney, tanner near Tammany 

Devis Thomas, painter and glazier 399 Sassafras 

DevittTerrence, baker 151 Cherry 

Devlin Arthur, weaver Christian near Fifth 

Devlin Ferdinand, labourer Steinmetz's court 

Devlin James, labourer 4 Carlyle's court sifi»&- 

Devon James L. cordwainer Mead alley 

Dew Samuel, mariner 5 Little Dock 

D^ewees David, tailor on Drawbridge, dwelling 10 Union 

Dev/ces Elizabeth, dry good store 13 north Sixth 

DIG Philadelphia Index. 

Dewees S. and D. tailors on the Drawbridge 

Dewees Spencer, tailor on the Drawbridge, d. h. 45 

Dewees William P., M. D. 6 York Buildings 

Dewey James, surveyor 41 Green 

Dewey Paul, ladies' shoe maker 442 north Third/ 

De Witt Abraham, labourer back 106 Plum 

De Witt Jacob, carpenter 7 Myer's court 

De Witt P. widow Green near Front 

Dexter Harvey, tailor 25 Juhanna 

Dexter Sarah, widow 25 Julianna 

fDexter Sarah, widow 2 Washington court 

Deye Amos, labourer 6 Pratt's court 

Diackerry Joseph, fruiterer, &c. 97 north Third 

Dialer Barbara, widow Poplar lane near St. John's 

Diamond Hugh, dealer Cedar near Eleventh 

Diamond Jacob, carpenter 148 Thirteenth 

Diamond John, distiller 172 South 

Diamond John, merchant Bank alley, dwelling 303 Arch 

Dice Sarah, widow washerwoman near Cherry Sch. Eighth 

Dick Daniel & Co. tobacconists 49 south Front 

Dick William, tailor Calbraith's court 

Dickerson John, lumber merchant 11 Browne 

Dickerson David, plough maker 26 Garden 

Dickerson Sarah, widow 114 Arch 

Dickerson Solomon, woollen manufactory south-west corner 

Cherry and Tenth 
Dickerson William, carter 56 Oak street (N. L.) 
Dickerson William, hatter 311 north Second 
Dickey Elizabeth, widow carpet weaver 34 Mead alley 
Dickins Peter, blacksmith Queen near Marlborough 
Dickinsheets Anthony, tanner back 63 Budd 

Dickinson , clock and watchmaker 53 south Third 

Dickinson David, printer south-west corner High and Dtca 

tur, dwelling Race 1 door above Sixth 
Dickinson John, printer Juniper below Walnut 
Dickinson Martha, widow hay scales corner Germantown 

and Frank ford road 
^Dickinson Martin, waiter 18 Cypress alley 
Dickinson Phoebe, widow 158 south Second 
Dickinson Richard C. grocer NE corner Tenth and Lombard 
Dickinson Solomon, dealer in stone he. north-west corner of 

Eleventh and Vine 
Dicks Abel, iron founder Castle street 
Dickson A. widow 198 south Third 
Dickson Hugh, weaver 123 south Eleventh 
Dickson John, carpenter 44 George (S.) 
Dickson John, grocer 200 south Third corner Gaskill dwell 

ing 43 Gaskill 
Dickson John, grocer 176 Swanson 
Dickson Joseph R. inspector of customs 25 Powell 
Dick us Samuel, shoemaker Hanover near Queen 
jDickus William, coachman Poplar alley 

Philadelphia Index. DIX 

Diehl Nich. notary public office 11/ south SecoDd, dwelling 

157 south Ninth 
Diehl William, merchant 143 Spruce 
Dietz Joseph J. artist 14 Pratt's court 
Dietz Peter, oak cooper 33 Union 
Diexy John, pumpmaker Fitzwater above Seventh 
Dilhorn Ann, widow 11 north Twelfth 
Dilks Jonathan labourer Eleventh above Pine 
Dill Ann, nurse 73 Queen 

Dillin H. & M. dry good store 106 north Ninth 
Dillin Joseph, shoemaker 439 north Second 
Dillin Mary, widow 269 north Eighth 
Dillin Owen, bottler 106 north Ninth 
Dinnin Robert, architect 192 south Sixth 
Dingee Charles, saddler 194 High 
Dillinger Catharine, nurse 137 north Eighth 
Dillinger David, brushmaker 196 north Second dweftirTg ) 

Pfeifer's alley 
Dink Henry, shoemaker 263 north Eighth 
Dillion Archibald, curbstone setter 216 south Bixth 
Dillon James, grocer NE corner of Sixth and Catharine 
Dillon John, drayman 125 Christian 
Dillon Richard, grocer 78 German 
Dilman Christopher, hair dresser 420 north Second 
Dill worth John, tailor 32 Bread 
Dillworth Rachel, widow 161 Green 
Dilworth Wm. and Charles, ironmongers 59 High, dwelling 

S3 Union 
Dimmick Caleb, labourer 131 south Eleventh 
Dippelf John, baker 60 Penn 
Dissilve Joseph, gentleman Second near Beaver 
Dito Shery, grocer 77 Locust 
Dittmar Gotleib, tanner back 43 Coats' 
Diver Joseph, carpenter 4 Filbert, dwelling 185 Cherry 
Divett Patrick, drayman 270 south Fourth 
Dix Rudolph, gentleman 181 south Fifth 

Dixey & Manderfield, pumpmakers Sch. Eighth bel. Market 
Dixcy Isaiah, pumpmaker Schuylkill Eighth below High and 

8 south Broad 
Dixcey James, sea captain 281 south Front 
Dixcy Jonathan, carpenter Pleasant avenue 
Dixcy Thomas, pumpmaker Fitzwater above Seventh 
Dixey William, 296 south Seventh 

Dixon Dennis, morocco dresser near St. John's 8c Poplar lane 
Dixon John, tavernkeeper and drayman corner Old York 

road and Coats' 
Dixon Joseph, mustard manufacturer (son of the late John) 

o0 south Front 
Dixou Michael, sea captain 171 south Eleventh 
Dixon Peter, saddler 285 Market, dwelling 27 north Ninth 
Dixon Sarah, widow 28 Little Water 
Dixon Thomas, keeper West's painting Pennsylvania Hospital 

DON Philadelphia Index. 

Dobbins Arthur, weaver forks Germantown road 

Dobbins Caleb, carpenter north side Chesnut near Sch. Sixlk 

Dobbins Elizabeth, widow Callowhill above Eleventh 

Dobbins John, gentleman 27 New market 

Dobbins Joseph, grocery & tavern cor. Beach & Marsh (N.L " 

Dobbv, accounant 442 south Front 

Dobelbower, Lewis, printer S. E. cor. Fourth and Christian 

Dobson Eliz. widow back 161 Christian 

Dobson Robert, mariner court back 35 Mulberry 

Dobson Thomas & Son, booksellers and stationers (stone 

house) 41 south Second above Chesnut 
Dodd Mary, shopkeeper 19 Pewterplatter alley 
Doddery John, type founder Grissell's alley 
Dodge Daniel H. jeweller 33 Carter's alley, d. h. 19 Powell 
Doffin Elizabeth, tutoress 464 south Second 
Doland John, grocery store NW corner Walnut and "Water 
Dolby Ann, boarding-house 59 south Seventh 
Dolby Henry, shoemaker 268 Sassafras 
Dolby Man,-, boarding house 57 north Second 
Dominique Lewis, oysterman under 7 south Sixth 
Dominique Vatier, bottling cellar under north-west ccrner 

Chesnut and Seventh 
Domsler Lewis, painter 87 Budd 
Donagan Thomas, dry good store 410 north Second 
Donaghay Robert, labourer Mark's lane 
Donahue Ann, dealer 110 Lombard 
Donaldson Andrew, cordwainer 197 south Third 
Donaldson Andrew, mast master Beach ab. Marlborough | 
Donaldson & Evans, china store 307 south Second 
Donaldson Isaac, china storekeeper 26 north Third 
Donaldson Isaac, hatter 76 north Second 
Donaldson Jane, corset maker 78 south Fifth 
Donaldson John, carpenter 220 south Fourth 
Donaldson John, merchant 162 Spruce 
Donnaldson John, jun. wine merchant, insurance broker and 

dispactour for adjusting average and insurance lo« 

Dock, d. h. 38 Walnut 
Donaldson Joseph, hatter 72 north Second 
Donaldson & Lung, mast-makers 95 Swanson 
Donalson Richard M. sea captain 43 Dock 
Donaldson Samuel E. sea captain 167 Spruce 
Donath Joseph, merchant 23 south Front 
Donavan Sarah, widow Miller's court 
Donle James, clock and watchmaker 112 High 
Donley James, dry good store 58 north Third 
Donnaghan Patrick, carter 24 Fitzwater 
Donrtahue Margaret, widow china store 176 south Second 
Donnaky John, weaver 7 Lawrence 
Donnell I. C. dry good store 154 Market, d.h. 201 S. £ 
Donnelly Ann, widow seamstress 269 north Eighth 
Donnelly E. grocer 140 Cherry 
Donnelly Hugh, ashman 75 Plum 

Philadelphia Index. DOU« 

Donahue Biddy, tavernkeeper and shop 47 north Eighth 

Donnell Lester F. 438 south Front 

Donnell William R. accountant 121 south Fifth 

Donnelly Hugh, bricklayer south-west cor. Plum and Fourth 

Donnelly James, painter 168 Coats' 

Donnelley Jane, washerwoman Marble street 

Donnelly Joshua, ashman, 136 Queen 

Donnelly Luke, weaver 82. George (S.) 

Donnelly Michael, tailor 131 Cherry 

Bonnelly Mrs. spinster 2 College avenue 

Donnelly Samuel, labourer Locust above Broad 

Donnott Rachel, tailoress 16 Budd 

Donnover Charles, blacksmith N. E cor. Federal & Sec 

Donoghy Eliza, widow nurse CaufFman's court 

Donohue Ann, dealer 110 Lombard 

Donovan Sarah, Lilly alley above Tammany 

Donutt Christiana M. widow shopkeeper 186 Sassafras 

Doran Michael, merchant 26 south Second 

Doran William, grocer N.W. corner Vine and Water 

Doran William, tavernkeeper, S. E. corner Vine and Front 

Doras Biddy, milliner 204 Cherry 

Dorey Thomas, cabinetmaker back 338 south Front 

Dorey Thomas, cabinetmaker 3 Dock 

Dorft' Patrick, tinplate worker 307 High, d. h. 92 Wood 

Dorff Richard, tailor 154 north Fifth 

D'Orlic Mr. French teacher 16 Prune 

Dorman James, shoemaker 18 Filbert 

Dorman John C. labourer* Queen near Fourth 

Dorman John, paper strainer Buttoawopd near Sixth 

Dorman William, saddler S. W. corner Front and Mary's 

Dornin Bernard, bookseller .58 south Fourth 

Dorra William, shoemaker 377 north Third 

Dorry S. widow porter and cake-house High W. Sch. Fourth 

f Dorsey Andrew, Dean s alley 

Dorsey Benedict, china Sec. merchant 132 north Second. 

Dorsey Jeremiah, pn< ■• 263 south Fifth 

Dorsey Martin, labourer 183 south Fifth 

Dorsey Mary, widow 5 north Ninth 

fDorsey Michael, porter Fourteen Chimneys 

Dorsey Vincent, mariner near Rick's court in Third 

Dorscheimer G. baker Cherry below Sixth 

Doster Daniel, M. D. 220 north Fifth 

Dotter Adam, currier 213 St. John's 

Doubleman John C. lace and fringe-weaver 33 Pewterpb.' 

Doubly Elizabeth, widow Beach near Maiden 
Doubly William, blacksmith Lilly alley 
Dougall John, weave. 36 north Sixth 
Doughcoty James, papethanger 22 Kunckle 
Dougherty Alex, clothing store 40 S. Water and 39 8. Fr. 
•eughty & Budd, hardware merchants 45 High 


DOV Philadelphia Index. 

Dougherty Bernard, hatter Eckfeldt's court 
Dougherty Eliza, widow 10 Pine 
Dougherty Francis, widow back 134 south Fourth 
Dougherty George, tailor 48 Spruce 
Dougherty George, hardware merchant 145 &f 147 S- F: 
Dougherty Hugh, weaver Francisville 
Dougherty Hugh, labourer St Joseph's avenue 
Dougherty James, labourer Pine alley 
Dougherty John, baker 78 Spruce 
Dougherty John, carter 124 South 
Dougherty John, cordwainer back 317 south Sixth 
Dougherty John, cordwainer 372 south Front 
Dougherty John, drayman 124 German 
Dougherty John, shoemaker back 13 bet. Market fc Cftes 
Dougherty Michael, oysterman 2 Loxley's court 
Dougherty Miss Alice, china store, 157^ south Second 
Dougherty Mary, grocer 165 south Tenth 
Dougherty Patrick, Dougherty's court 
Dougherty Patrick, shoemaker Washington street Mofri- 
Dougherty Philip, stonecutter Faris' alley 
Dougherty Rachel, widow Mark's lane 
Dougherty B. carpenter 173 and 228 south Seventh 
Dougherty Richard, carpenter 228 south Seventh 
Dougherty Sarah, widow 19 Cedar 
Dougherty Susan, widow 117 Vine 
Dougherty Thomas, innkeeper, 229 Cedar 
Dougherty Thomas, dentist 165 south Tenth 
Dougherty William, tavern keeper Washington near Vine 
Dougherty Zebeniah, boarding-house 121 south Wafer 
Doughty John, hardware merchant 90 Wood 
Doughty Lucy, widow Maginnes' court 
Doughty Thomas, landsoape painter 12 north Eighth 
Douglass Benajah, attorney at law 318 Vine 
Douglass George, mariner 24 Little Water 
Douglass John, alderman 166 south Fourth 
Douglass John C. shoemaker 130 south Eleventh 
Douglass J. sailmaker 48 south wharves, d. h. 17 Powell 
Douglass Peter, tooth-brush maker 31 north Third 
jDouglass Robert, hairdresser, &c. 54 Mulberry 
Douglass Samuel L keeper of the Walnut st. prison dwell- 
ing 475 south Front 
Douglass widow boarding-house 27 Sansom 
Douglass William, carpenter 7 Little Dock 
Douse Samuel, mariner 129 Plum 

,use Richard, mariner 245 Spruce 
Dove William, manner 9 Poplar lane 
Dowdel Barbara, widow dealer 311 south Third 
Downing Hugh, cabinet and cbairmaker 90 south Second 
Downing .John W. merchant counting-house 78 Market 
Jdowning Jacob, shoemaker Nicholson's court 
Douglass L. S. fancy dry good store 47$ south Fiurth 
Duvet Charlotte, shopkeeper 64 R*ce 

Philadelphia Index. DRE 

"jDovcr G. doctor Cherry near Eleventh 

Dow Abraham, cordwainer 5 Harmony court 

Dow Ceorge, boarding-house 14 Shippen 

fDowden Knight, oysterman 153 Lombard 

Dowel Catherine, widow of James victualler Queen near 

Dowers Nicholas, stablekceper 125 Pine 
Dowlcr John, gunsmith 174 Coats' 
Dowling Daniel, grocer 142 Cherry 
Dowling John A. dealer 283 south Sixth 
Dowling Joshua, plaisterer 14 Carpenter 
Downe Elizabeth, widow Sassafras west of Broad 
Downer Charles L. mercht. 25 S. wharves, d. h. 16 Newmarket 
fDowningLevi, coachman back 123 north Tenth 
Downnaud Abel, 183 south Second 
Downs Fanny, widow 7 St. Mary's 
Downes James, mariner 52 Queen 
Downs John, carpenter 120 Locust 
Downs John, carpenter 5 Cleaver alley 
Downs Susan, widow 138 Locust 
Doyle Andrew, porter 80 Union 
Doyle Catharine, widow 9 Fromberger's court 
Doyle Edward, labourer back 1 Elbow lane 
Doyle Elizabeth, widow 62 Dock 
Doyle George, sea captain south Second near John's 
Doyle Hugh, accountant back 121 Mulberry 
Doyle James, cordwainer back 86 Locust 
Doyle James, sea capiain 473 south Second 
Doyle James, tailor 165 north Front 
Doyle John, grocer 338 High, d. h. 3 south Tenth 
Doyle John, tavernkeeper Leopard Inn (Head Quarters for 

the members of 12s) Laetitia court 
Doyle Lawrence, cordwainer 42 Catherine 
Dozville Lewis, grocer S.W. corner Ninth and Cherry 
Drain Robert, painter and glazier, Perry street 
Drain William, drayman 3 3 Green 
Drais Daniel, sailmaker 30 Summerps wharf 
Drake Margaret, 68 south Fifth 
Drake R. D. attorney at law 112 Walnut 
Drance Sarah, widow 138 Arch 
fDraper Jesse, porter 92 Bedford 
Dravell Marian, widow grocer 174 north Water 
Drayton James, umbrella manufacturer 3 south Fourth 
Drayton John, ladies' shoemaker back 569 south I'roin 
Drayton Joseph, engraver 65 Mulberry 
Drean Richard, merchant 4 north Front 
Dredger John, tavernkeeper 161 north Front 
Dreer Frederick, cabinet maker 152 south Fourth 
Dreisbach Adam, storekeeper Noble corner of Fourth 
Dreisbach Wm. wine & liquor store N.W. co£. Vine & Fourth 
Drew John, flaxhackler 216 south Fourth 

DUF Philadelphia Index. 

Drexel Francis M. portrait painter 40 south Sixth 
Drinkhouse George, tin plater 6 Cresson's alley 
Drinkhouse Jacob, tin plate worker 22 Branner'a alley 
Dropsy Aaron, accountant Coats' near Fourth 
Drorsdorf Charles A. grocer SE cor. Lombard and Eighth 

TDroz Charles A. clock and watchmaker 118 Walnut 
Drinker Henry S. gentleman 67 Locust 

Drinker John, attorney at law 199 Walnut belqw Eighth 

Drum , carter Catharine 

Drummond H. B. gentleman 54 south Fourth 

Drummond J. bleeder with leeches 53 north Eighth 

Drummond Mary, widow 114 Lombard 

Drummond Mary, widow washerwoman Taper alley 

Drunksis John, baker 90 Browne 

Drury Michael, 334 Market 

Drysdale William, clock and watchmaker 44 High 

Duane Mrs. of Wm. late editor of the Aurora 70 S. Eighth 

Duane Wm. J. attorney at law 156 Walnut 

Dubaces Susannah, widow Christian near Eighth 

Dubant Mark, glove maker 85 south Water 

Dubarry John, merchant 186 High 

Dubbs Martin, inspector of salt provisions, office Girard'i 
wharf, dwelling north-east corner Ninth and Race 

Dubenaurd Thomas, carpenter 33 Cherry 

Dubigan V. gentleman 136 south Fifth 

fDublin Perry, mariner 35 Elizabeth 

Dubois Benjamin, carpenter Lilly alley 

Dubois Cornelius, cabinetmaker Lilly alley 

Dubois John and Son, cordwainers 46 George (S.) 

Dubois John, cordwainer 23 Mary 

Dubois Samuel, morocco finisher SW cor. George St Second 

Dubois William, labourer 123 north Water 

Duborow Hugh, chip hat factory 102 Poplar bel. Second 

Dubree John, labourer George west Schuylkill Fourth 
Ducker John, exchange broker north-east corner Hunter's 

court and Eleventh 
Duchi R. R. jeweller 183 south Second 

Ducoing John, millinery and fancy store 111 south Second 
Ducoing Sophia, widow 69 Spruce 
Ducomb Christian, boarding house 74 Locust 
Ducomb Margaretta, grocer NW corner Sixth and Pine 
Du Common 11. watchmaker 29 south Fourth 

Ducy William, hatter Filbert near Schuylkill Eighth 
Duddy Bernard, typefounder Cedar below Tenth 
Dudgeon John, shoemaker Thirteenth near Race 
Duddy Michael, dyer Cedar below Tenth 
Dudley Atkins, M. 1). 19 south Seventh 
Duey Mary, widow 20 Budd 

Duet Andrew, house carpenter Marlborough near Bedford K. 
Duff and Harbaiee, house carpenters north-cast corner '1 
and Marble 

Philadelphia Index . DUN 

Duff Eliza, widow 54 north Fifth 

Duff James, tallow chandler 5 Caledonian court 

DuffJohn, butcher 51 south Water 

Duff Patrick, grocer SW corner of Second and Queen 

Duffield Edward, accountant 212 south Fourth 

Duffield James, shoemaker Perrv 

Duffield William B., M. D. 198 Spruce professor of midwifery 

Dufiry Arthur, weaver Christian near Eighth 

Duffrv Francis, grocer NW coiner of Plum and Second 

Duffy" Edward, linen trader 115 north Water 

Duffy Francis, tavernkeeper Walnut near wharf 

Duffy Thomas, hatter back 114 Plum 

Duffy William, copperplate printer 159 south Tenth 

Dugan Joseph, merchant 7o Spruce 

Dugan Patrick, stonemason Schuylkill Eighth above Cherry 

Dugan Peter, grocer SE corner of Bedford and Seventh 

Dugdale Thomas, jun. teacher of lnnguages, Friends' schj£«l 
south Fourth, dwelling 166 Spruce 

Duhamel John, tailor 63 south Fourth 

Duk Peter, tailor 24 John 

Dukemincer Mary, widow 451 south Second 

Duks Alexander, labourer 16 Swanson 

Dulan, widow cake shop 28 south Water 

Dulles and Wilcox, merchant 145 High 

Dulles Joseph H. merchant 145 High, dwelling Washington 
square above Seventh 

Dulles Sophia, gentlewoman 151 Walnut 

Dulman John M. shoemaker SE corner Sassafras and Front 

Dullman John, pump maker and blacksmith 200 N. Eightk 
Dullover Charles, mintner 146 Thirteenth 
Dulls Mrs. boarding house Ninth near High 

Dumas John F. merchant 42 Race 

Dumas Elias, gentleman 116 Budd 

Dumbletan Eliza, widow muffin baker 18 Prune 

Du Moulin Sarah, widow of M. boarding house 4 N. Eighth 

Dumoutet Elizabeth, widow of the late J. B. jeweller 55 an* 

57 south Second south-east corner of Chesnut 
Dunbar James, weaver Cedar near Twelfth 
fDunbar Mrs. widow 1 Washington court 
■j-Dunbar William F. Washington court 
Duncan Benjamin, corder 1 Almond 
Duncan (general) Wm. hardware merchant 41 High 
Duncan John, labourer Washington street, MorrisviJl© 
Duncan Laetitia, widow 435 Chesnut 
Duncan Mary, widow 481 High 
Duncan Thomas, associate judge of the supreme court Gfc 

Walnut l 

Duncan William, carter Mark's lane 
Duncan William M. hardware merchant 41 fligh 
Duncan William, teacher Library street opposite U. €1 bank 

DUP Philadelphia Index. 

Dundas James, attorney at law next 12 south Fifth 

Dungan Cornelius, harnessmaker Tammany near Foul 

Dungan David, tabacconist back 48 Kunckic 

Dungan John, inkeeper 130 north Second 

Dunham Alpheus, labourer 12 Raspberry alley 

Dunlap Ann, weaver Fourth above George's 

Dunlap Eliza, widow N. E. cor. Thirteenth and Chesriut 

Dunlap James & Co. merchants 55 north Second 

Dunlap James, gardener Sch. Water near Sassaf. 

Dunlap James, merchant 22 Branch 

Dunlap Sallows, storekeeper 55 north Second 

Dunlap Thomas, attorney at law 41 Spruce 

Dunlap, widow of doctor James, 107 Mulberry 

Dunlery Mrs. widow 15 Shippen 

Dunlevy Robert, sea captain Federal near Second 

Dunnchan Elizabeth, nurse back 9 Crowu 

Dunnott Charles, carpenter 114 Dillwyn 

Dunn John, carmaker next 22 Christian 

Dunn Ann, widow 80 Vine 

Dunn Edward, carter 34 Julianna 

Dunn Flizubc-th 53 Wood 

Dunn Elizabeth, shopkeeper corner Eighth and Sassafras 

Dunn George, turner and umbrellamaker 96 St. John's 

Dunn Georg-e W. merchant 16 Bank alley 

Dunn James II. gentleman 35 Coats' alley 

Dunn John, blacksmith 14 Marble 

Dunn John, silverplater 34 Julianna 

Dunn Mary, innkeeper 213 south Second 

Dunn R. corner Fourth in Tammany 

Dunn Rouen, chandler back 280 south Fourth 

Dunn Thomas, M. D 173 Vine 

Dunjj , shoemaker 1 rotter's alley 

Dunn, widow washerwoman one door above 12th in Geo 

Danrant John W. inspector of customs 192 Pine 

Dunton Jacob, jun. shipchandler 368 north Front 

Dunton Jacob, sailmaker 5 north wharves, d. h. 61 New 

Dunwoody Ruth, boarding-house 41 north Seventh 

Dupagnier Charles, labourer 36 south Front 

f Dupee Abraham, clothes dealer 22 Blackberry alley 

Duplain B. accountant 202 north Fourth 

Duplaine B. C. grocer 202 north Fourth and 7 south Sixth 

Duplain, widow 202 worth Fourth 

Duponceau Peter S. c unsellor at law, office 15 south Sixth, 

d. h. 199 Chesnut N E. corner Sixth 
Dupont P. C. band-box maker 65 Walnut 
•j-Duppins John, coachman 40 Blackberry alley 
Dupree Slater R gilder 94 Plum 
Dupuy A. win^%rocery and liquor store comer Minor 

Sixth, <L h. 22 north' Sixth 
Dupuy Daniel, 160 Sassafras 

Philadelphia Index. DYO 

Dupuy John, cook and confectioner 203 Chesnut 

{-Durham Isaac, porter Portland lane 

Durham Jeremiah, labourer 161 south Sixth 

fDurham John, labourer 161 south Sixth 

Durham Peter, bleeder 223 Shippen 

Durham Sarah, widow 112 Wood 

f Durham Stephen, porter 16 Elizabeth 

Durand John Lewis, shoemaker, 153 north Sixth 

Dural Lewis, merchant 342 Arch 

Durborow Samuel, merchant 183 High, d. h. 139 south S 

Durff Jacob, blacksmith 37 north Fourth 

Durfor George, carpenter 17 Fayette 

j Durham Clayton, carter 95 Bedford 

Durney Tobias, biscuit baker 19 Shippen 

Durass Peter, tailor, 5 linker's court 

Dnrand Francis, paper hanging's 88 Christian 

Durand John, merchant 30$ Walnut, d. h. 226 Spruce 

Durand Lewis V. toyfiiaker 126 s><uth Sixth 

Durdell Susannah, widow 57 Catharine 

Durell Hannah, of Jeremiah, 599 Second near Germantown r. 

•{•Durham Clayton, carter 95 Bedford 

{Durham John, labourer Hog alley 

Durkee Doctor, S. side Chesnut second house above Eighth 

Durnee Thomas, victualler Front near Laurel 

Dumell James, blacksmith 11 Pennsylvania avenue 

Darnell Samuel, carter Queen near Sixth 

Durney Michael, biscuit baker 303 south Second 

Durr Martin, sugar refiner Mint court 

Burrell Samuel, printer 29 Coats' 

Durry William, mariner 181 north Front 

Dusar F. mer. Gerard's buildings S. Second op. Little Duck 

Dustin Martha, boarding-house 273 south F'ront 

Dutch Isaiah, sea captain 8j Cailowhill 

Dutilh E. G. £5 Co. commission merchants 5 Minor 

Dutilh John A. merchant 30 Walnut, d. h. 155 Pine 

Dutilh John, 155 Pine 

Dutert M. barber 46 north' J bird 

fDutreuil John, hairdresser 7 south Sixth 

Dunton & Ker, ahipehandlers &e X south wharves 

Dutton Elizabeth, wid las 157 Lombard 

Dutton Isaac, shoe store I~8 Market 

Dutton Joseph L. cairpenter 177 south Front d. h. 25 Pine 

Duval & Co. merchants 179 High 

Duval James S. merchant 275 High, d. h. 15 north Eighth 

Duval Mrs. 72 Christian 

Dyer Andrew, oyster cellar under 45 south Front 

Dyer William, brewer 121 Green 

Dykes Daniel, shoemaker 82 South 

Dyott T. W. M. D. north-east corner Second and Race 

ECC Philadelphia Index. 

EACHUS ROBERT, brass founder Mead alley near F 

Eaden William, weaver 91 Plum 

Eagenton A. storekeeper 216 north Front 

Eager Mrs. C. widw.fe Frankford road near Queen (K. 

Eager William, wheelwright Frankford road near Queen (K. 

Eager Win. jr. shipwright Frankford road near Queen (K 

Eakins Isaiah, shoemaker 18 south Tenth 

Ealer Frederick, baker High west Sell. Eighth 

Earle &. Gaskill merchants 1S3 High 

Earl Clayton, merchant 53 north Water, d. h. CO Pb"ie 

Earle Eliza, widow shopkeeper 393 north Front 

Karl Hannah, boarding-house 60 north Fifth 

Earle Jas. carver Si gilder &. gallery of paintings 16^ I 

Earl Morris, inkeeper 135 south Water 

Earle Thomas, merchant 285 High, dwelling 7 George 

Farley Hugh, drayman Federal above Second 

Early Hugh, Federal near Second 

Earley Samuel, shingle dresser 275 south Seventh and 14 

Lyndall's court 
Barley William, carter 38 P-.nn 

Earnset David, tailor 16 south Fourth, dwelling 111 S. Fifth 
Earnest Jacob ££ Son, merchant tailors 16 south Fourth 
Ear nh art John P. turner in ivory and metals, Stc. 76 Dock 
Earp & Co. hardware merchants south-west corner High and 

Fifth and 209 south Second 
Earp 3c M'Main, hardware stjre 78 Market 
Earp Ann, gentlewoman 78 Market 
Earp George, hardware merchant 216 Pine 
Earp Robert, hardware merchant SW cor. High and Fifth 
Earp Thomas, hardware merchant south-west corner Higli 

and Fifth, dwelling 243 Vine 
Easby John, cooper 17 Vine 
Eastburn Joseph, D. D. 86 Vine 
Eastburn Rachel widow 47 Christian 
Eastwick Margaret, widow 3 Cleaver alley 
Eaton Charles, grocery and liquor store 7 south Third 
Eaton E. mariner back 112 South 
Eaton Jonathan, skindresser Rose alley 
Eaton Jonathan, labourer 466 north Third 
Eaton Olivia, widow of Jesse 5 sooth Eleventh 
Eaton Thomas, carpenter Simmon's court (N\ L 
Eberle F. musician 27 Strawberry 
Eberle F. sen. baker 27 Strawberry 
Eberle Jacob, baker 150 Locust 

Ebejle John, M. D. south-west corner Sixth and Sassafras 
Eberth Conrad, gentleman 23 Julianna 
Eberth Joseph, carpenter 143 Vine 
Ebling Daniel C. ladies' shoemaker 115 north Second 
Ebling Robert, shoemaker 7 north Fourth 
Eccles Ann, widow back 160 Shippen 
Kccles James, distiller north-weet corner Seventh and C 

Philadelphia Index. EDW 

Eck Ann, tutoress below Queen near Front 

Eckard E. gentleman 64 south Sixth 

Eckard John, sugar refiner Charlotte 

Eekendorff Martin, surgeon barber 22 N. Ninth near Filbert 

Eckerd Christian, innkeeper Old York road 

Eckert Charles, tallow chandler 336 north Second 

Eckert David, merchant 292 High 

Eckert John, jun. baker Millard's alley 

Eckey John, shallopman back 51 Budd 

Eckfeldt Adam chief coiner in the mint Juniper below Vine 

Eckfeldt Michael, carpenter 130 Thirteenth 

fEckfelt Thomas, painter and glazier Stewart's alley 

Eckhard George, watchman 91 Wood 

Eckhard John, labourer Charlotte (N.L.) 

Eckhardt T. tavernkeeper N.W. cor. Callowhill and Julian 

Eckle John A accountant 87 New 

Ecklin Samuel, printer 122 north Front back 104 X. Second 

Eckloff F. C. tailor 76 New street 

Eckstein John, brushmaker 138 High and 36 north Third 

Eckstein Samuel, paper store 122 north Fourth 

Eckstein William, currier Bryan's court 

Ecky G. and Co. apothecaries and druggists SE corner Se- 
venth and George 

Edelman Mary, widow shopkeeper 124 Filbert 

Eden Catherine, 36 south Front 

Edenborn Mary, widow 144 Thirteenth 

Edenborn Philip, currier Tammany near fourth 

Edenborn P. & J. tobacconists SE corn-i* Fourth and Vine 

Edds John, shoemaker 145 Coats' 

Edgar James, of the mint 33 Sugsf alley 

Edger Benj. mariner N.W. cor. Swanson and Parham's alley 

Edmanson, Elisha, mariner 2*ack 382 South 

Edmond William, gentleman 7 Zane 

Edwards Charles, 270 north Front 

Edwards David, weaver Vine near Thirteenth 

Edwards Edward, flour merchant Lawler's court 

Edwards Edward, gentleman 23 Green 

Edwards Edward, grocer 326 north Front 

Edwards Edward, grocer NW corner Front and Noble 

Edwards Griffith, grocer 16 and 18 north Fifth 

Edwards Griffith, jr. grocer 16 north Fifth 

Edwards Hannah, nurse 446 north Third 

Edwards John, black-bear inn 222 north Front 

Edwards John, oak cooper 33 George (S.) 

Edwards Joseph, brass founder 214 liaee 

Edwards Joseph, harness maker 271 north Front 

Edwards Mary, 14 Parham's alley 

Edwards Mary, widow 287 north Eighth 

Edwards Mr." , 80 south Eighth 

Edwards Mrs. boarding house 20 north Ninth 
Edwards Owen, hatter Juniper Eighth below Walnut 

ELL Philadelphia Index. 

Edwards Robert, accountant 4 Stamper's alley 

Edwards Sarah, tailoress 459 north Third 

Edwards Thomas, cordwainer 227 Arch 

Edwards William, carter 168 Oak 

Edwin David, engraver 216 Walnut 

Egard John, comb maker Third above Poplar lune 

Egbert George, innkeeper 357 north Second 

Eggers Caroline, widow 174 Pine 

Eggers Charlotte, widow 174 Pine 

Eglee Jacob, cabinetmaker 66 south Fourth 

Egner Charles, grocer north-east cor. Third and Mulberry 

Ehrenzeller Geo. accountant 70 S. Eleventh corner George 

Eichholtz J. portrait painter 5 Filbert 

Eigelberner George, tobacconist 4 Prospect alley 

Eigelberaer Margaret, widow 4 Prospect alley 

Eisenbrey Jacob, tallow chandler Fourth above Poplar 

Eisenbrey John, coachmaker 116 north Seventh 

Eisenbrey Philip, coach painter south Eighth, d. h. 37 Zane 

Eisenhut John F. coppersmith 203 N. Second NE cor. Vine 

Eisenhut William, tobacconist 52 Callowhill 

Eisenring John, skin dresser 327 north Third 

Eisen Daniel, tallow chandler 90 Green 

Elbert Peter, rigger 41 Coats' 

Elberson Francis, pilot 442 south Second 

Elberson Jonathan, accountant 4 Pratt's court 

Elder William T. merchant, dwelling 241 Vine 

Kldridge A. J. dry good store 42 south Second 

Eldridge and Brick, curriers 35 Chesnut 

Eldredge Anthony, sea ^.rptain 469 south Second 

Eldredge Isaiah, sea captain 79 Christian 

Eldredge James H. rigger 4 Yederal above Second 

Eldridge Mary, tailoress 63 Phr*nb 

Eldredge Phineas, late sea capt. Cavpenter (S.) corner Fifth 

Kldredge Phineas, ship master 79 Christian 

Cldridge Phoebe, boarding house 53 New street 

Kldridge William, Callowhill street ferry 

KJener Hannah, widow lihil's court 

Elfrith Isaac C. merchant counting house 175 High 

Elfreth Jacob, accountant 15 Wood 

Elfrey Jacob, cooper 2 Knight's court 

Elfrey Philip, cedar cooper Maria 

ElfVey Samuel, carter Coats' near Seventh 

Elias Henry, dry good store 200 north Second 

Elias Lewis, mason Washington street Morrisville 

Elkin A. gentleman 2 south Tenth 

r.ikinson Asa, tallow and soap manufactory 202 X. Second 

Elkinton Edith, milliner 34 Arch 

Elleinar Philip, cordwainer 166 Lombard 

Ellias Henry, storekeeper 200 north Second 

lliiick Henry, carpenter Callowhill above El 

Ellick John, carpenter Tammany below Old Yc 

Philadelphia Index. ELT 

Ellick John, carpenter 13 Wells' row 

Kllin James, constable 252 south Front 

Elliott and Garrett, bark manufactory 109 north Wal 

Elliott Charles, storekeeper 431 nnrth Second 

Elliott Eleanor, widow Thirteenth above Cedar 

fElliott Francis X. white washer 265 Race 

Elliott Hannah, 56 north Fourth 

Elliott Isaac, conveyancer 82 Chesnut 

Elliott Isabella, widow of Samuel Sch. Seventh near Vine 

Elliott Jane, widow Diehl's court 

Elliott John and Daniel, druggists Sic. 60 south Front 

Elliott John, combmaker 9 north Fourth 

Elliott John, combmaker 1 north Third 

Elliott John, druggist £>c. 60 S. Front, d. h. 68 north Seventh 

Elliott John, shipjoiner Marlborough near Beach (K.) 

Elliott John, shopkeeper Callowhill bet. Seventh and Erglith 

Elliot M. and F. dry good store 74 north Second 

Eiliott Margaret, widow of William, back 12 Fayette 

Elliott R. and Co. storekeepers 7 south Second 

Elliott Richard, coachtrimmer 8 Branner's alley 

Elliott Samuel, gentleman 54 north Second 

Elliott Sarah, widow 48 Shippen 

Elliott Thomas, blacksmith Sixth near Fitzwater 

Elliott Thomas, principal deputy sheriff 172 south Fourth 

F-liiott William, harp and eagle hotel 43 north Third 

Ellison Christian, ship watch 19 Parham's alley 

Kilison John B. accountant 171 High, and 29 Mulberry 

Ellison John, M. D. 52 Coats' 

Ellis Aaron, cordwainer 8 Fromberger's court 

Ellis Benjamin, M. D. 72 north Ninth 

Ellis Daniel C. accountant Vine near Juniper 

Ellis David, teacher 81 New, dwelling 123 Callowhill 

Ellis Dorothea, widow Charlotte near Browne. 

*Ellis Enos, cabinetmaker 43 Chester 

Ellis George, innkeeper 327 north Second 

Ellis Joseph, ladies' shoemaker 108 south Tenth 

Ellis Hugh, silverplater 236 High, dwelling 206 Race 

-fEUis Nathaniel, oysterman under 43£ Chesnut 

Ellis Sabina, morocco dresser 125 Germantown .rosed 

Ellis Silvester, tobacconist 37 New market 

Ellis Thomas, labourer 23 Curtis court 

Ellis Thomas, livery stable keeper Drinker's alley 

Ellis Thomas, oak cooper Christian near 4th 

Ellis William H. carpenter 84 Dillwyn 

Ellis William, house carpenter Marlborough near Beacfc 

Ellmaker David, hardware merchant 243 High, dwelling €3 

Ellmaker Levi, flour merchant 461 High dwelling 405 Arch 
Ellsworth Oliver, shoemaker 41 Noble 
Elmes Abner, Hatter 45 Filbert 

Elmejs Thomas A. hat warehouse 202 High, d. ft 13 €j<ewri 
Elmslie Alexander, gentleman 232 suuth F; • 

ENG Philadelphia Index, 

Eltan Jonathan, dyer Vine near Twelfth 

Elton Anthony, innkeeper and captain western watch centre 

hotel, Market west of Broad 
Eltohead Jane, widow 4 north Eighth 
Elton John, comb maker 436 north Fourth 

Elton Thomas, carpenter 149 Cherry 

Elwell Bishop, waterman back of 31 Green 

Elwell Daniel, bridle-bit maker Flint's court 

Elwell David, carpenter 1 Pratt's court 

Elwell Henry, shipsmith 8 Mead alley 

Elwell Joseph M. grocer 361 Arch 

Elwell Mahlon, weaver 20 Browne 

Elwell Robert, blacksmith, Christian near 4th 

Elwell Samuel S accountant N E. corner Eighth* and Rs 

Ely Benjamin, gt-ntleman Green below Old York Road 

Ely Joseph, 188 Arch 

Ely Rev. E. S. pastor of the second Presbyterian church 

Emerick Benjamin, boot maker 72 south Eighth 

Emerick Hannah, widow grocer 429 south Second 

Emmick Henry, shoemaker 3 Killey's alley 

Emerick Jacob, china merchant 218 north Third (N I 

Emerick P. K china merchant 247 north Second 

Emerick William B. and George, grocers 23 north Sixth 

Emerson Governeur, M. D. 15 south Fifth 

Emersbn Samuel, innkeeper drawbridge hotel 122 S. From 

Emery Abraham, carter Baker's court 

Emery Frederick, flour store near forks of Germantow 

Emery Lewis, boarding-house 12 north Third 

Emery T. B. cabinetmaker 50 south Front 

fEmery William, waiter 129 Locust 

Emlen George, gentleman 103 south Fourth 

Emlen Jeremiah, drug and paint store 6 north Third 

Emlen Joshua, merchant 17 south wharves, d. h. Unisn 

Emlen Samuel, M. I) 247 Arch 
Imlen Sarah, widow 103 south Fourth 

Emmet John, cordwainer 5 l leaver alley 

Eneu James, sen farmer Ft deral near Passyunk road. 

Enew Mrs. ^ane^Ghri#tian near 5th 

Enue Samuel, carpenter 284 south Sixth 

Engard John, innketpe/ -j 18 north Second 

Engard George, shoemaker Charlotte near Browne 

England Rebecca, cake shop 11 Chesnut 

Englebert John, watchman 546 north Fourth 

Englebert Leonard, 88 \\s»od 

Englefeet Christopher, blacksmith Maginnes* court 

Engleman Daniel W. tavernkeeper NW cor. Tenth t 

Engle Benjamin, baker Fourth near Coats' 

Engle Francis, combm:iker Fourth near Coafs* 

Engles Ann, widow of Silas 63 Locust 

Engles Adam, house carpenter 20 Laurel 

Engles Jonathan, blacksmith Davis' court 

Philadeljihia Index. ERW 

Engles Henry, sheriff's office, dwelling 83 Plum 

Englcs Joseph P. teacher of Languages corner Eleventh and 

Marble, d. h. 63 Locust 
Engle Martin, tailor 408 north Third 
Engles Rev. William M. pastor seventh Presbyterian Church. 

63 Locust 
Englcs Richard, tanner 523 north Front 
Engles William, wharf-builder Maiden near Penn (K.) 
English Elijah, carpenter 1 Harmony court 
English John, silver plater Diehl's court 
English Joseph, cutler 108 Sassafras 
English Levi, tailor 11 Randall's court 
English Michael, shipwright Church near Christian 
English Mozeal, paperstainer 112 north 4th 
English Robert S. carpenter 31 Strawberry alley 
English Samuel & Co. tobacconists 15 north Third 
English Samuel, carpenter back 82 north Sixth 
English Thomas N. merchant Eighth above Orange 
Ennessey Michael, carter 266 South 
Ennet David, tallow chandler 105 Dillwyn 
Ennis John, carpenter Hause's court 
Ennis John, currier 8 Quarry 

Ennis Joshua, shoemaker Charlotte near Poplar lane 
Ennis Samuel, engraver on wood 75 south 5th 
Ennis S. widow storekeeper 286 south .Front 
Ennis Thomas, inspector of butter and lard, office 15 Arch 

d. h. 126 St. John's 
Enos Joshua S. accountant Vine near Thirteenth 
Enters Lewis, innkeeper 54 Callowhill 
Eppelsheimer Lewis, sugar refiner 168 north Fifth 
Eppes James, shoemaker 28 Strawberry 
Epplee Andrew, deputy collector of customs 222 Walnut 
Eppley Charles, drayman Taylor's court north Front near 

Eppley Jacob, drayman Marriott lane near 5th 
E{ pley Jacob, inkeeper corner Jame's and Ridge Road 
Epstein Jacob, storekeeper 4th near Tammany 
Epyes Haskell, shoemaker 23 Franklin court 
Erben Henry, merchant 263 High, d. h. 9 John 
Erben Henry, grocer N.W. corner of Callowhill and 5th 
Erdmann Charles A. printer Perry 
Erdman Frederick, carpenter 170 Vine 
Erdman Henry, carpenter near 11 Castle 
Errioger Frederick, boot and shoemaker and collector of 

taxes 57 Arch 
Eringhaus A. office Carter's alley north Second 
Erwin Deborah, milliner 72 Mulberry 

Jfirwin Edward, weaver SE corner Broad and Shippen's lane 
Erwin Henry, silversmith 33 north Third 
Erwin James C. carpenter S. E. cdrner Spruce and WatcfP 
Erwin John W. gentleman 115 Lombard 

EVA Philadelphia Index. 

Erwin Joseph E. mercer and tailor 45 Pine above Second 

Erwin Margaret, widow grocer 109 Plum 

Erwin Marmaduke B. shotmaker Mulberry near Sch. Second 

Erwin Nancy, widow Queen below Third 

Erwin Peter, livery stablekeeper 41 south 4th 

Erwin Robert, cordwainer 392 south Second 

Erwin Rob. livery stablekeeper 8 Library, stables 43 S. 4th 

Erwin Susan, widow gentlewoman 9 south Seventh 

Escuwnies Charles, tobacconist 311 north Thud 

Esdell Robert, grocer 270 Sassafras 

Eshart Adam, labourer 9 Wells' row 

Esher Conrad M. grocer SE corner Plum and Passyunk road 

Esh«r Conrad M. carter & feed store N. E. cor. 5th & Plum 

Esher Conrad, saddler Lilly alley above Tammany 

Esher Conrad, saddler Second near Otter 

Esher Henry, innkeeper north-west corner of Fetter lane 

and Bread street 
Esher Jacob, tailor near the forks of Germantown Road 
Esberick .Frederick, currier 67 Chesnut 
Esherick Joseph, hairdresser and bleeder 9 north 5th 
Esherick Margaret, widow cakebaker 132 Arch 
Esherick Mary, boarding-house 48 Cherry 
Esler Benjamin, turner Harmony, d. h. Marble court 

Esler William, grocer south-west corner 4th and Christian 
Esling Catharine, boarding-house back 8 south 5tb 

Esling Nicholas, innkeeper 30 north 5th 

Espenet Augustus, candle manufacturer 51 George's (S.) 

Espy J. P. teacher 47 Filbert 

Esseeh Baiters, shopkeeper 81 north Water 

Essig Cl^istian, baker 443 north Front 

Estell Daniel, tailor 24 north Water, d. h. 69 Arch 

Estell Dan. E. merch. 39 north Water, d. h. 4Elfreth"s alley 

Esterlon Andrew, bottler 244 Cedar 

Estlack Charles, bricklayer 12 Randall's court 

Estlack Francis, gentleman 14 Gaskill 

Estlack Thomas, bricklayer 113 Lombard 

Estreicher Christian F. baker 4th near Browne 

Etres .lames, blacksmith 60 St. John's 

Etris Christiana, widow 130 north 5th 

Etris David, cabinetmaker 130 north 5th 

Etris Samuel, cabinetmaker 444 south Front 

Etris Wm. tavernkeeper SW corner Second and Lombard 

Etter Mary, widow back 5 Middle alley 

Etter Robert, back 5 Middle alley 

Etter Sophia, back 5 Middle alley 

Ettinge Saul, merchant corner Coombs' alley and Front 

Ettinger William, bricklayer Callowhifl near 4th 

Ettinger William, nailer 106 Coats' 

Etjtinges 6c Phillips, merchants 46 north Front 

Euston Hester, 252 Lombard 

Evans Abel H. carpenter 171 north 4th 

Evans Abel, lumber inspector 2.3 Julianna 

Philadelphia Index. EVA 

Evans Abigail, dry good store 141 3 north Third 

Evans ?c Dungan, grocery store north Third 

Evans Ann, milkwoman back 379 Arch 

Evanfc Ann, tailoress Coombs' alley 

Evans, Ann, teacher near corner Thirteenth and Sassafr 

Evans Ann, widow 107 Pine 

Evans Ann, widow 5 Willow court 

Evans Barbary, widow 31 Spruce 

Evans Benjamin, printer 2.52 south Seventh 

Evans Britton, teacher 52 Shippen 

Evans Cad. jun. flour mercht. 394 and d. h. upper 375 Hi 

Evans Cadwalader, gentleman 417 Arch 

Evans Cadwalader, gentleman 3 York buildings 

Kvans Cadwalader & Robert I. flour merchants 394 High 

Evans Cadwalader founder, ?cc. 475 Eace 

Evans Catherine, widow 97 Crown 

Evans Charles, black and whitesmith Bread 

Evans Charles, counsellor at law 3 York buildings 

Evans Charles, gentleman Wood between Ninth and Garden 

Evans Charlotte, widow 171 St. John's 

Evans David, carpenter 91 Kunkel 

Evans David CJ Son, curriers and commission leather storc 

27 Chesnnt 
Evans David R. lumber merchant Noble near Sixth 
Evans Edward, corner Sassafras and Sixth 
Evans Edward, ornamental stucco-worker cor. Sixth and I 
Evans Elizabeth, tailoress 452 Race 
Evans Ellen, widow 64 Tammany 
Evans Ellis cordwainer 95 German 
Evans George, merchant and office of Willow Grove 

Cheltenham Turnpike Compan?, north-west Decatur and 

Carpenter streets, up stairs 
Evans Gulielma Miss, 221 Spruce 
Evans Jacob, currier Star alley 
Evans J. Ogden, tax collector 247 south Seventh 
Evans John 8c Son, lumber merchant Sixth near Noble, d. h. 

145 north Sixth 
Evans John II. carpenter Callowhill above Eleventh 
Evans John II. carpenter 171 north 4th 
Evans John, sign painter and fanlight -maker 73 Dock, d 

4 Watson's alley 
Evans Jonathan, gentleman 102 Union 
Evans Joseph Ogden, tax collector 247 south Seventh 
Evans Joseph R. merch. 31 south wharves, d. h. 101 Pine 
Evans Josiah Sc Co. merchant tailors 122 Chesnut 
Evans Josiah, bricklayer 8 Biackber:> alley 
Evans Martha, storekeeper south-west corner Yine and 4th 
Evans Mary, widow 2 .Friends' alms house 
Evans Thomas, collector 15 north Twelfth 
Evans Thomas, accountant 51 George's 
Evans Lewis, gentleman 265 Walnut 
Evans Martha, widow dry good store 66 north Sixth 

EY# Philadelphia Index. 

Evans Miss Lienor 60 north Ninth 
Evans Owen, soap and candle maker 390 north Fr~, 
Evans Peter, tavernkeeper 3 Little George 
Evans Robert E. mariner Church near Christian 
Evans Robert, bricklayer 101 St. John's 
Evans Robert, innkeeper 138 Sassafras 
Evans Robert T. flour mercht. 394 High, d. h. 1 south T 
Evans Thomas, commission merchant 154 Callowhill 
Evans Thomas, druggist, &c. N. E. corner Spruce and Third 
Evans Whitton, mercht. 77 south wharves, d. h. 213 Spruce- 
Evans William, accountant 37 Palmyra square 
Evans William, accountant 171 north 4th 
Evan William, druggist, &q. 134 south Front 
Evans William, gentleman Walnut third house above Tv 
Evans William, mariner 334 south Front 
Everdell James, musician 185 Lombard 
Evevhart Anthony, ash cooper 21 Swanson 
Everhart David, coachmaker 150 north Sixth 
Everhardt John, Wheelwright back 13 bet. High and Chesnut 
Everhart Martin, painter, 6'c. 6 Emlen's court 
Everly Adam, comb manufactory 225 High 
Everly c J Rees, pocket-book makers 77 north Second 
Everly James, Swanson 

Everitt Jonathan, harness maker Mechanic corner Maple 
Everiit John, shoemaker 8 Pratt's court 
Evers Thomas, labourer 164 Coats' 
Everson Ann, nurse corner Green and Sixth 
Everswine Conrad, labourer Hanks' court 
Everton Mary, widow 28 Parham's alley 
Evil Adam, baker back 382 south Second 
Evil John, labourer near Sch. Eighth in Race 
Evinrer William, shoemaker Coats' near 4th 
Evs Philip, ferryman 65 Christian 
Ewing Adam, baker Bedford near 5th 
E wings Alexander, weaver CedaT near Thirteenth 
Ewing Henry, smith St. Joseph's avenue 
Ewing Jas. S. druggist 231 Chesnut, and plumber Lodge al 
Ewing Mary, widow 72 George (S.) 
Swing Mrs. widow fancy store 106 Walnut 
Ewing Robert, gentleman 5 Church alley 
Ewing Samuel, attorney at law 146 Chesnut 
Exley John, smith, &c. 92 Vine corner Kunkel and Wood 
Extein Jchn, grocer 199 north Water 
Eyre c? Landall, boat-builders Penn above Maiden (K.) 
Eyre cs Massey, merchants 28 south wharves, up stairs 
Evre & Whelan, merchants 163 High 
Eyre Franklin, ship builder Beach above Marlborough 
Evres Hamilton, labourer 128 north Eleventh 
Eyre Isaac, ship b&ilder Beach above Maiden 
Eyre James, ship joiner Penn (K.) 
Eyre Jehu, ship builder Beach above Marlborough 
Eyre Manuel, merch. 28 south wharves, d. h. 278 Chesnut 

P hi la delfihia In dex . F A I ' 

re Miss Lydia, Beach above Marlborough (K.) 
Eyres Peter, carter Bedford below Eighth 
Eytinge Barnet, trader 16 Lombard 

FABLE ANTHONY, taUor back 187 north Second 
Fable Frederick, baker 28 Goforth alley 
Fable Frederick, tailor 39 Crown 
Fabry Catharine, widow back 174 Pine 
Facemeyer Samuel, labourer Smith's alley 
Fackley John, ladies' shoemaker 5 Sassafras alley 
Fagundus Jacob, brassfounder 99 Noble 
Fagundus Mary, fancy dry good store 27 south 4tU 
Faickarly C. A. widow dealer 224 Lombard 
Fairchilds Rufus, ladies' shoemaker 119 south Second 
Fairchild William B. combmaker 135 south Second 

Fairbairn , saddler 7 north 5th 

raires Martha, widow tailoress 11 below Walnut 
Fair John, U. S. navy Federal near Second 
I-.tirman, Draper & Co. engravers 45 and 47 George 
Fair weather Robert B. mariner 441 south Front 
Faity Mary, widow 243 south Seventh 
Falknier Joseph, cordwainer 181 Lombard 
Falls John, tallow chandler 85 Old York Road 
Fannen Anthony, 244 south Seventh 
Fanning Charles, blacksmith Bedford near Sixth 
Fan John, United States navy Federal near Second 
Farley James, tailor 351 north Front 
l-'armer's brewery, north-west corner Filbert and Tenth 
Farr & Kunzie, laboratory Coats' near 4th 
Farr John, druggist 71 north Sixth 
Farr John, 75 north Sixth 
Fan* William, wheelwright Broad above Race 
Farquhar G. W. attorney at law 34 south 5th 
Farquhar, widow gentlewoman N. side Chesnut above Broad 
Farrell Edward, tailor 3 Bell's court 
Farrell John B accountant Sixth near Noble * 

Farrell Thomas, blacksmith Shippen near Tenth . 
Farren Daniel, colourmaker 50 Filbert 
Farren John, shoemaker 93 St. John's 
Farren Neil, 4 Shippen 
Farris Jane, nurse 103 Dillwyn 

Farris Samuel, weaver Francisville & Hopkin's court (N. L.) 
Farrouilh M. milliner 17 north Second 
Farry Jane, widow High west Schuylkill 4th 
Farthing James, dealer 90 Shippen 
Farthing William, mariner 29 Barron 
Farver John, hatter 4 Harmony court , 

Fassitt James, merchant 329 Arch 

Fassit T. & J. fancy hardware store S.W. cor. High £? Second 
Fassitt Thomas, hardware merchant 327 Mulberry 
Faughlin Michael, labourer 99 Shippen 

i'ER Philadelf.K 

Faunce George, shipcarpenter Queen near Marlboro 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman corner Queen and Cherry (K.) 
fFaussett Aaron, porter Lombard below Tenth 
Fausset Eleanor, storekeeper 10 south Second 
Fausset James, gentleman 43 Lombard 
Fauyer Casper, skindresser 173 St. John's 
Fawcett William, accountant 75 Cherry 
Fawkes Richard, innkeeper 14 Strawberry 
Faxis John, cabinetshop 393 north Front 
Fealeys George, merchant 127 Mulberry 
Fearer Elizabeth, shopkeeper 283 Sassafras 
Fearing Martin, merchant 73 south Eighth 
Feariss .Francis commission merchant 71 south Water 
^carman Sarah, shopkeeper Eighth near Buttonwood 
^earon and Russell, soap and candle manufacturers 49 Onion 
^earon .Francis, grocer 164 south Sixth 
^earon James, soap and candle factor 49 and d. h. 53 Union 
^earon Joseph, tallow chandler Christian near 5th 
Fearres Bernard gentleman 10 Poweli 
^earres Bernard, 11 Powell 
*easter John, innkeeper 193 north Second 
'ebiger C. C. merchant 340 Arch 
5,egal Charles, toll-taker Sch. Permanent Bridge 
,eginbush D. shoemaker 429 north Second 
Meinour George, cooper 73 south Water, d. h. 162 Union 
Meinour Joseph, tinman 212 S. Water, d. h. 213 south F 
Felcher Eve, widow 27 North alley 
Felix J. R. merchant over 86 High 
Felkroyd Joseph, carpenter 195 Noble 
Fell Jacob, tanner 15 Brown 

^ell Jonathan, mustard manufactory 52 south Front 
*elthousen Jacob, printer 2 York court 
Feltray Juliana, widow 40 Garden 
^elt John, shipwright Prime below Second 
*elty Godfrey, labourer Francisviile 
*elty John F. bootmaker 2 Cresson's alley 
^enimore Joseph H. cordwainer NW corner Budd and G 
*enimore Samuel, gentleman 158 south Front 
'ennemore John, tobacconist 39 Green 
*ennemore Joseph, shoemaker 37 Green 
*ennor Elizabeth, 350 south Front 
r enner John, tobacconist 253 north Second 
*enner Peter, tobacconist 1 Miller's court 
Renner Thomas, gunsmith Maria street 
*enno Mary, tailoress 480 Sassafras 
*enton Andew, sailmaker Murdock and Latimer's v, 

dwelling 28 Callowhill 
Fenton Samuel, sea captain M'Culley's court 
Fenton Thomas, ladies' shoemaker 38 Race 
Fenton Wm. ladies' shoemaker 104 north /Yont 
Ferat Charles, confectioner 78 South 
Ferguson Benjamin, tailor 15 Arch 

Philadel/ihia Index. FIN" 

Ferguson Ebenezer, head inspector of lumber and jus 

of the peace 63 Shippen 
Ferguson E. C. pocketbook maker Prime above i'Vont 
Ferguson George, trunkmaker Rose alley 
Ferguson Hannah, seamstress back 40 George 
Ferguson Hugh, judge court of common pleas 237£ Arch 
Ferguson James, carter Pearl 

Ferguson Jesse, ladies' shoemaker 85 north Second 
Ferguson John, carter Noble near 4th 
Ferguson John, tailor 5th above Buttonwood 
Ferguson Robert, cordwainer 33 soutli Juniper 
Ferguson Ross, cordwainer 241 south 4th 
Fernandez Joseph, mariner 16 Carpenter (S.) 
Fermeiter Henry, drayman M'Culley's court 
IVrmoses Barbara, nurse 118 Coats' 
Fernandez Michael, segar manufactory 88 South 
Fernsler John, grocer High west Schuylkill Sixth 
Ferrans Abraham, stonesawyer 66 north Juniper 
Ferree Mary Ann, widow 199 soutli 4th 
Ferrel Joseph, plaisterer 94 north 5th 
Ferren Thomas, shipwright Queen near Hanover 
Ferry G. J. shoemaker 216 Cherry 
Fess George, carpenter 26 north Ninth 
Fetters Jacob, drayman 9 Poplar lane (N. L.) 
Fetters James, ropemaker Marlborough near Prince (K.) 
Fetter Peter, shipwright 46 Budd 
Fetlers Richard, drayman 24 Pewterplatter alley 
Fevrier John, barber 102 Plum 
Field cJ Jobes, domestic warehouse 185 High 
Field Charles, carpenter 77 Moyamensing road 
Field Christiana, widow boarding-house 127 Walnut 
Fields James, grocer NW corner Vine and Ridge road 
Field James, merchant 275 High, d. h. 155 north Ninth 
Field Jane, widow shopkeeper 160 north Third 
Field Joel, oysterman 24 Duke 
Field John, brickmaker Ann near Twelfth 
Field John, gentleman NW corner Locust and Eleventh 
Fields John, house carpenter Marlborough near Bedford (K) 
Field John, merchant over 13 south JPront 
Field Joseph, accountant 23 Browne 
f Field Joseph, welldigger Cedar near Ninth 
Field Paul, farmer 486 south Second 
Field Peter, tailor and corder 137 and 139 Spruce 
Field Samuel, grocer 6 High, d. h 17 Mulberry 
Field Samuel, silverplater 11 north Seventh, d, h. 91 N. Ninth 
Field Samuel, victualler Perry street 

Field Thomas S. merch. 43£ north Front, d. h. 17 Mulberry 
Fife William, reedmaker Sch. Third below High 
Figner A. tailor 4 Shield's court 

Filley Harvey, tinplateworker comer Thirteenth and High 
Fink Adam, stocking weaver Get mantown road below 4th 
Fink George, stocking weaver corner Third and Ger. rcrad 

T I S Ph iladeljihia Index, 

Finch Elizabeth, tavernkeeper NW cor. Front and Chesnut 

Finch William, morocco dresser 187 south Sixth 

Findlay J- ladies* shoemaker 45 south Secc: 

Findlinder Thomas, weaver 99 Germantown road 

Fine Henry, M. farmer Shippen's lane 

Finkbine Fred- shoemaker back 13? 'j bet. High ££ Chesnut 

Fink Jacob, jun. baker near forks Germantowa road 

Fink John, baker 107 Vine 

Fink Nicholas, printer 3 Lombard "* 

Finlaw Low, woodsawyer 28 Bread 

Finlayson James, successor to John Mellish geograph; 

north Eleventh 
Finley <J Beaty, whiskey dealers near Sch. 4th and High 
Finley Anthony, bookseller, cfc. north-east corner Chesr.ut 

and 4th, d. h. 365 Arch 
Finley Jas. gardiner and seedsman Cherry near Sch 
Finley John, hatter Eleventh above Filbert . ^ 

Finley Rosannah, widow back 174 Pine 
Finney Charles, carpenter 20 Pear 
Finney C. hatter 273 south Second 
Finn Jacob, cordwainer over 15 Strawberry alley 
Finn John G. baker Charlotte near Browne 
Finn John, innkeeper 14 south 5th 
Finn John, whitesmith 13 Carter's alley 
Finn Morris, cabinetmaker Passyunk road near South 
Firehocker Henry, sugar-boiler Second above forks Ger. road 
F'iring John P. jeweller 476 north Second 
Firing Sophia, widow 127 Green 
Firth Preston C. inspector of lumber 28 Ann (N. L.) 
Fish Charles, H. ferry and inkeeper High street ferry S. sid-. 
Fish Samuel, shallopman Lilly alley 
Fisher Abraham, porter 88 Gaskill 
Fisher Andrew, hatter 25 High, d. h. 98 south F: 
Fisher Barbara, widow milliner Frankford r 
Fisher Betsey, gentlewoman 170 Chesnut 
Fisher Christian, baker Germantown road 
Fisher David, painter, c/c 359 Arch 
Fisher Deborah, widow 95 Callowhill 
Fisher Frederick, grocer S.W. corner 4th and Shippen. 
Fisher George, beer-hoase 10 south Broad 
Fisher Hanse H. sea a lotain Vine near Thirteenth 
Fisher Henry labourer Sassafras near Broad 
Fisher Henry, wheelwright Oak (N. L.) near Browne 
Fisher Jacob, carpenter 49 Browne 
Fisher James C 277 Chesnut 
Fisher James, gentleman 11 south Ninth 
Fisher J. N. lace and fringe weaver 121 Mulberry 
Fisher John, blacksmith Jones' alley near Sch. 5th & Fill 
Fisher John, brickmaker Sch. Eighth bet. Sassafras and Vine 
Fisher John, combroaker 341 north Third 
Fisher John, tavern Oak near Browne 
Fisher John, victualler 96 Garden 

Phi lade Ifihia Index. FLA 

Fisher John, victualler 108 Wood near Garden 

Fisher Jos. B. ajfent for New York steam boats, office 3 High 

Fisher Joshua, combmaker 341 north Third 

Fisher Martin, combmaker 341 north Second 

Fisher Martin, thermometer and spectacle-maker 58 Chesnut 

Fisher Mary, nurse 92 Cherry 

Fisher Mary, widow of Elisha near forks Germantown road 

Fisher Mary, widow washerwoman 22 North alley 

Fisher Michael, sea captain Coats' near Seventh 

Fisher Rachael, dry good store 190 south Second 

Fisher Rebecca, gentlewoman 306 Chesnut 

Fisher Robert \. swordmaker 68 Zane 

Fisher Sam. R. merchant 27 Dock, d. h. 110 south JPront 

Fisher Samuel, gentleman Sassafras bel. Tenth and Eleventh 

Fisher Sarah W. widow 290 Chesnut 

Fisher Thomas, mei'chant 27 Dock 

Fisher William, mariner 16 Mary 

Fisher William, tailor 130 south Sixth 

Fisher William W. merchant 312 Chesnut above Eleventh 

Fisher Wm. house carpenter Marlborough near Bedford (K) 

Fisler Catharine E. widow boarding-house 59 Race 

Fisler Jacob H. merchant tailor 157 north Second 

Fiss Dorothea, shopkeeper 61 Garden 

Fiss George, shoemaker 6 York court 

Fiss Henry, tanner back 114 Dillwyn 

Fiss Joseph, M. D. 19 Vine 

Fiss Samuel, cabinetmaker 4 Oak (S.) 

Fiss William, blacksmith back 114 Dillwyn 

Fisune John, Buttonwood between 5th and Sixth 

Fitch Thomas, M. D. near 127 north Ninth 

Fithian John B. hatter 12^fSwanson 

Fithian M. accountant 3£ Ranstead's court and at the office 

of the National Gazette. 
Fitler William, tanner and currier 515 and 519 north Second 
fFitzgerald David, woodsawyer 235 Cedar 
fFitzgerald Jerry, waiter 1 Middle alley 
Fitzgerald M. H. tailor 91 south Front 
Fitzgerald Thos. dry good store S.W. cor. Lombard & 8th 
Fitzgerald Wm. tallow chandler 84 north Water 
Fitzpatrick John, vict. N. L. market, d. h. 4th above George's 
Fitzpatrick Mary, widow mantau-maker Biddle's alley 
Fitzowen Lewis, stocking weaver 56 Wood 
Fitzsimmons B. merchant 282 Swanson and next to the 

vy yard 
Fitzimons John, shoemaker Heyde's court 
Fizell Ely, paperhanger 284 Sassafras 
Flack Benjamin, labourer Woolston's court 
Flaherty Ann, widow dyer 90 Spruce 
Flake George, block and pump-maker 130 north Front 
Flake George, jun. coachmaker 55 north Eighth 
Flake- George, painter, &c. 198 Arch and north Eighth 
Flake Jacob, hardware merchant 162 north Second 

FOE Philadelphia Index. 

Flannegan h Dunton, house-carpenters 28 Bank alley 

Flannegan James, carpenter Broad above Sassafras 

Flannegan James, shoemaker Jones' alley 

Flannagen Ou*en, trader next 22 Christian 

Flanagan Patrick, tailor 249 south 4th 

Flanagan Stephen, 444 south Frtmt 

Flannegan William, cordwainer 39 George (3.) 

Flannery William, carpenter Broad above Race 

Fleegal George, master armourer United States arsenal 

Fleming F. French boarding-house 129 south Second 

Fleming Joshua H. 13 Bird's alley 

Fleming Patrick, bottler 7 Elfreth's alley 

Flemming Robert, High cor. Sch. Seventh 

mming William, sea captain 271 south Second 

Fletcher & Gardiner, silversmiths and jewellers 130 Che - 
next above Philadelphia bank 

f Fletcher Anthony, mariner Portland lane 

Fletcher Catharine, cake-baker 110 north Seventh 

Fletcher C. & G. jewellers, &c. 130 Chesnut 

Fletcher Edward, tobacconist 40 Ann 

Fletcher John, mariner back 156 Swans^n 

Fletcher John, oysterman Huddell's court 

Fletcher Mrs. of Joshua book-folder 224 south Seventh 

Fletcher Rebecca, boarding-house 117 Mulberry- 
Fletcher Thomas, merchant 525 Chesnut 

Flick Barzillai, labourer Oak near Browne (N. L.) 

Flick George, blockmakcr, 144 X. Water, d. h. 142 N. Front 

Flick Lewis, baker 23 north Seventh 

Fling B. & W. cabinetmakers & mahogany-yard 111 Chesnut 

Fling Susan, boarding-house 113 Chesnut 

Flinn Alexander, cordwainer Prira$ near Front 

Flinn Ann, widow 565 south Front 

Flinn Patrick, labourer Rose alley 

Flinn Robert, plaisterer 381 Race 

Flint Alman, tavern corner Beach and Maiden (K 

Flint Archelaus, cabinetmaker 75 Walnut 

Flint Erastus, cabinetmaker 293 Walnut 

Flint John, coachmaker Flint's court 

Flint Thomas, mariner 12 Little Water 

Flomerfelt George, merchant 76 Lombard 

Florence David, boat builder 183 south Second 

Florence Eleanor, seamstress 25 Parham's alley 

Florence James, shipwright 23 Parham's alley 

Florver John, 45 Swanson 

Flowers George, hay dealer corner Eighth and Sassafras 

Flowers Thomas, carter Hanks' court 

Flower Mr. gentleman 301 Chesnut S.W. corner Eleventh 

Floyd John, grocer 265 south Third 

Fobes George W. merchant 6 north Eleventh 

Foering Abraham, harness-maker and office for the regulat- 
ing of weights and measures 228 north Second 

Foering ii Shober dry good store S.W. cor. Second & Arch 

Philadelphia Index. FOR 

Faring .Frederick, currier and justice of the peace 245 
north Third 

Fogal Jacob, brickmaker 6 Well's row 

Fogg A. bricklayer 314 Vine 

Folbrigbt Martin, storekeeper 96 Vine 

Foley David, saddler 38 north Water 

Folkrod Joshua, tinplate-worker Harris' court 

Folleat Mathias, victualler 150 Poplar lane 

Foltrod Elizabeth, widow shopkeeper 296 Vine 

Folwell and Wright, merchants 97 High 

Folwell C. F. tailor l£ south 4th 

Folwell Job W. ladies' shoemaker 23 Duke (N. L.) 

Folwell John, merchant 55 north Front, dwelling 25 Vine 

Folwell Joseph, weaver north 4th near Poplar lane 

Folwell Nathan, merchant 95 High, dwelling 343 N. Third 

Folwell, Pitfield & Co. merchants 9 north Front 

Folwell Thomas, tailor 114 Green 

Folwell William, jun. merchant 55 north FYont, dwelling 
233 Arch 

Folwell William, merchant 229 Vine and 59 north .Front 

Fontaine Joseph, dyer 289 north Eighth 

Fooley David, saddler 83 north Water 

Foote Benjamin E. merchant 29 Dock 

Foote James, R. innkeeper near cor. Callowhill & Thirteenth 

j'oote James, innkeeper Broad near Sassafras 

Foote John, cordwainer 27 Mead alley 

Foot Nison, combmaker 188 Sassafras 

Foples Andrew, hatter 12 Hinkel's court 

Fopel George, shoemaker 261 Race 

Forbaugh Mrs. widow of William carpenter Jame's street 

Forbell Peter, confectioner near corner Vine and Second 

Forbes Jared, ladies' shoemaker 417 south Front 

Forbes , ladies' shoemaker 51 Mead alley 

Force Ann, seamstress south-east corner Second and John 

Ford Benjamin, woodyard and wharf Oak near Green (X.L) 

Ford Charles, plaisterer Say street 

Ford Edward, plaisterer Ann west Schuylkill Eighth 

Ford Edward, shoemaker 2 Myer's court 

Ford Eliza, milliner 125 north FYont 

Ford George, carpenter 180 north Eighth 

Ford Isabella, High near the Permanent bridge 

Ford Jacob, wheelwright 88 N. Sixth, dwelling 131 N. Eighth' 

Ford Jane, widow 191 south Third 

Ford John, merchant 8 north Seventh 

Ford Mary, boarding house 3 FYomberger's eourt 

Ford Mary, widow 16 Wagner's alley 

Ford Mrs. widow 2 Myer's court 

Ford Robert M. copperplate printer back 181 High 

Ford Sarah, midwife Ann west Schuylkill Eighth 

Forde Sarah, widow, storekeeper 33 north Sixth 

Ford Thomas, weaver N.W. cor. Thirteenth and Calfowhill 

Ford William, silver -plater 3 north Fourth 

POX Philadelphia Index. 

Ford "William, silverplater back 181 High 

Ford William "W. custom-house watchman 52 Penn 

Forman Isaac, bleeder, &c. S. E. comer 4th and Plum 

Foreman J. J. shoemaker Kick 84 Vine 

Forman William, labourer south Seventh near Fitzwater 

Forepaugh Margaret, 30 North alley 

Forepaugh Mary, storekeeper 261 north Third 

Forrester Catharine, 100 Arch 

Forrest Elizabeth widow Beach near Maiden 

Forrest Henry, blacksmith 17 Bedford 

Forrest Rebecca, widow dealer 77 Cedar 

Forsburgh John, house-carpenter 61 south Juniper 

Forst Abraham, jew-victualler Francis street 

Fortuner Eickwood, corder 28 Elfreth's alley 

Forsyth Elizabeth, china store 15 north 5th 

Forsythe James, stone-mason 225 Shippen 

Fort Daniel, bricklayer 147 Cherry 

Fortesceu , mariner 126 Christian 

Fort Lewis C. accountant 108 Gaskill 

fForten James, sailmaker 95 south Wharves, dwelling 

Fortiscue Thomas, carpenter 6 Juniper lane 
Fosberry John, mason 203 Coats* 

fFossett Robert, woodsawyer Smith's court near N. Eighth 
Foster Elizabeth, widow shopkeeper 26 Tammany 
Foster James, blacksmith back 162 Shippen 
Foster James, cordwainer 1 Burd's alley 
Foster John, caulker Hanover near Queen 
Foster John, weaver Second above the forks Ger. r> 
Foster Joseph, shoemaker Smith's court north 5th 
Foster Maylan, nailer 5th above Buttonwood 
Foster William, merchant 111 Mulberry 
Foudray John, tobacconist 4 Gray's alley 
Fougera- G. 8c R. stove store 166 north Third 
Fougeray George I. stove manufactory 189 north Second 
Foulke Mary, widow 31 Coats' 
Foulke Caleb, merchant over 8 Minor 
Foulke Caleb, steel manufacturer 49 Filbert 
Foulke George, mariner 31 Coats' alley 
Foulke Hannah, gentlewoman 10 north Eleventh 
Foulke John P. painter 123 Browne 
Foulke Richard P. grocer 24 north Eighth cor. Filbert, - 

21 Filbert 
Fourdan Christian, shipwright, Queen near Cherry (K 
Fouse Mathias, shoemaker 377 north Second 
Foust Henry, saddler 186 Callowhill 
Foust Michael, tailor Broad above Race 
-j;Fox Andrew, labourer 20 Blackberry alley 
Fox Ann, widow 9 Baker's court 
Fox Christain, weaver 113 Green 
Fox Doctor, 23 Sansom 
Fox Frances, storekeeper 175 north TL, 

Philadelphia Index . V R A 

Fox Frederick, tallow chandler Marlborough n. Bedford (K) 
Fox George, carter Charlotte near Poplar lane **■ 
Fox George, gentleman 274 Chesnut 
Fox George, tinman 175 Green 
Fox Hester, widow 367 Mulberry 
Fox James, upholsterer Littleboy's court 
Fox James, weaver 308 south Seventh 
Fox John, cabinetmaker 103 Budd 
Fox John D. cedar cooper back 460 north Third 
Fox John, innkeeper near Eleventh in .Filbert 
Fox John, morocco dresser near cor. Laurel and Front (N. L ) 
Fox John, morocco dresser 72 Green 
Fox John, victualler 54 Browne 
Fox John, 63 Christian 
Fox Joseph, land agent Rosevault's court 
Fox Michael, brickmaker 12 north Ninth 
Fox Michael, cordwainer 59 George 
Fox Peter, labourer Maiden near .Front 
Fcx Peter, mariner 13 Mead alley 
Fox Samuel, brickmaker 37 Filbert 
Fox Samuel, merchant 232 Filbert 
Fox Samuel M. M. D. 37 Chesnut and 23 Sansora 
Fox Samuel, victualler 5th near Buttonwood 
Fox Sarah M. widow gentlewoman 23 Sansom 
fFox Sarah, widow Dean's alley 
Fox William house-carpenter 169 St. John's 
Fox William, victualler back 296 south Seventh 
Fowe Jacob, victualler 19 Spafford 
Fow John, victualler Crown (K.) 
Fowe Peter, brickmaker Lombard above Sch. Second 
Fowgey Susan, milliner, &c. 97 Callowhill 
Fowle Jonathan, lawyer 275 north Second 
Fowle Nathan, hatter 122 High 
Fowler Enoch, oysterman 26 Julianna 
Fowler Stacey, blacksmith Poplar lane near St. John's 
Fowley Edward, labourer 3 Caledonian court 
Foy Anthony, weaver Lombard west ©f Sch. Seventh 
Foy Mary, widow 17 Sterling alley 
Foy Mitchel, tailor 156 south Eleventh below Locust 
Fraley Enoch, shoemaker 351 north Front 
Fraley John U. baker 17 Church alley 
Fraley Joseph, plaisterer Beach near Maiden 
Fraley Martha, 74 north Seventh 
Fraley Mary, widow 12 Bedford 
Francis Benjamin, tobacconist Tenth near Callowhill 
Francis D. W. widow of Thomas W. 105 south 4th 
Francis Henry, old clothes merchant under 71 south Second 
Francis John, accountant 297 Walnut 
Francis John carttr Juniper above Race 

FRE Philadelphia Index. 

Francis John, gentleman 105 south 4th 

Francis John, tobacconist 72 south Front 

Francis John, trader corner Race and Sch. Third 

Francis Joseph, blacksmith 62 Spruce 

Francis Joseph, potter 500 north .Front 

,-Francis Lewis, porter 341 Sassafras 

Francis Sarah A. widow 36 Sassafras alley 

Francis Susan, corner Seventh and Wood 

Francis William, comedian 70 north Eighth 

Frank Elizabeth, mantuamaker 32 north Tenth 

Frank George, tanner 5th near Buttonwo: 

Frank George, tobacconist 317 north Second 

Franck Jacob and Luther, glass blowers south near Schuylkill 

Frankford James, 348 south Front 
Franklin Anna, 119 north Sixth 
Franklin Lemuel, boot manufactory 59 south Third 
Franklin Lydia, widow 217 St. John's 
Franklin Lydia, widow Lolar's court 
Franklin Margaret, widow nurse 252 south Seventh 
Franklin Sam. R. teacher 110 Market above Centre square 
Franklin "Walter J. cabinetmaker 10 Little Pine 
Franklin William, carpenter Ann near Sch Seventh 
Frankelbery Sarah, teacher 5 M'Culloch's court 
Franks Adam, late doctor 371 north 4th 
Franks Henry, tobacconist 4th near Green 
Franks Jacob, carpenter Sixth near Noble 
Franks John A. cedar cooper 372 north 4th 
Franks John, paver 102 north 5th 
Franks Lewis, drayman back 38 Crown 
Franks William & Charles, tobacconists 372 north 4th 
Franks widow 372 north 4th 

Fraser Thomas, carpenter Poplar lane above St. John's 
Fratus Anthony, oysterman 240 St. John's 
Fravel John, tailor 408 north 4th 

Frazer Alexander, gentleman 4th near George (N. L.) 
Frazier Ann Loten, gentlewoman 317 Chesnut 
Frazier Anthony, carpenter Blackberry alley 
Fraizier C. Ignace, teacher of dancing, SE cor. Spruce 8c 4th 
Frazier Elizabeth, widow teacher Liberty alley 
IT-zier James P umbrella maker 6 Prospect alley 
Frazier John, boarding-house 2 south Eigh 
Frazer John, wheelwright 40 Coats' 
Frazier Mary, widow 278 south Seventh 
-. boa:-ding-bo'.:se 1?4 Spruce 
Frazier William, watchmaker 147 north F 
Frasier William, grocer SE corner 5th and Christian 
am, mate Swanson near Christian 
. ..rah am, cord '.vainer Juniper near Vine 
i;k Gotueib, baker 341 Callowhill 

Philadelphia Index. FRI 

Frederick John, carpenter 86 Locust 

Frederick John L. engraver 14 south Twelfth and 53 S. 4th 

Frederick John, jeweller NOnnater's court 

Frederick William, feed store Callowhill near Eighth 

Frederick William S. grocer 354 Callowhill 

Frederickson F. A. tobacconist Little Seventh 

Frederickson Catharine, grocery store Callowhill near Sch. 

Frederickson C. tobacconist Vine near Eighth 
Free Benjamin, storekeeper 102 north Second 
Free Edward, livery stable and innkeeper 50 Callowhill 
Free Samuel, carter 32 Laurel 
Free Samuel, drayman Laurel near Budd (N. L.) 
Freeburn Daniel, blacksmith near Prime 
Freed Anthony, grocer 147 St. John's 
Freed David, flour store 97 north 4th 
Freed George F. looking-glass silverer 339 north Third 
Freed Isaac, flour and feed store N. E. cor. Third and Noble 
Freedly Doctor, 280 north Second 
Freehart George, cordwainer Ger. road near 4th 
Freeland Davis S. & Co. hatters 22 High, d. h. 39 Race 
Freeland John T. machine maker back 365 Arch 
Freeman A.WE, W. milliners 70 Arch 
Freeman Benjamin E. printer 10 .Franklin court 
Freeman Henry G. attorney at law 215 Chesnut 
Freeman Isaac P. hatter north Third, dwelling 51 
Freeman Jacob, Pine above Tenth 
fFreeman James, waiter back 4 Elizabeth 
Freeman Margaret, widow Pine above Tenth 
Freeman T. B. & Son, auctioneers & commission merchants 

N.W. cor. 7th & Chesnut, d. h. S. E. cor. Chesnut & Tenth 
Freeman T. W- L. auctioneer & commission merchant N.W. 

cor. 7th and Chesnut, d. h. S. E. cor. Chesnut and Tenth 
Freenau Paul, tailor 28 Spruce 

Freeston Wm. B. bleeder & hairdresser 5th above Buttonwood 
Freeston William, grocer 86 north Eleventh 
Freestone Robert, silverplater Buttonwood near Sixth 
Freidlein John F. 267 south 4th 
French Richard, Vine near Thirteenth 
French widow, boarding-house 1 Taylor's alley 
Freshmuth Michael, cooper 156 High, d. h. 227 Callowhill 
Fretageot Madam, boarding-school N.W. cor. Walnut & 12th 
Freytag Daniel, potter and queens war/e store 139 Cedar 
Freytag Michael, justice of the peace 198 south 5th 
Fricke Frederick cabinetmaker Donninger's court 
Frick Jacob, clerk to board of commissioners Spring Garden 

dwelling 92 Wood 
Frick Jacob & Co. editors and publishers of the American 

Sentinel 22 Walnut 
Fiick Jacob, brickmaker 4th near George (N. L) 

F U I . Philadelphia In dcx. 

J tick Michael, brassfounder 364 north Third 

Frick William, brickmaker Charlotte near Poplar lane 

Frickcr John, cabinetmaker 69 Green and 356 north Second 

Fricker Joseph, gentleman 362 north Second 

Fried G. M. cork manufacturer 48 south 5th 

Friek Catharine, teacher 305 Callowhill 

Friel William, grocer 244 Shippen 

Friend Isaac T. milkman, George near Tenth 

Fries Conrad, grocer 118 Frankford road 

I'ries John, gentleman 167 Mulberry 

Fries John, jun. 167 Mulberry 

Fries Maria, seamstie3s Hoffner's near Cresson's alley 

Frinple Elizabeth, widow 81 New 

Fritez Peter F. printer 234 north .Front 

Fritez Peter, keeper of Arch street prison 

Fritz Christopher, baker corner Race and Sch. Seventh 

Fritz Eliza, widow 181 St. John's 

Fritz George, blacksmith Second near Pear 

Fritz Jacob, cabinetmaker 14 South alley 

Fritz John, gentleman 11 South alley 

Fritz William, bootmaker 9 Pennsylvania avenue 

Fromberger John, tobacconist 9£ south Sixth and 30 Ann 

Fromberger Miss Maria, 248 Spruce 

Frost, Doctor, Coats' near 4th 

F'rowert John, shoemaker 4 Sugar alley 

Fiowert.Tohn, shoemaker 62 north 5th 

Frowert L. H. shoemaker 322 Vine 

Fry Ann, widow, shopkeeper 88 north Front 

Fry J. blockmaker 139 north Water, d. h. 34 Elfreth's alley 

Fry John, baker 140 north Front 

Fry William, printer, office National Gazette, 72 S. Second 

Fryer & Anderson, dry good store 50 south Second 

Fryer John, back 156 Swanson 

Fryer William A. piano forte maker 84 Crown 

F'ryburgh Joseph, victualler 261 N. 8th, stall 13 old shambles 

F'ryburgh Susan, widow of John victualler 53 north Eighth 

Frygburger Peter, hatter 4 Trotter's alley 

Fudge Henry, bookbinder 87 south 5th 

F'ulker Philip, labourer back 473 north Third 

F'uller Archibald, baker back 118 Swanson 

Fuller John, pilot 479 south Front 

F'ullerton Aaron, shipwright Hanover near Prince 

F'ullerton Alexander, gentleman 33 Filbert 

Fullerton & Claxton, apothecaries & druggists 172^ Market 

F'ullerton Catharine, widow tavernkeeper Beach ab. Marlbvo 

Fullerton Eleanor, widow 28 Swanson 

F'ullerton Elizabeth, widow tailoress 45 Shippen 

fFulman Philip, porter 8 Warner's court 

Fulmer George, near new Penitentiary 

Fulmer Jomf, carpenter 25 Franklin 

Philadelphia Index. t» A L 

Fulmer.Jubn, grocer 196 Noble 

Fulmer widow, 438 north Front 

Fulmer William, grocer 388 north 4th 

Fulong Elizabeth, widow 290 Lombard 

Fulton, James, dealer 379 south Front 

Fulton Sarah, seamstress Cedar hear Tenth 

Fulton Samuel, salt and plaister store 365 High, d. h. 2 Ches- 

nut near Sch. Sixth 
Funk Christian, tanner 69 Christian 
Funk Henry, mariner 28 Swanson 
Funk John," victualler Eighth near Buttonwood 
Funson Joseph, weaver 374 north Front 
Funston Thomas, grocer corner Poplar lane and St. John'? 
Funston William, labourer 83 north Water 
Furey John, cordwainer Loxley's court 
Furlong Elizabeth, widow 290 Lombard 
Furlong- James, grocer 2 Little Water 
Furraan David, blacksmith 9 Green's court 
Furr William, ladies' shoemaker 8 Little Water 
jFurrer Joseph, boot-cleaner Acorn alley 
Furst David, carter 73 Budd 
Furste M. engraver in steel 168 Spruce 
Furze James, dry good store 268 south Second 
Fuss Mary, baker Federal above Second 
Fust William, upholsterer 104 Locust 
Fy an Catharine, widow 39 Coats' 

GABLE JACOB, carpenter 21 Browne 
Gable John, carpenter 41 Coats' 
Gable Peter, carpenter 9 Browne 
Gable Peter, jun. carpenter 18 Poplar lane 
Gablier Jean, oyster cellar under S. E. cor. High and Juniper 
Gabriel Harvey, tailor 10 Harmony court 
Gadsden Miss Emma, 297 Spruce 
Galcuin Joseph, cordwainer 214 south Seventh 
Galbraith Andrew, tallowchandle* 13 South alley 
f Gale Jane, washerwoman Osborn's court 
Gale Sharp T. weaver 259 Catharine 
Gale William, labourer Johnson's court 
fGales William, coachman Stewart's alley 
Gall Patrick, brewer 26th south Water 
Gallagher Bernard, grocer 12 south Seventh 
Gallagher Daniel, labourer S.W. corner Eleventh and Cedar 
Gallagher Mary, mantuamaker 173 Lombard 
Gallagher Peter, dealer 22 Bedford 
Gallagher Peter, printer hack 176 north Eighth 
Gallagher Susannah, widow tailoress 47 Christian 
Gallagher, widow boarding-house 16 Carter's alley 
Gallagher, widow of Andrew 43 north Sixth 

GAR Philadelphia Inaex. 

Gallagher, widow of Dr. James, S. E. cor. 5th and L 

Callaway Maria, widow dry good store 40 north 4th 

Gallant Susan, widow Webb's alley 

Galley Ann C. widow tobacconist 64 north Second 

Galley Henry, sailmaker Bernard's court 

Gallon Peter, men's nurse in Alms-house 

Gallondett P. W. teacher school-room 8 College avenue, d, h. 

223 north Sixth 
Galloway John, mechanist and engineer 127 north Sixth 
Galloway John, tailor 54 Mead alley 
Galloway William, grocer Hodge's wharf below Race 
Gallway John, house-carpenter 3 Lyndal's alley 
Galouin J . cordwainer 214 south Seventh 
Gamble Charles, innkeeper N.W corner Front and Sbipp 
Gamble Eleanor, widow 25 Lombard 
Gamble James, 265 north .Front 
Gamble John M. major U. S. marine corps navy yard opposite 

566 south Front 
Gamble John, weaver Fitzwater corner Seventh 
Gamble Mary, widow 216 Spruce 
Gamble, widow of James 67 Locust 
Gamble William, cordwainer 246 south 4th 
Gampher Michael, cooper 39 Lombard, d. h. 274 south 5tL 
Gandy S. & Son, flour and feed store 3 south wharves d, h. 

2 Chancery lane 
f Ganges Ceasar, porter 120 Christian 
f Ganges Millander, labourer at Beck's shot factory 
Gano John, storekeeper 11 south Second 
Gans James, ropemaker Carpenter near Shippen's lane 
fGanson Robert, coachman 3 Frier's court 
Garachan Francis, grocer SE corner 5th and Walnut 
Garcien Mary, widow 133 south Sixth 
Garde John, shoemaker Hanover near Prince 
f Garden Mary, washerwoman 37 Middle alley 
Garden William, printer back 34 north 4th 
Gardener Sebastian, fancy store 97 north Second 
Gardette James, dentist N.W. corner Ninth and Chesnut 
Gardiner Baldwin, hardware merchant 98 Chesnut, d. h 

south Elerenth 
Gardiner Edward, brushmaker near corner Callowhill and 

Ridge road 
Gardiner Hannah, tavernkeeper 8 Strawberry street 
Gardiner James, grocer SW cor. Second and Moyamensing r 
Gardiner John, gentleman 270 Walnut 
Gardiner John, mariner Prime opposite navy yard 
Gardiner John, mariner 28 Mead alley 

diner Jonathan, coachman 22 Elizabeth 
Gardiner Richard, wheelwright 29 Wood 

liner & Veron, fancy hardware store 98 Che gnu*. 
Gardner E. widow 24 Vine 

Philadelphia Index, GAR 

Gardner George R. dry good store 30 north Second 

Gardner Henry, coachmaker 307 Callowhill 

Gardner Jacob H. skindresser 321 Vine 

Gardner Jacob, grazier 293 Vine 

Gardner James, gentleman 145 south Eighth 

Gardner John caulker Second above forks Germantown rc*a4 

Gardner John, shipwright Union alley 

Gardner Jonathan, baker Christian near 5th 

Garesche Gabriel, merchant 11 Minor, d. h. 199 Chesnut 

Garlanger Henry, bricklayer 194 Noble 

Garlick Phoebe, widow of Joseph, cotton spinner cornier 

Schuylkill Second and Vine 
Garnet Michael, carpenter 49 Wood 
Garrett Ann, Bonsall near Tenth 
Garrett Ezra T. tailor 13 Sassafras alley 
Garrett Jeremiah, shoemaker 1 Clawges' court 
Garrett John, turner Hanover near Prince 
Garrett John K. dry good store 127£ north 4th, d. h. 144 High, 
tGarrett Joseph, labourer back 19 Middle alley 
Garrett Levi, tobacconist 138 S. .Front N.W. cor. drawbridg'e 
Garrett Mary, seamstress 3d door above Eleventh in George 
Garrett Philip, clock &, watchmaker 144 High, & 9 N. Sixth 
Garrett Richard, Passyunk road 
Garrett Thomas, bark manufactory 45 New 
Garrett William, brass founder brass hinges &c. 28? Vitfe 
Garretson E. druggist 39 north 5th 
Garretson Samuel, sea captain 18 Shippen 
Garrick Elizabeth, widow Shield's alley 
Garrick John, plaisterer Thirteenth above Race 
Garrigues Abraham N. gentleman 74 Arch 
Garrigues Edward B. apothecary and druggist, 235 Market 

d. h. 39 Cherry 
Garrigues Edward, merchant 92 Union 
Garrigues Isaac B. stonecutter near 31 Zane and 39 Cherry 
Garrigues J. B. stonecutter 90 Wood 
Garrigues Samuel P. carpenter 80 north Sixth 
Garrigues Sarah, bonnet maker 74 Arch 
Garrigues William, jun. carpenter 31 Cherry 
Garrigues Wm. measurer of carpenter's work 39 Cherry 
Garigues William, stonecutter 324 Vine 
Garrish Levi, flour merchant d. h. 17 Browne, 2 N. Wharves 
Garrison Abraham, hairdresser 239 north .Front 
Garrison Clement, carpenter Nor-man's court 
Garrison David, cordwainer Noble near .Front 
Garrison Eli, spar maker Beach near Maiden 
Garrison Israel, currier 31 Wood 
Garrisson J. gentleman 49 Vine 
Garrison John, harnessmaker 500 south Second 
Garrison Priscilla, midwife 264 Lombard 
Garrison William, ladies' shoemaker back 63 Uni$n 

G E A Philadelphia Index. 

Oarson Henry, printer 3 Raspberry alley 

Garth George, teacher Noble between 5th and Sixth 

Gartland John, china store 89 north Second 

Gartland, widow boarding house 21 Walnut 

Gai*tley Elizabeth, teacher 4 Dock 

Garvey James, tavernkeeper 10 south Eighth 

Garvin James, oysterman Marriott's lane between 4th £2 5th 

Garvin Thomas, tailor 198 Shippen 

Garvin William, labourer Lombard west Schuylkill Eighth 

( iarvison A. weaver .Federal near Front 

Garwood Samuel, cordwainer Cr.rpenter near 4th 

Garwood William, shipcarpenter Swanson near Navy Yard 

Gaskill and Coston, tailors north-west corner Chesnut and 

Water, and 30 south Water 
Gaskill Benjamin, bookbinder 285 High 
Gaskill Edmund, ladies' shoemaker north-west corner Filbert 

and Eighth 
Gaskill Esther, storekeeper 278 north Second 
Gaskill Sarah, widow gentlewoman 21 Race 
Gassier John, brass founder Nonnater's court 
Gatchel Joseph, smith 11 Decatur, dwelling 57 north Sixth 
Gates Nathaniel, shipwright 23 Beck's alley 
Gates Nathaniel, jr. shipwright 23 Beck's alley 
Gattier Mary, widow teacher 152 Cherry 
Gatze F. A. musician 41 Filbert 

Gaudechand Peter, fillagree worker 12 Franklin court 
Gaul Christian, baker 91 Mulberry 
Gaul Frederick and Son, brewers back 147 High, dwelling 

17 north 4th 
Gaul Frederick, brewer 17 north 4th 
Gaul Frederick, jun. brewer dwelling 31 Old York road, 

brewery corner Callowhill and New market 
Gaul James, saddler Coats' alley near Front 
Gaul James, sea captain 230 Swanson, d. h. 549 south Front 
Gaul John F. carpenter 130 Coats' 
Gaunt & Barber, cordwainers 138 South 
Gauss Jacob F. baker 258 north Front 
Gavel Benjamin, caulker back 126 Christian 
Gavin John, 236 south 5th 
Gaw Chambers, inspector of customs 119 New 
Gaw Gilbert, Windsor chairmaker and inspector of customs 

84 north Front 
Gaw Robert, chairmaker 179 and 280 south Second 
Gaw Robert M. engraver 63 south Eleventh 
GaW William, blacksmith 393 south Second 
Gaw William, black and whitesmith 237 Cedar 
Gawn Peter, blacksmith 438 north Front 
Gay James, grocer and distiller 264 north Second 
|Gay Richard, labourer 45 Currant alley 
Geast Ann and Elizabeth 33 Arch 

Philadelphia Index. GIB 

Gebhavd L£wis, M. D. 118 Sassafras 

Cebler Apolonia, widow teacher 10 South alley 

Geirard Madam, widow 15 Coats' street 

Geisse and Korckhauss, merchants 213 High 

Geisse George, merchant, 133 north Ninth 

Geisse Henry, merchant back 266 Market 

Geisse Mary, widow 12 Sterling- alley 

Gendel Anthony, labourer Marriott's lane above 4th 

Gendel Eliza, widow 4 Shields' court 

Genter George, butcher 469 north Second 

Genther David, victualler SE corner Bultonwood and Sixth 

Genther .Francis, victualler 42 Budd 

Genther Valentine, carpenter Arch alley and back 175 Coats 1 

George Anthony, grocer 206 south Second 

George Charles, printer 118 north Ninth 

George Elizabeth, widow Walnut west of Broad 

George Frederick, musical instrument maker 5 Fayette 

George Israel, currier Bryan's court 

George John D. accountant 44 Almond 

George John, haircloth manufacturer Union below Second 

George Joseph, currier 172 north Third, dwelling 44 W 

George Mary Ann, shopkeeper 193 north Front 

George Mary 196 south Water, and 193 south Front 

George Richard, hatter 156 High 

George widow of Richard, boarding house 55 south Seventh 

George William, mariner back 10 Shippen 

Gerhard Elizabeth,, widow 31 Race 

Gerhard Wm. hatter 44 north Front and 20 north Seventh 

Germon Francis S. paper hanger and marble paper n. 

corner of Race and 5th 
Germon Greenberry D. silversmith 331 north Second 
Gerrin Stephen, cabinetmaker 64 north Third 
Gerrish Stephen, shopkeeper 79 north Eighth 
Gess Benjamin, carter 12 Mead alley 
Gesse Adelina, milliner 44 north 4th 
Gessner George, baker 46 Vine 

Gest John, merchant High N W cor. Tenth, d. h. 28 N. Tenth 
Gethen John, dyer Sec. south Tenth 
Gether Christopher, labourer Sixth near Marriott's lane 

ler Martin, shoemaker 19 Mulberry ah 
Gety Andrew, gardener Carpenter near Shippen's h. 
Getze F. A. professor of music back 278 High 
Getz George, victualler 156 St. John 
Getz Henry, labourer Poplar lane near St. John's 
Geyer Andrew, in specter of customs 129 Sassafras 
Geyer Barbara, widow 136 north Third 
Geyer John, gentleman 197 south 4 
Geyer John, one of the aldermen 122 north Third 
Giberson M. M. and E. fancy dry good store 66 north Third 
Giberson William, silver plater NE cor. Third and Mulberry 

GIL Philadelphia Index. 

Gibbons Daniel, watchman Workman's court 

Gibbons George W. conveyancer and office for the purchase 

and sale of real estate 16£ south 4th, d. h. 73 S. Eleventh 
Gibbons Joseph, conveyancer and office for the purchase an<- 

sale of real estate 15 Decatur, dwelling 149 south Tenth 
Gibbs Abraham, sailmaker 4 Washington court 
fGibbs Ann, widow Blackberry alley 
|Gibbs Coffee, carpenter 73 Bedford 
Gibbs George, dyer and scourer 70 Almond 
Gibbs Henry, labourer 217 Shippen 
Gibbs James, labourer 23 Elizabeth 
Gibbs Job, carpenter 193 Green 

Gibbs John, lottery and exchange broker 4% south Thini 
Gibbs John W. printer 79 Walnut 
Gibbs J. W. jr. merchant NE corner Arch and Fourth 
Gibbs William, gentleman 200 Noble (N. L.) 
Gibson Elizabeth, widow nurse Davis' court 
Gibson George, blacksmith 44 Budd 
Gibson Hester, gentlewoman 54 south Eleventh 
Gibson Jacob, tinplate worker 534 south Second 
Gibson James, carter north-west corner 4th and Prune 
Gibson James, counsellor at law, dwelling 78 Walnut, office 

61 south 4th second door below Walnut 
Gibson James, distiller 76 Cedar and 83 Shippen 
Gibson Joseph, tinplate worker 197 and d. h. 334 S. Second 
Gibson Lydia, shopkeeper Castle street 
Gibson Margaret, teacher 11 Elmslie's alley 
Gibson Nathaniel B. tinplate worker under north-west corner 

Chesnut and Seventh 
Gibson William, M. D. south side Chesnut 2d house above 

Seventh street 
Gideon Ann, tailoress 202 north Eighth 
Gideon Benjamin, coach trimmer Miller's alley 
Gideon Casper P. saddler 112 north Seventh 
Gideon George, 202 north Eighth 
Gideon Jacob, 142 south 4th 
Gifford Elizabeth, widow Queen near Sixth 
Gifford Mary, dealer 349 south Front 
Gihon James, printer back 93 High 
Gihon John H. tailor Cresson's alley 
Gilbert Dorcas, widow Eleventh near Filbert 
Gilbert Frederick, merchant 187 High, dwelling 395 Arch 
Gilbert George, engraver on wood 139 north Sixth dwelling 

84 Tarn many 
Gilbert Isaac, oysterman Beach near Maiden (K.) 
Gilbert Jacob, tailor 139 north Sixth 
Gilbert J. carpenter 3 Hoffman's alley 

Gilbert John, brickmaker and oak cooper Coats' near Eighth. 
Gilbert John G. tailor 76 Callowhill 
Gilbert Joseph, carpenter 20 Chester 

Philadelphia Index. GIL 

Gilbert Joseph, cordwainer 546 north Second 

Gilbert Joseph, merchant, dwelling 395 Mulberry 

Gilbert Joseph, tanner and currier 126 Lombard 

Gilbert Joseph, umbrella maker 158 High 

Gilbert Michael, potter 6 Branch 

Gilbert Samuel, tobacconist 208 north Third 

Gilbert Sarah, widow 18 Vine 

Gilbert Thomas, tavernkeeper Black Horse alley 

Gilbraith Robert, carter 121 Queen 

Gilby Margaret 98 Catherine 

Gildenfenney Henry, baker 146 Spruce 

Gilder John, carpenter 155 south Eleventh 

Gildner Frederick A. gunstockmaker 20 Green 

Ginder William, supercargo 20 Key\s alley 

Gilfry John, brushmaker 139 south 4th 

Gilfry William, brushmaker Smith's court near Front 

Gilkey John, carter 49 Fitzwater 

Gilkey John, cabinetmaker 209 south Front 

Gill Edward, accountant 165 north 4th 

Gill Eliza, widow 137 north Sixth 

Gill John, dyer Thirteenth near High 

Gill John, jun. merchant 229 High 

Gill Nicholas, shipjoiner 13 York court 

■Oill Philip, mariner 98 Swanson 

Gill Rachael, widow 5 Ranstead's court 

Gill Robert, jun. storekeeper NE corner Wood and Sixth 

Gill Robert, sen. gentleman 197 NE corner Wood and Sixth 

Gill Samuel, carter Oak near Noble (N. L.) 

Gill Silas, paper maker Kugler's court 

Gill Thomas, drayman Margaretta near Second 

fJill William, auctioneer 110 north Front 

Gillam Jesse, corder 18 Callowhill 

Gillam Rachel, shopkeeper 188 north Water 

Gillaspey George, M. D. Chesnut near Sch. Eighth 

Gillaspey Hannah, storekeeper 44 south Second 

Gillaspy John, grocer 482 north Second 

Gillen Robert, sea captain 1 Strawberry street 

Gillespie and Ellmaker, merchants 275 High 

Gillespie D. lottery and exchange office 11 south Third 

Gilless Robert, cordwainer 545 south Second 

Gillet A. painter 51 New 

Gillet William, shipwright Prime below Second 

Gilliams Jacob, dentist 35 Arch 

Gilliams Lewis, 35 Arch 

Gilliard George, ladies' shoemaker 15 Carter's alley 

Gilliard John, ladies' shoemaker 184 south Second 

Gillies T. combmaker 59 New 

Gilligan Mary, widow 40 Zane 

Gillin and Hill, bottlers 3 Pear 

Gillin Daniel, weayer back 99 Shippen 

GLA Philadelphia Index. 

