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^i 'W 'W ^ f ^ ^ ^ i 


0^ ^°^^^" %. 


Elon College, North Carolino 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Phi Psi Cli 

Elon College 

Volume 63 

andora's Box 4 Organizations 92 

;iadiators 36 Proletariat 124 

Aegean Sea 66 Aristocrats 156 

Commercials 174 



As you open your mind and 
turn the pages, regardless of 
how long vou have Deen here, 
you will find some little 
impression that you will 
always associate with Elon. 

However, even the most 
loyal student has probably 
wondered at one time or 
another, "What am I doing in 
this God-forsaken place?" 
But this little suitcase college 
still manages to draw more 
and more students. 
Somewhere there is that big 
magnet that has drawn us all 
here year after year, 
regardless of the smallness of 
the college or the living 

Perhaps it has something to 
do with the memories of 
things that have happened to 
us at Elon. Remember the 
first day we arrived — even 
Elon seemed huge. That day 

was full of fears, anxiety and 
just the right touch of 

Many of us knew one or 
two people and no more. We 
were so far from the security 
of home and this was our first 
real step out of the nest. It 
was either grow up or be a 
flop. At times the line 
between the two seemed very 
fine, but somehow we made 
it. For many it was just 
through their first year and 
for many more it was through 
their college career. 
Regardless, all of us have 
grown and have possessed 
impressions that we will 
remember for years to come. 
Some that are sad, some that 
are mediocre, and some that 
are extremely happy ones. 
Yet, they are all reflections, 
reflections of days spent at 
El on. 


Where do we lie — 

In the box of Pandora? 

Is Elon awry 

Like the box of Pandora? 

Pandora, your Box is astir! 
Like snakes in a basket, 
Much is obscure 
Of that which occurs. 

Like out-of-door camping 
Or in-the-pool swimming 
Or unnoticed vamping 
Or fast frisbee skimming! 

While others may drive. 
Toil and deserve. 
Some will arrive 
To primp and observe. 

What else will the Box reveal 
Other than on-campus life? 
What does it conceal 
About student life? 

Aren't Bill's and the Lighthouse 
An integral part? 
(Fraternity gath'rings 
Are only a start.) 

And about the studies 

And buddies 

And teachers 

And preachers; 

Are they not, too, a part? 

Some live on Campus, 
Some live away; 
And all give support 
In some kind of way. 

Out of the Box leap 
Doers and goers. 
Dancers and showers — 
Twelve-hundred deep! 

There are limitless things 
That one can find 
If one will only look 
With an all-open mind. 

Chance is the means 
While change is the way 
In all Elon's scenes 
For needs of "Today". 

Pandora's Box — won't close with 
This year; 

For it's sure to be noted that 
Today's needs are not here. 

Bad case of heartburn 

A quiet moment under the oaks. 



But Rolaids gets rid of anything! 

We got the spirit! 

These Bic Bananas not only write, 
they taste good. 

"While others may drive, toil and 
deserve ..." 

Week . . . 

Julie George forges ahead for Phi Mu. 

The Sigma women struggle to carry the foe across the line. 

TKE fraternity and Tim Buffington prepare for the chariot 


Kappa Sigma strives to catch the opponent off-balance. 

Greek Week track events and warm weather brought out the crowds. 

The "unsinkable" fraternity ships prepare to cross Harper lake. 

Various techniques and movements appeared as the 
•■ brothers took to the sack. 

The race continues, all ships still afloat. 

Proper stance, elbows upward, and the chugging begins. 

. . . and it's 
off to the 

"Hey man, lemme have my quarter ..." 

Mike Davis, representing TKE, lakes the Krispy Kreme taste test. 

Is this any sport for a lady? 

Classes End s^ 
Summer '^ 

When the role was called 
for the first time of the new 
school year, summer was auto- 
matically over. This signaled 
the dispensing with hot lazy 
afternoons at the pool. It 
urged the practice of puzzling 
over homework during cold even- 

Many students received the 
beginning of school with mis- 
givings. "Oh, for those sweet 
summer days that seemed endless 
for so long!" 

Trudging from class to 
class, hardly paying any atten- 
tion at all because of habitual 
daydreamings, these students 
dreaded miserable winter 
mornings of alarm clocks and 
early hours of stifled yawns 
over unfinished assignments. 

To them, school was epito- 
mized by constant dread and 
fear of what each new day would 
bring by way of difficult tests 
and teachers' reprimands. 

But for a majority of 
students, the advent of a new 
fall term brought with it 
countless opportunities. New 
learning experiences awaited 
each as they cautiously 
approached unfamiliar classrooms. 

Frisbee— Elon style. 

With the start of school, parking problems 
are back to normal. 

Getlin' into the strings. 

Bill shows unique talent as a fisherman 
while Rustv watches. 

The midnight moon smiles a welcome to new and returning students. 

Classes End 

Many new faces appeared and 
students discovered for the 
first time that others shared 
the same school with them. 

Perhaps most important in 
the immediate future of return- 
ing students was the chance to im- 
prove themselves in music, sports, 
art or any other extracurricular 
activities. Hard work was the 
key; success was their reward. 

From the courageous freshman 
entering a new school for the 
first time to the returning 
senior wisely looking ahead for 
graduate school or job opportun- 
ities, each student experiences 
the first day of school with his 
own individual ideas. The 
Back-to-School slogans pasted on 
dime store windows became a 
reality for some 2000 young men 
and women who, despite their 
differences of opinions, settled 
down for another three months. 



Tennis is growing — even though the number 
of courts hasn't. 

Where are they recruiting these Freshmen 

Mr. Southerland seems to be enjoying the 
return of Eton students! 


Spirits . . . 

Neil Teague at halftime. 

A Currin pass. 

A wounded Christian is helped to his feet. 

A convenient place to rest. 

An expression radiating surprise. 

fpo Homecoming 

"Slip sliding away." 
Advice from Tolley. 
Ready to Go! 

A Queen throned. 
Strength in form. 


A Little Bit 

Of Everything 


Variety is the 
spice . . . 

Crisp afternoon chat. 

Cheers at Bill's. 

Along the Yellow Brick Road? 


Sidewalk Surfing. 

"Put up yer dukes, bloke!" 

Ready, aim, fire! 

... of Elon 
campus life 

Hamburger ceremony. 

A hot summer practice. 

Last shades of summer. 

Dull day-afternoon. 

Alone with his guitar. 


*^ViaH\/ cnliturlo 



rKE Does It Again 








Games People Play 

Where Are We Going? 




i w 

And Fire 






* fl 






Opera Opera Opera 





1" ^ — «. ^- 






Week 77 


When the Elon College Chartered Capital International Airways Jet touched down in 
London, there was a great cheer from all those aboard. This cheer was two-fold; 
everyone was definitely glad to be in Europe, but more important than this, the 
passengers were relieved of hours in agony of having knees pushed into each other's 
backs. From here on out the Tube took everyone to where they wanted to go. 

The "Friend at Hand" was certainly that for many Elon students at night. Gin and 
Tonics, and warm Bitters, were the orders of the day. Many afternoons were spent on 
guided bus rides all over England and most of the nights were filled with plays, 
symphonies, dancing, and whatever. Then that last week each person made his get- 
away, lost in his imagination, absorbing all that could be absorbed, knowing that just a 
little time was left in that land of fantasy. 

They'll always remember: 

—the 9th floor 

— slot machines 

— Tokyo Joe 

— Changing of the Guard 

— the smells of the Underground 

— picking up keys 

— watching the rise and fall of the dollar 

— the Eiffel Tower 

— where's my Big Mac 


— trains 

— lack of sleep 

— Spain 

— Hard Rock Cafe 

— Sex Pistols 

— high heels 

— "I want to go home" 

— Soo Hoo 

^ j^ , ('/vJTTf^^ - 





Above: Trafalgar Square — a familiar sight 
Above Right: The bustling streets in Europe 
Below Right: The Matterhorn at its peak 
Below: One of the many castles in Europe 


Carter sets out to solve the 
A'orld's problems, but finds 
'human rights" begin at home 
— it was hello Panama Canal 
freaty, good-bye Tax Reform — 
Viedia has heyday with Bert 
^ance but he's still a hometown 
lero — '71 coldest, stormiest 
Afinter in history — summer 
Drought drought and sweltering 
leat, and hopes for the winter 
jf 78, coldest and stormiest 
/vinter in history once again — 
ifankees fight way to another 
/vorld championship — Dallas 
'inally wins the big one with the 
accent on Dorsett — it was Farrah, 
Farrah, Farrah; who's Farrah? — 
Sadat wants peace. Begin wants 
oeace, Vance wants peace; if 
hey were only talking to each 
Dther — it's "gay liberation" but 
A'hy doesn't someone tell Anita 
3ryant? — The "King is Dead," 
50 why won't they let him rest in 
3eace? — U.S.A. loses its "Happy 
tVarrior" and a whole lot more — Sex Pistols 
shock America's modesty? — Farmers on 
strike, coal miners on strike, but who's going 
:o feed us and keep us warm? — Who says a 24 
v'ear-old boxer can't win the big one? — 
Sylvester Stallone and "The Greatest" 
believe — It's good-bye to Groucho, Bing, 
and Guy Lombardo — Abortion, South 
Maluccans, South Africa, and Greeks vs. 
Elon College Town Council — But it's all too 
much for the mind to handle, so back to 
Fantasies and remembering what was. 



People live, touch our lives, then fade away and die — Disasters strike, we react, we adjust, 
then go on with our lives — People rebel, compromise, then move on to the next reheliion! 
They all pass away but the impact upon our societies, our lives, and our inner bei.ngs shall 
always remain. 




3H03it J339 

I I / / 

\ m 


ft ;» 



jlVAre the SPECIFJC 

ft iTfe coIIege 





c , V 










To the surprise of mosi 
players on the football 
team, and to everyone in 
the community, the very 
successful coach, ,S. S. 
Red Wilson, resigned 
from his coaching 
position this past 
summer. The school lost 
no time appointing 
assistant coach )erry 
ToUey to the head post. 
Under Coach Tolley's 
guidance, the team 
continued their winning 
tradition that has made 
them so famous in the 

Although at times the 
learn faltered, they 
stayed together and 
finished the season 
ranked no. 7 in the 
country. Gone were the 
superstar running backs 
of last year, but here to 
stay are the supermen of 
this year. These include 
freshman running 
sensation Bobby Hedrick, 
the human tank — Bob 
DeFrenn, and hard-nosed 
Billy Murphy. 

Overall, it was a very 
successful season for the 
team, the new head 
coach, and the fans. 

Mark Heil jokes around witti Cindy Raynor once the game is well 

The furious defense forces the N.C. Central quarterback to throw to 
his safety valve receiver. 


Winning, an ELON Tradition 

Danny Bass. Roxie Bratton, Donovan Brown, Eddie Bulen. Bryan Burney, Richard Burton, Scott Clendenin. Robert Cody, Tom 
Colpo, Jerry Cook, Steve Corpening, Bobby Costin, David Cox, Kenneth Cox, Dale Craft, Bob Craig. Michael Currin, "[immy 
Davis, Bob DeFrenn, Bill Devaney, Bill Devine, Thomas Dodd, Turner Faulk, Eddie Foust, Mike Hahn, Bobby Hedrick, Mark 
Heil. Philip Hutcherson, Steve James. Charles Lindsay. David Lundberg. Don Mackey. Willard Maynard. Tommy McKinnon. 
Wesley McLaughlin. Randy Michaelsen, Bruce Morgan. Billy Murphy. Keith Murreli, Steve Nail, Ted Overton, Roy Parker! 
Roger Phillips, Jack Powell, Randy Reid, John Richards, Keith Richardson, James Riddle, Mitch Rippy. Alan Roberson. Tom' 
Schoch, Randall Shelby, Larry Smith, Randy Smith, Wayne Smith, John Thompson, Percy Twine, David Vaughn. Dennis Walker 
Roland Wilson. Bob Wright. 

m nr^ 

Mike Hahn and the other side of a brutal sport. 


At any time a loyal Elon crowd could change the completion of a game by coming to its feet. 

New head coach Jerry Tolley had a very successful debut. 



Above: Mitch Rippy makes one of his patented PAT. 
Below: Mike Currin lets loose on a long bomb. 

Above: The offensive line fires off. 

Below: Danny Bass — an Elon All-American 



Top: Mitch is congratulated after kicking 

the longest field goal in (he school's 


Middle: Bobby Hedrick rambles around 

end on another kickoff return. 

Right: Danny Bass, Alan Robertson, and 

Bob Craig resting as defense takes the 


The 1977 football season began with 
predictions of Elon's being no. 1 in the SAC 
and another perfect record. All this op- 
timism was shattered after the first game 
when Elon went down to defeat while play- 
ing in South Carolina. The team quickly 
regrouped and once again began their win- 
ning ways. Once again South Carolina 
became losing territory as the team was 
thoroughly beaten midway through the 
season by Presbyterian, Showing the 
tremendous courage and determination the 
team had, they pulled themselves together 
and won the rest of the games on their 

A 9-2 season is a very good season, but 
the two losses were untimely and caused 
Elon to miss the NAIA playoffs. The team 
was a good team as was demonstrated in 
the voting for the four playoff teams. Elon 
fell short by one vote. 


reanTTs Barby Eileene TSHcocTT^lTiilB'efF'S'uelBIaiT'VrcI^^ Nancy Lee Cum- 

mings, Susan Burke Edwards. )acquelyn Marie Myers, Toni Danette Navarro. Carolyn Faye Smith. Coach Barbara Yarborough. 



Girls' volleyball always adds excitement to the sports 
life at Elon. This year's team was no exception. Coach Bar- 
bara Yarborough brought Elon yet another fine athletic 
team. Though the team was not very tall, they out-hustled 
and out-played many of their taller opponents. The team 
had another successful season and for those who saw any 
of their games, we know they added much enthusiasm to 

if).::, tii i 



Fighting Christian Cheerleading Squad Members: Trent Dickens, Diane Stoneman, Lynn 
Nesset — Captain, Karon DeClark, Angie Lintz, Lisa Foster, Christy Jones, Kathy Butler. 



Beginning, Middle 
And End 

The beginning of this year's basketball season brought yet 
again hopes for a highly successful season. With seven return- 
ing lettermen and several key new recruits, Bill Miller ex- 
pressed high optimism for this year's team. Injuries and poor 
academics stalled Coach Miller's high hopes for the 1977 team 
and many felt this was going to be another long season for the 
Fighting Christians. The return of center Charlie Williamson 
after winter term inspired the team and they quickly began to 
show the greatness predicted by Coach Miller at the season's 
beginning. Led by Larry Scott and freshmen Lee Allison and 
Clarence Dickerson, Elon has highly regarded offensive 
players. Duke Madsen turned in another fine year. Duke's 
floor play and leadership became known to everyone and for 
those of us who saw Duke play, we know he kept the team 

As the playoffs approach, Elon has an outstanding chance 
to bring Coach Miller another Carolina Conference crown. 
Even if they do not reach this peak, this year's team brought 
many thrills to the loyal fans of the 1977 Basketball team. 

Above Left: Larry Scott 

tries to tip in a missed 


Left: lames Segers drives 

for two points as Duke 

Madsen and Steve 

Martinelii look on. 

Far Right: James Segers 

goes in for another two 


Right: Larry Scott 

wearing #14 driving past 

Catawba player. 

Above Right: It's the 

team, dummy. 












^#» i^ Jl I § I ♦ f ^' mf$ 



\ n 



Front: Steve Martinelli, Clarence Dickerson, Larry Scott, Duke Madsen, Kim Cockerham, Lee Allison. Back: John Motley, 
Charlie Williamson, David Jones, Gary Treece, James Segers, Dave Mantiply. Coached by Bill Miller and Bill Morningstar. 




a new Season 

Left: Once again 
Larry Scott gets 
another two points 
by ramming one 
home while Guil- 
ford players stand 
by in awe. 

Team Players: Front: Collins Terry, Mike DeLuise, Trey Baldwin. Coach: Jerry 
Tolley. Back: Rick Crittenden, Robert Strange, North Johnson, Bill Daye, 

Upper Left: Mike DeLuise practices his backhand for upcom- 
ing match. 

Upper Right: Trey Baldwin smashes forehand against his op- 

Above: Yonex, Head, Bancroft 
Right: Collins Terry picking up junk ball over net. 




Vicki Blankenship. Lynn Briggs, Lee Cummings, Janet Fleming, Candy Fox, 
Fran Gettys, Andi McDowell, Lisa Mooneyham, Jackie Myers, Penny Page, 
Donna Roacli, Jane Sampson. 


Miller. Kelly 
Vaughn. Tommy 
Gamble. Charlie 
Lindsay. Chuck 
Baskerville. Phil 
Williams. Frank 
Drumright. Gene 
Stratlon. Bobby 
Colson. Larry 
VVomble. Biliy 
Mullins. Tony 
Kesler. Mike 
Parker, Roy 
lohnson. Rick 
Orcutt. Jeff 
Watts. Frankie 
Stafford. Rick 
Davis, [immy 
Lee. Rusty 
Williams. Lou 
McKinnon. Tom 
lohnson. Ronnie 
Stanley. Bryan 
Queen, Stan 
Davis. Jimmv 
Stafford. Rick 
Lindsav. Chuck 

— r~» _ 


The 1977 edition of the 
baseball team finished among 
the top 16 NAIA teams in the 
nation by taking runner-up 
honors in the area tournament 
after beating High Point twice 
for the District 26 Cham- 
pionship. Coach Bob McBee's 
team posted 30 wins in his in- 
itial year as coach and earned 
him Coach of the Year honors 
in D'"trict 26. Elon players gar- 
nered a host of individual 
honors as catcher Charlie Gam- 
ble made the all-area team 
along with first sacker Tommy 
Vaughn and designated hitter 
Phil Baskerville, all of whom 
made the all-district team. All- 
conference honorees included 
Gamble, Baskerville and 
pitcher Ronnie Johnson, All- 
state choices included Gamble 
and Kelly Miller, the 15th 
round draft choice of the St. 
Louis Cardinals, Second 
baseman Bob Stratton and 
Gamble have been nominated 
for the Academic All-American 
team, Charlie Lindsay and 
Miller broke the school record 
for stolen bases with 43 and 38 
respectively. New team 
records for stolen bases (136) 
and most wins (30) also set. 

















Madison College 9 

Madison College 5 

East Carolina 16 

N.C. State 7 

Pembroke State 5 

Pembroke State 5 

St. Augustine 4 

St. Augustine 1 

Atlantic Christian 3 

Atlantic Christian 2 

East Carolina 3 

UNC-Chapel Hill 12 

UNC-Wilmington 5 

Wake Forest 

Campbell College 6 

Campbell College 2 

N.C. State 4 

Pfeiffer College 1 

Norfolk State 1 

Catawba College 

Duke University 6 

Duke University 7 

Guilford College 2 

William & Mary 4 

Old Dominion 10 

Norfolk State 1 

Va. Wesleyan 3 

Va. Wesleyan 5 

High Point 7 

Catawba College 8 

Lenoir Rhyne 6 

Pfeiffer College 6 

Guilford College 3 

UNC-Wilmington 3 

Lenoir Rhyne 5 

High Point 5 

Atlantic Christian 4 

High Point 5 

Atlantic Christian 3 

High Point 13 

Guilford 9 

High Point 3 

High Point 11 
1977 AREA 7 PLAY 

Newberry 4 

Atlantic Christian 2 

West Liberty 5 

Newberry 3 

Newberry 5 



Most Stolen Bases— 136 in 1977 

Most Runs Batted In — 

43 by Frank Williams, 1977 
was 42 by Scott Quakenbush, 

Most Stolen Bases — 43 by 
Chuck Lindsay, 1977 was 24 
by Doug Williams, 1974 

Most Strikeouts — 113 by 
Ronnie Johnson, 1977 was 109 
by Bunn Hearn, 1910 

Most Games Played — 
48 in 1977 under Coach Bob 
McBee was 35 in 1966 under 
Jack Sanford and under 
Coach Jerry Drake 

Most Games Won, Team — 30 in 
1977 under Coach Bob McBee 
was 24 in 1973 under 
Coach Jerry Drake 



Team lines up for warm-up drills. 

The Elon College Lacrosse Club, a dream of Tim Moore's and 
Bunny Carr's three years ago, has finally become a reality. Although 
the club placed six games last year, winning three and losing three, 
their schedule this year has expanded tremendously. The Club, 
which is financed through dues and a $650 donation from the Student 
Government, will provide Elon students nine 
home games with such teams as Clemson, 
Hampden-Sidney, South Carolina, and Ten- 
nessee, not to forget arch-rival Guilford 

With a lot of work and some luck the team 
may turn out to be one of the better small 
college lacrosse clubs in the South. Hopefully, 
with a successful season and spectator sup- 
port, the Club may obtain varsity status at the 
College next year. 




Howard Wheatley shows perfect form cradling the ball as Keith Scott looks 




;'^ <jj^«3 

3»^si^''Kr "" 

■; ^ 





■ 1/ 






' r^^; 


Front Row: Bev Gray, Lu Ann Wilson, managers; Greg Piper, John Hatch, Pete, Keith Scott, Bunny Carr, John Atkinson. Back 
Row: Tim Hall, Larry Soundhouse, Howard Wheatley, George, David Payne, Mo Lawrence, Todd Idding, Tim Moore. Missing: 
Jay Butler, Joe Stevens, Paul Jamme, Pete Houghton, Jay Knight, Vaughn Jennings, Steve Coor, Philip Kelman, Gan Benedict, 
Andy Weaver, Mike McKiffen, Radar and manager Cassie Bondurant and Rhonda Pinion. 

Paul Jamme dodges with the ball center as brother Ken- 
neth and various other Elon players look on. 


. . . Man vs. Man, might vs. might . . . 


SOCCER . . . 

Just a kick in the grass 



Coach: Clayton Johnson 
Elon's team of tracksters will have a hard act to follow after their 1977 season. Elon's only loss in '77 came 
at the hands of High Point College but with that contest, the 1977 track team finished 9-1. 1978 is supposed to 
be an exciting season for Coach Johnson's trackmen. The schedule for 1978 is as fallows: 



6 Atlantic Christian 


11 Gardner-Webb College 

Boiling Springs 

13 Guilford & Lenoir-Rhyne 


18 High Point 

High Point 

20 Catawba College 


28 NAIA District 26 Meet 

Davie County High School 


2 Carolinas Conference Meet 


Head Coach: Clayton Johnson 




Jf/ , 


"Intramurals are a big event" on the Eton 
College campus. Each sport draws about a 
fourth of the total student body and half of 
the resident student population. A variety 
of sports are offered by the Elon Intramural 


y,.-. •. m 




% k«.^' 

\ ''•*^ J51*- 







Coach Bill Morningstar and five 
of his golfers finished eighth in the 
NAIA Nationals in June in Bay City, 
Michigan. After finishing second in 
the district tournament and win- 
ning the conference title for the 
third straight year, the team got an 
alternate berth in the nationals. 

Chuck Scott missed All-American 
honors by a single stroke, but was 
named to all-conference and all- 
district teams with teammates 
David Graham and Danny Arnold. 





Laugh as the beer flows fast, 
as the spinning pairs 
slip on the beer that's sloshed 
on the slick wet floor. 

And the plastic cups crack 

and the smiles provide the laughter 

and the eyes grow red 

and grow redder still as the time goes faster. 

Are you a Sister or Brother? 

Hello, if you are, and if you 're not; 

Hello to you, the other! 

We 're all friends here ever after. 

Crowd 'round the keg to fill 
your empty mug or to dilute 
your warm beer with the chilled; 
there is no substitute. 

Remember the work's been done 
to provide this gold to drink 
until there's none, 
nothing but spewing foam. 

Feel the music pulsate 

through your body, let your heart 

open to the warmth; 

let brother/sisterhood take a part. 







' 4 









Alpha Sigma 

Alpha Sigma Alpha estab- 
lished its Delta Rho Colony 
at Elon in February 1977. We 
are its first colony in North 
Carolina. As a young sorority, 
we have learned to open our- 
selves up to each sister's 
personality so that we may 
learn from each other and grow. 
Kappa Sig warmly welcomed 
us on campus with a party. 
Since then, we have had 
a pajama party with Sig Ep, 
and numerous other parties 
and mixers with ITK, Sigma 
Pi, TKE, and Kappa Sig. 
We love our parties, but 
Alpha Sigs are also interested 
in other things. We have sis- 
ters who are Resident Counse- 
lors, Academic Counselors, mem- 
bers of various honor socie- 
ties, little sisters to fra- 
ternities, members of the Lib- 
eral Arts Forum and the Band, and 
one listed in Who's Who. Five 
sisters shared the experience 
of January in London. 
Each spring our sisters 
help with Alamance County's 
Special Olympics. Each 
Christmas we participate 
in a party for the local 
retarded children. This fall 
we sponsored our first annual 
Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive. 
We greatly appreciated Sigma 
Sigma Sigma's support and hope 
that next year each Greek or- 
ganization will participate. 
Sore muscles and tired bodies 
were the results of Alpha Sig- 
ma Alpha's participation in 
the IFC's Easter Seals Bike-A— 

To the delight of many 
students. Alpha Sigma Alpha 
raised money by selling carmel 
apples and doughnuts. Along 
with sisters from other soror- 
ities Alpha Sig's enjoyed the 
first annual Panhellenic 
Christmas Dance. 


Wendy Wtolker — President 

Cindy Harrington — Vice President 

Lynn Walker — Membership Director 

Susan Wood — Corresponding Secretary 

Kay McCran — Treasurer 

Cindy Harrington — Social Chairman 


Ruth Burnett, Karen Clifton, Sara Conroy, 
Cindy Harrington. Jennifer Hunter. Robin 
Huntley, Carol Irwin, Martha Isaacs, Kay 
McCarn. Jan Nelson, Pam Price, Pam 
Simpkins, Kim Spencer. Lynn Walker, 
Wendy Walker. Terry Walton, Susan Wood, 
Carol Woodlief. 






)»!'l M 



mm fl 


WbB^^^ *i 

Lv '^^. « ^^9^m ki^mm 



Phi Mu started this season in 
full gear. Some of the outstanding- 
ing events consisted of our 
spring banquet at the Holiday 
Inn in Greensboro, with the 
sisters and alumnae going out in 
style. At the third annual Greek 
Week, Phi Mu put a lot of effort 
and good times into festivities, 
placing first in the skit. 
"Isn't She Lovely" was the theme 
for the womanless beauty pageant 
in which Brian White, our 
sweetheart, placed first runner- 
up. Spring marked 125 years of 
spirit, with a service in which 
each initiated member gives a 
penny for each year since our 
founding. Pennies are used 
for Phi Mu scholarship loans. 
Each sister wore a rose car- 
nation, the flower of Phi Mus, in 
memory of our three founders. In 
autumn came Homecoming, with 
two sisters on the court, a steak 
cookout welcoming freshman girls, 
a banquet for Parents' Weekend, 
as well as the election of our 
new sweetheart, Alan Robertson, 
a distinguished member of Kappa 
Psi Nu fraternity. Socially we 
have been very active — parties at 
Bill's, mixers with the fine 
fraternities on campus, and one 
with the Kappa Sigs at Chapel Hill. 
On the serious side. Phi Mu 
has sisters in the SGA, senate, 
and two are Majorettes. Two 
of our sisters are editors of 
the yearbook as well. Phi 
Mu had a service project for 
S.S. Hope, using the wishing 
wells at the mall in which 
more than 3,500 pennies were 

Banu Duruman — President 
Betty Burton— Vice President 
Connie Ames — Secretary 
Donna Butts — Treasurer 
Julie George — Pledge Director 
Chris VanScriver — Rusti Ctiairman 


Connie Ames, Cheryl Bounds, 

Bev Burroughs, TBetty Burton, 

Donna Butts, Carolyn Carter, 

Amy Cavedo, Sharon Clark, 

Christy Colquitt, Banu Duruman, 

Julie George, Bev Gray, 

Mary Hammil, Chris Jewett, 

Mittie Johnson, Melody Lankford, 

Carol Madison, Patty Mason, 

Nancy Mason, Lydia Massey, 

Charlene Matthews, Linda Nelms, 

Shelly Skeens, Jill Thomas, 

Merry Trester, Caryn VanPelt, 

Chris VanScriver, Debbie Vassilopelous, 

Ann Washburn, Nancy Warren 

Open Bid Pledges: 

Lynne Moore, Laura Moss 


In April the Tri-Sig's 
trucked down to the Royal Villa 
in Raleigh for the best spring 
banquet ever. Many alumnae 
were on hand as entertainment 
was provided by the super band, 
Julius Cobb and Passage. Once 
this fall, Sigma's "Big Man On 
Campus" contest brought in re- 
cord contributions, which will 
go to the Robbie Page Memorial 
Fund. The Tri-Sig's have had 
parties, smokers, and mixers 
with all Elon fraternities thus 
far this year. Sigma sisters 
were very proud of their four 
homecoming representatives and 
two fraternity sweethearts who 
sponsored the Sigma's well on 
the homecoming court. TKE 
sweetheart, Lee Duke, was sec- 
ond runner-up to sorority sister 
Cathy Watkins, Kappa Psi Nu 
Sweetheart, who was crowned 
homecoming queen. Sigma sisters 
also maintained their close 
sisterhood throughout the summer 
with alumnae newsletters, sister 
newsletters, and get-togethers 
at Sigma weddings, in the Virginias 
and Carolinas. 
True to their tradition, 
Sigmas have kept up their in- 
volvement in campus activities. 
On the academic scene one mem- 
ber is a lab assistant, while 
others are involved in student 
government as senators and class 
officers. The majors of the 
Tri-Sig's vary and many of the 
sisters are involved in curri- 
culum oriented organizations. 
In addition to all of this there 
is one sister on the Lyceum Com- 
mittee and two on the cheer- 
leading squad. 
Members of Tri-Sigma are 
Debbie Apple, Debbie Atkins, 
Cassie Bondurant, Karen Butler, 
Martha Carroll, Suzan Carver, 
Patty Jo Cherry, Harriet Crown, 
Karon DeClark-Vice President, 
Donna DeHart-Education Director, 
Jane Devine, Lee Duke, Ann 
Duncan, Annette Edwards, Tory 
Everette, Janet Foster, Amy 
Haney, Jane Healy, Bryan Holt, 
Vicki Hutchens, Bonnie Irby, 
Kathy Jacobs, Christy Jones, 
Connie Jones, Sharon Kavanaugh- 
Secretary, Kim Kiger-President, 
Kathy Kokes, Sara Lewallen, 
LeAnne May, Beth Moore, Diane 
Neuville, Susan Niegro-Rush 
Director, Georgette Powell, 
Donna Sowder, Jo Suter, Denise 
Tompkins, Cathy Watkins- Trea- 
surer, Marsha Worley, Anne Yenney, 
Donna Lee, Rhonda Wilson, Teri 


Sigma Sigma Sigma 


Sigma Sigma Sigma was es- 
tablished April 20, 1898, in 
Farmville, Virginia, at Long- 
wood College. Tau Zeta Phi, 
local sorority, was initiated 
as the Delta Beta Chapter of Sigma 
Sigma Sigma in 1970. Tri-Sig's 
built and now support two hos- 
pitals for the care of severely 
injured or ill children, one in 
Chapel Hill, N.C., and one in 
St. Louis, Mo. Sigma Sigma Sig- 
ma is nationwide and boasts chap- 
ters in every state in the 



Zeta Tau Alpha 

"To realize that within our grasp in Zeta 

Tau Alpha lies the opportunity to learn those 

things which will ever enrich and enoble our 

lives." This statement summarizes the 

feelings of f ortv-nine coed's on Elon's campus. 

As a national fraternity, Zeta Tau Alpha was 

founded October 15, 1898 at Longwood 

College, Va. Since coming to Elon in 1971, Zeta 

has enthusiastically grown in membership, 

and now ranks as the largest sorority on 


The 153rd link of Zeta Tau Alpha, the Elon 

Eta Zeta's maintain a house on 203 Holt 

Avenue. The attractive frame house is the 

center of activity for Zeta. The first sorority to 

receive a house, the Zeta's have taken special 

pride in furnishing their nome. 

Bonded together by strong ties of 

sisterhood, the Zeta's also manage to 

participate in all aspects of college life. 

Among the forty-nine Eta Zeta's at Elon are: 

four cheerleaders, five class officers, and 

seven senators. Zeta placed two girls on the 

homecoming court when ITK's sweetheart — 

Lynn Nesset and Sigma Pi's sweetheart — 

Betsy Kinsey represented them. A number of 

Zeta's contribute their time to serving on 

committees involving student life, physical 

education, intramurals, and curriculum. Still 

other Zeta's devote their efforts to volunteer 

work with the Elon Home for Children and 

the Easter Seals campaign. As a national 

service project, Zeta Tau Alpha works with 

N.A.R.C. (National Association for Retarded 

Children). Zeta's also receive honors for 

academics with two girls chosen for Who's 

Who, and three girls inducted into Omicron 

Delta Kappa. 

On the more social side of life at Elon the 

Zeta's maintained their tradition for 

ROCKING by partying with each fraternity. In 

the fall, Zeta hosted a highly successful P.T. 

party with TKE, at which the Virginia Teen 

Zeta's were guests. Zeta enjoyed a memorable 

Harry Buffalo party with ITK. Zeta and Sigma 

Pi joined in the holiday festivities by caroling 

in the Elon community. Zeta receivea 

invitations to ITK, Sig-Ep, Sigma Pi, and TKE 


The past year for Zeta Tau Alpha has held 

some great parties, numerous honors, and 

many treasured memories! 

Officers: Bunky Womble, President: Jodie 

Luke, 1st Vice President: Becky Griffin, 2nd 

Vice President; Debbie Rickman, Secretary; 

Linda Bartlett, Treasurer; Katherine Pappas, 

Membership; Shari Gould, Historian: Kandy 

Arthur, Ritual Chairman. 

Sisters: Mary Althouse, Martha Fulcher, 

Kandy Arthur, Linda Bartlett, Kathy Bulter, 

Martha Clark, Trent Dickens, Mindy Duncan, 

Mary Ann Florence, Jan Frye, Shari Gould, 

Becky Griffin, Robin Grimes, Jayne Hamilton, 

Lisa Hamrick, Martha Ann Harrell, Marcy 

Haynes, Nancy Heil, Debbie Hurley, Betsy 

Kinsey, Jodie Luke, Terry Mack, Sue Merry, 

Annette Metcalf, Elizabeth Morris, Jan 

Morton, Robin Moser, Lynn Nesset, Kathy 

Novack, Jane O'Connor, Katherine Pappas, 

Martha Ramseur, Debbie Rickman, Jeri 

Statler, LuAnne Summers, Lillie Tobash, 

Karen Tucker, Bunky Womble, Gina Wright, 

Janeen Zumwalt, Marcia Alderman, Valerie 

Clark. Phvllis Hartsoe, Sherry Evans, Karen 

Gould, Debbie Edwards, Hennie Reins, Cindy 

Simmons, Angle Lintz, and Irene Caicedo. 


Sigma Rho 

On October 20, 1977, Sigma Rho 

was formally organized on the Elon 

College campus. Sigma Rho has a 

core of people who believe in 

Brotherhood and loyalty to the 

"wolf." Being the newest fraternity 

on campus gives Sigma Rho the 

opportunity to initiate change and 

eliminate apathy in the Greek 

organizations. Sigma Rho 

participates in intramural 

basketball and softball. They plan 

resort weekends to their ranch 

house in Boydton, Virginia, and 

their beach house at Pawley's 

Island, South Carolina. Sigma Rho 

is proud of the fact they have four 

brothers in Who's Who in American 

Colleges and Universities; three 

members in Omicron Delta Kappa, 

sister to Phi Beta Kappa. One of the 

members is the president of 

Omicron Delta Kappa, while 

another has been appointed to the 

Teacher Education Committee. 

