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IC -T^P 







Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 




Campus Life 2 



Organizations 28 



Greeks 64 



Sports 90 



Class 118 

Eton After 

Dark Comes 

To Life, Almost 










■; -fl 



— """^ ■ ■ ^K 





sharing good times on Main St. 
This sure beats the cafeteria, almost. 



A night at The Pantry. 
Night lights at Elon. 

Even More 

Lively by 

Day, Almost 

Southern cooking. 

Just hanging around. 
Little Town, U.S.A. 

New lights and benches included in face-lift on Main St. 

Ain't love grand. 

A fresh person gets introduced to Elon. 

Eton's in-between-class meeting place. 

New Faces 


Fighting Christian oversees McEwen Dining Hall. 

A welcome addition (o the gym. 

Dorm presidents and hall reps get together. 

Buying an education from the Business Office. 

The year begins at the Bookstore. 



Same mail, different location. 

At Elon. 

Archways to knowledge. 

Mooney is renovated for LRC. 

The Old 


New Of Eton. 

what color did you say this was? 

New couches improve Harper Center 1000% ! 

Co-educational environment at Harper Center. 

' ! 

Enjoying the fall colors. 

Racketball courts get new walls. 

Better facilities for better learning. 

Different Learning Experiences 

Alpha Chi initiates Eton's finest. 

Tuesday mornings lor one credit. 

Putting things in a different perspective. 

The Band prepares for Saturday's game 

irich Campus Life. 

Parents Weekend. 

One of many attractions at the Pops Concert 

Academics Color 

Hitting the books! 

Studying in the grass 


Student Activities. 

If ^ 

Double, double, toil and trouble. 

All cows eat grass, burp! 

What wilt they think of next? 


Different Games For Different People. 

Rack 'em up! 

Pumping iron. 

Tolley encourages the team. 
In the crease. 

New Games raises funds to fight cerebral palsy. 
Another first down for Elon. 

Pompoms and legs. 

Basketball after school. 

Foozball at the Pub. 


It's easy to make friends with New Games. 
Good offensive move. 

Kelly keeps them cooking. 
Elon makes the move. 



Good Times, 

Fancy catch. 

Hall and Oates. 

Stage crew takes time out. 

EM nil 


/ i^: 

Elon experiences some difficulty witfi p/iones. 

Phi Mu sisters playing around. 







Dave's prize-winning performance. 

and away . 



Tops in the Talent Shov 

Up, up. 

Doughnut girl. 

'By, man! Wanna buy a balloon? 


Homecoming 78 

Lovely smiles on a lovely face. 


r&'ir— t 

^ u iia ? n 

Mickey's at home during Homecoming. 


Faces and Places 



A Day In The Snow 


johnny Graves Day 


Galleries of 




This royal throne of Kings, 

This earth of majesty, 

This other Eden, 

The Winter Term trip to England is the highlight of the 
year for students lucky enough to go. Travel, history, 
fellowship, exposure to experiences and culture available 
no other way and memorable enough to last a lifetime — 
and a bargain prices! These and many others are the 
delights and advantages of this trip. 

Ably led by Drs. David Crowe and Mary Ellen Priestley, 
the trip allows students and professors to interact as they 
experience an overflowing schedule of activities in Lon- 
don, Edinburgh, and other places. Plays, operas, 
museums. Big Ben, banquets, pubs, and Parliament — it's 
all there and part of an incredible experience. 

this specter'd isle, 
this seat of Mars, 
demi-paradise . . . 






Student Government Association 

The biggest event put on by the 
SGA this year was the Hall and Oates 
Concert. The concert was excellent 
in musical terms, but disasterous in 
financial terms. It seemed as if the 
SGA would never recover from this 
deep debt, and it is true that it had to 
cut back on some of its services. 
Along the lines of entertainment, the 
SGA sponsored dances in the 
Alumni Gym and the Alamance 
Country Club, which featured janis, 
The Fat Ammons Band, and The 
Dynamic Upsetters, which turned 
out to be great successes. 

The Student Senate wrote 
numerous bills in attempting to 
improve campus life. Infirmary hours 
were extended, visitation rules have 
been eased a littlemore, and 
donations have been extended to 
many groups, such as the Black 
Culture Society, the Lacrosse Club, 
the Gospel Choir, and the Pop's 


President Robin Moser 

Vice President Annette Metcalf 

Treasurer Lee Berryman 


209 William S. Long Building 



Student Union Board 

The Student Union Board (S.U.B.) 
is the organization on campus 
responsible for social and 
educational programing. This year 
we put on such activities as the 
movie program, the Touch Mine 
Troupe, Las Vegas night, the 
Coffeehouse and discos. At the 
present time the S.U.B. is 
undergoing a reorganization to 
improve both the number of 
activities as well as the quality. As the 
name states, the S.U.B. is a student- 
run organization for the students, 
not only to provide activities but to 
develop leadership. 

The officers are as follows: Dave 
DeClark, President; Blair Thompson, 
Vice President; Dianne McAllister, 
Secretary; and Warren Bell, 


Panhellenic Council 




Memben of the Panhellenic Council are appointed by each sororify. 
The Council organizes Rush; it works (or charitable causes; with the IFC 
it sponsors Creek Week; and it helps to promote Creek spirit on 

Officers are Robin Crimes, Pres.; Banu Duruman, V.P.; Jane Devine, 
Treas.; and Jan Nelson, Sec. Other members are Lillie Tobash, Diane 
Newbille, Janet Combs, and Bev Cray. 

Inter-fraternal Council 

The IFC has given scholastic awards, raised money for charities, helped 
sponsor Creek Week, supervised Rush, and sponsored dances. 

The officers are Wally Vinson, Pres.; Sammy Barefoot, 7st V.P.; Jim 
Basnight, 2nd V.P.; William Newman, Treas.; George Allen, Sec; Keith 

Scott, Reporter; Dr. Bob McBee, Advisor. 

Representatives are Dennis Devaney, Craig Wright, Jim Woolford, Tim 
Dallas, Tommy Moose, Bob Lockerby, and Frank Neely. 



Bryul M. Colsoa 

Cnit Hulll 
Nan E«lor 

Jo; BaaOtoa 
EatcrtiiuMai Edftor 

Dn4d S>a> Layoal 
Caadm CalUbu A PritdlU CnuDploi Pislc-op 
J.P. Hint Pkolofnipby 
■i7«a Banc; Dtotribsttoo Mjuufct 
AI Wmiuu Pholofrapk; 
Lawk AJcoa Cop; reatUng 
Jcaaaic Halnloa CImlalioa Maaafcr 
LarcMa CoMt TrpM 
Mary EU« Prtotlc; Adrlwr 
PaMlilMd By Commaakatloat Media Board of Boa roUttc 
ta coBjanrdoa with lk< Stadeal GoveraiatDl Ajuodalloa. 
Faaadcd oa October U. 1974, u • 9tad«n( acwspapcr of 
Boa CoJktc, lk« Pcadolaai b pabii<h«d eack Tkanda; 
darlBf tkc actmol ;<ar except dortag eiaminatloa, sanuiKr 
Md boUdar peitodi. 

In an effort to keep the free press 
alive. The Pendulum has established 
itself as a most informative and 
resourceful medium between the 
college and community. 

Aside from campus news this 
year's Pendulum has added a section 
of town news. Also such features as 
crossword puzzles, horoscopes, and 
Peanuts cartoons have been added 
for the sole purpose of entertaining 
the readership. Keeping within the 
guidelines set by Associated 
Collegiate Press, last year's 
Pendulum received an honored 
rating of second class. With these 
same guidelines in mind this year's 
staff has hopes of comparable or 
even higher ratings. 

Being represented by a national 
advertising firm, CASS 
(Communications and Advertising 
Services to Students), The Pendulum 
has been able to increase its 
production to six and even eight 

Efficiency is the name of the game 
in the newspaper business and that 
one word describes the small but 
productive staff of this year's 
Pendulum. Bryant Colson, The 
Pendulum's first black editor-in- 
chief, heads a gallery of editors that 
consists of News Editor Craig Harris, 
Features Editor joy Hamilton, Photo 
Editor John Hurd, and Sports Editor 
Grayson Whitt. Staff writers include 
the journalism I and II classes 
instructed by Pendulum adviser Dr. 
Mary Ellen Priestley. Rounding out 
this year's newspaper is the 
production staff, without which The 
Pendulum couldn't exist. 



Colonnades, Eton College's literary 
magazine, is published once a year by 
students and faculty of the college. 

Colonnades accepts poetry, short stories, 
essays, reviews, critical articles, graphics, and 
photography. The editors will also consider 
occasional excerpts from longer fictional 

This year the editors of Colonnades 
accepted contributions from all North 
Carolina writers. Many of these writers were 
attracted by the Colonnades Literary 
Contest. The response to the contest was so 
encouraging that the staff has decided to 
continue it on an annual basis. 

The editorial staff includes Student Editors 
Becky Kimbrell, Paul Aiello, Kimberly 
Steenken, and Beth toy. The contest judges 
were Eleanor W. Moffett, Lamar Bland, and 
Ed Daniel. The Faculty Reader was Kathy 
Meads, and the Faculty Advisor is Andrew j. 



Grayson Whitt 

Lorna Coudey 

Phi Psi Cli 

Here we are— the 1978-79 Yearbook Staff — 
the whole motley batch of us. We had 
problems this year, but we think you'll find this 
book an improvement over last year's in many 
ways. And we hope that our experience will 
make possible even better results next year. 

Many thanks to the organizations and in- 
dividuals who have helped us along the way — 
(he Media Board and Bill Sharpe for support 
and forbearance, the SGA and Pendulum for 
typewriters and other facilities, the Develop- 
ment Office and Bob Wicker for pictures, Pam 
Leadbetter and the Delmar staff for lots of ad- 
vice and forbearance again. 

There is some good stuff in this book. Enjoy 

John Hurd 




Caroline Foster 

jane Booth 

John Sadler 

1978-1979 Staff 
John Sadler, Editor 
John Hurd, Head Photographer 
Lorna Goudey, Faculty Section 
Editor and Layout Specialist 
Caroline Foster, Sports Editor 
Dorene Spaulding, Class Editor 
Grayson Whitt, Sports Copywriter 
Lisa Foster, Organizations 
Mark Richards, Photographer 
Jane Booth, Photographer 
Bill Murphy, Photographer 
And all the Bunny Wunnies! 

Dorene Spaulding 


Bill Murphy 


El on Presents . . . 


The Showband 
of the Carolinas 



The Emanons of Elon 


The Concert Band 



The Elon Collegiate Civinettes is a service 
organization on the Elon College campus. The 
club received its charter in 1973. Each year the 
club sponsors its "Queen of Hearts" project. 
Money raised through this project is donated to 
the Heart Fund. The club also raises money for 
UNICEF by dressing up and going out trick or 
treating. The club also made favors for the 
Christmas Party which was held for the 
Retarded Citizens of Alamance County. 

The club is sponsored by the Burlington 
Civitan Club, and Mrs. janie E. Council is the 
club's advisor. Susan Burkhart is president; 
Lynn Fulford, secretary; Tammy Winstead, 
treasurer; Nancy Tripp, chaplain; and joAnna 
Daniel, historian. 

Club members are Lisa Askew, Valerie 
Breeden, Sherry Byrd, Cindy Crissom, Lynn 
Kirby, Mai Le, Debbie Parr, Nan Pearson, Sue 
Reynolds, jayn Safrit, Nancy Tripp, Tammy 
Winstead, and Marty Clodfelder. 


Elon College Choir 

The Elon College Choir, under the direction of 
Professor James Glenn, has had a full and varied schedule 
of activities this year, in October they performed at the 
Pops Concert and sang at the All-College Vesper Service. 
They provided the nucleus of the community-wide choir 
that sang Handel's Messiah in early December and they 
also presented a Christmas carol service for the College. 

Among the activities in a busy spring schedule were a 
performance of Faure's Requiem in March and music for 
Founder's Day on March 7. 

The Student Choral Assistant is Wayne Abies. 


Gospel Choir 

The Gospel Choir sings contemporary gospel 
music for churches and schools, as well as for 
activities at Elon. Singing with the Spirit, the 
choir promotes Christian fellowship and lets 
members express themselves through song. It 
has been especially helpful in orienting 
freshmen by giving them the feeling that they 
belong to a friendly group that they can 
identify with. The Choir is open to all students. 

In April the Gospel Choir met in Raleigh with 
other choirs from St. Augustus, Shaw, State, and 
William and Mary in order to promote unity 
among gospel choirs. 

The Gospel Choir is working to be 
recognized as an official Elon organization. It is 
grateful to the SGA for financial support and to 
Elon for use of the Fighting Christian Bus and 
Mooney Theater. 

Officers are Marsha Hughes, Director; 
Zebedee Talley, Pianist; Janice WatlingtOn, 
Sec; Herbert Spruill, Treas.; and Michael Faulk, 
Bus Driver. 


Black Cultural Society 

The Black Cultural Society promotes awareness about 
Black culture among Elon students. This year it has worked 
with groups from Guilford College and UNC-G. Dr. 
Gripper of Guilford College led a discussion on Black 
Female-Male Relationships. 

The Black Cultural Society also sponsors Black History 
Week, this year from Feb. 79 to Feb. 28. Highlights 
included the Mr. Ebony contest and the Second Annual 
Banquet. BCS alumni were present for these events. 

BCS is especially happy that Mrs. Evangeline Turner- 
Rogers, an assistant in student affairs and counseling for 
minority students, has come to Elon this year. She has 
created the Student Task Force from BCS and other 
minority students and has had a big impact. Freshmen 
have been especially helped by her guidance. 

Officers are Vivian Miller, Pres.; Frances Murrell, V. P.; 
Vennecia Bynum, Sec; and Bryant Colson, Treas. 



WSOE, the Elon College radio 
station, has gained experience this 
year under the direction of Professor 
Thomas Keller. Plans are now under 
way to continue broadcasting a 
minimum of 36 hours per week 
during all sessions of the college. 
Under a new FCC ruling, power will 
increase in the next several years 
from W to 700 watts. 

Announcers during the year have 
been John Wilson, John Holloway, 
Frank Mianzo, Rhonda Apple, Chip 
Holdren, Bill lint, Bob Duval, Kandy 
Arthur, and Ansis Amalis. 




"Daytrippers" is an organization open to all students 
who live off campus. At weekly meetings, information 
about campus events is shared, committees are formed to 
work on various projects, and plans are generated for 
participating in and sponsoring campus-wide events. 

Ms. Teme Reice is the Commuter Student Coordinator. 
She offers counseling services to students who do not live 
on the Elon campus or in College-owned housing. The 
Coordinator is responsible for the planning and 
development of programs and services designed to meet 
the needs of commuter students. 

It was decided in the fall of 1978 to elect officers in the 
Daytrippers Club. "Daytrippers" felt officers would 
provide better leadership and more unity within the club. 
The Daytrippers' officers are as follows: Lisa Foster, 

President; David Craham, Vice-President; and Karen 
Cottren, Secretary and Treasurer. 

This year the Daytrippers have participated in and 
sponsored several campus-wide events. Johnny Craves 
Day was an example of campus participation. The 
Daytrippers set up a booth at which people could guess 
the correct number of jellybeans in a jar. The Daytrippers 
also won the $100.00 prize for the best Homecoming float 
this year. The Daytrippers sponsored New Games, which 
was a fund-raising project for Cerebral Palsy. Those were 
some of the major projects undertaken by Daytrippers. 
However, the Daytrippers have also held hotdog sales and 
shown movies on Friday and Thursday afternoons in Long 
Student Center Lounge. 


Board of Student Communications Media 

Since its inception in 1974, the 
Media Board has grown rapidly in its 
scope of responsibility. The campus 
newspaper, The Pendulum, has 
catapulted from an occasional news 
bulletin to a highly professional and 
influential weekly paper. 
Colonnades, the literary magazine, 
has broadened its format to offer a 

balanced blending of graphic and 
written works. The Phi Psi Cli has 
continued to maintain its standards 
while many schools have abandoned 
the yearbook tradition. WSOE-FM 
Radio, although beseiged with 
drastic FCC changes, has managed to 
stay afloat and appears to be gaining 
momentum. The persons who are 

making things happen on the Media 
Board are Dr. Carole Chase, John 
Atkinson, Prof. Bruce Waller, Cindy 
Violette, Dr. Mike Taylor, Mr. Tim 
McDowell, (Director of Public 
Information), Dean William C. Long, 
(Liason to the President), and Mr. Bill 
Sharpe, Board Chairperson. 


The Business 




The Business Students 
Communication Committee acts as a 
link between the (acuity and the 
majors in Business Administration, 
Business Education, Secretarial 
Science, Accounting, and 
Economics. It makes constructive 
improvements and brings concerns 
of the majors to the faculty and 

The Chairperson is jo Hall. The 
Recording Secretary is Lorraine 


SAM sponsors many special events 
each year including speaker and film 
programs, an annual April Fool 
contest, a golf tournament, and 
other related events. In addition, 
SAM has an annual banquet 
honoring inductees into the business 
honor societies. 

Officers of the organization are as 
follows: Wanda McDowell — 
President, Raymond Jackson — Vice- 
President, Lorraine Allen — 
Treasurer, and jo Hall, Secretary. The 
advisor is janie Council. 

Members of the organization are 
Lorraine Allen, Marcia Alderman, 

Shafika Babaa, Gay Brant, William 
Brown, Eddie Burke, George Carter, 
Rusty Citty, janie Council, Robert 
Covington, Penny Dabbs, jane 
DeGraaf, Steve Ellington, Pam Eny, 
Julie Ewing, Keith Gilliam, Shair 
Gould, Martha jo Hall, Sue Hamlett, 
Lisa Hamrick, Charles Houchins, 
Gurney Howard, Raymond Jackson, 
Terry jessee, Robin Johnson, Wayne 
Johnson, Tony Lewis, Wanda 
McDowell, Kathy McNeil, Mary 
Matton, Ben Morris, Sherri 
Norwood, Debbie Patterson, Greg 
Piper, Phillip Pritchard, Betsy 
Richards, Michael Seagroves, Paul 
Thompson, Lillie Tobash, Donna 
Wyrick, Sheryl York, and Patsy Yates. 

The Liberal Arts Forum 

The Liberal Arts Forum is a 
committee of students whose 
principal function is to foster 
intellectual and cultural interests at 
Elon. It sponsors forum events that 
concentrate on the full spectrum of 
humane activities. 

The theme of the Forum this year 
is "The Future of Democracy." In the 
fall, Professors George Troxler, 
Thomas Hendricks, Rudolph Zarzar, 
and Thomas Keller discussed the 
theme from several points of view. 
Among the Spring Forum events 
were discussions of aspects of the 
theme by Dr. Lewis Lipsitz of UNC- 
CH, Dr. Frithjof Bergmann of the 
University of Michigan, Dr. Lewis 
Hill of Texas Tech University, and 
Mr. Mark Green, director of Public 
Citizen's Congress Watch. 

Members of The Liberal Arts 
Forum include 
Deborah Bates 
Jill Colie 
Sandy Ferrar 
Michael Filipczyk 
Shay Foster 
Diana Gallen 
Lisa Garriques 
Barbara Huffman 
John Hurd 
Paula Koury 
Robin Marley 
Eddie Meacham 
Keith Nelson 
David Pin son 
Dee Dee Saunders 
Barbara Stokes 
Becky Vaughan 
Dr. John G. Sullivan 
Faculty Advisor 



Intramurals this year have offered 
many activities in addition to the 
regular sports for Elon students. They 
have sponsored a skating party, a 
turkey trot, and a wide variety of 
individual and team sports. With the 
expansion of facilities, the intramural 
program is growing by leaps and 
bounds. The program is under new 
supervision this year with Mrs. 
Mackie Garden serving as intramural 
coordinator. Members of her staff 
are Ronnie Davis, Paula Sands, and 
Danny Bagby. 



Karate Club 

Ernie Mines, 3rd Degree Black Belt, 
Shotokan Karate, has started a Karate 
Club here on campus, which now 
has been included in the Physical 
Education department as an activity 
course. There are two classes, the 
beginners' class 271 and the 
intermediate class 272. In both of 
these classes, Elon students receive 7 
hour credit. 

Ernie teaches karate in three main 
aspects: as a physical art, a form of 
self-defense, and an exciting sport. 

Also, he teaches the history, present, 
and future growth of marital arts in 
the United States. 

Ernie Mines has been teaching 
Karate for ten years. Though he 
started in karate at an early age, most 
of his training was in the Marine 
Corps. Me received all of his Black 
Belt degrees in Iwakuni, japan, 
where he participated in several 
karate tournaments in Tokoyo, 






Who's Who 

Students in Who's Who are 
elected fay a committee composed of 
members of the faculty, 
administration, and student body 
each year. These students are listed 
in the national publication Who's 
Who in American Colleges and 
Universities. Selection is made on 
the basis of scholarship, participation 
and leadership in academic and 
extra-curricular activities, citizenship 
and service to the College, and 
promise of future usefulness. 

Members of Who's Who are 

Richard Joseph Amendola 
John Russell Atkinson 
Lee William Berryman 
Sylvia Ann Buckner 
Bryan Douglas Burney 
Betty Lucretia Burton 
Bryant McCray Colson 
Elizabeth Horner Crosby 
Kathryn Trent Dickens 
Banu Gul Duruman 
Beverly jo Hall 
Mary Frances Hamill 
Andria Marilyn McDowell 
Wanda Gale McDowell 
Eddie Hubert Meacham 
lane Armistead Nelson 
Katherine Ann Pappas 
Peggy jo Parker 
Vincent Jerome Puhl 
Patricia Riley Temple 
David William Thomas 
Janice Karen Trent 
David William Thomas 
Janice Karen Trent 
George Wallace Vinson, Jr. 
Susan Lynn Walker 
Juliana Lynn Watkins 

Sylvia Buckner 

Bryan Burney 


Betty Burton 

Bryant Colson 

Banu Duruman 

jo Hall 


'n ' 



S. A 







^^ ^^^ 



'■'>^^^L_ ^rf . 


■L ^ 

^^^H : ' ' "^^^^^^L ^ ' ^^^^^^^B^H M 

^^^^v H 

^^^^^^^B ^H 

-.r ' M 

Mary Hamill 

Andy McDowell 

Wanda McDowell 

Eddie Meacham 


Ian Nelson 

David Thomas 

Lynn Walker 

Elizabeth Crosby 


Alpha Chi 

The North Carolina Delta Chapter 
of Alpha Chi was established at Elan 
College in 7969. Alpha Chi is a 
co-educational society whose 
purpose is to promote academic 
excellence and exemplary character 
among college and university 
students and to honor those 
achieving such distinction. Alpha 
Chi is an honor society based upon 
accomplishment rather than mere 
interest or participation. It admits 
students from all academic 
disciplines. Dr. Robert Blake is the 
official sponsor. 


O micron Delta Kappa 

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national 
honor society that recognizes 
students, faculty, alumni, and 
outstanding citizens for exemplary 
character, scholarship and 
intelligence, service and leadership 
in campus life, good citizenship 
within the academic and larger 
community, fellowship and 
consecration to democratic ideals. 
Its purpose is to encourage them to 
continue in these endeavors and to 
inspire others to strive for similar 
conspicuous attainment. 

The officers of Omicron Delta 
Kappa are Lynn Walker, President; 
Robin Moser, Vice President; Dean 
William Long, Secretary; and Trent 
Dickens, Treasurer. 


Phi Alpha Theta 

Phi Alpha Theta, the International 
Honor Society in History, sponsors 
two programs each year for the 
college and other activities for 
members. In the fall it sponsored a 
lecture — slide presentation on 
Afghanistan by Professor Luke 
Powell. In March, Professor George 
Rawlyk of Queens University, 
Ontario, spoke on Canadian- 
American relationships. 

The officers are Lynn Walker, 
Pres.; Bernard Faulk, V. P.; Dave 
Thomas, Sec; and Dr. David Crowe, 

Pi Gamma Mu 


Beta Beta Beta 

Beta Beta Beta is a national honor 
society that recognizes scholastic 
achievement in biology. This year 
Tri-Beta has sponsored a lecture 
series. Among the guest speakers 
was Dr. William M. P. Herbert, 
assistant professor at the University 
of North Carolina School of 
Medicine at Chapel Hill and a 1968 
Alumnus of Elon. 


Alpha Sigma Alpha 

"Coming together is a beginning, 
keeping together is progress, and 
wori<ing together is success. Alpha 
Sigma Alpha is a roadmap of 
involvement that leads us to 

The morning of May 6, 1978, 
dawned bright and sunny on the 
campus of Elon College as the Delta 
Rho Colony became the first Alpha 
Sigma Alpha chapter in North 
Carolina. A formal banquet 
sponsored by our Alpha Sigma 
Nationals welcomed us into a new 
and exciting life as a chartered 
sorority at Elon College, with guest 
speakers including Dean Long and 
Dr. David Crowe. 

Alpha Sig's social calendar has 
been quite busy throughout the year 
with various campus fraternity 
parties; also off-campus parties 
included a semi-formal with Pi 
Kappa Alpha at Davidson College 
and a pledge social with Sigma Phi 
Epsilon at North Carolina State 
University. Alpha Sig's 
representative Keith Byrd of Tau 
Kappa Epsilon won campus-wide 
attention in the annual contest of Big 
Man on Campus. 

Other activities Alpha Sig's are 

involved in include two sisters who 
were chosen for Who's Who, one 
sister was inducted into Alpha Chi 
honor society, and also one sister 
was appointed Chief justice of the 
Honor Court. Two sisters are 
members of Pi Gamma Mu. 
Leadership qualities are quite 
evident in Alpha Sig. We are 
honored to have sisters who are 
presidents of various organizations 
which include Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, and 
Civinettes. The sisters are also proud 
to have Lynn Walker as the first Elon 
Student ever nominated for the 
Marshall Scholarship. During Greek 
Week, Alpha Sig received two 
academic awards which were "The 
Sorority with the Highest Grade 
Point Average" and "The Pledge 
with the Highest Grade Point 

Alpha Sigma Alpha community 
involvement is highly stressed with 
out annual Philanthropic project of 
working with the Special Olympics 
each spring and our annual Canned 
Food Drive. We would like to give 
special recognition to our advisor 
Dr. David Crowe for his many 
contributions to Alpha Sig. We've 

come a long way and we expect to 
go a lot further! 

Members and Officers: Ginnie 
Anderson, Ruth Burnett, Claire 
Campbell, Susan Cantrell, Karen 
Clifton — Recording Secretary, jan 
Combs — Junior Panhellenic 
Representative, Sara Conroy — Vice- 
President, Sue Crompton, Cindy 
Harrington — Rush Chairman, Kim 
Hicks, Robin Huntley — Chaplain, 
Carol Irwin — Philanthropic 
Chairman and Parliamentarian, 
Martha Isaacs, Malea Knight — 
Treasurer, Tina Morgenson, Jan 
Nelson — Standards Board 
Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, 
Senior Panhellenic Representative, 
Secretary of Elon Panhellenic, 
Debbie Parr, Nan Pearson, Ava 
Power, Renee Rodriquez, Kim 
Spencer — Social Chairman, Lynn 
Walker — Membership Director, 
Money-Making Chairman, Terry 
Walton — President, Robin 
Whitenaur, Susan Wood — 
Corresponding Secretary, Carol 
Woodlief — Money-Making Co- 
Chairman, Debbie Young. 

Phi Mu 

Phi Mu's year has been full of fun 
and success. Starting off the year 
with Spring Rush, Phi Mu had the 
largest pledge class on campus. 
Several money-making projects 
brought in funds for our annual 
Spring Banquet. This past year it was 
held at the Myrtle Beach Ramada 
Inn. It was a great time for all with 
temperatures in the 80's and spirits 
high. Again, this year, Phi Mu takes 
off for Myrtle Beach, back to the 
sand and surf. 

In the Womanless Beauty Pageant, 
Cooper Mattox lighted up 
everyone's life with a stunning first 
place performance for Phi Mu. 
Greek Week greeted us when we 
returned from the beach and Phi 
Mus paddles their way to victory 
across Harper Lake in one of the first 

Fall found us in full swing again as 
10 girls received open bids to form 
the first Fall pledge class. Lots of 
mixers with fraternities were huge 
successes and everyone looks 
forward to future parties. We elected 
our sweetheart, P. j. Stratos, a 
member of Sigma Pi fraternity. Soon 
Fall Rush was upon us and our 
second pledge class was brought in. 
A special time for all was had when 
we took the pledges to /Anton's in 
Greensboro to celebrate the end of 

their pledge time. 

Christmas always comes too fast as 
we look forward to another year. 
The officers of 7979 were elected as 
the old officers looked back upon a 
fantastic year that will never be 
forgotten. Plans are already 
underway for another great year and 
many more to come! 

On the serious side. Phi Mu has 
sisters in the SGA, Senate, the 
feature twirler, band members, and 
four cheerleaders. Phi Mus 
everywhere contribute to Project 
Hope, our national service project. 


President — Banu Duruman 

Vice-President — Betty Burton 

Secretary — Connie Ames 

Treasurer — Donna Butts 

Rush Chairman — Chris Van Sciver 

Phi Director — Julie George 

Members: Marian Aderhold, Connie 
Ames, Rhonda Apple, Bev 

Burroughs, Betty Burton, Donna 
Butts, Pam Cole, Christy Colquitt, 
Diane Dewhirst, Banu Duruman, 
Julie George, Kathy Gilliam, Bev 
Gray, Mary Hammil, Doddie Hillard, 
Melody Lankford, Linda Kent, Carol 
Madison, Catina Mandis, Phyllis 
Marion, Lydia Massey, Julie 
Meacham, Diane McAllister, Coleen 
Miller, Lynne Moore, Laura Moss, 
Janice Nelson, Sherri Nunn, Nancy 
Redd, Vicki Shaw, Diane Silcox, 
Bonny Smith, Diane Taylor, Jill 
Thomas, Merry Trester, Caryn Van 
Pelt, Chris Van Sciver, Lisa Veasy, 
Brenda Vinson, Cindy Violette, 
Nancy Warren, Debbie Weaver, 
Debbie Williams. 


Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Sigma Sigma Sigma became a 
national sorority at Elon in 1970 and 
has worked very hard since then to 
make 1978 one of their best years 
ever. The spring began w/th many 
activities for the Sigmas. The spring 
banquet was held in Wrightsville 
Beach at the Holiday Inn in April of 
last year. It was the first "beach" 
banquet for Sigma — a fantastic way 
to end a happy year. 

The fall brought many good times 
for a new school year. For the 

second year in a row, a Sigma sister 
was Homecoming Queen, Bonnie 
Irby, Kappa Sig's sweetheart, with 
Amy Haney, TKE's sweetheart, 
coming in as second runner-up. jane 
Devine was also a homecoming 
representative, as Sigma Pi's 
sweetheart, and Connie Jones 
represented the sorority. 

Tri-Sigma made over $600.00 this 
year in the Big Man on Campus 
Contest. Keith Byrd was announced 
"Big Man." All proceeds went to the 

Robbie Page Memorial Fund, 
Sigma's national service project. 

Sigma kept up their partying spirits 
this year beginning with a wild Sig- 
Ep and Kappa Sig smoker, the annual 
Kappa Psi Nu Halloween party, the 
annual TKE pajama party, the ITK 
Harry Buffalo, and a mixer with the 
Chapel Hill Kappa Sigs. 

The fall semester ended with a 
Panhellenic Christmas dance at the 
Armory, which as last year was a 
great success. 

Through all these activities, the 
one most important factor remains 
that each enthusiastic girl grows in 
her integrity and individuality. 
Sisterhood is evident in Tri-Sigma's 
giving, loving, and sharing. 

Sisters are Debbie Apple, Debbie 
Atkins, Jenny Batson, Cassie 
Bondurant, Kathy Boone, Martha 
Carroll, Patti Jo Cherry, Lynette 
Cogle, Kathie Cole, Debbie Coutts, 
Cass Covington, Karon DeClark, 
lane Devine, Ann Duncan, Annette 

Edwards, Tony Everett, Bryan 
Gupton, Amy Haney, Cathy Hook, 
Vickie Hutchins, Pam Hyde, Bonnie 
Irby, Cathy Jacobs, Christy Jones, 
Connie Jones, Cindy Krider, Donna 
Lee, Sarah Lewallen, LeAnne May, 
Myrna Melton, Robin Murcheson, 
Diane Neuville, Denese Patton, 
Donna Popular, Jean Robertson, 
Beth Saunders, jo Ellen Suter, 
Leeanne Sutton, Terri Swain, Denise 
Tompkins, Cathy Watkins, Lou Ann 
Wilson, Rhonda Wilson, Robin 

Officers of 1978 

President — Amy Haney 

Vice President — Connie Jones 

Secretary — Bryan Gupton 

Treasurer — Denise Tompkins 

Membership/Rush — Karon 


Education — Donna Lee 








[ : Mi 




Pr*W :*^, ^w^wk 

IP--J. , i:| 

t ;■? 11 

1 " ^^ ~ H 





Zefa Tau Alpha 

"Zeta Tau Alpha is a true sister to 
every member; a sister to laugh with 
when you're happy, a sister to share 
your sorrows with, a sister always 
there to give you that little bit of 
courage you may need to carry you 
through. Yes, the sisterhood of ZTA 
is a/ways with you." This statement 
summarizes the feelings of forty-five 
coeds on Eton's campus. Now 
ranking as the third largest national 
sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha was 
founded October 15, 1898, at 
Longwood College, Va. 

The Eton Eta Zeta's are proud of 
their new house on 310 Haggard 
/Avenue. The Zeta's participate in all 
aspects of campus life. Among forty- 
five sisters at Elon are the captain and 
co-captain of the cheerleading 
squad, president and vice-president 
of student government, class officers 
and senators, seven representatives 
on homecoming court, and three 
fraternity sweethearts. 

Zeta's contribute their time to 
serving on committees involving 
student life, physical education, 
intramurals, and curriculum. As a 

national service project, Zeta Tau 
Alpha works with N.A.R.C. (National 
Association for Retarded Children). 
Zetas also receive honors for 
academics with three girls chosen for 
Who's Who and five members of 
Omicron Delta Kappa. 

With the popularity of the movie 
Animal House coinciding with 
returning to school in the fall 
semester, Zetas participated in two 
toga parties with ITK and TKE and 
later enjoyed a memorable Sunrise 
Party with TKE, which was a first at 
Elon. Zeta's have enjoyed socializing 
with all fraternities on campus this 
year and received many invitations 
to smokers and brother/sister 
parties. The past year for Zeta Tau 
Alpha has held some great parties, 
numerous honors, and many 
treasured memories, one of which 
was placing first in Greek Week — 


Katherine Pappas, President 
Jan Frye, 1st Vice-Pres. 
Jerri Statler, 2nd Vice-Pres. 

