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ISL^yPS 1493-1898 

Explorations by Early Navigators, Descriptions of the 
Islands and their Peoples, their History and Records of 
the Catholic Missions, as related in contemporaneous 
Books and Manuscripts, showing the Political, Eco- 
nomic, Commercial and Religious Conditions of those 
Islands from their earliest relations with European 
Nations to the close of the Nineteenth Century 


Edited and annotated by Emma Helen Blair and 
James Alexander Robertson, with historical intro- 
duction and additional notes by Edward Gaylord 
Bourne. With maps, portraits and other illustrations 

Volume LIII — Bibliography 

The Arthur H, Clark Company 
Cleveland, Ohio 


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Abbreviations used in this bibliography ... 7 
Introduction ....... 9 

Printed books 

Philippine bibliographies, and important biblio- 
graphical lists* ...... 55 

Other bibliographies; catalogues of public and 

private libraries; and sales catalogues . 66 

Books and pamphlets containing bibliographical 
information ...... 84 

Other printed books, pamphlets, etc. (mostly 
published in whole or in part in The Philip^ 
pine Islands, I^pJ-lSpS) .... lOO 

Philippine manuscripts 

Of The Philippine Islandsy 14^^1898 . 143 

Manuscripts in addition to those of The Philip- 
pine Islands J l^g^^-lS^ .... 238 

Index 421 

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A. de A., . Archivo de Alcala. 

A. de I., . ArchiTo de Indias. 

A. de S., . ArchiTo General de Simancas. 

A. del v., . Archivk) dd Vaticano. 

A. H. N., ...... Archivio-Historico-Nacional. 

B. M^ ....... British Museum. 

B. N.» Biblioteca Nadonal; and Bibliotheque Narionale. 

B. P., . Boston Public Library. 

B. R., Biblioteca Real. 

Caj., ......... Cajon. 

C. G. de T. de F., Compama General de Tabacos de Filipinas. 

Esc, Estante. 

H. S. of A., .... Hispanic Society of America. 

J. C. B., . John Carter Brown. 

L. of C.y . Library of Congress. 

Leg-» Legajo. 

M. B. de U.» .... Museo-Biblioteca de Ultramar. 
P. de T^ . Pardo de Tavera. 

R. A. de la H., .... Real Academia de la Historia . 

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This ▼ohinie is entirely devoted to the bibliography of the Philippine 
Islands. In its narrowest significance, die term ''Philippine bibliography" 
is restricted to the actual imprints of die Philippine Islands. By this term, 
however^ we understand and include a much wider field* in addition to 
die above, all die printed books and pamphlets of any country dealing, in 
iriiole or in part, widi die Philippine Islands; as well as all Manuscripts. 

Obviously, one cannot hope, mudi less expect, within the compass of one 
single volume, to cover the field as just oudined. Besides it is unnecessary 
to duplicate work that has been so efficiently done already. The recent bib- 
liographies published under the auspices of die Library of Gingress, namely, 
those of A. P. C. Griffin and Dr. T. H. Pardo de Tavera, furnish excellent 
working bibliographies. Th^ bibliographical works of Medina and Recana, 
aidiongh pablished in Umited edidons, are sufficiendy accessible. The 
latest work of die latter, Apttrcto btbitograficOf omrs the most extensive 
wmj of Phflippine imprints yet listed. The catalogues (especially vols, 
iv and v) of Pedro Vindel, the Madrid bookseller, can be nsed to distinct 
advantage, and are easilj obtainable. The Adiciones of Perez and Guemes 
sappiemeor Medina's and Retana*s work on die imprints of Manila and 
the Philippines. Finally, the bibliographical comments of James A. LeRoy, 
poblidied in Thg Philippine Islands^ 1493-18^6^ Vol. LII, furnish die 
most comprehensive pracdcal working list of niiUppina for the later period 
of die Spanish r^pme that has yet been attempted. 

It is to be observed diat the above bibliographies, and all Philippine 
bibliographies generally, while they do note or publish some few MSS., 
widi but few exceptions (notably Llorens Asensio*s Primer vtselta id mundo) 
are devoted to the lisdng of printed matter. Consequently, it has been 
deemed expedient, in the present work, to limit our endeavors more directly 
to the field of MSS. -a field that offers so rich a source for the history of the 
Philippines. Yet, in order that one may find within our volume co mpl ete 
maaerial for a thorough bibliographical survey of the Philippines, we have 

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devoted the first part of our work to printed titles. We make no pretense 
of listing the titles usuaUy found in bibliographies. Our first object^ as 
seen by the first three divisions of printed titles, is to point out the sources 
for a complete bibliographical study of the Philippines. Those three divi- 
sions are: I. Philippine bibliographies, and important bibliographical 
Ii6t8;-this in small compass covering the entire field of imprints, so far 
as bibliographies have been compiled. II. Other bibliographies; cata- 
logues of public and private libraries; and sales catalogues; -this division 
showing the recognition of Philippine titles by general and special bibliog- 
raphers; to some extent the ownership of Philippina; and the demand 
and supply as demonstrated by the sales catalogues. III. Books, pam- 
phlets, etc., containing bibliographical lists, notes, etc.;-thi8 division 
showing titles in many diflFerent lines, some of great rarity and value. It 
must agsun be noted that we do not list the actual titles, but the sources 
where the titles may be found. The fourth division of printed titles is the 
only one that can be classed under the head of pure or general bibliography. 
This we have entitled " Books, pamphlets, etc. (mosdy published in whole 
or in part in The Philippine Islandsy l4gS'l8g8y* The fact that we have 
used them, in whole or in part, as documents for our series constitutes the 
first reason for their appearance. We have introduced here a very few 
titles that we have not used, because of their scarcity or importance for the 
study of the history of the Philippine Archipelago, such as, for instance, 
Rivadeneira's Historic of 1601. A special feature of the last division is 
the location of the rarer tides. However, we have made no attempt to cite 
prices, for since American occupation, prices have been more or less arti- 
fically raised, and the present price is not a sure index of the value of the 
books. To many of the printed tides, we append critical and other notes; 
and frequent references to the various Philippine bibliographies admit of 
a study of the critical notes of others. In this portion of our work, as in the 
manuscript division, we aim rather at the practical, and our attempt is to 
furnish a good working bibliography, and not one calculated merely to meet 
the tastes of the bibliophile. 

We have personally examined most of the tides of the printed material 
listed by us, a process that has involved an immense amount of work, in- 
asmuch as the various books are not to be found in one collection. This has 
necessitated research in many libraries; and we are able to assert that no- 
where else have bibliographical aids to the study of the bibliography of the 
Philippine Islands been so extensively cited. We have made no attempt 
to list the many books that we have used for annotation, unless such books 
contain bibliographical information. Many general bibliographies and 
many special bibliographies contain Philippine titles. Many catalogues 

Digitized by 



of private libraries also contain titles. Especially is this true of libraries of 
Americana, which generally list some Magalhaes and Pigafetta material. 
While we have listed some libraries of Americana we make no eflFort to list 
all of them. It should also be noted that the ecclesiasrical provinces of 
the Philippines extended to China and other patrts of the Asiatic mainland, 
so that it is quite natural to expect that bibliographies of China and Japan 
and other parts of southern Asia should often contain I^ilippina. The 
student should also note that many collections of voyages, ecclesiastical 
books, etc., contain Philippine matter. Some of the titles cited contain 
veiy few items of Philippina, but some are of great importance. In the 
arrangement of the titles to books and pamphlets, we have adopted the 
strict chronological order. 

For a study of the early history of printing in the Philippines, and its de- 
velopment, the reader will find useful matter in Medina's Imprenta en Ma- 
nila (Santiago de Chile, 1896); and in Retana's Imprenta (Madrid, 1899), 
Introduction, col. 5-50. See also the rules of printing as published by the 
latter in vol. i of his Archivo, These rules were promulgated in Manila, 
February 16, 1857. It seems reasonably clear that the printing press was 
establidied in the Philippines as early as 1593, for in that year, Gomez 
Perez Dasmarinas licensed the printing of the Christian Doctrine in Taga- 
log and Chinese (see his letter of June 20, 15939 in our vol. ue, p. 68), 
although no copies of this have come down to the present day. It must be 
noted, however, that from the language of the letter above cited, it may be 
assumed that the printing press had been established before the year 1593. 
However, the implied reasoning of Perez and Giiemes {Adiciones^ pp. xxi- 
xxiv) following the statement of Beristain de Sousa, that the Arte j Focahu- 
lario de la lengua tagalapf ]uzn de Quinones was printed at Manila in 1581, 
cannot be supported. The real histoiy of printing in the Philippines, in 
idiich it seems that the religious orders had more to do than anyone else, 
has not yet been written, although it is worth careful study. 


The bibliography of MSS. forms the main part of the present volume. 
Important as is our citation of authorities citing Philippine tides, we believe 
this to be our chief contribution to Philippine bibliography. We do not 
hesitate to assert that we have presented more manuscript Philippine titles 
than all odier bibliographers together. In this we have naturally had the 
benefit of the work of all bibliographers and authors who have cited Philip- 
pine MSS., and to such we are naturally under obligations. However, we 
have ourselves personally examined the greater part of the MSS. cited by 
us, and thus are enabled to cite direcdy from the originals or our transcripts 

Digitized by 



from the origiiiab. Espectalty h this true of the MSS. dted from the Ar- 
cfahro de Imfias, at Sevilla; Aa&t of the Real Academia de la Historia, at 
Madrid^ other government archives of mat city^ me AfSS. helongmg to 
Ediiardo Navarro, O. S. A., of Valladolidy and those of the Colegio de Aga9- 
tmos of the same city; those belonging to Pablo PasteHv, S. J., at Sarria; 
those of the Vatican; those in the Biblioth^ue Nadonale, Pariv; those in the 
British Musemn; and in America, those in Lenox, the Library of Congress, 
and the Ayer Collection. The rest we have cited from any source where we 
have found them mentioned. In addition to the arduous research in the 
various archives and libraries, the examination of the various authorises 
citing MSS. has entailed severe and protracted labor. In this rese ar ch we 
have examined the following works: Sommervogel's Bibliotkeque; Blumen- 
tritt's Focabular; Huerta's Estado; Marcellino da Civezza's Saggio di 
Uhliografia; Retana's works (especially his Bihliografia de Mindanao^ and 
his Archivo)\ Vindel's Catdlogos; Perez's Catalogo\ Perez and Guemes's 
Adieiones; and others. When MSS. have been cited by several authori- 
des, we have so stated; as we have also done when MSS. personally exam- 
ined by us have been cited by others or transcribed for others. The con- 
stant effort has been to cite as many MSS. as possible, and to describe them 
as fully as possfl>le. In some cases we have been able to give only the most 
meager details. This is true of some of the MSS. cited from the various 
ardiives, and which we personally examined. In such cases this arises from 
the fact that our notes were taken rather for immediate use in our series 
dian for bibliographical purposes. All such MSS., however, have a value 
to die historical student, having been carefully selected from the thousands 
in the archives as worthy of publicadon. 

Our manuscript diviiuuii falls (|uite naturally mto two parts: I. Those 
MSS. which we have published, in whole or in part, in our series. IL 
Those manuscrijpts which we merely dte and describe in this bibliography, 
but have not publiriied in our series. The descripdon of the MSS. of the 
first division is in general more complete than those of the second, except 
for die MSS. from the Library of Congress and the Ayer CoUecdon. In 
all the MSS. of the first diviskm and in as maiiy as possible of the second, 
we have given the opening and dosing words; and in some of the most 
important we have indicated die line endings of the dtks. 

We have not oonsideted it advisable to list merely devotional writings, 
sermons, transladons of die Chrisdan Doctrine, Catechism, etc., of .vdnch 
diere are so many, both in Spanish and in die Filipino idioms and dialects. 
Neither have we cited all linguisdc MSS., of which also there are many. 
We have endeavored, however, to cite spedally those documents of politi- 
cal, dvil, sodal and economic value, our constant desire bdng to furnish 

Digitized by 



I for the study of die histozy of the Philippines and the Filipino peoples 
and ocfaer inhabitaiits of the Archipebgo tn all lines that tend toward haman 
dcveky m cMt-in a word, of the great forces that make for intellectual and 
spiritual achievement and progress, either through governmental, or social 
and econo m ic (including ecclesiastical) activities. MSS. are cited ibr 
afanost eadi year of the Spanish regime; and dins the manuscript division 
forms in itself an epitome of Philippine history. 

Of some of the MSS. we are unable to give locations, as some have dis- 
appeared or our authorities have failed to give the place of conservation. 
But idiererer possible we have given location and pressmark. We make no 
p r ct enge at completeness. That is impossible in one single volume. But 
we do present a representative list of titles to MSS. gathered from many 
sooroes, and of distinct value. 

The most important archives and libraries where Philippine material 
(both printed and manuscript) is conserved are noted below, with some 
comments on contents and scope. 


Manila Archives,'- During the Spanish regime great confusion prevailed 
in the keeping of MSS. They were not even all housed in central archives. 
It is known that Governor Enrile took back to Spain with him many MSS. 
and printed documents (Pardo de Tavera, Noticias sobre la imprenta y el 
grtAaJof p. 8); and it is to be surmised that many documents now in private 
hands in the islands should by rights be in the archives. Each of the reH- 
gious orders had, as now, its own archives, where many valuable documents 
were conserved. The parish priests, as customary in all parts, kept the 
records of their churches, and each municipality generally made some pre- 
tense at keeping records. Yet in all instances, die system was not by any 
means perfected. During the Tagalog rebellion of 1896-97, during the 
Spanish-American war, and during the later Filipino revolution, many 
docoments and books were destroyed or looted by Spaniards, Filipinos, 
and Americans. Fortunately, some of the looted MSS. are gradually find- 
ing their way into American libraries and collections, where they will be 
adequately conserved. Since American occupation it has been the policy 
to gather aD public records into one central point, namely, at Manila. A 
new bureau was accordingly created, which was known as the Bureau of 
Archives, Patents, Copyri^ts, and Brands. This bureau lost its entity in 
1906, and is now a part of the Executive Bureau. The division of archives, 
etc, is under the management of Manuel de Iriarte, a Filipino of scholarly 
tastes, considerable executive ability, and thoroughness. Shordy after the 
creation of the bureau, one of the younger Filipino scholars, Qemente 

Digitized by 



Zulueta, a history professor in the new Filipino academy, was commissioned 
to go to Spain and other countries in order to gather information regarding 
Philippine MSS. This work came to a close on account of the death of Sr. 
Zulueta, and has not been resumed since. Notwithstanding that the ar- 
chives have been removed four times since American occupation, work has 
steadily progressed, and much order brought out of the chaos that formerly 
ruled. Much valuable information has been furnished to the government 
and to private parties, from the archives, esi>eciaUy on land matters and 
accounts. There are over 5,000 volumes of Philippine MSS. in the Manila 
archives, and many loose MSS., relating to the various departments of gov- 
ernment. The collection of records as reorganized since American occupa- 
tion consists of papers covering a period of over two centuries. "It em- 
braces papers referring to all subjects connected with the Spanish adminis- 
tration and all institutions affected by Spanish legislation. It embraces 
papers relating to the general administration of the archipelago, the munici- 
palities, civil and religious corporations, colleges, hospitals, pious founda- 
tions, banks and mercantile corporations, consulates, printing offices, 
colonies, penal institutions, Chinese immigration, patents and trademarks, 
personal records of officials, public charity and health, public instruction, 
post and telegraph, market-license contracts, cock pits, weights and meas- 
ures, ferries, opium, construction and repair of State, provincial, and munici- 
pal buildings; bridges, wagon-roads, railroads, and tramways; industrial, 
urbana, cedula, and Chinese head taxes; customs duties, revenue from 
stamped paper, revenue from vino and tobacco when these articles were 
monopolies of the Sute; sale of State lands, security fund, and various other 
matters." Among the documents are many important land records and 
many referring to the accounts and public funds.^ 

In regard to the papers of the religious orders, many have been removed 
from the islands by the friars, but many that are most valuable yet remain 
in their archives; and it is hoped that in the near future a thorough investi- 
gation may be made of the documents in the various convents. Through 
the aid of Sr. Iriarte, we have been able to publish one important MS. from 
the Dominican archives. 

Dr. T. H. Pardo de Tavera,of Manila, whom we have cited so frequently 
in this work, possesses a fine collection of Philippina, among which are 
many linguistic titles. Epifanio de los Santos, of Malolos, Bulakan, Luzon, 
also possesses a fine collection, said to number about 2,000 pieces, and which 

^ See Phil. Commisaon Report for 1901, i, pp. 130-132. See also the later reports of the 
Philippine Commission for matter regarding the aichives. Sr. Iriarte is, in the midst of his 
other duties, preparing an index of the more important MSS. in the archives, which will 
render research much more easy. 

Digitized by 



Retama ranks above that of Pardo de Tavera. Some of the collection of 
C. Zulueca has 'been sold; as has also a portion of the Rizal collection. 
Manuel Ponce also owns some Philippina. 


Jrchivo de Indias.-Theac archives are housed in the Lonja or Exchange 
at Sevilla. As their name indicates, they are the depot for the conservation 
of papers relating to the Spanish Indies, both West and East. The West 
Indies include all the Spanish possessions in the Americas; the East Indies, 
the Philippines, Moluccas, other islands, and parts of the Asiatic mainland. 
These archives (which are under charge of Pedro Torres Lanzas) are the 
most important in existence for Philippine study, both from the number 
and variety of the papers conserved therein. There are many thousands of 
documents dating from the period of Magalhaes's voyage to almost the end 
of the Spanish regime, and all are open to the student. These documents 
consist not only of MSS. but as well of printed pamphlets and broadsides, 
many of the greatest rarity. There are many duplicates and even some 
triplicates, etc., for in the old days in order to ensure arrival at their destina- 
tion, letters, reports, etc., were generally sent in duplicate, triplicate, and 
even quadruplicate, on diflFerent vessels, the report of one year often includ- 
ing that of the previous year, which had been sent before. 

Classification of documents is inadequate. The first general classifica- 
tion is into Audiencias, i.^., into the districts under the jurisdiction of the 
various tribunals of that name. Thus, there is the Audiencia de Quito, the 
Audiencia de Panama, the Audiencia de Mejico, and the Audiencia de Fili- 
pinas. The indexes rou^ly classify into secular and ecclesiastical, but 
the division is often not sharp, and many documents are strangely out of 
pbce. There is little individual listing of documents, and still less attempt 
at calendaring. Yet, since the documents are classified by subjects and 
periods, this arrangement furnishes a rough working guide. In research, 
however, one must examine every document of the period under investiga- 
tion, in order that no important material may escape. In the Philippine 
documents proper, there are four main divisions: those sent from Simancas; 
those entitled "Secretaiia de Nueva Espana;" those entitled merely "Audien- 
cia de Filipinas;" and the documents sent by die Ministry of War in 1887. 

The subdivision of each group is into the special heads under which the 
documents naturally classify. Thus, to take a concrete example: the first 
special head of the documents of the Audiencia de Filipinas is "Consultas 
originales correspondientes a dicha Audiencia" (f.^., "Original consulta- 
tions relating to said Audiencia"). The period embraced for this division 
is for the years 1 586-1 700; and the pressmark proper is "estante 67, cajon 

Digitized by 



6, legajos 1-3." "Estante" corresponds to "section," "cajon," to "shelf/' 
and "legajo" to "bundle** (there being in this case three legajos). The 
various bundles are wrapped in strong paper and tied -a method diat is 
somewhat hard on the MSS.; for since many of them are written and 
printed on the so-called rice paper, which has become britde with age, each 
handling of the bundle aids the natural process of disintegration of such 
documents. Hence some of our transcripts are now more valuable than 
the original from which they were made. 

Because of the importance of the Archivo de Indias for Philippine re- 
search, we give below the contents of the various indexes of Philippine 
documents. I. The documents sent from Simancas early in the nine- 
teenth century are divided first into those of secular and ecdesiasdcal 
character indiscriminately - 5 legajos; second, into documents of a 
secular character - 68 legajos; and third, into documents of an ecclesias- 
tical character - 20 legajos. To this division must be added three legajos 
also sent from Simancas that treat of the discovery, description, and popula- 
tion of the Philippines. II. Documents of the "Secretaria de Nueva 
Espana" - divided into three divisions as above, of 25, 171, and 39 l^ajos, 
respectively. III. Audiencia de Filipinas. This is divided first, into 
documents of a secular character - 670 legajos; second, into documents 
of an ecclesiastical character -66 legajos. IV. Documents sent by the 
Ministry of War in 1887. Two divisions as above, of 146 and 34 legajos 
respectively. This makes a total of 1,247 legajos treating entirely of the 
Philippines. To this must be added those documents in odier divisions 
that treat of the Philippines, such as the Audiencia de Mejico (orders and 
decrees sent to the vicerojrs, etc); the legajos treating of the Moluccas; 
papers in the division of justice and accounts; the division "Indiferente de 
Nueva Espana;" and others. The indexes of Philippine documents follow. 

I. simancas: audiencia de filipinas 

Ramo SKular y edtsiastico 
Cootultai originala concipondientec i dicha Audienda; 1 586-1700; eit. 67, caj. 6, leg. 

Decretoa originales cotrespondientes i dicha Audienda; 1594-1698; est 67, caj. 6, leg. 4. 
Peddonei 7 memorialei tudtm decretidoa por d contejo; 1600-1700; est. 67, caj. 6, \tg. 5. 

Same iteidar 

Cartas y expedientes dd gobenudor de Filipinas Tistos en d consejo; 1 567-1699; est 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 6-17. 

Cartas 7 expedientes dd presidente 7 oidores de Filipinas Tistos en d consejo; 1583-1699; 
est 67, caj. 6, leg. 18-26. 

Cartas 7 e^)ediente6 dd cabildo secular de Manila ▼istos en d consejo; 157^1699; est 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 17» »«• 

Cartas 7 expedientes de los ofidales redes de Filipinas vistos en d consejo; 1564-1698; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 29-33. 

Digitized by 



Caitu 7 ei^>edicnt)e8 de penonafi eeculares de dicha Audienda; 1 565-1650; eat. 67, caj. 6, 

Cartaa 7 expedientes de pcnooaa aeailaita de dicha Audiencia; 1650-1699; eit. 68, caj. i, 
leg. i,a, 

CoDfirmacioneB de oficioB bendibles 7 renuttdablei; 1 571-1700; est. 68, caj. i, 1^. 3, 4. 

Cbnfinnadones de encomien d as de Indioc; 161 6-1700; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 5-16. 

Infonnaciooes de oSdo 7 parte; 1571-1658; est. 68, caj. i, kg. 17-19. 

Testimoiiio de las cucntas tomadas al cabfldo 7 regimiento de Manila cotrespondientes i 
km propios 7 lentas feneddas; 1572-1691; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 2a 

Autos 7 otros papdes dd gobanador de FiUpinas Don Juan de Silra contra los oficiales 
lealcs sobre escesos en uso de sus ofidos; 1610-1616; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 11. 

Te«timonk> de visitas 7 registro de cbampanes 7 patadws que lleganm al comerdo de 
FDipinas; 1657-1686; esL 68, caj. i, leg. 22. 

Ezpediente fbnnado sobre los procedimientos de Don Fk-andsco Samaniego Tuesta [i .«., 
Cuestal oidor de dicha Audienda; 1670; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 23. 

TcstioioDio de autos obrados en Acapulco, Megioo, 7 Filipinas en razoD de descubrir los 
biencs dd gobemador de Manila Don Juan de Vargas Hurtado 7 su cuftado Don Frandaco 
Guenno 7 Abila; 1685-1688; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 24. 

Testimciuo de autos sobse la nbellioo oomnersion 7 espulaion de los Saq^cyes de China; 
168^1690; est. 68, caj. i, kg. 25. 

Testimonio sobre la arribada dd galeon Santo Niflo 7 Nuestra Sefiora de Guia 7 sobre 
caterar en la real caja los descaminos de dicho buque; 1688-1701; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 26. 

Testimonio de autos sobre sublevadon de los Sang|e7es sustmriados 7 determinados por 
d ddor Don Pedro Sebastian Bofivar 7 Blena; 1 686-1 690; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 27. 

Testimonio por duplicado sobre k Uegada al oomercio de Filipinas de dos banos nomp 
brados San Pablo 7 Nuestra Sefiora de la Piedad; 1695; esL 68, caj. i, 1^. 28. 

Testimonio de autos sobre la pratendon de ks Indios menudos 6 Taganmndos sitoados 
en Us scnanias de Oton 7 Panai; 1696; est. 68, caj. i, kg. 29. 

Autos de testamcntaxio seguidos par U mesa 7 diputados de la Santa Miserioordia de Ma- 
nila sobre las bienes que dcjo Don Bartolomj Tenorio; 1699; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 3a 

Testimonio de los autos de testamestaiia de Don Gabnd de CuiuceUegui 7 Axriola que 
falkdo en 1689 siendo gobemador 7 capitan general de Filipinas; ieneddos en 1700; est. 
68, caj. 1, 1^. 31. 

Samo §d€siastko 

Cartas 7 expedientes dd arzobispo de Manila; 1579-1697; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32, 33. 
Caitas 7 expedientes de los obispos sufraganeos de Manila i saber, Nueva Segoda; Nueva 
CIceres, 7 Santfsimo Nombre de JesAs 6 Cebti; 1597-1698; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 
Cartas 7 expedientes dd cabildo edesiastico de Filipinas; 158^1700; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 

Caitas 7 expedientes de los missioneros de Filipinas; 1 567-1 700; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 37-41 . 
Cartas 7 expedientes de penonas ede s iast ic as de FSlippinas; 1570-1696; est 68, caj. i, 


Testimonios de autos l e sp ectivos d arzobispo de Manila 7 otros; 1 591-1689; est. 68, caj. 
2, kg. I, 2. 

Tesdmonio de autos de gobemador de Manik obispo decto de la Nuera Espafia 7 causa 
fonnada d Don Diego de Espinosa Maranon; 1681-1682; est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 3. 

Espedientes sobre k extrafieza 7 prisicm dd arzobispo de Manila Don Fra7 Felipe Pardo 
7 desoordias occurridas entre Us rdigiones de Santo Domingo 7 k Compafik de Jesus; ' 1692; 
est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 4-6. 

Testimonio de autos de espoUos que quedaron por failecimiento dd IDustrfsimo Sefior 
Don Fka7 Felipe de Aguilar obispo de Cek&; 1696; est 68, caj. 2, leg. 7. 

To these documents sent from Sknancas should be added the following 

three legajos, which contain for the period covered by diem, periiaps more 

important matter than any other three legajos treating of the Philippines. 

Each document of these three legajos has been carefully indexed by some 


If Filipinas; descuhrjinieiitos descnpoones 7 poUadones de fan Yds Fuipinas; 
1537 i 1606; est I, caj. 1, leg. 1 1 23, 2 1 24, 3 I 25. 

Digitized by 




Xame ucmUg- y tdttiastko 

Contultaf 7 decieCM origiiules; 1630-1759; cit. 68, caj. 2, leg. 8-12. 

Trasladoc autentkot de reaks cedulas; 171 1-1715; esL 68, caj. a, leg. 13. 

Mmutas de coosultas despacfaot 7 papdei de seoetaria; 1618-1759; eit. 68, caj. 2, leg. 

Indices de la coriespondenda del gobemador Audiencia oSdales realei 7 iiigetoe pazticu- 
laret del djatrito de aquella Audiencia; 1671-1756; eit. 68, caj. 2, leg. 3a 

Indices de despachos rrmitidns al distrito de aqueUa Audiaida; 1662-1753; est. 68, caj. 
2, leg. 31. 

Pftmskmes de empleos politicos 7 militaies en d distrito de aquella Audiencia; 1683-1750; 
est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 32. 

F/uno ttetdar 

Cartas 7 ezpedientes dd ▼ixTe7 de Nuera Espafia que tratan de asuntos de Filipinas; 
1699-1760; est 68, caj. 3, leg. 1-3. 

Cartas 7 ezpedientes dd gobernador de Filipinas; 1675-1747; est. 68, caj. 3, leg. 4-33. 

Cartas 7 ei^)edientes dd gobemador de Fitipinas; 1747-1765; est. 68, caj. 4, leg. i-ii. 

Autos 7 ezpedientes dd presidente 7 oidores de aqudla Audiencia; 160^-1762; est 68, 
caj. 4, leg. 12^5. 

Cartas 7 ezpedientes dd cabildo secular de Manila; 1 700-1 759; est. 68, caj. 5, leg 1-3. 

Cartas 7 espedientes de los ofidales reales de Manila; 1638-1735; est. 68, caj. 5, 1^. 4r6. 

Cartas 7 espedientes de pcrsonas seculares; 1645-1761; est. 68, caj. 5, 1^. 7-13. 

Ezpedientes sobre d despacho de la armada para aquellas islas i carga de Don Fk-andsco 
Tejada; 1613-1618; est. 68, caj. 5, leg. 14. 

Espediente sobre d desmantdo de Tenenate Z^amboanga 7 ocios presidios de las islas 
Filipinas; 1622-1686; est. 68, caj. 5, leg. 15. 

Espedknte sobre la espulsion de los Sangl^es; i684ri744; est 68, caj. 5, leg. 16. 

Espediente sobre d comerdo de aquellas islas con d rejno de Nuera Espafia, CU70 es- 
pediente oonsu de 7 legajos; 1 684-1 737; est 68, caj. 5, leg. 17-23. 

Espedientes sobre las medidas de cajones 7 demas piesas que trajo d galeon de Filipinas 
de Sacra Familia; 1 685-1736; est. 68, caj. 5, leg. 24, 25. 

Espediente sobre azogues de Alemania; 1692-1694; est 68, caj. 5, leg. 26. 

Espediente de Senila Cadiz 7 otros pueblos de Espafia que tratan de asuntos de aque 
distrito; 1704P1741; est 68, caj. 5, leg. 27. 

Espediente sobre la mantfestadnm de la plata que llero d galeon San Frandaco Jarier 
1708; est 68, caj. 5, leg. 28. 

Espediente sobre d descubrimientD de las tdas Pais 6 Palaos; 1710-1715; est. 68, caj. 5 
leg. 29. 

Espediente sobre la restitucton de las plazas de oTdores de la Audiencia de Manila a Don 
Gregorio Manud de Villa 7 Don Jos< Antonio Pabon 7 lo resudto contra Don Jos< TorralTa 
oydor de la misnu Audienda; 1711-1722; est68,caj. 5,leg. 30^31. 

Espediente sobre los estancos de vinos 7 buTo de Mamla, 1714^1748; est. 68, caj. 5, leg. 32. 

Espediente sobre los prorechinuentos dd gobemador Don Fernando Bustillo Bustamante 
7 sobre la mucrte Tiolento que sufri6 dicbo gobemador 7 su hijo; I7i4pt727; est. 68, caj. 6, 
leg. 1-5. 

Espediente sobre dcomisoddnaTiotdampago; 1717-1733; est. 68, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Testimonio de autos sobre los profediimientos de Don Vtoente de Luceo contador orde- 
nador de aquellas provindas; 1719; est 68, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

Espediente sobre la obra pia que para la sustenda de veinte misinnrros en la China [fu£] 
r fundado por d abad Don Juan-Bautista Sidoti; Z721-1743; est 68, caj. 6, leg. 8. 

Espediente sobre la consenradon dd presidio de ZambcMnga aumento de su situado 7 
pazes hechas con d rej de Jolo; 1721-1748; est 68, caj. 6, leg. 9, 10. 

Espediente sobre d registro dd galeon de Filipinas nombrado d Santo Cristo de Burgos 
que'ihizo fiaje d afio de 1723 desde d puerto de Cante d de Acapulco; 1724; est 68, caj. 
6, leg. II. 

Espediente sobre d comiso de un barco 7 bienes de Don Manud de Herrera que venia dd 
reTuo de Matan; 1726; est 68, caj. 6, leg. 12. 

Espediente sobre d aumento dd ntuado de aquellas islas; 1727-1728; est 68, caj. 6, 
leg. 13. 

Digitized by 



Etpediente tobre U peniida dd galeon capitana nombrado Santo Cristo de Burgoa al 
caigp dd general Don F^andsco Sanchez de Tagie; 1727-1734; est. 68, caj. 6, leg. 14, 15. 

Etpediente de la Hennandad de la Miacricordia de Manila tobre amplificacion de tut 
Cacnltadet 7 pmilcgiot; 1728-1731; ett. 68, caj. 6, 1^. 16. 

Etpediente aobre d ofido de a&erez real de la dudad de Manila; 1 719-1 744; est. 68, caj. 
6, kg. 17. 

Etpediente tobre la Ilegada dd Navio Nueatra Sefiora de Guya d puerto de Acapulco; 
1730; ett. 68, caj. 6, 1^. 18. 

Etpediente tobre la intranda dd cattdlano j ofidatet redet de Acapulco en que dedaran 
la tcsu parte de comitot heckot en naot de Filipinat; 1730-1733; ett. 68, caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Etpediente tobre la arribada 7 perdida dd patache Nuettra Scfiora de lot Doloret que 
conduda d txtuado de lat idat Marianat; 1734; ett. 68, caj. 6, leg. ao. 

Etpediente tobre d redbo dd galeon capitana Nuettra ScAora de Guia i cargo dd Ge- 
ncrd Don Frandtco Antonio de Abarca 7 Vald^; 1734; ett. 68, caj. 6, leg. 21. 

Etpediente tobre d detfalco que badan lot ofidatet realet del Puerto de Acapulco i la 
geote de mar con d titulo de deUtot; 1734; ett. 68, caj. 6, leg. 22. 

Etpediente tobre lot 162,992 pctot que te tacaron dd comerdo; 1735-1741; ett. 68, caj. 

6» leg. as- 

Etpediente tobre la etcuadra de tret naviot hdandetet que te a vitto en Manila 7 la preta 
de nn barco tambien holandes que hizieron lat gderat dd prendio de Zamboanga; 1735- 
1737; ett 68, caj. 6, leg. 24. 

Etpediente tobre d juego de nupet en d dittrito de la Audieada de Manila; 173^1739; 
est. 68, caj. 6, leg. 25. 

Tettimoniot de autot originadot tobre la Tidta 7 compoddAn de tierrat encargadat al 
oTdor Don Ptodro Calderon en riqueza dd oontejo de su Mag^ttad; 1 739-1 746; ett. 68, 
caj. 6, leg. 26. 

Etpediente tobre lot dot naviot bolandetet que deade Batavia hieron a comerdar i la 
Nvera Etpafia; i739-»753> e^ ^> ^h ^ lcg« *7- 

Etpediente tobre la prition 7 cauta crimind teguida contra Don Crittovd Perez de 
Anrofot fiacd de la Audienda de Manila; I740>i744; ett.68, caj. 6,leg. 28-31. 

Tctdmooio de autot de la Tidta que hizo d a7dor Don Jot<£ Ignado de Anadun remitidoi 
por la Audienda de Manila; 1743; o^ ^» caj. 6, 1^. 33^5. 

Etpediente tobre d planteo de tcibutot en la prodnda de Tondo 7 puerto de Caiite; 1743; 
etc 68, caj. 6, leg. 36. 

Etpediente tobre comitot de gencro dd naTio Nuettra SeSora dd Pilar canttrucdon de 
nn nuevo gdeon para Nuera Etpafia 7 carga que talio de aqudlat idat para Acapulco; 
«743-'744; etL 68, caj. 6, leg. 37. 

Etpediente tobre la preta que hidcron lot Inglcaes dd naTio Cabodonga 7 libertad de lot 
ofiddct que mandaTan dicbo navio; 1 743-1 753; ett. 68, caj. 6, leg. 38, 39. 

Etpedientet 7 autot tobre la tublevadon de lot pueblot tagdot 7 otrot por rejadonet red- 
bidaa de lot idigiotot de Santo Domingo 7 San Aguttin paoficadot por d q7dor Don Pedro 
Calderon; 1741-1751; est 68, caj. 6, 1^. 40.44. 

Etpediente dd tubdd^gado Don Pedro Cddenm de la barca . . . ; 1745-1755; at. 

68, caj. 6, kg. 45. 

Etpediente tobre las espedidooes contra los Moros Tirones 7 Camuoonet; 1 746-1751; 
est. 68, caj. 6, ^g. 46. 

Etpedientet tobre lot . . . pctot de ntulta que te imputo a Don Andrea Blanco 7 
. . . de ette Tednot de la dudad de Manila; 1749-1755; ett 68, caj. 6, leg. 47. 

Tettimooios de autot que tratan dd comerdo ettableddo por d gobemador de Filipinat 
con d rey de Sian cuTa capituladon no fue Talida por no haber tenido red aproradon; 1752; 
CSC 68, caj. 6, leg. 48, 49. 

Etpediaitet tobre lat dteradones que ba tenido aqud comerdo par lat noredades intzo- 
dnddas por d gobemador Marques de Oraudo; 1752-1755; est 68, caj. 6. leg. 50^ 51. 

Etpediente sobre lat laboret de lat minaa de fieno de la pronada de Camarinet que to- 
lidto Don F^widsco Salgado; I7$4-I756; est. 68, caj. 6, leg. 52. 

Espedicnte sobre los escctos que cometio d gobemador Don Pedro Manud de Arandia; 
I75^i75«; «• ^> caj. 6, teg. 53. 

Espedwnte sobre d importe que establed6 d gobemador i todos los generoa comettibtet 
que se condudan a Manila; 1757-1795; est 68, caj. 6, leg. 54. 

Pjnmtiooes de plazas togadas de la Audiencia de Muiila; 1644-1760; est 69, caj. i, leg. i. 

Plpovisiooes de oontadoires de cuentas 7 ofidales reales de aqudliu bias; 1667-1751; ett. 

69, caj. I, teg. 2. 

Digitized by 



Confinnaciooct de oficiot Tendiblei j reminciablet; 1701-1759; ert. 69^ caj. t»kg. 3-12. 
Tcstimoniot de uitot que te hallaron on cutm de lemisian cotre lot papelei del diittito 
de aquella Andimria; 165^1745; est. 69^ caj. i, leg. 13-17. 

Mamo tdtikatko 

Cartas 7 espedientes de arzobispo de Manila; 1701-1761 ; est 69, caj. i, 1^. i8-aa 

Cartas 7 espedientes de otnspos de Zeb6, Nueva Segofia, y Nueva CAccns; 1474-1761; 
Mt. 69, caj. 1, 1^. 21. 

Cartsa 7 espedientes del cabiklD e tl e siarti co de Manila; 1645-1762; est 69, ciy. i, kg. 23, 23. 

Cartas 7 espedientes de penonas edesiwticv de distrito de aqoeila Audienria; 1660- 
1761; est. 69, caj. I, leg. 24-19. 

Espedientes sobre la virita de Ids tdigiosoB por ke ordinaiioe; 1607-1763; eiL 69, cij. i, 
leg. 30.32, 

Espedientes sobce misinnes de la China y otroa puntos oomo espresa nn indioe que Ti al 
prindpiD de este kgajo; 166^766; eat 69, caj. i, leg. 33. 

Espediente sobfe que en \m ▼acantes del Brzob^>ado de Manila gobiBne elcabidocctesi- 
astico; 1691-1696; est 69, caj. i, leg. 34. 

Espedientes sobse d espolio de Don Fhi7 Diego de Aguilar obispo que fu< de Zrb6; 1694^ 
1705; e rt. 69, ca> 1, i^ . 35. ^ , ^ , _,. 

Espedientes sofate los piwediiwiemfn del patiiaica de AntDcnia 7 wndi'ion oel oohgio 
seminario; 1694-171 2; est 69, caj. i, leg. 36. 

Espediente eobre la iw w iw w , ia que faidevon Us reKgiones de BqoBl dirtito « pnKOtar los 
titulosdesustierra8 7estancias; 1698-1704; est 69, caj. i, leg. 37. 

Espediente sobre causa fcnnada i "St. Bartdonie Mamn del ovden de ptedkndcns por 
unmanifiestoqueimprimi67maniEegt6iofarepnntDsdelrealpatiQnatD7nga]iaadcl gober- 
nador 7 capitan general de aquellas tslas; 1704-1719; est 69, caj. i, leg. 38. 

Espedientes sobre los prooBdinieniDS de Don Fhi7 FMbo de la V^a ofajspo de Zebd 7 su 
secretario; 7 sobre nomlvamiento de obispo a visitar; 1709-1731; eat 69, caj. 1, leg. 39. 

Espediente sobre corr^ las onknanaas del colegfo seminariD de S«n Felipe 7 nombrap 
miento dd maestro de gramatka; 17 10-1730; est 69, caj. 1, leg 40. 

Espedientes sobre In catedxas de la vnifersidad de Manila; I7i4>t76t; eit 69, caj. i, 
leg. 41-43. 

Espedknte con mtoa eobre babcr pedido d estado eriesiastico de Bianila se le oitregascn 
los caudales que les pertenedan; 1725-1726; est 69, caj. i, leg. 44, 45. 

Espediente sobre la liraosna de vino 7 aceyte que gosan las reUgiones de aquellis islas 
Fflipinas; 1726; est 69, caj. 1, leg. 46. 

Tres testimonios de autos que pertenecen i un espediente dd cabildo cchaiaalicn de BCa- 
nila sobre asignadon de ^etas; 1730-1731; est 69, caj. 2, leg. i. 

Espediente sobre d deacubrimiento 7 misianes de las islas it los garfmaoa al caigo de los 
padres de la Compafiia de Jesus; 1734; est. 69, caj. 2, leg. 2. 

Espediente sobre ereodon de un seminario para la educacnm de los religiosos minooeros 
de San Agustin; 7 tambien consta un l^ado para lo mismo que dejo la Santlsima SeAora 
Infanta IMa Juana; 1737-1746; est 6^ caj. 2, leg. 3. 

Espediente de Padre F^7 Jos< de Tomibia sobre que no se le obtigaae i paaar i la pro- 
Tinda de San Gregorio i dar mentas; i739>i75o; est 69, caj. i, leg. 4. 

Espediente sobre d numcro de rdigiosos pueblos 7 iglesias que tiencn las religiones de 
Santo Domingo, San FtanciNO, 7 San Agustin; 1751-1754; est 69, caj. 2, leg. 5, 6. 

Espediente sobre la ocultadon de bienes pertenedentes al espolso od obupo de Nue?a 
Segoria Don fnf Juan de Aiediedenm; 1757; est 69, caj. 2, 1^. 7, 8. 

Pnmdones dd anobispado de Manila; 1680-1759; est 69, caj. 2, teg. 9. 

Ptovisiones de dignidades canongias prerendas 7 curatos de la igjesia catedral de Madia; 
i6o>i759; wt. 69, caj. a» leg. 10. 

\'Ramo Mcii/or] 

Registroa de oficiD: leales ofdenes dirigidas i las autondadea dd dinitD de la Andienda; 
1597-1804; est 105, caj. 1, 1^. 1-10. 

Registros de ofiao 7 partes: icaies oidenes dirigidas i las aotDridades 7 psnioalaRs del 
distrito de Audienda; 1 568-1808; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. ti-i8. 

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RegMtm [de] camara: leaki ordenn aobn gradas, nombramicnto, etc; 1634^1735; cat. 

105, caj. a, leg. 19-21. 

Regiitroa: ordcnei mttniocionct titulot etc, para la annada que Ueraba d tocono i las 
idas fiUpiiiaa; i6i9>i6ii; est. 105, caj. a, 1^. ai. 

Realct cednlas tobre materiat gubcmatiTas sueldos, hotpitalet e Idas Marianas; 159^ 
1838; est. 105, caj. a, leg. 23. 

Reales cedulas mcroedes e infonne sobre enromiendas; 163^1791; est. 105, caj. a, leg. 24. 

Invcntario de cedulas 7 consultas; 167^1831; est 105, caj. a, leg. %$, 

Lrfcntaiio de rati o s de reales ordcnes mstancias y materias en general; I79»>i846; 
est. 105, caj. a, leg. a6. 

Coittultas, decretos y ordenes originales; I7a4ri774; est. 105, caj. a, leg. 37-31. 

Coosnitas, decretos y oidaies originales; 1775-1850$ est. 105, caj. 3, leg. 1-9. 

Rcmisiones d consejo, camara y ministros; 1738-1839; est. 105, caj. 3, leg. 10^ 1 1. 

Materias gubcmatiTas; 1611-1837; est. 105, caj. 3, leg. la. 

Ynformcs sobre materias gubcfnatiTasy 1765-1834; est. 105, caj. 3, leg. 13, 14. 

Reales cedulas rdadones 6 ynfonnaciones sobre oficios lioidibln 7 renundaUes; 1616- 
1876; est. 105, caj. 3, 1^. 15. 

PtorisioDcs de empleos politicos 7 militares; 1730-1837; est. 105, caj. 3, leg. 16-19. 

Confinnadones de ofidos Tcndibles 7 renundaUes; 176&-1797; est. 105, caj. 3, leg. ao^a. 

Titnlos 7 nombramicntos polxtioos 7 militares; 1591-1835; est. 105, caj. 3, leg. 33, 34. 

Gobionos de los capitanes gencrdes Marques de Toire-Campo^ Don Fernando Valdcs 
Tamon, Don Gaspar de la Torre 6 interina dd obispo de Nuera Segoria; I739>i748; est. 

GoUono dd capitan generd Marques de Obando; 1746-1767; est 105, caj. 3, leg. a6. 

Gobiemo de los capitanes generdes Don Pedro Manud de Arandia 7 Don Jos6 Crespo; 
175^1762; est 105, caj. 4, leg. i. 

Cttrespondcnda dd gobemador Marques de Obando dando nodda dd estado de aque- 
Das islas; 1753; est 105, caj. 4, leg. a. 

Coffitspondenda con gobonadores; 1759-1831; est 105, caj. 4, leg. 3, 4. 

Gobiemo dd capitan generd Don Simon de Anda; 176^1780; est 105, caj. 4, leg. 5. 

Gobierno de los capitanes gencrdes Don Jos^ Vasco 7 Vargas 7 Don Fdiz Verengos de 
Marquina; 1776-1787; est 105, caj. 4, leg. 6. 

Duplicado dd gobemador; 1651-1735; est 105, caj. 4, leg. 7-34. 

Duplkado dd gobemador; 1735-1737; est 105, caj. 5, 1^. 1-34. 

Duplicado dd gobemador; 1737-1749; est 105, caj. 6y leg. 1-34. 

Duplicado dd gobemador; 1750-1759; est 105, caj. % 1^. 1-34. 

Duplicado dd gobemador; 1759-1813; est 106, caj. i, leg. 1-37. 

Duplicado dd gobemador; 18 13-1850; est 106, caj. 3, 1^. 1-14. 

Reales cedulas, nombramientos € ynianoa acerea dd presidente» oidores 7 subdteraos 
dc la Audienda; 1633-1835; est io6» caj. 3, leg. 15. 

Ptorisioncs de las rdatorias de la Audienda; 1 765-1838; est io6» caj. 3, leg. 16. 

Dttplicados dd presidente 7 oidores; 1703-1731; est 106, caj. 3, leg. 17-35. 

Dupticados dd presidente 7 oidores; 1731-1745; est 106, caj. 3, leg. 1-38. 

Duplicados dd presidente 7 oidores; 1745-1850; est 106, caj. 4, leg. 1-31. 

Espedientes de la Audienda; 1777-18014; est 106, caj. 4, leg. 33. 

Duplicados de la causa crimind 7 prision de Don Cristobd Perex de AnoTO fiscd de 
aqudla Audiencia remitido por d gobemador; 1740; est io6» caj. 4, leg. 33-38. 

Expedicnte sobre competcnda entre d gobemador 7 Audiencia de Mimila remision i £s- 
pafia bajo partida de r^tro de Don Diego Martinez de Araque, d agcnte de la misma 7 
ocros ministros; 1778-1784; est loS, caj. 5, leg. 1-3. 

Ezpediente de Don Frandsoo Fernandez Cendrero dcdde ma7or 7 capitan i guerra de la 
psorincia dc Ylocos, sobre su residenda pendiente de infomie de la Audienda; 1794; est 

106, caj. 5, leg. 4. 

Seccion de fomcnto establedmiento de sodedades economicas; 1779-1798; est 106, caj. 

Cucntas dd red hospitd 7 boticas; 1797-1836; est 106, caj. 5, leg. 6. 

Cucntas de la casa 7 mesa de Misericordia 7 colegio de Santa Potendana; 1764^1833; 
est io6» caj. 5, leg. 7. 

Expedicnte sobre aproradon de las ordenanzas de la casa de Misericordia de Manila 7 
d pcnniso conccdido para que se pueda remitir las cucntas sin intervendon de la red Au- 
diada; 1778: est. 106, caj. 5, leg. 8. 

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Relies cedalas tobre prmlegioe j titulm de dudides, j etpedientes de eMaUedmieato de 
doctzint; 1745-1818; eit. 106^ caj. 5, leg. 9. 

Duplicado de cabildos teculani; 1708-1815; ett to6^ caj. 5, leg. 10-13. 

InYentario de cartas 7 ezpedientes; 170^1800; ert. 106^ caj. 5, leg. 14. 

Cartas 7 expedientes; 1751-1765; ert. 106^ caj. 5» leg. 15-if. 

Cartas 7 expedientes; 1766-1777; est. io6» caj. 6, leg. 1-99. 

Cartas 7 eqwdientes; 1778-1800; est. 106^ caj. 7, 1^. 1-15. 

Tnrentario de espedientes diaribs; 1700-1800; ert. 107, caj. i, leg. i. 

Espedientes diarios; 1760-1799; est 107, caj. i, leg. a-ia 

Espedientes € jtaftMBtsMM de partes; 1719-1778; est. 107^ caj. i, I^. ii-ao. 

Espedientes 6 7nstandas de partes; 1719-1849; ert. 107, caj. 2, leg. i-io. 

Tnstanctas sin curse; 1800-1845; est. 107, caj. a, leg. 11. 

Cartas 7 testimooios sin dar corso hasta d alio de 1761 con sua l e sp eo i fos 7 acuenlos dd 
coosejo 7 frases al sefior fiscal; 1761; eat. 107, caj. a, leg. la. 

DupUcados de autoridades 7 partioilaies; 1703-1833; est 107, caj. a, leg. 13-18. 

Espediente sobre inTasianes de los Moros, Joloes 7 Mindanaos en Tarias provindas 7 
armadas cpie para su castigo se hideroo; 1734^1735; est 107, caj. a, leg. 19. 

Espediente sobre la espedidon hecfaa contra los Moros de Jol6^ prision de su re7 con- 
duddo i Manila, € Audienda; 1751-1761; est 107, caj. 2. 1^. aa 

Espediente sobre las sospecbas toiidas de que el re7 de JolA con sus datos, intentaba sor- 
prender d presidio de Zamboanga 7 prondendas tomadas; 1751-1753; est 107, caj. a, leg. ai. 

Ezpediente sobre la oUigadon 7 compromiso otorgado por d sultan, prindpes, princesas 
7 datos de J0I6 prisos en la fortsleza de Santiago, 7 otros acontedmientos en J0I6 7 Min- 
danao; 1753; est 107, caj. a, leg. 22. 

Espediente sobre la egecutado con motivo de haber Oegado i Manila un embajador de 
JolA pidiendo paces; 1754; est 107, caj. 2, leg. 23. 

Espediente sobre resddendas d maestre de campo de aqud red terdo por su oonducta 
en la armada que oomando d reino de Jd6; 1754; est 107, caj. 2, leg. 24. 

Espediente sobre que d Tirr^ de Nueva Espafia reroco los nucfos establedmientos de 
la caja de ahocxos 7 plan de gueira para la mejor navegadon defensa de la nao 7 abono de 
la real hadenda; 1753; est 107, caj. 2, leg. 25. 

Espediente 7 autos sobre la oonrefsiott 7 redudon de los Indios infidcs 7 suUeradon de 
los Sangleyes; 1747-1751; est 107, caj. 2, leg. 26. 

Espediente sobre espedidon de los Sangigres 6 Chinos Catolioos por ddito de infiddidad 
7 otros [dditos] durante la ocupadon de la plaza [de Manila] por los Ingleses; 1755-1759; 
est 107, caj. 2, 1^. 27-30. 

Espediente de la redamadon por Ynglatierra de los dos millones de pesos capitulados 
en la toma de la plaza de Manila; 1762-1766; est 107, caj. 3, leg. i, 2. 

Espediente rdatiro d ntio 7 toma de Manila por los Yngjeses; 1 762-1765; est 107, caj. 

Secdon de fomento establedmiento dd jardin botanico cultiro de la canda por Don 
E^andsco Sdgado 7 concesion i este de titulo de Castilla; 1770-1792; est 107, caj. 3, leg. 7. 

Espediente sobre abduo de la dcaiceria de San Fernando manejo egerado 7 facuhad 
de su casteUano 7 lo actuado contra Don Fernando de Mier 7 Noriega que fue d primero; 
1783; est 107, caj. 3, leg. 8. 

Espediente sobre bienes de difuntos; 1751-1833; est 107, caj. 3, leg. 9. 
• Roles cedulas sobre libranzas meroedes pensiones, a7iidas de costs, penas de camara, 
multas 7 condenadones € indultos 7 suddos; 1 591-1824; est 107, caj. 3, 1^. 10. 

Materias gubematiTas de red hadenda; 1733-1824; est 107, caj. 3, leg. 11. 

Ynforme de red hadenda; 1682-18 18; est 107, caj. 3, leg. 12. 

Espediente de prorisiooes de empleo de red hadoida; 1773-1821; est 107, caj. 3, leg. 

Titttlos de ofidales redes; 1604-1818; est 107, caj. 3, leg. 15. 

Redes cedulas, nombramientos 7nstnicdones 6 7nfarmes dd tribund de cuentas; 1725- 
1825; est 107, caj. 3, \tg, 16. 

Tribund de cuentas, ofiddes redes, 7 las dependendas; 1716-1741; est 107, caj. 3, leg. 

Tribund de cuentas, ofiddes xeales, 7 las dependendas; 1742-1795; est 107, caj. 4, 

leg. i-a7- 
Tribund de cuentas, ofidales xeales, 7 las dependiendas; 1796-1835; est 107, caj. 5, 

l«g. 1-13- 

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B i ped i e nte tofate wnhlcrifniaHo de yntiendcndat j tubintouiendat; 17S4P17S7; est 
I07» ctj. 5, leg. 14. 

DiipMcadot de lobimgidientet € yntwidigniw de ggadtp y realhadenda; 1787-1S13; est. 
t07,caj.s, leg. 15-31. 

DapUcadot de rabintcndientei € ynteodientet de cgodto 7 real hadenda; 1813-1S41; 
crt. 107, caj. 6, leg. i-31. 

DapUcadoe de rabmieBdientiei € jntcndieotet de cgereitD y real hadenda; 1841-1849; 
crt.i07ycaj.7»leg. i-ii. 

Eatadoa cortet 7 tanteoa de real hadenda; 1754-1831 ; ert. 107, caj. 7, leg. 2>-a4. 

Cuenta de real hadenda; 1759-1775; eat 107, caj. 7, leg. 25-32. 

Cuenta de real hadenda; 1775-1831; ert. loS, caj. i, leg. 1-6. 

Cuentaa de difema ramot de real hadenda; 1 726-1833; est. 108, caj. i, leg. 7, 8. 

Tnfotme aobre d ramo de tribute 7 numeradon de Lidtoe; 1691-1819; ett 108, caj. i, 

Coentas de tributot, oontribndan dlrecta 7 ramoe i caigo de Im cocrpgidotei 7 alcaldes 
maTOfes; 1755-1830; esL 108, caj. i, leg. 10-13. 

Tufbrmes, cuentas 7 espedioites del ramo de polTora; 1 765-1830; est. 108, caj. i, leg. 14. 

Cednlasy jofonnes 7 cuentas dd ramo de propios; 1734^1827; est 108, caj. i, 1^. 15. 

Rcales cedulas € yohnDa sobre minas 7 mmeros; 1600-1783; est 108, caj. t^ kg. 16. 

"R s pcdi e nt B i del gobemador de FQipinas sobre d fatahlcrimicnto 7 laborio de la mmaa 
de hiciTo en aqucUas iilas; 1783; est 108, caj. i, leg. 17. 

Rona de tabaoos, catahirdiniento de su estanco^ asuntoe de su administradon 7 sua de- 
pat^iBstni 1769-1781; est 108, caj. i, leg. 18. 

Cttentas de tabaoos; 1726-1831; est 108, caj. i^leg. 19, 20. 

lUpcdientes de la renu de tabaoos; 1780-1833; est 108, caj. i, 1^. 21-23. 

Cuentas de naipes; 1798-1823; est 108, caj. i, leg. 24. 

Rcales cedulas, jofonnes 7 estsdos sobre nno 7 bebidas; 1733-1796; est 108, caj. i, leg. 25. 

Ctentas de los ramos de vinos 7 bebidas; 1789-1834; est 108, caj. i, leg. 26, 27. 

Espediente sobre la fabricadon dd rom; 1809-1813; est 108, caj. i, leg. 28. 

Cuentas dd ramo de booga; 1797-1819; est< 108, caj. i, leg. 29. 

Rcales cedulas, jofonnes 7 cuentas sobre alcabaUs 7 abnojarifaxgo; 1735-18 16; est 108, 

caj. 1, leg. 30- 

Cnenu de real hadenda de Ceb6; 1788; est 108, caj. i, leg. 31. 

Rcales oedulas, Tnlbnnes, cuentas, 7 expedicntes sobre lan^ 7 medias anatas; 1675- 
1824; est 108, caj. I, leg. 32. 

B sped i m te s de real hadenda; 1765-1789; est 108, caj. i, leg. 33. 

Espedientes de red hadenda; 1 790-1850; est 108, caj. 2, 1^. 1-5. 

Espcdientcs € 7nstandas de partes de red hadenda; 1776-1800; est 108, caj. 2, leg. 6-9. 

Espediente sobre lea ramos que constitu7en los cargos 7 obligadooes de red hacwnds; 
1746-1755; est 108, caj. 2, leg. 10. 

Espediente sobre la fabcicadoo 7 renta dd ailil; 1782-1783; est 108, caj. 2, 1^. 11. 

Rodes cedulas 6 jofonnes sobre comisos; i6ii-i8ao; est 108, caj. 2, leg. 12. 

Rcales cedulas i jofonnes sobre suddo, nombramientos 7 patentes milittres; 1589-1815; 
estio8,caj. 2,Ieg. 13, 14. 

Hojas de scrridos 7 estractos de reristas mflhares; 1767-1799; e*t- 108, caj. 2, leg. 15, 16. 

Asuntos de guerra; 1780-1807; est 108, caj. 2, leg. 17. 

Descnentos militans; 1801-1834; est 108, caj. 2, ^g. 18. 

Foftificadon, parque, almarm, aportadera 7 cuentas; 1785-1825; est 108, caj. 2, leg. 19. 

Hanoe sobre foftificadon de Mai^ 7 Cante; 1764-1771; est idB, caj. 2, leg. 20. 

Fostifirarinnfs, perixedios de guerra, situados de tropa, 7 sus m cid e ndas; 1728-1767; 
cat 108, caj. 2, leg. 21-25. 

Foitificadoncs, pertrechos de guerra, situados de tropa, 7 sus inddcndas; 1768-1818; 
est 108, caj. 3, leg. 1-6. 

Espediente sobre d enno i Espafia dd corand dd [regimiento] fijo de Manila Don Fdipe 
Salasar 7 de su hijo; 1771-1774; est 108, caj. 3, l^. 7. 

Espeifiente sobre liccnda de embaroo i aqudlas islas; 1787-1823; est 108, caj. 3, leg. 8. 

Roles cedulas, providcndas, 6 ytdoaoet sobre materias de comerdo 7 naos de Acapoloo; 
1700-1824; est 108, caj. 3, leg. 9. 

Espediente de lo obrado en la comision para re ri den d a d comandantc 7 ofiddes de la es- 
raf^nllf que fne d reoonodmiento de las idas Paragua, Hipdod 7 Balaba; 1754; est 108, 
cij.3,leg. la 

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Deipachot dd galeon SantissimaTrmidad para Acapolco; 1 753-1 754; etL 108, caj. 3, kg. 1 1 

Deipacfaot del buque San Cariot para Acapulco 7 aut inddendas; 1764-1781; eat 108, 
caj. 3, leg. la, 13, 

Representackniet mandadat tener pmente sobre d inoendio de la fragau San Cariot 7 
ra carga i tiempo de salir para Acapulco; 1776; est. 108, caj. 3, leg. 14. 

Etpediente en que ce apnieba al gobemador la sentenda que dK> en la retidcnda tomada 
al general 7 ofidales de la fragata San Carlos; 1768-1781; est. 108, caj. 3, leg. 15. 

Etpediente sobre lo ocurrido en la arribada al puerto de Cante del bergantm nombrado 
la Sultanesa de Bigan; 1768; est. 108, caj. 3, leg. 16. 

Espediente lobic addantamiento 7 mejora dd comcido con Nucra Etpafla, navegadon 
i Acapulco 7 otros particulares; 1769; est. 108, caj. 3, leg. 17, 18. 

Repstro de embucadones que arribaron i estas is laspiooedentes de China; 1771-1777; 
est 108, caj. 3, leg. 19, aa 

R^istro para Acapulco de la Fhigata Nuestra Scfiora [de] la Concepdon; 1774; est. 108, 
caj. 3, leg. ai. 

Registro para Acapulco de la firagata S. Jos<; 1775-1787; est 108, caj. 3, leg. aa-a7. 

Registro pan Acapulco dd nario San Pedro; (6) d Ca^itefio; I778-I78a; est. 108, caj. 4, 
leg. 1, a. 

Registros para Acapulco de la fragaU S. Andres; 1 787-1 796; est 108, caj. 4, leg. 3-6. 

Registros pan Acapulco de la fngata S. Fernando (6) d Magallanes; 1793-1800; est 108 , 
c«j- 4t leg- 7-10- 

Registros para Acapulco de la fragata S. Rafad (6) d comerdo; 1800; est 108, caj. 4, leg. 1 1 . 

Espediente dd registro de la fragata Nuestra Scfiora de la Paz en sus viajes de Manila k 
Cadiz; 1804; est 108, caj. 4, leg. la. 

Registros para Acapulco del navio Magallanes; 1809; est. 108, caj. 4, leg. 13, 14. 

Reales cedulas, 7nfonnes, pro7ectos, 7 reglamento dd consulado de Manila; i734-i8a3; 
est 108, caj. 4y leg. 15. 

Espediente tobre d axreglo de suddo 7 gastos dd consulado 7 esacdon dd derecbo de 
alwrias; 1776; est. 108, caj. 4, leg. 16. 

Espediente dd consulado erigido en 1779 sobre d mal estado de aqud comerdo 7 medio 
de su restabledmiento; 1773; ^^ '^' <^j* 4t ^H' '7* 

Cuentas dd consulado por la fonda de aboias; I77a-i834; est 108, caj. 4, leg. 18-34. 

Espedientes dd consulado 7 comerdo; 1760-1833; est 108, caj. 4, leg. a5-a9. 

Reales cedulas de erecdones, 7nformes 7 patentes de la Real Compafiia de FiUpinas; 1788- 
i8ai; est. 108, caj. 5, leg. i. 

Acuerdos de la junu de gpbiemo de la Red Compafiia de Filipinas; 1789-1835; est 108, 

caj. 5> leg- a-4- 

Espediente sobre la decadenda de la Red Compafiia de Filipinas 7 medio para su fomento 
segun red cedula de 1790; 1 789-1 794; est. 108, caj. 5, leg. 5. 

Espedientes de la Red Compafiia de Filipinas; 1785-1836, 7 1840; est 108, caj. 5»leg. 6-17 


Redes cedulas 6 yrdormtt sobre limosnas de vino, cera 7 acdte para las 7glesias 7 rdi- 
giones; 1635-1808; est. 108, caj. 5, leg. 18. 

Redes cedulas 6 informes sobre medias annatas 7 mesadas edesiasticas; 1736-1815; est. 
io8» caj. 5, leg. 19. 

Redes cedulas 6 yniannti sobre vacantes de obispados 7 a7udas de costa; 1 595-1 788; 
est io8y caj. 5, leg. ao. 

Consultas de materias 7 proTidones edenasticas; 1703-1833; est 108, caj. 5, 1^. ai, aa . 

Materias edesiasticas 6 Tnformes; 1589-1819; est. 108, caj. 5, leg. 33. 

Redes cedulas 6 joioTma sobre diezmos; 1636-1795; est 108, caj. 5, 1^. 34. 

Egecutorides 7 presentadones de obispos 7 preboidas de la 7^esia de Manila; 1634^ 
1847; est. 108, caj. 5, leg. 35, a6. 

Duplicados dd arzobispo de Manila; 1703-1753; est 108, caj. 5, leg. 37, 38. 

Duplicados dd arzobispo de Manila; 1753-1850; est. 108, caj. 6, leg. 1-4. 

Pliegos remitidos d consejo por d arzobispo de Manila 7 para su santidad sobre d estado 
de curatos 7 fundamentos de los regulares para eximerse de la jurisdidon dd diocesaao; 
1769; est io8, caj. 6, leg. 5, 6.* 

' AccompauTing this entr7 in the index is a note which reads as fdlows: 'It must con- 
sist of onl7 one legajo, for no. 6, is lacking.'* 

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Duplkadof dd cabfldo edetiattico de Manila; 1688-1835; ett. io8» caj. 6, leg. 7-1 1. 

Doplkadof de pcrionat edet i at ric at; 1684-1831; ett. 108, caj. 6, leg. la, 13. 

Cttentas de laa fabricaa de la tanta jglesia de Manila; 1793-1801 ; est 108, caj. 6, leg. 14. 

EtpedienlBi de laa tierrat 7 nipalet de . . . propiof de la yglesia de Manila; 1760; 
crt. 108, caj. 6, leg. 15. 

Etpediente del licendado Don Eiteran de Rojas 7 Mdo, canooigo de la tanta 7gletia de 
Manila aobre aprobadon de tut tret cucntas de lo gattado en la fabrica de dicha 7gletia 
CB lot dies afiot de tu redificackm en que habia ddo obcero major; 1786; ett. 108^ caj. 6, 
kg. 16. 

Reafet cedolaty Tnformet 7 etpedientet tobfe d ettabledmiento dd teminario cnndliar 
7 coiegio de Santa Pdcendana; 1780-1811; ett. 108, caj. 6, leg. 17. 

Egectttoridet 7 pntentadonet dd obitpado de Ceb6; 1660-1829; ^"^ '^» ^j* ^ ^' ''- 

Duplkadot dd obispo de Ceb6; 1718-1830; eiL 108, caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Etpediente dd obitpo de Ceb6 tobre que te abonaten lo 1,000 petot concedidot para la 
fafaiica de tn 7gletia catedral; 1766; ett. 108, caj. 6, leg. aa 

Egecotorialet 7 pretentacionet dd obitpado de Nuera Segovia; 1634-1817; ett. 108, caj. 
6. kg. II. 

Doplkadoa dd obitpo de Nuera Segovia; 1603-1815; ett. 108, caj. 6, leg. la, 23. 

Egecntonalet 7 pretentacionet dd obitpado de Nuera Ciceret; 1660-1816; etL 108, caj. 


Duplkadot dd obitpo de Nuera Ciceret; 171 5-1850; ett. 108, caj. 6, leg. 15. 

Etpedientet de pe rt onat edetiastkat; 1 587-1849; ett. 108, caj. 6, 1^. 26. 

El gobemador marquet de Obando da cuenta con tettimonio de lot Tofonnet que te an 
podido adquirir, aobie d numero de rdigiotot, 7 de lot que te neoetitan para la redudon 7 
ccpTcr tkn de ke Indkt gcntilet; 1751; ett. i(^, caj. 6, 1^.17, 28'. 

Etpediente dd obitpo de Cebd, gobemador interino de aqueliat itlat7d anobitpodeMa- 
nik tobie en cual de lot dot habia de recacr d mando de dla; 1760; etL 108, caj. 6, 1^. 29. 

Etpediente dd beaterk de Santa Catalina de Sena; 1762; ett. 108, caj. 6, leg. 3a 

Etpediente tobre k remodon de lot idigiotot de San Aguttin de lat doctrinat de k pfo- 
▼inda de k Pampanga tecukiizadon de curatot de aqudlat idaa 7 ingecdon de lat reli- 
gionct d red patronato 7 rwu de lot ordinariot; 1772; ett. 108, caj. 6, 1^. 3 1-35. 

Etpediente tobie com p ete n ck entre d anobitpo de Mynik obitpo tufraganeo de Nuera 
Cicctet vice patrono red, 7 fitcd de k Audienda por depoddon al pmbitero Don Vicente 
Tgnack de A1T070 dd curato de Sanu Crua; 1777; ett. 108, caj. 6, itg. 36. 

Etpediente de la red Audienda tobie d etpolio dd anobiipo Don Manud Antomo Rojo 
7 drmandat introduddat contra d; 1778; ett. 108, caj. 7, 1^. i» 2. 

Cnatro etpedientet unidot tobie paga de dineio por lat religionet 7 naturdet de aqueliat 
iikt dn embargo de no ettar en practico aumento de preBendado 7 rentat en la metropoli- 
tana de Manik 7 otrot documentot de tut mitat anifertariat 7 atittenda con inddentet; 
1780; ett. 108, caj. 7, leg. 3. 

Etpediente tobre la pretendon de lot mettizot Sanglejet de Tondo 7 Bmondo 7 Sana 
Craz para que te k permitiete prcndar i tut etpentat un monatterio de monjat dd 3^ orden 
de Santo Domingo con d tituk de Santa Clara de Lima; 1782-1789; ett. 108, caj. 7, leg. 4. 

Etpediente dd piovincid f^7 Juan Rodriguez Aguttmo tobre tmpretion de k grama< 
tica que en idioma Chino 7 etpailol computo; 1790; ett. 108, caj. 7, leg. 5. 

Rokt cedulaa 7 libranzat para midonet en aqueliat idat 7 Ticariat apottolicat en China; 
1600.1805; etL 108, caj. 7, kg. 6. 

Tnformet tobre mjdnnet 7 midonerot; 1629-1824; ett. 108, caj. 7, leg. 7. 

Etpedientet de nudonet de lot regularei de ettat idas; 1748-1835; etL 108, caj. 7, leg. 

Etpediente dd piovincid de aguttinot cakadot de lat mitionet de China Fra7 Juan Ro- 
diigucs tobre crroret de kt mitionerot Jetuitat ereodon de quatro obitpadot con d titulo 
de vicariot apottolicot tolidtud tobre que lot mitionet de Tunquin orientd pertenezcan i 
k provinda de dominicot 7 divition de lat miaJonm Cochinchina entre etptikkt 7 Fran- 
cetet; I774ri78i; etL 108, caj. 7, kg. 13. 

Etpediente tobre la vinta 7 rdorma de k orden de Santo Dommgo, cometidat d dean de 
k tanta 7gktk de Manik 7 en [tu] ddecto i dot prebendadot de elk con antecedentet 6 
1789; etL 108, caj. 7, 1^. 14. 

' A note in the index readt at followt: ""The two legajot are duplicatet one of the other, 
and far the tame fear.** 

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Realet oeduUs jtdonou nombnmientM 7 etpedientet dd ramo de cnizada en d ano- 
bitpado y nifraganeo; 1738-1812; est. loS, caj. 7» 1^. 15. 

Cucntat de cnizada; 1781-1831; ett. 108, caj. j, leg. 16. 

Etpediente tobre lat diferenctas tuadtadas de cruxada de Bfaiiila» 7 el obifpo de la Nuera 
CIccret con mothro de la puMkacion de la bula en tu dioceut; 1761; eat. 108, caj. 7, 


Etpedieiifie lobre embargo de bienes de Don Santiago de Orendain 7 ni muger Doia Maria 
Dominga Airaezy Tednot de Manila pordeudadraniodebulasdelacnuada7otroteioetot; 
1761; est. 108, caj. 7» leg. 18, 19. 



Rcgittroa de pattet, 7 o6do8 de cedulat 7 detpachot; 1814P1818; TnTentaiioa de ap^ 
dicntet detpadiadot por las autoridadet; 1801-1834; leg. 1 1 514. 

Conaultai originalet dd conaejo 7 camara; 1806-1834; 1^. 1 1 515. 

Contultas, expedientes 7 reiolnckmet dd conaejo, camara 7 numitrot; 1765-1793, leg. 
«l5«6; i7?3-»8oi, leg. 1 1 517; 1801-1803, leg. 3 1 518; 1803-1804,1^.41519; 1804^ 
i8o6» leg. 5 1 5ao; i8o6> leg. 6 1 511, 7] 5»5 1807-1808, leg. 8 | w; 1809-1814, leg. 9^ 5*4; 
1814P1816, leg. 10 1 525; 1816^ Itt. II I 516: 1817, leg. la fw, 13! S^i «8i8, leg. 14 1 529, 
15 530; i8i9,leg. i6|s3i, i7nS3«» «8|533J »8 19-1820^ 1^. 19 1 534; 1820-1827, leg. 
20 1 535; i82<.i829, leg. 21I536J 1830-1831, leg. 22 1 537; 1832, leg. 23 1 538: 1833- 
1834, leg. 24 1 539; 1834, 1^. 25 1 540; 1835.1836^ leg. 26I 541; 1837-1853, 1^. 27 1 54*- 

Renunioncs d conaejo^ camara 7 miniitroa; 1779-1808, leg. 1 1 543; 1809-1831, leg. 


Tindoa 7 ronfinnarinnfs de ofidoa vendiblet 7 rcnundablet; 1799-1814; kg. 1 1 545. 

Ftofiiknet de empleoa 7 conccrinnca de gracias; i8o>i8i8, U^. i| 546; 181^1822, 
leg. 2 1 547; 1822-1825, leg. 3 I 548; 1826-1827, leg. 4 1 5495 i8a»-i8S4» leg. 5 1 550. 

Hojat de terTiciot de empleadot en difenntet ramot de U adminittradon; 1793-1809, 
leg. 1 1 551; 1810-1821, leg. 2 1 552; 1822-1826, leg. 3 1 553; 1827-1829, 1^. 4 1 554; 1830. 

»«3»» H' 5 1 5555 i833-"844. leg- « I 55^- 

Lidioea de conaultas, ordenes 7 repretentadonei que dirigen loa gobemadorat, capitanea 
generdet i Tntendentet i lot reapcctifoa minittros; 1787-1822, leg. 1 1 557; 1823-1835, 1^. 
2 1 558; i836-i85o> leg. 3 I 559; 1851-1853,1^.41560. 

Decretoa, conaultat 7 cartas de los gobemadoRs de las Idas Marianas; 1630-1737; 1^. 

■ Is*'- 

Documentos que oonserraban los PP. Jesuitas en sus arcbifos rdcrentes i laa Idas Ma- 
rianas, 7 decrctos, consultas, 7 cartas de los gobemadores; 1586-1778; 1^. 1 1 562. 

Expedientes, consultas ▼ pnmsioncs de empleos de la red Audiencta; 1765-1816^ kg. 
1 1 563; 1817-1827, kg. 2 1 564; 1828.1833, leg. 3 1 565. 

Cartas 7 expedientes de la red Audicnoa; 1767-1796, 1^. 1 1 566; 1797-1799, leg. 2 567; 
i799-i8oo> leg. 3 | 568; 1801, kg. 4 1 5^5 i8o>i8o3, kg. 5 1 570; 1803-1804, kg. 6 1 571; 
1805-1808, leg. 7 1 572; 1809-1816, leg. 8 I 573; 1817-1818, kg. 9 1 5745 1819-1825, kg. 
10 1 575; 1826-1829, 1^. II I 576; 1830-1832, leg. 12 1 577. 

Negodado politico; expedientes rarios despachados por k seodon de gobemadon; 1816- 
1822, leg. 1 1 578; 1822-1823, kg. 2 1 579; 1823-1862, leg. 3 I 58a 

Expedientes 6 jagtandM de partes: 1769-1790^ leg. 1 1 581: 1791-1792, kg. 2 1 582; 1793- 
i«03>lcg-3l583; i8o4Pi8o5,leg.4[584; 1806-1807, leg. 5 1 585; 1808, kg. 6 1 586; 1809- 
1810^ kg. 71587; 1810-1811, leg. 8 I 588; 1812, 1^. 91589; 1812-1814, leg. 10 590; 
1815-1816, leg. II I 591; 1816-1817, l€«. i» I 59»; 1818, kg. 13 I 593; 1819, Iqs* 14 1 5945 
1820-1821, leg. 15 1 595; 1822, leg. 16 1 596, 17 597; 1823-1824, 1^. 18 I 598; i825-i826» 
kg. 19 1 599; 1827, leg. 20 1 600; 1828, kg. 21 1 601; 1829, kg. 22] 602; 1830-1831, kg. 
23 I 603; 1831-1870^ leg. 24 1 604. 

Descubrifloiento 7 toma de posesion de las Ulas Batanes; 1776-1790; leg. 1 1 605. 

Expediente sobre aprobadon de lot estatutos de k unircrddad de Santo Tomis 7 com- 
petencias entre k Audienda 7 d gobicmo; 1764-1785; leg. 1 1 606. 

* There are two indexes of this lot of documents m the archives. We cop7 the later and 
more detailed one. It is to be noted that the dassification of this lot is 8ligfatl7 different 
from the preceding, and that there are no **estantes** and **cajons.** 

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Anm nstnudot 4 imfiiwrm dd procurraor Dob B&Monoo Zsmon en reprBicnticinii do 
ki Ounot J Sanglcjet radkadot en lot pueUos de Binondo y Tambobo precendicndo ez- 
on amc dd vbitiio <iue let pide el tTuntamiento de BlaniU; 1825-1830; leg. 1 1 607. 

KipwKrnte eobre el amanoebumento y excesot atrebuidot i Don Jot6 Teodoco Garcia 
de Anaa Rcgidor de la dndad de Manila; 1784-1796; leg. 1 1 608. 

Eipediente dd an^glo de la nnirenidad de Manila y aprobadon de tut ettatutot teguido 
CB d oootejo de Tndiat en 1780 y patado en Majo de 1805 al relator para formar apunt»- 
flueotot; i777-i«3«5 leg- » I ^ 

Eipediente tobre la lepotidon dd col^gio de San Jot6 de Manila al icr 7 eitado en que 
qnedd a la eipuhimi de lot regularet de la Compafiia; 1777-1788; 1^. 1 1 610. 

Kipfdirnfe tobre la niita de Latag^ ootretpondiente al pueblo de SiU% partido de Ca- 
yiUf para que te erija en pueblo con tu ajuntanuento por contencr mat de mil almat; 1813- 
1S37; ^K- 1 1 611. 

Contpffacion de Filipinat y tut inddcnciat; 1827-1831; leg. 1 1 6i». 

Greaoon y tupraion de la yntendencia, teparadon y union de la tuperintendcnda y ikm»> 
Inmicntot de yntendcntet; I784ri833; kg. i ] 613. 

Tndioci de la a ine tp(Mi d ciia a que te dii^ por la tuperintendcnda ddegada de hadcnda 
ikt letpectiTot minitteriot y mini ttiot de acuaot de redbot; 1830-1860; 1^. 1 1 614. 

Fipwi i cntet propuettat de empleot jexamcn 7 dela contabiUdad de triUmd de cucntat; 
1823-1830^ leg. 1 1 615; 1831-1835, leg. » 1 616; 1836-1841, 1^. 3 1 617. 

Kipfdientet de real haacnda; 1776-1801, kg. 1 1 618; 1801-1800, leg. 2 1 619; 1802, kg. 
3|6so; 1803-1805, leg. 4 1 611; 1806-1810^ kg. 5 1 6a2; 1811-1824, kg. 6 1 613; 1825-1827, 
kg. 7 1 624; 1828.1830^ kg. 8 1 625; 1831,1^.91626; i83i-i837,|627; 1837-1841, 
kg. II 1 6a8; 1842^1864, leg. 12 1 ^9. 

Bfmw i nnft de caudalet y efectot; 1779-1786; kg. 1 1 63a 

Factoria de tabaoot; eipedientet, conttpondencia y pertonal; 1785-1804, l^. 1 1 631; 
1805-1812,1^.21632; i8i3-i82i,kg.3|633; 1822,1^.4)634; 1831-1833, leg. 5 1 655. 

Eipediente tobn la eitindGn de lot ettancot de tabaco, bonga y vino de nipa en lat Ttlat 
ISIip^iat, y compentadon que deben pagar y prondendat dd tupremo contejo de ettado; 
1788-1795; ^8- 1 1 636. 

Eipediente tobre U tiembra dd tabaoo y mejora de lat condirionet de lot cntfcherot de 
Ifuera Vixeaja y Cagayan, y comunicadonet de lat autoridadet; 1852-1868; leg. 1 1 637. 

Kipfdirnte tobre d ettabledmiento dd ettanoo en lat pnmndat de Camarinet y Albaj, 
y tobre la tiembra dd tabaco en la de Cagayan; 1788-1798; leg. 1 1 638. 

Caitat J eipedientet dela Real Cbmp^tia; 1800-1803, 1^. 1 1 639; (no dateX kg. 2 1 640. 

Kipfdientrt, contultat 7 acoerdo de U red junta de la union de Filipinat; 1768-1769; 
1^. 1 1 641; 1769, kg. 21641. 

Eipedientet de bienet de difuntot; 1804P1822; leg. 1 1 643. 

Caitat 7 eipedientet de la adminittradon de oorreot; 1822-1834, 1^. 1 1 644; 1835-1843, 

Eipedientet 7 oidcnet generdet dd minitterio de la guerra; 1804P1825, kg. 1 1 646; 1826- 
1831, kg. 2 1 647; 1832-1834, kg. 3 1 648; 1834, 1^. 4 1 649. 

Eipedientet de Marina; 180^1835; 1^. 1 1 650. 

F . ipedifnte tobre k limpia de lat buret de Patig, Taguig 7 Tsytgy con d aunlio de lot 
fandot de arcria dd oontulado de Manila; 1804P1806; kg. 1 1 651. 

Eipedxnte generd tobre fletamiento de buquet 7 Tenta de U fragata San Rafad; 1812- 
1813; kg. 1 1 652. 

Eipedxnte formado por d gobemador de Filipinat tobre d nombramiento de oomandante 
de U nao de Aeapuloo 7 pilotot rraminadot para d manejo de la mitma en lugar de lot trat 
ofidakt de tiem que Umba a tu bordo; 1783-1806; kg. 1 1 653. 

Copia IJtcnl dd Regittio de la fragata Re7 Cariot que tak para d puerto de Aeapuloo 
COB piiegoa de S. Bl. 7 con pennito de d oomercio de ettat 7Blat; 1801; kg. 1 1 654. 

T fttimnn io de U cauta formada contra D. Biigud de Araujo Rota 7 Victariano Jot6 M(^ 
lak capitan tobre detcaiga de k fragata portngueta San Vicente 7 Santa Rota, en d afio 
1781, ptoc e de nte dd puerto de Madratt de la dominadon britanica 7 depodto de lot efectot 
CB U real aduana 7 akaTceria de San Fernando; 1783; leg. 1 1 655, 2 1 656. 

Eipediente de nav^adon indurtria 7 comerdo; 1792-1801; kg. 1 1 657; 1802^1805, kg. 
2 1 658; 1806-1811, Iqs. J 1 659; 1812-1813, kg. 4)660; 1813-1816, 1^. 5)661; 1817- 
1823, kg. 6 ) 662; 1823-1828, i^. 7 1 663; 1829-1835, kg. 8 ) 664. 

F.ipedimtg dd gobemador Audienda 7 red contulado tobre Tarkt pontot de juritdi^ 
doB 7 dittribockn de tondadat; 1801-1803; kg. i ) 665. 

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Ezpedientn, coosultu y retducioiies del consejo j camara; 1758-1794, leg. i [666; 
17^-1798, leg. 1 1 667; i799-«*««> *««• 3 I ^5 1801, leg. 4 I 669; i8oi-ii», leg . 5 1 670; 
i«o2, leg. 6 1 671; 1803, leg. 7 1 67a; i8o|-i8o6, leg. 8 I 673; 1806-1807, leg. 9 1 674; 1808- 
1814, 1^. 10 1 675; 1815-1818, leg. 111676; 1819-1828, leg. II I 677; 1829-1834, 1^. 
13 1 678. 

Propuestas, pntentadones 7 prcmuoiies edenasticai; 1777-1815, leg. 1 1 679; 1816, Itg. 
»|68o; 1817-1838, leg. 3 I 681. 

Cartas 7 ezpedieiites de los arzobitpos obispo* 7 catnldos; 1773-1802, leg. 1 1 681; 1803- 
i8i4,leg. 2I683; 1815-1833, leg. 3 I 684. 

Ezpedientes 6 inttandaf de partes; 1775-1819, leg. 1 1 685; 1819-1865, leg. 1 1 686. 

Ezpedientes sobre visitas edesiasticas 7 limosnas; 1768-1827; leg. 1 1 687. 

Eipedientes de Ucendas de embargo para el Asia; 1832-1841; leg. 1 1 688. 

Ezpedientes de ezpolios de obispos 7 arzobispos; 180^-1816^ 1^. 1 1 689; 1816-1831, leg. 

Expediente sobre secularizadon de doctrinas 7 curatos; 1 775-1 776; leg. 1 1 69a 

Ezpedientes sobre el ramo de cnizadas; 1775-1839; leg. 1 1 692. 

Ezpedientes sobre misiones en general; 182^1834; leg. 1 1 693. 

Midones de religiosos £randscanos de la provincia de San Gr^gorio; 1720-1762, leg. 
1 1 694; I763-I793» leg. 2 1 695. 

Misiontys de rdigiosos de agustinos para la provincia del Dulce Nombre de Jesus; 1717- 
1718; leg. 1 1 696. 

Misinnes de agustinos recoletos 7 dominioos; 1717-1834; leg. 1 1 697. 

Testimonio de los 7nfonnes de los provindales de las cuatro ordenes de dominioos agus- 
tinos frandscanos 7 recoletos sobre doctrinas 7 misiones 7 numero 7 nombres de los rdi- 
giosos; i799-»8o2; leg. 1 1 698. 

Testimonio dd recurso fonnalizado en d tribund por d Padre Fra7 Felipe Hiddgo, do- 
minico, sobre procedimientos dd prdado contra el, 7 otro recurso de cuatro rdigiosos refu- 
giados en d convento de San Frandsco; 1795-1799; leg. 1 1 699. 


L InTentaiio de autos de la . . de Camara dd Consejo de Indias. One division 
(foL 397-415) contains titles of *^'Pldtos de Manila,** in which there are siz legajos, the docu- 
ments of which date from 1580-1756. Fol. 417-435 describe ^'Residendas de Manila,** of 
which there are 31 l^ajos, dbe documents of which date from 1621-1755. Fol. 437-449 are 
**Comisiones de Mamla,** with 10 legajos, the documents of which date from 1618-1741. 

n. Inventario de los papeles de la Contaduria Generd de Consejo de Indias. The full 
title of this inventoic7 is **InTentario And7tioo de todos los papdes, que vinieron de la Con- 
taduria Generd dd Consejo de Lidias k este Axdiivo g^ierd 7 ezisten en d coordinado en 
1956 legajos, 7 cdocados en onoe estanles desde d n9. i hasta d zi, indudvo. Se prindpio 
en la de marzo de 1791 bazo la direcdon de D. Juan Agustin Cean Bermudez Comisio- 
nado por S. M. para d aneglo de este mtsmo Archlvo generd.** There are 61 cajooes in this 
lot of documents. Pp. 422-444 describe the documents treating of the Philippines under the 
head ** Papdes pertenedentes k las Idas Filipinas.** These are all induded in the dates 
1565-1775, and are located in all the legajos between est 8, caj. i, leg. 1 1 8 snd est. 8, caj. 
4, leg. 97] 14. These documents consist in great part of accounts for the various 7ears made 
b7 At tojmI officials, and letters concerning the revenues from govemon, Audkncia, and 

HL Patronato Red. Liventario Analitico de los papeles que Vinieron dd Archivo de 
Simancas i este generd de Indias. Tomo i**. Comprende 170 legajos, colocados los 153 
en d est. i^'. 7 los 17 en d 2do. Firmado bajo la direcdon de D^. Di^o Juarez, Ofidd tercero 
de este mismo Archivo general, en virtud de Red Orden de nuestro Catotico Monarca d S*". 
D^, Fernando Vn., fedu en Madrid i !<>. de Didembre de MDCCCXIV, en que dice S. M. 
ha venido en autorizarle para que e jitiact e i inventarie por d los apredaUes documentos de 
la mteresante colecdon que ha formado, dando cuenta i su tiempo de lo que ha7a egecu- 
tada en desempefio de esta Comision. Philippine documents are treated on fol. 75-90, and 
all the documents of est. i, caj. i, leg. 1 1 23, 2 1 24, 3 | 25 dating from 1520-1627, and so 
man7 of which are published in our series, are indezed by title. 

Digitized by 



IV. NomoidatDr Alfabedco dd Tndice de Juarez. Tndke de materia* y penonas 
cnntfnidaa en d tomo i^ de papdet pcrtmedqitet a Real Patronato. Ette Yndke Ta diTidido 
en cuatzo partes, i*. Butas j brebet Pbatifidot, lobre pitmnaii de Anobispadot, Obis- 
padotydimioode Blares 7 otrasBiaterias. VaanaUzadaetta materia [por] pueblos yragetos: 
Comprcende dcsde los fotios i» ik 24. En 7 l^ajos. 2^. Ptartenece k sugetos que enten- 
dieron en las i**. dcscriciones, pobladones, descubrimientos j partes donde lo egecutaztm, 
dcMle el afio de 1491. Van analizados por la letra i*. de sus apellidos. Folios 24 i 167. 
En 43 l^ajos. 3*. Son informadones de Merttos j senridot de los sugetos que entendieron 
en dichas descrioooes pobladones j descubrimientos. Folios 168 i 330. En lao legajos. 
4*. Reales Cedulaa, por las que se concede Escudo de armas, que acompaila, i sugetos que 
entendieron en las mismas descridcmes, pobladon e s 7 dcKubrimientos. Folios 331 i 333. 
En I l^ajo. This index was completed April 12, 1819. In it many documents on die 
Fliilippinca written by govemoir s snd officials are mentioned. Made from the preceding 

V. InTentario analitico de los papdes que vinieron de la contratadon de Serilla a este 
arduTO general de las Indias. This was made under the direction of Juan Agustin Cean 
Bcnnudez, snd is divided into four vols., showing in all a collection of 5,876 legajos of papers 
from the Sedlle House of Tkade. Many papers treat of the Philippines. The two follow- 
ing indexes were made from dus. 

VL Indice Alfabetico de Todas las pcrsonas cfitenidas en d primero tomo dd iDTentario 
de loa papeles de la Contratadon de Sedlla. This is excellent for biographicd snd biUio- 
graphicd purposes, but one needs considerable patience in investigating it. 

Vn. Indices Alfabetic*. de las Materias y Pueblos de Indies contenidos en los cuatro 
tomoa de los in ve ntaii os de la Contratadon de Serilla. The second part of this index con- 
taina considerable on the Philippines - accounts, r e gist er s , and commerdd matters. 

BihliaUca Nacional.'- This is located at Madrid, and is under charge of 
die eniinent Spanish scholar, Marcelino Menendez y Pelayo. This library 
is not especially rich in either Philippine MSS. or books, although it posses- 
ses a few of the rarer books. The MSS. are carefully indexed by title and 
pressmark. See Gallardo's Ensayo for a list of MSS. and books, among 
which are noted some of the MSS. of diis library. The books in the library 
are indexed and classified by authors by a system somewhat analogous to 
the modem card system, although much more clumsy. We have listed at 
least the most important of the Philippine MSS. of the library. 

Arehtvo-Historico Nacional.- These archives are located in the same 
bttildiiig as the above library, and are under the directorship of Vicente 
Vignau y Balester. The most important collection containing Philippine 
material is the Cedulario iniico. This consists of forty-one volumes of 
royal decrees sent to the Indies by the various Spanish monarchs. It is 
evidently a copy made for the record of the government. Many of the de- 
creet concern the Philippines, of which the last four volumes contain the 
greater nimiber, although some few are scattered through most of the re- 
maining volumes. No special order has been kept in the copying of the 
decrees of the Cedulario^ and investigation is a matter requiring patient 
plodding. Accompanying the Cedulario is a twenty-four volume calendar, 
which is of some aid. The calendaring is poorly done, being in some in- 
stances longer than the decree itself. Many of the decrees exist in dupli- 
cate in Sevilla, and doubtless in Manila as well. The archives also possess 

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a number of long expeiUntes concerning the expulsion of the Jesuits firom 
die Philippines. 

Rial Academia de la Historia.- This academy, which has had an appre- 
ciable effect on Spanish culture, is also located in Madrid. It is rich in 
Philippine titles, both printed and manuscript. Among the former are 
many of the rarest imprints. Chief among its papers are the Papeles de bs 
Jesuitas, or Jesuit papers. These were confiscated from the Jesuit con- 
vents at the time of the expubion, and number in all about 225 volumes of 
bound MSS., pamphlets, and broadrides. Many of these papers relate to 
the Philippines. These consist of letters from various misrionaries, reports 
on the missions, polemical writings, etc. Some of the reports on the 
islands and mission woric are among the most important and interesting 
records of the islands. As a rule they were made by comparatively well- 
trained men who were interested in many matters outside of their own nar- 
row sphere of mission work. We include in our series some of these reports. 
The Ventura del Arco transcripts to be described in this bibliography 
were almost entirely, if not wholly, made from these documents. The 
Salazar CoUecdon of MSS., also conserved in this library, contains a few 
documents treating of the Philippines. The famous collection of trans- 
cripts made by Juan Bautista Munoz is also owned by the Academy. These 
MSS. were transcribed by and for Munoz from various archives in Spain 
(government and private) and Portugal, in pursuance of the royal order 
given him by Carios III to write a history of Spanish discovery and con- 
quest. Special orders were issued to the Spanish public archives, then 
jealously guarded, to give Munoz every facility of research. It is to be 
regretted that the Spanish government saw fit to prohibit the publication of 
any of the work after the first volume.* The tide to the index of this col- 
lecdon reads as follows: "Index to the collecdon of MSS. belonging to the 
history of the Indias written by Don Juan Baudsta Muiioa and found at his 
death in his library. Made by royal order, with the intervendon of Don 
Jose Navarro, member of his Majesty's Council, alcalde of his royal house, 
and Cortes, and Don Cenon Alonso, chief official of the portfolio of Grace 
and Jusdce of Indias, by Don Joaquin Traggia and Don Manuel Abella, 
members of the Real Academia de la Historia.'' This index lists the fol- 
lowing important MSS.: Historia de las islas e indios de Bisayas^ by Al- 
dna, 2 vc^. (which a later note 8a3rs is not now in the collecdon); pordons 
of books i, ii, and iii of Chirino's Historia; a pordon of Riquel's RelacioHf 
transcribed from the printed copy; Solorzano's reladon of the Marianas 
missions for 1682-1683; a pordon of the Historia de las Islas Molucas, trans- 

* Sabin dedaret that the publication was stopped becaute the renilti were not altogedicr 
oompiinicntaiy to die Spanish natioo. 

Digitized by 



cribed fitom the printed book of Antonio Galvan (1561); Roman's RiUf 
cion JU las Islas Filipinas (1594); Loaica's Relaciwi; Torre's Relacitm of 
Loajsa's iroyage; documents concerning the expeditions of MagalhaeSy 
SaaTedra, and Villalobos; Cafihdos dt carta del piloto Z>. Agustin dt 
Iharra que Uevo a los franceses disdt las islas Marianas hasta Filipinas en 
177^ » Extracio del diario formado en el viage de la fragata "Buen^fin ** desde 
Manila ei reino de Nueva-Esparta^ Jan. 6, 1773 (the original MS. being in 
the libraij of the Ccmde de Tepa); a portion of Gonzalez de Mendoza's 
Historia^ with die Itinerario (£n>m the copy of the Conde del Aguila); and 
many indexes to libraries. It appears that at least a part of Munoz's Col- 
lectioii was made in duplicate or else a transcript was made of part of it, 
ibr at die Lenox branch of the N. Y. Public Library exists what is known 
by die name of die Munoz CoUecdon^ together with a copy of Traggia's 
index (see post^ pp. 41, 42). The chief value of Munoz's work lies in the fact 
that he located many important MSS.y among them the copy of Alexander 
VTs bull Imer c^etera, of May 3, 1493, and some of the important MSS. 
oooserved in the Poituguese archives. 

Museo^BMiaUca de Ubramar,- This museum and library was founded 
in Madrid, in 1887 at the close of the Philippine exposidon of that year; 
and its institution was due primarily to the effbits of Victor Balaguer, then 
minisrer of die colonies (see his Islas Filipinas^ Madrid, 1895). The 
mnseom contains the exhibits of the exposition which were left as a perma- 
nent deposit. They form an excellent display of Philippine products and 
cnrios, which give a good idea of the progress of the arts and sciences in the 
idandsy the methods employed in industry, etc. The collections of Philip- 
pine woods and shells are especially fine. There are a few paindngs by 
Filipino artists, which do not show any preeminent merit, one of which is 
a copy of a Murillo. Concerning the library, we translate as follows from 
Balaguer, ui supra: ''The library of the Museo de Ultramar consists of 
series and collections of books that treat exclusively of the colonies, many 
of them printed in those lands, and all relating to matters, events, and his- 
tories of countries conquered across seas by our glorious ancestors. This 
library was formed on die base of that possessed by the ministry of the 
colonies, together with die works which have been gadiered, book by book, 
by dint of the persevering zeal and benedicdne toil of the board at its head; 
die coUecdon of the precious and chosen volumes and documents (a true 
treasure of bibliographical jewels) owned by Don Pascual Gayangos; and 
the acquisition of the many and very rare books formerly owned by Don 
Jttsto Zaragoza; two fine colonial libraries obtained by the Council of 
Filipmas and generously yielded by diat corporation in order to swell the 
library of the above insdtute, which on that account has been able to com- 

Digitized by 



plete its own until it is the first and only one of its kind in Spain." The 
collection consists of books and MSS. on all the Spanish colonies. There is 
a fine collection of Philippine titles, among which are some of the rarest. 
The MSS. are few in number, but are choice. Among the Philippine MSS. 
are Riquel's Relacion^ the Relacion of Artieda, a Relacion by Legazpi, and 
the Valdes Tamon MS., all of which we publish (the last only in extract). 
The librarian in charge of this institution is Francisco de P. Cousino y Vaz- 
quez. See the Catalogo of the library, which we list, post, 

Bihlioteca Real,- Tht royal library is located in the royal palace in 
Madrid, and is under charge of the Conde de las Navas, an author of some 
repute in Spain. Its shelves contain but very few Philippine titles, but what 
it has is valuable. Among its MSS. it lists a copy of Chirino's unpublished 
Historia; a copy of Sanchez's Relacion^ presented to Felipe II, about 1590; 
and a copy of Valdes Tamon's Relacion. 

Deposito hidrografico,- The principal office of this department is located 
in Madrid, and there is a branch office at Cadiz. Many of the documents 
are transcripts or duplicates of those now at Sevilla. The collecdon of 
maps is doubtless much greater than that of the A. de I.; especially for the 
last century of Spanish rule, and many of the late maps are probably printed. 
This bureau was for many years under the charge of Martin Fernandez de 
Navarrete, who worked enthusiastically to increase the usefulness of the de- 
partment, and caused many transcripts to be made. The documents col- 
lected by him are now known as the Navarrete Collection. Permission to 
carry on invesrigadons in this bureau must be obtained through the gov- 
ernment, either directly or by means of the intervendon of the minister of 
the country of the applicant. 

Archivo de Simancas,- As indicated by their name, these archives are 
located in the village of Simancas. They are housed in an old casde on the 
borders of the old kingdom of Leon, which was set apart by Carlos I and 
Felipe II for the conservation of state papers. They are at present under 
the directorship of Julian Paz, a man of great energy and an enthusiasdc 
worker, who is endeavoring to reduce the chaodc disorder of the archives 
to a well-ordered system. It has been esdmated that these archives contain 
some 33,000,000 documents. During the French invasion in the Napo- 
leonic wars, many of the MSS. were scattered, burned, and looted, many 
being carried oflF to France and deposited in the royal library. Most but 
not all of these latter were restored later in the century. As already 
stated many documents were removed thence in the early part of the nine- 
teenth century to A. de I., and there are still many more that should be 
removed to the same place. Most of the Philippine documents are state 
consultadons, etc.; but there are some duplicates of the documents in A. de 

Digitized by 



I. We have published some few MSS. from these archives. An extended 
research would result in the finding of much valuable matter. 

Archivo ie Alcala de Henares." Monttto y Vidal cites several MSS., 
some of which he gives in full, from these archives. Although no personal 
examination of these archives has been made, it is quite probable that there 
is nodiing of special importance in them. The project has been broached 
of removing all the MSS. to Madrid (as well, indeed the MSS. of all the 
other government archives), in order that they may be conserved in one 
central point, and thus research be facilitated as in the Bibliotheque Na- 
tionale, in Paris. 

CoUgto de AgustinoSy FaUadolid." This convent and college was founded 
in the eighteenth century, especially for the training of missionaries for the 
Philippines. On this account it is often called Cdegio de Filipinos. In 
the library of this college are found some few rare Philippine titles, mainly 
chronicles and histories; and Diaz's MS., Conquistas de las Islas PhilipinaSy 
dated 1720. More noteworthy is the collecdon in the same convent belong- 
ing to Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A., one of the foremost Augustinian scholars 
in Spain. Father Navarro's collecdon of books shows the various divi- 
sions of history, biography, description, linguisdcs, religion, natural science, 
government and politics, statistics, and bibliography. While this, collec- 
tion contains some few of the old chronicles and older linguistic titles, the 
greater part is rather modem. The chief gems among the MSS. are Agus- 
tin Maria de Castro's Osario venerable^ and Martinez de Zuniga's Estadismo. 
Father Navarro also possesses some few hundreds of transcripts that were 
made in A. de I., many of which we have published from our own tran- 
scripts made from the same originals. Father Navarro has been an earnest 
worker in the Philippine field, and has written several books and pamphlets. 
He has lately been transferred to the Madrid convent of his order. Rev. 
Tirso Lopez of the Valladolid convent edited Diaz's chronicle from the 
original MS. 

Retana, CatalogOy p. xiii, says that the Augustinian convent and colegio 
de b Vid (Burgos) does not possess as many books as the Valladolid con- 
vent, but that it is rich in chronicles and vocabularies. 

CoHections at Dominican convents.- At the convent of Ocaiia, Toledo, 
the Dominicans have some important Philippine books and MSS.; but we 
have not seen this collection. At the Avila convent of the order, are some of 
the rarest chronicles, among them the Historia of Diego CoUantes. 

Collection of the Compama General de Tahacos de Filipinas.- This is the 
brgest and best collection of Philippina in existence. It is located in the 
offices of the Company at Barcelona, and is due to the initiative of the direct- 
or, Oemente Miralles de Imperial, who began to make his collections in 

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1883, with the intention of amassing into one coUection all available books 
on the Philippines, at least those written in the Spanish language. In 1894 
he entered into relations with Retana and Vindel. Since 1896, he has 
bought many books from European booksellers outside of Spain. The 
librarian in charge of the collection is Jose Sanchez Garrigos, from whom 
the information regarding this collection is in part derived. According to 
Retana's latest bibliographical work, Aparato hihliografico^ which is die 
catalogue of this collection, it contains 4,623 different tides. In 1900, the 
Company purchased the magnificent collection of Retana, which consisted 
of 2,697 tides, which the latter claims that he sold at a sacrifice. The du- 
plicates obtained with Retana's Collection, the Company has sold. Since 
it has not been the policy of the Company to acquire original MSS., it has 
disposed of most if not all of such that came into its possession. On the 
other hand, the Company possesses transcripts from originals in A. de I., 
amounting to 34,000 pliegQs, or 68,000 leaves. The work of gathering 
transcripts was begun in accordance with the suggestion of Retana, in 1895, 
and the work was given in commission to Vicente Llorens Asensio, of the 
staff of A. de I. in 1899. These transcripts the Company has generously 
loaned to Pablo Pastells, to whom they were of immense use in editing his 
edition of Colin's Labor evangelica. Of books, there are in this incompa- 
rable collection, 1,702 tides in linguistics; and of newspapers, 127 of the 
182 (either in whole or in part of the entire issue) published in the islands, 
besides all the old chronicles. Volumes in this collection have come from 
the following collections: Soweleski, Ramirez, Duque de Alba, Duque de 
Durcal, Fermin Caballero, Marques de Liedena, Duque de T'Serdaes, 
Salva-Heredia, the Emperor Maximilian, Sancho Rayon, Medina, Cabezas 
de Herrera, Barrantes, General Terrero, Tiscar, Zapater, and odiers 
(many of them having come through the Retana Collection). All the books 
are carefully bound, and among them are seen some celebrated bindings. 
See Aparato bibliogrdficOf i, Retana's introduction; and Pastells's edition 
of Colin's Labor evangelical i, pp. 236-238. The Company veiy generously 
allows research among its treasures. Since American occupation, it should 
be said that more attention has been paid to the collection of foreign 

Pastells's Collection." One of the best known workers in the field of Phil- 
ippina is Pablo Pastells, S. J., of Sarria. Pastells was for many years a 
missionaiy in the Philippines, and was at one time the teacher of Dr. Rizal. 
He collaborated with Retana in his edition of Combes's Historia de Min- 
ianao y Jolo. Some of the letters written by him concerning Mindanao 
contain valuable ethnological material. He has also contributed a few notes 
to our series. His chief work, however, is his edition of Colin's Labor 

Digitized by 



evangelical published at Barcelona, in 1904, in three vols. As above stated, 
he had the use of the transcripts gathered by the C. G. de T. de F., many 
of which he has reproduced in his footnotes. In his own collection Father 
Pastdls p ossesses a few of the old chronicles, and of important MSS. that of 
Mnrillo Velarde's Historia. In addition he had the use of the MS. of Chi- 
riDo's unpublished Historia^ which was either lent or given to him by Ramon 
Martinez Vigil, O. P., now bishop of Oviedo in Spain, but formerly stationed 
in die Philippines. 

Other Spanish Collections^- According to Retana {Aparato hihL^ i, p. xxxv), 
there were few collectors in Philippina until 1898. Agustin Maifa de 
Castro had an excellent collection as early as 1780, especially of the 
wridngiB of Augustinians. Francisco Zapater, who was in the Philippines 
in the middle of the nineteenth centuiy, possessed many books. After 
his death in Zaragoza, whither he had removed his residence, many of his 
books were bought by Retana. Jose de Keyser y Munoz possessed some ex- 
ceUent MSS., of which Retana acquired two. Vicente Barrantes's collec- 
tion obtained more prestige than it deserved. It consisted of about 600 
tides, most of which were ordinary and all of which were not in the best 
condition.* At his death the collection was sold to Vindel. Some of the 
MSS. and the comidos were bought for the Ayer Collection, and others of 
die coDection were sold to the C. G. de T. de F. The collection of Juan 
Alvarez Guerra, numbering less even than that of Barrantes, was sold piece 
by piece while its owner was still living. Some were purchased by the C. G. 
de T. de F., and others were bought by Vindel, whence some have come to 
the United States. A small collecdon was also possessed by Jose Velarde 
y Naveda, an official of the colonial government. Antonio Graino, of the 
firm of Victoriano Suarez, in Madrid, has been collecting Philippina. 
He has some of the rarest of tides, among which is the only copy known 
of Arte y re^as de la lengua tagala, by San Jose (Bataan, 16 10). He also 
po sses s es two copies of CoUantes's Historia, and some valuable MSS., 
among them a copy of Viana's Demostracion deplorable. His object is ulti* 
mately to sell these books, but he is waiting until the prices go up, and mean- 
while is endeavoring to obuin all the copies possible of all the rare books 
in order that he may control the price. The collections of the Marques de 
Jerez de los Caballeros, and of the Duque de T'Serdaes, bodi oi 
Sevifla, contained some good Philippine ddes. The universities of SeviUa 
and Barcelona, and the provincial library at Toledo possess a few of the 
older historical tides. 

*Aooardiiig to Retana; tome of the BASS, of this ooUectioii, bowerer, now owned bj 
the Ayer CoUectBon, have a decided value. One often tuspects Retana*s judgment to be 
w«ped bj pcnooal fccfing, which leadi blm to aaogn len merit than is due. 

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Archives and lihraries in Portugal 
The most important archives in Portugal are the national archives called 
Torre do Tombo, which are located in Lisbon. These contain some Philip- 
pine MSS.y and many MSS. relating to the Portuguese settlements in the 
Orient. Some of the Munoz transcripts were made from documents in these 
archives. The public libraij of Lisbon or the Biblioteca Nacional, also 
located in Lisbon, contains a few Philippine titles among its printed books, 
as well as a few MSS. The Portuguese archives are a prolific source of 
information for the Moluccas Islands and the Asiatic mainland. 

Archives and libraries in Italy 

Archivio del Vaticano,- This is the most important of the archives in 
Italy, and investigation is open to all. They contain many important col- 
lections that have come from many sources. There is less Philippine ma- 
terial, however, than one might reasonably expect. The greater part of 
the Hiilippine MSS. consists of the copies of papal bulls and briefs; although 
there are some reports, such as the important relation of Alonso Sanchez, 
S. J., made about 1590. There is also some little matter in regard to the 
episcopal visit of regulars, which was waged so fiercely in the islands and in 
Spain. The indexes of the archives are poor and research is consequently 

Biblioteca del Vaticano,- Tht libraiy of the Vatican is quite separate 
from the archives. Like the latter it is extremely rich in the many impor- 
tant collections conserved therein. Considerable confusion is manifest, 
and all the collections are not yet adequately catalogued. There are some 
rare Philippine titles, but Philippina is not extensive. Reuna, /m- 
prenta^ col. 50, citing from Agustin Maria de Castro's Osario^ says that 
copies of all the printed volumes mentioned in that MS. were sent to Rome 
in 1766. We did not see those books, although they may be in the library. 
Judging from a survey of the material in both the library and the archives 
of the Vatican, one is forced to the conclusion that direct communication 
between Rome and the islands was not very frequent. An examination 
of the archives of the generals of the various orders might reveal more clearly 
the channel through which the communications flowed. 

Other collections in Rome.- There must be some material in Propaganda 
Fide, but it is difficult to gain access to the shelves of that institution. In 
the Biblioteca de Vittorio Emanuele, which contains many MSS. from sup- 
pressed convents, especially on the Jesuit missions in China, there appears 
to be no Philippine material. The nearest approach to it is a manuscript 
map, by Joseph Somera, of the Palaos in 17 10 (see our vol. xli, p. 53, where 
we reproduce this in photographic facsimile). 

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BiUiaUca Amhrosiana,-T)m is one of the most famous libraries in the 

worid. It was founded in Milan in 1609 by Cardinal Federigo Borromeo, 

who sent scholars into all the European countries to buy rare and valuable 

books and MSS. Of books the libraiy conubs about 175,0009 and of MSS. 

over 8/xx>. It contains veij few Hiilippine books, and those of no special 

rarity. It is chiefly interesting to the student of Philippina because of 

the Italian relation of Magalhaes's voyage by Antonio Pigafetta. In regard 

to this MS. and the Ambrosian Library see fost^ p. 144, and Robertson's 

Magellan's voyage around the worU^ ii, '* Bibliography." There is also a 

copy of Alonso Sanchez's report, as well as several minor documents, in 

this collection. The Breda Library of Milan contains a few rare Pigafetta 

titles. — 


BiUiaheque Nationeie.^Tht Bibliotheque Nationale is the only library 
in France to be considered by the student of Philippina. In the printed 
books department are found many of the rare Philippine titles. These will 
be found listed m the catalogue of printed books now under process of com- 
pibtiofi. In the manuscripts department, the two chief treasures are the 
two French Pigafetta MSS. (see post^ p. 240, and Robertson's Magellan's 
voyage around the world, ii, *' Bibliography"). Some of the liiilippine MSS. 
are probably among those looted by the French armies from the Simancas 
archives, which were not restored to Spain with the MSS. sent back to that 
country. Worthy of menrion is also the reladon by the so-called Genoese 
pilot of Magalhaes's voyage. Cataloguing is carefully done and research 
is much more easy than in the Spanish and Italian archives. 


British Museum.- Ab on most subjects, the British Museum contains 
good collections of Philippine printed material and MSS. Among the first 
are many of the rare chronicles and histories (of some of them there are two 
or more copies), and many of the rarest pamphlets. The MSS. are mainly 
in die Spanish language, but there are a few in En^ish. Among the best of 
the latter are Dampier's account, and Dalrymple's Plan for an attack on 
the southern islands. The Spanish MSS. are catalogued in part in Pascual 
Gayangos's Catalogue of the Spanish MSS, in the British Museum. They 
were acquired in large part in various sales, one of which was the sale of the 
Carley Castle Collection. There are also a number of manuscript maps, 
irfiich have some interest. 

Mention must also be made of the Phillipps Collection which is con* 
served at Chekenham, England. This contains the Nancy MS. of Pigafet* 
ta's relation (see post, pp. 239, 240; and Robertson's Magellan's voyage 
around the world). 

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Other European cdlections 

A letter from the director of the Netherlands archives at The Hague 
reports that there is no distinctive section of the archives devoted to Philip- 
pine MSS. Most of the papers are written in the Dutch language, and 
man^ treat of the Dutch expeditions to the Orient and the Dutch Orienul 
possessions. It is quite probable that many MSS. of the East Indies con- 
tain references to the Philippines. 

Retana {Imprenta\ and Pardo de Tavera {BihU fil.^ p. 9), say that the 
University of Leyden contains a good collection of Philippine books and 
documents, as does also the national library of Berlin. 

Retana also notes that Blumentritt's collection is rather large, and has 
a practical value. It contains many of the works printed outside of Spain, 
especially the recent scientific dtles. 

Retana {Imprenta^ cols. 50, 51), records that a Russian imperial order of 
November 13, 1787, requested the captain-general of the Philippines to send 
Filipino grammars and vocabularies to Russia, and that the request was 


Bihlioteca Nacional,^ We have made no personal ezaminadon of this 
library, but from the close connection of Mexico and the Philippines until 
the Mexican revolt, one would naturally expect to find many Philippine 
documents in Mexico. Our first inquiries, however, resulted only in the 
report that there were no Philippine MSS. whatever in the Biblioteca 
Nacional. But just as our volume is going to press. Dr. H. E. Bolton, of 
Texas State University (now making invesdgarions in Mexico for the Car- 
negie Institurion), reports that the Philippine matter in this library is con- 
tained in three volumes. One of these (consisting of 755 pages) is enritled 
"Ano de 1669. Gen.^ Franc.^ Garcia del Fresno. Traslado de los Autos 
que precedieron p.* encomendarie los nat.* Del pu.® de Vigan y sus sugetos 
en la Prov.* de Ylocos, que gozava. En segunda Vida D.* Ana de Sarate 
por mrd. de su Magestad.'' The two other volumes contain copies called 
"Fragmentos de la Historia de Filipinas del P. F. Juan de la CoiKrepcion, 
y Copia de la de China del P.® Jesuita Guzman." We are also indebted for 
the following informarion regarding Philippine material in other Mexican 
archives to Dr. Bolton. 

Archivo General y Publico,- The basis of these archives was that of the 
superior government of the Mexican viceroys, to which belonged almost 
all the documents treating of the Philippines. There is considerable ma- 
terial in the secrion entitled '^Reales Cedulas." This section consists of 
210 bound volumes of original cedulas and orders addressed to the viceroys 
by the Spanish monarchs for the years 1609-1821. Cedulas relating to the 

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PhilippineSy and treating of many different matters^ are found in almost 
rwery Tolume. Many treat of the Acapulco galleon, the general commerce 
of die Philippines, and funds raised in Mexico for the islands. The section 
entitled "Correspondencia de los Virreyes/' and consisting of 244 volumes, 
contains for the period 1755-1821, a chronological file of the reports of the 
▼icero3r8 to the Spanish office. Many of these relate to the Philippines. 
The subjects dealt with in the ten communications touching the Philippines 
in die first volume are t]rpical. These are as follows: the despatch of the 
Acapulco galleon; procedure in case of prizes; appointment of the arch- 
bbhop of Manila; permit to go to China; regulations for the sale of goods 
brought in the galleon at the fair in Acapulco; mode of remitting royal 
despatches from Mexico to the islands; and remittance of money for the 
building of the Manila hospital. The secdon endded ''Filipinas" com- 
prises about sixty volumes. The greater part of the documents of this 
section consist of correspondence of the viceroy with the following: the 
governor of the Philippines; the castellan of Acapulco; the port officials 
of San Bias; mission authorides, both of Mexico and the Philippines; the 
tribunal of the Real Consulado of Manila; and various officials of the royal 
exdiequer of Mexico. In addidon, there are reports of the proceedings 
of the Audiencias of Manila and Mexico, and expedientes reladng to va- 
rious miscelbneous matters. The various documents are roughly classified 
chronologically. The matters most frequendy met in the correspondence 
are: current events in the Philippines; trade reguladons; the Acapulco 
galleon; remittance of situados; mission funds and supplies; transporta- 
tion of missionaries; recniidng of soldiers; and financial and military 
reports. None of these classes of papers seems to be complete for the period 
covered. The correspondence of the governors occasionally contain val- 
uable reladons of the events of the islands: e.g.f an extended report (1755), 
of die enipdon of the volcano of Taal (with a map); the report of 1755 con- 
cerning the expubion of the infidel Chinese from the Parian, and the Moro 
raids; and the reports of 1757 concerning the Moro raids, the recepdon at 
Manfla of the embassy from the Moro sultan, Ali-Mudin, and the fire in 
the Parian. Other secdons of these archives containing Philippine mate- 
rial are: "Impresos Oficiales;" "Marina;" ''Misiones;" "Califomias;" 
and "Historia." In a general way, all the subjects mendoned above are 
scattered through all these secdons, but yet there is some diffierendadon. 
The secdon of Marina pardculariy contains much material concerning the 
movements of vessels, whether of trade or war, between Mexico and the 
islands (this material being found for the most part in the volumes devoted 
to Acapulco and San Bias). The small amount of material in the section 
"Historia" is mainly of the class just described. In "Impresos Oficiales" 

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are found numerous printed edicts, drculaiSy ordinances, and reguladons, 
concerning Philippine trade in the d^iteenth century. V<d. iv contains 
the Ordimnaai ie la Compama ie Conurcio formaJa en la Ciudad de 
Manila^ IJSS* V^^* ^ ^f ^iu« ^^^ ^ ^^ die section "Misiones*' contain 
Philippine material. In voL viii arc documents relating to the obra fia 
of the college of San Andres (1789); and matter regarding the supplies of 
the Recollect province of San Nicolis. Vob. iv and ix contain accounts 
by missionaries (i 665-1 796). Vol. xzii of the section "Califemias" con- 
tains correspondence with the governor concerning the danger of an Eng- 
lish expedition to the Philippines (1802). Vol. xxvi of the same secdon 
consists almost entirely of royal cedulas reladve to Dominican and Augus- 
rinian missions in the Califbmias and Philippines (1634-1751). In voL 
xlvii are numerous documents relative to Mourelle*s voyage ''by the new 
route of the equinocdal'* (1780-1781). These include the diaries of Mou- 
relle and other officers of the expedidon. 

Museo Nacional.- The most valuable papers concern the missions. 
The best of these are found in the Franciscan convent papers, which com- 
prise about seventy-five large legajos and over two hundred bound volumes 
(the latter of litde importance) treating of miscellaneous matters. About 
one-third of the legajos contain valuable reports and letters from the Fran- 
ciscans in the Philippines, which are mainly addressed to the commissaries- 
general of Nueva Espaiia. Some of these letters are dated as eariy as 1632. 
but most of them are of the eighteenth century. Some of the reports treat 
of the religious aflPairs of the endre Orient as well as of the Philippines, 
Considerable matter reladng to the ecdesiasdcal history of the islands 
is to be found in a series of five volumes endded Manuscritos varios and 
belonging to the Lancaster- Jones CoUecdon. These papers, many of 
which evidendy came from the archives of the archbishopric of Mexico, 
date from 1567 to 1 81 9. The Museo Nacional also contains a copy of 
Rojo's Operaeiones del artobisfo de Manila (Sept. 7, 1 763; see post^ pp. 231, 
232). In legajo i of a series of seven legajos is found the journal of the 
same archbishop (Dec. 23, 1762; see posty p. 128). Accompanying this 
is a brief notice of the death and funeral of Rojo. 

We also list five MSS. belonging to one Angel Barber in the City of 
Mexico, whose ddes we obtained through the courtesy of Camillus Crivelli, 
S. J., of Mexico. 

United States 

Within the United States are several notable coUecdons of Philippina. 
Both Harvard and Boston Public libraries are rich in the old Philippine 
chronicles and histories. Neither library ever made any special attempt 
at such coUecdons, and the books found their way to the library shelves in 

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▼arious manners. At least one of the books in the Boston Public Library 
was part of die Bowdttch Collection^ and others are in the Ticknor Collec- 
tion. There are no MSS. in Harvard, and Boston Public numbers less 
dian half a dozen. The State Library of Boston can boast only of a royal 
decree of Madrid, September 30, 1639, in answer to a petition of Grau y 
Monfakon; and another decree of Madrid, July 10, 1786, regarding com- 
merce-both printed. They were acquired in a recent shipment from 
Mexico. The Massachusetts Historical Library, also in Boston, owns a 
copy of Murillo Velarde's Historia. 

The John Carter Brown Library, of Providence, now in possession of 
Brown University, contains some of the rarest of Philippine books, but no 
MSS. It contains some of the rarest Pigafetta and Magalhaes material 
(see Robertson's Magellan's voyage around the worU\ die rare Motga, 
various editions of Leonardo de Argensola, several editions of Gonzalez 
de Mendoza's Historian etc. 

Lenox,-- The Lenox branch of the New York Public Library contains 
a goodly list of die rarest and most valuable Philippine chronicles and his- 
tories (see Bulletin^ iv, no. I, 1900). There are also some good Philippine 
MSS. These latter belong to the Rich Collection, which was purchased 
from Mr. Obadiah Rich, die well-known book collector, about the jrear 1848. 
The MSS. of this coUecdon (see Bulletin^ v, July, 1901) relate mainly to 
Spanish America. Its source is given as follows: "The greater part of this 
coUecticMi was formed by Don Antonio de Uguina, of Madrid. It com- 
prises almost everydiing of interest that was <5ollected for his friend Munoz 
for die Historia del Nuevo Mundoy of which only the first volume was pub- 
lidicd. Uguina was also the friend of Navarrete, and fiimished him with 
many of the materiak for his Coleccion de Viages, After die death of 
Uguina, his MSS. were purchased by M. Temaux Compans, of Paris, who 
had already collected many MSS. on Spanish America. The whole col- 
lecdon afterwards came into die possession of O. Rich, who added diese 
to some MSS. from die collecdon of Lord Ktngsboroug^, and a few pro- 
cured by himself in Spain." In all the collecdon forms 142 f<^io and 
quarto volumes, bound in morocco. No. 6 of this coUecdon consists of a 
series of papers on die possession of the Moluccas. In regard to the docu- 
ments that purport to come from the Munoz Collecdon, see ante^ p. 30. 
The presence of these documents raises the interesting quesdon as to which 
sre the real Muiioz documents. There are copies of the Loarca Relacion 
bodi m Lenox and in R. A. de la H. On the other hand, the first vol. of 
Aldna's Relacion, which die Traggia index at R. A. de la H. says is miss- 
ing ixom the collecdon, is found in the Lenox library. The question can 
only be satisfactorily solved by a deuiled examinadon of both the MSS. of 

Digitized by 



R. A. de la H. and Lenox. We lean rather to the theory that Munoz's tran- 
tcripts were made in duplicate. 

There are a few rare Philippine titles in Astor branch of the N. Y. Public 
library. See the Bulletin for 1900. Both Lenox and Astor contain much 
matter for bibliographical study. 

The Hispanic Society of New York City, lately inaugurated by Mr. 
Archer M. Huntington, has valuable Philippine books and MSS. However, 
as die collection has not yet been opened to scholars, it is impossible to 
state the extent of Philippine material. Among the books are some valuable 
linguistic works, and some of the earliest chronicles of the islands. 

In Philadelphia, three libraries possess rare Philippina. The Library 
Company owns a copy of Murillo Velarde's Historia, and an Extracto his- 
torial. The Widener branch of the Public Libraiy owns a set of Concep- 
cion's Historia. The American Philosophical Society owns a copy of 
Salazar's Historia. 

Library of Congress." For die extent and scope of the various coUecriont 
in the Libraiy of Congress, see die bibliography issued by the Library, con- 
taining A. P. C. Griffin's List of books and P. Lee Phillips's List of maps. 
The collection of books contains a number of rare ddes, although there are 
numerous ddes that the libraiy should have which are lacking. The only 
libraiy in the United States that can at all compete with it, so far as general 
Philippina is concerned, is the Ayer Collecdon in Chicago. It has but 
few MSS. treadng direcdy of the Philippines; but does possess all the 
records that were conserved in the island of Guam. These treat in general 
of die Marianas Islands. Unfortunately, they were conserved in a place 
that was liable to visitation by the sea at times, and consequendy the MSS. 
are in a poor state of preservadon, even most of the more recent. A letter 
to Herbert Putnam, Librarian of Congress, conserved with the Guam MSS., 
states that die archives of Guam contained in August, i897-AugU8t, 1900, 
documents of at least three classes: I. Trials and residencias. The most 
interesting is diat of Lieutenant-General Don Antonio Pimentel, who gave 
provisions to Woods Rogers in 17 10 just after the latter had captured the 
Spanish galleon "Nuestra Senora de la Encamacion" off the coast of Lower 
California. With Rogers at that dme was Alexander Selkirk, who had but 
ceeendy been rescued from the island of Juan Fernandez. II. Inventory 
of effecci belonging to die Jesuits at the dme of their expulsion. This 
diows their flourishing condidon and bears tesdmony to their introducdoo 
of useful arts. III. Letter books of various governors stored in the gov* 
emment house, Sept. 26, 1831-March 4, 1892, 11 vols. These letters con- 
tain social and economic infoimadon, records die earthquakes, etc. There 
is one volume marked "Department of War" (April 25, 1863-September 

Digitized by 



i6, 1875); and a file of Manila newspapers which are in poor condition. 
The library possesses a number of broadsides, circulars, etc., some of which 
were issued by Aguinaldo. There are also five numbers of the manuscript 
newspaper published by die insurgents during the revolution against the 
American government. The serious student of Philippina must have 
recourse to the treasures of the Library of Congress. 

The library of the War Department in Washington possesses a number 
of Philippine titles. The only rare work is Combes's Historia. 

Jyer ColUction.-ThvB is a private collection which is owned by Edward 
£• Ayer, of Chicago. As soon as the American victory in Manila Bay was 
cabled to the United States, Mr. Ayer, who has long been an enthusiastic 
collector of Americana, ordered his agents both at home and abroad to buy 
Philippina. As a consequence, his collection ranks among the best in 
the world in point of value. While it does not include as many ordinary 
book titles as the Library of Congress, it contains about as many of the 
rarer, and has some that the Library of Congress does not possess. Many 
of the books (as well as MSS.) were purchased from die C. G. de T. de F., 
and were fbrmeriy owned by W. £. Retana. In regard to MSS., this col- 
lecticm shows the best material outside of A. de I. The MSS. embrace 
almost the entire period of die Spanish regime, and while not so remarkable 
in point of number of individual pieces, it is remarkable in point of value. 
To mendon only a few of the more important MSS., one finds here the 
WhaoL MSS., which contain so much useful and exact economic and gov- 
ernment material; the Bemaldez MS., and another MS. of the early nine- 
teendi century in which is found much that is eictremely valuable; the Anda 
MSS.; die ecclesiastical MSS., which throw li^t on the troubles between 
the secular and regular branches of the clergy; die Ventura del Arco tran- 
scripts, copied from R. A. de la H.; and finally the two Rizal MSS., 
which throw not a litde li^t on Rizal's life. Some of the MSS. were for- 
merly in the Retana and Barrantes collections. Many were purchased from 
Vindel, and some through Chadenat. All die MSS. are fully listed post. 
Mention should be made here of the bamboo rolls in the collection, on which 
are scratched in Mangyan characters a number of Mangyan song^. These 
are translated into Tagalog by three Mangyans, Bocon, Damdam, and 
Cobla, and an English verrion has been made by Fletcher Gardner. The 
roils are accompanied by papers on which arc written the songs in the three 
languages. Only the Mangyan is written on the rolls. The songs are 
mainly begg^lg and courting songs. These rolls are valuable ethnological 
contributions. With unexampled generosity, Mr. Ayer, of his own voli- 
tioo, threw open his magnificent collection to us in the preparation of our 
series, allowing the ftee use of his material in any way we deemed best. 

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Unwersiiy of Calif omia.'- Frof. Bernard Moses replies to our in- 
qniiy that the only MSB. ''relating to the Philippines" in the lihraiy of 
the University, ''are copies of such as relate to affairs under American 
administration.'* Speaking of the documents at Manila, he says: "We 
had a plan to publish some of the most ancient of these papers, and thus 
save them from the inevitable destruction that is before them in that cli- 
mate, but the original commission was broken up before we were able to 
cany out this design." 

Liland Stanford, Jr., University.- This library possesses no rare printed 
Philippina. It does possess some MSS., all of ^ich are modem, and 
some of them since American occupation. The collection embraces judi- 
cial, educational, revolutionaiy, and other papers. We present in brief in 
• this place a note regarding the collection received from Melvin G. Dodge, 
associate librarian of the university, ^diich was made by one of the instruct- 
ors of the university. We have not listed the MSS. among the manuscript 


/. Judicial Papers 

1. Jurisdiction of the Presidenda Local of Marikina. Gobiemo Pro- 
vincial of San Juan del Monte. Case transferred to the Consejero de Poli- 
da by "susritudon reglamentaria." Hence the case was brought under 
the Spanish r%ime and concluded under that of the Revolutionary Govern- 
ment. The case is that of Pelagio Santiago, accused by his wife of breaking 
the arms of her infant son (lesiones graves). 37 leaves; sewed; average 
size 21 z 30 cm. The last entry is a memorandum of forwarding to the 
Secretary of War. Nov., 1898- Jan., 1899. Tagalog and Spanish. The 
assumption of die case by the Revoludonary Government begins at folio 
21 recto. The signatures of Emilio Aguinaldo as General-in-diief, of B. 
Aguinaldo as Secretary of War, of the Secretary of Jusdce (illegible), et a/., 

2. Jurisdiction of local court of Caloocan. Case of Ludo Pascual 
Ragundias, sued by his daughter-in-law for restitution of some carabaos. 
Contains some certificates of ownership of catde, with their brands. Oct.- 
Dec., 1898. Tagalog and Spanish. 14 leaves; sewed; 21 x 30 cm. 

3. Pueblo de Obando. Accusation of Antonino Silverio as accom- 
plice in die murder of die Alcalde of Mas ( ui July ( ?). Tagalog and 
Spanish. This is a fragment and beginning of rough draft. 

4. Local Court of Caloocan, Provindal Government of San Juan del 
Monte. Case of Apolonio Samson, Nicolas Rivera, Fulgencio Martinez 
and Felidano Torres, charged with inciting their neighbors to disobey the 
authorities, also not to purchase government bonds, etc.: all of which con- 
stitute passive resistance. Spanish. 15 leaves; sewed; 20 232 cm. 

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5. Local Court of Caloocan, and of Tondo. Petition of the widow of 
Jo8£ Lenna diat her taxes be remitted. Spanish. 8 leaves; 22 x 32 cm. 

2. Educational 

L I. General order (dated Sept. 19, 1898) from Manila Provincial 
Government, in pursuance of the order of the Secretaiy of the Interior of 
the Revoliidonaiy Government issued twenty-ninth of August, 1898, direct- 
ing the iounediate establishment of elementaiy schools for both sexes. 1 1 
leaves; sewed; 23 x 18 cm. 

2. Act of the Local Presidencia of Caloocan, Sept. 23, 1898, appointing 
as schoolteacher for giris Dona Filomena Baello, who had been teacher under 
the Spanish regime; and for boys Don Meledo Aaludes. 11 leaves; sewed; 
22 x32 cm. 

3. General order from same provincial government, Nov. 12, 1898, to 
report on the newly-established schoob. 11 leaves; sewed; 23 x 18 cm. 

4. Quotation by die same provincial government of die Revoludonaiy 
Government's act, retaining schoolteachers who had taught under the Span- 
lA domination, until further nodce; with other regulations. 11 leaves; 
sewed; 23 x 18 cm. 

II. I. Rou^ drafts of peddon of Meliton de la Cruz for posidon of 
primary teacher, and regarding the locadon of the primaiy school; and 
copies of approval of same by the presidente local of Barawain, another 
Provincial Council. Four loose leaves; one 23 x 16 cm.; the others 
22 X 32 cm. 

X. Order fixing the salary of primaiy teachers in Bulacan (on last sheet 
of the foregoing). 

III. I. Lists of pupils and their standing. (One is evidendy from a 
school at Troso; the other is unknown, its date being 1896-97.) Two 
doable dieets and one single sheet; 24 x 33 cm. 

IV. Loose pages of composition books, with various sorts of entries. 
16 X 21 cm. 

V. Inventory of furniture and materiak in a primaiy school at Tam- 
bobong. 15x21 cm. 

VI. School Register. Register of matriculated students (small boys) 
in some school not named; with record of class standmg and other data. 
For the years 1894-95, 1895-96, 1896-97. Slipped into the book is a cer- 
tificate of the confession of one of th^ boys, signed by the priest. The same 
boy's name is entered on die last page of entries for 1895-96. Also slipped 
into the book is a sheet of government stamped paper containing answers 
in imperfect English to the quesdons: '^Are the nadve inhabitants of 
these Islands capable at present of self-government ? " ''What should 

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be America's policy regarding these Islaods ? " Undated, unsigned. The 
book is die size, shape, and ruling of an ordin^iiy account book, 21 x 30 cm. 
There are some newspaper clippings from Japan Times ^ 1900 (Jan. to 
July); and some newspapers, namely, Diario de Manila^ special number, 
Nov. 19, 1895; and Japan Tinus^ odd numbers, June and July, 1900. 

J. Revolutionary Army 

I. Papers relating to a deserter: Gelacio Avellano; ist Battalion, ist 
Company. Bulacan, Jan. 12, 1899. Two double sheets, 21 x 32 cm.; one 
double sheet, 16 x 22 cm.; all loose. 

II. Papers relating to the Spanish prisoners Francisco Lagarejo, Juan 
Grubes, and Isidoro Isaac. From die local oflBces at Marilao and Man- 
dancia Superior de Bulacan. Jan., 1899. Four loose sheets: 18x22 cm. 
(ist 2 papers) and 22 x 32 cm. (3d and 4th). Sumaria of the case 13 leaves; 
sewed; 22 x 32 cm. and 15 x 22 cm. 

III. Letter from die Juez Instructor recommending die Mandancia 
Superior at Bulacan to order the Alcalde to release the prisoners Marias 
Resurreccion, Juan Gabriel, Maximo Alearas and Carios Capistrano. 
Order from the General for their release. Notificarion to the prisoners of 
thfe release. Jan., 1899. 4 leaves; sewed; 22 x 32 cm. 

rV. Letter from cirizens of Barawain to the Presidente of the Province, 
complaining of the treatment of the townspeople by certain soldiers. (Rou^ 
draft. 2 sheets, 16x23 cm.) 

V. Letter to the Judge at Bulacan from the doctor regarding the wounds 
of a prisoner, Santiago Marrin Hernandez. Single sheet, 16 x 22 cm. 

VI. List of 39 prisoners taken. (Name of command and date not 
given.) 10 X 32 cm. 

VII. Mess accounts (company's name not given). Feb. i-Mar. 11, 
1899. Booklet of 40 pp. 16 X 22 cm. 11 pp. used. 

VIII. Roll of ist Battalion of Bulacan, 2d Company; for April, 1899. 
Two copies of this, one evidendy complete, the other partially done. Double 
sheets, 22 x 32 cm. There are various other MSS. regarding this battalion. 

4^ Eeelesiastieal 

I. Baprismal records. Barawain, Bulacan. Two loose sheets con- 
taining records of 12 baptisms. 

II. Prayer, in Spanish and Tagalog, revering St. Vincent de Paul. 

III. Fourteen loose sheets, 14 x 22 cm., containing copied passages fiom 
the catechism, scribbled in various inks. 

There are also some unimportant papers written in various dialects; 
and a collection of civil papers which are undated, although many of them 
contain Aguinaldo's signature. 