Besides being represented in the 

I.F.C., one member is the secretary 

of this organization. In the future 

Sigma Rho will continue to grow 

and plans to go national this year. 


Warren Bell, Tony Brewer, Roy 

Avery — Pledge Trainer, Wendall 

Bunker — Sergeant at Arms, Sam 

Burgess — Secretary, Bruce Piner, 

Chris Jernigan — Pres., Mark 

Hollan, Bobby Winders, Sam 

Stevens, Ray Kelly, Keith Ellis, Tim 

Dallas — V.P., Chris Droscovich, 

Jim Stephenson — Tres., David 

Nichols — Advisor, Barry Simmons 

Little Sisters of Sigma Rho: 

Joyce Stroud — Pres., Neil Teague 

— V.P., Meri Ford — 

Secretary/Tres., Cindy Phillips — 

Pledge Trainer, Susan Pittard, 

Phyllis Marion. 





ITK is the oldest frater- 
nity at Elon, having been 
founded in 1923. ITK is proud 
that it is a local fraternity 
and takes pride in being assoc- 
iated with Elon. 
The fall semester of 1977 
was a good one for the bro- 
thers. We had a very success- 
ful homecoming dance with many 
old brothers returning, show- 
ing that the fraternal bond 
remains strong even after gra- 


President, Mike Lambros 

Vice-President, Dennis Devaney 

Secretary, Joey Hill 

Treasurer, Wally Schacht 

Sgt. at Arms, Mick deSimone 

Chaplain, Tim Matthews 

Sweetheart, Lynn Nesset 


Billy Devaney, Mike Lambros, 
Barry Duff, Brian Harrison, 
Randy Parrish, Ronnie John- 
son, Randy Robertson, Mick 
deSimone, Tommy Vaughn, Matt 
Tapero, Dennis Devaney, Mark 
Jetton, Eddie Bulen, Joey 
Hill, Don McClintock, Richard 
Scearce, Rusty Holmes, Peter 
Elliot, Donovan Brown, David 
Cox, Chris Bresnahan, Paul 
Pugh, Tim Matthews, Mike Gray, 
Wally Schacht 


1 ,.--:w.««<--5iT-!— 


Kappa Psi Nu 

Kappa Psi Nu fraternity 

announces a very successful year 

thus far. The brothers first spark of 

success came in the early fall when 

their sweetheart. Cathy Watkins of 

Tri Sig sorority, was homecoming 

queen. The second spark of success 

came with a terrific homecoming 

banquet at the Burlington Hilton 

Inn. In October, the brothers 

sponsored their fourth annual 

Calabash Blast, which provided 

much entertainment and enjoyment 

for the brothers as well as for the 

other college students. Kappa Psi 

Nu fraternity* also participated in 

Easter Seals Bike-a-Thon on 

campus along with the other 

fraternities and sororities. Kappa 

Psi Nu also supported the March of 

Dimes campaign as well. 

Kappa Psi Nu Officers: 

Chappell Whitt III — President. 

Dennis Monteith — Vice President, 

Doug Roper — Secretary, Charlie 

Harrell — Treasurer, Franklin 

Johnson III — Corresponding 

Secretary, Jesse F. Watts, Jr. — Sgt.- 

at-Arms, Barry Ratliff — Historian, 

Roger Phillips, Jr. — Pledge Master, 

Mark Heil — Le Generale 

Kappa Psi Nu Brothers: 

Kim Cockerham 

Alan Roberson 

Grant Mills 

Tripp Benolken III 

Ken Payne 

Bo Walker 

Bob Craig 

Jim Riddle, Jr. 

Mark Forlines 

Roland Wilson 

Randall Hull 

Bobby Cody 

Eddie Burke 

John Munn 

John Dillingham 

Kappa Psi Nu Social Affiliates: 

Teak Lottman 

John Richards 

Kevin Span 

Rob Morris 

Billy Murphy 

Chris Worst 

Donnie Price 

Creig Wright 


Sparks Again 

Kappa Sigma 

The spirit of brotherhood that 
unites the brothers of the Lambda- 
Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma 
has continued to make the 
fraternity one of the leaders in 
campus life this year. In every 
category, including intramurals, 
student leadership, and social life, 
the Kappa Sigs have proven 
themselves successful. The SGA 
contained four Kappa Sigma 
brothers, including Bunny Carr as 
Vice President. WSOE became a 
reality under the supervision of 
station manager Bill Zint and four 
other Lambda brothers. Eight 
Kappa Sigs were on the Elon 
Lacrosse Club. Bunny Carr and L. 
W. Waldrup each were recipients 
of the much coveted Kappa Sigma 
Scholarship Leadership Awards. 
Kappa Sigma threw some well- 
planned social events. The 
Homecoming Dance was a real 
success, as was the fall Open 
House. Football season sparked a 
series of pre and post-game parties. 
Because of the recently created 
House Corporation and dedicated 
alumnae. Kappa Sigma is making 
plans to build their own chapter 
house — a first on the Elon campus. 
Steve Slough — President 
Bunny Carr — Vice President 
Gus Payne — G.M.C. 
L. W. Waldrup — Treasurer 
Bryant Kirkland — Secretary 
im Woolford, Billy Womble — Guards 

Lee Berryman, Perry Black, Mike 
Bordone, Bob Brandenburg, Jay 
Butler, Bunny Carr, Steve Coor, 
Rick Crittenden, Joe Curtis, 
Bill Dey, Bob DuVal, Gary Fit- 
chett. Bob Henritze, Kirk Jones, 
Marcus Jones, Steve Jones, 
Bobby Kernstine, Bryant Kirk- 
land, Mark Lambros, Steve 
Leach, Jack LeCicero, Cooper 
Mattocks, Will Moody, Ron 
Osborne, Mike O'Brien, Tom 
McKinnon, Gus Payne, Van Quails, 
Doug Richter, Jeff Russel, 
Keith Scott, Steve Slough, 
Tom Summers, Gary Taylor, 
Bobby Tucker, L. W. Waldrup, 
Howard Wheatley, King White, 
John Wilson, Bill Womble, 
Jim Woolford, Earl Younce, 
32 Bill Zint. 



Sigma Phi 

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a national 

fraternity established in 1901 at the 

University of Richmond. It is 

constantly expanding and today is 

the second largest fraternity in the 

nation with over two hundred 

chapters and colonies on its roll. 

The Headquarters in Richmond, 

Virginia, offers the largest 

professional staff of any 

nationwide fraternity. The staff 

provides services such as 

scholarship funds, student loan 

programs, leadership programs, 

and job placement opportunities. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon's North 

Carolina Mu Chapter at Elon has 

the longest heritage of any 

fraternity on campus, having been 

established as Sigma Phi Beta in 

1918. In 1973, Beta became a charter 

member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon 

National Fraternity system. 

This year the Sig Ep brothers 

were involved in many fund raising 

projects such as working with the 

Burlington Jaycees on the annual 

operation: Santa Claus Bingo game 

to help raise money for retarded 

children to buy gifts for Christmas. 

The walkathon was held for the 

American Cancer Society and also 

the brothers participated in the 

Bikeathon to raise money for Easter 


Socially, with the help of the little 

sisters, the Sig Eps persisted to 

maintain various parties 

throughout the year, even with the 

stiff regulations that were placed 

on fraternity life. The annual 

Homecoming and Halloween 

dances hosted by the brothers were 

a tremendous success. In addition, 

the 25-keg blast held at the Martin 

Estate proved worthy. 


Sammy Barefoot, President 

Tom Shaw, Vice-President 

Terry Marsh, Controller 

Mike Brown, Recording Sec. 

Mike Hudson, Corr. Sec. 

David Bordeaux, Sgt. at Arms 

Bruce Williams, Chaplain 

Dr. Fred Watts, Adviser 


Trey Baldwin, Sammy Barefoot, 

Chip Bell, David Bordeaux, 

Ken Bowden, Mike Brown, Frank 

Burchfield, Beale Carter, 

jimmy Davis, Jimmy Ellis, Dave 

Glenn, Eddie Guerrin, Paul 

Gwaltney, Mike Hudson, Tim 

Hughes, Mitch Johnson, Mike 

Kilgariff, Derrick Langford, 

Don Lawrence, Terry Marsh, 

Johns Martin, Art Medlin, 

Tommy Moose, Mark Myers, Tom 

Nelson, Chuck Paski, Ronnie 

Patterson, Dave Powell, Rick 

Renick, Tom Shaw, Barry Staton, 

Bruce Williams, Dabney Williams, 

Banny Bagby, Ronnie Davis, 

John Hitch, Scott Lambe, Rod- 

ney Moore, Andy Nelson, 
William Newman, Mike Wilkerson 



' ' ^ jH^^^^^BPiir.t ■^-y'.tiifi^ • 



wl V J 



{ It 

i^^t- ^^F'*^^ 



^!^^i«' /T\ 

' ' '^4 

^R^T jC 



^"^ , 3 . 

:», -^m V ^ 


The 1977-78 academic year was one of 

dynamic growth for this young fraternity. 

After receiving its national charter in April of 

1977, Sigma Pi is a vital part of Greek life at 

Betsy Kinsey, Sigma Pi's sweetheart for '77- 
'78 was voted First Runner-Up in 
Homecoming Queen competition. During the 
spring, she was named as Queen of Hearts, 
following in the footsteps of Wanda 
McDowell, last year's Sigma Pi sweetheart. 
Intramural sports at Elon have found a new 
champion in Sigma Pi. Following a well- 
deserved victory over TKE in football to win 
the fraternity championship, the Pis went on 
to win the water polo championship and 
finished fourth in volleyball. 
Sigma Pi took over control of the 
Student Government Association 
with the election of Brother Tim 
Moore as President. Members of 
the SGA Senate included Brothers 
Kelly Harris, Russell Worley and 
Lynn Smith. Tom McLemore served 
as Defense Attorney and Steve 
Eanes was chairman of the Legal 
Aid Committee. John Atkinson 
worked as managing editor of the 
student newspaper. 
Brothers Tim Moore and Kelly 
Harris were among those selected 
as Who's Who Among America's 
Gollege Students. 
Sigma Pi became the leaders in 
the social life of Elon College 
during 1977. Fall and spring open 
houses were held at Bill's Blue 
Room and very successful socials 
with ZETA, Phi Mu, and Sigma 
Sigma Sigma. 
The 1977 Spring Banquet was 
held at the Golden Eagle Hotel in 
Greensboro, at which time Sage 
Brent Whitener and 2nd Counselor 
Rusty Smith were proudly 
presented with the hard-earned 
national charter. Col. Lemmonds 
and Judge Gary Tash, lifetime 
brothers of Sigma Pi, were on hand 
for the presentation. 
Newly installed officers for the 
1978 year are Wally Vinson, Sage; 
Grayson Whitt, 2nd Counselor; 
Lynn Smith, 3rd Counselor; Russell 
Worley, 4th Counselor; Dennis 
Lawson, 1st Counselor; and P. J. 
Stratos, Herald. 

Fraternity Champs in Foot- 
ball. Team includes — Front 
L-R: Coach Dennis, Tim P.J. 
Doug. Standing: Tim, Brent, 
Rusty, G. W., Dave. Back 
Row: Kelly, Ken, Wally, 

Above Sigma Pi and Tri Sigma "Pose with a 
Strohs" at a Mixer. Left David Overton and 
His Sister Carolyn. Prepare to Chug. 



Officers of Sigma Pi for 1977: L-R — Ernie Byrider, Cecil Whitt, Chris Martin, Wally Vinson, 
Rusty Smith, Brent Whitener 

Sigma Pi 

Don't Be Fooled. It's Only Puppy Love 

Pete and Wanda in the Greek Week Parade. 

Sigma Pi is John Atkinson, Jeff Batts, Gary Brant, Ernie Byrider, Sam Caskey, Ken Chavis, Tim Childress, Rusty Citty, Merrick 
Counsel!, Doug Cox, Don Daves, Steve Eanes, Jay Faircloth, Mike Filipczyk, Keith Gilliam, Kelly Harris, Bill Highsmith, Bil 
Hilton, John Holloway, John Kincaid, Tim Larson, Dennis Lavk^son, Bob Lockerby, Tom McLemore, Chris Martin, Clay Moore, 
Larry Moore, Tim Moore, David Overton. David Payne, CHff Purvis, G. W. Robertson, Ned Ryerson, Rob Simmons, Lynn Smith, 
Rusty Smith, P. J. Stratos, Mike Thompson, Toni 'Tilley, Wally Vinson, Brent Whitener, Grayson Whitt, Russell Worley, and 
Cabell Young 


Once again the brothers Lambda 

Mu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Fraternity have proved that they 

are leaders in all aspects of Elon 

College life. Having won the overall 

intermural championship trophy, 

the Tekes went on to snow tneir 

versatility by capturing first place 

in the Greek Week competition last 


The fall started off on the right 

foot with the election of lovely Lee 

Duke as fraternity sweetheart. 

Then Robin Fleming became Big 

Man On Campus in the annual 

campuswide election. Things 

continued to be successful when 

the brothers acquired nearly 300 

eye wills for the North Carolina 

Eye Bank through a drive 

sponsored by the local Lions Club. 

The first annual TKE Haunted 

House was a large success, scaring 

local children as well as local 

college students. A portion of the 

proceeds from this were donated to 

the Elon College Children's Home. 

The TKEs shined again by winning 

their second talent snow in as many 


In one of the more important 

aspects of campus life TKE has 

dominated the social scene with 

their weekly Over-the-Hump 

parties held at TKE cabin. The 

brotners have also rocked hard and 

steady and usually all night with 

the sorority girls from Elon as well 

as N. C. State and Virginia Tech. 

TKE should have an equally 

successful spring with plans in the 

making for the annual Badin Lake 

retreat and the highlight of the TKE 

year, the Red Carnation Ball. Much 

continued success will remain on 

the horizon for Elon College's 

largest fraternity in the years to 


Why can't we rock? 


George Allen, Jamie Baddour, Jim 

Basnight, John Baxter, Jeff Bowling, 

Tim Buffington, Keith Byrd, Korkie 

Gates, lames Cea, Dave 

Christianson, Cnris Christopher, 

David Cox, Mike Cox, Michael 

Davis, Dave DeClark, Mike 

DeLuise, Tucker Edmonds, Robin 

Fleming, Mike Gilliam, Tom 

Graupman, Harry Holmes, Chuck 

Hutaff, Tom Hutaff, Hil Johnson, 

North Johnson, Chris Jones, Mark 

Kehayas, Randy Kenarick, Randy 

Koger, Ron Laffaye, Grant Larson, 

Joey Liberto, Robert Mac, Dave 

Markey, James Matanzo, Barry 

May, Frank Miner, Mike Minick, 

Frank Neely, Mark Nesbit, Jeff 

Orcutt, Barry Oliver, Gary Parrish, 

Lynn Piper, Mike Robinson, Bob 

Rodriquez, Greg Roseman, Robert 

Strange, Reggie Towsend, Brian 

88 White. 




Student Government Association 

This year Elon's Student Govern- 
ment Association has made an ef- 
fort to organize it's budget to reach 
a larger majority of the student 
body. The budget passed by the 
Senate allows for larger expen- 
ditures in the area of: entertain- 
ment, student services, and dona- 

In the area of entertainment, the 
S.G.A. once again brought several 
big names to Elon for concerts. In 
September, the S.G.A. sponsored 
thefirstannual'WelcomeBack Con- 
cert," with the Marvelettes, Bill 
Deal and the Rondelis, and the 
Tarns. Prior to homecoming, the 
S.G.A. provided for the students a 
dance at the National Guard Ar- 
mory featuring the dance band — 
"Choice". In November, "The Drif- 

ters" entertained Elon students at 
the Alamance Country Club. Still, 
later that momth, Elon students en- 
joyed a memorable night with 
Kenny Loggins and Dave Mason. 
Spring weekend promises to be one 
great event. 

The S.G.A. office now contains a 
new copying machine which is 
available for the student's use at 3 
cents a copy. Also the library hours 
have been extended, and freshman 
men are now allowed to eat 
breakfast in McEwen Dining Hall. 

The Student Government has 
compromised much this year' but 
has accomplished a great deal 
through this process. Hopefully, 
this year's administration has 
opened the road for a more liberal 
and viable insitution here at Elon. 




The Liberal Arts Forum is a stu- 
dent committee composed entirely 
of Elon College Undergraduates. 
Each year since 1958, this unique 
organization has planned and 
presented an annual symposium 
focusing on the liberal arts. Forum 
events tend to concentrate on the 
humanities in the widest sense of 
the term. The humanities remind us 
of what it means to be human. 

Forum members: 
Gayle A. Fishel — Chairperson. 
John C. Sullivan — Faculty Advisor 

Lisa Garriques. Marianne Schutz. 
Sue Crom|)ton. Carol Irwin. Maria 
N'igreili. Jennifer Flunter. Diane 
Birchfield. John Watts, Holt McCor- 
mick. Gib Buie, Bill Brilton, .Warren 
Bell. Glen Keaton. Maurice 



With the help of energetic mem- 
bers, the Student Union Board 
(S.IJ.B.) accomplished numerous 
successful e\'ents. During the fall. 

Las Vegas N'ight. the Sunday N'ighl 
Movies. Paul Gerni the pool shark, 
the Parents Weekend talent show, 
etc. As for their future efforts, the\' 

revitalizing the "Back Door" for a 
more .coffee-house-tv'i^e at- 
mosph(;re. Members are as follows: 
Emily Adams. Warren Bell. Donna 
Sue Causey. Terrie Davis, Da\-e 
D e C 1 a r k . M e r i P' o r d , Cindy 
Grissom. Annette Ha\den. Marty 
flardison, lennifer Hunter, North 
Johnson, Diane McAllister. Gwen 
McCarter. Pattie Moxley. Bonita 
Oakley, Tom Payne, Nan Pearson, 
Cath\' Phelps, Mike Robinson, 
Valerie Smith. Ed Spigle. Barb 
Stokes, Pam Simpkins. Fraun Tally. 
Blair Thompson. 


Elon's radio station WSOE began 
broadcasting this year during the 
fall semester, and its 10,000 
milliwatts of power have already 
begun to provide an added dimen- 
sion to campus communication. 
WSOE is managed by students who 
spend many hours a week both on 
and off the air. 

The following are some of the stu- 
dents who contribute to WSOE 
regularly: Russ Airington, Rhonda 
Apple, Ansis Aumalis, Richard 
Bradshaw, Lisa Bowen, Chip 
Holdren. John Holloway, Sam 
Lacey, Billy Odom, Valerie Smith, 
Ed Spigle, Gary Taylor, and Bill 

The faculty adviser is Professor 
Anne Ponder. 



Communications Board 


1 ^^^M 1 ^iHmff^^f ^T^ 

The Board of Student Com- 
munications Media was created by 
Dr. Fred Young in the Spring of 
1974. The Communications Board, 
as it is better known, is composed of 
an equal number of students and 
faculty. It was given responsibility 
for overseeing all student media, 
which now include The Pendulum 
(The student newspaper), 
Colonnades (the literary 
magazine), VVSOE FM Radio Sta- 
tion, and PHI PSI CLI. Since its in- 
ception, the Board has been in- 
strumental in founding a campus 

radio station, establishing a weekly 
newspaper, and bringing new com- 
munications courses into the 
curriculum. Campus media are sup- 
ported by the Student Government 
Association and the College. 

Mr. William Sharpe serves as 
chairperson of the Board. Student 
members are Dana Hill, Ed Spigle, 
and Rhonda Apple. The faculty 
representatives are Dr. Lamar 
Bland, Dr. Carole Chase, and Dr. 
Anthony Coyne. Dean William G. 
Long serves as liaison to the Presi- 


"For some persons it may be 
more comfortable to live in a fan- 
tasy world. in which nothing is bad 
and no one suffers. But ignoring a 
problem does nothing to solve it. It 
is up to the press, including the 
scholastic press, to make these 
problems known so that they may 
be solved." The Journalism Educa- 
tion Association. 

This year's Pendulum has made 
great strides in the field of jour- 
nalism at Elon College. In an effort 
to better inform its readership, the 
Pendulum under the direction of 
editor Kemp Liles became a weekly 
publication. The Pendulum also ex- 
panded its area of coverage from 
reporting on such topics as the zon- 
ing controversy between Elon 
College and the town to reporting 
on news of national interest and 
news from area colleges. 

The editors this year also revived 
such columns and features as 
"Moore's Moods", "Faces in the 
Crowd," and movie reviews. New 
this year was the addition of an en- 
tertainment section written by Dan 
Doby and Becky Sharpe and a 
faculty column which rounded out 
the content of the newspaper. 

This year's newspaper saw the 
return of the positions of Managing 
Editor and News Editor filled by 
John Atkinson and Dana Hill. Lisa 
Gayton, Elon's first woman sport 
editor, covered the formerly all- 
male field wholeheartedly. 




v^i..»,....»^^^ .o ...^ ^xon College 
literary magazine published an- 
nually and funded by the SGA and 
SUB Board. This year's edition, 
volume 38 of Colonnades, has been 
assembled by a small group of stu- 
dents and faculty who have been 
working on the magazine since the 
fall term. 

The student editors this year are 
Dwayne Gerni and Larry Hedricks, 
assisted by Dan Dody and Becky 
Sharpe. Professors Richard Pipan 
and Elizabeth McAfee have 
generously donated time in working 

with Colonnades advisor Dr. An- 
drew J. Angyal as faculty readers. 
The editors of Colonnades 
welcome submissions of original 
poetry, prose (short stories, 
sketches, and chapters from longer 
works in progress], and essays writ- 
ten by E on students, faculty, and 
alumni. Black and white photos, 
graphics, and other art work are 
also welcomed. The deadline for 
submissions, however, is January 
15, and all entries become the 
property of Colonnades. 


Jane Healy — Assistant 

Shelly Skeens — Managing Editor 

Cathy Phelps and Beverly Faison — Assistants 

Cooper Maddocks — Artist 

A Note from the Editor 
Thanks to the staff for putting 
this book together. Thanks to 
my Phi Mu sorority sisters and 
special friends who helped me 
remain sane this past two 
weeks. Most of all, thanks 
Kathy and Robert for helping 
make an impossibility possi- 

Terrie Davis and John Sadler 
Organization Editors 

Jim McFarland 

Mark Hurd — Asst. Photographer, Shelly Keens, and Bill Murphy — Photography Editor 

Tim Moore — Sports Editor 

Phi Psi Cli 

Have you ever awaked on a 
Monday morning with a hangover 
and a test that same day not 
knowing one thing that is going to 
be on the test because you haven't 
been to class in two weeks? Many 
students can identify with this 
feehng because here at Elon 
College it's only natural. 

Yearbook staffers took tests and 
didn't know the material, not 
because of hang-overs or lack of 
studying, but because of 
unnecessary circumstances which 
left the Phi Psi Cli without an editor 
two weeks before the deadline. The 
big question was whether or not 
there was going to be a yearbook. 
Fortunately a few people cared. 
Some drove miles everyday and 
one came from out of state to help. 
In a way it was good working with 
old friends and meeting new ones. 
The work sometimes seemed 
endless; our staff got sick, remained 
tired, laughed, cried, and stayed 
irritable the whole fourteen days. 

Many times the old and new 
staffers wondered whether it was 
all well worth it giving this school 
another yearbook. The old 
wondered if they were defeating 
their purpose; the new wondered if 
there was a purpose. If there wasn't 
a yearbook, would if matter or 
would the students accept it as 
another fact of life at Elon? 

Not pictured: Denise 
Austin — Contributing 
Editor, Paula Koury. Pam 
Leadbetter — Delmar 

Twenty Represent Elon College In Who's Who 

The 1977-78 edition of Who's Who 
Among Students in American Un- 
iversities and Colleges carries the 
names of twenty Elon College stu- 
dents. The students who were 
selected were nominated by Elon's 
nominating committee composed of 
representatives from the student 
body. Faculty, and administration, 
and then approved by the National 
Board. These students are selected 
for their academic and leadership 
accomplishments as well as com- 
munity involvement. 

Each college is assigned a quota 
of nominees because of the varia- 
tion in curricular and ex- 
tracurricular programs. Elon had a 
quota of thirty-four for 1977. In or- 
der to insure a well rounded 

representation of the student body, 
this quota is carefully calculated. 

Each student selected receives 
local and national publicity, and in 
addition will have his complete 
biography printed in the 1977-78 
edition of "Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Universities and 

Who's Who, after forty-three 
years of serving higher education, 
exists as one of the most highly 
regarded and long-standing honors 
programs in the nation. It has ear- 
ned the respect of college faculties 
and administration. National 
recognition by the Who's Who 
program marks for the student great 
scholastic Achievement. 














^^\^|^|a ^^^^1 

^K W^ ^f ^^^H 

^ly 1 

F^ 1 




me flBflj^l^l 

Chuck Griffith 


" iir ■ 



■ ' ■/ 




'9 ' ^■'' 






Kemp Liles 

Becky Sharpe 


,"./|l', Linda 


Gayle Fishel 

Wade Harris 









Alpha Chi 

An honor society, Alpha Chi 
bases its membership upon accom- 
plishment rather than mere interest 
or participation. It admits to mem- 
bership students from all academic 

Membership in Alpha Chi is the 
highest honor an Elon College stu- 
dent can receive. Elon College 
received its charter in 1968 and has 
since been pursuing a course of ex- 
cellence. The Annual Alpha Chi 
Lecture was established in 1977. 
The first speaker was Dr. Edwin 
Cady. Andrew H. Mellon Professor 
of the Humanities at Duke Univer- 
sity. He spoke on "The Future of the 
Humanities" to a large audience in 
Whitley Auditorium. 

President Fred Young appointed 
Dr. Robert Blake to serve as Of- 
ficial Sponsor of Alpha Chi. Dr. M. 

Christopher White continues as 
Assoicate Sponsor. 

Members of Alpha Chi include 
Karen Baulding, Lee Berryman, 
Kerrii Brown, John Carter, Carol 
Chaudina, Elizabeth Crosby, An- 
nette Edwards, Leslie Foster, Gaye 
Gatlin, Elaine Gold, Charles Grif- 
fith, Jr., Kathleen Jacobs, Robert 
Nazlian, Mark Payne, Richard 
Stegall, Patricia Temple. Janice 
Trent, Brenda Turner, Karen Cole, 
Perry Everhart, Joanna Goss, 
Teresa Harris, Sandra Huffines, 
Elsbeth Johnson, Bernadette 
McMullen, Peggy Jo Parker, Arlene 
Pate, Bonnie Pryce, James Shanks, 
Rebecca Sharpe, Linda Shoffner, 
Janice Summers, Zebedee Talley, 
Rachel Wagoner, and Nancy 


Pi Gamma Mu 

The Elon Chapter of Pi Gamma 
Mu, the national fraternity for the 
social sciences, is one of the oldest 
in North Carolina. Its purpose is to 
improve scholarship and promote 
intelligent approaches to social 
problems. Both students and faculty 
are members of Pi Gamma Mu. 
Juniors and seniors with a 3.0 
cumulative average in social 
science courses and a minimum of 
twenty hours in the Social Sciences 
may be invited to join. 

Kevin Holland, David Harris, 
Diedri Garrett, Ralph Benedict, 
William Britton, Bernard Carr, Tom 
Harmon, Irene Caicedq, Ralph 
Daniel, Turner Faulk, David 
Thomas, Gayle Fishel, Michael 
Hudson, Bernadette McMuUen — 
Pres., Linda Shoffner, Glenn 

Brown, Jay Grandin, Dana Hill, 
Kathy McGovern, Gayle Grady, 
Cecil Hudgins, Christie Jewett, 
Gregory Liles, Robert Nazlian, 
Corr. Sec, Connie Scott, Zebedee 
Talley, Rec. Sec, Carla Turner, 
Wendy Walker, Vice-Pres., Linda 
Keith, Joey Liberto, Donna Rogers, 
Cathy Williams 

Dr. Ralph Anderson, Dr. Robert 
Baxter, Dr. Robert Delp, Prof. Ed 
Daniel, Mrs. KayHalbert, Prof. June 
Looney, Prof. Rachael Holt- 
Adviser, Dr. John Patterson, Prof. 
James Toney, Dr. Durward Stokes, 
Dr. Carole Troxler, Dr. George 
Troxler, Prof. Jeanne Williams, 
Prof. Edith Brannock, Dr. Mary 
Ellen Priestly, Dr. Fred Watts, Dr. 
Rudy Zarzar. 


P.E. Majors 

The Elon P.E. Majors Club, which 
was revived in 1974, is active on 
campus by bringing in guest 
speakers and providing an ac- 
tivities program with demonstra- 
tions for high schools. The club par- 
ticipates in a statewide student's 
majors club and lended support for 
the Special Olympics, while hoping 
to also initiate sports clinics for less 
popular sports. Gary Fitchett is the 
president, Tom Gibson is vice- 
president, Andy McDowell is 
secretary, and Jane Copper is 
treasurer, Lynn Biggs is program 
chairman, and Jane Sampson is the 
chairman of publicity. Membership 
is comprised solely of Physical 
Education Majors, and ranges in 
number from 25 to 40 in voluntary 



The Intramural Council is the 
organizing and governing body for 
the intramural program on campus. 
The Council is composed of one 
representative from each organiza- 
tion which includes dorm, clubs, 
sorrorities and fraternities. These 
men and women are the com- 
munication line between the stu- 
dents and the Intramural Staff. It is 
the responsibility of the group to es- 
tablish rules for the sports and to 
decide the outcome of protests. 

"Daytrippers" is the organization for com- 
muter students. New this year, Daytrippers 
have met weekly, as a group, to set priorities, 
advise the Commuter Student Coordinator, 
and have formed ad hoc committees to follow- 
through on projects and program plans. Some 
of the years projects included: a carpool ser- 
vice, distributing area maps to new students, 
maintaining a Daytrippers- bulletin board, a 
college programs presentation, representation 
on the Intramural Council, discount rates for 
meal coupons and athletic passes for famihes 
and dates, a newspaper column, a Swim-a- 
Thon to raise money for Cerebal Palsy, and a 
Consumer Survival Course. It has been a 
busy, productive year for all. 



of the 







The 1978 Winter Tour for the 
Emanons of Elon College proved to 
be another very successful trip for 
the renowned jazz ensemble. Their 
travels extended north to New Jer- 
sey and as far south as Tampa, Fla. 
Throughout the month there were 
thirty performances, and the total 
audience exceeded 25,000 people, 
including high school students and 
the general public. 

The first week of tour involved a 
series of local high school perfor- 
mances. Then, it was off to West 
Virginia, where the band taped a 
performance for WHIS television of 
Bluefield. Next, the Emanons 
traveled to Virginia Beach, and 
from there circuited through 
Maryland, Delaware. New Jersey, 

and left for home after a concert 
and a snowy night just outside of 
Washington, D.G. Tired of cold, 
snowy weather, the band pursued 
sunshine and warmth in Florida. In- 
deed, on two consecutive days the 
temperature did skyrocket into the 
low sixties! Despite the sweltering 
heat, the Emanons visited St. 
Augustine and Marineland, then, 
settled in Orlando for the remain- 
der of the tour month. The highlight 
of the tour was a performance in 
Florida's famous Walt Disney 
World, including a day off in Fan- 
tasyland for the band. After Disney 
World, the band traveled to Tampa, 
performed twice, and then headed 
back home in time for Spring 


Gospel Choir 

The Elon College Gospel Choir 
has been around campus for a num- 
ber of years, but because of recent 
interest, its membership has in- 
creased. The choir is under the 
direction of Marsha Hughes and 
Beverly Faison and the leadership 
of Zebadee Talley and Wes 
McLaughlin. The fifty member 
choir practices very hard v^feekly 
and sings at church on Sundays in 
and around the area. They have 
also made many appearances in 
North Carolina and Virginia. 

Aside .from representing Elon, 
the choir takes pride in sharing 
their inspirational gospel music 
with others. 

Members of the choir include 
Vickie Blackwell, Daphene Brown, 
Venecia Bynum, Mary Carroll, 

Shelia Dobson, Jackie Fuller, 
Jenifer Hunter, Jackie Kirkland, 
Avril LaRue, Charmaine McGee, 
Vivian Miller, Frances Murrell, 
Rhonda Ridley, Delores Sales, 
Fraun Talley, Linda Totten, Joyce 
Woods, Dot Jones, Doreen 
Spaulding, Danny Bass, Jerry Cook, 
Harris Faulk, Mike Hamilton, 
Kevin Hamlett, Mike Hawkins, 
Bobby Hedrick, Jerry Hedrick, 
Alexis Lattimore, Charles Lindsay, 
Alvin Maddox, Dave Murrell, Tim 
Smith, Herbert Spruill, Jasper 
Stockton, Tracy Taylor, Clayton 
Vaught, Paul Walker. Presidents — 
Zebedee Talley and Wes 
McLaughlin, directors — Marsha 
Hughes, Beverly Faison, and 
Charles Austin, secretary — Joyce 
HoUv, treasurer — Lisa Foster. 


E C Choir 

The Elon College Choir this year 
is under the direction of Dr. James 
Cobb, who is Visiting Lecturer in 
Music at Elon. The Choir, and the 
Chamber Singers, a student- 
organized group which is new this 
year and is also directed by Dr. 
Cobb, perform for a variety of occa- 
sions throughout the year including 
Fall and Spring Worship services, 
the annual Pops Concert, the 
College-Community Messiah 
presentation, the Christmas Carol 
Vespers, and various community 

The officers of the choir are Mark 
Payne — president, Jerry Hutchens 

— vice-president, Sherri Fogleman 

— secretary-treasurer,^ Sharon 
Faucette — robe chairman, Donna 
Butts — social chairman, and lim 

Manchester — assistant to the 
Director. Choir members are as 
follows: Wayne Abies, Vicky 
Ashley, Jenny Batson, Karne 
Baulding, Jeff Bowling, Julia 
Boswell, Brenda Brantley, Danny 
Buchanan, Tim Buffington, Cindy 
Burroughs, Carol Clark, Dawn 
Clark, Tim Fanes, Margie Frye, 
Lynn Fulford, Greg Gentry, Joey 
Goad, Peggy Gray, David Haddad, 
Marsha Hughes, Tom Isley, Randy 
Johnson. Grant Larson, Pat 
McDowell, Cathy McLaulin, Freida 
Matkins, Chinhtruc Nghiem, Lisa 
Pike, Bruse Piner, Mike Reed, San- 
dra Robertson, Roger Shore, 
George Smith, Rick Steele, Pat 
Temple. Robin Winston, David 
Vaughan. Kyle Younger. Gary 


"Queen of Hearts" 
Betsy Kinsey 


The Elon Collegiate Civinettes, 
organization chartered at Elon in 
1973, once again held an Annual 
"Queen of Hearts" Heart Fund pro- 
ject, and also provided entertain- 
ment at the Christmas Party for 
Retarded Citizens of Alamance 
County. They are sponsored by the 
Burlington Civitan Club, and the 
advisor is Mrs. Janie E. Council. 
The office of president is held by 
Janice Summers, Melinda Hicks is 
vice-president, the secretary of the 

organization is Cindy Simmons, and 
Nan Pearson is the treasurer. The 
following are members of the club: 
Emily Adams, Dina Armstrong, In- 
dia Beal, Susan Burkhart, Sherry 
Byrd, Janet Combs, Pam Davis, 
Beverly Faison, Cindy Grissom, 
Canady Gutierrez, Melinda Hicks, 
Brenda Holland, Linda Kent, Sarah 
Lewallen, Karen Michaels, Debbie 
Parr, Nan Pearson, Cindy Sum- 
mers, Fraun Talley, Nancy Tripp, 
Tammy Winstead. 




