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Full text of "Dictionary of philosophy and psychology; including many of the principal conceptions of ethics, logic, aesthetics, philosophy of religion, mental pathology, anthropology, biology, neurology, physiology, economics, political and social philosophy, philology, physical science, and education; and giving a terminology in English, French, German, and Italian"

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i i 

PH.D. (PRINCETON), Hox. D.Sc. (Oxox.), HON. LL.D. (GLASGOW, COLL. OF So. CAR., ETC.) 




VOL. Ill 






Signature*. EDITOR: 

(J. M. B.) Professor J. MARK BALDWIN, Princeton University. 


For English. 

(J. D.) Professor JOHN DEWEY, Columbia University. 
(W. J.) Professor WILLIAM JAMES, Harvard University. 
(E. B. P.) Professor E. B. POULTON, Oxford University. 
(A. S. P. P.) Professor ANDREW SETH PRINGLE-PATTISON, Edinburgh University. 

(H. S.) Professor H. SIDGWICK \ Cambridge University. 
(G. F. S.) Professor G. F. STOUT, St. Andrews University. 

For French. 

(Y. D.) Professor YVES I)ELAGE, Sorbonne (Faculte des Sciences), Paris. 
(Tn. F.) Professor TH. FLOURNOY. Geneva University. 
(P. J.) Professor PIERRE JANET, College de France. 
(L. M.) L. MARILLIER 1 . Lecturer, Sorbonne (Hautes-Etudes), Paris. 

For German. 

(S. E.) Professor S. EXNER, Vienna University. 
(K. G.) Professor K. GROOS, University of Giessen. 
(H. M.) Professor HUGO MUNSTERBERG, Harvard University. 
(TH. Z.) Professor TH. ZIEIIEN, Berlin University. 

For Italian. 

(E. M.) Professor E. MORSELLI. Genoa University. 
(G. V.) Professor G. VILLA, University of Rome. 

For Logic and Psychology. 

(C. L. F.) Dr. C. LADD-FBANKLIN, Johns Hopkins University. 

For Bibliography. 

(H. C. W.) Professor H. C. WARREN. Princeton University. 

For Biography. 

Professor G. A. TAWNEY, Beloit College. 

For Philology. 
Professor W. M. URBAN, Trinity College, Hartford. 


(A. C. A. Jr.) Professor A. C. ARMSTRONG. Jr., Wesleyan University. 
(B. B.) Professor B. BOSANQUET, St. Andrews University. 
(J. D.) Professor JOHN DEWEY, Columbia University. 
(H. N. G.) Professor H. N. GARDINER, Smith College. 
(G. E. M.) Mr. G. E. MOORE, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 
(A. S. P. P.) Professor ANDREW SETH PRINGLE-PATTISON, Edinburgh University. 

(J. R.) Professor JOSIAH ROYCE, Harvard University. 
(E. T. S.) Professor E. T. SHANAHAN, Catholic University, Washington. 
(R. H. S.) Dr. R, H. STETSON, Beloit College. 
(J. M. B.) The Editor. 


(R. A.) Professor R. ADAMSON 1 , Glasgow University. 

(L. C.) Professor L. COUTURAT, University of Toulouse. 

(C. L. F.) Dr. C. LADD-FRANKLIN. Johns Hopkins University. 

(C. S. P.) Dr. C. S. PEIRCE, Milford, Pike Co., Pennsylvania. 

1 Deceased. 

J The names of contributors are given in this list under one subject only, although in many case* 
they have written in other subjects as well. 



(J. S.) Professor JAMES SETII, Edinburgh University. 
(W. R. S.) Professor W. Pi. SORLEY. Cambridge University. 


(E. C. S.) Professor E. C. STANFORD, Clark University. 
(E. M. S.) Mrs. H. SIDGWICK, Principal Newnluuu College, Cambridge. 
(<_T. F. S.) Professor <i. F. STOUT, St. Andrews Univer>ity. 
(E. 13. T.) Professor E. B. TITCHENER. Cornell University. 
(II. C. W. ) Professor H. C. WARREN. Princeton University. 
J. M. B.) The Editor. 

(B. I. W. ) President 13. 1. U IIEELER, University of California. 

Physical Science and Mathematics. 

(.1. S. A.) Professor J. S. AMES, Johns Hopkins University. 
(E. W. D.) Professor ELEEKY \V. DAVIS. University of Nebraska. 
(If. P.. F.) Professor II. B. FINE. Princeton University. 
(S. N.) Professor SIMON NE\V< OMB. \Vashington. 

Mental Pathology and Anthropology. 
(J. J.) Professor J. JASTROW, Wisconsin University. 

(A. .M.) Professor Aix.r.r MEYER, Xe\v York Pathological Institute; Professor Cornell 


(C. 13. D.) Professor C. B. 1>.\ VENIMI; T. Carnegie I n.-t itiition of Washington. 
(E. S. i;.) Mr. E. S. <;<>OI>I:IC:H, Lecturer Oxford University. 
(C. S. M.) Professor C. S. .Ml NOT. Harvard University. 
(C. LE. M.) Principal (. . LI.OVD .Mom. AN, University College. Bristol. 

(E. 15. P.) Professor E. B. POULTON, Oxford University. 
(W. F. H. W.) Professor W. F. I, . \Vi:u>o.\. Oxford University. 

i A. T. H.) President A. T. HADLEY. Vale Univer.-ity. 

Political and Social Philosophy. 

(J. B.) Dr. JAMES BONAR, Civil Service Commission, London. 
(F. C. .M.) .Mr. F. C. MONTAOCI:. Oriel College. Oxford. 
(W. D. M.) Dr. W. D. MOHKI^-.V. London. 


(S. E. B.) Judge S. E. BAI.DXVI.V. Connecticut Suiuvnn- Court of Appeals : Professor 

-\r i T * 

i ale I niversity. 

Philosophy of Religion. 

(E. (i. B.) E. G. BROWNE. Lecturer Cambridge University. 
iJ. E. C.) IJev. J. ESTI.IN ( .\Ki E.\T;:i;. College, Oxford. 
(A. T. 0.) Professor A. T. OR.MOND. Princeton L niversity. 
(R. M. AV.) Professor If. M. ^\ I;.\I.EV. Miehi^an I "niversity. 

(C. DE (i.) Professor C. DE (iAUMO. Cornell Universit v. 


(J. It. A.) Professor JAMES K. ANUELI.. Chicago University. 
(J. H. T.) Professor J. H. TUFTS, Chicago University. 

Neurology and Physiology. 
(H II )* i rresitlent V. L. IlEKRicK 1 , University of New Mexico. 

< Professor C. J. HERRICK. Denison University. 
(C. F. II.) Professor C. K. HODGE. Clark University. 

(B. R.) Dr. BENJ. KAND, Harvard University. 

Additional Contributors of Single Articles. 
(V. W.) Lady VICTORIA WELP.Y. London 
(T. F. W.) Dr. T. F. WRIGHT. Boston. 

1 Deceased. - . Tl(illt authorship. 













WITH the completion of the DICTIONARY by the issue of this volume the 
editor finds it unnecessary to make further comment than that contained in 
the General Preface issued with Vol. I. The relation of the Bibliographies to the 
text, and its place in the plan of the whole, are there remarked upon, and the 
reader is referred to what is said on pp. xiii-xiv of that volume. 