Mindy Duncan, Secretary 
Marcia Alderman, Treasurer 
Martha Fulcher, Membership Chairman 
Debbie Edwards, Historian-Reporter 
Elizabeth Morris, Ritual Chairman 

Members: Marcia Alderman, Kandy 
Arthur, Marie Barrett, Kathy Butler, 
Irene Caicedo, Valerie Clark, Trent 
Dickens, Mindy Duncan, Debbie 
Edwards, Norma Escalante, Terri 
Esperti, Sherry Evans, jan Frye, 
Martha Fulcher, Linda Glunt, Karen 
Gould, Shari Gould, Robin Grimes, 
Lisa Hamrick, Phyllis Hartsoe, Ann 
Hughes, Debbie Hurley, Sandy 
Jones, Betsy Kinsey, Angle Lintz, 
Jodie Luke, Nancy Lottman, Terry 
Mack, Gwen McConnell, Annette 
Metcalf, Elizabeth Morris, Robin 
Moser, Lynn Nesset, Katherine 
Pappas, Susie Parker, Henni Rains, 
Martha Ramseur, Cindy Simmons, 
Jeri Statler, Lillie Tobash, Deborah 
Wallwork, Vicki Warten, Gina 
Wright, Becky Hare, Meg Guy, 
Caroline Macline 



ITK Fraternity was founded at Elon 
College in 1923 as a social fraternity. 
Being the oldest fraternity on 
campus, the brothers of ITK are 
proud of their past heritage and 
fraternal bond of brotherhood. This 
year ITK was strengthened by two 
new pledge classes which will help 
make the fraternal bond even 

As a local fraternity, ITK 
participates in many school, social, 
and community events. Some of 
these include Homecoming, Creek 
Week, the Bloodmobile drives, and 
the first toga party on campus. This 
year was highlighted by a very 
successful spring banquet held at 







/ (.<;t.,l." 





i^ '-S 



Myrtle Beach. Scheduled events for 
the weekend were cookouts, 
tapping kegs, water-bogging, and 
taking advantage of the sun at the 
pool and on the beach. 

Another major event was 
Homecoming which ITK anticipated 
by naming Deborah Wallwork as 
their 1978 Sweetheart. The fraternity 
was well represented on the field by 
five brothers who helped lead Elon 
to victory over Newberry that day 
and finally to the playoffs. After the 
game, ITK held a cocktail hour as 
well as a formal dinner and dance at 

During the intramural season, the 
ITK brothers kept up the good work, 
dominating their division in both 
football and softball. As can easily be 
seen, this was "The Year of the Cat." 


President — Dennis Devaney 

Vice-Pres. — Chris Breznahan 

Secretary — John Ware 

Sgts. at Arms — Donovan Brown and 

Richard Scearce 

Alumni Dir. — Butch Thomas 

Social Chairman — David Cox 

Sweetheart — Deborah Wallwork 

Advisor — Coach Carden 

Other Members: jimmie Bean, 
Bernie Bean, Barney Barnett, Tom 
Schock, Allen Traywick, Scott 
Cavanah, Mark Hodge, Burt Scearce, 
Brian Harrison, Randy Parrish, 
Captain, Mike Carroll, Buster, Eddie 
Bulen, Don McClintok, Jay Hill. 

Kappa Ps'i Nu fraternity, organized 
in 1923, announces a very successful 
year thus far. The year began with 
the selection of Marcia Alderman of 
Zeta sorority as sweetheart. In 
November, the fraternity enjoyed its 
eighth annual homecoming banquet 
at the Burlington Hilton Inn. Kappa 
Psi Nu has also held many parties 
including those with Tri-Sig, Zeta, 
Phi Mu and Alpha Sig sorority. 
Kappa Psi Nu welcomes new 
brothers . . . to add to existing 
brothers . . . 

Kappa Psi Nu 

Brothers: Bob Cody, Jim Riddle, 
Eddie Burke, Franklin Johnson, Alan 
Roberson, Creig Wright — 
President, Barry Ratliff — Treasurer, 
Tripp Benolken, Mark Forliner — 
Vice-President, Teak Lottman, 
Dennis Lloyd — Historian, Jeff 
Michel, Ken Payne, Ken Sigmon, 
Matt McBine, Steve Martinelli, Clen 
Irwin, Mitch Goldberg, Robert 
Morris, Willard Maynard, John 
Richards, Chris Worst — Secretary, 
Tom Colombrito — Corresponsing 
Secretary, Mark Slayman, Donald 

Butcher, Harold Hill, Bill Cravers, 
Clint York, Frank Hughes, Ricky 
Black, Keith Axsom, Kim 
Cockerham, Kenny Currin. 


Kappa Sigma 

The fifth anniversary of the 
founding of the Lambda-Lambda 
Chapter of the Kappa Sigma 
Fraternity at Eton College has been a 
successful and rewarding one for the 
"Neese House Gang." The strong 
bond of brotherhood that unites the 
44 Brothers has continued to make 
Kappa Sigma a leader in social life 
and campus affairs. One-third of the 
Student Senate was composed of 
Kappa Sigmas, as well as Lee 
Berryman as SCA Tesasurer and Larry 
Sondhaus as Attorney General. 
Radio Station WSOE, under the 
direction of Station Manager Bill 
Zint, continued its development. 
SGA Entertainment Chairman Bob 
Henritze was instrumental in 
bringing many concerts and other 
attractions to the Elon College 

While individual involvement in 
campus affairs kept Kappa Sigma 
well-represented, it was the 
underlying fraternal dedication the 
Lambda Lambda Brothers share that 

guaranteed their successes. The 
chapter copped the Intramural 
Football Championship and fielded 
respected teams in every intramural 
sport. Greek Week saw Kappa Sigma 
pull together in a work of friendly 
competition between all the Greeks. 

Kappa Sigma was once again at the 
heart of the social climate on campus 
and threw numerous open parties 
for the enjoyment of all. Spring and 
fall Open Houses were 
immeasurable successes as was 
Homecoming Weekend which 
brought many dedicated alumni 
back to the chapter house. 
Memorable events with Phi Mu, Zeta 
Tau Alpha, and Alpha Sigma Alpha, 
as well as the Brother-Sister Party 
with Sigma Sigma Sigma kept the 
partying tradition going at Neese 
House. Bonnie Irby, the fraternity 
Sweetheart, was crowned 
Homecoming Queen — yet another 
source of pride for the fraternity. 

While Kappa Sigma marks its fifth 
anniversary this year, it also marks 
the last year the fraternity will reside 
in Neese House. A new era of 
brotherhood will commence next 
year when the fraternity locates 
elsewhere. In the near future the 
chapter will build its own house 
through the dedication of an ever- 
increasing number of alumni. In the 

future, the fifth anniversary of the 
chapter at 106 Williamson Ave. will 
long be remembered as a banner 
year for the fraternity. 


jim Woolford, Grand Master 
Bill Day, Grand Procurator 
Keith Scott, Grand Master of 

). King White, Grand Scribe 
Lee Berryman, Grand Treasurer 
Bob Henritze, Guard 
Bill Zint, Guard 
Miss Fido Hash, Mascot 

Brothers: John Augustine, Lee 
Berryman, Perry Black, Mike 
Bordone, Bob Brandenburg, Ricky 
Christman, Steve Coor, Dave 
Grafton, joe Curtis, Bill Day, Tommy 
Dodd, Bob DuVal, Frank Grove, Bob 
Henritze, Bubba Hicks, Kirk Jones, 
Marcus Jones, Mark Lambros, Moe 
Lawrence, Tony Lewis, jack Locicero, 
Cooper Mattocks, Will Moody, Mike 
O'Brien, Paul Patterson, Rick 
Riggsbee, Pete Roughton, Jeff 
Russell, Keith Scott, Larry Sondhaus, 
Fil Stidham, Billy Streat, Roger 
Taylor, jimmy Thumm, Clay Tuck, 
Gene Walker, Keith Wells, Howard 
Wheatley, King White, John Wilson, 
jim Woolford, Earl Younce, Bill Zint, 
jimmy Zint. 

Sigma Phi Eps'ilon 

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a national 
fraternity established in 1901 at the 
University of Richmond. It is 
constantly expanding and today is 
the second largest fraternity in the 
nation with over 200 chapters and 
colonies on its role. The 
Headquarters in Richmond, Va., 
offers the largest professional staff of 
any nationwide fraternity. The staff 
provides services such as scholarship 
funds, student loan programs, 
leadership programs, and job 
placement opportunities. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon's North Carolina 
Mu Chapter at Elon has the longest 
heritage on campus, having been 
established as Sigma Phi Beta in 1915. 

This past year for the Sig Ep 
brothers started with a new house 
that provided the fraternity with 
many social gatherings. With the 
help of the Little Sisters throughout 
the year, the fraternity gained 
superior ratings academically and 
socially. The fraternity received the 
award for having the highest 
academic average along with the 
most academic Greek pledge. 

Financial projects included selling 
Brunswick stew, doughnuts, pork 
shoulders, which enables us to buy a 
new sound system. The brothers also 
raised money for the Easter Seal 
Society. For the first time for N.C. 
Mu, the brothers hosted Sports Day, 
which consisted of a full weekend 
with fifteen Sig Ep Chapters 

The annual Homecoming Dance 
hosted by the brothers was also a big 

success. In addition, the Spring 
Banquet held at Virginia Beach was a 
tremendous success with our Alumni 


President — Samuel V. Barefoot 
Vice-Pres. — Tommy Moose, jr. 
Controller — William P. Newman 
Rec. Sec. — Dave Powell 
Corr. Sec. — Ronnie Davis 
Sgt. at Arms — Thomas Nelson 
Chaplain — Andy Nelson 
Advisor — Dr. Fred Watts 

Brothers: Tyndall Alligood, Danny 
Bagby, Sammy Barefoot, Bob Baxly, 
Mike Brown, Frank Burchfield, Beale 
Carter, Russell Chase, Andy Davis, 
jimmy Davis, Ronnie Davis, Dewey 
Edwards, Eddie Guerrin, Greg 

Hamilton, Buddy Hansbarger, John 
Hitch, Steve Humphrey, Tim 
Hughes, Mike Johnson, Mitch 
Johnson, Mike Kilgariff, Scott 
Lambe, Don Lawrence, Louie 
L'Ecyer, Mike Marinaro, Art Medlin, 
joey Mills, Tommy Moose, Rodney 
Moore, Andy Nelson, Tom Nelson, 
William Newman, Mike Packett, 
Ronnie Patterson, Robert Pearce, 
Tim Peeler, David Powell, Kenny 
Powell, Rick Renick, John Sadler, 
Robert Stalker, Blair Thompson, Tim 
Vaughn, Mike Wilkerson 



Sigma Pi 

The Epsilon Theta Chapter of the Sigma Pi Fraternity 
continued to be a dominant force in Eton College Creek 
life during 1978-79. In only its fourth year of existence, 
Sigma Pi has assumed a leadership role in all phases of 
student life as well. 

Ripe from an extremely successful spring semester that 
included a hard-fought second-place finish in Creek 
Week and a superb spring banquet held at Carolina 
Beach, Epsilon Theta was tapped during the summer at the 
1978 Convocation of the Sigma Pi Fraternity as the 
Number One Chapter in the south and as one of the four 
most outstanding chapters in the nation. Former President 
Rick Marchman was on hand in Champion, Pennsylvania, 
for the presentation of a commemorative plaque. 

Also during the spring, former president Brent 
Whitener was named as Elon's Greek of the Year. 

These are only a few of the young fraternity': 
accomplishments during the year. A bountiful fall rush' 
resulted in the addition of 19 new brothers, whose 
presence was graced by lovely jane Devine of Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, sweetheart for '78-'79. 

The intramural program of Eton has found an active 
participant and new champion in Sigma Pi. Following a 
second-place finish in football, the Pi's really showed their 
dominance, capturing the championship in volleyball by 
the Orange Team, supported by a strong third-place by 
the Blue Team. The brothers of Sigma Pi are also active in 
Elon's varsity sports with Rusty Lee on the baseball team 

and three brothers, Co-Captain Toni Tilley, Art Perry and 
All-Conference selection Mike Curtis, on the soccer teann. 
The Pi's also excelled in many areas of campus life. John 
Atkinson and Wally Vinson were named to membership in 
Who's Who Among America's College and University 
Students. Brothers were also active as Residence Hall 
Advisors, members of the SGA Student Senate, Student 
Life and Homecoming Committees, the Communication 
Media Board, and the student newspaper. The Pendulum. 

Rusty Citty was elected as president of Harper Center. 

Sigma Pi was also active in the social life at Elon, holding 
successful socials with Phi Mu and Zeta sororities. The Pi's 
also staged a first ever Homecoming dance at the Golden 
Eagle in Greensboro. 

The new executive council, elected in December, is Bob 
Lockerby, President; Merrick Councell, Vice President; 
jay Faircloth, Secretary; Ken Gould, Treasurer; Jeff Batts, 
Herald; and Ricky Phillips, Sergeant at Arms. 

Members and officers: John Atkinson, 
Jeff Batts, Gary Brant, Ken Chavis, Tim 
Childress, Rusty Citty, Merrick 
Counsell, Mike Curtis, Len Dillon, 
Bobby Dodd, John Enders, Jay 
Faircloth, Mike Flipsyzk, Ken Gould 
Keith Gilliam, Bob Grecco, Bill Hilton, 
Rodney Holland, John Holloway, Paul 
Howard, Mike Kesler, Dennis Lawson 
— Sgt. at Arms, Rusty Lee, Bob Lokerby, 
Rod McAskill, Tom McLemore, Brian 
Matt, Clyde May, Larry Moore, Art 
Perry, Ricky Phillips, David Payne, John 
Pini, John Pittman, Leon Proffitt, Ned 
Ryerson, John Schwab, Rob Simmons, 
Ray Slaughter, Lynn Smith — Sec, Peter 
Stratos — Herald, Stuart Sutherland, 
Shea Teague, Jeff Thomas, Toni Tilley, 
Wally Vinson — Pres., Grayson Whitt — 
VP, Russell Worley — Treas., Cabell 


Pi Kappa Phi 


Pi Kappa Phi is the new national fraternity located on 

Elon's campus. Sigma Rho, a local fraternity-colony, 

became an associate chapter of Pi Kappa Phi in the fall 

semester of this school year. The brotherhood is proud of 

fact that they obtained full chapter status in April with 

fe receiving of their chapter. 

One of the activities the brotherhood enjoys consists of 
various camping trips at Barry Simmon's (the chapter 
advisor) farm. The brothers enjoy many parties and their 
annual Spring Banquet. 

Each year Pi Kapp sponsors "Project Push", a project 
that each Pi Kapp chapter throughout the nation is 
involved in. "Project Push" deals with aiding retarded 
children through providing them with educational play 

The officers of Pi Kapp are 

Tim Dallas — Arch on 

Steve Stephenson — Vice Archon 

Bruce Piner — Secretary 

Jim Stephenson — Treasurer 

Chris Drozowicz — Warden 

Bob Winders — Historian 
Rick Steel — Chaplain 

Brothers: Tony Brewer, Mike Brown, Mark Smith, Randy 
Randolph, Mark Hollan, jim Johnson, Tim McPherson, 
Tim Kern, Paul Hershman, Art McKinney, David Graham, 
Clifford T. Sharpe, Alan Bass, Frank Kiser, Keith Kerby, 
Keith Ellis. 

The little sisters of Pi Kapp: Joyce Stroud, Neil Teague, 
Mary Ford, Sherry Fisher, Mary Behund, Valerie Breeden, 
Tina Sakell, Kathy Shannon, Cindy Phillips, Faye jernigan, 
Debby Apple, Kathy Foster, Karen Aiken. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

The Zambda-Mu chapter of Tau 
Kappa Epsilon fraternity continued 
their trend of fine brotherhood, 
partying, sportsmanship, and 
community service on the Eton 
College campus. 

For three out of four years, the 
Creek Week efforts could not be 
matched by those of TKE. The 
fraternity was very active and 
successful among the intramural 

Our first annual Chicken Pickin' 
was a huge success and a lot of fun 
The Spring was highlighted by a 
festive and exciting annual Red 
Carnation Ball. 

At the end of the year, the 
fraternity learned that we were to 
lose our house and had to move into 
a new house further from the 
campus. The adaptation was made 
very well. Zambda-Mu was based in 
the old house for ten years. 

Fall brought the election of our 
sweetheart. Amy Haney, who is a 
most wonderful sweetheart to us. 

We partied very actively during 
the Fall. Our famous "Over-the- 
Hump" parties were held at the 
Westside Disco. We were pleased to 
be able to party with every sorority 
on campus. Such parties were a toga 
party, a double p.j. party, a neck up 
party, and an Elon first, an early 

morning cocktail party at six o'clock 
in the morning before classes. 

Parents weekend at the fraternity 
went over very well with the parents 
and students. It was quoted to be the 
best yet. 

The second annual TKE haunted 
house was a great success. 

The fraternity engaged in several 
exciting road trips. Brother David 
Carter placed third in the annual 
Elon talent show. Brothers Keith 
Byrd and Webb Buchanan placed 

the first two places in the Big Man on 
Campus Contest. 

Our Homecoming celebration was 
very enjoyable along with Amy 
Haney placing third amont the 
Homecoming Court. The fall was 
appropriately ended with a spiritual 
Christmas caroling adventure. 

We took to the spring for a bi 

rockout at our Red Carnation Ball, 
several retreat weekends, and plenty 
of parties. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon will continue to 
work to have the best fraternal bond 
known to Elon. As we say, we've got 
to "go for it." 

Officers: James Basnight, Pres.; 
Robin Fleming, VP; George Allen, 
Sec; Robert Rodriguez, Treas.; 
Frand Neeley, Historian; Keith 
Byrd, Ritual; David Markey and 
Thomas Graupman, Sgt. at Arms; 
James Cea and Jamie Baddour, 
Pledge Trainers; Korkie Cates, Rush 

Dave DeClark, Dave Christianson, 
Dave Markey, Randy Koger, Tucker 
Edmunds, Scott Matthews, William 
Nesbit, Peter Larsen, W. E. 
Buchannan, Mike Robinson, 
Michael Davis, Ronald Laffaye, David 
Carter, Korkie Cates, Ronald Taylor, 
Jeff Orcutt, R. Hilding Johnson, Rob 
Johnson, Robert Mack, Mark 
Kehayas, Frank Minner, Tim 
Buffington, Lynn Piper, Mike 
Williams, Michael Cox, David Cox, 
Christopher Jones, Barry May, Rick 
Murry, Greg Roseman, Randy 
Kendricks, Harry Holmes, Frank 
Neely, Thomas Graupman, Jeff 
Bowling, George Allen, Gary Crum, 
Scott Stevenson, Robert Sutton, 
Tobert Tommy, George Smith, 
George Kanuotas, Steve Holbrook, 
Ron Erhart, Kevin Robinson, Tommy 
Sandridge, Tim Shaw, Rick Esculante, 
Ken Robertson 




El on Finishes 2nd In Nation 

Elon's Winning Foolball Team 

The 1978 Elon football team was one of the best in the history of Elon football. The team finished the season with all- 
2-1 record and was ranked second in the NAIA. It was a combination of talented athletes, superb coaching, and hard 
work that produced such a successful season. 

The regular season started on a hot September night as Elon bombed Elizabeth City State 48-0. Elon won eight more 
games, lost one, and tied one the rest of the regular season. There were several exciting games all during the regular 
season for the Fightin' Christians. On Homecoming, a touchdown pass from Mike Currin to jimmy Davis in the last 
minute provided a victory over Newberry. The next week Mitch Rippy kicked a field goal with 79 seconds left in the 
game to defeat Lenior-Rhyne. The Fightin' Christians ended the season 9-1-1 and ranked sixth in the nation. Also, Elon 
was SAC-S Conference Champs for the third year in a row. 

There were four individual records broken during the season and one team record. Bobby Hedrick set a record for 
most rushes, most touchdowns, and his 1505 yards rushing set the school rushing record. Bryan Burney set the school 
interception record and the team set the team interception record. 

Since the Fightin' Christians were ranked high in the polls, they were selected to host a playoff game. This was Elon's 
fourth year in the playoffs out of the last six years. 

Elon's quarterfinal opponent was Concord. Jumping out to a quick lead, Elon held off a late Concord rally to win 27-6. 

The semifinal opponent for Elon was Grand Valley State (Mich.). The game was played in the rain and mud at 
Burlington Memorial Stadium. It was a tough and hard fought game, hlowever, at the end, Elon prevailed 13-3. With this 
win Elon advanced to the NAIA championship game. The NAIA championship game was played in McAllen, Texas. The 
game was called the "City of the Palms Bowl." Elon's opponent was Angelo St. (Texas). They were undefeated and 
ranked number one in the NAIA. This was Elon's second trip to the championship game in the last six years. Angelo St., 
which provided more scholarship money than Elon, was a heavy favorite to win the game. 

Angelo St. jumped on top early as they build up a 21-0 lead. However, the Fightin' Christians were not to be daunted. 
Elon scored twice to cut the margin 21-14. Several opportunities and mistakes killed the Fightin' Christians in the fourth 
quarter and they went down to defeat 34-14. 



Bobby Hedrick 

Honorable Mention All-American 

Jim Riddle 
Randy Michaelson 


Bryan Burney 
lim Riddle 
Randy Micbaelion 
Bobby Hedrick 


Bryan Burney 
Bobby Hedrick 
johnny Richards 


Bryan Burney 
Jim Riddle 
Johnny Richards 
Randy Michaelson 
Bobby Hedrick 

Quarterback Mike Currin 

Eton fans show their enthusiasm. 


:^k*\i A 

'W^ ip^l^ 

3S'K 4 

^' >l .t ■ 7? -■ ifl 


^^4 ^ 


Fighting Christians Win Muddy 

Lone Christian makes a muddy tackle. 

Players (eel the tension ol the play off game. 

Currin hands ball off up the 


Bobby Hedrick's goes 

layoff Gamel 



. UlHHBJaMUM ^9^^ 

'''? ^"■'' ' &^'*^i*«!8^^Bi 

:i/e for muddy yardage. 

Dedicated fans shiow their support. 

The Thrill of Victory!!! 

orn for the TD, 


Texas Bound Fiehtine Christians!!! 



1978-79 Cheerleading Squad: Nancy Warren, Lynn Nesset — Captain, Julie Meacham, Kathy Butler 
co-captain, Susan Kepley, Lisa Foster, Lynn Moore, Diane Dewhirst. 

"Let's Go ElonH!" 

The year started off in full force for 
[he 1978 cheerleading squad. Under 
'he supervision of Coach Barbara 
Yarborough, the squad traveled to 
Ocean City, New Jersey for a week of 
continuous training to prepare them 
for the seasons ahead. Captain, Lynn 
Nessett, co-captain Kathy Butler, and 
veteran Lisa Foster guided this 
freshman squad to a successful year. 
As the football team led Elon to the 

NAIA championships, the 
cheerleaders were right behind 
them with a spirit boosting bonfire, a 
song of victory, and muddy uniforms 
in the semi-final games. 

After Texas, there was no let 
down. Practice was held every day in 
preparation for basketball games. 
The cheerleaders became very close, 
supportive friends to the members 
of the basketball team. 

Football and basketball were not 
the only sports the cheerleaders 
were involved in. Soccer proved an 
exciting sport to watch and cheer for 
as did women's basketball, wrestling 
and baseball. 

1978 was a great year to be a 
cheerleader and many of the girls 
are looking forward to 7979 . . . so 
watch out Elon! 




'<"- ■vt^i^v;.f- '■ ^A^*isri''vsmr- 

The El on College Netmen 





IL £SlONS«^fc 



W A r ^ 

With only one regular season 
game and the conference 
tournament left, the Fighting 
Christians basketball record stood at 
11-15. The top scorers for the team 
this year were Clarence Dickerson 
and Lee Allison. Allison was also the 
top rebounder on this year's squad. 

Although the Fighting Christians 
did not have a winning record, they 
did play an exciting game of 
basketball. The toughest obstacles 
for the team this year were winning 
at home and winning the close 
game. The team lost their first seven 
games at home and lost five games 
by four or fewer points. 

The future looks bright for the 
Fighting Christians next year. Only 
team captain Larry Scott graduates 
from this year's squad. 










^ A 



. i ^ 

- '■" 


i M y^HMffN 



^^^^ ^^K^^^^l 


I ^^^^^ 






Womens Basketball 

Eton's "Golden Girls" this year 
were supposed to be one of the 
finest in years. Several key lettermen 
and a fine recruiting crop provided 
the optimism in the Elon camp. 

However, Coach Mary Jackson's 

squad ran into some problems along 
the way. Academic problems hit the 
team hard after fall semester and 
sidelined three starters. 

But the "Golden Girls" didn't 
throw in the towel. 

Co-captains Lynn Briggs and 
Donna Roach provided the 
leadership for a successful season 
despite the problems the team 



•■ tUI'l-t-'-' 


The 1978-79 Elon College Wrestling team was one of 
youth and inexperience. However, the desire shown by 
the young team was super. Captain Keith Byrd, one of 
only three upperclassmen on the team, provided the 
leadership needed for a successful season. 

The team had several highlights during the year. The 
team finished fourth in the A&T Tournament and also did 
well in the Catawba Tournament. Coach Macky Carden's 
team had a winning record at the time of this publication. 
Bob Connington was leading the way by being 
undefeated in dual matches. 

Members of the 1978-79 Wrestling team are Benjie 
Terrell, Kenny Patterson, jim Walker, Steve Florence, 
David Cox, Bob Connington, Greg Nelson, Mike Cox, 
Mike Farrish, Keith Byrd, Jeff Rice, Kenneth Joyce, Tim 
Lawson, Danny Thompson — Mgr., Macky Carden — 
Heacf Coach. 


■- — rj 

■ ■■" 



l^^^ — 




1 1 




The golf program at Elon is one of 
the most successful of all the golf 
programs in the nation. Last year the 
Fighting Christians finished second 
in the nation for the second time in 
the last three years. But come June 
the golfers hope to bring the 
National Championship to Elon. 

However, the Fighting Christians 
have plenty of hard work in front of 
them. They will play some of the best 
college teams in the nation during 
the season. 

1978 All-American David Graham 
will lead the group of returnees for 
the Fighting Christians. There will 
also be some of the finest freshmen 
in the Southeast on the team. At the 
coaching reins will be Bill 
Morningstar. This will mark 
Morningstar's seventh year. 

Members of the 1978-79 Elon 
College golf team are Da vid Graham, 
Tom Prendergast, Mark Hartis, 
Randy larrett, jerry Puorro, Mike 
Ross, Roger Taylor, Frankie Jones, 
Ronnie Jones, Joe Meyer, Mark 
Berry, Sam Cox, David Dean, Frank 
Ferguson, Jeff hlorn, Richard 
Hundley, Stewart Inglehart, Tom 
Leimberger, Randy Shoffner, Hunt 
Ward, and Jeff Kelly. 



The Elon College Lacrosse Club 
entered its third year in 1979 with 
hopes for its best season ever. The 
1978 dub finished a respectable 6-6, 
playing a very competitive schedule 
v/hich included teams from Georgia 
Tech, South Carolina, Georgia, and 
East Carolina. The 79 schedule, 
composed of tvi/elve tough games, 
began in late February with the 
club's traditional southern road trip 
to Atlanta, Georgia. On the squad 
this spring were more than thirty 
enthusiastic players — the largest 
turnout ever for lacrosse at Elon. 
Hopefully, the sport will soon be 
recognized by the college, giving the 
team varsity status and the funding 
necessary for Elon to remain 

competitive in lacrosse. 

The 7979 Elon Lacrosse Club: Greg 
Piper, President; Larry Sondhaus, 
Secretary /Treasurer; Paul Jamme 
and Keith Scott, Co-Captains; John 
Atkinson, Walt Burns, George 
Carter, Carter Crittenden, Pete 
Dejourdan, Jim Davis, John Graves, 
John hiancock, Rob Haley, John 
Hitch, Rick Christman, Philip Kellam, 
Robert Mack, David Landskroener, 
Robert Leporatti, Scott 
Montgomery, Mike McGiffen, Neal 
Payne, David Raines, Robert Sutton, 
John Sadler, Aaron Tolliver, Dan 
Uzzle, Andy Weaver, Howard 
Wheatley, and Mark Wood. 
Managers — LouAnn Wilson, Bev 
Gray, and Cassie Bondurant. 


Baseball Team 
New Field 









Tennis Team 
Serves El on 







1 1 

Women Volley Ball 




There have been many changes in the Elon College 
soccer program since its beginning, and this year was 
no exception. The changes started with the acquisition 
of Steve Ballard as new head coach. He came to Elon 
with a fresh new program and many new players. It was 
a very successful learning year for the Elon hooters with 
all-conference performances by goal keeper Kevin 
Macallie and fullback Mike Curtis. Despite the 2-11-1 
record, much was learned and with only 3 graduating 
seniors, Greg Hamilton, Bobby Brandenburg, and Tony 
Tilley, Elon is sure to be a contender in the Carolinas 
Conference next year. 

Greg Hamilton defends goal. 

Above: Tony Tilley with fancy footwork. 
Below: Tri-Captains Tony, Bobby, and Greg. 


Eric heads the ball. 

Kevin Macallie makes a save for Eton. 

Mike Curtis attacks. 





David Averelte 

Marion Arledge 

Robin Angel 

Caren Akin 

Paul Aiello 

Deanna Adiadus 

lanet Adcocl< 

Lisa Adams 

Dennis Bailey 
Eddie Bailey 
Ricky Bailey 
Mark Baker 

Woody Baker 

]ane Bannerman 

Barney Barnett 

Lisa Barrett 

Beverly Barnwell 

Byron Basham 

Steve Basnight 

Sandra Beach 

Burnie Bean 

Melinda Biddle 

Alex Biles 

Steve Baick 

Yvonne Blanchard 

Robert Boles 


Of 82 

Creg Booker 
Sherri Branch 
Beth Brandei 
Betty Brantley 

Anthea Braxton 
Valerie Breeden 
Pat Brinkley 
Nerine Brown 

Cathy Buchanan 
Ann Burch 
Marty Barge 
Barbara Burgess 

jim Burton 
Greg Bynum 
Marty Callas 
Angela Cannady 

Donna Carter 
Kim Case 
Pam Ca toe 
Eric Challenger 

Russell Chase 
Lee Chears 
Mary Cherry 
Craig Chrismon 
lack Chudina 
Loretta Coble 


Greg Cockerbam 

Ellen Collins 

Kathy Cox 

Sharon Cox 

Diane Cratt 

Lisa Crawford 

John Crumbley 

Tim Daly 

Robert Davenport 

Amy Davis 

Gregg Davis 

Eddie Denman 

Danny Denton 

Rbonda Dolflemyer 

Benita Dollar 

Terry Dorsey 

Sharon Douglas 

lames Dove 

Thomas Dully 

lay Eackles 

Clarence Evans 

Henry Falkner 

Kathleen Farrell 

Teresa Farrish 

Donnie Farrow 

Michael Faulk 

Benita Fields 

Kim Fisher 

Steven Florio 

Caroline Foster 

Gail Gaines 

Joseph Carbarino 


Dianah Garren 
Toni Gasket 
Dave Gatton 
Liz Geer 
Tammi Gibson 
Chris Giles 

Annette Give 
Andrew Co/by 
Frank Gorham 
Tobey Courley 

Lydia Grace 
Margaret Granger 
John Craves 
Ellen Gregory 

Bill Criswold 
Keith Cunther 
Deborah Guthrie 
Evelyn Hadley 

Robert Haley 
Buck Hall 
Vernon Hallis 
loy Hamilton 

Tom Hamilton 
Ian Hansel 
Ronald Hardison 
Lynne Harrell 

Cherie Hawkins 
Luanne Hawkins 
Beth Hayes 
James Hayes 
Brad Hearn 
Hal Helms 


Keith Hickman 

Pamela Hicks 

DeAnne Hill 

Hampton Hite |^JW_ 

Teresa Hix ^^BE 

Mark Hodge 

Melissa Hollman 

left Hollandsworth 

Penny Honeycutt 

Jerry Hooker 

Kenneth Houston 

•Richard Hundley 

Dan Hutchinson 

Stewart Iglehart 

Clifford Ihejieto 

Trish Ives 

lames Jackson 

Melanie Jacobs 

Kevin Jacot 

Mark James 

loan Jenkins 

Linda Jenkins 

Kay Jessie 

Belinda Jessup 

Greg Johnson 

Robin Johnson 

Julie Jones 
Joni Joram 
Kelly Joyce 
Ken Joyce 
Kim Joyner 
Penny Kappas 


Wes Kennedy 
Tom Kilby 
Suzanne King 
Marshall KIrby 
Jerry Lambert 
Richard Landon 

Elizabeth Larmon 
Kenneth Lassiter 
Cathie Lederle 
Paula Lee 

Thomas Leimberger 
Ann Leisy 
David Lenig 
Melody Lewis 

Tim Lipka 
limmy Livesay 
Linda Lloyd 
Leon Long 

Beth toy 
leanne Lubben 
Bridget McCullough 
Connie McGee 

Mary McCimsay 
Doug McHugh 
Sam McPherson 
Rhonda Madren 

Lori Malbon 
Fran Maness 
Ed Marks 
Greta Marrow 
Billy Mason 
Dorothy Mattox 


Laurie Michaud 

Charlie Mickens 

Cindy Milter 

Ellie Miller 

Daryll Minges 

Wayne Mizell 

Anthony Moone 

Ronnie Murray 

Toni Napoli 

Connie Nelson 

Greg Nelson 

Keith Nelson 

Sandra Newsome 

Craig Newton 

John Norment 

Kimberly Oakley 

Sharyn O/sen 

Tim Owen 

Bryan Page 

Bill Paradise, jr 

Clitl Parker 

Lynn Parker 

Joyce Patterson 

Kenny Patterson 

David Payne 

Neal Payne 

Tammy Payne 

Lisa Peele 

Betsy Penland 

Jennifer Penn 

lane Penry 

Lisa Perriccio 


Wendall Pickett 
Patricia Pierce 
John Pitlman 
Suzie Poplin 
Candy Powell 
Laura Powers 

Pam Prentice 
Allen Pritchard 
John Praia 
Victor Pugh 

David Paines 
Ed Reams 
Laura Reidy 
Greg Reitzel 

Cindy Rembisz 
Pat Rhodes 
]ett Rice 
Mark Richards 

Charles Richardson 
Kevin Riley 
Ken Roberson 
■^ Adrian Robertson 

Amy Robinson 
Carol Robinson 
Kevin Robinson 
Jimmy Rorie 

Michael Ross 
Vicki Roupe 
Robert Ruggles 
Billy Rule 
Paula Sams 
Wanda Saunders 