In an effort to promote Black 
cultural, educational, and social 
programs on the Elon College 
campus, the Black Cultural Society 
was organized in 1974. Since then 
the society has played a vital role in 
the enrichment of the unique Black 
cultural characteristics. Keeping in 
the tradition, this year's society has 
been responsible for an array of 
social events on campus: a sickle 
cell clinic, a Christmas program for 
Elon Home for Children, weekend 
entertainment on campus, and ma- 
jor project — Black History Week. 

B.C.S.'s goal is to stimulate a 
strong self-concept among Black 
students and share this concept 
with other students here at Elon. 
The president is Gwedolyn Craw- 
ford, Bryant Colson is both vice- 
president and treasurer, and the 
secretary is Francis Murrell. 



The Inter-fraternal Council is 
made up of the president of the 
seven fraternities at Elon. The 
Council regulates all men's rush ac- 

Michael Shelton, Russell Smith, 
Gary Spitler, Scott Stidham, Janie 
Summers, Brian Sevart, Denise 
Tompkins — treasurer, Michael 
Whitener, Patsy Yates, Janie Coun- 
cil — advisor. 

Three representatives from each 
sorority on campus compose the 
Panhellenic Council. The faculty 
advisor is Molly Marvin. Pan- 
hellenic sets dates and places for 
rush parties in the fall and spring 
and makes up rush regulations. 
Panhellenic also coordinates ac- 
tivities between sororities. 

The Society for the Advancement 
of Management (S.A.M.) is a 
collegiate chapter of the National 
Organization. It offers a broad 
program of activities to serve effec- 
tively the varied interests of its 

The society meets on Thursday 
mornings. It offers information on 
plant tours, business films and 
spheres on topics which contribute 
to professional development. It has 
an annual spring banquet honoring 
inductees in the Honor Fraternities. 
Members attend senior chapter 
meetings. S.A.M. ends each year by 
sponsoring a golf tournament. The 
society displays its versatility by 
being both socially and 
academically oriented. 

Members of the organization in- 
clude the following: Lorraine Allen, 
Shafiha Babaa, Steven Berry, Tom 
Berry — president, Gary Brant — 
vice-president, Joey Braswell, Kevin 
Brown, Betty Burton, John Byrider, 
John Carter, Donald Colclough, 
Elizabeth Crosby, Dan Daniels — 
secretary, Ralph Daniel, Richard 
Faber, Candace Gutierrez, Martha 
Jo Hall, Robert Craig Harrell, John 
Holloway, Charles Houchins, 
Robert Hunt, Raymond Jackson, 
Charles Jones, William Ladd, 
Timothy Larson, Teresa Kim 
Manes, Wanda McDowell, David 
Payne, Gary Aenigar, Richard 
Riggsbee, Gordon Robertson, Peter 
Roughton, Richard Sage. 

.--fitilniwffifr ^^ 

j3iaSS^'*M8ii5iiEP^g |yi l ffWVWfl t3g 

::;Mmi- ■i„;i^SlS 



11 F^i I!! 



• • • 

"But In 
Reflecting Back" 

When you think about it, Elon 
was more than twenty out-of-date 
brick buildings. It was a lot of things 
that we really took for granted. It 
was a teacher who stayed long after 
office hours to help you learn 
micro. It was a friend who picked 
you up when you felt down. It was a 
friend who helped you study the 
part he knew when he needed to 
study the part that he didn't know. 
It was the friend who at 2:00 in the 
morning would crawl out of bed to 
take you to Sambo's. It was the 
friend who dropped everything to 
go to the Lighthouse with you, so 
you wouldn't have to walk over 

It was the people who passed 
quickly through your life, but left 
you somehow forever changed. It 
was the people who kept you safe 
and warm and happy, those who 
made Elon more than a few bricks 
and a little mortar. 

At the time it was so easy to take 
those people for granted but in 
reflecting back, we'll never 
understand why we did. 





Janey Ackerman 

Emily Ann Adams 

Barby Adcock 

Elisa Agnew 

Fultan Allen 

Andrea Anderson 

Ronnie Ashmore 
Cynthia Avin 
Donna Ayers 
Kathi Bartlett 
Marie Barrett 
Jayne Bartholomew 

Ricky Bason 

Gan Benedict 

Sue Bias 

Beth Bishop 

Marianne Blair 

Yogi Blalock 

Just Begun 

Regardless of the location, 
outliving the academic rating of 
a Freshman is perhaps one of the 
greatest achievements a college 
student can accomplish. For 
most students the Freshman year 
is their first real time away 
from home sweet home. Regardless 
of any student who says there 
was "no problem," we all were 
faced with some adjustments. 
There's always the shock of 
coming from a small town high 
school where everyone knew 
us and then walking into an 
atmosphere where we are just 
another face. This and other 
problems were faced differently 
by different students— but we 
all had to face them. For some 
it meant calling home every 

other night, going home every 
weekend, writing home three 
times a week. Another side 
reveals a type of adjustment 
referred to as "letting loose." 
For the first time many could 
come in when they wanted to — or 
not come in at all — and not have 
to listen to probing questions. 
It meant partying every night 
until your head seemed to keep 
a buzz 24 hours a day. Yes, 
some of us went over the end 
just a little with our new 
freedom from Mom and Dad. In 
our first month we probably 
grew up more than we had in the 
past two years. But of all the 
adjustments we made, the initial 
ones were perhaps the worse. 
Remember the feeling when you 
sat in your room all alone 
waiting for an unknown person 
to walk in and declare him- 
self as your roommate. 


Julia Boswell 
Lisa Bowen 
Randy Brandon 
Chris Brown 
Doug Bryant 
Teresa Bryant 

Susan Burkhart 
Vennecia Bynum 
Mary Carroll 
Donald Carver 
Celia Casey 
Penny Cashion 

Michael Chavis 
Thomas Chavis 
Andy Childress 
Cheryl Chilton 
Candy Chrismon 
Margret Claud 

Lynette Cogle 
Kathie Cole 
Alonzo Craig 
Cathy Crawford 
Mark Crawmer 
Cary Crum 

Chuck CuUens 
Milton Cummings 
Alan Dalton 
Joe Anna Daniel 
Kathleen Day 
Michael Day 

David DeClark 
Tom Dejoia 
Sibyl Dellinger 
Diane Dewhirst 
Art Dhom 
Sheila Dobson 


Cindy Dorminy 

Doug Dover 

Kenny Doyle. Jr. 

Joe Durcanin 

Tim Eanes 

Susan Ebert 

Jodie Edwards 
Keith Ellis 
Mac Fairly 

Harris Faulk 

Dana Ferr 

Diane Festino 

Cristy Flores 

Jeff Frazier 

Billv Freeman 

Jackie Fuller 

Gerald Furman 

John Gaunt 

Kathy Gilliam 

Dody Gilliard 

David Goff 

Joseph Good 

Bob Greece 

Thomas Greeley 

Betty Green 

Barbara Greer 

Frank Grove 

Gretchen Guite 
Pam Guy 

Delores Hailey 
Timothy Hall 
Abigail Halle 
Larry Hanker 

Just Begun 


Remember the feeling when your 
roommate decitied not to come 
till the next day and you had to 
sleep in a new room, a new 
place, all along — awakening to 
all the strange sounds as you 
slowly grew accustomed to a new 

As the days increased 
everyone began to adjust and 
become a part of Elon in his 
own way. A few naturally didn't 
make it but, as the old cliche 
goes, "only the strong survive." 
Most manage to settle down to 
enjoy some great years of being 
young for they have just begun. 
They have just begun to really 



Barbara Hanna 
Buddy Hansburger 
Becky Hare 
Wayne Harris 
Grant Harson 
Bobby Hedrick 

Rolf Henricksen 
Jill Hershberger 
Debbie Herzog 
Keith Hightower 
Paul Hirschmann 
John Hitch 

Buffy Holcomb 
Joyce Holly 
George Holmes 
Sandra Hopkin 
Lynn Hotchkin 
Charles Houchins 

Dennis Howard 
Judy Howard 
Nanci Howard 
Jean Hunter 
Pam Hyde 
Randy Jarrell 

Abi Johnson 
Jeff Johnson 
Jim Johnson 
Tanya Johnson 
Billy Jones 
David Jones 

Janet Jones 
Sandy Jones 
Amy Joyce 
Cathy Kaiser 
Sandy Kiser 
Deb Kaufman 

Linda Kent 
Tim Kerns 
Becky Kimbrell 
Randy Kime 
David King 
Mark Kirkland 


Donna Knight 
Jay Knight 
Laura Knight 
Malea Knight 
Gayle Lacy 
Debbv Lamb 

Scott Lambe 

Carl Lambert 

Eric Lanier 

Grant Larron 

Lisa Laub 

Elizabeth Laukhart 

Carol Leslie 

Vickie Livengood 

Nancy Lottman 

Mollie Lougee 

Robert Mack 

Caroline Maclin 

Laura Mallory 

Auril-Marlene LaRue 

Beth Martin 

Barry May 

Reid Maynard 

Lisa McBryde 

Gwendolyn McCarter 

Gwen McConnell 

Anne McGee 

Charmaine McGheel 

Mike McGiffin 

Cindy McKay 

Laura McLamb 

Carolyn McLean 

Kathy McNeil 

Eddie Meacham 

Tim Medley 

Carol Medlin 

Myra Melton 

Tom Merkel 

Elizabeth Miller 

|oe Miller 

Keith Miller 

Sheila Millikan 


Melanie Mills 
Lisa Mooney 
Mary A. Moore 
Mary Lib Moore 
Rodney Moore 
Sefenna Moricle 

Lela Morris 
Jean Morrow 
Marsha Mundy 
Bill Murphy 
Gina Murray 
Chuck Nance 

Janice Nelson 
Jo Anne Newcomb 
Kathy Newcomb 
Rendia Nosay 
Sherri Nunn 
Jeff Oakes 

Bonita Oakley 
Myra Page 
Penny Page 
Jimmy Pankiewicz 
Ben Parham 
Richard Parker 

Kelly Parks 
Denese Patton 
Miller Patton 
Jimmy Peedin 
Thom Deleuw 
Ricky Pender 

Ann Phillips 
Ronald Bruce Piner 
Bobbi Pittman 
Donna Popular 
Brad Price 
Tommy Quails 

Lisa Ray 
John Reaves 
Joanne Rixon 
Robin Roache 
David Robertson 
Don Robertson 


[ean Robertson 
Annette Rogers 

Lisa Rogers 

Rolf Rosenfeldt 

Matina Sakell 

lohn Sadler 

Dick Sage 

John Schwab 

Jill Scott 

John Scott 

Susan Shannahan 

Vicki Shaw 

Galen Shelton 

Mike Shelton 

Dan Shine 

Roger Shore 

Marshall Slayton 

Bonny Smith 

Clayton Smith 

David Smith 

Deborah Ann Smith 

Deborah Renee Smith 

Eric Smith 

Gwendolyn Smith 

Susie Smith 

Tim Smith 

Timothy Smith 

Cheryl Snider 

George Snus 

Elizabeth Snyder 

Dorene Spaulding 

Trish Spencer 

David Spradlin 

Bill Statler 

Patricia Steelman 

David Stevens 

Fil Stidham 

Robyn Stiff 

Jasper Stockton 

Barbara Stokes 

Mike Summers 

Carole Sweeney 


Kim Tamburino 
Teresa Taylor 
Tracey Taylor 
Shea Teague 
Blair Thompson 
Kim Thompson 

Tony Tilley 
Sherri Tilton 
Marge Toney 
Mark Trickey 
Steven Tsafos 
Clay Tuck 

Nelly Vaivao 
Timmy Vaughn 
Brenda Vinson 
Cindy Violette 
Vicki Warren 
Earl Warrick 

]an Warsaw 
David Waters 
Woody Way 
Anderson Weaver, 
Clifton Webb 
Thomas Wells 

r ^^ 

Cindy White 


Susan White 


Terri White 


David Whitley 


Ken Whitley 

Eric Wigren 

Michael Wilkerson 
Mike Wilkerson 
Bob Williams 
Debbie Williams 
Melissa Williams 
Susan Winfree 

Joyce Woods 
Sebena Worth 
Dwight Wright 
Pat Wright 
Jimmy Zint 


Betsy Alber 

Laurie Alcon 

Marcia Alderman 

Cheri Alexander 

Rhonda Apple 

Lisa Askew 

Cathy Barker 

Missy Barrow 

Jeff Batts 

Warren Bell 

Brian Bennett 

John Bickenback 

Elizabeth Bivens 

Vickie Blackwell 

Vicki Blankenship 

Patti Boggs 

Cassie Bondurant 

Paula D. Bratcher 

"Pardon Me" 

Probably the general feeling 
of all Sophomores is the relief 
of not being a Freshman or the 
newcomer any longer. They have 
overcome many of the 
uncertainties of their first 
year at Elon, and are now 
given their first chance to 
really get involved. In place 
of the uncertainty experienced 
during the Freshman year, they 
are now given a sense of 
responsibility. There is also 
a sense of ease present with 
their professors and the 
routine of Elon that did not 
exist as a Freshman. 

It is particularly 
evident who they are at the 

beginning of the year when you 
notice a smug student watching 
the Freshmen getting lost 
going to cLsses. They'll 
be the first ones to walk up to 
the Freshmen, clear their 
throat and say "Pardon Me, do 
you need some help finding a 
class?" and "If you ever get 
lost just ask anyone." 
You know, it sure feels nice 
to be on the other end of the 
walking cane. 

The entire semester is full 
of chances to demonstrate their 
new sense of power and the 
Freshmen seem inevitably under 
their powers. But they'll play 
the same role in just one year — 
so a word for the Sophomores-to- 
be — start practicing up on "Pardon Me.' 


Debbie Brock 
Doug Browne 
Danny Buchanan 
Ruth Burnett 
Juanita Burnette 
Betty Burton 

Cathy Cannady 
Mark Carmack 
Martha Carroll 
I am Caskey 
Donna Sue Causey 
Amy Cavedo 

Patti Jo Cherry 
David Christiansen 
Russell Lee Citty 
Valerie Clark 
Martha Clodfelter 
Charise Cole 

Thomas A. Colombrito 
Bryant Colson 
Jan Combs 
[ane Cooper 
Merick Counsell 
Cass Covington 

Michael Cox 
Susan Crompton 
Lee Ann Daniel 
Pamela Sue Davis 
Terrie Davis 
Bill Day 

William C. Doggett, Jr. 
Diane Dolak 
Bill Easterling 
Debbie Edwards 
Steve Ellington 
Carol Elliott 


John Enders 

Pam Enz 

Terri Esperti 

Sherry Evans 

Brent Fields 

Mike Filipczyk 

Janet Fleming 

Mary Ann Florance 

Mark Forlines 

Martha Fulcher 

Lisa Garriques 

Greg Glass 

Linda Glunt 

Karen Gould 

Bev Gray 

Peggy Gray 

Will Gray 

Kenneth Green 

Cindy Grissom 

Olga Griswold 

Edward Guerrin 

Susan Gurley 

Joey Hacketl 

Robin Hall 

Kevin Parnell Hamlett 

Sue Hamlett 

Dana Hardy 

Cindy Harrington 

Barbara Hartman 

Phyllis Hartsoe 

Larry C. Hedrick 

Melinda Hicks 

Mark Hiltbruner 

Bill Hilton 

Karyn Hincke 

Cheryl Howard 

Kathi Howerton 

Dean Hubbard 

Ann Hughes 

Mike Hughes 

Robin Huntley 

Mark Hurd 


Vaughn Jennings 
North Johnson 
Catherine Johnston 
Chris Jones 
Kim Kennedy 
Amy Kepner 

Mike Kesler 
Kathy Kokes 
Tina Koonts 
Therese Kosterman 
Susan Lackey 
Melody Lankford 

Kim Leathers 
Rusty Lee 
Beth Leonard 
Sarah Lewallen 
Bob Lockerby 
William Lottman 

Tony Louis 
Laura Loyd 
David Lundberg 
Rod MacAskill 
Scoll Mandeville 
Catina Mandis 

William Mangum 
Phyllis Marion 
David Markey 
Gary A. Marn 
Pam Marriott 
Keith Mason 

Nancy Mason 
Patty Mason 
Mary Mattox 
Christopher McArdle 
Wanda McDoviiell 
Jim McFarland 

Art McKinney 
Cathy McLaulin 
Anna McManns 
Karen Michaels 
Lisa Mooneyham 
Larry Moore 


Lynn Moore 

Susan Moran 

Elizabeth Morris 

Rob Morris 

Steve Morris 

Tina Mortenson 

Marilyn Mullen 

Betsy M. Richards 

Rhonda Ridley 

Denise Ritchie 

Michael Robinson 

Tim Rose 

Robin Rouse 

Anna Ryerson 


Barbara Murray 

Tina Murray 

Clayton A. Naught 

Tony Naumann 

Eve Nelson 

Sherri Norufood 

[ohn O'Hare 

Vicki Oldham 

leff Orcutt 

Carolyn H. Overton 

Connie Parker 

Debbie Parr 

Debby Patterson 

Thomas Payne 

Bob Pearson 

Nan Pearson 

[immy Perry 

Cindy Phillips 

John A. Pini, Jr. 

Lynn Piper 

Ken Pleasants 

Ava Power 

Jeff Price 

Pam Price 

Stan Queen 

Anita Ragland 

Henni Rains 

Phyllis Rankin 

Brian Rawlings 

Lydia Reaves 

Jane Sampson 
James Saunders 
Wally Schacht 
Marianne Schutz 
Kim Seaford 
Robert Short 

Cindy Simmons 
Robert Simmons 
Gary Simon 
Pam Simpkins 
David Smitli 
Gerald Smith 

Joyce Smith 
Randy Smith 
Karen Snipes 
Larry Sondhaus 
Kim Spencer 
Kevin Spon 

Jeri Statler 
Steve Stephenson 
Tracie Stewart 
Diane Stoneman 
Ken Stutts 
Georgia Sullivan 

Terri Swain 
Diana Taylor 
Jill Thomas 
Susan Thood 
Deborah Tierney 
Lillie Tobash 

Linda Totten 
Merry Trester 
Cindy Tysinger 
Leslie Vanderburg 
David Vaughn 
Deborah Wallwork 

John Ware 
Russ Warley 
Sharon Welsh 
Lauri West 
King While 
Julie Whitehurst 


So Close — 

Yet So Far 

As the semester hours add 
up, it seems sometimes as if you 
will never make it to that magic 
number. The Junior year means 
that you've got half of it all 
behind you. You're getting 
really close now, you're so 
close yet so far away. You 
might say you're just sort of a 
middleman. But this is 
traditional for any Junior 
ranking. You're no longer ranked 
as a beginner, but you still 
haven't reached that ultimate 
goal. There's really no time 
to sit around thinking about it 
though, for most are now into 
their major courses and that 

Wayne Abies 
Connie Ames 
Sandy Anstead 
Debbie Apple 
John Atkinson 

David Avery 
Danny Bagbey 
Marian Banner 
Sammy Barefoot 
I'hil Baskerville 

Karen Baulding 
Tim Beck 
Neil Bishop 
Jane Booth 
Gary Brant 

Brenda Brantley 
Mike Britton 
Kerri Brown 

Susie Bullard 
Carolyn Burton 
Bev Burroughs 



Karen Butler 
Kathy Butler 

Donna Butts 
Keith Byrd 

Sherry Byrd 

George Carter 

John Carter 

Patricia Carter 

Susan Carver 

Kenneth Chavis 

Tim Childress 

Karen Clifton 

Kim Cockerham 

Hank Coffield 

Larry Colson 

David S. Cox 

Kate Cox 

Dale Craft 

So Close — Yet 
So Far Away 

jimmy Davis 
Jane W. DeCraaf 
Gene Drumright 

means time to buckle down on the 
studies. For some this year's 
courses seem to be the hardest 
yet, while for others, they are 
just now getting interesting. 
No more general college credit 
courses — it's really down to 
business now. Of course there 
is still time to party— and 
this is probably the best it's 
been yet. Now you've had time 
to get involved and you've met 
more people to party with. 
Just make sure you enjoy every 
party, because you're getting 
close now— close to the end of 
your college years — 
but it's 

not close enough to worry about 
it — not yet anyway. 


Lee Duke 
Ann Duncan 
Wayne Durham 
Banu Duruman 
Steve Edwards 

Beverly Faison 
Pam Fallon 

John Ferguson 

Gary Finch 

Robbie Finch 

Meri Ford 

Debbie Sue Foley 

Fran Gettys 

Keith Gilliam 

Kevin Gilliam 

Lorna Goudey 
David Graham 
Guy Grinnalds 
Mary Hamill 
Greg Hamilton 

Amy Haney 

Brian Hauser 

Craig Hendrix 

John Holloway 

Bryan Holt 

Gurney Hov^fard 

Debbie Hurley 

Bonnie Irby 

Martha Isaacs 

Cathy Jacobs 


Terry Jessee 

Franklin Johnson 

Jan Johnson 

Christy Jones 

Connie Jones 

Paul Judy 
Herbert Kay 
Mark Kehayas 
Bobby Kernstine 
Betsy Kinsey 

LjTin Kirby 
Barbara Kuntzman 
Bill Ladd 
jane Lawrence 
Dennis Lawson 

Mai Le 
Roddy Leary 
Susan Leslie 
Jodie Luke 
Carol Madison 

Beverly Maness 
Cooper Mattocks 
Le Anne May 
WiUard Maynard 
Randy McCaskill 

Andria McDowell 
Billy McPherson 
Julie Meacham 
Annette Metcalf 
Susan Miller 

^ ml ^ 


Joey Mills 

Kim Montgomery 

Terri Morris 

Laura Moss 

Steve Nail 

Don Nelson 

Jan Nelson 

Diane Neuville 

William Newman 

Susan Niegro 

Katharine Pappas 

David Payne 

Mark Payne 

Sally Peach 

David Powell 

Georgette Powell 
Vince Puhl 
Bill Pulley 
Janie Rambo 
Randy R. Raid 

Alan Robarson 
Randy Robertson 
David Sams 
Beth Saunders 
Chris Van Sciver 

Cindy Sharpe 
Denise Siler 
Carolyn Smith 
Sarah Snead 
Herbert Spruill 


Pat Starling 
Joseph Stevens 
Pete Stratos 
[oyce Stroud 
lo Suter 

Neil Teague 
Patricia Temple 
David Thomas 
Denise Thompkins 
John Thompson 

Robert Tilton 
Janice Trent 
Cheryl Turner 
Ray Turner 
Carvn Van Pelt 

Mike Vaughan 

Glen Vite 

Debra Wall 

Terry Walter 

Nancy Warren 

Grayson Whitt 

Frank Williams 

Nolan Williams 

James Wilson 

Sandy Wilson 

Kathy Wobus 

Bill Womble 

Patsy Yates 

Robin York 

Debra Young 


Danny Adams 
Johnnie Allen 
)ames H. Andrews 
Sandra W. Arnette 

Danny Arnold 
Debbie Atkins 
Denise Austin 
Dwight Bass 

The End- 
Slow As 
It Was 

Spasms of excitement surge 
through the the veins; for what you 
are not sure. The only surety 
is that it is the end. The end — 
16 years, 17 years, 18 years 
(and even more for some "partic- 
ularly exceptional" students) of 
schooling are now over. Finally 
after all the agony, sweat, 
frustration, laughter, and tears, 
you are through. "No more 
school! No more Elon! Praise 

For many the agony is now 
over and they couldn't be 
happier; but for others it 
leaves a certain sense of pain, 
depression, and fear. For most 
it'll mean no more Bill's or 
the Lighthouse bashes, one to 
seven nights a week; no more 
hell weeks, Greek weeks, jock 

Linda Bartlett 
Warren Berry 

Keith Blackburn 
Mermisteen Blakney 

David W. Bordeaux 
IVlaurice W. Boswell 



Cheryl Bounds 

Warren Bovich 

Donald Len Bowden 

Richard Bradshaw 

Tony Brewer 

Bill Britton 

Jon Brobst 

Donald Buie 

Wendell Bunker 
Charlie Burch 

Sam Burgess 
Molly Burgwyn 

Patty Burney 
Cheryl Butler 

The End — 


raids, panty raids. It means 
no longer running down the hall 
to that special friend who is 
always there. It means saying 
good-bye to friendships and 
relationships that are four 
years old. No longer do you 
have to worry about getting 
back to school soon enough to 
get a parking place. It's no 
more sneaking members of the 
oppostie sex up to your room 
for a little afternoon delight. 
It's the end of a lot of things 
that have been your way of life 
for four years. Now you are 
faced with a new life, a life 
that is full of uncertainties 
and fear. Will you be able to 
get a job after working so long 
for that all powerful degree? 
It is now time to see, for the 
end lurks ominously about; 
around every corner, in empty 
closets, in silent classrooms 


The End 


warm with the air of spring. 
The cluttered hallways, battered 
and splattered and cursed, are 
dry with silence. Suddenly the 
end is really nothing to be 
feared, shunned, cursed and 
avoided; for it is merely an- 
other change in our lives 
something that was there all 
along, slow as it was. 

sr^^l 'V A 

Julian Butler 
Bernard Carr 

Cynthia Cannon 
Peter Charles 

Anne Coble 
Debbie Coutts 
Doug Cox 
Jeff Cox 

Ernestine Clark 
Pam Clark 
Lee Anna Clayton 
Gwendolyn Crawford 

Sue Crawford 
Rick Crittenden 
Lee Cummings 
Bryan Dalton 

Dan Daniel 
Benjamin M. Daves 
Karon DeClark 
Donna DeHart 



Mike DeLuise 
Matthew Desimone 

David Dodd 
Thomas Dodd 

Eva Donahue 

Robert DuVal 

Susie Edwards 

Jimmy Ellis 

Perry Everhart 

Jerry Finch 

Gayle Fishel 

Gary Fitchett 

Jon Fleetwood 
Karen Fox 
Jeff Frazier 
Fredda Fuqua '^S^^ 


Patty Funkhauser 
John Gardner, Jr. 

Tom Gibson 

Jay Grandin 



Becky Gray 

John Gray 

Michael Gray 

Chris Green 

Chuck Griffith 

Marcia Groome 
Candy Gutierrez 
Phyllis Hammer 

Donna J. Hanes 
Wyatt Haney 

William Harman 

Charles J. Harrell 

Craig Harrell 

Kelly Harris 

Pamela Harris ^^^.. 

Brian Harrison 

Mike Hawkins 

Mark Heil 

Nancy Lyn Heil 

Bill Highsmith 

Dana Hill 
Brenda Holland 

Kevin Holland 

Cecil Hudgins 
Michael Hudson 

Janet Humphrey 

Lorie Hunnicutt 

Robbie Hunt 

Caroline Hunter 

Jennifer Hunter 


Vicki Hutchins 
Todd Iddings 
Scott Ingram 
Brooke Irving 
Judy Irving 

Stephen James 
Chris Jernigan 
Chris Jewett 
Edith Johnson 
Mittie Johnson 

Ronnie Johnson 
Charles Jones 
Dacia Jones 
Gib Jones 
Sharon Kavanaugh 

Glen Keator 
Kim Kiger 
John Kincaid 
Randy Koger 
Mike Lambros 

Tim Larson 
Brenda Lasley 
Phillip Lee 
Joey Liberto 
Kemp Liles 

Robbie Little 
Ehzabeth Lloyd 
Bobby Loy 
Donna Magnano 
Christopher Martin 


Harold Massey 
Charlene Mathews 
Maureen McCrossan 
Kathleen McGovern 

Wesley McLaughlin 
Thomas McKinnon 
Art Medlin 
Martha Mitchell Harrell 

Beth Moore 

Clay Moore 

Tim Moore 

Terry Morris 

Helen Morrow 


//" ^^H 

Robin Moser 


Pattie Moxley 



Stephen Murdock 



Randall Murray 



Jackie Myers 



Toni Navarro 


Bob Nazlian 


91 ^L -'^V 


Ginger Neill 

Linda Nelms 

Jane O'Connor 

David Overton 

Donna Ov^en 

Phyllis Owens 

Dale Parrish 

Garv Parrish 

Randall Parrish 
John Pelosky 
Marcia Pendergraph 
Cathy Phelps 

Roger Phillips 
Martha Pittard 
Bonnie Pless 
Joel Poe 

Randall Poythress 
Bonnie Pryce 
Anne Purcell 
Cliff Purvis 


Van Quails 

Sandra Raskin 

Richard Renick 

James Richardson 

G. W. Robertson 

William Douglas Roper 

Ned Ryerson 

Jane Watkins Scott 

Becky Sharpe 

Sam Shaw 

Tom Shaw 

Lynn Shearin 

Michele Skeens 

Steve Slough 

Gail Smith 

Margie Smith 

Rusty Smith 

Donna Sowder 

Belinda Spence 

Karen Spicer 

Gary Spitler 

Lee Steele 

David Stovall 

Janice Summers 

Tom Summers 


Gary Taylor 

Lu Anne Teague Summers 

Connie Templeton 

Bobby Tucker 

Carla Turner 

Lorene Turner 
Debbie Vassilopoulos 
Tommy Vaughn 
Rachel Wagoner 
Wendy Walker 
Annette Wall 
Cathy Watkins 
Ann Washburn 
Jesse Franklin Watts, Jr. 
Brent Whitener 

Beth Whitfield 
Jane Whitfield 
Bridget Whitt 
Chappell Whitt 
Cathy Williams 

Dabney Williams 
Bunky Womble 
Blanche Wrenn 
Nancy Wyrick 
Ann Yenney 






Kathleen Goodwin, Secretary 
Martha Tingen, Secretary 

J. Fred Young, 
President of the College 

James A. Moncure, Vice President 
for Academic and Student Affairs 

Robert C. Baxter, 
Vice President for Legal Affairs 

Alonzo L. Hook. 
Dean Emeritus 


Academic Affairs 

M. Christopher White, 
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 

Jo W. Williams. 
Director of Learning Resources 

Kay Halbert, Secretary; Jo W. Williams; Bob- 
bie Hale. Audio-Visual Technician 

Bob Wicker, 
Director of Audio- Visuals 

David Nichols. Academic Skills Assistant; 
Betty Maness. Director of Academic Skills; 
Cheryl Holt, Academic Skills Instructor, 
(missing. Nan Perkins, Academic Skills 

Seated: Theodore E. Perkins. Librarian; Mattie Lee. Assistant Librarian; Ann Vickers. Catalog Librarian; Guy R. Lambert. 
Associate Librarian. Standing; Eleanor Kittenger; Agnes Reiber; Sheilla Street, Assistant Librarian; Helen Ellis; Katie Wilson; 
Lydia Berry 


Student Affairs 

Bobbie Allnutt, Director of Career Counseling; Linda Roberts, 
Secretary; Jennings Berry, Coordinator of Counseling and Placement 

Larry Barnes, 
Director of Placement 

**^'S';S Sri!! 

Molly Marvin, Assoicate Dean of Housing; Marie Mennis, Secretary; 
Franklin Rhodes, Assoicate Dean of Students 

William G. Long 
Dean of Student Affairs 

Temi Reice, Coordinator of Commuter Students; Stephen Caddell, 
Chaplain; Phillis Hargis, Traffic and Insurance Counselor 

Bill Brown, Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities and Area Coordinator; Julie Lackey, 
160 Director of Intramurals and Area Coordinator; Allice Boleman, Area Coordinator; Bill Sharpe, 
Coordinator of Student Activities 

Vivian Bryan, Mary Jane Salter, Nurses 

Admissions and 
Financial Aid 

Marydell Bright, Coordinator of Admissions and Financial Aid 

Barry Simmons, Director of Financial Aid 
(missing from picture, Janet Leach, Secretary) 

Seated: Marydell Bright; Christine Phillips. Secretary; Cindy Sykes, 
Admission Counselor. Standing: Alfred Hassell, Associate Director of 
Admissions; Wayne Bowery, Admissions Counselor; Barry Bradberry, 
Admissions Counselor 

Jacqueline Matlock, Secretary 

Melvin Shreves, Coordinator of Athletics 

Melvin Shreves; Doris Gilliam, Secretary; Steve Yuskevich 


Institutional Relations 

S. Carlysle Isley 
Director of Institutional Relations 


Tim McDowell 

Director of Public Information 

and Publications 

William Ginn 
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations 

Mary Lib McCauley Tim McDowell; Karon Carroll, Bookkeeper; Lela Faye Rich, Coor- 
Secretary dinator of Foundations Research; Shirley Crawford, Secretary; 

William Ginn 

Doris Maney, Cashier; Karen Hughes, Clerk; 
Sara Dodson, Clerk; Eloise Wilder, Clerk 

^ ^ 


jan Henry, Textbook Secretary; C. Conway 
Bayliff, Campus Shop Manager 

W.E. Butler, Ir. 
Business Manager and Treasurer 

,|g2 Audry Shumar. Clerk; Margaret Clapp, Clerk; Lala Compton, Accountant; Yvelte Bowling, 
Clerk; |o May, Clerk 

Faye Conally, Secretary; Vickie Martin, 

Administrative Services 



Wadeene Sharps, Operator: Joyce Jacobs, 
Operator; Gene Johnson, Director of Com- 
puter Services; Rosemary Brown, Clerk 

Jerri Holloway, Secretary; Virginia 
Johnston, Research Secretary 


Kenneth L. Harper 
Director of Administrative Services 

Ken Hammond, Assistant Registrar; Peggy Moser, Clerk; Jeannine 
Williams, Clerk; Margie Mebane, Secretary 

Physical Plant 

Peggy Barber; Pam Bozeman; JoAnn Haislip; 
Emma Lewis, Director of Secretarial Ser- 
vices; Anna Burns 

Larry B. McCauley, 
Director of Physical Plant 


.» **\\^ 

Hal Laughlin. Plant Engineer; C.S. Coggins; Jimmy Jones 

Jane Farrell; Mary Thomas, Information 
Services Supervisor; Nancy Moore; Arlene 

Rick Watts; 

Warren Jeffreys, 

Foreman of Carpentry. Paint, 

Coy Quakenbush; 
John Tickle 

James Terrell; 

Ken Routh; 

Lloyd Routh, Grounds Foreman; 

Buddy Evans; 

James Newman 

Larry Johnson; 

L. W. Baldwin, Paint Crew 

Calvin Brown; 
(missing; Ted ParkerJ 

Preston Price, Executive House- 
keeper; Lotti Allen; 
Dorothy Boldin; Willie May Boone; 
Alice Bradshaw; Kathleen Enoch; 
Vernice Enoch; James Foust; 
Norma Foust; Bobby Fowler 
Martha Cant; Jessie Ireland; 
Mary Jane Ireland; Vera 
Ireland; Rosie Lee Liggins; 
Archie Long; Miggie Long; 
Pamela McCoUum; Elizabeth 
Miles; Myrtle Paul; Beauleh 
Raiford; Louise Smith; Tom 
Snipes; George Vicent; 
Mike Wade; Ruth Wiley; 
Bellv Wrenn 



Dr. Daniel N. Moury 

Director of Special Institutional Programs 

and AIDP Coordinator 

Ron Klepeyk 
Assistant AIDP Coordinator 

Gail Boone 
Secretary to the AIDP Office 

Food Services 

Howard Southerland 
Director of Food Services 



Supervisor of Mail Services 

We All Knew Him 


■»— ^- \"^^^ 


J. Wesley Alexander 
Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Ralph V. Anderson 
Associate Professor of Economics 

Richard T. Apperson 
Assistant Professor of Music 

Malvin N. Artley 
Professor of Music 

Eloise Baynes 

Assistant Professor 

of Foreign Languages 

Shelby D. Bennett 

Assistant Professor 
of Business Administration 

Robert G. Blake 
Professor of English 

R. Lamar Bland 
Assistant Professor of English 

Edith R. Brannock 
Assistant Professor 
of Home Economics 167 

Dwight D. Brown 

Assistant Professor of 

Physical Education 

janie P. Brown 

Assistant Professor of 

Physical Education 

Stephen W. Caddell 

Assistant Professor 

of Religion; Chaplain 

Mackey Cardin 
Wrestling Coach 

D. Brooks Gates 
Assistant Professor 
of Social Sciences 

Kostas V. Cepas 

Associate Professor 

of Foreign Languages 


Carole F. Chase 

Assistant Professor 

of Religion 

Terrell W. Cofield 

Assistant Professor 

of Music 

Anthony M. Coyne 

Assistant Professor 

of Philosophy 


Edwin L. Daniel 
Associate Professor of Art 

J. Earl Danieley 
Professor of Chemistry 


Robert W. Delp 
Professor of History 

Betty K. Gerow 
Associate Professor of Englisfi 

Russell B. Gill 
Assistant Professor of English 

Seena A. Granowsky 

Assistant Professor 

of Psychology 

Charles D. Harris 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 




1 1 

'*^ ^^H 

1 ^ 


\ ^W 

1 ^ 




Rachel Y. Holt 
Assistant Professor of History 


Clayton E. Johnson 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 





^v/i^ ^ B& 


^1 '*'* ^^Bl. 