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We have yet to touch upon a few special features, either belonging to the 
realm of bibliography or closely connected therewith. 

Linguistics.-- Books printed in the various languages and dialects of the 
Philippine Islands, and grammars and lexicons, form a considerable part 
of many collections. The C. G. de T. de F. has more linguistic titles than 
any other collection, numbering 1,702. These include 79 conidos or ro- 
mances, 17 other works resembling conidos. Many of these titles had 
formerly belonged to W. £. Reuna. Pardo de Tavera possesses many 
linguistic titles, his collection extending to all die language of Oceanica. 
The Ayer Collection shows some hundreds of titles (which were mainly 
gathered by Dr. Doherty), among which are many that are rare. The 
library of Peabody Institute of Baltimore, which possesses the scarce third 
volume of Mas, and a Mallat with the atlas, makes a specialty of collecting 
linguistic titles. As yet the collection is small, but it is very choice, and 
numbers some of the rarest titles. It is gratifying to note that several 
American scholars have taken up the systematic study of the languages and 
dialects of die I%ilippines. The work done by Dr. Frank R. Blake, of 
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, holds chief place. A letter from Dr. 
Blake dius describes die work and its results: "The work in Philippine 
languages begun at die Johns Hopkins University in 1901 is sdll going on. 
It was designed to give instrucdon in the principal Philippine languages, 
and publish ardcles on various important topics of Philippine grammar. 
Beginning with 1901, instrucdon has been given in Tagalog, Bisayan, and 
Ilokan, as well as in the kindred idiom, Malay. A series of lectures on die 
native tribes of the Philippines was also given twice during the period. A 
•dentific Tagalog grammar has been prepared, and manuals of other im- 
portant dialects have been projected. A number of ardcles on various topics 
of Philippine philology have been published by myself and my students. 
Dr. W. G. Seiple, now professor of Hebrew in the Reformed Church college 
in Japan, and Dr. L. B. Wolfenson of Baltimore. The following is a list 
of these, viz.: 

''By F. R. Blake.- Study of Philippine languages at Johns Hopkins 
University; in Avurican Amhropdogist^ 1902, iv, p. 793. Sanskrit loan 
words in Tagalog; m J. H. U. Circulars^ 1903, no. 163, p. 63. Analogies 
between Semidc and Tagalog; ihid,^ p. 65. Differences between Tagalog 
and Bisayan; in Journal of American Oriental Society, 1904, xxv, pp. 162- 
169. The Bisayan dialects; ihid.^ ^9^S* tbpo^ pp. 120-136. Expression 
of case by the verb in Tagilog; ihid.^ 1906, xxvii, pp. 183-189. Contribu- 
to oomparadve Philippme grammar: general features; phonology; 
s; fill/., 1906, xxvii, pp. 317-396. 

'By W. G. Seiple.- Tagalog poetiy; J. H. U. Circulars, 1903, no. 163, 

Digitized by 



p. 78. The Tagilog numerals; ihiJ,, p. 79. Polysyllabic roots with initial 
P in Tagalog; in Journal of American Oriental Society, 1904, zzr, pp. 287- 

"By L. B. Wolfenson.- The infixes la^ li^ lo, in Tagalog; ihiJ.^ 1906, 
xxvii, pp. I42-I46. 

"Other articles in a more or less advanced stage of completion await 
publication, die most important and extensive being the Tagalog grammar 
above mentioned. No bibliography of Philippine languages has yet been 
published by the university, but I have prepared such a bibliography on 
cards, and expect to publish it as soon as I can find the time." 

Dr. David J. Doherty, of Chicago, who is one of the warmest champions 
of immediate Filipino independence, and who is now in the Philippines, has 
been working for some time in the various Filipino languages. He is at- 
tempting to amalgamate the seven chief languages of the Christian popula- 
tion into one common tongue. To this end he has compiled on cards a 
dictionaiy of the Tagalog language, to which he has added the words as used 
by the natives in the other languages. When the work is complete, he pro- 
poses to ask the Philippine Academy to decide which words should be given 
the preference in die common language, and the attempt will be made to bring 
the words into general usage through the assistance of the literari and press. 
Dr. Doherty has gathered many phonograph records with specimens of the 
various languages on diem, in order that he may have the correct intona- 
tion and accent of the words. A letter received some time ago from him 
states that his dicdonaiy was ready for press, and he expected the Philippine 
government to publish it. The work was done throughout with the aid of 
nadve Filipinos of education. 

In answer to a letter of inquiry regarding his work, Willard A. GoodeD, 
of North Truro, Mass., and formerly a missionary in the Philippines, 
writes us as follows concerning his work: "Although I became somewhat 
proficient in the use of the Tagalog dialect - suffidendy so that I was able 
to preach in it for the last two years that I was in the islands - and although 
I did ccmsiderable work translating for our mission, upon our Hymnal, 
Sunday-school lessons, handbooks for nadve workers, etc., as well as 
supervising the translation of Stalker's Life of Christy still I cannot really 
cite you to one workf which is mine as a translator. The entire style of the 
Malay dialects is so decidedly different from western tongues and so diffi- 
cult to acquire that one must needs be long among the people before his 
acquired knowledge of the language would be as safe a guide to idiomatic 
accuracy as the instinct of the native. To this instinct^ we were accustomed 
regulariy to appeal and upon it to rely in our translations. I doubt if any 
other mode of translation is safe. I was repeatedly assured by Tagalogs 

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that no Spanish friars had ever become perfectly idiomatic in their use of 
Tagalog. I have seen certain of their transUtions which were clearer to 
my Latin-trained mind than to die Tagalog in whose language they pur- 
ported to read. If I had been able to return for a second term of work, the 
transbtion of several standard religious works (with such native help as I 
should need), had already been assigned me as one of my chief tasks/' 

Maps and cartography,- Probably the best collection of manuscript maps 
is diat of die A. de I. (with the possible exception of the following). For 
a list of diese see Torres Lanzas's Relacion desert ptiva de los mapas, pianos ^ 
eU., de Filipinos (Madrid, 1897). See also post^ p. 59, for the title of a 
map missed by the compiler. There is also a large plan of Cavite dated 
1659, ^^'^^ ^ ^^ archives by the ministry of war, which is not included in 
the list. The Deposito Hidrografico of Madrid also possesses a collecrion of 
manuscript maps, some of which are probably duplicates of those in A. de I. 
It is likely that this bureau also possesses copies of many printed maps. 
The manuscript map in Biblioteca Vittorio Emanuele of the Palaos, we 
have already noted. The Bibliotheque Nationale of Paris has compara- 
tively few Philippine maps. At the Bridsh Museum is a large collecdon of 
printed maps, and a few manuscript maps. The latter are as follows: 

BowBav, T.>- Island of Mindanao or Magendanao with chart. Add. 
MSS. 5,222, art. 9. 

Camblli, G. J.:- Drawings of trees in the Philippine Islands, with de- 
scriptions in Ladn. Add. MSS. 5,288. 

Kelly, Diomisio:- Pianos de los contomos de Manila. Manila, 
Jan. I, 1775. Add. MSS. 17,641, C. 

Clavbro, Gregorio.^ Piano de la plaza y contomos de Manila. Jan. 
1,1800. Add. MSS. 17,641,0. 

.^ Piano de la ciudad puerto y cercanias de Manila en las Yslas 

FiUpinas. Add. MSS. 17,642, A. 

^- Piano de la Laguna de Bay distante de Manila quatro leguas 

con todos sus pueblos y rios. 1792. In colors. Add. MSS. 17,642, B. 

FovBDA, Pascual, O. P.:-Mapa de la provincia del Zifun en las Yslas 
Fhilipinas. 1768. In dim colors. Add. MSS. 17,642, D. 

Salavbnnia, Santiago >- Piano de la Isla de Panay construydo y en- 
mcndado, en todos sus puertos, sondas, bajos, y islas adjacentes con demos^ 
de baluartes q®. defienden las coustas y plajras de la prov*. de Yloylo. Dec. 
21, 1797. In colors. Add. MSS. 17,642, E. 

The collection of engraved maps in the Library of Congress is a notable 
one. See P. Lee Phillips's List of maps, charts, and views, which accom- 
panies Griffin's List of books. This shows 860 maps, etc., ranging in date 
fnm Magellan's dme (reproducdons) to 1903. General maps of various 

Digitized by 



parts of die worid, containing the Philippine Islands, are not listed in Phil- 
lips's bibliography. Since then a number of maps have been acquired. 
Chief among them is a copy of die famous Murillo Velarde map, which was 
engraved by a Filipino in 1734. This map is described in our vol. xlix, 
p. 63, note 25. Without the accompanying figures, this map is reproduced 
in Murillo Velarde's Historia^ fiom an engraving of 1744. It was also 
reproduced by Bellin in 1752, and in his Pet. ados mar. (Paris, 1764); and 
in Hist. Besch, Rthen (Amsterdam, 1758), zvii, p. 28. See also the mono- 
graphs by Pardo de Tavera and Gabriel Marcel regarding this map. Mr. 
Phillips is preparing at the present time a bibliography of adases (both 
world and of special localiries), which will contain a Philippine secdon. 
He is also preparing a bibliograhpy of universal cartography with copious 
annotadons. This will contain much useful informadon concerning maps 
and their makers. The War Department Library in Washington possesses 
some good Spanish maps. The Hydrographic Office of die War Depart- 
ment at Washington has published various maps; and the office gathers 
data for maps and charts from eveiy available source, by which they cor- 
rect the maps of die Coast and Geodedc Survey. Charts are furnished 
to all naval vessels, and sold to all vessels desiring them. The United States 
Coast and Geodetic Survey opened a sub-office at Manila, September 19, 
1900. Since that dme the work of the department has been carried on con- 
tinuously, and many harbor and coast lines have been surveyed and 
charted, and the charts issued to the public at the cost of producdon. There 
is a complete set of diese maps and charts at the office of the Coast and 
Greodedc Survey at Washington, and two sets are deposited in the library 
of Congress. Sailing directions for the Philippine Islands have been pub- 
lished, as well as a catalogue of the maps and charts of the Survey (see 
postf p. 64). See die annual reports of die Philippine branch of the Sur^ 
vey in the Reports of the Philippine Commission. Under the auspices of 
the government was published in 1900 die adas prepared under the care of 
the Jesuits at Manila, which accompanies the two-vol. ArchipiHago filipina. 
Many maps and coast and harbor charts are reproduced in the Gatetutr 
of the Philippine Islands (Washington X902). The American Geography 
cal Society issued a map in 1905 made up from the then latest data of the 
War Department. See also post^ in the acdvides of the Bureau of Insular 

Pp. 19, 20 of vol. iv of Bulletin of the N. Y. Public Library list a few 
Philippine maps. The Ayer Collection contains many Philippine maps. 
These are mainly printed, although there are a few in manuscript. 
There are some in the MS. on the Rio Grande de Mindanao; and one dated 
London, 1719, by Rob't Friend, and showing various Oriental islands, is 

Digitized by 



drawn on parchment. There is also a loose printed map which shows die 
lower course of the Rio Grande de Mindanao, dated 18869 which was issued 
by the ''Seccion topografica" of the Philippine gdvemment. This was 
purchased by Mr. Ayer from C. G. de T. de F., who priced it at 25 francs. 
It had formerly belonged to Retana, who had in turn purchased it of Vindel. 
The latter had acquired it from the heirs of General Terrero. Mr. Aytt's 
librarian. Miss Clara A. Smith, is at present compiling an index of all the 
maps of the collection, whether loose or contained in atlases, a portion 
of which will be devoted to Philippine maps. This index will be arranged 
chronologically by localities, and also by authors when known, and when 
obtainable, the name of the engraver will be given. Maps are listed in 
Maximilian Brose's UtUratufvenseichnis ( q. v.^poit^ p. 61 ). See the various 
maps (both printed and manuscript) reproduced in this series, as well as 
the map prepared especially for it; and vol. ii, p. 66, note 26, also vol. 
xux, p. 205, note 130. 

Photographs and vi^urx.* The Philippine American government pos- 
sesses a large coUecdon of photographs. Hon. Dean C. Worcester, of the 
Philippine Commission, also possesses a fine coUecdon, many of which are of 
great value ethnologically. Through the cooperadon of Mr. Worcester, 
Mr. Ayer has obtained copies of all die photographs in the above two col- 
Iccdons. These relate to all die tribes of the Philippines that have been 
studied, illustradng manners and customs, industries, etc., and to various 
localities. In all Mr. Ayer's coUecdon numbers more than 5,000, all of 
wfaidi are 5 X 7 inches in size. His coUecdon is accompanied by a type- 
written index and descripdon. Copies of these photographs are being made 
for the Field Museum, Chicago, from Mr. Ayer's collection. In the Na- 
tional Museum at Washington, is a diird coUecdon of photographs. The 
first instalment of this coUecdon was sent by RounsevUle WUdman, American 
Consul at Singapore, before the Spanish-American war. The second instal- 
ment consisted of about 200 photgraphs, which were given by Colonel H. H. 
Hilder, many of them taken by die donor. The third instalment is an 
almost complete set of the Worcester coUecdon. The fourth instalment 
consists of some negadves sent in by the German sciendst, A. B. Meyer. 
Fliotographs are extremely valuable for ethnological study.'' 

*Tlie HmfvU WtMy for March 31, 1883 (toI. zzfii, no. 1371) publitha an intcfettmg 
and cnriooi article bj Lafcadio Heam, the famous writer, so well known for hit artidet on 
JafiaBCM liie. The aitick u called **Samt Mab. A lacuttrine Tillage in Louisiana.** This 
vilage it locafeed at the •outheaatem comer of Lake Borgne, not far distant from New 
Odeaas, and waa the home, saya Heain, who was sent as special correspondent hj the above 
paper to HA the set ll cmcn t , for about a half century, of a colony of Tagibgs from die FhO- 
^ptnc Uands. In diis manhj countiy, dicj lived as nearly in die manner of their own land 
as pwtihie. with the eneptioo that those who had families kept them in New Orleans, as there 

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Museums," The two most notable muaeums are that of the Museo-Bi- 
blioteca de Ultramar (already described, anU^ pp. 31, 32), and that of the 
National Museum, Washington. Owing to the crowded condition of the 
latter, it has been impossible to suitably display all of the Philippine collec* 
tion. Besides a few modeb of the inhabitants of the archipelago, the collection 
can boast of considerable material for ethnological study, consisting of 
basketry, weapons, etc. The aim in making the coUecrion is to show the 
serious industrial life of the inhabitants of the Philippines. From this col- 
lecrion, trained sciendsts are studying the connection of the American Indian 
with die Orient -in short, are endeavoring to reconstruct into tangible 
facts the story of the Pacific Ocean, and migrations of peoples across it. 
The Nadonal Museum is in touch with men who are engaged in active field 
work in the Philippines, and with army and navy officers, from whom results 
are continually being received. 

Bureau of Insular Affairs,- This bureau was created after die Spanish- 
American war as a component part of the War Department. It has held 
an important place in the history of the Philippines since that dme. The 
publicadon department of the bureau is doing an important work in con- 
necdon widi the insular territory belonging to the United States. As regards 
the Philippines (and the same is troe of all American insular possessions), 
the various lines of acdvity are as follows: 

1. The collection of all Senate and House documents, reports, hearings 
before committees, and all acts, treaties, and resolutions; also briefs and 
decisions of the Supreme Court. 

2. The collection of all publications issued by all departments and 
bureaus of die U. S., which are not published as government documents. 

3. Collection of all reports and all monographs issued by die Philippine 

4. Collection of all orders and circulars issued by the military authorities 
of the Philippines, as well as all circulars and general orders emanating from 
the office of die adjutant-general of the U. S. army. 

5. Collection of speeches regarding the islands by public men. 

6. Collection of maps. These include the maps issued by the Geodetic 
and Coast Survey, and other departments of the government. The Philip- 
pine maps now in possession of die bureau number 2,505, and there are 450 
different kinds. They include charts, blue prints, and topographical maps, 
were no ivomen in die place. Tbe liouMt were buflt on piles rinng out of the water or manhy 
ground, and the under part was reterred at in the PhiUppinei for swine and fowls. All the 
men were fishermen, and their chief diTersioD was gambling. They spoke their own language 
or Spanish. Abofe all, dief maintained their identitj, and refused to be merged in the 
population about them. Some interesting views are shown with diis article. There is also 
at the pfCMttt time a colony of Malays in the British West Indies. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


7. From time to time, compilations and monographs are prepared in the 
office and published. Also the Bureau publishes a quarterly (formerly 
monthly) summary of the commerce of the islands, and has under prepara- 
tion at the present time (April, 1907) a second edition of the acts, treaties, 
etc, of the 58th Congress. A useful compilation of die land laws of the 
Philippines has also been published. The Bureau also publishes aimually 
die acts of the Philippine Commission, and the report of the same. A 
second edition of the GautUer of the Philippine Islands has been prepared 
and is practically ready for press. It is also part of the work of this bureau 
to give out press notices. Bound files of Manila papers are also kept. 

The various documents are bound into separate volumes, all extraneous 
matter being thrown away, and a typewritten contents page made for each 
volume, so that consultation is rendered easy. The Bureau has also 
prepared an analytical index of all the documents, but it has not yet been 
published for want of an appropriation. This is of great value, and will 
£icilitate research in the many rich government documents that have been 
published on die Philippines since American occupation. See the annual 
reports of the chief of the Bureau of Insular AflFairs for 1901-1906, where 
the work of the bureau is well outlined. In the publication rooms of die 
bureau are the galley proofs of the five volumes of insurgent papers, which 
are compiled by Captain John R. M. Taylor, U. S. A. Hiese papers, not- 
withstanding their importance, are still awaidng a special appropriadon from 
Congress in order that diey may be published. Vols, i and ii consist mainly 
of compilations by the editor, and to them are appended bibliographical 
lists of books consulted in die compilation. 

The pamphlets, monographs, etc., being published continually by die 
various branches of die Philippine government are very important and merit 
study. Many of these form the first studies ever made in the field covered 
by them, for during the endre Spanish regime there was but litde sciendfic 
study that merited the name. There is an excellent opening for earnest 
scientific work that will prove of lasting value. The Bureau of Govern- 
ment Laboratories has already justified its creation in the work that has 
emanated therefrom. For the various publications of this bureau, see the 
inside cover pages of the various bulletins. 

Sales catalogues." One of the most prolific sources for the study of Philip- 
pine bibliography is oflFered by the sales catalogues of booksellers of various 
countries. We have listed a very few of such catalogues in section 11 of our 
bibliography of printed tides, but have made no effort to list them all. He 
who desires to avail himself of such study may consult the catalogues of die 
(cXkming: Anllo, Capdeville, Cuesta, Bernardo Rico, Gabriel Sanchez, 
Perdiguero, Victoriano Suarez, Viuda de Rico, Eugenio Garcia Rico, and P. 

Digitized by 



Vindel-all of Madrid; Juan Llordachs, of Barcelona; Baer & Co., of 
Frankfort; Otto Harrassowitz, Karl W. Hiersemann, and M. Spirgads 
— all of Leipzig; Roaenthal, of Munchen; R. Giusd, of Bologna; Salva- 
tore Romano, Roma; Maisonneuve & C^®., and Chadenat, of Paris; Nij- 
hoffy of The Hague; and Quaritch of London; besides many others. 

In closing this introduction to our bibliography, we desire to extend our 
thanks to all the friends and scholars who have aided us so generously in 
its compilation. Our thanks are due to the directors and staffs of the va- 
rious archives and libraries wherein we have carried on investigadons, both 
in America and in foreign countries. Of die following we make special 
mendon: Dr. T. H. Pardo de Tavera, of the Philippine Commission, Ma 
nila; Manuel de Iriarte, chief of the division of archives, etc., Manila 
Cedlio Guemes, O. S. A., Manila; Epifanio de los Santos, Maloios, Bulakan 
Pedro Torres Lanzas, director of A. de I.; Jose Gonzalez Verger, of the 
staff* of A. de I.; W. E. Retana (whose various publicadons we have used 
freely, in addidon to the personal favors we have received from him), 
Madrid; Conde de las Navas, librarian of the Biblioteca Real, Madrid; 
Antonio Graiiio, Madrid.; Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A., Valladolid (now 
Madrid); Pablo Pastells, S. J., Sarria; Rev. Antonio Ceriani, prefect of the 
Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan; T. FitzRoy Fenwick, Thiriesuine House, 
Cheltenham, England, librarian of the Phillipps Collecdon; Camillus 
Crivelli, S. J., Mexico; Thomas J. Kieman, of Harvard University Library; 
Horace G. Wadlin, of Boston Public Library; George Parker Winship, 
librarian of the John Carter Brown Collecdon; Victor Hugo Paltsits, of 
die Lenox branch of N. Y. PubHc Library; Archer M. Hundngton, 
founder of the Hispanic Society of America, New York; W. R. Martin, 
librarian of above society; Rev. J. J. Wynne, S. J., New York; Dr. T. C. 
Middleton, O. S. A., Villanova College, Villanova, Pa.; Herbert Putnam, 
librarian of Congress; Worthington C. Ford, chief of the division of manu« 
scripts. Library of Congress; James W. Cheney, librarian of the War 
Depaitment, Washington; Alexander Ramsey Speel, chief of the compi- 
ladon division of the Bureau of Insular Affairs, Washington; Edward E. 
Ayer, Chicago; Miss Clara A. Smith, librarian of the Ayer Collecdon; 
Melvin G. Dodge, associate librarian of the library of the Leland Stan- 
ford, Jr., University; and James A. LeRoy, late U. S. consul of Durango, 

Jambs Alexander Robbrtson 

for the editors 

July, 1907. 

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ViDAL Y SoLBRy SsBASTiAN: — Memoria sobre el ramo de montes en lat 

Itlas Filipinas. Madrid: Imprenta, estereodpia y galvanoplasda de 

Aribau y C.*, 1874, Pp. (4), 456. Engraving. 4°. 

Pp. 237-450 ocmtam *^Luta de alguoas obras 7 aitfculot imparUntet refereotet i lot 
palMt dd otremo antattf^ of which pp. 249-296 are cidiutTelj titlet on tlie Fhilippmet 
(tides 108-353). Some of the titles are annotated. Notwithstanding Retana*s criticisms 
(ibr instance, see EstadismOf ii, p. *^), Vidal 7 Soler shows breadth of mind and grasp 
in the titles listed. Besides the piuel7 Philippine titles (section ii), the other diTisions 
are: general woiks on coloniution and foj^get; tlie Mala7an archipelago - JaTa, 
Somatra, Borneo^ Timor, Molucas, and Celebes; English India -Hindostan, C^on, 
Birmania, and Malacca; China and Japan; and Cochinchina, Cambodga, Anam, and 
Siam. English and Dutch titles are listed. Naturall7 some titles of these divisiona 
contain Plulippina also. Arranged alphabeticall7. The edition of this book was limited 
to 300 copies. 

BLUMBNTRnr, Ferdinand.' — Vocabuiar etnzelner Ausdriicke und Redens- 

aiten, wdche dem Spanischen der Philippinischen Inseln eigenthumlich 

•ind. Mit einem Anhange: Bibliodieca Philippina. Alphabedsch ge- 

ordnete Sammlung einer Anzahl von Dnickschriften und Manuscripten 

lingiiisdscheny geographischen, echnographischen, historischen und natur- 

wtttenschaftlichen Inhalts, die auf die Philippinen Bezug haben. [Leit» 

nuritx: 1882-1885.] Pp. viii, 131, (l), (6), 64. 4°. 

Tliere are two parts with the above tide. On the title-page of part i, is the imprint 
*'Dnick von Dr. Kari Pickcrt in Lestmerits.** The title-page to part 2 shows no imprint. 
Tlie preface of part i (dedicated to J. C. Labhart-Lutt, consul at Manila) has a preface 
dated Leitmeritz, JUI7 14, 1882. Pp. 1-79 contain the Foeabular, of whicb Retana saTS 
many of the woids are what are called **Kitchen Spanish,** or Spanish words Tagalized. 
Tlie bibliography is divided into three parts: I. Linguistic titles (printed and manuscript), 
pp. 83-88. n. Printed titles, pp. 91-127. m. Manuscripts (other than linguistic), 
pp. 128-131. On the obvene of p. 131 are two other linguistic titln, and one printed tide. 
llie preface of part 2 (dedicated to T. H. Pardo de TaTcra) is dated ^^Leitmeritz, July 15, 
1885.** The VtAtdar occupies pp. 1-25; and the bibliography, pp. 29-35 (Lhiguistic 
tititt, printed and manuscript), and pp. 39-^ (printed and manuscript), in all, citing 431 
nnmben (some of which contain several tides). A note on the tide-page of the Ayer copy 
says that this work was not sold in the market. Notwithstanding thor inaccuracies and 
errors, these vocabularies will be found extremely useful for preliminaiy studies of the 
Philippines. The titles listed are not confined to the Spanish. See Pardo de Tavcra, 
^A/rsMM jffvptMtf, pp. 63-65; and Retana, J^oTo frfVftfgriS^o^ ii, pp. 929, 930. See also 
Griffin*s Lur, p. 3, where it appeaxi that the Library of Congress possesses but the first 
pait of this work, which Griffin says is reprinted from "Communal-Ober-Reslschule in 

Digitized by 




Latmeritx, JihrMberidit 14;** and whkk he taji wu printed at **lLtitmtritai Vcriaf 
*der Owniminil-Ober^Rffalaciiule, 1882.]** Then it a Fkcnch tranaladon of the FtukaUr 
of pan I, by A. Hugot, in SodiiU acadVmiqueindo<hinoiie deRince (Jiiflitiii, ad acric^ 
». pp. »33-3i5; ^•^ 1883-1885). 
MoYA Y Jm iNBZy Francisco Jayibr db : — Las Islas Filipinas en 1882. 
Estudios historicosy geograficos, estadisdcos 7 descripdvos. Madrid: 
Establecimiento dpografico de El Correo, 1883. Pp. yi, 362, (l). 80. 
On pp. %y^2^ ia a bibliographical liat of Philippine ttdea airanged alphabeticaUf by 
anthon. Tliii liat containa many tnaccuradea and erroci, and ia of little Talue. Retana 
aays (l^M. /?., p. 194) that this woric waa fim published by aitidet in the JEfPiiiki dk Fi^f 
and that bad as it it, it ia one of the ^'leaat bad of thoae of recent yeart.'^ Pardo de 
Tarera, in Bihl, j3^ p. ayy, aaya that it is of no Talue; and notes that he speaka of Piga- 
teta aa *^the pretended oompanion of Biagallanes.** Maya y Jim6iez was an aitillety 
f^ftmiMn ^fq' ill the Philippinca. 

MARTfNBZ Vigil, Ram6n» O. P.: — La Orden de Predicadores. Sus 

glorias en sanddad, apostolado, ciencias, artes y gobiemo de los pueblos, 

8eg;uidas del Ensayo de una biblioteca de dominicos espanoles. Madrid: 

[Impienta de Antonio Perez DubniU], 1884. Pp. (8), 430, (i). 80. 

The bibliography occupies pp. 239^30. It is not at all complfte, and containa aome 
MTOiB. Cited by Retana, Apara^ bil^ ii, pp. 99a, 993. The author has published numer- 
ous other makB, among them RMdimmtot dt gtografia ducripiiva (BCanila, 187a), that 
contains a number of blunders that can be ercused only by the gio ss ut khid of 

Barrantbs, Vicbntb: — Coleccion de corridos presentada por el ezcmo. 
Sr. D. V. Barrantes. Madrid: 1887. 

In Catdlogc dt la 9xp»ski6m gnwd dt Uu IsUu FSipmas cdArada tn Madrid imamgmrada 
p€r S.M,la rnna ngmit d 30 dt Junh dt 1887 (Madrid, 1887), appendix, pp. ^ly^^^* 
The Ctrridtif as ex]3ained by Barrantes, oooatitute the popular pociry of the lil^piiioa, 
and arc comparable to the old Spanish romances, rdationa, etc. FifQr-«iz titles arc re- 
corded, eadi accompanied by a Spanish tranalation, and to each one the beginning and 
oondusion are gi^en, and rarioua oommenta. Retana {Aparaio bibl^ iii, p. 1068), says 
that Barrantes has listed under the title of Ctrridts, tidta not properly so. The Aycr 
Collection contains many titles of Ctrridts. Retana, CaUBtit^ p. Tiii, criticises the bibUo- 
graphical work of Barrantes severely for lack of predaion, but praises his mmmenti. 

El teatro tagalo. Madrid: M. G. Hernandez^ 1889 (on die cover 
page, 1890). Pp. 200. 4°- 

Contains a biUiomphical appendix of the Passioo (pp. 143-166), and another on lan- 
guages (pp. 167-199}, both made partly from memory, and consequently of doubtful rahie. 
This work was first published in La llunraei6n Artiaica ci Barcelona, and later in the 
Rmjffl C«flttfiiMrd«#tf, the forma of the latter being uaed in the book. (See Vmdel, Cdii- 
/•^•, !▼• p. 153O 
Rbtana y Gamboa^ Wbncbslao Emilio: — Catalogo de las obras que se 
hallan en la biblioteca filipma de W. E. Retana. Madrid: 1892-1894. 
In La PdUiea dt EtpaHa tn Filipinas, ii, pp. 36, 37, 50^ 51, 64, 65, 78, 79» 9I9 93, 105- 
107, ii9f i«H i3»» »33» >4^ »47. IS9» »^ »7»» i73» ''S* '86, 197, 198, 209, ii<v aii, aaa» 
a33> »34. a4S> *4^ »57» ^fi, ^ »70^ a8i, aSi, 293-295, 307.309, 321-326, 339-346; 
Iii (Indioe de 1 

iii (Indioe de autiues, traductorca, ooUboradores, prologuistaa y c en a orea y de obraa andni- 
mas que se mencionan en d CaUdtgt dt la btUitttea fHipina dt W. E. Bttaaa), pp. 11-13, 
25-27, 40, 69-71 (pr^logo); It, p. iS). Thia includes alao titles added by Retana Cram 
time to time. Tbe arrangement of the titles is acoordine to their location in Retana*s 
library. Many of these tittes are liated in Retana*s Artkht (Madrid, 1895-1898), and all of 
diem in his Catditgt dkrtviadt (Biadrid, 1898). The forms of La Ptlhiea were utilized in 
printing the Catdltgo of 1893 (;.«.)• At its inception, the director of La Pdftica was Jott 
Faced, and the editors for 1891-1895 were Pabb Faced and W. E. Retana. Beginning widk 

Digitized by 



1S96 and until the aid of 1898, the latter was tole dinotor and edkor. Etco befbra this 
period Retina had been the moving force in the publication. 

Blumentutt, Ferdinands— [A list of works, mainly in languages other 
than Spanish.] Madrid: 1893. 

In the newspaper La Sclidaridad. Contains 328 titles, and is of distinct Talue. 
Rbtana y GAifBOAy Wbncbslao EifiLio: — Noticias para la historia del 
pcriodismo filipino. Madrid: 1893. 

In La Ptlkka de Etpatia m FSspinas, iii, pp. 9i-95> ioa-105, 116-iai, 127-131, 146, 
147» i5>-»55» «69.i7i, 179-iS^ 189-191, ii7-»a9» 3»6, 317; "▼» PP- «-io» 45-47» 5^59> 
9>94, 106-109, 111, 113, 144-14^ i59-»^»> i69-i70> 289-291, 299-301, 311-313, 3«>^»3» 

Catalogo de la biblioteca filipina de W. E. Retana. Madrid: Viuda 
de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1893. 68 leaves. ¥°. 

Published first in La PdiUea, for 1892 and 1893 (9.0., ovl*), the forms of which were 
utilized in the present publication. It is, at least in part, printed on oolj one side of the 
paper. The edition was limited to 30 copies, and dicj were not placed on sale. A 
note hj Retana sajs that the 4 copies giren to the goremment, as required hy law, were 
printed on Toy poor paper with nanow masigins. Describes 556 titles. 

Bibliograffa. Madrid: 1893. 

Appendix B in Retana*s edition of Joaquin niartfnez de ZtUliga*s Estaditmo dt las 
Idat FUifmoi 6 mii viaj9i par isu pais, (ACadrid: [Imprenta de la viuda de M. Miniksa 
de los Riosl 1893. 2 toIs., 80), ii, pp. 93*-*352. This bibliography is divided into two 
paits- introduction, in wUch is given some histoiy of printing in the Philippines from 
its introduction to the present era; and a list of **worics dted by Father Zdi&iga, those 
consulted b^ us for the compilation of these appendices, and other worics which have been 
the object of our examination through their scientific merit, or because of their rarity.** 
Pp. I05*-I23* comprise a valuable Ust of ^the presses, printers, and places where there 
were or are presses.** In the list of titles (384 in all, many of which were formeriy in the 
valoahle Gayangps collection), are some facsimiles of title-pages of rare imprints. In the 
frUog* of voL i, there is bibliographical matter by Retana on pp. vii-xzzviii, in which 
various interesting and important details cooceniing Maitfnez de Z<UUga*s writings are to 
be found. On p. zviii, it is to be noted that Retana mentions the translation of Le 
Gentil made by Martlnex de Zdftiga (9.0., p. 374), the bcarion of which he does not know, 
and asserts - following the statement of Martbiex de Zdfiiga, viz., ^although M. Le 
Gentil does not believe it; see my note to these vojagn, which I have translated into 
Spanish, and which are being printed** -that this translation was printed. It is 
probable^ however, that none of this translation was printed, and that Martinez de 
Zdftiga simply made the statemmt in view of the fact that it was ready for the press. See 
Rctana*s CatSogo (1898), p. z, no. z. 

Bibliografia de Mindanao. Madrid : Imp. de la Viuda de M. Minuesa 

de los Rios, 1894. Pp. 69, (2, first blank, second with colophon). 12°. 

Preceded by a short preface. There are 174 titles in all, some of which are MSS. The 
author calls tliis work an epitome^ and simple guide; and says {CaUiogs^ p. z) that it 
was the work of one week, being made because of the complaint of a daily newspaper 
that nothing had ever been written on the island of Mindanao. 

El Periodismo Filipino. Noticias para su historia (1811-1894). Ma- 
drid: En la imprenta de la Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1895. 
Pp. (4), 646, (2). Indices, iz^. 

As indicated on the title-page^ this book contains, besides the bibliographical matter, 
biographical notes and sketches, critical notes, and anecdotes. The colophon states that 
the first 576 pp. were printed in 1894, and the remainder of the book in January and 
February of 1895. The appendices consist of an article by J. T. Medina, **£1 primer 
peri6dico de Filipinas,** dated Seville, November 30^ 1894; ^Adidones y rectificaciones,** 
fayT.H.Pardode Tavcra, dated Paris, 1893; **Notas y adidones,** hy Pedro Torres y 

Digitized by 




Retana y Gamboa; continued — 

Lanzas, dated SevUla, December, 1894; and **Peri6dicot manuscritot,** by Deacngaftot 
(Reuna*a nom de plume), taken from La Oetamia BtpaHela, of Manila, OcL, 1SS7. 
Thii work was 6n/t publi^ed in Tarioua nvmben of La PcliHea de Eipalia tm FSiphuu 
(q.v^ OKU, p. 57), .and the fonnt aa publiahed thoe were utilized for tlie above publicatioii, 
so that many git the right-hand pages are blank or almost so (see Pazdo de TsTera*s 
BM. fl^ p. 354). ReSdited and enlarged, it is published as a monograph in Retana*s 
Apareto hiU^ iii, nos. 4461-4623. 

Epitome de la bibliografia general de Filipinas. 1 895-1 898. 
This is published in Retana*s Arekiv (Madrid, i89$-i898) as follows: I. No. 11, 
pp. 84, titles, i-»7o; II. No. 13, pp. 56, tides, 271-505; in. No. 5, pp. 48, titles, 506-730; 
IV. No. 9, pp. 98, titles, 721-1,167. This was to have been oontmued in future volumes 
of the ArckhOf but the publication of the series stopped until 1905, and the epitome waa 
never resumed. However, since the titles published in these four vohimes are those for- 
merly contained in the collection owned by Retana, and sold to the Compafifa general de 
Tabacos de Filipinas, Barcelona, the continuation will be found in Retana*s BAlugraffa 
flipima (Madrid, 1898), and all the titles will be found as well in Retana*s Aparm9 
hAl, The first four Tolumes, bearing dates 1895, 1896, 1897, and 1898, respe^ively, 
were published by La Viuda de M. Mmuesa de los Rios, and the fifth volume, dated 1905^ 
by libfeda genml de Victoriano Suirez. The documents published by Retana are rare 
imprints, oi^;inal MSS. from various archives, and oontemporaiy compilations. He also 
publishes in the first four volumes, a partial list of the books in Us library (see above); 
and in volume t, some historical bibliographical notes (see below). For the titles of the 
donimenrs, etc. presented by Retana in the first four toIs., see GriGn*s Ltst; and Paido 
de Tavera^s BiU, fU^ p. 355, no. 2354. The contents of the fifth vol. are as follows: L 
Itincrario del P. Custo<tio F^y Martin Ignado, franciscano (reproduced from the first 
edition, Roma, 1585) - [see our vol. vi,pp. I34-I53» where we have reproduced the Itimtrarh 
from the Biadrigal edition of 1586]. IL Memorial del P. Ft. Francisco de Zamora, 
agustino [Madrid, 1708 ?]. A reprint of the copy existing in the library of the Compafifa 
general de Tabaoos de Filipinas, Barcelona. HL Notidas de lo sucedido en la Ciudad 
de Manila en Octubre de 1719 (the assassination of Gov. Bustamante). [1721 i] A 
reprint of the edition printed about 1721. IV. Lati^ao, Newspaper of Bianila. Nos. 
I, 2, 4, and 6. Sampiloc and Madrid, 1821. A reprint. V. £1 ]^o agrariado. Po- 
litical treatise. SampUoc, 1821. A reprint. VI. El Dmwndt, A Manila newspaper 
(published secretly and in MS. in 1840-1841). Now fint printed. VIL Filipinas dentro 
de den afios. By Jos6 RizaL Miulrid, i88o-i89a Reprints from La Salularidad 
(Sept. 1 889- Jan. 1890.) VUL Documentos [relativos i la] <poca de la Revoluddn. 
Collected and annotated by Felipe G. Calderon. IX. Revisu hist6rioo-bibliogriifica, by 

Medina, Josi Toribio : — Brevisimo epitome de la imprenta en Manila 

(1593-1810) para servir de indice a la obra sobre la misma materia que 

tiene dar i la prensa Jose Toribio Medina. Madrid x Viuda de M. 

Minuesa de los Rios. 1896. Pp. 32. 160. 

One hundred copies printed at the cost of W. E. Retana. Consists of 404 titles, of wfaidi 
no details are given. All the titles of this work will be found in Retana^s Imprenta em 
Filipinos, and in P^rez and G<lcmes*s Adieiones y continuaci6n. The Epbeme was first 
published in La PeiUica de EspaHa, vii, pp. 20-23, 47'49> 67-^- S«c the title immediate^ 
following. Medina takes high rank as a bibliographer, as his Philippine and American 
bibliographies show. A native of Chile, and at &st interested soidy in American bib- 
liographical research, he was led to hit research in Philippine by noting that it overiaps 
to a considerable degree with Mericana. Much of Retana*s work appears to have bees 
suggested by Medina. See other titles by Medina, post, pp. 59, 6a, 80^ 9a. 

La imprenta en Manila desde sus origines hasta 1810. Santiago de 

Chile : Impreso y grabado en casa del autor, 1896. Pp. xcvi, 280. Index. 

12 facsimiles of dtle-pages. 4^. 

Retana (to whom this work is dedicated) BUd, fl^ pp. 428, 429, describes a copy of die 
de luxe edition of 12 copies, which contains 13 facsimiles of tide-pages. This work oon- 
tdns 420 titles, many oi which are exceedingly rare. The introduction, which contains 

Digitized by 



mudi bibliograpliical infoniudoii, it dhided at foUowt: notes on tlie eariiett prindng in 
tbe Philippinet; early printing and the pnsa of the college of Santo Tomis; prett of the 
Ranriarani; pnsa of the Jesuits; press of the ecclesiastical seminary; press of the 
Angnsrinlans; Filipino engrarers; general oonaiderationa in r^ard to Filipino printers 
and books; libraries of Filipino books. Following the introduction are sereral 
dncumcnfs on printing in the Philippines. Retana says (Vindcl» Catdloic, iy, p. 283, 
BO- 1473X <^ ^* ^f^ i*» strictly speakings the first complete bibliography that has beoi 
compiled of printing in the Fhilippinea. See the continuation of this worl^ post, p. 61. 

Bibliografla espaiiola de las Islas Filipinas (1523-1810). Santiago de 

Chili : Imprenta Cervantes, 1898. Pp. 556. Index. 4^. 

Although the imprint reads ** 1897,'*^ the colophon on p. 556 states that the printing 
was finished Aug. 10, 1898. 

Retana (fiiU, j3^ p. 449) describes a de luxe edition (10 copies only). The above edi- 
tion was limited to 200 copies. This wotk was first published in tomo xcrii of the Aneies 
d* la unrversidad de Chile. Describes 667 titles. Medina defines ** Spanish bibliography 
ol the Philippine Islands** as follows: **the subject matter, the place of printing, the 
language in which they are written [Spanish and Latin] and the nationality of the authors 
are the fundamental bases of classification.** No MSS. or books printed in the Philippines 
are included, the latter already haying been listed in La Imprenta de MaaSa, Some 
documents from the ArduTO de Indias are, however, presented in illustration of rarious 
tides. There are also numerous biographical notices, and many references to other 
bihiiographers. The work is carefully done, and is one of the best sources for the study 
of PhHippina. It is highly praised by Retana (Vindei*8 CatdlegOy iv, p. 283, no. 1474). 

Rbtana y Gamboa, Wbnceslao Emilio: — La imprenta en Filipinas. 
Adiciones y observaciones a la obra de don Jose Toribio Medina, cuyo 
epitome vio la luz en La Politico, Madrid: 1897-1898. 

In La PolUka de EspaMa en Filipinas, vii, pp. 191-301, 128-236, 260, 261, 285, 286; 
viii, pp. 96-100^ iii-ii6k 132-141, 168-171. Published also in Retana*s La Imprenta en 
Fdiphas (Macbid, 1899). Dedicated to J. T. Medina. 

Torres Lanzas, Pedro: — Relacion descriptiva de los mapas, pianos^ etc., 
de Filipinas existentes en el Archivo general de Indias. Madrid: La 
▼iuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1897. Pp. 55 (i» containing colophon). 

First published in Retana*s Archivo (Madrid, 1897), iii, pp. 443-497* This separate 
published at Retana*s expense. C6ntains a short pn^ace or introductory letter by the 
author, addressed to Retana, and dated Sevilla, Aug. 1896. There are 139 nups, plans, 
etc, ranging in date from 1 565- 1 847 (many of which are MSS.). A number of diese haye 
been reproduced in photographic facsimile in our series. Author (where known), size^ 
and location of each are given. Torres Lanzas has missed a few maps, among which 
may be noted the following: ** Piano de la nuera Alcayzeria que debe construirse en d 
Barrio destruido de Mabolo, 1783. — In cobrs; Remesa del Ministerio de Ultramar; 
Andienda de Filipinas; consultas, expedientes y rcsoiudones del consejo, camara y 
ministros; afios 1 777-1801; leg. 2<'.** It is possible that maps of later date than 1847 
win be found at the Hydrographical office in Madrid. This is a work of great yalue to 
the Philippine researcher. 

Emerson, M. Isabel: — Reference lists. 58. The Philippine Islands. 

Providence: 1 898. 

In BuOmim no. 6 (JuneX toL iT, of the Providence Public Library, pp. 149-15^ The 
worirs listed are not confined to those in the library. Many of the titles are Rom periodi- 
cals. This list has been prepared with greater care than most reading and reference lists. 

Llorens Asensio, Vicente: — Historia general de Filipinas y catalogo 
de los documentos referentes a dichas Islas que se conservan en el Archivo 
General de Indias. Sevilla: Rodriguez y Lopez, 1898. 40. 

Only a few pages of this work were published, and die woik died when barely com- 
menced. Cited by Retana, Aparato hit,, iii, pp. 1403, 1404. 

Digitized by 



Rbtana y Gamboa, Wbncbslao Emiuo: — Catalogo abreviado de la 
biblioteca filipina de W. E. Retana. Madrid : [Imprenta de la Viuda de 
M. Minuesa de los Rios], 1898. Pp. xxxviii, 652, (3). Tables of authors 

and subjects. 80. 

Edidoo Imuted to 85 oopia (5 dt Imxi^ ooif 40 of wbich wen pot on tale. In addition 
one wai bound up for the cudior*t own u>^ in which are manuscript additiooa and notes. 
This is now the property of the Compafiia general de Tabacos de Filipinas, which pur- 
chased all the Retana collection. Describes 2,697 titles which are arranged chrono- 
logicaltj. The pr6logo (pp. T-zzifiii) owitains Taluable infonnatian conoenung his own 
ami other bibliograpUes of Fhilippina; and in regard to Taluable coUectians of Philip- 
pina. It is to be noted in yl*it fn^^twirttqn ^i^ the statement that there are no p ri p tf^ 
books in ArchiTo general de Indies is too sweeping. Those archives possess sereral of 
die rarer tides, among which is Abares de Abreu*s ExtraeU hutorid. On pp. zxiii- 
xcm is a list (rf iii newspapers that were published in the Philippines from 1811-1898. 
This work is carefully done and is of great use to the bibliographer and student. It 
contains few worics outside of Spanish and die languages of the Philippines. 

San Francisco Free Public Library: — Bulletin. Vol. iv. San Fran- 
Cisco: 1898. 

In no. 6 (JuneX pp. 68, 69^ is a short list of Philippine tides, mainly recent; dasstfird 
thus; Historical and descripdve; and the present insurrecdon and recent events. 

M. R. : — [An article rectifying the error of La Union Iherica (Manila)^ 
that Rizal did not write Mi ultimo adios; and stating that while in 
prison Rizal wrote his defense which he read at his trial.] 1899. 
In La Indapendtncia, January 4. 

JosBPHSONy Aksbl Gustav SoLOifON: — Bibliographies of the Philippine 
Islands. Bostoni The Boston Book Co.» 1899. Pp. 8. 80. 

No. 7 of BuUnin of BAliograpky PampUtU, Contains 43 numbers. Lacks definite 
ness, and is poor in arrangement, although it contains some informadon of Talue to the 
student. Ex t en si ve use hu been made of Retana. 

Rbtana y Gamboa, Wbncbslao Emiuo: — La imprenta en Filipinas. 
Adiciones y observaciones a La imprenta en Manila de D. J. T. Medi- 
na. Madrid: [Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1899.] 276 columns 
+ pp. (5). Index. Folder with 6 facsimile dtle-pages. 49, 

The title-page gives publication date as 1897, but the colophon says that the printing 
was finished May 11, 1899. The essential part of this work was first published in La 
PolUiea for 1 897-1898 (9.0., aUs). Edition limited to 206 copies, 6 copies being dSr lum. 
The contents of this hmk are as follows: establishment of printing in the Philippines; 
presses of the Dominicans, Ftanciscaos, Jesuits, seminaiy, and Augustinians; Filipino 
eograyers; many unpubliihed MSS.; binding; libraries containing Fhilippina; Jesuit 
inTcntoiy (f.v., post^ p. 93 ); list of titles, corrections, and additions (16-19 centuries); 
list of the Manila imprints described by Medina and Retana (in all 541 titles; see Medina^s 
Imprtnta tn ManUoy anttf p. 58, and pcstf p. 80). The corrections and additions to 
Medina*s work are given under »ii heads; of which I30 are titles not mentioned hy 
Medina. This is a very useful book, as much for the general bibliographical information 
it contains as for its Manila imprints. 

Salem Public Library: — Bulletin, vol. iv. Salem^ Mass,: The Salem 

Press Company, 1899. 

In no. 13 (September, 1898), pp. loi-iof are reading lists of the Philippine^ Caroline^ 
and Ladrone Islands (mainly tides in periodicab). 

MiDDLETON, Thomas Cooke, D.D., O. S. A. : — Some notes on the bibliog- 
raphy of the Philippines. Bulletin No. 4, of the Free Library of Phila- 
delphia. December, 1900. Pp. 58. Index. 80. 

Digitized by 



Tliit buttedn treats of the following matten: works of general information; autborities 
on FliiUppine dialects; some iiteraiy curios among Fliili|>pina; Philippine presses; and 
introdnctiQn of printing into the Philippines. The infosmation is drawn almost entirdj 
from Retana (mainlj from his CaUUogo). 

Nsw York Pubuc Library: — Works relating to the Philippine Islands 

in the New York Public Libraxy. New Tork: 1900. 

In BtJiaim, rcL if, pp. 14^29. This bibliography is classified under the heads of bibliog- 
rap^; maps; manuscripts; earij printed accounts; description and history; local 
docription and histoiy; war of 1898, etc.; literature^ etc; ethnology and i^dogy; 
economics^ soddogy, etc; the church; and magazine articles. All the MSS., and the 
greater part of the Suable books are located in the Lenox branch. The MSS. (13 in 
oomber) appear to be transcripts or duplicates from die Mulioz coUectian of MSS. in the 
Real Aodemia de la Historia, Madrid. 

Brosb, Maximiliam: — Litteraturverzeichnis uber die Philippinen. 1900- 


In Bfkrige nr Kdonudptikik umd KolonidwirUeki^ (Berlin, 1900-1901X iiy pp* 63* 
64, 95, 96, and 114-122. The third instalment contains a list of tides to maps (pp. iai» 
laa). The compiler is librarian of the Deutsche Eldonial Gesellschaft, of wUch this 
poblication is the organ. Many of the titles, all of which are comparatifely nxMlem, 
treat of scientific matters, and some are taken from periodical publications or the publica- 
tions of learned societies. Tjmitrd in its scope^ it pr e se n t s , howercr, some excellent 

Bbckbr, Georgb F. : — Report on the Geology of the Philippine Islands. 

In Twenty-first annual report of the U. S. Geol. Survey (Washington, 

1901), part iiiy pp. 487-614. 

On pp. 594^^5 is a Ust of books and papers that treat of Philippine geology. This is 
a useful and Tahuble list to the student, furnishing a good working biUiography. 

Rbtana y Gamboa, Wbncbslao Emilio: — Catalogo de obras filipinas 

que ofrece en venta W. £. Retana. Madrid i Qaudio Coello, [1902]. 

Pp. 160. 80. 

tinted at Barcelona: Imp. **£1 siglo xx.** In a letter to the Editors dated Feb. 11, 
1907; Retana says: **The CatSog§ d$lot librM qu9 ofnet gu venta W, B. Retana, without 
datc^ was published in 1901. As a matter of fact the books bdonged to the Compafifa 
de Tabaoos de Filipinas, and the company managed the sale, making use of my name 
to exploit it better. At that time (190a), I was governor of Tenid, and did not consider 
it prudent to date the pamphlet.** There are 906 titles. Such rare books as Acosta*s 
Traetado de las dregas ^ {Burgot, 1578), Aduarte*s Histeria (Manila, 1640; and 
Zarago^a, 1693), and Abares de Abreu^s Extracte histerial (Madrid, 1736) are found 

GRiFFiNy Applbton Prbmtiss Clark; and Philups, P. LBB^— Library 
of Congress. A list of books (with references to periodicals) on the 
Philippine Islands in the Library of Congress. . . . With chrono- 
logical list of maps in the Library of Congress by P. Lee Phillips. fFash- 
ingtoni Government Printing Office, 1903. Pp. zv, (i), 397. Indices. 40. 
The first part of the volume fills pp. 1-165. It contains titles actual^ in the library 
when the bibliography was made or titles already ordered of dealers (pp. 1-177, *i^^ 
23^431; many of them being goremment documents, but some of than the rarest of 
the worics on history); United Sutes Consylv Reports (pp. 178-180); articles in 
periodicals (pp. 181-236 and 233); MSS. (p. 227); and author and subject indices. The 
second part shows a list of 860 maps, diarts, and plans, ranging in date nom 1599 to 1897. 
The book titles are arranged by subject, and the list is of mat use to the student. It is 
highly praised by Retana in his Aparate hMiogrdfee (1906). Both the list of books and 
Aat of maps have been consuked frequently in the course of the present series. In one 
folome^ together with Dr. Pardo de TaTcra^s BAlieteea flipina (9.V., pest, p. 62), this 
was published fint as Senate Document no. 74, 2d session of the 57th Canfftet. 

Digitized by 



Llorens AsENSiOy Vicente: — La primera vuelu al mundo. Relacion 

documentada del viaje de Hernando de Magallanes y Juan Sebastian 

del Cano. — 1519-1522. Siwllai Imp. de la "Guia Comercial/' 1903. 

Pp. 179,(1). 160. 

On pp. 17-32 are preiented two origiiial documentt whose origmalt enit in Aiduvo 
general de IndLu: the fint, the memorial pretented to Ciriot I by Magalhiet and Falciio; 
the teoood, the agreement between the Spanish sovereigns and the above two men for the 
discovcrj of the spice islands. Several facsimiles of original signatures are given. The 
narrative of the author occup i es pp. 33-70^ and his annotations, pp. 71-^5. The most 
important part of the book is the citation of documents in the Aidiivo general de Indies 
with indication of those alread;f published (incomplete^ and presentation of some of those 
never before published (in all, ao8 titles, with dates 1493-1568X pp« 88-179. This list of 
titles includes those immediatdj connected with the first vojage proper, the bulls of Alex- 
ander VI, and those oonceming Tsrious matters that grew out of the concession bulls and 
the vojage. 

Pardo de Tavera, Dr. Trinidad Hipolito: — Biblioteca Filipina 6 sea 

catalogo razonado de todos los impresos, tanto insulares como ezcran- 

jeros, relatives a la historia» la etnografia, la linguisdca, la botanica, la 

fauna, la flora, la geolog^a, la hidrografia, la geografia, la legislacion, etc., 

de las Islas Filipinas, de Jolo y Marianas. Washinptm : Govemment 

Printing Office, 1903. Pp. 439. 40. 

Arranged alphabetically. Describes 2850 titles. Printed from the same plates as the 
edition bound with the bibliography of the Library of Congress. Contains a prSlog§ in 
Spanish. Many of the titles are annotated with critical notes and biographies of the 
authors. For some of the titles, location of copies is given. Retana (Aparato Mli§grdf€9f 
i, pp. vii, viii; iii, p. 1479) criticises this work harshly, seemingly with a great deal of per* 
sonal feeling. Pardo de Tavera*s pr6logo contains considerable important bibliographical 
information. It was the aim of the compiler to furnish a good working bibliography 
rather than one replete with minute descriptions that would appeal mote to the bibliophile. 
The author of this work is well known as a scholar and as a member of the Philippine 

Medina, Jose Toribio : — La imprenta en Manila desde sus ongenes 

hasta 1 8 10. Adiciones y ampliaciones. Santiago de Chile i Impreso 

y grabado en casa del autor, 1904. Pp. xi, 203. Index. 40. 

In this vol., Medina adds new nos. 411-565 (pp. 5-1 50X and adds (pp. 153-196) to the 
old numbers of his vol. of 1896 varioos data. Many biographical notes are appended to 
the various authors. The author acknowledges aid from Retana*s La impnutc tm FSf^ 
pimtu (Madrid, 1899). A scholariy work. 

Robertson, James Alexander: — Ayer collection of Philippina. New 

Tork: 1904. 

In the Neeiom for July 14, 1904; vol. 79, pp. 31-31. 
ViNDEL, P.: — Catalogo sistematico e ilustrado de la Biblioteca Filipina 

reunida y puesta en venta por P. Vindel. Madrid'. Calle del Prado, 

num. 9, 1904. Pp. 444. 80. 

This catalogue is vol. i of the Bibliattea fiipina, and vol. iT of Vindd's Cit^ogo (see 
pcsi, p. 63). It is divided into the classes oi large publications, jurisprudence and l^|is- 
lation, agriculture, industry, commerce, sciences, arts and letters, various matters, and 
politicaL This catalogue was in great part compfled by W.E. Retana (1800 titles), while 
others were furnished by the younger Barrantes, and Vindel himself furnished some of the 
matter. Vindd acquired all of Medina*s rare titles; many of those of the duque de T^Ser- 
daes; the entire collection of Barrantes; and odier collections (see Retana, Apwrof 
kV., iii, p. 1482). . On pp. 3 1-41 of the catalogue are facsimile headings of many Philippine 

Digitized by 



newtptpcn. Vindd^t pricei are in general ^ery hi^ and the Taluet p^en by him to 
mott of hit items are artificial. In a letter of Feb. 19, 1907, he sayi: **At present, I pos- 
sess in mj bookshop, more than 4,500 Filipino works; 2,727 are described in my cau- 
kgne no. 15 and 16, and are accompanied by numerous facsimiles. I have more than 
1,800 titles uncatalogued and never offered to anyone. These comprise linguistics and 
original unpublished MSS.** Vindd complains that the public wishes to purchase his 
books at too low prices. He charges 10 pesetas for these catalogues. 

GuFFiN, Applbton Prbntiss Clark.'— Library of Congress. List of 
works relating to the American occupation of the Philippine Islands 
1898-1903. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1905. Pp. 
100. 4<>. 

Reprinted from pp. 145-177, 183-226 of the List cf hoeh (1903X ^"^ <on^ additions to 
1903. The additions consist <^ the more important goremment documents and of articles 
publiahed after the issue of the original list. A short list of pros and cons on the subject 
of eipansion is gircn on pp. 91-93. 

Pb&bz, Angel, O. S. A.; and GusMBSy Cbcilio, O. S. A. >— Adtciones y 

oontinuacion de ''La imprenta en Manila" de D. J. T. Medina 6 rarezas 

J cariosidades bibliograficas filipinas de las bibliotecas de esta capital. 

Manila: Imprenta de Santos y Bernal, 1905. Pp. Ixvii, (i), 620, (i). 

Index. 8<>. 

PAres and Giiemes precede their bibliography with a reprint of the qMtome of La im* 
pmaa tm Manila of J. T. Medina, which appeared first in La Polkiea de EspaMa tn FUi- 
^iuaSf and was later published in pamphlet form at Madrid by Retana. To the 404 
numben of this epitome^ they add nos. 405-1316. Medina*s epitome includes the years 
1593-1810; Vim and Gdemes extend that period to 1840^ and in their appendix^ to Augus- 
tinian authors of the Philippines to the present time. They present much yaluable and 
int eres ti ng material to the bibliographer, and dte various MSS. eristing in their oonYent 
at Manila. In their long preliminary essay or introduction, they reriew in great measure 
the work of Medina and Retana. Sifting as far as possible, the eridence of Bcristain de 
Sousa, that the first book was printed in the Philippines in i c8i (the Aru y vocobulario dt 
U Umgua tagdOf by Juan de Quifiones, O. S. A.)^ iostead of the now generally accepted 
date oL 1593, they are inclined to beUere that it may haye a foundation on fact. In the 
oompilatian of thdr work, they used extensiTdy the libraries of the consents of the Recol- 
lects, Franriscans, and Dominiains, that of the university of Santo Tomis, that of the 
Jesuits, and that of Dr. Pardo de TaTcra. This, together with the work of Medina and 
Retana, offers a good survey of the Philippine press. Retana (Apare$§ hibl.), is severe on 
these authors and accuses them of not citing sources; but this assertion proceeds largely 
from persooal fcding. 

Umitbd Statbs Govbrnmbnt (Department of Commerce and Labor, 

Coast and Geodetic Survey): — Catalogue of charts, coast pilots, and 

tide tables. Workington: Govemment Printing Office, 1905. Pp. 

aoi. 4«. 

On pp. 149-189 are the titles to the Philippine charts, a number of which are reproduced. 
VmDBL, P.: — Catalogo sistematico e ilustrado de la biblioteca filipina. 
Madrid: 1905. Pp. 248. 80. 

This catalogue which is no. i6» and vol. v, gives only historical tides (nos. 2104-2727) . 
Several title-pages are reproduced in facsinule. Contains many important tities. See 

OKttj p. 62. 

Rbtana t GAMBOA9 Wbncbslao Emilio: — Bibliografia Rizalina. (Epi- 
tome.) Manila: 1906. 

In the Saturday supplement of El RmacimitntOf April 28, 1906. Includes 61 tities, 
which show a wide and varied field of interests. Both printed matter and MSS. are noted. 

Digitized by 



PoNCBy Mariano: — Bibliografia Rizalina. Manila: 1906. 

In tlie Saturday tuppleoieiits of El RmacsmigirtOf May 26, and June 2, 1906. Lidudet 
90 tidei, in great part of unpublished matter in the library of the author. Alio^ Pooce 
oorrecta certain of the titles in Retana^s bibliogiraphj of April a8, 1906. Poooe intends 
soon to publish a work on Rizal in which will appear some of the lateer*s unpubliahed 
matcriaL Among his MSS. are many letters and the diary of Rizal*s Toyage round the 
world, when he passed through America. This bibliography is a yaluable contribution to 

Lets, Eduaroo db: — [Letter regarding Rizal document which he pos- 
sesses; and correcting errors made by Ponce in El Renacimiento.] Zara- 
go%a: August, 1906. 

In B RfHaeimitniOf September 22, 1906. 

P0NCS9 Mariano: — £1 idolo del pueblo. Manila: 1906. 

In El RgnaeimumOf for Saturday, December 29^ 1906. This contains bibliographical 
notices in regard to the writings of Jos6 Rizal. 

RsTANA Y Gamboa, Wbncbslao Emilio ! — Aparato bibliografico de la 
historia general de Filipinas deducido de la coleccion que posee en Barce- 
lona la Compaiiia general de Tabacos de dichas islas. Madrid: Im- 
prenta de la Sucesora de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1906. 3 vols. I. Pp. 
XLV, xcvij, 463. II. Pp. (4), 465-1064. III. Pp. (4), 1065-1800, (3). 40. 

This is the most complete single bibliography erer published on printed Fhilippina. 
Vol i describes 458 titles, and includes the years ip4pi8oo; yol. ii, 1970 titles, ranging 
from 1801-1886; yd. iii, 2195 titles, ranging from 1887-1905. In his pr^pgff Retana 
gives much interesting and Taluable infbrmatian regarding the general subject of bibliogi. 
raphy of the Philippines, including names of notable collectors and bibliographers. Thie 
^d70g0 also contains in epitome the work of P^rez and Guemes (Manila, 1905); and a list 
of all the newspapers of the Philippines (182 in all). Following the prSl§go are five tables : 
1st, a dass uble; 2d, periodical publications; 3d, list of oriental languages; 4th, geo- 
graphical places ; 5th, names of persons. In vol. iii (nos. 4461-4623) is publuhed Retana*s 
Piri9ditm§f reEdited and enlarged. The edition ol this book is linuted to 262, 12 of 
which are large-paper copies. 

Unftbd States Government (Department of Commerce and Labor, 

Coast and Geodetic Survey) : — Catalogue of charts, sailing directions, 

and tide tables of the Philippine Islands. Manila: Bureau of Printing, 

1906. Pp. 17. Index. Map. 8°. 

Gives titles of 88 charts of the Philippines, some of them being general diaits, but 
most of them coast and harbor charts for specific localities. 

Robertson, James Alexander (translator and editor): — Magellan's 
voyage around the world, by Antonio Pigafetta. The original text of 
the Ambrosian MS. with English translation, notes, bibliography, and 
index. Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1906. 3 vols. 
Portraits and facsimiles of charts and plates. 80. 

The bibliography of Pigafetu MSS. and printed books is gi^en in "vol. ii, pp. 241-313. 

ViLLANUBVA, Furita: — Rizal y la mujer filipina. 1906. 

In La Dtmocraeia, January 8, 1907, where it is copied from El TitrnpOf of Ooilo, the 
date of writing being Dec 29, 1906. 

Santos, Epifanio de los: — Marcelo H. del Pilar Gatmitan. 1907. 

In yarious numbers of La Dtmoeracia, January, 1907. This contains Tarious titles by 
Pilar. Also published in Rmaehnitnto for Jan. 5, 7, and 8, from Plaridtlf a new weekly 
beginning Jan. i, 1907, at Malolos, Bulakan. 

Digitized by 



LsTBy EouARDo DB: — Nous para la bibliografia nacional, 1907. 

In B Rtmaehmimtt for June aS, 1907. In tbi* aiticlcy Lets oomctt Taxiout mattcn 
in xcgnd to tbe nnfipapcr La Midaridadf publkhed fint in Barcelona and later in Ma- 
drid. Among odur diinge ii oonridenble infonnation at to rnidngi of Riial, espedallj 
Bi Rgara to a pown. 

Rbtana y Gamboa, Wbncbslao EifiLio.' — Tercer centenario de la im- 

prenta filipina. 1907. 

In B Mtmac i m k mt lor September 10^ 1907. In tbi* aitide Retana adrancet tbe idea 
tot tne c eleb r a tion 01 tbe tbird annirersaiy of pnntmg from morable type in tbe Fbilip- 
i (1610); bat tbe naefolncn of the luggeMioBa are greatlj obtcuied by tbe writer*t 
i diqilaj of a iroga nt egotinn and bit compUinti of lack of reoogDition by tbe 

Digitized by 





Leon Pinblo, Antonio db : — Epitome de la biblioteca oriental i occi- 
dentaly nautica i geografica. . . . Madrid: luan Gonzalez, 1629. 
Pp. (88), 186, xij, (i). 4^. 

The author wu an official of the Council of the Indies. In hit work he giTet tttiet of 
both printed books and MSS., and although wanting at times in e x actness, and often 
omitting dates, his work is extremely useful. Efe was the first bibliographer to list Philip- 
pine titles. Tftuio yii (pp. 80-81) is devoted entirely to Mduccan and Philippine titles. 
Retana, who says that this is the first colonial bibliography ever published, gives {Apa^ 
rmo hiUiQgrdJKo, pp. 95, 96), Leon Pindo^s Philippine titles. Imprints of Macabebe 
and other rare titles before i6a8 are listed. See Retana*s dparato bibliogrdfko, i. 

Nicolas Antonio (see post)f copied Leon Pinelo*s book almost wholly. Job Ludolfo in 
his Commentaries to his Historia dt Etiopic included the titulo entire that treats of thote 
kingdoms.- Alonso Lasor de Varea (pseudonjrm of Rafael Savonarola) copied coosidcrable 
in his Orbi de la tUrra ddintado con las plumas de hs eseriteres, especially the geographical 
part. Rodriguez, the Trinitarian, in his BiUiotheea Veientina, Quetif and Echard 
(see poa\ Juan de San Antonio, O. S. P., (see poxt% also used the work, and it is praised 
by many authors. The vol. owes its origin to a private list of books concerning the Indies, 
asked of Leon Pindo by the duke of Medina de las Torres. See Barda, i, proemio. Tltt 
copy of this rare book eraminrd by us bdongs to the Boston Public library, and came 
ori^nally from the convent of San Joseph de Tacubaya, as a manuscript note by the 
librarian of the convent sutes. See posiy the second edition of this work, with addkioas 
and corrections by Gonxalez de Barda (Madrid, 1737, 1738). Ochoa, CatSoge rmnudie^ 
p. 8a, mentions a manuscript copy as existing in the BibUoth^ue Royalle of Paris. It was 
made about the end of the seventeenth century and consists oif 77 leaves, bound in parch- 

Alboambb, Phillip, S. J: — Bibliotheca tcriptorvm Societads legr. 

Afitwrpiai Apud loannem Mevniyniy 1643. Pp. (24), 586,(1). F^ 
Contains a few Philippine titles. 
Antonio, Nicolas: — Bibliotheca Hispana sive Hispanorvm, qvi wquam 

▼nqvamve sive Latina sive populari sive alia quavis lingua scripto ali- 

quid consignavenint notitia. Roma : £x officina Nicolai Angeli Tinassi, 

1672. 2 vols. Fo. 

Contains many Philippine tides, and is valuable to the student, although many titles are 
not exact. See Medina^s estimate of Antonio*s work {Imprenta en ManSoy p. Ixviii). 

RiBADBNBiRA, Petrus, S. J.; Albgambb, Philippus, S. J.; andSoTVBLLO, 

Nathanabl, S. J.: — Bibliotheca scriptonim Societatis lesv opvs inchoa- 

Digitized by 




tvm a R. P. . . . eiufdem societatis theologo, anno falutis 1602. 

Condnvanrm a R. P. . . . ex eadem societate, vfque ad annum 

1642. Recognitum, & productum ad annum iubilan M. DC. LXXV. 

A . . eiufdem societatis presbytero. . . . Roma: £x Typo- 

graphia lacobi Antonij de Lazzaris Varefij, 1676. 

In two foiio Yob.: the fint contaming the preUminaiy matter and the names of the 
Jenitt authors from A-I; and the second the balance of the authort, with Tarious lists, 
indices^ etc The second volume of the copy examined has no title-page, and the pagina- 
tion is cotttiniious, so that it was probably issued in ooeTolume^ and boimd into two merelj 
for oonvenieDce. Pp. zzrrjy 982, (2); id, i ending with p. 536. We examined the 
copy in Boston PubUc Library. 

K0NIO9 Gboro Matthias: — Bibliotheca vetus et nova. AitJorfi: Im- 
pensis WolfTgangi Mauritii & haeredum Johannis Andreae endterorum, 
Bibliopol Norimb. Typis Henrici Meyeri, Typographi Acad., 1678. 
Pp. (12), 888. Fo. 

Contains a few Philippine titles. Copy in Astor Library. 

QuBTiPy Jacques, O. P.; and Echard, Jacques, O. P.: — Scriptores 

ordinis predicatonim recensiti, notisque historicis et cridcis illustrati. 

Lutetsa Parisiorum: Apud J, B. Christophonim Ballard et 

Nicolaum Simart, 1719, 1721. 2 vols. Large folio. 

These volunies give some biographical and bibliographical notices concerning the Philip- 
pines. Medina Qmprtma wn MenUoj p. Ixxi) praises this work highly. Copy in Harrard 
Umrersity Library. 

Gonzalez db Baecia, Andres: — Epitome de la biblioteca oriental, y 

occidental, nautica, y geografica de Don Antonio de Leon Pinelo, 

Aiiadido, y enmendado nuevamente, en que se contienen los escritores 

de las Indias orientales, y occidentales .... Madrid \ £n la oficina 

de Francisco Martinez Abad, 1737, 1738. 3 vols. ?<>. 

Leoo Pinelo*s Bpaomt of 1629 (a.v., anti) serves as the basis for this work, but it is 
very greatly enlarged. Tftulo vii of toL ii is devoted entirely to Philippine and Moluccas 
htttoncal titles; and other sections of the work contain Iliilippine titles (among them 
MagalhSes and Pigafetta material). A most important work, not only for the study of the 
Philif^nnes, but for America, and other parts. The Lenox copy is a large paper copy 
and is in nrfflmr condition. See Medina, BM, 9tp,, pp. 394-396. 

San Joseph, Michaels de, Trinitarian: — Bibliographia critica, sacra 

et prophana. Matriti: ex typographia Antonii Marin, 1 740-1 742. 

4 vols. F®. 

These volumes contain some Philippine titles. This author has been used considerably 
by later bibliographers. 

Eguiara y Eguren, Juan Joseph de: — Bibliotheca Mexicana sive 

eruditorum historia virorum. Mexici: £x nova typographia in aedibus 

authoris editioni ejusdem bibliothecae destinata, 1755. Pp. (160), 543, 

(I). F«. 

Only one voL (A-C) was published. Contains a few Philippine titles, and in addition 
nwnrinns a few authors incidentally. 

Mbusel, Johann Georg: — Bibliotheca historica. Instnicta a b. Burcardo 

Gotdielf Struvio aucta a b. Christi. Gottlieb Bud^ro nunc vero a lonne 

Digitized by 



Georgio Meuselio ita digesta, amplificata ec emendatay ut paene noTum 

opus videri possit. Lipsiaei Apud heredes Weidmanni ec Reichium 

(changes in vol. iii, pait ii, to "Sumtu Librariae Weidmannianae"), 

1782-1804. II vols, in 22 parts. Index. 8^. 

A number of Fhilippine titles are dted. 

BuitB, GuiLLAUMB DB: — Catalogue des livres de la bibliotheque de feu 

M. le due de la Valliere. Paris: Chez Guillaume de Bure, fils aine, 

1783. First part. 3 vols. 8«. 

Tbe taJci catalogue of the tale of tbe collectioo which waa held in December, 1783. 
Some Pigafietta and Magaihies tillea are noted in toI. iii, no. 4537 being MS. 24134 of 
the BiUioth^ue Nadonale^ Paria, and in regard to which quite wrong oonduMona are 
drawn. Vol. t of the 2d part, sold under charge of Jean-Luc Nyon, Taht^ in December, 
1784, alao contains titles dut treat of the Philippines. This 2d part (in 6 toIs.) has the 
same tide but the imprint Farut Chez N7Q0, atn^ 1784. 

Antonio, Nicolas: — Bibliotheca hispana nova sive hispanorum scrip- 

torum qui ab anno MD. ad MDCLXXXIV. floruere notitia. Matritii 

apud Joachimum de Ibarra typographum regium, 1783 [sicy error for 

1788], 1788. 2 vols. Fo. 

This is the second edition, and has additions and correcttoos bj Antonio himself. The 
author was a knight of the Order of Santiago, a canon in the church, procurator general 
at the Roman papal court, and rofal oounsdor. He died in April, 1(^84. Tbe preface 
bears, date May 15, 1787. The book is written in Latin, and the authors* names are 
latinized, thon^ the dtles of their works are left in the language in ii^ch they were written. 
Both imprints and MSS. are dted in the Tolumes. Many tides of Philippina are dted. 
The arrangement is alphabetical by the first names. An important btUiographj. See 
the first ed., €OUtf p. 60. 

Diaz db Valderrama, Fbrnando: — Hijos de Sevilla ilustres en Sanddad, 

letras^ annas, artes, o dignidad. Dalos al publico colocados por orden 

alfabetico D. Fermin Arana de Varflora natural 7 vecino de dicha ciudad. 

[Sevilla]: En la imprenta de Vazquez, e Hidalgo, 1791. Pp. 108+97+ 

97+(i)+i24+(i). 4**. 

Contains a few Philippine titles. 
Alvarbz y Baena, Joseph Antonio: — Hijos de Madrid, ilustres en san- 
ridad, dignidadesy armas, ciencias y artes. Diccionario historico por el 
orden alfabetico de sus nombres. Madrid: en la oficina de D. Benito 
Cano, 1789-1791. 4 vols. 8<>. 

This work contains short biographical sketches of the illustrious natives of Madrid, in 
nUch is often bibliographical informatian. Some of the sketches are of those who went 
to the Philippines. 

Latassa y Ortin, Doctor Feux: — Biblioteca nueva de los escritores 

aragoneses que florecieron. Pamplona: en la oficina de Joaquin de 

Domingo, 1 798-1 802. 6 vols. 8<>. 

The author was an official in the cathedral church of Zaragoza, and a member of the 
Real Sodedad Aragooesa of that city, of wkadi he was a natife. He mentions the Arago- 
nese writers who went to the Philippines (all members of the religious orders)^ and names 
their productions, both printed books and MSS., as well as all others who wrote conGemxng 
the Philippines. The Ticknor collection of the Boston Public library contains a set of 
this rare work. It corers the dates 1500-1801. 

PiNTO DB S0U8A, Jo8^ Carlos: — Bibliotheca historica de Portugal, e seas 

Digitized by 



domiiiios ukramarinos. Lisboai Na typographia chalcographica, typo- 

plasdca, e litteraria do Arco do Cego, 1801. Pp. xiii, 408, 100. %<>. 

Soooe lew titlei txeidiig of Philippiiia are noted, at for instance Domingo de NaTamt8*t 
Traado kitUrke (Madr% 1676). 

Adblung, Johann Chustdph. — Mithridates oder allgemeine Sprachen- 

kunde mh dem Vater Unser als Sprach-probe in bey nahe funfhundert 

Sprachen und Mundaiten. Berlin: in der Vossichen Buchhandliing, 

1806-1817. 4 Yok. 80. 

Tbe fintToL (pp. 6oi"6i4) contains lingwitric titkt and tpfrimeni of tfaeUncoages of tbe 

Alcbdo, Antonio db: — Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogo de los autores 

que han escrito de la America en diferentes idiomas, y nodcia de su 

▼ida y patriae anos en que vivierouy i obras q^. escribieron. 1807. MS. 

in Lenox; Spanish-American collection. There are 468 leaves widi 6 

antog;raph letters to Alcedo. 4^. 

Tbe author held the militaiy title **mariscal de campo** and was governor of La Plata 
de la Comfia. This is his MS., as is attested by the Tsrioiis personal letters at the end 
that were sent him. On Iblio 468 is the following note bj Obadiah Ricl^ the bookscflcr; 
**Ilbimd this MS. at a bookstall during the fair at Madrid in 183a TvfmiyndlsdydkKx 
was the price asked for it. In 1845 1 gave it in eidisnge for books to M. Tcmauz Com- 
pans, and in this year 1848 bon^ it £rom him with all his Spanish Manuscripts. 15 
John Street, Gravesend. Maj 17, 1848. O. R.** A lew titles treat of the Philippines. 

Bbristain t Martin db Souza, Dr. Josb Mariano: — Biblioteca hispano- 
americana septentrional 6 catalogo y noticia de los literatos que 6 naddos, 
6 educados, 6 florecientes en la America Septentrional espanola han dado 
a luz algun escrito 6 lo han dexado preparado para la prensa. Mexico: 
Calle de Santo Domingo y esquina de Tacuba, 1816; and oficina de 
D. Alejandro Valdes, 1819-1821. 3 vols. Small folio. 

The first Tol. was published in i8i6y and the others in 1819 and 1821 lesp eOifdy. At 
Ae death of the author March 23, 1817, onlj 184 pp. of the first foL had been printed. 
The continuanoe of the publication is due to his nephew, Rafael Enriqucx TVespalados 
Beristain. This book contains some rare titles treating of the Philippines, as well as bso- 
g^aphical notices. It is an important work. See Medina*s estimate of this work (/m- 
fnrnia tn ManSa, pp. Izfiii, Inx). The copy owned bf Lenox branch of the N. Y. Public 
library is annotated by hand, and is accompanied by d» manuscript additions left by the 
author. See the ad edition, p^ p. 75. 

Habnbl, Gustav: — Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum que in bibliothe- 
OB Galliae, Helvetiae, Belgii, Britanniae M., Hispaniae, Lusitaniae, 
asservantur. Lipsiae: Sumdbus I. C. Hinrichs, 1830. Pp. lo, (2), 
and cols. 1238, and pp. (i). Index. 40. 

Cnnralns but few Philippine tides, and of no special importance^ so far as PhiUppina 

Rich, Obadiab (bookseller and collector) : — Catalogue of books relating 
principally to America. London: O. Rich, 1832. Pp. 129. 80. 

Contains PigafetU and Biagalhles material. Riches catalogues, especially the eaifier 
ones, are scarce^ and high prices ha^e been paid for them. 

Salta, Vicbntb; and son:— Catalogo de los libros antiguos o escasos, 

castdlanosy Portugueses, . . que se hallan de venta en la libreiia 

Digitized by 



espanola de los SS. D. . . . e hijo. Paris'. Imprenta de Bacque- 

nois, 1836. Pp. 120. 120. 

A few titlet are tfaote of rare PhilippiiuL Prices are quoted. See also other catalogiuei 
of Sahri and aoa, for tidea and prioet. 

Tbrnaux-Compans, Henri: — Biblioth^ue americabe ou catalogue des 

ouvrages reladft a I'Amerique qui out paru depuis sa decouverte jusqu^ 

I'aQ 1700. Paris; Aithus-Bertrand, libraire-editeur, libraire de la 

Sociec^ de geographie. 1837. Pp. yiii, 191. 80. 

Some few of the titles have matter pertaining to the Philippines. RetanA praises Ter- 
nauz-Compans highly. Medina (Impnma §h ManSa, p. Inx^ tajs that while some titles 
of great raritj are dted, others that haw no fiisrencif are given, and the utmost faith 
cannot be giren to TcnauZ'^Coinpans. 

Biblioth^ue asiadque ec africaine ou catalogue des ouvrages relati£i 
a TAsie et a TAfrique, qui ont paru depuis la decouverte de Fimprimerie 
jusqu'en 1700. Paris: chez Arthus Bertrand, 1841. Pp. 6, 279. 4^. 

Same. Deuxieme paitie. Paris: chez Arthus Bertrand^ [without 

date]. 49, Pp. 281-347 (being die condnuadon of the above). 

The titles are chrooologicalt and Fhilippina are numerous. As noted bj Retana, ^fordf* 
hAi^ this catalogue ronfaina errors in date and some other things. 

Payne, John Thomas; and Foss, Henry:— Grenvilliana; or biblio- 
graphical nodces of rare and curious books, forming part of the library of 
the right hon. Thomas Grenville. London : printed by William Nicol, 
Shakspeare press. Pall Mall, 1842. 2 vols. 80. 

A supplement under the same title, and called part ti, was published by the same authors 
in 1848 after the collection had been bequeathed to the British Museum, which was printed 
bj order of the trustees. Part iii (pttpand by W. B. Rje) was issued under the auspices 
of the Museum, in 1871. This last part contains a general index. A few titles of Phtlip- 
pina are found. 

Salva, Vicente (bookseller and collector): — Catalogue de livres anciens 
espagnols, et d'ouvrages modemes reladfs a Thistoire et a la litterature 
d'Elspagne. Paris: imprimerie de H. Foumier et €}^^, 1843. Pp. 128. 

Various titles of Fhilippina are listed, with prices, whidi are cireedingly low compared 
with those of today. For instance a Murillo Velarde is offered for ao francs; a San 
Augustin, for 24; and a San Antonio^ for 55. SalTi*s catalogues are rare. 

HiDALOO, D10NI810: — Boledn bibliografico espanol y estrangero. Ma- 
drid: 1843-1850. II vols. 80. 

Contains but few Philippine titles. This was continued later; see pnL 

OcHOA, Eugenic de: — Catalogo razonado de los manuscritos espanoles 
existentes en la biblioteca real de Paris seguido de un suplemento que 
condene los de las otras tres bibliotecas publicas (del arsenal, de Santa 
Genoveva y Mazarina). Paris: En la imprenta real, 1844. Pp. 
x,(2), 703. Index. 4**. 

Contains titles to a few MSS. treating of the Philippines. Tbe copy cramined by us 
was a gift to Alexander H. Efcrett, October 30^ 1844, and was presented to Harrard 
University library, by Ptof. Wm. Everett of Cambridge^ in 1859* 

Digitized by 



; — A catalogue of the library of die hon. East India Company. 
Lonioni Printed by J. & H. Cox, 1845. 

This ihcfwi a lew of the rare PhiUpptoc titles. 
/iliCBy Obadiah : — Bibliotheca Americana nova. Catalogue of books re- 
lating to America . . including voyages to the Pacific and round the 
woridy and collections of voyages and travels printed since the year 1700. 
Vol. II. 1801-1844.. London*, Rich and sons, 12, Red Lion Square, 
1846. Pp. (4), 412. Index. 80. 

Like the fint vol. (tee anu, p. 69X this contaiiis Pigafctta and Magalhles titles. 

Catalogue of a collection of manuscripts principally in Spanish, relat- 
ing to America, in the possession of O. Rich. LonJon: W. Bowden, 


See New York Public library BvUetms for 1900^ and for 1901. 
Fernandez de Navarrete, Martin: — Biblioteca maritima espanola. 
Madrid: Imprenta de la viuda de Calero, 1852. 2 vols. 8^. 

A posthumous and important work. The title>page proper reads 1851, but the cover 
page reads 185a. It contains many Philippine tides, both printed and manuscript. The 
audicr makes considerable use of Leon I^ndo. Fh>m his position as head of the hydro- 
graphic office^ Fernandez de Navarrete, who had also preriously served actively in the navy 
and had been commissioned a lieutenant, could easily acquire the materials for his work. 
By royal appointment, he was also commissioned from 1796-1806 to collect documents 
regarding the Spanish naval department. See post, p. 132, his celebrated collection of 

Backer^ Augustin, S. J.; and Backer, Alois de, S. J.:— Bibliotheque 
des ^rivains de la Compagnie de Jesus, oil notices bibliographiques^ 
10 de tous les ouvrages publies par les membres de la Compagnie de 
J^sus, depuis la fondadon jusqu'a nos jours; 2^ des apologies, des con-^ 
troverses religieuses, des cririques litteraires et scientifiques suscitees ^ 
leur sujet. Liigi: Imprimerie de L. Grandmont-Donders, 1853-1861. 
7 vols. 4®. 

Many of the titles, both printed and manuscript, treat of the Philippines. See pott, 
the second edition of this work. 

AsTOR Library: — Catalogue of books in the . . relating to the 
languages and literature of Asia, Africa, and the Oceanic Islands. 
Niw Torki Astor Library autographic press, 1854. Pp. (8), 124. 8^. 
This lists several Philippine titles. 

PsRENNBS, FRAN9018. — Dicdonnaire de bibliographie catholique. Paris: 

chez J.-P. Migne, 1858-1860. 4 vols, (index in vol. 4). 40. 

Akhottgh listing especially the productions of IVance, some titles of other countries are 
given, among them a very few Philippine titles. 

SiLVA, FRANasco DA. — Diccionario bibliographico portuguez. Lishoa: 
Impresa Nadonal, 1858-1862. 7 vols. 40. 

According to Retana (Vindel, iv, p. 287) the most important Portuguese bibliography 
known. Contains some Philippina printed in Lisbon, among which is some Blagalhles 

Supplemento. Lisboa: 1867-1870. 
These constitute vols, viii and is of the above. 

Digitized by 



Gkabssb, Jban Gbokgb ThIodoeb: — Tresor des livres rares et piecieuz 
ou nouveau dictioiinaire bibliog;rafique. Dresdei Rudolf Kiintze» 
Ubraiit Miteur; Gernvii libraiit H. Geoig; Milan*. Th. Laengner, 
Libraire (in vol. i, only; other vok. Londres: Dulau & Comp. Libr.); 
Paris: C. Reinwald, Libr. Comiss., 185S-1865. 7 vob. F«. 
Airanged in daronobgical order. Cwitaim mimerout PUHppine tidck 
Same. Supplement. [Same imprint.] 1869. 
Bkunbt, Jacqubs-Charlbs: — Manuel du libraire et de Tamateur de 
livres. Paris: Libraire de Firmin Didot Freres, Fils et C^^ 1860-1865. 
6 vols. 8^ 

This » the fifth edition, and it cntirelj reSdited and enlarged (the fint edition having 
been publiihed in 1810). Containt annotatiflna to tittea. Former editiona and their aup- 
plementa aa well aa the later editiooa, alao contain titlea of Fhilippina. A supplement 
to thia edition was published under the authorihip of P. Deachampa and G. Bninet in 1880 
in 2 vola. See Robcrtaon's Pigt^ma, n, pp. 278, 279, 280^ 305. 

HiDALGOy D10NI810; and Fernandez Hidalgo, Manuel: — Boletin 
bibliografico espanol. Madrid: 1860-1868. 9 vols. 40. 

Wdi Tol. iXf the latter name ia aubMituted for the first. fVom 1857-185% the former 
publiahed three Tolumes called El BiUi6grafo, wfaidi may be considered, he sajB» as the 
second series of the BoUiin. The above title may be considered as the third series. See 
Retana^s Aparato hAlioff^dfca, u, p. 677, and abofe^ Hidalgo, Dioniaio. 

Mendbz, Francisco; and Hidalgo, Dionisio: — Tipografla espaiiola. 

Madrid: Imp. de las Escuelas Has, 1861. Pp. xiv, 436. 4^. 

Cited bj Retana, Aparato hSUiogrdfco^ ii, p. 683. Hiia ia the aeoond edition. 

Zbnkbr, Juuus Theodore: — Bibliotheca orienalis. Manuel de biblio- 

graphie orientale. Lei/ntig: Guillaume Engelmann, 1846, 1861. 2 

▼ob. 8«. 

Vol. ii contains numerous Philippine titles, manj of wfaidi are h'nguisrir. 

Hidalgo, Dionisio: — Diccionario general de bibliografia espaiiola. 

Madrid: 1862-1881. 7 vols. 80. 

Contains some Philippine titles. The seifen vols, of this important btbliog^phy of 
Spaniah worka bear the following imprints and datea: L Imprenu de laa escuelaa pfaa, 
1862. n, m, IV, V. Imprenta de J. Limia j O. Urosa, 1867, 1869, 1870^ 1872, reapeo- 
txwdj. VL Imprenta de Moreno 7 Rojaa, 1879. VIL Imprenu j litog^vfla de I<a 
Odrnalda, 1881. 

Gallardo, BARTOLOifi Josfi: — Ensayo de una biblioteca espanola de libros 
raros 7 curiosos. Formados con los apuntamientos de Don . . co- 
ordinados 7 aumentados por D. M. R. Zarco del Valle 7 D. J. Sancho 
Ra7on. Madrid: Imprenta 7 esteriotipia de M. Rivadeneyra, 1863, 
1866. 2 vols. 80. 

Containa Tarioua titlea of Philippina. Vol. ii containa in appendix (pp. 179) an index 
of the MSS. in the Biblioteca Nadonal of Biadrid, in which are dted aercral Philippine 
MSS. Zarco dd Valle waa a Filipino. 

Caraton, Auguste, S. J..' — Bibliographie historique de la Compagnie de 
J&us oil catalogue des ouvrages reladfs a IHiistoire des Jesuites depuis 
leur origine jusqu'a nos jours. Paris: Auguste Durand; London: 
Barthes and Lowell; Leifng: A. Franck, 1864. Pp.viii,6i2. Index. 4^. 

Digitized by 



Tliii vofk » dinded into fire partt: i, works rdating to the general liiitafy of the Society 
of Jems, in chranological order; ii, the Ttriout awiifanriri or provinoet; iii, the mitsiont; 
hr, faiogrtphiei in alphabetical order; ▼, polemica. The Tolume containt tome Philippine. 

Baetlbtt, John Russell: — Bibliocheca Americana. A catalogue of 

books relating to North and South America in the library of John Carter 

Brown of Providence, R. I. Providence: [Riverside Press], 1865, 1866. 

2 vols. 80. 

Vol. i lifts booka published 1493-1600; vol. ii, i6oi-i7oa This coUectioot bo^ the 
ytiiy t ily of Brown Universitj, roitfsins some rare and Taluahle Magalhies and Pigafetta 
manerial, while the rare Morga and Leonarda de Argensola, and also a pamphlet bj Grau 
J Monfalcon, are found on its shelves, besides other Philippine. See Robertson^s Magd- 
Urn's voyage aroutid tkt werid, u, pp. 275, aSi, aS6^ 190^ 291. 

Ramusz, Brauuo Anton: — Diccionario de bibliografia agronomica. 
Madrid I Imprenta y estereodpia de M. Rivadeneyra. 1865. Pp. xviii, 
(2), 1015, (2). Index. 40. 
Notes a Teiy few Philippine titles. 
Harrissb, Henry r^ — Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. A description 
of works relating to America published between the years 1492 and 1551. 
New Torki Geo. P. Philes, Publisher, 1866. 8*. 

Contains Magalhies and Pigafetta material. See Robert8on*s PigafettOf ii, pp. 278, 279, 
Additions. Paris: Libraire Tross, 1872. 80. 

Conrains Magalhies and Pigafetta materiaL Known as second vol. of above. See 
Robertson^s PiieftttOf ii, pp. 260^ 264, 265, 307. 

Leclbrc, Charles: — Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue raisonn^ d'une 
tf^s-predeuse collection de livres andens et modemes sur I'Amerique 
et les Philippines. Paris: Maisonneuve & C^% 1867. Pp.vii,407. 8^. 
Hie titles are annotated, and some rare PhiUppina are listed. 

Sarin, Joseph: — Dictionary of books relating to America from its dis- 
covery to die present time. New Tork: Joseph Sabin; Philadelphia: 
John Campbell; London: N. Triibner & Co., 1867-1892 (the imprint 
varies, that of the last vol. being New Tork: Sabin, 1892). 20 vob. 8<>. 

Hue '■«^«»««f many Philippine tides, espedallj of Pigafetu and Biagalhlcs, and Dampier 
material, etc A continuation of the series vUdi is to be issued vs in charge of Mr. Wilber- 
force Eames, of the Lenox branch of the New York Public Library. 

Backer^ Augustin de, S. J.; Backer, Alois, S. J.; and Sommervogel, 

Charles, S. J.. — Bibliotheque des ecrivains de la Compagnie de Jesus 

oil notices bibliographiques i^ de tous les ouvrages publics par les mem- 

bres de la Compagnie de Jesus depuis la fondation de Tordre jusqu'a 

nos jours 2<> Des apologies, des controverses religieuses, des critiques 

litteraires et sdentifiques susdtees a leur sujet. Par Augustin de Backer, 

de la Compagnie de Jesus avec la collaboration d'Alois de Backer et de 

Charies Sommervogel de la meme Compagnie. Nouvelle edition refondue 

et oonsiderablement augmentee. Liege: Chez Tauteur A. de Backer; 

Paris: Chez Tauteur C. Sommervogel> 1869-1876. 3 vols. F^. 

See first ed., Mfv, p. 71; and pti^ Sommervogd^s edition of iS9a 

Digitized by 



List & Franckb (bpoksellers):— Catalogue de la riche bibliotheque de 

D. Jose Maria Andrade. Leifntig: List & Francke; znd Paris: Libraire 

Tross, 1869. Pp. ix, (3), 368. 99. 

Tha» collection, comitting of 4^4 titles (MSS. and printed books) was scheduled for 
sale at Leipzig, Jan. 18, 1869, and following dajs. Some of the titles include Philippina, 
among than some of the rarest. 

Pages, LioN: — Bibliographie japonaise ou catalogue des ouvrages reladfs 

au Japon qui ont ete publies depuis le xv® siecle jusqu'a nos jours. Paris : 

Benjamin Duprat, 1869. Pp. (4), 67, (i). Index. 4^. 

Contains a few Philippine titles, both of general chronicles and of shorter accounts. 
Medina^s criticism (Jmprttna en MohHo, p. hz) that this work contains serious defects, is 

: — Bibliotheca Mejicana. London: 1869. 

This is the catalogue for the sale of the library of Augustin Fisher, sold bj Puttick and 
Simpson, in London, June 1-9, 1869. It consists in great part of Mezican titles, but some 
of the rarest Philippina are listed, both historical and linguistic 

Salva y Mallen, Pedro: — Catalogo de la biblioteca de Salvi, escrito por 
. . , y enriquecido con la descripcion de otras muchas obras. Falen- 
cia: Imprenta de Ferrer de Orga, 1872. 2 vols. 8<>. 
Of distinct value to the bibliographer. 

Stevens, Henry:^ — Bibliotheca geographica & historica. London: 1872. 
Pp.361. 40. 

Contains a few Philippine titles. 

MuRiLLO, M.: — Boletin de la libreria. Madrid: Libreiia de M. Murillo, 
1874-1886. 14 vols. 80. 

Some Philippine tides are noted in this catalogue, but Tcry few, and of little importance. 

Gayangos, Pascual de: — Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Spanish 
language in the British Museum. London: 1875. 8<>. Edited by £• A. 

Leclerc, Charles: — Bibliotheca Americana. Histoire, geographic, voy- 
ages, archeologie et linguistique des deux Ameriques et des lies Philip- 
pines. Paris: Maisonneuve et C*®., 1878. Pp. xx, 737, (2). Index. 

Nos. 1996-2039 (pp. SH-Sa^X »i»a-"a6 (pp. 558,559), 2264-1269 (pp. 589-591), 2185- 
2386 (p. 622), 2418-2430 (pp. 632^4)^ and no. 2635 (p. 693X treat especial^ of Uie Philip- 
pines, Moluccas, and Marianas. Some of the tities are among the rarest. 

CoRDiER, Henri: — Dictionnaire bibliographique dts ouvrages relatifs a 

I'empire C^hinois. Paris: 1 878-1 885. 2 vols. F®. 

Many Philippine titles are listed. China, and other countries of the Asiatic mainland, 
were included in the Philippine religious provinces. 

Marcelling da Cfvezza, M. O., O. S. F.:— Saggio di bibliografia geo- 

grafica, storia etnografica sanfrancescana. Prato: Per Ranieri Guasti, 

1879. Pp. xiv, 608. Index. 80. 

Lists many MSS. and printed books treating of the Philippines. The author has made 
extensiTe use of Huerta^s Estado. Many of the titles on Oiina, Japan, the Moluccas, 
and nd^boring countries and islands will be found to contain matter 00 the Philippines. 

Digitized by 



WHiTNEYy James Lyman: — Catalogue of the Spanish Kbraiy and of the 
Portuguese books bequeathed by George Ticknor to the Boston Public 
Library. Boston: Printed by order of the trustees, 1879. Pp. xv, (i), 


A few Plufippuie titles are noted. 
C^RDiBRy Henri: — Bibliotheca sinica. Dictionnaire bibliographique des 
outrages reladfs a Tempire Chinois. Paris: Ernest Leroux, editeur, 
i88i» 188 J, 1^5* 2 yols.y and i vol. supplement. 49. 

Tbett volt, dte a number of Fbilippine tidea, among them a liat of Pigafetta and Maga^ 
OiSes material. In addition to the tides in Robertson's Pigafetta (Clevdand, 1906X is the 
following^ which is found in the collection Bdmioni it Viaggiatori (Venezia, 1841), ti, 
pp. 303-414: Viaggio momo U Mondo fatto t dtscritto ptr Antonio Pigafetta FicentinOf 
hutrmuto ei rtvertnSssimo gran Matstro di Rods messor FHippo di FUligrs do PI do- Adam; 
tradatio di lingua franeeu ntlla itdiana, 

PooLEy William Frederick, LL. D.; Fletcher, William I; and 
others: — Index to periodical literature. Boston: James R. Osgood 
and Q>mpanyy 1882. 4^. 

Thia is the 3d edition. Philippine tides are listed on p. 998. Subsequent supplements 
also contain Philippine tides as follows: The first supplement, from January i, 1881 
to January i, 1887; Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1888; 
by William I. Fletcher alone; on p. 338. The second supplement, from Januaiy i, 1887 
to January i, 1892; Boston and New York, 1893; on p. 329. The third supplement 
from January i, 1891 to December 31, 1896; Boston and New York, 1897; by William 
L Pletcher and Franklin O. Poole; on p. 438. The fourth supplement, from January i, 
1897 to January i, 1902; Boston and New York, 1903; by William I. Fletcher and Mary 
Poole; on pp. 443-446. Poolers Index to periodical literature. The first supplement to 
the abridged edition . . for the years 1900-04; Boston and New York, 1905; by 
IM^lliam I. Fletcher and Mary Poole; on pp. 177-179. 

Trubnbii& Co.:— "Catalogue of dictionaries and grammars of the principal 
languages and dialects of the world. London: Triibner & Co.» 1882. 
Pp. viii, 170. 8®. 

On pp. 120-122 are dted titles in Philippine languages. 

PlNART» Alphonsb-L.: — Catalogue de livres rares et precieux manuscrits 

et imprimes principalement sur I'Amerique et sur les langues du monde 

entier composant la bibliotheque de M. . . . Paris: V^ Adolphe 

Labitte, 1883. Pp. viii, 248. %^. 

Lists some rare Philippine titles both in history and linguistics, especially on pp. 206- 
208, among which are a copy of San Antonio and various linguistics. 

Bbustain y Martin db Souza, Dr. Josi Mariano: — Biblioteca hispano 

americana setentrional. Amecameca: Tipografia del Colegio Catolico, 

1883; Santiago de Chile: Imprenta elzeviriana, 1897. 4 vols. 8<>. 

The first three vols, form the 2d edition ol the above tide, and were published in 1SS3 
under the editorship ol Fortino Hip6lito Vera. The fourth vol. (which also contains a 
few tides of Philippina) was edited from one of three original MSS. by J. T. Medina in 
1S97. It had ncrer before been published. In it are the anonymous tides catalogued by 
Bcriatain, and the additions of Dr. Osores, and others. The first three Tob. contain f a&> 
simik tide-pages of the vols, of the first edition. In the Lenox branch of the New York 
Public library is cooserred one of the three original MSS. abo?e mentioned. See the 
first e d i t ioo, dMtf , p. 09- 

SoiaiBRvoGBL, Carlos, S. J.: — Bibliotheca Mariana de la Compagnie 

Digitized by 



Soumbrvogel; continued — 
de Jesus. Paris: Alphonse Picard, editeuTy libraire des archives nado- 
nales ec de la sodete de Tecole des chartes, 1884. Pp. 242, (i, containing 
colophon). 80. 

Thii book oonuiat a few dtlei that were printed in tlie Philippinei. 
Dicdonnaire des ouvrages anonymes ec pseudonymes publies par des 
religieux de la Compagnie de Jesus depuis sa fondadon jusqu'a nos jours. 
Paris: libraire de la Societe Bibliographique; BruxeUeset Geneve: Sodete 
generale de libraire catholique, 1884. 8^. 
Containt tome little matter relating to the Fhilippinet. 
BunsH Museum: — Catalogue of printed books. London: Printed by 

William Clowes and Sons, Limited, 1881-1900. ?<>. 
GarcIa Icazbalcbta» JoaquIn: — Bibliografia mezicana del siglo zvi. 
Mexico: 1886. ?<>. 

Hut Tolume presents a litt ol the booka printed in Merico 1539-1600; and containt 
hiograpfaiet of authon and other notes. It is praised highly by Menendez j Pelajo. Some 
of its titles refer to the Philippines. One is the TraetaJs of Andres de Aguto^ O. S. A., 
printed in 1573 and reprinted in Manila in 1606. It also lists the first book, which, ac- 
cording to Retana (Vindel, CaUBogOf iw, p. aSi) bears anj reference to the Philippines 
in its title. This is Rihcion hittorwia dt las extquias funeraies tk la Magutad dd Rmj 
Z>. PhUippo II. Nuestro Sefhr htekat p^r d Tribunai dd Santo Ofcio dela InquUkiw 
dtsta Nueoa EspaMa y sus prwohuias, y yslas Pkilipinas QAtsdoo, 1600). 

Pbtherick, Edward Augustus . — Catalogue of the York Gate Library. 
London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1886. Pp. cxxxii, 333, (3). 

Lists a few titles containing Philippine, such as Pigafetta and BiagalhSes material, 
collections of Tojages, etc 

F0RTE8CUB, G. K.: — A subject index of die modem works added to the 

library of the British Museum in the years 1880-1885. London: Printed 

by order of the trustees, 1886. Pp. (6), 1044. 4^ 

Philippine titles are found on p. 743. 

Same. In the years 1885-1890. London: Printed by order of die trus- 
tees, 1891. Pp. vi, 700. 80. 

Philippine titles are found on p. 523. 

Same. In the years 1891-1895. London : Printed by order of die trus- 
tees, 1897. Pp. vi, 901, (l). 8°. 

Philippine titles are found on pp. 563, 678, 679. 

Same. In the years 1901-1905. London: Printed by order of the 
trustees, 1906. Pp. iv, 1161. 80. 

Phih'ppine titles are found on pp. 878, 879. 
Matute y GavirIa, Justing r^ — Hijos de Sevilla seiialados en sanddad, 
letras, armas, artes 6 dignidad. Sevilla: £n la oficina de El Orden, 
1886, 1887. 2 vols. 80. 

A few Philippine titles are mentioned. 
Allbndb Salazar, AngIl: — Biblioteca del bascofilo. Madrid: Imprenta 
de M. Tello, 1887. Pp. 488. 40. 

Digitized by 



ThulntoftitleiiiurangedaipliabeticaUj. Cited bj Rctam, J^«io frA/^ iii, p. 1066. 
PiRBZ Pa8T0K» Cri8t6bal: — La imprenta en Toledo. Mairii: Im- 
pieota de M. Tello, 1887. 
Laats tome Philippine tides. 
BiBDiNAy J08B ToRiBio:— Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogo breve de 
mi colecdon de libnw. Santiago de Chile: Tipiis Authoris, 1888. Pp. 
vi, 478, (2). 

Conuiiis tome rare Fbilippine tides, among them Magalhles and Pigafetu matmai. 

: — Orientalische Bibliographie. Bearbeitet und herausgegeben 

. . mit Unterstiitzung der K. bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaf- 
ten, der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft und der American 
Oriental Society. Berlin: Reuther & Reichard, 1888-1902. 15 vols. 

Contains listi of cuncnt books on the Philippines. Beginning with rai, xit, the title 
dunges to **Oriental Bibliography/* Cited by Griffin, p. 5. 

Catauna GA&cfA, Juan: — Ensayo de una dpografia complutense. Ma- 

drid: 1889. 40. 
MartInbz ANfBAR&o Y RivES, Manubl. — Intento de un dicdonario bio- 

grafico y bibliografico de autores de la provinda de Burgos. Madrid: 

Imprenta y fundicion de Manuel Tello, 1889. Pp. 580, (3). 40. 
Calto Marcos, Manubl: — Catalogo de la biblioteca del congreso de los 

diputados. Madrid: Imprenta de los hijos de J. A. Garda, 1889. Pp. 

(8), 53S> (2)- Indices. 4*. 
Same. Apendice. Madrid: Imprenta, fundidon y fabrica de dntas 

de los hijos de J. A. Garda, 1893. Pp. (4), 299, (2). Indices. 40. 

Both these catalogues oootain Philippine titles under Tarious heads, but nothing especially 
rare and Tahiable. 

PiRBZ Pastor, Cristobal: — Bibliografia madrilena. (Siglo xvi). Ma- 
rid: Tip. de los Huerfanos, 1891. 40. 
Cited bj Retana, Aparaf hiU^ iii. 
PiCATosTB, Fbupb: — Apuntes para una biblioteca dentifica espaiiola del 
sig^oXVI. Madrid: 1891. 40. 

Cited bj Retana^ Aparato hAl^ iii, p. 1202. 
Hbrbdia, Ricardo (Condb db BBNAHAVIs)^— Catalogue de la biblio- 
dbeque de . . . Paris: 1891-1894. 4 vols. 49. 

The count of Bcnahavisy a weahhj resident of Malaga, bought the great ooUecdon 
g a thered bj Salri, urtiich he increased considerably. It contains many Riilippine tides. 
Tbe catak^ine was also published in a if luxe edition of 4 toIs. in folio (see Vindd^s Catd- 
lege, ir, nos. 1465^ I4<M> These tqIs. describe 8,304 works in all. 

SoMMBRVOGBL, Carlos, S. J.>— Bibliotheque de la Compagnie de Jesus. 

Premiere partie : Bibliographie par les Peres Augusdn et Aloys de Backer. 

Seconde paitie: Histoire par le P^re Auguste Carayon. Nouvelle edition 

par . . Strasbourgeois publiee par la province de Belgique. Brux' 

dies: Oscar Schepens; and Paris: Alphonse Picard, 1890-1900. 9 yols. 


Digitized by 


Hie last two Tolumet oontam tuppleincntary matter. Thii work gites biogrtphiei and 
mritiiigt of the Jetuitt. Of great uae to the Philippine student. Many rare Philippine 
tides, both printed and manuscript, are dted. 

PBRDiGUBROy Benito: — Catalogo de las obras existentes en la biblioteca 

del Museo-Biblioteca de Filipinas. Manila: Chofre y Comp., 1892. 

Pp. 137- 8^. 
ViNAZA, CoNDB DE LA: — Escritos de I08 Portugueses 7 Castellanos referentes 
a las lenguas de China 7 Japon. Lishoa: M. Gomes; Madrid', M. 
Murillo; Londres: B. Quaritch, 1892. Pp. 139, (i). 80. 

This paper or bibliographical study was presented at the tenth session of the Interaa- 
tional Congress of Orientalists. It is a carefully compiled book, and contains many 
Philippine titles. The edition was limited to 150 copies. The book was printed at **Imp 
prenta de La Dcrecha** in Zaragoza. 

MARXfNBZ Rbgubra, Lbopoldo: — Bibliog;rafia hidrologico-medica es- 
panola. Madrid: 1892-1897. 3 vols. 4^. 
Cited by Retana, Aparato bAl,, iii, p. 1 235. 
CoRDiER, Henri: — Bibliographie des ouvrages relatifs a lUe Formose. 

This is written as an introduction to Camille Imbault-Huart^s Vth Fornmf (Paris, 
i85^X being pp. zr-lzziii of that book. It contains several Philippine titles. 

Medina, Josi Toribio: — La imprenta en Mexico. Epitome (1539- 
1810). Pp. 291, (i). 160. 
A few Philippine titles sre noted. 

Vigil, Jose M. (director of the Biblioteca Nacional, Mexico): — Catalogos 
de la Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico. (Novena division; historia 7 
ciencias auxiliares). Mexico: Oficina tip. de la Secretaria de Fomento, 

1893. Pp.575. F°. 

This contains a number of Philippine titles. 
yCoLliNs, Victor: — Attempt at a catalogue of the librar7 of the late Prince 
Louis-Lucien Bonaparte. [London]: Henr7 Sotheran & Co., 1894. 
Pp. xi, (i), 718. 80. 

In this TaluaUe collection, which is now in the possession ol the Newberry Library at 
Chicago, are listed several Iliilippine tides. 

EscuDERO Y Perosso, Francisco: — Tipografia hispalense. Anales 
bibliograficos de la ciudad de Sevilla desde d establecimiento de la im- 
prenta hasta fines del siglo XVIII. Madrid: Establecimiento tipogra- 
fico "Sucesores de Rivadene7ra," 1894. Pp. xix, (i), 656, (3). 49. 
A few tides only treat of the Philippines. 
M1LL9 Hugh Robert: — Catalogue of the librar7 of the Ro7al Geographical 
Societ7. London: John Murra7, 1895. Pp. viii, 833. 8<>. 

This contains many tides to collections, etc, which have matter relating to the Philippines* 
Perez Pastor, Cristobal: — La imprenta en Medina del Campo. Madrid : 
"Sucesores de Riyadene7ra/' 1895. 40. 
Cited by Retana, Aparao frA/., iii, p. 1347. 
QuARTTCH, Bernard (bookseller): — Bibliotheca hispana. A catalogue of 

Digitized by 


books in Casdlian, Catalan, Portuguese or otherwise of Spanish interest. 
London: February^ 1895. Pp. xvii, 250. 49. 

CooUtnt many Philippine titlet in secdoo ▼!, Indias, Africa, Aiia, both hiitorical and 
linguiadc. Thii catalogue it intcreiting as showing the Talue of Fhilippina at ao late a pe- 
riod of the Spanish regime as 1895. These prices should be compared with those of the 
present day. Also see other catalogues (especiallj those since 1898X issued by Quaritch; 
and Robcrtaon^s Mag^wt, ii, pp. 280^ iSa, 283, 190^ 291, 292, 311. 

Wbnckstbrn, Fr. von: — A bibliography of the Japanese empire. Lei- 
den: E. J. Brill, 1895. Pp. xiv, 338, 67, (i). 80. 

At the end is a facsimile reprint of Leon Pag^s, BSUiopaphit JapoHoise. Many Philip- 
pine tides are given. 

: — Biblioteca publica Arus. Catalech general. Index per ordre 

de autors y per ordre de materias. Barcelona: Estampa la "Catalana" 

de J. Pttgyentos, 1895. Pp. m^ (2), 870. 4°. 

Contains only a few Philippine titles, most of which are modem. Cited by Retana» 
Aparato Uti^ iii, p. 1328. 

Baschin, Otto: — Bibliotheca geographica; herausgegeben von der 
Gesdlschaft fur Erdkunde zu Berlin. Berlin: W. H. Kuhl, 1895-. 11 
vols. (1895-1905). 8^ 

These contain Philippina as follows: i, pp. 301, 302, ii, pp. 229, 230^ m^ pp. 252, 253, itr, 
pp. 258, 259, ▼, pp. 258, 259, ri, pp. 262, 263, rii, pp. 274-276, riii, pp. 298-300^ ix, pp. 
3^ 310^ ^ PP* 343f 344f x>> P* 3i7* Many of the titles dted are periodical articles; and 
aQ consist of geographical material published since 1891. 

Marobkib, Emm. db: — Catalogue des bibliographies geologiques. 1896. 

Pp. XX. 733. 80. 

Cfinratns a few Philippine titles. This bibliography was not put on sale. 
ViNDBL, P. (bookseller) >—Catalogo de la librena de P. Vindel. Madrid; 

Libreria de P. Vindel. 1896-1903. 3 vols. 8<>. 

These Tolumcs treat of the following matter: I. America, Oceanica, and miscel- 
laneous. Nos. 688-818, 1323-1451, 1453-1546, 1849-2073, and 2493-2618 treat of Oceanica 
(mainly of the Philippines)^ and both MSS. and printed books are listed. Some titles 
listed under America treat also of the Philippines. Indei. n. 1901. Various nut- 
ters. Nos. 315-335, and 1 179-1379 treat of Oceanica (mainly of the Philippines), m. 
1903. Spanish works of the I2tb-i8th centuries. Nos. 2607-271 1 (consisting of printed 
matter and BiSS.) treat of Asia and Oceanica (otainly the Philippines), during the i6th- 
18th centuries. No. 2629 is the Ventura del Arco MSS. now in die Ayer CoUectioo {q.v,, 
p0tt, pp. 391-99)* Although Vindd^s prices are so high as to render almost prohibititre 
any purchases from him, his catalogues are well worth study by the bibliographer or 
student. Catalccue toIs. iv and t, we list under ^'Bibliographies** as they treat entirely of 
Philippine titles ^ee Avft, pp. 62, 63). 

Angulo, Andrbs: — Libros raros de historia, poesia, materia varia; Islas 

Filipinas, Gibraltar y variedades que se venden. Pertenecen a un grande 

de Espaiia. Madrid: January, 1897. Pp. 64. 12°. 

This is catalogue no. i, and was edited by P. Vindel who had acquired Angulo*s col- 
lectioo (see Retana*s Aparato hAl^ ui, no. 3962). No subsequent catalogues of this col- 
lectioo were published. Books on the Philippines and Japan are listed on pp. 34-53- 
Among them are noted copies of Gonzalez de Mendoza^s D^ istoria dttta China (Venetia, 
1586); Aduarte^s Historia (Manila, 1640); Sanu Cruz^s Historia (Zaragoza, 1693); 
Sa]azar*s Historia (Manila, 1742); CoUantes^s Historia (Manila, 1781); San Agustin^s 
Comquistas (Madrid, 1698); Murillo Vdarde^s Historia (Manila, 1749). ^ ^"^^ ^^ ^' 
outride of thie back corer-page announces the speedy appearance of catalogue no. 2, which 
is to consist of books of the fifteenth and siiteenth centuries (only unique or very rare 

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BiBLiOTHBQUE NATIONALS. — Catalogue g^n^ral des livres imprimes de 
la Bibliotheque Nationale. Auteurs. Paris i Imprimerie Nationale, 

1897.. 80. 

To date 22 toIs. hive been published. In this catalogue are listed manj Philippine 
dtlet of the Biblioth^ue Nationale. 

Cleveland Public Libh/oiy: — Cumaladve index to a selected list of peri- 

odicak. ClivelanJ: 1897-1899. 4 vols. 4^. 

Philippine titles are listed as follows: for 1896, on p. 266; for 1897, on p. 435; for 1898, 
on pp. 532-534; for 1899, on pp. 261-264 (diis toI. being publi^ied bj tfaie CumulatiTe 
Index Co.). This was later consolidated with the Rutdtrs' Guid* to Pmcdkal Lktramn 

HiERSBMANN, Karl W.: — Bibliotheca Americana. Elatalog. Lei/nug: 


Consists of catalogue nos. i79-i82» in which are listed Taiious Philippine titles. See 
also other catalogues (especially since 1898) in which are listed many Philippine titles. See 
catalogue no. 327, entitled ^A choice collection of books, pamphlets, manuscripCSy and 
pcriodicab on North-, Central-, and South-America, the West Indies, Philippine Islands, 
Moluccas. Leipzig, 1906.** This is a catalogue of 234 pages, and the Philippine and Molu^ 
cas material is contained on pp. 139-147. There iM also considerable Philippine material in 
the appendix on pp. 199-234, in the great Toumon collection of MSS. 

SxBiNy Henri: — Manuel de bibliographie generate. Paris: Alphonse 

Picard et fib, 1897. Pp. xx, 895. Index. 80. 

In great part a bibliography of bibliographies. A few Philippine titles are givoiy but tiie 
work is meager in this respect. 

: — Catalogo extractado del indice de la biblioteca del ministerio 

de ultramar para uso de los funcionarios de dicho depaitamento, 1897. 
MaJrid: Hijos de J. A. Garda, 1897. Pp. 364. 80. 

Retana (Jparaio b&l,, iii, p. 1378) says that there are scarcely any useful titles in tUs 

Medina, Jose Toribio: — See Beristain 7 Martin de Souza, Dr. Jose 

Mariano, whose vol. iv Medina published in 1897. 

Biblioteca hispano-chilena. Santiago de Chile: Impreso y grabado 

en casa del autor, 1897-1899. 3 vols. 4<>. 

Vol. i contains BiagalhSes and Pigafetu materiaL 

UNmsD States: — Catalogue of United States public documents. Wash'- 

ington: Government Prindng Office, 1898. 

Hie catalogue for September (pp. 541-545) consists in great part oi titles to Philippine 
charts. Many of these monthly catalogues contain Philippine titles, all, of course, issued 
by the Tsrious departmenu under the government. 

Medina, Jose Toribio: — Biblioteca hispano-americano (1493-1810). 
Santiago de Chile: Impreso y grabado en casa del autor, 1898-1902. 
6 vols. 40. 

This publication lists Magalhies and Pigafetta materiaL 
: — Le Bibliophile Americain: Catalogue de livres, cartes et docu- 
ments reladfs a I'Europe, Asie, Afrique, Amerique, Oceanic. Bulletin 
trimestriel, nos. 22-29. Paris: Ch. Chadenat, 1898-1902. 8 nos. 80. 
Contains separate lists on the Philippines. Cited by Griffin, p. 3. 

Digitized by 


Catalina GARcfAy Juan: — Biblioteca de escritores de la proTincia de 
Guadalajara y bibliografia de la rnisma hasta d siglo XIX. MadrUi 
Est. dpografico '^Sucesores de Rivadeneyniy'' 1899. Pp. xii» 799, (3). 

Cmtfaim a lew Fhitippoie titles. 

CoTGnsAYEy A.: — A contents-subject index to general and periodical 

literature. London: Elliot Stock, 1900. Pp. xii, 743, (l). 

A lew Fhilippme tidet are lilted on p. 473. 

Gkiffin, Applbton Prentiss Clark: — List of books (with references 

to periodicals) relating to the theory of colonization, government of 

dependencies, protectorates, and related topics. Washington', Goyem- 

ment Printing Office, 1900. Pp. vi, 131. 80. 

Many of the titlea (both booka and periodicals) treat of the Philippines. A second 
editioo of this work was published also in 1900^ of pp. ti, 156, which contains additiooa 
to the above. This is also publisfaed in O. P. Austin^s CcImuJ admintsiraioH 1800-igoo 
(bom Summary tf comment and fnaatt of Hu U. S. for March, 1903). 

MusBO-BiBUOTBCA DE Ultramar: — Cat£logo de la biblioteca. Madrid i 
Sucesora de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1900. Pp. xii, 350. 4<>. 

This oontaina many Philippine tides, among which are those fonnerij owned by Pascual 
de Oayangos. Many of these are Toy rare and yahiaUe. 

NijHOFP, Martinus: — Livres anciens et modemes en vente aux priz 

marques chez . . Americana. lies Philippines. (No. 298.) La 

Haye: Martinus Nijhoff, 1900. Pp. 132. 80. 

Tbe Philippine titles are gifcn on pp. 124^131. Very few of the rarer works are listed 
(favt see other catalogues issued by Nijhoff). 

EiIas de Mouns, Antonio: — Ensayo de una bibliografia literaria de 

Espana y America. Barcelona: Imprenta de M. Marfany, [1901]. 

Pp. (8), 166, (i). 4^. • 

There are but few Philippine titles, and the book mnrains many errors. Cited by 
Retana, Aparato bAl,, in, p. 1465. 

Fletcher, William I: — The ''A. L. A." Index. An index to general 

literature. Boston and Niw fork: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 

1901. Pp. iv, 679. 40. 

Thiaistheseoonded.brou^downto Jan. 1, 1900. Philippine titles are listed on p. 447. 
Gritfin, Applbton Prentiss Clark: — A list of books (with references to 

periodicals) of Samoa and Guam. Washington: Government Printing 

Office, 1901. Pp. 54. 40. 

Pp. 45-54 list Guam titles (pp. 53, 54 being periodical articles on Guam and the Ma- 
rianas). A note at the b^;inning states that the lists were prepared by request of the chairs 
man of the senate committee on Pacific Islands and Porto Rico, fifty copies of ^diich were 
ordered printed for the use of the committee. 

Fletcher, William I.; and Bowker, R. R.: — Annual literary index. 

New Tork: Office of the Publishers* Weekly^ 1903-1907. 5 vols. 4«. 

There cover the years 1902-1906, each toI. corering one year. Philippine titles are 
Ksted as foUowB: for 1902, pp. 103, 104; for 1903, pp. 104, 105; for 1904, pp. 109, no; 
*« «905» PP- *>3» H>» H»; f<» >9o^ P- a3«- 

Digitized by 


Polk, Mary: — Bibliography. Manila: Bureau of public printing, 1903. 

Pp. 221-341 of BuUtiin no. 5 ol the publkatiom of the biological laboratory of the De- 
partment of the Interior: Bureau of government laboratories. Compiled and edited for 
the monograph ^^TVjpanotoma and trjrpanoaomiaaia, with ipedal reference to turra in the 
Philippine Islands** hj W. E. Musgratep M. D., and Moses T. Clegg, both of the bio- 
logical laboratory. A few titles treat espedaliy of the Philippines. The titles listed 
range from 1841-1903, and are strictly scientifir, and many of them published in periodicals . 

: — Lista alfabedca 7 por materias de las papeletas que para la 

redaction de un catalogo se encontraron en la biblioteca del Excmo. 

Seiior D. Antonio Canovas del Castillo. Madrid: Imprenta de Julian 

Espinosa 7 Antonio Lamos, 1903. 8^. 
Uriarte, J. EuoBNio DB, S. J.: — Catalogo razonado de obras anonimas 

7 seudonimas de autores de la Compania de Jesus pertenedentes a la 

andgua asistencia espaiiola. Madrid: Establedmiento tipografico ''Su- 

cesores de RivadeneTra/' 1904-1905. 2 vob. 40. 

Many of the titles are of Philippina (see also the list of authorities, i, pp. xri-miii). 
CoRDiER, Henri:— Bibliotheca sinica. Deuxieme edition, revue, corrigee 

et considerablement augroentee. Paris: Libraire orientale & americaine, 

1904-1905. 2 vols. 40. 
Guthrie, Anna Lorraine. — Readers' guide to periodical literature. 

Minneapolis: The H. W. Wilson Coinpan7, 1905. Pp. ix, (3), 1640. 

Philippine titles are giTen on pp. 1113-1117. The Cumttlatht indtx was consolidated 
with this index under the above name. See later vols, for Philippine titles. 

Phillips, P. Lee (chief of division of maps and charts, Librar7 of Con- 
gress): — Noteworth7 accessions (inclusive of atlases and maps) 1904-5 
[in the Librar7 of Congress]. 1905. 

In Stport tf the librarum tf Cmgrwf . . for tkt fscd ytar ending Juno $0, tgos 
(Waahington, im), pp. 18^111. Pp. 193, 194 list 11 manuscript maps and charts oif 
portions of die Philippines. These formed a part of the collection of Richard Howe, 
1st Earl Howe (1716-1799). Since the publication of this repoct, other manuscript maps 
have been added to the Library. 

Polk, Mary: — A catalogue of the librar7 of the bureau of government 

laboratories. Manila: Bureau of public printing, 1905. 

In no. 11, Department of the Interior: Bureau of goTemment laboratories* pp. 39-319* 
Index. Plates. The author is librarian of the collection described. Many titles of 
Philippina, for the most part scientific, are listed. Tliis is a good working collection. 

UNrrsD States Hydrooraphic Office: — Catalogue of charts, plans, 
sailing directions, and other publications of the United States H7dro- 
graphic Office. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1905. Pp. 
140. Fo. 

New York Public Library: — List of books relating to Japan. New 
Tork: 1906. 

In Bullttatf Tol. t, pp. 383^13, 439-477- Various Philippine titles are dted. 

Cole, George Watson: — A catalogue of books relating to the discover7 
and earty histor7 of North and South America forming a part of the 

Digitized by 


library of £. D. Church. New Tork: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1907. 

Only the first ▼olume of this magnificent work vridch. is to be completed in five vols., 

is as jet pobUshed. Magalhies and Pigafctta titles are listed. On p. 124 is described 

a cop7 ot Maiimilianus TransTivanus^s Dt Meluccis Insuiii (Parhisijs» 1523)9 which it 

is sttd has never before been described. 

Digitized by 



Fernandez, Alonso, O. P.: — Historia de los insignes milagros que la 

magestad divina ha obrado por el rosario de la virgen soberana, su madre, 

desde el dempo de Santo Domingo hasta 1612. Madrid: Alonso Martin 

de Balboa, 1613. Pp. (8), 220, (12). 40. 

CoDtaiss notes oq booki in the Tagilog and Cfainete languages printed in the Philip* 
pines. A second edition was published in Valladolid in 1614. What purports to be a 
third edition, but which was in reality a new book twice the sise of the first two editions, 
was published at Madrid in 1610. Tliis contains bibliographical notes not in the above 
two editions. The so-called fourth edition was published at Madrid in 1627, and the so- 
called fifth and last edition at the Collie of Santo Thomas de Alcala, in 1653. All dted 
hj Vindely CatdlogOy ▼, pp. 38-42. 

Remesal, Antonio de, O. P.: — Historia de la provincia de S. Vincente de 
Chyapa y Guatemala de la orden de nfo glorioso padre Sancto Domingo. 
Madrid: Francisco de Angulo, 1619. Pp. (4), 784. Index. F®. 

Pp. 672*6^ treating of the Philippine Islands and other parts of the Orient, contain soom 
little bibliographical information. Copy owned bj Astor Library. 

Medina, Balthassar de, O. S. F.: — Chronica de la santa provincia deSan 
Diego de Mexico, de religiosos descalzos de N. S. P. S. Francisco en la 
Nueva-Espana. Mexico: Por Juan de Ribera, 1682. Fol. (23), 259, 
(10). Fo. 

Contains some slight bibliographical information on the Philippines. 
MuRiLLO Velarde, Pedro, S. J.: — Historia de la provincia de Philipinas 
de la Compaiiia de Jesus. Segunda parte, que comprehende los pro- 
gresos de esta provincia desde el ano de 17 16. Manila: Imprenta de la 
Compaiiia de lefus, por D. Nicolas de la Cruz Bagay, 1749. Fol. (13), 
419, (6). Folding map. Indices. Engraved frontispiece. Bound in 
parchment. Rice paper. F<>. 

There is considerable bibliographical information contained in the lives of the various 
Jesuits; and this author is cited frequently by Sommerrogd in his BiUietk^ue. The 
map is the first detailed chart of the Philippines published. It was engraved in 1744 by 
the native Filipino Nicolas de la Cruz Bagay, although the first engraving (published 
separately) seems to have been in 1734. It is even yet esteemed a good map. Besides 
using this author widely for annotation, we have made special use of his vrark as follows: 
** Description of the natives of Filipinas.** Vol. xl, pp. 284-186, note 331. *^ Comments 
on San Agustin^s letter.** Ca^ 1730. Subjoined to copies of San Agustin^s famous letter, 

Digitized by 


being sections 102, 103 thereof. Vol. zl, pp. 280-383. ^Jesuit missions in the seven- 
teenth centuiy;** references to folios from which trsnsiations are made fuUj given in the 
extracts. Vol. xuv, pp. 37-1 19. Copies are found in the following libraries and collec- 
tions: Jesuit Library (Manila); R. A. de la H. (Madrid); M. B. de U. (Madrid); B. R. 
^adrid); C. G. de T. de F.; Biblioteca provincial (Toledo); Eduardo Navaxro^ O. S. A. 
(Valladolid); B. N. (Paris); B. M. (London); East India Company; B. P. (Boston); 
Massachusetts Historical Society (Boston; presented by Rev. Wm. Beitley, of Salem, the 
head port for East Lidia sea captains); Library Company of Philadelphia (Ridgway 
branch); American Philosophical Socwty (Philadelphia; lacks map); Ayer. Murillo 
Velarde is also the author of Geographia hiidriaL, the ei^th vol. of which treats in part 
of the Philippines (see Griffin^s Listy p. 50). 

Boucher db la Richarderie, Gilles: — Bibliotheque universelle des 
vojrages. Paris'. Chez Treuttd ct Wurtz, Strassbourg, 1808. 6 vols, 
bound in 3. 

These vols, contain some few Philippine titles. 

Diaz Arenas, Rafael: — Memorias historicas y estadisticas de Filipi- 

nas y particulannente de la grande isia de Luzon. [Manila]; Imprenta 

del Diario de Manila, 1850. Pp. (567). Folded sheets. 40. 

Consists of 17 unpaged monographs. Monograph i is entitled: ^Una notida drcon- 
stanciada de las muchas obras, que se ban impreso y publicado sobre Filipinas, en diversos 
tiempos por autores nadonales y extrangeros, asi como de los manuscritos y otros trabajos 
que se hallan in^tos en poder de particulares, 6 en los archivos.** Contains some good 
points in regard to both printed books and MSS., although most inadequate. See the 
Library of Congress BMiography, p. 125, in regard to this book. 

CoiMEiRO, Miguel: — La botanica y los botanicos de la peninsula Hispano- 
Lusitana. Estudios bibliograficos y biograficos. Madrid: M. Rivade- 
neyra, 1858. Pp. xii, 216. 

Contains some few references to the Philippines. 

Camo, Caspar, O. S. A.: — Catalogo de los religiosos de N. P. S. Agusdn 

de la piovincia del Smo. Nombre de Jesus de Filipinas desde su estable- 

cimiento en estas islas hasta nuestros dias, con algunos datos biograficos 

de los mismos. Manila: Imp. de Ramirez y Giraudier, 1864. Pp. 336 


The various missionaries are arranged according to the bands in which they came. 
Much bibliographical information is given. Hiis work was later used by Pdrez in his 

HuERTA, Felix de, O. S. F. .' — Estado geogrifico, topografico, estadistico, 
historico-religioso, de la santa y apostolica provincia de S. Gregorio 
Magno de religiosos menores descalzos de la regular y mas estrecha ob- 
servancia de N. S. P. S. Francisco, en las Islas Filipinas. Binonio : Im- 
prenta de M. Sanchez y C.*, 1865. Pp. 613, (2). 8®. 

On pp- 369-418, is a ''list of the holy and venerable martyn,the sons of this apostolic prov- 
ince of San Gregorio, with notice of those who have died in prisons, at the hands of here- 
tics, and other infidels, by violence, or as the result of ill treatment, and for charity; ** 
on pp. 419-439, ''list dF the sons of this province of San Gregorio who have been favored 
with miters and other honorable titles;** on pp. 440-491, "chronological list of ail the 
prelates who have governed this holy and apostolic province of San Gregorio Magno of 
Filipinas, from its foundation to our days;** on pp. 491-550^ "Bibliotheca of authors, the 
sons of this province of San Gregorio.** In each are many Philippine titles, which while 
lacking in detail and definiteness are of value. The author was preacher, lector of sacred 
theology, synodal naminff of the archbishopric of Manila, and minister at the leper 

Digitized by 


Stanley, Henry E. J. (trans, and ed.)>— The Philippine Islands, Moluc- 
cas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan, and China, at the close of the sixteenth cen- 
tucy. By Antonio de Morga. Translated from the Spanish, with notes 
and a preface, and a letter from Luis Vaez de Torres, describing his voyage 
through the Torres Straits. London: Printed for the Hakluyt Society, 
1868. Pp. xxiv, (2), 431. Index. S^. 
Pp. i-fi oontaiii bibliographical matter. 

[Barrantes, Vicente] : — Apuntes interesantes sobre las Islas Filipinas que 

pueden ser utiles para hacer las reformas convenientes y productivas 

para el pais y para la nadon. Escritos por un espaiiol de larga esperien- 

da en el pais y amante del progreso. Madrid: Imprenta de El Pueblo^ 

1869 (title on cover reads 1870). Pp. 281. 80. 

Rer. T. C. BCiddleton, O. S. A., says diat Rev. Caanmo Herrero, O. S. A., btthop of 
Nuera Cicoo, aided Bamntei greatly in diis work. Appendix ir (pp. 253-256) is en- 
titled in tbe index ^Eacritoret que ban produddo los oonventos de Filipinas.** Thu is 
laudatorj of tbe work of tbe friar in literary lines. Pardo de Tavera, BAI. fl^ p. 28, no. 
91, says that the work bas no valuer and was written to defend tbe religious oonununities. 

Fbkrando, Juan, O. P.; and Fonseca, Joaquin, O. P.>— Historia de los 

PP. Dominicos en las Islas Filipinas y en sus Misiones del Japon, China, 

Tung-Kin y Formosa. Madrid: Imprenta y estereotipia de M. Riva- 

deneyra, 1870. 6 vols. 8®. 

Retana {Aparof bM^ ii, p. 766) says that this is one of tbe best works for tbe study of 
Philippine bibliography. It contains many references to Philippine tides, and many ex- 
tracts and old documents, etc We have used it eztensiYely in the annotation of our series. 
As first written by Faraiido, it contained the Dominican history of tbe Philippines until 
1840. His unpublished work was reSdtted by Fonseca, who added an appendix bringing 
the work down to date. 

Fernandez de Castro, Manuel: — Notas para un estudio bihliografico 
sobre los origenes y estado actual del mapa geologico de Espana. Ma- 
drid: Imprenta y fundicion de Manuel Tello, 1874. Pp. viii, 164. In- 
dices. 8®. 

Hiere are Tarious references to Philippine ritles (see pp. 47, 78, 90, 98, 1 10^ 129, 130^ 
138, 142, 143). Tbe author was inspector^general of the corps of mining engineen, and 
director of the Comision del mapa geotdgioo. TUs book is reprinted from tbe Bmihtin 
of the Comision del mapa geot6gico de E^pafia. 

Mallada, Lucas: — Sinopsis de las especies fosiles que se han encontrado 
en Espana (i^ parte). Madrid: 1875. 

In Bcletm de la CvmisiSn del mapa geol6gieo de EtpaHa, li-xviiL The introduction 
(ii, pp. 1-12) gives a bibliographical review of puUicatians relating to the palsontoiogj 
of Spain, 1754-1874, which mntains r e fe rence s to the Philippines. Cited by Josephson, 
and index of periodical. There are many articles on the Philippines in tiiis periodical. 

Del-Pan, Felipe : — [Lists of Philippine titles.] 

Published in Rnisia de FSipinas, a Manila newspaper, of which Del-Pan was the founder 
and director, and which was published from July i, 1875 ^ J"''^ 1^77* Rotana calls 
tiiis tbe best newspaper of the Philippines because of its scientific Talue (Vindel*s Caidloge, 
iv, no. 221}. Del-Pan*s bibliographical work, Retana {CaMogo, pp. rii, riii; and A para- 
to bibl^ i, p. iii) criticises hanhly, bowerer, saying that not a sin^e title is stated definitely, 
and that it is poor in items; although some of the comments are good. Viewed from the 
standpoint of use^ and not merely of exact bibliography, it is to be feared that Retana^s 
obserTations, as is sooften the case^ are too sweeping. 

Digitized by 


Feenandez de Castro, Manuel: — Nocicia del esudo en que se hallan 
los trabajos del mapa geologico de Espaiia en !<> de Julio de 1874. Madrid : 

In Baittin de la ComitiSn dd mafia geol6gk9 de EsfiaHOf m, pp. 1-89. Indudet refer- 
ences to the Philippinet. Cited hj Jotepheon and Margerie. The same author alto 
pabiiahed in the tame periodical, i, pp. I7-I53> and 309-320^ *^Notas para un ettudio 
bibEogriiico tobre Ice origenes 7 estado actual del mapa geoldgioo de Etpafia,** which 
maj perhaps contain references to the Philippines. 

GovAMTESy Felipe Maria de: — Compendio de la historia de Filipinas. 

Manila: Imprenta del colegio de Santo Tomas, 1877. Pp. xviii, 534, 

dcviiiy (6). 8°. 

Appendix no. 27 (p. clzztii) is a note on the new edition of Blanco^s Flcra then being 

BARRANTESy ViCENTE : — Guerras piraticas de FSipinas contra Mindanaos 

7 joloanos. Madrid: Imprenta de Manuel G. Hernandez, 1878. Pp. 

zTi, 448. Appendices. Index. 8«. 

