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■ ^<^ 

\c' Elon College, North Carolina 

37 8 .114- 




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"",1 _ 7 iron 


ages 112-171 

2\. pages 172-192 

iges 78-111 









Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


>-.v • «« . ■ 

<:, ^,^.^ .2*. 



The Shape of Things to Come 

Phi Psi Cli 
Elon College 

Elon College, North Carolina 27244 

Volume LXVII 



Viewing the Campus 
From a Different Perspective 







, iH-i 

mmi- ^Bi&ar: MBlQlKfei 

If Clanking Radiators, 

Arc a Part of Your Existence, 

3unk Beds and Visitation Rules 

Then you probably live on campus 

1 aJTi i/' -^111^ 

!• • '■■■■ --^ 



Freaky Four Plus One 

Homecoming 1981 

There is no better 

looking glass 
than an old friend 

Thomas Fuller 

Angle Rakes, representing Pi Kappa Phi, and 
her escort Steve Pollack. 

Amy Burch. an excited first runner up, and Jenny Yeshnick who 
tied for third place. 

An unforgettable moment for Joni Joram, Sigma Pi s representa- 
tive, as she is crowned the 1981 Homecoming Queen. 

What a better way to spend a beautiful autumn afternoon but 
with old friends, good spirits and an Elon victory. 

Daring smiles from Tracy Trimmer, Sigma's representative, and 
her escort Keith Wells. 



III Hi. 

Cathedrals, Cathedrals, and more. . . . 

Ann and Ashley) relax by the hot spring baths in the Roman 
Cify of Bath. 

Henr<^ and Ernie pose for a snap shot at Anne Hathaway's 
cottage outside Stratford-on-Avon. 

Envision this — the occasion is New Year's 
Eve; 84 anxious people have boarded a 747 en 
route to London, England and there they will 
spend the next three weeks acquainting them- 
selves with the European way of life. They will 
visit Windsor Castle, Stratford-on-Avon and 
the infamous palace of Queen Elizabeth. They 
will learn to drink tea, lager, mead and what- 
ever else seems to be the spirit of the day. They 
will quickly learn to use the underground, look 
right instead of left when crossing the street 
and spend their pounds wisely. They will learn 
much about the history, the culture and the 
current events of England; thus worldly knowl- 
edge, a fabulous experience and many new 
friends will be the product when these merry 
travellers are homeward bound. 

Julie. Beth, Marcie. Kim stand guard at Windsor Castle. 

A beautiful day observed at Stonehenge with the clouds mist- 
ing over the countrnside. 



lOOn . TROOPS 1 













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ii i 



Who's Who Among Students in 

Joj/ Hamilton. Charlotte. Alford. and Jackie Gregory 

Sam toy and Audrey Josey 

Pat Rhodes and Drew VanHom 

Rae Diprofio, Miguel Visa, and Marty Hardiaon 

American Universities and Colleges 

Billi! Thompson, Kyle Campbell, £ue/j)n Hatley, and Sharyn 



Dan Daley, Bill Tippett, Tbnny Gibson, Tom Hamilton 

Julie Blevins, Charles Womack, and Edwina Foster 

The 1981-82 edition of Who's Who 
Among Students in American Univer- 
sities and Colleges carries the names 
of twenty-seven Elon College stu- 

Students in Who's Who are elected 
by a committee composed of members 
of the faculty, administration, and stu- 
dent body each year. Selection is 
made on the basis of scholarship, par- 
ticipation and leadership in academic 
and extracurricular activities, citizen- 
ship and service to the College, and 
promise of future usefulness. 

Charlotte Alford 

Alford is presently a Senior, English 
major, and Businss Administration 
and Communications minor. She has 
served as tutor for Learning Re- 
sources Center, as a member of the 
Colonnades staff. Orientation staff, 
and Student Union Board. She has 
served as Defense Attorney General, 
Assistant to the Defense Attorney 
General and Editor of Colonnades. 
She has also worked with WSOE as 
Traffic Director and with an intramu- 
ral hall representative. She has been 
inducted into Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau 
Delta. Alford has made the Dean's List 
every semester at Elon. 

Lora Kay Arrington 

Arrington is presently a Junior, 
Business Administration and Math 
major. She served as Freshman Class 
President, Freshman Honors Repre- 
sentative, a member of the Orienta- 
tion Committee. She has participated 

in community activities with the Ci- 
vinettes and is a member of the Bap- 
tist Student Union. Arrington trav- 
eled with NAIA Championship Foot- 
ball Team as a member of the 
Cheerleading squad. She is a member 
of Sigma Sigma Sigma Social Sorority 
and made contributions to the literary 
magazine, the Colonnades. She has 
made the Dean's List all four semes- 
ters at Elon. 

Julia Lynn Blevins 

Blevins is presently a Senior, Biol- 
ogy major with minors in Chemistry 
and German. She was inducted into 
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Soci- 
ety serving as Secretary and Presi- 
dent of the Sigma Mu chapter. She 
was also President for the Southeast- 
ern Region of Beta Beta Beta. She is a 
member of Alpha Chi, ACS, and is a 
member of Zeta Tau Alpha social so- 
rority. Blevins has made the National 
Dean's List and the Dean's List every 
semester at Elon. 

Kyle Anita Campbell 

Campbell is presently a Junior with 
a double major in Human Services 
and Religion. She is a member of the 
Religious Life Committee and was in- 
ducted into the Religion Honor Soci- 
ety, Theta Alpha Kappa. She is a 
member of Phi Mu Social Sorority and 
was appointed the office of Chaplain. 
She participated as a member of the 
marching band for two years and now 
serves as secretary to the president of 
the SGA. Campbell has made the aca- 
demic Dean's List for two semesters. 

Daniel W. Daly III 

Daly a Senior, served as Treasurer 
and President of the Student Govern- 
ment Association. He was inducted 
into ODK and is a member of BSCC. 
He served as resident counselor for 
two years and was a participant in the 
Honor's Program. He was a represen- 
tative on the Campus Life Committee- 
Board of Trustees. Daly was a member 
of SAM and made several editorial 
contributions to the Pendulum. 

Rae DiProfio 

DiProfio is a Senior, Chemistry ma- 
jor with a Biology minor. She has 
worked as a Chemistry Lab Assistant 
and Tutor in the LRC. She was Secre- 
tary of the Student Union Board for 
two years and executive Chairman 
Person. DiProfio is a member of Tri- 
Beta and helped in the formation of 
the American Chemical Society. She 
worked for two years on Freshman 
Orientation and sang with the Elon 
College Choir. She has also been on 
the Academic Dean's List. 

Rebecca Sue Eickhoff 

Eickhoff is a Senior, majoring in 
Human Services and minoring in 
Business. She has worked as a tutor at 
E. M. Holt Elementary School with 
both gifted and handicapped children. 
She also worked as a teacher's aid at 
the Sarah Barker School with severe- 
ly and profoundly handicapped. Eick- 
hoff is a member of the Civinettes and 
is a member of the Dean's List. 


Sharon Lee Faucet 

Faucett is a Senior and is a Voice 
major. She was inducted into Alpha 
Chi National Honor Society and is a 
member of the MENC, serving as Sec- 
retary and Vice-President. Faucett 
sang with the Elon College choir for 
two years and is a member of the Elon 
College Orchestra. She was the recipi- 
ent of a 'Pops' Scholarship awarded to 
a deserving student for their help and 
participation in the Annual pops con- 
cert. She was awarded the Theodore 
Presser Scholarship and assisted with 
a music program at the Holt Day Care 

Edwina M. Foster 

Foster is a Senior, Business Admin- 
istration major with an Accounting 
minor. She has been a member of the 
Liberal Arts Forum. She also served 
as Co-President of the Black Cultural 
Society. She was S. G. A. senator and 
Secretary/Treasurer of her junior 
class. She is presently a member of the 
Society for the Advancement of Man- 
agement, the Religious Life Commit- 
tee, and is a member of Delta Sigma 
Theta, Inc., a public service sorority. 
She is also a member of Omicron Delta 
Kappa, and Pan-Hellenic Council. She 

has worked on the Freshman Orienta- 
tion staff and is presently a resident 
counselor. She has made the Dean's 
List and the National Dean's List. 

Tanni J. Gibson 

Gibson is presently a Senior, Busi- 
ness Administration and Accounting 
major. She played and lettered in soft- 
ball and volleyball. She is a member of 
BSCC. She served as secretary of the 
Accounting Assoc. She also worked in 
the LRC as a tutor. Gibson worked in 
the Business and Accounting Dept. as 
a lab assistant. She was a marshal in 
the 1981 graduation service. She has 
made the Dean's List and the National 
Dean's List. 

Jacqueline Maureen Gregory 

Gregory is presently a Senior, Busi- 
ness Administration major and an 
Economics minor. She is an honor stu- 
dent. She has served as a senator of 
SGA, and chairman of the Judicial 
Committee. Gregory is a member of 
the Society for the Advancement of 
Management, Business Student Com- 
munications Committee. She is an ex- 
ecutive member of Zeta Tau Alpha so- 
rority. She has held the position of 
chairman of the judicial committee. 

presently is Vice-President of Panhel- 
lenics. Gregory has also made the 
Dean's List. 

Joy Hamilton 

Hamilton is presently a Senior, Eng- 
lish major and a Communication mi- 
nor. She served as Editor-in-Chief and 
also features and entertainment editor 
of the Pendulum. Hamilton was a vol- 
unteer in the Special Olympics. She 
was chairperson of the SUB. She was 
a member of the Band and Orchestra. 
Hamilton was music leader with the 
Celebration Singers of Burlington 
(mentally-retarded adults.) She has 
made the Dean's List. 

Thomas Howard Hamilton 

Hamilton is a Senior, History major 
and a Business Administration minor. 
He was appointed as Treasurer of the 
College Media Board. He has worked 
as Secretary of SGA. He is a winner of 
the Chandler Scholarship. Hamilton 
is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Sig- 
ma Phi Epsilon fraternity. He also 
served as an assistant in the History 
Department. He has made the Dean's 

Martha Elizabeth Hardison (Marty) 

Hardison is a Senior, Early Child- 
hood Education major and an Art mi- 
nor. She was the Vice President of Pi 
Gamma Mu, and secretary of Phi Al- 
pha Theta. She has served as vice 
chairperson in SUB. She also has 
served as publicity chairperson of 
WSOE. Hardison worked with Fresh- 
man Orientation. She joined the Gold- 
en Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon. She is 
a member of the Student Union Board. 

Evelyn Lola Hatley 

Hatley is a Senior, Human Services 
major with a Business and Psychology 
minor. She was Freshman class Secre- 
tary/Treasurer. She was Chaplain- 
Historian of Civinettes. Hatley was a 
H. S. Trueman Scholarship nominee. 
She is on Elon College's Academic 
Scholarship. She has been a tutor for 
two years in the LRC. She participated 
in the Special Olympics. She is a 
member of Alpha Chi Honor Fraterni- 
ty. She has been on the Dean's List for 
five semesters. 

Robert Mitchell James 

James is a Senior, Biology major 

and a Chemistry minor. He is a mem- 
ber of the Sigma Mu Chapter of Beta 
Beta Beta and has served as Treasur- 
er. He was also a Biology Lab Assis- 
tant for three years. He was a junior 
marshal in the graduation of 1980 and 
1981. James is an active member of 
Alpha Chi Honor Society. He made 
the National Dean's List and has been 
on the Dean's list numerous times. 

Karen Denise Jones 

Jones is a Senior, Elementary Edu- 
cation major. She has served as Assis- 
tant Area Coordinator for Student Af- 
fairs. She has been a cheerleader, a 
member of the Monogram Club, 
SNEA, and BSU. She also participat- 
ed in intramural softball. 

Audrey Lee Josey 

Josey is a graduating Senior. She is 
a member of the Accounting Associ- 
ation and serves on the Executive 
Committee. Josey has been involved 
with the Daytripper's Organization, 
Freshman Orientation, and as a Peer 
Counselor. She is a member of Alpha 
Chi and has made the Academic 
Dean's List many times. 

Samuel W. Loy 

Loy is a Senior, religion major. He 
has served as President of the Day- 
trippers for two years. Loy has been a 
member of the Orientation Staff, Reli- 
gious Life Committee, Liberal Arts Fo- 
rum, and President, of ODK Honor So- 
ciety. He is a recipient of the Rawls 
Scholarship and has made the Dean's 

Tracy Mebane 

Mebane is a Senior with a double 
major in Early Childhood Education 
and Intermediate Education with a 
concentration in Language Arts and 
Social Studies. She has a minor in 
History. She served as a Marshal at 
last year's commencement. She was 
President of the Civinettc's Club, and a 
member of the Daytripper's Organiza- 
tion. Mebane was nominated for both 
the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor 
Society ai.d Pi Gamma Mu Honor So- 
ciety. She has made the National 
Dean's List twice and the Academic 
Dean's List many times. 

Sharyn Elizabeth Olsen 

Olsen, a Senior, is a Religion major 
and a Psychology minor. She has been 
a recipient of the Honors Scholarship 
annually and has participated in the 
Honors Program for four years. Olsen 
is a member of TKA and was awarded 
the Albright Scholarship this year. 
She has sung with the Elon College 
Choir. She serves on the judicial com- 
mittee of SGA and is a member of Ci- 
vinettes and Phi Mu Social Sorority. 

Chris White 

White is a Junior, majoring in Biol- 
ogy and Pre-Med. As a result of his 
Biology achievements, he was induct- 
ed into Beta Beta Beta. White is Co- 
Captain of the Varsity Basketball 
Team and has lettered four years. He 
is a member of the Fellowship Chris- 
tian Athletes and serves as President 
of the Kappa Alpha Order. He also 
serves as photographer for the year- 
book. He has made the Academic 
Dean's List many times. 

Billy Edward Thompson 

Thompson is a Senior, Human Ser- 
vices major and holds a minor in His- 
tory. He is a member of Omicron Delta 
Kappa, and Pi Gamma Mu. Thompson 
sings with the Gospel Choir and is a 
member of the Black Cultural Society. 

He is a member of NAIA National 
Championship Football Team. He has 
lettered in Football and Track. In 
track he set a high jump record of 6'4" 
in 1979. 

William Harrison Tippett 

Tippett is a Senior, with a double 
major in Biology and Chemistry. He 
holds a minor in Social Science. He is 
Historian for Beta Beta Beta, a mem- 
ber of Phi Alpha Theta. He is reporter 
for the Inter-Fraternal Council. Tip- 
pett is a member of Sigma Phi Frater- 
nity. He is also chairman of the 
American Chemical Society, a Biol- 
ogy Lab Assistant, and is Senior Class 
President of the SGA. He has been a 
recipient of the Margaret B. White 
Scholarship for four years. An active 
participant in intramurals, he is a 
member of the Scholastic Ail-Ameri- 
can Honor Society. 

Drew Van Horn 

Van Horn is a senior majoring in 
Human Services and holds a minor in 
physical education. He has been a 
member of the Basketball Team for 
four years. In 1980 he was named to 
the Carolinas Conference All-Confer- 
ence team. Presently he serves as co- 
captain of the basketball team. He 
was awarded the D. C. "Peahead" 
Walker scholarship and the Alonza L. 

Hook Academic Athlete award. Van 
Horn volunteered his services as tutor 
at the Elon College Home for Children. 
He belongs to the Fellowship of Chris- 
tian Athletes and is a member of Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa. He has made the 
National Dean's List the past two 
years and the Academic Dean's List 
many times. 

Miguel Eduardo Viso 

Viso is a Senior, Chemistry major. 
He is a Chemistry laboratory assis- 
tant, an Orientation Counselor, serves 
on the Coffeehouse Committee of the 
Student Board, and is a member of Pi 
Kappa Phi Fraternity. Also Viso has 
had two of his drawings published in 
The Colonnades. He is a participant in 
the Honors Program and has consis- 
tently made the Dean's List. 

Erik Charles Womack 

Womack is a graduating Senior. He 
has served as SGA Senator, on SGA 
Finance Committee, and as a Black 
Culture Society area representative. 
Womack is a member of the Philos- 
ophy Club and Omicron Delta Kappa. 
He was named All-Conference and 
All-District Football player and was a 
member of the NAIA Championship 
Football Team. He has also organized 
and coached a Girl's intramural bas- 
ketball team. 

Alpha Chi 

Alpha Chi Membership List: Joseph E. Goad. Sharon Lee Faucett, Audrey Lee 
Jose\). Paul R. Aiello, Jerome D. Bailey, Julia A. Blevins. David Kenneth Dimock, 
Evelyn L. Hatley. Deborah L. Holt. Robert M. James. Karen M. Wall. Jan M. 
Whitfield. Charlotte J. Alford. Bonnie Kathleen Barnes. Sara Ann Beeson, Joan 
G. Blanchard. William Harris Miller. Cheryl Smith Riffel, Teresa Ann Warren. 
Margaret A. Adams. Diane S. Anderson. Lora Kay Arrington. Jo Anne Bell, Lisa 

A. Brown. James Edward Bula. Athena Alston Butler. Charlotte E. Collins. Jean 
E. Goodman. Mary E. Honeycutt. Carrie L. Hurst. Pamela J. Jacobs. Denise 
Martin Jones. Julie A . McGhee. Tracey E. Mebane. Vanessa R. Mize. Ralph O. 
Mueller, Lisa E. Newbold, Carolyn A. O'Connor. Carol J. Robinson. Loretta L, 
Rudd, Donna M. Stone, Lynn Z. Tatro, Miguel E. Visa, and Ann T. Wickham. 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

M '^'1 ill 

Omicron Delta Kappa members: Margaret Adams. Paul Aiello. Charlotte, Al- 
ford. Sathan Artley, Dennis Bailey, Julia Blevins. Kyle Campbell. Daniel Daly, 
III. Rae Diprofio, Edwina Foster, Joy Hamilton, Stephanie Hampton, Martha 
Hardison, Haro'd Hill. Jr.. Robert James. Samuel toy — President. Kevin 
McCauley. Nancy McLawhorn — Vice President, Ralph Mueller, Tracy Owens, 
Bruce Finer, John Reaves, Jr., Kevin Robinson, Anne Saleeby, Kimberly Steffen. 
George Fabin Smith, Ir., Lydia Tickle, Billy Thompson, William Tippett, Tracy 
Trimmer. Susan Troxler. Drew Van Horn, Earl Vickers. III. Miguel Visa, Teresa 
Warren, Keith Wells. Ann Wickham. and Charles Womack. 

Faculty members: Dr. Malvin Artley. Dr. Mary Brittain. Dr. Carole Chase. Ms. 
Jill Colie. Prof. Janie Council, Dr. David Crowe. Jr.. Dr. J. Earl Danieley. Dr. 
Robert Delp. Dr. Russell Gill. Jr.. Dr. Richard Haworth. Prof. Rachel Holt. Dr. 
Alonzo Hook. Dr. Herbert House. Jr.. Mrs. Emma Lewis. Dean William G. Long. 
— Faculty Sec. — Treasurer, Dr. Robert McBee, Dr. James Moncure, Dr. James 
Pace. Ms. Susan Phillips. Dr. Mary Ellen Priestley. Mrs. Nancy Robinson. Dr. 
Allen Sanders. Chaplain William Sharpe. Mr. Melvin Shreves. Dr. Martin Shotz- 
berger. Dean Joanne Soliday. Dr. Durwood Stokes. Dr. John Sullivan. Dr. George 
Troxler. Dr. M. Christopher White. Dr. Jack White. Mr. King White. Dr. Jo Watts 
Williams, Dr. J. Fred Young. 
Honorary Member: Sister Laura Hardage. 

Beta Beta Beta 

The members of Tri Beta: President- Julie Blevens. Vice President-Keith Wells. Hearn, Pam Jacobs. Bob James. Julie Jones. Ro\) Kimmens. Chris Lombardi. 

Secretari!-Pam Jacobs. Treasurer-Jan Suiter. Historian-Bill Tippett. Faculty/ Ad- Darice Madge. Keith Miller. Steve Raborne. Pat Rhodes. Kim Steffen. Ross 

visor-Dr. Herbert House. Alumni Advisor-Barbara Plumblee. Sherree Anderson. Strange. Teresa Warren. Karen Wall. Ann Wickham. Barry Kavanaugh. 
Paul Brugger. Donna Gates. Charlotte Collins. Rae DiProfio. Sharon Foster. Brad 

American Chemical Society 

American Chemical Societji; Dr. Danieley — Advisor. Members: Chris Lorn- ley. Erin Boyle. Kim Steffens. Pam Jacobs. Julie Darlington. Bill Griswold. M. 
bardi. Ann Wickham. Richard Sheridan. Bill Tippett. Sharon Foster. Miguel Itoh. Steve Martz. Tara McCrahen, and Craig York. 
Visa. Charlotte Collins. Rae Diprofio. Roy Kimmens. Donna Cates. Farley Bart- 

Mu Lambda Tau 


President: Lou Anne Bratcher 
Vice-President: Kim Madren 
Secretary & Treasurer: Charlene Zilker 

Members: Carol Boyd, Lou Anne Bratcher, Pat Brown, Stephanie Hampton, 
Keith Hobgood, Vanessa, Dolella Jarrett, Laurie Lewis, Kim Madren, Cathy 
Waldrup, Charleen Zilker. 
Counselors: Gail Scott and Barbara Thornton. 

Phi Alpha Theta 


Members: Paul Aiello, Keith Ebert, Harold Hill. Lisa Peele. Carol Robinson. 
Lawrence Seltzer, Bill Tippett, Donna Whitfield, Tony Wilson. Tom Hamilton. 
Martha Hardison. Tom Lynch, Nick Zangotsis. Hampton Hite. Phoebe Lindley, 

Tracy Mebane, IVoyne Mizell. Milford Oswald. Wendy Worren. David Crowe, 
Rachel Holt, James Moncure, Lela Faye Rich, Durwood Stokes, Carole Troxler, 
George Troxler, Linda Bland. Michael Teachey, Billy Thompson, Mark Bell. 

Sigma Tau Delta 

Members of Xi Omicron Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta: Paul Aiello. Charlotte 
Alford, Dr. Andrew Angi/al. Pamela P. Beavers. Prof Berry). Dr. Blake. Dr. Bland. 
Erin Boyle. Stacy Bragg. Dr. Mary Britain. Prof Helen Euliss. Gayle Fishel. Prof 
Betty Gerow. Dr. Russell Gill, Joy Hamilton. Joan Jenkins. Prof Ralph Kerns. 
Prof Betty Maness. Dr. Helen Mackay. Terry Martin. Dr. Eleanor Moffett. Prof 
Nowell. Dr. Ann Ponder. Dr. Mary Ellen Priestly. Angela Rakes. Linda Rich- 

mond, Dr. Martha Smith, Lynn Tatroo, Lydta Tickle, Susan Troxler. Teresa War- 

Officers: Terry Martin. President: Tammy Cook. Vice President: Teresa Warren. 
Secretary-Treasurer: and Dr. Angyal, faculty advisor. 


Charlotte Alford (Editor), Kim Steffen. Tammy Cook. Ter- 
ry Martin. Bob Moser, Diane McSheehy, Erin Boyle, Dr. 

The Shape of Things to Come Almost Didn't 

Ann Wickham and Ashley Taylor take a break after a 
long day. 

Dr. Mary Brlttain looks through the photograph file. 

Ashley Taylor, co-editor, takes a break. 

Ken Lipstein. photographer checks out his finished work. 

Beth Temple and Ashley Taj/lor work towards the final 

Ann Wickham, co-editor, stops to take a picture. Staff: Beth Temple. Angle Rakes, Dr. Mary Brittain, Ken Lip- 
stein, Ashley Taylor, and Molly Sims. Not pictured: Ann Wick- 
ham, Maureen Sweeny, Brian Crook, Frank Burchfield, and Su- 
san Burelson. 


Pendulum advisor retires 

— by Loukia Louka 

Dr. Mary Ellen Priestley has retired from 
the Pendulum after seven-and-a-half years 
as its adviser. Priestley's resignation be- 
came official with the publication of to- 
day's issue. 

Commenting on her time with the news- 
paper. Dr. Priestley said. "It's been fun and 
a real joy to help establish an ongoing 
newspaper at this college. Although I will 
not be advising The Pendulum. I will have 
an avid interest in its future. 

Pendulum Honors: For three years the 
Pendulum has been judged first class by 
the Associated Collegiate Press at the Uni- 
versity of Minnesota School of Journalism. 

"We send to them two copies of every 
issue at the end of each semester. The pa- 
per is evaluated in minute detail, in com- 
petition with comparable U.S. college 

Priestley continues. "There is one higher 
honor I'd like to see the Pendulum achieve, 
and that is Ail-American. It is the highest 
rank in quality for journalism for college 
and high school newspapers." 

Priestley points out that one problem for 
a small school newspaper is the large tur- 
nover in staff. By the end of the spring 

semester a staff has become strong, but 
when a new fall semester starts, some staff 
members either have graduated or have 
left the staff. This lack of continuity can 
reduce quality. 

"The staff is trying to get more carry- 
over to build on what they've got. They are 
better and stronger than they have ever 
been before. The staff is more cooperative 
and trained in their work." Priestley be- 

Aspirations for the Future: Not only the 
staff, but also, the English/Journalism de- 
partment grows stronger each year. 
"We've already had eight graduate in Eng- 
lish/Journalism and this is only the sec- 
ond year for this degree." 

"Bob Nowell. who is taking over as ad- 
viser to the Pendulum, comes to us with 
good training and experience. My hope for 
the future is that the Pendulum and the 
journalism department continlie to grow 
and improve." Priestley says. 

"We want our undergraduates to be just 
as good as those from journalism depart- 
ments of large universities. There are cer- 
tain advantages here: students get more 
personal attention, help and encourage- 
ment, chances to work in practicums. in- 

ternships and cooperative education in 
this field." 

"Most large university schools of jour- 
nalism can't do this. They do not have suf- 
ficient places in the community to provide 
places for internships." 

Priestley hopes that in the non-too-dis- 
tant future, the college will have a produc- 
tion room with up-to-date equipment, like 
video display terminals and phototypeset- 

If these improvements are made. Priest- 
ley believes, "our journalism students, and 
the Pendulum staff can get experience they 
will be using when they get a job on a 
newspaper or magazine." 

Priestley adds that Hinton Press has al- 
ways been sympathetic with low budgets 
and has adjusted prices accordingly. 
"This year we have a higher quality paper. 
The type and photographs are cleaner and 
sharper. Therefore, the whole paper looks 

"Growth has come about with the coo- 
peration of the administration and SGA, 
who have given us a budget to accommo- 
date a large size paper and greater cover- 
age of news, features and photos." 

Editors — Teresa IVorren, Mari Bebrend, News 
Editor — Dory Norwood. Sports Editor — Joel 
Maness. Features Editors — Jo Craven, Loukia 
Louka, Head Photographer — Nader Hamidpour, 
Layout — Alyssa Lovell, Staff Writers — Bob 
Moser, Debbie Hurley, Richard Anderson, Tom 
Westenbiser, Photographers — Debbie Hurley, 
Ron Kruppa, Gordon Steenken, Ad Manager — 
Rich Anderson, Advisors — Dr. Mary Ellen 
Priestley, Bob NoweU, Circulation — Darlene 

The editors Teresa Warren and Mari Bebrend. 

Working busy as a bee to get the deadline in. 

Nader Hamidpour, the head photographer. 

WSOE 89.3 


\:..>iini i\kv>v iin 

->(„ k'MS MMI I II "^I'll ••">' 

Gerald Gibson relaxes in between studio breaks. 

Now Gerald Gibson works bard at WSOE broadcasting. 

•h*."-'^ ' 

WSOE disc jockei) reads the daily news. 

WSOE Members: Station Manager — Vic 
Vickers, Program Director — Fred 

Goehringer, Advisoi Gerald Gibson, Sports 

Director — KeHy Py/e. Head D.J. — Emil\/ 
Besuden, Music Director — James Frost, 
News Director — Joel Maness. 

Gerald Gibson, Fred Goehringer, Vic Vickers, 
Fred Applin. Dale Hendrick, Wayne Hoyle, 
Tonya Morrison, Edgar Malker, David Virag, 
Mike Ward, Jeff Davis, David Morris, Walt 
Lederle, Wesely Ashburn, Paul Ivill, Pat Bell. 
Dave Harrell. Brian Mann, Garry Gates, Dave 
Lavery, Davis Hamilton, John Reaves, Walter 
Wintergate, Joel Maness, Emily Besuden, 
Kelly Pyle, Pam Jewell, Terry Martin. Eric 
Rankin. Phil Renn, Greg Robinson, Charlotte 
Alford, Recca Bowling, Mike Dodsun. James 
Frost, Vicky Troy, Mike StierhofJ, Thad 
Goodrich, Mike Mazur, Ray Turner, Farley 
Bartley, Marguerite Applin, Lori Horton, 
Dorianna Dahhins, Kimberly Washington, 
Debra Taylor, Stuart White, Stephen Mills, 
Niel Davis, Loukia Louke, Pat McNeely, Ron 


Campus Affairs Committee: Joy Adams, Kim 
Barrett. Rodney Beebe, Beverly Boat, Jan 
Cox, Keith Ebert, Jeff Green, Jackie Gregory, 
Teri Miller, Stephen Mottola, Gary Parker, 
Timothy Saunders. 

Judicial Committee: Reaca Bowling, Robbie 
Knight. James Kouchinsky. Mindy Moon, 
Sharyn Olsen. Annie Spaniol. Janice Watling- 
ton. Tami Williams. 

Paul Aiello presents his case in front of the student 


President: Dan Daly 
Vice-President: Paul Aiello 
Treasurer: Mary Watson 

Finance Committee: Robert Clark. Tim Daly. 
Shay Foster. Trish Ives. Joni Joram. Nancy 
Marchman. Maureen McGrath. Andy Mid- 
gette. Aaron Price. Bill Tippette Mark Van 
Kirk. Tracey Walser. 

Student Union Board 

Officers of the Student Union Board: 

Executive Chairperson — Rae Diprofio 

Vice-Chairperson — Bob Tommy 

Secretary — Erin Boyle. Treasurer — Nina Herrmann. 

Members: Kert Studt, Lynn Young. Cathy Mays. Emily Besuden. Pete Giovine, 
Beth Curran. Maxine Teresa Hazel. Luanne Finnegan. Craig York. Chuck 
Knight, Belinda Brown, Vohn Belser, Miguel Visa, Dave Morris, Jeanene Black. 


Members: Sheree Anderson, Cheryl Bowling, Patti Brammer, Linda Cousins, 
Cheryl Crawford, Becky Eickhoff, Andrea Elliot, Pam Elliot, Karen Harris, 
Evelyn Hatley. Pom Jacobs, Lisa Johnston, Catherine Jones, Kathy Kaplan, 
Nancy Marchman, Deana McCain, Tracy Mebane, Bev Miniter, Cindy Osborne, 
Beth Over street, Tracy Owens, Shena Penn, Belinda Peoples, Angle Rakes, 


Pamela Rouch, Donna Royal, Robin Russell. Beth Saunders. Francine 
Stockton. Donna Stone. Beth Suiter, Jan Suiter, Donna Taylor, Becky Thomas, 
Allison Wagner, Kathy Weems, Christie Wensaucer, Kathy Williams, Karen 
Winfray, and Lisa Woodle, 


SAM Membership: Joy Adams, Lisa Adams, Ricky Bailey, James Bennett, 
Anthony Berardi, Pamela Brammer, Emily Brandon, Patricia Brinkley, Athena 
Butler, Toni Callis, Terrie Church. Susan Coble, Johnny Cortesis, Linda 
Cousins, Sandra Coyle, Eric Cutbbert. Daniel Daly, Kimberly Daniel. Diane 
Darty, Kathaline Daughtry, Kenneth Dimock, Benita Dollar, Douglas Eitel, 
Kimberly Dorsett, Gerry Elks, Richard Fain. Edwina Foster, Billie High, 
Donnie Hinnant, Mark Hollan, Teresa Horner, Douglas Janssen, Craig 
Johnson, Ken Joyce, Craig Kearns, John Landis. Rebecca LeBarron, Joyce 

Luster, Beverly Malone, Nathan Mann, Edward Marks, Elizabeth Mattocks, 
Brandon May, Thomas Merricks. Frank Mize. Vanessa Mize. Melissa Moore, 
Lisa Newbold, Teresa Parker, Debbie Paynter, James Pendergrass, Stephen 
Schuckenbrock, Kendall Sellers, Donna Stone, Brenda Strickland. Margaret 
Thedieck. Mark Van Kirk, Allison Wagner, Elizabeth Waterfield, Mary 
Watson. Brenda Weiss. Karen Wheelock. Susan Wilson. Timothy Winstead, 
Lewis Woodson, Jenny Yeshnick. 


Business Students' Communication Committee: Mike Willett 

— Chairman, Ken Dimock — Vice Chairman, Susan Coble 

— Secretary, Jackie Gregory, Billy Pennington, Lora 
Arrington, Barbara Quinn, Karen Godsey, Jimmy 
Pendergrass, Dan Daly, Ann Shelton and Sharon Cox. 

Advisor: Dr. Martin L. Shotzberger. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Members ofFCA: Kristen Andes. Gretchen Hastings. Kim Daniels. Lisa Brown. Cheryl Baldwin, Jean Vines, Kathy Everette. Garry Gates. Al Beck, Drew Van Horn. 
Fred Aplln, Tim Talley, Cliff Parker. Pat Rhodes. Paul Ivill. Chris Phelps. Kel Peterson. Randy Long. Boyd Byerly. Garry Baldwin. 


^ »Y'>*--*i ^ ^ 


Drama Club 

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown 


M.E.N.C. Officers and Committee Chairpersons: Presi- 
dent — Thomas Green, Vice President — Margaret Ad- 
ams, Secretary! — Anna Sliakis, Treasurer — Pat Lewis, 
Faculty Advisor — Malvin N. Artley, Student "POPS" 
Chairman — Thomas Green, Decorations (Table & 
Stage) — Margaret Adams, Anna Sliakis, Publicity — 
Sharon Faucett, Vicki Anderson, Tickets — Pat Lewis, 
Betty Brantley, Advertising — Mark Rumley, Lighting & 
Sound — Bill Payne, Dennis Lovell, Stage & Maintenance 
— Frank Gorham, David Beahm, Security — Frank Gor- 
ham, Edwin Kimbrough, Clean-up — Thomas Green. 

M. E. N. C. Membership Roster: Margaret Adams, Vickie 
Anderson, Avie Barilovits, Betty Brantley, Daria Bray, 
David Beahm, Karen Chase, Thomas Green, Larry Gar- 
ner, Frank Gorham, David Grubb, Don Jerigan, Judd 
Kimbrough, Bonnie Lane, Joyce Lawson, Edwin Gray 
Lee, Pat Lewis, Mike Maffeo. Cindy Matkins, Rusty Mill- 
er, Tracy Murray, Chuck Nance, Gail Nance, Tony Palm- 
er, Donna Phillips, Mark Rumley. Anna Sliakis, Annette 
Smith, and Jenny Snook. 

■ i "X ^LS«!?'■'. 

Baptist Student Union 

Baptist Student Union Officers: President — Lany Cook, Music 
Director — Kelli/ O Terrell. Growth Chairman — Karen Jones, 
Outreach Chairman — Ann Hartsoe, Faculty Advisor — 
Herbert House, Director — Bruce Martin. 