^L Wm 




Frances C. Longest 

Associate Professor 

of Business Education 

June M. Looney 

Assistant Professor 

of Psychology 

Betty ]. Maness 
Academic Skills Director 

Frances R. Marlette 

Associate Professor 

of Community Services 

Robert McBee 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 

William R. Miller 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 

C. Fletcher Moore 
Professor of Piano and Organ 

Voigt F. Morgan 
Associate Professor of Biology 


T. William Morningstar 

Assistant Professor 
of Physical Education 

David Nichols 
Academic Skills Instructor 

James H. Overton 
Professor of Religion 

James H. Pace 

Assistant Professor 

of Religion 

John K. Patterson 

Assistant Professor 

of Business Law 

Mary Ellen Priestley 
Professor of English 

William G. Rich 

Assistant Professor 

of Religion 

Allen B. Sanders 

Professor of Business 


Durward T. Stokes 
Professor of History 

John G. Sullivan 

Associate Professor 

of Philosophy 


|erry R. Tolley 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 

James T. Toney 

Associate Professor 

of Economics 

Carole W. Troxler 

Assistant Professor 

of History 




■Bk^ <«^ ^^^^^1 







^P^ ^^^^^H 


P*^i|^ M^^**.^ ^H 


^§ ■ 


\ ■ 

George W. Troxler 

Associate Professor 

of History 

Linda T. Weavil 

Assistant Professor of 

Business Education 

Walter A. Westafer 
Professor of Music 


Alan 1. White 

Associate Professor 

of Physical Education 

lack O. White 
Associate Professor of Music 


Rudolph T. Zarzar 
Assistant Professor 
of Political Science 

SOME of us beat our heads 
against the wall wondering 
why the students are so 
apathetic — maybe they 
need some inspiration . . . 




Gary W. Abies. 924 Hollywood Dr . Chesapeake. Va 23320 

lane M. Ackerman. Ill 76Ih Si , Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

David B- Adams. H17 Berkshire Lane, \'irginia Beach, Va 23451 

Emily A Adams. 96 Nollingham Rd . Ramsey, N | 07446 

N. Dennis Adams. 1314 Eberl St.. Winslon-Salem. N C. 27103 

Sondra T Adams, 2010 Sussex Lane, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27104 

Barhy E- Adcock. Box 74, Roxboro, N C 27573 

Barbara E. Abies, 924 Hollywood Dr , Chesapeake. Va, 23320 

Robin V Adams, 610-D Tucker Si. Apts., Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Garland W. -Adams, 805 Larry Ave , Craham, N.C, 27253 

Steven E Adams. 203 New Caslle Dr , Burlinglon. N.C. 27215 

Daniel D. Adams. Route 7 Box 345. Salisbury, N.C. 2B144 

Robert ¥ Adcock, Route 1, Roxboro, N C. 27573 

Linda K Agee, 1009 Mounlain Rd,, Marlinsville. Va 24112 

David E Akins, 602 Fairfax Dr , Burlington. N.C, 27215 

Benjamin B Allen. 514 Walnut Si , Gary. N.C 27511 

Dehra K Agee. Route 4 Box 38, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Elisa A Agnew. 604 Queensgrove Cl . Virginia Beach, Va, 23452 

Russell W. Airington. 130 St Andrews Rd , Severna Park. Md 21146 

BelsN Sue Alber. 41 School House Dr . Medford, N | 08055 

Laurie Ann .Mcon, Route 2 Box 4, McLeansville, N.C 27301 

Lauren E Alderman. PO Box 113, King, NC 27021 

Marcia E Alderman. L'S Naval Station Box 8, FTO, New York, NY 09540 

Cheri D Alexander. 1405 Gillspur Rd., Richmond. Va. 23233 

Layla D Al-Habib. 504 Goldston Blvd . Sanford. N C. 27330 

Dale E Allen. 208 S St |ohn Si , Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Richard L Alford. 2110 Edgewood Ave. Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Johnnie E, Allen. 233 Norlhmonl Blvd , Danville. Va 24541 

Lorraine M, Allen. 207 Shannon Dr , Graham, N C 27253 

Neil Byron All. 7136 Slone Min Rd SW, Roanoke. Va, 24018 

Fullon C. Allen Jr.. 107 Saybrook Circle, Wadesboro, NC 28170 

George) Allen, 219 Hamillon Rd , Marllon, N] 08053 

Mitchell \. Allen |r„ P O Box 832. Creedmoor. NC 27522 

Charles S Alberson, 2317 New Orleans Si . Greensboro. N C 27406 

David G Allison, 1345 Rockwood Ave . Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Roberl Lee Allison. 412 Webb St , Mebane, N C 27302 

Charles E. -Mslon. 733 Chandler Ave , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

John W Alston, Roule 3 Box 4B-A, Pittsboro, N C 27312 

Harvey L. AlUce. 415 Overland Ave , Marlinsville, Va 24112 

Mary P Althouse, 1212 Orchard Circle. Sahsbury, Md 21801 

Richard J Amendola, 28 Fairlawn St , Rye, NY 10580 

Conslance Ames. 622 Windemere Rd , Newport News, Va 23602 

John Gray Amick. Roule 10 Box 399, Burlington. N C 27215 

Sue H Amos. 808 Cedar Lane. Graham, N.C. 27253 

Andrea L, Andersen. 3008 Mayview Place, Virginia Beach, Va 23452 

Gregory L .\nderson. Roule 4 Box 249, Burlinglon, N.C, 27215 

Pamela S Anderson. 1325 Willowwood Dr , Norfolk. Va. 23S09 

Ronn I Anderson. Box 503. Advance, N C 27006 

Virginia M. Anderson, 1405 Cooper Circle, Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

Jane V Andrew. Roule 1 Box 167. Snow Camp N C 27349 

Douglas B. Andrews. 1023 Greystone Rd , Asheboro. N.C 27203 

James H Andrews. Roule 8 Box 365, Burlington. N C 27215 

Sandra K. -instead, ''r Oxford Orphanage, Oxford. NC, 27565 

Bernard W, Apple. 439 Circle Dr.. Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Barry W Apple. 333 W Harden St.. Burlinglon, N.C. 27215 

Rhonda D Apple. Route 10 Box 3S4. Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Patricia K Arehart, Route 1 Box 197-T, Eden, N.C 2728B 

O Medina Armstrong, Roule 11 Box 172, Fayelleville. NC 28304 

Sandra W Arnelte, Box 402, Graham, N C 27253 

Stephen W Arnetle. PO Box 972 Elon College, NC 27244 

Daniel R, Arnold, 117 Sunrise Ave . Marlinsville, Va 24112 

Malvin N .Artley, P O Box 865, Elon College, NC 27244 

Nathan .M Arlley, PO Box 865, Elon College. N C. 27244 

Gilherl C. Ashley Jr.. 2806 Lenoir Dr , Greensboro, N C 27408 

Helen E, ,'\shworlh. Route 2 Box 381, Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Martha L .■\skew, Roule 1 Box 159, Eure, N C 27935 

Ronald W .-Vshmore, 9407 Point O Woods Dr., Charlolle, N C 28216 

Kandus L Arthur. 100 Old Forge Rd , Forest, Va 24551 

Deborah Gail Atkins. Route 1 Box 26, Green Bay, Va 23842 

John R Atkinson. 3070 Prytania Rd. NW, Winslon-Salem. N C 27106 

Mark R. Atkins. 159 Meadowlark Rd , Ml Airy, N C 27030 

George S Alkins. 159 Meadowlark Rd , Ml Airy. NC 27030 

Ansis E Aumalis. 128 Westiview Dr., Elon College, N.C 27244 

Georgia D Austin. Roule 1 Box 643. Wingate, N C. 28174 

Roy B ,^very, PO Box 61104, Raleigh, NC 27611 

David R Avery. PO Box 61104, Raleigh, N C 27661 

Karen E Avery, 8 Meeker Rd . West Port, Cl 06880 

Donna P Avers, 2021 Tennyson Dr , Greensboro. N C 27410 

Mark S. Ayala. 3827 Sylvan Dr , Wilmington. N C 28401 

Nuha Mustafa Babaa. Ministry of Ele & Water. Kuwaii, Arabia 

Shafika K, Babaa. Route 3 Box 406A. Elon College, N C. 27244 

Ghassan M Uabaa. Roule 3 Box 406-A, Elon College, NC. 27244 

James M Baddour. PO Box 1794. Laurinburg, N.C 28352 

Gene E Badgell. 310 NW Market Si . Reidsville, N C 27320 

Danny C, Bagbey, Roule 1 Box 105, Nelson, Va 24580 

Douglas W. Bagley, Route 6 Box 4, Elizabeth City. N C 27909 

Robin C, Bailey, 627-CW Front St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Walter A. Baldwin. 812 Grove Park, Tampa. Fl 33609 

David Allen Bankston. 109 White Oak Ct , Ashland, Ky 41101 

Marian C, Banner. 205 Irving Place, Greensboro, N C 27408 

Curlis ¥ Harden, 4410 Deborah Ct «, Chesapeake, Va 23321 

Samuel V, Barefoot, 408 Fletcher Dr . Raleigh, N C 27603 

Mona G Bareford. 530 Earl St , Tappahannock. Va 22560 

John T Barham. 1203 Mountain Rd , Asheboro, N C. 27203 

Avie C Barilovits. Rt 2 Box 1405, Taylor Rd , Auburndale, Fl 33823 

Catherine E. Barker. Route 2 Box 117, Elon College. N C 27244 

Laurie K. Barrell, Route 2 Box 136, Graham. N C 27253 

Gale Ann Barrel!, 4936 N 33rd St , Arlington, Va 22207 

Marie L Barrett, 1109 Moseley Dr , Lynchburg. Va 24502 

Melissa J. Barrow. 5609 Partridge Lane, Raleigh, N C 27609 

Linda C, Bartlell. Rl 7 Box 459, Abingdon, Va 24210 

JayneL, Bartholomew, 3811 Ivydale Dr , Annandale. Va 22003 

Kathi Lyn Barllett. Route 5 Box 515-B, Roanoke, Va 24014 

Timothy M. Barlolomeo. 12810 Beaverdale Lane, Bowie. Md 20715 

Deborah A Barnes. 1425 Ashley Dr , Virginia Beach. Va 23454 

Paul I Baschon. 5500 Beaumoni Dr., Durham, N C 27707 

Phil Baskerville, 906 Willow Rd , Greensboro. N.C 27401 

James C. Basnighl, 2624 Broad Bay Rd,, Virginia Beach, Va 234S1 

Ricky C, Bason, 4615 Hilltop Rd , Greensboro. N.C 27407 

Danny Bats. Roule 4, Box 354, Ml Olive, NC 28365 

Wilton A, Bas*. P O Box 441, Clarksville, Va, 23927 

Fred O, Bates IM. 4523 Revere Dr , Raleigh, N.C. 27609 

Jennifer H. Batson. Rt 3 Old Plantation, Travelers Rest, SC 29690 

Karen S. Bauldlng, 609 Crestview Dr., Burlinglon, N C 27215 

John C. Baxter. P O. Box 755. Elon College. N.C 27244 

Jefferson D, Balls. 624 Biscayne Dr , W Palm Beach, Fl, 33408 

India M, Beal. 2202 Marston Rd,, Greensboro. N.C 27408 

John C Beall. 2116 Ross Rd , Richmond, Va 23229 

Paul D, Beck, Route 3 Box 564, Trinity, N C 27370 

Timothy W Beck. Roule 3, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

Alfred L Bell lil. 2036 Nottingham Lane, Burlinglon. N.C, 27215 

Joseph W Bell. 2405 Bywood Rd , Greensboro, N C 27405 

Philip T Bell. :;il36 Nottingham Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 

Charles L Benedict Ml. Woods End Rd , Rutherfordlon. NC 28139 

Charles B, Bennett. Roule 3 Box 359D-1. Mount Airy. N C, 27030 

Deborah A. Bennett. 415 Hyde St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Debra L Bennett. 3417 W Ridge Rd SW Roanoke Va 24014 

Jill Ann Bennett, Route 7 Box 1003, Greensboro, NC 27407 

George H Benolken. Roule 1 Box 338 Elon College. N C 27244 

Philip W. Benton, 208 Markham Si , Burlingtcn, N C 27215 

Steven G Berry, 1708 Arrowhead Dr , Durham, N C 27705 

) Warren Berry. Box 906, Elon College, NC 27244 

Thomas W Berry, 1829 Front St C-3. Durham. N C, 27705 

) Warren Berry. Box 906, Elon College, N C 27244 

Lee W Berryman, 6003 Thomas Dr , Springfield, Va 22150 

Deborah H Beverly. Rt 1 Penseroso Acres, Pittsboro. NC, 27312 

Elizabeth S Bias, 3344 Christian Ave NW, Roanoke, Va 24012 

John P. Bickenbach. 701 Suffolk Circle. Virginia Beach, Va 23452 

C. Elizabeth Bishop. 533 San Servando. Coral Cables, Fl 33143 

Nancy R Bishop. Route 12 Box 668, Greensboro. N.C 27406 

Neil B Bishop. 2630 Pickett Rd , Durham, N C 27705 

Elizabeth A Bivens. 215 Greenside Dr , Greensboro, NC 27406 

Clyde E. Black. Ill, 1928 Holland Ave , Burlinglon. N C. 27215 

Frederick E. Black. 4103 Deepwood Circle, Durham, N.C 27707 

David G. Black. 315 Turner Dr . Reidsville. N C 27320 

jeanene L. Black. Route 4, Mebane, N C 27302 

R Perry Black. 4103 Deepwood Circle, Durham, N C 27707 

Thomas H Blackard. Jr.. Roule 1 Box 17, Semora, N C 27343 

Chadwick. K Blackburn. 550 New Garden Rd . Wmston-Salem, N C 27107 

Vickie C Blackwell, PO Box 521, Yanceyville, NC 27379 

Marianne N, Blair, Box 114, Fork Union, Va 23055 

Charles T Blake. Roule 8 Box 140, Raleigh, N C 27612 

Michael A Blake. 105 Dryden Lane. Durham, N C 27713 

Vlermisleen Blakney. 113 Booker St., Wingale. N C 28174 

Hassel T Blalock. Box 82. Roxboro. N C, 27573 

Vicki L Blankenship. Route 5, Box 377-A, Martinsville, Va 24112 

Patricia [o Boggs. 1702 Seventh St , Portsmouth, Oh 45662 

Charles R Boland, 2408 Trail 3, Burlington, NC 27215 

Daniel P Boland. 823 Pebble Dr , Greensboro, NC 27410 

Rebecca S, Bolick, 1208 Rockwood Ave , Burlinglon. N.C. 27215 

Catherine B Bondurant, Box 275 Bedford Hills, Earlysville. Va. 22936 

Alfred A. Bongay. 307 Coal Chute Rd , Glen Raven, N C. 27215 

Kathleen H. Boone. 10219 Ridgemoor Dr , Silver Spring, Md 20901 

Pamela O. Boone. 1523 Melody Lane, Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Edith I Booth. 675 New York Ave . Harrisonburg, Va 22801 

David W Bordeaux, 3125 Stanford Dr , Durham, N C 27707 

Richard M Bordone. 4509 Wishart Rd . Virginia Beach. Va 23455 

Phillip L. Bolton, PO Box 1016, Elon College, NC 27244 

Julia M. Boswell. 505 Morgan Creek Rd . Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

Maurice W Boswell. PO Box 4161, Glen Raven, NC 27215 

Cheryl C Bounds. 124 Garrett Or , Hampton, Va 23669 

Gregory C. Bovich. 15 Sunset Rd , Bayshore, N Y 11706 

Warren F Bovich. 15 Sunset Rd , Bayshore, N Y 11706 

Donald Len Bowden. 207 Random Lane, Burlinglon. NC, 27215 

Ronald K Bowden. 207 Random Lane, Burlinglon, NC, 27215 

Harold D Bowden, 211 Laurel Hill Dr , Burlington. N.C 27215 

Lisa Ann Bowen. 206 Dogwood Lane, Bluefield, Va 24605 

Connie L Bowers. 410 Union Heights Blvd , Salisbury, N C. 28144 

Wanda O Bowes, Roule 4. Box 327 B-4. Roxboro. N C. 27573 

Jeffrey M, Bowland, 236 Bryan St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Lon Banks Bowland, 238 Bryan St , Burlinglon. N C, 27215 

Jeffery E Bowling. P Box 426, Pittsboro, N C 27312 

Charlie C. Bowman, 222 Lorraine Or , Winston-Salem. N C, 27107 

William M Bowman, Roule 4 Box 386, Burlington, N C 2721S 

Floyd T Boyce, Jr.. 3525 Cotillion Ave. Charlolle, NC 28210 

William C. Boyce, III. Lansdown Dr. Durham, NC 27712 

Douglas W Bradburn, 111 Monlree Ct . Graham, N C 27253 

Lisa K Bradley, 2102 Allison Ct , Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Richard C Bradshaw. 1712 Five Forks Rd , Virginia Beach, Va, 23455 

Roberl E. Brandenburg. Box 471 Pearl Si , Rising Sun, Md 21911 

C Lawrence Brandenburg, Pearl St , Rising Sun, Md 21911 

Harry R Brandon, Route 5 Box 42, Roxboro, N C 27573 

Gary L, Brant, Jr , 912 Allen Dr . Winchester, Va 22601 

Brenda ). Brantley, 1933 Malone Rd , Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Joseph C. Braswell, 2303 Barrymore Ave , Durham, N C, 27705 

Paula D. Bratcher. Roule 1 Box 428. Trenton, N C 28560 

Roxie S. Bralton, Roule 1 Box 38, Catawba, Va 24070 

Margaret A. Brazzell. Roule 2 Box 53-A. Pomaria. S C 29126 

Susan J. Breda. 3905 Oakcliffe Road, Greensboro. NC 27406 

Christopher j Bresnahan, 6401 Randolph Rd , Washington. DC 20023 

Allison R, Brewer. 216 Sweelbnar Dr , Richmond, Va 23233 

Toney F Brewer. Route 1 Box 495, Haw River, N C 27258 

Christopher C Bridgers. 3102 Old Salisbury Rd , Winslon-Salem. N C 271(i 

Patricia L, Briggs, 512 Oakwood Lane. Graham, N C 27253 

Heidi B Briner, 11904 Reynolds Ave,. Potomac, Md 20854 

Michael A Briltan, 5228 Pleasant Hall Dr , Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

William | Brillon. 3148 Sand Pine Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

Jonathan T Brobsl, 5932 Blackhorse Lane, Roanoke, Va, 24018 

Deborah L Brock, 1203 Cypress Dr , Reidsville, N C 27320 

Benjamin T Brooks. Roule 6 Box 217, Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Brenda L. Brouillelte, llOLongview St , Palmer. Ma 01069 

Carol |. Brown, 1609 Milan Rd , Greensboro, N C 27410 

Bruce K. Brown. 200 Royal Ave , Lexington. N C 27292 

Donovan A Brown. 26 Davison Ave . Brick Town, N [. 08723 

Barbara S, Brown, 201 Sidney Dr , Burlington. NC 27215 

David I Brown. 3913 LaGrange Dr. Greensboro, NC 27406 

David J. Brown. 624 Virginius Dr. Virginia Beach. Va 23452 

Michael J Brown. 2534 Amesbury Rd , Winston-Salem. N C 27103 

Janice N Brown. 1609 Milan Rd , Greensboro. N C 27410 

Kathy B. Brown. Roule 3 Box 2, Pillsboro, N C 27312 

Douglas R Browne. 3401 Normandy Rd , Greensboro, N C 27406 

Hilda W Brown. 1436 Duggins Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Larry D Brown, 1219 AIco St . Graham, N C 27253 

Michael L, Brown. Roule 6 Box 337-C. Winslon-Salem. N C 27107 

Charles S Brown. Box 127, Mocksville, N C 27028 

Daphne J Brown, 1413 Pisgah Church, Greensboro, N C 27408 

David C. Brown. 825 TremonI Si , Troy, N C. 27371 

Larry Jackson Brown, Route 1 Box 158. Burlington, N C 27215 

Rhonda |. Brown. 4108 Oak Park Rd . Raleigh, N C 27612 

Kerrii M, Brown. Roule 1 Box 330, Elon College, NC 27244 

WilHamG Brown. 1708 Highview St , Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Susan Kay Brown. Route 2 Box 215, McLeansville, N C 27301 

Richard S. Brown, 532 Ebb Place. Charlotte. N C. 28210 

CaH D. Bryant. 2725 Slralford Dr., Greensboro. N C. 27408 

Kevin A. Bryant. 353 Buna Rd , Fl Lee. Vu 23801 

Robert W, Bryant, 211 Carver Si , Durham. N C 27704 

Teresa L, Bryant. Roule 3, Burlinglon, N C, 27215 

Danny R Buchanan. Box 31, Falls Mills. Va 24613 

Sylvia A Buckner. P O Box 103, Mebane, N C 27302 

Timothy E, Buffington. 2736 Woodbury Dr , Burlinglon, N.C 27215 

Charles G. Buie. 111. 700 Morrison Lane, Laurinburg, NC, 28352 

Donald R, Buie. Roule 3. Box 704-A, Red Springs, N.C 28377 

William E. Bulen. |r,, 237 Vivian Dr , Fayetteville. N C. 28301 

Elizabeth N. Bullard, Roule2, River Rd . Richmond, Va. 23233 

Susie H, Bullard, Forest Lake, Mebane, N.C. 27302 

David R, Burch. Route 8 Box 140, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Charlie T. Burch. 3834 Ellenwood Place, Charlolle, N C 28210 

Diane E. Burchfield, 6209 Stoneham Rd , Bethesda, Md 20034 

Frank ], Burchfield, Jr., 6209 Stoneham Rd . Bethesda, Md, 20034 

Samuel A Burgess. i506 Kennon Rd., Garner, N C 27529 

Margaret S Burkharl. Route 6 Box 425, Lexington, NC 27292 

Wendell S Bunker. PO Box 386, Ronda, NC 28670 

Mary R Burgwyn.PO Box 418, Woodland, NC 27897 

Bonnie J Burke, "15 Powell Dr , Raleigh. N C 27606 

Edward T Burke, 321 Morton St , Asheboro, N C 27203 

Ruth E Buraell, 2520 W Club Blvd . Durham, N C 27705 

Juanila F Burnelle. Route 1 Box 533. Graham. N.C. 272S3 

Bryan D, Burney, 432 Crescent Ave , Burlinglon, N C, 27215 

Patty M. Burney, 80S Ross St.. Burlinglon, N C, 27215 

C. Marie Burns. Route 1 Box 122-B. Burlington, N C. 27215 

Beverly S. Burroughs. 7317 Pinecaslle Rd , Falls Church, Va 22043 

Belly L Burton, 8408 Buckhannon Dr . Potomac, Md 20854 

Carolyn L. Burton, 600 Mendel Terrace. Graham, N C 27253 

Richard F Burlon. 812 Bowerwood, Thomasville, N C 27360 

Cheryl A. Butler. 4721 Pickett Rd , Fairfax, Va 22030 

Karen M Butler, 4A College Towne Apis , Elon College, N C, 27244 

Kathleen J Butler, Russell Mill Rd Swedesburo. N.j 08085 

James E, Butler, lU, 708 Jones St , Suffolk, Va 23434 

Julian B Butler, Route 2 Box 143, Liberty. N C 27298 

Stanley E, Butler, 4A College Towne Apts , Elon College, N C 27244 

Donna L, Butts. 58 Pine Dr , Roanoke Rapids, N C 27870 

Elisabeth V, Bynum, 1126 G Si , New Bern, N C 28560 

Richard Lee Byrd, Route o Box 166, Martinsville, Va. 24112 

Sherryl L Byrd. Route 1 Wayah Rd , Franklin. N C, 28734 

Brian K, Byrd, 216 Weslmore Dr , Danville, Va 24541 

Robert K. Byrd, Jr., 1017 Briarcliff Rd , Burlinglon, N C 27215 

John E. Byrider, Jr, 8331 Trabue Rd , Richmond, Va 23235 

Marilyn L. Byrum, 4300 Slarmount Dr , Greensboro,- NC. 27410 

Catherine C. Cable, PO Box 117, Mebane, NC 27302 

Dee Wanna Cable, 209 Delafield Ave , Durham, N C 27704 

Martha J. Cagle. 209 Wrenn Ave , Ml Airy. N C 27030 

Irene C Caicedo, Rl 1. '"V Robert Kinlon. Fuquary-Varina, N C 27527 

Michael [. Cain. 2808 Northfields Rd , Charlottesville, Va 22901 

Vanessa L. Caid. 503 Marline Rd , Fayelleville, NC 28305 

Cynthia Lee Cain. 419 Springwood Rd . Ashboro. N C 27203 

Leslie E. Gammer, 648 Christopher Rd . Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

Daniel M, Campbell, PO Box 182, Ruslburg, Va 24588 

Claire I Campbell, 2222 Canterbury, Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 

Kirk M, Campbell. 1503 Meadowview Lane, Martinsville, Va, 24112 

Pamela D Campbell, Roule 3 Box 195. Trimly, N.C. 27370 

Cathy M. Cannady, 5508 Kingwood Dr , Raleigh, N C, 27609 

Cynlhia D Cannon. 124 Avery Crescent. Newport News, Va 23606 

Susan T, Ganlrell. 15 Penarth Rd , Bala-Cynwyd, Pa 19004 

Paul R. Capone, 191 St Nicholas Ave , Brooklyn. NY 11237 

Martin Van Capps. 415 Arlington Ave , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Ronnie D Gardwell, 2006-H Sloneyhrook Dr , High Point, N C, 27260 

Stephen E. Carlin. 117 Lamb St , Fayelleville. N C 28305 

Leon A Carlisle. 200 Horseshoe Dr,. Goldsboro. N C 27530 

Willard L. Carlton. 902 Raleigh Rd . Clinlon, N.C 28328 

Mark B Carmack, 1469 Dermott Ave,, Virginia Beach. Va 23455 

Bruce F Carr, 10310 Shiloh St . Fairfax, Va 22030 

Bernard B. Carr. 732 Village Rd , Charlottesville, Va 22903 

Charlie T. Carringlon, Roule 1 Box 338, Wake Forest, N C 27587 

Martha L, Carroll, 510 Chub Lake Rd , Roxboro. N C 27573 

Mary C, Carroll, 106 Railroad St . Oxford. N C 27565 

David R. Carter, 1425 Carolyn Dr , Virginia Beach. Va 23451 

George T. Carter, 36 Harpersville Rd , Newporl News, Va 23601 

John D, Carter. Roule 8 Box 477, Reidsville. NC 27320 

Charles F Carter. II, PO Box 545, Liberty, NC 27298 

John T, Carter, i6 Beechnut Lane, Martinsville. Va 24112 

Steven L, Carter. 1259 Forest Lawn Dr , Salem, Va 24153 

Carolyn E. Carler. 704 Robinhood Rd , Reidsville. N C 27320 

Elheldred B Carter. PO Box 66, Newsoms, Va 23874 

Patricia C. Carter. Route 4 Box 378. Mebane, N C 27302 

Teresa Ann Carter, Roule 1 Box 375, Elon College, NC 27244 

Donald S Carver. Jr.. Route 1 Box 25, Prospect Hill, NC 27314 

Richard L. Carver. Roule 1. Roxboro, N C. 27573 

Susan B Carver, 621 Racheal Lane #4, Roxboro. N C, 27573 

Billy K. Cash. 6843 Rollingwood Dr , Clemmons, N C. 27012 

Celia A, Casey. 605 Banks Ave , Goldsboro, N C 27530 

Corwin C. Casey, 722 Crystal Dr , Salem, Va 24153 

Penny Sue Cashion, 801-7lh Si , N Wilkesboro. NC 28659 

Samuel L. Caskey. P O Box 94, High Point, N.C 27261 

Myra Gates, P O Box 489, Haw River, N C 27258 

Karlhy Van Gates, Rt 7 Box 552, Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Anthony F. Calhey, 1214 Alco Si , Graham, N C 27253 

Sarah N Gates, 112 W Union Si . Hillsborough. N C 27278 

Donna S, Causey, 520 Poplar Ave, Westminster, Md 21157 

Amy F, Cavedo, 9303 Venetian Way, Richmond, Va 23229 

Pamela D. Gaviness. 1506 S Tremont Dr , Asheboro. N C 27203 

James Cea. 208 Kyle Rd , Winston-Salem, N C 27104 

Paul G, Chaconas, Roule 1 Box 317-AA. Millsboro, De 19966 

Don W. Chandler. Route 4 Box 364. Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Peggy S. GhappeU, Roule 1 Box 728, Halifax. Va 24558 

John M Charles, PO Box 8163, Camp Leieune, NC 2B542 

Peter J, Charles. Kailahun District, Sierra Leone. W Air 

Thomas R. Chase, Box 455, Franklin, N C 28734 

Kenneth R Ghavls. 2013 Phoebe Dr , Greensboro, N C 27403 

Michael W Chavis. Route 1 Box 163. Pembroke, N C 28372 

Thomas F Ghavis. Roule 3 Box 232-A, Maxton, N C 28364 

Patricia [ Cherry, 452 E Planlalion Rd . Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

C, Fred Chick, Jr.. P O Box 6711, Greensboro, N C, 27405 

Timothy L, Childress, 336 Park Ave , Sanford, N C 27330 

Andy N. Childress. 336 Park Ave, Sanford, NC 27330 

Cheryl A. Chilton. Roule 1, Bennett, N C 27208 

David K. Ghristlanson, 2407 Alisler Dr , Wilmington, De 19808 

Gandice D, Ghrlsmon, 1107 Knollwood Dr , Apex, N C 27502 

Anna M, Christie, 27th Atlantic Idlewhyle, Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

Chris L Christopher, Roule 7 Box 459, Burlington. N C 27215 

Carol A. ChudLna, Roule 3 Box 208. Bluefield, Vb. 24805 

Russell L. Citly, 711 Russell Ave,. Reidsville. N.C, 27320 

Kathy Ann Clapp. 522 Oakwood Lane. Graham. N C 27253 

C Dawn Clark, 2642 Ever|<reen Lane. Burlinglon, N C 27215 

David L- Clark, 104 Lakeview Dr . Lenoir, N C 26645 

Cherie )o Clark. 3528 Cornell Rd . Fairfax, Va 22030 

Elizabelh D. Clark. 425 Williamsboro St , Oxford, NC. 27565 

Ernestine Clark, Roule 1 Box 254, Scotland Neck, NC. 27674 

Linda C. Clark, Roule 2 Box 352.A, Burlington, N-C- 27215 

Marlha A Clark, 25 W 324 Concord Rd., Naperville, II. 60540 

Pamela R Clark. 1123 Meadowlawn Ave., High Point. NC. 27260 

Sharon K, Clark, Rl 3, Box 178, Pillsboro, N C 27312 

William J. Clark. 744 Park Ave , MocksviUe, N C 27028 

Valerie L. Clark, 816 Meadovwiew Rd , Greensboro, NC 27406 

Margrel Claud. 117 Willway Dr , Manakin. Va 23103 

George W. Clayton. Jr. Roule 7 Box 307-A, Danville, Va 24541 

Lee Anne Clayton. Route 1 Box 106, Providence, NC. 27315 

Mark M, Clayton. Route 4 Box 362. Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Doris D. Cleary. 1612 W Front Si , Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Charles S. Clendenin. 4116 Groometown Rd , Greensboro, NC 27407 

Martha S. Clodfelter. 334 Strickland Ave , Winslon-Salem. NC 27107 

Eva Karen Clifton, Route 2 Box 403, Graham, N G 27253 

David L. Glowers. 2635 Dudley Si , Winslon-Salem, N C 27107 

Michael L Clyburn, Route 1 Box 702. Haw River. N C, 27256 

Susan T. Cobble. 2509 May Dr , Burlinglon. N C, 27215 

Anne L, Coble. 324 Robin Hood Rd , Greenville, S.C. 29607 

lames E. Coble. 736-G Shawnee, Burlington, N C 27215 

John R- Coble. 820 Central Ave . Burlinglon, N C- 27215 

lames H Coble, Roule 4 Box 451. Mebane, N C 27302 

Teresa L, Coble. 936 Brenlwood Dr.. Burlington. N.G. 27215 

Robert L- Cody, 109 Macwood Dr.. Durham. N C. 27705 

Henry H. Coffield. PO Box 495, High Poinl. N C 27261 

Lynnetle H. Cogle. 315 Norwood Dr , Colonial Heights, Va 23834 

Donald W Colclough. 1805 Six Gables Rd , Durham. N G 27705 

Kim W Cockerham. 5600 Novack St , Winslon-Salem. NC. 27105 

Charise | Cole. 319 Cheek Lane, Graham. N C 27253 

Kalherine H Cole, 10339 Cherokee Rd . Richmond, Va 23235 

Pamela L. Cole. 626 Riely Ave , South Boston, Va. 24592 

Vickie L. Cole. PO Box 209, Haw River, NC 27258 

Raymond H. Coleman. 1411 N Sellars Mill Rd , Burlington. N C 27215 

Kimberly C Coley, 1201 Hunting Ridge Rd , Raleigh, NC 27609 

Thomas A. Colombrilo, 3e6-A Golfview Rd . N Palm Beach, Fl 33408 

Thomas P Colpo, 5 Poplar Ave , Newark, De 19711 

Karen L. Coltren, 725 Forest Dr , Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Christy A. Colquitt. 9902 Harrogale Rd , Belhesda. Md 20034 

Bryant M. Colson, 304-H Avalon Rd , Greensboro, NC 27401 

Larry C. Colson, 2003 Random Dr . Greensboro. N C. 27407 

Janet L. Combs. 5119 Pineway Dr , Durham. N C 27705 

Alfred R,Coningsby.m. 1593 NE48lhGt, Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33334 

Michael O. Connelly, 1596 Mulberry Rd #8, Martinsville, Va 24112 

Dale G, Conner. Route 3 Box 507. Roanoke Rapids. NC. 27870 

David E. Cook, 202 Prince St . Tabor Gily. NC 28463 

Sara M Conroy 105— 19lh St . Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