Gillingham George, labourer 10 Elbow lane 

Gillingham James, hatter 175 south Front 

Gillingham Mahlon, merchant d. h. 10 north Seventh 

Gillou Victor, dancing master 175 south 5th 

Gilman Jesse, corder wood-whai*f above Vine 

Gilmer George, boarding-house 16 Strawberry 

Gilmer Jane, widow spinster 1 Smith's court 

Gilmer John, drayman 205 Callowhill 

Gilmore Isaac, mariner 4 Madison court 

fGilmore Jacob, fruiterer 123 south Sixth 

Gilmore Mrs. dry good store 110 north 4th ' 

Gilpin H. D. attorney at law 20 south Seventh 

Gilpin J. C. grocer 173 south 5th 

Gilpin Joshua & Thomas, papermakers 149 south Front 

Gilpin Joshua, merchant 5 Franklin row south Eighth 

Gilpin Josiah H. grocer 225 south Front 

Gilpin Judith, widow 58 Gaskill 

Gilpin Thomas, papermaker 14 Dock 

Gilpin William, gentleman 225 south Front 

Gilroy H. ladies' shoemaker 51 south 4th 

Gimeny Richard, 248 Lombard 

Ginder Charlotte, widow Twelfth near Arch 

Ginder David, labourer at brew-house 22 North alley 

Ginnings J. C. potter Queen near Frankford road 

fGinn Littleton, labourer 36 Blackberry alley 

Girard Stephen, merchant 21 and 23 north Water, banking 

house Third opposite Dock 
Girdon James, sea captain 41 Key's alley 
Girvan James, tailor 2 south Seventh 
Girvan William, coachmaker 12 John street 
Gismeyer Jacob, tailor 10 Branner's alley 
Githen Charles oakcooper 148 north Front 
Gi thins Samuel, carter 144 north Front 
Githens William, ladies' shoemaker 32 south Seventh 
Given James & Co. grocery store 314 Market 
Givan Samuel, innkeeper Race west Sch. Eighth 
Given Thomas, weaver Queen near Third 
Givan William, labourer Sch. Seventh near Mulberry 
Glading James, oakcooper and guager 31 Penn 
Glading John, oakcooper 27 Swanson aria 72 Penn 
Glading Joseph, nailer 197 St. John's and 93 Coats' 
Glaizer Henry, shoemaker 81 Budd 
Glasby Nathan, tailor 46 Oak (N. L.) 
Glasgow Hester, widow weaver 524 north JFYont 
Glasgow James, plaisterer Pine above Tenth 
Glason Leonard, cakebaker 25 Walnut 
Glause Abraham, hatter 484 Race 
Glass Samuel, accountant 94 Spruce 
Glause Samuel, carpenter Tenth below Pine 
Glazier David^ailor 191 St. John's 

F/i iladelfihia Index. G L 

Gleason Jonas, hardware manufacturer High west of Schu\ • 

kill Sixth near Schuylkill bridge 
Gledkill William, weaver corner Coats' and Charles 
Glenn Daniel, caulker Beach above Warren 
Glenn Hamilton L. printer 26 Strawberry 
Glen John, carter 137 north Ninth 

Glenn John, carter Sch. 5th between Market and Chesnut 
Glenn Mrs. widow of John, tobacconist Marble 
Glenn Susannah, boarding-house 138 south Second 
Glentworth George, druggist north-east corner Chester d. h, 

281 Race 
Glentworth G. P. merchant 105 Pine 
Glentworth James, jun. deputy surveyor of the port of Phi« 

ladelphia 231 Spruce 
Glonnenger Joseph, drayman 3 Baker's court 
Gloucester Jeremiah, teacher first Presbyterian church 268 

south Seventh 
Glousen Nicholas, glue maker and skindresser N.W. corner 

Margaretta and Newmarket 
Glover Andrew, bottler 246 Lombard 
Glover Jacob, surrogate Woodbury, New Jersey 

Gobright , engraver 144 south Ninth 

God Christian, watchman Beach near Maiden (K.) 

Goddard George, gentleman 12 Noble 

Goddard John, merchant 61 south Front, dwelling south-east. 

corner Eleventh and Walnut 
Godfery Andrew, victualler Juniper above Cherry 
Godfrey James, oysterman 60$ Union 
Godley Jesse &? Co. merchants 53 High 
Godon V. storekeeper 32 south 4th 
Godshall Ann, widow teacher back 37 Beck's alley 
Godshawl Paul, carter 6 Moyamensing road 
Godshall Wm. white ropemaker Passyunk road bel. Christian 
Goeller Philip, teacher 322 south Second 
Yioe Mary, widow 17 Parham's alley 
Goetz &> Ackley, dry good merchants 28£ north Second 
Goff Elizabeth, nurse Prime below Moyamensing road 
Gogarty Nicholas, dry good store 119£ north Second 
Goglas Margaret, 136 Callowhill 
Goldaker Mathias, oysterman 233 south 4th 
|Golden Ely, labourer 8 Oak (S.) 

Golder Elizabeth, widow N.W. corner Juniper and Locust 
Golder John, attorney at law 194 south 4th 
Golder Jeremiah, cordwainer 2 Loxley's court 
Golderman Caspar, tailor 7 Kean's court 
Goldey Jacob, shoemaker 176 Sassafras 
Goldey John, shoemaker 206 Cherry 

Goldsmith George, plane maker 38 Laurel n. Seco.nd (N, I-.) 
Gold'smitb Levan, trader 4 Newmarket 


GOR Philadelphia Inacx. 

Goldsmith Thomas, plane maker 383 north Secoi 

Green, dwelling 424 north Front 
Goldson Mary, widow seamstress Smith's alley 
Goldtrap Catharine, widow 13 Knight's court 
Gomas Michael, mariner 19 Beck's alley 
Gomminger Agnes, glove maker 83 Callowhill 
Goodaright John, saddler 99 St. John's 
Good David, tavernkeeper 356 Market 

Goodfellow Elizabeth, widow of Wm. pastry cook G4 Dock 
Goodfellow James, nailor, Vine alley near Twelfth 
Goodhart John, hatter 126 north 4th 
Goodin John and Sons, grocers 3 north 5th 
Goodin John, merchant 231 Mulberry 
Goodman Charles, attorney at law 87 Callowhill 
Goodman Charles, attorney at law 375 north Second 
Goodman George K. printer 87 Callowhill 
Goodman George, labourer 135 St John's 
Goodman George, printer 21 Old York road 
Goodman Henry F. printer 87 Callowhill 
Goodman John, commission merchant Smith's court 
Goodman John, justice of the peace and notary public £? 

Goodman Mary, widow of Samuel, (cures the bites of mad 

animals) 12 Kunkel 
Goods George, biscuit baker 6 Harmony court 
f Goodwin Adam, boo 1 : cleaner 11 .Fayette 
Goodwin Catharine, widow Marriott's lane near 5lh 
Goodwin Courier, attorney at law 21 Wood 
Goodwin Edward, storekeeper 311 Walnut 
Goodwin James, grocer 15 north Ninth 
Goodwin J. grocery and tavern Oak near hay scales wharf 
Goodwin John D. auctioneer and commission store 164 north 

Goodwin John D. grocer 56 north Front 
Goodwin Jonathan, tailor 53 north Sixth 
Goodwin Robert, carpenter 8 Gaskill 

Goodwin Thomas F. letter carrier south Tenth near Spruce 
Goodwin Thomas, merchant Nft corner Walnut and Third 
Goodwin William, tailor Castle street 
Goombles John, shoe store 451 north Second 
Goorer Christopher, sea captain Union alley 
Goorer John D. boa^ builder 28 Union alley 
Gordon David, carpenter 135 Plum 
Cordon David P. attorney at law 50 south 5th 

ibourer High west Schuylkill 4th 
<-iord<>n James, potter Niemann's alley 
Cordon V] aver 22 Franklin 

Gordon M. L ipjthecary 66 n_»rtft Second 
[G >rdon Sanvei, labourer 6 Bum's court 
Gordon Thonias F. attorney at law 14 north 4th 

Philadelphia Imler. GRA 

ion, widow Harris' court 
j Gordon William, oystcrman Cedar above Twelfth 
Gordus George, labourer back 291 Vine 
Gore William, labourer German near 4tb 
Gorges George, lumber merchant -8:2 north Second, yard 

south Water below Pool's bridge 
Gorgas Joseph, lumber merchant 185 Callowhill 
Gorgas Peter K. merchant 133 Callowhill 
Gorgas, Son & Keyser, lumber merchants Ninth below Vino 
Gorgas William, hair dresser and bleeder 89 south Front 
Goring Catharine, widow 295 south 4th 
Gorman James, 91 Shippen 
Gorman James, tavernkeeper back 19 south wharves and 29 

south Water 
Gonnan Mary Ann, Everhart's court 
Gorman P. livery stable keeper back 12 south 5th 
Gorman Thomas, innkeeper 467 High 
Gorman William, tavernkeeper 128 north Water 
t-osline Joseph, carpenter Cedar near Eleventh 
Gosman John, victualler 62 Garden 
Gosner Joseph, potter 205 Coats' 
Goss Charles, mariner 110 Browne 
Goucher Francis, grocer and flour merchant 403 High, N.W. 

corner Eleventh, d. h. Ann west Sch. Eighth 
Goujan L. machine maker and tavernkeeper 14 Cherry 
Gouleher Emanuel, gunsmith 2 Well's row 
Gouldburn Joseph, tailor 98 Wood 
Goulden Henry and David, brickmakers Schuylkill Third 

above Lombard 
Gould Samuel, labourer Shippen near Thirteenth 
Gould Sarah, widow teacher NW corner Newmarket & Duke 
Gould, widow gentlewoman 25 Sansom 
Gouley Lewis, tavern and oyster house 44 north Third 
Gourley Hugh, 28 Union 

jGoutier John, painter and glazier 120 Lombard 
Govett Charles, accountant 51 Filbert 
Govett Ellen, widow 52 Filbert 
Govett Robert, accountant 51 Filbert 
Govett Sarah, widow of William 51 Filbert 
Govett William, accountant 51 Filbert 
Govett William, carpenter 227 Cedar 
Gowen Etftvard, grocer S.W. corner Front and Vine 
Gowen James, grocer N.W. corner Walnut and Dock 
Gowen Mary, widow 111 Lombard 
Grace Catharine, widow 72 Wood 
Grace Christiana, Charles street 
Grace John, victualler 15 Welt's row 
Grace John W. shoemaker Maria street 
Graff Bartholomew, baker S.W. cor. Thirteenth and George 
Graff Charles, gentleman corner Mulberry and Sixth 

OR A Philadelphia Index. 

Graff Frederick, manager of the waterworks N. W. corner 

Cherry and Tenth 
Graff Henry, balance weigher 1 Sprwce street wharf, d. h. 

29 north Sixth 
Graff' John, tavernkeeper N.W. cor. Callowhill and St. John's 

Graff John, gentleman, 303 Arch 

Graff Joseph, victualler 41 old shambles, d. h. 17 Laurence 

Graff Joseph, victualler 31 Third street market 

Graff Samuel, chocolate manufacturer Drinker's alley 

Graft Jacob, baker 6 Cherry 

Grafton Woodbridge, mariner 10 Bread 

Gr&ham Abigail, widow of John Townsend's court 

Graham Ann, teacher 124 Catharine 

Graham Elizabeth, nurse 81 Browne 

Graham Ester, widow 256 south Sixth 

Graham James, merchant 4 north Eleventh 

Graham James, weaver Thirteenth above Cedar 

Graham John, carter James' 

Graham John K. grocer 308 High and agent for inland trans- 
portation of merchandise 

Graham John, merchant 61 south Front, d. h. S. E. corner 
Eleventh and Walnut 

Graham Joshua, carpenter 5 Wagner's alley 

Graham Mary, widow Sixth near Fitzwater 

Graham Peter, merchant 58 south Front 

Graham S. C. druggist 258 south Second 

Graham Thomas, grocer 289 High 

Graham William, grocer 410 High 

Graham William, suspender maker 152 South 

Grandom John, gentleman NAV corner Sansom and Seventh 

Granel John, blacksmith 313 north Front 

f Grant Abraham, carter 2 Madison court 

Grant Alice, widow 130 South 

Grant and Stone, merchants 43 north Water and Perot's whf 

Grant Francis, coachman 68 Small 

Grant Horace, oakcooper Faris' court 

Grant Samuel, merchant 43 north Water, dwelling north 
corner High, and Eleventh 

Grant Theodore L. biscuit baker 115 Swanson 

Grant William, block and pumpmaker 62 Christian 

Grantsback George, ladies' shoemaker 31 Browne 

Grasby Hannah, storekeeper 21 south 4th 

Gratz Hyman, merchant 2 south Seventh, d. h. 219 Chesnut 

Gratz Jacob, merchant 219 Chesnut 

Gratz Simon and Brother, merchants 2 south Seventh 

Grauel John, baker 334 north Second 

Gravel George, carpenter 20 Sugar alley 

Gravel Henry, carpenter 220 Vine 

Gravelle M.L. jeweller store H7 Chesnut 

Gravelle It. L jeweller 17 north Third 

Philadelphia Index. GRF. 

Gravenstine Elizabeth, fruiterer 131 Race 

Gravenstine George, stablekeeper 202 Race and 96 N. Sixth 

Gravenstine Jacob, baker 46 Strawberry 

Gravenstine John K. gentleman Thirteenth opposite Clover st. 

Graves Bartholomew, horse, cow and hay market Sixth near 

Graves Bazel, tallow chandler 16 Spruce 
Graves Christiana, widow back 198 South 
Graves William, innkeeper SW corner Browne and Budd 
Gray &. Scott, grocery store 340 High 
Gray Caleb, dry good store 10 north Second 
Gray Edward, Green's court 
Gray George, tyler Thirteenth below Chesnut 
Gray Hugh, innkeeper 74 north Water 
Gray Hugh, mariner Church street near Christian 
Gray J. china merchant 304 High, dwelling 40 north 5th 
Gray Matthew, storekeeper 14 Juniper lane 
Gray Patrick, tinplate worker under 212 High, h. h. 287 High 
Gray Robert, drayman 13 Poplar lane 
Gray Robert E. & Co. brewers 24 south Sixth 
Gray Robert E. brewer 24 and dwelling 22 south Sixth 
Gray Richard, sea captain 26 Union 
Gray Samuel N. brewer 24 south Sixth 
Gray Thomas, boot and shoe manufacturer 110 south Second 
Gray Thomas, carter Faris' alley 
Gray Thomas, dry good store 28i north Second 
Gray William, grocer 1 .Franklin street 
Gray William, hatter Lemon street 
Gray William, labourer 134 South 
Grear Andrew, black and whitesmith back 326 Race and 9 

south Front 
Grers Esther, dealer 200 South 
Grear Jacob, shoemaker Star alley 
f Grear James, 213 Shippen 

Grear John, victualler' 268 north Eighth, stall 66 
Grear Mary, of William, North alley 
Grear Nicholas, victualler 234 north Eighth 
Greaves Alexander, grocer Race next Sch. Eighth 
Greaves Edward, merchant 316 Arch 
Greaves George, blacksmith, Shippen near Thirteenth 
Greaves Thomas, dry good store 478 north Third 
Greble James, bricklayer 130 Christian 
Greble William, bricklayer 235 south 5th 
Greble William H. carpenter Cherry above Juniper 
Greeman Mary, nurse 104 Browne 

Green and Adams, grocers NE corner Shippen and Third 
Green Benjamin, back 12 Shriver's court 
f Green Benjamin, poi"ter Fourteen Chimneys 
Green Branch, stone ware factory north Second above Ger. 

road, d. h. 536 north Second 

GRE Philadelphia Index. 

Green Charles, brassfounder 54 New 

Green Charles, tailor Hopkins' court (N. L.) 

fGreen Dennis, waiter Portland lane 

Green Kditha, widow dealer 30 Prune 

Green Edward, labourer Arch west of Schuylkill Second 

Green Edward M. bookseller under 29 south .Front 

Green Eleanor, widow storekeeper 134 south Fourth 

Green Elizabeth, widow washerwoman Kugler's court 

Green Eliza, widow 20 Lyndall's alley 

Green Francis, cabinetmaker 131 south Front 

Green George, inn and ferry keeper 15 north Water 

Green Henry, fisherman Charlotte near Browne 

Green Isaac, carpenter Price's court 

fGreen Isaac, labourer south Eleventh opposite Almshouse 

Green Jacob, cordwainer 3 Summer's court 

Green Jacob, milwright 191 north Eighth above Vine 

Green Jacob, Windsor chairmaker 30 Vine 

fGreen James, newscarrier 219 Shippen 

fGreen James, sweepmaster Dean's alley 

Green J. Doctor, N. E. corner Wood and 5th 

Green John, innkeeper 18 Bread 

Green John H. hatter 5 Gray's alley 

Green John, storekeeper 288 Vine 

Green Joseph, brassfounder Green near Germantown road 

Green Joseph plaisterer 128 Dihvyn 

Green Mary, widow 8 Elizabeth 

Green Richard, storekeeper 5 north Second 

fGreen Robert, dealer 41 Lombard 

Green Stephen, fisherman 135 Green 

Green Thomas, shoemaker 205 north 4th 

Green William, hairdresser, bleeeder, £?c.3.) oulh 1: 

fGreen William, labourer Dean's alley 

Green William, printer 292 Lombard 

Greenfield Elizabeth, widow 371 Mulberry 

Greenham James, tavern and store Callo'whilli ear Sch. 

Greenleaf James, office 81 Walnut 

Greenleaf J. teacher 46 north 5th 

Greenley Solomon, labourer 169 north Sixth 

Greenswalt John, print cutter 42? south Front 

Greer John, victualler Callowhiil near Eighth 

f Greer Jonathan, hodlabouivr Stewart's alley 

Greer Robert, silk, cotton and wool dyer and scourer 6 P 

Greer Sarah, widow Id Juniper lane 

Gregory A. L., M !). 288 north Second 

Gregory John, cabinetmaker 156 S. Second, d. h. 56 Spruce 

Greiner John, domestic warehouse 260 High, d. h. ISC Race 

Greiner John, jun. merchant 260 .Market, d. h. 182 Race 

Greiner John P. merchant 9 south Front, d. h. 182 Race 

Greiner John, tailor 498 south Second 

Gjelaud Madame, female seminary 89 south Third 

Philadelphia Index. GRI 

Grelaud Titon, auctioneer 51 north Front, dwelling 96 Race 
Gresham George, collector and hair curler Lombard below 

Gresimer Josiah, tailor 284 north Second 
Grew James, cordwainer 91 Christian 
Grice Mary, boarding house 446 south .Front 
Grice Samuel, counting-house and stave yard on FlinthanVs 

wharf, d. h. 366 north Front 
Grible George, labourer 31 Kunkel 
Grible William, carpenter Cherry near Broad 
Griffenburg Christopher, blacksmith Church st. near Christian 
fGriffin Aaron, carter old York road above Poplar lane 
Griffin Moses, se.a captain north-east corner Vine and Arch 
Griffin Rev. Thomas, 4 Noble 
Griffin Sarah, widow 83 north Second 
Griffin William, ship carpenter 7 Chancery lane 
Griffith and Turner, gunsmiths Poplar lane near St. John's 
Griffith Catharine, widow storekeeper 181 north Third 
Griffith Eleanor, widow shopkeeper 68 north Juniper 
Griffith Eleanor, widow shopkeeper 196 north Water 
Griffith Elijah, M. D. 37 north 5lh 
Griffith E., M. D. 37 north 5th 
Griffith Isaac, corder Noble street wharf 
Griffith Isaac, dentist and Lleeder 138 Dillwyn 
Griffith John, blacksmith Brooks' street 
Griffith John, gunsmith 14 Poplar lane 
Griffith John R. slater 191 north Sixth 
Griffith Joseph, carpenter Thirteenth below Race 
Griffith Joseph, gunsmith 14 Poplar lane 
Griffith Mary, 14 Poplar lane 
Griffith Mary, tailoress 134 St. John 
Griffith Mrs. widow 3 Little Pine 
Griffith M. V. cabinetmaker 34 Strawberry street 
Griffith Reuben, shopkeeper J)W corner Twelfth £r" Chesnut 
Griffith Robert E., M. D. 106 south Eighth 
Griffith Robert E. merchant 9 Dock, d. h. 105 S. Thirteenth 
Griffith Robert, stonecutter back Wiley's court 
Griffiths John, milkman near Lawrence glass-hpuse 
Griffitts Mary, widow 174 south 5th 
Griffitts Samuel P., M. D. 62 south Front 
Griggs Anthony, printer (Whitehall) Ridge road abevc But- 

tonwood, dwelling Torr's court 
Grillett F. J. French teacher 147 south Eleventh 
Grim Catharine, shopkeeper 51 Newmarket 
Grim Henry, dry good store 148 north 4th 
Grim Peter, brickmaker, yard Coats' near Eighth, dwelling 

480 north Third 
Grimes Catharine, widow 497 south Front ' 
Grimes James, weaver Ann near Thirteenth. 
Grimes Noble, weaver Cedar near Broad 

GWI Philadelphia Index. 

Grimshaw Mrs. young ladies' seminary 263 Chesnut ab. 8th 

Grimshaw William, author 263 Newmarket 

Grimshaw William, rigger 38 Mead alley 

Grimshur W T illiam, rigger, loft South street wharf north side, 

dwelling 97 German 
Grinnell William, attorney at law 144 Walnut 
Griner John, watchman at Pennsylvania Bk. 10 Emslie's alley 
Griner Joseph, coach painter 180 Locust above Eleventh 

dwelling 16 Acorn alley 
Griscom Andrew, bricklayer 199 north 4th 
Griscom Rachel, upholsteress 48 north Second 
Griskey Lewis S. chandler Beach near Maiden 
Groff Balsar, gentleman 113 Poplar lane 
Groff Jacob, victualler back of 121 Old York road 
Groff John, sugar refiner Noble bet. 5th and Sixth (N. \ 
Groff Mary, widow shoebinder Charlotte near Browne 
Grogey John, labourer 15 Budd 
Groom Arcy, gentleman 1.53 south Ninth 
Gross Charles, cordwainer 144 south Twelfth 
Gross Henry, farmer Christian near 5th 
Gross Jacob, victualler NW cor. Sixth and Marriott's lane 
Gross Louisa, dress maker 144 south Twelfth 
Grover J. sea captain 193 Walnut 
Grover Margaret, segar maker 293 south Second 
Grover Thomas, wharf builder 17 Christian 
fGroves C. and S. Thomas, waiters 189 south Seventh 
Groves John, gentleman 119 north 5th 

Groves , weaver 163 south Tenth 

Groves Mary, widow 21 Tammany 

Groves Michael, carpenter 31 Ann 

|Groves Samuel, labourer 14 Prune 

Groves William, bricklayer 132 Callowhill 

Grubb Curtis, Pine-grove hotel near United States' arsenal 

Grubb Elizabeth, widow back of 219 Swanson 

Gruff Richard, oysterman 43 Cedar 

Gumpert S. Sc Co. merchants 263 north Second 

Grundy Thomas, merchants' coffee house, dwelling-hou?- 

Church alley 
Grundy Thomas, manufacturer Sixth near Green 
Grundy Thomas, jun. manufacturer Sixth near Green 
Gude John, cutler 248 St. John's 
Guenat Margaret, widow of John B. 230 Walnut 
f Guest Abner, waiter 174 north Eighth 
Guest, widow gentlewoman 17 Swanson 
Guieu E. J. merchant south-east corner Pine in 5th 
Guile John, clock and watchmaker 183 Cherry 
Gurney Mary, widow of general Francis G. Sbippen's lane 
Guyer William B. currier south-east corner Lombard and 

Third, dwelling 199 south Fourth 
Gwfri Andrew, labourer Pine alley 

Philadelphia Index. HA 

HAAS ADAM, carpenter Queen n. 6th 

Haas Edward, sea captain 470 S. Front 

Haas Frederick, shoemaker, 110 Green 

Haas Frederick, stockingweaver 361 N. Third, 

Haas Charles, printer 57 Green 

Haas Jacob, sugar refiner 222 Sassafras 

Haas Anthony S. cedar cooper Rose alley 

Haas Elizabeth, widow 195 Callowhill 

Hass Samuel, tallowchandler 10 Branch street 

Haawbuck Henry, playing card maker Workman's court 

Habermehl Henry, fancy morocco boxmaker 25 Prune 

Hacker George, baker 427 N. Second 

Hacker, Brown, & Co. merchants 42 N. Front 

Hacker Isaiah, merchant 345 Mulberry 

Hackney Joseph, plumber 22 Combes' alley 

Hacket Mrs. spinster 2 College avenue 

Hackett John, cordwainer 140 Locust 

Hadaway John T. merchant c. h. 29 South wharves, d. h. 

2 Sansom 
Haflfman Henry, oak cooper Faris' court 
Haffline Sarah,' widow 133 N Sixth 
HafFsteadly George, mariner Faris' court 
Haffy Peter, sandman, Baker's court (N. L.) 
Haga Godfrey, gentleman (gothic mansion) Chesnut 

H agar Christian, cordwainer 21 Sassafras alley 
Hagerton Charles, 62 Spruce 
f Hagerman John, blacksmith 232 Lombard 
Hagerman James, gunsmith 229 S. Fifth. 
Hagstotz Jacob, sugarboiler 25 Church alley 
Hague William, milkman Hanover n. Prince 
Hague Jacob, caulker Hanover n. Prince 
Hague Henry, caulker Hanover n. Queen 
Hague Andrew, Hanover n. Prince milkman 
| Hagerman John, waiter 36 Bud's court 
Hagner William, carpenter 18 Garden 
Hagna Michael, grocer 252 Sassafras 
Hahn Jno. tavernkeeper Germ. r. n. Otter 
Hahn Peter, merchant 101 N. Front d. h. 222 Arch 
Hahn Christian, baker, 149 Spruce 
Haigh Thomas, potter N . Fourth above Poplar— d. h. Pop • 

lar lane n. Second 
Haight Groves, confectioner 309 S Front 
Haige Robert, potter ab. Fourth in Poplar lane 
Hailer George F. innkeeper 218 Sassafras 
Haines Emson H. carpenter 161 N. Fourth 
Haines Elizabeth, widow, 163 N. Fourth 
Haines Hains, grocer 13 Brown 
Haines John, grocer cor.. of Second and Germ, r* 
Haines John, carpenter Vine n. Thirteenth 
Haines Joseph, do. do, do. 

Haines John, carter Laurel n. Rochel 
Haines Richard, blacksmith S. side Market n. Smith*! court, 

HAL Philadelphia Index. 

Haines Thomas, ostler Biddle's alley 

Haines Mrs. widow 128 S. Fifth 

Haines Samuel, surveyor 319 Mulberry 

Hains Frederick, tailor 101 N. Ninth 

Haines Ephraim, lumber merchant, &c. 307 and d. h. 174 

N. Front [See Haynes and Heinz 

Haines John, china packer John above Callowhill 
Haines Joseph, saddler Fourth ab. Poplar lane 
Hains John, victualler cor. Marriot's lane and 4th and 65 

New market 
Hail Joseph, milkman Abbot's garden Gray's ferry road 
Haines J. blacksmith Catharine n. Swanson 
Haines Josiah, boatbuilder Prime bel. 2nd. 
Hairkins Betsey, widow 4 Lombard 
Halaway Rachel, widow 372 N. Fourth 
Halbach A. mercht. 19 Dock— d. h. 238 Walnut 
Halberstadt Ann, widow N. Front 
Hale Thomas, broker 83— d. h. 284 Chesnut 
Hale Margery, widow 31 Christian 
Hale Thomas, paperhanger 88 N. Fourth 
Hale Thomas, stove manufacturer 54 N. Third 
Hale Thomas, stove smith and bellows maker 151 N. Second 
Hale Elizabeth, widow boardinghouse 2 Bread 
Halderman Joseph, innkeeper cor. of Laurel and Front 
Hale & Davidson, late M'Ewen, Hale & Davidson, brokers 

83 Chesnut 
Haley Elizabeth, nurse, 102 Locust 
Halfpenny Robert, painter and glazier 123 N. Eleventh 
Haley Nathan, ornamental paper hanging maker 102 Locust 
Hall Alexander, merchant 32 Chesnut — d. h. S N. Eleventh 
Hall Henry, founderer Otter street (N. L.) 
f Hall D. washerwoman 71 Pine 
Hall Caleb, mariner 7 Bird's alley 
Hall Alexander, grocer 68 Penn 
Hall Isaac, sea captain 35 Almond 
Hall Mrs. widow, dealer 8 Swanson 
Hall Ezekiel, commission merchant 4N. Eighth 
Hall George, silverplater 8 Prospect alley 
Hall Hannah, spinster 12 Wagner's alley 
Hall Isaac, deputy measurer of salt and coal 73 Noble 
Hall James, flour and feed store cor. of Buttonwood and 

Hall James, shoemaker back 190 South 
Hallaman Jacob, shoemaker 13 Yorke court (N. L.) 
Hall Mary, spinner and spooler Wood n. Thirteenth 
Hall Mary Anne, gentlewoman 42 8. Sixth 
Hall Margaret, widow boardinghouse 61 N. Sixth 
f Hall Perry, coachman 18 Currant alley 
Hall John, clock and watchmaker SE cor. Second and Union 
— d. h. 88 Union 

Hall John, inspector of domestic distilled spirits 3 N» 11th 
fcHall James, labourer 102 N. Eleven* 
HaH wmiamy Hacksnrfth 44 Budd 

Philadelphia Index. HAM 

Hall William, weaver High west Scuylkill Fifth 

Hall John, carpenter 118 S. Tenth 

Hall Margaret, 71 High 

Hall Peleg, shipmaster 236 S. Front 

Hall Peter, clock and watchmaker 61£ S. Second 

Hall Thomas, sea captain 326 S Front 

Hall William, printer Mulberry court 

Hall Welford, organ builder over 8 College avenue d. h. 

305 Market 
Hall William, blacksmith Coates n. Oak 
Hall Harrison, bookseller and publisher of the Port Folio 

80 S. Fourth 
Hallowell Charles T. 14 N. Eleventh 
Hallowell Chalkley, shoe store 105 N. Second 
Hallowell Edward, merchant 169 Callowhill 
Hallowell Thomas, currier 34 Kunkle 
Hallowell J. Esq. President Judge Court Common Plea* 

S. E. cor. Chesnut and Fifth 
Hallman Mary, tailoress Loxley's court 
Hallman Susan, boarding house 49 S. Juniper 
Halls Robert S. grocer S. E. cor. of Second and Christian 

Haltman , mariner 22 South 

Halzel Philip, facy chair maker 515 N Front 

Hama Godfrey, grocer 347 N. Third 

Hamal Christian, victular 2 Old Shambles d. h. 265 N. Eighth 

Hambleton Alexander, 98 Green 

Hamer John, teacher 22 Green 

Hamer Jacob, tailor 22 Pewterplatter alley 

Hamelin Joseph P. one of the editors of the Freeman's J»ur* 

nal and Mercantile Advertiser, 96 Pine 
Hamet Joseph, blacksmith 7 EmshVs alley 
Hammer Adam, shoemaker 60 Vine 
Hammer Lewis, hairdresser 147 N. Third 
Hammon Philip, sugar refiner 89 Crown 
Hamil John, carpenter 326 Race 

Hamill & Pierre, curriers 81 Dock [See Samel 

Hamilton Gavin, tobacconist 122 High 
Hamilton & Hood, grocers 4 High 
Hamilton James, gentleman 260 Walnut 
Hamilton John, drvgoods and bonnet store 20 S. Second 
Hamilton John W. painter 199 S. Fifth 
Hamilton Oliver, ferryman 23 Little Water 
Hamilton Rebecca, boardinghouse 31 N. Sixth 
Hamilton William, drayman 9 Kunkel 
Hamilton William, mariner 46 Pean 
Hamilton Elizabeth, widow 187 N. Second 
Hammitt John, shipwright Queen n. Marlborougl) 
Hamilton John, hatter d. h. 7 Phifer's alley 
Hamilton George, constable 105 Cedar 
Hamilton Hannah, teacher 146 Sassafras 
Hamilton Jane, spinster 8£ Hurst 
Hamilton J. 16 Sansom 

HAN Philadelphia Index, 

Hamilton Mary, nurse 141 N. Sixth 
Hamilton William, shoemaker 34 Garden 
Hamilton Robert, stone mason 79 Callowbill 
Hamilton Miss Rebecca, milliner 31 N. Sixth 
Hamilton William, labourer 44 Bedford 
Hamilton William accountant 476 S. Front 

Hamilton — — , cordwainer Plum ab. 3rd 

Hamilton John, shipcarpenter 43 Coats 

Hamilton John, labourer back of 79 Swanson 

Hamilton John, cordwainer 52 Plum 

Hamilton Lydia, mantuamaker 44 Bread 

Hamley George, baker 56 Plum 

Hammell Butler, dealer 293 S. Front 

Hammel James, carter 129 Budd 

Hammond John, cordwainer Fourth n. Christian 

Hamman Crosby silverplater 460 Sassafras 

Hammel Thomas R. mahogany sawyer Bryan's couvt 

Hammel James, carter 129 Budd 

Hammer Charles, labourer 466 N. Third 

Hammer Jacob, labourer back 210 St. John 

Hamill Henry H. tavernkeeper headquarters of the Potatoe 

club 13 S. Seventh 
Hammit Emanuel, ropemaker 81 N. Juniper 
Hammit John, wheelwright 39 South 
Hammit Thomas, shipwright Hanover n. Queen 
Hammond James L. artist 140 Chesnut 
Hammond John, cordwainer 4th n. Christian 
Hampton Alexander, carpenter d. h. 407 Mulberry above 

Eleventh, and Wood yard Ninth below Chesnut 
Hampton Jonathan, attorney at law 21 S. Seventh 

[See Humpton. 
Hampton Elizabeth, widow 76 Crown N. L. 
Hampton Isaac, oysterman 62 N. Fifth 
Hampton Jonathan, accountant 55 S. Eleventh 
Hamrick Henry, shoemaker Prince n. (Frank r.) 
Hana Margaret, widow 34 Appletree alley 
Hance Jacob, tanner 311 N. Front 
Hance John, teacher, 265 S. Front 
Hance Jeremiah bricklayer and storekeeper 90 Budd 
Hancock William, fancy store 37 N. Second 
Hancocks Roberts, silkdyer 91 & 93 Vine 
Hancock Ann, millinery and fancy store 37 N. Second 
Hancock Caleb, milkman Tenth ri. Cedar 
Hancock Job, carpenter Nicholson's court 
Hancock William E. carpenter 14 Chester 
Hancock Thomas, shoemaker 15 Emlen's court (N. I 
Hancock Caleb, milkman, Tenth n. South 
Hanckinson Thomas, bricklayer Coates n. Fourth 
Hand Ezekiel, watchman Broad bel. George 
Hand Joseph, merchant 95 Green 
Hand Caleb, sea captain 655 St. John 
Hand Jeremiah, tavernkeeper 13 Callowhill 
Hand Elijah, oysterman 498 S. Front 

Philadelphia Index, HAN 

Handel Salome, china store 124 N. Second 

Handley James, importer of hardware, &c. 32 N. Third d. h. 

30 Crown 
Handy Mrs. boardinghouse 154 Chesnut 
Handlen John, paperhanger back 190 South 
Haney Thomas, carter Cedar ab. Tenth 
Hanes Henry, cordwainer 56 Mead ay 
Hanigan John, carpenter Prosperous alley 
Hanis John, mariner 2 Parham's alley 
Hank Henry, labourer Mark lane 
Hankinson," widow of Samuel, S. E. cor. of Fourth an* 

Hankinson William, drygoods store 56 Frank, r. 
Hanks Joseph, grocery and tea warehouse 272 High 
Ilanley John, carter 166 Coates 
Hanna John, stevedore 88 Vine 
Hanna Daniel, mariner Nieman's alley 
Hannah Edward, hatter 131 St. John 
Hannam Mary Anne, milliner 277 N. Second 
Hannings W. shoemaker 373 N. Third 
Hannon John, Second n. Prime 
Hanno Andrew, oakcooper 2 Wood 
Hanno George, taylor 23 Coates 

Hannum , mason Oak ab. Noble (N. L.) 

Hannon George C. Taper alley 

Hanson Andrew, mariner Church 

Hanse Conrad, coachmaker S. W. cor. of Fourth and Walnut 

d. h. 121 Walnut 
Hanse Samuel, bookseller 170 S. Second 
Hanse Jacob, storekeeper 259 Callowhill 
Hansey J. boot and shoemaker 83 George 
Hanse Jacob, laborer Hank's court 
Hanse James, coach maker 151 Cedar 
Hanse Charles, brickmaker cor. Walnut and Third from 

Hansell Barbary, widow, shopkeeper 106 N. Third 
Hansell John, baker 188 St. John 
Hansell Jacob grave, digger 65 N. Fifth 
Hansell Charles F. combmaker cor. Wood and Eighth 
Hansell James, clock, Stc. maker 3 N. Sixth— d. h. 180 Race 
Hansell John, combmaker Wood ab. Eighth 
Hansell John, wheelwright 215 Queen 
HansellMary , shopkeeper, 18 N. Sixth 
Hansell Sarah, widow storekeeper 18 N. Sixth [See HensS 
Hansell Thomas, turner 291 Arch— d. h. 2 Shriver's court 
Hansell William, blacksmith back 147 Cherry 
Hansell William M. dry good store 237 High 
Hansell William S. sadler, gtc. 24 High 
Hansell George, cutler 185 N. Eighth 
Hansell John, carver and gilder 245 N. Front 
Hansell Joseph, carver and gilder 137 Sassafras 
Hanselwood John, weaver N. E.gor^ Schuylkill Seventh ami 



II AR Philadelphia Index. 

Hanes Henry, cordwainer 56 Mead alley 

Hanse Conrad, coachmaker S. W. cor. Fourth and Walnut-*.' 

d. h. 121 Walnut 
Hansen Edward R. professor of musick 117 Spruce 
Hanshavv William, ostler 5 Cyprus alley 
Hansher William, coachdriver 3 Carlisles court 
Hansner Mary, widow of Charles, Vine n. Broad 
Hanson Elizabeth, widow teacher 165 south Tenth 
Hanson Lorenzo, rigger 99 St. John 
Hanson Peter, gilder back of 93 (O. Y. r.) 
Hanson John, grocer 3 N. Water 
Hanson Matthias, 82 Union 
Hapman William, waterman 365 N. Third 
Haran John, grocer N. E cor. Fourth and Plum 
Harbaugh Samuel, tailor Ann W- Sch. Eighth 
Harbert Charles, bricklayer 41 Palmyra square 
Harberger Henry, jun. copper and tin ware and wire fender 
manufacturer 406 High ab. Thirteenth— d. h. High near 
Schuylkill Sixth 

Harbert Isaac, bricklayer 151 N. Ninth [See Herbert 

Harberger Henry, dentist 132 S. Eleventh bel. Walnut 

Harbeson Hugh, grocer, store 153£ S. Front — d. h. 110 Union 

Harbesson Benjamin, agent for inland transportation of mer- 
chandize 2 Decatur — d. h. 150 Arch 

Harbert Z. dentist, &c. 2 N. Eighth 

Harborn Joseph, mariner 22 Shippen 

Harden Jonathan, oakcooper 87 Coates 

Harden Rachael, widow 25 Mary 

Harden Esther, widow 49 Plum 

Harden John C. captain Moyamensing night watch 

•vHarden Ann, washerwoman Little Seventh 

Harden Isaac, carpenter SheafF's alley 

Harden Mary, mantuamaker 5 Plum 

Harden Esther, widow 49 Plum 

Harden James, clock dial and japan manuf. 18 Dock 

Hardener Joseph, hairdresser 31 Pewterplatter alley 

Harder John G. furrier 2 N. Fifth 

Harding Hezekiah, sea captain 85 Pine 

Harding Jesper, printer Lodge — d. h. Second n. Catharine 

Harding Mary, widow of George, 366 S. Second 

Harding Richard, stablekeeper lOS Sassafras 

Hardin Margaret, huckster shop 382 Market 

Harding John, jr. merchant 17 S. Water 

Hardie David, sea captain 28 Oak 

Hardwick John, painter 8 Spruce 

Hardy William, hairdresser N. W. cor. of High and TemHT 

Hardy Patrick, carter 97 Plum 

Hardy Francis, sea captain 105~Swanson 

Hardy Hannah, widow washerwoman Vine n. Wood 

Hardy Ann, widow boarding house 20 Bank alley 

Hardy John pocketbook and reticule manufacturer 6 S.. 

Philadelphia Index, II A K 

Hardy George, hardware merchant 93 M:irkci 

Hardy John C. late baker "62 S. Second 

Mardy John, carter Front N. XV. cor. of Relief 

Hare Ann, widow of George, merchant 109 Spruc e 

Hare Ann, widow 54 N. Eighth 

Hare William, bricklayer 8 Wood 

Hare Robert, professor of chemistry in the University of 

Pennsylvania — d. h. S. E. cor. Walnut and Tenth 
Hargen Carey, bottler 12 Pine 

Hargesheimer Samuel, innkeeper Svvanson n Navv Yard 
Harker Thomas, carter Oak ah. Noble (N. L.) 
Hargen Cory, bottler 12 Pine 
Harg'ersheimer John, painter he. 160 Swanson 
Harker Benjamin, bricklayer 161 N. .Fourth 
Harker Thomas, boardinghouse 180 N. Water 
Harker Mary, glover West's court N. L. 
Harkins Hugh, labourer Price's court 
Harkins Niel, innkeeper Prune next to City Theatre 
parkins Mary, widow Mark's lane 
Harkins Catharine, widow 49 Plum 
Harkins Hugh, labourer Price's court 
Harkins Mary, widow dealer 12 Plum 
Harkins William, weaver 15 Passyunk r. 
Harknes Charles. &. Co. taylor's 2 South Water 
Harlan John, merchant 140 Mulberrv 
Harlan Charles, attorney at law 24 George 
Harland Sarah, widow 138 S. Tenth 
Harlan William, com. merchant 48^ S. wharves 
Harland John, jun. gentleman 403 Arch 
Harley Thomas, confectioner 112 N. Tenth 
Harley Miss, teacher 180 S. Eleventh 
Harley George & F. coppersmiths 95 south Front 
Harley George, coppersmith 95 S. Front— d. h. 126 Spruce 
Harman Benjamin, mariner 63 Penn 
Harman Andrew, baker, S. W. cor. of 5th and Walnut 
f Harman J. porter 117 Lombard 

Harman William, grocer S. W. cor. Christian and Second 
f Harman Benjamin, boot and shoe cleaner S. Twelfth n. 

Harman J. 117 Lombard 
Harman Mary, widow Wood n. Third 
Harman George, innkeeper 337 N. Front 
j-Harman William, coachman Juniper alley 
Harman Elizabeth, boarding house 204 Race 
Harman John, baker 152 N. Fourth 
[Harman Joseph, oysterman Shippen below Eighth 
Hannan Mary, shopkeeper N. E. cor. New and Fourth 
Harmer Benjamin, copperplate printer N. Fourth n. Geonre 

(N. L.) 
Harmer Chalkley, taylor N. Fourth n. George (N. L.) 
Harmer George, bellows maker 16 Wells* row 
Harmes John, gentleman 121 S. Ninth 

HAR Philadelphia Index. 

Harmount John, brewer 449 S. Front 

Harmstead Catharine, widow boardinghouse 7 Elbow 1* 

JIarmstead Laurence, carpenter 26 Elizabeth 

Harmstead Martin, shoemaker 35 Race 

Harmstead Sarah, milliner 56 N. Fourth 

Harnaunchle John, worker at the mint 

Harned John, tinplate worker 330 High 

Harnilburgh Alexander E, umbrella maker 100 South 

Harper Thomas, brickmaker Chesnut cor. Sch. Foujtb 

Harp Abraham, cordwainer Callowhill near Julian 

Harp Peter, carpenter 16 Budd 

Harper John, shoemaker, 342 Callowhill 

Harper James, weaver Walnut bel. Broad 

Harper Eliza, widow 205 Cedar 

Harper William, accountant 47 Shippen 

Harper James, brickmaker — d. h. 291 Walnut, brick yam 
bet. George and Chesnut in Sch. Fourth 

Harper Jane, spinster Barker's alley 

Harper Peter, dealer 444 N. Second 

Harper & Steer, grocers High, west Sch. 5th 

Harper N. widow 237 N. Front 

Harper John, shoemaker Thirteenth n. high 

Harold Vincent W. Rev. pastor of St. Mary's church 

Karpel Jacob, accountant Charlotte n. Poplar lane 

fjarpel John, shoemaker Charlotte n. Poplar lane 

Harper John, shoemaker Thirteenth n. High <H 

Harper Arthur, gentleman 264 Walnut 

Harper Charles A. merchant 69 N. Water — d. h. 21 Mulberry- 
Harper James, jun. brickmaker 291 Walnut 

Harper Samuel, tailor 1 Shriver's court 

Harper Thomas, agent for inland transportation of merchan- 
dize, and treasurer and secretary for the Schuylkill naviga- 
tion company, office 6 and 8 S. Seventh 

Harra Mary, widow 46 Plum 

Harrall James M. printer back of 184 Lombard 

Harrar George, rule maker Coats bel. 6th 

Harrilb irgh Alexander E. umbrella maker 100 South 

Harridan John, labourer 168 N. Water 

Harrington Daniel, dentist, 136 Arch ab. Sixth 

Havrigan Dennis, labourer Wiley's court 

Harrington Wm. Pr. 32 Washington 

Harrington Margaret, tayloress, 32 Washington 

Harrington Jo^jn, shoemaker Noble n. Third. 

Harris David, drygoods store 15 N. Sixth 

Harris Daniel, labourer 3 Hurst 

Haris Elizabeth, boardinghouse George 2nd ab 11th 

Harris Joseph, carpenter 104 S. Tenth 

f Harris Hannah, 12 Elizabeth 

Harris James, hatter 26 Cherry 

Harris &. Van Aken, cabinetmakers 193 S. Third 

Harris William, chairmaker, 131 S. Second 

f Harris William, labourer back of 29 Union 

Harris William, Bedford n. Eighth 

Harris William, plumber back 187 Mulberry 

Philadelphia hide*. HAR 

Harris Charles, drug glass and colour warehouse 12 south 

Harris John, tailor 62 Cherry 
Harris John W. carpenter 207 Cherry 
Harris Richard, tavernkeeper 16 N. Third 
Harris Robert, mariner 5 Whitaker's row- 
Harris Thomas, vr. d. 210 S Third 
| Harris Daniel, sawyer 196 S Sixth 

Harris Charles B. painter &c. 30 Bank— d. h. 3 Sassafras ay 
Harris Benjamin, brewer 145 S. Eleventh 
Harrison Thomas, maj. U. S. army Gray's ferry road n. U. S. 

Harrison Wm. F. tobacconist Germantown R. near Otter 
Harrison Lydia, widow capt. Henry, Beach ab. Marlborough 
Harrison Joseph, brass founder back 15 Noble 
Harrison Wm. ship carpenter West's court (N. L.) 
Harrison George, limner 56 Passyunk road 
Harrison Henry, gent, north side Chesnut between 12 & 13th 
Harrison Amelia, teacher and seminary for young ladies 15 

Penn's Avenue 
Harrison John, taylor back of 513 north Third 
Harrison George," navy agent 64 Dock — d. h. 156 Chesnut 
Harrison Hamilton, carpenter 320 Vine 
fHarrison Phoebe, washer woman 14 Mulberry alley 
Harrison Richard, shoemaker 33 Green 
Harrison Obit, cabinet maker 167" north Front 
Harrison John, blacksmith and dealer in iron, S. W. corner 

Shippen and Crab 
Harrison Francis, grocer 453 N. Second 
Harrison Geo. navy agent 64 Dock d. h. 156 Chesnut 
Harrison Thos. locksmith cor. Queen and 3d 96 Shippen 
Harrison widow, 3 Mary 
Harrison Henry, mariner, 9 Birds alley 
Harrison Thos. sea captain, 409 south Front 
■tHarrod David, mariner Unity court 
Harron & Prestman, wheel-wrights, O. York road 
Harry Hannah, gentleman 10 Norris' alley 
Harold Vincent Wm. Rev. pastor of St. Mary's church 
Harsfall Joseph, painter, &c. back 14 German— d. h. 57 S. 

Harsten J. H. doctor 268 north Second 
Hart Elizabeth, widow nurse 19 Current alley 
Hart Catharine, widow shop keeper Little Seventh 
Hart Charles, cordwainer 144 Lombard 
Hart Levy, merchant 200 Sassafras 
Hart &. Co. editors and proprietors of the Erin 17 south 5th, 

printing-office court back 110 Walnut 
Mart Levy, teacher of the Greek and Latin languages 8 s 

fHart John, waiter 51 Currant alley 
Hart N. accountant 75 north Fourth 
Hart Rachel, dealer 164 south Third 
Hart Wm. gent. 108 Union 

HAR Philadelphia Index. 

Hart Abraham, music store 11 south 4th— d. h. 75 north 4th 

Hart Charles, grocer 537 Callowhill 

Hart Esther, widow 76 north Fourth 

Hart John & Son, drug-gist lower 8 south 2d— d. h. 195 Arch 

Hart John, shoemaker 225 Cedar 

Hart John V. merchant 173 Callowhill 

fHart John, waiter 24 Currant alley 

Hart Mary, widow 132 Locust 

Hart Thomas and \V. H. grocers 231 north Third 

Hart Thomas, merchant 198 north Fourth 

Hart Wm.oakcooperback 83 south Water— d. h. 4 Pen» 

Hart Wm. silversmith and grocer NE corner Coates and 3d 

Hart Wm. H. merchant 231 north 3d-d. h. ttihls court 

Hartendorf John, weaver 106 Arch 

Hartlin John, brewer back of 182 St. John 

Hartley George, drv good store 24 north Second 

Hartley Henry, labourer back 29 Prime 

Hartley John M. gentleman 55 New 

Hartley Thomas, N. XV corner of Lombard and South 

JJar ley John, u phots erer 256 south Second 

*jartman Christian, sugar maker 263 St. John 

"artman Catharine, widow 39 Coates alley 

Hartman John, hairdresser, bleeder, cupper and leecher 277 

South 2d 
Hartman Jacob, brickmaker 62 north Sixth 
Hartman Philip, labourer 26 Crown 
Hartman Sebastian, brickmaker Callowhill n. 13th 
Hartman Christian, storekeeper Gray's ferry road near IT. S. 

Hartshorne Pattison P. gentleman 304 Mulberry 
Hartshorne Joseph, M. U. 304 S. E. corner of Spruce and 7th 
Hartnock Christian, brickmaker 507 north Third 
Hartz Peter, flour and feed store 392 south Second 
Harvey Charles, gent. 1 Marble court 
Harvey Daniel, gent, east side Broad near Market 
Harvey Mrs. cake baker 60 south 2d 
Harvey Edward, accountant 65 south Eleventh 
Harvey George N. hardware merchant d. h. 182 north 4th 
Harvey Samuel jr. hardware merchant 182 north 4th 
Harvey Jeremiah, accountant l\5 north Fifth 
Harvey John and James, oak cooper 25 Julianna 
Harvey Samuel, back of 33 Vine 
Harvey Samuel jr. hardware merchant 162 north Front— d. h. 

182 north Front 
Harvey Frederick, whiskey store High near Sch. Third 
Harvey Isaac, merchant d. h. 266 Chesnut — office back in 

Harvey Robert, tailor 2 Shields' court 

Harvey Lemuel Sc Sons, hardware merchant 262 north Front 
Harvey Thos. rigg«r. 11 Bird's alley 
Harvey Wm. constable and china s^ore 355 south 2d 
Harvey James, carter 288 south Third 
Harvy Hannah, gentlewoman 10 Norris' alley 

Philadelphia Index. HAV 

Harwood Lilburn, accountant 40 Chester 

Harworth Samuel, furrier back 155 nortk Sixth 

Harworth Hannah, widow 9 Vine 

Haslem Thos. weaver 150 St. John 

Haslett Eliza, tailoress 17 Wagner's alley 

Hass &. Kraft, sugar house Bread street 

Hasford John, locksmith Brookes 

Hassall Jacob, brass founder 134 south Fith 

Hassall John, ladies shoemaker 181 north Second 

Haselhurst Samuel, 322 High 

Hassel Daniel, shoemaker 182 St. John 

Hasset Rhoda, widow shoe binder 6 Hinkles court 

Hassett Benjamin, shoemaker Beach bel. Maiden 

Hassinger David S. attorney at law HO-arch 

Hassinger Jonathan, burr mill stone maker, 28 O. Y. r 

Hassinger Jonathan, mercht* — d. b. 207 High 

Hassinger Philip, grocer and tavern keeper, N. W. corner 
Budd and Coates 

Hassinger Jacob & Son, merchants 6 South alley 

Hassinger Jonathan K. 6 South alley 

Hastings James, cordwainer 64 Christian 

Hathaway Caleb, merchant 28 south wharves— d. h. 4 Laurel 

Hathwell John, comedian 11 Watson's alley 

Haty John, baker 247 north Second 

Hatcher Emma, widow 5AVatson , salley 

Hathorn Hance, wood sawyer back of 408 north 3d 

Hatfield Adam, tailor 84 Vine 

Hatfield John, shoe maker 13 Strawberry 

Haten James, rope maker Gerrnantown r. 75 

HattC. W. teacher 335 High 

Hatton William, currier N. E. corner Cedar and 3d — d. h. 23 

Hatter William, nailer back 268 Race 
Hauptmain John, grocer 68 north Fourth 
Haughey Elenor, widow 1 Garden 
Hanse Sc Leland, dry goods store 78 Varket 
Hause Wm. carpenter 193 Cherry — d. h.49 north Eighth 

[see Haus & Hawes 
Hause Conrad, coachmaker SW corner 4th and Walnut — d. 

h. 121 Walnut 
Haughton John, weaver Christian near Fifth 
Hausman Daniel, victualler 26 Mary 
Hauthorne William, carter Cedar n. Eleventh 
Haven Joshua, mercht. 127 Front— d. h.418 Eighth 
Haven Joshua & R. S. Smith, merchant 125 south Front 
Havens Elizabeth, shopkeeper 9 Budd 
F»averstick Wm. jun. china merchant &c 250 High 
Haviland John, plasterer 242 south Seventh 
Haviland John, cordwainer 268 South 
Haviland Mary, widow 75 St. John 
Faviland John, architect 26 north Fifth 
Hawes Abraham, tavern keeper corner of Beach Sc Marlboro, 

HAZ Philadelphia Index. 

Hawks William, harbour master 2 Norris' alley 

Hawks Hannah, widow of Christian 440 Race 

Hawkins widow of John, 372 north Third 

Hawkins George, accountant lU7Pine 

Hawkins William, saddler 90 Spruce 

Hawkins Wm. cordwainer Marriott's lane between 4th St 5th 

Hawthorn Thomas P. mariner 16 John 

Hay Catharine, widow Rotterdam inn 124 north Fourth 

Hav Peter, one of the editors of the American Centinel 21 

Walnut— d. h. 3) New Market 
Hay William, engraver Castle 
Hay William, innkeeper 124 north Fourth 
Hay John, oak cooper Beach near Marsh 
Haydock C. gentleman 5 Lodge 
Haydock Doctor, 4 Lodge 
Haydock Robert, plumber 41 Strawberry 
Haydock R. Sc Co. plumber back of 1 Decatur 
Haydock widow of Eben, plumber &c. 5 Lodge 
Haydock widow of Robert, 50 south Second 
Haydock Samuel, domestic warehouse 35 Strawberry and 

plumber's shop 37 and 39 Strawberry— d. h. 50 south 2d 
Haydock Wm. painter, he. 39 Strawberry— d. h. 50 south 2d 
Haydon Wm. fancy chair manufacturer 109 Walnut 
Hayes Stephen, labourer back of 127 Green 
Hays Adais, carpenter James 
Hayes James carpenter 264 south Fifth 
Hayes Geo. S. brush maker 413 north Fourth 
Hayes Sarah, dealer 35 Mead alley 
Hayes Sarah, widow 46 Mead a'ley 
Hayes Robert, cabinet maker 12 Pear 
Hayes P. merchant 10 Franklin row south Ninth 
Haynes David, cordwainer 326 south Third 
Hays Doctor, 35 Sansom 
Hays George, woodsawyer Rachel 
Hays Samuel, merchant Chesnut about Twelfth 
Hays William, shoemaker 40 Garden 
Hays Thomas, dyer 4 Caledonian court 
Hays William, cabinet maker 282 Market 
Hays Elijah, mariner 14 John 
Havvbleton Alexander, 98 Green 
Hay ward John, baker 98 north Ninth 
Hayward S. baker 113 Vine 
Hayward John, baker 176 Pine 
Hayward John, baker 229 south Fourth 
Hayward William, baker 245 south Seventh 
Hayward John, baker 260 north Second 
Haward Robert, chair maker 90 Callowhill 
Hazzard Eben. labourer 445 south Front 
Hazard David, tailor cor. Cedar & Front— d. h. 3 Shield's et. 
Hazard Morris, boarding house 77 south Third 
Hazard Hap, oysterman Little Boy's court 
Hazle Samuel, shoemaker back 44 Budd 
Hazel Joseph, baker Thirteenth below Chesnut 

Philadelphia Index* HEL 

Hazelton Isaiah, trunk maker Bank— d. b. HafFner's ailey 

Hazeller Samuel, labourer 104 Thirteenth 

Hazlehurst David, tavern keeper 5 south Seventh 

Hazlehurst Isaac, gent. 322 High 

Hazletine John, mercht. 10 south wharfs and Indian Quee* 

hotel 4th near Market 
Hazlcton Bernard, hatter 27 Coates 
Head Valentine, carpenter 152 Arch 
Head Joseph, gent. 2 Washington square 
Head George, weaver Pearl 
jieadley Jas. carter 66 Plum 
Headman A. 8c J. coach-makers 370 Market 
Headman George, potter 17 South 
Headman Jacob, coach-maker 162 Cherry 
Headman Wm, jun. potter George above Eleventk 
Hearn Margaret, teacher 33 Key's alley 
Heath Charles P. accountant 51 south Juniper 
Hegiley Deborah, widow shoebinder 7 Knight's court 
Healey James, cordwainer German near Fourth 
Heaton Elijah, cordwainer Hopkin's court (N. L.) 
Heaton Jeremiah, hatter Strawberry 
Heberton George, mercht. 5 S. 2d— d. h. 147 9th 
Heberton J. C. m. b. 115 south Fifth 
Heberton Wm. merchant 95 north Fifth 
Heck Sarah, widow tailoress and mantua maker 196 Lombard 
Heckraan John, gun-stock maker back 18 Cherry 
Heckman George M. tavern keeper 211 north Front and 20b 

north Water [see Hickman. 

Hedelius Andrew, sea-captain 11 Pine 
Hedges Wm. tailor back 213 St. John 
Heiberger Joseph, bricklayer back 92 Crown 
Height Charles, printer 10 Hinckles court 
Heimer Adam, brickmaker Charles near Coates 
Heimer John, victualler 306" Vine— stall 40 new market 
Heimer Stephen, bricklayer 4th near Brown 
Heimerdinger George, baker 100 north Seventh 
Heins John, tobacconist 152 north Juniper 
Heinold Charles, grocer 138 Caltowhill 
Heisler Peter, gent, north Second near George 
Heisler John, cooper 301 High-d. h. 114 north Fourth ■/ 
Heiskell Thomas, keeper Indian Queen hotel. 15 south 4tn 
Heiss James and Washington, oak coopers 30 Wood 
Heiss Christian, grocer Hopkin's court (N. L. ) 
Heiss Joseph, shoemaker Hopkin's court (N. L.) 
Heiss John, tailor 10 Cresson's alley 
Heister C. deputy sheriff 80 Crown 

Heiss William, copper ware, copper plate and Btore manu- 
facturer 213 north Second 
Hekel Henry, drayman 342 Callowhill 
Helfrich Elizabeth, tayloress 181 north Eighth 
Helflfenstine Jacob, cabinet maker Buttonwood near 6th 
Helffensteine rev. Samuel, minister of the German reformed 
church 39 north Fourth 

HEN Philadelphia Index. 

Hellings, widow shopkeeper 63 Arch 

Heillings Elizabeth, widow 6th above Callowhill 

Hellings William, plasterer 138 Coates 

Helmbold Joseph K. paper maker 247 Cedar 

Helmbold Sarah, widow and office of the Balance 32 n. 4th 

Helmbold Elizabeth, midwife Quarry 

Helmbold F. innkeeper SE cor. Juniper and High 

Helmbold George, paper warehouse 190 south Front — d. h* 

145 south Third 
Helm Eliz. widow 105 Christian 
Helmuth John K. Shippens lane near Carpenter 
Helverson Jonathan, cabinetmaker Jone's alley 
Hembel Wm. jr. merchant 17 north Front 
fHemmins Robert, waiter 84 Gaskill 
Hemmins Elizabeth, victualling house Harris* court 
Hemmenway James, hair dresser 41 Pine 
Hemphill Wm. jr. Uylor 16 north Water 
Hemphill James, ar. d. 19 south Seventh 
Hemphill John, mercht. counting house 3S south wharves 
Hemphill Joseph, counsellor at law 144 Chesnut 
Hemphill Matthew, weaver Vine n. loth 
Hemphill Thomas, shoemaker 16 Greenleaf's court 
Hemphill Alex, livery stable keeper 62 Prune 
Hemple Samuel, tobacconist 47 north Fourth 
Hemple Samuel, carter Buttonwood above Eighth 
Hemy James, shipwright Fourth near Carpenter 
Henchman Adam, grocery and flour store SE cor. High ana 

Sch. 2d [s.-e Hinchman. 

Henderson David, harness-maker Haase court ab. 95 Spruce 
Henderson Elizabeth, widow 87 north Juniper 
Henderson Benj. mariner's mate 193 north Front 
Henderson John L. mariner's mate 6 Cherry 
Henderson Mary, back 169 south Third 
Henderson David, sail maker Faris' court 
Henderson Robert H. brush-maker Castle 
Henderson John shoemaker 39 mechanic 
Henderson William, labourer 216 south Sixth 
Henderson Thos. porter back 154 south Fourth 
[Henderson Henry, waiter 35 Currant alley 
Henderson James, accountant Nonnaters* court 
Henderson Mary, widow shopkeeper n. Sch. Front and 

Henderson Jas, attorney at law 21 south 7th— d. h. 59 S. 2d 
Henderson John, drayman cor. Lombard east of Sch. 7th 
Henderson Stephen, gentleman 18 north Seventh 
Henricks John, mariner 38 Christian 
Hendricks William, cordwainer 427 south Front 
Heneberry Thomas, sailmaker 193 St. John 
Hendy Elizabeth, widow boarding house 4th first belo\T 

Walnut east side 
Henezey Thomas, carpenter M'Culley's court 
Henk George, baker 475 north 2d 
Henley William, merchant 4 north 2d 

Philadelphia Index. HER 

Henley Win, printer 22 Chester 

Hennessey Michael, dealer SE corner of South and Penn 

Hennessey Margaret, tayloress Prime below Moyamensing r. 

Hennessey Margaret widow j5 Chester 

Henrion S. & Co. confectioners, etc. SE cor. Market and 2d, 

and 124 Market 
Henrion Ruth, widow shoebinder 11 Mead alley 
Henry John M. morocco dresser cor. Mulberry and Sch. 2d 
•(-Henry Catherine, widow Deans alley 
Henry Christopher, dealer RihPs court 
Henry Esther, widow 143 Locust 
Henry Edmond. labourer Stewart's alley 
Henry Gabriel, carpenter cor. 3d and Germantown r, 
Henry Hannah, widow shoebinder back 28 Duke 
Henry George, weaver Meredith court 
Henry John, baker 57 Lombard 
Henry John, colourer 51 Passyunk road 
Henry John S. mercht. 120 south Eighth 
Henry Samuel C. carver back of 99 O. Y. r. 
Henry Wm, potter cor. Sch. 5th and St. Joseph's avenue 
Henry Wm. S. mercht. — d. h. south 8th 
Henry Alexander, merchant 25 Minor — d. h. 192 High 
Henry Alexander, jun. & Co. merchants 192 High 
*Henry Amelia, boarding house 74 south 6th 
Henry Casper, grocer Locust cor Sch. Front 
Henry Elizabeth, boarding house 151 High 
Henry Hannah, widow Ann near Sch. 8th 
Henry John labourer 573 Juniper 
Henry Juliana, milliner 48 Arch 
Henry Kesiah, widow 304 south Fourth 
Henry William, copper anrl tinsmith 900 T.omhafd 
Hensey Samuel c. accountant 8 St. John 
f Henson Nathan, oysterman under 236 Walriut 
Hent Wm. brassfounder 13 north 7th 
Hentzman Jno. gent. 178 Race 
Henwood Abraham, carter 66 Plum 
Hepburn Charles, hatter 64 George 
Hepler Henry, tobacconist 33 Brown 
Hepp Adam, Ross alley and 101 Coates 
Heppard J. M. & W. mercht. 203 High 
Heppard Hezekiah, merchts. 202 High 
Heppard John, painter and glazier 202 north Front 
Heppard Thomas, Faris' court 
Herbert Wm. starch manufacturer 2d near Beaver 
Herbert John, carter, Sch. 8th between Sassafras and Vine 
Herbert William, digger 32 Mary 
Hercy Thomas, mariner 50 Swanson 
Herd Susan, widow 13 Fayette 
Herdenburgh Jacob, blacksmith 5$ Cleaver alley 
Heriges John J. tobacconist 471 north Second 
Herkness Adam, stone cutter 11 north 7th — d. h. 22 N. 9th 
Herman Margaret, 45 north Sixth 
Herman Catharine, widow 165 south Fifth 

HEW Philadelphia Index. 

Herman "William, grocer, SW corner of Moyamensing and 2d 

Heron James, printer Juniper above Race 

Herrchen Lewis, barber and dentist Hanover n. Queen 

Herritage Benjamin, taylor cor. Callowhill and Baker's court 

Herring Jacob, sockmaker, Hank's court 

Herring George, patent pearl button maker SW corner 3d 

and Lombard 
Herran Patrick, shoemaker s. side Market near Smith's court 
Herrils Francis, jeweller 167 south 2d 
Herringes Gotleib, taylor 94 Vine 
Herrington Man', seamstress 64 Garden 

Hertzog Peter, sugar refiner 5 Sterling alley — d. h. 115 Vine 
Hester Jacob, silverplater back 16 Sassafras alley 
Hesler Daniel, stone cutter 75 north Seventh 
Hess J. G. merchant 43 Dock 
Hess George, labourer 257 St John 
Hess John, grocer Vine near Sch. 8th 
Hess William and Philip, grocer 100 Coates 
Hess Philip, grocer 392 Sassafras 
Hess and Piatt, grocers 134 Thirteenth 
Hess and Snyder, oak coopers 105 St. John 
Hess William, harness maker Fourth above Poplar 
Hess William, oak cooper 100 Coates 
Hess Philip, oak cooper 100 Coates 
Hess Conrad, cordwainer 382 north Second 
Hess Elizabeth, widow tayloress Cherry near 6fch 
Hess George, labourer 100 Coates 
Hess John, late constable 178 north Fifth 
Hess & Son, grocers corner Sch. Eighth and Vine 
Hess William, tin plate worker 300 Vine 
Hess William, carpenter Baker's court 
Hess William, manner 21 Mary 
Heskins John, tanner and currier 40 Noble 
Hesketh John, weaver 440 north Foarth 
Hester Abraham, nailer 43 south Juniper 
Heston Hannah, boarding-house 18 south Twelfth 
Heston & Hays, storekeepers 21 north Ninth 
Heston William, 21 north Ninth 
Heteman J. W. milkman, Tenth near south 
Hetzel John, oak cooper 165 St. John 
Hetzel George, stocking weaver 342 north Second 
Hetzel John, oak cooper 346 north Second 
Hewes Thomas, printer James street 
Hewes John, laborer Cherry near Eleventh 
Hewit Andrew, shoemaker Beach near Maiden 
Hewit Elizabeth, milliner, 175 Coates 

^ewit , teacher over 118 Chesnut 

Hewit John and Brother, merchants 1 north Fourth 
Hewitt Margarctta, widow 40 Vine 
Hewitt Thomas, sea captain 14 Pine 
Hewitt William, merchant 48 north Third 
Hewson William, dry good, 6U north Second 
Hewson James, drav'man, Sch. 8th above Sassafras 

Philadelphia Index. HIL 

Hewson John, jun. calico-printer Beach near Warren 

Hewson Thomas T. m. d. 7 Library— d. h. 132 Chesnut 

[see Ileasoii, Huston and Eutson 

Heyberger Jacob, grocer 505 north 2d, and 92 Poplar 

Heyberger Mary, widow 8 Noble 

Heyberger George, coach spring maker, Emlen's court — 
d. h. 50 Coates [see Heimbtrger, 

Heyde John, gentleman Filbert near Ninth 

Heyde Sarah and Co. fancy millinery 82 soath Second 

Hovers Samuel, painter and glazier, 3 Pratt's court 

Heyl George, attorney at law and notary public SVV cor. Wal- 
nut and Front — d. h. 63 north 7th 

Heyl John, baker 106 north Second [see Hale, 

Heyl John, brushmaker 2-J4 north Second 

Heyl Philip, carpenter 173 Green 

Heyl William, drug and paint store 35 High 

Heyl George, sail maker 6 Vernon 

Heyland Wm. whitesmith, south Fifth below South 

Hey land John, mariner, 296 south 7th 

ffeylin Isaac, >r. v. Palmyra square 

Hibbs Margaret, widow 153 Locust 

Hickey Timothy, baker Front near Laurel 

Hickey James, grocer 124 Locust 

Hickey Michael, mariner 8 Cypress alley 

Hickman James, collector Second near Beaver 

H.'.kman Nathaniel, bookbinder and seller — d. h. 139 S. 6th 

Hickman Isaac, labourer China 

Hicks John, carpenter 458 south Front 

Hicks Charles, carpemer 19 Duke 

Hicks Robert, weaver SW corner Centre square 

Hieks , mariner 330 south Third 

Hideman Wm. mikman Love lane between 8th and 9tk 

Hiflernan Mary, widow Merriot's lane above Fifth 

High Jacob, carpenter 6th below Shippen 

Hight Christian, coach maker north 11th above Race 

Hight Adam, victualler 47 Garden 

Higginbottom Joseph, 2 Randal's court 

ILigginbottom William, sugar boiler 67 Noble 

Hige;ins Joseph, tanner near Front in Poplar lane 

Wiggins Wm. blacksmith 8th between Carpenter Sc Lovelane 

Higgins Hannah, widow of Francis, 149 south Ninth 

jHiggins John silk dyer 85 George 

Higginson John, weaver 1 Mary 

Higginson John, grocer 4th near Poplar lane 

Higginson , weaver 6 Almond 

Higginson John, weaver north 4th near Poplar lane 

Highfield Thos. hatter back of 125 Callowhill 

jHilary Ambrose, barber 241 south Second 

Hilborn Benjamin, wheelwright 325 Callowhill — d« h< 24£' 
north Eighth 

Hilbourn Thomas, carpenter 125 Dillwvn 

Hillbourn Charles, mariner 511 north Third 

Hildeburn Samuel, imports? of watches 4 Library 

HIN Philadelphia Index. 

Hildcburn Samuel, clock and watch maker, ect. 72 High— d 

h. 202 south Front 
Hilger L. 71 S. Front— d. h. 119 Walnut 
Hill Adam, weaver 36 Passyunk road 
Hill Ann R. back corner 6th and Coates 
Hill David, merchant 81 Wood 

Hill Edward, labourer Sch. 8th between Sassafras and Vrae 
Hill Edward, James 

Hill Charles, tailor 79 S W corner Water • 
Hill Charles, bricklayer 6 Knight's court 
Hill Elizabeth, widow of Moses, 110 St. John 
Hill Elizabeth, storekeeper 110 north Third 
Hill Mary, widow washerwoman Filbert n. Sch. Fourth 
Hill Joseph, comb maker Noble near Kunkel 
Hill Samuel, tallow chandler, NE cor. Callowhill and Riigaa 
t.Hill Jeremiah, painter 185 south Seventh 
Hill James, plaisterer 7 Cox's alley 
Hill John, vender 5 Wood 
Hill Joseph, oysterman under 92 High 
Hill Mary, widow St. George alley 
Hill Nancy, nurse 7 Cox's alley 
Hill Thomas weaver High west Sch. Fifth 
fHill Lewis, laborer 10 Burd's alley 
Hill Martin & Co. 215 High 
Hill Mary, 46 Oak (N. L.) 
Hill Mary, widow milliner 86 north Seventh 
fHill Healthy, 159 Lombard 
Hill William, tobacconist 247 south Second 
Hill George, carpenter Pine alley 
Hill Joseph, wharf builder 16 Queen 
Hill Thomas, mariner 21 Swanson 
Hill John, tobacconist 247^ south Second 
fHill John, stable keeper back 158 Spruce 
Hill Laban, ladies shoemaker Sixth above Callowhill 
Hill Samuel, carpenter Coates near Seventh 
Hill Samuel, harness maker 111 Dillwyn 
Hill William dry goods 247 south Second 
Hillers James, weaver back of 15 Laurel 
Hillman Mary, teacher 43 Vine 

Hillman Ralph, oysterman SE cor. Spruce and Water 
Hillman Z. carter Brooke's court 
Hilsee Joseph, clothing store 140 south Water 
Hilsee Samuel, bricklayer Vine n. Thirteenth 
Hillsee and Thackray, tailors 136 south Water 
Hilsee William, tailor 88 north Water — d. h. 40 Vine 
Hillegas Joseph' K. stock 8c exchange broker 46£ Walnut— 

d. h. 57 south Eleventh 
Hilton Robert, drayman 6th near Coates 
Hines Christian, victualler 4 Hurst 
Hines James, Christian near Second 
Hinchman Joseph B. Charlotte near Poplar lane 

[see Henchmdlti 
Hinchman and JNewbold, merchants 27 north Front 

Philadelphia Index. HOD 

Hinckel Peter, Chesuut west of Sch. 7th 

Hinderbrand Augustus, accountant, back 90 north Eleventh 

Hinkel Adam, victualler stall 5b Newmarket — d. h. 265 Cal- 

Hinkle Elizabeth, nurse, back 290 Vine 
Hinckle Adam, ropemaker and shipchandler N. W cor. S 

wharves and Chesnut 
Hineback Jacob, cordwainer Oak (S) 
Hinderdine Jacob, shop near Tammany 
Hines Ann, widow seamstress 138 South Fifth 
Hines Christian, vict. 9 liurst 
Hines John, high constable 9 Cypress alley 
Hipps Kebecca, cakebaker 204 X. Eighth 
Hippie Jacob, "William & S. drvgood merchants 229 north 

Hire George, grocer &c. cor. Cherry and Juniper 
Hirigayen Peter, tinplate worker and Patent lamp maker 49 

llirneisen A. M. widow milkwoman 25 X. Seventh 
Hirst John, 306 N. Front 
Hitchcock R. taylor 111 X. Third 
Hitchcock Ira E. teacher 22 Cherry 
Hirneisen Susan, widow 21 X. Seventh 
Hitner George, printer 5 Garden 
Hirst Thomas, merchant 156 S. Second * 
Hirst "William, labourer Mead ay. n. Swanson 
Hitton Eliza, widow, Cherry n. 11th 
-first Elizabeth, toy dealer 15 Spruce 
Hoare Robert, painter 125 Spruce 
Mobbes James, gunsmith back of 128 Dillwyn 
Uobbs James, whitesmith Locust ab. Juniper 

Hobbs George, tailor Church 

Hobbs James, brushmaker op. Xavy yard 

Hobson Richard, merchant 166 High 

Hobson "William, ladies' shoemaker 189 Lombard 

Hobson J. S. & G. merchts. 26 Chesnut 

Hobson Mrs. boarding school 212 Mulberry 

Hobson Benjamin, brushmaker 25 Coomb's alley 

Hockley Mary, widow 146 S. Second 

Hocker Christopher stonecutter Sec. 220 Race 

Hocker George, tavernkeeper and victualinghouse 2 Frank- 
lin court 

Hodgdon Samuel, merchant 126 Mulberry 

Hodge Andrew, gentleman 92 Mulberry 

Hodge H. L. x. d. 181 Walnut 

Hodge Mary, gentlerhwom 189 "Walnut 

Hodge William L mercht. 101 S. Front— d. h. 215 Walnut 

Hodges Edward, cordwainer back 95 Lombard 

Hodges Mrs. widow 133 Locust 

Hodges Benjamin O. upholsterer 260 and 270 X, Second 

Hodgkinson Samuel, shoemaker Rose 

Hodgkinson Thomas, landscape painter 26 X. Ninth 

HOL Philadelphia Index. 

Hoding Thomas, landscape painter 26 N. Ninth 

floeklev Christopher H. coach lace and fringe maker 130 

S. Fifth 5 

Hot-th Charles, drv goods store 172, N. Second 
Hoff Burgin, Rev. 300 N. Eighth 

Uoft" John, printer and bookseller E. S. Broad n. Market 
I loft" Michael, woodsawyer Jones' ay. 
Hoff'ecker John, constabie 4 Hurst 
Hoffman Simon, coach smith Callowhill n. Garden 
Hoffman H. coachman 28 Gaskill 
Hoffmann Frederick, silversmith Toy's ct. 
Hoffman John, grocer 35 O. Y. r. 
Hoffman John, stocking weaver 99 Green 
Hoffman John, taylor back 15 "Wagner's ay. 
Hoffman Jonathan, confectioner and fruiterer 158 N. Third 
Hoffman Tomas, confectioner and fruiterer 158 N. Third 
Hoffman Mary, shopkeeper 24 Kunkel 
Xjoffman Henry, labourer Hopkins' ct. (N. L.) 
Hodman Christian, gunsmith 14 Charlotte 
Hoffman Frederick, blacksmith 176 Sassafras 
Hoffman Gabriel, brushmaker 7 South ay. 
Hoffman Catharine, widow 18 John 
Hoffman Samuel, shipwright Marlborough n. Bedford 
Hoffman William & Samuel comb factory 5 N. Third 
Hoffman Catharine, widow 1 8 John 
Hoffman Noah, mattmaker 18 John 
Hoffman William, combmaker 39 Wood 
Hoffhagle Casper, shoemaker Riche'sct. 
Hofnagle George, tailor 42 Tammany 
Hoffher Frederick, labourer 5 Laurence 
Hoffher Henry, turner 25 Green 
Hogan Mrs. widow 128 S. Fifth 
Hbgari John, boot and shoemaker 8 S. Eighth 
Hogan David, bookseller and stationer 255 High 
Hogan Andrew, printer back 323 Spruce 
Hogan James, botler under Washington Hall — d. h. 14 Cy - 

press ay. 
Hogan Rev. Wui, pastor of St Mary's church 4th n. Spruce 
Hogg James, weaver 83 Passyunk road 
Hogg Jane, milliner and mantuamaker 77 S. Eleventh 
Hogbin John, tailor 30 S. Water — d. h. 16 Fromberger's ct 
Hoguet Augustus, watchmaker 1 Randstead ct. 
Holbrook James, blacksmith, Flint's ct. 
Holby William, carver lOLittleboy's ct.— d. h. 178 N. 4th 
Holcome Henry, d. d. pastor of the first Baptist church 59 

N. Fourth 
Holderness Henry, livery stable keeper Laurel ct. — d. h. 80 

Holgate Enoch, boardinghouse Sch. 8th between Sassafras 

and Vine 
Holgate Samuel jr, cord wainer 389 S. Front 
Holla! i an Jacob, innkeeper and smith cor. Locust and Tenth" 
Hollahan Amos, tavernkeeper 195 Chesnut 

Philadelphia Index. HOG 

Holland Abel tailor 378 N. Third 

Holland Charlotte, widow James 

Holland Charles, merckt.— d.h. 220 Price— d. h. 28 Chesnut 

Holland Nathaniel, hatter 58 S. Second bel. Chesnut 

Hollick Catherine, widow washerwoman Perry 

Holliday John, whitesmith 69 Lombard 

Holliday Peter, vict. stall 34 New market 

Hollingshead Hugh F. merchant 47 N. Water— d. h. 237 

Hollingshead Sarah, widow 162 S. Tenth 
Hollingshead, Piatt, & Co. merchts. 47 N. Water 
Hollingshead Mrs. widow 43 Mulberry 
Hollingshead Benjamin M. mercht. 43 Mulberry 
Hollingshead Edmund, carpenter 43 Mulberry 
Hollingsworth J. merchant 22 Penn — d. h. 237 S. Front 
Hollingsworth Levi, merchant 16 Dock 
Hollingsworth L. & Son, merchts. S. wharves bel. Spruce 
Hollingsworth Paschal, mercht. 7 Union 
Hollingsworth S. & G. T. merchts. Cedar street wharf 
Hollingsworth Henry, cashier of N. A. Bank 185 S. Third 
Hollis Ann, widow milliner 85 Cedar 
Hollerman John F. mercht. 7 N. Fourth 
Hollowbush Henry, 403 N. Front 
Hollowbush Henry, Tenth n. Vine 
Hollowbush M. shopkeepeT 239 St. John 
Holloway Thomas, engineer 106 Budd 
Hollowell John, porter 156 Coates 
Hollowell Richard, shoemaker, Juniper ay. 
Hollowell William, jr. Ironmonger 197 N. Third 
Holmes George, accountant 131 Spruce 

Holmes , x. d. 37 N. Fourth 

Holmes George, accountant 58 St. John 
Holmes John C. grocer and bottler 166 S. Sixth 
Holmes James, carpenter 191 Lombard 
Holmes James, chandler 139 Plum 
Holmes John, paper store 412 X. Second 
Holmes Mary, widow 198 Pine 
-{•Holmes R. porter Fourth ab. German 

Holmes John, cotton manufacturer 110 High— d. h. nea! 
Globe mill Germ. r. 

Holmes Roswell, exchange broker 131 Vine 

Holmes Zebulon, domestic goods manuf. 28 Lombard 

Holson Whitton, grocer 68 Oak (N. L.) 

Holt James, weaver 29 Franklin 

Holt widow of I. tavernkeeper 179 Cbesnut 

Holt Robert, mariner back 39 Beck's ay. 

Homan Eliza, widow Lombard ay. n. Penn. 

Homan Abraham, cabinet maker 332 Sassafras 

Hommann I. C. protessor of musick 43 N. Seventh 

Honey George, carpenter 70 N. Eleventh 

Hood George, gent. 102 Cherry 

Hood Lambert & Thomas, cordwainers 122 Coates 

Hood William, gent. 175 N. Fourth 

HOP Philadelphia Index. 

Hood, widow gentlewoman 175 Walnut 

Mood Irvine & Co. merchts. S. E. cor. Second and Mulbevrv 

— d. h. 117A N. Second 
Hood John M. grocer 4 High— d. h. 16 Sassafras 
Hood Catharine, widow 202 N. Water 
fHood John, porter Dean's ay. 
Hood N. p. accountant 174 Vine 

Hood William, mercht. 244 High— d. h. 15 N. Eleventh 
Hood William, & Co. merchts. 14 S. Front— d. h. 15 >\ 11th 
Hook William, potter 264 S. Third 
Hookey Anthony, cabinet maker Brook 
Hookey Anthony, grocer 404 X. Second 
Hoole Samuel, button factory 8 Fetter 1. 
Hoole Samuel, iron furnace Beach n. Maiden (K.) 
Hoole William, Beach n. Maiden (K.) 
Hoop Jacob, jeweller back 30 Cherry 
Hooper Thomas, shoemaker Clawgesct. 
Hoopes Israel, constable and tavernkeeper High west Sch. 

Fourth ^ 

Hoopes Thomas P. hardware mercht. S. W. cor. Market and 

Hooton Andrew, cabinetmaker 53 Pine— d. h. 224 Cedar 
Hooton Thomas, 286 Lombard 

Hooven William, wheelwright Old York r. ab. Buttonwood 
Hoover Laurence, mast maker Penn (K.) 
Hoover Andrew, shoemaker, O. Y. r. near Brown 
Hoover David, vict. Charles (N. L.) 
Hoover David, vict. cor. Callowhill and Seventh 
Hoover John, malster Charlotte n. Brown 
Hoover Mary, widow 153 Green 

Hoore William, cabinet and fancy chair maker 9 Prune 
Hope &.Co. lottery and exchange office 63 Chesnut 
Hope Mary, widow of John, Maria 
fHopkins Cornelius, waiter Favette 
Hopkins Nicholas, mercht. 304 Chesnut 
Hopkins Samuel, carpenter Star ay. 
Hopkins John, carpenter Neimen's ay. 
Hopkins Catharine, drygoods store 152 Mulberry 
Hopkins John, mariner 15 Noble 
Hopkins Barzilla, ladies shoemaker, 156 S. Fifth 
Hopkins Jacob, shoemaker 40 Garden 
Hopkins David, gent. 321 Chesnut 
Hopkins Rachel, gentn. 321 Chesnut 
Hopkins Thomas &. Co. tobacconists 290 Market 
fHopkins Richard, labourer 
Hopkins Robert, drygoods store 182 S. Second 
Hopkins Susanah, boardinghouse 100 S. Eighth 
Hopkins Jno. carpenter Neiman's av. 
Hopkinson Francis, attorney at law 196 Chesnut 
Hopper Isaac T. taylor 33 Spruce 
Hopper Levi Quince n. Walnut 
Hopper Joseph M. accountant 93 Kunckle 
Hopps Benjamin, oak cooper and guager 406 High 

Philadelphia Index. HOS 

Hop.son Jeremiah H. ladies shoemaker 141 S. Eleventh 
Hore William, carpenter Cedar ab. 13th — d. h. Vine near 

Hordevey Henry, tallow-chandler 488 S. Second 
Hordenbaugh, widow washerwoman 13 Third bel. Chesnut 
Home Garrett, tobacconist George ab. Eleventh 
Horn Henry, silverplater 16 south Sixth and 248 S. Tenth 
Houpt Jacob, drygoods store 211 N. Second 
Holt William, boatbuilder, 5 Bird's ay. 
Holiis Mary, widow, Maginnes's ct. 
Holland James, pilot 37 Almond 
Hood James, cordwainer 62 Plum 
Hood John, grocer 9 and 11 Swanson 
Honey Judith, widow tailoress 3 Plum 
Honey & Cresse, tailors S. E. cor. of Cedar and Swanson, 
Honey William, tailor 46 Cedar 
Honey John, manner 17 Vernon 
Holbrook Benjamin, sea captain 364 S. Front 
Horn Philip* blacksmith 143 Locust 
Horn Mary, nurse Hose alley 
Horn &. Kneeas, silver platers 16 south Sixtk 
Horn William, tobacconist SheafFs court 
Horn Wm. accountant 16 York court 
Horn Wm. oak cooper 277 south Fifth 
Hornberger Lewis, hatter 18 Pewterplatter alley 
Hornberger Peter, vict. stall 76 new market south Second— 

d. h. James 
Home John, coachmaker SE cor. 8th and Locust — d. h. 139 

south Ninth 
Horner Fountain, bricklayer 15 Julianna 
Horner George, oak cooper Simmon's court (N. L.) 
Horner Samuel, weaver back of 123 Germ. r. 
Horner Benjamin, gentleman 47 High 
Homer Henry, bricklayer 269 south Front 
Horner John, merchant 261 High — d. h. 378 High 
Homer Samuel, drayman back 43 Coates 
Horner Wm. m. d. 283 Chesnut 
Horner & Wilson, merchts. 261 High 
Hornketh Henry, brickmaker cor. Sch. 5th and St. Joseph's 

Hornor Mary, widow of Benjamin, 62 north Third 
Horsey & Peters, bookbinders SW cor. 5th and Cherry 
Horstman William H. & Co. lace and fringe weavers 45 and 

53 N. 3d 
Horstman Wm. fringe maker 88 Cherry 
Horton Elizabeth, widow shop keeper 13 Mulberry alley 
Horton John, bricklayer Greenleaf's court 
Horter George, innkeeper Germ. r. above the Forks 
HortcrGeo. vict. Ger. road- stalls High & N. L. markets 
Hortz Charles, labourer 270 south Fifth 
Hoskins J. G. carpenter 18u Mulberry 
Hoskins Graham, apothecary to Penn. Hospital 
Hoskins John, teacher ladies seminary 385 High 

HOW Philadelphia Inil 

Hoskins Catharine, sempstress 20 Mead alley 
Hoskin Thomas, accountant 198 N. 6th 
Ilossack Joseph, uvcrnkecper 118 north Eleventh 
Hotz Peter, sea captain 13 Wood 
Ilotz Daniel, vict. 239 Callowhill 

Ilotz P. vict. 45 Old Shambles and N. 8th ab. Buttonwoort 
Hotfield Abraham, shoemaker Smith's court north 5th 
Ilouck William, carpenter 69 Noble 
Houck Elizabeth, widow 113 Catharine 
Honck Gilbert, cabinet maker opposite navy yard 
Houck Fred, tobacconist Prime opposite navy yard 
Hough John, fancy store 139 N. Front [see Hojf 

Houpt Jacob, dry goods store 211 north Second 
Houpt Anthony, carter Oak below Coates 
House Wm. brass founder Beach near Maiden 
House \Vm. mariner 14 York court 
Householder Adam, cabinet-maker Charlotte n. Brown* 
Housser Geo. jun. victualler 47 Garden 
Housman Jacob, labourer 12 Christian 
fHousten George, labourer 18 Hurst 
Houston John, storekeeper, Second near Germ. r. 
Houston J. boarding-house 60 south 6th 
Houston T. merchant, 110 High — d. h. 66 south 8th 
VlouBton Maria, 260 Lombard 

Houston Thomas saddler 110 High— d. h. 6 south 8tk 
Houston James, shipmaster 278 south Fourth 
Hout M. widow 127 New 
ftoutz Catharine, 209 north Front 
Hovel Mary, widow 42 George 

ffoven David, blacksmith upper ferry road near Sch. 
Hovey Joseph, mariner 46 Penn 
How Robert, shoemaker Mulberry W. Sch. 2d 
How John, carpenter 129 N. 4th and James 
How Maria, widow 40 north Eighth 
How Philip, dealer 20 Bedford 
Horvey "Wm. mariner Swanson near Almond 
Howard Azel, sea captain 269 south Front 
Howard Mrs. boarding house Beach near Shakamaxon ( I 
i Howard Robt. waiter 122 Lombard 
Howard Wm. W. ladies shoemaker back 107 Christian 
Howard John, mariner 49 Mead alley 
Howard Robert, waiter 230 south Seventh 
Howell Benjamin B. merchant 61 Pine 
Howell George, gent. 44 north 7th 

Hdwell D. & E, Drummond, storekeeper 44 south Fourth 
Howell Elijah, mariner Cedar below Seventh 
Howell Elizabeth, layer out of the dead Cresson's alley 
Howell Eaekiel, taylor 20 Cherry 
Howell Felix, coach maker Shriver's court 
Howell Israel, currier 107 Chesnut — d. h. 150 south 9th 
Howell Abraham* m, i>. 174 Lombard 

Howell Amos, coachmaker SE cor. Arch and 8th— d. h. 66 
north Eighth 

VhilaiU'lphiu Index. HUB 

Howell Ab'guil, w'ulow 132 sou h Third 

Howell Jacob, s\\ cor. Ninth and Mulberry 

Howell .lames, dry goods Store 449 north Second 

Howell John, carpenter 76 N. Eleventh 

Howell Jos. currier 107 Chesnut and 217 Spruce 

Howell Jos. sandman and carter 208 N. Sixth and Oak (N. 

L.) below hayscales 
Howell Ashcr M. 30 north Ninth 

Howell IV. \V. & Co. merchts. 167 High— d. h. 107 Chesnut 
f iowell Zachariah, carpenter 4 Poplar lane 
Howell widow of* Arthur, 107 Chesnut 
riowiand Isaac, sea captain 435 south Front 
! lowland Isaac jun. carpenter 435 south Front 
Howet Margaret, mail contractor Perkenpine >,. N, 1. 
Howshell John, watchman 36 Penn 
Hoy Thomas, shoemaker Petticoat alle> 
1 . lubba d Isaac, cordwainer 12 Plum 
Hubbard William, watchman Barker's aliej 
Hubbard Wm. mariner 160 Swanspw 
Jlubbert Anthony, starch maker 521 north 2d 
Hubert Benjamin, cordwainer 254 St. John 
Hubbert Christian, cabinet maker 494 N. Second 
Hubbcr Sophia, widow 40 Pine 
Huber Adam, victualler 134 Brown 
Ruber Henry silver plater 160 and 158 Vine a«d 40 !N 
Huber Henry, inspector of customs 78 Wo od 
Huber Jas. S.200 N. Sixth 
Huber Lewis, victualler Garden near Callowhiil 
Huber Tobias, soao and candle manuf. 21 Coates aliey~~d, h 

79 Wood 
Hubbell F. VV. attorney at law 5,0 Walnut 
Hubbell H. attorney at law 53 south Fifth 
Hubbell Samuel, carpenter Federal near Second 
Hubbs Freedom, carter back 47 Brown 
Hubbs Paul K. merchant 186 north Fourth 
Hubbs &. Evans, grocery store SW cor. 9th and High 
Hub Samuel, carpenter Moyamensing road 
Huckel Francis, chairmaker 38 South 
Huckel Jacob, watchmaker 239 south Second 
Huckel Joseph, dentist 35 Pine 
Huckel Samuel, watchmaker 38 South 
Huckel William, 164 Union 

Huddell Joseph, stove merchant 77 and 87 Swunsofi 
Huddell Rebecca, widow 208 Spruce 
Huddy H. inspector of customs 21 Lombard 
Huddy H. inspector of customs 21 Lombard 
Hudson Edward, dentist 133 Walnut 
"Hudson James, taylor 25^ south Seventh 
Hudson J. mariner 183 Catharine 
f Hudson James, porter back of 186 Lombard 
Hudson Wm. mercht. 228 Mulberr) 
Hudson Prudence, widow of capt. John, Alargaret.ta n 


HtfK Philadelphia hide*. 

Hudson J. mariner 67 Queen 

Hudson James, tailor 1 Whittaker's court 

Hudson Matthew, oysterman 50 Mead alley 

Huff Constant, mariner 17 Coates 

Huff George, bricklayer 139 north Fifth 

Huff Jacob, victualler 355 Callow-hill 

Huff Job, innkeeper 333 north Front 

Huff Mary Ann, widow mantuamaker 17 German 

Huff Samuel, mariner 45 Christian 

Huff Wm. carpenter 30 north Eighth 

Huffnagle John, merchant NE cor. High and Fifth— d. h 
429 High 

Hufty Joseph, tavern keeper 10 south Fifth 

Hufty Samuel, engraver 94 Chesnut 

Hufty Samuel, taylor 152 Spruce 

Hufty widow, 83 north Ninth 

Hugg Henry, taylor 3 Chancery lane 

Hugg Geo. W. innkeeper 155 Swanson 

Hugg Levi, house carpenter cor. Chesnut and Sch.3d 

-{-Huggs Caleb, coachman 24 Burd's alley 

Huggins Samuel, morocco manufacturer 46 Brown 

Huggins Thomas, carter cor. Emlin's court and Noble 

Huguenin C. A. jeweller 100 Sassafras 

Hugerbates John, rigger, Lawber's court 

Hughes Aaron, sea captain 6 south Tenth 

Hughes Benjamin, grazier 49 Plum 

Hughes Edward, cordwainer 282 south 7th 

Hughes Eliza, teacher Pear — d. h. 160 south Third 
fHughe9 Hagel, waiter 118 Lombard 

Hughes & Horndaffer, junction of Second and M. 

Hftghes J. L. academy 132 north Fifth 

Hughes John, manufacturer cotton yarn Walnut above 13th 

Hughes Jemima, milkwoman Broad above Spruce 

Kughes James, grocer NW corn. Pine and south wharves 

Hughes Jonathan, city watch Juniper below Walnut 

Hughes John, tanner corner of Budd and Green 

Hughes John, grocer corner Budd and Green 

Hughes John, dry goods store 3 north Second 

Hughes John jun. & Son,merchants corner Second & High 

Hughes Jame3, 27 Penn 

Hughes Mary, t«ach*r 69 Pine— d. h. 160 south Third 

Hughes Mifes H. lottery and exchange broker upper 8 m\lih 

Third — d. h. Beach above Marlborough (K. ) 
Hughes Mrs. tutoress 91 south Eighth 
Hughes Thos. & Co. dry good store 14 north 2d 
Hughes Wm. baker 198 south 2d 
Hughes Wvt- graaier south Second near John 
Hughes William, dealer 58 Spruce 
Huguenelle, F. :w. n. Filbert near 5th 
Huhn Daniel, brickmaker 343 Sassafras 
Huhn. Jn«. D. brickmaker 426 Sassafras 
Hirist LewU, carter 314 south Front 
Q.'bfcJTl JfeTe«)sA» lrantesB water 351 Callowhil! 

Philadelphia Indt. HI 

Hulfisli Obadiah, cordwaiher 407 north Seventh 

Huley John, labourer Queen near Fourth 

Hulings Abraham, flour and feed store 68 Plum 

Hiding's Mrs. boarding house 83 Walnut 

Hidings Thomas, labourer back 12 Stamper's alley 

Hidings W. E. m. d. 264 Chesnut 

f Hull Abraham, woodsawyer 14 Chinney's 

Hull Agnes, milliner 187 south Second 

Hullings Nathaniel, upholsterer 108 Crown 

Hulse Wm. victualler 2 Poplar alley 

Hulm Adam, brickinaker Locust E. Sch. Front 

Hulm Catharine, widow Juniper ab. Locust 

Hulm Daniel, orickmaker yard George W. Sch. 2d— d. U 

318 Race 
Humes Archibald, grocer NW cor. Mead ay. and Swanson 
Humes James, bottler and grocer Ntt cor. Germ, and 4th 
Hulme Thomas, gentleman 297 Mulberry 
Humble Wm. mariner 1 Bell's court 
Hummel Casper, tailor 365 north Front 
Hummel Frederick, carter 529 north Third 
Hummel Jacob, morocco finisher 529 Tiorth Third 
Hummel Jacob, brass founder 443 N. 3d and Rose aMey 
Hummel Margaret, widow 102 Coates 
Humphreyville Jacob, shoemaker Baker's court 
Humphreys Clement, gentleman 33 Pine 
Humphreys Eliza, widow of Thomas, 143 south Eleventh 
Humphreys Elizabeth, tayloress 7 Franklin court 
Humphreys Gideon, m. n. 98 south Fifth 
Humphreys Ewd. D. C. S.E. corner South and Perna 
Humphreys John, fruiterer 48 north Front 
Humphreys James, shipwright Warren (K.) 
Humphreys James Y. stationer and playing card manufactu. 

rer 86 south Front and d. h. 65 Locust 
Humphreys Richard, gentleman 32 Sansom 
Humphreys Samuel, shipbuilder (U S. navy yard) 545 Cedar 
Humphrey Sophia, tailoress 11 Friend's alms house 
Humrick Paul, shopkeeper and labourer Marlborough near 
Redford K. 

Huneker Joseph, jun. ornamental painter and gilder 371 
north Second 

Hung Aaron, labourer Perry 

Hungarv Gabriel, ship carpenter Marlborough n. Bedford K 

Hunt Charles, bell hanger 107 north Ninth 

Hunt Edward, sea captain 8' south Front 

Hunt Henry, cabinet maker 155 south Fifth 

Hunt Joseph, currier 10 v)ak 

Hunt James, hatter 6 Pennsylvania avenue 

Hunt Samuel, livery stable keeper 88£ north SccAnd 

Hunt Samuel, grocer SW cor. German St Passyunkr. 

Hunt Uriah, bookseller and stationer 239 High — d h. Mul- 
berry court 

Hunt William, shopkeeper and bottler 67 north Front 

Huntor Catharine, shoebinder 366 north Third 

Iit*T Philadelphia htdevc 

Hunt Paul, morocco dresser 11 Marshall's alley 

Hunter David, ladies shoemaker Oak near Crabb 

Hunter Edward, hatter 172Lomhard 

Hunter Israel, carter 110 N. Juniper 

Hunter John., gent. 114 Budd 

Hunter James, SE corner Queen and 4th 

Hunter John, justice of the peace 186 south Fifth 

Hunter John C. grocer NE corner Queen and Second 

Hunger Margaret, 122 Browne 

Hunter Margaret, widow sempstress Petticoat aitev 

Hunter Robert, tailor Little Boy's court 

Hunter Robert, weaver Ferris' alley 

Hunter Susannah, china store 397 north Thiol 

Hunter William, carter Race n. Broad 

Hunter AVm. weaver 211 south Sixth 

Hunterson, John, cordwainer Mariott's lane be,t.4th k 5th 

Huntley John, carpenter Cresson's allev 

Jlupfeld Charles F. professor of music 26 N. Tenth 

Huplitz John, tailor 9 Rachel 

Hiirlbut Eben. cordwainer Fi-ont near Federal 

llurd Jacob, mariner 20 Almond 

Hurley George, confectioner 318 south Third 

Hurley Isaac A. accountant Mulberry st. ferry 

Hurley Rudolph, tanner Maiden n. stone bridge (K.) 

Hurley Thomas, accountant 119 Lombard 

Hurley Thomas, 119 Lombard 

Hurlick Wm. blacksmith 32 Kunkle 

Hurlick Wmi innkeeper NW cor. Race and Fifth 

Huron Laurence, merchant 26 north Front 

Hurry Mrs. widow of Samuel, Francisville (N. L.) 

Hurst Harvey J. 210 Spruce 

• hirst James M. & Co. mercht. 138 N. Second 

Hurst John, carter Third below German 

Hurst Sc Morse, tailors 123 south Third 

Hurtnel John, carpenter 5 Garden 

Husband John J. teacher 90 Lombard 

Husband John I. teacher 20 Greenleaf's court 

Hustler John, mercht. 21 Church alley 

Hustler John, mercht. 212 north Fourth 

Muster John, shoemaker 40 Garden 

Hussey Jno. tallow chandler 11 Laetitia court 

Hutc'iers Charles, carter back 115 Greene 

Hutchins Rev. Joseph, 232 Sassafras 

Hutchins Samuel, cordwainer 24 Gaskill 

Hutchinson Benj. P. broker 48 Walnut— d. h. 113 I 

Hutchinson David, labourer Charlotte n. Brown 

Hutchinson Francis, storekeeper (lower) 14 south 1 

Hutchinson John, sea captain Tow nsend's court 

Hutchinson John, weaver, 145 south Eleventh 

Hutchinson John, weaver Wood n. Thirteenth 

Hutchinson Jonathan, bricklayer 11 MeyeVs c< 

Hutchinson James", carpenter 14 6 south 'Seventh 

Hutchinson John, carpenf." 

Philadelphia Index. IMM 

Hutchinson John, jr. dry goods store 287| High-~»d. h. cor 

Seventh and Orange 
Hutchinson Mahlon, fur dealer 96 High 
Hutchinson Margaret, grocer 31 N. Tenth 
Hutchinson Randall, attorney at law 66 south 6th— d. h. #23 

Hutchinson Reynolds, victualler St. John n. Poplar lane 
Hutchinson Thomas, clock and watch maker 120 south.Front 

— d. h. 6 M'Culloch's court 
Hutchinson William, mariner 29 Gille's alley 
-jllutt Elijah, carter 23 St. Mary 
Mutt Jane, teacher hack of 159 south Sixth 
Hut .Jacob teacher 163 south Sixth 
Hutton John, secretary to guardians of the poor and clerk of 

the district of Southwark 151 south Third 
Hutton John, 26 Argyle (Almond) 
Hutton John, cordwainer 8 Small 
Hutton Mary, widow tailoress Gilbraith's court 
Hutton Nathaniel, shipwright 382 south Front 
Hutton Samuel, labourer 'i86 Lombard bet. 8th and 9th 
Hutton Wm. coppersmith 1 Marshall's alley 
Huyck Gerardus, m. d- 403 south Third 
Hyatt Wm. mariner 2 Vernon 
Hyde George, 59 Union 
Hyde Mary, widow 85 Locust 

Hyde Oren, teacher Washington academy 4th ab. Vine 
Hyde Wm. & Geo. bookbinders and stationers 71 Chesnu; 
Hyde Wm. bookseller and stationer 71 Chesnut 
Hyder Jno. bricklayer Eleventh near Vine 
Hyer Miss Eliza, tailoress 109 Lombard 
Ilyland Christian, tallow chandler Wood near Julian 
Hyland Samuel, carter 5 doors ab. Walnut Juniper lane 
Hymes Christopher, fisherman west Sch. 2d 
Hynes John, victualler Charles (N. L.) 
Hynes James, stevedore 71 -Qeene 
Hvneman Elias, storekeeper 188 north Second 
Hyneman Wm. grocer NW cor. Brown and Charlotte 
Hynies Wm. house carpenter Hanover n. Bedford 

IBOUCH WM. coach trimmer 262 Soutli 

Iddings Caleb P. accountant 203 north Sixth 

Idler Jacob, mercht. c. h. Summerl's wharf — d. h. 134 N. 8ti> 

Idlet Mary, widow tailoress 308 south Front 

Imbrie James &. Co. domestic warehouse 14 south Front— d, 

h. 67 Spruce 
Imandorffer Christian, back 169 north Second 
Imlay & Potts, merchants 5 north Water 
Imlay Robert, merchant 5 N. Water— d. h. 93 N. 6th 
Immel Catharine, widow storekeeper 76 north Third 
Iramel Jacob & Co. merchants 76 N. Third 

1VJ I'hiladelpnul lud. 