Members: Lynn Brock, Cindi Wright, Greg Fischel. Tracy 
Owens. Chuck Nance. Robert Wofford. Keith Harris. 
Virginia Evans. Joel Huffstetler, Jacki Edwards. Carlton 
Jarrett. David Leedy, Jim Greene, Cliff Parker. Sarah 
Davidson. Glen Day, Edwin Kimbrough, Bonnie Lane. 
Dana Reams. 

Theta Alpha Kappa 

Officers: President — Dennis Bailey 
Vice-President — Michael Johnson 
Secretary /Treasurer — Kyle Campbell 
Advisor — Dr. James Pace. 

Members: Dr. Pace. Dr. Wilson. Dr. Chase, Sharyn Olsen, 
Dr. Rich. Dean White. Alton Utley. 

Elon Choir and Gospel Choir 

Instructor: Mr. James Glertn. Choir Members: Margaret A . Adams, David A . Albright. 
Vicki L. Anderson. Patricia A. Aycock, Monroe P. Bell. Betty A. Brantley, Darla J. 
Bray. Ann R. Bullard. Joseph G. Grouse, Glenwood A. Day, Rae Ann J. Diprofio, 
Jacqueline E. Edwards, Sherry L. Edwards, Virginia L. Evans, Nancy IV. Faucette, 
Mitchell S. Flinchum. Beth H. Gallo, Larry E. Garner, Donna L. Graves, David L. 
Grinnell, David IV. Grubb, Nina L. Herrmann, Wayne M. Hoyle, Donald E. Jernigan, 
Miles M. Johnston, Edwin J. Kimbrough, Joyce E. Lawson, Edwin G. Lee, Christie I. 

Lemons, Cynthia L. Matkins, Tracey L. Murray, Carolyn S. Neill, Mary 
E. Overstreet, Donna M. Phillips, Mary R. Porter, Dana M. Reams, 
Steven H. Roberson, John B. Rollins. Mark A. Rumley, Pamela B. 
Sellew, Vivian I. Simpson, Alice A. Sliakis, Elizabeth G. Smith, Michael 
K. Stierhoff, Jay A. Tilley. Anthony R. Turner, Bonnie S. Wade, Scott D. 

Cynthia Alston, Mary Alston, Wanda Foust, Lynn Young, Maxine Hazel, 
Kim Foust, Theresa Richmond, Linda Feggans, Beverly Badger, Cathy 
Mays, Mary Eubanks, Anita Green, Darrell Wallace, Eric Rankin, Ira Cre- 
dle. Harris Faulk. Edgar Malker, Monica Gillis, Janice Watlington, Steph- 
anie Hampton, Vanessa Howard, Karen Freeman, Jackie Smith, Natalie 
Reid, Ricky Ross. 

Officers: President — Janice Watlington, Vice President — Jenny Hedrick, Secretary 
— Belinda Brown, Treasurer — Mary Eubanks, Asst. Secretary — Monica Gillis, Asst. 
Treasurer — Stephanie Hampton, Chaplain — Harris Faulk, Asst. Chaplain — Monica 
Gillis, Director — Vanessa Howard, Asst. Director — Ira Credle, Musician — Hilton 
Enoch. Berkly Gore. Gary Pierce. 

The Elon College Emanons 

When Jack White points everyone plays. 

The Emanons perform for college program. 
The lead singers of the Emanons steal the show. 

An outdoor performance. 

Jack White gives the audience an on the spot perfor- 

Sue Haggard and Susan Connors perform a duet. 

Majorettes Twirling Away 

Callie Dalton performs with fire. 

Head Majorette — Callie Dalton, Debbie Bolden. 
Missy Mann. Janie McMillan and Cathy Wright. 

Callie Dalton, head majorette, waits to perform. 


Chamber Singers and Orchestra 

Sarah Womack. Cathy Burton, Susan 
Andrews, Bill Pennington, Marie Wallace, 
Terri Battle, Grace Boeringer, Eve Pendleton, 
Susan Ellington, Malvin Artley, Mary Waller, 
Kim Nardelli, Ho\)t Tong. Jonathan Owens, 
Mary Cahoon. Alicia D'Ana, Marcus Lazar, 
Jeannie Artley, Kathleen Scott, Leila Grahan. 
Laura Bessent, Reid Dalton, Ken Ellington, 
David Long, Isabelle Samfield, Muriel Every, 
Marcy Furr. Barbi Prillaman. Eric Singer, 
Francis Steltzer, Marilyn Fox, Elmo Hatley. 
Kristene Crumpton, Diane Amos, Phyllis 
Hargis, Carter Jones, Mark Hauser, Mark 
Payne, Susan Wood, Chris Myers, David 
Bragg, Larry Andrews, Reid Maynard, Jerry 
Hulka, Sandy Svoboda, Steve Hedrick, Bruce 
Piner, Pete Lineberger, Sandy Griffin, III, 
Nancy Faucette, Rusty Miller, David E. 
Pardue, Jr., Nathan M. Artley, George F. 
Smith, Jr., Betty Brantley, Jenny Snook, 
Donna Phillips, Joseph Goad, Betty Brantley, 
David Beahm. 

Chamber: Margaret Adams, Betty Brantley, Karen Chase, Cynthia 
Matkins, David Beahm, Donald Jerigan, Steve Roberson, Mark Rumley, 
Ann Bullard, Sharon Faucett, Christie Lemons, Tom Buckley, Garwood 
Chamberlain, Mitchell Flinchum, Joseph Goad, Frank Gorham. 

7Jie Elon orchestra performs. 

A member of Eton's clarinet section performs during 

The drummers add their boom to the music. 

Elon*s Marching Band 




Talk About Fraternity Men . . . 

Sororities Working Together 



Panhellenic Member Delegates: Susie Tinsley, Pam Breed- 
love, Suzy Folk. Betsy White, Stephanie Hampton, Mindu 

Officers: President — Toni Napoli, Vice President — Jackie 
Gregory. Secretary — Virginia Davis, and Treasurer — An- 
gle Rakes. 

Inter-Fraternal Council 

/. F. C. Executive Council: President — Andy Davis. 1st V. P. — Scott Stevenson, 2nd V. P. — Jeff Russell. Treasurer — Keith Wells. Secretary — John Reaves. Report- 
er — Bill Tibbitt. Advisor — Dr. Crowe. 

Representatives: Lowell Smith, Kevin Robinson, Bill Tippett, Craig Harris, John Vest, Mark Bondurant. 



Alpha Sigma Alpha 


Sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Amy Ayers. Cheri 
Barbee, Lisa Blackwell, Celeste Boyd. Reaca Bowling, 
LouAnne Bratcher, Dr. Mary Brittain, Trish Byrd. 
Arlene Cain, Marty Callas, Carolyn Connell, Sandy 
Coyle, Kim Daniel, Siay Folk, Glenda Fowler, Gwenn 
Gibbs, Kathy Gobble, Lydia Grace, Ginger Gravitte, 
Elaine Hamilton, Robyn Herbin, Ellen Holland, Beth 
Hungerford, Deborah Jones, Julie Jones, Michelle 
Krinsky, Fran Maness, Julie McGhee, Janine 
Meading. Cyndi Miller, Lou Ann Miller, Cindi 
Osborne, Lisa Peele, Angle Rakes, Laura Reich, Carol 
Robinson, Caryl Smith, Julie Sullivan, Debora Taylor, 
Margie Thedieck, Susan Troxler, Megan Walsh, 
Wendy Warren, Mary Watson, Terie Young. 

Officers: President — Lydia Grace, Vice President — 
Caryl Smith, Secretary — Amy Ayers, Treasurer — 
Kim Daniel, Chaplain — Reaca Bowling, Advisor — 
Dr. Mary Brittain, Sweetheart — Mark Reardon. 



Phi Mu 


The sisters of Phi Mu: Kim Aaron. Marian Ader- 
hold. Sylena Allen. Lisa Bartolomeo. Jane Beard. 
Pam Beavers. Linda Bisner. Patti Brammer. Pam 
Breedlove. Ky/e Campbell. Tina Cirty. Denise 
Cooke. Jan Cox. Sharon Cox. Effie Daskalackas. 
Terrii Davis. Virginia Davis. Becky Dollivier. Stu- 
art Ellis. Peggy Fry. Janet Glass. Carmen Hill. Lez 
Hickman. Langley Hinchee, Cindy Howard, 
Tammy Jackson, Joni Joram, Cheri Jordan, Teri 
Miller, Sharyn Olsen, Gail Plummer, Terry Reeves, 
Nanci Robinson, Donna Royal, Dee Dee 
Saunders, Vicki Shaw. Kathy Spelman. Anne 
Storey. Julia Strange. Ashley Taylor, Debbie 
Weaver, Ann Wickham, Tami Williams. 

President-Terry Reeves. Vice President-Joni Joram. 
Secretary-Teri Miller. Treasurer-Sharon Cox, Rush 
Chairman-Tina Citty, Phi Director-Liz Hickman. Pan- 
hellenic Delegate-Virginia Davis. Sweetheart-Rob 



Sigma Sigma Sigma 


The sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma: Elizabeth 
Beverage, Sheila Callis, Pom Catoe, Margaret 
Cocke. Kathie Cole, Patty Conger, Pam Elliot, 
Tony Ferguson, Allison Ellis, Karen F/oyd, 
Rhonda Gaines, Allison Huddle, Cathie Le- 
derle, Marci Melhorne, Robin Mitchell, Kay 
McLaurin, Mindy Moon, Toni Napoli, Tami Of- 
fenbacker, Laura Reidy, Beth Saunders, Susie 
Tinsley, Mary Watson, Linda Young, Lisa Brin- 
cefield, Lucy Genova, Sharon Apple, Martha 
Downey. Nancy Fox, Jennifer Cooke, Pam 
Overstreet, Pam Evelyne, Kim Hayes, Kelly 

President — Tracy Trimmer. Vice President — 
Barbara Stokes. Secretary — Cindy Marcum, 
Treasurer — Dawn Burgess, Membership/ 
Rush Director — Marty Burge.Education Di- 
rector — Stacy Bragg. 


Zeta Tau Alpha 


Zeto Tau Alpha Members: Lisa Abernathii, Jan 
Azzaretti, Julie Blevins. Jackie Boone. Sherri 
Branch, Metinda Brown, Lisa Cannaday, Cindy 
Cline, Chery/ Crawford, Lisa Crawford, Dawn 
Denby, Marsha Farrar, Michelle Feroe, Mar- 
tha Foye, Pam Gaddis, Jackie Gregory, Donna 
Harrold, Trish Ives. Julie Jordan, Cindy King, 
Becky LeBarron, Linda Lyold, Nancy March- 
man, Torri McClanahan, Lisa Michaud, Laurie 
Michaud, Iwila Nave. Kim Oakley. Cheryl 
Pate, Terri Perkins, Lisa Perriccio, Laura Pow- 
ers. Billy Jean Richards. Jan Riggs. Anne 
Shelton, Robin Waldrup, Karen Wall, Beth 
Waterfield, Betsy White, Susan White, Betsey 
Woods, Jenny Yeshnick, Shena Renn, Barbara 
Womble, and f nnr/e Mills. 


Delta Sigma Theta 


Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta: Wythene Conyers, Monica 
Gillis, Shay Foster, Tawanna Williams, Janice 
Watlington, Pat Brown, Darlene Walker, and Stephanie 
Hampton. Officers: President — Stephanie Hampton, 
Vice-President — Twanna Williams, Recording Secretary 
— Janice Watlington, Corresponding Secretary — 
Monica Gillis, Treasurer — Wythene Conyers, 
Parliamentarian-Historian — Pat Brown. 


Kappa Alpha 


The brothers of Kappa Alpha: John Praia. Ken Wheeler, 
Marash Nikaj. Mark Bondurant. Lwe Blakey. Mark Den- 
nis, Frank Hughes, Scott Reynolds, Mike Childs, Ed Pal- 
ace, Scott Faxon, Bassam Ibrahim, Mike Wood, Pat 
Rhodes, Ky/e Dana, Asa Pittman, Chris Worst, Mark 
Stayman, Harold Hill, Four Harrison, Jeff Michaels, Alex 
Biles, Roger Lansalotti, Jim Watson, Skip Alyettes, Clint 
York. Bob Strong, Jeff Shields, Rick Pender. 

Sweetheart: Twila Nave 
Advisor: Dr. George Taylor 

Officers: President — Pat Rhodes, Mike Wood — Vice 
President, Secretary — Alex Biles, Correspondence Sec- 
retary — Ken Wheeler, Historian — John Praia, Treasur- 
er — Scott Reynolds, Sgt. at Arms — Frank Hughes, 
Parliamentarian — Ed Palace. 



Kappa Sigma 


The Brothers oj Kappa Sigma: John Augustine, 
Chris Bauman. Greg Blacl<burn, Chris Board, 
Wendel Cocke, Hal Cole, Br^ian Crook, Jimmii 
Donnelly, John Fitchett. Mike France, Thad Good- 
rich, Rob Haley, Kevin Hand. Steve Harper, Keith 
Joyner, F.W. Lewis. Jay Luke, Tom Lynch. Mike 
Martin, Billy Mason, Ron McKaskel, John Merkel, 
John Murray, Mike O'Brien, Greg Owens, Jay 
Paul. Victor Pugh. Jeff Russell. Billy Streat, Dan 
Talley. John Vest, Gene Walker, Keith Wells, 
Dickie Whitmore, Bill Womble. 

Officers: Keith Wells. Grand Master: Mike 
O'Brien. Grand Procurator: Tom Lynch. Grand 
Master of Ceremonies: Chris Bauman. Grand 
Treasurer: Dan Talley, Grand Scribe: Gene Walk- 
er, Guard: F.W. Lewis, Guard. 
Sweetheart, Julie Talley. 

John Merkel, Thad Goodrich. Jay Luke. Wendel 
Cocke. John Fitchett, and Ron McKaskel. the fall 
initiates, exemplify the class and unity of all Kappa 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 


11 Till ^ 

Joy Williams receives an award from Dean Long for Sig- 
ma Phi Epsilons outstanding fraternity. 

Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon: Tyndall Alli- 
good. Trip Amos, Charlie Blair, Rob Boles, 
Frank Burchfield, Milton Campbell, Craig 
Crisman, Mike Chrysthanopodous, Tim Daly, 
Andy Davis, Steve Duff, Buck Fambrough, 
Henry Faulkner, Jay Gabbert, Jimbo Galyon, 
Rich Grizxard, Buddy Hansbarger, Tom Ham- 
ilton, Brad Hearn, Hampton Hite, Steve Hum- 
phrey, Mark James, Micheal Johnson, Mark 
Kemp, Skip Kirtland, Mike Krai, Jim Laine, 
Stan Leicester, Andrew Midgette, Wayne Mi- 
zell, Brian Page, Luis Pages, Gary Parker, Ran- 
dy Parsons, Mark Reardon, Kevin Riley, Mike 
Rosensburg, John Scot, Danny Sellars. Rich- 
ard Sheridan, Lowell Smith, Jim Sutton, Mark 
VanKirk, Rob Wentz, Norman Whittington, 
Mike Wilkerson, Jay Williams. Tony Wilson 
and Gary 'Virt. 

Officers: President, Richard Sheridan: Vice 
President, Randy Parsons: Controller, Tyndall 
Alligood: Recording Secretary, Andy Mid- 
gette: Corresponding Secretary, Lowell Smith, 

The Golden Hearts of 2<!>E 
Cindy Cline ■ Sweetheart, Shari Gorham, Lise 
Griffin, Marty Hardison, Kim Hayes, Diane 
Holcomb, Cheri Jordan, Colleen O Brien, Lau- 
ra Powers and Jo Weller. 



Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi: David Beahm, Brad Bennett, Mark 
Brammer, Steve Clark, Ron Degroot, Ricky Fain, David Farmer, 
David Gandy, David Graham, Vernon Hallis, Craig Harris, Greg 
Hart, Mark Hollan, Randy Jarrell, Brian Johnson, Frank Kiser, 
Mark Mazur, Ralph Mueller, Keith Nelson, Mark Noell, Bruce 
Finer, David Pinson, Steve Pollack, John Reaves, Ken Sellers, 
Evan Seltzer, David Smith, Mark Smith, Kert Studt, Jeff Swart, 
Lee Thomas, Earl Vickers, Miguel Visa. Edward White and Bob 

Officers: Archon: Ralph Mueller: Vice Archon: John Reeves: 
Treasurer: Ken Sellers: Secretary: Ricky Fain: Warden: David 
Beahm: Historian: Bob Winders: Chaplain: Craig Harris. 


Sigma Pi 


Brothers of Sigma Pi: Rodney Beebe, Ronald 
Blevins. Jeff Brinkley. John C/eary. Ken 
Comer. Micheal Curtis, Thomas Darl<is, Marty 
Davidson, Hiram Dillon, Brently Ellis, Bill 
Ginn, Bob Greco, Jeffrey Green, Bill Hall, Bob 
Horned, Mark Hawkins, Rodney Holland. Jeff 
Hollandsworth, Greg Holmes, Stephen Hunt, 
Mitch Jacobs. Stuard Jessup, Todd Keeder, 
Scott Kellum, Brad Kesler, Robbie Knight, 
James Kouchinsky, Clay Lester, C.J. May, Jeff 
Nelson, Craig Newton, John Pittman, Allen 
Pritchard, Nathan Pulkingham. Clay Rober- 
son, Raoul Rushin. Stephen Schwartz, Micheal 
Scott. Thad Sitterson. Doug Surrat. Mike Tea- 
chey, Keith Thomas. Bill Tippett. Micheal Tut- 
tle. Chuck Walser. Blair Woody, and Cabell 

Officers: President: John Pittman: Vice Presi- 
dent: Jeff Brinkley: Secretary: James Kou- 
chinsky: Treasurer: Robbie Knight: Sgt. at 
Arms: Bill Tippett; Herald: Ken Comer. 

Sweetheart: Joni Joram 
Advisor: Dr. Gerald Francis 



Tau Kappa Epsilon 


The Brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon: Henry Ad- 
ams, David Averette. Bubba Ax^er. Scott Barbee, 
Jeff Bowling, Chip Buff. Barr^! Cox, Paul Deford, 
Keith Ebert, Ron Ehrhardt, Bill Flanigen, Jersx/ 
Fernham, Mitch Flinchum, Steve Florio, Tony 
Hawa, Tommy Hunt, Dean Kemp, Bob Conning- 
ton, P. J. Haviland, John Lechmanic, Joe Leitner, 
Joe McArdle, Steve McDonough, Teddy Nisbet, 
Bill Perham, Sonar Robinson, Tom Sandridge, 
Tim Shaw. George Smith, Scott Stevenson, Mel 
Stowers, Aaron Tolliver. Bob Tommy, Reggie 
Townsend, Phil Williams, Don Wilson, and Jon 

Officers: President — P. J. Haviland, Vice Presi- 
dent — Tim Garner. Secretary — Phil Williams, 
Treasurer — Steve Florio, Historian — Tommy 
Hunt, Chaplain — Bill Perham, Sgt. at Arms — 
Jon Willard, and Hegemon — Jersy Fernham, 


' • *^T * 

Mike Edmonds Runs Against a Guilford opponent for a 


Christians Gain NAIA Title Again 

Elon huddles for the master plan. 

John Bangley prepares to pass against Winston-Salem 
State at the homecoming game. 

Elan's team bolts through the cheerleaders victory sign 
before the game with Lenoir Rhyne. 

Gridders Claim Champ Title 



^ ~ ' •DIVISION I- 1981 • 




Football Roster: Keith J. Allen, Ken C. Angel, Douglas J. Ash. Avyd A. 
Baldwin, Quintan M. Ballard, John T. Bangley, Charles N. Booth, Edwin L. 
Britt, David T. Brinson, Roger H. Brown, Boyd F. B\)erly, Harold J. Chewning, 
Jeffrey J. Cooper, Ray A. Dalton, Brad H. Davis. Mark A. Dennis, Willis J. 
Dingle, James D. Dixon, Robert L. Dowdy, Joseph K. Dunn, Michael 
Edmonson, James W. Eraser, Berkley G. Gore, Garth B. Haas, Marshal R. 
Hadley. Mike A. Harper. Walter L. Harvey, Danny D. Hopper, Timothy J. 
Geppi, Jerry E. Hedrick, Eddie Hernandez, Harold W, Hilt, Hampton E. Hite. 
Kenneth E. Houston, Francis M. Hughes, McLeonard Jay, William M. Jessup, 
Leon L. Jones. Tommy D. Jones. Frederick Jordan. Barry L. Kavanaugh. 
William M. Kirby. Mark L. Leporatti. Randall F. Long, Coy E. Mabe. 

Clint York resting after a tiring first half. 

Christopher L. McCauley. Mike R. Miller. Alex B. Mills. David A. Moats. 
Darrell T. Moore. Robert N. Mulwee. John A. Murray. Keith M, Murrell. David 
S. Pankenier. James C. Parker. Sherman L. Patrick. Aubrey D. Patterson. Alan 
O. Peters. Kelly A. Peterson. Anthony D. Pethel. Alan W. Powers. T.J. Prizxi. 
Stephen D. Raborn. Phillip H. Renn. JeffL. Rice. John B. Richardson. Adrian T. 
Robertson. Charles B. Rogers. Jr.. Ricky C. Ross. John F. Rumbley. Mike E. 
Sampson. Danny Scales. Jackie R. Simmons. Kelly F. Stanley. Joseph A. 
Strouse, Billy E. Thompson. Ernie L. Tootoo. Stanley A. Tootoo. Henry Tootoo. 
Stephen R. Vargas. Wesley N. Wilkes. Robert W. Williams, George R. White. 
Wesley N. Wilkes, E. Charles Womack. Chris D. Worst. Ronald T. Wright. 
Clinton W. York. 

by Joel Maness 

Coach Jerry Tolley compared the Elon 
Fightin' Christian's second consecutive NAIA 
football championship with going to Disney 
World. The second time around is not quite as 
exciting, but still very gratifying. 

In bitterly cold Memorial Stadium on Dec. 19. 
the Fightin' Christians beat Pittsburg State 
(Kansas) 3-0 in a fierce defensive battle. 

The Elon kicking game proved to be a decid- 
ing factor. Defensive MVP Chris Worst set up 
the game's only scoring by blocking a Gene 
Wayenburg punt, which Kenny Angel recovered 
on the Gorillas' eight-yard line. 

Elon ran three plays, keeping the ball in the 
middle of the field. With 11:59 left in the game, 
Phil Renn kicked what proved to be the winning 
field goal, a 23-yard effort. 

Pittsburg State Coach Ron Randleman 
praised the Elon kicking game. "Their punter 
(Kelly Stanley) did a fine job (eight punts for a 
41.5 average.) And of course, their kicker is ex- 
perienced while ours is a freshman." 

Randleman was referring to PSU's Dave 
Mammons, who missed four field goals. "They 
were all telling me to keep my head," Mammons 
said, "and not get down on myself. I tried, but 

The statistics tell the story. The Christian of- 
fense generated only 140 total yards. Quarter- 
back John Bangley passed for 87 of those yards. 
The Suffolk, VA, junior completed six of 16 

"They are the best defensive team we've 
faced all year," Bangley said. "We lacked the 
consistency we needed to move the ball." 

Bangley went on to say that the slick, icy field 
conditions contributed to the slow offense. As 
for the eight fumbles, neither Bangley nor 
Coach Tolley could explain why they were so 

plentiful. Bangley could only comment that 
"they didn't make footballs with handles on 

After offensive MVP Phil Renn gave Elon a 
second national title with one swing of his leg, 
the Gorillas had one more chance. 

Bangley was run out-of-bounds with less than 
two minutes left on third-and-long, but PSD 
linebacker Jeff Cooper was penalized for a late 
hit. That gave the Christians a first down and 
enabled them to run out the clock. 

Coach Tolley said that the second crown was 
"very satisfying. I told the players before the 
game that I wanted this one more than anything 
in the world." 

Even though the game was televised live on 
WFMY-TV, 3,075 fans braved the 30-degree cold 
to see the game. 

In addition, the USA Cable network covered 
the game, that was to be rebroadcast to more 
than 90,000 home throughout the country. 

Coach Tolley pointed out that the exposure 
would not hurt recruiting. "It will help," he said. 
"We don't lose that many boys this year. We lose 
Tony Pethel on offense. And on defense we lose 
Chris Worst, Adrian Robertson, Marshall Kirby, 
Charles Womack and Ernie Tootoo." 

Reflecting on the kicking game, Tolley said 
that because of the tough defenses, "We were 
willing to try a 52-yard field goal. Renn's won a 
lot of them." 

"When we went for the field goal, there was no 
doubt in my mind that we would make it," Tolley 
said. "I was more concerned with the snap and 
put-down than with the kick." 

Senior nose guard Chris Worst summed up 
the team's feelings when he said, "We know we 
would face some adversity. We had to go out and 
stop them. We take a lot of pride in our defense, 
and we played our best game today." 

The gathering before the Mars Hill game. 



Clint York and John Bangley make a good pair 
when it comes to football. 


Fred Jordan makes his way for a few more yards. 

Mike Edmondson and Charles Womack attempt to block 
a kick against Winston-Salem State. 

Ricky Ross makes his way down the field against Mars 

Terry Hedrick tries to get away from defensive oppo- 

Chris McCauly dives for a catch. 


Kenny Angel gains a yard against Mars Hill. 

High Hopes For Basketball Season This Winter 

Despite losing three starters to 
graduation, Elon basketball coach Bill 
Morningstar has some high hopes for 
a lineup that features several new 

Morningstar hopes to improve on 
the Fighting Christians' 14-16 record 
of a year ago. Elon placed second in 
the Carolinas Conference in 1980-81 
with a 9-5 mark and Morningstar is 
confident that a first place finish can 
be achieved this season. 

Elon's most immediate problem will 
be making up for the loss of starting 
forwards Lee Allison and Greg Daw- 
son. Allison, a perennial All-Confer- 
ence and All-District selection 
throughout his career, averaged 18 
points and 5 rebounds per game last 
season while Dawson closed out his 
career averaging 12 points and 4 re- 
bounds per contest. Gary Shuffler, a 6- 

6, 200 lb. sophomore from Valdese. ap- 
pears to be one of the most likely can- 
didates. Shuffler averaged 6 points 
and 2 rebounds per contest in limited 
action last season. 

The center position is also up for 
grabs with the graduation of David 
Mantiply, who served as captain along 
with Allison last year while contribut- 
ing an average of 7 points and 3 re- 
bounds per game. The brother combi- 
nation of Pat and Paul Rhodes from 
Luray, Virginia, will be the main con- 
tenders for the open spot. 

The Fighting Christians' backcourt 
will once again be a strong point, with 
senior Drew VanHorn returning to pi- 
lot the Elon offense. VanHorn netted 
an average of 10 points per game 
while also averaging 6 assists. He will 
be flanked by either Jay Johnson, a 6- 
3, 190 lb. senior, or Ty Stout, a 5-8, 150 

lb. sophomore. 

Elon will be greatly aided by the ad- 
dition of several first year players to 
an already strong bench. Peter Dolan, 
a 6-8, 220 lb. transferee from Western 
Carolina and Jay Lee, a 6-9, 220 lb. 
freshman from Burlington could chal- 
lenge for front court starting berths 
while Al Beck, a 5-11, 160 lb. native of 
Burlington, and Vic Wiedeman, a 6-2, 
180 lb. freshman from Haddonfield, 
New Jersey, will provide added back- 
court depth. Mel Melton, a 6-3, 175 lb. 
sophomore transfer from Brevard Ju- 
nior College, native Greensborian, 
also joins the squad after achieving 
Conference Player of the year and All- 
State honors last season at Brevard. 
Also. Roger Norris. 6-4. 190 lb. fresh- 
man comes to Elon after a very suc- 
cessful career at East Burke High 

Elon College Basketball 
Al Beck. Peter Dolan, Jay Lee. Mel Melton, Roger Norris. Pat Rhodes. Paul Phodes. Gilbert Rivers. Gary Shuffler. Drew VanHorn, Vic Wiedeman, Danny Graham. 
Danny Scales. Managers: Mike Langone. Fred Perkins. Athletic Trainer: Marty Baker. 

Coach Morningstar gives a pep talk during a time out. 

Eton's *12 stretches to put in the ball. 

Pat Rhodes waiting to grab a rebound. 

Elon puts up two more points. 



'-•'- iii 




I. • * 






Elon forward shoots two points. 



Booters Have Firepower 

Elon soccer coach Steve Ballard 
will be looking to improve last sea- 
son's 8-7 overall record while hold- 
ing on to the Carolinas Conference 
Co-Championship that the Fighting 
Christians claimed with a 6-1 con- 
ference mark. 

Elon lost six games by one goal a 
year ago, a situation Ballard hopes 
to remedy with an offense that con- 
tains plenty of firepower. 

In goalie positions will be senior 
Kevin McCauley from Rensselear, 
NY. McCauley is a tri-captain and 
last year made All-Conference. Bob 
Ramsey, Cherry Hill, NJ; Scott 
Reynolds, Rensselear, NY and Bob 
Strong from Port Jefferson, NY are 
starting returnees at fullback for 
the Fighting Christians. Scott 
Spada, a sophomore from Brick- 
town, NJ is counted on by Ballard 
to work into a starting role at full- 

Leading the returnees at midfield 
is Balston Lake, NY player Chris 
Crusan and a junior Alexandria, VA 
native Luis Pages. Starting for- 
wards Nathan Pulkingham, Burl- 
ington, NC and Jeff Shields of Hills- 
borough, NC lead a strong Elon at- 

Ballard recruited a number of 
players that he is counting on to 
contribute to Elon's side in 1981. 

Leading the newcomers is Vir- 
ginia All-Stater Chip Calloway, 
Woodbridge, VA at forward and 
Sag Harboro, NY halfback C.J. 
Rossi. Other top recruits include 
goalies Mike Antczar, Edison, NJ, 
and George Martinez of Leomin- 
ster, MA, while Fulton-Montgomery 
transfer Mike Glover, Baltimore, 
MD product, Dan Schmidt, and An- 
thony Sherwood from Virginia 
Beach, VA; Randy Madge and Jon 
Hasbrook from Brick, NJ; Charlie 
Ganim from Missouri City, TX; and 
Jay Chisolm of New York City arc 
outstanding newcomers. Sean 
Flanagan, a forward from Green- 
lawn, NY should see plenty of ac- 
tion for Elon. 

Nathan Pulkingham prepares to receive the ball from 
a fellow teammate. 

A ti/pical Elon Soccer game. 


Elon's Soccer Team Captures Third Place 

Some of Elon's planers line up to block a kick. 

Soccer Team: Kevin McCauley, Scott Reynolds. Jeff Shields. Nathan Pulkingham, Luis Pages, 
Steve Sabol, Bob Strong, Scott Spada, Chris Crusan, Bob Ramsey, Randy Madge, Jon Hasbrook, 
Chip Calloway, Chip Stewart, Mike Riccio, Sean Flannagan, Kevin Giffillan, Anthony Sherwood, 
Mike Antazack, George Martinez, Brian Johnson — Assistant Coach, Coach Steve Ball Ballard. 

Despite Tough Schedule Strikers 
Still Come Out on Top 

Nathan Pulkingham preparing to make a steal. 

Kevin McCauley making a save. 


Jejf Shields attempts to beat his opponents. 



Jeff Shields preparing to take a free kick. 

- * *A^«»*si»- -SSM**-**** v-mm 


Diamonders Could Be Better Than Last Year 

The Fighting Christians earned na- 
tional recognition in 1981 with a 39-8 
record while finishing second in the 
Carolina Conference with a 9-5 mark. 
Coach Bob McBee is depending on an 
experienced and powerful lineup to 
gain Elon further prominence in 1982. 

Craig Newton, Saunderstown, RI, 
and Darrell Wallace, Rockingham, NC 
will again provide most of the offen- 
sive firepower while giving the Fight- 
ing Christians added speed. Frank 
Manship, Rockingham, NC and Joe 
Garbarino, Binghampton, NY also re- 
turn to the Elon lineup and will chal- 
lenge for starting roles. 

The Fighting Christian pitching 
staff remains strong with Billy Martin 
of High Point, NC and Mark Hawkins 
of Bound Brook, NJ, among the re- 
turning hurlers. Mark Turner, Rich- 
mond, VA, and Alan Pritchard, E. 
Greenwich, RI, give Elon a depend- 
able bullpen that will be boosted by 
the addition of some new arms. 

The Fighting Christians were 
ranked in the NAIA's top ten and 
McBee feels that Elon can advance 
even further in 1982 with some de- 
pendable veterans and top prospects 
on the squad. 

All-Amercian David Wh/f/ey beats one out at first base. 


Greg Booker, All-District performer, signed with the San Diego 
Padres after being drafted in the 10th round of the baseball draft. 


From left to right. Front Row: Billy Martin, Billy Freeman. Eric Smith, Dave Lenig, Bernadette Frontero, Frank Manship. Mike Bowling, David Whitely, 
Tim Hoag. Second Row: Joel Weiss. Ken Comer, Mike King, Darrell Wallace, John Knol, Ms. Leola Updike, Coach Bob McBee, Asst. Coach Ron Evans, 
Mrs. Jackie Matlock, Mrs. Dell Bright, Ms. Elizabeth Moore, Ms. Jill Coley, Stuart McCachern. Alan Dalton. Back Row: Barry Bradberry, Scott Hall, 
William Alexander, Mark Turner. Brad Price, Greg Booker, Craig Newton, Allen Pritchard, Mark Hawkins, Barry Simmons and Wayne Bowery. 

Baseball Ranks Eighth in Final NAIA Poll 





Elon/Atlantic Christian 


Elon/ Atlantic Christian 


Elon/N.C. State 


Elon/Gardner Webb 


Elon/Gardner Webb 


Elon /Slippery Rock 


Elon/Slippery Rock 


Elon/UNC Charlotte 


Elon/UNC Charlotte 






Elon /Wake Forest 


Elon/Calijornia St. 


Elon/Fordham Univ. 


Elon/Fordham Univ. 


Elon/Univ. of Va. 


Elon/St. Paul's 


Elon/St. Paul's 




Elon/High Point 






Elon/Shaw Univ. 


Elon/Shaw Univ. 


Elon/Pembroke St. 


Elon/Pembroke St. 


Elon/High Point 


Elon/Mars Hill 


Elon/Mars Hill 


Elon/Norfolk St. 




Elon/Pembroke St. 




Elon/Pembroke St. 


Elon/Wingate College 


Elon/Wingate College 


Elon/Wingate College 


Elon/Guilford College 






Elon/St. Augustine 


Elon/St. Augustine 


Elon/N.C. A&T 


Elon/High Point 


Elon/Pembroke St. 


Elon/High Point 







Billy Freeman, All-time games played leader, completes an easy 
double tag. 

John Krol tags a Pembroke runner. 

All American Joey Hackett, slides safely into second base. 

■ X 

Senior, Billy Womble applies the tag to a stealing Pembroke 

Huges Crisp, now a Baltimore Oriole, displays his 
winning form. 

Decker Ail-American Linkster 

Keith Decker, Eton's All-American linkster. 


Behind a returning group of experienced 
golfers and with the emergence of a few new- 
comers. Coach Bill Morningstar hopes to return 
the Fightin' Christians to the top of the Caroli- 
nas Conference and District 26 in golf in 1982. 

Keith Declcer and Danny Graham return to 
the Elon lineup and form the nucleus of the 
squad. Carmen Pascarella and Chris Keeley 
continue to improve each season and should be 
keys to the Fighting Christians '82 success. Da- 
vid Dean of Richmond. Virginia, adds further 
experience and consistency to the team. 

"Consistency is one area we will be looking to 

improve this year," says Morningstar. "Often 
players have good rounds on different days. We 
need to have good performances from the team 
as a whole at each tournament." 

