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Making Our Mark 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Psi Cli — Phi Psi Cli — Phi Psi Cli — Phi Psi 

Since 1889 

a mark of distinction 
serving as a guide 

• ■ • . ^ 

^^^^*^ ^ 


•*i»^ .:-^ 



^ ■ 



" t • 



-4 ^^l.^ 



■ A> 

Campus Happenings 






Who's Who 


Student Life 1-55 

Honor Societies 





Organizations 56-85 



National Champions 


Sports 82-121 


Inter-fraternal Council 
Bid Day 
Open House 

Greeks 122-143 


Classes 144-167 



Faculty 168-192 

In the Spotlight 

Marking out the old — checking in the new 

As the graduates of 1982 go for- 
ward to receive their hard earned di- 
plomas, room is left for the unfa- 
miliar enthusiasm of incoming stu- 
dents. They leave behind endless 
hours of study, forgotten research 
papers and frustrated professors. 
They take with them friendships, 
fond memories, and uncertain 
plans for the future. Their years at 
Eton will always be looked upon 
as a stepping stone to a fulfilling 
and rewarding life. 

The incoming students are un- 
aware of the legacy left behind by 
the class of 1982. Rather, they are 
more concerned with the three 
R's — registration, roommates and 
romance. Feeling overwhelmed by 
new rules and regulations and con- 
fused about the various locations 
of dormitories and classrooms, little 
time is left for looking in retro- 
spect. Instead, there is an intense ex- 
citement about looking forward to 
their future as students at Elon. 

4. ^r* -*-••'-•■* 


_ rvj jj li II ii II It is?!"* 


When the Sun Goes Down 

The Night Lights 

The Monday morning blues 

"Making it to an 8 o'clock 
class, three times a week seems 
like a lot to ask of any col- 
lege student. Today when my 
alarm went off I reluctantly 
hit the snooze. A subconscious 
desire told me to stay in bed, 
but the reality of Monday 
morning pulled me from my 
peaceful surroundings and into 
the shower At last I am 
awakening and with 15 minutes 
before showtime, the count- 
down begins. As I collectively 
pull my thoughts together, I 
search through my closet to find 
the appropriate facade resem- 
bling that of a college student. I 
must now entertain myself 
with the idea of worldly knowl- 
edge. I must become a super 
human with few excuses, ex- 
treme self discipline and 
mounds of intellect. I must shed 
myself of all other facades 
and become a student with the 
reality of the Monday morn- 
ing blues ..." 

time to get motivated 

rhe Sights and Sounds of Homecoming 

' f 




The sights and sounds of an Elon 
Homecoming . . . Speakers blaring out 
the latest in top forty . . . Sheekly 
clad bodies moving to the beat . . . Ex- 
citement of seeing old friends again 
. . . the sound of the Showband of the 
Carolinas . . . The roar and frenzy of 
the crowd . . . 

These scenes and many more were 
all part of the excitement surrounding 
Elon's Homecoming. The various 
events began Thursday with a pep rally, 
held by Fonville fountain. Jack White 
and the Elon band pepped up everyone's 
spirits, by playing school songs as the 
cheerleaders led in singing them. The 
weekend officially got off to the beat 
of the "Entertainers," who played Fri- 
day evening at the Best Western. Elon 
couples danced into the night to the 
sound of todays top forty. When Sat- 
urday finally arrived, everyone was 
ready for the football game against 
Carson-Newman. There were many old 
familiar faces in the crowd of those 
alumni who had returned for the game. 
The game was highlighted with the 
half-time crowning of Amy Burch as 
this years Homecoming queen. This 
funfilled week was concluded Saturday 
evening with the best in beach as per- 
formed by the fabulous "Tams". Just as 
all good things must come to an end. 
Homecoming '82 is history. And so it 
goes . . . 

From season to season our campus remains 


'*s -'- '_■ 

' '-.^iT:.; 

.' *>. '^T^ 

.' -L— /a. ' '- .wii fc'* . - .i». 




Elon's Intramurals 

Building a strong Intra- 
mural program is a chal- 
lenge that Karen Garden and 
her staff have tackled with 
enthusiasm and creativity. 
With more than 60% of all 
students participating in in- 
tramurals in one way or an- 
other, this is the most widely 
used program on the entire 








and an awful 
lot of screaming 
go into every 
Intramural game. 

Providing the 

. . .is one of 

students of 

the goals of 

Elon with 

our Intramural 

activities to 





often becomes 


heated, but, 

competition . . . 

everyone wins. 


Competition and sportsmanship are two of the qualities that the intramural department strives to 
support through its games and tournaments. Contests often become more than a matter of skill when 
pride comes into play. Many of the teams have been together for two or more years, many started out as 
purely athletic teams and developed close friendships that withstood the losses as well as the wins. 
Studio 26, The Acorns, The Family, and The Animals are all now familiar names around campus — 
they're ven better known within the doors of the Intramural office, it's these teams and other like them 
that provide the excitement that is a part of every intramural game and especially the tournaments. The 
Animals and The Acorns are two of the best known rivals in the women's division. Around mid-fall you 
just had to walk near the Oaks or Maynard and you could hear exchanges of "We're going to kick your 
tail" and "How about a bet on that!" Whenever these two teams come up against each other you can be as- 
sured of a contest, not only on the playing field, but on the sidelines, in the cafeteria, at The Lighthouse 
. . . anywhere. 

-),^- ■■ _^ 

With Frats 

. . .tempers 
flare and 
always counts. 

In the men's 






Basketball, Football 
and Water polo aren't 
the only sports the IM 
dept. sponsors. The al- 
most anything goes 
competition and many 
tournaments are super- 
vised by Coach Garden 
and the IM staff. 

It's taken every- 
one's effort to 
make Intramur- 
als what they 
are today, an 
outlet for chan- 
neling creative 
energy and a 
place to have 
some fun. 

A Test of Pride 







W0\^^ .9^\i^0^'^ A,^(\^^^^' 'cO^^^ ■>\ ^^'^' 












,,^es_^^^ .ev^i -;\o^^ 







— sudA 

Curohnu JL t 

./n tint tm'nJ . 7 »n aonv fo t ttrolinu 
C mi i uoii iif ihi' Minsliiiif 
*^ C ttn I ^ou juif jvel flu- inoonshinv 
_ 7fM / he juil (ike u friitut of mine fo liif 
ljf.\ ^7 ni ffonr fo Carolinu in mtf mint/. 



^ Karen j/ic J f'lv silver Mt$t 
heif uatk UHUif una uafih iter Jtininif 
{{ttlih her irufcti fne morning lame _^ 
_ V iiirer fear unneuri 

^ flu t; uin I no Joiibf in no onei niina 
^Jlial lotei fne finest filing arounii 
llniiner somefnin^ ioff ana Lind 
„ •ina lieu ttuhc fne shtf J on fire 
^7 m iitji"^ 
Jfn t/eea Jf te aone fo Carolina in mij tnina. 

oDarh inside and (ate last nit^hf 

'J fhinh J mi^lif liaie luarj flie /liifLa^ ,a(f 
Cjei'Se in I'i^'tf «"« (/(»y 1 Ifiat lute. 

Dlie iig'ii f''<*f mi^ltf be vtneni saif ^m ^oin , ."mi (join 
Jt m gone to Carolina in nii^ mind 

IVkere fne notu host of others stand uround me 
Stiff .r m on the dark side of the moon 
^'InJ it seems fihe it goes on fihe this foreter 

I Jon in u S t fof'Cf " ■(' '" c 

^91 ^fm up and gone to Carolina in mi^ mind 

Jyn mu mind - ' m aone to Carolina 
C an t uou See the sunshine 
Cant uou just feet fne moon shine 

^•lin t lie just like a friend of mine to hit me front behind 
Ijes. Sm aone to Carolina in mif mind. 



Up at 7:00, out the door and late to 
class by 8:00. Ttiose early morning 
classes can be killers, but by 12:00, when 
it's all over for the day you're glad you 
struggled out of bed. Classes in college 
can be a challenge, or a heartache, We all 
complain about them, but isn't that why 
we're here? With the beginning of each 
semester, we re-dedicate ourselves to 
those all important studies. Resolutions 
like, "I'll come back from class everyday 
and re-copy my notes", and "I'm going to 
spend the whole weekend working on my 
paper," are heard all over campus every 
semester. But by the time finals roll 
around every resolution has proven to be 
wishful thinkmg, and the conversations 
run more like this . . . "Who took my last 
Vivarm?", and "What time does the cafe- 
teria open for study breaks?" Well, I 
guess that's the way of college life, why 
fight It? 




After class it's time to unwind and take it easy. Otherwise 
normal men and women become monsters as television sets all 
over campus tune in to monitor the lives of our favorite heroes 
and heroines. Chattery girls are suddenly hushed as tall, hand- 
some Kent Bogart precariously balances his romances between 
two sisters. Many games have evolved on campus as a result of 
soap opera frenzy. Generally Hospitable is a favorite where each 
contestant adopts the name of a character and precedes to drink 
every time that name is mentioned during the course of the show. 
With most soap operas lasting an hour and dialogues that may run 
like so . . . 

Cliff: Nina, Nina How can you do such a thing? 

Nina: But Cliff, you've got to understand. Cliff, I'm sorry. 

Cliff: Nina, Nina, Nina 

Games like this one can be pretty dangerous. Not all students 
pass their time this way. There are many constructive activities 
on campus for those of us who choose to get around and about. 




Side Stage and more - 

it's a weeknight, students are 
gathered with their books re- 
laxing while the performer is 
warming up. It's 7:30 pm, the 
lights are turned off and the 
spot flashes on. One of the 
many performers, Wesley Ash- 
burn, an Elon College Student, 
takes his place at the piano. Im- 
mediately he wins the audi- 

Scenes similiar to this have 
repeated themselves over and 
over through fall and springs 
semesters. Who is the organiza- 
tion for this entertainment? 
The Student Union Board. The 
committee is Side Stage Pro- 
ductions, formally known as 
Coffeehouse. The scene de- 
scribed was our first "Open 
Mike Night" under the direc- 
tion of Beth Overstreet (pic- 
tured above) and her commit- 
tee, this production proved to 
be quite successful. 

Fall semester exhibited such 
professional acts as Brian Hus- 
key, Marty Bear, Peirce Pettis, 
Hot Shandy and Keir Irmiter. 

Each mini-concert was held on 
Tuesday night in the early even- 
ing. Fall programs were held in 
the Varsity Grill, which proved 
to be too small since atten- 
dance rose. Munchies includ- 
ing hotdogs, french fries, pop- 
corn, nachos, and drinks were 
offered to students at a re- 
duced price in the form of a 
"Grill Special." The performers 

\ 7 

Showcasing professional and student talent 

entertained their audience 
with songs by James Taylor, 
Dan Fogelberg, Elton John, 
Bruce Springsteen, Jackson 
Browne, Harry Chapin, and 
John Prine to name a few. They 
also added a few of their own 
inspirational tunes about loves, 
losses, and worldly insights. 
The final product proved to be 
educational as well as just 
"Good Clean fun." 

Despite the professional per- 
formers hired and the quality 
of the shows, attendance was 
not what was hoped for. 

What is a coffeehouse any- 

Glad you asked . . . Coffee- 
house is an old 60's term insin- 
uating sleep inducing music. 
The name has since been 
changed to Sidestage Produc- 
tions, a term that better de- 
scribes what these programs 
really are. These are off-spring 
of big concerts, an informal 
mini-concert where students 
can relax or take a study break. 
With this new image came a lo- 
cation change. Spring semes- 
ter brought the productions to 
Harper Center, West Lounge, 
and The Courtyard of the New 

The most popular of the 
shows this year has been "Open 
Mike". Elon students signed up 
for half-hour blocks of time 
and performed for their peers. 
It was a good way for many stu- 
dents to share their talent with 
everyone. Performers were, 
Wesley Ashburn, Carol Nix, 
Kathy Booth, David Bartenfield 
(pictured far left), and a group 
composed of S.U.B. members 
Donnie Dyer, David Graham, 
Erin Boyle, Wilton Lennor, 
Craig York, and Beth Over- 

One week later Dan Holmes 
performed in the Lounge of 
Harper Center. Dave Barten- 
field was definitely the crowd's 
favorite and saw a turnout at 
least double that of Holmes' for 
his opening act. 

Eating on campus ... we all complain about it, 
yet our entire day revolves around it. Up at 7:30 
and into the cafeteria for breakfast, many don't 
have class until late morning but get up early 
anyway. Once in class, you count the mmutes until 
class IS over and — lunch. At 11:20, there's a line 
out the door at McEwen, and one snaking around 
the corners down at Harden. The Varsity Grill is 
enjoying increased business too since student meal 
tickets are now useable for grill items. Lunch at 
Elon IS a leisurely time, used to socialize and relax, 
(unless you have a 1:00 lab) Three and a half 
hours after lunch, there's a line forming for dinner. 
Food on campus has improved considerably in the 
past years. (Everyone still complains because it 
wouldn't be college if the food was too good.) 
Christmas dinner saw a feast no other college 
could even rival. Yes, those little black things were 
caviar. (I'm sure parents all over wondered about 
the way we eat.) 





Who's Who at Elon College 

David Beahm is a senior with a major in Music. He has 
been a member of the Showband of the Carolinas and 
Chamber singers. He also has served on the Lyceum 
committee. David has also helped out with the program 
for gifted children — EDGE. He is a member of Pi Kappa 
Phi and has served as warden and vice-president. He has 
also been quite active in the field of drama where he has 
played many major roles. David is also a member of 
Macedonia Lutheran choir and Luray United Methodist 

Sara Beeson is presently a senior Math major and Com- 
puter minor. She has been on the National Dean's List 
and on Elon's Dean's List. Sara is a member of Alpha Chi 
and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She has been a 
member of the Softball team for the past four years and 
was MVP in 1980, and a member of the Carolina Confer- 
ence All-Tournament team in 1982. Sara has also been a 
member of the women's basketball team. She has re- 
ceived several athletic honors: the A. L. Hook Scholar- 
Athletic Award and the "Lefty" Briggs Award. Sara has 
also been active in various intramural sports. 
Erin Boyle, presently a senior and a major in Chemistry 
and English. She has worked several years on the Colon- 
nades and has been a member of SUB, where she has 
served as secretary and executive chairman. Erin is also 
a member of the Liberal Arts Forum and the American 
Chemical Society, in which she has served as orientation 
counselor and as student coordinator of commuter ori- 
entation. Among the honors she has received are: induc- 
tion into STD and ODK. Erin has been on the Dean's List 
for three semesters as well as being on the National 
Dean's List. 

Donna Gates, a senior Biology major, is a member of 
Alpha Chi, Beta Beta Beta, and the American Chemical 
Society. She is an emergency room volunteer at Ala- 
mance County Hospital and has been a volunteer at the 
Elon Home for Children. Donna also is involved in a crisis 
intervention program and is attempting to become a 
certified emergency medical technician. She is aspiring 
to enter medical school and was a student in the Medical 

Education Development Program (MED) at UNC's 
School of Medicine. 

Tamara Cook is a senior with English major and minors in 
Foreign Language, History, Religion and Math. Among her 
honors that she has received are: the Rudd Academic 
Scholarship and the Stratford Scholarship. She is a 
member of ODK, where she has served as vice-president, 
STD, where she also served as vice-president and TAK. 
Tamara has also been in the Elon Honors program for 
four years. She also has been included in the National 
Dean's List for three years, the Young Leaders of the 
South, Youth in Achievement, Young Personalities of 
America and has been on the Dean's List several semes- 
ters. Tamara has served on the Student Government 
Association in many ways, and has also served on the 
Liberal Arts Forum and Lyceum committee. She also 
worked on Colonnades and served as editor. Tamara has 
worked in the LRC as a tutor and as a departmental 
assistant for the English department. 
Sharon Foster is presently a junior with a double major in 
Biology and Chemistry, and a minor in Mathematics. She 
has received the CRC Press Freshman Chemistry 
Achievement Award and the Elon Academic Scholarship 
Award. Sharon has been on the Dean's List every semes- 
ter, and has been on the National Dean's List and is also 
a participant in the Honors program. She is a member of 
Alpha Chi, Beta Beta Beta, in which she has served as 
secretary, and the American Chemical Society, also serv- 
ing as secretary. Sharon has served as a lab assistant in 
General Biology, General Chemistry and Organic Chemis- 
try. She also is a member of the Civinettes. 
Bassam Ibrahim, a senior, has a double major in Business 
and History. He is a member of Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha 
Theta and ODK. Bassam is a member of KA and has 
served as vice-president. He has served as assistant 
Defense Attorney, as well as Defense Attorney. He has 
also served as student coordinator of Freshman orienta- 
tion. Bassam has also been on the Dean's List for four 
Pamela Jacobs is a senior with a double major in Biology 


and Chemistry and a mathematics minor. She is a mem- 
ber of Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Chi, Phi Alpha Theta and the 
American Chemical Society. Pamela has been on the 
Dean's List every semester and has also been on the 
National Dean's List. She has been a lab assistant in 
General Biology, Embryology, Comparative Anatomy, Hu- 
man Anatomy and Physiology and a General Chemistry 
proctor. Pamela is also a member of the Civinettes. 
Nancy Marchman, a senior with a major in Business 
Administration. She is a member of ZTA sorority, where 
she has been vice-president. Nancy is also a member of 
Civinettes where she has served as secretary. She has 
been a student worker in the Registrar's office for the 
last two years. Nancy has participated in the Honors 
program and has been on the Dean's List for three 
semesters. She has received an academic scholarship 
from Elon, which she has held since she came to Elon. 
Nancy is also a member of the Student Government 

Terry Martin is a senior with majors in English and 
Philosophy and a minor in Religion. He is a member of 
STD, where he has been president, Alpha Chi and ODK. 
Terry was the English Scholar of the Year in 81-82. He is 
a Stratford Scholar and has participated in the Honors 
program. He has served as assistant editor of the Colon- 
nades and as an English lab assistant. Terry has partici- 
pated in Elon Drama Club, Construction Company, and 
the Alamance Civic Dance Company. He is Co-producer 
and host of WSOE's "Classic Hour" and is a member of 
the Lyceum committee. Terry has been on the Dean's List 
every semester. 