Since the issue of the second volume the Dictionary staff has suffered further 
loss by the death of Dr. C. L. Herrick, President of the University of New 
Mexico. Dr. Herrick, although primarily interested in Neurology, in which 
he had become a recognized authority, was also well and favourably known 
for his philosophical publications, by which he was actively engaged, up to the 
time of his death, in developing the position called by him Dynamic Monism. 
Alterations of the staff of collaborators, due to other causes, will be found duly 
recorded in the list given in this volume. 

To be added to the list of bibliographical publications cited in Vol. I is 
one undertaking not to mention minor publications which is worthy of the 
attention of those interested in the advance of philosophical terminology. We 
refer to the Vocabulaire philosophique now in course of publication by the 
French Philosophical Society in their official Bulletin (Bulletin de la Societe 
francaise de philosophic 1 ). It is a serious and well-considered attempt as this 
work also aspires to be to bring expert co-operation to bear upon the problems 
of philosophical definition. We gladly recognize the use the editors of the 
Vocabulaire find it possible to make of this Dictionary, and regret that we did 
not have in turn the advantage of using theirs. It is fitting that the country 
of the great classical undertakings of this sort, from the Encyclopedic of Diderot 
to the Diction naire des sciences philosophiques of Franck, should maintain the 
high tradition so long maintained in this field. 

Finally, attention may be called to the fact that the annual issues of The 
Psychological Index, published by The Psychological Review, through the same 
house as this work, have given since 1894 exhaustive bibliographies of psycho 
logical literature, including lists of selected publications in all the branches of 
Philosophy proper included under this term. Since 1902, the date to which the 
lists given in this volume extend, the Index has been published as a supplement 
to this Dictionary. This will continue to bo the case. Owners of this Dictionary, 
therefore, who secure the Index since the year cited and in the future, will have 

1 The issue has already reached Fasc. 8, Errcur a extrinstque, printed in the issue of the Bulletin 
or July, 1905 f 5 e Annee, No. 7). Extended remarks upon this French project by the present writer 
are to be found in The Psychological Bulletin, I, p. 123 (Mar. 15, 1904). 

"i- b 


for Psychology an exhaustive Bibliography, and for the other topics of this 
volume one that is selective and fairly adequate, continuing indefinitely into the 
future. The needs of Public Libraries, Universities, and Institutions, no 
than those of private workers, will thus be well met. 

Attention may be called to the new address of the Editor, as given I 
at which criticisms and suggestions of all sorts will be welcomed by him. 


October, 1905. 


INFORMATION concerning philosophical literature has heretofore been 
scattered among such a great variety of sources that much expenditure of 
time and effort has been required before it became available. A comprehensive 
bibliography of philosophy has therefore long seemed a necessity. To form 
a single serviceable bibliography the literature of the various philosophical 
publications of recent years and the vast array of dispersed data of earlier 
periods needed to be brought together. To accomplish this task has been 
the aim or the present work. 

More than a decade has now passed since the accumulation of material 
begun. Amid constant interruptions from academic duties and 
the preparation for the press of other works the compilation was carried on 
Ihen came the long period of printing, which dates from the reception of 
the first proof in January, 1900, to the return of the final pages in September 
1905. During the past three years the author has given almost exclusive 
attention to the task of verification. Notwithstanding the many years thus 
devoted to the work, more time might doubtless have been spent on it in 
point of completeness and thoroughness ; but there is a limit to what can 
fairly be expected of single-handed and self-supported endeavour The 
constant desire, however, has been to afford judicious and ready access to 
philosophical literature alike to student, librarian, and teacher Whether 
this end has been satisfactorily accomplished can best be determined by 
the measure in which the work shall prove helpful in revealing the valuable 
sources of information in the realm of Philosophy, and by the extent to 
which it shall serve as a vantage ground from which to carry forward 
independent philosophical research. 

The book as a whole is entitled a Bibliography of Philosophy, and it 
TDU-I to j nd t com? a series of bibliographies, including the History 
of Philosophy Systematic Philosophy, Logic, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Religion, 
-thics, and Psychology. In the bibliography of the History of Philosophy 
are contained all the great philosophical authors from Thales to Spencer, the 
titles of their works, and of the works written upon them. The bibliographies 
ol the systematic divisions embrace the general systems and all the more im 
portant special topics in the several fields. While the bibliography in a general 
way may thus be said to cover the broad realm of philosophical literature 
has been necessary to carry out the task within definite and restricted 
limits No attempt, for example, has been made to compile an absolutely 
exhaustive bibliography. This labour still awaits the specialist in each particular 
ihe great scope of the work, moreover, forbade critical notes on the 
possibly sixty thousand or more volumes and articles, the titles of which it 
contains. Abundant opportunity thus exists for publications giving lengthened 
ana yses of contents and critical estimates of a very limited number of chosen 
books in each domain. Between the methods, however, of a complete corn- 
on and of a descriptive commentary of philosophical works a golden 
mean has been sought. On the one hand the bibliography, though not 
exhaustive aims to be comprehensive in its scope. From beginning to end the 
deavour has been to preserve in the amount of material as governed by a work 


of the present size the relative importance of authors and subjects. On the 
other hand the absence in the bibliography of explanatory comment on 
books has been compensated for, it is hoped by the numerous references 
to important critical reviews of them by specialists. To esti mate t o ^aluc 
of treatises in a bibliography covering so wide a range of subjects 
be an undertaking which no one person could accomplish with any hope 
of lai-e success. Inasmuch, therefore, as the critical reviews cited have 
alwavsbeen written by experts, it is believed that more useful and reliable 
"nforma on in regard to the character of many valuable works may be obtained 
by the aid of this bibliography as it is, than if its dimensions had permitted 
of numerous annotations by any single author. 

Through some indication of the sources from which the material toi 
the book has been derived its nature and contents may perhaps best b 
learned The entire work has been accomplished in the Harvard University 
Libmry 1 . " Here opportunity has been had for the direct examination of 
about twelve thousand works and for securing indirect information ^ on all 
others mentioned in this volume. A certain measure of assistance has bee 
received from the older but restricted bibliographies o philosophy, such as 
JS Ersch and J. G. Gruber s Allgemeine Encyclopadie der Wissenschaf en 
und Kiinste, Lpz.. 1818 etc. ; G. S. Ersch and C A G essler s Bibliopplusches 
Handbuch der philosophischen Literatur der Deutschen 3. Aufl Lpz i^o, 
V P Gumposch s Die philosophische und theologische Literatui dor 
Deutschen Regensb., 1851. The amount of information thus obtained, however, 
his be n i-elatively small as compared with that derived from other sources 
to be cited. In fact it may be said that in regard to both ancient and modern 
works this bibliography is one mainly of philosophical literature at pr. 

^^ Eor C works which appeared in former periods, large reliance has been 
placed upon the histories of philosophy. Among the more important aids o 
Ls character may be mentioned J. G. Buhle s Lehrbuch der Gesc hie hte 


^E^^^^^^^SS^ ^S^i 

philosophic euro peenne, 6- ed. rev., Paris 1 897 ; and above all others Ueberwog 
and M. Heinze s Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophie, 9. verb. Aufl., 
Berlin 1902-4. Bibliographical information has also been sought in various 
biographical dictionaries. Thus of constant use have been m English L. Stephen 
and S Lee s Dictionary of National Biography, Lond 1885-1903, and 
Encyclopaedia BritannicV 9 th ed. Boat., 1875-1889;, m French, the Nouvel e 
biographic ge-ne-ralc, Paris, 1855-1866, P. Larousse s Dictionnaire uniyersel/ 
Paris 1866-1898 and Ad. Eranck s Dictionnaire des sciences philosophises, 
2 e e-d Paris, 1875; in German, the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographic, Lpz., 
1875-1900 J. J. Herzog and G. L. Plitt s < Real-Encyclopadie, Lpz 18; 
1896, and R. Kukula s Bibliographisches Jahrbuch, Innsbr., 1892 (works 
only); in Italian, G. Boccardo s Nuova Encyclopedia Itahana, Torino ,5- 
1899 and in Danish. C. F. Bricka s Biographisk Lexikon Kj4>benh., 1887-1903. 
The publications of the various academies and learned societies in London, 
Paris Berlin Munich, Vienna and Upsala have likewise been examined to 
discover their numerous contributions of philosophical importance. 

i I desire here to acknowledge the uniform courtesy of the officers of the Harvard Library, and 

L -0,1 ./! <f,. v r^i-r,^ Snrrp-oKtions on classification 

from Prof. L. Wiener. 