Published in the scries Biblieteea kispano^uhramarsna. Appendix (pp. 351-392) is 
entitled **Apunte bibliogrilfico de algunos libros 7 papeles Tolantes reladonados con las 
guerras piridcas,** and contains infonnation about both printed and manuscript material. 
Man7 of the titles of this appendix treat of the Moluccas. Barrantes was a member of 
both the Spanish Academy and the Royal Academy of History of Madrid, and became an 
oflidal in the Philippines. This book is mainly taken from a MS. entitled DemostracUm 
hioMea de aumias defredacioHet Uevan ecmeiidat los Meros, etc (see post^ p. 382). 

Meter, A. B.: — A. Die Philippinischen Inseln betreffende Schriften von 
Dr. A. B. Meyer. B. Schriften anderer Gelehrten uber Dr. A. B. Meyer's 
zoologische, antropologische und linguistische Sammlungen von den 
Philippinischen Inseln aus dem Jahre 1872. [Dresden: Baensch, April, 
1878.] Pp. (8). Sm. 40. 

Both parts compiled by Meyer. Lacks full title and titl^page. The first part consists 
of 24 titles, and the second of 26, ranging in date from 1872-1878; and all are scientific. 
Meyer was director of the royal zodlogical, ethnographical, and anthropological museum 
of Dresden, and except Virchow and Semper, the greatest scientist to become interested 
in the Philippines. 

G6mez Platero, Eusebio, O. S. F.: — Catalogo biografica de los religiosos 

frandscanos de la provincia de San Gregorio Magno de Filipinas desde 

1577 en que llegaron los primeros a Manila hasta los de nuestros dias 

formado por el P. Fr. . . . por mandato del M. R. P. Ministro 

Provincial de la misma Fr. Pedro Moya. Manila: Imprenta del Real 

Cdegio de Santo Tomas. 1880. Pp. 813, be, (2). 40. 

Hiere is considerable biographical material in the Tarious biographies^ both of printed 
books andof MSS. 

Oebbeke, Konrad: — Beitrage zur Petrographie der Philippinen und der 

Palau-Inseln. Stuttgart: 1881. 

In Neues Jahfhauh fSr Minerdogie^ Gedogie und Palaontologh rnmer Mitmrkung eimer 
AtnaU vom FaekMosun kerauigegAen von E. W, Beneeke, C. KietH und H. Resenbusck. 
I. Beilage-Band (Stuttgart, iS8i\ pp. 451-501. This article mentions some Philippine 
titlesy and is of use to the student 

Moral, Bonifacio, O. S. A. : — Catalogo de escritores agusrinos espanoles, 

Portugueses y americanos. Valladolid and Madrid: 1881-. 

Digitized by 


In Rnista Amgustinuma (todaj La Ciudad de D$os\ and begun witk the fint inue of 
Jannary 5, 1881, and not yet oomduded (see Retana, Aparato bAl^ ii, p. 919}. From tlie 
forma of the periodical a few copies haTe been made into two Tois^ i, containing the letters 
A- J^ and ii, lA-Z, with a supplement. L is lacking. Vol. i contains only ti£s of woifcs 
and is printed on but one side of the paper; ii contains biographies and critical notes as 
well as titles, and is printed on both sido. Retana sajs the woik is ytry usefiiL Thefe 
are naturally many Philippine titles. Moral is still at work on diis subject, and, aoooni- 
ing to Retana, will probably soon publish his work in definitiTe form. 

: — Indice general alfabetico por materias de las contenidas en los 

diez primeros comos de la Revista general de Marina, Madrid'. For- 

tanet, 1883. Pp. 83, 4°. 

Cited by Retana, Aparao 6f(/., ii, p. 967. 

Pardo de Tavbra, Dr. Trinidad HiPOLiro^-Contribucion para el 

estudio de los andguos alfabetos filipinos. Losana : Imprenta de Jaunin 

Hermanos, 1884. Pp. 30. 80. Comparative chart of ancient alphabets. 

The author quotes fnm many Philippine writers in his teit and dtes their woiks infoot- 

CoBLLOy Francisco: — La conferencia de Berlm y la cuestion de las Caro- 

linas. Discursos pronunciados en la Sociedad Geografica de Madrid 

por su presidente honorario, Don Francisco Coello. Madrid: Imprenta 

de Fortanety 1885. Pp. 139, (i). Map. 40. 

The best account of the co ntr over s y with Germany concerning the Carolinas. A sepa- 
rate of the Boltiin de la Sociedad Gtogrdfua de Madrid, vol. ziz. Contains important notes 
and bibliographical matter regarding the discoveries of the Spaniards in the eastern and 
southern archipelagos. Piraised by Retana (Aparato biU., ii, p. 1008). 

JoRDANA Y MoRBRA, Ramon: — Bosqucjo geografico e historico-natural 

del Archipielago Filipino. Madrid: Imprenta de Moreno y Rojas, 1885. 

Pp. xiv,(i),46i. Fo. 

Conuins many tides in footnotes, and on pp. 355-361, titles with commentaries (main- 
ly scientific). 

Sanchez del Arco, : — La imprenta en Filipinas. July 29, 30, 1885. 

Published in a newspaper of Cidiz, El Cemercie. Cited by Pardo de Tavera, Netkiat 
sebre la imprenta y d ffdutde, p. 8. 

Webster^ Hugh A. :— Philippine Islands. 1885. 

In Eaeydepmdia BriUmnica (Boston: litde^ Brown ft Co., 1S75-1889X Twin, pp. 748* 
753. A few titles are cited on p. 753. 

MoNTBRO Y ViPAL, J08B: — Historia general de Filipinas desde el det- 

cubrimiento hasta nuestros dias. Madrid, 3 vols. 8<>. I. Imprenta 

y fundicion de Manuel Tello, 1887. Pp. xvi, 606. Portrait. II. Est. 

tip. de la viuda e hijos de Tello, 1894. Pp. 626. III. Est. dp. de la 

viuda e hijos de Tello, 1895. Pp. 653. 

In the text and especially in the footno tes , the author pr e s e nts much bibliogiraphical 
material, both of MSS. and printed books. His appendices contain lettos and docu- 
ments mainly hom manuscript sources. From this work, in addition to many notes, we 
hafe published the following: ** Events in Filipinas, 1721-39;** i, pp. 438-452; in synopsis. 
Vol. zlvx, pp. 44^51. **The expulsion of the Jesuits;** ii, pp. 181-228. Vol. t, pp. 287- 
308 (in synopsis and translatian>. ^ETents in Filipinas, 1764P1800;** ii, pp. 66-70^ 115- 
140^ 229-382. Vol. t, pp. 23-74. ** Events in Filipinas, 1801-40;** ii, pp. 360-573, iii, pp. 
6^2. Vol. u, pp. 23-72. ** Events in Filipinas, 1841-72;** iii, pp. 34 to end; merely a 
brief editorial comment. Vol. ui, pp. 208^16. This is the best general history of the 
Philippines ever published, being in fact the only one since those of Concepdon and 
Martinez de Zufiiga. See Blumentritt*s estimate of it, in Griffin*s List. 

Digitized by 


Fbrkeiro, M.>— Nota bibliogr^fica. Madrid', 1887. 

In BoUtin de la Sockdad Gtpgrdfca de Madrid for 1887 (fd. zziiX pp« 368, 369. For 
the axtidei in diis bulletin tretting of the Philippines, we Retana, Aparof hil^ ii, pp. 
813, 814. 

Rojo, Pablo, O. S. F. : — Corona LeogOistica de los Espanoles de Filipinas 

(Franciscanos). Manila'. Febniacy 25, 1887. Ayer Collection (MS.). 

Begins ''£1 recolector de estas nodcias solo ha podido dedicar £ reunir- 

lasy . . ." Ends "de 202 y 194 pag. respecdvamente ", with date 

and signature. 11 leaves. F^. 

On the fim leaf it the foHowing note^ eridendj nude bf Binrantesy who formeriy owned 
diis MS.: ^*I include all the portion rcfening to the dialects of Filipinas in the appendix 
of T9atr9 tagalo. Present diue, November S, 1889.^* This MS. contains TaluaUe bio- 
graphical and bibliographical matter concerning the Franciscans who produced works 
oonccmingy and in, Filipino languages. The first author cited is Ftasenda, and the last, 
Jcfonimo Amijo. 

:^ — Indice de los veinte primeros tomos del Boletin di la Sociidad 

Geografica di Madrid. Madrid: Imprenta de Fortanet, 1887. Pp. 71. 

Cited bj Retana, Aparai9 hibl*, iii, p. 1076. 
Mehendez y Pelayo, Marcelino: — La ciencia espaiiola. Madrid: 
[Antonio Perez Dubrull^ 1887-1889]. 3 vols. 3d. ed. 12°. 

Vol. iii contains an **Inventario bibliogrifioo»^ of which pp. 305-307 contain a list of 
titles on **Lenguas de Oceania,** most of which are Philippine titla. 

Satow, Ernest Mason: — The Jesuit mission press in Japan, 1591-1610. 

[Privately printed.] 1888. Pp. (8), 54. 
Conrains some Philippine titles. 
Vivie:< de Saint-Martin, Louis: — Nouveau dictionnaire de geographie 

universelle. Paris: Librairie Hachette et C*®, 1879-1900. 9 vols, in all 

(two of which are a supplement). F®. 

In ToL iT, pp. 783-790^ i$ an article **nes od Aichipd des Philippines,** p. 790 contain- 
ing a rather eztensire bibliographj of books and a few maps. 

; — Indice de autores de los 20 primeros tomos del Boletin de la 

Sociedad Geografica de Madrid. Madrid: Fortanet, 1890. 4^. 

: — Resena biografica de los religiosos de la provincia del Sandsimo 

Rosario de Filipinas desde su fundacion hasta nuestros dias por un reli- 

gioso de la misma provincia y mandada dar a luz de orden de ntro. M. R. 

P. Provincial Fr. Santiago Paya. Manila: Esublecimiento tipografico 

del real colegio de Santo Tomas, 1891. 2 vols. 40. 

Together with the biographies some bibliographical information is given. We have made 
considerable use of this work in our series. 

Retana y Gamboa, Wenceslao Emilio : — La censura de imprenta en 

Filipinas. Madrid: 1891. 

In La Polbiea de EipaHa en FSipinas, i, pp. 246-248, 280-281. Belieres in the neces- 
sitj of censorship of the press. 

Bibliografia general de Filipinas (Apuntes). Madrid: 1891. 

In La PelUka de ExpaHa en FUipmaSf i, pp. 270-273. Consists of twebe titles. Ee- 
tana gives notice of his intention to puUidi before October 1892 a work of some 800 or 
900 pages quarto^ in two folnmns, treating of Philippine bibliography. 

Digitized by 


Retana y Gamboa; continued — 

Notas bibliograficas. Madrid". 1 891. 

In La Peliiica dt EtpafUi tn Fai^as, i, pp. ii, 24, 35, 47, 59, 60^ 71, 7^ «3» 95» »o7» 
ii8>i»H 131, 144, 154, 155, 178, 192, 193, ao8, 255, 256, 282, 283; ii, pp. 10^ 11, 34, 35, 48, 
6a, 7S> 76, 90, 104, 144, 145, i7o> 182, 254, 255, 267, 290^ 291, 305, 306; ill, pp. 9, 23, 36, 
37, 48, 6o^ 84, 96, 97, 108, 123, 124, 136, 148, 159, 160^ 183, 184, 195, 196, 208, 219, 220^ 
229, 230^ 242, 265, 278, 290, 303, 304, 317, 318; IT, pp. 22, 23, 33, 47, 48, 59, 99, 123, 124, 

i35> "36, i49» ^S^ I7i-i73> H4t ^^ 3<Hf 3>*» 3445 ▼, PP- "t la, 34, 35» 57'S9f 7i» 7*, 
203, 311; Ti, pp. 60^ 213, 267, 268. Mott of the above are dgned ^*D,** tome ** W. E. Re> 
tana,** and 90016 are unsigned. Thef are doubden all by Retana, wfaoae pen name was 
*^DcMngafio.** Bianj of the sectiont ol La PolfUea entitled Noias ttubas (piobaUy bj 
Retana) contain nmilar biUiognphical infonnation. 

Ckiado y DoMf nguez, Juan P. . — Andguedad e importancia del perio- 
dismo espanol. Tercera edicion. Madrid: Imprenta de la Sociedad 
de S. Francisco de Sales, 1892. Pp. 96. 40. 

IVeatt ali^itlj of Philippine newtpapcn, bating hit remaifct on an article by Retana in 
La Epcea, in 189a On account of this, Retana pnblitfaed hit £7 ptriodum§ tm FUiphuu, 
Cited by Retana, Aparao hSU^j iii, p. 12x8. 

Emmanuele: — Notas bibliograficas. Madrid: 1892. 
In La Pdkka de EtpaHa tn FUipmat^ ii, pp. 20, 21. 

Kbane, Prof. A. H. >— Philippine Islands. 1892. 

In ChaiiAvt't Entjdopdtdia (London and Edinboigh, William and Robcn Chamben, 
limited; Philadelphia, J. B. Lippinoott Compai^; 1B92X viii| pp* 11 6-1 18. On p. 118 
are a few titlei. 

Retana y Gamboa, Wenceslao Emilio. — Estudio ciitico acerca de la 
novela ^0/1 nM fan^^^ (fragmentos). Madrid: 1892. 

In La Pclkka de RsfaXa en FSiphuu, ii, pp. 85-87, 96-99, 1 10-112, 125-127, 136, 137, 
165-167, 248-250^ 289, 290^ 298, 299. It it written generallj in a hotdle tpirit. See 
Retana*t later criticitmt of thit work in the magazine Nmeore Tkmpo, in hit Fida y 
escfiiot de Dr, Joti Riui. 

Idea de un libro. Madrid: iSg2, 

In La PeiUka de EspaHa en FUiphuu, ii, pp. 265, 266. Retana givet notice of a book 
made up of Tariout aittdet already puUitha) by him and of othen itiU unpubiithed whidi 
he intcndt to puUith; and giret the plan that will be pursued in the publication. The 
▼ohime it to bear the tide Avisos y prefeeias, and onlj 400 copiet will be printed. Thit 
wat puUithed under the principal title Cuestiones fHipines (Madrid, 1892). See Pardo 
de Tarera, BAl. #f., pp. 353-355» and other biUiographiet (notablj Retana, Aparaf 
biU.) for a litt of Retana*t workt. 

Rodriguez, Angel, O. S. A. :— El M. R. P. Fr. Manuel Blanco y la 
Flora de Filipinas. VaUadoHd-Madrid: L. Minon, 1892. 

In Cmestiones cientifUas, pp. 302-326. Chiefly a biographical ttudj. Cited by Re- 
tana, Aparato hihl^y iii, pp. 1248, 1249. 

Dahlmann, Jose, S. J.: — El estudio de las lenguas y las misiones. il/o- 

drid: Librecia Catolica de Gregorio del Amo, 1893. Pp. xvi, 207. 8^. 

T^antlated from the German by Jer6nimo Rojat, S. J. Preceding the teit it an **In- 
dice literario,** which containt a few Philippine titlet, niainlj linguittic 

Fernandez VallIn, Acisclo: — Discursos leidos ante la Real Academia 
de Ciencias. Madrid: 1893. 40. 

Cited by Retana, Aparate bihl., iii, p. 1269, who tayi that thit work it important for the 
ttudy of Spanith tdendfic bibliography, and ^t the author treatt tomewhat of the PhiUp- 

Pardo de Taybra, Dr. Trinidad Hipolfto^— Noticias sobre la imprenta 

Digitized by 


y el grabado en Filipinas. Madrid: dpografia de lo8 hijos de M. G. 

Hernandez, 1893. Pp. 4S. 8^ 

Comparatmty few titles are given, but the pamphlet oontaiiit intcmting infonnatioii 
regardmg the so-called rice paper of the Chinese, which is made from a plant called in 
the Tcmacular katnu; the printing estaUishmcnts of the Dominicans, Jesuits, Franciscans, 
of the seminary of the archbishopric, other establishments in and about Maxiila, and those 
of the prorinces; and some few notes regarding engraTcrs and engraring. The author 
is in error in r^ard to the earliest printing in Mamla. Hiis was published in Rtvista 
CvmempardrntOp b^;inning with Aug. 30, 1893. Retana (Apara9 hilicgrdfco), says that 
it docs not contain one sure statement in regard to the origin of printing in the Philippines. 
Medina, Imprtmta en ManSa, p. Izx?, says that it is **not a bibliography, but a review 
of Philippine printed books and engravings, . . and so considered is quite eioellent, 
although, in fact, far from completeness and thorough iccuracy.^ 

Retama y Gamboa, Wencbslao Emilio. — La imprenta en Filipinas (es- 
queleto de un libro). Madrid: 1893. 

In La Polkka de EsfaXa tn FSiptnaSf iii, pp. 238, 139. Retana gives notice of his book 
to be published under the above title. In tiu article he calls attention to errors oon^ 
mitted by Pardo de Tavcra in his work La impremta y d grdbada en FSipiiuu. 

Aroma, Amalio (secular priest): — Bibliografia. Madrid: 1894. 

In La Polbka de EipaHa en FUipmasy iv, pp. 71-75. A review of the work of Gafaride 
Casanova, O. P., of the prorince of San Gregorio de Filipinas, Cunus pkUoMphkus ad 
wttttna D» Boaaoenturat et Scett* 

vHaxtzenbusch, Eugemio: — Apuntes para un catalogo de periodicos 
madrileiios. Madrid: 1894. 40. 
Cktd by Retana, Apara9 hSbi^ iii, p. 1306. 
Kern, H.: — Een belangrijk boek over de Felippijnen. Amiterdam: 

In Indssehe Gids^ vol. 16, II, pp. i loi-i 108, 1 198-1119. A notice of Reta&a*s edition of 
the Ettadhm9, Cited by Griffin, Lijf, p. 48. 

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Macao en 1590. Seuilla: Imp. de E Rasco, 1894. Pp. 15. 40. 

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P. Murillo Velarde. Manila: impr. de Chofre, 1894. Pp. 20. 80. 

Retana y Gamboa» Wencbslao Emilio: — Los frailes en Filipbas y el 
Senor Centeiio. Madrid: 1894. 

In La Pdkka de Espafia en FSipmaSf iv, pp. 6%^. A critique of the eonferencia read 
by CenteAo before the *^irculo centralists,** March 3, 189^. 

Juicios acerca de la obra Estadismo de las Islas Filipinas fw Joaquin 

Martinex de Zuniga puhlicada por primera veXy extensamente andado 

por W. E. Retana. Madrid: 1894. 

In La Polbka de EtpaHa en FSipsnai^ iv, pp. 97-9% m, iia, I33-I35» 15s, 187, 188, 
aook Tso, 13a, 345. 

El nuevo obispo de Puerto Rico. Madrid: 1894. 
In La PolUka de EspaHa en FSspinas, iv, pp. 1 38, 1 29. Hiis contains a list of the works 
of the bishops Toribio Ming^ella de la Merced, Recollect, most of which are Philippine 
titles. Thou^ unsigned, it was probably compiled by Retana. 

Notables manuscritos. Madrid: 1894. 

Vt supra, iv, pp. 175, 176, »7S, »79- 

Noticia curiosa acerca de los primeros impresos filipinos. Madrid: 

Ut tupra, iv, pp. 195, 19^ 

Digitized by 


Rbtana y Gamboa; continued — 

Bibliografia de Mindanao (prologo). Madrid: 1894. 

Ui supra, !▼, pp. 221-223. 

La imprenta en Filipinas. Noticia de dos libros impresos en el ano de 
1593. Madrid: 1894. 

Ui supra, it, pp. 283, 284, 295. 
£1 librero P. Vindel y sus catalogQS de obras uicramarinos. Madrid: 


Ut supra, IT, pp. 315, 316. 
Breves comentarios a un libro. Madrid: 1894. 

The book l ef i ewe J is Ei panuuo flipmo, wliich ReUna ridiculet. Cited bf Mooteio 
J Vidaly JETfK. ^tw., ii, p. 467, note. 

El precursor de la politica redentorista. Breves comentarios a on 

libro raro. Madrid i Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1894. Pp. 36. 


200 copies of this pamphlet were printed. In it are presented all the most interesting 
things found in a ytrj rare book of poems written by the Creole Filipino count, Rodzigoef 

Supersriciones de los Indios Filipinos. Un libro de aniterias. Madrid: 

[Imp. de la viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios], 1894. Pp. xlvi, 104, (i, 

with colophon). 160. 

Tlus book of aniterias is the reproductioD of a MS. found at the Dominican ooo?ent 
at Avila, Spain. It is the first antin^wtting book to be published. In his prdlogo, Retana 
presenti nos. 31-42 (39 only in part) of Ortizes Prdaka (j3.v^ yoL. zun, pp. 103-112). 

Blum BNT&nTy Ferdinand : — Neuere Werke uber die Philippinen. [ Wien : 
1895.] Pp. 16. 40. 

Extracted from a German refiew KaiserlieMtdni^ieht gtographsseht Gfsdlschafi 
m WUm, Mittheilungen, vol. 38. Contains bibliographical notes regarding Philippine 
works. Cited by Griffin, p. 3; and Retana, Aparato h&l^ in, p. 1328. 

F.:— Bibliografia. Madrid: 1895. 

In La Polkka de EspaHa m Filipinos, y, pp. 23, 24. A review of toL iii of Cursms 
pkHosephieus by Gabnde Casanora, O. P. 

Marcilla y Martin, Cipriano, O. S. A.: — Estudios de los antiguos alfa- 

betos filipinos. Malahon: Asilo de huerfanos, 1895. Pp. 107. F^. 

Contains charts of alphabets in facsimile. See Pardo de 'tavera, B&l. f3^ p. 248, no. 1616b 

Medina, Jose Toribio: — £1 primer periodico publicado en Filipinas y 

sus origenes. Madrid: Imp. de la viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 

1895. Pp. 51. 160. 

This short article is dedicated to W. £. Retana and bears date, Serilla, Nor. 30^ 1894. 
The edition was limited to fifty oopMs. 

Retana y Gamboa, Wbncbslao Emilio: — La biblioteca del ministerio 
de Ultramar. Madrid: 1895. 

In La PclUica de EspaHa en FUipinat, r, pp. 17, 18. 

Los antiguos alfabetos de Filipinas (notas bibliograficas). Madrid: 

Ut supra, T, pp. 129-137. In the form of a letter to Cipriano Mardlla, O. S. A., who 
had published a work under the above title. He praises Mardlla^s work, but calls atten- 
tion to some errors and slips made by him. 

Digitized by 


Rbtana y Gamboa; continued — 
Desde Sevilla. Madrid: 1895. 

Ut supra, Tf pp. 151-154. Mentiopi Tarious papers ensdng in ArduTo general de 
Indian knit widiout giTing preasmark. 

Archiyo del bibiiofilo filipino. Madrid: 1895. 

Ut smprOf T, pp. 197-199; ▼£, pp. 78, 79; vii, pp. 569, 57a Notices of its speedy publi- 

Los andguos alfabetos de Filipinas. Madrid: Imp. de la Viuda de 
Minuesa de los Rios, i895« Pp. 9. F^. 

Ccntains facsimile pages from a Tagilog book ol 1621. Notes on early printing in the 
Philippines. See anu, MarciUa y Martin, Cipriano, O. S. A.; and the publication of diis 
same year in La Polbica, 

Shubero, Dr. August. — Carl Semper. Wiesbaden: C. W. Kreidel, 1895. 

Pp. vii-xxi. Photogravure of Semper. 4®. 

Pp. [zix)-zxi consist of a ^^Veneichniss von Semper*s Scfariften/* many of idiich are 
Philippine titles. The monograph Cari Semptr, published by Shuberg at Wiesbaden in 
1893 (pp. zzTxU, 9^) tt probably identical with the abore. Semper was one of the greatest 
of the few sdentitts who have written on the Philippines. To lum is due the series known 
as RtiMta in dm PhUipfinem (still being puUished) of which he wrote the first Tolume 
(Ldpri^ 1868} of n 'nieil (the first part was never published as a separate, and may be 
found in Zeksckrift fUr wiMsgHtckafiiiche Zodogk, and in other periodicals). For notices 
of this series, see Griffin*s list of books on tht PkU. Islaads (Washington, 1903), and 
Retana*s Jparato hSUiogrdfco (1906). Of Talue also to the ethnologist is Scmper*s Dcr 
PkUippmom und ikrt Bowohnor (Wilrzburg, 1869). 

Fernandez Duro, Cbsareo: — Armada espanola desde la union de los 
reinos de Casdlla y de Aragon. Madrid: Est. tipografico "sucesores de 
Rivadeneyra, ' 1895-1903. 9 vols. 8^. 

Some of the Yarious appendices contain a few Philippine titles. In the footnotes of the 
text also Philippine titles are dted, some of them manuscript. 

Kern, H. : — Eene bijdrage tot de kennis yan't oude Philippijnsche letter- 
schrift. Gravenhage: 1896. 

In Bijdragfm tot dt taal^ land" on volkmkundo van Nodorlaiidseh-Inds9, 4* Tolgreeks, 
ded 6, pp. 243-261. Cited by Griffin, Liif, p. 55. 

Spaansche bescheiden aangaande de Filippijnen. Gravenhage: 1896. 

In Bijdragm tot de taal-f lan^ on vtikonkundo van Nodtrlandsch'-Indii, Tol. 46, pp. 72^ 
726. Oitical notice of Retana*s Arehho, ii. Cited by Oriffin, List, p. 55; and Retana, 
Aparato («V., iii, p. 1365. 

Rbtana y Gamboa, Wbncbslao Emilio: — Bibliografia filipina. Inven- 

tario ofidal de las obras que se hallaban a la venta en la porteria del 

colegio de los PP. de la Compania de Jesus, de Manila, el alio 1768. 

Madrid: 1896. 

In La Polbica de EspaHa en Filipinas, vi, pp. 12*15, 37' 3^' 57> fif >^> '^ '^'> '^^ 
139, 153, 154, 168, 169. This was published later in La impronta de Manila, pp. 55-75. 
Rctana owned the original MS. These were the books seized by the goTemment at the 
dpulaion of the Jesuits. In the inrentory are noted the prices of the books sold by the 
Jesuits and afterward by the goremment. 

Nuestros autografos. Madrid: 1896. 

Vt supra, li, pp. 71, 72, 96^ 97, 1 1 1, 1 12, 163, 164, 183, 184, 255, 256. Various facsimiles 
are gnen. 

Cosas de Filipinas. Madrid: 1896. 
Vt supra, ▼!, pp. 76-78. Mentions Tarioua Philippine titles. 

Digitized by 


Juicios de la prensa acerca de la obra Mando del Genera! Weyler en 
Filipinas. Madrid: 1896. 

Vt tufra, 'fi, pp. 83, 84, 104, 1 23, 124. Retuu has compiled tfaeae nodces from Tvioui 

La bibliografia filipina en 1895. Madrid: 1896. 

In the Rtviaa erkka de Historia y Liureeura EsfiaHoliu, Periuguttas i Hhftuf-Amtri- 
tamu. Cited by Retana, CatMog^ abmiada, p. 557; and Aparato hibi^ iii, p. I37i« 

ALVAREZrOssoRiOy AnIbal: — Bibliografia. La lepra en Bisayas. Ma- 
drid: 1897. 

In La Pcikica de EspaHa en FUiphuu^ vii, pp. 479-481. A review of tbe above book 
paUithed by Manuel Rogd Lems. 

CosOy MiGUBLy O. S. A.: — Memoria de la Biblioieea histdrica-filipina, 
Madrid: 1897. 

In La Pdkica it EsfaHa en FSspimas, vii, pp. 566-569. A hiftoiy of the terici publithed 
under the above title. 

Jordan db Urribs, Pbdro (marques de Ayerbe): — Sitio y conquisu de 

Manila por los ingleses en 1762. Zaragosa: R. Miedes, 1897. Pp. 135. 


Thit book is competed in great measure from a MS. in his library by Alfonso Rodri- 
guet de Ovalle (qjo^ pest^ p. 350) who went to Manila on the ** Santa Rosa,** with the royal 
despatches announcing the treaty of peace with England and instructions for the evaona- 
tioo of the British troops. Retana says (BiU. flipina^ 1898, p. 436X that a reading of 
this book will convince one that the Jesuits acted as true patriots during this period. 

Kbrn, H.: — Eene iutgave van bescheiden betrekkelijk de Filippijnen. 
Gravenhage: 1897. 4P. 

In Bijdragm M de taei-^ land- em vdhenkunde vam Niderlandseh-Indiil, vol. 47, pp. 
143-146. A critical notice of Retana*s Areksve^ vol. i. Cited by Retana, Apmate \M^ iii, 
p. 1338 (who dtes the date 1895, althou^ like Uie following it should probably be 1897). 

£en Spaansch schrijver over den godsdienst der heidensche Bikollers. 
Gravenhage: 1897. 

In Bsjdragen tei de taei^, land' en vtikenhunde van Ntderlanduk-lndiif vol. 47, pp. 214- 
238. A critique of Castaik>*s Brtvt natieia . , , dt hs amiguos indie* dd Bicol 
(Rctana*s Archive^ i). Cited by Griffin, Listf p. 37; and Retana, Apareto bibl^ iii, p. 

Een mythologisch gedicht uit de Filippijnen. Gravenhage: 1897. 4^. 

In Bijdragm tee de iaat', land- en vtikenkunde van NtderlandicMndii^ vol. 47, pp. 498- 

507. A commentary on and translation of the Bicol verses in Retana*s Archive^ i. Cited 

by Retana, Aparao bibl^ iii, p. 1338 (who gives it the date 1895); and Griffin, List, p. 37. 

Packard, R. L.: — Education in Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines. 

Washington: 1897. 

In Report ef tht Cemmiuiontr ef Bdacaion, 1897-98 (Washington, 1899X U pp- 909* 
983. On p. ^3 is a short list of Philippine titles. 

[Pastblls, Pablo, S. J.] : — La masonizacion de Filipinas. Rizal y su obra. 
Barcelona: Libreiia y dpografia catolica, 1897. Pp. 48. 8^ 
Contains some sli(^ information as to Rizal^s literary woric 

: — Catalogo de las cartas, pianos, vistas, libros, etc., de venta en el 

Deposito Hidrografico en I^. de Noviembre de 1897. Madrid: Imprenta 
del Asilo de Huerfanos, [1897]. Pp. viii, 130, (i). 40. 
Gted by Retana, Aparato biU^ iii, p. 1378. 

Digitized by 


Caro y Mora, J.: — La prensa filipina. Madrid: 1898. 

In ReUma*! La Pelftica de EspaHa en FSiphas, ^m, pp. 69-71. An article to prore 
that die products of the pren were a great factor in the Tagilog inturreotiQn. 

FoRADADAy Francisco, S. J.>— Un libro notable. Madrid: 1898. 

In La Pelkka de Esfaila en FUipinas, viii, pp. 36, 37. Thit is the announcement of a 
book entitled La soberanfa de Esptdia en FUipinai, bj the above author. 

Francia y Pomcb de Leon, Benito; and Gonzalez Parrado, Julian : — 
Las Islas Filipinas. Mindanao. Habana: Imp. de la Subinspeccion 
de Infameiia, 1898. 2 vols. Map. 8<>. 

In Tol. ii, pp. 181-191, it ^^Notidaa Bibliogrificat,** which contains titles in Spanish and 
other languages, treating of Mindanao. Special reference is made to Retana*s biblio- 
graphical work. In the footnotes also are manj Philippine titles. The second vol. also 
contains Tarious diitfaerto unpublished documents as appendices. 

Marcel, Gabriel: — La carte des Philippines du pere Murillo Velarde. 

Paris: Imprimerie nadonale, 1898. Pp. 27. Plates. 8^. 

This is published also in BnUeiin de giegraphie histenqme ei deteripiive, No. i, 1897. 
It gives an cicellent description of the map, and the footnotes contain manj Philippine 

Worcester, Dean C: — Notes on the distribution of Philippine birds. 
Washingttm: 1898. 

Part ii of **ContributiaoB to Philippine ornithology,*^ in Proceedings ef the United Stout 
Natiemd Mnuumy x^ pp. 567-625. On pp. 6i8-6ai is a **List of papers referred to in 
mmpiling the distribution list,** in all 61 titles. 

: — Los frailes filipinos por un espaiiol que ha residido en aquel pais. 

Madrid: Imprenta de la viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1898. Pp. 

138,(1). 80. 

The author of this work is probably W. E. Retana, as it bears the marks of his charac- 
teristic style; althou^ it may have been mitten in conjunction with the friars at the 
Augustinian col^ge at ValladoUd. Appendix no. i (pp. 95-98) is entitled '^NoU biblio- 
g^ifica de obras coosultadas.** 

Adams, C C: — Philippine Islands. 1900. 

In The Universal Cydepadia (New York: D. Appletoo and Co., 1900X iz» pp- 610-615. 
A few tides, utterly insufficient, are gi^en on p. 615. 

Pons y Tok&ss, Salvador (secular priest) ^—Defensa del dero filipino. 
Manila: Establecimiento tipografico ''La Democrada/* 1900. Pp. (8), 
ai8. 4«. 

Pp. a9nf2 contain titles of works by the secular clergy of the Philippines, and data in 
regard to printing etc. In appendix this book also' contains matter relating to the three 
secular priests executed in 187a; and in sticceeding parts, statements by Tarious secular 
priests arrested during the first Tagilog revolution of 1896-97; two documents r^arding 
die episcopal risit by Sancho de Santa Justa y Rufina, etc The author of the book (a 
European Spaniard and formeriy a member of the Augustinian order) seeks to defend 
the Filipino secular clergy from their detractors, one of whom is W. E. Retana. The 
latter {Aparata hSU^ iii, p. 1415) damns this book with faint praise^ but it is of great use 
and wdl worth stu4^. 

Sawyer, Frederic H. :^ The inhabitants of the Philippines. New Tork : 

Charles Scribner's Sons, 1900. Pp. xscviii, 422. 8^ 

Pjp. nii, ST contain a **list of woiks dted, referred to» or studied whilst preparing this 
woriL** It is rtPf inadequate, the author contenting himself for the most part by skuply 
gning author and tide without date or place of publication. Sawyer*s book is not author- 
itttire for things that he did not know personal^, and contains many erron. 

Digitized by 


MarIn y Morales, Valentin, O. P. : — Ensayo de una sintesis de los tra- 

bajos realizados por las corporaciones religiosas espaiioles de Filiptnas. 

Aftfm'/a: Imprentade Santo Tomas, 1901. 2 vols. 4^. 

The final pans of the woik consist of a bibliographical list, which Retana (Apartiu 
Ubi^ iii, p. li/bS) says is badly made, although it contains some good notices. 

New York Public Library: — Manuscript collections in the New York 

Public Library (deposited in the Lenox building). New Torki 1901. 

In BmJUtsH, toI. t (June, 1901X PP* 306-336. See under ^America - general,^ the 
Rich collection, and **Colecci6n de viages;" and the documents under the division ** Philip- 
pine Islands*^ (see also Bullttin for 1900^ pp. 19-29). For the use of the library a separate 
of jthis list has been issued, in which are manuscript additions. See also Obadiah Rich*s 
Catalogut of Spanuh Manuscripu, 

PIrbz, Elyiro J., O. S. A. : — Catalogo bio-bibliogr£fico de los religiosos 

agustinos de la provincia del Santisimo Nombre de Jesus de las Islas 

Filipinas desde su fundacion hasta nuestros dias. Manila: Estable- 

cimiento tipografico del Colegio de Sto. Tomas, 1901. Pp. xviii, 873, (2). 

The author has made use of Cano'^s CatdiogOj but has added veiy materially to the in- 
fonnation of that book. In his bibliographies, P6rez has adopted the chronological order. 
The bibliographical informatioin is given in the biography, lliis is a raluable contribution 
to the bibUography of the Philippines. In the body of his work, P^rez gires his own 
biography under the name of **£lTiro Jorde** instead of *^P<rez,** so that his full name is 
ri^y "Elviro Jordc P&ez.'* 

Philippine Information Society: — Philippine Review. New Tork: 
Nov. 1901-May, 1902. 

This magazine (in six numbers), which is the second volume published by the abore 
society (the first vol. being Facu Aout th§ PhSippituSf Boston, 1901X contains articles 
on current Philippine literature. The raxious articles l ei i ewe d are slightly synopsized. 

United States Government: — Catalogue of the public documents of 
the fifty-fifth congress and of other departments of the government of 
the United States for the period from July i, 1897 to June 30, 1899. 
Prepared under supervision of the Superintendent of Documents; Wash- 
ington: Government Printing Office, 1901. Pp. 1069. 4^. 
Pp. 753-755 list Philippine tides. 

Same. For the fifty-sixth congress, for the period from July i, 1899 
to June 30, 1 901. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1903. 
Pp. 1 105. 4®. 

Philippine documents are dted on pp. 779-785. 

Same. For the fifty-seventh congress, for the period from July i, 
1901 to June 30, 1903. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1905. 
Pp. 1264. 4°. 

Philippine titles are cited on pp. 886-897. These three lists will be found of great use 
to the student. 

DiEz Aguado, Manuel, O. S. A. : — Biografia del P. Agustin M^ de Cas- 
tro, Agustino. [Barcelona: Lib. y Tip. Catolica, calle del Pino, 5, 1902.] 
Pp. 97, (2). 80. 

Contains considerable bibliographical material concerning MSS., both in text and foot- 

Digitized by 


Yriajltb, Manuel db; and Miranda, Manuel de: — Reports of Bureau 
ofArchives. 1902-1905. 

Thete are published in the Rtports 0/ tht PhUipphu Commhtion^ as follows: 1901, 
part a, appendix D, pp. 1039-1044 (dated Manila, Oct. 25, 1901); shows the classification 
of documents adopted. 1903, part 3, exhibit D» pp. 956-961 (dated Manila, Sept. 14, 
1903}; gires note of various subjects on which infonnatioa was furnished. 1904, part 3, 
ediibit D, pp. 954-960 (this report is by acting chief of bureau, Manuel M. Miranda, and 
is dated Sept. 13, 1904). 1905, part 4, exhibit D, pp. 633-637 (dated Manila, August 15, 
1905}; like the two preceding reports, there is also a note of the subjects on whidb infor- 
mation was furnished during the year. This bureau was made a diTision of the Ezecu- 
tiye Bureau, Nor. i, 1905. See Rtport of Commiuion for 1906, i, pp. 79, 97, 134, 135. 
This division is of ardures, patents, copyrights, trademarics, and cattle brands. The 
reports of the Philippihe Commission contain other information concerning this depart- 
ment widdi may best be obtained from the Tolumes themsdves. 

Bureau of Insular Affairs (War Department) : — A pronouncing gazet- 
teer and geographical dictionary of the Philippine Islands. Washington : 
1902. 4<>. 

Pp. 173-175 are entitled '^Philippine Bibliography. A selected list of books by best 
aothorities.** Hiis is short and inadequate. The gazetteer was hastily compiled, and 
contains many errors. It has been completely revised and copy is ready for a second 
edition. However, to be of the greatest use, its scope should be considerably broadened, 
and there should be more expert compilation, and less of the office. 

Barringer, George A. : — Catalogue de Thistoire de TAmerique. Paris : 


This is published under charge of the D^aitement des Imprimis of the Biblioth^ue 
Nationale. The titles are written by hand and reproduced in facsimile. Vol. i (pp. 88, 
89} cmitatns MagalhSes and Pigafetta material. 

Campbell, Rev. William: — Formosa under the Dutch. London: Kegan 
Paul, Trench, Triibner and Co., Ltd., 1903. Pp. xiv, (2), 629. Index. 
Frontispiece. S<>. 

Pp. 559-6x4 contain a *'Bibliogrephy of Formosa,** vriiich gives a few Philippine titles. 

M08TO, Andrea da : — II primo viaggio intorno al globo di Antonio Piga- 
fetta. Roma: Auspice il Ministerio della Publica Istruzione, 1894. F^. 

This is pt. ▼, Tol. iii of Raecoha di iecumnti 9 studi . . pti quarto cenUnario dtlla 
Koporta ddP AmerieOf published by the Italian government. Valuable bibliographical 
infonnation is mntainrd in the matter preceding the relation, pp. 13-47, of which con- 
siderable use was made in Robettscm^s biUiograi&y of Pigafetta MSS. and printed books. 

: — Philippine Islands. NewTork: 1903. 

In Now Imtnuniond Bitcydopadia (New Yoric: Dodd, Bfead and Company, 190A- 
1904) xir, pp. 19-31 (in ed. of 1904-1906, in x?, pp. 710-722). This article contains a 
short bibliography on pp. 30, 3 1 (in ed. of 1904-15^06, pp. 721, 722). 

: — Philippine languages. NewTork: 1903, 

In Now Inumationci Entjdopadia (i 902-1904), ziT, pp. 31-32 (in ed. of 1904^1906 
on pp. 722, 723). A shoit bibliography is given on p. 32 (in ed. of 1904-1906, on p. 723). 

Perez, Dionisio: — Las cortes de Cadiz. Ensayo de una bibliografia 
gaditana. Madrid: Administracion e imprenta, 1904. Pp. 265. %^, 
A few Philippine tides (two of them manuscript) are noted. This is a scholarly work. 

Rbtana y Gamboa, Wenceslao Emiuo: — Vida y escritos del Dr. Jose 
Rizal (materiales para un libro). 1904-1906. 

In Nuosiro Tiompo, a Madrid review, b^;inning December, 1904, and ertending through 
most of 1906. This is to be published also in book form, b is as yet the best account of 
Rizal^s life and writings. Retana*s changed attitude toward Rizal is to be noted, as well 


Digitized by 


as toward the FUipinot in general Hit statements in this work should be compared with 
those in the Taiious vob. of his £tf Pclkica dt EspaHa tn FUipmas. 

Ames, John G. : — Comprehensive index to the publications of the U. S. 

government. 1881-1893. ff^ashington: Government Printing Office, 

1905. 2 vols. 40. 

Vol. ii, pp. 1073, 1074, Usts a few Philippine titles. 
Barrows, David P., Ph.D.: — A history of the Philippines. New Tork, 

Cincinnati f Chicago: American Book Company, [1905]. Pp. 332. 12^. 

Pp. 15-23, ^Historical accounts of the Philippines,^ furnish a good working bibliog- 
raphj for the student. 

Elmer, Emma A.: — Report of the American Circulating Library. In 

Report of Philippine Commission for 1905, part 4, exhibit £, pp. 639- 

646 (dated Manila, August 15, 1905). 

This is the fint report of this new libraiy. Most of the books are En^ish, but the 
libraiy possesses some files of Spanish and English newspapers. Mrs. Elmer was acting 
librarian at the time of the report. 

McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham; Slade, William Adams; and 

Lewis, Ernest Dorman: — Writings on American History. . . . 

A bibliography of books and articles on United States history published 

during the ^ear 1903, with some memoranda on other pordons of America. 

Washington: Published by the Carnegie Institution of Washington. 

1905. Pp. xiv, 172. Index. 4<>. 

Pp. 143, 144 (nos. 3565-3590) contain Philippine titlet. Ako not. £3, 37, 41, 878, 896, 
903, and 2657 treat of the Philippinet. 

Rbtana y Gamboa, Wenceslao Emilio: — Revista historico-bibliogra- 

fica. Madrid: 1905. 

Thii if published as document 9, in toI. t of Retana^s Arehiv0, pp. 411-527. CooiistB 
of seven parts as follows: i. Notidas hi8t6ricas extraldas de los documeotos existeotes 
en d ArduTo de Indias. 2. Histona de una biblioteca. This is Retana^s former collec- 
tion owned now by the Gompafila general de Tabaoos de Filipinaa. 3. Papditas biblio- 
griiicas. (EUtherto unpublished.) 4. Dd porvenir dd CasteUano en Pilipinas. In this 
Retana argues for a nationd Filipino language. 5. Necrdogla. 6. Notas ofticas. 
7. Miscdinea. 

RiNGWALT, Ralph Curtis : — Briefs on public questions with selected lists 
of references. New York: Longmans, Green, and G>., 1905. Pp. x, 
(2), 229. 12**. 

Philippine titles are contained in chapter z, on **The retention of the Philippines,'* 
pp. 75-^3* Firrt (p. 75) are given a few generd rderenoes; then (pp. 76, 77X titles for 
the affirmatiTe; and lastly (p. 80X titles for the negative. Many of these titles are to 

United States Government (Bureau of the Census): — Onsusofthe 
Philippine Islands taken under the direcdon of the Philippine Commis- 
sion in the year 1903. Washington : 1905. In 4 vols. 80. I. Geog- 
raphy, history, and population. II. Population. III. Mortality, de- 
fecdve classes, education, families and dwellings. IV. Agriculture, so- 
cial and industrial starisdcs. 

Vol. i (appendix IQ, pp. 603-607) contains a short and Teiy inadequate list of books on 
the Philippines, which is, however, designed principallj as a worldng list. While the 

Digitized by 


Censiit cmitaini toiiie crron, jet it preientt a maat of matmal not otherwiw easily ol>- 
tainaUe. We hare had conriderable recourse to it for annoution in our series, and have, 
in additiooy taken Tarious ei c erpt s from it» as, f or instance: **Modcin oondttions in con- 
dliar seminaries;** iii, pp. 611, 612. Vol. zlv, pp. 131-234 (in educational appendix). 
^Nautical scbod;** iii, p. 613. Vol. zlv, pp. 242, 243 (in educational appendix). ^Oiils* 
schoob in Manila and the piorinces;** iii, pp. 616-620; from the Dominican report made 
at the liadrid c^wsition of 1887. Vol. zlv, pp. 304-312 (in educational appendix). 

ScHBBRBR, Otto: — Zur Ethnologie der Inselkette zwischen Luzon und 

Formosa. Tokyo: Druck der Hobunsha, 1906. Pp. 31. 6 ethnological 

plates. 80. 

VoL xi, part i, of MiiuUungm dtr DtuiseluH GtseBsekaft fSr Natur* und FSlktrkmndt 
Ottatiems, Pp. 29-31 contain **Nachwets der benutzten Literatur.** This lists useful 
titlei 00 the Philippines and Formosa. 


Digitized by 




Chao Ju-Kua (Chinese geographer) : — [Description of the • Philippines.] 
[Co., 1280.] 

Retniulated into Engluli from Btumentritt^t translation into Spanish from the English 
of Dr. Hixth (ca, 1891); the Spanish Tcnion being published in the Filxpino paper P«rr^ 
dko Hebdamadarh Eseelar for Nofember 9, 1901. This is an extract from the geograph- 
ical woik of the abofe author, who was a Chinese official stationed in the south of the Oil- 
nese empire about the middle of the thirteenth century. It is of special interest as being 
the earliest known record of the Philippines, and was written about one and one>half cen- 
turies before Magalhies^s disoofoj. It shows that the Chinese had a well-established 
trade among the islands at this earlj time, and it may almost safely be assnmrd that they 
had had such intercourve for centuries. Vol. zzziv, pp. 183-191 (see especially pp. 

Alexander VI : — [Bull (Inter caierd) granting lands newly discovered, or 
to be discovered, to Spain.] Rome, May 3, 1493. 

This is the fint bull of the above date, for particulan of which, see vol. i, pp. 339-341. 
We translate from the version published in Hefwood^s Doeumtitta ultcta tt tabtJarit 
$$eret9 Faikano (Roma, 1893), where the facsimile of the bull is also given. This bull 
has been published in many collections, etc (see mt ntproy pp. 339, 340). There are two 
manuscripts in existence: one in the Vatican; and one (written on paper) in A. de I.; 
Simancas bulas y breves pontificos en favor de los Rejes Catolicos acerca de la erecdon de 
catedrales y nombramientos de obispos; aAo 1493 al 1538; est. i, caj. i, leg. i (fint dis- 
covered at Simancas in 1797 by J. B. Mufioz). Vol. i, pp. 97-103. 

[Bull (Eximia) granting to Spain the same rights formerly granted to 
Portugal in its African discoveries.] Rome, May 3, 1493. 

The second bull of this date, for particulan of wbkk see vol. i, pp. 339-341. We 
translate from Heywood, ut supra, pp. 21, 22. Published also in various odicr worics (itf 
suprdi. Manuscript copies exist as follows: one in the Vatican; and one in A. de L (nf 
supra), ^riiich was copied in 1505. Vol. i, pp. 103-105. 

[Bull (Inter caUrd) establishing the line of de|4arcation.] Rome, May 

4, 1493- [ , 

This bull supersedes the two preceding bulls. We tra^kte from HeTwood, M supra. 
For bibliographical details, see vol. 1, pp. 339-341 (for published versions, pp. 339, 340). 
Manuscript copies exist as follows: one in the Vatican; one in Lisbon - Torre do Tomboy 
Gaveta 10^ mafo 11, n^. 16; one in A. de I. -est. i, caj. i, leg. i, n^. 3 (on parchment); 
and one in B. M. (a Spanish translation) - papeles varios de Ihdias, add. 13, 977. Vicente 
liorens Asensio (La primtra vu«lta d mundt, Sevilla, 1903, pp. 91, 5^ sayi that this 
buU was always considered in the indices of the Archivo de Indias as a copy of the first bull 
of 1493. ^^^ *» PP* '^5*' ' '* 

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[Bull extending the apostolic grant and donation of the Indies.] Rome, 
September 25, 1493- 

For bibliognphical detaik of thif bull, see vol. i, pp. 340^ 341. We tnniUte from the 
Spaniih fenioii given by 'Nswamtt, Ciiteciin it viag€s (1815X ii, pp. 404^406; (1859X 
i>» PP< 449^51- 'I^ l>^ ^ l'^^ knoiwn only thiou^ the Spanuh triiwlarion, made 
fcj Gradan de Aldicte, lecreUij of Felipe II of Spain, and Hainitae^t aearch in the ar- 
clirpca at Simancaa, Sevilla, and Rome failed to discover ai^ other copy. Howerer, 
XJorena Asenaio («f lupra, p. 92) says that there are two copies of the bull in A. de L, to 
iHiich he gives the following tsde: ^ *Nudum Siquidem omnes et singulas Insulam* adaran- 
do y ampHando lo ooocedido i los Reyes Cat6licos por la de 4 de Mayo dd mismo aflo^ 
de lo que se descubra en Indias.** Both of the copies seem to be written on parchment, 
and are accompanied by the leaden seal. Ilorena Asensio adda also that Navairete 
assigned the date Sept. 25 in place of Sept. 26 to this bulL Vol. i, pp. 111-114. 

Fbrrer, Jaimb; and others: — [Note on correspondence.] Barcelona, 

August 26, 1493; Barcelona, January 27, 1495; and Madrid, February 

28, 1495. 

See Boume*s Essays in kisitrkti erstkism (New York and London, 1901^ **The de- 
marcation line,** p. 205. Our note is little more than a bibliographical guide. See Na- 
varretci, Col. dt viagss, ii (1825), pp. 97-110; (1858X pp- 111-117. Vol. i, p. 130. 

Fernando V and Isabel I (Spain); and Joao II (Portugal): — [Treaty oi 

Tordesillas.] Tordesillas, June 7, 1494. 

For bibliographical data regarding this treaty, see vol. i, p. 341. Manuscripts are con- 
scrred both in Spain and in PoitugaL We have translated nom the copy published in 
Aigmns Joeumentos (Lisboa, 1892^ pp. 69-80. The treaty is discussisd by Bourne, 
Essays in hisicrkal aitkism^ "like demarcation line,** pp. 201-204. Vol. i, pp. 115-129 

[Compact between the Catholic Sovereigns and the Idng of Portugal, 
regarding the demarcation and division of the Ocean Sea.] Madrid, 
April 15, 1495. 

Hie original BfS. is conserred in A. de L We translate from Navairete, M* is viagts^ 
ii (1825), pp. 170-173; (1858), pp. 192-195. Vol. i, pp. 131-135; see also p. 341. 

Alexander VI : — [Bull (Eximia) allowing the Spanish monarchs to exact 
tithes from the inhabitants of their newly-discovered lands.] Rome, No- 
vember 16, 1 501. 

We translate from the copy published by Navairete^ ut supra, ii (1825), pp. 408, 409; 
(1859), pp. 454, 45c. See also vol. i, p. 343, for other bibliographical detiils of this buU. 
Navarrete obtained the bull from the Simancaa archives, but it may have been removed 
since to Serilla. Vol. i, pp. 243-245. 

Leo X: — [Bull (Praceha) confirming grants previously made to Portugal, 

and granting power of future conquest to Portugal.] Rome, November 

For bibliographical detaib of this bull, see vol. i, pp. 341, 342. We ha?e synopsized 
and translated from Algttns doeunuMos (Lisboa, 1892)^ p. 366. The original MS. is 
conscrted in Lisbon; Tone do Tomboy mago 20 de buUas, n^. 18. Vol. i, pp. 136-138. 

Magalhaes, Fbenao; and others: — [Resume of contemporaneous docu- 
ments concerning the voyage of Magalhaes.] Valladolid, February 23, 
1518; March, 1518; Zaragoza, July 20, 1518; [Sevilla?]> October 24; 
March 29» 1519; April 6, 1519; Barcelona, May 5, 1519; Barcelona, 
May 8, 1519; Sevilla, 1519; [Sevilla?], September, 1519; Sevilla, May 
22, 1523 (die mutiny); Sevilla, May 12, 1521; November 29, 1519- 

Digitized by 


September 4* 15^2 (Albo's log); October i8, 1522; Chatnho, 1523; VaUa- 

dolid, August 2, 1527. 

In NaTUTcte, Cd, dt viagts, it, pp. 111-113; 12a, 123; 124-127; 127, 128$ 128, 129; 
129, 130; 130-132; 156-162; 188, 189; 189-201; 201-208; 209^7; 247, 248; 285-294; 
295-298; 298-301; 305-311; 378-388. For bibliographical data reganliiig these docu- 
menti, see vol. i, p. 343; and lioicns Aseosio, Ld primera vu$ita ti mundo (SeriUa, 
1903), pp. 93-107 (who enumentet documents not given hj NaTarrete). See aln Bfon- 
tero J Vidai, Hist, gm^ i, pp. 549-555» who gives in full the contract made with Maga- 
Ihies and Falero. Vol. i, pp. 249-270 (being a mere synopsis, with a few direct dtatioos). 
In the Lenox branch of the New Yock f^blic librarj (Spanish-American collection; 
colecdon de viages) is the transcript of a MS. purporting to be by Magalhles, which was 
written about 1515. It is entitled **I>escripcion De los Rcynos, costas, Puertoa, 6 Yslas 
que hayen el Mar de la Yndia oriental desde d cabo de Bucna Esperanza hasu la China: 
de los usos y costumbres de sus naturales, su Oobiemo, Religion, oomereio, y navcya- 
don, y de lot frutos y ef ectoe que produoen aqueUa[t] castas R^^iones, con otras notkias 
nmycuriosaa. Compuestopor . . FSlotoPtttuguesquelovioy anduvotodo.** Begins 
**Este libfo compuso Fernando Magallanes Pottugues Filoto lo qual d vio y anduvo. 
Primeramente Ei (kAo dt Sam SAa^am. . .** £ida **por quanto no rinieron a Blalaca 
desp* que es de nuestro Key » A Diot gradas « .** Notwithstanding the beginning of this 
document, it is quite probable that Magalhies was not its author; and it is oonjeotured 
that Duarte Barbosa may have written it (see Stanley^s translation of his Rdation, East 
Afneaa aad MdAar coasu (London, 1876; Hakluyt ed.). 

Carlos I : — [Letter of authorization to Faleio and Magalhaes.] Valla- 
dolidy March 22» 1518. 

In Jigmns docmnuafs (Lisboa, 1892). Original uius e i fc d in Torre do Tombo; oorpo 
chroo.; parte 1% mago 24, n^. 64. Vol. i, pp. 271-275. 

Regimiento que elrei de Castella deu a Joao de Cartagena, vedor geral 
da armada de Pernio de Magalhies, e indugos n'elle os capitulos que o 
mesmo rei assentou com o dito Magalhaes e Ruy Faletro quando os 
mandou descobrir terras. Barcelona, April 6, 1519. 

Published in Jigmns docmmumtu do Archive maciomd da Tom do TomAo ofina das mam- 
MitUs 9 comqmisias portrngmomas (Lisboa, 1892X pp* 4^3-430- The origind MS. b in Torre 
do Tombo; cocpo chron.; parte 3S mago 7, n*'. 18. Vol. i, pp. 280-292. 

[Instructions to his ambassadors in the negotiations with Portugal.] 
Valladolidy February 4, 1523. 

In NaTarrete^ Col, do viagts (1837X vr, pp. 301-305. The origind MS. is causer red in 
A.deL Vol. i» pp. 139-144 (in synopsis and trandation); see also p. 342. 

[Letters, etc.» to the deputies and others, regarding the Junta of Bada- 

joz.] Vitoria, March 8, 1524; Burgos, March 20 and 21, April 10, and 

May 7. 

In NaTarrete^ Col, do viagts, ir, pp. 326-332. Originals conserved in A. de I.; est. 1. 
caj. 2, leg. i|i5, n<>. 12. In all nine papers, letters, etc. Vol. i, pp. 213-221 (in tranda- 
tion and synopsis). 

[Letter to Juan de Ziiniga.] Pamplona, December 18, 1523. 

In NaTarrete, ut smpra, pp. 3i2^2a Origind MS. uius e i fe d in A. de L Vol. i, pp. 

Transylvamus, Maximilianus: — De Molvcds Insulis. [CoUmi€i', in 

aedibus Eucharij Ceruicomi, 1523.] 15 unnumbered leaves. 8^. 

For bibliographicd detaib of this work, see vol. i, pp. 343, 344. Cdc^ dtdogmo of 
hooks rdating to tho diseootry amd omiy history of North amd Somth Amuriea formimg a 
partoftho lihrary of E. D. Chmreh (New York, 1907), lists an edition of this book with 
the imprint **Patfaidjs; In ria laoobca fub Leone argenteo, 1523,** ^riiich he says has 

Digitized by 


aercr before been halted. See ui supra for bibliognphical iiifanttttio& of the Tuiout 
edhioDt of TtamylTaiius; and Pardo de TeTera, BA/. fi^ pp. 418, 419. Vol. i, pp. 305- 
337. Copies ol the fint edition are found in the Bridth Museum; Boston Public; Lenox; 
John Caiter Brown Libraiy; and Aycr. See also the Catalogues to Tarious ooUectiaos 
of Americana. 

Carlos I and JuiiNA (Spain); and Joao III (Portugal): — [Treaty of Vi- 

toria concerning the limits and possession of M aluco.] Vitoria, Februaiy 

Li Navanete^ Cti. dt vtagts, iv (1837)^ pp. 310^26. The original MS. is conscrred 
in A. de L; papeles del Maluco^ de 1519-1547; est. i, caj. a, leg. 1I15, n*'. 9 (n*'. 10 being 
a copy of this document). Vol. i, pp. 1 59-1 64 Qn translation and synopsis). 

C0LON9 Hernando. — [Junta of Badajoz. Opinion concerning the owner- 
ship of the Malucos.] Bada joz, April 13,1 524. 

In NaTarrete^ Col. dt vi^ttf it, pp. 333-339- Original conscrred in A. de L; est. 1, 
caj. 2,ltg.i\i$f n^. 16. Vol. i, pp. 200-205 (m translation and synopsis). 

: — [Junta of Badajoz. Extract from the records of the possession 

and ownership of the Moluccas.] Badajoz, April 14-May 13, 1524. 
In Nat a nete, Col, do viagts^ ir, pp. 355-368. Originals uius e i fe d in A. de L; est. i, 
caj. a, leg. i| 15. Vol. i, pp. 165-aoo. 

DuEANy Fray Tomas; Caboto, Sebastian; and Vespucci, Juan 

(pilots): — [Opinions rendered at the Junta of Badajoz regarding the 

ownership of Maluco.] Badajoz, April 15, 1524. 

In Navanetey Co/, do viagos^ iv, pp. 339-341. Originals conscrred in A. de L; est. 1 
caj. 2, kg. i|i5y n^. 14. Vol. 1, pp. ao6>iia 

Colon, Hernando: — Junta de Badajoz. Memorandum relative to the 
right of his Majesty to the Dominion and ownership of Maluco. Bada* 
joz, April 27, 1524. 

In NaTairete, Col. do viagos, iv, pp. 34a, 343. Oripnal uius e i fe d in A. de L; est. i, 
caj. 1, leg. i|i5, n^. 16. N^. 17 01 the same legajo is another autographic opinion bj 
Colon on the same matter. Vol. i, pp. 110-112. 

CarlosI; and others: — [Expedition of Garcia de Loaisa.] 1522; rtf., 1524; 
Madrid, April 5, 1525; Toledo, May 13, 1525; July 14, 1525-May 26, 
1526; June 4, 1527; June 11, 1528; May 3, 1529; Valladolid, Februaiy 

26, 1537- 

In Navaxiete, Col. do viagtSf t, pp. 193-195; 196-207; 207-118; iiS-ui; 113-115; 
2^5'H^9 Vi'}^V* H^'VV* 3^3*4^1 40i-439- 1^ ^"^^^ Taluable of the doniments is 
the relation of Urdaneta of 1537. Our document is merely an outline drawn £rom the 
above papers, and scrres mainlj to indicate sources. Vol. u, pp. 15-35. 

Cortes, Hbrnando; and others: — [Voyage of Alvaro de Saavedra, 1527- 

1528.] Granada, June 20, 1526; May, 1527; May 28, 1527; and later 


In Nararrete, Col. do maph ▼> PP- 44^ 44i 9 4^ 4^; 46i» 46s; 47^-486. The letter 
by Cones to the king of Ceb6 is given by us in full, the other documents only in brief 
synopsis. Vol. 11, pp. 36-43. 

Carlos I; and Joao III: — [Treaty of Zaragoza.] Zaragoza, April 22, 

1529, and June 20, 1530. * 

We translate from Algmns doeumotHos (Lisboa, 1891^ pp. 495-511. Original conserved 
in Lisboa; Tone do Tombo; Gavcta 18, ma^ 8, n^. 19. Vol. i, pp. 111-139 (see also 
for other bibliographical detaib p. 341). 

Digitized by 


Fblipb II; and others: — [Expedition of Ruy Lopez de Villalobos <- 1541- 
154^*] Js^scoy March 28^ 1541 ; Talavera, July 26, 1541 ; Mexico, Sep- 
tember, 1542; Puerto de Navidad, October 22, 1542; 1543; Cochin, 
February 22, 1547; Lisbon, August 7, 1548. 

In Ccl, i0c. mid, Vhramar^ ii, put i, pp. 1-7; 7-26; 16-46; 46-65; 66^; and CW. 
doc. mid. Amir, y Oceania, t, pp. 117-209; zit, pp. 151-165. A very brief outline of 
document! publuhed as above^ the BiSS. of vrfuch are mainlj uiui e i fe d in A. de L 
Vol. u, pp. 47-73. 

[R&ume of contemporaneous documents, 1 559-1 568, concerning the 
expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.] Valladolid, September 24, 
1559; Mexico, May 28, 1560; Aranjuez, March 4, 1561 ; Nueva Espana, 
February 9, 1561 ; Mexico, 1561 ; Mexico, May 26, 1563; Mexico, 1564; 
Mejico, September i, and 12, 1564; Nueva Espana ( ?), 1564; Puerto 
de la Navidad, 1564; November 25, 1564; November 19, 1564-end of 
May, 1565; Zubu, May 28, 1565; November, 1564-October, 1565; July 
9f 1565; 1565-1567; Cebu, 1566; etc 

Jn Ccl, doe, mid. Ultramar, u, pp. ^icoi 100-113; 118,119; 113-117; 119-138; 139, 
140; 140-145; i4S-«»; 100^205; 205.210; 211-215; MS-»»75 »I7-3S'5 3^5-37*; 373' 
417; 4»7-4S^; 457-^; >»» PP- 9'-»»S5 3"W^5 33<»-370. Only sjnopKt, with aome 
dtractt of Tariout documents in the abore work; the original MSS. are oontcrred in A. 
de L Deugned to supplement the other L^azpi material in .pur work. Vol. ii, pp. 

Hbrrbka, Pedro db, O. S. A.; and others: — [Warrant of the Augusdnian 
authorities in Mexico establishing the first branch of their brotherhood in 
the Philippines.] Convent of Culhuacan (Mexico), Februaiy 9, 1564. 

In Ptei, Cadhgo hioMliogrdfeo do hs rtligiotos agusunot (Manila, 1901X pp« 2i-ziT. 
The oris;iiial BiS. waa in the aboTe-named consent, and ia in Latin. Vol. ii, pp. 161-168. 

: — Copia de una carta venida de Seuilla a Miguel Saluador de Valen- 
cia. La qual narra el venturoso descubrimiento que los Mexicanos han 
hecho, nauegando con la armada que su Magestad mando hazer en 
Mexico. Q>n otras cosas marauillosas, y de gran prouecho para toda 
la christiandad; condignas de ser vistas y leydas. Barcelona: Per Pau 
Cortey, 1566. 2 leaves. 4<>. 

So far as known, the eailiest printed account regarding L^azpili eipedition. But 
one oopj of this letter is known to exist namelj, that in the C. G. de T. de F., ^rfiich waa 
acquued hj the company with the Retana Collection. Apart from its bibliographical 
interest, this has little historical Talue. Vol. n, pp. 220-231 (both Spanish and En^ish). 

: — Relacion de la conquista de la isla de Luzon. Manila, April 20, 


Lk Retana*s Archho, iv, no. i, pp. 3-37. The original BiS. is mus e i fe d in A. de I.; 
est. I, caj. I, leg. 2I24. Vol. in, pp. 141-17^ 

Enriqubz, Maktin (viceroy of Nueva Espana).' — Carta al rey Don Felipe 

II, dandole cuenta de la llegada de dos navios de las islas Filipinas y de los 

efectos que traian. Mexico, December 5, 1573. 

Published in Cartas do India* (Madrid, 1877X pp* 290-296. The original MS. is said 
to be in A. H. N.; Madrid. Vol. m, pp. 209419. 

Carta al rey Don Felipe II, dandole cuenta de varios asuntos de las 

Digitized by 


islas Filipinas y de aqud reino [de Nueva Espafia]. Mexico, Januaiy 


In Caruu dt Induu (Madrid, 1877X pp* 197-304. See thort eitnct, yol. in, p. 139, 
note 81. 

Fbupb II; and others: — [Ecclesiastical affairs of the Philippines.] June i, 
I574-Aug;ust 14, 1624. 

A oompotite document oompiled from notes to Pastettt*t edition of CoUn^t LAtr mm" 
^ A'co, ill, pp. (»74p^. Bianj of the teparate papers in this document were tnmcribed for 
PasteUs from the original AiSS. in A. de L (see vol. zzi, p. 31, note i; p. 49, note 14; 
p. 75, note ao; p. 78, note 21). This is important for the study of the royal patronage m 
ecclesisstical affairs, and the matter of the quscopal risit of regulars which was discussed 
so riotentlj and bitterij in the Philippines, even to the end of the Spanish regime. Vol. 
XXI, pp. 18-78 (see also pp. 34^40^ note 6; pp. 4a, 43, note 8; pp. 51, 53, note 155 p. 56, 
note 16; pp. 62, 63, note 17; pp. 64, 65, note 18, for Tarious documents also presented fcj 

Fbupb II: — Real cedula concediendo el dtulo de "Insigne e siempre leal" 
a la cibdad de Manila; y del "Nuevo Reino de Casdlla," a la isla de 
Luzon. Madrid, June 2i, 1574. 

In C«/. doc, mid. Amir, y Octania, xxbt, pp. 70-71. The original is probablj in A. 
de L Vol. ui, pp. 150, 251. 

Real cedula haciendo merced a la cibdad de Manila, del ofido de 
corredor de lonza para propios de la cibdad. Madrid, June 2I9 1574. 

In C«/. doc. mid. Amir, y Ocoanta, xxm, pp. 68, 69. The original MS. is probablj either 
inA.deL; or Madrid (B. N.). Vol. ni, pp. 251, 252. 

Gregory XIII: — Bula de ereccion de la santa yglesia cathedral de Manila. 

Rome, February 6, 1578. 

In Col. doc. mid. Amir, y OcoomIo, xxbt, pp. 72-79. The original MS. k probably 
oonscrred in A. de I. Vol. iv, pp. Ii9>i24. 

[Grant of a plenary indulgence to all the faithful who visit churches of 

the Friars Minor.] Rome, November 15, 1578. 

In Sanu In^ Crimea do la froomcia do Soh Grogorio Magno (Manila, 1892)^ pp- 
216^ 217. Vol. IV, pp. 136^ 137. 

Indulgencia a los Dominicanos al parrir para Filipinas. Rome, Septem- 
ber 15, 1582. 

Published in Hemaez, CoIoccUh do htdas (Bruselas, 1879), i, p. 527. The original MS. 
from which Hemaez published is in the Vatican, in the coUection Bular. 0om.; tomo 15, 
p. 412. Vol. V, pp. 199, 200. 

[Bula estableciendo] la provincia de Filipinas de los Dominicanos. 
Rome, October 20, 1582. 

Published ut smpra, pp. 527, 528. Original MS. atf tupra, p. 413. Vol. v, pp. 200^ 201 . 

Fbupb II; and Fblipb III: — [Laws regarding navigation and commerce.] 
June 14, 1583- July 25, 1609. 

In BocopUaeiom do loyot do los romos do las Indsas (Madrid, 1841^ libro iz^ tftulo iIt, 
foL iiL These laws we have arranged in chronQlogical order as follows: Lriii, xzxr, 
Ixfi, T, i, ri, XT, iixiv, Ixriii, Ixri, bdv, xxriii, lir, xi, xxrii, xxiii, iiiit, xri, xrii, xzi, xzix, 
xlii, ihiii, tix, Ix, Ixix, Ixx, Ixxir, Ixzr, Ixxri, horiii, tdv, Ixt, lix, x, xi, zirii, if, xviii, xx, 
lii, Iri, xii, and ii. See also post, ^Felipe IH, and Felipe IV** for the rest of the laws ci 
tiUs tftulo; and vol. xxv, pp. 23-37. Vol. xvii, pp. 27-5a See also Rocopdaciom do 

Digitized by 


SALAZA&y Domingo db, O. P.. — Relacion de las cosas de las Filipinas. 
[Manila, 1583.] 

In Rctaiu*t ArthhOf iii, no. i; fmbliihed from m thidiato unfmblithed BiS. Vol. ¥» 

Felipe II: — [Royal decree ordering ecclesiastics to visit thet districts » 
benefices, and curacies.] Barcelona, June i» 1585. 

In Pattdlt^t editkio of CoUn*t LiA0r wmgHka, m, pp. 682, 683. The original MS. 
it uiui c i fe d in A. de L; ttt»&j, caj. 6, 1^. la This decree endoeet one dated Bladzid, 
December 6» 1583. Vol. zsi, pp. 34^40* note 6. 

Felipe II; Felipe III; and Felipe IV: — [Laws regarding religious in the 
Philippines.] Barcelona, June 8, 1585; Madrid, June 9 1585; Monzon, 
September 5, 1585; San Lorenzo, August 9, 1589, and Madrid, June 4, 
1620; Aranjuez, April 27, 1594, and San Lorenzo, September 17, 1611; 
Aranjuez, April 27, 1594; £1 Pardo, November 30, 1595; Madrid, Feb- 
ruaiy 5, 1596, Madrid, December 31, 1621, November 6, 1636, September 
2» 1638, July 12, 1640, and ''in this Recopilacion** (1681); Madrid, 
September 18, 1609; Madrid, Februaiy 8, 1610; San Lorenzo, Sep- 
tember 17, 1616; Madrid, September 28, 1629, August i, 1633, and 
"in this R£copilacian;*' Madrid, February 22, 1632 (with a later addidon, 
Madrid, June 22, 1670); and San Martin, December 21, 1634. 

Lk RteofiUKhH dt Uyu dt lot Indku (Madrid, 1841X Iflsro i, tftulo rir, lawi jxx^ raw, 

n?, TiiT, zzrii, zzziT, zzri, zzri, rrrii, zzriii, lii, zzriii; libiro i, tftulo zr, law nriii; 

libra i, tftulo zii, law zri; libra i, tftulo xi, law zzxit. Vol. zzviii, pp. 67-77 (p*>t of 

rdigioua appcttdii}. 

SiXTUS V:^ — [Erection of die custodia of the discalced Franciscans in the 
Philippines into a province.] Rome, November 15, 1586. 

In Hcniaei^t Cel§e€i6n d$ hmUu (BniaeUs, 1879X i» p« 530. The original MS. uaed by 
Hemaez it in the Vatican; in the colkctiop Bui. Rom. de Cocquelines; contt. 73. Vol. 
v»» PP- *90> a9»- 
Gonzalez de Mendoza, Juan, O. S. A.: — Historia de las cosas mas 

notables, ritos, y coftubres del gran reyno de la China: fabidas afsi por 
los libros de los mifmos Chinas, como por relacion de religiofos, y otras 
perfonas que ban eftado en el dicho reyno, Hecha y ordenada por el 
muy R. P. M. F. luan Gonzalez Medo^a, de la orden de S. Auguftin, pre- 
dicador apoftolico, y peniteciario de fu sanddad: a quien la mageftad 
catolica embio con fu real carta, y otras cofas, para el rey de aquel reyno, 
el ano de M. D. LXXII. Y agora nueuamente anadida por el mifmo 
autor. Al lUuft. Femado de Vega y Fonfeca, del confejo de fu mageftad, 
y fu prefidente en el real de las Indias. Co vn idnerario del nueuo miido. 
Madridi En cafa de Pedro Madrigal, 1586. Leaves (12), 116, 244, (12). 
Engravings. 24<*. 

Mainly a compilation from the natratrvca of Gaspar da Cniz, Martin de Rada, O. S. A., 
and Ftedro de Alf aro, O. S. F., to ^riiidi it added the itincraiy of Martin I^nado de Loyola, 
O.S. F.(teeGriffin*iLfK, p.74). A Tcrj famous woric, idiich appeared in maiqr editiona, 
and in many languages. The 6nt edition was published at Rome, in 1585 (a oosu de 
Baithoiom^ Grasse; en la stampa de Viccntio Acoolti); but we ha^e used the Madrigal edi* 
tion as containing matter not in the first editions, £rom which we have translated only 

Digitized by 


luch pottiont as reUte to the Philippines, both in the history proper, and in the Itinerary. 
There is a manuscript copy of the Itmeraiy in Lenox Brandi of N. Y. Public Library, in 
a Tol. entitled Cdetcidn dt viag9s. In his Aparmo bAl. (i, p. 130), Retana gives a list of 
an the editions, which number 48 (one being an extract from the English Parke ed.), 
and comprise editioos in Spanish, Italian, Latin, English, Flrench, German, and^>utch, 
some of which are classed as doubtful; and of which the C. G. de T. de F. possesses 27 
editioiis, ^Hiich are described. For bibliography in regard to this interesting book, see 
also H. Cordicr, BMicuea Smica (Paris, 1904^5), and his other Chinese biUiographies; 
Zenker, BMialuea arUndU (Leiprig, 1861)^ ii, pp. cii, 523; New York Library, BadUtim 
for 1906, pp. 403, 404; Griffin^s Luf, p. 74 (7 titles); Pardo de TaTera, BM. fl^ pp. 189- 
191, nos. 1199-1221; and Vindel,C4tf^02S|T, pp. 5-1 5 (24 titles described). Riggs Libraiy, 
WasUngtoo, owns 10 edition; and most collections of Americana include sereral e&> 
tioos. Vol. ti, pp. 85-153. 

: — Relacion dc las Iflas Philipinas. [1586 ?]. 11 leaves. 49, 

N. d., n. p. The transcript possessed by the Editors was made from the copy of this 
rare pamphlet oooscrred in the B. M.; 583. d. 3a Vol. zxziv, pp. 37^91. 

Salazar, Domingo de, O. P.; and others: — Carta de peticion del obispo 
de Manila al presidente del consejo de las Indias, dando cuenta del estado 
y necesidades religiosas de las islas Filipinas. Manila, 1588. 

^n^ith this letter is enclosed a relation by Salazar and others on the population of Manila 
and Luaon prorinces, a description of the same, and an account of the tributes, etc This 
relatioo is dirided into two parts, the first part, dated Dec 31, 1586^ and made by the 
llamla cabildo; and the second part being add«l by Salazar under date of June 25, 1585 
(probably a printer*s enor for 1^8). There is also some notarial matter. We translate 
from the document as published in Cartas d$ ImMas (Madrid, 1877)^ PP*. 637-652. Vol. 
vn, pp. 29.51. 

Pla8encia» Juam DBy O. S. ¥,>— [Customs of the Tagilogs.] Nagcarlan, 
October 21, 1589. 

In Sanu In^*s Cr^nka, ii, pp. 592^603 (in appendix 3). This consists oi two parts: 
the first under the above title, and bearing date as shore; the second bearing title ^'Rela- 
tion of the worship ci the Tagilogs, their Gods, and their burials and supentitions,^ and 
undated. Insetted by Antonio de Padua (or de U Unt), a Franciscan missionaiy in the 
Philippines, 1591-1645, and the first chronicler (d his order in the Philippines, in his 
Cr4aka dt la umta y apoi$6ika provincui dt San Grtgtrh (tft post}. It was discorered 
in that BIS. by the editor of Santa In^*s CrSuka Manila, 1892), who announced his 
find in the supplement of the Oceania upaHcla, for June 6, 1886; and published the 
document in the above book, ii, appendix 3, pp. 592-598. This MS. was prepared by 
Plasmria at the request of Governor Santiago de Vera (made through the Fhmdscan 
provincial, San Pedro Bautista) in order that the alcaldes-mayor might have some 
standard by which to administer justice to the natives. This code was used in the legis- 
lation for the natives until the chnging oonditians of FilipiDO society rendered it inopera- 
tive For many yean it was supposed to have been lost until discovered as above related. 
Its appearance in the body of the acts of the Audiencia (for 1598-1599, where we found a 
m anusc ri pt copy ci it) indicates that it was di scusse d by that body in 1599. This is also 
pttUisfaed in Fstemo^s Baraiigay (Madrid, 1892), pp. i-8c. Patemo alleged that he 
pttUislied from a MS. in his libnry, but Pardo de Tavcra (bM, fl^ p. 302, no. 1941) 
states that Patemo simply copied the rdation aa published by himself in the Rnista etn- 
ttmptrdata for April, 18^ Vol. vn, pp. 173-196. See also^ pm, p. 163. 

Salazar, Domingo db» O. P.: — Carta-relacion de las cosas de la China 

y de los Chinos del Parian de Manila enviada al rey Felipe II. Manila, 

June 24, 1590. 

In Rctana^s AnkhOf iii, no. 2, pp. 47-80. The original MS. is conserved in A. de I.; 
est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. (Retana, Impmta, coL 12, note 7.) Vol. vu, pp. 212-238. 

Gregory XIV >- [Liberty of the Indians in the Philippines.] Rome, 

April 18, 1 591. 

Lb Hemaez, CcUeeifn d$ hidai (Biuselas, 1879)^ i, p. 108. The original MS. utilixed 

Digitized by 


vui> pp. 7&-71. 

: — Relaci6n de las encomiendas existentes en Filipinas el dia 31 de 

Mayo de 1591 anos. [Manila f]^ May 31, 1591. 

In Retina*! ArehhOf if, no. 2, pp. 39-1 xi* Vol. vm, pp. 96-141. 

Clement VIII. — [Letter of congratulation to die bishop^ clergy, and people 

of the Philippines.] Rome, March 25, 1592. 

In Henuesy CtheeHn it huUt (Bnudat, 1879)^ i, p. 357. The original MS. udlized bj 
Hemaez is conserved in the Vatican; 9uL Rom. de Cooqudines; const. 365. Vol. 
VIII, pp. 234, 235. 

Felipe II: — Real cedula al gobemador Gomez Perez Dasmarinas anun- 
ciandole la remision de misioneros, y mandandole divida las provincias 
entre los religiosos. Aranjuez, April 27, I594< 

In Santa In^ Cr6nica dt la provincia it San GregoHo Magno (Manila, 1892), i, p. 
607. Tlie original MS. was uius e i fe d in Archifo de San Fkandsoo^ Manila; caj. n^. 
2 (dra.), leg. !<>. Vol. is, pp. 120^ X2i. 

Felipe II; Felipe III; and Felipe IV: — [Laws regarding the San^eys.] 
Madrid, June 11, 1594; Madrid, May 6, 1608; Ventosilla, October 15, 
1603, and £1 Pardo, June 12, 1614; Madrid, May 29, 1619; San Lorenzo, 
August 25, 1620; Sad Lorenzo, September 5, 1620; Madrid, December 
31, 1622; Madrid, November 21, 1625; Madrid, June 14, 1627; ^^~ 
drid, September 10, 1627. 

In RKopUaeion dt Ityts dt lot India* (Madrid, 1841)^ libra ri, tftulo zriii, laws iii, iac, z, 
ziii, ri, li, riii, iT, i, ii, rii, zii (arranged by us chronological^), fdL ii, pp. 506-508. Vol. 
XXII, pp. 151-159. 

Felipe II: — Real cedula erixiendo el obispado de Manila, en arzobispado; 
e creando tres obispados sufraganeos en Cebu, Nueva-Caceres e Nueva- 
Segovia. Madrid, June 17, 1595. 

In C«/. doc. inid, AmSr, y Octania, xiii f , pp. 86-90 (see also pp. 90-95, for the decrees 
erecting the three suffragan bishoprics, datcxl Aug. 14, 1595; and vol. ix, p. 153, note). 
Vol. IX, pp. 150-153. 

Felipe II: — Real cedula concediendo el uso de un escudo de annas a la 

cibdad de Manila. Aranxuez, March 20, 1596. 

In Cti, doe. inid. Amir, y Oetanla, xxriv, pp. 95-98. Vol. ix, pp. 211-215. 

Real cedula seiialando la renta del obispado de Nueva-Segovia, e las 

obligaciones e residencias del obispo. Ateca, May 15, 1596. 

In Col. doc. inid. Amir, y OctanUi, xxrir, pp. 101-103 (see also pp. 99, 100^ for a 
like decree regarding Nuera Ciceres; and pp. 103-110^ for the bull erecting the bishopric 
of Nuera Segoria; and vol. ix, p. 217, note 32). Vol. ix, pp. 216^ 217. 

Clement VIII : — [Authorization for the erection of the confraternity of 

the " Soledad " in the Indias and in the Filipinas Islands.] Rome, January 

28, 1598. 

In Hemaex, Ctitcciin do hulas (Bruselas, 1879), ii, pp. 357, 358. Hie MS. utiltaed by 
Hemaez is conserved in the Vatican; Bular. Dominic; tomo 5, p. 546. 

Vaez, Francisco, S. J. : — Litterae annuae insvlarvm Philippinarvm, . . 

ad R. P. Claudium Aquauiuam generalem Societatis lesv datae. 

[Manila?], June 10, 1601. 

In John Haj^s Dt rtbut lapontci*, Indtcis, tt Ptrvanu tpistcU rtctntiorts (Antverpfae, 

Digitized by 


1605)* An Italian renkm it alio puUuhed in Diego de Torres*! RdativM hrnt (Milano^ 
1603). Vol. zi, pp. 191-221. 

RiBADBNBYRA» Marcblo db, O. S. F.: — Historia de las islas del archi- 
pielago, y Reynos de la Gran China, . . Y de lo sucedido en ellos a 
los religiosos descal^os, de la orden del seraphico padre San Francisco, 
de la provinda de San Gregorio de Filipinas. Barcelona: Graells, 160 1. 
Pp. (12), 275, (3). 4^ 

The fint book treats entizelj of the Fbilippines. This is an exceedingij rare volume. 
Copies are found in the following libraries and collections: M. B. de U. Madrid); R. A. 
de la H. (Madrid); C. G. de T. de F. (Barcelona); UniT. of Barcelona; Eduardo NaTam^ 
O. & A. (ValUdolid); Serilla Seminary; UntreiBity of Serilla. 

Fbrnandbz db Castro, Licbntiatb Alonso: — Puntos principales dela 

materia de la contratacion de las Filipinas. [Madrid i 1602 ?] 4 leaves. 

The copy from which we translate is found in A. de I.; est. 2, caj. 5, leg. i|i8. Voy 

rare. Pairdo de Tarera is wrong {B&l., no. 2056) in ascribing its date of publication as 

the jear 1600. Internal eridence shows it to have been published later than 1601. Vol. 

zn, pp. 46-56. 

Puntos de lo que tienen fuplicado las Yslas Filipinas fobre la contra- 
tacion dellas. [Madrid: ca.^ 1602 ?] 

Printed probably at the instance of the procurator from the Philippines in order to 
present it before the Council of the Indies. The copy we list erists in A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 34, irfiere it is found with other contemporary manuscript documents relating 
to the subject of the trade and commerce of the Philippines. Vol. kii, pp. 70-75. 

Felipe III: — fTwo royal decrees ordering the examination of religious 

who act as parish priests.] San Lorenzo, November 14, 1603. 

In Pastells^s edition of Colin's Labor toMgMica, iii, pp. 684, 685. The original IkCSS. 
are conserred in A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6^ 1^. la Vol. zxi, pp. 52, 53, note 15. 

Chirino, Pedro, S. J.: — Relacion de las Islas Filipinas i de lo qve en ellas 

an trabaiado los padres dae la C^mpaiiia de lesvs. Roma: Por Esteran 

Paulino, 1604. Pp. (4), 196, (4). 40. 

The earliest printed ecclesiastical history treating entirely of the Philippines, and the 
earliest to print Filipino written characters. Some have contended that this book was 
printed later than 1620^ an error that has arisen in part from the later MS. left by Chirino 
(see post, p. 283)^ and partly from the mention of Morgans Sueosos by Chirino. But it 
must be remembered that Morgans book circulated m MS. before being published. This 
work is of great importance as it is one of the earliest accounts of the peoples of the Philip- 
pines, and is full of keen obserration. Vindel, CaUSogo, iii, p. 180^ says that but 200 
copies were printed. Chirino was the first Jesuit to go to the Philippines (1590) at the 
king^s expense. In 1602 he went to Rome on business for the order, where he published 
his book, returning to the islands July 7, 1606. He afterward taught in the College of San 
Joi^ and died at Manila, Septembo- 16, 1635, at the age of 6a See Pardo de Tavera, 
BU. fl^ p. 126; and Retana, Aparato b&l^ i, pp. 48-52 O'here the Tagidog characters are 
vqjfoduced, and some extracts made irom the work). Published in English translation in 
our you. zn and xiii. A reprint (containing many printers* errors, and altogether inade- 
quate), was published at Manila, Lnprcnta de £. Balbis, 189a Copies of die rare orig- 
mal edition exist in the following libraries and collections: P. de T. (Manila; formerly 
belonged to Semper); B. N. (Madrid); R. A. de la H. (Madrid); M. B. de U. (Madrid); 
Umrenity ci Serilla; C. G. de T. de F. (Barcelona); Pastells (Barcelona); B. N. (Pan*); 
B. BL (London); Harrard; L. ol C. (last two pp. gone, and considerably marked); Aycr. 
In the L. ol C. copy v^iich came from the collection of C. G. de T. de F., is written ^Soy de 
D*. Benito Mufioz.** 

Rodriguez Maldonado, Miguel: — Relacion verdadera del levanta- 

mieto de los Sagleyes en las Filipinas, y el milagrofo cafdgo de fu rebelion: 

con otros fuceffos de aquellas Islas: Efcriptas a eftos reynos por vn 

Digitized by 


foldado que fe halla en ellas. RecopSado por . . . Sevilla: en la 

Imprenta de Clemente Hidalgo, 1606. Pp. 8. F^ 

The tnnicript potsesaed bj the Editors waa made from the copy of the original pasqiUet 
in the R. A. de la H., Madrid; papelea de Tesuitas; tomo 91, n^. 40. There ia alao a copj 
in the lihraiy of the University of Scrilla (tee Paido de TaTcra, B&l, fl., no. 2425); and 
the British Muaeum. Vol. zxv, pp. Ii9-i39. 

Felipe III. — [Decree regulating services of Filipinos.] Aranjuez, May 
26, 1609. 

In JbKofSacion dt Uyn (Madrid, 1841 X Hbro vi, tftulo vi, law il, toI. ii, pp. aSi, 183. 
Vol. zvn, pp. 79-81. 

Leonardo de Argensola, Licentiate Bartolome (royal chaplain): — 
Conqvista de las Islas Malvcas. Al rey Felipe III. N*'. S^. Madrid'. 
por Alonso Martin, 1609. Pp. (10), 407. Engraved title-page. 4<>. 
Written in a charming stjle^ although the work rontaina many inaccuracies. The 
author had access to all the documents of the archives. A reprint was issued in ^Zortf- 
g9aai Imprenta del Hospido Provincial, 1891,** in a 4^ of pp. dziii, 407, (1), with a study 
on Leonaido de Aigensola by Father Migud Biir. The original has been translated into 
French (Amsterdam, 1706, 3 vols., I2<>; and Amsterdam, 1707, a different setting than that 
of the preceding year); English (London, 1708; by Capt. John Stevens; another edition, 
1711); and German (Fkancfcfuith and Leipzig 17 10 — translated from the Ftaich ed. 
of i?96). The Ftaich editions contain much more matter than the original, as diey are 
considerably annotated. See Retana*s AparOf &A/.; Pardo de TaTcra^s BM. fl^ p. 
34; and Griffin*s List, p. 23. 'The greater part of the volume treats of the Moluccas, and 
gives much of the eaily history of those isluids. Considerable space is, however, devoted 
to the Philippines, namely, after p. 163, although there is also some Philipptne matter 
preceding dus. In our series, we have translated and sjnopsized the Philippine matter. 
Vol. zviy pp. 217-317 (with facsimile of title-page). Copies of the orinnal are uius e i fc d 
in the following libraries: P. de T. (Manila; bought from Quaritch); R. A. de la H. 

(Madrid); C. G. de T. de F. (Barcelona); A. de L (Sevilla); B. N. (Paris); B. M. (Lon- 
don; 3 copies); Harrard; B. P. (Boston); Lenox; H. S. of A. (N. Y.); N. Y. Sute (Al- 
bany); Ayer. 

MoRGA, Dr. Antonio db: — Svcesos de las Islas Filipinas. Dirigido a 

Don Cristoval Gomez de Sandoual y Rojas, Duque de Cea. Mexico: 

En cafa de Geronymo Balli, 1609. Leaves (6), 172. 4<>. 

Some volumes hsTe an engraved title-page with the following title: ** Svcesos de las 
Islas Philipinas dirigidos a Don Christoval Gomez de Sandoval y Rojas Dvqve de Cea. 
Mtxki ad Indost 1609.'** Some volumes may have borne both tide-pages, though we 
have not seen them; or there may have been a reissue of the volume, with the changed 
title-page; in other respects the volumes are the same. This is the first secular histoiy 
devoted to the Philippines, and is one of the best ever written. Morga had a high idea oi 
the eariy civilization of the Filipinos; and writes with the assurance of one who had made 
a dose study of his subject. Tlie MS. of this work was dated 1607 aiid bore the following 
title: **Descubrimiento, conquista, padficaciony poUadon de las Islas Philipinas,** and 
was dedicated *' A la Magestad Catholica dd Rejr Don Phdipe m, nuestxo Sefior,** as is 
mentioned by Tomibia, both title and dedication being changed in the printed edition. 
Chiiino also {Rdacion, 1604), mentions the work (at least the eighth chapter), so that it 
must have been written at least in part before 1604. It was edited and reprinted by Rizal, 
with the following title-page: 

Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas por d Doctor Antonio de Morga. Obra publicado en 
M^jico d aAo de 1609 nuevamente sacada i luz y anouda por ]oU Rizal y precedida de 
un pt6logo dd Prof. Fernando Bhimentritt. Park; Libreria de Gamier Hermanos, 189a 
Pp. ixxvi, (1), 374. 80. 

Unfortunatdy the transcript which was made for Rizal from the copy of the oriigind 
conserved in the British Museum was hastily made, and in consequence is not thoroug^y 
accurate. This work and Rizd*s annotations are a protest against the frequently- 
expressed contempt of the Spaniards for the Filipinos; and while Rizal tried, perhaps, to 

Digitized by 


prore too much, the work was tundlj, and brought into more general notice a book that 
well merited study. One Jutto Zaragoza, shortly before Rizal, began to reprint Morgans 
book, but he died before the completion ci his task. The book was reprinted, but the notes, 
prologue and life of Morga, which Zaragoza intended to insert, were nerer finished. Some 
time after his death, the sheets were sold as wrapping paper. So far as known, but two 
copies of this edition (which bears date Madrid, 1887) were bound, one of which belongs to 
the C. G. de T. de F., and one to the Aycr Collection (see Vindel*s Catdlogo, iii, pp. 199, 
200; and Retana^s AparOe bAl.), An English translation was made by Sir Henry Ed- 
ward John Stanley, with the following title: 

The Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan, and China, at the dote ci 
the sixteenth century. By Antonio de Morga. Translated from the Spanish, with notes 
and a preface, and a letter from Luis Vaez de Torres, describing his voyage through the 
Tones Straits, by the Hon. Henry E. J. Stanley. LondoH : Printed for the HaUuyt Society, 
1868. Pp.zziv,43i. Portrait. Index. 8^. 

The translation is poor, and Stanley has omitted the translation of the broad passages. 
We have used the annotations ci both Rizal and Stanley in our translatioo. Morgans 
work, which is scarce and commands a high price, is Tery Taluable for a study of ethnology, 
and oonditioos among the Filipinos during the eariy Spanish regime. Morga, it must be 
remembered, was a high official in the cdony, and had access to all the documents in the 
arduTes of the islands, and was in addition a keen observer. See Pardo de Tavera, 
BM. fl^ pp. 175-277; and Retana, CaUSega, pp. 6, 7; and vol. xv, pp. 34^36^ notes 2 
and 3, and pp. 31-287; and vol. xvi, pp. 27-209 (the title-pages are reproduced in fac- 
simile). Editions of the original are found in the following libraries and collections: 
B. N. (Madrid); R. A. de la H. (Madrid); M. B. de U. (Madrid; a manuscript copy); 
B. R. (Madrid); C. O. de T. de F. (Barcelona); Univerdty of Granada; B. M. (Loo- 
don; 2 copies); Harvard (pen and ink titl^page); J. C. B. (Providence); Lenox; Aycr. 
The copy formeriy owned by the Fkmch Abb^ Favre, fetched 700 francs. 

: — [Jesuit missions, 1608-09.] 

In Annua litura Soeieuais lesv (Dilings, 16 10). This is compiled from the letters 
written from the islands by the superior of the missions there, or by the various mission- 
aries ci the Jesuit order. Vol. xvii, pp. 53-78. 

Fort,Balta8ar,0. P.; Minayo, Francisco, O. P.; and Santa Catalina, 
Bernardo de, O. P.: — Fundacion del colegio de Santo Tomas de 
Manila. Manila, April 28, 1611. 

In Algmnoi doeumtmt rdaihos 4 la untvtraidad dt Manila (Madrid, 1892, of which but 
105 copies were printed)^ pp. 5-2a Vol. xvii, pp. 155-171. 

Felipe III; and Felipe IV: — [Laws regarding navigation and commerce.] 
Guadarrama, November 12, 1611; Valladolid» November 4, 1612, 
and August 20, 1615; Merida, May 4, 1619; Santaren, October 13, 1619; 
Madrid, December 12, 1619, May 23* 1620, and May 29, 1620; San 
Lorenzo, October 20, 1621; Madrid, December 31, 1622, October 9, 
1623, December 6» 1624, October 5, 1626, June 4, 1627, April 18, 1617 
and March 3, 1629, December 14, 1630, March 25, 1633, March 31, 1633, 
August 26, 1633, September 30, 1633, November 10, 1634, January 30, 
1635, February 5, 1635, February 2i, 1635; ^^^ appended at the end two 
additional laws of this titulo bearing dates, Madrid, December 31, 1622, 
January 27, 1631, and February 14, 1660; and Madrid, May 23, 1620, 
and Carios II "" in this Rgcopilacion' (1681). 

In RK^pUaeion dt Uyu dt las Indias (Madrid, 1841), libfo iz, tftulo zhr, laws xzz, zzziii, 
loii, ztri, zzzvii, vii, riii, zzfi, zhr, ziz, ziiz, ii, iiii. It, Irii, iztrii, zoviii, Iziii, zzii, Izziz, 
bii, bmi, 1, ziti, Izziii, zzzi, zz?, bd, iii, ziT, zliii, zzzri, zzzii, zii. Tliese we have ar- 
ranged in general in a chronological order. See vol. zvii, pp. 27-50, and antt, in this 
btbtiographj, Felipe n and Felipe m, p. 105. Vol. zzv, pp. 23-37. 

Digitized by 


MoNTE8CLAR08» NfARi^UBS DB (vicefoy of Peni): — Carta de gobierno diii- 
gida a S. M.» informando sobre mudar a Espaiia la contratacion de Me- 
jico a Filipinas. Los Reyes (Peru), April I2, 1612. 

Id C«/. doc, mid, Amir, y OcumUtj -n^ pp. 298-314. Vol. zrii, pp. 113-131. 
Felipe IV: — [Royal decree prohibiting certain practices of the regulars.] 
Valladolid, June 13, 1615. 

In PatteUt^i edidon of Colm*t LAar tvmgUkoy iii, p. 685. Tbc original MS. it coo- 
•erred in A. de I.; ert. 105, caj. %, leg. i, lib. i, foL 64. Vol. zzi, p. 56^ note 16. 

Castano, Martin (procurator-general for the Philippines): — [Importance 
of the Philippines.] [Ctf., 1616?] P. I. ?<>. 

See Pardo de TaTera, Bihl, jS/., p. 91, no. 544, wIk), following Medina, places the date 
of this docTiment eariier than 1617 (see our vol. zzii» p. 6^ idkich should aocordinglj be 
amended^ akhouK^ it bears no date. Vol. zzii» pp. 115-119. 

Rivera^ Juan de, S. J.: — [Letter concerning the Portuguese and Spanish 
expeditions against the Dutch. [Manila: 161 6?] 

In Colin, Lehor tvmgdka (Madrid, 1663)^ pp. 801-810; see put, Colin. Vol. ztii, 

Castano, Martin (procurator for the Philippines): — [Buying and selling 
prices of Oriental products.] [1617.] P. i. F«. 

Enclosed with Juan de SilTa^s Rtlaci6n d$ lo que importan Uu FUipinas y Torrtnait 
(1 pp.) and published by Pablo PasteUs in his edition of Colin^s LAm^ €oaHgOka, iii, p. 218, 
note. See Pardo de TaTera^s BM. fl^ p. 91, no. 543, who^ following Mrdina, dates this 
document as above. Vol. zvin, pp. 301^06 (put of appendix). 

R106 CoRONEL, Hernando de los: — Memorial y reladon para sv Mage»- 
tad del procvrador general de las Filipinas, de lo que conuiene remediar 
y de la riqueza que ay en ellas, y en las Islas del Maluco. Madrid: 
Por la viuda de Fernando Correa, 1621. Fol. (2), 87. 4^^. 

An important work historicallj and economically. TlMre b a French translation in 
Thercnot (1696X iy no. 19, pp. 7-19. Published in our yol. ziz, pp. 183-197. SeeRetana*s 
description, Aparuio hM,, i, pp. 70-74. Copies are owned bj the fdlowing libraries 
and collections: B. N. (Madrid); C. G. de T. de F. (Barcelona); B. N. (Puu); B. hL 
(London; two copies); and L. of C. 

Felipe IV: — Licencia del rey para la fundacion del colegio. Madrid, 
November 27, 1623. ' 

In Algumot docummut rtUthot d la unhtrtidad d* MamSa (Madrid, itfi), p. 11 • 
Vol. xz, pp. 160^ 161. 

Grijalva, Juan de, O. S. A.: — Cronica de la orden de N. P. S. Augus- 
dn en las prouincias de la nueua espaiia. Mexico: En el Religiosissimo 
convento de S. Augusdn, y imprenta de loan Ruyz, 1624. Fol. (4), 
218,(6). Fo. 

Books i, iii, and it xefer to the Philippines. Rer. Eduardo NaTarro^ O. S. A., of Va- 
lladolid, sayi that the work contains Tarious enxuns. See Retana^s description, AparOo 
hAl^f i, pp. 78-89. Of some little impottanoe as an earij account. This author was never 
in the Philippinet. 

Felipe FV. — [Royal decree grandng income to the Society of Jesus.] 
Madrid, June i, 1625. 

In Pastells's editiOD of Colin^s Ldhmr tvamgUka (Baicelooa, 1904)^ tti, pp. 7% 755^ 
note I. PasteUs does not state the location otthe original BIS. Vol. zzn, pp. 4i'44. 

Digitized by 


KUEDA Y Mbndoza, Uibgo: — [Koyai festivities at Manila.] Maniia, 
August I, 1625. 

Li Toroi y coHas en Filipinas en 1623 (Baicelonay 1903). This tmall pamphlet of wfaick 
we haTe tnmtlated the complete text proper was edited by Jot^ Sinchez 6arrig6sy librarian 
of the coUectioin of the C. G. de T. de F., from an unpublished MS. (of which it forms but 
a frragment) in the possession of the above company. Above the text is the following title: 
^Fic^as reales de toros y juego de cafias que hizo la dudad [de Manila].*^ The edition 
was limited to 25 copies. Vol. zzii, pp. 5061. 

PuRCHASy Samuel: — Expedition of Thomas Candish. 1625. 

Condensed and copied from Pttrchas His P3 grimes (London, 162$), book ii, chap, iiii , 
pp. 55-71* Vol. XV, pp. 291-199 (appendix A; see also p. 299, note 166). 

: — [Buying and selling prices of Oriental products.] [Ca., 1625 H 

Li PaUo Pastdls*s edition of Colin*s Labor evangBica (Barcelona, 1904), iii, pp. 219- 
221, who publishes from an undated and unsigned MS. consenred in A. de L; est. x, caj. 
2, kg. i|i3, ramo 31. Vol. xvm, pp. 306-3x9 (part of appendix). 

- Verissima relacion en qve se da qventa en el estado en que estan 

las guerras en las Filipinas, y reynos de el lapon, cotra los Olandeses. 
Y los famosos hechos de don Fernando de Silva Sargento mayor, con la 
gran vitoria (] tuvieron los Espanoles, degoUando quatrocientos Olan- 
deses. SeviUai por Ivan de Cabrera, 1626. 2 leaves. F^. 

This account was written from Cebd. The Editors possess transcripts made from the 
oopies in the R. A. de la H., Biadrid (papeles de Jesuitas; tomo 87, n*. 37); and the Brit- 
ish Museum (Tratados historicos, 1594^1639; ^^^' ' '^ ). It was published by Retana 

in the Archive, i, pp. 3-8, from a copy owned by Jos6 Sancho Rayon. Vol. xxii, pp. 

Fbupe IV: — [Royal decree granting alms to the Augustinians.] Madrid, 
June 11,1627. 

In PasteUs*s edition of Colin*s LiAor evtmgBieoy iii, pp. 760^ 761, note. The original MS. 
followed by Pastells is conserred in A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 39. Vol. xxn, pp. 161, 

Castano, Martin: — [Importance of the Philippines.] [Madrid}-. 1627?] 

2 leaves (one blank). 

The transcript possessed by the Editors was made from a copy of the original in A. de 
L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Vol. xxn, pp. 125-129. 

Felipe IV: — [Royal decree regarding mission appointments in Indias.] 
Madrid, April 6, 1629. 

In Pastells^s edition of Colxn*s LAer evangBiea, m, p. 686. The original BiS. is prob- 
ably oooserred in A. de L; although not dcSnitely stated by Pastells. Vol. xxin, pp. 

Velasquez Madr^, Juan: — [Economic reasons for suppressing the silk 
trade of China in Spain and its colonies.] [Madrid ^l October 7, 1628. 

3 leaves. F®. 

The transcript of this pamphlet in the possession of the Editors was made in A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 40. The signature and endorsements on this pamphlet are in writing. 
Vol. xxn, pp. 279-2S6. 

Natada Alvarado, Joseph de (regidor of Manila): — [Seventeen points of 

consideration regarding the Portuguese trade at Manila, presented before 

the Manila Ayuntamiento.] [Manila'. 1632.] 2 leaves. ?<>. 

Enclosed with a memorxal of Juan prau y Monfalcon (probably presented in 1635 

Digitized by 


•ubject; our transcript made from an original copy in A. de I.; ett. 67, caj. 6, leg. 41. 
Date and place aupplied from internal evidence. Vol. zzv, pp. 111-130 (see also accom- 
panying papers in tbis document, ut supra, pp. 130-144; and in the present toI., Orau 7 
Monfalcan, Juan; and Felipe IV). 

Urban VIII:— S«» D. N. D. Vrbani Divina providenda Papac VIII con- . 
stitutio super missionibus Religiosonim ad japoniam & alias Regiones 
Yndianim oriencalium. Roma: ex Typographia R. Camerae Apostoli- 
cae, 1633. 

The decree is dated Maduti, June aS, 1633. The transcript of this pamphlet bom 
which we translate was made from an original copy in A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 38. 
Vol. zxiv, pp. 263-271. 

GARCfAy JuANy O. P.: — Aviso que se ha embiado de la ciudad de Manila 
del estado que tiene la religion catolica en las Philipinas, Japon^ y la 
gran China; remitido por el Padre Juan Garcia, religiosso professo del 
orden de Sancto Domingo, al Real Convento de San Pablo de Sevilla. 
Sivilla: por Juan Gomez de Bias, 1633. 

The transcript o£ this pamphlet possessed by the Editors exists in R. A. de la H.; Ma- 
drid; papdes de los Jesuitas; tomo 114, n^. 587. Vol. zziv, pp. 273-278. 

Felipe IV: — [Royal decree in answer to the Jesuits' request for alms for 

their residence at Manila.] Madrid, July 10, 1635. 

In Pastells^s edition of Colin*s Lthar evangSiea, iii, p. 756* part o£ note. Vol. xxw, 
pp. loa, 103 (in part). 

Arcb, Pedro de, O. S .A.: — [Letter to Felipe IV in regard to the mission 

work in the southern islands.] Manila, October 17, 1635. 

In Pastells^s edition o£ Colin^s LiAor mmgUicoy iii, pp. 796^ 797 (part of note). The 
original AiS. is oonserred in A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 38. Vol. xzv, pp. IQ4-107. 

Council of State: — [Opinion regarding the request of the Jesuits of 
Manila for alms for their residence.] 1635. 

In PasteUs*s edition of Colin*s LAor foangHUa, iii, pp. 755, 756. The original MS, is 
probably conaenred in A. de L Vol. zxv, pp. 100^ 102. 

Grau y Monfalcon, Juan: — [Memorial to the king regarding the Portu- 
guese trade at Manila.] [Madrid}: 1635?] 

With this were enclosed various other papers bearing on the same question. In A. 
de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 41. Vol. zzr, pp. 135-140. See also in this present vol., 
NaTada Alvarado^ Joseph de; and Felipe IV. With this memorial is also enclosed a 
copy of the customs duties collected at Manila on Chinese merchandise (1606-1608). 
Vol. XXV, pp. 143, 144. 

Lopez, Juan, S. J.: — Relacion del recihimiento hecho en Manila al Senor 

Hurtado de Corcuera, cuando volvia triunfador de Mindanao. Cavite, 

[May-July, 1637]. 

In Barrantes*s GuerroM ptrdtkas (Madrid, 1878X pp« 303-310 (appendix 11). An 
abridgment of part of this letter is found in Ventura del Arco MSS., ii, no. 4 (g.v^ ^m()* 
Vol. xxvii, pp. 330-340. 

Mastrili, Marcelo Francisco, S. J.: — Carta en que da cuenta de la 

conquista de Mindanao, al Padre Juan de Salazar Provincial de la G>m- 

pania de Jesrs en las islas Filipinas. Ca,, 1637. Pp. 10. 

The letter is dated Tayuj, June 2, 1637; and was probably printed in Madrid. The 

Digitized by 


Mastrili; conunued — 

transcript pottetsed by the Editors it from the copy oonsenred in R. A. de la H.; Madrid; 
tonko 84, nO. 24. In the above archiTct are two printed copies and one manuscript copy. 
It is translated in part in Therenot (1696X no. 30, pp. 14-16, thus ^* Relation de la Grande 
Isle de Mindanao, Et la conqueste qu' en ont fait let Espagnols.** The Spaniih ed. is cited 
by Blumentritt, Voedb, hn. AustL, p. 129. Vol. zzvxi, pp. 253-304. 

[Letter to the king, asking for Jesuit missionaries.] July 8, 1637. 

In Pattellt*s edition of Colin^t Lehar tvangUica, iii, p. 768. The original MS. it con- 
tcrred in A. de I.; ett. 68, caj. i, leg. 43. Vol. zzvii, pp. 304, 305, note 100. 

Colin, Francisco, S. J.; and others: — [Royal aid requested by the Jesuits 

at Manila.] Manila, July-August, 1637. 

In Pattdlt*s edition of Colin*s LAor fvangHiea, iii, pp. 757, 758. The original MSS. 
are conserfed in A. de L; ett. 68, caj. i, leg. 38. There are two repretentationt by Colin, 
a certification by the architect, Miguel Sanchez Mamifo, and a letter by Archbithop 
Guerrero (Aug. 6). Vol. zzvii, pp. 341-345. 

HuRTADO DEL CoRCUERA, SEBASTIAN : — [Letter to the king requesting 

Jesuit missionaries.] [Manila: 1637?] 

In Paatells^s edition of Colin^s Labor ovangUka, iii, p. 796. The original MS. is con- 
tenred in A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 1, teg. 38. Vol. zzvii, p. 303, note 98. 

Grau y Monfalcon, Juan: — Memorial informatorio al rey nuestro seiior 

en sv real y svpremo conseio de las Indias. Por la insigne, y siempre 

leal dvdad de Manila, cal>e9a de las Islas Filipinas. Sobre las preten- 

siones de aqvella ciudad, y islas, y fus vezinos, y moradores, y comercio 

con la Nueva Efpana. Madrid-, En la imprenta del reyno, 1637. 42 

leaves. F*>. 

A MS. copy of this memorial is conserred in Madrid; B. N.; MS. 8990 (old 
pimtmaric *'^Aa^7**); fol. 173-350; tee vol. zzvn, pp. 55, 56, note 4. Thit MS. 
appean to hare been made about the beginning of the nineteenth centuzy, and 
hurriedly and cardettly. Itt source it not erident, and an earlier MS. may haye been 
utilized, or the printed copy. Itt title it at foUowi: ^Memorial informatorio al Rey nfo 
tenor en tu Read i tupremo contejo De lat Indiat P6r la intigne i tiempre leal ciudad de 
Manila, cauega de lat Itlat Filipinat, aobre lat pretendonet de aquella ciudad, i itlat, i 
tut vezinot, i moradoret, i comercio con la nueua Etpafia. Por Don Juan grau i 
monfalcon tu procurador general en etta coite. 1635.*^ "^^ ^^* ^** pubUtfaed in 
Ccltcei6n d» docummtos iniditos . , delas pousionts tspaHclas en Amirkay Oaania (not 
Col, dt doe, para la hitt, de Espafia, at Pardo de TaTera, BiU, P^ p. 195, tayt wronglyX 
yi, pp. 364^484. The memorial it alto publithed in AlTarez de Abreu^t Extracto kiaorud, 
foL 215-265. Vol. zzvii, pp. 55-112- For other titlet by the tame author, who for many 
yeart rep i ttente d the Philippinet at court, tee Pardo de Tarera^t Bibl, fU,, pp. 195, 196. 
The State Library at Boston pottettet a printed decree of Madrid, Sept. 30^ 1639, re- 
garding commerce, which wat issued in antwer to r ep r e te ntationt made by Grau y Mon- 
falcon. The Britith Muteum owns a copy of the Memorial. 

Sacramento, Andres de, O. S. F.: — [Letter to Felipe IV, complaining 

of the Observantine Franciscans.] [Nueva] Caceres, June 2, 1635. 

A copy of the original printed edition, from which our transcript wat made, it con- 
aerrcd in A. de I.; ett. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. On thit copy are written the directiont of the 
govcrament office. Vol. zzv, pp. 95-97. 

Banuelos y Carrillo, Admiral Hieronimo de: — Relation des Isles 
Philippines. 1696. 

In Thevcnot, Rdathms de divers voyages (Parit, 1696), i, [no. 19], pp. 1-7. Thit rda- 
tion it a trantlarion and adaptation of the pamphlet Rdaei6n de las idas Filipinas (Mtnco, 
1638). The relation it dedicated to Don Garcia de Haro y Abellaneda, oompte de Cat- 
tilie^ pictidcnt of the Royal Council of the Indiet. Nocopyof theSpanithoripnal, tofar 

Digitized by 


u known, is in enttesGe, althoagfa tbe title ii lifted bj tome ot the old bihlio^npiien. 
Thcfcnot^t Tolt. (in their Tiriout cditioin) are by no meang uncommon in coUectioni. Fer- 
hapt the Therenott of John Carter Brown libraiy are as notable as anj, and it is oobf to 
be regretted that the insertion of title-pages has spoiled the books so far as their disdnck 
biUiographicai Talue is concerned. Vol. xzix, pp. 66-85. Therenot^s translation is 
not eoidreij accurate, it is to be feared, and it appears that he has adapted and summa- 
rized in places. 

BoBADiLLAy Diego db, S. J.: — Relacion de las gloriosas victorias qve en 

mar, y tierra an tenido las annas de nueftro invictifsimo rey, y monarca 

Felippe IIII. el grande, en las Islas Filipinas, contra los Moros mahome- 

tanos de la gran Isla de Mindanao, y fu rey Cachil Corralat^ debaxo de 

la condvta de Don Sebaftian Hurtado de Corcuera, Cauallero de la orden 

de Alcantara, y del confejo de guerra de fu mageftad, gouemador y capi- 

tan general de aquellas islas. Sacada de varias relaciones qve este atio 

de 1638. vinieron de Manila. Mexico: en la Imprenta de Pedro de 

Quiiiones, 1638. 40 leaves. 4<>. 

The relation proper is preceded by a letter by Bobadilla, dated Feb. 25, 1638. This 
relation contains the letter by Mastnli (^.v., p. X14X which is reproduced with a few 
Terbal changes by Bobadilla. The transcript possessed by the Editors was made from the 
copy coosenred in the M. B. de U.; iii, 21-1*. Vol. zxix, pp. 86-101. See Pardo de 
TsYera^s description, BM, fi^ no. 366. 

Vega, Licbntiatb Ruiz db la>— [Statement of Sebastian Hurtado de Cor- 
cuera regarding the ecclesiastical troubles.] [Maniia: ca,, 1638.] 17 
leaves. F**. 

The Editors possess a copy made from the original pami^et in A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 8. Pardo de TaTera, BtU. p^ no. 1334, says that there is also a copy at the British 
Museum, and that it is printed on stamped paper of the year 1638. Very rare. 

: — [Value of Corcuera's seizures.] Ca., 1638. 

In Pastells^s edition of Colin*s LiAor tvamgttka, iii, pp. 53a, 533. The original MS. 
is conserred in A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 3a. Vol. zxix, pp. 135-138. 

: — Svcessos felices qve por mar, y tierra ha dado N. S. a las armas 

Espaiiolas en las Islas Filipinas contra el Mindanao; y en las de Terrenate, 

contra los Olandeses, por fin del aiio de 1636. y principio de 1637, 

Madrid: Por Diego Diaz de la Herrera, 1639. 4 unnumbered pp. F®. 

The transcript of this pamphlet possessed by the Editors was made from a copy oon- 
senred in R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 3a, n^. 17. This is the second 
edition of the relation, the first haying been published at Manila, in 1637, by Tomas Pim- 
pin. This first edition was published by Retana in Ankivo, It, no. 3, from a copy oonserfed 
in M. B. de U., Madrid (formerly owned by Pascual Gayangos). There is a transcript 
of the second edition in the Ventura del Areo MSS., ii, pp. 1-3 1 (;.v., post, p. 39a). Vol. 
ZXIX, pp. 1 16-134. There is a copy of the Madrid edition in the British Museum. 

Aduarte, Diego, O. p.: — Historia de la provincia del Sancto Rosario de 

la Orden de Predicadores en Philipinas, lapon, y China. Manila: En 

el colegio de Santo Thomas, por Luis Beltran, 1640. Pp. (8), 437, 427, 

(34). Fo. 

Part I of the Dominican history. See also post, Santa Cruz, Bakasar de; Salazar, 
Vicente de; and CoUantes, Diego de. The "MS. of Aduarte (who died in 1636) was 
published with additions l^ Domingo Gonzalez, O. P. (who died at Manila, Norember 
5, 1647). This is one of the most important printed source works for the histoiy of the 
Philippines. See our vols, xxx, xxxi, and xxxii, ^ere the essential parts of this work 

Digitized by 


arc pubUahed, with synoptet of thote parts omitted. A tecond edition was puUiihed in 
1693 with the following title: 

Tomo primero de la hittoria de la prorinda del Santo Roeario de Philipinas, lapon, 
7 China, de la sagrada orden de predicadores. Zaragofa: Por Domingo Gascon, 1693. 

Pp. (8), 767, (53). re- 
published in a uniform edition with Santa Cruxes Historia, The tTpographical pecu- 
liarities of the two editions di£Fer lomewhat, but the text is the same. C^ies of the first 
edition are found in the following libraries and collections: B. N. (Madrid); R. A. de U 
H. (Biadrid); C. G. de T. de F.; Vatican; B. M. (London); Harrard; J. C. B. (Prori- 
dence); and Ajer. Copies of the second edition are found in: B. N. (Madrid); R. A. 
de la H. (Madrid); M. B. de U. (Madrid); B. R. (Madrid); C. G. de T. de F.; University 
of Barcelona; A. de I.; convent of Santo Tomis (Avila); Colegio de Agusdnos (Valla- 
dolid; two copies); B. M. (London); Harvard; Ayer. Copies of all four parts of the 
Dominican histoiy existed in the Sobolewski Collection, nq. 3173 (see Cordier*s introduc- 
tion to C. Imbauk-Huart^s VtU Fermosi (Paris, 1893). 

BoBADiLLAy Diego de, S. J.: — Relation des Isles Philippines, faite par un 

religieux qui y a demeure 18. ans. Ca., 1640 ? 

In Therenot^s Rdati«m» de dhtn voyages (Paris, 1696)^ i, no. 30, pp. 1-13. Retana 
sajs (Aparao hAl^ i, p. 179) that it can be safelj assumed that the author of this rela- 
tion was a Spanish Jesuit, who wrote in 1640. Pablo Pastells, S. J., conjectures that the 
author must be Diego Bobadilla, S. J. Therenot translated from a Spuiish MS. in the 
collection of Don Carlo del Pezzo. This is a valuable relation, and r^mpint ethnological 
material, and a reproduction of a Filipino alphabet. Retana, ut supra, pp. 179-180^ 
reproduces a portion of the relation. See our translation, vol. xziz, pp. 277-31 1. 

HuRTADo DE CoRCUERA, SEBASTIAN; Cruzat y Gongora, Fausto; and 

Raon, Jose: — [Ordinances of good government.] 1642; 1696; 1768. 

In Jos^ Felipe Del-Pan*s Deeumentos para fa historia Je la administraeioH de Fiiipinas. 
Las ordetumms de huen gobiemo de Corcuera, CrtauU y Raon (Manila, 1891), pp. 47-1 13» 
115-183. SeevoL.i,p. i9i,noteiio. The first set of ordinances as given by Del-Pan are 
those of Ra6n and die secood are those of Corcuera revised by Cruzat 7 G^gora (in our 
publication we have reversed the order, following a chronological arrangement). With 
Ra6n*8 ordinances are some of later date that were ordered printed with them. Vol. i, 
pp. 191-264 (in synopsis and translation). 

: — Reladon verdadera del levantamiento de los sangleyes, en las 

Fiiipinas, y de las yitorias que tuuo contra ellos el Gouernador do Se- 

bastia Hurtado de Corcuera, el aiio passado de 1640. y 1641. Madrid: 

por Cacalina de Barrio, y Angulo, 1642. 2 leaves. F^* 

The Editors possess a manuscript copy made from the original pamphlet in the R. A. de la 
H., Madrid. Described by Pardo de Tavera, BM, fi., no. 2311. In no. 2320^ he describes 
another relation with a slightly di£Ferent tide, and colophon, vHiich is published by Retana, 
EstadismOf ii, pp. 4S-54. Ttus is the same relation as the above, and seems to be another 

: — Relacion certissima hecha por los religiosos descalzos del con- 

uento de San Francisco de Fiiipinas para embiar a los R. R. PP. 

periores de la religion. 2 leaves. F^*. 

The transcript of this pamphlet possessed by the Editors is from the copy conserved in 
R. A. de la H.; papdes de los Jesuitas; tomo loi, d9. 5a Vol. xzzv, pp. 114^123. 

-General relacion de las nueuas de Philippinas, venidas en este 

ano de 1643. De Manila. De la India. De Camboja. Del lapon. 
De China. De Macan. De Terrenate. Y de Ambuena. Mexico: 
por la viuda de Bernardo Calderon, [1643]. 4°. 

A copy of this rare pamphlet is to be found in M. B. de U.; Madrid; 359, 20.4*. See 
an extract from this pamphlet in vol. zxzv, pp. 123, 124. 

Digitized by 


jTATERio, lYiiGUELy o. J.: — KeiacioD Qc Id laccioD que ei capican y sargento 
mayor D. Agustin de Zepada, alcayde de las fueizas de Jolo, hizo en 
]o8 pueblos de Paran. 1643. 

In Retaaa and Pastellt*t edition of Comb^^i HistoriOf cob. dx-cxij. Vol. xu, pp. 
aS6-a93 (P*'^ ^ appendix on Moro piratei). Another relation by the same Jetuit O^eb- 
niaiy iS, 1644) it nimmaxized, iii tuprOf pp. i/^, 294 (grrta in Comb6s, la mpra, cob. 

Caballero [de Medina], Sebabtian: — Informe de D. . . fiscal de S. M. 

en la Real Audiencia de Manila. Manila: 1644. F^. 

An exceeding rare pamphlet, treating of the Sangicy liccoaek Our translation and 
•ynoptis is made from a copy in the possessi o n of Edwaid £. Ayer. Vol. xxxv, pp. 185- 

Felipe IV! — G>nversi6n del coleg;io [de Santo Tomas] en universidad. 
Madrid, December 20, 1644. 

In AlguHot doeummtos reiativos d la universidad de Manila (Madrid, i89aX pp> S3> H* 
Vol. XXXV, pp. 199, 200. 

Innocent X: — [Bull erecdng the college of Santo Tomas into a university.] 

Rome, November 20, 1645. 

In AlguHos documentos relative d la universidad de Manila (Madrid, 1891X PP- >5-30- 
Vol. XXXV, pp. 203-208. 

Fayol, Joseph (Order of Mercy): — Relacion de varios svcessos de mar, 

y tierra en las Islat Filipinas en estos vltimos aiios, hasta el temblor, y 

niyna del dia de S. Andres en 645, y las peleas y victorias nauales contra 

el Olandes en 646. Manila: en la Imprenta de' la Compania de lesvs, 


The transcript possessed by the Editors is from the copy oooserred in R. A. de la H.; 
Madrid; papdes de los Jcsuitas; tomo 71, no. 32. Vol. xxxv, pp. 212-175. 

: — Verdadera relacion de la grande deftruicion, que por permifsion 

de nueftro Senor, ha auido en la ciudad de Manila. Declara los templos 

fumptuofos, y grandes edificios que fe hundieron en la dicha ciudad, y 

lugares circunvecinos, y gente que murio: con otros grandes portentos, 

que fe declaran. Madrid: Por Alonfo de Paredes, 1649. 2 leaves. [4^ ?] 

Of Jesuit authorship. The transcript possessed by the Editors was made from the 
copy in the B. N. (Madrid); MSS. 2380. Published by Retana, Archive, i, no. 2, from 
the same original. 

-Entrada de la seraphica religion de nuestro P. S. Francisco en 

las Islas Filipinas. 1649. 

In Retana*s Archive, i, no. 3. An eariy copy of the original MS. is conserred in Madrid ; 
B. N.; MSS. Mm. 505. Vol. xxxv, pp. 278-320 (followed by a short extract from 
Concepdon, Histeria, ▼, pp. 199-201). 

-Aparato fvnebre y real pyra de honor, que erigio la piedad, y 

consagro el dolor de la mvy insigne, y siempre leal civdad de Manila a las 
memorias del ferenifsimo principe de Efpaiia Don Balthassar Carlos que 
efte en gloria. Manila: por Simon Pinpin, 1649. ^P* 5^ (beginning 
with new pagination after p. 29). 4^. 

In Retana*s Archive, u, no. 4, pp. 105-133. Vol. xxxvi, pp. 23^3 (given entire except 
some poems and eulogies). 

Digitized by 


Arceo, Matheo de; and others: — [Royal aid asked for Jesuits by Manila 
secular Cabildo.] Manila, June 20, 1652. 

Li PuteU«*t edition of Colin*t LAw nanglAkay iii, pp. 786, 787. The original MS. 
is conserred in A. de I.; ett. 68, caj. i, leg. 39. Vol. zzxvi, pp. 4^48. 

Vello, Francisco, S. J.: — [Two Jesuit memorials, regarding religious in 
the Moluccas, and the Inquisition.] [Madrid, 1658 ?] 

In PasteUt*t edition of Colin^i LAw ncngAkot iii, pp. 804, 805. The original AiSS. 
are conseiTed in A. de I.; ett. 67, caj. 6, leg. 22. Vol. xxzvi, pp. 68-73 (*^ *^ b**^ ^^ 
Colin, Francisco, S. J.: — Labor evangelica, ministerios apostolicos de 

los obreros de la Compania de lesvs, fVndacion y progressos de sv pro- 
vincia en las Islas Filipinas. Madrid i Por loseph Fernandez de Buendia, 
1663. Pp. (22), 820, (24). Map and plate. F^. 

This it called the first part of the hittoiy of the Jetuitt in the Philippines and wat pre- 
pared in large part from the manuscripts left hj Chirino (see p«jf, p. 283). The work 
is divided into the following books: I. Descripdon geographica, 7 histories de las Islas 
Filipinas. II. Del primer ettado desta prouinda, en que fiie solamente mission, casa 
de residencia, 7 col^o. m. Del tiempo qve esta fre ▼ice>prouincia subordinada a la de 
Mexico, nn. De lo srcedido en los diiez afios primeros, despues que esu fue promouida 
en prouinda. His histor7 does not extend beyond the year 1632. A reprint wu begun 
in Manila in 1890^ but was never completed (see Retana, CaUUogo dbreviado^ p. 9). Tliis 
book contains considerable bibliographical information, as Colin has published in con- 
densed form various letters written hj Jesuits. Colin^s work was republished by Pablo 
Pastells, S. J., of the Jesuit college of Sarrii, Barcelona, as follows: 

Labor erangdica de los obreros de la Compalifa de JesAs en las Islas Filipinas por el P. 
F^andsco poUn de la misma Compafifa. Nuera edidto ilustrada con copia de notas y 
documentot para la crftica de la hittoria general de la toberanfa de Etpafia en Filipinat. 
Bartdotmi Imprenta y litografia de Hemich y CompaiUa« 3 vols. 40. 

These volumes are most copiously annotated with original MSS. drawn from the Ar- 
duvo general de Indias, and other documents, which make them a most valuable source 
for the histoiy ol the Jesuits in the Philippines. In addition the editor used extensively 
Chirino*s unpublished MS. (9.0., p. 283). A German translation of most of the first 
book of the original edition was published in the Neue Wdt-Bott^ iv, theil xzvi, by Joseph 
Kiopff, S. J., in 1748, under the following title: ^^Beschrdbung deren Philippinischen 
Insdn.** Ais translation is accompanied by a map. Theil xzvii contains in transla- 
tioo the list of Jesuit houses, churches, etc (pp. 8ii-^ao in the original edition). In our 
series we have published the foOowing extracts from the original: ^ Jesuit missions in 1656; 
List of the number of religious, colleges, houses, and reudences of the province of the 
Society of Jesus; and of the churches, districts, and missions of Indians administered 
in these Filipinas Islands, this present year, M. DC. LVI;** pp. 8 1 i-8ao. Vol. zzvin, pp. 
78-103 (in the religious appendix). ^Native races and thor customs;** book i, chaps, iv, 
xiii-xri, pp. 15-19, 53-75* Vol. zl, pp. 37-98 (in ethnological appendix). ^The ooUm 
ol San Jos^;** book iii, chap, xviii (in part)^ pp. 4i4r4i8. Vol. zlv, pp. loi-iii (m 
educational appendix). Retana {Aparao 6ib/., i, pp. 1 34^1 38) also gives some brief extracts 
from the ori|^nal edition. In addition to the documents which we have used from Paa- 
tells*s edition, we have, among others, used the foUowing notes as annotation for our 
series: Vol. zzi, p. 3a, note i, in iii, pp. 674^7; p. 33, note 4, in iii, p. 677; pp. 
34-40, note 6, in iii, pp. 68a, 683; pp. 4a, 43, note 8, in iii, p. 679; p. 45, note la, 
in iii, p. 677; pp. 5a, 53, note 15, in iii, pp. 684, 685; p. 56, note 16, in iii, p. ^5; pp. 6a, 
63, note 17, in iii, p. 678; pp. 64, 65, note 18, in iii, p. 678; vol. zzvii, p. 303, note 98, 
in iii, p. 796; pp. 304, 305, note 100, in iii, p. 708; vol. zziz, p. a66, note 87, in i, p. 31; 
VOL. zxzv, p. 73, note 17, in iii, pp. 806-810; vol. zl, p. 69, note a3, in i, p. 64, note i. 
Copies of the original Spanish edition are conserved in the following libraries and collec- 
tions: P. de T. (Manila; bought from Maisonneuve); B. N. (Madrid); M. B. de U. (Ma- 
drid); B. R. (Madrid); C. G. de T. de F.; Pastells CBarcdona); convent of Santo Tomis 
(Avila); Col^o de Agustinos (Valladolid); B. N. (Paris); B. M. (London); East India 
Co.; H. S. of A. (N. Y.); and Aycr. 

Digitized by 


Letona, Bartholome DEy O. S. F.: — Prologo, y descripcion de Filipinas. 
Puebla de los Angeles'. 1662. 

Bound with Letoiia*t Perf§eUi reiigiosa (PueUa de loa Angeles, En la ofictna dela Tiuda 
de Juan de Borja, 7 Candia, 1661). Contuts of 35 unnumbered pages. On tbe fljleaf 
of the copjr of Ptrjtcta relighsa from which our transcript was made (in the possession of 
Antonio Graifio, of Madrid), is written: *^ A Teiy rare wcu^ espedallj with the description 
of Filipinasy because the Council of the Indias ordered it torn from the copies. It has been 
said that the Inquisition ordered this work collected and suppressed. I think that this 
is an entM-, and that this work has been confused with another work with a similar title; 
and the work pr(^bited by the Inquisition is that written by the Jesuit, Ramos.** This 
copy bears the bookplate oi Doctor N. Leoo. Cited by Huma, Esiado, p. 511, and Matw 
cellino da CiTezza, Saggio di hibi^y pp. 315, 316. Vol. zxzvi, pp. 189-117. Letona went 
to the Philippines in 1649; and returned to Mexico in 1654. He left some dcrotianal 

San Nicolas, Andres de, Recollect: — Historia general de los religiosos 

descalzos del Orden de los Ermitaiios del gran Padre y Doctor de la Igle- 

sia San Avgvstin, de la congregacion de Espana, y de las Indias. Madrid: 

For Andres Garcia de la Iglesia, 1664. Fp. (13), 536, (16). Engraved 

title-page. F®. 

The first Tolume of the general history of the Recollect order (see also poa, Jesus, Luis de; 
Santa Theresa, Diego de; and San Francisco de Assis, Pedro de). The portions treating 
of the Philippines are found on pp. 99-iox, 396^402, 4i3-4a9> 43WS7» 459-4^5* 469* 470, 
475, 476, 505-507, 50Q-511, 529 (the bibliography of the Libraiy of Congress bong slightly 
at error on this point). lii our vol. zzi, pp. 1 1 1-185, we hare translated the parts relat- 
ing to the Philippines under the following title: ** Early Recollect missions in the Philip- 
pines, 1606-1624.** Copies are owned by L. of C; and Ayer. 

Felipe IV: — [Law regarding vacancies in the government of the Fhilip- 
pines.] Madrid, April 2, 1664. 

In RtcopiJaeioH de Ityts dt Indias (Madrid, 1841X libro ii, tftulo zr, law l^iii, Tol. i, p. 

ISO. Vol. zvu, pp* 3 ' 3» 3 '4 (P**^ ^ appendix). 

Combes, Francisco, S. J.: — Historia de las islas de Mindanao, lolo, y 

svs adjacentes. Progresses de la religion, y armas catolicas. Madrid: 

For los herederos de Pablo de Val, 1667. Pp. (24), 562, (6). Index. 


This is eren yet one of the most important books erer written about Mindanao and ad- 
jacent islands. It contains descriptions of the islands, their products, peoples, and histoiy. 
It was edited with a lengthy pr6logo, nxxet, and Tarious tables, by W. £. Retana, with the 
collaboration of Pablo Pastells, S. J., under the following tide: **Historia de Mindanao 
y J0I6 por d P. Francisco Comb^ de la Compafiia de Jes^;** Madridi [Imprenta de la 
▼ittda de M. Minuesa de los RIos], 1897; F^. 

While the actual wording of the text has been respected, accents and punctuation have 
been introduced. Firom this we have translated the following in our series: ^The natiYes 
of the southern islands;** book i, chaps, ix-zriii (Retana and Pastells^s ed.). Vol. zl, pp. 
99-181 (in ethnological appendix). Copies of the original edition are found in the follow- 
ing libraries and collections: P. de T. (Manila); R. A. de la H. (Madrid); M. B. de U. 
(Madrid); C. 6. de T. de F.; Pastells (Barcelona); University of Serilla; Biblioteca 
prorindal (Toledo); B. N. (Paris); Biblioteca de Ajuda (Portugal); B. N. (Lisbon); 
Harrard; J. C. B. (Proridence); N. Y. Public; Astor; L. of C; U. S. War Dept. Li- 
braiy. There was also a copy in the libraiy of Antonio Ciinoras del Castillo. 

Fernandez Navarrete, Domingo, O. P. : — Tratados historicos, politicos, 

ethicos, y religiosos de la monarchia de China. Descripcion breve de 

aqvel imperio, y exemplos raros de emperadores, y magistrados del. 

G>n narracion difvsa de varios svcessos, y cosas singvlares de otros Rey- 

Digitized by 


iKM, y diferentes navegaciones. Madrid: En la imprenta real, 1676. 
Pp. (20), 518, 25. Fo. 

Dedicated to Don Juan de Auttria. It is written in a aomewhat gossipy style, and 
contains matters of considerable value not elsewhere found. While treating especially of 
China, some space is given to the Philippines, in particular book vi, chaps, iii-vii, zzzi, 
and zzxiL In chap, tttj, ^Adidones breres i. estos tratados** is a criticism of the woik 
of Firandsco Colin (see Pardo de Tavera, BM. ft., p. i68, no. 1068). It was probably in 
answer to this and to the treatment of the Chinese missions, that the following polemical 
works were published, in all probability by Jesuits: ** Memorial apologetico el exc™° Sefior 
Conde de ^a-Humbrosa . . de parte de los missioneros apostolicos de el imperio de la 
China. Representando los reparos que se hazen en un libro que se ha publicado en Madrid 
este afio de 1676 en grave perjuizio de aquella mission (Madrid, 1676 ?).** **Reparos hia- 
toriales apologeticos . . propuestos de parte de los missioneros apostolicos del imperio 
de la China representando los descuidos, que se cometen en un libro que se ha publicado 
en Madrid, en grave perjuizio de aquella mission.** This latter Retana (CaUSogo, p. xo^ 
no. 18) says was published at Tarragona, but the British Museum catalogue suggests Pam- 
plona, in 1 677. This, Retana says (ut supra) probably delayed the publication of the second 
part of the TrOaJci, which finally appeared in 1679. Fernandez de Navarrete was probably 
in Manila from 1648-1656 (see 6riffin*s Listf p. 1 19). There is an English translation which 
is published in the various editions of Churchill^s Collection of Foyagos — 1732, 1744, and 
1752, in vol. i; 1745, *° ^^* ^* ^^ ^^^ translated and synopsized from the original as 
follows: **Manila and the Philippines about 1650;** pp. 199-332, tratado vi, chaps. iii-viiL 
Vol. zxzvii, pd. 285-306 (chaps, iii, ivX and vol. zzzviii, pp. 17-71 (chaps, v-viii); in 
translation and synopsis. Copies of the original edition are conserved in the following 
libraries and collections: M. B. de U. (Madrid); C. 6. deT. de F.; B. M. (London; 
2 copies); L. of C. There is also a MS. copy of the printed book conserved (according 
to Ochoa, Catdlogo), in the library of the Arsenal at Paris. It is written on 1 35 leaves and 
is well preserved. 