Inch ;i=>, storekeeper 443 north Second 

Ingels George, county commissioner 22 new ma;' 
lngerd Adam, shop keeper 18 J St. John 
Ingersoll Charles J attorney at law 130 Walnut 
Jnger?.ol) Edward^ attorney at liw 159 Walnut 
Ingersol! Joseph R attorney at law 177 south 
Inglancl Christian, widow Eckfeldt court 
InglteJoseph L. treasurer to Frankford and Bristol 

331 Mulberry 
Ingram Mary, widow back 184 Lombard 
Ingrain Thomas, tailor Vine below Eleventh 
lngraham Edward D. attorney at law 154 Ch 
lngraham John, labourer 182 north Water 
Ingrahum Sarah, mantua maker 40 Union 
lngraham Wm. mason at penitentiary 
Inkson Rebecca, shopkeeper 200 north Front 
Innes Cornelius, shoemaker 125 Plum [see En: 

Innes Joseph, carpenter Hamilton near Sch. 
Innes John, machine maker 79 Shippen 
Inskeep John, president of the N. A. insurance company IT'* 

Inskeep Thomas, plaisterer 34 Chester 
Insheimer Maria, seamstress 288 north Eighth 
Inslee John A. steward of Almshouse Spruce above 10th 
Inslee Martha, matron of the Almshouse Spruce above 10th 
Invecter George, carpenter Poplar near 4th 
Ireland A.phonio C. carpenter, city regulator, and measure 

of carpenters' work 122 Pine below Fifth 
rlreland Fly, labourer 257 Spruce 
Ireland George, vinegar store 43 Erowne 
Ireland James, bottler Vine below Fourth — d. h. 12 Vine 
Ireland Nichodemus, watchman 86 Rudd 
Irick Catharine, widow 114 Spruce 
Irick Christopher, 176 S. 6th 
flrons Richard, waiter Middle alley 
Irvine Callender, commissary general of U. S. 431 High 
Irvine Henry, Sch. Third near High 
Irvine Hood, merchant 95 New 
Irving Esther, widow 111 Catharine 
Irwin Charles, sea captain 42 Palmyra square 
Irwin Elizabeth, widow 327 Sassafras 
Irwin James, comb maker 43 no irth 

Irwin M'iliiam, gentleman Peg near Front 

[see Erwen and Arwi: 
Isbeys John, oak cooper 36 Vine 
Iseminger Adam, wheelwright 378. south 6th 
Wmgton James, tobacconist Rousefelt's court 
Israel Abraham, dry good store 329 north Second 
Israel M. E. meichant c. h. Z2 Walnut 
Israel SamueL merchant 186 Pine 
Israel Samuel, merchant 176 Pine 
Ivins Isaiah, carpenter 10 Coorabe's alley 

Ftuladi'lphia Liu .[(>(' 

Lzard < • 

fzard U. A. gentleman 307 Spruce 

JACK CHARLES at law of] 

and 239 Mulberry 

Jack Mary, widow njantua maker and tailoress 108 N. 7th 

Jackaway NVplaisterejr Fourth near Browne 

Jackson Andrew, inspector of customs 279 Walnut 

yJackson Abraham, labourer Bedford near Eighth 

Jackson Benjamin, carpenter Perry 

j-Jackson Benjamin, labourer Coates above Fourth 

fJackson Caleb, labourer Maria 

Jackson Doctor S. NE. corner Seventh and Walnut 

Jackson John W. cordwainer 59 Greene 

■{-Jackson John>ice cream maker 2) 1 south Seve: 

•f Jackson John, coachman, 1 Barclay's court 

Jackson Jno. G. merchant 1 2/" Nigh 

Jackson Jonathan, back 93 Mulberry 

Jackson Joseph, grocer 23-1 north Water 

Jackson Man", widow boarding- -ouse 80'Sassafras 

Jackson Obidiah, m; n. Inorth Thirteenth 

Jackson Peter, hatter back 93 Mulberry 

Jackson Richard, tailor 177 Mulberry 

, T ackson Sarah Ann, widow 11 2 north Eleventh 
Min Sarah, widow Third below German 

Jackson Thomas, minister of the gospel 90 Crown 

Jackson Thomas, back 13 between Market and Chest 

Jackson Thomas, accountant warden's office Orange n. 

Jackson Thomas, hatter back 125 north 8th 

Jackson Wm. labourer 193 Shippen 

Jackson Washington, mercht. 22 S. Front— d. h. 75 S. 8th 

Jackson William, mariner 10 Shippen 

Jackson William, pocket book manuf. 122 St John 

Jackson William, carpenter Twelfth above Sassafras 

Jackson William, gent. — d* h. 97 Spruce 

Jackson William, livery stable Harmony ct — d. h. 1 Whale- 

Jacobs Charles, labourer German above Fifth 

Jadobs Frederick, tailor 219 Callowhil 

Jacobs James, skinn dresser Brc' 

Jacobs John, jun. mercht. 21 N. Front 

Jacobs Joseph, sexton first Presbyterian church 137 

Jacobs Peter, tanner 5 Bedford 

Jacobs Philip, collector 40 Crown 

Jacobs Richard, mariner 3 P.enn 

Jacobs Sarah, widow back 133 Green 

fJacobs Sarah, washerwoman 14 Chimnies 

Jacob Henry, brickmaker Charles near Coates 

fKF Philadelphia Index. 

Jacoby Rachell, widow boarding house 98 Sassat 
Taggers Wm. attendant in store Smith's court N. Front 
Tames Ann, shopkeeper 468 north Third 

.tames Hurst &. Co. grocery store 138 north Second 

James Israel E. grocer Second near Beaver 
;ames J. tailor and clothing warehouse SW. cor. High and 

James John, jqn. cabinet maker 28 north Fifth 

Jagg-ers Jonathan, oysterman254 N. Front 

Jahns Christian, patent wall colourcr and painter 21C X 
Eighth be!. Caliowhill [See John* 

James Joseph, teacher 232 Spruce 

-{-James Francis, whitewasher Browne ab. Fourth 

James Fssachar, carpenter Black Horse ay. 

James Jeremiah, merchant tailor 226 High — d. h. 36 Ann 

James John, gent. 71 Cherry 

James John, grocer 360 N. Front 

f James Judith, whitewasher 232^ Lombard 

James Joseph, teacher 202 Spruce 

James Mifflin D. brushmaker 77 N. Second 

James Morgan, bleeder 157 X. Sixth 

f James M. waiter Osb urn's ct. 

James Otto, cabinetmaker and furniture roms upper 8 S 3d 

James Owen, gent. 154 S. Second 

James Robert, brushmaker 140 Sassafras 

James Thomas, labourer Penn (K) 

James Thomas, accountant 43 S. Tenth 

James Thomas C. m. d. professor of midwifery in the univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania 7 York buildings 

Jamison John, cabinetmaker 75 Dock 

Janeway rev. Jacob J. 208 Mulberry 

Janoud Edward, storekeeper Callowhill n. Sch. 

January David, mercht. 166 S. Tenth 

January H. layer out of the dead back 39 Mulberry 

Janvier William, mercht. 85 High 

Jaquet Levi, cordwainer 4 Dock 

Jaquett Thomas, upholsterer 54 N. Front — d. h. 68 nerth 

Jardella Andrew B. sculpturer and stonecutter 22 Swanwick 

Jarden John, stonecutter 43 German 

Jarden Robert, chocolate and mustard manuf. 154 N. 3rd 
— d. h. S. W- cor. Sassafras and 11th 

Jarred Jacob, cordwainer Paynter*s ct. 

Jarvis Maria, widow 12^ Almond 

Jasper James, sea captain 32 Union 

Jaudon Daniel, ladies academy 221 Mulberry 

Jeanes Amos, lumber mercht. High n. Sch. Permanet bridge 

Jeanes Isaiah, mercht. 155 N. Water— d. h. 208 N. Front 

Jeda Leonard taylor 215 St. John 

JeflFeries James, smith 3 Acorn ay. 
— d. h. Sch. Fifth n. High 

Jeflfcock Paul, cutler Ann n. Sch. 7th 

Jefferies John, mariner back 110 Catherine 

Philadelphia Inch JOH 

Jeffery Harbarv, milkwoman 1 >7 < 
JefteiT Benjamin, constable 27 Brown 
Jefferson Joseph, comedian 14 Powell 
Jetlers John, tallowehandkr 25 L'nion 
Jeffries Daniel, Fourth n. Poplar 1. 
Jeffries George, coachmaker 40 Prune— d. h. 151 S. 11th 
f Jeffreys William, coachman 216 Lombard 
Jeffris James, skindresscr 10 Franklin 
Jeffries William, carter 7 Poplar 1. 
Jeman Peter, hatter 11 Franklin ct. 
fJematrice John, hairdresser 92 Spruce 
fJenkins John, 1 porter 16 Duke 

Jenkins Abijah, capt. steamboat Philadelphia 14 New market 
Jenkins E.'& S. drvgoods store 28 S. Second 
Jenkins Joseph G. porter Union Steamboat line 9 Yine 
Jenkins Enoch, hatter 31 Sheaff'say. 
Jenkins E. F. mercht. 31 Key's ay 

Jenkins Matthew G. capt. steamboat Baltimore 14 New mar- 
Jenkins Joseph, flour and feed store 521 N. Third 
Jenkins Josiah, victualing- house Laetitia ct. 
Jenkins Samuel, mechanist Quince n. Walnut 
Jenkins George, gent. 14 New market 
Jenkins Fulton P. shoemaker 151 Poplar 1. 
Jennings & Lodge, milliners 27 K. Fourth 
Jenkins John, cordwainer 84 N. Fifth 
Jenkins John J. bookbinder 8 Harmony ct, 
f.Tenkins William, porter 219 Cher y 
Jenks Jonathan, mercht. Beach n. Maiden— d. h. oob norUi 

Front ■ * 

Jenks Joseph R. mercht. 54 S. wharves— d. h. o \ me 

Jennings John, auctioneer 387 High 

Jenny Elizabeth, widow 32 Almond 

Jennings & Thomas, auction store 36 N. Front 

Jenny Israel jun. 121 Sassafras 

Jewell George, shoemaker 41 Mechanic 

Jewell Jno. B. painter and glazier 72 Chesnut 

Jewell Kenneth, merchant tailor 78 and 80 S. Third 

Jewell Leonard, mercht. 117 New 

Jess Ruth, bonnetmaker 14 Church ay. 

f Jimson Cesar, Indian Doctor 239 Cedar 

Jobes Richard, tailor 37 Green 

.lobson Samuel, glue rnanuf, 273 N. Third 

John David, innkeeper 4 Bank ay. 

John Joseph, bricklayer 2i7 Lombard 

fJohn Marv, washerwoman 1*2 N. Juniper 

-John Man, washerwoman 112 N. Juniper . 

Johnes Charles mercht; 75 High— d. h. 115 north Fifth 

Johns losiah. bricklayer 2 .7 Lombard 

Johns Richard, mastmaker yard at the hayscales wharf Lib 
ay — d. h. Green n. Front 

Johns William, & Daniel, painters 41 O. V. r. 
William, painter 39 Strawberry- 

J OH Philadelphia Index. 

Johnson Adam, tallow-chandler 467 Sassafras 

Johnson Andrew, Vinen. 13th 

Johnson Andrew, carpenter 62 Passvunk r. 

Johnson Andrew, carpenter 149 St. John 

Johnson 13. & Son, oyster cellar under 18 High 

Johnson Benjamin, ovsterman Pewterplatteray. 

Johnson Blakely, weaver 13 ab. Cedar 

Johnson B. F. supercargo 135 N. Seventh 

Jones Benjamin, iron mercht. 17 S. wharves— d. h. 267 Ches- 

nut ab. Ninth [See Johns, Johtui & Jaiia 

Johnson Charles H. carpenter 229 N. Sixth 
Johnson Christian, widow 11 Wood 
Johnson Charles, printing ink and lampblack manufactory 

S. E. and N. W cor. of Tenth and Lombard 
fJohnson David, porter 203 Lombard 
f Johnson David, porter 203 Lombard 
Johnson David, mariner Johnson's ct. 
fJohnson Edward, sailmaker 21 Hurst 
Johnson Elizabeth, gloverest 304 N. Second 
fJohnson Francis, musician 154 Pine 
fJohnson George, waiter 23 Currant ay. 
Johnson George, cordwainer Rousefelt's ct- 
Johnston George, cordwainer 101 Catherine 
fJohnson Henry, boot and shoecleanor Elliot's est. 
Johnson Hannah S. widow 2g3 N; Front 
Johnson H. & L. Tailoress 5^ New 
Johnson George, waterman 140 Swanson 
Johnson Hannah, beer hou?« 47 Dock 
Johnson Isaac, gent. 450 N Second 
Johnson Isaac, carter Taper av. 
Jolly Samuel, Pleasant avenue 
Johnson Jacob, carter 39 New market 
fJohnson James, painter &c. 265 Spruce 
Johnson John, labourer Simmons' ct. (N. L.) 
Johnson John, drygoods store N. E. cor. Second and High 
Johnson John, wheelwright 32 Powell 
Johnson John, sealer of Dry Measures, — d. h. 130 S. Second 

S. E. cor. of 4th and Q'leen 
Johnson Jane, widow 457 High 

Johnson John, woodsawyer Callowhill bet. Sch. 7th and 8th 
Johnson John, Maiden n. Stone bridge(K) 
Johnson John, weaver Norman's ay. 
Johnson Joseph, ropemaker 150 Pine 
Johnson Josiah, letter carrier 22 Little George 
Jo'- son Jonathan, carpenter 244 N. "Water— d. h. 255 north 

Johnson John, cordwainer °43 N. Front 
Johnson John, bottler S. "VV. cor. Fifth and Appletree ay. 
Johnson Joseph, shipchandler 77 S. wharves— d. h. ISS P 
Johnson Matthews, carter 9 Pratt's ct. 
Johnson Margaret, washerwoman Vine n. Broad 
Johnson Maria, widow of Peter 141 Budd 
Johnson Maria T. teacher S 

Philadelphia Index. JOH 

Johnson Matthew, carter 108 Ooates 

Johnson , weaver back 127 Green 

Johnson Nicholas, millwright Penn (K) 

f Johnson Patience, widow dealer 245 Spruce 

Johnson Peter, oystermsn 62 German 

Johnston Peter, flour store N. E. cor. Thirteenth and 

Johnson Richard, white and blacksmith 176 Shippen 
Johnson Robert, printer 277 S. Third 
f Johnson Robert, Middle ay. 
Johnson Richard, bookseller 31 High 
Johnson Richard, mercht. cor. Eighth and Shriver's ct. 
Johnson Richard B. turner 58 Dock— d. h. 1 Locust 
Johnson Robt. S. iron mercht. 71 N. Water — d. h. 69 Vine 
Johnson Samuel, combmaker 260 St. John 
Johnson 8c Summerville iron foundery Chery and Broad 
Johnson Samuel, cordwainer SE cor. Minor and Sixth 
Johnson Sarah, widow 176 Mulberry 
fjohnson Stacy, coachman Norman's ay. 
Johnson Thomas, grocer 8.1 Passyunk g 

Johnson William, lumber mercht. cor. Sixth and Buttonwood 

— d. h. 49 Tammany 
Johnson William, shoemaker 39 Filbert 
Johnson William, weaver Second n. forks of Germ. r. 
Johnson William, labourer Say 

Johnson William P. treasurer New Theatre 81 Lombard 
Johnson William, trunk maker 181 N. Front 
Johnson William, blacksmith Vine n. Tenth 
Johnson William B. shoe store 246 Market 
Johnston Alexander W. bell hanger and locksmith Tenth 

ab. Walnut 
Johnston Alexander W. gent. 5 York buildings 
Johnston Elizabeth, widow Freytag's ay. 
f Johnston Henry, waiter 304 south Seventh 
Johnston James, gent. 306 S. Second 
Johnston John, drayman Sch. Seventh ab. Sassafras 
Johnston John, mariner 131 N. Front 
Johnston James, blacksmith Penn (K) 
Johnston \saac, labourer 189 S. Fourth 
Johnston John, carpenter ': 49 John 
Johnston James, oysterman cellar under 3 Chesnu: 
Johnston Jacob, printer Biddle's ay. 
Johnston Jacob, sea captain 59 Queen 
Johnston James, botler 251 S. Fifth 
Johnston John, printer 2 Elmslies alley 
Johnston John, mariner 5 Pewterplatter ay, 
Johnston John, oysterman 10 Pewterplatter qy> 
Johnston John P. mariner 17 Cox's ay. 
Johnston John, 49 Noble 
Johnston Mary, widow dealer 380 S. Second 
Johnston Mary & Elizabeth, storekeepers 28 N. Fourth 
Johnston Mary, widow 7 192 S» Water 
Johagtcri Mis^ teacher 143 Walnut 

JON Phi fa Inde,v. 

Johnston Nicholas k Jam- i engine factory Penn anu 

j-Johnstbft Riicliard, cour.hinaii 24 (Currant ay- 
Johnston R. Mrs. boardinghouse 49 S. Thud 
Johnston Thomas, corduainer 17 W atsbn's ay. 
Johnston Thomas, boardingliouee JO Strawberry 
Johnston William, market watchman 21 Wat 
Johntson William, dyer J9 North ay. 
f Johnston '"William, couiwainer 9 I'ine ay 
Johnston, widow gentn. 59 S. Eleventh 
Johnston ^ illiarn T: tailor 36t)Mark 
Johnston Wrn. II. Currant ay. 
John': Josiah, bricklayer 272 Lombard 
John W. cprdwainer 15 luck berry ay. 
Jolly Samuel, Pleasant avenue 
Jones Abraham, trader _'Cj> CIr 
•times Abraham, cordv.ainer II HofThers ay. 
.■ones Anthony, labourer 89 Coates 
Jones Abraham, turner bac .. Third 

Jlones Benjamin, engraver .50 Walnut 
Jones Benjamin, cabinet maker Gaskiil ab. 4th 
Jones Benjamin jun. mercht. ill and d. h. Loo S. Fro 
Jones Benjamin, grazier" Cedar 
Jones Benjamin, irom mercht. '17 S - — d. h. 267 

Chesnut ab. Ninth 
Jones Benjamin, engraver 47 Chesnut 
Jones C. o- N. jr. stocking store N. W. corner of Second 

(ones Curtis, labourer 46 Queer. 

(ones Charles mercht. S. E. cor. Second and Walnut 
Jones Daniel, blacksmith 123 Coates 
Jones David, hatter 128 N Second 
Jones David, labourer back 213 Cherry 
'ones Edward, labourer N. W cor. Third and Catharine 
Jones Elizabeth, w ; dow 173 \. Fourth 
Jones Elizabeth, widow Loxley's ct. 
Jones George W. painter &.c. 5=1 Chesnut 
Jones George D. cabinet maker 2 Library 
Jones George, M. D. 124 S. Eighth 
Jones & Harrison, dyers and scourers 102 s Mulb* 
Jones Hariot, tavernkecper 5 Callowhili 
Jones Hiram, hatter 167 N. Second 
Jones Henry, shoemaker back 372 N. Third 
Jones Isaac H. tobacconist 169 N. Front 
Jones Isaac C. 143 Sassafras 
Jones Ira, gent. 49 N. Eighth 
Jones Isaac, blacksmith 266 S. Fifth 
Jones Isaac, cordwainer 7 Little Dock — i ou 

Jones Isaac C. mercht. 84 High — d. h. 289 Mulberry 
Jones Isaac C. Oakford & Co. merchts. 84 High 
Jones Isaac ft. dry goods store cond 

Jones Isaac & Son, tobacconists 169N. Frorr 
Jones Isaac, cabinetmaker 77 N. Front 

Philadelphia Index. JON" 

Jones Andrew M. iron mercht. 17 South wharves 

Jones Ann, widow Prince near Front 

Jones David, shoemaker Marlborough n. Shakamaxon 

Jones Isaac, cordwainer, Prune below Second 

Jones Joseph, wheelwright, Prune above Second 

Jones J. boot and shoemaker 45 S. Front 

Jones Jacob, grocer 296 Lombard 

-j-Jones Jacob, waiter 242 Lombard 

Jones James labourer 89 Coates 

Jones James L. cordwainer 8 Sugar ay. 

Jones James, whiskey store High n. Sch. Front 

Jones James, barber 10 Spruce 

Jones Jehu, cordwainer Mariott's lane bet. Fourth and Fiftf* 

Jones Jesse, tailor 72 Callowhill 

Jones Jesse, gent. 140 N. Third 

Jones Jesse, carter n. forks Germ. r. 

Jones John, dyer 110 Crown 

.Tones John J. gardner 34 Crown 

Jones John M. gent. 16 S. Eighth 

Jones John, mariner S. Seventh n. Fitzwatcr 

Jones John, M. D.and druggist &c. 73 Shippen 

Jones John, bricklayer Broad W. Sch. Eighth 

Jones John, labourer Cox's ay. 

Jones John C store 86 High— d. h. 118 X. Ninth 

Jones John K. jun. cabinetmaker 428 N. Third — d. h. 219 

St. John 
Jones John, tailor 123 Budd 

Tones John, currier Sch. Eighth bet. Sassafras and Vjne 
Jones Joseph, lottery broker 231 Vine 
Jones Joseph, grocer 143 S. Eighth 
Jones Joseph, saddler 5 Hoffher's ay. 
Jones Joseph, wheelwright Prince ab. Second 
Jones J. C. Oakford, & Co. merchts. 86 High 
Jones J. flour mercht. 228 N. Front 
Jones L. M. boardinghouse 352 High 
Jones Martha, shopkeeper Pewterplatter ay. n. Fvon- 
Jones Masse) r , widow stocking knitter Rose ay, 
Jone9 & Matt, merchts. 31 Chesnut 
Jones Mary, widow 17 Bedford 
Jones Nathan, storekeeper 58 S. Second 
Jones N. milkman, Locust ab. Broad 
Jones N. mercht. 90 Union 
•f Jones Nice, whitewasher back 170 N. Eighth 
Jones Peter, plaisterer 45 George (S) 
Jones Peter, sailmaker Third n. Cherry 
Jones Paul, papermaker 147 S. Front — d. h. 299£ Sassafras 
Jones Peter, weaver, Thirteenth ab. Vine 
Jones Philip, umbrella maker 23£ N. Second 
Jones Robert, fringe weaver 127 Locust 
Jones R. & H. dry goods store 26 S. Fourth 
Jones Robert, sea captain 31 ElfritVs ay. 
Janes & Rowland, house carpenter 16 N orris* ay, 

* U D Philadelphia Index. 

Jones Samuel, mariner 45 Green {See Johns and Jo 

Jones Samuel, cabinetmaker back 83 Chesnut 

Jones Samuel, W. merch. 103 — d. h. 154 N. Front 

Jones Samuel S. accountant Shriver's ct. 

Jones Sarah, sempstress Sixth n. Coates 

.tones Stephen, cordwainer 115 German 

Jones Susan, cake baker 13 S. Tenth 

Jones & Smith, merchts. 103 N. Front 

Jones Thomas, cordwainer 69 Budd 

Jones Thomas, mercht. 25 S. Second 

Jones T. turner in brass and iron 272 S. Second 

Jones Thomas, shoemaker 20 Kunkel 

fJones Walker, carter Cherry bel. Thirteenth 

Jones William, pump maker 265 Catharine 

Jones William, Esq. secretary American Fire Insurance 

Co. 101 Chesnut William, currier 29 Mary 
Jones William, labourer south 2ndn. John 
Jones William J. accountant 321 Chesnut 
Jones William, cabinet maker 26 N. Fourth and Blackhorse 

Jones William, commission merchant 325 Mulberry 
Jones widow, gentn. 187 Walnut 
Jones William, constable Eighth n, Buttonwood 
Jones William, mercht. 31 Chesnut— .d. h. 325 Mulberry 
Jordan Frederick, brass founder Fourth n. George (N. L.) 
Jordan Henry, currier 221 N. Second 
Jordan John, merchant 123 N. Third 
Jordan John, shoemaker Rose ay. (N. L.) 
Jordan Mary, widow of Joseph, 10 Bohsall 
Jordan Mary, widow of John Bonsall 51 S. Fifth 
Jordan Patrick, teacher 9 Marshall's ay. 
Jordan Richard, drug-gist, N\Y cor. Second and Christian, 
Jordan Sarah, 55 Spruce 
Jordan Samuel, labourer back 198 Cherry 
Jordan Thomas, shoemaker Morgan's ct. 
Jordan William, plaisterer Sassafras n. Eleventh 

Jordan William, shoemaker Morgan ct. 

Joret Francis, oysterman under S. W. cor. Chesnut and 
Third — d. h. 14 Union 

Joseph Abraham, broker Goforth ay. 

f Joseph John, barber 214 Cedar 

Joseph Manuel, shipwatch 58 Passyunk r. 

Joseph Mather, mariner back 33 German 

Joseph Samuel, distiller 167 Cedar 

Justice William A. ship carpenter N. E. cor. Marlborough 
and Bedford (K) 

,?©urdan Frederick, brass founder Fourth n. George (N. L.) 

Jourdan Peter, goldsmith 240 S. Second 

Joyce Benjamin, silk and muslin dyer 94 N. Sixth 

Joyce David, cordwainer, 187 S. Front 

Jovce John J. blacksmith 94 N. Sixth 

Juda John P. cutler — d. h. Poplar n. St. John 

rhiladetyhia Index. KAf 

Joyce Samuel, cordwainer back 364 S. Second 

Joyce Thomas R. tailor 17 Vernon 

Joyce Thomas F. watchmaker 123 Plum 

Joyce William, labourer Beach n. Marsh (K) 

Judah Hariett, 126 S. Tenth 

Julian Edmond, cabinetmaker 17 Norris' ay. 

Juppenlatz Frederick, baker 354 south Second 

Justice Charles, shoemaker 474 Sassafras 

Justice Elizabeth, widow 128 German 

Justice George, surveyor to North American Insurance com 

pany 76 Billwyn 
Justice George, labourer 33 Coates' ay. 
Justice Jacob, hardware mercht. 149High and 117 Vine 
Justice J. P. printer 481 N. Second 

Justice Jacob & George M. hardware merchants 119 High 
Justice Jacob, engineer back 132 St. John 
Justice Margaret, 74 Crowm 
Justice Wro. A. ship carpenter NE cor. Marlborough and 

Bedford (K.) 
Justus Jacob, engineer back 131 St. John 
Justus Philip, carpenter 24 Wood 
Juvenal Bartholemew, starch and hair powder manufacturer 

392 N. Front 
Juvenal Jacob, starch factory O. Y. r. ab. CaUowbill 

Jack Mrs. widow 95 Christian 

Jackson Jacob, mariner 230 Swanson 

Jacobson Hance, mariner Birds ay. 

James Charles, grocer SE cor. Federal and Second 

James John, mariner 5 Parhams ay. 

Jamison Ann, widow 87 Christian 

Jamison John, bleeder, -2 Parhams ay. 

Jamison Robert, shipwright 547 south Front 

Jameson Stephen W. carpenter 465 south Second 

Johns Mary, widow 16 Mary 

Johnson Alva, mariner 53 Mead alley 

JohnsMn George G. mariner Caviar' ne wharf S. side 

Johnson John R cabinet maker 448 south Front 

Johnson John, justice of peace Ma* thorough n. Pririce (K .^ 

Johnson "°eter rigger 17 Parhams alley 

Johnson Peter, grocer Oat»anne st wharf north side 

Johnson Randle. mariner John st 

Johnston Evd. Church street 

Johnston Fred, labourer Plum above Front 

Johnston Isaac, carpenter Shippen above Shippensl. 

Johnston Job, labourer Pr\me near Front 

Johnston Robert, watchmaker 107 Swanson 

Johnston Thomas, mariner, 26 Queen 

KATN ELIZABETH, widow 206 N. Eighth 

Kain John, grocer, N, E, cor, of Cedar and Fourth 

K.EA Philadelphia Jndejc 

Rain John, blacksmith 78 south Fifth 
Kaign Ann, widow 51 Mead ay. 
Kaine John, M. D. 424 N. Fourth 
Kan Wm. blacksmith 72 Swanson 
Rankle Peter C. printer 263 South Seventh 
Kahski Frederick, gent. Penn (K) 
Kale Stephen, shoemaker Sixth n. Coates 
Kames Thomas, labourer 5 Litte Dock 
Kamerly Jon. J. baker 13 ab. Cedar 
Kamp David, shingle dresser Noble n. Third 
Kane Barnard, shoemaker 395 Sassafras 
Kane, E. mercht. 3 Minor 
Kane J. K. attorney at law 191 Walnut 
Kane Mary, widow Galbraith's ct. 
Kane Patrick, cordwainer back 168 Shippen 
Kane It. dealer 89 Shippen 
Kane Sarah, widow gTocer 22 Barrow 
Kane William, grocer N. E. cor. Sixth and Fitzwater 
Kan William, blacksmith 73 Swanson 
Karn Catharine, widow 65 Budd 
Karner Christian, city watch back 174 Pine 
Karlin Patrick, woodsawyer back of 408 north Third 
Karrigon Jno. carpenter 204 Cherry 
Kates Jacob, tobacconist 28 Cherry 
Katz Christian, labourer Brooks 
Katz Dorothy, widow 30 north Seventh. 
Katz John, baker 247 north Second 
Katz J. John, 13 south Seventh 
Katz Michael, carter UKunckel 

Katz Michael bellhanger and locksmith 28 N. Seventh, 
Katz Wm. 147 north Water 
Kay Aaron, 193 Christian 
Kaufman Peter, tobacconist 267 north 2d 
Kay Aaron, 193 Christian 

Kay Benjamin, grocer 168 north Water — d. h. 205 N. Front 
Kay Joseph, hatter 76 High 
Kay Joseph L. sea captain 12H Lombard 
Kays Robert, weaver Cedar above Thirteenth 
Kayser John G. M. D. Hanover near Prince 
Kaysby Jessee, currier 186 north Front 
Kayl Jacob, brass founder Apple (N. L.) 
Kean Roger, mariner back Sch. 8th above Sassafras 
Kearney Francis, engraver SW. cor. Third and Chcsnu 
Kearney Mary, widow back 46 Spruce 
Keates Margaret, widow 19 Beck's alley 
Keating Jno. brewer Dawson's court 
Keating John, gentleman 183 south Fifth 
Keating John, jun. attorney at law S. 6th— d. h. 183 ,S. 5tk 
Keating Lambert, tavernkeeper 28 south Sixth 
Keating Mary, widow 23 Lombard 

Keating Wm. H. professor of mineralogy and chemistry in 
the University of Pennsylvania 183 south Fifth 

Philadelphia Index* KEL 

Kee James, carpenter 5 below Queen 

Kccfe John &. James vermicelli manuf. Prime ab. Front 

Keefe Josc})h, oak cooper 9 Federal 

Keete Wm currier 6 Bell's court 

Keegan William, tailor 214 south Sixth 

Keegans Timothy, ashman 248 South 

Keel John, taylor 164 Cherry 

Keel Mary, widow shopkeeper 15 Mulberry 

Keeler Thomas, coacli painter 11 Powel 

Keely Israel,' plaisterer Race near Sch. 7th 

Keeley Ellen, widow 165 north Sixth 

Keemle John, M. D. 23 north Fourth 

Keemle Margaret, widow china store 83 N. Third 

Keemle Samuel, attorney at law 103 Mulberry 

Keen Clement, joiner Queen fa. Marlborough 

Keen Eli, shoemaker Smith's court 

Keen Harman, taylor 10 south Water — d< h; St. John bet, 

Green and Coates 
Keen Jeremiah, 92 Green 
Keen Joseph, currier 37 Old York road 
Keen Joseph & Wm. W. leather store 8c curriers 61 Chesnut; 
Keen James C. sailmaker 367 N. Front 
Keen James, shipjoiner 476 south Front 
Keen John, tanner 511'N. Front 

Keen Joseph & Son, currier 115 Chesnut and 19 S. Fourtit 
Keen Jacob, ship joiner, Green near Marlborough 
Keen Peter, printer 126 Locust 
Keen Rebecca, mantua maker 146 Cherry 
Keen Samuel W. currier 115 Chesnut — d. h.41 S. Fourth 
Keen Sarah, widow 147 South Ninth 
Keen S. boarding house 38 south Sixth 
Keen Sarah, widow 120 New 
Keen Wm. W. currier 113 Chesnut 
Keesey Philip, tailor 311 Sassafras 

Keese Jacob, ship carpenter Beach n. Marlborough (K.j 
Kefrer Catharine, widow 142 Vine 
Kehr J. baker 440 north Third 
Keflfer George, shoemaker 123 north Front 
Keighler Margaret, widow 133 South 
Keighler Samuel victualler Race near Sch. 8th 
Keighler Wm. &. Thos. tin manufactory 65 north 6th 
Khain Christopher, farmer SE. cor. Eleventh and Love L- 
Kighter Wm. shoemaker Smith's alley 
Keim Jacob, copper plate maker 187 Cherry 
Keim John, turner and coal dealer 125 and 127 N. Fourtk 
Keim Wm. turner 174 north Fourth 
Keith Caleb, shoemaker 25 north Sixth 
Keith Robert, segar maker 100 north Second 
Keith Samuel, president of the Delaware Insurance Comply 

ny 231 south Front 
Keiper Abraham, tobacconist 16 north Fourth 
Keiter Isaac, shipwright 3 John 
Sslbach Henry, gentleman 31 Chester 

M Philadelphia Index 

Kelch James, cordwainer 250 30uth Fifth 
Keich Phcebe, carpet weaver cor. Chancery 1. &. CombV 
Keller Adam, shopkeeper 42 Coates 
Keller Conrad, tinplate worker 64 north Front 
Keller Henry, wheel 'right back 9 CroWn 
Killer Herman, tinplateworker SE. cor. 2d and Cedar 
Keller Samuel, shoemaker 20 Callowhill 
Kelley Catharite, milkwoman 87 north Third 
Kellej Daniel R. taylor 19 south Fourth 
Kelley Erastmus, blacksmith 176 north Water 
Kelley Eleanor, grocer 198 north Water 
Kelley Edward, tavernkeeper 5 GreenleaPs ct. d.h. 
tKelley John, brass founder Green's court 
Kelley James, carter Bedford n. 5th 
Kelley John, saddler George above Juniper lane 
Kelley John, tailcr Bedford near 6th 

Kelley James, innkeeper cor Frankford r. and Mandersonk 
Kelley Michael, boarding house 39 south Water 
Kelley Neil, tavern keeper SW. cor. Centre square 
Keliig Charles F. farrier 77 north Third street 
Kellog Mr gentleman corner of Wood and 5th 
Kelly Andrew, weaver Wood n. 13th 
Kelly Abraham, shoe maker back 460 north Third 
Kelfv Aron, merchant 88 Vine 
Kelly Charles F. turner 77 north Third 
Kelly Dennis, cotton factory Ridge r. n. toll gate Francisviile 
Kelly Han nali, boarding house 103 Market 
Kelly Hugh, cordwainer Marriott's lane near Fifth 
Kelly John, shoe merchant 55 north Third 
Kelly Josiah, shoemaker Fourth near Brown 
Kelfv John, cordwainer back 378 south Second 
Kelly John, carter 297 south Fifth 
Kelly John, pilot 52 Mead alley 
Kelfv Jonathan, carpenter 2 J5 north Water 
Kelly Mary, shopkeeper 218 north Sixth 
Kelly Mary, widow 8 Hurst 
Kelly Thomas, 70 High— d. h. 10 south Seventh 
Kelfv Thomas & Son, shoe store 70 High 
Keif Thomas, tailor Mariott's lane bet. Fourth and Fifth 
Kelfv Wm. shipwright 96 Christian 
Kelsev Humphrey, taylor 429 Chesnut 
+ Kels'ey John, labourer 26 Burd's court 
KelseyJohn C. lumber inspector 370 south Front 
Kelsev Jnb. C. inspector of lumber 351 south Second 
Kelsh James, harness maker 3 Prune 
Kelter David, jun. combmaker 140 Cedar 
Kemble Charles, oak cooper 1 1 S. alley — d. h. 56 north 5th 
Kemble Polly, widow 23 Elizabeth 
Kemp George, gentleman 92 Pine 

Kemp John, taylor cor. Mulberry ay. and Hinkle's court 
Kemp Wm. ladies shoemaker Closes' court 
Kemper Jackson, D. D. assistant minister of the Episcopal 
CJnurches of Philadelphia 31 Sansom 

Philadelphia Ind K.EX 

Kern Elizabeth, widow 96 Christian 

Kempton "Moses, merchant 221 north Front 

Kempfon Samuel, grocer 190 north Fiftli 

Kemrich Gabriel, victualler NE. cor. of Callowhill & Juli 

Keemle Isaac, conveyancer iOl south Fifth 

Kendle Mary, widow 85 Broun 

Kendle John, ladies shoemaker 85 Brown 

Kendrick Benjamin, hair cloth manufactory Union bel, 2ci 
.Kendrick David, innkeeper 427 High 

Kendrick Jno. tobacconist Smith's court 

fKennard James, coachman 4 Burd's alley 

Kennard Jacob &. Thos. dyers and scourer's 11th n. Mulben f 

Kenner Ludwick, cabinet maker 15 Mulberry 

Kennerd Anthony, carpenter 20S St. John 

Kennedy Ann, widow 141 north Fourth 

Kennedy Andrew, accountant 530 south Front 

Kennedy Benjamin, weaver 10£ Walnut 

Kennedy David, carver and gilder i09 Walnut bel. 3d and 
keeper of the Garrick tavern SE. cor. Walnut and Ninth 
Kennedy Hannah, widow 279 south Second 
Kennedy Henry W. captain 169 Pine 
Kennedy Isaac P. shoemaker 9 north Sixth 
Kennedy James, cabinet maker 108 north Water 
Kennedy John, eordwainer 90 north Water 
Kennedy Miss Mary, boarding house 243 High 
Kennedy Michael, labourer Tenth n. Callow hill 
Kennedy Nathaniel, teacher 9 north Twelfth 
Kennedy Patrick, labourer 3 south Thirteenth 
Kennedy Peter, blacksmith George n. Tenth — d. h.SW, cor. 

.Chest and Twelfth 
Kennedy Robert, tobacconist 119 north Ninth 
Kennedy Rachel, nurse 2 Mead's alley 
Kennedy Rachel, widow 226 north Water 
Kennedy Robert, carpenter Perry 
Kennedy Robert, grocer 460 north Second 
Kennedy Robert, grocer 497 and 499 north Second 
Kennedy Rev. John, 129 north Ninth 
Kennedy Samuel, sign painter 146 north Third 
Kennedy Sarah, dealer Gilbrath's court 
Kennedy Samuel, carver, gilder & looking glass manufacturer 

59 Walnut 
Kennedy Thomas, conveyancer, kc. back 106 north Second 
Kennedy William, boarding house 46 Spruce 
Kennedy Wm. weaver Whitehall 
Kenney James, laborer Mark's lane 
Kenney Thomas, carpenter Vine near Sch. Eighth 
Kenny James, trader Race near Sch. Seventh 
Kenny John, teacher NW corner of Vine and Fourth 
Kensel John, painter and glazier 268 St. John 
Kensel Lewis, grocer N W. cor. Poplar lane and St, John 
Kensel Lewis, carter 270 St. John 
Kensil Rebecca, 309 north Front 
Kent Joseph, mariner Fourth near Carpenter 

kEY Philadelphia Index. 

j-Kenton Augustus, waiter 143 Lombard 

Kenton John, distiller 223 south Third 

Kenton Jas. C. wholesale and retail grocer S W. corner Fifth 
and Vine 

Kenton Joseph, jun. distiller 223 south Third 

Kenworthy.lohn, painter, Sec. 3 S. 7"th — d. h. 10 north 8th 

Keogh Patrick, grocer SW. coi\ 5th and Cherry 

Kerbaugh Daniel, labourer Charlotte n. Poplar " 

Kerbaugh John, skin dresser 29 Franklin 

Kerbin Augustine, labourer 256 north Water 

Kerk C. H. ivory turner 153 Cherry and 5 Appletree ay. 

Kerkbiide Stacey H. carpenter 115 Old Yord r. 

Keriin widow of E. innkeeper 38 ) N\V. cor. Coatesand 3d 

Kern George, coachmaker 36 Crown 

Kern G. jun. &. Co. clothing warehouse 123$ S. Water NE. 
cor. of the horse dock, Drawbridge 

Kern Gabriel, jun. St Co. tailor 123$ S. Water and NE. cor. 
Swanson and Almond— d. h. 14 Dock 

Kern John, gentleman 64 Union 

Ker Sarah, widow 68 Union 

Ker William, shipchandler 7 S. wharves — d. h. 165 Race 

[see Carr and Karr. 
re James, trader Ashton near Sassafras 

Kerr Jas. saddlery and coach furniture warehouse 120 High 

Kerr Sarah, widow 119 Mulberry 

Kerr Wm; saddle, harness and trunk manuf. 122 High — d. h. 
26 north alley 
• nele Catharine, gentlewoman 262 Walnut 

Kessler Enoch, shoemaker 105 north Ninth 

Kessler John, justice of the peace 166 Coatcs 

Kessler John, jun. grocer and collector ot taxes for ward* 
No. 1, 2, 3, and 4, of the Northern Liberties, SW. coiner- 
Fourth and Coates 

Kessler Mary, widow 202 north Fourth 

Kessler Mrs. widow of Geo. K. near Gray's ferry 

Kessler Wm. shoemaker 40 Garden 

Key Joseph, tanner S5 Franklin 

Keys Eliza, widow tallow chandler 233 Cedar 

Keyser Andrew, dry good store 36 north Second 

Keyser Charles, teacher German hall — d. h. 8 north 9th 

Kevser Dickerson 8c Gorgas, lumber yard Oak (N. L.^ 

Keyser Elhanan W. lumber merchant 133 N. 9th 

Keyser Elizabeth, widow 266 St. John 

Keyser Henry, baker back 60 Almond 

Keyser Henry, oak cooper* Brooks 

Keyser John, grocer Laurence near Noble 

Keyser John, tavernkeeper Callowhill n. Lawrence 

Keyser Jacob, grocer 195 N. Second — d. h. 53 New 

Keyser Jacob, baker St. Joseph's avenue 

Keyser Jacob, plaisterer 428 Sassafras 

Keyser Joseph, blacksmith 41 Coates 

Keyser Joseph, gentleman 195 north Second 

Philadelphia Index., KIN 

Reyser Peter, lumber merchant 282 north Second — d. h. 35 

Keyser Susan, 236 St. John 
Kibby Charles, baker 161 N. Water 
Kibler Joseph, brush maker 104 N. Third 
Kid John, labourer 147 St. John 
Kid Robert, copper merchant 91 Walnut 
Kiechline John, potter 14 Duke 
Kiechline Wm. victualler, stall 31 New Market south 2d-~ 

d. h. CaUowhill above 8th 
Kientzley Gotleib, baker 3 Garden 
Kigg Thomas, tanner 552$ noi-th Third 
Kighter Wm. shoemaker Smith's alley 
Kildea Edward, mariner 186 south Water 
Kildea L. mariner 178 south Front 
Kille 8c Kempton, merchants 43$ north Front 
Killelea Thomas, fringe weaver 6 Elmslies alley 
Killer Wm. P. carpenter back 11 Wagner's alley 
Killon Francis, corset maker 156 Mulberry 
Killpatrick George, carter 203 Shippen 
Killpatrick Francis, soap and candle manuf. 320 CaUowhill 
Kimball George, saddler 40 Coates alley 
Kimball &, Wyman, domestic warehouse 18 north Front 
Kimber Caleb, teacher 60 Gaskill 
Kimber Emmor, jun. accountant 11 North alley 
Kimber & Sharpless, booksellers and stationers 93 High 
Kimber Thomas, bookseller 93 High— d. h. 124 Pine 
Kimble Job, cabinet maker 16 Vernon 
Kimble West, labourer back 41 New Market 
Kimmey Abraham, mariner 38 Almond 
Kindell Clayton, gentleman 266 south 7th 
Kiner Cath. widow Marriott's lane near 4th 
King Ann, widow back 109 Plum 
King Alexander & John, carters Laurel n. Rachel 
King Andrew, ship joiner Queen n. Shackamaxon 
King B. Indian physician 94 Tammany 
King Charles, merchant 48 S. wharves — d. h. 76 S. From 
King Charles, sea captain opposite Ebenezer church 
King Daniel, brassfounder 76 south Front 
King Deborah, tutoress 170 south Fifth 
King Edward, attorney at law 21 Prune 
King H. tailor (upper) 284 Market 
King Henry, sea captain 29 Noble 

King Hermanus, tailor 26 south Water and 189 St. John 
King James, gentleman 210 north Front 
King John, painter 4th above George (X. L.) 
King John, carpenter Cherry near Juniper 
King John, gold beater adjoining SW. cor. Walnut & Dock 
King John, painter, 8cc. Pine above Tenth 
King Mahlon, shallopman 34 Laurel 
King Mary, shopkeeper 115 CaUowhill 
King Richard, carpenter Oak (S.) 
j-King Sabana, waiter 18 Burd's alley 

KLE Philadelphia Index. 

King Stacey, cord wainer back 378 south 2d 

[King Wm. labourer 164 Shippen 

King- Wm. drayman Little Boy's court 

King Wm. carpenter Filbert W. of Sch. Eighth 

Kingston Thomas, carpenter 217 south Fifth 

Kinker James, weaver at the forks Germantown road 

Kinsinger Elizabeth, widow 258 Race 

Kinnard. , livery stable keeper next 5 Greenleaf's ct. 

Kinney John, innkeeper 202 South 

Kinsel John, shoemaker Castle near Eleventh 

Kinsey E. saddler, &c. NW. cor. Chesnut and Third and 42 

south Third 
Kinsey Thomas, drygoods store 228 south Second 
Kinsley Jacob, cordwainer 13th ab. Cherry 
Kinsman Israel, merchant over 80 High — d. h. 357 Mulberry 
Kinsman & Wright, merchants over 80 High 
Kintzing Abraham, merchant 289 Spruce 
Kintzing Benjamin H. merchant 5 Franklin row 
Kipp Isaac J. teacher Prince n Shakamaxon ( K.) 
Kirchhoff Christian, combmaker 39 • north Third 
KirchofF Henry, tobacconist : 94 north Third 
KirchhofF Jacob, tobacconist 394 north Third 
Kirk John, eoachmaker 5 Smith's court 
Kirk Wm. J. dry good store 183 north Third 
Kirkham Edward, mariner Kugler's court 
Kirkham "William, merchant 7 south Fourth 
Kirkpatrick David, currier 97 Chesnut 
Kirkpatrick Ferguson dealer 188 south Kisselman 
Kisselman Susannah, gentlewoman 166 south Second 
Kissick John, engineer Water Works at Fair Mount 
Kitchen James, Merchant's Coffee House 86 S. 2d— d. h. 39 

Kitchen Joseph, trader 49 Wood 

Kitchen Phiueas, teacher Davis' court 

Kite Benjamin &. Thomas, booksellers and stationers 20 nortfc 

Kite Isaac, carpenter 108 north Eleventh 

Kite Isaac, looking glass frame maker 24 Branch 

Kite Joseph, livery stable keeper 160 north Eighth 

Kitlev Anthony, victualler 12' Old York road 

Kittera Ann, widow 158 Walnut 

Kittera Thomas, attorney at law 158 Walnut 

Kitterson Wm. weaver -ch. 3d bet. High and Chesnut 
Keys s Eliza, teacher 383 Sassafras 
Ke ;ts Michael oak cooper 104 Gaskill 
Kei aC e Eliza, tutoress Thirteenth belov Cedar 
Kciatz Elizabeth, shopkeeper J York court 
Kllapp Harvey, w. i>. 29 J south Second 

Klanp Joseyh, m. r>. 290 south Second and cor. Shippen 

Klapp & Williamson, druggists NE. cor. 2d and Almond 

Kleitz Daniel, baker Thirteenth near Race 

Kleizer Jacob, clock maker 96 New st. 
tt Andrew, printer Rose alley 

1'hiladelphia Index. KNO 

Klett Frederick, drug, paint and glass store 261 north 2d — 

d. h. Callowhill above Second 
Klctt & Rcakirt druggists 223 north Third 
Kline Abraham, innkeeper XW cor. Cherry and Seventh 
Kline Catharine, widow 505 north Third 
Kline Jno. &. Wm. brick makers Irish Track lane n. Shippen 
Kline John, porter 123 Shippen 
Kline John G. grocery and tavern 492 north Third 
Klingle Joseph, watchmaker 266 north Second 
Klingle Doctor 266 north Second 
Klopse Peter, baker 88 Locust 
Klonegar John, baker 146 south Front 
Klotz John, weaver Rose alley near Green 
Kloz John C. taylor 58 north Sixth 
Klosser Henry, gentleman 296 Chesnut 
Knall Peter, Juniper below Locust 
Knappe Philip, grocer 191 Christian 
Knaufl' Doctor 44 Green 
Kneeas Fred. F. plane, See. mannf. NW. cor. Decatur and 

Carpenter — d. h. 33 south Tenth 
Kneeas Michael, plane maker 10 south Eighth— d. h. From- 

berger's court 
Kneeas John, copperplate printer NW. corner Decatur and 

Carpenter— d. h. 8 south Twelfth 
Kneeas Wm. engraver 33 S. Fourth, 

Kneeas Christian, silver plater — d. h. Sch. Eighth bel. High 
Kneas Rooert, comb maker Little Boy's Court 
Knelt George, drayman Rtigan (N. L.) 
Knedler Adam, tavernkeeper 139 north Third 
Kneeland Mrs. Abner, leghorn bonnet warehouse 31 south 

Second and 9 north Second 
Kneeland Rev. Abner 31 south Second 
Knerr Henry, innkeeper 140 High 
Knight Abel, china merchant 26 north Third 
Knight Alexander, M. D. 138 north Front 
Knight Daniel, carpenter 172 Cherry cor. Knight's ct 
Knight Daniel, jr. house carpenter 192 Cherry 
Knight Edward, shopkeeper High west Sch. Fourth 
f Knight Jacob, labourer back 29 Union 
F night James, innkeeper 1 Strawberry 
Knight Jonathan, gentleman 303 north Second 
Knight Saml hardware mercht. 91 High— d. h. 141 Mulb*. 
Knight Wm. U. S. navy yard 275 south Front 
Knight Wm. shoemaker NW. cor. High and Sch. Eighth 
Knipe Conrad, weaver 436 north Third 
Knipe John R. grocer SE. corner Fifth and Vine 
Knorr George, baker 19 north Sixth 
Knorr Jacob, carpenter 242 north Water 
Knorr Samuel, news-carrier, &c. back 126 north Second 
Knott Christine, painter, &c. 432 north Third 
Knogel Philbert, accountant 184 north Front 
Knows Jacob, shoe store 16 and 18 High 
Knowles James teacher back 40 N. Fourth 

KRI Philadelphia Index. 

Knowles Selah, widofc' rrnrse 277 south Front 

Knox Charles, paver 149 St. John 

Knox I. & Nixon, merchants 207 High 

Knox John, merchant 2U7 High— d. h.38 N. Seventh 

Knox Jacob, engraver 127 Pine 

Knox William, ship joiner 49 Budd 

Koak Hans, merchant 56 \\ W ater — d. h. 29 Mulberry 

Kochersperger Daniel, innkeeper Francis ab. Uidge road 

Kochersperger George, bleeder &. tooth drawer 410 Fourth 

Kochersperger Martin, innkeeper Gray's Ferry 

Kockinspier John, laborer, P.enrj st. (K.) 

Koechler John, coach wheel-wright 175 Lombard 

Koechling Gertrude, widow baker 26 Callow hill 

Kohler John, ironmonger 328 N. Second 

Kohlenkamp Nich. tin and coppersmith 226 X. Front 

Konigmacher & Co. hardware mercht. 141 High 

Konigmacher widow of Adam, 216^ north Front 

Kooker Jacob, farmer Love lane n. Ninth 

Koocker Jacob, cordwalner Pine ab. Front 

Koochegey WrJi. brick maker croyt n above Callowhill 

Koockogey Samuel, gent. 23 Sassafras alley 

Koockogey &. Stout, whip venders 7 N. Third 

Koockogey John, whip maker 23 Sassafras alley 

Koons Isaac, merchant 184 north Fourth 

Koner Henry, labourer Christian near Third 

Korckhauss Henry, furrier 55 X. Third 

Korckhauss Andrew, furrier 24 X. Fourth 

Korndaffer Jacob, grocer junction of 2nd and Moyamensing" 

Korn Henry, lace and fringe weaver 82 N. Second 

K ouch Wm. d> er 252 St. John 

Kown "William, cordwainer 47 Fitzwatcr 

Kraft George, cabinetmaker 94 N. Seventh 

Kraft Henry, shoemaker 77 Walnut 

K rail Emanuel, hairdresser N« W. cor. Walnut and Second 

— d. h. 1 Elmslie's ay. 
Krall Peter, bricWmaker Sch Fourth ab. Lombard 
Kramer William, grocer 318 N. Second 
Kramer Philip, sailor Mulberry n. Thirteenth 
Kreemer William, carpet weaver Vine n. Juniper 
Kreider Jacob, labourer N. E. cor. of Federal and Irish track 

Kreagers Michael soap and candle store 32 Vine 
Krebs George, brickma er 17 X. Fifth 

treider Henrys hatter 255 north Second 
reker John P- baker 601 N. Second 
Kreymborg & Heigedorn, quill manufactory 41 Chesmit 
Krider Frederick, haiter 243 north 2d 
Krider J. baker 91 S. wharves 
Krider William, baker Fourth n. Shippen 
Krigemyer Henjy, brickmaker 442 Sassafras 
Krigler Benjamin, c. h. Second bel. Sassafras 
Krim Henry, morocco dresser 122 Shippen 
Jvring Christopher, ropemaker John 

Philadelphia Index LAt 

Kvipps Jacob, chairmaker 462 N Second 

Kripps Margaret, shopkeeper 46 N. Second 

Krissell Michael, blacksmith Queen n. Second 

Krison George, printer 4 Sassafras ay. 

Krolls Catharine, tavern 89 Kunckle 

Kroom Henry, drover James (N. L.) 

Krug, F. V. mercht. 123 Market—d. h. 95 New 

Krug Sc Smith, merchts. 123 High 

Kruger John, gardner Ridge road Francisville n. tollgate 

Kriimbhaar Lewis, merchant SW cor. Third and Spruce 

Kryder Levi, dry goods store 74 N. Fourth 

Kugler Benj. counting house 23 below Race 

Kugler Benj. m. i». 112 north Front 

Kugler Catharine widow, 89 Callowhili 

Kughler Elizabeth, wido v 211 Queen 

Kugler George, flour store 126 Sassafras 

Kugler John, oak cooper Fifth near Phim 

Kuhl Henry, cashier of the Farmers and Mechanics bank 108 

south Eighth 
Kuhn Charles C. gent. Walnut first ab. Ninth N. side 
Kuhn Daniel late cordwainer 2 Lactitia court 
Kuhn Frederick, victualler 75 Garden 
Kuhn Frederick, gent. 311 Chesnut 
Kuhn George K. commission merchant 31 Sansom 
Kuhn Peter, gentleman SE. cor. Mulberry and Tenth 
Kuhn Wm. shoemaker 2 Laetitia court — d. h. Black Horse ay. 
Kumins Frederick R. commission mercht. Broad n Yine 

Kunitz L. cupper, bleeder andleecher 23 >.. Eighth 

Kunz Jacob, gunsmith Germantown road near Second 

Kunzi A. chemist, Coates near Fourth 

Kurtz Elizabeth, grocery store 145 St. Johns 

Kurtz Wm. cabinet maker Rose alley 

Kurtz George, painter 106 Wood 

Kurtz John, silver plater Juniper 2d bel. Walnut 

Kurtz widow, 4 Juniper lane 

Kutter John M. sign painter 34 Bread 

Kyle Conrad, weaver Apple (N. L.) 

LABBEE FRANCIS C. dancing master ball room 18 Libra- 
ry — d. h. 16 Prune 
Labbree J. B. sea captain Queen near Gunner's run 
Labathy Joseph, mariner i03 Christian 
Labau Jonathan, bath house 34 F omberger's court 
Laberde Mary, widow back 20 Budd 
Lacave John, nairdresser 76 south Fourth 
Lace William, coach spring maker 46 Carpenter 
Lacey Edward, boarding house 20 Swanwick 
Lacey Jesse, tailor 150 south Fourth 
Lacey John, watchmaker 150 south Fourth 
Lacey Moses, bookseller Wright's court 

54 « 

LAN Philadelphia Index. 

Lacey Return, brickma\er Race near 7th 

Lackey Mrs. widow Fourth near Carpenter 
' Lacombe Peter, dry goods store 232 south 2d 

Ladd S amuel, attorney at law Juniper below Chesnul 

Ladon Abraham, comb maker Buttonwood ab Fifth 

Lafaver Philip ladies shoe maker 6 Pear 

Lafferty Archibald, shoema er back 47 Brown 

Lafferty Elizabeh, widow Fourth near Maria 

LaflTerty Jesse, merchant 268 Mulberry 

Laffon A. widow 64 Spruce 

Lafitte Anthony, teacher 98 Spruce 

Laforgue Bridget, widow ?14 Race 

Lafourcade P. M. printer and bookseller NW. cor Race & 2d 

La">rd \Ym. tobacconist 107 Race f See Ladd &? Loyli 

Lajus Paul, confectioner 86 High— d. h. l§5Pine ^ 

Lake Adam, carter Green below Third 

Lake David, sexton to methodist church 18 New 

Lake John, morocco dresser 89 south 5th 

Lake Lucas, blacksmith Beach near High bridge 

Lake Thomas, accountant 47 George (S.) 

Lalanne Dommick P. broker 73 Lombard 

Lalanne Dominick, jr. 3 Lombard 

Lamarzelle Peter, hair dresser 50 Duke st. 

Lamath Eugene, 443 south Second 

Lamb John, malster Noble between 5th and 6th 
Lamb John, labourer 69 Currant alley n. Spruce 

Lamb L. Mercht. 4 south Front s reet 
Lamb Wfh. malster 95 St. John 

Lambert Elizabeth, widow NW. cor. of Swanson and <£ueen 

Lambert George, lock smith 410 north Front 

Lambert John, ship joiner Lov.lers Court 

Lambert J. agent 5 Carpenters Court 

Lame Joseph, coardwa ner back 1 .6 Christian 

Lamon lames, carpet weaver 75 N. Sixth 

Lam relle Joseph, tobacco man. if. 61 Lombard 

Lammot Daniel, merch. 13 S. Water 

Lampas Ellen, widow of Win. distiller Ashton near Sassafras 

Lampert Jos. victualler 267 north 8th 

Lancaster John, lumber merchant 176 north Fourth 

Lancaster & Jenkins, dry good store i'l north 2d 

|Lancas;er Joseph, por'er 49 Gaskill 

Lancaster Jacob, ger.t. Maria 

Lancaster Levi, grocer 3^ Garden 

Lancaster Moses, carpenter 18' N. 4th 

Lancaster Th -unas grain merchant 66 south wharves (H&fth 

ikon's wharf) — d. h. • 14 Lombard 
Lancaster R. merchant 67 Wood 
Lance Elizabeth, 74 south Water 
Land 'ohn, baiter 234 south Second 
Land Marv, 210 north Water 

Landell G. boat b lilder Penn (K.)— d. h. 15 Beach 
Landell Mar , boarding house 377 N. Front 
Landreth& Co. nursery and seedsmen i4 south Second. 

Philadelphia Index. LAR 

Landsdowne J. It taylor, south side Market near and above 

Centre square 
Landel George, flour and feed store Maiden (K.) 
Landis Henry P. currier 29 Mulberry 
Landis Menrv P. morocco store 48^ north Sd 
Landis Margaret, widow J56 Sassafras 
Landreth David & Cuthbert, nursery and seedsmen Federal 

n. Gray's ferry road 
Lancly Jcfon, carpenter 52 Coates street 
Lane Edward, accountant 141 south 9th 
Lane John, labourer and grocer Hodges wharf 
Lane Ann, widow 108 Crown 
Lane Win. blacksmith 3 Drinkers alley 
Lane ?esse, carpenter 9. north 9th 
Lang Jane, dry good store 35 north 8th 
Lang William, gatekeeper at Almshouse 
Lang John G. baker 26 Pewterplatter alley 
Langdon Mary, widow milliner 6~ Sassafras 
Lange John M D. Frankford, road 
Langebartel Elizabeth, 95 Coats 
Langstaff David, Grocer 50 St. Mary 
Langley Davis, mariner Parham's alley 
Langeley S. & Son, dr/goods store 8 south 2d 
Labia Abraham, carpenter Millers court back of 217 St. John 
Labirey Jeremiah, shoemaker back 1 12 north 7th 
Laindon Thomas, hatter Black Horse court 
Lanning Thomas, currier 88 St. John 
Lanning Richard, coach painter cor. 6th and Coates 
Lanningburger Wm. oak cooper Boehans court 
Lanyon Thomas currier 288 nor. Third 
Laner John S. carpenter S W. corner of Marriot's 1. and 4th 
Lape Mary, widow back ^25 Green 
Lapp Abraham, victualler 509 north Third 
Lapsley David, jr. carpet warehouse »W cor. High and 4th 
Lapsley Joseph B. carpet warehouse 23 south 2d— d. h. 216 

Large Stephen, carpenter 125 Budd 

Large & Wilson, shipwright 5th wharf above Pool's Bridge 
Lare Joseph, ship carpenter Jones alley 
Lark Sarah, innkeeper cor. Vine and 13th 
Larkin E. schoolmaster 454 north Third 
Larer John, brewer 5 J north 6th 
Lare Joseph, ship carpenter Flower's alley 
Lare Peter, jr. brickrnaker George west Sch. 4th 
Larmant Isabella, widow washerwoman Faris alley 
Lasserre John, Taylor 1.0 s. 2d 
Lary John, wea\ er 538 n 3d 
Latimore Freeman, mariner 201 Cedar 
Lapp Christian, milliner 446 north 3d 
Lapsley David, gent. 144 Mulberry 
Lare Henry & Peter, bnckmakers George n. Sch. 3d 
Large Mrs. Dorothy, (Sansom'srow) 167 Walnut 
Large James, merchant 209 High— <d. h. 298 Arch 

LAW Philadelphia Jfotk.v 

Large John, merchant 31 Chesnut— d. h. 301 Arcli 
Lar!<ey Edward George. above Twelfth 
La Roche Rene, «r. jr. 151 Pine 

Laskey John, baker 169 riotfth Fourth 

Latimer George, merchant and president oithe Union Irisifc- 

ranee r ompany So south Sixth 
Latimer James, merchant 121 south Front— d. h. 118 S. 8th 
Latimer & Murdock, flour merchants 67 N. Wate/ 
Latimer Thomas, flour merchant 67 north Water — d. h. 216 

LatourJohn, merchant 26! south Front 
Latting Margaret, widow 82 Spruce 
Lauck David, cooper back lot) Sassafras 
Laugenslager Michael, victualler 65 old shambles— d. h. NW 

corner of Lawrence and Noble 
Lauderback Amelia, widow dealer 70 Spruce 
Lauderbach Samuel, bricklayer 146 south Eleventh 
Lauderback Henry, shipjoiner 8 Parhams 
Laudenslacker Adam, victualler 28 John 
Lausat Ambrose, merchant 165 north 9th 
Lausat Anthony, merchant 208 Walnut 
Laval John, bookseller 118 Chesmit — d. h. 210 Pine 
Laverall V/m. saddler Itth near Vine 
Lathan Hugh, ropemaker 454 south Second 
Laverty Jesse, merchant over 8 Union 
Law Andrew, weaver Vine n. 13 
Law Samuel, paper stain er, ect. 102 Christian 
Law Samuel, paper hanging manufactory 102 Christian 
•{Laws Ceasar, labourer Green's court 
Laws Daniel, druggist, eet.NB. cor. Spruce and 5th 
Laws Elijah, jr. upholsterer 295^ Digit 
Laws Elijah, carpet and bedding warehouse 196 High 
Laws George, tanner 80 Weod 
Laws G. & J. tanners yard near Callowhill and 7th 
Laws John, silverplater Nicholson's court 
Laws James, gentleman 5 Wood 
Laws James, taylor 10 John st 
Laws Jacob, labou; er Beach near Marsh (K.) 
Laws Leah, milliner 165 Lombard 
Laws Martin, mariner ST,, cor. 2d and Washington 
Laws Samuel, tanner 

Laws Thos. hyde and leather store 59 Chest d. h. 115 Wa'hv.i- 
Laws Zadock, waiter 15 Elizabeth 
Lawler Matthew, alderman 34 Walnut 
Lawler Thomas, dealer back 5 Poplar 
Lawler Peter, boat builder Wolter's court 
Lawler Thomas, dealer in bark 5 Pophu* k»ne 
•{-Lawrence Anthony, hairdresser 405 N. Front 
Lawrence C. B. portrait painter SW cor. 7th and Sanson^ 
Lawrence Elizabeth, widow 33 Pewter Platter alley 
Lawrence A. oysterman — cellar llth south 6th — d. h. Y' 

Lawrence Isaac, merabt. U 3 nigh— d. h, near I 

Philadelphia Index. LEA 

Lawrence Augustus, baker 258 L ombard 

-{-Lawrence Adam, labourer back. 143 Cherry 

La \rence and Brown, NW. cor. Water and High 

Lawrence Benjamin, labourer High W Sch. 5th 

Lawrence Charles, victualler James 

Lawrence Charles, carter Harriot's 1. above Fifth 

Lawrence Christian, victualler ames 

Lawrence George Black, south Vine near 8th 

•fLawrence Henry, laborer Green's court 

Lawrence Hannah widow, tayloress 7 Duke (N. L.) 

Lawrence H. &. W. fringe, &c. manuf. 39 south Second 

Lawrence Isaac and Co. merchants 103 High 

Lawrence Jason O. B. M; d« 139 south Fifth 

Lawrence John, baker 46 south Third 

Lawrence John H. labourer back: of 69 Christian 

Lawrence John, paper hanger 20 Mary 

Laurence Jacob, carter 529 south Second 

Lawrence J. H. jeweller 27 Julianna 

Lawrence Lawrence, skindresser 290 Vine 

Lawrence Mary, teacher 3 Strawberry 

Lawrence Michael, victualler James st. 

Lawerene P. L. mercht. 8 n. Locust 

Lawrence Wm. grocer S. E. corner 11th and Lombard 

Lawrence widow-, sempstress 18 Bank alley 

Lavvson Alexander, engraver Pine above Ninth 

Lawson David, weaver Hopkins court (N.L ) 

Lawson Elizabeth, oysterwoman Racoon alley (N. L.) 

Lawson R. boarding house 155 south 9th 

Lawson Thomas, grocer NE. cor. Broad and Budd (N. L._) 

Lawton Daniel, bricklayer 458 south Front 

Lawyer Samuel R. storekeeper 176 north Second 

Lay cock Fancis Paul, dyer 7th above Coates 

Layer John, boat builder Oak n. Brown 

Layton John, superintendant hydrants Chesnut n. Broad 

La\ cock J. H. fancy chair maker 83 south Third 

Laycock William S. carpenter 13th bet. Hign and Chesnut 

Learning Jeremiah F. merchant 117 south Fourth 

Learning F. merchant 33 N. Front and 3d N. Water— d. h. 

53 Lombard 
Learning Rebecca, gentlewoman 53 Pine 
Learning Thomas, F. merchant 199 south Front — d. h. 120 

L eatherman Ann, widow cor. 7th and Christian 
Leatherman M. drayman Lily alley near Tammany 
Leatherberry Wm. shoemaker Queen n. Shakamaxon 
Leatherberry Abraham, shoema er 246 Sr. John 
Leadbeater John, lampmaker, &.c. 93 walnut 
Leaden Samuel, comb maker Maria 
Leamy John, president of the marine insurance company, and 

Spanish consul's ofrice 79 Dock 
Leace Henry, victualler Maria 

Lea I. bookseller ai.d stationer— d. h. SE. cor. Chest and 4& 
.Lear John, tobacconist 203 Cedar 

LEE Philadelphia Inde.c. 


Lear John, cordwainer Eleventh above Pint 

Lear John, 161 south Tenth 

Lear Robert, drover between Vine and Wood 

Le Brufi Charles, sworn state interpreter and professo: 
the French, Spanish and English languages io9 S. 2d 

Lebo Daniel, innkeeper 276 High 

Le Brun, Mrs. young ladies' seminary 159 south Second 

Lechler Joseph, oakcooper 97 Brown 

Lechtell Jacob, drayman 133 Coates 

Lecount John, oysterman 3 Meyer's court 

fLecount Joseph, labourer 30 Bor.sall's 

Lecount Thomas, oysterman 123 south Third 

Lecture Wm, cordwainer Carpenter (S.) above 2d 

Lecony Maria, milliner 137 south Second 

Lechler George, vict. Fourth above Brown 

Lecompte Wm. innkeeper 83 north Water 

Le Compt .lames, oysterman 38 Coates alley 

Lechleitner R. G. merchant, consul for the Netherlands 387 
north Second 

Leddy Thomas, bottler 461 High 

Lee Andrew, shallopman 135 north Water 

Lee Ann, widow lower 54 South 

Lee Campion Francis, storekeeper 3Z7 north Front 

Lee David, scrivener 1 9 north Fourth 

Lee Elizabeth, milkwoman back 101 Cherry 

Lee Franklin, bricklayer 98 Poplar, and tax collector 504 
north Second 

Lee Frederick, brass founder cor. Fourth and Poplar I. 

Lee Hannah, widow grocer 51 Lombard 

Lee Joseph, weaver Germantcwn r. above the Forks 

Lee John, carrier back or 365 north Third 

Lee Matilda, dealer 1:7 Cedar 

Lee Mrs. boarding house 222 south Front 

Lee Robert, bellows maker 87 Shippen 

Lee Richard, skin dresser, Toy's court 

Lee Smith E. carpenter 1 Faris' alley 

Lee William, hair dresser 39 Chesnut 

Lee Wm. teacher Sch. 5th below High 

Lee Wm. chairmaker36;J N. Second — d. h. Lilly alley 

Lee Wm. cabinet maker 115 north Front 

■{■Lee Yarmouth, mariner 34 Powell 

Leeds Ann, widow 5 Duke (JS. L.) 

Leeds Josiah W. mercht tailor and clothingstore 144 Chesnut 

Leedom Jonathan, merchant 210 south Water — d. h. 29 Pine 

Leedon John, victualler 238 St. John 

Leeclare Joseph, storekeeper 442 north Second 

Leech Henry, dealer Vine between Second and Third oppo- 
site theN. L. Bank 

Leec'i William, mariner 18 Little Water 

Leeman James, mariner back 23 John 

Leeman Samuel, blacksmith 296 and 304 N. Front 

Lees John, chair maker 91 north Front 

Lees Henn , victualler north Fourth above Tammany 

Philadelphia Index. LEK 

LeesPetsi, tailor 58 Wood 

Le Fevre James, merchant and agent for tlie Baltimore an*l 

and Union line uf packets and steam boats 6 S. wharves — 

d. 1). 27 Race 
Legendre Mrs. 159 fine 
Legerly William, shoemaker 40 Tammany 

Le Grace , dealer 1 01 north Fifth 

Lehr Henry, storekeeper 288 north Front 

Leheigh Coal and Navigation Company's wharf for lauding 

coal, corner of Oak 
Lehman David, stocking weaver 181 St. John 
Lehman George, saddler ReSe vault's court 
Lehman George, trader Merredith's court 
Lehman Peter, druggist 320 High [see Lejnau. 

Lehman Sybla, widow 206 Sassafras 
Lehman William, druggist, ect. 76 south Second 
Lehman \V. 8c A. S. & E. Roberts, drug, paint and oil store 

76 south Second 
Lehman W. E. druggist 77 1 ombard 
Le :?uray Nicholas, ciock and watch maker NW. corner 2<! 

and New 
Le Huray Nicholas, jr. clock and watch maker 170 N. 2d 
Leib Alust. victualler 2d near road 
Leibbrandt John Andrew, skindresscr 490 N. Second 
Leclier John, music master 29 Filbert 
Leich & Huckel, tailors 79 south Water 
Leich Richard, grocer NE. corner of 2d and Christian 
Leiper Thomas, tobacconist 274 High 
Leiper W. G. tobacconist 427 (ligh 
Leinau Andrew, hatier 101 north Third 
Leinau Daniel, hatter 101 north Third 
Leinau Daniel, hatter and dry goods st re 39 Sassafras 
Leinau A.George, hatter -4. > north Third 
Leineau Daniel, hatter 18 north Third 
Leitman Henry, grocer 281 north Third 
Leidy Jacob, city watch 19 Watson's alley 
Leidy Jacob, gentleman 212 Vine 

Leibrand Frederick, shopkeeper SE. cor. Coates &, St. John 
Leister Karnpman ScCo. brewers N. L. brewery- 4th ab. Vine 
Lejee John R merchant 162 south Second 
Leiar Henry, merchant 1 1 Lombard— -c. h. 50 S. v harves 
Leland Benjamin, late auctioneer 148 south Tenth 
Leland Charles, dry go^dmercht. Judd's hotel 
l.elar Henry, merchant 1 1 Lombard 
Lemaire Ann, widow 23 Elfreih's allev 
fLemaire E. hairdresser 58 south Tenth 
Lemmon John H. painter and glazier 280 Mulberry 
Lemon '•'•'. labourer f 2 Em len's cou-t (N, ! .) 
Leman Anthony, mariner 61 George 
Lenox David, gentleman NW. cor. 10th and Chesnut 
Lenox Sarah, widow 42 George 

Lennard Susan, washerwoman' between Garden and 8th 
Lennig Nicholas, importer 265 north £ econd 

LEV . Philadelphia Index. 

Lenfesty Mary, circulating library 142 north Front 

Lenard John, mastmaker — d. h.*24 Callowhill 

Lentz Christian, carpenter back of 314 north Second 

Lentz Elizabeth, widow St. John 

Lentz Jacob, manufacturer of soap for taking out stains, ect. 

corner Noble and O. Y. road 
Lentz George, vict. 403 and 405 north Fourth — stall 1 N. L. 

Lentz Henry, merchant 236 and 238 N Second 
Lentz Jacoi, storekeeper 460 north Third 
Lentz John, vict. cor. Maria and 4th — stall UN. L. market 

[see Lantz and I ance 
Lentner Geo. C. & Pa terson fancy chairmakes 50 Chesnut 
Lend Peter, mariner 159 Christian 
Leonard Michael, labourer Prime bel. Moyamensing r. 
Leonard Gertrude, shopkeeper 48 Callowhill 
Leroy Charles, bvoker 10 Bread 
Lescnre Edward, silversmith 75 Union 
Lesh Henry, shoemaker 186 Cherry 
Leslie Elkanah, pewtercr Little Boy's court 
Lesley Peter, cabinet maker 54 north Third 
Lesley Thomas, spectacle maker 39 New Markev 
Leslie Lydia, boarding house 1 Minor 
Lesley Catharine, widow 2 j Wood 
Lesley James, accountant 7\ south Eighth 
Lesher Charles, coach maker 115 New 
esher John, farmer Christian above Sixth 
Lesher Wm. farmer Shippen's lane 
Lesher Wm. papermaker 69 Cherry 
Lesher George, coach maker 235 N. Second and cor. Cat* 

lowhilland New Market 
Lesvalue Alexander, confectioner 179 Lombard 
Letford Wm. cord»\ainer 87 north Third 
Leturno and DurfT, smiths 76 north Sixth 
Letzing- Thomas, tailor 59 George 
Levau \V m. merchant 217 north Eighth 
Levering Jacob, merchant 170 south Front 
Leverim; Mary, widow 
Levering Jacob, grocer 5 High [see Lovering. 

evering Jonathan H. carpenter 478 Race 
Levick Ebenezer, currier N. W. coi'ner of Second and Cal. 

fLevick Charles, porter 29 Currant alley 
Levick and Smith; drv goods store 57 north 2d 
Levy Aaron, drygoods store NE. cor. Third and New 
Levy Isaac I. commission merchant 77 N. 4th 
Levy J broker and commission merchant 36 S. Third 
Levet Madam, gentlewoman 18 Swanwick 
■fLevenier Man L. nurse back '62 south Fourth 
Levis David, printer Lowber's court 
Levis Hosea I. cashier Sch. bank \7 Palmyra row 
Levis Sarah, widow 30 Cherry 
Levis George, brickmaker Spruce W. Scb. Profit 

Phitadelphiu Index. 4 LEW 

» cwis Ann, widow 1 1 Pear 

Lewis David, merchant and president of the Phccnix Insu- 
rance company 127 S. Front— d. h 14 J 5. Second 

Lewis Ellen, widow 13 Fear 

Lewis Elia. widow 184 Swanson 

Lewis Francis, hatter 362 north Second 

Lewis George, accountant 8 Wood 

Lewis George, carpenter 96 Bedford 

Lewis George, Race near Sch. 8th 

Lewis George, brickmaker Spruce W. Sch. Front 

Lewis Hezekiah, victualler 299 Callowhill 

Lewis Harvey, silversmith and jeweller 143 Chesnut 

Lewis Haven 5c co. merchants 127 S. Front 

Lewis .Tno.F. auctioneer CO S. Front — d. h. 124 8. 3d 

Lewis' John, Bernard, musician 22 Sansom 

Lewis John, shallopman Oak near Noble 

Lewis John, victualler 57 Garden 

Lewis John, cordwainer 103 north Eighth 

fLewis John, porter 28 Bonsall 

Lewis John, shalopman Oak n. Noble (N. L.) 

Lewis Jacob, labourer 110 Dill wyn 

Lewis lames, hatter between 9th and Garden 

Lewis Joseph, carter 210 St. John 

Lewis Joseph, 100 Locust 

Lewis Joseph, ropemaker Prince ab. Shakamaxon (K.) 

Lewis Joseph, skindresser 552 north Third 

Lewis Joseph S. merchant 25 Dock — d. h. 3 Itittenhouse 

Lewis Joseph S. and J. Bacon, merchants 25 Dock 

Lewis Job, oak cooper shop near old ferry — d. h. back 45 
Key's alley 

Lewis Job, 43 Shippen 

Lewis Lawrence, merchant 107 south Third 

Lewis Lvdia, widow 9 Friend's alms house 

Lewis Mary, perfumer 145 north Front 

lewis NT. and S. X. merchants loo S. Front 

Lewis Margaret, drygoods store 154 X. Fourth 

Lewis Mordeica. red and wbitelcad manuf. Fine near Sch. 
7th- d. n. 283 Spr<;ce 

Lewis Miss Hannah 252 Spruce 

Lewis Robert M. gentleman 190 south Front 

Lewis Robert, gentleman 106 south 5th 

Lewis Rachel widow of Wm. 159 S. Fifth 

Lewis Samuel N". 135 S. Front — d. h. 107 south Fourth 

1 ewis Samuel, labourer Swede's court 

Lewis Lahina, tavernkeeper 95 north Fourth 

Lewis Lamuel, blacksmith 49 Penn 
; Lewis Thomas, waiter 34 Powell 

Lewis Wm. carter Buttonwood near Fifth 

Lewis Wm. A. & Co. coppersmiths 201 N. Third and 7* N 

LIP Philadelphia Index. 

Lex Charles, combmaker 4 '.2 nm-th Fourth 

Lex Henry, ornamentalxrarver Hinckle'sct. Vin* 

Lex Jacob, merchant 283 High— d. h. S\. Ninth 

Lex Peter, sugar refiner 283 High 

Leyden Adam, 29 N. Ninth 

Life Pichard, ornamental stainer 47 Wood 

Lieheck Philip, locksmith 314 Vine street 

Lig-hton .lane, widow near Eleventh in Filbert 

Lighten William, maltsterer 339 Callowhill 

Ligget John, storekeeper 46 S. Second 

Likes George, labourer 127 Broun 

Lillybridge Chariot, widow 121 Xew 

Limeburner George, bookbinder 88 Poplar lane 

Limmeruau John, gunsmith 548 north Third 

Link John, cordwainer 108 N T . Eighth 

Linck Peter, cordwainer Vine corner of Crown 

Lindsay Hugh, stevidore back 36 Cherry 

Lindsay Margary, widow boarding house 12 north Sixth 

f Lindsay John, sweep master 2 Elbow alley 

Lindsay Thomas, hatter 53 Chesnut 

Lindsey John, carter 446 north Third 

Lingfelter Andrew, 27Appletree alley 

Link Jacob, shoemaker 10 Dillwyn 

Link Jacob, cedar cooper near Broad 

Link George, carter 11 Rachel 

Linker Daniel, sen. gentleman 302 north Seconal 

Linker Henry, potter 411 north Fourth 

Linker Daniel, potter Noble near Third 

Linker John, 302 N. Second 

Linker and Potter, potters 320 N. 2d 

Linn John H. merchant 72 south Front, d. h. 229 Spruce 

Linn Robert, mariner 49 Mead alley 

Linn Prudence, segar maker 16 Sassafras alley 

Linn Simon, merchant counting house 285 High 

Lin William, baker 460 north Front 

Linkham Thomas, mason Washington st. Morrisville 

Lenis William, labourer 23 Tammany 

Linceburner J. innkeeper 5j1 north Second 

Linninsheets John, oak cooper '69 St. John's 

Linninsheets Margaret, washerwoman 468 north Third 

Linninsheets Peter, oak cooper -69 St. John's 

Linnard T. M. and J. M. lumber merchants cor. Spruce and 

Linard Thomas, lumber merchant 150 south Tenth. 
Linard Wm., U. S.d-p. quarter master general 205 south 

Linton Benjamin, nailor 269 Pace, dwelling 27 north Tenth 
Linton Martha, 221 Swanson 
Linton John, tobacconist 28 Kunckel 
Lippard John, hatter 115 north Ninth 
Lippinctt Amelia, wifiow tailoress 26 New market 

dwelling Broo ; 's court 
Lippincott Benajah B. hatter 108 Market 

Philadelphia Index. LOC 

lippincott Benjamin, grocer NW corner Arch and Front 

Lippincott Benjamin, hatter 140 Sassafras 

Lippincott Charles, tailor Price's court 

Lippincott Kli/abeth, dry good store 179 north Second 

Lippincott Joseph, innkeeper 440 north • econd 

Lippincott Isaac, accountant 9 Kunl 

Lippincott Joshua, commission merchant north-west corner 
Teith and Arch 

Lippincott J. and W. &, Co. commission merchants and auc- 
tioneers 34 south Front . 

Lippincott P. C. carpenter back 15 Budd 

Lippincott S. E. tavernkeeper 10 • aetitia court 

Lippincott Wm. commission merchant 34 south Front dwell- 
ing south-east corner Eleventh and Arch 

Lish Henry, cordw oner 186 Cherry 

Lisle Charles P. scrivener and accountant 7 north Sixth 
Lisle Mary, gentlewoman 127 south Second 

Lisle John, merchant south-west corner Washington Square 
and Locust 

LitTigow David, sexton Dr Wiley's church '0 Marble 

Lithgow Elizabeth, widow china store 238 south Second 

Little Archibald, trader 93 Lombard 

■{Tittle Aaron, labourer 6 Bonsall 

Little Ann, wido 101 Vine 

Little Daniel, carter 4o Coats' 

Little David, schoolmaster 467 north Second 

Little Elijah, Tailor, 1 Fayett street 

Little Hannah, widow 146 South L 

Li^tell E. boo' seller and stationer 88 Chesnut 

Little Mrs. seminary 2 Trotters Allev 

Little James, carter Schl. 8th bet. Sassafras & Vine 

Little Rufus, dealer 84 Swanson 

Little Wm. Fishmonger, 34 Coates Alley 

Littleboy M. J military feather, comb, and patent Iamjft 

store 46 north Second 
Livingston Elizabeth, Mantati maker, 11 Juniper Lane 
fLivingston John, waiter, Portland lane 
Livingston Mrs. Ann, gentlewoman 346 High 
Livingston Mary, Mrs of Henry, Sch 7th above Cedar 
Livensetter John, Teacher, 18 New Market st. 
Lively Wm M. Teacher, 189 south seventh 
Litzenburg Jacob, labourer near cor Sch. 3d & Mulberry 
Livezey John, r. & co. Flourmerchants NE cor. Sassafras 

and Water sts. 
Livezey Mary, widow, of John, Tailor. 50 N. Water 
Lobb Benjamin, labourer, near Schl. 3d and Mulberry 
Lobdell & Elmes. Hatters 1 X) Market st. 
Lochary Niell. Grocer, St. Mary's near seventh 
Locard Margaret, widow of Jonathan, Schl. 7 near Cheriy 
Lockard Wm. labourer, 124 Perry st. 
Lock Samuel, Innkeeper 45o N. Front 
.L^ckv. od Florence, Boarding house, 53 S. Juniper st 

I,OX Philadelphia Index. 

Lockwood Edwjml, Indian Physician, south side Market op, 

posite Centre Square 
I i ckton Elizabeth,, widow dry good store 150 S. Front 
l.ocken James, bookbinder 1 Hinkles court 
I odge Isaac, Penn St. K. 

Lodor Benjamin, aenr Turner, 1j8 north 5th st. 
Loder Benjamin, turner 128 N. Fifth 
Lodor Benjamin, H. tailor next 55 Walnut 
Loder John, Tailor, 221 south Front 
Logan Mary, widow, shopkeeper, 98 New st. 
Logan Thomas, Tanner, 107 Poplar 
Logan Win. silk, &.c. dyer Heydes Court 
Lowber Edward, 57 north Fourth 

Lloyd Isaac, merchant 53 south wharves — d. h. 86 Union 
Loyd Joshua, shoemaker 83 Vine 
Llo\d Nicodemus, blacksmith 92 north Seventh 
Llovd Nichodemus, smith, SE cor. Seventh and Cherry an£ 

374 High— d. h. 92 north Seventh 
Loyd Richard, house carpenter 208 north Fourth 
Lloyd Samuel, stove factory, 116 Cherry 
Lloyd Thomas, stenog*rapher 148 north Eighth 
Lloyd Wood, Hatter, SE cor. 3d and Church Alley 
Lloyd Willison, coach maker, 125 Lombard 
Lohra and Carlisle, ironmongers 139 High 
Lohra J. ironmonger 139 High, dwelling 222 Spruce 
Lohra Peter, Notary Public, 59 Dock, SE cor. Walnut 

Office Dock first door below Walnut 
Long Andrew, cordwainer Rose Alley 
Long Henry, shoemaker near 12th and Race 
Long John, Painter. Paschalls Alley 

Long John, soap and candle manufacturer, 91 north Water 
Long Jacob, carpenter, Buttenwood near 6th st. 
I ong John, tallowchandler cor. Wood and sixth 
Long John, blacksmith 97 Budd 
Long Mar}', inkeeper N. Fourth above Callowhill 
Long Stephen, major U. S Artillery 240 Filbert st. 
Long Samuel, domestic coffee manufactory N\V cor. of 4l!; 

and Noble 
I ong Acre Sarah, Tutoress. 54 Lombard 
, Long Wm. Tobacconist. Fries Court 
Long widow of William, ^8 4 N. Eighth 
Long James. Sea captain, 207 south seventh 
Long Jane, widow, grocer Sassafras Alley 
Longer Pa* rick, grocer, 184 north Water st. 
Lonabaugh Christian, drayman James st. 
Longbaugh Frederick. Victualler 1- Well's Row 
Lonabaugh George, James st. 

+• ongpoint Samuel, carriage driver, 78 north l!th st. 
Longstreth Charles, paper merchant 129 High— d. h. 3 

Church Alley 
Longstreth David, merchant 188 S. Second 
Longstreth Esther, Boarding House, 133 High 
Longstreth Isaac, T. broker 24 Church ay. — d. h. 371 Race 

Philadelphia Index* LOW 

Longstrcth J. G. paper maker 355 High 

Longstrcth Joshua, merch. 2i Church ay. — d. h. 183 Arch 

Longstrcth Morris, mercht. 188 N. 4th 

Lohgstreth Samuel, merch. 113 High — d. h. 181 Arch 

Long-streth Thomas and Charles, paper hanging factory 
Kunkel ab. Callow hill 

Long-streth Thomas M. bookseller and manufacturer of 
hanging paper, -29 High — d. h. 185 Arch [see Langstroth 

Longwill Matilda, boarding house 29 Carter's alley 

Lonton Francis, Painter 162 Lombard 

Lonton Joseph, painter, &c. 143 S. 2d— -d, h. 3 Greens ct. 

Lonton Peter, painter and glazier back 35 Mulberry 

Lonton and West, painters, &c. 143 S. 2d 

Looker Timothy, cordwainer 107 Christian 

Loos Christian, baker 378 N. second 

Lopaz Mathias, prompter at theatre 41 Zane street 

fLoress John, waiter 209 S. Eighth 

Lorain Lydia, widow of John, 266 Mulberry 

Lorillard Blase, tobacconist 416 Market 

Lort Mary, grocer 16 Cherry 

Lott Henry, carpenter SE. cor. loth and Cedar 

Loud Thomas and John, piano forte manufactory 361 High 

Louden Joseph, shoemaker 31 mechanic 

Louderback Mathias, 2 M'Culloch's court 

Louderback Wm. cordwainer Kessler's alley 

Louderback Wm. bricklayer SW. cor. Chesnut and 12th 

Loudenlager Richard, toyshop 94 N. 4th 

Loudenslickor Adam, victualler 213 N. Eighth 

Louge Wm. drayman Race near rich. 7th 

Loushou Thomas, grocer & tavern, NW corner George and 

Loughead Joseph, teacher N. 4th near Poplar lane 

Loughead James, Oak cooper 54 Green 

Loughead Thos. 54 Green 

Loughery Wm. shoemaker 4 S. 13th 

Louiset A. D. washer and mender of silk lace 90 Cherry 

Love, Robert, printer 43 John 

Love Wm, ladies shoemaker 5 Elmslies alley 

Love Wm. cordwainer Browne n. Charlotte 

Lovere John, plaisterer Juniper below Walnut 

Loveridge Joseph, blacksmith 17 & 26 Dock 

Lovett John, carpenter Race near Rch. th 

Lovett Robert, stone seal engraver 1 Carpenter's court, d. h, 
Townsend's court 

Lovett William, tobacconist 47 Cedar and 389 north Se- 

Lower Abraham, cabinet maker 98 St. John 

Lowber Bowers, cabinetmaker Beach near Maiden 

Lowber Bowers, currier 2o7 north Second 

Lowber Daniel, 2J4 N\ 4th i. e, dwelling house 

Lowber Elizabeth, shoe binder Budd st 

Lowber Edward, druggist 144 north Third, dwelling 57 
north Fourth 


LUK Philadelphia Index. 

Lowber John C. attorney at law 104 Walnut' 

Lowber Wm. tanner and currier 251 north Third 

Lowber Wm. and Daniel, tanner and curriers 253 N. 3d 

Lowder Mary, widow 254 north Water 

Lowden Dobbins, tailor 51 Drown 

Lowden Dobbins, 51 Brown 

Lowder George, labourer SW. cor. Pegg and New Markei 

Lowe Charlotte, widow 14 Fromberger's court 

Lowe Thomas, grocer NW. cor. of Cedar and Barron 

Lower Abraham, cabinetmaker north Third ab. Qallowhii! 

Lower Jane, widow 4th near Brown 

Lower Joseph, silver smith 30 Spruce 

Lownes David, tailor 84 north Fourth 

Lownes Edward, geld and silver smith 123 Chesnul 

Lownesberry Carpenter, ship carpenter 18 Duke 

Lowery Abigal, Upholsteress 29 Callowhill 

Lowry Ann, Hyde's court 

Lowry Andrew, weaver Say 

Lowry Eleanor, mantua maker 210 south Front 

Lowry Elizabeth H. dry good store 11 Callowhill 

fLowry Eliza, 9th below Lombard 

Lowry George, victualler Prime near Swanson 

Lowery M. S. tailor 93 Sassafras 

Lowrey Lewis, victualler corner Vine and Tentk 

Lowry Margaret, shopkeeper 29 Callowhill 

Lowry M. mariner 19 Cedar 

Lowery Philip, victualler 267 Callowhill 

Lowry Rosanna, widow James' 

Lovry Samuel, labourer Federal near Third 

Loxley Mary, widow 117 Arch 

Loxlev Richard, currier 115 Mulberry 

Lpiley Richard & B. curriers 115 and 117 Mulberry 

Loyd Serrill and Oakford, merchants 169 High 

Lovd Thomas, merchant 349 High 

Luciani P. confectioner 136 High 

Lucas Eleanor, 18 i ombard 

Lucas Eleanor, dry good store 172 Spruce 

Lucas J. boot and shoemaker 17 south Seventh 

Lucben Catharine, cake baker 316 north Second 

Lvibring Frederick S. sea captain 30 Union 

Lucy Anthony, carter Vine near Broad 

Lucv Moses, labourer M'lberry n. Juniper 

Lucey William, storekeeper cor. Sen. Third and HigH 

Ludie Jacob II. carpenter Fourth near Green 

Ludv Jacob, carpenter Maria 

Luddington A. teacher 169 south Fifth 

Ludwick Sophia, widow 105 Vine 

Ludwick widow oF Jehu, 244 north Eighth 

Lueders Thomas C. brewer Wood below Fourth 

Luffberrv Conrad, shipwright 12 Brown 

Lugar Sophia, . idow V5 Poplur 

Lugate widow north Front above Browne 

Luke and Cn.ew, merchants 21 Chesnut 

Philadelphia Index. LYft 

Lukens Abraham, mason Fourth near Green 

Lukens Enos & Co. saddlers 106 High 

Lukens Elizabeth, widow miliner 78 Arch 

Lukens Jonathan & Co. saddlers kc. 102 High 

Lukens John, shoemaker Brooks' 

Lukens Maria, boarding- house 36 Kansom 

Lukens Joseph, gentleman 181 Green 

Lukens Isaiah, town clock maker and mechanist back 171 

Lukens William, blacksmith, shop 28 Coats' 
Lukens William, carpenter back 198 north Eighth 
Lukens William, blacksmith back 101 Budd 
Lumberry John, bottler 104 north Sixth 
Lumey Robert, assistant at Water works 198 Cherry 
Lunn' Lewis 143 north Third 

Lunwaren Francis, ship carpenter 3 York court (N. L.) 
Lupton James, tailor 136 Dillwyn 

Lush John, printer north-east cornor Sch. Fifth & Chesnut 
Luther William T. Boston biscuit baker south Wharves bfr 

low Cedar 
fLuton John, carter Paschall alley 
Lutz Conrad, shipwright Hanover below Queen 
Lutz Conrad, tobacconist Paschall's alley 
Lutz H. cedar cooper 467 north Second 
Lutz John, combmaker Sch. Eighth near Cherry 
Lutz Stimmel, tobacconist 258£ High 
Lyans Mary, washerwoman Vine near Broad 
Lyand William, cabinetmaker 253 Raoe 
Ly brand Christian, gentleman 129 New 
Lybrand Margaret, widow of Jacob 39 north Eighth 
Lybrand Sarah, widow of Michael 38 Filbert 
Lybrand William brickmaker 38 Filbert 
Lyer Hannah, boarding house 66 Noble 
Lyle & Newman, merchants 53 Walnut 
Lyle Peter, merchant High cor. Sch. Sixtft 
Lyle Sarah, widow 245 south Front 
Lyle Thomas, sea captain 17 Shippen 
Lyman 8t Brother, dry good store 162£ High 
Lynch Edward, accountant 142 north Eighth 
Lyman Edward, paper stainer back 25 North alley 
Lyman Richard, oak cooper 57 Mechanic 
Lyman Thomas, merchant 164£ High, d.h. 122 S. Third 
Lyming William, shallopman Lilley alley 
Lynch William, merchant 38 Dock, d. h. 226 Spruce 
Lynch Jonas, cordwainer Marriott's lane near Fourth 
Lynch Mary, widow Vine near Tenth 
Lynd James, domestic warehouse 33 north Second 
Lyndall David, chairmaker 99 north Front 
Lyndali James, carpenter Pine above Ninth 
Lyndall John, south Fourth below Lombard 
Lyndall Joseph W. cabinetmaker 201 and 203 S. Fourth 
Lyndall Mrs. widow Federal near Front 
Lyndall Maria, widow 501 south Front 

v C Philadelphia frldex. 

Lynn S-mon, mere] rt-h Eighth 

I.\ yns Eliaa, Widow shopkeeper Sugar alley 
Lyons Jane, widow Bedford above Twelfth 
Lyons Joseph, blacksmith Federal near Front 
Lyons Samuel, tinplate worker 33 High 
Lyon Patrick, smith and hydraulic engine maker Library 

M'ADAM WM. weaver 18 S. Broad 

M'Ad ams Mary, mantua maker 141 N. 6th 

M'Adam Thos. whiskey & flour store High W. Sch.4th 

M'ArTee John, weaver Lombard below 13th 

M' Vltster ' harles, merch. 66 Dock- d. h. 142 Arch 

AI'Alhster David, storekeeper 88 Oak st. (N. L.) 

M* All. ster John. jun. wbipmaker, Sec. 48 Chesnut. 

M Alftsier John, grocer S W. cor. Race and Eighth 

M'-Aliister John and son, whipmakers, &c. 41 Chesnut and 

34 Frank, road 
M\'» tester Jesse, shoemaker 335 N. 3d 
M'A'lister Margaret, widow, tailoress 78 N. Ttla 
M'Alpin Andrew, merchant tailor 122 Chesnut — d. h. 1 Cs£i 

ter s alley 
M'Alpin lames, gentleman 122 Chesnut 
M'Anall James, ba^er S. W, cor. Fifth and South 
M'Anuhy Ennis, labourer Ann near Sen. 8th 
IVAnulty Hugh, tavernkeeper 416 High above 13th 
M'Annelly Patrick, labourer corner of Coats and St, John 
M' Arthur Charles, d\er31 Union 
MVVran John, gardener Filbert near Sch. 6th 
M'Avoy Richard, grocer 36 Browne SE. cor. Budd 
M Bride Andrew, weaver callowhill ab. 11th 
M'Bride Collin, innkeeper Broad ab. Arch 
M'Bride Patrick, innkeeper cor. of Lomb. and Front 
M'Bride Bobt. Y. saddler, &c. 48 N. 3d— d. h. 28 Cherry 
M'Brvan Patrick, labourer SVV. cor. of Sch. 6th Sc Mombaro 
M'Bnan Wm. labourer 15 Filbert 
M'Ca'lla Alexander, innkeeper Golden Swan 69 N. 3d 
M'Calla Archd. china merch. 66 N. 4th 
M'Calla John, storekeeper 66 N. 4th 
M'Calla Robert, apothecary and druggist NW. cor. 11th. ami 

M'Calla Robert, hatter Holmes alley 
M'Call Archd. merch. 123 Walnut— d. h. 91 south 8th 
M'Call Eleanor, widow, NE. cor. 4th & Cypress alley 
MT a fl Mrs. boarding house 206 S. Front 
M'Call Margaret, 9i Pine 
M'Call Judith, widow, 3:j2 Chesnut 
M'Call John C. attorney at law 225 Walnut 
M'Call widow, gentlewoman 308 Chesnut 
M'Call John, shipwright near Christian 

Philadelphia Index. M'C 

M'Call Wm. grocer NW. cor. marriotts lane & 5th 

M'CalJan John, weaver Rasberry lane i 

M'Callan James, labourer Say st. 

M'Callmont George, merch. 21 Dock— d. h. 70S. 4tb 

M'Calvay James,dealer 85 S. Water 

M'Callay Charles, tanner Noble n. 2d 

M'Cafferty James, drayman Cedar above Tenth 

M'Cammon Samuel, drayman High W. of Sch. Eighth 

M'Cann Aaron, tanner 6 Noble st. 

M'Cann James, superintendant for Moyamensing township 

16l Shippen 
M'Canles and Chambers, grocers NE. cor. of Branch and 4th 
M'Canles John, jun. grocer NE. cor. Branch and Fourth 
M'Cann Thomas, dealer SW. cor- of 10th and Tine 
M'Can John, commissioner 161 Shippen 
M'Caraher Alex, grocer NE, cor. Vine and 4th — d. h. 137 

M'Carren James, bottler 150 Vine 

M'Carren liobt. messenger in custom house 8 Elmslies all^y 
M'Cartney Wm. tallow chandler Lilly alley 
M'C'arty Ann. widow 12 Passyunk road 
M'Carty & Davis, printers and booksellers 204 Market 
M'Carty Dennis, drayman Eckfeldts court 
M-Carty Daniel, shipjoiner 10 mary 
M'C'arty Patrick, dealer SE. cor. of 5th and Prune 
M'Carty Wm. turner 78 N. 6th 

M'Carthy James, ladies shoemaker back 35 Lombard 
M'Carthy J, tavernkeeper 159 N. 3d 
M'Cartney Alexander, coachman 4 Dock 
M'Carle Felix, tallow chandler 5 Noble 
M'Cartds William, tallow chandler NW. cor. of George's arfti 

M'Causland Alex, grocer and chocolate manufacturer 185 S.. 

M'Caulay John, merch. and coppersmith 119 S. Front 
M'Cauley James, gentleman 28 Wood 
M'Cauley Isaac, patent floor cloth manufactory Bushhill store 

N. 3d opposite Harp and Eagle tavern 
M'Caulev Margaret, Chest cor. Sch. 3d 
M'Clain Alex, tailor 24 Bread 

M'Clean mrs. widow of Thos. NE. cor. of 5th and Prune 
M'Clean Patrick bottler and tavern keeper NE. cor. of 5th & 

M'Clain John, tailor 388 N. 3d 
M'Clain J, M. ladies shoemaker 179 Cedar 
M'Clane John, tailor 49 Pine 
M'Clean John, HIGH CONSTABLE 3 Gaskill 
M'Clean Thomas, tavernkeeper 368 Market 
M'Clain Archibald, stocking weaver 496 S. Front 
M'Cland George N. dry good store 90 N. 2d 
M'Claskey Catharine, widow cotton card manufacturer 
M'Claskey John, carter Spruce West Sch. Front 

M'C Philadelphia Index. 

M'Clellan D. W. B. teacher Locust st. opp. Washington 

square , 
M'Clellan Geo. M. D. 155 Walnut 
M'Clellan John, carpenter 52 garden 
M'Clellan Wm, B. academy opposite 6 Norris alley 
M'C lay James, bricklayer 1 Richardsons court 
M Clay John, plasterer 14 Juniper lane 
M'Cleary Daniel, plasterer 5 Randall's court 
M'Clarren Archibald, grocer NW. cor. Wood and 6th 
M'Clintoek Joseph A. carpenter 26 Chester 
M'Clintock Thomas, druggist 107 S. Ninth 
M'Cloud Malcolm, carpenter back 154 Sassafras 
f M' Cloud Philip, porter 19 Acorn alley 
M'Cloud Thomas, weaver Arch near 13th 
M'Cloud John, hatter 46 High 
M'Closkey James, weaver Race near Sch. 7th 
M'Closkey M ichael, curb stone setter near Sch. 7th 
M'Closkey Lydia circulating library 249 S. Front 
M'Closkey Patrick, carter 511 S. 2d 
M'Closkey Wm. cordwainer 23 Shippen 
M'Cluskey John, drover 208 Vine 
M'Cluskey John, drover 2:6 Vine 
M'Cluskey Wm. tavernkeeper 1st house above centre square 

south side M rket st. 
M'Clung & Gilpen, grocers 47 Pine 
M'Clurg Samuel, cooper 21 Margaretta— d. h. 42 New Mai- 

JVi'Clurg Wm. grocer 176 S. Front 
M'Clure Alex, labourer back 20 Cypress alley 
M'Clure David, Nautical academy 32 Chesnut below 2tl 
M'Clure Miss Ann. SW. cor. IT Arch 
M'Clure James, accountant 324 Race 
M'Clure Samuel, carpenter 134 S. 9th 
M'Cormick Daniel, coachman 133 Cherry 
M'Cormick Daniel, cordwainer marriotts lane bt. 4th & 5th 
M'Cormick Henry, shopkeeper 14 Chancery lane 
M'Cormick Henry, watchman Burker's alley 
M'Cormick Hector, stone cutter High W. Sch. 3d 
M'Cormick Henry, labourer Walnut alley 
M'Cormick, liquor store 396 market st. 
M'Cormick John, grocer NW. cor. 3d & Union 
M'Cormick James, cordwainer 391 n. 2d 
MCormick John, shoemaker Jones alley 
M'Cormick Philip, bootmaker 35 Walnut 
M' Wm. maiden st. ferry K. 
M'Conntil Eleanor, teacher 57 Gaskill 
M'Conell George, weaver 438 north 3d 
M'Corkle Jas. blacksmith back 308 S. Front 
M'Corkle 8t Hamelin, editors and publishes of the Freemans 

Journal and mercantile Advertiser 68 Dock 
M'Corkle Robert, baker prices court 
M'Comb John,-blacksmith 197 S. seventh 
M'Comb Wm. type founderer, Shippen near 10th 

Philadelphia Index. i\l\D 

M'Cord David, tin plate worker— d. h. 13 Gray's alley 

M'Collin John, watchmaker 2 17 S. 2d 

M'Collin John 53 Spruce 

M'Collin Wm. tailor 106 Crown 

M'Conn Wm. labourer 267 S. 7th 

M'Connor Carter George near Sch. 8th 

M'Conne/ Frances, widow boarding 1 house 39 Cherry 

M'C^yvGeorge, ganger 77 New 

M'Goy Margaret, washerwoman Beach near maiden 

M'Coy Mary, widow Oak near Coats, M. L. 