Special bibliographies have moreover proved of considerable value. For 
the bibliography of the history of philosophy such aids may be mentioned 
as M. Schwab s Bibliographia Aristotelica, Paris, 1896; E. Adicke s German 
Kantian Bibliography ; and F. Laban s Das Schopenhauer-Lexikon, Lpz., 1880. 
The editions of the works of various philosophers, as well as the critical works 
written upon them, often contain valuable bibliographical data, being compiled 
by authorities. For the bibliographies of the systematic divisions various 
works which concern the different fields have been of real service. Thus one 
finds useful bibliographical material upon logic in R. Blakey s Historical 
sketch of logic, Lond., 1851, pp. 473-524; E. Rabus Logik und Metaphysik, 
Eiiangen, 1868, pp. 453-508; and J. Venn s Symbolic logic, Lond., 1881, 
pp. 439-443 : upon aesthetics in C. M. Gayley and F. N. Scott s A guide 
to the literature of aesthetics, Berkeley, Cal., 1890: upon the philosophy of 
religion in J. F. Hurst s Bibliotheca theologica, N. Y., 1883 : upon ethics in 
Fr. Jodl s Geschichte der Ethik, Stuttg., 1882-89: and upon psychology 
in L. N. Wilson s Bibliography of child-study, Worcester, Mass., 1898-1901, 
and especially in The index catalogue of the library of the Surgeon- 
General s Office, U. S. Army, Wash., 1884 ff. The sources for the special 
topics in the several systematic domains are for the most part too varied to 
be enumerated. They are chiefly to be found, however, in connexion with 
the monographs and chapters in books given under these topics in the different 

Periodicals or their accompanying publications afford in recent years 
a most ample source of information for the literature in all departments of 
philosophy. Thus during the past decade an exhaustive survey has been 
published annually by the Zeitschrift fur Psychologic und Physiologic der 
Sinnesorgane (1890-1902), Lpz., 1890-1903; the Archiv fur systematische 
Philosophic (1894-1 903), Berlin, 1895-1901; L Anne e psychologique (1894-1 903), 
Paris, 1895-1904; the Psychological Index of the Psychological Review (1894- 
1904), N. Y., 1895-1904; and the Revue do Philosophic, Paris. 1901-4. In 
a less comprehensive way bibliographical data may be obtained from reviews 
and lists of current works in the Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftliche Philosophic, 
Halle, 1847 ff. ; Vierteljahrschrift fur wissenschaftliche Philosophie, Lpz., 1877 ff.; 
Revue philosophique, Paris, 1876 ff. ; Mind, Lond., i876ff. ; Philosophical 
Review/ N. Y., 1892 ff. ; and the Psychological Review, N. Y., 1894 ff. 

Throughout the entire bibliography references to articles contained in 
periodicals are given along with the literature of books, and this information 
has been obtained by a direct examination of nearly all the philosophical 
journals. The philosophical periodicals of foreign countries have received 
as careful attention as the English. In regard to articles of philosophical 
import in purely literary periodicals, a knowledge of those in English has 
been more available owing to W. F. Poole s Index to periodical literature 
(1802-1904), Bost. (Mass.), 1882-1904. If similar indexes had existed for the 
general periodical literature in France, Germany, Italy, and other European 
countries a much larger inclusion of it would have been rendered possible. 
Nevertheless copious references have been made to philosophical articles in 
the foreign literary journals directly accessible. 

In addition to the task of compilation much labour has been expended 
upon the work of verification. In the reading of the proof the titles have 
for the most part been compared anew with reliable sources of information. 
For this important work the following authorities have been constantly and 
systematically consulted : The British Museum Catalogue (1835-1903), Lond., 
1864-1904; The American Catalogue, N. Y., 1880-1901; J. G. T. Graesse s 
Tresor de livres rares, Paris, 1859-1864; J. M. Querard s La France litte raire, 


Paris, 1827-1864; Otto Lorcnz Catalogue general de la librairio francaise 
(1840-1899), Paris, 1867-1901: Bibliographic de Belgique, Brux., 1875 ff. ; 
W. Engelmann s Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum (1700-1878). 8. Aufl., 
Lpz., 1880; W. Heinsius Bucher-Lexikon (1700-1892), Lpz.; 1812-1894; 
C. G. Kayser s Bucher-Lexikon (1750-1902), Lpz., 1834-1904: HinrichVBucher- 
Katalog (1851-1903), Lpz., 1855-1904; Bibliografia Italiana (1835-1901), 
Milano, 1836-1902 ; A. Pagliani s Catalogo generale della libreria italiana (1847- 
1899). Milano, 1901-1905; Boletin bibliografia espanol. Madrid. 1867-1897; 
Catalog-iis der Boeken (1850-1890), Amst., 1883-1901; Dansk Bogfortegnelse 
(1841-1902), Kj<{)benh., 1860-1893; Norsk Bogfortegnelse (1814-1900), Christ., 
1848-1902; H. Linnstrom s Svensk Boklexikon (1830-1865), Stockh., 1865- 
1885; and Svensk Bokkatalog (i 866-1895). Stockh., i 878-1900. A bibliography 
is a growth, and in fullness of detail and in accuracy this work will be found 
to improve as it advances. Unhappily the care which has thus been exercised 
cannot be hoped to have wholly prevented the book from containing omissions 
and occasional inaccuracies. But such inexactitudes, it is believed, will not 
sseriously militate against the attainment of its main purposes. 

An explanation of the general system of classification and the particular 
methods adopted in the presentation of the material may naturally be expected. 
In regard to classification, the alphabetical arrangement prevails throughout 
the entire work. Other systems doubtless are of value, but all require time 
to learn. Readiness of use, especially for the uninitiated, is an essential in 
a bibliography. For this reason the philosophers, originally arranged in 
the historical bibliography by countries, have here been brought together 
in a single alphabetical order. Likewise in the various systematic biblio 
graphies "the authors under the systems and special topics, as well as these 
topics themselves, will be found in alphabetical arrangement. While the 
alphabetical method overcomes many difficulties of classification it unfortunately 
does not eliminate all of them. Questions, which in reality are in abeyance, 
have sometimes to be decided arbitrarily. Doubtless, therefore, modifications 
might have been made in all the bibliographies with advantage. In logic, 
for instance, it may be urged that the philosophy of mathematics ought to form 
a separate division in spite of the overlapping literature of mathematical logic. 
This may possibly be done with advantage in library classification. In 
psychology, also, it may be said that the various special topics ought to have 
been divided into normal and abnormal. But the fact that so many books 
contain discussions of both phases, and the necessity for avoiding undue 
multiplication of sections, determined the adherence to a single alphabetical 
grouping. Frequently, too, works on a specific subject may be variously 
classified. They are, therefore, often repeated under different topics. Many 
minor problems might thus be suggested upon which a careful but by no means 
the sole possible decision has been rendered. 