Innocent XI : — [Bull granting prerogative of ex-provincials to the pro- 
curators of the order of Recollects.] Rome, December 17, 1677. 

In Hemaez, ColocciSn de bulas (Bruselas, 1879), i, p. 592. Vol. zzzvni, pp. 76, 77. 

Carlos II: — Real patronato en favor de la universidad [de Santo Tomas]. 

Madrid, May 17, 1680. 

In Algunos documentos relathos d la unhertidad do Manila (Madrid, 1892X pp* 31, 32. 
This decree is followed (pp. 32, 33) by the account of its reception by the Manila Audiencia 
(Aug. 21, 1 681), by the secretary Juan Sanchez. Vol. zzzviii, pp. 78-80. 

Jesus, Luis de, Recollect: — Historia general de los religiosos descalzos 

del Orden de los Hermitanos del gran Padre, y Doctor de la Iglesia San 

Avgvstin, de la congregacion de Esparia, y de las Indias. Madrid: 

Por Lucas Antonio de Bedmar, 1681. Pp. (36), 388, 48. Engraved 

title-page. F<». 

Vol. ii of the general history of the Recollects (see also ante, San Nicolas, Andres de; 
and post, Santa Theresa, Diego de, and San Francisco de Assis, Pedro de). Philippine 
matorial is found on pp. 6, 19-46, 53-57, 58, 59, 61, 69-82, iix, 163-173, 180, 182, 184, 
192, 193, 208 (misnumbered 108), 215, 279, 282, 284^298, 353, 354, 371-373. The parts 
treating of the Philippines we have translated and synopsized as follows: **Eariy Recol- 
lect missions in the Hiilippines, 1 606-1 624;** vol. zzi, pp. 191-259. **The Recollect mis- 
sions, 1625-^0^** pp. 69-71, 163-173, 184, 282-287, ^94*'^; <ce also vol. zzi, pp. 191- 
259. Vol. zzzv, pp. 59-88. **ReooUect Missions, 1646^;*^ pp. 371-373. Vol. zzzvi, 
pp. 10^113. In this work are mentioned the following MSS., all by Recollects: Pedio 
de Santiago, a work on the Recollects who went to the Indies, p. 42; Andres del Espiritu 
Santo, a relation of the Philippines, p. 42; Felipe de la Madre de Dios, Noticias historiales, 
p. 43; Jacinto de San Fulgencao, a relation, p. 43; Santa Monica, a relation, 
p. 44; Rodrigo de San Miguel, Historia general (f.v., post), p. 81. 

Sanchez, Juan: — Relacion svmaria de los fuceffos de la ciudad de Manila, 

Digitized by 


en las islas l<iiipina8. Mantla: por Kaymundo de renatort, June 15, 

1683. 4 leaves, po. 

In Retazu, Archho, i, no. 4. Retana transcribed horn the copy of the original pamphlet 
contenred in Madrid; M. B. de U. There it a transcript of the original pamphlet in the 
Ventura del Arco MSS. (;.v., iii, no. 7). This fonnt part of the famous Pardo cootro- 
fersy. Vol. zxxiz, pp. 149-175. 

Morales, Luis de, S. J.: — [Events of the Marianas missions, 1681-1684.] 

[Madrid, 1685?] Begins "Senor Lvis De Morales, Procurador de la 

G>mpaiiia . . ." Ends "esperan en todo recibir merced." 

This pamphlet contains the ^^Rdadon de d Estado^ 7 P r o gr e sso s de la liiission de las 
Yslas Marianas desde Junio passado de 81. hasu d de 82,** which was written in the 
letter^eport of Manud de Solorpano, S. J., Tice-provindal and superior of the Marianas 
missions; and ^^Rdadon de la Mission de Marianas desde d lunio passado de 82. hasta 15 
de Abril presente de 84.** by the same. Pardo de Tarera (fiMitttca fUipina, p. 274, no. 
1768) dtes this second report as a separate publication, which (following Vidal 7 SoIerX 
he describes as consisting of four folios, signed **Lttis de Morales procurador de la Com- 
pai&ia de Jesus.** It is l^cdj that the mistake arose through these two reports being dted 
separatdj (see Sommervogd, ▼» col. 1283X who, howerer, describes the two rdatioos as 
part of the same publication, as consisting of a folio pamphlet of four leaves. In no. 1769, 
Pardo de TaTera describes the entire rdation with its two reports, which eridentlj exists 
in his own libraiy. It has been translated hj Le Gobien, in his Hiaoirt tUs ths Mmiants 
(Paris, 1700), under the tide **Memoire du Pere Loids de Morales touchant la situadon, 
la distance et la grandeur des Ides Marianes.** As Morales went to Spain in 1685 as 
procurator for the misnons, the date of the pamphlet can be fixed at approximatelj 1685. 
Our transcript is made from the copj in R. A. de la H.; papdes de Jesuitas; tomo 19, 
tP. 25. 

Carlos II: — [Royal decree concerning narive schools.] Madrid, June 20, 


Lb BarTantes*s InsiruccHn primaria (Madrid, 1869X pp* 74-76. Vol. xlv, pp. 184- 
186 (in educationd appendix). 

ViLLALVA, Francisco de, O. P.: — [Petition for Dominican missionaries.] 

[Madrid, 1687 ?] 2 leaves. 

A rare pamphlet, beginning **$efior. Fray Ftandsco de Villdva, de la Orden de Pre- 
dicadores, y Procuradm Generd . . .*' The origind from which our transcript was 
made is in the British Museum, in a volume (fol. 710^ 711) of MSS. and printed pam- 
phlets entitled **Papeles tocantes a las Indias Ocddcntdes, j Philipinas, Flotas 7 Gale- 
ones,** whose pressmark is *^ Jure Emptionis; 13, 992; Plut. CZCI. D.** Vol. xxxix, pp. 

Santa Cruz, Baltasar de, O. P.: — Tomo segvndo de la historia de la 
provincia del Santo Rosario de Filipinas, lapon, y China del sagrado 
orden de predicadores. Zaragofa: Por Pasqval Bueno, 1693. Pp. (8), 
531 (p. 527 is misnumbered 327). po. 

Part n of the Dominican history. See dso antt, Aduarte, Diego de; and p^st, Sdazar, 
Vicente de, and CoUantcs, Diego de. Comprises the period 1637-1669. This work con- 
tains some bibliographical rderences (t,g,, book i, chaps. xU, xlii). Various extracts 
and synopses hsTe been published in our series as follows: **The Dominican misdons, 
1635-39,*^ pp. 1-23; in trandation and synopsis. Vol. xxxv, pp. 25-58 (facsimile of title- 
page, p. 23). **The Dominicans in the Philippines, 1641-69;** pp. 44 ft stq. (trandations 
and synopses). Vol. xxxvii» pp. 64-146. ** Of the honorable apostolic and royd erection 
of the uniTersity of Santo Tomils of Manila;*'* book i, chap, xxxvi, pp. 168-172. Vol. xlv, 
pp. 14X-150 (in educationd appendix). Extensive use of Santa Cruz has also been made 
in annotation. Copies of this work are conserved in the following libraries and collections: 
M. B. de U. (Madrid); C. G. de T. de F.; A. de I.; Convent of Santo Tomiis (Avila); 
Eduardo Navarroy O. S. A. (VaUadolid); B. N. (Paris); B. M. (London); L. of C. 
(2 copies; one with bookplate); Ayer. 

Digitized by 


Clain, Paul, S. J. : — Lettre au reverend pere Thyrse Gonzalez genera 
de la meme compagnie [de Jesus], sur la nouvelle decouverte qu'on a 
fake de trente-deux ifles, au sud des Ifles Mariannes. Manila, June lo, 

In Lutrts •difumui et curifuus (Paris, 1717X >> PP* 1 12-136. Vol. zu, pp. 39-56. 
San Augustin, Caspar de, O. S. A.: — Conquistas de las islas Philipinas; 
la temporal, por las armas del Senor Don Phelipe Segundo el Prudence; 
y la espiritval, por los religiosos del Orden de nuestro Padre San Augusrin: 
fundadon, y progressos de sv provincia del Santissimo Nombre de 
Jesus, parte primera. Madrid: En la Imprenta de Manvel Rviz de 
Mvega, 1698. Pp. (32), S44» (?)• Engraving. Index, po. 

One of the most celebrated of all earij accounts. Ends with the jear 1616. The 
C«mquisuu dt las Islas Ftlipmas, prepared by Casiniiro Diaz, and known as the second part 
of thie above histoiy, was prepared in great part from materials gathered by San Augustin. 
It was never published until 1 890 (Valladolid) under the editorship of Tirso Lopez, O. S. A. 
Copies of San Augustin*s work are owned by P. de T. (Manila); M. B. de U. (Madrid); 
R. A. de la H. (Madrid); C. 6. de T. de F.; Biblioteca provincial (Toledo); Cd^ de 
Agustinos (VaUadoUd); Eduardo Navarroy O. S. A. (Valladolid); B. M. (London); 
B. P. (Boston); Lenox; Astor (N. Y.); L. of C; Ayer; and Biblioteca Nadonal de 
Santiago (Chile). San Augustin wrote a Cowftssiomarh in Spanish and Tagal, ^*for the 
direction of the confessors and the instruction of the penitents.** It was published at Sam- 
paloc, in 1787. (**Pres6ntanse en A cuestiooes en eztremo per^;rinas, particularmente 
en las pr^iuntas que d conf esor hace ii los indios sobre los mandamientos sexto y noreno.** 
(Vindd, CaUSogOf ii, na 331.) 

Le Gobien, Cbabxes, S. J.: — Histoire des Isles Marianes, nouvellement 
converties a la religion chrestienne; & de la mort glorieuse des premiers 
missionaires qui y ont preche la foy. Paris: Chez Nicolas Pepie, 1700. 
Pp. (24), 433, (12). Two folded maps. i6<>. 

The author claims that he has used only materials contained in the letters and rela- 
tions of missionaries sent him from Rome, Spain, and the Netherlands. Much of it is 
a translation of Garda^s FiiU y martyrio . . dt Diego Luis de Sanvitores (Madrid, 
1683). Book ii of the 2d ed. of Le (>obien*s work (also Paris, 1700) was published in 
Spuush translation in Delgado*s Historia genend (Manila, 1892). Eduardo Navarro, 
O. S. A., of Valladolid, claims that Le Gobien is not accurate in all essentials. See Griffin*s 
List, p. 143. Copies of this work are owned by P. de T. (Manila); C. G. de T. de F.; 
B. M. (London); L. of C. 

IBerart, Raimundo, O. P.]: — [Memorial by the religious orders.] Ca.^ 


Ayer Collection. See post, Arco, Ventura del, ▼, no. 3. Vol. zui, pp. 64-112. 

This memorial purports to be by the representatires of the fire orders of the Dominicans, 
Franciscans, Augustinians, Recollects, and Jesuits. However, Berart, in a letter of April 
4, 1700^ says: **I wrote the memorial which Lector Mimbela printed under his name,^ 
(see ReseHa hiog^ ii, p. 203). Mimbela is the first person mentioned in the memorial as 
r^resenting the Dominicans. 

Vila, Jose, O. P.; and others: — [Condition of the islands, 1701.} Manila, 
October 7, 1701. 

Ayer Collection. See post, Arco» Ventura del, ▼, no. 2. Vol. zuv, pp. 120-141. 

Damfier, Captain William: — A new voyage round the world. Describ- 
ing particularly, the isthmus of America, several coasts and islands in 
the West Indies, the Isles of Cape Verd, the passage by Terra del Fuego, 
the South Sea coasts of Chili, Peru and Mexico; the island of Guam one 

Digitized by 


of the LadroneSy Mindanao, and other Philippine and East India Islands 

near Cambodia, China, Formosa, Luconia, Celebes, &c. New Holland, 

Sumatra, Nicobar, Isles; the Cape of Good Hope, and Santa Helena. 

Their soil, rivers, harbours, plants, fruits, animals, and inhabitants. 

Their custom, relig;ion, government, trade, &c. London: Printed for 

James Knapton, 1703. Maps. Plates. 4 vols. 8<'. 

This ii the fifth editbii. The fint edition was published for Jtmes Knapton at London 
in 1697. For bibliographical information concerning Dampier*s wonk, see Sabin, BAHo- 
th§ca JnurteottOf r, pp. 188-195. '^^'^^^'c hsTe been orer seven English editions (the serenth 
being considered the best, althoagb it contains much matter that is not Dampter*s - see 
▼OL. zzxviii, p. 241, note 114); and editions have also been published in French, Dutcfat 
and German. Dampier*s AiS. is conserved in London; B. M. (see^osf, p. 311). We 
reprint the portions treating of the Philippines. Vol. xzxviii, pp. 140-285, and vol. 
mix, pp. ii-iai. 

Uriarte, Juan Bautista de: — Manifiesto, y resvmen historico de la fvn- 

dacion de la venerable hermandad de la Santa Mifericordia de la ciudad de 

Manila. [Manila]: En el colleg;io, y vniverfidad de Santo Thomas, 

1728. Fol. (7), SI. Fo. 

See Retana^s description of this tide in his Imprmta en FUipiiuu (Madrid, 1899X ooU. 
153-157. It is rare and but seldom found. Vol. xlvii, pp. 23-85 (see also pp. iio-aia, 
note 42); presented in translation and synopsis. We haTe translated from the copy in the 
Ayer Cdlection. 

ORXfz, T0MA8, O. S. A.: — Practica del ministerio qve sigven los religiosos 
del orden de N. P. S. Avgvstin, en Philippinas. [Sampaloc]: £n el con- 
vento de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles, 1731. Pp. (9), 83. 40. 

An exceedingly rare book. Retana (Estadismo, ii, p. ^14) was able to find a copy onbf 
at the Augustinian convent at Valladolid (in the possession <^ Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A.). 
It contains important matter on the heathen practices of the natives. Retana reproduces 
parts of the most important matter {EstadismOf ii, pp. *i4-^iX which we have translated, 
vis., part of chap, i, section ir, pp. 11-15, under the tide ^Superstitions and beliefs of the 
Filipinos,^ and which fonns a part of the ethnological appendix. Vol. xuii, pp. 103-iia. 

Clement XII: — [Bula en que] se da facultad para ensefiar ambos derechos 
en la universidad instalada en el colegio de Santo Tomas de la orden de 
Santo Domingo en Manila. Rome, September 2, 1734- 

Published in Hecnaez, Col«cei6n di huloM (Bruselas, 1879X pp. 47 1» 47^ 1^^ original 
MS. is in the Vatican; Bular. Dominic, tomo 6, fd. 746. Vol. xlv, pp. 146, 147, note 73. 

Grandival, Licentiate Antonio Joseph: — Discurso legal, canonico, y 
real por las provincias de la sagrada religion de la Compaiiia de Jesus de la 
Nueva-Espaiia, e Islas Philipinas, en los autos con el venerable dean, 7 
cabildo de la santa Iglesia metropolitana de Mexico. Sobre que por el 
real, y supremo consejo de Indias se libre cierto despacho, que solicitan 
dichas provincias. [N.p.; n.d.; but later than 1735.] 

The transcript possessed by the Editors was made from one of the original pamphlets in 
R. A. de la H., Madrid. Treats in large part (with many legal citations) of tithes. 

Alvarez de Abreu, Antonio Jose : — Extracto historial del expediente 
que pende en el consejo real, y supremo de las Indias, a instancia de la 
ciudad de Manila, y demas de las Islas Philipinas, sobre la forma en que 
se ha de hacer, y continuar el comerdo, y contratacion de los texidos de 

China en Nueva-Efpana : Y para la mejor comprehenfion, diftinguiendo, 
7 feparando tiempos, fe nocan los lances de efta dependencia defde el 
defcubrimiento de las Islas Philipinas, y concefsion de fu comercio, con 
todo quanto ha ocurrido hafca el prefente de oficio, y a inftancia del 
confulado, y comercio de Efpaiia. Madrid: En la imprenta de Juan de 
Arizda, 1736. Leaves (14), 324. F*>. 

A moct important book for the ttudj of the commercial rdatioos between the Philippines 
and Nuera Etpafia and Spain. Divided into ten tiempos or periods. On folios 215-264 
is inserted the famous memorial of Grau 7 Monfalcon (see vol. zzvii, pp. 55-212); and 
on folios 3-1 5y the **Justificaci6n de la conservaddn 7 comercio de las islas Philipinas,** 
of the same author (see vol. xxx, pp. 25-109). Of tins book onl7 100 copies are declared 
to have been printed. For bibliographical details, see Pardo de Tavera, BSd. jS?., p. 164, 
no. 1044; 6riffin*s List, p. 7; and Retana*s CatMogo, p. 16, and Apartto hibl. We have 
published this as follows in our series in translation and s7nopsis: ** Commerce between 
the Philippines and Nueva Espafia** (i593'>^5)> ^^' 1*^1 ^ ^*^ ^^^^ periods. Vol. 
xzz, pp. 23-109 (facsimile of title-page on p. 21). **Commerce of the Philippines with 
Nueva Espafia, 1640-1736;" translated and s7nopsized from periods iii-z. Vol. zliv, 
pp. 227-312; and vol. zlv, pp. 29-88. Alvarez de Abreu possessed an excellent librai7» 
among vHiich were man7 titles on the Indies (see Vindel, CaUUogo, v, p. 103). Copies 
of his wofk are conserved in the following libraries and collections: P. de T. (Manila); 
M. B. de U. (Madrid); C. 6. de T. de F.; A. de L (est. 107, caj. i, leg. 3); Colegio de 
Agustinos (Valladolid); Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. (Valladolid^; Universit7 of Sevilla; 
B. M. (Loodoo); East India Compan7; Harvard; B. P. (Boston); Astor (N. Y.); A7er. 
This book is listed in man7 of the sales catalogues. 

Sam Antonio, Juan Francisco, O. S. F.: — Chronicas de la apostolica 
provincia de religiosos descalzos de N. S. P. S. Francisco en las Islas 
Philipinas, China, Japon, &c. . . . Sampaloc: Impressa en la im- 
prenta del vso de la propria provincia, . . For Fr. Juan del Sotillo, 
1738-1744. 3 vols. Fo. 

See Retana*s full description of this work in his Aparato hMiogrdfko, i, pp. 291-296; and 
that of Pardo de Tavera, in his BMioUea fiipina* The first volume is the most important 
and furnishes much practical information regarding the islands. The work contains also 
some bibliographical notes (see the lives of die various Fk-andscan friars). Considerable 
use seems to have been made of San Antonio b7 Juan Delgado, S. J., in his Histtria 
(Manila, 1892). See Medina, Imprenta, no. 202, in r« a surreptitious edition of vol. ii 
of the Ckroiticas. The imprint on this vol. is ^*Convento de Nuestra Sefiora de Loreto dd 
Pueblo de Sampaloc, 1741.** Vindel, however, believes it should be Madrid, 1743. "^^ 
first and third vols, of such an edition have not 7et been discovered. We have published 
in addition to man7 notes from San Antonio, the following extracts (mainl7 in dinsct trans- 
lation): **The religious estate in the Philippines;^ book i, pp. 172-175, 190-210, 214-216, 
219, 220^ 223-226, comprising chaps, xlvii (in partX xlviii-b, Uii, Iv, hri (in part), Ivii, Iviii- 
VoL. xxviii, pp. 104-162 (in religious appendix; with facsimile of title-page of vol. i, on p. 
105). **The native peoples and their customs;** i, pp. 129-172, chaps, xxxix-xlv. Vol. 
XL, pp. 296-373 (in ethnological appendix). Copies of this work are conserved in the 
following libraries and collections: P. de T. (Manila); R. A. de la H. (Madrid); B. R. 
^adrid); C. G. de T. de F.; Biblioteca provincial (Toledo; ist part onl7); B. M. 
(London); Harvard; Ubaldus Pandolfi, O. S. F. (Boston); Astor (N. Y.); A7er. There 
was fonnert7 a cop7 in the librar7 of Alphonse Pinart (see his Catalogu«f Paris, 1883, no. 

Mau>onado de Puga, Juan (Order of St. John): — Religiosa hospitalidad 

por los hijos del piadoso coripheo patriarcha, y padre de pobres S. Ivan 

de Dios. £n sv provincia de S. Raphael de las Islas Philipinas. Gra- 

nada: Joseph de la Puerta» 1742. Pp. (6), 261, (3). Engravings. 80. 

Rare, and of considerable value. It was written in 1739, as appears from an **Apfo- 
baddn,** preceding the text. See translation and s7nopses in our vol. xlviii, pp. 161-229. 

Digitized by 


Copies are found in the following ubranes and ooUectioos: P. de T. (Manila}; B. R. 
(Bladrid); C. 6. dc T. de F.; B. M. (London); H. S. of A. (S. Y.); L. of C. The 
copy belonging to L. of C. is in manuscript, which was made from the printed book, for the 
commissaiy-general of the Order of St. John of God in that order^s GOOTent at Mexico. 
It Gontains 566 pp., and is bound in silk. Purchased from W. W. Blake (MexiooX for 
lioodoo^ July 24, 1899. It contains an ciceHent reproduction of the engraved title-page. 

Salazab, Vicente^ O. P.: — Historia de la provincia de el Santissimo 

Rosario de Philipinas, China, y Tvnking, de el sagrado orden de predi- 

cadores. Manila: Impressa en la imprenta de dicho collegio, y universi- 

dad de Santo Thomas, 1742. Pp. (36), 746, (36). F®. 

The third part of the Dominican hittoiy. See aiue, Aduarte^ Diego de, and Santa Ciua, 
Bakasar; and p«<i, CoUantes, Domingo. We haTe translated and synopsind from this 
woik as follows: **Fclipe Pardo as arehfaishop.*^ The Dominican side of the Pardo coo- 
u ofe rsy . Vol. xxxiz, pp. 243~^75* "Dominiran missions, 1670-1700;** book i, chaps. 
Ti, zxrm, zzx, ixii, Trriii, zxziT, bdii, book ii, chaps, ii, xi, xxii, xxiii, xxxr, xxxn, dix; 
in translation and synopsis; with brief statement of matter oiF intervening chapters. Vol. 
xuii, pp. 27-93. ** College of San Juan de Letran;** book i, chap, ii (entitled ^ Of the 
rcmoral of the college of San Juan de Letran of Manila*^)^ pp. 7-IS. Vol. xlv, pp. ao8- 
217 (in educational appendix). Copiesof this woik are oonscmd in the following libraries 
and coUections: C. G. de T. de P.; Biblioteca provincial (Toledo); University of Barcelona; 
B. M. (London); American Pfailosophical Society (Philadelphia; presented by Robert 
Bridges, 1803); Aycr. 

Santa Theresa, Diego de, Recollect: — Historia general de los relig;io8os 

descalzos del Orden de los Ermitanos del g;ran Padre, y Doctor de la 

Iglesia San Agustin, de la congregacion de Espaiia, y de las Indias. 

Barcelona: En la imprenta de los herederos de Juan Pablo, y Maria 

Mard, Administrado por Mauro Marri, 1743. Pp. (26), 560, (20). 

Engraved ritle-page. Fo. 

VoL iii of the general histoiy of the Recollects (see amt^ San Nicolas, Andres de, and 
Jesus, Luis de; and pMf, San I^andsoo de Asds, P«iro de). Philippine material is found 
Qo pp. 134^153, i73-i75» »83-i90> 205-208, 209, 215, 219-232, 237-260, 277-299, 332, 342- 
366, 508-532, 545-547, 556-558. We publish the Philippine matter as follows: **Recol- 
lect missions, 164^60;** pp. 134^558. Vol. zxxvi, pp. 11 3-188. A copy of diis woik is 
oonaerred in L. of C. 

[UsTARiZy Bernardo, O. P.]: — Relacion de los sucessos, y progressos de 

la mission de Santa Cruz de Paniqui: y de Ytuy, medias entre las de 

Pangasinan, Cagayan, y Pampanga: ano de 1745. [Manila: 1745.] 

Pp.38. 4^ 

Contains interesting ethnological obserradons. Ustiriz arriyed at Manila in 1730, 
and was later provincial of his order, and bishop of Nuera Segoria (see Pardo dc Tavera, 
BM. fl^ p. 422, no. 2751 ). He rendered efficient aid to Anda during the English inrasion. 
Vol. zlviii, pp. 123-136 (in translation and synopsis). 

MuRiLLO Velarde, Pedro, S. J.: — Historia. Manila: 1749. 

See antt, pp. 84, 85. 
Fernando VI: — [Usurpation of Indian lands by friars.] San Lorenzo, 
November 7, 1751. 

In the Manila newspaper La Dtmoeraeia, for Nor. 25, 1901. Vol. ZLVin, pp. 27-36. 

ToRRUBiA, Jose, O. S. F.: — Dissertacion historico-politica y en mucha 

parte geografica, de las Islas Philipinas, extension del Mahomerismo en 

ellas, grandes estragos, que ban becbo los Mindanaos^ JoloeSf CamuconeSy 

y conferados de esta secta en nuestros pueblos Cbristianos, &c. Madrid: 

En la Imprenta de D. Agunin de Gordejuela y Sierra, 1753. zd ed. 

Pp. (48), us. n"- 

The Frandtcan Tomibia wrote, in defense of the Jetuit mitttons in Mindanao and the 
mainrfnanrr of the Zamboanga fort, in 1736 (for title of which, see Retana and Griffin), 
a memorial, which was printed (a Tery few copies) for circulation in the Spanish court; 
it eulogized the serrices of F. Valdis Tamdn. When the latter*s son was at Madrid 
later, no copy of this memorial could be found; accordingly, Patrido Joseph Castellanos 
secured permission (1753) to reprint it; he dedicated it to the son. (See the ^* Dedication*' 
at the beginning, signed by Castellanos.) Tomibia describes the location, settlements, 
and importance of Mindanao, and its relation to the other Moro islands of J0I6, Borneo, 
etc He relates the depredations of the Moro pirates, and shows how these have always 
been nmch greater when the Spaniards had no fort in Mindanao. He gives the history of 
Zamboanga fort and of expeditions sent against pirates. The origin and funds of Miseri- 
oordia are related, its obras pfas, and its function as a Monte de piedad. In addition to 
▼arious notes, we have translated in our series £rom the 1753 edition as follows: ** Events 
in Filipinas, 1721-39;** pp. 68-90; in synopsis and translation. Vol. zlvi, pp. 38-43 
(with a facrimile of the tide-page on p. 41). See also vol. zlvii, pp. 119, iao» note 13. 
Copies of the 1736 edition are conserved in M. B. de U. (Madrid); R. A. de la H. (Madrid); 
C 6. de T. de F.; Univenity of SeviUa; B. M. (London); L. of C. Copies of the 1753 
edition are conserved in the following librauies and collections: P. de T. (Manila); R. A. 
de U H. (Madrid); M. B. de U. (Madrid); C. G. de T. de F.; B. N. (Paris); B. M. (Lon- 
don); Harvard; Astor; L.ofC. 

•Relacion de la valerosa defensa de los naturales Bisayas del 

pueblo de Palompong en la ysla de Leyte de la provincia de Catbalogan 
en las Islas Philipinas, que hicieron contra las armas mahometanas de 
Ylanos y Malanaos, en el mes de lunio de 1754. Manila: Imp. de 
la Compaiiia de Jesus, [1755]. Pp. (14). Rice paper. 49. 

Very rare. Pardo de Tavera (Bibl, fi^ p. 346, no. 1296) says that this pamphlet was 

rqvinted in Mexico without date. Vol. zlviu, pp. 36-51. There is a copy of this book 

in the Ayer Collection. 

San Francisco de Assis, Pedro de. Recollect: — Historia general de 

los religiosos descalzos del Orden de los Hermitaiios del gran Padre, y 

Doctor de la Iglesia San Agustin, de la congregacion de Espaiia, y de 

las Indias. Zaragoia: En la imprenta de Francisco Moreno, 1756. Pp. 

(36), 604. Engraved title-page. F<'. 

VoL iv of the general history of the Recollects (see antt, San Nicolas, Andres de; Jesus, 
Luis de; and SanU Theresa, Diego de). Philippine material is found on pp. 1-18, 31-35, 
4^Sh 57-^7. i53-«73» »94^i99f «>3-ii9, 115, 126, 285-298, 342-352, 358-364, 378-393» 
397-408, 43iH3^ 4*>-44^ 457» 458> ^5'$^ S'S'S"*, 550-S59- This matter we have 
used as foOows: ** Missions in the Philippines, 1661-1712;** all relating to the Philippine 
missimns as above; in translation and synopsis. Vol. zu, pp. 57-231. A copy is conserved 

Draper, General Sir William: — [Journal of the operations at Manila.] 
[Manila?]* 1762. 

In' Scats Ma^mnt, 1763, pp. 227-232. Published also in other contemporary maga- 
aines (see vol. zuz, p. 100^ note 46). It is followed by various notes in r^ard to Span- 
ish prisoners, the killed and wounded of the British, and the ordnance, etc., captured. Vol. 
zuz, pp. 81-103. 

C0RNI8H, Admiral Sir Samuel; Draper, General Sir William; Rojo, 
Manuel Antonio; and others: — [Three sets of proposals in regard to 
the surrender of Manila.] October 6, 1762. 

The first set are those offered by the Spaniards; the second are the counter propositions 
of the British, to which is attached a later condition of Oct. 30; and the third are the coo- 

Digitized by 


dttiont u agreed upon by Spaniards and Britith. The fint two we take from Sctu 
Magamtu for 1763, where thcf follow the letter to Eg;remont (these are published in other 
contemporarj magaxines; see vou xuz, pp. 74, 75, note 29). The third set is taken 
from Ctapcr^s A plain uarratht, pp. 27-^0, Vol. zuz, pp. 75-80. 

Cornish, Admiral Sir Samuel: — [Letters to Clevland.] Manila Baj, 

October 31, and November io» 1762. 

In Setts Magemutt, 1763, pp. ^3»-a35 (the list ol killed and wounded being taken from 
the LoHdoH Maganitu, for 1 763, mii, p. aia). These letten were also puUislMd in sereral 
other contemporaiy British magazines (see tol. zuz, p. 54, note 19, and p. 59, note 2a). 
Vou xuXf pp. 44-59. 

Draper, General Sir William. — Letter to the Earl of Egremont. 

Manila, November 2, 1762. 

In Scats MagjBotmt, 1763, pp. 115-217. This letter is also published in other contem- 
porary magairines (see vox. xuz, pp. 74, 75, note 19). See die manuscript draft of this 
letter, post^ p. 13 1 . Vol. xuz, pp. 70-74. 

Rojo Y Vieyra, Manuel Antonio (archbishop-governor): — [Journal of 

operations at Manila.] December 23, 1762. 

In Le GentU's Vajagt (i779-«78iX ^ PP- a3»-»35> »3^> *37-»39» H^i H»» H3-H7» 
148-151, 155-159* Tikis is a French translation made from the original journal, vfaich 
was loaned to Le Gentil hj Rojo^s nephew; and iriiich, or its duplicate, or a transcript, is 
oonserred in A. de I.; est. 107, caj. 3, leg. 1. There is also a oopj in R. A. de la H., which 
is dted by Montero 7 Vidal, Hist, fsn., ii, pp. 17, 18, 35. Vol. zuz, pp. 1Q4-131. 

Mozo, Antonio, O. S. A.: — Noticia historico natural de los gloriosos tri- 

umphos y felices adelantamientos conseguidos en el presente siglo por 

los religiosos de N. P. S. Agustin en las missiones que tienen a su cargo 

en las Islas Philipinas, y en el grande Imperio de la China. Madrid \ 

Por Andres Ortega^ 1763. Pp. (16), 247. 4°. 

Contains important ethnological and social matter. We have translated and summa- 
rised portions of this woik, espedallj those portions that are of ethnological interest. 
Vou ZLTiu, pp. 59-113* Copies of Mozo*s woik are conserved in the following libraries 
and collections: P. de T. (Manila); B. N. (Madrid); Bi. B. de U. (Madrid); R. A. de la 
H. (Madrid); Antonio Graifio (Madrid); C 6. de T. de F.; B. M. (London); Harratd; 

Draper, Sir William: — Colonel Draper's answer to the Spanish argu- 
ments, claiming the galeon, and refusing payment of the ransom bills, 
for preserving Manila from pillage and destruction; in a letter addressed 
to the Earl of Halifax. London: Printed for J. Dodsley, 1764. Pp. 43. 

See for bibliographical details, vol. zuz, p. 311, note 195, p. 31S, note 101, and p. 331. 
Vou zuz, pp. 311-335. Copies exist in B. M. (London); Astor; and Ajrer. 

[Draper, General Sir William]: — A plain narrative. [London; 1764?] 
Pp. 30. 80. 

Oriffin^s Li'st is in error in ascribing this to be the joint work of Draper and Cornish, 
the mistake arising from the fact that both officers signed the various proposals which are 
added to the narratiye (see vol. zuz, p. 309, note 185). See for bibliographical notes, 
Griffin^B Listf p- 114- The three sets of proposals are included in the pamphlet, two of 
which we publish from another source (see flnte, p. 1 17). Vol. zuz, pp. 309-311. Copies 
exist in M. B. de U. (Madrid): L.ofC.: andAjer. 

Anda y Salazar, Doctor Simon: — Abusos 6 desordenes que se han 
criado en las islas Filipinas bajo de la capa de religion y a costa del real 

Digitized by 


erario, que se deben cortar de raiz, para que los gobemadores que se 

envien a aquellas partes si fuesen Buenos sean mejores y si malos no sean 

peores; para que la religion se establezca sobre sus principios ciertos de 

pureza, para que el rey sea senor de aquellos dominios (hasta ahora ha 

sido en el gasto) y finalmente para que los vasallos de S. M., asi Espafioles 

como Indios, lo sean solo de su rey y salgan de la abominable esclavitud 

que llevan de cerca de doscientos anos. April 12, 1768. 

In Dr. T. H. Pardo de TaTcra^s Una mtmoria da Anda y Sdaur (Manila, 1899), pp. 
9-41. Thit if followed (pp. 43-102) \sj annotadoDs \sj Pardo de TaTera. This was the 
first publicatioD of the menoorial, although there were manj manuscript copies of it which 
had ctrculated sonMniriiat widelj. W. E. Retana owned such a copj. See Pardo de 
TaTcra^s preface to this memorial. A memorial ol great Talue. Vol. l, pp. 137-190. 
The original MS. is conserved in A. de I.; est. 107, caj. i, leg. 17. 

Samcho de Santa Justa y Rufina, Basilic (Archbishop): — [Decree per- 
mitting certain books against the Jesuit doctrine to be read.] Manila, 
November i, 1769. [Manila: 1769.] I leaf, printed on* one side; 
33 X 5a cms. 

Issued on account of the expulsion of the Jesuits. The original printed edition from 
which the transcript in possession of the Editors was made is conserred in Madrid; 
A. H. N.; A-18-26-8. See also Pardo de TaTera, Bibl. fl,^ p. 384, no. 2517. Vol. l, 
pp. 308-316 (see also, note 151). 

[Instructions to the secular clergy.] Manila, October 25, 1771. 

In Ferrando*s Historia di PP, dominicos (Madrid, 1870-1872), t, pp. 59, 60. For titles 
hy this author, who sought to enforce rigorously the episcopal risit of regulars engaged 
in the office ol parish priest, see Pardo de Tayera^s BAl, fl^ pp. 383-388, nos. 2513-2536; 
and Ferrando^ ut supra, t, pp. 51-61. Vol. l, pp. 265-268. 

F0RILE8T, Captain Thomas: — A voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas, 

from Balambangan: including an account of Magindanao, Sooloo, and 

other islands. London: Printed by J. Scott, 1779. Pp. xxiii, (i), 388, 

13, (2). E^igravings. Map. 40. 

This work is highly praised bj Retana, Aparao biN^ i, pp. 392, 393. Especially 
TaluaUe for its description of Mindanao and its people, of whom (as likewise of the Pa- 
puans) Forrest gires a yocabulary. A Dublin edition was published in 1779; a French 
translation was published at Paris, in 1780; and a German translation at Hamburg, in 
1782 (the latter without the Tocabularies). We haTe used this for Tarious notes in our 
teries, among others the following: **ETents in Filipinas, 1721-1739;^ pp. 201-206. Vol. 
ZLVi, pp. 45-48, note 6 (in part). See also the notes in vou. ZLvm, p. 166; i, p. 33; 
and u, pp. 26, 84-87. A copy of the London ed. is owned by James A. Robertson. 

Gbntil de la Galaisiere, Guillaume Joseph Hyacinths Jean 

Baptiste le: — Voyage dans les mers de Tlnde, fait par ordre du roi, a 

ToccaHon du passage de Venus, fur le difque du soleil, le 6 Juin 1761, ic 

le 3 du meme mois 1769. Paris: De rimprimerie royalle, 1 779-1 781. 

2 vols. Folded plates. Folded maps. 49. 

The Philippine matter is contained in toI. ii, pp. 1-366 (except for a few scattered refer- 
ences in Tol. i). This work is of distinct Talue to the student who wishes to gather a cor- 
rect idea of conditions in the latter part of the eighteenth century, although it does contain 
tome inaccuracies in regard to the social and pditical life (see Pardo de TaTera, Bibl. fl., 
p. 232, no. 1 510). Le Gentil was a trained scientific obserTer, and was sent out by the 
French goremment. His obserrations coTer the dates Sept. 1766-Feb. i, 1768. He makes 
considerable use of San Antonio as an authority for his statements. We publish the foUow- 

Digitized by 


UKj^ CJUASUA tiwiu uuB wnxm.i X. b«A«GBUwa«u vurrcj %>i uis f souppiiiciy Uy pp. lyo-l^ly 

and 59-63 (in put of the latter reference, tramlaring directly from San Antonio** Ckrtni- 
eas, ip part of chap, zl, to which Le Gcotil refen only in tptoptuy. Vol. zzvuiy pp. 191- 
115 (in rdigioua appendix). IL **Rojo** Journal,** (1763X u* PP* ^S^^SS* ^3^ ^37-239, 
241, 343, 243-H7f 248-352, 255-259, which Le Gcotil trandatet into Fkendi from the 
ori^nal Spamth. Vol. zuz, pp. 104-131. Copies are owned in the following Itfarariet 
and collections: B. P. (Botton); Yale; American Fhiloaophkal Sodety (Philadelphia); 
L. of C; Ayer; WIb. Hist. Society. 

CoLLANTBSy DoMiNGO, O. P.. — Historia de la provincia del santisimo Ro- 

sario de Filipinas, China, y Tunquin Orden de Predicadores. Qvarta 

parte desde el aiio de 1700. hasta el de 1765. [Manila]: En la imprenu 

de dicho colegio, y Vniversidad [i,e,^ Santo Tomas]: por luan Franc, de 

los Santos, 1783. Pp. (94), 659, (i). ¥<>. 

The fourth part of the Dominican histofy. See antg, Aduarte, Diego de; Santa Cruz» 
Baltasar de; and Salazar, Vicente de. One of the rarest of all Philippine titles. The 
unnumbered preliminary pages contain a chronological list of the conquistadors; a chrono- 
logical list of the archbishops of Manila; and a chronological list of the proyiiudab of the 
Dominican province in the Philippines. See Pardo de TaTera, BAI, jS^ p. 107; and 
Retana, Aparaio bAI^ i, pp. 401, 402. The latter gives a facsimile of the title-page. Co- 
llantes was a native oif Villa de Herrin de Campos, professed in the convent ol San Pablo 
at Valladolid in 1764, and arrived at Manila July 8, 1769. He filled several posts in his 
order, among them that ol provincial. He died as bishop of Nueva Ciceres in 1808, at 
the age of 60. Copies of his book are found in the foIlo^|ing libraries and collections: P. 
deT. (Manila; the copy formeriy owned by Dr. A. R. Jurado, London); B. N. (Madrid); 
C. G. de T. dp F.; convent of Santo Tomis (Avila); and Antonio Graifio (Madrid). 

Basco y Vargas, Jose (governor); and others: — Bando que contiene 

varias disposiciones encaminadas a favorecer la agricultura y especial- 

mente a los agricultores indigenas. Arayat, March 20, 1784. [Sam- 

paloc: 1784.] 4 leaves. 40. 

Pardo de Tavcra (B&1» fl^ p. 44, no. 115) says of this document, that it was the work 
ol Ciriaco Gonzilez Carvajal, as is shown by documents accompanying the copy in A. de I. 
We translate and synopsize direct from a copy in the Ayer Collection. Vou ui, pp. 291- 
301 (in agricultural appendix). 

Carlos III : — Real cedula que concede al colegio de Santo Tomas de 

Manila el titulo de real. El Pardo, March 7, 1785. 

In Algunot doeumtmos rdativs d la unhtrtidad da Manila (Madrid, 1891X PP< 35-37- 
Vol. zlv, pp. 150-152. 

CoNCEPCioN, Juan de la. Recollect: — Historia general de Philipinas. 

Conqvistas espiritvales y temporales de estos espanoles dominios, esta- 

biecimientos progressos, y decadencias. Comprehende los imperios reinos 

y provincias de islas y continentes con quienes ha havido communi- 

cacion, y comercio por immediatas coincidencias. Con noticias uni- 

versaies geographicas hidrographicas de historia natural de polidca de 

costumbres y de religiones, en lo que deba intererarse tan universal. [The 

first five vols, bear the following imprint]: Manila: En la imp. del seminar. 

Conciliar. y Real de S. Carlos: Por Agustin de la Rosa y Balagtas, 

1788. prhe last nine vols.]: Sampaloc: En el conv. de Nfa. Sra de 

Loreto: Por el Hermano Balthasar Mariano, Donado Franciscano, 1788- 

1792. 14 vols.; rice paper; maps; indices. 4^. 

The moit extensive hittory of the Philippines ever written as one work. Treats largely 

friar vriten, and ghret many intereatmg detailt ol PbUippiiie history. Mardnez de Zufii- 
ga rondenicd much ol hi* Hiawia from this work. Retana {Aparato hiM,, i, p. 419), 
says that a manuscript copy of Concq>don exists in Madrid, at the BiUioteca Nadonal, 
with pressmark I, 3ia< Ix shows yariatians from the printed edition. Concepcion*s 
style is not at all easy, and the work is wretchedly printed. Besides using this history 
largely for annotation throughout its period in our series, we haye translated and synop- 
sized as follows: ** Early Recollect missions in the Philippines, 1606-1624;** in iT, pp. 189- 
265, and ▼, pp. 3a-ioa Vol. zzi» pp. 163-317. **The Recollect missions, 1625-1640,** 
T, pp. 163-179, 360-391 (the first sdection in synopsis, and several paragraphs straight 
translation; and the second all translation). Vol. zzzv, pp. 88-113. *" Missions in the 
Philippines, 1661-1712;** viii, pp. 3-16, 135-144; iz, pp. 123-150. Vol. zu, pp. 231- 
272. ^'Eztract concerning the Moro pirates,** vii, pp. 93-97. Vol. zu, pp. 312-314, 
note 97. *^ Events of 1 701 -171c;** summarized from toI. viii, pp. 299-391. Vol. xuv, 
pp. 142-147. ''^Goreroment of Bustamante;** summarized from vol. iz, pp. 183-424. 
Vol. zuv, pp. 148-165. ^CoUege-seminary of San Felipe;** viii, chaps, ziii, zIt (both in 
partX pp* 3x5-33^* Vol. zlv, pp. 192-207 (see also note on p. 207 to other authorities; 
in educational appendiz). **ETents in Filipinas, 1721-39;** z, pp. 134-157, 184-198, 157- 
167, 216-230, 375-410; zif pp* 54^ 79-89 (in translation and synopsis). Vol. zlvi, pp. 
34-3*» 5^ 5»» SS-57» S*-^i- "Eyents in Fflipinas, 1739-1761;** zi, pp. 89-121, 121-137. 
Vou zLviu, pp. 137-140 (mainly in synopsis). Copies of this work are conmion. We 
know of the fcilowing sets: P. de T. (Manila); M. B. de U. (Madrid); Biblioteca dd 
Coograo de los Diputados (Madrid); Biblioteca de Marina (Madrid); C. G. de T. de F.; 
PasteUs (Barcelona); A. de I.; conTent ol Santo Tomis (Avila); Cdano de Agustinos 
(Valladolid; 1st 39 pp. of vol. i lacking); Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. (ValladoOd); B. 
N. (Paris); B. M. (London); Harvard; H. S. of A. (N. Y.); Widener branch of PhiU- 
ddphia Piiblic Libraxy; L. of C; Ayer; Wisconsin State Historical Society; James A. 
Robertson; James A. LeRoy. 

Carlos IV: — [Law regulating marriages of students.] Aranjuez, June ii, 


In Coitcci6n de autos acordados (Manila, 1861-1866), i, pp. 149, 150. Vol. zlv, pp. 
218-220 (in educational appendiz). 

[Royal decree ordering the teaching of Spanish in native schools.] 

Madrid, December 22, 1792. 

In Barrantes*s InsirueciSn primaria (Madrid, 1869X pp- 80-82. Vol. zlv, pp. 221, 222 
(in educational appendiz). 

Martinez de Zuniga, Joaquin, O. S. A.: — Historia de las Islas Phili- 
pinas. Sampaloc: Por Fr. Pedro Argiielles de la Concepcion Religioso 
Francisco, 1803. LI. (2), iv, and pp. 687 (the pagination of the text be- 
ginning on the obverse of leaf iv). Rice paper. 8^. 

Written, as the author states in his preface, so that readen might have the history of the 
Philippines in small compass. Previous histories, he says, have been veiy long, full of 
eztraneous matter, and consequently not read. This is an ezcellent work and written in 
pleasing and readable style. See Banows^s commentary on Martinez de ZuAiga in his 
Hia, oftht Pkil,, p. 19. There is an English translation with title as follows: 

An historical view of the Philippine Islands: ezhibiting their disooveiy, population, 
language, government, manners, customs, productions and conmierce. London; Printed 
for J. Asperne, 1814. 2 vols. Folded map. 8^. 

Bicsides numerous notes, we have made ezcerpts from this work as follows: ^The peo- 
ple of the Philippines;** chap, ii, pp. 19-38. Vol. zuii, pp. 1 1 3-1 27 (in ethnological appen- 
diz). ** Events in Filipmas, 1721-39;** pp. 469, 514^517, 526-528, 535, 536. Vol. zlvi, 
PP* 31-349 5i-55» 57» 5^* ^^Events in FUipinas, 1739-1762;** pp. 546-601. Vol. zlviu, 
pp. 140-193. Copies ol the Spanish edition are conserved in the following libraries and 
collections: P. de T. (Manila); Bi. B. de U. (Madrid); C. G. de T. de F.; Colegio de 
Agustinos (VaUadolid); Eduardo Navairo^ O. S. A. (Valladolid; MS. indez); B. M. 
(London); B. P. (Boston); Lenoz; Astor: L.ofC.; Ayer. 

Ca&los IV >^ [Superior decree in regard to the three per cent discount 

Digitized by 


Manila, March 26, 1803. 

In CtifccidH dt autos aeordados (BianiU, 1861-1866X ▼» pp. 15-17. Vou ».▼, pp. M3- 
229 (m educadonal appendix). 

CoMYN, T0MA8 DE.^— Estado de las Islas Filipinas en 1810. Madrid: 

Imprenta dc Repulles, 1820. Pp. (8), 190, 11. 10 folded sheets. Sm. 

The appearance of this book raiaed a ttonn in official aides. It treata espedallj of 
the induttij, acriculture» commeicey ^nnfr^j and administration ol the Philippines in 
18 10. Retana {Jparato hibi^ ii, pp. 501, 501X praises it highly. The woik was reissued 
in Manila, 1878, by Felipe Del-Pan {Lot Idas Filipinas. Progrtssos en 70 aHos), the fint 
218 pages being Comyn, and the remainder Del-Pan*s notes and economic description ol 
the islands in 1876. It was translated into English and edited by >^lliam Walton, under 
the tide State of the Philippine Islands, being an historical, statistical, and deseripiive ae- 
ceunt of that interesting portion of the Indian archipelago (London, 1821). There is also 
a Dutch translation (see Vindel, Catdlogo, It, p. 289). Comyn liyed in Manila for eight 
years as chief factor of the Compafifa de Filipinas; and was an authority in financial, com- 
mendal, and economic matters. See also Griffin^ List, p. 15; and Pardo de Tayera^s 
Bibi.fl., pp. iio^ III. 

Fernandez de Navarrete, MartIn: — Coleccion de los viajes y descu- 

bnmientos que hicieron por mar los Espafioles desde fines del siglo XV. 

Madrid: En la imprenta nacional, 1 825-1 837. 5 vols. 4<>. 

The first two Tola, at least were issued in a second edition, in 1858 and 1859. Only 
Tols. It and ▼ concern the Philippines. Many documents are published from copies of the 
original MSS. which makes this a very TaluaUe collection. It is said that the family 
of the editor still possess unpublished notes sufficient to fill two more irols. See synopses 
of documents puUished in this collection in our vou. i and 11. The Philippine matter 
treats of the Magalhles, Loaisa, Saavedra, Villalobos, and Legazpi expeditions. See also, 
anu, p. 71. See also Pardo de Tayera, Btbl. fl., p. 168, no. 1070. We haye had frequent 
recourse to this collection for the early Philippine expeditions. 

: — Remarks on the Phillippine Islands, and on their capital Manila. 

1 8 19 to 1822. By an Englishman. Calcutta: Printed at the Baptist 
mission Press, 1828. Pp. (6), 104. Three folded maps. 12<'. 

A rare and valuable book. We know of copies in the Library of Congress and the Ayer 
Collection. Vol. u, pp. 73-181. 

RiCAFORT PALAcfN Y Ararca, Mariano (govemor of Philippines): — 
Reduccion de Bohol. [Manila, 1829.] ^P- ^9* 4°- 

The date ** Manila, Dec. 30^ 1819** appears at the end. Otherwise undated. This we 
have condensed (from the Ayer copy) into note 18, vol. li, pp. 51, 52. 

Chacon, : — [Royal order approving the new regulations for pilots 

in Manila.] Madrid, May 9, 1839. 

In CeleceiSn de autos acordados (1861-1866), i, pp. 318, 319. Vol. zlv, p. 240 (in 
educational appendix). 

: — Recopilacion de leyes de los reinos de las Indias. Madrid: 

Boix, editor, 1841. 4 vols. F^. 

This is the fifth edition. In addition to the laws given under Felipes 11, m, and IV 
(9.0., pp. 105, 106, 108, 1 10^ III), we have cited the following in this series: Vol. ziv, 
p. 149, note 27, lib. vi, tit. vi, law viii. Vol. zvi, pp. 144, 145, note 183, lib. ii, tit. rw, 
law zi; p. 147, note 188, lib. i, tit. vi, law z?iii; pp. 155, 156, note 199, lib. vi, tft. vii, 
law zri; pp. 157, 158, note 205, lib. vi, tit. viii, law zi; pp. 160^ 161, note 207, lib. vi, 
tit. T, law Izt; pp. 161, 162, note 208, lib. i, tit. ziii, law ziv; p. 164, note 211, lib. vi, 

Digitized by 


tit. siiy law zii; pp. 165, 166, note 214, lib. ti, tft. i, Uw xw; p. 167, note 217, lib. iv, tit. x, 
law Tii; p. 169, note 2201, lib. i, tft. Ti, laws xn and xrii; p. 172, note 225, lib. iii, tit. x, 
law zit; p. 174, note 227 (in partX lib. iii, tit. x, law ziii, and lib. iii, tft. t, law iii; p. 175, 
note 228, lib. iii, tft. iT, laws ziii, zr, and zvi; pp. 181, 182, note 238, lib. viii, tft. zv, laws 
zzii-zziT; p. 188, note 243, lib. iT, tft. i, law ▼; p. 189, note 245, lib. t, tft. rw, law zzriii; 
pp. 193, 194, note 251 (in part), lib. viii, tft. zziz, laws iz, z; p. 199, note 256, lib. iii, tft. 
iT, law zviii. Vol. zvii, p. 27, note i; pp. 39, 40, note 6, lib. vii, tit. viii, law zzi; p. 45, 
note 9, lib. viii, tft. zrii, law zr; p. 96, note 201, lib. iii, tft. z, law ziy; pp. 132-134, note 37, 
lib. iz, dt. zzvi, laws Izi-lziii; p. 178, note 51, lib. yiii, tft. i, law Izziz. Vol. zvm, p. 36, 
note 3; p. 175, note 47, lib. ▼, tft. zv, law Tiii; pp. 260^ 261, note 84, lib. ii, tft. zri, law 
Ifiii; pp. 318, 319, note 95, lib. t, tft. yiii, law zziz; p. 319, note 96, lib. t, tft. zy, law 
y. Vol. zz, p. 293, note 60 (in part). Vol. zzv, p. 30^ note 2; pp. 31, 32, note 3, lib. 
yiii, tft. zyi, law zyii. Vol. zzviii, p. 144, note 63 (in part), lib. i, tft. ziy, law zziy; p. 
297, note 135. Vol. xxziv, pp. 412, 413, note 91 (in part), lib. i, tft. yi, laws i, xyiii, and 
xUy. Vou XXXV, pp. 66, 67, note 13, lib. yi, tft. ii, laws yiii and xii. Vol. xlv, p. 223, 
note up, lib. i, tft. xy, law xzxy; p. 224, note iii, lib. i, tft. xziii, law yii. Vol. zux, 
pp. 192, 193, note 122, lib. ii, tft. xy, laws bdi, Iziii, Izzzyiii, cyi-cziz. These laws were 
isfued by Fdipes II, III, and IV, and C&rloa II. Many of the laws in this code had exist- 
ence on^ on paper; and nuuiy laws are quite at yariance with others. 

Mas, Sinibaldo de: — Informe sobre el estado de las Islas Filipinas en 

1842. Elscrito por el autor del Aristodemo^ del Sistema musical de la 

Ungua castillanay etc. Madrid: Enero de 1 843. 3 vols. 80. 

The first two yolumes are common. Vol. i contains a chart of Filipino written characters, 
and yd. ii, a map of the archipelago. These two yolumes contain in all 27 different sec- 
tions, with independent pagination, treating of the ethnology, history, fauna, natural fea- 
tures, industries, commerce, and various goyemmental and social aspects of the Philippines. 
VoL iii was published secretly and in a limited edition, and treats of the Spanish policy 
regarding the Philippines. The author advocates training the Filipinos for self-goyem- 
ment and then giving them independence. Although this third yd. was listed by Retana 
in his Cadiogo abrtvioib, p. 524, it has been rardy dted. It is yeiy rare. Bttides the 
copy of the Compafifa de Tabacos de Filipinas, we know of three copies, one bdonging 
to Epifanio de los Santos, Mddos, Bulakan, Luz6n (from a typewritten copy of which we 
publish the translation in our scries); one to the late Clemente 2^ueta, a Filipino; and 
one to the Peabody Institute Library, at Bddmore. The entire work is of great value, 
dthough in the light of the latest researches its ethndogicd part suffers. In addition to 
many notes, we have made the following ezcerpts in our series from Mas*s work: ** Ad- 
ministration of government and the captaincy-generd;** ii, no 9. Vol. xvii, pp. 322- 
328 (part of appendix). ** Character and influence of the friars;** ii, no. 10. VoLv xxvin, 
pp. 226-265 (in religious appendix). ^Judidd conditions of the Philippines in 1842;** 
ii, no. 12. Vol. xxxvi, pp. 279-306 (appendix). ** Comments on San Agustin*s famous 
letter.** Vol. xl, p. 184, note 85; pp. 194, 195, notes 116, 117; pp. 198-205, notes 127 (in 
I>«rtX I3a> «33» »34 (in partX ^S^* ^39 ("^ ?^)» H3» '44 (»» P«rt^ 14?; pp. 207-2K, 
notes 152 (in part), 153 (in part^ 15S ("> P"*), 156 (in part), 157 (in part), 159 (in part), 
160 (in part); pp. 217-228, notes 165, 169, 171 (in pait% 174 (in part), 177 (in put), 180 
(in part), 185 (in part); pp. 230-245, notes 192, 195; p. 238, note 205; pp. 244P25C, 
notes 223, 226 (in part^ 230 (in partX 231, 237 (in part), 238, 241 (in part), 243 (in part), 
347; pp. 259-261, notes 265 (in part), 271; p. 265, note 286 (in part); p. 269, note 297 
(in part). In addition to diese comments are given also in footnotes to San Agustin*s 
letter the variants in Mas*s reading from those of the copy ^diich we follow. ^Public 
instruction;** ii, no. 12. Vol. xlv, pp. 246-262 (in educationd appendix). ^Poiitica 
interior;** iiL We have published this in translation and synopsis, from a typewritten 
transcript made from the copy owned by Epifanio de los Santos, of Mddos, Bulakan, 
Luz6n, vHiich was loaned us by James A. LeRoy. For some of the notes we have had 
recourse to the copy conserved in the Peabody Institute Library (whose existence we 
learned ol too late to use). Vol. ui, pp. 29-4^ See also Retana*s La Poiftka da EspaftOf 
yiii, pp. 219-223; and his Aparato 6A/., ii, pp. 581-583, idiere a few paragraphs of this 
work aregiycn. 

WiLKESy Charles: — Narrative of the United States exploring expedition 

during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. Philadilphia: Printed 

Digitized by 


by C. Sherman, 1844. 5 vols. Illustrations. Plates. Portrait. Maps. 

¥0, Atlas. Fo. 

From this we haye reprinted the poition tietting of "^ Jolo and the Stilus f* ▼, chap, iz, 
(almost entire), pp. 343-390. Vol. zuii, pp. 131-192 (in ethnological appendix; see also 
ui suprOf pp. 128-13 1, "^^ '^^^ 3')* ^ Gnffin^s Lia for later editions of this work 
(pp. 121, 122; espedallj p. 122, for the list of the reports of this expedition, tereral of 
^i^ich contain Philippine material, and toI. zziii, Hydrography, which was written bj 
Wilkes). Vol. t also contains other Philippine matter. 

Mallat, J. : — Les Philippines. Histoire, geographic, moeurs, agriculture, 

industrie et commerce des colonies espagnoles dans I'Oceanie. Paris: 

Arthus Bertrand, 1846. 2 vob. 80. 

A work of considerable merit, which consists, says Pardo de Tavera, BM. fl, (p. 245), 
**not in its originalitj, but in the system and good arrangement.** Largely used by Buzeta 
and BraTO in compiling their Dkeionario. Mallat has followed Mas to a considerable 
extent. The atlat accompanying the work is very rare, and we haye not seen it. We 
haTe translated from this the following: ** Educational institutions and conditions;** 
ii, chap. xxT (entitled *' Public instruction; condition of the sciences of letters and 
arts**), pp. 239-253. Vol. zlv, pp. 263-278 (in educational appendix). 

Arrazola, : — [Privileges granted to students.] Madrid, December 

2, 1847. 

In Colteci6n de autos aeordados, ii, pp. 128, 129. Vol. zlv, pp. 279-281 (in educationa 

BuzBTA, Manuel, O. S. A.; and Bravo, Felipe, O. S. A.: — Diccionario 

geografico, estadistico, historico, de las Islas Filipinas. Madrid-. Im- 

prenu de D. Jose C. de la Peiia, 1851. 2 vols. Folded plans. Folded 

sheets. Portraits. Large 80. 

Although the engraved title-page of voL i reads 1850^ the imprint on the preceding 

page reads 1851 . Pardo de Tavera {Bibi. fi., p. 75, no. 432)^ calls these authors coouion 

plagiarists, and declares that the first 254 pages of tqI. i are a plagiarism of Mallat*s work 

(see also Retana, Catdlogo, p. 62, no. 188, who says that considerable use was nude of 

Mallat*s work). The authors acknowledge aid from one Juan Castells y Meldor, who 

had done much in such work. Aid was also obtained Calthough not acknowledged) 

from the MS. El vtnerMt osorio of Agustin de Santa Maria \q.v^ p^*Of ^^id Retana, Etta- 

diimOf i, pp. TTiii, zzziii, shows their unacknowledged use of Martinez de Zufiiga, by a 

parallel passage. In our religious appendiz, we translate various parts from this work 

as foUows: ** Ecclesiastical system in the Philippines,** i, pp. 542-545, ii, pp. 271-275, 

3^-3^* ^ox* zzviii, pp. 266-289. 

Concha, Jose de la: — [Decree and reguladons establishing primary 

and normal education in the Philippines.] Madrid, December 20, 1863. 

In Grifol T Aliaga*s La instrucdSn primaria en FHipiuas (Madrid, 1894). Vol. zlvi, 

pp. 76-118 (in educational appendiz). 

: — Coleccion de documentos ineditos relativos al descubrimiento, 

conquista y colonizacion de las posesiones espaiiolas en America y Ocea- 
nia, sacados, en su mayor parte, del Real Archivo de Indias. Madrid: 
1864-1884. 42 vols. 80. 

The tide-pages are not uniform, and change with vol. iy, reading as follows: *Xolec- 
don de documentos tniditos reladTOs al descubrimiento, cooquisu y organizadon de las 
antiguas posesiones espaftolas en America y Oceania, sacados de los aiduTOs del reino, 
y muy espedalmente de Indias.** The directors of the work were Joaquin F. Pacheco, 
PVandsco de Cardenas, and Luis Torres de Mendoza. Unfortunately, as Sr. D. P^ro 
Torres Lanzas, present chief ol the ArchiTo General de Lidias, affirms, the proofreading 
was poorly done, and hence the accuracy of this important publication is impaired. Many 
doaunents treat of the PhUipptnes, for list of which see Pardo de Tayera^s BiU. fl^ pp. 

Digitized by 


103-105; and Kecana s Aparato otw^ u, pp. 701-703. see aiao Tanoua aocumenn nom 
this collection in our series. 

Gandara y Navarro, Jose de la (governor): — [Regulations for the 

municipal girls' school proposed by the exalted Ayuntamiento of Manila.] 

Manila, August 30, 1867. 

In Grifol 7 AIiaga*s La instruccidn primaria (Madrid, 1894); preceded bj the decree of 
Feb. 15, 1864, appnmng regulations for the said school. Vol. zlyi, pp. 1 19-142 (in 
educational appendix). 

Barrantes, Vicente: — La instruccion primaria en Filipinas. Madrid-. 

Imprenta de La Iberia; Manila: Imprenta y libreria de Ramirez y 

Giraudier. [1869] ^P* '74- ^4^- 

Ftom this book, we translate and condense as follows: ^Primaiy instruction; first 
governmental attempts,'** pp. 97, 98, 147-151, 166-168. Vol. xlvi, pp. 67-71 (in educa- 
tional appendix). 

Apuntes interesantes sobre las Islas Filipinas. Madrid: Imprenta de 
"El Pueblo," 1870 {sic on the outside cover; the title-page reads 1869). 
From this we have translated as follows: ^* Educational suggestions: superior instruc- 
tion, schools of primary letters,** pp. 218-225. ^^^ '^^> PP* 286-295 (^ educational 
appendix). See aitu, p. 86. 

Jagor, Feodor: — Reisen in den Philippinen. Berlin: Weidmannsche 

Buchhandlung, 1873. Pp. xvi, 381. Illustrations. Map. Index. 8°. 

Concerning this work see Globus^ xxiii, pp. 177-181, 196-199, 245-249, 293-296, 326-328 
(Braunschweig, 1873). See also Pardo de TaTera*s Bibl, JS., p. 215. The appendix 
contains ^^Ueber die geologische BeschafiFenhdt der Philippinen,** by J. Roth; pp. 333- 
354; and **Ueber alte und neue SchSdel Ton den Philippinen,** by Rudolph Virchow, pp. 
355-377; and other interesting matter (see 6riffin*s Li«f, p. 17). There is an English 
translation with the title Traods in tht Philippinis (London, 1874), in which the appendix 
is omitted. There is also a Spanish translation by S. VidaJ y Soler with the title Fsajts 
par Filipinas (Madrid, 1875). Both translations are defective, the English especially 
being untrustworthy. Jagor*s work is of great value to the student, as its author was » 
keen and trained scientific observer. Considerable use has been made of it in this series. 
In the religious appendix, we present an extract under the following title "Character and 
influence <3 the fnars,** pp. 95-ioa Vol. xxviii, pp. 290-299. Also "Ueber den Boden- 
^'^^r* PP* 303-306. (in appendix); **nach Adfsatzen im Diario de Manila, Dezember 
1866.** Vol. ui, pp. 302-307 (in agricultural appendix). See also notes in vols, l, 
pp. 64, 65, and Ui, pp. 122-124, 318. 

WiTTERT, Francois, Baron de: — Journal de Tamiral Wittert, 1607-10. 

Liege: J. Gothier, editeur, 1875. Pp. 108. 160. 

A second title-page reads: **Les grands voyages et la glorieuse mort du g6n€nl 8t 
amiral Baron de Wittert le 12 juin 1610 a Manille MDCXI.** Vol. xv, pp. 326-328 (in 
synopsis; in appendix). 

Gonzalez Fernandez, Ramon; and Moreno y Jerez, Federico: — 
Manual del viajero en Filipinas. Manila: Establecimiento tipografico 
de Santo Tomas, 1875. Pp. xii, 478 (172 advertisement pages). 8^. 
For bibliography of the various editions of the Guia^ see Pardo de Tsvera, BM, jS/., 
pp. 197-199; and Retana, Bibl. aparato. These guidebooks contain much useful infor- 
mation. From this we have takm matter on the **Sociedad cconAmica,** pp. 172-178. 
Vol. ui, pp. 307-322 (in agricultural appendix). The Library of Congress contairs 
almost a full set of these volumes. 

Malcamfo, : — [Decree approving, and regulations for, the female 

normal school of Nueva-Caceres.] Manila, June 19, 1875. 

In Grifol y Aliaga*s La inaruccidn primaria en Filipinas (Madrid, 1894). Vol. xlvi, 
pp. 142-160 (in educational appendix). 

Digitized by 


■ — Provincia dc San Nicolas de Tolendno dc Agusdnos descalzos dc 

la congregacion de Espana e Indias. Manila: Imprenta del Colegio 

de Santo Tomas, 1879. Pp. 340, (6). 80. 

Pardo de Tavera (B&l, fl^ p. 317X praiaea thia book hxgfaij. Retana (CaUUogo, p. 155X 
judges the book faiilj when he sayi that it contains much useful infonnationy but abo 
many inacniradca. See our tranalation and summaiy of this wock^ under the title **Tlie 
Angusrinian ReooUects in the Philippines.** Vol. zzvin, pp. 300-34B (in religious appcn- 

Aganduru MoRiZy RoDRiGO DE» Recollbct: — Historia general de las 

Islas Occidentales £ la Asia adyacentes, llamadas Philipinas. Madrid: 

1882. 80. 

Published in Ccl^eMt d$ ifcummtos imidkts para ia historia d$ Espaiia, vcL hzfiiip 
and part of tqI. Ittit. The BiS. is oonserred in the ooUection of Mariano de Zabalbuio 
(see our series vol. xxi, pp. 116, 117, note m). The author*s religious name was Rodrigo 
dc San MigueL Thia waAi is incomplete (the audior dying in tm), and treats so far aa 
completed of the Mohiccas Islands. (See Pardo de Tavera*s B&l, fl. pp. 17, 18.) 

More, QuirIco, S. J.: — [Letter to the father superior of the mission.] 

Davao, Januaiy 20» 1885. 

In Cartas is los PP. d» la CompaHUi is JssAs (Manila, 1887X tii» pp. 76-91. Vol. 
TUMif pp. 193-21 1 (in ethnological appendix). 

RosELLy Pedro, S. J.: — [Letter to the father superior of the mission.] 

Caraga, April 17, 1885. 

In Cartas ds los PP. ds la CompaHla is JtsAs (Manila, 1887X viii pp. 198-116. Vol. 
ZLUI, pp. 2ix-»a8 (in ethnological appendix). 

Fernandez Arias, Evarista, O. P.: — [Historical account of the univer- 
sity of Santo Tomas.) July z, 1885. 

From his Discurso Uido on la apertura ds sus sstadios (ds la univtrsidad) si dia 2 do 
Julio ds iS8$ (Manila, 1885). Copied from the translation in the Comsus if the PhUip- 
pinss (Washington, 1905), iii, pp. 622-626. Vou zlv, pp. 152-169 (in educational ap- 

Real Academia de la Historia: — Coleccion de documentos ineditos 

relativos al descubrimiento, conquista y organizacion de las antiguas 

posesiones espaiiolas de ultramar. Segunda serie. Madrid: Est. 

ripografico "Sucesores de Rivadeneyra/' 1 885-1900. 13 vols. 80. 

Vols, ii and iii treat of the Philippines, and were edited by IVandsoo Javier Salas 7 
Rodriguez. These Yolumes contain Tarious documents relating to the expeditions of 
L6pez de '^^llalobos and L6pez de Legazpi (see our synopses of those expeditions in our 
vou 11; see also notes to tol. m). "The original MSS. of these documents are conserred 
in A. de L See 6riffin*s Idst^ p. 25, for an enumeration of the documents contained in the 
two Philippine vols. Unlike the collection ol 1842^ this ooUection haa been carefully 
edited and is generally trustworthy. 

G18BERT, Mateo, S. J.. — [Letters to the reverend fathers and brothers of 
Veruela.] Davao, Januaiy 4, February 8, February 20, July 26, Decem- 
ber 24, 1886. 

In Cartas ds los PP. ds la Compaflla do Jss&s (Manila, 1887X ^ pp. 1 17-128, and 137- 
145. Vol. zuii, pp. 229-254 (in ethnological appendix). 

Cavalleria, Pablo, S. J.: — [Letter to Father Francisco Sanchez.] 

Isabela de Basilan, December 31, 1886. 

In Cartas is los PP. it la CompaUfa ds Jss&s (Manila, 1887)^ ^ii* pp« 27-35. ^^^ 
sun, pp. 255-267 (in ethnological appendix). 

Digitized by 


MOMTERO Y ViDAL, JOSB: — Archipielago niipino. Madrid; imprenu y 

fundicion de Manuel Tello, 1886. Pp. (3cv)y 511. 2 maps. 80. 

From thii we have translated the following: ^Organizaddn politica 7 adminittiitiTa;** 
pp. i6x-i68. Vol. xvn, pp. 328-336 (part of appendix). ^Public instruction;** pp. 
187-193. Vou XLT, pp. 29(^303 (in educational appendix). 

Pastells, Pablo, S. J.. — [Extract of a letter to the father provincial, Juan 

Capell, S. J.] Manila, April 20, 1887. 

In Cartas di lot PP, da la CompaUfa da JasAs (Manila, 1887), vii, pp. 336-349. Vol. 
xuiiy pp. 268-187 Qn ethnological appendix). 

MoMTERO Y VroAL, Jose: — Historia general. Madrid: 1887-1895. 

See anta, p. 88. 

Historia de la pirateria malayo-mahometana en Mindanao J0I6 y 

Borneo. Madrid: Imprenta y fundicion de Manuel Tello, 1888. 2 

vols, (continuous pagination). 8". 

We hsTe used this work for nuuiy notes; and in addition, haTe compiled from it the 
following: ^Extracts concerning the Moro pirates,** i, pp. 236-244, 244-252. Vol. xu, 
pp. 302^09, 310-317. 

Clotet, Jose MarIa, S. J. : — [Letter to the reverend father rector of the 

Ateneo municipal.] Talisayan, May 11, 1889. 

In Cartas da los PP, da la ComfaMia da Jas&s (Manila, 1891), ix, pp. 170-184. Vol. 
xuu, pp. 288-309 (in ethnological appendix). 

Heras, Juan, S. J.: — [Letter to the Jesuit superior.] Tagoloan, October 

6, 1890. 

In Cartas da Us PP, da la CompaHia da Jas&s (Manila, 1891), ix, pp. 254, 255. Vol. 
XLiv, pp. 63-65, note 12 (in part). 

Diaz, Casimiro, O. S. A.: — Conquistas de las Islas Filipinas: la temporal 

por las annas de nuestros catholicos reyes de Espaiia, y la espiritual por 

los religiosos de la orden de San Agusdn, y fundacion y progresos de la 

provincia del sandsimo nombre de Jesus de la misma orden. Parte 

segunda que a beneficio de los materiales que dejo recopilados el M. R. P. 

Fr. Caspar de San Agusdn, autor de la primera parte, compuso el padre 

Fr. Casimiro Diaz. Falladoiid: Imprenta, libreria, heliografia y taller 

de grabados de Luis N. de Gavirfa, 1890. Pp. 854, (i). 40. 

Compriaet the period 1616-1694. See for the fint part of the Augustinian hiatoiy, 
San Auguftin, Caspar de, atita, p. 123. The MS. is oonserred at Valladolid (see 
p^sij p. 330). Although Diaz died in 1746, his work was nerer published until 1890^ when 
it was edited with some slight changes by Tirso Lopez, O. S. A., ol Valladolid. li is an 
trnpoftant wock^ and we haTe had frequent recourse to it both for annotation and the 
following excerpts: ^Conflicts between civil and ecclesiastical authorities, 1635-36;** 
pp. 323-343. Vol. xxv, pp. 151-200. ** Ecclesiastical and Augustinian affairs, 1630-1640;** 
book ii, pp. 267-444; nuunlj synopsis. Vou xziz, pp. 259-276. **The Augustinians in 
the Philippines, 1641-70;** pp. 444 at sag. Vox. zzxvn, pp. 149-284. ** Extracts con- 
ceniing the Moro pirates,** pp. 447, 549-55^ 55^ 5^5^» 7"- Vol. xu, pp. 294-296, 
>99-30>y 309> 310^ 317-32^ 3>^3H- *^Tbt Augustinians in the Philippines, 1670-94;** 
book XV, pp. 687-817; in translation and synopsis. Vol. xui, pp. 117-3x2. **Founda- 
tioo and suppression of the royal college of San Felipe de Aurtria;** book ii, chap, xzxv 
(in part), pp. 446, 447. Vol. xlv, pp. 170-173 (in educational appendix). 

MarIa Cristina; and Robledo, Romero: — [Decree creating women's 

normal school in Manila; royal order approving the regulations for 

Digitized by 


said school; and regulations.] Madnd, March ii, and March 31, 1092. 
In Orifol 7 Aliaga*s La instrueei&n frimaria em FUipinat (Madrid, 1894). Voi. ZLVi, 
pp. 160-110 (in educational appendix;. 

RiZAL, Dr. Jose: — [Constitution of the Liga Filipina.] Tondo, July 3, 

Cop7 of original sent to James A. LeRoy, hj Epifanio de los Santos, from Malolos, 
Bulakan, June 23, 1906. A copy was also sent to W. E. Retana. An abbreviated form 
of the constitution, differing in some few respects from the MS., was printed by the London 
Printing Press of London (see voi. ui, pp. 224-226, note), but the Constitution as here 
presented, and as drawn up by Rizal, was nerer before printed. Vol. ui, pp. 217-226. 

Delgado, Juan Jose, S. J.: — Historia general sacro-profana, polidca y 

natural de las islas del Poniente llamadas Filipinas. Manila: Imp. de 

El Eco de Filipinas de D. Juan Atayde, 1892. Pp. xvi, 1009, (3). Map. 


Vol. i, of the series BAliattea histdrica fliphui, published under the initiatire of Jos< 
Gutierrez de la Vega. Although published only in 1892, this work was imdenaken by 
Delgado in Guiguan in 1751, continued in Palipag, and finished, June 6, 1754. The 
author seems to haye utilized San Antonio^s Ckromkas to a great extent; but he hat 
added much material of his own, so that the book is a valuable addition to Philippina. 
Especially interesting are the third, fourth, and fifth books on ethnology, and natural hitfory. 
In the third book, Delgado inserts most of San Agustin*s famous letter; and the editor 
inserts a portion of Loarca*s Relation (see voi. v, pp. 34-187), and excerpts from Le 
Gobien^s Histoin das isles Marianes (Paris, 1700). CittA many times in our series, and 
excerpts published in our series as follows: ^Some things worth Imowing about the govern- 
ors of the Filipinas Islands;** part i, book ii, chap, xvii, pp. 212-2x5. Vol. xvii, pp. 314- 
322. *' Religious condition of the islands;** part i, book ii, chaps, ii-ix, xiv, and xv; pp. 
140-158, and 184-188. Vol. xxviii, pp. 163-191 (a part of the religious appendix). 
**Some considerations concerning the matter in Father Gaspar de San Agustin*s letter;** 
part i, book iii, chap, vii, pp. 297-302. Vol. xl, pp. 283-295. ** Comments on San 
Agustin*s famous letter.** Vol. xl, pp. 197-201, notes 124, 126 (in part), 127 (in part), 
129, 134 (in part), 135, 137; p. 205, note 144 (in part), pp. 207-209, note 152 (in part), 153 
(in partX 155 (in part); pp. 211-217, notes 156 (in part^ 157 (in part), 160 (in part), x6i 
(in part), 167; p. 218, note 171 (in part); p. 222, note 173; pp. 225, 226, notes 177 (in 
partX i79f "** (>" ?«*)» PP- »»9» *3o> «><*" ^^i »9'; PP- »34-»39> »«« «94» "9^» "9*» 
200, 203, 206; p. 241, note 213; pp. 244, HS» "«««• »*S» *»^; P- H7> »<*« 230 (in part); 
p. 249, notes 234 (in partX »37 (in part); pp. 252-254, notes 241 (in part^ 242, 243 (in 
part)^ 247 (in part); p. 259, note 265 (in part); p. 265, note 286 (in part); pp. 278, 279, 
note 325 (in part). There are also many variants given in the footnotes under San Agus- 
tin*8 letter, from the reading of the MS. which we follow in our publication of that letter. 
Delgado was bom at CAdiz, and went to the Philippines in 171 1. He worked in the mis- 
rions of Simar, where he held various offices, was many years in Cebii, and labored as well 
in Leyte and Bohol. A copy of the original MS. of this work is mentioned by Sonmier- 
vogel (BAltetkique, v, col. 1457, and ix, col. 188) as existing in the Jesuit archives at 

Santa Ines, Francisco de, O. S. F.: — Cronica de la provincia de San 

Gregorio Magno de religiosos descalzos de N. S. P. San Francisco en las 

Islas Filipinas, C^ina, Japon, etc. Manila: Tipo-litografia de Chofre 

y Comp., 1892. 2 vols. 8°. 

Vols, ii and iii of the B^iateea histSrica flipiua (which was undertaken through the 
influence of JoU Gutierrez de la Vega). Santa In^*s CrSnica dates from 1676. Pardo 
de Tavera says that iu author wrote it with the intention of publication. The MS. (writ- 
ten on rice paper) was preserved in the Franciscan convent at Manila, the first volume 
entire, but the second somewhat mutilated. The MS. is also cited by Huerta, Estado^ 
p. 462; and MarceUino da Civezza, Saggio di hibl^ pp. 551, 552. At the end of the second 
vol. the editor has added 12 appendices, among them two valuable relations of Juan de 
Flasencia, O. S. F. The Crdniea is divided into three books, and deals with the islands 

up with the stoiy of the martyrdom of Pedro Bautista and his companions in Japan in the 
sixteenth century. Santa In^ was bom at Pefiaranda de Bracamonte, and went to the 
Philippines in 1674. He was appointed chronicler of his province in 1676, and in accord- 
ance therewith wrote the above history, comprising the years 1 576-1627. His death oc- 
curred at Lilio, August 49 171 3 (Pardo de Tavera, BiM. fi., p. 395). 

Blanco, Ramon (governor); and others: — [Decrees and regulations elevat- 
ing the men's normal school of Manila to the grade of superior.] Manila, 
November i, and 10, 1893. 

In Grifol y Aliaga^s La instruccidn primaria en FUipinas (Madrid, 1894). Vol. xlvi, 
pp. 210-228 (in educational appendix). 

Medina, Juan de, O. S. A.: — Historia de los sucesos de la orden de N. 

gran P. S. Agustin de estas Islas Filipinas desde que se descubrieron y 

se poblaron por los Espanoles, con las noticias memorables. Manila: 

Tipo-litografia de Chofre y Comp., 1893. 

In voL iy of BAlioUea histdrica flipina, pp. Tiii, 279. It is edited by Miguel Coco, 
O. S. A. The original MS. (in one vol., pp. 4, 39, (4); 40), is described by Retana (La 
Polbka)^ if pp. 271, 272. Published in« translation and synopsis in our vols, xxiii, pp. 
121-297, and XXIV, pp. 29-179 (q.v,, for further bibliographical and biographical notices). 

VivAR, Pedro del, O. S. A. : — Relacion de los alzamientos de la ciudad de 
Vigan, cabecera de la provincia de IIocos, en los arios de 1762 y 1763. 
Manila: Tipo-litografia de Chofre y Comp., 1893. 

In vol. iv of Bibiivtwa kistSrica flipina, pp. 281-478. A detailed account of the insur- 
recdons of this period in Ilocot and neighboring provinces. Edited by Miguel Coco, 
O. S. A. Vivar was bom in LogroAo in 173 1 and went to the Philippines in 1752. There 
he labored in Socos, and hence was an eye-witness of the insurrections. He died at Batac 
in I77i(see Pardo de Tavera, BM, fl., p. 432). 

Grifol y Aliaga, Daniel: — La instruccion primaria en Filipinas. Com- 
pilacion de lo legislado sobre este ramo, comentada, anotada' y con- 
cordada. Manila: Tipo-litografia de Chofre y comp*, 1894. Pp. (2), 

viii, (2), 445» W- 8«. 

From this book we have translated as follows: ** Primary education: organized effon 
of legislation;*' extract from preface. Vol. xlvi, pp. 72-76. ^*Various decrees and regu- 
lations, etc., and a list of all decrees, orders, etc, regarding education, 1863-1894;** pp. 1-7, 
11.16, Ii7-i3a» I48-IS7» i3»->3^ 4«-S»> 61-100, 4a5-445» "><l ¥^^-¥>5' ^' '«^^ PP- 
76-260 (in educational appendix). This is a very us^ul book. 

Navarro, Eduardo, O. S. A. : — Filipinas. Estudio de algunos asuntos de 
actualidad. Madrid: Imprenta de la viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 

1897. Pp. xi, (i), 281, (4). 8^ 

Fkom this book we translate as follows: ^La enseflanza: La verdad en este asunto. — 
Seanaptos y eficaces los medios, y se oonseguirin los fines. — Uniformidad en d m^todo;" 
chap. Tii, pp. 123-165. Vol. xlvi, pp. 272-319 (in educational appendix). 

Gutierrez, Manuel, O. S. A.; and others: — [The friar memorial of 1898.] 
Manila, April 21, 1898. 

This memorial was never presented, as the American forces captured Manila before it 
could be sent to Spain. It gives the friar point of view of the troubles that led to the 
revolution ol 1896, and was the joint work of the Augustinians, Franciscans, Dominicans, 
Recollects, and Jesuits, each order being represented by its provincial. Fifty copies were 
pulled off press, ten for each order. Our typewritten transcript was made from one of 
these printed copies that was made for the Recollects. An edition was published at Ma- 
drid, *^ Imprenta de la Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rfos,** co., 1900. This contains some 

Digitized by 


tew tligtit Terbil cnanges nom the otber copy, but not nubcient to nuke a dmcfenoe m tne 
sense. An untruftwocthy Tenioo of the memorial was poUished by Ambfoee Colemaa, 

0. P., in the Rtary hiagmimt for 1900 (paitly in direct trandatton and paitly in synopdsX 
This is an eiceedingty TahiaUe docnment as it gives the friar riewpointy and is, m o f coftr , 
the official record of their position. Vol. lo, pp. 227-286. 

Algue, JosEy S. J.; and others: — El archipielago filipino. Coiecdon de 
datos geograficos, estadisdcos y cientificosy relativos al mismoy entresa- 
cados de anteriores obras u obtenidos con la propia obsenracion y estudio 
por algtinos padres de la mision de la Compaiiia de Jesus en estas islas. 
Washington'. Imprenta del gobierao, 1900. 2 vols. Colored frontis- 
piece. Plates. Maps. Charts. Folded sheets. Large %^, Atlas, 30 
colored maps. F°. 

VoL i contains for the most part the descriptive matter, and vol. ii, the special scientific 
matter. See for the table of c on tents Griffin^s Idst^ p. 12; Pardo de Tvfera praises thia 
woric for its mechanical eiceUence, and says of it: ^It is a compilation ol idiat has been 
written on the lilipinas. The part on meteorology and magnetism is excellent, but the 
rest is a simple compilation, in which the Jesuits haTe brought together what other authon 
haTc said, without the least personal criticism in the opinions copied, which are at times 
absurd.** The atlas was issued by the Coast and Geodetic Surrey, and before publishing, 
it was necessary to redraw the maps to a uniform scale. Most of the text of toI. i has been 
translated into English and published in Yols. iii and It of the Ript, of tht Phil. Com. for 
1900 (Washington, 1901 ). We publish extracts from this work imder the following titles: 
** Present conditions ol the Catholic religion in lilipinas,** i, pp. 25S-267. Vol. szym, 
pp. 349-368 (in religious appendix). ** Modem conditions in conciliar seminaries;** i, pp. 
343, 344. Vol. zlv, pp. 230^ 231 (in educational appendix). ** Nautical school;** i, p. 
349. Vol. xlv, pp. 240, 241 (in educational appendix). *^Boys* singing school;** ii, pp. 
349, 35a Vol. xlv, pp. 244, 245 (in educational appendix). ^^Giris* schools;** i, p. 353. 
Vol. zlv, pp. 313, 314 (in educational appendix). 

Zamora, Eladio, O. S. A.: — Las corporaciones religiosas en Filipinas. 
Valladolid: Imprenta y libreria religiosa de Andres Martin, 1901. Pp. 
vi, (2), 504, (i). 80. 

From this book we translate as follows: **Lu escuelas y la instrucd6n primaria por los 
religiosos hasta 1863. . . . Intelectualidad de los indios. — Su aptitud para la imita- 
ci6n;** chap, t, pp. 234-273. Vol. xlvi, pp. 319-363 (in educational appendix). A good 
exposition of the friar viewpoint. 

Bourne, Edward Gaylord: — Historical introduction [to The Philippine 

Islands^ I4pJ'l8p8.] Cleveland: 1903. 

This is the editorial introduction to the present series. Vol. i, pp. 19-87. This intro- 
duction has also been published as a separate (Clefeland, 1907). See also by the same 
author ^The proposed absorption of Mexico in 1847-1848,** in Essay* in historical critic 
cism (New York and London, 1901), pp. 227-242, in which a parallel is drawn between the 
^expansion** movements of 1847-1848 and 1898. 

Robertson, James Alexander: — Chronological ubles, / 1 493-1 803. 

Cleveland: 1 903. ^"v.^ - - -^ 

Specially compiled for this series from various authorities. Consists ol three tables: 

1. List of Roman pontiffs. IL List of the rulers of Spain. IIL List ol the rulers ol 
Portugal. Vol. i, pp. 344-357. 

Iglesia Filipina Independiente: — Doctrina y reglas consdtucionales. 

Manila: Imprenu tipografia de Modesto Reyes y Cia, 1904. Pp. 87, 

(4). 80. 

From this we translate as follows: **Conciliar seminaries;** pp. 14, 15, 42, 43, and 67, 
68. Vol. zlv, pp. 234^239 (in educational appendix). 

Digitized by 


KOBERTSONy JAMB8 ALBXANDBRi — carly yean ot the Liutch in the ILzst 


IVanslated and condenied almost endidj from RseutS dn voyagts , . , da la Cmh 
pagmia das Indts (Amsterdam, 1715). The one exception (the extract concerning Flran- 
(ois de WitteitX is translated and condensed from Joumd da ramird Wittart^ ibcfj'io 
(Li^ 1875). Vox- XV, pp. 300-331 (appendix B); see especially, pp. 330, 331. 

Chronological list of the governors of the Philippines. Cleveland: 


Specially compiled for this series from Tarious authorities (g.v. vol. xvn, p. 312, note 
94). Vou XVII, pp. 285-312 (pan ol appendix). 

Nunez, Jose: — [Present beliefs and superstitions in Luzon.] Manila, De- 
cember 6, 1905. 

In the supplement of the Manila newspaper El RanacimtentOy of the issue of Dec 9, 1905. 
The author is a Filipino. Vou xuii, pp. 310-319 (in ethnological appendix). 

Blair, Emma Helen: — Insurrections by Filipinos in the seventeenth cen- 
tury. Cleveland: 1 906. 

Compiled for this series, from various accounts. Selections are made from the following 
in translation and synopsis: MuriUo Velarde, Histonoy fd. 17, 18 (pp. 87-94 of our voL); 
Dial, Conquiaas, pp. 483, 484, 5i7-S»3» 5^59P» 59<>^*^ 640-^44, 696, 697, 747, 748 
(pp. 94-99, 114P128, 139-181, 181-215, 215-223, 223-226, 226-228, of our vol.); Comb6s, 
Histaria, pp. 489-498 ^p. 99-114 of our vol.); Concepdon, Historia, vi, pp. 247-280 
(pp. 128-139 ^ ^^ "^^9 ^ Salazar, Historia, pp. 228-240 (pp. 128-240 of our vol.). 
There are other references also to other accounts of the various insurrections. Vol.xxxviii, 
pp. 87-240. 

Moro pirates and their raids in the seventeenth century. Cleveland: 


Compiled especially for this series: (a) from previous vols, of the series, with indication 
of source; (b) from various sources - letters from Comb6s (Retana and PasteUs ed.X col. 
dx-cxy; Diai*s Conquiaas, pp. 447, $49-5519 556, 564-C67, 711; Montero y Vidal, Hist. 
piratariOf pp. 136-244, 244-252. Vol. xu, pp. 277*324 (an appendix). 

Robertson, James Alexander: — Preliminary note [to the ethnological 

appendix]. Cleveland: 1906. 

This is a bibliographical note giving various sources for the study of the ethnology of 
the Philippines. Vox. xun, pp. 99-102. 

The college of $an Jose. Cleveland: 1906. 

Compiled from various sources for the educational appendix (the sources being fully 
named in footnotes). Vol. xlv, pp. 111-140. 

Summary of the history of the royal college of San Felipe of Austria. 

Cleveland: 1906. 

Compiled for the educational appendix from annotations to Pastells*s edition of Colin*s 
Labor avangUka (Barcelona, 1904]^ ii, pp. 261-268, 493, 494. PasteUs annotates, often 
in direct dution, from documents in A. de L; some if not all the documents being in 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 9. Vol. xlv, pp. 173-181. 

Superior school of painting, sculpture, and engraving. Cleveland: 

Compiled for the educational appendix ol this series from ArehipiBago fiipino (Wash- 
ington, 1900), i, p. 349; and Census of the Phil. (1905), iii, p. 614. Vol. xlv, pp. 282, 283. 

Ateneo municipal. Cleveland: 1906. 
Compiled for the educadonal appendix of this series from Jrek, jC7.. (Washington, 1900), 
i, p. 343; and Census of the Ph3, Washington, 1905), iii, pp. 603, 604. Vol. xlv, pp. 284, 

Digitized by 


KOBERTSON; contmued — 

School of agriculture. Cleveland: 1906. 

Compiled for the educational appendix of this leries, from Rtpcrts of sht Phil. Commit' 
sion; uid Rtports of tki Commissioner of education. Vol. xlv, pp. 315-318. 

Education since American occupation. Cleveland: 1907. 

Written and compiled for the educational appendix of this series. In addition to edi- 
torial comments, it contains a bibliography for the study ol education since 1898, and an 
abstract of an address deiiTered by Dr. Pardo de Tavcra before the TeacheiB* Sunmier 
Institute in Manila, 1906, and published in the supplement of El Benacimiento for May 
17, 1906. Vol. xlvi, pp. 364-376. 

List of titles, etc., containing accounts of the capture of Manila, and 

contemporaneous events. Cleveland: 1907. 

Compiled especially for this series. Vol. xux, pp. 343-346. 

Representation of Filipinas in Cortes. Cleveland: 1907. 

Compiled for this series from notes made from the Diario de las corus by James A. Le- 
Roy; Montero y Vidal^s Hist, gen,, ii; and from Camba^s FUipina* y su nprosentaciom en 
Corus (Madrid, 1836). Vol. u, pp. 279-297. 

List of archbishops. Cleveland: 1907. 

Compiled from various sources, as an appendix for this series. Vol. u, pp. 298-317. 

Blair, Emma Helen: — The expulsion of the Jesuits. Cleveland: 1907. 

Compiled from various authorities, as follows: Danrila y Collado, Rsinado de Cdrlos 
III (Madrid, 1894), ii and iii; Cr^tineau-Joly, Histoirt de la Compagnie de Jisus 
(Paris, 1859X ▼> pp- 236-254$ Montero y Vidal, Hist, gen,, ii, pp. 181-228; and a printed 
copy of Sancho de Santa Justa y Rufina^s decree of January i, 1770. Vol. l, pp. 269-308. 

Agriculture in Filipinas. Cleveland: 1907. 

Compiled especially for this series from a decree by Basco y Vargas (q,v.), Jagor's Rsisen 
{q,v,\ and Fernandez and Moreno's Manual del viajero (q,v.). At the end is an editorial 
note ^ich cites the chief sources for the study of the agriculture of the Philippines. Vol. 
ui, pp. 291-324. 

LeRoy, James A.: — The Philippines, 1860-1898; some comment and 

bibliographical notes. Cleveland: 1907. 

Written as an editorial comment, especially for this series, from Durango, Mexico, 
where the author was at the time consul for the United States. Mr. LeRoy is w«U known 
for his many contributions to various magazines (notably the Politieal Scitneo Quarterly 
and the Journal of Political Economy), and is, from the thorough study that he has made 
of nineteenth-century and present-day conditions, better qualified than any other to write 
on this period. The present contribution furnishes material, by editorial comment and a 
working bibliography, for a careful study of the period treated. See his PhUippint lift 
in town and country (New Yoric and London, 1905), which presents the Filipino in a 
clearer light than has been done elsewhere. Vol. ui, pp. 1 12-207. 


[Arranged chronologically by authors] 

Carlos I: — [Carta] del Rey de castella aseguranda a S. A. da armada (\ 
mandou a Indias. Barcelona, February 28, 1519. Torre do Tombo, 
Lisboa; gaveta 18, ma9o 5, n*>. 26. Begins "S°*°.y muy ex*«. Rey y 
principe ..." Ends "tengays ninguna dubda.", with closing, date, 
royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. i, pp. 
276-279 (both Spanish and English). 

Parts of the MS. are dcfectiTe. It is published in Alguns documtntos do Arthho 
macicnd da Torro do Tomho (lasboa, 1892X pp* 412» 413> with title: *^CarU de et-rei de 
Castella para £1-Rei D. Manuel, em que Ihe assegura que a armada que manda a faaer 
deaoobcrtas, oommandada por Femio de MagalhSes, e Ruj Faleiro, nlo prejudicaria as 
terras e mares, que pelas demarca$5es pertenciam a Pottugal, e que os ditos capitto Icra- 
▼am ordem de g:uardal-as.** 

[Real cedula] p* () los del armada sigan el pare^r y determyna^io de 
magallanes p* (\ antS pn^o ({ a otra p^ vaya a la espe9ierja. Barcelona, 
April 19, 1 519. Torre do Tombo, Lisboa; Corpo Chron., parte i*, 
ma90 24» n9. 64. Begins "El Rey Fernando de magallanes & Ruy 
falero ..." Ends "2. la nfa merced", with date, royal signature, and 
countersignature of royal secretary, Francisco de los Covos. Vol. i, 
pp. 294, 295 (both Spanish and English). 

It is published in Algunt documgrnsot^ p. 430^ with title: ** Carta do rei de Castella a 
Fernando de Magalhies e a Ruy Faliero^ oommandantes da armada, que manda a desco- 
bcir, e a todas as pessoas d^ella, para que dgam as determinaffies do dito Fernando de 
Magalhies, e Tio em diieitura, e antes de a outra parte, as ilhas Molucas, onde, segunda 
a opiniio de pessoas bem informadas, abundam as espedarias.^ 

: — ^Traslados de dos cartas de las yndias (| vynjero en estas dos naos. 

August 29, [1523 ?] A. de S.; secretaria de estado; leg. 367, fol. 94. Be- 
gins with above title. Ends "deste dinero se a de adere9ar el armada 
q a de levar el C^ almirante. En Tomar a xxjx agosto." 

This document appears to be a communication from the Spanish ambassador in Poitu- 
gal to the Spanish monarch. It is endorsed on the back in a hand different from that of 
the letter: ** Avisos del viage de Magallanes 7 su muerte j noticias de la India poctuguesa." 
The first letter appears to be copied in full, and bears date, December 23, 152a. Begins 

Digitized by 


. . de cochin a 23 de diziembre jUdzxij afiot.** Printed in part (both Spanish and Eng;iith) 
in VOL. I, pp. 196-300^ under title ^^Eztracto de una carta.** Sjnopns of second letter 
begins ^^Aj otra carta muj larga escriu en cananor a xij de diziembre del dho ano en q 
dize muj grandes males de d" duarte de meneaes;** eridentlj ends **por las diferenfiascon 
otros moros q estan en queixome. Hecho ut supra &^.** Following the second letter 
(idiich has considerable information conceniing Portuguese centers in India and the 
Portuguese commanders there) is an account of the cargo of spices and drugs brought to 
Portugal that jear. 

PiGAFBTTA, Antonio (knight of Rhodes): — Primo viaggio intorno al mondo. 

Ca,f 1525* Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Milan); L. 103 — Sup. Begins 

after short dedication to Philippe de Villiers TIsle-Adam, grand master 

of the knights of Rhodes or Malta, with the dedicatory epistle: "Perche 

fono molti curiofi Jil™*^. ct exell"**^. Signor che". Ends "Queste mie 

poche faticque a lo Jndito et lUuftriffimo Signor philipo de Villers lis- 

leadam gra maeft*' de rhodi digniffimo. JL Caualier ant^ pagaphetta.'' 

Published (Italian and English) in vols, xxxiii, and xxxiv, pp. 11-180; 

with notes, and photographic facsimiles of 23 charts by Pigafetta; and 

photographic facsimile of last page of MS. 

A journal of the first circumnaTigation of the globe. Pigafetta, an Italian of noble f amilj, 
and an ardent admirer of Magalhies, kept a journal during the voyage, from which eri- 
dendy this relation was compiled. This is called the Ambrosian Manuscript, from its place 
of conserration in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, Italy. It is the oldest of the four 
manuscripts (see postf p. 239), and dates from either shortly before or shortly after 1525. 
Ciscato (Antonio Pigafetta viaggiaoro victntino del tecolo XVI\ in **Atti deU* accademia 
Olimpica di Vicenza,** xriii, a. 1883) betieres that it was procured for the founder of the 
Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Cardinal Fedcrico Borromeo, by one of the learned men whom 
he sent out, according to Manri>ni, to every part of Europe, to buy ancient books and 
manuscripts. It was discovered among the papers of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana by Dr. 
Cario Amoretti, prefect or conserrator of that library, and first made known to the world in 
his Primo viaggio (Milan, 1800), although in a wofully mutilated form, as Amoretti has 
edited the manuscript almost beyond recognition in places, with the result that Pigafetta*B 
words are twisted into new meanings. This manuscript, written in a mixture of Italian, 
the dialect of Viccnza, and some few Spanish words, is probably a copy of the one pre- 
sented to the grand master of Rhodes, as it bean the following inscription on the inside of 
first cover-page: **Ce livre est du chevallier de Forette;** for it is scarcely likely that Villiers 
de ITsle-Adam would give away his copy. It is written in a Tolume bound simply in 
heavy walnut-colored paper. Pages streaked and dog-eared at edges. Height, 273 mm.; 
width, 204 mm.; thirknrss, 28 mm. Written on ordinary rag paper on fol. 1-80. Fol- 
lowing this (fol. 81-92), u "Alcune regole sull* arte della navigarione,^ or **Some rules on 
the art of navigation,** also by Pigafetta. The remainder of the book (fd. 93-142) is blank. 
The text is written in a beautiful minute Roman letter, of 24, 25, and 26 lines to the page. 
For a more complete description of this manuscript, see Robertson*s Magdlan'*s voyage 
around the world (Cleveland, 1906X ii» pp* 241-248; and for a discussion of the bibliography 
of Pigafetta manuscripts and printed books (which is somewhat apart from the present 
subject), see ut supra, pp. 241-313. This may be the MS. dted by Leon Pinelo, Epitome^ 
p. 88, who mentions an Italian MS. 

RiQUEL, Fernando: — Posesion de la Ysla de Cibabao. Cibabao, Feb- 
"»a>7> I5> 1565. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 1I23, r^. 18, Begins "En 
la nao capitana ..." Ends "en testimonio de verdad.'', with signa- 
ture, and attestation by Riquel of the accuracy of the copy. Vol. ii, pp. 
Copia del titulo (| se dio A manilla de fiudad y la fundacion de all^^ y 

Digitized by 


20. Begins "Yo heraando Riquel ..." Ends "adelantado de la 
presente", with date and signature. Vol. hi, pp. 173, 174. 
Riquel, Fernando; and others: — Los Autos e Requerimientos que pa- 
saron entre Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, Govemador y Capitan en las Islas 
del Poniente por S. M. el Rey D. Felipe nuestro senor y Gon9alo Pereira 
Capitan de la Armada del Serenisimo Rey de Portugal, sobre que saliese 
de la isla de Cebu. 1 568-1 569. A. de S.; secretaiia de estado; leg. 
7412, fol. 87. Begins "Yo Fernando Riquel escribano ..." Ends 
"fize mi signo en testimonio de verdad. Sancho Lopez de Agurto."; 
followed by attestation of Juan Ygnacio Cascos, who copied the docu- 
ment in Madrid, August 26, 1776 (see vol. ii, p. 329, note 115). 

There it also a MS. in A. de L; eit. i, caj. i, leg. 2|a4, which u dted bj Retana, Jr- 
chiVf T, p. 415. A long notarial document consisting 6i some 13 parts in all, and written 
in both Spanish and P6itugaese, of the negotiations between L^^pi and Pereira, a Portu- 
guese captain, in regard to Spanish occupation of the Philippines, against which the Portu- 
guese protest, claiming them as lying within their jurisdiction. Tht earliest document is 
dated Qebu, Oct. 14, 1568, and the latest in the negotiations, June 2, 1569; and each part 
is dulj attested by notary. Published in translation and synopsis in vol. ii, pp. 244-329 
(see abo pp. 334, 335). 

Posesiones tomadas en nombre de S. M. de las yslas de Luban, Simi- 

lara, Caluyan, Helin, Luzon, y Vindoro 6 Luzon la menor. 1570. A. 

de L; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2)24. Begins "£n la isla q . . . " Ends "asi 

por auto", with signatures. 

In all there are nine different possessions taken, namely: Luzon, dated June 6, 1570, 
signed by Goiti and Riquel (the only one published in our series, vol. in, pp. 105-107); 
Vindoro, dated March, and signed by Juan de Salzedo and Juan de Gamboa, the notary; 
Vindoro (sic), dated May 16, 1570, and signed by Goiti and Riquel; Cubuyan, dated Dec 
8, 1569, and signed by Antonio Carvajal, and Juan de Gamboa; Helin, dated March 24, 
1570, and signed by Salzedo and Gamboa; Caluyan (dated Jan. 28, 1570); Poro (dated 
March 2, 1570); Similara (dated Feb. 8, 1570); and Luban (dated March 14, 1570); 
all signed as abore. Cited in part by Retana, Archho, t, pp. 426-428. 

Las nuevas que scriven de las yslas del poniente Hernando Riquel y 
ocros. January 11, 1574. A. de S.; secretaria de estado; leg. 155. Be- 
gins "Sienpre e ydo dando aviffo." Ends "por dos duplicados en dife- 
rentes naujios q® nra fenor Ileue enfaluo, de mtxP xj de henero 1574. a^s." 
Published (both Spanish and English) in vol. hi, pp. 230-249. 

This document consists of two parts: i. A letter written by Riquel and others, which 
was carried to Mexico in one of the ships leaving Manila, July i, 1573, and arriving at 
Acapulco, Norembcr 15, 1573. 2. A postscript, added by the Mcrican officials before 
they forwarded the letter to Spain in 1574, enumerates the cargo brought in the ships from 
die Philippines. An endorsement on the back of this document, dated May 7, 1854, 
attests that it was copied on that date by royal authorization for Adrian Garcia Hernandez, 
then general secretary of the superior gorernment of the Philippines. The original corers 
about 51/3 pp. folio size, and the paper shows discoloration and ink-blots. Li M. B. de 
U.; 711, 20 — 3% caja n^. 22, is a document which is similar to the abore, but which 
shows some sli^ differences. It is evidently the same letter that was written by Riquel, 
or a contemporary copy of the letter written to Mexico. It is entitled as follows: **Re- 
ladoQ de las nueuas <] escriue de las yslas de poniente Hernando de Riquel escriuano de la 
goucmadon dellos que partieron del puerto de manila en vno de dos nauios a pri^ de julio 
1573.** 1573. Begins ^siempre he ydo . . .^ Ends ^artifices de espafia**. See vol. 

Digitized by 


the Axtieda MS. {q*v.), but the handwriting it different from that of that MS. In the 
Mufioz Collection, in R. A. de la H., no. 33-34, is another Riquel MS., which is evidentij 
a partial transcript of the printed ▼ersion of Rjqud^s relation (see Medina, Bibl. tsp^ p. 34, 
no. 7; and Pardo de Ta^era, BM. fl^ p. 361, no. 2397). This is entitled: ^^Nueras de 
Us islas del Poniente que escriTe . . escr"*. de la gaw^. dellas a un su amo. a Mex9.^' 
Begins **Residinios en esta isla de Luzon, . . .** Ends **I>ios lot Uere en salTamente.** 
In the catalogue of the Muiioz Collection is the following concerning this MS.: ^^Onesing^ 
sheet in the handwriting of Senor Muftoz, transcribed from a copj bdonging to Conde 
del Aguila. It contains *Us nueras de las Islas de Poniente que scribe Hernando Requd, 
escribano de la gobernadon de Manila i un amigo de Mejico.* To it are added some 
news from Italy and Africa, and the epitaph of King Don Fernando, which was printed in 
Sefilla in the year 1574.^ At the end of the letter, Mufioz has written, ** Transcript made 
from another modem transcript of the Conde del Aguila contained in a folio legajo en- 
titled * Felipe 2^.^ This must have been taken from the printed copy, defectiye in part at 
the *outs* marked by the periods indicate. Serilla, March 23, 1785. Mufioz.** The 
printed reUrion is also described by Gallardo, EnsayOf no. 363a 

Lopez de Legazpi, Miguel: — Vando para que se manifieste el oro sacado 

de las sepulturas de los indios. May 16, 1565. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, 

leg. 1 1 23, n^. 25. Begins "En la ysla de cubu". Ends ''mando y lo 

firmo de su n®. miguel lopez"; followed by attestation of proclamation 

beginning "Vando. Este dicho dia", and ending "doy fe dello", and 

signature of Riquel who also attests accuracy of copy. Vol. ii, pp. 172, 


Following die edict proper is the attestation of the goremment secretaiy or notary, Her- 
nando Riquel, of its proclamation. A tranacript made from die same original eixsts in the 
collection of Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A., Valladolid. Published in Col, doe. inid. Uhramar, 

Carta de Miguel Lopez de Legaspi a la S. C. R mag^. del Rey. <^ubu. 
May 27, 1565. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 1I23. Begins "S. C. R. mag^ 
Desde el puerto de la nabidad." Ends "y hazerme mrd como vra 
mag^. mas serbido sea," with conventional closing, date, and signature. 
Vol. II, pp. 174-176. 

This is published in Col, doe. inid, Ult,, ii, pp. 357-359* 

[Relation of the voyage to the Philippine Islands.] <^ubu, 1565. M. 

B. de U.; 170-20-3*, caja n*^. 22. Begins " Yll* S^ Del puerto de la naui- 

dad . . ." Ends "tenian tan precioso y rico." with a rubric. 

Vol. II, pp. 196-216. 

See ta suprof pp. 333, 334. Although unsigned, internal eridence prores that Lopez de 
Legazpi is the author of this relation. 

Carta recomendando al Capitan Martin de Goyti. Cebu, July 12, 
1567. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "S. C. R. M^. El capitan 
martin de goyti . . ." Ends "ha servido y trabajado.", with 
closing, date, and signature. Vol. ii, pp. 232, 233. 

[Letter to Felipe II.] (^ubu, July 15, 1567. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 6. Begins "Muy alto y muy p° sefior. Al fin del afio . . ." 
Ends "y perdone mi atrevim^.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. 

"» PP- 233. 2134. 
Carta a S. M. sobre descubrimiento y poblacion de las islas Filipinas; 

Digitized by 

i^ubu, July 23, 1567. A. dc L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "S. C. 
R. M.ssEn la nao (j despache ..." Ends "y v. m^ se sirva", with 
closing, date, and signature. Vol. ii, pp. 234-239. 

Carta de . . a S. M. sobre cosas tocantes a la poblacion de las 
Yslas Filipinas. Cubu, June 26, 1568. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 
Begins "S. C. R. M. Luego que Uegue . . ." Ends "lo que mas ser- 
vido sea", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. ii, pp. 239-243. 

Copia de una Carta que escribio . . al Marques de Falces. (^ubu, 
July, 7, 1569. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "A primero de 
Julio ..." Ends "a quien me rremito:", with closing and date. 
Vol. Ill, pp. 44.53. 

Relacion de las Yslas Filipinas y de la calidad y condiciones de la gente 
dellas para su magestad. [i^ubu, July 7, 1569.] A. de I.; est. i, caj. 
I, leg. 2I24. Begins after above title "este arfipielago contiene". Ends 
"ni buen comedimiento en cossa ninguna", with signature. See also 
ut supra^ p. 55, note ii. Cited by Fernandez de Navarrete, Bihl. mar, 
esp.^ ii, p. 494. Vol. hi, pp. 54-61. 

Without date, tnit sent with a letter to the viceroy of Nuera Espafia, dated Julj 7, 1569. 

Carta de . . dando cuenta a S. M. de las cosas de gobiemo de 
Filipinas. Panae, July 25, 1570. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins 
"S. C. R. M.= Con el capitan ..." Ends "y fundir artilleria.", 
with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. hi, pp. 108-112. 
Lopez db Lboazpi, Miguel; and others: — Ynformacion de varios descu- 
bridores de los que acompanaron a Miguel Lopez de Legazpi a Filipinas. 
(^ubu. May 29, 1565. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "S. C. 
M. For la que el general ..." Ends "el ferujo de v. mag^.", with 
dosing, date, and signatures of Legazpi and thirteen others (friars, and 
dvil and military officials). Vol. ii, pp. 176-178. 
Publiahed in Co/, doe. mid. Amir, y OeeamiOf im, pp. 517-529. 

[Letter to Felipe IL] (^ubu, June i, 1565. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 6. Begins "S. C. M."> For la Antes desta ..." Ends "y 
bafallos Acostumbra V. mag.", with dosing, date, and signatures of 
thirty-nine of the colonists. Vol. ii, pp. 178-182. 
Published in Col, doc. infd. Amir, y OetanUt^ ziii, pp. 529-531* 

Testimonio de como el capitan mayor de portugal rompio la guerra 

y la hizo a los espanoles que estaban en la Ysla de (^ubu. 1 568-1 570. 

A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "En la ysla e Pueblo de ^ubu 

..." Ends "este mio signo ques a tal=", with seal and signature 

"joan augustin escriio de su mag." Vol. hi, pp. 11 3-1 18. 

This is a notarial document, and consists of sereral parts. First is a statement bj 
Legazpi, made before Riqud at Ceb6, October 21, 1568, regarding the aggressions of the 
Pottuguese; and the negotiations between the latter and the Spaniards. This is attested 

Digitized by 


ap bjRique!, under date of 14cD00yJaiiuai]ri8,i570w On the nmediij a amiUr attestip 
tMo it made by tlie notaij Joan Au^rustin. 

Cauchela, Amdkes; and Aldave, Salvador de: — Carta de los oficiales 

reales de Filipinas remitiendo memoria de lo que es necesario se remita 

para aquel campo. Cubu, May 28, 1565. A. de I.; est. i» caj. i, leg. 

I [23, fo. 24. Begins "Muy p^s senores. Como ya V. Alt*. . . ." 

Ends "pide en la dicha memoria.", with dosing, date, and signatures. 

Vol. II, pp. 183-188. 

Fallowing the letter it the mfmnrindiiin of tfaingt needed in the new colony, b it at 
foUowt: Memoria de lo quca necetaiio en ette campo de tu magd quetta y Retide en lat 
ytlat del poniente tin lo demat que k a ynbiado a pedir en lat cartat y memoiiat patadat 
et lo liguientc. [Ca, 1571?] Begint ^fuellei. piimcramente quatro . . •** Endt 
**tacar cota ddlo**, with tignaturet. Vol. m, pp. 137-140; tee alto, vol. n, p. 333. 

[Letter from the royal officials to Felipe II.] Manila, July 17, 1574. 

A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 29. Begins "S. C. M. » En los navios que 

partieron ..." Ends "y pa9iffica9ion destas yslas-", with dosing, 

date, and signatures. Vol. xxxiv, pp. 295-303. 

Cauchbla, Andres; and others: — [Receipts and expenditures of the 

Philippine treasuiy; and cost of living in the Philippines.] June, 1584. 

A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 3)25, r>. 16. 

InTtrioutparttatfoUowt: L ReUdon de la nenta de tributot y otrot apjoyfrhtmifntot 
que peitenece i tu mig en cada una aAo en ettat ytlat del ponicsite y d gatto hoidinario 
dellat. [Manila, June, 15S4?] Begint "^Tributot de pueblot . . .** Endt *'Ettra- 
ordinariot en tret afiot**, with ttatittict, and tignaturet of three royal offidalt. Vol. yi. 
pp. 47-49. II« [InTettigationt regarding cost of liTing in the Philippinet.] Manila, 
June 1 5. Begint ** En la ciudad de maaila . . .** Endt **finno de tu nomfare.**, widi 
timaturet of the deponent, the canon Don Juan de Aimcndaret, and the notary, Luit 
vSez Cherino. There are eight depotitiont by officialt (dvil, military, and ecdetiatticalX 
all dated the tame day. The MS. endt with the attettation of the notary, dated June 
30^ 1584, and the remit of hit collation. Ut tuprOf pp. 50-53. 

Lavezaris, Guido de: — Carta de guido de labezaris a su mag^. (^ubu. 
May 30, 1565. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins " Porque quando 
don . . ." Ends ''mfd con Justi^ia", with dosing, date, and sig- 
nature. Vol. xxxiv, pp. 195-199. 

[Letter to Felipe II.] i^ubu, July 25, 1567. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6> leg* 34* Begins "S. C. M. « En la nao capitana ..." Ends 
"que tengo de servirle", with dosing, date, signature, and endorsement. 
Vol. xxxiv, pp. 207-213. 

Thit it eridentiy the tame letter dted by Retana (Archivo, ▼, pp. 423, 424)^ with prc tt 
mark, A. de L; ett. i, caj. i, leg. %\i^ n<im. i, ramo 3. 

Carta del Tesorero de Filipinas . . sobre la guerra con los Portu- 
gueses. Cebu, June 5, 1569. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins 
''S. C. R. M. Servira esta de auisar . . ." Ends "asi mismo en este 
navio", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. hi, pp. 29-32. 

A duplicate of thit letter it found in A. de L; ett. 67, caj. 6, leg. 29. In the tame MS. 
it the letter from Mirandaola, of June 8, 1569. 

Relacion que hace a S. M. . . de varias cosas del gobiemo de 

Digitized by 


i^AYEZARis; comtnuea — 
Filipinas despues de la muerte de Miguel Lopez Legazpi. Manila, June 
*9» '573- A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "S. C. R. M**. Luego 
que pase ..." Ends "deste su campo y armada.", with dosing, 
date, and signature. Vol. iu, pp. 179-188 (see pp. 188, 189, note 53). 
Carta dando cuenu de que despacho al capiun Juan de Salcedo a la 
conquista del Rio de Bico^ Manila, July 17, 1574. A. de I.; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "S. R. C. M<^. £n dos navios que despache 
..." Ends "fuere servido de le hacer.", with dosing, date, and sig- 
nature. Vol. Ill, pp. 272-282. 

On the MS. are written the rommenti of the CouadL 

Carta £ S. M. . . amplianda otra de 17 de Julio del mismo ano. 
Manila, July 30, 1574. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "S. C. R. 
M<*. En dos nayios ..." Ends "por no aver en que la Uevar", 
with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. hi, pp. 282-285. 

This letter is publithed onlj in part at it it the tame at the preceding letter in itt firrt 
portion (tee ut tufira, p. 282, the matter in brackett). 

Carta a S. M. sobre como han venido a ser esdavos los naturales de 

Filipinas. [Manila, July, 1574?] A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2)24. 

Begins "S. C. R. M. Mandame v. m^. ..." Ends "su lengua y 

contratadones.", with signature. Vol. hi, pp. 286-288. 

Copia de ciertos capitulos de una carta ^ escribio al yirrey sobre cosas 

tocantes a Filipinas. [Manila, 1575 f\ A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24, 

ramo 9. Begins "Gran contento n^ de lo que ..." Ends "a 

servir a su mag. y a V. ex*." Vol. hi, pp. 291-294. 

[Layezaris, Guido de; and others }]: — Memoria de las cosas asi rrescates 
como armas e municiones que son menester proveer luego de la nueva 
Espana en los primeros nauios que uinieren de la dicha nueua espana a 
estas yslas felipinas de que se an de probeer con diligenda son las siguien- 
tes. i^ubu, [1565?] [Unsigned, but evidently by the royal offidals.] 
A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24, n®. i, r«. 13. Begins " Primeramente 
doze piezas ..." Ends "desu forma 50 U." Vol. ii, pp. 188- 

Layezaris, Guido de; and others: — [Letter from the royal officials to 

Felipe II.] Cebu, July 26, 1567. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 29. Begins 

"S. C. M. B Con el naYio san p^. ..." Ends "si se nos ofre^e 

ocasion", with dosing, date, and signatures (guido de lavezaris, Andres 

cabchela, Andres de myrandaola, each with a rubric). Vol. xxxiy, 

pp. 214-222. See also "Cauchela, Andres" and "Mirandaola, Andres 


Thit is the tame letter cited by Retana {ArchhOf t, p. 424^ ^^ prettmark A. de L; 
est. I, caj. I, leg. 2I24, nAm. i, ramo 3. Cited alto by Fernandez de Navarrete, BAl, 
mar, €sp., i, p. 603, from a transcript conserved at Madrid; Depotito hidrogrifico. 

Digitized by 


I^YBZA&IS; continued — 

Respuesta al parecer del padre Fray Martiii de Rada sobre cosas de 

Ftlipinas. [Manila, June, 1574?] A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24. 

Begins "S. C. R. M<^. Replicando al parecer ..." Ends "muy 

aprovechados 7 enrriquecidos.", with signatures of Lavezaris and nine 

others and Riquel. Vol. hi, pp. 260-271. 
MniANDAOLAy Andres de.* — [Letter to Felipe IL] i^ubu, ^ 1565. 

A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "S. C. M. « En el Armada 

q vino ..." Ends "pa nfb sustento — *\ with dosing, date, and 

signature. Vol. xxxiv, pp. 200-206. 
Cartas del factor sobre cosas tocantes a las Yslas Filipinas. C^ebu, 

June 8, 1569; Mexico, January 8, 1574. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 


L Begins *^S. C. M^. Coo U nao capitana . . .** Ends **mandado proreer V 
mlg.**, with dotingy date, and signature. Vol. hi, pp. 33^3. IL Begins **C. R. M. 
En cumpUmicoto de lo que dero . . .*'* Ends ^cosas particulares 7 cuiiosas*% 
inth dosing, date, and signature. Ut suprOf pp. 123-229 (in part onlj; see p. 223, 
note 73). A duplicate of thu letter is found in A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 29. On the 
tame MS. is the letter from Lavezaris, of June 5, 1569. ' The letter c^ June 8, 1569, is 
dted by Retana, Arckho, ▼, p. 426; and Fernanda de NaTarrete, BAl. mar, 9sp^ i, p. 603, 
who says that a transcript from the original is conserred at Madrid; Deposito faidrogrtfico. 

Fblipe II: — [Royal communications to and regarding Legazpi.] 1 568-1570. 

A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 11. Begins "El Rey Miguel Lopez de 

Legazpi . . .'' Ends ''pasados en cuentalosdichosdos mill ducados", 

with date and signature. Vol. xxxiv, pp. 235-255. 

The Tarious documents induded in this MS. are as follows. L Respuesta a Miguel 
Lopes de L^azpL Escorial, Nor. 16, 1568. Ends **y al scrrido de Nuestro Sefior 7 
mio^, with date and signature^ and countersignatures of secretary and memben of Council. 
Vol. xxziy, pp. 235-238. II. Titulo de Oobemador 7 Capitan General de la ysla de 
Cubu i Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Madrid, Aug. 6, 1569. Begins **I>on Phelipe St. 
Por cuanto Don Iaus de Velasoo . . .** Ends **para la nuestra Camara 7 fisco**, with 
date and signature, and countersignatures of secretary and members of Council. (See 
Mt tuprOf pp. 238, 239, and next item.) m. El dkho (/.«., Legazpi] Tenenda de una 
fortaleza en d cubu. Aug. 6, 1569. Begins same as preceding. Ends **os vos pongan 
ni consientan poner*\ widi date and ngnature^ and countersignatures. Ut tupra^ pp. 
239-241 (in part onl7). IV. El dkho Lsgdnpi Titulo de Oobernador de las Yslas de ks 
Ladrones. Madrid, Aug. 14, 1569. Begms **Don PheUppe &^-" For quanto por parte 
. . .** Ends ^para nuestra Camara 7 Fisco*\ with date and signature, and counter- 
signatures. Vt suprOf pp. 241-246. V. Al dkho Titulo de Addantado de las Ydas de 
ks Ladrones. Maidrid, Aug. 14, 1569. Begins **Don Phdipe A^« por cuanto nos habe- 
mos . . .'** Ends **de nuestro infrascripto Secretario ^, with date and ugnature^ and 
countersignatures. (7/ fii^o, pp. 246-248. VL El dicho Leginpi. Titulo deGobemador 
7 Capitan General de la Ysla de Cubu. Madrid, Aug. 14, 1569. (See ut supra, p. 248, 
and next item.) VII. Ynstrucciones i Migud Lopez de Legazpi sobre lo qua ha de 
hacer en las Yslas de los Ladrones. Madrid, Aug. 28, 1569. Begins **£1 Rey. Lo que 
▼OS . . .** Ends ^'tememos por desserrido *\ with date and signature. Ut supra, 
pp. 249-254. Vm. Migud Lopez de LegazpL Merced de dos mill ducados. Madrid, 
Aug. 29, 157a Begins **E1 Rey. Nuestros officiates **. Ut supra, p. 255. 

Titulo de Gobemador y Capitan General de la Ysla de Cubu a favor 

de Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Madrid, August 14, 1569. A. de L; est. 

67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "Don PHelippe &» —Por q*^. ..." 

Digitized by 


Ends "por alguna manera'', with date, royal signature, countersignature 
of royal secretary, and those of several of the Council. Vol. hi, pp. 62- 

[Decree regulating the foundation of monasteries.] Aranjuez, May 13, 
1579. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 31, fol. 132 verso, n^'. 135. 
Begins ''El Rey: NuestroGov<>r.De las IslasFilipinas . . .'* Ends 
''que los Religiosos hacen.", with royal signature, and countersignature 
of royal secretary. Vol. iv, pp. 141-143. 

[Decree regarding appointments to vacancies in Manila cathedral.] 
Guadalupe, March 26, 1580. A. H. N.; C^edulario indico; tomo 31, 
fol. 193 verso, no. 184. Begins '^El Rey : Nro Gobemador De las Yslai 
Filipinaf . . .'* Ends "tenido los antecesores.'*, with royal signature 
and countersignature of royal secretary, Antonio de Eraso. Vol. rv, 
pp. 304, 305. 

Fundacion de la Audienda de Manila y ordenanzas que ha de guardar. 
Aranjuez, May 5, 1583. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 3I25. Begins "Don 
Phelipe Por la grada de dios . . .'' Ends "yr ni pasar en manera 
alguna", with date, royal signature, and signature of royal secretary; 
and those of members of Council. Vols, v, pp. 274-318, and vi, pp. 


[Decree regarding aid to the Franciscans.] Aranjuez, April 24, 1584. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 31, fol. 161 verso, n^. 157. Begins 
"El Rey: Doctor Santiago de Vera . . .'' Ends "y no haya 
falta en ello.", with royal signature, and countersignature of royal 
secretary. Vol. vi, p. 45. 

[Decree regarding commerce.] August 9, 1589. A. H. N.; Cedulario 
indico; tomo 7, fol. 301, n^. 449. Begins "El Rey: Gomez Perez 
Dasmarinas ..." Ends "cosas de mi servicio." Vol. vii, pp. 

Ynstruccion a Gomez Perez Dasmarinas. San Lorenzo, August 9, 

1589. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 11, libro i, fol. 171. Begins "El 

Rey = Gomez Perez Dasmarinas ..." Ends "de mi servicio.", 

with date, signature, and countersignatures. Vol. vii, pp. 141-172. 

Tbis it publithed in the Ventura del Aroo MSS. (g.v., post); and PatteUs*8 editioo of 
Colin^s LiAor tvamg^iea, iii, pp. 74i-75a 

[Royal decree given to a military engineer ordering the construction of 
forts in the Philippines.] San Lorenzo, September 12, 1589. Ayer 
Collection. In a manuscript book of decrees, entitled "Cedulas reales 
dirigidas a estas Yslas Filipinas." Vol. xxxiv, pp. 406, 407, note 86. 

[Decree reguladng commerce in the Philippines.] Sant Lorenzo, July 
239 1590. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Don Phelipe For 

Digitized by 


txmnnuea ' 

la gratia ..." Ends "cosa en contrario", with blank spaces for 
date; followed by short synopsis of the pennission of the decree. 

Signed on the back bj memben of the CoimciL This MS. is accompanied by a separate 
paper stating the reason whj the king did not sign the decree. 

[Decree forbidding traders to go to China from the Philippines.] Ma- 
drid, January ii, 1593. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 41. Begins "£1 
Rey = Gomez Perez Dasmariiias . . ." Ends "asi conviene a mi 
servicio.", with date and signatures. Vol. xxv, pp. 141, 142. 

Enclosed with other papers (manuscript and printed) in a printed memorial of Grau 
7 Moofalcon (;.«.). 

Respuesta a Gomez Perez das Marinas Govemador y Cap^ G^. de las 
Yslas Philippinas. Madrid, Januaiy 17, 1593. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 
2, leg. II. Begins "El Rey » Gomez Perez Das Marinas . . ." 
Ends "^iudad de manila", with date and signature, and countersignature 
of royal secretary. Vol. viii, pp. 301-31 1. 

[Royal decree regarding the hospitals for the natives.] Madrid, January 
17, 1593. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 11. Begins "El Rey Reverendo 
in Cristo ..." Ends "ansi lo escribo al dicho Gobemador;", 
with date, signature, and countersignatures. Vol. xxxiv, pp. 411 -414. 

[Royal decree, regarding the formation of new dioceses.] June 17, 
1595. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 30, fol. 275 verso, n^. 198. 
Begins "El Rey: Duque, Primo: . . ." Ends "la primer Flota.", 
with signatures of king and royal secretary. Vol. ix, pp. 150-153. 

A Don Francisco Tello Govemador de las yslas Philipinas sobre la 
funda9ion del audi* y recivim^ del sello real. El Pardo, November 26, 
1595. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 11, libro 2, fol. 100 recto-ioi verso. 
Begins "Don Fran~ Thello mi Govemador ..." Ends "y de las 
yndias", with date, signature, and countersignatures of the royal secre- 
tary, and the members of the Council. Vol. ix, pp. 189-192. 

Ynstra^ion a Don Fran^^' Tello govemador y cap^ General de las yslas 
philipinas. Toledo, May 25, 1596. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 11, 
libro 2, fol. 146-170. Begins "Lo que uos don . . ." Ends "toda 
essa rierra y provin9ias", with date and signature; followed by counter- 
signatures of royal secretary and members of the Council. Vol. ix, pp. 

This it not the originai document tent to Manila, tnit a copy made eridentlj by a gofem- 
ment tecietaij there. 

Fbupb II; and others: — Expediente sobre el trato y comercio de las Yslas 

Filipinas con el Ymperio de la China. 1 586-1 590. A. de I.; est. 67, 

caj. 6, leg. 18. 1586-1590. 

This MS. conaitts of Tariout donimenti as follows: L Cedula para que cese El tracto 
7 comercio no habiendo ynoonbeniente. Sant Lorenzo, June 19, 1596. Begins **£1 Ktj. 
Marques de ViUamanrrique . . .''* Ends **con mas conTiene^, with date and signa- 
ture, and countenignatuxes. Vol. vi, pp. 282, 283. n. Letter from rojal seoetaiy 

Digitized by 

iodussa . . .** Ends **lo que paredere,*^, with date and rubric. Vol. vi, pp. 283, 
284. HL Caita de la Audienda de Manila a su mag<l. Manila, June 26, 1586. Begins 
**S. C R^ m^, Ei Afio Passado . . .** Ends ^que puede suceder.**, with dodng, date 
and signatures of Santiago de Vera and three others, all with rubrics. Vol. vi, pp. 254-264. 
At the head of this document is the date ^ June 13/* probably an error for **26,^ whidi 
occurs at the end. It bears address and endorsements. IV. Copia de dos capitulos de 
una carta que d marques de Villa manrrique . . escribio al rey. 1586. Begins 
^Tres cartas de un tenor . . .** Ends "fuere mas servido.** Vol. vi, pp. 284-289. 

V. Consulta de portugal a su mag<^ que se quite d trato. [Lisboa, 1590 ?] Begins ^Des- 
puesq®. dRey . . .** Ends ^Mas puertas a d.** Followed by a dause of a Portuguese 
letter (mentioned in the abore, but not presented in our series); and by instructions 
of the Spanish court in regard to the ** consulta,** dated El Pardo, March 3, 159a Vol. 
VII, pp. 199-204. VI. Royal decree regulating commerce in the Philippines. (Sant 
Lorenzo, July 23, 1590?] This decree (with note) was published from anodier MiS. in 
VOL. VII, pp. 262-264 (q.v^ and under **Fdipe II**). Vn. [Letter from members of the 
suppressed Audienda.] Manila, June 20, 159a Begins **Sefior. En todas las naot 
. . .** Ends **aumento que deseamos.**, with dosing, date, and ugnatures of Santiago 
de Vera and two others. Vol. vii, pp. 208-211. Vm. [Letter from Licentiate Ayala to 
Felipe IL] Manila, June 25, 159a Begins **Sefior. En todas Us ocadones . . .** 
Ends ^como tengo a mi cargo**, with dosing, date, and ngnature. Not published (but see 
VOL. VII, p. 209, note 33). IX. Letter to Fdipe II. Madrid, June 17, 1586. Begins 
^S. C R. M. Para tratar de lo que . . .** Ends "^de firmaria.**, with date. Vol. 

VI, pp. 279-282. X. Copia dd capitulo de una carta que d gobemador [Manud de Sousa 
CoutinhoJ de la india escribio a su mag. . . contra d comerdo. Goa, April 3, 1589. 
Begins ^Una de las cosas . . .** Ends ^con grandisimos rigores.** Vol. vii, pp. 

Rada, Martin DE,O.S. A.: — Copia de la carta de Fray . . . Cebu, 

July 8» 1569. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 37. Begins "£1 espiritu santo 

. . ." Ends "con gran facilidad tomaran nfa fee nfo s^. etc.", with 

date. Without signature, but title proves authorship. Vol. xxxiv, 

pp. 223-228. 

This letter is written to the viceroy of Nueva Espafia, the marques de Fdces. 

Parecer sobre los tributos de los Indios. Manila, June 21, 1574. A. 

de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2)24. Begins "Muy Yll® sefior. Pideme vfa 

8*." Ends "porque este es mi parescer lo firme de mi nombre fecho en 

San pablo de manila", followed by date and signature. Vol. hi, pp. 


[Letter from . . to Viceroy Martin Enriquez.] Manila, June 30, 
1574. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. Begins "Muy Excelentisimo 
senor» — La gracia del Spiritu santo . . ." Ends ''que se destruia 
la rierra". Vol. xxxiv, pp. 286-294. 
Hbrrera, Diego db, O. S. A.: — Carta a S. M. dando cuenta del descu- 
brimiento de Filipinas y guerra con los Portugueses. Mexico, January 16, 
1570. A. de L; est. i, caj. I, leg. 2(24. Begins "S. C. R. M. En el 
armada que ..." Ends "para que la envie a v. mag.", with dosing, 
date, and signature. Vol. hi, pp. 69-72. 
Cited by Retana, Archive, t, p. 426. 

[Letter to Felipe ILJ Ysla de Panay, July 25, 1570. A. de L; est. 68, 
caj. I, leg. 42. Begins "Sacra Catolica Real Magestad Viendo que las 
cosaf ..." Ends "los que agora sabemos," with dosing, date, and 

Digitized by 


signature; ano enaorsemenc ot goverament cierK on oacK. vol. xxxiy, 

pp. 229-234. 
: — Relacion de lo sucedido en el yiaje que se hizo a luzon. [Manila, 

June ?] 1570. A. de I.; est. i, caj. I, leg. 2|24» n^. i, i^. 17. Begins 

"A los ocho de mayo . . ." Ends ''que subcedio de este uiage.** Vol. 

Ill, pp. 73-104. 

Afcribed by Retain, Archive, t, pp. 434, 435 to Maitiii de Goiti. 
.* — Memoria de las cosas que pide el gobemador de Filipinas, con 

ezpresion de lo que se podra proveer de Nueva Espaiia, y lo que seri 

necesario traer de Espana. [1570 ?] A. de I.; est. I, caj. i, leg. 2I24. 

Begins ''Memoria De las cossas^ pide ..." Ends "con trestomillos.'* 

Vol. iu, pp. 132-137. 

• De cierta Relacion, 7 de las veces que se ha tratado en lo que 

toca a la Navegacion Descubrimiento &. de las Yslas del Poniente, es- 
pecialmente del Maluco, (^ebu, &. [1571 ?] A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, 
leg. 2I24. Begins "De la dicha relation . . . *' Ends "y sera viaje 
de tres meses." Vol. hi, pp. 121-131 (see pp. 126, 127, the matter in 

Cited bj Retana, ArchivOf ▼, pp. 444^447, who puUishes it in part. 

Lbgazpi, Melchior de. — Gastos hechos de la Real hazienda e la jomada 
de las yslas del poniente, los anos de dlxjx. Ixx. Ixxj. Ixxij. Mexico, 
March 2, 1573. A. de I.; est. i, caj. I, leg. 2)24, r^. 11, n*'. i. Begins 
" Yo melchior de legazpi . . " Ends "de la presente por duplicada'', 
with date and signature. Vol. ni, pp. 177, 178. 

Ortega, Francisco de, O. S. A.:— [Letter to the Viceroy of Nueva 

Espana.] Manila, June 6, 1573. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24. 

Begins "Muy Ex**. S°^.= La gracia y consolacion ..." Ends "de la 

etema y perdurable amen.", with date and signature. Vol. xxxiv, 

pp. 256-272. 

Documentos del Padre Fray . . sobre lo que conviene poblar en 

Filipinas. [Manila, 1594?] A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 37. Vol. 

IX, pp. 95-119. 

There are three documents in this MS., as follows: I. Rdadon de 26 capitulos de las 
islas filipinas que conbiene poblar y apadguar 7 otras cosas; pp. 95-105. Begins '^Muj 
p^ sefior. « ^7 Francisco . . .** Ends **al conociniiento de Dios nfo seior.** 
n. Lo q pide para los monastos de su orden; pp. 105-110. .Begins ^Sefior ^Tnj TnsP^ 
. . .** Ends *Me la ordcn de S. agustin**. in. Atisa de 14 particulares q son de 
mucho momento para el serv^ de Dios 7 de su mag 7 aumento de su Real hacienda; pp. 
I lo-i 19. B^ins ^ Senor » Yny franco . . .** Ends '*el efecto a que se ha(e.** 

Artibda, Dibgo db: — Relacion De las Islas del poniente a ^ llaman filipi- 
nas. [1573 ?J M. B. deU.; 711,20 — 3*; cajano. 22. Begins ''Hay en 
la nueua espana ..." Ends "Informare de palabra inand[and]oinelo". 
Vol. Ill, pp. 190-208. 