M'Coy Rosina. widow dealer 3 Poplar alley 

M'Cowan Hannah, "8 Prune 

M'Cready Daniel, weaver High near Sch. 6th 

M'Credy Bernard merch. — d h. 179 Walnut 

M'Credy Dennis, merch. 9 N. Water d. h. 19 Union 

M'Cready 8c Parker, merchants 9 N. Water st. 

M'Credy Bernard, cotton manufacturer 3 N. Front 

M'Crea Edward, store 469 High 

M'Crea John, merch. 73 S. front d. h.348 market 

M'Crea Mary, widow dealer Pewterplatter alley 

M,Crea Sophia, widow 129 S. 11th 

M'Crea Thos. laborer maiden st. near stone bridge 

M'Crosson Daniel, morocco manufacturer 374 market 

M.Crelish Archibald, soapboiler 267 N. 3d 

M'Curdy Daniel, collector of poor-tax ab. Chesnut 13th 

M'Curdy James, cordwainer 30 Little Water 

M'Curdy John, boot and shoemaker 76 Chesnut 

M'Curdy Hugh, shoe store 20 High 

M«Curdy John, jun. boot and shoe mafcef 36 Chesnut 

M'Curdy John, shoemaker 6th near Noble 

M'Curdy J. shoemaker 18 3. 4th 

M'Curdy Margaret, milliner 44 Marl orough 

M'Curdy Rachael, semstress North 

M'Culley Elizabeth, shopkeeper 164 Sassafras 

M'Culley fames, stone mason 4th n. G. R. 

M-Cnlly James, labourer Lombard ab. 11th 

M'Culley Robt. cordwainer back 393 S. 2d 

M'Culley Thomas, button ma-s er 97 Noble 

M'Culley Wm. boot and shoe warehouse 25 Chesnut 

M'Culloh Anna, widow 214 Spruce 

M'Culloch James, merch. 114 iN . 9th 

M'Cutchen Ebenezer. 118 N. 5th 

M'E '-en Daniel plaister paris manufacturer 19 north 9th 

M'Daniel John B. labourer back of 337 N. 3d 

M 'Daniel John. deputy keeper at Prune st. prison 38 Ann 

M'Dermot Edward. & co. merchants NE. cor. Front and 

Chesnut d. u.*186 Spruce 
M'Dcrmott, paver bacv of 215 S. 6th 
M'permott Peter, grocer 87 S. 5th 
M'Dermand Isaac, cabinet maker 49 N. Fourth 

M'Dermott paver back 6 south 6th 

M*Devitt Daniel, labourer 40 Lombard 
M'Devitt Daniel, labourer 240 Lombard 

3PF Philadelphia Index. 

M'Devittllugh, dealer south wharves above Cedar 

M'Dev : .tt James, cordwainer 2?4 S. 2d 

M'Donald Ann, widow mangier 14 Sterling alley 

MP Donald Alex, labourer Budd near Laurel 

M'Donell Andrew, stone mason 116 north 8th 

M' Donald David, grocer SW. cor. Lombard and 7th 

M'Donald David, grocer S W. cor. 7th and Lombard 

M'Donald Elisha, coachman 58 Coats 

M'Donnald Eliza, widow Sell 7th above "Race 

M'Donald Francis, labourer Ann west Sch. 8th 

M'Donald John, cedar cooper 254 St. John 

M'Donald John, coach spring ma er 146 S. 10th 

M'Donnald James, grocer ab. NW. cor. Mulberry & 7th 

M'Donnald Charles, brickmaker Jones alley n. Sch. 5th and 

M'Donald James, tailor 85 S. 5th 
M'Donald Malcolm gentleman 89 S. 6th 
M'Donald Margaret, widow teacher 37 S. 5th 
M'Donnald Richard, silver plater near Callowhill and Ridge 

M'Dougall widow 219 Walnut 

M'Donaugh John, weaver Germantown road above the forks 
M 'Donell James, labourer back of 67 Shippen 
M'Dowell Wm. H. clock and watciima^er 130 S. Front 
M'Donaugh Jeremiah, tailor 125A Pine 
M'Donagh Sarah, grocery store and tavern SW. cor. 8th and 

M'Dowell, widow huxter .9 Strawberry alley 
M'Donaugh Thos. porter U. S. Bank 99 Cedar 
M'Donough Vi'm. grocer S W. cor. 4th and Spruce 
M'Elroy Hannah, widow 182 S 4th 
M'Elroy Hugh, weaver Lombard ab 12th 
M'Elroy Martha, widow nurse Taper alley 
M'Elroy Hugh, weaver Lombard ab. 12th 
M'Elroy James F. accountant 188 S. 4th 
M'Elwee Charles B. accountant .4 Pear 
M'Elwee Andre .v, shuttle maker 13 below Cedar 
M'Elwee Rebecca, widow 39 Zane 

M ; Elwee Wm. weaver Jones alley n. Sen- 5th St Filbert 
M'Elwee Ann, teacher 39 Zane 
M'Ewen Clement, weaver 121 north Juniper 
M'Even Hannah, widow washerwoman Mint court 
M'Ewen widow 2d ab. Jun per lane in Walnut 
M'Ewen James, weaver near cor. Callowhill and 13th 
M'Ewen Mrs. widow of Thos. 255 mulberry 
M-Ewen James, inn and livery stable keeper 322 N. 2d 
M'Fadden Archibald, type founder Cedar ab;-l0th 
M'Faden Stephen, tvpe founder cor. Cedar and 11th 
M'Faden Wcc\. gentleman 148Chesnut 
M'Farland H. grocer 212 north Water 
M'Farland Arthur, labourer Cedar near 13th 

Philadelphia Index* M'Or 

M'Farland Wm. coachmaker 12 Union 

M'Farland Mary, widow of John 12 north 7th 

BWarland Margaret, widow s- ore-keeper 101 Spruce 

MFarland S. alcohol distiller Prune near 6th 

M'Farran Wm. gentleman -1-56 norch 3d 

M'Fee James, weaver 39 Franklin 

M'Fee John, grocer 3 Christian 

M'Fee Wm. Tobacconist Drinkers alley 

M'Gauley Mary, widow grocer SW. cor. of Prime and Front 

M'Gauley Richard, grocer SW. cor. Water and Race 

M'Gauley Richard, i Sassafras st. whaif 

M'Gaw John, candle roanuf. Germantown road ab. Laurel 

M 'Gill Anthony, labourer 18 X. Water 

M*GiB James cooper 49 S. Water and Tun alley 

M'Gtll Michael, 322 north Front cor. Noble 

M'Gill Quinton. millwright mulberry near Sch. Front 

M'Ginley Daniel, paper maker 255 north 3d 

M'Ginley Hugh, tavernkeeper 13 south 7th 

M'Ginley W. constable ljl Cherry bel. 8th 

M'Ginnes Mrs. widow 58 Greene 

M'Ginnes Barney, carter 88 St. John street 

M'Ginnes Daniel, professor of elocution 70 Locust 

M'Gee Edward, grocer NW. cor. and 6th Elizabeth 

M'Gee John, drayman Nonaters couit 

M'Gee James, saddler Cleaver alley near 5th 

M'Gee Patrick, bootmaker south 4th street 

M'Gee Wm. oak cooper Walter's court 

M'Glathery Margaret, widow 13th near Market 

M'Glinsey M curb stone setter, 8 S. 13th 

M'Glinsey James, curbstone setter 8 S. 13th 

M'Glue Luke, harness maker &c.back of 133 S. 9fh 

M'Gonogle Roswell, teacher 216 north 6th 

M'Gonegal Rosewell. teacher 46 north 5th 

M'Gewen Peter, teacher 246 S. 7th 

M'Gowen Thos.7 marshalls alley 

M'Gowen widow of Edward 111 Prune 

M'Gowan Wm. umbrella rcaker 225 north 2d 

M'Gowan , umbrella maker 70 S. Front 

M'Guigan Felix, candle manufacturer 63 Union 

M'Guigan Patrick, typefounder Cedar near lllh 

M'Guigan John, clerk of St Joeph's Chapel 3 Marshalls alley 

M'Guigan Mary, widow grocer NW. cor. 10 and Spruce 

M'Green miss Mary, 100 Spruce 

M'Grath John, drv'good store 111 S. 2d 

M'Grath & M'Makin, tailors 34 Chesnut 

M'Graugh Barnabas, carpenter Ann near Schl. 8th 

M'Guire Charles, boot and shoe maker 6 south 13th 

M'Guire Robert, carpenter 38 Penn 

M'Guire Michael, tavernkeeper SW. cor. Carters and Go- 

fort lis alley 
M'Guire John, grocer 143 north 4th SE. cor. Callowhill 
M'Guire Patrick, drayman Shippen near 6th 

M'K Philadelphia Tnde.v. 

M'Gmre Patrick, weaver SE. cor. 4th and Spruce 

M'G.nre Thomas, carter Caljowhill street near Schl., 

1M Heran Catharine, widow of John 401 Race 

M*H !gh George, porterhouse 6 Dock 

M'JIetfry Thos. cordwainer v Carlyies court 

M'llhenney foilj), accountant cor. Juniper and Walnut. 

M'llhenney Samuel, clerk 49 old York road 

M'Uhenney Win. : ;*!or 49 old York road 

M'Uhenny Joseph, watchmaker 13 north 3d 

^M'Hhenney Wm attorney at law 49 old^York road 

M'Hhenney FJizabeth, widow shopkeeper 128 SassafraS 

M'lilear Patrick, tailor Dawson's Cv>urt 

M'livaine, J. attorney at law 74 S. 6th street 

M'Hwain J. K. jeweller Bread v's court 

M'ivain Bloomrield, attorney at law 44 south 5'.h 

M'livaine Joseph B. merchant southwharves ab. Drawbridge. 

d, h. 104 south { Front 
M'livaine Mary, widow 11 Prune 
M'livaine Wm. merch. 1 1 Prune 
XlMlroy Jas. livery stable keeper Schl. S. 8th near marke^. 

M'llroy James, F. inspector of customs 45 N. 7th 
M'llroy Sarah, Gent. SvV. cor. 10 and Walnut 
M'llroy John, merchant 65 Tammany 
M'Intire Archibald, manager Union Canal Lotteries 127 Ch^-t 

nut d. h. 235 Spruce 
M'Intire Able, comn. mercht. 106 Union 
M'Intire John, porter back 356 market 
Mdntire John, cordwainer 172 south 5th 
M'Intire Margaret, mantua maker 214 south 3d 
M'Tntire Isaiah, shoemaker 84 south Front 
M'Intire Stephen, cordwainer 387 S. Front 
M'intire Samuel, cabinetmaker 172 Pine 
M'Karaher Charles, fancy store 41 north 2d 
M'Kain Thomas, capt. Trenton packet 171 N. Front 
M'Kean John, shoemaker 100 Poplar 
M'Kean Buchannan, merchant 84 Union d. h.45 S. Froifc 
M'Keen Henry, watchmaker 119 Chesnut 
M'Keen Andrew, stone mason 4 above George 
M'Kean Ann, widow 14 Cherry 
M'Kean Thomas, gentleman 117 S. 5th 
M'Kee Andrew, tailor 3 Emlens court (N. L.) 
M'Kee David, carpenter Vine near 10th 
M'Key Thomas, bricklayer 7 Sugar alley 
M'Kee Bernard, botlerjcor. 4 & Spruce 
fM'Keel John, waiter George ab. 12th 
M'Kay George, teacher 54 Sassafras 
M'Keaver John, labourer Lombard E.of Schl. 7tfe. 
M'Kenny M. C. widow 47 old York road 
M'Kenny Mary, shop keeper 6th near Coat£ 

Philadelphia Index* M'M 

^CFKeown George, innkeeper SW.cor. of Pine aad Penn 
M'Keown Eliza, widow 50 Penn 
M'Keever Benjamin, tanner and currier 18 Franklin 
M'KenzieCharles ; tailor 42 Strawberry 
M'Kenzie Jchn, confectioner & pastry co k back 19 \valnftt 
M'Kinley John, teacher back 40 N. Fourth 
M'Kinney Felix, weaver cor. George and Pitt (N. L,) 
M'Kinley Hugh, shoemaker & watchman 112 north Juniper 
M'Kinley Martha, dry good store 1 33 south Ninth 
M'Kinley John, grocer 28 North alley 
M'Kenzie VVm. gentleman 36 Union 
M'Kinley Wm. grocer SW. cor. inland Pock 
M'Kiggens Mary, washerwoman John ab. Callowhill 
M'Kibbin D. grocer 62 Market 
M'Kibbin Wm. sea captain 151 Pine 
M'Kissick Wm. bootmaker 17 Elizabeth 
M f Knight A. burr millstone maker 5 Decatur 
M'Knight Robert, labourer 115 north Juniper 
M'Knight William, fishmonger black horse alley 
M'Koy Roberta bellowsmaker and brand cutter 7 Tammatfy 

shop Lily alley 
M'Koy William, first teller bank North America 8 Powell 
M'Laughlin Charles, broker 28 Carter's alley 
M'Laughlin Catharine, widow M'Ginnes court 
M'Laughlin John, labourer 45 Cedar 
M'Laughlin George, printer 133 Pine , 

M'Laughlin John, painter and glazier forks Germant roafi 
IVTLean James, weaver Charles st. (N. L.) 
M'Leran Viary, widow shopkeeper 88 north Sixth 
M'Leod Christiana, nurse 81 north 3d 
M'Leod George, shipchandler &c 40 south Wharves 
M'l.eod George, boot ma-er 16 Pennsylvania avenue 
M'Mackin Michael, weaver "Vine alley 
M'Mackin James, weaver Francisville (N. L.) 
M' »iackin ; Samuel chair makei 160 south SeconA 
M'Maker Henry, storekeeper 118 south Fifth 
M'Vlahon-T. P. seed merchant &c. 13 south 2d 
M'Mahon Henry, storekeeper 118 south 8th 
M'May William, merchant 31 Filbert 
M'Many ! ohn, grocer 326 north Front 
M'Manners Patrick, back 87 Race 
M'Mannus innkeeper and teacher NW cor. Lombard 

and Fourth 
M'Manns Thomas & M. J. Given grocery and flour store 3d 

house ab. Centre Square south side * arket 
M : vlarnee John, carpenter Button near Sixth 
M'Vfanemy Susannah, milliner 24£south Tenth 
MTvIahamy widow shopkeeper 60 south Tenth 
M'Mennamy James, tavernkeeper Callowhill near BroaA 
M* N annarry [*enry, allor NE cor. George and Tenth 
M'Masters John, constable 13 Laurel court 

MAS Philadelphia Index. 

M'Menomon William, innkeeper north-west corner Sixth 

Middle alley 
M'Minn Danl. last and boottree maker 37 Walnut 
M"' Sinn James, cordwainer 129 Pine 
M'Miii Thomas, livery stable keeper 29 Prune 
M'Minn Samuel, last maker ST Walnut 
M'Minn Robert. gTate stove maker Smith's court 
M< inn Mm. 146 X. Juniper 
M'Michael John, teacher 81 nordi Water 
M'Minnemy Thomas, tailor Maple 
Jk\ ( \-chael John, dry good store 449 north 2d 
M'Morris John, weaver ?> erry 

M'Monigal Edward, labourer Chesnut west Sch. Third 
M'Mullin Isaac, carpenter 10 Raspberry alle} 
ApMullin J. R. blacksmith 268 Swanson and 5 Prime, 
M'Mi ilin Joseph I. ladies shoemaker 68*south Fourth 
M'Mullin John, goldsmith and jeweller 114 -.Front 
M'Mullin Joseph, grocer 155 south Front ab. Spruce 
M'Mullin John, tavernkeeper Vine alley 
M'Mullin Miss seminar} 1 Norris alley 
M'Mullin Neal, grocer 319 north Front 
M'* 'ullin Ros'ma, teacher 52 Zane 

M'Mullin Robert, sen. lumber merchant 161 & 62 Swanson 
M'Mullin William, blacksmith Washington between Front 

and Second 
M'Mullin William, jr. lumber merchant 161 Swanson — d. h. 

361 south Front 
M* Murray John, mariner 93 south Water 
M'Murdy Benjamin, fruiterer 281 north Second 
M'Murdy Jonathan, fruiterer 121 noith Second 
WMurry Judith, widow boaidmg house 50 Zane 
M'Namer John, type founder south-east corner of Broad and 

WNab John, weaver Ann west Sch. Eighth 
M'Neal John, spectacle and whip maker 25 N. 3d 
M'Nea Isaac, bookbinder 498 N. 2d 
M*Neal '-Vakefield, labourer near Upper Ferry bridge 
M'Xealv Patrick, weaver Fourth near Brown 

M'Neil'edge , sea captain 100 Christian 

WKickel Charles, cordwainer 120 south 10th 

M'Phail Ann, widow grocer NW. cor. Walnut and 8th 

M'Pherson Alex, labourer 24 Barron 

M'Quaid Felix, tallow chandler old York r. cor. Noble 

M'Qureit \rchibald, rigger West's court 

M'Shade Charles cordwainer 7 Watson's alley 

M'Shane Ezekiel, accountant 4 T north 6th 

M'Swain George, woodsaw^ er back 174 Vine 

Maccoun P. merchant 168 High 

M'Mtirtri " . M. D.59 Spruce 

Mace Jos< r,bmaker484 north Third 

Mass David J. bu Almond 

Philadelphia Inded-. MAC* 

M'Neely John, innkeeper, Sixth above Cedar 
M'Neely Mary, St. Mary above Sixth 
M'Nutt Robert, market man, 17 Cresson's alley 
MTeak Bridget, weaver, Fourth above George, (N. L.) 
M'Pherson Alexander, accountant, 74 Market 
M'Pherson Ann, widow, 100 S. Fifth 
M'Pherson Hugh, sea captain, 101 Christian 
M'Pherson Robert, shoemaker, 496 S. Second 
M'Pherson Sarah, mantuamaker, 15 South alley 
M'Shane Mrs. Ezekiel, seminary 47 N. Sixth 
M'Shorely James, labourer, Wiley's court 
M'Quin James, merchant, 24 Shippen 

M'Vicken , labourer, Sch. Third bet. Walnut & George 

M'Win Robert, stove finisher, 14 Decatur st. 
Maas David J. baker, 60 Almond 

Macalester Charles, merchant, 66 Dock — d. h. 142 Mulberry 
Macauly William, dealer, 205 Cedar 
Mac Conrad, baker & watchman, Ann near Sch. Eighth 
Mack Jacob, innkeeper, 414 N. Third st. 
Mack Jacob, ropemaker, Cedar above Eleventh 
Mack Nicholas, High near Sch. Eighth 
Mackason Hannah, widow of Wm. shipwright, 22 Duke st. 
Mackenson Miss, 25 Race st. 
Mackey John, teacher, 258 Mulberry 

Mackey Richard, grocer, SE cor. Moyamensing & Federal 
Mackie Peter, accountant, 69 New 
Mackie Thomas, merchant, 265 S. Front 
yMacklin Moses, porter, 195 Christian 
Mackquart Thomas, teacher, 42 S. Fourth 
Macomb Wm. sawyer, 165 Christian 
Macon Wm. tailor, 215 N. Front 

Macurdy Hugh, dry goods store, 243 S. 2d [See Jt&Curdy. 
Madara Elizabeth, innkeeper, south side Drawbridge 
Madeira George, carter, Rugan st. (N. L.) 
Madden Jane, grocer, 12 Christian 
Madden Mary, widow, 108 Race and West's court 
Madison Joseph, buttonmakei*, 25 S. Tenth st. 
Madison Mary, nurse, 54 Mead alley 

Maddock E. E. merchant, 153 S. Front — d. h. 115 Lombard 
Maddock E. Sc S. dry goods store, 3^ N. Sixth 
Maddock Hannah, mantuamaker, 39 Key's allev 
Maddock Wm. SW cor. Fourth and Tammany* 
Madole Hannah, widow, Christian near Fifth 
Madureria Jane, widow of Joseph, Tenth below Pine 
Maffett James, shipmaster, 248 S. Front 
Mag Adam, distiller, 425 N. Fourth 
Mag Margaret, widow, tailoress, 12 Favette 
Magan Michael, baker, 86 S. Third 
Magaw Thomas, labourer, Sixth near Poplar 
Magaw widow, Maiden near Front 


MAN Philadelphia Index. 

Magee Hugh S. oakcooper, 132 Vine 

[See M'Gee & Maghe? 
Magee Thomas, carpenter, Rose alley (N. L.) 
Mager Wm. ship carpenter, 48 Duke st. 
Magrady John, cedar cooper, 177 St. John 
Magrath- Michael, tallow chandler, 23 Brewer's alley — d. h. 

34 Ann (N. L.) 
Magraw Thomas, cordwainer, Perkenpine court 
Maguire Caroline, widow, 115 S. Third 
Maguire Thomas, carter, Vine alley near Twelfth 
Mahand James, 1 Kelley's alley 

Mahany James A. attorney at law, 89 Race — d. h. 55 Vine 
MahoflferWmr saddletree maker, back 216 N. Eighth 
Mahony John, teacher, High west of Sch. Fifth — d. h. High 

near Sch. Fourth 
Main Charles, mariner, 75 Christian 
Main James, shipwright, 57 Budd 
Mail- George, printer, back 79 N. Fifth 
Mair James, weaver, Cedar near Thirteenth 
Maitland John & Thomas, distillers, 187 S. Fourth 
Maitland Thomas, distiller, 119 Lombard > 

Maitland Thomas, merchant, 17 S. Water — d. h. 153 Pine 
Majilton John, blacksmith, China st. 
Maker John, bottler, 532 S. Front 
Makins James N. sailmaker, Spruce st. wharf — d. h. 11 

Norris's alley 
Makins Sarah, widow, china store, 148 S. Front 
Malcolm Matilda, milliner, 98 S. Fourth 
Malcomson Joseph, carpet weaver, 224 Sassafras 
Maley Ann, widow-, cor. Eleventh and Filbert 
Maley Catharine, widow, storekeeper, 376 N. Third st. 
Mallet Benedick, cordwainer, SW cor. Swanson &, Queer. 
Mullet David, shoemaker, 58 Chester 
Mallon Mrs., young ladies seminary 70 Walnut 
Maloney John, comb maker, 12 Myers's court 
Malsberger Joseph, storekeeper, 364 N. Second 
Malseed John, grocer, NE cdf. Sixthiancl Powell 
Maltmon James, mariner, 22 Mary 
-{•Man John, porter, Green's court 
Manakin John, hatter, 17 Walnut st. 
Manchester William, mariner, 45 Penn 
Manderfield Henry, trader, 58 Lombard 
Manderfield & Reynolds, cabinetmakers, 180 S. Fourth 
Manderson Andrew, storekeeper, 445 N. Second 
Manderson George, grocer, 416 N. Front 
Manderson James, baker, Beach near Maiden 
Mandeville Daniel, dry goods store, 83 N. Second 
Mandeville David, cashier of the Bank of Northern Liber- 
ties, 81 N. Sixth 
Mandeville H. D. merchant, 54 S. Front — d. h. 8 Palmyra 

Philadelphia Index. MAR 

Mandry & Gravenstine, livery stable keepers, 100 N. Sixth 

Mandry Wm. health officer, 102 N. Sixth 

Minefield Charles, pump maker, Sch. Eighth between Sas- 
safras and Vine 

Maneuyre Maria, widow, 249 S. Seventh 

■j'Mang John, shingle shaver, Osborne's court 

Manga John, oakcooper, 391 N. Third 

Man gen John, blacksmith, 251 Race st. 

Mangin John, blacksmith & spring maker, Castle st. near 

Manicux Benjamin, hatter, 377 Sassafras st. 

Manigault Mary S. widow, NW cor. Ninth and Spruce 

Manilieu Maturin, wine cooper, Locust above Juniper 

Manley 8c Eastwood, coppersmiths, 59^ N. Third st. 

Manlove David, sea captain, Bready's court 

Manluff Philip, carter, 18 Kunckel st. 

Manly Henry, merchant, 13 Branch 

Manly Wm. innkeeper, 434 N. Third st. 

Mann Ann, widow, dealer, 206 S. Water 

Mann Catharine, widow, 79 Vine 

Mann Daniel, gent. 43 Race [See Malum, 

Mann Harris, gentleman, 167 S. Third 

Mann Jacob, carter, Rugan st. (N. L.) 

Mann Jesse F. cordwainer, 16 Raspberry alley 

Mann John, nealer in U. S. Mint, 72 Garden 

Mann John, shoemaker, 389 N. Front 

Mann Margaret, widow, dealer, 202 S. Second 

f Mann Rachel, widow, washerwoman, back 102 N. Eleventh 

f Mann Sarah, washerwoman, Stewart's alley 

Mannerly Wm. Prime above Front 

Mannevy John, mariner, 508 S. Front 

Manning Charles, tinplate worker, 8 Hinckel's court 

Manning Thomas 3. printer — office 30 Shakspeare buildings, 
NW cor Sixth and Chesnut— -d. h. 13 S. Sixth 

Mansell Wm. ivory rule maker, 378 N. Front 

Mansfield John, tavernkeeper, Poplar lane below Fourth 

Mansfield Thomas, tailor, Sink's court 

Manson widow, seamstress, 437 Chesnut 

Mansur John, keeper of the Childrens' Asylum, Fifth near 

Mantell Conrad, baker, 27 Walnut 

fMantier Rachel, widow, washerwoman, Acorn alley 

Manual Andrew, baker, 161 St. John 

Manuel Joseph E. house carpenter, 66 S. Front st. 

Manyer Christian, victualler, Fourth above George (K) 

Manypenny Lois, widow, Sansom alley 

Maran Catharine, widow, SheafF's alley 

Marcer Joseph, tailor, 60 Wood st. 

March James, reed maker, back 224 High [See Marsh. 

Marchmant Stephen, cordwainer, 163 Christian 

Mareraback Jacob, saddler, 111 Dillwyn st. 

MAR Philadelphia Index. 

Margrum David, gunsmith, back of 118 Diihvyn 

Margrum Samuel M. combmaker, 2 Harmony court 

Margrum Isaac, blacksmith, 29 Wood st. 

Margrum Joseph, wheelwright, 29 Wood st. 

Mariner Abraham, combmaker, 63 Budd 

Mariner Andrew, waterman, Oak near Brown 

Mariner Andrew, oysterman, 31 Green 

Mariner Susannah, widow, Brady's court 

Marinot Michael, cook, 151 S. Sixth 

Maris & Evans, merchants, 31 south wharves 

Maris Bachel it. widow of Richard, 315 Mulberry 

Maris Wm. merchant, 31 south wharves 

Mark John, di-y goods store, 78 Lombard 

Mark John H. glue manufacturer and skin dresser, Globe 

Markel Christian, accountant, 24 Garden 
Marker Andrew C. tailor, 75 Lombard 
Marker John, blacksmith, 1 John 
Markland John, merchant, 298 Kace 
Markle Jacob, carpenter, 96 Tammany 
Markley Mary, widow, 132 Dill wyn st. 
Markley Mary, widow, 49 Duke st. (N. L.) 
Markoe Francis, merchant, 232 Walnut 
Markoe John, gentleman, 293 Chesnut above Ninth 
Marks Isaac, merchant, 115 N. Fifth 
Marks Jared, druggist, &c. 102 S. Tenth 
Marks John, mariner, 121 Swanson 
Marks John, shoemaker, Woglam's court 
Marks John, dry goods store, 159 N. Third 
Marks Tobias, chairmaker, Castle st. 
fMarks Sarah, house cleaner, 14 Chimneys 
Markward Wm. coachsmith, cor. Tenth and Sassafras 
Marley John, coachmaker, Vine near Schuylkill 
Marley Mary, widow, 15 N. Sixth 
Marley Wm. cordwainer, Broad below George 
Marlin Thomas, drayman, 36 Laurel 
Marnell Daniel, tailor, 120 S. Fourth 
Marple Abraham, ship carpenter, Frankford road near Bed* 

ford (K) 
Marot Elizabeth, widow, 19 Christian 
Marot Wm. bookbinder, 10 Ann 
Marotte Louis, merchant, 24 Union 
Marrs Eliza, widow, washerwoman, 25 Gillies's alley 
Marsellas Cornelius E. cordwainer, 115 German 
Marsh Elias, gentleman, NW cor. Eleventh and Arch 
Marsh James, agent, 62 Union [See March. 

Marsh Joseph, 23 Christian 
Marsh Joseph, shipwright, 104 S. Second 
Marshal James, victualler, 14 Mary 
Marshall Abraham, carpenter, 375 Sassafras 
Marshall Charles, jun. druggist, 294 High 

Philadelphia Index. MAR 

Marshall Charles, chemist, &c. 56 Chesnut 

Marshall Christopher, druggist, 19 north Fourth 

Marshall Daniel, plasterer, 6 Smith's court 

Marshall Davis, smith, 116 Lombard — d. h. Pine below Eh? 

Marshall Hannah, widow, boarding house, 38 Sansom 

Marshall James, cabinetmaker, 148 south Sixth 

Marshall James, mariner, 61 Christian 

^Marshall John, waiter, upper 21 Middle alley 

^Marshall John, woodsawyer, 100 N. Eleventh 

Marshall Moses, shoemaker, 4 Garrigues's- court 

Marshall Moses D. cordwainer, 20 Kunckel 

Marshall Samuel, cordwainer, 100 S. Third 

Marshall Sophia, widow of Charles, cardmaker, Vine near 
Sch. Eighth 

Marshall & Tempest, goldsmiths, &c. 87 south Second 

Marshall Wm. suspender manufactory, 96 High west Centre 

Marshall widow of Amor, wafermaker, 59 Walnut 

Marshall , sea captain, 67 Gaskill 

Marsten Catharine, shopkeeper, 179 N. Fourth 

Martien Elizabeth, widow, teacher, 38 Church alley 

Martin Abraham, accountant, 71 N. Sixth 

Martin Andrew, milkman, High near Sch. Seventh 

Martin Ann, widow, 11 Penn 

Martin Ann, seamstress, north side Chesnut second hous? 
above Broad 

Martin Benjamin, 230 S. Third 

Martin Benjamin, corder, Second near Christian 

Martin C. M. merchant, 244 Race 

Martin C. saddler and trunk maker, 32 S. Third 

Martin Edward D. plane maker, 14 Budd 

Martin George, cordwainer, 82 Christian 

Martin George, mariner, Christian near Second 

Martin Hannah, shoebinder, St. Mary's alley 

Martin & Hart, merchants, 233 north Third 

Martin Jacob, grocer, 285 N. Third 

Martin Jacob, grocer, 293 north Third 

Martin Jacob, gentleman, NE cor. Tenth and Spruce 

Martin James, merchant, 78 Vine 

Martin Jane, widow, spooler, SheafF's alley 

Martin John, grocer, Castle street 

Martin John P. gentleman, 75 Locust 

Martin John &. Robert, grocers, SE corner Ninth and High 

Martin John, silverplater, near Eleventh in Filbert 

Martin Joseph, colour laboratory Arch near Thirteenth 

Martin Joseph, M. D. 116 north Ninth 

Martin Joseph, gentleman, 272 north Second 

Martin Joseph D. druggist^ 8tc. SW cor. Fourth and Sassa- 

Martin J, ropemaker, NW cor. of Federal and Second 


MAS Philadelphia Index. 

Martin Lewis, cabinetmaker, 104 north Sixth 

Martin Marrnaduke, bricklayer, near Hayscales (S) 

Martin Patrick, NW cor. of Sixth and Barclay's court 

Martin Peter, accountant, 5 Meyer's court 

Martin Prosper, ironfounder, Beach above Maiden (K.) 

Martin Prosper, mahogany sawmills, 91 St. John 

Martin & Parham, mahogany yard, 343 north Second 

Martin Samuel, sailmaker, 88 Lombard 

Martin Thomas, tallowchandler, 208 Vine 

Martin Thomas, Second near Christian 

Martin William, merchant, 29 south Second 

Martin William, cabinetmaker, 101 Noble 

Martin William, ironfounder, Smith's court 

Martin William, merchant, 43 south Front 

Martin William, carter, Mark's lane 

Martin Wm. cordwainer, 82 Christian 

Martins Daniel, snipsmith, 163 St. John 

Mason Alva, engraver in brass, &c. 13 south Fourth, and 

back 58 Zane 
Mason Andrew, weaver, Ann st. near Schuylkill 
Mason Ann, widow, cakebaker, 31 north Fourth 
Mason D. H. engraver in brass, &c. 33 south Fourth — d. h. 

25 Wood 
Mason Eliasy tailor, Second below Prime 
Mason Elizabeth, 13 Vine 
Maso:. Isaac N. bookbinder, 6 Powell 
Mason Isaac, -wheelwright, Lily alley 
Mason Isaac, sea captain, 135 south Eleventh 
Mason Mary, 76 Mulberry 
Mason Mrs. principal matron of Pennsylvania Hospital, Pine 

above Eighth 
Mason Philip, general superintendant of the Philadelphia 

and Lancaster Turnpike, 131 south Fifth 
Mason Robert, merchant, 40 south wharves — d. h. 157 Pine 
Mason Samuel, steward of the Pennsylvania Hospital, Pine 

above Eighth 
Mason Samuel, jr. clock and watchmaker, 249 High 
Mason Samuel, jr. watchmaker, 67 Cherry 
Mason Simeon, grocer, SE comer Sixth and Cherry 
Mason William G. engraver, 46 Chesnut 
Mason William, oakcooper, 9 Decatur 
Mason W. cabinetmaker, 99 north Front, d. h. 17 Elfreth's 

Mason William, engraver in brass, &c. 13 south Fourth — 

d. h. 13 Norris alley 
Mason W. & A. engravers in brass 8tc. 13 south Fourth 
Mason Wm. engraver, 72 S. Second — d, h. Christian above 

Massey Charles, jr. merchant, 28 south wharves — d. h, 17' ■' 

Massey E. storekeeper, 316 north Front 

Philadelphia Index. MAI' 

Massey James W. planemaker, Kunckcl 
Massey Jane, dry good store, 88^ north Second 
Massey John, gentleman, 63 Pine 
Massey Thomas, carpenter, Davis's court 
Massey Samuel, currier, 88 St. John 
Massey Samuel, hardware store, 16 south Third 
Master William, ladies shoemaker, 23 south Fourth 
• Masters Elizabeth, dry good store, 68 Spruce 
Masters George, carter, Wood near Thirteenth - 
Mather Deborah, widow, boarding house, 340 Sassafras 
Mather Samuel, carter, Mintzer's court 
Mathes .Matilda, milliner, 41 north Sixth 
Mathews Austin, dry good store, 87 north Sixth 
Mathews Mary, Schuylk. Fifth between High and Filbert 
Mathews William, dry good store, 347 Sassafras 

[See Matthews 
Mathieu Arnout, winecooper, 184 south Sixth 
Mathison Neil, grocer, 48 Lombard 
Matlack Charles F. (M. D.) 62 north Second 
Matlaek Jacob, labourer, 95 St. John 
Matlack John, cordwainer, 315 Vine 
Matlack Neherniah, fanner, Maria st. 
Matlack Thomas, accountant, 33 Chester 
Mat 'ack Timothy, alderman, 202 Spruce 
Matthew A. & Co. dry good store, 152 High 
Matthews Charles, oysterman, 7 Kelief st. 
-^Matthews' George, labourer, 10 Burd's court 
Matthews H. combmaker, 125 north Second 
Matthews James, nailer, 43 Currant alley 
Matthews James, grocer, 389 High 

fMatthews John, labourer, 137 Plum and 39 Middle alley 
Matthews John, paper store, 391 High 
Matthews John, jr. cordwainer, 393 High and Wistar*S 

Matthews Lydia, tailoress, 11 Emslie's alley 
Matthews Margaret, widow, washerwoman, Paschall's alley 

(N. L.) 
Matthews Matthew, commission merchant, 391 High 

[See Mathers*. 
Matthews Mrs. boarding and day school, 292 Chesnut 
Matthews Philip, labourer, 193 north Eighth 
Matthews Richard, baker, 255 south Seventh 
Matthews Richard, paperhanger, 4 Bell's court 
, Matthews William, comb manufactory, back 457 north Third 
Matthews Wm. H. baker, 89 Cedar 
Matthias A. carpenter, 94 St, John 
Matthias &. Heaton, grocers, 148 Sassafras 
Matthias Joseph, 94 St. John (N< L.) 
Matthias Joseph, M.D.. 52 Walnut 

Mattingly Lewis, shoemaker, 214 Eighth below CaHowhill 
Maul Caleb, lumber merchant, SW corner Ninth and ^ 

MAY Philadelphia Index. 

Maul C. & Co. lumber merchants, NW corner of Vine and 

Maule Israel, carpenter, 14 John above Wood 
M&ule John, sailmaker, 18 Carter's alley 
Maule Robert, sailmaker, 4 Bread — loft 10 south wharves 
Maule Sarah, fancy dry good store, 79 south Second 
Maurer John A., M. I>. 7 Lawrence above Wood 
Maurer Wm. carpetweaver, Blackberry alley 
Maxfield John, cordwainer, 26 Gillies's alley 
Maxfield Joseph, accountant, 222 north Fourth 
Maxwell Andrew, carpenter, Seventh near Elizabeth 
Maxwell Eliza, widow, 156 Pine 
Maxwell James, storekeeper, north front near Laurel 
Maxwell James, at Doctor Dyott's * 
Maxwell Jame^, weaver, Cedar above Twelfth 
Maxwell James, wharf builder, Frankford road near stone 

Maxwell James, bookseller and printer, SE cor. Fourth and 

Walnut— d. h. 138 Pine— office' 48 S. Fifth 
Maxwell John, carpenter, 116 Christian 
•j- Maxwell Joseph, carter, Mark's lane 
Maxwell Mary Ann, spinster, Everhart's court 
Maxwell Robert, wharf builder, Beach near Maiden 
Maxwell Sarah, widow, Lytle's court 
Maxwell Sarah, xvidow, tutoress, 5 Little's row 
May Eliza., widow, 17 Juliana 
May Esther, tutoress, 24 Parham's alley 
May Lewis, shoemaker, 12 North alley 
May Lewis, carpenter, Nonnater's court 
f May Peter, mariner, 247 Spruce 
May Sarah, milliner, 351 S. Second 
May berry Martha, washerwoman, 27 Gillies's alley 
May bin John, merchant, 5 Chesnut — d. h. 124 Mulberry 
Maybin William A. merchant, 6 north Seventh 
Maybury Jeremiah W. grocer, 268 north Front 
Mayer Andrew, coach And sign painter, NW corner Budd 
and Vop'ar, and 92 Poplar [See Meyer & Make) 

Mayer Philip F. Rev., D. D. 87 Sassafras 
Mayers Ann, marketwoman, St. John near Poplar lane 
Mayhew David, combmaker, Poplar near Fourth 
May hew David, 125 Coates 

Mayland Jacob, tobacconist, 99 Sassafras, cor. Third 
Mayland J. tobacconist, 235 Vine 
Mayland James, tobacconist, 409 north Fourth 
Maylin Thomas, currier, 7 north Front 
Mayleny Martha, washerwoman, 29 Gillies's alley 
Mayne Wm. ladies shoemaker, 235 north Second 
Maysenhoelder C. gold and silversmith and spettacle manu- 
facturer, 54 Chesnut 
Mayweg John, whitesmith, Green below Fourth and corner 

Philadelphia Index. MEN 

Maze John G. carpenter, 33 Mary 

Mead Azel, ladies shoemaker, 131 Mulberry 

plead Lewis, hairdresser, 412 High 

Mead Lawrence, carpenter, 16 Watson's alley 

Head Mary, dry good store, 202 north Sixth 

Mead Richard W. esq. merchant, north side Walnut, 2d 
door above Ninth 

Mealy Patrick, tavernkeeper, 2 south Fourth 

Means John, carpenter and framemaker 9 Wood 

Meany John, merchant, 2 Franklin row 

Meany Owen, labourer, 319 Spruce 

Mears Samuel, hatter, Eleventh above Filbert 

Mease James, M. D. 192 Chesnut [Se-Maze & Mays. 

Mease Joseph, cordwainer, 546 north Third 

Meaugh VVm. printer, Green's court 

Mecaskey Andrew, dry good store, 153 north Third 

Mecaskey John, storekeeper, 249 south Second 

Mecke John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 408 north Se- 

Mecom & Rogers, boarding house, 85 Chesnut 

Medary Samuel, turpentine distiller, store 447 north Front — 
d. h. 31 Coates [See Madeira 

Medcalf James, labourer, George above Broad 

f Medford Judith, washerwoman, 161 north Sixth 

Meekle Abraham, carpenter, Lombard above Twelfth 

Meer John, artist, 4 south Seventh 

[See Mears Meyer & Meres 

Meer John, jr. artist, 43 George st. 

Steers Joseph, stage driver, Smith's court, north Fifth 

Meguire Bernard, cordwainer, 157 south Front 

Meigs Charles D„ M. D. 128" Mulberry 

Meiley George, victualler, Callowhill between Schuylkill 
Seventh and Eighth 

Meinick Christian, cordwainer, 285 Vine 

Melchor Eleanor, 169 south Eleventh 

Melchor John, oakcooper, 12 south alley and Fourth above 

Melchor John, shallopman, back 43 Coates 

Melizet Francis, merchant, 141 south Second 

Mellbank John, victualler, 357 Callowhill 

Mellin Alexander, stonecutter, Mulberry near Thirteenth 

Mellin Archibald, tavernkeeper, 2 Decatur street 

Melsom Edward, grocer, SE cor. Eleventh and Locust 

Melvin Wm. S. cordwainer, Hinckel's court, Vine 

jMenday Antonia, barber, 29 Lombard 

Mendenhall Philip, commission merchant, 29 Elfreth's alley 
counting house over 183 High 

Mendenhall Isaac, trader, Blackberry alley 

Menige & Godebout, oystermen, 30 S. Sixth 

•Menige & Lewis, oystermen, 30 south Sixth 

Menige Oliver, oysterman, 30 S. Sixth 

MER Philadelphia Indea\ 

Me-nns Joseph H. victualler, Charles st. 

f.Menoken George, porter, 30 Blackberry alley 

Mensing Frederick, bootmaker, 43 north Sixth 

Mentz George W. bookbinder, 71 Sassafras [See Mintz 

Mentz George, carpenter, Button wood near Fifth 

Mentz John, watchman of Pennsylvania Bank, 105 St. John 

Mentz &- Walker, booksellers, 295 High 

Mentzer John, victualler, north Fourth near George (N. L.) 

Menzies John, clock and watchmaker, SW corner Front and 

Mercer George, grocer, 161 south Front 

Mercer Jane, widow, grocer, SE cor. Sixth and Powell 

Mercer Samuel, waiter, 4 Juniper alley 

Mercer Robert, sea captain, 1 Mary 

Mercer Robert, gentleman, 314 High 

Mercier Charles, corder on Queen street wharf— d. h. 33 

Mercier Charles, confectioner, 104 High 

Mercor Thomas, SW cor. Swanson and Christian 

Meredith Benjamin, corder, 98 Crown 

Meredith Benjamin H. hardware merchant, 44 north Se- 

Meredith Benjamin A. merchant, 51 Duke (N. L.) | 

Meredith Margaret, innkeeper, K.vttonwood lane 

Meredith Wm. counsellor at law, and president of Schuyl- 
kill Bank, office, 1 S. Sixth— d. h. S W cor. Chesnut and 

Meredith William M. attorney at law, 1 S. Sixth— d. h. SW 
cor. Chesnut and Tenth 

Mericlc S. V. & Co. fire engine makers, Pearson's court back 
of St. James's Church 

Merino Felix, French teacher and translator, 139 south 

Merkle Conrad, shoemaker, 108 north Third 

Merris Anthony, baker, 3 Little's row 

Merrick Joshua, public agent, 8 Mary 

Merrick Samuel, gentleman, 48 north Sixth 

Merrill Otis B. printer, 106 N. Eighth 

Merritt Abraham, bricklayer, Maple street 

Merritt Catharine, widow of Joseph, Webb's alley 

Merritt Davenport, spinningvvheel maker, 18 Coombs's alley 

f Merritt Edward, shingleshaver, Smith's court, north Eighth 

Merritt Eliza, widow, 100 Gaskill 

Merritt Elizabeth, boarding house, 87 Mulberry 

Merritt &. Lance, oyster cellar, SW cor. Sixth & Carpenter 

Merritt Sarah, milliner, 67 Mulberry 

Merritt Solomon H. tailor, 47 Mulberry 

Merry Michael, domestic coffee manufacturer, 24 Old York 

Mervine Hannah, widow, 268 St. John 

Mervine Mary, 28 Lawrence st. 

Philadelphia Index. MID 

Mervine Peter, cooper, 2 Franklin st. 

Mervine Thomas smith, Upper ferry road near Sch. 

Meschert M. H. gentleman, 75 Spruce 

Meshart George, waterman, 225 St. John 

Me sick Joseph, cordwainer, back 102 Christian 

ck Samuel, carter, Second near Prime, 
Metaver Simon, cakebaker, 4 Franklin court 
Metcalf Wm. teacher, 174 Germantown road 
Metcalfe Tho. cabinetmaker, 7 Sassafras alley 
fMctford Samuel, porter, Dean's alley 
Mettler Samuel, accountant, 93 Green 
Mettler Wm. inspector of bark, Green street wharf and inn- 
keeper, 397 north Second 
Metts Lawrence, cordwainer, 68 Vine 
Metz George, 26 Lombard 
Metzger John M. tailor, 245 N. Second 
Metzger John, constable, 7 Hartung's al 
Meuley John, grocery and feed" store, 105 north Juniper 
Meurer Frederick, dyer, Germantown road below Third 
Meyers Abigail, widow, boarding house, 131 X, Sixth 
Meyers Andrew, painter, 94 Poplar 
Meyers Ann, widow, milliner, 79 N. Second 
Meyers Ann Mary, storekeeper, 120 X. Second 
Meyers Ann Markt, widow, 161 St. John 
Meyers Bartholomew, trader, Dorminger's<:ourt 
Meyers Catharine, widow, Christian near Ninth 
Meyers Daniel, cabinetmaker, 334 Sassafras 
Meyers Frederick, coach painter, 90 Poplar 
Meyers George, victualler, Brook st < 
Meyers George, 10 Carpenter (S) 

Meyers Hannah, widow of George, innkeeper, 269 Vine 
Meyers Henry, corder Race st. wharf — d. h. 20 Sassafras 
Meyers Henry, quill manufacturer, New Market n. Pegg st. 
Meyers Henry, sen. gent. 133 N. Third 
Meyers Henry, innkeeper, SW. cor. Fifdi and Sassafras 
[See Mayer, *Waher, flyers, Mears, & JU 
Meyers John, P. weaver, 79 N. Fifth 
Meyers Margaret, nurse, 105 Vine 
Meyers Mary, widow, washerwoman, Petticoat alley 
Meyers Michael, oakcooper, Rogers's court (N. L.) 
Meyers Peter C. merchant, 133 N. Third 
Meyers Wm. carter, Coates near Eighth 
Me'ynie John U. merchant, 193 High— d. h. 148 S. Fourth 

[See Mean*}. 
Michael Christopher, drayman, near Fourth and Poplar lane 
Michael John, labourer, back of 182 St. John 
haels Naomi, widow, grocer, 248 Lombard 
Michaels Rachel, widow, 100 Swanson 
Mickle James, cedar cooper, Queen near Shackamaxon 
Midcalf Margaret, widow, 6 Chancery lane 
Midcalf Leonard, shoemaker, Walnut alley 

MIL Philadelphia Index. 

Middleton Abraham, blacksmith, 130 Dillwyn 

Middleton, Alien & Co. blacksmiths, 281 N. Third, 70 Gal- 

lowhill— d. h. 10 Kuuckel 
Middleton Ann, dealer, 4 St. Mary's alley 
Middleton Enoch, bricklayer, 78 Dillwyn st. 
Middleton Gabriel, lumber merchant, 188 N. Fourth 
Middleton George, oysterman, Miller's court 
Middleton Hannah, teacher, 101 Dillwyn st. 
Middleton Hudson, tailor, 19 Key's alley 
Middleton Hudson, tailor, 39 Mulberry 
Middleton John, hatter, Raspberry alley 
Middleton John, carpenter, 129 Spi'uce 
Middleton Joshua, carpenter and box factory, Black Horse 

Middleton Lewis, cabinetmaker, 151 N. Fourth 
Middleton P. P. P., M. D. 147 S. Eighth 
Middleton Wra. agent to the guardians of the poor, 70 north 

Middleton & Woolley, lumber yard, cor. Fourth and Green 
Middlecott Mrs. 301 'Mulberry 
Miercken Mrs. widow of Peter, 208 Pine 
Mifflin Benjamin, printer, 139 S. Fifth 
f Mifflin Charles, carpenter, 7 Hurst 
Mifflin George, M. D. 351 High 

Mifflin James L. merchant, 36 S. Front — d. h. 351 High 
Mifflin Lloyd, merchant, 7 and 21 Church alley 
Mifflin Mary, widow, 139 S. Fifth 
Mifflin Mrs. Q. widow of John F. 226 Walnut 
fMifflin Peter, carpenter, 216 S. Seventh 
Mifflin Samuel, merchant, 2 Rittenhouse place 
Mifflin Sarah, widow of Thomas, 351 High 
Miguel Francis, barber, 236 N. Front 
Miles Catherine, widow, 110 S. Tenth 
Miles Edward, drawing master, 206 Walnut 
Miles Jacob, boot and shoe manuf. 25 S. Fourth 
Miles James, porter, near Tammany and Old York road 
Miles John, attorney at law, 86 Callowhill 
Miles Robert, carpenter, 114 south Tenth 
Miles Rebecca, widow, boarding house, 73 S. Sixth 
Miles Thomas, mariner, Penn above Cedar 
Miles Mary, w idow of John, gunsmith, 86 Callowhill 
Miley Frederick, carter, Juniper above Cherry 
Miley Frederick, jun. carter, Thirteenth below Sassafras 
Miley Jacob, victualler, Fourth above George 

[See Mar ley & Myerle. 
Milford S. dentist, 163 S. Fifth 
Millard Charles, carver, 412 N. Front 

Millemant , Christian near Fourth 

Miller Abraham & Andrew, jun. potters, 45 and 47 Zane 
fMfller Ann, washerwoman, back 169 S. Third 

Philadelphia Index. MIL 

Miller Ann, widow, nurse, 513 N. Third 

Miller Ann, gentlewoman, 199 Spruce 

fMiller Benjamin, coachman, 2 Dean's alley 

Miller Catharine, nurse, 22 Poplar lane 

Miller Catharine, widow, shopkeeper, 92 N. Third 

Miller Catharine, widow, washerwoman, Cherry near Juniper 

Miller Charles, chocolate manufacturer, Callowhill near 4th 

Miller Charles, baker, 56 Union 

Miller Christian, gentleman, Germantown road near Otter 

Miller Clement S. attorney at law, 113 Walnut— d. h. 202 

south Front 
Miller & Cooper, drygoods store, 13 N. Second 
Miller Conrad, tailor, 315 N. Front 
Miller Cornelius, ropemaker, Christian near Sixth 
Miller Daniel, innkeeper, 416 N. Second 
Miller Daniel H. hardware merchant, 162 N. Second 
Miller Daniel K. potter, 310 N. Secdnd 
Miller Daniel L. merchant, 13 N. Second 
Miller Daniel H. Coates near Eighth 
Miller David, labourer, Cedar near Thirteenth 
Miller David, porter, 8 Btird's alley 
Miller David, cedar cooper, Laurel near Budd 
fMiller David, back 5 Middle alley 
Miller Eleanor, widow, 172 Spruce 
fMiller Elisha, porter, Norman alley 
Miller Elizabeth, widow, 45 Browne 
Miller Elizabeth, tailoress, 5 N. Fourth 
Miller Frances, washerwoman, back 78 N. Fourth 
Miller George, morocco dresser, 94 N. Juniper 
Miller George, cordwainer, 187 St. John 
Miller George, victualler, 267 Eighth above Buttonwood 
Miller George, stove and saddletree maker, 148 N. Third— 

d. h. 212 Vine 
Miller George, ship joiner, 31 Charlotte 
Miller George, blacksmith, Marriott's lane near Fifth 
.Miller Hannah, schoolmistress, 238 St. John 
Miller Henry, engraver, 24 Coombs's alley 
Miller Henry, saw filer, 67 Tammany 
Miller Henry, saw filer, 42 Mulberry 
Miller Henrv, sugar refiner, Noble near Second 
Miller Henry, victualler, 262 N. Eighth— stall 12 High st 

Miller Isabella, tavernkecper, 95 south Water 
Miller Jacob, sugar boiler, Rihl's court 
Miller Jacob, baker, 18 Mulberry 
Miller Jacob, ropemaker, 73 S. Sixth between 11th and 12th 

south of Love lane 
Miller Jacob, carpenter, bet. 11th Sc 12th S. of Love lane 
Miller James, tailor, 52 N. Eighth 
Miller James, sailmaker, 112 Swanson 
Miller Jane, widow, storekeeper, 260 Sassafras 

57 ' 

MIL FJdladelphia Index. 

Miller Jesse, sexton 1st Baptist church, 42 N. Second 

Miller Joel, carpenter, 98 N. Fourth 

Miller John, NW corner Swanson & Catharine 

Miller John, farmer, Love lane near Ninth 

Miller John, mariner, 50 Swanson 

Miller John, innkeeper, 63 N. Fourth 

Miller John, sawsharpener, 56 Vine 

Miller John, jun. merchant, 109 and d. h. 202 S. Front 

Miller John, constable, 126 Callowhill 

Miller John, victualler, 20 old shambles High st. — d. h. 260 

N. Eighth 
Miller John, smith, 153 south Fifth 
Miller John C. innkeeper, 228 Swanson 
Miller John, house carpenter, 268 N. Eighth 
Miller John, combmaker, cor. Thirteenth and Ch||ry 
Miller John, hostler, 13 Sugar alley 
Miller John, drygoods store, 285 High 
Miller John P. carpenter, 22 Rachel 
Miller Jonathan, tailor, 5 Pratt's court 
Miller Joseph, grocer, NW cor. New and Third 
Miller Joseph, salt store, NW cor. Third and New 
Miller Margaret, widow, mantuamaker, Rose alley 
Miller Margaret, tutoress, 73 Queen 
Miller Mary, milliner, 128 New 
Miller Mary, segarmaker, Sch. Eighth near Cherry 
Miller Mary, tailoress, 77 N. Sixth 
Miller Mathias, ladies shoemaker, Christian near Fifth 
Miller Miss, boarding house, 98 Mulberry 
Miller 8c Moses, potters, 310 N. Second 
-j-Miller Moses, woodsawyer, 217 Lombard 
Miller Nicholas, blacksmith, New Market above Pegg 
jMUler Peter, labourer, back 159 S. Sixth 
Miller Peter, M. D. 181 Mulberry 
Miller Peter, gardener, NW cor. Cedar & Broad 
Miller Philip, printer, 5 Bell's court 
Miller Philip, tobacconist, 47 Cedar 
Miller Rachel & Co. storekeepers, 34 N. Second 
j-Miller Reuben, labourer, Middle alley near Seventh 
Miller Robert, copperplate printer, Cedar above Twelfth 
Miller Robert, labourer, Lombard below Tenth 
Miller Samuel, caipenter, 47 Green 
j-Miller Thomas, waiter, Ninth above Cedar 
Miller Thomas, watchmaker, 95 Mulberry 
Miller & Van Beuren, merchants, 109 S. Front 
Miller Win. jeweller,. &c. 49 south Second 
Miller Wm. carter, 135 Cherry 

Miller Wm. cordwainer, Fourth near George (N. L.j 
Miller Wm. T. tobacconist, 43 Coates 
Miller Wm. merchant, 55 Union 
Miller Wm. J. segar manufacturer, 56^ N. Third 
Miller Wm. tobacconist, Simmons's court (N. I..} 

Philadelphia Index. MIN 

Miller widow, washerwoman, 389 N. Third 

Miller widow, Harris's court 

Miller widow, tavernkeeper, 56 S. Water 

Millett Wm. hark manufactory, 142 N. Water 

>2illigan Francis, storekeeper, 40 north Second — d. h. 13 

Church alley 
Milligan Samuel, attorney at law, 263 Chesnut 
Milligan Wm. labourer, Jones's alley near Sch. 5th L Filbert 
MiHikin Robert, boot and shoe manuf. 24 Chesnut 
Millikin Wm. gTocer, 25 Strawberry — d. h. 24 
Milliman John, constable, 17 Carter's alley 
Millis Nehemiah, cabinetmaker, 60 Tammany 
Millman Jesse & Co. shoe warehouse, 260 High 
Millman Wm. shoemakei', 348 N. Second 
Mills George, printer, back 268 Sassafras 
Mills George, looking glass frame maker, Germantown road 

above Fourth 
Mills George, jun. cabinetmaker, 44 Crown* 
Mills John 8c Wm. weavers, Queen near Shackamaxon 
Mills Lewis, labourer, 35 Pine 
Mills Smith, constable, 79 New 

Milne Richard, merchant, 9 S. Front — d. h. 7 Sanson* 
Milner Elizabeth, widow, 46 Dock 
Miiner George, carpet weafver, 100 N. Fifth 
Milnor & Ciarkson, merchts. SW cor. Cnesnut 8c S. wharves 
Milnor Phoebe, boarding house, 1 N. Sixth 
Milnor Robert, M. D. & U. S. gauger, 161 S. Second 
Milnor "Wm. gentleman, 141 south Tenth 
Milnor Wm. jun. attorney at law, 204 Spruce 
Milward Wm. mastmaker, 9 Duke st. (N. L.) 
Minch Benjamin, SE cor. John & Second 
Minck Adam, innkeeper (Golden Fleece) 240 N. Second 
Mine J. print cutter, Q.ueen near Shackamaxon 
Minear Phoebe, preparer of eyewater, 8 Friends* Almshouse 
Mines Hannah, tavertikeeper, Beach near Maiden (K) 
Ming John, gentleman, cor. Fifth Sc Mulberry alley 
Mingle John, mariner, 22 Appletree all^y 
Mingle John & Son, blacksmiths,. 263 Sassafras 
Mingle John, sen. blacksmith, 263 Sassafras — d. h. 65 N. 8th 
Mingle John, jun. blacksmith, 263 Sassafras — d. h. 65 N. 8th 
Mingle Philip, brewer, 53 Mechanic 
Mingle Philip, bellows maker, 55 Mechanic st. 
Minhinnick Wm. plumber, Schriver's court 
Minier W m. carpenter, 112 Dillwyn 
Minore T. confectioner and fruiterer, 115 N. Third 
Minshall John, carpenter. 120 south Fifth 
f Mintus Barzillai, labourer, 14 Burd's alley 
[Mintus Elizabeth, whitewasher, adjoining 5 Gray's alley 
Mintus Jas. carpenter, SWcor. Shields's 8c Raspberry alley 
Mintworth Fadis, confectioner 8c fruiterer, SW cor. High & 


MOA Philadelphia Index. 

Mintzer Adam, carter, 321 N. Third 

Mintzer Christopher, victualler, 24 Rachel 

Mintzer Deborah, storekeeper, 315 N. Third 

Mintzer Francis, ladies shoemaker, 7 Gaskill 

Mintzer John G. police officer for N. L. and innkeeper, 351 

N. Second 
Mintzer Joseph, victualler, 244 S. Second 
Mintzer Peter, coachtrimmer, &c. 75 Mulberry 
Miskey Anthony, dry-goods store, 382 N. Second 
Mitchell Abel, ropemaker, 566 N. Second 
Mitchell Abel, jun. tailor, 566 N. Second 
Mitchell A. accountant, cor. Dillwyn & Noble 
Mitchell Benjamin, bricklayer, 114 Callowhill 
Mitchell Caleb, mariner, 194 south Water 
Mitchell Catharine, back of 3 Little Pine 
Mitchell Charle3, hairdresser and bleeder, 416 High— d. h. 

near cor. Cherry & Broad 
Mitchell Daniel,- cell keeper Philadelphia Almshouse 
Mitchell Doctor, 116 Green st. 
Mitchell Edward, cor. Vine and Crown 
Mitchell Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 128 N. Fifth 
Mitchell Francis, tax collector, Vine near Broad 
Mitchell Jacob, mahogany merchant, 131 Cedar 
Mitchell James & Co. grocers, 4 and 8 Old York road 
Mitchell James, fancy chairmaker, 10 and 12 Chesnut 
Mitchell James, chair & furniture manuf. 135 Walnut 
Mitchell James, M. D. 22 Prune 
f Mitchell James, paper stainer, 14 Christian 
Mitchell Jesse, carpenter, SE cor, Tammany & St. John 
Mitchell John K., M. D. 119 south Fifth 
Mitchell John, labourer, Prime near Swanson 
Mitchell John, tailor, North st. 
Mitchell Joseph, gunsmith, 2 Pratt's court 
Mitchell Joseph, accountant, 64 Gaskill 
Mitchell Samuel A. publisher, &c. 305 Mulberry 
Mitchell & Scheetz, grocery &. flour store, 12 Old York road 
Mitchell Thomas, fancy chairpainter, 24 Prune 
Mitchell Thomas, conveyancer, NW cor. Third & Spruce 
Mitchell & Thomman, grocers, 50 N. Third 
Mitchell Wro. currier, 45 S. Eighth 
Mitchell widow, gentlewoman, 2 S. Twelfth 
Mitchelson R. distiller, 275 N. Third 
Mite Elizabeth, spinster, Smith's court 
Mitten Robert, dealer in hay, Eighth above Callowhill 
Mittion John, tobacconist, Fourth near Poplar lane 
Mitton & Co. tobacconists, 55$ Chesnut 
Mitt on John, tobacconist, 55$ Chesnut — d. h. 4th near George 

(N. L.) 
Mix George, combmaker, cor. Baker's court & Callowhill 
Mix George, combmaker, 124 Brown 
Moak Cynthia, tailoress, 7 Juniper alley 


Philadelphia Index. MON 

Moe Catharine, storekeeper, cor. of Rihl's court & Third ' 

Moffat Adam, shoemaker, Pearson's court 

Moffat Spencer, grocer, NW cor. Eleventh 8c Sassafras 

Moffett Alexander, NE cor. Cedar &. Twelfth 

Moffit &. Killion, grocers, Bickley's wharf 

Moffitt Henry, shoefinder, 177 Sassafras 

Mogridge Thomas, currier, under 65 Chesmit 

Mohere Henry, ship chandler, 37 Shippen 

Molineux Benjamin, hatter, 377 Sassafras 

Molineux John E. hairdresser, 187 and 189 Cedar 

Mollony Joseph C. brushmaker, 62 Dock 

Molony James, currier, Gray's ferry road below Cedar 

Molony James, porter, 4 St. Mary's alley 

Molony John D. grocer, cor. Laurel & Front (N. L.) 

Molony , leather store, 34 Carter's alley 

Monell John, merchant tailor, 20 S. Third 

Monell Wm. shoemaker, 167 St. John 

Money Joseph, tavernkeeper, Leetitia court 

Money Mary, widow, 170 S. Sixth 

Monges John R., M. D. 13 Sansom 

Monier Daniel, watchman, lower Lombard 

Monk Wm. gilder, 23 Franklin court 

Monnington Elizabeth, widow, 87 Kunckel 

f Monroe Stephen, mariner, 13 Gaskill 

Monroe Wm. F. shoestore, 145 S. Second 

Montant Claudius, 149 Pine 

Montelius Marcus & Co. tobacconists, 270 High 

Montelius Wm. 277 High— d. h. 50 N. Seventh 

Montgomery Andrew, teacher, 330 S. Front — school 64 

Montgomery Austin, merchant, 41 N. Front — d. h. 252 MiU« 

.Montgomery Charles, 123 Spruce 

Montgomery David, carter, 4 Prune 

Montgomery Henry, combmaker, 171 S. Second— d. h. NE 
cor. Third & Lombard 

Montgomery, J. C. 338 Mulberry 

Montgomery James, 48 Mead alley 

Montgomery John, carpenter, cor. Wood & Ninth 

Montgomery Joseph, merchant, 101 N. Front — d. h. 4 Rit-. 
tenhouse place 

Montgomery Rev. James, 148 S. Ninth 

Montgomery Samuel, weaver, Ann near Twelfth 

Montgomery Thomas, gentleman, NE cor. John & Wood 

Montgomery Wm. merchant, 128 Mulberry 

Montgomery Wm. boot &, shoemaker, NE cor. Chesnut & 

Montgomery Wm. merch. ,101 N. Front— d. h. 128 Mulberry 

Montgomery William, jun. merch. Union St.— d. h. 63 Lom- 
bard cor. Third 

Montgomery Wm. & Son, merchants, 101 N. Front . 



Philadelphia hide.i\ 

Montgomery widow of Benjamin, 14 Wells's row 

Montmollk) Fredk. late auctioneer, SE cor. Ninth & High 

Montmollin ML & L. fancy drygoods store, 3^ S. Second 

Moody David, teacher, 1 Strawberry alley 

Moon Wm. ladies shoemaker, 12 S. 2d & Fourth near Arch 

Mooney Dennis, blacksmith, 401 N. Third 

Mooney Hugh, mariner, Swanson near Catharine 

Mooney Hugh, labourer, 191 S. Sixth 

Mooney Jacob, victualler, 250 St. John, 

Mooney James, carter, 2 Cedar 

Mooney James, carter, St. Mary near Seventh 

Mooney John, brewer, 118 Callowhill 

Mooney John, labourer, Washington st. Morrisville 

Moor Ann, fortune-teller, 5 Little Dock 

Moore Abednego, wire coverer, 108 Budd 

Moore Andrew, brushmaker, 119 N. Third 

Moore Arthur, teacher, Pearl st. 

Moore Bernard, dealer, 44 south Fifth 

Moore Catharine, 73 south Eleventh 

Moore Charles, drayman, Kesler's alley 

Moore David, boarding house, 26 Spruce 

Moore David, grocer, south side Spruce st. wharf — d. h. 26 

Moore David, George west Schuylkill 
Moore Elizabeth, widow, 43 Filbert 
Mocre George, 16 N. Front 
Moore Hannah, washerwoman, 270 S. Seventh 
Moore Henry, carter, Cherry near Eleventh 
Moore James, soapboiler, Sixth near Coates 
Moore James, maltster, 5 Meyevs's court 
Moore James, merchant, 61 N. Front 
Moore James, weaver, Sch. Front between High St Filbert 
Moore James, oak cooper, 28 Bread 
Moore James, sea captain, 132 S. Eighth 
Moore Jeremiah, ccrdwainer, 181 Cherry 
Moore John 3 carpenter, 321 Sassafras & Kunckel bel. Greeu 
Mcore John, bricklayer, 279 Sassafras 
Moore John, victualler, 98 Garden 
Moore John Wilson, M.D. 61 Spruce & 63 S. Seventh 
Moore John, engraver, 57 Filbert 
Moore John 8c Son, curriers, 96 N. Seventh 
Moore John, plasterer, 24 Mary 
Moore Jonathan, boarding house, 13 Crab 
Moore Joseph, shipwright, Second above Federal 
Moore Maria, bandbox maker, 122 New 
Moore Mary, widow, shopkeeper, 189 Cherry 
Moore Man - , widow, Marble st. 
Moore Man - , widow, 20 New Market 
Moore Mary and Sarah, 2 Bank 
Moore Priscilla, boarding house, 33 Coates 
Mcore Robert, groeer, 270 S. Seventh 

Philadelphia Index. N MOR 

Moore Robert M. accountant, 20 New Market 

Moore Robert, collector, 23 Coates 
Moore Samuel, carpenter, cor. Fourth & George 
Moore Samuel F. plasterer, Callowhill above Eleventh 
Moore Sarah, widow, 89 Pine 

Moore Sarah, widow, boarding house, 19 N. Seventh 
Moore Sarah Ann, mantuamaker, Maple st. 
Moore Sarah, widow, Quince near Walnut 
Moore Win. Rev. 100 Green 
Moore VVm. plasterer, 227 Shippen 
Moore Wm. carpenter, 120 DiLlwyn 
Moore Wm. cordwainer, Starr alley 
Mocre Wm. L. accountant, 20 New Market 
Moore Wm. weaver, Pegg st. 
Moore Win. soap and candle manuf. 127 S. Sixth 
Moran Patrick, weddigger, near cor. Sch. Second & Vine 
yMoraut Charles, mariner, 5 Allen's court 
Morasco Sebastian, innkeeper, NW cor. Second &. Lombard 
Moreland Daniel, soap boiler, Lily alley 
Morgan Benjamin, merchant, 297 Chesnut 
Morgan Benjamin R. judge district court, 41 Mulberry 
Morgan Gilbert, cabinetmaker, 3 Hoffman's alley 
Morgan Jacob, grocer, 155 N. Sixth 
Morgan James, carpenter, 198 Eighth above Vine 
Morgan John, gentleman, NE eor. Third & Union 
Morgan Nicholas, stevedore, 2 Elfreth's alley- 
Morgan Peter, storekeper, 201 south Second 
Morgan Thomas, neats foot oil, glue, &c. manufactory, 381 

Morgan Thomas, A. merchant, 41. Dock — d. h. 94 S. Front 
Morgan "Wm. glue & cowskin whipmaker. Wood n. Twelfth 
Morgan Wm. II. carver & gilder, 114 Chesnut 
Morgan W. sea captain, Swaiison below Christian 
Morgan Wm. labourer, High W. of Sch. Fourth 
Morgan & West, sign and wall painters, 207 S. Fourth 
Morin Alexander C. jeweller, 113 N. Third 
Morin John, jeweller, Sec. 23 north Third 
Morning Jarvis, baker, Maria st. 

Morrell Abraham, sea captain, between Vine & "Wood 
Morrell I. W. accountant & collector, 181 south Front 
Morrell James, accountant, ?18 N. Fifth 
Morrell James, hatter, 121 north Water 
Morrell Mrs. midwife, 88 Union [See Mxirrell & Morel. 

Morrell Robert, house carpenter, 8 Franklin court 
Morrell T. chocolate manufacturer, 26 S. Tenth 
Morris Aaron, carter, 480 north Second 
Morris Abigail, widow, 326 Arch 
■{■Morris Amy, washerwoman, 3 Elmslie's alley 
Morris Ann," widow, 52 Zane st. 

Morris Anna, Mrs. widow of Robert, jun. 282 Chesnut 
Morris Anthony, druggist, 28 north Sixth 

MOR Philadelphia Index, 

Morris Anthony J. gentleman, 126 Pine 

Morris Anthony P. currier & morocco finisher, 68 S. Third 

— d. h. 19 Church alley 
Morris Benjamin, cordwainer, 98 Poplar 
Morris Berzilla, widow, betweeen Ninth and Garden 
Morris & Brother, druggists, &.c. 45 north Third — laboratory 

470 Race ^ 

Morris Catharine W. 56 north Fourth 
Morris Casper W. gent. 19 Prune 
Moms & Coates, merchants, 32£ Walnut 
Morris &. Carter, merchants, 175 High 
Morris Frederick, shoemaker, Maria st. 
fMorris George, porter, 39 Currant alley 
Morris George, merchant, 175 High 
Morris George W. brushmaker, 19 north Third 
Morris George, merchant, 236 Spruce 
Morris George L. bookbinder, 2 Dock 
Morris Henry, iron store & coal yard, SW eor. Sch. Seventh 

and High st. 
Morris Isaac, cordwainer , 97 Poplar 
Morris Isaac W. late brewer, 144 S. Fourth 
Morris Israel W. gent. 3 north Thirteenth 
Morris Jeremiah, druggist, 293 High 
fMorris Jeremiah, porter, 22 Gaskill 
Morris John, carter, 137 north Fifth 
Morris John, brushmaker, Washington near Second 
Morris John, carpenter & storekeeper, 336 Sassafras 
Morris John, accountant, 309 Walnut 
Morris Joseph, hatter, 12 Chancery lane 
Morris Joseph, city commissioner, 58 north Eighth 
fMorris J. dealer, cor. Spruce Sc Second — d. h. 85 Bedforo 

Morris Luke W. gentleman, 93 south Eighth 
Morris Lydia, widow, Washington near Second 
Morris Miles, baker, 10 St. Mary- 
Morris St Moore, shopkeepers, 67 Sassafras 
Morris Morris, shopkeeper, 179 Race st. 
Morris Mrs. widow, 1 Loxlev's court 
Morris Rachel, N. Front above Coates, west side 
Morris Reese, tax collector, 33 Wood NW cor. of Fifth 
Morris Richard Hill, stock Sc exchange broker, Walnut be- 
low "Hock — d. h. 250 Spruce 
Morris Samuel P. smithery, SW cor. Sch. Seventh & High 

Morris Samuel B. merchant, 34 south wharves — d. h. 93 g. 

Morris Wm. tailor, 32 Elfreth's alley 
Morris Samuel, mariner, Penn above Cedar 
Morris Susan, Miss 35 Filbert 
Morris Wm. shoemaker, 40 Garden 
Morris Wm. P. attorney at law, 86 Arch 

Philadelphia Index. 

Morris Thomas, brewer, 86 N. Second 

Morris Warder, drug-gist, 45 N. Third — d. h. 29 Mulberry 

Morris Wm. turner, 10 Elfreth's alley 

Morris W. cabinetmaker, 143 south Fifth 

Morris , bottler, George st. next Dr. Staughton's Ch. 

Morrison Ann, gentlewoman, Sch. Fifth near Market st. 

Morrison Israel, silversmith, 221 Shippen 

Morrison John, agent for Lehigh Coal Comp. 109 Poplar lane 

Morrison Sarah, teacher, 140 south Ninth 

Morrison Wm. cordwainer, 4 Cypress alley 

Morrison Wm. sea captain, 152 S. Tenth 

Morrow Archibald J. carpenter, SE cor. of Juniper &. Cherry 

Morrow Catharine, teacher, 174 north Fifth 

Morrow John, weaver, Thirteenth helow Cedar 

Morrow Samuel, smith, 187 and 189 S. Fifth [See JMurrow. 

Morse Henry, teacher, 43 Zane st. 

fMorss Andrew, waiter, 131 Locust 

Mort & Bomersler, merchants, 125 High 

Mort Wm. P. dry good merchant, 125 High — d. h. 90 Vine 

Mortimer J. bookseller & stationer, 74 S. Second — d. h. 78 

Mortin Janus, flour &. feed store, S W corner of Second and 

TMorton Abraham, waiter, Bedford near Eighth 
Morton A. leghorn & bonnet warehouse, 35 S. Fourth 
Morton John, president of N. A. Bank, 116 S. Front 
Morton Joseph, boatbuilder, Maiden near Stone Bridge 
Morton Margaret, widow, 287 Spruce 
Morton Thomas, carpenter, Otter st. 
Morton Thomas, 94 N. Second 
Mory Elizabeth, widow, 249 S. Front 
Mosely George, house carpenter, 61 S. Juniper st. 
Moser Jacob, victualler, Queen below Cherry 
Moses Henry, currier, Fourth near Poplar lane 
Moses Manuel & Co. dry goods store, 230 S. Second 
Moses Solomon, merchant, counting house, NJE cor. Walnut 

& Front — d. h. NE cor. Chesnut and Eighth st. 
Moslander George, oysterman, 326 south Second 
Mosley Samuel, cabinetmaker, 4 Henry Bell's court 
Moss Ann, widow of George, Callowhill abo^'r Eleventh 
fMoss Benjamin, labourer, Green's court 
Moss Christopher, cordwainer, Ger. road below Fourth 
Moss Elizabeth, school mistress, 467 N. Third 
Moss Jacob, quill manufacturer & fancy stationer, 65 S- 

Third st. 
Moss James, at Merchants' Coffee House, 198 N. Eighth 
Moss John, merchant, 77 S. Front— d. h. 189 Spruce 

[See Jllaas, JMorse & Jforss. 
Moss Samuel, merchant, 77 S. Front — d. h. 191 Spruce 
Hossett Francis, dealer, NE cor. of Sixth & Lombard 
Mossop John, cordwainer, 142 N. Third 


\I(YPi-' Philadelphia Index. 

Mott Edward, paint manufactory, 10 Fetter lane — store 2 

Cherry st. 
Mott Wim accountant, 279 N. Third 
Mott Wm. china merchant, 237 N. Second 
Moulder Isaac, mariner, 9 Cleaver alley 
Moulder Joseph, shipwright, 13 John 
Moulder Margaret, widow, 24 P ear 
Moulder Wm. justice of the peace, 330 N. Second 
Moullin Nicholas, cordwainer, China st. 
Moult Wm. merchant, 29 N. Twelfth 
Moult Wm. merchant, 42 S. Front 9t. 
Mounier J. P. hairdresser, &c. 22 S. Fourth 
Mount Timothy, gent. 134^ Arch 
f Mounteer Joseph, cordwainer, back 9 Middle alley 
Moutea George, cordwainer, 27 Sugar alley 
Moyer Casper, gardener, Shippen's lane near Carpenter 
Moyer Thomas, saddler, &.c. 26 High 
Movers Michael, oakcooper, New Market near Noble 
Moyers Charles, shoemaker, 116 N. Third st. 
Moyes James, gentleman, 119 Pine 
Moyn John, bootmaker, 88 south Third 
Mowrey Andrew, victualler, buck of 216 N. Eighth 
Mowrey II. shopkeeper, 80 Green st. 
Mowrey Jacob, Ridge road near toll gate, Francisville 
Mudge Enoch, shoe store, 232 High st. 
Muhlenberg David, iron founder, 295 Sassafras 
Muhlenberg, widow, 162 Arch 
Muir David, cordwainer, 7 Christian 
Muir John, house carpenter & sexton Mrs. Duncan's church, 

Thirteenth near Market 
Muirhead Wm. keeper Burn's Tavein, Bank st. head of 

Elbow lane 
Mulford Samuel, tailor, 36 Kunckel 
Mulhollen Charles, weaver, Cedar above Thirteenth 
Mull Benjamin, combmaker, 177 Cherry st. 
Mullen Elizabeth, nurse, 16 Watson's alley 
Mullen James, tailor, back of 184 Lombard 
Mullen James, biscuit baker, 134 St. John 
Mullen John, labourer^35 Zane st. 
Mullen John, dealer, 10 Hurst 
Mullen John, carpenter, SheafF's court 
Mullen Mary, milliner, 46 Arch 
Muller Mrs. boarding house, 31 Chesnut st. 
Muller Charles, sea captain. 94 Lombard 
Mulligan Samuel, weaver, Thirteenth above Cedar 
Mulliken Magdalen, milliner, 91 Callowhill 
Mullins John, merchant, 23 Minor 
MuHison John, bricklayer, 63 Tammany 
Mulock Edward, cordwainer, 33 Lawrence st. 
Mulock George, currier, cor. Third and Ger. road 
Mulock Leah, widow, boarding house, 249 High 

Philadelphia Index. MUR 

Mulock Isaac R. currier, Maria st. 

Mulvey Joseph, merchant, 33 south Front st. 

Mulvey Charles, Spanish consul for Georgia, 242 Spruc« 

Mummer Henry, weaver, 48 Kunckel 

Munheimer Jacoh, trader, 175 Coates st. 

Muny Michael, 236 N. Water 

Muuyan John, wheelwright, 497 High 

Murdock Hannah, widow, cor. Carpenter and Fifth 

Murdcck Mrs. widow, NE cor. Fifth and Carpenter 

Murdock Samuel, sea captain, 200 south Fourth 

Murdock Thomas, bookbinder, 4 Fromberger's court 

Murdock Mm. merchant, 67 N. Water— d. h. 309 Ar,cti ■ 

Mark Adam, 5$2 S. Front 

Murphey Cornelius, cordwainer, 38 Vine 

Murphey Daniel, tailor, 41 Coates's alley 

Murphey David, tailor, 2 N. Water 

Murphy Arthur, bricklayer, 62 Arch 

Murphy Daniel, dry goods store, Frankford road 

Murphy Hannah, widow, Cresson's alley 

Murphy James, tavernkeeper, 34 Washington st. (C) 

Murphy John, weaver, Shippen above Shippen's lane 

Murphy John & James, trunk & saddle tree makers, 75 Green 

Murphy Joseph, tailor, 11 Wood st. 

Murphy M. tavernkeeper, 141 Walnut st. 

Murphy Malcom, smith, Juniper near Kelley's alley 

Murphy Patrick, labourer, 92 N. Water 

Murphy Richard, boarding house, 43 Prune 

Murphy Robert, boot & shoemaker, 17 S. Third 

Murphy Samuel, 96 Oak st. (N. L.) 

Murphy Win. G. bookbinder, &c. 316 Sassafras 

Murphy widow, 52 Oak st. (N. L.) 

Mmphy , cabinetmaker, 30 S. Fifth 

Murray Abraham, steam scourer, 78 S. Fifth 
Murray Alexander, blacksmith, 206 Cherry 
jMurray Charles, waiter, 33 Middle alley 
* Murray Daniel, wheelwright, Maple st. 
Murray George, oakcooper, 204 S. Water and 205 S. Front 

d. h. NE cor. Second and Union 
Murray Geosge, fancy store, 187 S. Second 
Murray Hugh, weaver, 30 Mead alley 
Murray Isabella, nurse, Hoffner's alley 
Murray Jacob, mariner, back 15 Parham's alley 
Murray James W. attorney at law, 60 S. Sixth 
Murray James, bookbinder, 2 Hinckel's court 
Murray James, weaver, 289 Race 
Murray Jane, 47 Race 

Murray John, cordwainer, S. Second near Mary 
Murray Joseph, boot Sc shoe manufacturer, 51 S. Third 
Murray Lewis, blacksmith, SE. cor. of Federal and Irish 

Track lane 
Murray Mary, widow, 166 S. Fifth 


MYR Philadelphia hide, 

Murray Michael, tailor, 19 Noble 

f Murray Robert, labourer, Osborne's court 

y Murray Samuel, n. aster sweep, 56 Small 

Murray Simon, clothes dealer, Dean's court 

Murray Wm. oakcooper, 205 S. Front 

Murrow Peter, chairmaker, 400 N Second [See Mm 

Muitow Peter, chairmaker, Boehm's court 

Murtlia Wm. dry goods store, 39 N. Second 

Musgrave Catharine, storekeeper, 352 N. Second 

Musgrave James, broker, SE cor. Chesnut and Third — d. h. 

234 Spruce 
MnsgTove Andrew, drover, SE cor. High & Sch. Seventh 
Musgrove Massey, gent. 180 Spruce 
Musser Sarah, widow, boarding house, 28 north Sixth 
Musser Wm. merchant, 263 High— d. h. 36 N. Seventh 
Mussini Nancy, widow, storekeeper, 343 High 
Mustin Anthony, accountant, Fries's court 
Mustin Benjamin, gent. 6 Library st. 
Mustin John, storekeeper, 80 N. Second 
Mybert E. widow, 7 Tammany 
Myerle David, ropemuker, Seventh near Prince 
Myers Ann, marketwoman, St. John st. 
Myers Anthony, merchant, 154 High— d. h. NW cor. Fifth 

and Powell 
Myers Catharine, Mary, and Martha, widows, Sixth n. Green 
Myers Catharine, widow, 141 N. Fifth 
Myers Catharine, widow, 11 Gray's alley 
Myers Frederick St Melchor, carters, Sixth near Green 
Myers George, tavernkeeper, 92 S. Water st. 
Myers Jacob, baker, Vine near Thirteenth 
Myers Jacob, carpenter, George st. (N. L.) 
Myers James, carpenter, 198 Lombard 
Myers Jane, widow, boarding house, 338 High 
Myers John, victualler, Locust above Juniper 
Myers John H. baker, 9 Elfreth's alley 
Myers John, storekeeper near New Penitentiary 
Myers John Henry, tavernkeeper, 26 Frank^n court 
Myers John, victualler, SW cor. Broad & George st. 
Myers Marmaduke, watchman, Federal above Second 
Myers Mary, widow, dealer, 28 Lombard 
Myers Mrs., widow, 32 Christian 

Myers Samuel, carter, Wright's court [See JMeyers. 

Myers Thomas, accountant, 82 Wood st. 
Myers Thomas, seaman, 444 N. Front 
Myers Wm. bleeder 8c tooth drawer, 299 N. Third st. 
Myers Warnet, coach & sign painter, shop Front second 

door above Callowhill — d. h. 38 Budd 
Myley Catharine, widow, victualler, 106 Brown 
Mynich Jacob, painter & glazier, 81 N. Fifth 
Myring Joseph, lapidary & engraver on glass, 16 Franklin ct. 
-Mvrtetus Susanna, widow, 43 Christian 

Philadelphia Index. NRE 

NACE JACOB, nail manufactory, 163 St. John 

Nace John jr. nailer, Lily alley 

Nace Rachel, nurse, 29 Cresson's alley 

Naff" Christian, carpet weaver, 297 Callowhill 

Nagel Samuel R. book-binder, 1 Little Pine 

Nagle Benjamin, lumber merchant, yard Beach (K) near 

High Bridge— d. h. 454 North Second [See JYegley 

Nagle George, silver-plater, High near Thirteenth 
Nagle John, 413 North Front 
Nagle John, lumber yard and steam saw-mill, Beach and 

Marsh streets 
Nagle Michael, innkeeper, 145 Locust 
Nagle Patrick G. shoemaker, 58 North Fourtli 
Nailer Samuel, ship carpenter, 52 Duke (N. L.) 
Nail William, watchman, Arch near Juniper 
Nancrede Joseph, gentleman, 164 South Tenth 
Nancrede Joseph G. M.D. 151 South Tenth 
Nancrede Nicholas, M.D. N. W. corner Fifth and Powel 
Napheys Cornelius, carpenter, 33 Palmyra square 
Napier Wm. printer, Merriott's lane above Fifth 
Nardin F. J. watch-case maker, 14 Quarry 
Nare Tobias, nailer, Lily alley 
Narth Sarah, widow, milliner, 177 South Second 
Nash Sarah, widow, 12 Kunkel street 
Nassau Wm. tobacconist, 77 High — d. h. 64 South Fifth 
Nathan Isaac, labourer, N. E. corner of Green and St. John 
Nathans Isaiah, merchant, 252 North Second 
Nathans Jacob, exchange broker, 78 North Ninth 
Nathans Benjamin, attorney at law, 177 South Fifth 
Natt Thomas, carver, gilder, and looking-glass manufacturer;, 

78 Chesnut 
Naverre Peter, baker, 212 South Sixth 
Naves Benjamin, mate, 111 South Front 
Naylor Charlotte, widow, Sansom court 
Neagle James, engraver, 12 North Seventh 
Neal Anna, store keeper, 306 North Second 
Neal B. T. hatter, 108 High 
Neal Christiana, widow, Union Circulating Library, 201 

Chesnut street next door above the Theatre 
Neal E. weaver, Peg street corner Roger's court 
Neal John, sea captain, 6 New Market 
Neal John, cordwainer, 250 Lombard 
Neal Mary, 75 Queen 
Neal William, printer and tavernkeeper, Franklin hotel, 

2 Harmony street [See Neill 

Neber Christopher, baker, 264 North Eighth 
Nebinger Anthony, coachmaker, 467 South Front 
Needles Edward, druggist, &c. 105 South Ninth 
Needles Joseph and John, wire workers, &c. 58 N. Front 
Needles Joseph A. wire worker, 23 Race 
Neely Archibald, innkeeper, corner Sch. Seventh and Say 
Neely John, drover, Say street 


MEW Philadelphia Index, 

Neely Robert, drover, Sch. Eighth above llace 

Neely William, drayman, Juniper near Vine 

Kef! G. W . attorney at law, 64 South Sixth 

Neff.T. It. merchant, 37 North Water — d. h" 7 South K 

Neff Jacob, mercer and tailor, 309 High 

NefT Robert W. tobacconist, 106 High from Schuylkill 

Neff Rudolph, grocer, N. W. corner Vine and Eighth 

Negley Wm. pilot, Christian between Second and Third 

Negus Stephen, merchant, 4 Ranstead court 

Neil Lewis, gentleman, 184 High 

Neil Thomas, weaver, Jones' alley near Sch. Fourth 

Neill Daniel, watchmaker, 254 North Second 

Neill Henry, M.D. 112 Spruce [See Xeal 

Neill Rev. Dr. William, 214 Pine 

Neill Sarah, boarding house, 15 Elfreth's alley 

Neill Samuel, grocer, Second street Germantown road 

Neiman Casper, blacksmith, 95 Crown 

Neiser George, jeweller, M'Culley's court 

Nekervis Thomas, 6 Norris's alley 

Neide Charles, ladies shoemaker, Christian nearFifdi 

Neilson Noble Caldwell, 172 South Third 

Nelson Ambrose, sea captain, 201 South Seventh 

Nelson George, currier, 4 Pennsylvania Avenue 

Nelson John, tanner, 83 St. John 

Nelson James, coachmaker, 33 Mechanic 

Nelson Martin, suspender, he. manufactory 158 High 

Nelson Mary, tutoress, 3 Bird's alley 

Nelson Noble C. 113 North Fifth 

fNelson Ralph, waiter, 241 South Seventh 

Nelson Thomas, 33 Mechanic. 

Nelson, Thomas, caulker, Marlboro near Shackamaxon (K) 

Nepps Abraham, gunmaker, 262 St. John 

Nepps Mary, widow, 262 St. John 

Nepps Charles, gunmaker, 262 St. John 

Nesbitt , 39 Bedford 

Nevling Daniel, sign Hornet and Peacock, Beach (K) 

Nevins James, exchange broker, 2 5 S. Third— d. h. 300 Arch 

Nevins S. ■&. G. stock and exchange brokers, 25 S. Third 

Nevins Samuel, exchange broker, 25 and d. h. 134 S. Third 

Newbold C. jun. merchant, 33 S. Front — d. h. 148 Chesnut 

Newbold Samuel, gentleman, 18 Pine 

Newburn Sarah, widow, Old York road above Noble 

Newcomb h Dantferth, curriers, N. E. cor. Fourth & R 

Newcomb Hezekiah, N. E. corner Fourth and Race 

Newel] Ann, widow, 100 Wood 

Newell James, labourer, St. John near Poplar 

Newell James, tobacconist, 233 Shippen 

Newell Jane, widow, Barclay's court 

Newell James W. tailor, John street 

Newell John, grocer, High near Sch. Fifth 

Newell John B. accountant, 26 Mulberry 

Newell Martha, widow of Wm, grocer, 32 A. 

I'h iladelph in Inde.i. N L( 

Newell Simon, ship carpenter, Marlboro near Prince 

Newell William, merchant, 12 High 

Newell Wm. flour and feed store, 166 Cherry 

Newham John, carpenter, S. E. cor. Sassafras and Broad 

Newham Richard, pattern maker, Sassafras near Broad 

Newhouse Jacob W. hairdresser and bleeder with leeches, 

156 North Third 
Newkirk Garrett, merchant, 41 North Front — d. h. 34 
Newkirk Matthew, dry good merchant, 95 High — d. h. 94 

Newkirk & Heberton, merchants, 95 Higii 
Newkirk Isaac, carpenter, 563 South Front 
Newkirk Sarab, widow, Hanover near Queen (K) 
Newlin John S. dry good store, 54 North Second 
Newlin Margaret, widow, grocer, 50 Spruce 
Newlin Nathaniel, cordwaincr, 58 North Fourth 
Xewlin, P. C. boarding house 100 Arch street 
Newlin Thomas, boarding- house, 76 South Eighth 
Newbold Michael, grazier, 77 South Sixth 
Newcomb Asaph, stirrup manuf. Queen below Sixth 
Newcomb Bayse jr. attorney at law, 124 Walnut 
Newman Benjamin, tailor, 11 Sterling alley 
Newman Caleb, bricklayer, 15 Quarry street 
Newman C. tavern keeper, Library street 
Newman Conrad, tailor, 96 New 
Newman Daniel, grocer, 259 North Eighth 
•{■Newman Elizabeth, washerwoman, Webb's alley 
Newman Heniy, cordwainer, 174 South Second 
fNewman James, dealer, 49^ S. Eighth— d. h. Acorn alley 
Newman J. B. mereht. 53 Walnut — d. h. 20 Washington 
Newman Jacob, accountant, 214 North Sixth 
Newman Lucy, shopkeeper, 249 North Front 
Newman Thomas, stock and exchange broker,42 Walnut — 

d. h. 20 south Seventh 
Newman William, labourer, Lombard E. of Sch. Seventh 
Newman widow, Beach near Shackamaxon 
Newman widow of John, 6 S. Water, New England Hotel 
Newport Ben j. wheelwright, &c. 305 North Third — d. h. 

217 north Fourth 
Newport Jesse W. dry goods store, 69 North Second 
Newsman Thomas, shoemaker, 422 north Fourth 
Newton George, grocer, S. E. cor. of Callowhill and Eighth 
Newton Thomas W. turner and machine maker, 42 North 

Newton Thomas, cork cutter, 90 South Fifth 
Nice Frederick, shoemaker, 5 Poplar 
fNice James, whitewash er, 114 Cherry 
Nice John, cabinet maker, M'Crollish's court 
Nice John, turner and machine maker, 51 Old York road 
Nice Joseph, accountant, 20 Cresson's alley 
Nice Levi, machine maker and turner, 51 Old Voi'k road 
holas A St. Clair, merchant, 79 S. Front— d. h. 289 Race 

NOL Philadelphia Index. 

Nicholas Aaron, saw maker, 118 south Front 

Nicholas F. C. & Co. morocco dressers, 19-i Vine 

Nicholas S. merchant, 185 Walnut 

Nichol Jacob, carter, Noble near Front 

Nicholl John, labourer, Say street 

Nichols George, waterman, 460 South Front 

Nichols A. S. merchant, 289 Race 

Nichols William, Arch near Sch. Front 

Nichols Enoch, tailor, 47 Callowhill 

Nicholson John H. carpenter, 226 North Sixth 

fNicholson John, dealer, 219 Shippen 

Nicholson John, mariner, 252 north Water 

Nicholson Lindsev, lumber merchant, vard 254 Chesnut 

.above Ninth— A. h. 326 High 
Nicolas Lewis, upholsterer, N. W. corner Chesnut and Fifth, 

d. h. 438 Chesnut 
Nicols James, shipwright, 6 Mead alfey 
Nickels Casper, jeweller, 3 Burd's court 
Nicklin Julia, widow of Philip, 278 Walnut 
Nicklin Philip H. bookseller, &c. 175 Chesnut— d. h. 110 

South Eighth 
Nickerson David, printer, 198 Race 
Nickerson John, mariner, Rose alley 
Nidda Frederick K. merchant, 12 North Third 
Nigley Francis, morocco dresser, 204 Vine 
Nightlinger John, vict. James above Rugan 
Nile William, shoemaker, 95 Mulberry 
Xiles Daniel, cordwainer, 95 Arch 
Niles Elizabeth, widow, back 22 North alley 
Nisbet Ann, widow, 64 North Fourth 
Nisbet John, grocer, 381 North Second 
Nisbett Michael, merchant, 26 South Front — d. h. 86 Race 
Nixon Alexander G. coachmaker 112 Vine 
Nixon Henry, merchant, 333 Arch, N. E. corner Ninth — 

c. h. 93 south wharves 
.Nixon- James, merch. 159 High — d. h. 22 North Seventh 
Nixon John, house carpenter, 13 South Thirteenth 
Nixon Richard, dealer, 238 South Seventh 
Nixon Rebecca, widow, 37 Pewterplatter alley 
Nixon Silas, mariner, 58 Coates's street 
Noble Eleanor, dry goods store, 381 South Second 
Noble Helen, dry goods store, 381 South Second 
Noble James, coppersmith, 20.5 North Fourth 
Noble Samuel, shoemaker, 111 Browne 
Xoblet Keulin, carpenter, Lemon street 
Noblet Mary, widow of Francis, Fourth below Christian 
Nogle Gottleib, paver, Lily alley 
Noland Elizabeth, tutoress, Clever alley 
Nolen Charles, furniture warehouse, 189 south Second— d; h. 

153 South Second 
Nolen Elizabeth, milliner. 194 South Second 

Philadelphia Index. NVfr 

Nolen Spencer, clock dial mariuf. 8 S. Third — d. h. 189 

Nones Benjamin, notary public and sworn interpreter of fo- 
reign languages, 22 Chesnut 
Xones David B. merchant, 150 South Second 
Nonnater Charles H. vict. Juniper above Cherry 
Norbury Joseph B. attorney at law, d. h. 71 Wood 
Norcross Chapin, corkcutter, 40 Strawberry 
Norgrave Hannah, widow, 423 North Third 
jNorman John, coachman, Raspberry alley 
Norkway Catharine, widow, 403 South Front 
Norris Isaac, hatter, 32 North Front 
Norris Isaac, dry good store, 63 North Second 
Xorris Isaac AY. shipchandler and ropemaker, store corner 

Vine and Water— d. h. 218 North Front 
Xorris John, drayman, Sch. Eighth near Vine 
Xorris Joseph P. president Bank of Pennsylvania, 509 Ches- 
Xorris Joseph, shipwright, Beach near Warren 
Xorris Jos. P. jr. attorney at law, 183 Chesnut 
Norris Samuel, mariner, Carpenter near Fourth 
Norris Samuel, shoemaker, S. E. corner of Fifth and Race 
Xorris Wm. L. stone-cutter, Sch. Second above Vine 
Xorth Caleb, hue sheriff, 277 Chesnut 
North Jacob, 253 Xorth Front 
Xorth John, seminary corner of Dillwver and Green — d. h, 

359 Xorth Third 
Xorth Jane, storekeeper, 66 Sassafras 

North R. stonecutter, 53 Filbert and N. E. corner of Tenth 
North Stephen, druggist, &c. 14 North Second — d. h 

North Fifth N. W. comer Xorth street 
Northern Liberty Bank, 77 Vine 
Northrop Enoch, cedar cooper, 55 Lombard 
Norton Barbara, washerwoman, Kugler's court 
Norton Wm. L. printer, South Second near John 
Norton John, hack owner, 254 South Fourth 
Norton Jane, nurse, 13 Cresson's alley 
fNorton Wm. baker, Middle alley 
Norton Rebecca, layer out of the* dead, Kugler's court 
Norvell J. editor and publisher of the Franklin Gazette — 

office Carpenter's court— d. h. li9 South Ninth 
Nossitter Thomas, assistant at Post -Office, 119 north Front 
Notter J. baker, 46 Green street 
Nouch Lewis F. oysterman, 220 Lombard 
Novering Nathan, tanner, Second street Germantown road 
Nowland John, mahogany sawyer, Cedar below Seventh 
Nowland Thomas, court back of 46 North Seventh 
Nowland Thomas, storekeeper, 34 South Third , 
Nowlen John, mahogany sawyer, Lily alley 
Nowlin C onlay, 379 North Front 
Nowling Joseph, shingle shaver, back of 42 Ana 
Nugent R. cooper, 43 South Water 


O'HA Philadelphia Index. 

Null Anthony, saddler, 367 North Fourth 

Nunelly Nathaniel, accountant, S. E. comer of Pine and 

Nutt Aaron, tobacconist, 8 Baker's court 
Nutt Edmund, tailor, Shield's court 
Nuttz Ebenezer, store keeper, 55 Wood 
Nutt John, tailor, 170 North Water 
Nutt William, plasterer, 61 North Seventh 
Nuttall David, weaver, 103 North Ninth 
fNuttle Isaac, boot cleaner, Acorn alley 

OAKFORD & PENROSE, curriers, 38 S. Fifth street 

Oakford Joseph L. merchant, 196 High— d. h. 195 Spruce 

Oakford Richard, merchant, 84 High — d. h. 21 Sansom 

Oakley George, gentleman, 22 Dock 

Oat Charlotte, widow, 306 Race 

Oat George H. accountant, 158 Cherry 

Oat Joseph, bookbinder, 2 Clawges' court 

Oat Joseph, coppersmith, 26 Old York road 

O'Bayle Barnabas, N. W. corner Fourth and Christian 

O'Brien Arthur, drover, Arch near Sch. Second 

O'Brien John, painter, &c. 40 south Fifth 

O'Brien, Martin, innkeeper, 72 Locust 

O'Brie Nicholas, &. Co. merchants, 221 High 

O'Brien , ostler, 32 Strawberry 

O'Burn Elizabeth, widow, 1 Pleasant Avenue 

O'Conner Ann, widow, 299 Spruce 

O'Conner A. M. boarding house, 229 High 

O'Conner Peter, grocer, N. W. corner of Wood and Garden 

O'Connor. Mary, shoe binder, 1 Taylor's alley 

O'Connor Sarah, innkeeper, near corner Callowhill and Thir- 

O'Conway Mathias James, interpreter and teacher of lan- 
guages, 8 Union 

O'Daniel John, attorney at law, 97 Walnut — d. h. 34 Union 

O'Donnald Peter, teacher, 190 Germantown road 

O'Donnell Anthony, grocer, 18 Ninth or Ridge road 

O'Donnell Bridget, widow, Locust above Juniper 

O'Donnell Hannah, widow, tayloress, Nicholson's court 

O'Donnell Hugh, collector of ashes, corner of Noble and 
Old York road 

O'Donnell Isaac, morocco dresser, 125 Pine 

O'Dear Sprogal, wheelwright, corner Toy's court and Ridge 

O'Driscoll Dennis, shoemaker 154 South Fourth 

Q'Ellers Miss Maria Louisa, boarding house, N. W. corner 
Fourth and Spruce 

O'Ellers James P. of U. S. navy, 167 Pine 

O'Gorman Patrick, saddler, 30 Gaskill 

O'Harra Charles, accountant, 162 South Third 

O'Harra Thomas, carpenter, 24 Hurst 

O'Hara John, brushmaker, 162 south Third— rshop north 

Philadelphia Index, OLI 

O'Meara , widow, tutoress, 4 Kelley's alley 

O'Neal Daniel, grocer, 177 North Front 

O'Neal Gilbert, weaver, Germantown road 

O'Neal Grace, widow, 94 Crown street 

O'Neal John & Samuel, cotton spinners, 178 Germantown 

O'Neal John, china store, 102 North Third 

O'Neall Neal, labourer, Vine near Sch. river 

O'Neill Edward, tavern keeper, S. E. corner Sch. Third and 

O'Neill John, grocer, N. E. corner Cedar and Hurst 

O'Neill John, Juniper alley 

O'Neill John, carpenter, 103 Spruce 

O'Neill Michael, bottler, back of 126 South Sixth 

O'Neill Robert, tailor, 30 Mulberry 

Odenheimer E. dry good store, 99 North Fourth 

Odenheimer John VV. merchant, 121 High — d. h. 79 Uniou 

Offerman John C. flour store, 87 North Water — d. h. 160 

Ogden Elizabeth, 60 Juniper 

Ogden Hannah, shopkeeper, Tenth near Vine 

Ogden John M. carpenter, 82 Dillwyn street 

Ogden Joshua, weaver, Wood near Thirteenth 

Ogden Michael, mariner's mate, 41 Noble 

Ogden Robert, printer, Cherry above Thirteenth 

Ogeby Richard, woodsawyer, back 18 Kunkcl 

Ogilby Derrich, shipwright, 520 south Front 

Ogilby Joseph, shipwright, 56 Swanson 

Ogle Thomas, coachmaker, 9 S. Sixth— -d. h. 1 Sansom 

Ohler Henry, victualler. 77 Garden 

Ohler John, victualler, 77 Garden 

Ohmer Barbara, widow, washerwoman, Race near Sch. Se- 

O'Kief Robert, painter, back 1 6 Pewterplatter alley 

Okie Abraham, merchant, 83 High 

Okie & David, merchants, 83 High 

Olden Deborah, widow of James, 96 North Front 

Oldenburgh Daniel, hatter, 43 High 

Oldden James, store keeper, 19 Crown 

Oldmixon Mary, widow of John, 51 George street 

Oldridge John, hair dresser and inventor of Balm Columbia, 
57 South Front and 11 North Fourth 

Oldsan John, mariner, 48 Penn 

Oliphant Mary, 25 Pewterplatter alley 

Oliver Andrew, innkeeper, (Indian king) 80 High 

Oliver David, hatter, 213 North Front 

Oliver George, merchant, 35 Wood 

Oliver G. & S. bell merchants, 181 High 

Oliver & Hubbs, domestic store, 98A High 

Oliver Joshua C. merchant, 30 Church alley 

Oliver J. G. merchant, 37 S. Front— 19 Palmyra row 

Oliver John G. & Co. merchants^ 37 south Front 

OUR Philadelphia Index. 