Aiding Morningstar in that cause will be a 
group of first year golfers. Scott Carney joins 
the squad from Glenville, West Virginia, and 
Greg Haley comes to Elon from Potomac, Mary- 
land. Four Virginia natives will wear the ma- 
roon and gold this season. The brother combi- 
nation of Jimmy and Billy Merrlman hail from 
Collinsville, along with high school teammate 
Barney Pilson. Morningstar will be depending 

on Daniel Thore of Reidsville to continue his 
golfing success. Thore was an All-State selec- 
tion in high school. 

"Our competition continues to get tougher ev- 
ery year," admits Morningstar, "but we've done 
well against some top grade competition in 
tournaments. I'm looking forward to a fine sea- 
son in '82." 

After finishing fourth in the nation in 1981, 
Morningstar hopes his linksters can capture the 
National championships in 1982 which will be 
played at Alamance Country Club, the home of 
the Fightin' Christians. 

Joe Meyer, Chris Keeley, David Dean, Danny Graham, 
Coach Morningstar, Frankie Jones, and Keith Decker. 


Elon 's Golf Team: Coach Bill Morningstar, Keith Decker, Barry Pilson, Daniel Thore, Da 
Graham, Chris Keeley, Carm Paskarelli, Scott Carney, Tommy Lambarger, Greg Haley, St 
Danielson, Fred Evans, Tom Koffman, Frank Ferguson, Jerry Rtist, and Greg Fry. 

■ .;^^-^ 



». — JP »i ^ 

:.%it>* *'3&'*' 

Elan's linkster strokes In for a birdie. 

Men*s Tennis On the Right Road 

Despite the loss of some key starters, Elon tennis coach Danny 
Morrison enters the 1981 campaign with a strong lineup that 
includes some new faces. 

Greensboro native Steve Rickard, Elon's only returning letter- 
man, hopes to better last season's mark of 7-15 in singles action 
and 13-8 in doubles. Rickard will be counted on to provide both 
experience and leadership on a young Fighting Christian squad. 

Keat Alvis, Mike Bestler, Jack Brady and Wayne Clifton all 
from Virginia will attempt to fill the void left by graduated starters 
Bill Day and Jeff Johnson. Freshmen Chris Foard, Max Henderson 
and Curtis Lester will also join the Elon lineup along with David 
Virag and Robert Woffard. 

Jeff Green will see more playing time this season after posting a 
0-1 mark in limited action last year. 

The Fighting Christians made much progress in 1981, placing 
fifth in the conference tournament and eighth in the District 26 
tournament. Elon had the first winning season, a 10-8, in five 
years — many of the losses by close margins. With the addition of 
some promising prospects as well as the leadership of some re- 
turners, Morrison has the Fighting Christians on the road to a 
long awaited conference championship. 

Netters To Be Improved 


The Elon women's tennis team enjoyed a 
fine 9-6 campaign a year ago and coach 
Karen Garden is depending on her returning 
starters to better that record this season as 
the Fighting Christians enter the race for 
the Carolinas Conference crown. 

Senior Mary Beth Hughes heads an Elon 
lineup that lost just one player to gradu- 
ation. Hughes, a Martinsville, Va., native, 
had a 12-8 total in overall singles last sea- 
son. Amy Burch, from Woodstock, Va., post- 
ed a 9-9 record in her first season and 
should improve with experience, as will ju- 
nior Rhonda Penson, Mt. Holly, N. C, who 
netted a 7-9 record. Senior Karen Wall, 
Reidsville, N.C., will try to up her 1981 9-9 
record in her last season at Elon. 


A Tough Act To Follow 

Standing: Susan Overby. Donna Tmllinger. Susan Wilson. Jeanie Hairston. Lori Smith. Vanessa Corbett. Renate Costner. Kneeling: Sherri Brothers, Anne Beeson 
Jade Nicholas. Nuggie Dixon. Phi/Us Wardlaw. Kim Smith. 

After compiling a 29-4 record and captur- 
ing the Carolinas Conference championship 
with a 6-1 mark last year, Elon women's 
basketball coach Mary Jackson will have a 
hard act to follow in 1981-82. 

Jackson appears ready to defend the 
crown with all but one of her starting squad 

Seniors Vanessa Corbett of Yanceyville, 
NC and Jeannie Hairston of Greensboro, 
NC both All-Conference and All-State se- 
lections, will return at the forward spots 
after fine '80-81 campaigns. Corbett aver- 
aged 21.1 points per game to lead the team 
while pulling down an average of 11 re- 
bounds per contest. Hairston averaged 11.4 
points per game along with 10 rebounds. 

The Fighting Christians will miss Lou 
Williamson in the backcourt this season; 
however, Renate Costner, a 5-10, 120 lb. 
sophomore from Graham, NC appears 
ready to take over the position after an im- 
pressive rookie season in which she aver- 
aged seven points and three rebounds per 
game. Junior Nuggie Dixon, Wilmington^ 
NC returns at tl-.e other guard position after 
her best year ever in '80-81. Dixon netted an 
average of 20 points per contest and seven 
rebounds while leading Elon in steals for the 
season with 64. 

The center position will be filled by either 
Corbett or 6-3 junior Jennifer Kelly, Milford, 
CT, as Jackson alternates offenses. Fresh- 
man Donna Trollinger from Graham, NC, 
could also challenge for a starting berth in 
the backcourt. 

) ■ 

Co-Captain: Jeannie Hairston. 

Co-Captain: Vanessa Corbett. 

Jade Nicholas 

Nuggie Dixon 


Experience and Talent 
Equal Success 

This year's Volleyball team suffered 
a difficult season. Losing key matches 
early in the season slowed the team 
down considerably. Most of these ear- 
ly season losses were close matches 
lasting through three games, and often 
extra points. 

We needed to improve our team play 
this season said Coach Karen Garden. 
This year we emphasized the funda- 
mentals. We lost some close matches 
this season and we're hoping to get a 
few of these back next season. 

An experienced lineup aided Car- 
den in achieving her pre-season goals. 
The Fighting Christians were led by 
returning starter Jeannie Hairston, 
Greensboro, and Barbra Carter, Elkin, 
N.C., while other returnees included 
Pam Moore of Greensboro, Rhonda 
Penson of Mt. Holly, NC, and Carol 
McCall of Dallas, NC. 

Elon also added a few new names to 
its arsenal. Setter Susan Overby of 
Durham, NC, and Phyllis (Dee-Dee) 
Wardlaw a transfer from High Point 
enter the roster along with freshman 
Alicia Gaddy and Robin Wheeler, both 
from Winston-Salem, Diane of 
Greensboro, and Maureen Sweeney of 
Rockville, MD. Much of the team's suc- 
cess was due in part to the efforts of 
Diana Curry (Mgr.) and Susan Burel- 
son (Scorekeeper). 

The veterans and the rookies alike 
combined to challenge all opponents 
in true Elon style. 

Coach Karen Cardin gives the team a pep talk. 

Jeannie Hairston bumps the ball back to the other 


Standing — Coach Karen Garden. Susan Overby, Alicia Gaddy. Jeanie Augus- 
tine, Diana Curry (Mgr.) Kneeling — Maureen Sweeney. Rhonda Benson. Carol 
McCatt. Pam Moore. Sitting — Barbara Carter. Phyllis Wardlaw. Robin Wheel- 
er, Jeanie Hairston. 



Susan Overby sets up a play. 

Pam Moore returns the ball. 


Members: Rob Haley. Joe Letter, Scott Montgomery. Jay Paul. Don Fisher. 
Blunt Edwards. John Lander. Walt Burns. Steve Burte. Darby Webster. Jay 
Knight. Chris McKay. Victor Pugh. Dan Uzzel. Carl Metczer, Gret Baccon. 
Mike Childs. Jay Allen. Bill Bolder. Mel Stauers. Pat Daniels. Gene Kirk. Bruce 
McHugh. John Watson. Rick Christman. and John Sullivan. 

A tough game to play. 

An anxious lacrosse player. 




Members: Greg Fischel, Jay Lineberry, Matt Brown, Mac 
Jay, Steve Hester, Mike Cox. Not pictured. Drew Bennett, 
Milce Helfrich, Mike Mazzuca, Billy Ray Brown. 

Mac Jay, the grappler, strives for perfection prior to tak- 
ing 1st place in the Davidson Duel Tournament. 

Elon Track Strong in 1982 

The Elon track team enjoyed a very 
successful season in 1981 with a second 
place finish in the Carolinas Conference 
and a sixth place ranking in District 26 

Johnson is booking for an even better 
performance in '82 with a number of 
strong players returning. 

Danny Scales, Madison, N. C, returns 
after an impressive campaign a year ago, 
along with Fred Jordan, Stauton, Va., 
and Barry Kyle, Martinsville, Va. Other 
returnees to a lineup that produced nine 
new records in 1981 include Danny Hop- 
per, Madison, NC and Ray Hadley, Burl- 
ington, N. C, Kenneth Rogers of Oxford, 
N. C, and Chris McCauley, Staunton, Va. 

The Fighting Christians will again be 
facing top-notch competition in the com- 
ing season as perennial foes such as Pem- 
broke State, Atlantic Christian, High 
Point and Catawba continue to improve 
also. However, with most of his lineup 
returning with added experience, John- 
son is confident that the Fighting Chris- 
tians will be at the front of the race for the 
Carolinas Conference title. 


Women's Softball Expect 
Good Season 

Carol McCall, Jade Nicholas. Barbara Carter, Jennifer Dean, Pam Moore, Ann 
Beeson, Mellnda Brown. Susan Wilson, Nuggie Dixon. Renata Costner, Nancy 
Steinback, Susan Overby, Lou Williamson, Kim Smith. 

The Fighting Christians enjoyed their finest season in 
recent years in 1981 with a 30-10 overall record while claim- 
ing the Carolinas Conference championship. 

The Elon offense will be powered by returning stars Nug- 
gie Dixon, Wilmington, N. C, at second base and Gina Rhew, 
Elon College, N. C. at third. Outfielder Barby Adcock, Rox- 
boro, N. C, also returns to give the Fighting Christians 
power and strong fielding. All-Conference selection Susan 
Wilson, Graham, N. C, will lead the Elon mound corps again 
in 1982. 

With the majority of her lineup coming back. Coach Mary 
Jackson foresees another fine season for the Fighting Chris- 
tians as they defend the conference title and strive for na- 
tional recognition. 


Bernadette Carter cheers the football team on to 


The Elan mascot stops to pose for a picture. 

Go, Fight, Win, Elon 

Aren't (hey cute! Susan Waff and Jimmii Greene take 
a break from vigorous cheering. 


^ " ^^^Bb^ 


K^ ^^ 

^■^ T\ 



The cheerleaders practice building a pi>ramid. 



Class of 1982 

Li/dia Grace. Senior, artentiuely works through her 
English notes for an upcoming final exam. 

Marian Aderhold 

Paul Alello 

Tyndall Alligood 


Melinda Davis 

Virginia Davis 

Divight Dawson 

Rae Diproffio 

Benita Dollar 

James Dove 

Ronald Downs 

Robert Ducan 

Keith Ebert 

Ron Ehrhardt 

Earldene Fogg 

Edwina Foster 

Peggy Fry 

David Gandy 

Keith Garrett 

Eliazabeth M. Geer 

TannI Gibson 
Frank Gorham 

Monica Gillis 
Gina Gelico 

Karen Godsey 
Lydia Grace 

Michael Goins 
Ricky Grays 

Gayle Haas 
Nader Hamidpour 
Eddie Hernandez 

Greg Holmes 

Lamey Haga 

Joy Hamilton 

Carmen Hill 

Rodney Holland 

Robert Haley 

Evelyn Hatley 

Keith Hill 

David Hornaday 

James Hall 

George Hedrich 

Jeff Hollandsworth 

Cindy Howard 


Scott Howell 

Frank Hughes 

Susan Kepley 

Dan Hatchinson 

Trish Ivcs 

Mark James 

Deborah Jones 

Joseph Johnson 

Michael Johnson 

Steve Johnson 

Marybeth Hughes 

Patricia Jordon 

Audrey Josey 

Ken Joyce 

Brian Johnson 

Cynthia King 


Marshall Kirby 

Michael Langone 

Chris Lombardi 

Becky Lebarron 

Chuck Knight 

Joyce Luster 

Darice Madge 

Lori Malbon 

John Landis 

Allissa Lowell 

Ed Marks 

Dewy Marshall 

Elizabeth Martin 

Beverley Magness 

James McCarther 

Tracy Mebane 

Laurie Michaud 

Manuel Montoya 

Teresa Mullis 

Chuck Nance 

Toni Napoli 

Sharyn Olsen 

Milford Oswald 

Brian Page 

Edward Palace 

Cliff Parker 

Randy Parsons 

Lisa Peele 

Lisa Perriccio 

Dave Pinson 

Suzie Poplin 

Laura Powers 

Jeff Powers 

Allen Pritchard 

John Proia 

Ed Reams 

John Reaves 

Michael Reilly 

Pat Rhodes 

Theresa Richmond 

Carol Robinson 

Michael Ross 


Tim Sartjni 

Mary Lou Sayad 

Richard Sheridan 

Calvin Singleton 

Charlotte Sipe 

George Smith 

Theresa Smith 

Jenny Snook 

Nancy Stainback 

Randy Steffen 

Anne Storey 

Ross Strange 

:nda Strickland 

James Strickland 

Julie Sullivan 

Bennie Suozzy 

Doug Talley 

Mark Tanhauser 

Richard Taylor 

Lynn Tatro 

Benjie Terrli 

Keith Thomas 

Tim Thompson 

Eddie Tuck 

Bob Tommy 

Elizabeth Varee 

Drew Van Horn 

Mark Van Kirk 

Bill Vestal 
Karen Wall 
Ken Wheeler 
Mike Willett 

Miguel VIso 

Hunt Ward 

Bill White 

Karen Winfrey 

Darrell Wallace 

Janice Watlington 

Burt Wieland 

Lisa Woodle 

Frank Wallace 
David Welch 

Mike Wilkerson 
Bran Worrell 


John Bangley 

Richard Baxter 

Emilie Besuden 

Donna Bray 

Adel All H. Alhassoon 

Jeff Allen 

Paul Bruggcr 

Elaine Brydon 

Jim Bula 

Caria Burkhart 

Scott Andarlese 

Vicki Anderson 

Belinda Brown 

Keith Burwell 

Sheree Anderson 
Michael Apple 

Lisa Brown 
Patricia Byrd 

Toni Callis 
Donna Canter 
Mike Carlton 
Karen Chase 

Margaret Cocke 
Charlotte Collins 
Kenneth Comer 
Carolyn Connell 

Sandy Coyle 
Cheryl Crawford 
Becky Corris 
Ken Dobbins 

Ron Dalton 
Kathy Daughtry 
Terry Davis 
Dawn Denby 

Steve Duff 
Allison Ellis 
Stuart Ellis 
Laura Emerson 


Cindy Everhart 

Scott Faxon 

Linda Feggans 

Karen Floyd 

Suzy Folk 

Patfi Foster 

Beth Foushee 

Wanda Foust 

Glenda Fowler 

Daniel Futrell 

James Galyon 

Dean Gillian 

Steve Harper 
Robyn Herbin 
Donnie Hinnant I 
Terrie Horner 

Use Griffin 

Gretclien Kastlns 

Lynn Haizlip 

Donna Harrell 


O.K., now where do I go from here? 

Vanessa Howard 
Bassam Ibrahim 
Bill Jessup 
Lisa Johnston 

Denlse Jones 
Linda Kinder 
Michael King 
Robert Loner 

Carolyn Lowry 
Kim Madren 
Beverly Malone 
Faith Maness 

Joel Maness 

Jackie Marsh 

Elizabeth Marshall 

Terry Martin 

Julie McCain 

Julie McGhee 

Janie McMillan 

Andy Meletis 

Ralf Meller 

Tom Merricks 

Ramie Mice 

Cyndi Miller 

Teri Miller 

Lori Mills 

Mindy Moon 

Darrell Moore 

Mark Moore 

John Murray 


Rick Murray 
Tracey Murray 
Parker Neff 
Ingrid Neill 

Jade Nicholas 
Nikaj Marash 
Colleen Obrien 
Cynthia Osborne 

Tracy Owens 
Gene Pittman 
Gail Plummer 
Angle Rakes 


Are we overdressed? 

We're the Eton Village People Band. 


Beth Saunders 
Spencer Smith 

Steve Schuckenbrock 
Carol Smith 

Natalie Reid 

Marc Ridgill 

Steven Raborn 

Greg Scott 

Jacqueline Smith 

Phil Renn 
Clay Roberson 
Robin Russell 

Edie Shell 
Joyce Smith 

Billie Richards 
Steven Roberson 

Maria Roupas 

Michael Shoffner 

Lori Smith 


Kathy Spelman 

Keith Stallings 

Donna Stone 

John Tate 

Benjie Terrell 

Billy Thomas 

Becky Thomas 

Carolyn Thompson 

Craig Tucker 

Rodney Turner 

Thea Tattle 

Vic Vickers 

Ernest Wagner 

Betsy Walker 

Peggy Wall 

Chuck Walser 

Kimberly Washington 

Mary Watson 

John Weigele 

Jo Weller 

Karen Wheelock 

Betsy White 

Ann Wickham 

Anne Widman 

Tawanna Williams 



Class of 1984 

Hei> people this is an exciting Satruday night at the "Big £." Believe me I know. 

Sylena Allen 

Teip Amos 

Ginger Andrews 

Sharon Apple 

Sharon Apple 

Fred Applin 

Maria Atwater 

Portia Atwater 

Terry Austin 

Henry Aycr 

Kristina Baner 

Whitley Barcalow 














Jeannie Barger 

Cedele Basket! 

Jane Beard 

Linda Beisner 

Vohn Belser 

LaJuanna Blue 

Chris Board 

Cheryl Bowling 

Pamela Brammer 

Tom Brennan 

Ken Broodhurst 

Jim Ballard 

Amy Burch 

Brian Camper 

MIchaele Ciaydon 

David Cline 

Sue Clough 

Thomas Coffman 

Lisa Col<man 

Diana Cooper 

Renate Costner 

Beth Courtney 

Jan Cox 

Chuck Crawley 

Brian Crook 

Greg Crowson 

Sue Danial 

Bobby Davis 

Jeffery Davis 

Rose Davis 

Suzanne Davis 

Marty Davidson 

Martha Downey 

Tim Edwards 

Mary Eubank 

Jeff Evans 

Joe Faulkner 

Sharon Fields 

Greg Fishel 

Suzanne Fishel 

John Fitchett 

Sharon Fitzgerald 

Mitchell Flinchum 

Sharon Foster 

Karen Freeman 

Jay Gabbert 

Denise Gates 

Tony Geary 

Bren Godwin 

Shari Gorham 

Mary Ellen Hilder 

Keith Hobgood 

Charles Hoffman 

Jimmy Green 

Richard Grizzard 

Baxter Hammer 

Susan Hughes 

Tammy Jackson 

Agnes Janney 

Hargrove McSherry 

Karen Harris 

Kim Hayes 

Haza Maxine 

Kimberly Henderson 

Doug Henry 

Daniel Hopper 

Missy Hudson 

Lisa Hundley 

Donella Jarrett 

Sherry Jarreu 

Gray Johnson 

Nelson Johnson 

Carter Jones 

Catherine Jones 

Lee Jones 

Julie Jordan 

Sherri Jordon 

Barry Karanaugh 

Todd Keedcr 

Mark Kemp 

Lorri Kirby 

Barry Kozak 

Mark Landscott 

Leah Kivett 

Lynn Lehmann 

Brent Lcmmons 

Ken Lipstein 

Yvette Love 

Delia Luke 

/ have to do this for a date. 

O.K. Anna, She did this to him and he said . 

Anna Narus 
Susan Overbey 
Pam Overstreet 
Lynne Parker 


Jane Pilloui 
Aundrey Price 

Vicki Price ' 
Carolyn Pryor 

Fran Rabil 

Art Raine 

Edwin RamBrough 

Miui Reniger 

Susan Renyans 

Rene Revels 

Anna Rice 

Garry Rodgers 

Cheryl Ryan 

Steve Sabol 

Shelia Shotweil 

Angela Singleron 


Richard Slattery 
Alice Sliakis 


Parker Topping 

Traccy Walser 

Tracy Westervelt 

Robert Smelkoff 

John Smith 

Allan Tate 

Debra Taylor 

Terry Teramo 

Vicky Troy 

Cheryl Venable 

Natalie Wagner 

Robin Waldrep 

Angela Walker 

Beth Waterfield 

Michael Ward 

Trey Walton 

Christie Wensaver 

Steve West 

Melvin Wilkins 

Susan Wilson 

William Wood 

Jenny Yeshnick 

Charlene Zilker 



Charming, Aren't we? 


Ron Bare 

Susie Best 

Charles Bruce 

Chris Black 

Kristin Walter 

Lewis Adams 

Joyce Bowes 

Lisa Boyles 

Daria Bray 

Kami Brooks 

William Anderson 
Sheila Bailey 
Pam Blanton 
Laura Broome 

Debbie Aycock 

Melissa Bare 

Sherri Beam 

Sherrie Brothers 

Debbie Brown 

April Buck 

Renae Byes 

Greg Cofino 

Nancy Gale 

Kenneth Courio 

Laura Campbell 

William Catoe 

Susan Chakales 

Kathy Collier 

Brent Comer 

Jeff Cooper 

Marian Cooper 

Terri Copeland 

Carl Cowan 

Jo Craven 

Denise Cummings 

Jo Daniel 

Beth Davis 

Jill Davis 

Glenn Day 

Debra Delimmont 

Deborah Demasters 

Meg Denton 

Anne Deweese 

Jane Dickenson 

Charlie Diehl 

Melinda Dorsey 

Karen Drake 

Lee Dufief 

Jay Epperson 

Greg Edwards 

Jackie Edwards 

Michael Glynn 

Denna Graves 

Pam Grayblll 

Andrea Elliott 

Beth Fannon 

Nancy Faucette 

Marie Harkins 

Michael Harrelson 

Roxanne Haven 

Michelle Fox 

Susan Fox 

Tammy Franklin 

Debbie Furr 

Beth Gallo 

Jenny Gardner 

Anita Green 

Mike Grizzard 

David Hamilton 

«». w.-*;:. "-•.•■( ■■ •*"?*■' ■■«*lii.' V 

Kyle Henderson 
Lori Horton 

r ''\ /^ 





' ^ \ i 







i"> ^ 












TTiey say tuio is companv but three is definitely) out of the question. 

Amy Herrick 
Debbie Hurley 
Ann Itadashi 
Paula Hessee 
Karen Hones 

Gary Hewett 
Karen Hutson 
Crystal Hames 
Vicky Jiggetts 

Missy Jones 

Donna Hight 

Michele Hyde 

Carlton Jarratt 

Ann Jones 

Garth Horgensen 

Haven's you beard about the Preppy Punk Rockers? Well, it's the latest fad! 

Steven Konx 

Ron Kruppo 

Kim Kyle 

Darlene Lamonds 

Kathy Kaplan 

Ron Keller 

Darrell Lea 

Louisa LeGwin 

Curtis Lester 

Melissa Lewis 

Russell Kever 

Polly King 

Rebecca Latane 

Missy Lincberry 

Jennifer Kilgore 

David Kirkland 

Cynthia Lawson 

Karen Long 

Teresa Lovette 

Danny Lowe 

Deanna Lyell 

Mouche Maggio 

Diane Mann 

Mike Massey 

Cindy Matkins 

Michael McAlister 


fence McCormick 

Jane McDonald 

Doug McGawan 

Maureen McGrath 

Amy McKisson 

Janie McMillan 

Lisa McNaiey 

Reva Medlin 

Nancy Mela 

Tammy Mickens 

Karen Miner 

Terri Moore 

Tracy Moore 

Kim Morehouse 

Nancy Moreton 

Kelle Morgan 

Blain Moucle 

David Mooris 

Bob Moser 

Dana Murray 

Kristiana Myers 

Steve Nagle 

Lisa Nelson 

Carol Nix 

Mary Oreilly 

Robert Owen 

Chris Panichello 

Carmille Parris 

Cindy Northington 

Michael Nutt 

Jeff Peach 

Steve Phipps 

Jeff Pickard 

Elizabeth Pridgen 

Sheila Obrian 

Kelly OFerrell 

Cynthia Olsen 

Linda Olin 

Sissy Parrott 


Hid Payne (SENIOR) 

Marley Gantt 

Mary Scott 

Pam Sellew 

Dana Reams 

Audrey Page Richardson 

Sherei Rimmer 

Jennifer Snead 

Summer Sorrell 

Daniel Spacks 

Doug Rogers 

Penny Rosser 

Nancy Royle 

Robert Ruar 

Tim Rusk 

Anne Sarvis 

Molly Sim 

Beth Smith 

Keith Smith 

Anne Spanill 

Tommy Spencer 

Dallas Swan 

Mauren Sweeney 
Mike Snyder 


Robert Synanski 

Timothy Tally 



Lori Thomas 


Penny Thomas 

m^ r 

Tammara Thomas 

mjf- f 

Beth Thompson 

^\it I 

William Thompson 

Patricia Trapp 

Kelly Turner 

Ann Wade 

Bonnie Wade 

Pat Warren 

Amy Washburn 

Lynn Weems 

Chuck Welch 

Stuart White 

Greg Whitfield 

Jeffrey Whitley 

? aL' ^' 

The three best dressers at Elon 

Could someone tell us freshmen where the parties are around this place? 

Like Wow, this is the ultimate, "college life." 

Jerry Wilhelm 

Debbie Wilson 

Penny Wilkins 

Nina S. Williinson 

Kevin Winterstein 

Robert Wofford 

Scott Wolter 

Tea Wrena 

Catiiy Wright 

Greg Wright 

Norris Vanstory 

Dawn Yates 



1^ ^smsieJKsr 





J. Fred Young 
President of the College 

James A. Moncure 
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs 

Jo Watts Williams 
Vice President for Development 

John F. Mitchell 
Vice President for Administrative Services 


Mark R. Albertson 

Marydell R. Bright 
Coordinator of Admissions and Fi- 
nancial Aid 

W.E. Butler. Jr. 
Business Manager and Treasurer 

Alonzo L. Hook 
Dean Emeritus 

S. Carlysle Isley 
Special Assistant to the President 

Ronald A. Klepcyk 
Director of Special Institutional Prog. 

Guy R. Lambert 
Head Librarian and Director 
of Learning Resources Center 

William G. Long 
Dean of Student Affairs 







\-' ' 

Larry B. McCauley, Sr. 
Director of Physical Plant 

William G. Sharpe IV 

Chaplain; Coordinator of Personal 


Alan J. White 
Athletic Director; Professor of Phys- 
ical Education and Health; Chairman 
of Physical Education. Health, and 
Recreation Department 

M. Christopher White 
Dean of Academic Affairs 




\ . 

Walter Westafer 
Professor of Music 

Edwin L. Daniel 
Associate Professor of Art 

Malvin N. Artley 
Professor of Music 

Elaine Bingenheimer 
Piano Prep. Instruction Specialist 

David A. Bragg 
Associate Professor of Music 

Terrell W. Cofield 
Assistant Professor of Music 

James H. Glenn 
Assistant Professor of Music 

Jacit O. White R. Lamar Bland 

Professor of Music and Director of Associate Professor of English: 
Bands Chairman of Literature, Languages, 

and Communications Department 

Andrew J. Angyal 
Assistant Professor of Englsih 

Robert G. Blake 
William S. Long Professor of English 


Mary G. Brittain 
Assistant Professor of English 

Helen H. Euliss 
Assistant Professor of English 

Betty K. Gerow 
Assistant Professor of English 

Gerald M. Gibson 
Instructor in Communications 

Russell B. Gill 
Assistant Professor of English 

Rebecca O. House 
Instructor in English 

Helen H. Mackay 
Assistant Professor of English 

William F. Migniuolo 
Instructor in English 

Nan P. Perkins 
Instructor in English 

Anne Ponder 
Director of Academic Honors Pro- 
gram; Asst. Prof, of Communications 

Mary Ellen Priestly 
Professor of English 

Martha S. Smith 
Professor of English 

Eloise Baynes Michael A. Taylor John G. Sullivan Bruce N. Waller 

Asst. Professor of Modern Languages Asst. Professor of Modern Languages Professor of Philosophy: Chairman of Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

Philosophy Department 

William G. Rich 
Assistant Professor of Religion; 
Chairman of Religion Department 

Carol F. Chase 
Assistant Professor of Religion 

James H. Pace 
Assistant Professor of Religion 

Lawrence Willson 
Assistant Professor of Religion 




Whitney P. Mullen Hugh M. Fields Herbert W. House. Jr. 
Associate Professor of Science Edu- Assistant Professor of Biology and Assistant Professor of Biology: Chair- 
cation; Chairman of Physical Sci- Natural Sciences man of Biology and Allied Health 
ences Department 

Volgt F. Morgan 
Associate Professor of Biology 

Barbara T. Plumblee 
Instructor in Biology 

Raghavendra D. Rao 
Associate Professor of Biology 

Paul H. Cheek 
L.L. Vaughn Professor of Chemistry 

Ruth L. Cheek 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

J. Earl Danieley 
Professor of Chemistry 

E. Franklin Harris 
Associate Professor of Physics 

J. Wesley Alexander 
Associate Professor of Mathematics 

William H. Barbee Janie C. Evans Richard C. Haworth 

Associate Professor of Mathematics Assistant Professor of Mathematics Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Joyce E. Speas 
Instructor in Mathematics 


"■ ;il V-./// * 

Jeanne F. Williams 
Associate Professor of Statistics and 


Howard R. Higgs 
Assistant Professor of Human Ser- 
vices, Chairman of Human Services 

Wesley G. Brogan 
Associate Prof, of Human Services 

Frederic T. Watts, Jr. D. Brooks Gates 

Associate Professor of Political Sol- Assistant Professor of Social Science 
ence: Chairman of Social Sciences 

Robert W. Delp 
Professor of History 

Thomas S. Hendricks 
Assistant Professor of Sociology 


■ m ^- P 

V. ■ 1 


Rachel Y. Holt 
Assistant Professor of History 

Robert D. McBee 
Assistant Professor of Sociology: 
Baseball Coach 

Carole W. Troxler 
Associate Professor of History 

George W. Troxler 
Associate Professor of History 





^ j^^B 






Rudolf T. Zarzar John Michael Marr Robert G. Baxter Janie E. Council 

Associate Prof, of Political Science Associate Professor of Business Ad- College Attorney; Associate Profes- Associate Professor of Business Edu- 

ministration; Chairman of Business sor of Business Law cation and Accounting 

^^^^^1^' "'^I^^^^H 



" fi ^ 

Daniel Feinberg Frances R. Longest 

Professor of Business Administration Associate Prof, of Business Ed. 

Allen B. Sanders Linda T. Weavil 

Professor of Business Administration Assistant Professor of Business Ed. 
and Accounting 



John W. Wheeler Ralph V. Anderson James T. Toney 

Assistant Professor of Accounting Professor of Economics; Chairman of Associate Professor of Economics 

Economics Department 


Seena A. Granowsky 
Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Kenneth L. Harper 
Assistant Professor of Education 

June M. Looney 
Assistant Professor of Psychology 





Barry B. Beedle Janle P. Brown 

Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- Associate Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation and Health cation and Health 

Paul L. Gaskill 
Instructor in Recreation Ad. 

Jane C. Wellford 
Instructor in Physical Education 

Barbara L. Yarborough Melvin L. Shreves Karen Garden Lonnie Mack Garden 

Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- Associate Director of Athletics and Assistant Coordinator of Student Af- Assistant Football Coach: Wrestling 
cation Director of Fighting Christian Club fairs. Intramurals: Women's Volley- Coach; Instructor of Physical Ed. 

ball Coach; Women's Tennis Coach; 

Instructor of Physical Ed. 


Linwood S. Ferguson 
Assistant Football Coach; Assistant 
Track Coach; Instructor of Physical 

Doris C. Gilliam 
Secretary, Athletic Department 

Mary F. Jackson 
Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation: Women's Basketball Coach; 
Women's Softball Coach 

Clayton E. Johnson 
Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation, Associate Football Coach, 
Track Coach 

Donald J. Kelly 
Associate Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation; Associate Football Coach 

T. William Morningstar 
Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation; Men's Basketball Coach; Golf 

Daniel B. Morrison, Jr. 
Men's Assistant Basketball Coach; 
Men's Tennis Coach; Instructor of 


Jerry R. Tolley 
Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation; Head Football Coach 



W. Jennings Berry Priscilla Haworth 

Director of Academic Advising; Asso- Public and Tutorial Services Coordin- 
ciate Professor of English ator. Learning Resources Center 

Patricia Hunt 
Sec, Academic Advising Center 

George R. Lentz, Sr. 
Director of Continuing Education 

Betty J. Maness Tammy T. Moody Lela Faye Rich W. Stephen Wagoner 

Coordinator of Acad. Skills Program Secretary. Academic Center Career Associate Director of Academic Ad. Director of Cooperative Education 

Planning and Placement and Internships 

Joanne Soliday Ellen F. Gagnon 

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Secretary, Student Affairs Office 

Student Programs 

James R. Hackney, Jr. Terri Kirchen 

Coordinator of Residential Life and Associate Director of Learning Re- 
Security sources 



It ■ -, (, f 

Lydia Berry 
Library Staff 

Helene K. Ellis 
Library Staff 

Connie L. Keller 
Asst. Reference; Catalog Librarian 

Ann J. Vickers 
Catalog Librarian 

3 ». 

Margaret Zang 
Library Staff 

R. Wayne Bowery 
Associate Director of Admissions 

Barry A. Bradberry 
Associate Director of Admissions 

Thelma Cheel( 
Secretary. Admissions Office 

Jacqueline P. Matlock 
Asst. to the Director of Admissions 

Barry Simmons 
Director of Financial Aid 

Cynthia Sykes 
Asst. to the Director of Financial Aid 

Jerri Holloway 
Assistant to the Registrar 


Shirky B. Crawford 
Secretary. Development Office 

Clyde L. Fields. Sr. 
Director of Ctiurch Relations 

Phyllis A. Kendrick 
Data Entry Clerk, Develop. Office 

Emma D. Lewis 
Bookkeeper, Development Office 




w^ ■ 

Timothy H. McDowell 
Director of Community Relations 

H. Reid Montgomery 
Director of Planned Giving 

J. King White 
Dir. of Alumni and Parent Programs 

Audrey P. Shumar 
Accounting Office 

Durward T. Stokes 

Lucile C. Stone 

Jane M. Ferrell 

Mary D. Thomas 

College Historian 

Campus Decor 


Information Service Supervisor, 





Klmberly M. Aaron Rl 1. Box 438. Callands. VA 24530 

Martin H. Abbott 9001 Teddy Rae Court. Springfield. VA 22152 

Margaret L. Abernelhy 840 Mineral Springs Road, Charlotte. NC 28213 

Deborah L. Adams 1723 Aftonshjre Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

George H. Adams 1211 Greycourt Avenue. Richmond. VA 23227 

Kathryn M. Adams 706 H Summit Ridge. Mebane. NC 27302 

Lisa R. Adams 1502 Rosedale. Rcidsville. NC 27320 

Margaret A. Adams 1914 West Front Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Melodle J. Adams P O Box 83. Yadkinvlllc. NC 27055 

Albert L. Adams III 4103 Redwine Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Rkhard J. Adcock Route 1. Box 326 D. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Charles H. Addison 6406 Homestake Drive. Bowie, MD 20715 

Paul R. Alello 5810 Granada Blvd. Coral Gables. FL 33146 

William R. Alklns 432 Haivthorne Drive. Danville. VA 24541 

David A. Albright 624 Providence Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Jon S, Aldrlch 3714 Allsborough Drive, Tucket. GA 30084 

David R. Alexander 426 South Beaumont Avenue. Apt A. Burlington. 