John Scott 

Danny Sellers 

Ken Sellers 

Tim Shaw 

Charlene Simpson 

Nancy Stainback 

David Standi 

Kim Steenken 

Scott Stevenson 

Anne Storey 

Julie Sullivan 

Robert Sutlon 

Tommy Taylor 

Benjie Terrell 

Tamie Thoen 

Justin Thomas 

Tonya Thomas 

Betty Thompson 

Susie Tins ley 

Ernie Tootoo 

Tracy Trimmer 

Chelsa Troxler 

Eddie Tuck 

Lia Tunstall 

Janet Tye 

Joyce Tye 


Drew Vanhorn 
Mark VanKirk 
Becky Vaughan 
Darlene Walker 
Kenan Walker 

Karen Wall 
Darrell Wallace 
Frank Wallace 
Laura Walton 
Hunt Ward 

Janice Watlington 
Steven Weeks 
layne Weigand 
Randy Wells 
Perry West 

William White 
Ian Whitfield 
Norman Whittington 
Mike Wilier 
Leslie Williams 

Terry Williams 
Tony Wilson 
Randy Wimberly 
Karen Winfrey 
Timothy Winstead 

Cayle Winston 
Mark Wood 
Perry Wood 
Virginia Wood 
Brad Worrell 

Myra R. Worth 
Tim Yates 
Clint York 
Linda Young 
Rusty Young 
jim Zemonek 



Barby Adcock 

Richard Allord 

Lee Allison 

Gray Amick 

Andrea Anderson 
loan Baites 
Myra Baldwin 
Marie Barrett ^ -^ 

Jayne Bartholomew 

lay Baschon 

Tim Baughn 

till Bennett 

Sue Bias 
Yogi Blalock 
Kathy Boone 
Heidi Briner 

Doug Bryant 

Diane Burchlield 

Susan Burkhart 

Vanessa Caid 

Susan Cantrell 

Steve Carlin 

Celia Casey 

Kirk Chandler 

Andy Childress 

Carol Clark 

Cherie Clark 

Margret Claud 


of 81 

jim Clendenen 
Lynnette Cog/e 
Ray Coleman 
Karen Coltren 

Alonzo Craig 
Cathy Crawford 
Hughes Crisp 
Cathy Critcher 

Cary Crum 
Penny Dabbs 
Frank Dalton 
Terry Davis 

David DeClark 
Tom Dejoia 
Nancy Denner 
Diane Dewhirst 

Len Dillon 
Ian Drumheller 
Dave Dunn 
Tucker Edmonds 
Jodie Edwards 
Debbie English 

Mac Fairly 
Sharon Faucett 
Harris Faulk 
Steve Fishel 
Earldene Fogg 
Mitch Foil 


Kathy Foster 

Alan Friedman 

Margie Frye 

Jackie Fuller 

Linda Funkbohner 

Joseph Goad 

Martha Coodall 

Rick Graham 

Bob Crecco 

Thomas Greeley 




Shade j. Green 




Gretchen Cuite 


Meg Guy 




Pam Guy 






Lisa Guyton 

leannie Hairston 

Abigail Halle 

Barbara Flanna 

Buddy Hansbarger 

Bobby Hendrich 

Jill Hershberger 

Paul Hirschmann 

John Hitch 

Rodney Holland 

George Holmes 

Cathy Hook 

David Hornaday 

Lynn Hotchkin 

Charles Houchins 

Cindy Howard 

Judy Howard 

Paul Howard 

Pam Hyde 

Tom Isley 


Randy Jarrell 
left Johnson 
David Jones 
Sandy Jones 
Amy Joyce 
Linda C Kent 

Becky Kimbretl 
Frank Kiser 
Malea Knight 
Cindy Krider 

Cayle Lacy 
Debby Lamb 
Lisa Laub 
Lisa Laukhart 

Kelly Loughlin 
Dianne McAllister 
Terry McAllister 
Matthew McBrien 
Charmaine McGhee 
Mike McGriffin 

Robert Mack 
Laura McLamb 
Caroline Maclin 
Larry Mann 

David Mantiply 
Elizabeth Martin 
Myrna Melton 
Philip Melton 

Thomas Merkel 
Jeff Michel 
Colleen Miller 
joe Miller 
Mary A. Moore 
Mary E. Moore 


Rodney Moore 

John Motley 

Robin Murchinson 

Chuck Nance 

Andy Nelson 

Debbie Nelson 

Kathy Newcomb 

Mark Nisbet 

Bonita Oakley 

Melissa Orcutt 

Ronnie Owen 

Myra Page 

Penny Page 

Donna Popular 

Richard Parker 

Ben Parkham 

Kelly Parks 

Ricky Pender 

Kathy Perry 

Rebecca Perry 

Ann Phillips 

Bruce Piner 

David Pinson 

Creg Roseman 

Kathy Robertson 

John Reaves 

lohn Sadler 

Tina Sakell 

David Schmidt 

lohn Scott 

Kay Sexton 

Mike Shelton 

Roger Shore 

Ray Slaughter 

Bonny Smith 

David Smith 

Deborah Smith 


George Smith 
Given Smitli 
Mike Smith 
Timothy Smith 
Beth Snyder 
Dorene Spaulding 

Patricia Spencer 
Robert Stalker 
William Statler 
Fil Stedham 
David Stevens 

Carolyn Storck 
Vinnie Suozzi 
Larry Taylor 
Teresa Taylor 
Shea Teague 

Al Thomas 
Blair Thompson 
Terri Thompson 
Sherri Tilton 
Bill Tippett 

Marge Toney 
Mark Trickey 
Pam Triplett 
Sandra Tripp 
Clay Tuck 

Dan W. Uzzle 
Cindy Violette 
Randy Wall 
Tim Ward 
Sharon Waynick 

Ken Whitley 
Anne Widman 
Mike Wilkerson 
Debbie Williams 
Ronald Williamson 
Jimmy Zint 



Laurie Alcon 

Marcia Alderman 

George Allen 

Andrea Anderson 


Charles Anthony 

Rhonda Apple 

Vicky Ashley 

Lisa Askew 

Bob Baggett 
Doug Bagley 
Cathy Barker 
Laurie Barrett 

left Batts 

Brian Bennett 

Debbie Bennett 

John Bickenbach 

Vickie Blackwell 

Vickie Blankenship 

Patti Boggs 

Robert Brantley 

Danny Buchanan 

Webb Buchanan 

Ruth Burnett 

Juanita Burnette 


Of 80 

George Carlisle 
Martha Carroll 
Nan Cafes 
Tony Caley 

David Christianson 
Bryant Co/son 
/an Combs 
lane Cooper 

Merrick Counsel! 
David Cox 
Michael Cox 
Sue Cromton 

Ronald Crotts 
William Doggett 
Carol Elliot 
Keith Ellis 

Les Ellis 
Carolyn Ellison 
John Enders 
Terri Esperti 

]anet Fleming 
Mark Forlines 
Martha Fulcher 
Christy Garrett 


Lisa Garriques 
Karen Gould 
Beverly Gray 

Cindy Grision 
Beth Griswold 
Olga Griswold 

Edward Guerrin 

Joey Hachett 

Chris Hamrick 

Dana Hardy 
Phyllis HarCioe 
Bubba Hicks ^ 

Kimberly Hicks 

Melinda Hicks 

Karyn Hinke 

f^f^ *kP^ 


^^b"' -^^H 

Kalhi Howerton 

Jfl "^'T 

^ ,-- F 

Barbara Huffman 



Ann Hughes 

^^^^is^ X ^ 




John Hurd 

Lee Johnson 

Chris Jones 

Mike Kilgariff 

Elizabeth Kimsey 

Susan Lackey 

^^ ^1 


klL^ii .'i^/ 



Melody Lanktord 
Kim Leathers 
David Lenig 
Sarah Lewallen 
Tony Lewis 
Angie Lintz 

lack Lo Cicero 
Bob Lockerby 
William Lottman 

Laura Loyd 
Rod MacAskill 
Art McKinney 

William Mangam 
Phyllis Marion 
Robin Marley 

Steve Martinelli 
Keith Mason 

Neal Matthev^s 

Scott Matthevi/s 
Kim Montgomery 
Lynn Moore 

Bruce Morgen 
Tina Morgenson 
Steve Morris 


Tina Murray 

Mike Nichols 

Carolyn Overton 

Debbie Parr 

Debbie Patterson 

Tom Payne 
Bob Pearson 
Nan Pearson 
Ricky Phillips 

John Pini g 
Ava Power 
Scott Ragan 

Henni Rains 

Lydai Reaves 

Rick Riggsbee 

Lisa Roberts 

Michael Robinson 

Tim Rose 

Bob Rulfin 

Mike Rushton 

jayn Salnit 

lane Sampson 

Barry Satterlield 

Tom Schoch 

Margorie Scott 


lit I 

Cindy Simmons 
Gerald T. Smith 
lamei Smith 
Joyce Smith 
Paula Sneeden 

Larry Sondhaus 
Kim Spencer 
Steve Stephenson 
■^ Paul Stewart 

Carolyn Stutts 
Robert Sugg 
Terri Swain 

Anita Thiel 
jell Thomas 
Lillie Tobash 

Linda Totten 
Mark Troxler 
Clayton Vaught 

Deborah Wallwork 
lohn Ware 
Anna T. Webb 
Pamela I. Welborn 

I. King White 
Marl( Woosley 
Cina Wright 
Tammy Zufall 



Ruisell Airington 

Lorraine Allen 

Sandy Anstead 

David Avery 

Sammy Barefoot 

Johnnie Allen 

M.I. Allen. Ir. 

Debbie Atkins 

Jamie Baddour 

Karen Baulding 

Connie Ames 

John Atkinson 

Danny Bagbey 

jane Andrew 

Medina Armstrong 

David Bankston 


of 79 

Tim Beck 

Lee Berryman 

Wanda Bowes 

Paula D. Bretcher 

Susie Bui lard 

Phil Benton 

Neil Bishop 

Charlie Bowman 

Lynn Briggs 

Bev Burroughs 

lane Booth 

Gary Brant 

Barbara Brown 

Connie Bowers 

Roxie Bratton 

Kerri Brown 


Carolyn Burton 

Sherri Byrd 

lohn Carter 

Kenneth Chavis 

lerry Cook 

Katby Butler 

Irene Caicedo 

Patricia Carter 

Hank Coftield 

Stephen Corpening 

Keith Byrd 

George Carter 

Sleven Carfer 
Don Chandler 

Christy Colquitt 

Bobby Costin 


Bob Covington 

Ronnie Davis 

lane Devine 


Beverly Faison 

Kate Cox 

Kathleen Day 

Trent Dicl<ens 

Rhonda Enoch 

Pam Fallon 

Curtis Davis 

lane DeCraaf 

Barry Duff 
Wayne Durham 

Perry Everhart 

Bernard Faulk 


V :' fi 'ii 

Michael Filipczyk 

Teresa Frazil 

Julie George 

Kevin Gilliam 

David Graham 

Gary finch 

jan Frye 


Lorna Goudey 

Robin Grimes 

Men Ford 

Thomas Cabriel 

Keith Cilliam 

Ken Gould 

Bryan Cupton 


Roger Haddad 

Donna Hanes 

Brian Hauser 

John Holloway 

Martha Isaacs 

Mike Hahn 

Molly Harp 

Craig Hendrix 

Joyce Holly 

Cathy Jacobs 

Mary Hamill 

Mark Hartis 

Ernie Hines 

Curney Howard 

Frank Jones 

Greg Hamilton 



Marcus /ones 
Herbert Kay 
Clen Keaton 

Mark Kehayas 

Betsy Kinsey 

Bobby Kinsey 

L ynn Kirby 


Don Lawrence 

Matthew Laws 

Dennis Lawson 


Roddy Leary 

Philip Lee 

Jodie Luke 

Carl Daniel Lykes 


Andrea McDowell 

Kathy McNeil 

Lydia Massey 

Willard Maynard 

Wanda McDowell 

Billy McPherson 

Mary Mattox 

Annette Metcalf 

Randy McGaskill 

Carol Madison 

Steve Mauck 

Grant Mills 

Terry Mack 

Debra Mason 

LeAnne May 

loey Mills 


Leslie Morse 

William Needham 

Ian Nelson 

Paul Norris 

Jesse Perkins 

Laura Moss 

Chinh Nejhiem 

Tom Nelson 

Kathy Novak 

Maria Perry 

Lynn Nessett 

Katherine Pappas 

Byron Phillips 

William Newman 

Timothy D. Peeler 

Kessler K. Powell, jr 



Tom Prendergast 

Ned Ryerson 

Cindy Sharpe 

Sarah M. Snead 

Joseph Stephens 

Richard Renick 

David Sams 


Tracey Sowers 

Joyce Stroud 

Suellyn Reynolds 

Larry Scott 

Carolyn Smith 

Donna Roach 

Mike Seagroves 

Lynne Smith 


/o Ellen Suter 

Patricia Temple 

John Thompson 

Denise Tompkins 

Mike Vaughan 

Leeanne Sutton 

David Thomas 

Robert Tillon 

Janice Trent 

Glenn Vite 

Neil Teague 

Daniel Thompson 

Lin Timberlake 

Cheryl Turner 

Lynn Walker 

Dean Thompson 

Robert Tippett 

Ray Turner 

Debbie Wall 


Terry Walton 

Douglas Wiessmen 

Sa ndy Wilson 

Carol Woodlief 

Robin York 

Nancy Warren 

Nolan Williams 

Susan Winfree 

Blanche Wrenn 

Debra Young 

Juliana Watkins 

Lou Ann Wilson 

Robin Winston 

Randy Wright 

Karen Ysteboe 

Ashley Welfare 

Neil Wilson 

Kathy Wobus 

Patsy Yates 











^^^g^^m^m Mi 





f V 


i ti 








i'niirT7 iririTTiiJ 


'^ >>/ 



I. Fred Young 

Robert C Baxter 

Vice President for 

Legal Affairs 

W.E.Butler. Jr. 

Business Manager and 


S. Carlysle Isley 

Director of Institutional 


Kennethi L. Harper 

Director of Administrative 

Services and Registrar 

William C. Long 
Dean of Student Affairs 

M. Chiristopher White 
Dean of Academic Affairs 

}o W. Williams 
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 



Mark R. Albertson 
Assistant Registrar 

Larry E. Barnes 
Director of Placement 

C. Conway Baylilf 
Campus Shop Manager 

Martha Clark 
Coordinator of Traffic and Stu- 
dent Insurance, Area Coor- 

Geraldine N. Fox 

Director of Non-Traditional 

Student Program 

Doris C. Gilliam 

Secretary to the Department 

of Athletics 

William R. Cinn 

Associate Director 

of Development 

Catherine B. Halbert 
Secretary to the Associate Dean 
of Academic Affairs 


Phyllii F. Hargis 
Special Aisistant to the Dean ot 
Student Affairs 

AlonzoL. l-look 
Dean Emeritus 

\ M/ 

David loyce 
Area Coordinator 

4X- '. h 

Phyllis H. Kluttz 
Grants Coordinator 

Pam McDaniel 
Area Coordinator 

Tim McDowell 
Director of Public Information 
and Publications 


Betty I. Maness 
Academic Skills Director 

Beth Moore 
Area Counselor 

Theodore E. Perkins 

Librarian for Special 


Teme M. Reice 

Coordinator of Commuter 


I. Franklin Rtiodesjr. 
Associate Dean of Students 

Leia Faye Rich 

Coordinator of Student 


Barry Simmons 
Director of Financial Aid 

William C. Sharpe, IV 

Coordinator of Student 


Melvin L. Shreves 
Coordinator of Intercollegiate 
Athletics, Athletic Business 
Manager and Sports Information 

W. Robert Wicker 
Director of Audio-Visuals 



Betsy Coleman 

Part-lime Instructor 

of Biology 

Hugh M. fields 

Assistant Professor of 

Biology and Natural Science 

George L. Ryals, jr. 
Assistant Professor of Biology 

Herbert W. House, Jr. 

Assistant Professor 

of Biology 


Voight F. Morgan 

Associate Professor 

of Biology 

Raghiavendra D. Rao 

Associate Professor 

of Biology 



Janie E. Council 
Associate Professor of 
Business Administration 

Daniel Feinburg 
Professor of Business Administration 

Frances C Longest 

Associate Professor 

of Business Education 

John M. Marr 

Associate Professor 

of Business Administration 

Allen B. Sanders 
Professor of Business Administration 
Chairman, Department of Business 


lohn K. Patterson 

Part-time Assistant 

Professor of Religion 

Agnes J. Price 

Assistant Professor 

of Business Administration 

Linda Weavil 



Jeanne f. Williams 
Associate Professor of Statistics 
and Mathematics 

Ralph V. Anderson 
Associate Professor of 
Economics: Chairman, Depart- 
ment of Economics 

Bruce Waller 
Instructor of Philosophy 

John C. Sullivan 
Associate Professor of 
162 Philosophy: Chairman, Depart- 

ment of Philosophy 


Education and Psychology 


Edith R. Brannock 

Assistant Professor of 

Home Economics 

k i 

Arnold C Strauch 

Professor of Education 

Chiairman, Department of Education 

SeenaA. Cranowsky 

Assistant Professor 

of Psychology 



1 ~\ 

'^ i 

June M. Looney 

/Assistant Professor 

of Psychology 

Lawrence H. Simon 

Associate Professor 

of Education 

Lucile C. Stone 

Associate Professor 

of Education 


Fine Arts 

Richard T. Appenon 

Assistant Professor 

ot Music 

Malvin N. Artley 
Professor of Music 

Waller Westaler 

Professor of Music 

Chairman, Department of Fine Arts 

David A. Bragg 

Associate Professor 

of Music 

Terrell W. Cofield 

Assistant Professor 

of Music 


Edwin L. Daniel 

Associate Professor 

of Art 

lames Clenn 
Instructor of Music 

lack O. White 

Associate Professor 

of Music 

Human Services 

Howard R. Higgs 
Assistant Professor 
of Human Services 

Foreign Languages 

Eloise Baynes 

Assistant Professor 

of Foreign Languages 

Katfileen W. Scott 
Foreign Languages 

/Vlictiael A. Taylor 

Assistant Professor 

of Foreign Languages 



Martha S. Smith 

Aiiociate Professor of English 

Chairman, Department of English 

Andrew I- Angyal 

Assistant Professor 

of English 

W. Jennings Berry, jr. 

Associate Professor 

of English 






Rulli baiivs 

Robert C. Blake 

William S. Long 

Professor of English 

^mtMHttMSZtmaaJifv/ ■■/ : 


R. Lamar Bland 

Associate Professor 

of English 

Mary Lou C. Brittain 

Part-time Instructor 

in English 

lanel Cochran 
Instructor of English 

Befty K. Cerow 

Aiiociate Professor 

of English 

Russell B. Gill 

Assistant Professor 

of Englisfi 

Priscills L. Haworth 

Part-time Instructor 

in English 

Thomas Keller 
Instructor in Communications 

Helen H. Mackay 
Part-time Assistant 
Professor of English 

Elizabeth P. McAfee 

Part-time Instructor 

in English 

William f. Migniuolo 

Part-time Instructor 

in English 

Nan P. Perkins 

Part-time Acaciemic 

Skills Specialist 

Anne Ponder 
Instructor in English 


Mary Ellen Priestley 
Professor ot English 

Mary A. Wimsalt 

Assistant Professor 

of English 


lames H. Pace 

Assistant Professor 

of Religion 

Chairman, Department 

of Religion 

Carole F. Chase 

Assistant Professor 

of Religion 


H. Reid Montgomery 

lames H. Overton 
Professor of Religion 

Social Science 

D. Brooks Gates 
/Assistant Professor 
of Social Sciences 

Thiomas S. Henricks 

Assistant Professor 

of Sociology 

Rachiel Y. Holt 

Assistant Professor 

of History 

Robert D. McBee 

Assistant Professor 

of Sociology 

Baseball Coach 

Carole W. Troxler 

Assistant Professor 

of History 

George W. Troxler 

Associate Professor 

of History 


Rudolph T. Zarzar 
Assistant Professor 
of Political Science 

j. Wesley Alexander 

Associate Professor 

of Mathematics 

Williaiv H. Barbee 
Associate Professor 
of Malhemat/Ci 169 

lanie C. Evans 

Assistant Professor 

of Mathematics 

Richard C. Haworth 

Assistant Professor 
of Mathematics 

Cheryl T. Holt 

Part-time Academic 

Skills Specialist 

Physical Science 

Paul H. Cheek 

L. L. Vaughan 

Professor of Chemistry 

E. Franklin Harris 

Associate Professor 

of Physics 

Chairman, Department 

of Physical Science 

Ruth L Cheek 

Part-time Assistant 

Professor of Chemistry 


y. Earl Danieley 
Professor of Chemistry 

Physical Education 

Alan I. White 

Associate Professor of Physical Education 

Chairman, Department of Physical Education 


Stephen Ballard 

Instructor in 

Physical Education 

Soccer Coach 

Barry Beedle 

Instructor in 

Physical Education 

janie P. Brown 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 




Dwight D. Brown 

Lonnie Mack Carden 

Karen Carden 

Assistant Professor 

Instructor in 

Intramural Coach 

of Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Wrestling Coach 



Paul Caskill 

Instructor in 

Recreation Administration 

Clayton E. Johnson 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 

Track Coach 

Donald J. Kelly 

Associate Professor 

of Physical Education 

T. William Morningstar, Jr. 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 

Golf Coach 

jerry R. Tolley 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 

Head Football Coach 

Van Turner 

Jane Wellford 
Part-time Instructor 
in Physical Education 


Leo Welsh 

Supervisor of 

Gymnasium Facilities 

Barbara L. Yarborough 

Assistant Professor 

of Physical Education 

Women's Volleyball Coach 



Cameron Dale AbboM. 8229 College Dnve NW, Roanoke. Va 24019 

Gary W. Abies, 924 Hollywood Dnve, CheiJpeake, Va. 23320 

N. Dennis Adams, U14 Et>ert Street. Winston -Salem, N.C 27103 

Bdrb> L Atkcxk, Bo* 74, Ro»boro. N.C- 27573 

Bdl Abpianalp 

Robin V. Adams, 610-D Tucker St. Apts., Burlington, N.C- 27215 

Margaret Ann Adams, 1914 W From Street, Burlington, NC- 27215 

Steven F. Adams, 203 \ew Castle Drrve, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

lisa Renee Adams, 1S02 Rosedale Blvd , Reidsville, N.C. 27320 

Robert F. Adcock, Route 1, Ronboro. NC 27573 

fanel Leigh Adcoci, Route 1. Bok 96. Rougemoni. N.C. 27572 

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Paul R. AieBo, 5810 Granada Blvd , Coral Cables, Fl, 33146 

Benjamin 8. Allen, 514 Walnut Street, Cary, N.C. 27511 

Marian k. Aderhold, 4033 Stovall Terrace. Atlanta, Ca. 30342 

Debra f. Agee, Route 4, Box Jfl. Burlington. N.C 27215 

Russell W, Airinglon, 1751 Ball Mill Ct., Severna Park, Md. 21146 

Deanna Lynn Ahladas, 1600 Pump Road, Richmond, Va 23233 

Caren Virginia Akin, 116 Hilkrest Road. Raleigh, N C 27605 

Laurie Ann Alcon, Route 2, Bo* 4. Mcleansville, N-C 27301 

Barbara Jean Albright, Route 3, Bon 724, Graham, N C 27253 

Marcia L Alderman, 120-8 Pinewood Road. Virginia Beach. Va. 23451 

LarU D. Al-Habib, P O Bo» 794. Santord. N C 27330 

Charlotte Jane Allord, 2110 Edgewood Ave-. Burlington, N C, 27215 

Richard L AKord, 2110 fdgewood Avenue. Burlington, N.C 27215 

lohnnie E- Allen, 233 Northmont Blvd.. Danville. Va, 24541 

Lorraine M. Alen, 207 Shannon Drive, Graham, N C 27253 

George (. Allen, 219 Hamilton Road, Marlton, N ) 08053 

Melinda Ray Allen, n3-A Fisher St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Mitchell J. Allen, Jr., P O Box 97, Creedmoor, N C 27522 

HassHI A. Allen, Jr., Route 4, Box 666-A. Mebane, NC. 27302 

Pamela L Allen, Route 1, Box 286. Climax. N.C 27233 

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B. Tvndall AlUgood, 3786 Prince Andrew La , Virginia Beach, Va 23452 

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Robert Lee Allison, 412 Webb Street, Mebane, N.C 27302 

Charles E. Alston, 733 Chandler Avenue, Burlington. N.C 27215 

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(ohn Cray Amick, Route 10, Box 399, Burlington. NC 27215 

Sue Humphrey Amus, 808 Cedar Lane, Graham. N C 27253 

Andrea L Andersen. 3008 Mayview Place, Virginia Beach. Va 23452 

Andrea Leigh Anderson, 412 Dan Troy, Williamsville. NY 14221 

Gregory L Anderson, Route 4, Box 249, Burlington, NC 27215 

himberly A. Anderson, 3816 Wayne Street. Winston-Salem, N C- 27104 

Pamela lane Anderson, 1588 Forest Villa Lan , McLean. Va 22101 

Pamela S. Anderson, 1325 Willowwood Drive, Norfolk, Va. 23509 

Ronn |. Anderson, Box 503. Advance, N C, 27006 

Virginia M. Anderson, 1405 Cooper Circle, Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

lane V. Andrev*, Route 1, Box 167. Snow Camp. N C 27349 

Melurn Hassell Andrews, 2535 Oakcresi Ct,. Burlington, NC 27215 

Raymond JeHrey Andrews, P O Box 471, Warrenton, N C 27589 

Robin D. Angel, '34 8 Burl Ave , Box 75, Cibsonville, N C 27249 

Charles C. Anthony, |f., P. O. Box 126, Stanleytown, Va 24166 

Sandra K. Anslead, 'o Oxford Orphanage, Oxford, N.C 27565 

Bernard W. Apple, 439 Circle Drive, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Anthony Lee Apple, 5389 Hwy 150 East. Brown Summitt. N.C- 27214 

Deborah J. Apple, Rouie 2, Box 248, Elon College, N C. 27244 

Rhonda D. Apple, Route 10. Box 354. Burlington, N C. 27215 

Patritia Kay Arehart, Route 1, Box 197-T, Eden, N C 27288 

loseph E- Apruizese, 40 Fairview Avenue, Secaucus, N ) 07094 

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Lisa Lynn Barrett Route 2. Box 136. Graham. NC 27253 

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John A. Barrett, 1645 Cavendish Court. Charlotte. N C 28211 

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Timothy M, Bartolomeo, 12810 Beaverdale Lane. Bowie, Md. 20715 

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Paul |. Baschon, 54O0 Beaumont Drive. Durham. N.C. 27707 

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Carol Dana Bass, 323 Reade Drive. Roxboro. N C 27573 

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Jennifer H. Batson, P O Box 865. Elon College, N C. 27244 

Car* Mitchell Balchelor, P O Box 598, Rose Hill, NC 28458 

Karen S. Saulding, 1303 Cherry Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

lelferson D. Baits, 624 Biscayne Drive, W Palm Beach, Fl, 33406 

Deborah Wilkins Bales, 117-H Key Street, Graham. N.C 27253 

Timothy S. Batton, 2309 Emerywood Road. Greensboro. NC 27403 

Sandra Lynn Beach, 6600 Maynada Street, Coral Gables. Fl 33146 

Alvin Bernard Bean, 3117-28 Parkway. Hillcrest Hgts. Md 20031 

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Pamela Ann Beavers, Route 1, Box 120, Coldston. N C 27252 

Samuel C. Beatty, 2148 Woodland Avenue. Burlington. N C 27215 

Paul O. Beck, Route 3, Box 679, Trinity, N C 27370 

Timothy W. Beck, Route 3, Fuquav-Varina. N C 27526 

Sue L. Bechlold, 3029 South Fairway. Burlington. N C 27215 

Peter Harvey Befta, Vallevview Road. Morristown. N.j. 07960 

Mary K. Behrend, 11109 Waycross Way. Kensington. Md 20795 

Allred L Bell, 111, 2036 Nottingham Lane, Burlington, N C 27215 

Joseph W. Bell, 2405 Bywood Road. Greensboro. N.C. 27405 

Philip T, Bell, 2036 Nottingham Lane. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Charles B. Bennett, Route 3, Box 359D-1, Mount Airy. N,C 27030 

Karen Marie Benne, 228 NE 3rd Street, Satellite Beach. Fl 32937 

Debra L. BenneM, 3418 W Ridge Circle S. Roanoke, Va 24014 

fill Ann Bennett, Route 7, Box 1003, Greensboro, N C. 27407 

George H. Benolken, Route 1, Box 338, Elon College. N.C, 27244 

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Daniel L Berdine, P O Box 142, Pittsboto, N C 27312 

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Betsy Ann Best, Route 2. Mebane. N.C 27302 

Deborah H. Beverly, Rt 1 Penseroso Acres. Pittsboro. NC 27312 

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Robert Randall Bickel, 5125 Kenwood Road. Durham, N C 27712 

John P. Bkkenbach, RR #1. Bx 233. GabrI Ln., Maitland, Fl 32751 

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Michael |ohn Biggio, '85 Norgate, Westtield. N J 07090 

Alex Monroe Biles, 5010 Dunderdale Court, Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

Cynthia M. BiBingsley, 1508 Courlland Avenue. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Nancy R. Bishop, 4412 Rehobeth Ch Rd . Greensboro. N C, 27406 

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Brenda L Bissette, 4502 Regis Avenue, Durham. N C 27705 

Frederick E. Black, 4103 Deepwood Circle. Durham, N C 27707 

Jeanene L Black, Route 4, Mebane, N C 27302 

R. Perry Black, 4103 Deepwood Circle, Durham. N.C 27707 

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Stephen Chandler Black, 1928 Holland Avenue. Burlington. N C 27215 

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Juli Ellen Blackwell, 643 Dover Street. Marion, Va 24354 

Vickie C. Blackwell, P O Box 521, Yanceyvitte, N C 27379 

Kennard J. Blake, 609 Ruby Street. Durham, N C 27704 

Mkhael A. Blake, 105 Dryden Lane. Durham, N C- 27713 

C. William Blanchard, 349 Harden Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Hassel T. Blalock, Box 82. Roxboro. N C 27573 

M. Yvonne Blanchard, Route 2, Box 486, Castle Hayne. N C 26429 

Vicki L Blankenship, Route 5, Box 377-A, Martinsville, Va 24112 

loan C. Blanchard, Route 4. Box 357, Burlington. NC. 27215 

Robert L Bland 

Carmen P. Bobo, Box 689, Burlington, NC 27215 

Harold J. Bobo, Box 689. Burlington, N C 27215 

Mary L. Bodenheimer, 314 Highland Ave . Burlington. N.C 27215 

Patricia |o Boggs, P O Box 308, Mam St , Winchester. Oh, 45697 

Maria E. Bohigas, 510 Atwater St , Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Carilon B. Boland, 1402 W Davis Street, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Charles R. Boland, 2408 Trail 3, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Daniel P. Boland, 82i Pebble Drive, Greensboro. N.C 27410 

Robert Wayne Boles, 1605 S Norwood Court. High Point. N C 27262 

Cary Melvin Bolick, 1208 Rockwood Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 

Catherine 6. Bondurant, Box 147 Bedford Hills. Earlysville. Va. 22936 

Alfred A. Bongay, 706 )-6 Hullman Mill. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Greg Scott Booker, 454 Camp Road, Burlington, N C 27215 

Allen Ralph Boone, Route 2, Box 389, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Kathleen H. Boone, 10219 Ridgemoor Or . Silver Spring, Md. 20901 

Pamela Oakley Boone, 1523 Melody Lane. Burlington. N C 27215 

Edith |. Booth, 675 New York Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va 22801 

lohn Mark Booth, P O Box 533, Haw River. N C 27258 

Phillip L Bolton, PO Box 1016, Elon College, NC 27244 

lason Boswell 

Debbie Kay Bowden, 207 Random Lane, Burlington. N C 27215 

Christopher 5. Bowen, Route 1, Box 313. Wake Forest, N C. 27587 

Kyle McDowell Bowen, 1940 Virginia Heights, Bluefield, WV 24701 

Lisa Ann Bowen, 206 Dogwood Lane, Bluefield, Va 24605 

Connie L Bowers, 410 Union Heights BK , Salisbury, N.C 28144 

Wanda O. Bowes, Route 4, Box 327 B-4, Roxboro. NC 27573 

lelfrey M. Bowland, 238 Bryan Street, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Charlie C, Bowman, 222 Lorraine Drive. Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

William C, Boyce, III, 5126 Lansdown Drive, Durham. N.C 27712 

Carol D. Boyd, 3323 Elk Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Mary Kathleen Boyer, Route 1, Box 161. Mebane, N.C. 27302 

Rebecca R. Bradley, Route 3, Box 93, Wake Forest. N.C 27587 

Pamela L Bradley, 123 Cornwallis Court. Mebane. N.C 27302 

Nelson |ay Bradshaw, P O Box 105. Ivor, Va 23866 

Sheni Dawn Branch, P O Box 1144, Drexel. N C 28619 

W. Patterson Branch, |f. 407 lee Road. Roanoke Rapids. N C 27870 

Robert L Brandenburg, Box 471 Pearl Street, Rising Sun, Md, 21911 

C. Lawrence Brarydenburg, Box 471 Pearl Street. Rising Sun, Md 21911 

Harry R. Brandon, Route 5. Box 42, Roxboro, N C 27573 

Gladys E. Brandes, 3004 East Brookhaven, Dalton, Ga 30720 

Gary L Brant, Jr., 912 Allen Drive, Winchester, Va 22601 

Betty Ann Brantley. 880 W 74th St #312, Hialeah, Fl 33014 

Brenda J. Brantley, 1933 Malone Road. Burlington, N C 27215 

Joseph C, Braswell, 3815 Pendergrass Street, Durham, NC 27704 

Paula D. Bralcher, Route 1, Box 428, Trenton, N C 28585 

Roxie S. Bratton, Route 1, Box 38. Catawba. Va 24070 

Annell M. Brazzell, Bx 42, Polks Lndg Subd , Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Anthea J. Braxton, 801 Lake Road, Creedmoor. N.C. 27522 

Susan ). Breda, 3905 Oakclilfe Road, Greensboro, N C 27406 

Valerie Lou Breeden, 8821 Peabody Street, Manassas. Va 22110 

Joyce C. Breeze, 1526 Regency Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Christopher J. Bresnahan, 6401 Randolph Road. Washington, DC. 20023 

Allison R. Brewer, 216 Sweetbriar Drive, Richmond, Va. 23233 

Tony F. Brewer, Route 1, Box 495. Haw River, N C 27258 

Melissa Kay Bridgers, 3210 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, Va 23221 

Patrkia L Briggs, 512 Oakwood Lane. Graham. N.C. 27253 

Heidi B. Briner, 11904 Reynolds Avenue. Potomac. Md 20854 

Jeffrey K. Brinkley, P O Box 547. Pilot Mountain. N.C 27041 

Patrkia L. Brinkley, 361 Turlington Road. Suffolk, Va 23434 

Patrkia Ann Brodie, 824 Barbara Blvd . Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Deborah L Brock, 1203 Cypress Dnve, Reidsville, NC 27320 

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Bruce K. Brown, 200 Royal Avenue. Lexington. N C- 27292 