Julie McGhee, presently a senior, with a major in Math 
and a minor in Computer Science. She is a member of 
Alpha Chi and was 1982 Graduation Marshall. Julie is a 
participant in the Honors program and has been on the 
Dean's List every semester and on the National Dean's 
List. She has received scholarships from the Elks Club, 
Rotary and Elon. Julie is a member of ASA sorority, 
where she has been Standards Board chairman. She has 
been an Algebra tutor, a Math fair representative, a 

Freshman day worker and Elon Christian Fellowship 
member. She is active with the Elon Phon-a-thon, activi- 
ties for Multiple Sclerosis and the Elon Children's Home. 
Diane McSheehy, presently a junior with an English 
major and a Religion minor. She is participating in the 
Honors program and has been on the Dean's List. Diane 
has been assistant to the Attorney General, Assistant 
Defense Attorney General, and Attorney General. She 
has worked on Colonnades, Pendulum, Liberal Arts Fo- 
rum, Media Board and HAC house council. Diane is a 
member of Civinettes, orientation committee. Religious 
Life committee and is a Resident Assistant. 
Sherri Moore is a senior with an English-Journalism 
major and holds minors in both English and Communica- 
tions. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta. Sherri is 
editor of the Pendulum and has worked on the staff of 
the Colonnades. 

Ralph Mueller is a graduating senior with a Mathematics 
major and a Computer Science minor. He is a member of 
Alpha Chi, ODK and Pi Gamma Mu. Ralph is the recipient 
of a Barrett-Harward Scholarship, Rotary International 
Scholarship and PKP Scholarship and has been on the 
Dean's List for four semesters. He is a member of PKP 
fraternity, student member of the Association of Com- 
puter Machinery and the Curriculum committee of Elon. 
He is also a member of the Alamance Civic Dance 
Company and former member of the German National 
Formation Dance Team. Ralph has been a Computer 
Science tutor and a Computer Science technician. He 
has also served on the staff of the Elon Educational 
Program for Gifted Children. 
Lisa Newbold is a senior with Majors in Business Admin- 
istration and Accounting and a minor in Math. She 
received the Elon Academic Scholarship and has been on 
the Dean's List and National Dean's List. Lisa is a mem- 
ber of Alpha Chi and Pi Gamma Mu. She is also a member 
of SAM and AMA. Lisa has worked at Biomedical Refer- 
ence Laboratories and as a tutor in Business Administra- 
tion, Accounting and Math. 
Tracy Owens is a graduating senior with a major in 


Business. She is a member of Pi Gamma Mu, Omicron 
Delta Kappa and the Student Union Board. Tracy has 
been a Resident Assistant and has served on the orienta- 
tion staff and the student coordinator orientation staff. 
She has also served on the Student Government Associ- 

Donna Phillips is a senior with a double major in Math 
and Applied Music. She is the recipient of the 'Pops' 
Scholarship, the Shackley Award and the Elon Academic 
Scholarship. Donna is a Honor student and has been on 
the National Dean's List and Dean's List every semester. 
She is a member of MENG, Elon Orchestra, Elon Gollege 
Choir and the Chamber Singers. Donna has also been a 
tutor in the LRC and for the Math Department. 
Angela Rakes is a senior English major and a member of 
STD. She has been on the Dean's List as well as on the 
National Dean's List. Angela is a member of ASA sorority 
and has held the offices of Panhellenic delegate, editor, 
pledge director, banquet committee and rush committee. 
She also has been a PKP Sweetheart, Rose Queen fina- 
list, a Homecoming representative, and a Little Sister. 
Angela has also held the position of vice-president in the 
Civmettes and worked on the Phi Psi Chi staff. She has 
also served as a tutor at the Elon Home for Children and 
as a Health Service assistant in the Infirmary. 
Ted Reinheimer a senior and a Business Administration 
major. He is a member of SUB, SGA, SAM and AMA. He 
has been on the Dean's List and has participated in the 
Honors program.' Ted has also been Assistant Attorney 
General. He is a member of KA fraternity and has 
participated in Intramural Basketball. 
Donna Stone is a senior with an Accounting major and 
minors in both Art and Business Administration. She is a 
member of Alpha Chi, PGM, ODK and Epsilon Beta Epsi- 
lon. Donna has been on both the Dean's List and the 
National Dean's List and has participated in the Honors 
program. She has also received the Stratford Scholar- 
ship and was a 1982 Graduation Marshal. Donna is a 

member of AMA and has served as treasurer, the Busi- 
ness Students Communication committee serving as co- 
chairman and the Accounting Association. Donna is also 
a member of the Civinettes and has also served as lab 
assistant in Principles of Accounting and Intermediate 

Teresa Warren is a senior English Education major with 
minors in Journalism and Biology. She is the recipient of 
the English Scholar Award and was named to the Nation- 
al Dean's List and Dean's List every semester. Teresa is a 
member of Alpha Chi, ODK, BBB, STD where she has 
served as secretary and treasurer, and SUB. She has 
worked on the Pendulum as a reporter, copy editor and 
editor, and on the Magazine of Elon as a staff writer and 
a writer for Elon's Public Information Office. Teresa has 
also been a lab assistant for General Biology and Human 

Mary E. Watson is a senior with a double major in 
Accounting and Business Administration. She has been 
on the Dean's List and was the recipient of the Smith 
Scholarship. Mary is a member of SSS sorority and a 
member of SPE Little Sisters. She has served as a 
Resident Assistant and has worked with WSOE, ARA and 
the Registrar's Office. Mary is a member of ODK, SAM, 
BSCC and the Accounting Association, as well as the 
SGA in which she served as treasurer. Mary has also 
worked in the Co-Op program at Biomedical Laborato- 

Ann Wickham is a senior with a double major in Biology 
and Chemistry. She has received the Stratford Scholar- 
ship and the Communication Award, the Elon Academic 
Scholarship, and Phi Mu Scholaf'ship. She is a member of 
BBB, Alpha Chi, ODK and the American Chemical Society. 
She has worked on Phi Psi Chi and served as editor, she 
also was Intramurals and Scholarship director for her 
Fraternity, Phi Mu. Ann has served as a proctor for 
General Chemistry and lab assistant for Chemistry, Gen- 
eral Biology and Quantitative. 


Who's Who 

Elon Abroad 

Travel on The 
French Riviera 

When Elon travels, they travel 
with style. This past year, a group of 
students armed with cameras, sun- 
tan oil and filled with excitement, 
left the brick wall and oak trees of 
Elon in search of the sunny South of 
France. These brave travelers 
scourged crowded streets and cozy 
bars to find sights many of us only 
yearn for Pictured here (top left 

corner) is a typical water way in 
Venice, Italy. Below, Pam Brammer, 
Janet Porter and Pam Melvin pause 
for a quick photo with some of the 
Riviera's more interesting scenery. 
Above center is the Matterhorn in 
Zermift, Switz., center is Notre 
Dame in Pans. A few of the group 
are seen on the next page waiting to 
visit the Palace of Versaille. 




Friday, July 30, 1982, Elon students left New York via Air France 
bound for the French Riviera. They left Nice by rail, and thanks to 
their couchette accommodations arrived fresh and excited in Rome. 
The first visit w/as to the Colosseum, where Christians fought lions 
and died for the pleasure of the frenzied spectators. Next was the 
Appian Way down to the Catecombs, once the burial place for St. 
Peter and St. Paul. That afternoon there was a visit to the Vatican 
and St. Peters, where they visited not only the museum, but the 
Raphael Room and the Sistine Chapel. Then following, there was the 
walk through the Roman Forum. Try to imagine Caesar walking the 
same course some 2,000 years ago. From the Roman Forum, they 
walked a few blocks to the Capitoline Hill whose steps and ap- 
proaches were designed by Michelangelo. Other sights included the 
Pantheon, Piazzo Navona, and on to Venice where they took a ride 
down the Grand Canal to the famous St. Mark's Square. They toured 
the Basilica, the Palace of the Doges, the brick Bell Tower on the 
square and went shopping on the Rialto Bridge before returning to 
the station and continuing northward toward the snowcapped Alps. 

Dr. Michael A. Taylor, the group leader, has been a Professor of 
French at Elon College since 1978. He participated in the Honors 
Program at the University of Lyon in France and attended the 
University of Munich in Munich, Germany, before completing his 
Masters of Arts degree in French and German at the University of 
North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He returned to Europe and taught in 
France and Germany for three years prior to completing his PH. D. 
degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1977. Dr. 
Taylor's eight years of extensive travel and experience, living and 
teaching abroad make him exceptionally qualified as the Nice advisor 
and group leader. 


Seniors Making 
Their Mark 
One Last Time 

Henry Adams 
Margaret Adams 
Charles Addison 
Scott Andariese 

Michael Apple 

Susan Apple ton 
Bonnie Barnes 

Lisa Bartolomeo 
David Beahm 
Anne Beeson 

Pam Belvin 

Mike Bennett 

Anthony Berardi 

Elizabeth Beverage 

Jeanae Black 

Sudden Death 

In a pill-popping society it was 
the ultimate horror scenario: Some- 
one emptied capsules containg Ex- 
tra-Strength Tylenol, the nation's 
most popular painkiller, substituted 
deadly cyanide, and then replaced 
the bottles on drugstore and super- 
market shelves. On Wednesday, Oct. 
6, the first victim — a 12-year-old 
Elk Grove, III., child being treated 
for a sore throat — died. By the end 
of the week six others in the Chica- 
go area had died provoking a wave 
of near-hysteria and launching one 
of the greatest manhunts in the na- 
tion's history, Johnson & Johnson, 
the manufacturers of Extra-Strength Tylenol, acted swiftly to recall the product, and new rules were 
hastily drawn up mandating tamper-proof packages for over the counter drugs. The great manhunt 
bagged a suspect in a related extortion plot, but the poisoner remains free. And Extra-Strength Tylenol 
surprised industry pessimists by recapturing almost all of the 37 percent share of the $1.3 billion 
painkiller market it had before the killer struck. 

The Tylenol Killings 



On the first day of December a rou- 
tine wire story from Salt Lake City 
reported that doctors at Salt Lake 
City's University of Utah Medical Cen- 
ter had carried out a dress rehearsal 
for an operation to be held the follow- 
ing day to implant an artificial heart in 
the chest of a patient whose own 
heart, hopelessly crippled by disease, 
was failing rapidly. Five weeks later, 
Barney Clark, a 61-year-old retired 
dentist from Des Moines, Wash., was 
still living, was gaining strength, was 
confounding medical science with his 
slow but steady progress. It hasn't 
been easy, Clark's three post-surgical 
crises — pneumonia, convulsions caused by an imbalance in body chemistry, and one nightmarish episode 
when the air-driven polyurethane pump in his chest failed and had to be repaired. But as the year wound 
down, Barney Clark was walking a few steps everyday, eating semi-solid food, and helping realize the ancient 
dream of routinely replaceable human organs. 

The Heart Beat 

Charles Blair 
LoJuanna Blue 
Robert Boles 
Kathy Booth 
Celeste Boyd 

Reacca Bowling 
Mark Bramer 
Betty Brantly 
Randall Brody 
Lisa Brown 

Mike Brown 
Matthew Brown 
Patty Brodie 
Paul Brugger 
Leslie Brunson 


Jim Bula 

Ann Ballard 

Michelle Bullock 

Stephen Burke 

Todd Byrant 

Irish Byrd 

Toni Callis 

Sheila Callis 

Kyle Cambell 

Mike Carlton 

James Cheek 

Kenneth Comer 

Tamara Cook 

Sandy Coyle 

Glenn Crease 

I \\ \\\V, 


At 9 p.m. Moscow time on Nov. 
10 those watching the TV news pro- 
gram "Vremya" (Time) knew some- 
thing was amiss when the news 
readers, who customarily wear in- 
formal garb, appeared in dark suits 
and dressed. To censorship-wise 
Russians the immediate assumption 
was that someone important had 
died, but few guessed it was Loinid 
I. Brezhnev, who for 18 years had 
ruled the Communist Party of the 
Soviet tJnion and with it an empire 
of 269 million souls. Brezhnev, five 
weeks short of his 76th birthday, 
had been seen — looking relatively 
hale and hearty — atop Lenin's Tomb in Red Square three days earlier. But at 11 a.m. the next day, the 
Kremlin's bureaucracy announced that Brezhnev had died 26y2 hours earlier. Yuri Andropov, quickly 
named to succeed Brezhnev, was hailed by some Western experts as a "closet liberal" but others 
noted that he was also a former chief of the KGB and that he had been ambassador to Budapest when 
the Red Army broke the Hungarian revolt in 1956. 

Brezhnev's Death 

Jeanna Collier 
Beth Curran 
Becky Curtis 
Neville Curtis 
Tim Daly 

Kim Darnel 
Tammy Daniels 
Diane Darty 
Kathy Daughtry 
Andrew Davis 

Keith Decker 
Richard Denault 
Kim Dorsett 
Steve Duff 
Robin Dunn 


Gail Durham 

Susan Durham 

Tonya Edwards 

Gerald Elks 

Laura Emerson 

Wanda Foust 

Pam Goddis 

Jerry Galloway 

David Gandy 

Tim Garner 

Richard Fain 


Charles Fambreugh 

Lucille Fmnegan 


Steve Florence 


Suzy Folk 

^^ fc^ 





Garry Gates 
Dean Gilliam 
Janet Glass 
Ginger Gravitte 
Use Griffin 

David Grubb 
Lynn Haizlip 
Stephen Harper 
Ron Hardison 
Margaret Hunt 

Nadar Hamidpour 
Ellen Holland 
Dee Harris 
Kennetfi Houston 
Frank Houghes 


Bassam Ibrahim 

Pamela Jacobs 

Marc James 

Doug Janssen 

Brian Johnson 

Craig Johnson 
Lisa Johnson 

Deborah Jones 
Denise Jones 
Tommy Jones 

Chris Joyner 

Gretchen Kasting 

Craig Kearns 

Mark Kemp 

Linda Kinder 




^H *» > 


1 ^'' 


John Krol 
Jim Laine 
David Leedy 
Phoebe Lindley 
Beverly Ma lone 

Greta Marron 
Nancy Marchman 
Michael Martin 
Gary Mathis 
Chuck McCracken 

Connie McGee 
Julie McGhee 
Marcl Melbourne 
Tom Merrlcks 
Andrew MIdsette 


Billy Miller 

Bev Minter 

Ramie Mize 

Kirk Monroe 

Darrell Moore 


i\ I 



Mark Moore 

Pam Moore 

Sherrie Moore 

Ralph Mueller 

Lome Murray 

John Murray 

Keith Myers 

Charles Nance 

Dan Nastoff 

Chuck Needham 



Hope Newman 
Jade Nicholas 
Shere Oakly 
Colleen 0' Brian 
Tammy Offenbarko 

lu k; L \ .^ l lis m &!::. 

Tracy Owens 
Shirley Ozment 
William Parhaum 
Karen Parks 
Terri Pakins 

Kathy Perry 
Sharon Pinnix 
Gene Pittman 
Chris Phelps 
Cliff Parker 


Aaron Price 

Leslie Rankin 

Mark Reardon 

Natalie Reid 
Ted Reinheimer 

Billie Jean Richards 

Laura Reich 

Lorle Rudd 

Beth Saunders 

Dale Suanders 

Irene Scott 

Simon Shaw 

Mike Shoffner 

Harvey Smith 

Jackie Smith 

. ;W^ L 


The Falkland War was all a misunder- 
standing — a misunderstanding by the 
British of how deeply the fragile Argentine 
national ego was wounded at the idea of 
Englishmen claiming islands they believed 
(and still believe) to be Argentinian; a 
misunderstanding by the Argentines at 
how fiercely Englishmen would fight for 
land they believed (and still believe) to 
be theirs. Several thousand Argentine 
troops went ashore on the Falklands on 
April 2, and claimed the archipelago for 
the Buenos Aires government. But like 
many another man, Argentine President 
Leopoldo Galtieri reckoned without the 
fury of an angry woman. British Prime 
Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered a 
task foke assembled and on April 5, the fleet sailed for the barren cluster of islands nearly 8,000 miles 
away, On June 14 the Argentine garrison surrendered, and on June 17 Gen. Galtieri resigned. British losses 
were put at 255 dead and 777 wounded; the Argentines estimate their losses at 1,000 killed and wounded. 

The Falkland War 



Br^ «. 







Jeff Smith 
Kim Smitfi 
Kathy Spellman 
Keith Stallings 
Donna Stone 

Janet Suiter 
Roy Sulieen 
Tim Tally 
Melissa Taylor 
Richard Taylor 

Barbara Terhodle 
Ben Terrell 
Linda Thiel 
Becky Thomas 
Carolyn Thompson 

The excuse was the attempted assassi- 
nation on June 3 of Sholomo Argov the 
Israeli Ambassador to Britain, a crime the 
government of Menachem Begin blamed 
on the PLO. But it seems certain Israel's 
invasion of Lebanon three days later had 
long been planned. By June 10 Israeli 
forces were attacking Beirut, then occu- 
pied by an estimated 6,000 PLO guerillas. 
After much diplomatic maneuvering the 
PLO began to leave Beirut on Aug. 21. On 
the same day 800 U.S. Marines arrived as 
part of a multinational peacekeeping 
force, and on Sept. 4, Lebanese forces 
took over West Beirut. But on Sept. 14, 
Lebanese president-elect Bashir Gemayel 
iwas killed by a bomb and Israel reoccupied the city. Israeli forces subsequently withdrew from Beirut, but 
'■'emain in Lebanon and there is no timetable for their withdrawal. Israel won a military victory over Lebanese, 
^LO and Syrian forces, but it did so at the cost of much international goodwill, principally on the score of heavy 
:ivilian casualties in Lebanon. 

Lebanon Invaded 


Tim Thompson 

Stanley Tooto 

Chelsea Troxler 

Thea Tuttle 

Kyle Tyner 

Mark Van Kirk 
Belinda Walker 

Betsy Walker 
Peggy Wall 

Am 10 Wilson 

Megan Walsh 

Wendy Warren 

Mary Watson 

Karen Wheelock 

Betsy White 


On Wednesday, Sept. 15, soldiers of 
the Lebanese Christian militia entered 
Beiruts Sabra and Chatila camps 
where as many as 20,000 Palestinian 
refugees eked out a shanty-town exis- 
tence. By Thursday it was clear that an 
act of unexampled savagery was tak- 
ing place in the camps, but strange 
paralysis seemed to grip Israeli forces 
ringing the area, and the killing, the 
mutilation and the desecration of 
corpes continued until an estimated 
700 to 800 were slaughtered. Prime 
Minister Menachem Begin denounced 
as a "blood libel" the charge that Israel 
shared complicity in the act, but he 



was forced to yield to outraged Israeli public opinion and agree to an impartial judicial inquiry. Evidence 
offered in public hearings was damning. Defense Minister Ariel Sharon conceded Israeli forces had 
permitted the militia to enter the camps, but insisted there was no reason to anticipate the massacre. 
The special court has yet to report, but it seems sure to find at the least a shocking lapse of judgment and 
leadership at the top. 