Oliver Reuben, tailor, N. E. comer Spruce and Wafer — d. b. 
43 Spruce 

Oliver Thomas P. tailor and clothing' store, 15 north Front 

Oliver Thomas P. clothing store, 15 north Front 

Oliver Wm, G. &, Co. auctioneers, S. E. comer of Lombard 
and Second 

Oliver William, merchant, 322 Mulberry 

Oliver Win. merchant, 37 south Front — d. h. 85 south Ele- 

fOlmstead John, waiter, 45 Currant alley 

Olmstead S. widow, boarding house, 98 south Fourth 

Omarla George, baker, Black Horse alley 

Omer Aaron, china packer, back 65 Race 

iOmer James, porter, Paschal's alley (N. L.) 

Omer Samuel, porter, back 18 Kunckel 

Ondley Robert, waiter, 2 Henry Bell's court 

Ong, widow of Joseph, 184 St. John 

Onetto Joseph, blacksmith, back 38 Ann (N. L.) 

Onetto.Sc Causland, blacksmiths, Front above Cedar 

Oram James, carpenter, Mark's lane 

Ord George, shipchandler, 99 south wharves, and 354 south 

Ord John, teacher, 57 Tammany 

Orr John, coachmaker, 56 Crown — d. h. Castle 

Orr Robert, storekeeper, 317 Walnut 

Orr Jacob, cordwainer, Washington street, Morrisville 
. Orr James, cordwainer, 7 Greenleaf's court 

Orr William, tinsmith, 164 Pine 

Orrell James K. reed maker, Germantown road, above fork 

Ort'n Alexander, baker, 16 south Tenth 

Orth Augustus, baker, 127 Race 

Orum Davis, dry goods store, 52 north Fourth 

Orman Henry, innkeeper, N. E. corner Seventh and Pine 

Osborn Christopher, labourer, 88 Bedford 

Osborn James, mariner, 325 north Front 

Osborne Sarah, 1 Laurel 

Osbourn David, hatter, 3 Trotter's alley 

Osbourn Jeremiah, drayman, 41 Cedar 

Osterheldt Fredk. hog victualler, 100 Garden 

Oswald Wm. H. accountant, 34 Palmyra square 

Otis B. portrait painter, 63 Cherry 

Ott Francis, brushmaker, 22 Currant alley 

Ott Henry, victualler, back 37 New Market 

Ott Henry, victualler, 319 north Front 

Ott & Rovoudt, turners, 22 Old York road 

Ott Samuel, labourer, Broad near W T alnut 

Ottenheimer Barbara, widow, 492 north Second 

Otto John C, M. D. 139 Mulberry 

Otto John, cabinetmaker, 8 Charlotte 

Otway Nicholas, marine^, 22 Queen 

Oudinot Homy, hairdresser, 345 Race 

Ourt Charles, combmaker, 458 north Second 

Philadelphia Index, PAI 

Ourt Lewis, smith, Broad near Race 

©uram Win. whitesmith, &c. Prune near Sixth — d. h. 314 

south Sixth 
Overman William, broker and commission merchant, 2 Bank 

alley— d. h. 188 Pine 
©ves William, bricklayer, 323 Lombard 
©vern John, trunk maker, Juniper corner Lambert 
Ovington Mary, widow, milkwoman, cor. Cedar and Ninth 
©vington John, carpenter, 170 south Ninth 
©wen Edwards, hatter, shop Carter's alley 
Owen Jane, dry goods store, 141 north Second 
©wen John, silversmith and combmaker, 182 north Second 
Owen John P. attorney at law, 160 Walnut 
©wen John, teacher, 197 south Fourth, and 133 Lombard 
Owen Maria M. tutoress, 10 Cypress alley 
Owen Mary, grocer, 217 north Second 
Owen Thomas, jun. merchant, 131 High— d. h. 10 Old York 

Owen Thomas, distiller, 115 north Fifth 
Owen Thomas, merchant, 28 Chesnut 
Owen 1'umer, widow, mantuamaker, 42 Frankford road 
Owens Ann, widow, shoebinder, court north side of Race 

between Seventh and Eighth 
Owens Ann, widow, 26 Branch 
Owens Elizabeth, 6 Chester 
Owens Edward, smith, back 83 north Seventh 
Owens John, 98 Union 
Owens James, coachman, 5 Juniper alley 
Owens James, carpenter, 298 south Tenth 
Owens M. gentleman, Walnut above Thirteenth 
Ox Frederick, labourer, Fourth near Coats 
Ozeas Peter, inspector of customs, 313 Mulberry 

PACEY LEWIS, looking-glass frame maker, 248 Brown 

Page Hannah, widow 7 Vine 

Page James H. wine merchant 15 Palmyra Row 

Page John, hatter 84 N. Second 

Page James N. attorney at law 46 S. Sixth — d. h. 27 S. Tenth 

Page Joseph, military cap & ladies shoe maker 81 S. Third 

Paine Mrs. milliner 367 N. Second 

Page Rachel, Spinster court between 7th &. 8th in Sassafras 

north side 
Page S. & Son, conveyancers 8 S. Fifth 
Page Samuel, innkeeper 390 N. Second 
Page William, merchant 268 Chesnut and 16 S. Fron 
Paine Mrs. milliner 367 north Second 
Paine William, sea captain back of 24 N. Ninth 
Painter Adam, cordwainer Penn (K.) 
Painter Devalt, carter Fourth near Poplar 
'Painter Jacob, gentleman 42 Garden 
Painter James, merchant 118 Spruce 
Painter Margaret, widow Thirteenth below Hig*K 

PAR Philadelphia Index. 

Painter Margaret, widow Fourth below Popla 

Painter Mary, widow 487 N. Third 

Painter Nicholas, bricklayer Fourth near Poplar 

Painter Philip, cordwainer Oak near Browne 

Painter G. W. brewer, Goforth alley 

Paleske Hannah, widow 85 Lombard 

Paleske Lewis, sea captain 85 Lombard 

Palethorpe J. H. & Robert, jun. pewter ware 8c ink po* 
makers 50 N. Second 

Palm Henry, printer Heyde's court 

Palmer Aaron, comb maker 42 Ann 

Palmer Amos, liquor store High west of Seh. 7th 

Palmer Amos, carpenter corner of Tammany and Dillwyn 

Palmer Ann, widow corner of Juniper and Arch 

Palmer A. A. grocer 6 High — d. h. 4 Union 

Palmer Aaron, carter Lily alley 

Palmer George, printer, office 59 Locust 

Palmer John B. treasurer S; see'ry of the Mutual Insurance 
Co. 54 Walnut 

Palmer Job, dry -goods store 24 south Second 

Palmer J. merchant N. W. corner Chesnut street wharf — 
d. h. 181 Mulberry 

Palmer Jonathan, teacher 193 Pine 

Palmer Richard, justice of the peace 64 Shippen 

Palmer Samuel, druggist 26 Bank — d. h. 99 Pine 
Palmer Simon, pilot 118 Swanson 

Pancoast Samuel, jun. {county commissioner) hardware mer- 
chant 148 High 
Pancoast Samuel, sen. S. E. corner Twelfth and Clover 
Pancoast Thomas, shoemaker Fourth near Brown 
Panned R. A. widow 48 Union 
Papegay Miss, dry-goods store 151 Walnut 
Parham, Robert, cabinetmaker 39 Noble 
Park Christiana, widow boarding house 5 Marshall's alley 
Park Samuel, merchant 273 High — d. h. 2 north Seventh 
Parke Charles B. brass &c. founder Penn near Maiden 
Parke James P., office 74 S.2d — d. h. 1 Rittenhouse Place 
Parke Thomas, M. D. 1 Rittenhouse place 
Parke William, hatter 9 Coomb's alley 

Parker Alex, nursery &. seedsman Love lane opposite Tenth 
Parker Alice and Hannah, milliners 21 north Third 
Parker Anderson, mariner 7 Bird's alley 
Parker Andrew, tailor 1 Wood 
Parker, Antrim &. Co. cotton manufacturers, Arkwrigh' 

steam mill north Front above Otter (N. L.) 
Parker B. 67 Pine 

Parker Beivj. cabinet and chairmaker 114 north Sixth 
Parker Daniel, livery stablekeeper 14 and 15 Bread 
-[•Parker Uominick, porter 89 north Fifth 
Parker Edward, bookseller and stationer 178 High 
Parker Esther, boarding house 71 north Fifth 
Parker E., M. D. 304 south Third 

riiiladelpkia Indr.v. PAR, 

Parker George, whip maker Love lane opposite Tenth 

Parker Hannah, widow grocer 34 north Seventh 

Parker Isaac, watchmaker 10 Shield's court 

Parker .lames, brassfounder back 210 St. John 

Parker J. merchant 117 north Fifth 

Parker John, cordwainer 45 Chester 

Parker Joseph, cotton manufacturer 117 north Fifth 

Parker John, mariner S. W. corner Shippen and Seventh 

Parker John, tavernkeeper 112 north Sixth 

Parker John, hardware merchant 127 north Second 

Parker Joseph, collector of taxes 32 Sassafras 

Parker Nathaniel, gentleman Sixth above Callowhill 

Parker Peter, hatter 3 Wood 

Parker Richard, cotton manufacturer 13 south Third 

fParker Richard, shoeblack 29 S. 3d &. 11th below Pi 

j-Parker Stephen, bootcleaner 108 south Seventh 

fParker Stephen, bootcleaner 32 Elizabeth 

Parker Thomas, clock &. watch maker 13 south Third 

Parker Thos. coachdriver cor. Callowhill & Old York road 

Parker Thomas, carpenter Tenth above Cedar 

Parker Thomas, jun. drygoods store 27 south Second 

Parker William C. carpenter 263 south Seventh 

Parker William, tavernkeeper 139 nortli Front 

Parker William, watchmaker 123 south Sixtli 

Parker William, currier 88 St. John 

Parker William, accountant 201 Sassafras 

Parkinson George, tavernkeeper 161 Chesnut 

Parkinson Hannah, nurse Cherry near Eleventh 

Parkinson James, tailor Hause court 

Parkinson Mrs. pastry cook and confectioner 161 Chesma 

Parmentier Charles, accountant 17 north Twelfth 

Parr John, taylor25 north Ninth 

Parris Benjamin, chairmaker Littleboy's court 

Parris Gabriel, calendcrer 42 Mulberry 

Parrish Isaac, gentleman Mulberry court 

Parrish Joseph, M. D. 109 Mulberry 

Parrish Robert A. planemaker 238 north Third 

Parry Anna, widow 134 Mulberry 

Parry Edward, innkeeper 106 Sassafras 

Parry John J. clock and watchmaker 252 High — d. h. 14 s<>. 

Parry Thomas, storekeeper 43 north Second 
Parry Samuel, tobacconist 133 north Sixth 
Parry William, mariner Prime near Front 
Parsons Abraham, shallopman Juniper above Locust 
Parsons Margaret, widow 163 south Tenth 
Parsons John G. teacher back 49 north Seventh 
f Parsons Samuel, carter St. John near Poplar lane 
Parsons William, ferryman 30 Jones's alley 
Partenheimer Adam, 77 Mulberry 
Partenheimer & Co. brewers 9 Bread 
Partenheimer Philip, jjaker 107 north Third 

PAT Philadelphia Index. 

Parvers John, labourer High between Sch. 3d & 4tu 

Paryin Pearson, teacher 25 north Fifth 

Parvin John, merchant 19 Juliana 

Pascall John, ship master and tavern 24 south Tenth 

Pascal Jane, widow 142 south Fifth 

Pass Peter, tailor 18 Prune 

Passeveau John, gentleman 19 Pine 

Passon Thomas, shoemaker 85 Budd 

Passmore Carleton, teacher 56 New 

t>assmore Thomas, 126 south Third 

Patchell Thomas, weaver south-eas^t corner Broad 8c Shippei. 

Patrullo N. merchant 224 Spruce ^* 

Patrullo Josephine, 224 Spruce 

Patrullo N. merchant Washing-ton square 

■\ Patten Benjamin, porter Cropper's court 

Patterson Abner, grocer, &c. Coats ahove Oak 

Patterson Alexander, weaver Pearl street 

Patterson Amos, shoemaker Wright's court 

Patterson Edy, grocer S. W. corner Lombard and Eighth 

Patterson Elizabeth, widow 102 Thirteenth 

Patterson Hester, widow 149 south Eighth 

Patterson Isaac, Robinson Crusoe inn, 23 south Third 

Patterson James, spooler Maiden near Front 

Patterson James, weaver Morgan's court 

Patterson John, fancy chairmaker Cobb's court N. L. 

Patterson John, drayman Germantowu road 

Patterson John, grocer 40 north Fourth— d. h. 61 N. Fourth 

Patterson John, carpenter Kessler's alley 

Patterson John, bi-ickmaker Jones's alley 

Patterson J. & Co. merchants 53 south Front 

■j-Patterson Johannah, cook Smith's court 

Patterson Sophia, widow, spooler, Hopkins's court 

Patterson Joseph, ship joiner 57 Mead alley 

Patterson Joseph, cabinetmaker 90 north Front 

Patterson Mary, widow, spooler 126 north Eleventh 

Patterson Mary, schoolmistress Elliott's court 

Patterson Mary, widow Juniper above Locust 

Patterson Rachel, 40 Palmyra square 

Patterson Robert, merchant 286 High — d. h. 113 S. Ninth 

Patterson Robert, block and pump maker 64 Swanson 

Patterson Robert M. m. d. vice-provost, professor of mathe- 
matics and natural philosophy in the University of Penn- 
sylvania, 173 Chesnut 

Patterson Robert, president U. S. mint 285 Chesnut 

Patterson Thos. teacher 205 south Fifth — d. h. 23 Prune 

Patterson William & Co. merchants N. E. corner Mulberry 
and Water — d. h. 17 Mulberry 

Patton William, jun. accountant 221 Lombard 

Patterson William, blacksmith Mulberry near Sch. SeconS 

Patterson William, merchant 39 Vine 

Pattison Robert, house carpenter George near Tenth 

Tatton Ann, Center pear Broitf 

Philadelphia Index. PEA 

Pattern James, merchant — d. h. 293 Sassafras 

Patton James, jun. merchant 23 N, Front — d. h. 59 N. 4tk 

Patton John, merchant 327 Chesnut 

Patton John, turner Marble court 

Patton Margaret, widow 34 Browne 

Patton Mary, widow Merriott's lane between 4th and 5tlt 

Patton Samuel, grocer 61 south wharves 

Patton William, jun. accountant 221 Lombard 

Patton William, queensware store 65 Cedar ' 

Patton William, comb store 60 south Second 

Paul Aaron, carter 18 Jones's alley 

Paul James, merchant SW corner North alley & Fifti 

Paul Jane, widow shopkeeper 405 north Third 

Paul Jonathan S. grocer 195 Callowhill 

Paul John, M. D. corner Fifth and North alley 

Paul John, cabinetmaker China street 

Paul Comegys, merchant 42 north Fifth 

Paul Joseph, merchant 60 north Fourth 

Paul David, flour, and feed store 3 Spruce — d. h. 177 Pine 

Paul Robert, victualling cellar 7 Spruce 

Paul Jesse, carter 48 Kunckel 

Paul Rebecca, widow 6 north Fifth 

Paul William, carpenter 17 Franklin court 

Paul William S. carter 2 Fetter lane 

Paul, Williams & Co. lumber merchants NW corner Sixth 

and Buttonwood 
Paid Yamons, labourer 502 south Second 
Paulding Sarah, widow Thirteenth above Race 
Paulin Jesse, blacksmith 93 north Fifth 
Pavonarius John, oak cooper back 19 north Sixth 
Pawling Abraham, smith 17 north Ninth 
Paxon Phineas, wheelwright, Front near Poplar 
Paxon Richard, merchant, 323 Mulberry 
Paxon William, merchant, 40 Filbert 
Paxon William, merchant, 215 High 
Paxson Benjamin, dry good merchant, 40 north Front 
Paxson Benjamin, merchant, 124 Cherry 
Paxson & Gregg, merchants, 36 Church alley 
Paxson Lorraine, cordwainer, 30 Elizabeth 
Paxson Samuel, hatter, 70 north Third 
Paxson Timothy &, Son, flour merchants, 65 north Water 
Paxson Timothy, merchant, 65 north Water, and 158 north 

Paxson Wm. J. 184 north Front 
Payne Wm, carpenter, 164 south Fifth 
Payne John, mariner, 30 Carter's alley [Sec Paine. 

Paynter Samuel, grocer 117 German 
fPayton Julius, waiter, 245 Spruce 
Paysant Jacob, oyster and beer house, 151 Locust 
Peace Joseph, gentleman, N. W, corner Sixth and Walnut 
Peacock Eber, carpenter, 372 north Third street 
Peacock James, hatter, Mint court 


PED Philadelphia Index. 

Peake Samuel, labourer, 563 south Front 

Peake Thomas, shipwright, Allen near Beach (K) 

Peale James, portrait painter, 228 Spruce 

Peale Raphael, portrait painter, 24 Powel 

Peale Rubens, naturalist, Museum, Statehouse — d. h. 46 

south Sixth 
jPear F. widow, 204 south Fourth 
Pearce Hannah, plain bonnet maker, 56 Mulberry 
Pearce John, mariner, 5 Pewterplatter alley 
Pearl John, shoemaker, Lily alley 
Pearce John & Co. plumbers, &c. back 12 south Fifth — 

d. h . 171 Mulberry [See Peirce and Pierce, 

Pearce Mary, widow, 87 Browne 
Pearce Timothy, shoemaker, Roger's court 
Pearson Andrew, skin dresser, 87 St. John 
Pearson Cyrus, turner, Sarah near Queen (K) 
Pearson David, skindresser, 282 north Eighth 
Pearson Ezra, hatter, 70 north Third 
Pearson Henry B. attorney at law, 24 "Walnut 
Pearson Isaac, whip and cane manufactory, lower 284 High 
Pearson Isaac, stationer, 109 High 
Pearson John, turner, 412 north Front 
Pearson Joseph, labourer, 28 Pine 
Pearson Thomas, saddler, &c, 138 High 
Pearson Martha, 235 Mulberry 
Pearson Mary, widow, nurse, 1 Knight's court 
Pearson Mary, storekeeper, 17 north Seventh 
Pease Charlotte, boarding house, 295 High [See Peace. 

Peason George, regulator of the district of Southwark, 399 

south Second 
Pechelles J. F. W. teacher of music, S. E. corner of Fourth 

and Spruce 
Pechin John, collector of taxes, 21 north Twelfth 
Pechin widow of Christopher, 12 Elfreth's alley 
Pechin "YVm. tanner, 21 north Twelfth, and Cherry near 

Peck Collins, ladies shoemaker, 10 Currant alley 
Peck Daniel L. teacher, school N. W. corner Mulberry and 

Third — d. h. 123 south Ninth 
Peck Edward, ship carpenter, Queen near Shackamaxon (K) 
Peck Elizabeth, nurse, 90 Poplar 
Peck Eli, gunsmith, 137 Green 
Peck Joseph, cordwainer, 195 north Front 
f Pecker George E. mariner, Cherry near Eleventh 
Peckford John, grocer, Second street Germantown road 
Peckworth John P. comb maker, 139 south Second 
Peddle widow of George, 8 Elfreth's alley 
Peddle Joshua, oakcooper, 10 Penn and 7 Little Water — 

d. h. 153 south Water 
Peddle Wm. A. oakcooper, 63 north Water, and 8 Elfreth's 


Philadelphia lnde.v. PER 

P«dersen P. esq. minister resident and consul gen. from the 

court of Denmark, 39.3 Mulberry above Tenth 
Pedrick John, carter, Callowhill near Broad 
Pedrick John, cordwainer, Perry street 
Peek Thomas, shipwright, Swanson near Prime 
Peel James, blockmaker, 483 south Front 
Peers John, broker, 86 south Fifth 
Peel's Samuel, weaver, 79 south Fifth 
Peice John, painter St glazier, 304 south Third 
Peirce Caleb, hardware merchant, 81 High — d. h. 10 Church 

Peirce Charles, clerk of the Mayor's Court — office Chesnut 

between Fifth and Sixth streets — d. h. Germantown 
Peirce Cyrus, merchant, 51 south wharves — d. h. Frankford 
Peirce E. J. umbrella maker, N. E. corner Third and High 
Peirce Jacob, teacher, 16 north Fifth 
Peirce & Smith, dry good store, 55 h north Second 
Peirce John, 36 Christian [See Pearce. 

Peirsol Wm. iron merchant, 197 Walnut 
Pell Mary, washerwoman, back 107 north Ninth 
Peltz Philip, grazier, 12 Lombard 
Peltz Susan, widow, 38 Brown 
Pember Christian, bellman, 30 Kunckel 
Pemberton Philadelphia, shopkeeper, 61 north Third 
Pendergast J. L. cabinet and blind maker, S. E. corner of 

Third and Vine 
Pendergast T. tavern and beer house, 30 south Water 
Penington Edward, sugar refiner, 155 and 159 Sassafras 
Pennebecker Benj. sign of Sorrel Horse,, 150 north Fourth 
Pennel Joseph, carpenter, 9 Watson's alley 
jPennington Mrs. widow, Dean's alley 
Pennington John, carpenter, 4 Bonsall 
Pennington Wm. shipwright, Beach near Maiden 
Pennock Ann, widow, tayloress, 90 Spruce 
Pennock Abraham L. merchant — d. h. 122 north Fifth—- of- 
fice 231 Market 
Pennock Horatio B. 27 south Second — d.- h. 71 New 
Pennock J. W. merchant, 173 High 
Pennock Sarah, widow, 336 Mulberry 
Penot Francis, ladies shoemaker, 135 Chesnut 
Penrose John, carpenter, 396 Sassafras 
Penrose Joseph, carpenter, 431 Chesnut 
Pepin Victor, equestrian, 158 south Tenth 
Pepper George, brewer, 2 south Fifth N. W. corner Minor 

— d. h. Chesnut next above Masonic Hall 
Pepper Jacob, mariner, Neiman's alley 
Pepper Joseph, coachmaker, 8 Pennsylvania avenue 
Pepper Michael, carpenter, &c. 23 Little Water 
Percival Joshua, merchant, 78 south Front — d. h. 162 south 

Pereiza Joaquim Borrago, of the Portuguese Legation, 68 
south Fifth street 

PET Philadelphia Licit. 

Perdriaux P. fancy store, 57 south Second 

Perfield Joseph, shipwright, 355 north Fronr 

fPerhus Hannah, 182^ south Fourth 

Perine Daniel, bricklayer, 12 Prospect alley 

Perine Daniel, tailor, 56 north Eighth 

Perine H. G. attorney at law, 46 south Sixth 

Perine John, bricklayer, Fourth near Green 

Perit &. Cabot, merchants, 123 south Front 

Perit John W. merchant, 121 south Front — d. h. 105 

Perkenpine John, skin dresser, Rugan street (N. L.) 
Perkenpine John, victualler, 2 Perkenpine's court 
Perkin John, M. D. 159 north Second 
f Perkins Francis, steward, back 138 Cherry 
Perkins Henry, smith, 302 Race 
Perkins Henry, wheelwright, Frankford road above Queen 

Perkins Hannah, 182j north Fourth 
Perkins Joseph, engraver, 34 south Sixth 
Perkins Isaac, block & pump maker, PfeifFer's alley 
Perkins Samuel H. attorney at law, 72 south Sixth 
fPerkins Wm. vender of second hand clothes, N. W. corner 

of Second and Stamper's alley — d. h. 40 Gaskill 
Perle James, deputy measurer, 20 south wharves 
Perlasca Peter, morocco case manufacturer 21 Sterling alley 
Pernier John, confectioner High W. Sch. 8th 
Perpignan Peter, watchmaker and jeweller 359 N. Second 
Perroteau B. agent for the Union Line 9 south wharves — 

d. h. 22 Vine 
Perot Charles, merchant, 297 High 
Perot Edward, merchant, 297 High 
Perot EUiston & John, merchants 41 north Water 
Perot EUiston, merchant 41 north Water — d. h. 299 High 
Perot Francis, brewer 120 Vine 8c 107 New— d. h. 299 High 
Perot James, merchant 41 north Water — d. h. 297 High 
Perot John, merchant 41 north Water— d. h. 297 High 
Perot Joseph, merchant, 299 High 
Perot Joseph &. Charles, merchants, 40 north Water 
Perot William S. brewer, 107 New 
Perrine James, bricklayer, Simmon's court 
Perry Charles & Co. merchants, second wharf above Mul- 
Perry Richard, merchant, 192 north Fifth 
Perry Sarah, widow, 135 Locust 
Perry Thomas, tavern keeper, Laetitia court 
Persico G. portrait painter, south Sixth between Chesnut 

and Little George 
Pesoa widow of Isaac, merchant 105 north Front 
f Peter John, barber, Christian corner of Church 
fPeter John, .barber 33 Prune 

Peterman Geo. flour merchant 366 High— d. h. 106 Filb 
Peterman George & Jacob, floyr merchants 366 High 

Philadelphia Index. PHI 

Peterrnan Jacob, flour merchant 366 High— d. b. 59 S. 11th 
Peterrnan Lewis, grocer, S. E. corner Poplar lane and SI 

Peters Charles, bookbinder, 88 north Ninth 
Peters George, accountant, 152 north Eighth 
Peters Evan, bricklayer 23 north Ninth 
Peters James, thimble &c. manuf. 65 Mulberry 
Peters John W. accountant 33 south Tenth 
Peters John, mariner 8 Coomb's alley 
•f Peters John, porter, 82 Gaskill 
Peterson Abraham, mariner 10 Gaskill 
Peterson Catharine, widow Rudd near Laurel 
fPeterson Darnel, vender of clothes 179 & 218 south Sixth 
Peterson George, grocer 3 south Third — d. h. 102 Sassafras 
fPeterson Henry, porter, 226 Shippen 
Peterson John, currier 95 Chesnut — d. h. 18 Sansom 
Peterson John, jun. gentleman 18 Wagner's alley 
Peterson John, shipwright, S. E. corner of Front and Chris- 
Peterson John, mariner, 94 Swanson 
Peterson Jacob, mariner 12 Franklin 
Peterson Joseph, carter West's coui-t 
fPeterson Nathan, labourer Quince above Locust 
Peterson Susannah, widow 93 Callovhill 
Peterson Thomas, drayman Wood between Ninth & Garden 
Peterson William, gentleman 323 Sassafras 
Peto Ann, corset maker 132 south Fourth 
Peto Elizabeth, corset maker 132 south Fourth 
Peto Elizabeth, corset maker, 54 south Fifth 
Petit Nicholas, tailor 119 north Second 
Pettit Andrew, alderman 12 south Fifth— d. h. 69 S. Sixth 
Pettit T. H. attorney at law, 36 south Fifth— d. h. 69 south 

Peusch Jacob, tavernkeeper 192 north Water 
Peusch Jacob, labourer 197 north Front 
Pew Ezekiel, ropemaker, new Second opposite Mar) 
Pew Marshal, whitesmith 45 Callowhill 
Peyrouse Andrew, tailor 57 Union 
Pfaff M. F. mould candle maker 79 Callowhill 
Pfeiffer Peter, victualler Coates near Fourth 
Phift'er Charles, currier Lily alley 
Phiffer John, blacksmith Mintzer court 
Philbert Peter, 2 Stamper's alley 
Philler Andrew? gentleman 529 Front 
Philley Edward, Hodge's wharf 
fPhilleman Charles, nail cutter 88 Gaskill 
Philip Hipolite, hair dresser 28 south Fourth 
Philips Thomas, cordwainer SE corner Front & Sassafras 
Philips William, hatter Sixth above Callowhill 
Philips William, last and boot tree maker 64 Dock 
Philips William, merchant 178 Spruce 


PIC Philadelphia Iflcteu;; 

Phillips A. L. fancy store 47 north Second 

Phillips Ann, widow Perry st. 

Phillips Benjamin, late storekeeper, Mulberry near 

Phillips Charles, baker 479 north Second 
Phillips Edward, lastmaker 57 Dock 
Phillips Goodhour, widow 10 Wood 
Phillips Isaac, merchant Washington square 
Phillips James, mariner 113 north Water 
Phillips James, carpenter 603 north Second 
Phillips John, labourer back 97 Budd 
j-Phillips John, hairdresser corner Tenth & Marble & Green's 

Phillips John, confectioner 326 north Second 
j/Phillips John, mariner 80 Gaskill 
Philips J. B. merchant 107 north Front 
Phillips Levi, 22 north Fourth 
Phillips Lydia, 182 Mulberry 
Phillips & Lovering, sugar refiners To Vine 
Philips M., M. D. & druggist corner Ninth & Vine 
Phillips Mary, dealer 240 south Seventh 
Phillips Mary, cake baker 11 Tammany 
Phillips Manuel M. D. 41 north Fourth 
Phillips Petei', grocer and bottler, corner Locust & Tenik 
Phillips R. Sc I. merchants 75 south Front 
Phillips Rebecca, widow of Jonas, 41 north Fourth 
Phillips Robert, calico-printer Germ, road above Laurel 
Phillips Samuel, coachmaker Blackberry alley 
Phillips Samuel, last and boot tree maker 36 Walnut 
Phillips Sarah, widow 101 Cedar 
Phillips Thomas, shoemaker Baker's court (N. L.) 
Phillips William, gentleman 200 south Front 
Phillips Wm. blacksmith, Parham's alley near Swai 
Phillips Zeligman, attorney at law 118 Mulberry 
Philson Jane, widow 242 Filbert 

Philson Robert A. druggist SW corner Coates & Third 
Phipps M. 129 Dillwyn st. 
Phipps Thomas, gentleman 11 north Eighth 
Phipps Wm. grocer, N. W. corner Second and M » 
Plaster & Beans, saddlers 1 Decatur st. 
Physick Abigail, 210 north Fourth 
Phvsick Philip S., M. D. professor of Surgery, south Fourth 

ween Union and Cypress alley 
Picard Mrs. widow, 266 Lombard 
Picard Mrs. of Peter M. 266 Lombard 
Pickel Caspar, coach lamp maker and repairer of all sorts of 

lamps 111 Walnut 
Pickering George, tailor 103 Coats 

Pickering Elihu, teacher Key's alley — d. h. 194 N. Sixth 
Pickering John, silver plater 82 north Sixth 
Pickett Joseph, gentleman 16 Powell 
Pickette Andrew, confectioner 334 High 

Ph Uadelph ia Index. V\A 

Pidgeon John, brassfounder 133 Green 

Pidgeon Samuel, ladies shoemaker Quince below Walnut 

Pidgeon .Joseph A. shoe warehouse 126 High 

Pidgeon Robert, wheelwright, 119 Carpenter (S) 

Piecil Charles, coachmaker 28 Watson's alley 

Pierce Peter, umbrella manufactory 89 south Second 

Pierie John, bleeder, 122 south Fourth S. W. corner Mar- 
shal's alley 

Pierpont Robert, silk dyer Filbert above Tenth 

Piersol Jeremiah, county commissioner, Sixth near Noble 

Pike Marinus Willett, carver and gilder 39 north Sixth 

Piggot Robert, bookseller, agent to Adult Sunday School 29 
north Fourth 

Pile Adam, bookbinder Holmes alley 

Pile Benjamin, hatter 8 Cypress alley 

Pile Rebecca, widow, 1 64 Swanson 

Piles William, merchant M { CuIley's court 

Pilmore Rev. Joseph. D. D. 171 south Fifth 

Pinchin Jane, widow of William, 9 Randall's cpurl 

Pinchin John, paper hanger 48 Gaskill 

Pinchin William, silver plater Jacoby St. 

Pine John, pumpmaker shop Old York road near Noble 

Pinyard Bright, house carpenter Sch. Third below High 

Piper Frederick, currier 370 north Second 

Piper James, labourer Bonsall near Tenth 

Pippitt Isaac, cabinet & chairmaker 71 W T alnut 

Pister Jacob, ship carpenter, Beach near Marlborough (K.) 

Pitman Rebecca, widow 7 Clever alley 

Pitcher Rufus, umbrella raanuf. 46 Sassafras 

Pitner Charles H. sea captain, 209 Swanson 

Pitner Ann, widow, 209 Swanson 

Pitaux Mrs. dress maker 140 south Fourth 

Pitt Thomas, watchman Filbert near Sch. Eighth 

Pittfield Robert L. merchant 345 High 

Planter Rudolph, tailor 200 Coatcs 

Plantou Anthony, surgeon dentist, 1 10 south Fourth 

Plantou Mrs. portrait painter, 110 south Fourth 

Piatt William, hatter Blackhorse court 

Piatt William, merchant 47 N. Water — d. h. 201 Mulberry 

Platus David, carter 327 Cherry 

Pleasants Charles, 276 Walnut 

Pleasants Joseph, hardware merchant 267 High 

Pleil John, cabinet maker 338 north Second 

Pleis Jacob F. stove store 173 north Second 

Pleis Matthias, apothecary and druggist 461 north. Second 

Pleissjohn M. druggist 170 north Third 

Pleiss J. M. & Co. druggists SW corner Fourth &, Vine 

Pless George, oak cooper 27 Budd 

Plish Jonas, shoemaker 91 Budd 

Plitt John, regulator of weights and measures 68 north Ninth 
and 128 north Second 

Plvunmer Silas 8c Theodore, cordwaine-rs 121 Qeds; 

i'OR Philadelphia Index. 

Plunkct James, copper plate printer 9 Juniper alle\ 
Plocher John J. wheejwright Thirteenth below High 
Plowman T. L. map publisher SE corner of Callowhill and 

Poalk Robert, auctioneer y6 south Front 
Pochin John, grocer & bakei', 473 south Front 
Point John, pumpmaker north Fourth between Vine and 

Callowhill — d. h. Richardson's court 
Poke Joseph, drayman Sell. Eighth near Sassafras 
Pole Edward, gardener, near U. S. Arsenal 
Polhemus Mrs. boarding house lower 192 High 
Polhman Frederick hair dresser 27 Franklin court 
Polk John, shopkeeper 27 Tammany 
Pollack James R. 128 south Fourth 
Pollick Kimc, merchant 82 Vine 
Pollin Philip, type founder Cedar below Tenth 
Pollin Thomas G. painter &, glazier 552 north Second 
Pollock Hester, boarding house 88 Crown 
Pollock Robert, weaver Say st. 
Pollock W. N. trader 170 north Fourth 
Polly Richard, weaver Cedar near Eleventh 
Pommer Charles, piano forte maker 72 Sassafras 
Pomrvol Israel, cordwainer Fourth below Poplar 
Pond Man, widow 11 Duke (N. L.) 
Pond Joseph, merchant 12^ north Third 
Pool Elizabeth, widow 62 north Second 
Pool Edward, coachmaker 7 Harmony court 
Pool George, weaver & tavern Third near George 
Pool Hannah, widow Taper alley 
Pool Peter S. hatter 29 Cherry 
Pool Joseph, comb maker 63 north Sixth 
Pool William, comb maker 101 Cherry 
Pool William, druggist 62 north Second 
Pope Mary, widow 143 Budd 
Pope Nathaniel, bricklayer 74 north Ninth 
Poppe Henry, tavcrnkeeper 154 Vine 
fPorter Cyrus, coachman 79 north Sixth 
Porter Henry, brushmaker 50 High — d. h. 89 Mulberry 
Porter Isaac, tinplate worker 45 High — d. h. 375 N. Second 
Porter James, copperplate printer back of 12 south Filth — 

d. h. Franklin's court 
Porter James, accountant 44 Brown 
Porter John, cordwainer north Fourth near Poplar lane 
Porter John, M. D. 81 south Sixth 
Porter John, brushmaker 52 north Front 
Poller John, saddler 34 Sugar alley 
Porter Margaret, shopkeeper 24 Carter's alley- 
Porter Patrick labourer Castle st. 
fPorter Rebecca, 241 south Seventh 
fPorter Robert, blacksmith Stan- alley 
fPorter Robert, blacksmith, back 34 Currant allev 
Porter Samuel, smith 25 N. 10th— <1. h. Prospect alley 

Philadelphia Inde*. POW 

JPorter Samuel, woodsawyer 57 Currant alley 

Porter Stephen, cabinetmaker, 136 South 

Porter S. &, VV. tin plate workers, corner Thirteenth and 

Porter Thomas, whalebone cutter 16 Franklin court 
Porter William, gentleman 3 New Market 
Porter William, drayman, Brook st. 
Porter William, tailor back 250 Lombard 
Porter Wm. merchant 22 S. wharves — d.h. 252 N. Second 
Porter, widow of John, sen. brushmaker48 Sassafras 
Post Henry II. carpenter 119 north Fourth 
Poth Conrad, tallow chandler 178 St. 'John above Green 
Potter James, dry goods store 71 north Third 
Potter Richard C. merchant 29 north Third 
Potter S. &. Co. booksellers & stationers 85 Chesnut 
Potter Sheldon, bookseller 85 Chesnut 
Potter William W. bookbinder 65 Chesnut 
fPotter Wm. musician Webb's alley 
Potts Eliza, innkeeper 142 south Water 
Potts James, oak cooper 63 and 73 north Water 
Potts John, merchant 25 Old York road 
Potts John, ladies shoemaker, 531 south Front 
Potts Mary, widow 25 Old York road 
Potts Nathan R. attorney at law 97 Mulberry 
Potts Nathaniel, merchant 5 N. Water — d. h. 26 N. Seventh 
Potts Rev. Geo. C. pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian church, 

130 south Eighth 
Potts Robert T. merchant 103 High 
fPotts Samuel, labourer 209 south Eighth 
Potts Stacy, accountant 153 north Ninth 
Potts Susan, storekeeper 72 south Fourth 
Potts Susan, widow 85 Mulberry 
Potts W. L. coal yard 1 Drinker's alley 
Potts Wm. L. iron merchant SE corner Second 8t Sassafras 
Poulson Andrew, labourer 6 Pratt's court 
Poulson Charles Augustus, 172 south Front 
Poulson George, bricklayer back of 177 Cedar 
Poulson Samuel, tanner 120 St. John 
Poulson Zachariah, editor and publisher of the American 

Daily Advertiser, 106 Chesnut 
Pouleat John, cordwainer 142 Juniper 
f Poullin Joel, tailor 49 Currant alley 
Poultney James, gentleman 150 south Seventh 
Pound J. combmaker 157 Green 

Pounder Jonathan, stationer 1| N. Third — d. h. 77 Cherrv 
Poval Richard, M. I). 115 south Ninth 
Powel John Hare, 172 Chesnut and Powelton 
Powell Elizabeth, gentlewoman 207 Chesnut 
Powell Edith, widow 137 north Third 
Powell Elihu, cordwainer, 113 Christian 
Powell Benj. labourer 8 Juniper alley 

PRI Philadelphia bide*. 

Powell George, carpenter Hinkel's court Vine st. 

Powell George II. carpenter Juniper alley 

Powell John, tinplate worker 51 Callowhill 

Powell John, 86 south Eleventh 

Powell Martha, gentlewoman 15 south Third 

Powell Peter, brewhouse man Flint's court 

Powell Samuel, carpenter 24 Brown 

Powell Sarah, widow 168 south Fourth 

Powell Wm. wheelwright Queen below Shackamaxoji 

Powers James, labourer, 493 south Front 

Powis James, painter Sec. 3 Ranstead's court 

Prager George, saddler and harness maker High W. of Sch. 

Prager Susan, widow 19 Wagner's alley 
Prall Edward, chair maker NW corner Mulberry & Sixth — 

d. h. 64 north Fifth 
Pratt & Davis, lottery & exchange brokers 62 Chesnut 
Pratt Henry, merchant back 95 N, Water &. 112 N. Front 
Pratt J. B. fancy store 56 south Second 
Pratt James D. merchant 22 Elfreth's alley 
Pratt James, tobacconist, 128 South 
Pratt John, cabinetmaker, 23 Parham's alley 
Pratt Thomas, merchant 42 Walnut — d. h. 58 S. Eleventh 
Pray Henry, victualler 4th below Poplar 
Pray John, sen. vict. Fourth below Poplar 
Pray John, jun. vict. Fourth below Poplar 
Pray Peter, merchant Vine between Second &. Third 
Praze Charles, 335 Callowhill 
Prentzel Charles S. baker 150 north Eighth 
Presser Jacob, baker N. E. corner Seventh and Lombard 
Preston Catharine, widow Duke st. 
Preston Edward, manufacturer back 17 Branch 
Preston John, carpenter back 50 Kunckel 
Preston John, carpenter back 27 Cresson's alley 
Preston John, painter, &c. Prime above Front 
Preston Jonas, M. D. 250 Mulberry 

Preston Sarah, widow washerwoman Paschal's alley (X. L.) 
Prescott D, W. provision store 22 S. Water — d. h. NE cor. 

Third k Walnut 
Prettyman Eliza, nurse 35 Charlotte 

Prevost A. M. stock broker 45^ Walnut— d. h. 65 Spruce 
Prevost EmmaK. widow of II. M. boarding house SW cor, 

Walnut & Seventh 
Price Ahijah, deputy keeper of the prison 71 Crown 
Price Charles, carpenter Lemon st. 
Price Chandler, merchant 41 Dock— d, h. 297 Chesnut 
Price C. &. Morgan, merchants 41 Dock east of Second 
Price Elizabeth, 58 south Sixth 
Price Eh R. attorney at law office 205 Mulberr\ 
Price Ferriss, carpenter 299 Walnut 
Price Isaac, turner, 490 

Philadelphia Index PRY 

Price Joseph, hatter 79 High 

Price Joseph, feather store, 96 north Second 

Price M. widow boarding house 47 Spruce 

Price John, sea captain SW cor. Seventh & Buttonwood 

Price John, medicine pulveriser Mintzer court 

Price John M. merchant 143 High & 3 north Ninth 

Price Philip, jun. clock and watchmaker 71 High — d. h. 1 

Church alley 
Price Rebecca, teacher 78 Crown 
Price Richard, merchant 151 Mulberry 
Price Seth, deputy keeper of the prison 10th above Lombard 
Price Wm. M. D. 36 north Ninth 
Price Wm. grocer, NE cor. Callowhill Sc Thirteenth 
Price Wm. mariner 197 Lombard 
Price William, pilot, 27 Mary 
Pri chard James D. cordVainer, 69 Christian 
Prichett Chas. flour merch. 25 S. wharves— d. h. 98 S. 8th 
Prichctt James, currier 127 Chesnut 
Prichett Thomas &. John, flour merchants 41 S. Water and 

98 south Eighth 
Prichett William & James, curriers 127 Chesnut 
Prichett Wm. gentleman 98 south Eighth 
Priest George, tailor 37 north Fourth 
Priest Elizabeth, layer out of the dead, 37 N. Fourth 
Priest Emanuel, caidker, 12 Mary 

Priest Levi, combmaker Buttonwood between 5th Sc 6th 
Priestman Wm. merchant NE cor. High and Ninth 
Primer Elizabeth, widow grocer SE cor. Sixth & Lombard 
Primrose Vailot, saddler &c. 291 High 
Prince Isaac, 154 south Tenth 

Pringle John, stone cutter, High near Sch. Seventh 
Pringle Wm. gentleman 212 Pine 
Pringle widow of John, High near Sch. Seventh 
Prise Henry, tobacconist 370 N. Third 
Pritchett Catharine, widow, 239 Spruce 
Pritchet Charles, flour merchant, 25 south wharves 
Pritz Joseph, turner 17 Rachel st. 
Probasco Henry, justice of the peace 37 Coates 
Probasco Martha, widow 124 St. John 
Probasco Peter, planemaker 74 Callowhill 
Proct Ann, sempstress Biddle's alley 
Proct Jacob, pocket-book maker 5 south Sixth 
fProctor Walter, cordwainer Bedford above Seventh 
Proro Levi, barber 366 High 

fProsser James, oysterman 124 High & 162 Spruce 
Provenshure Peter, 183 south Eighth 
Prudule Mary, widow 157 south Fifth 
Pruff Robert H. carpenter 246 north Water 
Pryfold Philip, drayman Old York road above Browne 
Pryor Edmund, druggist, &c. 373 north Front 
Pryor Joseph, clerk to the Health Office, 26 Elfreth's altey 

QUI Philadelphia Inde.v. 

Pryor Joseph, jun. cabinet shop 7 north Front — d h. 

freth's alley 
Prvor Margerv, widow, 47 Union 
Pryor Mat! M." D. office 182 Mulberry 
Pryor Richard, hatter 42 north Front 
Pryor Samuel, g-rocer 206 south Fourth 
Pryor Thomas, ferryman, 22 Little Water 
Pryor Thomas W. merchant, 375 north Front 
Pryor Thomas E. druggist 373 north Front 
Pugh Hugh, house carpenter St. Joseph's avenue 
Pugh Isaac, bookseller SE corner Third &. Sassafras 
Pugh Jesse, cabinetmaker, 10 >Vagner 5 s alley 
Pugh Rebecca, widow 301 Callow hill 
Pugh Samuel, innkeeper 10 South alley 
Pugiia J. Ph. professor of languages 2 Bell's com! 
PuDen Robert, auctioneer 124 south Sixth 
Pumeroy David, cakebaker, 114 north Eighth 
Pumeroy Israel, shoemaker Fourth near Poplar la 
Pumeroy Ralph W. Fries's court 
Purcell John, cordwainer 146 Lombard 
Purches Elizabeth, widow, 94 Christian 
Purdon Rachel, boarding house 62 south Sixth 
Purdon John, attorney at law, 104 south Fourth 
jPurnall Daniel, waiter, 152 Lombard 
Purnell Isaac, labourer, St. Man's street 
Purves Alexander, merchant, lower 22 south Second [Sec 
Pybus John, shoemaker, 44 Race P' 

Pyle Jos. storekeeper, 31 north Second— d. h. 69 Wood 

QUA1N W"M. S. hatter, Loxley's court 

Quantrell Wm. shopkeeper 84 Sassafras 

|Quard John, hairdresser, 131 south Fourth 

Queenville A. G. cabinetmaker, 11 Lombard 

Quesnet B. 4 south Tenth 

Quick Margaret, widow, 68 Union 

Quicksall Joseph, shoemaker, Queen below Hanover (K) 

Quicksall Joseph, under 28 Market — d. h. 15 Gray's alley 

Quig Henry, tallow chandler, 5 Quarry 

Quig Josiah, cordwainer, 51 Poplar 

Quig Robert, porter at bank of Philadelphia, 21 Carter's 

Quin Andrew, tavern keeper, S. W. cor. Fifth and Shippen 
Quin Barnet Sc Co. grocery, 135 and 137 south Water 
Quin Daniel, weaver, 19 Laurel 
Quin Felix, tallow chandler, Cedar above Tenth 
Quin Mary, widow, Relief street near Front 
Quin Samuel, combmaker, Seventh above Coates 
Quinlan Patrick, Painter & glazier 
Quinley Moses J. house carpenter, 15 Chesnut 
Quinlin Mary, mantuamaker and teacher, 159 St. Ji 
Quinn Barnet, grocer, N. W corner Fifth and Prune 
Quinn Bernard, whiskey and flour store, 388 High 

Philadelphia Index. RAN 

QiunH Charles, grocer, S. W. comer Argyle and Swanson 
Quinton Joseph, tavern keeper, corner Marlboro and Prince 

RABAY JOHN, mariner, 79 Swanson 

Rabb Elizabeth, widow, Galbraith's court 

Rabjohn George, oak cooper, 229 St. John 

Rabjohn John," tailor, 229 St. John 

Rabsom Mary, widow, boarding house, 143 High 

Radcliff C, sea captain, 88 Wood 

Radford Thomas, tailor, back 106 Cherry 

Rae Robert, mariner, 28 Almond 

Rafield John, accountant, 110 Union 

Rafferty Patrick, ashman, 214 Shippen 

Rafrerty Thomas, sandman, Lombard corner Elev 

Rafsnyder John, plasterer, 66 north Sixth 

Rafus Abraham, cai'penter, Hause's court 

Rain Ehzabeth, washerwoman, back of 115 Callowhill 

Rainer Nathan, carpenter, North street 

Rainey John, carter, Filbert near Sch. Fourth 

Rakestraw John, tailor, 279 south Front , 

Ralston Archibald, labourer, Jones west Sch. Fifth 

Ralston & Lyman, domestic warehouse, 11 south Front 

Ralston Robert, merchant, 189 Mulberry — compting house 

103 south Front 
Ralston Robert, jr. merchant, 383 Mulberry 
Ramage Adam, printers' joiner and cabinetmaker, library 

near Fifth— d. h. 137 south Fifth 
Ramage Emily, schoolmistress, 11 Penn. avenue 
Ramage James, stone mason, Wood near Thirteenth 
Rambo David, cordwainer, Paynter's com! 
Rambo Hannah, widow of Daniel, 43 Green 
Rambo Peter, shipwright, Hanover corner Bedford 
Ramsay John, combmaker, 69 Tammany 
Ramsay Susan, widow of Alexander, 465 Race 
Ramsey Jacob, paper stainer, Say street 
Ramsey James, upholsterer, Say street 
Randies Mary, widow, back 79 ^Vanson 
Ramson George, ^carpenter, Noble between Fifth- and Sixth 
Rand B. H. professor of penmanship 36 south Sixth 
Randall A. storekeeper, 16 south Second 
Randall Archibald, attorney at law, 50 south Sixth— d. h. 

229 Market 
Randall A. & J. R. Vodges, attorneys at law Sc conveyancers, 

N. W. corner south Sixth and Little George 
Randall David, labourer, back 19 Garden 
Randall James, grocer. Beach near Maiden (K) 
Randall Joseph, carpenter, 103 south Ninth 
Randall Josiah, attorney at law, 80 "Walnut 
Randall Margaret, widow, 167 south Fifth 
Randall Matthew, prothonotary Court Common Pleas, office 

west wing State House — d. h. 171 Pine 
Randall Robert, shoemaker, Fourth near Brown 

102 i Hk 

HAY Philadelphia Index. 

"Randolph Edward, gentleman, 126 north Second 
Randolph Edw., j;\ merchant, 241 High — d. h. north Fourth 

near Noble 
Randolph G. F. merchant, 241 High — d. h. 192 Mulberry 
Randolph G. F. & E. dry good merchants, 241 High 
Randolph J., M. D. 74 south Fifth 
•[Randolph Josh, painter, he. 212 South 
Randolph Richard, merchant, Vine near corner of John 
Randolph Robert, shoemaker, 21 Callowhill 
Randolph Wdliam, lumber merchant, 233 north Water— 

d. h. Juliana above Wood 
Ranken Alexander, cordwainer, 430 north Front 
Ranken & Adams, grocers, 49 Chesnut 
Ranken David, grocer, 49 Chesnut 
Ranken George &. Son, cabinetmakers, 20 Walnut 
Ranken George, jr. shoemaker, 9 north Eighth 
Rankin Wm. blacksmith, back 8 Noble 
Rankin 8c Fowle, hatters, 122 High 
Ranner John, victualler, 59 Garden street 
Ransley James, mariner, Federal near Second 
Raphune John, tailor, S3 Currant alley 
Rapp Catharine, widow, 107 Christian 
Rapp Joseph, feed store, 293 north Second 
Raser Aaron, labourer, Race near Sch. Third 
Raser Matthias, printer, 33 Carter's alley — d. h. 11 Cherry 
Raser, Thomas M. teacher, seminary N.W. corner Fifth and 

Cherry, d. h. 83 Locust 
Raser Jacob, carpenter, Sch. Eighth near Cherry 
Raser John, labourer, Race near Schuylkill Third 
Raster Wm. tavern keeper, corner of Buttonwood and Old 

York road 
Rauch J. C. G. tailor, 18 Watson's alley 
Ravegneaux Francis, shopkeeper, 82 north Third 
Raw George, ladies shoemaker, Queen below Sixth 
Rawerd Henrietta Miss, 44 Gaskill 

Rawle Edward, attorney at law, 112 and 116 south Third • 
Rawle Wm. counsellor at law, 112 and 116 south Third 
Rawle William, attorney -at law, 178 Chesnut 
Rawlings Thomas, cordwainer, back of 102 Christian 
Ray Benjamin, grocer, 200 north Water 
Ray David, drayman, 20 North alley 
Ray David, tailor, 253 south Fourth 
Ray Mary, fancy and dry goods store, 43 south Second 
Ray Mary, nurse, 11 Carter's alley 
Ray Margaret & Co. storekeepers, 4 south Second 
Ray Rachel, widow, 105 Filbert [See Rea and JVvay. 

Ray William, carter, Chesnut above Broad 
Ray William, tailor, 134 Coates street 
Raybold Jacob A. druggist, 243 south Fourth 
Raybold John, paper stainer, Sch. Front near Filbert 
Raybold Joshua, justice of the peace, 179 Shippen — d. h. 

51 Fitzwat ^f* 

Philadelphia Inde.T. RE A 

"Raj bold Thomas, Windsor chairmaker, Mulberry west Sch 

Rayer Peter, labourer, back of 40 Ann 

Bayfield Eleanor, morocco hat maker, 56 south Fifth 

Rayl Henry, carpenter, 246 Brown 

-; Raymond A. hairdresser, 74 Dock 

{Raymond A. & Tondillier, hairdressers, 74 Dock 

f Raymond Jacob, coachman, 12 Currant alley 

Raymond Jane, tutoress, 139 south Fourth 

Raynes Charles & John, mariners, 73 and 74 Penn 

Rea Alexander, umbrella maker, 38 south Third 

Ilea Charles, bricklayer, 5 Clawges' court 

Rea Daniel, sea captain, 30 Budd 

Rea John, upholsterer, 153 Chesnut [.See Ray t£ IVrav 

Rea William, blacksmith, corner Ger. road and Second 

Read Alexander, weaver, Germantown road above the forks 

Read Alexander, china merchant cor. Fifth and High — d. h, 

37 south Tenth 
Read Christian, grocer, 48 Budd 
Read Eleazer, paper stainer, Galbraith's court 
Read Elimaleck, innkeeper, 95 North Third 
Read Elizabeth, boarding house, S. W. corner Bread street 

and Fetter lane 
Read & Gray, china merchants, 199 High 
Read James, 81 Walnut [See Reed and Reld. 

Read James, weaver, Callowhill near Thirteenth 
Read Joel, brushmaker, 11 Wagner's alley 
Read John, labourer, 262 north Water 
Read John, tanner, 62 north Sixth 
Read John, shoemaker, 57 Mechanic 
Read John, umbrella maker, 37 south Second 
Read John, mariner, back of 12 Shippen 
Read John M. attorney at law, and president of Philadelphia 

Bank, 176 Chesnut 
Read Joseph, labourer, Rose alley 
Read Luke, tinplate worker, 1 Kelly's alley 
Read Mary, widow, Perry street 
Read Moses, grocer, 482 Sassafras 
Read Peter, painter Sc glazier, 58 Race 
Read Richard, ship master, 45 Lombard 
Read Sarah & Co. dry goods store, 45 north Second 
Read Wm. bookbinder, Davis's court 
Read William, agent (U. S. N.) 15 Sansom 
Reader Isaac, agent, 133 Vine 
Ready & Walters, tinplate workers, 246 High 
ReafTenbart Peter, baker, Perry st. 
Reakart John, grocer, 439 north Second 
Reakirt Jacob, dep. keep, of the prison, 12 Fromberger'sci, 
Reall Michael, house carpenter, Marlboro near Bedford 
Reall Samuel, inspector of lumber, 255 North Front 
Reamer Frederick, grocer, 10 Elizabeth 
Reamer John, gent. Poplar near St ¥ JJbnn. 

REE Philadelphia Index. 

Reamer Susan, widow, carpet weaver, Frankford road near 

Bedford (K) 
Reap John, cordwainer, Crown street (K) 
Heap Philip, carpenter, 100 Budd 
Reasen Samuel, labourer, 16 Burd's court 
Heath Thomas, grocer, 269 High 
Reaud Elizabeth, widow, back 86 south Third 
Heave Hosea, storekeeper, Hanover near Queen (K) 
Reck' 1 .s David, cordwainer, 35 Mechanic 
Reckefiis Samuel, cordwainer, 35 Mechanic 
Rechcl Jacob, sugar refiner, 5 Crown 
Redifer John, weaver, Germantown road 
Reding Patrick, grocer, 5 Spruce 
Reddifer \Vm. shoemaker, 448 north Third street 
RedhefTer Rachel, market woman, Lily alley 
Redfern Robert, saddler & leather cutter, 403 High 
Redman Barnabas, bookseller and stationer, 121 south Fifth 
Redman Joseph, gent. 144 Pine 
Redman Margaret, widow, Bedford near Fifth 
Redman M. shopkeeper, 68 south Fourth 
Redman Thomas, M. D. 188 Chesnut 
Redstreke J. cabinetmaker, 54 Dock — d. h. 123 S. Second 
f Redwood John, waiter, Acorn alley 
Reece Enos, storekeeper, 8 north Eleventh 
Reecles Anthony, labourer, Carpenter near Fourth 
Reed Isaac, watchmaker, 176 north Second 
Reed James, Christian near Fifth 
Reed Joseph, counsellor at law and recorder for the city of 

Philadelphia, 187 Spruce 
Reed John, inspector of customs, 286^ Race 
Reed John & Co. dry goods store, 132 High 
j Reed John, cordwainer, 46 Bedford 
Reed Michael, storekeeper, 78 north Second ' 
Reed Robert, cordwainer, 63 Penn 
Reed Samuel, S. E. corner of Second and Mary 
Reed Samuel, labourer, 126 Thirteenth street 
Reed Samuel II. grocer, 400 High 
Reed Sarah, widow, Relief street near Front 
Reed Wm. tailor, 68 south Water and 69 south Front 
Reel John, smith, 133 Budd 
Rees Charles B. cordwainer 111 Sassafras 
Rees Christopher, oak -and cedar cooper, 8 Budd 
Rets Eleanor, 22 Carter's alley 
Rees Enos, labourer, 117Coates 
Rees Evan, stirrup filer, 19 Budd 
Rees George, cordwainer, 276 south Second 
Rees Henry, tailor, S. W. corner of Fourth and New 
Rtes Jacob, victualler, Charlotte near Brown 
Rees Jacob, cedar cooper, 77 Race 
Rees Jane, widow, washerwoman, back 5 Cypress alley 
Ree< )U#c«W|pf taxes, 115 Race 

Rgati John, bridle bit mukc^, juniper below Walaul 


Philadelphia Index, ' REI 

Itees Thos. L. dry goods store, 80 north Second 
Rees Wm. carter, SW corner Wood 8c Eighth 
Reese Ezekiel, 246 north Front 

Reese Jacob & Sbn, merchants, 195 High— d. h. 399 Mul- 
berry [See lieysy Rhees, & Reiss. 

Reese Margaret, widow, Hunk's court 

Reese Valentine, soap boiler, Race near Sch. Seventh 

Reess George, victualler, Vine west of Bread — stall 73 New 
Market, south Second 

Reess Mrs. shopkeeper, 103 south Fifth 

Reess Mrs. innkeeper, 97 south Fifth 

Reeves Aaron, wheelwright, Duke corner of New Market 

Reeves Benjamin, 13 High 

Reeves Benjamin, Market street Ferry, north side 

Reeves Catharine, boarding house, 5 Franklin court 

Reeves Isaac, carpenter, near Callowhill & Ridge roacT 

Reeves Nehemiah, cordwainer, 8 Little Pine 

Reeves Sheppard A. teacher, 1 Bread street 

Reeves & Sedgley, millwrights, 170 Spruce 

Reeves Thomas, jun. grocer, NW cor. Second & Mulberry 
— d. h. 355 Mulberry 

Reeves Timothy, dry goods store, 240 north Front 

Reeves Thomas, grocer, N. W. cor. of Penn and Cedar 

Reeves Thomas, millwright, Fifth second door ab. Walnut 

Reford Elizabeth, storekeeper, 24 south Third 

Regent Isaac, labourer, Queen near Second 

Regli, widow of Joseph, toy store, 208 High 

Regnault C. F. paper hanger, 218 Lombard 

Regnault George, paper hanger, 220 Lombard 

Regnault Joseph, paper hanger, 122 Locust 

Rehn Casper, merchant, 164 N. Second 

Rehn George, and Co. brewers, 68 New 

Rehn George, blacksmith, China street 

Rehn John, brewer, 60 New 

Reible John, grocer, Charlotte street 

Reibsam John, merchant, 47 Noble 

Reicker Peter, victualler, Perry street 

Beid Adam, grocer, N. W. corner of Second and Plum 

Reid Alexander J. grocer, N. E. cor. of Third and Shippen 

Reid Catharine, widow, storekeeper, 25 Callowhill 

Reid Patrick, house & sign painter & glazier, 46 south Fifth 

Reidy Samuel, victualler, near Callowhill and Ridge road 

Reiff Abraham, grocer, 125 Old York road 

ReifF Mathias, grocer, 428 north Front 

Reilly James, tailor, 137 Locust 

Reilly Joseph, paper hanger & stainer, Charlotte near Brown 

Reilly J. C. sea captain, 260 south Front 

Reilly Mathew, cordwainer, 245 south Fourth 

Reilly Philip, grocer, N. E. cor. of Second and Shippen 

Reilly Wm. cabinetmaker, 24 Prune *f1htl~, 

f Reily James, oysterman, 8 Dock 


REY Philadelphia Index. 

'• Tliomas, merchant, 7 Franklin row 

Reinagie Hugh, artist, 133 south Fourth 

Reinboth George, carpenter, Mulberry alley 

Reineek Lewis, biscuit baker, 32 Penn & 91 south whai 

Reinhai*t Christian, near Hopkins's court & Wilhams st. 

Reinhart George, gentleman, SW cor. Tenth &. Walnut 

Reinhart John H., watchman, back 147 Cherry 

Reinhart John G. blacksmith, N. W« cor. Second and Prime 

Reinsemier Christian, carter, Union near Marlborough (K.) 

Reiter John, glover, 239 north Second 

Relf Francis, mariner, back 380 south Second 

Relf Samuel, editor of the Philadelphia Gazette, office 97 

south Second — d. h. 109 south Tenth 
Rementer, Peter, carpenter, Passyunk road near Federal 
Remich John, ladies shoemakei*, 106 Gaskill 
Remington C. lumber merchant, NW car. Sixth and Vine — 

d. h. 192 N. Sixth 
Remington Elizabeth, widow, 37 Christian 
Remington J. B. gentleman, 334 Mulberry 
Remy John, shoemaker, back of 42 Ann 
Rennel Michael, shopkeeper, 196 Callowhill 
lienouf Nicholas, tailor, back of 99 Old York road 
Renshaw Benjamin, Mansion House Hotel, south Third 
Renshaw Benjamin, gentleman, 218 Chesnut 
Renshaw Frances, 112 south Eighth 
Renshaw Richard, justice of the peace and notary public, 

office 304 and d. h. 302 south Second 
Renshaw Samuel, of U. S. Navy, 90 Union 
Reppard Sarah, nurse, Barnard's court 
Repsara Adam, labourer, 250 St. John • 
Repsher Elizabeth, seamstress, 184 St. John 

oster Daniel, mason, Washington street, Morrisville 
Rex Ann, widow, 13 German 
Rex Charles, victualler, near Kugan in Callowhill 
ilex George, innkeeper, cor. Sixth and Vine 
ReX Samuel, blacksmith. Ridge road near toll gate 
tteyburg Mary, widow, 320 Mulberry 
Reynolds & Adgate, grocers, 21 south Third 
Reynolds Charles, druggist, 491 north Second 
Reynolds David, tanner, 93 Budd above Laurel 
Reynolds Elizabeth, rnantuamaker, 25 Walnut 
Reynolds James, tailor, 308 south Front 
ieynolds Jos. grocer, 21 S. Third — d. h. 20 New Market 
Reynolds Margaret, milliner, 52 Mulbem 7 
Reynolds Margaret, widow of John, Cherry near Sixth 
Reynolds Margaret, teacher, 33 Coates 
Reynolds Mary, widow, back of 109 Christian 
Reynolds S. oysterman, under 202 High — d. h. Franklin court 
Reynolds Samuei, gentleman, NW cor. Callowhill & Sixth 
Reynolds Simeon, teacher, 27 Branch 
Reynolds Wm. carpenter} Federal above Second 
Reynolds Z. J. supercargo, 283 Sassafras 

Philadelphia Index. ftIC 

Rhea David, gentleman, Frankford road cor. Otter (K.) 

Rheem Jacob, flour merchant, 37% High 

Rhees Ann, widow, Loxlcy's court 

Rhees Benj. R., If. D. 225 south Front 

Rheimer John, grocer} 7 store, High between Sch. oth & 6th 

Rhine-hart Joseph, cordwainer, 142 South 

Rhoades Joseph, carpenter, 2 Wood 

Rhoades Henry, labourer, Lombard W. Sch, Eighth 

Rhoades Thomas, accountant, 2 Wood 

Rhoads Hannah, widow, 2 Wood 

Rhoads 8c Jeanes, lumber merchants, High near Permanent 

bridge — d. h. High W. Sch. Sixth 
Rhodes Charles, grocer, NB cor. Callowhill Sc Sixth 
Rhodes Jane, innkeeper, adjoining U. S. Arsenal 
Rhodes Samuel, merchant, 42 south Front 
Rianhard John, merchant, 179 High — d. h. 127 south Ninth 
Rianhard, Senat, & Co. merchants, 179 High 
Ribbath Moses, weaver, 493 north Second 
Ribble John, shoemaker, Millers court 
Ribblet Peter L. pastry cook, 174 south Second 
Rice Ann, widow, 53 Almond 

Ri;e & Esher, grocers, NW cor. Fourth and Mulberry 
Rice Isaac, carpenter, 13 Wood 
Rice James, labourer, 5 Little Dock 
Rice John, sea captain, 324 south Second 
Rice Joseph, blacksmith, Old York road — d. h. 30 and shqp 

above Noble 
Rice Joseph, gunsmith, 1 32 South 
Rice Michael, grocer, NW cor. Mulberry and Fourth 
Rice Robert, whiskey Sc flour store, High W. of Sch. Fifth 
Rice Wm. gentleman, 41 Browne 
Rice Wm. -blacksmith, 164 Coates 
Rice Wm. house carpenter, Hanover near Queen (K.) 
Rich George, grocer, 477 north Third 
Rich Margaret, nurse, Rose alley near Green 
Richard Ann, 117 north Sixth 
Richard M. drygoods store, 31 south Third 
Richards A. G. merino shawl and Canton crape cleaner, 90 

Richards Ann, teacher, 39 Key's alley 
Richards Benjamin, auctioneer, 381 Mulberry 
Richards Bridget, widow, back 14 Oak (S) 
Richards Catharine, tavernkeeper, 87 south Water 
Richards Hester, grocer, cor. Sch. Front and Vine 
Richards Isaac, blacksmith, back of 91 Callowhill 
Richards Joseph, grocer, 22 north Second 
Richards Joseph, merchant, 160 south Fourth 
Richards Lawrence, labourer, Jones's alley 
Richards Mark, iron merchant, 125 and 127 N. Third 
Richards Man", Coates near Ridge road ***^ 

fRichards Myers, dealer, 188 south Fourth 
Richards R.B. bellows manufactory, Callowhill near Garden 

RIC Philadelphia IndtA. 

Richards Richard, drayman, Fifth below Que 

Richards Samuel, brushfinisher, 85 St. John 

Richards Samuel, lime merchant, 3 Dock— d. h. 136 3. From 

Richards Samuel, iron merchant, 111 N. "Water — d. h. 34" 

Richards Thos. tobacconist, 166£ S. Sixth. & 195 Lombard 
Richards Thomas, grocer, SW cor. Third and Vine 
Richards Thomas, grocer, 214 Shippen 
Richards Thomas, 50 Vine 
Richards William, jeweller, 8 Carter's alley 
Richards William H. china merchant, 182 High 
Richards Win. gentleman, cor. Baker's court & Callowhill 
Richards W. & S. R. watchmakers and silversmiths 136 S. 

Richardson Adam,ropemaker, Marlborough near Prince (K.) 
Richardson Ann, widow, drygoods store, 64 N. Fourth. 
Richardson Benjamin, cutler, 77 south Second 
Richardson Elizabeth, widow, 61 Tammany 
Richardson Hannah, grocer, Prime opposite Navy Yard 
Richardson Jared, carpenter Broad above Mulberry 
f Richardson Joseph, coachman, 8 Bonsall 
Richardson J. bookseller, 6 Minor 
Richardson John, bellhanger, 17 Elfreth's alley 
Richardson John, rigger, 247 St. John 
Richardson & Kinsman, merchants, 89 High 
Richardson Mark, carpenter, Broad above Mulberry 
Richardson M. R. tavernkeeper, 121 north Water 
Richardson Oliver, shoemaker, 121 north Fourth 
Richardson Robert & John, whitesmiths, engineers, and belt- 
hangers, 19 Norris alley 
Richardson R. B. brush finisher, 166 north Eighth 
Richardson Thomas, 4 Biddle's alley 
Richardson Wesfell, cutler, Ann near Sch. Eighth 
Richardson William, merchant, 85 Mulberry 
Richardson William, innkeeper, 139 north Fourth 
Richardson Wm. cai -p enter, 92 and 93 Gaskill 
Richardson Wm. umbrella manuf. 6 south Third 
Riche Samuel, carpenter, Callowliill near Schuylkill 
Richie William, merchant, 117 High 
Richman John, joiner, 416 north Front 
Richman Wm. shipwright, 261 St. John 
Richmond Isaac, carpenter, 107 Cherry 
Richmond Isaac, superintendant public burial ground, 4-71 

Richmond Mary, widow, 94 north Ninth 
f Richmond Peter, 417 north Fourth above Ccates 
Richter Augustus Charles, hairdresser, 440 N. Front 
Richter & Glasby, tailors, 360 north Second 
Richter John, toiler,. Whitehall st. 
Rickard Leonard, painter, 13 Watson's alley 
Rickards William, 8 Carter's alley 
Rickerman William, drayman, 15 south Water 

Philadelphia Index. RIL 

Ricket Joseph, inspector of lumber, 6 Branner's alley 

Ricketts Cato, porter, back 18 Kunckel 

Ricketts Isaac, labourer, Second below Prime 

Rickson Andrew, rigger, 69 Queen 

Rickstine John, morocco dresser, 6 Franklin 

Ridaboch P. blacksmith, 16 S. Fifth— d. h. 277 Walnut 

Riddle Joanna, widow, back 393 south Second 

Riddle John, cabinetmaker, back 70 Dock 

Riddle John, drayman, 126 Queen 

Riddle Samuel, boot and shoemaker, NE corner Front and 

Riddock James, dealer, 42 South 

Rider A. portrait painter, Chesnut 2d door above Eighth 
Rideout George, grocer, SW cor. Eighth & Chesnut 
Ridgway Benj. & Thos. flour merchants, 51 north Water 
Ridgway Jacob, gentleman, 181 Chesnut 
Ridgway Joseph Fi flour merchant, 55 north Water — d. h, 

172 Mulberry 
"Ridgway Joseph, merchant tailor, 10 south Third 
Ridgway John, bricklayer, 76 north Ninth 
Ridgway Miss Rebecca, boarding house, 141 Mulberry 
Ridgway R. S. innkeeper, NW cor. Green & Old York road 
Ridgway Thomas, flour merchant, 52 Vine 
Ridles Adam, turner, 10 Strawberry 
Ridley Edward, weaver, Pearl st. 
f Ridley Peter, labourer, German near Third 
Riebsam John, grocer, 290 N. Second — d. h. 95 Callow-hill 
Rief Daniel, grocer, 106 north Seventh 
Riehle Wm. tanner, cor. Fourth & Noble — d. h. 53 N. Fourth 
Rifferts Peter, drover, James st. 
Riflbrd Matthias, rigger, Marlborough near Prince 
Rig Ferdinand, confectioner, 52 Brown 
Rigby Henry, late cabinetmaker, 15 Sassafras 
Rigden Christiana, widow, milliner, 205 south Second 
Righter John, gardener, 13 Franklin court 
Rigler John, victualler, Cherry near Sch. Eighth 
Rigley Francis, stove manufacturer, 34 Church alley 
Rile William, innkeeper, 69 Sassafras 
Riley Charles, chairmaker, 513 south Second 
Riley Charles, chairmaker, Fearris' court 
Riley Isaac, gentleman, 250 Walnut 
Rile3 r Jacob F. baker, 165 Vine 

Riley James, tailor, Germantown road above the forks 
Riley James, organist of St. Mary's church, 4 Stampers' alley 
Riley James, labourer, Swanson near Prime 
Riley Joseph S. currier, 171 N. 3d — d. h. cor. Vine 8c 3d 
Riley John, shopkeeper, 15 Strawberry 
Riley Paul, tavernkeeper 220 High 
Riley Tobias, baker, 391 Sassafras 
Riley Wm. brass founder, 22 Sassafras alley 
Hiley Wm. mariner, 316 south Third 
Riley WilliaHO, brass founder, 23 North alley 

ROA Philadelphia Index. 

Rimer Thomas, late cordwainer, 10 Carter's alley 

Rinck Elizabeth, widow, Love lane near Ninth 

Rinedollar Henry, ship carpenter, 14 Piatt's court 

Rinedollar Henry, ship carpenter, Beach 

Rinedollar Jacob, shipwright, 385 N. Front 

Rinedollar Jacob, jun. mast maker, yard Oak near Coates — 

d. h. 9 Duke 
Rinedollar Samuel, ship carpenter, 62 Green 
Rinehart Michael, cordwainer, Juliana near Callowhill 
Ring Mary, back 150 Locust 
Ring Rachel, widow, nurse, 19 Coxe's alle}*- 
Rink Wm. 1). combmaker, 183 south Second 
Rink Jacob, tavernkeeper, NW cor. Brown & St. John 
Riphey Daniel, weaver, N. Third near Rihl's court 
Ripperger Wm. dentist, 158 south Fourth 
Rippinger Conrad, bleeder and leecher, 35 Cherry 
Risband Mary, seamstress, 20 Cypress alley 
Risborough John, drygoods store, 250 south Second 
Risdale Isaac, tailor, 48 Tammany 
Risdeil P. widow, xipper 157 Pine 
Rising Eli, trader, 214 north Fifth 
Risley R. S. china store, 68 north Third 
Ristene Jonathan, combmaker, 463 N. Third 
Ristine John, victualler, West above Palmer (K.) 
Ritchie Francis, gentleman, 26 Goforth alley 
Ritchie H. I. taylor, Vine near Thirteenth 
Ritchie Robert, leather store, 318 N. Third— d.h. 10 Norris* 

Ritchie Thomas, M. D. Pennsylvania Hospital 
Riter Michael, merchant, 180 Callowhill St 216 N. Fifth 
Ritsey John L. cordwainer, 112 Vine 
Rittenhouse Benjamin, gentleman, 1 Caledonian court 
Rittenhouse Henry, carpenter, 77 Crown 
Ritter Ann, widow, baker, 24 N. Fifth 
Ritter Abraham, merchant, 16 south Seventh 
Ritter Catharine, tailoress, 4 Knight's court / 

Ritter Edward, chairmaker, 113 N. Front 
Ritter Edward, chairmaker, 317 N. Third 
Ritter George, cabinetmaker, 72 N. Fourth 
Ritter George, horse auctioneer, 98 Filbert 
Ritter Henry, baker, 129 south Fourth 
Ritter Jacob, storekeeper, 70 N. Front 
Ritter Jacob, jun. merchant, 196 High 
Ritter J. & A. merchants, 333 and 196 High 
Ritter Mathias, paver of stone, Francisville 
Ritter William, baker, 24 N. Fifth 
fRix Eliza, washerwoman, 21 Lyndall's alley 
Rizer Charles, druggist, junction of Fifth and Passyunk 
Roach John, bookbinder, 99 Budd 
Roads Henry, carter, Lombard near Schuylkill 
Roads Marks, merchant, 246 Sassafras 
Roan James, caulker, Marlborough near Prince (K.) 

1'hiladelphia Index. ROB 

Roan Joseph, cabinetmaker, 479 Sassafras 

Rout Jacob, cordwainer, 13 Pratt's court 

Roat Richard P. cordwainer, 15 Pratt's court 

Roatch 8c Farr, drapers and tailors, 4 S. Sixth 

Robb Alexander, letter carrier, 84 south Fifth 

Robb Catharine, widow, back 43 Coates 

Robb Charles, tailor, 188 south Fifth 

Robb James, back of 22 Shippen 

Robb James, cabinetmaker, 10 Plumb 

Robb 8c Winebrener, merchant tailors, 100 Chesnut 

Robbins Aaron, bricklayer, 32 Palmyra square 

Robbins Benj. carpenter, cor. Seventh 8c Buttonwood 

Robbins C. S. baker, 7 Gray's alley \ 

Robbins Job, weaver, corner Fourth 8c Crown 

Robbins John, chairmaker, back 17 N. Eighth 

Robbins 8c Smith, merchants, 173 High 

Robbins Samuel J. merchant, 75 N. Fifth 

Robbins Sarah, widow, 9 Little Water 

Robeno Andrew & John, tailors, NW corner Front & Cedar 

Robeno Andrew, tailor, NW corner Front &. Cedar — d. h. 26 

Watson's alley 
Robeno John, tailor, 96 Christian 
fRoberjohn Thomas, cabinetmaker, 269 south Sixth 
Roberson Jacob, mariner, Shippen near Eleventh 
Roberts Abigail, widow of James, 454 south Front 
Roberts Amos, tax collector, 64 south Eleventh 
Roberts Ann, widow, Smith's court 
Roberts Ann, widow, 101 Christian 
Roberts Ann, bonnet maker, 315 south Second 
Roberts Catharine, widow of Thomas, 45 Mechanic 
Roberts Catharine, widow, Mulberry near Twelfth 
Robex-ts Charles, lumber merchant, Oak below Coates — d.h. 

174 Mulberry 
Roberts Charles, carpenter, Fourth above Tammany 
Roberts Daniel, painter, 8cc. 315 south Second 
Roberts Daniel, saddler, &c. 125 New- 
Roberts Eleanor, shoe binder, Maginnes' court 
Roberts Frances, widow of Michael, 212 Walnut 
Roberts George, 252 Chesnut 
Roberts George, shoemaker, Lily alley 
Roberts Helen, widow, 70 Union 
-j-Roberts Isaiah, labourer, south Second near Man- 
Roberts Israel, coppersmith, NW corner Branch 8c Second 
Roberts James, cordwainer and newspaper carrier, 46 Penn 
Roberts John, accountant, 285 Spruce 
Roberts John, grain measurer, cor. Tenth and Lombard 
Roberts John, grain measurer, Tenth near Pine 
Roberts John, cabinetmaker, 25 N. Eighth 
Roberts Jonathan, tax collector, 38 Kunckel 
Roberts Joseph, jun. teacher of mathematics and natural 

philosophy, Friends' Public School, south Fourth — d. h, 

2 Library st. 

ROB Ph ilachlph in Index. 

Roberts Joseph L. accountant, 44 N. Seventh 

Roberts Joseph, teller in Girard's bank, 168 Mulberry 

Roberts Joseph, tailor, 48 south Third 

Roberts Joseph, sawyer, back 11 York court (N*. L.) 

Roberts Lewis, grocer, 322 south Front 

Roberts Mary, widow, back 9 Crown 

Roberts Mary, widow, seamstress, Smith's alley 

Roberts M. & S. drygoods store, 104 N. Seventh 

Roberts Rachel, widow, 12 N. Fourth 

•[Roberts Robert, south Seventh, near Fitzwater 

Roberts Robert, weaver, Sch. Eighth near Vine 

f Roberts R. waiter, Osbourne's court 

Roberts S. & M. 155 Lombard 

Roberts Samuel, dep. keeper of the prison, 117 N. Fifth 

Roberts Sylvester, printer — office Decatur street — d. h. 66 

Roberts Tacy, widow of Algernon, Drinker's court 
"Roberts Thomas P. accountant, 25 N. Twelfth 
Roberts Thomas S. accountant, 128 Cherry above Seventh 
Roberts Thomas, merchant, 50 High 

Roberts Thos. H. merchant, 12 S. Water— d. h. 216 Walnut 
Roberts W. G. cordwainer, 9 York court (N. L.) 
Roberts, widow, 250 Chesnut 

Roberts W. D. upholsterer, Thirteenth above Walnut 
Robertson E. 60 Catharine 
Robertson Mary, market woman, 96 Budd 
Robertson Gilbert, British consul, 291 Chesnut 
Robertson Jas. merch. 58 S. Front — d. h. 8 Franklin row 
Robertson Rebecca, widow, teacher 88 Spruce 
Robertson Wm. merch. 60 S. wh. — d. h. 148 S. Second 
f Robeson Jacob, mariner, Shipper) near Eleventh 
Robinett Eliza, widow, back 92 Gaskill 
Robinett Richard, merchant, 5 Powell 
Robins B. labourer, 90 Bedford 
Robins Eleanor, widow, shopkeeper, 154 Sassafras 
Robins Enoch, bricklayer, Filbert near Sch. Eighth 
Robins John A. baker, Loxley's court 
Robins Steward, appraiser at Custom House, NE corner of 

Seventh and Buttonwood 
Robinson Andrew, weaver, Vine alley near Thirteenth 
Robinson Ann, Mrs. drygoods store, i0 N. Sixth 
Robinson Ann, milliner, 1 Strawberry 

Robinson Ann, 262 Lombard, and 83 N. Ninth [See Robkon. 
Robinson Anthony W. carpenter, 214 N. Eighth 
Robinson Benjamin, gold and silversmith, 12 N. Second 
Robinson Benjamin, carpenter, near St. John &. Poplar 
Robinson Catharine, mantuamaker, 210 south Seventh 
Robinson Catharine, widow, south Eleventh above Pine 
Robinson Charles, carpenter, Prime near Front 
Robinson Charles N. carver and gilder, 86 Chesnut 
Robinson Charlotte, widow, 531 south Front 
Robinson Christian, mariner, back 35 south Second 

"Philadelphia Indeiv. ROD 

Robinson David, NW cor. Eleventh and Pine 

Robinson David, mariner, 78 Pcnn 

Robinson George, currier, 80 Chesnut — d. h. 35 Union 

f Robinson Isaac, labourer, 34 Burd's court 

Robinson James, rigger, Marlborough near Prince (K.) 

Robinson Jehu, carpenter & box maker, 18 Church alley — 

d. h. 53 High 
Robinson John, mariner, 444 N. Front 
Robinson John, ladies shoemaker, 134 Locust 
liobinson John, portrait 8c miniature painter, 144^ Chesnut 
Robinson John, distiller, 287 Cedar 
Robinson John, rigger, 41 Christian 
Robinson John, mariner, 13 Christian 
Robinson Joseph, constable, 135 south Tenth 
Robinson J. rigger, north side Almond street wharf 
Robinson Joshua, carpenter, 73 Passyunk 
fRobinson Kime, shipwright, Merriott's lane near Fourth 
jRobinson Lydia, widow, 20 Burd's court 
Robinson Margaret, 19 Middle alley 
Robinson Martha, widow, 321 Sassafras 
Robinson Mary, widow, shopkeeper, 17 Jones's alley 
Robinson Mary Miss, 12 Chester 
Robinson M. 427 N. Front 
Robinson Rebecca, teacher, 149 Sassafras 
tRobinson Robert, labourer, Middle alley 
f Robinson Sally, widow, 248 south Seventh 
Robinson Samuel, hatter, 36 High 
Robinson Samuel &. Son, hatters, 36 High 
f Robinson Sarah, whitewasher, 248 S. Seventh 
Robinson Thomas, carpenter, 9 Pleasant avenue 
Robinson Thomas, victualler, Eighth near Buttonwoocb — 

stall 75 New Market, south Second 
Robinson William, hatter, 36 High 
Robinson William, labourer, back 74 Plum 
Robinson Wm. H. cordwainer, 15 Callowhill 
Robinson widow, gentlewoman, 21 Greenleaf's court 

Robinson , mariner, 28 Mead alley 

Robson Mary, tailoress, 31 Wood 

Robson Ralph, mariner, 16 Vernon 

Roch Christian, china store, 99 N. Ninth 

fRochambeau Peter, barber, NE cor. Eighth & Sassafras 

Roche Manning B. rector of Trinity Church, Southwark, 6l 

Rock Sarah, widow, shoebinder, 12 Sugar alley 
Rockwell Justice, smith, 217 N. Eighth — shop SW corner 

Callowhill & Garden 
Rockhill Thos. C. merchant, 162$ High— d, h. 299 Chesnu* 
Rockingbourg George, painter, 251 Vine 
Roderfield Wm. accountant, 41 Wood 
Rodgers Amos, shoemaker, 450 N. Third 


ROD Philadelphia Index. 

Rodgers Sarah, widow; Christian near Fourth 

-{-Rodgers Wm. manner, 167 Christian 

Rodgers Wm. ladies shoemaker, German near Fourth 

Rodgers William, cordwainer, cor. Myers's court StMulberr* 

Rodgers Wm, carter, George above Broad 
Rodrigue Andrew, cor. Seventh & Walnut 
Roil John, labourer, back 211 Quem 
Roft'ert Mrs. widow of Philip, 133 Sassafras 
Rogers Benj. copperplate printer, back 18 George 
Rogers & Brothers, hardware merchants, 52 High 
Kogers Charles, 52 High above Second 
Rogers Daniel, mariner, 268 south Fifth 
Rogers Evans, hardware merchant, 52 High above Second 
Rogers George N. hardware merchant, 52 High 
Rogers Hugh, labourer, Vine near Broad 
Rogers Mary, widow, 106 south Fifth 
f Rogers Jacob, labourer, Paschall's alley 
Rogers James, hardware merchant, 259 High 
Rogers John R. cordwainer, Eckfeld's court 
Rogers John, hardware merchant, 52 High above I 
Rogers John, cordwainer, 259 south Second 
Rogers Joseph, sen. justice of the peace, 2 Emlen's court, 

and cor. Fegg st. 
Rogers Margaret, w 7 :dow, corner Twelfth & Sassafras 
Rogers Mary, 109 Christian 

Rogers Rev" William, D. D. 198 Chesnut SE cor. Eighth 
Rogers Thomas, brassfounder, 61 Mulberry 
Rogers Thomas, gentleman, 411 Mulberry 
Rogers William, merchant, 43 N. Third 
Rogers Wm. hardware merchant, 52 High 
Rohrman Henry, tinman, 441 N. Second 
Rohrman Henry, wheelwright, 441 IS. Second 
Rohrman John, wheelwright, Sch. Eighth above Cherry 
Roland John, merchant, 2u6 High — d. h. 14 N. Seventh 
Roland Mary, mop and thrum maker, back 18 Budd 
Roit-tt Gabriel, cordwainer, 37 Lombard 
j-Rolley Abner, barber, SE cor. Ninth 8c Cherry &. 112 N. 5th 
Rolley* Meloley, mantuamaker, Eleventh above Filbert 
Rollin Benoit R. bra»s, steel, &. cane reedmaker, Thirteenth 

above > ine" 
Rolling Otho, labourer, Spruce west Sch. Fifth 
Rolph Mrs. boarding house, 258 High 
Rombia Benner R. NW corner Ninth 8c Cherry 
Ronaldson James, letter founder, Cedar above Ninth 
Ronaldson Richard, letter founder, Cedar above Ninth 
Roney Ann, widow, 30 Penn 
Roney John, gentleman, Second near Beaver 
Roney Thomas, currier, cor. Dock 8t Thud — d. h. 8 Prune 
f Roney Thomas, waiter, back 49 Pine 
rRooch Benjamin, mariner, 112 Christian 

Philadelphia Index. ROT 

Rookstool Jacob, bricklayer, 129 Coatcs 

Rookstool Safliuel, carpenter, 118 Coatcs 

Kookstool Ulrick, cordwainer, iSOCoates 

Room Barzilla, mariner, S. E. corfter Swanson and Almond 

Roper Lewis, house carpenter, 93 S. Ninth 

Roper "William, stone cutter, back 4 N. Tenth 

Rore Elias, hatter, back of 33 N. Fifth 

Rover John, surgeons' instrument maker, 179 Mulberry 

Rbrer Samuel, surgeons' instrument maker, 78 Sassafras 

Rose Ann, midwife, 6 Wood 

Rose Ann, widow, shopkeeper, 33 N. Tenth 

Rose 13. F. surgeons' instrument maker, 12 south Eighth. 

Rose Charles, farmer, Irish lane 

Rose Francis, shopkeeper, 37 New Market 

Rose James, milkman, between Sch. Seventh and Eighth 

Rose James, milkman, Cedar west of Sch. Eighth 

Rose Jane, midwife, 7 Brewer's alley (Wood street) 

Rose Jame, 73 New 

Rose John, earner, 6 Wood 

Rose Mrs. widow, 54 Almond 

Rose Moses, segar maker, 51 Bedford 

Rose Thomas, tanner, Rihl's court 

Rose Thomas, tailor, cor. St. John & Browne, 

Roset Jacob, merchant, inquire 170^ High 

Roset John, merchant, 170^ High— d. h. 10 N. Fifth 

Roset — : •, widow, 8 south Tenth 

Ross Aaron, saddler, &c. 38 N. Third 
Ross David, carpenter, NE cor. Ninth & Cherry 
Ross Elizabeth, seamstress, 1 Juniper lane ■ 
Ross Frederick, painter, &c. 342 south Second 
Ross James, saddler, &c. Prospect alley 
Ross James, professor of Latin & Greek, 44 N. Fourth 
Ross J. 8c Co. feed store, Thirteenth above Walnut 
Ross John, ropemaker, 66 Passyunk 
Ross John, grocer, corner of Coates & Front 
Ross Martha, widow, dealer, 142 Lombard 
Ross Mary, widow, 159 Pine . 
Ross Mary Ann, widow, 75 Penn 
Ross Mary L. boarding house, 79 Penn 
Ross Mary, widow, 342 south Second 
Ross Mrs. M. boarding house, 184 High 
Ross Oliver, segar maker, 121 Plum 
'Ross Rebecca, widow, Third below Queen 
Ross Rebecca, Front near Laurel 
Ross Samuel, bricklayer, 95 Old York road 
Ross Samuel, appraiser at Custom House, 291 Sassafras 
Ross William, late printer, 87 Locust above Eighth 
Ross William, confectioner, 74 High 
Ross William, whipmaker, 115 Cherry 
Rossell John, oysterman, 46 South 
Rostain F. merchant, NW cor. Pine & Fifth 
Rotts Andrew, victualler, 67 Garden 

RUE Philadelphia Index. 

Rouk Rachel, doctress, preparer of the grand pectoral syrup, 

7 Caulfman's court 
Roulston & M'Farlane, seminary, SWcor. Chesnut5t Eighth 
Rounds Samuel, cordwainer, 15 Cox's alley (S) 
Rousseau John C., M. D. 149 S. Sixth SE cor. Pine 
Rousseau Josh, tailor, 82-^ South 
Rovoudt Peter, turner, 18 Old York road 
Bo'yoKdt Wm. druggist, Stc. 18 Old York road 
Row Henry, toll-keeper at Callowhill st. bridge 
Row Rachel, widow, 1U8 Wood 
Rowan Adam, accountant, 195 Christian 
|Ko wan Emanuel, barber, Bradford's alle}' 
fRowen George, hairdresser and perfumer, Decatur near 

Rowen Jane, widow, 48 south Sixth 
Rowland Catharine, widow, 15 Shippen 
Rowland & Ford, grocers, 206 High 
Rowland James, iron merchant, 46 Mulberry — d. h. From- 

berger's court [See Roland 

Rowland John, cabinetmaker, 6 Mary 
Rowland Sarah, widow, 49 Christian 
Rowland Wm. saw factory, 54 Zane — d. h.24 N. Ninth 
Rowlandson Wm. merchant, 166 High 
Rowles Doctor, NE corner Walnut & Third 
Rowley & Alburger, plumbers, 9 S. Sixth & 8 Walnut 
Rowley H. G. plumber, 8 W'alnut— d. h. 22 N. Third 
Rowley Richard, merchant, 22 N. Third 
tRowley Wm. waiter, 204 south Fifth 
Roy Hannah, J76 St. John 
Roy John S. carpenter, 53 Duke (N. L.) 
Roy John, victualler, Charles st. 
Roy John, shoemaker, 367 N. Third 
Roy Mary, widow, washerwoman, 82 Garden 
Royal Wm. B. teacher, 319 south Front 
Royal Thomas, fisherman, Duke st. 
Royer George, carpenter, 126 Dillwyn 
Kuan John, M. D. 211 N, Sixth 
Rubicam Daniel, wine & liquor store, 24 Minor 
Rubicam Daniel, Washington hotel, 20 S. Sixtfe 
Rtibicam Joseph, fruiterer, 105 N. Third 
R-.ibicam Jonathan, carpenter, 36 Palmyra 
Rubicam Justis, gentleman, 89 Wood 
Rubican Charles, hatter, 387 N. Second 
Rude John, labourer, Miller's court (N. L.) 
Rudolph Catherine, layer out of the dead, 32l 
Rudolph George, carpenter, 321 3 Sassafras 
Rudolph Jacob, coachman, 12 Stamper's alley 
Rudolph John, oakcooper, 96 Green cor. Rose alley 
Rudolph Joseph, oakcooper, M ; Crollish*s court 
Rudy Jacob, carpenter, 488 N. Third 
Rudy Jacob, innkeeper, 371 High 
Rudy John, combmaker, 428 N. Fourth 
Rue John, grocer, 472 south Front 

Philadelphia Index. RUS 

Kuc Miss Sarah, milliner, 113 S. Second 

RuftWm. painter, &c. 14 S. Eighth— d. h. 132 N. Fourth 

Rugan George, merchant, 37 Noble 

Rugan John, merchant, 97 N. Water — d. h. 248 Sassafras 

Ruggles widow of Sherman, tailoress, 106 Cherry 

Ruh&rdet Catharine, widow, 198 S. Front 

Ruhl John, coachmaker, 23 Lombard 

Ruhl Rosencrantz, labourer, 188 St. John 

Ruhl Samuel, cabinetmaker, 188 St. John 

Ruhlman John, cordwainer, back 123 Mulberry 

Rule John, tallow chandler, 139 Plum 

Rulhman John C. oysterman, under 108 High 

Rull George, coachmaker, 90 N. Fifth 

Rulon John W. storekeeper, 13£ S. 2d— d. h. 12 Church alley 

fRuly Michael, labourer, 155 Lombard 

Rumer Jacob, plasterer, 278 south Third 

Rumpf Peter, finding store, 146 Cedar 

Rumsey Sarah, widow, 572 N. Front 

Rumsey William, M. D. 202 N. Fourth [See Ramsey 

Runchey Wm, tavernkeeper, NE cor. Mulberry & Front 

Rundle George, stock & exchange broker, 1 Yorke court 

Runner Samuel, vict. Fifth below Buttonwood 

Runnington, widow, boarding house, 20 Sansom 

Rush Charles, shoemaker, 372 N. Second 

Rush James, M. D. 191 Chesnut 

Rush James I. ironfounder and engineer, 12 Palmyra- row 

Rush John, carver, 184 and 469 N. Front 

Rush Julia, widow of Dr. Benjamin, 98^ south Fourth 

Rush Lewis, gentleman, 125 Sassafras 

Rush Margaret, widow, market woman, 245 St. John 

Rush &. Muhlenberg, counting house corner Ninth &Vinc— 

foundery at Bush Hill 
Rush Miss Mary s 3 Powell 

Rush Samuel, attorney at law, 96£ and 98^ sourth Fourth 
Rush Stephen, innkeeper, corner of Willow &Sixth 
Rush Susan, gentlewoman, 355 Sassafras 
Rush Thomas M. 73 Wood 
Rush Thomas, hatter, Brook st. 
Rush Wm. accountant, N. Fifth above CallowhiD 
Rush Wm carver, 172 and 177 N. Front. 
Rush Wm. engine maker, back 62 Cherry 
Rushton Edwards, bandbox maker, 93 N. Front 
Rush ton Wm. manufacturer, Warren st, (K.) 
Rushtons Abraham, dry goods store, 109 N. Third 
Rusk George, tanner and currier, Brook st. 
Rusk Phoebe, wid,ow, back 13 German 
Russell Frances, grocer, 155 S. Second 
Russell James, labourer, Lombard, west of Sch. Eighth 
Russell James, letter founder, Lombard W. of Sch. Eighth 
Russell John, painter, &c. Jones's alley 
Russell John, flour store, 224 High 


SAI Philadelphia Index. 

Russell John, black and whitesmith, 476 Sassafras 

Russell Jonathan, dealer, 54 Swanson 

Russell Joseph S. oil and lamp store, 68 Ghesnut — d. h. oO 

N. Second 
Russell Joseph, grocer, corner of Beach and Maiden 
Russell Philip M. trader, 275 N. Second 
Russell Robert, boot-tree and last-maker, 72 S. Front 
Russell Stephen, merchant, 92 south wharves — d. h. 7? 

Russell Wm. shipwright, cor. Marlborough & Bedford 
Russell William, weaver, 366 High 
Ruth E. widow of Wm. 51 Tammany- 
Ruth Jacob, house carpenter, High between Sch. 3d & 4th 
Rutherford Jacob, carter, 44 Ann 
Rutherford John, drover, Locust above Juniper 
Ratter Mary Ann, carpet weaver, cor. Federal and Second 
Ratter Mrs. widow of Samuel, 48 S. Sixth 
Rutter Thomas, accountant, 48 S. Sixth 
Rutter Thomas, sea captain, 20 Noble 
Ryan Amelia, widow, dealer, 268 south Sixth 
Ryan Daniel, carter, Vine near Broad 
Ryan Hannah, widow, boarding house 5 Coomb's alley 
Ryan James, gentleman, 77 N. Seventh 
Ryan James, milkman, Pine near Schuylkill 
Ryan Lewis, boot and shoemaker, 50 S. Third 
Ryan Lewis, cordwainer, 123 Germantown road 
Ryan Mary, teacher, 207 south Fourth 
Ryan Patrick, china store, 8 N. Third 
Ryan Richard & Co. paper store, 345 N. Third 
Efcyan Timothy, ship joiner, 192 S. Front 
Ryan Thomas, cabinetmaker, 176 St. John 
Ryan William, labourer, 73 N. Sixth 
Ryan William, tailor, Hodge's wharf 
Ryan Wm. currier, lower 38 south Fifth 
Rychman Louis W. cordwainer, 82 Sassafras 
Kychman John, cabinetmaker, 243 north Front 
Ryers G. A. 223 Walnut 
Ryersori Thomas, gentleman, 370 south Second 

: ACKRITER D. cabinetmaker, 250 S. Seventh 
•Sacro John, mariner, Merrioi's lane near Fourth 
Sadler Eleanor, gentlewoman, 169 Mulberry 
Saeltzer Benjamin, baker, 485 N. Third 
Safferd E. M. tailor, 8 Shield's alley 
Saffron John, shoemaker, 489 N. Third 
Sager S. D. accountant, 120 N. Ninth 
Sager Francis, shipwright, 4 Little's row 
Sager Michael, baker, 274 Mulberry 
Sagnier Henry, riding master, 8 Randall's court 
Sail James, mariner, south Second near Prime 
Sailor Elizabeth, widow, Miles's alley 

Philadelphia Index. .SAP 

Sailor George, labourer, Maiden near Front 

Sailor Henry, printer, 7 Wells's row 

Sailor Henry, stone cutter, Vine near Eleventh 

Sailor Henry, cigar maker, 11 north Fifth 

Sailor John, tailor, 14 north Water 

Sailor John, cabinetmaker, 57 north Seventh 

Sailor Mary, widow, 13 Baker's court 

Sailor Samuel, 504 south Front 

Sailor Thomas, drayman, 207 St. John 

Saint Daniel, eorder, Chesnut street wharf — d. h. 78 south 

Saint Douglass, grocer, 41 Cedar 
Salaignac A. C. merchant, 44 Filbert 
Salburge John, cordwainer, Ashton st. near Sassafras 
Salimons Elizabeth, widow, seamstress, 44 Mead alley 
Salkeld Isaac, carpenter, 126 Filbert 
Salkeld Isaac, innkeeper, High near Permanent Bridge 
Sallignac & Breban, merchants, 163 High 
Salter Samuel, carver & gilder, Second above Gel*, road 
Salters Ezekiel, M. D. 108 Cherry. 
■fSammons Henry, teacher, 2 Bonsall 
f Sampson Amy, widow, 259 Spruce 
Sampson John, grocer, 410 north Front 
Samson Hezediah P. grocer, S. W. corner Front 8c Wate? 
Sanders Ann, seminary, 73 north Seventh 
Sanders George, merchant, 27 Wood 
Sanders Henry, distiller of turpentine, Poplar near Front 
Sanders Isaac, oak cooper, Coates near Eighth 
Sanders John, carpenter, 544 north Second near Beaver 
Sanders Jeremiah, cordwainer, 46 Cherry 
Sanders Mrs. Nina, milliner, 132 S. Second 
Sanders Richard, mariner, Federal near Second 
Sanderson John, seminary, Zane — d. h. 140 south Tenth 
Sanderson John, one of the editors of the Auroha, 140 soutii 

Sanderson Jos. M. printer, 33 Walnut street 
Sanderson Wdliam, cordwainer, 2 Richardson's court 
Sandford Ann, widow, 169 Pine 
Sandford J. W. 169 Pine 

Sandgram Charles, sea captain, 477 south Front 
Sandiford Rowland, coachmaker, 152 Vine 
Sands Abraham, nail cutter, Walter's court 
Sands John, carpenter, 84 Oak below Coates 
Sands Nathan, shoemaker, Charles below James 
Sanke 8c Smith, cake bakers, 154 Arch 
Sanno Frederick, brass founder, Penn street (K) 
Sansman Jacob, grocer, NE corner Vine and Garden 
Sansom John, wharf builder, Maiden street near Penn (K) 
Sansom Joseph, gentleman, 111 Eighth below Locust 
Sansom Wm. 96 Mulberry 
Santiful Anthony, toy store, 94 High 
Sapp Edward, carter, Coates near Old York road 

SCH Philadelphia Indejc* 

Sapp Edward, bricklayer, Maria street 

Sarchet John, blacksmith, Race near Broad 

Sarchet John, stove manufactory, 143 &. 145 north Second 

Sardes H. M. Sardinian consul, 219 Spruce 

Sargent Thomas, M. D. 144 Race 

Sargent Thomas, innkeeper, 71 Dock [See Sergeant 

Sarman Reuben, dry goods store, 435 north Second 

Sarmcelland Jos. glass cutter, 348 north Front 

Sasman William, biscuit baker, 297 north Third street 

Satterby Charles, teacher, 225 north Third street 

Saul Mary, widow, Walnut below Thirteenth 

Saulnier John, dry good merchant, 301 High 

Saunders J. W. merchant, 64 south wharves — d. h. 154 south 

Saurman Yerkes, copperplate printer, 18 Franklin court 
Sausman Henry, sugar boiler, 31 Lawrence street 
Savage Enos, bricklayer, Wiley's court 
Savage George, flour store, 224 north Front street 
Savage John, carpenter, Sheafl's alley 
Savage John, merchant, York street — d. h. 156 south Ninth 
Savage Maria, widow, 53 German 
Savage Reuben, carpenter, Eleventh corner of Race 
Savage William, carpenter, Budd above Poplar 
Savery Rebecca, widow, 20 north Fifth 
Savil Wm. silver plater, 129 Green 
Savil widow, boarding house, 44 Carpenter street 
Savor Gotleib, cordwainer, 52 New 
Savoy Francis, paper hanger, 79 north Fifth 
Savoy John R. card manufactory, 18 Raspberry alley 
Sawyer Ann, widow, 25 Elizabeth 
Sawyer Ebb}', widow, milliner, 165 south Second 
Sawyer James, gentleman, 188 south Second 
Sawver Robert, blacksmith, back 15 Noble — d. h. 54 Duke 

(N. L.) 
Saxon Edward, saddler, Oak above Noble 
Saxton Joseph, clock & watchmaker, 94 Chesnut 
Saxton Mary, Beach near Maiden 
Saxton Wm. wheelwright, Green's court — d. h. 196 south 

Say Mirian, widow of Benjamin, 279 Chesnut 
Sayre Peter, tailor* 112 Crown street 
Scamban Mathew, grocer, NE cor. of Fourth and Plum 
Scanlan Peter, morocco dresser, back 84 Union 
Scattergood John, innkeeper & New Ferry, Girard's whart 
Scattergood Jos. currier. &cc. 276 &. 278 north Front 
Scattergood Sarah, dry goods store, 1 south Tenth 
Scattergood Thomas, carpenter, Vine near Eleventh 
Scatterwood, widow, Oak above Noble 
Schaefer George, cordwainer, 192 south Sixth 
Schaeffer Catharine, widow, Carpenter near Fifth, 
Schaeffer Charles, M. D. 137 Rase 
Schaeffer Charles, accountant, 66 south Eleventh 

Philadelphia Indc.v. SCtf 

SchaefFcr Charles, grocer, SE corner of Fourth and Brown 
Schaeffer Henry, soap boiler, 123 Carpenter street 
SchaefTer Hannah, widow, cordwainer, 9 Plum 
SchaefTer Lydia, washerwoman, SE cor. of Scb, Seventh & 

Schaeffer Michael, grocer, NE cor. Green &. Old York road 
SchaefTer Michael, ovsterman, N\V cor. of Bedford & Clifton 
SchaefTer Rev. Fredk. U., D.D. 27 N. Fourth [See Sckaffer. 
SchafTer Joseph, cordwainer, 9 Plum 

Schaflf'er John, oysterman, S\V corner of Cedar Sc Twelfth t 
Schalliol Peter, baker, south Fifth first below Lombard 
Schartz Gottlieb, attendant in grocery store, 1 Fetter lane 
Schaumenkses Frederick, gent. 352 north Second street 
Scheel John D. accountant, 16 south Twelfth 
Scheetz Conrad, ropemaker, 54 Frankford road 
Schell Henry, grocer, 191 north Second [See Sheft, 

Schell Michael, cabinetmaker, 43 Union 
Schellinck John, grocer, 321 Lombard above Ninth 
Schenk Christian, shoemaker, 406 north Third street 
Schetky Geoige, professor of music, 61 Locust 
Schetky Miss, miniature por.trait painter, 61 Locust 
Scheuermann Mathias, jun. tobacconist, 8 south Sixth 
Schick Samuel, tailor, 1 Shield's court 
Schively George, attorney at law, 16 Filbert 
Schively George C. shoemaker, Queen near Marlboro 
Schively Henry, cutler & surgeons' instrument maker, 7S 

Schively Joshua, grocer, 5 N. Fourth — d. h. 135 N. Ninth 
Schlatter & Bryans, merchants, 229 High 
Schlatter Peter C. auctioneer, 105 Budd 
Schlatter William, merchant, 223 High — d. h. 7 Sanson* 

[See Slaitghtev. 
Schlatterer Mrs. widow, 35 Ann street 
Schlechter Andrew, gentleman, 345 north Third 
Schleicher John, baker, 185 south Fifth 
Schineiding Frederick, turner in iron & brass, 130 Brown 
Schnatz Frederick, baker, 217" Callowhill 
Schnell Michael, cabinetmaker, 43 Union 
Schnell Philip, grocer, 159 Callowhill 
Schnider Rachael, tavernkeeper, 290 north Front 
Schoch George, inn, sign of Com. Decatur, 12 Decatm 
Schoch Jacob, shoemaker, Brook street 
Schofield James, weaver, 4 YVeU'srow 
Schoen Deborah, widow, teacher, 99 Coates 
Scholey Mrs. Emeline, milliner, 119 south Second 
Schott G. S., M. D. 61 south Seventh 
Schott James 8c Co. merchants, 54 S. Front. Sc 385 Ai 
Schott John P. inspector of customs, 43 north Sixth 
Schott Henry, innkeeper, 501 north Second street 
Schooles Elizabeth, widow, grocer, 411 south Fronl 
Schrach Wm. wheelwright, 497 High 
Schrack Abraham, innkeeper, 38 High 

SCO Philadelphia Index. 