In the bibliography of the History of Philosophy the intention has been 
to include all the more important philosophers, their entire works, and the 
criticism of their productions. This selection of philosophers involves therefore 
a roll of honour in the history of philosophy. It is consequently subject to 
the limitations of all similar collections. Names doubtless may have been 
included which might well have been omitted ; others may have been omitted 
which ought to have been included. The philosophers chosen for such full 
treatment, however, will be found in the main to harmonize with the starred 
authors of Erdmann and Ueberweg-Heinze. Other important writers of _ the 
past are given in the systematic bibliographies according to the subjects 
upon which they have written. But recourse must still be had to the histories 
of philosophy, and more especially to the indispensable work of Ueberweg-Heinze 


for various ancient and mediaeval authors of single works, or for such as require 
historical elucidation. With a few notable exceptions living philosophers also 
are not given a place in the historical bibliography, but are fully set forth 
under the systems in the various other bibliographies. To select the classical 
philosophers among them is a task left for some future bibliography of historical 

The names of the philosophers are printed in full and in the language 
of the country to which they belonged. The dates of their births and deaths 
are added when possible, but those of the ancient and mediaeval periods are 
sometimes necessarily only approximate. Under each philosopher appear 
in order the complete works, various collections, separate works and articles 
chronologically arranged, and their critical literature. The first and latest 
editions of books are uniformly mentioned throughout the bibliography, but 
numerous other editions are given of the writings of the classical philosophers. 
Such intermediate editions have occasionally been obtained from Graese s 
Tre sor de livres rares. They are chiefly, however, those to be found in the 
British Museum Catalogue, and are consequently available to the world. 

The titles of books are printed in full in the language in which they first 
appeared. The various translations of the original works are then indicated. 
First are mentioned translations in two or more languages, and afterwards 
in separate languages, proceeding from ancient to modern. Of the modern 
translations, English, German, French, and Italian are regularly given, owing 
to their greater accessibility. Other languages are, nevertheless, largely included. 
Restriction of space alone has forbidden the adoption of the more ideal method 
of printing the titles of all these translations in full, as has been done in the 
entry of the original works. 

The critical literature following the works of a philosopher contains in 
alphabetical order the authors who have written upon both his life and 
his works. In a few instances, however, the abundance of the literature 
has justified the separation of the biographical and critical material. The 
Christian names of the critical writers have, as a rule, only their initials given. 
The titles of their books are entered in the original language, accompanied 
by the translations, as in the case of the works of the philosophers. Places 
of publication are everywhere, like the titles, in the language of the country. 
With the dates of the last editions are also frequently noted the number of 
pages in the works. But here a considerable divergence occurs in the sources 
of verification, and this reappears in the bibliography. The British Museum 
Catalogue is helpful only in regard to the number of pages of recent books. 
Lorenz never gives this information about French publications. Kayser and 
Heinsius mention the pages of German books, thus permitting of their regular 
inclusion. Pagliani states the pages of Italian works, but his Catalogue has 
not yet fully appeared. The description of the method of entry of books 
is likewise applicable to the mention of articles in periodicals or in the 
publications of the learned societies. Such articles are treated as far as 
practicable like works, and are arranged with them in the alphabetical order of 
their authors. 

The bibliographies of Systematic Philosophy. Logic, Aesthetics, Philosophy of 
Religion, Ethics, and Psychology have each general and special divisions. 
In the general literature are placed the bibliographies, dictionaries, periodicals, 
histories, and systems. The special literature contains in alphabetical order 
the subordinate topics of each subject. The method in which the books are 
catalogued is throughout similar to that pursued in the historical bibliography. 
In the systematic bibliographies, however, more emphasis has been placed on 
the citation of critical reviews after the works than in the historical bibliography, 


and this procedure, it is hoped, will be found to have increased greatly their 

The general systems of the systematic bibliographies are of much importance, 
as they embrace the broad treatment of the several domains. They are also 
of peculiar interest, as among their authors may be found the future classical 
philosophers. The choice of the special topics has been determined by the 
recognized value and extent of the literature. The task of minuter subdivisions 
must be left to more specialized bibliographies of the different fields. Books 
mentioned under the general systems, it may be said, are not of necessity 
repeated under the special topics when they contain chapters on these subjects. 
But, inasmuch as their discussions ma}* be more valuable than those of the 
special monographs, there has been sufficient repetition to emphasize throughout 
the necessity "of always consulting them. Where an historical philosopher, too, is 
o-iven, additional information may be obtained by reference to his literature 
in the bibliography of the history of philosophy. The special bibliographies 
and the dictionaries will also often afford valuable supplementary data when 
a systematic subject is under investigation. It is evident, therefore, to what 
a large amount of literature, in addition to the books and monographs directly 
mentioned under the different subjects, this bibliography opens the way. 

The endeavour has been to make this work as far as possible an international 
bibliography, and, apart from running-titles and subject-headings, as a rule 
no preference has been shown to the English language. Since the titles of 
books are in the language in which they originally appeared, the bibliography 
will in every country be equally serviceable. In the selection of literature, 
also, there has been no discrimination based on national prejudice. The countries 
richest in philosophical literature are here represented in the order of their 
importance. Where valuable works produced in foreign lands have been 
omitted it has not been by intention but has been owing chiefly to their in 
accessibility. The true scholar ought, as Shaftesbury, the greatest modern 
Stoic, teaches, to be a citi/en of the world. What am I? A man. But how 
a man As an Athenian! As a Koman! As a European! And is this all? 
No. but "* " citi f n <>f /l n oi li/. This is to be a man . Justice toward all 
and prejudice toward none is the spirit which has controlled the production 
of this work. 

If it happens in coming years that students of philosophy in different lands 
shall first turn here for the sources of their information, and. without retracing 
the steps already laboriously trod, shall proceed more readily with their own 
original researches, then this work will indeed have served a useful end. That 
it shall give readiness of access to the works of the great ones in philosophy, 
and shall render available to all. the literature on those systematic subjects with 
which philosophical writers have dealt; that it shall furnish the means through 
which libraries of philosophy may more readily be founded or enlarged ; shall 
prepare the way whereby new philosophers may more freely advance and new 
systems be created ; that it shall testify to the intellectual brotherhood of 
man by true service toward all are hopes which have stimulated to constant 
effort and lightened toilsome hours in the preparation of this work. If in spite 
of the work s limitations any of these purposes shall hereafter be fulfilled, the 
end sought by the author will have been reached and his true reward have been 


1 See Rand. B., ed., Life, Unpublished Letters, and Philosophical Regimen of Third Earl of 
Shaftesbury, Lond. and N. Y., 1900, p. n. 