Donovan A. Brown, 26 Davison Avenue. Brick Town, N.j 08723 

Barbara S. Brown, 201 Bidney Drive, Burlington, N.C- 27215 

David J. Brown, 3913 Lagrange Dnve, Greensboro. N C 27406 

David J. Brown, 624 Virginius Drive. Virginia Beach, Va 23452 

Mkhael J. Brown, 2534 Amesbury Road, Winston-Salem. N.C. 27103 

janke N. Brown, 1609 Milan Road. Greensboro, N C 27410 

Mkhael L Brown, Route 6, Box 337-C. Wmston-Salem. N C. 27107 

David C. Brown, 825 Tremont Street. Troy. N C 27371 

Larry Jackson Brown, Route 1. Box 158. Burlington. N C 27215 

Kerrii M. Brown, Route 1. Box 330, tlon College, NC 27244 

Nerine P. Brown, 32-21-107lh Street, New York, NY 11369 

Raymond Cleveland Brown, Star Route Box 53, Swansboro. N C 28S64 

William C, Brown, 1708 Highview Street, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Nancy Carol Brown, 1822 Chandellay Drive, Durham, N, C, 27705 

Paul Phillip Brown, 201 Bidne* Drive Burlington. N C 27215 

Carl D, Bryant, 2725 Stratford Drive, Greensboro. N C 27408 

Harold Craig Bryant, 706 Huffman Mill Rd , Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Kevin A. Bryant, 353 Buna Road Road. Ft Lee, Va 23601 

Ray M. Bryan, Jr., 525 Central Avenue. Burlington. N C 27215 

Robert W. Bryant, 211 Carver Street. Durham, N C 27704 

Teresa L Bryant, Route 3. Burlington, N C. 27215 

Cathy Carr Buchanan, 104 Riverside Drive. Ashland. Va 23005 

Danny R. Buchanan, Box 31. Falls Mills, Va 24613 

Will E, Buchanan, III, 104 Riverside Drive. Ashland, Va 23005 

t. Arthur Buckaloo, |r.. Route 1 Box 364-A, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Sylvia A. Butkner, P O Box 103 Mebane, N C 27302 

Scot E. Bufiinglon, 2736 Woodbury Burlington. N C 27215 

Timothy E. Buffinglon, 2736 Waodbury Drive, Burlington. NC. 27215 

William £. Bulen, |r., 237 Vivian Drive, Fayetieville, N C 28301 

Susie H. Bullard, forest Lake, Mebane, N C 27302 

Michael M. Bullard, 3137 Forestdale Dnve, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Shelia Ann Bumgarner, 233 Rader St , Burlington, N C, 27215 

P. Terry Bundy, 630 N Church Street, Burlington, N C 2721S 

Anne Neely Burch, 412 Conestoga Road, Wayne, Pa 19087 

Diane E.Burchfield, 6209 Stoneham Road, Bethesda, Md 20034 

frank J. Burchtield, |r., 6209 Stoneham Road, Bethesda, Md. 20034 

Dawn Esler Burgess, Route 1, Box 225, Sedley. Va 23878 

Martha Jane Surge, 1)30 Irung Street. Winslon-Salem, N.C 27103 

Barbara Anne Burgess, 1506 Kennon Road, Garner. N C 27529 

Margaret S. Burkhart, Route 17. Box 412. Lexington. NC 27292 

Bonnie J. Burke, 715 Powell Drive. Raleigh, NC 27606 

Edward T. Burke, 321 Morton Street, Asheboro, N C 27203 

Debra Ray Burke, 6509 Hanover Avenue, Richmond, Va. 23226 

David Watkins Burke, Military Drive. Chatham, Va, 24531 

Susan Lee Burleson, 211 W State Street, High Point, NC 27262 

Ruth L Burnett. 2520 W Club Blvd, Durham, NC 27705 

Juanila F. Bumette, Route 1, Box 5J3, Graham, N.C 27253 

Bryan O. Burney, 432 Crescent Avenue, Burlington. N C 27215 

Patty M. Burney, 805 Ross Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

C. Marie Burns, Route 1, Box 122B, Burlington, NC 27215 

Waher Linn Burns, 6902 Sydensticker Road Springfield, Va. 22152 

Beverly S. Burroughs, 7317 Pinecastle Road, Falls Church, Va 22043 

Betty L Burton, 8408 Buckhannon Drive, Potomac. Md 20654 

Carolyn L. Burton, 600 Mendel Terrace, Graham. N C 27253 

lames Rives Burton, 8408 Buckhannon Drive, Potomac. Md. 20654 

Rkhard F, Burton, 812 Bowerwood. Thomasville. N C 27360 

Donald Lee Butcher, Route 10. Box 394. Burlington, NC 27215 

Kathleen |. Butler, Russell Mill Road, Swedesboro, N ) 08085 

Marvin Thomas Butler, 315 Myers Park, Lumberton. N C 28358 

Greg Delyon Bynum, P O Box 164, Graham, N C 27253 

Donna L. Butts, 58 Pine Drive. Roanoke Rapids, N C 27870 

Elisabeth V. Bynum, 1126 C Street, New Bern, N C. 28560 

Claudia D, Byrd, t09 Elm Street. Burlington. N C 27215 

Sherryl L. Byrd, Route 1. Wayah Road. Franklin. N C 28734 

Brian K. Byrd, 216 Westmore Drive, Danville. Va 24541 

John David Byrd, 238 N Mam Street. Randleman, N.C 27317 

Joseph Patrkk Byrne, 5400 Rolle Avenue, Noriolk, Va 23506 

Marilyn L. Byrum, 1800 Parkwood Drive. Greensboro, NC. 27403 

Donald F. Cable, 1011 Ava Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Martha J. Cagle, 209 Wrenn Avenue, Ml Airy, N C. 27030 

Irene C. Caicedo, Rt 1 ° oRobert Kinton, Fuquay-Varina. N C, 27527 

Mkhael ). Cain, 2808 Northfields Rd , Charlottesville. Va 22901 

Vanessa L. Caid, 503 Martine Road. Fayetteville. N.C 28305 

Jay Baxter Caldwell, 1100 Sunset Drive. Greensboro. N C. 27406 

Martha Ann Callas, 2950 Henderson Road. Tucker. Ga 30084 

Anne E. Campbell, 2222 Canterbury Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Claire I. Campbell, 2222 Canterbury Drive, Burlington, N C, 27215 

Kirk M. Campbell, 1503 Meadowview Lane, Martinsville, Va. 24112 

Karen Ann Campbell, Box 637. Elizabethtown, N C 28337 

Rkhard Kevin Canino, 32 Buckingham Way, freehold, N Y 0772B 

Angela D. Cannady, PO Box 211, Mebane. N C 27302 

Kathy G, Cannon, 741-B Colony Apts. Burlington, NC 27215 

George A. Canoulas, 129 Chelsea Lane, Wilmington. NC 28401 

Donna lanine Canter, Route 1, Box 313-A, |ulian, N C 27283 

Susan T. Cantrell, 15 Penarth Road, Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. 19004 

Mark M. Caraway, 503 Pine Crest Road, New Bern, N C 28560 

Terry Ann Carcaterra, 252 Union Street, Lawrence, NY 11559 

Stephen E. Carlin, 117 Lamb Street, Fayetteville. N.C 28305 

George W. Carlisle, Box 543. Princeton. N C 27569 

Mark B. Carmack, 146<^ Dermott Avenue, Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 

Charlie T. Carringlon, Route 1, Box 338. Wake Forest, N.C 27567 

Alison L Carroll, 2055 Shirley Drive. Burlington, N C 27215 

Charles A, Carroll, II, P O Box 14, Summeriield, N C 27356 

Mkhael R, Carroll, Lakeshore Drive, Dunn. N C 28334 

Karen B. Carroll, Route 8, Box 121-35, Burlington. N C 27215 

Joseph F. Carroll, III, 910 Proloque Road, Durham. N.C 27712 

Martha L, Carroll, 510 Chub Uke Road. Roxboro. N C 27573 

Mary C. Carroll, 106 Railroad Street, Oxford, N.C 27565 

David R. Carter, 1425 Carolyn Drive. Virginia Beach. Va. 23451 

George T. Carter, 36 Harpersville Rd . Newport News. Va. 23601 

John T. Carter, ?16 Beechnut Lane, Martinsville, Va 24112 

Steven L Carter, 1259 Forest lawn Dnve, Salem, Va 24153 

Etheldred B, Carter, P O Box 66, Newsoms, Va 23874 

Barbara R, Carter, Box 14 Quarry Road, Elkin, N C 28621 

Patrkia C. Carter, Route 4, Box 378, Mebane, N C 27302 

Donald S. Carver, Jr., Route 1, Box 25. Prospect Hill. N C 27314 

Kimberly Ann Case, 2236 Colony Road. Charlotte. N.C 26209 

Lara Jean Cash, 608 Hillsboro Street. Oxford. N C 2756S 

Celia A. Casey, 605 Banks Avenue, Goldsboro, N C 27530 

Shannon Suzanne Casey, 112 Timberlake Drive, Elon College. N.C, 27244 

Nancy Beth Gates, 9920 Natick Road, Burke, Va 22015 

Myra Gates, P O Box 489, Haw River, N C, 27258 

Karthy Van Gates, Rt 7, Box 552, Burlington, N C 27215 

Anthony F. Calhey, 1214 Ako Street, Graham. N C 27253 

Grace Catoe, 11 Meadow Lane. E Windsor. N.). 06520 

Pamela Jo Catoe, P O Box 2779, Burlington, N C 27215 

Nora AHene Caughron, Route 3. Box 255, Chapel Hill. N.C 27514 

ScoH A. Cavanaugh, 41 Pint Drive, Cedar Grove, N | 07009 

Donna S. Causey, 520 Poplar Avenue. Westminster, Md 21157 

Pamela D. Caviness, 1506 S Tremont Drive. Asheboro. N C 27203 

Paul C, Chaconas, Route 2, Box 102, Millsboro. De 19966 

Eric Challenger, 506 Hilkrest Avenue. Burlington, N C 27215 

Don W. Chandler, Route 4. Box 364, Burlington. N C 27215 

Kirk Dean Chandler, Route 4. Box 364. Burlington, N C 27215 

Brian Chanas 

Peter Chanas 

Peggy S, Chappell, Route 1. Box 728, Halifax. Va 24556 

Russell William Chase, 4 West 64th Street. Harvey Cedars. N ) 06006 

Kenneth R. Chavis, 2013 Phoebe Drive. Greensboro. N C 27403 

Patricia J, Cherry, 452 3 Plantation Rd , Virginia Beach. Va. 23454 

Lee Harrison Chears, 15 Albania Cres, Edenton, N C 27932 

Joseph Richard Checchi, 2128 Cherry Court, Burlington, N C 27215 

Kenny Chung 

Timothy L Childress, 336 Park Avenue, Sanford, NC 27330 

Andy N. Childress, 336 Park Avenue, Sanford. NC 27330 

Mkhael Norm Chinchar, 15 Lincoln Avenue. East Brunswick. N ) 06816 

Craig Forrest Chrismon, P O Box 126. Newell, N C 28126 

David K. Christianson, 2407 Alisier Drive, Wilmington. De 19808 

Anna M. Christie, 27lh Atlantic Idlewhy. Virginia Beach. Va 23451 

Chris L Christopher, 33A Brookwood Cdns , Burlmgton, NC 27215 


Donald R. Chrislman, 7105 Pineiree Road, Richmond. Vd. 23229 

|d(k Lindsay Chudina, Route 3. Box 206, Bluefield, Va 24605 

Russell L CiHy, 711 Russell Avenue, Reidsville, N C 27320 

Tina Diane Citty, 711 Russell Avenue. Reidsville, N C. 27320 

Kalhy Ann Clapp, 522 Oakwood Lane, Graham, N.C 27253 

C. Dawn Clark, 2M2 Evergreen Lane, Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Dave Clark, 104 Lakeview Dr., Lenoir, N.C 28645 

Cherie )o Clark, 3528 Cornell Road, Fairfax, Va 22030 

John Randal Clapp, Route 6, Bon 463-B. Greensboro. N C 27405 

|ayson Bayne Clapp, 4 Hastmgs Circle, Greensboro, N C 27406 

lamie Clark 

Linda C. Clark, Route 2, Bo» 3S2-A. Burlrngton, NC 27215 

lori Arine Clark, 104 Lakevrew Drive, Lenoir, N C 28645 

Valerie L, Clark, 816 Meadovwiew Road, Greensboro, N C. 27406 

Kevin John Clarke, 102 Patrick Street SE. Vienna. Va 22180 

Margrel Claud, 117 Willwav Drive, Manakin, Va 23103 

George W. Clayton, )r.. Route 7. Box 307.A, Danville, Va. 24541 

Mark M. Claylon, Route 4, Box 362. Burlington, N C 27215 

lames R. Clendenen, 104 Maple, Bluetield, Va 24605 

Charles S, Clendenin, 4116 Groometown Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 

Martha S. Clodfelter, 334 Strickland Avenue, Winston-Salem. N C. 27107 

Eva Karen CliJton, Rt 2. Box 403, Graham, N C 27253 

Lisa Ann Ciinard, 629 Country Club Drive. Burlington, N C. 27215 

Edward H. Clinkinbeard, Route 11, Woodview Far, Lexington, Ky 40511 

lynn Duncan Clough, 79 Boxlev Blvd , Newport News, Va 23602 

David L dowers, 2635 Dudley St . Winslon-Salem, N.C 27107 

Barney S. Coates, 217 Clayton Avenue, Roxboro, N C 27573 

lames H. Coble, 106 Ivey House Apts . Graham, N C 27253 

lorella T. Coble, Route 5, Box 58, Mebane. N C 27302 

Mary Jane Cobk-, 403 Trail 4, Burlington. N C 27215 

Susan Love CoWe, 106 Ivey House Apis , Graham, N C 27253 

Tammy Lea Coble, 101 Country Park Road. Greensboro. N C 27408 

Gregory E. CcKkerham, 1300 Ben(amin Parkway, Greensboro, N C 27408 

Robert L Cody, 109 Macwood Drive, Durham, N C 27705 

Henry H. Coffield, P O Box 1605. High Point. N C 27261 

Lynnelte H. Cogle, 315 Norwood Drive, Colonial Heighis. Va, 23834 

Kim W. Cockerham, 5600 Novack Street, Wmston-Salem, N.C. 27105 

Charise J. Cole, 319 Cheek Lane, Graham, N.C, 27253 

Katherine H. Cole, 10339 Cherokee Road, Richmond. Va 23235 

Mark Yancy Cole, 4704 Brookhaven Drive, Raleigh, N C. 27612 

Pamela L Cole, 210 Younger Road. Roxboro, NC 27573 

Vickie L Cole, P O Box 209, Haw River, N C 27258 

Raymond H. Coleman, 1411 N Sellars Mill R., Burlington. N C 27215 

Linda Carol Coley, 2801 Charlotte Lane, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

|il[ Wyrick Colie, 706- S4 Hultman Mill R , Burlington. N C 27215 

Ellen M. Collins, 210 N Church Street, Marion, Va. 243S4 

Thomas A. Cokjmbrito, 4363 Elm Ave.. Palm Beach Car , Fl 33410 

Karen L. Collien, 725 Forest Drive, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Christy A. Colquitt, 9902 Harrogate Rd , Beihesda, Md 20034 

Bryant M. Cobon, 304-H Avalon Road, Greensboro. N C 27401 

Larry C. Colson, 2003 Random Drive. Greensboro. N. C 27407 

Jimmy Fred Combs, 706 Trail One, Burlington. N C 27215 

Janet L Combs, 5119 Pineway Drive. Durham. N C 27705 

Cydney Patricia Conger, 219 Cokesbury Street. Kernersville, N C 272&4 

Salvadore P. Conino, If., 4801-A3 New Hope Road, Raleigh, N C 27604 

Michael O. Connelly, 1506 Mulberry Road #8, Martinsville, Va 24112 

Brenda Carole Cook, 901 Ingle St , Box 6214, Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Robert f. Connington, 10 Hudson Road. E Brunswick, N.) 08816 

Sara M. Conroy, 105-49th Street, Virginia Beach. Va, 23451 

lerry T. Cook, Route 2. Box 189, Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Marian L Cook, Rt 6. Box 423, Covington, Ga 30209 

Rodney lee Cook, Route 10. Box 345. Burlington. N C 27215 

Allison Denise Cooke, 10601 Honey Tree Road, Richmond, Va 23235 

Jane M. Cooper, Route 1, Box 223-AA, Burlington. N.C, 27215 

Stephen A. Coor, 5800 Morningside Drive, Richmond, Va. 23226 

Vanessa R. CorbeH, Route 3, Box 416, Mebane, N.C 27302 

Virginia May CorbeH, Rt 7. Box 116, Burlingion, N.C 27215 

Stephen J. Corpening, Route 5. Box 614, Morganion, N C 28655 

lohnny C. Cortesis, 2921 Burlwood Drive, Winston-Salem, N C 27103 

Robert F. Costin, 429 Wavne Drive, Wilmington. NC 23401 

Merrick I. Counsel!, P O Sox 1065, Manchester Ctr . Vt, 05255 

Deborah Lee Coutts, 1408 Coronet Drive, Richmond. Va, 23229 

Catherine B. Cowtnglon, 507 E Markham Avenue, Durham, NC. 27701 

Laurie Elizabeth Cowan, 919 W Davis Street, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Michael L Cox, 1663 Mountain Hgis, Dr.. Salem, Va, 24153 

David S. Cox, 4841 Oak Road, Salem, Va 24153 

David A. Cox, Box 106. Wingate, N C. 28174 

Robert L Covington, Box 2336, Sanlord, N C 27330 

Robert L Covington, 3633 Frontier Drive, Richmond. Va 23225 

Kate C. Cox, Route 3, Box 146, Burlington, NC 27215 

Sharon Elizabeth Cox, 628 Ryder Cup Lane. Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 

Douglas H. Cox, 98-A Trails End Apts , Burlington, N.C, 27215 

loseph W. Co«, 203 Circle Drive, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Kathy Anne Cox, 714 Conley Place NW. Lenoir. NC 2S645 

Kenneth L Cox, P O Box 192. Sneads Ferry, N C 26460 

Pamela (anc Cox, 1465 Alamance Ch Road, Greensboro. N C 27406 

Samuel Preston Cox, Route 6. Box 585-C. Falmouth, Va. 22401 

David Robert Cralton, 25402 Thistlewaite Dr , Spring. Tx, 27244 

Dale M. Cralt, 4409 Drexel Drive, Raleigh, N C 27609 

Alonio Craig, 1111 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, N C, 26401 

Diane Gibson CraM, 1536 Princess Anne Ro , Virginia Beach, Va. 23456 

Thomas Johns Crabtree, 320 W Tryon Street. Hillsborough, N C 27278 

William M. Craverts, 27 Rebecca Rd , Canton, Ma 02021 

Charles Steven Crawford, 426 West Front Street. Burlington, N C. 27215 

Cathy L. Crawford, 4415 Hartord Circle, Roanoke, Va , 24012 

William S. Crawford, 1523 Claiborne Street. Danville. Va 24541 

Cheryl Lynn Crawford, 2520 Watt Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mark D. Crawmet, Route 5. Box 412, Wilmington, N C 28403 

Emily Virginia Crews, 1409 Hannaford Road, Winston-Salem, N.C 27103 

Lisa Jo Crawford, 2520 Watt Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Cathy A. Critcher, Route 3. Box 125, Oxford. N C 27656 

Carter B. Crittenden, 800 Arlington Circle, Richmond. Va 23229 

David Michael Creech, 829 Edenwood Drive. Fayetteville. N C 28303 

Hughes Tale Crisp, 501 Oakley Street. Graham, N C 27253 

Ann W. Crawford, 3035 5 Fairway Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Susan E. Cromplon, 8273 Club Meadow Drive, Dallas, Tx, 75243 

Barbara M. Crook, 1005 Ingle Street, Burlington, N C 2721S 

Elizabeth H. Crosby, 307 Fisher Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Danny C. Cross, 207 Dillard St , Mebane. NC 27302 

RonaW L Crotts, Bo< 4616, Gibsonvrlle. N C 27249 

Bobby H. Crowder, 811 Cool Spring Street, Asheboro, N C. 27203 

Ray Edward Crouse, Jr., 103 Newberry Street. lamestown, N C Z7282 

Betsy lynn Crouse, 103 Newberry Street. Jamestown, N.C 27262 

Gary C. Crum, 12808 Beechwood Court. Raleigh. N.C 27614 

lohn L CrumWey, 7540 Armand Circle, Tampa, Fl 33614 

Nancy A. Crulchfield, 5505 Hempstead Drive, Greensboro, N C 27410 

Patsy C. Crute, Route 2. Box 35, Virgilina, Va 24598 

Kimberly D. Culberson, Route 1, Box 257, Mebane, N C 27302 

Charles 1. Cullens, 204 Hathaway Street, Elizabeth Cilv, N C 27909 

Milton M, Cummings, Route 2, Box 446-A, Pembroke, N C 28372 

Kenneth Jay Currin, 319 Forest Road, Oxford, N C 27565 

Michael A. Currin, 108 Hunter Avenue, Elon College, N.C. 27244 

Frederick E. Currie, Route 1, Box 403 BB, Burlington, N.C 27215 

James Michael Curtb, 1652 Tallwood Street, Norfolk, Va 23518 

Penny Sue Dabbs, 1019 Town Brach Road, Graham, NC, 27253 

Timothy E. Dallas, Ri 1, Blairs, Va 24527 

Alan Lee Dallon, Route 6, Box 197-M, Burlington, NC 27215 

Chris lohn Dalton, 75 Colonial Road, New Canaan. Ct, 06B40 

Frank D. Dalton, Jr., Route 2, Box 257, Walnut Cove, N C. 27052 

Patrick Michael Daly, 1037 Harris Street. Eden, N C 27288 

Timothy |ames Daly, 1037 Harris Street, Eden. N C 27288 

Marcus L Dameron, 2511 Pineway Drive, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Anihony E. Danna, 28 Quandary Lake Lane, Graham, N.C, 27253 

Tony D'Anna 

Charles N. Daniel, 500 Linden Avenue, Oxlord, N C 27565 

|o Anne Daniel, Route 1, Box 155-A, Nelson, Va, 24580 

Lee Ann Daniel, Route 1, Box 508, Yanceyville, N C. 27379 

loan N. Danieley, Route 4, Box 29. Burlington. N.C 27215 

Robert L Davenport, 9327 Walkers Ferry Road, Charlotte, NC 28214 

Eflhemia Dascalakis, 1600 Hobbs Road. Greensboro, N C 27410 

Andrew M. Davis, 18 Walker Avenue, Rye, N Y 10580 

Bentley Gregg Davis, 1875 Cowan Drive, Titusville Fl 32780 

Benjamin M. Daves, 2606 Domionion Street, Durham. NC 27704 

Curtis F. Davis, Route 3, Box 303, Graham, N C 27253 

Gary Dale Davis, 2200 Meloine Lane. Greensboro. N C 27407 

George Michael Davis, 207 Woodmont Road, lamestown. NC 27262 

lames S. Davis, 4407 Pointwest Drive. Portsmouth, Va 23703 

|oe Neil Davis, 709 Holmes Street. South Hill. Va 23970 

Lorie Kay Davis, 213 Hall Drive, Chesapeake, Va 23320 

Michael F. Davis, 18-E Brookwd Cdn Apts , Burlington, N C 27215 

Ronald L Davis, 724 W Sycamore St , Chase City, Va 23924 

lames D. Davis, |r., 205 Delight Drive. Jacksonville, N C 28540 

Kellie Colletle Davis, 1025 Valmet Drive. Durham. NC 27703 

Susan C. Davis, 10-A Brookwd Garden A , Burlington, N C 27215 

Terry L. Davis, 100 North Sixth Street, Mebane, N C 27302 

Virginia Nell Davis, 220 Old Springs Road. Mt Airy. N C. 27030 

Phyllis Dtanne Day, )16-C Atwood Or , Burlington. NC 27215 

Kathleen Ann Day, 42 Randolph Avenue, Randolph, VI 05060 

William W. Day,8903 Bellelonte Road, Richmond, Va 23229 

David Michael Dean, 1713 Wmdingridge Dri,. Richmond, Va 23233 

Jeflery A. Dean, Route 1. Box 157-A, Elon College. N C 27244 

Jennifer Mae Dean, Route 1, Box 100-B, Broadway. NC 27505 

Gary Leon Deberry, 910 Lincoln Street, Greensboro, N C 27401 

David L. Declark, 5425 Inverchapel Road, Springfield, Va 22151 

Karon L. Declark, 5425 Inverchapel Rd , Springfield, Va 22151 

lane W. Degraat, 134 Catalan Blvd NE. Si Petersburg. Fl 33704 

Robert W. Defrenn, 1205 Vanderbilt Lane, Cocoa, Fl 32922 

Susan E. Dejier, 7108 Helmsdale Road, Bethesda, Md 20034 

Thomas A. Dejoia, 1200 NW 8th Street. Boca Raton, Fl 33432 

Eduardo, B. Delatorre, San Carlos Apanado 4. Cojedes, Venezuela 

Terry R. Delong, 818 Demetrius St Q-2, Durham. N C, 27701 

Deborah R. Deiner, Box 46, Elon College, NC 27244 

Peter J. Dejourdan, 2228 Ridgewood Drive, Lynchburg, Va, 24503 

George O. Deloache, 2918 S Fairwav Drive. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Edward Paul Denman, 55 Buinham Road, Morns Plains, N J 07950 

Nancy Dennen, 147 York Road, Delran. N [ 08075 

Daniel C. Denton, 7115 Bngham Road. Richmond. Va 23226 

Michael Daniel Dercola, 260 Glasgow Street, Clyde. N Y. 14433 

Dennis S. Devaney, 88 Burlington, Avenue, Leonardo, N,J, 07737 

lane C. Devine, 2034 Hunters Trail. Norfolk, Va 23518 

Diane M. Dewhirst, 802 Barn Street, lacksonville, N C 28540 

Arthur W. Ohom, (r., 10 Serene Court, Dix Hills. N Y 11746 

Kathryn T. Dickens, P O Box 459. Atlantic Beach. N C 28512 

Clarence A. Dickerson, 3654 29 N Hwv . Danville, Va 24541 

Dwighl L onion, |r., P O Box 549, Basselt, Va 24055 

loseph Car Dixon, 105 East Morgan, Benson, N C 27504 

Kimberly Dale Dodson, Route 2, Box 246-K. Gibsonville, NC. 27249 

Robert Wayne Dodd, 209 Bavleaf Drive, Raleigh, N C. 27609 

Patricia A. Dodson, Route 1, Box 44 A, Elon College, NC 27244 

Thomas G. Dodd, 209 Bayleal Drive, Raleigh, N C 27609 

Rhonda A. Dofflemyer, Route 1, Box 419. Elkton, Va 22827 

William C. Doggetl, 1514 Pichard Street. Greensboro. N C 27401 

Benita Ann Dollar, Route 1, Box 196. Snow Camp, NC 27349 

Robert J. D'Ornellas, 344 N Iowa Avenue, N Massapequa. NY, 11758 

Betlie T. Dorsey, 507 Somerset Avenue, Richmond. Va 23226 

Charles B. Douglas, 5230 Shattalon Drive. Wmslon-Salem, NC 27106 

Sharon Sue Douglas, 1316 Pmeview Drive, Garner, N C 27529 

James L Dove, 202 Ward Drive. Dudley. N C 28333 

jayne Rae Drake, 2416 Commerce Rd , Jacksonville, N C 28540 

Christopher Drozdowicz, Route 2, Box 540. Clarksville, Va 23927 

fan L. Drumheller, 837 Whmier Avenue, Winchester. Va. 22601 

Eugene W. Drumright, 6 Mallard Road, Bayville, N | 06721 

Barry G. Dufi, Box 315 Elkton. Va 22827 

Thomas Pabick DuHy, P O Box 121. Collinsville, Va 24078 

Ann J. Duncan, 2203 Marston Road, Greensboro, N C 27408 

Melinda C. Duncan, 1 Chesterfield Court, Greensboro. N.C 27410 

Hubert Ray Dull, 1652 Genia Drive. Wmston-Salem, N C, 27103 

David Richard Dunn, 821 Kimberly Rd , Burlington, N.C 27215 

Wayne T. Durham, 1601 Bonaveniure Road. Greensboro, N C 27408 

Banu C. Duruman, 241-5A Lady Asior PI . Danville, Va 24541 

Robert I. Duval, 5418 Dorchester Road, Richmond, Va 23225 

Jay Donald Eackies, Route 1. Box 244, Luray. Va 22835 

Timothy P. Eanes, Route 8, Box 439, Martinsville, Va 24112 

Keith A. Ebert, 4418 Old Winston Road, Kernersville. N C 27284 

Tucker K. Edmonds, 218 5 Blake Road, Norfolk. Va 23505 

Annette M. Edwards, 712 Springwd Box 6306, Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Cecil H. Edwards, Route 1, Box 364-D. Gibsonville. N C 27249 

David Ray Edwards, 402 Granview Drive. Sparta. N C 28675 

Deborah S. Edwards, R F D 1 Box 198, Sedley. Va 23876 

Dueward R. Edwards, |r., 513 Lake Road. Creedmoor, N.C. 7522 

lodie E. Edwards, P O Box 531 Candlewood, Liberty. N C 27298 

Marcus C. Edwards, 602-D Tracy Drive. Burlington. N.C 27215 

Betty Mae Edwards, 1513 Oklahoma Ave. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Stephen W. Edwards, Route 3, Box 510. Danville, Va, 24541 

Ronald R. Ehrharol, 2800 E Brigstock Road, Midlothian, Va 23113 

Robert C. Elgin, 2723 Blanche Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Eliason Charles Odell, 714 Engteman Avenue, Burlington, N C 27215 

Steven L Ellington, 3602 Shagbark Drive, Greensboro, N C 27406 

T. Carol EllioH, 328 Country Club Drive, Durham, N C 27705 

Gerald Steven Ellis, 150 Dallas Street, Eden. N C 272B8 

leslie R. Ellis, 4217 Lambeth Drive, Raleigh. N C 27609 

Roy Keilh Qlis, Route 1, Box 151, Roxboro, N C 27573 

Carolyn F. Ellison, 507 Mullm Street, Tarboro. N C 27886 

Mary E. Ellison, P O Box 57, Speedwell, Va 24374 

John H. Enders, 1821 N Quesada Street, Arlington, Va, 22205 

Debra L English, 4717 Stiller Street. Raleigh, N C 27609 

Rhonda C. Enoch, 1604-C Pinecroft D, Greensboro, N C. 27407 

Pamela J. Enz, 1246 W Webb Avenue, Burlington, N C 27215 

Mary I. Epperly, 218 Steele St . Box 80, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Norma R. Escalanle, 8703-63rd Avenue, Berwyn Heighis, Md 20740 

Richard luis Escalanle, 6703 63rd Avenue, Berwyn Heights, Md. 20740 

Terri L. Esperti, 1025 Fisher Avenue. Salem, Va 24153 

Garrison L Esles, 220 Friendly Road, Burlington, N C. 27215 

William C. Everington, 1007 Highland Avenue, New Bern, N C 28560 

Venelia T. Everett, 116 Cromwell Court, Raleigh, N C 27614 

Clarence Justine Evans, 303 Murray Street. High Point, NC 27260 

Sherry L Evans, Route 1, Box 195, Chatham, Va 24531 

Valerie L. Evans, Route 6, Box 247. Mebane. N C 27302 

Perry B. Everhart, Route 18, Box 38. Lexington, N C 27292 

lulia 5. Ewing, 238 Collinwood Dr , Burlington, N C 27215 

Allen |. Faircloth, |r., 1102 Lake Point Lane, Suffolk, Va 23434 

Millon M. Fairiy. Ill, 1006 Turnpike Road, Laurinburg, N C 28352 

Pamela A. Fallon, 4101 Oak Park Road, Raleigh, N C 27612 

Beverly M. Faison, 326 W 26th Street, Norlolk, Va 23517 

Gina Faison 

John Henry Falkner, 215 Crestwood Road, Henderson, N.C, 27536 

Ronnie lee Farrington, Rt, 1, Box 574, Haw River, N.C. 27258 

Kalhleen C. Farrell, 8637 Aberdeen Court, Annandale, Va. 22003 

William H. farrar, II, 9103 Oakland Circle, Lynchburg, Va 24502 

Michael Wayne Farrish, Route 2, Box 238-H, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Teresa A. Farrish, 130 Hagen Street, Fort Bragg, N C 26307 

Donnie E. Farrow, P O Box 155, Carrboro, NC 27510 

Sharon L. Faucelt, 1408 Clermont Street. Greensboro, N C. 27407 

Michael R. Faulk, P O Box 541, Rose Hill. N C 28456 

Harris D. Faulk, Route 3, Box 258. Fairmont, NC 28340 

Turner B. Faulk, Rt 4. Box 267, Windsor. N.C 27963 

Randy M. Faulkner, Route 3. Box 358, Liberty. N C 27298 

Richard Alk-n Fellmeth, 337 Covered Bridge Rd , Cherry Hill, N J 08034 

Frank J. Ferguson, 11100 Del Rio Drive, Fairfax, Va 22030 

Shirley York Ferguson, 2116 Huntington Road, Burlington, N C 27215 

Dana Kendrick Few, 1502 Moreland Avenue, Durham, N.C, 27707 

Benton H. Field, 2018 Pimmit Drive, Falls Church, Va. 22043 

Anne M. Fields, 215 Bidney Drive, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Benita |o Fields, Route 1, Box 89. Pleasant Garden, N.C 27313 

Mary T. Fields, 215 Bidney Drive. Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Michael V. Filipczyk, 5209 Clinton Road. Alexandria. Va 22312 

Gary M. Finch, 1720 Summiti Road. Henderson. N C 27536 

Robert L finch, |r., 2107 Laurel Lane. Altavista. Va. 24517 

Linda Jane Finkbohner, RFC Route 11, Peru, Vt 05152 

Cheri Katrina Finley, 740 Oakgrove Drive, Graham, N.C 27253 

Susan Dale finley, 740 Oakgrove Drive, Graham, N C, 27253 

Kim lustina Fischer, 46 Chuckanutt Drive, Oakland, N J 07436 

Sheryl L Fischer, 2222 Meadow Wood Road. Fayetteville, N.C 28303 

Willon R. Fitzgerald, 5356 Barclay Drive, Raleigh, N.C, 27606 

Stephen V. Fishel, 509-A Peele Street, Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Don Gordon Fisher, 13 Bondurani Street, Maiiinsville, Va, 24112 

Walter E. Fisher, 210 Edgewood Road, Portsmouth, Va 23701 

William D. Fitzgerald, 5356 Barclay Drive, Raleigh, N C 27606 

Jane! M. Fleming, 532 Briarwood Drive, Eden, N C 27288 

Robin |. Fleming, P O Box 136, Columbia. N C 27925 

Steven A. Florence, P O Box 457, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Stephen P. florio, 8525 Forrester Blvd . Springfield. Va 22152 

David C. Flowers, 136 Shaw Street Box 1. Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Charles M. foil, 650 Lynhaven Drive, Winsion-Salem, N C 27104 