Schrack Christian, conch painter &. paint store, 80 N. Fourth 
Schrack Henry, skindresser, 281 north Second 
Schrack Henry, skindresser & parchment manufact 

Margaretta near New Market 
Schrack Joseph, tavemkeeper, Wood below Fourth 
Schrack Mrs, tavemkeeper, 375 north Tlurd 
Schrack Samuel, tinman, 375 north Third 
Schrader Margaret, widow, back 18 north Eleventh 
Schram Louisa, widow, boarding house, 35 Crown 
Schrank Joseph, carter, 138 Thirteenth 
Schrank Phcebe, baker, Jacoby street 
Schreeves Charles, carpenter, 98 Oak street 
Schreiner Wm. bookbinder, 27 Pewterplatter alley 
Schreiner C. W. clock and watchmaker, 7& north Third 
Schreiner Elizabeth, widow of Jacob, 27 Key's alley 
Schreiner Joseph H. hardware mereht. 112 Second cor. Race 
Schreiner Nicholas, turner, Pratt's court (N. JL.) 
Schreiner Susan, widow, 448 Sassafras 
Schreyer John, constable, 143 Coates' street 
Schrieber Theodore, painter, 5cc. 79 Locust 
Schunk George, brewer, Arch. near Juniper 
Schultheis J. N. baker, 85 New 
Schuyler Charles, dyer, back 94 north Eleventh 
-Schuyler Philip, sailmaker, north Fourth. above Poplar 
Schwable Frederick, confectioner, 52 Brown 
Schwarz .I.E. fur 8c commission merchant, 23 Minor— d. h. 

corner Arch and Ninth 
Schwekkard Frederick, sealing wax Si wafer manufactory^ 

127 Vine 
Scofield Fred, teacher, 52 Chester 
Scott Alexander, grocer, 340 & 352 High 
Scott Amos, carter, 110 Oak above Coats 
Scott David, weaver, 20 Rachel street 
Scott Edwin T. grocer, NE cor. Eighth and Cherry — d. h. 

3 Schriver's court 
Seott George, oak cooper, 119 north Water 
Scott George, cordwainer, 45 Bedford 

George, tavemkeeper, &£. 10 Arch 
Scott Hamilton, shipwright, 58 Swanson 
tScott Henrv, boot cleaner and dealer, 79 south Second — 

d. h. 144 Locust 
Scott Isabella, she . 53 north Eighth 

Scott James, mariner, 30 Penn 
f Scott James, waiter, 135 Lombard 
Scott Job, wharf builder, Poplar above Front — lumber yard 

corner Browne and Oak 
Scott, Rev. John W., & dry goods store, 81 south Second 
Scott John, loom maker, Wood near Thirteenth, and StV 

corner Thirteenth and Callowhill 
Scott John M. attorney at law, 150 Chesnurt 
Scott John, labourer, Arch near Sch. Front 
' John, grain measurer, 150 south Front 

JPhiladelphia Index. SEE 

Scott Juliana, gentlewoman, SE cor. Chesnut and Ninth 
Scott Lawrence, morocco dresser, 1 Baker's court 
Scott Margaret, soap & candle factory, 40 Bread street 
Scott Mary, widow of George, 1 15 north Water 
Scott Mary, widow, boarding 1 house, 333 High 
Scott Mr. sea captain, 23 Wood street 
Scott Patrick, soap, &c. manufacturer, 4f, North Sixth 
Scott Robert, shoemaker, Sch. Third below High 
Scott Robert, jun. grocer, 20 Palmyra row- 
Scott Sarah, dry goods store, 67 Cedar 
Scott Thomas, brushmaker, 89 Rudd 
Scott Thomas, merchant, 180 High, and 343 Arch 
Scott William, dyer, 38 Bread 
Scott William, accountant, 66 north Fifth 
Scott William, tallow chandler, NW cor. Callowhill and 

Scott Wm. tailor, Christian near Fourth 
Scott Wm pilot 232 Swanson 
Scotte Miss Sarah, dry goods store, 67 Cedar 
Scotten P. & A. bonnet makers, 5 Strawberry 
Scotter Elizabeth, widow, market woman, Lily alley 
Scravendyke Peter, soap & candle maker, 237 soudi Second 
Serimiger Sarah, widow, Eleventh near Vine 
Scroggms Man - , fringe and tassel maker, 27 Wood street 
Scroggins Thomas, weaver, 27 Wood street 
Scroggy Thomas, grocer & bottler, George cor. Eleventh 
Scull Elizabeth, widow, Fifth above Noble 
Scull Daniel, innkeeper, 335 north Front 
Scull William, boarding house, 167 south Front 
Scull William B. hardware store, 96 north Third 
Scummo Thomas, watchmaker, 369 north Second 
Scummo widow, 369 north Second 
Scurrah Ann, 181 south Seventh 
Seaborn Elizabeth, widow, shopkeeper, 76 Arch 
Seabrook James, merchant tailor, 55 south Third 
fSeagrove.s Major, labourer, Raspberry alley 
Seal George, bricklayer, back of 490 north Third 
Sealler Peter, shoemaker, Fourth near Green 
SearlJoseph, drayman, 181 north Eighth 
Searoth Joshua, ropemaker, foreman of Williamson's walk, 

Eighth near Passyunk 
Sears John, carpenter, Nicholson's court 
Sebentist Michael, 94 Christian 
Sebury Charles B. hair dresser, 86 north Sixth 
Seckel Adam, brewer, 14 and d. h. 18 Little George 
Seckel Adam, brewer, 14 George above Swan wick 

NW cor. Fourth and Marshal's alley 
Seckel George D. grazier, 8 N. Eighth 
Seckel Joshua C. cordial distiller, 37 Vine 

Seckle Frederick, brewer, 164 south Ninth ' 

Sedgwick Mrs. boarding-house, 28 Sansom AJM 

Seed Samuel, weaver, Lombard above Tweffth, • ^6 ' 

-<w^ J 

SEW Tncfejf. 

SeegerWm. F. merchant, 25 S. Water — d. h»46 x 

See ley & Gibbs, drygoods store, NE cor. Mulberry k Fdfth 

Seelhdrst Frederick, accountant, 67 N. Eighth 

Sees George, Locust above Juniper 

Seeton John, tallow chandler, 43 Plum 

Seg-ar. Frederick, silver plater, court back 46 north Seventh 

Scggour Mrs. boarding school, 128 Pine 

Seidel John N. morocco leather dresser 174 Cedar 

Seidel Sarah, widow, 34 north Tenth 

Seiler Jacob, oak cooper, NW cor. Peg and New Market 

Seinman Frederick, gunAnitb, 12 Budd street 

Seinrnan John, gunsmith, 12 Budd street 

Seitcher Andrew JL. printer, Sch. Eighth between Race & 

Selah John, steam saw-mill attendant, Frankford road near 

Queen (K) 
Selby James, sea captain, 41 Almond 
Selby, widow of Kendall, sea captain, 207 Spruce 
Selkirk John, importer of hardware, 8 Minor — d. h. 163 N. 

Sell Solomon, tailor, 76 Browne 
Sellers Coleman, wire worker, 231 High 
Sellers & Davis, grocers, NE cor. Third & Sassafras 
Sellers James, wireworker, 231 High — d. h. Mulberry court 
Sellers Jesse, grocer, 54 and d. h. 155 Vine 
Sellers Nathan Sc David, wirew Jol High 

Sellers &, Pennock, patent rivet hose & fire engine manuf. 

231 High 
Sellers Rachel, widow of David, 8 X. Sixth 
Sellers Samuel, wireworker. 231 High — d. h. 8 N. Sixth 
Sellins John, paper stainer, Buttonwood between Fifth ana 

Senat P. L. merchant, 179 High 
Senderling Jacob, labourer, Charlotte st. 
Sergeant Eliza, widow. 104 south Eighth 
Sergeant Eliza, widow, 24 N. Seventh 

Sergeant Henry, merchant, 121 S. Front — d.h. 72 S. Fourth 
Sergeant John, counsellor at law, office 91 and d. h. 89 S. 

Fourth [See Sar grant 

Sergeant Spencer E. attorney at law, 132 Walnut 
Sergeant Thomas, attorney at law, 68 south Sixth 
Sergeant widow, gentlewoman, 323 Chesnut 
Seright Mary, widow, 57 Budd 

-Scrrill Pearson, merchant, 169 HigliT— d. h. 31 N. Ninth 
Servos Catherine, tailor ess, Juniper near Walnut 
Servos Charles K. hardware merchant, 3'Jj N\ Third 
Servos Miss J. seminary, cor. Eleventh & Filbert 
Seveke Godfred, baker, 86 N. Front 
Severn George, turner in Ivory, Coates near St. John 
Severne Wm. vict. 220 N. Eighth— stall 44 New Market 
Sewcll JohnB. scrivener, 36 south Fifth 
Sewell John accountant, Hazel alley above Locust* 

Philadelphia Index. 8HA 

Sexton Benj. merchant, 13 south Front — d.h. 125 S. Ninth 
Sexton Eliza, diygoods store, 226 south Second 
Sexton Silas W. tailor, 28 High 
Seybert Adam, M. D. 19 S. Seventh 

[See Sibbet, Sibcrt, & SyheH 
Seybert Henry, watchman, 77 Green 
Seybert John, gardener, Thirteenth above Ann 
Seybert Mary, widow, tailoress, 36 Cherry 
Seyferheld John, shipwright, 53 Green 
Seyfert Elizabeth, widow, 10 Pear 
Seyfert John, printer, 10 Pear 
Seyfert John, blacksmith, 90 St. John 
Seymour John, cook, 21 Middle alley 
Seymour Maria, widow, Prime below Second 
jShad Jeremiah, blacksmith, 45 Currant alley 
Shade George, hatter, 256 north Second 
Shade John V. brushmaker, 23 Chesnut & 175 High — d. h. 

23 Church alley 
Shade John, ropemaker, 527 south Front 
Shade Mary, widow, 10 Moyamensing 
Shade Peter, brushmaker, 2 north Front 
Shafer Andrew, baker, 362 north Third 
Shaffer George, cordwainer, High near Sch. Fourth 
Shaffer George, shoemaker, Lily alley 
Shaffer John, tanner, back 317 north Third 
Shaffer John, bricklayer, Coates above Seventh 
Shaffer Lydia, washerwoman, SEcor. Sch. 7th &. Lombard 
Shain B. J. merchant, 29 Old York road 
Shain "William, weaver, Coates near Eighth 
Shakelford E. boarding' house 29 Sansom 
Shales Jacob, wharf builder, 32 Frankford road 
Shallcross Leonard, shoemaker, 137 south Front 
Shallus' Circulating- Library, 115 south Second 
Shamakan Margaret, widow, 305 south Front 
Shane Casper, feed store, 444 Sassafras 
Shane George, carpenter, 446 Sassafras 
Shank Robert D. carpenter, Coates near Fourtli 
Shanks Abraham M. tailor, 53 Coates 
Shankland William, sea captain, 37 Almond 
Shannesey J. O. hairdresser, 29 south Front 
Shannon B. carpenter, Prince near Hanover 
Shannon Henry, ship carpenter, Bedford near Marlborough 
Shannon John,' painter, 168 south Fifth 
Shannon P. teacher & grocer, 75 Cedar 
shannon Sarah, widow, Fries's court / 
Sharker Elizabeth, nurse, 467 north T*hird 
Sharp Abijah, sea captain, 8 Lombard 
Sharp Abijah, ship master, 8 Lombard 
fSharp Adam, porter, Christian below Sixth 
Sharp Charlotte, boarding house, 75 north Sixth 
Sharp Daniel, brigade inspector, Juniper below High 


SHE 1'liiladelphia Index. 

Sharp John k Co. merchants, 1 Greenleaf 's court, o, 

10 south Fourth — d. h. 66 N. Filth 
Sharp John, merchant, 152 Spruce 
Sharp Joseph, dry goods store, 9 south Second 
Sharp Joseph/chairmaker, 395 south Front 
Sharp Josiah, chairmaker, SE cor. Front & Parham's alley 
Sharp Lodewyke, county treasurer, 18 north Ninth 
Sharp Patrick, tailor & sexton St. Mary's church, 156J s. 4th 
Sharp Robert, tanner, lily alley 
Sharp & Sleeper, merchant tailors, 39 N. Third 
Sharp Thomas, tailor, 11 Wood 

Sharp . shipwright, Federal near Second 

SharpeBenj. cloth merchant, 21 south Second 
Sharpless Ann, south Eleventh below Spruce 
Sharpless Blakey, bookseller, &c. 93 High — d. h. 178 
Sharpless Jesse, merchant, 48 High— d. h. 9 N. Fourth 
Sharpless Joseph, bottler, 11 north Fourth 
Sharpless Joseph, drygoods store, 16i S. 2d — d. h. 9 N. 4th 
Sharpless Juliana, widow, storekeeper, 16 north Sixth 
Sharpless J. T., M.D. 9 north Fourth 
Sharpless Man, mantuamaker, 34 Sugar alley 
Sharswood, James, gentleman, 92 X. Sixth 
Sharswood William, gentleman, 92 north Sixth 
•Shatterthwaite Richard, bricklayer, Sch. 7th near Sassafras 
Shaw Alex, hardware merchant, SW cor. Third & Mulberry 

— d. h. 40 N. Sixth 
Shaw Ann, widow, 173 north Front 
Shaw Ann, segar maker, 153 Bedford 
Shaw Bial, woodsawyer, York court (N. L.) 
Shaw Elizabeth, widow, 163 north Front 
Shaw George, gentleman, 112 Walnut 
Shaw Henry, shingle shaver, Rose alley 
Shaw Henry P. fancy chair painter, 49 Pine 
Shaw James, carpenter, 125 Cedar 
Shaw James M. hatter, 218 High 
Shaw Jannette, teacher, back of 227 Mulberry 
Shaw John, justice of the peace, 409 north Second 
Shaw John, carter, 47 Mead alley 
Shaw Joseph, upholsterer, 121 north Third 
Shaw Joseph, artist, 169 Pine 
Shaw Mary, widow, seamstress, 20 Shippen 
Shaw Mary, china store, 65 north Seventh 
Shaw M. E. storekeeper, 56 south Fourth 
Shaw Mary, gentlewoman, 31 south Tenth 
Shaw Richard, carter, north Front above Callowhill 
Shaw Thomas 8c Co. innkeepers, NW cor. Ninth & H 
Shaw "William, labourer, Tenth near Cedar 
Shaw William, M. D. 237$ Mulberry 
Shay Daniel, mariner, 57 Penn 
Shea George, Morgan's court 
Shea Lydia, widow, 25 Wood 
Shea Mary, tailoress, 198 south Fourth 

Philadelphia Index* >\\Y\ 

Sheaf Charles, carpenter, Vine near Thirteenth 
Sheaff Henry, merchant, 177 Walnut 
SheafF widow of Philip, 14 Pennsylvania avenue 
Shearer Christian, shoemaker, 462 north Third 
Shearer Valentine, carter, 67 Garden [See 8h 

Sheble Adam, hardware store &. cedar cooper, 206 N. 2d 
Sheble Jacob, dealer in second-hand furniture, 79 N. 5th 
Sheble Jacob, jun. cabinetmaker, 465 north Second 
Shedaker James, gauger and oak cooper, 45 south Water 
Sheed Samuel, gentleman, 34 Pine 
Sheed William W. sea captain, 17 Queen 
Sheed William, ehairmaker, 411 south Front 
Sheepshanks Thomas, merchant, 22 Church alley 
Sheepshanks Wm. h Co. merchants, 166 High — d. h. 230 

safras below Seventh 
Sheer Elizabeth, widow, 22 Plum 
Sheer Fred, victualler, Federal near Wharton Market 
Sheerer Ann, nurse, 1 Willow court 
Sheerer John, ladies shoemaker, Front above Coates 
Sheets Jacob, boatbuilder, 456 south Front 
Sheetz Conrad, hatter, 103 Noble 
Sheetz Daniel, grocer, d. h. 129 Vine 
Sheetz Jacob, hatter, 329 north Third 
Sheetz Jacob, cordwainer, Poplar near St. John 
Sheffer Christian, victualler, 89 Garden st. 
Shell Margaret, shopkeeper, 40 New 
Shellenger Joseph, sea captain, 74 Queen 
Shelmerdine Edward, hat manufactory and warehouse, 159 

Shelmire Benjamin, grocer, 313 north Front 
Shelmire Wm. livery stable, 14 and 16 Old York road 
Shehperd Collins, grocer, 306 High 
Shepherd & Davis, grocers, 306 High 
Shepherd Jacob, caulker, Marlborough near Prince 
Shepherd James, carpenter, 109 Dillwyn st. 
Shepherd John, vict. James st. — stall 68 New Market 
Shepherd Lodonica, widow, Liberty alley (N. L.) 
f Shepherd Randall, waiter, 210 south Sixth 
Shepherd Thomas, shopkeeper, 4 north Fifth 
Shepherd Wm. bell hanger, &c. 250 Sassafras • 
Sheppard Catharine, widow, 29 Wood 
Sheppard Catharine, widow, 57 Vine 
Sheppard Elizabeth, washerwoman, Castle st. 
Sheppard Francis, rigger, Nieman's alley 
Sheppard Jacob, victualler, 80 Garden st. 
Sheppard Rachel, seamstress, 433 south Front 
Sheppard Richard W. scrivener, 76 Vine 
Sheppard Thomas, sign and ornamental painter, 77 Plum 
Sheppard Thomas, mariner, 46 Plum 
Sherbone William, baker, 70 Swanson 
Sherbourne Thomas P. carpenter, 46 Lombard 
Sherer Hannah, dealer, 63 Queen 

SHI Philadelphia Index. 

Sherice Thomas, tailor, 37 north Fourth 
Sherman Annison, bookseller, 15 south Fourth 
Sherman Conger, printer, 203 south Fifth 
Sherman David, cordwainer, 104 Gaskill 

iman John, cordwainer, 21-1 south Seventh 

rraan Miss Sarah, 16 Pine 
Sherman Thomas, oysterman, near Eleventh in Cherry 
Sherman William E. sea captain, 153 Pine 
Shermer A. cabinetmaker, 42 Brown 
Shermer Eliza, milliner, 368 north Second 
Shermer Jacob, cabinetmaker, 50 Brown 
Shermer James, carves* & gilder, 5 Sterling alley 
Shermer James, Perm above Maiden 

Shermer John, sexton 5th Presb. Church, 1 Randall's court 
Shermer William, carver 8c gilder, 135 Mulberry 
Shcrreid John, weigh mas'.er, 53 Vine 
Sherrer Isaac, carpenter, Brook st. 
Sherrerd John, grocer, Vine above Second, north side 
Sherridan Owen, grocer &. livery stablekeeper, 37 N. 8th 
Sherzinger John, oil &. colourman, NW cor. 4th &. Cherry 
Shery James, drygoods store, 38 south Fifth 
Shetzline Samuel, caulker, Beach near Warren 
Shewell Horace, baker, 2 north Eighth 
Shewell Thomas, merchant, 223 High 
Sheybert William, sea captain, 91 Green 
Shich John, stocking weaver, 25 Tammany 
Shields Charles, tailor, 30 north Second 
Shields Dominick, blacksmith, 120 Budd - 

Shields Elizabeth, widow, Thirteenth near Mulberry 
Shields Elizabeth, widow, 205 north Fourth 
Shields Isaac, teacher, SE cor. Eleventh Jk Castle 
Shields James, tailor, 14 north Sixth 
Shields John, gentleman, Pine above Tenth 
Shields Martha, mantuamaker, 15 Cherry 
Shields Mary, 10 Knight's court 
Shields Mary, widow, iailoress, Mark's lane 
[Shields Michael, carter, 87 north Fifth 
Shields Robert, storekeeper, 35 north Second 
Shields Thomas, gentleman, 71 S. Eighth SE cor. Sansom 
Shields Wm. brickmaker, Sch. Fourth above Loinbard 
Shidely Christian, baker, 98 Callowhill 

[enburg Elias, painter fc. glazier, Liberty alley (N. L.) 
Shilleny John M. labourer, Webb's alley 
Shillingsford Thomas, blacksmith, 519 "north Third 
Shindler John, saihnaker, 11 Emlen's court 
Shiney Mary, 42 Crown 
Shinley Henry, sailmaker, Acorn alley 
Shinn Charles, labourer, Germantown road 
Shinn Henry, shoemaker, 151 Green 
Shinn Josiah, book and stationary store, 262 north Sec 
Shipley Ann, widow, 266 north Fourth ' 
Shipley Joseph, tailor, 1 south Thirteenth 

Philadelphia Inde,v. SHR 

•Shipley S. 24 north Front 

Shipley Thos. hardware merchant, 57 High — d. h. 61 Union 

Shippen Ann, teacher, Cherry near Sixth 

Shippen Charles, accountant, near Callowhill & Ridge road 

Shippen Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 50 Union 

Shippen Wm, A. watchmaker, NE cor. Front & Mulberry— 

d. h. 5 Summers's court 
Shirley widow, confectioner and fruiterer, 13 south Sixth 
Shively Matthew, victualler, 170 Coates 
Shivers T., M. D. 4 Franklin row 
Shober & Bunting, merchants, 26 south wharves 
Shober Michael, beer house, 56 Green [See Shuber 

Shober Samuel L. merchant, 26 south wharves — d.h. Spruce 

above Third 
Shober Susannah B. widow, 126 Pine 
Shoch Andrew, tanner, 14 Franklin 
Shoch Margaret, boarding house, 399 north Third 
Shoch Samuel P. cordwainer, Poplar near St. John 
Shock George P. cordwainer, 78 Browne 
Shocker Henry, brickmaker, 430 north Fourth 
Shocker Margaret, widow, 28 Charlotte 
Shocker Thomas, brickmaker, cor. Sch. Third & Walnut 
Shoemaker Charles, carpenter, Raspberry lane 
Shoemaker Christian, button mould maker, 63 Coates 
Shoemaker Edward M. auctioneer, 6 Decatur 
shoemaker Jonathan, accountant, 27 north Twelfth 
Shoemaker Joseph, silversmith, 12 north Front 
Shoemaker Joseph, accountant, 127 Coates 
Shoemaker Joseph, apothecary & druggist, 98 S. Eleventh 
Shoemaker John J. tobacconist, Race cor. Garrigues's court 
Shoemaker J. jun. paper hanging warehouse, 3^ S. Fourth 

— d. h. 27 N. Twelfth 
Shoemaker Margaret, widow, 230 south Seventh 
Shoemaker M. widow of Jacob, 27 north Twelfth 
Shoemaker Nathan, M. D. 2i0 Chesnut 
Shoemaker Samuel, attorney at law, 185 Pine 
Shoemaker Samuel, gentleman, 104 St. John 
Shoemaker Samuel, 217 Chesnut 

Shoemaker Sarah, widow of Jonathan, 60 north Second 
Shoemaker Thomas, bottler, 86 north Second 
fShort Charles, 163 Lombard 
Short Matthew, weaver, 19 Budd 
j-Shorter Charles, labourer, 8 Wagner's alley 
Shotwell Edmund, bricklayer, 88 Dillwyn st. 
Showacker Wm. combmaker, Rose alley 
Showker Jacob, combmaker, Old York road near Tammatay 
Shrady Philip, ropemaker, Rihl's court 
Shrakagast George, labourer, Lily alley 
Shrank Philip, victualler, James st. 
Shreave Caleb, gentleman, 8 Ann 
Shreeve John, rigger, 50 Green 
Shreeve John, rigger, 399 north Front 


SID Philadelphia Inde.v. 

Shreeves John, sailmaker, loft over 6 south wharves 

Sbreve Margaret, widow, 8 Ann 

Shriver Peter, victualler, Charles st. 

Shriver Sarah, widow, victualler, Charles below Jai 

Shriver Wm. victualler, Cliarles st. 

Shubcrt George, shoemaker, 102 Wood 

Shubert Isaac, carpenter, Shippen near Shippen's lane 

Shubert William, shipwright, Federal near Second 

Shufflebottom Wm. china merchant, 42 north Second 

Shugart George S. hardware store, 385 north Second 

Shugart Samuel, jun. hatter, 37 Coates 

Shugart Simon, late collector, 366 north Second 

Shuler E. widow, 209 north Third 

Shull John B. (custom house) 51 Almond 

Shults Nicholas, house carpenter & tavern, 439 Chesnut 

Shultz Charles, ladies shoemaker, 122 south Fifth 

Shultz Gottleib, watchmaker, 422 north Second 

Shultz John, grocer, 441 north Front 

Shuman Frederick, storekeeper, 387 north Third 

Shuman George, carter, .Marlborough (K) near Frank, road 

Shuman Jacob, victualler, 11 John 

Shuman John, silvc rplater, NE cor. Fourth & Brown 

Shuman John, blacksmith, 276 south Seventh 

Shunk Isaac, carpenter, 35 Palmyra square 

Sinister Andrew, oak cooper, 3 Pennsylvania avenue 

Sinister Jacob, oak cooper, 75 N. Water — d. h. 30 Vine 

Shuster Lawrence, victualler, 22 Lawrence — stall 31 Old 

Shuster Peter, victualler, 32 Lawrence below Callowhill — 

stall 8 New Market south Second 
Shuster Peter, accountant, SW cor. St. John &. Green 
Shustletf William, mariner, 14 Queen 
Shustline Michael, carter, corner of Laurel &. Front 
Shute Wm. umbrella manufacturer, S W cor. 4th 8; Brown 
Shutes John, cordwainer, Carpenter near Fourth 
Shuttle Daniel, brickmaker, Tine near Twelfth 
Sibert John, brushmaker, 119 Green 
Sickei James M. printer, Lombard above Twelfth 
Sickel Nancy, mu-se, 124 Coates 
Sickels &. Farr, Venetian blind makers, 86 Locust 
Sickfret George, cordwainer, 12 Bonsall 
Sickle Lawr&nce, 162 north Fifth 
Sickwood John,, shipwright, Queen near Hanovei 
Siddall Joseph, manufacturer — d. h. 299 Race 
Siddons Jos. biscuit baker, 30 south wharves — d.h. 20 Dock 

and 40 Pine 
Siddons & M'Grath, tailors, 25 north Third 
Siddons Wm. dry good store, 193 south Second 
Side Joseph, cordwainer, 127 Budd 
Sidel Joseph, surveyor, 232 Green 
Siders Charles, biscuit baker, John above Callowhill 
les Wm. brickmaker, cor. Lombard and Sell."- 

Philadelphia Index. SIM 

Siedef Charles, labourer, Rose alley 

nen Paul, gentleinaji, 286 Chesnut 
Sicn Barbara, widow, buck 295 south Tifird 
Sit'crt Garrettj victualler, cor. Hopkins' court and William 

Si grnonds Jacob, labourer, Shippen near Love lane 
Silence Richard, shot maker, 32 Green street 
Sill George, accountant, 52 High 
Sill Hiram, tailor, 112 Filbert 
Silva Francisco, trader, 23 Plum 
Silveira A. E. tailor, 83 south Second 
Silveira & Browne, mercers & tailors, 83 south Second 
Silver John, flour merchant, 369 High 
Silverthorn John, sailmaker, 5 Miller's court 
Simes J. W. druggist, &c. 459 High [See Sims. 

Simington George, cordwainer, 385 south Front 
Simler George, tailor, Francisvdle 
Simmons Ann, widow of Joseph, Eleventh 

Simmons Anthony J. attorney at law, 41 north Eighth ! 
Simmons Elizabeth, dealer, 25 Mead alley 
Simmons E. merchant, 83 Wood 
Simmons Edward, lumber merchant, 145 north Third 
Simmons Edward & Son, lumber merchants, 145 N. Third, 

and 144 north Second 
Simmons Frederick, oak cooper, near New Market and Cal- 

jSimmons Henry, rag dealer. 17 Garden 
Simmons John, barber, 295 vine 
Simmons John, tin plate worker, 1 south Fourth 
Simmons John, collector, 47 Tammany 
Simmons Joseph, drv goods store, NE corner Second and 

South . 
Simmons Mordecai, teacher, 172 north Fourth 
Simmons Noah, dry goods store, 149 south Second 
Simmons Itosannah, widow, 24 Walnut 
Simmons Sarah, widow, 18 north Eleventh 
Simmons Stephen H. gilder, 56 Mead alley 
Simmons Stephen, lumber merchant, 179 north Water— 

d. h. 119 Vine 
Simmons Thankful, widow, 181 south Front 
Simmons Wm. weigh master, 206 north Sixth street 
Simmons Wm. S. merchant, NW cor. Decatur & -Carpenter, 

up stairs 
Simms & Creighton, Irish linen merchants, 21 south Front 
Simms R. R. milliner, 50 Mulberry 
Simon John, shoemaker, 13 Hinckel's court 
Simon Michael, shipwright, Second near Prime 
Simon Peter, merchant, 119 south Sixth 
Simon Philip F. bleeder and barber, 282 Vine 
Simon Thomas, nail cutter, Beach near Maiden 
Simons John, jr. grocer, Frank ford r. near Stone Bridge 
Simons John P. hatter, Hunter's court 

SIN Philadelphia Index. 

Simons Joseph, linen and woollen draper — d. h. NE corner 

Cedar and Second 
Simons Wm. hatter, 387 north Second 
Simpkins Ellis, cabinetmaker near Brown & Budd 
Simpler Ann C. marituamaker, Bread st. near Fetter lane 
Simpson David, cooper, 195 north Front and 121 N. Water 
Simpson Deborah, tutoress, 3 Mead alley 
Simpson Henry, merchant, 28 N. Front — d. h. 104 Chesnut 
Simpson Isaac, cabinetmaker, 6 Shippen 
Simpson James, combmaker, 24 soutb Fourth 
{-Simpson James, boarding- house, 3 north Eighth 
Simpson J. carter, Green's court 
Simpson John, cordwainer, 37% Mulberry 
•Simpson John, gent. 6 north Eleventh 
Simpson Michael, minter, 124 north Fifth 
Simpson Richard, cordwainer, Fitzwater below Sixth 
Simpson Samuel, teacher, 593 north Second street 
Simpson Samuel, combmaker, Littleboy's court 
Simpson Samuel, skiu dresser, near New Market and Cal- 

Simpson S. gentleman, Chesnut above Thirteenth 
Simpson Thomas, combmaker, 174 Sassafras 
Simpson Thomas, merchant, 28 Chesnut — d. h. 7 N. Thir- 
teenth street 
Simpson Wm. Passyunk road near Carpenter 
f Simpson Wm. doctor, Blackberry alley 
Simpson VV. M. cordwainer, SE cor. Tenth and Race 
Simpson & Wallace, cordwainers, 263 Spruce 
Sims James C. painter h glazier, Mulberry near Twelfth 
Sims Joseph, merchant, counting house 155 south Water— 

d. h. SW corner Chesnut and Ninth 
Sims Robert, stone mason, Jones's alley near Sch. Fifth 
Sinclair Anthony, printer, 75 north Sixth 
Sinclair Samuel, cutler, BuUonwood near Sixth 
Sinclair, Wm. cabinetmaker, 9 Rachel sti'eet 
Siner Mary, widow, Thorn's court (N. L.) 
Siner Jacob, brassfounder, Fourth below George (N. L.) 
Singer John & Co. merchants, 263 High 
Singer John, jun. merchant, 263 High 
Singer John, coach trimmer, 8 Bell's court 
Singer John, merchant, 263 — d. h. 413 High 
Singer Thomas, sea captain, Brooke's court 
Singerly George, tailor, 400 north Third 
Singleton James, shipwright, SO Mary 
Singleton Sarah, widow, 100 south Front 
Singleton Stephen, sea captain, 89 Penn 
Singleton Thomas, caulker, 499 south Front 
Singleton Wm. merchant, 75 north Front 
Sink Abraham, military store, 21 High — d. h. 136 S. Tenth 
Sink Cathai'ine, widow, Vine above Thirteenth 
Sink Christopher, labourer, Passyunk road near Federal 
Sink Jacob, shoemaker, Apple bet. Fourth & Fifth (N. L.) 

Philadelphia Index. SLE 

Sink Lawrence, cabinetmaker, 186 south Second 

Sinn Jacob, brassfounder, 466 north Third 

Sipe Peter, accountant, 1 Sterling alley 

Sips Michael, brick maker, Spruce west of Sch. Second 

fSiscoe John, oysterman, under 89 south Second 

Sisinger John, shoemaker, Germantown road 

Sisk John, marshal's officer, John abore Callowhill 

Sisty John, pocketbook maker, 10 south Front 

Siter John, jun. merchant, 133 High — d. h. Palmyra row 

Sittler Richard, mariner, 19 Coats 

Sixte Stephen, Old Masonic Hall tavern, Filbert street 

Skellenger Jeremiah, pilot, 422 south Second 

Skelly Mrs. school house, Hause's court 

Sktnett David C, M.D. 154 south Ninth 

Skerrett Geo. S. bookbinder, 20 Watson's alley 

Skerrett James Sc Son, blacksmiths, 96 & 100 Locust above 

Ninth — d. b. 135 south Ninth 
Skerrett Joseph, goldsmith, 142 south Ninth 
Skerret J. R A. printing office 9, andd. h. 11 Raspberry ajr. 
Skerrett Wm. A. grocer. 92 Locust 

Sketchley Wm. mahogany sawyer, Church near Christian 
Skill Wm. hatter, Littleboy's court 
Skinner Francis H, sea captain, 86 "Wood 
Skinner Margaret, shopkeeper, 337 north Third 
Skinner Rev. Thomas H. 277 Race 
Skinner Wm. painter & glazier, New Market near Peg 
Skoon Ann, widow, back 20 Budd street 
Skyrin John, gentleman, 409 Mulberry 
Slack E. fancy store, 38 south Fourth 
Slack John, grocer, NW cor. Lombard and Seventh 
Slade Laban, sea captain, 414 south Front 
Slahter Jacob, tobacconist, 143 north Third 

[See Sehloter U Schlatter 
Slater Ay. merchant, 185 High — d. h. 306 Mulberry 
Slater James, manufacturer, 272 north Front 
Slater John, manner, Holmes' alley 
Slater Mrs. widow, 278 south Seventh 
Slater Mary, widow, Brook street 
Slaugh Bartholomew, sugar boiler, 501 north Third 
S laugh John, sugar refiner, 499 north Third 
Slaugh John, shoemaker, 486 north Third 
Slaw Mar}-, widow, Poplar near Third 
Slaw Michael, labourer, 223 Christian 
Slaymaker Frederick W. grocer, NE cor. High & Tw 'el 
Slaymaker & Kenzer, salt store, 425 High 
Slayman Elizabeth, ir.arketwoman, Charles street 
Slayton Catharine, white rope maker, Germantown (K) 
Slesman Elizabeth, widow of George, 319 High 
SleeperTJenjarnin, stove & smith bellows factory, 141, and 

d. h. 126 north Front 
Sleeper Benjamin, stove store, 173 h north Second 

blacksmith, 94 N. Front— d. h. 24 Elfreth'saj 

SMI Philadelphia Index. 

Sleeper Jonathan, oakcooper, 111 south Water, and ch'nut- 
store 27 High 

Sleeper Nehemiah, umbrella maker, 112 Market 

Slickfritz Joseph, shipwright, Hanover near Queen (K) 

SlinglufF Joseph, corn chandler, 410 north Third 

Sloan James, grocer, Sec. High west Sch. Fifth 

Sloan John, grocer, &.c. NW cor. High and Sch. Fifth 

Sloan J. boot & shoemaker, 26 south Third 

{"Sloby Solomon, carter, Chesnut near Sch. Fifth 

Smackey James, shoemaker, 244 Brown 

Small Abrn. printer and bookseller, 165 Chesnut 

Small George, waterman, cor. Peg and Newmarket 

Small R. H. 246 Mulberry 

Small Mary, widow, grocer, SW cor. Race & Sch. Eighth 

Small Thos. B. innkeeper, Custom House Hotel, 130 south 

Smallwood Catharine, market woman, Lily alley 

Smallwood John H. carpenter, Beach near Maiden 

Smallwood Manly, labourer, Queen near Marlborough 

Smallwood Martha, tavernkeeper, 2 Dock 

Smallwood Priscilla, widow, 95 Dillwyn 

Smedley Ann, shopkeeper, 132 Race 

Smedle'v Jacob, hardware merchant, 1^ north Fifth 

Smeltz Reinhart, 4 Cherry 

Smiedel Charles, baker, 139 south Tenth 

Smiley John, tailor, 226 Vine 

Smiley T. T. teacher, 29 Church alley 

Smiley Wm. taylor &. boarding house, 67 Walnut 

Smilie John, stonecutter, 56 Chester 

Smith Aaron, salt store, 445 High 

Smith Abel, blacksmith, Cobb's court 

Smith Abigail, gentlewoman, 103 Chesnut 

Smith Abraham, wharf builder, 18 Brown 

Smith Alexander, tailor, 183 north Front 

Smith Alexander, mahogany sawyer, 571 south Front 

Smith Allen, 291 Spruce 

Smith Andrew, carpenter, 30 Brown 

Smith Andrew, nailer, Hose alley (C) 

Smith Ann, dealer, 468 south Front 

Smith Barbara, widow, grocer, SW corner Front and Ca- 

Smith Benjamin P. accountant, 217 Walnut 

Smith Benjamin, sea captain, 207 south Second 

Smith Catharine, tailorcss, 154 north Fourth 

Smith Catharine, widow, 37 Charlotte 

Smith Catharine, widow of John, 311 High 

Smith Charles S. salt merchant, Pine street wharf, d. h. 85 

Smith Charles E. SE cor. Second 8c Key's alley 

Smith Charles W. merchant, 103 N. Front — d. h. 251 Mul- 

^mith Charles, dealer, 51 Callowhill XE cor, Seoond 

Philadelphia Index. i^Ml 

Smith Charles, grocer, SW cor. Eleventh and Walnut 
Smith Charles L. grocer, 37 S. Third — d. h. 113 Mulberry- 
Smith Christian, hatter, 291 north Eighth street 
Smith Christian, spectacle maker, 209 north Second 
Smith Christian G. baker, 3 Lxtitia court 
Smith Christian, shipwright, 90 Poplar lane 
Smith Cornelia, widow, 40 Arch 
Smith & Cohill, blacksmiths, 117 Pine 
Smith C. S. Sc T. W. merchants, 135 High 
Smith Daniel, merchant, 181 south Third 
Smith Daniel, carpenter, 222 Green 
Smith Daniel B. druggist, cor. of Sixth and Mulberry 
Smith Daniel, jr. merchant, 88 south wharves — d. h. 44 

Smith David B. 19 north Second — d. h. 43 Key's alley 
Smith Deborah, widow of Jacob, Fourth above George (K.) 
Smith Dockray, merchant, 189 Walnut 
Smith Edward, 4 north wharves, and 156 north Front 
Smith Edward, 4 Moyamensing 
Smith Elizabeth, washer, 20 Sugar alle\ 
Smith Elizabeth, widow, 8 Myers' court 
Smith Elizabeth, widow, Church, near Christian 
Smith Evi, carter, 81 Tammany- 
Smith E. storekeeper, 202 Chesnut 

Smith Francis, watchman at the Commercial Bank, 61 Queen 
Smith Francis, dry goods store, 58 north Second 
Smith Francis Gurne) merchant, 201 south Front — d. h. 42 

Smith Francis, coach trimmer, 147 Locust 
Smith Frederick^ 144 St. John street 
Smith F. coachmaker, 45 south Fourth — d. h. 147 Locust 
Smith Garrison, labourer, Black Horse alley 
Smith George, cooper, 176 north Eighth 
Smith George W. merchant, 175 north Second 
Smith George F. typefounder, Tenth below Pine 
Smith George F. saddler, &c. 3 Fayette 
Smith George It. first teller Penn. Bank, 13 north Eleventh 
Smith George, saddler, 95 Old York road 
Smith George, belihanger & locksmith, 8 Juniper 
Smith George W. attorney at law, 128 south Eighth 
Smith George J. currier, cor. Third & Fetter lane 
Smith George, carter, Germantown road 
Smith George, jeweller, North st. 
f Smitir Godfrey, waiter, Raspberry alley- 
Smith Gulielma M. widow, 302 Mulberry 
Smith Hannah, matron at Magdalen Asylum 
Smith Miss Hannah T. 239 Spruce 
Smith Hannah, widow of Stephen, 5 Gaskill 
Smith Henry oakcooper, back of 259 High 
Smith Henry, blacksmith, Prime below Second 
Smith Henry, labourer, Sch. 8th between Sassafras k A 
Smith Henry, blacksmith, Beach near Maiden 

SMI Philadelphia fndejc. 

Smith Henry, oak cooper, 10 Stamper's allej 

Smith Hugh, tallowchandler, 70 Crown s1 S i 

Smith Isaac, jur. grain dealer, 1 Pine 

Smith Isabella, widow, tailoress, 7 Garden 

Smith Jacob, drayman, Race cor. Sch. Seventh 

Smith Jacob W. nailer, 85 and d. h. 94 Race 

Smith Jaeob, grocer, 124 Callowhill 

Smith Jacob, bleeder & leecher, 4th near Brown, east side 

Smith Jacob, surgeon dentist, 45 Spruce 

Smith Jacob, baker, 340 north Front 

Smith Jacob, tailor, 143 south Ninth 

Smith James, grocer, 104 Christian 

Smith James, labourer, 503 south Front 

fSmith James, labourer, 35 Elizabeth 

-(-Smith James, waiter, 3 Allen's court 

Smith James A. accountant, SE cor. Callowhill 5c Sixth 

Smith James R. merchant, 249 Mulberry 

Smith James, manufacturer, near Green &. Germantown road 

Smith James, victualler, 426 north Fourth 

Smith .Fumes, 253 Mulberry 

Smith James, jun. morocco store, 12 north Third — d. h. 100 

Smith Jane, teacher, 15 Cresson's alley 
Smith Jane, grocer, SW cor. Mead alley and Swanson 
Smith Jeremiah, brickmaker, 136 Thirteenth ab. Sassafras 
f Smith Jeremiah, coachman, 2 Kurd's court 
Smith Jesse, drygoods store, 283 north Third 
Smith Jesse, baker, 184 Sassafras 
Smith John, shipwright, 158 Swanson 
Smith John, mariner, 6 Vernon 
Smith John, innkeeper, 36 Cedar 
Smith John, cordwainer, 13 Vernon 
Smith John, plasterer, 80 Plum 
Smith John S. SW cor. of Front and Lombard 
Smith John, blacksmith, Sch. Eighth above Sassafras 
Smith John A. accountant, New Market near Pegg 
Smith John, tavernkeeper, 30 south wharves 
Smith John C. & Wm. H. merchants, 15 Dock 
Smith John C. merchant, 126 south Eighth 
Smith John, 160 Lombard 

Smith John, runner of F. &. M. bank, 57 south Eleventh 
Smith John, warehouse-man, back 3 Blackberry alley 
Smith John J. merchant, 344 Mulberry 
Smith John J. jun. druggist, &c. 305 High— d. h. 190 Mul 

Smith John, upholsterer, 211 Chesnut 
Smith John, labourer, Lombard west of Sch. Eighth 
Smith John, woodsawyer, 7 South alley 
Smith John S. SW cor. Lombard & Front 
Smith John L. Spanish segar manuf. and tobacconist, 26 N. 

Smith John, accountant in Commercial Bank, 445 High 

Philadelphia Index, • SMI 

Smith John, weaver, Fourth above George (K.) 

Smith John, ship carpenter, Beach near Marlborough (K.) 

Smith John, plasterer, Filbert near Sch. Eighth 

Smith John, house carpenter, 539 north Front 

Smith John S. victualler, Charles st. 

Smith J. & Co. drygoods store, 172 High 

Smith J. P. bricklaver, 199 north Fourth 

Smith J. R. & C. W. merchants, 103 north Front 

Smith J. R. 74 Walnut 

Smith J. Kenderton, attorney at law, 48 south Sixth 

Smith J. accountant, 210 north Sixth 4 

Smith J. young ladies school, 26 George 

Smith Jonathan, tailor, 47 Callowhill 

Smith Joseph, labourer at waterworks, Broad near Vine 

Smith Joseph, storekeeper, 190 north Second 

Smith Joseph, Few & Co. flour merchants, 55 north Water 

SE cor. Mulberry— d. h. 298 north Front 
Smith Joseph B. boot and shoe manuf. 336 High 
Smith Joseph, stock broker, &.c. 85 south Second— d. h •» 

Smith Joseph, carpenter, 179 Green 
Smith Joseph, hatter, Cresson's alley 
Smith Joseph, innkeeper, 191 north Third 
Smith Joseph II. accountant, 1 Schriver's court 
Smith Joseph, rigger, 48 Mead alley 
Smith Juliana, widow, 193 north Eighth 
Smith Justice, nailer, New Market near CallowbiU 
• Smith Margaret, widow, Federal near Second 
Smith Margaretta J. widow, 32 north Eighth 
Smith Matthias, hairdresser, 91 Sassafras 
Smith Miss M. A. milliner, 127 south Second 
Smith Mrs. M'Laughtcn, widow, 293 Spruce 
Smith Mary, widow, back 56 Lombard 
Smith Mary, market woman, 66* Garden st. 
Smith Mary T. boarding housi£ 41 north Eighth 
Smith Newberry, merchant, 227 Vine 
Smith Nathan A. measurer of carpenter's work, 104 N. 7th 
Smith Oliver, accountant, 2 Chester 
Smith Patrick, weaver, Jones's alley near Sch. Fifth 
Smith Peter, tailor, 251 north Front 
$mith Peter, stage driver, cor. Callowhill & New Market 
Smith Peter, accountant, 51 Spruce 
Smith & Peirsol, druggists, 115 High 
Smith Philip, labourer, Lombard above Twelfth 
Smith Philip, victualler, 12 Well's row 
Smith Philip, grocer, SE cor. Front and Spruce— d. h. 120 

Smith Philip, tavernkeeper, 5 Sassafras 
Smith Phoebe, widow, 450 Sassafras 
Smith Rachel, dealer, 3 Little Pine 
Smith Rachel, shopkeeper, 72 north Seventh 
Smith Ralph H. house carpenter, 145 Vine 


SMI Philadelphia Indi 

th Ralph, carpenter, 24 Tammany 
h Ralph, carpenter, 314 north Second 
Smith Rebecca, boarding' house, 104 Mulberry 
Smith Reuben, ship watchman, back of 81 south Water 
Smith Richard S. merchant, 40 Lombard 
Smith Richard Feim, one of the editors of the Acnoiu, 33 

Smith Richard, bookseller, 42 north Second 
Snath Robert, carter, Sch. Eighth above Sassafras 

h Robert, merchant, 38 south Front — d. h. 2 Union 
Smith Robert, city cle/k, Thirteenth below High 
Smith Robert, wheelwright, Lombard W. Sch. Seven - 
TSmith Rosanna, whitewashes Nicholson's court 
Smith Rowland, innkeeper, 27 north Fifth 
Smith Ruth, widow, 32 Mead alley 
Smith R. silversmith and jeweller, 47 south Second 
Smith Samuel, teacher, 159 Green 
Smith Samuel, tailor, 56 Lombard 
Smith Samuel, bookbinder, 3 Library st. 
Smith Samuel N. south Eleventh above I'ine 
Smith Samuel, auctioneer, 131 S. Third & 20 S. Front 
Smith Samuel, grain measurer & grocer, NW corner Spruce 

and south wharves — d. h. 189 south Front 
Smith Samuel, mahogany sawyer, 11 Gaskill 
|Sinith Samuel, labourer, Bonsall 
Smith Sarah, widow, 73 Cherry 
Smith Sarah, tailcress, 125 Green 
Smith Sarah, widow, 1S3 north Front 
Smith Sarah, widow, 22 north Eighth 
Smith Sarah, widow, 2 north Eleventh 
Smith Sarah, widow, seamstress, 476 Christ.. 
Smith Stephen W. merchant, 103 N. Front — d.h. 174 

Smith Susan, washerwoman, Vine near Broad 
Smith Susan, widow, 37 Mechanic 
Smith Thomas, lumber merchant, NE corner Vine £t Sixth 

— d. h. 233 "Sine 
Smith Thomas, labourer, Lombard above Eleventh 
Smith Thomas, accountant (Mechanics' bank) 12 N. Twelfth 
Smith Thomas, weaver, Wood near Thirteei 
Smith Thomas, hardware merchant, 12S Spruce 
Smith Thomas, mariner, S4 Gaskill 
- til Thomas, weaver, Cedar near Tenth 
Smith Thomas, cabinetmaker, Maria st. 

i Thos. k Co. lumber merchants. NE cor. Yin 

uber, cor. Paschall's alley north Fourth 
ith William, stocking weaver, Germantowu road 
th W ill;- ainer. Cedar near Thirteenth 

Smith William, carpenter, ShealY's alley 

Sm:Uj , widow, -i College avenue 

Smith William, bricklayer, Vine near Broad 
Smith William, cabin etmaker, Sclu Seventh i.ear \ 

Philadelphia Index. SKY 

Smith Willtarft W. merchant, 415 High 

Smith William, bakerj back 404 N. Third 

Smith William, carter, 112 Browne 

Smith William, attorney at law, 103 Chesnut 

Smith William, tobacconist, 201 Callowhill 

Smith William, type founder and innkeeper (Lebanon Gar 

den) Cedar near Tenth 
Smith William, morocco dresser, Kessler's court 
Smith Win. & D. B. drygoods store, 19 N. Second 
Smith Wm. S. salt merchant, Pine— d. h. 181 south Third 
Smith Wm. A. merchant, 38 south Front — d. h. 2 Union 
Smith Wm. mariner, 51 Mead alley 
Smith Wm. P. accountant, 156 south Tenth 
Smith Wm. mariner, 330 south Front 
Smith widow of Thomas, 233 Vine 
Smith widow, gentlewoman, 20 Strawberry 
Smith &. Warren, nail factory, SW corner New Market and 

Smith & Whaland, brushmakers, 28£ north Third 
Smithers Ann W. milliner, 46 Mulberry 
Smithers James, engraver, 11 north Twelfth 
Smithers John confectioner, 82 Mulberry 
Smothers Aaron, labourer, German near Fourth 
Snack Elizabeth, victualler, 10 Lawrence st. 
Snack Jacob, victualler, 9 Lawrence st. 
Snag Robert, combmaker, cor. Sixth & Coates 
Snag Thomas, carter, Sixth near Coates 
Snair George, cartel', 120 Browne 
Snar Stephen, carter, SE cor. Callowhill & Kunckel 
Snare Wm. carter, Buttonwood lane below Sixth 
Snare Wm. innkeeper, cor. Callowhill 8c Third 
Snelbaker Philip, bottler, 190 north Water 
Snell C. dealer, NE cor. Sixth Sc Shippen 
Snell Mary, widow, teacher, 35 Noble 
Snell Sophia, shopkeeper, 127 Green 
Sneyd Samuel S. druggist, 47 north Eleventh 
Snodgrass Mary, seamstress, 9 Mary 
Snovel Jacob, blacksmith, 48 Kunckel 
Snow Cyrus, carpenter, 28 Garden st. 
Snow James, M. 1). 454 Sassafras 
Snowden Charles, mariner, 218 south Fourth 
Snowden George, carpenter, 52 Garden 
Snowden Joseph S. merchant, next below Swedes' church 
Snowden Miles, accountant, 26 Wood 
' Snowden Sophia, mantuamaker, 85 north Ninth 
Snowden Thomas, carpenter, 96 north Eleventh 
Snowden Thos. surgeon's instrument maker, 209 Callowhill 
fSnowden William, labourer, back 159 south Sixth 
Snowden & Wagner, merchants, naval stores Swanson be- 

low Swedes' church 
Snyder Aaron, tobacconist, back 2 Sassafras alley 

[See Snider & Schneider 

SOL Philadelphia Index. 

Snyder Adam, chairmaker, back 422 north Third 
Snyder Adam, chairmaker, 116 Browne 
Snyder Charles, Heyde's court 
Snyder Christian, g-rocer, 215 north Third 

ier Christiana, widow, seamstress, 36 Cresson's alley 
Snyder David, bricklayer, Green near Shapkamaxon 
Sm cler Ehzabeth, widow, 46 Zane 
Sinaer Elizabeth, widow, 251 north Second 
Snyder Emanuel, labourer, back 31 Standee] 
Snyder E. widow, 118 Brown 
Snvder E. coach wheelwright, 263 Sassafras — d. h. 156 X 

Snyder George A. tailor, 123$ s. Water & 92 S. Front 
Snyder George, accountant, 1 Sassafras alley 
Snyder Henry, bookbinder, back 53 Coates 
Snyder Henry, tinman, near Tammany st. Old York road 
Snyder Henry, painter & glazier, 39 Christian 
Snyder Jacob, gentleman, 167 south Eleventh 
Snyder Jacob, shoemaker, Beach near Shackama 
Snyder Jacob, tailor, 242 Sassafras 
Snyder Jacob, boot &. shoemaker, 5 north Eighth 
Snyder John, brewer at Pepper's, 113 Cherry 
Snvder John, mariner, cor. Juniper lane & Juniper alley 
Snyder John, cabinetmaker, 12 Cypress alley 
Snyder John, grocer, 321 High 
Snyder John, shoemaker, 36 Appletree alley 
Snyder John, hatter, 17 Ann st. 

Snyder John, deputy sheriff, 50 Oak (X. L.) ab. hayscales 
Snyder John, cabinetmaker, 334 north Front 
Snyder Joseph, shipsmith, NW cor. Swanson & Christian 
Snyder Joseph, shipwright, 352 south Front 
Snyder Joseph, gilder and composition manuf. 105 Walnut 
Snyder Joseph K. grocer, NW cor. High &. Twelfth — d. h. 

Thirteenth below High, opposite Clov 
Snyder Mary, teacher, 4 Fron.berger's court 

Snyder Mrs. ., widow, 117 sou 

Snyder Peter, blacksmith, 20 Raspberry alley 
Snyder Peter, oak cooper, back 404 north Tlu. 
Snyder P. tailor, 139 Spruce 
Snyder Rebecca, widow, 5 Brown 
Snyder Sarah, widow, Eighth near Callowhill 
Snyder Sarah, widow, 3 Sugar alley 
Snyder Sophia, widow, nurse, Fourth near George (X 
Snyder Wm. Grand Tyler of Masonic Lodge, 62 Zane 
Snyder Wm. gunsmith, 14 Green 
Sober James, labourer, 364 north Front 
Soby Mary, widow, 25 Ann 
Soby Nicholas, tobacconist, 1 Cresson's court 
Soby William, tobacconist, 31 Mechanic 
XSoll Catharine, shopkeeper, 112 Crown 
Solly John, cordwainer court bet. 7ih & 8th 
bfes John, merchant. 217 High 

Philadelphia Index. SPA 

Solomon H. attorney at law, 16 south Sixth 

Soiomon John, barber, near Poplar 

Solomon widow of Myer, 175 south Sixth 

Somervile Wm. irontbunder, Filbert near Sen. Eighth 

Somerndike J. stablekeeper, corner Locust and Eigh 

Sommer John, M. D. 149 Sassafras \ See Summer* 

Sorby Peter O. 52 Chesnut 

Sorrin Mary, widow, 163 Christian 

Sorver J. B. grocer, 190 north Second 

Souder Casper, boot and shoemaker, 36 Chesnut 

Souder Charles, justice of the peace, 212 north Sixth 

Souder Christopher, victualler, Crown (K.) — stall 18 N. L 

Souder Jacob, bricklayer, 99 Dillwyn St. 
Souder M. milliner and bonnet maker, 297 N. Second 
Souder Philip, late innkeeper, 173 south Front 
Souder Philip, oak cooper, Eleventh above Sassafras 
Souder Thomas M. agent for the inland transportation of 

merchandise, 337 High 
Souder widow, cakeshop, next 223 Walnut 
Souders Elizabeth, storekeeper, 386 north Tl 
Souders Godfrey, grocer, 173 Mulberry 
Souders John, bricklayer, Lily alley 
Souders William, planemaker, 74 CallowhiJl 
Souffrain John, hairdresser, 106 north Front 
Soullier John M. 132 Pine 

Sourby Maiy, widow, shopkeeper, 90 north Fourth 
Sourwalt Margaret, widow, 7 Kunckel 
South Ann, widow, mautuamaker, Diehl's court 
South George, jeweller, 157 south Eleventh 
South Elizabeth, widow, boarding house, 74 Spruce 
Souzard Samuel, merchant, 27 Filbert 
Sowerman Rosanna, widow, 97 north Ninth 
Sowers George, victualler, James above Rugan 
Sowers Hannah, widow, tailoress, Hoffman's alley 
Sowers Mathias, victualler, Rugan st. (N.-L.) 
Sowers Peter, carter and storekeeper, Germantown road 
j-Sowerwali Anthony, silversmith, back 34 Plum 
Sowerwakz Anthony, cordwainer, Scott's court 
Sfpackman Samuel, merchant, 22 Church al*ey — d. h. 308 

Mulberry above Tenth 
Spackman & Wilson, merchants, 22 Church alley 
Spafford Jacob, sea captain, 37 Race 
. Spangler Henry, blacksmith, 32 Cedar 
Spargella J. B> merchant, 178 north Second 
Sparhawk Thomas, merchant, 121 High — d. h. 19 Chesnnl 
Sparks Elizabeth, widow, 145 south Ninth 
Sparks Henry, grocer, X E cor. Fifth & Sassafras 
Sparks P. 8c A. S. druggists, 465 High 
Sparks Sarah, widow of R. F. 163 south Second 
-{-Sparks Susan, washerwoman, 9 Barclay's alley 
Sparks Thomas, milkman, back 36S north Third 


SPR Philadelphia lad- 

Sparks Thomas, shot manuf. 476 south Front 

Sparks J', aijti U. plumbers, 49 south whan 

Speace Christian, cotton winder, 51 north Eighth 

Speace William, hairdresser, 65 north Third 

Speakman Hannah, widow, 178 Mulberry 

Speakman John, commission merchant, Vine near Crown, 

and 2 Hartung's alley 
Speakman Samuel, accountant, 3 Garden 
Speal George, gentleman, 112 Callowhill 
Spear Abigail, widow, boarding house, 465 High 
Spear Hannah, widow, dealer, 34 Plum 
Spear John, weaver, Vine alley near Thirteenth 
Spear William, blacksmith, Chesnut above Broad 
Specier Rudderow, morocco manufactory, Whalebone alley 
Speck Christian A. tavernkeeper, NW cor. Budd Sc Poplar 
Speck Jacob, victualler, James st. 
Speel John, baker, 92 north Eleventh 

Speel John, labourer, Sch. Eighth between Sassafras & Vine 
Speer Alexander, grocer, lower side of South st. Wharf 
Speers Manuel, back 93 Lombard 
Spence Mary, widow, 48 Penn 

Spence , widow, 48 Penn 

Spencer Charlotte, boarding house, 35 Sansom 

Spencer James S. gentleman, 13 Pahnvra row 

Spencer Joseph, gentleman, 103 north Fifth 

Spencer Philip, cabinetmaker, 110 Christian 

Spencer Robert, sailnraker, 50 Shippen 

Hpennanberg Charlotte, storekeeper, 68 north Second 

Sperry Jacob, merchant, 99 south Front 

Sperry Maria, widow, 133 south Third 

Sperry and Stansbury, merchants, 33 south wharves 

Spicer Frances, dealer, 468 south Front 

Spiegel John R. potter, Apple bet. 4th & 5th (N. L.) 

Spikeman Samuel, bricklayer, Vine near Eleventh 

Spillman Charles, bleeder and toothdrawer, 543 N. Second 

Spohn Wm. grocer, 133 N. Second — d. h. 230 Sassafras 

^pooner Caroline, lady, 175 N. Fourth 

Spooner Charlotte, lady, 175 N. Fourth 

Spottsv. ood Thomas C. merchant, 201 High 

Spragg Ricbaad, jun. dealer in household furniture, 8 south 

Fourth — d. h. 36 Dock 
prague Edward, coiner at mint, 172 Vine 
:>pranza John, fisherman, Bishop near Queen (K.) 
Sprigg James S. grocer, 239 N. Third 
Sprigg James, grocer, 313 N. Third 
Springer Catherine, widow, ladies feather maker, Paschal's 

alley (N. L.) 
Springer Hannah, nurse, 66 Union 
Springer Isabella, widow, 119 Green 

Springer Joseph, shipwright, Frankford road near Bedford 
Springle Frederick, millwright, Mulberry near Sch. Second 
J-'-progel Mary, widow, 153 south Tenth 

Pliiladelpliia IndeX: STE 

tig John, carpenter, Beach near High Bridge — shop 3 

Novris's c 

Sproul Margaret, grocer, NW corner Eleventh and Wahilit 

Spyers Moses, dealer', 66 Callowhiil 
>t. Felix John R> merchant, d. h. George street hear Ninth 

St. John Mrs. widow, gentlewoman, 22 Sanson) 

Stacey Jas. G. agent for N. Y. Union and Despatch Lines of 
Packets, 22 south wharves 

Stackhouse Amos, china store, 178 & 176 north From 

Stackhouse Powell, stove pattern maker, d. h. 19 Vine. 

Stackhouse Samuel P. china merchant, 130 north Third 

•{•Stafford Charles, barrow porter, Lombard below Tenth 

Stafford David, labourer, Swanson near Prime 

Staggers Cornelius, shoemaker, 175 north Front 

Staimier Sarah, widow, 26 Raspberry alley 

Stainer Elizabeth, widow of Philip, 107Coates 

Stalder John, carpet weaver, Quince below Walnut 

Stall Eliz. widow, Mint court 

Stallard James, 11 Stamper's alley 

Stamper Sarah, gentlewoman, 163 south Third SE cor. Pine 

Stanbridge John C. & Co. china merchants, 211 High — d. h. 
5 south Ninth 

Stancliffe Benjamin, optician, philosophical and mathemati- 
cal instrument maker, 128 south Front 

Stanfield Sarah, Maginnes's court 

Stanley Norris, merchant, 20S south Water — d. h. 74 Loin- 

Stanley Ralph, dyer & printer, Race near Sch. Front 

Stannard Wm. attendant on city surveyor, back 130 Cherry 

Stant Wm. tailor, Loxley's court 

Stanwood Wm. plasterer, 10 Well's row 

Stappen H. cordwainer, 197 north Second 

Stark Christian, victualler, 211 north Eighth street 

Starkpine Henry, caulker, Palmer below Duke 

Starn Isaac, carter, 118 Oak street 

Starne J. & M. curriers, 407 north Second 

Starr Catharine, widow, 44 Vine 

Starr Charles W. carpenter, 92 Dillwyn street 

Starr Moses, blacksmith, 101 Budd 

Starr James, gent. 23 New Market 

Starr John, saddler, 373 High 

Starr Joseph, druggist, 31 Vine 

Starr Richard, letter founder, d. h. 168 south Ninth 

Starratt James, grocer & feed store, cor. North &. Eleventh 

Starratt James, carter, 83 Bedford 

Staughton Wm., D.D. pastor Baptist Church Sansom st. — 
seminary Swanwick st — d. h. north Eighth cor. of Schri- 
ver's court 

Stead Henry, printer, 22 Cedar 

Stearly Jacob, 136 Coats 

Steel Eliza, widow, 122 south Second 

Steel Elizabeth, htjuse, Smith's alley 

STE Philadelphia Index. 

Steel Sc Field, silverplaters, 8cc. 11 north Seventh 

Steel Gen. John, collector for the Port of Philadelphia, 196 

Steel Jacob, back of 552 north Third 
Steel James, carpenter, Fair's alley 
Steel James, shipwright, 7 Budd 

Steel James, merchant, Spruce st. wharf— d. h. 29 Walnut 
Steel John, manufacturer, 248 soutli Seventh 
Steel John, brassfounder, SW cor. Second and New 
Steel Josiah, carter, Race west of Broad 
Steel Math i as L. sea captain, 18 Ann (N. E.) 
Steel Mary, widow, washerwoman, 255 Race 
Steel Robert, silverplater, 89 north Ninth 
Steel Thomas, morocco manufactory, 114 St. John 
Steel Thomas, plasterer, court between Seventh & Eighth 

in Race 
Steel William, gentleman, 180 south Front 
Steer James, accountant, 26 Washington 
Steer Joseph, victualler, 104 Wood street 
Steer Mrs. dress maker, 26 Washington 
Steever Daniel, flour merchant, Ann west Sch. Eighth 
Steever Henry, Hour merchant, 407 High 
Stegagnini L. ornamental sculptor, cor. Ninth &. George 
Steib Michael, baker, 90 Brown 
Steif John, baker, 17 north Eighth 
Steimel Peter, tobacconist, 258 Race 
Stein Abraham, dealer in watches, 86 north Third 
Steinauer G. W. gentleman, 104 Vine 
Steinauer Michael, shoemaker, 33 Vine 
Steinaur Adam, oak cooper, back 31 Kunckel 
Steinback Adam, victualler, 13 Lawrence st. 
Steinberger John, trader, 125 Callowhill 
Steinbrook I), "blacksmith, cor. of Callowhill Sc Crown — 

d. h. 90 Crown / 

Steiner George, baker, 124 south Second 
Steiner Jacob, cabinetmaker, 295 Arch 
Steiner John, cutler, 113 Arch — d. h. Littleboy's court 
Steinhaeur Joseph accountant, To Wood st. 
Steinrran John, baker, 550 north Third 
Steinmetz Charles, innkeeper. NW cor. Rugan & Callowhill 
Steinmetz Eliza, gentlewoman, 270 Chesnut 
Steinmetz Peter, brushmaker, 327 High 
Steinmitz Daniel, accountant, 84 south Front 
Steinmitz Wm. brickmaker. Coats above Seventh 
Steinnutz Elizabeth, tutoress, 84 south Front 
Stell E. dry goods store, 19 south Second 
Stell & M'Alpin, merchants, 161 High 
Stell John, labourer, 2 St. Mary 
Stellman Susan, 36 north Water 
Stellwaggon Daniel, sailing master, U. S.Navy 
Stelwaggon Charles, baker, 51 north Sixth 
Stelwaggon Frederick, iron merchant, 219 north Second 

rhllatlchihla Inde.v. STE 

Stekraggon Jesse L. iron merchant, cor. Old x 1 an<l 

Callowhill— (1. h. 100 Crown 
Stenethel Waithcll, distiller, Crftxh 

Stensan Thomas, tailor, 211 Lombard 

Stephens Alexander, weaver, Eleventh below Walnut 

Stephens David J. grocer, NE cor. Callow hi)! k Garden 

Stephens David, collector, 139 Green sti 

Stephens John, grocer, 287 south Fourth 

Stephens John, ladies shoemaker, 62 P.Cnn 

Stephens Mary, widow, Charlotte mar Brown 

Stephens Peter, mariner, Rose alley 

Stephenson E. shoemaker, Fourth near Coates 

Stephenson William, carpenter, Lombard below Tenth 

_rus Samuel, blacksmith, 436 north Third St. 
Sterling Thomas, weaver, 39 Plum 

Sterr George, carpenter & storekeeper, 13-1 north Eighth 
Stctler Susannah, shopkeeper, Sell. Eighth between Race 8c 

Stettezeil Jacob, turner & chairmakef, 473 north Second 
Stetsel Henry, brassfouncler, Hank's court 
f Stevens Augustas, labourer, Wright's court 
Stevens Benj. accountant, 10 south Twelftli 
Stevens John, accountant, 184 Chesnut 
Stevens Moms, innkeeper, SW cor. Ninth and Race 
Stevens Samuel, cant, of the watch N. L. 371 north Second 
Stevens Sarah, widow, 28 Gofbrth alley 
Stevens William, plasterer, Beach near Maiden (K) 
Stevens Wm. hotel & tavern, 64 south Front 
Stevenson Aaron, soap 8c candle manufac. 221 south Fifth 
Stevenson A. merchant, 186 north Fourth st. 
Stevenson A. hatter, Sassafras alley 
Stevenson Charles, jeweller, 113 south Second 
Stevenson Cornelius, collector of taxes, 4 north Ninth 
Stevenson Eliza M. shopkeeper, 374 north Second 
Stevenson & Hart, dry goods store, 225 north Third 
Stevenson John, ship joiner, 8 Emleivs court 
Stevenson John, iron founder, Callowhill near Thirteenth 
Stevenson John, bricklayer, 94 High west of Centre Square 
Stevenson John H. &. Co. merchants, 35 north Water 
Stevenson J. Sc Co. ship joiners, Maiden street wharf 
Stevenson Mary, widow, 78 south Fifth 
Stevenson Solomon, hod earner, Stewart's alley 
Stevenson Thomas, tallow chandler, Sixth above Cedar 
Stevenson Thomas, cordwainer, Poplar above Fourth 
Stevenson Wm. cedar cooper, St. John near Callowhill 
Stevenson Wm. gentleman, 288 Chesnut 
Stevenson Wm. currier, shop Kunckel above Callowhill 

d. h. 252 north Third 
f Steward Alexander, carter, Cedar above Twelfth 
Steward Elizabeth, widow, Lily alley below Green 
Steward John, carpenter, 86 Poplar lane 
Steward Peter, painter &. glazier, China st. 

STE Philadelphia Inde.v. 

Stewardson Thomas, gentleman, 90 Arch 

Stewart Alexander, gentleman, 278 south Front 

Stewart Alexander, weaver, cor. Race is. Sch. Sev 

Stewart Andrew, weaver, Ann near Sell. Sev. 

Stewart Ann, 224 north Water 

Stewart & Barger, painters, &c. 73 Dock 

Stewart Charles, teacher, 15 Budd 

; Stewart David, vender of old clothes, 203 south Sixth 

jStewart Eliza, Rose alley (C) 

Stewart Elizabeth, widow, nurse, 190 Cherry aW 

Stewart Francis, smith, 573 Race above Tenth 

Stewart George, carpenter, Juniper alley 

Stewart James, inspector of customs, Ioj C« 

Stewart James, carpenter, 17 Plum 

Stewart James, grocer, NW cor. Juniper £.. "Walnut 

Stewart James, merchant, 32 south Front 

Stewart James, weaver, Pearl street 

Stewart James, grocer, 416 Race 

Stewart James, grocer, 73 Locust 

Stewart John, labourer, Marriott's lane, near Fourth 

Stewart John, printer, Bradford's alley 

Stewart John, teacher, 3 Fetter lane 

Stewart John, merchant, 182 Lombard 

Stewart John, grocer, cor. Callowhill & Ridge road 

Stewart John, cordwainer, 186 Lombard 

Stewart John, merchant, 142 Pine 

Stewart John, labourer, NW cor. Eleventh & "Walnut 

Stewart John A. cabinetmaker, 83- Dock 

Stewart John, merchant, 7 south wharves 

Stewart John, cabinetmaker, 5 Sugar alley 

Stewart John, ship carpenter, back of 22 Duke 

Stewart J., M. D. 301 Arch 

Stewart Margaret, 182 Lombard 

Stewart Margaret, widow of Waiter, Say st. 

Stewart Mary, widow of Charles, Leghorn bonnet store, 29 

north Second 
Stewart Mary, widow, 479 Sassafras 
Stewart Moses, late grocer, 394 Race 
Stewart Paul Cox, accountant, Tenth above Lomb 
•{Stewart Pearson, waiter, back 8 Blackberry alley 
Stewart & Frail, cabinetmakers, N'W cor. Sixth &. Arch 
Stewart Samuel M. stationer, See. SW cor. "Walnut 8c Third 

— d. h. 141 Spruce 
Stewart Samuel, M.D. 100 south Eighth 
Stewart Sarah, widow, shopkeeper, 199 north Front 
Stewart Thomas, 7 Lodge 
Stewart Win. carpenter, 11 Knight's court 
Stewart Wm. innkeeper, 46 north Sixth 
Stewart Wm. II. ornamental painter, japanner & gilder, 29 

Stewart Wm. saddler, back 295 south Third 
Stewart Wm. attorney at law, 100 south Eighth 

Philadelphia Index. STU 

Stewart V. 

Sules George, cabinetmaker, 1 i"> ''ale 

Miles Robert, cabinetmaker, (-tujnce below Wafnat 

Henry, lumber merchant, yawl Stiles' wharf Oak st. 

(X. I..)— -d. h, 386 north Front 
Stiles Henry &. Co. lumber merchants, Oak above Coats , 
Stiles John, lumber merchant, Oak above Coats — d. h. 331 

north Front 
Stiles Samuel, cordwainer, Buttonwood below Fifth 
utiles Thomas T. city commissioner, 93 Eleventh below 

Walnut, west side 
Stiles, widow of John, 411 north Front 
Still John, druggist, M. P., NE cor. of Sixth Si Race 
Still Rebecca, washerwoman, Middle alley 
Stille Benj. merchant, 33 south Water — d. h. Chesnut below 

Stille Catharine, widow of Samuel, 204 "Walnut 
Stille John, gentleman, Walnut above Twelfth. 
Stille Mary, gentlewoman, 40 south Front 
Stiller Catharine, dry goods store, 76 north Fourth 
Stiltz John 1). baker, 122 Dillwyn st. 
Stineeman Casper, ropemaker, Hanover near Queen (K) 
Stinger Adam, tanner, 167 north Front 
Stinger Eve, widow, 127 Xew 
Stinger Joseph, coachman, back of 176 Race 
Stirling John, 195 south Sixth 
Stite Alexander, cordwainer, Faris' alley 
Stites Daniel, pilot, 33 Beck's alley 
Stock Catharine, widow, 75 Tammany 
Stock Elizabeth, nurse, Miller's court 
Stock Fred, carpenter, Tammany near Fourth 
Stock John, painter, Sec. 11 south Seventh 
Stock Philip, carpenter, Davis's court 
Stockdale Eliza, widow, Lombard above Eleventh 
Stockdall John, teacher, 3 Plum 
Stockdall John, jun. printer, 3 Plum 
Stocker Anthony, merchant, 118 Pine 
Stockley Thomas, cordwainer, 317 and 321 Spnjy 
Siockley William, tailor, 251 High 
Stockman Christopher, mariner, 63 Penn 
Stockman Jacob, thimble maker, &c. 45 Chesnut 
Stockton Charles, tailor, 145 Spruce 
Stockton E. tailor, 251 High 

Stockton Samuel W. watchmaker, 371 north Front 
Stockton Sarah, gentlewoman, S VY cor Eighth Sc Walnut 
Stoddard John, merchant, 101 nortii Seventh 
Stokes Benjamin, flour store, 221 N. Front' — d. h. 23 Key's 

Stokes Abraham, storekeeper, 333 north Second 
Stokes Aquilla, flour merchant, 242 north Front 
Stokes Charles, merchant, lower 54 south Secean.1 
Stokes Charles, fancy store, 82 High 

ST< ) hidejr. 

Stokes Jacob, dry goods store, 308 S 
Stokes Joshua, carpenter, 23 New 

Stokes S. milliner, 6 Straw 'lietry 

Stokes Thomas, collector, 51 Chester 

Stokes Thomas, jun, plasterer, 48 Chester 

Stokes War. constable, 50 Rac^ st. 

Stokes 8c Williamson, tailors, 49 north Third 

Stone Andrew T. plumber, 356 south Front 

Stone Asaph, merchant, 63 south Front — d. h. Washir 

Stone Benjamin, painter & glazier, Wiley's court 
Stone h Coffee, plumbers, 61 Walnut near Dock 
Stone Dexter, merchant, 45 north Water — d. h. 354 High 
Stone John, storekeeper, 151 south Second 
Stone Mary, widow, back 251 Race 
Stone Mary, milliner, 103 north Second 
Stone St Todd, merchants, 63 south Front 
Stone William, grocer, 14 north Third 
Stoneman William, oakcooper, 124 Brown 
Stones Samuel, merchant, 111 south Tenth 
Stoops James, grocer, 350 north Front 
Stop John, innkeeper, 235 north Third street 
Stork Aaron, merchant, grocery Si liquor store, 10 X. i 

— d. h. 90 south Front 
Stormb Wm. sea captain, 123 Cedar 
Story Elizabeth, widow, dealer, 2$3 south T ! 
Story Ceorge P. bookfoldcr, 9 t. ray's alWj 
Story Henry, shipwright, Beach near ShaCkxmaxon 

— d. h. 90 south Front 
Story James, mariner, 36 Mead a 
Story Mrs. segar maker. 80 Cyprus alley 
Story Samuel, sea captain, 79 Lombard 
Stotesbury Arthur, sea captain, 59 Almond 
Stothard John, grocer, Broad near Sassafras 
Stothart Wm. merchant, store 49 S. Front— d. h. 349 H 
Stotsenburgh Christopher, cordwaiiier, Sassafras above Sch. 

Stotsenburgh George, paper stainer, Race near Sch. Eighth 
Stotsenburgh Margaret, widow, Sassafras near Sch. Eighth 
Stouffer John keeper Washington Inn, 248 High 
Stouse Daniel, blacksmith. 34 Cherry st. 
Stouse Joseph, M. D. 417 N. Second cor. Coates 
Stout George, whipmaker, 29 New Market 
Stout Jaco!) C. hatter, next 30 Sassafras alley 
Stout Jacob, bricklayer, back of 487 north Third 
Stout John L. looking- glass frame maker, Coates near 4th 
Stout John, whipmaker, 52 Crown 
Stout Peter, mariner, 11 Mead alley- 
Stout Peter, blacksmith, back 134 Brown 
Stouts Charles, drygoods store, 41 Race 
Stow Charles, drygoods store, 38 N. Sixth 
Stow John, ship carpenter, Marlborough near Bedford (K) 

Philadelphia Index. STR 

Stow John, turner, 76 Sassafras— shop 35 Bread 

Stow Samuel, bricklayer, 75 Arch 

Stowers widow of John, NW cor. High & Sch. Sixth 

Stowmaif John, shoemaker, Cobb's court, (N.JL.) 

Strahan widow of Gregory, 190 south Eighth below PiiTe 

Strain Grace, widow, St. Mary below Seventh 

Straley Frederick, saddletree maker, 142 Swanson 

Stratton Albert, labourer, 52 Frankford road 

Stratton Ann, trussmaker, 167 N. Second 

Stratton Ann, milliner, 55 Brown 

f Stratton Christopher, waiter, Green's court 

Stratton Ebenezer, tailor, 18 Quarry st. 

Stratton Henry, tailor, 15 Relief st. 

Stratton Jemima, widow, Sansom alley 

Stratton John, well digger, Callowhill'bet. Sch. 7th & 8th 

Stratton Levi, carpenter, 75 Budd 

Strawbridge George, merchant, 73 south Front — d. h. 224$ 

Strawn J. bricklayer, 141 Green 

Strayline Elizabeth, widow, milkwoman, Ridge r. ab. Vine 
Streaper Richard, distiller, 196 south Third 
Streble Joseph, blacksmith, 5 Rachel st. 
Streeper John, nail cutter and grocer, 544 N. Third 
Streeper Wm. attendant on flour inspector, Davis's Court 
Street John, copal varnish maker, forks of Germantown road 
Street Robert, shoemaker, 48 Green 
Street Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 108 north Second 
Streeton Wm. shipwright, opposite Navy Yard 
Strech Amy, widow, grocer, 112 Swanson 
Streicker Margaret, widow, 56 Callowhili 
Strembeck Catharine, 94 Christian 
Strembeck Mrs. widow, 96 Christian 
Strembeck John, painter, Francisville 
Strembeck J. sen. measurer of painters' work, 60 S. HtL 
Stretch David, bricklayer, back 217 St. John, Miller's court 
Stretch Nathaniel, bricklayer, 14 York court, (N. L.) 
Stretcher Fenix, carpenter, 129 south Sixth 
Strieker Barbara, widow of Adam, 16 Ann 
Strieker Charles, skindresser, New Market nearPegg 
Strieker Elias, shipwright, Liberty alley near Duke 
Strickland George, designer, 5 Cleaver alley 
Strickland Wm. architect & engineer, 117 south Ninth 
Strieby Joseph, brassfxmnder, 402 north Front 
Strieby Sarah, widow, 402 north Front 
Strieper John, blacksmith, 427 north Fourth 
f Stringer Telly, shoemaker, Currant alley 
Strobel Benjamin, 448 south Front 
Strobel John, 418 ftorth Front 
Strober Frederick, baker, 164 north Second 
Stroby Ann, widow, back 8 Budd 

Strode Rachel & Elizabeth, teachers, school 13 north Fifth 
Stron James, mariner, 70 Christian 

SUN Philadelphia Index. 


•{-Stroops Hannah, widow, 155 Lombard 

Strothers John, stone cutter, 3 north Tenth 

Strotiiers & Wilson, stone cutters, near Filbert and Tenth 

Stroud George M. attorney at law, office 110 Mulberry 

Stroup John, tailor, 4 south Water— d. h. 127 north Front 

Stroup John & Son, tailors, 4 and 8 north Water 

Stroup John, jun. tailor, 4 N. Water — d. h. 205 N. Second 

Stroup Mrs. boarding' house, ~ : 4 Franklin court 

Stuart James, grocer, 207 south Second 

Stuart John, cordwainer, 186 Lombard 

Stuart Joseph, 490 south Second 

Stuckert David, grocer, 36 Old York road 

Stuckert David, grocer, SW cor. Third and Sassafras 

Stuckert H. jun. druggist, 33 north Fourth 

Stuckert Wm. druggist, 354 north Second cor. Green 

Stugg Josiah, brickmaker, 104 Juniper 

Stull Charles, sugar boiler, back 39 New Market 

Stull John, currier, back 25 Cresson's alley 

Stull John, oak cooper, 214 Vine 

Stump George, victualler, 44 New Market 

Sturck Jacob, shoemaker, Fourth near Poplar lane 

Sturgeon Robert, mariner, 158 Swanson 

Sturges L. shoemaker, 92 St. John 

Sturgis John, paperhanger, 172 south Third 

Sturgis Peter, drygoods store, 138 south Fifth 

Sturk David, shoemaker, Apple bet. Fourth & Fifth (N.L.) 

Stutgard Isaac, merchant, 190 High 

Subers James, black lead crucible manufactory, 364 N. Front 

Sulger Jacob, jun. secretary to Marine Insurance Company, 

161 Mulberry 
Sulger Mary, widow, 218 south Seventh 
Sullivan Catharine, mantuamaker, 184 N. Fifth 
Sullivan Charles, merchant, 233 High— d. h. 129 N. Sixth 
Sullivan John T. stationer, NE cor. Front and High — d. h. 

241 Spruce 
Sullivan Mary, widow, nurse, 184 N. Fifth 
Sullivan Mary, mantuamaker, 184 N. Fifth 
Sullivan Nehemiah, shallopman, Brown's court 
Sullivan Sarah, widow, 179 Lombard 
Sully Obadiah, shoemaker, Hose alley 
Sully Thomas, portrait painter, 49 George 
Summers Ann, mantuamaker, Sen. Sixth near High 
Summers Catharine, widow, 45 Noble near Second 
Summers George, watchman, S W cor. Tammany &, St. John 
Summers Henry, ironfounder, 134 Thirteenth 
Summers John, carpenter, 145 Cherry 
Summers John, at U. S. mint, Wright's court 
Summers Martin, planemaker, SW cor. Sch. Sixth & St. Jo- 
seph's avenue 
Summersett John, oysterman, 220 south Seventh 
Sumpton Rebecca, cakebaker, 119 Spruce 
Sunderland John, blacksmith, 13 Sugar alley 

Philadelphia Index. SWE 

Super Jane, widow, 13 Key's alley 

Super Jane, widow, cabinet warehouse, 162 &, d. h. 164 N. 

Supplee Job, house carpenter, 3 Elbow lane 

Bupplee John, house carpenter, 40 Carpenter st.—d. li. 21 
N. Eighth 

Sutch Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 34 Green 

Sutherland Jane, widow, 60 Plum 

Sutiley John ,victualler, Frankford road near stone bridge 

Sutter Ann, widow, boarding house 30 north Sixth 

Sutter Daniel, late grocer, 97 New 

Sutter Elizabeth, widow, Mintzer's court, between Callow- 
hill and Noble 

Sutterly Charles, academy, .118 New 

Suttle Nicholas, brickmaker, Sch. Front near Filbert 

Sutton John, accountant, 7 Brown 

Sutton Mary, washerwoman, back of St. John 

Sutton Sarah, widow of Jesse, layer out of the dead, 31 
Gilles's alley 

Sutton Susan, washerwoman, 287 north Eighth 

Sutton Win, shipbuilder, Beach near Marlborough 

Surveyor's Office, Custom House 

Swaim Wm. discoverer of"S-waim's Panacea" 13 S, Ninth 

Swain Eben, umbrella maker, 85 Kunckel 

Swain Eliza, storekeeper, 69 south Second 

Swain Elizabeth, nurse, 121 north Fifth 

Swain John, painter & glazier, 301 N. Second 

Swain John W. druggist, 363 N. Second 

Swain Shubel, sea captain, Green below Fourth 

Swain Sophia, shopkeeper, 363 N. Second 

Swallow J. tavernkeeper, 57 George 

Swan Andrew & Sons, 574 N. Third— tan yard Beach near 
Maiden (K) 

Swan James, weaver, 330 south Front 

Swan James, M. D. 164 south Fourth 

Swan & Johnson, shoe store, 332 High 

Swan RobeVi, silversmith & umbrella manuf. 75 S. Second 

Swan Thomas, shoe store, 332 High 

Swank Henry, tanner, Second above forks Germantown road 

Swanson Charles, mariner, 3 Bird's alley 

Swarf Catharine, tailoress, 70 Bndd 

Swartz George, tailor, 124 N. Water 

Swartz John, furrier, Minor between Fifth and Sixth — d. h, 
NW cor. Mulberry & Eighth 

Swartz Joseph, weaver, 319 N. Third 

Swayer Peter, 366 north Third 

Sweat James, shoemaker, New Market near Pegg 

Sweeney James, ropemaker, 111 Carpenter 

Sweeny Archibald, Federal near Second 

Sweeny Dennis, dealer, 46 Mary street (S.) 

Sweeny Hugh & Dennis, grocers, NW cor. Shippen & Crab 

Sweeny John, sandman, Pegg near Front 

T-AM Philadelphia Index. 

Sweeny Martha, boarding house, 1 N. Eighth 

Sweeny Miles, labourer, Say St. 

Sweeny Samuel, grocer, NW cor. Third &. German 

Sweeny Sai*ah, milliner, 113 north Second 

Sweepenheiser John, gunstock maker, 453 ftorth Third 

Sweet JohnB. merchant, 65 S. Front — d. h. 43 S. Eighth 

Sweeten William, Federal below Second 

Sweitzer John, cordwainer, Old York road near Brown 

Sweney Archibald, NW cor. Sch. Seventh 8c C^dar 

Sweny Dennis, dealer, 46 St. Mary 

Sweyer Henry, grocer, 195 N. Third — d. h. 70 N. Seventh 

Sweyer &. Koons, grocers, 195 N. Third 

Swift Crispin, cordwainer, 174 Vine 

Swift John, attorney at law, office 60 S. Sixth— d. h. 10,7 

Eleventh below Walnut 
Swift John W. 103 Pine 
Swift Robert, shopkeeper, 282 Mulberry 
Swift Samuel, drayman, Fourth near George (N. L.) 
Swlnney David, labourer, Lombard W. of Sch. Seventh 
Switzer Jacob, combmaker, 264 St. John 
Switzer John, combmaker, Fourth above George (K.) 
Swope George, painter, 351 N. Second 
Sword A. C. storekeeper & boarding house, 70 S. Fourth 
Swyer Sarah, widow, shopkeeper, Perry st. 
Syhert Elizabeth, widow, shopkeeper, Fourth near George, 

(N. L.) 
Sybert Phoebe, widow, shopkeeper, 7 Wagner's alley 
Syers Abbey, widow, 138 Brown 
Syfrist Uphanina, widow of Frederick, 227 Cedar 
Sykes R. W. attorney at law, 49 south Fifth 
Sykes William, gentleman, 49 south Fifth 
Sykes W r illiam, shoemaker, back 207 Boehm's court 
Symington Sarah, teacher, 270 Mulberry 

TABER ANTB? AS, mariner-, 224 south Fifth 

Taccy Joseph M. hairdresser, 324 N. Second 

Tacy Robert, gentleman, 85 south Second 

Tage Wm. tailor, PhifFer's alley near New Market st. 

Tagert Joseph, president of the Farmers' and Mechanics" 

Bank, 70 south Sixth 
Taggart Ann, widow, seamstress back 20 Almond 
Taggart Charles, labourer, Dougherty's alley 
Taggert John, stonecutter, Raspberry lane 
Taggert Robert, cabinetmaker, 194 Lombard 
Taggert Wm. at mint, 110 Cherry 
Talbert John, blacksmith. Smith's court 
Talley Mary, milliner, 169 south Second 
Talmage E. S. shoemaker, 172 Sassafras 
Talmage Wm. shoemaker, 7 Hinckel's court 
Tallman George, victualler, 262 N. Front 
Tallman Mary, widow, Margaretta near Front 
Tarns & Co. china merchants, 192 High 

Philadelphia Index. TAY 

Tanner Ann, widow, 111 Carpenter (S.) 
Tanner Benjamin, engraver, 74 south Eighth 
Tanner II. S. engraver, Library — d. h. 8 Sansom 
Tannier John, ropemaker, NE cor. Federal and Second 
Tappan Wm. B. teacher, 34 S. 6th — school over 118 Chesnut 
Tarbett Henry, stocking weaver, Sch. Second below Pine 
Tarbett James, weaver, Sassafras near Sch. Seventh 
Tarney James, labourer, 198 St. John 
Tarripin Benjamin, keeper of carts & carter, Rose alley 
Tarris Charles, carpenter, 6 Federal 
Tarris John, sea captain, 489 south Front 
Tasca G. B. confectioner, 188 and 175 High 
Tash Samuel, grocer, cor. Callowhill and Washington 
Task Joseph, cordwainer, 10 Pennsylvania avenue 
Tate L. drygoods store, 15 Powell 
Tate Robert, grocer, NW cor. Fourth and Plum 
fTate Solomon, labourer, Sansom's alley 
Tate Wm. sandman, Thorn's court (N. L.) 
Tatem Ann A. widow, 45 N. Eighth 
Tatem Edward, sea captain, 74 Christian 
Tatem Joseph E. sailmaker, China st. 
Tatem Mary, widow, 187 Green 
Tatem Mary, widow, 17 Lombard 
Taws Catharine, widow, dealer, 60 German 
Taws Charles, musical instrument maker, 74 Union 
Taxis John, cabinetmaker, 29 Green 
Taylor Abraham, tallow chandler, 2 New Market 
Taylor Absalom, cordwainer, 39 Beck's alley 
Taylor Adam, rigger, M'Culley's court 
Taylor Alexander, shipwright, 502 south Second 
Taylor Alexander, sea captain, 5 Chancery lane 
Taylor Alice, widow, 20 Cypress alley 
Taylor Amos, merchant, 44 & 46 N. Water — d. h. 219 Arch 
Taylor Ann, dealer, Fourth near Carpenter 
Taylor Anthony, labourer, Swanson near Almond 
Taylor Bankson, merchant, Bickley's wharf — d. h. 30 Race 
Taylor Benj. brushmaker, 4 N. Third — d. h. 90£ N. Front 
Taylor Charles, oak cooper, 121 N. Water 
Taylor Charles, merchant, 47 N. Water 
Taylor Charles F. cord^ r, 5 Cherry 
Taylor Christiana, seamsr s, Marriott's lane near Sixth 
Taylor Curtis, plasterer, 5:13 Callowhill 
Taylor Deborah, drygoods store, 24 N. Sixth 
Taylor Elizabeth, widow, 114 south Eighth 
Taylor Enoch, bricklayer, back 29 Elfreth's alley 
f Taylor George, stevedore, 3 Freytag's alley 
Taylor George, carter, 13 Kunckel 
Taylor George, mariner, 12 Stamper's alley 
Taylor George W. silversmith, 5 Knight's court 
Taylor George, baker, 21 Bank 
Taylor George, jun. stock &c. broker, 85 Chesnut 
Taylor George, tinplate worker, 116 N. Second 


TAY Philadelphia Index, 

Taylor Hester, widow, 37 flansom 

Taylor Henry, attendant in store, N. Second near Otter 

Taylor Isaac P. storekeeper, 180 N. Second 

Taylor Isaac, cordwainer, Fifth near Plum 

Taylor James, labourer, back 134 south Fourth 

Taylor James, carpenter, Fourth near Carpenter (S.) 

Taylor James, shipwright, 67 Budd 

Taylor Rev. James, 246 Walnut 

Taylor Jane, dry goods store, 25 N. Front 

Taylor Jane & Mary, mantuamaker and schoolmistress, 286 

N. Eighth 
Taylor Jeremiah, cordwainer, back of 9 Crown 
Taylor John, turner in metals, Vine above Thirteenth 
Taylor John M. victualler, 223 Swanson 
Taylor John, gentleman, SW cor. Margaretta and Front 
Taylor John, carpenter, 102 Budd 
Taylor Joseph, gentleman, 94 Wood 

Taylor Joseph, innkeeper (sign of Cross Keys) 18 N. Fourth 
Taylor Joseph, plasterer, Sch. Seventh above Mulberry 
Taylor Levi, grocer, 246 south Second 
Taylor Levi, trader, Germantown road 
Taylor Levin, well-digger, Rihl's court 
Taylor Lewis, merchant, 59 N. Seventh 
Taylor Luther, watchmaker, 51 N. Third 
Taylor Lydia, widow, 60 Mulberry 
Taylor Mary, seamstress, 299 Vine 
Taylor Mary, shopkeeper, Tammany near Dillvvyn 
Taylor Moses, teacher, school NE corner Buttonwood and 

Eighth— d. h. 299 Callowhill 
Taylor Mrs. widow of Robert, Windsor chairmaker, 154 N. 

Taylor Philip, morocco dresser, Fourth above George (K) 
Taylor Philip, saddler, 223 Swanson 

Taylor Rebecca, widow, shopkeeper, S W cor. Cherry & 7th 
Taylor Richard, mariner, 223 Callowhill 
Taylor Richard, mariner, NE cor. Callowhill and Sixth 
Taylor Robert, hatter, back 326 Sassafras 
Taylor Robert, weaver, Vine alley 
Taylor Robert, merchant, 206 Mulberry 
Taylor R. & C.Keen, merchants, 143 High 
Taylor Samuel, brushmaker, 28 Branch 
Taylor Samuel, carpenter, Thirteenth below High 
Taylor Sarah Ann, tailoress, SW cor. Swanson and Queen 
Taylor Shadrack & Joseph, bookbinders, 384 N. Second 
Taylor Simon S. mariner, back 375 south Front 
Taylor Thomas, tailor, 34 and d. h. 150 N. Water 
Taylor Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 247 south Front 
Taylor Thomas, currier, 39 Walnut 
Taylor Thomas, sea captain, 7 Penn 
Taylor Thomas, cordwainer, 183 N. Front 
Taylor Thomas, cordwainer, 267 N. Front 
Taylor Tracy, hardware merchant, cor. Beach & Maidtn 

PhiiadetpJiia Index, THA 

Taylor Tully, mariner, 7 Little's row 
Taylor William, jun. merchant, 132 Mulberry 
Taylor William/ blacksmith, Sheafl's alley 
Taylor William, tinplate worker, 55 Sassalrus 
Taylor William, labourer, Vine near Broad 
Taylor Wm. jun. merchant, 184 and d. h. 399 High 
Taylor Wm. & Geo. W. shoe warehouse, 124 High 
Taylor Wm. tin St sheet iron manufacturer, 135 N. Second 
Taylorson Robert, cordwainer, 133 south Sixth 
Teal Aaron, shallopman, Perkenpine court 
Teal George, lace weaver, 6 Hoffman's alley 
Teal Harvey, sea captain, 53 Queen 
Teal Jacob, cabinetmaker, 4 Hoffman's alley 
Teamer Henrietta, 17 Blackhorse alle^ 
Teamy Sarah, nurse, 52 German 
Teany Jacob, carpenter, 50 Mechanic 
Tear Mary, widow, 88 Shippen 
Teas Bernard, copperplate printer, 228 N. Sixth 
Teas M. schoolmistress, back of 463 N. Second 
Teas Rachel, teacher, 5 Fetter lane ^ 

Tebou Mary, mantuamaker, Hoffman's alley 
Teel Ezekiel, 15 Beck's alley 
Teeple John, cordwainer, back 161 Christian 
Teese Daniel, spinning-wheel maker, 150 north Front 
Teissdre Anthony, merchant, 247 High — d. h. 294 Chesnut 
Teisseire James, merchant — 247 High — d. h. 294 Chesnut 
Teller Curtis, plasterer, Wood near Tenth 
Tempest Robert, jeweller, 36 George (S) 
Tempest Wm. carpenter, 94 Cedar 
Temple Daniel G. drygoods store, 40 south Second 
Temple Solomon, druggist, 2 N. Fourth— -d. h. 6 Church ay. 
Tenbrook Abraham, attorney at law, 115 'Spruce 
Tennant Christopher 8c Co. stone cutters, SE cor. of Tenth 
and Filbert— d. h. 397 High 

Tennant Christopher, drygoods store, 443 High 

Tennant J. drygoods, See. 227 south Second 

fTennant William, 23 Union 

Tennent J. ladies corset manufactory, 77 south Third 

Tennery William, shoemaker, back of 97 Coates 

Tenney E. M. bellman, &c. 43 Mead alley 

Terrier Frederick Daniel, gentleman, 297 N. Third 

Terrill Ephraim, fancy dry goods store, 26 south Fourth 

Terry David, cordwainer, 111 Cherry 

Terry Jonas, cordwainer, Hause's court 

Terry Wm. worsted manufac. 28 Budd 

Test David, tanner, 198 Noble 

Test John, brushmaker, Noble near Fourth 

Teston Sarah, widow, Lombard above Tenth 

Teter Mary, widow, Race near Sch. Eighth 

Teterel Francis, merchant, 265 High — d. h. 2 north Ninth 

Texier M. Master of Arms, 14 south Eighth 

Thackara William, plasterer, 218 Pine 


TIIO Philadelphia Index. 

Thackara William, engTaver, 12 south Twelfth 
Thackaray Mark, tailor, German near Second 
Thatcher Hannah, widow, Smith's alley 
Thatcher L. R. Sc Co. merchants, 33 north Water 
Thatcher Mary, widow of Andrew, 312 north Front 
I ier k Thompson, druggists, Sec. NW cor. of High l. 


her Rev. William, of St. George's Church, 85 north 

:her, widow of Joseph, 396 north Third 
Thaw Mary, tailoress, back of 198 north Eighth 
Thaw Wm. accountant, 39 Old York road 
Trie ill Heniy, printer, 2-1-3 Cedar 
Thibault & Brothers, jewellers, 66 south Second 
Thibault C. widow, 31 Powell 

Thibault Fells, jeweller, 66 south Second— d. h. 159 Pine 
Thibault Fred, goldsmith, 66 south Second— d. h. 12 Spruce 
Thomas Abigail, storekeeper, 153 north Fourth 
Thomas Amor, tailor, 60 Shippen 
Thomas, Ann, teacher, N\V cor. Fourth and Vine 
Thomas Augustus, oysterman, 48 Bedford 
Thomas & Baldwin, grocers & livery stable keepers, 9 and 

13 south Fourth 
Thomas Benjamin, silverplater, Fourth near Green 
Thomas Benjamin, custom house officer, 133 Swanson 
Thomas Catharine, back 162 Shippen 
Thomas Catharine, Sixth below Fitzwater 
Thomas Catharine, widow, 127" Old York road 
Thomas Charles, barber, 273 south Third 
Thomas Daniel, merchant, Tammany near Old York road 
Thon is Da iel J. merchant, 24 Church alley 
Thomas David, blacksmith, back 1 Little Pine 
Thomas David, shoemaker, 256 Mulberry 
Thomas Elijah, semir:. me 

Thomas I .rpenter, 469 north Third 

Thon. -teeper, Marlborough n. Bedford (K) 

Thomas E. clerk Court of Quarter Sessions — office west 

wing of the State House 
Thomas George, labourer, 345 south Front 
Thomas George, shoemaker, 457, d. h. back of 463 north 

Thomas George, labourer, 209 south Fourth 
Thomas George L. merch. 45 north Front— <L h. 27 Mul- 
Thomas Hartley, grocer, NW cor. Lombard &. Fifth — Pas- 

syunk road near Gray's Ferry 
Thomas k Hymer, grocers. Queen near Cherry (K) 
Thomas Isaac, cordwainer, Ninth below Lombard 
Thomas Israel, nailer, Noble ah. St. John near Third 
Thomas Jacob M. merchant, 180 north Fourth 
fThomas Jacob, fruit store, 139 Cherry 
Thomas Jacob, carpenter, Eleventh below Cedar 

Philadelphia Index. THO^ 

Thomas James, dry good merchant, Fifth above Noble 

Thomas Janv.-s, merchant, 102 Vine 

Thomas James, grocer, 142 north Second 

Thomas Jesse, merchant, 38 north Front 

Thomas John, carter, Apple between Fourth and Fifth (X. I.) 