1. General Bibliographies i 

2. Dictionaries. ..... 3 

3. Periodicals ...... 4 

4. Other collective material ... 7 

BIBLIOGRAPHY A. History of Philosophy. 

i. Histories : 

a. General ..... 8 

b. Oriental Philosophy ... 14 

c. Greek and Roman Philosophy . 22 
d. Early Christian and Mediaeval 

Philosophy . 35 
e. Modern Philosophy ... 45 
/. English Philosophy ... 49 
fj. French and Belgian Philosophy . 51 
h. German, Dutch, and Scandi 
navian Philosophy ... 54 
t. Italian and other Schools . . 58 

a. Philosophers : their works, and works 

upon them : 

Abel, Jacob Friedrich ... 60 

Abelardus, Petrus . . . . 61 

Abercrombie, John .... 62 

Abicht, Johann Heinrich . . 62 
Acquisto, Benedetto d . . .62 

Aegidio Colonna .... 63 

Aenesidemus ..... 63 

Agricola, Rudolf .... 63 
Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius von 

Nettesheim .... 63 

Alanus de Insulis .... 64 

Albertus Magnus .... 64 

Alcmaeon of Crotona ... 65 

Alcuin ...... 65 

Alembert, Jean d . . . .65 

Alexander of Aphrodisia . . 65 

Alexander of Hales .... 66 

Alfarabi ..... 66 

Algazel 66 

Alkendi . . 66 

BIBLIOGBAPH y A. History of Philosophy 

Alsted, Johann Hoinrich 

Ambrose, Saint .... 

Amrnonius Saccas .... 

Ampere, Andre-Marie 

Anaxagoras ..... 


Anaximenes ..... 

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Andre, Yves-Marie .... 

Andronicus of Rhodes 

Angelas Silesius .... 

Angiulli, Andrea .... 

Anselm, Saint, of Canterbury . 

Antiochus of Ascalon 

Antipater of Tarsus 

Antisthenes ..... 

Apollonius of Tyana 

Arcesilaus ..... 

Archytas of Tarentum 

Ardigo, Roberto .... 

Aristides of Athens .... 

Aristippus ..... 

Aristo of Ceos ..... 

Aristo of Chios .... 

Aristobulus ..... 

Aristotle ...... 

Aristoxenus ..... 

Arnauld, Antoine .... 

Arnobius ..... 

Aat, Georg Anton Friedrich 
Athanasius .... 

Athenagoras .... 

Augustine, Saint 
Avenarius, Richard . 
Averroes (Ibn Rushd) 
Avicenna (Ibn Sina) 
Azai s, Pierre H}-acinthe . 
Baader, Franz Xavier v. . 
Bacon, Francis 
Bacon, Roger .... 

Bahnsen, Julius Friedrich 
Bailey, Samuel 
Bain, Alexander 





1 06 
1 06 




History of Philosophy 

Ballanche, Pierre Simon . 
Bahues, Jaime Luciano . 
Bardili. Christoph Gottfried . 
Barnalias, Saint .... 

Barthelemy-St.-Hilaire, Jules . 
Basilides ...... 

Baumeister, Friedrich Christian B. 
Baumgarten, Alexander Gottlieb . 
Bautain, Louis-Eugene-Marie . 
Bayle, Pierre ..... 

Beattie, James 

Beausobre. Luis de 

Bede, The Venerable 

Bekker, Balthasar . . . . 

Bendavid, Lazarus . 
Beneke, Friedrirh Eduard 
Bontham, Jeremy . 
Berger, Joliann Erich v<>n 
Bergmanu, Friedrich Wilhelm Kdu- 

ard Julius . 

Berkeley, George . . . . 

Bernard. Saint, Abbot of Clairvaux . 

Bernardus Silvester, Monk of Char- 

tres ...... 

Bernier, Eraii9ois . . . . 

Bertinnria, Francesco 
Bertini. Giovanni Maria . 
Bessarion, Joanne-- . . . . 

Biberg, Nil> Fredrik 
Biedermann, Gustav 
Biel, Gabriel . 
Bilfinger, Ceun, Bernhard 
Bodin, Jean .... 

Buehnie. Jacob 

Boot hius, Anicius Manlius Tonma 

tus Severinus 

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Bonald, Louis Gabriel Ambroise de 

Viscount .... 

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Bonnet, Charles 

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Bordas-Demoulin, Jean-Baptiste 

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Bowen, Francis 

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Brown, Thomas 

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Bruno, Giordano 
Buddeus, Johann Franz B. 


1 AQE 
1I 4 


1 19 

1 20 





I2 3 


124 I 

I2 4 

I2 4 

I2 4 






IOORAPHY A. History of Philosophy 


Buechner, Friedrich Carl Christian 

Ludwig . T 35 

Buridan, Jean 136 

Butler, Joseph . . . .136 

Cabanis. Pierre Jean Georges . . 137 
Calker, Friedrich A. von . . .138 

Calvin, Jean 38 

Camerarius, Joachim . . . i3 8 
Cainpanella, Tommaso . . . 139 
Canalejas, Francisco de Paula . 140 

Cantoni, Carlo 140 

Cardaiio. Girolamo .... M 
C arneades . . .14 
Caru, Elm*> Marie . . . H* 
Carriere, Moriz . . I 4 I 

Cams, Karl Gustav . . . M 1 
Cassiodorus, Magnus Aurelius . . i4 2 

Castro, Federi. H de . . . -Ma 

Cattaneo, Carlo . . . .142 

Celsus. Aurelius Cornelius . . 142 

Centofanti, silve^tro . . M3 

C < e>alpiii", Andrea . . . M3 

Cesca. Giovanni .... M3 

Chalybaeu^, Ih inrich Moritz . M3 

Charpentier, Jac<jues . . . 144 

Charron. Pin-re .... M4 

Chrysippus M4 

Chryso-toin. John. Saint . . . 144 

Cicero. Man-us Tullius . . *45 

( ies/.ko\v>ki. August von . . 149 

Clarke, Samuel . . . M9 

Claudianus, F.c-dicius Mamertus . 149 

Cleanthcs M9 

( le;, rcllUS Solell-is .... 15 

Clement of Alexandria . . - 15 

Clement of Koine .... 15 1 

Clitomacbus 152 

Collier, Arthur . . . I5 2 
Collins, Anthony . . . .152 

Comenius, Joannes Amos . . 153 

Comte, Auguste . . J 54 
Conches, William of. See William 

of Conches. 

Condillac, Etieune Bonnot de . . i5 6 
Condorcet, Marie Jean Antoine Ni 
colas Caritat, Marquis de . . 157 
Confucius ..... 157 
Conti, Augusto . . . 1 5 Q 
Corleo, Simone .... 158 
Cornutus, Lucius Annaeus . . 158 
Cournot, Antoine August in . . 158 

Cousin, Victor J 59 

Crantor l61 

Crates of Thebes . . . .161 

Cratylus l6x 

Cremonini, Cesare . . . .161 





History of Philosophy 

Critolaus ...... 

Crousaz, Jean Pierre de . 
Crusius, Christian August 
Cudworth, Ralph .... 

Culverwell, Nathaniel 

Cumberland, Richard 

Cusanus, Nicolaus .... 

Cyprian, Thascius Caecilius, Saint . 
Czolbe, Heinrich .... 

Damascius ..... 

Dante, Alighieri .... 

Darwin, Charles Robert . 

Darwin, Erasmus .... 

David the Armenian 
Degerando. See Gerando. 
Dekker, Eduard Dourves 
Delboeuf, Joseph .... 

Demetrius Phalereus 

Democritus ..... 

Descartes, Rene .... 

Deschamps, Leger Marie . 
Deslandes, Andre Fraiifois Boileau . 
Destutt de Tracy, Antoine Louis 


Dexippus ...... 

Dicaearchus, Messenius . 

Diderot, Denis ..... 

Didymus, Arius .... 

Digby, Sir Kenelm .... 

Diodorus the Megarean . 

Diogenes of Apollonia 

Diogenes the Cynic .... 

Diogenes the Stoic .... 

Diogenes Laertius .... 

Diognetus ..... 

Dionysius Alexandrinus . 