NC 27215 

RIcard E. Alexander 2019 Woodland Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

William D. Alexander Rt 3. Box 486 A Virginia Ave. Rockingham. NC 


Daniel M. Alexander. Jr. 211 Home Avenue, Graham. NC 27253 

Charlotte J. Allord 2110 Edgcwood Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Adel A. Alhassoon P O Box 1962. Burlington. NC 27215 

JeHrey B. Allen 1242 Kilby Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Keith J. Allen 219 Hamilton Road. Marlton. NJ 08053 

Nathan P Allen 1104 BriarcllH Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

James V Allen III Rl 6, Box 520, Greensboro, NC 27405 

Bruce T. Alllgood III Decision Way West. Washington Crossing. PA 

Robert L. Allison. Jr. 412 Webb Street. Mebane. NC 27302 

Cynthia C. Alston Route 3. Box 47 B. Pitlsboto. NC 27312 

Mary D. Alston Route 3. Box 48-A. Pittsboro. NC 27312 

Michael S. Allmater 214 Rowland Park Boulevard. Wilmington, DE 


Peter S. Allmaler 214 Rowland Park Blvd. Wilmington. DE 19803 

Keaton L. Alvis 1001 Godwin Avenue. Chesapeake. VA 23324 

Kevin T. Amiss 5009 King David Blvd. Annandalc. VA 22003 

Esker E Amos 1609 Valleywood PI. High Point. NC 27250 

Scott R. Andarlese 2392 Generation Drive. Reston. VA 22091 

Kirk R Andersen PO Box 4051. Wilmington. DE 19807 

Betty R. Anderson 706 L2 HuHman Mill Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Diane S. Anderson Rt 3. Box 283. Mebane, NC 27302 

Edwina A. Anderson 3115 Apex Rd, Durham. NC 27713 

Mark D. Anderson 424-B Hardee Lane. Whispering Pines. NC 28327 

Mary A. Anderson 706-L2 Huffman Mill Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Reglna D. Anderson Route 6. Box 181. Mocksville. NC 27028 

Rose M Anderson Route 5. Box 282. Burlington. NC 27215 

Teresa N. Anderson 1612 N E Avenue. 8-B. Ocala FL 32670 

VIckl L. Anderson 310 Hopkins Road. Kernersville. NC 27284 

William R. Anderson 2308 Richardson Drive. Rcidsville. NC 27320 

William C. Andrew 336 Amta Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Ginger L. Andrews 2005 Andrews Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Melvin H. Andrews 2535 Oakcrcst Court. Burlington, NC 27215 

Kenneth C. Angel 608 Hawthorc St. High Point. NC 27262 

Caroline B. Ansbacher 1132 West Davis Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael J. Antczak 203 Hoover Avenue. Edison. NJ 08837 

Del Ray L. Anthony 4107 Orchid Drive. WinstonSalem. NC 27105 

Virginia B. Apostolopoulos 1906 Trail 2 Apt 2 C. Burlington. NC 27215 

Donna S. Apple 3901 Kalloramo Drive. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Michael D. Apple Rl 10, Box 354. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sharon D. Apple Rt 1. Box 158. GlbsonviUe. NC 27249 

Sharon D. Apple 1529 Greenview Dr . Kernersville. NC 27284 

Tammy L. Apple 333 Harden Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Walter T Apple 1213 Franklin Street. Burlington, NC 27215 

Susan R. Appleton 3559 Kirby Smith Drive, Wilmington. NC 28403 

Marguerite C. Applln P O Box 657. Roseboro, NC 28382 

Fred C. Applln P O Box 657. Roseboro, NC 28382 

Jamie L. Arey Route 3, Box 124, Liberty, NC 27298 

Philip A. Arnold 5340 Black Oak Drive. Fairiax. VA 22030 

Curtis D. Arrtngton Route 1. Box 154, Nelson, VA 24580 

Lora K. Arrlngton 111 Salmon Street, Martinsville. VA 24112 

Robert B. Arrlngton Route 1. Box 154, Nelson, VA 24580 

Tina M. Arrowood 2915 Amherst Avenue, Burlington. NC 27215 

John W Ashburn. Jr. P O Box 64. Moyock, NC 27958 

Esther R. Ashby 1506 Mulberry Road. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Vicky L. Ashley 2134 S Scales Street. ReidsviUe. NC 27320 

Helen E. Ashworth 5921 Butler Road. GlbsonviUe. NC 27249 

Maria J. Alwater Route I. Box 234. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Portia R, Alwater 3121 Delchesler Court, Durham. NC 27713 

Jeanle M. Augusllne P O Box 413, Jamestown, NC 27282 

John S. Augustine 9906 Kingsbridge Road. Richmond. VA 23233 

Valerie P. Aulberl Route 6. Box 59. Mebane. NC 27302 

Teresa L. Austin 718 Ward St . Graham. NC 27253 

Michael D. Avent. Jr. 343 Fairfax Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Jonathan D. Avrclte Box 844 E Harnett St , Lilllnglon, NC 27546 

Patricia A. Aycock Route 4. Box 222. Mebane. NC 27302 

Journeay D. Aydlett Box 365. Shiloh. NC 27974 

Henry W. Ayer III 233 Cedar Road. Poquoson. VA 23662 

Amy A. Ayers 3015 Joan Ave . Greensboro. NC 27408 

Janet L. Azzarelll 2812 Samara Dr . Tampa FL 33618 

Ghassan M. Babaa 718 F Shawnee Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Gregory R. Bacon Route 1. Box 195. Barboursville. VA 22923 

Beverly Y. Badger 103 Harper Street. Garner. NC 27529 

Eric V. Badgelt 3 Cameron Street. Walnut Cove. NC 27052 

Jerome D. Bailey 107 Wlldwood Court, Danville, VA 24540 

Ricky L. Bailey Route 10, Box 307, Burlington, NC 27215 

Sheila S. Bailey P O Box 441. StaHord. VA 22554 

William E. Bailey. Jr. P O Box 12. Clarcmont. NC 28610 

Abby L. Baker 808 Trail Eight. Burlington. NC 27215 

John M. Baker P O Box 723. Elon College, NC 27244 

William G. Baker Route 1. Box 8-B, Ahoskie. NC 27910 

Patrick R. Balchunaa 1834 Nigel Court. Vienna. VA 22180 

Avyd A. Baldwin Rt 6. Box 130 E. Wilmington. NC 2840S 

Carmen I. Ballard 613 N Gurney Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Qulnton M, Ballard Rl 1. Box 181. Gates. NC 27937 

John T. Bangley 414 Henry St . Suflolk. VA 23434 

Michael A. Barbaia 804 Crystal Court. Gailhersburg. MD 20760 

Paul S. Barbee 4821 Mandan Rd . Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Deborah G. Barber Rl 1. Box 405. GlbsonviUe. NC 27249 

Whitley B. Barcalow 10881st Street. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Carolyn M. Bare Route 1. Box 189. Crumpler. NC 28617 

Ronald J. Bare Route 1 Box 189. Crumplei. NC 28617 

Avle C, Barlloblts P O Box 1061, Elon College NC 27244 

Alexander M. Barnes 1 109 W Cornwallis Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Bonnie K Barnes Rt 1. Box 695. Giaham. NC 27253 

Deborah J. Barnhardt 330 Highland Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Richard A. Barnhardt Rt 1. Box 339. Burlington. NC 27215 

Judith C. Barnwell 227 Winewood Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Klmberly L. Barrett 203 Prvidcnce Road. Annapolis. MD 21401 

Norman C. Barllett 430 Briarlea Rd . Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Farley J, Bartley 1727 Harper Street. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Lisa A. Bartolomeo 12810 Beaverdalc Lane. Bowie. MD 20715 

Carol D. Bass 323 Reade Drive. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Robbln D. Bass 2019 N Ashland Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Frank H. Bassett. IV 3940 Dover Road. Durham. NC 27707 

Rhonda Sue Baleman 2529 North Dare Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Charles L. Bateman. Jr. 1712 Inglewood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Derek L. Bates 16736 Frontenac Terrace. Derwood, MD 20855 

Myra D. Bates 5001 Forest Oaks Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

John F. Bane 7010 Bandy Road. Richmond, VA 23229 

Gerald A. Battle 2306 Westhaven Drive. Greensboro, NC 27403 

Kristlna B. Bauer 504 Washington Ave Haddonfield. NJ 08033 

Christopher E. Bauman 724 Tamaques Way. Westfield. NJ 07090 

Frederick E. Baxter 4715 Eberl Road. Winston Salem. NC 27105 

David L. Beahm 45 Cave Street. Luray. VA 22835 

Lorl K. Beal 325 Oakland Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

SherrI L. Beam Box 97.Bullock. NC 27507 

Douglas F, Beamer 1803 Swannanoa Drive. Greensboro, NC 27410 

Jane L. Beard 306 Dominion Road. Portsmouth VA 23701 

William P Beasley P O Box 305. Jackson. NC 27845 

Pamela A. Beavers Route 1. Box 303. Goldston. NC 27252 

Allen D. Beck 1910 Shirley Drive Burlington. NC 27215 

Ll-Lel C, Beck 430 C Kernodle Drive, Graham. NC 27253 

Lester C. Beebe Sanlord. VA 23426 

Rodney R. Beebe Sanford. VA 23426 

Sara A. Beeson 3715 Northampton Drive. Winston-Salem. NC 27105 

James L. Beheler. Jr. Route 8. Box 362 B. Roanoke. VA 24014 

Mary K. Behrend 11109 Waycross Way. Kensington. MD 20795 

Linda J. Belsner 5312 Dorchester Rd . Greensboro. NC 27407 

Jo- Anne Bellel 226 North Sterling Blvd . Sterling. VA 22170 

Charles M. Bell 101 Cherokee Drive. Altamahaw. NC 27202 

James D. Bell 1305 East Holly Avenue. Sterling. VA 22170 

Jo A. Bell 736 A Burlington Ave . Box 7607. GlbsonviUe. NC 27249 

Linda J. Bell 2102 Huntington Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Monroe P. Bell 2212 Lakeview Terrace. Burlington. NC 27215 

Scott M. Bell 2036 Nottingham Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Doris V. Belser 3909 Blackthorn St . Chevy Chase. MD 20015 

Klmberly D. Belton Route 10. Box 299 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Pamela J. Belvin Route 2. Box 196. McLeansville. NC 27301 

Andrew O. Bennett 217 Altondale Avenue. Charlotte. NC 28207 

Christina E. Bennett 604 S Broad Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Howard B. Bennett 426 Forest Drive, Graham. NC 27253 

James M. BennettRt 1. Box 99. Crewe. VA 23930 

Robin S. Bennett P O Box 163. GlbsonviUe. NC 27249 

William H. Bennett TV 1804 North Brunswick Street. Sterling, VA 22170 

George H. Benolken Route 7, Box 87. Burlington. NC 27215 

Martha f Benton 112 Carr Court. Mebane. NC 27302 

Anthony D. BerardI 167 Bay Harbor Boulevard, Bricklown. NJ 08723 

Harry A. Berman 705 Earl of Chesterfield. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Lisa M. Bernatowicz Route 3. Box 384 B. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael W- Bestler 1001 Mulberry Road. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Emily L. Besuden 4902 Old Well Road. Annandalc, VA 22003 

Herman L. Bethel. Jr. Route 5. Box 632. Rcidsville. NC 27320 

Elizabeth S. Beverage 8416 Freestone Avenue. Richmond. VA 23229 

Victoria E. Bleike 3310 Woodsidc Avenue. Graham. NC 27253 

Michael J. BIgglo 785 Norgate St . Westfield. NJ 07090 

Alex M. Biles 4870 B Thales Road, Winston Salem, NC 27104 

James W. BInner 1 Oldmill Road, Florham Park. NJ 07932 

Mary M. Blvlns Route 1. Box 278. Burlington. NC 27215 

Armecla L. Black 4103 Decpwood Circle. Durham. NC 27707 

Frederick W. Black 1744 Erwin Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jeanene L. Black Route 4, Mebane. NC 27302 

Patty F, Black 519 James St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Stephen C. Black 519 James St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Charles G. Blackburn 873 Kenwick Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Robert M. Blackmon 4 Dunaway Court. Greensboro. NC 20408 

Anne B, Blackwell 410 Homewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Lisa R. Blackwell 2814 Charlotte Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Charles J- Blair IV 28 Lower Tuckahoe Rd W. Richmond. VA 23233 

Robert A. Blake 1019 Canonero Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Lewis H, Blakey 5606 Massachusetts Ave . Belhesda. MD 20016 

Coley W. Blanchard 349 Harden St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Joan G. Blanchard Rt 4. Box 357. Burlington. NC 27215 

MIchele W, Blanchard 413 Jones Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Roger W- Blanchard Commerce Street, Box 463, Aulander. NC 27805 

Shelly L. Blanco 13404 A Natchez Lane. Tampa FL 33618 

Pamela J. Blanton 309 Willoughby. Greensboro. NC 27408 

David C. Bledsoe 148 Ridgewood Dr . Ml Airy. NC 27030 

Julia L. Blevlns 208 Collinwood Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Ronald E. Blevlns 208 Collinwood Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Patricia L. Bloodsworth Route 10. Box 340. Burlington. NC 27215 

Glenda P Blue 744 Westbrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lo Juanna L. Blue Box 811. Southern Pines. NC 28387 

Katherlne H. Blume 1801 Allenbrook Drive. Greensboro NC 27407 

Beverly L- Boal 23 Londonderry, Madisonville. KY 42431 

Christopher R. Board 2931 Brigstock Rd , Midlothian. VA 23113 

Anna E, Boaz Route 2, Box 506. Martinsville, VA 24112 

Deborah L, Bolden 1611 Oklahoma Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

Randy L. Boles 1605 S Norwood Court. High Point, NC 27262 

Robert W- Boles 1605 South Norwood Court. High Point. NC 27262 

Gary M. Bolick 1208 Rockwood Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

Mark T. Bondurant 5818 Shalott Court. Alexandria. VA 22310 

Donald J. Booker Rt 6. Box 635. Reldsville. NC 27320 

Ronald L. Booker Route 6. Box 635. Reldsville. NC 27320 

Jackie A Boone Route 4. Box 865. Marlon. NC 28752 

Jane M. Boone Route 4. Box 298 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kathy E. Booth Route 2. Box 145. Waverly. VA 23890 

Scott C. Booth 8723 Piccadilly Place. Springfield. VA 22151 

Susan R- Borrelll 341 Crystal Drive. Brick. NJ 08723 

William V- Bostlck. Jr- 1819 Sunset Bell. Rockingham. NC 28379 

Penny T. Boswell 913 Askew St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Karen L. Bottomly 1900 Hillock Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Gene R. Botwrlghl Route 10, Box 594-C, Travis Lane, Burlington, NC 


William W, Boulden 511 Tony Tank Lane. Salisbury. MD 21801 

Tammy D- Bowers 1412 Berwick Road. Winston Salem, NC 27103 

Jeffrey S, Bowers P O Box 1123. Elon College. NC 27244 

Joyce A. Bowes Route 3. Box 450. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Jeffrey M. Bowland 238 Bryan Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sheila L. Bowles 706 M 2 Huffman Mill Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Cheryl A, Bowling Route 1. Box 459. Milton. NC 27305 

Jeffrey E. Bowling P O Box 426. Pittsboro. NC 27312 

Michael S. Bowling 153 Pleasant Ridge Avenue. Fort Mitchell. KY 41017 

Reaca L. Bowling Route 9. Box 31. Shelby. NC 28150 

Carol Yvelte D. Boyd 3323 Elk Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Claudia C. Boyd Rl 3. Box 25A. Tabor City, NC 28463 

Daron B. Boyd 4779 Woodlcy Drive SW, Roanoke. VA 24018 

John C, Boyer Route 1, Box 331, Danville, VA 24541 

Nancy S. Boylan 2129 N Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Erin P Boyle P O Box 236, Anderland Road, McLeansville. NC 27301 

Lisa A. Boyles 136 Whispering Creek Ln Rd. King. NC 27021 

Deborah M. Bradford 10325 Seven Locks Road. Potomac. MD 20854 

Gertrude Knopf G. Bradford 1514 Shadylawn Drive. Burlington. NC 


Richard W. Bradley 732A Paige Drive. Trails End Apts Burlington. NC 


Jack L. Brady Route 4. Box 139 A, Lynchburg. VA 24503 

Mark N. Brady III 4018 Litchfield Drive. Chesterfield. VA 23832 

Stacy A- Bragg 1405 W Monmouth Court. Richmond. VA 23233 

Douglas M. Bramley P O Box 86. Poltetsville. NJ 07979 

Mark A. Brammer P O Box 83. Woolwine, VA 24185 

Pamela S. Brammet 4701 Forestdale Drive, Fairiax, VA 22032 

Patricia L. Brammer 16516 Killdeer Dr , Rockvillc. MD 20855 

SherrI D. Branch P O Box 1144. Dtexel. NC 28619 

Emily R. Brandon Route 5. Box 42. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Betty A. Brantley P O Box 442. Elon College. NC 27244 

Lou A. Bralcher 1212 Dawes Ave Wheaton. IL 60187 

Daria J- Bray Route 3, Box 437. Elon College, NC 27244 

Pamela D. Breedlove 403 Whitmore Court. Richmond. VA 23229 

Joyce C. Breeze 1526 Regency Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Catharine A. Breltbach 2009 Allenwood Road. McLeansville. NC 27301 

Terence Brennan 41 Carolina Avenue. Island Park. NY 11558 

Thomas D- Brennan 54 Roosevelt Place. Island Park. NY 11558 

Catherine L. Brewer 3806 Faculty Drive, Lynchburg. VA 24501 

William W, Bride IV 6201 Cromwell Drive. Bethesda. MD 20016 

Melissa K- Bridgers 3210 Floyd Ave , Richmond. VA 23221 

Charles R. Briggs 3930 King Arthur Court, Winston Salem, NC 27104 

Kathleen A. Bright Royal Park. Apt 1 1 C. Carrboro. NC 27510 

Lisa J. Brlncefleld 13950 Brighton Dam Road. Clarksville. MD 21029 

Heidi B. Briner 11 J4 Reynolds Ave . Potomac. MD 20854 

Jeffery K. Brinkley P O Box 547. Pilot Ml , NC 27041 

Patricia L. Brinkley 361 Turlington Road. Suffolk. VA 23434 

Kay P. Bristow Route 4. Box 281. Burlington. NC 27215 

Edwin L. Britt 3526 Fayelteville Road. Lumbenon. NC 28358 

Jeffrey V. Broadbrldge Route 67 A. Bndgewater. CT 06752 

Kenneth L. Broadhurst P O Box 161. Dudley. NC 28333 

John W- Brockwell 1691 Wilton Rd . Petersburg. VA 23803 

Patricia A, Brodle 824 Barbara Blvd , Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Judy L. Brooks Route 3. Box 204. Elon College. NC 27244 

Kami L. Brooks Route 2. Box 127. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael F. Brooks 1707 Wedgewood Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Richard A. Brooks 629 Berkley Place. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Laura L. Broome 3009 Round Hill Road. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Sherrle L- Brothers 3913 Lark Circle. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Belinda J. Brown 112 Brown Street. Stanley. NC 28164 

Billy R. Brown 1109 Bridge Street. Washington. NC 27889 

Carla D. Brown Route 1. Box 226. YanceyviCe. NC 27379 

Danny R. Brown Route 1. Box 679. Pelham. NC 27311 

Deborah L- Brown 2102 Reuter Road. Timonium. MD 21093 

Donovan A. Brown 26 Davidson Ave . Brick Town, NJ 08723 

Leonard N. Brown Route 7. Box 283. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lisa A. Brown Rl 3. Box 649. Graham. NC 27253 

Matthew H. Brown 3725 Glenn Road. Durham. NC 27704 

Mellnda L- Brown 312 Troitt Drive. P O Box 64. Elon College. NC 27244 

Michael B- Brown 6 Cavendish Circle. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Michael L. Brown 312 Truitt Drive. P O Box 64. Elon College. NC 27244 

Nerlne P. Brown 32 17 107 St . New York. NY 11369 

Roger H. Brown 208 Seward Ave . High Point. NC 27260 

Tanya M. Brown Route 2. Box 335. Elon College. NC 27244 

Walter M. Brown 1218 Aycock Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Joy E. Brownlow Route 3. Box 217. Advance. NC 27006 

Charles W. Bruce 2740 Reltig Road. Richmond. VA 23225 


Pnul B. Brugger 2129 Christopher Road. Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 

Leslie. Bmnson 2600 Bluefleld Si . Durham. NC 27704 

Hilton T. Bryant 1310 Churchill Drive. GiStonia. N C 28052 

Mark D. Bryant Route 1. Box 286. Elon College. NC 27244 

Bonnie M. Buchanan 1615 Arthur Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Joan M. Buchanan 509 Shadowbrook Court, Burlington, NC 27215 

Robert S. Buchney 750 Fremont Lane, Mt Laurel. NJ 08054 

April L. Buck 8808 Lowell Street, Bethesda, MD 20817 

Scott O. Buff 1506 Willlngham Rd.. Richmond. VA 23233 

Tim E. Bufflngton S-81 College Park. Elon College. NC 27244 

James E. Bula 404 Clagett Drive. Rockvllle. MD 20851 

Ann R. Bullard Forest Lake. Mebane. NC 27302 

James C. Bullard 4006 Sedgewood Ln . Greensboro. NC 27407 

Susie H. Bullard Forest Lake. Mebane. NC 27302 

Lcwln A. Bullock 3701 Polk Street. Portsmouth. VA 23703 

Michelle E. Bullock 12006 Fairway Court. Glenn Dale. MD 20769 

Charles A. Bullock III 515 Plymouth Road. Plymouth Meeting. PA 1940 

Hunter R. Bulls P O Box 84. Sedley, VA 23878 

Amy L. Burch 144 West Spring T. Woodstock. VA 22654 

Franklin J. BurchHeld. Jr. 6209 Stoneham Road. Bethesda. MD 20034 

Martha J. Burge 1330 Irving Street. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Dcbra R. Burke 6509 Hanover Avenue. Richmond, VA 23226 

Stephen C. Burke 205 Midland Avenue. Glen Ridge. NJ 07028 

Lisa A. Burkey 203 Pine Ave . Severna Park. MD 21146 

Caria G. Burkhart Rt 17. Box 476. Lexington. NC 27292 

Susan L. Burleson 1008 Shamrock Court. High Point. NC 27260 

Christopher J. Burnett 327 Williamson Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Walter L. Burns 6902 Sydensticker Road. Springfield. VA 22152 

Keith E. Burrls 4108 Summcrglen Dr.. Greensboro, NC 27406 

Elizabeth M. Burroughs 4524 North 32 Street. Arlington. VA 22207 

James R. Burton 251 Cardigan Circle. Lilburn. GA 30247 

John E. Burton III Halifax Road. South Boston. VA 24592 

Keith V. Burwell Rt 1. Box 261-B. Westfleld. NC 27053 

Athena A. Butler 636 Plantation Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lisa R. Butler R O Box 338. Welcome. NC 27374 

Wallace B. Butler. Jr. P O Box 338. Welcome. NC 27374 

Diane E. Butts 2505 Glen Burnie Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Boyd F. Bycrly Route 8. Box 149. Asheboro. NC 27203 

David R. Byers 104 Candlewood Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

Patricia A. Byrd 2708 Fairlawn Road. Durham. NC 27705 

Timothy W. Byrd Rl 8. Box 444. Burlington. NC 27215 

Joyce E. L adwell Box 90. Spring Church. PA 15686 

James M. Cagglano 11821 Hunting Ridge Court. Potomac. MD 20854 

Martha J. Cagle 209 Wtcnn Avenue, Mt Airy, NC 27030 

Jerry L. Cain 1406 Milton Street. Spring Lakes. NC 28390 

Arlene Calne 6607 Greenash Drive, Springfield. VA 22152 

Jay B. Caldwell 1100 Sunset Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Nancy C. Cale Route 8. Box 150. Mechanicsville. VA 23111 

Martha A. Callas 3180 Tucker-Norcross Road. Tucket. GA 30084 

Larry W. Callaway 2540 Chadwick Court. Woodbrldge. VA 22192 

Sheila R. Callls 1320 North Boulevard. Richmond. VA 23230 

TonI G. Callls Rt 2. Box 203. South Hill. VA 23970 

Earl R. Camp Box 3409. Garden Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Anne E. Campbell 2222 Canterbury Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Kyle A. Campbell 8402 Saunders Road. Lutherville. MD 21093 

Laura A. Campbell 665 Yorktown Road. Poquoson. VA 23662 

Mlllon H. Campbell 423 2nd Street SW. Taylorsvllle. NC 28681 

Charles F. Campbell. Jr. 2928-B Cottage Place. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Brian L. Camper Rt 2 Box 499, Troutville,VA 24175 

Lisa A. Cannaday 1207 West Hill Drive. Bedford. VA 24523 

Steven D. Cannon Route 4. Box 699. Mebane. NC 27302 

Sheryl A. Canoval 125 Fousl Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Donna J. Canter Route 1. Box 313.A. Julian. NC 27283 

Margaret H. Capps 3410 Dogwood Drive. Greensboro. NC 27403 

Martin V. Capps P O Box 1825. Burlington. NC 27215 

Charles M. CaravatI 4001 W Franklin Street. Richmond. VA 23221 

Michael G. Carlton 7405 Boros Place, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Scott T. Carney 936 Mineral Road. Glcnvllle. WV 26351 

Irene N. Garros 2655 Amesbury Road. Winston-Salem. NC 27103 

Barbara R. Carter Box 14, Quarry Road, Elkln, NC 28621 

Bernadette J. Carter Route 5. Box 140. Burlington. NC 27215 

Ethel C. Carter 1615 Harriet Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Laurie A. Carter 1425 Carolyn Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Wanda S. Carter Route 2. Box 296. Advance. NC 27006 

William W. Carter 3122 Truitt Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

KImberly A. Case 2236 Colony Road, Charlotte. NC 28209 

Tamra L. Cash Rt 3. Bx 5528. Fairfax Cir . Madison Heights. VA 24572 

Thomas R. Caaiada 1304 Friend Ave.. South Boston. VA 24592 

Donna B. Cates 1713 Tucker St . Burlington, NC 27215 

Donna L. Catoe 1603 Parham Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Pamela J. Catoe P O Box 2779. Burlington. NC 27215 

Susan M. Chakales 206 Mooreland Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Garwood B. Chamberlln 5404 Burling Road. Bethesda. MD 20014 

Tamara C. Champion 5248 Morris Neck Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23457 

Robert L. Chapman 6666 Julllard Drive. FayetteviUe. NC 28301 

Rebecca S. Charles Route 3. Box 369. Liberty. NC 27298 

Carol F. Chase P O Box 867. Elon College. NC 27244 

Karen J. Chase 8700 Fort Macon Court. Raleigh. NC 27614 

Arlenne Cheek 317 Engleman Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Cheryl D. Cheek Route 2. Box 511. Mebane. NC 27302 

James D. Cheek 420 Fay Ct . Burlington. NC 27215 

Wade H. Cheek. Jr. 625 McGee Street. Graham. NC 27253 

William R. Chenault 7517 Roswell Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Michael J. Chllds 336 Lafayette Street. Bristol. PA 19007 

Craig F. Chrlsmon P O Box 126. Newell. NC 28126 

Donald R. Chrlslman 7105 Pinetree Rd , Richmond, VA 23229 

Tcrric L. Church Route 1, Box 196A. Efland. NC 27243 

Tina D. CItty 711 Russell Ave . Reldsville. NC 27320 

John R. Clapp Rt 6. Box 463B. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Lisa D. Clapp Route 6. Box 463 B. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Robert S. Clark 817 Buffalo Street. Farmvllle. VA 23901 

Andrew C. Clarke 11308 Rambling Road. Galthersburg. MD 20877 

MIchcle M. Claydon 204 Wheeler Rd.. Monroe. CT 06468 

Lorl A. Clayton 926 Hanlord Road. Graham. NC 27253 

John J. Cleary 5917 Searl Terrace. Bethesda. MD 20016 

Martha J. Clement 1615 Lexington Drive. Lynchburg. VA 24503 

Cynthia L. Clendcnin P O Box 964. Elon College. NC 27244 

Michael W. Clifton 1202 Portlock Road. Chesapeake. VA 23324 

Cynthia A. Cllne 1822 St. Roman Drive. Vienna. VA 22180 

David B. Cllne 3304 Dixon Road. Durham. NC 27707 

Susan S. Clough 79 Boxley Blvd . Newport News. VA 23602 

John S. Clouten 154 E Grove St . Middleboro. MA 02346 

Stephanie R. Coates Box 328. Madison. VA 22727 

Phyllis A. Cobb Star Route 1. Box 15. Yanceyville. NC 27379 

Delia M. Coble Route 1. Box 565. Julian. NC 27283 

James T. Coble Route 6. Box 316 K. Burlington. NC 27215 

Susan B. Coble 228 Silverlake Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Susan G. Coble Route 1. Box 379 A. Mebane. NC 27302 

Hiram N. Coble. Jr. 404 Trail 4. Burlington. NC 27215 

Margaret K. Cocke P O Box 255. Burke. VA 22015 

Wendell T. Cocke P O Box 96. Montpelier. VA 23192 

Gregory E. Cockerham 1300 Benjamin Parkway. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Cynthia W. Cockman Route 4. Box 442. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Billy W. Coffer 1512 Upland Drive. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Thomas C. Coffman 1304 Seaton Road T 8. Durham. NC 27713 

Eduardo G. Coflna 9601 Byeforde Road. Kensington. MD 20795 

Beth A. Cogan 399 North Fullerton Avenue. Monlclair. NJ 07043 

Karen J. Coggin 5402 Forest Oaks Dr . Greensboro. NC 27406 

Cheryl A. Cole 609 South 8th Street. Mebane. NC 27302 

Craig J. Cole 1904 New Bedford Road. Wall. NJ 07719 

Katherlne H. Cole 10339 Cherokee Road. Richmond. VA 23235 

Mark Y. Cole 4704 Brookhavcn Drive. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Harold L. Cole III 10339 Cherokee Road. Richmond. VA 23235 

Clay G. Coleman 3224 Landon Street. Lynchburg. VA 24503 

Lisa G. Coleman Rt 4. Box 349 A. Roxboro. NC 27573 

John W. Coleman. Ill 901 W Cornwallls Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Jeanna E. Collier Route 2. Box 32. Liberty. NC 27298 

Kathryn M. Collier 200 Stanton Road. Wilmington. DE 19804 

Charlotte E. Collins Rt 5. Box 386 T Reldsville. NC 27320 

Ellen M. Collins P O Box 943. Marion. VA 24354 

William R. Collins 907 Sedgefield Drive. Siler City. NC 27344 

Robert H. Coltrane P O. Box 182. Brown Summit. NC 27214 

Kenneth L. Colvin Box 10. Miles. VA 23114 

Karen A. Combs 3704 S Queensgrove Cir . Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Bradley B. Comer 8501 Shadowwood Place. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Kenneth A. Comer 8501 Shadowwood Place. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Amy D. Compton 444 Camp Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

William C. Compton 103 Kimberly Terrace. Greensboro, NC 27408 

Michael E. Conger 6 Vingut Lane. Setauket. NY 11733 

Edith P Conklln Route 1. Box 269B. Burlington. NC 27215 

James E. Conlon 1545 Seabreeze Trail. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Monica J. Conlon 1405 Cherry Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Charlotte G. Conn 604 Lake Boone Trail. Raleigh. NC 27607 

Carolyn L. Connell Box 43. Mam St . Setavket. NY 11733 

John T. Connerty III 353 Bent Road. Wyncote. PA 19095 

Robert F. Connlngton 10 Hudson Road. E, Brunswick. NJ 08816 

Susan W. Connor 125 Edgewood Drive. Danville. VA 24541 

Wythene W. Conyers Route 7. Box 332. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jennifer C. Cook 9606 Renton Dr.. Burke. CA 22015 

Larry R. Cook 2514 Glen Haven Dr . Greensboro. NC 27406 

Tamara J. Cook 707 New Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Allison D. Cooke 106 Oaklern Dr . Simpsonville. SC 29681 

William R. Cooke. Jr. 232 S. Marshall St . Graham. NC 27253 

Diana L. Cooper Rd 2. Box 34D. Harrington. DE 19952 

Jeffrey J. Cooper 535 Grimes Street. Wintervillc. NC 28590 

Marian Renee Cooper Route 3. Box 68. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Ralph H. Copeland Route 2. Box 1. Madison. NC 27025 

TerrI L. Copeland 737 Trio Lane. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Vanessa R. Corbett Rt 3. Box 415. Mebane. NC 27302 

Susan B. Corby 2525 Queens Elm Place. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Pearlanne Corn 1314 Guyer Street. High Point. NC 27260 

Sherrl L. Cornelius 613 Corning Court. Virginia Beach VA 23451 

Allsa D. Cornelto 2016 McKlnney Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Tracy K. Corpening 107 Wedgewood Drive. Morganton. NC 28655 

Johnny G. Cortesis 2921 Burlwood Drive. Wlnston-Salem. NC 27103 

Brian A. Costa 5724 Maylin Lane. Charlotte. NC 28210 

Renate A. Costner 224 S Marshall St . Graham. NC 27253 

Christopher F. Cotter 9104 Patton Blvd . Alexandria. VA 22309 

Thomas K. Couch 541 Greenway Street. Davidson. NC 28036 

Emily S. Councilman 122 Gleenwood Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Susan B. Courtney 549 Homewood Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Linda D. Cousins Route 5. Box 276 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Martin R. Coveney 1344 Long St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Carl E. Cowan P O Box 109. Waverly. VA 23890 

Barry G. Cox 1653 Mountain Hgts Drive. Salem. VA 24153 

Janice M. Cox 4801 Edlnborough. Greensboro. NC 27506 

Ranald L. Cox 2312 West Front Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sharon E. Cox 1903 Bridle Lane. Alexandria. VA 22308 

Sandra M. Coylc 7301 Miller Fall Road. Rockvllle. MD 20855 

Sondar A. Coyne 3007 Lake Forest Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Susan M. Coyne 3007 Lake Forest Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Patrick K. Cozart 810 Frank Street. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Jane H. Crabbe Route 10. Box 456. Burlington. NC 27215 

Thomas E. Crabbs 812 Archer Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Judy M. Craft 4409 Drexel Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Julie C. Craig 812 Manchester Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Vaden W. Cranford 404 Lakeside. Burlington. NC 27215 

Talphlllne Crank 900 Dorsey Street. Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Jo A. Craven Route 1. Box 554. Franklinville. NC 27248 

Angela B. Crawford 706 N 13 Huffman Mill Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 

Barry D. Crawford 2520 Watt Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Cheryl L. Crawford 2520 Watt Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lisa J. Crawford 2520 Watt Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Mark D. Crawmer Rt 5. Box 412. Wilmington. NC 28401 

Ira O. Credle 401 Scott Street. New Bern. NC 28560 

Charles D. Crenshaw. Jr. 2812 Wagner Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Robert L. Crews. Jr. 2821 McKlnney Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kelly S. Crissman 620 E, Harden Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Bryan D. Crook 7814 Harwood Place, Springlield. VA 22152 

Thomas J. Crooks 1512 McCuUough Lane. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Joseph G. Crouse 418 Laurel Hill Drive. Burllnglon. NC 27215 