Thomas Jonathan, bricklayer, 116 Dilhvyn 

Thomas Jonathan, cartel*, 45 New Market 

Thomas Jonathan, merchant, 20 north Front 

Thomas Jonathan, salt merchant, 212 north Front — store 

cor. of Water & Vine 
Thomas Joseph, 11. D. 254 north Second — laboratory, 69 

St. John 
Thomas Joshua, brush clamp maker, Marriott's lane 
Thomas Josiah, cordwainer, 46 Spruce 
Thomas J. L., M.l). 286 north Second 
fThomas Lancaster, labourer, 142 Coats 
Thomas Margaret, widow, Poplar lane near St. John 
Thomas Margaret, widow, 274 St. John 
Thomas & Martin, merchants, 45 north Front 
Thomas Mary, widow, 29 Mulberry 
Thomas Moses, bookseller, Sec. 108 Chesnut 
[Thomas Nicholas, labourer, 32 Blackberry alley 
Thomas Richard, glazier, 418 south Front 
Thomas Robert, carter, Jacoby street 
Thomas Samuel H. merchant," 107 and d. h. 246 Walnut 
Thomas Sarah, widow, 16 Man- 
Thomas Sarah, widow, 123 north Second 
Thomas Stephen, mariner, 196 Cedar 
Thomas Thomas G. combmaker, 72 Brown 
Thomas William, coal merchant, 23 Key's alley 
Thomas William, milkman, Spruce above Broad 
Thomas Wm. mastmaker, Prime opposite Navy Yard 
Thomas Wm. morocco dresser, back 269 south Second 
Thomas W. dealer, 216 Cedar 
Thomas Zebulon, stablekeeper Sc grocer, 9 south Fourth— 

d. h. 2 Ranstead court 

Thomas , gentleman, 155 north Fourth 

Thomman Frederick, grocer, 50 N. Third — d. h. 14 Cherry 

Thompson Aaron, cordwainer, Scott's court 

Thompson Alexander, carpenter, Millard's alley 

Thompson Alexander, cabinetmaker, 94 Union 

Thompson Alexander, weaver, Sch. Seventh near Vine 

jThompson Alexander, sweep master, 257 Spruce 

Thompson Andrew, shoemaker, 155 north Second 

Thompson Anthony, bottler, 183 Cedar, 

Thompson Anthony, dealer, 183 Cedar 

Thompson Atcheson, Christian near Third 

Thompson Benjamin, cabinetmaker, 177 north Second 

d. h. Callowhill above Third 
Thompson Charles, labourer, James street 
-jThompson Charles, mariner, 18 Gaskill 
Thompson Charles, plasterer, Sixth near Grsen 

THO Philadelphia Index. 

Thompson Charles, shipwright, Penn (K) 

Thompson Charles, gent. Thompson's court 

Thompson Christopher, weaver, Spruce west of Sch. Second 

Thompson C. W. attorney at law, 14 south Seventh 

Thompson D. dry goods store, 7! 2 south Second 

Thompson David, hatter, 4 Trotter's alley 

Thompson Elizabeth, widow, shopkeeper, 158 N. Fifth 

Thompson Elizabeth, tailorcss, 13 Juniper lane 

Thompson E. mantuamaker & milliner, 329 north Second 

Thompson Francis, jun. merchant, c. h. 36 Church alky 

Thompson George, merchant and agent for the Phoenix nail 

manufacturing company, 15 south Front 
Thompson George, weaver, Thirteeenth below Cedar 
Thompson George, gentleman, 39 Penn 
Thompson George, gentleman, 33 Penn 
Thompson Hugh, cordwainer, Fourth below Christian 
Thompson Isaac, druggist, cor. Race and Fourth 
Thompson James, sea captain, 96 Union 
Thompson James, brush maker, 9 Currant alley 
Thompson James, stonecutter, 3 Garrigues's court 
Thompson James C. stonecutter, 24 Sugar alley 
Thompson James, sea captain, 8 Penn st. 
Thompson Jas. cordwainer, 66 Passyunk 
'1 hompson Jesse, gent. Thompson's court 
Thompson John, carpenter, 31 Cresson's alley 
Thompson John, hatter, back 154 Mulberry alley 
Thompson John, oakcooper, 14 Little Water and 17 Penn 
Thompson John, stonecutter, 14 Hause's court 
Thompson John, carpenter, 120 north Eleventh 
Thompson John S. teacher, over Manner's Church, Cherry 

St.— d. h. 110 north Eighth 
Thompson John, jun. cordwainer, 76 Plum 
Thompson John W. grocer, NW cor. Second and Cedar 
Thompson John, justice of the peace, 377 south Front 
Thompson John, innkeeper, 235 south Second 
Thompson John P. clock & watchmaker, 151 north Second 
Thompson Jonah, merchant, 15 S. Front — d. h. 221 Walnut 
Thompson Joseph H. pilot, back of 205 north Fourth 
Thompson J. &, G., Phoenix nail store, 15 south Front 
Thompson Margaret, widow, Gaskill above Fourth 
Thompson Mark, labourer, Meredith's court 
Thompson Man", widow, 119 Swanson 
Thompson Mary, widow, boarding house, 26 Brown 
Thompson Mary, military feather store, 43 Chesnut 
Thompson Miss, milliner, 83 Arch 
Thompson Mrs. J., seminary 63 south Eleventh 
Thompson Peter, jun. druggist, 34 Sassafras 
Thompson Peter, conveyancer, 219 Arch 
Thompson Richard, hatter, 4 Hinckel's court 
Thompson Robert, saddler, 162 south Sixth 
Thompson Robert, merchant, NW cor. High & Second—* 

di h. 188 Spruce 

Philadelphia Index. TIE 

Thompson Samuel, dry good merchant, 34 north Front 
Thompson Samuel, pilot, 37 Penh 
Thompson Samuel, weaver, Wiley's court 
Thompson Samuel, merchant tailor, 35 south Third 
Thompson Thomas, blacksmith, 203 Cherry 
Thompson Thomas, machine maker, back 365 Arch 
Thompson Thomas, carpenter, 563 south Front 
Thompson Wm. S. ladies shoemaker, 151 Cedar 
Thompson Wm. carpenter, cor. Sassafras and Juniper 
Thompson Wm. R. Sc Co. grocers, 15 High — d. h. 137 S. Fifth 
■^Thompson Wm. porter, 5 Hurst 
Thompson Wm. R. grocer, 130 south Third 
Thompson Wm. watchman U. S. Bank, 364 south Second 

Thompson , widow, dealer, 360 south Front 

Thorns Jonathan, merchant, 97 north Fifth 

Thomson Edward, merchant, 90 & 92 south Fourth 

Thomson George, gentleman, 189 Chesnut 

Thomson James, printer, Fries's court 

Thomson Wm. oakcooper, 17 and 25 Penn 

Thon Charles, dry good merchant, 69 Coatesst. 

Thopp J. & J. gunsmiths, back of 214 Green st. 

Thorman Nicholas, rigger, back 31o south Second 

Thorn Christiana, widow, Coats above Eighth 

Thorn Daniel J. carpenter, 137 south Eleventh 

Thorn George, grocer, Fourth near George (N. L.) 

Thorn Joseph, gentleman, 41 Old York road 

Thorn Matilda, boarding house, 29 Mechanic 

Thorn Wm. tanner & currier, near Sch. Seventh &. Race 

Thornhill Patrick, soap boiler, 75 Plum 

Thornhill Richard, plasterer, 11 Willing's alley 

Thornton Henry, tallow chandler, 2 Little's row 

THornton James, carter, 4 Garden st. 

Thornton John, 54 Swanson 

Thornton Elizabeth, widow, Drinker's court 

Thornton Robert, stevedore, Fitzwater above Sixth 

Thorp Hezekiah, domestic manufacturer, 4 north Eighth 

Thorp J innkeeper, Merino Hotel, 3 Cherry 

Thorp, Siddall, &. Co, merchants, 19 Minor st. 

Thouron Nicholas Sc Co. merchants, 229 High 

Thouron Nicholas, merchant, 229 High — d. h. 18 Powell 

Thouron Peter, merchant, 18 Powell 

Thrift Jesse, mariner, Prime NE cor. Second 

Throckmorton Joseph, merchant, 285 Race 

Thum John, baker, 267 south Second 

Thumlert George, cord wain er, 242 Brown 

Thunn Daniel, 132 south Second 

Thurston John, sea captain, 128 Christian 

Thurston Robert, sea captain, 128 Christian 

Tichenor Richard, boot & shoemaker, 70 north Fifth 

Tiebout C. engraver, 1 Clover [See Tubointf Ttnehault. 

Tierney Ann, widow, 43 Prune 

Ticrney Hugh, carpenter, Acorn alley 

TOL V'nihuhlphia Index. 

Tie: grocer, SE cor. of South and Crab 

J'erny John, iker, SI south Water 

- Cornelius, blockmaker, Sec. 85, 74, and 211 Swan joy, 

and 50 and near 102 sooth wharv 
tiers :x My.erle, ship chandlers, S5 Swanson and 50 south 


>hn, mariner, 146 north Front 
I. hatter, 289 south Third 
Tilghman Benj. counsellor, at law, 1S5 Chesnut 
Tilghman, widow of Edward, 234 Walnut 
Tilghman Win. chief justice of the state of Pennsyh 

205 Chesnut 
Till Daniel, carter, 332 south Third 
Till George, ship carpenter, back 57 Budd 
Till Philip, labourer, 14 fiord's court 
'1 ill Win. ship carper, >orough near Prince (K 

Tiller Robert, bricklayer, back 139 Green 
Tiller Robert, engraver, 18 north Third 
Tiller Samuel, copperplate printer, 32 Church alley 
-Tillinghast John C. teller in the Commercial Bank, 1 

Tillinghast Nicholas, accdu ird 

Tilly George, seaman, 238 north Water 
Timings Charles, druggist, 185 north Third 
Timings &. Holme, storekeepers, 395 north Front 
Tindale Henry, accountant, 125 north Eighth 
Tingle John, merchant, NE cor. of Ninth and Race 
Tinney Joseph, labourer, 500 south Front 
Tissat John, oysterman, under 218 High 

tennary Ann, tailoress, 450 south Front 
Tittle Moses, bootmaker, 135 north Sixth 
Toambs Joseph, weaver, 267 south Seventh 
Toby Simeon, sea captain, 15 Pine 
Tock John C. tailor & grocer, 162 Shippen 
Tod Mary, widow, Race near Sch. Eighth 
Tod Moses, grocer, NE cor. Sixth and Cherry 
Tod William H. attorney at law, 153 Walnut 
Todd Alexander, sea captain, 41 German 
Todd & Crab, grocers, Swanson near Navy yard 
§Todd Jacob, labourer, Cox's alley near Second 
Todd Joshua, waiter, Osburn's court 
Todd Samuel P. of U. S. navy, inquire at >. I — 11 

Palmyra row 
Todd Philip, carpenter, back 125 south Sixth 
Todd Thomas T. grooer, 269 Spruce 
Todhunter Joseph, dry goods store, 54 south Second 
Toland Henry, merchant, 168 High— d. h. 122 S. Eighth 
Toland George W. attorney at law, office 36 north Fifth — 

d. h. 274 Walnut 
Toland Robert, merchant, 228 High — d. h. cor. Quince and 

Toland Stephen, labourer, Washington st. Morrisville 

Philadelphia Index. TOY 

Tolaud, Widow of Henry, 271 Walnut 

Tolbert John, accountant, 61 south Eleventh 

Tomason John, tinplate worker, under 12 south Second 

Tomkins John, carter, 420 N. Front 

Tomkins Rebecca, nurse, Wright's coiut 

Tomkins Thomas, bricklayer, 30 "Washington st. 

Tomlin Enoch, chairmaker, 79 N. Front 

Tomlin Hudson, drayman, 93 Budd 

Tomlin Samuel, drayman, 76 Budd 

Tomlinson Benjamin, carpenter, Twelfth below Pine 

Tomlinson John, Lancaster &. Pittsburgh stage office, 41 N. 

Third — d. h. Darby road below High 
Tomlinson Richard, carpenter, Lombard below Thirteenth 
Tompkins Samuel, mariner, 414 south Second 
Toms James, cordwainer, 3 Bird's alley 
Toms Aaron, carter, Harris's court 
Tonkins William, saddler, back 246 south Front 
fTonson John, waiter, 223 south Eighth above Cedar 
Toole Arthur, bottler, SE corner Sixth and Cedar 
fToolson John, coachman, Ninth above Cedar 
Toombs Joseph, weaver, 267 south Seventh 
Topham John, carpenter and constable, NE cor. Twelfth 

and Spruce [See Tapham. 

Topham Ueuben, tinsmith, Arch near Juniper, below Broad 
Toram Stephen, tailor, 94 north Eleventh 
Torbenson Thomas, city watch, 3 Swede's court 
Torbert William, 7 Pennsylvania avenue 
Torr Jaboel, tailor, 74 north Sixth 
Torr John, boot & shoemaker, 108 High 
Torr Margaret, widow, 397 south Second 
Ton' Mrs. widow, boarding house, 37 Mulberry 
Torry Hamilton, tallowchandler, 125 south Eleventh 
Tourison Stephen, shipwright, 188 Lombard 
Touze John, gunsmith, 101 south Second 
Towell William, grocer, Fourth below Christia^ 
Towers John, sea captain, 84 Callowhill 
Town Thomas, printer, office back 110 Walnut — d. h. 177 

sou/th Eleventh 
Townley Sarah, widow, Federal near Second 
jTownsend Andrew, labourer, Meredith's court 
Townsend Charles, clock & watch maker, 105 Chesnut 
Townsend Elijah, plasterer, 310 south Seventh 
Townsend John, gentleman, 86 Spruce 
Townsend John, shallopman, 3 Callowhill 
Townsend John, jun. clock and watchmaker,^ N. Fifth near 

Market — d. h. 86 Spruce 
Townsend Jonathan, corder, 68 Tammany 
Townsend J. planemaker, 216 N. Fourth 
Townsend Sharpless, drygoods store, 30 south Second 
fTowson James, porter, 7 Little Pine 
Towson Obadiah, silversmith, 73 St. John 
Toy Andrew, carpenter, 13 Mary 


TRI Philadelphia Inde.v. 

Toy Buddell, bricklayer, 126 Locust 

Toy John, ship carpenter, Marlborough near Bedford (K; 

Toy Nicholas, shipwright, 25 Parham's alley 

Tracey Ann, widow, shopkeeper, 80 N. Seventh 

Tracey James, porter, 166 X. Water 

Trackman Christian, baker, 144 Coates 

Tracy Edward, tavernkeeper, 427 Chesnut above 13th 

Train Henry H. carpenter, Juniper below Walnut 

Train J. It. merchant, 244 Mulberry 

Train, widow, 23 Green 

Trainer James, blacksmith, 16 Sugar alley 

Trall Mary, widow, baker, 340 south Front 

Traner Felix, grocer, 174 Swanson _ 

Traquair Adam, marble mason, NW cor. Filbert Sc Tenth 

Traquair Ann, widow of James, 5 N. Tenth 

Trash Josiah, shoemaker, 51 Green 

Traveller Reuben, tavernkeeper, Broad first above Walnut 

Travelli Francis, French teacher, 67 X. Fifth 

Traverse Elizabeth, widow, Chesnut below Thirteenth 

Travier James, carter, 264 N. Eighth 

Travilla James, cordwainer, 21 Jones's alley 

Traxler Mary, washerwoman, 479 X. Second 

Treadaway Henry, fireman at Craige & Huston's factory 

Treat Thomas, blacksmith, Germantown road 

Tree Lambert, sailmaker, 33 S. wharves — d. h. 156 S. Front 

Trees Abraham, cordwainer, Fourth above George (K) 

Trego C. B. teacher. 173 Pine 

TreichelC. drug&. chemical store, 99 Walnut 

Treichel Charles G. accountant, 6 Lodge st. 

Tteichel George, chairmaker, 3 Knight's court 

Tremble Sarah, widow, tailoress, Xew Market near P 

Trembles John, mariner, Raspberry alley near Locust 

Tremper Henry, jun. merchant, 99 N. Water — d. h. 30 X 

Tremper Henry, gentleman, 30 X. Front 
Tremper William, merchant, 3'J X. Front 
Tiendel Thomas, Washington academy, 21 S. Seventh 
Tresse George, M. D. at Philadelphia Dispensary 
Tresse Thomas, carpenter, 170 south Fifth 
Trexer George, victualler, Germantown road above Second 

— stall 17 N. L. market 
Trexler Jacob, hairdresser and bleeder, 143 X. Front 
Tribble James, cordwainer, 13 Hoffman's alley 
Trick Catharine, cake baker, 114 Spruce 
Trickett William, brassfounder, Cedar above Ninth 
Trimble Henry, innkeeper, 6 Stamper's alley 
Trimble Samuel, 11 Christian 
Trimner Francis, musician, back 20 Almond 
Triol Peter A. carpenter, 43 Mechanic 
Tripler Jacob & Co. grocers, 240 N. Second 
Tripler Wm. grocer, 307 X. Third cor. Tammany 
Tripner George, victualler, Charles st. 

Philadelphia Index. I'UC 

Tripner Jacob, cordwaiuer, James st. 
Tripp John, currier, 121 Callowhill 
Tripple Anthony, shoemaker, 51 N. Filth 

Tripple Daniel, hog- victualler, Charles street — ^'all 18 New 

Market south Second 
Trost John, teacher, 118 Crown 
Trost Martin, brassfounder, 118 Crown 
Troth Ann, shopkeeper, 267 Sassafras 
Troth Henry Si Co. druggists, 8cc. 222 High 
Trotter Joseph, accountant, 215 N. Fourth 
Trotter Mary, widow, 221 N. Front 
Trotter Nathan, merchant, 170 N. Front 
Trotter Nathan 8c Co. merchants, 47 N. Front 
Trotter William, cabinetmaker, 23 Tammany 
Troubat John, merchant, 108 south Second 
Trout John, deputy sheriff, 73 Crown 
Troutman George, merchant, 202 High 
Troutman & Eckert, merchants, 292 High 
Troutwine William, oak cooper, 1.3 N. Water 
Trowger John, carpenter, 113 Browne 
Troxell Joseph, tailor, 19 Sterling alley 
Trudeland William, gunsmith, 22 Callowhill 
Truefit Henry P. broker, 182 Spruce, 3d door above Fifth, 

south side 
Truit Thomas, ladies shoemaker, Pavnter's court 
Truit William, hatter, 11 and 21 Cedar 
Truitt G. B. sexton Scotch Presbyt. church, 7 Cypress alley 
Truman George, house carpenter, Whalebone alley 
Truman George, carpenter, 125 south Third 
Truman Hannah, teacher, 76 New 

Truman James, tinplate worker, 102 N. Seventh and High 
Truman John, currier, back 16 Jones's alley 
Truman Joseph M. tinplate worker, 4 N. Seventh 
Trump Isaac, carpenter, Marks' lane 
Trump Mary, tailoress, 106 N. Eleventh 
Trunk George, labourer, St. John near Poplar lane 
Trunk George, carter, St John near Poplar lane 
fTrusty Jonathan, sweepmaster, 184 Pine 
Truxtun widow of Thomas, 328 Mulberry, above Eleventh 
Tryon George, copper and tinsmith, 152 N. Second 
Tryon George W. gun manuf. and store, 165 N. Second 
Tryon Jacob G. sheriff, d. h. 204 N. Sixth — office west wing 

of the statehouse 
Tryon Jacob A. store, Beach near Maiden 
Tucker A. B., M. D. 146 south Fourth 
Tucker Ann, teacher, Lily alley 
Tucker Benjamin, teacher, 44 N. Fifth— academy SW cor, 

Fifth and Mulberry 
Tucker H. B., M. D*. south Seventh above Chesnut 
Tucker Mrs. Mary, of James, fancy feather store 34 S. 3d 
Tucker Poisalla, widow, 4 Mary 
Tucker S., M. D. 114 Mulberrv 

TU K Ph iladelphia Index. 

Tucker Thomas S. tailor, 6 south Eighth 

Tucker Wm. E. historical & landscape engraver, 13 Minor 

Tucker Wm. drygoods store, 44 north Fifth 

Tudor John, tobacconist, 414 High 

Tudor Samuel, ropemaker, Eighth near Carpenter 

f-Tull Charles, porter, 251 Spruce 

Tull John, ship carpenter, Beach near Shackamaxon 

Tully James, carpenter, Christian near Fourth 

Tally Thompson, carpenter, Catharine below Third 

Tumbelston Henry, tailor, 154 S. Water — d. h. 106 S. Front 

Tunis Thomas R. 58 S. wharves — d. h. 17 Sansom 

Tunis & Way, merchants, 58 south wharves 

Tupman George, frame work knitter, 16 Walnut 

Turley Enoch, sea captain, 50 Almond 

Turley John, tallow chandler, 157 north Fourth 

Turnball Alexander, sen. 7 south Sixth 

Turnbull Alexander, jr. 447 High 

Turnbull George, baker, 173 Coates below Old York road 

Turner Abigail, widow of Wm. 315 Chesnut below Eleventh. 

.Turner Edward, blacksmith, Hopkins's court 

Tjirner Francis, teacher, Queen near Marlborough (K) 

'Turner George, chairmaker, Drinker's court 

Turner Hannah, tailoress, 513 north Third 

Turner, Humphreys 8c Co. ship chandlers, 251 Swanson be- 
low Christian 

Turner Isaiah, shoemaker, Smith's court 

Turner Jesse, shipwright, 21 Beck's alley 

Turner John, jun. merchant, 64 Queen 

Turner John, NE cor. Front and Clmstian 

Turner John, sen. 471 south Front 

Turner John, sea captain, 64 Queen 

Turner John, oysterman, 23 Cox's alley 

Turner John, sen. gentleman, 68 Swanson 

Turner John, jun. mastmaker, Swanson below Almond — d 
h. 68 Swanson 

Turner John, gentleman, 471 S. Front NE cor. Christian 

Turner Joseph, grocer, 417 north Front 

Turner Mary, shoebinder, 11 Hinckel's court 
i Turner Mary, washerwoman, Web's alley 

Turner Mary, widow, Brook street 

Turner Mrs! widow, boarding house 91 south Third 

Turner Patrick, labourer, 422 south Second v 

Turner Robert, weaver, Charles near Coates 

Turner Samuel, oysterman, 238 Lombard 

Turner Samuel, mariner, Queen near Second 
Turner Sarah, widow, Mulberry alley 

Turner Stephen, labourer, 142 Swanson 
Turner Susannah, widow, boarding house 1 Prune 
Turner Wm. A. attorney at law, 315 Chesnut bel. Eleventh 
Turner Wm. shipwright, Hanover above Bedford 
Turney Hannah, widow, 90 north Ninth 
Turnpenny John, commission merchant, 145 S. Sixth 

Philadelphia Index. LPT 

Tusser Ruth, seamstress, Riddle's alley 

Tutler Henry, blacksmith, back 18 Duke 

Tattle Edward, shoe store, 52 High 

Tuttle Jacob, caulker, Reach near Marlborough 

Tuttle Mary, widow of captain Andrew, 29 Key's alley 

Twaddell James, merchant, 47 south wharves— d. h. Hamil- 

tonville and 23 Powell 
TwellsEdw. 269 Chesnut and 177 High 
Twells Sarah, widow of Godfrey, 177 High 
Twells Standley, gentleman, 177 High 
Twibill Joseph," conveyancer, 21 south Thirteenth 
Twibels P. W. hatter, 387 north Second 
Twist John, gardener, 463 Sassafras 
Tybout Mrs. widow of Kichard, 194 Pine 
Tyler J. W. Philadelphia hotel, 24 Rank St. 
Tyler Rufus, machine maker, 82 Locust 
Tyndale Robinson, china merchant, 10 north Third 
fTyrone Charles, laches shoemaker, Dean's alley 
Tyson George, broker Sc commission merchant, 20 Arch 
Tyson Isaac, storekeeper, 371 north Third 
Tyson Leech, watchmaker, 368 north Third st. 
Tyson AVm. R. accountant, 6 south Twelfth 

URAR JOSEPH, bricklayer, 464 north Third 

Uber Elizabeth, widow, Charlotte near Poplar 

Verresed widow, 344 north Second 

Uhlary Anst, mariner, 98 Christian 

Uhlc Catharine, storekeeper, widow of John, sen. bleeder, 

45 north Fourth 
Uhle John, surgeon dentist, bleeder, cupper, and leecher, 

45 north. Fourth 
Uhler George, M. D. 414 north Front 
Uhler John, jr., M. D. 416 north Front 
Ulman Myer, diy goods store, 82 north Fourth 
Ulmer David, sugar boiler, 3 Lawrence 
Ulmer George, cordwainer, 89 Rrown 
Ulray Frederick, milkman, 51 Garden 
Ulrich Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 425 north Third 
Ulrick A. & H. tobacconists, 38 Market 
Ulrick A. &. H. tobacconists, 199 north Third 
Ulrick Frederick, cordwainer, 203 north Eighth 
Ulrick Mary, 192 St. John 
Ultman, Mathias, saddler, 32 Juliana 
Umpleby John, sackingbottom manuf. 518 north Front 
Unbehent Valentine, drayman, 216 Race 
Uncle Henry, shoemaker, Naglee's court 
Underwood James, bricklayer, George near Tenth 
Underwood Jones, M. D. 28 north Ninth 
Unrhule Nicholas, saddler, 150 Coates 
Unrode Frederick, saddler, M'Culley's court 
Upperman Charles, carter, 117 north Fourth 
Upson Dana Judd, keeper Judd's hotel, S. Third bel. High 
Upton John, innkeeper, 66 Dock 

V AN Fh iladelph ia Index. 

UrwRer George, refiner of metals, Fourth ab. George (K-.) 
Usherick Henry, carpenter, Webb's alleys- 
Utter Charles, carpenter, 128 Browne 

VACHE FRANCIS A. gunsmith, 262 north Fourth 

Vail Daniel, hatter, 5 South alley and 162 High 

Vail Mrs. widow, tavernkeeper, S. Front below Almond 

Vail Wm. S. draper & tailor, 1 south Third 

Vail Wm. H. 8c Co. fur oc hat trimming store, 162 High— 

d. h. 24 Garden 
Vale John, tavernkeeper, 57 south Water 
Vallaly James, tallow chandler, Fifth near Noble 
Vallance John, engraver, 17T Spruce 
Vallee Francis, gentleman, 63 Gaskill 
Valiee Prosper, gunsmith, 101 south Second 
Vallette Eh Augustus, of the U. S. navy, 308 N. Second 
Vallitte William, schoolmaster, 183 St. John 
Van Amringe G. 0. grocer, N\V cor. Chesnut 8c Strawberry 
Van Amringe Samuel, grocer, NW cor. Chesnut & Straw- 
Nana Elizabeth, widow, 26 Parham's alley 
Vanarsdal John, Fourth near Vine 
Vanarsdale Isaac, cordwainer, 11 John 
Vanarsdell Aaron, merchant, 305 Spruce 
Van Beuren Abm. inerch. 109 S. Front — d. h. 19 Branch 
Vanblunk Richard, mast maker, 15 Parham's alley 
Vanborn W. D. 28 Kunckel 
f Van Brackle Samuel, cabinetmaker, 267 Spruce 
Vance John, shipwright, back 63 Queen 
fVandeback Jacob, dealer, Cedar below Fifth 
Vandegrift James R. saddle, Sec. maker, 144 Spruce 
Vanderer Peter, mariner, 17 Mary 
Vanderkemp John J. agent to Holland Land Company, 77 

Vanderslice Andrew, trader, Queen near Shackamaxon (K) 
Vanderslice George, bleeder, &c. 105 Sassafras 
Vanderslice George, jun. ladies shoemaker, 83 N. Seventh 
Vanderslice Henry, carpenter, 350 north Front 
Vanderslice Henry, cordwainer, Laurel st. 
Vanderslice J. EJ 209 north Eigl 
Vanderslice K. shqebinder, 159 St. John 
Vandersloot Rev. Wm. F. 127 Dillwyn 
Vanderwood Daniel, ladies shoemaker, 48 Spruce 
Vandike Thomas, wheelwright, 50 Gaskill 
Vandusen Eliza (Mis.->) Beach above Marlborotigh 
Van Duson Nich. shipbuilder, Queen near Shackamaxon 
Van Fossen Thomas, house carpenter, back 261 St. John 
Vangelder Susan, widow, 57$ Union . 
Vanharlingen, John M. dry goods store, 250 south Second 
Vanhert Ren : er, watchman, Fearis's court 
Vanholt Valentine, engineer at Fair Mount 
Vanhook Wm. shipwright, Queen near Cherry (K | 
Vanhorn Abraham, labourer, 13 Laurel st. 

Philadelphia Index. VEL 

Vanhorn Abraham, suspender maker, 107" N. Second — d. h. 

27 Elfreth's alley , 

Vanhorn Jacob, carpenter, 11 Baker's court 
Vanhorn John, coachman, 25 North alley 
Vanhdrn Joseph, hair dresser, 293 south Fourth 
Vanhorn M. K. carver, 30 Powell 
Vanhorn Nathaniel, Windsor chair manuf. 95 N. Front — d. h, 

42 Vine 
Vanhorn Peter, labourer, Christian near Sixth 
Vanhorn Kedman, coachman, George above Juniper lane 
Vanhorn R. upholsterer, 27 south Front — d. h. 31 Carter's 


Vanhorn , mariner, Christian near Second 

Vanhoy Abrm., M.D. &, professor of midwifery, 227 Spruce 

Vanmetre James, millinery, 65 north Second 

Vamnetre John, paper hanger, 53 north Second 

Vanneman Frederick, tailor, 347 south Second 

Vannini Joseph, inventor new series lottery — office NW 

cor. Walnut and Third 
Vannosten Edward, fancy chairmaker, 50 Arch 
Vannosten Wm, carpenter, Woglam's court 
Van Pelt Peter, surgeon dentist, 149 Chesnut 
Vansant James, drayman, 18 Green 
Vansciver Jacob, drayman, 31 Newmarket 
Vansciver Joseph, carpenter, Fourth near Maria st. 
Vansickle Cornelius, shoemaker, 490 north Third 
Vansise Jane, widow of Joseph, 196 north Front 
Vanstavoren Cornelius, oysterman, Paschal's alley (N. L.) 
Vanstavoren Cornelius, jun. carpenter, 52 Garden 
Vanstavoren James, constable, 12 Myer's court 
Vansyckle Elijah, grocer, 131 N. Second — d. h. 74 N. Front 
Vansyckle &. Garrison, grocers, 131 north Second 
Vansyle John, M. D. 95 Plum 
Vantine Joseph, ladies shoemaker, 40 Plum 
Vantrice Allen, mariner, 40 Plum 
Vantrice Sarah, back 46 Spruce 
Vantrump Elizabeth, widow, 138 south Fourth 
Van Vleck Rev. Wm. H. pastor of the United Brethren 

church, 74 Race 
Vasse Eliza, boarding house, 151 south Water 
Vaughan James & Matthew, weavers, Sch. Thiid bel. High 
Vaughan John, merchant, and vice consid for Philadelphia 

of his majesty the King of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves, 

107 south Front, SE cor. Walnut 
Vaughan John, tanner, 83 Budd 

Vaughan John, ship carpenter, Beach near Marlborough 
Vaux George, attorney at law, 151 Mulberry 
Vaux James, gentleman, 159 Mulberry 
Vaux Roberts, gentleman, 346 Mulberry 
Veacock Ann, widow, 50 Lombai'd 
Velde M. baker, 115 north Ninth 
Velthoven Lambert, city watchman, 54 Lombai'd 
Velthoven Richard V. dealer, 270- south Front 

VYA Philadelphia Index. 

Venable Jacob, mariner, 6 Springett alley 

Venneroan John, gentleman, 188 north Fourth 

Verdie Miles, tailor, NW cor. Pine and Water 

Vetnhes John, cloth sponger, 67 Walnut NE cor. of Dock 

Vernon Samuel, wheelwright, 5 Randall's court 

VemouJohn, peifumer, &c. 3 south Front 

Vezin & Von Lengerke, merchants, 8 south wharves 

JVezin Charles, merch. 8 south wharves — d. h. 195 Walnut 

Vezy Zachariah, tailor, 1 Relief st. 

Vial Elizabeth, widow, grocer & boarding house, 300 S. Front 

Viance John, gentleman, Second near Beaver 

Vickcrs David, merchant, 11 N. Water — d. h. 15 Key's alley 

Vickers Kezia, widow, 32 Zane 

Vickery Benjamin, shoemaker, 241 St. John 

Vickery Thomas, sea captain, back 46 Spruce 

f Victor John, barber, 113 south Fifth 

Vidler Richard, bricklayer, &c. 22 Strawberry alley 

Vilegrain John, toy and fancy store, 51 south Second 

Vincent Elizabeth, widow, Federal near Second 

Vincent Michael, oysterman, 111 south Third 

Vintable Abraham, gunsmith, 15 Baker's court 

Vinton Able, merchant, 153 High— d. h. 287 Chesnut 

Vinton T. & A. merchants, 153 High 

Vinton Thomas, merchant, 153 High 

Vinyard James, sailmaker, 47 Vine • 

Vinyard Sc Shindler, sailmakers, back 123 north Water 

Virchaux Henry T. register of German passengers, 56 south 

Virtue James, cordwainer, Fourth below Christian 
Vitry A. gold & silver lace manuf. &c. 88 Race 
Vivant Charles, carver & gilder, 127 south Fourth 
Vocelin Mary A. 115 north Fifth 
Vogdes John R. attorney at law, 59 south Sixth 
Vogel Frederick, bricklayer, Sixth near Noble 
Vogel John, brushmaker, 149 north Third 
Vogels Joseph P. accountant, 47 Lombard 
Vogelsang Daniel, cabinetmaker, 64 south Front 
Voigt Henry, plumber, 47 S. wharves — d. h. 91 Lombard 
Voigt Tho. clock & watchmaker, 44 north Seventh— d. h. 

58 Zane 
Volans Samuel, gentleman, 324 Arch 
Volentine Aura, engineer, Noble near Fourth 
Volk John F. labourer, 33 Charlotte 

Volkmar Henry, stove maker, NE cor. of Seventh & Cherry 
Vollum Henry, carpenter, 141 Locust 
Vollum John, carpenter, Juniper above Locust 
Von Lengerke H. F. merchant, 8 south wharves — d. h. 5 S. 

Vorhees James J. clothing store, NE cor. of Walnut and 

Vorhees Maria, dry goods store, 157 south Second 
Voorhes Richard V. ladies shoemaker, Maginnes's court 
Vyant Peter, carpenter, 124 Dillwyn st. 


Philadelphia Index* W\h 

Wacker Christopher, 559, south Front 

Wackcrly Elizabeth, 29 Lawrence 

Wackerlv Elizabeth, cake baker, 4 York court, N L 

Wackerly Jacob, vict. Old York road near Germantown road, 

stall 21 N L market 
Wade Benjamin, millinerv store, 153 S 2d _ 
Wade Francis, grocer, S"W corner 5th and Minor 
Wade and Morgan, grocers, S W. corner 5th and Minor 
Wade Man, dry goods, 236 S. 2d 
Wade John, grocer, 244 south 4th 
Wadman Mary, widow, 220 . 8. 3d 
Wadlow Moses, saddler 113 Dillwynn 

Wager Hannah, widow of Philip S E corner of 12th and Arch 
Wager Peter, wine merchants, 3 South 5th, and 136 north 2d 
Wagner Adam, oak cooper, Liberty alley (N L) 
Wagner Ann, widow 257 Catharine 
Wagner Adam, oysterman 255 and 290 Vine 
Wagner George W. oakcooper 30 Bread 
Wagner Grace G. widow 32 Bread 
"Wagner George, watchman 21 Rachel st 
Wagner John, gentleman, 13 N 8th 
Wagner John, sexton, Little 7th 
Wagner John, gravedigger 216 Vine 
Wagner Jacob, shoemaker, back of 147 St. John street 
Wagner Jacob, saddler and harness maker 283 N. 3d 
Wagner Jacob, tanner 19 Lawrence 
Wagner Samuel, merchant 13 N 8th 

Wagner Samuel and Tobias, auctioneers, 29 and 31 N Front 
Wagner Tobia6, auctioneer 29 and 31 N. Front — d h 13 N. 8th 
Wagner William, painter 2t6 Vine — shop 273 Sassafras 
Wagner Wm. carpenter 6th near noble 
Wagner ' Uliam, cordwainer 70 German 
Wainright Isaac, dry good store 35 south 2d 
Wainright Jacob, mariner Nurnan's alley 
Wainright Jonathan, block and Pump maker, 61 N Water — 

d h Beach st Kensington, 
Wainright John, confec loner, 40 N 6th 
Wainright James, hatter 4 Chancery lane 
Wainright \\ m, tavlor Federal near 2d 
Wainright Wm. grocer N E corner 2d and Arch 
W air Thomas, weaver, 62 Coats 
Waite G W. lottery and exchange office S W corner Chesnut 

and 3d— d h 123 S 3d 
Wake G. and Ti, lottery and exchange brokers, S. W: corner 

3d and Chesnut 
Wade Thomas, weaver 62 Coates st 
Waite Thomas, labourer, 'Charlotte hear' Brown 
YVadge Sarah, widow dealer 263 South 4th 
Wadmore Mary, widow dealer 220 south 3d 
Waiey W.n. carter, Church near Christian 
Wakely Justice, shoemaker 16 Laurel st 
Walker Ambrose, printer, 24 Mulberry 
Walker Ann widow, boarding house 5 Qarrigues' court 

WAL Philadelphia Index. 

Walker Ann, widow of George, Lombard above 11th 
Walker Ben), labourer, Catharine near 5ih 
Walker B. widow of Joseph 24 Race 
Walker David, grocer, N E corner of Almond and Front 
Walker David, cordwainer Say st 
Walker Kdward, carpenter 4 York court N. L. 
Walker Eliza, widow 119 Swanson 
Walker John, weaver, near forks, Germantown road 
Walker John, shoe store 242 S 2d 
Walker John G. taylor 291 Callowhill 
Walker Joseph, butcher 448 N third 
.Walker James, saddler back of 76 N fourth 
Walker John, grocer 156 S 3d 
"Walker John, cordwainer Cobb's court N. L, 
Walker John, labourer, Catharine near 5th 
Walker John, labourer 6th above Catharine 
Walkley James, innkeeper Queen near 3d 
Walker.Lewis, hatter 353 High 
Walker Matthew, lumber merchant yard S. W. comer Cal- 

lowhill and 6th — d. h. 6th above Callowhiil 
Walker- Robert, rigger 12 York court N L 
Walker Robert, grocer 46 north 7th 
Walker Samuel, gentleman 22 Sassafras 
Walker S. dealer 392 S. second 
W alker Sarah, widow nurse 9 Coxes alley 
Walker Thomas E. dry" good merchant over 6th south 4th 
"Walker William, brassfounder 80 north 3d 
Walker Urn. M. 8c Co. merchants, 137 High 
Walker il Haiti, ladies shoemaker 179 Cherry 
Walker William M. merchant 137 High — d h 202 Arch 
"Walker John, jeweller & manufacturer in metal 55 Meadalley 
Walkins Isaac, oak cooper Coates near 8th 
Walkins Robert, Leg-horn hat store 23 north 2d 
Wall Alexander, Tenth near Vine 

[Wall Alex, scourer, under south v/fst corner High & Decatur 
Wall Eli B. chemist 20 Branch 

Wali George, flour and feed store N.W. cor. Front and Race 
Wall George, taylor 6 Swanson 
A\ all John^tailor 61 Penn 

Wall John, fancy etc. enVirmaker 87 and d h 81 north Front 
Wall Margaret, widow 35 Chester 
Wall Rachel, washerwoman % Sterling alley 
Wall Richard, Windsor chairmaker 1U3 north Front 
Wail L'lrich, grocer 300 south ~d 

Wallace Alex, merchant 57 S. wharves — d h 137 Lombard 
Wallace Burton, gentleman 67 south 11th 
"Wallace Cath; ! ovv, Clnirch near Christian 

Wallace Edward, coachmaker 22 Watson's alley 
Wallace Eicazer. saddler 23 north 3d — dh 95 Race 
Wallace George, distiller 89 Huuib 
Wallace Isaac, mariner 14 South 
Wallace Isaac, labourer June's alley 
Wallace James, deale r Queen near 3d 
Wallace Margaret, Queen near 2d 

W AL Fh iladelph ia Index. 

Wallace Robert, lumber merchant 513 and 517 north Front 

Wallace Robert, carpenter 109 Dillwyn 

Wallace Rnbert, waiter 20 Burd's court 

Wallace Thomas carpenter 112 Thirteenth 

Wallace Thomas K. merchant 275 Race 

\A aliace Thomas, stationer 74 north 3d 

Wallace Thomas, chairmakev, Pearis' court 

Wallace Thomas, grocer Ridge, road above Francis! Ville 

Wallace Thomas, grocer S E corner of 7th and Shippen 

Wallace \\ illiam, weaver 13th below South 

Wallaee U illiam, grocer 24 South 

Wallace Wm. millinery, bonnet & hat stores 59iN 2d &22 S 3d 

Wallace William shipright Hanover near Prince 

Wallace William, weaver 13th below Cedar 

Wallace V illiam, tallow chandler Cherry near 11th 

Wallace Willi m K. merchant 25 south Water— d h 275 Race 
Wallace and Seeger, merchants, 10 8. wharves U 25 b Water 
W ailheimer E. N, boarding house, 363 north Front 
Wallover John, ship carpenter, Marlborough, n. Bedford (K) 
Wailing Sarah, widow, Drinker's court 

Walmsley W M. stock &c. broker, 55, Walnut, d. h. 98 S. 4th 
Walev YVilliam, carter, Church near Christian 
Wain" Elizabeth Miss, 223, Walnut 
Wain Nicholas, gentleman, 223 Spruce 
Wain Jacob S. merchant, 34, souta wharves, d. h. 2 York 
buildings, Walnut near 8th (s?e Wall 

Wain and Morris, merchants, 34 south wharve9 

Wain Jacob, attorney at law, 144, south 2d 

Wain and Learning, domestic dry good store, 154 High 

Wain Robert, merchant; 411 High 

Wain Sarah, widow 223 Spruce 

Walnut Francis, hair dresser, 29 south 3d 

Walnut John, carpenter, 12 Carpenter (S) 

Walshaw John, inkeeper, sign Globe Mill, Germantown road 

Walsh Christopher, accountant, 127 south 11th 

Walsh James, cordwainer, 184 Lombard 

Walsh James, painter and glazier, Vine near Broad 

W alsh Robert, jr. Editor of the National Gazette, 72 south 2d 
-»-d. h. 83 south 6th 

Walter Fred, tin-plate worker, Schuylkill 6th near High 

Walter George, tayler, 24 south Water 

Walter Jacob F. bricklayer, 140 north 8th 

Walter Joseph S. bricklayer, 237 Vine above 6th 

Walter Peter B. boat builder, Oak above Noble 

Walter- Thomas, teacher, 209 Spruce 

Walters Abraham, white smith, 517 N. 3d 

Walters Baroara, washer woman, Juniper above Cherry 

Walters EHza, washerwoman, Green's court 

Walters Eliza, widow, 246 south Front 

Walters George, labourer, Schuylkill 8th near Vine 

Walters George, oak cooper, 24 Swanson 

Walters Jacob, tin manufactory, 177 north 3d 

Walters James C, taylor, 349 north Front 

WAR Philadelphia Index. 

Walters John, glove maker, 5 Wood 
Waiters John, currier, 88 St. John 
Walters Joseph, labourer, 1 Weli'sRow 

i Juliana, nurse. 87 Coates 
Walters Michael, gloVer, 59 north 4th 
Walters Mary, widow, 332 north Front 
Walters Matj .er, James above Charles 

Walters Philip, sand ru."!:. 21 Coates 
Wa .. tcl, g-'.ue - 1 urer, Vine alley 

Wall - ;aptain, 32 north 4th 

Wakmrm Ca lallerj Marriott lane, n. Passyunk K. 

Watman v\ dow - , 163 Locust above 11th 

Waitman William, panter, 19 Currant alley 
Waitman William, mariner, 45 Penn 
Walrmeyer Lewis, taylor, Marks lane 
Wattmeyer Philip, cordwainer, Marks lane 
Walton Benjamin, auctioneer, 51 Wood 
Walton Benjamin, commission merchant, 15 north 4th 
Walton Benjamin, cabinet maker, N. W. corner of Front and 

Meade alley 
Walton Daniel, looking glass frame maker, 178 Coates 
Walton Enoch, dry good store, 192 south 2d 
Walton Jeremiah, cabinet maker, 155 Green 
Walton Jeremiah, cord* airier, Charlotte near Poplar 
Walton John., printer, 4 Pratt's c 
Walton Joseph, bookseller, 4S£ north Front 
Walton John, waterman. 333 north 
Wall on Sarah, widow, 10 Plumb 

Waltoii Thomas, wood wharf and c order, 149 north Water 
Walton William, mariner 45 Penn 
Wamptfte Isaac, conveyancer he. 153 Arch 
Wandell Abraham, upholsterer, lb3 south 2d 
Wands A. H. boot and shoemaker, 57 Dock, d. h. 3d Grs 

Wand- Jane, widow, 138 south 9th 
Wank Ann Elizabeth, widow, Hanover near Fricee (Kj 
W antes John, labourer, G at 

Ward Catharine, mafituamaker, Bakers court (2s. L.) 
Ward John I. taylor, 167 north 4th 
Ward widow of John, tavernkeeper, S. W. corner of Walnut 

and Water 
Ward John, beerhouse, 75 south Water 
Ward John, grocer, 40 Oak (N. L.) 
Ward Jehu, clock and watchmaker, 42 High 
Ward Margaretta, widow, back of 47 South 
Ward and Milk r, jewellers, 163* Chesnot 
Ward Mrs. widow, 115 German 
Ward Patrick, labourer, near New Penetentiary 
Ward William, accountant, 122 Spruce 
Wardell Henry, tavern and grocer, 8 High, and 10 X. W. 
Wardell Abraham, upholsterer, 183, south 2d 
Wardle T. merchant, Minor — d. h. 7th above Chesijut 
Warden William, weaver, Bible's co 

Philadelphia Index WAR 

Warder and Brothers, merchants, Race st. wharf, south side 

Warder Benjamin II. merchant, 117 Uace 

Warder John, gentleman, 117 Race 

Warder John H. merchant, Race st. wharf— d. h. 85 N. 7th 

Warder Philip, gentleman, Rose alley 

Warder William S. merchant, 117 Race 

Ware Benjamin, oak cooper, Ann near Sch. 7th 

Ware, John Y. ship joiner, 8 Noble 

Ware John, ship joiner, 8 Noble, and 235 north Front 

Ware John, jr. ship carpenter, 10 linden's court 

Ware Sarah, widow Hunter's court 

Ware Thomas, chair maker, 74 Penn 

Ware •• illiam, mariner, 11 Coxe's alley 

Warman John, accountant, 57 Noble 

Warner Adam, painter, Maria st. 

Warner Andrew, labourer, back of 317 north 3d 

Warner Ann, widow of Charles, Starr alley 

Warner and Carter, painters and glaziers, 34 south 4th 

Warner Eliza, seamstress, 387 south Front 

Warner Edward, combmaker, 443 north *d 

Warner John C. combmaker 84 north 3d 

Warner Joseph, silversmith, 22 Greenleaf court 

Warner Joseph, mariner, 15 Mary (S) 

Warner Jacob, collector of ashes, 189 Green 

Warner John, carpenter, 30 Pine 

Warner John, victualler, N. VV. corner of Callowhill and 8th 

Warner Joseph, Executor to the estate of Benjamin Warner 

deceased, 171 High 
Warner Joseph, gentleman, 223 north Front 
Warner Martha, widow, 65 New 
Warner Margaret, widow, Lemon 
Warner Matthias, miller, Cresson's alley 
Warner Susan, mantuamaker, 7 Rose alley 
Warner Wm. watchcase maker, 7 Cherry 
Warner VVm. sea captain, 35 Coates 
Warner Wm. victualler, 24 Lawrence 
Warner Wm. and Son, merchants, and Wilmington Packet 

Office, 15 south Water 
Warnar widow of \ m. 200 north 8th 
Warner Perry, boatman, Fourteen Chimnies 
Warner Philip, boot maker, Heydes' court 
Warnack Francis, arpenter, 4 Garden st. 
Warner widow, gentlewoman, 13th above Walnut 
Warnick William, constable, 284 south 6th 
Warnock John, nailer, 10 N 10th — d. h. 1 Caledonian court 
Warnock Albert, chair maker, Lilley alley 
"Warnock Jane, widow, shopkeeper, 19 north 8th 
Warr John, in keeper, 305 Vine, N.W. corner Garden 
Warr John, engraver. 110 Walnut 
"Warr Jonah, labourer, Chesnut above 13th 
Warren David, weaver, in Court back of 529 north 3d 
Warren Henry, artist, 175 south 11th 
Warren Isaac, carter, Oak above the Hay Scales (N. L.) 

WAR Philadelphia Index 

Warren Jacob, cheese store, 31 High— d. h. 2 Quarry 
"Warren John, tailor, 77 north 8th 
"Warren Josiah, dealer, 120 Locust 
Warren J. cordwainer, 15 Pine alley 
Warren James, painter and glazier, 89 north 3d 
Warren James, teacher, 6 north 8th 
Warren Jones, mariner, Coatcs near 6th 
Warren Philip, cabinet maker, 363 Arch 
Warren Sara!), nurse, S.W. corner Union and 3d 
Warren m. manager of the New Theatre, 12 Sansom 
Warr •'• rru W. engraver, 10 Garden 

Warren \\ illiam, painter and glazier, Frankford road, n. Bed- 
ford (K) 
Warren Robert, tavern keeper, 172 Cedar 
Warren Thomas, shipwright, Christian near 2d 
W'arrence Frederick, coachmaker, 3 Laurel, 
W'arrence W m. coachmaker, &c 105 and 119 Spruce 
Warrington John, well digger, Germantown road near Forks 
Harrington I. and S. R. clock and watchmakers, 58 High 
Warrington Purnell, sea captain, 185 south 2d 
Warrington Sarah, C. boarding house, 81 Cherry 
\ yartman Abraham, victualler, corner 5th and Noble 
Wartman Edward, victualler, Buttonwood near Old Y. Road 
W T »rtman George, victualler, Buttonwood near Old Y. Road 
yyartman John, victualler, corner of 5th and Noble 
Wartman Jacob, victualler, 28 John 
W arwick Catharine, widow, dealer, 126 German 
\yarwick John, carter, 20 Carter's alley 
Warwick Samuel E. innkeeper, N. E. corner of 7th andCe- _ 

Warwick Samel E. tavern keeper, corner of Cedar and 7th 
Warwick T. blacksmith, 110 Wood 
Warwick Thomas, bricklayer, 5 Cherry 
Wass Joseph, shoemaker, 36 Strawberry 
-yyat ;rn»an Jesse, tea merchant, and teacher of Frenth 

English, 88 south 5th 
\yiterman John, dealer, 456 north 2d 
W iterman Thomas, accountant, 76 Union 
Waterman Lewis, weaver, 468 north 3d 
W merman John, carpenter, Fetter lane, near Bread 
yjH ers Esther, widow, 186 Chesnut 
+yy:tters Francis, mariner, Elizabeth below 7'di 
J ^y iters John, labourer, Green's court 
Wat ers James, labourer, St. Mary below 7th 
Waters John, mariner, Prime opposite Nary Yard 
Waters John, teacher, 113 Carpenter (S) 
•Watkins Henry D. Summerl's wharf 
Watkins Samuel P. sea captain 96 Oatharine 
Watkins Thomas, sailmaker, Rihles' court 
Watkins Catharine, 231 south 2d 
Watkins Samuel, currier, Vine near Sch. Front 
Watkinson, Martha, widow, 161 north 3d 
Watmeu&h Anna, widow, 75 south 6th 

Philadelphia Index. WAY 

Watres diaries, liquor store, lower 18 south 8th — d. h. 34 

north 4th 
Watson Archibald, stonecutter, 108 Filbert 
Watson Charles, gentleman, 136 Pine 
Watson Benjamin, trader, 6th near Noble 
Watson and Bunting, lumber merchants, corner of Pine and 

8th, and corner of 8th and Orange 
Watson Charles C. merchant taylor, 92 Chcsnut 
Watson Charles C. and Sons, woollen drapers, men's mercers 

and taylors, 92 Chesnut 
Watson David, letter carrier, S. W. comer Filbert and 11th 
Watson George, Christian near 5th 
Watson Hugh, brickmaker, Sch. 5th above High 
Watson Hannah, 8th below Locust 
Watson Joshua, silver plater, 15 Plumb 
Watts Jurnts, broker, 100 Lombard S. W. corner 4th 
Watts James G. and co. publishers of the Union, N. E. comer 

of Walnut and 2d 
Watts James G.— N.E. cor. of Walnut and 2d-— d. h. 152 Pine 
Watson John; shipwright, 18 Mary (S) 
t Watson John, boot cleaner, 38 Blackberry alley 
Watson John, merchant taylor, 46 S. 3d — d. h. 103 Walnut 
Watson Joseph, Alderman, office S. E. corner Pine and 8th 

— d.h. 208 Pine 
Watson James, clock and watchmaker, d. b. 3 Lodge and 72 

High street 
Watson James, tavernkeeper, 21 north 5th 
Watson Joseph, merchant, 2 Sims' alley— d. h. 62 Spruce 
Watson Margaret, stay andcorsletmaker, 174 Spruce 
Watson George, Morocco dresser, Forks Germantown Road 
W atson Moses, grocer, Callowhill street wharf 
Watson Thomas, baker, 84 north Front 
Watson Thomas, biscuit baker, 132 north Front 
Watson widow, 86 Crown 
Watson Thomas, teacher, 73 Pine 
Watson Hannah, mantua maker, Little's row 
Watson Samuel T. teacher, S. E. corner of 4th and Christian 
f Wutson Wm. mariner, 247 Spruce 
Wattson Thomas D. teacher 222 south 4th 
Watt John, manufacturer, 119 south 11th 
W r att James, weaver, 1 21 south 11th 
Waugh Jane, widow, 32 Gilles' alley 
Way Andrew, agent for the Washington glass manufactory 91 

north 3d 
Wayne Benjamin, carpenter 462 Race 
Way Caleb, accountant, 14llranner , s alley 
Way Joseph, pilot, 102 Swanson 

W.'.v James, merchant, 51 south wharves — d. b. 16 Union 
Wayne Caleb P. merchant, S. W . corner of th and Market — 

d. h. 38^ north 4th 
Wayne Hannah, widow, 6 J Lombard 

WEB Philadelphia hide. 

Wayne Jacob, cabinet maker 135 and 165 nortb Froa 
Wayne Joseph, lumber merchant 34 New Market 
Way Lewis, wheelwright, back 57 Baild 
Way Win. balance weigher, back 78 south Front— d- fa 

v- ood 
Wayne v - m. jun. hardware merchant 257 High 
Wyaie W*m. and Co. hardware merchants 257 High Daniel, inkeeper, 308 north Front 
Weatherby David, clock and watch maker, 81 north 3d 
Wea'lu-rby Mary, widow of Joseph, storekeeper, lbl Coats 
Weust Susan, lajer out of" the dead, 21 New Mark 
Weatherly Joseph, innkeeper, 117 south Water 

Weatherly , cordwainer, 2 Vernon 

Wheaten E::och, sea captain, 14 Callowhill 
Weaver Adam, victualler, 12 Lawrence 
Weaver A lam, baker, Marlbrough near Bedford (K.) 
Weaver Alexander, brass founder, Thorn's court (N. L.) 
Weaver Charles and Co. stove factory, 325 north 2d 
Weaver Charl.s, stove manufactory, 231 north 2d 
W'eaver Ciiarles, stove manufactory, 281 north 2d 
Weaver Chat les and Co. stove manufactory, 325 north 2d 
Weaver Christian, baker, Spruce west of Sch. Front 
Weaver Dully, whitewusher, corner Race, and 12th 
Weaver Fmor T. silversmith and jeweller, 73 north 3d 
Weaker Elijah, bookseller, 5 north Front 
Weaver George, laborer, Swanson near Prime 
Weaver George, constable, 252 south 2<\ 
Weaver George, coachmaker 19 south 8th 
Weaver Henry, labourer, 6;h near Green 
Weaver Henry, sugar boiler, Forks Germantown Road 
Weaver. lacob, cordwainer, 7 Shippen 
Weaver John, 12 Pear 

f '. eaver James, coachman, 35 Currant alley 
Weaver Jacob, labourer, 393 Tammany 
Weaver John G. taylor, Germantown Road 
Weaver John, ship joiner, 22 Bodd 
Weaver Jacob, carpenter, 44 Tammany 
Weaver John, bricklayer, 6th near Coats- 
Weaver John, dry good s'ore, andd. h. 188 Callowhill 
Weaver Lydia, M. widow of John, ship joiner 22 Budd 
Weaver Mary, widowof Albright, Schuylkill 7th near Cherry 
Weaver Mary, widow 5 Poplar alley 
Weaver Matthew, agent 114 north 7th 
Weaver Michael, rope maker, 2 J north Water — rope walk 7th 

near Germantown Road 
Weaver Wm. gardener, Marlboro' near Prince (K) 
Weaver '-'< m. merchant, 101 High 
Weaver Preltvman, Toy make:' 445 north Front 
Weaver Thomas, brick maker, 6th near Green 
I > ebn Francis, china packer, 61 Relief 
Webb Charles, merchant, Vine near 10th 
Webb Henry, engine maker, Smith's court 
Webb Isabella, 35 Keys' alley 

Philadelphia Indeu. WEI 

Webb Jane, widow, seamstress, back 345 southed 

Webb John L, pilot, 140 Swanson 

Webb John, cooper, 137 north Water 

W jbh John, merchant tailor, 89 south 2d 

Webb Mary, widow, 22 Little Water _ 

W< hb Moses, carpenter, 221 Cullowhill 

jW'b:! Peter, labourer, Catharine near 5th 

W< bb Rebecca, widow of John, 137 Callowhiil 

Web!) Reuben, currier. 78 north 4th 

Webb Rebecca, Widow of" Thomas, 445 south 2d 

Webb Samuel tailor, 21 Coombs' alley 
' .r, 15 Laurel 

Webster lames* bookseuer and stationer (medical bookstore) 

Webster 'Johrr, wca-er. Pearl 

W ■ er Sarah, widow, 2 24 Green 

Wei . r Thomas; \). D. 18 Kunkel 

W bsfler William, carter, 11 Poplar lane 

Weckerly Abraham, victualler 127 Coats — stall 7 N. L mar- 

Wet* r Godfrey, nterchant, ISO*- south 2d 
Wecke-rty AbrahaWi; ]f. victualler, 1~7 Coats 
Weokerly Conrad; 2 3d 

Weckerly Peter, r, 28 Duke 

Weckerly widow. 23 (areen 

Weckerly W. oak cooper, N. W. corner of Coats and 4th 
Wedlake George, waiter 244 Lorn 1 
Weed Ann, teacher, hacTc of 8 sooth 5'h 
Weeks Caleb, stable keeper, 2 Fro mberger*s court 

^uZaoeth, W!'.;r.w, 11 o Green 
Weeks Mary, dry good s ore, 134 High 
Weeks Samuel, house carpenter. 75 south 11th 
Weeks Zephl&a, labourer, Bird's all ;y 
Webner Benedict, cordwainer, 57 Race 
Weerrts Patrick', grocer, 242 south 6th 
Weer James, grocer, S E. corner Race and 6th 
Weest Mary, widow, IS Lawrence 
VVeikel and Bergert, storekeepers, 214 north 2d 
Weir Adam, labourer, BrooH 
Weir James, cordwainer. Carpenter near 4th 
Weir Silas E. auction? r, 2; s%ith From— 4 h. 353 High 
Weir Samuel weaver, Gi . n^r Shackam:\xpn (K) 
Won- Thomas, weaver, Jones's alley near Sell. 5th 
Weiser George, shoemaker, 187 St. John 
Weiss Christopher, weaver, Marguretla north 2d 
Weiss Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 117 north 3d 
Weis.seman Samuel C. shoemaker, 2 Juniper lane 
Weissman Samuel, stove manufactory, 353 north 2d 
Weisman widow, htixter, Black Horse alley 
Weisman John, ropemaker, 492 south 2d 
Weisman Joseph, ccach painter, Prune below 6th 
Weisman Samuel, stove manufactory 353 north 2d 
Weisman Samuel, blacksmith, New" Market near Noble 

WEN Philadelphia Index. 

Weisart Levenhart, shop keeper, Mulberry alley 

Weisenbauqh Elizabeth, widow, Mulberry alley 

Wcirnels John H. grocer 212 north 2d 

Weitzells John H. grocer, 212 north 2d 

Welch Christopher, carter, Federal near 3d 

Welch Catharine, wfclov.% 5 South alley 

Welch Hezekiah, printer, 38 Zane 

Welch John, plasterer H Bonsall [see WeUh 

We'< -h John, bottler, 128 north Front 

Welch John, plaisterer, 14 Bonsiil 

Welch James, weaver, Ceaar below 10th 

Wei. -h James H. cha.r makers 16 Newman's alley 

Welch Win. plaisterer, 2 Bonsall 

Welch Wm. St. Mar) near 7ih 

Welch Vt,m. manner, Payftter's court 

Weldon James, shoemaker, 156 Lombard 

Weldon John. r. Federal near Front 

Weldon Joseph, labourer, Prime oppoaite Navy Yard 

Weldon John, cordwainer, 92 Christian 

Wellford K.Ybert, original manufactory of composition orna- 
ments £? :• 145 south 10th (see IVulford 

Wellington Wax. tallow chandler, back 91 Union 

We Hard Richard, innkeeper, Cedar above 4th 

Welles Maria, 105 Christian 

Wtils Aquilla, waterman,- 8 Little Water 

Wells Benjamin, teacher, 264 Mulberry 

Wells Benjamin, saddler, back Sch. 3d between George and 

r WeTls Catharine, widow, tayloress, 11 Sassafras alley 

Wells, labourer, 23 Mechanic 

Weils !I. and H. chemists and coiourtnen, 20 Br.tnch 

Weils Cooper, gi E. corner Bedford and 7th 

Wells John, coach maker, Heydes' court 

Wells I. Dagworthy, attorney" at law, 66 south 6th 

Wells Lewis, attorney at law, 93 north 9tn 

Wells Levi >er, Vine near 8th 

V\ ells Stephen, shingle shaver, Nagle's court 

Wells Um stone mason, Ca-lowhill near Schuylkill 

Welman Martha, wido-w, nurse, Smith's court 

Welser Godfrey, doctor, S. ■.'■ , coiner Say and Sch. 8th 

Welser John, shoe maker, 1 V bod 

Welsh J ■ enter, Vine *ar 13th 

Welsh John, merchant, 148£ Ch|Unut above 6th 

Welsh I? Iwainer, 484 north 2d 

Welsh Jan Cedar below IGth 

Welsh Pet dresser, back 2 J2 Vine 

Welsh Pbsebe, seamstress, 5 Hodman's alley 

Weltin Mary Aon, dealer, 257 south 4th 

Welsh .1 ith 5th 

Welsh John, mariner, 94 Catharine 

W^ntling David, confectioner, corner Wood and 4th 

Wei per, 131 north 3d 

Wentz Kilworth, innkeeper, Callowhill near 5th, 

Fhiladelphia Index. WET 

Wentz Hilary, clock and watchmaker, 150 High 

Werthym Alexander J. messenger to the Health Office — d. b. 

247 south 3d 
Wesioatt Joel, corder, corner Oak and Coats — d. h. 401 N. 

F ron t (see JVestcott 

Wesejner Chaistopher, manufacturing chemist 140 Jumper— 

d. h. 471 Race 
W est Abby, bonnet and cloak maker, 49 Spruce 
"West Ann, widow, dealer, 301 south 3d 
West Barzilla, ta\lor, 154 Coats 
West Charles C. merchant taylor, 45 Arch 
West David, taylo^ 8 Shields' court 
West Francis, merchant, 108 south Front 
West Henry, cordwainer, 9 Hoffman's alley 
fVk est James, oysterman, 23 Cedar and under 97 Walnu*. 
"VV r est Josepb, labourer, Swanson near Prime 
West John, cordwainer, 10 Currant alley 
West James, salt merchant, 3 Vine 
W est John, shallopman, 7 Budd 
f \\ est John, drug pulveriser St. Joseph's avenue 
West John, painter 11 Race 
West Joseph, gentleman, 5 Fetter lane 
West Mrs widow of '" m. Prime near 2d 
W T est Mary, widow, 520 north 4th 
West, widow, Fans' alley 
\\ est Richard, sign painter, Chesnut above 12th 
Wtst Robert, cabmct maker and sofa manufacturer 129 \Vi 
nut— d. h. 55 south 5th 

West Samuel, plaisterer, 14 Brown 

West , painter, 69 Gaskill 

West Win. gentleman, N, W . corner Arch and 9th 

V est Wm. sea captain, 8th below Locust 

tWest Wm. C. clothes dealer, under 120 south 2d 

West Wm. and John, painters, 3o north 4th 

-j-W est Stephen, carter, loth above Cedar 

Westcoat Charles, labourer, Cherry near Sch. 8th 

Westcott Charles, innkeeper, 91 Plumb 

V, estcott Robert, gentleman, Filbert near Sch. 8th 

Westcottl. R. attorney at law, 50 south 6th 

Westcotf. and Vogdes, conveyancer, 1 George (O 

Westphall Ferdinand, watchmaker and jeweller 131 north 4tfc 

Westphail Juliana, widow, 90 Race 

"Westler Frederick, cordwainer, 159 Cherry 

"\\ estlun Charles, cordwainer, 234 south 5th 

W.estley John, mariner, back 51 Mead id It y 

\\esteln Jan:es H. st-ocking weaver, 439 south Front 

Wester • m. taylor; 32 Germr-.n 

%\ etheriU Christopher, grocer, 310 Vine 

\Vetheiill Charles, drugg(s>, 80 north Front 

\yetherill George D. druggist, 16 Mulberry 

\yether:il George D. and Co. druggists, &c. S.E. corn. Front 

and Mulberry 
\\etherill John, druggist and colourman, S, E. comer Front- 

WHA Philadelphia Index. 

Wetherill John P. druggist &c. 65, and d. h. 210 north 

AVetherill Joseph, coachmaker, 378 south 2d 
Wetherill Mordecai, oil and colourman, 3 south alley 
AVetherill Samuel, druggist and colourman, 65 north Front 

d.h. 419 High 
Wetherill Samuel M. 8 South alley 
Wetherill Samuel P. druggist and colourman, 65 and d h. 76 

north Front 
Wetherill Samuel, jr. druggist, 65 north Front— d. h. 419 

Wetherill Miss Marv, 270 south 4th 
Wetherill Mrs. widow, boarding house 28 Mulberry 
Wetherill Henrv, mariner, 6th above Caliowhill 
Wetherill Price, druggist, 210 Mulberry 
Wetherill Thomas, carpenter, 324 south Front 
VVetherington Amelia, 183£ south 7th 
Wetherstine. *■ <!<*"». erm^er and victu» 1,cr Tammany below 

old VorK Road 
wcth^rstVne John, victualler, 4th above George (K.) 
Wetherstone Richard, drayman, 1 1 7 old York Road 
Wevill and Nicolas, upholsterers. N, VV, cor. Chesnut and 

Weygand Philip I. baker, 1 Chancery lane, 
Weymer Samuel, tinman, 692 north 2d 
Weyman Jennett, widow, dry good store, 73 South 
Weyant Peter, carpenter, 10 Kunkle 
Weyant John, drayman, 526 north 2d 
Wharterby Thomas, silver smith, 33 north 3d 
Wharton Deborah, dry good store, 25 A north 6th 
Wharton Francis R. gentleman, 242 Walnut 
Wharton I. and T. C. stock and exchange brokers, 45 Dock 
Wharton Josiah, shoemaker, Maria 
Wharton Samuel, shopkeeper, 4fh near Brown 
Wharton Charles, gentleman 136 south 2d 
Wharton Fishbourn, conveyancer 60 south Fourth north west 

corn. Library — d h 240 Spruce 
Wharton James S. shoemaker 173 north Third 
Wharton Deborah, Mrs gentlewoman 291-2 Powell 
Wharton Margt. gentle woman 118 south 8th corn Locust 
Wharton Robert, Esq. mayor of the city — office city hall south 

west cor. 5th and Chesnut — d h 135 south Third 
Wharton Sarah, widow of Joseph 161 south Fifth 
Wharton Thomas C. broker 26 Walnut — d h 87 Pine 
Wharton William, farmer 130 Spruce 
Wharton Thomas, attorney at law, 173 Walnut 
Wheaton Wm. sea captain, 3i91 north Front 
Wharfe James, bo:.rding house 152 south 2d 
Whartenbeiry Thomas, silversmith 33 north 3d 
Whitaker Ann, widow, 4 Willow court 
Wheeler Charles, attorney at law, 142 Chesnut 
Wheeler Enoch, grazier, 99 Vine 

Wheeler John I. merchant, 201 High — d. h. S. E, corner of 
Filbert and Sth 

Philadelphia Index. WHI 

Wdieeler Amos, carpenter, 3 Sheppard's alley 

Wheeler John, artist, 1 York court (N. L.) 

Wheeler John, taylor, 78 north Water 

W'ieeler Jonathan 1. sea captain, 5 Pfeiffer's alley 

Wheeler Mary, widow, Carpenter near 4th 

Wheeler Mary, shopkeeper, 30 Kunkel 

Wheeler Samuel, carpenter, Toy's court 

Whelan Catharine, widow, Drinker's court 

Whelan Matthew, soap boiler, Pewter Platter alley 

Whelan Wm. grocer, N. W. corner Chesnut and 4$t 

Wexstrim Samuel, mariner, Prime near Swanson 

V estcoat Ann, widow, baker, 280 south 4th 

W<nnElisha, 88 Shippen 

Weyman Janet, storekeeper 73 Cedar 

Weyraaer Samuel, tinplaie worker 192 north 2d 

Whelen Israel, merchant 399 High 

Wheldon Johnson, shoemaker, Queen near Cherry K 

Whetstone Abraham, plaisterer 4th near Green 

Whetstone Isaac, ferryman 23 Comb's alley 

Whetstone Sarah, widow Sch 7th near Arch 

W hilden Jonathan, pilot 196 south Front 

Whilden I. G. M. D. north east corner 4th and Walnut 

Whiley Eleanor, tayloress Simmon's Court 

Whiley Elizabeth, comer of Sassafras and 13th 

W hilt Jacob, ship joiner 57 Coates 

Whilldin M. dry good store 238 north Front 

Whilden Y\ jun apothecary north east corner 4th and Wal 

Winlden Wilmon captain New Castle steam boat 224 south 

Whitaker James, iron and store merchant 107 old York road 
Whitaker I. yi nail and stove manufactory 166 north 4th 
Whipple Job, inspector of customs 182 south Front 
Whipple Wiiliam, oak cooper 54 Charlotte 
Whistler and Seely tailors 210 High 
Whistier David, 'tailor 87 old York road 
Whistler * illiam, oak cooper 54 Charlotte 
"Whitakor Ann, widow 4 willow court 
'Whitaker Joseph, carter Sch 5th below Chesnut ] 
Whitaker Euza, widow, Prices' court 
Whitaker Sarah, widow, 17 Vernon 
White Ambrose, merchant 1 south 9ih 
+White Daniel, carter JSE. corner of Lombard and Twelfth 
White Britain, jun stock etc. broker— d h 7 Palmyra row and 

75 Walnut 
White Benjamin C merchants, 53 N. Water— d. h. 77 S.Gth 
White Charles H cabinet maker 33 north 7th 
White George, waiter, 160 south Fifth 
White George, fn, g maker, 233 ^h 2d 
White Henry, merchant 23 south Water — d h 111 south 4th 
V. te Haanah, china store 380 north 2d 
W lite Hugh, tallow chandler Arch alley 
Wun.e Jacob, plane maker 19 old i'ork road 

WHl Philadelphia Index, 

White, Johnson, and Tinglev, merchants 233 High 

White Jonathan, carpenter 263 north 3d 

White John, tavern i*c. 2t2 S Water and 203 south Front 

WTiite Joseph, confectioner 370 High 

"White Charles, victualler, north front near Poplar 

"White Miss Dilly, seamstress 20 Cypress alley 

V hite and Flake, hard ware store 162 north 2d 
"White George, fringe maker 233 north 2d 
"White Hugh, soap boiler 175 Coate's street 

W hite James, labourer 67 Bedford 
"White James, carpenter 7 Poplar 

V hite James collector, 15 Willing's alley 
White John, blacksmith 138 St. John 

V hite John, cordwainer 122 South 
White John G. nailer 24 Budd 

W hite Joseph, ironmonger 103 old York road 

White John, (.hair maker 87 Budd 

"White John and Co. merchants 3 south Water — d h 122 Arch 

White John, chair and ornament maker 120 north Front 

"White John sea captaiu Galbreatn'.s court 

"Wh ite Joseph, hardware merchant 29 High 

White Lemuel, professor of elocution Filbert near Sen. 4th 

"^ hite Maria, dealer 229 Shippen 

White Martha, mantumaker 7 Comb's alley 

White Mary, dry goods store 18 Key's alley 

White Man-, widow 37 north 3d 

White Man, teaeher 14 Tammany street 

White Sc Miiligan, dry goods store 54 High 

W hite Samuel, tobacconist Hunter's court and 385 High 

I W hite Samuel, labourer St Man's alley 

V hite Samuel, Ladies shoemaker 263 north 3d 
White Sarah, widow 97 Green 

White Samuel, merchant, 107 High 

V hite Samuel, o\sterman, back 385 south Frout 
White SoUmon, shoemaker 2d Germantown road 
White Thomas, grocer corner of W illow and 6th 
W hite William, grocer south side of Draw Bridge 
JWhite \* illiam, barber Shippen near 8th 

V hite, widow tutoress 4 south 12th 

f White Robert H. dealer J 2 Bird's court and 163 Lombard 

V hite Samuel, merchant 10" High 
White Samuel, dyer, 40 Christian 
White Sarah, widow 17 south 5th 

White Thomas, bookbinder 13 Sterling alley 

W hite Thomas, t<- ch r 369 north Front 

W hite Thomas, c-id ainer 342 Sassafras 

White William, tali^w chandler 6 C> press alley 

W hite William, storekeeper 6 south 6th 

W : iite William L. vict. — stall 16 old shambles — dh 449 north 

Wh te William, D. D. bishop of the Epis. church 89 Walnut 
White Wm. mariner, Christian near 4th 
W«hite William, coacnuukw Arch oew Sch 2d 

Philadelphia Index. W10 

Whitecar Jane, grocer south west cor. Tammany and Dillwyn , 

Whitecar Joseph, accountant 29 Julianna 

Whitecar John, hatter Coates near 6th 

Whitecar Sarah, widow 6 Hinkel's Court 

"Whitecar Thomas, chair maker 209 south Front 

"Wiiitford Sarah, widow matituamaker 369 south Front 

\V hi ; aker widow of Thos. cabinet maker and mahogany dealer, 

91, 93, and 95 south Second 
Whitebread Joseph, carpenter, 83 Christian 
Whitehead Caleb, cordwainer 296 south 4th 
A\ hitehead Eliza, widow, 16 Swanson 
Whitehead James, merchant 27 Vine 
t\ '.head Margaret, widow 158 north 5th 

V hitehead Robert, scriveuer 72 Vine 

"W 111 ely Elizabeth, shop keeper cor. Sassafras and loth 

V hiteman Ann, widow shopkeeper 98 north 11th 
Whiteman Jacob, 32 Ann (N. L.) 

Wtnteman Charles, drfy man Lawrence ab. Pegg's rnn 

Vi ike man Charles, carter south east cor. Sch 4th and High 

Wiilernan David, carter cor. 3d and George (S.) 

Whiteman John, carter, Say st. 

Whiteman John, ojsterman 122 north Front 

Whiteman Mary, widow 429 south Front 

Whiteman Margaret, widow 19 Carter's alley 

Whiteman Michael, accountant 5^ Filbert 

Whiteman Nathan, sha'lopman Beach near Maiden 

Whiteman Peter, ladies shoemaker 196 Arch 

.V hiteman Windell, tanner 509 north 2d 

V hiteman Rachel, mantuamaker 117 Green 
Whitman Peter, grocer 35 Lawrence 
Whiteman, widow 196 north 4th 
W'utcsides Alexander, plaisler, 156 Callowhill 
Whitman Nathan, jun grocer 107 north 2d 
Whitmach Christian, well digger Buttonwood bel. 6th 
Whitney John C. sea captain, 146 Swanson 
Whitney Thomas J. combmaker 109 south 2d 
Whitney Lebius, accountant 199 Sassafras 

Whitney R. M. merchant, 19 south Front— d. h. 26 S. 8th 
Whitney Thomas, mathematical instrument maker, manufac- 
tures surveying instruments generally, north 6th about one 
mile from the city 
Whitehall printing office, Ridge road, above Callowhill 
Whittelsey Eliza, 494 S. 2d 
Whittindale Robert, cordwainer 224 south 2d 
Whiting S. lottery and exchange broker, 11 south 3d 
Whitton AbednegoT. grocer, Queen near Marlborough (K) 
Whittinghurst John, mariner, 46 Perm 
Wibles Thomas, ship carpenter, 14 Laurel 
Wickerly Everhart, widow, 87 Germantown Road 
Wickersham John, wire worker, 156 north 2d 
Wickharn Mrs. widow, 230 Pine 
Widdefield William, mariner, back 33 Beck's alley 
Widderstine Peter, victualler, 91 Brown 
Widejier Peter, shoemaker, 15 Rachael 

WIL JPhiladelphia Index. 

Widener David, taylor, 62 north 4th 

Widdifield Wm. &*Co. flour merchants, 49 south Water 

Wiggins Ann, slioe binder, back of 17 Green 

Wiegand and Snowden, surgeon instrument makers, 45 

north 7th 
Wie* Joseph, labourer, back 41 New Market 
Wicssenback Wm. comb maker, Baseball's alley, (N. t>) 
Wigmore Thomas, chemist and druggist, 126 north 3d 
Wilbank Charles, 281 Chesnut 
"Whittle R. hosiery store, 15 south 2d 
Miall John, ta\lor, 347 north Front 
Wibles Thomas, ship carpenter, 11 Laurel 
Wickersham Thomas, 161 Pine 
AVickes Benj. dry good store, 210 south 2d 
Wickham Geo D. lumber merchant, Beach near High bridge 
Wickham l* Co. military and fancy hardware store,' 26.5 High 
Wickham M. T. hardware merchant, 265 High 
Widdifield George, carpenter, back 171 High — d. h. 18 

Greenleaf 's court 
Widdifield James, carpener, 95 south 8th 
|Vi ddifie id Wm. hardware mevchaat, 42 north Sd — d. h. 166 

Wid lows Peter, teacher, 4 Strawberry 
Wiegand Conrad, smith, 338 Sassafras 
Wiggin and Whitney, merchants, 19 south Frosit 
Wigmore Charles, carpenter, 12 Cypress' alley 
WikoflF Henry, gentleman, 44 Pine 
Wdb'mk John, brass founder, 262 High 
Wilcox Miss Elizabeth, 301 Spruce 
Wildey Richard, sbipjoiner, Oak above Coats — d, h. lT^St, 

Wildes Joseph, innkeeper, 50 north 4th 
Wile Conrad, cordwainer, 112 Race 
W.le Mary Ann, widow of Conrad, 12 Bread 
Wile John, cordwainer, 20 Mulberry alley 
Wile Rebecca, widow, layer out of the dead, 33 north 5th 
Wilkey Rosina, widow, trader, North st. 
fWilkins Isaac, coachman, 219 Lombard 
Wilkins Jacob F. cabinet maker, 83 Dock 
Wilkins and Black, merchants, 23 north Front 
Wilkinson Christopher, carpenter, 286 Sassafras 
"Willard Abraham, blacksmith, Faris' alley 
Willard Martin, mariner, 411 south Front 
Wilcox Samuel, gentleman, 72 Wood 
"Wildbahn Catharine, widow, 143 north 6th 
>Vildey Richard, jr. ship joiner, N. W. corner New Market 

and Noble 
Wildes Edward, tutor, Broad above Spruce 
"Wiles Andrew, shoemaker, back of 218 Green 
Wildes Joseph, fancy chair maker, 141 S. Front 
Wildes Samuel, taylor, 130 Plumb 
W ley Alexander, merchant taylor, 137 Chesnut 
Wiley Benj. shoemaker, Cherry near Swanson 
Wiley Benj. carpenter, 266 Sassafras 

Philadelphia Index WIL 

Wiley and Engles, school room, back of Presbyterian Church 
south 11th below High 

Wiley Harriot, white washer, 4 Sassafras alley 

Wiley Isaiah, labourer, 11 Crown 

Wiley Paul, weaver, 30 Frankford Road 

Wiley George, shipwright, 35 Plumb 

Wiley Mrs. teacher, 134 Callowhill 

Wiley Mrs. seminary, 17 Wood 

Wiley Samuel, brick maker, Sch. 2d near Spruce 

Wiley Kobert, tavern keeper, 39 south Wharves 

WUey Wm. tavern keeper, 142, north Water 

Wilks Hester, widow, washerwoman, Stewurt s alley 

Wilkinson Doctor, 409 High 

Wilkinson George, plaisterer, 136 Queen 

Will Geo. and Wm. comb makers, back north 4th near Popu- 

Wilsev Simon, comb maker, 30 Juliana 

f Williams Abraham, cordwainer, 213 south 7th 

} Willkims Ann, washerwoman, back of 109 south 5th 

Williams Ann, widow, shopkeeper, N. E. corner of Front and 

iWilliams Anthony, mariner, 18 Parham's alley 

Williams Amelia, widow, 79 Cedar 

Williams and Alberson, merchants, N. W. corner High and 

Williams Benjamin, dentis* i61 Vine 

Williams Benjamin, accountant, 186 N. Front 
.Williams Catharine, 8 Cypress' alley 

4Wtthams Charles, gardener, 24 Blackberry alley 

Williams Charles, currier shop, 463 and d. h. 457, north 2i 

Williams Charles, lumber merchant, 219 Walnut 

Williams Charlotte, washerwoman, 4th near Poplar 

fWiiliams Charlotte, widow, 16 Lyndal J s alley 

Williams David, shoemaker, 420 north 4th 

Williams Dennis, labourer, Kessler's court 

Williams Elizabeth, widow, 31 Kunkel 

Williams Elizabeth, widow, 211 Spruce 

Williams Ennion, surveyor ;;nd scrivener, 54 Filbert 

Williams George, commission merchant, 71 north 7th 

Williams Howard, cabinet maker, 73 Sassafras 

Williams Henry J. attorney, 86 Arch 

Williams Isaac, hatter, 219 Kace 

Williams James, fruiterer, 2 north Front and 32 Vinfc 

Williams James, morocco dresser, 25 Plumb 

f Williams James, boarding house, 40 Bedford 

Williams James, coach and, sign painter, 80 Locust 

Williams Jesse, porter ii Philadelphia Bank, 298 Kace 

Williams John, lumber merchant, corner 6th and Buttoil- 

Williams John, victualler, 67 Garden 

Williams John, cordwainer, back 268 Race 

Williams John, mariner, back 352 south 2d 

Williams John, rigger, 110 Catharine 

Williams John, cauiker, -back 110 Catharine 

WAL Philadelphia Index, 

"Williams John A . teacher, back 51 Budd 

Williams John, mast hoop maker, Hopkin's CClirt 

Williams John, labourer, 410 south 2d 

Williams Joseph, lumber merchant, 205 Spruce 

Williams Joseph, labourer, 20 Kurd's court 

Williams Joseph, cordwainer, Christian near 8th 

Williams Joseph, lumber merchant, Walnut above 8th— d. h, 

205 Spruce 
f Williams Judith, widow of Oliver, 157 north 6th 
fWilhams Levin, clothes dealer, 84 Gaskill 
Williams Margery and Mary, misses, silver and gold burnish- 
ers, 43 Prune 
Williams Mary Ann, widow, 244 Filbert 
Williams Mary, widow, 24 Stamper's alley 
Williams Mary, widow, S. E. corner South and Penn 
Y Williams Moses, profile cutter, 10 Sterling alley 
Williams Moses, shoemaker, 48 north 7th 
Williama Michael, plaisterer, Christian near 9th 
Williams Nehemiah, cordwainer, back 259 Catharine 
Williams Samuel, cordwainer, Callowhill near Garden 
W 'illiasi.s Samuel, currier, 247 north 3d — d. h. 273 north 2d" 
Williams Samuel, shoemaker, 326 Race 
Williams Samuel, currier, 273 north 2d 
Williams Richard, merchant, 14 South alley 
Will; ams Robert, labourer, 268 north 4th 
Williams S and A dry good store, 459 north 2d 
j> Williams Sar h, N. E. corner of Callowhill and 8th 
\ Williams Sarah, boarding house, 24 Ann 
" Williams Sarah, tayloress, 157 Cedar 
Williams Samuel 1. comb maker, 9 Knight's court 
Williams Statton, tanner, Mark's lane 
. Williams Stephen, dyer and scourer, 38 north 8th 
Williams Thomas, tan yard, 2d near Beaver 
Wfilliams Thomas, chair maker, back of 136 CnnXs 
Williams Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 40 High 
Williams Thaddeus, combmaker, 457 north 3d 
WiMiams Thomas and Benjamin, tanners and curriers, 451 N 

Williams Thomas, cordwainer, Pine alley near Ball alley 
Williams Thomas R.75 Race 
Wh! lianas Thomas, gentleman, 75 Race 
Williams Wm. mariner, 63 Christian 
"Williams Wm. stonecutter, upp^r 140 south 9th 
Williams Wm 1. gentleman, 1U2 Pine 
Williams widow, boarding house, Chesnut ab< vc Broad 
Williams » idow, tinware manufacturer, 256 High 
Williams widow, 429 north Front 
Williams widow, actress, 55 south Juniper 
Williamson Anna, widow of John, 172 south 9th 
Williamson Benjamin, manufacturer of cordage, at the end f 

soi.'h lOthand Carpenter 
Williamson David, merchant, 67 High — d. h. 174 ao\£h 

Williamson Isaac, hatter, 99 O. York Road 

Vhiladelphia Index. WIL 

Williamson Joseph, distillery, N. \V. corner 11th and Sassa- 
Williamson Joseph, distiller, North st. 

Williamson John, cordwainer, 162, north Water 
Williamson John, carpenter Vine near 13th 
Williamson John and Isaac, hatters, 193 north 2d 
Williamson Jesse, carpenter, 22 German 
Williamson Jane, widow, 207 Callow hill 

Williamson, Wm. 506 south Front 

Williamson Michael, iron merchant, 56 north 3d — d. h. 22 
Key's alley 

Williamson Peter, druggist, N. E. corner of 2d and Almond 

Williamson Robert, Ladies shoemaker, 79 Race 

Williamson Sidney, widow, 93 north Water 

Williamson Sidney and Son, sail makers, Race st. wharf 

Williamson Thomas, cordwainer, back 338 south Front 

Williamson -, widow, 172 south 9th 

Willing George C. attorney at law, 34 south 6th 

Willing George, 64 Pine 

Willing Richard, merchant, 21 Penn — d. h. 42 Pine 

Willing Richard, jun. merchant, 99 south 4th 

Willing Robert, tanner, Kessler's court 

Willing Thomas, merchant, 73 south Front — d. h. 94 south 

Willing, Weir, & Co. auctioneers, 20 south Front 

Willingmya John, shoemaker, Taper's alley 

Willig George, musical magazine, 171 Chesnut 

Willis Eliakim, mariner, 7 Relief st. 

Willis Esther, boarding house, 14 Filbert 

Willis and Halverson, cabinet makers, N. E. corner Coats and 
St. John 

Willitts James, dry good store, N. E. corner of Hanover and 
Queen (K) 

Willis Musgrove, turner, 36 Cherry 

Willis Thomas, sea captain, 35 Race 

Willis Wm. chair maker, 81 Green 

Willis Hannah, widow, 35 Race 

Willis James, bricklayer, 12 Schriver's court 

Wills James and Son, grocers, 84 Chesnut 

W ills James, jun. grocer, 84 Chesnut 

Willis John, accountant, i9 Race, at Navy Office 

Willis Jonathan, flour merchant, 31 south Water — d. h. 332 

"Willis L. and S. storekeepers, upper 379 High 

Willis Thomas, deputy marshal, 81 Locust 

W'illis and Yardley, merchants, 31 south Water 

Willits E. grocer, S. E. corner Hanover and Prince 

^ illits E. mariner, M'Ginnes's court 

Willits Jeremiah, plasterer, Ridge Road near Callowhill 

Willits Joseph B. bricklayer, 9th between Wood and Vine 

Willitts Phoebe, Milliner, 73 Mulberry 

Wilkins John, ship joiner, 47 Mead alley 

Wilmarth P. C. hatter, 13 north 3d 

"Wilder James and Peregrine, merchants, 8 north Fr6nt 

WIL Philadelphia Index* 

Wilmer John accountant, 109 Vine 

Wilmer John, accountant, Taper alley 

W'ilmer Lambert, 120 north 4th 

"Wilson Andrew, weaver, 17 Laurel 

Wilson Ann, widow, teacher, 11 Church alley 

Wilson Andrew, weaver, 17 Laurel 

"Wilson Benjamin, cabinetmaker, 4Budd 

Wilson Benjamin, cabinet maker, 98 Coats 

Wilson Bennett, cordwainer, back 125 Plumb 

Wilson Benjamin, 449 south 2d 

Wilson Benjamin, fur merchant, 4 Minor — d. h. 163 Walnut 

Wilson Charles, carpenter, Buttonwood near 5th 

Wilson David, stonecutter, corner of ^tb and Callowhill 

"Wilson Edward, merchant, 1 GreenleaPs court — d. h. 96 

so th 4th 
f Wilson Euphamy, nurse, 8 Budd 
Wilson Ephraim, sawyer, Prime near Swanson 
Wilson Edward, merchant, GreenleaPs court — d. h. 96 south • 

Wilson Enoch, labourer, 194 south Front 
Wilson Frederick, N. E. corner Shippen and Crab 
Wilson George, stonecutter, 14 Kunkel 
Wilson George, leather store, 35 north 3d 
W iison Ge«rge, hatter, 102 north Front 
Wilson George, oak cooper, 63 Penn 

Wilson George, morocco manufactory, corner 4th and Frank- 
Wilson George, accountant, 223 south Front 
Wilson Henry, shipmaster, 192 south Front 
Wilson Isaac, grocer, N. E. corner Walnut and Water 
Wilson James, taylor, corner of Water and Mulberry, and cor- 
ner of Water and Race — d. h. 18 north 3d 
f Wilson James, oysterman, 130 Cherry 
Wilson James cabinet maker, 87 Mulberry 
Wilson James, mariner, 8 Almond 

Wilson James, coach wheelwright, 3 Marlborough above Bed- 
ford (Nf. L.) 
W 7 ilmer James, merchant, 8 north Front — d. fa. 417 High 
Wilson .lames, shallopman, 44 Coats 
Wilson James, grocer, 6th near Coats 
Wilson Jambs, labourer, 442 north Front 
Wilson James, labourer, Vine near Sth 
Wilson James, merchant, 86 High — d. h. N.W corner 8th and 

Wilson John, printer and broker, 280 Cedar 
Wilson John, nailor, Christian near 3d 

.John, stonecutter, back 14 south 10th 
Wilson John, tavernkeeper, lower 193 Chesnut 
Wilson John, grocer, i. *V. corner Sell. 7th and Cherry 
Wilsfiu John, deputy marshal], 135 south 4th 
Wilson John, grocer, 16 Pewter Platter alley 
W I-. ,! ' ..dies shoemaker. 24 Watson's alley 

fW i- r, 8G George 

Wilson Joseph and James, dry good store, 38 north 2d 

Philadelphia Tndeu. WIL 

Wilson Joseph, boat builder, 27 Callowhill 

Wilson Joseph, taylor, 13 above Cedar 

Wilson Job, waiter, Charlotte near Brown 

Wilson Justus, boatman, Sch. 5ih below High 

W ilson Levin, labourer, 28 Barron 

W ilson Margaret, mantua maker, 2 Pennsylvania Avenue 

Wilson Mrs. seminary, 35 Vine 

W ilson Mary, widow, tayloress, N. E. corner of 3d ftlidi 

Wilson Mary, widow Toy's court 
Wilson Mary, widow, 146 north Front 
Wilson Mary, widow, 218 Green 
Wilson widow of Matthew, 24 Keys' alley 
Wilson Mindert, innkeeper, 39 north 2d 
f Wilson Myers, coachman, Mark's lane 
Wilson Peter, mariner, 6 Rachael 
Wilson Rebecca, shopkeeper, 5th near Buttonwoocl 
Wilson Rebecca, teacher, 32 Frankford Road 
Wilson Robert, weaver, S. E. corner 13th and Ann 
Wilson Robert, sea captain, south 6th near Catharine 
Wilson Robert, silversmith, N. W. comer 5th and Cherry 
Wilson Robert, tobacconist, 147 north 2d 
Wilson Samuel, mason, near New Penetentiary 
Wilson Samuel, grocer, 15 south 7th 
Wilson Samuel, carter, Noble above O. York Road 
Wilson Thomas, coach painter, 12 Library— d. h. 44 Chester 
Wilson Thomas, labourer, back of 254 south Front 
Wilson Thomas, accountant, 50 Chester 
Wilson Thomas, accountant, N". E. corner Wood and 5th 
Wilson Thomas, principal cashier, Bank of United States, 1 

Franklin Row 

V ilson Rev. James P. d. d. pastor of the first Presbyterian 
Church, 24 Sanson) 

Wilson Wm. assistant at Museum, 48 Currant alley 
Wilson wi m.puperhanger, 93 south 5th 
Wilson Wm. merchant 323 High 
Wilson Wm. stone cutter, Wood near 10th 
Wilson Zebeda, shoemaker, Smith's alley 
Wilstach wiaow of John A. copper and tinsmith, 174 N. 2d cor. 

Wilt Abraham, carter, Coats above 8th 
Wiltbank Rev. James, 281 Chesnut 

Wiltberger George, tinsmith, N. W. corner 4th and Race 
Wiltbfciger Isaac, hardware merchant, 105 High 
Wiltberger Peter and Son, hardware merchants 105 Hi gh 
Wiltberger Thomas, druggist, 169 north 2d 
Wimer Andrew, cooper, 280 south 3d 
Winebrener David, merchant taylor, 100 Chesnut — d. h. 150 

south 3d 
Wing Jacob, sea captain, 401 south Front 
Winnemore Philip, corder at Drawbridge 1 — d. h. 72 Union 

V ilstach G. B. accountant, 18 Cherry 
Wilstach Hannah, widow; 219 north 6th 
Wiltbank Henry, printer, James st. 

WIS Philadelphia I*de& 

W iltberger Charlotte, teacher. 100 north 9th 

W iltb oh n Peter, gentleman, 357 north 3d 

V- imer John, tobacconist, 91 Plumb 

Winder Elizabeth, huxter, 472 north 3d 

\\ indburgh Jonas, mariner, N. E. corner New Market awl 

W'iugate and Jones, merchants, 2 north 4th 
Winn Peter, watchman, Ann near Sch. 8th 
V inn Thomas, shopkeeper, 12 j Race 

V innemore Andrew, curritr, 55 and 69 Pine 
V. ! it-more Elizabeth, widow, 29 John 

V. -low Elijah H. teacher, St Joseph's Avenue 
Wilder Stacey, taylor, back 18 Keys' alley 

V inter Wm.'oys er house, 526 north Front 
Winters Garrett, corder, 414 north Front 

V irriers George, smith and beli hanger, Norman's alley 
Winters Garrett, wood yard, Oak near Coati 
Winters Murk, grocer, 19 north 5th 

W istar Wm. manufacturer, 4 h ubove George (K) 

1 . 8 KmghOs ccurt 

1 .' et 3 ^eeper, 14 Coomb's alley 

\ per Mary, 4th near Poplar 

W ister John, shallopman. J 

i ). brick i f Sch. 5th 

IVist-r, Sit-r and Price, irn o High 

V is - ,.: Thorn i%g< 

Witc th Front 

W'if Delaware, 24 Budd 

V 1 ' r rie 

, 119 Chesnut 
washer woman, Flint's court 
Uld York Koad 

V i •' r. weaver, Vine near Broad 

[ teacher, 126 Cherry 
Witmeyer John, victualler, 8th above Callowhill 
er, b-^ck of 123 Browne 
m e Thomas, hat manufacturer, back 19 I.ombardjr- 
1 2 south 3d 

Abraham, cabinet maker, 113 north 2d 
jemima, widow, 127 south 3d 
Wi iter Joseph, taylor, 21 Keys' alley and 6 south Water 
. Whit* rs Garret, carter, 414 north Pi 

- J hn, carpenter, north 4th near George (X. L.) 

V - -r T >bn, baker, 2 Garden 

SopVia, leccher, 123 north 6th 
er Frederick, sugar refiner, corner Shippen and <*" 
Wistar Bartholomew, merchant, 133 High— d. h. S. \V. corner 

7th and M 
W-t, Hannah Miss, 9 south 9th 
Wi- ar widi, m. D.Washington Square 

Charles I. merchant, back c ,h 

Wistar J, J. M. Price, U C. J. Wistar, merchants, hack of 143 


fhiladelphia Judex "WOO 

Wistar John, merchant, back of 143 High 

Wistar Richard, Jan. merchant, 117 High— d.h. HOChesnut 

Wistar Peter, wheelwright, 4th ubove George, (K) 

Witcraff W m. shallopman, 438 north Front 

Withey Samuel, combmaker, Miller's const (N. L.) 

Witman Charles, boat builder, Church near Christian 

Wit man Margaret, widow, dry good store, 96 north 4th 

Winner Henry, tavernkeeper, 244 High 

Witter Wm.. carter, 196 Shippen , 

W'oelpper David, victualler 18 Lawrence 

Woglom Jane, widow of Peter 75 north Eighth 

Wolbert Catharine, layer out of the dead 193 St. John 

Wolbert Frederick, justice of the peace 427 north 2d 

Wolbert Frederick, victualler 193 St John— stall 6 N. h. 

Woodland James, oak cooper, 88 Mead ay. 
Woclbert Margt. widow of Thomas, Tammany north east 

comer St. John 
Woltingston Robert, blacksmith, 117 Caapenter (C) 
Wolff Abm. M. cordwainer, NE. corner of Marriot's Land 6th. 
Wolf and Folwell, tailors 144 S. ater 
Wolf John G. cordwainer 415 north Front 
W olf John, carter Peg near Front 
Wolfe William F. baker 390 south 2d 
Wolfe Sarah, tailoress 10 German 
Woiff Abr. black lead pencil manufactory 213 Cherry 
Wonderlv Samuel, accountant 62 Crown 
Wonderly Elizabeth, widow of Wm. 10-': N. 8tb— stall 9 old 

sU ambles 
Woelper Man', widow Noble near 4th 
Woelper George, victualler 247 Vine 
V oglom Catharine, widow of Abraham 149 north 9th 
Woblert Margaret, seamstress widow 9 Sassafras alley 
Wohlben Mrs. seminan 20 north 8th 

Wolfe David, house carpenter Green near Frankford road (K£) 
Wolf Hannah, huckster 218 north 6th 
Wolf Jacob, grocer S. E. corner 4th and Union 
Wolf Jacob, carpenter Sassafras near Broad 
Wolf Reese, shoemaker Stewart's alley 
Wolfe Wiliiam, merchant 22 north 5th 
Wolf Aaron, accountant at Navy Yard— d. h. 6 Union 
W olf Daniel, Cordwainer 477 north id 
Womrath George F. furrier 24 north 4th 
Wonder Samuel, victualler Buttonwood, near O. Y. Road 
Wolstoncraft Joshua, hatter, Germantown road 
Wonderly Martha, widow, 19 Garden 
Wonderly John, china packer, 294 Vine 
"Wonderly John, gentleman, 6 Palmyra Row 
W r orks James, weaver. Vine near 12th. * 

Wood Ann, widow, 90 Gaskill 
W ood Ann, widow, 4 Chancery lane 
Wood Barbara, widow of James 159 north Front 
Woo L Bazel, silver plater 10 Piatt's Court 
v Woo^ and Balmblake, teachers, 64 Lombard 

WOO Philadelphia Index. 

Wood Grace, storekeeper, 23 Callowhill 

Wood George B. m d. 85 Mulberry 

Wood I. iron merchant 32 Callowhill 

Wood Jacob, last maker, Charlotte near Brown 

Wood James, saw and spade manufactory, 361 north 2d 

Wood James, weaver, Fitz water above Passyunk 

Wood James, merchant, 28 south Front — d. h. 13 Prune 

"Wood John, accountant, 2d near George 

\\ ood John and Thomas, morocco manufacturers, 108 Wal- 

Wood John, wheelwright, Frankford Road near Queen $j£) 

W«od Joseph, teacher, 29 Penn 

Wood John, 8 Moyamensing 

Wood and Lukens, cabinet makers, 66 Dock 

Wood Martha, boarding house, 88 St. John 

Wood Mary, widow, 12 Chancery lane 

Wood Peter, dry good store, 258 south 4th 

Wood R. mariner, 306 6outh 2d 

Wood Richard L. storekeeper, 60 south 24 

Woods John, distiller, 170 Swanson 

Woodruff Adam, Norman's ay. 

Wooster Isaac W. sea captain, 59 Penn 

Woodward John, shipwright, 5 Mary 

^ ood Samuel R. tanyard, S W corner of 4lh and Noble 

Wood Thomas and Joseph, merchants, 8 north 2d 

Wood Wm. shoemaker, back of 153 north 6th 

Woods Hugh, cordwainer, back 135 Plumb 

Woods John, mariner, 467 south Front 

Woods James, carpenter, Simmon's court 

Woodburn James, weaver, 250 Lombard 

Wooden John, sea captain, 70 New 

Woodhead John, card manufacturer, S. W. corner Vme and 

Woodhouse Samuel, Captain of United States Navy, 26 San- 

Wood Catharine, widow, dry good store, 81 north 2d 

Wood Charles, shoemaker, 163 south Front 

\V ood Charles t. hatter, 48 Currant alley 

Wood Clement, City Watch, 323 Spruce 

Wood Dau. C. merchant, 33 north Water — d. h. 85 Mulberry 

Wood George, paper stainer, back Prospect alley 

Wood Henry, taylor, 33 Cherry 

Wood Isaac, boatbuilder, 10 Green — shop near 225 north 

Wood James, merchant, 28 south Front — d. h 13 Prune 

Wood James, boatbuilder, 55 Coats 

V ood James, lace and fringe manufacturer, 65 Chesnut 

Wood James C. merchant taylor, 92 Race 

"Wood Joseph, Hamilton st. west Sch. 4th 

Wood Joseph, merchant, 8 north 2d — d. h. 49 Mulberry 

Wood Margaret, grocer, 269 north 2d 

Wood Richard C. attorney at law, 72 south 4th 

Wood Richard, porter, 21 Currant alley 

Philadelphia Index* WOR 

Wood Sarah, widow, 357 north 3d 

Wood Stephen T. shoemaker, Charlotte near Brown 

Wood Thomas; merchant, 22 Mulberry 

W od Wm. B. manager of the New Theatre, 42 south 8th 

Wood Wm. and Co. merchant*, 63 and 65 High 

Woods Daniel S. stable keep, back 26 N 3d — d. h. 353 .Race 

Woods m. merchant, 277 High— d. h. 28 north 8th 

Woodman Constant, merchant, 55 High 

Woodruff Wm. engraver, 39 south 3d 

Woodside John A. sign painter, Loxley's court 

W oodward Ann, widow, 99 Cherry 

Woodward Charles, dry good store 89 north 6th 

Woodward Mary, widow 197 Green 

Woodward and Wright, copperplate printers 92 S. 2d 
• Woodward William W. printer, bookseller and stationer, 
S. W. corner of Second and Chesnut— d. h. 74 south 2d 

W oodruff Margaret, washerwoman, 4th near Brown 

Woodside M. fancy dry good store, 28 south 3d 

W r o ,ii Lewis, bleeder, 30 Sugar alley 

Woolfe — — , clerk at sheriff s office, Francis' Ville 

Woolley diaries, carpenter 168 N. 4th 

Woolley Robert, trader Baker's court (N. L.) 