Dionysius Areopagita 

Dittes, Friedrich .... 

Drbal, Mathias Amos 
Dressier, Johann Gottlieb 
Drobisch, Moritz Wilhelm 
Drossbach, Maximilian . 
Duhring, Eugen .... 

Duns, Johannes, Scotus 
Durand, William, of St. Pom^ain . 
Eberhard, Johann August 
Eckhart, Johannes .... 

Edwards, Jonathan .... 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo . 
Empedocles ..... 

Epicharmus of Cos .... 

Epictetus ...... 

Epicurus ...... 

Erasmus, Desiderius 
Erdmann, Johann Eduard 
Erigena, Joannes Scotus . 


1 66 


1 80 
1 80 

1 80 
1 80 
1 86 
1 88 



History of Philosophy 

Eschenmayer, Adam Karl August . 
Euclid the Megarean 
Eudemus of Rhodes 
Eudorus of Alexandria . 
Eudoxus of Cnidos .... 
Euhemerus ..... 
Fechner, Gustav Theodor 
Feder, Johann Georg Heinrich 
Feiielon, Frai^ois de Salignac de la 


Ferrari, Giuseppe .... 
Ferri, Luigi ..... 
Ferrier, James Frederic . 
Feuerbach, Ludwig Andreas . 
Feucrbach, Paul Johann Anselm von 
Fichte, Immanuel Hermann . 
Fichte, Johann Gottlieb . 
Ficino, Marsiglio .... 
Fiorentino, Francesco 
Fischer, Ernst Kuno Berthold 
Fischer, Karl Philipp 
Florenzi-Waddington, Marianna B. 

Fludd, Robert 

Fluegel, Otto 

Fontenelle, Bernard le Bovier 
Forberg, Friedrich Karl . 
Foucher, Simon .... 
Fouillee, Alfred .... 
Fourier, Francois Charles Marie 
Franchi, Ausonio .... 
Franck, Adolphe .... 
Frauenstadt, Christian Martin Julius 
Friedrich Wilhelm II (called The 

Great ) 

Fries, Jakob Friedrich 
Frohschammer, Jacob 
Gabler, Georg Andreas . 
Gale, Theophilus .... 
Galenus, Claudius .... 
Galilei, Galileo .... 
Galluppi, Pasquale .... 
Gans, Eduard ..... 
Garve, Christian .... 
Gasseridi, Pierre .... 
Geiger, Lazarus .... 
Genovesi, Antonio .... 
George, Johann Friedrich Leopold . 
Ge rando, Joseph Marie do 
Gerdil, Giacinto Sigismondo . 
Germain, Sophie .... 
Gerson, Jean Charlier de 
Geulincx, Arnold .... 
Gilbert Porretanus .... 
Gioberti, Vincenzo .... 
Gioja, Melchiorre .... 
Giovanni, Vincenzio di . 






2I 4 






BIBLIOGRAPHY A. History of Philosophy 


Glanvill, Joseph .... 

Goclenius, Rudolphus . . . 
Goeachel, Karl Friedrich . . 

Goethals, surnamcd Henri do Gaud 
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang . . 
Gorgias of Leontium . . . 
Gratry, Augu:,te Joseph Alphonse . 
Gravesande, Willeni Jacob Storm 
van s ..... 

Green, Thomas Hill . . . . 

Gregory of Nazianzus, Saint . . 
Gregory of Ny>sa. Saint . . . 
Gn.ot. Hugo dc .... 

(irubbe, Samuel .... 

(In. nther, Ant . n .... 

Guyau. Marie Jean .... 

Hamann, Johann Georg . . . 
Hamilton. Sir William . . . 
Ilatnix-h, li_ r na/ Johann . . . 
IlaiTH. .Taine^ ..... 

Hartenstein. Gu-^tav . . . 

Hartley, David .... 

Hartmann, Carl Robert Eduard v..n 
Hegel. Geoi-y Willichii Friedri -h . 
IIcllT. -rich, Adolph .... 

Helmont. Jan BapiiMavan . . 
Helvetius, Claude Adrien . . 
Ilem-terhuN. Fraiii i.-M-u^ . . . 

Heraclides c.l I niit us . . . 
Heraclitus of p]phesus . . . 
Herbart. Johann Fri dri -h . . 
Herbert, Kdward. Lord of Cherbury 
Herder, Johann Gottfried v.n . 

Hernia^ ...... 

Hermes Trismogistus . . . 
Ilorinias ...... 

Ileusde. Philippic Willi-in van . 
Heydenreich, Karl Heinrich . . 
Hioroclcs of Alexandria . . . 



History of Philosophy 

Hillcbrand. Ji.sej.h .... 
Ilippias of Klis .... 

Hippo of Samoa .... 
Hippodamus of Miletus . . . 
Hippolytus, Saint .... 
Hirnhaim, Ilicrciiymus von . . 
Hi)))l)es. Thomas .... 
Iloffbauor, Johann Christoph . . 
Holhafh.Paul Heinrioh Dietricli von 
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) . . 
Huarte Navarro (Jnan de Dios) . 
Huct, Pierre Daniel .... 
Hugo of St. Victor . . . . 
Hume, David . . . . . 
Hutcheson, Francis .... 
Hypatia ...... 















233 ] 

233 ; 





















263 I 






269 ! 



Ilm Gelnrol, Solomon, <>r Avicobron 

Ignatius, Saint, Bisho]> of Antiuch . 

Irenaeus. Saint, ]5ish"p of Lyons . 

Jacobi, Frit drich Heinrioh 

Jakob, Ludwig Heinrioh v. 

Jamblichu.s of Chalcis 

Janet, Paul ..... 

John of Damascus, Saint . 

John of Salisbury .... 

Joiiffroy, Theodore Simon 

Julianas, Flavins Clandianus . 

Jungiu>. Joac himus 

Justin Martyr. Saint 

Kant, Immanuel .... 

Kajip. Christian .... 

Kern, Johann .... 

Kierkegaard, Soren Aabye 

Kie-M-wet ter. Johann Gottfried 

Klein, i ie .rg Michael 

Koe|.peii. I rie lrich 

Krau-e. Karl Christian Friedricli . 

Kroman. Kristiaii . . . . 

Krug, Wilhi-lin Traugott 

Laa-. ICrnst ..... 

Labaii"a, Baldassarre 

I. a liruyere, Jean de 

L.;i-tantin-. Lucius Coelius Finnia- 
nus ...... 

Lamarck. Jean-Baptiste Pierre An- 
t .ine de Monet .... 

Lain! ert. Johann Ileinrioh 

Lamennai>. Hugues Fi -licito IJobcrt 

T.a M.-ttrie. Julien Ofl ray do . 
La Mot he le Vayer, Frai^ois de 
Lainy, Bernard .... 
Lange. Friedrirh Albert . 
Laromiguiere, Pierre 
Lasville. Ferdinand Joliann CJottlieb 
Lazarus, Moriz ..... 
I..- i rand, Antoine .... 
Leil.nit/, Gottfried Wilhelm von 
Les-ing, (iottliold Epliraim 
Leuoippus . . . . . 

Lewes, George Henry 
Liard, Louis . . . . . 

Libelt, Karol 

Liberatore, Matter) .... 
Lignac, Joseph Adrien le Laru e de . 
Lindner, Gustav Adolph . 
Littro, Maximilien Paul Emilo 
Locke, John ..... 
Longinus, Dionysius Cassius . 
Lotze, Rudolf Hermann . 
Lucian of Samoaata .... 
Lucretius, Cams Titus 


3 a 3 

3 2 5 



3 a8 
3 a8 
3 a 9 





History of Philosophy 

Ludovici, Carl Giinthor . 