Gregory P. Crowson P O Box 321. Sanlord. NC 27330 

Robert L. Crudup P O Box 93. Loulsburg. NC 27549 

Chris A. Crusan 9 Pine Hill Blvd . Ballston Lake. NY 12019 

Jose R. Cruz 4020 E 9th St . Hialeah. FL 33013 

Barry L. Culberson 44 West 10th Street. Slier City. NC 27344 

Demise M. Cummlngs 3202 Brookmede Road. Ellicott. MD 21043 

KImberly A. Cummlngs Route 2. Box 229. Sterling. VA 22170 

Anne E. Curran 220 56th Street. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Gregory S. Currin 864 Park Avenue. Henderson. NC 27536 

DIannah C. Curry P O Box 4072. Burlington. NC 27215 

Becky J. Curtis 16515 Grande Vista Drive. Rockvllle. MD 20855 

Catherine L. Curtis 1610 W Front St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Eric R. Cuthbert 1607 Tunbridge Drive. Richmond. VA 23233 

Charles Cyrus Route 9. Box 197. Burlington. NC 27215 

Carlos Daccach P O Drawer 850. Burlington. NC 27215 

Alan L. Dalton Rt 6. Box 197 M. Burlington. NC 27215 

Ray A. Dalton Route 1. Box 242. Eden. NC 27288 

Ronald J. Dalton 301 Reckord Road. Fallston. MD 21047 

Patrick M. Daly Rt 3. Box 62-L. Eden. NC 27288 

Timothy J. Daly Rt 3. Box 62-L. Eden. NC 27288 

Daniel W. Daly III Route 3. Box 62L. Eden. NC 27288 

Jeffrey R. Daniel 205 Pearl Croft Road. Cherry Hill. NJ 08034 

Jo A. Daniel Box 226. Nelson. VA 24580 

Joseph C. Daniel 131 Ridgecrest Drive. Suffolk. VA 23434 

KImberly E. Daniel 3100 Sunnybrook Drive. Charlotte. NC 28210 

Mary S. Daniel Route 1. Providence. NC 27315 

Joan N. Danleley Route 4. Box 29. Burlington. NC 27215 

Patrick M. Daniels 24 N Crescent. Maplewood. NJ 07040 

Steven C. Danlelson Route 3. Box 441. Elon College. NC 27244 

Debra M. Danner 216 Hitching Post. Forest. VA 24551 

Thomas R. Darkis 183 Grove Park Circle. Danville. VA 24541 

Julie C. Darlington 2169 Woodland Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Diane Darty 532 Crowell Avenue. Statesville. NC 28677 

Efthemla Dascalakis 1600 Hobbs Road. Greensboro. NC 27410 

John C. Dashlell 915 Riverside Drive. Sahsbury MD 21801 

Mary K. Daugherty 2509 E Providence Drive. Matthews. NC 28105 

Kathallne E. Oaughtry Rt 1. Box 286 A. Clinton. NC 28328 

James R. Davenport Route 3. Box 21. Elon College. NC 27244 

Robert E. Davenport 9327 Walkers Ferry Rd . Charlotte. NC 28214 

Sara A. Davidson 2625 Lawndale Road. Finksburg. MD 21048 

William M. Davidson Route 1. Brasstown. NC 28902 

Allison E. Davis Rt 4. Box 201. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Cynthia R. Davis 25 D Brookwood West. Burlington. NC 27215 

Dawn P. Davis 5388 Chatham Lake Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Donna J. Davis 1912 Whilsett Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Elizabeth H. Davis 1608 Azalea Drive. Wilmington. NC 28403 

Emily J. Davis Route 1. Box 314. Randleman. NC 27317 

Frances S. Davis P O Box 605, 420 Lebanon Avenue. Elon College. NC 


Jeffery D. Davis 96 Laurel Drive. Little Silver. NJ 07739 

Joe N. Davis 709 Holmes Street. South Hill. VA 23970 

Joy S. Davis Route 3. Box 260. Slier City. NC 27344 

Lorle K. Davis 213 Hall Drive. Chesapeake. VA 23320 

Nell E. Davis 2442 Tryon Road. Durham. NC 27705 

Robert L. Davis 1820 Shannonhouse Dr . Charlotte. NC 28215 

Rose M. Davis 1310 E 6th Street. Lumberton. NC 28358 

Teresa L. Davis Rt 3. Box 1214. Hunlersville. NC 28078 

Timothy R. Davis 304 Delaney Drive. Suffolk. VA 23434 

Virginia N. Davis 220 Old Springs Road. Mt Airy. NC 27030 

John R. Davison 2924 Blanche Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Bobby R. Dawson Route 2. Box 455 A. GibsonviUe, NC 27249 

Dwight D. Dawson 923 South Mam Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Glenwood A. Day Route 1. Box 51 C. Rougemont. NC 27572 

David M. Dean 1713 Windlngndge Dr . Richmond. VA 23233 

Mark S. Dean 8312 Gaylord Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Keith L. Decker 1417 Mount Olivet Road. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Patricia A. Deehan 2910 Bedlord Court. Burlington. NC 27215 

Paul R. Deford 120 Hillside Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Robert H. Deford 1 100 Wishart Point Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Ronald J. Degroot 53 Sawmill Road. Cold Spring Harbor. NY 117 

Sherry L. Dekold 2410 54lh Avenue. PO Box 291. Vero Beach. FL 


Michael C. Dclancey Rt 2. Box 110. Ruffin. NC 27326 

Deborah M. Demasters 452 Sharp Street. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Richard P. Denaull 2414-A Huntington Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 

Stephanie D. Denby 167 Elysian Way N W . Atlanta. GA 30327 

Lisa A. Dennlberg 11723 Greenlane Drive. Potomac. MD 20854 

Mark A. Dennis 604 A Edgevale Ct . Va Beach. VA 23451 

Helen L. Denny Route 7. Box 16. Burlington. NC 27215 

Daniel G. Denton 7115 Brigham Rd . Richmond. VA 23226 

Margaret C. Denton 325 Leasburg Road. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Gloria D. Devrlend 4636 Brompton Drive. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Karen E. Deweese 101 Hill Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Donald E. Dewoody 204 West Shannon Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Dennis V. DIcegllo 486 Oceanpomt Avenue. Cedarhurst. NY 11516 

Ervin R. Dickens 423 Bland Blvd.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Pauline B. Dickens 1223 Melrose Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jane C. Dickenson 712 Tenth Street. Radford. VA 24141 

Tammy L. Dickerson 426E British Manor Apts . Graham, NC 27253 

Charles F. Dlehl P O Box 688. Raeford. NC 28376 

Steven P DIgby 9529 Hunts Square Ct . Springfield. VA 22153 " 

Kevin O. Dill 103 Oakview Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

Hiram T. Dillon P O Box 549. Bassett. VA 24055 

David K. DImock Rt, 4. Box 268 AA. Burlington. NC 27215 

Willis J. Dingle 1516 Kennedy Plaza. Wilmington. NC 28401 

Rae Ann J. DIproflo Route 2. Box 634. Graham. NC 27253 

Denise DItzler 4105 Mason Ridge Drive. Annandale. VA 22003 

Mavis J. Dixon Route 1. Box 110. Leasburg. NC 27291 


Slnlla L Dixon 947 S 8th Street. Wilmington. NC 28401 
Daniel F. Do»k 14254 84th Terrace No . Seminole. FL 33542 
Dorlanna Dobbins 215 Commons Drive. Vienna. VA 22180 
Norman K Dobbins Route 3. Box 341.Summerfield. NC 27358 
Roger D. Doby Rt 4, Box 467. Trinity, NC 27370 
Peter J. Dolan 105 Botany Drive. Ashcvllle. NC 28805 
Rebecca A. Dolllver 5329 Trailway Or . Rockvillc. MD 20853 
Donald B. Donevan Star Route 1. Box 2. Yanceyville. NC 27379 
James F. Donnelly 1746 Berkeley Ave . Petersburg. VA 23803 
Jennifer L. Donovan 36 London Lane. Mebane, NC 27302 
Susan I. Dorman Route 4. Box 175. Dunn. NC 28334 
Daniel H. Dornacker 195 Arizona Drive. Bricklown. NJ 08723 
Klmberly L. Dorsett 1513 W Davis Street. Burlington. NC 27215 
Settle T, Dorsey 507 Somerset Ave , Richmond. VA 23226 
Mellnda M. Dorsey 2 Albion News Deer Hrbr Dr . Salisbury. MD 21801 
Allen K. Douglas 839/East/Prospecl. Raelord. NC 28376 
James E. Dove. Jr. 202 Ward Drive. Dudley, NC 28333 
Martha E. Downey 2705 Mosby Drive, Wllllamsport MD 21795 
Steven O. Doyle 400 Binlord Street, South Hill. VA 23970 
Carolyn V, Drake Route 1. Box 591. Radford. VA 24141 
David E. Drake 1440 Pine Valley Loop. Fayettevillc.NC 28305 
Karen R. Drake 7 Evelyn Place. Pompton Plains. NJ 07444 
Donald W. Draper 12401 Buckingham Street Chester. VA 23831 
John A. Driscoll 380 Monlauk Highway. East Islip. NY 11730 
Deborah A. Drummond 9 Trallridge Court. Potomac. MD 20854 
Braxton M. Dudley 4300 Dover Rd . Richmond. VA 23221 
David S. Duff 516 Chestnut Avenue. Elklon, VA 22827 
Lee A- Duflef 11311 South Glen Road. Potomac. MD 20854 
James B Dula. Ill 309 Shadowbrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 
Charles B. Dull 1931 Kirkham Drive, Midlothian. VA 23113 
Howard L. Dunbracks PO Box 155. McGaheysville. VA 22840 
Robert P. Duncan 2 A Crescent Drive. Hicko, ;/ Run, Graham. NC 27253 
Joseph K. Dunn Rt 1. Box 230X. Burlington, NC 27215 
Robin A, Dunn 271 Thaxlon Road, Roxboro. NC 27573 
Bradley J. Dupllckl 106 Beatty Road. Media. PA 19063 
Barbara J, Durham 2416 Oricc Street. Burlington, NC 27215 
Rhonda G. Durham Route 2. Box 246. Snow Camp. NC 27349 
Susan P, Durham 421 Ivey Rd , Graham, NC 27253 
Margaret M. Dutcher 1210 Wyndmoot Road. Cherry Hill. NJ 08034 
Donald R, Dyer Route 1. Box 15, Hardy. VA 24101 
John B- Dymond 74 Edgewood Circle. Chambersburg. PA 17201 
John A, Dynes Route 1. Moneta. VA 24121 
Gregory A. Ealy Route 5. Lancaster, SC 29720 
Phillip M. Earnest 318 MaplehursI Road. Jacksonville. NC 28540 
Cheryl L. Eberl 1420 Ashlield Drive. Clcmmons. NC 27012 
Keith A. Eberl 4418 Old Winston Rd . KernersviUe, NC 27284 
William E. Eckard 767 West Watcrsvllle Road, Mount Airy. MD 21771 
Michael Edmonson 23 E Carver Court. Kinston, NC 28501 
Charles B. Edwards 311 Clovelly Road. Richmond. VA 23221 
Gregory S. Edwards P O Box 241. Boyklns. VA 23827 
Jacqueline E. Edwards Route 1. Box 255. Smithlield. VA 23430 
Jodie E. Edwards P O Box 531, Candlewood. Liberty. NC 27298 
Lisa T Edwards Rt 1. Box 198, Sedley. VA 23878 
Michael C. Edwards 2429 New Orleans Street. Greensboro. NC 27406 
Sherry L. Edwards Route 1. Box 599-B. Wilmington. NC 28405 
Timothy D. Edwards 1875 Executive Lane. Roxboro. NC 27573 
Tonya J. Edwards 1726-B Wood Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 
John S. Eggleston III 32 Ridge Road. Colts Neck. NJ 07722 
Ronald R. Ehrhardt. Jr. 4408 Village Oaks Trail. Dunwoody, GA 30338 
Douglas E. Eltel 112 Pine Avenue. Franklin. VA 23851 
Gerald L. Elks 850 Rebecca Street. Franklin. VA 23851 
Clara S, Eller 1608 Brookhavcn Mill Road, Greensboro. NC 27406 
Jeff L. Eller Rt 1. Box 280. Millers Creek. NC 28651 
Gregory Y. Ellington 1915 West Lake Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 
Kenneth S. Ellington 1904 Sunnybrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 
Andrea M. Elliott 824 St James Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23455 
Donnle L. Elliott 1107 Benton Lane. ReldsviUe. NC 27320 
Pamela L. Elliott Route 5, Lexington. VA 24450 
Allison B. Ellis 1619 Red Forest Rd . Greensboro. NC 27410 
Brently F. Ellis Route 2. Box 3 N Main St . Mocksville, NC 27028 
Robert G. Ellis 716 Ukc Boone Trail. Raleigh. NC 27607 
Stuart E. Ellis 109 W Uewelyn Drive. Mobile AL 36608 
Uura A. Emerson Route 3, Box 151 A, Slier City. NC 27344 
Thomas G. Endahl 15 Forest Drive. Morris Plains. NJ 07950 
James E. English Route 3. Box 436. Gretna. VA 24557 
Randolph W. Enoch Route 2, Box 378, Mebane. NC 27302 
Herbert A. EpIIng 1451 Poplar Avenue. Belpre. OH 45714 
James E. Epperson III P O Box 698. Wakefield. VA 23888 
Marcus L. Erwin 114 Edgewood Avenue. Morganton. NC 28655 
Angella S. Estes 220 Friendly Road. BurLngton. NC 27215 
Mary A. Eubanks Rt 1, Box 27. Esmont. VA 22937 
Michael D. Eury 1703 Lakevlew Drive. Pineville. NC 28134 
Frederick C. Evans Route 3. Box 178. South Boston. VA 24592 
Mary F Evans 3113 Braddock Dr. Raleigh. NC 27612 
Valerie L. Evans 61 7E Tracy Dr . Trails End Apts . Burlington. NC 27215 
Virginia L. Evans P O Box 156, PfaHtown. NC 27040 
William J, Evans 10 Dahlgren Avenue, Portsmouth, VA 23702 
Mark E. Evelslicr Route 5. Box 449, Fredericksburg. VA 22401 
Pamela J. Evelyn 16 Van Riper Ave . Pompton Plains. NJ 07444 
Patricia E. Evelyn 16 Van Riper Ave , Pompton Plains. NJ 07444 
Cindy R. Everhart 226 Fleet Road. Thomasvllle, NC 27360 
James R. Evers. Jr. P O Box 566. Robblns. NC 27325 
Richard J. Fain Rt 1. Box 368. Stuart, VA 24171 
Lisa R. Falson 102 Irving St , Franklin. VA 23851 
John H. Falkner III 215 Creslwood Road. Henderson. NC 27536 
Charles f. Fambrough 862 S Spring Street. Burlington. NC 27215 
William r Fanney 207 64lh Street. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 
Elizabeth F. Fannon Laurel Hill Farm. Caslleton. VA 22716 
Marcia A. Farrar 9103 Oakland Circle. Lynchburg. VA 24502 
Christian 1. Farrlor P O Box 904. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
Deborah L. Farthing Route 1. Box 244, Providence NC 27315 
Sharon L. Faucetl 1408 Clermont St , Greensboro. NC 27407 
Gloria M. Faucette 2310 Atwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Nancy W. Faucette 612 West Front Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Harris D. Faulk Route 3. Box 258. Fairmont. NC 28340 

Scott A. Faxon 400 Quail Hollow Drive. Forest. VA 24561 

Julie A. Federchuck 4015 Havenwood Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27106 

Linda A. Feggans Route 1. Box 73. Esmont. VA 22937 

Christine E. Felker 110 Mountain View St . Morganton. NC 28655 

Bennle L. Felts 855 King Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Antonia J. Ferguson 5053 Balsam Drive SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Frank J. Ferguson 11100 Del Rio Drive. Fairiax. VA 22030 

Michael F Ferguson 607 West 6th Street. Slier City, NC 27344 

Shirley Y. Ferguson 2116 Huntington Rd , Burlington, NC 27215 

Michelle Feroe 3306 Gaston Road, Greensboro. NC 27407 

Michael L. Ferrcll 109 A North Hills Court, Danville. VA 24541 

Robert W. Feuerherm Hideaway Farm Bryants Rd . Hampton. NJ 08827 

Anne M. Fields 215 Bidney Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Mary T. Fields 215 Bidney Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 

Shannon M. Fields 1701 Lynwood Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Robert E. Flkac 6302 Hlllvlew Avenue. Alexandria. VA 22310 

Maria K. FIncher 3302 S Mebane. Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Wanda B. Fink 706 S-6 Huffman Mill Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 

Rebecca D. FInley 17 C Brook wood Garden Apts . Burlington, NC 27215 

Lucille A. FInnegan Cumberland Avenue. Milmay, NJ 08340 

Martha C. Fischer Rt 2. Box 133, Forest, VA 24551 

Christopher C. Fish 804-H East Cone Blvd . Greensboro, NC 27405 

Gayle A. FIshel 1421 West Front St . Burlington, NC 27215 

Gregory E. FIshel Rt 3. Box 535, High Point. NC 27263 

Suzanne C. FIshel 5071 Perryco Lane. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

Don G. Fisher 13 Bondurant Street. Martinsville. VA 24112 

John F Fllchett Box 54. Urbanna. VA 23175 

Lambert A. FlUgerald 207 Booker Street. Lexington. NC 27292 

Matthew M, Fitzgerald 11500 Beall Mountain Road. Potomac. MD 


Sharon E. Fitzgerald 14408 Falling Leaf Dr.. Darnestown. MD 20760 

Timothy J. Fitzgerald 416 Courtland Drive. Elon College. NC 27215 

Sean T, Flanagan 64 Centerport Road, Greenlawn. NY 11740 

William S. Flanlgen. Jr. 4912 Erie Street. College Park, MD 20740 

Steven M, Fleeman Route 10. Box 523A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Laurace L. Fleming 2661 Saint Mary's Street. Raleigh, NC 27609 

Susan A. Fleming Rt 1. Box 166-A, Haw River, NC 27258 

Robley J. Fletcher Horsey, VA 23396 

Mitchell S. Fllnchum Route 3. Box 254. Liberty. NC 27298 

Steven A. Florence P O Box 245. Mt Mourne. NC 28123 

Stephen P. Florlo 4240 B-2 South 35lh Street. Arlington. VA 22206 

Karen H. Floyd 2085 Imperial Dr NE. Atlanta. GA 30345 

Stace M. Flynn 715 Westminster Drive Greensboro. NC 27410 

JIml I. Flynt 710 Lacy Holt Rd . Graham. NC 27253 

Patricia I. Flythe 427 Forest Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Christopher R Foard 2033 Longcome Drive. Wilmington. DE 19810 

Earldene Fogg 1125 E Andrews Ave . Henderson. NC 27536 

Felicia D. Foglcman Route 1. Box 76 C. Haw River. NC 27258 

TerrI A. Fogleman 2285 Lee Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Charles L. Foley. Jr. 1151 Woodland Road. Ingomat. PA 15127 

Suzanne E. Folk 14 School House Lane. North East. MD 21901 

Dawne E. Forbls 423-D Kernodle Drive, Graham. NC 27253 

James F. Ford 8116 Jebstuart Road. Potomac. MD 20854 

Joseph L. Ford 911 Crowder St . Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Michael J. Ford 1114 Homestead Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Cary E. Forrest 113 Southerland Drive. Hampton. VA 23669 

Nancy A. Forrester 309 Trail 8, Burlington. NC 27215 

Brett S. Fonenberry 2221 PInewood Circle. Charlotte, NC 28211 

Carol J. Foster 1329 Long Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Cynthia D. Foster 2400 Woodrldge Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Edwina M. Foster 434 Rankin Street NW. Lenoir. NC 28545 

Sharon K. Foster Route 1. Box 167. Elon College, NC 27244 

Susan N. Foster 1525 Cypress Dr Henderson. NC 27536 

Maria B. Foushee P O Box 147. Sanford. NC 27330 

Kim L. Foust 1880 Amos Street, ReldsviUe, NC 27320 

Wanda D. Foust 1804-D Carver Drive. Greensboro. NC 27401 

G- Denlse Fowler Route 1. Box 397. Tabor City. NC 28463 

Glenda D. Fowler 410 Brooklyn Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Rhulon T. Fowler 2024 Edgewood Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Steven H. Fowlkes 782 Main Street. Danville. VA 24541 

April M. Fox 925 24th Street, Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Nancy L. Fox 537 Cavalier Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Susan C. Fox Route 2. Box 114 A. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Tenley S- Fox 2702 Crestwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Tracy M. Fox 2702 Crestwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Morgan M. France. Jr. 2705 Hood Circle. Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Donna L. Franklin 2636 Catherine Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Tammy F Franklin 2324 Hlllandale Road. Durham. NC 27705 

David P. Franks Route 2, Box 450. Elon College. NC 27244 

Patricia A. Frailer Route 2. Box 272. Efland, NC 27243 

John B. Freeman 2619 Alderney Lane. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Karen R. Freeman Route 3, Box 52 A, Ruther Glen, VA 22546 

Sandra L. Freeman 5228 Fairfield Blvd . Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Diana S. Frency P O Box 267. Gladwyne. PA 19035 

Michael C. Freshwater Route 3. Box 337. Graham. NC 27253 

James P. Frost 130 Union Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jenny M. Fruechlemeyer 457 Tallwood Street. Marco Island. FL 33937 

Gregory B. Fry Box 573. Hot Springs. VA 24445 

Margaret M. Fry 4906 Sidebutn Rd . Fairfax. VA 22032 

Martha A. Frye 2121 Young Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Julie M. Fulgham 722 W Rivervlew Drive. Suffolk. VA 23434 

Derek K. Fuller 2889 Chaucer Drive. Atlanta. GA 30311 

Elizabeth S. Fuller 727 S Broad Street. Apt 8. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sara M. Furr 909 Central Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Daniel L. Futrell 285 Gloucestershire Road, Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Jay Gabbert 202 Causey Ave . SuHolk. VA 23434 

Pamela M. Gaddls 8212 Mitnick Road, Baltimore. MD 21236 

Alicia V. Gaddy 1012 Nancy Lane. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Maureen E. Gagnon 2207 Westover Terrace. Burlington. NC 27215 

Daniel S. Gallagher 55 Central Blvd . Merrick. NY 11566 

Moscoe H. Galleher 301 Oak Lane. Richmond. VA 23226 

Caroline N. Galllmore 2607 White Oak Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Beth H. Gallo 3 Campbell Court. Kensington. MD 20795 

Gerald E. Galloway 103 A Washington Rd . West Point. NY 10996 

James D. Galyon 2704 W Cornwallis Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Thomas G. Gamblll Route 1. Box 207. Traphill. NC 28685 

Trlna U. Gamblll P O Box 413. Sparta. NC 28675 

David A, Gandy 913 Winslow Court, Cary. NC 27511 

Khalll M. Ganlm 2115 Mustang Springs. Missouri City. TX 77459 

David A. Gant 413 Green Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Marley W. Gantt 3609 Exeter Way. Durham, NC 27707 

Joseph F, Garbarino. Jr. 65 Kenilworth Road. Binghamton. NY 13903 

James H. Gardner 803 Tarleton Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

Jennifer E. Gardner 6016 Hollyberry Dr . Charlotte. NC 28212 

John G. Gardner. Jr. 3613 Winslead Road. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Larry E. Garner Route 1. Box 119. Burlington. NC 27215 

Tim E. Garner 1615 Midland Rd . Southern Pines. NC 28387 

Christopher S. Garnett 316 Woodclltf Road. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Carol A. Garrett 1819 E Indiana Avenue Ext . Southern Pines. NC 28387 

Matthew E. Gasklns 612 Green Valley Dr . Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Peggy C. Gasque P O Box 722. Elon College. NC 27244 

Denlse A. Gates 5005 Goldsboro Dr . Hampton. VA 23605 

Garry P. Gates Route 1. Prospect Hill. NC 27314 

John A. Geary 1217 Earnestine St . McLean. VA 22101 

Elizabeth M. Geer 1222 Chandler Place. Charlotte, NC 28211 

Ellen E. Geesey 3612 Faircastle Drive. Chevy Chase. MD 20O15 

GIna Gelico 3741 N Donnawood Court. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Lucy J- Genova 1908 Trumpet Ct , Vienna, VA 22180 

Katherlne A. Geraghty 6341 Beechwood Drive. Columbia. MD 21046 

Nancy M, Geyer 204 N Gurney, Burlington, NC 27215 

Kaaran G. Glbbs P O Box 711, Elon College. NC 27244 

Elwood L. Gibson 178 Rosewood Lane. Danville. VA 24541 

TannI J. Gibson Apt W6 Tarheel Manor. Carrboro. NC 27510 

James V. Gilder 7207 Exfair Road. Bethesda. MD 20814 

Thomas K- Gllflllan 705 Churchill Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Mark A. Gllleskle 5513 Wescott Place, Durham, NC 27712 

Dean C. Gilliam 704 W Harden Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Donna K- Gilliam Rt 2. Box 426. Elon College. NC 27244 

Luann Gilliam 1028 Briatcllff Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Rozanne E. Gilliam Route 10. Box 554. Burlington, NC 27215 

Monica Glllls 821 Adams Street, Danville, VA 24540 

William R. GInn. Jr. 2009 Westover Terrace. Burlington, NC 27215 

Peter Glovlne 665 Bancroft Road. Brick. NJ 08723 

David B. Glanvllle 961 Lord Dunmore Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Janet D- Glass 1030 Evergreen Drive. Durham, NC 27712 

Lisa M. Glenn 427 North Sellars Mill Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Frederick R. Gllck Rt 1. Box 161. Port Republic. VA 24471 

Henry B. Glosson. Ill 807 S Dale Court. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael R Glynn 3201 Madden Terrace. Portsmouth. VA 23703 

Kathy A. Gobble Rt 5. Box 431. Hickory. NC 28601 

Olga D. Godcsky Rt 1. Box 79 A Liberty. NC 27298 

Gene K. Godlcy Route 1. Box 657. Davidson. NC 28036 

Karen R. Godsey 1639 Heathfield Rd . Baltimore. MD 21239 

Brenda L. Godwin 2609 Commonwealth Drive. Charlottesville, VA 


Tamara M. Godwin P O Box 252. Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 

Frederick Goehrlnger. IV 19 Highgate Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 

Michael W. Golns 3110 Valhalla Circle. Greensboro. NC 27406 

William Gomes 37 Meadow Street, Thomaston, CT 06787 

Karl S- Good 219 N Dogwood Drive. Harrisonburg. VA 22801 

Daniel Goodman 103 Powell Street. Snow Hill. MD 21863 

Jean E. Goodman Route 8, Box 469. Burlington. NC 27215 

Thaddeus C. Goodrich. Jr.609 Ballot Court. Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Peter M. Gordon 896 Briarwood Road. Newtown Square. PA 19073 

Berkley G. Gore 118 Tabor Drive. Salisbury. NC 28144 

Frank D. Gorham 6106 Roxbury Avenue. Springfield, VA 22152 

Sharl L. Gorham 300 S Tremont Dr . Greensboro. NC 27403 

Robert I. Gorrell 2420 Londonderry. KernersviUe. NC 27284 

Tobey C- Gourley Route 5. Box 23C. Sherwood Forest Bassett. VA 24055 

Ivdia A. Grace 91' Cedar Fork Trail. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Danny R. Graham Rt 4. Box 268. Mount Airy. NC 27030 

David K. Graham Route 2. Box 593. Liberty. NC 27298 

Cella I. Granlnger RR »7. Box 595. Fredericksburg. VA 22405 

Thomas B. Grant P O Box 153. Severn. NC 27877 

Norman B- Grantham 225 W Meadowbrook Drive. Smithfield. NC 


Donna L. Graves 460 Parkview Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Ginger F Gravltic P O Box 14. Timberlake. NC 27583 

Kevin H. Gray 1163 Little Bay Avenue. Norfolk. VA 23503 

John S. Gray. Jr. 2817 Thurloe Drive. Richmond, VA 23235 

Pamela R- Grayblll 268 Little Creek Road, Lancaster, PA 17608 

Ricky W. Grays 617 A Cottonwood Dr Petersburg, VA 23803 

Robert A. Grecco 781 Norgate, Westlield NJ 07090 

David R Greeley 23 Cresthlll Road. Brighton. MA 02135 

Thomas E. Greeley 23 Cresthlll Rd.. Brighton. MA 02135 

Amanda N. Green 1221 C N Main Street. High Point, NC 27262 

Anita L. Green Route 3. Box 106 Al. PIttsboro. NC 27312 

Cynthia G. Green 302 Oakwood. High Point. NC 27260 

James L- Green 2184 Woodland. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jeffrey W. Green 2621 C SuHolk Drive. High Point. NC 27260 

Kathy L Green 1409 Brookville Lane. Lynchburg. VA 24502 

Lawrence M- Green 1610 Loren Crescent. Portsmouth VA 23701 

Thomas C. Green 1610 Loren Crescent, Portsmouth VA 23701 

Jacqueline M. Gregory 50 Van Nostrand Avenue, Roslyn Heights. NY 


Charlotte E. Griffin 502 Ragsdale Road. Box 26. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Christine M. Griffin 108 Candlewood Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

Eunice B. Griffin 2912 Cedar Crest Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Michael H. Griffin P O Box 553. Clarksvllle. VA 23927 

Phillip K. Griffin 1102 Driftwood Drive. Slier City. NC 27344 

David L. Grinnell 331 North Church Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Patricia B. Griswold 2717 Terrace Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

William J. Griswold. Jr. 415 Old Springs Road, Mt Airy. NC 27030 

Michael E. Grizzard Route 1, Box 69. Capron. VA 23829 



Richard C. GrIzZBrd. Jr. P O Box 304. Boyklns. VA 23827 

Hcldl F. Gross 5808 Kingswood Road, Bethesda. MD 20814 

David W. Grubb 1808 Va Avenue. Bluefield. VA 24605 

Gerard A. Grundler 5521 Yorkshire Street. Sprltigllcld. VA 22151 

James H. Guellch III 310 Carolltia Pines Blvd . New Bern. NC 28560 

Joyce J. Guffey 3023 Foresldale Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Garth B. Haas P O Box 490, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Tcisle L. Haga Route 1. Box 317. Bedford. VA 24523 

Barbara J. Halrston 4207-D Romalne St.. Greensboro, NC 27407 

Glen Halsley 4937 Rhodes Drive, New Orleans, LA 70126 

Lynn B. Halzllp 1140 Huntingdon Road. WinslonSalem. NC 27104 

John G. Haley Route 5. Sherwood Forest. Bassett. VA 24055 

Robert E. Haley 110 O'Kelly Apts . Elon College. NC 27244 

James L. Hall Rt 2. Box 391.Elon College. NC 27244 

Paltl D. Hall Route 5. Box 174-E. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Scott G. Hall 300 Mill Road, Suite E-39, Etoblcoke Ontario, Canada 

Charles H. Hall III 1307 Laurel Lane. Mount Airy, NC 27030 

William E. Hall. Jr. Box 104. Bloxom. VA 23308 

Megan Halleran Cedar Swamp Road. Jericho. NY 11753 

Vernon C. Hallls 205 Coldbrook Rd TImonium, MD 21093 

Crala A. Mailman 1428 North Kelm Street, Pottstown, PA 19464 

Linda V. Hamby 2006 F The Colony. Burlington. NC 27215 

Nader Z. Hamldpour P O Box 1079. Elon College. NC 27244 

David W. Hamilton 205 Fcrnwood Avenue. Upper Montclalr. NJ 07043 

Jeanne E. Hamilton 4828 Trojan Drive. Charlotte. NC 28210 

Thomas H. Hamilton II P O Box 42. Urbanna, VA 23175 

Baxter H, Hammer 1035 Macon Street, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Stephanie I. Hampton P O Box 522. Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Kevin A. Hand P O Box 754. Park Avenue. Clarksvlllc, VA 23927 

Dwayne B. Harden Route 8. Box 35. Burlington. NC 27215 

Martha E. Hardlson 2410 Scarsborough Drive. Richmond, VA 23235 

Ronald W. Hardlson 113 Arnold Road. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

James W. Hardy 915 Ada Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Becky D. Hare 2800 Green Lane, Durham, NC 27712 

McSherry N. Hargrove Box 544, Cooleemee. NC 27014 

Marie T. Harklns 8 Hansell Road, Murray Hill, NJ 07974 

David L. Harman 4208 Oak Hollow Drive. High Point. NC 27260 

Robert J. Harned. Jr. Route 3, Box 128, Madison, NC 27025 

Hcrron Harper 1808 Berkshire Road. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Michael A. Harper 1423 Knox Street. Statcsvllle. NC 28677 

Stephen J. Harper 9705 Meadowcroft Lane. Gaithersburg. MD 20760 

David C. Harrell 730 Corn Tassell Trail. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Donna B. Harrell 702 S Scllars Mill Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Victoria L. Harrell 3209 Qulmby Court. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Michael A. Harrclson Route 2. Box 175. Denton, NC 27239 

James C, Harrlll 4513 Foxcrolt Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 

David M. Harrington P O- Box 131, Patterson St Ext. China Grove, NC 


Arthur R. Harris R O. Box 453, Clinton, NC 28328 

Earl S. Harris 2116 Westover Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 

Karen F. Harris Route 1. Box 225.Clarksvllle. VA 23927 

Katherlne T. Harris 217 Westrldge Dr , Burlington. NC 27215 

Mark A. Harris Rt 1, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 

Martin D. Harris 219 Lake Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 

Stephen C, Harris 2447 Edgewood Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Troy M. Harris 3841 Bower Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 

Alluwee. J. Harrison 612 Virginia Ave . Burlington, NC 27215 

Donald K. Harrison 612 Virginia Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 

Robert R. Harrison 308 Sunset Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 

Sherldean R. Harrison 3116 Kershaw, Roanoke. VA 24017 

Gregory S. Hart 504 High Street. Salem. VA 24153 

Delrdre A. Hartnett Back Street, Accomac. VA 23301 

Anne R. Hartsoe P O Box 156, Chase City, VA 23924 

Walter L. Harvey 5466 S, Sumac Clr., Fayettevlllc, NC 28303 

Jonathan E. Hasbroucit 96 Albert Street. Brick, NJ 08723 

Evelyn L. Hatley Route 3. Box 760, Mocksville, NC 27028 

Robert D. Haulk 3242 Yorkborough Way. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Paul J. Havlland P O Box 253, Bel Air, MD 21014 

Anthony J. Haiva 1613 Dendron Dr . Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Cherle A. Hawkins 4012 Nottaway Road. Durham. NC 27707 

Mark D. Hawkins 9 Hayward Street. Bound Brook. NJ 08805 

John C. Hawkins II P O Box 742. 213 Woodale Dr . Elon College. NC 


Howard W. Hawks 3045 South Fairway Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Michael D. Hawks Hargrave Military Academy. 2702 Townley Circle. 