Robert Wentz 
Laura Wilson 
Grady Williams 
Ralph Williams 
Tawana Williams 

It was the stuff soaps are made of — 
the obsessively successful auto manufac- 
turer, himself handsome enough to make 
it in the flicks, a stunning actress-model 
wife 25 years his junior a frenetic jet-set 
life that hung on a golden cobweb spun 
between London, New York and southern 
California — and then, kerpowie, head- 
lines in the tabs scream the story: NAB 
BUST But the story was no steamy TV 
scenario. It was the incredible tale of John 
De Lorean, one time boy wonder head of 
GM's Chevrolet and Pontiac divisions who 
had convinced the pinch-penny govern- 
ment of Britain to lend him $156 million 
for a factory to build stainless steel sports car designed to propel him to the top rank of automen. His arrest 
in October on charges of bankrolling a multi-million cocaine deal to save his faltering auto company was a 
sensation, but it was also a sobering morality tale that showed how the drug culture has penetrated the sin- 
ews of American life. 

The Fall 



82-83 Resident 
Assistant Staff 

West Area 

North Area Council 

The following students are enrolled ROTC cadets 
who are simultaneously pursuing degrees in var- 
ious disciplines and a commission as an officer 
(2nd lieutenant) in the United States Army. The 
majority will enter active duty upon graduation 
while some will serve in the National Guard and 
Reserves and others will continue work on ad- 
vanced degrees under an education delay program. 
1st row: Major T. McCarther, S. Florence, J. Bula, 
M. Hargrove, I. Credle, C. McCauley, Captain R 
Mcintosh. 2nd row: D. Gant, L. Feggans, A. Walker, 
W. Hennigan, A. Harris, R. Tenhet, G. Rivers, A. 
Turner, B. Gore, S. Raborn, M. Wilkins, C. Lewis. 
3rd row: V. Gibson, R Ambrose, J. Caggiano, B. 
Siemering, C. Alston, W. Dingle. 4th row: R Farrell, 
E. Boetel, J. Russell, M. O'Brien, M. Roth, M. Rick- 


n with Chemicals 

Delta Kappa 

Honor Societies and Academic Organizations . . . 



Omicron Delta Kappa 

Student Membership — David L Beahm, Erin B. Boyle. Patricia L. 
Brammer, Kyle A. Campbell, Tamara J. Cook, Kimberly E, Daniel, 
Ellen L. Hooland, Bassam M, Ibrahim, Pamela J. Jacobs, Debroah L. 
Jones, James A. Kouchinsky, Francis W. Lewis Jr., Terry C. Martin, 
Julie A. McGhee, Diane E. McSheehy. Marash N. Nikai. Margaret C. 
O'Connell. Aaron K. Price. Angela D. Rakew. Edward A. Reinheimer. 
Pamela T. Roach, Donna M. Stone, Earl W. Vickers III, Teresa A. 
Warren, Mary E. Watson, Ann T Wickham. 
FACULTY/STAFF MEMBERSHIP - Artley Sr., Dr. Malvin N„ Blake, 
Dr Robert G.. Brittain. Dr Mary G.. Chase, Dr. Carole F, Council, 
Prof. Janie E., Crowe Jr, Dr. David M., Danieley, Dr J, Earl, Delp, Dr. 
Roberdt W., Euliss, Proi. Helen H., Fishel, Gayle A., Gill Jr, Russell B., 
Haworth, Dr. Richard C, Holt, Prof, Rachel Y. House Jr. Dr Herbert 
W., James, Robert M., Lewis, Mrs. Emma D,. Long, Dean William G., 
Marr, Dr. J. Michael, McBee, Dr. Robert D., Moncure, Dr James A., 
O'Connell, Margaret C, Pace, Dr. James H,, Phillips, Susan P, Ponder. 
Dr Anne, Robinson, Nancy P, Sanders, Dr Allen B., Sharpe IV, 
William G„ Shotzberger, Dr. Martin L,, Smith. Dr. Martha S,, Soliday, 
Joanne C, Sullivan, Dr John G., Troxler, Dr George W., White, Dr M. 
Christopher, White, Dr. Jack 0., White, J. H. King, Williams, Dr Jo 
Watts, Young, Dr J. Fred. 


Alpha Chi 

student Run, Student 
funded, Student 
supporting ... SUB & SGA 

The S.G.A. is responsible for providing or supporting 
nearly every phase of student life. Under the direction of the 
executive branch (Ted Reinheimer: President, Rodney Bee- 
be: Vice-President, Mary Watson: Treasurer) by approval of 
the Senate and through its committees, the SGA is responsi- 
ble for everything from dances to scholarly lectures. 

The Senate is composed of 32 students including the 
class officers and the class senators elected by students 
with the same class standing. 

The Honor System and College Rules and Regulations are 
enforced by the General Council or Honor Council, or the 
Administrative Judicial Council depending on the nature of 
the alleged infraction. 

Student Union Board - In 1979 the SGA gave the 
responsibility of entertainment on campus to the SUB. 
Since that time SUB has provided concerts, movies, and 
other forms of entertainment. Membership is open to all. 
President — Erin Boyle. 

Resident Assistants are selected on campus on the basis 
of their leadership ability, academic successes, campus 
contributions and most importantly ability to get along with 
both the students, and faculty. RA's are responsible for 
enforcing college regulations, providing some counseling 
and maintaining an atmosphere in the dorms that is conduc- 
ive to learning and living. 




V^f "Mf, 



^ .- «* 



S.G.A. Judicial l^mmittee 






Learning Big Business While Still in College 

BSCC — Business Students Communications 
Committee. Advisor — Dr. Shotzberger, 
President — Jimmy Pendergrass 
The BSCC is an organization of about fifteen 
members wfio serve to bridge the gap of 
communication between faculty members 
and students. It works as an agent to collect 
prevailing attitudes and complaints of stu- 
dents through the use of surveys. It meets 
about twice a semester and has been a part 
of Elon for a year. 

SAM — Society for the Advancement of 
Management. Advisor — Dr. Linda Weavil, 
President — Jimmy Pendergrass 
With a membership of about 80, SAM is 
Elon's largest business organization. Its main 
purpose is to enhance classroom education 
with an education of the real business world 
through a variety of guest speakers from the 
business community. It also provides experi- 
ence through fund raisers such as the cam- 
pus-wide candy sale last fall in which 58 
cases of M&M's were sold. 

AMA — American Marketing Association. Ad- 
visor — Dr. Feinberg, President — Tommy 

The AMA is Elon's newest business organiza- 
tion. Formed only last year, it already has 
over 30 members. They meet every two 
weeks and meetings include field trips to 
nearby businesses as well as speakers. The 
AMA is presently setting itself up as a small 
business in which it pulls the varied re- 
sources of its members. This gives the mem- 
bers working business experience. Keep an 
eye on this group! 

Serving the Community, 

the College 

and the Needy . . . 



Civinettes — Advisor — Dr. Janie Council, 
President — Karen Harris 
The Civitans for men and the Civinettes for 
women are excellent public service groups 
everyone should be aware of in this commu- 
nity. These organizations are international 
and a branch of each is based in practically 
every community. The purpose of the Civi- 
tans and the Civmettes is to extend volunteer 
service in various areas. There is a Civitan 
group in Burlington and even closer, there is 
a Civinette club here on campus. To focus in 
on the closer-to-home activities, the Civin- 
ettes meet once a week for a short assembly, 
at that time, activities are discussed ranging 
from holding dances for the mentally retard- 
ed and entertaining senior citizens with 
bingo games to selling M&M's, the proceeds 
of which aid the Heart Association. As a 
result of these doings, those aided are not 
only grateful, but volunteers experience a 
great feeling of accomplishment . . . Deliver a 
smile with style . . . SATISFACTION GUARAN- 

King and Queen 
of Hearts 



The Pendulum is the campus paper that is edited, written and 
produced by Elon College students. Under the caretui direction of 
faculty advisor Bob Nowell, the paper has grown this year to have a 
record number of reporters and photographers, as well as to receive the 
All-American ratmg, the highest title a college paper can get from the 
National Critical Service of the Associated Collegiate Press. 

The executive editors and reporters of The Pendulum have worked 
hard this year not only to get on-campus stories that would keep the 
Elon students informed of many different aspects of college life, but 
have also gone outside the walls of campus to get stories from the 
surrounding towns that would interest and concern students and facul- 
ty alike. In several instances. The Pendulum has been the first newspa- 
per to pick up news stories, beating the other dailies and weaklies in 
North Carolina. 

The Pendulum, in its eighth year of publication, will continue to strive 
to keep the Elon College student body much better informed about on 
and off campus life. The student newspaper can not only be an impor- 
tant part of the Journalism-English major or minor, providing valuable 
experience, but it can also be fun and provide the situation for making 
new friends. 

The Pendulum Staff — Sherri L. Moore — Editor-in-chief, Doug Nor- 
wood — Managing Editor, Loukia Louka — News Editor, Jo Craven — 
Features Editor, Debbie Hurley — Sports Editor, Head Photographers — 
Ron Kruppa, Nadar Hamidpour, Tawanna Williams — Cartoonist, Billie 
Peoples — Ad Manager, Photographers — Walter Wintermute, Pam 
Overstreet, Ken Lipstein, Reporters — Meredith Lee Shelby Bowman, 
Vicky Jiggetts, Mike Roth, Wendy Lang, Lisa Home, Walter Wintermute, 
Debbie Sapsara, David Temple, Joel Maness, Connie McGee, Tom Wes- 
tenhiser, Pat Aycock, Jennifer Tullock, Janet Schroeder, Jeff Wither- 
spoon, Penny Thomas, Pam Overstreet, Contributing Writers — Vicky 
Troy, Nancy Cale, Bonnie Barns. 



ma M Delta 

The Gents 

The "Gents" is a collegiate social organization with the idea 
that it can increase the social and intellectual aspects of 
college life for every individual. Although the membership 
started fairly recently (Jan. 17, 1982 for the males; January 
21, 1982 for the females), the "Gents" portray that Genuine 
Exuberant Natural Togetherness (Gent) that every tightly 
organized, disciplined and dedicated organization should. How- 
ever, the main objective of the "Gents" is to promote friendship 
and togetherness while looking out for one another and re- 
specting other people as making things happen educationally 
and socially on and around Elon's campus. 

Officers of the "Gents" 
Isrrell Wallace (Spiritual counselor) 
Garry N. Pierce (President) 
Mitchell Ryan (Vice President) 
Deirdre Richardson (Secretary) 
Anne Lindsay Scott (Treasurer) 
Joseph Ford (Representative) 

Eton trolpircRlF 

Between Roger's ''odd" sense of humor ... The 
captain's clumsiness, Martha's meet- 
ings, Robin's loss of memory, M.C.'s 
warped mind, and Mo's stomach 
grumblings, the Phi Psi Cli 
staff managed to turn out 
a darn good annual . . . superior 
equipment did wonders too! 
A fami y closeness really helped! 
"Dad will you please control the kids!" 

It was the night before deadline and there 
were fourteen faithful workers in a tiny office in 
the corner of Long Student Center. While every- 
one else was sleeping soundly in their comfort- 
able beds, we were up until the early hours of 
the morning finishing the 1982-1983 Phi Psi Cli. 
Our editor, Maureen, was fasting for the Crop 
and if it hadn't been for her growling stomach 
we would have all fallen asleep. Martha was 
sprawled on the floor working on lay-outs, occa- 
sionally sipping on her trusty Ginger Ale. Scott 
popped in and out of the office all night long 
trying to get copy on all of the organizations. 

Roger was zipping through typing copy at a 
speed of 30 words a minute. The staff also 
witnessed Robin's annual attempt at typing. 
M.C. also tried her thumbs at typing but was 
soon visciously attacked by the much-feared 
typewriter whose brain it turned out was IBM!! 

While the layout folks were going crazy in the 
office, poor Craig was learning the finer points 
of focusing in the dark while Chris was near 
death inhaling toxic chemicals. 

There were many other memorable moments 
this year for the Phi Psi Cli staff. The final 24 
hours were some they will never forget. 



Organizations at Elon 
more than just practical 
experience or service . . 

yg i .• g- ^ 


Plenty of fun and games too! 


The Arts Are Alive and Well at Elon . . . 

visiting dance troups and student talent provide 
the campus and community with entertainment 

The Arts are alive and well at Elon 
with many activities for those in the Elon 
community to attend. The Drama Depart- 
ment started their season with the Read- 
ers' Theater production of "I Never Sang 
for my Father." Their next production 
was the unusual story of "Mary Lou Ann 
Hampton Laverty Oberlander." Several 
members of the cast were: Michelle Mor- 
gan, Greg Lee, David Beahm, Pete Gio- 
vine, and Brian Batchelor. The dramatic 

end of the season will be with the produc- 
tion of the ever-popular "Finian's Rain- 

Along with the Elon Drama Depart- 
ment's addition to the Arts there have 
been traveling groups adding to the Arts 
program. The North Carolina Shake- 
spearean Theater had drawn large 
crowds with their production of the "Hol- 
low Crown" and the Sidewalk Dance 
Company with their stimulating perfor- 

mance in Modern Dance. 

Elon's addition to the field of Dance is 
the Modern Dance group, The Construc- 
tion Company which performs original 
compositions and the Touch of Class 
group that added that extra sparkle to 
the football season. Yes, the Arts are 
alive and well at Elon and making it a 
better place to be for everyone! 


A w. >!»< ■■ ».. 

■ ..>.-. >.a»:^.-^- ■~v.,w^^^^-«^,:^^MS,.^-.-^-^-.'--^>=m',>^,^:.-.,^'^^^'^^^ ^T^^^^aa^^ 



.i ; >^IH|P^i' .'^,- 

f^-^'-. m 


'" ' - ' fir ^ff^' 

^^ua S '.»W "^^^m W 

m - ^m- 











^Kk^. ^^^^^^ ^omH 




4w^ ^^S^S 

^^^^^^K ^^^«] 



ji ^ "^f**^^ 

H^^^^^^v ^^^^- V^ 




r ill^xJ^ 


^B * 


^^^jjiLv'iL j^^^ 






WSOE — Gerald Gibson, John Holland (Station Manager), Joel Wanness, Collin 
Peters, Ellen Geesey (News Director), Emily Besueden, Mike Dolianatis (Sports 
Director), William Murrell (Production Director), Neil Davis, Lisa Oenninburg, 
Ronnie Price, Ctiris Cotta, Vic Vickers, Loukia Louka, Louis Pages, Romeo, James 
Cheek, Mark Noell, Fred Aplin, Mike Ward. 



Still Strong 

Despite Trouble 

Welcome back my friends to the show 
that never ends! That, my friends, is WSOE in 
a nutshell. In its fifth year of operation, the 
Elon campus radio station and its people are 
still moving. They've had a lot of ups and 
downs like any organization, and this year 
has been no exception! In the ongoing battle 
for a power and budget increase the score is 
currently WSOE — 0, the rest of the world 
- 10,000! Actually the picture is not that 
bleak; the staffers, especially advisor Gerald 
Gibson, are fueled on by that slim chance of 
WSOE one day being heard over an area 
much larger than the Town of Elon College. 
The fuel is the energy that dedication cre- 
ates, and there is no shortage at WSOE. All 
its people are there more or less because 
they love the music! Whatever type, they 
love it! They also love communication, which 

of course includes the other campus media 
— for the first time in years it seems that-- 
the media are really getting together, and 
that is the real thrill. Seeing your name in 
print or hearing yourself on tape gets old 
after a while, so the general feeling of the 
staff of WSOE and the other media is one of 
genuine love of talking to and understanding 
their fellow man. 



Baptist Student Union — President — Cindi Wngfit, Vice President — Blllie Peoples, Growth 
and Outreacti Chairperson — Reaca Bowling, Music Director — Kelly O'Ferrell, Big Brother 
Program — Joel Huffstetler, Big Sister Program — Virginia Evans, Directors — Rev. Bruce 
Martin, Dr. H. House . . . Amy Ashburn, Sheila Bailey, Cheryl Bowling, Keith Burns, Larry 
Calloway, Roger Cardeu, David Compton, Beth Davis, Glenn Day, Jackie Edwards, Andrea 
Elliott, Greg Fishel, Jenny Gardner, Anne Hartsoe, Lisa Home, Teresa Hayes, Wayne Hoyle, 
Carlton Jarratt, Karen Jones, Kathy Kaplan. Edwin Kimbrough, Pam Laws, Anthony Long, 
Chuck Nauce, Carolyn Neill, Hope Newman, Christopher Phelps, Barbara Plumblee, Lana 
Reams, Jody Robbins, Robert Wagner, Bill Sharpe, Molly Sim, John Smith, Becky Thomas, 
Mary Watson, Jane Pillow, Susan Tart, Anne Wilkie. Penny Wilkins, Linda Yeaman, Joey Zeiler, 
Donna Stone, Pat Warren, Deanna McCame, Frau Waters, Lisa Brown, Bill Cashman. 

Baptist Student Union 



Religious Life at Elon College 

Much time and 
energy went into the 
making of . . . 
"Celebration '82" 

Since its organization in 1962 by Dr. 
Jack White, the Emanons has made quite a 
name for itself. As an All-American Enter- 
tainment Troupe for the U.S. Navy, the 
band has performed at the Roosevelt 
Roads Naval Base in Puerto Rico; Europe- 
an performances include concerts in Lon- 
don, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Manngeim 
and Luxemburg City. Performances in this 
country include an appearance at the New 
York World's Fair, four guest appearances 
at the Annual New York Brass Conference, 
eight appearances at Disney World, a con- 
cert at Lincoln Center, and hundreds of 
programs in colleges and high schools 
from New York City to Miami. 