This MS. is written on small size folio paper, and occupies 4 1/3 pp. of ytxj closely 
written matter. The MS. is in a good state of preterration, being onl7 sligbtl7 worn at 

Digitized by 


XBt edges, jrasteneo to it is aootner leii containing tne relation ot uemando Kiquei, q.v^ 
anu, although the paper on which it is written is of a different texture. The Artiieda MS. 
contains a number dF sidenotes opposite the Tarious paragraphs. It is listed on p. 14 of 
die CatSogo (Madrid, 1900) of the librarj. In the Axtrhiro General de las Indias is a MS., 
purporting to be^ morely through the endorsement by some arduTist, by Juan de la Isla; 
but which is the MS. of Artieda (with some minor changes, q,v^ us tuprot pp. i9&-2o8, 
316). The pressmark of this MS. is est. i, caj. i, leg. 1I23. It bears as title: ^Relacion 
de las islas del Poniente y del camino que a ellas se hizo desde U nueva spfta.^ Begins ** Ay 
en la nuera spfia . . .*** Ends *Me palabra mandandomdo V. mag.** It bears neither 
date nor signature. See ut iupra^ p. 190, note 54. Another copy is cited by Ochoa, Cad-^ 
logo roMOHodOy as existing in die old Biblioth^ue royalle; 1588 (Saint-Germain); 240; 
papdes Tarios. This has z leaves missing at the end. In the catalogue of the present 
Biblioth^ue Nationale, Paris, the pressmark is given as ^Manuscrits espagnols et portu- 
gais; esp. 315; no. 3, fol. 10-13;** but the date is wrongly given as 1582, which date does 
in fact appear on the document. This MS. is mistakenly ascribed to Juan de la Ida by 
Fernandez de Navariete, BiM. mar. osp^ ii, p. 239, under the following title: **I>escripdon 
de los puertos de Acapuico y Naridad, y de las islas que descubri6 la armada dd generd 
Legazpi; sus dturas y distandas; costumbres de los indigenas; la navegadon que hizo; 
iilas dd Mduco, Japon y Lequioe, con nodda de la China y Nueva-Guinea.** 

: — [Augustinian memoranda.] [Manila, 1573 ?] A. de I.; est. 

68, caj. I, leg. 42. Begins "Lo qual padre Fray Di^o ..." Ends 

"que contratan con ellos." Vol. xxxiy, pp. 273-285. 

In three parts. L Memoria de los religiotos de las Ydas dd Poniente de cosas qud 
padre Ynj Diego de Gcrrera [i^^ Herrera] a de tratar con Su mt^. o de su Red Con* 
tejo de yndias. IL Lo que se a de demandar A su Magd. nL Memoria de las Cosas 6 
aprovffhamientos q^ ay en la Tierra. Evidently a joint compilation by all the Auguttin* 
ians in Manila. 

YsLA, Joan db la: — Carta del Capitan . . esponiendo sus servicios en el 
descubrimiento de Filipinas. [Manila, ra., 1574 ?] A. de I.; est. i, caj. I, 
leg. 2(24, ramo 4. Begins ''C. R. M<^. El cap^ juan de la ysla ..." 
Ends "de servir a V. mag^.'\ with signature. 
On the MS. is written the comment of the Council. 

Pacbbco Maldonado, Juan: — Carta a S. M. sobra la poblacion de la 
Ysla de Luzon. [Manila, 1575 f\ A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2)24. Be- 
gins "C. R. M^. En el aiio de setenta ..." Ends "que y. mag les 
haga." with signature. Vol. hi, pp. 295-303. 

Retana dtes this MS., which he gives dmoct in full, in his Arehhoy t, pp. 448-456; but 
he suggests its date as 1572. This MS. (or the MS. noted, post^ p. 151X seems to be the one 
dted by Fernandez de NaTanete, BiM, mar. osp., ii, p. 284, the pressmark of which is the 
same as the above, and a transcript of which is in Madrid; Depodto hidrogrifico. 

Sandb, Francisco db; and others: — Mandamiento para que los oficiales 

reales no puedan tener encomiendas. Manila, May 26, 1576. A. de I.; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 29. 

This MS. consists of various parts, as follows: L (Sanders first statement.] •Begins 
^En la dudad de manila . . .** Ends ^''para enbiar a su mig.**, with dgnatures of 
Sande and the notary ^femando Riqud."^ It is accompanied by three notarial minutes 
of its notification to die royd ofEdds, all of the above date. Vol. ui, pp. 304-306. 
n. [Sanders second statement.] Begins **En la dudad de manila . . .^ Ends 
**ynviar a su mig y firmolo**, with dgnatures of Sande and Riqud. It is followed by 
minute of its notification to the royd officials, and their depodtions taken in consequence 
thereof; and lasdy by Riqud^s attestadon of the validity and accuracy of his copy. Ut 
MuprOf pp. 307-311. 

Testimonio de las jomadas de Bomey Jolo 7 Mindanao hechas por 

mandado del doctor . . Gobemador de Filipinas en 1578 y 79. April 


Digitized by 


"En la galera . . /' Ends "en testimonio de verdad (rabric) Al^ 
beltran escribano de su mag. (rubric)". Vol. iv, pp. 14S-303. 

This is a long notarial document contaiiiing an account of the progress of Sande*s Bor- 
nean expedition, told by means of depositions, letters, instructions, etc, all of which 
are attested propcrij by notaries. The aboTe tide was evidently made by a deik or ar- 
chivist. The MS. seems to have been compiled as a report to the home government. 
Cited by Retana, BihL Mind^ p. 17; and Fernandez de NsTarrete, BiU, mar, tsp^ i, p. 500. 

Sande» Francisco de: — [Letter to Felipe IL] Manila, June 2, 1576. A. 
de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "C. R. M<^. Aunque en la nueva 
espana . . ." Ends "soy aqui breve", with closing, date, and signa- 
ture. Vol. in, pp. 312-314. 

Carta del Gobemador dando cuenta de su llegada y otras cosas de 
Filipinas. Manila, June 7, 1576. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Be- 
gins ''S. R. M<^. Del puerto de Acapulco . . ." Ends "todos los 
que aca le estamos sinriendo.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. 
IV, pp. 21-97 (see especially pp. 94-97)« 

This MS. was published by W. E. Retana, in his Archive (Madrid, 1895-1905X iif pp. 

1-75, under the title CarUHrdtKt&n de FSipinas. He has not followed throughout the 

peculiarities of the MS. 

Relacion del estado en que se hallan las yslas Filipinas, se describe muy 
por menor la situacion de ellas, la vondad de la tierra para sembrados y 
pastos de ganados, ingenios de azucar y anil. Manila, June 8, 1577. A. 
de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2] 24, ramo 40. Begins ''Estado de la tierra. 
Estas yslas philipinas . . ." Ends ''tener memoria de mi", with 
date. Vol. iv, pp. 98-118 (note matter in brackets on p. 98). 
Unsigned, but internal evidence proves Sande to be the author. 

Carta dando cuenta de su jomada de Borneo. Manila, July 29, 1578. 
A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "C. R. M. En otras cartas e 
avisado . . ." Ends "senor como lo merece", with dosing, date, 
and signature. Vol. iv, pp. 125-135. 

A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archives for Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. 

Carta del Gobernador [al rey]. Manila, May 30, 1579. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "C. R. M. El ano pasado . . ." Ends 
"que le sirve como yo", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. iv, pp. 


A transcript of this MS. was made for Eduardo NaTairo, O. S. A. 

Alfaro, Pedro de, O. S. F.: — Copia de Carta a fray Juan de Ayora 
Guardian de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles y Commisario en Manila. 
Canton, China, October 13, 1579. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. 
Begins "Amantissimo hermano in Domino: Pax et gaudium . . ." 
Ends "A todos mis particulares saludes. Vale qui supra." Vol. xxxii, 
p. 65, note 13. 

LoARCA, Miguel de: — [Letter to Viceroy Martin Enriquez.] Manila, 

June 15, 1580. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "Muy ex9e- 

lente sehor = Siempre que me he fallado ..." Ends "no me ha^e 

de alia merged mandandolo", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. 

XXXIV, pp. 313-315- 

Relacion de las Yslas Filipinas. [Arevalo, June, 1582.] A. de I.; 

est. I, caj. I, leg. 1I23. Begins "Tratado de las yslas Philipinas en q 

. . ." Ends "entre las parentelas donde su^edia, lo proprio era entre 

I08 timaguas"; followed by an endorsement, probably by Governor Gon- 

zalo Ronquillo de Penalosa, certifying that the relation was written by 

Loarca, and may be considered as true. Published (both Spanish and 

English) in vol. v, pp. 34-187. 

This document wu formerly housed in the archives at Simancas, where it bore, accord- 
ing to Juan Bautista Mufioz, pressmark ^^Indias, leg. 3 de los int. Descripdones i Pobla- 
dones.** Copied by the latter, his final rerision bong completed August 10^ 178a; and 
now among the Mufioz papers at R. A. de la H., Madrid, where it bears the following 
tide in the catalogue: ^Tratado de las Islas Filipinas con todas las poblad6nes reduddas 
i la obedienda del Rey en 1580, los pueblos espafioles, manera de gobiemo de estos y de 
Indies por Migud de Loarca; copiose en Simancas en dnco cuademos.^ Of it Mufioz 
says: **It is a Tery fine relation, for one can with difficulty find another of that time so 
complete. [It merits] peculiar credit in whatever touches upon religion, opinions, cere- 
monies, manners, and customs of the natives, which it appears that the author investi- 
gated with great care from the beginning of our settlements in those islands. On simple 
paper, but in the letter of the time in which it was written. . . . Written on 14 sheets. 
... It was written in the year 1580^ that is, 16 years after the settlement of the 
Spaniards in Filipinas, during the governorship of Don Gonzalo Ronquillo, as appears 
from the introduction and from the third chapter sub. med.^ A transcript from Mufioz^s 
copy, or a duplicate of it, exists in the Lenox branch of the New York Public Library, but 
likie the Mufioz MS. it diiOfers in some essentials from the real original, namdy in speUing, 
capitalization, and punctuation. Beginning with chapter vi, Mufioz^s transcript was 
published in Ddgado*s HiaUtria (Manila, 189a) as an appendix to part i, book iii, pp. 
37i'39^ ^ ^ ^itor of that book. Temaux-Compans, Arehtves dts voyages (Paris, 
i84o\ i, pp. 1-50, gives a loose and inadequate translation of the manuscript. The ^De 
las Cottumbres de los Indios Bisayas, i otros de Filipinas**, dted by Barda, ii, cd. 638, 
appears to be Loarca^s Rdadon. Blumentritt, Foc^i, thn. Ausd^t p. 49, dtes this ida- 
tion from FoUetines del Diario ir ManUa, 1877; but whether it was reproduced by that 
paper or merely dted therein, we are unable to state. 

Jb8U8, Pablo de, O. S. F.. — Relatio peregrinationis Fr. Pauli lesus 
Congr. discalcear ad Insulas Philippinas. Manila, 14 Kalends of July 
[June 18J, 1580. A. del V.; Principi 32; p. 174. Begins "beatifP»° patri 
Gnegorio I3<' pontifici maximo, . . • CVm in tantis tamqj . . ." 
Ends "Erit vnum ouile et vnus paftor.", with date and signature. Vol. 
3"«JV, pp. 316-324. 

This MS. occupies 6+ pp. of rather dose writing. It is easily legible, is wholly in 
Latin, and bears no endorsement. 

Ronquillo db Pbnalosa, Gonzalo: — [Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, 
July 17, 1581. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "C. R. M<*. Esta 
ciudad me a pedido ..." Ends "lo que fuere senrido", with dos- 
ing, date, and signature. Vol. iv, pp. 306, 307. 
On the BiS. is written the comment of the Council. 

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[Ordinance restricting departure from the islands.] March 2, 1582. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins " En la ctudad de manila . . .'* 
Ends ''sin la dicha licenda.'^ with Ronquiilo's signature, and that of the 
notary, Alonso Beltran. Vol. iv, pp. 308, 309. 

Carta [al rey]. Manila, June 15, 1582. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
6. Begins *'C. R. M<^. For otra mas larga tengo . . ." Ends "v. 
mag se servira dello.'^ with dosing^ date, and signature. Vol. nr, pp. 

Carta [al rey]. Manila, June 16, 1582. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
6. Begins "C. R. M^. For aver arribado . . ." Ends "a v. m^. 
con mas fuer^as.'', with closings date, and signature. Vol. y, pp. 23-33. 
[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, July i, 1582. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 6. Begins "C. R. M^. En este navio que sale ..." Ends 
" se puede conservar esta pla^a.'', with closings date, and signature. Vol. 
v,pp. 196-198. 

Eduirdo NiTairo^ O. S. A., owni a tnotcript of tfait MS. 

Am&iARAN, Amador de; and others.' — Carta de la ciudad de Manila a 
S. M. recomendando al capitan Gabriel de Ribera que va por Frocura- 
dor. Manila, July 20, 1582. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2)24; r^. 53. 
Begins "C. R. M<^. El ano pasado ..." Ends ''esperamos hacer 
adelante'', with closing, date, and signatures of ei^t members of the 
Manila cabildo. Vol. y, p. 207, note 23 (partly synopsized). 

Salazar, Domingo de, O. F.: — La junta y Resolucion que d obispo tomo 
sobre la ejucudon de la cedula de los esdaYos. Tondo, October 16 and 
17, 1581. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. Begins "Lunes diez y seis 
de octubre ..." Ends "lo firme de mi nombre« ", with signature. 
Vol. XXXIV, pp. 3aS-33»- 

This document is in the fonn of a minute nude eridentiy by a notary or aecretaiy, and 
waf to serve at a record of the councU. The title it written in the margin of the MS. 

Erecdon de la S^* yglesia Catedral de Manila. Manila, December 21, 
1 58 1. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins "Frater Dominicus de 
Salazar Dd et Apostolice Sedis. ..." Ends "fedmus appensione 
comuniri.", with date and signature ''ffr. D eps philipinarum." Vol. 
XXXIV, pp. 332-360. 

Thit document it all in Latin, except the title which it the work of tome arduTitt. 
Under Salazar*a tignature it that of the apostolic notary and tecretary **talTator ar^gone.** 

Carta del obispo de Filipinas [al rey]. Manila, June 20, 1582. A. de 
I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins **C. R. M^. Despues de aver escrito 
..." Ends "por el remedio.", with date and signature. Vol. y, 
pp. 188, 189. 

Following thit letter it the teitimony of the complaintt made by certain nativet againtt 
their alcaldet-mayor; dated Manila, June 15, 1582$ and tigned by Salazar, Andres de 

Cenrantes, F^andsco Monntey uid finally by the notary, Salvador de Argon. Begins 
**En la dudad de manila . . /* Ends **no pueden cufrir lot alcaldes niayoret.** 
Vs tuprOf pp. 189-191. Another copy of this MS. is found in A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 
41. Eduaitlo NaTairo^ O. S. A., owns a transcript of the first MS. 

[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June i8» 1583. A. de I.; est. 6S, caj. 

I, leg. 32. Begins "C. R. M. Y en esta . . ." Ends "baxo del 

amparo de V. mag.'\ with date and signature. Vol. xxxiv, pp. 368- 


On the outside of this document is the order of the Council, given as the result of this 
letter, for the issuing of a royal decree. Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A., owns a transcript of 
this MS. 

Carta del Obispo de las Filipinas a Su Magestad el Rey. Manila, 

June 26, 1586. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins "C. R. m^. 

Porque en nombre de esta Republica ..." Ends "se me manda 

cumplo", with closings date, and signature. Vol. vi, pp. 251-253. 

On the MS. is written the comment of the Council. Eduardo Nayarro, O. S. A., owns 
a transcript of this document. 

Carta del obispo de Filipinas trata de sus discordias con la Audiencia. 
Manila, June 27, 1588. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins "Senor 
En una carta ..." Ends ''con rigor se remedie", with closing, 
date, and signature. Vol. vii, pp. 64-76. 

A transcript of the original MS. was niade in the archiyes for Eduardo Nayarro, O. S. A. 
Carta del obispo de filipinas a S. M. . . contestando a varias 
cedulas. June 24, 1590. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins 
"Scnor. Cinco cedulas de v. mag. ..." Ends "no se puede es- 
conder.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. vii, pp. 239-250. 
A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archiyes for Eduardo Nayarro, O. S. A. 
Carta del obispo de Filipinas sobre la supresion de la Audiencia. Ma- 
nila, June 24, 1590. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins "Seiior 
La carta que ..." Ends "a tal le peitenecieren.", with closing, 
date, and signature. Vol. vii, pp. 250-261. 

A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archiyes for Eduardo Nayarro, O. S. A. 
Salazar, Domingo de, O. P.; and others: — Espediente sobre la cobranza 
de los tributos en Filipinas. 1591. A. del.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Be- 
gins ''£1 ospital R^ de los espaiioles ..." Ends "seguir su santa 
voluntad.", with date and signature "Fr. D. obispo de las filipinas (with 
rubric)." Vol. vii, pp. 267-318, and vol. viii, pp. 25-69. 

A collection of papers relating to the matter of the tribute, consisting of some twenty-four 
documents (which do not all appear in their correct chronological order). This is a most 
interesting and yaluable MS., although often filled with unnecessary details and quibbling, 
as it shows one phase of the struggle between the ecclesiastical and dyil powers, which 
was so often to break out in the Philippines. The eariiest document bears date, Manila, 
Jan. 25, and the latest Quiapo, March ai. The yarious documents are not all arranged 
chronologically, haying been copied in wrong order probably by a goyenmient clerk, but 
we haye arranged them correctly, in our publication, where they are presented in transla- 
tion and synopsis. The original MS. is mutilated in places, and bears several endorse- 
ments. A transcript of it was made for Eduardo Nayarro, O. S. A. 

Digitized by 


KOMANy JUAN Baptista: — Carta de . . factor en las Yslas Filipinai 
al Virrey de Nueva Espana sobre lo sucedido con unot navios Japones. 
Cabite, June 25, 1582. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 1^. 29. Begins "YlSko 
yex^^Seiior. No se si las cartas ..." Ends ''que mane jan armas.'\ 
with closings date, and signature. Vol. y, pp. 192-195. 

[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, July 2, 1588. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, 1^. 29. Begins "Seiior « De onze anos . . .'' Ends "lo mande 
ver y remediar.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxxiy, pp. 392- 

: — Relacion de los oficios que se pueden vender en las Yslas Filipinas 

de que se saque algun aprovechamiento. [1582 ?] A. de I.; est. i, caj. 
If leg* i\^3p i^* 8* Begins "Los oficios ^ se pueden vender . . ." 
Ends "de poca imporuncia." Vol. v, pp. 202-204. 

Rios, Pedro de los; and others: — Ynstniction De lo que El comi- 
sario que es o por tiempo fuere de este s^. officio en la dbdad y obispado 
de Manila e islas phelipinas del Poniente deue aduertir y Guardar Para 
mejoc execu^on del tt<> y comision que tiene. Mexico, March i, 1583. 
A. de S.; consejo de ynquisicion; libro 762, fol. 170. Begins "i. Para 
este ministerio ..." Ends "se a^ertara en todo." with date, and 
signatures of licentiates Bonilla and Santos Garda; and countersigna- 
ture of Rios. Vol. v, pp. 256-273. 

Sbdbno, Antonio, S. J.: — [Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June 17, 
1583. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, I^. 42. Begins "C. R. M. » Don Gon- 
calo Ronquillo ..." Ends "de servir a V. mag.", with dosing, 
date, and signature. Vol. xxxiv, pp. 361-367. 

[Letter to Felipe II, commending Sanchez and his mission.] Manila, 
June 25, 1586. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. Vol. vi. pp. 247-250. 
Carta del Padre . . sobre si es lidto hacer la guerra a los zam- 
bales. [Manila, January 20, 1592 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 
Begins "jhs Acerca de la justida ..." Ends "quien miren por 
ellos", with signature. Vol. viii, pp. 225-229. 

A truucript of the origiiul MS. wms made in the uduTct for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

Rivera, Captain Gabriel de: — Carta del . . a S. M. sobre 
cosas tocantes a Filipinas. [Manila, 1583 ?] A. de I.; est. I, caj. I, leg. 
3I25. Begins "Muy pod*^. s*^. el capitan gabriel de Ribera . . " 
Ends "buen gobiemo de aq*llas yslas", with signature. Vol. v, pp. 
207-209 (see p. 207, note 22). 

Davalos (db Avalos), Licentiate Mblchor: — Carta del . . £ S. M. 
Manila, July 3, 1584. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "C. 
Mag^. Real. Por divina inspiracion ..." Ends "como esta 
dicho.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. vi, pp. 54-65. 
On the MS. is written tbe rtimmmt of the Council. 

Digitized by 


al Arzobispo de Megico. Manila, June 20, 1585. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6»leg. 6. Begins "YllmoSenor. Mas contento me a dado ..." 
Ends " lo que con ellos gastare. *\ with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. 
VI, pp. 66-75. 

Carta del Gobernador [al rey]. Manila, June 26, 1587. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "Seiior = El aiio passado . . ." 
Ends "a V. mag^ quenta.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. 
VI, pp. 297-314. 

Carta para S. M. de la Audienda de Filipinas dandole cuenta entre 
otras cosas, de que las cartas Uegan pocas veces a su destino, con otras 
noticias de interes. Manila, June 25, 1588. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 18. Begins "Seiior. Las dos que con esta van ..." Ends 
"mande ver y proveer.", with dosing, date, and signatures of Vera, 
Melchor Davila, Pedro de Rojas, and Antonio Rivera Maldonado, each 
with its rubric. Vol. vi, pp. 311-321. 

A tnotcript of the origmal MS. was made in the archivei for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Carta del gobernador dando cuenta del robo del galeon S^* Ana. 
Manila, June 26, 1588. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "Senor. 
El ano pasado . . ." Ends ''lo mandara ver.", with dosing, date, 
and signature. Vol. vii, pp. 52-63. 

A traoacript of the origiaal MS. was made in the archiTCi for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

Caru del Presidente de la Audiencia de Filipinas. Manila, July 13, 
1589. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Sefior. Este ano 
pasado ..." Ends ''por decirlo alii.", with dosing, date, and 
signature. Vol. vii, pp. 83-94. 

A tranacript of the original MS. was made in the archiyet for Eduardo NaTano, O. S. A. 
Vera, Dr. Santiago db; and others: — [Letter to Felipe II concerning 
afiPairs in the Philippines.] Manila, June 26, 1586. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 18. Vol. vi, pp. 254-264. 

Thia was tranilated directly from the original MS., no transcript having been made. 
[Memorial to the Council.] Manila, [July 26], 1586. Vol. vi. pp. 


There are three MSS. known to be in existence, all of which di£Fer aomewhat from one 
another. We haTe used mainly what appears to be the real originai, existing in the Archires 
of the Indies. Of the other two, one is in the R. A. de la H., and the other is evidently 
a copy therefrom by Ventura del Arco (see post). Below are the necessary details regard- 
ing these three MSS., which we designate as A, B, and C, respectiTely. A. [Memorial to 
the Council.] A. de L; est. 68, caj. 7, leg. 35. B. Memorial general de todos los esudos de 
las yslas filipinas sobre las cosas de dlas para su magd. Manila, [July 26^ 1586. R. A. 
de la H.; papdes de los Jesuitas; tomo 8, foj. 330-339. C. Juntas de los E^dos de la 
ciudad de Manila para enriar un comisionado k Madrid para informar al Rey acerca de 
las necesidades de las Islas, afio de 1586. VoL i, no. i. We have used all three MSS. in 
our publication. See vol. vi, p. 158, note 37; p. 165, note 40, and pp. 230-233. This is 
a moat important MS. for the ttudy of the early histoiy of the Philippines. Probably the 
document dted by Femindez Duro, Armada ts^olaf iii, p. 60^ note, who dtes the copy 
in Madrid; Deposito hidrogrifico; tomo 18. This document is also published by Paa- 
teUs in his edition of Colin*s Ixior fvangBka. 

Digitized by 


Cartas a Su Magesud. [1585 ?] A. de I.; est. i, caj.'i, leg. 3I25. 

I. [Letter by Guzman.] [Madrid ?] Begins ^Cerea de lat cartas . . .** Ends 
^^hasta que d Tenga.** Vol. vi, pp. 76, 77. 11. [Letter by Vascones.] [Madrid?] 
Begins **Lo que la orden . . .** Ends ^ministto de aquellas partes.**, with signature. 
Vt tuprof pp. 77-80. 

CHAVE89 Alfonso; and others: — Cana al Rey, del maese de campo 7 
capttanes de las Filipinas. June 24, 1586. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, 1^. 
3I25. Begins "S. C. R. M^. Por cumplir ..." Ends "v mag*, 
muy acrecentada.", with dosing, date, and seven signatures. Vol. vi, 
pp. 234-241- 

WiLLANVEVA, Andres DE; and others: — Carta del cabildo de Manila 
dando cuenta que envia al padre Alonso Sanchez para que informe a 
S. M. de varios asuntos. Manila, June 25, 1586. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj.6Jeg. 27. Begins ''S. C. R. M"^. El aiio passado ..." Ends 
"7 sera para esta ciudad mu7 senalada merced 7 favor.", with closing, 
date, and signatures of twelve members of the Manila cabildo. Vol. 
Yi, pp. 242-246. 

R0JA8, LiCBNTiATB Pedro db: — Carta para S. M. del Licenciado . . , 
dandole cuenta del estado de las Yslas. Manila, June 30, 1586. A. de 
I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins "C. R. M^. La mucha necesidad 
..." Ends ''sea mejor j^formado.", with closing, date, and sig- 
nature. Vol. VI, pp. 265-274. 

Moron, Juan db: — [Letter to Felipe IL] Manila, June 30, 1586. A. 
de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "C. R. M. Hegado que fue a 
estas 7slas ..." Ends "de las cocas del,", with closing, date, and 
signature. Vol. vi, pp. 275-278. 

Manrriquez, Alvaro, Marquis: — Carta del marquez don Manrriquez 
a la S C R mag^ del Re7. Mexico, February 8, 1587. A. de L; est. i, 
caj. I, leg. 3I25. Begins "S. C. R. M^. despues que escriui ..." 
Ends ''dare quenta a V M^", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. 
VI, pp. 295, 296. 

Marquina, Esteban de (notary): — Testimonio de ciertas diligencias 
hechas por el Presidente de Filipinas D. Santiago de Vera. Manila, 
Ma7 20-JUI7 13, 1589. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "En 
la ciudad de Manila ..." Ends "en testim^* de verdad", with 
seal and signature; followed b7 notarial attestation of Marquina's sig- 
nature. Vol. VII, pp. 95-1 1 1. 

The resulto of sn inyestigation ordered by Vera of the Filipino conspiracy, conducted 
before Marquina, who made a record of it, stating the sentence meted out to each one. 
See VOL. VII, p. 11 1, note 15. 

Ayala, Licentiate Caspar de: — Caita del . . fiscal de la Audien- 
cia de Fih'pinas. Manila, July 15, 1589. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
18. Begins "Serior. Elaiiopasado ..." Ends"noseofreceotro 

A transcript of the origiiul MS. was made in the aiduTct for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

PiASBNCiAy Juan db, O. S. F.[?]. — Ynstniccion de las costumbres que 
andguamente tenian los naturales de PamPanga en sus Pleytos. [1589 ?] 
Incorporated in "Ordenanzas dadas por la Audiencia de Manila para 
el buen gobiemo de aquellas j^las'' (see '^Tello, Francisco/' post^ p. 175 
for location and pressmark). Begins "jamas tubieron a quien . . ." 
Ends "sea perdonado el malo que lleue &*." Vol. xvi, appendix, pp. 

Council of the Indies.* — [Opinion advising a grant to Salazar.] Madrid, 
April 12, 1590. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. i. Begins "Seiior Por 
informa9ion ..." Ends "V. M. mandara lo t\ fuere seruido", with 
date and seven rubrics, apparently of the members of the Council. Vol. 
vu, pp. 205-207. 

The MS. bearB an endorsement containing a tynoptis of the recommendatiao; Felipe 
ITs approral; and a note that the decree has been drawn up. 

[Grant to Jesuit school in Cebu.] Valladolid, December 11, 1601. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. i. Begins "Serior Hernando de espinosa 
procurador ..." Ends "jnformen el Gouer^ y el ar9obpo de 
alii", with date, and two rubrics. Vol. xi, pp. 257-259. 

Report. Valladolid, May 30, 1606. A. de S.; secretaria de estado; 
1^. 2637. Begins ''Senor El Duque de Lerma ha escrito . . ." 
Ends "fuere de su Real seruicio.", with date and ten rubrics. Vol. xiv, 
pp. 218-227. 

Accompanying this report is one of the Council of State (9.0., post^ p. 191). 

[Report to Felipe III.] Madrid, March 31, 1607. A. de S.; secre- 
taria de estado; leg. 2637. Begins "Senor. El Duque de Lerma a 
scripto . . ." Ends "lo que mas fuere su servicio", with date 
and 10 rubrics. Vol. xiv, pp. 227-233. 

[Recommendation regarding the Recollects.] Madrid, November 4, 
1627. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. i. Vol. xxii, pp. 162, 163. 

: — [Letter from Portugal to Felipe II on the commerce of the Orient.] 

[Lisboa, 1590 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Vol. viii, pp. 199-204. 

Perez Dasmarinas, Gomez: — Capitulacion celebrada con Esteban 
Rodriguez de Figueroa en que se le concede la conquista y poblacion 
de la isla de Mindanao. Manila, May 12, 159 1. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 27. Begins "Gomez perez Dasmarinas ..." Ends 
"lo firmaron ante mi el escribano infra escripto secretario del dicho 
govemador", with date, and signatures of G. Perez Dasmarinas and 
Rodriguez de Figueroa, and attestation by the notary Juan de Cuellar. 
Vol. viii, pp. 73-77. 

This MS. is printed by Pastells in his edition of Colin, pp. 753, 754. 

Digitized by 


■■j«avac^4«o 9 «,vr»«*ri 

Carta a S. M. Manila, June 20, 1591. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
6. Begins ''Seiior. El aiio pasado . . ." Ends 'Wan en el primer 
pliego.'\ with signature. Vol. viiiy pp. 142-168. 

The Ofdcn of the goYemment office are written in the maf^gin of thit MS. opposite the 
Tariout paragraphs; and yarious orden are written elsewhere on the document. 

Carta sobre la derrama del dos por ciento que habia hecho para la 
obra de las murallas. Manila, June 20, 1591. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 6. Begins "seizor Por no hauer ..." Ends "an dado en 
contra de^illo.", with closing, date, and signature; foUowed by a short 
statement of the amounts raised by the duties. Vol. viii, pp. 169-173. 
A transcript of the original MS. was nude in the aichivcB for Eduardo Nararxo^ O.S. A. 

Carta del Gobemador en que trata del estado de los soldados en aquella 
tierra. Manila, June 21, 159 1. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 
Begins "Aunque estoy esperando ..." Ends "y en otra respon- 
dere a ella.", with date and signature, followed by a postscript. Vol. 

XXXIV, pp. 403-411- 

This letter was probably written to the riceraj of Nucra Espafia. The above title is the 
work of an archirist, or deik. 

Carta exponiendo el buen orden en que se encuentra todo en las Yslas 
Filipinas. Manila, May 31, 1592. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 1^. 18. 
Begins "senor Con dos naos . . ,'* Ends "de sus tierras.'', with 
closing, date, and signature. Vol. viii, pp. 236-244. 

A transcript of the original MS. was nude in the archiyes for Eduardo NaTarro^ O. S. A. 

Ordenanzas que han de regir para el servicio del Hospital de Manila 
dadas por el Gobemador. [Manila, May 31, 1592.] A. de I.; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins ''Gomez Perez dasmarinas ..." Ends 
"las bajas de las ausencias." Vol. viii, pp. 245-249. See also below, 
p. 167. 

CsLit^ sobre que al asesor licen^^ Rojas se le provea para otra plaza. 
Manila, June 6, 1592. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Senor 
El ano passado ..." Ends "a su rreal serv<> ympoite.", with 
closing, date, and signature. Vol. viii, pp. 252-254 (see also note 36). 

A transcript of the original MS. was niade in the archiyes for Eduardo Nayarro, O. S. A. 

Carta [a Felipe II]. Manila, June 11, 1592. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 18. Begins "Seiior^En otra e dado ..." Ends ''^s 
seruido sea", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. viii, pp. 256-259 
(see also note 37, p. 259). 

Carta al Rey del Japon. Manila, June 11, 1592. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Gomez Perez dasmariiias . . ." Ends 
''gusto de saver", with closing and date. Vol. viii, pp. 263-267. 

Carta del Gobemador que trata de como encontro la tierra a su Uegada. 
Manila, June 20, 1592. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Seizor 

f BILB& A^AOMAKinAOa tonftnugu ' 

£1 alio pasado . ." Ends "su intencion estragada/', with closing, 
date, and signature. Vol. viii, pp. 268-275. 

A truucript of the original MS. was made in the axduves for Eduardo Nayarro, O. S. A. 
Carta sobre el proceder del obispo y religiosos. Manila, June 20, 
1592. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins ''SeiiorB Por las cartas 
..." Ends ''para estoruarme el mio.", with dosing, date, and sig- 
nature. Vol. viu, pp. 275-281. 

Accompanied by an extensive lynopsit made by a goyemment clerk. A tranacript of 
the original MS. was made in the archiyes for Eduardo Nayaixo^ O. S. A. 

Carta exponiendo los perjuidos de que las viudas o hijos de encomen- 
deros hereden las encomiendas de su marido o padre. Manila, July 9, 
1592. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "teiior Ya en otras 
. . .'* Ends "en la tierra a V. m^,*\ with closing, date, and signature. 
Vol. VIII, pp. 281-283. 

A transcript of the original BIS. was made in the archiyes for Eduardo Nayairo^ O. S. A. 

Las prevendones que se comunicaron a los Religiosos. [Manila, 
1592 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "En todas las actiones 
. . .'* Ends 'Me estuy® y quisiere." Vol. viii, pp. 287-291. 

This MS. is undated and unsigned; but internal eyidence shows O. Pttez Dasmariias 
to haye been its author. 

Rdadon de lo propuesto a los padres provindales de las ordenes. 
[Manila, 1592 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Reladon 
de lo propuesto ..." Ends "prevenidas de atras.'' Vol. viii, pp. 

Carta del Gobemador . . . pidiendo religiosos y dando cuenta 
de la obra de las murallas de Manila, de la catedral y otras cosas de 
gobiemo. Manila, June 20, 1593. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 3(25. 
Begins "Seiior = El afio passado ..." Ends "pobres y de servi®.", 
with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 58-68. 

Copia de carta. Manila, June 20, 1593. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 
3I25. Begins "Senor»En nombre ..." Ends "mas servido 
fuere", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 68-73. 
This letter has been cited both by Medina and Retana. 

Carta al Rey de Camboja. Manila, September 27, 1593* A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Gomez Perez das marinas cavallero 
. . ." Ends "escrivo al Rey de sian", with dosing, date, and signa- 
ture. Vol. IX, pp. 76-78. 

This MS. contains two copies of this letter. 

Perez Dasmarinas, Gomez; and others: — Ynformadon sobre la ordenanza 

dada por el Gobemador de Filipinas para que los naturales no bistan 

sedas ni ropa de China. Manila, April 9-May 20, 1591. A. de I.; est. 

67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "Gomez Perez dasmarinas ..." Ends 

Digitized by 


"en cestimonio de yerdad» Phelipe romaiiy escribano» " Vol. viii, 
pp. 78-95. 

A componte MS., gathered togetfaer by the gorenunent defk or notaiy. It oonsistt of 
the following documents: L An act or decree 1^ O. Perez Datmarifias, forbidding the na- 
tiyes to wear Chinese clothes, dated April 9, 1591. IL A paper from the Manila cabildo, 
asking for investigations to be made in regard to certain questions which are propounded. 
nL Statement by Juan de Alcega, attested bj notary, May 13, 1591, ordering invefltiga- 
tioo. IV. The tating of depositions before Aloega and die notary, of Tarious natiTes, 
May 14 and 16 (ten in all, of which we give but the first two). V. AttesUtioo of the copy- 
ing of this document, May 20» 1591. 

Proposicionea de paz hechas por el embaxador del Japon al capitan 
gral de Filipinas, 6 Goberaador Gomez Perez das Marinas. Y antiguos 
recelos de los Japones que dixo Antonio Lopez. 1 592-1 593. A. de I.; 
est. I, caj. I, leg. 3I25, ramo 50. 

Papers probably gathered together by a goremment derk or notary. The first three 
documents are the same (with but slight clerical differences) as the first three of the item 
immediafriy preceding. IV. Much fuller than IV of abore MS. In addition to the 
two depositions there given are others. Begins ^^En la dudad de manila . . .** Ends 
^'no aria defensa.*** £1 the midst of the testimonies is a letter from the Japanese ruler. 
This part of the MS. is published in vol. ix, pp. 33-55. This MS. does not contain V of 
the MS. preceding. 

Testimonio de lo que trato con el Goberaador de Filipinas el Emba- 
jador del Japon. Manila, 1 592-1 593. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Papers probably gathered together by a goremment derk or notary. They are as fol- 
lows: I. A statement by Faranda, the Japanese ambassador, to 6. Perez Dasmarifias; 
followed by its authentication tyy three rdigious, Manila, April 27, 1593; which is in 
turn followed by another sutement by Faranda, made possibly oo the same date. Begins 
**A lo que el emperador . . .** Ends "^tales como los redbo.** Vol. iz, pp. 13-30. 
n. Thnt letters from Juan Cobos, O. S. F., to O. Perez Dasmarifias. Tlie first is 
datedCuziyaportof Zapon, October 29, 159a; begins** El portador . . .^*; ends**en 
la popa**, with date and signature. Tlie second is dated Curi, November 4, 159s; be- 
gins *' Por ser yndertas . . .**; ends ^*haga mal alguno.**, with aignature. T%e third 
is dated as the preceding; begins ** Jhs sea siempre . . .**; ends **reino dd zapon*', 
with date and signature. Ut supra^ pp. 30-32. IIL Act by G. Perez Dasmarifias, dated 
Manila, May 24, 1593, ordering an investigation in regard to the embassy of Faranda. 
B^ins **£n la dudad de Manila . . .** Ends *^y lo firmo.**, with signature^ and 
attesutioo by notary. Ut suprOf pp. 32, 33. IV. The depontions taken by rirtue of the 
preceding act, two of which are here given, under dates of May 24, and June i, 15931 by 
Juan de Solis and Antonio Lopez, a Christian Chinese. Begins ^^Testigo Ju^ solis . . .*' 
Ends **firmolo a su usanga.*^, with notarial rignature. Not published in the series; see 
VOL. IZ, p. 33, note; and the item immediatdy following. V. Copia de la carta que 
escribio gomez peres dasmarifias al emperador dd zapon. May 20» 1593. Begins ^El 
afiopasado . . .** Ends **porn solo venerable.^ Vol. iz, pp. 55-57. 

AzEVO, Caspar de (notary): — Ynformacion hecha en la Ciudad de Manila 

a instancia de la misma, sobre que se abra la contratacion y comercio con 

la de Macan. Manila, May 23-November 19, 1591. A. de I.; est. i, 

caj. I, leg. 3I25, n^. 39. Begins "muy P°. senor. La 9iudad de manilla 

. . ." Ends ''en testimonio de verdad", with seal, signature, and 

rubric; followed by notarial attestation of Azebo. Vol. viii, pp. 174-196. 

A notarial document, conrisdng of the papers in the case of the city of Manila with 
respect to the Macao trade. It consists of the following papers: I. Dedaratioo of Madrid 
offidal, dated July 15, [1592]. n. Statement by the notary Baega and the interrogatory 

Digitized by 


p fe<e pt cd by him to be uaed in the ezamiiiatiao of witnetses. May 23, 1591 (at appean 
from Azebo*8 record). lEL Poder del cabildo i Diego Hernandez Bitoria 7 le eligieroo 
por procurador gtaenl. This bean date Nov. 19, I59i> but it mutt be an error unlett 
thit election wai made after Bitoria had held hit office without tpedal appointment, and 
merely to legalize it. IV. The depotition of leren witnettes, made, one 00 May 27, two 
00 the day following, one on June 12, and three on June 14 (coily one of which we pretent 
in full). V. Ttantfer of hit powera t^ Vitoria to Mekhor de Vae^a, dated June 21, 
1591. VI. Petition tigned by Vitoria (but perhapt p rete nt cd by Vaega), dated July 17, 
1591, atking for a copy of certain decreet; and the copy of thote decreet, which are in- 
cluded in a document tent by G. Perez Datmariflat to Macao, July 3, 1590^ and are aa 
foUowt: (a\ Titulo de gobernador de Gomez Perez Datmarinat, Sam Lorenzo, Aug. 9, 
1589; (f>) and (e), Two decreet ordering Gonzalo Ronquillo Peflalota to maintain friendly 
rdationt with the Portuguete of the Orient, dated Litboa, March 31, 1582, thit copy being 
made June 20, 1 591. Vn. The opinion of the governor in riew of the preriout inyetti- 
gation. Vill. Azebo*t attettation of the accuracy of the copy which wat made of all 
the papert in thit matter, June 22, 1591; and the notarial attettation of hit tignature. 
The MS. heart variout endortementt made in Madrid in 1592. 

Constituciones del Hospital real de Manila e informacion sobre las 
rentas que tiene. Manila, 1594. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 3I25. 

A compotite notarial document, publithed only in part. The variout partt are at fol- 
lowt: L Conttitudonet del Hotpital real deMamlahechat por el Gobernador deFilipinat 
Gomez Perez Datmariflat. [Manila, May 31,1 592.] Thit we publith from another MS., 
for detaik of which, tee ofixe, .Perez Datmariflat, Gomez,** P- 1 ^* H. Ynform**" cerca del 
mucho fructo () te hace en el otpital Real de Manila y que no te puedcn tuttentar lot pobret 
con la renta que tiene. Hernando de lot Riot [Coronet]. [February (?X 1594*] Begina 
** Hernando de lot Riot . . .** Endt **pido juttida.**, with tignature. Vol. iz, pp. 
88, 89. nL [Investigationt of the hotpital.] Hernando de lot Riot [Corond]. [Ma> 
nilal February 16, 1594. Begint **En diez y teyt de hebrero . . .** Endt **publico 
y notorio.**, with dgnature. LTi ju^d, pp. 89-91. IV. Provanza dd otpital. (Evidence 
taken before Luit Perez Datmariflat from witnettet p rete nt ed by Hernando de lot Riot 
Coronet) Manila, April 15, 1594. Begint **En la dudad de Manila . . ." Endt 
** Por cnde fize mi ngno en tettimonio de voxlad"- *^, with teal, notarial ngnature, and rubric 
Tettimony it taken from tiz in all, only one depodtion bdng publithed in vol. iz, pp. 
91-94; followed by attetution of L. Perez Datmariflat, and notary*t ngnature, aa above. 

CuELLAR, Juan de (notary): — [Register of merchandise.] June 4, 1591. 

A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins ''Yo juan de cueUar ..." 

Ends *'y mibricas acostumbradas . . .", with date and signature. 

Thit MS. wat endoted in the letter of O. Perez Datmariflat of June 6, 159a on a tepa- 

rate paper (tee mention of it, vol. viii, p. 253). Vol. vui, pp. 255, 256. Alto trantcribed 

for Eduardo Navarro with the letter of June 6, 1592. 

Testimonio de una carta del Emperador del Japon al gobernador de 
Filipinas y respuesta de esta. Manila, April 22-28, 1594. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "en la ciudad de Manila ..." Ends 
"Con la dicha y lo firmaron", with names of signers, attested by Cuellar. 
Vol. IX, pp. 122-136. 

Thit it a compodte notarial manutcript made up of the following: I. Note of the 
calling of a Council of war by the governor, m supra, pp. 1 22, 1 23. 11. Caru dd empe<^. 
de xapon. [Undgned and undat^.] Ut supra, pp. 123, 124. IIL Note on ditcutdon 
of letter, ut supra, pp. 124^126. IV. Retpuetta de la carta [dd emperador dd Xapon]. 
[Manila, April 22, 1594.] Ut supra, pp. 126-130. V. Note on ditcutdon of above 
reply, ut supra, pp. 130-132. VI. Note on the calling of a teoond Council, April 28, at 
which the above letter wat amended, ut supra, pp. 132, 133. VII . Carta. [Manila, 
April 28, 1594.] The amended letter, ut supra, pp. 133-135* Viii. Note on approvd 
and ngnature of letter, ut supra, pp. 135, 136. 

Digitized by 


riTLiETustfi ^Japanese ruicr;: — i^x>pia ae carta aei i^ey aei japon. xviiaco, 
Japan, [1591 ?]. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

This MS. cofuiits of two rendidons of the tame letter: one a tramlatiao of the letter 
made bj order of G. Perez Datmarifiat; and the other by order of Hjdeyoahi (tee vol. 
VIII, pp. 256, 257). The two trantlttioDi differ tomewhat. I. Begins **Mi rreyno avia 
de zien Aikit . . .** Ends ^dd Reyno de Japon—** n. B^ins **Mas a de mill 
afios . . .** Ends ^'^tierra de lu^on — ** The second only published* in vol. viu, 
pp. 260, a6i. Another version of this letter is published in Santa In^*s CrSnka (Manila, 
1191), ii, pp. 545-547 (•« VOL. vin, note 40, pp. »6i, 262). 

TiAU Kit: — Carta del Camarero . . . [Japan, 1591 ?] A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins ''Aunque nunca antes ..." Ends 
'*con la cortesia devida", with date and signature. Vol. viiiy pp. 
262, 263. 

See VOL. VIII, p. 262, note 41, and p. 263, note 43. 

Valderrama, Joan de, O. S. A.; and others.* — Parecer de los Padres 
Augustinos sobre el hacer guerra a los Zambales. Manila* January 19* 
1592. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Mandanos b. S. que 
demos ..." Ends "lo firmamos de nfos n^."* with date and 
eleven signatures. Vol. viii, pp. 200-217. 

Castro, Juan de, O. P.; and others. — Parecer de los Dominicos de Fili- 
pinas sobre es licito hacer la guerra a los Zambales. Manila, Januaiy 20, 
1592. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins ''jesus presupuestas 
las infprmaciones ..." Ends "y ansi lo firmamos", with date and 
seven signatures. Vol. viii, pp. 218-229. 

A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archives for Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. 

Baptista, Pedro, O. S. F. : — Parecer del Guardian de S. Francisco sobre 
la guerra de Zambales. Manila, Januaiy 20, 1592. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "jhs Yo ley los papeles ..." Ends '*saluo 
mejor parecer", with date and signature. Vol. viii, pp. 229-233. 

A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archives for Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. 

:— La gente de guerra que es ne^essaria en estas yslas Philippinas. 

[Manila, 1593 ?] A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 3I25. Begins "Los sol- 
dados que son . . ." Ends "mueren muchos. — " Vol. ix, pp. 

74, 75- 
Perez Dasmarinas, Luis (governor and encomendero): — Carta sobre 
la Jornada de Tuy. June i, 1592. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Be- 
gins "Como quando se fue . . ." Ends "todo en perfection", with 
date. Vol. viii, pp. 250, 251. 

This is a copy of the original letter. A transcript of this MS. was made in the archtres 
for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Copia de la carta p^ el rrey de Canboja. Manila, February 8, 1594. 
A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "AI Rey de canboja Don luis 
. . ." Ends ''En quanto se ofres^iere", with closing and date, and 
postscript, ending **muy a su Contento despachado — ". Vol. ix, pp. 
86, 87. 

Digitized by 


Carta dando cuenta de haberse acabado la obra del colegio de Santa 
Potenciana. Manila, June 15, 1594. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 
Begins ''senor El collegio . . .'' Ends "con su rreal anparo", 
with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 137-140. 

Carta del Goberaador dictendo las razones con que envia a Espana a 
Pedro Gonzalez. Manila, June 22, 1594. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
6. Begins "senor en los pliegos ..." Ends "mandado del senij^ 
de V. mg^.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 140, 141. 
Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A., alto owns a trantcripc of this MS. 

[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June 23, 1594. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 18. Begins ''senor Despuesdelo . . ." Ends "desusancto 
nombre,", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 141-143. 

Capitulaciones y condiciones con que ha de hacer la jomada de Min- 
danao por el capitan Esteban Rodriguez de Figueroa. Manila, Novem- 
ber 13, 1595. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 3)25. Begins "En la ciu<^ 
de manila ..." Ends "su acesorythen^ general.", with signatures 
of Luis Perez Dasmarinas and Dr. Antonio de Morga, attested before the 
notary, Caspar de Acebo. Vol. ix, pp. 181-187. 

This it followed by the notary*! minute of the notification of the inttructiont to Rodri- 
guez de Figueroa, and hit accqitance of the tame, on Augutt 16, under hit tignature, 
which it attetted by Acebo. Vol. ix, pp. 187, 188. Thit it followed by ^Recaudot peti- 
cionet y capituladonet del tocorro del Reino de canboja** (9.0., under "Diego Bdoto,** 
p. 1 7%), Thit it probably the MS. dted by Retana, Bihl, Mmd^ p. 18. 

Carta en que dice que Jesuitas tomaron a su cargo la ysla de Leyte. 
Manila, December 6, 1596. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins 
"Seiior. En las naos . . ." Ends "deservidos en estos.", with 
dosing, date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 193-207. 

A traotcript of the original MS. wat made in the archiyet for Eduardo NaTarro^ O. S. A. 

Carta dando cuenta de lo adeudado que esta y pidiendo licencia para 
ileuar al Peru una Nao con Mercaderias de china. Manila, June 30, 

1596. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "seiior con Algun Res- 

celo ..." Ends "mrd que pydo", with dosing, date, and signature. 

Vol. IX, pp. 259-262. 

Imtnictiona of the goremment are written on the outride. A trantcripc of the original 
MS. wat made in the arduTci for Eduardo Nararro, O. S. A. 

[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June 27, 1597. (For pressmark, see 
*'Rio8 Coronel, Hernando de los.") Begins "Seiior^Nestas yslas esta 
..." Ends "para el serby^io de dyos y V. M**.", with closing, 
date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 299, 300. 

Accompaniet memorial by Hernando de lot Riot Coronel. 

Carta y apuntamientos tocantes a los sangleyes. Manila, June 28, 

1597. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Be^ns "Senor Aunque la carga 
..." Ends "rigor y castigo.", with signature. Vol. ix, pp. 315-325. 

Condttt of two partt: the letter, concerning the Sangleyt; and notet on the Sangleyt. 

Digitized by 


Perez Dasmarinas; ctmtinued — 

The Utter pan of the letter it in so poor conditioo that its cootentt can only be infefred. 
The letter ends ^^foluntad de Vueitra Magettad*\ with donng, date^ and ngnature. The 
note on the Sangieys begina ^^Primeramente combiene que . . .** A transcript of this 
MS. was made in the archiyet for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

Caru lobre el Hospital real de Manila. Manila, July 20» 1597. A. de 

I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Seiior » Por aver desseado ..." 

Ends ''muchos bienes y Grandes.", with dosing^ date, and signature. 

Vol. X, pp. 28-33. 

This it followed by an endoeure mentiooed by the writer and alto signed with his name. 
Begins ^oonsiderando y ofredendoseme . . .** Ends '^este oomo esta*** Vt tuprOf 
PP' 33-4^ A transcript of this BIS. was made in the archifes for Eduardo NaYairOy 

Carta avisando la Ilegada de D. Pedro de Acuna y la conveniencta de 

conquistar el Maluco. Manila, June 8, 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 

leg. 19. Begins "seiior Don Pedro de Acuiia . . .'' Ends'Sfuese 

seniido", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xi, pp. 302-305. 

A short synopsis is written on the margin; also the comment of the Council. A tran- 
script of the original MS. was made in the archiyes for Eduardo NaTarro^ O. S. A. 

Perez Demariduena, Melchor (notary): — Traslado de Real cedula 
en que se manda no vayan navios desde el pirn y tierra finne a la china e 
yslas Filipinas, ni se lleven a Espaiia mercaderias de la china. Los 
ReyeSy Peru, February 10, 1594. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 3)25. Be- 
gins ''EI Rey. Por quanto ..." Ends "en testimonio de verdad 
^ *\ with signature and seal. Vol. viii, pp. 310-318 (the decree only). 

This decree (dated Feb. 11, 1593) which is signed by the king and his secretary, is fol- 
lowed: (a) by an act, dated Los Rreyes, February 9, 1594, in which the rioeroy of Peru 
orders die aboye decree to be given to the royal officials in order that it may be pro- 
claimed; (6) by the notification on the same date to the royal officials; (c) by a note of 
its proclamation, on the same date; and (^ by the attestation of the accuracy of the copy 
drawn in Los Reyes, Feb. 10^ 1594. 

Cruz, Gregorio da, O. S. F.: — [Letter to L. Perez Dasmariiias for the 
king of Siam.] Camboja, October 8, 1594. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 6. Vol. ix, p. 197, note 29 (in abstract only). 

: — [List of villages reduced by the Spaniards.] [Manila, 1594^ 

A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins ''Memoria de Los pueblos 
..." Ends"Mandayo." Vol. ix, pp. 81-85. 
MoRGA, Dr. Antonio de (counsel for governor, and auditor): — Carta con 
testimonio del dia que tomo pocesion del cargo de acessor y lugar teniente 
del Gobemador de Filipinas. Manila, June 25, 1595. A. de L; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "seiior A 10 de este mes . . ." Ends 
"fize mi signo (seal) en testimonio de verdad» Caspar de asebo (rubric)." 
Vol. IX, pp. 154-160. 

The letter which ends ^la real pen"* de V. md.**, with dosing, date, and siffnature, is 
followed by the goremment order in consequence of this letter; by the decree (dated San 
Lorenfo, Aug. 18, 1593X appointing Morga assessor, beginning *'don felipe . . .*\ 
and en^ng **otro rrecaudo alguno**, with date and signature, and countersignatures ol 
royal secretary and members of the Council; record of presentation of said decree by Morga, 

at Manila^ June 13, 1595; and notarial attetutioo of accuracy of copy. A tranacript of 
the original MS. was alio made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Carta de . . trata de los buenos fnitos que producen la predicacion 

de los religiosos de S^. Francisco. Manila, July 6, 1596. A. de I.; est. 

67, caj. 6y leg. 18. Begins "Senor Al fin del alio ..." Ends "que 

Vuiere lugar", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 263-273. 

A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archiyet for Eduardo Nayarro, O. S. A. 
Cited by Fernandez de Nayarrete, BAi. mar. tsp^j i, p. 15a. 

Carta refiriendo la perdida de la Nao S. Felipe. Manila, June 30, 1597. 

A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "seiior A postrero de abril 

..." Ends "Voluntad de V. m^.", with closing, date, and signature. 

Vol. X, pp. 25-27. 

The instructions of the goyemment office are written on the margin. A transcript of 
this MS. was made in the archiyes for Eduardo Nayano, O. S. A. 

Relacion de lo que se ofrece sobre el estado de las [cosas] en las Yslas 
Filipinas. Manila, June 8, 1598. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Be- 
gins "Lo que se me ofrece ..." Ends "gastarmuchopapel.", with 
date and signature. Vol. x, pp. 75-102 . 

Various matters treated under subheads. A transcript of this MS. was made in the 
archiyes for Eduardo Nayairo, O. S. A. 

Carta dando cuenta de que el ano 1600 paso a la mar del Sur en el 
estrecho de Magallanes una escuadra holandesa. Manila, June 30, 
1 601. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "senor Por el mes 
..." Ends "mis hijos en lo mismo,", with closing, date, and signa- 
ture. Vol. XI, pp. 251-256. 

On the MS. is written the comment of the Council, as follows: '* Manila * a su m^*"" 
El d<^. Antonio de Morga 30 de juUio 1601 * Vista 7 no hay que responder (with rubric).** 
A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archiyes for Eduardo Nayarro, 

Carta dando cuenta de lo acaecido con la armada del holandes Oliver 
del Nort. Manila, June 30, 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 
Begins "seiior Por estar dudoso . . ." Ends " lo que se me mando,", 
with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xi, pp. 305-306. 

[Letter to Felipe III.] Manila, July 8, 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 19. Begins "Seiior=Desde el ano ..." Ends "deV. m**. 
convenga", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xi, pp. 309-312. 

Carta [al rey]. Manila, December i, 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
19. Begins "SeiionaEn los navios ..." Ends "mi atrevimiento 
y a n. s^.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 76-79. 
This MS. exists in duplicate in the above legajo. 
MoRGA, Dr. Antonio de; and others: — Carta de la Audiencia de Fili- 
pinas dando cuenta de la manera de proceder de D. Francisco Tello. 
Manila, July 15, 1598. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "senor 
entre otras cosas que ha . . ." Ends "dios guarde a V. mag^.", 

Digitized by 


Willi uaic auu Di|giiiiiU[C9 «^. ruii.uiiiu uc luui^, iiwcu — . tciiCK /^luiayauy 

lic<^. Alv<». <;:ambi«o." Vol. x, pp. 183-185. 
Eduardo Naniro^ O. S. A., owns a tramoipc of this MS. 
BBLOSOy Diego; and others: — Recaudos pcdcioncs y capitulaciones del 
Socorro del Reino de canboja. Manila, August 1-3, 1595. For press- 
marky see under ** Perez Dasmarinas, Luis/' the document of November 

I3» 1595- 

Thii caption it made up of leveral donimmn as foUowa: L Ped^^" de diego 
beloao enbajador del rre^ de canboja. Begins **£i capitan veloao pareaoo . . .*' 
Ends ** 7 piide jual*,**, with signature. Tins petition is followed t^ the answer of 
L. Perez Dasmarifias to this petition, under date of August i, 1595. Vol. ix, 
pp. 161-171. n. [Answer of Diego Beloso.] Begins ^El capitan di^o de vdoso 
enbajador . . .** Ends ^irecibira Tien 7 m4.**, with signature. It is followed 
b7 L. Perezes short answer to this second petition, dated August 3. m. The 
summons sent b7 L. Ptarex DasmariAas for the euTOTs from the king of Camboja to appear 
and enmine certain stipulations which he proposed, dated August 3. The stipulations 
follow: B^gin **Capitulaciones. i ">Pdmeramente . . .** End **que en aquelia 
sason Reinare.^ Following these stipulations are the record of the frammarion by the 
Cambodian cnT07s, and their assent to the same; with the signatures of ^''Dicgo bdoso, 
and Gregorio de Vargas machuca,** and attestation b7 notaz7. Vol. ix, pp. 174-180. 
IV. Caita de un Religioso de s. franco. October 8, 1594. In Portuguese; concerns 
embass7 from king of Camboja. V. Memorial de apuntamientos de los enbajadores del 
rre7 de canboja. [August 3, 1595'] Begins **E1 capitan diego beloso . . .** Ends 
**lo firmamos de nfbs nombres. Oregorio de Targas. Diego Veloso.** Vol is, pp. 
171-173: VL Rdadon de las cossas de chanpa 7 sian. Manila, Dec 7, 1595. Vn. 
Reladon de Sian. Manila, Dec 7. 1595. VUL Rdadon de lo de Japon; caiu enbiada 
de japon de un p^ de la orden de s. franco afio de 1595. Signed b7 **Gci<no de Jhs.**; and 
oonduded b7 note from a letter b7 Pedro Baptists, O. S. F. nr, vi, vii, vni, are not 
published in the series. 

Carbajal, Pedro Gonzalez de: — Carta de Pedro Gonzalez de Carvajal 

a S. M. sobre la amistad que pretende el Emperador del Japon. [Manila, 

1595?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "Senor«Notorio es 

..." Ends "por la gran china.", with signature. Vol. ix, pp. 147- 

Tello, Francisco (governor; a lawyer by profession): — Carta anunciando 
su llegada a Manila. Manila, July 17, 1596. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 18. Begins "seiior A los 3 de junio deste aiio ..." Ends 
"dt que se fabriquen tres 6 quatro.", with signature. Vol. ix, pp. 274- 

The original MS. is worn in places. A transcript of the original MS. was made in the 
axchires for Eduardo NsTano, O. S. A. 

Carta dando cuenu de lo sucedido en Mindanao despues de la muerte 
de Esteban Rodriguez. Manila, April 29, 1597. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins ''seiior el ano pasado ..." Ends "se 
hara justi*.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. x, pp. 41-45. 

Carta en que dice tener presos a D. Luis Perez Das marinas y D. 
Matias Delandecho. Manila, June 15, 1597. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 6. Begins "seiior de la nao ..." Ends "en todo se hara", 
with closing, date, and signature. Vol. x, pp. 45, 46. 

Tbllo; continued — 

A transcript of this MS. waa made in the arduTes for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 
Carta en que continua dando noticias sobre los proyectos del Japon. 
Manila, June 19, 1597. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "senor 
Cada dia se ofrescen ..." Ends "al serui®. de V. Mag^.",with 
closing, date, and signature. Vol. x, pp. 46, 47. 

A COP7 of this MS. waa made in the aichives for Eduardo NaTairo, O. S. A. 
[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June 22, 1597. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 6. Begins "Seiior. Como se ofrecen . . ." Ends "lo 
refieren.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. x, pp. 47, 48. 

A trantcript of this MS. waa made in the archives for Eduardo NaTarro^ O. S. A. 
There is another copy of this letter in A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. The copy from 
which we translate is the better. 

Carta dando cuenta que ha vuelto a reanudarse la guerra con los de 
Mindanao. Manila, August 12, 1597. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
18. Begins "senor este navio . . ." Ends "y lo deuo hazer.", 
with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. x, pp. 48-50. 

A transcript of this MS. was made in the arduTes for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Carta del Gobemador de Filipinas dando cuenta de que D. Juan 
Ronquillo abandono lo de Mindanao \y de otras cosas]. Manila, June 
17, 1598. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "Senor. El aiio 
pasado . . ." Ends "a china a los sangleyes", with dosing, date, 
and signature. Vol. x, pp. 168-173. 

Carta sobre asuntos de gobiemo. Manila, June 19, 1598. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins after address "A su mag^. en materia de 
go^. seiior La R**. ynstruycion ..." Ends "emos menester", 
with date and signature. Vol. x, pp. 173-179. 

PLetter to Felipe II.] Manila, July 9, 1598. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg, 18. Begins "Con esta sera . . ." Ends "como manda V. 
Mag^'', with closing, date, and signature; followed by endorsement and 
instructions of the Council. Vol. x, pp. 179, 180. 

This is followed by the report of the religious orders mentioned in the above letter; q,v^ 
ta suprOf pp. 180-181. 

Carta del Gobemador en que habla de la conveniencia de que las islas 
Filipinas sean socorridas cada afio de gente y armas. Manila, July iz, 
1599. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "Supuesto que estas 
yslas . . ," Ends "lo que U. Mag^ mandare.", with closing, date, 
and signature. Vol. x, pp. 207-219. 

This letter has a synopsis to each paragraph by a goremment derk, and marginal com- 
ments by the Council. It has the following enclosures: a relation of conditions in Mindanao, 
mentioned in section ix, of the letter, n. d.; the state of the kingdom of Camboxa, by 
Tello [1S99I mentioned in section xi of his letter; and depositions regarding the kii^ of 
Chanpan, 1593. Ut suprOf pp. 119-244. 

Carta del Gobemador de Filipinas en que trata de la necesidad que 

Digitized by 


iBLLo; conUnufd — 
hay de religiosos. Manila, July 12, 1599. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 6. Begins "Senor. Como tengo diversas veces ..." Ends 
''a abrir la mano.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. x, pp. 245- 

Eicfa paragraph of this letter it nimmarized, appaieotiy bj a gorenmicnt deric The 
letter it accompaxiied by certain documcntt, which were encloted by TcUo: namely, a 
letter, unsigned, but evidently by Tello, dated July 10, 1598; a ttatement of affounti for 
the native hospital, Bartolome de Rrenteria, dated July a, 1599; a royal decree^ dated 
Feb. 8, 1597, giving instructiona to the alcaldes-mayor; notarial documents of Aug. 5, 
1598, Aug. 4, 1598, and June 13, 1599, in consequence of the decree; copy of a letter from 
the king of Camboxa (with lacunas due to sute of MS.\ dated Mxy 5, 1598; notarial 
statement regarding Tdlo*s observance of decrees, July 14, 1599. Ut supra, pp. 271^292. 

Carta en que trata de lo mal que hablan de el algunos de los Oidores 
y especialmente el Doctor Morga. Manila, July 14, 1599. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "serior yo e procurado en quanto . . ." 
Ends "y bien deste reyno'', with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xi, 
pp. 123.125. 
" Endorsed on outside. Above title made by government dak or archivist. Original 

BIS. in poor condition, and some words missing. A transcript of this document was made 

for Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. 

Carta del Gobemador dando cuenta con documentos de las nuevas de 
ingleses y peligros del maluco. Manila, August 7, 1599. A. de I.; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 6. Begins "senor habiendo escripto a V. M. . . .'' 
Ends "Porque tan ben asin escreuo a sua mag^®", with dosing, date 
(June 9, 1599), and endorsements. 

The letter by Tello, ending **en los Almsycnes Reales de V. M^J", with dosing date, and 
signature, occupies but a small part of the MS. (see vol. xi, pp. 125-128). The docu- 
ments (all Portuguese) endosed by Tello are as follows (see ut supra, p. 125, note 9): 
I. A letter to Tello, signed by various Portuguese offidals of the foit of Maluoo, dated 
May 30, 1599, beginning **Sefior Entendeodo este*"; and ending '*se lo serbi^ de sua 
mag. de*\ widi dosing, date, signature, and endorsement (in Spanish). IL Letter to 
Tello from the chief captain at Maluco, Rrui Gom^ de Sequeira, Tidore, Biay 8, 1599, 
beginning **Sefior mio tomara . . .*% and ending **soseder desu ffortalesa neis ma- 
gos*\ widi date, signature, and endorsement (in Spanish). HI. Letter from the king of 
Tidore to Tello, Tidore, June 9, 1599, beginning **cuidey que desta ylha . . .** En- 
dorsement at end in Spanish. 

Testimonio de una certificacion dada por D. . . sobre la entrada 
de un cosario que llego a Filipinas. Manila, August 24, 1601. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Don Fran*^®. Tello ..." Ends 
"uno de mis secretarios", with date and signature. 

[Instructions to Morga.] Manila, December 10, 1600. A. de L; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Lo que el senor Doctor Antonio de 

morga . . ." Ends "que sea Pussible.", with date and signature, 

and signature of secretary Gazpar de Azcuo. Vol. xi, pp. 142-145. 

Following this is the notary Francisco Sarmiento^s attestation of the copy made August 

27, 1602; another attestation of copy made by Juan Paez de Sotomayor, November as, 

1602; and notarial attesution of the signature of the latter, dated November 23, i6o» 

(see ut supra, p. 145, note 15). 

Manila para el buen gobierno de aquellas yslas. Manila, July 13, 1599. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Auto para que los alcaldes 
mayores y sus oficiales guarden el Real aranzel — ". Ends "en fee de lo 
qua! fize mi signo — en testim^ [seal] de verdad — p^ Hurtado desquiuel 
[rubric]". Vol. x, pp. 293-316, and vol. xi, pp. 2i-8i. 

Siztj-dx acts in all, the first one being dated June 13, 1598, and the last one, June 15, 
1599. These acts are signed alone by the secretarj and notary, Pedro Hurtado Desquibel, 
or l^ the members of the Audienda, namely, Dr. Antonio de Morga, and the liceittiates, 
Tellez Alma^an and Albaro (^ambrano (or two of them; with or without Francisco Tello), 
the signatures being attested by the above notary. One act has no signature. This docu« 
ment contains incorporated with it the following: ** Relation de las costumbres que los 
yndios solian tener en estas yslas hecha For Fray joan de Flagen^ia de la orden San fran- 
(isoo - y embiada a el doctor stiago de uera Prcss^ que fue de la rreal aud*. que Residio 
en estas yslas.-** Following this, and probably by the same author is **Ynstrucdon de 
las costumbres que antiguamente tenian los naturales de la PamPanga en sus Pleytos — **. 
The Bnt we publish from a printed account (see aim, p. 107); for the second, see diif», 
*^Plasenda, Juan de, O. S. F.** 

Testimonio del Recivimiento del sello y fundacion de la Audiencia de 
Manila. Manila, June 28, 1598. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 
Begins "Este es un treslado . . ." Ends "en testimonio de verdad 
« J. p®. Hurtado desquibel= s^. de Cam^", with seal and rubric. Vol. 
X, pp. 132-140. 

A copy of sereral instruments relating to the reception of the royal seal. L An act by 
Tello, for said reception, signed by TeUo and Desquibel, dated June 8. n. Reception 
of seal, and oaths of officials, signed by Desquibel, dated June a8. HI. Attesution of 
accuracy of copy, with signature of witnesses and Desquibel, on June a8. A transcript of 
this MS. was made in the arduTes for Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. 

Ronquillo, Juan: — pLetter to Tello.] Tanpaca, Mindanao, May 10, 
1597. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "El dia que parti de 
Oton ..." Ends "con la paga para cotinualle", with dosing, date, 
and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 281-296. 

With short synopsis of nutter in each paragraph by a goremment derk. Cited by 
Fernandez de Nararrete, B&l, mar, esp,, ii, p. 292, from a transcript in Madrid; Deposito 

Carta al teniente general de Filipinas sobre la pacificacion de la isla 
de Mindanao. Tanpaca, January 4, 1598. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
18. Begins "En la ultima ..." Ends "nuebas de mas acre- 
centam^", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. x, pp. 53-74. 
A transcript of this MS. was made in the archiTes for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 
R108 CoRONBL, Hernando de los (one of early conquistadors; later 
became a priest): — [Memorial on navigation and conquest.] Manila, 
June 27, 1597. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Senors* 
Aunque el deseo . . .'' Ends "hara nfo seiior dio§," with closing, 
date, and signature. Vol. ix, pp. 300-314. 

It is preceded by a long memorandum probably by a goremment derk or archivists 
and on the wrapper or outside cover is the endorsement of the government office, directing 
what is to be done in regard to the memorial. The memorial is also preceded by a letter 
from Luis Perez Dasmarifias, dated July 27, 1 597 {q,v^ under MSS. bj the latter). The 

Digitized by 


KI08, uoronbl; conUnuea — 

original MS. c^wraining thcM docmncott it coondcraUj damaged. Gitad bj Fcnuodcz 
dc NaTarrete, BM. mm, esp,, i, p. 637, fiom a tranacript in Madnd; Deposito hsdrogrifioo. 

[Reforms needed in the Philippines.] [Madrid, 1619?] A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 27. Begins "Senor« Fernando de los Rios Coronet 
. . ." Ends "que se quedo con ellas." Vol. xviii, pp. 289-309. 

[Reforms needed in Filipinas.] [Madrid, 1619?] A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 27. Begins "Muy Poderoso Senor.» £1 Procurador ..." 
Ends "avido muchos ynconvenientes.", with signature. Vol. xvni, 
PP- 309-342. 

[Aid requested against the Dutch.] [Madrid, 1620?] A. de I.; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 27. Begins "Senor» Hernando de los rios coronel . . .'* 
Ends "hacerio a medida de mis deseos." Vol. xix, pp. 25-34. 

On the MS. are written the directions of the Council, and the note of the gofcnuaent 
clcrit or aecretaiy. 

: — [The Mindanao campaign.] [Manila, 1597?] A. de I.; est. 

67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Salio el Sargento mayor ..." Ends 
"y no tomen aber novedades." Vol. ix, pp. 296-298. 
Santibanez, Ygnacio, O. S. F. (archbishop): — [Letter to Felipe II.] 
Manila, June 24, 1598. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins ^'senor 
Ya fue nfo s^. . . ." Ends "sus rreynos han menester", with date 
and signature ''Fr. y. Arpo. de Manilla." Vol. x, pp. 141-152. 
Eduardo NaTarro^ O. S. A., owns a tranacript of this MS. 

[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June 26, 1598. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 
i» l^g* 32- Begins "Senior: Aunque tengo escrita ..." Ends 
"y de Vuestra Magestad", with closing, date, and signature "fray Arzo- 
bispo de Manilla." Vol. x, pp. 152-158. 

A copy of this MS. was made in the arduTet for Eduardo Navano, O. S. A. 
Benavides, Miguel de, O. P. (bishop of Nueva Segovia and archbishop of 
Manila): — [Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June 30, 1598. A. de I.; 
est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. Begins "Seiior Con la alma llena ..." 
Ends "que digo arto", with date; "Dicese . . . con eUas» ", 
with signature. Vol. x, pp. 161-166. 

Carta del obispo de Nueva Segovia sobre los agravios que reciben los 
indios de los espaiioles. Manila, July 5, 1598. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, 
^^S* 34' Begins "Senor. Despues de haver ..." Ends "servido 
de ello.", with date. Vol. x, pp. 166, 167. 

A tranicripc of the original MS. waa made in the archives for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Carta del obispo de Nueva Segovia que trata del esudo de Manila. 

Tulac, May 17, 1599. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. Begins "Las 

cosas de Manila ..." Ends "pobres vasallos de V. mag", with 

date and signature. Vol. x, pp. 190-197. 

[Letter to Joan de Ibarra.] Afulu, May 22, 1599. A. de I.; est. 68, 

caj. I, leg. 34. Begins "halle Plega a nuestro seiior ..." Ends 
"acuerdo de su noinbre:"y with dosing, date, signature, and postscript. 
Vol. X, pp. 198-203. 

Addretied on the outside. Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A., owns a transcript of this MS. 
Renuncia hecha por el Obispo de la Nueva Segovia de este cargo y 
aceptacion que hizo del Arzobispado de Manila. Manila, July 4, 
1603. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins ** En la ciudad de Manila 
. . ." Ends **de los xptianos chinos ", with signature. This is followed 
by the attestation of the notary, and the notarial attestation of the 
validity of his signature. Vol. xii, pp. 98-100. 

[Letter to Felipe III.] Manila, July 5, 1603. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
h leg. 32. Begins ''SenoreVine a esta ciudad ..." Ends "que 
ellos mismos dicen," with date and signature "fr. m. Epis" Electo Archiep* 
Manilensis". Vol. xii, pp. 101-112. 

[Letter to Felipe IIL] Manila, July 6, 1603. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 
lylcg. 32. Begins "Senor»otratengoescrita ..." Ends"sincera- 
mente la verdad.", with date and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 1 12-126. 

[Letter to Felipe IIL] Manila, December 16, 1603. A. de I.; est. 
68, caj. I, leg. 32. Begins "senor Los chinos infieles . . .** Ends 
"qual es docto y religioso.", with date and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 

On the MS. is written the comment of the CotmdL 

Tesrimonio de los memoriales que se presentaron en la real audiencia de 
manila por parte del R™^ de las Filipinas sobre lo que el Rey de la china 
pide. Manila, June- July, 1605. A. de I.; est, 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 

I. [First petition and statement.] Begins ^^Muy poderoeo sefior. El arcobispo 
. . .** Ends **nos la ha siempre mostrado.*^, with signature. It is followed by die 
notarial statement of the acrion of the Audienda, 00 June 10, 1605. Vol. xiv, pp. 
38-42. n. [Second petition and statement.] Begins ""Muy poderoto sefior. El Aii»- 
bispo . . .** Ends **desta petidon y la pasada.*\ with signature. It is followed 
by the notarial statement of the action of the Audienda, dated July 13; and by notarial 
actcttation of the accuracy of the copy, dated July 7. Ut supra, pp. 43, 44. 

Bbnavides, Miguel, O. P.; and others: — [Complaints against the Chi- 
nese.] Manila, 1605. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins "En la 
fiudad de manila ..." Ends "estantes en esu^iudad de manila", 
with date, and signature of notary "fran^^ de carran^a". Vol. xiii, pp. 

This MS. consists of a statement by Benavides, dated February 3; two depositions, 
dated the fifth and the ninth, respectirely (the second published in synopsis and extract); 
and the attestation of the accuracy of the copy, dated July 7. 

: — [Recommendations as to reforms needed in the islands.] [Manila, 

1598?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "Es muy necesario 

seiior ..." Ends "se cisiera y debyera — " Vol. x, pp. 103-131. 

The various sections have heads and remarks made evidently by the writer. 

Digitized by 


TBLirK 111: — [i>cccer co uie arcnounop oi ivianua.j vaiencia, iviarco i, 
1599. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rty^Muy R<^ 
in christo ..." Ends "en ella ouieredes hecho", with date and 
signature, countersignatures of royal secretary and members of Council. 
Vol. X, p. 189. 

Receded bj a brief lynoptu bj a gofcnunent dcric 

[Two royal decrees regarding the Chinese.] 1599, 1603. A. de L; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. See vol. xii, pp. 148, 149, note 29. 

L Barydooa, June 13, 1599. Begint **£1 Rej^-Mi gouemador . . .^ Ends 

**auitarrii anti mitmo.**, widi date, rojral ngnatuic^ and countenigiiatuze of royal 

Mcretaiy. IL £1 Pardo, Norember 29, 1603. Begint *'EI Rej^En otrat despacfaoa 

'...** Ends **para tenrido dcUa.**, with datc^ royal ngnature, and ooimtenignature 

of royal tecretary. 

[Royal decree.] Denia, August 16, 1599. A. H. N.; tomo 38, fol. 
131 verso,n^ioi. Begins ''£1 Key. D^ Francisco Tello mi Govemador 
. . ." Ends "libremente los Matrimonios."» with signature^ and 
countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xi, pp. 129, 130. 

[Royal decree regarding Chinese traders.] Denia, August 16, 1599* 
A. de I. ; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins " El Rcy — Mi gover<* ..." 
Ends "con Vfa Pare9er'\ with date, signature, countersignature of royal 
secretary, and endorsements. Vol. xi, pp. 130, 131. 

[Royal instructions to Pedro de Acuna.] Zamora, February 16, 1602. 

A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey: Don Pedro de Acuiia 

..." Ends "que se pueden escusar.", with royal signature, and 

countersignature of royal secretary, Juan de Ybarra. Vol. xi, pp. 263- 


A copy of this MS. ezittt aiio at Madrid, with prewniaik: A. H. N.; Cedulario indioo; 
tomo 38, fol. 83 Tcrto, no. 77. 

[Real cedula enviada] Al virrey de la nueua sp^ sobre la poblacion de 
las islas philipinas y que encamine a ellas gente util. Zamora, February 
16, 1602. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rejr=Conde de 
monterrey ..." Ends "que en ello me seruireis,", with date, rojral 
signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xi, pp. 289, 290. 

[Real cedula enviada] Al Virrey de n^ sp*. sobre que enuie de alii a 
las Philipinas algunas religiosas para la fundacion de un Colegio. Qam- 
ora, February 16, 1602. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El 
Rey = Conde de Monterrey . . ." Ends "hiciere me Auisareis", 
with date, royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. 
XI, pp. 290, 291. 

[Real cedula enviada] Al gouemador de las philipinas sobre que pro- 
cure atajar y remediar de aqui adelante por buenos m^s, la liuertad con 
que proceden los religiosos de s^ aug^. Valladolid, June 2, 1604. A. de 

I.; esc. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey»Don Pedro de Acuiia 
..." Ends ''de todo lo que hiciere", with date, royal signature, and 
countmgnature of royal secretary. Vol. xiii, pp. 248, 249. 

Respuesta al arzobispo de man^* acerca de que remedie los truecos y 
bentas que los religiosos doctrineros hacen de las cosas de las yglesias. 
Valladolid, July 30, 1604. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins 
"El Rey=Muy reberendo yn xpo . . ." Ends "ministros del 
evangelio'*, with date, royal signature, and countersignature of royal 
secretary. Vol. xiii, pp. 249, 250. 

Lo que V. M^ ha resuelto y man^^. acerca de la contratacion de las 
islas philipinas con la nueua spaiia. Valladolid, December 31, 1604. 
A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey»Por quanto el Rey 
. . . " Ends "esta mi cedula ", with date, royal signature, and counter- 
signature of royal secretary. Vol. xiii, pp. 256-267. 

[Decree establishing a way-station for Philippine vessels on the Cali- 
fornia coast.] San Lorenzo, August 19, 1606. B. M.; papeles varios 
de Indias; Jure Emptionis; 13,976 Plut. CXC.D.; fol. 469-472 recto. 
Begins "El Rey: d°. Pedro de Acufia ..." Ends "lo tenga enten- 
dido", with date, royal signature, and countersignature. Vol. xiv, pp. 

A late copy of the decree, at it thown by the modemiziiig of the wordt, and the ttyie of 
the handwriting. 

[Real cedula] AI Govemador de Philipinas avisandole que v. mag^. 
queda advertido de mandar hazer diligencias con unos Religiosos que 
bienen de aquellas Yslas y saver de lo que huvo en el al^amiento de los 
sangleyes. Bentosilla, November 4, 1606. A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, 
leg. I. Begins "El Rey. Don Pedro de Acuiia ..." Ends "que 
parecieren convenientes", with date, royal signature, and countersigna- 
ture of royal secretary. Vol. xiv, pp. 191, 192. 

[Real cedula] Al Governador de Philipinas que no permita que queden 
en ellas mas Sangleyes que los que fueren necesarios para Ja conveniencia 
de la tierra. Bentosilla, November 4, 1606. A. de L; est. 105, caj. 
2,leg. 1. Begins "El Rey. Don Pedro de Acuiia ..." Ends"re- 
sultar de lo contrario", with date, royal signature, and countersignature 
of royal secretary. Vol. xiv, p. 192. 

[Letter to Pedro de Acuiia.] Ventosilla, November 4, 1606. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 38, fol. 114, n^. 89. Begins "El Rey D^. Pedro 
de Acufia . . ." Ends "como decis lo hareis", with royal signature 
and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xiv, pp. 193-196. 

[Decree concerning military affairs.] Ventosilla, November 4, 1606. 
A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "El Rey» Presidente y oydores 

Digitized by 


de mi R^ Audiencia ..." Ends "conviniere a mi servicio", with 
date, ro^ tignature, and countersignature of royal secretaiy. Vol. 
xviiiy pp. 271, 272, note 85. 

This ii followed bj a notarial attettadon of the tecretary Pedro Muftos de Horera 
(who copied thii deaee from the govcnunent booki, Augiust ao^ 1630X at to iti acconcy. 

[Real cedula] Al Viney de la nueva espaiia sobre que antes de la po- 
blacion del puerto de monte Rey y su introducion trate del descubrimiento 
de alguna de otras dos yslas que hay en el mismo yiaje de philipinas a 
nueva espana Uamadas rrica de oro y rrica de plata por ver si hay en 
alguna dellas algun puerto que sea mas aproposito que el de monte R^ 
para escala de las naos de philipinas. Aranjuez ( ?}, September 27, 1608. 
A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Don Luis de 
Velasco ..." Ends "consejo de las yndias", with date, royal 
signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xiv, pp. 270-275. 

[Real cedula] Al Virrey de la nueva spaiia que no teniendo comenzado 
i poner en execucion las prevendones para el descubrimiento de las yslas 
rrica de oro y rrica de plata se le cometa al govemador de philipinas 
inviandole para ello los veinte mil ducados que esuban concedidos para 
la pobladon del puerto de monte Rey. San Lorenzo el Real, May 13, 
1609. A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Don Luis de 
Velasco . . ." Ends "del puerto de monte Rey.", with date, royal 
signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xiv, pp. 275-277. 

[Real cedula] Al Govemador de philipinas que no consienta que los 
yndios paguen sus tributos en servidos personales. Aranjuez, May 26, 
1609. A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Don Juan de 
Silva ..." Ends "6 le disimulare.", with date, royal signature, 
and countersignature of royal secretary, Juan de Civica. Vol. xiv, pp. 
278, 279. 

[Real cedula] Al Govemador y Audiencia de philipinas que informen 
de las conveniendas que se an entendido se seguirian de fundarse un 
colegio de estudiantes aplicando a esto cierta renta de los yndios. Sego- 
via, July 25, 1609. A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. 
Don Juan de Silva . . .*' Ends "mande lo que mas convenga.", 
with date, royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. 
XIV, pp. 279» 280. 

[Real cedula] Al Govemador y audienda de Manila que informen de la 
diferenda que los naturales del pueblo de quiapo tienen con los padres 
de la Compaiiia sobre ciertas tierras y que entre tanto provean lo que con- 
venga. Madrid, December 7, 1610. A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. 
Begins "EI Rey. Mi Govemador y Capitan General . . •'* Ends 
"proveays lo que convenga.", with date and royal signature, and counter- 
signature of royal secretary. Vol. xvii, pp. 151, 152. 

[Letter to Silva.] Guadarramay November 12, 1611. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 38, fol. 143, n°. 108. Begins " £1 Rey» D^. Juan 
de Silva ..." Ends "resolucion que se tomare.'\ with royal sig- 
nature, and countersignature of nyzl secretary. Vol. xyii, pp. 174-179. 

[Real cedula] A Don Juan de Silva govemador . . avisandole de la 
cedula que v. mag^. ha mandado dar al diputado de olanda para que se 
de libertad a pablo bancardin y otros holandeses no haviendo sido preso 
segunda vez con ocasion que ayan dado. Madrid, November 20, 161 1. 
A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2» leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Don Juan de Silva 
. . ." Ends "hasta tener otra horden mia.**9 with date and royal sig- 
nature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xvii, pp. 179, 180. 

[Real cedula] A Don Juan de Silva . . ordenandole que haga y 
forme luego una esquadra de navios que ande en aquella mar cerca del 
puerto de la ciudad de Manila para asegurar con ella que los holandeses 
no roben las naos y demas embarcaciones que ban a aquellas Yslas de la 
nueba espaiia china y otras partes. Madrid, December 19, 161 1. A. de 
I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Don Juan de Silva. . ." 
Ends "consejo de las yndias.", with date and royal signature, and counter- 
signature of royal secretary. Vol. xvii, pp. 180-182. 

[Real cedula] Al Provincial de la orden de Santo Domingo de philipinas 
sobre que ponga en algunas cosas que hazen los Religiosos de ella el 
rremedio que debe y esta obligado teniendo buena correspondencia con el 
govemador. Madrid, December 31, 161 1. A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, 
leg. I. Begins "El Rey Benerable y devoto Padre Provincial . ." 
Ends "servicio de Dios y mio.", with date and royal signature, and counter- 
signature of royal secretary. Vol. xi, pp. 183, 184. 

[Real cedula] Al Provincial de la orden de Santo Domingo de filipinas 
sobre que procure que los Religiosos de ella no pasen al Japon sin licencia 
del Govemador como esta mandado. Madrid, December 31, 161 1. 
A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Benerable y devoto 
Padre Provincial ..." Ends "al buen goviemo de las yslas.", 
with date, and royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. 
Vol. xvii, p. 185. 

[Real cedula] Al Govemador de philipinas sobre que tenga cuidado de 
poner rremedio en los inconvenientes que rresultan de los rreligiosos y 
otras personas que bienen por via de la yndia. Valladolid, November 4, 
1612. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Don Juan 
de Silva ..." Ends "que vengan Religiosos.", with date and 
royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. 

Respuesta al Govemador de Filipinas en materias de goviemo. El 
Pardo, December 2, 1613. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins 

Digitized by 


"ElRcy. Don Juan de Silva ..." Ends "escribin la que fuere.", 
with date and royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. 
Vol, XVII, pp. 237-241. 

[Real cedula enviada] Al Govemador de Filipinas sobre diferentcs 
materias. Madrid, December 19, 1618. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. 
Begins ''El Rey. Don Alonso Faxardo de tenza ..." Ends 
''como se deja considerar.", with date, royal signature, and countersigna- 
ture of royal secretary. Vol. xtui, pp. 150-155. 

[Real cedula enviada] Al Govemador de philipinas sobre diferentes ma- 
terias. Madrid, December 19, 1618. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. 
Begins ''El Rey. Don Alonso Faxardo de Tenza ..." Ends "de 
csto se pudiere sacar.", with date, royal signature, and countersignature 
of royal secreuiy. Vol. xviii, pp. 155-160. 

[Real cedula confirmando] el estatuto hecho por el dean y cauildo de la 
metropolitana de manila en Philip**, acerca de que los Religiosos espulsos 
profesos de las religiones no sean admitidos p*. dignidades preuendas ni 
curatos de yndios ni cspaiiolcs en aquellas islas. Madrid, February 19, 
1619. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 12. Begins "El Rey=Por quanto 
Por . . ." Ends "asi cs mi voluntad", with date, royal signature, 
and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xviii, pp. 189-193. 
Tlie ttatute in quertkn is imerted in the decree. 

[Letter to Alonso de Fajardo.] Madrid, December 13, 1620. A. H. N. ; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 38, fol. loi, n^'. 80. Begins "El Rey: D^ Alonso 
faxardo de Tenza ..." Ends "Real Hacienda, y otros Ministros.", 
with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xix, 
pp. 173-182. 

[Real cedula] A la Audiencia de Philip**, sobre el remedio de los a- 
Grauios q^. los religiosos hazen a los yndios. Madrid, May 29, 1620. 
A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 12. Begins "El Rey» Presidente y oy- 
dores ..." Ends " Prouinciales de las ordencs della", with ro3ral 
signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xix, pp. 40, 41. 
Fbupe III; and Fblipb IV.*— [Decrees treating of the Indies.] 1607- 

1647. ^* ^^ I-> ^^- ^f ^^h ^f ^^S* 3^* 

Tbeae decreet all treat of miaaion a£Fain and eodeaiaatical aupenriaion of the legulart 
bj the biahopa, which waa a bone of contention in all the Spaniah Indiea. The fint four 
cooccm Nuera Eapafia, and are dated June 5, 1607, Dec. 13, i6ao^ Apr. 30^ 1622, and 
June 21, 1 624, the firit two being aem to the Ticeroy, die third to the biahop of the province 
of Guajaca, and the fourth to the vicerof , archbiahop, and biahopa. Theae were probably 
uaed in the conaideration of the queation in the Fhilippinea. The laat three decreea have 
to do with the Fhilippinea directly. The fint two, dated Sept. 2, and Oct. 2, 1638, were 
publiahed from MSS. from A. H. N. (j . o., vol. xxix, pp. 104-107; aee alao post^ p. 207). 
The third and laat in the collection ia dated Madrid, Sept. 17, 1647. Begina '^El Rej^ 
ly Diego Fajardo . . .** Enda^'mandadoyreauelto.**, with date and royal aignature, 
and counteragnatuie of royal aecretaty. Vol. xxxv, pp. 276^ 277. 

Salazar y Salzbdo, Licbnciate Hieronimo de: — [Letter to the king.] 
Manila, July 21, 1599. A. de I.; est. 67, caj\ 6, leg. 18. Begins "Seiior 
s^Despues de por lo que toca . . ." Ends "es siempre mi deseo.", 
with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xi, pp. 86-112. 

Contains yarious comments in the margin concerning the Taiious matters discussed in 
the tetter, which were made upon its reading in Madrid. 

Carta del fiscal de Filipinas D. Geronimo de Salazar Salcedo. Manila, 
July 21, 1599. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Senor^Des- 
pues de aver dado . . ." Ends "avizar lo hare", with dosing, date, 
and signature. Vol. xi, pp. 112-119. 
with margmal comments of gorcrnmcnt office. 

Carta del fiscal de la Audiencia de Filipinas dando cuenta de lo acae- 
cido con las dos naos del cosario holandes. Manila, July 16, 1601. A. de 
I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "senor el licen**° Gr°*® de salazar y sal- 
cedo . . ** Ends "avro R^ seruicio", with closing, date, and signa- 
ture. Vol. XI, pp. 228-234. 

Carta del fiscal de la Audiencia de Filipinas sobre la cobranza de lo que 
adeudaba a la real Hacienda D. Frandsco Tello. Manila, July 10, 1602. 
A. de I. ; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins " senor el lic^^ geronimo de sala- 
zar y salcedo ..." Ends " Requisitoria Para ello", with dosing, 
date, and signature. Vol. xi, pp. 312-316. 

The comments of the Council are written 00 the MS. Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A., 
owns a transcript of this MS. 

Carta del fiscal de Manila exponiendo la conveniencia de que el Arzo- 
bispo sea Presidente de aquella Audiencia. Manila, July 4, 1603. A. 
de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "seiior El licen***>. Or"*** de sala- 
zar y salcedo ..." Ends "lo que mas conuenga'', with closing, 
date, and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 132-134. 

On the MS. is written the comment of the Coundi. A transcript of the original MS. 
was made in the archires for Eduardo Nararro, O. S. A. 

Salazar y Salcedo, Geronimo de; and others: — [Three Chinese man- 
darins at Manila.] Manila, May- July 5, 1603. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 19. Begins "el licen**®. Ger"^*> de salazar y salcedo . . /' 
Ends with notarial attestations in acts and the record of their proclama- 
tion. May 26 and 27. Vol. xii, pp. 83-97. 

The main part of the MS. is the first document, a letter from Salazar j Salcedo, of Julj 
5, in which the other documents (a letter from the ''"mxyot mandarin** of China; the 
iscal^s petition and report; rarious depositions of May 17 and a8; an order of the Audiencia 
requesting the acU enacted bj Acuila, and those acts) are enclosed. The depositions are 
not published in our series (see vol. xii, p. 97). Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A., owns a 
transcript of this MS. 

Alcaraz, Geronimo de : — Otro [1.^., testimonio] de las veces que el ordi- 

nario dio licencia a los religiosos para fundar iglesias. June 28, 1599. 

A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 3(25. Begins "Yo Geronimo de alcaras 

. . ." Ends "di el pres^.", with date and signature; followed by 

Digitized by 


notarial attestation of validity of signature of Alcaraz. Vol. x, pp. 204- 

Thia document it the teoood of two tetdmooiei copied in one BiS. For the other, tee 
pta^ p. iji. It bean one cndoTMnient. 

Santiago, Domingo de, O. S. F.. — [Letter regarding native hospital.] 

Manila, July 3, 1599. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 35. Begins "jhs 

nuestro bien sea en el alma ..." Ends "grande seruicio a dios 

nuestro senor", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xi, pp. 82-84. 

This letter ii endoned on the outnde. It is followed, on the same date and in the same 
MS., bj the document immediately following. 

Valerio, Antonio (hospital steward}.* — [Statement and petition regard- 
ing native hospital.] [Manila, July 3, 1599?] For pressmark, see 
item immediately preceding. Begins 'Xatholica y B} Mag^« Antonio 
Valerio ..." Ends "de Vra rreal Magd. Pido etc*." Vol. xi, 
pp. 84, 85. 
BusTAMANTE, Captain Joan: — [Statement in regard to the royal treasury.] 

Manila, July 5, 1599. A. de I. Vol. x, pp. 142, 143, note 12. 
Adil Lula (Sultan of Borneo): — [Translarion of his letter to Tello.] 
[Manila], July 27, 1599. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "Lo 
que contiene esta carta ..." Ends "del dho ano de mil quie^" y 
noventa y nueve as.= ", with signatures of translators, and notary. Vol. 
XI, pp. 120, 121. 

The tnmslation of the letter (nude 00 the above date) is preceded and followed bj state- 
ments of the notary regarding its tranalation. The translation is written on the back of 
the original letter in the Bocnean language. The letter itself begins ^'Soltan Adil, Lula. 
Carta de amistad . . .** Ends ''Me embio una rrossa. — ** The translation bean 

Marquez, T0MA8, O. S. A.; and others: — Supplicatio Fr. Thome Mar- 
quez ord. S. Aug. ut manuteneatur in possessione diffinitoratus in in- 
sults Philippinis. [Rome, 1599 ?] A. del V.; Arm. V, cap. 7., n^. 7. 
Begins "Beatijs"*. Pr. ..." Ends "di presente punulmente.'* 
Vol. xxxiv, pp. 415-4*7- 

This MS. consists of three documents, the Bnt two of which are in Latin, and the third 
in Italian. None of the three are signed but internal eridence probably fixes the author- 
ship as follows: I, letter or report to the pope by some ecclesiastic, enclosing, II, the peti- 
tion of Tom&s Marquez, which is repocted upon by, m, the mmcio for Spain. I, ends 
**quam deuf et3.**; followed by icreral endorsements. II, begins **Yllui°^*. domine. Ra- 
tiones . . .**; ends ** Jllf^i. nuntio hispanie-.** Ill, begins, ^La Frouincia de Caati- 
glia . . .**; foUowed by several endorsements. The endorsements to each part and 
that on the outside wrapper of the MS. give the date 1599. The last-mentioned endone- 
mcnt shows that the matter was to be acted upon in Propaganda Fide. 

: — Relacion, sobre la Pacificacion de la Ysla de Mindanao. [Ma- 
nila, 1600 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "En Relacion del 
afio ..." Ends "avian dado destos Enemigos." Vol. xi, pp. 135- 

HuRTADO DE EsQUivEL, Pbdro (government secretary and notaiy); and 
others: — Testimonio del acuerdo de la audiencia de Manila para poner 

en defensa e] puerto de Cavite, Piecho en] Manila 31 de Otubre 1600. 
Manila, January 13, 1601. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins 
''En la C^. De m^* . . ." Ends ** mi signo en testimonio de verdad *\ 
with seal and signature of Hurtado de Esquivel. Vol. xi, pp. 140-142. 

Tlie act of the Audienda it ngned bj Tello, Morga, Telles Almuan, and counterngned 
bj Huiudo de EsquiTcl. It ends ^ con la breuedad que conuy***. 

[Confraternity of La Misericord ia.] Manila, July 11, 1607. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 

In two parts at follows: L Copia de uno capttulo de Carta de la audienda de Manila 
eicripta a tu magestad En 11 de Julio de 16C7. Begins **Manda V. mag<^. por cedula 
. . .'*'' Ends ^seruido de Dios j de V. mag<^.** with attestation as to accuracj. In the 
margin is the comment of the goremment office. Vol. xiv, pp. ao8, 209. IL (The 
work of the Misericordia.] [Manila.] Begins ^Tomo Prindpio el Vso . . .** Ends 
^j que piden misericordia**, with signature ^p^ Hurtado desquiud s^ de Camara*\ 
Ut suprOf pp. 209-Z13. 

Pabz db Sotomayor, Joan (notary): — Patente 6 titulo de Capitan de cier- 
ta Armada expedido por el Principe de Orange; [en] La Haya 12 de 
Mayo 1598. Manila, February 6, 1601. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6» leg. 
19. Begins "este es un treslado ..." Ends "hize mi signo '^ 
with seal and signature of above notary. Vol. xi, pp. 166-169 (see mat- 
ter in brackets, p. 169}. 

The conunission begins ^Mauridq Prindpe de orange . . .** Ends ^que tft 
ohUgadot*\ with date and signature of Maurice of Nassua, and oounterngnature of ooe 
Mdandor (see f9Si p. 189). 

Tesd^ de algunas peticiones y respuestas a ellas de el licen^. Gr™®. de 

salazar y salzedo fiscal de la audi*, de las filipinas ante el gouer^ patro^ 

cinando las causas de ju^ de alcega preso queriendo ynputar la culpa al 

doctor morga. Manila, November 20, 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 

leg. 19. Begins "Estes un traslado Bien y fielm^ ..." Ends 

"fize mi signo", with seal and signature of above notary; followed by 

notarial attestation of his signature. 

These petitions are dated: L April 7, 1601, with TeUo*s replj, April 15. n. April 
1 1, with replj April 16. HI. April 19, but not presented until later because of a holiday. 
IV. Petition bj Antonio de Morga, May 24. The first three petitions are signed by 
Salazar y Salcedo. 

Testimonio de una relacion presentada por el doctor Antonio de Morga 

dando cuenta de todo lo acaecido en la jomada del cosario holandes. 

Manila, January 5, 1601. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins 

"este es un traslado de Una peticion . . ." Ends "fize mi signo", 

with seal and signature of above notary; followed by notarial attestation 

by three notaries of the validity of instruments drawn by Paez de Soto- 

mayor. Vol. xi, pp. 173-186. 

In this ** testimonio** are induded: I. [The petition.] Presented, January 5, 1601. 
Begins '"£1 doctor antonio de morga . . .** Ends **pido por testimonio**, with signa- 
ture of Morga. IL [TeUo*s action in regard to the pethion.] January 5, 1601. Si^ed 
bj Tello, and countersigned by the notary, Gaspar de Aiebo. 

Testimonio de la instruccion que el Doctor Antonio de Morga dio al 

Digitized by 


•K^m^fa^^iM J Mail u^ z&iv^K«iy l^**l Av'^'iua «^ x^awiv^AUi/ic «wv/* ATX«uuA4iy x^ir~ 

vember 27, 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Este es un 
traslado ..." Ends "En tesdmonio de verdad fize mi signo", 
with seal and signature of Paez de Sotomayor; followed by attestation 
by three notaries of the validity of instruments drawn by the latter. Vol. 

XI, pp. 145-149 (•«« no^c I7» PP- 48, 49)- 

The iottructiaog proper becin ^la orden que ha de giurdar . . .*** End **tofaR U 
jila de iiiariuelcB*\ with date vDec. 3, 1600X and ngnature of Antooio de Mocga. 

Bravo db AcufiA, Pedro; and others: — [Expedition to the Malucos 
Islands.] 1 601-1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Thia MS. cooiists of Tarioiu donimenrn at follows: L Caita de D. Pedro de Acufia 
dando cucnta de lot preparatmit para critar lot dailot que hadan lot nundanaot. Manila, 
October 16, 1602. Begint **tefior Con lat naot que paitienm . . .** Endt^^Conla 
etperan^ dd Premio**, with doting, date, and tignaturc. The Taziout paragnpht are 
tjnoptized, and the document alto oontaint the oommcntt and dircctiont of the CoundL 
Vol. XII, pp. 38-45. n. Copia de carta dd Vire^ de la Yndia. May 5, 1601. Begint 
*'SinIaocattion . . J*" Eiidt^*tcngoohligadoaTt^nrot<'eCc.'*^ C// iir^o, pp. 39, 301 
in. Cedula de tu mag^ en q m^ q ae tooorra al maluco de lat filipinat quando huuicre 
nccetidad. Litboa, Blardi 31, 1582. Begint ^'Don gon^o RooquiUo de FeAdota 
. . .*** Endt "primeram^ abcit de mirar,**, with date. See ut iupra^ p. 41, note 5. 
IV. Copia dd aaierdo de la junta de guctra de Manila pan que te tocoira a la Armada 
ddMduco. Manila, Septemberi, 1601. Begint*'cnMl*.aPnmodeteticinbre . . .** 
Endt **7 lo firmaron de tut nombret.** IJt supra^ pp. 30-31. Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A., 
ownt a trantcript of the proceedingt of thit junta. V. Rdadon dd toconro q*. d gouemador 
de lat filipinat .embio a la Armada dd Bialuco que te detpacho en la Yndia. Signed hy 
Ynaf^ de lat mittat; Jhoan de buttam^; Vent* de t^ tiUan; each with rubric Begint 
**Mcmoria de lot Batrimcntnt . . .** Endt ^7 tetenta pt<>.**, with tignaturet. 17 
ntprof pp. 33-35. VI. Auto acerca de lo dd tooorro de maluco. Manila, October 1, 
1602. Pedro de Acufia, and notariet. Begint ^ En la dudaddemanila . . .** Endt 
'*lat cotat dd Red teruido*\ with ngnaturet. Eduardo Nararro, O. S. A., pott c t tet 
a trantcript of thit act. Following the act proper are notet concenung itt norification, 
dated October 3, and attettation of the accuracy of the copy, dated Oaober 7. Vt suprOf 
pp. 35-38. In our tenet, ncte that Acufia*t letter it placed at the end of the other docu- 
mentt, although in the MS. it appeart firtt. 

Carta de la Audiencia de Manila en que dize que el Dr. Morga se dis- 
pone para irse a Mexico a servir su plaza. Manila, July 2, 1603. A. de 
I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "senor Con la carta . . .'* 
Ends "y lo Ileuen con suauidad'', with dosing, date, and signatures of 
Acuna and four auditors. Vol. xn, pp. 127-132. 

On the MS. it writen the comment of the Council. 

Carta de la Audiencia de Filipinas haciendo relacion del alzamiento 
de los sangleyes. Manila, December 12, 1603. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6» 
leg. 19. Begins '' seiior Por la bia de la nueua espana ..." Ends 
" poder dar quenta a V. m^.", with dosing, date, and five signatures. Vol. 
xn, pp. 142-146. 

On the MS. it written the conmieat of the Council. 

[Letter to Felipe III from the Manila Audiencia.] July 19, 1604. A. 
de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Senor= En esta 9iudad . . ." 
Ends "para Hazerle mfd.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. 
XIII, pp. 241-245. 

Bravo de Acuna; continued — 

Carta dando cuenta de sus diferencias con el arzobispo y otra de los 

Religiosos de S^. Agustin sobre lo mismo. Manila, 1605. A. de I.; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

L [Letter by Acui&a.] July i, 1605. Begint ''sefior Detde que empec^ . . .** 
End* ^de cut partes y gouiemo/^ with dodng, date, and signature. On the MS. are 
written the comments of the Council. Vol. xiv, pp. 29-31. IL [Letter by Augustin- 
iana.] [Tuly» 1605 f] Begins ^^sefior en tan remotas . . .** Ends **y Padn que 
es V. ld.^J", with doong, and signatures of Lorenzo de Leon and four other Augustinians. 
Ut supra, pp. 31-35. 

Carta de la Audiencia de Manila dando cuenta de la manera de pro- 

ceder con ellos el Arzobispo. Manila, July 4, 1605. A. de I.; est. 67, 

caj. 6y leg. 19. Begins "seiior Por lo que ymporta ..." Ends 

"el que mas Conuiniere", with dosing, date, and signatures of Acuna 

and those of " £1 lic^° tellez Almacan; £1 lic^ Andres de Alcaraz; el lic^ 

Manuel de Madrid y Luna." Vol. xiv, pp. 35-47. 

On the MS. are written the commentt of the CoundL 

Bravo de Acuna, Pedro (governor): — [Letter to Felipe IIL] Cavite, 

July 20y 1603. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "senor»en 4 

del presente salio ..." £nds "tendria muy dificil remedio.", with 

dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 134-136. 

On the MS. appears the comment of the CoundL 

Carta del Gobemador dando cuenta del alzamiento de los Sangleyes. 

Manila, December 18, 1603. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins 

"Senop» Habiendo escrito y cerrado . . .** Ends "y aun no vasta/', 

with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 153-167. 

Eduardo NaTarro^ O. S. A., owns a transcript of this MS. 

[Letter to Felipe III, regarding the Sangley insurrection.] Manila, 

December 23, 1603. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "senor=en 

Vix Capitulo . . .*' Ends "para que lo tenga entendido", with 

dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 167, 168. 

On the MS. are -written the comments of the Council. 

Carta manifestando no conviene haya Audiencia en Filipinas. Manila, 

July 15, 1604. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "seiior Muchos 

dias he discurrido ..." Ends "mandarlo tener por bien", with 

dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xiii, pp. 231-233. 

On the MS. are written the comments and directions of the Council. 

Carta del Gobemador en que trata a los sangleyes. Manila, July 15, 

1604. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "seiior las dos naos que 

este alio ..." Ends "que esu muy cerca dello.", with dosing, date 

and signature (slightly defective). Vol. xiii, pp. 221-230. 

Carta exponiendo las causas que se le ofrecen para que no haya Au- 

dienda en las Yslas Filipinas. Manila, July 15, 1604. A. de L; est. 

67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "en todas las Yslas ..." Ends "no <) 

Digitized by 


^th the date and signature. Vol. xin, pp. 233-241. 

^ que don . . escrivio al Virrey de Vcheo en china 

"le otra suya. Manila, July, 1605. A. de I.; est. 

begins ''Don pedro de acuna & Q>n el cappitan 

hinos que los castillas". Vol. xiy, pp. 44-50. 

A., owns a troMcript of thii MS. 

' Manila, July i, 1605. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 

sEn 25 de Febrero . . .*' Ends "ninguno 

ith dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xiv, pp. 

In the MS. it written the oommfitf of the GounciL 
avite, July 8, 1605. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
n dos naos que de aqui . . ." Ends 
", with closing, date, and signature. Vou 

: Council are written on the matgtnt of the MS. 

L^. Don Antonio Rivera Maldonado. 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins ''Senor 

. ." Ends "remedio convenience <{ 

date, and signature. Vol. xiv, pp. 

-ript of this MS. 

pe III.] Manila, July 8, 1601. A. 

'Seiior. — El ano de noventa y nueve 

into.*', with closing, date, and sig- 

rom the ecclesiastical cabildo to 

I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 35. Be- 

3 . . ." Ends ''segun los 

rid signatures of eleven mem- 

(in educational appendix). 

?lipe III.] Manila, July 3, 

rins "SenopsEn todas las 

M^.", with closing, date, 

andemanila; EIArced'^^ 

'uan de la Z' canonigo; 

^do de mesa; el cano*^ 

is uela melq^.; Crisan- 

>.] Manila, Decern- 
•gins "SeiioraaPor 

el mes de Junto . . . bnds tavorecidas de V. mag , with dosing, 
date, and seven signatures. Vol. xii, pp. 138-140. 

RoNQUiLLO DB Vallbstbros, Gonzalo; and others: — [Letter from the 
Manila cabildo complaining of Morga.] Manila, July 20, 160 1. A. de 
I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 35. Begins "SenopBLa fidelissima ciudad de 
manila . . ." Ends ''Recta justicia acostumbra poner/', with 
closing, date, and signatures of members of cabildo; countersigned by 
Luys de Contreras, clerk of the cabildo. Vol. xi, pp. 235-250. 

: — Relacion verdadera de lo subcedido en las yslas filipinas con 

unos navios Yngleses que Uegaron a ellas el aiio de 1600. [1601 ?] A. de 

I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Es a todos un manifiesto . . ." 

Ends "ciento y treynta y siete personas entre todas." Vol. xi, pp. 149- 


In this rdatioo it endoied the ^*Copia del dtolo que trajan en ei cofre de EUerro.**, which 
bean date *^The Hague, May la, 1598,** and is signed bj Maurice of Nassau, and counter- 
signed bj one Melander. The final paragraph of this MS. has been transposed in our 
pu b lica t ion to the matter immediatelj preceding this commission, as hsTing more coher- 
ence with the rest of the reUtioo in that place. The commission itself we publish from 
another document (see below). 

JuARBZ Gallinato, Juan; and others: — Testimonio de una informacion 

que el capitan Gallinato envio sobre el socorro que el Rey de Terrenate 

hizo a los Mindanaos. Caldera, Dapitan, and environs. May 29- June 

4, 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "en la mar sobre los 

dnguis . . ." Ends "fize mi firma y mibricas acostumbradas", 

with signature "rrafael desarria escri^". Vol. xi, pp. 292-301. 

This MS. consists of notarial depositions and attestations nude at the instance of Juarez 
Gallinato. A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archires for Eduardo Na- 
▼arro, O. S. A. 

Arcs, Pedro, O. S. A. (bishop of Cebu, and three times acting arch- 
bishop).- — [Letter to Felipe III.] Manila, December 17, 1603. A. de I.; 
est. 68, caj. I, leg. 42. Begins "Sefior. a esta orden ha parecido . . ." 
Ends "tendra el asiento que conviene", with closing, date, and signa- 
ture. Vol. XII, pp. 140, 141. 

Carta del Obispo de Nueva Caceres pidiendo a su Magestad socorros 

para un hospital de espafioles. Manila, July 20, 161 1. A. de I.; est. 68, 

caj. I, leg. 34. Begins "sefior en la ciudad . . ." Ends "me atrebo 

a pedirlo.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xvii, pp. 172, 173. 

A transcript of the original MS. was made in the archiTes for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

[Letter to Felipe IIL] Manila, July 30, 1619. A. de L; est. 68, caj. 

i> leg- 34* Begins "senor Del estado que tienen las cosas ..." 

Ends "que abisar a V. mg^ mas", with closing, date, and signature. 

Vol. XVIII, pp. 235-240. 

The Tarious paragraphs are sjnopstzed in the margins; and on the letter are also written 
the fommcnrs of the CoundL The following documents are appended to the letter: 

Digitized by 


Arcb; continued — 

I. Ttt/amP. de lo decretado por lot ofidalet Realn. ReMiudoo taken at a meeting of tbe 
Audicnda to conaider a petition prcacnted bj Pedro de Arcs in regard to uJarj, held 
Auguat c, 1616; the copy of the minutes of the meeting being made Auguat 11, 1616. 
This ia followed by notarial atteatationa of copy and notary *• aignature, dattd Aua;iiat 25, 
1616. Vt smpra^ pp. i<fvi44 II. [Statement by Arce in regard to church rule.] Coo- 
taina the mmnifnta and diitctiona of Cound! and fiacal, dated respecdrelj. May 4, and 
June I, 1619, and Madrid, May iS, 1619. Ui sufrOf pp. 244, 245* ^I. [Scatonent by 
Arce, regarding hia salary, and the above resolution of the Audienaa.] It ia accompanied 
by the mmnifnts and direcdona of Council and fiacal, dated aa no. II, abore. Ut smpra, 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] Manila, July 31, 1631. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, 
'^- 34* Begins "Senor En 26 de Julio ..." Ends 'Mo tiene 
jurado.", with closing, date, and signature "fr. p° obpo del ssmo n®. de 
Jhs." Vol. xxrv, pp. 188-191. 
Arcb, Pedro, O. S. A.; and others: — [Letter from Augustinians to Felipe 
IIL] Manila, July 4, 1602. A. de L; est. 68, caj. I, leg. 42. Begins 
''Senor. Aunque es preciso ..." Ends "la orden de nuestro 
padre San Agustin", with date and signatures of Pedro de Arce, the pro- 
vincial, and the four definitors. Vol. xi, pp. 307-309. 
On the margin ia written the order of the Council. 

Loyola, Martin Ignacio db, O. S. F.; and others: — Varios documentos 

sobre la contratacion en las Yslas Filipinas. Ca.^ 1602. A. dcf I.; est. 

67, caj. 6, leg. 34. 

The Tarioitt documents are as foUowa: L Note evidently by Council. VoL.xn,p.$7 
n. [Letter from Loyola.] San Diego, undated. Begins ^'Jha.^Como no Pude 
. . .** Ends *^nsinn toda mrd.^, widi dosing and signature. Ut sufrOf pp. $7, $8. 
in. Memorial del obispo del Rio de la plata en que dedara el remedio q se deve poncr 
para d comerpo de las fiHpi«— j mexico j dedara <| lo <| d conaeio a hecfao en buenoa 
ayres, a sido grande adoto. Brans **Para que Ua yndias . . .** Ends ^grande 
serrido de nfo s^. y de su magC**, with signature, '^fr. Martin ynado de loyola obispo 
dd R. de la plata.** Ut iufra^ pp. ^-61. IV. Copies de capitulos de cartaa dd C^ 
de monterrey escripta a su inag^. May 15, 1601. Bc^:ina **Los mercaderes de la Vni?er- 
sidadde la dudaddelos Reyes . . .** Ends^'ezperiendadaradelosynconTenientes.** 
Ut iufra, pp. 61-69. VI. A printed pamphlet entitled Putttos in U mu tuntn fuflkad* 
Im TaUu FSipinas /ebr§ la cMtraiacfM ddlas (g.o., anit, p. 109). VIL Varioua 
memoranda, made probably by the CounciL Ui sufrOf pp. 71-75. 

LoPBZ, Grbgorio, S. j.: — [Letter to Felipe III.] Manila, December 10, 
1603. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. Begins '"Ihs. — Senor. Las ne- 
cesidades ..." Ends "afectode parte deestasjrslas", with closing, 
date, and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 136-138. 

Santa Catalina (Cathbrina), Bernardo db, O. P.:— [Letter to Felipe 
IIL] Manila, December 15, 1603. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, 1^. 42. 
Begins "Seiior. Esta tierra tiene necesidad ..." Ends ''que se 
puede echar mano.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xii, pp. 

[Letter to Felipe IIL] Manila, June i, 1605. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 
I* leg* 32- Begins "Senor. La orden de San Agustin . . .*' Ends 

XIII, pp. 299, 300. 

Gar&oyillas, Joan db, O. S. A. : — [Letter to Felipe III.] Manila, Decem- 
ber 19, 1603. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. Begins "Seiior. La 
orden del Senor San Agustin ..." Ends "servicio a Dios y a V. 
mag^.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xii, p. 141. 

Spanish Council of State: — [Consultation regarding the Recollects.] 

Valladolid, February 23, 1604. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. i. Begins 

''Senor La orden de los Recoletos ..." Ends ''y estreche^a () 

profesan," with date, and eight rubrics. Vol. xiii, pp. 246-248. 

The MS. hat several endonementt. 

[Concerning missionaries for Japan.] Valladolid, May 20, 1604. A. 

de S.; leg. 2637, secretaria del estado. Begins *' Un consejo de Eftado 

. . ." Ends 'Mo que mas fuere seruido", with date, and five rubrics. 

Hie original MS. fiUs about two thirds of a small folio sheet of paper, being written on 
onlj one ode in a neat small hand. 

[On trade with Nueva Espaiia.] Valladolid, July 20, 1604. A. de S.; 

leg. 2637, secretaria de estado. Begins "En cumplimiento de lo ^ V 

m^. ..." Ends "mas fuere seruido", with date, and six rubrics. 

See VOL. XIII, p. 257, note 35. 

Various endorsements are written 00 the MS. The MS. itself is written in a neat hand 
and occupies about two and one third pages, fMio size. 

Sobre vnas consultas de los cons^ de Portugal y yndias de castilla, sobre 
si an de yr religiosos o no al Japon por las philipinas. Madrid, Septem- 
ber 20, 1607. A. de S.; secretaria de estado; leg. 2637. Begins "Vm** 
fue seruido mandar ..." Ends "lo que parecera", with date and 
six rubrics. Vol. xiv, pp. 233, 234. 

On the MS. is written the conmient of the Idng. 

[Report to Felipe IIL] Madrid, December 18, 1607. A. de S.; 
secretaria de estado; leg. 2637. Begins "Vuestra Magesud fue servido 
mandar ..." Ends "lo que mas fuere servido.", with date and 
rubrics of the members of the Council. Vol. xiv, pp. 214-217. 
On the MS. is written the comment of the Idng. 

[Report.] Madrid, December 20, 1607. A. de S. secretaria de estado; 
leg. 2637. Begins "Seiior. En cumplimiento de lo que . . ." Ends 
"lo que mas fuere seruido.", with date and three rubrics. Vol. xiv, pp. 


Contains the comments and directions of the king. See ^'Council of Indies,** ant§, item 
for May 30^ 1606, of which this MS. forms a part. 

[Recommendations regarding the archbishopric of Manila.] Madrid, 

1613-1616. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. i. 

In two parts, as follows: L [Petition of the archbishop.] July i, 1616. Begins 
**Scfiori-£l aik> de 613 . . .** Ends ** para esu Ysla*\ ^nth date and eight rubrics, 
probably of members of the Council. Vol. xvn, pp. 246-148. IL [The fint Council 

Digitized by 


Dodee ol the azckbitKop*t pedtioii.] June aS» 1613. Begins **Sdlor»EI lioed^Don 
Diego Vaxquex de mfercado . . .** Ends *^(pie V. M^ iiombfire*\ with date and nine 
rubnci. Ut lufra^ pp. 2459 246. In our publication of this ACS. we have airanged the 
two parti chronologicaUj. 

[Report on the appointment of a governor for the Philippines.] Ma- 
drid, March 7, 1625. A* ^^ ^-y ^^* ^7> ^j- ^» 1^- <• Begins "Senor» 
Con ocasion de una carta ..." Ends "mas fuese servido", with 
date and seven rubrics. Vol. xxii, pp. 27-41. 

[Q>nceming trade with the English.] Madrid, January 30, 1647. 
A. de S.; Esudo Ing^aterra; leg. 2523. Begins "Senor Don Alonso 
de Cardenas ..." Ends "mas fiiere seniido", with date, and 
rubric. Vol. xxxv, pp. 209-211. 

There are teveral endoracmenti {qjo^ ut smprOf pp. sio^ 11 1). The original MS. ia writ- 
ten in a legible hand 00 three pages of paper. 

Aduarte, Diego, O. P.; and others: — fThe Dominican mission.] 1604- 
1605. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, 1^. 37. 

In Tarioua parts as follows: I. Minuta de los religioaos que Tan 4 la ftoffinda del 
Santo Rosario en las Fhilippinas con d padre fray . . este aAo de 1605. BcgiuB 
**De San Esteban de Salamanca. EI padre . . .** Ends ^hasta agora son lotaobre- 
dichos.**, with signature of Aduarte. This is followed by a statement ij Garcia Guena, 
O.P., in regard to the above list, dated Valladolid, June 4, 1605; and the directions of the 
Council, dated Valladolid, June 6, 1605. Vol. ziv, pp. 84-89. IL [Statement and peti- 
tion bj Aduarte.] Begins ^* Fray Diego Duarte . . .** Ends **y para ello etcetera.**, 
with signature. It is followed by the answer of the Council, through the secretary or 
notary Adriano de Siguen^a. Ut sufra, pp. 81-83. m. [Secxmd petition of Aduute.] 
Begins **Sefior: Fray Diego Aduarte . . .** Ends **ansi con d.** It is accompanied 
by the decree of the Counai, dated Valladolid, January 19, 1605. Ut smfra^ p. 83. IV. 
[Royal decree issued to Diego de Vergara Carina.] VaUadolid, August 31, 1604. Be- 
gins **Diego de Vergara . . .** Ends **Io que asi le pagaredes**, with date, and 
countersignatures of Council. Ut supra, p. 9a The document bears endorsements 
dated in Februaiy, 1607. 

[Letter from Manila Dominicans to Felipe IV.] May 12, 1629. A. 
de I.; est. 68, caj. i. leg. 43. Begins "Senor" Acudiendo a la obligadon 
..." Ends "el rremedio de V. M.'', with clewing, date, and signa- 
tures of four Dominicans. Vol. xxiii, pp. 26-28. 

The MS. has comments of goremment office and fiscal, dated Madrid, Februaiy 9$ 
Aduarte, Dibgo, O. P.; and Santo Angel, Antonio db, Rbcollbct: — 
[Despatch of missionaries to the Philippines.] [Manila and Madrid, 
1608-1609 f] A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 37. 

In two parts as follows: I. By Diego Aduarte. Ynf ormadon del p^ . . delajomada 
q hi(o d afio de 1605 de spafia para philipinas con 38 religiosos de su orden y mas de la 
qut hi{o el p^ fray gabriel de S. Antonio d afio de 1 608 y mas de lo que es necesario para que 
en semejantes jomadas no haya faltas. [Manila f] Begins ^Por mandado dd s<^. don 
hiis de bdaaco . . .** Ends ^^sienio suio q lo soy.**, with signature. Vol. xrv, pp. 
330-336. n. [Statement by Antonio de Santo Angd.] (Madrid, 1609?] Be^ns 
**IHSMariai-ElP«fr . . Frocurador general . . .** Ends ^partede los rrecoletos.** 
Ut tufroy pp. 336-338. The date of the second part may be a few years later than 1609. 
Ftohaps the letters mentioned by Santo Angd are among those giyen by Andres de San 
Nicolas (see vol. xzi). 

Aduarte (Auduarte), Dibgo, O. P.. — Carta de Fray Diego Obispo de 

Nueva-Segovia pidiendo se manden hermanos de S. Juan de Dios para 
el hospital. Manila^ June 7, 1606. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 
Begins "seiior Aqui tiene V. mag^ ..." Ends "para bien de su 
yglesia", with date and signature. Vol. xxyiii, pp. 143, 144, note 63 (in 

On the MS. is written the comment of the CoundL 

[Aduarte to King.] July 7, 1606. Vol. xiy, pp. 164, 165, note 28*. 
A. de I. 

[Proposal to destroy Macao.] [Manila, 1618 ?] A. de I.; est. 68, 
caj. I, leg. 43. Begins "Muchos medios ha intentado ..." Ends 
"firme de mi nombre en s^ thomas etc", with signature. Vol. xyiii, 
pp. 194-203. 

The MS. contains the comment of the Council, dated May 26, 1619; hence, the date of 
the MS. itself is probably 1618. 

Chirino, Pedro db, S. J..* — [Grant to the Jesuit seminary at Cebu.] 
[Madrid, 1604?] A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 37. 

L [Sutement by Chirino.] Begins ^^'Sefior Pedro chirino de la Com^. . . .** 
Ends ^*muy gran mfd de V. mag<^.^ This petition was granted May 26, 1607, as appears 
in a note hj Licentiate Alonso Fernandez de Castro. Vol. xiii, pp. 251-155. II. [Sute- 
ment by Chirino.] Begins "Sefior"- Pedro chirino . . .** Ends **en la caza de quar^ 
tos.^ A note signed by Alonso Fernandez de Castro, is dated January 14, 1605. Ut 
tufroj pp. 151, 151. The two parts are arranged in the abore Tolume in what seems the 
true chronological order. 

San Antonio, Grabiel de, O. P.; and Aduarte, Diego, O. P.: — [Dif- 
ficulties of conducting missions.] 1605. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 37. 

In two parts, as follows: L [Sutement by San Antonio.] [1604?] Begins ^Muy 
podcroso Scfior: Fray Grabiel desan Antonio . . .** Ends ^dcspadio de los religio- 
sos*\ with signature. It is followed by the comments of the Council (which properly 
bdoDg as mudi with this letter, as with the following, pp. 108, 109). Vol. xiv, pp. 109-1 1 1 . 
n. Reladon verdadera [por Diego Aduarte] de las dificultades que hay en Uerar rdi- 
giosos i las philipinas por lo mucho que aprietan las ordenes de Su Magestad acerca de 
esto. Mexico, January 10^ 1605. Bqgins **Aunque el Uerar rdigiosos . . .** Ends 
**firm< de mi nombre**, with date and signature. It is accompanied by the comment of 
the CoundL Vt suproj pp. 90-108. 

Carrillo, Esteyan, O. S. A.; and others. — [Letter from Augustinians 
to Felipe III, complaining of Lorenzo de Leon, O. S. A.] Manila, May 
4, 1605. A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. Begins "Serior, £n tiempo 
feliz ..." Ends "recibir tan gran mercedyamparo.", with dosing, 
date, and signatures of fourteen Augustinians. Vol. xiii, pp. 292-299. 

Dayila, Francisco (notary): — Testimonio dado a peticion de D. Luis 
Salinas de como habia Sangleyes en muchas casas de Sres. Manila, 
June 15, 1605. A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Begins "En la ciudad 
de manila ..." Ends "en testimonio de verdad", with signature. 
It is followed by notarial attestation of Davila's signature. Vol. xiii, 
pp. 285, 286. 

Tlie modem fonn of this author*s name would be Ftancis de A^ila. 

Digitized by 


1605. A. de I.; est. 68» caj. i, leg. 42. Begins ''Seiior. No obstante 

ser yo . . ." Ends "que agora se hace/', with closing, date, and 

signature. Vol. xiii» pp. 300-306. 

On the MS. an written the cmmmwifi of the CoundL 

Maldonado, Bernardino: — Caita de D. . . . castellano del castillo 

de manila dando cuenta del estado de aquella fortaleza. Manila, June 

24, 1604. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "seiior que conuiene 

como ..." Ends ''Real audiencia quando to Reziutere", with 

dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxxiv, pp. 439-449. 

The abofre title it the work ol an arehiTiat or go?enunent defk, and it dated Manila, 
June 11, 1605. A tranacript of thit MS. waa made for Eduardo NaTarro» O. S. A. 

RiBBRA Maldonado, Licbntiatb Antonio db: — Carta para S. M. del 

Licenciado . .; trata de los malos procedimientos del Gobemador; 

Expedicion a los Sangleyes, y de otras mateiias. Manila, June 28, 1605. 

A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Senor. En todas las ocasiones 

. . ." Ends "que se les ha hecho.", with closing, date, and signature. 

Vol. XIII, pp. y>7'3^5' 

Eduardo NaTano, O. S. A., owna a tranacript of thia MS. 
Madrid y Luna, Licentiate Manuel de (oidor): — [Letter to Felipe 
in.] Manila, July 5, 1605. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, 1^. 19. Begins 
" Senor = Por comission de esta R^ audien9ia ..." Ends 'Mos 
anos que hinieren.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xiv, pp. 

On the MS. are written a aynoptis of the letter, and the comment of the Council. 
: — Traslado de vna carta del Visitador general de la prouincia de 
chincheo en los reynos de china que vino este aiio de 1605 escrita a don 
Po de Acuiia g°^. y cap*^. general de las yslas filipinas y el titulo dize al 
gran cap'^ general de luzon. . . . China, 1605. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 
6» leg* 7- Begins "Por hauer sauido que los chinos . . ." Ends 
''que paga parias a china." Vol. xiii, pp. 287-291. 

In the margin is a note endcndj bj the tranalator. 

•Declaracion de un holandes llamado Juan que se hallo en la 

factoria de Tidore. Tidore, March 16, 1606. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 19. Begins "en el Puerto de tidore ..." Ends "y lo firmo 
de su n^" Vol. xiv, pp. 112-118. 

This is a notarial report, but bean no signature. 
MuNOZ DE Herrera, Pedro: — Testimonio de los navios de china que 
vinieron este aiio de 606 y de la gente que truxeron. Manila, July 4, 
1606. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Yo pedro munoz de 
herrera ..." Ends "En testimonio de verdad", with signature. 
Vol. xiv, pp. 189-191. 

rvj«MA£i&ny j^iv.&ntiAt& V/Iuoa\^0ai« ^uiuuiy;^~ v^aim uc i« nu- 

diencia. Manila, July 6, 1606. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Be- 
gins ''Senor « Por muerte de D^ pedro de acuiia . . . " Ends ''sads- 
faga tanta perdida '\ with closing, date, and signatures of three auditors, 
▼iz., "El lic<io telles de Alma^an; El lic<^ Andres de Alcaraz; El lic<^ 
Juo manuel de la vega." Vol. xiv, pp. 140-148. 

Diaz Guiral, Licentiate Rodrigo: — Carta sobre el alzamiento de los 
sangleyes, las encomiendas de yndios y otras cosas. Manila, July 9, 
1606. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins ''Seiior»= £1 ano passado 
..." Ends '^sufidente para salir del", with closing, date, and sig- 
nature. Vol. XIV, pp. 149-172. 

Prada, Andres de; and others. — [The Temate Expedition.] Madrid, 

August 5, and St. Lorenzo, August 15, 1606. A. de S.; secretaria de 

esudo; leg. 205. Begins "Seiior, En el Junta de Guerra ..." 

Ends "lo que en el pareciere", with closing, date, and signatures. Vol. 

XIV, pp. 173-181. 

This document contiits of the report of the Council of the Indies in regard to Acufia*s 
proposed Temate expedition (tent to the king, Aug. 5); an order signed ^El Duque^** 
and countersigned fay Prada, for the Council of State to examine the prerious report 
(dated, Aug. 15); and the report of the members of the Council of State, without date. 
In our transcript, the order of Aug. 15 is last, but it belongs after the report of the Coun- 
cil of the Indies, as published in this series. 

: — [Petition for grant to the Jesuit seminary in Leyte.] Madrid, 

January 18, 1607. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. I. Begins ''Seiior*> 
Los Religiosos de la Q>mp* de Jesus ..." Ends "lo que mas 
fiiese servido", with date and four rubrics. Vol. xiv, pp. 199, 200. 

BiBNBENGUD, Alonso db (artillery captain). — Memoria del artilleria que 
hay en el campo de Manila en 20 dejunio 1607. Manila, July 6, 1607. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Fuer^a de Santiago. Una 
media ..." Ends "firmada de mi n®", with date. Vol. xiv, pp. 

Caldierva de Mariaca, Pedro; and Ssaravia, Alonso Despi*: — Rela- 

cion de las rrentas y aprovechamientos que su mag tiene en estas jrslas 

Philipinas en cada un ano. August 18, 1608. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 

6»lcg-7- Begins ''Tributos de las encomiendas de su Magesud . . ." 

Ends "capitan general destas yslas", with date and signatures. Vol. 

XIV, pp. 243-269. 

There is a copy of this MS. in the British Museum; papdes tocantes a las Indias ocd- 
dentales j Philipinas Flotas y Galeones; jure emptionis; 13,992; fol. 597-604. 

Banal, Miguel (Filipino chief): — [Petition for redress.] Quiapo, July 

25, 1609. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 36. Begins "Senor^Los Alios 

Passados ..." Ends "que tubiere justicia.", with dosing, date, 

and signature. Vol. xiv, pp. 327-329. 

This MS. contains the comments of the Council. 

Digitized by 


YKGAy tAKTroR JUAN iviAivuEL Ds LA \%naoi}: — x^ciscion ac la noacui que 
M tiene de la provincia de Tuy y el discuno que tuvieron los que fiieron a 
descubrirla y lo que cada uno y estado en que ae dejo el didio descu- 
brimientOy etc. Passi^ July 3, 1609. A. de I.; est. 67* caj. 6, leg. 7. 
Begins "Guido de lava^ares. Siendo gobernador . . ." Ends 
''estar miliundo en esta joniada."» with signature. Vol. xtv, pp. 

A oompilatioo ol the Tuiout fipfditioni nude to T^ by the Spaniardt; and 'wmotM 
meaauns taken by the gofcnunent in regard to them. 

Anunciacion, Diboo db la, Rbcollbct; and others: — [Petition of the 
Recollects.] Manila, June 30, 1610. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 43. 
Begins "S. C. R. M.»en confbrmidad de dertos Recaudos ..." 
Ends "Dios sea siempre con v. Al*.", with closing, date, and signatures of 
four Recollects as follows: "fray di<* de la anunciacion p^; fr. Andres del 
sp.<* s^; fr. Fran^ de la m® de dios; frai pedro de san Joseph;" each with 
its rubric. Vol. xyii, pp. 85-88. 

Fort, Baltasar, O. P.; and others: — [Dominicans request suppression of 
the Audiencia.] Manila, June 30, 1610. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 


In two parts, at foUowt: L Algunot Rdigjotoa de la arden de s^ domingo dken que 
no le cumplen las cedulas de su mag^. 7 lo mal que pirocede el fiscal de aquella audi^. 7 
enuian m memorial de lo que se les ofme p^ que no a7a audi^. en aquellas islas. Begine 
**scfiop-*la orden de s^^ domingo . . .** Ends **de sus esudos de Tfa A<ag<l.**, with 
date and signatures of three Dominicans as follows; ^fr. baltasar fort p<^. p^l; fir. Ftan^. 
mifiaTO p*"" de s^ domingo de manila; fr. beinardo de s^ cat* comiB<> del s^ offo.**^ each 
with its rubric Vol. xvii, pp. 89-93. ^ Memorial para que su mag<l vea oomo no 
ccmuienr a7a Audiencia en la ciudad de Manila. Begins ^ los inoonuenicnteos que se siguca 
. . .** Ends *'estar su mag<>. tan lejos.** Ut supra, pp. 94-99. 

Fort, Baltasar, O. P. : — Memoria de las casas y doctrinas que la orden de 
8^ domingo tiene en estas jrslas philipinas. [Manila, i6ia ?] A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. Begins "Tiene Un convento ..." Ends 
"el dayfo con dos sacerdotes." Vol. xvii, pp. 210-212. 

Lopez, Grbgorio, S. J. .^—[Relation of 1609-10.] Manila, July i, 1610. 
. Aycr Collection. See post^ "Arco, Ventura del," i, no. 5. Vol. xvii, 
pp. 100-143- 

[Status of the Jesuits in the Philippines.] [Manila, 1612 ?] A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. Begins "£n esta provin* de la comp* de Jesus 
. . .." Ends "de V. A. con gracia y justicia,", with signature. Vou 
XVII, pp. 200-209. 

SiLYA, Juan db: — [Letter to Felipe IIL] Cavitc, September 5, 1610. 
A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. Begins "Scnor«£n la capitana San 
Juan bautista ..." Ends "de la nueva espana provea.", with clos- 
ing, date, and signature. Vol. xvii, pp. 144-150. 

: — Nomina de los conventos y ministerios de la orden de nfo padre 

o. /\u^s»ii en csuiB 1 siitB niiiipuias y lus rcugiusus y miaiscros (]uc son 

necetarios para ellos. [Manila, 1612 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 
Begins '* Pueblos de espanoles. '• . ." Ends ''mil quatrocientos de 
confesion", with statistics. Vol. xvii, pp. 189-200. 