Wylhene W. Conyers. Route 7 Box 332, Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Jerry T. Cook. Roule 2 Box 189. Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Marian L. Cook. 2309 Carpenter Rd , Durham, N C 27704 

Jane M. Cooper. Route 1 Box 223-AA, Burlington, N C 27215 

Stephen A, Coor. 5800 Mornmgside Dr. Richmond, Va 23226 

Esther M. Corbetl. Route? Box 116, Burlinglon, N C 27215 

S. Randall Cornelison, 1541 Thornsdale Dr , Asheboro, NC. 27203 

Martin L. Cornick, 6433 Eleanor Ct . Norfolk, Va 23508 

Stephen J. Corpenlng. Roule 5 Box 614, Morganton, N C 28655 

Robert F Coslin, 429 Wayne Dr , Wilmington, NC 28401 

Merrick L. Counsell, P O Box 1065. Manchester Ctr, Vt. 05255 

Deborah Lee Coutts, 1408 Coronet Dr , Richmond, Va 23229 

Catherine B, Covington. 507 E Markham Ave , Durham. NC 27701 

Michael L. Cox. 1663 Mountain Hgts. Dr., Salem. Va. 24153 

David S. Cox, 4841 Oak Rd . Salem, Va 24153 

Donna K. Cox, Route 1 Box 273. Leasburg, N C, 27291 

Jeffrey D, Cox, Route 6 Box 374, Marlinsville, Va, 24112 

David J, Cox, 4100 N OHenry Blvd , Greensboro, NC 27405 

David A. Cox. Box 106, Wingate, N C 28174 

Robert L. Covington, Box 2336, Sanford, N C 27330 

Kate C. Cox. Route 3 Box 146, Burlinglon. NC 27215 

Douglas H. Cox. 31-G Brookwood Garden, Burlington. N. G 27215 

Kenneth E. Cox, Route 1 Box 221. Sneads Ferry. N C 28460 

David R. Grafton, 25402 Thistewaile Dr , Spring, Tx 77373 

Dale M- Graft. 4409 Drexel Dr , Raleigh, N C 27609 

Alonzo Craig, 1111 Chestnut Si , Wilmington, NC 28401 

Robert D. Craig, 174 SE Ist St.. Satellite Beach. Fl 32937 

William W Cravens. 27 Rebecca Rd , Canton, Ma 02021 

Ida Sue Crawford, Roule 1 Box 505. Haw River, N C. 27258 

Gwendolyn D. Crawford, Route 5 Box 164, Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Charles D Crenshaw. 2812 Wagner Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Cathy L- Crawford, 4415 Harford Circle. Roanoke, Va 24012 

Mark D. Crawmer. Route 5 Box 412. Wilmington. N C 28401 

Cathy A. Crilcher, Route 3 Box 125, Oxford, N C. 27656 

Richard A. Crittenden. Ir. 800 Arlington Circle, Richmond, Va 23229 

Carter B, Crittenden. 800 Arlington Circle, Richmond, Va 23229 

Roberl C. Cromer, Route 2 Box 972, Franklin, N C 28734 

Susan E. Cromplon. 95 Ambar Place. Bernardsville, N ] 07924 

Terri R. Cromer. 5221 Sharon Dr , Virginia Beach. Va 23462 

Barbara M Crook. PO Box 674, Elon College, NC 27244 

Elizabeth H Crosby. 307 Fisher St , Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Joseph T Crosswhile, 476 Southside Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

Kevin L. Crowder, P O Box 9. Bracey, Va 23919 

Harriet S. Crown, 411 Elmwood Ave , Lynchburg, Va 24503 

Gary C. Crum, 12808 Beechwood Ct , Raleigh, N C 27614 

Keith E, Crumplon. Route 8 Box 67. Burlinglon, N G 27215 

Palsy G Crute, Route 2 Box 35. Virgilina, Va 24598 

Kimberly D, Culberson, Roule 1 Box 257, Mebane, NC 27302 

Charles I Cullens. 204 Hathaway St , Elizabelh Cily. N C 27909 

Nancy L. Cummings, Box 546. Liberty, N C 27298 

Milton M. Cummings. Route 2 Box 446-A, Pembroke, N G 28372 

Cynthia R, Currin. 302 Harris St , Oxford. N G 27565 

Michael A. Currin, 319 Forest Rd , Oxford. NC, 27565 

Joe C. Curtis, ID. 1652 Tallwood Si., Norfolk. Va. 23518 

Timothy E. Dallas, Route 1. Blairs, Va 24527 

Alan Lee Dallon, Route 8 Box 197-M. Burlington. N C 27215 

Bryan F. Dallon, Route 6 Box 197-M. Burlington, N G 27215 

Frank D. Dallon, |r.. Roule 2 Box 257, Walnut Cove. N C. 27052 

lames A. Dambrosio. 206 Quail Run. Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Charles N. Daniel. 500 Linden Ave , Oxford, N C 27565 

[o Anne Daniel. Route 1 Box 155-A, Nelson. Va 24580 

Lee Ann Daniel. Roule 1 Box 508, Yanceyville, NC. 27379 

Ralph M, Daniel. |r. Route 2. Chatham, Va 24531 

Kimberly A Darby. 1905 Sedgefield Dr . Kinston. N G 28501 

Benjamin M. Daves. 2606 Dominion Si , Durham. N C, 27704 

Curtis F. Davis, Route 3 Box 303. Graham, N C 27253 

Michael F. Davis, Route 1 Box 603. Sophia, N C 27350 

Ronald L. Davis. 724 W Sycamore Si , Chase Gily, Va 23924 

lames D. Davis, Jr., 205 Delight Dr , [acksonville. N C 28540 

Pamela Sue Davis, 1201 Oxford Rd . Roxboro, N C 27573 

TerrieL. Davis. 413 North Broad Si .Suffolk, Va, 23434 

Terry L. Davis. 100 North Sixth St,. Mebane, N C 27302 

Kathleen Ann Day. 42 Randolph Ave , Randolph, Vl 05060 

William W, Day,. 8903 Bellefonte Rd,. Richmond, Va, 23229 

Michael E Day. P O. Box 16 Riverdale. South Boston. Va. 24592 

leffery A. Dean, Roule 1 Box 157-A. Elon College. NC, 27244 

David L. DeClark, 5425 Inverchapel Rd , Springfield, Va 22151 

Karon L. DeClark, 5425 Inverchapel Rd , Springfield, Va 22151 

Jane W, DeGraaf, 134 Catalan Blvd NE, Si Petersburg. Fl, 33704 

Donna M, DeHart, 4343 Cresthill Dr. SW, Roanoke. Va 24016 

Robert W Defrenn, 1205 Vanderbill Lane. Cocoa. Fl 32922 

Susan E, Dejler. 7108 Helmsdale Rd , Belhesda. Md 20034 

Michael A DeLuise. 606 Dixon Ave . Kinston, N C 28501 

Thomas A Dejoia. 1200 NW 8lh St , Boca Raton, Fl 33432 

Marsha J Dellinger, 7106 Whitside Lane, Charlotte, N C 28214 

Eduardo B. Delalorre. San Carlos Apartado 42, Cojedes. Venezuela 

Terry R DeLong, 818 Demetrius Si Q.2. Durham, NC 27701 

Deborah R Deiner. Ill Sunset Dr , Elon College, N G 27244 

Peter I- Dejourdan, 2228 Ridgewood Dr , Lynchburg, Va 24503 

Thom G- Deleuw. 1308 GuesI St . Greensboro. N C, 27405 

Pal DeGraffinreaidt, 1120 Shaw Si , Burlinglon. N C. 27215 

Sibyl R Dellinger, 51-C Colonial Apis , Durham, N C, 27707 

Matthew DeSimone, 1 Walton Ave,, Doylestown, Pa 18901 

William |. Devaney, 88 Burlinglon Ave., Leonardo, N I 07737 

Dennis S, Devaney, 88 Burlinglon Ave . Leonardo. N |. 07737 

lane C- Devine, 2034 Hunters Trail, Norfolk, Va 23518 

Diane M. UeWhirst, 802 Barn St , lacksonville. NC 28540 

Arthur W, Dhom, Ir,, 10 Serene Ct.. Dix Hills. NY 11746 

Kalhryn T Dickens, 404 S Summit St . Greenville. N C 27834 

Clarence A Dickerson. 3654 29 N Hwy , Danville. Va 24541 

G. Edward Diggs. 753 Rochelie Arch, Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

lohn E. Dillingham, 3081 NE 42nd St . Fl Lauderdale. Fl 33308 

Dwighl L Dillon. |r-. PO Box 549. Bassetl, Va 24055 

Carol B, Dixon, Route 6 Box 469, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Shelia M, Dobson, Roule 1 Box 210, Pinnacle, N C 27043 

Daniel Lee Doby. Route 8. Burlinglon, N C 27215 

David D. Dodd. 1155 Lawsonville Ave , ReidsviUe, N C. 27320 

Thomas G Dodd, 209 Bayleaf Dr.. Raleigh, N C 27609 

Ray T Dodson. 1500 Courlland Ave . ReidsviUe. NC. 27320 

William C. Doggell. 1514 Richard St . Greensboro, N G. 27401 

Jack E. Doggetl. Ir.. Roule 1, Box 2, Pleasant Garden, N C 27313 

Eva G, Donahue. 3542 View Ave , Roanoke, Va 24018 

Diane L. Dolak. 637 Whilingham Dr , Silver Spring. Md 20904 

Dennis V Dollar. 121 Wilson St,. Graham, N G. 27253 

Michael A, Donnell, 307 S Park Si . Asheboro. NC 27203 

Cynthia L, Dorminy. 228 Fairview Ave . Ml Airy. NC. 27030 

Jerry L. Douglas, 3505 Kirby Dr , Greensboro. N G 27403 

David S, Dover, 3450 Brymoor Rd , Roanoke, Va 24018 

Douglas L, Dover, 245 Marquette Ave,. Minneapolis. Mn 55401 

Steven W Draper. 133 Brantley Place, Danville, Va 24541 

Chrislopher Drozdowicz. Route 2 Box 540, Clarksville, Va 23927 

Jan L, Drumheller. 637 Whitlier Ave , Winchester. Va 22601 

Diane A Ducker. Route 1 Box 355. Graham. NC. 27253 

Eugene W Drumright, 6 Mallard Rd . Bayville. NJ. 08721 

Barry G. Duff. Box 315. Eiklon. Va 22827 

LeeS Duke, PO Box 12654. Norfolk, Va 23502 

Ann 1. Duncan, 2203 Marslon Rd . Greensboro. NC 27408 

Melinda G Duncan. 1 Chesterfield Gl . Greensboro. N G 27410 

Michael W Dunigan, 1202 Guyer St . High Point. N G 27260 

loseph T Durcanin. 92 Village Dr , Trenlon, N J 08620 

Michael M. Durham. 4602 W Friendly Ave,. Greensboro. NC, 27410 

Wayne T. Durham. 1601 Bonaventure Rd . Greensboro, NC, 27408 

Brian Durkin, 3296 Perry Ave.. Bronx. NY 10467 

Donald A. Durrani, 2219 Brookwood Ave . Newton, NC 28658 

Banu G Duruman. 241-5A Lady Astor PI , Danville, Va, 24541 

Roberl I Duval, 5418 Dorchester Rd., Richmond, Va 23225 

Steven D Eanes, Rl 8 Box 439, Martinsville, Va 24112 

William T Eanes, Box 631, Mocksville, N C 27028 

Timothy P Eanes, Route 6 Box 439, Martinsville. Va 24112 

Walter L Eason, Route 4 Box 834, Dunn. N C 28334 

William V Easterling, 706 Martin Si , Pascagoula, Ms 39567 

Susan L. Eberl. 4418 Old Winslon Rd , Kernersville, N C 27284 

Tracie L. Edge, Route 6, Fleminglon, N J 08822 

Tucker K Edmonds. 218 S Blake Rd , Norfolk, Va 23505 

Annette M Edwards. 712 Springwd Box 6306. Gibsonville, N G, 27249 

Cecil H Edwards. Route 1 Box 364-D, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Deborah S Edwards, R F D 1 Box 198, Sedley, Va 23878 

Dueward R Edwards, Ir., 513 Lake Rd . Creedmoor, N C 27522 

lodie E Edwards, PO Box 5312 Candlewood, Liberty, N C 27296 

Marcus C. Edwards. Route 3 Box 361, Elon College. N C 27244 

Stephen W, Edwards. Route 2 Box 84. Chatham, Va 24531 

Susan B Edwards, 1124 Tanley Rd , Silver Spring, Md 20904 

Thomas F. Eller. 204 Cheltenham Rd , Newark. De 19711 

Steven L- Ellington. 3602 Shagbark Dr . Greensboro, N C. 27406 

Fred A Ellington, Roule 2 Box 358, Graham, NC 27253 

Peter R, Elliol, 4868 Sideburn Rd , Fairfax, Va 22030 

T- Carol Elliott. 328 Country Club Dr . Durham. N C 27705 

Melvin 1 Ellis, Roule 1, Stem, N C. 27581 

LeslieR EIlis,4217 Lambeth Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Roy Keith Ellis. Route 1 Box 151, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Joseph G Embrey. 305 Mashie Dr , Vienna, Va 22180 

John H Enders. 1821 N Quesada St , Arlington, Va 22205 

Carl R Engelberger, Spring Valley Rd , Morristown, N | 07960 

Debra L English, 4717 Stiller St , Raleigh, N G 27609 

Sharon Enoch, 615 Apple Si , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Pamela 1 Enz, T246 W Webb Ave , Burlingoln, N C 27215 

Norma R Esc^ante, 8703— 63rd Ave , Berwyn Heights, Md 20740 

Terri L, Esperii, 1025 Fisher Ave , Salem, Va 24153 

William G Everington, 1007 Highland Ave , New Bern, N C 28560 

Venetia T. Everett. 116 Cromwell Cl , Raleigh. NC 27614 

Samuel D. Evans, 114 Seaman St . Oxford, N C 27565 

Sherry E. Evans, Roule 1 Box 195, Chalham, Va 24531 

Valerie L, Evans. Route 6 Box 247. Mebane, NC 27302 

Perry B Everharl. Roule 13 Box 432. Lexington, NC. 27292 

lulla S. Ewing. 2515 Hickory Ave , Burlington. N C 27215 

Richard N. Faber. 546 Hampton Lane, Towson, Md 21204 

Allen 1, Fairclolh, Jr., 1102 Lake Point Lane, Suffolk, Va 23434 

Milton M Fairly, IH, 1006 Turnpike Rd , Launnburg, N C. 28352 

Pamela A, Fallon, 4101 Oak Park Rd , Raleigh. N C 27612 

Beverly M. Faison. 326 W 26th St , Norfolk. Va 23517 

Peler V Fakess. 600 Fitzwaller Dr , Winter Park, Fl 32792 

Paul R Fardelmann. 353 Roseland Ave , Essex Fells, N J. 07021 

Theresa E, Farley, 3605 Brown Bark Dr , Greensboro. N.G 27410 

Wilherl O. Farrish, Roule 1 Box 57, Elon College, N C 27244 

Sharon L. Faucell, 106 Pandora Circle, Erwin, N C 27407 

Larry D. Faucelte, P O Box 294, Hillsborough, N G 27278 

Harris D, Faulk, Route 3 Box 258, Fairmont, N C 28340 

Bobby G. Faulk, 724 N Vance Si , Sanford. NC 27330, 

Ronnie Bryon Faulk. Route 2 Box 16. Mebane. N C. 27302 

Turner B, Faulk. Rt 4 Box 267, Windsor, N C. 27983 

Randy M. Faulkner, Roule 3 Box 358, Liberty, N C. 27298 

Laura A, Fenlress, 6823 Meadowlawn Dr . Norfolk, Va, 23518 

Allen D- Ferguson, 700 W Holly Hill Rd , Thomasville, N C, 27360 

John F, Ferguson. 5108 Flintndge Gl„ Raleigh, N G 27609 

Diane M. Feslino, 631 Bay Hills Dr , No , Arnold. Md. 21012 

Dana Kendrick Few, 1502 Moreland Ave , Durham, NC, 27707 

Anne M. Fields, 215 Bidney Dr.. Burlington, N.G. 27215 

Brenton L. Fields, 1806 Allenbrooke Dr , Greensboro, N C, 27407 

Mary T. Fields, 215 Bidney Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Michael V, Filipczyk. 5209 Clinton Rd., Alexandria. Va. 22312 

Gary M. Finch, 1720 Summitt Rd . Henderson. N C 27536 

Terrell C, Finch, 811 Broad St , Allavisia, Va 24517 

Roberl L, Finch. Jr. 2107 Laurel Lane, Altavista, Va. 24517 

Susan T Finney, 4408 Fontaine Dr . Roanoke, Va 24018 

Bernadelle Firsching. 8703 Side Saddle Rd , Springfield, Va. 22152 

Sheryl L. Fischer, 2222 Meadow Wood Rd , Fayelleville, NC. 28303 

Gayle A. Fishel, 1421 W Front Si , Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Stephen V. Fishel, 1421 W Front Si,. Burlington. NC. 27215 

Garry F Filchett. Box 54. Urbanna."Va 23175 

Janet M Fleming, 532 Bnarwood Dr . Eden. NC. 27288 

Robin 1. Fleming. PO Box 136. Columbia, NC 27925 

Jonathan B Fleetwood, Semora, N C. 27343 

Sonny D, Fleeman, Rt 10 Box 523-A, Burlington. N C. 27215 

Mary Ann Florance. 1417 Ashley Dr . Virginia Beach. Va 23454 

Crescencia Flores. Route 1. Danbury. N G. 27016 

Charles M. Foil, 650 Lynhaven Dr . Winston-Salem. N C 27104 

Anne B, Fogleman, PO Box 232, Liberty. NC 27296 

Sharon L Fogleman, 2330 Venie St , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Debbie S. Foley. Route 3 Box 752, Bassetl, Va 24055 

Mary V Ford, P O Box 165. Oakhurst. N | 07755 

Wendy G. Ford. Route 5 Box 74, ReidsviUe, N C 27320 

H. Mark Forlines. 3325 Doncaster Cl , Virginia Beach, Va 23452 

Carol |, Fosler, 1329 Long St , Burlinglon, N C 27215 

lanel A Fosler, 1707 Highview St , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Kalhy Ann Fosler, 400 Forest Knoll Dr , Mt Airy. NC. 27030 

Leslie A Foster. 3006 Dunmore Rd . Dundalk. Md. 21222 

Lisa Helene Foster, 112 School Si , Burlinglon. NC 27215 

William D. Fosler. Roule 1, Ruffin, N C 27326 

Catherine Fousl. Roule 2 Box 282, McLeansville. N C 27301 

Eddie M. Fousl. 1211 Westmoreland Dr . Burlington. NC. 27215 

William K, Fowler. Box 444, King. N G. 27021 

Karen A Fox. 32 Edwards Lane. Englishlown. NJ 07726 

lames E. Frady. 408 Oakgrove Dr . Graham. NC. 27253 

Richard T, Frankel, 227 Lynn Gove Rd,. Asheville. NC 28804 

Jack W. Franks, Roule 2, Elon College, N C. 27244 

Teresa A. Frazier, Route 10 Box 433. Burlinglon. N C. 27215 

Jeffrey L. Frazier, 1523 Dogwood Rd.. Charleston, W. Va. 25314 

Warren ]. Frazier. PO Box 266. Woodstock, Va, 22664 

Billy T, Freeman, 902 Cardinal Place, Thomasville, NC. 27360 

James W. Freshwater, 163 Tarleton Ave . Burlington, N C. 27215 

Trudy J. Freshwater. 163 Tarleton Ave , Burlinglon, N.G 27215 

James A Fryar. 111. Roule 1 Box 140, Gibsonville, N.G 27249 

William J, Fryar. Route I Box 136, Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Janice A. Frye. Roule 10 Box 117, Winston-Salem, NC, 27107 

Marlha L Fulcher. PO Box 21. Chalham, Va 24531 

Diana L. Fulford. 2633 Dovershire Rd . Richmond. Va 23235 

lacquelyn E, Fuller. Route 1 Box 328-A, Axlon, Va 24054 

Gerald Lee Furman. 610 Long Leaf Dr , Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

Patricia A. Funkhouser. 711 Poplar Terrace Dr , Lynchburg, Va 24502 

Fredda S Fuqua, Route 10 Box 357, Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Scolt A Fulton, ft Luanita Lane. Newport News, Va 23606 

Thomas L. Gabriel. 1307 McDowell Dr , Greensboro. NC 27406 

Kent E. Gammon, 713 Bradley St , Burlinglon, N C 27215 

John L. Gardner. Route 4 Box 83, Durham, NC. 27703 

Helen E. Gardner, PO Box 575, Burlington, NG 27215 

Sharon L, Garriques, 10305 Glen Rd , Potomac, Md 20854 

Roberl M. Gasparello, 146 Lee Rd , Garden City, NY 11530 

Gaye E. Gallin, 2503 May Dr , Burlinglon, N G 27215 

lohn C. Gaunt. 5050 Falcon Ridge Rd , Roanoke, Va 24014 

Ann S, Gaylord, 9108 University Blvd , Richmond. Va. 23229 

Karen R. Genaway, 3060-A Maple Ave , Burlinglon, N C 27215 

loe Roger Gentry, 4733 Moser Lane, Burlington, N C 27215 

Greg K, Gentry, Roule 1 Box 304. Gibsonville, NC 27249 

lulie 1, George. 8723 Parliament Dr , Springfield, Va 22151 

David C. Gerni, 20 Crescent Dr , Graham, N C 27253 

Dwayne F Gerni. 20 Crescent Dr , Graham. N C 27253 

Carl Wayne Gerringer. 224 Piedmont St , Gibsonville, NC 27249 

H Francene Geltys, Route 8 Box 91, Hickory, N C 28601 

Masood S. Gbiassi, 322 NM60th Si , Seattle. Wa 98133 

Thomas R. Gibson, 91 Fieldslone Dr . Basking Ridge. N 1 07920 

Henry W. Gill, 5631 Woodburn Rd . Richmond. Va 23225 

Bryan K. Gilliam, 6040 Oriole Dr . Roanoke. Va 24018 

Kalherine L Gilliam, 6040 Oriole Lane SW, Roanoke. Va 24018 

Kevin L. Gilliam. Rt 2 Box 129, Burlinglon. N G 27215 

Michael E. Gilliam, 115 Stagg St , Burlinglon, N.G. 27215 

Patrick A Gillroy, 2941 Gape Henry Dr. Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

William K Gilmartin, 517-B Iroquois Lane, Stratford, Ct 06497 

lohn F Gilmore. 8403 Academy Si , Vienna. Va 22180 

Ronald M Gipson. Route 1 Canlerfield 4. Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

Mark B. Given, 10 W Burgess Si . Ml Vernon. Oh 43050 

Gregory G. Glass. 3117 Amhersi Ave , Burlington. NC 27215 

David T. Glenn, 471 Pebble Creek Dr . Gary, N C 27511 

Linda A. Glunl. 11795 Waples Mill Rd , Oakton, Va 22124 

Joseph E. Goad. Route 1 Box 262-A, Floyd, Va 24091 

James B, Godley, 221 Kingsway Circle, Charlotte, NC 28214 

David W. Goff. 1213 N Summit, Arkansas City, Ks 67005 

Elaine W Gold, 4309 Bramlet Place. Greensboro, N C 27407 

Mitchell A. Goldberg. 243 Weakfish Dr , Avon, NC 27915 

Martha E Goodall. 1425 General Lee Ave , Fayelleville. NG 28305 

Bobby L. Goodman, Roule 8 Box 469, Burlinglon. NC 27215 

Mary M, Goodwin. 2509 Ferndale Dr . Burlington, N C 27215 

Becky Y. Gordon, 328 Barnes Si , Clayton, N C 27520 

Cynthia A, Gorham. 300 Soulh Tremont Dr . Greensboro, NC 27403 

Sarah 1 Gorrell, 2201 Granville Rd , Greensboro, NC 27408 

Karen A, Gould, 11277 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, Md 20901 

loanna U Goss, Route 3 Box 230. Elon College, N C 27244 

Shari L. Gould, Box 2. Clarbville. Va 23927 

Lorna M. Goudey. Roule 4-36 ForresI Rd,. Randolph, N J 07801 

Gayle D Grady. 2240 Walker Ave,. Burlington. NC 27215 

David M. Graham. Route 4 Box 268, Ml Airy, N C 27030 

Rick E. Graham. 708 Rochelie Arch, Virginia Beach. Va 23462 

Clark H. Grainger. 701 Anderson St , Tabor City, NC 28463 

Jay F. Grandin, Ealon Rd Box 79, Swanzey Center. N H 03431 

Larry L. Graves, Route 1 Box 19, Roxboro, N C 27573 

Bonnie L. Graville. 1901 Mountain View Rd , Roxboro, NC. 27573 

Thomas L, Graupmann, 2720 Early St , Norfolk, Va 23513 

Beverly 1. Gray, 18 Brookside Terrace, N Caldwell, N J 07006 

John D. Gray, 517 Summit Ridge Dr , Chesapeake, Va. 23320 

Michael E. Gray. 30 Forsyth St Box 1175, Thomasville. N C 27360 

J. William Gray. Ir.. 216 Woodhaven Dr , Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Margaret L. Gray, 3032 Mudhouse Rd , Lancaster, Oh 43130 

Rebecca C. Gray, 917 Center Church Rd , Eden, NC. 27288 

Robert A. Grecco. 781 N'orgate, Westfield. N | 07090 

Thomas E. Greeley, 23 Cre5thilt Rd . Bri){hlon. Ma 02135 

CKrIs H. Green. Route 2 Box 302-A. High Point, NC 27260 

Kenneth M Green. 718 Career St . Durham. N.C. 277M 

Shade [. Green, Roule 1 Box 437, Grifton. N.C. 28S30 

Belty I Greene. Box 594, King. N C. 27021 

Barbara L. Greer. 5137 Flatrock Dr . Fayetleville. N C, 28301 

lay R Grecson. Roule 6 Box 205, Mebane, N C 27302 

lennifer Griffin. 7126 Shawnee Rd.. Richmond, V'a. 23225 

C Ronald Griffin. 2812 Llniversity Dr . Durham. NC- 27707 

Rebecca |. Griffin. PO Box 1958. Burhngton. N C 27215 

Olga M Grisw-old. Box 54 Woodland Dr , Elon College. N C 27244 

Robin E. Gnmes. 1160 johnsonlown Rd , Thomasville. N C 27360 

Charles D Griffith. Jr.. 3236 Little Island Rd . Virginia Beach, Va 23456 

Sandy D Griffin. III. 2212 Canterbury Dr . Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Guy Kent Grinnalds, 360 Beauregard Dr Chesapeake, Va. 23330 

Cynthia P Grissom. 228 Roberl Si . Chesapeake, Va 23320 

Marcia L Groome, 4205 Groometovvn Rd . Greensboro. NC. 27407 

Frank T Grove, Ir,. 8517 Rolando Dr , Richmond. Va 23229 

Eduard | Guerrin. 64 School Si . Malverne. NY 11565 

lames H Guelich. III. 210 Sneads Rd , New Bern, N C 28560 

Thomas C Gubelli, 82 Manna Rd , Island Park NY 11558 

Steven Lee Gunn. 224 Waverly Way, Burlington. N C 27215 

Patricia I. Guill. 2935 Pioneer Trail, Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

Susan I Gurlev, 3347 Penarth Rd . Roanoke. Va 24014 

Gretchen H Guile. 86 Apple Rd . Brislol. Ct 06010 

Cheryl [ Gulhrie. 301 Oneida Si , Graham, N.C 27253 

Candace B Guitierrez. 4305 Benni Dr , Durham, N C 27705 

Pamela Kay Guy. 90 Panorama Dr. Franklin. NC 28734 

George P Gwallney. P O Box 126. Suffolk. Va 23432 

Lisa C Guyton. M64 Freeport Rd . Fayelteville. .N C 28303 

Gayle D Haas. 5212 Pelham Rd , Durham, N C 27707 

David X Haddad, PO Box 114. Elon College. NC 27244 

Edwina A Haddad. PO Box 114. Elon College. NC. 27244 

Ro^er B Hadda. Moussaylbe Mar Elias Si . Beirut, Lebanon 

Diane Ka> Hagey. 3602 Mossborough Dr . Greensboro. N C 27410 

Michael S Hahn, 111 Ml Olivel Blvd , Frederick. Md 21701 

Delorei A Haliey. P O Box 122. Hurt, Va 24563 

Glenda F Hailh, Route 9 Box 317, Burlington, N C, 27215 

Cynlhia A Hall. 2927 Longpine Rd . Burlington, N C 27215 

Carl Edward Hall. 519 Melville St , Graham. N C. 27253 

Martha )o Hall. 819 Gurney Si . Burlington. N C 27215 

Matthias J Hall. 580 Woodbine Lane. Virginia Beach. Va 23452 

Robin Hall. TiCW Shoreline Dr . Porlsmoulh. Va 23703 

Timothy R. Hall, Carnage House E 1-C. Manlius. N Y 13104 

Abigail D. Halle. Route 2, Warrenlon. Va 22186 

David Lee Hamby. 401 S Third St. Mebane, NC 27302 

Mary F Hamill, 7209 Longwood Or , Bethesda, Md 20034 

Gregory R Hamiilon, 524 Rosalie Ct , Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

Mary ) Hamilton. 2221 Woodland Rd , Henderson, NC 27536 

Roger V\ Hamilton. 2221 Woodland Rd . Henderson. N C. 27536 

A Scott Hamiilon, 2221 Woodland Rd . Henderson. N C. 27536 

Kevin P Hamletl. 2 Dennis Place. Summit, N [ 07901 

Susan B. Hamlett. 2327 Westover Terrace, Burlington. N C, 27215 

Phyllis A Hammer. Route 1 Box 237, Bennett, N C 27208 

Lisa KavHamrick.2614LullmglonDr , Winslon-Salem, NC. 27103 

Donna | Hanes. 3950 Rookwood Dr , Winslon-Salem. N C. 27106 

Wyall H Hanev. Ill, 1401 Ciltspur Rd . Richmond. Va 23233 

Amy Diane Haney. 2315 Lac> St, Burlinglon. NC 27215 

Frederick R Handchen. 516 Nicholas Rd . Brick Town. N I 08723 

Lawrence C Hanker. 733 Tinkerbell Rd . Chapel Hill, N C. 27514 

Barbara 1 Hanna. 2621 W Cornwallis Rd , Durham. N C 27707 

Orran O Hansharger. 3903 Bosworlh Dr SW, Roanoke, Va. 24014 

Kevin M Harden. Route 8 Box 35, Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Matthew I Hardie. 133 Wenlworth Ave , NE, Roanoke, N C 24012 

Mariha E Hardison. 2410 Scarsborough Dr , Richmond. Va 23235 

Dana C. Hardy. Route 1 Box 594-AA. Wilmington, N C 26401 

Sara | Hardy. 325 Grace Si , Mt Airy. N C 27030 

Becky D Hare. 2900 Green Une. Durham, NC, 27712 

lanet E Harmon. 402 Liberty Rd . Asheboro. NC 27203 

William T Harman. 130 Ellell Dr . Chnsliansburg. Va 24073 

Molly ] Harp. 29:n Hope Valley Rd,. Durham. N C 27707 

Sharon L Harper. 5760 Phillips Bridge Rd , WinstonSalem, N C 27106 

Charles j Harrell. 908 Cape Fear Ave . Fayelleville, N C. 28303 

Mary ) Harrelson. PO Box 206. Shallotle, N C 28459 

Martha M Harrell. 5-A Brookwood Cdn Apis, Burlington. NC. 27215 

Roberl C Harrell. 446 Sunnyside Dr . Concord, N C 28025 

Bruce F Harris. |r, 2809 Alamance Rd, Burlington, N C 27215 

Cynthia L. Harrington. 5101 North Glen Dr , Raleigh, N C. 27609 

Audrey Lynn Harris. Bermuda Run Box 531. Advance. NC 27006 

David R Harris, 2910 Welcome Dr . Durham, N C 27705 

Laura A Harris. PO Box 594, Elon College. NC 27244 

Nelson W Harris, P O Box 565, Rocky Mounl. Va 24151 

Pamela G Harris. PO Box 331, Elon College, N C 27244 

Roberl A Harris. Roule 4 Box 118. Mebane. N C. 27302 

Teresa M Harris, 309 Engleman Ave , Burlington, N C 27215 

Wade K Harris. Box 9, Seagrove, N C 27341 

Brian G Harrison. 1708 Englewood Dr , Greenville. N C 27834 

R Martin Harrison. 820Traill. Burlington. N C 27215 

lames H Hart, 426 Wildwood Lane. Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Mark R Hartls, 2421 Farmbrook Rd Winslon-Salem. NC 27103 

Barbara A Hariman. 605 Cardinal Dr , Lexington, N C 27292 

Phyllis M Hartsoe. 112 Endsley Ave. Wins'lon-Salem. NC 27106 

Brian L Hauser, 1148 Cr>-slal Lake Or , Virginia Beach. Va 23451 

lospeh G Hackell. Jr., Roule 12 Box 853, Greensboro, N C 27406 

Mike R Hawkins, PO Box 90. Trumbull. Ct 06611 

E Annette Hayden. 310 W Holt Si . Burlington. NC 27215 

Mark E Hayes. 3005 Shiland Dr . Greensboro. N C 27406 

Terry Lee Hayes, Roule 9 Box 213. Burlinglon, N C 27215 

.Marcy A Haynea. 5105 Gary St Rd , Richmond. Va 23226 

Rudolph D Hayes. 5705 Old Well St . Durham. N C 27704 

lane B Healy, 1129 GrayH'n Rd , Wilmington, De 19803 

Gary B Haielwood. Route 2 Box 455. Trimly, N C 27370 

Charles C. Heavner. 402 Boxwood Rd , Greensboro, N C 27410 

Bobby I Hedrick. PO Box 94, Sedalia, NC 27342 

Mark S. Hetl. 3948 Malaer Dr . Sharonville. Oh 45241 

Nancy H. Hell, 456 Princeton Ave , Bricklown, N j 08723 

Larry C Hedrick, Roule 2. Elon College. N C 27244 

Annette R Helsabeck. PO Box 38. Rural Hall, NC 27045 

Rolf G Hendricksen, 112 Oliver Lane. Durham. NC 27713 

lohn C. Hendrix. PO Box 461, Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 

Roberl M. Henrltze. 4623 Club Circle NE. Atlanta. Ga 30319 

Jill A Hershberger. 506 Sherbrook Dr , High Point. N C 27262 

Deborah |. Herzog. 529 Bradford Dr . Rockville. Md 20850 

Kathy K Hester, 2554 Greenwick Rd , Winslon-Salem. N C. 27104 

Melissa F Hester. 208 South Martin St . Mt Olive. N C 28365 

Timothy ) HIckok. Old Army Rd . Basking Ridge, N| 07920 

Kenneth E Hicks. |r. 202 Lakeshore Dr . Hillsborough, N C. 27296 

Gregory E, Hick*. P O Box 132. Efland. N C 27243 

Kimberly K. Hicks. 202 Lakeshore Dr , Hillsborough, N C 27278 

Melinda L Hicks. 2315 N Chatham Ave Ext , Siler City, NC 27344 

William H Highsmith. Roule 1 Box 381. Rocky Point, N.C 29457 

Dana U Hill. PO Box 35. Gates. NC 27937 

Stephen K Higgins. 4535 Bruce Rd , Chester, Va, 23831 

Keith U Hightower. 1112 Couniry Ridge Dr . Raleigh. N.C. 27609 

Joseph W. Hill. Jr. 6287 Baux Mountain Rd , Winslon-Salem. NC, 27105 

David H HiU. 3012 Alabama Ave Ext , Durham, NC, 27705 

Mary Lu Hill. Roule 2 Box 31. Chatham, Va 24531 

Marc Herring Hill. PO Box 373. Burlington, NC 27215 

Robert P, Hill. 3009 Berwick, Rd , Burlington. NC. 27215 

Theodore David Hill. 3226 Nottingham Rd . Winston-Salem. NC. 27)04 

B Br%an Hilliard. S-100 College Park. Elon College. N C 27244 

Dora A Hilliard, 3615 Hope Valley Rd , Durham. NC. 27707 

Mark D Hiltbruner, 1105 Hardimont Rd . Raleigh. NC 27609 

William G, Hilton. 1024 - 15lh Si NW, Hickory. N C 28601 

Karyn C Hincke. 11212 Powder Horn Dr , Polomac, Md, 20854 

Ernest F Hines. [r. 1 Burke Circle, Havelock, NC 28533 

Wendell R. Hinson, 1608 Broohaven Mill Rd . Greensboro. NC 27406 

David S. Hinshaw, 2363 Elizabeth Ave. Winslon-Salem. NC 27103 

Mark E Hipps. 1211 Atlanta Circle, Seaford. De. 