Dr. Jack White 
Steve Hedrick 
Edwin J. Kimbrough 
Brian Kivett 
Peter Lineberger 
Brian Rollins 
Tommy Hunt 
Robert Griggs 
Rusty Miller 
Lawerence Green 

Jim Clandenin 
Mike Maffeo 
Teresa Anderson 
Dr. David Bragg 
Mike Storck 
Kevin Long 
Patti Costa 
Anthony Turner 
Susan Conner 
Sue Hoggard 
Steve Robertson 







Since its beginning only one year 
ago, the Show Band of the Caroiinas 
"has been entertaining Fighting Chris- 
tian fans at every home football game. 
Led by Dr. Jack White, these enthusias- 
tic musicians really get the crowd go- 
ing." Dr. White has said "The Showband 
is a new concept, one we hope to im- 
prove in the next year." Music per- 
formed by the Showband is a combina- 
tion of Rock-Jazz and the crowds really 
love it. Halftime performances often 
feature members of the Emmanons 
and a performance by the Touch of 
Class Dancers and the Majorettes is al- 
ways enjoyed. 

Emanon's of Elon 

Showband of the Caroiinas 




/ -^ '«'<' 

vt '^ 

' \ 


- ^ 

1 . "^" 

^- ■ 


- . 

^ i\ 












T. White, *Danny Graham, *Daniel Thore, Chris Keeley, Coach 
lorningstar, Pat Sellars, Barry Pilson, *Keith Decker, Dr. Young. 

Bob Morningstar is the Head Coach of the re- 
urning veterans who hope to successfully defend 
he Fightin' Christians' newly-won National Cham- 

Thore earned NAIA All-American status as well 
IS All-Conference and All-District awards as did 
eammate Danny Graham, who also comes back 
or his senior season with Elon. Terry Rust, also an 
\ll-Conference and All-District selection, returns 
ilong with standout 1982 performers such as 
)hris Keeley, Barry Pilson, Scott Carney, Greg Ha- 
ey, and Fred Evans. 

' The Fightin' Christians will feature much-needed 
iepth this season with the addition of Freshmen 

Keith Decker - A two time 
All-American led the team to 
a National Championship! 

Greg Bennett of Reidsville who was a conference 
medalist, and Clay Jones of Winston-Salem who 
finished sixth in the North Carolina High School 
Tournament. These additions will be key ones as 
Elon attempts to make up for the loss of two-year 
All-American Keith Decker. 

"We have some good golfers coming in to go 
with our veterans," said Morningstar. "We should 
have a good year and be able to defend our nation- 
al title." 



Michelle Palumto' 

'Ms Its. 

Susan Nardi 

Beth Greco 

Men and Women 

looking forward 

to successful seasons 

Women's Tennis 

The 1983 Women's Tennis Team, coached by Karen 
Garden, is a rather "young" team this year consisting 
of three sophomores and four freshmen. They are 
continuing to show improvement and hope to advance 
from their 9-8 record of last year. The team is ranked 
as: Beth Cogan in the #1 spot, Michelle Palumbo in 
the #2 spot, Susan Nardi in the #3 spot, Laura 
Simmerman in the #4 spot. Missy Jones in the #5 
spot, Beth Greca in the #6 spot, and Gindy Frick in 
the #7 spot. 

^-^ Men's Tennis 

The 1983 Men's Tennis Team is looking forward to a 
good season this year and really hope to improve their * 
14-3 record of last year. This year they have twoj 
outstanding freshmen: Billy Mitchell from Danville, Va.| 
and Matt Chandler from Durham, N.G. Their Head 
Coach Danny Morrison feels that he really has a good 
team this year and is sure they will up their record 
from last year. The team is ranked as follows: Billy 
Mitchell in the #1 spot, Mike Bestler in the #2 spot, 
Steve Richard in the #3 spot, Chris Gilbert in the #4 
spot, Dave Williams in the #5 spot, Matt Chandler in 
the #6 spot, Keith Burris in the #7 spot, Andy Hall in 
the #8 spot, and Kevin Howard in the #9 spot. 

Missy Jones 

Laura Simmerman 




/ . 



[* 4 







Elon baseball looks forward 

1982 Fightin' Christian Prospectus 

After last year's 21-17 finish, the Fightin' Chris- 
tians return with depth, defense, and youth on 
the plus side. Young but experienced are the 
best ways to describe this season's expectations as 
they try to capture the Carolines Conference and 
Districts 26 championship. 

1982: The Fightin' Christians were ranked In the 
top 20 for most of the season but dropped out 
during the last week. The Christians finished in a tie 
for third in the Carolinas Conference Tournament. 

1982 marked the end of several outstanding base- 
ball careers. 

Hitters: Gone are outfielder Darrell Wallace who 
established a school record with 101 stolen bases; 
reliever Allen Pritchard who led the NAIA in 1980 
and 1981 in earned run average; and Craig Newton 
who clouted 11 home runs in 1982. Also gone are 
Robert Davenport and Dennis Diceglio who had out- 
standing senior years for the Fightin' Christians. 

1983 Outlook 

DEPTH AND DEFENSE: The 1983 Fightin' Christians 
will return starters in all but three positions, with 
several quality performers waiting in the wings for 
just a chance to play. 


'jt0aa^tmfi»imi»* '?*'.''':- 

^ J^Jlfc ' . -^ " -»'*»■ J*rf^*»\ *■ 

to a new season 

# <tm» 






All photos by Ron Krupa 


FIRST BASE — Maurice Morton returns after clout- 
ing a .400 batting average in 1982. He will be 
backed up by transfer David Donahue, who will also 
see action as a pinch hitter and a Designated hitter. 
SHORT STOP — Sophomore David Osteen returns 
after compiling a .311 batting average while also 
doubling as the Christians' number one pitcher. Os- 
teen and freshman Greg Harris will both see a lot of 
playing time in '83. 

SECOND BASE — Frank Manship returns for his 
junior year and compiled a .317 batting average in 
1982. Manship will be backed by Jeff Neufang and 
Tim Patton who will also see duty on occasion. 
THIRD BASE — Barney Crump, a freshman from 
South Stanley High School, mans the hot corner, 
backed by sophomore pitcher Barry Culberson. 
OUTFIELD — The Elon outfield is young but exper- 
ienced. Sophomore Randy Enoch who hit .578 in a 
part-time role last year Brad Comer, another sopho- 
more, and Lenny Tate, a freshman, will all vie for a 
field slot. They will experience a strong challenge 
from transfer Danny Thompson from Coastal Caroli- 
na who played in the NAIA College World Series in 
1982. Marty Gorski, a junior college transfer from 
New York, moves to center field replacing Darrell 
Wallace. He is flanked by Joel Weiss who hit .363 and 
six home runs in 1982. 

CATCHER — Ken Comer returns for his senior cam- 
paign. With a hitting record of .283 in 1982, Comer 
was the mainstay of the Christians infield, throwing 
out over 75% of all runners who challenged his 
strong arm. Comer will be backed up by senior co- 
captain Nathan Wiles who hit a respectable .428 as 
a pinch hitter and a designated hitter in 1982. Rand 

Enoch and Dan Gallagher, both sophomores, will aiso 
see action. 

PITCHING - Starting pitcher for the Fightin' Chris- 
tians remains in tact with several new promising 
additions. David Osteen returns as the Christians' 
top hurler, posting a 4-1 record, along with sopho- 
more John Driscoll who posted a 4-2 slate, and Barry 
Culberson (3-4). All three are hard throwers with 
good control. Juniors Scott Hall and William Alex- 
ander also give added depth to the Christians' pitch- 
ing staff. Freshmen John Krahe and Greg Harris will 
add needed depth to the Christian mound crop. The 
relief corps will be led by Scott Hall, Billy Bostick, 
and William Alexander with lefthanders Phillip Griffin 
and Robby Schoonover expected to see action. 

According to Fightin' Christian mentor Bob 
McMee, "If our pitching and our defense stay 
healthy, we expect to be in a lot of ball games. 
Depth, defense and pitching will definitely be the 
keys to success in 1983 for the Fightin' Christians. 
We have some established players and it should 
prove to be another exciting year on collegiate base- 
ball at Elon College for both players and fans. We are 
looking forward to an outstanding season, including 
games with ACC perennial NCAA power Virginia Tech 
University. Several other games with Bloomsburg 
State College, Kutztown State College and Susque- 
hanna University have been scheduled, plus our 
traditional games with Campbell University and 
North Carolina A & T University makes for an excit- 
ing non-conference schedule, in addition to our al- 
ways tough NAIA District 26 and Carolina Confer- 
ence schedule makes for an exceptionally exciting 
season of baseball at Elon." 







Elon College - 1982 

Duke - 6-0 
N.C. Wesleyan - 2-0 
UNC-Chapel Hill - 2-0 
Barber-Scotia - 2-0 
Atlantic Christian - 1-2 
East Carolina — 0-1 
High Point - 1-1 
Guilford - 0-3 

Regular 6-7-3 

Pembroke - 3-2 
Pfeiffer - 3-3 
UNC-Asheville - 0-2 
Ungate - 0-3 
Catawba - 1-2 
UNC-Greensboro - 1-0 
Belmont-Abby - 2-2 
Campbell - 4-1 

District 5-2-3 







Fighting Cliristians Take District 

Elon chalked up another successful 
season, capturing the district 
title for the 3rd year 

This year Elon completed another outstanding sea- 
son. With a conference record of 5-2-0, and an overall 
record of 7-3-0, all District and SAC-8 honors were 
inevitable. Members chosen from among the Elon 
ranks vi/ere: All District 26, first team . . . Kelly Stan- 
ley, TE; Eddie Hernandez, L; Stanley Tootoo, LB; sec- 
ond team . . . Steve Vargas, WR; Mike Edmonson, B; 
AII-SAC-8 honors went out to, first team . . . Stanley 
Tootoo, LB; Kelly Stanley, punter, TE; Clint York, C; 
second team . . . John Bangley, QB; Steve Vargas, V\/r; 
Eddie Hernandez, OT. A special congratulations to 

i>^ M t« «» iMr n <ia»« 

Stanley, who was chosen as SAC-8 de- 
fensive player of the year. 

Mars Hill . . . September 8, 31-0 

The Elon College Fightin' Christians 
overcame shaky first half performance 
and numerous penalties to hand the 
Mars Hill Lions, 31-0 defeat as the 
defending NAIA National Champions 
opened their 1982 campaign. 

After the two teams spent much of 
the first quarter exchanging fumbles 
and penalties, Elon engineered a drive 
late in the second quarter which cov- 
ered 95 yards and was capped by 
Mitchell Ryan's one-yard touchdown 
run. Phil Renn booted the extra point 
to give Elon a 7-0 advantage. 

Mars Hill then fumbled ensuing kick- 
off, and the Fightin' Christians recov- 
ered it on their own 27-yard line. Elon 
made good the opportunity as quarter- 
back John Bangley tossed a five-yard 
scoring strike to Steve Vargas eight 
plays later to send Elon to the halftime 
dressing room with a 14-0 lead. 

The Fightin' Christians drove into 
Mars Hill territory once again in the 
third quarter but the advancement 
was halted by a Fred Jordan fumble at 
the Mars Hill 27-yard line. However, 
Lion quarterback Daryl Roberts fum- 
bled the ball back to Elon on the first 
play from scrimmage and the Fightin' 
Christians went on to take a 17-0 lead 
on Renn's 27-yard field goal. 

After the Elon kick-off. Mars Hill 
again fumbled the ball and the Fightin' 



Christians pounced on it at the Lion 18-yard line. Five 
plays later Bangley connected with Jay Simmons on a 
five-yard touchdown pass for a 24-0 Elon lead. 

The Christians engineered one final drive midway 
through the fourth period. After Elon covered 42 
yards in just four plays, Ryan scampered in from 11 
yards out to hand Elon its winning margin. 

Guilford . . . September 18, 41-6 victory 

John Bangley connected on 13 to 16 passes for 
210 yards and two touchdowns to lead Elon to a 41-6 
win over the Quakers. 

Elon victimized Guilford on the ground as well, as 
Fred Jordan rushed for 73 yards while Mitchell Ryan 
netted 71 yards. 

The Fightin' Christians struck early in the first 
quarter as Bangley capped a 67-yarder with a six-yard 
touchdown run. However, the Quakers quickly an- 
swered on their next possession by moving 74-yards 
on just 13 plays. Larry Lindsey crossed the goal line 
from four yards out for the score but Guilford missed 
the extra point try and remained one point behind. 

Elon exploded for 24 points in the second quarter 
to amass what would prove to be an insurmountable 
lead. Fred Jordan scampered, in from 12 yards out to 
give the Christians a 14-6 lead. After Guilford lost a 
fumble deep in Elon territory just minutes later. Bang- 
ley engineered a short drive which was completed 
With a three-yard scoring strike to Berkley Gore. On 
the Quaker's next possession the Elon defense got 
into the scoring act as Bill Jessup carried a blocked 
punt into the end zone from the three yard line to put 
Elon on top by a 28-6 margin. 

Phil Renn booted a 25-yard field goal just before 
the half to send the Christians off the field with a 31-6 

The Quaker defense stiffened in the second half; 
however, Bangley added some insurance points at the 
close of the third quarter with a 22-yard touchdown 
pass to Steve Vargas. Renn closed out the Elon scoring 
in the final moments of the third quarter with a 43- 
yard field goal. 

Carson-Newman . . . September 25, 21-14 victory 

The Elon team overcame a 14 point first half deficit 
in a narrow 21-14 victory over the Eagles. 

Carson-Newman grabbed an early first quarter 
lead in a dramatic way as quarterback Jeff Joslin 
launched a 62-yard touchdown pass to Donnie Sand- 
ers just minutes into the game. The Eagles added to 
that margin at the close of the quarter as Melvin 
Melton picked off a John Bangley pass and transport- 
ed it 85-yards for a Carson-Newman touchdown and a 
14-0 lead. 

)efensive Co-Ordlnator, Gary VanDam, talks strategy with captain Stanley Tootoo 


Mars Hill 














Gardner- Webb 




Winston-Salem St. 


Kelly Stanley. All-District, AII-SAC-8. SAC-8 Defensive player of the year; 
"Two out of three ain't bad, 3 out of 4 will be better . . . F.I.D.O." 

However, Elon recovered quickly as Bangley di- 
rected an 80-yard scoring drive which was high- 
lighted by a 47-yard pass play to Fred Jordan and 
capped with Mitch Ryan's two-yard touchdown 

The Chirstians put together another drive in the 
final seconds of the first half as Bangley moved 
Elon 63-yards and knotted the score with a three- 
yard touchdown pass to Steve Vargas. 

A scoreless defensive battle raged in the third 
period as both defenses tightened. Elon finally 
received the break they needed midway through 
the fourth quarter as Elon pounced on an Eagle 
fumble at the Carson-Newman 33-yard line. Two 
plays later Jordan scampered 20-yards for the 
deciding touchdown. 

Lenoir-Rhyne . . . October 2, 16-7 loss 

Lenoir-Rhyne did most of their damage in the 
opening quarter. With 9:23 remaining, Long con- 
nected for a 22-yard field goal to put the Bears up 
3-0. Midway through the quarter Lenoir-Rhyne run- 
ning sensation Glenn Ford raced 45 yards down the 
sideline to hand the Bears a 10-0 advantage. 

Just two minutes later Elon put its only points of 
the game on the board when John Bangley drove 
Elon 78 yards for a touchdown. From the Lenoir- 
Rhyne 37-yard line he delivered a touchdown pass 
to Jessie Jones. 

Midway through the second quarter Long kicked 
his second field goal, a 24-yard effort which put 
the Bears up 13-7 as the two teams entered the 
dressing room. 

Lenoir Rhyne increased the margin for the final 
time late in the third quarter as Long sailed a 38- 
yarder through the uprights. 

Early in the Fourth quarter Elon engineered a 
71-yard drive which carried them to the Lenoir 19- 
yard line. With 12:46 left to play Ted Ash intercept- 
ed an Elon pass leading to a time consuming Bear 


Defense strikes . . . 

Wofford . . . October 9, 38-7 loss 

Tailback Eddie Maddox rushed tor 140 yards as 
the Wotford College Terriers upset the Christians 
and handed them their second consecutive loss. 

By combining a powerful running game with a 
flawless passing attack, Wofford amassed 511 
yards of total offense while the Terrier defense held 
Elon to 249 yards 

Wofford wasted little time in taking the lead in 
the contest as Craig Best dashed 93-yards for a 
touchdown on the opening kickoff. Minutes later 
the Terriers added three more points to their lead 
as Don Hairston connected for a 23-yard field goal. 

The Christians scored their only touchdown of 
the game in the final minutes of the first quarter 
when Fred Jordan scampered 13-yards for the 
score to pull Elon to within three points at 10-7. 

In the opening moments of the second quarter 
Wofford increased its lead as Charlie Bradshaw 
delivered a 66-yard touchdown pass to Roff Hays. 
The terriers struck again in the final seconds of the 
half as Bernard Wilson capped a 93-yard drive with 
a two-yard touchdown. 

Wofford put together two additional scoring 
marches in the second half while the Terrier de- 
fense kept the Fightin' Christians pinned in their 
own territory. Midway through the third quarter 
Bradshaw scored from the three-yard line to in- 
crease the Terrier lead to 31-7. Wofford put the 
final touches on the win in the final quarter as 
Maddox reached the end zone from 14 yards out. 

Ken Tatko led Elon tacklers with five solo tack- 
les and five assists. 

Presbyterian . . . October 16, 31-16 loss 

Presbyterian tailback Phillip Rippy rushed for 
106-yards while cornerback Charles Huff pulled 
down two pass interceptions as the Blue Hose 
defeated Elon. 

Elon opened the contest with a long scoring 

drive which was capped by John Bangley's two- 
yard touchdown pass to Berkley Gore. However, 

Presbyterian quickly tied the score on the ensuing 
kickoff as Huff dashed 89-yards for a touchdown. 

The Blue Hose took the lead late in the quarter as 
Doug Culler booted a 42-yarder to put them up 10-7. 

Midway through the second quarter Fightin' Chris- 
tian kicker Phil Renn tied the score once again with a 
52-yard field goal after the Blue Hose defense had 
stopped Elon near midfield. The tie was a short lived 
one however, as Presbyterian answered just minutes 
later on Rippy's 27-yard touchdown run. 

After the two teams fought through a scoreless 
third quarter Presbyterian put the contest out of 
reach in the final minutes of the contest. With 6:23 
remaining the Blue Hose took a 24-10 advantage 
when Curtis Burton capped a drive with an 11-yard 
touchdown scamper 

With 39 seconds showing on the clock, Presbyteri- 
an put the final touches on the win when Huff inter- 
cepted his second pass of the evening and carried it 
47-yards for a touchdown. 