Lull. Ramon ..... 

Luther, Martin .... 

M Cosh, James .... 

Macchiavelli, Niccolo 

Mackintosh, James .... 

Maimon, Salomon .... 

Maimonides, Moses Ben . 
Maine de Biran, Pierre Gonthier 
Maistrc, Joseph Marie de 
Malebranche, Nicolas 
Mamertus, Claudianus Ecdicius 
Mamiani della Rovere, Terenzio 
Mandeville, Bernard de . 
Mansel, Henry Longueville 
Marci a Kronland, Joannes Marcus de 
Marcion of Siiiope .... 

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus . 

Marechal, Pierre Sylvain 

Marinus ...... 

Martin eau, James .... 

Massias, Nicolas .... 

Maupertuis, Pierre Louis Moreau de 
Maximus the Confessor . 
Maximus Tyrius .... 

Meier, Georg Friedrich . 

Melanchthon, Philipp 

Melissus of Samos .... 

Mencius, or Meng-Tse 
Mendelssohn, Moses 
Merian, Jean Bernard 
Methodius, Saint .... 

Metrodorus of Lampsacus 
Michaelis, Christian Friedrich 
Michelet, Karl Ludwig . 
Middleton, Richard .... 

Mill, James ..... 

Mill, John Stuart .... 

Minutius, Felix Marcus . 
Mohammed ..... 

Monrad. Markus Jacobus 
Montaigne, Michel de 
Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat . 
More, Henry ..... 

More, Thomas ..... 

Musonius Rufus, Cains . 
Mussmann, Johann Georg 
Nemesius, Bishop of Emesa 
Newton, Sir Isaac .... 

Nicolai, Christoph Friedrich . 
Nicole, Pierre ..... 

Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm 
Nigidius, Figulus Publius 
Nizolius, Marius .... 

Noack, Ludwig .... 

Noire, Ludwig .... 


35 2 

3 6 9 


37 6 



History of Philosophy 

39 1 
39 a 
39 a 


Norris, John ..... 387 

Novalis Fr. Ludwig v. Hardenburg) 388 

Nybliius, Jahaii Axel . . . 388 

Occam [Ockham], William . . 388 
Oken, Lorenz ..... 

Olympiodorus ..... 

Opzoomer, Cornelius Willem . 
Origen ...... 

0rsted, Hans Christian . 

Oswald, James .... 

Paganini, Carlo Pagano . 

Paley, William .... 

Panaetius of Rhodes 

Paracelsus (Theophrast von Hohen- 

heim) 393 

Parmenides ..... 394 

Pascal, Blaise ..... 394 

Patrizzi, Francesco .... 397 

Perion, Joachim .... 397 

Petrarca, Francesco . . . 397 

Petrus Hispanus, i. e. John xxi, Pope 398 

Petrus Lombardus .... 399 

Phaedon of Elis .... 399 

Phaedrus Epicureus . . . 399 

Philo Judaeus .... 399 

Philo of Larissa . . . .401 

Philodemus ..... 401 

Philolaus ...... 403 

Philoponus, Joannes . . . 402 

Philostratus, Flavius . . . 402 

Photius 402 

Piccolomini, Alessandro . . . 403 

Piccolomini, Francesco . . . 403 

Pico della Miraiidola, Giovanni . 403 

Planck, Carl Christoph . . . 403 

Plainer, Ernst ..... 404 

Plato 404 

Plotinus 423 

Ploucquet, Gottfried . . . 424 

Plutarch 45 

Poiret, Pierre ..... 426 

Polemon ...... 426 

Poruponatius, Petrus . . . 426 

Porphyry 4 2 7 

Posidonius . . ... . 428 

Prantl, Karl von .... 428 

Price, Richard .... 428 

Priestley, Joseph .... 429 

Proclus Diadoclms .... 430 

Prodicus of Ceos . . . 43 1 

Protagoras . . . . 43 1 

Pyrrho of Elis 431 

Pythagoras 432 

Rabanus, i. e. Magnentius Hrabanus 

Maurus ..... 434 

Ramus, Petrus .... 434 




History of Philosophy 

Raymond of Sabunde 

Regis, Pierre Sylvain 

Reid, Thomas ..... 

Reiff, Jakob Friedrich 

Reimarus, Hermann Samuel . 

Reinhold, Christian Ernst Gottlieb . 

Reinhold, Karl Leonhard 

Remusat, Charles Fraii9ois Marie de 

Renan, Josopli Ernest 

Renouvier, Charles Bernard . 

Reuchlin, Johann .... 

Richard de Saint-Victor . 

Richter, Friedrich Jean Paul) 

Ritter, August Heinrich . 

Robinet, Jean-Baptist o Reno . 

Koctsehcr, Heinrich Theodor . 

Rohmcr, Friedrich .... 

Romagnosi, Giovanni Domenieo 

Roscellinus. Joannes 

Rosenkrantz, Wilhelm Martin Joa 
chim ..... 

Rosonkr.inz. Johann Karl Friedrich 

Rosmini-Serbati, Antonio 

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques . 

Royer-Collard, Pierre Paul 

Riidiger, Johann Andreas 

Ruge, Arnold ..... 

Ruysbroeck, Jan van 

Saadiah ben Joseph Fayumi . 

Saint-Lambert, Jean Francois de . 

Saint-Martin, Louis Claude de 

Saisset, Emilo Edmund . 

Salat, Jacob 

Sallust, tin- Neoplatonist 

Sanchez, Franciscus 

Schaller, Julius .... 

Scholling, Friedrich \VilheIm .ToM-ph 

Schiller, Johann Cbristoph Fried- 
rich von ..... 

Hrhlegcl, August Wilhelm von 

Schlogel, Carl Willielm Friedrich 
von ...... 

Schleiormacher, Friedrich Daniel 
Ernst . . . . . 

Sclunid, Carl Christian Krhard 

Schopenhauer, Artlnir 

Schubert, Gotthilf Heinrich von 

Schulzo, Gottlieb Ernst . 

Secretan, Charles . . . . 

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus . 

Sextus Empiricus . . . . 

Seydel, Rudolf . . . . 

Shaftesbury, Third Earl of 

Sibbern, Frederik Christian . 

Sidgwick, Henry . . . . 

Simplicius . . . . . 