John Hitch, li:i4 Boiling Ave , Norfolk. Va 23508 

Paul M Hirschmann. 5627 Lansing Dr . Charlotte, N C, 28211 

Sandra )o Hohgood. Roule 1 Box 74. Oxford, N C. 27565 

Helen K Hockaday. 2104 S Mebane Si , Burlinglon. N.C. 27215 

Kevin D Hodgin. PO Box 384, lameslown, N C, 27282 

Roberl W Hoffman. Box 386, Alpine. Tx 79830 

Sleven B Holbrook, 310 Fairwood Ct , Fayelteville. N.C 28305 

Elizabeth H Holcomb. 1422 Henri St . Mt Airy, NC. 27030 

William E Holdren. 5129 Crossbow Circle, Roanoke. Va 24014 

Mark E Hollan, Route 1 Box 663, Graham, N C 27253 

Brenda S Holland. 6129 Old Myrtle Rd . Suffolk, Va 23434 

leffrey R Holland, 821 Kenwood Dr , Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Kevin B Holland, 1928 Hilldale Dr . Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Robert ] HoUeman. S-37 College Park. Elon College, N.C. 27244 

Camille F Holloway. 1404 Norlon Si . Durham, N C, 27701 

lohn M, Holloway. 1311 Woodland Rd , Salisbury. Md 21801 

loyce D Holly, 108 Warren Si , Danville. Va 24541 

Harry E Holmes. |r.. 10201 Tiffany Circle. Richmond. Va 23235 

Kimberly D Holmes. 603 Duke Si . Thomasville, N.C. 27360 

George H Holmes. 121 N Grogg St , Springlake. N.C, 28390 

Donna E Holmes. Lasker. N C 27846 

Carolyn B. HoH. PO Box 1025, Burlington. N C. 27215 

William A Hood. Jr.. 1024 Pennlon Ave SW, Lenior. N.C. 28645 

Vann M, Hoover, ]t.. PO Box 241. Elon College. NC. 27244 

Charles V Hopkins. 332 Calvin Dr . Franklin. Va 23851 

Garland | Hopkins. Roule 1 Box 410-BB. Calawba. Va 24070 

Sharon D Hord, 941 Hollywood Dr , Chesapeake. Va 23320 

David S, Hornaday. Roule 2 Box 162. Snow Camp, N-C, 27349 

Cynthia J, Horner. 808 West Front St , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Kelly R Horner. Roule 4 Box 190-A. Roxboro, N C 27573 

Lynn M. Hotchkin. High St , Three Bridges, N | 09867 

Charles Rhea Houchins. 106 Guy Ave , Crewe, Va 23930 

Ann G Hounshell. Box 99, Rural Relreal, Va 24368 

Dennis C. Howard. Route 1 Rochelle Dr , Knightdale, NC. 27545 

|udy L, Howard. 1460 Kesleven Rd . Winslon-Salem. N.C. 27106 

Mark A Howard. 712 Sanhill Dr , Lynchburg. Va 24502 

Cheryl M Howard. 1113 Sunsel Dr . New Bern. N C 26560 

Gurney T Howard. 1926 W Polo Rd , Winslon-Salem. N C. 27106 

Bill Howell, jr., 925 N Mam Si , Troy, N C 27371 

Nancy | Howard. 324 Woodhaven Rd , Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Kathi L Howerton, Roule 10 Box 392, Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Paul O Howard, 1020 Carthage Si , Sanford. NC 27330 

Harvey | Hubbard, PO Box 94, Sedley, Va 23879 

Richard D Hubbard, PO Box 14. Woodstock, Va 22664 

Cecil I Hudgins. Box 73. 15th & D Sts , Bulner, NC 27509 

Michael C Hudson. Rt 5 Hamlin Rd , Durham. N C. 27704 

Barbara E Huffman, 3025 Maple Ave , Burlington, N C 27215 

Randy W Huffman, Roule 1 Box 101 -A-61. Whilsell, NC. 27377 

Larry A Huffman, |r., PO Box 145, Hildebran. N C 29637 

Victoria D Huffman, Roule 4 Box 15B-A, Morganton, N C 29655 

Ann Marie Hughes. 814 W Sycamore Si , Chase City, Va 23924 

Harold M Hughes. 565 Tommy Aaron Dr Gainesville. Ga 20501 

Marsha C Hughes. 292 Putnam Ave . New York. NY 11216 

Michael T Hughes, 805 Driflwood Dr , Siler CHy. N C 27344 

Rohin Rav Hughes, 5410 Rodwell Rd . Fayelteville. N.C 28301 

William M Hughes. 5002 NC 150 EasI, Brown Summit, NC 27214 

Timolhy P Hughes. "03 Lakeview Dr , Thomasville, N C. 27360 

William R Hughes, ]t . Route 1 Box 745, Graham. N C 27253 

Randall H Hull, 30 Glendale Rd . Newporl News, Va 23606 

lanet L Humphrey. 2803 McKinney St , Burlinglon. N C. 27215 

Lorie A Hunnicull. 605 Lakewaler Dr . Richmond, Va 23229 

Roberl D Hunt. Box 415. Gretna. Va 24557 

Caroline I Hunter. 1007 Westwood, High Point. N C. 27262 

Jean Ann Hunter. 3607 Hope Valley Rd , Durham. NC 27707 

Jennifer R Hunter, 79 Tafi Ave , Asheville, N C 28803 

Frank D Huntley. 1632 Plainfield, Orange Park, Fl 32073 

Robin D Huntley, 108 Eggleston Ave , Hamplon. Va 23669 

Mark S. Hurd. 2416, Lexington Rd , Falls Church. Va 22043 

Carrie R Hurdle. Route 1 Box 437, Graham, NC 27253 

Deborah S Hurley, 15 Galloway Lane, Valhalla. N Y 10595 

Charles D Hutaff. IV, 410 South General Lee. Dunn. N C 28334 

Julian A Hutaff. 302 S General Lee Ave , Dunn. N C, 28334 

Thomas C Hulaff. 410 S General Lee Ave , Dunn. N.C. 28334 

Donald R Hutrhens. PO Box 307, Franklinville, NC 27246 

Jerrv D Hutchens, Route 2, Snow Camp, N C. 27349 

Phillip R Hutcherson. 203 New College Si . Oxford. N C. 27565 

\ icki L Hutchins. 704 Sleepy Hollow Rd , Richmond. Va, 23229 

Pamela Hyde. 5110 Holden Street. Fairfax, Va 22030 

Roland K Icard, 330 Harrington St , NW, Lenoir. N C 28645 

Richard T Iddlngs. 2009 Spring Garden St . Greensboro. N C 27403 

Sharon M Ingalls. 2314 Woodridge Road, Burlington. N C. 27215 

Susan A Ingalls, 1718 Elder Way, Burlinglon, N C 27215 

G Dawn Inge. 114 Williamson Ave . Elon College. N.C. 27244 

Kent S. Ingram. Box 396. Gretna. Va 24557 

Bonnie L. Irby. 6421 Roselawn Rd . Richmond, Va. 23228 

Elizabeth B Irving, 223 Walnul Ave , Wayne, Pa 19087 

Judy M Irving, Rt 1 Box 299. Stoneville, N C 27046 

Carol S Irwin, 708 Miramar. Concord. N C 26025 

Michael | Isaacs, Qirs Y US Naval Base. Philadelphia. Pa. 19112 

Mariha W Isaacs. 2970 Westchester Rd . Richmond. Va 23225 

Roberl L Isley. Route 3 Box 24, Elon College. N C 27244 

Vicky L, Isley, 1010 E Willowbrook Dr , Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Paul J. Ivill. 7537 WhisUestop Rd , Charlotte, NC 28210 

Kathleen M Jacobs, 4201 Oak Park Rd , Raleigh. N.C 27612 

Raymond A Jackson. 864 Sprinkle St , Reidsville, N C, 27320 

Stephen L jamei, Roule 1 Box 65, |amesville. N C 27846 

Vincent D Jemme. 1715 Mason Lane, Charlottesville. Va, 22901 

Clifford D lanssen, 333 Albemarle Rd , Brick Town. N J 08723 

Kenneth W, Jamme. 1715 Mason Lane, Charloltesville. Va. 22901 

Randall C Jarrell, Route 3. High Point, N C 27263 

Randv D Jarretl. 120 Von Ruck Rd . Eden. N C 27286 

Dinah L [effries. Route 9 Box 164. Burlinglon. NC 27215 

Wallace E.Jenkins. Route 5 Box 129. Zebulon.N C 27597 

Michael L Jenkins, Route 3 Box 364, Liberty, NC 27298 

Debra 1. Jenks. 3"06 Belvidere Place, Greensboro, NC, 27410 

|ohn A Jennings, Box 392. Elon College. N C 27244 

Vaughn S, Jennings. RR 1 Box 312 A-2, Lexington Park, Md 20653 

Christopher Jernigan. Rl 12 Box 780, Greensboro, N.C 27406 

Terry L Jessec. P O Box 433. Windsor. Va 23487 

Mark S Jetton. 1500 Lakedell Dr. Charlotte, NC 28215 

Kathleen \\ Jewett, 15621 Genito Rd , Midlothian, Va 23113 

Christie L. Jewett, Route 1, Orange. Va 22960 

Abigail Johnson, Box 19A, Atlantic, NC 28511 

Craig Earl Johnson, 308 Broad St,, Beaufort. N C 28516 

Deborah Anne Johnson, 803 Kilby St , Burlington. N C, 27215 

Edilh A Johnson. 315 Green Si , Monroe. N C. 29110 

Harry J Johnson. 702 — 2nd St . Box 4910, Gibsonville. N C, 27249 

Elsbeih S Johnson. PO Box 296. Pittsboro. NC 27312 

Harris L Johnson. Jr.. 1808 Swannanoa Dr , Greensboro. N C 27410 

I Franklin |ohnson. Ill, Route 7 Box 223-A, Fayelleville, NC 28306 

lanice C Johnson. 426 King St , Laurinburg. N C 28352 

Jeffrey L. Johnson, 649 Broughton St , Troy, NC 27371 

Jerry L Johnson, 311 Sunset Dr.. Elon College, N.C. 27244 

James A. Johnson, 393 Prairie, Elmhursl. II 60126 

Joseph N. Johnson, P O Box 64, Ruslburg, Va. 24588 

Lynn Colon Johnson. 3305 Oberlin Dr . Greensboro, N C 27405 

Mitchell A Johnson. 117 North Elm St , Asheboro. NC. 27203 

Mittie E. Johnson. 143 Mountain Ave . Rocky Mount, Va 24151 

James R Johnson, 2400 Reynolds Rd , Winslon-Salem, NC. 27104 

Randall Lee Johnson, 425 Kings Highway, Lewes, De 19958 

Randy L, Johnson. PO Box 35. Siler City, NC 27344 

Rick L Johnson. 1507 Keogh Si , Burlington, NC 27215 

R Hilriing Johnson, 162 Sloneridge Rd , New Providence. N ] 07974 

Stephen A Johnson. Roule 3 Box 249, Burlinglon, N.C 27215 

Robbie M Johnson. 307 Pineland Dr , Coldsboro. N C 27530 

Tanya Dee Johnson. P O Box 777. Sanford, N C 27330 

William C [ohnson. Route 2 Box 287, Elon College. NC, 27244 

Stephen R Johnston. 605 Whitehaven Crescent. Chesapeake, Va 23325 

Katherine T Johnston. 600 Woodrow St , Clinton, N C, 28328 

Christine A. Jones, 916 Elder Rd , Newporl News, Va 23602 

Connie L Jones. 412 Huffman Mill Rd , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Christopher M, Jones. 5203 New Kent Rd , Richmond. Va, 23225 

Charles S Jones, Route 2 Box 26A, Chatham, Va 24531 

Dacia H, Jones. 605 West 5lh St,, Siler City. N C 27344 

David Lee Jones. Route 1 Box 18-B, Havelock, NC 28532 

Frank C. Jones. Route 1 Box 116. Cofield, NC 27922 

Gilbert A Jones, Route 3 Box 67, Laurinburg, N C 26352 

Kirk S Jones. 62" Clyde Ave . Fruitland. Md 21826 

Milnor P Jones. Jr., 101 Wentworlh Dr , Greensboro. NC 27408 

Joseph L Jones. "12 Star St., Rocky Mt . N C 27801 

Janet Lea Jones, 2304 Lila Lane. Tampa. Fl 33609 

Jerry C Jones. Jr . 3511 Longview Dr . Burlington, N C 27215 

Ruth Dortheria Jones, Roule 5 Box 355. Mebane. N C. 27302 

Sandra Mae Jones. 302 Pinedale Dr , Reidsville. N C. 27320 

Vernon S Jones, Jr., 332 HillcresI Ave . Burlington. N C, 27215 

Walter Jones, Jr., PO Box 533 Circle Dr , Haw River. N, C. 27258 

Warren S, Jones, 1511 Rolling Rd . Salisbury, Md 21801 

William T Jones, Roule 1. Germanlown. N C 27019 

Rickv Lee Joyce. 201 Highland Ave , Burlington. NC 27215 

Howard R Joyce, 313 Glen Raven Rd , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

David H Joyner, Bynum Dr Box 211. Farmville, N.C 27829 

Barrv C Joyce. Route 4 Sherwood Dr . Burlington, N C, 27215 

Amy Lou Joyce, P O Box 295. Madison, N C. 27025 

Paul J. Judy, 1209 NE 14lh Si . Ocala, Fl 32670 

John S Jukoski, 397 Maple St , Jacksonville, N C 29540 

Mary A Justice, 685 Dogwood Circle, High Point, N C 27260 

Catherine A Kaiser. 2252 N Sandfiddler Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23456 

Debra L Kaufman. 204 Oxford Dr . Lititz, Pa 17543 

Sharon L Kavanaugh.PO Box 79, Elon College. N C 27244 

Kesselly J Kasiah, 2416-D Pear Si , Greensboro. N C 27401 

Susan K Keating, 24 Tangle Lane. Wantagh. N Y 11793 

Glen P. Kealon, Rt 2 Box 144. High Point, N C 27260 

Herbert M Kay. Pine Knolls Rd , Kernersville, N C 27284 

William T Keaton, 2913 Guess Rd , Durham. NC 27705 

Mark A Kehayas, 5400 Coburn Crescent, Norfolk, Va 23509 

Linda L Keith, 1510 Sherwood Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Philip J Kellam. 2361 Princess Anne Rd . Virginia Beach, Va 23456 

Fieldon R. Kelly. Roule 4 Box 512-F, Charlotle. N C 28208 

Janice H Kelly. 203 Cortland Dr , Elon College. N C. 27244 

Kevin T Kelleher, 4729 Redcoat Rd , Virginia Beach, Va, 23455 

Randy L Kendirck, Roule 1 Box 10, Ruffin. NC 27326 

Kevin K. Kennedy, 1803 N Main St . Suffolk, Va 23434 

Kimberly D Kennedy. PO Box 481, Siler Cily. N C, 27344 

Robert B Kennedv. 1416 N Bayshore Dr . Virginia Beach. Va 23451 

Michael W Kehoe, 76 S Washington Dr , Sarasota. Fl 33577 

Linda C. Kent. 1221 Onslow Dr . Greensboro, N C 27408 

Amy Jo Kepner. 3218 N Spring Dr . Roanoke. Va 24019 

Bobby H. Kernstine, Rl 15 Box 190. LexioRlon, N C 27292 

Barbara S Kernodle. Rt 5, Box 191. Mebane, NC 27302 

James M Kesler. 31" Barberry Dr . Greensboro. NC 27406 

Leslie C. Kernodle, 1813 Keogh SI , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Timolhy W Kerns. Route 10 Box 507, Burlington. NC. 27215 

J. Scott Keziah, Route 1 Box 345. Burlington, N C 27215 

William W Kerns. 73 BeveHy Dr . Durham, N C 27707 

Kim E, Kiger. 6460 Lilllewood Rd , Kernersville, NC 27264 

Michael S Kilgariff. 130 Marywood Rd . High Poinl. N C 27260 

Rebecca J Kimbrell. 1534 Lynne Ave . Henderson. N C 27536 

Gary T Kimbro. Roule 5, Reidsville. N C 27320 

Randy W Kime. Route 1 Box 419. Haw River. N C 27258 

John W Kincald, Jr., #8 Bay Colony Dr , Plymouth, Ma 02760 

Larry E Kindley, Jefferson St , Boydlon, Va 23917 

Brenda S King, 2726 Berkley Rd . Burlington, N C. 27215 

Dale M King. 2823 Galsworthy Dr , Winston-Salem, N C 27106 

David W, King. 90" Greenfield Heights, Havelock. N C 28532 

James R Kinsey. 206 Briarcliff Rd , Lexington, N C 27292 

Elizabeth R Kinsey. 20 N Cliff Di Wycliffe. WilminHton, De 19809 

Coy R Kirby. Roule 1 Box 33. Prospect Hill. N C 27314 

Frances L Klrby, 609 Chub Lake St . Roxboro. N C 27573 

Keith A. Kirby. Route 1, Prospect Hill, N C 27314 

Brvanl M, Kirkland. Rt 1 Indian Creek Est. Kilmarnock, Va. 22482 

Jacqueline A Kirkland. Route 2 Box 533, Walnut Cove, N.C. 27052 

W Mark Kirkland, 532 Reynolds Ave, Durham, N C. 27707 

Williams Klrkpatrlck, 74 Denise Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Parker D. Kiser. IIL Roule 4 Box 294, Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Sandra A Kiser. 1814 W Cone Blvd . Greensboro. N C 27408 

John B Klttenger. PO Box 217, Elon College. NC 27244 

Donna M Knight. Roule 1 Box 262, Summerfield, NC 27358 

lohn H Knighl, [r.. 1700 Old Forge Rd- Charlottesville, Va 22901 

Laura C. Knight. Route 1 Box 13-B. Broadway. N.C. 27505 

Mary M. Knighl. Route 3 Box 428. Madison. N.C. 27025 

Curtis R. Koger, 3630 N. Ingleside Dr . Norfolk. Va. 23502 

Betlina G Koonls. 214 Confederate St . Lexington. N C 27292 

Kathleen A- Kokes. 2100 Admiral Dr West, Virginia Beach. Va 23451 

)eanG, Knox. 1038 Concord St Boxl. Davidson, N C 28036 

Kathryn R. Korner. 1259 Alhambra Circle. Miami. Fl 33134 

Theresa A Kosterman. 401 Cooper Dr , Clinlon, N C 2B328 

Cindv I Krider, 1514 Cedarbluff Or . Richmond. Va 23233 

Daniel S. Kuchem, 3404 Kings Lake Dr , Virginia Beach, Va 23452 

Melvin D Kuhns. 7 West Commodore Dr , Newport News, Va 23601 

Harriet Bauer Lail. 706-Qll Huffman Mill Rd , Burlington. N C. 27215 

Barbara Kuntzman, 625 Cardinal Gibbons Dr , Raleigh. N C 27606 

Sanford B Lacey. Ill, 2411 Spinnaker Ct , Virginia Beach, Va, 23451 

lames E. Lail, )r., 3729 Eakley Cl . Raleigh. N C- 27606 

Gayle L. Lacy, 3301 Henderson Mill Rd., Chamblee. Ga 30341 

Scott D. Lambe. 228 Fleer Rd . Thomasville, N.C- 27360 

Susan C. Lackey. 8945 Shallowford Rd . Knoxville. Tn, 37919 

William H Ladd. 2920 Chapel Hill Rd 104. Durham, N.C. 27707 

lames M Lambros. 20 Echo View Circle. Lexington, N.C, 27292 

Mark A. Lagerherg, 64 Arch Si . Keene. N,H 03431 

Mark L. Lambros, 20 Echoview Circle. Lexington. N.C. 27292 

Joseph A, Lail, Route 4 Box 168. Morganton. N C 28655 

Debra A Lamb. Route 3 Box 623-B-3S, Randleman. N C. 27317 

Sherree Y. Lambert. Route 1 Box 182, Sloneville. N C 27048 

William C. Lambert. Box 639, Biscoe, N.C. 27209 

David B. Landskroener, Route 3. Chestertown. Md. 21620 

Ronald F. Laffaye. Box 349. Chester, Vt 05143 

Melodye A Lane. 309 W Monlcastle Dr , Greensboro. N.C. 27406 

Stephen L. Lane. RFD 1 Box 433-B, Culpeper. Va 22701 

Melody A. Lankford, 130 Woodburn Rd . RaleighJsJ C 27605 

Robert E. Unier, Roule 6 Box 667-B. Charlotte, N C 28208 

loseph C Layne. 311 South Ireland, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Derrick A. Lankford. 3201 Immanuel, Greensboro. N.C 27407 

Peter 0. Larson, |r..308 Highland St.. Taunton. Ma. 02780 

Timothy C Larson, 269 Hazelline Ave . |amestown, N Y 14701 

Marlene A, Larue. 75-A Chestnut Ave . Atlantic Heights, N [ 07716 

Brenda K. Lasley. Route 2 Box 342. Mebane. N C, 27302 

George T Lashley. 110 S Ireland St , Burlington, N C. 27215 

Lena C. Latta. P O Box 1069. Elon College, N C. 27244 

Michel A- Lassiter. 17808 Caddy Dr , Derwood. Md 20855 

Alexis L. Latimore. 221 NW 69th St.. Miami. Fl 33150 

Elizabeth G. Laukhart. 1027 Umstedd Circle. Arnold, Md 21012 

Martha B. Lalla, 3217 Hawthorne Rd . Rocky Mt . NC 27B01 

Lisa Ann Laub, 1271 Pickwick Lane. Salem, Va 24153 

D, Lynn Lawrence. PO Box 1001. Elon College, N^C 27244 

Donald W, Lawrence. 1883 Bray Blvd . Asheboro. N C 27203 

Joel R T .iwrence. Route 12 Box 534, Sanford, N.C. 27330 

Dennis P- Lawson. Route 1 Box 270-B, Pilot Mountain. N C 27041 

Jane C. Lawrence. 413 S Fifth St . Mebane, N C. 27302 

Dillard M. Laws. |r., 507 Sands Circle, Reidsville. N C. 27320 

Winifert E- Lawson, Route 5 Box 381. Reidsville. N.C 27320 

Mai Hoang Thi Le, 359 Summer Hill Rd , Fayetleville. NC 28303 

Stephen W. Leach, 4 Skylop Rd , Edison. N I 08817 

Joseph G, Leak. P O Box 122, Eagle Springs, N C 27242 

Roderick V. Leary. Route 1 Box 298-A, Edenton, NC 27932 

Kimberly S. Leathers. 4030 Dresden Rd , Winston-Salem. N.C. 27104 

Brett London Lee, 1205 Front St . Beaufort. N.C. 28516 

Donna B. Lee. Route 3 Box 98, Burlington. N C 27215 

lames Phillip Lee. Rl 6 Box 82. Burlington, N C 27215 

Russell C. Lee, III. 5715 Summit Ave . Brown Summitt. N C. 27214 

William R Lemly. 905 Rainey St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Bobby W. Leonard. 520 Gales Ave . Winston-Salem, NC. 27103 

Nancy E. Leonard. 3524 lanyard Rd . High Point. N C 27260 

Robert A. Leporalli. 6724 Greyfox Dr . Springfield, Va. 22152 

Carol A. Leslie. 891 Great Pond Rd , North Andover. Ma 01845 

Susan H. Leslie. 891 Great Pond Rd , North Andover, Ma 01845 

C. David Lewis. Jr.. 405 Sunset Ave , Clinton. N C. 28328 

luliann Lewis. 3600 Allendale Dr.. Raleigh, N.C 27604 

Sarah G. Uwallen, Route 6 Box 113. Asheboro, N C, 27203 

Cecil T Lewis. IH, 304 Watson Dr , Henderson. N C 27536 

Robert G Lewis. P O Box 973. Elon College. N C 27244 

Tony B, Lewis, 1708 Englewood Dr . Greenville. N C 27834 

loseph |. Liberto, 6401 3 ChopI Rd , Richmond. Va 23229 

Alan D. Light. 123 Grant St , Eden. N C 27288 

Gregory K. LUe», 1615 Woodland Ave.. Burlington, NC 27215 

Henry | Lindley. Route 1 Box 230-C. Graham. N C 27253 

lack R Lindley. )r.. 1517 Ridgecrest Ave , Burlington. N C 27215 

Charles G- Lindsay, 700 Martin St . Greensboro, N.C. 27406 

Irene ]. Lintord P O Box 252. Goldsboro. N C 27530 

Angela M, Liniz, 321 Courtfield Ave . Winchester. Va 22601 

Phillip C. Litten. 617 Trollinger St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Joanne R, Little, 2625-A Suffolk Ave . High Point, N C 27260 

Vickie G. Livengood, Route 2. Stokesdale, N C 27357 

C, Layne Llewellyn. 3553 Mayfair, Durham, N C, 27707 

Dennis W Lloyd. Route 1 Box 313. Chapel Hill, N C. 27514 

Elizabeth L. Lloyd, Route 3 Box 119, Hillsborough. N C 27278 

Jack P Locicero, 1105 Mallard. Las Vegas. Nv 89101 

Robert W Lockerby. RFD Chester Hill. Grafton. Vt 05146 

Dianna L. Long. 8412 Holly Hill Rd . Richmond, Va 23299 

Nancy P. Lottman. 521 Kingston Dr . Virginia Beach. Va 23452 

William J. Lottman, II, 521 Kingston Dr . Virginia Beach. Va 23452 

Mollie M. Lougee. 5212 Russell Rd . Durham. N C 27712 

James T, Love, 2293 Lee Dr , Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Susan G. Love. Box 534. Graham, N.C. 27253 

Denis ]. Lovell. Route 1. Providence. N C 27315 

Gregory B. Lovell. 905 Everett St . Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Willie V- Lowe. Route 2 Box 286. Madison, N C. 27025 

C, Kearns Lowman, 405 CoUinwood Dr , Burlington, NC, 27215 

Christopher M. Loy. Route 6. Burlington. N C. 27215 

Robert D, Loy 302 Harden St . Burlington. N C 27215 

Laura E. Loyd. 104 Irvington Springs, Lynchburg. Va 24503 

Mary J- Luke, PO Box 554. Waverly. Va 23890 

David J. Lundberg, 2209 Seely Dr . Orlando. Fl 32808 

Terry L. McAIister. Route 4. Mebane. N C. 27302 

Dianne L. McAllister. 261 Elmfield St.. W Hartford, Ct 06110 

Christopher P. McArdle. 1516 Centergate Dr . Silver Spring. Md 2090^ 

Denise E. McBride, 500 Carnwise Ave SW. Canton. Oh 44706 

Margaret E, McBee. 733-F Colony Apis , Burlington, N C 27215 

Lisa L, McBryde, 1402 Spring Lane, Sanford. N.C. 27330 

Patricia K. McCam. 5216 Pelham Rd . Durham. N C 27707 

Gwendolyn C, McCarter, 8801 Dena Dr . Richmond. Va 23229 

lesse D. McCaaklll, Route 1 Box 180. Biscoe. N C 27209 

Daniel R. McClernon, 705 Frazier St , Durham. N.C 27704 

Stephanie J- McClellan, 2078 Edgewood Ave , Burlington. NC, 27215 

Donald J, McClintock, 5129 Lansdowne Dr . Durham. N.C. 27705 

Austin H. McCormick, Box 1763, Burlington, N C, 27215 

Diane E. McCollum, 510 Hale Ct,. Burlington, NC. 27215 

Sallie G, McConnell, Route 1 Box 562-AA, Mt. Holly. N.C. 28120 

Maureen A McCrossan, 2309 Camden Ave, Manasquan. N.J 08736 

W Aubrey McDaniel. 111. 302 Whitfield St , Enfield, NC 27823 

Barbara A McDermott. 1909 Woodland Ave , Burlington, NC, 27215 

William P. McDonough. 3525 Marlyn Rd , Portsmouth. Va. 23703 

Andria M. McDowell. Route 4 Box 148. Canton. N C. 28716 

Patricia L, McDowell, Route 1 Box 120, Reidsville. NC, 27320 

Wanda G. McDowell. Route 1 Box 136, South Boston, Va. 24592 

James T, McFarland.2105 Burnt Bridge Rd. Lynchburg, Va. 24503 

Sarah A. McGee. 512 Country Club Rd., Ml Airy, N.C. 27030 

Haroiyn C. McGhee. 511 S Main St . Danville. Va, 24541 

Michael McGiffin, Route 1 Box 309, Doswell, Va 23047 

Sara W McGinnis. 2532 Hyde St . Burlington, N C 27215 

Kathleen L, McGovern. 401 Eden Cl , Graham. N C 27253 

Sharon S. McGuire, 1023 Edgewood Apts , Graham. N.C 27253 

Susan N Mclntyre. Roule 4. Box 813, Greensboro, N C. 27406 

Joseph L, McKenzie, Route 5 Box 543. Lumberton, NC 28358 

Scott W McKenzie, 206 Grier Lane, Milford. De 19963 

Charles G. McKeel, Route 4 Box 649. Wilson, N C 27893 

Arthur P. McKinney. Jr.. P O Box 305, Gales Ferry, Cl 06335 

Cynthia A, McKoy, Roule 2 Box 20. Marshall, Va 22115 

Thomas O, McKinnon. 1751 North 12lh Ct . Lakeworth. Fl 33460 

Laura L McLamb, 225 Vivian Dr , Fayetleville. N C. 28301 

Weslev K McLaughlin. 276 Arnelt Rd,. Danville. Va 24541 

Catherine L, McLaulin, 311 W McGinnis Circle. Norfolk. Va, 23502 

Carolyn R. McLean, 706 Turnpike Rd,, Laurinburg, NC, 28352 

Thomas W McLemore, 409 Lafayette St , Clinton, NC 28328 

Bernadette E. McMullen. 2605 Vanstory Si.. Greensboro. N.C 27407 

Anna J McManus. 223 Farmington Rd . Columbia, S C. 29206 

Erwin R. McManus. 6305 Lewisand Circle. Raleigh. N C, 27809 

Kevin S. McNally, 2726 Deerfield Rd SW, Roanoke. Va. 24015 

Kathy E. McNeil, Route 4 Box 41, Hillsborough. N.C, 27278 

Sharyne S. McNeil, 311 S LaSalle St 6-1. Durham. N C. 27705 

William E. McPherson. PO Box 327. Hillsborough. N C, 27278 

Patricia A McPhiNips, 12608 Spring Loch Ct . Silver Springs. Md 20904 

John J Machala, 704 N Gurney St . Burlington, NC 27215 

Robert B, Mack. 3555 Kirby Smith Dr , Wilmington, NC 28401 

Donald J- Mackey, Route 10 Box 337, Winston-Salem. N C 27107 

Terry L Mack. 69 Overhill St . Westfield. N I 07090 

Ava D Macinlyre. 803 N Gurney St.. Burlington, N C, 27215 

Caroline B. Maclin. 616 Myers Lane. Greensboro, N.C. 27408 

Martha T. MacMillan, 1953 Twin Cove Rd . Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

Roderic F. Macaskill. E Brookfield, VI 05036 

Alvin N, Maddox. Route 11 Box 482, Shelby, N C, 28150 

Carol J, Madison. 5630 Riverside Dr , Richmond. Va 23225 

Harry C. Madsen, 2400 Ann Terrace. Wall. N 1 07719 

Donna M. Magnano. 6835 Greystone Dr , Raleigh. NC 27609 

William Mahone, 2520 Avenham Ave. SW. Roanoke. Va. 24014 

Laura A. Mallory, 10602 Lambell Rd . Glen Allen, Va. 23060 

Ann T. Malone. 1020 E Willowbrook Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Catina S Mandis. 12905 Gaffney Rd . Silver Spring, Md. 20904 

Scott W. Mandeville, 2010 Windsor Rd , Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 

Arthur J. Manchester, 417 Bethel St Box 3807, Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Beverly L. Maness, 708 N Dogwood Ave.. Siler City. N.C. 27344 

Teresa Kim Maness. Route 1. Robbins. N C 27325 

William D. Mangum. Roule 1 Box 202, Oxford, N C 27565 

Gary L. Mansfield, Route 4 Box 309-A. Burlinglon. N C- 27215 

David V Mantiply, 407 Brentwood Dr.. Danville. Va. 24541 

Carol P. Marion. 4501 Woodedge Dr , Greensboro. N C 27406 

David S, Markey.143 Haines Ct . Moorestown, N 1.08057 

Gary A Marn. Roule 8 Box 409. Reidsville. N C 27320 

Terry L. Marsh. 605 Burton Creek Place. Lynchburg. Va. 24502 

Pamela K Marriott. PO Box 386. Baltleboro. N C 27809 

Gregory D Marshall, P O Box 13151, Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Billie K Martin. 325 Bidney Dr , Burlington. N C 27215 

Charles P Martin. 2910 Emalhla St , Miami. Fl 33133 

Christopher P Martin, 14 Locust Dr , Summit. N I 07901 

Elizabeth L. Martin, Mimosa Hills Dr., Morganton. N C. 28655 

[ohns M. Martin. 515 Pennringlon Circle. Reidsville, N.C. 27320 

Nan E Martin, 2638 Stratford Dr . Greensboro. N C 27408 

Steven J Martinelli. 232 Farrington Si . Quincy. Ma 02170 

Thomas M. Marlino. 5110 Sugarbush Dr. Holiday. Fl 33589 

Lydia A. Massey, 2114 W Front St . Burlington. N C 27215 

Debra Lee Mason. Roule 2. Rocky Mount, Va 24151 

Diane E Mason. 632 Carroll Fox Rd. Brick Town, N ] 08723 

Keith A. Mason. Roule 2 Box 894, Franklin. N C 28734 

Nancy J Mason. Rl 2 Hickory Frst Udge. Chapel Hill. N C 27514^ 

Patricia L. Mason, Rl 2 Hickory Frst Lodge. Chapel Hill. N C 27514 

James A. Matanzo. 285 E. 156th St . Bronx, NY 10451 

Freida J. Matkins. Route 10 Box 447, Burlington, N C 27215 

Brian C Matt. 206 Portland Place, Richmond, Va 23221 

Charlene M Mathews. PO Box 157. PiMsboro. N C 27312 

Chris Matthews. 7131 Thorncliff Dr , Charlotte. N C 28210 

Kenneth W Matthews, 3518 Mossdale Ave . Durham. N C. 27707 

Scott A, Matthews, 905 Winterlochen Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Timothy B. Matthews, 3312 Guy Circle. Fayetleville. N C 28303 