Atlanta, GA 30340 

Prlscllla K. Haworth Route 10. Box 298C. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kim S. Hayes 11302 Harborside. Reston. VA 22091 

Maxine T. Hazel Rt 1. Box 22, Hallsboro, NC 28442 

Roxanne L. Hazen 2354 Jasper Avenue. Fort Myers. FL 33907 

Paul B. Hearn Rt. 6. Bx 398. Weddlngton Rd-, Monroe, NC 28110 

Frederick T. Heath. Jr. 3 1 25 Watergate Unc, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Gerald C. Hedgepcth 1125 Hall Street, Henderson. NC 27536 

Bobby J. Hedrick P O Box 94, Sedalia, NC 27342 

Larry S. Hedrick Route 1, Box 179 Wythevillc, VA 24382 

Jeremiah E. Hedrick. Jr. P O Box 94, Sedalia, NC 27342 

George R. Hedrick. Jr. 251 Paul Street. Harrisonburg, VA 22801 

Michael L, Hclfrlch 2748 Middleton St , Apt 16D, Durham, NC 27705 

Richard G. Helmke 3210 S W. 66 Terrace. W Hollywood, FL 33023 

Charles L. Henderson Rt 2. Box 244-H. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 

James M. Henderson 4715 Boonsboro Road. Lynchburg. VA 24503 

Kyle L. Henderson 3759 Cathedral Oaks Place N. Jacksonville. FL 


Roll G. Hendrlcksen 112 Oliver Lane. Durham, NC 27713 

Paul S. Henly 106 Candlewood Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

James G. Hennlgan 6910 Ashbury Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 

William J. Hennlgan 6910 Ashbury Dr., Springfield, VA 22152 

Douglas L. Henry Rt 1. Box 291. Mlddlctown. VA 22645 

Kelll K. Henry Route 3. Box 20116. Bonlta Springs. FL 33923 

Keith P. Henshaw 3203 Abella Road. Richmond. VA 23228 

Mildred W. Hensley 2400 Blanche Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 

Jeffrey L Herbin Route 5, Box 506 K, Greensboro, NC 27405 

Robin S. Herbin Route 3. Box 45, Ahoskle, NC 27910 

Gary L. Herman. Jr. P O. Box 166. Alamance. NC 27201 

Louis E. Hernandez Route 8, Box 333. Burlington. NC 27215 

Amy M. Herrick 930 Elm Avenue. River Edge. NJ 07661 

Katherlne B. Herring 504 Coharie Drive. Clinton, NC 28328 

Joseph C. Herrlott R O Box 581. Burlington, NC 27215 

Nina L. Herrmann 3925 Linden Terrace. Durham. NC 27705 

Barbara W. Hess 11109 Pelham Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030 

Carolyn A. Hester Route 3. Box 567, Mebane, NC 27302 

Stephen L. Hester Route 2. Box 141, Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 

George S. Heston II 521 Ironlngton Road. Richmond, VA 23227 

Gary L. Hewett 2123 McKlnny Street. Burlington, NC 27215 

Elizabeth C. Hickman 10 Jasmine Court. Rockville. MD 20853 

George C. Hlers Pine Lake. Granville. MA 01034 

Blllle M. High P O Box 391. Hillsborough, NC 27278 

John H. High, Jr. 123 Newby Court. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Maryellen W. Hllder 4511 Kenbridge Dt . Greensboro. NC 27410 

Carmen D. Hill Route 1, Box 501. Robbins. NC 27325 

Keith O. Hill Route 3, Box 351.B, Barbee Road, Durham, NC 27713 

Michael J. HIM 3009 Berwick Rd., Burlington, NC 27215 

Patricia A. Hill Route 4, Box 189. Burch Bridge Road. Burlington. NC 


Harold W. Hill. Jr. Route 10. Box 366. Burlington, NC 27215 

Langley A. HInchee 1939 Bridle Lane. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Sandra K. Hlncke 11212 Powder Horn Drive. Potomac. MD 20854 

Christopher A. Hines 3203 Kenmore Road, Richmond. VA 23225 

Edward L. HInes 247 Couchlight Trail. Burlington. NC 27215 

Donnie HInnant 1502 S Slocumb Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Carolyn A. HInton Route 4. Box 11. Forest Lake. Mebane. NC 27302 

Hampton E. HItc 411 Battery Avenue, Emporia. VA 23847 

David T. Hix. Jr. 119 E Main. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Douglas K. Hobgood 5041 Gatewood Dr.. Durham. NC 27712 

Carta A. Hodge 3610 Gramercy Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 

Charles J. Hoffman 1434 Clift Rd , Asheboro, NC 27203 

Saundra K. Hoffner 305 Church Street. Box 3414. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Sandra S. Hoggard 1120 Broad Street, Windsor, NC 27983 

Diane C. Holcomb 2523 Hungary Springs Road. Richmond, VA 23229 

Lisa M. Holder 2605 Fernwick Drive. South Boston. VA 24592 

Nina H. Holladay 116 Trail One. Burlington, NC 27215 

Ellen L. Holland 902 Kramer Court. Vienna. VA 22180 

Rodney R Holland P O Box 543. Elon College, NC 27244 

Jane E. Hollander 7536 Walnut Wood Drive. Charlotte. NC 28212 

Jeffrey T. Hollandsworth P O Box 644. Bassett. VA 24055 

Barbara L. Hollingsworth 3210 B Regents Park Lane. Greensboro. NC 


Susan P. Holloway Rt 4. Box 380. Burlington. NC 27215 

Greg M. Holmes 512 Oakland Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Anthony W. Holt 2524 Twain Lane. Richmond. VA 23224 

Deborah L. Holt Rl 1. Box 205 A. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

Jeffrey M. Holt 1907 Wllklns St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Mark R Holt 11100 Pelham Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030 

Michael D. Holt Box 7609. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Tammy L. Holyfleld 173 Dorsey Place. Henderson. NC 27536 

Mary E. Honeycutt Route 1. Box 202-A. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Penny J. Honeycutt Route 5, Box 96. Burlington. NC 27215 

Dolores M. Hood Route 3. Box 228-A. Liberty. NC 27298 

Ann W. Hoover 404 Chadwlck Drive. Raleigh, NC 27609 

Daniel D. Hopper Route 3. Box 330. Madison. NC 27025 

David S. Hornaday Route 2. Box 162. Snow Camp, NC 27349 

Betty D. Home 405 Circle Drive. Mebane. NC 27302 

James D. Hornc 2412 Catherine Drive. Burlington. NC 27216 

Vickie D. Hornc 214 Spartan Road. Wilmington. NC 28405 

Teresa S. Horner 3903 Cascade Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Clinton G. Horton 365 N St. John St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Lorl M. Horton 229 Woodglcn Lane. Oak Brook. IL 60521 

Kenneth E. Houston Route 1. Box 274- A. Warsaw. NC 28398 

Cynthia L. Howard 3332 Lancelot Rd . Petersburg. VA 23805 

Vanessa L. Howard P O Box 25. Corbln. VA 22446 

Keith B. Howell 425 South 15th Avenue. Hollywood. FL 33020 

Scott C. Howell 163 Maple Street. Charleston. SC 29403 

Wayne M. Hoylc 600 Sleepy Hollow Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Daniel J. Hubbard 3308 Emmorton Road. Abingdon, MD 21009 

Allison D. Huddle 117 Trent Shores, New Bern, NC 28560 

Joel W. Huflstetler 105 Maple Drive. Mount Holly. NC 28120 

Cathren C. Huggins 403 Tryon Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Keith M. Huggins P O Box 8204. St Thomas. VI 00801 

Francis M. Hughes 1118 Wasena. Roanoke. VA 24015 

Mary B. Hughes P O. Box 243 (102 Lakcmont Ctl. Martinsville. VA 


Susan C. Hughes 8592 Granby St . Norfolk. VA 23503 

Steven A. Humphrey 114 Lake Drive, Sterling. VA 22170 

Alesia C. Hundley Rt 1. Box 330-B, Mebane. NC 28144 

Richard A. Hundley 771 Arlington Rd , Danville. VA 24641 

Robert W. Hundley 1707 Mulberry Road. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Elizabeth K. Hungerford Hwy 257. Ncwberg. MD 20664 

Jeffrey D. Hunt 2216 Glover Road. Durham. NC 27703 

Joseph F. Hunt 5136 River Chase Ridge. Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Kellh H. Hunt 202 174 Loft Lane. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Margaret A. Hunt Box 6311. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Steven C. Hunt Rt 4. Box 77. Wllkesboro. NC 28697 

Thomas L. Hunt P O Box 415. Gretna. VA 24557 

Daniel L. Hunter 2722 Catherine Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

William E. Hunter 636 Oakgrove Dr , Graham. NC 27253 

David S. Hurley 7433 NE 8 Terrace. Boca Raton. FL 33432 

Deborah L. Hurley 1449 Grandvlcw Rd . Arnold. MD 21012 

Kenneth B. Hurley 108 SW Monterrey Rd . Stuart. FL 33494 

Sean R. Hurley 4112 Jewel Street, Alexandria, VA 22312 

Carrie L. Hurst Rt 3. Box 218. Graham. NC 27253 

Annie M. Hutchlns Route 1. Timberlake. NC 27583 

Daniel V. Hutchinson 225 Country Club Road. Butler. PA 16001 

Karen M. Hutson 3901 Walt-Ann Drive. Ellicott City. MD 21043 

Mlchcle E. Hyde 402 Lavender Hill Drive. Cherry Hill. NJ 08003 

Bassam M. Ibrahim 15201 Carrolton Road. Rockville. MD 20853 

Roger T. Iddings 2009-A Spring Garden St.. Greensboro. NC 27403 

Kelll E. Ihnken 15 Kimble Court. Pompton Plains. NJ 07444 

Linda J. Imboden 2226 Lakeview Terrace. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jill L. Isaac Route 1. Claremont. NC 28610 

Karen M. Isaacson 937 1/2 Carter St . Elmira. NY 14904 

Don M. Isley 321 Collinwood Dr . Burlington, NC 27215 

Patsy Isley 2710 Charlotte Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 

Ann L. ItabashI 4424 Q Street NW, Washington. DC 20007 

Masahiro Itoh 2-5-14 Ishigami. Nilza. Sallama. JA 00352 

Tomoko r. Itoh Route 3. Box 441, Elon College, NC 27244 

Patricia A, Ives 2908 Venus St , Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Raul J. Ivlll 7537 Whlstlestop Rd . Charlotte. NC 28210 

Tammy L. Jackson 1639 Fairview Blvd . Wlnston-Salem. NC 27107 

Kevin G. Jacobs 8204 Cleaves Ct . Alexandria. VA 22304 

Mitchell ?. Jacobs 205 Rolling Rd . Gaithersburg. MD 20760 

Pamela J. Jacobs 2106 S Mebane Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Crystal A. James Route 2, Box 362 Z. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

Kay R James Rt 10. Box 448-B. Burlington. NC 27215 

Peter M. James 4705 Amherst Rd . College Park. MD 20740 

Agnes H. Janney 4616 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226 

Douglas E. Janssen 441-B Laurel Brook Dr.. Brick Town. NJ 08723 

Edward C. Jarratt. Route 2. Box 103. Stony Creek. VA 23882 

Randall C. Jarrell Route 3. Donna Drive. High Point. NC 27263 

Sherry A. Jarrell PO Box 559. Star. NC 27356 

Donella L. Jarrcit 251 Linda Dr . Archdalc. NC 27263 

McLennard Jay 2199 Boston Rd . Roxboro. NC 27573 

Paula E. Jay Route 6. Box 141. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Virginia O. Jeewan 2319 Chinquapin Rd . New Bern. NC 28560 

John D. Jefferies 1138 South Church Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Dwayne O. Jeffries 2417 N Church St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Joan M. Jenkins Rt 4. Box 309. Luray. VA 22835 

Maurice N. Jennings. Jr. 808 Tarleton Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 

David N. Jernigan 801 Raymond Court. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Donald E. Jernigan 2117 Belmont Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

William M. Jcssup P O Box 1702. Ellzabcthtown. NC 28337 

William S. Jessup. Jr. Route 1. Box 111 lA. Westfield. NC 27053 

Pamela V. Jewell 6522-8 Wisteria Dr . Charlotte. NC 28210 

Robert W. Jewell III 805 Oceana Blvd . Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Vicky M. Jeggetts 117 Leak Avenue. Oxford. NC 27565 

Brian R. Johnson 10 Klaus Anderson Road. P O. Box 6. Soulhwlck. MA 


Craig S. Johnson Rt. 2. Cairns Place. Belle Mead. NJ 08502 

Evelyn G. Johnson 212 Crestwood Drive. Roxboro, NC 27573 

Kathryn E. Johnson Route 3, Box 200, Elon College, NC 27244 

Keith A. Johnson P O Box 742, Claremont, NC 28610 

Lisa S. Johnson 306 Burk Ave . Ridley Park. PA 19078 

Lorl A. Johnson 186 Coventry Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Mclvin E. Johnson Rt, 6. Box 99A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael W. Johnson R O Box 815. Franklin. VA 23861 

Nelson R. Johnson Route 6. Box 102 A. High Point. NC 27260 

Penny R. Johnson 1437 Miller Street. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Robert S. Johnson 403 N Cheatham Street. Frankllnton. NC 27522 

Terry B. Johnson 3801 Kerklees Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Tracy C. Johnson 1009 Sherwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Joseph W. Johnson, Jr. 355 Pine Run Rd.. Doylestown. PA 18901 

James C. Johnston 3009 Lynndalc Rd . Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Lisa C. Johnston Rt 1. Box 375 B. Burlington. NC 27215 

Miles M. Johnston 916 Hanford Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Stephen R. Johnston 16 Applcdore Avenue. North Hampton, NH 03862 

Ann M. Jones Route 1. Box 8. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Blanche C. Jones 1930 Quarry Rd . Lynchburg. VA 24503 

Carole A. Jones 1105 Sam Lee Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Catherien B. Jones 2107 Cheltemham Blvd.. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Deborah L. Jones Rt 1. Box 181 A. Bennett. NC 27208 

Elaine G. Jones Rt 6. Box 21. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Jean W. Jones 417 Oakland Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jerry C. Jones 3511 Longview St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Jessie A. Jones Rt 2, Bx 535-CC. Ponderosa. Wendell. NC 27591 

John W. Jones Route 1. Box 237. Younsvllle. NC 27596 

Julia A. Jones R O Box 36. McGaheysville. VA 22840 ""^ 

Karen D. Jones P O Box 1086. Elon College. NC 27244 

Kim B. Jones Route 3, Box 40. Gates. NC 27937 

Leon L. Jones 400 S Dahl St . Madison. NC 27025 

Melany Jones P O Box 52. Wakulla. NC 28397 

Melissa R. Jones 71 Royalslon Road. Orange. MA 01364 

Rodney B. Jones 119D Ivey Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Ronald C. Jones 338 Laurelwood Drive. Danville. VA 24640 

Thomas L. Jones Route 9. Box 349. Burlington. NC 27215 

Tommy D. Jones R O Box 1086. Elon College. NC 27244 

Virginia K. Jones Route 2. Box 528. Clarksvllle. VA 23927 

Joan M. Joram 4416 Yuma Street NW, Washington, DC 20016 

Cheryl L. Jordan 3324 Maplcton Crescent. Chesapeake. VA 23321 

Frederick K. Jordan 328 Thomas St . Staunton. VA 24401 

Joseph M. Jordan 1338 Burlingate Place. Burlington. NC 27215 

Julie R. Jordan 1735 Sandy Ridge R . Colfax. NC 27235 

Patricia L. Jordan 712 Breakers Avenue. Absecon. NJ 08201 

Robert C. Jordan. Ill P O Box 1007. Sanford. NC 27330 

Audrey L. Josey 112-B Tanglewood Apts . Mebane. NC 27302 

Kenneth B. Joyce 607 Burke Trail. Thomasvillc. NC 27630 

Thomas C. Joyner 2628 Bellalrc Drive. Sanford. NC 27330 

John F. Kale 1121 Bradford Dr . Pt Pleasant. NJ 08742 

Perry K. Kallam 5902 Davis Mill Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Stephen R Kallop 2488 Dante Avenue. Vlneland. NJ 08360 

Bruce K. Kantor 11808 Gregerscrolt Road. Potomac. MD 20854 

Katherlne L. Kaplan 2225 Mulberry Hill Road. Annapolis. MD 21401 

Gregory S. Karaglorgls 2431 Elizabeth Avenue, Winston-Salem. NC 


Gretchen A. Kasting 14 Talcot Drive. East Northport. NY 11731 

Barry L. Kavanaugh Rt 15. Box 333. Lexington. NC 27292 

Jeffrey R. Kay 2011 Grandview Avenue. Westfield. NJ 07090 

Craig A. Kearns R O Box 632. Troy. NC 27371 

Charles T. Keeder 3720 Pine Grove Lane. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 


Chrlslopher M. Kccky 365 TImberlake Drive. Melbourne. FL 32900 

Donald B. Keesee 400 Northmonl BIwd , Danville. VA 24541 

Frank S. Kellam P O Box 6037. Virginia Beach. VA 23456 

Russell R. Keller. Jr. 5921 Falrlee Road. Richmond, VA 23225 

Perry N. Kelley Harlgave Military Academy. Chatham. VA 24531 

Anne T. Kelly 1468 W Utile Creek Rd . Norfolk. BA 23505 

Mary E. Kelly P O Box 1304. Winston-Salem. NC 27102 

Mark W. Kemp 602 West Maple Ave . Sterling. VA 22170 

Robert D. Kemp 5916 Penguin Drive SW, Roanoke. VA 24018 

Lisa G. Kennedy Rl 10. Box 439. Burlington. NC 27215 

Susan D. Kepley 1444 Clovetdale St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Barbara S. Kernodle 1412 Cedar Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Robert D. Kernodle C/0 Kernodle Clinic. Burlington. NC 27215 

Cindy M. Kerr 5905 Boolhe Dr . Burke. VA 22015 

Everett B. Kesler 121 Green Valley. Greensboro. NC 27403 

Vivian A. Kevorkian 409 Colllnwood Or . Burlington. NC 27215 

Jennifer L. Kllgore Box 204. Gwynedd Valley. PA 19437 

Edwin J. KImbrough 420 South Main. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Roy D. KImmlns 524 Homewood Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

Linda L. Kinder Rural Retreat. VA 24368 

Cynthia B. King 1919 Matoax Avenue. Petersburg. VA 23803 

Dwayne S. King Route 4. Box 337. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 

Michael C. King 104 N Johnson Rd . Sterling. VA 22170 

Michael R. King 706 Shamrock Road, Asheboro. NC 27203 

Polly L. King P O Box 781. Raefotd, NC 28376 

Susan B. Kinney 600 W Mam. Box 2805. Gibsonvllle. NC 27249 

Thomas E. Kinney III 513 Shadowbrook Court. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lorrl A. KIrby P O Box 585. Yanceyvlllc. NC 27379 

William M. KIrby 224 Meadowbrook Road. Staunton. VA 24401 

Helen S. KIrchen 1919 Nottingham Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

David W. KIrkland P O Box 407. Boyklns VA 23827 

Billy D. KIrkpatrIck 119 Shadowbrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sharon S. KIrkpatrIck 119 Shadowbrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Norman E. Klrtland III 224 Manhatten Avenue. Hawthorne. NY 10532 

Frank C. KIser Ironia Road, Mcndham, NJ 07945 

Brian E. Klvett 931 Kimberly Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Leah L. Klvett 217 Watklns Drive. Hampton. VA 23669 

John R. Klar 4510 Tarpon Lane. Alexandria. VA 22309 

Billy W. Knight 132 Mitchell St . Danville. VA 24541 

Robert L. Knight 1808 Wllklns Drive Sanlord. NC 27330 

Floyd L. Knight. Ill 1808 Wllkins Drive. Sanford, NC 27330 

Charles Knight, Jr. 1118 Edmondson Ave , Tarboro, NC 27886 

John H. Knight, Jr.400 Coulthurst Drive. Charlottesville. VA 22901 

Stephen S. Knox 309 West Edlnborough Avenue, Raelord. NC 28376 

Joan L. Kohlerman 127 Swarthmore Drive. Towson. MD 21204 

David G. Kopecky 2413 Barbour Road, Falls Church, VA 22043 

Oset O. Korkor Box 175. Kumasl. Ghani; 

James A. Kouchlnsky 625 Market Street. N Tazewell. VA 24630 

Bradford A. Koury P O Box 850. Burlington. NC 27215 

Barry R. Kozak 2945 Princess Ann Crest. Chesapeake, VA 23321 

Michael L. Krai 11 Oak Drive, Randolph, NJ 07869 

Janet K. Krayclrik Route 4. Box 251. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michelle L. Krinsky 1618 Hardwood Ave . Charlottesville. VA 22901 

John M. Krol 3012 Reel St . Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Timothy W. Krollsh Route 5. Box 218. Mebane. NC 27302 

Ronald J. Kruppa P O Box 187. Glynoon. MD 21071 

Kim A. Kyle 326 Dogwood Circle. High Point, NC 27260 

Margaret E. Lacy 12509 Overrldge Road. Potomac. MD 20854 

Jennifer Y. Ladue 107 Hannes Street. Silver Spring. MD 20901 

Michael K. Ugardc 15117 Red Clover Drive. Rockvllle. MD 20853 

Jamea E. Lall. Jr. P O Box 694. Elon College. NC 27244 

James C. Lalne 339 Westwood Drive. Suffolk. VA 23434 

Tamee E. Lambert Route 4. Box 182. Stonevllle. NC 27048 

Patricia D. Lamonds Route 2. Box 46. Seagrove. NC 27341 

Roger J. LancellottI 32 Edna Ave . Belhpage. NY 11714 

John M. Lander Pocopson Road Road »5. West Chester. PA 19380 

John O. Landls 424 Fay Court. Burlington.. NC 27215 

Mark S. Landichoot 40 Pleasant Street, Clifton Springs, NY 14432 

Bonnie D, Lane 501 Hallsboro Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Timothy W. Lane 507 Euclid Avenue Lynchburg. VA 24501 

Robert G. Langdon 1116 North Magnolia Ext.. Raelord. NC 28376 

Michael T. Langone 2325 Brooklleld Dr SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Michael S. Langston 81 Denlse Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Rebecca W. Latane Wash Birth Place. VA 2257 

David M. Lavery 6702 Deland Court. Springfield. VA 22152 

Cynthia D. Lawson Route 1. Box 254. Gcrmanton. NC 27019 

Joyce E. Lawson Route 1. Box 582. Providence. NC 27315 

Stanley D. Lea, Jr. 286 Timberlake Drive, Danville, VA 24541 

David K, Leach 2816 Delaney Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Rebecca J, Lebarron 10 Overlook Drive, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 

Arthur W, Uderle 7312 Langsford Court, Springfield, VA 22153 

Catherine M. Lederle 7312 Langsford Court, Springfield, VA 22153 

Edwin G. Lee P O Box 63, Covesvllle, VA 22931 

James P. Lee Route 3. Box 98. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kevin S. Lee 2424 Mimosa Drive. Lynchburg. VA 24503 

Martha H. Ue 412 Devonshire Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

David G. Leedy 2825 Yeonas Drive. Vienna. VA 22180 

Louisa S. Ugwln 7223 Market Street. Wilmington. NC 28405 

Nancy L. Lehmann Rt 12. Box 416. Sanlord. NC 27330 

Stanley P. Ulcester II P O Box 2171. Chuckatuck. SuHolk. VA 23432 

Thomas M. Ulmberger P O Box 1087. Elon College. NC 27244 

Joseph P. Ultner 1206 HIghwood Rd . Rockvllle, MD 20851 

Christie I. Lemons Rt 10. Box 476. Burlington. NC 27215 

Wade B. Lemons P O Box 757. Plttsboro. NC 27312 

Jerry W. Lennon. Jr. P O Box 668. Bladenboro. NC 28320 

Cindy E. Lena P O Box 2116. Sanlord. NC 27330 . 

Mark L. Leporatll 6724 Grey Fox Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 

Curtis T. Lester 201 Shannon Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 

John C. Lester 1764 Vlcksboro Road. Henderson. NC 27536 

Cecil T. Lewis Route 3. Box 71. Oxford. NC 27565 

Francis W. Uwls Route 2. Box 237. Stony Creek. VA 23882 

Glenn H. Lewis 1019 Valley Dale Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Laurie L. Lwels 3001 Shady Lawn Dr . Greensboro. NC 27408 

Melissa D. Lewis Route 4, Box 376, Mebane. NC 27302 

Patricia A. Lewis Rt 9, Box 193, Burlington, NC 27215 

Jack N, Lewis, Jr. Box 38. Fleldale. VA 24089 

Carl M. Lewis, Jr, 239 Carrollton Road, Danville, VA 24541 

Andrew J. Llapis 2041 Walker Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

Lorl A. Llbby Route 1. Box 257. Partlow. VA 22534 

Pheobe L. LIndley Route 2. Box 117. Plttsboro. NC 27312 

Tamara S. LIndley 1517 Ridgecresl Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jack R. LIndley. Jr. 1517 Ridgecrest Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Anne D. Lindsay 315 D West Camel Street. Greensboro. NC 27401 

Peter R. Lineberger 4101 Lynchester Drive. Richmond, VA 23235 

Melissa A, LIneberry Route 6. Box 303, Burlington, NC 27215 

Timothy J. LIneberry Route 6. Burlington, NC 27215 

Keith E, Linton 1491 W 9th St , Frederick. MD 21701 

Kenneth D. LIpsteIn 21 Hlhon Road. Wilmington. DE 19810 

Lisa A. Little Route 1. Box 396. Burlington. NC 27215 

Steven B. Little 5323 Trentwoods Drive. New Bern NC 28560 

Lane E. LIvengood Route 1. Box 688. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

Linda L. Lloyd 802 Russell Avenue. Reldsvllle. NC 27320 

Linda P. Lloyd Rt 3. Box 169. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Candace K. Lockwood 212 Brooke Dr . Hampton. VA 23669 

William P Loftin P O Box 744. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Ross M. Logan Burrs Road. Mount Holly. NJ 08060 

Robert F. Loher 4717 Providence Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Christopher D. Lombard! 2715 Charlotte Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 

Brenda L. Long Route 1. Box 175 B. Como. NC 27818 

David R. Long 2725 Edgewood Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

James S. Long 229 South Melville Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Jeffrey W. Long P O Box 1333 Hamlet, NC 28345 

Jesse W, Long Route 2. Box 318. Burlington. NC 27215 

Judith A. Long Star Route 1. Box 70, Yanceyvllle. NC 27279 

Karen L, Long 1120 Country Ridge Road. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Mary L. Long 2915 Foresldalc Drive . Burlington. NC 27215 

Randy F. Long 1234 Oak Ridge Ave,. Henderson, NC 27536 

Thomas S, Longan 4400 Gary Street Road, Richmond, VA 23221 

Marlnda A, Looney 712 N Daniels Creek Road, Colllnsvllle, VA 24078 

Kelley M, Loughlln 6 Kendall Court, Marlton, NJ 08053 

Loukia Louka 1616 Dendron Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Ed L, Love P O Box 687. Graham. NC 27253 

Lisa R. Love P O Box 475. Graham. NC 27253 

Marguerite Y. Love Route 3. Box 28. Mebane. NC 27302 

Alyssa M. Lovell 429 Hyde St . Burlington. NC 27216 

Denis J. Lovell Route 1. Box 49 Providence. NC 27315 

Teresa L. Lovette 618 Providence Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Brady M. Lowder 705 Brookgreen Ter,, Graham. NC 27253 

Lisa D. Lowe 1914 Wllklns St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Charles K, Lowman 450 Tarleton Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Carolyn R, Lowry 831 Union Street, Cary, NC 27511 

Richard H. Lowry 224 Parker Heights, Waynesboro, VA 22980 

Samuel W, Loy Rl 1. Box 81, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 

Virginia S, Loy 1508 Stonegate Drive, Graham, NC 27253 

James A. Luke. Jr, P O Box 554, Waverly, VA 23890 

Joyce J. Luster Route 10, Box 32, Reldsvllle, NC 27320 

Margaret C, Lut2 Route 1, Box 222 C, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Charles K. Lyall 387 Portsmouth Court, Burlington, NC 27215 

Deanna K. Lyell 10714 Timberldge Rd , Fairfax Station, VA 22039 

Thomas E. Lynch 10836 Harding Rd , Laurel, MD 20810 

John W. Lynn 1233 Northampton. Petersburg. VA 23803 

Coy E. Mabe 451 Roslyn Drive. Lumberton. NC 28358 

Amy MacDonald 10012 S Glen Road. Potomac. MD 20854 

Frances H. Mace P O Box 127. Efland. NC 27243 

Denlse M. Machala 704 N Gurney Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Derrick L. Maclnnis 6 Rockford Road. Wilmington. DE 19806 

Darlce L. Madge 527 Robin Hood Rd . Brick Town. NJ 08723 

Randall R. Madge 527 Roblnhood Road. Bricktown. NJ 08723 

Kim A. Madren Route 4. Box 59 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Rhonda L. Madren Route 1. Box 296 A. Gibsonvllle. NC 27249 

Michael D. Maffeo 107 Wyrick Street, Gibsonvllle. NC 27249 

Christine Magglo 2324 Nebraska Avenue NW. Washington. DC 20016 

Samuel T. Maglll III 4062 North Lake Creek Cove. Tucker. GA 30084 

Beverly A. Magness P O Box 865. Shelby. NC 28150 

William Mahone V 2520 Avenham Ave . Roanoke. VA 24014 

Lorl A. Malbon 1008 Princess Anne Rd . Virginia Beach, VA 23457 

Edgar E. Malker P O Box 68, Dallas, NC 28034 

Beverly M. Malone 5617 Clermont Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310 

Susan L. Maloney 1723 Timberland St , Gastonia, NC 28052 

Faith J, ManesB 1736 Randall, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Frances A. Maness 504 Lindsey Ave , Asheboro, NC 27203 

Joel K. Maness Route 8, Box 316, Burlington, NC 27215 

Charles B. Mann 309 Engleman Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Melissa J, Mann 2330 Fleming Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 

Steven E. Mann P O Box 141, Burlington, NC 27215 

Todd Mann Rt 1, Box 160 A, Mebane, NC 27302 

Elizabeth D. Mann 102 Kay Street. Carrboro. NC 27510 

Robert W. Manners 6803 Reynard Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 

Frank T. Manshlp. Jr. 402 Elizabeth Avenue, Rockingham, NC 28379 

Thomas L, Mapp Box 179, Halifax, VA 24588 

Nancy A. Marchman P O Box 665. Clayton. GA 30525 

Cynthia L. Marcum 2603 Chllcott Court. Vienna. VA 22180 

Nichols K. Marks 4703 Bridle Path Une. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Edward L. Marks IV Rt 2. Box 76. Franklin. VA 23851 

Greta J. Marrow 2H College Towne Apts . Elon College. NC 27244 

Kathryn E. Marsden 7621 Mary Cassatt Road. Potomac. MD 20854 

Jacqueline D. Marsh Rt 1. Box 19. Bear Creek. NC 27207 

Carroll L. Marshall III Burlers Bridge. Sanlord. VA 23426 

Dewey V. Marshall. Jr. 3901 Haven Drive. Durham. NC 27705 

Brenda L. Martin Route 1. Box 83. Maiden. NC 286S5 

Elizabeth L. Martin Mimosa Hills Drive. Morganton. NC 28655 

Irene T. Martin 539 Parkview Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael E. Martin Rt 6. Box 871. Reldsvllle. NC 27320 

Ralph S. Martin 817 N Graham-Hopedale Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Terry C. Martin P O Box 1173. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Vickie S. Martin P O Box 1109. Elon College. NC 27244 
William N. Martin 1227 Dovcrshire Place. High Point. NC 27260 
Linda A. Martlndale Route 1, Box 420. Burlington. NC 27215 
Steven J. Mam Rt 2. Box 48. Liberty. NC 27298 
William W. Mason 1130 Oakridge Rd . Petersburg. VA 23803 
Amelia S. Massey 2420 Somers Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 
Dale T. Massey Route 3. Box 317, Liberty, NC 27298 
David S. Massey 2915 Armlield Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 
James M. Massey 100 Woodland Road. Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 
Page G. Massle Route 1. Box 45 CI. Scottsville. VA 24590 
Gary F. Mathey 902 N Amelia Street. Sterling. VA 22170 
Cynthia L. Matklns Route 4. Box 384. Tullahoma. TN 37388 
Susan C. Matt Route 6. Box 196N. Burlington. NC 27215 
Elizabeth P. Mattocks 3449 Kenwlck Terrace. Roanoke. VA 24018 
Angela M. May Rt 8. Box 437, Burlington, NC 27215 
Brandon D, May 1004 Fix Street, Burlington, NC 27215 
Jason K. May 1202 Hanford Road. Graham. NC 27215 
Hoy J. May Route 6. Box 296,K. Burlington. NC 27215 
Jack G. May. Jr Route 6, Burlington, NC 27215 
C lyde J, May. Jr. Rt 8. Box 437. Burlington. NC 27215 
D. Reld Maynard. Jr. 1 Scenic Drive. Highlands. NJ 07732 
Cathy L. Mays 837 1st Ave West. Hendersonvllle. NC 28739 
Michael K. Mazur 120 Foreslvlew Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 
Virginia D, Mazur 120 Forestview Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 
Michael J, Mazzucca 104 Dana Court, Durham, NC 27712 
Marcclla Z, McAdams 708 N Dale Ct , Burlington, NC 27215 
Michael A, McAllsler 9106 Fox Lair Drive. Burke. VA 22015 
Joseph C. McArdle 8615 Powder Horn Road. Springfield. VA 22152 
Stuart M. McCachern 1019 N Church St . Mooresvllle. NC 28115 
Darren McCain Rt 1 Box 66. Milton. NC 27305 
Deana M. McCain P O Box 294. Yanceyvllle. NC 27379 
Carol L. McCall Route 1. Box 449. Dallas. NC 28034 
Mellnda G. McCall Rt 1, Box 294. Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 
Andrew M. McCann 2603 Woodedge Road. Silver Spring. MD 20906 
James A. McCarther II 618 Worth St . Mt Airy, NC 27030 
Christopher L. McCauley 8 Thompson, Staunton. VA 24401 
Kevin M. McCauley Sitzmark Lane Rdl. Rensselare. NY 12144 
Theresa A. McClanahan Cove Lawn Farm. Covesvllle. VA 22931 
Kenneth R. McCorkle 2407 Burnette Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 
Melanle E. McCorkle 1307 N Sellars Mill Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 
Terence P. McCormIck 112 Greenwel! Drive. Hampton. VA 23666 
James C. McCracken Rt 2 River Road. Richmond. VA 23233 
Tara A. McCracken 2002 West Market Street. Greensboro. NC 27403 
Bridget K. McCullough 1369 W Sedgefield Drive. Winston Salem. NC 

Charles F. McDanlel, Jr. 1207 E Maple Avenue. Sterling VA 22170 
Jane E. McDonald 414 Landerwood Lane. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
Mlchele R. McDonald 1702 Highvlcw St , Burlington. NC 27215 
Richard J. McDonald 820 Banks Road. Martinsville. VA 24112 
Eric L. McDonnell 11600 Gowrie Court. Potomac. MD 20854 
Steven F. McDonough 420 Windemere Drive. Staunton. VA 24401 
Burce R. McFarland 8318 Briar Creek Drive. Annandale. VA 22003 
Constance R. McGee 263 Stratford Rd . Ashevllle. NC 28804 
Susan P. McGeehan 4663 North 35lh Street. Arlington. VA 22207 
Julie A. McGhee 3100 N Centennial Street, High Point, NC 27260 
Maureen McGrath 5707 Newlngton Road, Bethesda, MD 20016 
William B. McHugh 8027 East Blvd Dr . Alexandria. VA 22308 
Suzanne E. Mclnnls 1015 Oakcrest Drive. Reldsvllle. NC 27320 
Raymond T. Mclntyre 2733 Woodbury Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 
Ronald D. Mclntyre. Jr. 2314 Woodrldge Road. Burlington. NC 27215 
Christopher D. McKalg 7510 Honesty Way. Bethesda. MD 20034 
Ronald G. McKaskel Rt 5. Box 22. Boone. NC 28607 
Owen R. McKenzle 3004 S Fairway Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 
Amy J. McKlsson 328 White Oak Drive. Henderson. NC 27536 
Olivia K. McLaurIn Route 3. Box 86. Plttsboro. NC 27312 
Sherry M. McLean 207 Florence Street. Graham. NC 27253 
Rose A. McLelland 1 1 1 Ball Park Avenue. Rt 3. Box 339C. Elon College, 
NC 27244 