Earldene Fogg, 1125 Andrews Avenue, Henderson. NC 27536 

Debra lynne Fogleman, P O, Box 314, Eton College, N C 27244 

Sharon L Fogleman, 2330 Venie Street. Burlington. N,C 27215 

Carol Ann Folea, 7413 Longbranch Drive. New Carrollton. Md, 207&4 

Mary V. Ford, 2824 Wagner Drive, Burlington, NC. 27215 

Annette D. Fordham 

Wendy G. Ford, Route 5, Box 74, Reidsville, N C 27320 

H. Mark Forlines, 3325 Doncaster Court. Virginia Beach. Va 23452 

Caroline 5. Foster, 3006 Dunmore Road. Dundalk, Md. 21222 

Carol ). Foster, 1329 Long Street, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Dennis Maurice Fc»ster, 30-A Robinhood Drive, Ringgold, Va 24586 

Edwina M. Foster, 434 Rankin Street, NW, Lenoir, N C. 28645 

Kalhy Ann Foster, P O Box 333, Mocksville, N C 27028 

lisa Helene Foster, 112 School Street, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Robert B. Foster, |r., Rt 1, Box 205 A, Elon College, N C 27244 

Waite T. Fowler, |r., 2510 W Front Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

William K, Fowler, Box 444. King. N.C 27021 

Morgan M. France, |r., 2705 Hood Circle, Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

Tyra frances. Route 5, 265-B. Burlington, N,C 27215 

Nancy Ellen Francis, P O Box 606, Halifax, Va 24556 

Marie Myers franck, Ri 3, Box 351, Liberty. N C 27298 

lack W. franks. Route 2, Elon College. N C 27244 

Teresa A. frazier, Route 10, Box 433, Burlington, N C 27215 

Billy T. freeman, 902 Cardinal Place, Thomasville, N.C 27360 

Michael C. Freshwater, Route 3, Box 337, Graham. N C 27253 

Alan lay Friedman, 106 Angora Drive, Rochester. NY 14617 

Margaret Mary Fry, 4906 Sideburn Road. Fairfax, Va 22032 

lames A. Fryar, 111, Route 1, Box 140, Gibsonville, N.C. 27249 

William |. Fryar, Route 1, Box 138, Gibsonville, N C 27249 

lanice A. Frye, Route 11. Box 135, Winston-Salem, N C 27107 

Martha L. Fulcber, P O Box 21, Chatham, Va 24531 

Margaret Ida Frye, 2121 Young Street. Burlington, NC 27215 

Diana L. FuHord, 2524 Fernbank Drive, Charlotte, N.C 28211 

lacquelyn t Fuller, Route 1. Box 326-A, Axton. Va. 24054 

Keith ONeal Fuller, Route 3. Box 351-B, Durham, N C 27713 

Gerald Lee Furman, 610 Long Leal Drive. Chapel Hill, N C, 27514 

Thomas L Gabriel, 1307 McDowell Drive. Greensboro, N C 27408 

Gail E. Gaines, P O Box 42. Goldston, N C 27252 

William I. Galfoway, 2931 McKinney Street, Burlingion. N C 27215 

limmy L. Caither, Route 1. Box 162-P. Woodleaf. N C. 27054 

Charles L Callifier, 7413 Haddington Place. Bethesda. Md. 20034 

Trina U. Cambill, P O Box 413. Sparta. N C 28675 

Thomas Glenn Cambill, Route 1, Box 207. Traphill, N C 28685 

Betsy L Gant, 1903 Sunnybrook Dr. Burlington. N.C, 27215 

Joseph f. Carbarino, 65 Kenilworth Road. Binghamton, NY, 13903 

James H. Gardner, 803 Tarleton Avenue. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Diana I. Garren, 3102 Wildwood Road, Suwanee, Ga. 30174 

Bradley Keith Garrett, Route 3, Box 290, Roxboro. N C 27573 

Chrislv R. Garrett, Route 3, Roxboro. N C. 27573 

Sharon L Garriques, 113 Esworth Place, Potomac. Md 20854 

Toni lynne Gasket, 5 Wynwood Court, York, Pa 17402 

Caye E. Gatlin, 2503 May Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

David E. Cation, 7112 Carol Lane, Falls Church, Va 22042 

Elizabeth M. Ceer, 1222 Chandler Place, Charlotte, N C 28211 

Cina Celico, 3741 N Donnawood Court. Virginia Beach. Va 23452 

Janel Lane Gentry, 220 Harden St , Burlington, N C 27215 

Julie I. George, 8723 Parliament Dr , Springfield, Va 22151 

David C. Gerni, Ri 3, 20 Crescent Drive, Graham, N.C 27253 

Dwayne F. Cerni, Rt 3. 20 Crescent Dr , Graham. N C 27253 

Masoud Ghiassb, Campus Box 3011, Elon College, N C 27244 

Annette M. Gibe, 612 Woodland Hills Rd , Batavia, 111 60510 

Tanni |ean Gibson, 520 Jones Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Christopher Giles, Route 2, Box 460-B. Troutville, Va. 24175 

Henry W. Gill, 5631 Woodburn Road, Richmond, Va 23225 

Chad T. Gilliam, P O Box 32. Elon College. N C 27244 

Ray C. Gilliam, P O Box 32, Elon College, N C 27244 

Doris C. Gilliam, Route 2, Box 426, Elon College. N C 27244 

Bryan K. Gilliam, 6040 Oriole Ln.. 5W, Roanoke, Va 24016 

Katherine I. Gilliam, 6040 Oriole Lane, SW, Roanoke, Va. 24018 

Kevin L. Gilliam, Rt 2, Box 129, Burlington, N C 27215 

Sean W. Gilliam, P O Box 32, Elon College. N C 27244 

Patrick A. Cillroy, 2941 Cape Henry Drive. Virginia Beach. Va 23451 

Ronald M. Gipson, Route 1, Canterfield 4, Chapel Hill. N C. 27514 

Mark B. Given, 10 W Burgess Street. Mt Vernon, Oh 43050 

Robert Daniel Cladson, 104 W Parker St . Graham, N.C 27253 

Robert V. Glascock, 100 Lacy Lane, South Boston. Va 24592 

Roy Zelle Glasgow, Jr., Route 1, Box 72, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Rebecca P. Glenn, 3044 S Fairway Drive, Burlington, NC. 27215 

Kalhryn S. Glenn, 3044 S Fairway Drive. Burlington, N.C, 27215 

lulia Glenn 

Christie Glenn 

Linda A. Glunl, 3808 Prince Andrew La., Va. Beach, Va. 23452 

loseph L Goad, Route 1, Box 262-A, Floyd, Va 24091 

Vickie Hilton Godfrey, Route 2, Kerrs Chapel Road, Elon College, NC, 27244 

James 8. Godley, |r., 221 Kmgsway Circle, Charlotte, N.C. 28214 

Karen R. Codsey, 1639 Heathfield Road, Baltimore, Md 21239 

David W. Golf, General Delivery, Danbury, NC 27516 

Donald Keith Godwin, P O Box 252, Kitty Hawk, N.C, 27949 

Mitchell A. Goldberg, 243 Weakfish Drive, Avon, N C 27915 

Andrew Mark Golby, 2511 N Duke Street Durham, N C 27704 

Michael W. Coir», 3110 Valhalla Circle. Greensboro, N C 27406 

Martha E. Goodall, 1425 General Lee Avenue, Fayetteville, NC 28305 

Bobby L Goodman, Route 8, Box 469, Burlington, N C, 2721S 

lean E. Goodman, Route 8, Box 469. Burlington, NC, 27215 

Mary M. Goodwin, 2509 Ferndale Drive, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Becky Y. Cordon, 328 Barnes Street, Clayton, N C, 27520 

louis V. Cordon, 111, 2509 Pine Grove Drive, Richmond, Va 23229 

Frank D. Gorham, 6106 Roxbury Avenue. Springfield. Va 22152 

Karen A. Could, 11277 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, Md 20901 

Shari L Could, Box 2, Clarksville. Va 23927 

lornaM. Coudey, Route 4-36 Forrest Rd, Randolph, N.J. 07601 

Kenneth A. Could, |r., 11277 Columbia Park, Silver Spring. Md 20901 

Tobey Craig Courley, Rt 5, Box 23C Sherwd Fr,, Bassett. Va, 24055 

lydia Anne Grace, Route 6, Box 350, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 

Eric Michael Cral, 2183 Walker Ave., Burlington, N.C. 27215 


Rebecca $u« Crall, 5006 Gainsborough Dn., Fairfax, Va. 22032 

David Kenneth Graham, Route 2. Bon 262-A, liberty, N.C, 27298 

David M. Graham, Route 4, Box 268, Mt Airy, N.C. 27030 

Mike Graham 

Rick E. Graham, ~08 Rochelle Arch, Virginia Beach, Va, 23462 

Sherry Kay GranC, 2876 Wagner Dr., Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Clark H. Grainger, :'01 Anderson Street. Tabor City, N.C. 28463 

Margaret C. Granger, Route 1, Box 308, Chafloitesville, Va. 22901 

Samuel Dean Graves, Route 1, Box 528, Yanceyville, N.C. 27379 

John M. Grant, P O Box 224, Graham. N.C 27253 

tohn Howard Graves, Shawnee farm, luray, Va, 22835 

larry L Graves. Rt 1, Bx 19, Hgw> 57, Roxboro. NC 27573 

Bonnie L. Graville, 1901 Mountain View Rd,. Roxboro, N C 27573 

Thomas L Graupmann, 2720 Earlv Street. Norfolk, Va 23513 

Beverly |. Gray, "^feS 10th Avenue So , St Petersburg, Fl 33707 

Margaret L Cray, 3032 Mudhouse Rd , Lancaster, Oh. 43130 

Robert A. Grecco, '81 Norgaie, Westtield, N ) 07090 

Thomas E- Greetey, 23 Cresihill Road, Brighton Ma 02135 

Kenneth M. Green, '18 Carver Street, Durham, NC 27704 

Marsha leigh Greene, 4241 Wilherow Road, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27106 

Shade ). Green, Route 1. Box 437. Gnfton, N.C. 28530 

Petty |. Greene, Box 594, King. N C 27021 

|an S- Greene, 4807 Ramblewood Drive. Greensboro, N C 27406 

Barbara L Greer, S137 Flatrock Dnve, FayenevJlle, N.C 28301 

\ane Jackson Greeson, P O Box 546. C.bsonville, N C 27249 

(ay R. Greeson, Route 6, Box 205 Mebane, N C 27302 

tien Gregory, 815 Rocksprmg Road faveiteville, N C 28304 

lacqueline M. Gregory, 50 \an Nostrand Avenue, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 

Sheryt Ann Gregory, 606 Charles Street, Mebane, N C 27302 

Olga M. Criswold, Box 54 Woodland Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 

Robin E. Crimes, 1160 lohnsontown Road, Thomasville, N.C. 27360 

Clelus Paul Grillin, Route 1, Box 349, Snow Camp, N C 27349 

Sandy D. Griffin, 111, 2212 Canterbury Drive. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

William Richard Grimm, 2312 West Front Street, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

larr> A. Grirer, JSOJ \unon Avenue. Baltimore, Md 21215 

Guy Kent GrinnaWs, 560 Beauregard Drive. Chesapeake, Va. 23320 

Cynthia P, Grissom, 228 Robert Sifeet, Chesapeake, Va 23320 

EPiabeth A. GriswoM, 415 Old Springs Road, Ml Airy, N C. 27030 

Marcta L Groome, 4205 Croomelown Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 

William I Criswold, Jr., 415 Old Springs Road. Ml Airy. N C- 27030 

Frank T. Grove, Jr., 6517 Rolando Drive, Richmond, Va 23229 

Edward J. Guerrin, 64 School Street. Malverne, NY 11565 

lames H. Guelich, III, 8100 Langbrook Rd , Springfield. Va 22152 

Peter A. Gryson, 35; Wastena Terrace, Ridgewood, N I 07450 

Bryan H. Gupton, P O Box 1025. Burlington, N C 27215 

Ernest Keith Gunler, 1937 Easlover Drive. South Boston, Va 24592 

Brenda Gail Cwynn, Route 2, Elon College, N C 27244 

Crelchen H. Cuite, 86 Apple Road, Bristol, Ct 06010 

Deborah Lyxine Guthrie, Route 1, Box 203, Snow Camp, N C 27349 

Cheryl J. Guthrie, 301 Oneida Street, Graham. N.C 27253 

Pamela Kav Guy, SO Panorama Dnve. Franklin, N C 28734 

Lisa C. Guvlon, MM Freepon Road, Fayetteville, N C 28303 

Margaret Blen Guy, Levin Dashiell Road, Salisbury, Md 21801 

Cayle D. Haas, 5212 Pelham Road, Durham, NC. 27707 

Susan Lynn Hacketl, Route 1, Box 282-A, Cibsonville, N C 27249 

David X. Haddad, P O Box 114, Elon College, N.C 27244 

Roger B. Haddad, Apt 6 Betfiel Apts , Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Michaels. Mt Olivet Blvd . Frederick, Md 21701 

Barbara I. Hairston, 213 Huttman Street. Greensboro. N C 27401 

laura Burton Hair, 1321 RJdgecresI Avenue, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Stanley Carl Haithcock, P O Box 1173, Yadkmville, N C 27055 

Robert E- Haley, P O Box 122, Stanleytown, Va 24166 

Martha Jo Hall, 819 Curney Street, Burlington. N C 27215 

lack Norman Hall, |r.. Box 172, Lake Waccamaw. N.C 2B450 

Abgail D. Halle, Route 2, Warrenton, Va 22186 

Vernon C. HJBs, 201 Coldbrook Road, Timonium, Md 21093 

Theodore Hamaker, Jr., P O Sox 2059, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

David Lee Hamby, 401 S Third Street, Mebane, N.C 27302 

Mary F. HamiD, '209 Longwood Drive, Belhesda, Md 20034 

Cynthia Hamilton, "10 Gurney Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Gregory R. Hamilton, 524 Rosalie Court, Virginia Beach, Va 23462 

|oy Anna Hamilton, Box 625, Elon College, N C 27244 

Thomas H. Hamilton, P O Box 42, Urbanna, Va, 23175 

Susan B- Hamlelt, 2327 Westover Terrace, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Lisa Kay Hamrick, 2614 Lullington Dr., Winston-Salem, N.C 27103 

William V. Hamrick, 9 O Box 336, Candor, N C. 27229 

John R. Hancock, 905 Si Clair Avenue, Charlottesville, Va. 22901 

Donna |. Hanes, 3950 Rookwood Drive, Winston-Salem, N C 27106 

Amy Diane Haney, 2315 Lacy Street. Burlington, N C 27215 

Frederick R. Handchen, 516 Nicholas Road, Brick Town, N ). 06723 

Cherj L Hanford, 503 E Harden Street, Graham. NC 27253 

Lawrence C. Hanker, 733 Tinkerbell Road. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Barbara J. Hanna, 2621 W Cornwallis Road, Durham, N C. 27707 

Orran O. Hansbarger, 3803 Bosworth Drive S., Roanoke, Va 24014 

|an Alexander Hansel, 2012 Windsor Road, Harrisonburg, Va 22801 

Kevin M. Harden, Route 8, Box 35, Burlington. N C 27215 

Martha Blen Ha/den, 1001 Hantord Road, Graham, N C 27253 

Caroline G. Hardison, 2507 May Dnve, Burlington, N C 27215 

Martha E. Hardison, 2410 Scarsborough Drive. Richmond, Va 23235 

RonaW W. Hardison, 113 Arnold Road, [acksonville, N C 28540 

Dana C. Hardy, Roule 1, Box 594.AA, Wilmington, N C. 28405 

Becky O. Hare, 2800 Green Lane, Durham, N C 27712 

Molly J. Harp, 2921 Hope Valley Road. Durham. N C 27707 

Sharon L Harper, 5760 Phillips Bndge. Winston-Salem. N C 27106 

Kimberly Lor Harrell, 2931 Blanche Dnve. Burlington, NC 27215 

Mary |. Harrelson, P O Box 206, Shallotte, N C 28459 

Virgie Lynne Harrell, 615 Dumville Avenue, Suffolk, Va 23434 

lames Clinton Harrill, 4513 FoxcroM Road, Greensboro, N.C. 27410 

Cynthia L. Harrington, 5101 North Glen Dnve, Raleigh, N.C 27609 

Stephen Craig Harris, 2447 Edgewood Avenue. Burlington, N C 27215 

Dale Thompson Fiarris, 520 lames Street, Burlington. N C 27215 

|on Fiarris 

|ohn Harris 

Laura A. Harris, P O Box 594, Elon College, N C 27244 

Nelson W. Harris, P O Box 565, Rocky Mount, Va 24151 

Robert A. H^ris, Route 4, Box 118, Mebane. N C 27302 

Allure lones Flarrison, 612 Virginia Ave , Burlington, N C 27215 

Brian C. Harrison, 146 Skyline Blvd , Satellite Beach, Fl 32937 

James H. Hart, 426 Wildwood lane, Burlington, N C 27215 

Mark R. Hartis, 2421 Farmbrook Road, Winston-Salem, N.C, 27103 

Ben|amin L Hartsell, 2711 Bedford Street, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Phyllis M- Hartsoe, 112 Endsley Avenue. Wmston-Salem, NC 27106 

Evelyn Lola Halley, Route 3. Box 425, Mocksville. N C 2702B 

Mary M. Hatley, 407 Glewood Avenue, Burlington, N C 27215 

Brian L Hauser, 1148 Crystal Lake Dr , Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

loseph G. Hackett, |r.. Route 12, Box 853, Greensboro, N C 27406 

Sandra Sykes Hawt, P O Box 2683, Burlington, N C 27215 

TTiomas R. Haw, 205 N Wilton Road, Richmond, Va 23226 

Cherie Anne Hawkim, 4012 Nottaway Road, Durham, N.C. 27707 

luanne Hawkins, Route 2, Hurdle Mills, N.C, 27541 

Elizabeth Jo Hayes, 3924 Wynford Drive, Durham, NC, 27707 

t Annette Hayden, 310 W Holt Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

lames B. Hayes, |r., Route 3. Box 90-B, Oxford, N C 27565 

Mark C Hayes, 5005 Shiland Drive, Greensboro. N C 27406 

Lisa fill Haynes P O Box 144, Elkin. N C 28621 

Terry Lee Ftayes, Route 9, Box 21 J, Burlington, NC 27215 

Alan Keith Hayes, 531 Montcla.r Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 

Cynthia D. Heath, 2161 Hawthorne Lane, Burlington, NC. 27215 

Paul Bradford Hearn, Rt 6. Weddmgion Road, Monroe, N.C. 28110 

Charles C. Heavrxer, 402 Boxwood Road, Greensboro, N.C ^410 

Bobby |. Hedrick, P O. Box 94, Sedalia, N C 27342 

George Richard Hedrick, 251 Paul Street. Harrisonburg. Va. 22801 

Harold R. Helms, Squ-rrel Den Road, Ruthertordton, NC 28139 

Annene R. FleKabeck, P O Box 38, Rural Halt, N C 27045 

Kathy L Helton, P O. Box 745. Mt. Holly, N.C 28120 

Guy H. Hemrick, 155 Mill Road, Saddle River, N I 07458 

Candy K. Henderson, Rt 1, Box 73, Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Karen A. Hederson, Rouie 1, Box 371, Elon College, N.C 27244 

Roll G. Her>dricksen, 112 Oliver Lane, Durham, N C. 27713 

John C. Hendrix, P O Box 481. Pleasant Garden, N.C. 27313 

Jean E. Hendrii, 1900 ^rden Place, High Point, NC. 27260 

Robert M. Henritze, 142 Austell Way NW, Atlanta, Ga 30305 

Keith Paul Henshaw, )203 ^bella Road, Richmond, Va 23228 

Mildred W. Hensley, 2400 Blanche Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Philip tXtar>e Hemdon, 228 Country Club Dnve, Durham, N.C 27712 

Robert Bryant Herring, 1927 Shirley Drive. Burlington. N C- 27215 

Jill A. Hershberger, 506 Sherbrook Drive, High Point, N.C 27262 

Keith R. Hickman, 3D Park Avenue, Santofd, N C 27330 

Kenneth I. Hicks, |r., Rt 3. Box 491, Mebane, N.C 27302 

Gregory L Hicks, P O Box 132, Etland, N C 27243 

Ronald C Hicks, 1606 South Drive, Sarasota. Fla 33579 

Kimberly K. Hicks, 202 Lakeshore Dnve, Hillsborough, N,C 27278 

Melinda L Hicks, 2315 N Chatham Ave Ex , SJIer City, N.C 27344 

Pamela Susan Hicfcs, 3862 Grayson Drive, Winston-Salem, N.C 27107 

Nancy E. Higgins, Route 1, Box 160-A, Gibsonville, N C. 27249 

Harold W. HPI, Jr., Route 10 Box 366. Burlington, N C 27215 

Joseph W. Hill, Jr., 6287 Baux Mountain Rd , Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105 

David Howard Hill, 3012 Alabama Avenue E , Durham, NC 27705 

Margaret Deanne Hill, P O Box 23, McLeansville, NC 27301 

Marc Hernng Hill, P O Box 373, Burlington. N C 27215 

Robert P, Hill, 3009 Berwick Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

B. Bryan Hilliard, S 100 College Park, Elon College, NC 27244 
Dora A, Hilliard, 3615 Hope Valley Road, Durham, NC 27707 
Wilma Portor HiTBard, Rt 2, Box 435, Elon College, N C 27244 
William G. Hilton, 1024-15lh Avenue NW, Hickory, NC 28601 
Karyn C. Hincke, 11212 Powder Horn Dn , Potomac, Md 20854 
Ernest F, Hines. Jr., 809 S 58th Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19143 

David S. Hinshaw, 2362 Elizabeth Avenue, Winslon-Salem, N.C 27103 

Teresa Ann Hix, 4704 Middleton Drive, Greensboro, N C, 27406 

Hampton C. Hite, 411 Battery Avenue, Empona, Va 23847 

Mark E. Hipps, 1211 Atlanta Circle, Seatord, De 19973 

John Hitch, 1534 Boiling Avenue. Norfolk, Va 23508 

Paul M. Hirschmann, 5627 Lansing Drive, Charlotte. NC 28211 

Kevin D. Hodgin, P O Box 548, Jamestown, N C 27282 

Mark Edward Hodge, 10916 Cateview Road, Cockeysville, Md 21030 

Marian Adams Hodge, 311 Georgia Ave , Burlington, N C 27215 

Melissa Beth Hotlman, 1322 Wakefield Dnve. Virginia Beach, Va 23455 

Steven B. Holbrook. 310 Fairwood Court, Fayetteville. N C 28305 

William E. Holdren, 5129 Crossbow Circle, Roanoke, Va 24014 

Mark t. Hollan. Route 1, Box 663, Graham, N C 27253 

lellrey R. Holland, 821 Kenwood Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Rodney P, Holland, Box 543, Elon College, N C 27244 

Nina H. Holladay, 116 Trail One. Burlington, N C 27215 

JelferyT. Hollandsworth,P O Box 644, Bassett, Va 24055 

Robert |. HoDeman, S-37 College Park, Elon College, N C 27244 

John M. Holloway, 1311 Woodland Road, Salisbury, Md 21801 

Joyce D. Holly, 108 Warren Street, Danville, Va 24541 

Harry E. Holmes, Jr. 11781 Bollingbrook Dt , Richmond, Va 23235 

Kimberly D. Holmes, 603 Duke Street, Thomasville. N C 27360 

George H, Holrries, 121 N Gfogg Street, Spnnglake, N C 28390 

Greg M, Holmes, 512 Oakland Dnve, Raleigh, N C 27609 

Richard Eric Holsonback, Route 5, Box 61, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Penny Johnson Honeycult Route 5, Box %, Burlington, N C 27215 

Catherine C Hook, Rt 6, Box 221, Mebane, N C 27302 

Jerry Lynn Hooker, Route 6, Box 404, Thomasville, N C 27360 

Earlene L Hoots, 3240 Blenheim Place, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Sharon D. Hord, 941 Hollywood Dnve, Chesapeake, Va 23320 

Jellrey Allen Horn, 1503 Bronwyn Road H20. Richmond. Va 23233 

David S. Hornaday, Route 2, Box 162, Snow Camp, N C 27349 

Terri Jo Horn. 300 Shadow Valley Rd , High Point. N C 27260 

Julia Lane Hornaday, Route 2, Box 272, Liberty, N C 27296 

James Kerry Home, Route 10, Box 531, Burlington, N C 27215 

Cynthia J. Horner, 808 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Kelly R. Horner, Route 4, Box 190-A, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Clinton C. Horton, 365 N. St John Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Lynn M. Hotchkin, High Street, Three Bridges. N j 08887 

Charles Rhea Houchins, 106 Guy Avenue, Crewe, Va 23930 

Kenneth L Houston, Route 1, Box 274-A, Warsaw, N C 28398 

Cynthia Lynne Howard, 2005 Van Dorn Street, Petersburg, Va 23803 

Dennis C Howard, Route 1 Rochelle Drive, Knightdale, N C 27545 

ludy L Howard, 1460 kesieven Road, Winston-Salem. N C, 27107 

Gurney T. Howard, 1826 W Polo Road, Winston-Salem, N C. 27106 

Bfll Howell, Ir., 925 N Mam Street. Troy, N C 27371 

Thomas Glenn Howard, Jr., 123 Pineview Drive. Danville, Va 24541 

Lisa lynne Ftowe, 304 Sunset Drive, Elon College. N C 27244 

Kathi L Howerton, Route 10. Box 392. Burlington, N C 27215 

Paul O. Howard, 1020 Carthage Street. Sanlord, NC 27330 

Janet S. Howell, 113 Florence Apt. C, Graham, N,C 27253 

Ruth Mae Howerton, 1910 Essex Road, Durham, N.C. 27704 

Betle Hayle 

Harvey |. Hubbard, P O Box 94, Sedley, Va 23878 

Laura Sue HuHines, 410 Oakland Dnve, Burlington. N C 27215 

Barbara E. HuHman, 207 WocxJhaven Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 

Larry A. HuHman, |r., P O Box 145, Hildebran, N C 28637 

Robert Craig HuHman, Route 1, Box 115, Elon College, NC 27244 

Ann Marie Hughes, 814 W Sycamore Street, Chase City, Va, 23924 

Francis M. Hughes, 2402 Mt Vernon Road S,, Roanoke, Va. 24015 

Dale Lyrwi Hughes, P O Box 533, Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Marsha C Hughes, 292 Putnam Avenue. New York, N Y 11216 

Mary Beth Hughes, P O Box 243, 102 Lakemt , Martinsville. Va 24112 

Michael T. Hughes, 805 Dnhwood Drive, Siler City. N C 27344 

Mora Blen Hughes, 2168 Woodland Avenue. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Timothy P. Hughes, 703 lakeview Dnve. Thomasville, N C 27360 

William R. Hughes, |r., 2208 S Mam St , Graham, N C 27253 

Randall H. Hull, 30 Glendale Road. Newport News, Va 23606 

Robert Guy Hughett, 2727 Catherine Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

W. Robert Humble, 138 Hillside Drive. Burlington. NC ^'215 

Steven A. Humphrey, 114 Lake Dnve, Sterling, Va 22170 

Kris Lynne Hunley, 1217 Tellowee Rd , Eden, N C 27288 

Thomas Leigh Hunt, P O Box 415, Gretna, Va 24557 

Richard A. Hundley, 771 Arlington Road, Danville, Va 24541 

lellrey lee Hunter, 2712 Armlield Avenue, Burlington, N C 27215 

William Edward Hunter, 636 Oakgrove Drive, Graham, N C 27253 

Robin D. Huntley, 108 Eggleston Avenue, Hampton, Va 23669 

Carrie R. Hurdle, Route 1, Box 457, Graham. N C 27253 

Deborah S. Hurley, 15 Galloway Une, Valhalla, N Y 10595 

lohn Prewelt Hurd II, 6132 Chesterbrook Road, McLean. Va 22101 

Jerry D. Hutchens, Route 2, Box 86-A, Snow Camp. N C 27349 

Phillip R. Hulcherson, 205 New College Street, Oxiord, N C 27565 

Vicki L Hutchins, 704 Sleepy Hollow Road, Richmond. Va 23229 

Daniel V. Hutchinson, 225 Country Club Road, Butler, Pa 16001 

PameU Hyde. 5110 Holden Street, Fairfax. Va 22032 

Joel H. Ftyder, 523 Country Club Drive, Burlingion, N C 27215 

Roland K. Icard. 330 Harrington St NW, Lenoir, N C 28645 

Susan Marie lacovo, 303 N Linden Street, Massapequa, NY, 11758 

Clifford Ihejieto, Inamogu Villg Ihiagw, Owerri, Imo, Nigeria 

Martha M. Inabnit 2074 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Susan A. Ingals, 1718 Elder Way, Burlington. NC 27215 

C. Dawn Inge, 114 Williamson Avenue, Elon College, N C 27244 
Steward D. Igleharl, 4023 Pnory Circle, Tampa, Fl 33624 
Bonnie L Irby, 6421 Roselawn Road, Richmond, Va 23226 
Glenn D. Ireland, 613 Montclair Rd , Fayetteville, N C 28304 
Carol S. (fwtn, 708 Miramar, Concord, N.C 28025 

Glen David Irwin, Rt 2. Box 46 6C, Robertsdale, Ala 36567 
Michael |. Isaacs, Qtrs C U S Naval Base, Philadelphia, Pa 19112 
Martha W. Isaacs, 2970 Westchester Road, Richmond. Va 23225 
Thomas M. Isley, Route 9. Box 41. Burlington, N C 27215 
Patricia Anne Ives, 2908 Venus Street, Virginia Beach, Va 23452 
Paul |. Ivill, 7537 Whl^tleslop Road, Charlotte, N.C 28210 
Kathleen M. Jacobs, 4201 Oak Park Road, Raleigh. N.C 27612 

Melanie leigh Jacobs, 8412 Yolanda Road, Richmond. Va. 23229 

lames A. Jackson, Route 1, Box 3. Purlear. N C, 28665 

Maria X. Jackson, 500 Dogwood lane, Graham, N C 27253 

Raymond A. Jackson, 8M Sprinkle Street, Reidsville. N.C 27320 

Kevin Scott lacol, 706 Leawood Dr , Greensboro. N C 27410 

Peter Mark |ames, 12309 Chaltord Lane, Bowie. Md 20715 

Stephen L. James, Route 1. Box 65, lamesville, NC 27846 

Robert M. |ames, 201 Ward Street, Graham. N C 27253 

Clitlord O. Jarwsen, 533 Albemarle Road. Brick Town. N.J, 08723 

Kenneth W. |amme, 1715 Mason Lane, Charlottesville, Va 22901 

Keith I. Jaquith, 335 Overlook Terrace, Hendersonville, N C 28739 

Randall C. Jarrell, Rt 3 Donna Dr , High Point. N C 27263 

Randy D, Jarrett, 320 Von Ruck Road. Eden. N C 27288 

Stella Ree Jeflers, Route 1, Box 168, Hollisier, N C 27844 

Chris Tyrone Jeftries, Route 9, Box 211-A, Burlington, NC 27215 

Dinah I. Jeffries, Route 9, Box 184, Burlington, N C 27215 

loan Marie Jenkins, Route 4, Box 309. Luray, Va 22635 

Linda |ean Jenkins, 2312 Concert Court. Vienna, Va, 22180 

Wallace E. Jenkins, Route 5, Box 42, Zebulon, N C 27597 

Frances P. Jennings, 808 Tarleton Avenue. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Debra Lynn Jenks, 5706 Belvidere Place. Greensboro, N C 27410 

Betft F.Jernigan, P O Drawer 70. Yanceyville, N C 27349 

Timothy J. lernigan, P O Box 70, Yanceyville, N C 27349 

Terry L. Jessee. P O Box 453, Windsor. Va 23487 

Sandra Kay |essie, Route 2, Box 65, Summerlield, NC 27358 

Belinda Ann Jessup, 301 Cornelia Drive, Graham, N.C. 27253 

Mark S. Jetton, 15TO Lakedell Dnve, Charlotte, N C 28215 

Kathleen W. lewett, 15621 Genito Road, Midlothian, Va 23113 

Carey R. |ohnson. Lake Dnve, Launnburg, N C 28352 

Deborah Anne |ohnson, 803 Kilby Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Edith A. lohnson, 315 Green Street, Monroe, N C 28110 

Harry 1. Johnson, 702-2nd Street Box 49, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Harris L Johnson, |r., 1808 Swannanoa Drive, Greensboro, N C 27410 

J. Franklin Johnson, HI, Route 7, Sox 223-A, Fayetteville, NC 28306 

Janice C, lohnson, 426 King Street, Launnburg, N C 28352 

Jeffrey L Johnson, P O Box 587, Troy, N C 27371 

Jerry L Johnson, 311 Sunset Drive Elon College, N C 27244 

James A. Johnson, 2509 Pineway, Burlington, N C 27215 

Joseph W. Johnson, |r., 355 Pine Run Road, Doylestown, Pa, 18901 

lynn Cok>n lohnson, 3305 Oberlin Drive, Greensboro, N C 27405 

Michael Wayne Johnson, 206 Holly Cove Street. Franklin, Va 23651 

Mitchell A. lohnson, 117 North Elm Street. Asheboro, NC, 27203 

Marcus K. Jones, 4342 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem. N.C 27106 

Matthew T. Johnson, 2214 Westover Terrace, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Randy I. Johnson, P O Box 35, Siler City, N C 27344 

Richard Keith lohnson, 5515 Foote Street NE, Washington, DC 20019 

R. Hilding Johnson, 162 Stonendge Road, New Providence, N J 07974 

Robbie M. Johnson, 307 Pmeland Drive, Goldsboro, N C 27530 

Robin A, Johnson, Route 2, Box 354-A, Statesville, N C 28677 

Tanya Dee Johnson, P O Box 777, Sanlord. N C. 27330 

lames Gregory Johnson, Route 1, Box 342, Pilot Mountain, N.C 27041 

Tracy C. Johnson, 903 Askew Street, Burlington, N C. 27215 

William C, Johnson, Route 2, Box 287, Elon College, N C 27244 

Wayne S. Johnston, Rt 3 Purdum Woods 0-1, Danville. Va 24541 

Donna R. Jones, Ri 1, Box 24, Elon College, N C 27244 

Donna Gail Jones, 205 Woodhaven Park. Stanley. N C 28164 

Christine A. Jones, 916 Elder Road. Newport News, Va 23602 

Connie L Jones, 412 Huffman Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Charles H. Jones, 3551 Shaw Road, Winston-Salem. N C 27105 

Christopher M. Jones, 5203 New Kent Road, Richnyond, Va, 23225 

David lee Jones, Route 1, Box 16-B, Havelock, N C 28532 

Denise M. Jones, 910 Gorrell St., Burlington, N C 27215 

Ernest Franklin Jones, 338 Laurelwood Drive, Danville, Va 24541 

Frank C Jones, Route 1, Box 116, Cofield, N C 27922 

Gilbert A. Jones, Route 3, Box 67, Launnburg, N C 28352 

lulia Ann lones, |P O Sox 36, McGaheysville, Va 2'>840 

Ktrk S. lones. 627 Clyde Avenue, Fruilland. Md 21826 

Milnor P. |ones, Jr., 101 Weniworth Drive, Greensboro, N C 27408 

Joseph I. Jones, 728 Cay Street, Rocky Mt , N C 27801 

Janet lea Jones, 2304 Lila Lane, Tampa, Fl 33609 

Mary Elizabeth Jones, 404 Shadowbrook Dnve, Burlington, N C 27215 

Ronald Coleman Jones, 338 Laurelwood Drive, Danville. Va. 24541 

Sandra Mae Jones, 302 Pinedale Drive, Reidsville, N C 27320 

Sylvia Ann Jones, 2201 Morningside Dnve, Burlington, N C 27215 

Tom Jetfery Jones, 1417 S Washington St, Bambndge, Ga 31717 

Vemon S. Jones, Jr., 532 Hillcrest Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