L18BOA, Marcos de, O. S. F.: — [Status of the Franciscans in the Philip- 
pines.] [ManOa, 1612?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. Begins 
"Muy P"*^ Senor»Siendome mandado ..." Ends "ocupados en 
la conversion y hospitalidad.", with signature. Vol. xvii, pp. 209, 210. 

S0111A9 Domingo db, O. P.: — [Letter from the bishop of Nueva Segovia, in 
regard to various matters concerning the Dominican order.] Manila, 
August 15, 1613. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. Begins *' jesus tengo 
por cierto ..." Ends " de su divina gracia", with date, and signature, 
"El obispo de la nueba segobia." Vol. xvii, pp. 233-236. 

Lbdbsma, Valbrio, S. J.: — [Abstract of a letter from the provincial of die 
Society of Jesus, to the King, informing him of the condition of the Fili- 
pinas Islands.] Manila, August 20, 1616. Ayer Q>llection. See fost^ 
"Arco, Ventura del," i, no. 8. Vol. xvii, pp. 249, 250. 

[Letter concerning die Portuguese and Spanish expeditions against 
the Dutch.] [Manila, 1616 X\ Ayer Collection. See post^ "Arco, Ventura 
del," i, no. 7 (see also vol. lii, errata). Vol. xvii, pp. 251-261. 

Onbz, Juan; and others: — [Grant to seminary of Sanu Potenciana.] 
Manila, 1617-1619. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 38. 

Condftt of ▼ariout parti as foUowt: I. [Statement and petition by Juan Oilez.] 
J11I7 15,1617. Begins"* En dcollegiodenifiat . . /* Ends ^lasaluddeVmg<l*\ with 
docing, date, and signatuxe. Vol. zviu, pp. 1S1-1S4. II. [Petition bj Diego de Castro, 
O. S. F.] He asks for a cop7 d a grant to the seminary by Silva, which is ordered made 
August 3, 161 7. The copy d the decree or concession which follows, dated Manila, Dec 11, 
1610, was grfcn Castro, under date of August 17, 1617. Ut ntproj pp. 1S4-1S6. UL 
[A letter sent to the Council in Spain.] It asks confirmation d Silva^s grant, which is 
endorsed by the Council under date of September 9, 1619. This is followed by the fiscal*s 
sutemcnt, dated Madrid, September 10^ 1619, and by the romment of the Council, dated 
November 23, 1619. XJt supra^ pp. 1S6-288. 

Alcaraz, Licbntiatb Andres de. — [Letter to Felipe III.] Manila, 
August 10, 1617. A. de I.; Audiencia de Mexico; espediente sobre el 
apresto de la armada que salio de Nueva Espana para las islas Filipinas; 
alios 1612 a 161 7; est. 96, caj. i, leg. 22. Begins "Senor=Lospliegos 
que van . . ." Ends ''testimonio que va con esta", with date and 
signature. Vol. xviii, pp. 31-56. 

On the margin is written the comment, evidently of the Council. 

: — Del comercio entre Macao, Felipinas, Japon, y nueua Espana, e 

Yndia oriental. [Madrid, 1617 ?] R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; 
tomo 185, n°. 19. Begins "Cierto es que ..." Ends "lo que V. 
mag^. ticnc dellos.*' Vol. xviii, pp. 57-64. 

: — Relacion de lo que ha sucedido en las islas filipinas desde el mes 

Digitized by 


oe pinio oe 017 atca ei presence ae 015. [Mauuia» ioi9 rj k. a. de la tl.; 
papeles de lot Jesuitas; como 84, n^. 7. Begiiis ''El aiio pasado auise 
. . ." Ends ''7 assi ae quedo." Vol. xvin» pp. 65-92. 

A trantoipt of this documeBt ezbti votmg the Ycntiin dd Areo MSS. (ace ar smfr^ 
pp. 67, 68, note 9, ind ^Jt, **Ventura dcL Aico*7> 

- (Description of the Philippinas Islands.] Manila, 1618. R. A. 

de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 84, n°. 22. Begins ''La gouer- 
nacion de las jrslas ..." Ends "p* Dar al Gobemador D. P>. de 
Biuero." Vol. xtiii, pp. 93-106. 

[Hbrbdia, Pedro db]: — Relacion de las fattorias y puestos con giiami- 
Clones de Ynfanteria y Aitelleria que el enemigo HoUandes dene en las 
Yslas Orientales. [Manila, 1618?] R. A. de la H.; papeles de los 
Jesuitas; tomo 185, n^. 34. Begins "Yten Destas fatorias ..." 
Ends "de don Jeronimo de Silua." Vou xviii, pp. 107-111 (see p. iii, 
note 29). 

: — Memoria para dar cuenta al Consejo de Yndias sobre el hospital 

de Manila y numero de hospitales que habia en Filipinas. [Manila], 
1618. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "Memoria p* su s* el s'. 
don femando canillo ..." Ends "al cogedor de las gallinas.", 
with statistics. Vol. xyni, pp. 112-115. 

The BIS. contaiiu the fnmmfin i ol the Council, under date ol November 16, 1618. 

Faxaboo (Fajardo) db Tbn^a (Tenza), Alonso (governor).' — [Letter to 
Felipe III.] Cavite, August 10, 1618. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 
Begins "Seiior^Aviendo partido del puerto. . ." Ends "sin darle 

f^ lugar a la defensa.", with signature (in postscript). Vol. xyiii, pp. 116- 

Aocompaimng this MS. are the foUowing documents: L [Letter from Manuel Ri- 
bcyra, S. J.] Cavite, Aug. 10^ 1618. Be^ ^P6r aver Uegado . . .^^ Ends ^de 
V. S^. se aumentara**, with dosing, date» and signature. C/ic sar^tf, pp. 137-140. IL Co- 
pia de una caita que escribio Lucas de Vergara gaTiria gobemador de tenenate. Tidore, 
June 30, 1618. Begins *^£n ooce deste deipache . . .** Ends **que avisara V. S^**, 
with dosing, date, and signature. Us tufra, pp. 140-146. IIL [Letter from the long 
ofTidore.] TidoreyMayi?, 1617. Begins ^'Porabcrcntendido . . .** Ends^^ofrece 
otra cosa mas**, with dosing and date. It is followed bj notarial attestation of the aocu- 
racj of the copj and notarial attestation of Mufioz de Heirera*s signature. Ut iufrOf pp. 

[Letter to Felipe III.] Manila, August 10, 1619. A. de I.; est. 67, 

caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "Seiior. En las naos ..." Ends "como 

devo y soy obligado.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xviii, 

pp. 247-279- 

This letter is accompanied by a statement of the pilot Pedro Miguel, dUu Dubai, con- 
cerning the routes between Spain and the orient, dated August 3, 1619. C^f tufra, pp. 

[Letter to Felipe III.] Manila, August 15, 1620. A. de L; est. 67, 

caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "SeiiorBestando con el cujrdado ..." Ends 

"que se ha de mejorar para todo" (in postscriptX widi signature. Vol. 
XIX, pp. 90-172. 

Tliere are marginil notes of the Coundi in regard to the Tariout points of the letter, and 
also -written on the MS^ three notes to special points. The MS. is worn in places. 

[Letter to the king.] Manila, July 31, 1621. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 7. Begins "Senor=Aunque oy hasta 19 de Junio ..." Ends 
''que mereciere cada uno.'\ with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xx, 

PP- 44-75- 

The comments of the OiuncU are written on the marg^ls of the MS. 

[Letter to the king.] Manila, December 10, 1621. A. de L; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "Senor=£n los navios ..." Ends "favor 
divino no espero mal sub9eso" (in postscript), with signature. Vol. xx, 
pp. 127-155. 

Capitulo de carta de D. . . que trata de las minas de los Ygolotes. 
Manila, August 17, 1623. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "la 
ez^. de tomar ..." Ends "nunca an arrastrado", followed by 
signature of transcriber, " Ju^ Bap*, de Vberoaga". Vol. xx, p. 258, 

The MS. bean on the margin the comment of the Council, dated Oct. 5, 1614. 

RiBBRA, Joan db, S. J.: — [Filipinas menaced by Dutch.] Manila, De- 
cember 20, 1618. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. Begins "Por en- 
tender que sera servicio . . ." Ends "en la honra del mesmo senor"^ 
with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xviii, pp. 161-165. 

PiNBDA, Captain Sebastian db. — Reladon hecha por el . . en cosas 
tocantes a las yslas filipinas ansi de fabricas de galeones pataches y galeras 
y otros pertrechos como de cosas tocantes a la guarda y conserbacion 
de las dichas jrslas. [Mexico, 1619 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 38. 
Begins "seiior«Ay en aquellas yslas ..." Ends "tres cubiertas 
y alca9ar y casdllo." Vol. xviii, pp. 169-188 (see p. 69, note 37). 

OTA90, Francisco db, S. J.: — Carta al P. Alonso de Escovar, sobre la 
perdida de nuestra armada, Bc\ Madrid, January 14, 1620. R. A. de 
la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 129, n^ 153. Begins "Pax xpi. 
&•. Al p^ figueroa ..." Ends "y grande ayuda en el P®.", with 
date and signature. Vol. xix, pp. 35-39. 

: — Relacion de lo sucedido en las Yslas Philipinas y otras prouin- 

cias y reinos circunuecinos desde el Julio de 1618 hasta el presente de 
1619. Manila, July 12, 1619. R. A. de la H.; tomo 112, n^ 55. Be- 
gins " Por estar estas islas ..." Ends "y dio esus nuebas.", with 
date. Vol. xviii, pp. 204-234. 

There is alto a relation for the tame years in the same collection, tomo 84, n^m. 8. 
It consists of 21 pp. and is badly dilapidated. 

: — Relacion de lo sucedido en las Yslas Philipinas y otras Prou^M. 

Digitized by 


7 Keynoi comarcanot aesae ei met ae juiio at 1019 atta ei ae lozo. 
Manila, June 14, 1620. R. A. de la H.; papelet de lot Jesuicas; tomo 
112, n^ 55. Begins "For el mesmo esdlo, y orden ..." Ends 
"mucho me encomiendo.*^ with date. Vou xix, pp. 42-70. 

This It • ooapilatioo probaUf by the prorindAl •( Manila, from Taiiout minaoDarj 

San Pablo, Pedro db, O. S. F..^^ Adnitio qve invia A sa mag^. Fr. P> 
de sant Pablo Pcedicador y ministro Piouincial de la Proa*, de s^ Gre|^ 
. . : Para el aumento y consenudon De los dhos esudos De su mages- 
tad en Ra^on de las fabricas derramas y repartimientos para el seniido 
de stt magesud. Dilao, August 7, 1620. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 38. 
Begins ''Los indios naturales De las yslas . . .'' Ends "todo no se 
perdiese", with date, dosing, and signature. Vol. xix, pp. 71-76. 

San Pablo, Pbdro de, O. S. F.; and others: — [Affairs in the Frandacan 
province.] Manila, July 20, 1620. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 38. 

This ACS. contiats of two paita, u foOowa: L (Statanent by San Pablo.] Be^giBa 
**Scta-fr.Ftaliode8«pabio . . r Enda ^a U aeniio de U diuj^. magd. 7 de la Tra*\ 
wA doaiii^ date, and aignatuie. Vol. zz, pp. 115-iao. n. [Statement bj tbe Domini- 
can provincial and dcfiniton.] Bcgina **E1 Firoainciai 7 diffinidnrei . . .** Enda 
**de V. Bi. No aomoa maa largoa.^, witk doain^ date, and aignatuiea of San Pablo and 
four other Firandacana. Vol. xz, pp. iao-121. 

[Affairs of Frandscan province.] Manila, 162 1. A. de I.; est. 68, 

caj. I, leg. 38. Begins ^'Senor^ El Prouindal y deflinidores de la prouin- 

da . . ." Ends "bien a estas nueuas plantas'', with dosing, date, 

and signatures "ffr. P* de s. pablo; Mnro p*^; fr. augusdn de tordesillas; 

fr. Andres del Sacraunento; fr. antonio de nombrela; fr. xpoval de s^* 

Ana." Vol. xx, pp. 123-126. 

Lbgaspi db Chbvbrria, Hieronimo; and others.^ — [Letter from the Au- 
diencia to Felipe III.] Manila, August 8, 1620. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 20. Begins ''Senor^Por fin dd ano passado . . .'* Ends 
"hecho como dd modo.", with dosing, date, and signatures "El lic^. 
Hier"^ legaspi de cheuerria; Lie**** Don alu*» messa y lugo; d D**. D. 
Ant*> Pi8*» de Villegas (each one with rubric). Vol. xix, pp. 77-89. 

Roman, Alonso, S. J.: — Nueuas de la Prouj* de Filipinas. Manila, 
[July ?], 1621. R. A. de la H.; papdes de los Jesuitas; tomo 87, n**. 48. 
Begins "Por las caitas de Japon ..." Ends "Comu^ique V. R. 
esta al H** Ju** de Alcazar.", with signature. Vol. xx, pp. 25-39. 

Garcia Sbrrano, Miguel, O. S. A.: — Estado dd Ar^bispado de Manila 
tocante a las cosas de gobiemo edesiasdco y seglar. Manila, July 30, 
1621. A. de L; est. 68, caj. l, leg. 32. Begins "Seiior» Aunque escribo 
..." Ends "Real consejo de V. Mag**.", with dosing, date, and 
signature. Vol. xx, pp. 76-100. 

On the margins of the letter are written the commentt of the Council. Bncloted with 
the letter is the following (mentioned in the letter): Traalado . . de la Bula en que su 

puede tntladar 6 antidpar la fiesta del corpus chrisri otro dia mas comodo j de otros gra- 
das 7 pmilegios. Rome, XV, Kalends of July, 1537. Begins ^^Antonius miseratione 
. . .** Ends ^^contrarijs quibuscumque.**, with date. A notarial attesution, dated 
Manila, Julj 31, 1621, of the accuracy of the above bull, completes the MS. 

[Letter to the king.] Manila, July 31, 1622. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, 

leg. 32. Begins "SeiiorBCumpliendo lo que . . ." Ends "nueva 

orden de V Mg^", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xx, pp. 


This letter embodies the contents of a letter written to the king by the archbishop, in 
August, 1 621. 

[Extract from a letter to Felipe IV.] Manila, August 15, 1624. A. de 
I.; est. 68, caj. I, leg. 32. Begins ''La principal razon . . .*' Ends 
"en estas Islas." Vol. xxi, pp. 95-97. 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] Manila, July 25, 1625. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 
I9 1^* 32* Begins ''en todos los despachos ..." Ends "seruido 
fuere", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xxii, pp. 45-49. 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] July 25, 1626. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 
Begins "senor En los nauios ..." Ends "en esta a V. Mag^.", 
with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxii, pp. 83-92. 

.* — [Death of Dona Catalina Zambrano.] Manila, July, 162 1. 

Ayer Collection. See fosty "Arco, Ventura del," i, no. 16. Vol. xx, 

pp. 40-43- 
Silva» Hibronimo db (governor): — [Letter to the king.] Manila, August 

I, 1621. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. Begins "Seiior » Auiendo 

hecho espadficada ..." Ends "el gouemador a V. Mag^.", with 

dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xx, pp. 106-114. 
Mbssa y Lugo, Alvaro; and others: — [Letters to the king.] Manila, 

1 62 1, 1622. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 

There are three letters in this MS., u follows: I. Sobre pretensiones del Aryobpo 
de aqueUu yslu. August 14, i6iv Begins ^^sefiorasel arcobispo de estu jslas 
. . .** Ends ^el dho stipendio."^, with dosing, date, and signatures: **^o, Don AIto. 
messa jlugo; and l<^o doo ju^'desaauednValderrama.*^ Thb is foUowed by a postscript 
to whidi is attadied the signature d Alonso Fajardo de Tenza. It might be more accur- 
ate to speak of this letter as from the Audienda. Vol. xz, pp. 224, 115. EL [Letter 
from Messa j Lugo.] July to, 1611. Begins ^*sefior»las que seran con esta . . .** 
Ends ^^para seruir a t. mag^ en ella**, wiSi dosing, date, and signature of Messa j Lugo 
alone. Us suprof pp. 214-223. IIL [Letter from Messa j Luco.] [1621.] Begins 
**sefior*Luego que llegue a esta tierra . . .** Ends ^V.magC provera etc**, with 
signature. This letter is a copy nude in 1622, of his letter of 1621 (see us xuproj p. i^ 
note 24). Vt sMfrOf pp. 1 59-214. 

Traslado del Auto y Provicion R^ que se publico revocando: La merced 
q se hifo al collegio seminario de los xapones del estanco del buyo bonga 
y tabaco y del pasaje al puerto de Cavite. Manila, July 23-August 5, 
1624. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

Consists of ▼arious parts, u follows: L [Act by the Audienda.] July 23. Begins 
**En la dudad de Manila. . .** Ends **ansi lo proreyeron, Mandaron y firmaron**, 
followed by the signatures ^Doctor Don AlTaro de messa y lugo; Licen<lo. Don juan de 

Digitized by 


or tecreuiy. In thif it intoted • rajral decree aent tj Felipe III to the gofemor, under 
date ol Madrid, BCarch 6» 1608. Vol. xzi, pp. 84^1. IL [Tfae decree imied faj the 
Audkncia.) Julj 34. Begau ^Doo Flielipe per U grade . . /* Enda ^para que 
Vcnga • notigiaa de todaa*\ irith datc^ and atgnatiuea of same officiala. Following 
dua are the notice of the copying and rcgiatering of the decree; the notice of itaprodanin- 
tioo, Jvky h; luid the notanal atteatation of the accuncj of the foregoing, dated Angnat 5. 
Ut supra, pp. 91-94. 

Fbupb rV^- [Real cedula] Al Provincial de la Orden de Santo Domingo 

de las Yslas Philipinas, llame a los Religiosos de su Orden y les repre- 

henda de sua detordenet amonestandoles que solo traten de su Religion 

y conversion de las almas sin meterse en cosas de gobiemo ni en otra 

cosa que no sea tocante a su Orden. Madrid, December 31, 1622. A. 

de L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey Benerable y devoto 

Padre . . ." Ends "hideredes me acusareis:", with royal signature 

and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xx, pp. 249, 250. 

[Real cedula] Al Arzobispo de Manila que guarde la cedula arriba 
jmserta para que los Religiosos que tuvieren doctrinas sean examinados 
en la lengua de los yndios. Madrid, December 31, 1622. A. de I.; est. 
105, caj. 2, leg. I. Begins "El Rey Muy Reverendo in Cristo ..." 
Ends "se hiciere me abisareis", with royal signature, and countersignature 
of royal secretary. Vol. xx, pp. 250-253. 

PLetter to Fajardo de Tenza.] Madrid, October 9, 1623. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 40, fol. 7 verso, n°. 15. Begins "El Rey: D. 
Alonso Faxardo de Tenza, . ." Ends "satisfacer a ellos.", with 
royal signature and countersignature. Vol. xx, pp. 257-259. 

[Real cedula] Para que se cumplan y guarden las cedulas arriba tn- 
sertas sobre que los doctrineros de las Yslas Filipinas no tengan carceles 
ni prisiones ni condenen si no fuere aquellos que tuvieren comission del 
Arzobispo ni pongan otros Fiscales que los que el les senalare sin em- 
bargo de las Cedulas que se dieron para que no inovase en la costumbre 
que habia en el nombramiento de los dichos Fiscales. Madrid, August 
30, 1624. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey: Por quanto 
habiendo sido informado ..." Ends "yo lo tengo asi por bien'*^ 
with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. 

In thia decree ia inaeited a decree acat to Juan de SilTa, under date of Madrid, May 6, 
1614, in whkh in turn u inaerted a decree aent to O. Ftaei Daamarifiaa, under date of 
Madrid, June II, 1594. 

[Letter to the archbishop.] Madrid, October 8, 1624. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 40, fol. 26 verso, n^*. 38. Begins "El Rey: 
Muy Rev. in Christo ..." Ends "y no se ofrece que sadsfaceros.'', 
with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxi^ 
pp. 103-105. 
[Real cedula] Al Padre General de la Orden de Santo Domingo ponga 

remedio en los excesos que los religiosos de ella que tienen doctrina en 
Philipinas hacen con los Yndios en los casdgos. Madrid, November 
Xjy 1624. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i, libro 3, fol. 59 ver80-6o verso. 
Begins "Don Phelipe por la gracia de Dios» . ." Ends "pareciere 
mas eficaz:", with royal signature and countersignature of rojral secretary. 
Vol. xxi, pp. 105, 106. 

[Real cedula] Al Gobemador de Filipinas que vea y provea lo que con- 
venga en razon del beneficio de las minas de los ygolotes. Madrid, No- 
vember 2i» 1625. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2» leg. i. Begins "El Rey 
Don Juan Nino de Tavora ..." Ends "mi Real Hacienda:", with 
date and royal signature and countersignature of rojral secretary. 

[Real cedula] Al Gobemador de Philipinas llame al Provincial de los 
Agustinos y haga se casdgue cierto Religiosso doctrinero por excesso 
que ha hecho, y que procure que los que estubieren culpados no sean ad- 
middos en Doctrina. Madrid, June 19, 1626. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, 
leg. I. Begins "El Rey Don Juan Nino de Tavora ..." Ends 
"lo que se hiciere:", with date and royal signature, and countersignature 
of the royal secretary. Vol. xxii, pp. 112, 113. 

Tlicre it abo a copy ol this decree in A. de L; est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 14. 

[Rojral decree concerning the courts of the alcaldes-in-ordinaiy.] June 
19, 1626. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 185. Begins "El 
Rey» Presidente, . . Martin Castano, . ." Ends "hacer las 
dichas Almonedas.", with royal signature, and countersignature of the 
royal secretary " Fernando Ruiz de Contreras." Vol. xxii, pp. 1 13, 1 14. 

[Decree regaFding the hospitals.] Madrid, October 1 6, 1 626. A. H. N. ; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 32, fol. 16, n^ 13. Begins "El Rey»Don Juan 
Nino de Tabora ..." Ends "me servireis:", with royal signature 
and countersignature of royal secreury. Vol. xxii, pp. 114, 115. 

[Order regarding Recollect MS.] Madrid, May 17, 1627. A. de I.; 
Indiferente general; registros; libros generalisimos de reales ordenes 
nombramientos, gracias &.; aiios 1623 ^ '^57> ^^- I39» ^j- >> ^^g* I5* 
Begins "El Rey En el Consejo ..." Ends "lo que convenga.", 
with dosing, date, and signature of royal secretary; followed by post- 
script. Vol. XXI, pp. 116, 117, note 29 (in part). 

[Real cedula] A la Audiencia de Manila remitiendole copia de una carta 
que escribio a Vuestra Magestad Don Francisco Caravajal Campo frio 
sobre el exceso que contra el cometieron ciertos Religiossos de San 
Agustin para que siendo cierta la relacion que hace, provea de Jusricia. 
Madrid, May 21, 1627. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Be^ns "D 
Rey Presidente y Oidores . . ." Ends "de la dicha Religion;", 

Digitized by 


with date and royal signature, and countenignature of royal tecretary. 
Vol. XXII, pp. i6o, i6i. 

[Letter to Juan Niiio de Tavora.] Madrid, September 3, 1627. A. 
H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 40, M. 56 veno, n^. 69. Begins ''El 
Rey: d^. JUan Niiio de Tavora, . /' Ends ''mitad del sueldo.", 
with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretaiy. Vol. xxii, 
pp. 146-150. 

[Decree regarding the Chinese.] September 10, 1627. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 187, n^ 174. Begins ''El Rey>*Don 
Juan Nino de Tavora . . .'* Ends "lo que convenga.", with royal 
signature and countersignature of royal secretaiy. Vol. xxn, pp. 164- 

[Decree regarding die Chinese.] Madrid, November 19, 1627. A. 
H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 186 verso, n^. 173. Begins "El 
Rey.^Por quanto Fr. Melchor Manzano ..." Ends "esto esta 
dada.", with rojral signature and countersignature of royal secretary. 
Vol. XXII, pp. 166, 167. 

[Decree regarding the Chinese.] Madrid, June 8, 1628. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 188 verso, n^ 175. Begins "El Rey»D. 
Juan Nino de Tavora, . ." Ends "que en esto pusieredes.", with 
royal signature and countersignature of royal secretaiy. Vol. xxii, pp. 
287, 288. 

[Decree regarding the Chinese.] Madrid, August 17, 1628. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 189 verso, n^. 176. Begins "El Rey« 
Presidente, y Oidores ..." Ends "de haverlo echo.", with royal 
signature and countersignature of royal secretaiy. Vol. xxii, pp. 288-290. 

[Decree regarding the Chinese.] March 27, 1629. A. H. N.; Cedu- 
lario indico; tomo 39, fol. 190 verso, n*^. 177. Begins "El Re]r»Don 
Juan Niiio de Tavora ..." Ends "que le pareciere.", with royal 
signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxii, pp. 290- 

[Letter to Niiio de Tavora.] Madrid, December 4, 1630. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 40, fol. 71 verso, n^. 81. Begins "El Rey: d*^. 
Juan Nino de Tavora, . ." Ends "en esta parte.", with royal signa- 
ture and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxiv, pp. 183, 184. 

[Real cedula] Al Gobemador de Philipinas junte las personas mas 
platicas en fabricas y navegacion de aquella Ciudad y conforme les 
pareciese se haga la fabrica de navios. Madrid, December 14, 1630. A. 
de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Don Juan Niiio de 
Tavora ..." Ends "de lo que resolvieredes.", with date, roy^l 

fBLiPB iV; eonttnuid — 
tignaturey and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxiv^ pp. 184, 

[Letter to the Manila Audienda.] Madrid^ December 31 » 1630. 
A. H. N.; (}edulario indico; tomo 40, fol. 76 verso, n^. 89. Begins ''£1 
Rey: Oidores de mi Audiencia Real . . .'V Ends "responder a 
eUos.", with rojral signature and countersignature of royal secretary. 
Vol, xxrv, pp. 185-187. 

[Letter to Juan Nino de Tavora.] Madrid, January 27, 1632. A. 
H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 40, fol. 86 verso, n^. 99. Begins *'E1 
Rey: D^. Juan Nino de Tavora ..." Ends "tan justificadas.", 
with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxrv, 
pp. 192-194. 

[Real cedula] Al Gobemador de Philipinas no consienta que entre en 
aquellas Islas ningunos de los derigos que de la India Oriental fuera a 
ellas ni los admita a exercido alguno. Madrid, March 26, 1632. A. 
de L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i. Begins "El Rey. Don Juan Nino de 
Tavora ..." Ends "assi es mi voluntad", with date and royal 
signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxiv, pp. 

194, 195- 

[Order to the dty of Manila regarding the Mexican trade.] Madrid, 
March 25, 1633. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 31, fol. 145 verso, 
n^. 147. Begins "El Rey: Concejo, Justida, y Regimiento ..." 
Ends "en esta razon", with royal signature and countersignature of royal 
secretary. Vol. xxiv, pp. 195, 196. 

[Decree concerning seamen and sailors.] Madrid, September 30, 1633. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 209, n^. 198. Begins "El 
Rey* Marques de Cerralvo ..." Ends "que fuere justo.", with 
rojral signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxv, pp. 

38* 39- 

[Decree concerning shipments.] Madrid, March 10, 1634. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 196 verso, n^. 185. Begins "El Rey.» 
Mi Govemador ..." Ends "lugar a lo contrario.", with royal 
signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxv, pp. 39, 40. 

[Decree regarding sailors and soldiers.] Madrid, March 10, 1634. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 197 yerso, n^. 186. Begins 
"El Rey* Marques de Cerralvo ..." Ends "mandado en esta 
razon.", with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. 
Vol. xxv, p. 41. 

[Decree regarding communal funds of Manila.] Madrid, September 9, 
1634. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 201 verso, n^. 191. 

Digitized by 


coTKi Tiwra - 

Bcgiiis "£1 Rey^Don Sebastian Hurtado de Coicaera» . ." Ends 
"hidera esta novedad/'y with rojral signature and countersignature of 
royal secreury. Vol. xxv, pp. 41-43. 

[Decree regarding commerce and trade.] Madrid, November 10, 
1634. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 203 verso, n*^. 194. 
Begins "El Rey- Presidente, y Oidores . . .*' Ends ''hireis dando 
cuenta.*', with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. 
Vol. XXV, pp. 43, 44. 

[Three decrees concerning the Portuguese trade at Manila.] Ma- 
drid, November 10, 1634. A. dc I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 41. Vol. xxv, 

PP- 131-135- 

L Addrened to the president and auditon ol the Audienda ol Blanila. Beginf **EI 
Rcj^Prendente j oidares de mi Audienda Real . . .** Ends **nie ireis dando 
qiienta*\ with date, and denatures. IL Addressed to the fiscal, and ol like tenor to the 
first. B^ins **Don Juan de Quesada Titado j mendnya fiscal de mi audiencia xval 
. . .** Ends ^'entendido en d did&o mi consejo**, with date and signatures. IIL Ad- 
dressed to the lojal officials. Begins ^El Re7**(>6ciales de mi real hazienda . . .** 
Ends ** se f uere hadendo me adsareis.**, with date and dgnatures. Fonns a pan of p«pcn 
presented with a printed memorial hy Gnu 7 Monfalcon (1635 f). See ^Navada AItb^ 
ndo, Joseph de;^ ^and **Gnu j Monfalcon, Juan.** 

[Decree concerning Japan.] Madrid, February 16, 1635. ^' H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 213 verso, n^. 202. Begins ''El Rey.^ 
Don Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera . . .'' Ends "se ha acostum- 
brado.", with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. 
Vol. xxv, pp. 44, 45. 

[Decree sent to the Audiencia.] Madrid, February 16, 1635. A. H. N. ; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 214, n^. 203. Begins "El Rey» Oidores 
de mi Real Audiencia ..." Ends "se hizo esta bien.", with royal 
signature and countersignature of rojral secretary. Vol. xxv, pp. 45, 46. 

[Decree regarding reenforcements for Temate.] Madrid, November 
5$ 1635. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 217 verso, n**. 207. 
Begins "El Rey.« Don Sebasrian Hurtado de Corcuera ..." Ends 
"me ireis dando cuenta.", with royal signature, and countersignature of 
royal secreury. Vol. xxv, pp. 46, 47. 

[Decree extending the tenure of encomiendas.] Madrid, February 
I, 1636. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 32, fol. 276 verso, n®. 220 
Begins "El Rey: Don AlbarodeQuifiones ..." Ends "limitacioo 
de dempo.", with royzl signature and signature of royal secretary. Vol. 
xxv, pp. I45-I47- 

[Real cedula] A la du^. de Manila encargandole procure dar sausfacion 
conforme le pareciere a Don juan Grau y Monfalcon Procurador g^. de 
ella por lo que trauaja en la expedicion de sus negocios y gastos que hace 
en ellos. Madrid, August 14, 1636. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 12. 

Felipe IV; continuid — 

Begins " El Rcy — Consejo justicia y regimiento ..." Ends "cs mi 
volunud *\ with date and royal signature, and countersignature of royal 
secreuiy. Vol. xxvii, pp. 45-47. 

[Letter to HurudodeCorcuera.] Madrid, October 11, 1636. A.H.N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 219 verso, n^. 210. Begins "EI Rey» 
D. Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera, . ." Ends "responder a ellos.", 
with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxyii, 
pp. 36-44. 

[Royal decree with orders to Hurtado de Corcuera.] Madrid, Novem- 
ber 6, 1636. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 226 verso. Be- 
gins "El Rey»Don Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera ..." Ends 
"en aquellas partes.", with royal signature and countersignature of 
royal secretary. Vol. xxvii, pp. 47-49. 

[Decree on Temate matters.] Madrid, November 6, 1636. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 225-. Begins "El Rey« Pedro de Here- 
dia . . ." Ends "cumplimiento de todo.", with rojral signature and 
countersignature of royal secreuiy. Vol. xxvii, pp. 50-52. 

[Decree regarding bishops.] Madrid, December 10, 1636. A. H. N.; 
Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 228, n^. 213. Begins "El Rey.»Don 
Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera . . ." Ends "servicio de Dios y 
mio.", with royal signature and countersignature of rojral secretary. Vol. 
«rv» PP- 336, 337. note 107. 

[Royal decree forbidding soldiers or sailors to become religious, until 
they have settled any debt owed to the rojral exchequer.] Madrid, 
December 23, 1637. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 2, lib. 4. Vol. xxv, 
pp. 212, 213, note 58. 

[Decree on removal of negroes from Manila.] Madrid, March 15, 
1638. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 235 verso, n^. 221. 
Begins " El Vity^ Don Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera ..." Ends 
** se hubiere de executer.", with royal signature and countersignature of 
royal secretaiy. Vol. xxix, pp. 102-104. 

[Royal decree regarding religious matters.] Madrid, September 2, 
1638. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 225 verso. Vol. xxvi, 
pp. 125, 126, note 21*. 

[Decree on the appointment of secular priests to missions.] Madrid, 
October 2, 1638. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 262. Begins 
"El Re]r>«Don Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera ..." Ends "asi 
es mi voluntad.", with rojral signature and countersignature of royal 
•ecretaiy. Vol. xxix, pp. 106, 107. 

[Decree on compensation to the nuns of St. Clare.] Madrid, October 

Digitized by 


rELiPH iv; commuta — 
2, 1638. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 267. Begins "El 
Re7»Don Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera ..." Ends "ast es mi 
yoluntad."^ with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. 
Vol. XXIX9 pp. 107-109. 

[Real cedula enviada] A la Audi* Real de Manila q®. sobre la orden 
que dio El Press** de ella a la Retora del colegio de santa Potenciana de 
aquella ciudad para que no reciuiese en el ninguna muger embiada por 
el Arcobispo ni por tu prouisor. Madrid, November 8, 1638. A. de I.; 
est. 105, caj. 2» leg. 12. Begins " El Rey-> Presidente y oydores ..." 
Ends "atendiendo a todas fines", with date and royzl signature, and 
countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxix, pp. 109, no. 

[Decree on jurisdiction over seamen.] Madrid, December 8, 1638. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 31, fol. 144 verso, n°. 146. Begins 
"El Rey: Don Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera ..." Ends "£ 
mi servicio.", with royal signature and countersignature of royal secie- 
taiy. Vol. xxix, pp. 112-113. 

[Decree on the lading of the galleons.] Madrid, December 8, 1638. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 7, fol. 352 verso, n^. 526. Begins 
"El Rey: Por Quanto Don Juan Grau ..." Ends "que assi es 
mi voluntad.", without any signatures. Vol. xxix, pp. 113-115. 
There ia abo a oopj ol this decree in A. de L; eiL 105, caj. %, leg. la. 

[Decree on missions in Mindanao.] Madrid, Februaiy 3, 1639. A. 
H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 276 verso, n^. 270. Begins ''El 
Re3r>BDon Sebasdan Hurudo de Corcuera ..." Ends 'Mo cum- 
plireis.", with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretaiy. 
Vol. xxix, p. 178. 

[Decree on behalf of Grau y Monfalcon.] Madrid, March 29, 1639. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 18, fol. 55, n^. 75. Begins "El Rey 
» Consejo, Jusricia, y Regimiento ..." Ends "asies mi voluntad", 
with royal signature and countersignature of royzi secretary. Vol. xxix, 
pp. 179-181. 

[Three royal decrees.] 1637-1639. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 2, 

lib. 4. 

L Fd. 33 Tcno. Pan que en lat ydu filipmai no puede entrar ningun toldado ni 
mazinero que lea deudor a la real hadenda en religion sin dar primero tatiifaccion de lo 
que ati debieren. Madrid, December 23, 1637. The tame at the decree lilted on p. 207, 
q.v. n. Fol. 122 Teno. A Don Dicgo Faxazdo . . avitandole de algunas ootaa 
tocantet a lot religiotot de la orden de San Ag;utdn que requieren remedio para que eit< 
adrertido j prerenga lo que oonircnga en confocmidad de lat otdenet j oedulat que aj 
tobre ello. Madrid, June 2, 1639. Thii it the tame decree at the one publithed in vol. 
zziz, pp. 181, 182 (f.o., with note in brackett 00 pp. 182, 183; alto below, p. 209). IIL 
Fd. 128 Terto. Al Tirej dela Nuera Etpafia procure por lat viaa potiUet enviar a filipinat 
todot lot afiot lot mat Tednot que pudicre que tean de calidad 7 partct. Madrid, October 
3,1639. B^ini**ElRe7i"MarquetdeCadere7ta . . .** Endt'^bientervidodevot.'** 


Felipe IV; continued — 

with royal ngniture, and coimteiiig;nature of royal secreUiy. Vol. zziz, pp. 190, 191. 

[Decree restraining the Augustinians.] Madrid, June 2, 1639. A. 
H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 281, n^. 276. Begins "£1 Rey 
»Don Diego Faxardo ..." Ends "ellas se dispone.", with royal 
signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxix, pp. 181, 
182. (See also, ut supra^ the matter in brackets, pp. 182, 183; and 
€tnte^ p. 208.) 

There is a copy of this decree in A. de L; ett. 68, caj. a, leg. 14. 

[Decree regarding ecclesiastical districts.] Madrid, July 8, 1639. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 31, fol. 142 verso, n^. 144. Begins 
'* El Rey » Don Diego Faxardo ..." Ends^'enlaprimeraocasion.", 
with royal signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. 
XXIX, pp. 183, 184. 

[Decree rebuking the bishop of Camarines.] Madrid, July 8, 1639. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39,' fol. 285 verso, n^. 284. Begins 
" El Rey» Reverendo in christo ..." Ends " de las apelaciones.", 
with royal signature and countersignature of royal secreuiy. Vol. 
XXIX, pp. 184, 185. 

[Decree to royal officials.] July 8, 1639. ^* H* ^•» Cedulario indico; 
tomo 39, fol. 285, n^. 283. Begins " El Rey» Oficiales de mi Real hacienda 
. . ." Ends "asi es mi voluntad.", with royal signature and counter- 
signature. Vol. XXIX, pp. 185, 186. 

[Decree on inspection at Acapulco.] Madrid, September 16, 1639. 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 2, fol. 315 verso, n^. 210. Begins 
"El Rey.B Marques de Cadereita ..." Ends "de las materias." 
Vol. XXIX, pp. 186-189. 

The ngnaturet ha^e been omitted in the Ctdularh indico, 
[The university of Santo Tomas.] Madrid, November 9, 1639. A. de 
I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 12. 

This MS. containt two docunaentt, both royal lettera. L A el embajador de Roma 
tupp^ a su I*, conceda breue para que d colegio de s^ tomas de Manila de la orden de Fkc- 
dicadores sea uniTertidad. Begins^ El Rct^^YI^ Marques de Castel Rodiigo . . .** 
Ends ^en ello me seniireis*\ with date and signature, and countenignature of the royal 
secretary. There is also a copy ol this letter in A. de I.; est. 68, caj. a, leg. 14. Vol. 
ZZIZ, pp. 175, 176. n. A su s*'. supplicandole cooceda Breue para que d coUegio de 
s^ tomas de Manila dd orden de Ptedicadores sea UniTcnidad. Begins **Muy sancto 
Padre . . .** Ends *^ singular grada de V. s*'.^, with dosing, date, and rubric Vt 
tupra, p. 177. 

[Decree giving directions to the archbishop.] Madrid, December 16, 
1639. ^* H* ^M Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 290 verso, n^. 292. 
Begins "El Rey»Mui Reverendo en Christo ..." Ends "ni 
gravamenes a los Yndios.", with royal signature and countersignature of 
royal secretary. Vol. xxix, pp. 191, 192. 

[Decree on oppressions of the natives.] Madrid, December 17, 1639. 

Digitized by 


r BLiPE 1 Y » conunuea — 
A. H. N.; Cedulario indtco; tomo 39^ foL 290. Begins "El Re^^ 
Pretidente y Oidores . . ." Ends "a lot Yndios.", with royal 
signature and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xxix, pp. 192, 


[Real cedula enviada] Al gouei^. de filipinas encargandole tenga 
cuidado de fauorecer los yn^ de la panpanga camarines y tagalos. Qara- 
go^a, October 24, 1642. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2» leg. 12. Begins 
"El Rey»Don Seuastian Hurtado de corcuera ..." Ends "aliui- 
arlos y honrrarios", with royzl signature and countersignature of royal 
•ecretaiy. Vol. xxxv, pp. 125-127. 

[Letter to Hurtado de Corcuera regarding aflFairs of government.] 
Zaragoza» August 4, 1643. ^^ ^' ^-» Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 
302» n*^. 303. Begins "El Rey.^D. Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera 
..." Ends "se haga novedad", with royzl signature and counter- 
signature of royal secretary. Vol. xxxv, pp. 163-166. 

[Royal decree ordering reinforcements for the islands.] Zaragoza» 
September 18, 1645. Ayer Collection. See port, "Arco, Ventura del," 
ii, no. 13. Vol. xxxy, pp. 196-198. 

[Carta] Al embajador de Roma suplique a su S^ conceda Breue para 
que El colegio de Sancto Thomas de Manila de la orden de Predicadores 
•ea Vniversidad. Madrid, December 20, 1644. M. B. de U.; 2780; 
24 — 4^; caja n^ 37. Begins "Conde de Siruela . • . ." Ends "en 
ello me Seruireis,", mth date and royal signature, and countersignature 
of royal secretary. Vol. xxxy, pp. 201-203. 

Thit MS. ooDtains raiioiit intcradng iMm added at ▼arioua timet (gjo^ ut iuprd^ pp. 

[Royal decree regarding missionaries.] Madrid, September 17, 1647. 
A. de I.; est. 69, caj. i, leg. 30. Vol. xxxv, pp. 276, 277. 
QuiRANTB, Alonso Martin: — Relacion del descubrimiento de las minas 
y Pacificacion de los yglotes en la Prov* De Pangasinan. Alingajren, 
December 22, 1623-May 31, 1624. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 16, leg. 30. 
Begins "Relacion del Viage y entrada ..." Ends "frutocomoen 
la que esta.", with signature. Vol. xx, pp. 262-294. 

The rdation proper (tee above) it followed \fj certain notarial documents, viz.: an act 
bj Quirante, dated at hit camp in the Igorot country, March 19, 1624; twentj-teven 
attertations concerning the ore astajed, made in Tirtue oif the abore act (cf which but two 
are publiahed by ua^ ^^ lut one being dated May 27, 1624; atteaution by notary of 
the abore, dated June 5, 1624; notes concerning the various assays; and lastly, the action 
of the Manila Audicnda regarding the new mines among the Igorots, and matten in 
Nuera Segoria, dated Manila, July 13, 1624. Ut smfra, pp. 294-303. 

: — [Conflict between civil and religious authorities in Manila.] 

[1624?] Ayer Collection. See pott^ "Arco, Ventura del," i, no. 17. 
Vol. XXI, pp. 79-83. 

Digitized by 


oiLYAy rERMAMoo Dsi — [LiCtxcT CO reiipc iv.j ivianiiay /\ugusc 4, 1025. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "Seiiors= Advise a V. Mg*^ 
..." Ends "desta mercedes.", with closing, date, and signature. 
Vol. XXII, pp. 62-78. 

Carta para S. M. del Gobemador de Filipinas dando cuenta del 
estado de las Yslas, de la necesidad de fortificar a Ysla hermosa y otras 
nodcias. Manila, July 30, 1626. A. del.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins 
'^Senor. £1 ano pasado ..." Ends "Don Juan nino a V. M.", 
with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xxii, pp. 93-103. 

On the nurgins of the MS. are tynopset of the several paragraphs, and comments. A 
transcript of ^ original MS. was made in the archives for Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. 
Cited by Retana, BiM. Mind., p. 19. There is also a transcript in Madrid; Deposito 
hidrogriLfico, which is dted by Fernandez de Navarrete, BAl, mar. tsp., i, p. 432. This 
is accompanied by three plans: i. The island of Hermosa and a part of China. 2. 
The fortified port. 3. The Dutch port in Formosa. 

AsuNSiON, Jeronima de la; and others. — [Letter from the sisters of St. 
Clare to Felipe IV.] Manila, July 31, 1626. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, 
leg. 43. Begins "jesus maria » su jeten a v. Real . ." Ends 

"como tan obligados", with closing, date, and signatures of Sister Jeroni- 
ma and ten others. Vol. xxii, pp. 104-107. 

A synopsis of its contents has been written on the original MS. by a government clerk. 

Guerrero, Juan Geronimo de, O. P.: — [Petition for aid to the seminary 
of San Juan de Letran.] Manila, August i, 1626. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 40. Vol. xxii, pp. 108-111. Begins "Seiior^El hermano 
. . ." Ends "tan acebta a dios", with closing, date, and signature. 

Consists of a representation either by Guerrero or someone at his instigation. This is 
without date, and is followed by a letter by Guerrero, written on the above date. The 
MS. bears instructions and comments of the government office. 

Madre de Dios, Pedro de la, Recollect: — [Petition for royal alms.] 
Madrid, November 4, 1627. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. i. Begins 
"Seiior Fr. Pedro de la madre de dios ..." Ends ''su Real 
voluntad", with date, and rubrics. 

The MS. bears the recommendation of the Council. 

Cbvicos, Dr. Juan: — [Inadvisability of a Spanish post on the island of 
Formosa.] Madrid, December 20, 1627. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
20. Begins ''Tengo por cosa ..." Ends "de mi sendmiento.", 
with date and signature. Vol. xxii, pp. 168-177. 

: — [Reladon of 1626.] [1627 ?] Aycr Collection. See posty "Arco, 

Ventura del," i, no. 18. Vol. xxii, pp. 130-145. 

Prado, Pedro de, S. J.: — [Letter recounting missionary trials, etc.] In 
"Relacion de cosas;" (see below, ''Estrada, Hernando, S. J."). Begins 
"V. R. me ayude ..." Ends "y dios ayuda", with date and signa- 
ture. Vol. xxii, pp. 295-299. 

Estrada, Hernando, S. J.; and others: — Relacion de cosas de filipinas 

Digitized by 


▼itoria 4 tubieron los nuestrot. Oton, May jo» 1628; Panbolien» July 

6, 1629 (by Pedro de Prado, S. J.); Manila, July 5, 1628 (unsigned). 

R. A. de la H.; papelet de los Jesuitas; tomo 169, n^. 3. Begins 

"Desca grande isla de mindanao . . /' Ends "y 4 piocedian con 

mucho ejenplo.'% with date. Vol. xxn, pp. 293-501. See also above, 

"Prado, Pedro de, S. J." 

Estrada** letter endt **ee quedatt prcviniaido.^ ivith date and ngnature. After tbe 
•eoond letter, the Jcmit editor of tbew kcten begfau, **de la india orientai**. 

[Relation of 1627-28.] Manila, July, 1628. Ayer CoUection. 

See post^ *'Arco, Ventura del," i, nos. 20 and 21. Vol. xxii, pp. 182-216. 
Nino de Tavora, Juan (governor): — Carta del Gob<* . . dando 
cuenu de lot encomiendas que proveyo. Cavite, August 2, 1628. A. 
de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "Senor» Prosiguiendo en d cum- 
plimiento ..." Ends "al servipo de V Mag^", with signature. 
Vol. xxii, pp. 217-245. 

Eduardo Nagano, O. S. A., owm a tranacript ol this BIS. 
(Letter to Felipe IV on judicial matters.] Manila, August 4, 1628. A. 
del.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "Seik>r»Sienipre8eofre^n . . ." 
Ends "informacion <f doy", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. 
XXII, pp. 246-255. 

This MS. containa the ordcn and cnrnmenfa of the govcmmest oiBce written on tbe 

[Carta al rey sobre] Materias de Hazienda. Manila, August 4, 1628. 
A. del.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "Senor^Aviendodedar . . .** 
Ends "esto le pareze bexacion.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. 
XXII, pp. 255-268. 

This MS. contains the goremment comments and ordcn. 

(Carta al re sobre] Materias de Gobiemo. Manila, August 4, 1628. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Begins "SenorsLo que este ano 
. . ." Ends "y socorros agenos", with dosing, date, auid signature. 
Vol. xxii, pp. 268-278. 

This MS. contains comments and directions ol the government oflioe. 
[Carta al rey sobre materias de] Hacienda. Cavite, August i, 1629. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Seik>r= Los officiales . . ." 
Ends " a sus offidales ", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxiii, pp. 

The letter proper contains on the margin various comments of the government office^ 
and at the end thie opinions of the fiscal vriio was ordered to examine the letter, the fiacal*s 
remarks being dated Madrid, Nov. 28, 1630. Then follows a copy of certain sections of 
the letter, with the decree of the Council and the remarks of the fiscal concerning those 
sections (all of which are found in their proper place in letter and xcmarks). ncsein 
turn are followed by another statement of the fiscal concerning the last two points of the 
letter, dated June 9, 1633. 
[Carta al rey sobre materias de] Gobiemo. Cavite, August 1, 1629. 

Digitized by 

Nino de Tavora; continued — 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins " £n carta apaite que va . . .^ 
Ends "artilleria de la que pidio.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. 
XXIII, pp. 47-62. 

Each section of the letter is accompanied hj a siddiead title or short synopsis ol its 
c o nten t s , probably made by Nifio de TaTora*s secieury. On the margins are written the 
commenrs of the government office. Following the letter are Tarious notarial documents 
bearing on points mentioned in the letter, and enclosed with it. They are as follows: I. 
Segunda junu sobre los dafios del Banco de japones que se tomo en siam. Manila, Jan. 
16, 1629. B^ins **En la dudad de Manila . . .*^ Ends ^^oon los demas de dicha 
junta.^, with die signature of Juan Nifio de Tavora and those of fire others. Belonging 
to this document is the attestation of the royal secretary (a notary)^ Andres Martin del 
Arroyo (dated June 21, i6m) of the drawing up of the copy and its accuracy, his signa- 
ture in turn being attested by three notaries on July 3, 1629. Vs supra, pp. 62-69. ^' 
[Acts regarding the departure of Fernando de SiJVa from the islands.] Tlie various acts 
and law proceedings bear dates between July 16 and 30^ 1629. Among them is dted a 
royal decree sent to Silva by Felipe IV, dated Oct. 2, 1627. Ut supra, pp. 69-86. 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] Manila, July 30, 1650. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 8. Begins "Senor«Por Julio del aiio pasado ..." Ends 
"sabe que mas conbiene", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. 
zxiii, pp. 93-100. 

[Carta al rey sobre materias de] Gobiemo tocante a materias de justi- 
da y guerra. Cavite, August 4, 1630. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. 
Begins "Serion"Despues de tener . . ." Ends ''mis padres y 
abuelos.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxiii, pp. 100-117. 

[Carta al rey sobre materias de] Gobiemo. Manila, July 8, 1632. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. B^;ins ''Seiior»*Por la via de la india 
. . .", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxiv, pp. 197-212. 
On the margins are noted the comments of the go'vcmment office. 

[Letter on military affairs.] Manila, July 8, 1632. A. de L; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 8. Vol. xxiv, pp. 212-224. 

[Letter on ecclesiastical affairs.] July 8, 1632. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 8. Vol. xxiv, pp. 224-228. 

. — Rela9ion de los sucessos de las islas Philipinas y otros Reinos 

cer^anos desde el mes de Julio de 628. hasta el de 629. Manila, July 18, 
1629. ^* ^* ^^ ^3 ^'i psip^lcs de los Jesuitas; tomo 84, n^ 13. Begins 
" Prosiguiendo lo ^ aiio passado comen^e . . ." Ends "de la fee en 
estos paises.", with date. Vol. xxii, pp. 301-318. 

A composite edited, eridcntly, by the Jesuit superior at Bianila. It dies letters, either 
in whole or in part, £rom Jesuits in Japan, among which is an unsigned letter of 1627 (vol. 
zzii, pp. 305-314); a citation from a letter by Btatheo de Couros, prorindal in Japan, 
dated Feb. 25, i6a6 (pp. 314, 315); and ctUtions from two letters by Xacome Antonio, 
dated November 28, 1617, and March 16, 1628 (pp. 315, 316). 

.* — Relacion de los sucesos de las Filipinas y otros Reynos cercanos 

desde el mes de Julio de 628 hasta el de 629 por un P. de la comp*. en- 
biado al P. Javier lopez procurador general de las indias. [Manila, 

Digitized by 


io2o-io29*j A.- A. ac la n.; papeics ae los jcsunas; como 109, n^. z. 

Begiiis "Prooguiendo lo e) . . /' Ends ''may ynferions." 

In ngaid to this rdatkm ne vol. zxn, p. 318 (the matter m bracketi). Vtom tfait re- 
latioo ptr m, ooly tlie final Utter (bom Sebaadan de Blorais, S. J.) it publidied (vol. xxn, 
pp. 3i8y 310). This liS^ like to many ol the Jctuk ammalay ia a oompoaite edited by 
•ooe apeaaf editor, piobablj the pnmndal at Bfanila. Lctten (either in whole or pert) 
are inaoted {ram Honando Eatrada, Pedro de Ptado^ and otiwii (g^.). 

' Relacion de lo sucedido en las islas filipinas y otras partes drain- 

vednas desde el ines de Julio de 1630. asta d de 1632. Manila, July 2, 
1632. R. A. de la H.; papdes de los Jesuitas; tomo 84, n°. 15. B^;tns 
"Grande ha ddo la paz . . .'* Ends ''a V. R. como deseo/', with 
date. Vol. xxiv, pp. 229-242. 

The greater pan of thia MS. conaiata of a letter hj Chriatoral Fenegrra, S. J., written in 

Poctugueae coooeraing Japanew affaifa» and tranaUted into Spaniah. See abo» ut smpra^ 

pp. 24^344. 

-Reladon de lo su^tdo en las islas filipinas y otras partes dr- 

cumvednas desde d mes de Julio de 630 hasta el de 632. Manila, 1632. 
R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 114, n*^. 401. 

Thia ia the aame MS. aa the preceding. At the end ia a letter, or mntenta of a 
letter, written from Japan, potdhly bj Antonio Tzida, S. J., dated March 30^ 1631, and 
received in Manila, probablj Jtilj 6, 1632; and added bj die Manila editor aa a poat- 
acript to the relation. Begina *^el emperador de Japon . . .** Enda ^la ultima aeni*.** 
Vol. zziv,pp. 243^144. 

Garcetas, Miguel; and others. — [Letter from the ecdedastical cabildo 
to Felipe IV.] Manila, [1632]. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 35. Be- 
gins "En todos los opulentisimos ..." Ends "seruido de Dios y 
de V. M.'', with signatures of members of cabildo, nine in all. Vol. 
XXIV, pp. 245-260. 

On die margma are written the oommenta of the goreiiimcnt offic e . 
Cerezo Salamanca, Juan (governor): — [Carta al rey dando] nodda de 
lo tocante a las cosas de la guerra. Manila, August 14, 1633. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Seiior«Por dos cartas . . .'* Ends 
"que mas conuenga.", with closing, date, and ngnature. Vol. xxnr, 
pp. 279-285. 

[Letter regarding government matters.] Manila, August 14, 1633. 
A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Vol. xxiv, pp. 285-290. 

[Letter on revenue matters.] Manila, August 14, 1633. A. de L; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Vol. xxiv, pp. 290-294. 

Copia de capitulo de carta que d govemador de Filipinas escribio a su 
Magestad. [Manila], August 14, 1633. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 41. 
Begins "El trato de la gran china . . .'* Ends "solo ha ddo de 
gasto.'* Vol. xxv, p. 130. 

Followed (ut supra, pp. 130^ 131) bj the decrees of the Council, Nov. 25, 1634; the ad- 
vice of the fiacal, Madnd, Dec. 6, 1635; and an endoraement or further order of the Coun- 
cil, April 15, 1636. Enclosed, with odier papers bearing on the trade of the Portuguese at 
Manila, in a printed memorial of Grau 7 Monfalcon which wte probably presented in 1635. 
See '*NaTadaAlTarado, Joseph de;'* *'Grau y Monfalcon, Juan;" and*' Felipe IV." 


Cbrbzo Salamanca; continued — 

[Letters to Felipe IV.] Manila, August lo, 1634. A. de I.; est. 67, 

caj. 6, leg. 8. 

There are four letters, as follows: I. [Letter on revenue affairs.] Begins **Sefior 
"B For la Yndia . . .*** Ends ^^en la nuera espafia.*\ with dosing, date, and signa- 
ture. Vol. zxiv, pp. 301-308. II. [Letter on goyemment affairs.] Begins ^Sefior » 
En todas ocasiones . . .**" Ends **libren en dla.*\ with dosing, date, and signature. 
Vt supra, ipip. 308-326. m. [Letter on militaiy affairs.] Begins **Sefior»En 32 de 
octubre . . .** Ends "ninguno de la Yndia."^, with dosing, date, and signature. C/f 
supra, ipip, 326-336. IV. [Letter on ecdesiastical affairs.] Begins ^Sefior ** En mat^ 
rias edesiasticas . . .'** Ends **se sirve de hacerle.** Vt supra, pp. 336, 337. 

Guerrero, Hernando de, O. S. A. (archbishop) }— [Report on the Manila 
bakery.] Manila, August 3, 1634. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. Be- 
gins "SenorsPor parte desta ciudad ..." Ends "estoy en estas 
jTslas.*', with dosing, date, and signature "Fr. Hr^ Arzobpo de manila'*. 
Vol. XXIV, pp. 295, 296. 

Dos relaciones de las Dignidades del cabildo Catedral de Manila y 
numero de derigos que hay en Filipinas con buenas dotes. [Manila], 
1636. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 

In two pant as foUowt: I. Menxiria del estado dd cabildo edesiastioo desta catedral 
de Manila j de las dignidades questan proTCjdaa por su mag j de las dcmas que las estan 
tirriendo en d ynterin com nombramiento de lot gobemadores y de sus calidades j de sua 
patrias j edad. B^ins *^E1 Dean se llama . . .** Ends **amor j afabilidad.^, with 
signature **£r. Hrdo. Arzobispo de Bianila.** IL Alio de 1636. Memoria de las digni- 
dades 7 demat prebendas dd cabildo desu catedral de Manila y de las que estan confirma- 
das p' que sirven en d ynterin. B^ins **EI Dean le llama . . .^* Ends **Migud de 
Velazco^*, with signature. 

: — Nuebas de Felipinas, y de Japon y otras partes. Manila, 

August 20, 1634. R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 146, n^. 

13. Begins "La estafeta passada ..." Ends "lo lleue adel^." 

Vol. xxnr, pp. 297-300. 

This MS. was compiled in Spain and contains matter referring to the Jesuits m Spain. 
The part which we publish is taken from a letter by Manud Coello, S. J., of the abore 
date. The actud compilation was made later in 1634, or perhaps in the foUowing year. 

Bubras, Juan de, S. J.. — [Letter of consolation to the Jesuits of Pin- 
tados.] Manila, February i, 1635. R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Je- 
suitas; tomo 84, n^. 20. Begins "A mis charissimos Padres y Hermanos 
de las Yslas y Residencias de Pintados. ..." Ends "espirituali 
virtute pergads.", with date and signature. Vol. xxv, pp. 87-94. 

OcANA, Francisco de, O. S. F.: — [Letter to Spanish official regarding 
ecclesiastical affairs.] Madrid, June 28, 1635. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 8. Begins "Dos papeles he recibido ..." Ends "primer papel 
de V. md.", with date and signature. Vol. xxv, pp. 98, 99. 
Evidcndy a late transcript, aa ia in d icate d by the language. 

Grau (Grao) y Monfalcon, Juan: — [Memorial to Felipe IV.] Madrid, 
September 6, 1635. Madrid; B. N.; tomo de papeles varios, impresot 
y MSS. relativos i Indias; Aa.-47 (where it is fol. 345-364). Begins 

Digitized by 


Geau T MoifFiUXX>N; amtinued — 
"Ano de 1635. £1 Procundor Gral ..." Ends **y real macio/' 
Vol. XXV, pp. 48-73. 

Hut memocul was pubiislied ia CtUecim dt dtem mtmf t midOMf rtUthn d dttem- 
hrirnkmu . . dt Amtrka y 0ۤamla (Bfidrid, i8^-i884X vif pp. 345-3^f under die 
tide: '^Rciadoii del procamlor gaenl de U dudad de ManiU < idM Fil^^ 
•obie U oooaerradte de crtae 7 tobfceeiinieBtD en U oobnuue de decto impiiciro i las 
mereadcsfat que ran k Nueva-Bspafla.** 

[Milkaiy senriceg of Filipinos.] [Madrid], June 13, 1636. A. de L; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 41. Begins "Seiior«Don Juan Grau y Mon&lcon 

. . ." Ends "a su Real senricto". Vol. xxv, pp. 148-150. 

Tbe cnmmenti of die gorenunent office are vritien on die MS. 

HuRTADO DE CoRCUEKA, SBBASTiAif (govemor). — [Letter concerning 

ecclesiastical aflFairs.] Manila, June 30, 1636. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 

leg. 8. Begins "SeiiorBEn esta dena ..." Ends "en su Rda- 

don ", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 86-103. 

AoooiDpanji&g diit letter are Taiioiia documcBta, aone of wniciiy cttner in wliule or in 
pait, hare been puUialied with other donimmf i which thqr aommpany (aee vol. zzvi, 
the matter in bracfceta on pp. 103-104; alao the matter in bniidceti on p. loB; alao the mat- 
ter on pp. 82, 83, which it taken from this MS.). In addition to the matter praented dee- 
where are the foliowing doenmenta: L [Act enling Pedro de Mbnroy.] Manila, Sep- 
tember %Kt i6i3» signed by Governor Alonao Pazardo de Tenia and two auditoca. It ia 
followed hj notarial atfeetarione of the aoouracj of the oopj and of the notaiy*! dgnature, 
dated Manila, October I7» 1635, and June i8» 1636. Ut supra, pp. 104PI08. EL Act, 
teftimony, and notarial attertatiooa relating to the pilot. Captain Juan Dominguesv among 
which it a letter from Baitolom^ Dominguez to Juan Romero, dated Jan. i, 163^ The 
other poftioni of this nction all bear dare in Dk., 1635, and Maj, 1636. Ut tmpn, pp. 

[Request for Jesuit missionaries.] Cavite, June 19, 1636. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 69 leg. 8. Begins "Senor. La Relixion ..." Ends 
"con hauerle eicho", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xxv, pp. 
297, 298. 

[Letter on ecclesiastical affairs.] Manila, June 30, 1636. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Muy Poderoso Senor: Aunque he dado 
..." Ends "de quien las espero mayores." Vol. xxvi, pp. 60-72. 

Following this letter are rarioua documents, two of which were published with another 
MS., in which thcgr also appeared (see vol. zzvi, pp. 72, 73, and 103, 104 -the matter in 
brackets -see also the following item). The remaining documents which aooompanj this 
letter treat of the investigations and trial in the religio-oril disturbances in Manila. These 
documents all bear date in the jears 1636 and 1639. Ut supra, pp. 72-86 (but see pp. 8s, 
83, where matter taken fram the following item is inserted). It is followed bj onljr the act 
of Oct. 9, 1635 (see vol. zzv, pp. 21 6^19, and vol. zzvi, p. 7a, the matter in bracfceta); 
and the notanal attestations ending with the signature of Sebastian Damas (in our tran- 
script, **Camba**; vol. zzvi, pp. 72, 73. 

PLetter to the king regarding the religious.] Manila, June 30, 1636. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Senor=Parece que vuestra 
magestad ..." Ends ''nada por hacer.", with dosing, date, and 
signature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 1 16-1 25. 

The comments of the government office are wiiticu on the letter. 

[Letter concerning the Dominicans' schism.] Manila, June 30, 1636. 

Digitized by 


HuRTADO DE CoRCUERA; continued — 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Seiior^Teniendome la religion 
. . .'* Ends "veinte y sets alios a esta parte/*, with dosing, date, and 
signature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 126-131. 

[Letter concerning the Franciscans.] Manila, June 30, 1636. A. de 
I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Senon=Los padres de San Francisco 
. . ." Ends "ponga suficiente remedio.", with closing, date, and sig- 
nature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 131-136. 

On the MS. are written commoits of Council and fiscml. 

[Letter regarding commerce.] Manila, June 30, 1636. A. de L; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Seiior= En las indias no se guardan ..." 
Ends " fuere servido dar en esto *\ with closing, date, and signature. Vol. 
XXVI, pp. 136-138. 

[Letter regarding Chinese.] Manila, June 30, 1636. A. de L; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Senon= Los chinos infieles . . ." Ends 
"para que lo haga.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 


On this MS. are written the tynoptit of the goremment derk, and conunenti and direc- 
tiont of fiscal and CounciL 

[Letter concerning communal fund established in the Parian.] Manila, 
June 30, 1636. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Seiior— En 
dempo de Don Alonso Faxardo de Ten9a ... ." Ends "3. la real 
hadenda.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 143-146. 
On the MS. are written commentt and directions of fiscal and Council. 
[Letter concerning protector of Chinese.] Manila, June 30, 1636. 
A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "SeiiorBVuestra magestad tiene 
mandado . . .'* Ends "muy bien empleado", with dosing, date, 
and signature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 146, 147. 

On the MS. are written the synopsis of the letter bj a government clerk, and the direc- 
tion of the Council. 

[Letter concerning encomiendas.] Manila, June 30, 1636. A. de L; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Seiior>B V. Magd tiene mandado . . . " 
Ends "otra cosa ^ obedecer", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. 
XXVI, pp. 147-150- 

[Letter on administrative and finandal affairs.] Manila, June 30, 1636. 
A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Seiion=V. M. ha concedido 
..." Ends "avisandolo a V. M^.", with dosing, date, and signature. 
Vol. xxvi, pp. 150-156. 

The doounents accompanying this letter relate entirely to the accounts of the royal 
treasury in Manila, and especially to the pay of officials and land and sea forces. All are 
proper^ attested, and all bear date in 1636. l/fiii^^ pp. 156-194. 

[Letter to Felipe IV, regarding reduction of expenses.] June 30, 1636. 

A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Senor^Procurando ser buen 

Digitized by 


mayordomo ..." Ends ''en hreve tiempo.", with closing, date, 

and signature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 194-198. 

Tbe letter is accompanied bj Tariout documents as foOows: L Reformadoo de sueU 
dos J radones. Sept. 4, 1635. Begins ^'Don Sebastian Huiudo de Coicuera . . .** 
Ends **refonnacion 7 no mas.**, with signature. It has several parts, like postscripts, and 
is followed by the attestation as to its accuracy, dated June 4, 1636, by die aoditor of 
accounts and results. Ut tttpra, pp. 198-215. 11. An act by Hnrtado de Corcuera, 
dated May 24, 1636, ordering the auditor of accounts and results to prepare a list showing 
former salaries and their reductions; and that list. Vt supra, pp. 215-263. 

Carta del Gobernador de Filipinas . . [al rey]. [Manila], June 
30 (misdated in the original "June 31.**) 1636. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 8. Begins "Seiior">Con parecer . . .'* Ends ''al seruido 
de V. magestad", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxvi, pp. 

[Letter to Felipe TV.] Manila, June 30, 1636. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 8. Begins "Senora-V. Mag^ fue servido . . .'* Ends "de 
las Provindas,", with dosing, date, and signature; followed by a notarial 
attestation by Alon^o Vae^i del Rio, concerning certain actions of die 
archbishop, and the notarial attestation of said notary's signature. Vol. 
XXVII, pp. 21-35. 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] Cavite, July 11, 1636. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 8. Begins "Senor»Allandome en este Puerto . . .*' Ends 
"de los yndios-", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxyi, pp. 

There are synopses to the Tarious paragraphs, and comments of the government office. 

[Letter to FeUpe IV.] Manila, August 20, 1637. A. de L; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Sei)or»Vuestra magestad fue . . .*' Ends 
"gastado descontandolo.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. 

xxvii, pp. 346-359- 

Cited by Retana, BAl. Mind^ p. 21. 

Carta del Gobernador de Filipinas . . [al rey]. Manila, August 
20, 1637. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Senor £1 maestro 
de campo . . ." Ends "a su Real seruido.", with dosing, date, and 
signature. Vol. xxvii, pp. 359-363. 

Conuins the comments of the fiscal of the Madrid court on the receipt of the letter. 

[Two letters to the Holy Misericordia.] Manila, December 4, 1637; 
October 26, 1639. Ayer Collecdon. Vol. xxix, pp. 172-174 (see also 
note 40, p. 174). 

In a BiS. entitled Dtmottraci6n kist&rica dt euairtas dtprtJaeioius tttvan eutuiulas Iw 
Moras (ciu, 1835; q.v^ post, p. 382). 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] Manila, August 21, 1638. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "SeiiorB El ano passado • . .'* Ends "qual- 
quiera bien empleado.", with dosing, date, and signature. Vol. xxix, 
pp. 50.51. 

Digitized by 


HuRTADO DE CoRCUERA, SEBASTIAN; and Others: — [The hospitals and 
hospital contributions.] Manila, March-July, 1636. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj, 6, leg. 8. 

Coniitts of Tarious parts m follows: I. [Letter from Hurtado de Corcuera to Felipe 
IV.] ManUa, June 30, 1636. Begins ""Sefior—V. Mg^, fue servido . . .** Ends 
**7 al Rl consejo de las yndias**, with dosing, date, and signature. Comments of the Coun- 
cil are written on this letter. Vol. xxvi, pp. 291-299. IL [Act by Huxtado de Corcuera 
regarding the convalescent ward of the hospital.] Manila, March 5, 1636. Begins ^ Dod 
Sebastian Urtado de Corcuera . . .** Ends **este aucto se manda.*^, with date and 
signatures of Hurtado de Corcuera and Fk-andsoo Ortega. It is followed by two notifica- 
tions, dated Bianila, March 8, and San Pablo, March 10, 1636, respectively; the notarial 
attesution of the accuracy of the copy of the act and notifications; and notarial attesta- 
tion of the notary*s signature, dated Jufy 5, 1636. Ut supra, pp. 299-304. m. [Money 
deducted from pay of soldim and sailors as alms for the hospital.] Manila, June 20^ 
1636. Begins ^^Losjueces ofi*. . . .** Ends ^lo certificamos**, with date and signa- 
tures of the royal officials. It is followed by notarial attestation of the signatures of the 
royal offidals, dated Manila, June 23, 1636; a statement by Martin Ruiz de Salazar, the 
accountant, dated Cavite, June 30^ 1636, canceming the amounts deducted for alms; and 
the notarial attestation, dated Cavite, July 12, 163^ of his signature. Ut supra, pp. 304- 

[Santillan r Gayilanbs, Fabian db ( ?) ]. — Copia de vna cana que vn 
vezino de manila escriuio a vn amigo suyo ausente. Manila, June 15, 
1636. R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 84, n^. 42. Be- 
gins "Quisieta seiior a^ertar a dar ..." Ends ''que dure la paz.*', 
with closing and date. Vol. xxv, pp. 201-296. 

On authorship, see ut supra, p. 296, note 79. This MS. contains letters and eneipts 
of letters from the gorvnor, archbishop, and others and from odier documents, ooooeming 
that troublous period. 

Zamudio, Francisco db (bishop): — [Letter to Felipe IV.] Manila, June 
20, 1636. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. I, leg. 34. Begins "senor Los Vasa- 
llos y criados ..." Ends "atajen tantas desordenes", with dosing, 
date, and signature "fr. fi*°. obfo de caz®*." Vol, xxv, pp. 301-304. 

Perez Corvera, Miguel, O. S. F.; and others: — [The nuns of St. Clare at 
Manila.] Manila [and Madrid (?)], 1635-1636. A. de L; est. 68, caj. 
I, leg. 43. 

Consists of several parts as follows: I. [Letter from Perez Coryera.] [Manila, 1635 ?] 
Begins ^sefiorwfraiBiiiguel Peres . . .*** Ends **ellas son tan pobresB***. It is endors- 
ed in the Madrid goremmcnt office under date of June 13, 1636. Vol. xxvi, pp. 19-21. 
n. [Petition of the abbess.] B^ins**sefior«Laabadesajmonjas . . .** Ends^Real 
mano de V. mag^.^ It is followed by a sutement made by die procurator of the Philip- 
pines, Juan Grau j Moof alcon, who had charge of the matter; and is endorsed under date 
of April 16, 1636. Ut supra, pp. 21, 22. m. [Letter from the nuns.] Manila, June 30, 
1636. Begins ^sefior^la cadiolica Magestad . . .*** Ends ^7 tenemos obligadon.^, 
with dosing, date, and signature of the abbess and two others. The goremment com- 
ments are written on the letter, it being read in that office June 16, 1638. Ut supra, pp. 

: — R°°. de lo suzedido en la ziudad de Manila desde el aiio de 1635 

Hasta el mes de Junio de 1636. [Manila ?], June, 1636, R. A. de la H.; 

papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 119, n^. 16. Begins "En 23 de Junio de 

1635 • • ." Ends "Pasion penas 7 tormento." Vol. xxvi, pp. 

This rdatioo ends with a pasquinade which was potted in the dtj of Manila. 

Digitized by 


S. J.]. Manila, July 3, 1636. R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuhas; 
tomo 119, n®. 19. Begins "Pax x &* Por escusado ..." Ends 
''dara unas mui cordiales saludes** " (a postscript). Vol. xxvi, pp. 
LoPEZy Juan, S. J.: — [Letter to Diego de Bobadilla, relating events in 
Filipinas, 1636-1637.] Cauite, July 23, 1637. R. A. de la H.; papeles 
de los Jesuitas; tomo 84, n®. 26. Begins "P. Diego de Bobadilla. Pax 
xpi &* En esta dare ..." Ends '*y de buen viage &*/', with date 
and signature. Vol. xxvii, pp. 306-329. 

A compilation in put of ▼aiiou* Icttoi from minionariei. 
Sucesos de las filipinas desde 1637 hasta 1638. [Cavite, July 24, 1638.] 
R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 84, n^. 35. Begins "El 
patache para Espana ..." Ends **y otras drogas." Vol. xxix, 

PP- 23-4^. 

Evidentlj a journal written up from day to daj, the last entry being made on July 24, 
concerning the occurrences of the day before. The journal is made up in part from tfaie 
letters of the missionaries. Although unsigned, this is probably by Juan Lopez. 

Successos de las Philipinas desde el ano de 1638 hasta el de 1639. 

[Cavite?], 1639. ^* ^ ^^ ^^ H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 4, n®. 

34, fol. 268. Begins *'OY. 14. de Agosto ..." Ends ''Dios aya 

su9edido asi — ." Vol. xxix, pp. 141-171. 

A compilation made in part from Ictten of die Jesuit missionaries. Unsigned, but 
probably by Lopez. A copy is contained in the Ventura del Arco BASS. (;.«., po*i% ii» bo. 7. 

[Events in the Filipinas Islands from August, 1639, to August, 1640.) 

Cavite, August, 1640. Ayer Collection. See post^ '* Arco, Ventura del," 

ii, no. 8. Vol. xxix, pp. 194-207. 

Unsigned, but probably by Lopez. 

: — [Auditorship of accounts in Manila, 1595-1637.] [Madrid, 

1637?] ^* ^^ ^'9 ^^' ^7» ^j- ^> 1^* 3^- Begins "8eiior=el consejo 
viendo ..." Ends "lo <) fuere seruido." Vol. xxvii, pp. 227-252. 

Ramirez, Juan, O. S. A.; and others: — [Letter to Felipe FV.] Manila, 
September 9, 1637. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins ''En cum- 
plimiento de lo que . . ." Ends "a su real corona.", with closing, 
date, and signatures of six Augustinians. Vol. xxviii, pp. 21-25. 

This is followed by **Reladon de lo sucedido en la provinda de Philipinas de la oiden 
de San Agustin . . y de la otra los religiosos que an tornado el habito en las indias.** 
Manila, September 10, 1637. Begins ^Aricndo esta profvincia . . .** Ends ^oon- 
vento de San Agustin**, widi date and signatures of six Augusdnians. 

[Gutierrez, Pedro, S. J. ?]: — Relacion de la pelea, y victoria de los e$- 

panoles contra la armada del Mindanao en su misma costa y en el cabo, 

que llaman punta de flechas dia del B. s. Thome Apostol 21 de Di^iembre 

1636. [Dapitan, 1637 ?] R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuius; tomo 

84, n°. 31. Begins "Tagal Principal de Mindanao, ..." Ends 

"saldria el Galeon 7 Galeras." Vol. xxvii, pp. 215-226. 

Digitized by 


DARRioSy J UAN DB, &. J . : — Uaitas del Jf adre . . a9erca de J olo. March- 
April» 1638. R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 84, n°. 27. 
Vol. xxviiiy pp. 41-59. 

Contittt of three letters, the first and tecood of which are not arranged chronologicallj 
in the MS., and are thus prored to be a copj made for dmilation among the brethren 
(see ta suprof p. 41, note 16). The letters are as follows as arranged in the MS.: L Jolo, 
April 5, with postscript dated the sixth. Begins **Paz z^i Quisiera jro ser el portador 
. . .** Ends ^'se acabara oj seis deste mismo mes.** Ut supra, pp. 44-^ IL Jolo, 
March 31. Begins ^£n la passada . . .** Ends ''Sacrificios de V. R. ett***, with 
date. Ut supra, pp. 41-44. HI. April 17, with one postscript dated the nineteenth, and 
a second widiout date. Begins **Paz xfi. Deo gradas que ...*** Ends 0**^ V*^' 
script) **tiene por siguro.*^ Ut supra, pp. 50-59. 

[Letter concerning Hurtado de Corcuera's campaign.] Sanboangan, 
April 23, 1638. R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 84, n®. 
34. Begins "Pax xpi ett* No escribo a nadie ..." Ends "menes- 
ter que quiza.", with date. Vol. xxviii, pp. 59-63. 

Concerning the authorship of this letter, see vol. xxviii, p. 63, note a6. A transcript 
of this MS., nom the same source as our own, will be found in the Ventura del Aico MSS. 
(Ajer Library; 9^ past), 

Manzblo, Francisco Antonio; and , Geronimo de: — Relacion de lo 

que a entrado en la caxa de Manila desde siete de Enero de mill seiscientos 
y treinta hasta seis de Enero de mill seiscientos treinta y cinco que son 
dnco anos. [Manila], August 18, 1638. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. 
Begins " El balance de lo que ..." Ends ''en la dicha caxa", with 
the amount, date, and signature. Vol. xxv, pp. 74-86. 
Ruiz de Escalona, Baltasar (treasurer) : — [Letter to Felipe IV.] Manila, 
August 31, 1638. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Senor= 
Quando las obligaciones ..." Ends "de vuestra magestad", with 
closing, date, and signature. Vol. xxix, pp. 52-65. 
SoLORZANo Pereira, Juan db, and Carnero, Antonio.-— [Letters con- 
cerning Banuelos y Carrillo's Reiacion.] September, 1639. ^- ^^ ^*> 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Vol. xxix, pp. 75, 76, note 17. 

L [Letter by Solorzano Pereira.] [Madrid], Februaiy 8, 1639. Be^ "^Budvo 
el papcl . . .** Ends **si conriniere.**, with dosing, date, and sig;nature. 11. [Let- 
ter from Carnero.] Buen Retina Febniarj 16, 1639. Beg;ins **£1 Conde . . .** 
Ends **con ella.**, with dosing, date, and signature; followed by postscript. 

Laguinilla, Balthasar de, S. J.; and others: — [Concessions to the Jes- 
uits.] 1640-1644. A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 43. Vol. xxxv, pp. 

In several parts as follows: L (Representation by Laguinilla.] [Madrid, 1644.^] 
Begins **sefior>- Balthasar de laguinilla . . .** Ends ^'seruicio de ▼. m.** Accom- 
panied by a note of the gOTemment, dated Dec. 3, 1644. Ut supra, pp. 169-173. II. 
(Decree by the goremor.j Blanila, Sept. i, 1640. Be^ns **Don seuastian Hurudo de 
corcuera . . .*" Ends **casas y potedones**, with date and signature of the goremor 
and countersignature of gorenunent secretaiy. Ut supra, pp. 1 73, 1 74. HI. Attestation 
of the accuracy of the copy of the decree^ dated April 36, 1641, irith notarial attesutionof 
the Talidity of the secretary's signature, dated April 16, 1641. Ut supra, pp. 174, 175. 
This MS. is accompanied by a chart of Manila and its enrirons (9.0., in farsimile, ut 
supra, p. 171). 

: — [Relation of the insurrection of the Chinese.] [March, 1640?] 

Digitized by 


pp. 208-258. 
ANGBLESy Juan de lo8, O.P. : — (Formosa lost to Spain.] Macasar, March, 
1643. Ayer Collection. See posty **AicOy Ventura del/' ii, no. 10. Vol. 

XXXV, pp. 128-162 (followed by a note made from Concepdon, Historian 
vi, pp. 89-113). 

: — Reladon de las nueuas, o nouedades de estas islas Philipinas 

I06 anos de 43 y 44. [Manila or Cavite, 1644 ?] R. A. de la H.; papelcs 
de los Jesuitas; tomo 120, n^. 106. Begins " De los dos galeones . . ." 
Ends '^allegan de Espana. — Finis/' Vol. xxxv, pp. 176-184. 

Sola, Magino, S. J.: — [Condition of the Philippines in 1652.] September 
16, 1652. Ayer Collection. See post^ **AKOy Ventura del," ii, no. 15. 
Only an abstract of the original MS., made by Ventura del Arco. Vol. 

XXXVI, pp. 49-52. 

PoBLEDE, Miguel de (archbishop). — [Letter to Felipe IV.] Manila, 
July 30, 1656. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. B^ins "Quando se 
fiindaron ..." Ends "lo que he deobrar.", with closing, date, and 
signature. Vol. xxxvi, pp. 63-67. 

The ▼aiioin tectioiit of the letter an tynoptued in the maigiii. Tlie commeBtt of the 
fofcnmieiit office tie alto written in the margin. There are alao written on the MS. the 
dcUberatiooi ol the Council on March 4, 1660, in regard to the letter. A traucript ol the 
original MS. was made in the archxvet for Edoardo NaTarro^ O. S. A. 

SoLAMA, Miguel, S. J.: — Memorial al Rey pidiendo no se funde en Manila 
la Universidad que pretendian para si los frailes Dominicos. [Manila, 
1658?] R.A.delaH.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 4, n^ 259. Begins 
"Senor Miguel Solana . . .*' Ends '*con lustida, &c»." Vol, 
XXXVI, pp. 74-86 (see also note 20, p. 86). 

[Paz, Ygnacio de]: — Descripcion de las Yslas Filipinas. [Mexico, ca., 
1658.] A. de S.; consejo de ynquisicion; libro 786, fol. 310. Begins 
'' Aunque por la adberten9ia ..." Ends "de la <^iudad de Manila." 
Vol. XXXVI, pp. 87-105. Sec ut sufra^ p. 87, note 21. 

: — [Events in Manila, 1662-63.] [July, 1663?] Ayer Collection. 

See posty "Arco, Ventura del," ii, no. 18. Vol. xxxvi, pp. 218-260. 

Salcedo, Diego de (governor) : — [Letter to Francisco Yzquierdo.j Manila, 
July 16, 1664. Ayer Collection. See post^ "Arco, Ventura del," ii, no. 
19. Vol. XXXVI, pp. 261-263. 

: — Sobre la pretenss^ que tiene Luis Pimentel de la Companta de 

Jhs. de que los lU ps^ que por z^* de 25 de Novi^^ de 664 se dieron al cole- 
gio de san Joseph de la ciudad de Manila por una vez en tributos de Yn^ 
vacos de filipinas se le continuen por el tpo de la voluntad de su Mg^ a lo 
menos por 10 anos atento a su necesi^. Madrid, 1665. A. de L; est. 68, 
caj. I, leg. 39. 

A compilation piobablj made for the use of the Council, coonidiig of ▼ariout pans as 

Digitized by 


IoUowb: I. [Synopris of Pimentd^t memorial, with comments of Council and remarki 
of fiacal.] Begins **Luis Pimentd Procurador Gral de la Compania de Jhs . . /* 
Ends **que se han pedido**, with rubric. IL [Decree by Felipe IL] Barcelona, June 
8, 1585. B^ins "*£! Rcy— D<»^ Santiago de Vera, . . .*' Ends "^que pretenden lot 
dhoi Religiosot^*, with date, rojal signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. 
It is publuhed by Felipe G. Calderon (El edtgio dt San Josi, Manila, 1900, appendix, 
pp. rii, Tiii); see also vol. xlv, p. i la, note 25. IIL [Decree by Felipe m.] Valladolid, 
September 13, 1608. Begins ^^ElRcy^Press^yoidoresde mi Audienda . . .** Ends 
^y bien de esas Yslas.*^, with date, royal signature, and countersignature. IV. [Decree 
by Felipe IIL] Valladolid, September 13, 1608. Begins "^El Rey^D. Luis de Vdasco 
mi rirrey . . /* Ends **se prorea lo que oonvenga^^ with date, royal signature, and 
countersignature of royal secretaiy. See this decree in vol. xlv, pp. 108-110^ where it is 
taken from Colin*s Labor noHgtlica; see also vol. xlv, p> i i 5» note 3a 

BAUTI8TA9 Pedro, O. S. F.; and others: — [Endorsement of Montemayor 

y Mansilla.] Manila, June 9, 1665. Ayer Collection. Begins "£1 P. 

Fr. Pedro Bautista, ..." Ends ''de mill y seis9ientos y sesenta y 

<^inco Anos — ", with signatures; followed by notarial attestation of the 

legality of documents drawn before Nicolas de Herrera. Vol. xxxvii, 

p. 274, note 162. 

Small folio, 2 leaves. The original MS. acquired by Mr. Ayer from C. G. de T. de F.; 
formerly in the Retana Collection. 

: — [Why the friars are not subjected to episcopal visitation.] [1666 ?) 

Ayer Collection. See post^ "Arco, Ventura del," ii, no. 17. Vol. xxxvi, 
pp. 264-276. 

[FiGUBROA, Francisco de?]: — [Events in Filipinas, 1668.] Manila, 
January 15, 1669. Ayer Collection. See post, "Arco, Ventura del," ii, 
no. 25. Vol. xxxvii, pp. 23-63. 

Diaz del Cosio, Pedro, O. P.; and others: — [Condition of the clergy of 
the Philippines.) Madrid, 1674-75. Ayer Collection. See post, "Arco, 
Ventura del," iii, no. i. Vol. xxxviii, pp. 72-75. 

Perez, Domingo, O. P.: — Relacion De los Indios de la Playa Honda, su 
sitio y costumbres, por el P. Fr. . . . de la Orden de Predicadores, 
y Vicario Prouincial de los Religiosos que asisten en dicha Miss^'^. [Ma- 
nila ?], 1680. Manila; convento de Santo Domingo; Archivo 3^. Mar- 
tires; caj. 8, leg. I, n^. 2. Begins "Aviendo visitado el M. R. P. Fr. 
Baltazar de S^. Cruz, ..." Ends "y su comp°. Fr. Ju**. bago." 
Vol. XLYii, appendix, pp. 289-332. 

Pardo, Felipe, O. P.: — [Summary of a letter in answer to a letter from 
the king and a royal decree of August 22, 1677.] [Manila], June 6, 1680. 
Ayer Collection. See post, "Arco, Ventura del," iii, no. 3. Vol. xlv, 
pp. 182, 183 (in educational appendix). 

PiZARRO Orellana, Francisco (bishop of Nueva Segovia): — [Letter to 
Carlos II.] February 24, 1683. A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. Be- 
gins "Senor» Aviendo de dar ..." Ends "a su informe juridico;", 
with closing, date and signature. Vol. xxxviii, pp. 81-86. 

The MS. contains several goremnient comments. A tranacript of the original MS. 
was made in tbe archives for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Digitized by 


: — [vxcurrences aunng tnc temi ot government ot Uruzauegiu.) 
[1685 n Ayer CoUecdon. See post^ ''Arco, Ventura dd/' iii, no. 27. 
Vol. xxxiXy pp. 208-219 (pait of the famous Pardo controversy). 

BouYAK Y Mena, Pbdro Sbbastian db (auditor of Manila Audienda): — 
[Paragraphs of a letter to his agent at Madrid, Don Diego Ortiz de Valdes.] 
Manila, June 15, 1685. Ayer Collection. See post^ ^ Arco> Ventura del," 
iii, no. 12. Vol. xxxix, pp. 220-228 (part of the Pardo controversy). 

: — (A curious relation of events in the city of Manila since the arriv- 
al of the ships in the year 1684.] Manila, June 8, 1685. Ayer Collec- 
tion. See ^ojf , ** Arco, Ventura del,*' iii, no. 1 1 . Vol. xxxix, pp. 1 75-208 
(pait of the Pardo controversy). 

PiMENTBL, Luis, S. J. . — [Extract from a letter to Father Manuel Rodriguez, 
procurator-general of Indias.] Manila, February 8, 1686. Ayer Col- 
lection. See posty ''Arco, Ventura del,'* iii, no. 20. Vol. xxxix, pp. 
228-230 (part of the Pardo controversy). 

: — [Diary of new events in Filipinas, from June, 1686 to June in 

87.] [June 24, 1687.] Ayer Collection. See post^ "Arco, Ventura del," 
iii, no. 21. Vol. xxxix, pp. 131-143- 

- [News of this year of 1688 and part of the last one, with an appen- 

dix of odier points.] [1688] Ayer Collection. See ^ojf, '* Arco, Ventura 
del," iii, no. 29. Vol. xxxix, pp. 143-148. 

- [News since the year 1688.] Ca., 1689. Ayer Collection. See 

post^ "Arco, Ventura del," iii, no. 28. Vol. xxxix, pp. 231-243 (part of 
the Pardo controversy). 

[An account of the occurrences in Manila on the occasion of the 

arrival of the (royal) visitor, Don Francisco Campos de Valdivia.] Ma- 
nila, ca,y 1689. Ayer Collection. The author was probably a Dominican. 
See post^ ''Arco, Ventura del," iii, no. 17. Vol. xxxix, pp. 276-281. 

• [Relation of events in Filipinas arising from the coming of a 

visitor.] Manila, ca.^ 1690. Ayer Collection. See post^ ''Arco, Ventura 
del," iii, no. 24. The author of this document was probably a Jesuit. 
Vol. xxxix, pp. 281-295. 

[Information from Filipinas and Nueva Espana.] Ca., 1690. 

Ayer Collection. See post^ " Arco, Ventura del," iii, no. 23. Vol. xxxix, 

pp. 295-302. 
Sola, Magino, S. J.: — [Extract from a letter.] June 19, 1691. Ayer 

Collection. See posi^ "Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 4. Vol. xli, p. 35. 
Zarzuela, Juan de, S. J.:— [Extract from a letter.] June 19, 1691. 

Ayer Collection. See post^ "Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 4. Vol. xu, 

pp. 33-35- 
: — [Events at Manila, 1690-91.] (Manila, June, 1691.] Ayer 

Digitized by 


Collection. See post^ ** Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 3. Vol. xl, pp. 21-31. 

MoNTBMAYOR, JuAN DB, S. J. ^— [Summary of a letter.] July 4, 1694. 

Ayer Collection. See post, "Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. i. Vol. xli, 

PP- 35. 36. 
SiLVA Alencastre, Pedro de, S. J.:— [Summary of a letter.] July 20, 
1694. Ayer Collection. Sec fost^ "Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. i. Vol. 
XLI, pp. 36-38, 
Gonzalez, Andres, O. P. (bishop of Nueva Caceres): — [Letter to the 
pope.] Manila, June 2, 1698. Ayer Collection. See posty "Arco, Ven- 
tura del," iv, no. 7. Vol. xlii, pp. 33-43 (part of "The Camacho contro- 

A letter wm alto addrened by the same bithop on June 4, 169S, to the king; on the 
dcrenth, one to the pope; and on the twentj-fint, another to both king and pope - 
all touching the same matter. The prorindals of the Dominicans, Augustinians, Jesuits, 
and Recollects sent a statement to the king, June 25, 1698, against Camacho. Notes 
of all these documents appear in Ventura del Aroo^s MSS., iT, no. 8. Vol. xui, pp. 43, 44. 

Camacho, Diego (archbishop); and others. — Copia demostrativa de las 
exegencias que sobre el examen de los libros parroquiales tuvo el arzo- 
bispo Camacho. 1698-1699. Ayer Collection. Begins "El Padre 
Antonio de Borja de la compania de Jesus . . ." Ends "dias del 
mes de henero de mil seiscientos nouenta y nueve anos." Vol. xlii, pp. 
46-64 (see p. 46, note 15, pp. 51 and 56, matter in brackets, p. 60, note 
23, and p. 64, matter in brackets). 

Folio, 10 leaves (first and last rag paper, and interrening leaves rice paper). The 
original MS. Formeiij in the collection of the C. G. de T. de F., who priced it at 150 francs. 
Tl^ MS. consists of various parts: the petition of the procurator-general of the Jesuits, 
Antonio de Boija, presented by the alcalde-tn-ordinaiy, Antonio Basarte, Jan. la, 1698, 
and ordered admitted; the two acts copied in accordance therewith, whkh are dated 
San Juan de Calamba, Nov. 16, and Balayan, Dec 7, and concern Camacho^s visit; and 
the tariff, dated Manila, Nov. 5, 1698 (printed by Retana, Aparaio hSti^ i, pp. 183-185); 
notarial attestations, dated Blsinila, Nov. 14, 1698, and Jan. 13, 1699; and finally, the 
attestation of validity of instruments drawn up or signed by the notaiy Captain Joseph 
Ximenn BoniUa, Jan. — , 1699. 

: — [News from Filipinas since July, 1697.] (1698 ?] Ayer Collec- 
tion. See posty '*Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 6. Vol. xlii, pp. 25-33 
(part of "The Camacho controversy"). 

Carlos II: — [Royal decree addressed to Archbishop Camacho.] Aran- 
juez. May 20, 1700. Ayer Collection. See posty **hxcOy Ventura del," iv, 
no. 10. Vol. xui, pp. 113-116 (part of "The Camacho controversy"). 

Morales, Luis de, S.J.: — [Notices of Filipinas in 1698 and 1699.] Ma- 
nila, June 9, 1700. Ayer Collection. See posty ''Arco, Ventura del," 
iv, no. II. Vol. xlii, pp. 44-46. 

: — [Vindication of official acts performed by . . Francisco 

Gueruela, . . visitor . . in . . 1702.] [1703?] Ajrer Col- 
lection. See posty "Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 13. Vol. xlii, pp. 304- 
308, note 126. 

Digitized by 


un seminario, (} mando fundar en desca ciudad el Rey. Madrid, March 
3, 1710. A. H. N.; Papdes jesuitas; leg. 10. Begins "Presidente j 
oydores de mi Aud^*. . . /' Ends "enterado de ello/', with date, 
royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretary. Vol. xlv, 
pp. 187-192 (in educational appendix). 
There are two copici ol this decree in this lega jo. 

Otazg, Diego db, S. J.: — [Letter concerning the government of Busta- 
mante.] Manila, November 19, 1719. Ayer Collection. See post^ 
"Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 16. Vol. xliv, pp. 165-181. 
This if given by the editior of Delgado*t HUuridi, pp. 205«xio. 

San Agustin, Caspar de, O. S. A.:— Carta | de Fr. Gafpar de San | A^, 
aun Amigo fuyo | en Efpafia, que le pregu- | ta el natural i genio de lo« 
I Jndios naturales de | eftas Islas Phi-| lipinas. | Manila, June 8, 
1720. Ayer Collection. Begins ''Muy Senor mio: aunque esun pode- 
rofio ..." Ends "muchos atios de mi deseo.", with date and signa- 
ture. Vol. XL, pp. 183-279. 

The letter itself is followed by certain facetious questioos and answcn concetning the 
Filipino, which are ascribed to Pedro Murillo Velarde, S. J. W. E. Retana says (£jfa- 
dismo, ii, p. 281*) that Murillo Velarde was a genial author, but itrj keen and obsorrant 
withal. '*He was Teiy anti-Indian, a name applied to those who do not flatter them; and 
it is known that in a quarter of an hour of good humor, he wrote the pages wfaidi I tran- 
scribe** (here follow the questions and answers). Retana notes that Murillo Velarde and 
Delgado did not have the same opinion in the matter. This is a famous letter, and manf 
copies of it exist. See us sufra, pp. 183, 184, and the footnotes for the entire letter. Tlie 
MS. described abore is written on good rag paper of about octavo size^ and occupies foL 
1-31 recto. The questions and answers of Murillo Velarde occupy foL 31 tecto-32 yerto. 
There is one blank leaf in front, and three at the end. The MS. has been carcfullf made, 
and all quoutions are in red ink. On the cover, it bean the number 16. It is not the 
original MS., but a copy (probably made almost contemporaneously widi the original). 
We gire the variants in the MS. in M. B. de U., and that presented by Delgado, together 
with comments of the latter and of Mas. In ethnological appendix. Cited by Blumen- 
tritt, VcciA, iim. Autd^ p. 130. 

CuESTA, Francisco db la (archbishop): — [Letter concerning the govern- 
ment of Bustamante.] Manila, June 28, 1720. Ayer Collection. See 
post^ "Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 17. Vol. xliv, pp. 182-195. 

Santisteban, Manuel db: — Carta que . . envio, el General Santis- 
teban, dando cuenta de sucesos politicos en Felipinas. Manila, 1730. 
Ayer Collection. Begins ''Primo Amigo, y Senor. A la venida del 
Galeon ..." Ends "repito le estara mi summo reconocimiento 
Siempre.", with closing and signature ''Manuel de S'^.tistevan". Vol. 

XLIV, pp. I96-224« 

Purchased hj Mr. Ajrer from Vindel in 1903 for 150 pesetas (although priced by Vindd 
at 200 pesetas). It is listed in Vtndel^s Cat^ogo (Madrid, 1903X iii> p- m* no. 2699. 
He says of it: ** Original and unpublished MS. composed dF 31 pages; written in a very 
rigorous hand; also written on the margins of {teveral of] the last pages. An interesting 
document in which one may study the corrupt administration to be obsenred during that 
Valdes Tamon, Fernando (governor).-— Relacion | EN QUE DE OR- 

Digitized by 


DEN D£ SU MAGESTAD | Catholica (Dios le Guarde) fe dedaran las 

I Plazas, Caftillos, Fuerzas, y Prefidios de las | Provincias fugetas a 

SU Real Dominio en | las Yslas Philipinas, con Delineacion de fus | Pianos, 

y Demonftraciones puntuales de los | Pertrechos, y Gente de Guerra, 

Sueldos, Ra | ciones, y Municiones para su manutencion: | liquidado 

fu importe al ano, y el Producto de | Rentas, y Consignaciones de que fe 

reporta. | Describenfe con noticias, affi effenciales, como | curiofas, 

todas estas Provincias; refumtendo | lo que rinden para la Real Caxa. 

Y fe da I razon con Refumen General de lo fixo | del Haver, y Cargas 


FERNANDO VALDES TAMON; | a cuyo cargo es el Govierno | de 

dichas Yslas. | Ano de 1739. | Manila, 1739. M. B. de U.; 24-4*. — 

'»735* Begins ^. . . Descripcion svccinta de la civdad de Manila. 

La Ysia de Luzon, ..." Ends "y Condudon de la Obra. . . 

Fol. 207 (this is the table of contents to the MS.)*'. Vol. xlvii, pp. 86- 


This BiS. consiftt of two parts: the first is the retation proper by Valdes Tamon; the 
second part is the ecclesiastical siurey and was written by Pablo Frandsco Rodri^ez de 
Bcrdozido, royal accountant at Manila, in 1742. In **MotiTO de Efta obra,** which pre- 
cedes the work, a letter from Don Joseph Patifio, royal secretaiy, dated Sept. 20, 1735, 
states that the king desired news of die islands, and of their fortifications, as the recent fire 
at the palace in Madrid had destroyed many papers. He asked for plans, and reports on 
fortifications, troops, munitions, and artillery. The ecclesiastical portion of the work was 
written in obedience to a letter, dated Madrid, Aug. 30, 1739, from the royal secretary. 
The book is a beautiful specimen of workmanship. It is fdio size and bound in boards. 
For better protection, the entire book, with its binding, has been enclosed in two thick 
wooden coders. The paper is thick and heavy, and somewhat worm-eaten. Some of the 
maps are in colors. Another copy of this MS. exists in the Serilla archires. A short ex- 
tract from a copy of this MS., probably existing in Manila, is published in toL iii, of the 
annual Report of the War Department (Washington, 1903), pp. 437, 438, note a. 

Caldbron y Henriquez, Pedro. — [Letter to president of the Council of 
the Indies.] Manila, July 16, 1746. A MS. found among other papers 
in Biblioteca de la Academia Espaiiola, by the librarian, Roman Murillo. 
Begins ''Aunque en el ano proximo passado . . ." Ends 'Snnato 
celo de V. S. YII°^.", with closing, date, and signature. Vol. xlvii, pp. 

This is the only MS. treating of the Philippines existing in the abore library. 

Masvesi, Antonio, S. J.: — [Letter concerning Moro and other affairs.] 
Cavite, December 2, 1749. Ayer Collection. See past^ "Arco, Ventura 
del," iv, no. 18. Vol. xlvii, pp. 242-250. 

Norton y Nicols, Nicolas: — Comercio | de las | Islas Philipinas | e con- 
veniencias | que | pueden dar a S. M. Carlos III | Por | D'^ . 
I Manila | . [1759.] Ayer Collection. Begins "Al Rey Nuestro senor 
Carlos in. Seiior. La obligacion precisa ..." Ends *'y sana 
intencion Del proponiente.", with signature. Vol. xlvii, pp. 251-284. 
Small folio in la leaves (unnumbered, first title-page, with green border, last blank). 
Undated, but on the title-page has been written in a hand different from the MS. ^about 

Digitized by 


iTfo;*^ however, on fol. 15 Tcno, lines 4, 5» it teen ** Julio De eMc preMOte afio De nil 
•ettct^c". cinqu^, j nucbc**, which tuffidentlx dates the MS. as 1759. Described by Vin- 
del (CaiJiog; i, no. i, 404), who says of it ** Unpublished MS., a work absolutdj unknown'**, 
and prices it at So pesetas. It was purchased by Mi, Ajcr from the C. G. de T. de F^ 
by wlKHn It was priced at 65 francs. Its author was an Englishman who had become a 
naturaliied Spaniard, and whose naturalization papers exist in A. de L 

Vblasco, Pbdko, O. S. A.:— Razon de lot Pueblos, Tributos, Reserraidos 
de Hedady y Enfemiedady Solterot, Doncdlas, Efcuelas, de Ninos, y 
Ninas, Infantes, Mifdones, Cathecumebos, y Nuevos Bapdzados, de laa 
Provindas, y Minifterios, que estan a Caigo de la Religion de Nib P'. 
San Augusdn, en eftas Iflas Philiptnas, efte preffente Aiio DE 1760. 
Tondo, April 169 1760. Ayer Collection. Begins ''Provindas . . ." 
Ends "y para que confte donde convenga, lo firme:", with date and signa- 
ture. Vol. XLviiiy pp. 52-58. 

Acquired from C. 6. de T. de F., who priced it at 30 francs; formolj belonged to tb^ 
tana*s collection. Consists of statistics arranged on both sides of a large sheet of paper, 
whidi folds into four small folios. 

Anda y Salazar, SmoN de; and others.* — Documentos | para la | historia 

I de la invasion | y | guerra | con los Ingleses | en | Filipinas | desde 

1762 a 1764 I fielmente copiados | de los | originates en 1765 | 1765. 

Ayer Collection. Synopsized and condensed in vol. xlix, pp. 132-175. 

Consists of 55 documents as foQowi: 1. Ru^go 7 encargo al Reverendo Anobispo de 
Manila de Don Simon de Anda, Gobcmador j Capitan General de las Tslas IHtpinas. 
Bulacan, Oct. 8, 1762. Pp.i-4- Begins*' El SeAord'SimooDe Anda 7 Salaiar . . .** 
Ends **a los autos de su materia.**, widi date and signature. 2. Carta dd Sr. arsobispo 
i D. Simon de Anda sobse los debcres de concicna'a que debe tener en cuenta todo gobcr- 
nante. Manila, Oct. 10, 1762. Pp. 4, 5. Begins ^En la comxsion que tiene . . .** 
Ends **los justos protedkaientos De V. S.**, widi dosing, date, and signature. 3. Res* 
puesta i la anteoedcnte . . . Bulacan, Oct. 20^ 1762. Pp. 5-8. Begins **Tllflk> 
sefior Anobispo de Bianila . . .*" Ends '^dctenido en esa Capital.*^, with dosing, date^ 
and signature of Anda. 4. [Letter from the archbishop to Anda.] Sanu Crux, Oct. 26^ 
1762. Pp. 8, 9. Begins '*La carta de V. S. . . .** Ends ^'Empleo, 7 De su Per- 
sona^*, with dosing, date, and signature. This is wrongl7 called in its heading, and in the 
index, the repl7 to the preceding letter of the 20th. 5. Carta dd M. R. Anobispo al Sr. 
. . Anda rogandole se pr es e n t e en Manila, sin falta, baja la palabra de seguridad que 
le han dado los jefes britanicos. Manila, Oct. 23, 1762. P. 9. Begins **Mando 7 
ordeno eztrecham^. . . .** Ends **Tenir sin fdta.**, with dosing, date, and signature. 
6. Copia dd pasapoite ingles firmado por Drapert para que d Sr. Anda pase Ubremente 
i Manila. Manila, Oct. 25, 1762. Pp. 9, la Begins **Este es para ceirificar . . .^ 
Ends *'Puede V S vcnir sin d menor rezdo « El Arzobtspo* ** 7. [Anda*s repl7 to the 
preceding assurance of passport.] Oct. 25, 1762. Pp. 10^ 11. Begins ^YUmo sefior — 
La De V S Y . . .** Ends *> constanda en la Religion.*^, widi dosing, date, and 
signature. (No. 4, abore, is the answer to this letter.) 8. Rdato dd Sr. Anobi^ al 
Sr. Anda czponiendole los motiTos que ha tenido para pactar con los ingleses 7 conmi- 
nandole en nombre dd Re7 pan que cese en sus intemperandas. Santa Cruz, Nor. 4, 
1762. Pp. 11-14. Begins " Mi caru entregada d mismoembiado . . .*** Ends*'Ete 
la corte De Madnd'*\ with dosing, date, and ngnature. 9. Alocud6n del arzobispo i los 
fieles naturdes . . . Oct. 30, 1762. Pp. 14-17. Begins **Hijosmios 7 amados . . .** 
Ends '*7 no a las Tdiotas, 7 neiedos.**, with dosing, date, and ngnature. la Bando 
dd Gobemador ingles Mr. Dncfc partidpando A los naturaks como por capituladoo 
ha pasado la.Yda de Luzon 7 ad7acentes i la Corona de YnglateiTa. Nov. i, 1762. 
Pp. 17, 18. Begins **Que como su YUma . . J*" Ends ^e 7nnobed^ a ambas 
Magestad".*\ with date and ugnatures. 11. Orden dd Sr Anda d dcdde MaTor de 
Sambles, sobre la Monzon. Bacdor, Nov. 11, 1762. Pp. 18, 19. Begins ^Por ser tfo 
regular . . .** Ends *'en d exped^. haber*\ with signatures of Anda and notat7. 
12. Condidones bajo las cuaks se concede pcrdon i los sangieTcs. Bacdor, Dec 21, 

Digitized by 


1762. pp. 19, ao. Begins **Retpecto a estar caanmdot . . .** Ends **I>e 1m dili- 
geii2ia8*\ widi tignature **falazar.*^ 13. £1 gobemador General . . al dd pueUo 
de Apality ordenindole proceda i la captura de lot sangleyet que salieroo huidot del pueblo 
deGuagua. Bacalor, Dec. 2a, 176a. P.aa Begins ^^ElGoremador del Pueblo . . /* 
Ends **7 lo debolTera obedttido.'**, with date and signature. 14. Gobemador Gene- 
ral al dd pueblo de Guagua, ordenandole rede la venta de vino de Nipa cuanto se hallaie 
en las tiendas. Bacalor, Dec. aa, 176a. P. aa Begins ^GoTemador dd Pueblo de 
Guagua . . /* Ends **me dareis cuenta.**, with date and signature. 15. El Dr. 
D. Sunon . . al Comisario de S. M. Gidor 7 Alcalde dd Crimen de la Real Audicncsa 
7 Chandlleiia de estas Yslas FiUpinas. Bacalor, Dec. aa, 176a. Pp. ao>a3. Begins 
**Hago sarer a todos . . .*** Ends ^se puedan prerenir.**, with date. 16. A lot 
M. M. R. R. Vicarios 7 Biinistros de la doctrina de esta provinda de la Pampanga. 
Bacalor, Dec. aa, 176a. Pp. a3, 2^ Begins ^^Aberiguado, 7 constante era lo . . .** 
Ends **a tan glorioso fin**, with date. 17. Testimonio de la ejecuddn de lot sangleyes 
en d pueblo de Bacolor. Dec a3, 176a. Pp. 34, 2$. Begins **En d Pueblo de Bacalor 
. . .** Ends ^de que do7 fee.** 18. Caiu de Don Simon de Anda i Don Joseph 
Eslara. Mexico de la Pampanga, Dec 30, 176a. Pp.a5,a6. Begins **S.dn.JphEslaTa 
* Con la bulla . . .** Ends **De este empefio.**, with dosing, and date. 19. [De- 
cree concerning the SanglcTs.] Mexico de la Pampanga, Dec 31, 176a. Pp. a6, a7. 
Begins **Mexco. De la Pampanga . . .** Ends ^'devienes Dedifuntos.** (The index 
is confused at this point.) ao. A los goremadores de lot pueblos Gapang . . . 
Mcoco de la Pampanga, Dec a7, 176a. P. 37. Begins ^Gomnadores De los Pueblos 
. . .** Ends **la menor omision.**, with date and signature of Anda. ai. [Concern- 
ing the rebellious Sanglcjs.] Apalit, Feb. 4, 1763. Pp. a7, a8. Begins ^Apalit r^ Aud*. 
. . .** Ends ^cuenta De la execudon.** aa. A los gobemadores de naturales, ofi- 
dales de justida 7 guerra . . . Pftmnda de Pangazam [sk,] Bacalor, Nor. 18, 176a. 
Pp. a8-33. Beg^ ** Saved, que itro Alcalde maior, . . .** Ends **d haver nsto 
este fuccto.**, with doting, and date. 33. Bando pubHcado por d Gobemador britanico 
de Bianila contra D. Simon de Anda . . . Manila, Jan. 33, 1763. Pp. 33, 34. Be- 
gins ^*Porquantodn. Simon de Anda . . .** Ends**delacompafiiaYnglesaorientd.**, 
with date^ and signatures. 34. Carta de Don Simon de Anda sobre despacho de buques. 
ApaUt. Pp. 34-36. Begins **He Uegado i entender . . .** Ends **dado en Apalit 
a** (the index is confused at this point). 2$, Carta de D. Simon de Anda al arzobispo 
sobre cumplimiento de las le7es de Recopiladon 7 otros extremos no menot interetantet. 
ApaUt, Feb. (nof Sept. as in index) la, 1 763. Pp. 36^44. Begins **Bien enterado se halla 
. . .** Ends ^ aliado al a corona Britan<^.**, widi date and signature. a6. Tanto de lo 
acaecido en la embaxada q^ di6d Ro. p«. ProTindd de la compafiia De Jhs Bem<lo. 
Pasuengot, a la Red Aud*. De Philipinat. Apalit, Feb. a6, 1763. Pp. 44^ Begins 
*'HaTiendosepresent<lo. . . .** Ends **Deq*.do7 fee**, with date and signatures. a7. 
Copiade la carta escritadS>'D<> Simon de Anda . . por Roberto Eduardo Fell, . . . 
Manila,Mar. 15, 1763. Pp. 47-49. Begins ^Sefior * Lot Espaitoles . . .** Endt**en 
d Estado De nulitares.**, with date, dosing, and ugnature. a8. Respuetta a la anteced ^ 
por la red Audienda . . . Ma7 [j/c; Mar. f\ ai, 1763. Pp. 49-57. Begins **Mui 
sor. mio: A7er tarde rezivi . . .** Ends ''7 castigar i con rigor.**, with doting, and 
date. 39. Vando promulgado por lot Yngletet. Manila, Ma7 17, 1763. P. 58. Begins 
'^Por cuanto, muchot . . .** Ends **a fin De ahu7entar]et.**, wi^ date and signatures. 
30. Otro [bando] promulgado en la Cavezera De Bacalor [por los Espafioles]. Bacdor, 
Majr 19, 1763. Pp. 58, 59. Begins **Red Audienda Goremadora . . .** Ends 
**Pridoocros, 7 descstores.**, with date 31. Otro vando de lot Yngletet. Manila, June 
6, 1763. Pp. 59-66. Begins **Por quanto d s' d^ fimon De Anda . . .** Ends '^sin 
remcdio les oprimen**, with date and ugnatures. 3a. Carta dd sefior Arzobispo d s<>' 
Anda. Manfla, Mar. ai, 1763. Pp. 66, 67. Begins^ El nuere 7 grave cuidado . . .** 
Ends ^travajada, 7 combatida**, with closing, date, ugnature, uid address. 33. Res- 
puesta de Anda a la antecedente. Bacdor, Apr. 11, 1763. Pp. 68-79. Begins ^He 
rezivido la De V S . . .** Ends ^que no habla De memoria.**, with dosing, date, 
signature, and address. 34. Carta Dd Castellano De Cavite d Levantado . . Diego 
SOang. Manila, Ma7 6, 1763. Pp. 79, 80. Begins **Mui s^^. mio: d s^^. Govema''. 
. . .** Ends **gu* a V m dilatadot ailot,**, with date, signature, and addrets. 35. Man- 
dato de lot Genei* Drapcn, 7 Comix d alcdde 7 Ptav*. De Ylocos. Abordo dd **Noor- 
folk**, Sept. a4 176a \sie). Pp. 80, 81. Bc^ '^Nototrot Samud Comix . . .** 
Endt *'oponer a ntris Armas.**, with date and ugnature. 36. Obedezim^. De SOang 
d mind^., antezed^. Vigam, Ma7 13, 1763. Pp. 81, 8a. Begins **En la dudad de 

Digitized by 


CoiHejo Bntanico. BlaniU, BIaj, 1763. Pp. Sa, 83. Begins **Ha]Kw rezmdo can 
mathM (anddti^ . . .** Endt'^tiiiorogartDioagf. a ▼ mm* «<".**, with date, dodng, 
and itgnaturet. 38. [Caita] Del Gorem^'' de Bfanila a Diego Silang. Manfla, 1763. 
Pp. 83, 84. Begins **Dcteandoq«.loeNatiiralei . . .** Endt **Diotg«.aTmm*a*. 
Blanila dlie 1763**, widi ■agnature of Drake. 39. Carta Del Sefior Anda al s^^ obiipo 
Vttariz. Bacalor, June 13, 1764. Pp. 84, 85. Begins ^Tllfib 7 revcr«lo sefiaraEn 
erta fecha . . .** Ends **requiere la oonfianaa*\ vith dosing, date, and signature. 
40. Ocra [carta] a los Pkindpaks de Ylocos. Bacalor, June 12, 1763. Pp. 85-87. 
Begins ^Amados 7 estimados Hijos . . .** Ends ^arregiadas 7 suabes LcTes.**, widi 
dosing date, and signature. 41. Carta del Seftor Anda al sefior arzobispo. Bacalor, 
Jttl7a9,i763. Pp. 87, 88. Begins **TIlfib feAoc^fiendo tan oontrarias . . .*** Ends 
**7 De estas chrisriandadcs**, with closing date, signature,and address. 4a. Vando de 
los Yngleses . . conminando A D. Simon de Anda. Manila, Sept. 19, 1763. Pp. 89, 
90. Begins **Par q^. el dia 23 de Julio . . .** Ends **la efusioo de mas sangre Hum- 
ana.**, with stgnatores and date. 43. Otro [bando] Dd sefior Anda contra d antezed^. 
Bacalor, Sept. 28, 17^. Pp. 90^91. Begins ^ElDo^.d^. Simon de Anda . . .** Ends 
**testimomo a coatinuaz>^.**, wkh date and sigo^tuies. 44. Otro [bando] Dd nusmo. 
Bacalor, Oct. 24, 1763. Pp. 91-^. B^ins^'EIDor.DnSimaodeAnda . . .** Ends 
**desta fuperO' Gomiiaz>>.**, w^ date and signatures. 45. Carta dd s^. d° Simon de 
Anda, al s*" d^*. Tbomas Becus. Bacalor, Nor. 2, 1763. Pp. 93-98. B^ins "'Mm s<^. 
mio: No habra . . .** Ends *^j oopiada a la letra*\ with dosing date, and signature. 
416. Rcspucsta a la anteoedente. Nov. 22, 17^. Pp. 99-103. Begins ^^Sefior^Renvi 
la bucstra . . .** Ends *'mu7 obed^ 7 humilde fertidor Thomas Bacfaoase*\ wiA 
date and address. 47. Rcspoesu al papd firm<^ p^. d Comand^. d^ Thomas Becns. 
Bacalor, Jan. 23, 1764. Pp. i03-io6. Begins ^El D*"'. d^. Simon de Anda . . ,** 
Ends ^dudos articulos Pkdiminaret**, widi date. 48. Vando mandado publicar p^. d 
Sefior Anda. Bacalor, Jan. 24, 1764. Pp. io6» 107. Begins ^Aunque la Tm^utar oocre- 
sponden^. . . .** Ends ''a este Superior Goviema**, with date. 49. Respuesta 
dd Sefior Anda d Sefior DraK. [Bacdor, 1764 f] Pp. 107, 108. B^ins ** Veo los send- 
mientos . . .'* Ends ^'Umertsd a dho sefior Re7.'* 50. [Carta A los] Sefioies Gefes 
Blilitares, 7 driles Coman^ De Mar 7 Tierra De la Nadon Britanica en las Plazas De 
Manila 7 Cavite. Bacdor, Jan. 28, 1764. Pp. 108-111. Begins ^El deseo De la Paz. 
. . .** Ends **su derido cumplimientOB**, with date. 51. [Carta A los] Seftoraa 
Gefes MiUtares 7 d?iles coman*"* De Mar 7 Tierra De la Nadon Brit<^. enlas Plazas De 
Manila 7 cav^. Bacdor, Feb. 3, 1764. Pp. in, 112. Begins **EI vefaem^. deseo que 
asiste . . .^* Ends **o la De los requerim***.rderidosi"**, with dosing, date and Anda*s 
dgnature. 52. Otra [caru] d mismo Got°^. 7 Coosejo Britan^^. [tratando d tratado de 
paz].QttartdGcnl.DePolo»Man:h9^i764. P.112. Begins** En carta De 07 Dia . . .** 
Ends **cu7as vidas g*. Dios m* a*.**, wkh date. 53. Ofido dd Gobemador ingles 7 
jefes de las fuerzas . . enviando a . . Anda . . oopia dd traudo definitivo 
de paz . . . Manila, Mar. 9, 1764. P. 113. Begins **A1 D*"'. D^. Simon De Anda 
. . .** Ends **pueda ofrezer Tambobo.**, widi date and five signatures. 54. Resp^ 
[de Anda d antecediente]. Red Campo de Pblo, Mar. 10^ 1764. Pp. 113, 114. Bepns 
**Sefiores Govemador 7 concejo Britan^o . . /* Ends **De dlas— Dios Gui a t f f 
m*. a***, with date. 55. Ofido dd Gobemador Capitan Generd de Filipinas nom- 
brando la comidon que debe redbirve de las plazas de Manila 7 Cavite. Red Campo 
de Polo» Mar. 10, 1764. P. 114. Begins **Sefiorcs Goror. 7 Conzejo, 7 Comand** De 
Mar . . .*** Ends **puedan ocuirir Dios g*. a ▼ ss. m*. a***, with date. 

This MS., wUch was purchased from the Madrid bookseller, P. Vindd, b7 Mr. ATcr in 
1904 is bound in a modem binding embossed on the back, **Ligleses en Illipinas**. It 
has a modem title-page (^.r., aboveX and, in addidon, a modem index at the end, which 
contains, however, numerous errors. The MS. itself consists of 57 folios, numbered in ink 
b7 the person who transcribed the various documents from the originals in 1765. In addi- 
tion each page is also numbered in pencil (i 14 in all). The MS. is in excellent conditian, 
and is worn through in but few places, due to the old-fashioned method of blotting, which has 
disintegrated the paper in sevoal instances. The titles of the various documents as given 
above have been uken pard7 from the index, partl7 from the documents thems^ves, and 
in part made up. 
Anda y Salazar, Simon (governor): — [Synopsis of letter to Carios III.] 
Manila, June 22, 1764. Ayer Collection. See post, ** Arco, Ventura del/ 

Digitized by 


Anda Y Salazar; continued — 
IT, no. 31. Vol. xlix, pp. 262-268. This is cited by Fernandez Duro, 
Armada esp.y vii, p. 95, note I. 

[Letter to Carlos III.] Manila, July 23, 1764. Ayer Collection. See 
p<aty "Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 29. Vol. xlix, pp. 269-287. 

[Synopsis of communications to Carlos III.] Manila, June- July, 1764. 
Ayer Collection. Sec post^ " Arco, Ventura del," iv, no. 30. Vol. xlix, 
pp. 296-308. 

Cornish, Vicb-Admiral Samuel: — Letter to Lord Anson on the opera- 
tions at Manila. November i, 1762. B. M.; Hardwicke papers; Vol. 
DL. Navy papers, 1693-1779; add. 35,898; fol. 278, 279. Begins 
"My Lord It affords me the most sensible pleasure ..." Ends 
"Your Lordship's most obliged & most humble Serv^", with signature 
and date. Vol. xux, pp. 60-64. 

Draper, General William: — Letter to the Earl of Egremont. Manila, 
November i, 1762. B. M.; East India military letters; add. 5939; fol. 
80 verso-82 verso. Begins "Manila Nov', i'^. 1762 My Lord I do 
myself the Honour . . ." Ends "as objects of Compassion", with 
closing and signature. Vol. xlix, pp. 65-70. (See also antey p. 128.) 

[Dalrymple, Alexander]: — Plan for the conquest of the Philippine Is- 
lands. 1762. B. M.; jure emptionis; add. 19,298; Plut. CLII. E. Be- 
gins "Before we consider this Subject ..." Ends "to require the 
Zebu Rout." Vol. xlix, pp. 27-43. 

Although the autfaonhip of thit document it not indicated on the document itteif, an 
cntTf ill the catalogue of the muaeum atcribes it to Dalrymple; if the date ^Nov. 23, 176a,** 
it the date when it was written, it was thus written after the conquest of Manila hf Draper 
and Cornish; and must have been written in England, or where the writer had not learned 
ol the success of the British arms. In the absence ctf this direct catalogue entry, we had 
suggested Draper as its author (see ut supra, p. 43, note). There was a Spanish translation 
of this document in Ministerio de Ultramar, Madrid (dted by Moya y Jimenez, p. 240). 
Blumentritt, FeeabaJar tnndntr Ausdrikke, p. 139, confuses the author of this MS. widi 
Admiral Sir Hyde Parker. 

Ckoiiiielin, Charles; and others: — [Official communicadons regarding 
capture of Manila.] January 21-Febniary 2, 1763. B. M.; East India 
military letters; add. 5939.; Plut. CXXIV. A.; fol. 15-16 verso, 23, 33 
ver80-34, 45. Vol. xlix, pp. 65-68, note 27. 

Roxo del Rfo y Vbyra, Manuel Aktonio (archbishop): — Reladon de 
las operaciones del Arzobispo de Manila Govemador y Capitan Gral de 
las Philipinas del tiempo del sitio, o asedio de Iob Ingleses a la Capital 
de Manila, de su toma por afsalto; y de las q^. subsiguieron a este dea- 
graciado sucesso: para defenza de su fama, y Nombre, ajados, y atro- 
pellados de la emulacion por sus calumnias, injurias, y contumelias de 
palabra, y por escrito en Cartas, y Libelos famosos. [Manila, 1763.] 
Ayer Collection. Begins ''i. No pienso otra defenza contra la calum- 

Digitized by 


nia, • . /' Ends ''doctun^ preciiot y de mui poco bulto/' Vol. 

xux, pp. 104-13 1 (in synoptit and translation). 

This MS. was puidiated bj BIr. Ajcr fnxn the Madrid bookaeller, P. Yindelt in 190}, 
for the ftun of S15 pesetas (akfaough Yindel asked 300 pesetas for it; see no. 2693 ^ ^ 
C^iMogo, uif Madrid, 1903, p. ao8). Of it Yindel says: **A document of high historical 
intefcsL In it are idaied with the greatest veradty all the events of the capture of Manila 
by the British forces. In pait, the conduct of its author^ the most illustrious Sefior Don 
Bfanuel Antonio Roxo del Rk> 7 Veyra, is rindicated.** The MS. is bound in modem 
leather covers, embossed on the back ^Razo [sk] Operaciones en Manila. MS. 1763**. 
The MS. itself is badlj stained and is worn in many places; and has been mended at some 
time. It consists of 52 folios, which are numbered in pendL It is either the real ar^ginal 
of the relation or a copy made shoftly after it was written. Cited by Femindex Duro, 
Armada tsp^ rii, p. 94, from the MS. belonging to Justo Zaragoza, which was rtaminrd 
by Manuel Danrila, ii, p. ao6. 

Vbla, Baltasak, S. J.. — [Letter to Antonio Gonzalez, S. j!] Manila, 
July 24, 1764. A. de S.; secretaiia de gracia y justicia; leg. 691, fol. 
237. Begins'' Mi Hennano Antonio Gonzalez. Llego la carta . . •" 
Ends ''no es como antes/^ with date and signature. Vol. xuz, pp. 

Cited by Momsro y Vidal, ff (tf. fnr., ii, p. 74, note. 
ViANA, Francisco Lbandro db (fiscal; and later Conde de Tepa): — 
DEMONS I tradon | DEL MISERO | deplorable efudo de las Iflas 
Philipinas: | de la neceffidad de abandonarlas, o mante | nerlas, con 
fuer^as refpetables: de los inconvenientes de lo primeto, y ventajas de lo 
I fegundo: de lo que pueden produdr | a la Real Hadenda: de la Nave- 
I gadon, extendon, y vtt- 1 lidades de fu Co- 1 mercio. | CON RE- 
FLECCIONS. I que convencen la vtilidad de fbrmar vna Compania« 
bajo la Real Protecdon, para ha | cer feliz, y gloriofa la Monarquia Ef- 
panola, y priuar a fus Enemi- | gos de las ganandas, conque la deftniyen^ 
en paz, I y en gue- | rra. | POR | DON FRANCISCO | Leandro de 
Viana, Colegial de el Viejo de | san Bartholome, d maior de la Vni | ver- 
sidad de Salamanca: Rector, | que fue de d mismo Colegio: | Graduado 
en la Capilla de | santa Barbara de la re- | ferida Vniversidad: dd | 
Cons^. de S. M. y su Fis- | cal en esta Real | Audienda de | Manila. | 
Manila, February 10, 1765. Ayer Collection. Begins "Parte Primera, 
En que se demuestra • . de el Real Herario. Capit°. Prim^. De d 
actual infdiz estado de estas Yslas. No hay desdicha maior en d mundo, 
. . ." Ends "amado REY, y Senor Don Carlos Tercero, (que 
DIOS guarde.)", with date and signature. Vol. xlyiii, pp. 197-338 (in 
translation and synopsis). 

The relation proper it preceded by a letter signed by Frandtco Xavier de la Tone, gor- 
emor and president of the Audienda (lee ut supra, pp. 197, 198, note 1 15 -in partX dated 
March to, 1765. Begint **Representadon fecha ii superior GovierDO de Manila: y sirra 
de Proemio. El Fiscal de S.M. . . M. Y. S. Nadie mejor, . . .'' Ends ''y 
seguiidad de sus Yndias Ocddentales.**, with dosing, date, and signature. The MS. is 
dMcribed in Vtndd^s CaUiogo for 1896, no. 1446 (nof 9 as numbered in Vindd*s sales labd 
in the back of the MS.). That catalogue says of it: ^* A valuable unpublished MS., finely 
written, . . and sij^ied by the author.** It is a small folio consisting of 87 unnumbered 

Digitized by 


Viana; continued — 

leiTCi (of which the fint two are bUiik» the third, title-page, 4^ the letter bj Torre, io46, 
tot proper, and 87, blank); and it bound in ▼ari-colored ailk (not green velfet, as itated 
by the catalogue); ornamented gilt edges. It cannot be stated with certainty whether this 
it an autograph copy by Viana, or whether it was made in Manila, or in Afadrid. It for- 
meriy belonged to the collection of W. E.Retana, and was purchased by Mr. Ayer from Via- 
dd, who piued it at 350 pesetas. Several other copies of this MS. are in existence^ two 
being found in the A. de L at Serilla, and one (pp. unnumbeied) belonging to Antonio 
Graifio, Madrid. It is mentioned by Montero y Vidal {Hittoria gntenJ tU Filipimu, ii, pp. 
118, 119), who gtrcs a table of its c on tents; and Retana, BsuuUsmo, ii, pp. 343*^44. 
This is a most important MS. [notwithstanding that Retana (La Pelftka di EspiuUif i, p. 
173) uyi that it contains nothing eztraordinaiyl for it describes economic conditions in 
fit Orient exactly as they ezirted at the time of its writing; and its author was an 
educated and feariess man. 

Demonstraciones | de lo que contribuien a S. M. I06 Naturales | de las 
Yslas Philipinas: De lo que se gasta en | su Adminis^'^. espiricual: Delo 
que el estado ecc*^°. | percive del REY,y de los Yndios: Y de los diver- 
sos aho I rros, y aumentos que puede tener la R^. Hacienda | para man- 
fener estos Dominios, con Fuerzag respetta | bles, sin necesidad del Real 
Situado, que annualmence | viene de Mexico^ y con la ventaxa de que el 
R^ Herario | resarza en lo succesivo los gastos hechos en los 202. aiios 
que I han corrido desde la Conquista de dhas Yslas | Por | Fran^^. Lean- 
dro de Viana Colegial del vie | jo de s". Barth'"®. el ma^. de la vniversidad 
de Salamanca, Rec | cor que fue de dho Colegio, Gra^uado de Licenciado 
p'. I la Capilla de s^*. Barvara, del consejo de su Mag^. | su fiscal en la 
Real Audiencia de Manila | y promovido a Plaza de Alcalde del Cri- | 
men de la de Mexico. | Manila, July lo^ 1766. Ayer Collection. Be- 
gins ''Demonstracion i^ del Numero de Tribucos de estas Yslas Phili- 
pinaSy y de lo que producen en cada un aiio. Por el Testimonio que 
remici ..." Ends "conque me he dedicado a las cosas del Real ser- 
▼icio.", with date, and signature. Vol. l, pp. 77-117. 

Small folio in 29 leaTcs (the first and the last three blank). Described in Vindel*s Catd^ 
hgf (Madrid, 1896)^ i, no. 1447, who says of it, ^Original unpublished MS., in magnifi- 
cent letter,** and prices it at 150 pesetas; and cited by Retana (who formerty owned it), 
EstatUsmOf ii, p. ^344; and La PclUsca d» EspaHa, i, p. 173. It was acquired by Mr. Ayer 
from the C. G. de T. de F., who priced it at 120 francs. A most Taluable economic docu- 
ment by a far-seeing man with a grasp on puUic affain. 

Libro de Cartas, y consuitas, dirigidas a s. M. y S'^. Ministros en 

el aiio De 1767. Por !>...., Fiscal De la i^. Aud^ De Manila. 

Manila, January 5-May 10, 1767. Ayer Collection. Vol. l, pp. 91, 92, 

note 49, and pp. 11 8-1 36 (and see p. 118, note 62; the first letter cited 

in part; and the last letter given entire). 

Consists of thirteen different items as follows: L Carta al tx^^, s^^ Marques de Esqui- 
lace, con remision de las demonstraciones de ihorros, y aumentos de la rK Haz<^. y de la 
obra inritulada demonstracion de el Misero deplorable Sc^. Fol. 1-4. Jan. 5. Begins 
**Esmuicortoelambito . . .** Ends **'de mi etemagratitud.", with dosing, date, and 
address. Vol. l, pp. 91, 92, note 49. II. Carta alez°*o.s<'^Arriagasobreeldesordende 
los Almacenes, con copia de las visttas Fiscales, y de el Libro proiectado para seguridad de 
las Armas Sc^. y con inclusion de el papd de adveitencias en otd^. i los robos de Almacenes. 
Fol. 5. Jan. 5. Begins ^'Ezo^o.Sor. Desde el afiode 764: . . .** Ends^'conelmaior 

Digitized by 


dcantent.** IIL Coninlta por U via de d cooaejo cod tatunonio de d esped^. cootza 
Salgado^ tobre U poaenoo cocreipoadiente al tpo de la Guena por d Asioito de d lino. 
Fol. 6-II recto. Jan. ai. Begini **Deipiiet de eraquada etta Flaza, por lot Ingiesesy 
. . .** Enda **j aupramo conicjo.**, vith doaiiig, date^ and addreas. IV. Cflnauka 
por dhavia, iobfcloadalloaocanonadoaporUCodksa Hc^. FoLiiTeno-i5ncto. Jan. 
31. Begina ^Sdior. Vna inaadable codida et la que . . .** Enda ^remilte d reme- 
dio de cttaa Ulaa.**, with doain^ date, and addicaa. V. Cooauka p^ dha via, con tetti- 
mooio de d esped^. de d remate de d Tino, que ae intentaba en Saigado con atraa doco- 
mcntoe. PoL 15 ireiao^j vcrao. Feb. 6. B^ina **Sefior. VfoR^o. In Chiiato obiapo 
de ZthOf gorernando eataa Ulaa, . . .** Ends ^y supremo Conaejo.^, with dosiagy 
date, and addnaa. VL Conaulta p'. dha via, lobre la Uegada de d Baroo la Sultanesa 
Ycgam. Fd. 34recto-a9Teno. Feb. 7. Begins **Scfior. El dia 8 de Scpt^. . . .** 
Ends ^aefioresdeeste Real ysup'B^^.Conscja**, with doaingy date, and addnaa. VEL Caita 
d s'. B^. sob*, lo mismo oqd cofria de la consulta antcced^. FoL 30 recto. Feb.S. Be- 
gina^Eimo.SeAQr: Porlavia . . ."* Ends ** con bandcra mora.**, with dosing, date, 
and address. VIIL Consulta por la via dd conaejo, en continuadon de lo acaeddo en 
d remate de d vino. FoL 30 recto -30 veno. Feb. 9. Begins **Seftor. Ectando 
pendiente por apdadon . . .** Ends ^de su anthemdo.**, widi dosing, date, and ad- 
dress. EC. Consulta, por dha via, aobre loa motiuos de d odio de Sdgado contra d Fts- 
cd 7 causas que aleg6 para su recusadon. Fol. 31 recto -34 recto. Begins '*Sefiar. 
Con Fha de 17. de octubre . . .** Ends *'en esse Red j Supremo Conaejo.**, with 
doaing, date, and addreas. Z. Consulta, por dha Tia, sobre lo vltimamente acaeddo en 
d remate de d vino. Fd. 34 veno - 37 reao. Feb. 15. Begins '*ScAor. En mis Coo- 
Bukaa de 6: . . .** Ends *'con fhas de 6 7 9 de d Cotriente.**, with dosing, date, and 
address. XI. Carta d S' Aniaga, instniiendde de los docum^<*. con q se da q^. A S. M. 
pf. la Tia de d consejo; 7 supUcandole q suspenda qudq<^. provide, hasu la de t ei m Q^. en 
just*, con Tista de autos. FoL 37 recto - 38 recto. Feb. 9. Begins **''Et^^. Sefior. Por 
la Tia de d Red . . .** Ends ^'vna casn totd indemnidad.**, with dosing and date. 
Xa. Cons^. pr. la via de d cono. aob*. lo acaeddo en la Tisu de d B^o. d Spiritu S^. y 
motiuos de no baberla firmado los Ministros de dla p' la Clausula de poder airibar k Bat»- 
via. Fd. 38 recto - 39 veno. Mar. a8. Begins **Seftor. En consuka de 7. de F ebrero 
. . .** Ends **sino A contempladon de d Goriemo.**, with dosing and date. Xm. 
Consuka por la via dd Consejo sobre la ensefianza ded idiomaespafid a los Indies, 7 sobcc 
dcomerdodeestosconlosespaitoles. Fd.30Teno-46recto. Ma7iow Begins ^Seikv: 
Por Red Cedula . . .** Ends **se ha dado quenta a S. M.**, with dosing and date 
(vol. l, pp. 118-136). This MS. was formerl7 in the collection of W. E. Retana, from 
whom it was probabl7 purchaaed b7 P. Vindd, from whom it was purchased in 1904 b7 Mr. 
A7er. The MS. is bound in green vdvet, and is a small folio of i unnumbered leaip, which 
serves aa title-page; 50 numbered leaves, of vdiich the first 46 are text, and the remainder 
blank; and i unnumbered leaf vdiich contains the index made in the same hand as the rest 
of the book. It is imposdble to state whether this Ictter-bodc waa written b7 Viana hin^ 
self in Older that he might picscne a cop7 of the letters that he wrote. Most of the docu- 
ments are accompanied b7 a shoit sTnopus that ma7 have been made b7 a government 
clerk; dthoug^ it is also posdble that it ma7 have been made b7 Viana. 