Janle M, McMillan 419 McMillan Ave , Red Springs, NC 28377 
Jane A. McMlllen i35 Bloxom Drive. Newport News. VA 23602 
Marjorle A. McMInn 108 South Whitted Street. Hendersonvllle. NC 

Barbara A. McMullen 2605 Vanstory Street. Greensboro, NC 27407 
Lisa A. McNalry 3311 A Regents Park Lane. Greensboro. NC 27405 
Benjamin K. McNeely 1231 May Court. Burlington. NC 27215 
James C. McNeill 100 N Madison Street. Whitevllle. NC 28472 
Diane E. McSheehy 8 Wlldbrook Drive. Plalstow. NH 03865 
John B. Meacham 110 South Main. Graham. NC 27253 
Karen E. Mebane 309 Brooklyn Street. Burlington. NC 27215 
Tracy E. Mebane 2158 Canterbury Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 
Janlne G. Meding 38 Charnwood Road. New Providence. NJ 07974 
Reba F. Medlln Route 1. BOx 289-DD. Cedar Grove. NC 27231 
Benlamin A. Melsel 3309 Cummings Lane. Chevy Chase. MD 20015 
Nancy J. Mela 1531 Caldwell Street. Lakeland. FL 33803 
Angelo S. Meletis 4212 Dandrige Terrace. Alexandria. VA 22309 
Melvin J. Melton 2703 Lynlield Lane. Greensboro. NC 27406 
Philip S. Melton 1802 Brookcliff Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 
Anne B. Melvin 1933 Hilldale Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 
Joy D. Melvin 1121 Cjcneva Road. Graham. NC 27253 
Pamela L. Melvin 1121 Geneva Rd . Graham. NC 27253 
Cary F. Meredith 219 Mill Harbor Drive. Arnold. MD 21012 
John G. Merkel IV 711 Bristol Rd . Wilmington. DE 19803 
Thomas R Merrlcks 803 Banks Road. Marlinvllle, VA 24112 
William E. Merrlman 112 Woodlawn Road. Colllnsvllle. VA 24078 
James D. Merrlman II 112 Woodlawn Road. Colllnsvllle. VA 24078 
Karl J. Metzgar 103 A Street. Brunswick. MD 21716 
Thomas B. Mewborn '5 A Hickory Run. Graham. NC 27253 
Laurie A. MIchaud 13811 Gilbert Road. Woodbrldge. VA 22193 
Lisa M. MIchaud 13811 Gilbert Road. Woodbrldge. VA 22193 
Tammy E. MIckens 3647 Clinedale Road. Pfafltown. NC 27040 
Andrew K. MIdgette 1141 Rolllngwood Arch. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 
Mark A. MIdklfl 332 Moser Street. Graham. NC 27253 
David L. Miles 307 Bland Blvd Burlington. NC 27215 



Joan T. Mlle» 809 Sycamore Rd , Graham, NC 27253 

Susan B. Mllea 13810 Hallsham Circle, MIdlolhlan, VA 23113 

William T. Mlle« 511 Walker Avenue, Graham, NC 27253 

Charles B. Miller 809 Sutflok Lane. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Cindy L. Miller 5072 River Rd . Sodus. Ml 49126 

David L. Miller Route 18, Box 87, Lexington. NC 27292 

George R. Miller 107 Shannon Road. Asheboro, NC 27203 

Lu Ann R. Miller Box 1115, Elon College. NC 27244 

Michael R. Miller P. O Box 127. Mayock. NC 27958 

Teresa R. Miller 5604 Ontario Court, Bethesda, MD 20816 

Vivian D. Miller 1112 Scaleybark Rd #206, Charlotte, NC 28210 

William H. Miller Box 85, Fork Union. VA 23055 

John H. Miller. Jr. Rt.l, Box 330, Rural Retreat. VA 24368 

Richard S. Miller. Jr. 3603 Sherwood Place. Lynchburg. VA 24503 

Lorl L. Mills Route 1. Box 734. Graham. NC 27253 

Stephen B. Mills 1216 Candlcwood Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23404 

Norman K. Mllteer 9000 Gates Road. SuHolk. Va 23437 

Karen T. Miner 47 K Vinegar Hill Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Daryll L. Mlnges 7541-A Quallwood Dr . Charlotte, NC 28211 

Beverly F. MInlter 1127 Mainsail Drive, Annapolis. MD 21403 

Jeffrey E. MInner 4 Aldham Court. Wilmington. DE 19803 

Bryan Z. MIse 4766 Winsolow Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Robin A. Mitchell 2008 Tryon St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Kenneth J. MItta 013 Tyrrell St , Raleigh, NC 27609 

Frank R. MIze Rt 2. Box 323. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Janet M. Mlze 313 Martin Avenue. Graham. NC 27263 

Vanessa R. Mlze 313 Martin Avenue. Graham. NC 27253 

Wayne F MIzcll 106 Ramblln Road. Salisbury MD 21801 

David A. Moats 1416 N W 2nd Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 333 11 

John R. Mock 422 Trolllnger, Burlington. NC 27215 

John C. Moncure 1000 West Ave.. Richmond. VA 23220 

William K. Monroe 1922 Maiden Lane. Roanoke, VA 24015 

Scott P. Montgomery P O Box 1101, Waynesboro, VA 22901 

Paul G. Moody 120 RiverpoinI Crescent. Portsmouth, VA 23707 

Eleanor G. Moon 360 Delaine Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mellnda J. Moon 1524 Wollsnare Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23461 

Christopher S. Moore Mt. View Rd, Cedar Trails. Winston-Salem NC 


Christopher W. Moore 120 Eggleston Avenue. Hampton. VA 23669 

Darrell T. Moore Rt 2. Box 68, Bear Creek. NC 27207 

Jullanne Moore 1409 Carolyn Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Lynn H. Moore 725 Oakgrove Drive. Graham, NC 27253 

Mark E. Moore Rt 2. Box 251.Blackstone. VA 23824 

Melissa A. Moore 2623 McKinney St., Burlington NC 27215 

Pamela S. Moore 3912 Wiley Davis Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 

Richard B. Moore 1223 Avondale Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

SherrI L. Moore 221 Bradley Street. Burlington. NC 27216 

TerrI L. Moore Route 1. Box 286-B. McLeansvllle. NC 27301 

Tracy J. Moore P O Box 361. Roxboro. NC 27573 

KImberly M. Morehouse 2641 Black Fir Court. Reston. VA 22091 

Nancy S. Moreton 21 Standish Road. Windsor. CT 06095 

Freddl M. Morgan 5097 Rochellc Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Kelly A. Morgan Route 2. Box 198, Slier City. NC 27344 

Lorl L. Morgan P O, Box 1873. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jim B. Morlarty 1334 Rockwood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27216 

William B. Morlcic Route 1. Box 190. Summerficld. NC 27358 

Carl D. Morris 1053 Spar Avenue. Beachwood. NJ 08722 

David H. Morris 4709 Ponderosa Drive. Annandale. VA 22003 

Ula D. Morris 4409 Lebanon Road, Charlotte, NC 28212 

Robert J. Morris, Jr 1312 N Schooner Lane. Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Karen L. Morrison 439 N. Oakland Avenue. Statesville. NC 28677 

Melissa A. Morrison 209 Forestvlew Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

Robert G. Morrison 4101 Five Oaks Drive. Unit »42. Durham, NC 27707 

Tonya D. Morrison 1203 Rolling Lane, Statesville. NC 28677 

Vernon D. Morrison Rt 1, Box 430, Raeford. NC 28376 

Jay N. Morton Box 761. Elon College. NC 27244 

Lynn M. Morton Route 3. Box 335. Graham. NC 27263 

John R. Moser 2122 South Hawthorne, Winston Salem, NC 27103 

Kelly T. Moser 111 KItchIn Street. Burlington, NC 27215 

James A. Motley 175 Acorn Lane, Danville. VA 24541 

John A. Motley R oute 1. Box 50, Blalrs. VA 24527 

Stephen J. Mottola 417 Goodley Road. Wilmington. DE 19803 

Ralph O. Mueller P O Box 1021. Elon College, NC 27244 

Michael L. Muller 708 N, Sterling Blvd.. Sterling, VA 22170 

Daniel A. Munger 812 Shadylawn Road. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Stephanie L. MurawskI 10226 Falcon Bridge. Richmond. VA 23233 

Brian T. Murphy Route 3. Box 165-Dl. Reldsvllle. NC 27320 

Dwight V. Murphy P. O Box 53, Godwin, NC 28344 

James F. Murphy 153 Whitehall Blvd.. Garden City, NY 11530 

Kevin T. Murphy 2740 Armfleld Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Shirley J. Murphy HI Howard Circle. Greenville, NC 27834 

Dana R Murray 623 Fountain Road. Salisbury. MD 21801 

John A. Murray Rt. 2. Box 57 A. Ahoskle, NC 27910 

Lorle A. Murray Route 2, Box 369 A, Burlington, NC 27215 

Rickey V. Murray 2312 Edgewood Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Tracey L. Murray Rt 9. Box 443. Burlington. NC 27215 

Keith M. Murrell Route 2. Box 608, Walnut Cove. NC 27052 

Beth M. Muskey 8701 Hickory Bend Trail. Potomac. MD 20864 

Dwight Mustoe 608 Jones Street. Lumberton, NC 28358 

Eric G. Myers 767 Suffold Lane. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Keith H. Myers 6064 Crossbow Circle. Roanoke. VA 24014 

Kristlna L. Myers 1106 Earle Avenue, Millvllle. NJ 08332 

Steven J. Nngle 1809 Sherlngham East. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Mellnda G. Nance Route 2. Box 620, McLeansvllle, NC 27301 

TonI T. Napoll 9203 Venetian Way, Richmond, VA 23229 

KImberly K. Nardelll Rt 1. Box 376, Burlington, NC 27215 

Anna M. Narlls 134 Dumont Ave., Norfolk. VA 23506 

Dauld E. Nash 138 Shaw St., Box 6018, Glbsonvllle, NC 27249 

Daniel R. Nastod 31 Oriole St , Greenville, SO 29609 

Twila G. Nave 1335 River Birch Run South. Chesapeake. VA 23330 

Patrick R. Neal 814 High Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Charls W. Needham 1010 Bcarmore Drive. Charlotte, NC 28211 

Alfred P. Nefl. Jr. 7445 North Shore Road. Norfolk. VA 23605 

Carolyn S. Nelll 2708 Lafayette Avenue. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Jessica R- Nelll 2238 Pinewood Circle, Charlotte, NC 28211 

Donald K. Nelson 3901 Buckland Place, Chester, VA 23831 

Lisa D. Nelson 64 Refy Avenue. Ramsey. NJ 07446 

W. J. Nelson Route 1. Box 70. South Boston. VA 24592 

John J. Nemeth P O Box 253. Boydton, VA 23917 

Thomas S. Nemeth P. O Box 263. Boydton, VA 23917 

Jeffrey S. Neufang 6621 Newington Road, Lorton. VA 22079 

Tina M. Neville 703 E Summit Ridge Road, Mebane, NC 27302 

Lisa E. Newbold 3421 Deep Green Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 

Carolyn W. Newman 660 Isley PI, Burlington. NC 27215 

Mllllcent H. Newman 402 Westbrook Avenue. Elon College. NC 27244 

Craig A. Newton 25 Horizon Dr . Saunderstown. RI 02874 

Loc P. Nguyen 102 # D Greenbrlar Road. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Jade L. Nicholas 2109 Westvlew Terrace. Silver Spring. MD 20910 

Marina C. Nicholas 510 Carl Street, Norfolk, VA 23505 

Melissa J. Nicholson 1524 N Seabreeze Trail, va Beach. VA 23462 

Marash N. NIkaJ 685 E, 183 St . New York. NY 10458 

William M. BIsbet 106 S. Anderson Street. Morganton. NC 28655 

Allen R. NIvens 3237 Kenmorc Road. Richmond. VA 23225 

Carol L. Nix 21 Rhoda St., Canton, NC 28716 

Harold L. Noell 3005 Glenridge Road. Raleigh, NC 27604 

Donna D. Norrls 209 Sprlngwood Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Roger D. Norrls Route 2. Box 804-B. Connelly Springs. NC 28612 

Lesa K. Northam Sturgis Street, Onancock. VA 23417 

Cynthia L. Northlngton P O Box 144, Kenbridge, VA 23944 

Ralph D. Norwood 1604 Elder Way. Burlington. NC 27215 

Daniel B. Nunn Rt 2. Box 575. Clarksville. VA 23927 

Michael J. Nutt 3768 Vandalla Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Wentworth T. Nutt 3001J Cottage Place. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Colleen M. O'Brien 28 Bayne Street. Norwalk. CT 06851 

Sheila L. O'Brien 28 Bayne Street. Norwalk. CT 06851 

Carolyn A. O'Connor 316 Watson Dr , Burlington. NC 27215 

Mary M. O'Connor 1668 Sabal Palm Drive. Boca Raton. FL 33432 

Kelly G. O'Ferrell 435 O'Ferrell Street. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Gregory B. Oakley Route 2. Box 373 A, Burlington, NC 27215 

KImberly S. Oakley 2307 Roger Street. Burlinglon. NC 27215 

William J. Oakley 1939 Arbor Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Maude R. Oaks 407 Trail 1. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael W. Oales P O, Box 73, Winchester, VA 22601 

Michael D. Obrlen 3211 Oxford Drive. Durham. NC 27707 

Tammy S. Offenbacker 105 Maple Leaf. Elkton. VA 22827 

Edwin G. Oliver 4625 Powells Point Rd,. Virginia Beach. VA 23455 

Gwendolee L. Oliver 110 Westside Drive. Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 

Jon J. OIley Rd 3, Box 269, Sewell, NJ 08080 

Cynthia L. Olsen 21 Westwood Drive. Jamestown NY 14701 

Sharyn E. Olsen 21 Westwood Drive. Jamestown. NY 14701 

Lisa M. Oncale 7019 Hadlow Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 

Cynthia R. Osborne 137 Lakeview Circle. Thomasvllle. NC 27360 

David C. Ostccn Rd 3. Box 453. Annvllle. PA 17003 

Mlllord T. Oswald Stat Rt 1. Box 32. Yanceyvllle. NC 27379 

Susan C- Overbey 19 KImberly Drive. Durham. NC 27707 

KImberly J. Overby Genreal Delivery, Bethania. NC 27010 

Mary E. Overstreet 27 Ellsworth, Morrlstown, NJ 07960 

Pamela H. Overstreet 2531 Devenwood Rd . Richmond. VA 23235 

Robert H. Owen III 59 Forest Road. AsheviUe. NC 28803 

Tracy L. Owens 2408 Ketch Court, Virginia Beach. VA 23461 

Shirley A. OzmenI Route 1. Box 410. Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 

Bryan K. Page Rt 3, Burlington. NC 27215 

Dale L. Page 2030 NE 29th Court. Ft, Lauderdale. FL 33306 

George R. Page 711 Corjon Street. Kemersville. NC 27284 

Sheila D. Page Route 3. Box 100 A, Burlington. NC 27215 

Dwight D, Page Route 2. Box 93. Burlington. NC 27215 

Luis E. Pages 3916 Chaco Road, Alexandria VA 22312 

Edward C. Palace 91 Woodacres Road. East Patchogue. NY 11772 

Roger M. Palmer Rt 7. Box 29 R3, Asheboro. NC 27203 

Tony D. Palmer 611 Sunflower Circle. Sanlord. NC 27330 

Michelle Palumbo 97 Tupelp Trail. Narragansett, RI 02882 

Francisco T. Paman 69 Van Buren St, Pasaic. NJ 07055 

Joseph C. Panlchello 717 Brookfield Rd . Raleigh. NC 27609 

Alice G. Pappendick Route 1. Box 390. Graham, NC 27253 

Jeffrey W. Pardue Route 4. Advance. NC 27006 

John B. Pardue 2401 Oakwood. Burlington. NC 27215 

Gary E. Parker 1509 Lauderdale Road, richmond. VA 23233 

James C. Parker 201 Stedman St . Fayetteville. NC 28305 

John B. Parker Panorama Lane. Bedford. VA 24623 

Teresa L. Parker Rt 1. Box 51. Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 

Karen L. Parks 250 Jeffers Drive, Shadwell Mtn. Charlottesville, VA 


Steven G. Parr 1906 Trail 2, Apt 2A. Burlington, NC 27215 

Mary E. Parrott Route 3. Box 171 D. Oxford. NC 27565 

Randall E. Parsons Rt 1. Box 161. Salisbury. MD 21801 

Carmen Pascarella III 4868 South Main Street. North Rose, NY 14616 

Cheryl L. Pate 1301 Laurel Cove Circle. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Sherman I. Patrick Rt 1. Box 441. Elon College. NC 27244 

Aubrey D. Patterson Box 91. Powells Point. NC 27965 

James A. Paul 24 Glenbrooke Circle, Richmond, VA 23229 

David W. Payne Rt 2, Box 722.C, McLeansvllle, NC 27301 

Jane L. Payne P O. Box 747. Elon College. NC 27244 

Mary A. Payne 90 Denise Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Matthew L. Payne Box 747. Elon College. NC 27244 

William C. Payne. Jr. 5302 Guida Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Deborah T. Paynter 874 Market Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

William E Peach 111 118 Longwood Drive. Newport News. VA 23606 

Robert S. Pearson Rt 2 Box 66-BB. Statesville. NC 28677 

Lisa R. Peele Route 1. Box 625. Uurinburg. NC 28352 

Donald W. Pegg 613 Bland Blvd.. Burlington. NC 27216 

Benlamin Pekarne 612 Hertford Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

James K. Pendergrass Rt 12. Box 1000. Sanford. NC 27330 

Jeffrey T. Penkunas 3046 Promenade Place. Fox Mill. VA 22071 

Shen E. Penn 6500 Rivington Road. Springfield. VA 22152 

Darryl D. Pennington P O Box 403. Elon College. NC 27244 

William J. Pennington Route 1. Box 101. Mebane. NC 27302 

William J. Pennington Route 8. Box 178, Burlington, NC 27215 

Jimmy R. Penny Route 1, Box 62, Liberty, NC 27298 

Rhonda A. Penson 506 Westland Farm Road. Mt, Holly. NC 28120 

Belinda D. Peoples Route 1. Box 504. Oak Ridge. NC 27310 

William T. Perdue P O Box 63. Wentworth. NC 27375 

William J. Perham 360 E Pennsylvania Ave,. Southern Pines. NC 28287 

Fred D. Perkins Route 7. Box 368-C. Morganton. NC 28655 

TerrI L. Perkins 777 Arlington Road. Danville. VA 24641 

Teresa K. Permar Route 1. Box 406. Julian. NC 27283 

Lisa A. Perriccio 4817 Bel Pre Road. Rockville MD 20863 

David B. Perry Route 6. Box 102. Burlington, NC 27215 

Emily K. Perry 1607 Wellons Ave . Dunn. NC 28334 

James K. Perry 424 Brooke Drive. Danville. VA 24541 

Mella M. Perry 2615 Parrish St . Burlinglon. NC 27215 

Sandra F. Perry 323 Clapp Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Sherrle E. Perry 2623 Catherine Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Thomas E. Perry 606 Ridgeway Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Gregory W. Perslnger 19 St- John's Close. Hetherset Norwich. Norfold. 


Dana R. Person 3312 Old Kirkwood Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Alan O. Peters 1702 Carolina Street. High Point, NC 27260 

Detlev H. Petersen Bismarckstr 88, 2390 Flensburg, West Germany 

Stephen E. Petersen 2419 Hatherly Road, Charlotte, NC 28209 

Kelly A. Peterson 300 Cambridge. Tarboro, NC 27886 

Bernlce F. Petty 2409 Saddle Club Rd , Burlinglon, NC 27216 

Christopher W. Phelps 2116 Wilkins St., Burlington, NC 27215 

Donna M. Phillips 822 High Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mary A. Phillips 1405 Collins Drive, Burlington, NC 27216 

John L. Phillips. Jr. 7320 Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20015 

George R. Phillips. Jr. 213 S Main Street. Graham. NC 27253 

George R. PIckard 606 James Street, Burlington. NC 27215 

James K. PIckard 131 Westover Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Garry N. Pierce Route 6. Box P 5. Whiteville. NC 28472 

Warnel E. Pierre 68 Richelieu Terrace. Newark. NJ 07106 

Karol R. Pike Route 2. Box 687, Graham, NC 27263 

Jane S. Pillow 3613 Tattershall Drive, Greensboro. NC 27410 

Barry E. Pllson P O Box 877, Colllnsville. VA 24078 

Eric K. PIner HI Devon Road. Staunton. VA 24401 

Anita M. PInnIx 132 School Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sharon B. PInnIx Edgewood Apts 1017-2A. Graham, NC 27253 

David M. PInson 2600 Fernwick Dr , South Boston, VA 24592 

John H. PInson 2600 Fernwick Drive. South Boston VA 24592 

Lavane H. PIrkle P O Box 166. Alamance. NC 27210 

Asa G. PIttman 1606 Church Street. Scotland Neek. NC 27874 

John T. PIttman Route 12. Box 615, Sanford. NC 27330 

Gall A. Plummer 120 River Landing. Atlanta. GA 30338 

Jeff L. Plummer 1700 Cavendish Court. Charlotte. NC 28211 

Shelby R. Pointer P O Box 157. Elon College. NC 27244 ^ 

Nora T. Pollcastro Route 2. Box 325. Burlington. NC 27215 

Steven R. Pollok 905 Clarke Road. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Suzanne L. Poplin 2706 Ashland Street. Raleigh. NC 27608 

Janet M. Porter 438 New York Avenue. Bricktown. NJ 08723 

Mary R. Porter 925 W Fulton Street. Wytheville. Va 24382 

Kendall L. Porterfleld Rt 2. Box 79. Burlington. NC 27215 

Cynthia L. Poteat Star Route 2, Box 33, Yanceyvllle, NC 27379 

Linda D. Poteat Route 6. Box 266 B. Burlington. NC 27215 

Olga K. Potthoff 220 Buttonwood Drive. Key Biscayne. FL 33149 

George N. Poulos 707 Keats Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Gregory D. Powell 6441 Mella Street. Springfield, VA 22150 

Alan W. Powers 2702 Bunche Street. Wilmington. NC 28405 

Laura L. Powers 301 Weaver Street. Spring Lake, NC 28390 

Aaron K. Price 227 S. Elm Street. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Aundrey Price 238 Gray St . Danville, VA 24541 

John F. Price 2203 North Chestnut Street. Lumberton, NC 28358 

Kelly D. Price H-7 Munson Circle. Wallops Island. VA 23337 

VIckl B. Price Route 3. Box 438. Elon College. NC 27244 

Elizabeth C. Pridgen 1008 Tlmberlake Drive. Wilson. NC 27893 

Allen D. Pritchard 2530 Sesame Court. Spring Hill. FL 33526 

John N. Prola Rt. 7. Box 19 (Forest Dr.). Whiteville. NC 28472 

Stephen D. Prybylo 105 Ann Street. Morganton. NC 28655 

Elizabeth A. Pryce 201 Courtland Drive. Elon College NC 27244 

Carolyn A. Pryor Route 5. Box 338. Reldsvllle. NC 27320 

Allison L. Pugh 2446 Honeysuckle Road. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Victor H. Pugh 1763 East Blvd., Petersburg. VA 23803 

Nathan C. Pulklngham 722 West Davis Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Gabrlella T. Purvance 11436 Watervlew Cluster. Reston. VA 22090 

Marvin L. Purvis Rt 1. Robblns. NC 27325 

John K. Pylc R O Box 625. Sterling. VA 22170 

Judson M. Pyron 37 Dana Lane. Colts Neck. NJ 07722 

Patricia Pyrlle 814 Parkwood Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Frances J. Rabll 145 Surtees Road. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Stephen D. Raborn Rt 4. Box 174-G. Red Springs. NC 28377 

Cathy A. Rachul Route 9, Box 277, Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Josephine Ragland 308 Jones Street. Roxboro. NC 27673 

Cynthia D. Ralford 518 Lakeside Avenue, Burlington, NC 27216 

Arthur W. Ralne 16 Greenway. Pocomoke, MD 21861 

Angela D. Rakes R O Box 3. Patrick Springs. VA 24133 

Robert K. Ramsey 228 Ocean Street. Cherry Hill. NJ 08003 

Eric L. Rankin 1633 West Front Street. Statesville. NC 28677 

Leslie G. Rankin 3 Whitaker Court. Summerfleld. NC 27358 

Bryan E. Rascoe 114 Eastway Lane. Graham. NC 37363 

Bobby L. Ratllff, Jr. Route 2. Box 826. South Boston. VA 24592 

Alan L. Ray Route 1. Box 349. West JeHerson. NC 28694 

Kathy D. Ray 3504 Mc Knight Mill Road. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Lisa A. Ray Rt. 1. Box 57-A. Glbsonvllle. NC 27249 

Marie S. Ray 2912 Anita Court, Burlington. NC 27216 

Michael R. Reagan Route 1. Box 195. Ruffln. NC 27326 

Stephen P. Reagan 2034 Durand Drive. Reston. VA 22091 

Lorl D. Reallnl 410 Doggett Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Dana M. Reams R O Box 66. Clarksville. VA 23927 

Mark J. Reardon 1621 Hackensack Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 



Robin R. Rcovet 1228 Dover Street, Roxboto. NC 27573 

James W. Reave». Jr. Route 2. Box 770. South Boston. VA 24592 

John G. Rc«ve«. Jr. 715 Wakeland Di . Garner. NC 27259 

Steve E. Reavl« Route 1. Box 90-A. Elon College. NC 27244 

Kirk L. Redd Route 5. Box 33. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Terry B. Reeves Rl 4, Box 362. Lexington. VA 24450 

Laura J. Rekh 47 Parkway Drive, Bricktown. NJ 08723 

Natalie D. Reld 3104 Cecil Street. Greensboro, NC 27408 

Henry W. Reldy Route 5, Box 315, Charlottesville. VA 22901 

Laura T. Reldy 205 Harvest Drive. Charlottesville. VA 22901 

Mary C. Rellly 14504 Manor Park Drive. Rockvllle. MD 20853 

Michael V. Rellly Route 2. Box 168, Graham. NC 27253 

Edward A. Relnhelmer 15105 Carrolton Road, Rockvllle, MD 20853 

Mil2l D. Renlgar 2520 W Front Slteel. Burlington, NC 27215 

Philip H. Rcnn 402 Elder Lane. Fayettesvelle. NC 28304 

Jamey R. Revels 4808 Sidney Lane. McLeansvllle. NC 27301 

Douglas S. Reynolds 25 Van Winkle Drive. R D '1, Rensselaer. NY 


Elizabeth A. Reynolds 5803 Devonshire Drive. Belhesda. MD 20816 

Susan G. Reynolds 2959 Tamarack Trail SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 

Robert A. Rhoades 431 Staffordshire Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Paul K. Rhodes Rl 1. Box 236. Luray. VA 22835 

Gene R Rhodes. Jr. Route 1. Box 236, Luray, VA 22835 

Louis M. RIcclo. Jr. 608 Hudglns Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

Anna M. Rice Rt 6. Box Box 114-R. Burlington. NC 27215 

David L. Rice 2190 Buena Vista, Veto Beach, FL 32960 

Jeffrey L. Rice Route 10. Box 266 M, Charlotte, NC 28213 

Geoffrey T, Richard 1169 Ovcrbrook Road, Petersburg. VA 23803 

Blille J. Richards 501 N Woodbcrry. Danville, VA 24541 

Audrey P. Richardson 302 South Broad Street. Suffolk. VA 23434 

John B. Richardson Route 8. Box 18.N. Lumbcrton, NC 28358 

Marianne Richardson 1700 Turfwood Drive. PfaHtown. NC 27040 

Michael E. Richardson 721 Westbrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Patricia L. Richardson 100 Martindale Avenue. Graham NC 27253 

Delrdre Y. Richardson 1829 Spencer Streel, Greensboro. NC 27401 

Jason A. Richmond 2024 Durham Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Linda L. Richmond 1501 Shadylawn Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Theresa A. Richmond 2024 Durham Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Stephen C. Rickard 4801 Oak Cliff Rd . Greensboro. NC 27406 

Susan G. Rlcker 2949 Truitt Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mark W. Rldglll 3820 Pineneedle Drive. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Mary D. Rierson Route 3. Box 296. Liberty, NC 27298 

Cheryl A. Rlffel 445 Neese Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Angela J. Rlggs 219 Plncdale Dr. Elon College, NC 27244 

Robin L. RIgsbee 1714 Sherwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Kevin M. Riley 174 New Street. Sharon. CT 06069 

Sharon J. Rimmer 2941 Brookmere Road, Charlottesville. VA 22901 

Clair B. Ring 422 Trail 8, Burlington, NC 27215 

Gilbert F- Rivers 1234 Rolling Lane, Statesvllle, NC 28677 

Pamela T Roach Route 8. Box 42 A Reldsvllle, NC 27320 

Kenneth A. Roberson 10620 Academy Drive, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Steven H. Roberson 10620 Academy Dr . Midlothian. VA 23113 

Harry C. Roberson. Jr. P O Box 146. Robersonvillc. NC 27871 

Charles W. Roberson. Jr. Route 7. Box 83. Burlington. NC 27215 

Mary A. Roberts P O Box 348. Glbsonvllle. NC 27249 

Adrian T. Robertson 734 Fairfield Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Carol J. Robinson 1103 Talcose Lane. West Chester. PA 19380 

Darryi B. Robinson Route 4. Box 346. Henderson. NC 27536 

Greg A. Robinson 4914 Redwood Drive. Fayettevllle. NC 28304 

Kevin J. Robinson Rl 55 152 Box 14.D. Granlsvllle. WV 26147 

Nancy J. Robinson 1103 Talcose Lane. West Chester. PA 19380 

Judith S. Rodgers Rt 4. Box 51. Mebane. NC 27302 

Garry E. Rogers Route 1. Box 271, Loulsburg, NC 27549 

JodI A. Rogers Route 3. Box 188. Elon College. NC 27244 

Kenneth E. Rogers 216 Hillside Drive. Oxford. NC 27565 

Olden D. Rogers III 108 Holly Cove. Franklin. VA 23851 

John B. Rollins 116 Shady Lane. Marshvllle, NC 28103 

Michael E. Romesburg 390 West Court St . Doylestown. PA 18901 

Edmond J. Roncone. Jr. 400 Harding Avenue. Woodbury. NJ 08096 

Michael E. Ross Box 115. Fork Union. VA 23055 

Ricky C. Ross Rt 2. Box 444. Iron Station. NC 23080 

Penny F. Rosser Route 2. Box 710. Sanford, NC 27330 

Maria C. Roupas 4222 Kingcrest Parkway, Richmond, VA 23221 

Megan P. Royle 1609 Squire Davis Road, Kerncrsvllle, NC 27284 

Suzanne. M. Ruch 105 Spring Street. Reading, PA 19601 

Loretta L. Rudd 327 Albany Street. Burlln0on. NC 27215 

David R. Ruff 910 Colonial Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Mark A. Ruffin 108 WUIoughby Blvd , Greensboro. NC 27408 

John F. Rumbley 1016 Daniel Place. Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Jeffery T Rumbley 3803 Baylor St , Greensboro, NC 27405 

Mark A, Rumley Route 3, Box 31, Elon College, NC 27244 

Timothy W. Rusk 145 Hillside Lane, Monroe. CT 06468 

David A. Russell 8526 Wagon Wheel Road. Alexandria, VA 22309 

Jeffrey G. Russell 1006 Oxon Court, Cary, NC 27511 

Nancy R. Russell 1846 Walton Street. Petersburg. VA 23803 

Terry C. Rust M O Q 2202, Camp Leieune, NC 28542 

Cheryl S. Ryan 1941 Ardmore Road. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Mitchell W. Ryan 4601 Mt Vernon Highway. Alexandria. VA 22309 

Rob«rt G. Ryan 1107 Rockwood Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 

Eric J. Sabin 2900 Lake Forest Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Steven O. Sabol 705 Oxbow Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Timothy L. Salley Route 2. Caprea Court. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Anne M. Saleeby 1115 Dogwood Rd , Statesvllle, NC 28677 

Michael E. Sampson 2948 Purple Finch Road. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Frank R. Sanders 1419 North Sellars Mill Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

John H. Sapp 4315 Stokesdale Avenue, Wlnston-Salem, NC 27101 

Timothy N. Sartlnl 1504 CIlHvlew Drive. Salem. VA 24153 

Andrew B. Satlerfleld 179.B. Route 4. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Robert L. Satterfleld Route 4. Box 179B. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Dale H. Saunders Quail Ridge, Manakin, VA 23103 

Elizabeth A. Saunders 356 Walker Road. Great Falls. VA 22066 

Timothy L. Saunders Route 1. Box 109. Clover. VA 24534 

Marylou J. Sayad 2931 Forestdale Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Danny L. Scales 700 A West Decatur St . Madison. NC 27025 

William C. Scarborough Box 12. Avon. NC 27915 

Gilbert T. Scarlett. Ill 608 Charles St . Mebane. NC 27302 

Todd E. Scheetz 107 Oakvlcw Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

Carol S. Schenk 3315 Wllshire Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Michael A. Schonfeld 4310 Mldhursl Lane. Chesapeake. VA 23321 

Roland A. Schrah 47 Patterson Avenue. Ontario. Canada 

Stephen F. Schuckenbrock P O Box 639. Advance. NC 27006 

Alfred J. Schwab 95 Gold St . Hawthorne. NY 10532 

Eric R. Schwartz 8705 West Lake Court. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Harry S. Schwartz. Jr. Rt 4. Box 58 1. Wllkesboro. NC 28697 

Edwin H. Scott Route 2. Box 159. Burlington. NC 27215 

Gregory D. Scott 214 Westridge Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael P. Scott Box 301. Exmore. VA 23350 

Sadie I. Scott 1420 E Jones Street. Raleigh. NC 27610 

Sylvia W. Scott Route 1. Box 398 A. Graham. NC 27253 

Jay D. Seacrist 644 Declaration Road. Virginia Beach VA 23462 

Sandra D. Sell Route 3. Davis Road. Clemmons, NC 27012 

Randall T. Sellars 2421 Lacy St.. Burlington. NC 27216 

Danny I. Sellers 3159 Dillon Road. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Hazel Sellers 806 Tarleton Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kendall E. Sellers P O Box 1028. Burlington. NC 27215 

Pamela B. Sellew 9401 Nelson Lane. Manassas. VA 22110 

Lawrence M. Seltzer 3935 Abingdon Rd . Charlotte. NC 28211 

Evan S. Setzer. Ill 1006 Amesbury Road. Greensboro. NC 27403 

Harvey T. Sharpe 2828 Wagner Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Wadeene I. Sharpe Rt 2. Box 9. Glbsonvllle. NC 27249 

Lcona A. Shaw 3811 N,W 6 Street. Fort Lauderdale. FL 33311 

Simon D. Shaw Route 1. Spalnhour Rd . King, NC 27021 

Timothy B. Shaw Route 1. Box 34-S, Eden, NC 27288 

Edith A, Shell 1014 4th Avenue Drive N W , Hickory. NC 28601 

Ann E. Shelton 11807 Grandvlew Avenue. Wheaton. MD 20902 

Wanda K. Shelton 2235 May Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Julia L. Shepherd Rt 2. Box llOA. Glbsonvllle. NC 27249 