The Christians pieced together a desperation drive 
with less than a minute remaining. After Presbyterian 
was penalized for pass interference in the end zone, 
backup quarterback Boyd Byerly tossed a two-yard 
touchdown pass to Steve Vargas narrowing the mar- 

Johnny Jacobs led the Elon offense with 62 yards 
rushing. Kelly Stanley enjoyed an outstanding perfor- 
mance as he averaged 51 yards per punt, including a 
76-yard spiral. 

Catawba . . . October 23, 29-22 victory 

Quarterback John Bangley connected on seven of 
15 passes for 164 yards and one touchdown as Elon 
snapped a three-game losing streak with a hard fought 
29-22 victory over the Catawba Indians. 

The contest was also highlighted by the return of 
Elon's Ail-American linebacker Stanley Tootoo, who 
had been sidelined for the past three weeks with a 
back injury. 

The Fightin' Christians grabbed the lead early in 
the opening quarter as Bangley dived in from the one- 
yard line. The Indians quickly answered with a scoring 
drive which was capped by Larry Brown's two-yard 
run. However, Catawba failed on its extra point at- 
tempt and trailed 7-6. 

After a Christian drive failed in the opening minutes 
of the second quarter, kicker Phil Renn put Elon on top 
10-6 with a 44-yard boot. 

The Indians then struck for two scores to capture 
the lead. The first came when Catawba quarterback 
Ron Arant bounced a pass off the hands of his intend- 
ed receiver and into those of Brown who sprinted 60 
yards for the touchdown. Just minutes later Jeff 
Coulter added a field goal to put Catawba on top 16- 

The Fightin' Christians came back with a drive 
which was capped by Darryl Brown's one-yard plunge. 

Captain Quinton Ballard, makes the initial hit to Carson-Newman running back . . . 

Just before the half Renn kicked a 38-yard 
goal to send Elon to the dressing roon" 
with a 19-16 lead. 

The Elon defense silenced the Indians 
in the third quarter while Renn added 
another field goal — a 43-yard effort tc 
put the Christians up 22-16. 

Bangley's 47-yard touchdown pass tc 
Steve Vargas at the beginning of the final 
quarter proved to be the winning score 
Catawba pulled to within one touchdowr 
of Elon at the close of the contest as 
Arant completed a five yarder to Rickey 

A much more cohesive Elon offense 
produced 356 yards during the afternoofi 
while 3 revitalized Elon defense, undoubt 
ediy sparked by Tootoo's five solo tackles 
and SIX assists held the Indians to 266 

Gardner-Webb ... October 30, 19-17 

John Bangley completed 14 of 23 
passes for 221 yards and a touchdown as 
Elon upset Gardner-Webb. 

The Christians quieted the capacity 
homecoming crowd early in the first quar- 
ter with a 89-yard scoring drive that was 
capped by Bangley's four-yard scoring 

However, the Bulldog contingent was 
brought back to life in the opening mo- 
ments of the second quarter when Jamie 
Pope took a handoff on the Gardner-Webb 

?4-yard line and raced 76 yards for a touchdown to 
<not the score at 7-7. 

Just two minutes later kicker Phil Renn salvaged 
three points out of a stalled Elon drive with a 46 yard 
field goal that put Elon back on top. But, Webb fought 
back on its next possession as freshman quarterback 
Brian Boyd, who was filling in for the injured Bulldog 
star Chip Stuart, engineered a 89-yard drive which he 
:ompleted with a 25-yard touchdown pass to Wayne 

The Fightin' Christians managed to pull to within 
3ne point of Webb in the closing moments of the first 
half on Renn's 24-yard goal which left the score at 14- 

Elon regained the advantage midway through the 
third period on Bangley's 22-yard touchdown strike to 
Jessie Jones. Phil Renn added the extra point to put 
the Christians on top 19-14. 

Strangled by a Elon defense which seemed to tight- 
3n in the second half, the Gardner-Webb offense could 
only pull to within two points of Elon in the fourth 
quarter. With 11:06 left in the game Bulldog kicker 
Carlisle Koonts booted a 31-yard field goal to make 
the score 19-17, but Webb could get no closer. 

The Elon passing game was powered by receivers 
Steve Vargas and Jessie Jones, who combined for 201 
yards on just 11 attempts. 

Newberry . . . November 6, 33-16 victory 

John Bangley completed 16 of 23 passes for 243 
yards and three touchdowns to lead the Fightin' Chris- 
tians to a 33-16 victory over the Newberry Indians 
before a Parents' Day weekend crowd. 

After falling behind 3-0 early in the first quarter on 
a 26-yard field goal by Newberry kicker Eddie Taylor, 
Bangley gave the Christians the lead they never relin- 
.juished with a 30-yard touchdown run. 

Newberry fought back in the second quarter as 

Mike Motley scored from seven yards out to pull the 
Indians to within four points at 14-10. Bangley an- 
swered on Elon's next series with a scoring drive that 
was capped by a 47-yard touchdown to Kelly Stanley. 
After the extra point try by Phil Renn was blocked, the 
Christians led by 10. 

The Fightin' Christians put together another scor- 
ing effort just before the half with Darryl Brown 
scoring on a one-yard plunge to put Elon on top 26-10. 

Late in the third quarter Bangley put the contest 
out of reach with a 43-yard aerial to Jessie Jones that 
gave the Christians a 33-10 advantage. 

The Elon defense prevailed for the remainder of the 
game and Newberry could manage just one more 
score — a six yarder by Motley which cut Elon's 
winning margin to 33-16. 

Elon running back Fred Jordan finished the after- 

. , Ballard is lomed by Grady Williams ... Ken Tatko adds the finishing touch. 

noon with 83 yards rushing on 14 attempts while 
Mitch Ryan totaled 68 yards on just eight carries. 

Winston-Salem State . . . November 13, 21-7 victory 

Running back Ray Dalton rushed for 83 yards and 
two touchdowns as the Elon College Fightin' Chris- 
tians closed out their 1982 season with a 21-7 win. 

Winston-Salem State and penalties dominated the 
first half of play. The Rams scored early in the first 
quarter when Ronnie Johnson plunged in from the 
eight-yard line. But there was to be no additional 
scoring in the half as both teams saw drives brought 
to an end by numerous penalties and turnovers. By 
the end of the first half nine penalties had been called 
totaling 85 yards and each team had lost two fumbles. 

The Christians tied the score at the beginning of 
the third quarter when Mitch Ryan capped an Elon 
drive with a 14-yard touchdown run. 

Elon took the lead on its next possession when 
Dalton crossed the goal line on a 15-yard touchdown 


The Christian defense protected 
that lead for the remainder of the con- 
test. Elon added an insurance touch- 
down midway through the fourth quar- 
ter as Dalton scored from seven yards 

John Bangley led the passing attack 
as he completed nine of 21 passes for 
118 yards. His favorite target was Jes- 
sie Jones, who netted 85 yards on five 

It was the referees who saw most of 
the action. By the end of the game 17 
flags had been thrown totaling 187 
yards in penalties. 


District 3-13 

Co-captains: Dee Wardlaw & Susan 
Overall 10-22 Overby 

Working Together 

Playing Together 
nning Together 

Coach Karen Carden 

1st row — Beth Gardner, mgr; Denise Evans; Faith Pitts: Rhonda Penson; Necia Meadows; Susan Overby, co-capt.; Dee Wardlaw, co-capt.; Diana 
Curry, mgr 2nd row — Gen McGarry; Lelia Gentry; Alicia Gaddy; Lisa Knight; Pam Moore; Doreen Williams. 



It has been another building year for the women's 
Volleyball team. Suffering heavily from losses due to 
graduation, the team relied heavily on freshman play- 
ers to fill the gaps. The losses were not due to a lack 
of talent, nor to a lack of enthusiasm. It was more a 
matter of combining the right players on the court at 
the right time. Co-Captains Susan Overby and Dee 
Wardlaw worked hard to fire the spirits that kept the 
team together and working. The efforts of these two 
often made the difference in the match since many 
contests are won on attitude. 

Coach Karen Carden has built a fine program here 
at Elon and preparation begins early in the summer 
and continues through the off season as well. Plans 
for the future include increased off-season training 
and possibly summer camp. With the majority of the 
team returning, things look promising for the now 
mature team. 


Freshman Faith Pitts led Elon's offense this season with her fierce 

198. Momens Basketball 






Wingate 58-60 
Guilford 63-75 
Atlantic Christian 87-82 
Guilford 74-73 
Glenville 70-73 
Radford 80-57 
Atlantic Christian 74-61 
Pembroke 86-68 
Lenoir-Rhyne 66-82 
Catawba 50-91 
High Point 42-77 
Atlantic Christian 77-74 

Wingate 85-70 
Campbell 92-60 
Winston-Salem 65-68 
Catawba 61-63 
UNC-Greensboro 64-68 
Pembroke 67-64 
Pfeiffer 65-88 
Fayetteville St. 83-91 
High Point 55-74 
Campbell 70-67 
Guilford 83-76 
Guilford (Tourn.) 77-100 
Pembroke (Tourn.) 85-65 

26 Games; 786 Field Goals; 293 Free Throws; 882 
Rebounds; 196 Assists 










^ ^: .^ 


i I ■ 

"It has been a building year, ' said the head coacli^of 
the Women's Basketball team, Mary Jackson. They 
had a hard fought season being a young team with a 
14-12 record overall. Coach Jackson feels that next 
year should be a very good one due to the many 
strong players which will be returning next year wiyi- 
some new recruits. The outstanding players whtTare 
returning are Donna Trollinger, an all. conference and 
all district player for the secoryty^Tin a row, Renate 
Costnar, Jamie McNeelgyr'^ Susan Overby. These 
are three strori^>tf36y players who are sure to help 
the teami»)(tyear. Also they have a transfer student, 
C.jthf1ones, who became eligible after Christmas, 
^ith these and many other valuable players, next year 
is sure to be a winning season. 
PLAYERS: Renate Costner, Erika Gunter, Cathy Jones, 
Geri McGarry, Jamie McNeely, Necie Meadows, Jade 
Nicholas, Susan Overby, Faith Pitts, Kim Smith, Donna 
Trollinger, Dee Dee Wardlaw, Susan Wilson. 




mj; 29 games, Elon had racked up 2,480 
11$, 1228 rebounds and 407 turnovers . 







• i« 


(V/n;3/e «5-i05 

Greensboro 89-95 

Findlay 99-108 

Catawba 92-79 

Lynchburg 75-89 

Belmont Abbey 80-71 

Lenoir-Rhyne 96-82 

Pembroke 65-99 

Lynchburg 68-79 

Pleiffer 99-77 

Atlantic Christian 177-104 

Atlantic Christian 113-98 

Methodist 80-88 

Campbell 83-68 

Guilford 70-78 

High Point 78-83 

Catawba 101-72 

Guilford 103-74 

Pfeilfer 97-67 

Pfeiffer 81-89 

High Point 86-70 

Pembroke 71-60 

Belmont Abbey 74-73 

"We have a young team, but we are bringing in some good players this season. 
If we can strengthen our front court and get good performances out of our 
returnees, then we have a good chance of greatly improving last year's 
record." Coach Bill Morningstar 

7m^' ■ 

m ^^ 






After a disappointing 7-21 season a year ago, Elon bas- 
ketball coach Bill Morningstar is counting on improvement 
from a squad that features several returning starters. 

Returning in the Fightin' Christian back court will be the 
duo of Al Beck and Mel Melton. Beck, a 6' sophomore from 
Burlington, enjoyed a fine campaign last season in w/hich he 
averaged over 10 points per game and dished out 52 
assists. Melton, a 6'3" junior from Greensboro, connected 
for an average of 11.1 points per game w/hile recording 86 

Backing up Melton and Beck v^ill be three new/comers — 
Steve Page of Yanceyville, Junior Raymond Tyson of Gold- 
ston and Donnell Rivers of Wilmington. Rivers and Page 
were both All-Conference selections. Page also garnered the 
Mid-State Conference Player of the Year Award and was 
Honorable Mention All-State. 

Three veterans are competing for the center spot. Jay 
Lee, a 6'9" sophomore from Burlington appears to have a 
slight edge for the starting nod. Paul Rhodes, 67" junior 
from Luray, VA, and a 6'8" junior, Asheville native Peter 
Dolan, will also see plenty of action in the pivot. 

Four newcomers are competing for the starting spot as 
forwards. The two leading candidates are 6'4" Charlotte 
native Bengie Tate and 6'2" Joe DeShazo of Virgilina, VA. 
DeShazo is a transfer from Nassau Junior College while Tate 
comes to Elon from North Greenville Junior College. Both 
received All-Star recognition at those respective colleges. 
Another transfer, from Brevard, 6'6" Craig Wilson of Greens- 
boro, will bolster the Elon front court along with Sumter, SC 
native Craig Singleton. Singleton, 6'3" freshman, was an All- 
Conference selection at Sumter High School. 



~ i-^^ S ^ 

* ■ m ■ 1 m t 


3t^Q§f -fTJ 


^JTW^Ea' I^^ 

1982-83 Wrestling squad captures title 

Junior Jay Lineberry 
takes a trip to the state 
tournament in North Dakota 



After winning the Carolina Conference 
and placing sixth in the District, one can 
easily say that the 1982 Men's Wrestling 
team had a successful season. Head Coach 
Mike Cox had a great team and a good exam- 
ple of this is the most outstanding wrestler, 
Jay Fineberry, who placed third in the 118- 
pound division in the NAIA National Wrestling 
Tournament. This is his second year in a row 
of being a NAIA All American. They are look- 
ing forward to another great season next 
year. Also, another positive note: Coach Cox 
was awarded coach of the year for the sec- 
ond year in a row. 





**.«; ' 

Elon's own . . . 


Touch of Class 


Last year's Lacrosse . . . 

A^ '■^- 


1982-83 Lacrosse, a growing program gathering steam and moving ahead faster 
than any program on campus. Twenty men practice every day, no scholarships, plenty 
of bruises and getting better everyday. Elon's lacrosse team is actually a club, they 
receive $500 dollars from Student Government to help with expenses but that doesn't 
go far when you consider the cost of transporting 20 fellows, coaches, scorekeepers, 
and equipment from one game to the next. Look around and you won't find a more 
enthusiastic group on campus. Elon's competition is tough but they fair well. Their 
season is an even 50-40 split right now against teams like Clemson, Davidson, and area 
Lacrosse Clubs. This years team members are . . . 


Berry Merridith 

Carl Metzker 

Joe Scholl 

Bruce McHugh 


Art Griffin 

Steve Burke* 

Peter Farrell 

Harry Watson 

Mike McNeese 

Richard Enos 

Billy Davis 

Richard Young 



Kris McKaig* 

Kenneth Markosky 

Mel Stowers 

Jim Ayers 

Clark Price 


Pete Corlson 

Scott Montgomery 

J.D. Stewart 

George Taylor 

Mike Stork 


Cheerleading is more than bright smiles . . . 
it's hard work, long hours & sore muscles . . . 

&r^ I 

I ■ as -Tr 

. . . but it's worth it!!! 


The Elon Fighting Christian cheerleading squad is again this year cheering their 
football team towards another hopeful NAIA National Championship. The 
squad is under the direction of Barbara Yarborough. They are dedicated to 
the teams at Elon and raise the spirits at every game they attend with their 
flashy smiles and unlimited number of acrobatic stunts. Forming pyra- 
mids, inclines and aerial formations looks as easy as jumping rope when 
performed by this squad. Their limbs seem as agile as rubber bands 
and their muscles as hrm as any athlete on campus. Yarborough, who 
has coached cheerleading for 20 years, has been at Elon eight of 
those 20 and feels that this year's group is her most dedicated at 
Elon. The squad spends 12-15 hours a week practicing cheers and 
stunts for the games. Additional hours are spent making posters 
and baking cakes for the players. The young ladies can be seen 
regularly carrying across campus emaculate cakes with en- 
couraging messages written in confectionary ink. "This 
makes the players appreciate that we are here," said Rene 
Revels who is co-captain of the squad. This year's squad 
members are Susan Woff, Rene Revels, Dave Gandy, Kay 
Morrison, Suzzanne Fishel, Jimmy Green, Joanne Beitel, 
Julie Feddurchuck, and Jeff Evans. Most of the squad 
members en|oy gymnastics, dancing, and most any 
physical activity. Their majors range from Physical 
Education to Human Services and some even have 
double majors. Yarborough says her squad is 
^ strong and unselfish when it comes to time. 
"Cheering is a sport, and I couldn't praise this 
group enough." 


X ► 

JJear C^ion. 

1 ( '01 { '! Mere 3 am a ienior! J can I iJieue four t^eari kaie reallif gone fcy. J.ike 
a t^pUal ienior iLle ijeari ueni iij loo (ail. Ml J (ooL Licd iLuglt. J can remember io 
manu UfiCifling and fun memoriel. 

ilL freiliman ifear a different ^ear. 111^ Leil friend from home Cited willi me in 
Slaleu anJ we uenI Io f^afeiglt pifry ueeLnJ — when ike Iraniferred home. J began 
gelling invoLeJ in iomelliing lerg ipeciat Io me. J" remember ieeing girli ilanding 
ouliiJe of J^ong icreaming. koliering. and carrying on. 3 wondered what Iheif were 
Joing — we((. lltal one speciaf iking ikal kappened Io me wai Joining a iororilg. ^Mere 
3 found ike frienJi. love, and growlk 3 needed Io move on in life. 

Wu next Iwo geari at ickooi flew kg. 3 rememker fralernilg partiei. partiei up in 
ikirj niofflll — ike Zoo. Cjireek Iteeki, pizza eating, walking acroii tke tundra 
ukiek ii now a new dorm, ieeing tke college grow and kou could j) forget working in 
_/4^-/4 cafe for ikree geari. ZJkere are io mang memoriei one could go on but thoie 
memoriei kept me kere at Clon. 3 ikared tkem witk mg ipeciat friendi. 

Ilou it i time to tkink of moving on. leaving cloie friendi 3 ve kad for tke moil ipe- 
ciat part of mg life, and go out into tke real world . 

■Clon kai done muck for me. and 3 kope evergone kere can alio experience tke ^ood 
limei and friendikipi. Kegardleii of wkere 3 go, wko 3 meet, or wkal 3 kecome, it i ike 
friendi and memoriei of college tkat 3 (I kold verg cloie to me. 
Okougk we mag not iee muck of eack otker jf know wken we do it wi 
tike tke good ol dagi at Lion. Zdriendi from io mang different 
ilatei and backgroundi, kul we all kave a cloie feeling — one 
no otker friend will ever ikare . . . ZJkanki for Ihoie 
ipeciat memoriei. 

