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Full text of "A Letter Communicated from Mr. Thoresby F. R. S. to John Evelyn Esquire, Concerning the Cures Done by Mr. Greatrix the Stroke"

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J Letter Cmmmmted from Mr. Thoresby F. R. S. 
to John Evelyn Efquirej micerning the Cures 
done by Mr. Greatrix the Stroke. 


AS to Mr. Greatrms Cores^ t>ecaiire I was not wil« 
Jiflg to truft too much to my owa Mmnorj at 
tliac dillance of Time (it beiog near to Years v.nm 

I law him ftroke any) Ihav© not writ of any^lai Ibch 
as I ha?e ftill lome Friends living who were Eye-wit- 
nefles as well ss my felf, wiih whom I have coaipa- 
red Notes Yeflerday^ and give yon nothing but wnat 
they think cKa^^lly triie^ Ihe firft I fhall mention was 
my own Brother fdm D— % which both my Sifter 
and my felf remember to have l^en feized with t 
violent Pain in his Head and Back, wlien abont 14 
Years of Age, one of my Sifters at that time had the 
Small Po)C5 and my Mother Judging thit Iw was taken 
wiih the fame Difkmper^ nfed no mea<is<€ remove ir, 
I ill by accident Mr* Gresirix coming to onrHonfe, and 
Iiearmg of his IIInel% defired to fee him^ he ordered 
the Boy to (trip him to his Shirt, which hedidj and 
having given prefent Eafe to his Head by only ftrok- 
ing it with his Haiids^ he fell tomb his Back, which 
he moft complained of^ but- the- Pain immediately 
lied from his Hand to his right Thigh, he followed 
It ihere, it kll to his Knee,, from thence to his L^g^ 
but he lliil piirfued it to his Ancle^ thence 'to his 
Foot, and ai lad ^to his great Toe, as it fell lower^ 
it grew iru.,^re violent, efpccially when in his big Toe 
it niade hini rcr^r oiir-| but upon rubbing it there k 
vaoiflieds and :!*:;■• t^-oy cried out,. ^Tis cfiiite gcnCt It ne- 
ver troubled him alier^ bat he took the Sniall Pox 


above 3 Weeks after. The next Inftance was Mrs. 
JD- who was my Uncle ?—-j Daughter, ihe was 
fefe'd when a Girl^ with a great Pain and Weaknefs^. 
in her Kneesj which occafioned a white Swelling | this 
followed her for feveral Years> and having ufed di- 
verfe means to no effed^ after 6 or 7 Years time^ 
Mr. (j/^^mjc coming to Dublin^ and lodging at my Fa- 
thersj my Aunt (who is ftill living and well remem- 
bers it) brought her to him^ where he ftroked both 
berKneeSj the Painiyingdownv/ards from his Hand> 
it drove it out of her Toes, he gave her prefent 
Eafe, and thefwelling ioafliart Time wore away and 
never troubled her after. I had alfo a Gomerade one Mrs. 
L^^e viho after a Feaver was much troubled with a 
Pain in her Ears^ and very Oeaf^ ihe came to Mr. 
Greatrix^ when at my Fathers, I remember he put 
fome of his Spittle into her Ears, and turning his 
Fiager in her Ears rubbed and chafed them well, which 
cured her both of the Pain and Deafnefs, Mrs. H--j? 
my oppofite .Neighbour told me Yefterday, that her 
Uncle Mr. Charles L-^n^ who' was Secretary to the 
Commiffioners^ was cured by him of the fame Mala- 
dy, having much loft his hearing by fome accident^ 
till Mt.Gnatrix by ftroking reftored it, Mr. jy-'^ Daugh- 
ter in law Mrs* S-^-n told, me her felf^ that ihe wa^j 
when a Child, extrearmly troubled with the KingsE- 
viV her J^other ktM her to be ftrok'd in KmgCharles 
the 2ds Time to London^ but (lie was nothing the bet- 
ter^ but MX. Great fix perfecflly cured her. A Smith whofe 
Name was P/Vr/^i^ near us had two Daughters extream- 
ly troubled with the Evil;, the one in her Thigh, the 
other in her Arm, he cureid them both at my Fa- 
thers^ one of them lives ftill in Town, I was with 
her Yefterday, (he is a healthy Woman, the^.'^other of 
feveral Children^ {he fliewed me her Arm, where the 
fears the Evil-fore left ftill remaio^^ 3 in one Arm^though 


^tis 20 Years fince they were cured, fince when ihe 
never had any fymptoms of it* 

I could add many things of this Nature, both of 
what I have feen and heard from my Moth^ty who 
was much more with him than my felf, but want- 
ing room fliall only tell you, that where he ftroked 
for Pains, he ufed nothing but his dry Hand, if 
Ulcers or running Sores he would ufe Spittle on his 
Hand or Finger, and for the Evil if they c^me to him 
before it was broke, he ftroked it, and ordered them 
to poultefs it with boiFd Turneps, and fo did every 
Day till it grew fit for lancing, he then lanc'd it and 
with his Fingers would fqueeize out the Cores and 
Corruption, and then in a few Days it would be 
well with his only ftroking it every Mmnin^r thus 
he cured many who keep well to this , out if 

it were broke before he faw them, he uniy fqueez- 
ed out the Core, and healed it by ftroking 5 fuch 
as were troubled with Fits of the Mother^ he would 
prefently take off the Fit, by only laying his Glove 
on their Head, but I never knew any that he cured 
of that Diftemper, for their Fits would return, but I 
have heard he cured many of the falling Sicknefs^ if 
they ttafd with him, fo that he might fee them in 
g or 4 Fits, elfe he could not cure them, I have 
been too tedious, and therefore fliall not add 5 but that I 

Dublin May 2d. 16^^, 

Tour humble Servants,