Richard J. Sheridan 3640 Allendale Drive. Raleigh. NC 27604 

Anthony W. Sherwood 204 Amberly Road, Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Jeffrey D. Shields 121 N Wake St . Hillsborough. NC 27278 

David F. Shoe Route 2. Box 702. Sophia, NC 27350 

Michael C. Shoflner Box 126. Hanlord Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Sheila E. Shotwell Rt 1, Bx 75 A, Timberlake, NC 27583 

Gary R. Shuffler Route » 1, Box 328-A, Valdese, NC 28690 

Richard G. ShutI 4931 Shattalon Drive. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

Matthew D. Sibley 412 Neese Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Matthew R. Slefer 503 Brookhurst Avenue. Natberth. PA 19072 

Brian S. Slemerlng 1058 19th Avenue. PI . N W . Hickory. NC 28601 

Molly C. Sim 303 Yorkvlew Road, Yorktown. VA 23692 

Nancey G. Simmons 2404 Parrlsh Street. Burlington, NC 27215 

Jackie R. Simmons. Jr. Route 2, Box 328, Boones Mill, VA 24065 

Michael J. Simonelll 4648 Paul Revere Road. Virginia Beach, VA 23466 

Jean P. Simons 108 N Lee Avenue, Elon College, NC 27244 

Vivian I. Simpson 910 West Mary Street. Bristol. VA 24201 

Meta E. Sinclair P O Box 85. Swepsonvllle. NC 27359 

Angela D. Singleton F 17 Washington Terrace. Raleigh. NC 27610 

John C. Singleton 14 Lexington Road. Richmond. VA 23226 

Gerard H. Slry 33 Monroe Avenue. Hlcksvllle. NY 11801 

Thaddlous B. SItterson, III 602 Myers Drive. Robersonvllle, NC 27871 

Margaret M. Slzemore Route 8, Box 498, Lexington. NC 27292 

Richard J. Slattery 30 Manor Ave . White Plains, NY 10605 

David T. Slaughter 626 Dixon Road. Graham. NC 27253 

David T. Slaughter 626 Dixon Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Alice A. Sllakis P O Box 211. Irvlngton. VA 22480 

Robert T. Smart 4405 Elmbrook Ct . Richmond, VA 23228 

Robert S. Smelkoff 212 John RatcliHe, Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Caryl L, Smith 641 Westmoreland Avenue, Kingston, PA 18704 

Darryi A. Smith Route 1. Box 473. Madison. NC 27025 

Darryi L. Smith 1753 Hawthorne Road. Wlnslon-Salem. NC 27103 

Dalvd R. Smith 223 Btookdale. Statesvllle. NC 28677 

Deborah A. Smith 320 Coachllght Trail. Burlington. NC 27215 

Dorothy A. Smith 4508 Indian Wells Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Elizabeth G. Smith Route 1. Box 734-A. Haw River, NC 27268 

Frank W. Smith 1008 William Drive. Wlnston-Salem. NC 27107 

Gerald K. Smith 2794 Cone Circle, Fayettevlllle. NC 28306 

Harvey A. Smith 603 Azalea Court. Suffolk, VA 23434 

Jacqueline Smith Route 10, Box 364-4, Raleigh, NC 27603 

James M. Smith 4508 Indian Wells Drive, Greensboro. NC 27406 

Jeflrey M. Smith 10 Camelol Road. Salisbury. NC 28144 

Joyce L. Smith Route 1, Box 455. County Farm Road. Qbsonvllle, NC 


Kevin J. Smith 151 Scarlett Oak Drive. Wilton. CT 06897 

KImala D. Smith 1434 Graham Hopedale Road. Burlington, NC 27215 

KImberle D. Smith Route 3. Box 220. Lenoir. NC 28645 

KImberly J. Smith P O Box 1053. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Uura E. Smith 1213 West Mountain St . Ketnersvlllc. NC 27284 

Lorl W. Smith 128 Chesapeake Avenue. Crlsfleld. MD 21817 

Mark A. Smith 1915 Chesapeake Avenue. Crlsfleld. MD 21817 

Mark A. Smith 1915 S Ashland Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Michael G. Smith 4937 Oldway Road. Brown Summit. NC 27214 

Phillip R. Smith Route 2. Box 117 A. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

Rena M. Smith Route 1. Box 1021. Vinton. VA 24179 

Stephanie E. Smith 134 Wlllowbrook Rd . Hendersonvllle. NC 28739 

Stephen B. Smith P O Box 217. McLeansvllle. NC 27301 

Teresa A. Smith 117 Shannon Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Teresa B. Smith Box 6804. Glbsonvllle. NC 27249 

Thomas E. Smith 2001 Trail 5. Burlington. NC 27215 

Guy V. Smith. Ill 3703 Shadybrook Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Gerald S. Smith. Jr. 1005 Bridgewater Dr . Greensboro. NC 27410 

John F. Smith. Jr. 4199 WInnabow Rd . Winston Salem, NC 27105 

Lowell V. Smith. Jr. 9609 Cragmont Drive. Richmond. VA 23229 

Jennifer H. Snead 5298 West Valley Side Court. Virginia Beach. VA 


Linda K. Smipes Route 3. Box 60. Elon College. NC 27244 

Jenny L. Snook 2972 Archers Mill Road. SuHolk. VA 23434 

Charles E. Snowden 413 Lakeshore Lane. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Kenneth A. Snyder Route » 5B Box 447. Mebane. NC 17302 

Michael C. Snyder 2350 Venle Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael J. Snyder 1549 Bay Point Drive. Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Gary R. Sobelman R R *7 Ridge Road, Vincetown, NJ 08088 

Robert J. Sokol. Jr. 2316 Paywynn Rd . Wilmington. DE 19810 

Joanne C. Sollday 25 London Lane. Mebane, NC 26201 

John L. Sood 11307 Farmland Drive. Rockvllle. MD 20852 

Sumer E. Sorrell 1104 Whippoorwrtll Lane. Raleigh. NC 27609 

David T Spach 749 Hertford Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Scott R. Spada 482 Herbert Lane. Bricktown, NJ 08723 

Anne E. Spanlol 5602 Ontario Circle. Bethesday, MD 20016 

Kathleen Spelman 4341 Warren St NW. Washington, DC 20016 

Delia A, Spencer Rt 1. Box 362, Laurie Dr . Haw River, NC 27258 

Gregory A. Spencer 405 Ridge Avenue, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Tommy R. Spencer Route 2, Box 930. Halifax. VA 24668 

Mary J. Splvey Route 2. Box 73 A. Mebane. NC 27302 

Susan E. Spoon Route 2. Box 364-B. Burlington. NC 27215 

Danny J. Sprinkle Roule 2. Box 260-A. High Point. NC 27260 

Michael R. Stafford 4201 Keystone Road. Lynchburg. VA 24503 

Nancy R. Stalnback Box 41. Middleburg. NC 27556 

Cynthia R. Staley Route 6. Box 258. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jack C. Staley. Jr. Roule 6. Box 258, Burlington, NC 27215 

Elizabeth A. Stallings 4827 Sunset Blvd . Tampa. FL 33609 

James K. Stallings Rt 4. Box 127 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kelly F. Stanley Rl 6. Box 159C. Clinton, NC 28328 

Roger B. Stanley 1 101 Brookslde Drive. Greensboro, NC 27408 

Sharon K, Starnes Rt 9, Box 41, Burlington, NC 27216 

Heidi Steeber 1910 Moonwlnd Place, Richmond, VA 23233 

Wehland G. Stcenken 2819 Winchester Way, Falls Cuurch. VA 22042 

KImberly C. SteBen P O Box 1135. Elon College. NC 27244 

John M. Sterling 111 Trolllngcr St . Craddockvllle. VA 23341 

James S. Stevenson 5922 Shcrborn Lane. Springfield. VA 22152 

Laurie A. Stevenson 3625 King's Lake Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Howard R. Stewart RD »2. Box 73. Marathon. NY 13803 

Jeffrey K. Stewart Rt 1, Box 196 B. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sherry M. Stewart Rt 3, Box 116-D, Burlington, NC 27215 

Michael K. Stierhoff 2740 Stratford Road. Richmond. VA 23225 

Franclne M. Stockton Route 5. Box 587. Reldsvllle. NC 27320 

Barbara B. Stokes Box 7233, Reynolda Station, Wlnston-Salem, NC 


Donna M. Stone Route 1, Box 99, Long Island, VA 24569 

Jack D. Stone. Jr. 800 Frank St . Roxboro. NC 27573 

Anne C. Storey 219A 68th Street. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Tyler P. Stout 1906 Alderwood. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Edison M. Stowers 1233 Blue Bird Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Julia R. Strange 215 Hampton Avenue. St Simons Island, GA 31522 

Ross E. Strange. Jr. 1210 Aycock Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

Earl D. Strautz, Jr. Horsey, Oak Hall, VA 23396 

William R. Streat 12 Charwood Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Brenda Strickland P O Box 176. Floyd, VA 24091 

Richard F. Strickland 225 Butler Road. Durham. NC 27703 

James M. Strickland. Jr. Route 4, Box 444 A. Mt Airy. NC 27030 

Eric C. Strlmple 1504 Cerry Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Robert T. Strong 8 Shardy Tree Lane. Port Jefferson. NY 11777 

Robert L. Stuart 2019 Huntington Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sharon K. Stuber Rl 10, Box 98, Burlington, NC 27216 

Joel K. Stuckey 3106 Marlborough Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Owen K. Studt 2420 Landls Drive. Durham. NC 27705 

Leigh A. Suddath 8175 Sellars Mill Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 

Robert W. Sugg. Jr. 309 W Trolllnger. Elon College. NC 27244 

Elisabeth L. Suiter Box 375. Garysburg, NC 27831 

Janet R. Suiter P O Box 375. Garysburg. NC 27831 

Jo A. Suitt Route 1. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Brendan P Sullivan 8609 Parliament Drive. Springfield. VA 22151 

Julie A. Sullivan 8609 Parliament Drive, Springfield, VA 22151 

Linda V. Sullivan 308 Colllngwood Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 

Douglas M. Surratt Rt 1, Box 540-B, Salisbury. NC 28144 

Donna M. Sutton 30 Elder Avenue. East Providence. Rl 02915 

James R. Sutton : .912 Old Bridge Road. Rockvllle. MD 20852 

Robert F. Swalm 304-C Atwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Dallas D. Swan. Ill Box 112. Bloxom. VA 23308 

Jeffrey C. Swart Box 675, Gretna, VA 24557 

Maureen B. Sweeney 16509 Cavalry Drive. Rockvllle. MD 20853 

John H. Swope 1320 Lugo Avenue. Coral Gables, FL 33156 

Patricia S. Sykes 508 E Parker Streel, Graham, NC 27253 

Roy M. Sykes 508 E Parker Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Robert D. SymanskI 6 Spruce Road. Box 404. Saddle River. NJ 07458 

Kevin R Tafle 2032 Fox Run Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Julia H. Talley 326 Lexington Road, Richmond, VA 23226 

Robert D. Talley 4502 Whitby Place, Greensboro. NC 27406 

Daniel D. Talley IV 120 S Wilton Rd . Richmond. VA 23226 

Timothy R. Tally Route 1. Box 172. Goldston. NC 27252 

Mark A. Tanhauser 965 B S Rolfe St . Arlington, VA 22204 

Susan R. Tart 1104 Guy Avenue. Dunn. NC 28334 

Allen A. Tate 1907 Sunnybrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Catherine H. Tale Rt 3, Box 111, Mebane, NC 27302 

John D. Tate 1406 Woodslde Drive. Reldsvllle. NC 27320 

Lynn M. Tatro 1908 G Mornlngside Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Alvln J. Taylor P O Box 246. Polkton, NC 28136 

Ann A. Taylor 10503 Gauton Road. Richmond. VA 23233 

Carrie M. Taylor C 15 Moore Apts. 329 E Davis Street. Burlington, NC 


Debra L. Taylor 101 Salnl Paul Cl , Hampton. VA 23666 

Donald E. Taylor 1100 Leon Street. Apt 12. Durham, NC 27705 

Donna M. Taylor 114 Merrlman Road. Hendersonvllle, NC 28739 

Polly M. Taylor 228 Westover Drive. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Richard B. Taylor 2831 Starbrook Drive. Charlotte. NC 28210 

Theresa M- Taylor 606 Westwood, High Point, NC 27260 

Thomas W. Taylor Roule 10. Box 529. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael A. Teachey 703 Crescent Drive. Cherryvllle, NC 28021 

Jimmy E. Teal British Manor Apts,. Apt 426-E. Graham. NC 27253 

Patricia L. Teeters 912 Friendly Road, Eden. NC 27288 


D«vld B. Temple Rt 4. Box 155, Hillsborough, NC 27278 
Laurn E. Temple Route 3, Box 109, Walnut Coue. NC 27052 
Robert D. Tenhet 403 Wilson Avenue. Spring Lake, NC 28390 
Tcrrence O. Tcramo 339 Livingston Place, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 
Benjamin J. Terrell 519 Riverside Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 
Mark T. Terrell Route 1. 119, Mcbane, NC 27302 
Richard B. Terrell 2153 South Gurney Street, Burlington, NC 27215 
Russell W. Terrell Route 1, Box 107, Mcbane, NC 27302 
Jones E. Thain 200 Seven Oaks Road, Durham, NC 27704 
Margaret C. Thedleck 509 Ridge Top Road. Richmond, VA 23229 
Georgette F. Theobald 6800 E Tropical Way, Plantation. FL 33317 
Linda J. Thiel Rt 2, Box 347. Burlington. NC 27215 
Arlcne C. Thomas Route 3, Box 330, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
Fred D. Thomas 2410 W Front St , Burlington, NC 27215 
Jay D, Thomas Route I, Box 403, Burlington, NC 27215 
Jimmy S. Thomas Route 8. Box 720. Sanlord, NC 27330 
Karen A. Thomas 5014 150 East, Brown Summit, NC 27214 
Keith B. Thomas 713 N Ninth Street, P O Box 1, Mebane. NC 27302 
Kelly A. Thomas 1172B Greenlane Drive. Potomoc, MD 20854 
Penny L. Thomas 4 Sheridan Drive, St. Albans, WV 25177 
Rebecca J. Thomas Route 1, Box 139. Aberdeen, NC 28315 
Robert K. Thomas 2324 Mount Vernon Road SW, Roanoke, VA 24015 
Tammara J. Thomas 120 Wllklns Drive, Durham, NC 27705 
Tracy J. Thomas 2410 West Front Street, Burlington NC 27215 
Voyce L. Thomas, Jr. 927 East Gllbreath Street, Graham. NC 27253 
Adralnne R. Thompson Route 5. Box 58. Mebane. NC 27302 
Billy E. Thompson Route 1. Box 175, Rowland, NC 28383 
Carolyn S. Thompson 330 Irvln Street. Reidsville, NC 27320 
Carrie S, Thompson 521 Oakwood Lane, Graham, NC 27253 
Elizabeth K. Thompson 16 Robin Lane, Wilton. CT 06897 
J. Blair Thompson 205 Canterbury Road. Chesapeake, VA 23320 
Michael J. Thompson 1518 Hanover Road. Burlington. NC 27215 
Timothy W. Thompson 443 Oriole Street. Staunton. VA 24401 
Larry W. Thompson P O Box 102. Alamance NC 272201 
William H. Thompson. Jr. Route 2. Box 444. Graham. NC 27253 
James D. Thore R O Box 464. Reidsville. NC 27320 
Musa A. Thorne 812 Pinecrest Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 
VInston L. Thornhlll 2841 Sklpton Road, Richmond, VA 23225 
Brian G. Thurston 1816 Laxton Road. Lynchburg, VA 24502 
Kenneth L. Tickle Route 1, Box 11, McLeansvllle, NC 27301 
Jay A. TlUcy 109 E Maynard Avenue. Durham. NC 27704 
Danelle S. Tillman 1202 E Willowbrook Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
Philip G. Tillman 2025 Medhurst Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 
Susan M. TInsley 706 Keats Road, Richmond, VA 23229 
William H. Tlppett P O Box 133. Henderson, NC 27536 
Ernest L. Tootoo P O Box 1091. Elon College, NC 27244 
Henry Tootoo 2805 Morgan Street. Wilmington. NC 28403 
Karen M. Tootoo P O Box 1091. Elon College, NC 27244 
Stanley A. Tootoo 2805 Morgan Street, Wilmington. NC 28403 
Parker T. Topping 236 Cedar, Poquoson, VA 23662 
KImbcrly A. Toth 3607 Mossdaic Avenue, Durham, NC 27707 
Christopher B. Tralka 1117 Berkley Avenue. West Deal, NJ 07712 
Patricia A. Trapp 6004 Nassau Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 
Tracy L. Trimmer U141 Oakcrest Drive. Richmond, VA 23235 
Sandra L. Tripp Rt, 4, Box 199, Mebane. NC 27302 
Donna R. Trolllnger 1010 Trolllnger Road. Graham. NC 27253 
Jewel M. Trolllnger 414 Union Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 
Chelsea R. Troxler Rt 2, Box 427, Elon College. NC 27244 
Rodney S. Troxler 120 Albany Street Apt »28. Graham, NC 27253 
Brenda J. Troxler 21411 Montgomery Ave , Laytonsville. MD 20760 
Victoria R. Troy 572 Parkview Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 
Mellnda L. Trultl 17 Bannister Court. Poquoson. VA 23662 
Laura H. Tuck 513 South Main Street. Roxboro. NC 27573 
Edward O. Tuck. Jr. Route 2. Box 26, Franklinvllle, VA 23851 
Alan L. Tucker RO. Box 26, Covesvllle. VA 22931 
Craig A. Tucker 424 Maupln Ave . Salisbury. NC 28115 
Judith A. Tunney 713 Deepdene Road. Baltimore, MD 21210 
Anthony R. Turner Route 4, Box 91, Burlington, NC 27215 
Kelly R. Turner 3932 Homestead Lane, Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
Rodney R. Turner Route 3. Box 32. Hillsborough, NC 27278 
Laura A. Tuttle Route 1. Box 200. Lawsonvllle. NC 27022 
Michael E. Tuttle P O.Box 374. Raeford, NC 28376 
Thea K, Tuttle Rt, 1, Lawsonvllle, NC 27022 
Kyle Tyner 2008 Wensley Drive. Charlotte. NC 28210 
David W. Tyson 706 Madison Avenue. Lumberton. NC 28358 
Scott M. Upton 444 Probasco Road. East Windsor. NJ 08520 
Alton J. Utiey 408 Banks Street. Graham. NC 27253 
Dalma W. Uzzle III 3126 Devon Road, Durham. NC 27707 
Drew L. Van Horn Route 1. Box 50-G. Valdese. NC 28690 
Mark B. Van Kirk 6800 Newbold Drive. Bethesda. MD 20034 
Delrdre D. Vance Route 4. Box 273. Marion. NC 28752 
Nancy N. Vanstory 4724 Rembert Drive. Raleigh. NC 27612 
Stephen R. Vargas Route 4. Box 448, Asheboro. NC 27203 
James D. Vaughn 312 Melbourne Rd , Greensboro, NC 27405 
Lee H. Vaughn 621 Cherokee Road, Charlotte, NC 28207 
Valerie Vaughn 2114 Mornlngslde Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 
John M. Vest 461 Drake Court. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 
David R. Vetler 637 Oakgrove Drive. Graham, NC 27253 
Earl W. VIckerSB, III P O Box 102, Elon College, NC 27244 
David P. VIrag 2902 S W 68th Avenue, Miramar. FL 33023 
Miguel E. Vlso Rt 6. Box 561, Morganton, NC 28655 
Julie A. Vogelsang 8 Rehobeth Court. Greensboro. NC 27406 
Bonnie S. Wade 82 Old Mill Road. Tinton Falls. NJ 07724 
Jennifer K. Wade 976 Campbellton Drive. North Augusta. SC 29841 
Susan L. Waff 227 E End Avenue. Statesville. NC 28677 
Allison G, Wagner 3607 St Marks Road. Durham. NC 27707 
Ernest I. Wagner 121 RuHIn Allen Ave,, Hillsborough. NC 27278 
Nancy H. Wagoner 1297 Briarcllff Road. Burlington. NC 27215 
Gloria A. Wald 2222 Walker Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 
Brenda R. Waldrep P O Box 188. Boydton. VA 23917 
Cathy L. Waldrup 214 Aloha Dr , Graham, NC 27253 
Angela F Walker Route 3. Box 95, Roxboro. NC 27573 
Candace C. Walker 447 Oakland Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Darlene Walker Route 1, Box 250-A. Cedar Grove. NC 27231 
Donald R. Walker 2716 Bedford Street, Burlington, NC 27215 
Elizabeth L. Walker 1604 Biscayne Dr . Greensboro, NC 27410 
Janet C. Walker 990 Badger Circle. Roxboro. NC 27573 
Janice M. Walker 1407 Jackson Street. Burlington. NC 27215 
Jeffrey D. Walker 446 E McPherson Drive. Mebane. NC 27302 
Sabrlna C. Walker 841 Delmonte Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27106 
Suzanne M. Walker 841 Delmonte Dr , Winston Salem. NC 27106 
Gene P. Walker. Jr. 4221 Garden Spring Dr . Clemmons. NC 27012 
Karen M. Wall 1315 Brookwood Dr . Reidsville. NC 27320 
Peggy A. Wall 106 Carolina Ave , Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
Vickie A. Wall Box 8605, 711 Alamance Street, GibsonvlUe. NC 27249 
Darrell D. Wallace Rt.l, Box 570, Rockingham, NC 28379 
Darrell L. Wallace Route 3, Box 382, (3oldsboro, NC 27530 
Frank N. Wallace 222 Bennett St , Wadesboro, NC 28170 
Ricky D. Wallace 1216 Peacehaven Road, Clemmons. NC 27012 
Tracey E. Walser 7511 Honesty Way. Bethesda. MD 20817 
Daniel C. Walser. Ill 7511 Honesty Way, Bethesda MD 20817 
Megan B. Walsh 412 Willowbrook Drive, Gary, NC 27511 
Sybil B. Walters 523 E Pine Street. Graham. NC 27253 
HucI H. Walton. Ill 1 108 Park Ave . Garner. NC 27529 
Carol A. Ward 1825 Hawthorne Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 
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Reglna A. Ward 917 Wlndcrest Rd,. Durham. NC 27713 
William H. Ward 3036 N, Fairway Dr. Burlington, NC 27215 
Phyllis D. Wardlaw 1431-B West Street, High Point, NC 27260 
Anne M. Warren 79 Swcetbrair Drive, Newport News, VA 23606 
Gladys I. Warren 515 Lakevlew Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 
Luclndy J. Warren Rt 4. Mebane, NC 27302 
Marsha I. Warren Route 4. Box 67. Meane. NC 27302 
Patricia M. Warren 5214 Gather Road, Springfield, VA 22151 
Teresa A. Warren Rt, 5, Box 536, Burlington. NC 27215 
Wendy E. Warren 5214 Gather Rd,. Springfield. VA 22151 
Robert F. Warren. Ill P O Box 296, Hillsborough. NC 27278 
Amy C. Washburn Route 2. Bostic. NC 28018 
KImberly A. Washington P O Box 3843. Martinsville. VA 24115 
Elizabeth H. Waterfleld 1590 Mill Landing Road. Virginia Beach. VA 

Janice L. Watllngton 215 Kings Ct.. Danville, VA 24541 
James S. Watson 135 Insklp Avenue. Ocean Grove. NJ 07756 
Mary E. Watson 332 Eagle Street. Woodstock. VA 22664 
Mary W. Watson 1843 Winston Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903 
Harry L. Watson. IV 2210 Keith Lane. Midlothian. VA 23113 
Debra A. Watts Box 287. Cllftwood Drive, Silet City. NC 27344 
Jane G. Walts 434 Tarleton Ave , Burlington, NC 27215 
Frederic T. Watts. Jr. 434 Tarleton Ave , Burlington, NC 27215 
Deborah J. Weaver 432 W. Planatatlon Rd , Virginia Beach, VA 23454 
Darby P. Webster 403 Minor Street. Martinsville. VA 24112 
Tarlna D. Webster 2813 Ashbrook Lane. Graham. NC 27253 
Kathryn W. Wcems P O. Box 631. Waynesboro, VA 22980 
David S. Wegerek 2408 Catherine Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 
M. Jayne Welgand 1458 Elmwood Ave . Deerfield. IL 60015 
Brenda J. Weiss 404 Burlington Ave, Bx 7012, GlbsonviUe, NC 27249 
Joel M. Weiss 280 Bellmore Ave , Bellmore, NY 11710 
Katherlne G. Weiss 110 W. Summit Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 
David A. Welch 606 Tangle Drive. Jamestown. NC 27282 
Charles S. Welsh. II 1724 Fairway Road. Asheboro. NC 27203 
Laura J. Weller 1404 Hillsboto Drive. Richmond. VA 23233 
Keith W. Wells Rt 3. Box 632, Graham, NC 27253 
Karen J, Welzant 1125 Homestead Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 
Christie L. Wensauer 822 Frank St . Roxboro. NC 27573 
Robert W. Wentz. Ill 4730 Rivershore Rd . Portsmouth. VA 23703 
Steve R. West 143 Chincoteague Rd.. Wallops Is.. VA 23337 
Thomas R. Westenhlser 259 Sunnyjim Dr Medlord. NJ 08055 
Gary R. Whalen Route 2. Box 122. Rural Retreat. VA 24368 
Kenneth B. Wheeler 2307 Stratford Court. Richmond. VA 23225 
Robin L. Wheeler 28500 Urban Street. Winston Salem. NC 27107 
Karen L. Whellock 6503 Meriwether Lane, Springfield. VA 22150 
Michael E. Wheless Route 6. Box 404. Asheboro. NC 27203 
Mark W. Whichard 3101 Fleldale Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 
Edward S. While Box 85. Bloxom, VA 23308 
Jere M. White 550 Knobvlcw Place, Wlnston-Salem, NC 27104 
Mary E. White Route 1. Box lOA, Beaverdam, VA 23015 
Stuart H. While 1250 Jungle Avenue. St Petersburg. FL 33710 
Susan E. White 1004 Fifth Court, High Point, NC 27252 
William C. White Star Rt 2, Yanceyvllle, NC 27379 
David R. Whitesell Route 1. Box 337, Burlington, NC 27215 
Donna L. Whitfield Rt. 1. Box 247. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
Penny G. Whitfield Route 1. Box 247. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
Christopher M. Whitley Route 6. Box 158, High Point, NC 27260 
Harriet H. Whitley 512 Country Club Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 
Jeffrey L. Whitley Route 6. Box 158. High Point. NC 27250 
Milton J. Whitley 2159 Woodland Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 
Edward D. Whitmore 2455 Sandllddler Rd , Virginia Beach. VA 23456 
Cindy L. Whitlen 1135 Harris Street, Eden, NC 27283 
Billy C. Whittenton. Jr. 334 Stacy Weaver Drive. Fayettevllle. NC 28301 
Norman T. Whlnlnglon P O. Box 70, Marlon, MD 21838 
David C. Wicker. Jr. 2235 Wllklns Street, Burlington, NC 27215 
Ann T. WIckham P O. Box 98, Wickersham Road, Ridgeway. VA 24148 
Hart B. Wldjaja JAR Hakim 89 legal. Jawa-Tengah. Indonesia 
Anne K. WIdman 9310 Skyview Drive. Richmond, VA 23229 
Victor A, WIedeman 20 Lafayette Avenue, Haddonfleld, NJ 08033 
John A. WIeland 405 Blcket Blvd . Raleigh. NC 27609 
David C. Wiggins 3101 Tomaranne Drive SW, Roanoke VA 24018 
John C. Wlkle 3005 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 
Mary A. Wlkle 3005 Forestdale Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
Robert N. Wiles 509 Cheverly Drive. South Boston, VA 24592 
Roger N. Wiles 728 Westminister Drive. Greensboro, NC 27410 
Susan E. Wllhelm Route 1. Box 363, Mebane. NC 27302 
Jerry H. Wllhelm. Jr. 207 Hull Road. Fayettevllle. NC 28303 
Wesley N. Wilkes 632 E. Donaldson. Raeford. NC 28376 

Rebecca A. Wllkle Route 1. Box 22, Goldslon, NC 27252 

Penny G, Wllklns 4511 Rocky Spring Drive, Durham, NC 27712 

Melvin Wllklns. Jr. 411 S 3td Street, Smithlield, NC 27577 

Nina S, Wilkinson 605 Wilba Road, Mebane. NC 27302 

William E, Wilkinson. Jr. 2013 North Lake Shore Drive. Chapel Hill, NC 


Jonathan W. Wlllard 521 1 Cave Spring Lane SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Michael J. Wlllett 107 Northbrooke Avenue. Suffolk. VA 23434 

David H. Williams 1809 South Mebane Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jay r. Williams Box 5173. SuHold. VA 23435 

Joel D. Williams 2105 Holland Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Lorl A. Williams P O. Box 43. Belews Creek, NC 27009 

Lorl A. Williams 603 A Isley Place, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mary K. Williams 505 Edgewood Court. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael W. Williams Rt. 3, Box 507. Graham. NC 27253 

Philip A. Williams Rt. 4, Box 370 A, Burlington, NC 27215 

Reglna M. Williams 806 Kayak Ave.. Capital Heights. MD 20743 

Robert L. Williams 5350 Roselawn Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 

Robert W, Williams 208 Meeklns Street, Elizabeth City, NC 22909 

Rodney B. Williams P O Box 297. Newport. NC 28570 

Stacy J, Williams 1014 Van Buren Street, Herndon, VA 22070 

Tamara R. Williams 1600 Swepsonvllle Road. Graham, NC 27253 

Tawanna G. Williams 719 Rugby St.. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Teresa G. Williams Route 1. Box 315, Rowhaton, VA 23139 

Ralph E. Williams. Jr. P O Box 297, Newport, NC 28570 

Ecllster L, Williamson 1602 Sir Galahad Road, Greensboro. NC 27405 

Lou A. Williamson Route 2. Box 65. Graham. NC 27253 

Stephen L. Williamson 1550 53rd Avenue. Vero Beach. FL 32950 

Amos A. Wilson 5801 Craig Road. Durham. NC 27712 

Homer L. Wilson 3513 Chippendale Trail. Greensboro, NC 27406 

Lanoon T. Wilson 8937 Colesbury Place. Fairfax. VA 22031 

Uura G. Wilson P O, Box 1683. Pinehurst, NC 28374 

Margaret B, Wilson 2824 Blanche Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Mary Louise T. Wilson 442 Woodmere. Neptune, NJ 07753 

Susan M. Wilson Rt 8, Box 196, Burlington, NC 27215 

Tony W. Wilson Route 1, Box 1132, Connelly Springs, NC 28512 

Katrlna H. Windsor 7025 Crescent Rd , Whitsetl, NC 27377 

Stephen B, Winfleld 4112 Beverly, Rockville. MD 20853 

Karen K. Winfrey 3960 Avera Avenue, Wlnston-Salem, NC 27105 

Linda L. WInslow 536 West Rivervlew Drive, Suffolk. VA 23434 

Timothy H. WInstead R O Box 844. Roxboro. NC 27573 

William A. Winston 1018 Pepper Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226 

Walter S. WIntermute 1103 North Duke Street, Durham, NC 27701 

Cynthia J. Winters 504 Lakeview Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kevin M. Winterslein 2211 Canterbury Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Gary L. Wirt 4957 Erskine Street, Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Jeffrey L. Witherspoon Route 2. Box 389-A, Wake Forest. NC 27587 

Erik K. WItz 107 Pine Lane. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Robert W. Wofford 2406 Dulaire Road. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Jon R. Wolfe 4807 Markwood Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

Kristin S. Wolter P O Box 1036. Wendell, NC 27591 

Scott D. Wolter P O Box 1036. Wendell. NC 27591 

Erik C. Womack 627 Holbrook St.. Danville, VA 24541 

Barbara J. Womble 520 Rosalie Court. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

William M. Womble 520 Rosalie Ct . Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

John M. Wood R O Box 624. Elon College. NC 27244 

Lorl A. Wood Route 6, Box 230. Mcbane. NC 27302 

Michael S. Wood 954 Selma Blvd . Staunton, VA 24401 

William E. Wood 3522 Fairlane Rd., High Point. NC 27250 

Thornton E. Wooding 109 Rolling Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lisa D. Woodle 4238 Garden Street. Wlnston-Salem. NC 27105 

David W. Woodley 7004 Holyrood Drive. McLean. VA 22101 

Elizabeth F. Woods Rt 1. Box 166 A. Ruther Glen. VA 22546 

Lewis S. Woodson. Ill 1804 Woodland Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Blair G. Woody Birnam Wood. Danville, VA 24541 

Bobby B. Worrell. Jr. 100 Sunset Drive. Franklin. VA 23851 

Waller C. Worsley 73 N Porcher Avenue. Myrtle Beach. SC 29577 

Donald A. Worsley. II Box 445. Ellzabethtown. NC 28337 

Christopher D. Worst 5701 Ponca Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

Julie A. Worst 5701 Ponca Road, Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Christopher L. Wrenn Route 9. Box 171, Burlington, NC 27215 

Catherine D. Wright 5100 Inverness Drive. Durham. NC 27712 

Cynthia A. Wright 510 Virginia Avenue, Chase City, VA 23924 

Gregory A. Wright 3004 Twin Lakes Drive. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Karl J. Wright R O, Box 847. Elon College. NC 27244 

Jane M. Wrlghlenberry Route 4. Box 465. Mcbane. NC 27302 

Anne S. Wyatt 1218 CIcarilcId Cir. Lutherville, MD 21093 

Gregory E. Yancey 404 Woodland Drive, Greensboro. NC 27408 

Dawn C. Yates Route 4. Box 391. Nathalie. VA 24577 

Elizabeth C. Yates 427 Shadowbrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

George E. Yclvcrton 13961 Whitechapel Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Jenny K. Yeshnick Box 733. Parkslcy, VA 23421 

Clinton W. York Route 10, Box 395, Burlington, NC 27215 

Stephen C. York 805 Woodard Drive. Whltsctt. NC 27377 

Gayla A. Youmans 1829 Andrews Farm Road, Whitsett, NC 27377 

Karen A. Young 1527 Regency Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Linda S. Young 2501 Chllcott Court, Vienna, VA 22180 

Richard H. Young 898 Commercial Plaza, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Sheila L. Young 824 3rd Ave West. Hendcrsonville. NC 28739 

Terrie J. Young Box 232. Deal Island. MD 21821 

Cabell Young. Ill 565 Glovenia St . Eden, NC 27288 

Ethel A. Younger 407 Eugene St . Box 3413, GlbsonviUe. NC 27249 

Jeffrey S. Zails 5 Hamilton Road. Marlton. NJ 08053 

Nick S. Zangotsis 1218 Ridgecrest Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 

Pamela J. Zcbley 18 Rclham Road. Wilmington. DE 19803 

Melanle L. Zeller 1237 Northwood Road. Jacksonville. FL 32207 

Charlene R Zllker 501 West Spruce St.. Mahanoy City. PA 17948 

Phyllis J. Zimmerman Rt 4. Box 342, Burlington. NC 27215 

Margaret J. ZInt 100 W Laramie Ct.. Mebane. NC 27302 

Lois D. Zugay 234 Colllnwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Val E. Zumbro 1822 Harriet Drive. Burlington. NC 


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^ illar' 






things to 

come . . . 

* > > 




Detached and striped away. 

The ivy and original wall depart. 

What once seemed sturdy 

Is reevaluated and torn apart. 

Change is inevitable, but along 

With change comes progress and growth. 

Dismantling the old while reaffirming 

The new, accompanies the shape of 

Things to come. 



378. lU 






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