JLiz J-iicKman 









Greeks at Elon College, they provide some of the spice in every- 
one's life. Can you imagine w/hat the year would be like w/ithout the 
Greeks? Imagme, no Rush parties in the fall — helping the 
Freshman get to know some of the girls on campus, no football 
parties — helping the guys get to know some of the freshman 
girls. What if there were no more Wednesdays at Ramada, specials 
at Dewers or The Lighthouse. What would fall and spring be 
without Open House and the Sorority Circle. We might even be 
forced to do some studying in the library if there were no more 
pledge classes tramping through or "studying." And, worst of all, 
what if there was never another Greek Week? Whether you're 
greek or not, that week out of the spring is one to look forward to. 
Fraternities and sorities tend to be loud, crazy, and fun loving — 
and that's one of the reasons they're so special here at Elon. 

Fall Pledges '82 


The Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon 


The Golden Hearts are an important part of Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Fraternity. They are firls who take pride in the fraternity and 
itF undergraduate chapters. They take part in the chapter and 
its activities by participatinr in rush functions, social events, 
pledge education, hostessing . service projects , and inter -fraternal 
co-npetition. In short, the Sisters of the Golden Hearts of rigma 
Phi Epsilon are spirit-builders, respected individuals, and ^ood 

\ I 

The Golden Hearts of Sifna Phi tpsilon 

The Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon — Lon Horton (president), Tracey Moore (vice- 
president), Beth Temple (secretary). Tern Austin (treasurer), Diane Holcomb 
(sweetheart), Linda Beisner, Karen Bond, Abby Coon, Denise Ditzler, Jenny Gardner, Shari 
Gorham, Robyn Herbin, Chen Jordan, Karen Miner, Colleen O'Brien, Carolyn Thompson, Tina 
Thompson, Jo Weller, Melanie Zeller. 


The Little Sisters of Pi Kappa Phi 

The Little Sisters of Pi Kappa Phi — Carolyn Lowery (president), Ann Bollard (vice- 
president), Vicki Sereno (treasorer), Debbie Golden (secretary), Angie Rakes, Ellen 
Holland, Sheila Bailey, Kim Morehouse, Jackie Edwards, Cindy Matkins, Robin Keller, Karen 
Chase, Vicki Anderson, Petty Peterson, Terry Johnson, Kathy Shea, Patty Costis, Karen 
Dewese, Ellen Tomlinson, Beth Overstreet, Lisa Wall. 

The brothers of the Epsiion Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Phi established the 
service organization of the Little Sisters not only to act as official hostesses 
for their functions, but also to help the brothers with PU.S.H. and their other 
community service projects. The brothers are fortunate to have the support of 
this dedicated and hard working group of young women. 



Interfraternal Council 


The Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Jay Altmaire 

The Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon — Jay Altmaire, Trip Amos, Charlie Blair, Mark Brady, 
Milton Campbell, Greg Crowson, Andy Davis, Steve Duff, Buck Fambrough, Jay Gabbert, Jim 
Gallin, Richard Gizzard, Mark James, Mark Kemp, Bill Kirkland, Mick Kial, Jim Lame, Andy 
Midgette, Brian Page, Louis Pages, Gary Parker, Art Raine, Mark Reardon, Mike Pomesburg, 
Rick Sheraton, Lowell Smith, Sperner Smith, Jimi Ray Sutton, Robert Wentz, Jay Williams, 
Robbie Smelkoff, Rob Smart, Israel Hernadez, Mark Brelsford, Steve Williamson, PeeWee 
Herman, Van Shav*, Billy McDaniels. 


The Brothers of Kappa Alpha 

The Brothers of Kappa Alpha — John Aoia, Ken Wheeler, Marshel Kirby, Paul Rhoades, For Harrison, 
Mark Bonderant, Scott Faton, Mark Dennis, Lee Jones, Scott Reynolds, Garth Hauss, Sam Ibrahim, 
Steve Wmfield, Ted Remheimer, Mike Childs, Lou Blakley, Gene Pittman, Rob Morris, Alex Biles, Ed 
Palace, Roger Lanceloti, Dave Moates, Scott Spada, Marash Niki, Jeff Shields, Harold Hill, Jeff 
Michaels, Mark Forlines, Clint Yourk, Frank Hughes, Kyle Dunn, Skip, Jim Watson, Sweetheart — 
Lucy Genova. 


The Brothers of Kappa Sigma 

The Brothers of Kappa Sigma — Greg Blackburn, Wendell Cocke, Eric Cuthbert, Jimmy 
Donnelly, Jay Epperson, Steve Harper, Ron McKaskeo, John Merkel, Dan Talley, Dave Lavery, 
Chris Board, Hal Cole, Bryan Crook, John Fitchett, Mike France, Thad Goodrich, Kevin Hand, 
John High, Carlton Jarratt, Walt Lederle, F W. Lev»is, Tom Lynch, Mike Martin, Chris 
McCracken, Ben Meisel, John Moncure, John Murray, Jay Paul, Marvin Purvis, Keith Smith, 
Billy Streat, Tom Westenhiser, Stuart White, King White. 


The Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi 

The Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi — Mark Brammer (president), Ricky Fain (vice-president), Don 
Deesee (treasurer), MikeMazur (secretary), Steve Clark (warden), David Beahm (chaplain), Ned 
White (historian), Mark Noell, Mark Cheadle, Richard Anderson, Richie Slattery, Billy Peach, Chris 
Moore, Charles Roberson, Kurt Studt, Vic Vickers, David Graham, Scott Martin, John Reaves, David 
Smith, Ralph Mueller, Mike Dolianitis, Rete Giovine, Bill Chenal, Mike Moore, Danny Hart, Bennett 
Whitlock, Bill Lindgren, Karl Lingquist, Duane Gentry. 



The Brothers of Sigma Pi 



The Brothers of Sigma Pi — Doug Sratt — President, Mike Tuttle — Vice-President, Raoal 
Rushin — Treasurer, Andy McCann — 1st Counselor, Steve Mottola — Herald, Bob Moser 
— Secretary, Eric Badgett, Rodney Beebe, Ron Blevins, Doug Bramley, Ken Comer, Marty 
Davidson, James Cheek, Tom Oarkis, Charlie Diehe, Hirram Dillon, Brent Ellis, Greg Jarina, 
Chuck Foley, Bill Hall, Craig Hallman, Mark Hewking, Steve Hunt, Mitch Jacobs, Stuart 
Jessup, Bruce Kantor, Steve Kinder, Scott Kellam, Brad Kesler, Robbie Knight, Rusty Knight, 
James Kouchinsky, Darrell Lea, Clay Lester, C. L. Marshall, James Murphy, Clay Roberson, 
Tripp Owen, Raoal Rushin, Alt Schv»ab, Steve Shv»artz, Michael Scott, Simon Shaw, Mike 
Shoffner, Rob Williams, Blair Woody, Cabell Young. 


The Brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon 

■ r 

The Brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon — Jim BIner, Troy Hams, Rick Heath, Henry Adams, Scott Booth, 
Richard Brooks, Chip Buff, Brian Camper, Clay Coleman, Don Wilson, John Willard, Bob Connington, 
Barry Cox, Jeff Daniels, Paul DeFord, Mitch Flinchum, Steve Foorio, Bill Fanney, Tim Garner, Pete 
Gordan, Phil Williams, John Lecmanic, Dave Harrel, R J. Haveland, Tony Hav»a, Tommy Hunt, George 
Heston, Dean Kempt, Joe Leitner, Dave Morris, Bill Perhem, Mel Stowers, Terry Teramo, Parker 


The Sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha 

The Sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha — Lisa Blackwell, Daria Bray, Pattie Brodie, Celeste Boyd, 
Reacca Bowling, April Buck, Tnsh Byrd, Ariene Came, Sandy Coyle, Kathy Collier, Kim Daniel, 
Beth Davis, Kim Dorsett, Andy Elliot, Virginia Evans, Suzy Folf, Gwynne Gibbs, Jenny 
Gardner, Lydia Grace, Karen Drake, Ginger Gravitte, Anne Hartsoe, Elaine Hamilton, Robin 
Herbin, Ellen Holland, Beth Hungertord, Deborah Jones, Julie Jones Lyons, Julie McGhee, 
Janine Meding, Cyndi Lawson, Cindi Northington, Sandra Perry, Kathy Ray, Laura Reich, 
Molly Sim, Caryl Smith, Maureen Swfeeney, Debra Taylor, Angie Rakes, Mindi Truitt, Megan 
Walsh, Pat Warren, Wendy Warren, Mary Watson, Terrie Young, Bill Hall — Sweetheart, Dr. 
Mary Brittian — Advisor. 


The Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta 

The Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta: Karen Freeman, Kaye Morrison, Wanda Foust, Sheri Harrison, 
Angela Walker, not pictured — Wythene Conyers. 


The Sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma 

The Sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma: Sharon Apple, Patricia Aycock, Lisa Brincesleld, Penny 
Boswell, Stacy Bragg, Sheila Callis, Margaret Cocke, Martha Downey, Pam Elliott, Pam 
Evelyn, Tom Ferguson, Karen Floyd, Nancy Fox, Tammy Franklin, Lucy Genova, Marie 
Harkins, Kim Hayes, Allison Huddle, Kelly Inken, Jill Isaac, Jennifer Klllgore, Cindy Marcum, 
Marci Melhorn, Robin Mitchell, Mindy Moon, Stephanie MurawskI, Dana Murray, Pan 
Overstreet, Sandi Pridgen, Beth Saunders, Sumer Sorrel, Jennifer Sneed, Sherrie Rimmev, 
Mary Watson, Karen Welzant, Julie Worst, Jane Dickenson, Beth Graham, Kellee Cone, Liz 
Cosgrove, Beth Ellis, Diane Freney. 


The Sisters of Phi IVIu 

The Sisters of Phi Mu — Kim Aaron, Lisa Bartoiomeo, Tina Bauer, Jane Beard, Linda Beisner, Patti 
Brammer, Pam Breedlove, Amy Burch, Kyle Campbell Laurie Carter, Susan Chakales, Jan Cox, Terry 
Davis, Becky Dolliver, Stuart Ellis, Julie Fulgham, Ellen Geesely, Janet Glass, Tammy Gordon, Heidi 
Gross, Kyle Henderson, Liz Hickman, Langley Hinchee, Diane Holcome, Tammy Jackson, Cheri 
Jordon, Karen Long, Diane Mann, Angle May, Susan Brooks Miles, Teri Miller, Gail Plummer, Terry 
Reeves, Anne Reynolds, Nanci Robinson, DeeDee Saunders, Annie Spaniol, Kathy Spelman, Julia 
Strange, Ashley Taylor, Georgette Theobold, Jenny Wade, Susanne Walker, Amy Washburn, Ann 
Wickham, Laura Wilson, Ann Wyatt. 


The Sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha 

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha — Melmda Brown (Pres.), Jan Azzerelli (1st Vice Pres.), 
Denise Cummings (2nd Vice Pres.), Julie Jordan (Treasurer), Lisa Murdock (Secretary), 
Lisa Michaud (Historian), Lisa Abernathy, Jackie Boone, Cheryl Bowling, Laura Broome, 
Jenny Bruno, Cindy Cline, Beth Cogan, Lisa Coleman, Jill Davis, Dawn Oenby, Susan Dorman, 
Marsha Farrar, Martha Frye, Pam Gaddis, Shan Gorham, Donna Harrell, Barbie Hess, Sue 
Hoggard, Missy Jones, Marinda Looney, Lisa Lowe, Missy Mann, Susan Marchman, Susan 
McGeehan, Janie McMillan, Twila Nave, Cheryl Pate, Sheena Penn, Lavane Pirkle, Fran Rabil, 
Billie Jean Richards, Pam Sellew, Chelsa Troxler, Susan V\/aff, Beth Waterfield, Kathy Vi/eems, 
Betsy White, Susan White, Kristan Wolter, Barbara Womble, Betsy Woods. 


The Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega 

A$0 National Service Fraternity, Inc., is the world's largest fraternity. It was 
founded in 1925 at Lafayette College in Eastern Pa. The year 1977 was the 
tenth anniversary of the Chapter of AP at Elon College. The chapter was 
reactivated on December 2, 1982. The brothers of A<i>0 chapter believe 
strongly in upholding the traditions of providing service to the campus. 

community, members and the nation as participating citizens. 1982 was a very 
successful year for the brothers of A<J>0. They started the year with fall pledge 
class. They helped aid the children at the Elon Home and handicapped children at 
various recreation departments. This was followed by a few dances, the money 
from this fund raiser was used to provide Thanksgiving dinners to the unfortunate 
along with helping many needy people in the community. The Jewels of A$0 had 
also had a very good year. Along with the dances, they sponsored a Valentine's 
project which was very successful. AP has plans for various projects in the 
spring ... A Mr Elon Contest, Ice Cream Socials, and Bake Sales are a few of the 
fund raisers in the planning stages. Alpha Phi Omega is a non-profit organization, 
the money raised is used to support worthy causes. Alpha Phi Omega operates 
under their main principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. 
Pictured: Row 1 — Harvey Holt, Al Hendricks, Daryl Blackwell, Stanley Haley. Row 
2 — Pamela Jewell, Bernadette Carter, Jackie Marsh, Cynthia Alston. Row 3 — 
Quinton Ballard, Fred Applin, Michael Harper. Not pictured — McSherry Hargrove, 
Ike Credle, Danny Brown, Danny Graham, Billy Thompson, Anthony Turner, James 
Strickland, James Dove, Jewels — Kathy Mays, Vanessa Howard. 


wait in "stark" 
anticipation of the first 
annual streaker's competition 

RE. majors during 

"Simon" Van Dam's 

overload class 



Some students have been at Elon longer than others. 

' "% •%■ 

'''» Iff 


c /* 




William Alexander 

Terry Anderson 

Vicki Anderson 

Ginger Andrews 

Amy Ashburn 

Jerri Austin 

Patricia Ay cock 

Scott Bar bee 

Vohn Belser 
Chris Bowman 

Patti Brammer 
Charles Briggs 
Michael Brown 
Melinda Brown 
Amy Burch 

Keith Burris 

James Burton 

l\/lichelle Claydon 

David Cline 

Sue Clough 

Bill Cocke 

Thomas Coffman 

Lisa Coleman 

Renate Costner 

Keith Cozart 



Election '82 

It was clear enough that the Republicans lost the mid-term 
election, but they had not lost by anything like the margin a lot of 
forecasters (Republicans among them) had anticipated and so it 
was possible for administration partisans to assure anyone who 
would listen that President Reagan would not be swayed from the 
course he had implored the country to stay on. It was political 
happy talk, and the lawgivers who trooped back to Washington for a 
post-election lame duck session knew it. The 98th Congress would 
have 26 fewer Republicans in the House than the 97th, and 
although the Senate remained divided 54 Republicans to 46 
Democrats as before, it nevertheless came close to becoming a 
Republican disaster when four incumbents barely hung onto their 
seats. In the lame duck session the administration took a licking 
on the MX basing issue, and a big Democratic public works bill 
that was beaten back with difficulty would surely again haunt the 
White House when the 98th Congress got to town. 

Sue Daniels 
Terry Davis 
Marty Davidson 
Jane Dixon 
Brent Ellis 

Mary Eubanks 
Mark Evelslzer 
Martha Fischer 
John FItchett 
Michael Ford 

Sharon Foster 
Janice Fraunderfer 
Julie Fulgham 
Daniel Futrell 
Huntly Gallagher 


Denise Gates 

Kathy Geraghty 

Peter Gordon 

Berkley Gore 

Ricky Grays 

Kathy Green 

Scott Hall 

Baxter Hammer 

Karen Harris 

Authur Harris 

Will Hennigan 

Nina Herrmann 

Jeff Hoffman 

Terrie Horner 

Susan Hughes 



November, inadvertently speaking into 
a live microphone, President Reagan said, 
"My fellow Americans, I've talked to you 
on a number of occasions about economic 
problems and opportunities our nation 
faces, and I am prepared to tell you it's a 
hell of a mess." It was probably as good 
an economic judgment as any to emerge 
from the White House during the year. At 
Christmas-time, unemployment stood at 
10.8 percent, with a near-record 12 mil- 
lion Americans out of work. But the Unit- 
ed States held no patent on bad news; the 
Western democracies counted unemploy- 
ment at 33 million, and their work debt 
stood at $600 billion much of which must 
be "rescheduled," which is a euphemism 
meaning that they can't meet their pay- 
ments. Despite bad news, however. Congress went home without passing a public works bill, 
and as the old year dwindled away Reagan continued to urge the nation to stay the course, al- 
though perhaps not as emphatically as he had done before the mid-term elections. 





The Bomb 

It was a year when a huge chorus 
arose from every free quarter of the 
Earth demanding a way to be found 
to control the fearful weapons that 
hold the potential. for the destruc- 
tion of human kind. 

The increasing clamor for a nu- 
clear freeze appeared to have many 
roots. Thousands demonstrated in 
Europe, protesting tJ.S. determina- 
tion to deploy Perishing nuclear- 
tipped missiles. On Election Day in a 
dozen towns and villages American 
voters endorsed the nuclear freeze 
and the moral issues involved in 
preparation for nuclear war were 
sharply drawn when 276 bishops of 
the Roman Catholic Church in the 
U.S. met in Washington to debate a 
pastoral letter seeking to found a 
theology of peace — one that would 

challenge the administration's apocalyptic vision of a "winnable" nuclear war As the year 
ended it was clear that new respectability and new vigor had come to the anti-nuclear 
movement, and it was not likely to go away. 