William T. Jones, Ri 1, Sox 382, Cermanton, N C 27019 

Patti Lynn Jordan, 712 Breakers Avenue, Absecon, N J 08201 

Joan Marie Joram, 4416 Yuma Street, NW, Washington, DC 20016 

Audrey lee Josey, 409 E Hill Street, Graham. N C 27253 

Barry C Joyce, P O Box 3253, Burlington, NC 27215 

Amy Lou Joyce, P O Box 295, Madison. N C 27025 

Kenneth Boyd Joyce, 607 Burke Trail, Thomasville, N C 27360 

Kelly Ann Joyce, 1706 Virgmia Road, Winston-Salem, N C 27104 

Paul J. ludy. Route 8. Box 4ft4-A, Burlington, N C 27215 

Mary A. Justice, 68S Oogwood Circle. High Point, N C 27260 

Ronda Kim Joyner, 3908 San Carlos, Tampa, Fl 33609 

Christi Sue Justice, 685 Dogwood Circle, High Point, N C 27260 

Catherine A. Kaiser, 2252 N Sandfiddler Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23456 

Tina Louise Kale, Box 206, Elland, N C 27243 

John C. Kappas, 657 Boyce Road, Charlotte, N C 28211 

Penny Gus Kappas, 921 Kimberly Road, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Glen P, Keaton, Rt 2, Box 144. High Point, N C 27260 

Herbert M. Kay, Pine Knolls Road, Kernersville, N C 27284 

William T. Keaton, 2915 Guejs Road, Durham, N C. 27705 

Mark A. Kehayas, 33-A Brootwood Garden, Burlington, N C 27215 

Philip J. Kellam, 2384 Princess Anne Rd , Virginia Beach, Va 23456 

Janice H. Kelly, 203 Courtland Drive, Elon College, N.C 27244 

Jeff Edward Kelly, 10 Peck Avenue, Pompion Plains, N J 07444 

John Joseph Kelly, 4412 Monmouth Castle, Virginia Beach. Va 23455 

Diane T, Kelley, Route 7. Bn. 198. Burlington, N C 27215 

Randy I. Kendrick, Route 1. Box 10. Ruffin, NC 27326 

J. Wesley Kennedy, P O Box 481, Siler City, N C 27344 

Kevin K. Kennedy, 1603 N Main Street, Suffolk. Va 23434 

Robert B. Kennedy, 1416 N Bayshore Drive, Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

Linda C. Kent 1221 Onslow Drive, Greensboro. NC 27406 

Susan Dawn Kepley, 1444 Cloverdale Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Barbara lee Kepley, 1444 Cloverdale St . Burlington. N C 27215 

Barbara S. Kernodle, Route 5. Box 181. Mebane, N.C 27302 

James M. Kesler, 121 Cteen Valley Rd . Greensboro, NC 27403 

Leslie C Kernodle, 1613 Keogh Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Timothy W. Kerns, Route 10, Box 507. Burlington. N.C 27215 

William W. Kerns, 75 Beverly Dnve, Durham, NC 27707 

Kim E. Kiger, 6460 Liltlewood Df , Kernersville, N C 27284 

Rebecca Redman Kidd, Route 1. Box 115A. Lovingston, Va 22949 

Kevin John Kielty, RR 1. Box 306 |, Highland Lakes. N J 07422 

Charles Thomas Kilby, Reynolds Road, Sparta, N C 28675 

Michael S. Kilgarili, 130 Marywood Road, High Point, N C 27260 

Rebecca J. Kimbrell, 1534 Lynne Avenue, Henderson, NC 27536 

Elizabeth Ann Kimsey, 213 Woodmon' Road, lamestown, N C 27282 

Larry E. Kindley, lefterson Street. Boydton, Va 23917 

Cynthia Bronwyn King, 1919 Matoax Avenue, Petersburg, Va 23803 

David W. King, 907 Greenfield Height, Havelock, N C 28532 

John T, King, 625 W front St Apt O, Burlington, NC 27215 

Marvin Bradley King, P O Box 251. Elon College. N C 27244 

Suzanne King, 619 Chester Road, Winston-Salem, N C 27104 

Susan Boyles Kinney, 600 W Mam St . Bx 2805. Gibsonville. N C 27249 

James R. Kinsey, 206 Snarclitl Road, Lexington, N C 27292 

Elizabeth R. Kinsey, 20 N Cliff Dr Wycliff, Wilmington, De 19809 

Coy R. Kirby, Route 1, Box 33, Prospect Hill, N C 27314 

Frances I. Kirby, 608 Chub Lake Street, Roxboro, N C 27573 

Keith A. Kirby, Route 1, Prospect Hilt. N C 27314 

William M. Kirby, 5224 Meadowbrook Road, Staunton, Va 24401 

W. Mark Kirkland, 3727 Randolph Road, Durham, N C 27705 

Richard Marlowe Kirk, 2471 Foxwood Dnve. Chapel Hill, N.C 27514 


ank C. Kiser, Tingley Road. Brookside, N | 07926 

idilh lynne Kiser, -1069 Maple Avenue, Burlington, N.C 27215 

irker D. KJser, III, Route 4, Box 294, Burlington. N.C 27215 

ddie Elizabeth Kline, 125 Shadowbrook, Burlington, N C. 27215 

arryl Robert Knab, 11607 Cowrie Court, Potomac, Md 20854 

lura C. Knight, Route 1, Bok 13-B, Broadway. N C 27505 

lary M, Knight, Route 3, Box 428, Madison. N C 27025 

urtis R. Koger, Jr., 3830 N Ingleside Drive, Norlolk, Va. 23502 

an C. Knox, 1036 Concord St . Box 1, Davidson, N C 28036 

avros A, Koukatsikas, 1325 Springdaie Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

llricia Anne Koury, 450 Cedarwood Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 

lula M. Koury, 2521 Pmeway Drive, Burlington, N C. 27215 

lafci lane Kramish, Route 1, Bo> 239-B, Hillsborough. N C 27278 

indy |. Krider, 1514 Cedarblull Drive, Richmond, Va. 23233 

lelvin D- Kuhns, 7 West Commodore Drive, Newport News. Va 23601 

ayle I. Lacy, 1603 Red ForresI Road, Greensboro, N.C 27410 

:ott D. Lambe, 228 Fleer Road. Thomasville. N C. 27360 

jsan C. lackey, 8945 Shallowtord Road, Knoxville, Tn 37919 

'illiam H. ladd, 300 Swift Ave Apt 1, Durham, N C. 27705 

Men David Lamb, 14 Granada Terrace, Lumberton, N.C, 28356 

lark L Lambros, 20 Echoview Circle, Le^ngton, NC, 27292 

ebra A. Lamb, Route 3, Bok 623-B-35, Randleman, N.C. 27317 

eve Allen lamb, 2922 AmhersI Avenue, Burlington. N.C 27215 

;rry Dwayne Lambert, 206 Westwood Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284 

avid B, Landskroener, Route 3, Chesiertown. Md. 21620 

onald F. Uffaye, Box 349, Chester, Vl 05143 

ichard )oseph Landon, 7209 K.pling Parkway, District Heights. Md. 20028 

onald Drake Lane, Route 3, Box 252-A, lacksonville, N.C 28540 

lelody A. Lanklord, 130 Woodburn Road, Raleigh, N.C 27605 

avid Brian Ung, Rt 9. Box 442, Burlington, N C 27215 

avid D. Langston, 164 Nicewood Drive, Newport News, Va 23602 

;resa |. Lanigan, 2820 Wood Street, Sarasota, Fl 33577 

izabeth L. Larmon, 4410 Clear Avenue, Tampa, Fl, 33609 

Pier C. Larson, Jr., 308 Highland Street, Taunton, Ma, 02780 

eorge T. Ushley, 2608 Berkley Rd . Burlington, N C. 27215 

?na C. latta, P O Box 1069. Elon College, N C 27244 

enneth Wayne lassiler. Route 4, Box 216, Thomasville, N C, 27360 

izabclh C. laukharr, 1027 Uimslead Circle, Arnold, Md. 21012 

sa Ann Laub, 1271 Pickwick Lane. Salem, Va. 24153 

onald W. Lawrence, 1883 Bray Blvd , Asheboro, N C 27203 

lel R. Lawrence, Box 563 Seven Lakes, West End, N.C. 27376 

ennis P. Lawon, Route 1, Box 270-8, Pilot Mountain, N C 27041 

illard M. laws, Jr., 507 Sands Circle, Reidsville, N C 27320 

losby W. Lawrence, IV, 7201 Pineiree Road, Richmond Va 23229 

lai Hoang Thi Le, 359 Summer Hill Road, Fayetteville, N C 26303 

imothy Dale Lawson, Route 1. Mi View Road. Germanton. N C 27019 

ynlhia Kay Lawson, 2910 Forestdale Drive. Burlington, N C 27215 

(seph C. Leak, P O Box 122, Eagle Springs, N C 27242 

oderick V. Lear^, Route 1. Box 298-A, Edenton. N.C 27932 

eronica P. Leath, Ri 2, Bo« 26, Elon College, N.C 27244 

imberly S. Lealhers, 4030 Dresden Road. Winslon-Salem. N.C 27104 

ebecca Jane Lebarron, 10 Overlook Dr . Chargrin Falls, Oh 44022 

lichael A. Lecuyer, 51 Pine Street. Fitch. Ma 01420 

alherine M. lederle, 7312 Langslord Court. Springtield, Va 22153 

rell London lee. Route 3, Box 766, Graham, N C, 27253 

onna B. lee, Route 3, Box 98, Burlington, N C 27215 

imes Phillip Lee, 3130 Wilmington Hwy. Fayetteville, N.C. 

aula Anita lee, 27 Delia Drive. Roxboro. N C 27573 

usselt C. lee. III, 5715 Summit Avenue. Brown Summit. N C 27214 

teve Lee 

/rlliam f. Lee, 101 Kimberly Drive, Greensboro, N.C. 27408 

homas M. leimberger, 177 St lospeh Street, Rochester, N Y 14617 

nn Penner Leisy, 7606 Arnef Lane, Belhesda. Md 20034 

L Randall Lemly, 905 Rainey Street, Burlington. N C 27215 

alherine E. Lenahan, 5321 Thornbury Lane, Virginia Beach. Va 23462 

lavrd Alan Lenig, 18 East End Avenue, Penns Grove. N |, 08069 

)hn William lentz. Box 527, Ellerbe, N C, 28330 

^anne Ann Leonard, Susan Court. Norwalk, Ct 06851 

obert A. leporatli, 6724 Greytox Drive, Springtield, Va. 22152 

)hn Clayton Lester, 1764 Vicksboro Road, Henderson, N.C 27536 

. David lewis, Jr., 405 Sunset Avenue. Clinton, N C 28328 

arah C. Lewallen, Route 6. Box 113, Asheboro, N C 27203 

va T. Lewandowski, Route 6, 403 Hazel On , Burlington. NC. 27215 

ecil T. Lewis, III, 304 Walson Drive, Henderson, N C 27536 

rancis W. lewis, Route 2, Box 179, Stonv Creek, Va 23882 

lelody Kim lewis, P O Box 70, Autryville, N C 28318 

ony B. lewis, 1708 Englewood Drive, Greenville, N C. 27834 

ernon E. lewis, Jr., 1111 Parrish Street, Greensboro, NC 27408 

ernon E. lewis, jr., 1019 Valleydale Drive, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Jan D. Light, 123 Grant Street, Eden, N C 27288 

,nn Maria Lilly, 715 Engleman Avenue. Burlington, NC. 27215 

lenry ). Lindley, Route 1, Box 230-C, Graham, N C 27253 

ick R. Lindley, Jr., 1517 RidgecresI Avenue, Burlington, N C 27215 

rene ). linlord, P O Box 2264, Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

ingela M. Lintz, 321 Courifield Avenue, Winchester. Va. 22601 

im Paul Upka, 18 Explorer Road, Briganiine, N | 08203 

enneth D. lepstein, 21 Hilton Road. Wilmington. De 19810 

hillip C. litten, 617 Trollinger Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

iary Elizabeth little. Route 1, Box 396. Burlington. N C. 27215 

;ichard Lee little. Route 3, Box 259, Wadesboro, N.C. 28170 

ickie C. Livengood, Route 2, Stokesdale, N C 27357 

»mes Kent Livesay, 1523 Yeardley Drive. Richmond, Va 23225 

Marshal O. Livingston, 638 A South 15ih Street, Arlington. Va 22202 

Jennis W. Lloyd, Route 1, Box 313, Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

inda Leigh Lloyd, 602 Russell Avenue. Reidsville, NC 27320 

lizabeth I. Lloyd, Route 3, Box 119. Hillsborough, N C. 27278 

ack P. locicero, 1105 Mallard, Las Vegas, Nv 89101 

loberl W. lockerby, RFD Chester Hill, Gratton, Vt 05146 

)avid R. long, 2725 Edgewood Avenue, Burlmgton, NC 27215 

;errie C. Long, 505 Country Club Drive, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

eon Harris Long, Jr., 922 Badger Circle. Roxboro, N C. 27573 

flichele M. Long, 2725 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Leiley Maureen loughlin, 19 Melrose Lane, Willingbcro, N ), 08046 

Jancy P. lollman, 521 Kingston Drive, Virginia Beach, Va 23452 

Villiam |. Lottman, II, 521 Kingston Drive. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 

ames T. Love, 2293 Lee Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Ifyssa Marie Lovell, 429 Hyde Street, Burlington, N.C 27215 

'erry Ernest lowe. 111, Route 1, Box 57, Cibsonville, N.C 27249 

Jdess C, Lowery, |r., 1 Maripat Circle, Thomasville, N C, 27360 

:lizabelh Blen loy, 26 Walker Road, Atkinson, N H 03811 

iJoble Wayne Loy, Route 4, Box 510, Burlington, N C 27215 

lamuel While Loy, 611 Atwaler Street. Burlington, N C, 27215 

.aura E. loyd, 104 Irvingion Springs, Lynchburg, Va. 24503 

eanne Marie Lubben, 380 Canterbury Lane, Wyckoft, N.) 07481 

Imothy F. lubrano, 143 Melville Drive, Fatrlield, Ct 06430 

3avid Thomas Luce, 20 Mcadowocd Road, Rosemoni, Pa 19010 

vlary |. luke, P O Box 554. Waverly, Va 23890 

jreg A. Lunslord, 2201 Dorsett Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

(imberly Ann Lyden, 1150 Via Lugano, Winter Park. Fl. 32789 

:arl Daniel lykes, 1930 leffress Blvd , South Boston. Va 24592 

rhomas Edward lynch, 10836 Harding Road, Laurel, Md 20810 

(alhryn L lynch. Route 3, Box 211. Elon College, N C 27244 

Ferry I McAlBter, Route 4, Mebane, N C 27302 

3ianne L McAllister, 261 Elmlield Street, W Hartford, Ct 06110 

Christopher P. McArdle, 1516 Centergate Drive. Silver Spring, Md 20904 

Vlalthew C. McBrine, 46 Monatiquol Street, N Weymouth, Ma 02191 

'atricia K. McCarn, 5216 Pelham Road, Durham. N.C 27713 

;ames A. McCarther, 618 Worth St . Mt Airy, NC 27030 

«sse D. McCaskill, Route 1, Box 160, Biscoe, N C 27209 

Kevin M. McCauley, Suzmark Lane Rd 1. Rensselaer. N.Y. 12144 

Donald |. McClinlock, 5129 Lansdowne Drive, Durham, N.C 27705 

Sallie C. McConnell, Route 1, Box 562-AA, Mt Holly, NC 28120 

Margaret B. McCoy, 3066 BonhursI Dr , Winston-Salem. N C 27106 

Bridget K. McCullough, 1369 W Sedgefield Drive, Winston-Salem, N. C. 27107 

Steven F. McDonough, 420 Windemere Drive, Staunton, Va. 24401 

Andria M. McDowell, Route 4, Box 148, Canton, N.C 28716 

Patricia L. McDowell, Route 1, Box 113-B, Reidsville. N.C. 27320 

Wanda C. McDowell, Route 1. Box 136. South Boston. Va 24592 

Constance R. McCee, 263 Siratlotd Road, Asheville. NC 28804 

Harolyn C. McChee, 511 S Mam Street, Danville, Va, 24541 

Michael McCiHin, Route 1, Box 309. Doswell, Va, 23047 

Sara W. McCinnis, 2532 Hyde Street. Burlington, NC, 27215 

Mary C. McCimscy, 311 Woodland Place, NW, Lenoir, NC. 28645 

Mary Eileen McHale, 704 Macarthur Avenue, Vienna. Va, 22180 

Douglas P. McHugh, 12012 Glenmill Road, Potomac, Md 20854 

Kenneth Gregg Mclnlyre, Route 1, Box 207, Elon College, N.C 27244 

Rachel Carta Mclntyre, 2455 Morningside Drive, Burlington, NC. 27215 

Charles C. McKeel, Route 4. Box 649. Wilson, N C 27893 

Arthur P. McKinney, |r., P O Box 305. Gales Ferry. Ct 06335 

Margaret L. McKibbin, 2709 Amherst Avenue. Burlington. NC, 27215 

Cynthia A. McKoy, Route 2. Box 20, Marshall, Va 22115 

laura I. Mclamb, 225 Vivian Drive, Fayetteville, N, C 28301 

Nancy W. McLawhorn, 1603 Woodland Avenue, Burlington, N C, 27215 

William G. McUwhon, 223 Shadowbrook Drive, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Darrell L Mclean, 1301 Filbert Place, High Point, N.C. 27260 

Thomas W. McLemore, 409 Lafayette Street, Clinton, NC, 28326 

Erwin R. McManus, 2332 Anthony Drive, Durham, NC, 27705 

Julius Bernard McMinn, 201 Oak Street, Hendersonville, N C, 28739 

Kalhy E. McNeil, Route 4, Box 41. Hillsborough, N.C 27276 

Samuel V. McPherson, Route 2, Box 123. Graham, N C 27253 

Timothy Dean McPherson, 3561 Forester Road, SW, Roanoke, Va, 24015 

William E. McPherson, P O Box 327. Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Mildred P. McPherson, 1611 South Mam Street, Graham, N.C. 27253 

Elizabeth L McVey, Route 3, Box 402. Graham. N.C 27253 

Marcella |. McVey, Box 281. SwepsonvHIe, N C 27359 

Robert 8. Mack, 3555 Kirby Smith Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403 

Terry L Mack, 69 Overhill Street, Westlield, N ), 07090 

Caroline B. Maclin, 616 Myers Lane. Greensboro, N.C 27408 

Roderic F. MacaskJII, E Brookiield. Vt. 05036 

Carol |. Madison, 5630 Riverside Drive. Richmond, Va. 23225 

Rhonda lynne Madren, Route 1, Box 296-A. Gibsonville. N.C 27249 

loan Marie Madren, Route 4, Box 44A, Burlington, N C 27215 

William Mahone, 2520 Avenham Avenue S. Roanoke, Va. 24014 

lori Anne Malbon, 1008 Princess Anne Rd , Virginia Beach. Va 23457 

Catina S. Mandis, 12905 Gaffney Rd , Stiver Spirng, Md 20904 

Scott W. Maodeville, 2010 Windsor Road. Harrisonburg, Va 22801 

Frances Ann Maness, 504 Lindsey Avenue, Asheboro, N C 27203 

William D. Mangum, Route 1. Box 202, Oxlord. N.C. 27565 

lellrey W. Maness, 3625 Yanceyville, Street, Greensboro, N C, 27405 

Elizabeth A. Maness, 1010 Central Avenue, Burlington, N C 27215 

larry K. Mann, 118 Shannon Drive, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Raymond Cray ManJon, 124 Radclitf Circle, Durham. NC 27713 

Barbara Jean Mann, Rt 1, Box 437. Mebane. N C 27302 

Rebecca Sue Mann, 3123 Amherst Avenue. Burlington. N C. 27215 

Gary L Mansfield, Route 4, Box 309, Burlington. N C 27215 

David V. Mantiply, 407 Brentwood Drive, Danville. Va 24541 

Michael V. Marinaro, 94 Burr Avenue, Northport. N Y 11768 

Carol P. Marion, 4501 Woodedge Drive, Greensboro, N C 27406 

Edward L. Marks, IV, Route 2, Box 76, Franklin. Va 23651 

Robin S. Marley, Box 246, Saxapahaw, N C 27340 

David S. Markey, 143 Haines Court. Ml Laurel, N.|. 08054 

Creta J. Marrow, 1711 Mount Pisgah Lane. Silver Spring. Md 20903 

Dewey Vann Marshall, 3901 Haven Drive, Durham, NC 27705 

Gregory D. Marshall, P O Box 13151, Cibsonville. N.C 27249 

Al Marr 

Billie K. Martin, 325 Sidney Drive, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Elizabeth L Martin, Mimosa Hills Drive, Morganton, NC 28655 


Quinlon T. Martin, 4602 Poppy Ct„ Hampton. Va. 23666 

linda Ann Martindale, Route 1, Bo» 420, Burlington, N. C. 27215 

Steven |. Martinelli, 232 Farrington Street, Quincy, Ma, 02170 

Jeflrey D. Marion, 2870 Knobb Hill Avenue, Clemmons, NC 27012 

Felix Daren Massey, Route 2, Box 384, Burlington, N.C 27215 

lydia A. Massey, 2114 W Front Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Debra Lee Mason, Route 2, Rocky Mount, Va, 24151 

William W. Mason, 1130 Oakndge Road. Petersburg. Va 23803 

Keith A. Mason, Route 2, Bo. 641, Franklin, NC, 28734 

David John Malhis, South Street. Litchfield, Cl 06759 

Freida ). Malkins, Route 10. Box 447. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Brian C. Matt, 206 Portland Place. Richmond, Va 23221 

Charlene M. Malhews, P O Box 157, Pittsboro, N C 27312 

Kenneth W. Matthews, 3600 Hope Valley Road, Durham. N.C 27707 

Neal E. Matlhews, 911 Chalfield Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 

ScotI A. Matthews, 905 Winlerlochen Drive, Greensboro, N C 27410 

William Grant Matthews, 2847 Alamance Road, Burlington, N C 27215 

Edward C. Mattocks, Campus Box 3454. Elon College, N C 27244 

Dorolhy R. Mallox, 4404 South Ashlawn Dr , Richmond. Va 23221 

Mary L Mattox, 7205 Marley Circle, Charlotte, N C. 26214 

Douglas 8. Matze, Jr., 517 Greenway Drive. South Boston, Va. 24592 

Steven R. Mauck, 421 Badgett Avenue, Mt Airy, N C 27030 

Theresa D. Mauldin, 434 Lynhurst Drive. Fayetteville. N. C 28304 

Barry Leon May, 5120 McConnell Rd . Whitselt. N C. 27377 

Clyde |. May, Jr., Rt 8, Box 437, Burlington, N C 27215 

D. Leanne May, 1503 Edith Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

D. Reid Maynard, Jr., One Scenic Drive. Highlands, N.j. 07732 

Willard D. Maynard, 202 S Williamson Avenue, Elon College. NC 27244 

Philip V. Mazzone, 404 Continental Drive, Durham. N.C 27712 

Eddie H. Meacham, Bo> 97, Ellerbe, N C 28338 

Julia E. Meacham, 200 Juanita Ave , Hamlet, N C 28345 

Fred D. Meade, 619 Trollinger Street. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Angelyn D. Meade, 504 May St , Box 5413. Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Alexander M. Mebane, 210 Waverly Way. Burlington, N C 27215 

Arl M. Medlin, 113 Aiken Street, Fuquay-Vanna, NC 27526 

Michael A. Medlin, 117 Sharon Drive. Lexington, N C 27292 

lulius T. Medley, Route 2. Bo* 10, Reidsville, N C. 27320 

Myrna V. Melton, 205 Pine Tree Road. Oxford, N.C. 27565 

Philip S. Melton, 1802 Brookclifl Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408 

Angie Melville 

Thomas E. Merkel, 1047 Burning Tree Dn , Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

Leslie I. Messick, 424 Neese Drive. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

S, Annette Melcalf, 1200 Interurban Avenue. Charlotte, N C 28208 

Joseph W. Meyer, 77 Lakeland Drive. Brickiown, N.I, 08723 

Karen L Michaels, 313 Oaklawn Road. Mt Airy. N.C. 27030 

Randy D. Michaelson, 3300 Ocean Shore Ave,, Virginia Beach, Va, 23451 

Laurie A. Michaud, 13811 Gilbert Road. Woodbridge, Va. 22193 

Jellrey S. Michel, 7529 Serrevwood Place. Matthews, N C 28105 

Charlie B. Mickens, Route 3, Box 352, Ruther Glen, Va, 22546 

Colleen M. Miller, 5419 Rattlesnake Hck , Naples, Fl. 33942 

Cindy Lee Miller, 5072 River Road, Sodus, Mi 49126 

Elizabelh D. Mfller, Box 642, Suttons Bay, Mi 

Joan T. Miles, 809 Sycamore Road, Graham, N C, 27253 

Etta 8. Miller, Route 1, Box 16, Semora, N C 27343 

Howard K. Miller, Route 6, Box 296-1. Burlington. NC, 27215 

John H. Milter, Jr., Route 1, Rural Retreat. Va 24368 

Mary Ellen Miller, 5604 Ontario Circle, Bethesda, Md 20016 

Ralph Edward Miller, Route 3, Bo« 215. Elon College, N C 27244 

Vivian D. Miller, 1027 Rollingwood Dr , Charlotte, N.C 28210 

William J. Miller, 2910 Creenbriar Drive, Sanford, N C 27330 

Donald I. Milligan, 2831 Bedlord Street, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Eric ). Mills, %8 Fairmount Avenue, Towson, Md. 21204 

CranI T. Mills, Route 1, Box 644, Spruce Pine, N C 28777 

losephus D. Mills, 313 E Hillside Drive, Fuquay-Varina. N C 27526 

Timothy C. Mills, Route 1, Box 49, Tabor City, N C 28463 

Melanie A. Mills, 804 E Iredell Avenue, Mooresville, N C 26115 

Lee Alan Minehart, Route 1, Box 225-B, Burlington. N C 27215 

C. Michael Minick, 2404 S Holden Road, Greensboro, N.C 27407 

Daryll L Minges, 2535 Cloister Dnve, Charlotie. NC 26211 

Frank H. Minner, 4 Aldham Court. Wilmington, De. 19803 

William Sidney Minor, 7206 Burlington Rd . Whilsetl, N.C. 27377 

Doyle Wayne Minion, 422 Trollinger, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

William Y. Mitchell, 407 Chub Lake Street, Roxboro, N C. 27573 

Wayne F. Mizell, 106 Ramblin Road, Salisbury. Md. 21801 

Rebecca L. Molin, 711 Bristol Coun, Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Karen L Montgomery, P O Box 1101, Waynesboro. Va. 22980 

Scott P. Montgomery, 32 Spring Court, Charlottesville. Va, 22901 

Ricky N. Moody, Rt 4, Box 160, Burlington. NC Z7215 

Willard |. Moody, Jr., 120 Riverpoint Cres . Portsmouth. Va, 23707 

Christopher Moolhuyzen, 3413 Noble Avenue, Richmond, Va 23222 

Anthony R. Moone, 1007 East Florida St , Greensboro, NC, 27406 

Edward Mooney, III, Route 1, Box 184, Stoneville, N C 27048 

Lisa C. Mooney, 1219 Fillman Drive, Reidsville, N C. 27320 

Lisa ). Mooneyham, 2820 Blanche Drive, Burlington. N.C 27215 

James C. Moore, 106 Jones Street, Morganton, N.C 28655 

Julia E. Moore, 909 W Front Street, Burlington. NC 27215 

larry C. Moore, 1510 W Gold Street. Wilson, N.C. 27893 

Mary A. Moore, 504 Tony Tank Lane. Salisbury. Md. 21601 

Mary L Moore, 1009 Oakcrest Drive. Reidsville, N.C 27320 

Myron L. Moore, 205 Maple Drive, NW. Lenoir, N C 28645 

Patricia Lynn Moore, 1009 Oakcrest Dnve, Reidsville, N C 27320 

Rodney C. Moore, Route 1, Box 51, Buffalo Jet,, Va 24529 

Tommy No Moose, 463 Lindsey Avenue, Asheboro, N,C. 27203 

Susan E, Moran, Hollyberry Acres. Gretna, Va, 24557 

Bruce 8. Morgan, 112 W Queen, Edenton, N C 27938 

Charles M. Morgan, 508 Bridge Streel, Eden, NC 27288 

Tina M. Morgenson, Route 1. Box 600. Lexington, NC 27292 

Jean S. Moricle, Route 1, Box 437. Elon College, NC. 27244 

Setenna A. Moricle, Route 1, Bo* 190, Summerfield, NC 27358 

Bennie A. Morris, Jr., Route 2, Bos. 405-K, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Cindy M. Morris, Route 1. Bo. 182, Summerlield. N.C 27358 

Audrey B. Morris, 6001 Lebanon Road, Charlotte, N C 28212 

Elizabeth M. Morris, 1929 Thunderbird Drive, Virginia Beach. Va 23454 

lela D. Morris, 4409 Lebanon Road, Charlotte. N.C. 28212 

Robert |. Morns, Jr., 1312 N Schooner Lane, Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

Steven D. Morris, Route 7. Box 33, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Jay Neal Morton, Box 761. Elon College, N C 27244 

Terri L. Morris, Route 6. Box 29. Lexington, N.C. 27292 

Leslie A. Morse, 6837 Creystone Drive, Raleigh, N.C 27609 

Goodrich Morion, Jr., 2336 Buckingham Road. Burlington, NC 27215 

Mary R. Moser, Route 3, Box 374, Graham, N C 27253 

Mark Alan Moser, 524 Wildwood Lane. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Sara Elizabeth Moss, 1907 Hawthorne Lane. Burlington. N.C. 27215 

laura L. Moss, P O Box 3338, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598 

Frank |. Molondon, 1517 Keogh Street, Burlington, N C, 27215 

John A. Motley, Route 1, Box 50, Blairs, Va 24527 

lori Carol Mullins, 120 Sledman Street, Fayetteville, N.C 28305 

Buetl Edward Moser, 524 Wildwood Lane, Burlington, NC, 27215 

Marsha A. Mundy, 213 Cregorv Streel. Roxboro, N C 27573 

Gregory D. Mumford, 73 AmonI Street, Boston. Ma 02126 

David R. Mundy, 3047 Rosalind Avenue, Roanoke, Va. 24014 

Terri R. Murchison, Route 2, Liberiy, N C 27298 

Isaac M. Murdock, Route 5, Box 262, Mebane. N.C 27302 

Dwighl V. Murphy, P O Box 53. Godwin, N C. 28344 

Mary Moore Murphy, 73 Denise Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Rickey V. Murray, 2312 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, NC, 27215 

Keron Ann Murray, Route 2. Box 106, Snow Camp, NC, 27349 

Tina M. Murray, Route 9, Box 443, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Randall Ray Murray, Rt 6, Box 137, Burlington. N C 27215 

Scott C. Murray, P O Box 278, Broadway, Va 22615 

Ronald E. Murray, Route 3, Box 226, Elon College, N C 27244 

Frances O. Murrell, Route 2, Box 508, Walnut Cove. N C 27052 

Charles R. Myers, II, 3801 Kippax Drive, Hopewell. Va 23860 

Charles A. Nance, 7919 Old Reidsville R , Browns Summit, N.C 27214 

Toni T. Napoli, 9203 Venetian Way, Richmond. Va. 23229 

Raju V. Nivargikar, 58 Tamaques Way, Westfield. N ), 07090 

Patrick R. Neal, 814 High Streel. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Emma lou Neblelt, Rouie 2, Box 464-A, Durham, N.C 27705 

Aaron R. Needham, 700 W Main St , Mayodan, NC 27027 

William J. Needham, Route 2, Graham, N C 27253 

Frank R. Neely, #6 Chateau Court. Greensboro. NC. 27407 

Donald Keilh Nelson, 3901 Buckland Place, Chester, Va 23831 

Deborah J. Nelson, 113 Harris Street, Roxboro, N.C 27573 

Jane A. Nelson, 5021 Edgemere Blvd , Richmond, Va. 23234 

Janice E. Nelson, P O Box 562, Green Cove Spgs , Fl 32043 

Gregory A. Nelson, 13 Birch Terrace. Montvale, NJ, 07645 

W. Jefterson Nelson, Route 1. Box 50. South Boston, Va 24592 

Stephen A. Nelson, P O Box 21, Nelson, Va. 24580 

Thomas L Nelson, 301 Mounlview Court. Lexinglon, N C 27292 

Lynn M. Nessel, Box 704, Elon College. N C, 27244 

Constance lynn Nelson, 3503 Castleton Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Diane M. Neuville, 11717 North Shore Dri , Reston, Va 22090 

Jo Ann Newcomb, 508 Cherry Street, Oxford. NC 27565 

Kalhy A. Newcomb, Route 2. Box 327, Martinsville. Va 24112 

William P. Newman, P O Box 112. Boydton, Va. 23917 

Sandra P. Nevreome, 1015 N Academy Street, Ahoskie. N.C 27910 

Craig A. Newton, 50 Crestridge Drive. East Greenwich, N J 02818 

Dennis Ray Newlon, P O Box 224, Altamahaw, N.C. 27202 

John Charles Newton, 2832 Wagner Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Chinhtruc Nghiem, Box 5840. Elon College. N C 27244 

Michael W. Nichols, Route 3, Box 115, Salem, Va, 24153 

Anwar Nicholas Nicola, 31 Quandary Lake Lane, Graham. N.C 27253 

Elizabelh Ann Nicholson, Rt 1, Box 390, Graham. N.C. 27253 

P. lynn Nicholson, 1009 Valleydale Drive, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Mariana Nigrelli, 2916 Rockingham Circle, Orlando, Fl 32608 

William M. Nisbet, 106 S Anderson Street, Morganton, N C 28655 

Jelfrey W. Noah, 1246 Noah Road, Graham. N.C 27253 

John Alan Normenl, 1724 Troro Road, Crotlon, Md 21114 

Paul W. Norris, 342 Leasburg Street, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Thomas E- Norwood, Howerton Road. Cibsonville, N.C 27249 

Rendia F. Nosay, 600 Red Robin Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

Sherri B. Norwood, 19 Hillmont Apts . Carrboro, NC 27514 

Kalhy Jo Novak, 53 Homewood Drive. Lynchburg, Va. 24502 

Sherri L Nunn, Route 3, Box 130-A, Virgilina, Va 24598 

William Jay Oakley, 1939 Arbor Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