Wool worth Danforth, jeweller, 4 Hartung's alley 

Woolworth R. C. jeweller shop Hartung's alley — d. h. 2 Lodge 

Woollet Wm. portrait painter, Brown near O. York Ru*d 

Woolman Charles, bricklayer &c. 36 Chester 

Wonell George W. tailor, 25 Coats alley 

Wonell Eliza and Jane, 12 Kriends Alms House 

Work FrazerE. carpenter, 277 south 3d 

Work Samuel, carpenter 277 south 3d 

Workman J. lumber merch. 67 Swanson — d. h. 314 S Front 

Woodbridge Robert, oak cooper, I lth' above Filbert 

Workman John, drayman, Sch. 8th near Vine 

Werl George, cedar cooper, 179 north 3d 

Worn Philip, bookbinder, 110 "Vine 

Worn Thomas, carpenter 36 north 8th 

Worrall George, sheet iron and stove manufactory, 26andd.h. 
92 north 2d 

Wooldridge Robert, oak cooper 11th above Filbert 

Woolstant Benjamin., grocer 448 north Front 

WorkharTner Henry, tobacconist Beach near Maiden 
Wori-dl Wm. grocer N.E. tor. Prime and Front 

Worrell Ann, 295 Mulberry 

Worrell Ann, milliner shop, 17 N. 6th 

"Worrell Catharine, widow 13 Knight's court 
Worrell George W.taylor, Charlotte near Poplar 

Worrell George W 17 N. 6th V 

Worrell Jesse, taylor back 110 Juniper 
"W T orreU Joseph, 56 south 6th 

Worrell John, teacher, 28 north 9th 

Woi-reil Margaret, 90 Cedar 
■ Worrell Sarah, widow 226 Green 
Tell Wm. merchant 68 N. 4th 
-tall Amos, earner 4 Pfeitfer's allev 

YYKI Philadelphia Index. 

"Workman John, lumber merchant 67 Swanson — d. h. 314 &. 

Worth Josiah, ship carpenter Marlborough n. Shackamax. (K) 
Worthington Thomas H. innkeeper Frank R. n. Queen (K.) 
r Worthington Archer, dealer 221 Cedar 
Worthington Jonathan, tallow chandler, Laurel 
Wray Andrew, saddler 319 X. Front 
Wray James, drayman Ruganst. (N. L.) 
Wray Matthew, labourer Galbreath's court 
Wray Wm. grocer}' and dry goods stores 9 and 11 High 
Wrench Henry, carter 224 Catharine 
Wight Abegail, glove and buckskin manufactory 169 S. 2d 
Wright Archibald storekeeper 118 St. John 
Wright Charles, dry good store 11 N. 2d 
Wright Eliza, mantuamaker 126 S. 2d 
Wright Ellis, carpenter 5 Perkenpine court 
Wright Enoch, tat lor 80 Mulberry 

fWright Edward, woodsawyer Apple bet. 4th and 5th (NX. • 
W' right George, shipwright Marlborough near Bedford (K) 
Wright Gideon, cordwainer 120 Browne and Cobb's court 
Wright Isaac, shoemaker 104 Crown 
Wright Isaac, grocer S. W. cor. Budd and Coats 
Wright John, tobacconist High near 13th 
Wright Jonathan, shoemaker New Market near CallowhlH 
Wright Jonathan M. merchant 151 High — d. h. 30 JN\ 3d 
Wright John, chemist 154 Lombard 
Wright John I. merchant 77 Tammany 
Wright John, carter back of 171 Green 
Wright John, shoemaker 177 Green 
Wright John, umbrella and woolen manufacturer 5 Hartung's 

Wright Joshua, gentleman 11 north 2d 
Wright Joseph, labourer Lilley alley 
Wright James M. merchant 151 High 

Wright J. and E. and Co. Umbrella manufacturers, 56 High 
Wright Mrs. tutoress 161 S.TOth 
\\ right Mrs. widow back 111 Catharine 
Wright Nathan, carpenter, cor. Emlen's court and Noble 
Wright Peter F. dry goods store 211^ S. 2d 
Wright Mary, nurse 19 Coats 
Wright Margaret, mantuamaker 128 N. 5th 
Wright Rebecca, spinster, 145 south 5th 
Wright Robert, printer N. W. cor. of Walnut and 2J — d. h. 

103 Lombard 
"\\ right Wm. cabinet maker, 8 Whitaker's row 
Wright and J. grocers S. W. corner Front and Mulberry 
Wright Mary, widow boarding house 140 Race 
Wright Pete : r, china store 27 N. 3d — d. b. 153 Vine 
Wright Robert, carpenter 72 N. 11th 

Wright Samuel G. merchant 13 S Front — d. h. 160 N. Front 
Wright Sarah, bonnet maker c^c. 85 N. 3d 
fright Sarah, plain bonnet maker 21 N. 4th 
Wright Thomas, salt merch. 133 N. Water — d. b. 203 N. £th 
Wright Wm. W merchant 261 Walnut 

Vhiladelphia Index. YOT 

Wrigley F. printing ink maker, Lombard near 10th 
Worthington Mrs. B. boarding house 316 High 
Worrells, Richardson and Co. merchants 191 High 
Worth David, merchant 41 N. Front 
Wunder Geo. victualler 127 Germantown Road — stall 10 N. I 

Wunder Jacob, victualler Germantown Road below 4th and 

139 Budd 
Wurts Wm. merchant 173 High — dwelling Arch near 12th 
Wurts John, attorney at law 36 N 5th 
Wylie Samuel B. n. n. teacher Walnut above 11th 
Wyman Jonas, merchant 10 south wharves — d. h. 3 Sansom 
Wright Thomas and Co. saltstore 123 N. Water 
Wurts Peter, printer, Marlborough near Redford (K.) 
Wright Wm. upholsterer Xo. 2, O. Y. Road 
Wright Wm. weaver Rihl's court 
Wrigley Francis, manufacturer 82 Tammany 
Wyant John, ropemaker Crown near West (K.) 
Wurts John, victualler Rugan (N T . L.) 
W T urts Rodman and Wurts, merchants 189 High 
Wurtz M. boarding 'house 120 Arch 
Wurtz Charles, victualler A3 Bedford 
Wyman and Haseltine, merchants 10 S. Wharves 
W\nkoop Abraham, 128 St. John 
Wynott George, tobacconist 62 Coats 

YARD EDMUND, jr. collector of taxes, 116 south 10th 

Yard John, cabinet and chairmaker, 30 north Fourth 

Yard Mary Ann, widow, 30 north Fourth 

Yard Pearson, dry goods store, 135 north Third 

Yard ley Mrs. widow, 71 Mulberry 

Yardley William, flour inspector 110^ north Front 

Yarnall B. H. hardware merchant, 39 High — d h 34 Sanaom 

Yarnall Ellis, merchant, 357 High 

Yarnall Israel, storekeeper, 104 north Second 

Yakel Elias, hairdresser, Maiden near stone bridge 

Yard John, comb maker, 1 3 Mulberry 

Yard Charlotte, widow, 169 Green 

Yard James, merchant, Walnut st. wharf— d. h. 240 Waln\it 

■j-Yard Sarah, cook, 263 Spruce 

Yardley Thomas, M. D. 2l9£ north Front 

Yardley Joshua, carpenter, Buttonwood lane near Sixth 

Yarnall E. C. &? Co. wholesale druggists, 24 north Front 

Yates Elizabeth, widow, nurse, Vine near Juniper 

Yates Wm. cotton manufacturer 14 Knight's court 

Yatman John, improved venitian blind maker, 104 N. 5th 

Yeager Benjamin, victualler, 214 north Eighth 

Yeager Thomas, labourer, 118 north Water 

Yeager Catharine, shopkeeper, 103 Race 

Yerkes Jonathan, labourer, Vine near Broad 

Yerkes Titus, innkeeper Red Lion Inn, N. side High ab. 6t 

VOL" Philadelphia Index 

Yhost Jno- victualling house, 29 Franklin court 
Yock Wm. carpenter, 30 Garden 
Yokum Margaret, widow, 69 north Fifth 

York Edward, commission merchnnt, 145 Mulberry 

Yates Abigail, nurse, 193 north Front 

Yates Edmund, tinsmith, 156 Spmce 

Yeates Abraham, assistant to regulator, 4 Chester 

Ycates Edman, merchant, 235 High — d. h. 14 north 8th 

Ytager Adam, cooper, 6 Heyde's court 

Yeager Joseph, engraver, 37 Chester 

\<>ager John, shoemaker, 146 St. John 

Yeger John, skindresser, 284 north Front 

N t-rks Silas, flour and feed store, 335 north Second 

Yohe Geovge, Wasliington hall inn, 6 north Fourth 

Yonker Jacob, smith, 27 Noble 

Vorke Mrs. Man, 146 Mulberry 

Young Andrew, tailor, corner Foplar and St. John 

Young Andrew, brassfounder, 481 north Third 

Young Ann, widow, china store, 87 north Seventh 

Young Benjamin, shipwright, Hanover above Que^n 

Young t^Bake:-, brassfounders, 424 north Third 

Young Christopher, weaver, 5 Wagner's alley. 

\ oung Clayton, tanner, Sansom's ay. N. L. 

Young David; shingle dresser, Rogers court 

\ oung & Dtdeker, engravers, SW. cor. of Tliird and Chesnut 

Young Elizabeth, widow, 14V Race 

Young Elizabeth, market woman, Poplar L near St. John 

Young rvlmur.d, coach painter, 35 Coatee 

Young & Felton, coach painters, 226 Race 

v oung Francis, tailor, 9 Fearris's court 

Young Henry, gilder, 8 Branch 

if oung Henry, blacksmith, 28 Sugar ay. 

Young Henry, packer, Union n. Marlborough K. 

Young Henry, paper hanger and marble paper maker, 1J9 
Callow hi 11 

YoUrtg l^aac, phuVerer, back 37 New Market 

Young Israel, ladies shoemaker, 121 south Secon 

Young Jacob, victualler, Second near Beaver 

j Young Jacob, blacksmith, 95 south Eighth 

Young Jacob, sopemaker, cur. Passyunk and Sixth 

Young Michael, 81 Callowhill 

Young Maria, C. widow, 300 Race 

Young Peter, baker, 191 north Fourth 

Young Samuel, fruiterer, 185 north 2d corner Key's alley 

Young Susannah, ship's colour maker Farmer's row 

Young Thomas, hardware merchant, 203 south 2d 

Young William, broker, 1 Farmer's Row 

Young William, grocer, north east corner of Shippen and 

Passyunk road 
Young William, Son and Co. Delaware woollen factorv ware- 
house — they manufacture superfine broadcloths, CBSsimeres, 
sattinetts and figicy cords, 10 south 3d 
Young William S. merchant, 75 Wood 
Yuckiey Eliza, dealer, 2 Oak (S) 

Philadelphsa Index. ZEB 

Young Jeremiah, cabinetmaker, 388 south Second— d. h. 13 

Burd's alley. 
Young .Tames H. engraver, 8 south 8th — d. h. 73 Gaskil 
Young Jane, dealer, 3 Pine 

Young John, tavernkeeper, 32 north Seventh cor. Zane 
'Young John, plaisterer, 40 north Second 
Young John H. carpenter, corner Fourth and Noble 
Young John G. accountant, 13 Pennsylvania avenue 
Young John, printing office, back of 34 north Third 
Young John, vendue huckster, barber, Sec. 80 Cedar 
Young Joseph, meal store, cor. Browne and Fourth 
Young Joseph, wheelwright, 53 Noble 
Young Lewis, cabinetmaker, 261 south Second 
Young Mark, 133 south Eleventh 
Young Mary, widow, Baker's court 
Young Moses, porter, back 18 Kunkel 
Young Peter, shallopman, Flint's court 
Young Philip, wheelwright and blacksmith, 15 Summer's q^ 
Y'oung Philip, shoemaker, So north Fifth 
Young Richard, victualler, 77 Garden 
Young Samuel, tobacconist, corner of 4th and Noble 
Young Thomas W. carpenter and drum maker, 43 S. Front" 
Young Thomas, grocer, Oak near Coat es 
Y'oung Win. 1. 14 YVainut 
Young \Vm. coach painter, 35 Coates 
Yourson Giles, drayman, Race near Sch. Seventh 

ZANE Jesse S. balance weigher, 72 S. Front— d'h. 19 A>4h 

Zahes Wilkins, mariner 63 Penn 

Zeigler Ann, widow '97 Christian ( 

Zane John, ca penter 59 Mechanic 

Zane Eliza, widow seamstress back 293 S, 5th 

Zebley Benjamin F. carpenter Hause's court 

Zeilin Jacob, tavernkeeper 32 south 6th 

Zell H. gentleman 71 south Eleventh 

Zeigler George, brewer N. E. cor. 4th and Gall owhill 

Zantzinger Thomas B. merchant, 174 Chesnut 

Zargable Anthony, shoemaker Frank. Road near Bedford (K) 

Zebley Benjamin, carpenter Woglom's court 

Zeble> Jacob, inspector of customs 44 Union 

Zebley Rudolph, carter 468 Race 

Z" :S *' Andrew, baker .44 Sp Mice. 

Zell Cath. widow, hat binder back of 146 N.3d 

Zell Christopher grocer Sassafras alley 

Zeil Jacob, 7 St. John 

Z llThb nas, hardware merdhan 272 High 

Zelier Daniel, merchant 14 Branch 

ZIM Philadelphia Index- 

Zeller Jacob, bookbinder and corder 121 N. SdJ 

Zelley John, taylor, 4 Branner's alley 

Zentler Conrad, printer, office back 104 N. 2d — di h. 23v 

Zigler Jacob, collector of ta-xes 74 New 
Zimmerman Sarah, grocer 68 Race 
ZollichofTer Henry M. druggist N. E. cor. 6fh and Pine 
Zottman Ann, storekeeper 84 N. 4th 
Zink Geo. carpenter Fearis' court 
Zizelman John, baker 13 above South 
Zimmerman Sebastian, grocer Callowhill near John 

Philadelphia Index. 


Stages, Packages and Steam Boats, 

With the time and place of their departure from 

.'Etna Steam boat, High street Ferry, north side, 2 o'clock 
P. M. 

Alexandria packets, (Col.) Hamilton's wharf 

Allentown, Pa. stages leaves White Swan, No. 106, Race st 
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 4 A. M. 

Amboy Steam boat, at Bickley's wharf 

Baltimore Post Chaise, leaves 43 soutl* 4th street, on Tues 
day, Thursday, and Saturday, at 4 A M 

Baltimore Mail Coach, leaves Bailey's, 30 south Third, daily 
at 7 A M 

Baltimore Steam boat, Delaware and Baltimore, via New Cas- 
tle, Market street wharf, south side, daily, at noon 

Berwick, Pennsylvania stage, leaves White Swan, 106 Race 
street, Thursday, at 4, A M 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania stage, leares White Swan, 106 Race 
street, Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday, at 4, A M 

Boston packets, Chesnut street wharf & Perott's wharf above 

Badge ton, New Jersey, Mullberry street ferry, (Sunday ex- 
cepted) at sunrise 

Burlington stage (by Jersey) Market and Mullberry street fer 
ries, north side 

Bustleton and Holmsburg, Buck, 130 north Second street, 
daily at 3, P M 

Chester stage, White horse, Bank street, daily (Sunday ex- 
cepted) at 8, A M, and half past 1, P M 

Charleston (S C) packets, Clifford's wharf 

Chesnut Hill (via Germantown) leaves 18 north Fourth street 
daily, at 10 A M, and 118 north Third, at 10 A M and at 3 

Downingtown, Black Bear, 5th near Market, Tuesday Thurs- 
day and Saturday, at 7, A M 

Doylestown stage, from 106 Race, Tuesday, Thursday and Sa^ 
tu relay 

Zg$ Harbour, Mullberry street ferry, Thursday at 10, A M 

Easton and Wilkesbarre, Green Tree, 50 north 4th stree* 

Philadelphia Index. 

Falls of Schuylkill, Green Tree, 50 north 4th street, tlaily, at 
2 and half past 6, P 11 

Flowertown, Cross Kevs, 18 north 4th street, daily at 8, A M 
and 3 P M 

Flowerlown, Old Rotterdam, daily at 3 P M 

Frankford, Sorrell horse, north 2d street, daily at 9 A M and 

Germantown, Cross Kevs, 18 north 4th street, daily at 8 A M 
and 3PM 

Germantown, 94 north 2d street, daily at 9 A M and 6 P M 

Germantown, Chesnut Hill und Flowertown, 106 Race street 
daily at 9, 10, 11, A Mand 3, 5, 6 P M 

Great Egg Harbour, Mullberry street fern - , Thursday at 10 

Hamiltonville, Black Bear, 5th near Market street, daily at 9 
A M and 3 and 7 P M 

Holmsburg, 130 north 2d, daily 3 P M — another runr from Ca- 
mel Inn 140 north 2d 

Lanca?ter and Pittsburg mail leaves 286J Market, daily (Sun- 
days excepted) at 7 A M 

Mount Holly, Mullberrv street ferrv, daily (Sunday excepted) 

Xew York Post Coach, apply at Bailey's, 30 south 3d stree 
daily (Sunday excepted) at 5 A M 



List of Streets, Roads, Lanes, Alleys, Courts, Ave- 
nues, Public Places, Wards, Wharves, and Ship- 
Yards, in the City, Northern Liberties, including 
Kensington, Penn Township, Southw ark, Moy- 
umensing and Passyunk. [See the Editor's Ad- 

Academy of Fine Arts, Chesnut ab. Tenth, N. side 

Acorn alley, from 52 Locust to Spruce 

Adams' street, runs south from Fitzwater ab. Sixth 

Adelphi avenue, runs from Pegg to Noble 

Adelphi School House, Pegg st. 

Alban street, from Norman to Clare alley 

Alberson's court, runs north from John st. 

Alberson's wharf, opens at 99 Swanson st. 

Alder alley* runs from Castle st. to North 

Allen's alley, from 159 south Sixth 

f Allen's court, from 150 Spruce 

Allen street, runs N. E. from Frankford road near 

Allen's wharf, opens at 67" north Water 
Almond st. from 314 south Front to 315 Second 
Alois, House and House of Employment, Spruce be- 
tween Tenth and Eleventh 
American Fire Insurance Office, 101 Chesnut 
Ann st. (N. L.) fr. 52 Viae to (Pegg's run) Willow 
Ann street (Sch.) from Sch. Seventh to Eighth bet. 

Filbert and Arch 
Ann st. from Twelfth to Thirteenth bet Lombard 

and Cedar 
Anne street (V.) from Wissahiccou to Charles bet.. 
Francis and Vineyard 


iv Philadelphia Ind 

Browne street (N. L.) from the High Bridge to I 

York road 
Browne street (K.) from Cherry to Vine between 

Pit nee artd Duke 
Brown's court, from 95 Race 
Browned court (N. L.) from 19 Budd 
Browne's wharf, second south of Warren 
Browne's wharf, opens at 3£5 north Front 
Brass tar's (H.) wharf, first above the intersection of 

Penn and Beach (K..) 
Brusstar's fS.) wharf, first south of Marlborough 
Brusstar's alley, from Beach to Queen near Shacka- 

Bryan's alley, from 148 north Fifth to 141 Si 
Bryon's court, runs south from 10-2 Cherry 
Buck road runs S. E. from the U. S. Arsenal, Gi 

Ferry road 
Budd street, from 67 Green to Germantown road 
Burd's [Bird's on the corner sign board] alley 

from 78 Catharine to Queen 
Burd's alley (C.) runs from Raspberry to YTats 

Burd's court, runs south horn 124 L-o 
Burd's row. runs N. aid S. back 40 Currant alley 
Bush-Hill Hotel north of Callowhili between S 

Fifth and Sixth 
Buttonwood alley, from north Thirteenth to Jun: 

near High 
Buttonwood street, from i\ic Old York road to V 

sahiccon between ,nd Green 

(able lane, see Nov,- Market street 
Cadwalader street, between Second and the 

man town road above Masters' street 
Caldwell's wharf, first south of High 
Callowliill street, from the Delaware to Shuyl;. 

between Vine atid 
Camac street, run! . m north Second neai 

Mud lane 
Camden Bm urch alley 

Carlvle's court, From 46 -<.>u\h Fifth 
Carpenter's alley (S.) from 105 Catharine 
Carpenter's court, from 116 Chesnut 
Carpenters Rally back of IIS Chesnut 

Philadelphia In lex, \ 

( arpenter's street (C.) from Sixth to Seventh, rear 

of the New Theatre, between High and Chesnut 
Carpenter street (S.) from Church to Shippen's lane 
Carroll's court, enters Fourth near Germantown rd. 
Carter's alley, from 65 south Second to 55 Third 
Castle st. fr. Tenth to Eleventh bet. Raceand North 
Catharine street, from the Delaware to Passyunk rd, 

between German and Queen 
Cauflman's court, from 147 north Second 
Cauft man's court, from 14 Cherry 
i 'avenaugh's wharf, south side of Almond street. 
Cedar (or South) street, from the Delaware to the 
Schuylkill, between Lombard and Shippen, being 
the southern boundary of the city 
Centre alley, from Eleventh to Twelfth between 

Walnut and Locust 
Chancc.-y lane, from 15 Coombs' alley to 32 Arch 
Charles street, from 335 Callowhill to Buttonwood 
Charles street (V.) from Francis' lane to George 
Charlotte street, from 121 Browne to Poplar lane 
Cheesman's wharf, first south of Maiden 
Cherry street, from 74 north Third to Schuylkill 
Cherry street (K.) from Queen to Frankford road 

between Palmer and Vienna 
Chesnut street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill be- 
tween High and Walnut 
Chesnut Ward, between High and Chesnut, the De- 
laware and Fourth 
Chester street, from 297 Race to Vine 
China street, from 466 south Front to Second 
ihrist Church Hospital, 107 Arch, and Cherry near 

Christian street, from the Delaware to Passyunk rd. 

between Queen and Prime 
Church alley, from 20 north Second to 11 Third 
Church alley, from Arch to 142 Cherry 
Church street, from 22 Christian 
Circus and Equestrian Theatre, N. E. corner Ninth 

and Walnut 
City Hall, S. W. corner of Fifth and Chesnut 
City Hospital, corner of Francis lane and Fourth 
Clare alley, from Thirteenth to Juniper between 
Lambert and Vine 

a 2 

Vi Philadelphia Index. 

Clapier's wharf, first north of Cedar 

Clawges' court, from Bryan's alley running; north 

Clever [or Cleaver] alley, from 90 south Fifth to I 

Clifford's wharf, opens at 29 north Water 
Clifton street, runs south from Cedar near Eleventh 
Clinton's ship-yard, at Wilson's wharf 
Clover street, from Twelfth to Thirteenth bet. High 

and Chesnut 
Clymer's alley, from Fitzwater near Passyunk road 

to Sixth 
Coates' alley, from 134 north Front to 15 1 Second 
Coats' court, from 31 New Market st. 
Coats' street, from the Delaware to the Wissahiccon 

road between Green and Browne 
Cobb's court, runs W. from Fourth S. of Poplar lane 
Colhoun's wharf, opens at 29 north Water 
College avenue, runs E. from Tenth below H 
Columbia Garden. High west of Thirteenth 
Comley's wharf, second north of Callowhill 
Commercial Bank, 104 Chesnut 
Commissioner's Offices (City and County) City H 

and State House 
Commissioner's Hall (S.) Second near Christian 
Commissioner's Hall (N. L.) 323 north Third 
Connelly's wharf, first south of War. 
Conestoga Wagon Inn, 140 High 
Coombs' alley, from 44 north Front to 51 Second 
Cooper's court, from 33 Arch 
Cooper's court (N. L ) from 404 north Front 
Coruwainer's alley, from Pine to Lombard betv, 

Ninth and Tenth 
Council Chambers (Select and Common) City Hall 
Cox's alley, from 300 south Front to 323 Second 
Crab street, from Gaskill to Shippen, bet. Fourth 
- and Fifth 

awford's wharf, opens at 99 north Water 
Cresson's alley, from 9G north Fifth to 91 Sixth 
Cresson's court, from 61 Cherry 
Crooked-Billet wharf, opens at 21 south Water 
Crown street, from 155 Race to Old York road and 

Crown street (K.) from Queen to Frankford road 

tween Shack.amax.on and Hanover 

Philadelphia Index. Vii 

Currant alley, from Walnut to Spruce bet. Tenth 

and Eleventh 
Custom House, 114 south Second 
Cuthbert's wharf, opens at 247 south Front, 25 Peun 

and 9 Little Water 
Cuthbert's wharf, first south of Coats' st. (N. L.) 
Cypress alley, from 144 south Third to 79 Fourth 

Darby road, see Woodland street 

Davis' court runs W. from Old York road ab. Fi; 

Davison's alley, from Thirteenth to Juniper between 

High and Chesnut 
Dawson's court, from 83 Chesnut 
Dean's alley, from 144 S. Eighth to Blackberry all fej 
Dean street, from Walnut to Lombard bet. Twelfth 

and Thirteenth 
Debtor's Gaol, corner of Arch and Broad 
Decatur street, from 210 High to Carpenter 
Delavau's ship-yard opposite the Swede's church 
Delaware Insurance Office, 42 Walnut 
Dispensary (City) 57 south Fifth 
Dispensary (Southwark) Shippen between Third and 

District Court, held S. E. corner of Sixth & Chesnut 
Dock street, from 138 south Front and 15 Spruce to 

67 Third 
Dock Ward, hetween Walnut and Spruce, and the 

Delaware and Fourth 
Donaldson's alley, from Gray's Ferry road to Fede- 
ral alley between Arsenal st. and Buck road 
Donaldson's wharf and mast-shed, Kensington 
Downin^'s wharf, opens at 119 north Water 
Drawbridge Public Landing, at the east end of Dock 
Drinker's alley, from 108 N. Front to 119 Second § 
Drinker's court, runs south from 66 Union 
-Duke st. (N. L.) from 242 N. Front to 303 Second 
Duke st. K.) runs N. E. from Palmer bet. Prince 

and West 
Duncan's court, from 289 south Fourth 
Duval's court, runs W. from 36 Ann (X. L.) 

Eckfeldt's court, runs north from 4 South allay 
Kighth street (S.) from -2G5 High, running south to 
ifa&sv'unk road 

\iii Philadelphia Index. 

Eighth 1 street (N.) from 351 High, running nortb 
Eighth street, from Schuylkill (N. and S.) from Vi 

to Cedar between Seventh and Broad 
Elbow alley, from 184 south Sixth, and turns south 

to Barclay's alley 
Elbow lane, from Bank street to 21 south Third 
Eleventh street (N.) from 40~ High to Vine 
Eleventh street f S.J from High to Cedar between 

Tenth and Twelfth 
Elfreth's alley, from 94 north Front to 105 Second 
Elizabeth street, from Ninth to Tenth above Race 
Elizabeth street, from 164 south Sixth to Seventh 
Elm street, from ''■CO north Second to 153 Third 
Elmslie's alley, from 118 south Second 
Emlen's alley, from Clever alley to 5 Powell 
Emlen's court, from Pegg st. to 4 Noble 
Etris' court, from 128 north Fifth 
Evans' court, from 163 north Sixth 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, 4 south Seventh 
Eyre & Massey's wharf, second south of Chesnut 
Eyre's fE.J wharf, third above Hanover 
Eyre's ( F.J ship-yard, at J. Eyre's wharf 
Eyre's [G.J wharf and ship yard, first S. of Hanover 
Eyre's fS.J wharf, second north of Hanover 
Eyre's fJ.J wharf and ship-yard, second ab. Mai 
Eyre's fJ.J ship-yard, at E. Eyre's wharf 
Eyre's (T. B.J ship-yard, at Cheesmairs wharf 

Fairview street, from Seh. Fourth to Broad 
Faries' court, runs north from North st. ab, Tenth 
Farmer's row, from 41 Dock 
Farmers' and Mecfitmics? Bank. 157 Chesnut neaih 

opposite the Bank of the United States 
Fayette street, from 53 Filbert to 362 Arch 
F'earris' court, runs west from 148 north Front 
Federal alley, from Arsenal st. to Federal road 
Federal street and road, from the Delaware to Sent 

kill between Prime and Wharton 
Fifth street ( N.J from 197" High to the Old York rd. 
Fifth street (S.J from 168 Hioh running south 
Fifth street, from Schuylkill fN. and S.J from Vine 

to Cedar between Fourth and Sixth 
Filbert street, from 22 north Eighth to Schuylkill 
Fisher's (i. C.J wharf, opens at 63 north Water 

Philadelphia Index, ix 

Fisher's ('Y. & M.J wharf, opens at 17 Swanson 

Fitzwater street, runs west from 32 Passyunk road 

Flintham's wharves, open at 137 and 141 N. Water 

Flint's court, runs north from 13 Filbert 

Flower's alley, from 42 Budd 

Flower's wharf, at Almond street public landing 

Fordham's wharf, first above Warren 

Fourth st. fN.J the middle boundary of the wards, 

from 155 High to the Germantown road 
Fourth st. ($j tne middle boundary of the wards, 

from 128 High, running south 
Fourth st. from Schuylkill fS. and S.J from Fran- 
cis' lane to Cedar between Third and Fifth 
Francis' lane, from Ridge road near Hickory lane to 

Francis street, from the Ridge road to Charles bcU 

Francis' lane and Anne 
Frank ford road runs north from Maiden 
Franklin court, runs south from 106 High 
Franklin row, west side of Ninth between Walnut 

and Locust 
Franklin st. fr. Third to Fourth near Germantown rd. 
Friends 1 Alms Uuiise^ next above 70 Walnut 
Fries' courts runs west from 2 north Eleventh 
Fries* wharf, south side Walnut street 
Front street fN.J from 21 High running north 
Front street (S.) from 14 High running south 
Front street, from Schuylkill (N. and S.J fr. Vine 

to Cedar between As-hcton and Second 
Frombergers court, from 34 north Second to Iiar- 

t ung's alley 
Fuller's alley, from Swanson to 403 south Front 

Galbraith's court, from 119 Queen 

Garden street, from 297 Caliowhill to Buttonwood 

Gardiner's wharf, opposite 37 and 38 South Wharves 

above Walnut 
Garrigues' court, from 213 Race 
Gaskill street, from 238 south Second to 229 Fifth 
Gaw's court, runs west from 84 north Front 
George street, from Ninth to Schuylkill between 

Chesnut and Walnut — see Little George 
George street (N. L.J from near 550 N. 2d to 6th 
George street [S.] from 68 Cedar to 27 Pium. 

x Philadelphia Index. 

George street [V.] from the Ridge road to Charles 

st. north of Vineyard 
German street, from 334 south Second to Passyunk. 

see Little German 
Germantown road, commences at the intersection of 

north Front and Maiden 
Gilles' alley, from 135 Lombard to 119 Cedar 
Girard's Banking House. Third near head of Dock 
Girard's wharf opens at 19 north Water 
Goddard's alley, from 2 New Market to 211 north 

Goforth alley, from 72 Chesnut to 71 Dock 
Golden Eagle Hotel, N. W. corner of High & Ninth 
Golden Sivan Inn, 69 north Third 
Goodwater alley, from Washington square to 94 

south Eighth 
Graff's alley, from 57 Race 

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Chesnut ab. Seventh 
Grape alley (V.) from Anne to George bet. Ridge 

road and Powell 
Grape street, from 24 south Eighth to 13 Ninth 
Gray's Ferry road, from Cedar near Schuylkill Front 

running south west to Schuylkill 
Greenleaf 's court, runs west from 10 south Fourth 
tereen st. from 358 north Front to Old York road 
Greene's alley, runs north from 127 Pine to 152 

Green Tree Inn, at 50 ifiorth Fourth 
Greenwich street, runs from Front to Moyamensing 

below Wharton 
Grice's (J. & F.) wharves and ship-yard, first above 

the High Bridge 
Grice's (S ) wharf and ship-yard, first above Maiden 
Grindstone alley, from 81 High to Church alley 
Grizel's alley, from Little Oak to 13 Fitzwater 

Halberstadt & Haines' wharf, opens at 311 N. Front 
Hamilton street, from Upper Ferry road to Broad 
Hamilton's wharf, see Kern's wharf 
Hanover street, from the Delaware to Frankfort! road 

between Marlborough and Palmer 
Harmony court, runs north from 27 Coates' alley 
Harmony street, from 76 south Third to 47 For 
Harper's alley, runs from S3 south Water 

Philadelphia Index. xi 

Harper's wharf, opens next 83 south Water 
Hart's court, from 57 New-Market street 
Harp and Eagle Hotel, 43 north Third 
Hartung's alley, from 26 north Second to 31 Third 
Hause's court, runs north from Cherry east of Ninth 
Hay Markets Sixth corner of Buttonwood street and 

Moyamensing road below Christian 
Hazlehurst's court, runs east fr. Tenth below High 
Health Office, 39 south Fifth 
Heyde's court, runs north from 23 Filbert 
Hickory lane, running west from Old York road and 

Coat's to the Ridge road near Francis' lane 
High street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill bet. 

Arch and Chesnu.t 
High street Ward, between High and Arch the Dela- 
ware and Fourth 
Hillegas & Clarkson's wharf, at the High Bridge 
Hinkel's court, from 203 Race to Bryan's alley 
Hinkel's court, (N. L.) runs north from 249 Vine 
Hodge's wharf, opens at 85 north Water 
Hoffman's alley, from 61 Cherry to 114 Race 
Hollingjsworth's wharf, opens at 141 south Water 
Hopkins' court, runs north east from William bet. 

Otter and Rose 
Horse Market. Race below Fifth 
Hospital, (Pennsylvania) Pine between Eighth and 

Huddell's wharf, opens at 79 and 117 Swanson 
Huddell's court, from 91 Swanson 
Hudson's alley, from 112 Chesnut to Harmony street 
Hudson's lane, runs west from Passyunk road near 

Hughes' wharf, first above Warren 
Humphreys' wharf, opens at 109 Swanson 
Humphreys' wharf and ship-yard, below the Swede's 

Hunter's court, east from N. Eleventh between High 

and Filbert 
Hurst street, from 146 Lombard to 191 Cedar 
Hutton's ship-yard, near the Navy Yard 

Imlay's wharf, opens at 7 north Water 
Increase court, from George to Juniper alley west of 

iii PhiladelpJiia Index. 

Irish lane, runs south from Cedar near Broad 

Jacoby street, from Cherry to Race, between Twel 

and Thirteenth 
James alley, ftom Maple to Hillzeimer 
James street, from Charles street to the Ridge road 

between Callowhill and Pleasant 
John street, runs N. fr. Vine bet. Sixth & Lawrence 
Johns street, runs from 466 south Front to Second 
Johns & Linerd's wharf and mast-shed, first south of 

the public landing at the Hay scales, (N. L.) 
Johnson's lane, runs W. from Moyamensing below 

Joint alley, runs E. from Sch. Eighth near Chesnut 
Jones' alley, see Pewterplatter alley 
Jones' alley. (S. L,) runs south fiom Browne between 

Br.dd and Second 
Jones' alley, runs north from 15 Mary's alley 
Jones' street, runs from Sch. Fourth to Sixth between 

High and Filbert 
Jones' wharf, opens at 127 north Water 
Juliana street, runs north from 175 Vine, and con- 
tinued above Buitonwood 
Juniper alley, fr. Tenth near Walnut to Juniper lane 
Juniper lane, from George to Walnut between Tenth 

and Eleventh 
Juniper street; (N. 8c S.) from Vine to Cedar between 

Broad and Thirteenth 

Kern's wharf, opens at 1 1 9 south Water 
Kessler's couit, runs east from N. Fourth near Coats' 
Key's alley from 160 N. Front to 183 Second 
Keyset St Oorgas? wharf, opens at 225 north Water 
Knight's court, runs south from 178 Cherry 

ht's (J) wharf, opens at 179 north Water 
Knight's (D. P ) wharf, opens at 371 north Front 
Knoodk iiom Walnut to Locust between Sch. 

Seventh and Eighth 
Knorr's wharf opens at 195 north Water 
Kugler's court: opens at 130 Race 
Kunckle street, from Wood to Green between north 

Third and Fourth 

Lsetitia court, frcm 30 High to Blackhorse alley 

Philadelphia Inde.v. xlii 

wharf, first north of Ceiiar 
Lambert street, from Thirteenth to Juniper between 

Norman and Clare alleys 
icaster and Susqeu'/iauna Insurance Office, 
L aide's wharf, opens at 85 Swanson 
Latimer k MurrfocVs wharf, third above Arch 
Latimer's wharf, opens at 163 south Water 
Laurel street, from 39 Spruce to York 
Laurel street, (N. L.) from near 529 north Front to 

Laurence street, runs north from 255 Vine 
Law's court, runs south from 106 Christian 
Lebanon Garden, in Cedar near Tenth 
Leech's court, runs south from 156 Spruce 
Leipers wharf, opens near 179 north Water 
Lemon street, runs from 156 north Eighth to Chester 
Lewis' alley, from 24 Small to Hum alley 
Liberty alley, from 9 Duke to 6 Green 
lA'rravij. (Philadelphia) in Filth corner of Library st\ 
Library street, from 62 south Fourth to 55 Fifth 

l#$uran?e Ojjice, in Chesnut op. the State 


Lily alley, from Tammany near Second to near Coats' 

(e Dock street, from 50 Spruce to 177 S. Second 

!e George street, from 50 S. Sixth to 51 Seventh 

Little German street, from 90 Swanson to 577 south 

Littie Oak street, from Pottery alley to Lewis' be- 
tween Shippen and Fitzwater 
Little Pine street, from Seventh to Eighth between 

Fine and Lombard 
Little Washington street, from Front to Secoad south 

of Federal 
Little Water street, from Lombard street alley to 7 

Littleboy's court, opens at 48 Arch 
Locust street, from 125 south Sixth to Schuylkill 
Locust IVard* between Walnut and Spruce, south 

Fourth and Schuylkill 
Lodge alley, from 16 south Seventh to Eighth 
Lolar's court, runs west from 528 north Front 
Lombard street, from 212 south Front to Schaylkill 
Lombard street alley, from the Delaware i« 249 south 

Front B 

xiv Philadelphia Index. 

Lombardy, west of the Centre square 

Long lane, runs south from Cedar near Sch. S< 

Lower Delaware Ward, between Mulberry and S 

safras and the Delaware and north Fourth 
Loxlev's court, runs north from 115 Mulberry 
Loxiet's court, runs south from 30 Spruce 
Lugars row, enters Second north of Beaver 
LvndalFs alley, from Twelfth and Thirteenth be- 
tween Walnut and Weaver's alley 
Lvndall's court, runs east from Tenth below Fine 
Lytle's court, runs east from 263 south Second 

Madison avenue, from Sheaff's alley to Vine street 
Ma 'Mi court, runs north from 23 St. Mary 
Maffet's wharf, first below Queen (S.) 
Magnolia street, runs south from Noble east of Si 
JIJagdale'H Ostium, corner of Sch. Second & Race 
Marden's row, N. from Catharine bet. Front & Sec 
Maiden street, from the Delaware to the intersection 

of. the Genoantown road and Front 
Maltall^v. from Nicholson's court to 206 Race 
Marisinn-ffouse Hotel, see Washington Hall 
Maph- from 134 north Eighth to H'S Ni: 

Marble street, from 14 south Tenth to El 
Margaret alley, from Twelfth to Thirteenth between 

Cherry and Race 
Margaretta street, from 258 N. Front to 275 Sec«md 
Maifa street, from north Fourth to Old York n 

between Coates' and Browne 
$£jnri ranee Office, AT Walnut 

Maris & Evans' wharf, opens at 57 south Water 
M;- barf, opposite Swede's Church 

rvi e, iiom 98 north Eleventh lo Twelfth 

„h street, from the Delawaie to the Frank- 
ford road between Crown and Hanover 

,/ficcs west wing of the State House 
uiiey, from 122 south Fourth to 137 Fifth 
street, fiom the Delaware near the High 
3 t ior:t 

urn 27 Gille's alley to south Sixth 
>1 h from 496 south Front to 505 Second 

in Cherry to the Frankford road 
\i !ui;c, from south Fourth to Passyunk road 

ue v-een Cnristian and Carpenter 

Philadelphia Indtx. XV 

Masonic Hall and Grand Lodge of Pcnmylvamia y 

Chesnut between Seventh and Eighth 
Massey's wharf, opens at 15 south Water 
Matlack's court, runs south from 12 Spruce 
Mayor's Office, S.W. cor. of Fifth and Chesnut 
M'Cloud's court, opens at 154 Race 
M'Culloch's court, runs west from 144 north Front 
M'Ginnes' court, runs east from 7 Vernon 
M' Michael's court, runs east from Pitt above Beavet 
M' Mullen's wharf, second below Queen 
Mead alley, from 328 south Front to 349 Second 
Mechanic^ Bunk, 9 south Third 
Mechanic street, runs from 316 Vine to Maple 
Mercer street, runs from Wrrren to Locust 
Merchants' Coffee -House and Exchange, 86 south Se- 
Meredith's alley, enters Poplar lane above Third 
Meredith's court, enters Fifth below Buttonwood 
Middle alley, from 168 south Sixth to Seventh 
Middle Ward, between High and Chesnut and Fourth 

and Schuylkill 
Midlen's court, opens at 369 south Front 
Mifflin's court, runs west from 318 south Front 
Mifflin's wharf, opens at 133 and 139 north Water 
Miles' alley, runs west from 102 south Tenth 
Miles' row, near Rose and William 
Miller's alley, runs east from 87 south Sixth 
MilJer's alley, from Sch. Eighth to Broad between 

Race and Vine 
Miller's court, runs south from 158 Spruce 
Miller's court, fJV.L.J runs west from 314 N. Second 
Miller's court, f.Y.L.J runs north from 45 Green 
Minor street, from 4 south Fifth to 3 Sixth 
Mint, (United States,) 27 and 29 north Seventh 
Mint court, runs west from Raspberry lane between 

Cherry and Race 
Mintzer's court, runs west from 244 north Second 
Morgan's court, runs east from Eleventh to Faries" 

court below Vine 
Morgan street, tr. Ninth to Tenth bet. Race & Vine 
Morris' alley, from 62 south Front to 79 Second 
Morris' wharf, opens at 115 south Water 
Morris and Flower's wharf, at Almond street publk 

xri Philadelphia Index. 

Morton's wharf, opens at 10.5 south "Water 
Moyamensing road, runs south from the ii 
of Chmtiata and Second 

Mud lane, from the Black horse, Frankford road. 

the Germanto.tvn road 
Mulberry alley, from 282 north Eighth to Garden 
Mulberry court, runs west from 8 north Sixth 
Mulberrv street, from the Delaware to Schuylkil 

betweet H%h and Race 
Mu$enii:< at the State House, Chesnut street 
Myers' court, from £03 Race 
Myers* court, runs east from 153 north Third 

"Navy Yard, lower end of Swanson street 
J&iv~£rtigktnd Inn, 5 south AYater 
.\V?r .Market House. Second between Pine & Cedai 
New Market street, from 19 Vine to 42 Green 
*X*ew Market VfartL between Spruce and Cedar the 

Delaware and Fourth 
New street, see Story 

Nicholson's alley, runs from 113 Cherry to Race 
Ninth street, (Us) from 339 High to Vine 
Ninth street, (S) from 304 High to Cedar 
Nixon's wharf, opens at 1 1 Penn 
Noble street, from 330 north Front to Sixth 
Nonnater ? s court, runs south from 280 Arch 
Norman alley, from Thirteenth to Juniper between 

Race and Lambert 
Norris* alicy. from 68 south Front to 87" Second 
N orris* wharf, fourth above Hanover 
,]\*orth Jviierica Bank, 99 Chesnut above Third 
•A ui Ih ilmerica Insurance Office, 40 "Walnut 
Northern Liberty Hank* Vine belqw Third 
JWfA Maiierry fVardi between Race and Vine and 

Fourth and Schuylkill 
North alley, from sVi N. Fifth to .19 Sixth 
North street, from Tenth to Eleventh below Vine 
A*orth JVard, between High and Arch and Fourth 

and Schuvlkill 

Oak street, ( N. L.J from Willow to the High Bridge 

between the Delaware and Front 
Oak street, (8.) from 22 Crab to the Passvunk road 
Ogilbv's wharf and shi second below Arg; 

Philadelphia Index. xvii 

"Ohio street, from- Quince alley to Twelfth between 
Pine and Lombard 

Old Court House, Second, east end of Market house 

Old Ferry, back of 45 north Water 

Old York road, from 121 Vine to Germantown road 

Orange street, from Seventh to Eighth between Lo- 
cust and Spruce 

Orange street, f K. ) from the end of Palmer to Frank- 
ford road 

Osborne's court, W. fr. blackberry alley S. of Walnut 

Otter street, from Frankford road N. of Queen in a 
serpentine direction to Second 

Palmer street, from Queen to Frankford road between 

Hanover and Cheny 
Paper alley, from Thirteenth to Broad between Fil- 
bert and Arch 
Parham's alley, from 104 Swanson to 393 south Front 
Paschall's alley, from N. Fourth to the Old York road 

between Green and Coats' 
Pussyunk road, the boundary between Soulhwark and 

Mcyamensing, runs S. W. from 178 Cedar 
Patton's court, from 26 south Fourth 
Pcalfs Museum, State House in Chesnut street 
Pearson's court, E. fr. St. James' church N. Seventh 
Pear street, from 62 Dock to 83 south Third 
Peddle's wharf, opens at 63 i orth Water 
Pegg street, from 290 north Front to 299 Second 
Penitentiary, or State Prison, cor, of Walnut 8c Sixth 
Penn street, from 8 Pine to Cedar 
Penn street, (K.) from the Canal to Beach street alone- 

the Delaware 
Pennsylvania avenue, from Bryan's alley to 138 Vine 
Pennsylvania Bank, 86 south Second 
Pennsylvania Insurance Office, N. E. corner of Second 

and Dock 
Penrose's wharf, first north of Almond landing 
Penrose's wharves, between Catharine and Queen 
Perkenpine's court, runs east from 43 Budd 
Perot's wharf, at 39 and 43 N. Water 
Peter's alley, fr. Charlotte near B»-** ne to N - Fourth 
Petticoat alley, from 125 '*>**?: t0 ** r °wne 

Pew tern-latter alley. ^ rn 14 N# Front to l7 Second 
* B 2 

xviii Philadelphia Inch. 

Pfeifer's alley, fr. 22 New Market to 235 N. Sec 
Pfeifer's court, K. fr. Second to the Germantown : 
Philadelphia Bank, S. YV. cor. of Chesnut and Fourti 
Philadelphia Dispensary, 37 south Fifth 
Philadelphia Library* corner of Library and Fifth 
Philadelphia Insurance Office, 94 south Second. • 

of Walnut street 
Phillips' ship-yard, first north of the Navy Yard 
Philosophical Hall, in Fifth below Chesnut, W. >idr> 
Phoenix Insurance Office, 96 south Second 
Pine alley, from Bail alley to 235 south Fourth 
Pine street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill bet. 

Union and Lombard 
Pitt street, from Cohocsink creek to the Germantown 

road between N. Second and Third 
Pleasant avenue, from 235 Lombard to Little Pine 
Pleasant street, from Charles to Wissahiccon road 

between James and Buttonwood 
Plum street, from 230 south Second to Fifth 
Plum alley, (M.) from Grisel's alley »o south Sixth 
Poplar alley, runs N. from Locust between Currant 

alley and Eleventh 
Poplar lane, from 440 X. Front to Wissahiccon roaft 
Portland lane, from 152 south Sixth to Seventh 
Port Wardens Office. 18 Walnut 
Post Office, 116 Chesnut 
Pottery alley, from 8 Small to Little Oak 
Powell street, from 100 south Fifth to 133 Sixth 
Powell street, (V.) from Francis to George 
Pratt's court, from 096 N. Front 
Pratt's wharf, opens at 93 I\. Water 
Presbyterian court, west from 170 south Fourth 
Prichett*s. wharf, first south, of Chesnut 
Prime street, from the Delaware to Shippers i 

between Carpenter and Federal 
Prince street, runs N. E. from Shack'atnaxou bet 

Bedford and the Frankl'ord road 
probate of JVills, Office in the State House 
Prospect alley, east from 37 N. Tenth 

Prospect court, east from Eleventh between Filbert 

aud Mim/v-ry 
Prosperous alley, ^ utll from Locust bet Eleventh 

and Twelfth 
Protestant Episcopal Jicadewy,-*- T <ocus t ab. Ninth 

Philadelphia Ihdc.v. 

Prpthonoiory of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania* 

Office in i lie State House 
Protkvnctary of the Court of Common Fleas, Office 

in the State fro 
Prune street, from 110 south Fourth to Sixth 
Pryors alley, from near 152 S. Ninth t,o 1G5 Tenth 
Pryor's wharf, opens r.ext 385 north Front 
Pump alley, west from Spafford. below Shippcn 

Quarry street, from 36 Bread to 101 N. Third 
Queen street. (S.) from the Delaware to Passyunk 

road between Catharine and Christian 
Queen street, (Point-no-Point road) N. E. from 

Frankfort! road near Otter to Gunner's run 
Quince street, from Walnut to Lombard between 
nth and Twelfth 

Race street, see Sassafras 

Rachel street, north from Browne to Laurel bet wee a 

Budd and Second 
Randall's court, W. from Blackberry alley ab. Loeu>f 
Randolph's court, west from 126 X. Second 
Ranstead's court, see Pat ton's 
Rapin's court, south from 1 02 High 
Raspberry alley, from Walnut to Spruce bet. Ninth 

and Tenth 

berry lane, from 173 Cherry to 286 Sassafras 
Read's alley, from 190 Cedar to 5 Bedford 
Uecorder of Df-eds. Office in the SUtte House 
Mad store wharf, opens at 75 X. Water 
Relief alley, from Carters alley to Dock 
Relief street, frem 218 south Front to 2ST Second 
Remmington and Simmon"* wharf, opens at 223 V. 

Richardson's court, north from 159 Sassafras 
Ridj;e road, tee Wissahicoun 
RihPs court, west from 526 N. Third 
Jiising Sun /;<». 133 Sassafras near Fourth 
Rit ten house place, N. side of Locust above Ninth 
Robbings wharf, opens at 9 Little Water 
Rogers court, runs north from Pegg street 
Rose street, runs N. E. from Germantown road be't 

Otter and Second 
se alley, (N. B.) fr. Tammany n. Third to Browne 

XX Philadelphia Indt 

Rose alley, runs north from 127 Locust 
Ross's wharf, opens at 97 south Water 
Rowlinson's court, east from Ki9 N. Second 
Rugan street, from 347 Callowhill to James 
Rush's court, west from 142 south Fourth 
Russell's wharf, first south of Pine st. public landing 

San sum's alley, from Willow to Noble, bet. St. John 

and north Third 
Sansom's row, N. side of Walnut between Swan wick 

and Eighth 
Sansonrs Union row, (N. L.) 258 N. Second 
ransom street, from south Seventh to Ninth between 

Chesnut and Walnut 
Sarah street, fr. Queen n. Frank ford road to Bedford 
.Sassafras alley, from 190 Sassafras to Bryan's alley 
Sassafras street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill be- 
tween Cherry and Vine 
Saunders' court, east from Pitt near Beaver 
Saving? Bank, Decatur near High 
Saj street, fr. Sch. 7th to 8th bet. Race and Vine 
"-ay's alley, fr. Cherry to Walnut west of Thirteenth 
Saay's court, west from 56 N. Third 
Say's wharf, opens at 19 N. Water 
Scheme alley, see Vine alley 
Schively's alley, see Bryan's 
Schleisman's alley, east from N. Third between 

Poplar lane and Beaver 
Schneider's wharf, opens at 51 J N. Front 
Schriver's court, east from 71 N. Eighth 
Schuylkill Bank. S. E. corner of High and Sixth 
Schuylkill road, runs from Washington to Bridg*, 

west of the river Schuylkill 
Scott's alley, from 379 High to 96 Filbert 
Scott's court, enters Poplar lane above Front 
Second street, (N.) from 69 High to Mud lane 
ond street, (8.) from 52 High running south 
ond street, from Schuylkill (N. & S.) runs from 
Vine to Cedar between Front and Third 
^egan's wharf and ship-yard, opens at 371 N. Front 
Seit's court, soutJi from Go Sassafras 
Seym-Stars Inn, N. W. cor. of Fourth & Sassafras 
Seventh street, (N.) from 263 High to Vine and con- 
tinued north from Camac 

Philadelphia Index. xxi 

>mth street, (S.) from 2$8 Hi^h to Passyunk road 
Seventh street, from .Schuylkill (S. & S.) from Vine 

to Cedar between Sixth and Eighth 
Shackamaxon street, fr. the Delaware to the Frank- 
ford road between Sarah and Crown 
Shnk'speare Buildings, N. W, corner of Gbesnut and 




Sheafi'-s alley, fr. N. Eleventh rear Race to Twelfth 
Shepherd's court, west from 36 N. Third 
Sheriff's Qj/icej in the State House 
Shield's alley, from 140 S. Ninth to Raspberry alley 
Shippen's lane, from Cedar near Broad to Federal 
Shippen street, from 266 south Front to Eighth 
Shoemakers wharf, first S. of Mulberry street publii 

Shrivers court, east from 71 N. Eighth 
Simmon's court, west from 216 N. Front 
Sim's alley, from the Delaware tu 15 south Water 
Sim's wharves, open at 153 and 159 south Watei 

and Pine street landing 
Sixth street (N.) from 233 High to the Germantown 

road north of Vine — it is the boundary line bet, 

the Northern Liberties and Penn township 
Sixth street (S.) from 162 High to Carpenter 
Sixth street, from the Schuylkill (N. & S.) from Vine 

to Cedar between Fifth and Seventh 
Small alley, opens at 27 Barron 
Smith's alley, from near 219 S. Third to 32 Gaskill 
Smith's alley (N. L.) from 119 Green to 128 Coats' 
Smith's court, runs south -from High near Sch. Eighth 
Smith's court, west from 172 N. Eighth 
Smith's (J) wharf, opens at 349 N. Front 
Smith's (W. T.) wharf (Red-stores) 111 and 75 X. 

Smith's wharf, opens at 67 N. Water 
Snowden & Wagner's wharf, second below Christian 
Sobers alley, from 129 Walnut to Library 
South Mulberry Ward, between Mulberry and 

Sassafras the Schuylkill and Fourth 
South street, see Cedar 
South alley, from 10 N. Fifth to 7 Sixth 
South Ward, between Chesmit and Walnut and 

Fourth and the Schuylkill 

xxii Philadelphia Index. 

Spafford street, from 50 Bedford to Fitzwater 
Spring Garden Tavern and Wigwam, in north Sixlli 

near Buttonwood 
Spruce street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill be- 
tween Locust and Pine 
St. Andrew's street, from Sch. Second to Broad be- 
tween Hunter street and Francis lane 
St. Barnard's court, from 460 south Second 
St. George's alley, from 55 Elm (New) street 
St. John street, from Pegg's run or Willow street to 

Cohocsink creek 
St. Joseph's avenue, from Sch. Fifth to Sixth between 

High and Chesnut 
St. Mary's street, from 220 S. Sixth to Eighth 
Stable alley, from S. Seventh to opposite 46 Eighth 
Stall's court, from 203 Sassafras to Bryan's alley 
Stamper's alley, from 208 south Second to 163 Third 
Stamper's wharf, opens at 127 south Water 
Starr alley, from 163 Cherry to 189 Sassafras 
State House, the S. side of Chesnut between Fifth 

and Sixth 
Steinmetz's court, runs east from 93 N. Fourth 
Steinmetz'3 court, (N. L.) N. from Buttonwood neai 

Steinmetz's wharf, opens at 51 north Water 
Stephen's court, runs west from 404 north Front 
Sterling's alley, from 15 Cherry to 118 Sassafras 
Stewart's alley, from Cherry to 394 Sassafras 
Stewart's court, west from Eleventh near Sassafras 
Stewart & Wiltberger's wharf, opens at ITS north 

Stiles' wharf, first north of Coates' street 
Stillhouse's wharf, first north of Christian 
Stillhouse alley, runs west from 330 north Front 
Story street, from 152 north Third to near 93 Fourth 
Strawberry street, from 58 High to 55 Chesnut 
Sugar alley, from 32 north Sixth to 23 Seventh 
Sugar-house alley, from Vine to Wood, east of Third 
Summerl's wharf, opens at 75 north Water 
Summers' court, runs west from 414 south Second 
Swanson street, soutli from 10 Cedar 
Swanwick street, from Little George to 153 Walnut 
Swede's alley, the commencement of Church street.. 
runs from 22 Christian 

Philadelphia Index. xxiii 

Swift's wharves, below the Swede's church 

Tammany street, from 318 N. Second to the Old 

York road 
Taper alley, runs north from 53 Green 
Taylor's alley, from 58 south Front to 73 Second 
Tenth street, (N) from 373 High to Wissahiccon rd. 
Tenth street, (S) from near 371 High to Cedar 
Thatcher's wharf, opens at 519 north Front 
Theatre, (New) Chesnut first above Sixth 
Theatre, [City] Prune between Fifth and Sixth 
Third street, fNj from 115 High to Germantown 

Third street, fSJ from 90 High running south 
Third street from Schuylkill, (N. & S.) runs from 

Vine to Cedar between Second and Fourth 
Thirteenth street, (N.) from High to Vine between 

Twelfth and Juniper 
Thirteenth street, (S.) from High to Cedar between 

Twelfth and Juniper 
Thomas' wharf, opens at 137 Swan son 
Thorn's court, enters Fourth near George (N. L.) 
Tidmash street, from Passyunk road facing Carpen- 
ter street to Shippen's lane 
Timber lane, from Frankford road above Shackamax- 

on street to Turner's lane 
Tivoll Garden. High east of Centre Square 
Ton alley, from 57 south Water 
Torr's court, runs east from the Ridge road above 

Townsend's court, runs south from 86 Spruce 
Traquair's court, runs east from 1 1 north Tenth 
Trimble's court, from 510 north Front 
Trotter's alley, from 22 south Second to Strawberry 
Trusty's court, runs south from 6 Locust 
Tunis' wharf, opens at 71 south Water 
Turner's court, runs north from near 101 Catharine 
Twelfth street, (N.) from High to Vine between 

Eleventh and Thirteenth 
Twelfth street. (S.) fiojn High to Cedar between 
Eleventh and Thirteenth 

Union alley, from 180 Swanson to 463 south Front 
Union Insurance Office, 45 Walnut 

xxiv Philadelphia Index. 

Union street, from 166 south Front to 79 Fourth 
Union street, (K.) from Bedford to Prince between 

Marlborough and Hanover 
United States Bank* Chesnut between Fourth and 

United States Insurance Office. 49 Walnut 
United States Arsenal, Gray's ferry road. S. ot Ce 
United States Stage Office. 50 south Third 
United States Loan Office, in bank, of the U. States 
Unity court, south from 16 Little Pine 
Universiti/ of Fnmsylvania and Jledical Lyceum, S. 

Ninth near Hiirh 
Upper Delaware Ward, between Sassafras and Vine 

and Fourth and Schuylkill 
Upper ferry road, from Callowhili near Washington 

to the Upper Bridge 

Vandu?on''s wharf and ship-yard, first X. of Hanover 
Vauxhall Garden. Broad between George & Walnut 
Vernon street, from 44 Cedar to 29 Shippen 
VideTs court, west from 58 south Second 
Vienna street, from Prince to West street between 

Cherry and Wood 
Vine alley, runs from Tenth to Broad above Vine 
Vine street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill between 
Sassafras and vaiiowhill, being the northern boun- 
dary of the city 
Vineyard street, from the Wissahiccon road to 

Charles between Anne and George 
Vineyard's snip-yard, at S. Brusstars wharf 

Warners a . from 135 Cherrv to 252 Sassafi i 

v ~ 

Walker"- runs east from 239 north Second 

Wallace's ns west from 10 north Front 

Wall's ell from Kmleirs to Rogers court 

Wall's v. 1.27 south Water 

Wain's ( at 135 south Water 

Wain's >errs at 7 Swanson 

Walnut ,:. enth to Juniper bet. Cher- 
ry aud 

Walnut laware to Schuylkill between 


Walnut n Chesnut and Walnut the 

Delawai- Fourth 

Philadelphia Index. xxv 

Walter's wharf, opens at S55 north Front 
Warden's Office, 18 Walnut 

Warder's wharf, first south of Race street landing 
Warder's wharf, (N. L.) opens at 371 N. Front 
Warren street, (C.) from Quince to Twelfth north 

of Spruce 
Warren street, (K.) from Beach to Queen between 

Hanover and Bishop 
Warner's court, south from 230 Shippen street 
Washington court, runs north from 205 Lombard 
IVashington Hall and Hotels Third st. above Spruce 
Washington street, (formerly Columbia avenue) forms 

the west and south angles of Washington square 
Washington street, a continuation of High from the 
Permanent Bridge, running through Hamilton 
Washington street, (Penn township) east from the 

Ridge road between Green and Hickory 
Washington street, (Penn township) north from Viae 

between William and Front 
Washington street, (Southwaik) runs from 550 south 

Front to Moyamensing road 
Water street, (X.) from 16 High to Willow or 

Poole's Bridge 
Water street, (S.) from 12 High street to Pine 
Watkins' alley, from 22 Bread to 85 N. Third 
Watson's alley, from Branch to Story 
Watson's alley, runs south from 104 Locust 
Watson & Paul's wharf, first south of Chesnut street 

Weaver's alley, runs from Twelfth to Thirteenth; 

between Lyndall's alley and Locust 
Webb's alley', from 221 Cherry to 334 Race 
Well's alley, from Oak street to 37 i N. Front 
West street, fr. Frankford road to Wood above Duke 
West's court, east from 27 New Market street 
West's Picture Exhibition, Spruce street ab. Eighth 
West's (C.) wharf, first north of Vine street landing 
West's ( W.) wharf, opens at 155 north Water 
Wharf street, south from Cedar along the wharves 
Wharton street, from the Delaware to Passyunk road! 

near Federal 
Wharton's wharf, opens at 67 Swanson 


xxvi Philadelphia Index. 

Wharves, (N.) from High along the Delaware 

Wharves, ( S ) fr. High along the Delaware to Cedar 

Whitaker's row, runs west from 66 south Fifth 

White- Bear Inn, 220 High street 

White's ship-yard, at J. Broker's wharf ( K.J 

White-Swan Inn, 106 Race near Third 

Widows' jisylum, High west of Sch. Seventh, S. side 

Wig_rin's conrt, runs south from 62 Cherry 

Wi'cock's wharf, opens at 57 S. Water 

Wiley's court, runs south from Castle street 

Williamson's court, fr. 262 Cedar to 7 1 Bedford (M.) 

William street, from Otter to Rose 

Willing's alley, from 98 S. Third to 75 Fourth 

Willing 5c Francis' wharves, at 15 and 21 Penn 

Willow court, runs south from Pine above Sixth 

Willow street, (Sch.) from Locust to Cedar between 

Schuylkill and Beech 
Wil ow street, (jY.L J fr. Delaware along Pegg's run 
Wilson's wharf, second south of Maiden landing 
Wissahiccon road, N. VV. from the cotner of Ninth 

and Vine 
Wisvar's court, runs south from Vine east of Broad 
Witman's alley, fr. Knuckle n. Callowhill to Fourth 
Witman's court, runs west fsom 400 N. Second 
Woglom's court, east from 7 > N. Eighth 
Wood street, fM L.) fr. 190 N. Second to Schuylkill 
Wood street, ( K.) runs from Queen near Gunner's 

run to West street 
Woodland street, or Darby road, runs S. W. from the 
intersection of the Lancaster turnpike and Wash- 
Wright's alley, fro n Miller's alley to Vine between 
Schuylkill Eighth and Broad 

York Buildings on the south side of Walnut between 

Wa-hing.on and F/ightb 
York court, runs east IVovn 37 Budd 
York streei- from 135 south Third ;o Laurel 

Zachary's court, rovth fioin 3 1 Walnut 

Zane street, from 32 north Seventh to Eighth. 

Philadelphia Index. xxvii 


JAMES MONROE, President of the U. States of America. 

DANIEL D. TOMPKINS, Vice-President. 

John Q. Adams, Secretary of State. 

YV. H. Crawford, Secretary of the Treasury. 

John C. Calhoun, Secretary of War. 

Smith Thompson, Secretary of the Navy. 

William Wirt, Attorney General. 

Joseph Anderson, Comptroller of the Treasury. 

Richard Harrison, Auditor of do. 

Joseph bourse, Register of do. 

Thomas Tudor Tucker, Treasurer. 

John M'Lean, Com. Gen. Land Office. 

Return J. Meigs, jun. Post-Master General. 

Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States. 
John Marshall, Chief Justice; Bushrod Washington, Wil 
iiam Johnson, jun. B. Livingston, Thomas Todd, Joseph 
Story, Gabriel Duval, Associate Judges. 

Seventeenth Congress of the United States. 


Maine — John Chandler, John Holmes. 
New-Hampshire — S. Bell, J. F. Parrott. 
Massachusetts — James Lloyd, Elijah H. Mills. 
Rhode -Island— H. R. Bright, James D'Wolf. 
Connecticut — James Lanman, E. Boardman. 
Vermont — William A. Palmer, H. Seymour. 
New-York — Rufus King, M. Van Beuren. 
New-Jersey — Mahlon Dickerson, S. L. Southward. 
Pennsylvania — William Lowrie, William Findlay. 
Delaware — C, A. Rodney, N. Van Dyke. 
Maryland — Edward Lloyd, Samuel Smith. 
Virginia — J. Barbour, James Pleasants. 
North Carolina — Nathaniel Macon, M. Stokes. 
South Carolina — John Gaillard, W. Smith. 
Georgia — John Elliot, Nicholas Ware. 
Kentucky — R. M. Johnson, Isham Talbot. 
Tennessee — John Williams, J. H. Eaton. 
Ohio — W. A. Trimble, Benjamin Ruggies. 
Louisiana — .lames Brown, H. Johnson. 
Indiana — Walter Taylor, James Noble. 
Mississippi — T. H. Williams, D. Holmes. 
Illinois — Ninian Edwards, Jesse B. Thomas. 
Alabama — William R. Ring, J. W. Walker. 
Missouri — T. II. Benton, Duvid iiarton. 


Maine — J. Cushman, E. Lincoln, M. L. Hill, E. Derricks, 
}.. Dana, Ezekiel Whiteman, William D. Williamson — 7. 

■.iiviii P/iiladclphia Index. 

New-Hampshire — William Plumer, jun. N. Upharo, JosiaL- 
Butler, M. Harvey, Aaron Matson, Thomas Whipple, jr. — 6. 

Vermont — S. C. Crafts, Elias Keyer, B. C. Mallory, C. Rich, 
Phincas White, J. Mattocks — 6. 

Massachusetts — J. Reed, B. Gorham, G. Barstow, William 
Eustis, T. Fuller, J. Nelson, A. Hobart, F. Bavlies, J. Russel. 
L. Bigeiow, S. Lathrop, S. C. Allen, H. W. Dwight— 13. 

Rhode Island— J. Durfree, S. Eddy— -2. 

Connecticut — G. Tomlinson, N. Barber, H. W. Edwards, J- 
Ross, E. Stoddard, A. Sterling-, Daniel Burrows — 7. 

New York — C. D Colden, S. Wood, C. C. Cambrelirg, J. I 
Morgan, J. H. Pierson, W. W. Tan Wyck, W. Patterson, C. 
H. Ruggles, R. M'Carty, S. Van Rensselaer, J. D. Dickinson, 
J. \V. Taylor, N. Pitcher, R. H. Walworth, J. Gebhard, A. 
Conkling, J. Hawks, S. Campbell, J. Kirkland, T. H. Hubbard, 
M. Sterling, E. Litchfield, W. D. Rochester, D. Woodcock, 

E. Spencer, A H. Tracy, Charles Burland, jun. — 27. 

New Jersey — Lewis Condit, E. Bateman, G. Cassedy, S. 
Swan, G. Hoicomb, J. Matlock — 6. 

Pennsylvania — J. Sergeant, J. Hemphill, Thomas Forrest, 
S. Edwards, W. Darlington, S. Gross, J. Phillips, J. Buchanan, 
J. S. Mitchell, J. Findlay, J. M'Sherry, S. Moore, Thomas J 
Rogers, L. Worman, J. Tod, J. Brown, G. Denison, T. Mur- 
ray, jun. G. Plumer, T. Patterson, A. Stewart, H. Baldwin, P 
Farellv— 23. 

Delaware— W. Hall, L. M'Lane— 2. 

Maryland— I. M'Kim, jr. P. Little, H. R. Warfield, J. Kent. T. 
Bayley, R. Neal, R. Nelson, R Wright, J. Casden — 9. 

Virginia— M. Alexander, W. S. Archer, W. Lee Ball, P. P 
Barbour, B. Bassett, J. Floyd, R. S. Garnett, E. B. Jackson, J 
Jones, J. Leftwich, W. M'Coy, C. F. Mercer, T. L. Moore, II 
Nelson, T. Newton, J. Randolph, W. Smith, A. Smith, A 
Smyth, A. Stevenson, T. Van Swearingen, G. Tucker, J 
Williams— 23. 

North Carolina— J* Crudnp, W. N. Edwards, H. G. Burton, 
T. H. Hall, L. Sawyer, W. S. Blackledge, C. Hooks, A 
M'Neftl, H. Connor, F. Walker, L. Williams, R. M. Saunders, 
John Long — 13. 

South Carolina— W. Lowndes, S. Tucker, T. R. Mitchell. 
J. Overstreet, G. M'Duffie, 1. Gist, James Blair, Major Ha- 
milton, J. Wilson — 9. 

Georgia— J. Abbott, J. A. Cuthbert, E. F. Tatnall, R. B 
Reid, G. R. Gilnior, YV. Thompson — 6. 

Kentucky— D. Trimble, J. P. Brackenridge, T. Metcalf, S 
H. Woodeson, R. Hardin, J. T. Johnson, J. S. Smith, F. John- 
yon, A. New, T. Montgomery — 10. 

Tennessee — X. Camion, R. Allen, II. H. Bryan, J. Cocke, 

F. Jones, J. Rea — 6. 

Ohio— T. R. Ross, J. W. Campbell, L. Barber, D. Cham- 
bers, J. Vance, J. Sloane — 6. 
Louisiana — J. S. Johnson. 
Indiana — William Hendricks, 

PhVcdelph'a Index. xxix 

Mississippi — Christopher Rankin, 
lliin. is — Daniel P. Cook. 
Alabama — Gabriel Moore. 

Missot ri ohn Scott. 

.Michigan T< rritory — Solomon S'bley. 
\rkansas Territory — James W. Bates. 


/OSEPII H1ESTER, Governor. 
Andrew Gregg - , Secretary of State. 
1 homas Elder, Attorney General. 


The Supreme Court, (as a Court in Bank,) hold six terms 
for argument, &.c. in the five districts of the state, and ad- 
journed courts as they may deem necessary. The regular 
• -rms are, 

For the Eastern District, composed of the city and county 
>f Philadelphia, and the counties of Delaware, Chester, Mont 
ty, Bucks, Northampton, Lehigh and Pike, at Philadel- 
\ or. the 2d Monday in March, to eontinue two weeks, 
n the 2d Monday in December, to continue three weeks. 
The last Monday in July is the return day for July term, but 
BBrt is then held. For the Lancaster District, composed 
of the counties of Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Lebanon, Schuyl- 
kill, and Berks, at Lancaster, on the 3d Monday in May. For 
the Middle District, composed of the counties of Northum 
berland, Union, Columbia, Centre, Mifflin, M'Kean, Clear 
field, Lycoming, Potter, Tioga, Bradford, Susquehannah, 
\Va\ne and Luzerne, at Sur.bury, on the Wednesday follow- 
ing the second week of the teim of the Lancaster District 
tor the Western District, composed of the counties of Alleg- 
hany, Westmoreland, Somerset, Payette, Washington, Greene, 
Beaver, Butler, Mercer, Crawford, Erie, Warren, Venango, 
Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson and Cambria, at rittsburg, or, 
the first Monday in September, to concinue two weeks if ne- 
cessary. For the Southern District, composed of the couiv 
ties of Franklin, Adams, Cumberland, Huntingdon and Bed- 
rid, at Chambeisbui g, on the Monda> week next following 
'he end of the second week of the term of the Western Dis- 

.Vote. It is only in the city and county of Philadelphia that 

'he Supreme Court has original jurisdiction, and there only 

where the sum in contiovt-rsy exceeds 500 dollars; all issues 

of tact are tried by jury, before a single judge, at nisi pnus. 

W O.L1AM TILGHMAN, Chief Justice 

n :> x I****** 

C 2 

xxx Philadelphia Index. 

The District Court for the city and county of Philadelphia 
has original jurisdiction of all cases where the sum in ton 
troversy exceeds 100 dollars. This Court holds four terms' 
annually. On the first Mondays in March, June, September, 
and December. If business requires it, they are bound to hold 
courts nine months in the year. 

MOSES LEVY, Esq. President. 


BENJAMIN R. MORGAN, Esq. ) ^ ssociates - 

The District Court for the city and county of Lancaster, in 
Che city of Lancaster, on the first Mondays of February, June. 
September and December. 

CHARLES SMITH, Esq. President. 

Courts of Oyer and Terminer and general Jail 

Are held twice in each year for the City and County ot 
Philadelphia alternately, by the Judges of the Common Pleas, 
and the Judges of the Supreme Court; in the other Districts * 
they are held by the Judges of the Common Pleas. Trials ot 
civil causes in the Common Pleas of Philadelphia County are 
adjourned Courts, held at such times as the Judges may ap- 


Select CouNCiL.^-George Vaux, President; Thomas 
Bradford, jr. Clerk; John W. Thompson, Anthony Cuthbert, 
Wra. Rush, Joseph S. Lewis, Wm. Meredith, J. M. Scott, 
Thos. Hale, John Miller, jr. T. Kittera, G. Worrall, L. D. Car, 

Common Council. — James S. Smith, President; John C- 
Lowber, Clerk; Benj. Jones, jr. Thos. Williams, Dan!. Knight, 
Wm. A. Peddle, Wm. Heyl, Joshua Percival, Cenj. Tilghmanj 
James M. Broome, S. J. Bobbins, John Markland, Ephraim 
Haines, John R. Coates, Samuel Robinson, Anthony M. Buck- 
ley, Wm. Gerhard, Charles W. Schreiner, Alexander Purves, 
Aquila A. Browne, James Wilmex. 

Robert Wharton, Mayor. 
Joseph Reed, Recorder. 
John Bacon, City Treasurer. 

Philadelphia Index. xxxi 

Robt. W. Sykes, attorney and solicitor to the Corporation. 
Thomas T. Stiles, Joseph Morris, and Nathan Athertoi\, 
City Commisioners. 

John M'Lean, and Win. Hines, High Constables. 

Aldermen. — Matthew Lawler, Abraham Shoemaker, Jas, 
N. Barker, John Douglass, George Bartram, Samuel Badger, 
John Inskeep, Andrew Pettit, John Geyer, John Connelly, 
Peter Christian, William Duane, Joseph Watson, and John 

George Beck and Joshua Henszey, Clerks of High street 
John Land, Clerk of the Second street Market. 
Robert Stiles, Clerk of Broad street Market. 
Captain of the Nightly Watch, Anthony Elton. 
Lieutenant of the Nightly Watch, Samuel Stevens. 

Corders of Wood and Receivers of Wharfage: 
Vine street, John B. Ackley. 
Race street, Henry Meyer, j'.m. 
Arch street, Benjamin Meredith. 
Chesnut street, Charles M'Elwee. 
Drawbridge, Philip Winnemore; Peter Field, deputy 
Public Landing on Schuylkill, John Marley. 
Inspector of Wood coming by land into the city, John. 

Controllers of the Public Schools 

For the First School District of the State of Pennsylvania- 

[Office, City Hall.] 

Roberts Vaux, President; Win. W. Fisher, Samuel J. Rob- 

Lwns, liev. P. F. Mayer,,/?™* section. John C Browne, Jacob 

Justice, second section. George M'Leod, Andw. Hooton, thifd 

action. Joseph Norbury, fourth eection. Thomas M. Pettit, 


Managers of the Peh.nsijlvav.ia. Hospital. 

Samuel Coates, Pattison Hartshorne, Wm. L.Hodge, TboS,. 
Stewardson, Thomas P. Cope, Joseph Watson, Israel Cope, 
Thomas Morris, Henry Hollingswoith, Joseph Johnson, Alex, 
Llmslie, and Matthew L. Bevan. 

Tie usurer — Joseph S. Lewis. 

Managers of the Alms House. 
George Swope, 351 north Second; James Schott, 385 Arch; 
Thomas D. Grover, 15 Christian; Charles A. Harper, 21 Arch; 
Joseph S. Walter, 237 Vine; Nathan Folwell, 343 north Third; 
Charles N. Bancker, 320 Chesnut; Bankson Taylor, 30 Race; 
John H. Curtis, 31 Queen. 

\ x Kii Fh 'la ' Index. 


Wm Brown, 6 Bt. John st. Jeremiah Hokill, Callow] 
i ear 9th; M. Ludie, Geirnantown road n. Rising Sun; 1. t. 
Beach above Maiden st. Kensington; Damei Fitler ? German- 
lown road; Geo. Wilson, "I hird st. above Franklin; Jacob 
Moser, Queen st. Kensii l >i .; Wm. Sutton, Queen near Marl- 
borough st. Kensington* S P. Courtney, corner of Hanover 
and Queen st. James A. Mahany, 55 Vine st. Tobias Bechler, 
Corner of Second Si Brbwnj Maurice Starne, 407 N. Second st. 
W 'illiam Lee, 3 Lii.'v alley; Thomas Coats, jr. 320 N. Third; 
Geqrge Egert, 357 north Second st- William Bruner, 112 St. 
Johnst. John Carritson, 49 V;ne street and 131 N. Second; 
Aavon Kille, 8S Vine st. Daniel Smith, 99 north Third st. 
Wm. Widdifield, 42 N. Third and 160 Arch st Job B. Rem- 
ington, Arch near Twelfth sl. Joseph Blame, 5 north .Fifth st 
George Peterson, 3 south Third st. Timothy Abbott, 74 S 
Third st. H. Harrison, Chesnut one doer from Thirteenth st. 
Joseph Williams, Jll Walnut st. Henry TroLh, 222 Market: 
T. Wickersham, 161 Pine st. J. N. Iiaimes, 3 Minor st. Clap- 
ton Earle, 20 Pine st. John Rakestraw, 279 south Front st; 
'ohn Curry, 267 south Second st. John Floyd, jr. corner of 
German and Fourth st. Joseph Hartley, 265 south Second st. 
Samuel Sweeny, coiner of Geiman and Third st. John Bel- 
rose, 3 15 south Second st. James Virtue, Fourth street be- 
low Christian. 


}farden's Office^ Philadelphia, 

For the information and government of Owners, Masters, and 

others, having- the command, care, o. je of Ships or 

Vessels within the port o harbour of Philadelphia, the 

Wardens ot the port conceive it necessary to publish the 

•wing Rules and Regulations 1 : 
1. Every ship or vessel that may arrive in this harbour, 
and that shall come to anchor in tne stream, any where be- 
tween Almond btJttt (in the district of ■Southwark,) and 
Vine stteet, having previous i\ caused her gunpowder, if she 
an\ on board, to be landed as the law directs, may re- 
main iii that situation 24 hours, and no longer: taking care 
to lay as near to the Island, or Sand-bar, as may be consis- 
tent with their safety, j'-i I if, from the circumstance of a 
\essel having servants on board, or from any other cause, it 
may be thought necessary or convenient to lie a longer time 
ill the stream, then, arid in every such case, the Owner, Mas- 
Ter, Pilot, or other person, baving the charge or direction oi 
such vessel, shall remove her from opposite the city, and 
shall moor her, or cause her to be moored to the northward 
of Vine street, with one anchor and cable up, and one anchor 

Fhiladdphia Index, xxxiii 

and cable down the stream; and in both the above-mentioned 
situations, the regulations contained in the next succeeding 
article to be duly attended to. 

2. When a ship or other vessel shall be hauled into any 
wharf or dock, or along side of another vessel that may be 
lying at such wharf or dock, the Owner, Master, Pilot, ot 
whoever may have the command, care or direction of her, 
shall have her securely made last, and if outside of another 
vessel, shall get one good fast from eacli end of the vessel to 
the shore, and within 24 hours thereafter, cause her jib- 
boom, spritsail-yard, main-boom, ring-tail and driver-booms, 
if any they have, to be rigged in, and their lower yards top 
ped up, in such a manner as least to interfere with vessels 

3. If any vessel, properly moored in the stream, shall have 
her anchor or cable overlaid by another ship or vessel, in an- 
choring or mooring, the Master or person having the care o: 
direction of such last-mentioned ship or vessel, shall imme 
diately, or soon as may be, after application made to him by 
the party aggrieved, cause the said anchor and cable so over 
laj'ing, to be taken up and cleared. 

4. If the fasts of a ship or vessel, when moored at a whar; 
shall extend across a dock, so as to obstruct the passing ov 
repassing of a shallop, lighter, or other craft or vessel, the 
Master or other person having the charge or command of 
such ship or vessel, shall, upon the first application, imme- 
diately cause such fast or fasts to be Cast oft' or slacked down 

5. No outward bound vessel putting off from a wharf, shall 
Tie longer in the stream, between Vine street and Almond 
street (in the district of Southwark,) above-mentioned, thin 
24 hours. And if vessels lying at the end of wharves, so 
much interlock with each other, as to prevent vessels from 
hauling in or out of the docks, the Master, Owner, Pilot, or 
other person having charge of the same, shall immediately on 
application from any person so wanting to haul his vessel in 
or out of the dock aforesaid, have the vessel or vessels, so in- 
terfering, moved in such manner as to accommodate the one 
applied for; in which case the vessel making room for ano- 
ther to haul in or out, shall have liberty to make her warps 
fast to the most convenient place adjacent for a reasonable 
time, and that all sea vessels, when transporting or wanting 
to haul into a wharf or dock, or to make sail in order to pro- 
ceed to sea, shall have the same privilege. 

6. When any ship or vessel is lying along side any wharf, 
and not taking in or discharging, she shall make way for, 
and permit any vessel that wants to unload or load, to come 
inside next the wharf, until she discharges or loads her cargo; 
and the said vessel when so discharged or loaded, shall haul 
outside and give way to the ship or vessel that first occupied 
the wharf — Provided, that from the first day of December to 
the first day of March, no vessel shall be compelled to move. 

xxxiv Philadelphia Index, 


Of the Incorporated Part of the Northern Libert 

COHOCSIXK CREEK, or Northern Boundary. 













Willow Street, 

or, Pegg's linn. 





or S 

outhern Boundary. 


116 Chesnut street,- Richard Bade, Esq. Post MasU 



New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, 
Vermont, and New Hampshire states, arrives daily, at half 
past 6 A. M.; closes daily, at 2 P M. 

Frankford, Hplraesburg, Andalusia, Bristol, and Morris- 
ville, Pa. arrives dailv, at half past 6 A. M..; closes daily, at 
3. P. M. 

Hulmesville, Pa. arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur- 
days, at half past 6 A. M.; closes Mondays, Wednesdays, and 
Fridays, a! 2 P. M 

Newtown and Atfleborough, arrives Thursdays, at half 
past 6 A. M ; closes Tyesdays, at 2 P. M 

Burlington, Trenton, Princeton, Brim, wick, Woodbridge, 
llahwav, Elizabethtqwn, Newark, Jersey city, and Am 

Philadelphia Index. xxxv 

arives dailv, at half past 6 A. M.; closes daily, at half past 
2 P. M. 

Newton, Morristown, Sparta, and Orange, N. J. arrive? 
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half past 6 A. M., 
closes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 2 P. M. 

Via Eastern, Pa. tor Johnsonburg, Hamburg-, Belvidere, 
Hope, Knowlton .Mills, Deckertown, Harmony, and Vernon, 
N. J. arrives Tuesdays, at 6 A. M.; closes Mondavs, (from 
1st April to 30th September) at 5 P. M.; at 3 P. M.'(from 1st 
October to 3'st March.) 

Plemington, Pittstown, Van Syckles, New Hampton, As- 
bury, Mansfield, and Bloomsbury, N. J. arrives Wednesday, 
at half past 6 A. M ; closes Saturday at 2 P. M. 

All other ofiices in East New Jersey, arrives Wednesday at 
half past 6 A. M. ; closes Monday at 2 P. M. 


Delaware, Man land. Virginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina and 
Georgia states, and Alabama territory, arrives daily at 1 P. 
M.; closes daily at half past 6 A. M. 

Ohio state south ^nd west of Chilicothe, Kentucky, Indiana, 
Illinois and Missouri states, arrives daily at 1 P. M.; closes 
Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at halt'past 6 A. M. 

New Orleans, -Mississippi and Tennessee states, arrives 
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 1 P. M.; closes Sun- 
days, Wednesdays and Fridays at half past 6 A. M. 

London Grove, Chatham, New Garden, Cochransville and 
•Strasburg, L». Cy. Penn ai rives Wednesday at 1 P. M.; closes 
Saturday at half past 6 A. M. 

Pittsburg, Pa. and intermediate offices, and via Pittsburg, 
Pa. for Ohio state and Michigan territory arrives daily at 4 
P. M.; closes daily half an hour before sun-set. 

Via Harrisburg, Pa. for Mifflin and Huntingdon counties, 
arrives Wednesday at 4 P. M.; closes Saturday half an hour 
before sun -set. 

Via Columbia, Pa. for York and Adams counties arrives 
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 4 P. AI.; closes Tues- 
days, Thursdays and Saturdays half an hour before sun-set. 

Via Downington, Pa. for Kennett Square, New London 
Cross Roads, Oxford, Lh. Cy. and White Horse and Mount 
Pleasant, L. i y. arrives Wednesday at 4 P. M.; closes Mon- 
day half an hour before sun-set. 

West Chester, arrives Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4 
P. M.; closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays half an 
hour before sun-set. 

Reading, Pa. and intermediate offices, arrives Mondays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 A. M ; closes Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Fridays (from 1st of April to 30th September) 
at 5 P. M.; (from 1st October to 31st March) at 3 P. M. 

Via Reading for Berks, Lebanon and Dauphin counties, ar- 
rives Mondays and Saturdays at 6 A. M.j closes Mondays 
and Fridays (from 1st April to 30th Sept.) at 5 P. M.; (from, 
1st Oct. to 31st March) at 3 F. M. 

xxxvi Philadelphia Index. 

Via Reading for Northumberland, Union, Columbia, Ly- 
coming and Centre counties, arrives Monday at 6. A. M 
closes Monday, (from 1st April to 30th Sept.) at 5 P. M ; 
(from 1st Oct. "to 31st March) at 3 P. M. 

Via Harrisburg for Halifax, D. Cy. Seelins Grove, U. Cy 
Sunbury and Northumberland, Northd. Cy. Milton, Ca. Cy. 
and Williamsport, L. Cy. arrives Wednesday at 4 P. M ; 
closes Wednesday half an hour before sun-set. 

Easton, Pa. and intermediate offices, arrives Tuesday?, 
Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 A. M.; closes Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Saturdays (from 1st April to 30th Sept.) at 5 
P. M.; (from 1st Oct. tb 31st March) at 3 P. M. 

Via Easton, Pa. for Northampton, Luzerne, Pike, Wayne, 
Susquehanna, and Bradford counties, Pa. and Gennessee, X. 
York, arrives Tuesday, at 6 A. M.; closes Wednesday, (from 
1st April to 30th Sept.) at 5 P. M.j (from 1st Oct. 'to 31st 
March) at 3 P. M. 

Wilkesbarre, arrives Tuesdays and Saturdays at 6AM. 
doses Wednesdays and Saturdays (from 1st April to 30th of 
Sept.) at 5 P. M.; (from 1st Oct' to 31st March) at 3 P. M. 

Bethlehem, Montgomery Square, Allentown, Lausanne and 
Kreidersville, Pa. arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur- 
days (from the 1st May to 31st Oct.) at 6 A. M.; Tuesdays 
and Fridays (from 1st Nov. to 30th April) at 6 A. M.; closes 
.Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (from 1st May to 
Oct.) at 5 P. M.; Tuesdavs and P'ridavs (from 1st Nov. to 
30th April) at half past 12 P. M. 

Nazareth, Pa. arrives Tuesdays and Saturdays at 6 A. M.; 
closes on Wednesday, with the Eastern mail; on Friday, ' 
the Betid eh em mail. 

Bridgetown. West N. J. and intermediate offices, arrive- 
daily, at 3 P. M.; closes daily, at 3 P. M. 

Via Bridgetown, for Cedarsville, Fairton, and Dividing 
Creek, arrives Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 3 
P. M.; closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 3 P, M. 

Via Bridgetown, for Millville, Port Elizabeth, Dennis's 
Creek, Cape May C. H. and Cape Island, arrives Mondays 
and Fridays, at 3 P. M.; closes Wednesdays and Saturda 
at 3 P. M.' 

For Salem, N J. via Woodbury, Sweedsborough and 
Woodstown, arrives Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 3 
P. M.; closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 3' P. M. 

Tuckerton, Somers' Point, Long-a-Coming, Evesham, Sooy's 
Inn, May's Landing and Absecoyn, N. J. arrives Tuesday at 
4 P. M.j closes Wednesday at 3 P. M. 

Mount Holly and Moore's Town, arrives daily t ahalf p. 
12 A. M. ; closes daily at half past 12 P. M. 

Bordentown, New Mills, Haddonfield, New Egypt and 
Black Hcrse, N. J. arrives Wednesday at half past 12 A. M.. 
closes Wednesday at half past 12 P. M. 

Swiftsure mail, via Jenkintown and New Hope, Pa. Somer- 
set C. H. Plainfield, Springfield, Bound Brook and Scotch 

Philadelphia Index. xxxvti 

Plains, X. J. arrives Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday* 
at 6 A. M.; closes Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 
6 A. M. 

Mail for Germantown, P. arrives daily at 8 A. M.; closes 
dailv at 4 P. M. 


On single letters carried any distance not exceeding SO 
miles, 6 cents; over 30, and not over < 80, 10 cents; over 80, 
and not over 150, 12^ cents; over 350, and not over 400, 
18-J cents; over 400, 25 cents. Double letters, or those 
composed of two pieces of paper, double those rates. Triple 
letters, or those composed of three- pieces of paper, triple 
those rates. Packets or letters composed of four or more 
pieces of paper, or one or more articles, and weighing one 
ounce avoirdupois, quadruple those rates; and in that propor- 
tion for all greater weight. Ship letters, not carried by mail, 
6 cents. 

Each newspaper, carried not over 100 miles, 1 cent; over 
100 miles, 1-h cent. But if carried to any place within the 
state where printed, whatever be the distance, the rate is 
only 1 cent. 

Magazines and pamphlets are rated by the sheet, and car- 
ried over 50 miles, 1 cent; over 50, and not over 100, lu- 
cent; over 100, 2 cents. Every four folio pages, eight quarto 
pages, and sixteen octavo, or lesser pages, are to be consi* 
dered a sheet; also the surplus pages beyond even fours, &c. 

Letters must be left at the Post Office within the time spe- 
cified, to insure going in the mail of the day; and Newspa- 
pers, before that time- As there are several places of the 
same name in the United States, it is necessary that the di- 
rections should be particular, the States should be distin- 
guished, and, when it might otherwise be doubtful, the 
Comities. When letters are not for a Post Town, the nearest 
Post Town ought to be mentioned. 

The Post Office is open daily, from sun-rise to sun-set, ex- 
cept on Sundays, the Fourth of July, and Christmas day, 
when it is open from 8 to 9 A. M. and from 2 to 3 P. M. 

Persons wishing to pay postage when the Office is shut, 
can enclose the money with the Jetter, directed to " The Post 
Office." Those who keep accounts with the Carriers, or Of- 
fice, will please to enclose the letter directed in the same 
manner, with a request that the postage be charged to their 

All notes or letters deposited in this Office, directed to any 
part of the city east side of Broad street, and to the populous 
parts of the Northern Liberties and South wark, will be c&r- 
ried out three times a day, viz. at 8 A. M. at 1 P. M. and 
an hour before sun-set, D 


Philadelphia Index. 

Letter Carriers — Abraham Cook, Josiah Johnson, Alexan 
der Robb, David Watson, Isaac Bewley, Thomas. F.Goodwin, 
.Tames Robb. 


a i 











































+ 29 











From Wiscasset to Sunbury, with their distances, as estab- 
lished by the Post Master General. 

Trom Wiscasset to 

North Yarmouth 
I. York 
»V. H. Portsmouth 
f Newburyport 
^ Middletown 
•^ | New Haven 
§ i Stratford 
S Fairfield 
£ Norwalk 
,. LStamford 
T- CKingsbridge 
^ I New York 
Elizabeth town 

I New Brunswick 
, Princeton 

^ ^ Christiana Bridge 11 


g-^ Harford 

















Hanover C. House 25 

S J Fi'edcricksburg 
po"^ Bowliner Green 

i ("Halifax 
5 J Tarborough 
^ S Smithfield 
^ ^Fayetteville 
a fCheraw C. House, 
| | or Greenville 75 
§-^ Cambden 
O j Columbia 












Increase of Methodism. 
The Wesleyan Almanack* for 1823, published in this city, 
contains an account of the annual conferences of the Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church in the United States, and the number 
of church members under the care of each conference re- 
spectively; from which it appears that during last year there 
were 15,476 members admitted; and that their present num- 
ber amounts to 297,622 — 44,377 of whom are coloured. 
There are 1106 Travelling Preachers under the Church- 

Philadelphia Index. xxxix 


Of the Institutions, Companies, and Societies, 
Monied, Religious, Humane, Charitable, Literary, &c. &c, 

.Abolition Society Annual election Dec. 31. President, 

Wni. Rawle. 

Academy of JVetural Sciences Annual election Dec. 30. 

President, Win. Maclure. 

Adult School An evening school for those who have not 

had the advantage of an early education (who are taught 
gratis) is opened in Southwark Halt Those of either sex, 
who wish to attend the course of instruction, can leave their 
names at either of the Day Schools, in the Hall. Persons, al- 
though advanced in years, need not feel diffident in coming 

■j African Friendly Society of St. Thomas Annual election 

first Wednesday in December. President, Robert Douglass; 
Secretary, Wm. West. Meet at B. Burton's, south Fifth he- 
law Lombard. 

Aim-well School Society, for the free instruction of Female 

American Beneficial Society. 

American Brotherly Society Meet the second Saturday 

in every month, at 212 north Third. 

American Friendly Institution -Incorporated in 1811. 

Meet the second Monday in each month, at the S. W. corner 
or Race and Fifth. Annual election on the second Monday 
in June. [Xone but native Americans are admitted. 'The 
benefit of sick members is from 3 to ^4, per week; and in 
case of death, $30' iS allowed for funeral expenses, and 25 
cents additional, from each mender, where there is a widow. 
Persons applying for membership must be between the ages 
of 21 and 40. Initiation from 5 to g>10. Contribution 37 cents 
per month. J 

American PJiVadelphia Society. 

American Philosophical Society, for the Promotion of Useful 

Knowledge Vice President, Chief Justice Wm. Tilghman; 

Treasurer, John Yaughan. 

Atheiueum (For the Promotion of Literature.) Incorpo- 
rated in 1815. Rooms in the Philosophical Hall,' Fifth below 
Chesnut. Open daily, except Sundays, from 8 A. M. till 10 
P.M. President, Chief Justice Wm. Tilghman} Vice Presi- 
dents John Yaughan; Treasurer, Quintin Campbell. 

Auxiliary Bible Society. 

Bricklayers' Benefit Society. 

Bricklayers'' Company Incorporated in 1799. Election 

be 1st of January. 

si Philadelphia Index, 

British Emigrant Society Meet at 27 north Fifth stree 4 :- 

Burns' Club Meet 29th January (the anniversary of 

Poet's birth.) President, Gavin Hamilton; Secretary, Adam 


Burrows' Beneficial Society——— Incorporated in IS 16. Meet 

-.1 Wilsf n's tavern, opposite the State House, the first T 
iay in eacli month. 

Cabinet of Sciences. 

Caledonian Benevolent Society Annual election Jam. 

Treasurer, Alexander M'C'ausland. 

Carpenters' Company Meet at their flail in Carpenter's 

-,-urt. Instituted in 1721, and incorporated in 1790. 

Chriat Church Soap it a 'for fFttfows, 10 Cherry street. 

Christian Benevolent Society. 

Cincinnati Society of the State of Pennsylvania Annual 

•lection on the 4th of July. 

City Hospital For the reception of patients labouring- 

r malignant fevers; situate S. W. corner of Sch. Fourth 
and Francis' lane, 

C-Alege of Physicians Incorporated in 1789. Election in 


Columbia Benevolent Society Instituted in 1804. Meets 

i lie 4th Thursday in every month, at New Market Hall, S 
-:cond street. Annual election in February. 

Columbian Chemical Society. 

Columbian Beneficial Society of the City ami County of Phi- 

[phia Incorporated in 1316. Meets at New Market 

Hall (south Second street) on the first Tuesday in every 

h. Each person on being- admitted a member, pays into 

the funds a sum agreeable to his age — thus: if between 21 

-for every year older 50 cents. No person ad- 

d who is more than 40. Monthly contributions 31 c- 

[Ay payments to sick members (not until they shall have 

one year in the Society) §4. If, however, the disorder 

■:' a less serious nature, yet so as to incapacitate him from 

his usual business* he is entitled to receive £3 per 

lambian Beneficial Society Incorporated in 1800. 

s on the first Saturday in every month, at John Wilson's 
rn, 19o Chesnilt street. Election first Thursday in March 

Columbian Society of Artists President, Col. J. Trum- 

Vice President," Wm. Strickland; Treasurer, John Val- 
es Professor of Anatomy, Dr. P. C. Barton. 
Committee ofJiEssionsofthe General Assembly of the 


Philadelphia Index. xli 

vnon Prayer Book Society President, Chief Justice 

Wm. Tilghman. 
Corchvamers* Society Meets at 161 Chesnut street. 

Cordvjainers' Society Meets on, the third Monday in each 

month, at 97 south Fifth. 

Coaqunaqiie Benevolent Society Meets on the fourth 

Tuesday in the month, of New Market Hall, south Second st. 
President, George M'Leod. 

Decatur Benevolent Institution Estahlished in 1817.—— 

Meets on the first Saturday in each month, at the S. VV. cor- 
ner of Second and Coats' street. Annual election first Satur- 
day in January. 

Delapluine's National Panzographia, of the Portraits of 
Distinguished Americans, east room, ground floor, of the 
State House, under Peale's Museum. Admittance 25 cents. 

City Dispensary, 37 south Fifth street Annual election 

on the first Monday in January. President, Right Rev. Bi« 
shop White; Apothecary, Geo. G. Tresse. 

Northern Dispensary, 37 Green street, N. IV. corner of 

jRudd Instituted in 1816. Annual election January 6.— 

President, Rev. George Boyd; Apothecary, David Shute. 

Southern Dispe?isary, 98 Shippen President, Dr. Samuel 

P. Griffitts; Apothecary, James Weaver. 

Domestic Society for the Encouragement of Manufactures 
Established in 1805. 

Dorcas Society. 

Episcopal Female Tract Society. 

Episcopal Missionary Society Annual election October 

23. President, Right Rev. Bishop White. 

Erin Benevolent Society Meets at Mrs. Dunn's inn, 22,3 

south Second street, on the 17th of every month. March 17 
(St. Patrick's Day) is the anniversary. 

Evangelical Society. 

Exhibition of the Work* of American Artists, at Saml. Ken* 
nedy's, 72 Chesnut stJ 

Farmers* and M< Society Meets at the corner of 

JBudd and Green 

Female Assocu< i i .-lief of Women and Children in 

distressed circm Instituted in 1801. 

Female Domesif '^ry Society. 

Female Society of Philadelphia, for the Relief and Employ, 
ment of the Pqoj ciety offer for sr.le, at their ware 

room, Sheeting, Table Linen, Napkins. Comfortables, Bolster 
and Pillow Cases, Stockings', Homespun, Cotton and Woollen 
Yarn, Linen and -V :rts, Stc. D 2 

xlH Philadelphia Index. 

Female Hospitable Society, for the Relief and Employment of 
(.he Poor— —Instituted in 1809. Ware room, 1 Apple Tree 
alley. Mary A. Snyder, president; Elizabeth Van Pelt, trea- 
surer; Margaret Silver, secretary. The Society have on sale. 
at No. 34 north Fourth street, Cotton, Flax and Woollen 
Yarn, Sewing Thread, Shirts, Table Linen, Floss Cotton, 
manufactured by the poor, with many articles on commission. 
Those who wish to give employment to the indigent and in- 
dustrious, are solicited to give their custom to this institution. 

First Day or Sunday School Instituted in 1793. 

First Jackson Benevolent Institution——— Meets at the G. W. 
corner of Race and Fifth street. 

Franklin Association of Philadelphia Instituted in 1814, 

for the promotion and dissemination of general literature. 
Meets weekly at the N. W. corner of Vine and Fourth. The 
anniversary is celebrated on the evening of the 16th of Janu- 
ry, the birth-day of the illustrious Franklin. Elections quar- 
terly, viz. on the evening of the first Monday in January, 
April, July, and October. 

Franklin Benevolent Institution—— Incorporated in 1812. 
Meets at the Iron Sign, in Third below Coats' street, first 
Monday in each month. Annual election in May. 

Franklin Union Benevolent Society— —Meets at J. Wilson's 
tavern, 193 Chesnut street, on the first Monday in each 

French Benevolent Society — (" Societe de Bienfaisance") 
Incorporated in 1 805. 

Friendly Columbian Bcnef.cial Society— Meets on the first 
Wednesday in each month, at New Market Hall, south Se- 
cond street. 

Friendly Society of Philadelphia Meets at the S. W. cor- 

ner of Fifth and Race, on the 3d Tuesday in each month. 

Friendly Society of St. Tammany. 

Friendly St. Tammany Society Incorporated in 1790. 

Meets at the S. W. corner of Fifth and Iiace, on the third Sa- 
turday of each month. Elections on the 1st of May and third 
Saturday in November. 

General Gates Beneficial Society Meets at the Red Lion, 

in Brewer's alley, on the second Thursday in each month. 
Annual election on the second Thursday in February. Incor- 
porated in 1818. 

German American Mutual Assistant Society Incorpo- 
rated in 1801. Meets on the first Monday in each month, at 
the widow Crowner's, in Third, opposite the Northern li- 
berties Commissioner's Hall. Annual election on the first 
Monday in February. Capital $2000. 

Geiman and American J\Litual Assistant Society Ir.c 

Philadelphia Inde.v. 

porated in 1818. Meets as above. Capital §400. QThe two 
preceding societies are governed by one set of officers, j 

German American Beneficial Society. 

German Beneficial Society. 

German Beneficent Society of the Northern Liberties. 

German Society Meets at their Hall in Seventh below 


German Society for JWuiual Support and Assistance Meets 

on the first Saturday in January, March, May, July, Septem- 
ber and November, at the S. "W. corner of Fifth and Race. 

Hand-in-Hand Society Meets at the S. W. corner of Se- 
cond and Coats', on the second Saturday in each month. 

Harmonic Society of St. John's Church— —Stated weekly 
meetings on Friday evening, at the corner of Race and Sixth. 

Hibernian Society, for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland 
Incorporated in 1792. 

Hiram Beneficial Society Meets at the German Hall, in 

Seventh below High. 

Howard Beneficial Institution of Pennsylvania— Incorpo* 
rated in 1812. Meets at the N. L. Commissioner's Hall, Third 
street. Annual election the second Wednesday in January. 

Humane Society President, Joseph Crukshank. 

Independent Blues and Military Benevolent Society—— 
Meets on the second Wednesday in each month, at 97 south 
Fifth . 

Independent Harmonic Society Meets at the N. W. cor- 

of Vine and Fourth. 

Independent Beneficial Society Incorporated in 1811. 

Meets at New Mai-ket Hall, south Second, on the third Mon* 
dav in each month. Annual election on the third Monday in 

Independent Benevolent Society— Instituted in 1810.—— 
Meets on the second Thursday in each month, at New Mar- 
ket Hall, south Second. 

Irish Beneficial Society. 

Irish Emigrant Association Meets at Judd's hotel. 

Jackson Beneficial Society Meets the first Tuesday in 

each month, at the S. W. corner of Fifth and Race, Annual 
Section in January. 

Journeymen Bricklayers' Society. 

Journeymen Blacksmiths* Beneficial Society. 

Journeymen Coopers' 1 Society. 

Journeymen Cor drainers' Society. 

Journeymen Hatters' Society. 

xliv Philadelphia Ind. 

Journey met: Printers* (Compositor 5 :-) Association Pi 

James M'Kibbin. Vice President, Charles Get, 
Treasurer, Horace Boate. Secretary, William L. Nortoi; 

Journeymen Printers' (Pressmen's) Association Presi 

dent, Peter C. Konkle. Vice President, Abraham Bowman 
Treasurer, M. Gallieu. Secretary, Congor Sherman. An 
nual election on the last Saturday in the year. 

ICeni-ingtwi Beneficent Society. 

Lais Society of Philadelphia Meets at the Law Library 

Room in the State House. 

Lawrence Benevolent Institution Incorporated in 1811. 

Meets at the N. L. Commissioner's Hall, north Third. Annual 
election on the first Thursday in January. 

Loganian Library Annexed to the Philadelphia Library 

-but the books, about 4000 volumes, are kept separate. 

Madison Beneficial Society of the Northern Liber tie* In- 
corporated in 1812. Meets the second Thursday in each 
month, at the S. W. corner of Second and Coats'. Annual 
election on the first Thursday in March. 

Magdalen Society Incorporated in 1802. Asylum Iff. E. 

corner of Sch. Second and Race. President, Right Rever