Carrion, Eugbnio, S. J..^— [Letter to Joseph de Rueda, S. J.] San Pedro 

Macati, July 8, 1765. A. de S.; secretaria de gracia y jusdcia; leg. 691, 

fol. 237. Begins "Jhesus. P. C. &^ Despues de nuestras desgracias 

. . .'' Ends ''en nuestra escuela de Murcia'' (in postscript). Vol. 

xux, pp. 333-335- 

Cited b7 Montero 7 Vidal, Hiti. gtn^ ii, p. 74, note. 
Paxubngos, Bernardo, S. J.: — [Letter to the procurator general, Joaquin 
Mesquida, S. J.] Santa Cruz, July 20, 1765. A. de S.; secretaria de 
gracia y justicia; leg. 691, fol. 240. Begins "Jhesus. P. C. En duda 
de si Uego . . /' Ends "y nuestra amistad:'', with date and 8ig> 
nature. Vol. xlix, pp. 336-342. 

The BIS. is sliglitl7 won in places. Cited b7 Montero 7 ^dal, Hijr. !•»., ii, p. 74, note. 

Digitized by 


Sancho db Santa Justa y Rufina, Basilio (archbishop) .^ — [Letter to 
Carlos III.] Manila, January i» 1770. A. H. N.; Lega jo entitled — 
Filipinas; temporalidades; A. 18-26-8. Begins "Seiior Sin embargo 
de tener . . ." Ends "y funciones del Altar.", with dosing, date, 
and signature. Vol. xlv, pp. 123, 124, note 50 (in educational appendix). 

: — Litterae Patris cuiusdam Missionarii ex ordine S. Francisci ad 

aliquem ex Societate Jesu Hispanum, datae ex urbe Manilensi in insulis 
Philippinis 13. Decembr. anno 1771 et nuper P. Aloysio Knapp com- 
municatae. Manila, December 13, 1771. Arch. Prov. German.; IV. 
a. 19. Begins "Conciliam Provinciale, quod ab ..." Ends"£pis- 
tola P. Franciscani." Vol. l, pp. 317-322. 

Sent to the Editon by a friend in Germany. It it written entirely in Latin, and bean the 
marks of editing, as the title shofws. 

FuBNTE, Angel de la: — Informe acerca de las obras pias de correspon- 
dencia fundadas en la provincia y colegios de Filipinas; plan de las canti- 
dades que cada una tiene, etc. Manila, June 23, 1797. Ayer Collec- 
tion. Begins "Exmo. S^ En Real orden de 26 : de Abril de 1796: 
. . ." Ends "y permanencia de estos bienes. Contaduria de tem- 
poralidades", with date and signature. See vol. li, pp. 57, 58, note 20 
(briefly S3mop*ized). 

Small fdio of 32 leaves; sewed. Carefully subdivided into the various obras pias, a 
shoft account being given of each one. This MS. was formeriy a part of the collection of 
the C. G. de T. de F., from whom it was purchased by Mr. Ayer. Price quoted at 200 

Bernaldez Pizarro, Manuel: — Dictamen sobre las causas que se oponen 

a la seguridad y Fomento de las Yslas Filipinas. [Manila, 1827.] Ayer 

Collection. Begins "Dictamen sobre las causas , . la Peninsula . . 

67. Exmo Seiior Las Yslas Filipinas ..." Ends "derecho de 

cabotage proximamente", with statistics. Vol. li, pp. 182-262. 

A note on the flyleaf of this MS. written by Vicente Barrantes, in whose library this MS. 
formerly rested, is as follows: **The author of this remarkable memorial was Don Manuel 
Bcmaldex Pizarro, government assessor and auditor of war and navy. He went to the 
islands in 1809, since he declares that he had resided there for 17 years, when he wrote 
this in the first months of 1827.** It is a valuable MS., and treats of all the manifold ele- 
ments entering into the administration of the Philippines - military; Moros; native 
population; lands; ecclesiastical matters; foreigners, exiles, and politicians in the islands; 
Spaniards from Europe in the islands; residencias; employes; aid sent to the islands; 
revenue matters; industrial affairs; judicial; etc Small folio of 87 leaves in all (i flyleaf, 
with note by Barrantes on vetio; i leaf, title-pag^; i unnumbered leaf, with contents; 
80 numbered leaves, tett; 3 blank flyleaves); bound in half leather, worn. Purchased 
from Vindel by Mr. Ayer in 1904. 

S. M., P. db: — Reflexiones imparciales de un Espapol avecindado en Ma- 
nila, sobre Las causas de la decadencia de las Yslas Filipinas, y mediot 
que juzga mas a proposito para hacerlas productivas a la Metropoli, y 
rettituirlas al estado de que son susceptibles por su ventajosa posicion. 
Madrid, 1827. Ayer Collection. Begins "Nota de los importantisimot 
pantos y propuesta de la Memoria adjunta. . . . Capitulo i^. Des- 

Digitized by 


cripcion topognfica . . . y al Estado. P> i Las Filipinas son 

. . ." Ends ''tegun sea sus calidades y su credito." See vol. u, 

pp. 263-273, where a brief outline of this MS. is given. 

The rdatioii proper, at dcacribed abo?e^ is precede d I17 an untigiied letter by die writer 
addretaed to ^'Ezflk) $<*. D^. Luia Lopez Balkateroa,** and bearing date, Madrid, Jnlj 15, 
1817. Begina ^Eadfto Sefior Dedicada inrfa a irfrmwite . . .*** Enda ^no cabcn en 
caloiio?**, with doain^ date, and addfeaa. Thia letter reveab the author aa a Gallego I17 
btith, who had been engaged for many jean in commcrciai enterpriaei in the Orient. Hia 
work ia dedi cate d to the addrewee. Incfaidei dcacriptian; diacuaoon of induatrial adran- 
tages; producta; adrantages of the conquest of the aoutfaem ialandi of Mindanao, etc; 
induatnal, political, and educational auggertiona; euppoit and enoouragement ol aover- 
eignty. A Taluable MS. dted by Vindel, CdCdfaga^ i, no. aoio^ where it waa priced at 80 
pcaetaa. Small folio of 55 leaTca (a blank leaves, a unnumbered learea, mntaining letter, 
I ummmbered leaf, title-page, a unnumbered leaves, oontenti, 48 leaves, teit, numbered 
pp. !• 95); aewed. Acquired by Mr. Ayer from the C. G. de T. de F., who priced it at 
70 franca. 

Matta, Juam Manuel de la: — Comunicacion del Intendente de Ejer- 

cito y Hacienda de las Islas Filipinas D^. . . . al Gobemador y 

Capitan jeneral de las mismas D^. Marcelino Oraa, sobre el estado moral 

del pais despues de la subleracion de una parte de la tropa del Rejimi- 

ento 3^. de Linea, ocurrida en la madnigada del 21 de Enero uktmo, e 

indicacion de las principales reformas le jislativas, y de las medidas peren- 

torias de precaucion y seguridad que dicho esudo reclama. Manila, 

February 25, 1843. MS. owned by £>r. T. H. Pardo de Tavera, Manila. 

Begins **Rtservado, Exfno Sr. He recibido el oficio . . ." Ends 

''lo mas conveniente al Gobiemo de S. M.*', with dosing, date, signature, 

and address. Vol. ui, pp. 91-111 (in translation and synopsis). 

Polio of 48 pp.; bound. Copy sent to the Editors duoujrh the kindnras of the owner. 
It has notes by the author, and two charts or tables. 

Maura, L. A.; and others: — Consulta sobre la Universidad de Manila. 

Madrid, October 29, 1890. Ayer Collection. Begins *' Consulta. i^. 

Si, en vista de la escritura de fundacion ..." Ends '' Este es nuestro 

dictamen; pero lo posponemos a cualquiera otro mejor fundado.", with 

date, and signatures of Dr. E. Monteru Rios, Dr. German Gamazo, and 

the above. Vol. xlv, pp. 319-331 (in educadonal appendix). 

Purchased by Mr. Ayer from Vindel in 1904. (2uaito^'9 leaves, sewed into blue paper 

: — Relacion de las escuelas de niiios de ambos sexos existentes en 

estas islas dasificadas, con arreglo a lo dispuesto por el Excmo. Senor 
Gobemador general en decreto de fecha 29 de Julio de 1892. [Manila], 
ca.y 1893. A MS. belonging to T. C. Middleton, O. S. A., Villanova Col- 
lege, Villanova, Pa. Begins "Abra ..." Ends "Totales", with 
statistics. Vol. xlvi, pp. 99-101, note 39. 
This MS. is entirely composed of statistics. 

•Estadistica de los estudiantes que cursaron en los Colegios de 

Padres Dominicos en el curso de 1 896-1 897. [Manila, 1897 ?] A MS. 
belonging to T. C. Middleton, O. S. A., of Villanova College. Begins 

Digitized by 


with Statistics. Vol. xlvi, pp. 261-264. 

: — Relacion de las Casas y numero de Alumnas que las Hermanas 

de la Caridad tenian en sus Colegios aqui en Filipinas el aiio 1897. [Ma- 
nila, 1897 ?] A MS. belonging to T. C. Middeton, O. S. A., Villanova 
College. Begins "i^. Aqui en Manila tenian ..." Ends "y 200 
enfermos." Vol. xlvi, pp. 265-267. 

-[Recollect institutions.] [Manila, 1897 ?] A MS. belonging to 

T. C. Middleton, O. S. A., of Villanova College. Begins "Beaterio de 
Sta. Rita . . ." Ends "mas importantes que se toman." Vol. xlyi, 
pp. 268-271. 

Digitized by 



Carlos I.; and odien. — [Documents and notes on Magallanes and Fa- 
leiro, and the expedition.] Lenox; Spanish-American collection; in 
Documentos del Torre do Tombo, Simancas, etc., MS. 1518-1525. 

Thu mnraiTO a fynopcis of the inatnicdaos for the ezpeditioo, the crewi of the fesselsy 
etc; and aome matter on Loatsa*s expedition. Some of this matter ia found in Fcmandei 
de NaTarrete*a CeUeeiM J* viajet, 

: — Viagem de Ferna de Magalhaens pera Malluco a anno de 15199 

trasladada de hum Caderno de hum piloto genoes. Paris; B. N. Begins 

"PaitiodeScbylhaa ..." 

Formerly in the Bibliotb^ue du Roi, where ita piesamark waa 7168*^; fol. 57-^- 
Paria saya ol thia MS.: "This relation bj a Gcnoeae pilot who accompanied the famoua 
Magellan haa no need of being recommended to the interest of geographers. tJnfocta- 
natdy it ia too ahoft, and the writing ia very poor.** Thia MS. ia written in ezoellent Poi^ 
tuguese, and general consensus of opinion is inclined to impute its authorship to a Portu- 
guese, inasmwh as Magalhies had no Genoese pilot with him. This account ia repro- 
duced in English by Stanley {JPint voyage round tho world by MaffOan^ pp. 1-29). It ia 
dted often in Moato*s Pigafata, and in Robertson*s MagelUm^s voyage aromnd tit worid^ 
and the notes to vols, xxxiii and xxxiv of this aeriea. This is p^iapa the document 
dted by Bazda (1737, 1738X iiy col. 669, namely, **Viage de Fernando Magallanea,** a 
Portuguese MS. then consoled in the library of Ldda. 

: — Viages al Estrecho de Magallanes. 1519-1699. B. M.; add. 


A coOectioo of copies made by NaTarrete, some of which are published in his CalaccMH. 
Folio volume of 178 fd. 

- Relaciones de Viages. [i6th Century.] B. M.; add. 9944. 

A folio volume of 306 fol. It contains matter concerning the voyages of Magalhies and 
Lopez de Villak>bos» the relation of Estevan Rodriguez, & log of Rodrigo de Espinoaa 
and hia relation, the relation of Alonso de Arellano, and others. This ia a late copy merely. 

- [Cost of Magallanes's fleet.] Ca., 1 519. A. de I.; papeles del 

Maluco; leg. i; de 1519 a 1547. 

Cited by Montero y Vidal, Hisioria gmeralf i, p. 9, note. 

Transilvanus, Maximilianus: — A Spanish translation of the printed 

Latin text, which has the following title: "Relacion de como, y por quien, 

ytn que tiempo fueron descub^^. y halladas las islas Molucas, donde es 

el propio nascimcnto de la especeria, las quales cabren en la conquista y 

Digitized by 


marcacion de la corona Real de Espaiia. Dividese esta relacion en veinte 
parrafos principales." Lenox; Spanish-American collection, no. 3. 

Plrobablj transcript from or duplicate of trantlatiofi in Mufioz collection at R. A. de la 
H. Printed in NaTaixete*t CofffcffMiy IT, pp. 349-284. 10 leaves. T°, 

• Relacion de lo q^. ha subcedido en el negocio del Especeria, 

desp^. de la otra relacion que se embio a V. M. Badajoz, April 25, 1524. 
A. de S.; patronato real; Indias; leg. 8. 

Transcript in Lenox, doc 8, of Spanish^American collection. 10 leaves. V^. Concern 
discussion of ownership of Maluco and junta of Badajoz. Begins **Lo lO. q«. se conceito, 
. . .** Ends ^A la Terdad no tuvieron culpa . . .*\ with date and dosing, but 
signatures of judges of possession not given. Report of Spanish deputies. Full of techni- 
cal l^al expressions. 

PiGAPHETB, AirTHOYNB: — Navigation et descouvrement de la Inde super- 

ieure et isles de Malucque ou naissent les cloux de girofle faicte par An- 

thoine Pigaphete Vincentin Chevallier de Rhodes commenceant en Ian 

mil y^ et xix. [15 — ] Library of Sir Thomas Phillipps of Cheltenham, 

England; pressmark, "MS. Phillipps, 16405;" owned at present by heirs 

of above. Begins "Anthoyne Pigaphete Patricie Vincentin ..." 

Ends "tres digne grand maistre de Rhodes. Fin." See Robertson, 

Magellan*! voyage around the world (Cleveland, 1906), ii, pp. 260-264. 

First mentioned m 1841 bj Thomassy, who found it in the Ufaraiy of Moos. Beauprf 
jodgv of the court of first instance at Nancy, France (on account of which it is known as 
the Nancy MS.); and who described it and gave various passages from it (Bulletin de la 
See, g4eg; Paris, Sept. 1843). The catalogue of the Libri sale yuly, 1862, p. 92, no. 456) 
says: **This MS. belonged to the secretaiy of the Cardinal of Lorraine, and . . was in 
the convent of St. Ltepold at Nancy. There is evay reason to suppose that this is the 
manuscript copy of the relation of his voyage which Pigafetta had addressed to the Duke 
of Lorraine, as Vespuod (at the beginning of the same century) addressed his letters on 
America to another Duke of Lorraine** (see also Harrisse, BAl, Amer. otfif j., Add^^ Paris, 
187a, p. xzxii). From the library of Mons.Beaupr^ the manuscript passed into the posses- 
skm ol the Paris bookseller Potier, by whom it was sold in 1855 into the Solar coUectioQ 
(aocordittg to Mosto, p. 41; Harrisse says, ut tupra^ p. scxiii, that is was sold at Potier*s 
sale in March, 1851, where it was no. 506). At the demise of Mons. Fdiz Solar in 1861, it 
came into the possession of a London bookseller, who paid 1,650 francs for it (Stanley*s 
First voyage round the worlds p. li). The Venetian canon Pietro Marasca tried to ac* 
quire the manuscript for the library of his dty, first at Nancy, and then at Paris, but in 
vain, and after it was taken to London lost all trace of it (see Morsolin*s Elegie di Antenie 
Pigafetta -dted by Mosto). It appears next at London in the Libri sale (July, i%6%\ 
where it was bid in by Sur Thomas Phillipps of Cheltenham, England, for £135. It has 
been partially described by Thomassy (Bulletin de la SeeiM de Giografkie^ vol. zx, 1843, 
pp. 165-183X and by the Solar and Libri catalogues, which sources Harrisse and Mosto 
follow; but we are indebted for the most complete description of this document yet fur- 
nished to the courtesy of Mr. T. FitzRoy Fcnwick, grandson of Sir Thomas Phillipps (who 
died in 187a). SmaU folio,. finely bound in red morocco, tooled and gilt (Divin bmding). 
Written on fine wh'te vellum in a beautiful French hand of the sixteenth century, and & 
vohmie as a whole is in an exceUent state of preservation. There are 99 leaves with writing, 
11x7 1/2 in. In addition, at the b^;inning are one paper flyleaf and two blank vellum 
leaves, and at the end two blank vdUum leaves and one paper flyleaf. The text occupies 
folios 3 recto^ verso, and is divided into 57 numbered diaptcn, the titles of which are 
written in red or blue. The initial letters are handsomely illuminated in gold and colors, 
and there are twenty-three richly-executed charts (most of them full page). There are 
three vocabularies. It is nearer the Italian MS. in die few passages that we have been able 
to collate with the Ambrosian MS. than are the other two French MSS. Thomassy 
dates it later than bodi the latter, but in the same general epoch as MS. 14214, which it 

Digitized by 


Pigaphbtb; centintud — 

raemblei in chirognphy; and regvdt it u a revinon of Pigafccu*t fint MS. iHikh he 
miitakaily tuppoMi to be 565a It it bj far the bcM of the Fnnch MSS. (dating probably 
from the tecood quaiter of dhe i6th centiny), v^ >• appaicndj the oldeit of diatt; and 
may, indeed, have been trantlated directly from the Italian MS., thoo^^ no p o aiii t e ttai^ 
mat can be made until a thorough ooUatkn of the Amfannian BIS. and the Nancy it made. 

NauigatkMi et defcouuremcnt de b jndie fuperieufe (aicte par moj an- 
dioyiie Pigaphete vincciidii cheuallier de rfaodet. [15 — ] Paris; B. N.; 
5650. Begins "Anthoine Pigaphete . . fon feigneur offeniatifnine: 
— Pource quil y a plufiers gentz ..." Ends "ties digue grand 
maiftre de rhodes. Le cheuallier Anthoyne Pigaphete.** See vols. 
xzxui, notes, pp. 273-366, and zxxnr, notes, pp. 153-180; and Robert- 
son's Magellan's voyage around the worlds ii, pp. 248-253, and 257-260. 

Itt old pKtamark in the royal Ubraiy wat 10270 B; it being tent to that Ubraiy in 1694 
by Abbe Bixot. It it an adaptation and trantiation of the It aHan MS. (;.«., emUf p. 144). 
Bound in red morocco; embo tt e d on back, ^A. PIGAPHETE | — | iiAViGATtOH 
I DANi I LINDE. I ~ 1 5650 |.^ Height 303 mm.; width, 103 mm. Written on paper, 
cnntitringof ii4foiiot, in Gothic letter^ in two handt, the tecond cnmpriti ngfol. 7»recto» 
92 recto (but it mutt have been written by the tame pcraoo at the reat of the MS., only ap- 
pearing more hurried and lett careful). Each full page hat twenty-nine red-niled line^ 
and twenty-eight linet of writing. Paragrapht are aeparated by a black Une^ and ttait 
with a hanging indention. Initial ktten are in both red and bhie ink, at are alto para- 
graph marfct ^f ** which occur tcattcred throughout the tett. Titles to chaxta (of wfaidh 
there are 13) and other headingt are in red inL Unnumbered chapter headingt diatin- 
guithed by no other title than **Chapitn^** occur at interralt. The relation of the ^oyagie 
compritet fol. 1-96 recto. Following (foL 96 ▼crK>-ii4) it the treatite on the globe (foL 
96 YcrK) conuining the figure of the tphcre> Thit it die older of the two MSS. c xiu aerfed 
at Parit; and datet probably from near the middle of the i6th oentuxy. It hat never been 
publithed in full, although Stanley trantlatet it in pait in hit Firn vyagi nund the vmid 
(London, 1874)- c^ Robertaon, ut sufra, ii, p. 301. See full treatment of bibliography 
of Pigafetta MSS. and printed bookt, in Robertaon, ut supra, ii, pp. 34i~3i3' ^^ 'B'T 
be the Pigafetta BIS. dted by Gonxalez Barda. 

Nauigation et difcouement [sic in original, an ''r *' having been added 
above the "u '' by a later hand in black ink] de la Indie fuperieure faicte 
par moy Anthoine Pigaphete Vincentin cheualier de Rhodes. [15 — .] 
Paris; B. N.; 24224. Begins "Anthoine Pigaphete Patricie Vincentin 
..." Ends "Fin: — Le cheuallier Anthoyne Pigaphette." See vols. 
XXXIII9 notes, pp. 273-366, and xxxiv, notes, pp. 153-180; and Robert- 
son, ut supra, ii, pp. 254-260. 

Itt old prettmarfc in the Biblioth^ue Nationale wat Fondt La Valli^ no. 68. Bound 
in grea morocco; embotted on back: ''NAVIGAT | EN UNDE | DE PIGAPHE p; 
edget gik. Height, 275 mm.; width, 185 mm. Written on fine parchment, con tiering of 
103 fdiot (although it thowt 104 due to mitnumbering). Each page hat twenty-nine Imea 
of writing, which it mott painttakin^ and more eaaily legible than that of 56^ The 
initial letters are beautifully illuminated, and the chaitt (twenty-three in number) are 
beautifully ciecuted (the intcriptiont thereof being in red ink). Certain headingt occur 
throughout the MS. An incomplete copy of 5650^ certain aomewfaat broad pattaget 
baring been tmoothed down. The relation of the voyage occupiet fol. 1-86 verto. The 
treatite on the globe compritet fol. 87-104 (figure of globe lacking). See Robertaon, ut 
supra; and vou. zzxiii and xzziv of thit teriet. Thit MS. it deicribed by Guillaume 
de Bure, Cadogue des Ihres ds la hMathifue dt feu M. U due de la VeBkn (Parit, 1783); 
iii, pp. 35, 36; but the condutioni are entirely wrong. It hat nerer been publithed. 

C0RTB8, Hernando: — Carta al rey de Tidor. May 28, 1527. A. de I.; 

Digitized by 


patronato real; leg. 6. Begins "A vos el honrado e buen Rey . . /' 

Ends "os ruego me escribais; e a S. M.", with date and signature. 

PubUshed bj Montao y Vidal, Historia general, i, appendii, pp. 555'557> See vou 
II, p. 39. 

Colon, Fernando: — Apuntamientos sobre la Demarcacion del Maluco, 
i sus Islas, firmada de los seis Jueces, que firmaron la Capitulacion, para 
empeiiar estas Islas a Portugal. 1529. 

Cited by Gonzalez Barcia, Epitome (Madrid, 1737, 1738), ii, col. 633, as existing in 
Archivo de Simancas. Thia hat since been removed to Serilla. See Fernandez de 
NaTarrete^ Colleeehu de viajes, and vol. i. Cited also by Blumentritt, Foeab. eitnu AuteLf 
p. 119. 

Torre, Fernando (Hernando) de la: — Descubrimiento de Filipinas. 
Cited by Leon Pindo^ Epitome (Madrid, i6a9X p. 81, and Gonzalez Barcia, Epitome 
(Madrid, 1717, 1738), ii, eol. 635, wlio in turn cites from Aganduni; and Antonio (1788X i» 
p. 391. Thia is probably the nlation by Torre mentioiied in the following. 

Relacion de . . y declaraciones de Andres de Urdaneta, Macias del 
Poyo, Francisco Paris, y otros, en el interrogatorio que se les hizo por el 
Consejo de Indias sobre el viaje de Loaisa. 1 533-1 536. A. de I.; 
papeles tocantes al Maluco, desde 1519 a 1547; leg. i. 

Cited by Montcro y Vidal, Hist, gen^ iy p< 24» note. This is efidcntly not onc^ but a 
Bomber df documents, comprising the **Reiation of Tone,^* 1534; **]>eclaratioD of 
Juan de Mazueoos,** Sqjc 17, 1534; and the seteral dedaratiaos of Urdaneta, Biadas del 
Foyo^ Fhmcisoo de Paris, irtiidi are published in Fernandez de NaTarrete^ ▼, nos. ix- 
njv, pp. 353-396, Sept. 4, 1536 and October sc, 1536. There is a copy of Tonc*s relation 
in B. Hi.; add. 17,626, whidi was copied for Mufios at Simancas. 

Ataidb, : — [Letter to Conde de Venuoso.] Maluco, February ao, 

1534. Torre do Tombo; gaveta 18, Mafo 8, N^. 15. Begins "De India 
me despacho el Govemador Nuiio de Acuiia . . /* Ends "No he visto 
animal tan cruel como este Alcaide." 

Pour leaves. There is a transcript in Lenox branch of N.Y. Public Library. Concerns 
the remnants of the Lioaisa expedition, who were captured by the Portuguese. 

Uedaneta, Andres db, O. S. A.: — Relacion del viaje hecho a las islas 
de las Molucas 6 de la Especeria, por la armada a las ordenes del comen- 
dador Garcia Jofre de Loaysa, hecha por el capitan Urdaneu. Valla- 
doHd, February 25, 1537. A. de I.; papeles del Maluco, desde 1519 a 

This is published as no. xzri of Fernandez de NaTarrete*s Celeccian de viajes (▼, pp. 401- 
439); and it is also published in Cti. de doc. inid, Jm4r. y Oceania, ▼, pp. 1-67. Cited 
by Montero y Vidal, Hist, de pirateria, i, p. 124, note; and Hist, gen,, \, pp. 557, 558, 
where a small portion of the relation is given. It is also dted by P^rez and GOcsncs 
(Adiciones, p. 536), who bdiere that it is the same as the document published in the Manila 
Review B Oriente, ii, Dec. 3, 1876, in the series **I>ocumcntos importantes rdativos i 
Filipinas yNueva-Espafia,** with the title **Relaciones del viaje hecho i las Islas Molucaa, 
6 de la Especeria por la armada i las ordenes del Comendador Garcia de Loaysa, hecha por 
el Capitan Urdaneta.** Cited also by P^rez, CatAlogo, p. 3. See synopsis and extracts 
in YOU II, pp. 33-35. 

Memoria sobre los aprestos y armamentos que debian prepararse para 
la expedicion a las islas del Poniente. [1561.] 

Cited by Pdrez, Cadlogo, p. 3. This appears to be the document published in Cel. 
doe. inid. Vhramar, ii, pp. 119-138. See vou n, pp. 84-87. 

Digitized by 


Uhdaneta; continued — 

Tabla geografica dd mar del Sur, con todos los riajes y nimbos descu- 
biertos hasta entoncet. [1561 J] 

One w6Lf widi manj tmall nupt. 40. Cited by P^rez, CmSeg^, p. 3; and Ptees and 
Gtanes, p. 536. Thete editon are wrong in ttadng that this it printed in Col. doc. mid, 
XJh, Tlie nearett approach to such a doc u men t it the tecond half of the title immediatelj 
pnoeding, which ii called ^Of the navigation necenaiy.'" 

[Relation du voyage de Fr. . .» de Tordre de Saint-Augustin^ aux 

Philippines.] 1566. Paris; B. N.; (manuscrits espagnols et portugais); 

esp. 325; no. I. 

In poor condition. Ila old pictanaik was 590. Boanbly thit it the tame BCS. dted bj 
Ochoa, Cdbtfaga rmumad»t p. 576, at eiitting in the Bibtioth^ue royalle, Parit, with titfe 
^Relacion deluPhiUpinat que te did iS.B£,** the pretamaik of which he gives at follows: 
^'i^ (Saint-Gcnnain); 140; papetes Tarios (the fint 5 leaves, and slighdj damagBd)^** 
It is dted b7 Pte, CaUioMf p. 3, under the following title: ^Denotcro dedicado i S. Bi. 
sobie la navi^adte que habia de emprender desde el pueito de Acapuloo hasu Filipinjs.** 

Contescacion al interrogatorio que le dirigio el consejo de Indias sobre 
los limites de las posesiones de Portugal y de Espaiia. Madrid, October 
8, 1566. A. de I. 

One of seven depositions on the demarcation of the Moluccas. A transcript of the 
above was published in the firrt voL of Rgpista Agmttimiama. Cited bf P^res, dtdlegt, 
p. 3; and Tin*, and Gtanes, Adkitntt^ p. 536. 

: — Requerimiento de D. Jorge de Castro, gobemador de San Juan 

de Terrenate e islas del Maluco, Banda, Bumeo, Mindanao, I*. San 
Juan, Manado, Paragocal, costas de Calabre e Amboino e Ormoro e 
todo el Arcepielago de los Papuas, por el rey de Portugal a Lopez Villa- 
lobos, pidiendo explicaciones por que ettaba y seguia alK, y respuetta. 
[1543?] A. de I.; papeles del Maluco; 1519 a 1547. 

Cited by Montero j Vidal, Hia. pirattrfOf i, p. 130^ note. This must be one of the 
summons contained in the following tide (these two summons bearing dates July so 
and Sept. a, 1543, respeotivdy): ^*l>os requerimientos de Don Joige de Castro, Capitan 
General de las Islas de Maluco . . i Ruj Lopez Villalobos, General del Armada 
que despachd d aBo anterior de las costas de Nue?a EspaAa su yiirej Don Antonio de 
Bfendoza, con las respuestas de A sobre su arribo i aquellat Islas al mando de la didu 
Armada, 7 otros puntos r efere nte s i la propiedad y demarcadte de las mismas Islas;** 
published in Cel. doc, mid. Vlt.j ii, pp. 66-94. 

EscALANTE DE Alvarado, Garcia DE: — Relacion del Viage de Rvy Lopez 
de Villalobos, al Descubrimiento de las Filipinas. 

Cited bj Leon Pindo, Epitomo, pp. 80, 81; Gonzales Barcia, Epkomo (Madrid, 1737, 
1738), ii, 635, who in turn dtes from Agandura; and Antonio (1788X i, p* 51^ This is the 
MS. published in Co/, doc. inid. Uh., t, pp. 1 17-109, under the following title: ^^Relacite del 
▼iaze que fizo dende la Nue?a Espaiia a la isia del Pbniente Ruy G^mez [jic] de Villalobos, 
fecha por Garcia Descalante AlTarado.*^ August i, 1548. 

IsLARES, Martin de: — Relacion del viage de Ruy Lopez de Villalobos al 
defcubrimiento de las Filipinas. 

Cited in Leon Pindo, EpHomoy p. 81, Antonio, ii, p. 103, and Gonzalez Barcia, ii, 
col. 635, who in turn cites from Aganduni Moriz. 

Lopez de Lbgazpi, Miguel: — Dos cartas al Rey sobre el apresto de la 
armada para el descubrimiento de las islas Filipinas. Mejico, February 
25 and November 18, 1564. A. de L 

Cited by Fernandez de Navarrete, BM. mar. esp., ii, p. 494. But Fernandez de Nava- 

Digitized by 


Lopez db Lbgazpi; continued — 

neteteemitobein enor. The fint letter is piobabtj that of the viceroy of Menoo to the 
king which it published in Cti, doc, inid. Ult^ ii, pp. 140-143 (see vou n, p. 88). The 
second letter was written by Legazpi, but from Puerto de la Navidad. It is published 
in the above collection, ii, pp. 211-213 (see vol. n, pp. loa, 103). 

Carta al Rey d£ndole cuenta de su Uegada a aquella isla [Zubii], y suce- 
80S de 8U navegacion. Zubu, May 25, 1565. 

Cited Iff supra. This ouy possiUj be the letter of Mmj 27, published in our vou n» 
pp. 174-176. 

[Letter to the duke of Alba.] Qubu, May 27, 1565. Archivo de b 
casa de Alba. Begins "EsceU°^. S.: Por mandado de Su Magestad 
..." Ends ''esperaremos recibir toda merced/' with closing, date, 
and signature. 

Published in Doeummtos tuogidos dtl Anhho dt la easa de Alba (Madrid, 1891X pp- 
75-77. A slight description of the newly-discovered islands and their inhabitants, and 
the settlement on CebA. 

Relacion de lo sucedido en este Real y campo de cebu despues quel 

gobemador despacho la nao capitana a la nueva espana que partio a 

primero de Junio de 1565 en suma es lo sig^. 1 565-1 567. A. de L; 

est. I, caj. I, leg. 1I23. Begins "Sabado 2 dias del dicho mes de Junio 

..." Ends "dano y perdida pasada ..." 

More than half of this MS. is missing (see below). It is published in Co/, doc. inid. 
Uhramar^ iii, no. tttit, pp. 91 -415, under the title: **Reladte mui drcunstandada de lo 
ocuirido en d Real y Campo de la Isla de zubu de las Islas Fhilipinas desde i^, de Junio 
de 1565, que su Gobemador Miguel L6pez de Legaxpi despachd la nao capitana de su 
Armada i descubrir la Navegacite de la vudu para Nueva EspaAa; y de los varies det- 
cubrimientos y cooquistas que hlio en aquellas Islas hasta el mes de Julio de 1567, que 
despach6 tambien para Nueva Espafia la nao ^San Juan^, oqd d succso de la nombruU 
*San Ger6nifflo*, que arrib6 i la propia Isla en el mes de Ootubre del afio anterior, de 
1566 con el aviso de la Uegada de U Capitana i Acapulco.^ This has been edited to some 
extent, but not in essentials. The pait missing in our transcript, which was made from 
the original, is to be found on pp. 116-115, of the above publicatioo. See vol. 11, 
pp. 131-154, for a synopsis of this published version. 

[Letter to a Portuguese sea-captain.] Cebu, November 19, 1566. 
A. de I.; est. I, caj. i, leg. 2I24, num. i, ramo 9. 
Cited by Retana, Artkho^ v, p. 411. 

Informacion hecha acerca del poco socorro que se le envio de Nueva 
Espana, y lo que tuvo que remediar para que pudiesen volver las naos a 
Nueva Espaiia. Cebu, June 3, 1568. A. de L; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2)24, 
num. I, ramo 9. 

Cited by Retana, Archivo^ v, pp. 414, 415. 

[Copy of certain paragraphs of a letter to the viceroy of Nueva Espana.] 

Panai, July 25, 1570. A. de I.; est. i, caj. I, leg. 2)24, num. i, ramo 9. 

Cited by Retana, Arekho, v, pp. 419, 43a Legazpi promises to return to Cebd, as he 

has been ordered; dis cu sses the advantages of a Spanish settlement in Luzte, the arMnal 

of the inhabitants of that island, the slaves, mines, etc This appears to be the reply to 

the letter by the viceroy (j.9., p. 250). 

Relacion de las Islas Filipinas. [Panay, 1570 f\ A. de I.; est. i, caj. I, 
leg. 2I24. 

Cited by Retana, Archho, v, m>. 436*443. Retana gives it either in whole or in great 
part. This is a valuable document. 

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Lopez db Lbgazpi; cominutJ — 

[Copy of the tetdnMNiy of the peace made by Legazpi with die natives 
of Manila.] Manib, May i8, 1572. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2|24, 
num. I, ramo 24. 

Cited by Rctana, Arekiv, f, p. 448. 

[Copy of the testimony showing that Legazpi gave the title of dty to 
Manila, June 3, 1571, and appointed necessary officials, June 24, 1571.] 
Manila, June 19, 1572. A. de f.; est. i, caj. I, leg. 2I24, num. i, ramo 20. 
Cited b7 Rcuna, Jnkhtf t, p. 448. 

Carta al virey de Nueva Espaiia dandole noticia de la jomada que hizo 
desde la isla de Panae a la de Luzon, y el suceso feliz en su conquista 
desde abril del alio anterior. Manila, August 11, 1572. A. de L; est. i, 
caj. I, leg. 2I24, num. i, ramo 23. 

Cited by Retana, Arckho, t, pp. 458-477, where it it prcMiited in great part. Cited 
alto b7 Fernandez de NaTarretc^ BM. mar, up^f ii, p. 494. A transcript in Madrid; 
Depotito hidrogrifico; tomo 17. This it the latt letter written by Legaxpi; and is a Tain- 
able document. 

Pli (Plun), Pierrbs (French pilot) .^— Relacion de la naveg°^ que se a 
fecho del puerto de la navidad a estas yslas del poniente en el aiio de Mill 
e quinientos y sesenta y quatro a°s a los veinte de novi® del dho ano 
general miguel lopez de legazpi. 1 564-1 565. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
29. Begins ''Lunes veinte dias del mes de noviembre ..." Ends 
''porque no tome el sol en tierra." 

The iirtt entiy is made on No?ember ao, 1564, and the last, Thursdaj, Blarch 15, 1565. 
The rdatioa is accompanied hj a map (tee Torret Lanzat*t RJacion JgscHpiiva d» /as 
mafaiy fUmoiy ets^t de Filipimcs, p. 6, no. 4). Thit retembkt, although it it not the 
tame, the map in our vol. hi, p. 47. Cited \iy Fernandez de Nararrete, BAl, mar. tsp^^ i, 
p. 405. Eduardo NaTaxro, O. S. A., ownt a transcript ol this MS. 

Rodriguez, Esteban (pilot): — Relacion de la nav^acion que hizo el 
armada de S. M. a cargo del general Miguel Lopez de Legazpi desde 21 de 
noviembre de 1564, que salio del puerto de Navidad, hasta su Uegada 
a la isla de Zubu de las Filipinas; y de lo ocurrido en su conquisu: coa 
observaciones sobre la variacion de la aguja, etc. 1564-1565. A. de L; 
papeles tocantes a las islas del Maluco; aiios 1564 a 1620; leg. 2. 

Cited hy Fernandez de NaTancte, BAl, mar. etp,, i, p. 405. A copy also exists in Madrid; 
Deposito hidrogrifico; tomo 17. Published in Ccl. doc. mSd, UlLf ii, pp. 373-427. See 
VOL. u, pp. 134-139. 

Rodriguez, Esteban; and Espinosa, Rodrigo de: — Dos derroteros de 

la Navegacion de las islas de Poniente a Nueva Espaiia, por Esteban 

Rodriguez y Rodrigo de Espinosa, hasta 14 de setiembre de 1565, por 

haber muerto el primero el dia 27 de este mes. June l-October 8, 1565. 

A. de L; papeles tocantes a las islas de Maluco; aiios 1564 a 1620; leg. 2. 

Cited b7 Fernandez de NaTarrete^ BAl, mar, 9sp,, i, p. 405. Copies of these MSS 

consenred also in Madrid; Deposito hidrogriffioo; tomo 17. Consists of two documents, 

one of which published in Ccl, Joe, inid, Uh,, ii, pp. 427-456; for other see atf tufra, p. 456, 

note 2. See vol. 11, pp. 129-131. Eduardo Navaxro, O. S. A., owns a transcript ol 

Digitized by 


Etpinota^t **Dcr i o iao % m well at of bii relation. Fernandez de NtTaznte (BM, hmt. 
espf iy p. 405) alao cites four relationf, which he uy are alao co m erved in A. de L, aa 
foilowi: Cuatio reUdonet 6 derrotcrot de la nafi^gadon de dicha aimada demle d puerto 
de la Navidad hasta las Filipinas: por Est^ban Rodrigues, y los ptktos Piencs Flin, 
frano^ de la nao capitana; Jaime Maztinez Fortun 7 Diego Maitin, de la nao almiranta; 
J Rodrigp de Espinosa, dd pataz San Juan. The fint two must be diose dted in other 
titles (q.vJ), and the last two are two other lelations of Legazpi*s vojag^. The title at best 
is Tn itlf f< ^i" g ffn d indefinite. 

RoDRiGUEZy Estevan; and others: — Dos declaraciones dadas en la mar 
£ 9 de Julio y 18 de setiembre de 1565 de orden del capican de dicha nao 
Felipe de Salcedo, nieto del general Legazpi, por Esteban Rodrig;uez y el 
piloto Rodrigo de Espinosa, del camino que habia desde el puerto de la 
Navidad a la isla de Zubu; y del que habian andado desde esta hasta 
dicho 18 de setiembre que vieron tierra de las Califomias a los 33^^ N. etc. 
1565. A. de I.; papeles tocantes a las islas del Maluco; anos 1564 a 
1620; leg. 2. 

Cited b7 Fernandez de NaTaiiete» BiU, mar. 9sp^ i, p. 405. A copy also umscrfed in 
Madrid; Deposito hidn^g;rifico; tomo 17. Published in ci. dte, mid, Uh,, ii, pp. 457- 
46a To the names abofe gi'ven should be added that of the boatswain FVandsco de 
Astigairivia. See vou n, p. 131. 

Lavbzaris, Guido de: — Carta sobre cosas de las islas de Poniente. May 
7f 1565. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. 

[Letter to the Audiencia of Nueva Espana.] Cebii, July 25, 1567. A. 
de I.; est. i, caj. I, leg. 2|24y num. I, ramo 3. 

Cited by Retana, JrckhOf t, p. 414. Tkcats of same matter as the letter to the king of 
same date (^.v., wiu, p. 14SX but more fuUj. 

Carta a la Audiencia de Nueva Espana. Cebu, June 24, 1568. A. 
de I.; est. I, caj. i, leg. 2|24y num. i, ramo 3. 

Cited by Retana, Arcktv^ ▼, p. 425. Conceniing the Hnnamnn ^diich is being sent to 
Nuera EspaAa bj the return ship. 

[Part of a letter to the viceroy of Mexico, Luis de Velasco.] [Panay, 
near the end of July? 1570.] A. de L; est. i, caj. l, leg. 2(24, num. i, 
ramo 9. 

Cited bj Retana, ArthtvOf ▼, pp. 435, 436. Treats of the recent occurrences with 

Chinese vessels; trade with the natrres; the peail fisheries of Panay and Ceb4$ and the 

greed of the Spanish soldiers. 

Carta sobre cosas de Filipinas. July 27* 1573. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 29. 

[Letter to Felipe IL] Manila, July 27, 1578. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 
^» 1%* 34* Begins "C. R. M.»En el navio nombrado el spiritu santo 
. . .'' Ends "a vfa corona Real e[s] servido", with dosing, date, and 

An int ere sti mt letter, in ^diich the affain of the young oolooy are discussed. Like 
various other officials, Lavezaris complains bitteriy of Sande, whose Boniean campaign 
he condemns as useless and costly, both in life and treasure. The death of Andres de 
Mirandaola is recorded, and the fri^itful mortality of the soldiers. The goremor engages 
in trade, although it is against the law. Certain encomiendas hare been restored to Lave- 
xaris by the king, of whUh he had been deprived by Sande. On the MS. is written the 
comment of the CoundL Following this letter is the petition presented by Laveiaris 

Digitized by 


lolj I7» I57S» tikuig Cor ladtution of Us jncnmfen d M in aceonlaiioe with die decree 
tt wied to that effect by Fefipe II, April 19^ 1577 (which it gnea). In eccofdanoe with the 
ovden of the decree^ Sande nrtona the enoomiendaa. This donimenr ia drawn np hf 
Alottso Bchran, notaij and govenaent secretaiy. Reoorda dated Jvij 21, 24, and at, 
all drawn up bf Bcteran, relate to the above enooniendaa. 

Laybiaeis, Guido db; and Muandaola, Andres DB^— Caita dando 

cuema al Rey de lo ocurrido en las Filipinas desde junio de 1567. Zubu, 

July 24, 1568. A. de I. 

GtoedbyPeinandesdeNaTaiiele^^i,pw6o3. A ttanaaript of the oripnal 
BiS. is oonaerved in Bladrid; Dcposito hidrogriiioo. 

Lavbzaus, Guido; and others: — [Letter from the ro3ral officials to Felipe 

II.] Manila, May 30, 1576. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 29. B^;ins 

"C R. M.i-Con el doctor fran^ de Sande . . ." Ends "un ney 

tan justo y bueno", with dosing, date, and signatures of above, *'Andret 

Cabchela, Andres de Mirandaola, and Salvador de Aldave." 

Treats of Limahon's attack; the matter of the leridenda; salaries of the officiab; the 
loss of the ship **Espuitu Santo;** the mines; etc 

(Letter from the ro3ral officials to Felipe II.] Manila, June 6, 1576. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 29. Begins "C. R. M^.«E1 doctor fran^ 
de sande . . ." Ends ''amparo de Dios nfo s^ y de v. m.'', with 
dosing, date, and signatures, as in the item above. 

Treats of the attack by limahon; the loss of the **£spirittt Santo;** the eipedttion to 
the mines of Hocos; the severe residenda taken bf Sande^ against whom oomplaints are 
made; etc 

[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June 20, 1580. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6» leg. 34. Begins *'C. R. M^.»Don Gonpilo rronquillo ..." 
Ends "que pensamos hazer en seguimiento deste descubrimiento'*, widi 
date and signatures of above, ^* Juan pablo, luis de la haya, Juan mal* 
donado, Gabrid de R*, Juan de moron, and p^ de chaves.'' 

A short letter noting the arrival of the new governor, Gonzalo Rooqoillo, and rrwiplain- 
ing of the procedure of Sande. 

Mibandaola, Andres db: — Carta tocantes £ las cosas de las islas de 
Poniente. Qubu, May 28, 1565. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. 
This is dted bf Pemandez de Navarrete^ BAi. m^. ttp^ t, p. 88. 
[Letter concerning Philippine matters.] Manila, May 30, 1576. A. 
de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "C. R. M^. En cumplimiento 
de lo que d Audienda ..." Ends ''papdes tocantes a la haad^ 
Real de v. m^.", widi dosing, date, and signature. 

This letter deals prindpally with Limahon*s attack, and the severe tesidcndas taken 
hf Sande. 

Saz, Matbo dbl: — [Letter to Fdipe II.] Qibu, May 31, 1565. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. I , leg. 34. Begins " S. C. R. m.'^ Despues de averse conduido 
..." Ends "a mi costa y estoy adeudado.", with closing, date, and 

The writer states his services in Tarious parts of the Indies, east and west; and re- 
counts farieflj the founding of the new Spanish settlement at Ceb^ the treachery of the 
Portuguese, the hostiiitj of the natives, and the need for rdSnfbrcements. 

Digitized by 


Saz; continued — 

[Reply to Lopez de Sequeira.] [Mindanao coast?], November 12, 
1566. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2|24y num. i, ramo 9. 
Cited bf Rctana, Ankivo, t, p. 4S1. 
Saz, Mateo del; and others: — Fe y testimonio de como se deshizo el 
galeon San Jeronimo, que no se podia sustentar en el mar, por lo viejo. 
Qibu, December 1 7, 1 566. Begins " En la ysla y pueblo de ^ibu . . . " 
A. de L; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24, num. i, ramo 9. 
Cited bj Retana, ArchhOf t, pp. 422, 413. 

' Relacion del viaje e jomada que larmada de su Mag^. hizo del 

descubrimiento de las Islas del Poniente; que partio del puerto de la 
nauidad del ano 1564 de que fue por general el muy JIP^. senor Miguel 
Lopez de Legazpi. May, 1565. Ayer Collection. Begins "el dicho ge- 
neral se despacho de la pueru de la nauidad . . .'' Ends "del socorro 
q a de venir de nueba espana." 34 useful leaves; bound in boards. 

A coatemponneout account of Legazpi^t eipedition. Hiit hat been publithed in 
C^. dt dte. imitL . . irC/iftsraMMr,ii(f^.i, of the two vok. treating ol the PhilippinesX 
pp. 217-351. It was piobabtj written by cue of the Augturiniant or pilots of the expedi- 
tion. The publithed Tenion pr et e rrc i the reading of the original in general, except that 
it has been modernized somewhat, all abbreriatiaos being printed in full, and accenta 
and capttalizatioo supplied. This copy is a duplicate of the cue costing in the Archivo 
general de Ihdias, and is in eacellent condition, the paper being but sl^tly damaged. 
The published Tciiion is synopsixed in our voi. n, pp. 104-123. 

Akbllano, Captain Alonso db; and Martin, Lope: — Relacion del 
suceso del Patax, que se aparto con tormenta de la Armada, del qual 
era capitan Don Alonso de Arellano, la qual relacion hizo dicho capitan 
y su piloto, y la presentaron en audiencia publica de la chancilleria de 
Mexico. Mexico, November 27, 1565. Biblioteca de San Isidro, Ma- 

There is also a copy in A. de L, from ^diich the version in Cel. itc. hid. VU^ iii, pp. 
1-76 was published. A transcript, completed Oct. 25, 1792, is con s erved in Madrid; 
Depodto hidrogrifko, which is dted by Fernandez de NaTairelc^ Biti. mar, isp^^ i, p. 
9; and by Montero y Vidal, Hia, piraterSa, i, p. 132, note. See vol. 11, pp. 105, io6» 
note 44. Arellano, who deserted Legazpi, attempted to obtain the prize offered tor the 
first news of the eastern lands, but the opportune arrival of Salcedo and Urdancta pre- 
vented it. 

Santa Cruz, Alonso db: — Parecer que dio en Madrid . . por Man- 
dado del Rey . . , cosmografo mayor de S. M. sobre si las islas de 
Maluco y Filipinas estan fuera del empeiio o dentro del; y tambien si son 
comprehendidas en la parte de la demarcacion de la corona R^. de Casrilla. 
Madrid, October 8, 1566. B. M.; Yslas Filipinas y Oceano Pacifico; 
jure emptionis; 17,625; Plut. CXCVIIIG.; fol. 96-101. 

A copy made by Navarrete of the original ^diich exists at Sevilla, in a legajo entitled: 
^papeles tocantes a las islas de Maluco y Filipinas desde d aBode I564hasta d de 1608.** 

L6pbz de Sequeira, (Portug;uese captain): — [Letter to the Spaniards 

asking them to discuss Portug;uese-Spanish claims on his vessel.] 

Digitized by 


[Mindanao coast?], November iz, 1566. A. de I.; esc. i, caj. i, leg. 
2|24y num. ly ramo 9. 

Cited bj Rctana, AnhiVf ▼, p. 411. 
Martinez, Juan : — Reladon del desgraciado via je de la nao San Geronimo, 
desde l^. de mayo de 1566 que salio de Acapulco, hasu 15 de octubre que 
arribo a la isla de Zubu. Zubu, July 25, 1567. G>p7 in A. de I. Copy 
also in Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 17. 
Cited hj Fcroandez de NaTuiete^ BM. mar. ttp^ ii, p. 264. 

: — Tesdmonio dado por el pueblo de Cebu de como los poitugueses 

rompieron la guerra en aquel pais con los espaiioles. Cebu, October 21, 
1568. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24, num. i, ramo 5. 
Cited bj Retana, drckwop ▼, p. 425. 
Pbrbyra, Gonzalo: — Cartas al general Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. 1568. 
A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2)24, num. i, ramo 9. 

Cited bj Retama, Jrckwc, ▼, p. 415. On the daims of the FMtuguctc to the iaUoda. 
Thcw are endently tome of the ktten traniUted and ■jnnopuzed in our vols, n and hi 
(•ee Mtt, p. 145). 

: — Notidas del viaje de Alvaro de Mendaiia al descubrim^. de las 

Yslas de Salomon. 1568. Taken from papers in the dty of La Plau. 

Begins " En el aiio de 1 567. un Pedro Sarmiento ..." Ends ** sobre 

el sur en frente de Chile." 

A oomptlatioii of Mendaila*t voyage. A tranacripc made fay Mufioz, or a oopj of hit 
tnnacriptintiieR.A.delaH.,Madrid. In Lenox Library. 6ieaTek Sideootet. Folio. 

Royal Officials: — Dos cartas sobre cosas de las islas de Poniente. 

June 7 and 8, 1569. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6^ leg. 29. 

[Certification.] 1650. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 9. 

PLetter in response to a royal cedula of June 16, 1675.] June 15, 
1679. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 11. 

Suplican a S. M. sea servido mandar al Virrey de la Nueva Espaiia 
remita cada ano Dudentos y dnquenta mill pesos en Reales de situado y 
dnquenta mill en Generos. Manila, June 16, 1682. A. de L; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. II. 

Certification del estado de las islas Filipinas. June 16, 1691. A. 
de L; est. 68, caj. 3, leg. 7. 
Carvajal, Alferez Antonio de: — Testimonio de la toma de posesion 
de la isla de Cubujran. December 9, 1569. A. de L; est. i, caj. i, leg. 


Cited by Retana, Ankho^ ▼, p. 416. 
Felipe II; and others: — Cedulas Reales dirigidas a estas Yslas Filipinas. 
Copiadas fielmente de las originales o authendcas que se guardan en el 
archivo de la Real Audienda de Manila. 1 569-1603. Ayer Collection: 
196 leaves; rice paper. F°. 

It it cited by Lecicre, Bihl. Am«r^ and Blumentiitt, r«cd6. mm. Amsdrikk*f p. laS. 
Thia contains copies of many important decrees and other papers, among the latter the 
famous memorial of 1586. 

Digitized by 


: — [TestimoAy of the breaking of peace by the natives of Manila.] 

Vala3ran» June 2, 1570. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2|24y num. i, ramo 9. 
Cited by Retana, ArekhOf ▼, p. 428. 
Rada, Martin de, O. S. A.: — Copia de carta dando cuenta de la miseria 
y destruccion a que ha venido la derra, por los daiios y robos* que se 
hacen a los naturales. Panay, July 21, 1570. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, 
leg. 2|24y num. i» ramo 9. 

Cited bj RetaiUy Archhot ▼» p. 430. 

Copia de carta al yirrey de Nueva Espana. Manila, August 10, 1572. 
A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2|24y num. i, ramo 22. 

Cited faj Retana, ArehhOf ▼, p. 457. Complaint of thetnatmentof the Indians hfj tiie 
Spaniaxdt; and of Legazpi*t lemoTal to Luz6n. There is also consideraUe matter re- 
garding Qiina and the Chinese. 

[Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, May i, 1576. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 

I, leg. 42. Begins ''S. C. R. m^ La gfa del espiritu s^. sea . . ." 

Ends ''de V*. mag. que le hara mucha mfd", with dosing, date, and 


On the MS. is written Felipe^s comment. Treats chieflj of the attack by Limahon, and 
the writer*s expedition to Chma. • 

Copia de una carta de Fray . . que Reside en las yslas del poniente 
al vissorey de la nueua spaiia. Manila, May 4, 1576. A. de I.; est. 68, 
caj* 1 9 ^^g' 42* Begins "Muy ex^ senor»La gracia del spu sancto 
. . .'' Ends "con su mag^. q®. le haga mrd", with closing, date, and 

This is mainly occupied with the expedition to China faj himself and Loarca. 
Itinerario del viage, que hizo de Manila a la China. Ca., 1576. 
Cited hff Leon Pinelo, Epttomt, p. aS; and Antonio, ii, p. 109. This is doubtless the 
**Relacion del Tiage que se hizo A U tierra de la China. Alio de i575»** dted hff Pdrex 
and GUemes, Adicioiut, p* 5i7y and published in Rnista Aguuiniaim, viii, under the title 
**Las primeras misiones agustinianas en China.** 

[Cinq lettres de Fr. . . .] 1576-1578. Paris; B. N.; (manu- 
scrits espagnols et portugais); esp. 325; nos. 5-9; fol. 31-46. 

These letten are as follows: L To Juan Cruzat, O. S. A.; Calompit, Juljr 15, 1577. 
n-y. To Alonso de la Vera Cms, O. S. A., prorindal of his order in Nuera Espafia, 
dated respectiTelj: Bumey, April 25, 1578; Manila, June 3, 1576; Calompit, July 15 
and 16, 1577. The last letter contains Taluable information on the natitcs and social 
conditions. The title of the first letter is: ^Reladon Terdadera de las cosas del Rejno 
de Taibin,. por otro nombre China, y del Tiaje que a el hizo d muj reverendo padre 
fray Martin de Rada, proTindal que fue a la orden de . . S^ Augustin, que lo Tio 
y anduTo, en la proTincia de Hocquien afio de 1575, hecho por d mesmo.** One of the 
chapters of this rdation is: **De como se fue sobre limahon y de la uenida del cap^°. 
omonca** These letters are probably the ones cited by Ochoa, CaUBogo ramnado^ p. 
577, who gives their pressmark as Bibliothique royalle; 1^8 (Saint-Germain); 240; 
papdes Tarios. Rada*s writings are dted by Gonzalez de Mendoza in his Histona. 

Rada, Martin db, O. S. A.; and others: — [Lettre a Fr. Alonso de la Vera 
Cruz.] Manila, June 8, 1577. Paris; B. N.; (manuscrits espagnols et 
portugais); esp. 325; no. 14; fol. 78, 80. 

Signed by five Augustinians. Cited by P6ez and Gilemes, Adkiwu^ p. 51 7. Published 
in Rnisla AguainumOf i, p. 55; and perhaps the same letter that Im published in part 
by M. Jacquet, in Nouvutu Jtimui Asiaiqut (Paris, 1830X ▼iii» p- 44. 

Digitized by 


floca, y las itias Panay, Cebu, y Balon, etc. July 20» 1570. A. de L; 
est. I, caj. i» leg. 2|24y num. i, ramo 9. 

Cited by Rctuia» Anhwo, t, p. 434. Mcnrioet the hanh treatment amoog tlie mtiTei 
who are wld aa abivet. 

Emkiquez db Almansa, Martin (viceroy of Mexico). — [Section of a letter 
to Legazpi.] [1570.] A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I249 num. i, ramo 9. 
Cited bj Retana, Arekho^ ▼, pp. 428, 439. 

Instniccion dada al capitan Juan de Ma para su jomada desde las islas 
de poniente al descubrimiento de la costa de la China hasta Nuera 
Espana. February l, 1572. A. de I.; papeles del Maluco y Filipinas; 
1 564-1608. Copy also in Madrid; Deposito hidrografico. 
Cited bf Feniandet de N a f aif B l% BSU. mar. ttp^ ii, p. 43a. 
Hbrrera, Diego de, O. S. A.: — Carta al yirrey de Nueva £spana» dando 
cuenta de su llegada a Filipinas con el capitan Juan de la Isla. (1570.] 
A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2|24y num. i, ramo 9. 

Cited faj Retana, Jnhhc, ▼, pp. 43»434< iriiere it ia giYcn in lynopaa and extract. 
RiQUEL, Hernando; and others: — Tesdmonio de auto como los naturales 
de manilla rompieron la paz que habian hecho con los expan<^e8. 
1570-1571. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24, r^. 9. Begins ''Este es 
traslado bien y fielmente sacada ..." Ends "signo en tesdmonio 
de verdad'' with seal and signature "Sancho lopez de agurto." 

This it a notarial document, mnaiiring of Tarions paits. Fint it the act, dated Valay an 
June 13, 1570^ which ia ttgned bf many of the coknuttt, and laat bf Riquel, who atteata 
alao the accuracy of the copy. Then foUowa the attettation of the notazy, Sancfao Lopes 
de Agiuito^ dated Mnico, April 5, 1571, who copied it at the order of the viceroy. 

: — Memoria de las cosas, annas, davazon, etc., que se necesitaban 

en las Islas Filipinas, y las quales deblan mandarse en la primera ocasion 
de Nueva Espaiia. [1570.] A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24, num. 
I, ramo 13. 

Cited by Retana, Artkho, t, p. 428. See tuch a litt in our vol. n, pp. 188-195. 
Isla, Caftain Juan de la:^ — Dos cartas al Rey, dando cuenta de su llegada 
con los efectos que acopio en Espana, y de la acdvidad del virey en despa- 
charle para su conduccion a Filipinas con tres navios. Mejico, January 
15, and March 8, 1570. 

Parecer que dio al presidcnte de las Indias sobre los oficios, cargos y 
personas que podrian necesitarse en la navegacion de las armadas para 
las islas Filipinas. Cd., 1570. 

Memorial que dio al Rey sobre la contratacion y navegacion de las islas 
Filipinas, y conservacion de todo lo ya someddo y que se sometiera. 
Cfl., 1570. 

The originalt of the three preceding MSS. are cuuacifed in A. de L; papelet tocantet 
A lat itlat del Maluco y FQipinat; leg. 2. Trantaipta ezitt in Madrid; Depoiito hidro- 
grAfica Cited by Femandex de NaTarrete^ Btbl, mar, ttp., ii, pp. 13S, 239. He alto 
mittakenly cttet the relation by Diego de Articda under Jala (9.0., Atia, p. 154)* 

Digitized by 


Santa MarIa (or Madridbjos), Miguel db, O. S. F.:— Defensa contra 

la permanencia del cotnisario general perpetuo en esta apostolica provin- 

cia de San Gregorio. 1571. 

Estado de la provincia de San Gregorio y cosas notables y ejemplares 

de la misma. June 2, 1675. 

Both cited faj Huerta, Estado dt FUipmas^ p. 46a Santa Maxia wat a nadte of Ma- 
dndejot and went to the Philippinet in 1662. After holding Tariout offices, he was elected 
provincial in 1675, after the conchidon of his tenn serving as definitor. He died at the 
convent of Santa CTuz, in 1680. 

: — Minuta de la instrucdon que se dio en Espaiia al capitan Diego 

de Artieda Cherino para su viaje £ Filipinas. [1571.] A. de I.; est. i, 
caj. I, leg. 2|24y num. i, ramo 18. 
Cited bf Retana, Archhoy t, p. 443. 

Sarmibnto db Gamboa, Pbdro: — Carta al Rey, en que le da cuenta de 
sus servidos, y del suceso del viage que por su industria hizo Alvaro de 
Mendana, al descubrimiento de las Yslas de Salomon, y los malos 
tratamientos que de el redvio desde su salida del Puerto de Callao de 
Lima, hasta que regresando para el, arribaron al Puerto de Colima en las 
costas de Nueba Espaiia. Cuzco» March 4, 1572. Transcript in Lenox 
Library made by Muiioz about 1800, or a transcript of his transcript. Be- 
gins "Sacra Catolica Real Magistad » No denen necesidad . . ." 
Ends ''defensa de la Yglesia.'', with date and signature. 

6 leaves in folio. Filled with complaints of Mendsna, and justification of himself. 

: — Relacion del descubrimiento y conquista de la isla de luzon y 

mindoro de las cossas mas senaladas que en ellas susciederon, etc. Ma- 
nila, April 20, 1572. A. de L; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2)24. Begins "Lo 
primero que en esto pienso . . .'' Ends "y de la gloriosa yirgen 
maria seiiora nfa", with date. 

This MS. has been published hy W. E. Retana, in his Arthho, iT, no. i, pp. 3-37, from 
the above ociginaL We have translated from Rrtana, as our transcript was received too 
late to translate directly therefrom. Retana has considerably modenDosed the document^ 
akhoufjh he has not changed the reading. This MS. is cited faj Retana, Archhoy v, p. 
448; and Femindes Duro (Armada etpAcla, iii, p. 62, noteX from the copy in Madrid; 
Deposito hidrogrifico; tomoxvii; no. 43. 

Pachbco Maldonado, Juan:^ — Reladon del descubrimiento y conquista 

de la isla de Luzon. [1572.] A. de L; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2|24y num. i, 

ramo 25. 

Cited by Retana, Arehho, ▼, pp. 456, 457. Almott the same as the relation noted ants, 
p. 155. 

Pachbco Maldonado, Juan; and others: — [Letter to Felipe IL] Manila, 

June 8, 1576. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "C. R. M^.» 

Con el doctor Sande ..." Ends^socorrer con gente armas y muni- 

ciones.'', with closing, date, and signatures of above, and "lor^ chacon 

losa, and Caspar ramirez." 

On the MS. is written the comment made at its receipt. The letter treats of limahon^s 
attack and the need of aid. 

Digitized by 


Pachbco Maldohado; continued — 

[Letter from various capuiiu to the viceroy of Nueva Espana.] Ma- 
nila, June 4, 1577. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "'Muy £x^. 
8°^.*" Por cumplir . . /' Ends "muy nes^esario que estas cartas 
se guarden", with signatures of above» "Jhoan de moron, Pedro de 
chavesy and fran^^ chacon." 

A kag letter of mmplinit against Sande, to vfaom u due the evil lUte of the caamxy. 

: — Pacificacion y amtstad hecha entre el rey y los naturales de Ma- 
nila. 1572. A. de L; est. i, caj. i, leg. i|23, num. 24. 

Camuon» Captain Juan Pablo:— Relacion que hizo al Rey sobre la 
navegacion que habia de hacer la armada que se destinaba de Nueva 
Espana a las islas de poniente. Ca.^ 1573. A. de I.; papeles del Ma- 
luco y Filipinas; 1564-1620; leg. 2. A transcript also in Madrid; De- 
posito hidrografico. 

Cited bj Femandex de NaTanete^ Bibl. mar, up^ li, p. 199. 

Albuquerque, Agustin de, O. S. A.: — Carta comunicando el suceso dd 
corsario Limahon, que fue sobre aquella isla con 70 navios. Manila, 
June 5, 1575. A. de I.; papeles tocantes a Maluco y Filipinas; 1564- 
1608; leg. 2. 

Cited bf Fernandez de Navamte, Bihi, mm. esp, (Madrid, 1851X if p- 3- 

Manzanas, Caspar; Fortun, Jaime; and Espinosa, Rodriod de 
(pilots): — Pareceres que dieron en el puerto de Mindoro, sobre las esta- 
ciones en que debia hacerse la navegacion de alii y de Manila a Nueva 
Espana. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2(24 (contemporaneous copy); 
and copy in Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 18. 
Cited by Fernandez de NaTanete^ BM. mar. tip., i, p. 552. 

Andrada, Antonio de: — Relacion sobre la conquista y contratacion de 
las islas de Poniente. [Ca., 1575 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 
Tnmacribed for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Ramirez, Caspar: — Copia de una carta que escribe la ciudad de Manila 

de las yslas Philipinas al visorrey de la nueva espana. Manila, June 2, 

1576. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. Begins "Muy ex** senor« El 

cabildo de esta ciudad ..." Ends "la yglesia que no tiene nin- 

guno.", with closing, date, and signatures of the above and "Andres 

Cauchela, Andres Mirandaola, Salvador de Aldave, Hernando Lopez de 

Leon, Anton Alvarez Erado, Marcos de Herrera, and Alonso Beltran." 

The chief matters noted are Limahoii^t attack; the negotiationi with the Chineie in 000- 
•equencc thereof; the loaa of the ^ Etpiritu Santo;** and the need of aid. 

Cabchela, Andres de:^ — [Letter to viceroy of Nueva Espana.] Manylla, 
June 4, 1576. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins " Muy ex**. s*« 
Aqui llego ..." Ends ''y no digo mas en esta", with date and sig- 

Treats of Limahon^t attack; the arriTal of Sande, and the rendenda taken fay him; 
the laiaries of the rojal offidali; and the wreck of the ** Etpiritu Santo.** 

Digitized by 


Cauchela, Andres; and others: — [Letter from the royal officials to Felipe 
II.] Manila, June iS, 1583. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6» leg. 29. Begins 
"C R. M.«- En esta nao de v. mag ..." Ends "de las que aqui 
▼acan/'y with dosing, date, and signatures of above, " Ju^ Bap^ Roman, 
and D. ant° la frecan^." 

A TtluaUe letter with infonmtkm concerning the accounts of MsniU; the death of 
Ron<|uiUo; the Manila fire; the aid requetted from the Mduccaa; the need of reSnfocce- 
mentt in the itlandt; the coUectioo of the tribute; commerce and trade; and the Jemit 
dedre for a college. 

: — Carta de los capitanes de Filipinas. June 8, 1576. A. de I.; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. 

LoARCA, Miguel de: — Verdadera relacion de la grande9a del Reyno de 
china con las cosas mas notables de alia hecha por . . soldado Vno 
de dos que fueron alia desde las Yslas de Lu9on que aora llaman philipinas 
ano de 1575 a*. Relacion del viaje que hicimos a la china desde la Ziudad 
de Manila en las [islas] de poniente ano de 1575 Por mandado y acuerdo 
de Guido de la Vazaris gouemador y Capitan General que a la Sa^on 
era en las islas Philipinas. (Ca., 1576 ?] Madrid; B. N.; MSS. 2902. 

Old presamark J. 16. ConaiitBof two parts, the firat with thirteen chapters, and the sec- 
ond with twdve, making in all loi folios; bound. The first three chapten and the 
thirteenth of the first part treat of Limahoo*s attack on Manila. The remainder of the 
MS. treats of the journey in China, and the country itself. This is not the original MS., 
but a copj. See vol. ti, p. 116, note aS. Cited hj Femindes Duro^ Armada €tp^ iii, 
p. 59^ from the copy in Deposito hidrogrifico, Coleoci6n NaTarrcte; tomo ii, nikm. 9. 

Chaves, Pedro de:^ — Carta sobre cosas de las islas Filipinas. June 4, 
1577. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. 

Palacio, Licentiate (auditor of Guatemala): — Caru ofredendose 

i la Jornada de la China y exponiendo las ventajas de los Puertos de Ca- 
ballos y Fonseca para ir a Filipinas. Guatemala, March 8, 1578. A. de 
I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18, n^. i, ramo 44. 
Transcript made for Eduardo Navarro^ O. S. A. 

Extracto de un memorial presentado al Rey solicitando la conquista 
del gran reino de Taiben en China. Propone el Plan de esta conquista; 
describe aquel reino y refiere el suceso del pirata Limahon. 1578. A. 
de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Transcript made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Gbsio [Gessio], Juan Bautista (cosmographer): — Memorial al Rey, 
sobre la importancia del descubrimiento y conquista de las islas del po- 
niente. Madrid, April 14, 1578. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24. 

Cited by Fernandez de NaTanete, BM* mar, esp,, ii, p. 234, from the copy at Madrid; 
Deposito hidrogrifico. 

Ynforme sobre la demarcacion de los obispados de Macao y Filipinas. 
Madrid^ October 14, 1579. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Transcript made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. This letter is accompanied bj others 
of like nature. 

Sands, Francisco de: — Instniccion dada al capitan Esteban Rodriguez 

Digitized by 


de Figueroaiy para el yiaje i Vindenao. May 23, 1578. A. de L; esc. 
I, caj. I, leg. 2, n<». 47. 

Cited hj Rctana, BiU. Umd^ p. 17; and hy Femandcx de Navmetc^ BM, mm. cr^ n» 

Carta al presidente del Consejo de Indias hadendo relacton de sus 
servicios en Mexico y Filipinat. Manila, July 28, 1578. A. de I.; 
67, caj. 69 leg. 6. Begins " Ylfiio seiior. Aunque no tengo nueva de 
..." Ends ''aumente como sua tervidores deseamos de manna'% 
with date, and signature. 

Tnmacripc made for Eduardo Navam^ O. S. A. 

Carta al rey en que dice que los Agustinos tomaron la mejor de la 
tierra y los Frandscanos cuando Uegaron a ella pretendieron pasar £ 
China y lo ejecutaron algunos. Manila, May 25, 1580. Pressmark as 

^antcnpt made for Eduardo NaTano, O. S. A. 

Carta al rey dando cuenta de haber llegado el l^ de junio el Gobemador 
D. Gonzalo Ronquillo de Penalosa y que despues de dar la residenda 
saldra para Mejico. Manila, June 10, 1580. Pressmark as above. 

TVaaacripc made for Edoaido NaTaxn^ O. S. A. 

Reladon de las jomadas que los aiios pasados de 1578 y 79 se hideron 
por mandado del gobemador . . a las islas de Bumey, Soloc, y Min- 
danao. [1580?] Deposito hidrografico; colecdon Sans de BarutdL 
Simancas; art. 4, num. 492, 498, y 550. 

Cked fay Fctnindes Duro^ Armada ttp^ iii, p. 6a, note. 
Sahajosa, Luis de:— Carta sobre materias de Filipinas. June 4, 1578. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. 

[Letter to Felipe IL] Manila, June 11, 1578. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 34. Begins "C. R. M.» Por la obligadon ..." Ends 'Mo 
mas presto que se pueda.", with dosing, date, and signature. 
Complaints againit Sande^ tdioce opedition to Borneo ia briefly outlined. 
Salazar, Bishop Domingo de, O. P.: — [Five documents concerning the 
above.] Feb. 6, 1579 (two); June 21, 1579; 1579; and ca., 1580. All 
in A. dd V. with following pressmarks: consistoriali, 109, p. 537; con* 
sistoriali, S. C, p. 6; Brev. 5, p. 432; H. 25, p. 154; and Nunziatura di 
Portugallo; tomo4,p. 319. 

Carta dando cuenta de las personas a quienes nombr6 para las dig- 
nidades de aquella Yglesia Catedral y las condiciones de cada uno y las 
. de los derigos que habia en aquellas islas. Manila, June 18, 1582. A. 
de L; est. 68, caj. l, leg. 32. 

Tranacripc made for Eduardo Navano, O. S. A. 

Carta que habla de cosas filipinas. June 15, 1583. A. de L; est. 68, 
caj. I, leg. 32. 

Digitized by 


Salazar; continued — 

Carta sobre el ettado de las cosas de la Yglesia, lo que hacian los reli- 

giosos, como se (ueron a China gran niimero de los de S. Francisco, que 

se ahorco un canonigo, etc. Manila, June i8, 1583. A. de I.; est. 68, 

caj. I, leg. 3a. 

Tnmacript made for Eduardo NaTaixo, O. S. A. 

Testimonio del nombramiento y poder que hizo el obispo de Filipinas 

de gobemador de aquello obispado durante su ausencia a Espaiia. June 

20, 1591. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Transcript made for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

Tratado en que se determina lo que se ha de tener, acerca de Uevar 

Tributos a los Infieles. 

Cited by Gonzalez Barda, Epkonu (Madrid, 1737, I738)» it* col. 630, as ensting in his 
libraxj. This is possibly one of the lettoi presented in our vols, vu and vui, on the collec- 
tion dF the tribute^ and cited abofe, p. 159. 

Arcb, Captain Juan de: — Instnicdon que dio para la armada con que 
fue de Manila a Borneo. 1579. A. de I.; papeles tocantes a las islas 
del Maluco y Filipinas; 1 564-1608. Copy also in Madrid; Deposito 
hidrografico; tomo 18. 

Cited bj Fernandez de NaTarrete, BM. mar, up,, ii, p. 175. 

ToRDBSiLLAS, Agustin DE, O. S. F.; and Dubnas, Francisco: — Relacion 
del viaje que hicieron a China Fr. Pedro de Alfaro y otros tres religiosos de 
San Francisco, el ano 1579, escrita por Fr. Agustin de Tordesillas, seguida 
de otra relacion del alferez Francisco Duenas, que fue en el mismo viaje. 
R. A. de la H.; colecdon Velazquez; tomo xxxvi, est. 22, gr. 4, num. 75. 

Cited by Femindez Duio, Armada ttp^ iii, p. 59, note. The fiiat relation by Tor- 
desillas is dted by Leon Pinelo, Epkmu, p. a8; and Blumentritt, Vouh, ttmu Ausd,, 

: — Relacion de las Islas Filipinas y costas adjacentes. Ca., 1579. 

A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2, n^. 39. 

Cited bf Retana, Bibi. Mind,, p. 17. Undated and unsigned, but Retana places the 
date slight later than 1578; and sajs that its author is an Augustinian. 

-Tractado de las islas Philipinas, en que se contiene todas las islas 

y poblaciones que estan reduddas al servido de S. M. Real del Rey D. 
Phelipe nuestro seiior, y las poblaciones que estan fundadas de espanoles 
y la manera del gobiemo de espanoles y naturales, con algunas con- 
didones de los Indios y Moros de estas islas. 1579. Madrid; Deposito 
hidrogrifico; coleccion Navarrete, tomo xviii, num. 16. 

Cited by Femindez Duxo^ Armada isp,, iii, p. 60, note. 
RoNQUiLLO DE Pbnalosa, Gonzalo: — Carta al rey trapindo de su viaje 
hasta Filipinas. Dice que hallo la gente quejosa del Dr. Sande, y que ha 
enviado dos naos al Pirn, etc. Manila, June 18, 1580. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Transcript made for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

Digitized by 


RoMQUiLLO DB Pbiialosa; cwuinuei — 

Carta al ttj dando cuenu de la mucha detercion y muerte de gente que 
ha sufrido hasta Uegar a Panama; manifieata la mucha gente que le podia 
sacar del Peru para Filipinas por lo6 muchos perdidos que hay alii. 1580. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Tkutcript made lor Eduaido Navim^ O. S. A. 

Cuatro cartas al R^, y al virey del Peru» dando cuenta de su Il^ada a 
Panama y Manila^ y exponiendo la conveniencia de hacer al Peru, y no a 
la Nueva Espatia, la navegacion desde Filipinas. Panama and Manila, 
February 22 and June 20, 1580, and May 31 and July 29, 1581. A. de 
L; papeles tocantes a las islas Filipinas; 1564 a 1608; leg. 2; and copies 
in Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 18. 

Cited by Feniandez de Narancte^ BSti. mar, €»p^ i, p. 597. 

Plasencia, Juan de, O. S. F.: — Arte del idioma Tagalog. 1580. 
Diccionario Hispano-Tagalog. 1580. 

Cited hy Hucna, Eoai^ p. 444; Maicettino da Civezaay Saggjn di hMUgr^a ^nm, 
1579X pp* i^Sf 4^9 *^ S9BU lii!st*t Cnmka, ii, p. 591. Alao on p. 591 of the laat-UBcd 
book if recorded tl»e foUowing: 

Coleccion de frases tagalas. 
AU tfaxee MSS. are lort. Flatcnda left other defotianal ipiitiiig^ 

Carta de Fr. . . franciscano y custodio en filipinas al rey pidi- 

endole 30 religiosos. Manila, June 27, 1584. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, 

leg. 3I25, r^. 19. Begins " C. R. m^. dios nfo seiior sea en el alma . . ." 

Ends "suerte de los que por alia estan.'\ with dosing, date, and signature. 

A Toy thoft letter imttcn on one page. The ni^iatuie thowo in tol. vn, p. 187, it 
fiom thit MS. 

[Letter to Felipe II on the mission work in China and Japan, and 

early books on the Philippines.] Manila, June 18, 1585. A. de I.; est. 

68, caj. I, leg. 42. 

Cited bj Retana, La impreiita m FHipmoi^ ooL 10^ and note 6. 

Relacion de las cosas memorables de Filipinas. Manila, June 19, 
1585. Madrid; San Gil. 

Cited by editor of Santa In^^t Cronka (ii, p. 591); Huefta, Eoado^ p. 444; and Bhunen- 
tritt, Pacdfr. Whs. Ausd^ p. 54. 

Rela9ion de las costumbres que los yndios solian tener en estas yslas 
hecha Por Fray joan Pla^n9ia de la orden San fran^isco-y embiada a el 
doctor sdago de uera Press^. que fue de la rreal aud*. que Residio en 
estas yslas. — Narcan [m], October 24 [xtV], 1589. Incorporated in 
"Ordenanzas dadas por la Audiencia de Manila para el buen gobiemo 
de aquellas yslas,'' (see '*TeUo, Francisco," anf^, p. 175 for locadon 
and pressmark; and p. 107). Begins "Vista la de V. S. . ." Ends 
''merged que puede re9ibir'', with date and signature. See also anUf 
p. 163. 

Digitized by 


OcHOA, DiEGOy O. S. A.: — Arte, vocabulario y confesonario pampango. 

Ca., 1580. 3 vols. 

Cited faj P6nez, CaUSogOf p. 19. Tlie fint to be written in this language. Used after- 
wards faj writen in the Pampanga language. Ochoa was a native of CatdUa, and had an 
firrllmt knowledge of Ontk and Latin. In the Philippines he became a preacher in the 
profinces of Pampanga and Tagaloe. He died in the village of Lubao in 1 585. 

QviNONESy Juan, O. S. A.: — Arte y vocabulario tagala. Ca.» 1580. 

Cited by P6rez, CaUSogo, p. 19. Quifionet waa bom in Serilla about 1551, and took the 
Augustinian habit in 1575 at Mexico. He went to the Philippines in 1577, and labored in 
▼arious capacities until hu death at Manila in 1587. 

: — Minuta de la gente de mar y rierra que va a Filipinas en el galeon 

de S. M. San Martin al mando del Gral. D. Luis de Sahajosa; entre 

los pasageros se cita al obispo de Filipinas y al Jesuita Antonio Sedeno 

y ties compaiieros. Ca.^ 1580. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

THnscript made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

■ Relacion del modo como estan usurpados a la Corona Real en 

Filipinas los repartimientos de Indios que se citan. Ca.» 1580 ? A. de 

I.; est 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Transcript made for Eduardo Navaxn^ O. S. A. 

Rojo DE Brito, Miguel: — Relation de la Nueva Gente^ que vio en una 

Isla» del Archipielago de Filipinas. May 17, 158 1. 

Cited bj Gonzalez Barda, Eptionu (Madrid, 1737, 1738X ii» col. 636, as costing in the 
libraiy of the marqute de Villena. 

Burgos^ Gbronimo, O. S. F.: — Relacion de los progresos de la cristiandad 

de Filipinas y China. Manila, 1581. 

Cited by Gomez Platens Cat£ogo^ p. 36. 

Relacion historica de los progresos de la christiandad en Filipinas y 

China, 1583. 

Cited by Hucrta, EtiadOf p. 422; and BiarccUino da Civczza, Saggio di hMiografOf pp. 
71, 72, who dtes from the former; and Blumentritt, Pocdfr. ti ns. if ii<^» p. 4s. 'Hie author 
went to the Philippines in 158a as risitor, and the same year went to China where he suffered 
sefcre potecution. In 1583 he retuned to Manila by way of Macao. That same year he 
returned to China, whence he went later to Bialaca, and in 1587 to Spain. In Madrid and 
Rome, he negotiated the erection of the custodia of San Gregorio into a profince. In 
1588 he retired to the Franciscan content at Biadiid, where he died in 1593. 

Feupe II: — Copia de cedula al Gobemador de Filipinas, para que tenga 

buena correspondencia con los Portugueses y los auxilie en cuanto pueda, 

como subditos de una misma corona que son. Lisboa, March 31, 1582. 

A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Thmscript made for Eduardo Narairo^ O. S. A. 

[Royal cedula sent to the bishop of the Philippines concerning the 
hospital of the natives.] 1593. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 11, libro 2, 
fol. 28. 

Comision al doctor Ant^ de morga oidor del Audi*. Real de las Philipi- 
nas pa Visitar a fi^^. de las missas factor de la real Audi*, dellas. Sant 
Lorenzo, June 13, 1597. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i, libro i, fol. 
7. Begins " El Rey » Doctor Antonio de morga . . /* Ends "inci- 

Digitized by 



Fblipb II; contintuJ — 

deodai y dependendaf Z', with date, signature^ and coumenigiianires of 

royal secretary and members of the CoundL 
Real oedula sobre ezcesos de los religiosos. March i^ 1599. A. de 

L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. I, libro i, fol. 16, 17. 
AouiRRB, Ahdrbs DBy O. S. A. — Carta del Prcmncial [de los Agusdnos] a 

wi Religioso de la compania. [Manila, 1582 f\ A. de I.; est. 68» caj. i, 

leg. 42. Begins "Muy Rererendo Padre. Dominos Tecum . . ." 

Ends "menor hijo de V. R^.*\ with signature. 

Tlitt Aort letter watadJiiJM€id to the JcwiitBKtor, who matt hi^ b^ 
who had come to the itiaiidt in 15S1 with Salazar, the fint bidiop. It imut hnt been 
viiitcs in icSSy u Aguine menriflni thit the Augiuetiiiiaiii lunt been eig^iteen jem in die 
iibndi. The letter concenn theititut of the Angmriniim indieirnngrionendidigioM 
ipoffc. It ii a co|7 onlj of the offipnjjy and was niade faj Sahador de Argon, nfltvj ad 
apoftoiic aeanetarf. 

[Memorial addressed to Felipe II.] [Madrid, ca,, 1583 J] A. de L; 
est. 68y caj. l» leg. 42. Begins ''S. C. R. M. fray andres de aguirre pro- 
vincial . . ." Ends "en que rredbira mucha merced y limosna." 

ETidentljr only a copf of the original, at it bean no tignatoie, or date. The date can 
be fixed at about 1583, aa Aguirre aafi that he had fiiat gone to the Philippines ninffffn 
jean eaiiicr with Legupi, uid that he had now returned to Spain in the interests of his 
brethren. He makes Tarious requests of Fdipe for the bettering of the condition of the 
Angiisrinisns and the people in general, and Wf iwssn ts the povenj of the countiy. 

Bafhsta, Juan, O. S. F.( ?): — Carta de un fraile escriu al obispo sobre 
querellas que tienen los yndios. Miton, 1582. A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, 
leg. 42. Begins " Yllfiio y R°^. Senor. yo procure sacar a luz . . ." 
Ends " decir el que esta lleva &^", with date and signature. It is followed 
by a note written by the archbishop. 

: — Relacion del viaje que hizo D. Juan de Mendoza desde la dudad 

de Lima, en el Peru, a la de Manila en las Philipinas y a la China, ano 
de 1583. R. A de la H.; coleccion Salazar; F. 18, foL 88. 
Cited bj Fcmindes Dura^ Armada up^ iii, pp« 599 60^ note. 

Vera, Dr. Santiago de: — Carta diciendo que el 6 del mes partira de 
Acapulco para las Yslas Filipinas llevando el sello de la Audiencia. Aca- 
pulco, March 3, 1584. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18; 

Carta en que dice que tardo tres meses en su viaje desde Nueva Espana; 
que estuvo a punta de naufragar en las Yslas de las Ladrones; que antes 
de llegar a Manila arribo a la bahia de Ybalon donde supo la muerte del 
Gobemador D. Gonzalo Ronquillo y el incendio que sufrio la Ciudad; 
que asento la Audiencia; pide pertrechos de guerra y religiosos. Manila, 
June, 1584. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 
On the margin is written a rafal decree. 

Carta tratando del poco efecto del socorro que mando al Maluco entre 
los capitanes Portugueses; de la buena disposicion del rey del Japon 6 de 
Firando; que los de esta nacion roban los navios que vienen de la China, 

Digitized by 



Vera; continued — 

de los que bienen de esta nacion a comerciar en Manila; que el obispo 
hizo cortar el cabello a los que se convertian; que serian conveniente que 
S. N. escribiese al yirey de la Yndia mande oficiales de astillero y Calafates 
a aquellas Yslas^ etc. Manila, June 20, 1585. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6y leg. 18. 

Carta al rey hablando de sus intentos de hacer la paz con los reyes 
circunvecino8» y pidiendo se le saque de aquella tierra. Manila, June 
26, 1586. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Tnmacriptt of all the abofe MSS. made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

RoNQUiLLO, Diego de: — Carta al rey tratando de lo sucedido en Filipinas, 
y hablando de las cosas de Borneo, Jolo y Mindanao, etc. Manila, April 
8, 1584. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Carta en que dice que el 27 de Mayo Uego la Audiencia y presidente y 
el ha quedada exduido de aquel gobiemo, y repite lo que ha dicho en la 
carta del 8 de avril. Manila, July 4, 1584. Pressmark as above. 
Tranacripts of both BiSS. made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

Mesa, Geronimo de (secretary of cabildo): — [Letter to Felipe IL] Manila, 

June 30, 1584. A- de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. Begins "C. R. M. No 

se podra dezir . . ." Ends "dar quenta a V M.", with closing, date, 

and signature. 

A letter written for the cabildo. Treats of death of Goiualo de Rooquillo; mitganm- 
meat of goyemon; fire at Manila; liCotiiccan affain; commerce; needt of the islands; 
tributes; etc. 

Roman, Juan Bauftista: — Relacion de . . Factor de las Yslas 

Filipinas. Macao, September 28, 1584. Lenox; Spanish-American 

collection. Begins "Copia de la Carta q®. me escrivio el P. Matheo Resi 

Italiano, . . ." Ends "q®. del cielo nos ha de venir la fortaleza," 

with place and date. 

Plrobably a duplicate or a transcript of Mufioz*s transcript in R. A. de la H., made about 
iSoa 8 leases. F<*. Entirdj relating to China. A French translation is given in Ter- 
nauz-Compans*s Arehhudts voyagts (Paris, 1840), i, pp. 77-95. 

Sanchez, Alonso, S. J. : — Dos cartas, una del primer Viage que hizo desde 

las Filipinas a la China ano 1582. Ca,, 1583. Owned by Laurent Coccus. 

Cited by Antonio, ii, p. 46; and Sommerrogel, rii, ool. 521. 

Relacion del segundo viaje que el P. . . hizo de las Filipinas a la 

China el ano 1584. R. A. de la H.; papeles Jesuitas; tomo 4, num. 

265. 3 leaves. 

Cited by Antonio, ii, p. 46; Femindez Duro, Armada etp^ iT, p. 60, note; and Blumen- 
tritt, Focdt. ntn. Ausd^ p. 130, from the copj formerly owned by Gayangos. 

De la juftificacion del titulo de los Reyes de Caftilla, a las Iflas Filipinas. 
Ca., 1590. 

Cited by Leon Pindo, Epiiomgf p. 80; Gonzalez Barda, Epitomg; and Antonio, ii, pp. 
46, 47. This is doubtltts the MS. cited by Sommervogel, rii, ool. 511, under the follow- 
ing tide: ^'Del titulo de Justida con que los Reyes de Espafia poseen las Islaa Filipinas.*^ 

Digitized by 



Sanchez; continue J — 

Ca, 1590. FQiiiiat7 in the Ubraxj of Gaipar Ibaftei <fe Scgofia, at Madridp a iriaid ol 
Anmiio, the bibUog^phcr. The MS. in A. dd V. (Foodo Borgfaeae; ser. i; tomo 124. 
d.; fol. I7»>i8i) entided **Raionaimfnto que d P*. Alonao Sanchez de la Compafiia de 
Jeaua hizo en ima Real Jimu sobre d dcredio conq lu Md. etu y piosede en laa FlBli|>i- 
nu,^ appeait to be the tame aa dda. 

Relazione suUo stato del Girisdancstmo nelle isole Filippine, scrittai a 
Gregorio XIV. Milan; Biblioceca Ambrosiana; fol. 61-70, of a 

Cited by So mo iert o gcl, rii, coL 521. There are aereral copies of thia MS. One< 
inA.ddV.; Politiconim: tomo 92, fol. 310-31716010. Thiaia entitled: ** +I>eUannova 
et piu remota Chriatiamu dell^ J*^ Ocddotalia decte FiUppine, del aito et qualita loro. 
Rdation fatu alia S. di N. S. Ongorio niij dal P. Alonao Sanchez ddU Ccwnpagnia di 
Gieitt.** The aecond part of thia copy ia entitled: **DelU grandezza ddle Filippine et 
multitudine ddie genti ch habitano en etae.** The third pait ia entitled: ''D^altri quality 
pftt paitioolari dd Paeae.** The laat part u entitled: ^D^altre ooae maggiari che hanno 
le Filippine.** The fallowings alao co n a e i fe d in A. dd V., ia the tame MS.: ^'Relatione 
delU nuora et piu remota Chriatianita ddle Indie orientali, delle Filippine.** 0^,1590? 
C'Fondo Borgfaeae; aer. i.; n. 43, fol. 77-107.**) Anodwr copy, with the same preiamask 
(tomo 1249 fol. 131-138) is entitM '^Rdaziooe delle filippine.** 

: — Indie Relarione di le resolution! fatti da la M**. Cat^. por Tlsoli 

Philippine aopra le dimande fatte li dal P. Alfonso Sanchez de la Comp^. 

di Giesu mandato dall' Audiencia Reale et Rep*^. delle filippine . . . 

I H S. Al Nfo S°^. Padre Qemente Octavo Resolutioni delli Capitoti, ec 

Punti, che I'Audienza Reale, et Republica delle Philippine mandomo 

a demandari a S. M^. per la conseruatione, et acrescimento de qud 

paese, et nuoua christianita, et il pareri del Consiglio circa di essi, et 

quello che S. M^. conferma, et commanda. [Ca.» 159 1.] Rome; A. del 

v.; fondo Borghese; ser. III. tomo 124. d. 

Thia ia the account of the meeting of the Tarioua ettatea in Manila (aee our vol, vi, 
pp. 157-233). It ia cntirdy in Italian. Thia fondo alao containa other matter rn rr the 
above Junta. 

G>mpendio de las gracias, y privileg;io6 que alcanzo de quatro Sumos 
Pondfices Romanos Sixto V» Gregorio XIII, Innocendo IX 7 Clemente 
VIII, en bien de las Islas Filipinas y de todas las Indias, y espedalmente 
en abono, y confirmation de los derechos del Rey N. Senor a ellas. Co., 
1593. Formerly owned by Laurent Coccus. 

Cited by Antonio^ ii, p. 47; and Sommcrfogd, ^, col. 521. 

Memorial, y apuntamientos sobre la entrada del evangelio en derras 

Cited by Antonio, ii, p. 46. Colin, Lth^r tvangdkc (i6^X ^^^^ "» diapa. 2:, n, 211, 
sir, IT, 2Tiii, and six, preaenta Tarioua letten and documenta hy Sanchez (aee alao PaatcUa*a 
edition, Barcdona, 1904, in which Tarioua of Sanchez*a documenta are giTcn in footnotei). 
See alao Murillo Vdarde, Historian pp. 297-31 1, for Sandiez*a writinga. The **Rdacian 
de laa Ceremoniaa, Gentileyaa, i Fhitoa de laa Idaa de Filipinaa,** dted by Gonzalez Barda, 
ii, col. 638, appeara to be the relation by Sanchez preaented at Rome. 

: — Papel rotulado "Traslado de uno de los capitulos que parece 

haberse puesto a I> Gonzalo Ronquillo Gobemador de Filipinas." Se 
manifiesta en el como falto £ capitula con S. M. no Uevando los 600 i 

Digitized by 



que Bt oblige y las contrataciones que hizo con las naos en que fu^ etc. 

(1584 1] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18, n^. i, ramo 45. 

Tkutcript made for Eduardo NaTim^ O. S. A. 

Salvatibrra, Cristobal, O^ P..^— Relacion de los sucesos de la joraada, 

que mando hacer el doctor Santiago de Vera, gobemador y capitan 

general de las islas Filipinas al socorro del Maluco, de que fue por general 

Juan Moron, y almirante el capitan Andres de ViUanueva. 1585. A. 

de L; est. i, caj. i, leg. 2I24. 

Anodwr copy cnatB in Bladrid; Depodto hidngrifico; tomo i8. Cked bj Ffimndei 
de Naraxrete, Bibl. mar, tsp^^ i, p. 311. 

Testimonio de un auto que aparecio fijado en las puertas de Sto. Do- 
mingo que dice ser [del dano] de los naturales de Filipinas la representacion 
de las comedias de los chinos. Manila, Februaiy 15, 1592. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Traslado de una informacion hecha en Manila por el gobemador 
de aquel obispado contra algunos religiosos que administran doctrinas 
de naturales. Manila, Januaiy 21, 1593. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 
TVanacripta of thia and the praoedmg BIS. made for Ediiaido Narams O. S. A. 
RoTAL AuDiBNCiA OF Manila: — Al provincial de la Compaiiia de Jesus 
sobre fundando un colegio de la Compania de Jesus. June 8, 1585* 
A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 39. 

Carta en que dice que el obispo ha mandado cortar el cabello a los 
chinos que ban pedido el bautismo lo cual ha sido causa de que otros 
se retraigan de hacerse cristianos; que comunicaron a los capitanes 
majTores de Macan y Malaca la fundacion de aquella Audienda por si 
necesitaban acudir en apelacion, y recibieron mal la noticia contestando 
con aspereza que no conviene halla Audiencia en aquellas por ser tierra 
nueva. Manila^ June 20, 1585. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Carta en que dice que el Virey de la Yndia ha cerrado el comerdo de 
aquellos Portugueses con Filipinas; y tratando de la expedicion que envio 
el Aizobispo de Mexico al mando de Galli a descubrir la navegacion con 
Filipinas cuyo via je proseguia Unamuno por muerte de Galli, etc. Manila, 
June 26, 1586. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Carta en que dice que en Mexico se abren las cartas; como el Virey 
ha subido el impuesto que se pagaba por cada tonelada; que de la China 
ban Uegado mas de treinta navios con lo que se ban juntado en aquella 
dudad mas de diez mil sangleyes; informa sobre el buen efecto de los 
Jesuitas, y habla de los colegios y religiosos. Manila, June 25, 1588. 
A. de I.; esc. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Tyanacripta of thit and the two preceding MSS. made for Eduardo NaTam^ O. S. A. 

Carta didendo que con la llegada del gobemador Perez Dasmarinas 
ceso la Audienda. Manila, June 20, 1590. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 18. 

Digitized by 



Royal Audibncia of Manila; continued — 

Caita exponiendo las pcdciones de los administradores del hospital 
de espanoles de Manila e informando la conveniencia de que se le haga 
merced por lo muy necesario que es dicho hospital. Manila, July 5» 1603. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Carta informando sobre la conveniencia de que se conceda a los Iran- 
ciscanos la merced que piden para el sostenimiento del hospital de los 
banos. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Carta dando cuenta de la prohibidon de entrar las mugeres a visitar 
el Colegio de Sta. Potendana impuesu por el arzobispo contra los otios 
del Patronato Real. Manila, July 19, 1604. Pressmark as above. 

Tk«ntcripts of this and the two preceding BiSS. tre owned hfj Eduaido Nsvairo, O. S. A. 

Copia de un Capitulo de una carta a su Mag^ sobre la cofradia de la 
misericordia. Manila, June 11, 1607. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 

[Portions of three letters concerning the death of Alonso Fajardo on 
July II, 1624.] August 12 and 18, 1624. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

Tk«necript nude for Eduaido NaramH O. S. A. Tlie Manila Cabildo aided in writing 

Carta dando cuenta de la escandalosa bida y mal exemplo de don Alonso 
Faxardo. Manila, July 9, 1624. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 

Avisa que el Rey de Mindanao rompio el Asiento 6 concordia que habia 
hecho con el Gobemador de Zamboanga. 1656. A. de I. 

Cited hj Retana, Btbl, MhuL, p. 30, wbo had a paitial tranacript of this MS. 

Carta y testimonio de Vejaciones hechos por los Alcaldes Mayores a 
los Yndios. June 2, 1689. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 23. 

Carta dando cuenta de un temblor. June 14, 1689. A. de I.; est. 

67, caj. 6, leg. 13. 

Carta sobre el estado de Filipinas. June 26, 1690. A. de I.; est. 

68, caj. 4, leg. 12. 

Carta sobre las rentas del colegio de San Ignado de la Compaiiia de 
Jesus. Manila, July 6, 1709. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 4, leg. 14. 

Carta al rey informando del numero de Conventos que habia en aquellas 
Islas los religiosos de que se componen rentas que tienen, ic\ Manila, 
June 30, 1710. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 4, leg. 14. 

Carta dando cuenta de las islas Marianas y un cosario ingles. July 
17, 1712. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 4, leg. 17. 

Carta sobre religiosos expulsos. June 26, 1721. A. de I.; est. 68, 
caj. 4, leg. 21. 

Carta sobre ensenanza publica. July 3, 1724. A. de I.; est. 106, 
caj. 2, leg. 20. 

Carta hablando del Comandante ingles Jorge Anson. August 13, 
1745. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 4, leg. 31. 

Digitized by 



Royal Audibncia or Manila; continued — 

Carta tratando de un colegio jesuitico. June 8, 1746. A. de I.; est. 
68, caj. 4, leg. 31. 

Carta sobre imprentas de las religiones de Manila. June 23, 1756. 
A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 4, leg. 33. 

Thii letter endotts a letter from the archbishop, at well as certain testimooies. 

Carta sobre materias de los religiosos. July i, 1756. A. de I.; est. 
68, caj. 4, leg. 34- 

Carta sobre la remocion de las religiones destas islas. July 24, 1759. 
A. de I.; est. 69, caj. i, leg. 31. 

Auto del real Acuerdo de la Audiencia de Manila sobre los regulares 
expulsos de Cebu. October 16, 1782. A. de I.; est. 107, caj. i, leg. 7. 

Carta sobre la fundacion de la SS*. Trinidad en Manila con las con- 
stituciones. Manila, December 24, 1789. A. de I.; est. 106, caj. 7, 
leg. 18. 
R0JA8, Licentiate Pedro de: — [Letter to Felipe II.] Manila, June 30, 
1586. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins "C. R. M. La mucha 
necesidad ..." Ends "ser de algun prouecho,", with closing, 
date, and signature. 

This MS. appears to be an abridgment of Rojas*s letter of the same date (see dfitv, p.^i 62). 
An endorsement saTs that it was sent to the Council of the Indies. 

Castillo, Capitan Diego del: — Relacion de las cosas, que sucedieron 
en el Maluco desde a de marzo 1585 que Uego la armada y surgio en la 
isla de Tidore hasta que se hizo a la vela para volver a Manila. [1586 ?] 
A. de I.; papeles diversos de la antigua gobemacion de Nueva Espana 
y Peru; leg. 12. Copy in Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 18. 
Cited by Fernandez de Navarrete, BM. mar, esp^ i, p. 324. 

ViLLAMANRiQUE, Marques de (viceroy of Mejico): — Carta al Rey sobre 
la navegacion y comercio de la Nueva Espana con las islas Filipinas en 
navios de particulares, y no con los de S. M. Mejico, January 24, 1587. 
A. de I.; papeles del Maluco y Filipinas; 1 564-1608; leg. 2. 
Cited by Fernandez de NaTanvte, BM* mar. esp^ ii, p. 426. 

Palacios, Captain Lope: — Memorial presentado al Virey de Nueva 
Espana, proponiendo traer por su cuenta dos navios de la carrera de 
Filipinas. February 13, 1587. A. de I.; papeles de las islas de Poniente; 
1 570-1588. Copy also in Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 18. 
Cited by Feniandez de Narancte, BM. mar, esp,, ii, p. ^5. 

Pereira, Ger6nimo (chief captain of Macao): — Carta al virey de Mejico 
sobre el suceso del general Pedro de Unamuno que con los buques partio 
de Manila a cierto descubrimiento. July 10, 1587. A. de I.; papeles de 
la antigua gobemacion de Nueva Espana y Peru; leg. 14. Copy in Ma- 
drid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 18. 

Cited by Fernandez de NaTancte, BM, mar, ttp,^ i, p. 579. 

Digitized by 



Alzola, Tomas db (matter of the ship "Sanu Ana"): — Dedaradon que 
hizo por haberie robado loi ingleiet 7 estiopeado la nao, tobre Caiifor- 
aiaiy viniendo de Filipinas el dia 15 de didembie anterior. Acapnlco, 
Januaiy 8, 1588. A. de I.; papdes dtyetaoa; leg. 14. Copy alto in 
Madrid; Depottto hidrografico; tonx> 26. 

Cited bf Fcmmdei de NsfineM^ BM, mar, tsp^ 11, p. tsi. 

SAKMiBino» Pbdko.*— [Letter to Felipe IL] Manila, July 14, 1589. A. 

de L; ett. 67, caj. 6, leg. 34. B^nt ''Senori- Habra mat de veinte anos 

que patte ..." Endt ^'yo oontinuar en vro Real tenri^;'\ with' 

doting, date, and tignature. 

Qik Ae ICS. It viiUm ne ooamcnt of ne ComciL SmnieDCo mentiooi liit tsvioBi 
■ad aiki rayil aid. 

Yambz, Juan: — Ynformadon tobre lat cuettionet habidat entre d Gober- 
nador de Manila y el L^ Rojat tobre d comerdo de lot Japonetet. 
Manila, November 2i, 1590. A. de L; ett. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. Begins 
*' En la dudad de Manila ..." Ends '' En testim^ de verdad«= ", 
with rignature. 

GoMBZ, Caspar, S. J.: — Reladon que dio a D. Pedro Acuna, en razon de 
la fordficadon y defenta que tenia la isla de Terrenate, y otras pardcu- 
laridades que observo y reconocio de orden del gobemador de Filipinas 
Gomez Perez dat Marinat, y lot medios y forma en que se pudiera tomaria, 
con las ventajas que resultarian de su ejecudon al servido de ambas 
Magestades. [Ca., 1590 ?] A. de L; papeles de la andgua goberaadon 
de Nueva Espana y Peru; leg. 11. Copy in Deposito hidrografico; tomo 

Cited bj Femaades de NaTiirete, BSU, mm» nf^ t, p. 548. 

L18BOA, Marcos db, O. S. F.: — [First ordinances of the Misericordia.] 
Ca., 1590. 

Cited by Gomez Flatero^ Cadlogtf p. 54. Litboa was the founder ol tbe Afiaerioardta. 

Vblasco, Luis db, Marqubs db Salinas db Rio Pisubrga (viceroy of 
Nueva Espana): — Carta a Fdipe II sobre el apretto de navios de Filipinas, 
y tu navegacion y contratadon con la Nueva Espana. February 24, 
1 591. A. de I.; papeles del Maluco y Filipinas; leg. 2. Copy in Ma- 
drid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 17. 

Cited hj Femaades de Navanete, BAi. mar. np^ ii, p. 389. 

Pbrbz Dasmarinas, Govbrnor Gombz: — Ynformadon hecho por man- 
dado del gobemador de Filipinas Gomez Perez Dasmarinas sobre aver 
pedido al obispo doctrina para una encomienda y no haberla querido dar. 
Manila, April 6, 1591. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Carta exponiendo por lo que endende va el obispo a Espaiia. Manila, 
October 18, 1591. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Testimonio de un proceso 6 informacion hecho en Manila de pedimiento 

Digitized by 



Pbkbz Dasmarinas; continue J — 

de Gomez Perez Dasmarinas Gobemador de Filipinas sobre las exen- 

Clones y privilegios que gozaba como caballero de la orden de Santiago. 

Manila, December 8, 1591. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6» leg. 6. 

v/ Carta dando cuenta con una informadon de la dificultad que el obispo 

y religiosos opusieron a la introduccion de la pancada 6 sez tn el poner 

el preeio for una mono en los mercaderias de China hasta el punto de no 

absolver £ los comisionados para este efecto. Manila, May 31, 1592. 

A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Testimonio de una informacion hecha a peticion del gobemador de 

Filipinas Gomez Perez Dasmarinas para probar la falsedad de lo conte- 

nido en cierta carta que escribieron contra el a S. M. D. Diego, D. Juan y 

D. Rodrigo Ronquillo y otros.' Manila, February 5, 1593. A. de I.; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Otlier documentt concerniiig diit tame matter erist in the tame legajo, tranacripti of 
which were also made for E. Navarro. 

Testimonio acerca del reparo que se hizo en el fuerte de Nuestra Sra. 
de Guia por mandado del gobemador de Filipinas G. P. D. Manila, 
May 8, 1593. Pressmark as above. 

Testimonio acerca de la embajada de religiosos de S. Francisco que el 
gobemador habia determinado enviar al Japon, y contradiccion que hizo 
el rector de la Compafiia de Jesus fundado en un breve de S. Santidad. 
Manila, June 10, 1593. Pressmark as above. 

Testimonio de una carta del emperador del Japon al gobemador, 
respuesta de este y junta de guerra que se celebro en Manila para recordar 
esta respuesta. Manila, April 22, 1594. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 
Transcript! of this and seven preceding MSS. made for Eduardo Navano, O.S. A. 

Instruccion de lo que habia de observar, reconociendo la fortificacion 
y defensa que tenia la isla de Terrenate, por donde, y en que terminos 
podia tomarse. [Ca., 1593 ^ ^* ^^ ^* ^P7 ^ Madrid; Deposito 
hidrografico; tomo 18. 

Cited bf Fernandez de Naraiiete, BSbi, mar, etp^ i, p. 590. 

Copia de carta tratando de los desordenes que promovieron los Agus- 
tinos contra su provincial; y otros sucesos de Filipinas. Manila, June 20, 
1593. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 
Transcript made for Eduardo Navano, O. S. A. 

■ Carta al gobemador de Filipinas del obispo de Malaca, sobre la 

contratacion y navegacion, asi de las mismas islas con la Nueva Espaiia, 
como de la China, Malaca, etc. September i, 1592. 
Discurso sobre el mismo asunto. Ca., 1592 ? 

Both papers in A. de L; papeles divenos de la antigua gobernacioa de Nuera Espafia 
J Ferd. Both dted by Fernandez de Navaxrete, BAl, mar. €sp,9 ii, p. 51 1 . 

: — Discurso sobre la poblacion de las islas Filipinas y su contra- 

Digitized by 



tacion, an con la Nueva Etpana como con la China, Japon y demas 

islasy tut Comarcanat. Ctf., 1593? Madrid; Depotho hidrografico; 

coleccion Navarrete; tomo xviiiy num. 46. 

Cited by Fenindcz Dun^ Armada Msp^ iiiy p. 136, note. This BIS. may potdfaty be 
the same as the preceding. 

Innocent IX: — Filippine Itole. Breve di Innocenzo Villi al P. Alfonto 

Sanchez . . Procuratore negli Stati di dette Itole. December, 1593. 

Rome; A. del V.; Fondo Borghete; ter. III. 109 a. Begint '^Dialecto 

filio Alphonto Sanchez . . ** 

This brief was eridentlj one of those given to Sanchez after his rqKvt on the Philippines, 
when he was commissioned (1586) to repre sent those islands at Madrid and Rome. The 
MS. is partiallj obliterated. 

: — Tetdmonio de unot autot que te hideron en la Ciudad de 

Manila tobre la conveniencia de hacer Jornada a la Cochinchina en 

demanda de la nao con que te alzaron lot chinot que mauron al Gober- 

nador Gomez Perez Datmarinat. Manila, November 27, 1594. A. de 

I.; ett. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Perez DASMARiNAt, Luit: — Carta dando cuenta del adelanto que ha 

tenido la cristiandad en el Japon con lot PP. Francitcanot que tu padre 

y el enviaron a aquel reino, etc. Manila, June 3, 1595. A. de I.; ett. 

67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Carta acompaiiando un papel rotulado "Apuntamientot de cotat 
muy necetariat para la gloria y tervicio de Diot y de V. M. bien y conter- 
vacion y aumento etpiritual y temporal de ettat partet, evitacion de 
grandet danot," etc. Manila, June 20, 1595. ^- ^^ ^'> ^^' ^7> ^^j- ^> 
leg. 18. 

Carta manifettando la necetidad de que te manden 40 tacerdotet 
jetuitat a aquellat itlat. Date and prestmark at above. 

Trsnscripts of this and the three preceding MSS. made for Eduardo Navairo, O. S. A. 

Carta en que dice que el P. Fr. Pedro de Arce vititador que fue de la 
Orden de Agustinot le pidio etcribiete a S. M. lo tiguiente: que conviene 
que haya vicario general, que hay necetidad de religiotot viejot, que et 
necetario que embarquen para Etpana algunot religiotot de alia que 
inquietan la Orden; y por ultimo pide Datmarinat te nombre vicario 
general al P. Pedro de Arce. Manila, June 11, 1598. A. de I.; ett. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Carta acompaiiando copia de una relacion que tuvo en tu poder del 

S^ N^artir del Japon Fr. Martin de la Atencion tobre cotat pertenecientet 

a aquel reino y combenientet al bien de la critriandad. Manila, June 28, 

1598. A. de L; ett. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 

Transcript made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. The abofe documents are also found 
in est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Relacion de lot tucetot de D. . . , en la jomada que te ofrecio 

Digitized by 



Perez Dasmarinas; continued — 
hacer a su costa para la empresa de Cambojay en la tierra firme de la 
China. Ca., 1598. Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; colleccion Nava- 
rrete; tomo xviii, num. 60. 

Cited by Femlndez Duro, Armada tsp^ iii, pp. 145, 146, note. 

Carta a fray Diego de Soria, Obispo de Nueva Segovia sobre el mal 
suceso de la jomada de Camboja. Ca., 1598. Madrid; Biblioteca del 

Apuntamientos importantes . . acerca de la conquista del reyno de 
Sian y poblacion y entrada importance de espanoles en la tierra finne y 
assia de estas partes. China, January 15, 1600. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Breve y sumaria relacion para lo mucho que hay que decir de las cossas 
de China. 1600. Pressmark as above. 

Transcripts of this and the preceding MS. made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. Perez 
Dasmarifias and his men were cast away for a year and a half on Chinese coasts. 

[Clement VIII?]: — Erecrio Cathedralis Manilen in archepale. [Rome?], 

August 14, 1595. Rome; A. del V.; consistoriah; 120; pag. 55, 60, 91. 

Ignatius de Santisbanis fit archepis. Manilen. [Rome ?], October 30, 
1595. Rome; A. del V.; consistoriali; 120; pag. 60. 

Ignario archei'^ Manilen pallius. [Rome ?], August 30, 1596. Rome; 
A. del v.; consistoriali; S. C; pag. 107. 

Michael de Nove Segobie ad Manilen transl. [Rome ?], September 23, 
1602. Rome; A. del V.; consistoriali; 125; p* 51. 

Michaeli archepo Manilen pall. [Rome ?], December 4, 1602. Rome; 
A. del v.; S. C; p. 345. 

[Brief appointing Benavides archbishop.] Rome, 1602. Rome; 
A. del v.; Brev.; 5., pag. 623. 

: — [Reladon d'un voyage efFectue en 1595 de Malacca a Borneo 

etaManille.] [1595?] Paris; B. N. (manuscrits espagnols et portugais); 
port. 58; no. 3; fol. 103-106. 

Relaz^ dello Scuoprimento delle . . Isole alle Filippine. 

1596. Rome; A. del V.; Carpegni; tomo 59, pag. 15. 

' Relacion del viage del galeon S'^ Felipe arribada que hizo en 

el Japon, y su perdida. 1596. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 18. 
Transcript made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 
PoBRE, Juan, O. S. F.: — Relacion de la perdida del galeon espaiiol "San 
Felipe/' en los reinos del Japon el ano de 1596. Madrid; Biblioteca 

Cited by Huerta, Eoado} Marcellino da CiTezza, Saggh di hibliografa, pp. 466, 467; 
and Blumentritt, Focdb, eimu Ausd., p. 54. 

[Letter to Felipe III.] Bermuda Gulf, August 16, 1604. A. de I.; 

Digitized by 



est. 68y caj. i, leg. 42. Begins "Jhs Sciior. La paz de nuettro senor 

. . ." Ends '* su amor ie pido lo aga ▼. mag^/' (in postscript). 

In tbe lecter, wliidi it maiiilj 1 
Icttcnf Runonty 1 
haw in didr ckarge. 

CoNTRBRAB, Luis DB; and Others: — Escrituia por la cual D. Fran^ Tello 

de Guzman agrego al Mayorazgo de su Casa, una Espada, y Daga» una 

Jam y Salva de oro, y un Cuerno de Bada» labrado, de gran victud para 

la salud. Manila, June 7-io» 1597. Ayer Collection. Begins ''En el 

nombre De la santisima trinidad . . .'' Ends "de lo qual dimos el 

pres^ firmados de nfos nombres. signado de nfo signos ques fecho en 

manila a dies dias del mes de junio de mill y quinientos y nobenta y siece 

anos — '\ with signatures of notaries. 

3 lea'vci; rice paper. ¥^, Apcnciled in enior a ndumontheMS.tay^thatduawaaaiqy 
mtabiB act In Manila. 

Bbz» Di Jban [jfV], S. J.: — Annua de la Vice Provincia de las Phylippinas 

de la Comp. de Jesus Ano de 1595 y 1596. Manila, June 27, 1597. 

Belongs to Angel Barber, in the city of Mexico. Begins "Despachamos 

por primera via el aiio pasado . . ." Ends " de sus divinos dones que 

todos hemos menester." 

Tkcati of the m iidon t in general; coUegei of Manila and CebA; reddenoes of Tayttj, 
Carigara, Palo, Ogmitc, Alangalang, lata de Ibabao^ Catubi^ Bohol» Butuan; and the 
minion of Mindanao. It condtti of 39 pp. of writings and rontaim numj notes. 

Santa Catherina, Bbrnardo db, O. P.: — Tesdmonio de una petidon 
del Provincial de S^. Domingo Fr. Bernardo de S^ Catherina, pidiendo 
al gobemador de Filipinas D. Francisco Tello no se Ueve a efecto la 
prision del Prior del Combento de S^ Domingo Fr. Domingo Soria decre- 
tado por los sermones que habia predicado, de que se envia copia tesd- 
moniada, etc. Manila, July 19, 1597. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6» leg. 18. 
Tranicript made for Eduardo NaTano, O. S. A. 

Garrovillas, Juan db, O. S. F.: — Estado de la apostolica provincia de 

San Gregorio. 1597* 

Un tratado minucioso del modo de conversar y portarse los religiosos 

en los ministerios de indios. [Ca., 1600 ?] 

Both dted by Huerta, Estado^ p. 445. Ganonllas wit a natxire of Eatremadura, wit 

educated in the palace of the duke of Alva at Madrid, and went to the Philippines in 
1 581. He wat commitsary pnmndal and guardian of the Naga convent; in 1 591 definitor; 
and Sept. 15, 1594, was elected prorindal. In i6oi he wat again definitor, and in 1605 
again pnmndal. He died in the conTent of Lumbang in i6ia. 

RoNQUiLLOy. Juan: — Carta al doctor Morga sobre su expedicion a Min- 
danao. 1597. A. de I.; est. i, caj. 2, num. i|i4. 
Cited by Retana, BM. hiind^ p. 18. 

MoNTiLLA (Montiglia; Italian form of name), Francisco db, O. S. F.: — 
Supplicado Fr. Francisci de Montiglia Prov. de S. greg°. pro concessione 
Indulg. pro Insulis Philippinis. [Ca., 1597.] Rome; A. del V.; arm. v; 

. cap. 7, no. 4- 

Digitized by 



Montilla; continued — 

Memorial £ la Magestad del Sr. D. Felipe II. 
Memorial a la sanddad de Qemente VIII. 

Historia de la propagacion de la fe, en Filipinas, Japon, China, Co- 
chinchina y Siam. November 22, 1602. 

All dted bf Huerta, Enado^ p. 495; and the latt bf Lean Pindo, Rpiiomty p. 80; RMnetal, 
HUttria da la provineia dt S» Vktmu dt Chyapa y Gumtnuia (liladiid, 1619X P* ^4i *i>^ 
Blumentritt, Vtuh, Min*, JuuL, p. 52. Montilla was a native of Marduna, and after 
hia profenioD eniiited in the Philippine miiiiont, going to Meiico in 1580^ and the ttlandt 
in 1582. He labored both on the Asiatic mainland and in the islands; accompanied 
O. P^ies Dasmariias on his disastrous Moluccan expedition; went to Spain and Rome 
in i595-i596» 00 business for the order, and to attend general chapter. He died in 1603 
at Ahnodorar, in Spain. He changed his former name of Gonzalo to Erandsco. 

TsLLOy Francisco (governor): — Carta dando cuenta de que habiendo 
▼isica con el arzobispo aquella Catedral y acordaron crear dos racioneros 
para las necesidades del culto. Manila, July lo, 1598. A. de I.; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 

Carta acompaiiando una memoria de los religiosos de Sto. Domingo 
que hay en aquellas islas. Manila, July 18, 1598. Pressmark as above. 

Carta en que manifiesta la gran necesidad que hay de prelado en 
aquellas islas y el mal estado en que se encuentra los religiosos de S. 
Agustin y S. Francisco. Date and pressmark as above. 

Transcripts of this and the two preceding MSS. made for Eduardo Naram^ O. S. A. 

Reladon del Estado que tienen las cosas de Mindanao. 1599. A. de 
I.; est. I, caj. 2. 

Cited bf Retana, BM. MhuLf p. 18. 

Testimonio de auto levantando el embargo que habia hecho del patache 
San Jacinto para que fuese en conserva de la armada que iba contra los 
navios ingleses [sic]f y ordenando a su capitan avisare a la dudad de 
Malaca los designios de los ingleses [sie], Manila, November 22, 1600. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 

Transcript made for Eduardo NaTano^ O. S. A. 

Reladon del estado de las cosas del reyno de Camboja y sian el ano 
de 1600. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

Consists of II pp. Akhott^ sent bf Tello to the king, this document was piobablj 
written bf a friar or by some military official. 

Tellbz db Almazan, Cristobal db (oidor): — Carta dando cuenta de su 
viaje hasta llegar a Manila, perdidas que tuvo, etc. y pide se le de licenda 
para casar a dos hijas. Manila, July 14, 1598. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 6. 

Carta refiriendo la muerte de D. Pedro de Acuna, y sospechas que fue 
envenenado. Manila, July 14, 1606. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 
Transcripts of this and the preceding MS. made for Eduardo NaTairo, O. S. A. 

Vice, Alonso de, O. S. a.. — Carta al.obispo de la Nueva Segobia dandole 

Digitized by 



cuenta de la relajada que esta la Orden 6 Religion de San Aguadn en las 
Islas Filipinas. 1598. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 
Tftotcript made for Eduirdo NaTtiro^ O. S. A. 
Samtibanez, Ignacio, O. S. F. (archbishop): — Borradera de un memo- 
rial del arzobispo electo de Manila pidiendo varios capitulos para el buco 
gobierao de aquella Yglesia. Ca.y 1598. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 6. 
Carta exponiendo las dificultades que ofrece el gobiemo de aquel 
aizobispado por la oposicion de los religiosos. Ca,^ 1598. Pressmark 
as above. 

Tranacriptt of thit and the preceding MS. made for Eduardo Navano, O. S. A. 
PiLADOy Raymundo db, S. J.: — Annua de la Vice Provinda de Philippinas 
en que se da cuenta a ntro P. General Qaudio Aquaviva de lo sucedido 
desde Junio de 1597 hasta el mismo Junio de 1598. Manila^ June 26, 

1598. Belongs to Angel Barber, in the city of Mexico. The first words 
are lost, and the mutilated MS. begins "de ofrecerse una sola vez el ano 
. . ." Ends "nos encomendamos todos en los santos sacrificios j 
oraciones ferverosas de V. P." 

Treats of the coUeget of Manila and CeM; the residences of Tajtay, Tinagon, Catubi^ 
Carigara, Alangalang, Ogmuc, Bohol, Butuan, and Mindanao. It is a vell-wiitten docu- 
ment, but the comers of the first pages are gone, and the MS. is badlj mutilated in places. 
It ooDsists of 38 pp. 

[Prado], Raymundo de, S. J.: — Annua de las Islas Philippinas desde 

mediado del aiio pasado de noventa y ocho hasta el fin de Mayo del aiio 

presente de noventa y nueve aiios. [May?, 1599-] Belongs to Angel 

Barber, in the city of Mexico. Begins "Con particular consuelo y gozo 

singular . . ." The end is missing. 

Treats of the colleges of Manila and Ceb^ik, and the residences of Taytaj, Antipolo, 
Ceb<i, Bobol, Ibania, Alangalang, Ogmuc, Tangara, Palo^ Dulac, and Tinagon. The 
MS. is in wretched condition, as it is all falling to pieces and is considerably torou The 
last name of its author is torn awaj, but is conjectured to be as abofe given. 

Bbnavidbs, Miguel, O. P. (archbishop):^ — Carta del obispo de la Nueva 

Segovia, March 29, 1599. A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 

Carta del Obispo de la Nueva Segobia. Trata de la necesidad de 

religiosos para adelantar la conversion de aquellas naturales, especial- 

mente de los de S^. Domingo, de los que hace grandes elogios. Refiere 

la oposicion que hacen las religiones al ejercicio de la jurisdicion episcopal 

valiendose de que son necesarios por la falta que hay de sacerdotes y cita 

algunos casos que le ban sucedido con el prelado de unas de las Religiones, 

se ocupa de otros asuntos edesiasticos y pide que el Papa ponga remedio, 

pues el teme que no sean suficientes las Cedulas Reales. Asulu, May 24, 

1599. Pressmark as above. 

Carta del Obispo de la Nueva Segobia a su Santidad tratando de la 
misma materia de la carta de arriba. May 26, 1599. Pressmark as 

Transcripts of this and the preceding MS. made for Eduardo NaTano, O. S. A. 

Digitized by 



Bbnavides; continued — 

Ynstru9ion para el gouierno de las Felipinas y de como los an de Regir 

y gouernar aquella gente Por el Padre fray ... Madrid; B. N.; 

MSB. 3204. [Undated, but ea,y 1600?] 

Old presniuuk J 147. Coosttti of 77 foL in 40; bound in parchment; the original. In 
all, eleven chapcen, dealing almoat entiielj with the question of tribute, the conclusion 
being that it is wrong to adc and collect by force tributes from the In<^ans. Cited by 
Pardo de Tavera, Bibl, fi^ p. 51. 

Lett^ del Vescovo della nuova Segobia scritta In Vinondas in P. isole 
. . a Clem®. VIII . . delle cose religiosj. Binondo, July 21, 1601. 
Rome; A. del V.; fondo Borghese; ser. iv; n. 233; fol. 34-37. 

Carta hablando de la mala correspondenda que tiene con el D. Pedro 
de Acuna; del estado de las religiones, etc. Manila, July 7, 1603. A. de 
L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 

Carta hablando de la guerra en Mindanao, y de los vicios de los chinos. 
Manila, July 24, 1603. Pressmark as above. 

Testimonio de una peticion presentada a la Audiencia pidiendo se 
devuelva la hacienda que se embargo a los chinos cuando el alzamiento 
de los sangleyes y que se ponga en libertad a los que estan en galeras. 
Manila, June 15, 1605. Pressmark as above. 

Transcripts of this and the two preceding MSS. made for Eduardo NaTairo, O. S. A. 

HuRTADO DB £8(2UiBBL, Pedro (notary): — Testimonio por donde consta 
que el Doctor Antonio de Morga asistio a la fundacion de la Audiencia de 
Filipinas. June 22, 1599. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins 
"testim^. de como sirue ..." Ends "en fee de lo qual fize mi signo 
en testim^ de verdad", with seal, signature, and rubric; followed by note: 
" £1 anterior testimonio se encuentra unido a una ynformacion de servi- 
cios que hizo el Doctor Antonio de Morga ante el Gobernador de Manila 
en 1598." 

BusTAiiBNTB, JoAN DB: — Testimonio de no haberse dado hornamentos a 
la catedral de Manila. July 5, 1599. A. de I.; est. i, caj. i, leg 3I25. 
Begins "£1 capiun Joan de bustamente, . ." Ends '*di la pre- 

sente", with date and signature; followed by notarial attestation con- 
cerning the above, who is royal accountant. 

This document bears one endorwment, **6cronimo de Alcaraz.** See also, oils, p. 1 84. 

Oliver, Juan db, O. S. F.: — El arte Tagalog escrito por Fr. Juan de 
Plasencia, reformado y aumentado de adverbios y particulas. [Ca., 1599.] 
Diccionario Tagalog-Espaiiol, escrito por el Fr. Juan de Plasencia, 
perfeccionado y aumentado. [Ca.y 1599.] 

Both dted by Huerta, Estado, p. 491; and Marcellino da Civezza, Saggio M biblicff'afUh 
p. 435. Oliver arrived at Manila in 1 58 1 . After a life of mission labors he died in Cam*- 
rines, in 1 599. He also wrote a number of devotional works in Tagilog and Bicd. 

Santiago, Domingo de: — Carta sobre el hospital de Santa Ana de Manila. 
1599. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 35. 

Digitized by 



: — Relacion de las Islas de los Ladrones. B^ns " Este Genero de 

GenteSy que Uaman los Ladrones, . . /' [Sixteenth century f\ 
Cited by Gcoula Bareia, Epiumt (Madrid, 1737, 1738^ ii, coL 638. 
Bakz, Francibco» S. J.: — Annua de ia Vice Provinda de la C^mp. de 
Jetus de Philippinas en los an<M de 98 7 99. Mexico, April 8, 1600. Be- 
longs to Angel Barber, in the city of Mexico. B^ns ''A causa de no 
haber recibido a riempo los puntos de esta Vice Provinda de Philippinas 
..." Ends "como todos sus hijos deseamos y hemos menester.*' 
TraatioftfaecQikgeiolBlaiiilaa&dCeM; and the mudoBt ol Tajtaj, AalipakH Bohal» 
Botuan, Carigara, Alangalang, DuIqc, P^ Ogmnc, Catubig» Tuiagcii, and Mindanao* 
The MS. tt in cadlcm condition and oonoita of a6 pp. See alao flat*, ** Bex.** 

Salazaa t Salcbdo, Gbkondio: — Caru del fiscal dando cuenta de cnando 
y como se caso Dona Tomasina Frias de RiTera, natural de Sevilla. Ma- 
nila, July 10, 1600. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 
IVanicript made for Ednaido NaramH O. S. A. 

: — [Reiadon] Sobre d estado de los Reynos de Camboxa y dan coo 

las Philipinas. [Manila ?], 1600. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. Be- 
gins ''Por Rdadon Dd ano passado . . .*' Ends 'Mlego a manila a 
saluamento Por abril de mil y seisdentos." 

This MS. dcKribes the advcntinci id Loia Pd«s Daonariiaa and of Juan deZamndio. 
Cruz Atila, Pbdko db la, O. S. A: — Arte, vocabulario y catedsmo ilo- 
cano. [Co., 1600.] 

Cited hj Tixop CmSogp, p. 36. This MS. waa written in 3 quaito vola. Ita aotkar 
waa bora at Cnliimbianoa and profewed in the Salamanca cocfcnt in 1559. Hevcnttotlie 
Flulippinei about 1591, and {ram then until hit death in 1617, labored lealously in Tariona 
miMione, chicA^ among the Ilocana. 

MarIn, Esteban, O. S. A.: — Arte y dicdonario de la lengua igolota. 
[Ca., 1600.] 

Cited by F^rei, CaUiogp, p. 31. BlaHn waa a natiire of BCeyioo^ where he took die 
Augusdnian habit. He went to the Fhilippinet in IJ84, where he labored among die 
Igprots and Zambalt. He waa maitjred by the rebel ^oiott in i6ot while aftrmpring to 
tubdoc them by argument. 

Mbndoza, Jean. — Histotre des isles Philippines. i6di century. Lille; 
bibliotheque de la viUe. 

Cited by Haenel, Catalogi librtntm mmmtaifUnm (Lipeiae^ 1S30X ool- iSi. Una ia 
probably a tranicript (in n^iole or in part) of Juan Gongalet de MeDdo(a*a Hktmm dt 
loMccuu . . dtl gran reyao dt la Ckiiuu 

M0NTB8 Y EscAMiLLA (pr San Antonio), Gbronhio, O. S. F.: — ^Arte dd 
idioma tagalog. [Ca., 1600.] 
Dicdonario dd idioma tagalog. [Ca., 1600.] 

Both dted by Hueita, Bstado, p. 495; and Maioellino da Citena, Saggh di (d/iV 
grafa^ p. 410. Their author readied the idandi In 1583, and after laboring in Tariout 
TiUaget, died at the village of I«umban in 1610. He left alao leveral detotional MSS. 

Santa Maria, Juan db, O. S. F.: — Historia de la perdida de Gomez Perez 
das Marinas, gobemador de Filipinas. [Ca., 1600 ?] 

Cited by San Antonio, BSbiimtea franciicaHai Barrantet, Gmtrrai pirddeaSf p. 387; and 
Blumentritt, FouA, wes. Jiud^ p. 131. HucfU mentiona no friar of this name in hit 

Digitized by 



: — Relacion de las Religiones () ay en estas Yslas Hiilippinas lat 

Probin^ias cassas y Religiossos que Tienen Y I06 que abran menester 
que 8U mag^ mande enuiar para que aya Suffi^iente doctrina en ellas. 
[Manila, ca.^ 1600 ?] A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "La 
orden de Sant Agusdn . . ." Ends "La doctrina a los naturales." 
A ikoit rdadon imtten 00 one page of a iheet of rice paper, diaooloRd and britde. 
AzBBo, Caspar db: — Testimonio del auto del Gobemador de Filipinas 
ordenando al Doctor Morga saliese con la Armada tras d cosario holandes. 
January 5, 1601. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "este es un 
treslado Bien y fielmente sacado . . . '' Ends " e Por ende fize mi si*^. 
en testim^ de Verdad'^ with seal and signature. 

Tliii doauMtt oQDaisti of the above nouiy^s intioducrioo, the copy 
of the DodficatioD ol the act to Mof^a and hit replj, and die notaij^i certification of the 
cocrectneta of hit copy. The act and notificatioD are given by Mofga in hit 3uc§s§t 
(•ee VOL. xvy pp. 214^21 7X 

CoNTRBBAS, LuiB DB (notaiy). — Testimonio de una informadon hecha 
por el fiscal de la Audiencia de Manila acerca de lo sucedido con el cosario 
olandes y de la perdida de la nao capitana en que iba por general d oidor 
D. Antonio de Morga. Manila, January 15- June I2» 1601. A. de L; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "El lice^^^ Geronimo de Salazar y Salcedo 
..." Ends "En testimonio de verdad'', with seal and signature of 

A kng MS. ol 41 pliegoa or ihceti in our transcript. The fint part it a brief 1 
by the fiscal eonceniing the fight, with hU petition for an invcttigatioo, which was pre- 
■cnted before Qiatobal Tellez de Almaian, on Jan. 15. The d^otitiona taken are as 
follows: Jan. i6» Antonio Roberto^ a sailor; Jan. 19, Erandsco de Segura, a cooper, and 
Biartin Rodriguex, ship constable; Jan. ao^ Capt. Lq>e de Rrada; Jan. 22, Heman Gar- 
cia; Jan. 23, Antonio Rodriguex, a sailoi^ Jan. 24, Joan Biartin de Axua; Jan. 30^ Joan 
Romero^ a common seaman; Feb. 6, Juan Rubio, keeper of arms and storeroom aboard 
ship; Feb. ^ Andres Bemal, artilleiTman; Feb. 12, Benito del Guerto^ a sailor; Feb. 14, 
Joan de Santiago^ a soldier, and Juan Martin de Triana, an artillefyman; Feb. 21, Ser- 
geant Diego de Aceredo; Mar. 7, Joan Oallego, a sailor; Mar. 9, Cristoral Vicente^ 
ship*s boy; Mar. 13, Miguel de Estrada, surgeon, and Domingo Gonzales, a sailor; Mar. 
15, Alferez Fledro Pinto de Alnayda; June 12, Joseph dels Cniz, a soldier. It is interest- 
ing to note that the majority of diese men were unable to sign thcv names. 

: — Copia de carta del obispo del Japon al gobemador de Filipinas 

sobre el estado de aquel reyno. March 2, 1601. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. 7. 

Transcript made for Eduardo NaTano^ O. S. A. 
GXRaA, DiBGO, O. S. A.: — [Letter concerning Philippine matters.] July 

8, 1601. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. 
Pabz db Sotomayoe, Juam (Joam, notary): — Testimonio de un auto de la 
Audiencia de Filipinas encargando al Doctor Morga la resistencia del 
cosario holandes. Manila, July 12, 1601. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 
19. B^ns*'recaudodecomoeIaudi*. ..." Ends "en testimonio 
de Verdad fize mi signo", with seal and notarial signature. 

This is a copjr of another copjr of the commission gifen to Blorga Dec i, 1600^ hj the 
Andicnda at the time of QliTer Van Noordt^s invasion, made at the request of Mosga hy the 

Digitized by 



Paez db SoTOifATOR; continued — 

abofe nouiy. See this commiirinn, vol. zi, pp. 141^142; tee alio» «ttf^ pp. 184, 185. 
Tbit <loruinetir was traiMcribed for Eduardo NaTuro, O. S. A. 

Testimo^ de la Ynform^ 7 aueriguaciones hechas sobre la batalla que 
el doctor ant^ de morga oydor de la aud*. de las filipinas tubo con olhier 
de el noit cosario hollandes que con dos nauios de armada entro en las 
iilip*. en fin de el aiio de mill y seyscientos. Manila, July 6-9, 1602. A. 
de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "en la an^ de maK ..." 
Ends *'en testimonto de verdad fize mi signo", with seal and signature of 
Paez de Sotomayor; followed by nourial attestation of the validity of 
instruments drawn by the latter, dated July 9. 