43 6 



45 1 







BIBLIOGRAPHY A. History of Philosophy 


Smith, Adam . . . * . 478 

Sniadecki, Jan .... 479 

Socrates ...... 479 

Spavonta. Bertrando . . . 483 

Spencer, Herbert .... 483 

Speusippus ..... 488 

Spinoza. Benedictus de . . . 488 

Steffens, Heinrich .... 497 

Stewart, Dugald .... 498 

Stilpon ...... 498 

Stobaeus, Johannes .... 499 

Straton of Lampsacus . . . 499 

Strauss, David Friedrich . . 499 

Striimpell, Ludwig Adolf . . 501 

Struvo, Henryk .... 501 

Suabedissen, David Theodor August 502 

Suarez, Franciscus .... 502 

Sulzor, Johann Georg . . . 502 

Su>o, Heinrich .... 502 

Swedenborg. Emanuel . . . 503 

Synesius of Cyrene .... 505 

Syrianus 505 

Taine. Hippolyto Adolphe . . 505 

Tatian ...... 506 

Tauler, Johann .... 507 

Taurollus, Nicolaus .... 507 

Teii-hmiiller. Gustav . . . 508 

Telesius, Bernardinus . . . 508 

Tertullian 508 

Testa. Alfonso .... 510 

Teteiis, Jobann Nicolaus . . 510 

Thales 511 

Themi>tius . . . . . 511 

Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch . 511 

Theophrastus ..... 512 

Thomas Aquinas .... 513 

Thomasius, Christian . . . 519 

Tiberghien, Guillaume . . . 520 

Tiodomann, Dietrich . . . 520 

Tieftrunk, Johann Heinrich . . 520 
Timaeus Locrus . . . .521 

Tim on Phliasius .... 521 
Tindal. Matthew . . . -521 

Tocco, Felice di . . . . 522 

Toland, John ..... 522 

Trendolenburg, Friedrich Adolf . 522 

Trentowski, Broniskaw . . . 523 

Treschow, Niels .... 523 

Troxler, Ignax Paul Vitalis . . 523 

Tschirnhaus, Ehrenfried Walther v. 524 

Tucker, Abraham .... 524 

Ueberweg, Friedrich . . . 524 

Ulrici, Hermann .... 524 

Vacherot, Etionne .... 525 

Valentinus the Gnostic . . . 525 

Valla, Lorenzo .... 525 




History of Philosophy 

Vanini, Lucilio, o Giulio Cesaro 
Ventura da Raulica, Gioacchino 
Vera, Augusto ..... 
Vico, Giovanni Battista . 
Vives, Joannes Ludovicus 
Volkclt, Johannes .... 
Volney, Constantin Frai^ois dc 

Chasseboeuf, Comte de 
Voltaire, Fra^ois Marie Arouet de . 
Vorlandor, Franz .... 
Wagnor, Johann Jakob . 
Waitz, Theodor .... 
Walch, Johann Georg 
Weisso, Christian Hermann . 
Weissenborn, Goorg 
William of Auvergno 
William of Champcaux . 
William of Conches. 
Wolff, Christian von 
Wolff, Hermann .... 
Wollaston, William 
Wronski, Hoene J. . 
Wundt, Wilhelm .... 
Wyttenbach, Daniel Albert 
Xenocrates of Chalcedon 
Xenophanos of Colophon 
Xenophon ..... 
Zabarella. Giacomo .... 

Zeller, Eduard 

Zeno of Citium .... 

Zeno of Elea 

Zoroaster, or Zaratlmstra 
Zwingli, Ulrich 




53 a 


BIBLIOGRAPHY B. Systematic Philosophy. 

i. General : 

a. Introductions 

b. Systems and Essays 

c. Metaphysics .... 

d. Episternology 

. Cosmology .... 
a. Special : 

a. Absolute ..... 
6. Atomism .... 

c. Causation arid Energy 
Dualism, see y. Monism and 


d. Evolution .... 

e. Idealism and Realism . 
Infinite, see a. Absolute. 

./ . Materialism 





BIBLIOGRAPHY B. Systematic Philosophy 

gf. Monism and Pluralism 
h. Ontology .... 
. Personality .... 
j. Positivism ..... 
Realism, sec e. Idealism and Real 

k. Space, Time, and Number . 
/. Teleology .... 






i. General : 

a. Bibliography 

b. History .... 

c. Systems and Essays 
a. Special : - 

a. Abstraction .... 
Analogy, see i. Induction and 

Analysis and Synthesis, see m. 


Axioms, see I. Laws of Thought. 
6. Belief 

c. Categories 

d. Concepts and Terms . 
Deduction, see i. Induction and 


e. Definition and Division 

/. Error and Truth .... 

Evidence, see I. Belief. 
g. Fallacies and Sophisms 







Hypothesis 590 

Induction and Deduction 
j. Inference 

h. Judgment and Proposition . 
I. Laws of Thought .... 

m. Method 

n. Probability .... 

Propositions, see k. Judgment and 

o. Quantification of the Predicate . 

p. Syllogism 699 

q. Symbolic and Mathematical Logic 701 
Terms, see d. Concepts and Terms. 

BIBLIOGRAPHY D. Aesthetics. 



a. Bibliography 
6. Dictionaries 

c. History 

d. Systems and Essays 





BIBLIOGRAPHY E. Philosophy of Religion. 

1. General : 

<(. Bibliography 

b. Dictionaries . 

c. Periodicals . 
(I. History 

t. Systems and Essays 

2. Special : 

. Agnosticism . 

b. Deism . . . . 

Evil, .ste/. Sin. 
r. Evolution and Religion 

God, see //. Theism. 

d. Future Life . 

f. Pantheism . 

/. Sin .... 

g. Scepticism . 
ti. Theism 


1. General : 

d. Bibliography .... 

b. History 

c. History Christian Ethics . 
J. Systems and Essays 

c. Systems Christian Ethics . 

2. Special : 

a. Altruism and Egoism . 

b. Casuistry ..... 

c. Character ..... 
<?. CoiiM-ience ..... 
f. Duty or Obligation 

/. Evolution and Ethics . 

<j. Freedom and Determinism . 

h. Good and Evil .... 

i. Happiness ..... 

j. Ideals and Categorical Imperative 

Justice, Set /. Right and Wrong. 
k. Optimism and Pessimism . 
Z. Right and Wrong 
in. Sanctions ..... 
Sympathy. .s- a. Altruism and 


?i. Utilitarianism .... 
o. Virtue ..... 

BIBLIOGRAPHY G. Psychology. 

i. General : 

o. Bibliography 

b. Dictionaries. 

c. Periodicals . . . . 

d. Collections and Proceedings 

e. History . . . . 


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Psychology (con- 







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f. Systems and Essays * 

<j. Experimental and Physiological 

Psychology . 
h. Child Psychology 
/. Individual and Social Psychology 
j. Comparative Psychology 
A. Abnormal and Criminal Psycho 
logy ...... 

2. Special : 

Amnesia and Aphasia, we p. Motor 

Functions and Defects. 
Association, sec . Memory and 

a. Attention and Apperception 

b. Brain and its Functions 

c. Consciousness .... 
Discrimination, see a. Attention 

and Apperception. 
/. Dreams and Sleep 
. Emot ion and Feeling . 
/. Habit and Imitat ion 
y. Hallucinations and Illusions 

h. Heredity 

/. Hypnotism and Suggestion . 
./ . Imagination ..... 
A. Inhibition ..... 
I. Insanity and Idiocy 
m. Instinct and Impulse . 
a. Memory and Association 
o. Mind and Body .... 
p. Motor Functions and Defects 
ij. Nervous System .... 
Pleasure and Pain, seec. Emotions . 
). Perception ..... 
Psychical Research, sr->. <j. Hallu 
cinations, anil i. Hypnotism. 
s. Psycho-physics .... 
t. Reaction Time .... 
v. Reason ..... 

Sleep, sic <t. Dreams 
r. Self-consciousness and Person 
ality ... . . 
ic. Sensation and the Senses . 

1. Ilearint, . 

2. Sight ..... 

3. Smell ..... 

4. Taste 

5. Touch ..... 

6. Other Senses 

. . Space- and Time-perception 

Speech, sue />. Motor Functions 
and Defects. 

y. Will 

:. Work and Fatigue 

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II2 5 

I 142 
1 167 

r 170 




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jiert von 

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1 Consult on the different philosophers the 
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ARISTIPPUS 435 v s B.C.\ 

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-- ?J 1 - \J i 

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ARISTO OF CHIOS (about 275 B.C.). 

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ARISTOBULUS (about 160 B.C.). 

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I la mb.. 

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