BonHa K. Oakley, Route 2, Box 284-E, South Boston, Va 24592 

Rachel P. ObrianI, P O Box 44, Roxboro, N C 27573 

Kimberly Slarr Oakley, 2307 Roger Streel. Burlington, NC 27215 

Cheryl R. Oakley, Route 2, Box 373-A. Burlington, NC, 27215 

Stanley J. Oakley, Rouie 3, Box 237-A. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Barbara |. Obie, 405 West Corbin Street. Hillsborough, N.C 27278 

Michael D. O'Brien, 3211 Oxford Dr , Durham, N C 27707 

Ryan Oakes 

Carol C. Oliver, Route 3. Box 356-E, Burlington, NC, 27215 

Edwin G. Oliver, 4525 Powells Pt Rd,, Virginia Beach, Va 23455 

Michael F. Oliver, 2908 Tully Drive, NW, Roanoke, Va 24019 

lindy L Olive, 4103 S Alston Avenue. Durham, N.C. 27713 

Sharyn E. Olsen, 21 Westwood Drive, lamestown, NY. 14701 

Michael R. O'Mara, 198 East Mam Street, Orange, Ma 01364 

Colleen t. Omalley, 317 Collmwood Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Jeffrey J. OrcutI, 25 Acker Dr , Middletown, NJ, 07748 

Melissa A. Orcutt, 2147 Canterbury Drive. Burlington, N C 27215 

David Lee Osborne, 2723 Dee Street. Burlington, N C, 27215 

Carolyn H. Overton, 403 N Steele Street, Sanford, N.C 27330 

Ted B. Overton, 5019 Kaplan Dr , Raleigh, NC, 27606 

Timothy C. Owen, Route 1. Box 56, Clover, Va, 24534 

Phyllis M. Owens, Box 2, Coleridge, N C 27234 

Wallace H, Owen, P O. Box 666, Cibsonville, N.C. 27249 

Ronnie DJe Owen, 314 West B Streel, Chase City, Va. 23624 

Wyndolyn Owen, 101 Candlewood Drive. Elon College. N C 27244 

Michael Y. Packett, P O Box 232, Warsaw Va 22572 

Robert K. Paff, Sweeibriar Road, Plafftown, N.C, 27040 

Bryan Keith Page, Route 3, Burlington, N C 27215 

Charles A. Page, Route 3, Elon College, N C, 27244 

Myra L Page, Route 2. Box 93. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Penny K. Page, Route 2, Elon College, NC, 27244 

Michael K. Paolino, 109 Wood Drive, Atkinson, N,H, 03811 


WilKam F. Paradise, |t^ State Line Orive.Pownal, Vl. 05261 

Mmei H. Pankiewkz, 509 Cavalier Drive, Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

Kathertne A. Pappas, 302 Rambler Drive, Danville, Va- 24541 

Benjamin I. Parham, 109 Mooreland Drive. Oxford, N.C. 27565 

lohn BUke Pardue, 2401 Oakwood Road. Surlingion, N.C 27215 

Daryl L Park*. Route 9, Bo« 14, Reidiville. N.C 27320 

Lynn L Parker, 1100 Berkshire, Crosse Point, Mi. 48230 

Marion Anne Parker, 328 HillcreU Avenue, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

lame* CGfford Parker, 201 Stedman Street, Fayetteville, N C. 26305 

Phillip C«y Parker, 3110 Comet Road, Richmond. Va 23229 

Debra K. Parr, Bov 8. Crozier, Va 23039 

Peggy Jo Pafker, 328 Hillcrest Avenue. Surlinglon, N.C. 27215 

Suvin P. Parker, 905 Bobolink Df , Virginia Beach. Va, 23451 

Richard A. Parker, 513 Country Club Drive. Burlington, N C 27215 

John T. Parkinton, 2713 Bellaire Dr , Santofd, N.C. 27330 

Kelly L Parks. Route 6. Box 60-A. Louisa, Va 23093 

Susan leigh Parris, 309 Deerglade Road. Win •.ton -Salem, N C. 27104 

Karen Leigh Parks, Route 6. Box 60-A, Louisa, Va. 23093 

Rand.JI S. Parrish, Bok 104, Goochland, Va 23063 

Michael L Parsons, Box 163. Kill Devil Hills, N.C. 27948 

Donna Louise Paschall, Route 1, Box 159. Norlina, N.C. 27563 

Richard B. Parrish, 2731 Lofton Road, SW. Roanoke. Va. 2401S 

Alice Ruth Parrish, 1311 Beaumont Apts., Burlington, N C- 27215 

Michael D. Paschall, 2919 Guess Road. Durham, N.C 27705 

Florence Duerr Pate, 428 Shadowbrook Dr., Burlington, N.C 27215 

Bfuce T. Palram, 850 Trollinger Road, Asheboro, NC. 27203 

Deborah K. PaHerson, 809 Sycamore Drive, Graham. NC, 27253 

Joyce J. Patterson, Route 8, Box 673, Reidsville, N.C. 27320 

J. Hobarl Patterson, Route 6. Box 375, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Ronnie L Patterson, Route 6, Burlington, NC 2721S 

Kenneth Ray PaHerson, 333 S. Little Texas Rd., Kannapolis. NC, 28081 

Paul G. Patterson, 1429 Henri St , Mt Airy, N C 27030 

Denese V. Patton, Route 1. Box 38. Mebane, NC. 27302 

Millard I. Patton, Jr., Route 6. Box 181, Mebane, N.C. 27302 

David Currie Payne, Route 6, Box 34, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Matthew Dunn Payne, 508 Sandy Valley Court, Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 

David L Payne, 6602 Fair Oaks Road, Roanoke. Va. 24019 

David Winlred Payne, Route 2. Box 722-C, McLeansville. N.C, 27301 

Kenneth A. Payne, Route 2. Gibsonville, N C. 27249 

Mark T. Payne, 6802 Fair Oaks Road. Roanoke. Va. 24019 

Thomas C Payne, 3404 Douglas Road. Chesapeake. Va. 23322 

Tammy Sue Payne, Route 3, Box 64, tlon College, NC 27244 

Neal E- Payne, 507 Nottingham Road. Charlottesville, Va, 22901 

Waller C. Paynler, P O Box 51, Wise, N C 27594 

Robert Otis Payne, Route 4, Box 370-A, Burlington, NC, 27215 

Sarah C. Peach, 2219 Hillsboro Height, Knoxville, Tn, 37920 

Robert W. Pearce, Bo. 304 26th Street. Butner, N.C. 27509 

David M. Pealross, 2848 Merry Acres Lane, Winston -Salem, N C. 27106 

Roberl S. Pearson, Route 2. Box 55-BB. Statesville. N.C 28677 

Nancy K. Pearson, Route 2, Box 55-BB, Statesville. N.C, 28677 

Ricky Lee Pedigo, 947 Banks Road, Martinsville. Va 24112 

Lisa Rene Peek, Route 1. Box 228. Launnburg, N C 28352 

Timothy D. Peeler, Box 73. Granite Quarry. N.C 28072 

Susan Logan Perry. Route 2, Box 337, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Richard A. Pender, P O Box 1188. Elizabeth City, N C. 27909 

Beby leigh Penland, 1122 College Street. Oxford. N.C 27565 

Jennifer Ann Penn, Route 4. Box L. Stuan. Va 24171 

Gary N. Pennington, P O, Box 403, Elon College. N.C- 27244 

William ). Pennington, Route 1. Box 101. Mebane, NC 27302 

lane RusseB Penry. 104 School Street, Thomasville, N.C 27360 

Brenda Kay Perkins, 651 Virgilina Rd., Roxboro, N C- 27573 

Jesse J. Perkins, 1109 Trollinger Road, Graham, N.C. 27253 

Lisa Anne Perricdo, 4817 Bel-Pre Road. Rocksville, Md 20853 

Arthur Perry, Jr., Route 2, Box 1165, Odessa. Fl 33556 

Barry Donald Perry, 2515 Parrish Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Emily Katherine Perry, 1607 Wellons Avenue, Dunn, NC 28334 

lean L Perry, 414 Bfand Blvd.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Maria Williams Perry, Ri 2, Box 52, Hillsborough, N.C 2727B 

Melia M. Perry, 2515 Parrish Street, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Alan ONeii Peters, 1702 Carolina Street, High Point, N C 27260 

Rebecca P. Perry, 6 Glenmore Drive, Durham, NC, 27707 

Vicky L Perry, 1400 West B Street, Butner, NC. 27509 

Anthony D- Pethel, 614 Fairview Street, Kannapolis, N C 28081 

Rayford T. Petty, Route 1, Landrum. SC 29356 

Rexel R. Phares, PO Box 1698, Elkins, WV 26241 

Cynthia L Phillips, Route 1, Box 518, Natural Bridge, Va 24578 

Ann Carol Phillips, 2323 McKmney Street, Burling:ton, N.C 27215 

Donna Marie Phillips, 822 High St , Burlington, N C 27215 

C. Byron Philips, P O Box 400, Spruce Pine. N,C, 28777 

Elaine Philips, Ri 2, Box 523, Durham, N C 27705 

Jimmy Lynn Phillips, Route 10, Box 371, Burlington. N.C, 27215 

Richard P. PhiDips, 2624 Cameron Drive, Sanford, NC, 27330 

Pamela D. Pickett, 3226 Pickett Road, Durham, NC, 27705 

Wendall Scott Pickett, 609 Habersham, High Point, N C 27260 

VirKenI Paul Piechola, 136 Ingram Road. Danville, Va 24541 

Patricia A. Pierce, 6604 Holland Road. Suffolk, Va, 23437 

Cathy D. Pike, PO Box 504. Cibsonville, N C 27249 

M. Lisa nke, 2227 W Front Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

John A. Pini, |r., 1908 Morningside Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 

Charles lynn Piper, 1227 S. Mam Street, Burlington. N C. 27215 

Creg A. Piper, 212 Shadowlawn, Jameslown, N C 27282 

William P. Pinson, 403 Colonial Drive, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

RonaM B. Plner, 208 Gordon Street, Beaufort, N.C. 28516 

David M. Pinson, 2600 Fernwick Drive, South Boston, Va. 24592 

Martha O. Pittard, 109 Franklin Street, Oxford, NC, 27565 

John T. Pitlman, Route 12. Box 515. Sanford. NC, 27330 

Bonnie Sl Pless, Roule 7. Box 345. Salisbury, N.C. 28144 

Nora T. PoGcasIro, 2202 Woodland Avenue, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Steven R. Podok, 905 Clarke Road, Martinsville, Va, 24112 

Gary S. Ponton, 1501 Maycraft Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 

Robin Poole, 2400 S Trask, Tampa, Fl 33609 

Patricia D. Poovey, 2432 Hickory Avenue, Burlington, N C 27215 

Suzanne L Poplin, 2705 Ashland Street. Raleigh, N.C 27606 

Donna L Popular, 9306 Hamilton Drive, Fairfax, Va. 22030 

Mary Rebecca Porter, 925 West Fulton Street, Wytheville, Va. 24382 

Debbie Inez Powell, 2716 Catherine Onve, Burlington, N C. Z7215 

David Wayne Powell, 2918 Fawn Ave . Durham, N.C. 27705 

Kessler K. Powell, Jr., 2918 Fawn Avenue, Durham. NC ^705 

John Ladd Powell, 1701 S, Crater Road, Petersburg, Va. 23803 

Ava M. Power, 3909 Raintree Drive, Greensboro, N C, 27407 

Mary Candler Powell, 812 St George Court, Virginia Beach, Va. 2J452 

Pamela Renee Prentice, 7121 Park Terrace Dn , Alexandria, Va. 22307 

Sonya Dennise Poer, Route 2, Box 347, High Point, N.C, 27260 

Laura Lea Powers, 301 Weaver Street. Spring Lake, NC. 28390 

Bradford T. Price, Roule 10, Box 84-A, Reidsville N.C, 27320 

Thomas J. Prendergail, 514 Thomas Drive, lacksonville, NC, 28540 

Donnie E. Price, Box 577, Bermuda Run, Advance. N C 27006 

Jeffrey W. Price, Route 10, Box 84-A. Reidsville, N C. 27320 

William Eason Price, Route 3. Box 438, Elon College, N C 27244 

Kenneth C. Prine, 319 Olmstead Hill Road, Wilton, Ci 06897 

Nathan C. Pulkingham, The Cathedral of Isle. Millport. Scotland 

Phaip M. Prilchard, 918 Trollinger Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Allen D. Prftchard, 28 Pequot Trail. East Greenwich, RI 02818 

Michael D. Privette, 817 North Main Street. Wake Forest, N C 27587 

Donald L Proffin, 837 Earl of Chestrfd.. Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 

John Neil Proia, 1296 Spaulding Street, Staunton, Va. 24401 

Daniel C. Pucketl, 211 Middleton Street, Robbins, N.C, 27325 

Victor H. Pugh, 1763 East Blvd., Petersburg, Va. 23803 

Vincent |. Puhl, 705 South Highland Ave . Green Cv Springs, Fl 32043 

wniiam P. Pulley, III, 4720 Farnngton Rd , Durham, N C 27707 

Gerald P. Pudorro, 517 Nicholas Rd , Bnck Town, N). 08723 

Susan L Qualb, 891 Great Pond Rd , N Andover, Mass, 01845 

Stanley D. Queen, Rf 3, Box 238. Denver, N,C, 28037 

Slev* D. Quick, 832 Kimberly Road. Burlington, N.C, 27215 

David S. Ragan, 206 Bremen Drive, leKington, N.C. 27292 

Philip W. Raines, Box 180, Keezletown, Va, 22832 

Billy J. Raines, 236-C McCaheysville, Va, 22840 

Henni Lynn Rains, P O Box 345, King, N C. 27021 

David Alan Raines, 511 Berwick Court, Charlottesville, Va 22901 

Joseph S. Ragsdale, 602 Bnarwood, Eden. N.C 27288 

VirKent Michael Ramos, 2605 Beach Drive. Tampa, Fl 33609 

Martha L. Ramseur, 4919 Vincent Lane, Charlotte. N C. 28210 

O. Matthew Randolph, 916 Whitseit Street, Gibsonville, N C 27249 

Cecil B. Ratlifl, 2120 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill. SC 29730 

Elizabeth A. Rallerman, P O Box 361, Mebane, N.C. 27302 

Maria W. Ray, 1904 S Mebane St., Burlington. N C 27215 

Davida M. Ray, S14 Van Buren Street. Danville, Va. 24541 

William Archie Ray, 2130 Westover Terrace, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Mark A. Reagan, 402 Mashie Drive, Vienna, Va, 22180 

Edwin D. Reams, Jr., 501 Spring Avenue, f uquay-Varian, N.C. 27526 

Dewayne T. Reaves, 1228 Dover Street, Roxboro, NC. 27573 

Lydia Rene Reaves, Route 2, Box 299-K, South Boston, Va, 24592 

lohn G. Reaves, Jr., 715 Wjkelane Drive, Garner. N.C 27529 

Nancy B. Redd, 801 Seneca Road, Richmond. Va 23226 

Melanie Kerr Reid, P O Box 22, Burlinnton. NC 27215 

Randy R. Reid, P O Box 674, Troutman, N C 28166 

liuti T. Reidy, Roule 5, Box 315, Charlottesville. Va. 22901 

Gregory B. Reitiel, Roule 1. Box 744. Claremont, N C 28610 

Cynthia J. Rembisj, 11 Morion Place. Oakland, N J 07436 

RithardJ.Renick, "C Brookwood Gdn Apts . Burlington. N.C 27215 

Gary Lee Renigar. Roule 1. Box 371, Burlington, NC. 27215 

Suellyn P. Reynolds, Roule 1, Box 15, Allavista. Va. 24517 

Rhonda L Ridley, 12 Huntley Road. Summit. N ), 07901 

Cina Lynn Rhew, 711 Sycamore Road, Graham, NC. 27253 

Gene Patrick Rhodes, Roule 1. Box 236. Luray. Va 22835 

Richard K. Rhodes, 1220 Warwick Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Jane S. Rhodes,1220 Warwick Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 

Jeffrey L Rice, Route 10. Box 266-M, Charlotte, NC 28213 

Pam S. Rice, 311 Clayton Rd , Chapel Hill, N C 27514 

Barney D. Rice, Route 1, Box 15, Mebane, N C 27302 

Timothy R. Rice, Route 1, Box 15, Mebane, N C 27302 

Betsy M. Richards, 5 Hampton Hills Lane, Richmond, Va. 23226 

Charles Lee Richardson, 2125 Wesiover Dr . Danville, Va. 24541 

John A. Richards, |r., 1401 Delray Cl , Virginia Beach, Va 23455 

Kenneth O. Richards, 5500 Holmes Run Parkw , Alexandria, Va 22304 

Mark S. Richards, 1844 Fori Rice Street, Petersburg, Va 23803 

Linda L Richmond, P O Box 1084. Elon College. N.C. 27215 

Amy Rich, Route 6, Box 53-. Burlington. NC 27215 

Joseph B. Rickman, II, 56 Skipwith Green. Richmond, Va. 23229 

Douglas Rich, Rouie 6, Box 53-E, Burlington, NC, 27215 

Marianne Richardson, 1700 Turfwood Drive, Pfalllown, N.C 27040 

Krisli Rich 

David K. Rich, 607 W Davis Street, Buriinglon, NC. 27215 

Kelly Rich 

David Karr Richmond, Roule 5, Box 16. Mebane, N C. 27302 

James R. Riddle, Jr., 330-lst Street, Chuluoia, Fl 32766 

Cedric Owen Richmond, Route 1, Box 525, Haw River, N C 27258 

Alice Piper Rich, Rt 6. Box 57. Buriinglon, N C 27215 

Charles Richardson, 1709 Craves Avenue, High Point, N.C 27260 

Daniel M. Riemann, 690 Princeton Street, New Milford, N.) 07646 

Anita Snipes Rich, Rl 6, Box 53 E, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Angela Janel Riggs, 219 Pinedale Drive, Elon College, NC. 27244 

Dorothy Spoon Ricks, Ri 3, Box 347, Liberty, N.C 27298 

Richard T. Riggsbee, Jr., 2713 Landis Dr., Durham, N.C. 27705 

Robert lee Rigney, Jr., 114 Gloucester Avenue, Danville, Va, 24541 

Amy Rich 

Kevin M. Riley, ^tlIchelllown Road, Sharon, Cl 06069 

Mitchell L Rippy, Route 8, Box 481, Burlington, N C. 27215 

Terry L Rippy, 200 S Morgan Street, Roxboro, NC, 27573 

Joanne S. Rixon, 1530 Queens Road, Charlotte, N C 28211 

Donna G. Roach, Route 3. Box 257-A, Buriinglon, N C 27215 

Edward A. Roberson, Route 6, Box 34, Chapel Hill. N C 27514 

Kenneth A. Roberson, 10610 Academy Drive. Midlethian. Va, 23113 

Lba Ellis Roberts, Bo* 22. Lemon Springs, NC 28355 

Mary Ann Roberts, P O Box 348, Cibsonville. N C 27249 

Adrian T. Robertson, 116 Manning Rd . Suffolk. Va, 23434 

Kathy L Robertson, 1918-4D Trail 2, 27215 

Jean E. Robertson, 401 Murphy Streel, Madison. N.C. 27025 

Sandra G. Robertson, Roule 2, Box 194, Snow Camp, NC. 27349 

Amy Marie Robinson, Box 274, Felton, De 19943 

Burton C. Robinson, 5153 N Harbor Road, Suffolk. Va 2J435 

Carol J. Robinson, 1103 Talcose Lane. West Chester, Pa. 19380 

lohn E. Robinson, 207 Hanover Street, Troy. N C 27371 

Kevin lohn Robinson, 91 School Streel. Chelmsford. Ma, 01824 

Michael |. Robinson, 91 School Street. Chelmsford. Ma. 01824 

Nancy S. Robinson, 732 Engleman Avenue, Burlington, NC ^215 

Renee M. Rodriguez, 2512 Elderwood Lane, Burlington, NC. 27215 

Roberl R. Rodriguez, 2512 Elderwood Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 

Wilson Berry Rogers, Jr., 706-12 Huffman Mill R , Burlington. N.C 27215 

Ruth K. Rogers, 523 N Mam Streel. Graham. N C 27253 

Jimmy Oerand Rorie, 517 While Oak. High Point, NC 27260 

Eugene T, Rose, P O Box 806, Ahoskie. N C 27910 

Gregory P. Roseman, 5905 Old Rolling Road, Alexandria, Va 22310 

Monte E. Roseboro, 714 Congress Sl , Shelby, N.C 28150 

Michael Edwin Ross, Box 115, Fork Union. Va 23055 

Michael M. Ross, Route 2. Box 445, Elon College. N.C 27244 

Peter R. Roughton, Jr., 5303 Kingsbury Rd.. Richmond. Va 23226 

Vicki J. Roupe, Box 374, Sparia. N C 28675 

James L Routh, 403 Spnngwood Drive. Cibsonville. N C 27249 

Virgil L. Rowland, 110 Vinton Drive, Dallas, NC 28034 

Kyle Long Rudd, 2:'06 May Drive, Burlington, N C, 27215 

Stephanie M, Roulh, 20^8 Edgewood Avenue. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Karen L RudesiB, 1901 Whipping Post Wa , Vienna. Va 22180 

Bob Rutfin, 4-47 Plymoulh Ave , Winsion-Salem, N C 27106 

Marshall Lynn Rudder, 2117 Coy Street. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Susan Slaton Rudder, 203 )efferson Dr., Graham, N.C 27253 

Robert David Ruggles, P O Box 147. Hildebran, N C. 28637 

William A. Rule, III, 126 Woodland Drive, Staunton. Va 24401 

Michael James Rushton, School Street. N Springfield. Vl 05150 

lelfrey G. Russell, 1006 Oxon Court, Gary, N.C, 27511 

Ned T. Ryerson, Rt 4. Box 423. Asheboro, NC. 27203 

Stephen L Rutledge, 309 Dogwood Drive, Newport News, Va 23601 

Thomas S. Ryskiewich, 1034 Briardilt Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Malina Sakell, 315 Alderman Road. Charlottesville, Va. 22903 

John M. Sadler, 203 Longwood Road, Baltimore, Md. 21210 

Jayn Elizabeth Salrit, 1327 Florida Street. High Point. N C 27260 

Richard A. Sage, Jr., 12420 Soulhbridge Dri , Midlothian, Va 23113 

Michele Lee Sakellarb, 1710 N 54lh Avenue. Hollywood, Fl 33021 

lane E. Sampson, Roule 1, Box 18. Shenandoah, Va 22849 

David W. Sams, Ri 2, Box 45. Denton, N C 27239 

Ginger Marie Sanders, 618 Johnson Avenue, Graham, NC 27253 

Paula Kay Sams, 3533 Cherry Lane. Greensboro, N C 27405 

Anne Marie Saleeby, 1115 Dogwood Road, Statesville, N C 2S677 

lohn T. Sandridge, Jr., 1905 Norwich Drive. Greensboro, N C 27410 

Mark |. Santaloci, 1409 Unami Avenue, Wanamassa. N J. 07712 

Erie Clyde Sanders, 1606 Woodland Ave , Buriinglon. N C 27215 

Barry D. Sanerfield, 204 Wilba Road, Mebane. N C. 27302 

Betty B. Saunders, 8704 Tarrytown Drive, Richmond, Va, 23229 

Dale H. Saunders, Quail Ridge, Manakin. Va, 23103 

James H. Saunders, 1608 Bridge Street, Lexington, N.C 27292 

Wanda Kay Saunders, P O Box 534, Providence, NC. Z7315 

Richard M. Scarce, 2005 Cole Mill Rd , Durham, N C, Z7705 

Thomas B. Scarce, )r., 4814 Macon Drive, Archdale, N.C 27263 

Carol Suzanne Schenk, 3315 Wilshire Drive, Greensboro, N C. 27408 

David P. Schmidt. 1-C Vesteroaks Circle, Greensboro. N.C 27408 

Thomas H. Schoch, 2610 Farrelly, Peoria. II 61614 

Donna M. Schronce, Route 1. Box 479. Graham, NC 27253 

Stephen F. Schuckenbrock, P. O. Box 639, Advance, N.C 27006 

Mark A. SchulU, 3210 W Cornwallis Dri., Greensboro, NC. 27410 

John Schwab, 95 Gold St . Hawthorne. NY 10532 

Pamela Ann Scoggins, 1730 Maple Avenue, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Andrew R. Scott, 1751 Madison Avenue, Mount Airy, N C 27030 

Don Everett Scotl, Jr., Mays Lake Box 1565, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Connie I. Scotl, Roule 2, Box 159. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Dorothy Scotl, May's lake Box 1565, Burlington, N C 27215 

Larry D. Scott, Roule 2, Box 27. South Boston. Va 24592 

lohn R. Scott, 202 East York Drive, Emporia. Va 23847 

Keith R. Scott, 2420 Barracks Rd Apt . Charlollesvilte, Va. 22901 

lohn W. Scott, 2705 Siraltord Drive. Greensboro, N C. 27408 

Debra Helms Scott, P O Box 714, Elon College. N C 27244 

Marjorie T. Scotl, 2722 Catherine Drive. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Kim H.Sealord, Route 2, Advance, N C 27006 

Michael L Seagroves, Route 3. Box 245. Durham, NC 27707 

Frank C. Seel, 512 Vitksdell Crescen . Chesapeake. Va 23320 

James D. Segen, 3702 Whittield Court, Winston-Salem, N C, 27105 

Gregory M, Sehnert, 21 Oakleigh Lane, Maitland, Fl, 32751 

Stephen Ross Seibert, 3005-E Patriot Court, Greensboro, NC. 27408 

Danny Lee Sellers, 3159 Dillon Rd , Jamestown, NC 27282 

Kendall E. Sellers, 1109 Amheist Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Lawrence M. Seltzer, 3935 Abingdon Road, Charlotte. NC 28211 

Mark Wayne Sessoms, 1912 Longwood ^venue. Santord, N C 27330 

H. Brent Sexlon, 212 Glenbury Drive, fayetteville, N C 28303 

Kay F. Sexton, 12-A Brookwood Gdn Ap , Burlington, N C 27215 

Susan lynne Sexton, 2721 EldermonI Street, Buriinglon. N C 27215 

Nancy S. Shadburn, 2805 Devon Rd , Durham, N C 27707 

Lawrence F. Shaffer, P O Box 565. Nags Head, NC, 27959 

Catherine Mary Shannon, 137 Washington St . Leesburg, Va, 22075 

J. Herbert Shanks, 314 Bland Blvd , Burlington, NC 27215 

Susan L Shannahan, 827 Riberside Road, Salisbury. Md 21801 

C. Theodore Sharpe, Jr., Roule 8. Box 411, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Cynthia E. Sharpe, 2418 Edgewood Avenue, Buriinglon, N C 27215 

Lisa Michelle Sharpe, Roule 1. Box 93, Burlington, NC 27215 

lanniler Lynn Sharpe, 223 Waverly Way, Burlington, NC 27215 

Tanya Sue Sharpe, Roule 1. Box 93, Buriinglon. N C, 27215 

Charles |. Shaw, 2709 Eldermont Street, Burlington. N C 27215 

Vicki M. Shaw, 5 Merrm Lane, Rocky Hill, N | 08553 

Samuel W. Shaw, Jr., Box 102 Yanceyville, NC 27379 

Timothy B. Shaw, Roule 1, Box 54-S, Eden, NC 27288 

Tony Dale Shaw, Roule 5, Box 39A, Ml. Airy, N C 27030 

Galen M. Shelton, P O Box 35. King, N C 27021 

Michael C. Shelton, P O. Box 155, Gretna, Va, 24557 

Marvin F. Shenk, 917 WesI Mam Street, luray. Va 22835 

Richard |. Sheridan, 3640 Allendale Drive. Raleigh, N C 27604 

Tficia Louise Sherman, 1314 Briarclilf Road, Burlington, N C 27215 

Jackie C. Shollner, Box 126, Hanlord Road. Graham, N C. 27253 

Randy Keith ShoHner, 733 H Colony Apt., Burlington. NC, 27215 

Linda E. Shollner, i-22 College Park, Elon College, NC, 27244 

Roger S. Shore, 110 Cypress Street, King, N C 27021 

Edwin D. Sholwell, Rt 1, Box 209, Virgilina. Va 24598 

Michael David Shreves, P O Box 801. Gibsonville. N C, 27249 

Kendrick V. Shriver, 1119 larchmonl Cresce., Norfolk. Va 23508 

Richard Grey ShutI, 4931 Shaiialon Drive, Winslon-Salem, N.C 27106 

Randolph S. Sibley, Mi Vernon Rd SW, Roanoke. Va 24015 

Kenneth F. Sigmon, Jr., 7400 Monroe Road, Charlotte, NC 28212 

Ellen Patricia Sigman, 927 Kimberly Road, Burlington. N.C 27215 

I. Diane Sikrox, 541 Riverside Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

C. Denise Siler, 2313 Westover Terrace. Burlington, N C 27215 

Cynthia E. Simmons, Rl 1, Box 156, Lol 50, Climax, NC 27233 

lennifer L. Simmons, 214 W Summerbelle Ave.. Elon College, NC 27244 

Robert C. Simmons, 8901 Cromwell Drive, Springfield, Va. 22151 

Matthew |ames Simnor, 3127 Amherst Avenue. Burlington, N C 27215 

Charlene Simpson, 1308 Valley View Sire,, Greensboro, N.C 27405 

Janet L. Simpson, Roule 1, Box 335, McLeansville, N C 27301 

Judy F. Simpson, Roule 2, Box %, Elon College, N C 27244 

Karon |. Simpson, Roule 5, Box 523, Buriinglon, N C 27215 

Sharon D. Simpson, Roule 5, Box 523, Buriinglon, N C 27215 

Teresa D. Simpson. Route 5. Box 523, Burlington, N C 27215 

John Cabell Singleton, 14 Lexington Road, Richmond, Va 23226 

Alva Joe Sizemore, Jr., Route J, Box 415, Elon College, N C. 27244 

Jill Y. Sykes, Rt 2. Box 226, Mebane, N.C 27302 

Susan leigh Slate, Route 4, Box 187. Ml Airy. N C 27030 

Raymond B. Slaughter, 532 Ridgele, Lane, Richmond, Va. 23229 

Eugene Donald Slaughter, Rl 6, Box 47, Burlington. N,C. 27215 

Mark H. Slayman, 8427 Blakisinn Ln,, Alexandria, Va. 22308 

Glenda Carol SJayton, 2010 Ml Hope Church R , Whitsett, NC 27377 

Marshal D. Slayton, 2711 N Mam Street, South Boston, Va 24592 

Barbara Anne Smith, 217 Main Streel, Dayton, Va 22821 

Bany B. Smith, 919 Corn Tassel Trail, Martinsville. Va, 24112 

Bonneviere B. Smith, 919 Corn Tassel Trail. Martinsville, Va, 24112 

Carolyn F. Smith. 2128 Martin Street. Burlington, N C 27215 

Calvin Bryan Smith, 6631 Old Post Road, Charlotte, N C 28212 

Charlotte L. Smith, Route 8, Box 71, Buriinglon, N C 27215 

Clayton S, Smith, 2304 Larkspur Drive, Greensboro. N C 27405 

Dan T. Smith, Rl 2, Box 63, Graham, N C 27253 

David R. Smith, 223 P jokdale, Statesville, N C 28677 

Deborah Rene Smith, 1241 Richardson Dr Reidsville, NC, 27320 

Dennis Lee Smith, Route 9, Box 102, Buriinglon, N C 27215 

Eric Bernard Smith, Roule 3. Box 101. Elon College, N C 27244 

George Fabin Smith, Route 2, Box 364. Gibsonville, N C. 27249 

Gerald I. Smith, 4.344 CreslhiM Drive, Roanoke. Va 24018 

Gwendolyn |. Smith, Roule 1, Box 38AA, Belews Creek, N C 27009 

lames Mark Smith, 4508 Indian Wells Dr , Greensboro, N.C 27406 

lames F. Smith, Box 7601 Burlington H,, Gibsonville. NC, 27249 

lanel Carole Smith, 1528 Wilkins Drive, Suffolk, Va 23434 

Joyce L Smith, 3779 Kings Grant Road, Virginia Beach, Va, 23452 

Lorie Ann Smith, 310 Sunset Drive, Elon College. N.C 27244 

Larry J. Smith, 707 Crystal Drive. Salem, Va 24153 

Mark Anthony Smith. 1915S ^shland Drive, Buriinglon, N C 27215 

Melanie Jane Smith, 1411 Westbriar Drive, Richmond, Va 232233 

Michael David Smith, 2223 Meadow Wood Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Penny Smith Scott, Rt 1, Box 428. Reidsville, NC 27320 

Roy Lee Smith, P O Box 18, Bluefietd. Va 24605 

Shannon Rebecca Smith, 3003 Truitt Drive, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Sheree A. Smith, 1611 Granville Streel. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Stephen Barry Smith, P O Box 217, McLeansville, N C 27301 

Tamela L Smith, Roule 2, Box 59, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Thomas Everett Smith, 2001 Trail 5, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Timothy M. Smith, Roule 2. Box 226, Creedmoor, N C 27522 

Vera lynne Smith, 6612 Pleasant Pines D , Raleigh, NC 27612 

Johnie I. Smolherman, 620 Townsend Streel, Fayeiteville. N.C 28303 

Wayne I. Smith, Route 1, Box 38AA, Belews Creek, N C 27009 

Wiliiam S. Smith, 111, 349 N Pine Valley Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Paula Jean Sneeden, 1901 S Liveoak Parkwa , Wilmington, N.C 28403 