A kmg notarial document mnritring of 76 leaves in our transcript. Morga, on Julj 6, 
ordered tbe notaij to draw up a copy of a oeRatn tesrimony that had been taken by Her- 
nando Ssanfhes, aJcalde-major of the province of Balsian, before said notaxy. According 
to that copy, it appears that Blorga appearing before the said alcalde-niayor, at the poR of 
Anazebu, December 15, 1600^ related briefly the events of the battle, and ordered the taking 
of testifflonies in regard to it. Accordingly depositions were taken from the following on 
Dec If, 16 and 17: Capt. ^asco Gutierrez; fnf Frandaoo de Baldes, prior of the con- 
vent of Caruya; Blaicos de la Cueva; Alfiaex Die^ Nufiez; Alferez Bernardo de Billa- 
freda; Alonso de ManciUa, adjutant to the sargentO'^nayor of the fleet; Alferez Frandsoo 
(arco; Martin Rodriguez; sargento Andres GineCe; Capt. Baitolome de la Cruz; 
Alonso de Veloa y Lemos; Alferez Juan Xuarez de Almesto; Alferez Jusephe de Naveda 
y Alvarado. All of these men narrate the story of the batde. The document is concluded 
by the attestation of certain fommands issued by Blorga after the survivors had reached 

Testimonio de un Auto del gobemador de Filipinas levantando el em- 
bargo que habia hecho del patache S^ Jacinto. November 20, 1602. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "desembargo de el gouei^. de el 
patache s^ Jacinto-" Ends "En tesdmonio de verdad fize mi signo", 
with seal and signature, followed by notarial attestation of validity of 
documents drawn by the above notary. 

This document is a copy of another copy of the act raising the embargo on the vessel 
**San Jacinto*\ November zz, 1600^ whidi was drawn by the notary Gaspar Azebo. It 
was made in the course of a suit brought by the captain 0^ the vessel, Estevan Rodriguez 
Paez, against certain persons who had shipped goods on the vessel, in regard to the pay- 
ment of the frei^ duties. 

Secular Cabildo of Manila: — Carta al rey sobre el real hospital. Ma- 
nila, July 15, 1601. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 27. 

Carta al rey tratando de Santa Potenciana. July 25, 1602. Press- 
mark as above. 

Informal^, al Re di Spagna p la citta de Manila. 1635. A. dd V. 
Minuta de carta tratando del P. Francisco Mesina de la Compaiiia 
de Jesus que es muy perito en la lengua china 6 Sinea y de los muchos ser- 
vicios que ha prestado, etc. Manila, June 20, 1678. A. de I.; est. 68, 
caj. I, leg. 32. 

TVanscript made for Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A. 

[Official record book.] Manila, February 13, 1700-January 3, 1702. 
L. of C; division of manuscripts. 

298 leaves. F^. Bound in pigskin. This is a MS. of some moment, and conuins 
maiqr valuable and interesting records. 

Digitized by 



Secular Cabildo of Manila; continued — 

Carta en que habia del comercio y de los excesos de lo6 padres reli- 
giosos. July 30» 1715. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 5, leg. i. 
Carta en que habla del comercio. July 29, 1745. A. de I.; est. 68, 

caj. 5» leg. 3- 

Carta tratando de los enemigos ingleses. August 18, 1745. Press- 
mark as above. 
Secular Cabildo; and the King of Jol6: — [Various letters regarding the 
latter.] [Ca.^ 1762 ?] A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 5, leg. 13 (the first six letters 
of this legajo). 

: — Carta de varios oficiales de Filipinas dando cuenta del mal estado 

de estas islas. July 20, 1601. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 35. 
Felipe III: — [Royal decree regulating expeditions in the Philippines.] 
Barzelona, June 22, 1599. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 7, fol. 
294, n°. 425. Begins "El Rey: Mi Govemador ..." Ends "Au- 
diencia real de esas Yslas." 

Carta 6 cedula sobre apuntos escritos en cartas del D. Francisco Tello. 
February 16, 1602. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i, libro i, fol. 31-34. 

Cedula de su mag. para que los oydores no se entremetan en yr a la 
mano al govemador en cosa ninguna, etc. November 4, 1606. A. de 
I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

Real cedula sobre loi religiosos. El Escorial, June 5, 1607. ^* ^^ I*> 
est. 69, caj. I, leg. 30. 

[Royal decree sent to Pedro de Acuna.] San Lorenzo, August 19, 1606. 
B. M.; papeles varios de Indias; jure empdonis; 13,976; Plut. CXC. D.; 
fol. 469-472. 

Not the original BIS., but a oopj. 

Real cedula para fundar el seminario en Manila. September 13, 1608. 
A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 39. 

Real cedula tocante a los padres de la Compaiiia de Jesus. 1610. A. 
de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i, libro 2, fol. 120, 121. 

Real cedula sobre apuntos de los olandeses. Madrid, November 11, 
1611; and Madrid, December 19, 1611. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. i, 
libro 2, fol. 140, 141. 

Real cedula para que los Dominicanos no pasen al Japon sin licenda 
del gobemador. Madrid, December 31, 1611. Pressmark as above; 
fol. 145, 146. 

Respuesu al gobemador en materias de guerra. December 2, 1613. 
A. de I.; est* 105, caj. 2, leg. I, libro i, fol. 172-175. 

Dos reales cedulas sobre materias de Filipinas. December 19, 1618. 
Pressmark as above; libro 2, fol. 255-264. 

Real cedula sobre los religiosos. Madrid, December 13, 1620. A. de 
I.; est. 69, caj. i, leg. 30. 

Digitized by 



HuKTADO DB MsNDO&A, Gbnbral AifDKBB :— Copia de caita al gobema- 
dor de Filipinas pidiendole tocorro de municiones j baadmcncoa pan su 
cmpreta. May i, i6oa. A. de L; esc 679 caj. 6, leg. 19. 
Tnatcripc made f«r Bdnaido Narano^ O. S. A. 

XuAJiBZ DB Galunato, Juan:^ Carta de . . al oidor D. Antonio de 

Ribera, sobre el estado de laa Itlat. Cebu, June 26, 1602. A. de L; 

est. ly caj. 2. 

Cited by Retaaay BSU. Mmd^ p. 18. The aotfaor aOodei to the c^edhion dt Rodii> 
Huei de Figiucroa. 

Salcbdo, Pbdko DBy O. S. A.; and others: — Carta sobre cosas filipinas. 

July 4, 1602. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. 
Beavo DB AcuNA, Pbdko (govemof):— [Letter to the king.] Cavite, July 

io» 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 
Reladon del alzamiento que los Chinos Sangleies hideron en la dudad 

de Manila el aiu> de MDCIII. [1603 ?] 

Cited hf GoDxakt Baida, Epittmt (17379 1738^ Aatooio^ BSU. (1788X H, p- 164; and 
bj Fcnandei de Naraixete, BSU, mar. ttp.^ ii, p. 525; aa in the ooUection of Lorenao 
GxoUnibi^ieciceaiyoftfaeninicioCanipcgioinBladrid. Thiamay be the letter of Dec. 
18, 1603 (f.o.y flail*, p. 187). 

Reladon por mayor de la p^rdida que se hizo el ano de MDCII de la 
nao Santa Margarita en la isla Carpana, una de las de los Ladrones, y 
del estado en que hallo su gobiemo de Filipinas en su llegada a Manila 
en d dicho ano de MDCII. [1603 ?] 
Cited al M/ra. 

Informacion sobre el casamiento que pretendia hacer el oidor Don 
Antonio de Rivera Maldonado con Diia. Margarita de Figueroa, de edad 
de 12 aik>s, hija de Esteban Rodrigues y Figueroa. Manila, June 20, 
1604. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 
Tranacript made for Eduardo Naram^ O. S. A. 

Carta tratando de Santa Potendana. July 14, 1604. A. de I.; est. 
67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

Copia de una carta escrita por el Gob^' y Audienda a su Mag^. tratando 
de los banos calientes. Manila, July 14, 1604. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. I. 

Carta sincerando i los PP. de la Compania de Jesus de la acusadon 
que se les hace de haberse alzado con las tierras de unos Yndios de Quiapo. 
Manila, July 4, 1605. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 
Tkanacript made for Eduardo NaTaiio^ O. S. A. 
BKrro FoGACA, Antonio: — Copia de carta al gobemador de Filipinas, 
D. Pedro de Acuiia hadendo reladon de lo sucedido en la Armada de 
Don Andres de Mendoza desde que se hizo a la vela el 10 de mayo de la 
barra de Goa. Cavite, October 14, 1602. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. 
Tranacript made for Eduardo Nararro^ O. S. A. 

Digitized by 



CoLMBNBKO DB Andradb» Juan (naval commander): — Carta escrita al 
yirey de Nueva Etpana, dandole cuenta del suceso de tu viaje y navega- 
cion de ida y vuelta a las Filipinas desde i6 de febrero de 1602 que 8alj6 
de Santo Tomas, bajo el mando del general D. Antonio de Rivera. Aca- 
pulco, December 24, 1602. A. de I. (contemporaneous copy). Copy 
also in Madrid; Deposito hidrogriifico. 

Cited bj Femandei de NaTimte^ J9iW. inr. up^ i, p. ao6. 

BuRGUiLLOB, Pbdro DB, O. S. F.: — Relacion hecha por Fr. . . Fray- 
le Lego de la Orden de San Francisco de la Provinda de San Gregorio 
de los Descal9os de Philipinas. Mandaba hazer por el Padre Fray Alonso 
MuneZy Comisario Provincial de la dicha Provinda por santa obediencia, 
de las cosas sucedidas en el Japon desde el aiio pasado 1601 hasta el de 
1602. 1602. Madrid; Biblioteca del Palado Real. B^ns '' Por cum- 
plir en el precepto de listed . . .'' 

Contiits of 23 unnumbered fol. Burguillot went to the Fliilippinet in 1600 and in 1601 
to Japan. In i6oi he returned to Manila with letten {ram the Japanese ruler, retuniing 
in 1603 to Japan, where he remained until 1614 when he was exiled for preaching the goe- 
pel. He also wrote another relation entitled ^^Rdadon de lot tucetot 7 penecudon contra 
lot crittianot en el Japon desde d alio de 1608 hatta d de 1614.^ Thit MS. it ouuterye d 
in the BVan c itcan conTent at Manila, where its author died in 1615. Cited by Maicellino 
da CiTeiza, O. S. F., Saggi9 ii hiblhgrafa (Prato, 1879), p. 72. 

CARRAN9A9 Francisco; and others: — Carta sobre cosas filipinas. Decern* 

ber 1I9 1603. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. 

Arcs, Pbdro» O. S. A. (bishop of Cebu): — Carta sobre materias de Fili* 

pinas. December 17, 1603. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. 

Sobre los sangleyes que se allaron en el al^amiento. 1603. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 69 leg. 7. 

Carta ayisando la Uegada a Manila del P. Fr. Diego de Guevara visita- 
dor de su orden, el que ha sido redvido por los rdigiotos agustinos det- 
paes de algunas contradicciones y se dispone a la visita y reformacion 
que le han encomendado. Manila, July i, 1610. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 
I, leg. 34- 

Carta pidiendo a S. M. conceda socorro para un hospital de Espanoles 
y naturales, que hay en Nueva Caceres a cargo de los relig^otos de S. 
Francisco, que esta muy pobre y cajrendose. Manila, July 20, 1620. 
Pressmark as above. 

TVaucriptt of thit and the pnoedins BiS. made for Eduaido Narano^ O. S. A. 

. — Levantamiento de los Sangleies en Philipinas. [1603]. 

In folio. Cited by Leon Pinelo^ Ephome; and Gooaales Baida, Epkmm^ ii, coL 63a, 
as eiitting in the libraiy of Conde de Villa Umbrota. 

; — Discurso sobre o trato e comercio das Yndias Occidcntaes e 

Onentaes com a China e Jappam. [1604?] R. A. de la H.; papeles 
de los Jesuitas; tomo 185, n^. 17. Begins "Depois que as Ylhas felipinas 

Digitized by 



w detcobrinm ..." Ends "e casdguem te vea quem o contf. 

Written in Pdrtugueie ttuouiiMwt. 

jBtuty Bernardino db, O. S. F.^— Arte del idioma Tagalog. Ca., 1604. 

Cited by Hmrta, Baatk, p. 495; and MaroeUino d« Cfvcna, A^m di kSUmgraf^ 
p. 149. Hucru Mjt the autlior &A in Bioico in 1604. 

BAimsTA, Pedro, O. S. F.:— Historic de las Islas Filipinas, Japon, China 
J otrot reinos de la India. January 12, 1605. 

Relacion minuciosa de la penecucion contra los cristianos en el reino 
del Japon desde 1615 a 1617. Mejico, May 24, 1617. 

Both dted by Flatero^ Cmdiogt^ p. 1 17; Hucrta, EsiaJ^ p. $05; BCarcdlino da Civcna, 
SaggM di hMUpdfot P* 3^; and Biumentritt, F«r.a6. Hmu AuuL, p. 41. Baudcta vcot 
to the Philippines in 1600^ and in i6os went to Japan where he ctajed in hiding until 1614. 
He was exiled, Sept. 30^ 1616, and airived in Mexico, Feb. 15, 1617. After going to Ma- 
drid and Rome, he returned to the Philippines in i6ai, but ratumed to Spain and Italy in 
1611 to negotiate the beatification of the Japanese martjn, icturaingto the islands in 1629. 
He died Dec 30^ 1630^ at sea, while on a third Tojrage to Spain. 

SoRiA, Diego de: — Carta del Obispo de la Nueva Segobia. Responde a 
lo que se le pregunta sobre el alzamiento de los del estero de Lobo que 
no puede poner mano en quitar ningun religioso de su doctrina porque en 
seguida amenazan con dejar toda la Provincia; que se obtiene grandisimo 
fnito con la predicacion; y que esta muy enfermo, etc. Nueva Segobia, 
April 12, 1605. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 

[Letter giving account of the death of Archbishop Benavides, the 
scandalous proceeding among the prebendaries, and other religious mat- 
ters and commercial questions. Manila, June 20, 1606. A. de I.; est. 
68, caj. I, leg. 34. 

Carta dando cuenta del estado de su obispado. Nueva Segovia, May 
24, 1607. Pressmark as above. 

Transcripts of this and the two preceding MSS. made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

: — Carta del convento de S. Agustin. May 4, 1605. A. de I.; 

est. 68, caj. i, leg. 42. 

[Paul V (pope)?]: — Didacus Vasquez episcopus Yucatan ad Manilen 
transl. pro Michaelis de Benavides. Rome, May 25, 1605. Rome; A. 
del v.; consistoriali; 129; pag. 51. 

[Concerning the archbishop of Manila.] Rome, July 31 , 1610. Rome; 
A. del v.; v. s.; 9; pag. 102. 

Michael Garcia Serrano episcopus Novae Segobiae prop*", et transl. ad 
Manilen pro obitu Didaci Vasquez. Rome, February 12, 1615. Rome; 
A. del v.; consistoriali; 129, pag. 156; 145, pag. 188. 

: — Carta del comisario general de la sancta oficio. June i, 1605. 

A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 

AouRTO, Pedro de, O. S. A.: — Carta para S. M. de Fray . . , obispo 

Digitized by 



de la Ciudad del Sandiimo Nombre de Jesus, en que refiere la perdida 
del fuerte de Anbueno, danos que hizo el Enimigo &*. Sanctisimo Nom- 
bre de Jesus ft./., Cebu]. June 30, 1605. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 
34. Begins ''Senor. Por ser las nuevas tan ^iertas ..." Ends 
"nuestra defensa y conservacion", with date and signature. 

OnthcMS.arewrittaitfaedirectionfoftliekuigorCcNindl. £diianloN«Tairo»O.S.A., 
ovDs a traaacript of this MS. 

Council of Portugal: — [Report (in Portuguese) concerning the Japan 

missions.] Lixboa, December 4, 1605. A. de S.; secretaria de estado; 

leg. 2637. Begins ''Senor — O Bispo do Jappao . . .'* Ends 

"por estar do emte mas achonse ao vottar nella.", with a signature. 

[Report regarding religious missionaries for Japan.] Valbom?, 

January 31, 1606. A. de S.; secreuna de esudo; leg. 2637. Begins 

"Senor O consejo da Yndia pela cousulu ..." Ends "Vuestra 

Magestade mandara o que ouuer por mais seu serui^o", with date, and 

six rubrics. 

SceiiicaAkBoftliitnpQit(whickitinPoKtugueie)mvoL.ziVy pp.i3Sy 133. See alto 
OHU^ p. 163. 

Rigs Cgrgnbl, Hbrnandg de lgs: — Los derroteros 6 diariot del viaje 
desde Manila a Nuera Espana en 1605, continuado en 1606 de Veracnii 
hasta las expresadas no leguas del cabo de San Vicente, y desde Acapulco 
a Manila en 1611. B. M. Copies in Madrid; Deposito hidrogriifico; 
tomos I, 2, and 27. 

Cited hj Penandex de Naramte^ BM, mm, upf i, p. 644. Thete denote r o e contttt 
almoet cntinij of nautical obeerrationa. 

Memorial dado a su Mag*^. por las Filipinas de la forma que puede 
hauer para echar los Olandeses de ellas y quitalles todas las fuer^as que 
alia rienen. [Undated, but in the early ytzn of the seventeenth centuiy.] 
Madrid; B. N. ; MSS. 2394. 

Old pranmark, H. 97; Curioeot BianutoitM; fol. io-5». Incomplete. Written in a 
large and legible hand. 

: — Expediente sobre el colegio de Santa Potenciana. 1605. A. 

de I.; est. 68» caj. i, leg. 32. 

TVinicript made for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

Castro, Francisco de. — R<^ de las Yslas Philipinas, y de los remedios 
que nezesitan para su aumento y conseruacion. Pomazque, March 
6, 1606. B. M.; papeles tocantes a las Indias occidentales y Phili- 
pinas Flotas y Galeones; jure empdonis; 13,992; fol. 588-596. 

Tellg db Guzman, Juan; and others: — Tesdmonio de autos seguidos 
en 1606, por D^. Juan Tello de Guzman, Teniente General de las 
Yndias Filipinas, en que condeno £ muerte a Antonio Layton, por haver 
muerto al Alferez Gregorio Alvarado, y por la Real Audiencia se mand6 
que no se le pagasen a D*. Margarita de Figueroa, muger de dho. D^. 

Digitized by 



Tbllo db Guzman, amtinued — 
Juan Tello tut encomkndas. Manila, May lo, 1606-1607. Ayer Col- 
lection. Begins ''Don Joan Tello de Guzman digo . . ." Ends 
with notarial attesution. 8 leaves. ¥^. 

Ejecutoria del pleito seguido entre Religiosos de la Compania de Jesus 
J el senexal D^. Juan Tello de Guzman como marido de D*. Margarita 
Figueroa, sobre los bienes de su hermana D*. Juana. Manila, June 23* 
1606. Ayer Collection. Begins " Don Felipe Por la gratia de dios ..." 
Ends "en la ciudad de manila", with date and signature. 9 leaves; rice 
paper. P. Sli^tly murilated. 

Jaqub db los Rids db Mancanedo, Alfebez Miguel de: — Viaxe De 

las Yndias Orientales y Occidentales, en el qual, se trata de Jornada, que 

hicieron los Espanoles, que residen en las Yslas Philipinas de el Ponientc 

a los reynos de Camboja, y lo que en ellos, y en los de b Cocfainchina» 

les sucedio, y assi mismo se descriuen los nombres de las fortalezas que la 

Nazion Lusitana, tiene en la yndia, Perssia, Aravia, y Edopia men^. 

Con los de las Ciudades, Villas, y Lugares mas principales poblados, 

y avitados de Castellanos en la rica y gran parte de la Occidental Yndia 

m^. Dirigido A la Mg*^. de el Gran Rey de las Espanas D^. Phelipe 5° de 

este nombre. 1606. Lenox; Spanish-American coUecdon. Begins 

"Senor. Desde el dia que sali de Espana ..." Ends "de Oriente 

a poniente y de poniente, a Oriente^ Soli Deo honor, et Gloria." 

A tnatoripC from tbe original, made about 17S0 (?). Pp. 171 in folio. Rrobablj 
foffBcrij a |MUt of the Mufioi ooilectioa, or a trantcript made tberefrom. In die BiS. 
▼oL lettered **Cofeocioo de Viafes.** Coniiitt of an introduction and eighteen chapten. 
The fint ten chapten treat of the TOfage to the Philippines and the expedition to Cambofa 
conducted bj Bdloto and Blat Ruiz, dF which the author formed a part. The remainder 
it concerned with the East Indies, India, China, and the West Indies or Spanish America. 

Council of the Indies: — Consulta sobre educacion de los ninos naturales 

en Pintados. Madrid, January 18, 1607. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. i. 

[Consultarion concerning religious for the missions.] December 14, 
1706. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 8. 

[Consultarion concerning the Chinese.] August 8, 171 4. A. de I.; est. 
68, caj. 2, leg. 8. 

[Concerning the commerce of Manila.] September i, 1717. A. de I.; 
est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 8. 

Satisfaccion al real orden con que V. M. se servio remitir dos cartas 
del Govemador de Philipinas. July 13, 1728. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 
2, leg. 9. 

[Concerning the silver and gold of the Philippines.] September 11, 
1734. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 9. 

Consulta sobre peticion de los Agustinos de fundar seminario en Va- 
Uadolid. Madrid, July 21, 1742. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 10. 

Digitized by 



Consulta sobre la fundacion por lot franceses de un seminario en Manila. 
Madrid, June 19, 1781. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 3, leg. 2. 

• Memorial del Procurador de las Filipinas sobre las cosas tocantes 

al buen gobierno de aquellas islas. 1606. A. del.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 27. 

EsfiuiBBLy Juan db: — Carta del Maese de Campo . . haciendo rela- 
don del estado en que se encuentran las cosas de Terrenate. Terrenate, 
April 4, 1607. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 19. Begins "Muy Poderoso 
s'. la carta de V. al*. . . ." Ends "ordene lo que se deua hacer 
n. s^.", with dosing, date, and signature "Jhoan desquiuel." 
This it a long letter of 17 let^et in our trantcript. 

Vazqubz de Mercado, Dibgo (archbishop): — [Letter regarding Philippine 
matters.] March 2, 1610. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 

Carta haciendo renunciacion de aquel cargo 6 que le nombre coadjutor. 
Manila, July 7, 1610. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 

Carta sobre la visita que hizo de algunos pueblos y dice que los agustinos 
hacen muchos escesos en los derechos que llevan de los entierros y casa- 
mientos. Manila, July 8, 161 2. Pressmark as above. 

TViMcriptt of this and the preceding MS. made for Eduaido NaTaxro, O. S. A. 

: — Carta de los frayles Recoletos. June 30, 1610. A. de I.; est. 

68, caj. I, leg. 43. 

MuNOZ db Herrbra, Pedro: — Testimonio dado por Pedro Muiioz de 
Herrera en Manila en 8 de Julio de 161 1 sobre plieto acerca de un tributo 
a favor de D^ Juan Tello de Guzman. Manila, July 8, 161 1. Ayer 
Collection. Begins "Yo Pedro munoz de Herrera scru® R*. . . ." 
Ends with notarial attestation. 

4 uteful leaves; document itself 00 rice paper. F^. SUghdj mutilated. Concerns 
events of 1607. 

Andrada, Pedro MatIas db, O. S. F.: — Rdadon autenrica del marririo 
de Fray Sebastian de S. Jose y Fray Antonio de Santa Ana en las islas 
de Macasar y Tagolanda. 16x2. Manila; Franciscan archives. 
Cited by Blumentritt, Focul. Htn. Ausd^ p. ia9. 

Marias, Pedro, O. S. F. (bishop of Cebu and Camarines): — Reladon de 

los actos de los mardres de las Molucas. 

Cited by Blumentritt, Focab. «tn. Ausd^ P* i^ ^^ >n turn dtes Juan de San Antonio^ 
Biblict$ea franciuana, 

Viaje del Maese de Campo Christobal Ezquerra a las Molucas, el 

ano de 16 10 por orden de Don Juan de Silva Gobemador de Filipinas. 


Cited by Blumentritt, ta suprOf p. 130, who in turn dtes Barrantcs. 

< : — Expedientcs antiguos sobre el Apresto y socorro de la Armada 

que salio de N*. Esp*. para las islas Filipinas. 1612-1617. A. de I.; 

Audiencia de Mejico; virreynato; aiios 1612 a 1617; est. 96, caj. i, leg. 

22, 23. 

Digitized by 



Sam EsTETANy Gkbooeio de, O. S. F.>— Historia de las islas Molucas 

y MIS g;uerTas. [Ca.» 1612 f\ 

Oiled hf BaatMf Wttadt, p. $05. Sn tmenn p w famd m die prafiooe of San Fiblo 
in SpatB. After goiag to thre FlolippiBC^ lie v» appootfed matfs cf nowra 
■B NofCBDCff loo^ It can ouy be ocnjectnved tnat he waa is nic Moluccaa tncRafter 
wdl liis. In Hatdtf ifoa, lie vaa ap pu im ed giaardian cf tlie Carite convent and in 
Tme cf due jar became defintor and Ticar of tlie m u naate ij of Santa dan at Manila. 
Li 1625 lie became goardian cf tbe Manila cwiwwf, vfacre he died in 1632, after 1 

: — Caita, tratando de lot ookgiot de lot DommicoB j Jesukas, j 

pidiendo relig;iotot agiudnot por lo rda jado que esta la orden en Ftlipinat. 
Manila, August 15, 1613. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 
T^ranacript made for Ednaido NarantH O. S. A. 

SuAKEZ DE FiGUEEOA, CsiSTOBAL: — Dos Viages del Adelantado Alvaxo 

de Mendaiia coo intento de poblar Las Islas de Salamon y descubrir la 

parte incognita. 1613. Boston Public Libraiy; accession no. 268,283. 

3k«vtt. Pp. mnnhcred 1, 2, 3, 4, 17 (pp. 5-16 being miaaingX Onthecldcoferit^ 

following note: **'I1iia MS. ia anppoaed to have come into die libraiy with a timnacrapt 

or a portion of the iwiwoa or the Ofcneer of Hair^. ooL wfaidi has been fctunied to Dr. 

Bow ditUi ^a family (from whoae son it is anppoaed to have oome with tbeir f aifaer*e libraiy) 

and it waa tbou^ beat to retain thit fra^^nent. Ap. iMS. J. Winaor.** On the third 

page cofcr it written in another hand: **Thia BftS. ia copied fpom Oiatobal Suares de 

Figoena, Htckoi dt Don Garcia Jt Mtmdna, cnaito manpi^ de Caflete. Madrid 1613.** 

It ia written in double colvmn, in a fine neat hand, of 75 lines to the column. 

MoRGA, DocTOE Antonio de; and odiers: — Documentos y apunus pan 

la vida y obras del Doctor Antonio Morga sacados del Archivo de Indias. 

Mexico, and Quito, March 15, 1614-April 21, 1638. Ayer Collection. 

57 leaves, of Tarioua sizes. These docoments were copied in the aichivcs at SeviDa for 
Justo Zaragora who was editing Blorga*s Suc§ft (see one, p. iiiX but who unfartonateiy 
died ere the completion of the work. Contains valuable information oonccming Morgans 
life. Purchased from Vindd (no. 2659 in his catalogue)^ and quoted at aoo pesetaa. 

Blancas {or San Josef), Francisco, O. P.: — Arte para aprender la 

Lengua Tagala. Ca.y 161 4. 

Arte para aprender los Indios Tagalos el Idioma Espanol. Ca., 1614. 

Both dted by Latassa, BSbiicUca^ ii, p. 184. This author also compoaed Tarioua devo- 
tional works in the Tagilog language. 

EscoTO, Benito (a Genovese): — Memorial dirigido al Rey, dandole 

cuenta de un nuevo modo y cierto que habia descubierto de practicar 

algunas tablas de longitudes en las carreras y viajes maiitimos; y para 

hallar aquella navegacion, que hasta entonces untos y tan graves hom- 

bres y marineros habian buscado, y no hallaban, del pasage por la parte 

del setentrion a la China, Japon, Malucas, Filipinas, etc., con un discurso 

sobre los provechos que resultarian de su proposicion. 1616. A. de I.; 

Decretos particulares del duque de Lerma. 

There is a copy in Madrid; Deposito hidrogrifico; tomoa7. The original at SeviOa ia 
accompanied by a letter to the confessor of the king Fr. Lois Aliaga. Cited by Femandes 
de Navairete, Bihi, mar, esp^ i, pp. 130^ 231. 

: — Mapa de la R^ Armada que salio del pu^ de Cauite de las yslas 

Digitized by 



Philippinas p* pelear contra el enemigo olandes que vino a ellas el ano de 
161 7. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 
0TA90y Francisco de, S. J.: — Carta sobre su arribo a aquel puerto (San 
Lucar) desde Filipinas en la nao Ntra Senora . . una de las de la 
flota de Nueva Espana. San Lucar, September 21, 1618. R. A. de la 
H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 129, num. 175. I leaf. 

Carta sobre asuntos de la flota 7 armada que debian Uevar a los PP. 
jesuitas a Filipinas. Madrid, January 8, 1620. R. A. de la H.; papeles 
jesuitas; tomo 129, num. 176. i leaf. 

Carta sobre lo mucho que se trataba en la Corte de mandar socorro a 
Filipinas, que se veian amenazadas por la escuadra holandesa. Madrid, 
February 18, 1620. R. A. de la H.; papeles de los jesuitas; tomo 129, 
n^. 154. Begins '^Paz xpi. Sc\ Guardare las memorias ..." 
Ends ^'escriuere mas largo'*, with date and signature. (See vol. zix, 
. p. 37, note 2.) 

Varias cartas del P. . . procurador de la compania de Jesus, al 
P. Alonso de Escobar, . . procurador gral de Sevilla, referentes i 
cuentas de ambas provincias, viage £ Filipinas y otros asuntos de poco 
interes. Madrid, May 18, 1620. R. A. de la H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 
129, num. 177. 

Caru del P. . . al P. Alonso de Escobar, procurador del misma 
compania en Sevilla, sobre los prepararivos del viage de los de la Com- 
pania i Filipinas. Madrid, June 9, 1620. R. A. de la H.; papeles 
jesuitas; tomo 129, num. 156. i leaf. 

Carta sobre la enfermedad que padecio, y su sentimiento por no haber 
podido pasar i Sevilla i despedir a los hermanos que iban a Filipinas. 
[Madrid ?, 1620 ?] R. A. de la H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 129, num. 
155. 2 leaves. 

Veinte y cuatro cartas del P. . ., relarivas todas al viage de lot 
padres a Filipinas. Madrid, [1620 ?]. R. A. de la H.; papeles jesuitas; 
tomo 129, num. 157. 
Rib ERA, Joan de, S. J.: — [Letter concerning the missions and odier mat- 
ters.] December 2, 1618. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 
Chirino, Pedro, S. J.: — Primera par | te dela Historia | dela Provinda 
de I Philipinas de la Compa | nia de IHS. (ornament) | por el padre . . 
dela misma | Compania (ornament) | Comprehende veinte y cinco anot 
desde 1581, hasta | — 1606 — [1618]. In coUecdon of Rev. Pablo Pas- 
tells, S. J., Sarria, Barcelona. 

On the title-page it alio the fottowing: ^He wrote this hittofy in 1610^ at appean in 
ctftain dupten, etpedallj in book i, duptcr 6» folio 26, wliere he treatt of Aidibithop I^ 
Diego Vatqiiez de Mercado.** The date of the trantcript noted below it 1618. Thit MS. 
it mentioned by CoUn in his Labor twmgJka (pp. 1, 3X in hit remarki in **A1 religioao 
kctor.** He there mentiont both Chirino*t pubtithed Historia^ and an nnpubUihed MS., 

Digitized by 




of both of which he mahm mo in hit woih. The MS. it inittca by tevcnl naatt MtoMn- 
I M ii thawn by the Tarioat handt. It is oo rice paper, and has beeo holed and 
I bj ^ demictive white aat. The MS. is bound in carmbao hide, it oontaias five 
I fbOowa: the lint, with 3s dupien; the second, with 17; the third, with 33; ^ 
fonnh, with 34; the fifth, with 55. A paragraph, writMn by Jvan de Bnerss, S. J., and 
provincial of FUipinas, 1627-1636, translates as fottows: **For the good m e uM t j of Father 
Pledro Chirino, who laboted so c ff e cU fe lj in this province^ I order that dbis book which he 
lefc^ be conserved in the Ubraiy of this college of Blanila, where those who desire of its good 
studies may aid then i scl ve t . Manila, January 25, 1636.** This paragraph, t o g e tbci with 
die above title-page^ indicatss that this copj was made at the insranrf of Juan de Bueras. 
Considerable use of this MS. was made by its piesent owner, in his edition of Golin*i L^kor 
woamgMka (Barcelona, 1904). There are partial transcripts in R. A. de la H. (Mufioz 
Collection); and in the Lenox branch of the New York Public libraiy. The second, 
which we describe, appean to be a duplicate or a tranacript of the paitial tranacript made 
by Biufios from Cliirino*s BfS. about 1800^ irfiich tranacript rests intfaeR. 
Madrid. Of it, Mufioz sajs: ^To this point, the indei of this wosfc, which must consist 
of two volumes, one of which is owned by Don Bfanuel de Atoti, which includes the first 
three books. It is written on <]uaito paper fposn China. Tat copy is cociected by me 
author himself, and signed at the end. Under this is a note in his handwriting 'Revised 
and conec t ed by the author himself in Manila, April, 1618. Pedro Chirino.* There are 
about 700 leaves in an firri l ii i i and dear curnve letter. It proceeded from one of the 
Jesuit houses in Seville, where Ajora bought it, as he himself told me, idien under die title 
of duplicates, veiy many good books and Tarious BISS. were bought and stolen. Cofljt- 
tng with this MS. and its index, the JbUchm dt Ua rsUs FHipinas, ydthfutm tOat Un 
traoajad9 Ut Padrts dt la Ctmf^, dt Jstiu, an imprint of Rome, 1604, in 40, 1 have found 
that the RdacUm is, as it were, a compendium of the Historiot or more propedj, the latter 
which was written later is an extension of the former, and in many places, a literal copy. 
But the first part of the Histmia (since we do not know whether he wrote ^ second pnt) 
must take up to die year 1611 or 161a, while the Mdacitm only takes up to July, 160a, when 
tu author kSft Manila for Roma, where he signed it March 5, 1604. I shaU state die result 
of die collation, advising that the parallel chapten will be noted, those of the Hhmna 
preceded by a Roman number denoting the book. I. 3*1. In the Hiam-ia^ much 
kager, whoe are told succinctly the nevigation of Magallanes, E. Gomes, Comendador 
Loaysa, die vessels of Cortes in 1527, and three other fleets thnxi^ the strait; whilethe 
last mentions only the last of the snhbishop of Palenda in 1540, that of ViUalobos io 
1543 from Nueva Espafia, and that of LegaspL m. 8,9,10^15,16,17. Literally die 
same^ except a few additions and slight ootiections in the chepten in the HiMrio. m. 14, 
§5*30^ II. i4«ao exactly. I5«»i, in part identical, but in the Hiatria, the matter is 
treated more at length and divided into secdons. in. 16—ai. In part idendcal, but 
with additions in the Hiatria. HI. 11—46. All of the matter of the Rtiacitm is put 
into the Hititria, snd much is added in the latter, m. 20—30. Althou^ agreeiiig in 
tide, they are very different in substance, and the histosy is mnch better. IIL 21—31. 
Very different, and with comparison much longer in the HiaorUu m. 25^ 33* Much 
in the Hittmia taken from the Rdaeimtt but changed and greatly bettered, m. 28—34. 
Same as the preceding. This is also general. The pr6l9gt is addressed *To the 
Rev. Fathers of the Society of Jesus of the Filipinas." Bqpns *Quienlo hi provado sabe 
bien . . . lo q*. hi del q*. se nado en la fee/ • He says that obedience obliged him 
to write this history.** MuAox gives a copy of the list of chapters for die fint five books; 
(book i, containing 32 chapters; ii, 26 chapters; iii, 33 chapten; iv, 40 chapters; t, 53 
chaptns); book ii, chapter ii (Deecripdon de la Ysia de Manila, y otras, Cocnarcas) 
and iii (Las nadones q^. havitan la i*. de Manila, y sus Costumbres); book iii, chapter 
sxiv (De la isla de Bohol), chapter xxv (El modo que los Filipinos tenian en vBortajar y 
sepultar sus difuntos), chapter xxvi (Dd TavonX and chapter xxvii (De las herendas y 
subcesiones de los Filipinos;; book i, chapter xiv (Apuntamientos breves de Algunas cosas 
de la China, hechos por d P. Akmso Sanchez en la Corte de Espafia); book iii, chapter 
zv (De la falsa Religion Gentilica: idolatries, y supersddones de los Filipinos), chapter 
xri (De las iddatrias que se descubrieron en S<^. Jusn dd Monte y su remedio). In all 
32 folio leaves of small writing. Bound into a vdume which was bought from O. Rich, 
and called Spanish-American CoUecdon. VduaUe as throwing light on Chirino^s method 
of writing, and forever setding the authentidty of the date 1604 as the publicadon date 
of his RdacioH. 

Nbbrija, Antonio db: — Parecer que dio sobre el apresto de la Armada 

Digitized by 



que iba a las Filipinat. Madrid, May 24, 1619. A. de I.; papeles de 
oficio; leg. i. 

Cited bf Fcmandei de NaTairate^ BiU. mar. tsp^f i, p. 175. 

• Proceso contra el Giil. D. Juan de la Vega por haber entrado en 

el colegio de Sta. Potendana en un abolote 6 cesto a tener etceso [sic] 
caroal con una muger casada. June 12, 1619. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 

TVanacript made for Eduiido NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

Moreno, Antonio. — Parecer sobre la navegacion a Filipinas. Sevilla, 

July 30, 1619. B. M.; in book entitled: Derroteros de Indias (fol. 96-98). 

A cop7 in collection of MSS. of Fenundez de NaTarrete. Cited hj Feraandez de NaTa- 
ncte, BM. mar. etp., i, p. 151. 

Miguel (or Dubal), Pedro (pilot sent by Archduke Alberto):— Parecer 

sobre la navegacion que debia hacer la armada que se disponia para el 

socorro de las Filipinas al mando de D. Lorenzo de Zuazola. Sevilla, 

August 3, 1619. ^' ^^ ^'* papules diversos de la secretana de Nueva 

Espaiia; leg. 4. Copy also in Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 18. 

Cited bj Fernandez de NaTarrete, BAl. mm. ftp., ii, p. 590. 

Nodal, G0N9AL0 de; Nodal, Captain Bartolome; and Ramirez de 
Arellano, Captain Diego: — Derrotero desde Sanlucar de Barrameda 
a las islas Filipinas, yendo por los estrechos de Magailanes y San Vicente. 
Madrid, September 30, 1619. A. de I.; cartas, consulus y otros papeles 
tocantes a las armadas del estrecho de Magailanes; de 1582 a 1620. 

Cited by Fernandez de Navancte, BiU. mar. «ip., i, p. 595, from a transcript at BiadridS 

Depoato hidrogriiioo. There are two copies in the &itish Museum: namelj, add- 

13,974* foi* lo-ia; and add. 13,99s, fol. 614, 615. 

Fajardo de Ten9A, Alonso (governor): — [Auto approving the founding 

of the college of Santo Tomas.] November 14, 1619. Ayer CoUecdon. 

Begins "En M^*. en catorze del mes de Nouiembre ..." Ends 

''ante mi Pedro de Varel", with signature, i leaf. P. 

Relacion de los testimonios y recaudos que envia con su carta de 15 de 
agosto de 1620. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

Owsists of 3s leaves, of 44 sections. Transcript made for Eduardo Navano, O. S. A. 
SiLVA, Juan:— [Letter to the king.] September 5, 1620. A. del.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 20. 

: — Varios papeles curiosos. Coleccion de documentos historicos 

relarivos a Filipinas desde el alio 1620 a 1858. 10 vols, in folio. 

Listed bj Vindel, i, no. 1,540, and priced at 500 pesetas. These MSS. contain interest- 
ing historical, administrative, and geographical data. A brief description of contents 
foUows: L Ro^ cedulas, orders, decrees, etc, issued by the superior gorenuncnts, 
1620-1841. 413 folios, n. Commerce of the Acapulco ship, 1800; 15 sheeu; on rice 
paper. Descriptive report on the condition of the province oiF Hocos; 12 sheets; on rice 
paper. Description of Cagajin, by ¥nj Antonino Fejxa% 1788; 19 sheets; on rice paper. 
Report to the Sodedad [Economica ?] on what Fra j Jacinto de ^ria has determined to 
publish, 1824; 4 sheets. Edicts and decrees of G omu o is Basco 7 Vargas, Ricafort, En- 
rile, etc About lao sheets in all. m. Isstiuctions as to what is to Im observed bj the 
regents of the royal audaendas of America; Filipinas, etc, foL 1-76. Rules and r^ula- 

Digitized by 



tiolM of the 4hrm pimci^ udi-OQatntenuty of Smririfiio Sacnmento del Sr. SanGsbrid 
de Binondo^ canfiimed and appiofcd in 1681 by ArcUndiop Fdipe Paxdo, O. P.; foL 85, 
if. Rcgulatiiig decree of June 14, 1839, drtmnining die fonn in yMdk dbe oensnt of 
Cliinew muet be madc^ a printed paper of a leavei, a report^ and Tarioiu BiSS. on ^ 
tame and other mattcn. IV. Printed deaees of laabei II relating to die coioniee, which 
an followed bj intererting MSS. V. Aocoontancjof the Army in Filipinai. ExpcBMi 
for i853» etc, fo fd. VL Variooa donimfiifi on nfcnue. VIL Oidinanoet of the 
rojal Audicnda and Chandlleria of Filipinaa. Tariff of the Maniia Audiencia. Vaiiooi 
judicial papen. Deacriptioa of various pforinoea. VIIL Rojal oiden relative to vari- 
ow depaitnicBi% oonceming the annj and treaauiy. IX. Memorial piea e nted by Don 
Martfai Garay, miniatcr of & treasuiy, in regard to the manner of "^•"•g'^g that depart- 

ment. Papen relating to the commcroe ba w vui Aaia and FSUpinaa. X. 
rofwhoT " 

Number of whole tributea among the natifca and meatiwa in 1850 aooocding to the reporta 
of the acDonnra of the rajal treaauiy, etc 

Madre db DioSy Blas ob la» O. S. F.^— Apologia de la sama 7 apostolica 
piovincia de S. Gregorio. [Ca.^ 1620 f] 

Cionolog^a de la santa y apoccolica provincia de S. Gregorio. [Ca.f 
Flora Filipina. [Ca., 1620 f\ 
Tratado de medicina domesdca. [Ca., 1620 ?] 

AO the abo?e are dted by Huerta, Estado, p. 449. Hie last is alio dted by Gomei 
Platen^ Ci^^g^, p. 53. lliit miiaionaiy, a nadvc of Litboa, went from Macao to the 
Philippinea in 1585, where he per fo rmed Tarious miiaian labors In 1605 he waa elected 
definitor, andin 1611, prorincialf beingthefint piorincial toviaitltny. Ini6ashewas 
elected vicar prafrindalf and, after hanng adminutered in many rillageiy died at ^ Pila 
conTcnt, Sept. 7, i6a6. 

MoNTOYA, Juan db^ O. S. A.: — Sucesos de la Orden de S. Agitadn en 

Filipinas. [Ca.^ 1620?] 

Parecer sobre las minat de los Igolocet. [Ca,^ 1620 f\ Manfla; Aiigiu- 

dnian convent. 

Both dted by Pfro, CaS^go, p. a6. Mootoya, a Castxiian, pt o few ed at dw oonfcnt 
of Bdrgoa. He waa iubprior and master of norittates in Manila in 1581, and with the 
acepdon of a brief sojourn in China, he woffced in the Philippines until his death in i6sa. 

San Antonio, Francisco db, O. S. F.: — Insdtucion de la lengua tagala. 

[Ca.9 1620?] 

Diccionario tagalog. [Ca., 1620?] 

Both dted byHucrta, Etta^ p. 501; and Maroellino da Civezaa, Saggfs di htbU^grafd, 
p. 534. San Antonio^ a nadve of Astorga, went to the Philippines in 1606 with a prerious 
knowledge of Tagllog. He adminiatered the TtUages of Baler, Pililla, and Pacte^ and died 
at the Gonrent of Pila Febniaiy 6, 1614. 

Roman, Alonso, S. J.. — Relacton de los sucesos de las islas Filipinas. 
Manila, January, 1621. Bibl. de San Isidro el Real de Madrid; MS. 
cod. 3. 

Cited by Fenandex de Navanete^ BtU, mar. tsp^ i> p* a6. 

CoRONBL, FRANasco, O. S. A.: — Arte y reglas de la lengva Pampanga, 
compvesto por el Padre Predicador Fr. Francisco Coronel, del Orden de 
N. P. S. Agusdn y Prior Ministro del Convento de Macabebe. Dedicado 
al Dulcissimo Nombre de Jesus. Acabado el ano de 1621. In collection 
of Eduardo Navarro, O. S. A., at Valladolid. 

This is the original BiS. of 33 leaves, double cdumn, sm. folio; and it is still unpublished. 

Digitized by 



It it mcntioiied bj Sin Aguftm» who, bowefer, conmiiti the error of Mying ^Tagalt,** 
inttetd of ^'Pampanga.** It it accompanied abo bj tome tennont by tbe tame author. 
Coronely who went to die Philippinet in 1606 and died in 1630, wrote Tariout devotional 
irarki in the Pampango language, tome of which were puUithed (tee P^rei, Cdtd/«g», 
p. 80). 

R09 Jacobo, S. J.: — [Jesuit missions in the Orient.] February 27, 1621. 

Library of the Medical College of Montpellier. 

Cited bf Vindel, CmSogc^ ▼, p. 44. Part of it hat been publiahed under thetide C^pim 
thus SehnAeni . . auts dtn Oriurt taliscktm Indum m GaOf den 27. Febrar, 1621, 
Dmkrt. am them ktrwm mack MaSamdt Agflmgm daimm ABtritm htrkht vtm Japom Chima 
umd India (Augtpurg, 1622). Hie MS. containt referencet to the mittiont in the above- 
mentioned oountriet, and to the Philippinet. 

: — [Description of coasts.] [Ca., 1 62 1 .] B. M. ; journals of voyages 

to the East Indies, etc., 1613-1621; Egerton, 1851; Plut. DXX. G. 

Written in Dutch. The volume containing thit BiS. wat puichated of Biettn. Boone, 
March 24, i860. 

: — Missioni delle Isole Filippine. October 4, 1621, and later. 

Rome; Biblioteca Vittorio Emanuele; 3375; Fondo Gesutdco; 1246; 

Sec. xviii. 

Thit oontaint the following in Latin and Spanith: L ^Getta per Reu. Ptem Ffem 
Didacum Collado Ordinit Pk-aedicatomm, Ptacuratorem Pkouintis SflU Rotari j de intulit 
Philippinit in Romana, et Regio Cattholid Curia in cauta proponefi pro Religionibot 
Sanctdium Dominid, Fk'andti et Auguttini contra Patrei Sodeutit Jetu. IL Getta 
per Rev. Patrem Pratrem Baptittam Mondet ordinit Praedicatorum Procuratoiem Prov. 
Smi Rotarii in Intulit Philippinit in cauta R^gni Sinarum teu nimawim pfo religionibut 
Sanctonmi Dominid et Frandti contra Patret Sodetatit Jetu.** Thit it a long MS. 
of 6^ cuaderaot. A Spanith lecdon it eotided: '*Reladon por parte de ia Or£n de 
Plredicadoret al Rey D. Phelipe nueftro Sefior, 7 A tu R^ Contejo de lat contrtdicinnet, 
que hace la Compaiiia de Jetut en Japon A lat demat Religionet.** One letter bean date 
October 4, 1621. The Jetuitt are charged by the friar onlen with underhand dealingt 
to keep them out of China and Japan. 

: — [Relation of events 1620-1621.] 1621. R. A. de la H.; papeles 

jesuitas; tomo 84, num. 10. 

Containt matter relating to Nueva Etpafia and the Philippinet. 10 pp., badlj worn at 

Fblifb IV: — Reales cedulas sobre examenes en las lenguas de Filipinas. 

Aranjuez, April 30, 1622; Madrid, June 22, 1624. A. de I.; est. 69, caj. 

I, leg. 30. 

Cedula en que ordena y manda q el gov^ de Philip** tenga cuidado con 
la obra de un colegio de ios ninos huerfanos espanoles de aquellas islas. 
July 16, 1623. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 7. 

Al Virrey de la Nueva Espana ordene como se recojan en aquel R*^^. 
Ios llovidos q* fuere en las flotas y la gente bagamunda que en el hubiete 
y lot haga embarcar para Philipinas. October i, 1626. A. de I.; Au- 
diencia de Mejico; virreynato; registro de ofido; reales ordenes dirigidas 
a las autoridades de Nueva Espana; est. 87, caj. 5, leg. 5, libro 8, fol. 67. 

[Decree concerning commerce and trade.] Madrid, November 10, 
1634. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 204, n^*. 195. Begips 
"El Rey » Doctor Don Juan de Quesada y Mendoza, ..." Ends 

Digitized by 



Fbupb IV; continued — 

''en el dicho mi G>iitejoi."9 with royal signature and countersignature of 

rojal secreuiy. 

This decree it almoet identical with uiaciicr decree of equal date» tent to the ptoident 
and auditon of the Manila Audiencia (tee vol. zzr, pp. 43, 44, and aaUf p. 206). The 
pretent decree wat tent to the Blanila fiacaL 

Sobre los mineros de Filipinas. Madrid, January ii, 1636. A. de I.; 
est. 105, caj. 2» leg. 19, libro i, fol. 157, 158. 

[Decree concerning soldiers and sailors.] Madrid, December 23, 
1637. A. H. N. ; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 233. Begins ** El Rey» 
Por quanto he sido ..." Ends "asi es mi voluntad.'\ with royal 
signature, and countersignature of royal secretaiy. 
There ia alto a copj of thit BftS. in A. de L; etL 10^ caj. s, 1^. 1. 

[Decree concerning the religious.] Madrid, September 2, 1638. A. 

H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 225 verso. Begins ''El Rey» 

Don Sebasdan Hurtado de Corcuera ..." Ends "haviles, y sufi- 

cientes.", with royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretaiy. 

There ia alto a copj of thit decree in A. de L; etL 6^ caj. 1, leg. 3a 

Real cedula sobre construccion de una sala de convalescientes en d 
hospital Madrid, October 2, 1638. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 2. 

Reales cedulas sobre varios asuntos. Madrid, October 2, 1638; 
Madrid, September 17, 1647. A. de I.; est. 69, caj. i, leg. 30. 

Dos cartas: una al gob.<^, y la otra al aizobispo. Madrid, December 
17, 1638. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 14. 

Real cedula para que el Virrey de la Nueva Espaiia envie todos los anot 
los mas Ve2°*. que pudiere que sean de calidad y partes. Madrid, October 
3, 1639. ^' ^^ I-> ^^* I05» caj. 2, leg. 2, libro 4, fol. 128, 129. 

[Decree concerning expenditures from Manila treasury.] Madrid, 
March 22, 1640. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 7, fol. 560 vecM, 
n<>. 545. Begins "El Rey: Por quanto por parte . . .'' Ends 
"de los dichos quinientos pesos.", without signature. 

[Decree regarding the sending of missionaries to Japan.] Madrid, 
July 12, 1640. A. H. N.; Cedulario indico; tomo 39, fol. 292, n^. 294. 
Begins " £1 Rey.^ Presidente, y Oidores ..." Ends " que asi es mi 
▼oluntad.", with royal signature, and countersignature of royal secretaiy. 

Real carta tocante a cosas de Portugueses y ciudad de Macan. Tara- 
gona, July 14, 1643. Pressmark as above; fol. 153, 154. 

[Four royal letters and cedulas concerning the illegality of the Manila 
authorities allowing English and Danish vessels to trade at Manila.] 
Madrid, September 21, 1647. Pressmark as above; fol. 203-209. 

Real carta sobre excesos de religiosos. Madrid, July 10, 1651. 
Pressmark as above; fol. 261, 262. 

Digitized by 



Felipe IV; continued — 

Real cedula. Madrid, May 27, 1651. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 39. 

Cana a Don Saviniano Manrique Gob<>^. de Filipinas procure su 
reformen los tratos 7 contratos ilicitos que algunos religiosos de la orden 
de S. Agustin tienen con los Yndios y Portugueses de aquellas islas. 
Buen Retiro, March 5, 1653. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 2, libro 5, 
fol. 16-18 (this book has a useful index). 

Tres reales cedulas sobre la misma materia de tratos y contratos ilicitos. 
Date and pressmark as above; fol. 18-21. 

Real cedula sobre la limosna de vino, etc., en Indias. Aranjuez, May 
3, 1655. A. de L; est, 67, caj. 6, leg. 9. 

Dos reales cedulas al gobemador y al arzobispo de Filipinas que in- 
formen las combeniencias 6 incombeniencias que puede tener el fundarse 
tribunal de la s^ Inquisidon en aquellas islas. Aranjuez, April 24, 1659. 
A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 2, libro 4, fol. 16-18, and fol. 137-142. 

Real carta al gobemador de Filipinas sobre materias de los sangleyes. 
Madrid, August 22, 1659. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 2, libro 5, fol. 

Respuesta al gobemador de Filipinas sobre los medicos y drujanot 
de esus islas. Madrid, August 25, 1659. Pressmark as above; fol. 157. 

Respuesta al gobemador de Filipinas sobre los negros de aquellas islas. 
Date and pressmark as above; fol. 164. 

Real cedula sobre el hospital de los religiosos de San Juan de Diot. 
Madrid, December 5, 1659. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 13, libro 6, 
fol. 164-237. 

Para que se guarde lo resueko por el gobemador de Philipinas sobre 
que los Yndios de aquellas islas, no sean molestados a hacer ningunos 
serviciot personales. Madrid, January 19, 1661. A. de I.; est. 68, 
caj. 2, leg. 14. 

Real cedula a la Audiencia no consienta vivan Sangleyes Infieles en 
lot Pueblos Crisdanos, y en especial en el puerto de Tondoc. June 19, 
1661. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 2, libro 5, fol. 248, 249. 

Real cedula al presidente y oidores de la audienda de Filipinas para 
que favorescan a las monjas del convento de Frandscanas descalzas 
fundado en Manila. Buen Retiro, June 21, 1662. A. de L; est. 105, 
caj. 2, leg. 2, libro 6, feL 16. 

Carta al Virrey de Pera. July 15, 1662. A. de I. ; est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 14. 

Real cedula a los Virreyes, Presidentes &* de las Indias, avisandoles 
como su mag^. ha venido en que en las misiones que la com*, de Jesus 
enbian a las que se refieren vaya la quarta parte de Religiosos Extrangerot. 
December 10, 1664. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i» leg. 39. 

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: — De Matrimonijs infidelium. [1622?] Rome; Biblioteca Vk- 

torio Emanuele; 3729; Fondo Gesimico; 1600. 

One Mctsoa of this loog and Uttk vilaable Ladn M& it aidtied: **De Biacrimamji 
Indcniffl ad Intulas Fhilippuiat.*'' 

Balmasada t Casteo» Juan db, O. S. F.^- Carta sobre materias de 
Filipinas. August 19, 1623. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 43. 

Thia friir waa alao known by tlie name of Juan de la Madre de Dioa. He waa bom m 
Alcali de Henarei of noble panata, and reaxed in die palace of the duque del Tnfanrada 
He went to America with I^ de Vdaaco^ whence he went to the FliilippineB. He pr»> 
Cened at BlanilayBIay 9,1595. In 1608 he alao wrote^ at command of Fraj Diego BeriMcs 
a book of njidcal theology. Hia death oocnired at Manila in 1637. See Hnerta*a gtradt^ 

GuBR&BRO, Juan GE&ONIllo^— Memorial a su Mag<i suplicandole lo tome 

bajo 8u real amparo 7 proteccion un colegio de ninos huerfanos. Manila, 

1623. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 39. 

Carta sobre materias del colegio de S. Juan de Letran. 1628. A. de I.; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 40. 

This and the following two legajoa contain many long documenta of **aer?icios,**man3r 
**tzaaladoe de autoa,** and aooounta. 

: — Hordenan^as y Consdtu^iones de la Sancta Missericordia de 

la muy insigne ^iudad de Manila. 1623. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 


AocompanTing thia donimwit are aevcral otheca concetning the Bfiacriooidia. 

- Copia de carta escrita al arzobispo por los crisdanos del Japon 

desde la ciudad de Nangasaqui. 1624. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 

Txanacript made for Eduaido Naraiio, O. S. A. 

: — Relacion del descubrimiento de las minas j pacificacion de los 

yglotes en la provincia de Pangasinan. 1624. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, 

leg. 30. 

Thia legajo ronfaina many aooounta of Manila. 

GarcIa Serrano, Miguel: — Carta acompanando la informacion que se 

le mando hacer de los mardrios de los benditos PP. Fr. Alonso de , 

de Santo Domingo y Fr. Hernando de S. Jose de S. Agustin. Manila, 

July 25, 1625. 

Tranacript made for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

: — Estado de las islas Filipinas en 1626. Madrid; Deposito hidro- 

grafico; coleccion. Navarrete, tomo vi, num. 5. 

Cited by Femindez Dura^ Armada tp^ it, p. 417, notei i and 3. 

Aganduru Moriz, Rodrigo de, Recollect: — Conversion de las Filipinas 

y Japon de los Augustinos descalzos; y obediencia, que en nombre de 

aquella Christiandad dio a la Santa Sede, gobemandola Urbano VIII. 


Cited by Antonio, BiUiathsea nooa, ii, p. 170^ >• eziating in the libraiy of Cardinal 
F^anceico Barbarini. Retana aaya that he acquired a MS. in Albaoete with this tide, but 
doei not mention whether it waa the original or a copy (see Pardo de Ta^era, BAl. f3^ p. 
18; and Retana, Apango hAl^ ii, p. 927, who intends to publiah it). 

Digitized by 



Aganduru Moriz; continued — 

Historia general de las Islas Filipinas. [1626 ?]. Library of Mariano 
de Zabalbuio. 

Cited by Gonzalez Baida (Madrid, 1737, 1738X ii> ool. 635. PuUithed in Tok. Izxriii 
and Izzix of Col. doc. inid. para la historia it Bspafla (Madrid, i88z). See Panlo de 
Tavera, BAl. fi., pp. 17, 18. This author left Tarioua other works in MS. 

LBU88ARA, Pedro de: — Papel que dio a su Mag<i. el Contador . . y 
que se seniio remiter con decreto al R^. Consejo de las Yndias, para que 
consultase sobre lo que representaba en orden al buen gobierno, y aumento 
de las Yslas Philipinas y de lo mucho que conuendria, que no tubiesen 
Comerzio con el Piru, y Nueua Espana, sino con estos Reynos por el 
Cabo de buena esperanza. Januaiy 23, 1627. B. M.; papeles tocantes 
a las Indias occidentales y Philipinas flotas y galeones; jure emptionis; 
I3»99i; fol. 616-623. 

: — [Relation of events, 1626.] 1627. R. A. de la H.; papeles jesuitas; 

tomo 84, num. 11. Pp. 16. Torn. 

-Carta de la religion de Santo Domingo. Manila, May 12, 1629. 

A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 43. 

• Relacion de lo sucedido en las islas Filipinas y otras partes cir- 

cunvecinas desde el mes de julio de 1629 hasta el de 1630. 1630. R. A. 
de la H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 118, num. 116. 2 leaves. 

-{Relation of events, 1629-1630 ?] [1631 ?] R. A. de la H.; papeles 

jesuitas; tomo 84, num. 14. Pp. 4. Mutilated. 

' Pareferes de Religiosos sobre la pretencion de un juez official de 

la R^ Hazienda para que le dieran el offi^ de Alcayde del parian de los 
sangleyes. July 20, 1630. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. 

■ Relacion sacada de los autos de la visita de filipinas i papeles de 

la secretaria de lo q ai acerca del oficio de Contador de cuentas de aquellas 

islas. Ca.y 1630. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 30. 
Nino de Tavora, Juan: — Carta sobre el aizamiento de Caraga, y Castigo 

dado a los alzados. Manila, July 11, 1632. A. de I. 
Cited hj Retana, Bibl. BOnd.^ p. 19. 
. — Auisos del estado de las christiandades de Japon y china y sucesso 

de la Yndia Oriental y destas Yslas Filipinas. Manila, July 25, 1633. 

R. A. de la H.; papeles de los Jesuitas; tomo 120, n°. 146. Begins 

"Japon. En Japon se publico . . ." Ends "segun se supo despues 

por via de Malayo." 

Flrobabiy compiled by the pnmndaL Narrates eventa of Japan, China, East Indies, 
and the riiilippines. It is short, and the small portion allotted to the Philippines Teij 
unsatisfactory, being mere! j an incidental mentioo of the defeat of the Dutch in their 
attempt to overcome the re&if oscements that were being sent to Maluco. 

[Urban VIII (pope)]: — Ferdinandus Guerrerus episcopus de Nova Sego- 
bia ad de Manila in Indiis transl. pro obitu Michaelis Garzie. [Rome ?], 

Digitized by 



January 9, 1634. Rome; A. dd V.; coiuistoriali; 137, pag. 27; 130, 
pag. 184. 

Relacion de las cosas dignas de memoria de los reinos de China, 

Japon, Malucoy otras partes. 1634. R. A. de la H.; papdes jesuitas; 
tomo 113, num. 487. 3 leaves. 

-Traslado de los autos () se han hecho sobre los derechos del dos 

por ciento en las mercaderias de los Vecinos desta ciudad y yslas. 1634. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6» leg. 8. Another copy in A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 27. Pp.23. 
Diaz db MEND09Ay Juan; and others: — [Concerning the royal duties im- 
posed on merchandise.] Manila, July-August, 1634. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 27. Begins "El capitan Juan diaz de mendofa ..." 
Ends "En testimonio de verdad", with seal and signature "Don Juan de 
Salinas;'* followed by notarial attestation of instruments drawn by the 

A loDg notarial docttmcnt rnnaiiring «i 27 leaves in our transcript. L ftafcment by 
dbe above regarding the dutiei imposed 00 Fbilippine merchandise^ and peddoo that the 
additional tvo per-cent duty be repealed as bong too onerous. July 27. IL Rojal 
decree concerning collection of duties in Manila. Madrid, August a6, 1633. This is 
followed by an act by the governor, Cereiode Salamanca, dated Ji^f »» 1634, oHciing the 
observance of the decree. On July 13, accordingly, it was proclaimed, ni. Statement 
by the royal officials regarding the gift of 4,000 pesos pr es e nted to the treaswy by the dty 
for the year 1632. IV. Stalcmem by the fiscal Juan Fcmandei de Ledo; and petition 
that above deoee be obeyed. V. Order by the governor to register the goods in the 
ships about to sail in accordance with the decree. July 27. YL Apetitton by the royal 
officials of the above date^ asks that five per cent be collected on all the gooda. That same 
day the governor orders die evaluation of the cargo to be made on the five per-cent basis, 
so that £e ships may sail by August i, even if only with the food necessary for the voyage. 
Vn. Request made to governor, and allowed, for the citizens to meet in open cabildo to 
consider the matter on tbe following day, July 28. Vm. The sense ol the meeting held 
on the twenty-eighth was that it would be loss and ruin to the merdunts if they were com- 
pelled to pay the additional two per cent; and that with the high duties of Nueva Espafia, 
the three per-cent duty was sufficient. AtameetingofdieAudiaicia July 28, all votes were 
in favor of remitting the two per-cent duty for that year in order that the vends might not 
sail without cargo^ as that would be more detrimental to the king than the non-coUecdon 
of the two per cent. Accordingly on July 29, the governor decided to admit die peddoo 
not to collect the two per-cent duQr that year. 

Maillard Tournon, Charles Thomas; and others: — [The Toumon 


This coUecdon embraces original letters and documents, and transcripts from original 
letters and documents, in regwd to the Philippines and China during the period vrhen 
Toumon was sent as papal legate to China. It covers in general the years 1635-1742. 
In great part it is still unpublished. The various documents are collected under the 
following divisions: I. IVom the Chinese missions before Toumon^s voyage. 11. Fer^ 
sonal letters of Toumon; collecdon of his ezpedxdon. m. Touman*s voyage from 
Cadiz to Pekin. IV. Sojoum of Toumon in Pddn (1705, 1706); retum from Bekin to 
Macao (1706^ 1707). V. Toumon*s sojoum in Macao firom June^ 1707, to his death, 
June 8, 1710; as well as all matters relative to his death. VL Letters from and to Toui^ 
non. vn. Events in China and oondidon of the quesdons co nce rning the rites up to the 
time of Toumon *s death. Vm. Angdita: his youth; travels with Toumon; sojoum 
in Macao; retum voyages to Manila, Mexico, and Rome; etc., until 1736. EL Letten 
from foreigners in regard to personal matters. This magnificent collecdon contains 127 
pieces, many of which are subdivided into many parts. Many of them are written from 
Manila, and treat of Philippine. Lack of space does not permit an individual lisdng of 

Digitized by 



the documents bearing on the Philippines. The collection is described in Hienenuum*s 
Catalog, no. 327, pp. 199-234. It is priced at 18,000 mario. 

HuRTADo DE CoRCUERAy SEBASTIAN: — Carta sobre condnuadon de las 
obras del fuerte de Zamboanga. Manila, June 30, 1636. A. de I. 
Cited by Retana, BM. Mind^ p. 19. 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] August 31, 1637. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 8. Begins "£1 ano passado Di cuenta a V. magd. Pusse en el 
Parian . . ." 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] Date and pressmark as above. Begins "V. 
Mag^. Se a servido Mandarme por Una su i^. ^edula fha en Madrid a 5 
de Hen^ de 636 por aver repbido . . ." 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] September 14, 1637. Pressmark as above- 
Begins "£1 ano Passado Di quenta a V. Mag^. de una Bulla . . ." 
[Letters to Felipe IV.] Manila, 1637. ^* ^® !•> c^* 67» caj. 6, leg. 8. 
I. Sept. 14, 1637. Begins *^Sefior » El afio passado . . .** Ends ^otra cossa de 
que dar quenta.**, with dosing date^ and signature. On the MS. are written Tarious com- 
ments of the Coimdl or others. Trtau of the CoOado faction in the Dominican order, the 
trouble with the orders, and Mindanao and Moro matters. II. August 20^ 1637. B^pna 
**Sefior-V. Magd tea serrido . . .^ Ends "^en Ron. de su haz<l» Rl.**, with dosing, 
date^ and signature. On the MS. are written the mmmmts of the Coundl. Treats of 
treasuxy matters. Aooompanying the letter are two documents bearing on the question 
discussed. IIL August 20^ 1637. Begins ^Sefior — V. Magd. se a serrido mandarme 
. . .** Ends ^*de otra cossa a q». me sucediere.**, with dosing, date^ and signature. Treats 
of f oftifications, barracks for the soldiers, obedience to the rojal decrees, the hospital, and 
the Sangleys. The Tarious topics are synopsized in the margin, and on the MS. are written 
the comments of the Council. IV. Succeeding this is the following: ^^ftoposidon que 
hifo Don Juan nifio de tavora Govemador 7 Capp**' General . . a los Ojrdores della 
aserca de la risiu de la tiena 7 las respuestas de los dichos Ojrdores 7 resoludon que tomo 
para que se hidesse . . Y los Totos consultiTos que tomo con dhos oydores en ma- 
therias de goriema . . .** The govemor*s proposition is dated Nor. 4, 1630. The 
Totes of the auditon, althou^ undated, were probably given the same da7. The gorerni- 
or*s resolution was dated Nor. 7, 163a The notarial copy was made Nor. 23. V. Last 
is ^Paieceres de Religiosos sobre la pretendon de un Juez offil. de la R' Hazienda para 
que le dieran d offio. de Alca7de dd parian de los sangleyes.** These are dated March 31, 
April I, and April 2. The notarial cop7 of these opinions was made JUI7 8, 1630^ with 
attestation of the signature of the notar7, dated JUI7 20^ 163a 

Carta de Gobemador de Filipinas . . [al Rey]. Manila, July 25, 
1638. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins "Seiior — £1 ano passa- 
do . . .*' Ends "tiene partes y valor para ello.", with dosing, date, 
and signature. 

The letter is mainl7 given to a discussion of Mindanao and Jdo affairs, with mention 
of other Moro enemies, namel7 the Camucones and Bomeans. Corcuera asks permission 
to retire to Spain. The Tarious sections of the letter were synopsized by a goremment 
clerk; and on the margins are also written the comments of the Council. Cited by Retana, 
BM. Mind^ p. 23. 

[Letter to the king.] July 20, 1640. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 9. 

: — Relacion de la pelea y victoria de los espanoles contra la armada 

de Mindanao en su misma costa y en el cabo que Uaman Punta de Flechas, 

dia 21 de Diciembre de 1636. [1636 ?] Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; 

coleccion Navarrete; tomo xii. 

Cited by Femlndcz Duro, Armada €»p^ it, p. 420^ note i. 

Digitized by 



L6pbz» Juam, S. J.: — [Letter concerning reception given to Corcuera in 

Manila.] Manila, May 25, 1637. 

CttBd by Montero 7 Vidal, Hia, gm^ i, pp. »i 5-118, note. 

[Another letter.] May 27, 1637. 

Gxtd bf Montero 7 Vidal, Hia. gm^ i, pp. %i9, 119. 

Carta del P. . ., de la Campania de Jesus, al P. Rafael Pereira de la 

misma, en Sevilla, enviandole una relacion que esta ad junta, de la fiesta 

que hizo a S°. Ignacio d maestre escuela de la catedral de Zebu, D. 

Pedro Gomez de Herbonte. Cavite, July 24, 1644. R. A. de la H.; 

papeles jesuitas; tomo 120, num. 26. 

GaufBNA, Maetin db, O.S. F.: — Estado y relacion de la Provincia San 

Gregorio. August 20, 1637. 

Cited by Gomei Flatero^ Cat^ogOj p. 105; Hucrta, Rsiadat p. 508; and BIumeBtritt, 
F«cd6. thn, Autd^ p. 43. This fnar was also called Maitis de San Benaido. He was 
minister in Lilio, 1638-1635. After hanng served in Tarious places and capacities, be died 
at BCanila in 1647. 

[Letter to Felipe IV.] August 20, 1637. ^* ^^ ^-i ^^* ^> ^'h ^' ^H- 

8. Begins ''EI mfe de campo Pedro de Heredia . . ." 

; — Relacion de la entrada que hizo el gobemador en Manila, de 

Tuelta del Mindanao. [Manila, 1637.] R. A. de la H.; papeles jesuitas; 

tomo 84, num. 32. Pp. 10. 

- Relacion de lo sucedido al Gobemador de Filipinas desde que 

salio de Zamboanga i 4 de Marzo. 1637. R. A. de la H.; papeles 
jesuitas; tomo 84, num. 30. In duplicate. 

-Sucesos de Filipinas. [1637?] Madrid; Deposito hidrografioo; 

coleccion Navarrete; tomo yii, num. 6. 

Cited by Fernindez Duro, Armada isp^ ir, p. 420, note i. 
Salazae, Juan de, S.J.: — [Letter inclosing annual relation of the Philip- 
pine province.] Manila, [1637 ?]. A. H.N;; papeles jesuidcas; leg. 11 ; 
Jesuitas; misiones de la China y cartas de Goa; siglo XVI y XVII. 
Begins "€^n efta embio . . " Ends "mucho me encomiendo/', with 

Tbe MS. is written oo one sbeet of paper, and is considerablj dama^. With it was 
sent the printed relation d the maitTrdom of Marcelo Mastrili. 

Carrion, Antonio, S. J.: — Copia de caita acerca de la conquista del 
Mindanao. Zamboanga, April 23, 1638. R. A. de la H.; papeles 
jesuitas; tomo 84, no. 34. 2 leaves. 

Sacrambnto, Andres del: — {Letter.] June 2, 1638. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 8. 

OcANA, Juan de, O. S. F. : — [A short review of the work of the Franciscans.] 
Madrid, June 28, 1638. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 8. Begins **Re- 
spondiendo a lo que contiene . . ." £nds"ysenoresdeeseConsejo.", 
with closing, date, and signature. 

The author was commissaiy of the Indies. The letter occupies one pliego or sheet in 

Digitized by 



our tnnscript. Tlie notk of tbe ftinritrant in various putt of tbe worid it < 
upoo in flattering tonet. 

RoBOREDOy BAETHOLOMBOy S. J.: — Respuesta a algunas cosas que contra 
I08 padres de la Compania de Jesus de la mission de China dicen los 
reverendos religiosos de Sancto Domingo y de S. Francisco de Philipinas. 
Manila, December 28, 1638. Paris; B. N. (manuscrits espagnob et 
portugais); esp. 409; no. 6; fol. 25-33. 

Reparos de Algunas couzas que estao no livro de Historia de provinda 
del Rosario dos padres dominicos de Manila. [Ca.^ 1638 f] Paris; B. N. 
(manuscrits espagnols et portugais); esp. 409; no. 7; fol. 34-37. 

Lopez, Alejandro, S. J. : — Historia de Mindanao. 1638. 

Cited hf Montoo 7 '^dal, Historia, U p* ^lo^ snd note; and Retana, BiU. Mind^ p. 13. 
Rctana alto dtet other MSS. of thit author. 

: — Noticias del Japon, China y Filipinas, recopiladas de cartas de 

los PP. de la compaiiia de Jesus. 1638. R. A. de la H.; papeles 

jesuitas; tomo 119, num. 135. 

• Condnuacion de los felices sucesos de las armas espanolas por 

los fines del afio 1637 y principios del 38. [Ca., 1638.] 

Bhimcntritt ttatet that it wat in the collection of Gajangot. Cited hf Retana, BH, 
Mimd^ pp. 33, 24. Retana tayt that it.mutt hare been acquired after the ttate tecured 
thit collection, at he did not find it among Gtyangpt't bookt and papen. 

; — Sucesos de Filipinas. [1638?] Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; 

coleccion Navarrete; tomo vii, num. 7. 

Cited bj Fenlndei Dun, Armada tsp^ it, p. 411, note i. 

: — Algunas cossas que estan escritas en un libro que los padres 

de Sancto Domingo de la provincia de Philipinas pretenden ymprimir 
en Manila, las quales son contra los padres de la Compaiiia de Jesus de 
las provincias de Japon y China. [Ca., 1638 f\ Paris; B. N. (manu- 
scrits espagnols et portugais); esp. 409; no. 56; fol. 23, 24. 
Antwert are written on the maigint. 

BuBRAS, Juan db, S. J.: — Copia de Carta del P. . . Provincial de la 
Compaiiia de Jesus, de Filipinas i los PP. de la misma Provincia, exhor- 
tandoles a la paciencia y trabajos. Manila, Februaiy 1, 1639. ^* ^* ^^ 
la H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 84, no. 20. 

GoN^ALBZySEBASTiAN, S. J.: — Carta del . . al P. Rafael Pereira . . . 

Llegada de los holandeses en barcos al puerto de la filipina. Madrid, 

July 19, 1639. ^* ^' ^^ 1^ H*» papeles de los jesuitas; tomo 129, n^'. 

245. Begins " Pax xp. £1 correo ordinario de flandes . . .'* Ends 

" seguro siempre aquel puesto.", with closing, date, and signature. 

The newt contained in thit letter came bj waj of Vlandert, and it almott cntirelj of 
European afFairt. The MS. it of no value for Philippine hittoy. 

BelIn, Grboorio, S. J..^ — (Letter to Pedro de San Agusdn.] March 9, 


Cited bj Mootcro j Vidal, HitL gm^ i, p. S33, note. 

Digitized by 



Bonifacio, Francisco db, O. S. A.: — Derecho y sucesion de las < 

das en Filipinas. Ca., 1645. ^ ^o^- 4^* 

Metodo de confesar y absolver a los encomenderos. i vol. in 4^. 

Both tuMii n J m CeM; Avis^stinian oonrent. Cited bj Pfrei, Cai£oga, p. 38. 
Booifado wm « nathe of Scgo f i a and fjiuiuwini at the Salamawai oonvent in 1586. After 
fcadbing tbe FhilippiiKi he became fluent in die Ceboan tonpie. He was rtationed at 
varioua miwioni, md held aefcral offices. His death occ urre d at Manila* 1645. 

ToTAR, PsDEO db: — Carta dando cuenta que Fr. Nicolas de Saldirar 
(agusdno) obispo decto de Nueva Caceres esu en Mexico con gnmde 
escandalo en todas materias dene tablaje en su casa donde se juega. 
[Mexico ? ca.f 1640.] A. de I.; est. 68» caj. i, leg. 34. 
Thnacript made for Eduardo NaTairo^ O. S. A. 

Patino» D1B0O9S. J.: — Puntos de annua que etcribio el P. . . . Digan, 
1641. R. A. de la H.; papdes jesuitas; tomo lOO, num. 5. 

Carta al P. Juan Lopez, rector de la de Cavite, sobre su viage a aquel 
punto, estado de deserdon en que encontro aqueUos pueblos, por los 
rigores que con ellos usaban los gobiemos por timor de traiciones, etc. 
Iligan, April 23, 1644. R. A. de la H.; papdes jesuitas; tomo 120, 
num. 28. 2 leaves. 
Pbebdla, Rafabl, S. J.: — Rdadon de los sucesos de las islas Filipinas en 
los alios 1640 J 1641. 1641 ? Bibl. de San Isidro d Real de Madrid; 
MS. cod. 21. Copy also in Madrid; Depodto hidrografico; tomo 12. 
Cited by Fernandex de NaTancie^ BM, nmt. ts^., ii, p. 6416; poastblj the document 
dted bj Bhunentritt, V^tAtdat «ni& Amtd^ p. 118. 

; — Fundadon y dotadon dd R^. colegio Uamado de ^. Felipe 
de Austria puesto a carga de los Jesuitas. 1641. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 9. 

With accompanymg cndoaures, this doaimcnt ocmpies about 40 leaves. 

Enriqub, Pbdeo, O. S. F.: — Dos cartas sobre materias de Filipinas. 1642. 
A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 43. 

[BoBADiLLA, DiBOO DB, S. J. ?]: — Rdadon dd viage desde Cadiz a Nueva 
Espana de los PP. Diego de BobadiUa, Procurador de Filipinas, Simon 
Cou y sus companeros y trabajos que padederon. Mejico, February i, 
1643. R. A. de la H.; papdes jesuitas; tomo 100, num. 11. 

BoBADiLLA, DiBoo DB, S. J.: — Carta dd P. . ., de la compania de 
Jesus, al P. General de la misma, en que le hace una detallada rdadon 
dd viage que hizo desde Mejico a las islas Filipinas con 44 PP. mas cuyos 
nombres consigna . . sucesos del viage, y buen redbimiento que 
les hicieron en las islas. Manila, August 6, 1643. K* ^- ^^ '> H.; 
papdes jesuitas; tomo 120, num. 20. 6 leaves. 

Memorial pidiendo licencia para Uevar cuarenta padres misioneros a 
Mindanao. [Ca., 1643.] Formeriy owned by Pascual de Gayangos. 
Cited bj Pardo de Tatera, BSU. ]Sf., p. 66; and Blumentritt, F»c^9ilar 0iindn§r AuU^ 

Digitized by 



Bobadilla; continued — 

Carta al P. Rafael Pereira de la misma compania en Sevilla, partici- 
pandole haber recibido y mandado a su destino las nuevas que enviaba 
por el P. Juan Lopez, 7 remitiendole un balon de 80 pliegos de papel 
Colorado de China que pedia, y la relacion de su viage desde Mejico i 
Filipinas, copia de la enviada al P. General (no. 20 of this same volume). 
Manila, July 30, 1644. R- A. de la H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 120, no. 

Angeles, Juan de los, O. P.: — Relacion de la perdida de Isla Hermosa 
y otros sucesos en las Filipinas. Reino de Macazar, March, 164.3. 
Biblioteca de San Isidro el Real de Madrid; MS. codice 55. Copy also 
in Madrid; Deposito hidrografico; tomo 12. 

Cited hf Fenundes de N»yarreie, BA/. mmt. t»p^ ii, p. 171. 
Carta sobre los mulatos y mestizos, etc. » June 27, 1668. A. de I.; 
est. 68, caj. i, leg. 44. 

Angeles, Juan de los, O. P.; and others: — [Endorsement of Monte- 
mayor y Mansilla.] Manila, June 11, 1665. Ayer Collection. Begins 
"El P^. Fr. Juan de los Angeles, . . ." Ends ''Manila, en once de 
Junio de 1665. anos « ", with signatures; followed by notarial attesta- 
tion of instruments drawn before Nicolas de Herrera. See item ante. 

Small folios a leases. The original MS. Acquired Ysj Mr. Ajcr from the C. G. de T. 
de F.; fonnerij a pait of the famout Retana CoUectioo. 

: — Copia de 2 cartas de PP. Jesuitas de las islas Filipinas, con 

nodcias de la toma de Malaca. Zebu, 1643; Manila, 1644. R. A. de la 

H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 120, num. 13. 

Thit copf is in the hands of Father Rafael Pereira, S. J., of SeriUa. 

• Conversion de las Filipinas, i Japon, de los Agustinos Des^alzot, 

i obediencia que en nombre de aquella Cristiandad, se dio a la Santa 
Sede, govemandola Urbano VIII. [Before 1644 (the date of Urban's 
death) q 

Cited bj Ooozalei Barda, Epk^me (Madrid, 1737, 1738X ii» coL 635, who in turn ctici 
it from Nicolas Antonio. 

Pbrbz, Alonso, S. J.. — Carta del H^ . . , al H^ Pedro de Alanuza, 
de la misma [compania], en Sevilla, sobre el buen suceso de su viage 
i aquellas islas y algunas particularidades reladvas a ellas. Manila, 
July 22, 1644. R. A. de la H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 120, num. 108. 
I leaf. 
Padua (or Llavb), Antonio de (or db la), O. S. F.: — Cronica de la santa 
7 apostolica provincia de San Gregorio en las islas Filipinas, desde su 
fundacion en el aiio de 1577 hasta el de 1644. 1644. 2 vols. P. 

Vida de la venerable Madre Sor Geronima de la Asuncion, fundadora 
del Real Monasterio de religiosas Qarisas de Manila. [1644 H 

Both cited by Huerta, EsiaJo, p. 453; and Blumentritt, Vte^, einu, Amsd^ p. 49. Hie 
first also cited bj Moja 7 Jimenei, Las ImIm FSipitua (Madrid, Mj), p. H3f *od Santa 

Digitized by 




Iii^*t Crmikc (Madrid, 1891X ih appendix, pp. 591, 598. Padua or Uxwt went to the 
uUndt with G. POea Dasmarii&at in 1590^ irfiere lie adopted the Ftandtcan habit in I59i, 
thereafter changing hit naniefiomGonaalo to Antonio. He was in chaife of many TiJlaga 
and in i6s8 and 1^9 was elected definitor. His death occurred at the convent of Biahaj- 
haj in 1645. He was the firrt chronicler of the prorinoe of San Gregorio. 

: — Copia de Capituio de carta sobre comercio con los ingleses. 

Aug;ust 15, 1645. ^- ^^ ^-> ^^- ^7> ^^J* ^> ^^S' 2^- 

No.ia of a bound vohune of MSS. entitled ^CaitasdeFilipinasdelafiode 1645.** '^^ 
document is accompanied bj a number of notes. In the same Tolume are manj docu- 
ments treating of the same subject, including communication between the Spaniards and 
Knglish, among them two lettcii from Di^ Fazardo dated respectiTcfy August 7 and 
August 15, 1645, *''^ ^ treaty of peace made between Spain and England. 

IftANZo, Juan, O. S. F. : — Reladon de los progresos de la fe en el reino 

de Manados. Manila, August 4, 1645. 

Historia de los sucesos de Ternate. [Ca.^ 1^45-] 

Both cited by Huerta, Eaado, p. 510; and the second by Bhimentritt, Focd6. 
Autd. (first pan), p. 129 (and both in the second part, p. 47). The year of Innzo^s 
arriTal in the Philippines is unknown, but in the chapter of Jan. 17, 163a, he is styled 
preacher. Later he went to Camarines where he learned Bicol, but in 1637, he returned to 
Bdanila where he became master of noTitiates. In 1639 he went to the Moluccas as con^ 
missaiy prorindal, and labored in the kingdoms of Manados, Calonga, and Tabuca, 
returning to Manila in 1645. After that period he senred in Tsrious capacities in the 
Philippines until 1653, whea he left for Spain to vote in the genersl chapter, but died at 
sea in the early part oiF 1654. 

: — Hernandus Guerrerus archepiscopus Manilae a Jesuitis persecu- 

tione . . . 1645. Rome; A. del V.; moral, prat.; tomo i, pag. 226; 

tomo 3, pag. 236. 
[Innocent X?]: — Ferdinandus Moncero de Nova Segobia ad de Manillo 

transl. Rome, February 5,1646. Rome; A. del V.; consistoriali; 13 1, 

pag- 27- 
GuTiEiiiiEZ, Pedro, S. J.: — Nocicia de los progressos de la C^hristiandad 

en el Reyno de Mindanao, al R. P. Luis de Bonifas, Provincial de la 

N. £. de la Compaiiia de Jesus. August 3, 1646. Mexico; University 

of Mexico. 

Cited by Sommerrogel, iii, col. 1969; Montero y Vidal, HisL gm^ i, p. 285; Retana» 
Bibi, Mind^ p. a8, after Barrantes, Gutrras pirdtkas, p. 364; and Blumentritt, Foeaft. 
€$H%. Ausd., p. 129; Retana has some doubts as to the authenticity of this ciution and 
thinks that it may be the memorial cited by Tomibia. Murillo Velarde does not mention 
it. This missionary was called the apostle of Mindanao, where he labored for many years. 
He was in the Philippines from 1621 until his death in 1651. 

DiEZ DE LA Callb, Juan. — Memorial y Noticias sacras y R^ de el Im- 
perio de las Yndias Occidentales. 1646. Madrid; B. N.; MSS. 3010. 

Old pressmark J. 98. Fol. 240-258 veno of this MS. are entided: ^Distrito de la Au- 
dtenda y chandlleria R^ que rrcside en la dud. ^ Manila de las yslas filipinas ques la 
(| se erijio en las yndias: Factorial, sin dependenpa de Virrey y lo que se Prouee en d.** 
Chapter v, ^Capituio quinto dd distrito de la aud*. y chanolleria R^ que reside en la 
dudad de Manila, y lo que su Mag<l. y Press. Proueen en d, con los ofiaos Tendibles re> 
nun(iables y dectiuos.** There are also sections treating of : laws of this erection; annual 
cost to his Majesty of the Philippines. Juan Dies de la Calle was one of the higher officials 
of the secretaryship of Nuera Espafla, and hence had ready access to the matters of which 
he wrote. His MS. contains lists of bishops and archbisbops. 

Digitized by 



DlEZ DE LA Calle; continued — 

Noti9ias Sacras y Reales de los dos Imperios de las Indias Occidentales. 
1653. Madrid; B. N.; MSS. 3026. 

Old pressmarks J. 45 and J. 99. Book it, fcL 279-310^ it entitled: ^^Del Distrito de U 
Audienda 7 Chanolleria R^ que riefide en la dudad de Manila de las Idas Philipinas 
(que es la dedma que se eregio en las Indias) 7 lo que su Magd. 7 Ptcssidente proueen en 
el: Con los ofidos vendibles renundaUcs 7 electiTos.^ This deals with the following 
topics: archbishopric and archbishops since its erection; militar7 posts provided b7 his 
Majest7 in the islands; salable offices of the ro7al Audienda; offices of the dt7 and 
ndghboring islands; offices of the two Acapulco vends; artiller7 and ships in these islands 
in 1644; wealth, products, and abundance of these islands; assignment of nione7 for the 
pa7 of the soldiers; captains and officers needed in the Philipinas Islands and for the 
govemor*s guard; a few notes on decrees and other mattera of the district of the Audienda; 
twent7-one convents and misdons of the discalced Augustinians; offices provided b7 the 
king. Fd. 320 and 329 of this MS. also treat of the Philippines. This appears from the 
title and contents to be a later and possibl7 revised edition of the foregoing MS. 

Velasco, Pedro de, S. J.: — Carta del Padre . . en que da cuen- 
ta de las virtudes y dichosa muerte del P. Juan de Bueras. 1646. F^. 
Cited b7 Sommervogd, Biblsoihipti, ii, cd. 340. 

. — Manilen archepiscopus su sede expulsus opera . . . 164.7. 

Rome; A. del V.; palat.; 12 est. i. 

Fajaudo [Faxardo], Diego: — [Letters to the king.] May 8, 1648; July 
31, 1649 (two); January 24, 1650. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 9. 

[Letters to Felipe IV.] July 10, 1651 (two). A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 9. 

V1CUNA9 Pedro, O. P.: — Relacion de los martires que la sagrada orden de 
predicadores ha tenido hasta este ano de 1648, en la isla de Guadalupe, 
Camboja, Japon, Filipinas, Lima i Isla Hermosa. 1648. In the pos- 
session of Senor Barcia. 

Cited b7 Bamntes, Gutnas phrdticasj p. 365; and Kumentritt, F<cd6. nmt. Autd.f 
p. 131. 

: — Michael de Poblete fit archepiscopus Manilen pro obitu Fer- 

dinandi Montero. Rome, January 21, 1649. Rome; A. del V.; con- 

sistoriali; 131, pag. 92. 
: — [Concerning suffragan bishop of Manila.) Rome, April 29, 1650. 

Rome; A. del V.; consistoriali; 134, pag. 57. 
Cavallo de Medina, Sebastian: — [Letter.] July 30, 1650. A. de L; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 
Vbrdugo, Andres, O. S. A.: — Historia de la nacion tagala, sus antigue- 

dadesy origen y sus leyes. [Ca,^ 1650.] 

Cited hf Vim, CauUogOf p. loa Verdugo was a native ol Biancha, and p rofe Me d in 
the province of Cattilla. Li the Philippines he was aasigncd to the Tagilog field, where 
he worked from 1629 to 1656, djing the latter jear in Bay. 

Carbajal, Alonso, O. S. A.: — Consulus canonicas. [Ca., 1650?] 2 fol. 

vob. Conserved for many years in Manila; Augustinian convent. ' 

Cuatro consultas sobre distintas materias. [Ca,, 1650 ?] 

Both dted by Pdrez, CaUSogo^ p. 97. Carbajal profcned in the province of Caatilla, 

Digitized by 



wfacK he read tacred theologj and obtained the degree of matter, fie fiUed many posts 
in the iabnd, including that of pronndal in 1644, besides serving as parish priest of sefcnl 
Tillages, fie died in the Visajras in 1654. 

— : — Infenne sobre Mindanao, redactado por lot Jesiiitas de ordcn 

del Gobierao. 1654. 

Cited by Retana, BSU. Mimd^ p. 29. After Moittcro 7 Vidal, Hiu. pir^itrim, p. 250^ 
who publ^hes it in part. Place of conserratian not given. 

C0MBB8, Francisco, S. J.: — Relacion de las islas Filiptnas, divida en tres 
partes, y un discurso politico de las Molucas al Ilmo. Sr. D. Sabiniano 
Manrique de Lara, Goberaador y Capitan general de las islas Filipinas. 
1654. Conserved in the private royal library at Madrid; 2. M. 9. One 
folio volume. 

Cited by Femindez Duro, Armada esp., iy, p. 42S, note. 

MoYA, Luis de, O. P.; and Mori, Eugenic, O. P.: — Cartas a Gil Gon- 
pdez de Avila Chronista Maior de Indias, dandole noticias de Fr. Ma- 
nuel Reinoso, i Fr. Diego de Sousa, Obispos de la Nueva Segovia, i ocros 
Religiosos Dominicos. 1654. 

MSS. dted by Gonzalex Baida, E^komt (Madrid, 1737, 1738X ii, coL 640^ as eiiatiag 
in has library. 

Calonga, King of: — Carta al Provindal de S. Francisco de Manila. 

June 18, 1655. Franciscan convent at Manila. 

Cited by Marcellino da Ciyezza, AiggM di hM. (Prato, 1879X p- 88. Calonga was tl^ 
small kingdom of the island of Sanguir. The letter i» concerned Urgelf with the Fran- 
ciscan missionaries, for whom the king e xpr e ss e s lore and afiection. 

Madre de Digs {or Blancas), Juan de la. Recollect: — Gobemador 

christiano entre neo. Ca., 1655. 

Tliis was given by the author to Gorenior Manrique de Lara, outlining the conduct 
by which the governor should be ruled in matters of fdigion, treatment of the natives, 
goremment, commerce^ etc Manrique de Lara, after having had a copy made of die 
bulky vol., sent the original to Spain in order to have it published at his own rrpmsr; but 
it was never done, and die MS. was never recovered. Cited by San Francisco de Assis, 
HiilarM, pp. 475, 476. 

Madre de Digs, Juan de la, Recgllect; and others: — [Endorsement 
of Montemayor y Mansilla.] Manila, June 10, 1665. Ajrer Collection. 
Begins "El Fr. Juan de la madre deDios, ..." Ends ''en manib 
A. dies de Junto de seise* y sesenta y Cinco Alios — ", with signature; 
followed by notarial attestation of instruments drawn before Nicolas de 
Herrera. See above, p. 223. 

Small folio, % leaves. The original MS. acquired by Mr. Ayer from the C. G. de 
T. de F.; formerly in the Retana Collection. 

Cardenas, Rgdrigo de, O. P..' — Carta del obispo de la Nueva Segobia 
dando cuenta del estado del edificio de la iglesia Catedral de su obispado. 
Nueva Segovia, June 24, 1656. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 
Transcript made for Eduardo Navarro^ O. S. A. 
Dgminguez {or de Jesus) Rafael Carlos, O. S. F.: — Historia de las 
guerras de los holandeses y Portugueses en las Molucas hasta 1656. Siao, 
July 2, 1656. Manila; Franciscan archives. 

Cited by Blumentritt, Fte^ular iinttlntr Autdrikkt^ p. 129. 

Digitized by 



San GeegoeiO) Antonio db, O. S. F.: — Extenso y luminoso informe al 
Superior Gobierao de estas islas sobre lo6 usos y costumbres de lo6 indios 
de Camarinesy metodo de convertirlos y defensa contra los moros, piratas. 
Naga, July iS, 1656. Archives of the superior government (probably at 

Cited bj Gomes Plitero» CaidlogOf p. 303; Bamntet, Gutrras pirAkas, p. 366; and 
Blumentritty Foe^, tint. Auid^ p. 131. Thtf mitiionaiy wai in the Philippines from 
1639 mitil his deith tt Naga, 1661. He was appointed near prorindal, September 16, 
i639» and filled that oflke until Febniaiy 4, 1640. In 1641^ he was appointed bishop of 
Nuera CAoerei» and went to his bishopric in 1655. 

Manriqub de Lara, Sabiniano (governor).' — Cartas del gobemador, ar- 
zobispo y Audiencia de Manila sobre el mal gobiemo que tienen los enfer- 
mos en el Hospital de la santa mesa de la Misericordia. Manila, July 15, 
1658. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 23. 

[Letters to the king.] July 20, 1661. L Matherias pertenecientes 
a la justicia. IL Materias pertenecientes a la guerra. IIL Mathe- 
rias pertenecientes al gobiemo de Philipinas. IV. Matherias pertene- 
cientes a la real hazienda del gobiemo de Philipinas. A. de L; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 9. 

Carta informando sobre la reducdon de los Indios de las islas de los 
Ladrones en Filipinas. January 3, 1668. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 40- 

[Letter to the royal court.] November 20, 1668. A. de I.; est. 67, 

Vbllo, Francisco, S. J.: — Carta en que pondera las muchas convenien- 
das q se siguiran de fundar en Manila Tribunal de la Inquisicion. Noted 
b Madrid, May 15, 1659. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 

! — Quatro cartas de los provindales de las Religiones de Philipinas 
en que dan quenta del miserable estado en que se hallan y proponen (en 
algunas) medias para su conserva9ion. Manila, July 6, July 15, and 
July 20 (two), 1659. A, de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 20. 

- De la fordficadon, en que habla del puerto de Cavite y de la que 

combendra hacerse para su mayor seguridad, etc. 1659. A. de I.; est. 
67, caj, 6, leg. 9, num. 31. About 14 leaves. 
Valbncia, Josb db, O. S. F.. — Flora filipina. Ca., 1660. 

Cited bj Hoerta, Euad», p. 513. This audior was oolj a lay-brother. He went to the 
Philippuies in 1654, and bdng an eicellent physician was occupied in the duties of that 
profession. His dnth occurred at Pila, in September, 1669. The above book describes 
roots and herbs minutdj, shows drawings of the same^ and gives habitat and medicinal 

PoBLBTB, Mioubl: — Carta dando cuenta de la iglesia catedral. Manila, 
July 20, 1661. A, de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 

Carta del arzobispo de Manila sobre la ^liminucion de renta del colegio 
de San Ignado. July 8, 1662. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 39. 

Carta dando cuenta de los escesos y escandalos de algunos religiosos 
agusdnos, especialmente un Fr. Alonso Quijano que vivia con una 

Digitized by 



muger casada. Manila, June 20, 1665. ^* ^^ I>> ^^- ^» ^h <t 1^- 32- 

TVuHcript made for Editirdo Nayairo^ O. S. A.' Various dornmenN are cndoaed with 
this letter. 

Colin, Francisco, S. J.:— Relacion de la Uegada a Filipinas, de machos 
Religiosos, i Christianos, desterrados del Japon. 

Thtf it a MS. copied or drawn from Colin^a LA^ mmgdiuu Cited bj Goozalei Bar- 
da, Epktmt (Madrid, 1737, 1738X ii» coL 637, ai eziating in the royal libraiy at Madrid. 

Fernandez de Pulgar, Pedro: — Descripcion de las Philippinas 7 de las 

malucas: y Hiscoria de el Archiptelago maluca desde su descubrimiento 

asta el dempo presence. Undated. Madrid; B. N.; MSB. 3002. 

Theoldpretsmaikit J. loi. Contifts of rig^ boolD ai fioUowt: L DeacripdoodeUs 
Fhtlippinaa, of eight diapten. IL Deicripdon de laa islat de Mahico 7 otraa adjaccntc% 
of two diapten. IIL De d deacubrimiento de lai Philippinas 7 Malucas, of fiVe diap- 
ten. IV. De d cooTcnio sobre la conquista de las Mducas, entre castilla 7 Foitugalt 
tratasse de d deredio^ de d Rey de CastiUa, 7 lo q interrino para d coDTenio^ of 3 diai^ 
ten. V. De las espediriones de loa castilianos d Mduco^ 7 Tarios suaesso s de dlas, of 
eleven diapten. VL Kodguense lot susessos de d Maluco^ of nine diapten. VII. 
Ptosiguenae los suxesos de Mduco desde q los ingleses 7 dandeses entraroo en las mahiras, 
of ei^teen diapteis. Vm. De la oonquisu de Mduco asu d tiempo preaente^ of thir- 
teen chapten. The MS. is undated, but it must be later than 1663. It is a folio of 444 
folios, and some sheets at the end are missing. It appean to be dbe ocigind MS. and is 
bound in parchment. Above the first chapter is written: **Historia genod de las indiaa 
ocddentdes Cootinua la de Antonio de Herrera d . . d Ftodro feniandes de Pulgar.*" 
An eitract from the PrU9g9 is as foJlows: **In the description ol the Philippinas, I follow 
Father Colin almost literal^ in his Histcria, as he is a modem and diligent writer of the 
Tear 1643 [Cdin^s work was published in 1663]; and in the historf of the Mducas, I follow 
the ancient writers, and the said Father Colin. . . Argenada wrote the history of the 
Mducos, and Terf wdL I write it here in detail in order to extend it to the present time; 
and in order to confirm their discovery, I compare the Portuguese histories with the Cas> 
tilian, and set forth in full amplitude die right of the kings of Espafia because of die justi- 
fication ol the operations there exerdsed.** 

: — Carta de guerra sobre fortificar la ciudad de Manila y criar 

comp**. May 29, 1664. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 9. 

' — Ceitificacion de fierro que se a sacado de las minas que por q** 

de su mag^. se benefizian en Camarines. June 6, 1664. A. de I.; est. 67, 
caj. 6, leg. 9. 

- Certificacion de las Companias que se an criado de Nuevo en el 

R^ cam** de Manila y demas Press^ y las que hauia antes que se Redrarse 
algunas dellas. July 16, 1664. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 9. 

-F. Franciscus de Paula fit archepiscopus Maniliani. Rome, 

1664. Rome; A. dd V.; brev.; 6, p. 224. 

■Un papel llamado "Copia de un papel que se dio en manos del 

exc™^. Senor Conde de Penaranda Presidente del real Consejo de las In- 

dias sobre las islas Marianas.'' July, 1665. A. de I. ; est. 68, caj. i , leg. 40. 

AccompanTing this document are various other documents. 

San Vitorbs, Diego Luis de, S. J.:^ — Motivos para no dilatar mas la 

reduction y doctrina de las Yslas de los Ladrones. 1665. A. de L; est. 

68, caj. I, leg. 40. 

Algunos puntos en favor de los nuebos Christianos y conversion de los 

Digitized by 



San Vitores; continued — 

Infieles. Declaronse algunos fundamentos de estos puntos. Two dif- 
ferent documents. June 23, 1666. A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 40. 

Carta en que pondera el grande fruto ^ se a de dar a nfo s'. con la 
reducion de las islas de los Ladrones. 1667. 

Endotet a documoit entitled ^NotidA de Tariot tiemt, 7 gentet, S^.** 
Puntos del Memorial a su Mag<^. por las islas Marianas. April 26, 1669. 
A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 40. Also signed by others. 

: — Discursos maririmos y alivio de fatigas cntre dos marineros nom- 

brados Juan Frosco y Pedro Bastardo, estando de guardia en el navio 
Santiago, surto en este puerto de Cavite. Dedicale un su aficionado al 
senor Maestre de Campo D. Diego de Salcedo, Gobemador y Capitan 
general de estas islas Filipinas, y Presidente de la Real Audiencia y Chan- 
cilleria. [Ca.^ 1665 }\ B. M.; add. 17,625; no. 4. 
Cited bj Feniindes Duro^ Armada 9sp^ it, p. 428, note. 
Lopez, Juan, O. P. (bishop of Cebu, and archbishop): — Carta del obispo 
de Cebu, dando cuenta de que su obispado hace 23 anos que esta sin 
obispo consagrado y que hace mas de 43 que no se visita por haber muerto 
el ultimo de mas de 100. Manila, February 25, 1666. A. de I.; est. 68, 
caj. I, leg. 34. 

Carta acompaiiando una informacion acerca de la suma pobreza de 
aquella Iglesia catedral, de la dice ser la primera que se edifico en aquellas 
Islas. Santisimo Nombre de Jesus, March 9, 1668. Pressmark as above. 
Thuucripu of both the above nude for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 
Carta dando algunas cuentas del colegio de Santa Potenciana. Ma- 
nila, May 28, 1673. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 32. 
Salcedo, Diego: — Carta al rey dando cuenta de los buenos sub^sos que 
se an logrado de la armada que despacho a los P^^ de Jolo y Mindanao, 
y otras materias de guerra. June 24, 1666. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. 9. 

Carta al rey dando cuenta de materias de Estado, Gobiemo y Hacienda. 
Date and pressmark as above. 

Carta al rey dando cuenta de materias de Estado, Gobiemo y Hacienda. 
August 4, 1667. Pressmark as above. 

Carta sobre cosas filipinas. August 4, 1667. A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, 
leg. 40. 

Endotet a number of documenti - one of them a letter from the queen, dated Madrid* 
1669; and another a letter from Diego Luit de SanTitoret, S. J. 

Fernandez Cabeza de Vaca, Captain Jose; and others: — [Expediente 

of his services, etc.] Manila, January 13, 1667- June 21, 1690. Ayer 

Collection. Begins "El Cap°. Joseph Feman*. Caueza de Vaca Soldado 

de la Comp*. del Cap°. Don Amador de mirafuentes Digo ..." 

Digitized by 



Ends "Damos la presfente que es fecho en efta Qiudad de Manila", with 

date and signatures. 

22 leaves. Po. Contistt of peddoiu, acti, acoomttt, repoftt, attritariww, etc, in «iiic& 
it tome litde Ttluahle economic material. 

FsftNAMDEz G^BEZA DB Vaca, Jo8e: — [Special powers or credentials pre- 
sented to various persons.] Manila, June 26, 1690. Ayex Collection. 
Begins "En la ciudad de Manila ..." Ends with notarial attesca- 
. rions. 3 leaves. F®. 

MuNOZ, Ignacio, O. S. A.: — Carta sobre cosas de Filipinas. Mexico, 
April 12, 1667. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 44. 

Carta para el real Consejo de las Indias. 1671. A. de I.; est. 68, 
caj. I, leg. 44. Accompanied also by a map, an abecedario, and a gnia. 
Sobre la Manutencion y Extension de la Fe en la CordiUera de las 
Islas Marianas, y sus confinantes, y sobre el descubrimiento y conquisu 
de las islas Australes de Salomon. April 15, 1674. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 
I, leg. 40. 

A wf vahiable document. 
MoNTBifAYoii Y Mansilla, Sargbnto-mayoii Juan DB; and others: — 
[Expediente regarding the administrarion of the Santa Cruzada in the 
Philippines.] Manila, July 11-26, 1667. Ayer Collection. Begins 
"Yo el Capp°. Luis de tores cordoua ..." Ends with notarial 
attesurion. 22 leaves. F^. 
PlMBNTEL, Luis, S. J.: — Carta remiriendo el ynforme que se le pidio. 

November 8, 1667. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 40. 
PoLAKCo, Juan de, S. J.: — Informe que hago de orden del Consejo 
sobre la reduccion de las islas Marianas. December 17, 1667. A. de I.; 
est. 68, caj. i, leg. 40. 
Alcina, Francisco Ignacio de, S. J..' — Historia natural del sirio, ferdlidad 
y calidad de las Islas, e Indios de Bisayas. Ano 1668. 

Cited in the Cauiopu (Febniazy, 1875, no. 23) of N. Scheuring, a bookseller of "Lym^ 
Trance. A folio MS. of 370 pp., op paper, widi manj original drawingt and a table of 
contentt. It w dted also by P^ez and GOemet, Adkiwti^ p. 35, who taw a copj in the 
poMenion of Fedro Blaqiiier, O. S. A., which had been obtained by the Jesuits from 
an old bookshop in Paris (possibly the copy above descri b ed). There is a 
transcript in the Lenox branch of the New Toric Public library, wfaote descrip- 
tion foilowi. Begins ^libro Primcro. Naturaleza, prindpio y crigen . . . Doy por 
asentado . . .** Ends ^costumbres, ritos, y supentidones.^, with table of contents, 
aaoleaves. The table of contents of this MS. is as follows: Bookfirst. Nature^ beginning, 
and origin of the Visayan Indians, fertility of their islands, and their site^ trees, etc; Of 
the name Visayc, and its meaning and origin; stature^ figure* features, and dd-time 
dress of the Visayans; continuadon of the same^ and their adornments, houses, jewels, 
and nakedness; of their custom of painting themsdTes, who, when, and why; of the site^ 
qualities, and temperature of the Visayan Islands; of the fertility of the islands; of the food 
which they use as bread and which supplies its lack; of other roots that supply the lack of 
bread; dncription of the banana trees and their differences; of another kmd of banana 
tree which furnishes clothing to the Visayans; of the fruit trees; of various other good 
fruit trees; of orange trees, their excellence and abundance; of the age and propertks of 
this i^ant, and tbdr differences; of other kinds of palms; of the pafans called Buri and 

Digitized by 



Others tinular; of the palm called foif^dif, and others different; ol the rattans, which are a 
kind of palm, and others; of other trees esteemed for their timber, and their differences; 
d the tree called tsgOf and others; ol the nonoc, and superstitions regarding it; ol other 
aromatic trees and plants, and their advantages; of other aronutic herbs; of the manj 
falaSf maioSf etc^ and their antidotes; of tht best known medicinal roots, leaves, and 
plants; of odier fruits, herbs, etc., and of Tarioiis remarkable and extraordinary effects; of 
bamboos, their size and variety, and the useful things made from them; of the sweet 
bamboos, and other plants like them, etc Book second: of the quadrupeds known in 
Espafia and their differences, and of those which are peculiar to the Visayan Islands; ol the 
buffaloes, deer, and wild boars; of the elephants found here; ol the other smaller quadru- 
peds; of the dvet cat, and of the animsl that produces musk, etc; ol the monkeys or 
maehintSf their spedes, variety, and size; of the crocodiles and alligators; second kind ol 
alligators, and odier varieties ol lizards; of the serpents, their variety, multitude, poisons, 
etc; of the smallest serpent, its number and its greater poison, and others called Mfcoi- 
dijasi ol the wild silkworms and other small animals, etc; of the minerals of gold, silver, 
and other metals, precious stones, etc.; of the sea ol these islands, and its qualities, and 
flood and ebb tides; of the abundance, variety, and emellence of the fish; of the largest 
fish, their differences and properties; ol odier large fish; of the turtles; of other n- 
maikable fish; of the various shellfish; of other very remarkable things; ol amber and its 
origin; ol salt and its differences; of birds in common, their abundance and vari^; ol 
the odier birds, peculiar to these islands; of other nursh birds; ol nocturnal birds ol 
prey; ol bees and their differences, manner ol breeding, etc; of various kinds of wasps, 
locusts, butterflies, etc; ol the winds most general in this region and their qualities, and 
ol the baguios; of fire, igneous qualities, etc. It is not impossible that this MS. was 
used by Mgado in writing his Hittoria, 

Aldna, iriio entered the Society ol Jesus at the age of 14, in 1643, labored in the Visayan 
missions, and was once rector ol the Ceb6 college. He died Ju^ 30^ 1674, after writing 
various books of devotion in the Visayan language. Murillo Velaride speaks ol his ff is- 
torict which was conserved (probably until the expulsion) in the library ol the College of 
Manila. See Sommervogel*s BAliothiqut, i, col. 160. 

Mariana of Austria (regent): — [Royal decree.] Madrid, July 27, 1669. 
A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 9. 

Para que los Virreyes, presidentes, gobemadores y corregidores de las 
Indias . imponiendoles pena de excomunicacion. Madrid, June 
22, 1670. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 2, leg. 14. 

Al gob^. sobre las malas mugeres. Madrid, December 31, 1672. 
A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 3, libro 7, fol. 39, 40. 

Dos cedulas, una al arzobispo y otra al gobemador, sobre el colegio 
de Santa Potenciana. Madrid, April 12, 1675. Pressmark as above; 
fol. 112. 

: — F. Johannes Lopez fit arch. Maniliani in Philippinis. Rome, 

1669. Rome; A. del V.; brev.; 6, pag. 259. 

: — Relacion de las nouedades y disturbios sucedidos en la ^iudad 

de Manila de las Islas Filipinas desde nuebe de octubre del ano pasado 
de 68 hasta primero de henero deste presente de 669. 1669. B. M.; 
papeles varios tocantes a Francia 1667-1684; jure emprionis; 14,002; 
Plut. CXCII.D.; fol. 502-541. 

Describes internal disturbances, mentioning the parts played by the Inquisition, the 
Jesuits, and dvil officials. Gives a good view of the times. 

[Portion of a letter concerning the Jesuit establishment in Panay, 

and the opposition received from the Augusrinians.] [Ca., 1669.] Ayer 
Collecrion. Begins "Capitulo de Carta escripta de Manila des Pues del 

Digitized by 



•^ Gouei^ D". Diego de Salcedo y hauer quedado GtMternando la audien- 
cia . . ." Ends "El Pueblo se llama Nfa Senora de lot roooces 
por hacerte de Yndios mooteses 7 foragidos«" i leaf. P*. 

Hie ittthor, A Jcniitp as it profed bj iatemal eridenoe^ maket MfCfe diargei of anoQ 
agalmt the Aoguiriniani. 

Spanish Council of State >— Consulta acerca del preso del Gouec^. I>. 
Diego de Salcedo por la Inquisicion. September 22, 1670. A. de I.; 
est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 3. 
Gabilan^ Marcos, O. S. A. : — Abusos bestiales de los indios bifla3ras. [Ctf., 
1670.] I fol. vol. 

Cited bj FCrei, CMS^go, irbo in turn dtes Osaru vtturdit, Tbe autbor was a name 
of Posa, in die province of Bdrgoe. After going to the Philippines, he vas assigned to 
the island of Panay, and labored in Tarious viJIages £rom 1656 to thetime of his dea^ 
1671, in Olon. 

Ecclesiastical Cabildo of Manila: — Cacta tratando de diferentes 
materias de que biene sacado apuntamiento al margen de cada Capitulo. 
June 7, 1671. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 36. 

Caita hablando de la eleccion del arzobispo Fr. Felipe Pardo. June 
15, 1678. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 36. Accompanied by enclosures. 
Cacta hablando de los colegios de Manila. June, 1691. A. de I.; 
est. 68, caj. i, leg. 36. 

Carta sobre asuntos del arzobispado. June 2, 1698. A. de I.; est. 
69, caj. I, leg. 30. 

Carta dando cuenta de excesos de edesiasticos. June 20, 1731. A. 
de I.; est. 108, caj. 6, leg. 7. 
Leon, Manuel de (governor): — Carta en la que participa hallarse en paz 
con Corralat, y las medidas que tiene tomadas para que cuando este 
muera le suceda su hi jo Curay [Cutay; Kuddy, in Forrest]. June 15, 
1671. A. de I. 

Cited by Retana, BM, Mind^ p. 31, who had an extract of it. 
Carta dando cuenta de las materias de Estado, Gouiemo y Hacienda. 
June 15, 1671. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 10. 

Informe del estado en que se hallaban las fortelezas de Temate y Zam- 
boanga. June 4, 1672. A. de I. 
Cited by ReUna, BM. Uind^ p. 31. 

[Letter to the court.] July 9, 1672. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 11. 

Carta sobre misiones en las islas Marianas. May 31, 1674. A. de I.; 

est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 11. 

Santa Maria {or Madridbjos), Miguel de, O. S. F.. — Defensa contra 

la permanencia del Comisario General perpetuo en esta Provincia de San 

Gregorio. 167 1. 

Cited by Gomes Flatero, CaUUogo, p. 280. Santa Maria vas appointed president and 
master of novitiates at Manila in 1665, was custodian in 1666; minister in yarious places, 

Digitized by 



Santa Maria; continued — 

1667-1672; prormcialy 1675; and died at Santa Cruz de la Laguna in 1680, while taring 
as definitor. 

Estado de la Santa y Apostolica Provincia de San Gregorio y cosas 

notables y ejemplares de la misma. June 2, 1675. 

Cited by Gomes Flatero» CadlogOy p. 280. 

SuAREZ Desliybra, LICENTIATE Miguel; and others: — Expediente pro- 

movido por el licenciado D. Manuel Suarez para que se le devuelvan 

4Oy00O t que presto a las Reales Cajas en 1666. Manila, February 15, 

1672-November 29, 1676. Ayer Collection. Begins "El Liz^. Manuel 

suares deslivera ..." Ends with notarial attestation. 

as leases. ?<>. Contains Tarious accounts rendered bj the royal oflkiab. Purchased 
firom the C. G. de T. de F.» by whom it was quoted at 250 francs. 

MiLLAN DE P0BLETE9 Jose: — Carta dando cuenta de haber acabado la 
capilla mayor de la Catedral de Manila y dedicado el 31 de Agosto de 
1671. Manila, June 15, 1672. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 

Carta informando sobre el cabildo de la catedral de Manila y atrope- 
Uos cometidos por el Gobemador. Date and pressmark as above. 

Caita informando sobre el vino, cera y aceite que se gasta y se necesita 
en cada una de las Iglesias de su obispado. Villa de Femandina, May 24, 
1673. Pressmark as above. 

Transcripts of this and the two preceding MSS. made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 

: — Jo5s Lopez de Nominis Jesu ad Manilen transl. pro obitu 

Michaelis de Poblete. Rome, November 14, 1672. Rome; A. del V.; 
consistoriali; 133, pag. 261. 
Barajas, Francisco de, O. S. F..* — Relacion geografica de los montes de 
Lanatin y Limotan en las Filipinas. [Ctf., 1672.] 

Trabajos apostolicos y estadisticos de la Mision de S. Andres en los 
Montes de Lanatin y Limotan, en los alios 1670 a 1672. [Ca., 1672.] 
Cited hf Hueita, EsUiJo, p. 463; MarceUino da CiYezza, Saggio di hM^ p. 33; and 
Bhimentritt, F«td6. tma. Au$d^ p. 40. Barajas went to the Philippines in i6(Sa, and after 
mission work in Tarious villages (1665-1670) went to reduce the heathen of the mountains 
of Lanatin and Limotan, irfiere he founded the mission of San Andres ApostoL Later 
he labored in seferal other villages, was definitor in 1681, and died at Polo, September 

Ibanez, Buenaventura, O. S. F.: — Relacion de su viaje desde Macao, a 
Roma, Madrid, Mejico, Filipinas y Chma. [Ca., 1672 ?] 

Cited bj Huerta, Eoadt^ BlarceOino da Civezza, Saggio H hM^ pp. 243, 244. Ibanez 
went to the Philippines in 1645. In 1649 he went to China where he remained until 1662, 
when he returned to Rome and Madrid, and thence again to the Philippines and China 
(1672X remaining in the latter country until his death in 1691. 

: — De Insularum Philippinanim . . et administradone fructus 

Ecclesiasticarum vacantur. June 16, 1673. Rom®* A. del V. 

Paz, Juan de, O. P.: — [Infomtacion in a land lawsuit.] September 10, 
1673. Madrid; B. N.; Mm. 505. 

Digitized by 




Pak; continued — 

EzpUcadoD de lat Solitat. November 4, 1688. Manfla; DomiiucaD 
[Two ▼olumes of C<m$ubas^ ManiU; Dominican ardures. 

[Various pareeeres^ Manila; Dominican archives. 

An dtsd hf Sctnuy Afmm» M/^ i, pp. itt, 169. ViDdd, CdlM9g9, !▼» pp. jC^Fjtt* 

. 1 791, cstet a book ol coerolririont aad iCMlotiont which vag pristed at Senfla, in 1689. 
Of Pax, Rttaaa taya that he wat the met dinJapiidiBd Dwmniran theologian in Occanica 
IB the cipiCecBth ccnturyy and many pctanni had recome to him. Hie decided caaee for 
ChineK^ Filipjnoi^ alafci and freancn, tecdar prieMB and lajmcn, taikn, told^ 
anii» and in tact aBdanek 

CooiiAiis (CoMANoX PiEULE (Pedro), S. J. .'— Prosecudo narradoois 

historiae iUorum quae in insulis Marianis a Pacribus Sodctads Jesu in fidd 

propagatione felidter gesta ec constancer perpessa, Complecdtur Annum 

1673 et inida 74. una cum Martyrio V^ P^ Frandsd Ezquerra missionis 

eiusdem superioris in odium fidd nostrae cum sodjs 5 secularibus a bar- 

baris harum insularum incolis crudeliter ocdsis. Febniaiy 2, 1674. In 

die general archives of die Jesuits in Belgium. 

Cited bf Sommervogeiy ii» coL 1406. The author vat hom in Antwop in 1638^ and 
after cntfring the lodetj vent to the Marianas (later dun t6§6\ vhere he vat maincred 
hj the nail vet of S^pan^ in Juffr iv85* 

MoREAUy Francois ^'Reladon d'vn vojrage aux Indes onentales et aux 
moluques. Comenant la maniere de viure des peuples du pais, la des- 
cription des prindpales villes, et les plus belles pardcularites. After 
1674. Lenox; 939969. Begins "A MonHeur Monfieur le feure Con- 
sdller, Controleur general des Badmens du Roy'*. Ends '*pour reuenir 
en france ma chere Patrie. Fin." 

A tMHi*d <|iiaito MS. of 84 umnunbered leavciy of vhich dnce at the 1 _ 
at the end are blank. On the fint blank leaf hat been vritten in another hand: **I do 
not knov vho this Moreau vat. I found this MS. in the libraiy of M. Pant of M — . Al- 
thou^ vritten in a despicable stjk^ it it not vithout a certain interest^ and bean the 
thorou^ ttamp of tnith.** The greatest portion of the MS. treats of the Mobccas. The 
author stopped at Manila in the course of his travels. 

: — Memorial presentado para la reconstrucdon del hospital de 

S. Juan de Dios» destruido en un terremoto. Manila, June 19, 1676. 
A. de I.; est. 68» caj. i, leg. 44. 

•Johannes episcopus Nominis Jesu transl. ad archepiscum 

Manilen. Rome, 1676. Rome; A. dd V.; Brev.; 6, pag. 383. 

BouvBNSy Gerard, S. J.: — Epistola P. Gerardi Bouvens S. J. Superioris 

Missionis in Jnsulis Marianis, ad PP. Superiores ejusdem sodetads in 

Philippinensi Provincia, de morte et Virtudbus P. Sebasdani de Monroy. 

[1676?] Georgetown College; Riggs Library. 

6 leaves. F^. Bound in manuscript yoI. entitled Bdmimu P. P. Miuimmiwmm 
Sfkiatit Jtsu in Amtrka StpUmtritnii <f m Ckimm 1676-1682, 

: — Carta sin firma dirigida desde Filipinas al P. Frandsco Garcia, 

Digitized by 



' jesuita, sobre diversos asuntos de aquellas Islas. [Ca., 1676.] R. A. de 

la H.; papeles jesuitas; tomo 57, num. 47. 

The Garda to whom thii kttor wu addretted wu probablj tbe Jetuit who lived from 
1641-1685, djing at Madrid. 

Ahumada, Joannes de, S. J.: — Brevis relatio gloriosae mortis Venerabilis 

P. Sebastian de Monroy S. J. exceq;>ta ex litteris P. Joannis de Ahumada, 

transmissis ad D. Melisdorem de Melo Conte de Leon. Island of San 

Juan [Le.f Guam], May 9, 1677. Georgetown College; Riggs Library. 

4 leaves. F^. In manuacript vol. entitled Mdationn P, P. MuUonarmum Socitutit 

Jtsu in Amtrka Stpumtrimdi <f im China i6r;(hi682. 

: — Papel dado a S. £• sobre el fomento de la mision de las Islas 

Marianas. June 28, 1677. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 40. 

Rodriguez, Simon, S. J.: — Copia litterarum R. P. Simonis Rodriguez 
Missionarij S. J. in Regno Chinensi ad R. P. Provincialem Philipinarum. 
Focheu, December 20, 1677. Georgetown College; Riggs Library. 

1 leavek In manuscript vol. entitled Rdatiwtt P. P. MitsiManontm SocUuth Jtsu im 
dnuricA StfUmtritndi <f in China idf^d-idSi* 

MoNTEMAYOR, Francisco DE: — Carta-relacion de las islas de Terrenate. 

June 12, 1678. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 23. 

Carlos II: — Al gobemador sobre juegos de Indios, negros, etc. San 

Lorenzo el Real, October 20, 1678. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 13^ 

libro 7, fol. 321, 322. The same cedula was sent also to the Audiencia. 

Sobre el colegio de la universidad de Santo Tomas. Madrid, May 
17, 1680. Pressmark as above; fol. 361, 362. 

Real cedula acerca de la conveniente del colegio que propuso D. Diego 
Antonio de Viga. Madrid, May 15, 1682. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 
3, libro 7, fol. 309. 

Real cedula sobre la proposicion que en el colegio de Santo Tomas se 
sean las catedras de Derecho y Medicina. Madrid, November 22, 1682. 
Pressmark as above, fol. 419. * 

Real cedula sobre expulsion de los Sangleyes. Buen Redro, November 
14, 1686. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 3, libro 8, fol. 85, 86. 

Al Audiencia sobre trato y contrato de los Religiosos. Madrid, January 
28, 1687. Pressmark as above; fol. 172, 173. 

Real cedula sobre cosas Filipinas. Madrid, September 24, 1688. A. 
de I.; est. 69, caj. I, leg. 30. 

Real cedula al Provincial de los Franciscanos tocante a los naturales. 
June 3, 1692. A. de I.; est. 105, caj. 2, leg. 3, libro 9, fol. 21, 22. 

like deaees were tent to all the oidefa. 

Real cedula al gob^. sobre dando habitos religiosos a los naturales. 
Madrid, September 24, 1696. Pressmark as above; fol. 158, 159. 

Real cedula para el gobemador de Filipinas participandole la forma en 
que se ban aprobado las ordenanzas del colegio de Santa Potenciana 

Digitized by 



Caklos II; continued — 
ordenando lo que ha de hacer para fundar un recogimiento de mugeres 
incondnentes. Madrid, November 13, 1696. A. de L; est. 105, caj. 2, 
1^« 3» li^ro 9, fol. 205. 

Real cedula sobre cosas Ftlipinat. Madrid, Februaiy 11, 1697. A. de 
I.; est. 69, caj. i, leg. 30. 

Dos reales cedulas, sobre materias de Filipinas. Madrid, May 20, 
1700. A. de I.; est. 69, caj. I, leg. 30. 

: — [Concerning Felipe Pardo, O. P.J Rome, 1678. Rome; A. del 

v.; Brev.; 6, pag. 382. 

- Diligencias hechas sobre el particular de la Mision de las Yslas 

Marianas en viitud de Cedula de su Mag. 1679. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 
6, leg. II. 

-Relado rerum notabiliorum, quae a Junio anni 1678 usque ad 

Majum anno 1679 in insulis Marianis acdderunt. 1679. Georgetown 
College; Riggs Library. 

S leaTtt. Id manuacript toI. entitled Rdatimut P. P. Mhthnaricrum Socitutis Jesm m 
Amtriea Stfumtrimdi <f m Ckma itfjthMz. 

• Los principales naturales de la Provincia de la Pampanga. June 

12, 1680. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. 5, leg. 7. 
San Geronimo, Thomas, Recollect. — Carta sobre materias de Filipinas. 
June 17, 1680. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 44. 

: — Carta firmada por varias personas dando quenta del mal proceder 

del Gou^ D^ Juan de Vargas D^ Fran^*'. guerrero de Ardila tio de su 
muger y sus Criados. June 20, 1680. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 11. 
Bbrart, Raimundo, O. P.: — Jusdficacion juridica; informes y papeles 
remiddos al Sr. Gobemador y Senores de la Real Audiencia 

para que no se revoque una provision Real, despachada contra el Sr. 
Sebasdan Arquero de Robles, Gobemador eclesiasdco del Obispado de 
Nueva Segovia, para que fiiese a residir en la cabecera. San Gabriel 
(Binondo), December 27, 1680. 62 leaves. F^. 

Jusdficacion de la conducta del Provincial para no removerlo del lado 
del Sr. Arzobispo. Ortober, 1681. 16 pp. F*». 

Respuesta al Sr. Pizarro de Orellana, Obispo electo de Nueva Segovia. 
1682. 16 pp. P>. 

Relacion de lo sucedido en el desderro del Sr. Pardo. Abucay, April 
20, 1683. 

Demostracion canonica de la inhabilidad del Cabildo de Manila para 
eligir Gobemador eclesiasdco de esta Iglesia y de la de Vigan, vacante, 
estando el Sr. Arzobispo en Lingayen. Abucay, 1683. 26 pp. F°. 

Respuestas breves acerca de unas preguntas que se ban divulgado en 

Digitized by 



Bbrart; continued — 
nombre del Sr. Obispo de Troyz [P. Barrientos] a los que vienen de nuevo 
i, estas Islas. 

Carta a un togado de Mexico con ocasion de un libelo publicado en 
Nueva Espaiia. 64 pp. F^. 
Justificacion de lo procedido en el incidente de la hija del Vicus [sic], 
AH dted bj Retana, Apmraio &i(/^ i, p. ii6y who ctMt from Odo. 

Sanchez, Francisco^ O. P.: — Ju8tificaci6n del seiior Obispo de Troya 
al Gobierno Eclesiisdco de esta Archidiocesis (Manila). [Co., 1680.] 

Cited bj Mffdina, La Jmprmta tn MoHSa (Santiago de Chile^ 1904X ?• M* ^^ author 
was a natiTe of LUlo and pr o f cMed at Valladolid in 1644. Eb went to the Phtlippinei in 
i6$8» wberehewas aatigiiedtotbeTagilogminioBa. He was also rector of Santo Tomla 
and president ol the oolkge of San Juan de Letran. He died at the Tillage ol BMzIgo at 
the age ol 70. Besides the abofe he left also other unpublished BISS^ stiictif defotional 
in subject. 

San J08B {or Camarbna), Francisco db, O. S. F.: — Esudo de la provincia 
de San Gregorio en el ano de 1680. [1680 ?] 

Estado de la provincia de San Gregorio en el aiio de 1695. ['^5 ^ 
Both dted bj Huerta, EnadOf p. 521; and Blumentritt, Voe^. mm, Autd,^ p. 55. This 
author was born in Camarcna and p r o fe s s ed in the profince of San Jos< (hence his two 
names). Krarhing Manila in i6to, he was assigned to the province ol Camariites. After 
serving in various capadties, he returned to Manila in 1678 as guardian of that coovcoL 
After a short term tboc^ he served in Tsrious other places, dying at the Manila oonvat, 
June 15, 1701. 

SoLORZANO (SoLAR8ANo)y Manubl (Emmanubl) db, S. J. I — Excetptum 
ex Litteris P. Emmanuelis Solorsano, S. J., super ritibus marianonimy 
moribus; et nostrorum edam Missionarionim laboribus» et periculis. 
Ca.t 1680. Georgetown College; Riggs Library. 

1 leaves. F^. In manuscript volume entitled RJaUtmei P. P, MisuoMnemm SocitUtis 
Jttu in Amtrka Stfttmirimuii <f in China t6ri(hi682, Solorzano was bom at Fr^cnal, 
Dec 15, 1649. After going to the Philippines^ he became vice provincial (1681). He 
was killed bj the natives, Julj 24, 1684. 

[Letter touching affairs of the missions.] Maj 30, 1682. A. de L; est. 
67, caj. 6,leg. II. 

: — Mors R. P. Francisci Esqverra e Sodetatis Jesu a Barbaris 

ocdsi in Insulis Marianis. Anno 1674. die 2* Februarij. [Ca., 1680.] 
Georgetown College; Riggs Library. 

3 leaves. Fo. In manuscript vol. entitled BMUthmtt P. P. Miuimtantrum SocitUtU 
Jtsu in Anuriea S^fumirimuii <f in China I&i(ht682. 

Varga Hurtado, Juan de (governor): — Participa tener noticias de que 
el Rey de Mindanao quiere romper las paces. June 13, 1681. A. de L 
Cited bj Retana, BM, Minl^ p. 31. 

[Three letters to the court.] June 20, 1682. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, 
leg. II. 
Patter to the court.] August 9, 1685. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 11. 
Dampier, William :^ — The Adventures of . . with others who left 

Digitized by 



Cap^. Sherpe in the South Seas and travaled back over Land through the 
Country of Darien. 1681-1686. B. M.; Dampier's Adventures in 
EHirien, &c.; Bibl. Sloan; 3236; Plut. CII. F. 

A vohiiiie ol S33 foL There it coondcnble nutter on die Pbilqspiiieiy k^gitming on 
fol. 179: **Bljacii the 21: 1686 wee hmd fair weather and little winde at Eaat nocdi Eaat, 
• . .** On foL 184^ under date ol Maj 22, it the leoord of the airxTal at the Ladraoes. 
FoL 18S chniBidei **Onr departure from Guam Bound for Mindanao (June 2).** FoLaoo: 
** When we ttood ol from mindanao wee cndeavoted to gett over the range of Hands called 
the Phillipene Ilanda which are a Taat number small and great lyeing b e tw ee n Looonia 
and Mindanao,^ The Philippine matter in gcncnl extends to foL 204 rerso to the para^ 
graph hfginning; **Polo CooJoro is a great manj Hands . .**, although there are aereral 
irfnrmw to that ardiipelago bcjond this place. 

There are seveni printed editions ol Dampier*s Foyagu (g^f^ oku^ p. 123). An extraa 
ol this BIS. was published bj the HakhiTt Societj in 1859^ namelj, Ohmvatimu tf CafUum 
WiUmm Damfm m tk* caaif af Ntw HtBrnd, in 1677-88, 

GoNZALBZy Andres db» O. P.: — Carta del obispo de Nueva Caceres reco- 
mendando a su M. para que le conceda una encomienda a Francisco 
Zamudioy Tecino de aquella ciudad, por los buenos servicios que prestaba 
en las entradas que cada afio hacia a los montes reduciendo a cnud)06 
infieles j apostatos» habiendo hecho un pueblicito Uamado Tinalmot. 
Nueva Caceres, April 8, 1682. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 

Carta informando acerca de las personas edesiasticas 7 seculares de 
aquel obispado, y ponderando la falta de letras de la mayoria de los 
beneficiados de aquel obispado y la vida escandalosa que hacen algunos 
de ellos. Nueva Caceres, May 18, 1683. Pressmark as above. 
Transcripts ol diis and the preceding MS. made for Eduardo NaTarro, O. S. A. 
Carta del obispo electo de Nueva Caceres, en que habla de los tributos 
escesivos de los Indios. May 15, 1686. A. de I.; est. 69, caj. i, 1^. 24. 

:— (Concerning Felipe Pardo, O. P.] 1682. Rome; A. dd V.; 

moral, prat.; tomo 3, pag. 247. 

: — [Concerning Felipe Pardo, O. P.] June 15, 1686. Rome; 

A. del v.; v. s.; tomo 2, pag. 140, 277, 286. 

: — [Concerning appointment of archbishop.] Rome, 1686. Rome; 

A. dd v.; V. s.; 72, pag. 263. 

- Relazione delle persecuzioni soperte dell' Ardv^ de Manila ed 

akr^ scritture in . . materia. Manila, 1686. Rome; A. dd V.; 
fondo Borghese; v. s.; 72, pag. 140-435. 

•[Concerning the archbishop of Manila.] Manila, 1686-87. 

Rome; A. dd V.; fondo Bor^ese; L 11. an. 11. pag. 100-126. 

- [Concerning Felipe Pardo.] Manila, Nov. 23-28, 1695. Rome; 

A. del v.; fondo Borghese; S. C. pag. 230. 

PiZARRO DB Orellana, Dr. Francisco (secular): — Carta del obispo de 

Nueva Segovia, informando sobre la dudad de Manila, y sobre cosas 

edesiasticas. Manila, January 5, 1683. A. de I.; est. 68, caj. i, 1^. 34. 

Carta sobre el lidgio entablado entre el colegio de Santo Tomas de los 

Digitized by 



PP. Dominicos j el de San Jose de los Jesuitas, acerca de 8U antig;uedad. 

Manila, Febraaiy 24, 1683. Pressmark as above. 

Tnmicripti ol this and the preoeding BiS. made for Eduaido NtTino, O. S. A. 
DuRANy Juan: — Carta del arzobispo auxiliar refiriendo may por menor 

el lidgio que han tenido las religiones. Manila, January 14, 1683. A. de 

L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 33. 
Saravia, Antonio: — [Letter including plan of fort, and a document con- 
cerning the Marianas.] June 6, 1683. A. de I.; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 11. 
: — Papeles tocantes a la mision de las marianas 7 Luis de Morales 

de la Compaiiia de Jesus. Dated on outside wrapper September 30, 1685. 

A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 3. About ten documents. 

- Carta del obispado de Nueva Segovia. May 7, 1687. A. de L; 

est. 68, caj. i, leg. 34. 
CuRUCBLABGUi, Gabriel db (govemor): — [Letter to the royal court.] 
June 8, 1668. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 12. 

Carta dando cuenta del Alzamiento que hicieron los Indios de las 
Yslas Marianas. December 11, 1686. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 13. 

[Letter to the court.] May 29, 1688. Pressmark as above. 

Carta dando cuenta de las Islas Marianas asta Jullio de 1688. Decem- 
ber 3, 1688. A. de L; est. 67, caj. 6, leg. 14. 

; — Relazion que haze el genl. del orden de Predicadores a s. mag<l. 
cath. sobre las Miss^ y frutos () los religiosos de su orden hazen de pres^. 
en Philipinas la China, y ocras provincias de Indias. July 12, 1688. 
A. de L; est. 68, caj. i, leg. 41. 
PuiENTBL, Captain Juan Antonio db; and others: — Traslado de tres 
escritos en solicitud de que condnuase siendo alcalde de Tondo el Te- 
niente general de la Artilleria Don Juan Antonio Pimentel. Manila, 
September 16, 1688-June 22, 1689. Ayer Collection. Begins " El capitan 
Don Juan Antonio Pimentel . . ." Ends with notarial signature. 

IS leaTtt. F^. Showf the effoiti made by Pimcntd to retain hit office. FUiduted 
from the C. 6. de T. de F., hj whom it was quoted at loo franc*. 

Expediente incoado por D. Juan Ant^. Pimentel para depurar hechos 

en su defensa. Manila, December 11-14, 1688. Ayer Collection. 

Begins "El capitan Don Ivan Antonio Pimentel; ..." Ends with 

notarial attestation. 

11 leaTes. F<*. Purchued from the C. O. de T. de P., bj whom it waa quoted at 
100 francs.