Lisa Hundley 
Jacobs Mitchell 
Agnes Janney 
Jay Janhert 
Bill Jessup 

^m m 

Catherine Johnson 


Terry Johnson 
Carter Jones 


Leon Jone 


Fred Jordan 

\ Wii 



Perry Kallam 
Barry Kavanaugh 
Michael King 
Mike King 
Lori Kir by 



Leah Kivett 
Mark Landschoot 

Wade Lemons 
Peter Lineberger 

Jay Lineberry 

Mindy Moon 

Parker Neff 

Susan Overbey 

Teresa Parker 

Sissy Parrott 

Candy Lockwood 


Scott Martin 


Steve Martz 

17 si 

Ron McKagkel 


Lori Mills 


Mark Ridgill 

Nanci Robinson 

Garry Rogers 




Ik A < fe 

Jeff Rumley 
Cheryl Ryan 
Carlos Segura 
Sheila Shotwell 
Tammy Simmons 

David Smith 
Jeffrey Smith 
John Smith 
Laura Smith 
Stephanie Smith 

Allen Tate 
John Tate 

Georgette Theebald 
Trey Walton 
Kimberly Washington 


Beth Waterfield 
Kathy Weems 
Tom Westenhiser 
Melvin Williams 
Susan Wilson 

William Wood 
Julie Worst 
Linda Yea man 
Phyllis Zimmerman 
Margaret Zint 


Jamie Beheler 

Jo Anne Be it el 

James Bell 

Marty Blackman 

Michele Blanchard 

Chris Board 


Susan Borrelli 


Billy Bostick 


John Boyles 


Douglas Bramley 




Pam Brammer 


IL-' rj 

Kan Brooks 


l»^'- 1 


Laura Broome 




Charles Bruce 




Val Buchanan 










April Buck 
Hunter Bulls 
Lisa Burkey 
Arlene Caine 
Nancy Cale 

Laura Campbell 
Tanya Garden 
Irene Carres 
Jimmy Carter 
Susan Chakalas 

Kathy Collier 
Brad Comer 
Abby Coon 
Marian Cooper 
Thomas Couch 

Julie Craig 
Jo Craven 
Lauri Crowder 
Ronald Dalton 
Chris Dasheill 

Julie Davis 
Rose Davis 
Sara Davidson 
Glen Day 
Deborah DeMasters 


Karen DeWeese 


Denise Ditzler 



Melinda Dorsey 



Karen Drake 


*■ -i 

Robert Drakeford 

^^ '^^^Bi 


John Driscoll 

Margaret Dutcfier 

Stierry Edwards 

Jackie Edwards 

Andrea Elliot 

Mickey Fergunson 

Bob Filac 

Greg Fishel 

Suzanne Fishel 

Stace Flynn 

Susan Fox 

Tammy Franklin 

Beth Gallo 

Dan Gallagher 

Jenny Gardner 



Ellen Geesey 
Richard Geoff 
Gloria Goode 
Tammy Gordon 
Martin Gorski 

Anita Greene 
Cindy Greene 
Heidi Gross 
Phil Griffin 
David Hamilton 

James Hardy 
Michael Harrelson 
Anne Hartsoe 
Clay Hassard 
Tad Hemsteler 

Amy Herrick 
Vickie Horras 
Lori Horton 
Debbie Hurley 
Kelli Ihnken 

Crystal James 
Karen Jones 
Melany Jones 
Kathy Kaplan 
Robin Keller 




Jennifer Kilgore 



Edwin Kimbrough 


n 1 

Polly King 



Ron Krupa 


Kim Kyle 


r fl 

Rebecca Lantane 

Dave La very 

Cyndi Lawson 

Daryl Lea 

Anne Lindsay 

Diane Mann 

Susan McGeehan 

Amy McKisson 

Susan Miles 

Nancy Mela 

Kelly Morgan 

Tracey Moore 

Maurice Morton 

Stephen Mottola 

Cindy Matkins 

Carolyn Lowry 


Deanna Lyell 

W^=S -^ F 

Sheila Lynn 

^'I V 

Randy Madge 


Moche H. Magglo 





Terence McCormick 
Andy McCain 
Stephanie IVIurawski 
James Murphy 
Kristina Myers 

Carolyn Neil! 
Jeff l^eufang 
Carol Nix 
Cindy Northington 
Cynthia Olsen 

Dave Osteen 
Kim Over by 
Robert Owen 
Matt Payne 
Billy Peach 

Janet Porter 
Sandy Pridgen 
Eric Sabin 
Mike Scott 
Kathy Sears 

Pam Sellew 
Molly Sim 
Jay Simmons 
Michael Simonelly 
Rena Smith 


Kathy Rachui 

Dana Reans 

Anne Reynolds 

Deidre Richardson 

Penney Rooser 

Robert Ruane 
Terry Rust 

Heidi Sleeber 
Jennifer Snead 
Michael Snyder 

Sumer Sorrel 

Susan Spoon 

Barry Sprinkle 

Laurie Stevenson 

Greg Swedish 

Maureen Sweeney 

Kelly Thomas 

Penny Thomas 

Tammara Thomas 

Adrainne Thompson 

Kimberly Toth 


Mindi Truitt 

m ^ 

Judith Tunney i 


Lee Vaughn A 


Michael Ward M 




Pat Warren 
Harry Watson 
Chuck Welcti 
Karen Welzant 
Mike Wtieless 

Penny Wilkins 
Natlian Wiles 
Stiarie Wilkinson 
Reglna Williams 
Keith Winterstein 

Jeff Witherspoon 
Betsy Woods 
Scott Woller 
Kristan Walter 
Cathy Wright 


Joey Zeller 
Debbie Adams 


Martha Adams 

Blake Ad cock 

Paul J. Ambrose 

Gina Ashby 

Matthew Atill 

Carole Baldwin 
Kevin Barrow 

Donna Benton 
Morris Betts 

Donald Bickley 

Cyndi Blackburn 

Brian Blalock 

Dianna B lev ins 

Terry Bobbitt 

Redd Boelte 

Rhonda Boldman 

Michelle Bouchard 

Shelley Bowman 

Karen Brandt 

Tracy Britz 



> / >■ 

Vicki Browning 




Jeff Brunk 



- 1 

Julie Burchette 




Lori Burgart 




Lisa Burge 




LI. - 

^ ^ 



Teh Burns 
Brandy Burroughs 
Laura Calton 
Pete Carlson 
Nigel Carlton 

Mary K. Carr 
Diane Cartwright 
G. Robert Castle 
Aaron Chatkin 
Lisa Cole 

Tom Cole 
Debbie Colomban 
Elizabeth Cosgrove 
Ray Covington 
Burnle Crump 

Richard Cuthbertson 
Kenny Davenport 
Gretchen Davis 
Johnathon Davis 
DIna DeFranco 

Mike DollantIs 
Don Doster 
Jim Dransfleld 
Scott A. Duane 
Katherine Duquemln 


Donna Edwards 

Thomas Edwards 

Beth Ellis 

Mary Ellis 

Brenda Embry 

Tammy Epperson 

Sherry Estes 

Kim Evans 

Alan Farrington 

Robin Fitzgerald 

Venn Fletcher 
Tammy Floyd 

Phyllis France 
Cindy Frick 

Martha Fuguay 

Victoria Ganas 

Brenda Carman 

Troy Givens 

Amy Grace 

Julie Gravett 

James Griffin 

Tripp Godsey 

Beverly Gordon 

Nancy Gorman 

George Hagen 



Patricia Haith 
Andrew Hall 
Mary Hamilton 
Julie Hanford 
Steve Hardister 

Kathy Harms 
Keith Harrelson 
Catherine Harris 
Nelson Haynes 
Heidi Hendrix 

Ann Hester 
Cheryl Hetzko 
Roger Hinshaws 
Brooks Hmson 
Theresa Hooper 

Doug E. Houtz 
John Hulland 
Lesley Hutchinson 
Teresa Ijames 
Juwama Jackson 

Paula James 
Bill Jansen 
Lisa Jefferies 
Douglas Jermyn 
Ann Jividan 


Marcia Joason 

Karen Johnson 

Richard Johnson 

Vele Johnson 

Michael Kane 

Catherine Kasa 

Chris Kays 

Julie Kellem 

'atherine B. Kennedy 

Allison Ketner 

Butch Kfoury 

John Krahe 

Donald Kraper 

Cindy Kreuter 

Robert Lancaster 


Robert Morabito 

Leslie Nagel 

Susan Nardi 

Mark O'Brien 

Hank O'Donnell 



Scott Oliver 
Chris Olson 
Lisa Otey 
William Parke 
Tim Patton 

Donna Pennell 
Gwen Pickett 
Randall Propst 
Pam Prosser 
Tammy Pugti 

Paul Purdy 
Karen Ratteray 
Pamela Ray 
Lori Renk 
Heidi Reece 

Angela Reid 
Ellen Rentro 
Cathy Richards 
Paul Riley 
loe Rizos 

Jody Robins 
Donna Robinson 
Chris Roe 
John Roades 
Jean-Joel Russell 

-SSi-Sa.. ^iS- jsifc- 


Debbie Sspsara 

Bob Sari 

Robbie Saunders 

IVIichael Schmids 

Robby Schoonver 

Janet Schroeder 

Angela Scott 

Donna Scott 

Kim Self 

Victoria Serreno 

Van Shaw 

Kathy Shober 

Renee Schmute 

Harold Smith 

Lynne Smith 

John Southern 

Jeff Staneberry 

Mike Storck 

Dan Strauh 

Mane Suddaby 

Brent Sutton 
James Talberth 

Arnold latum 
Leonard latum 
Clay lempleton 



Jerry Wojciehawski 
Greg Woodle 

Dan Thompson 
Mary Tomlinson 
Derrick Turner 
Chrisie Vlahos 
Michelle Wall 

Brendwyn Walker 
John Walker 
Fran Waters 
Mark Wessell 
Martin Wheeler 

Douglas Whitaker 
Kathleen Whitaker 
Patricia White 
Ten Wilkins 
Sylvia Williams 


From a new perspective 

Elon College is fortunate enough to have a well qualified and dedicated faculty 
and staff. Over sixty percent of the faculty has doctorate degrees and an even 
la'-ger percentage have their master 's degrees. Even though we as students do not 
always show our gratitude for the staff and faculty of Elon College they are greatly 

Elon College has one of the lowest faculty-student ratios in the state which 
helps us to be guaranteed of a quality college education. Professors are always 
eager to help students with any of their problems by setting up office hours and 
allowing students to call them at home. 

The staff and faculty at Elon College also gives students a rich cultural 
education. We have faculty from all over the U.S.A. plus members from India, 
Argentina and Spam. Many faculty members have also lived in Europe, Asia, 
Africa, and South America. 

Elon's faculty and staff offer a wide variety of opportunities for the students 
. . . now IS the time tor us to appreciate them. 

Janie R Brown. Associate Professor of Physical Education and 


B.S.. Wake Forest University: M.A., East Carolina University; 

Ed. D.. University of North Carohna at Greensboro 
Cardon U. Burnham, Assoc. Prof, of Fine Arts: Chairman 

A.IVI.D. East Mam School of IVIusic 
Ann S. Butler. Part-time Instructor in English 

A.B., M. Ed., University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

WE. Butler Jr, Associate Professor. Business (Vlanager and 

A.B., Elon College: Graduate Studies, University of North 
Carolina, CPM. 

Gaylor F Callahan. Part time Instructor m English 
B.A., M.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Grad- 
uate Studies, Duke University. 

Karen R. Garden. Part-time Instructor in Physical Education: 
Director of Intramural Athletics: Women's Volleyball Coach 
A.B., Elon College 

Lonnie H/lack Garden, Instructor in Physical Education and 
Health: Assistant Football Coach: Wrestling Coach 
A.B., Elon College: M.A., Appalachian State University 

D. Brooks, Gates, Assistant Professor of Geography 
A.B., University of North Carolina: Il'I.A., East Carolina Uni- 
versity: Ph. D., University of North Carolina 

Carole F Chase, Assistant Professor of Religion 
A.B., College of William and Mary; M.A., Presbyterian School 
of Christian Education: Ph. D., Duke University 

Paul H. Cheek, L.L. Vaughan Professor of Chemistry 
B.S., Wake Forest University: Ph. D., University of North 

Ruth L. Cheek, Part-time Assistant Professor of Chemistry 
A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina 

Terrell W. Cofield. Assistant Professor of l\fliisic 
B. Mus., Rollins College: M. Mus., University of North Caroli- 
na: Study vKith Maestro Luigi Ricci, Teatro dell Opera, Rome, 

Janie E. Council, Associate Professor of Business Administration 
and Accounting 
A.B., M.A., East Carolina University 

David M. Crowe, Jr, Assoicate Professor of History 
B.A., Southeastern Louisiana College: M.A., Mississippi State 
University: Ph. D., The University of Georgia 

Edwin L. Daniel, Associate Professor of Art 
A,B., Elon College: B.FA., Abbott School of Fine and Commei 
cial Art: M.FA., University of North Carolina; Virginia Corr 
monwealth University: Roanoke Fine Arts Center, Universit 
of Virginia Extension 

J. Earl Danieley, Professor of Chemistry 
A.B., Elon College; M.A., Ph. D., University of North Carolin; 
Postdoctoral Study, The Johns Hopkins University; Sc. D 
Catawba College: LL. D,. Campbell College 

Richard A, Davis, Assistant Professor of Sociology 
B.A., North Carolina Central University; Ph. D., University c 
North Carolina 

Robert W, Delp, Professor of History 
B.S., Davidson College: B.D., Lancaster Theological Sem 
nary; M.A., Ph. D., The George Washington University; Duk 

Helen H. Euliss, Assistant Professor of English 
B.S., Appalachian State University; M.A., Graduate Studies 
University of North Carolina 

Daniel Feinberg, Professor of Business Administration; Directo 
of Business Development Institute 

B.B.S., The College of the City of New York; MA, Columbia 
University; Ph. D., New York University 

Linwood S. Ferguson, Instructor m Physical Education and 
Health; Assistant Football Coach; Assistant Track Coach 
A.S., Chowan College; B.S., M. Ed., East Carolina University 

Hugh M. Fields, Assistant Professor of Biology 

B.S., M.S., North Carolina State University; Graduate Stud- 
ies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

Wesley L. Flake, Instructor in Computer Science & Business 
B.A. Elon College, M.B.A. UNC Chapel Hill 

Betty G. Flmchum, Instructor in Cytotechnology 
A.B., University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

Gerald L. Francis, Associate Professor of Mathematics; Chair- 
man, Department of Mathematics and Computer Information 

B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University; Ph. D., Virginia 
Polytechnic Institute and State University 

Paul L. Gaskill, Instructor in Recreation Administration 
A. A., Montgomery County Community College; B.S., The 
Pennsylvania State University; M.S., University of North 

James W. Geyer, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Allied Health 

B.A., Eastern Michigan University; M.S., Ph. D., Wayne State 

Gerald M. Gibson, Instructor in Communications 

B.A., North Carolina State University; M.A., University of 

North Carolina at Greensboro 
Russell B. Gill, Assistant Professor of English 

A.B., College of William and Mary; M.A., Ph. D., Harvard 

James H. Glenn, Assistant Professor of Music 

B.A., Luther College; M.A., Occidental College; Graduate 

Studies, University of Oklahoma 
Seena A. Granowsky, Assistant Professor of Psychology 

B.S., Tufts University; M.S., Vassar College; Ed. D., Duke 

Patricia J. Gray, Part-time Instructor in Physical Education 

B.S., M.FA., University of North Carolina at Greensboro 
Joseph M. Griska, Part-time English 
Kenneth L. Harper, Assistant Professor of Education 

A.B., Elon College; M. Ed., University of North Carolina; 

Graduate Studies, Duke University, University of North Caro- 
lina at Greensboro 

E. Franklin Harris, Associate Professor of Physics 
A.B., Elon College; M.A., Wake Forest University; Ph. D., 
University of North Carolina 

Nancy E. Harris, Assistant Professor of Biology 
Ph. D. North Carolina State University 

Priscilla L. Haworth, Part-time Instructor in English 
B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University; Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State University; University of Vriginia 

Richard C. Haworth, Associate Professor of Mathematics 
B.S., Wake Forest University; M.A.T, Duke University; M.A., 
Appalachian State University; Ph. D., Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State University 

Judy S. Henricks, Part-time Instructor in Art 
B.A., University of Illinois; M.FA., University of North Caroli- 
na at Greensboro 

William Hightower, Associate Professor of Computer Information 

B.S. Kalamazoo College, M.S., Ph. D. Post Doctoral Michigan 
State University 

more than just professors 

Vicky Hightower, Instructor in Mathematics and Computer Sci- 

B.S., M.A„ Michigan State, Graduate Study University of 
Indiana, Evansville 

Thomas S. Henricks, Assistant Professor of Sociology 
B.A., North Central College: M.A., Ph. D.. University of Chica- 

Howard R. Higgs, Assistant Professor of Human Services; Chair- 
man, Department of Human Services 
B.A., Greensboro College; M.A., Ph. D., University of North 
Carolina at Greensboro 

Cheryl T. Holt, Part-time Instructor in Mathematics 
A.B., Elon College 

Rachel Y. Holt, Assistant Professor of History 
A.B., Elon College; M. Ed., M.A., Graduate Studies, University 
of North Carolina 

Alonzo L. Hook, Professor of Physics; Dean Emeritus 
A.B., Elon College; MA., M.S., Cornell University; Sc. D., Elon 
College/The Johns Hopkins University; University of Chicago; 
Duke University 

Carol Hoppe, Part-time English 

Herbert W. House, Jr, Assistant Professor of Biology 
B.S., Wake Forest University; M.S., Ph. D., Univeristy of 
South Carolina 

Rebecca 0. House, Part-time Instructor m English 
B.A., Meredith College; M. Ed., University of North Carolina 

Michael P Hudson, PT Computer Information Science 

Charles H. Jackson, Sr, Professor of Military Science 
B.S., University of Montana; M.A., Shippensburg State Uni- 
versity; Lt. Col., U.S. Army 

Mary E Jackson, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and 
Health; Women's Basketball Coach 
B.S., Norfolk College of William and Mary; M. Ed., University 
of Virginia 

Robert James, Instructor in Chemistry 
B.A. Elon College 

Connie L. Keller, Instructor; Assistant Reference Librarian/Cata- 
log, Librarian 
B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University; M.A., University of lov»a 

Donald J. Kelly, Associate Professor of Physical Education; 
Associate Football Coach; Swimming Coach 
A.B.. Catawba College; M.A., University of North Carolina 

Ralph W. Kerns, Instructor in Communications 
B.A., Waynesburg College; M.EA., Carnegie Institute of Tecti 
nology, Carnegie-Mellon University 

Helen S. Kirchen, Assistant Professor; Associate Director of th^ 
Learning Resources Center 

B.S., Columbia University; M.S,L.S., University of NortI 

Pamela M. Kiser, Instructor in Human Services 
M.S.W. University of North Carolina 

Ernest A. Knesel, Jr., Ad|unct Assistant Professor of Allied Heaitt 
B.S., M.S., Fairleigh Dickinson University 

George R. Lentz, Jr, Assistant Professor, Director of Continuini 

B.A., Lenoir-Rhyne; M. Ed., University of North Carolina a 

John Loftin, Instructor in Religion 

William G. Long, Associate Professor of Political Science; Deai 
of Student Affairs 