Edward C Mattocks. Campus Box 3454. Elon College. N C 27244 

Mary L Mattox. 7205 Marley Circle. Charlotte. N C 28214 

Steven R Mauck. 421 Badgell Ave . Ml Airy. N.C 27030 

Barry Leon May, Roule 1 Box 108, Whilsetl. NC 27377 

D. Leanne May, 1503 Edith St , Burlington. N.C 27215 

Frances M May, Rt 8 Box 410, Burlington. N C 27215 

Joseph H. May. Roule 1 Box 307. Julian. N C 27283 

D. Reld Maynard. Jr., 735 Scotch Plains Ave . Westfield. N-I- 07090 

Willard, D, Maynard. 904 Nicholas Si,. Henderson, NC. 27536 

Eddie H. Meacham. Box 97. Ellerbe, N C 28228 

Julia E. Meacham. 200 |uanila Ave . Hamlel, N C 28345 

Timothy J. Mead. 8518 Helen Terrace. Annandale. Va 22003 

Mary A. Mebane. 309 Brooklyn Si , Burlington, N C. 27215 

Art M. Medlin, 113 Aiken Si , Fuquary-Varina, NC. 27526 

Carol D Medlin. 1503 Fairview St . Dunn, N C 28334 

Julius T, Medley. Route 2 Box 10, Reidsville, N C 27320 

Myrna Y Melton. 205 Pine Tree Rd , Oxford. N C 27565 

Philip S. Melton. 1802 Brookclilf Dr . Greensboro, N C 27408 

Thomas E Merkel. 1047 Burning Tree Dr , Chapel Hill. N C. 27514 

Susan R. Merry, 607 Raymond St , Westfield, N j 07090 

S, Annette Metcalf. 1200 Interurban Ave . Charlotte, N.C 28208 

Joseph W Meyer, 77 Lakeland Dr , Bricktown, N ] 08723 

Karen L Michaels. 313 Oaklawn Rd . Mt Airy, N C 27030 

Randy D. Michaelson. 3300 Ocean Shore Ave , Virginia Beach. Va. 23451 

Jeffrey S. Michel, 2123 West Lake Rd , Skaneateles, NY, 13152 

Glenn E, Middleton. 2821 Blanche Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 

Colleen M, Miller. 5419 Rattlesnake Hck . Naples. Fl 33940 

Dave S Miller, 2416 Heather Road West. Wilmington. De 19803 

Elizabeth D. Miller, 2117 Saber Cl,. Naperville. IL 80540 

Howard K, Miller. Route 6 Box 296-1, Burlington, N C 27215 

Kelly E. Miller. Route 5 Box 665, N Wilkesboro. N C, 28659 

John H. Miller, Jr.. Roule 1. Rural Retreat, Va 24368 

Richard H. Miller. 917 Shannon Rd.. Asheboro. N C 27203 

Susan E. Miller. PO Box 703. Ml, Holly. N.C. 28120 

Vivian D. Miller. 1027 Rollingwood Dr,. Charlotte. N.C. 28210 

William J- Miller. 2910 Greenbriar Dr . Sanford. N.C. 27330 

Eric I- Mills, 968 Fairmouni Ave . Towson, Md. 21204 

Sheila M, Milliken, Roule 1 Box 591. Haw River. NC. 27258 

Grant T, Mills, Roule 1 Box 644. Spruce Pine, N C, 28777 

Josephus D. Mills. 313 E Hillside Dr . Fuquay-Varina, NC. 27526 

Timothy C. Mills. Roule 1 Box 49. Tabor City, N C 28463 

Melanie A, Mills. 804 E Iredell Ave , Mooresvilie, NC 28115 

Carl B. Mims, Jr., P O Box 25966, Raleigh, N.C 27611 

G. Michael Mlnick, 2404 S Holden Rd , Greensboro, NC. 27407 

Frank H Minner. 4 Aldham Ct , Wilmington, De 19803 

Brien J. Minor. 8514 Hunter Creek Trail. Potomac. Md. 20854 

Allen S, Mitchell. 928 Graham St , Burlington, N C, 27215 

Brian E, Mitchell. 2429 Beekay Cl,. Vienna. Va 22180 

William Y. MHchell. 407 Chub Lake St.. Roxboro. N C, 27573 

Rebecca L. Molln. 706 Huffman Mill Rd ElO, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Ricky B. Modiln. 401 N 5th St , Mebane. N C 27302 

Dennis R. Monlieth, 119 Woods Rd . Newport News. Va 23601 

Karen L. Montgomery, 32 Spring Ct.. Charlottesville, Va 22901 

Scott P. Montgomery, 32 Spring Ct-. Charlottesville. Va, 22901 

Ricky N.Moody. Roule 4 Box 160. Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Willard J, Moody. Jr., 120 Riverpoinl Cres , Portsmouth. Va 23707 

Christopher Moolhuyzen. 3413 Noble Ave , Richmond. Va 23222 

John H, Moon, 520 N Queen Ann Si . Burlington, N C 27215 

Edward Mooney. III. Route 1. Sloneville, N C 2704B 

Lisa C. Mooney. 1219 Filtman Dr . Reidsville, N C 27320 

Lisa [. Mooneyham. 2820 Blanche Dr , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Claiborne C. Moore. Jr.. 216 Galveston Dr. Durham. NC 27704 

Elizabeth S. Moore. 2411 Heather Rd West, Wilmington. De 19803 

Henry L. Moore. Box 254, Elon College. N C. 27244 

James C. Moore, 106 Jones St., Morganton, N C 28655 

James R, Moore, 2721 Spring Garden Rd , Winston-Salem. N.C- 27106 

John C. Moore. 3610 Bent Branch Ct , Falls Church, Va 22041 

Larry C. Moore, 1510 W Gold St , Wilson, N C. 27893 

Mary A, Moore. 504 Tony Tank Lane, Salisbury, Md 21801 

Mary E. Moore, 1009 Oakcrest Dr , Reidsville, N C 27320 

Myron L. Moore. 205 Maple Dr NW, Lenoir, NC. 28645 

Robert H. Moore. 1617 Country Club Rd , Reidsville, N C. 27320 

Patricia Lynn Moore, 1009 Oakcrest Dr , Reidsville, NC 27320 

Robert G Moore. Route 2 Box 62-A. Catawba. N C 28609 

Robert B, Moore. 1619 Weslbury Dr . Richmond, Va 23229 

Rodney G. Moore, Roule 1 "Box 51. Buffalo jcl , Va 24529 

Timothy M. Moore. 2506 Commonwealth Dr , Charlottesville. Va 22901 

Teresa A, Moore. 309 W Harden St . Burlington. N.C 27215 

Tommy N, Moose. 463 Lindsey Ave , Asheboro, N C. 27203 

Susan E. Moran, Box 36, Gretna. Va 24557 

Bruce B. Morgan. 112 W Queen. Edenton, N C. 27938 

Charles M, Morgan, 508 Bridge St . Eden. N C 27288 

Tina M. Morgenson. Route 1 Box 1040, Lexington. N C 27292 

Jean S. Morlcle. Route 1 Box 437, Elon College, N C 27244 

Setenna A. Morlcle. Roule 1 Box 190, Summerfield. NC 2735B 

Bennie A- Morris. Roule 2 Box 405-K. Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Cindy M, Morris. Route 1 Box 182, Summerfield, N C 27358 

Elizabeth M, Morris. 1929 Thunderbird Dr . Virginia Beach. Va 23454 

Leia D. Morris. 4409 Lebanon Rd,. Charlotte, N C 28212 

Robert J- Morris. [r„ 1312 N. Schooner Lane, Virginia Beach, Va, 23454 

Steven D. Morris, Roule 7 Box 33. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Jay Neal Morton. Box 761. Elon College, NC 27244 

Terri L. Morris. Route 6 Box 29. Lexington. N C 27292 

Terry R Morris. 936 Worth St Ext , Asheboro. N.C 27203 

Ronald C- Morris. Star Route Box 54-G, Earlysville. Va 22936 

Mary H, Morrow. 1702 Paxon Or, Penarth, Wilmington, De, 19803 

Nancy J. Morton. 3103 Henderson Rd , Greensboro, N C 27410 

Jean E, Morrow. 15 Riverview Rd . Weslport, Ct 06880 

Leslie A. Morse. 6837 Greystone Dr , Raleigh. N C 27609 

Goodrich Morton, Jr.. 2336 Buckingham Rd , Burlinglon, NC. 27215 

Mary R, Moser. Route 3 Box 374. Graham. N C 27253 

Laura L, Moss. 4328 Moylan Lane, Fairfax, Va. 22030 

Frank J. Motondo. 1517 Keogh St . Burlinglon. N.C. 27215 

lohn A Motley. Roule 1 Box 50. Blairs. Va 24527 

Rhonald Mukombe. Ml Silinda Inst Box 2, Ml Silinda, Rhodesia 

Pattie |, Moxley, 118 Robin Dr , Danville. Va 24541 

William J. Muldoon, 168 Hilbert Si,, Williamslown. N I 08094 

Buell Edward Moser. 524 Wildwood Lane. Burlington, NC 27215 

Marilyn R, Mullen. 3962 Sandpiper Dr . Roanoke. Va 24018 

Marsha A Mundy. 213 Gregory St . Roxboro, NC 27573 

Lisa A. Mundy. 5 Arila Circle, Winston-Salem. N C 27105 

Gregory D. Mumford. 73 AlmonI St , Boston, Ma 02126 

David R, Mundy. 3047 Rosalind Ave , Roanoke. Va 24014 

Terri R, Murchison. Route 2. Liberty, N C. 27298 

Stephen A Murdoch. Route 2 Box 562, Morehead City. N.C. 28557 

Isaac M. Murdock. lOl-B Heritage Rd., Mebane. NC 27302 

John OlHn Munn. P O Box 154, Stedman, N C 28391 

Michael L. Murphy, 114 Ford St , Thomaaville, N.C 27360 

Matthew G Murphy. 2312 Edgewood Ave . Burlinglon. NC. 27215 

William E, Murphy. Roule 3. Lincolnton, N C, 28092 

Rickey V. Murray. 2312 Edgewood Ave . Burlington, NC. 27215 

William T. Murphy, Route 2 Box 26. Franklin, Va 23851 

Gina R, Murray. Oxford, N C 27565 

Tina M- Murray. Roule 9 Box 443, Burlinglon. N.C 27215 

Barbara K. Murray. Route 3 Box 228, Elon College. N C 27244 

Randall Rav Murray. Rl 6 Box 137. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Keith M. Murrell. Roule 2 Box 508, Walnut Cove. N.C 27052 

Frances O. Murrell. Roule 2 Box 508. Walnut Cove. N.C. 27052 

Charles R, Myers. II. 533 Smithfield Ave . Hopewell, Va 23860 

Jacquelyn M. Myers. 308 Shannon Dr . Eden. N C 27288 

Steve K. Nail. 1908 Wilkins St . Burlington, N C 27215 

Charles A Nance, 7919 Old Reidsville Rd . Browas Summit. N C. 27214 

Andrea L. Naugle. Quarters A. Tarawa Dr.. Wahiawa. Hi- 96786 

Anthony W, Naumann, Route 1. Lancaster, Va 22503 

Gurura) Nivargikar. 58 Tamaques Way, Westfield, N I 07090 

Toni D Navarro. 5522 Woodbury Rd.. Durham, NC 27707 

Robert L. Nazllan, 25 Emily Dr . Vernon, Ct 06066 

Emma Lou Neblell. Roule 2 Box 464-A. Durham. NC 27705 

William J. Needham, Roule 2, Graham. N C, 27253 

Mary V- Neill. 7 Timberidge Dr.. Clover, S.C 29710 

Frank R. Neelv. #6 Chateau Ct . Greensboro. N C 27407 

Linda S, Nelms. 1212 Parker Rd . Suffolk. Va 23434 

Amelia E. Nelson. 301 Mount View Ct , Lexington. N C 27292 

Deborah J. Nelson. 113 Harris St . Roxboro. N C 27573 

Jane A. Nelson. 5021 Edgemere Blvd , Richmond. Va 23234 

Janice E. Nelson, P O Box 562. Green Cove Spgs,. Fla 32043 

Stephen A. Nelson. PO Box 21. Nelson. Va 24580 

Thomas E. Nelson, 301 Mountview Ct., Lexington, NC 27292 

Lynn M, Nesset. 3131 Cauby St . Apt. 27. San Diego, Ca, 92110 

Diane M, Neuville. 11717 North Shore Dr . Reslon. Va 22090 

Jo Ann Newcorab, 508 Cherry St . Oxford, N C 27565 

Kathy A Newcorab. Route 2 Box 327. Martinsville. Va. 24112 

William P. Newman. P.O- Box 112. Boydlon. Va. 23917 

Chinhlruc Nghiem. 310 Hall Ave . Burlinglon. N C 2721S 

lohn C. Nicholson, 1706 Brown Ave,. Burtlnglon. N.C. 27215 

Susan K. Niegro, 1553 Wolfsnare Rd . VirRinia Beach. Va 23451 

Marlanc Nigrelli. 2916 Rockingham Circle, Orlando. Fl 32808 

William M. Nisbet, 106 S Anderson Si . Morganton. N C 28655 

Ronald E. NUon. 1219 Evans Sr . Burlington. N C 27215 

Michael Lee Norris, Roule 3 Box 645-K. Fayetleville. N C 28306 

Paul W- Norris. 342 Uasburg St . Roxboro. N C 27573 

Rendia F. Nosay, 600 Red Robin Rd.. Virginia Beach. Va 23451 

Sherri B. Norwood. 19 Hillmonl Apis . Carrboro. N C 27514 

Kalhy [o Novak. 53 Homewood Dr . Lynchburg, Va 24502 

lames G. Nowlin. 6828Tre%'ilian Rd . NE. Roanoke. Va 24019 

Sherri L. Nunn. Route 3 Box 130-A, Virgilina, Va 24598 

Sheila L, Oakley. Route 1 Box 141. Roxboro, NC 27573 

Bonila K Oakley. Roule 2 Box 284-E, South Boston. Va 24592 

Rachel P OBriant, PO Box +4, Roxboro, NC r573 

Susan C. Oakley, 2463 Momingside Dr , Burlington. N C 27215 

D. Jeffrey Oakes. Roule 1 Box 167. South Boston, Va. 24592 

Michael D OBrien, 3211 Oxford Dr , Durham. N C 27707 

Jane T O'Connor. 1020 Maryland Ave . Suffolk. Va 23434 

William L, Odom. )r.. 1400 Planters St , Rocky Mount, N C 27801 

Terry Lynn Oakes. 3716 Huntleigh Dr.. Raleigh, N C 27604 

Daniel K.Ollis..W07 Pinafore Dr Durham, NC 27705 

Ronald C. O'Neill. 3611 Centreville Rd , Chantilly. Va. 22021 

|ohn |, O'Hare. 5M3 Cartwright Dr , Roanoke, Va 24018 

Barr> L. Oliver. 4525 Powells Point Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23455 

Edwin G, Oliver. 4525 Powells Pi Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23455 

Michael F. Oliver. 290B Tully Dr NW, Roanoke, Va, 24019 

Vicki L Oldham. Roule 10 Box 23. Sanford, N C 27330 

Tina L. Oliver. Rouie 1 Box 52, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Lindv L Olive. 4103 S Alston Ave . Durham, N C 27713 

Sabrina M. Oliver. Roule 10 Box 493, Burlington, NC 27215 

Michael R. O'Mara, 198 East Main St . Orange, Ma 01364 

Phillip Onesto. 35 Robert Rd , Inwood, Long Island. NY 11696 

Jeffrey J Orcull. 25 Acker Dr . Middletown, N J 07748 

Melissa A, Orcuti, 2147 Canterbury Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Carolyn H- Overton. 403 N Steele St . Sanford. N C- 27330 

Ted B, Overton, 5019 Kaplan Dr , Raleigh, N C. 27606 

David W. (Overton. 403 Worth Steele St.. Sanford. NC. 27330 

Donna M. Owen. 413 Green St , Durham. N C 27701 

Phyllis M, Owens. Box 2, Coleridge. NC 27234 

Michael Y- Packett. P O Box 232. Warsaw, Va 22572 

Charles A. Page. Route 3, Elon College. NC, 27244 

Myra L Page. Route 2 Box 93. Burlington, N C 27215 

Penny K Page. Route 2, Elon College, N C 27244 

Peter F Pallas. 24 Forest Lake Rd . Greensboro. N C 27407 

James H, Pankiewicz, 509 Cavalier Dr . Virginia Beach. Va. 23451 

Katherine ,-\. Pappas, 427 Avondale Dr , Danville. Va, 24541 

Benjamin L Parham. 109 Mooreland Dr . Oxford. N C 27565 

Ricky Lee Parham. Rl 4 Box 391-B, Oxford, N C 27565 

Connie S Parker, PO Box 331, Boykins, Va 23827 

Debra P Parker. 1719 Erwin Ave . Burlington, N C 27215 

Dennis L. Parker. 1500 N Cleveland Ave, Winston-Salem, N C. 27105 

Lynda R. Parker, 5357 Unaka Ave , Charlotte, N C. 28205 

Debra K- Parr. Box 8, Crozier, Va 23039 

Pegg> Jo Parker. 328 Hillcresl Ave . Buriinglon,N C 27215, 

Roy C. Parker. Roule 1 Box 160-A, Haw River. N C 27258 

Susan P, Parker, 905 Bobolink Dr. Virginia Beach. Va 234S1 

Richard A. Parker. 513 Country Club Dr , Burlington. NC. 27215 

John T Parkinson. 2713 Bellaire Dr . Sanford, N C 27330 

Kelly L Parks. Route 6 Box 60-A. Louisa, Va 23093 

Gary R, Parrish. 1421 Morningside Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Randall S. Parrish. Box 104. Goochland, Va 23063 

Lewis D, Parrish. Box 104, Goochland, Va 23063 

Michael E. Parsons. Box 163, Kill Devil Hills, NC. 27948 

Warren A. Partrick. Honey Pod Farm, Washington. N C 27889 

Arteen Pate. 432 West Fifth Si , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Charles L. Paski. 4605 Weldin Rd , Wilmington, De. 19803 

Joanne B, Pate. 3002 S Mebane St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Richard Pate, (r . 1351 Springdale Dr.. Burlington, NC 27215 

Bruce T. Palram. B50 Trollinger Rd . Asheboro. NC 27203 

Deborah K. Patterson. 809 Sycamore Dr , Graham, NC. 27253 

Ronnie L, Patterson. Route 6. Burlington, N C 27215 

Paul G. Patterson. 1429 Henri Si , Mt Airy, N C 27030 

Susan E- Patterson. Route 6 Box 381. Burlington, N C 2721S 

Denese V, PaOon, Route 1 Box 38, Mebane. N C. 27302 

Millard I Patlon. Jr., Route 6 Box 181, Mebane, N C 27302 

August L. Payne. 1505 Confederate Ave , Richmond, Va 23227 

David L. Payne. 6802 Fair Oaks Rd . Roanoke, Va 24019 

Kenneth A. Payne, Route 2. Gibgonville. N C 27249 

Mark T. Payne, 6802 Fair Oaks Rd , Roanoke, Va 24019 

Stephen R. Payne. 2107 Woodmont Dr , Richmond, Va 23235 

Thomas C- Payne. 3404 Douglas Rd . Chesapeake, Va. 23322 

Walter C. Paynter, P O. Box 51. Wise, NC. 27594 

Sarah G, Peach. 2219 Hillsboro Heights, Knoxville, Tn, 37920 

Robert W. Pearce. Box 304 — 26th Si . Butner, N C 27509 

David M. Pealross, 2848 Merry Acres Lane, Winston-Salem. NC. 27106 

Robert S. Pearson. 6017 Vinyard Lane, Suffolk, Va 23435 

Nancy K Pearson, 6017 Vinyard Lane, Suffolk, Va 23435 

Charles F Peebles. 1515 Shadylawn Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

James H Peedin, III, PO Box 158. Burgaw. NC 2B425 

Timothy D. Peeler. Box 73. Granite Quarry, NC 28072 

John M, Pelosky. 4334 Okane Cl , Ft Meade. Md 20755 

Richard A, Pender, P O Box 1188. Elizabeth City. N C. 27909 

Marcia E Pendergraph. Route 1 Box 147, Haw River, N C 27258 

Richard C. Penland. 3205 Woodview St., High Point. N C 27260 

Melinda S. Penry. Roule 4 Box 472-C, Greensboro. NC. 27406 

Jesse J. Perkins. 1109 Trollinger Rd . Graham. N C. 27253 

Dan T PerneU. 1921 Quail Ridge Rd , Raleigh. NC 27609 

James F,Perr>.911 Laura [Juncan Rd , Apex. NC 27502 

Laura M. Perry, 11100 Childs St . Silver Spring. Md. 20901 

Jean L PeiT>'. 414 Bland Blvd , Burlington, N C 27215 

Mary A. Peterwn. Roule 1 Box 346, Haw River, NC, 27258 

\'icky L- Perry. 1400 West B St , Butner, N C, 27509 

Rayford T. Petty. Route 1, Landrum. S C 29356 

Rexell R. Phares. P O Box 1698, Elkins. W Va 26241 

Cathy L, Phelps. 2116 Wilkins St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Cynthia L Phlllipi, Route 1 Box 518, Natural Bridge. Va 24578 

Ann Carol Phlllipi, 2323 McKinney St , Burlington, NC. 27215 

G. Byron Phillips. P O. Box 400. Spruce Pine. N C. 28777 

Jimmy Lynn Phillips. Route 10 Box 371, Burlington. NC, 27215 

Richard P. Phillips, 2824 Cameron Dr . Sanford. NC. 27330 

Roger E Phillips. 2624 Cameron Dr , Sanford. N C, 27330 

S Lynette Phlllipt. 811 Scoll St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Stephen L, Phillips. 1302 Verlie Dr., Spring Lake, NC 28390 

Pamela D. Pickett. 4154 Deepwood Circle. Durham, NC 27705 

Cordon A. Pickett. 3121 Pickett Rd , Durham, NC 27705 

Cathy D Pike^PO 9c_x 504. Gibsonville, NC 27249 

M. Lisa Pike. 2227 W Front Si,. Burlington. N C 27215 

Bernard D, Pinchbeck. Star Roule 2 Box 16. Lawrenceville, Va, 23868 

|ohn A. Pini, |r.. 27 Cameo Rd , Claymonl. De. 19703 

Rhonda G, Pinion. 3632 Allendale Dr. Raleigh, N C. 27604 

Greg A, Piper. 212 Shadowlawn, Jamestown, N C, 27282 

Charles L Piper. 1227 S Mam St , Burlington, N C, 27215 

Ronald B Piner, 208 Gordon St , Beaufort, N C 28516 

David M Pinson. 2600 Fernwick, Dr , South Boston, Va 24592 

Martha P Pittard, 109 Franklin Si . Oxford, N C 27565 

Susan M Pittard, Route 4 Box 44, Mebane, NC 27302 

Thomas K Pleasants, 330 Stanaford Rd . Winston-Salem, NC 2n04 

Bonnie S Pless, Route 7 Box 345. Salisbury. N C 28144 

Barbara S Pittman. 805 Ravenwood Dr , Raleigh, NC 27606 

Ira J Poe. Box "25, Liberty, N C 27298 

John B Pleasants. III. Route 4 Box e2-A4, Oxford. N C 27565 

Gary S Ponton, 1501 Maycrafi Rd,. Virginia Beach, Va, 23455 

Donna L Popular. 9306 Hamilton Dr , Fairfax, Va 22030 

Phyllis A Pope. Route 1, Cedar Grove, N C 27231 

Michael S. Porter, K340 Shore Acres, Hilton, NY 14468 

Richard T. Post. Route 10 Box 49, Sanford, N C 27330 

Ralph H. Potter, 306 Woodland Church Rd., Goidsboro, N C. 27530 

lack A Powell. 3616 Rock Wood Rd , High Point. N C 27260 

David W Powell, 2918 Fawn Ave , Durham, N.C, 27705 

Ava M, Power. 3909 Raintree Dr . Greensboro. N C. 27407 

lames R. Poythress. 112 N Thomas St . South Hill. Va, 23970 

Cynthia A. Presson, 1407 Keogh St , Burlington. N C 27215 

Frank E, Prete. 2013 Potomac Dr . Greensboro, N C 27406 

Bradford T. Price. Route 10 Box 84-A, Reidsvllle. N C 27320 

Thomas J Prendergast. 514 Thomas Dr , Jacksonville, N C 28540 

Donnie E. Price, Box 577 Bermuda Run, Advance, N C 27006 

Jeffrey W Price. Roule 10 Box 84-A. Reidsville. N C, 27320 

Pamela E. f*rice. Roule 2 Fairway Dr , Williamslon, N C 27892 

Donald L Proffitt, 837 Earl of Chesterfield Ln . Virginia Beach. Va 23454 

Bonnie L. Pryce, 429 Crescent Ave , Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Daniel C. Puckett, 211 Middleton St . Bobbins, N C. 27325 

R. Kirk Puckett. Route 8 Box +45. Burlington, NC, 27215 

Vincent J. Puhl, Rl 1 Box 52-A, Green Cove Springs. Fl. 32043 

Paul D, Pugh. 6716 Starcrest Dr , Charlotte, N C 28210 

William P Pulley, III. 4720 Farrington Rd . Durham, NC, 27707 

Gerald P Puorro. 517 Nicholas Rd . Brick Town. N I, 08723 

Clifton O, Purvis, 5824 Shawood Dr , Raleigh, N C. 27609 

Judith S. Purvis, 4004 Maple Ave , Burlingotn, N C. 27215 

.^nne M Purcell, Roule 1 Box 327-6, Hillsboro, NC 27278 

Tommy N. Quails. 1505 N Park Ave . Burlington. NC. 27215 

Van B. Quails. 327 Weslridge Dr , Burlington, NC, 27215 

Stanley D. Queen. 3411 Longview Or , Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Daivd S. Ragan. 206 Bremen Dr . Lexington. N.C. 27292 

Phillip W Raines, Box 180. Keezlelown. Va 22832 

Billy J, Raines. Box 236-C. McGaheysville, Va 22840 

Henni Lynn Rains. P O Box 345. King. N C 27021 

David J, Rains, Box 266. Princeton. N C. 27569 

Anita J, Ragland, Roule 1 Box 362. Oxford. N C 27565 

Janie R Rambo. 1212 Three Wood Dr . Summerville. SC 29483 

|oe M. Raleigh. 5518 Dobson Rd , Greensboro. NC 27410 

Martha L, Ramseur. 4919 Vincent Lane, Charlotte. N C 28210 

William C, Ramsey, Jr., Roule 2. Ivor. Va 23866 

O- Matthew Randolph, 916 Whitsett Si , Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Phyllis A, Rankin. Route 2 Box J-100. Hamlet, NC 28345 

Cecil B, Ralliff. 2120 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, S C 29730 

Elizabelh A. Ratterman. Roule 4 Box 42. Mebane, NC 27302 

Lisa A. Ray. Roule 1 Box 29-A, Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Melinda Lee Ray. Roule 1 Box 744, Haw River. N C 27258 

Cynthia E. Rayner. 3909 Sheffield Dr , Charlotte, N C 28205 

Dewayne T. Reaves. 1228 Dover Si , Roxboro, N C 27573 

Lydia Rene Reaves, Roule 2 Box 299-K, South Boston. Va 24592 

John G, Reaves, Jr., 715 Wakeland Dr , Garner. NC 27529 

Nancy B. Redd, 801 Seneca Rd , Richmond. Va 23226 

John V Reese. 138 Hampton Dr . Danville, Va 24541 

Janet F. Redwine. P O Box 489-A, Kenansville, N C 28349 

Steven F Reavis. 448 Lmville Rd , Kernersville, N C 27284 

Michael O. Reed. 9112 Congressional Ct . Alexandria. Va 22309 

Catherine M. Reid. 178 Rebecca Rd , Battle Creek. Mi 29015 

Randy R Reid. PO Box 674. Troutman. N C 28166 

Richard J. Renick, PO Box 8565. Roanoke. Va 24014 

Gary Lee Renigar. Route 1 Box 371, Burlinglon, NC 2721S 

Suellyn P Reynolds, Roule 1 Box 15. AltaVista, Va 24517 

Rhonda E. Ridley, 12 Huntley Rd . Summit. N ) 07901 

Richard K, Rhodes. 1220 Warwick Dr . Burlington, NC, 27215 

Curtis A, Rich, 334 Forest Dr , Graham. NC, 27253 

James K. Richardson. 2125 Westover Dr.. Danville. Va 24541 

Barney D. Rice. Route 1 Box 15. Mebane, N C 27302 

Timothy R. Rice. Roule 1 Box 15. Mebane. N C 27302 

Betsy M Richards, 5 Hampton Hills Lane. Richmond. Va 23226 

Charles L Richardson, 2125 Westover Dr . Danville. Va 24541 

John A Richards. Jr. 1401 Delray Cl , Virginia Beach. Va 23455 

Leslie S Rice. Route 2 Sleepy Creek, Dudly. N C 28333 

Robert L, Richeson, 724 Grallan Rd , Martinsville, Va. 24112 

Douglas I Richter. 7 Milton Rd , Sparta. N J 07871 

Linda L Richmond, PO Box 1084, Elon College. N C. 27215 

Debra L. Rickman, 113 North Avd Apt 2-A. Danville, Va 24541 

Joseph B Rickman. li. 56 Skipwilh Green, Richmond, Va 23229 

Lemuel C Ricks. Roule 2 Box 264, Conway, N C. 27820 

James R. Riddle. Jr.. 330 — Isl Si , Chuiuota, Fl 32766 

Richard T Riggsbee. 2713 Landis Dr , Durham, NC 27705 

Mitchell L. Rippy, Roule 8 Box 481. Burlington. N C. 27215 

Terry L. Rippy. 200 S Morgan Si , Roxboro. N C 27573 

P. Denise Ritchie. 1970 Hilldale Dr , Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Joanne S. Rixon, 1643 Manor Mill. Charlotte, N C 28211 

Robin C Roache. 507 Bracken St , Sanford. N C, 27330 

Donna G Roach. Route 3 Box 257.A, Burlington, N C, 2721S 

Edward A Roberson. Roule 6 Box 34. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

David A Robertson. 214 Stratford Rd . Archdale, N C 27263 

Donald R Roberlson, 214 Stratford Rd . Archdale, N C 27263 

Charlotte G Roberlson. 9129 Leghorn Place, Fairfax, Va 22030 

Gordon W. Robertson, PO Box 45, Axton, Va 24054 

Jean E. Robertson. 401 Murphy St . Madison, N C 27025 

Randy C, Robertson. 507 Reid St , Thomasville, N C 27360 

Jerry W Robertson, PO Box 608, Elon College, NC, 27244 

Frances M. Robertson, PO Box 608. Elon College. NC 27244 

Sandra G Robertson. Route 2, Snow Camp. N C 27349 

John E Robinson. 207 Hanover Si . Troy, N C 27371 

Michael J. Robinson. 91 School Si , Chelmsford, Ma 01824 

Nancy S Robinson. 732 Engleman Ave , Burlington. N C 27215 

Wallace Robinson, Roule 3 Box 200, Bladenboro, N C 28320 

Renee M Rodriguez. 2512 Elderwood Lane. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Robert R Rodriguez. 2512 Elderwood Lane. Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Desmona A, Rogers, Box 481, Manteo, N.C. 27954 

Donna M, Rogers, 401 Chestnul St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Lisa A. Rogers. 640 N Steele St , Sanford. N C. 27330 

Sara A. Rogers. P O Box 614, Roxboro, N C 27573 

William B Rollins. 307 E Hillside Dr , Fuquay-Varina. N,C, 27526 

William D. Roper. 518 E Lebanon Lane. Elon College. N.C. 27244 

Eugene T. Rose. PO Box 806. Ahoskie, NC 27910 

Gregory P. Rosemsn. 5905 Old Rolling Rd , Alexandria, Va 22310 

Monte E Roseboro. 714 Earl St . Shelby. N C 28150 

Phillip B Ross. 2423 Morningside Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Robert C Rosenthal. 425 Druid Hill Ave , Salisbury, Md 21801 

Rolf Rosenfeldl, Kempkensfeld 5, Voerde, Germany 

Michael M Ross. Route 2 Box 445, Elon College, NC 27244 

Peter R Roughton. Jr.. 5303 Kingsbury Rd , Richmond. Va 23226 

Robert G Ruffin. 447 Plymouth Ave . Winston-Salem. N C 27104 

David S Russell. Ill Lester Dr. Burlington. N C, 27215 

Jeffrey G Russell. 1006 Oxon Ct . Gary, N C 27511 

Phillip W Russell. 410 W Elm St . Graham. N C 27253 

Anna J Ryerson. Roule 4 Box 423. Asheboro, N C 27203 

Ned T Ryerson. Rl 4 Box 423, Asheboro. NC 27203 

Thomas S Ryskiewich, 1034 Bnarcliff Rd , Burlington. N C 27215 

Malina Sakell, 315 .Mderman Rd , Charlottesville, Va 22903 

John M Sadler, 203 Longwood Rd . Baltimore. Md 21210 

Richard A. Sage. Jr.. 12420 Soulhbridge Dr , Midlothian, Va 23113 

lane E. Sampson. Route 1 Box IB, Shenandoah, Va 22849 

Delores L. Sales, 1016 Logan St , Greensboro. N C 27406 

David W Sams, Route 2 Box 45. Denton, N C 27239 

Patricia F, Samuel, 102 Clubview Dr , Ml, Airy. N C 27030 

John T, Sandridge. Jr.. 1905 Norwich Dr,. Greensboro, NC, 27410 

Mark I Santaloci. 1409 L'nami Ave . Wanamassa, N J 07712 

Barry D Satterfield. 204 Wilba Rd , Mebane. N C. 27302 

Betty B Saunders. 8704 Tarrylown Dr , Richmond. Va 23229 

James H Saunders, 1608 Bridge St . Lexington, N C 27292 

Richard Lee Scango, 4233 Bernlt St . Fairfax, Va 22030 

Richard M, Scearce, 4420 Sunny Ct , Durham, N C. 27705 

Walter E. Schacht. 5910 Grosner Place. Charlotte, N C 28211 

Robert D Schmit. 496 Holly Rd , Portsmouth, Va 23703 

Thomas H, Schoch. 2610 Farreliy. Peoria, 11 61614 

Steven D. Schoonover, 549 Longdale Crescenl, Chesapeake. Va 23325 

Marianne B. Schutz. 33 Highview Dr , West Milford. N J 07480 

John Schwab, 95 (^old St , Hawthorne, NY 10532 

Andrew R. Scott, 1751 Madison Ave . Mount Airy, N.C, 27030 

Charles K Scott, 1516 S Park Dr , Reidsville, N C. 27320 

Connie T Scott. Route 2 Box 159. Burlington, N C 27215 

Jill Lee Scott, 2017 Carolina St,, Durham, N C. 27705 

Larry D Scott. Roule 2 Box 27. South Boston, Va, 24592 

Keith R, Scott. 2420 Barracks Rd Apt, 2. Charlottesville, Va 22901 

John W. Scott. 2705 Stratford Dr , Greensboro, N C 27408 

Sieve P. Scott. Route 1 Box 725-A, Haw River, N C 27258 

Marjorie T. Scotl. 2720 Catherine Dr , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Kim H. Seaford, Route 2, Advance, N C, 27006 