Sarah M. Snead, Route 3, Box 215. Bassetl, Va 24055 

Karen J. Snipes, Roule 3. Box 121. Hillsborough, N C, 27278 

William D. Snipes, Jr., PO Box 1284. Roxboro. N.C 27573 

lenny leigh Snook, 2972 Archers Mill Road. Suffolk. Va, 23434 

Elizabeth L Snyder, 19-C Greenbrier Road, Winsion-Salem, NC, 27104 

Carlos J. Solis, Roule 8, Box 375, Burlmgion, N C 27215 

Steven R. Sonberl, 2931 Norihbndge Rd , Winston-Salem. N.C 27103 

Lawrence I. Sondhaus, 5125 Hackney Lane SW, Roanoke, Va 24018 

Raj Kermar Sood, 1017 Winston Road, Durham, NC. 27704 

Tracey Lee Sowers, 114-8th Avenue North, East Hickory, N.C 28601 

Carol Chudina Spence, 1315 Morreene Rd #12-. Durham, NC 27705 

Dorene Spaulding, Roule 2. Box 247-8, Clarkton, N.C 28433 

David Eari Spears, 7010 McLeansville Rd,, Brown Summit. N C 27214 

Brian Marshall Spencer, 804 Quakenbos Sl NW, Washington. DC. 20011 

Joyce K. Spencer, #8 Country Club Drive. Wake Forrest, NC. 27567 

Christopher Lee Spencer, 2246 Onslow Drive, lacksville, N.C 28540 

Patricia L Spencer, 329 Camellia Drive, Charlottesville. Va, 22903 

Steven Craig Spoon, Bo. 99. Bennett, N C 27208 

Herbert 6. Spruill, Route 2, Box 367, Mebane, N C 27302 

Shana M. Stadler, 311 )| South La Salle, Durahm. NC, 27705 

Janice Leigh SUllord, 2020 Mt Hope Church R., Whilsetl. N.C 27377 

Nancy Rose StaJnback, Box 41, MJddleburg, N.C 27556 


lohn Joseph Suley, Roure 2. Box 137-D. Dudley. N C 28333 

Robert |. Stalker, 3920 Cambridge Place, Hopewell, Va 23860 

Cecila S(. Amand 

Paul David SlarKil, 101 Dove Avenue. SW. Concord, N C 28025 

Frances Stanley 

William E. SuHer, 99 Soundview Road, Huntington, NY. 11743 

Jeri Sutler, 10717 Howerton Ave,. Fairfax. Va 22030 

Victor Steed, 128 S Bullock St , Henderson, NC 27536 

Kimberly C. Sleeken, 451 Graylon Place. Fayelteville, NC 28301 

Stephen Lee Slerans, 605 Ceniral Avenue. Burlington, N.C 2721S 

Richard A. Steele, 800 Brookgteen Trail, Graham, N.C 27253 

lames B. Stephenson, P O Box 944, Henderson, NC 27536 

loseph W. Stephens, Box 195, North Garden, Va 22959 

Steven C, Stephenson, Route 1, Willow Spring, N.C. 27592 

David A. Stevens, 1921 N, Pearl Street. Favetteville, N C 28303 

James Scott Stevenson, 5922 Sherborn Lane. Springfield, Va 22152 

Paul f. Stewart, 1507 Morganton Road. Fayetteville, N C 28305 

William L. Stewart, III, Route 3, Box 116-D, Burlington. N C 27215 

ScoH F. Stidham, Jr., 3420 Landor Road. Raleigh. N.C 27609 

Robyn C Still, 4665 Longreen Ct . Kernersville, NC 27284 

Jasper M. Stockton, Route 5, Box 18, Martinsville, Va 24112 

Janice E. Stone. Be 353, Green Cv Springs, Fl, 32043 

Barbara B. Slokes, Boi 597, Buies Creek, N C 27506 

Harry fames Stone, 1320 Keogh St., Burlington, NC 27215 

Carolyn M. Storck, 9520 Narragansen Pla . Vienna. Va 22180 

Anne Calvert Storey, 219A 68lh 5l . Virginia Beach, Va 23451 

Peter Siratos, Jr., 719 Lyons Ave , Charlotresville, Va 22901 

William R. Streal, 12 Charnwood Road. Richmond, Va 23229 

Brenda Strickland, P O Box 176. Floyd, Va 24091 

James M. Strickland, Route 4. Box 444-A. Mt Airy, N C 27030 

Joyce S. Stroud, 140 Wood Avenue, Danville. Va 24541 

Stanton A. Stubblefield, 706-A9 HuMman Mill R . Burlington, N.C 27215 

Sluart T. Stringer, 3218 Riverview Drive, Triangle. Va 22172 

Owen Kert Sludt, 2420 Landis Drive, Durham, N.C 27705 

Amy Jo Stuart, 2019 Huniington Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Carolyn M. Stutts, 2719 McKinney Street. Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Berkley A. Stutts, Jr., 1320 Hawthorne Lane. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Catherine K. Subletl, Route 10. Box 322, Greensboro. N.C. 27406 

Douglas Eugene Suits, P O Box 33, Burlington, N C 27215 

Linda Votta Sullivan, 308 Collmwood Drive, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Leigh Anne Suddalh, 817 S Sellars Mill Rd , Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Julie Ann Sullivan, 8609 Parliament Drive, Springfield, Va. 22151 

Robert Sugg, 510 Brookwood Dr , Durham, NC, 27707 

Georgia K. Sullivan, Route 5, Raleigh, N C 27604 

Helen Sullivan 

Brad Sulecki 

Michael A. Summers, 1864 S Woodstde Lane. Virginia Beach, Va 23454 

Jeff Richard Summers, 2808 Mountain Breeze, Charlotte. N C 28210 

Sharon W. Sumner, 921 Liberty Street, Ahoskie. N C. 27910 

Vincent A. Suozzi, 44 Elm Avenue. Glen Cove, N Y 11542 

Philip T. Suracr, 228 Hanging Tree Road, Courlland, Va. 23837 

Elizabeth C. Surralt, 2914 Bedford Ci , Burlington. N.C 27215 

Jo Ellen Sulet, Roure 1. Box 100. Bridgewater. Va 22812 

Stuart M. Sutherland, Route 4. Box 1327, Sanford, N.C, 27330 

Robert Lewis Sutton, 4902 Wakefield Chpl R.. Annandale. Va 22003 

Leeanne Sutton, P O Box 1008. Cibsonville, N.C 27249 

Rick A. Sutton, 4524 Waubansie Lane. Lisle, 111 60532 

Terri L. Swain, 2306 Lednum St , Apt E, Durham, N.C 27705 

Sharyne A. Switzer, 926 Dacian #5, Durham, N C, 27701 

Thomas M. Swing, 1629 Holly Grove Road, Lexington, N.C 27292 

Johnnie Carol Syies. Route 2, Box 116, Mebane, N C 27302 

Frances Marshall Sydnor, Route 2, Box 251-A, Snow Camp, N C 27349 

Ashraf Alfred Tadros, 5631 Cherrycresr Lane, Charlotte, NC 28210 

Robert Douglas Talley, 4502 Whitby Place, Greensboro. N C 27406 

Michael Holl Talley, 1806 Pinecrest Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

David Morgan Talley, 3821 Rhodes Avenue. Charlotte, N C 28210 

Robert Lee Talley, Jr., 613 Overman Drive. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Matthew J. Tappero, Route 2, Forest. Va 24551 

Mark Alan Tanhauser, 7621 Anson Court, Springlield, Va. 22152 

Diana L Taylor, 1028 Willow Street, Mt Airy. N C 27030 

larry V. Taylor, 123 Oak St SW, Vienna, Va 22180 

Polly Melissa Taylor, 228 Weslover Drive, Roxboro, N.C. 27573 

Roger E. Taylor, 2911 Buckingham Rd , Durham, N.C, 27707 

Ronnie Taylor, 460 Continental Dr , Durham, NC 27712 

Teresa L Taylor, 2025 Deyesle Road Sw, Roanoke, Va 24018 

Thomas W. Taylor, Route 10, Box 529, Burlington. N C 27215 

Thonda D. Taylor, Route 1, Box 83, Jacksonville, N C 28540 

Michael Anson Teachey, Forest Acres, Crifton, N C, 28530 

Neil E. Teague, P O Box 512. Reidsville, N C, 27320 

Shea Lynn Teague, Route 10, Box 626, Hickory. N C 28601 

Jimmy L Teal, 209 McQueen Si . Cheraw. S C 29520 

Mark Edward Teer, 1120 Townbranch Road, Graham. N.C. 27253 

Patricia R. Temple, Route 4, Box 155, Hillsborough, N C 27278 

Benjamin James Terrell, 519 Riverside Drive. Burlington, N C. 27215 

Richard E. Terrell, 519 Riverside Dr , Burlington, N C 27Z15 

Benjamin Porter Terrell, Route 2, Box 204. Mebane, N C. 27302 

J. Franklin Terry, Jr., Route 3, Box 177. Hillsborough, N.C. 2727B 

Anita M. Thiel, Route 2, Box 347, Burlington. N C 27215 

Tamra Jane Thoen, Route 4, Box 292-K, Luray. Va 22835 

Benjamin K. Thomas, 2526 Hyde Street, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

David W. Thomas, 7117 Loch Haven Rd , NW, Roanoke, Va, 24019 

Fred D. Thomas, 2410 W Front Street. Burlington. N C, 27215 

JeHrey B. Thomas, Route 1, Box 73. Broadway, NC 27505 

lai E- Thomas, 106 Monterey Lane. Durham, N C 27707 

lohn H. Thomas. Jr., 1366 Prnebluff Road. Wmston-Salem. N C 27103 

Keith Best Thomas, 713 N Ninth Street. Mebane. N C 27302 

Justin Shea Thomas, Route 2, Box 3, Lawrenceville. Va. 23868 

Tonya Jean Thomas, 238 Patterson, Roxboro. N C 27573 

Devin A. Thomason, 3105 Forestdale Drive. Burlington, N.C. 27215 

William A. Thomas, Ji., Route 1. Box 276-A, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Billy E. Thompson, Roule 1, Box 176, Rowland. N.C 28383 

James B. Thompson, 205 Canterbury Road, Chesapeake, Va 23320 

Betty Jean Thompson, Roule 5. Box 57, Mebane, N C 27302 

Daniel S. Thompson, 205 Confederate Street, Lexington, NC 27292 

Deborah E. Thompson, Route 5, Box 44, Burlington, N C 27215 

John P. Thompson, 2705 Holly Drive. Greensboro, N C 27408 

Paul K. Thompson, 304 S Ireland Street, Burlington, N C 27215 

Michael |. Thompson, 1518 Hanover Road. Burlington. N C 27215 

Sieve M. Thompson, 2307 Easr Innes Street, Salisbury, N C 28144 

Timothy W. Thompson, 443 Oriole Street. Staunton. Va. 24401 

W. Dean Thomspon, 313 Trail Four. Burlington. N C 2715 

Teresa A. Thompson, 11 Kingswaye Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221 

Michelle E. Thompson, 2111-G Colony Apts , Burlington, NC 27215 

Randy Michael Thompson, P O Box 413, Graham, N C 27253 

James A. Thumm, 1200 Bridle Lane. Richmond, Va 23229 

Lydia Blen Tickle, Route 2, Box 122, Gibsonville, N.C 27249 

Kenneth Lee Tickle, Route 1, Box 11, McLeansville, N C 27301 

Rose Gilliam Ttlley, Route 2, Burlington, N C 27215 

Tony C. Ttlley, 3848 Cash Dr . Winsion-Salem, NC, 27107 

Danelle S. Tillman, 1202 E Wlllowbrook Dr , Surlmgton, N C 27215 

Robert P. Tillon, 22 Stratford Drive, Brick Town, N ) 08723 

Sherri L Tlhon, 22 Stratford Drive, Bncktown, N J 08723 

Linwood Ttmerlake, 601 26ih Street, Butner, N C 27509 

Susan M. Tinsley, 706 Keats Road. Richmond, Va 23229 

Dana Dawi> Todd, 2620 White Oak Drive. Burlington. N.C 27215 

Robert C. Tippett, 116 Carolina Avenue, Burlington, N C 27215 

ferry R. Tolley, Jr., 209 Courtland Dr . Elon College, N C 27244 

lillie Anne Tobash, 3601 Bent Branch Ct , Falls Church. Va 22041 

Robert Tommy, Jr., 6 Lincoln Avenue. East Brunswick. NY. 08816 

Denise P. Tompkins, P O Box 99. Mebane, N C 27302 

Linda C. Totten, Route 1. Box 151, Reidsville. N.C 27320 

Margaret Toney, 719 Carolina Dr , Dunn, N C 28334 

Slephen M. Traub, 7ft4 Glasgow Court. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 

Richard C. Toney, Route 7. Box 138, Reidsville. N C 27320 

James Aaron Tolltver, Roule 7, Box 1020, Santord, NC. 27330 

Etrem Z. Townsend, P O Box 215, Morven, N C. 28119 

Michael J. Touloupas, 2028 Nottingham Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Ernie Laulu Tootoo, 2805 Morgan St . Wilmington, N C 28403 

Marshall Allen Traywick, Route 4, Box 22, Marshville, N C. 28103 

Janice K. Trent, Route 2. Box 451, Elon College. N.C. 27244 

Meredith W. Tresler, Rl 1, Box 29, Orange. Va. 22%0 

Mark T. Trickey, Route 1. Box 53. Alton. Va, 24520 

Tracy Lee Trimmer, 2980 Buccaneer Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

Sandra lee Tripp, Route 4, Box 199, Mebane, N.C. 27302 

Nancy K. Tripp, 2502 Glendale Avenue. Durham, N.C, 27704 

Pamela Denise Triplelt, Rt 1, Box 15-A. Traphill. N C, 28685 

Gregory Lee Trollinger, Roule 9, Box 494, Burlington. N C. 27215 

Jewel Mae Trollinger, 414 Union Avenue. Burlington, N C 27215 

Betty Susan Trosler, 2630 Trail 5, Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Chelsea Rea Troiler, Route 2, Box 427, Elon College, N.C. 27244 

Larry R. Troxler, 2630 Trail 5, Burlington, NC, 27215 

Mark W. Troxler, Box 4095. Glen Raven, N.C. 27215 

Jell Mark Tubiolo, Roule 1. Sox 127. Hillsborough. N.C. 27278 

Edward Otto Tuck, Jr., Roule 2, Box 26, Franklin, Va, 23851 

H. Claiborne Tuck, 513 South Main Street, Roxboro, N.C- 27573 

Karen lee Tucker, 8060 Moose Avenue. Norfolk. Va. 23518 

Larry E. Tucker, 1109 E. Joyner Street, Gibsonville, N,C. 27249 

Brenda C. Turner, 1304 Ridgecresi Avenue, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Ray C. Turner, Ri 4. Box 108, Burlington. N C. 27215 

Roscoe P. Turlington, 104 Barnes Ave,, Clinton, N.C. 28328 

Harold les Turiinglon, 104 Barrus Ave., Clinton, N.C 28328 

Jeffrey lee Turner, 2503 Hyde Street, Burlington, N.C- 27215 

John C. Turner, \t.. 1711 Duval Drive, Greensboro, N.C. 27410 

Rodney Roy Turner, Route 3, Box 32, Hillsborough, N.C, 27278 

Steven Alan Turner, 4301 Foxcrofl Rd., Charlotte. N.C 28211 

Audrey leilia Tunslall, 1417 N. Duke Street, Durham, N.C, 27701 

Percy L Twine, Ri 3. Box 248, Edenlon. N.C. 27932 

Janet leigh Tye, 632 Centerville Tpk , Chesapeake, Va, 23320 

Joyce Ann Tye, 632 Centerville Tpk, Chesapeake, Va. 23320 

Cindy L. Tysinger, 220 Underwood Street, Asheboro, N.C. 27203 

W. Douglas Underwood, Route 10, Box 544, Burlington. NC, 27215 

Dan W. Uzzle, 5 Litllewood Lane, Durham. N.C, 27707 

Drew layne Van Horn, Route 1, Box 50-C, Valdese, N.C. 28690 

Thomas J. Uti, Jr., 114 Hunter Ave.. Elon College, N.C. 27244 

Mark 8. Van Kirk, 6800 Newbold Drive, Beihesda, Md. 20034 

Caryn M. Vanpelt, 3719 Hermine Street, Durham, N.C. 27705 

Stephen Ray Vargas, Ri 6, Richardson Road, Laurinburg, NC, 28352 

Rebecca L Vaughan, Route 3, Box 142, Virgilina, Va 24598 

Christine Van Stiver, 4827 Tower Rd , Greensboro, N.C. 27410 

David E. Vaughn, 3640 Tanglewood Circle. Dallas, Tx. 75234 

Michael G. Vaughan, P O. Box 190. Halifax. Va. 

Clayton A. Vaught, Jr., Route 1, Box 66-B, Winnabow, N.C. 28479 

Lisa K. Veasey, 4007 Glenn Road, Durham, N.C. 27704 

C. Wallace Vinson, 225 Monlpelier Drive, Wmslon-Salem. N C, 27103 

Tim Vaughn, Rt 9, Box 47, Reidsville, N.C. 27320 

Earl W. Vicker?, til, P O Box 102, Elon College, N C 27244 

Cynthia A. Violette, 6408 May Blvd , Alexandria, Va 22310 

Glenn L Vite, Box K. Central Valley, N V 10917 

Eric Charles VogI, 604 Lakeview Drive, Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 

Brenda leigh Vinson, Rt £. Box 135B, Madison Hts., Va, 24572 

Jackie Wagoner, Route 1. Box 285. Burlington. NC. 27215 

Ernest Ira Wagner, 615 Freeland Avenue. Hillsborough. NC, 27278 

Alphonso Walker, 672 McAdam Road. Hillsborough, N.C, 27278 

Darlene Walker, Roule 1, Box 206. Prospect Hill, N.C. 27314 

Dennis D. Wa5<er, Route 1, Box 53. Roxboro. NC. 27573 

Gene P. Walter, Jr., 4221 Garden Spring Dr , Clemmons, N.C. 27012 

James Edward Walter, 290 Masonboro Loop Rd . Wilmington. NC. 28403 

John P. Walker, 2031 W. Front Street. Burlington, N.C 27215 

Julie B. Walker, 2230 Delaney Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 

Kenan 8. Walker, 309 Gilmer Circle, Reidsville, N.C. 27320 

Linda Gail Walker, 404 S St. John Street. Burlington, NC. 27215 

Paul A. Walker, 114-43 13l5t S Ozone, Queens, NY, 11420 

Susan L Walker, Qtrs H Antrim Drive, Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055 

Debra D. WaD, Route 1, Lasley Road, Lewisville, N.C. 27023 

Karen Melina Wall, 1315 Brookwood Drive, Reidsville. N.C, 27320 

Randy L Wall, Route 3, Box 802, Graham, N C, 27253 

Samuel Leigh Wall, 2168 Herron Road, Whitsett, NC. 27377 

Woodrow A. Wal, Jr., 1315 Brookwood Dr,, Reidsville. N.C. 27320 

Barry L Wallace, 922 Paul Si , Martinsville. Va 24112 

Darrell Donnell Wallace, Route 1, Box 570, Rockingham, NC 28379 

Frank Nelson Wallace, 222 Bennett Street, Wadesboro, N C 26170 

Don Martin Waller, 117 Marion Drive, Chesapeake, Va 23320 

Deborah L WaDwork, Buean Vista Dnve. Halifax, Va. 24558 

Janice H. Walters, 2566 Oakcrest Court, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Janice Terrell Walters, 509 Wentworth Dr , Graham. N.C, 27253 

Laura lee Walton, 259 Prospect Drive. Leesburg, Va. 22075 

Sleven H. Walton, 242 Collmwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Terry Jane Walton, 811 Banks Rd.. Martinsville, Va. 24112 

Danny L Ward, Box 7817 Rosemont St., Gibsonville. N C 27249 

Garry Ward, 341 Clifton Rd . Rocky Mount, N C 27801 

William Hunt Wa/d, 3036 N. Fairway Drive. Burlington, N C 27215 

Parker L Ward, 85 Copper Glen Drive. Huntington, WV 2S701 

Timothy E. Ward, Route 6. Box 212-E, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

John P. Ware, 132 Simonds Street, Athol, Ma. 01331 

Lucindy Jane Warren, Route 4, Mebane, N.C 27302 

Nancy A. Warren, 606 Banks Ave, Coldsboro, N.C. 27530 

Vicki L Warren, Roule 14, Box 208, Charlotte, N C 28208 

Catherine I. Watkins, Jordan Road Box 485, Ramseur. N.C. 27316 

Billy Waldo Watkins, Route 4, Box 281-C, Burlington, N C 27215 

lola Elaine Watkins, Route 4, Box 84, Mebane, N C 27302 

Juliana L Watkins, Route 2, Box 466. McLeansville, N C 27301 

Edward 8. Watlington, 9 Assembly Ct.. Greensboro, N.C 27405 

Steve G. Weaver, 4829 Stafford Drive, Durham. N.C. 27103 

Michael Payne Watson, P O. Box 60, Elon College, N.C. 

John F. Watts, Box 235 Cermanton, N C 27019 

Sharon Kaye Waynick, 3524 Ljwndale Drive, Greensboro, NC, 27408 

C. Anderson Weaver, Jr., P O Box 6204, Norfolk, Va 23506 

Deborah J. Weaver, 432 W Plantation Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 

Anna Tomlinson Webb, 2518 Wake Drive, Raleigh, N C. 27608 

Amanda Gail Webster, 1320 Tucker Street, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Gary L. Webster, 2624 Trail 5, Burlington, N C 27215 

Rufus Arnold Webster, 4424 West Wendover, Greensboro, NC. 27410 

fames Bruce Weeks, Jr., P O Box 274, Piltsboro, N C. 27513 

Sleven Charles Weeks, 909 Coharie Drive, Clinton, NC 28328 

M. Jayne Wetgand, 1456 Elmwood Avenue, Deerfield, II. 60015 

Cheryl Anne Weiger, 13 Circle Drive, Mauldin. S.C 29662 

Pamela Halchel Welborn, 507 Trail 1. Burlington, N.C- 27215 

David Arthur Wekh, 606 Tangle Drive, Jamestown, N.C. 27282 

Ashley E. Welfare, 1115 S Havvthorne Road. Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Bernice Randal Wells, Roule 1, Box 405, Watha, NC. 28471 

Keith Warren Welb, Route 3, Box 632, Graham, N C 27253 

Sleven M. Wells, P O Box 134, Turkey, N.C. 28393 

Perry lee West, 1157 Bedford Avenue, Noriolk, Va. 23508 

Thomas R. Weslenhiser, 259 Sunny Jim Drive, Medford, N J, 08055 

W. Howard WheatJey, 603 Pine Bluff Rd , Salisbury, Md 21801 

Kenneth B. Wheeler, 2307 Stratford Court, Richmond. Va. 23225 

Henry BurweD White, 523 Worth Street, Asheboro. NC. 27203 

John K. White, 507 Tony Tank Lane, Salisbury, Md. 21801 

Martin Lynn White, Route 3, Box 424, Elon College, N C 27244 

William C. White, Star Route 2, Yanceyville, N C 27379 

Donna Lynn Whitfield, Route 1. Box 247, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 

fan Melissa Whitfield, Route 1. Hurdle Mills, N C 27541 

David lee WhiUey, 4449 Driftwood Drive, Clemmons, N.C, 27012 

Kenneth K. Whitley, Jr., Route 14. Box 527, Charlotte, NC. 28208 

Milton Junior Whitley, 2159 Woodland, Burlington, N.C 27215 

E. Oickirtson Whitnrare, 2456 Sandliddler Road, Virginia Beach. Va 23456 

Cecil G. WhitI, 203 W Decatur St.. Madison, N.C 27025 

Vicky lyn Whittaker, 229 Hall Ave., Burlington, N C. 27215 

Mafk Traywidt Whitt, 312 Clayton Avenue, Roxboro, N.C. 27573 

Norman T. Whillington, P. O. Box 70, Marion. Md. 21838 

Anne Kalhryn Widnun, 9310 Skyview Drive, Richmond, Va. 23229 

John Albert Wieland, 4905-A Tower Road, Greensboro, NC, 27401 

Douglas A. Wiessner, P O Box 1463, Asheboro, N C. 27203 

Eric V. Wigren, 10107 Alice Courl, Fairfax, Va 22030 

Marcia Marie Wikox, 921 Stale Street. Ithaca, NY 14850 

A. Michael Wilkerson, Route 2, Box 251, Boy^lon. Va 23917 

Edith Kathryn Wiliins, 411 S 3rd Street, Smithfield, N.C, 27577 

Mark S. Wilkinson, 300 Charles Street, Mebane, N.C. 27302 

Robert A. Wilkinson, III, P. O. Box 309, Mebane, N.C. 27302 

Michael foe Willett, 107 Northbrooke Avenue, Suffolk, Va. 23434 

Alfred A. Williams, P O Box 207. Warrenion, NC 27589 

Deborah C. Williams, Route 3, Box 132, Powhatan, Va 23139 

J. Robert Williams, Roule 6, Box 297. Elizabeth City. N,C. 27909 

lori A. Williams, P O Box 43, Belews Creek, N.C 27009 

Leslie Rose Williams, 802 Valley Street. Slatesville, NC 28677 

lori Annette Williams, 603-A Isley Place, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Melissa Williams, 1316 Willow Drive. Sea Girt, N J 08750 

Nolan L Williams, 2205 Sutphin Rd,, Sanford, NC. 27330 

Michael I. Williams, 100 W Crawford Street, Mebane. N.C. 27302 

Tamara Rose Williams, 1600 Swepsonville Road. Graham, N.C 27253 

Teresa Gwen Williams, Roule 1, Box 315. Powhalan, Va, 23139 

Charles W. Williamson, P O Box 62, Sedalia. N C. 27342 

laverne Williamson, 1620 W'oodridge Ave , Greensboro, NC 27405 

Lou Ann Williamson, Route 2. Box 65. Graham. N.C, 27253 

Ronald R. Williamson, Route 1. Box 251, Hallsboro, N.C. 28442 

Donald Andrew Willis, 220 Webster Rd,, Graham, NC. 27253 

foey Willis, 331 Garfield Street. Danville, Va. 24541 

Sheila Jean Willis, Route 1, Box 372, Mebane. N C. 27302 

Virgil W. Willis, fr., 2231 Walker Ave,, Burlington. N.C. 27215 

Kyle D. Wilb, 211 Foster Drive, Elon College, N.C. 27244 

fames Markham Wikon, 914 Wade Avenue, Garner, N.C. 27529 

louann Wilson, 342 Maupin Avenue, Salisbury, N C 28144 

Sandra A. Wilson, 1805 Sirathmore Drive, Greensboro, N C, 27410 

Rhonda M. Wilson, 710 Kidd Drive. Burlington, N.C, 27215 

Robert G. Wilson, 2234 Walker Avenue, Burlington, N.C. 27215 

lack Thomas Wilson, 301 Maupin Avenue, Salisbury, N.C. 28144 

fackie Dale Wilson, P O Box 1062. Danville, Va. 24541 

John Palleison Wilson, 1563 Wesiover Avenue, Petersburg. Va 23803 

John S. Wilson, 4604 Dyer Court, Roanoke, Va. 24018 

Mary K. Wibon, Route 1, Box 347-C. Burlington. NC, 27215 

Neil C. Wikon, Jr., 1116 Five Forks Road, Virginia Beach. Va. 23455 

Tony Wesley Wibon, Route 2. Box 1132, Connelly Springs. N C, 28637 

Randy N. Wimberly, Route 1. Box 60. Maiden, N C 28650 

Bobby E. Winders, 203 Edgewood Drive, Henderson, N.C 27536 

George Wibon Wintree, 407 Morven Road, Wadesboro, N.C. 28170 

JeHrey C Winterstein, 2211 Canterbury Drive. Burlington. N.C 27215 

Susan G. Winh-ee, 8276 Hull Street, Richmond, Va 23235 

Karen Kay Winlrey, 3960 Avera Avenue, Winston-Salem, N C 27106 

Robin A. Winston, 308 Southland Or . Danville, Va 24541 

Tammy R. Winstead, PO Box 844. Roxboro. NC. 27573 

Timothy H. Winslead, P O Box 844. Roxboro, N C 27573 

Paula Faye Wise, 1221 Weslndge Road, Greensboro, N C 27410 

Lillian Cayle Wirston, Rt 4, Box 172, Oxford, N C 27565 

Gary lee Wirt, 4957 Erskine Street, Virginia Beach, Va, 23462 

Mary W. Winstead, 2511 Watt Drive, Burlington, N.C 27215 

Robin A. WiHenauer, 660 Woodside Of . Mt Airy, N C, 27030 

Kathryn A. Wobus, 8499 Lynn River Road. Norfolk. Va 23503 

E. Charles Womack, 627 Holbrook Street, Oanville, Va 24541 

Mark Lloyd Wood, Route 8, Box 112, Charlotlesville, Va 22901 

Michael Shane Wood, 954 Selma Blvd , Staunton, Va 24401 

Susan D. Wood, 423 S Norwood St , Wallace, N C 28466 

Perry Hedrick Wood, 645 Cedar Road, Chesapeake. Va 23320 

Virginia D. Wood, 10 Chadd Road. Newark. De 19711 

David Alan Wood, Rouie 10, Box 469, Burlington. N.C 27215 

Carol D. Woodlief, Route 1, Kittrell, N C 27544 

Hensley E. Woods, 4760 Brookwood Drive. Roanoke. Va. 24016 

fames K. Woolford, 410 Sleepy Hollow Road. Richmond, Va. 23229 

Mark L Woosley, 3610 Wakefield Road, Richmond. Va. 23235 

Russell D. Worley, 2616 Cypress Dr . Palm Harbor, Fl. 

Bobby B. Worrell, fr., 100 Sunset Drive, Franklin. Va. 23851 

Chrb D. Worst, 5701 Ponca Rd . Virginia Beach, Va, 23462 

Myra Regina Worth, 426-G Kernodle Drive. Graham, N.C. 27253 

Nadine Hahn Wray, 505 Engleman Ave, Burlington, NC 27215 

Wade Nissen Wray, 505 Engleman Ave, Burlington, NC, 27215 

Blanche D. Wrenn, 2266 May Drive, Burlington, N.C- 27215 

Creighlon M. Wright, 326 Dogwood Drive. Newport News, Va 23606 

Dwighl M. Wright, P O Box 306. Apex, N C 27502 

George R. Wright, Route 1. Box 48, Statey, N.C 27355 

Cina L Wright, 2702 W Polo Road. Winston-Salem, N C. 27106 

fean Wright, Ri 1, Box 30, Ruttin, N C 27326 

Slephen M. Wright, 440 Hillcrest Drive. Aberdeen, Md. 21001 

Ginger Gwynn Wyrick, Roule 3. Box 185. Elon College. N C 27244 

Carla Renee Wrights, 4935 MrCee Road, Walkertown. N C 27051 

C. Vincent Wythe, P O Box 34, Nags Head. N C 27295 

Donna S. Wyrick, Route 1, Box 464, McLeansville. N C 27301 

Donna lee Wylie, 2220 Hope Mills Rd , Fayetteville, N.C. 28306 

Paul C. Yarborough, fr., 2227 Lee Drive, Burlington, N C 27215 

Timothy Wayr>e Yates, Rt 5, Box 35, Concord, N.C 28025 

Palsy G. Yates, Route 4, Box 391, Nathalie. Va 24577 

Clinton Wayne York, Route 10, Box 396, Burlington, N C 27215 

Sheryl R. York, Route 2. Box 19, Liberty, N C 27298 

Midori Voshioka, P O Box 157. Elon College, N C 27244 

Earl S. Younce, fr., 125 East 4th Street. Washington, N C 27889 

Alan f. Young, 301 E Haggard Avenue. Elon College, N C 27244 

Cabell Young, III, 565 Glovenia St , Eden, N C 27286 

David e. Young, 301 E Haggard Avenue, Elon College. NC 27244 

Debra Sue Yourtg, 548 Greenway Drive. Siatesville, N.C. 28677 

linda Sue Young, 2601 ChilcotT Court, Vienna. Va, 22180 

Russell H. Young, fr., 2417 Ross Street, Alexandria, Va 22306 

B. Kyle Younger, P O Box 608. Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Ethel A. Younger, 407 Eugene St., Box 341. Gibsonville, N.C, ^249 

foanne J. YounI, 433 Ward St , Graham, N C 27253 

Karen R. Ysleboe, 131 Random Lane, Burlington. N C- 27215 

Teresa D. Zachary, Rt 1, Chapel Hill, N.C 27514 

Patricia lyrin Zaiascek, 885 Stoneykirk Drive, Fayetteville, N.C- 28304 

Frank Xavier Zang, 414 Courtland Drive, Elon College, N.C. 27244 

Nick S. Zangotsis, 1218 Ridgecresi Avenue. Burlington, N.C, 27215 

fames Allan Zemonek, 6315 Hickory Hollow R,, Jamestown, N.C, 27282 

fames Alan Zint, 100 W Laramie Court. Mebane, N.C. 27302 

William C. Zint, III, 100 W Laramie Court, Mebane. NC, 27302 

William leon Zuby, 113 Highland Avenue. Burlinglon, N.C. 27215 

Tammy I. Zulall, Rt 3. Box 445. Graham, N C 27253 

faneen L. Zumwall, P O, Box 704, Elon College, NC, 27244 



John Sadler 

Eddie Cuerrin 

Andy Davis 

Frank Burchfield 

Mike Johnson 

Don Lawrence 

Congratulate the Senior 

Brothers of 1979: 

Rick Renick 

Don Lawrence 

Tim Peeler 

William Newman 

Tom Nelson 

Greg Hamilton 

Ken Powell 

Joey Mills 

Danny Bagbey 

Ronnie Davis 


mmy Barefoot 

"Just CD." 


David & Phyllis Eastwood Welcome You 

DAVID'S ^^'^^ 

fluut.l by W'-rc 

Mon. -Sat. 8:30-6:00 
Phone in-'irJl 
Home Phone 226-0012 


1535 Webb Ave. 
Burlington, N.C. 27215 


All the latest in 

Skateboards — Trucks, Wheels 

and Surf Boards 

Also Rink Skates 

a division of 

Sumner Hardware and Toy Center 

1317 W. Webb Ave. 226-0869 

See Neal or Phil Sumner 


P.O. Box 520 
Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Three Convenient Locations: 

244 W. Davis St. 
1909 N. Church St. 
1700 S. Church St. 

Sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha 

Marcia Alderman — 

Kandy Arthur 
Marie Barrett 
Kathy Butler 
Irene Caicedo 
Valerie Clark 
Trent Dickens 
Mindy Duncan 
Debbie Edwards 
Norma Escalante 
Terri Esperti 
Sherry Evans 
)an Frye 

Martha Fulcher — 

Linda Glunt 
Karen Gould 
Shari Gould 
Robin Grimes 
Phyllis Hartsoe 
Debbie Hurley 

Sandy Jones 
Betsy Kinsey 
Angle Lintz 
Nancy Lottman 
)ody Luke 
Terry Mack 
Gwen McConnell 
Pledge Trainer 

Martha Ramseur 
Cindy Simmons 
)eri Statler 
Lillie Tobash — 

Vicki Warren 
Gina Wright 
Pam Andrews 
Caroline Maclin 
Meg Guy 

Deborah Wallwork 
Becky Hare 
Ann Hughes — 


Annette Metcalf 
Elizabeth Morris 
Lynn Nesset 
Katherine Pappas 
Susie Parker 
Heni Rains — 
Hist. Reporter 


If it's anything 

to do with 


for action 

wc do it at 


Burlington Industries, Inc. 

Local Operations: Burlington House Finishing Plant, 
Burlington Sock Plant, Burlington Transportation, 
Graham Plant, J. Spencer Love Hosiery Center, Mayfair 
Plant, Pioneer Plant, Purchasing Services Division, 
Williamsburg Plant. 

Equal Opportunity Employer 



We Satisfy Everyone! 

112 Williamson Ave. 
Elon College 












Best Eatin' All Around 


Quality Dress and Decorative Fabrics 

We Make Drapes 

Burlington & Elon Hwy. 

P. O. Box 4235 


Phone (919) 584-7781 

Shadowbrook Plaza 

2553 S. Church 
Phone (919) 584-1115 

Best Wishes 









'Congratulations on attending Elon and 
thanks for your continued patronage 

The Campus Shop 

Box 2191 

Elon College, NC 27244 

Phone 919-584-9711 
ext. 364 

Write for catalog of college souvenirs 




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