Michael E. Seagroves, Roule 3 Box 245. Durham, NC, 27707 

Frank G. Seel, 512 Vicksdeli Crescenl. Chesapeake, Va 23320 

James D Segers, 3702 Whitfield Cl . Winston-Salem, N C 27105 

Gregory M Sehnert. 21 Oakleigh Lane, Maitland, Fl 32751 

Sarah ] Sellers. 610 Barcliff Rd , Norfolk, Va 23505 

Kay F Sexton. 12-A flrookwood Gdn Apts,, Burlington. NC, 27215 

I. Herbert Shanks, 314 Bland Blvd . Burlington. NC. 27215 

Susan L- Shannahan. 827 Riverside Rd , Salisbury, Md, 21801 

C. Theodore Sharpe. Roule 8 Box 411, Burlington. NC 27215 

Cynthia E. Sharpe. 2418 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington. NC. 27215 

Rebecca A. Sharpe. Roule 1 Box 6. McLeansville. N.C. 27301 

Charles J Shaw. 2709 Eldermonl St . Burlinglon. N C, 27215 

Gary L. Shaw. 1508 Dorsey St . Greensboro. N C 27407 

Vicki M- Shaw. 1924 Foxhall Rd McLean, Va 22101 

William R, Shaw, 1924 Foxhall Rd . McLean, Va 22101 

Samuel W. Shaw. Jr,, Box 102. Yanceyville. NC 27379 

Thomas C Shaw. 611 Fayetleville Ave.. Bennellsville. SC 29512 

Elizabeth L, Shearin. 1939 Knollwood Dr . Wilmington, NC. 28401 

Patricia M. Sheets. 1006 N Church St , Burlinglon, N,C, 27215 

Galen M. Shelton, P O Box 35, King. NC 27021 

Michael C- Shelton. P 0. Box 155, Gretna, Va 24557 

Kenneth R. Sherman. 1314 Briarcliff Rd . Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Daniel P. Shine. 110 Hitching Post Dr, Wilmington, De 19803 

Pamela L. Shinn, 2605 Topping Dr , Greensboro, N C 27407 

Harry S. Shively, 1323 Collins Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Robin M, Shoemaker. 1020 Abingdon Rd . Virginia Beach. Va, 23451 

Jackie C. Shoffner. Box 126 Hanford Rd . Graham, NC 27253 

Linda E, Shoffner. 308 Sunset Dr . Elon College. N C 27244 

Roger S. Shore. Route 1 Box 108. King, N C 27021 

Robert T. Short. PO Box 505, Ml Airy, NC 27030 

Edwin D, Shotwell. Rl 1 Box 209. Virgilina, Va 24598 

Randolph S. Sibley, 1602 Braeburn Dr., Salem, Va 24153 

Kenneth F. Sigmon. Jr.. 7400 Monroe Rd , Charlolle. N C 28212 

Lynn D. Silcox, 541 Riverside Dr , Burlinglon, NC 27215 

C. Denise Slier, 2313 Westover Terrace. Burlington, N C 27215 

Cynthia E- Simmons, 67 College Park, Elon College. N C 27244 

Mary K. Simmons, 637 f^ince Philip Dr.. Virginia Beach. Va, 23452 

Robert C. Simmons. 8901 Cromwell Dr , Springfield. Va 22151 

Gary A, Simon, 5506 Meer St , Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

Pamela L Simpkins. 1214 W Grantham St , Goidsboro, N C, 27530 

Janet L, Simpson. Route 1 Box 335, McLeansville, N C 27301 

Judy F, Simpson. Route 2 Box 96, Elon College, N C 27244 

Karon J. Simpson, Route 5 Box 523, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Sharon D Simpson, Roule 5 Box 523, Burlington. N C, 27215 

Teresa D. Simpson. Roule 5 Box 523, Burlington, N C, 27215 

Michael F, Sisk, 1018 Madison Ave . Winston-Salem, NC. 27103 

Michele C. Skeens. 12305 Popes Head Rd,, Fairfax, Va. 22030 

Arthur M, Sykes. 613 Church Si , Greensboro, NC 27410 

Jill Y Sykes, Roule 2 Box 226, Mebane, N C 27302 

Raymond B, Slaughter, 532 Ridgetey Lane, Richmond, Va, 23229 

Marshal D, Slayton, 2711 N Main St., Soulh Boston, Va. 24592 

Steven B. Slough. 2313 Hood Ct , Virginia Beach, Va, 23454 

Benjamin B. Smedberg. 517 Circle Dr , Burlington. N.C 27215 

Barry B. Smith, 919 Corn Tassel Trail, Martinsville, Va 24112 

Bonneviere B Smith. 919 Corn Tassel Trail, Martinsville. Va. 24112 

BobbiG Smith. Rl 5 Box 177-A, Mocksville, N C 27028 

Carolyn F Smith. 2128 Martin St . Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Charlotte L. Smith, Route 8 Box 71. Burlinglon, N C 27215 

Clayton S. Smith. 2304 Larkspur Dr , Greensboro, N C 27405 

David K Smith, 4205 Crane Ave , Greensboro, N C 27407 

David R, Smith, Rnute 7 Box 52-A, Statesville, N C 28677 

Deborah A, Smith. 8276 Gilchrist St , Laurinburg. N.C 28352 

Deborah Rene Smith. 1241 Richardson Dr , Reidsville. N.C, 27320 

Edward R. Smith. Roule 1 Deep Run. N C. 28525 

Eric Bernard Smith, Roule 3 Box 101. Elon College. N.C, 27244 

George Fabin Smith. Roule 2 Box 364. Gibsonville. N.C. 27249 

Gerald L Smith. 4344 Creslhill Dr , Roanoke, Va 24018 

Gwendolyn J, Smith. Roule 1 Box 38AA, Belews Creek. N C 27009 

James F Smith, Box 7601 Burlington Hwy . Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Joyce L. Smith. 3779 Kings Grant Rd . Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 

Larry J, Smith, 707 Crystal Dr , Salem, Va 24153 

Marjorie T. Smith. Rt 4 Box 449, Georglown, SC 29440 

Mark S Smith. 717 Clearwater Ave , Roanoke, Va 24019 

Michael David Smith. 2223 Meadow Wood Rd , Fayetleville. N C 28303 

Michael T Smith, 2700 Placid Ave , Ft Pierce, Fl 33450 

Penny W. Smith. Route 1 Box 428, Reidsville, N C 27320 

Rebecca H. Smith. P O Box 104. Efland, N C 27243 

Ronald P. Smith. 704 Washinglon Si.. Highland Springs, Va. 23075 

Russell R. Smilh. Jr.. 805 S Claiborne St , Goldsboro, N C. 27530 

Thomas Everert Smith. 2001 Trail 5, Burlington, N C 27215 

Timothy M. Smith. Route 2 Box 226. Creedmoor, N C 27522 

Valerie |, Smith, Route 2 Box 56. Franklin, Va 23851 

Vera L Smith. 6612 Pleasant Pin'-s. Raleigh. N C. 27612 

Wayne L, Smith. Roule 1 Box 38AA. Belews Creek, N C 27009 

Wyllie Sue Smith. Roule 1 Box 61. Blanch, N.C 27212 

Sarah M. Snead, Roule 3 Box 215, Bassell, Va 24055 

Susan E. Snider, 1411 Lexington Ave , Thomasville. N,C. 27360 

Cheryl Ann Snider. 3503 Imperial Dr . High Point, NC. 27260 

Karen J. Snipes, Roule 3 Box 121. Hillsborough, N C. 27278 

Howard W, Snolherly, 5328 Barclay Dr , Raleigh, N C 27606 

Elizabeth L. Snyder, 19-C Greenbrier Rd , Winston-Salem. N C 27104 

Carlos [. Soils, Roule 8 Box 375, Burlington. N C 27215 

Melissa E, Somers. 2061 Hopewood Dr , Falls Church, Va 22043 

Lawrence T Sondhaus, 5125 Hackney Lane SW, Roanoke, Va 24018 

Donna D, Sowder.4435 Holmes Si NE. Roanoke, Va 24012 

Kevin D. Span. 4661 Curliss Dr., Virginia Beach, Va 23455 

Betty I Sparks. Route 1 Box 363, Hays, NC 28635 

Dorene Spaulding. Route 2 Box 247-B. Clarklon. NC 28433 

M. Belinda Spence. Lawrenceville Hills. Lawrenceville, Va 23868 

loyce K Spencer. #8 Country Club Dr . Wake Forrest, NC 27587 

Patricia L. Spencer. 329 Camellia Dr. Charlotlesville. Va 22903 

Karen S- Spicer, 426-A S Beaumont Ave , Burlington, N C. 27215 

William E. Spigle. 102 W Laramie Ct . Mebane, N C. 27302 

Gary F Spiller. Rl 2 Knollwood Estates, Apex. NC 27502 

David H. Spradlin, 7O0 Pelham Place. Virginia Beach, Va 23452 

Herbert B Spruill, Route 2 Box 367, Mebane, N C 27302 

Roberl |, Stalker. 3206 Portsmouth St , Hopewell. Va 23860 

Patsy P. Starling. 202-D joy Trails End, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Steven L. Slarr, 1624 Wiley-Lewis Rd , Greensboro, N C 27406 

William E. Statler. 99 Soundview Rd , Huntington, N.Y 11743 

|eri B. Slatler. 10717 Howerlon Ave , Fairfax. Va. 22030 

Barry R. Staton, 905 Melvin Dr , Porlsmoulh, Va 23701 

Patricia L. Sleel. 623 Oakgrove Dr., Graham. NC, 27253 

Ernest L. Steele, 211 Oneida Si , Graham, NC, 27253 

Victor F. Sleed, 126 S Bullock St , Henderson. N C, 27536 

John K. Sleelman. 709 Bland Blvd. Burlington, NC 27215 

Patricia F, Steelman, 4057 Chukker Or , Palm Beach, Fl 33406 

Anne M. Stephens. 4828 N 26th St , Arlington, Va 22207 

Richard N. Slegall, P O Box 94. Wingale, N C 28174 

James B. Stephenson U. P O. Box 944, Henderson, N C 27536 

Joseph W, Stephens. Box 195, North Garden, Va 22959 

Steven C Stephenson. Roule 1, Willow Spring, N G 27592 

David A. Stevens. 1921 N Pearl Si.. Fayetteville, N C. 28303 

Samuel R. Stevens. Box 962, Elon College, N G 27244 

Michael A Stevenson. 2224 Bywood Rd . Greensboro, N C 27405 

Paul F 'Jlewart. 1507 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville. N G 28305 

Tracie M. Stewart, 4213 Meyers Dr., Triangle. Va 22172 

Scott F. Slidham, 3420 Landor Rd , Raleigh, NC. 27609 

Robyn G. Stiff. 4665 Longren Cl., KernersviMe, NC, 27284 

Jasper M. Stockton. Route 5 Box 18. Martinsville, Va 24112 

Barbara B- Stokes. Box 597. Buies Creek, N C 27506 

Charles L. Stokes, |r.. Box 87, Maury. N G 28554 

Susan D. Sloneman.707 Avon St , Mocksville. N G 27028 

Carolyn M. Storck. 9520 Narragansell Place, Vienna, Va 22180 

David L. Stovall. 1611 Stephanie Lane, Lakeland. Fl 33803 

Peter Slralos. 719 Merrily Lyons Ave . Gharlollesville, Va 22901 

Joyce S. Stroud. 140 Wood Ave , Danville, Va 24541 

Carolyn M, Stutts. 2719 McKinney Si , Burlington, NC 27215 

Kenneth B. Stulls, 1700 Weslridge Rd , Greensboro, NC 27410 

Suzanne L. Slults, 1320 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, NC, 27215 

Catherine K, Sublet!. Roule 10 Box 322, Greensboro. NC 27406 

Georgia K- Sullivan, Roule 5, Raleigh, NC 27604 

Michael A, Summers. 1864 S Woodside Lane, Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

Alice B. Sommers. 311-12A LaSalle St.. Durham. N C 27705 

Sherry L. Summers. Route 3 Box 173, Liberly. N G 27298 

Janice A, Summers. Route 1 Box 428. Elon College, N C 27244 

William T, Summers. 1864 S Woodside Lane, Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

Neal C Sumner. 2704 May Dr . Burlinglon. NC 27215 

Vincent A, Suozzi. 44 Elm Ave , Glen Cove, NY 11542 

Philip T. Surace. 228 Hanging Tree Rd , Courlland. Va 23837 

Jo Ellen Suler, Roule 1 Box 100, Bridgewater, Va 22812 

Stuart M- Sutherland. Roule 4 Box 1327, Sanford. N C 27330 

Leeanne Sutton, PO Box 1006, Gibsonville. N.G, 27249 

Rick A. Sutton. 114 Fonville St., Apt 5, Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Terri L, Swain, 2306Lednum St Apt E, Durham, NC 27705 

Margaret A. Swanson. 3624 S Alston Ave , Durham. NC. 27713 

Brian J, Swarl. Box 675, Gretna, Va 2455" 

Carole Ann Sweeney. 27 North Gliffe Or . Wilmington, De. 19809 

Thomas M, Swing. 1629 Holly Grove Rd . Lexington. NC, 27292 

John F. Sylvester, 603 Jarman St, [acksonville, NC 28540 

Mark A. Talbert, Roule 1 Box 255. Gibsonville, N G 27249 

Fraun D, Talley. 135 Spruce Si , Danville, Va 24541 

Robert Lee Talley. 613 Overman Dr., Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Zebedee Talley. 135 Spruce St.. Danville. Va 24541 

Matthew J, Tappero, Route 2, Forest, Va 24551 

Kimberly L. Tamburino, 532 W Plantation Dr., Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

Michael J- Taylor. 728 Franklin St.. Roanoke Rapids. N G 27870 

Gary B. Taylor. 500 Coharie Dr , Clinton, N C 28328 

Cynthia D, Taylor. PO Box 791, Burlinglon, N C- 27215 

Randy M. Tale, Roule 3 Box 128. Elon College. N G, 27244 

Michael A. Tate, Roule 2 Box 667, Kings Mountain, N C 28086 

Diana L. Taylor. 1028 Willow Si,, Ml Airy, N C 27030 

Larry V, Taylor. 123 Oak St, SW, Vienna, Va 22180 

Richard B, Taylor. 2831 Slarbrook Dr , Charlolle, N G 28210 

Robert E, Taylor. 316 Shaw St., Randleman, NC 27317 

Roger E. Taylor, 2911 Buckingham Rd , Durham. NC 27707 

Ronnie G. Taylor. 460 Continental Dr , Durham, N G 27705 

Teresa L. Taylor, 2025 Deyesle Rd SW, Roanoke, Va 24018 

Thonda D. Taylor. Roule 1 Box 83, lacksonville, N C. 28540 

Luanne Teague. 5107 Whitehall Place, Raleigh, N C 27612 

Neil E- Teague. PO Box 512, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Shea Lynn Teague. Roule 10 Box 626, Hickory. N C, 28801 

Constance D, Templelon, 5114 Inglewood Rd , Lynchburg, Va 24503 

J. Franklin Terry. Jr.. Roule 3 Box 177, Hillsborough, N C 27Z78 

Paul G. Thacker, Route 3 LamonI Dr , Maidson Heights, Va, 24572 

Barbara A, Themldei. Plantation Motel. Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

Anita M. Thlel, Roule 2 Box 347. Burlington. N.G 27215 

David W. Thoma>. 7177 Loch Haven Rd NW. Roanoke. Va, 24019 

Fred D, Thomas, 2410 W Front St., Burlington, N G 27215 

James M. Thomas, Box 153, Milton, N G 27305 

Jeffrey B, Thomas, Route 1 Box 73. Broadway. N.G. 27505 

Jill E, Thomas, 106 Monterey Lane. Durham, N.G. 27707 

John H. Thomas, Jr.. 1366 Pinebluff Rd , Winston-Salem. NC, 27103 

Melanle T, Thomas. 1117-G Albright Rd.. Graham, NC 27253 

PhiUp E- Thomas. 1202 Dunbar Dr . Laurinburg, N C. 28352 

William A. Thomas. Jr., Roule 1 Box 276-A. BuHinglon, NC 27215 

James B. Thompson, 205 Canterbury Rd.. Chesapeake- Va 23320 

Daniel S. Thompson. 205 Confederate St.. Lexington, N C 27292 

Deborah E, Thompson, Route 5 Box 44. Burlington. N-C, 27215 

John P, Thompson. 2705 Holly Dr , Greensboro. N C 27408 

Kimberly A, Thompson. Route 4 Pine View Rd,, Henderson, NC 27536 

Paul K, Thompson. 304 S Ireland St, Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Lewis G, Thompson. 403 Trail One. Burlington, N C 27215 

Mike E. Thompson, Route 9 Box 296, Reidsville. N C 27320 

W. Dean Thompson. 313 Trail Four. Burlinglon, NC 27215 

James A, Thumm, 1200 Bridle Lane, Richmond, Va 23229 

Deborah A, Tierney. 3223 Monument Ave , Richmond. Va 23226 

Brooks V. Tilley, 907 Moran Dr , Greensboro. NC 27410 

Rose G. Tilley. Roule 3 Box 425. Elon College, N G. 27244 

Tony G. Tilley, 3848 Cash Dr . Winston-Salem. N C. 27107 

Danelle S, Tillman. 1202 E Willowbrook Dr. Burlington, N G, 27215 

James H. Tillman, 232 Highland Ave , Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Robert P. Tilton. 22 Slralford Dr , Brick Town. N | 08723 

Sherri L. Tilton, 22 Slralford Dr , Bncklown, N ] 08723 

Linwood Timberlake. 601 26th St . Bulner, N C, 27509 

Robert C Tippetl. 109 Sherwood Rd , Henderson. NC 27536 

William H. Tippetl, PO Box 133, Henderson, NC 27536 

Lillie A Tobash, 3601 Bent Branch Ct., Falls Church. Va 22041 

Michael L. Tompkin^, Route 4, Mebane, N C. 27302 

Russell F. Tomlinson. 111. 401 Holly Lane, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 

Denlse P, Tompkins. P O Box 99. Mebane, N C 27302 

Linda C, Totten. Route 1 Box 151, Reidsville. NC. 27320 

Margaret P, Toney. 719 Carolina Dr , Dunn, N C, 28334 

Stephen M, Traub. 784 Glasgow Ct . Virginia Beach. Va 23452 

Reginald L, Townsend. P O Box 144, Lumberlon. N.G 2835B 

Mary F. Toy. 55 Curtis Ave , Woodbury, N ] 08096 

Gary L, Treece, 156 Cox Circle. Greenville, Tn 27743 

Janice K- Trent, Roule 2 Box 451, Elon College, NC, 27244 

Meredith W, Tresler, Singletree Rl 1 Box 29, Orange. Va, 22960 

Mark T Trickey. Roule 1 Box 53, Alton, Va. 24520 

Sandra Lee Tripp. Roule 4. Mebane. NC 27302 

Nancy K, Tripp. 2502 Glendale Ave , Durham, N C 27704 

Pamela D, Triplelt. Roule 1 Box 15-A, Traphill. N G 28685 

Belly Susan Troxler, 2630 Trail 5, Burlington, NC. 27215 

Larry R. Troxler. 2630 Trail 5. Burlinglon. N G 27215 

Mark W. Troxler. Box 4095, Glen Raven. N.G, 27215 

Randy N. Trussell, 207 Clapp St . Graham. NC 27253 

Steven Tsafos, 515 W Park Ave,, Lindenwold, N.] 08021 

H. Claiborne Tuck. 513 Soulh Mam St., Roxboro, N C 27573 

Karen L. Tucker, 8060 Moose Ave,, Norfolk, Va 23518 

Larry E. Tucker, 1109 E Joyner St,, Gibsonville, N G 27249 

Roberl E, Tucker, 1402 Fort Manor Dr . Lynchburg, Va 24502 

Rebecca C, Tumblin. 1428 Thriflwood Dr , Charlotte. N G. 28208 

Brenda C, Turner, 1304 Ridjiecrest Ave , Burlington, N,C, 27215 

Ray C. Turner, Rl 4 Box 108, Burlington, NC 27215 

Roscoe P. Turlington, 104 Barrus Ave , Clinton. NC 28328 

Carla W. Turner, Box 487, Creedmoor, N G 27522 

John G Turner. Jr.. 1711 Duval Dr., Greensboro. N C 27410 

Lorene N, Turner. 921 N Mebane St , Burlinglon, NC 27215 

Percy L, Twine. Route 3 Box 248, Edenlon, N G 27932 

Cindy L. Tysinger. 220 Underwood Si, Asheboro, NC 27203 

R. Stephens Tyson. Route 1 Box 96. Mebane. N C, 27302 

W, Douglas Underwood, Roule 10 Box 544, Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Dan W- Uzzle, 5 Lilllewood Lane, Durham, NC 27707 

Leslie G. Vanderburg. 2039 Tory Lane. Asheboro, N C 27203 

Nelly M. Vaivao. 523 Glen Canyon Dr . Fayetteville, N G 28303 

Caryn M. Vanpell. 3719 Hermine St . Durham. N C 27705 

Lisa Van Sciver. 4827-A Tower Dr., Greensboro. N C. 27410 

James R. Vaughn, 5713 Citrus Ave,, Ft. Pierce. Fl 33450 

Christine Van Sciver. 4827 Tower Rd , Greensboro. N C. 27410 

Todd W Vaughn. Roule 2 Box 411. Madison, NC 27025 

Debra A- Vassilopoulos. 1110 Country Club Dr , Martinsville, Va 24112 

David E- Vaughn, 3640 Tanglewood Circle, Dallas, Tx 75234 

Michael G- Vaughan. P O. Box 190, Halifax, Va 24558 

David A, Vaughan, 2506 Saddle Club Rd , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Thomas S Vaughn, 336-D Howell Sch Rd , Bear, De 19701 

Clayton A, Vaught, Route 1 Box 66-B. Winnabow, NC. 28479 

Maurice S. Vaughan. P O Box 190, Halifax, Va 24558 

Lisa K. Veasey, 4007 Glenn Rd , Durham, N C 27704 

G, Wallace Vinson. 225 Montpelier Dr , Winslon-Salem, N,G 27103 

Timothy W. Vaughn. Route 9 Box 47, Reidsville, N C 27320 

Cynthia A. Violelte. 6408 May Blvd., Alexandria, Va, 22310 

Glenn E. Vlte. Box K, Central Valley, NY 10917 

Brenda L, Vinson. Roule 2 Box 135-B, Maidson Heights, Va 24572 

Maurice D. Waddell. 3326 Chapel Hill Rd , Durham, N C, 27707 

Rachel F. Wagoner. Rl 2 Box 64-A, Snow Camp, N G 27349 

Lester E Waldrup, 214 Aloha Dr , Graham, N G. 27253 

Boris B, Walker, 611 Woods Dr , Slalesville, NC. 28677 

Dennis D. Walker, Roule 1 Box 53, Roxboro, N C, 27573 

Gene P, Walker, 4217 Garden Spring Dr , Glemmons, N C 27012 

James T Walker. 105 Wedgefield Ave , Winslon-Salem, N G. 27106 

Paul A. Walker, 114-43 131st S. Ozone Pk , Queens, NY. 11420 

Sherri A- Walker, PO Box 1029, Elon College, N C. 27244 

Susan L, Walker. 609 Edwin Dr , Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

Susan A Walker, 7204 W Franklin Si,. Richmond, Va 23226 

Wendy L. Walker. 609 Edwin Dr , Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

Debra D, Wall, Roule 1 Lasley Rd , Lewisville, N C 27023 

Mary E. Wall. 531 Circle Dr , Burlington. N C 27215 

Randy L, Wall. Roule 3 Box 802, Graham. NC 27253 

Sharon A, Wall. Roule 1 Box 291. Graham, N C 27253 

Sheryl P. Wall. 2722 Dee St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Woodrow A. Wall. 1315 Brookwood Dr , Reidsville, N C. 27320 

William J, Waller, Jr.. 1600 Lynwood Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Deborah L. Wallwork, Buena Vista Dr , Halifax. Va 24558 

Janice H. Walters, 2566 Oakcresi Ct , Burlinglon, N G 27215 

Sybil B. Wallers, 523 E Pine St., Graham, N C. 27253 

Tommy D. Walters, 2568 Oakcresi Cl , Burlington, N C 27215 

Steven H, Walton. Rl 7 Box 137, Burlington. NC 27215 

Terry J. Walton. 811 Banks Rd , Martinsville, Va. 24112 

Danny L, Ward, 208 Springwood Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 

Garry K. Ward. 341 Clifton Rd , Rocky Mount. N G 27801 

Parker L Ward, 65 Copper Glen Dr . Huntington. W Va, 25701 

Timothy E. Ward. Route 6 Box 212-E, Burlington, N C 27215 

Walter L, Ward. Jr., 1570 Westmont Dr , Asheboro, NC. 27203 

John P. Ware. 132 Simonds St , Athol, Ma 01331 

Gary F. Warren. 19 Lakeview Mbl, Cl , Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

Mark A, Warren, Chaplains Off Naval S A , Vallejo, Ga 94592 

Nancy A. Warren, 606 Banks Ave , Goldsboro, N G 27530 

Vicki L. Warren. Route 14, Box 208, Charlolle, N C, 28208 

Jesse E, Warrick. Jr.. Roule 10 Box 284, Burlinglon, N C, 27215 

Janet L, Warsaw, 5311 Luwana Dr SW, Roanoke, Va 24018 

Mary A, Washburn. Roule 2, Boslic, N G 28018 

Kenneth S. Washington, Rl. 2 Box 2333. La Plata, Md, 20646 

Catherine L. Walklns Jordan Rd Box 485, Ramseur, N C. 27316 

David S, Waters. Route 1 Box 273-A. Buffalo Jcl , Va 24529 

Jane C. Walklns. 107 Graham Si , Mebane, N C 27302 

Juliana L, Walklns. Roule 2 Box 486. McLeansville, NC, 27301 

Bridget C, Whltl, 2637 White Oak Lane, Burlington, N,G 27215 

Vickie A. Watson. 718 N BeaumonI Ave , Burlinglon. NC. 27215 

Jesse F. Watts. Jr.. Route 1 Box 58. Virgilina, Va 24598 

John F. Watts. PO Box 235, Germanlon, N G, 27019 

C, Anderson Weaver, Jr., 5209 Sludely Ave . Norfolk. Va. 23508 

Deborah J. Weaver. 432 W Plantation Rd , Virginia Beach, Va, 23454 

Phyllis J, Weaver. Roule 2 Box 257, Graham. NC, 27253 

Clifton L, Webb. 821 Goshen St,, Oxford. N.G, 27565 

Gary L. Webster. 2624 Trail 5, Burlington, NC 27215 

Sara M, Wiessner, PO Box 1463, Asheboro, NC, 27203 

Sharon K, Welch. 5761 Novack St,. Winslon-Salem, NC 27105 

Thomas A, Wells, P O Box 451, Hillsborough, NC, 27278 

William A, Wells. Ill, 117 Markham Si , Burlinglon. NC, 27215 

Lauri L. West, 220 Hall Dr , Chesapeake, Va. 23320 

William H, Whealley. 603 Pine Buff Rd,, Salisbury, Md , 21801 

Brian P. While, 1404 Dinwiddle Ave , Richmond, Va 23229 

Cynthia L. While, 1961 Princes Ann Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23456 

John K While. 507 Tony Tank Lane, Salisbury, Md. 21801 

I Susan While. 653-E Fourth St , Siler Cily. NC 27344 

Kenneth M, White. 49 S Greenfield Ave , Hamplon. Va 23666 

Teresa L, While, 215 Pineburr Rd,, Greensboro, N,C 27408 

Michael B. Whilener. Rl 4 Box 302, Hickory, N C 28601 

Julie G, Whitehurst. Roule 2 Box 20, Tarboro, N C 27886 

Doris R. Whilesell. Roule 1 Box 252, Burlinglon. N G 27215 

Elizabeth A, Whitfield, P O Box 2864 W Durham, Durham. N.G. 27705 

Sylvia J. Whitfield. Roule 1 Box 21, Stem. NC, 27581 

David Lee Whitley, 4449 Driftwood Dr , Glemmons. N C 27012 

Kenneth K, Whilley. Jr., Route 14 Box 527, Charlotte, N G, 28208 

Waller E. Whitman. Jr„ Route 4 Box 395, Burlington. NC, 27215 

Thomas B. Whitmore. Box 192, West Point, Va, 23181 

Cecil G. Whin, 203 W Decatur St , Madison N.G, 27025 

Caleb C, Whill. 203 W Decatur Si . Madison, NC 27025 

Ann Kalhryn Widman. 9310 Skyview Dr . Richmond, Va, 23229 

Douglas A, Wiessner, PO Box 1463. Asheboro. N,C 27203 

Eric V. Wigren, 10107 Alice Ct., Fairfax, Va. 22030 

A, Michael Wilkerson. Route 2 Box 251. Boydlon, Va 23917 

Michael A, Wilkerson, 21 Dennis Place, Summit. N.J. 07901 

Mark S, Wilkinson. 300 Charles St.. Mebane. N.C, 27302 

Clayton C. Williams. 411 Fourth Si . High Point, N C. 27260 

Cathy M. Williams, Route 3, Madison, N C 27025 

Craig A, Williams. 2953 Fairhill Rd,, Fairfax. Va, 22030 

Deborah C, Williams, Route 3 Box 132, Powhatan, Va 23139 

Frank D, Williams. 3104 Wilshire Dr , Greensboro. NC 27408 

J. Robert Williams. Roule 6 Box 297, Elizabeth Cily, N G 27909 

Jeffrey L, Williams. 201 Sunset Dr , Elon College, NC, 27244 

John D, Williams. 1360 Hilltop Rd , Charlotlesville, Va 22903 

Keith L- Williams. 301 TremonI St., Thomasville, N C 27360 

LamonI S. Williams, 1602 Brannock Dr , Greensboro. N C 27406 

Maria E. Williams. Route 2 Box 52, Hillsborough, N.G 27278 

Melissa Williams, 1316 Willow Dr , Sea Girl, NI 08750 

Nolan E. Williams. 2205 Sulphin Rd , Sanford, N C 27330 

Phyllis Williams. PO Box 93, Bullock, NC 27507 

Reva Joycelyn Williams. 3208-H Yanceyville Si . Greensboro. NC 27405 

T, Bruce Williams, Box 442, Robbins. N.C. 27325 

Charles W, Williamson, PO Box 62, Sedalia, NC 27342 

Lou Ann Williamson, Roule 2 Box 65. Graham. N G. 27253 

Ronald R, Williamson. Roule 1 Box 251, Hallsboro. N.C 28442 

Donald A, Willis. 115 Highland Ave , Burlinglon. N C 27215 

Donna T. Willis. 2618 S Mebane St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Joey Willis. 331 Garfield Si. #4. Danville. Va 24541 

Kyle D. Wills. 211 Foster Dr , Elon College, N G, 27244 

Louann Wilson. 342 Maupin Ave , Salisbury. N.G, 28144 

Sandra A, Wilson, 1805 Siralhmore Dr , Greensboro. NC 27410 

Rhonda M. Wilson, 710 Kidd Dr , Burlington, NC, 27215 

James C, Wilson, 2218 Lee Dr , Burlington, N.C 27215 

James H, Wilson, 330 Circle Dr , Fayetteville, N.G 28305 

John S. Wilson, 1906 Walmann Rd SW, Roanoke, Va 24018 

Neil C. Wilson. Jr.. 1116 Five Forks Rd . Virginia Beach, Va 23455 

Roland C. Wilson. Jr.. 613 Rose Si , Rocky Mount, N G 27801 

Bobby E, Winders, 203 Edgewood Dr , Henderson, N C 27536 

Roberl H, Windham, 2713 Eldermoni St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Susan G. Winfree. 8276 Hull St , Richmond, Va 23235 

Robin A. Winston, P O Box 962, Danville, Va 24541 

Tammy R. Winslead, P O, Box 844, Roxboro, N C 27573 

Paula Faye Wise, 1221 Weslridge Rd , Greensboro, N G 27410 

Gary Lee Wirt, 4957 Erskine Si , Virginia Beach. Va 23462 

Robin A. Witlenaur, 660 Woodside Dr , Ml Airy, NC 27030 

Kathryn A, Wobus, 8499 Lynn River Rd , Norfolk, Va 23503 

E, Charles Womack. 627 Holbrook St , Danville. Va 24541 

Mary E.Womble, 520 Rosalie Ct , Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

Susan T, Womble, 2803 Bulner St , Durham, N C 27704 

Susan D, Wood, 423 S, Norwood St , Wallace, N C, 28466 

Nancy W- Woodell.TflOXotlage Place, Burlinglon, N G 27215 

William M, Womble. 520 Rosalie Cl , Virginia Beach, Va, 23462 

Carol D, Woodlief. Route 1. Kiltrell, N.G, 27544 

William E. Wood. 507 Tangle Dr , Jamestown, N C, 27282 

Sharon A, Wood. 125 Jefferson Si , Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Lewis S, Woodson, IH, 241 Bidney Or . Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

Audrey P, Woody. Rl 2 Box 364G, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Joyce A, Woods. Route 2, Box 103, Graham. N.G, 27253 

lames K, Woolford. 410 Sleepy Hollow Rd . Richmond, Va, 23229 

Gary K, Woolen. 1617 W Davis St . Burlinglon, NC, 27215 

Russell D, Worley. 2616 Cypress Rd , Palm Harbor, Fl, 33563 

Marsha E, Worley. 223 Ward St , Graham, N.C 27253 

Christopher D, Worsl. 5701 Ponca Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

Sebena R, Worth, Route 1 Box 523, Haw River, NC. 27256 

Blanche D, Wrenn. 2266 May Dr , Burlington, NC, 27215 

Creighlon M, Wright. 326 Dogwood Dr , Newport News, Va 23606 

Dwight M, Wright, P O Box 306, Apex, N C 27502 

George R. Wrlghl. Roule 1 Box 46, Staley, N G. 27355 

James C. Wright. 200 Country Club Dr , Rehobolh Beach, De 19971 

Glna L, Wright, 2702 W Polo Rd , Winslon-Salem, NC 27106 

Jane M, Wright, 2059 Edgewood Ave . Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Jean |. Wright. Route 1. Ruffin. N G, 27326 

William P. Wright, Jr.. 440 Hillcrest Dr , Aberdeen, Md. 21001 

Gordon V. Wyche, PO Box 34, Nags Head, NC, 27959 

Donna S, Wyrick, Roule 1 Box 464, McLeansville, NC. 27301 

Nancy S. Wyrick. Route 5 Box 172, Greensboro, N G, 27405 

Grover F. Vancey, Route 4 Box 413, Durham, NC 27703 

Palsy G, Yates. Route 4 Box 391, Nathalie, Va 24S77 

Anne L, Yenney. 3621 Winslead Rd , Rocky Mount. N.C 27801 

Sheryl R. York, Roule 2 Box 19, Liberty, N C 27298 

Earl S, Younce. Jr., 125 E 4lh Si,. Washinglon, N C 27889 

Cabell Young. Ill, 565 Glovenia St.. Eden, N C. 27288 

Debra Sue Young. 548 Greenway Dr , Stalesville. NC 28677 

Debbie C, Younger, Route 3 Box 215-A, Elon College, N C 27244 

B. Kyle Younger, PO Box 608. Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Karen R. Ysleboe. 131 Random Lane, Burlinglon, N C. 27215 

James Alan ZinI, 100 W Laramie Cl , Mebane, N G. 27302 

William C- Zlnl. IH. 100 W Laramie Cl . Mebane. N C 27302 

Linda A. Zufall, Childrens Home, Elon College, NC 27244 

Tammy Zufall. Box 157, Elon College. NC 27244 

Janeen L. Zumwalt, 116 E, Deer Park Dr.. Gaithersburg. Md, 20760 





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