B.A., M.A., West Virginia University; M. Div., Yale Universit) 
Divinity School . i 

Frances C. Longest, Associate Professor of Business Education 
A.B., Elon College: M. Ed., Graduate Studies. University of 
Nortfi Carolina 

June M. Looney, Assistant Professor of Psyctiology 
A.B., Elon College; fAA. Graduate Studies, East Carolina 

Ernest Lunsford, Asst. Prof. Foreign Language 
Ph. D. Uni. of Florida 

Katfiy Lyday-Lee, Assistant Professor of Englisfi 

Helen H. Mackay, Assistant Professor of Engllsti 
B.A., M.A., Pti.D., University of Nortfi Carolina at Greensboro 

Betty J. Maness, Assistant Professor of Engllsti; Coordinator of 
Academic Skills 
B.A., M. Ed., University of Nortti Carolina at Greensboro 

Robert D. McBee, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Baseball 

B.A., Presbyterian College; M.S., Ph. D., University of South- 
ern Mississippi 

Major T.N. McCarther, Assistant Professor of Military Science 

Larry B. McCauley, Sr, Assistant Professor; Director of Physical 
A.B., Elon College; M.A., University of North Carolina 

Robie W. McClellan, Part-time Assistant Professor of Business 

B.A., University of North Carolina, M.B.A., Ed. D., University 
of North Carolina at Greensboro 

John Michael Marr, Associate Professor of Business Administra- 
tion; Chairman, Department of Accounting, Business Admin- 
istration and Business Education 
B.A. Presbyterian College; M.S., Ph. D., Clemson University 

William F Migniuolo, Instructor m English 
A.B., University of North Carolina; Graduate Studies, Brown 

John F Mitchell, Associate Professor, Vice President, Admin. 
M.B.A. Dartmouth College 

James A. Moncure, Professor of History; Vice President for 
Academic and Student Affairs 
B.A., University of Richmond; M.A., Ph. D., Columbia Univer- 

Voigt F Morgan, Associate Professor of Biology 
A.B., Elon College; M.A., Appalachian State University; Gradu- 
ate Studies, Duke University 

T. William Morningstar, Jr, Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation and Health; Men's Head Basketball Coach; Golf Coach 
A.B., Elon College; M.A., Lynchburg College 

Daniel B. Morrison, Jr., Instructor in Mathematics; Men's Assis- 
tant Basketball Coach; Men's Tennis Coach 
B.A., Wofford College; M. Ed., University of North Carolina 

Whitney R Mullen, Associate Professor of Science Education; 
Chairman, Department of Physical Sciences 
B.S. Ed., Glassboro State College; M. Ed., D. Ed., Duke 

William Robert NovKell, Assistant Professor of Communications 
M.A. Middlebury College 

E. Eugene Oliver, Associate Professor of Accounting 
Ed. D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

James H. Pace, Assistant Professor of Religion 
A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M. Div., Ph. D., Emory 

William R. Parks, Assistant Professor of Computer Information 

B.S., Indiana Institute of Technology: M.S., Canisius College; 
Ed. M., State University of New York at Buffalo 

Nan R Perkins, Part-time Insturctor in Englisfi 
B.A., Atlantic Christian College 

Susan P Phillips, Instructor; Coordinator of Career Development 
and Placement 
B.A., Salem College; M.A., Appalachian State University 

Barbara T. Plumblee. Part-time Instructor in Biology 
A.B., Elon College; M.S., University of North Carolina 

Gary Pollard, Instructor in Physical Education 

Anne Ponder, Assistant Professor of Communications and Eng- 
lish; Director of Academic Honors Programs 
A.B., M.A., Ph. D. University of North Carohna 

James B. Powell, Ad|unct Associate Professor of Allied Health 
B.A., Virginia Military Institute; M.D., Duke University 

Agnes J. Price, Assistant Professor of Business Administration 
B.S., M. Ed., Graduate Studies, University of North Carolina 
at Greensboro 

Mary Ellen Priestley, Professor of English and Communications 
B.S., Middle Tennessee State; M.A., George Peabody College; 
Ph. D., University of Alabama; University of Missouri; Univer- 
sity College, London 

Raghavendra D. Rao, Associate Professor of Biology 
B.S., Osmania University; M.S., Ph. D., North Carolina State 

Janie Reece, Assistant Professor in Mathematics 

Leia Faye Rich, Instructor in History; Associate Director of 
Academic Advising 
B.A., Wake Forest University; M.A.T, Duke Universtiy 

William G. Rich, Assistant Professor of Religion; Chairman, 
Department of Religion 

B.A., Wake Forest University; B.D., Southeastern Baptist 
Theological Seminary; Ph. D., Emory University 

Jeannette Green Rodenbough, Part-time Instructor in Religion 
B.A., Randolph-Macon College; M.A., University of North 
Carolina at Greensboro; M. Div., Duke University 

Gerardo Rodriguez, Part-time Assistant Professor of Foreign 

Allen B. Sanders, Professor of Business Administration and 

B.S., West Virginia University; M.B.A., The George Washing 
ton University; C.M.A., Ph. D., University of North Carolina 

Gary E. Shephard, Inst, in Physical Education; Assistant Football 


M.A. Austin Peay State University 
Gayle W. Scott, Assistant Professor of Medical Laboratory 

Technology; Director, Medical Laboratory Technician Program 

A.A., Emory-at-Oxford College, B.S., Medical College of Geor 

gia; M. Ed., University of Georgia 
William G. Sharpe, IV Assistant Professor; College Chaplain; 

Coordinator of Personal Counseling 

A.B., M. Div., Duke University 

Drue Ann Sheesley, Instructor in Fine Arts 
B.A., Bucknell University; M.A., University of Michigan; Grad- 
uate Studies, University of North Carolina 

Roger Shane 

Martin L. Shotzberer, Professor of Business Administration 

B.S.B.A., M.S.B.A., University of Richmond; Ph. D., Ohio State 

University; LL. D., University of Richmond 

Lawrence H. Simon, Associate Professor of Education 
B.A., M.A.T., University of North Carolina; Ed. D., University 
of North Carolina at Greensboro 

Martha B. Smith, Professor of English 
A.B., Winthrop College; M.A., Presbyterian School of Chris- 
tian Education; M.A., Ph. D., University of North Carolina 

JoAnne C. Soliday, Associate Dean of Student Affairs 
B.A., West Virginia Wesleyan College; M. Ed., University of 
North Carolina 

Dixie L. Sparrow, Part-time Instructor in Business Administra- 
B.A., Eureka College; M.B.A., Mankato State University 

Joyce E. Speas, Instructor in Mathematics 
B.A., Mars Hill College; M. Ed., University of North Carolina at 

John G. Sullivan, Professor of Philosophy; Chairman, Depart- 
ment of Philosophy 

B.A., M.A., Catholic University; J.C.D., Lateran University; 
Graduate Studies, University of North Carolina 

George A. Taylor, Assistant Professor of Political Science and 
Public Administration 

B.S., Baptist College of Charleston; M.A., Ph. D., University of 

Michael A. Taylor, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages 
B.A., M.A., Ph. D., University of North Carolina 

James Teer, Instructor in Business Administration 
B.A. Elon College, M.B.A. U.N.C. Orllusudia 

Barbara H. Thornton, Instructor, Medical Laboratory Technician 

B.S., Georgia College; Graduate Studies, University of North 

Jerry R. Tolley, Director of Annual Giving Associate Professor 
B.S., M.A., East Carolina University; Graduate Studies, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina at Greensboro 

James T Toney, Associate Professor of Economics 
B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University; Graduate Studies, 
Teachers College, Columbia University; University of Colora- 
do: Memphis State University 

Carole W. Troxler, Associate Professor of History 
A.B., University of Georgia; M.A., Ph. D., University of North 

George W. Troxler, Associate Professor of History 
A.B., Guilford College; M.A., Ph. D., University of North 

Gary E. Van Dam 

Ann J. Vickers, Assistant Professor; Catalog Librarian 

A. B., Elon College; M.L.S., University of North Carolina 

Vl/. Stephen V/agoner, Assistant Professor; Director of Cooperat- 
ive Education 

B.S., North Carolina State University; M.A. Ed., East Carolina 

David m\ 

Bruce N. Waller, Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

B.A., Louisiana Technical University; M.A., Ph. D., University 

of North Carolina 

Frederic T Watts, Jr., Associate Professor of Political Science; 
Chairman, Department of Social Sciences 
B.S., University of Nebraska; M.S., The George Washington 
University; Ph. D., University of South Carolina 

Linda T Weavil, Assistant Professor of Business Education 
B.S., M.A., East Carolina University; Ed. D., University of 
North Carolina at Greensboro 

Jerry Weingarten, Adjunct Associate Professor of Cytotechno- 
B.A., Brooklyn College; M.D., Medical College of Virginia 

Jane C Wellford, Part-time Instructor in Physical Education 
B.FA., St. Andrews Presbyterian College; M.FA., University of 
North Carolina at Greensboro 

Walter Westafer, Professor of Music; Chairman, Department of 
Fine Arts 

B. MUS., Syracuse University; M. Mus., Cincinnati Conserva- 
tory of Music; Ph. D., University of North Carolina 

John W. Wheeler, Assistant Professor of Accounting 
B.A., Central Wesleyan College; M.A., Virginia Polytechnic 

Alan J. White, Professor of Physical Education and Health; 
Chairman, Department of Health, Physical Education and 
Recreation; Athletic Director 

B.S., Wake Forest University; M. Ed., University of North 
Carolina; Ed. D., Mississippi State University 

Jack 0. White, Associate Professor of Music; Director of the 

B.S., Concord College; M. Ed., University of North Carolina; 
D.A., New York University 

M. Christopher White, Associate Professor of Religion; Dean of 
Academic Affairs 

A.B., Mercer University; M. Div., Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary; Ph. D., Emory University 

Dorothy M. Williams, Instructor in Mathematics 
B.S., Westhampton College, University of Richmond; M.A.T., 
Duke University 

Jeanne F Williams, Associate Professor of Statistics and Math- 

B.S., University of Rhode Island; M.S., North Carolina State 
University; Graduate Studies, North Carolina State Universi- 
ty, University of North Carolina 

Jo W. Williams, Associate Professor of Education; Director of 

A.B., Elon College; M.Ed., Ed. D., University of North Carolina 
at Greensboro 

Paul D. Williams, Assistant Professor of Education; Chairman, 
Department of Education and Psychology 
A.B., Lenoir-Rhyne College; M.A., Appalachian State Universi- 
ty; Ph. D., Duke University 

Barbara L. Yarborough, Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- 
B.S., Winthrop College; M.A.T, University of North Carolina 

James Fred Young, Professor of Education; President 
A.A., Mars Hill Junior College; B.S., Wake Forest University; 
M.A., University of North Carolina; Ed. D., Columbia Universi- 
ty; Graduate Studies, Appalachian State University; East 
Carolina University; University of Virginia 

Rudolph T Zarzar, Associate Professor of Political Science 
A.B., M.A., Ph. D., University of North Carolina 

Judith Young 

Faculty and Admistrative Staff 

Administrative Officers and Staff 

President — J. Fred Young 

Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs — James A. 

Vice President for Administrative Services — John F Mitchell 

Vice President for Development — Jo Watts Williams 

College Attorney — Robert C. Baxter 

College Chaplain - William G. Sharpe IV 

Dean Emeritus — Alfonzo L. Hook 

Academic Affairs 

Dean of Academic Affairs — M. Christopher White 

Director of Academic Honors Program — Anne Ponder 

Coordinator of Academic Skills Program — William F. MIgniuolo 

Director of Continuing Education Program — George R. Lentz, 

Director of Academic Advising — W. Jennings Berry 

Associate Director of Academic Advising — Leia Faye Rich 

Director of Cooperative Education — W. Stephen Wagoner 

Student Affairs 

Dean of Student Affairs — William G. Long 

Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Personal Devolopment — 
Pat S. Morgan 

Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Residential Life — Ronald A. 

Coordinator of Personal Counseling — William G. Sharpe 

Director of Career Development and Placement — Susan R 

Coordinator of Student Activities — William L. Clarke, Jr. 

Assistant Director of Safety and Security — Eric C. Strimple 

Area Coordinator, North — Suzanne F Stevens 

Shannon E. Browne 

West Area — Nan R Robinson 

East — Sophie M. Wisniewski 

Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities, Intramurals — 

Karen Garden 
College Physician — Phillip R. Mann, MD 
College Nurse — Betty Smith 
College Nurse — Jeanne Sutton 
Admissions and Financial Aid 
Coordinator of Admissions and Financial Aid — Marydell R. 

Associate Coordinator — of Admissions and Financial Aid — 

Barry Simmons 
Associate Director of Admission — R. Wayne Bowery 
Barry A. Bradberry 
Jacqueline P Matlock 
John M. Sadler 
Joanne C. Soliday 
Janice E. Nelson 

Assistant Director of Financial Aid — Cindy Sykes 
Library/Learning Resources 
Head Librarian and Director of Learning Resources Center — R 

Alston Jones, Jr. 
Associate Director of Learning Resources — Tern Kirchen 
Catalog Librarian — Ann J. Vickers 
Public Services Librarian — Doreen K. Moore 
Assistant Public Services Librarian — Teresa L. Wilson 
Assistant Reference/Catalog Librarian — Connie L. Keller 
Media Production Specialist — Gayle A. Fishel 
Media Technician — Christopher D. Fulkerson 
Public and Tutorial Services Coordinator — Priscilla L. Haworth 

Registrar — Mark A. Albertson 
Assistant Registrar — Jerri Holloway 
Admistrative Computer 

Director to the Computer Center — W. David Wall 
Business Affairs 

Assistant Treasurer — W.E. Butler, Jr. 
Chief Accountant — Lorraine M. Allen 
Accountant — Sylvia G. McKinney 
Accountant — Susie B. Sanford 
Director of Auxiliary Services — C. C. Bayliff, Jr. 
Cashier — Doris Maney 
Purchasing Officer — Vickie S. Martin 
Development Affairs 

Director of Alumni and Parent Programs — J. King White 
Director of Church Relations — Clyde L. Fields, Sr. 
Director of Planned Giving — H. Reid Montgomery 
Director of Community Relations — Timothy H. McDowell 
Director of Annaul Giving — Jerry R. Tolley 
Director of Corporate and Foundation Grants — David W. 

Director of Communications — Nan R Perkins 
Attiletic Affairs 

Director of athletics — Alan J. White 
Assistant to the Director — Daniel B. Morrison, Jr. 
Sports Information — Stephen Ballard 
Physical Plant 

Director of Physical Plant — Larry B. McCauley, Sr. 
Special Consultants 
Campus Decor — Lucile C. Stone 
Historian — Durward T Stokes 

"A friend is some one who knows you're 
not perfect . . . But treats . . . 
You as if you were ..." 

Dear Friends, 

When we leave home, our fam- 
ilies, our friends take on a speeial 
meaning. Many become surrogate 
parents, others are our peer coun- 
selors, many help us to vent our 
frustrations (sometimes construc- 
tively, sometimes not so.) Friends 
are something many of us take for 
granted during the hustle and bus- 
tle of everyday life at college. Often 
we don't think about those close to 
us until it's time to say goodbye. 
Then, when we look back its often 
with a sadness because of the real- 
ization that we never did do all we 
really wanted to. Whatever hap- 
pened to that trip to N.C. State? 
How about our weekend at the 
beach? Oh yeah — you had to study 
for a Calculas test. We never did get 
the whole suite together to play 
quarters. Didn't wc talk about road 
tripping to VA Tech for a weekend? 
How about those guitar lessons? — 
I still sound like I'm using my toes 
to play. Did we ever get together 
and prepare for that test a week in 
advance — what happened to those 
innovative study techniques? With 
all of this left undone — what did 
we do? Didn't we eat enough at Po' 
Folks to make us all sick for a 
week? How about all of those Hap- 
py Hours at De war's, remember 
those closed weekends? We sure 
did complain about being stuck 
here, but I do remember what a 
good time we had. 

College is so much more than just 
tests, homework and MWF classes. 
The memories from today will stay 
with us for the rest of our lives. 
Those huge deadline problems will 
seem trivial, and the good times 
will be remembered like they were 
yesterday. Some of these memories 
may have seemed like horrible ex- 
periences when they happened . . . 
remember that party where you 
changed personalities? How about 
those all-nighters cramming for 
Anatomy tests — they weren't so 
bad . . . we did laugh an awful lot! 

Road tripping is a big part of our 
lives, there's always something spe- 
cial I remember from each and ev- 
er3' trip. Speeding tickets, fender 
benders, and auto trouble (Warriors 
come out and play!) Suntans, cold 
beer, and plenty of sand are memo- 
ries from Spring Breaks and Ban- 

i\ll of our friends arc what make 
Hlon what it is for each of us. I'd 
hate to have to struggle through 
here without each and every one of 
you. So, as you turn this page, ev- 
eryone take a second to think about 
the people who have been closest to 
you here — and if you see them to- 
day give them a special smile — to- 
morrow you'll be glad you did. 

Much luck to all, 
Maureen B. Sweeney 
Editor Phi Psi Cli 

Kmberlr Michelle Aaron Rt I Bo> 43B. Callands. VA 24530 

Ellen GaN Abelman 3520 Winding Way. Durham, NC 27707 

Margaret Lisa Aberaelhy 840 Mineral Springs Road, Charlotte NC 28213 

Gregory Richard Accetta 903 Robin Road. Somerville, Nl 08876 

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Margaret Ann BIythe Adams 1914 West Front Street, Burlington NC 27215 

Martha Susan Adams Route 5. Bo< 47. Bassett. VA 24055 

Rickey loe Adams 1307 Camden Avenue. High Point. NC 27260 

Steven Michael Adams 2539 St Brides Road West. Chesapeake. VA 23322 

Vicky Annette Adams Rt 2 6o< 338. Rullin NC 27326 

Albert Louis Adams III 4103 Redwine Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

George Henry Adams III 1211 Greycourt Avenue. Richmond. VA 23227 

Millicent Blake Adcock PO Box 98. Roiboro. NC 27573 

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Eleanor Bowie Addison 6406 South Homestake Drive. Bowie MD 20715 

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lo-Anne Beilel 226 N Sterling Blvd , Sterling, VA 22170 

Charles Mark Bel 101 Cherokee Drive. Altamahaw. NC 27202 

lames David Bell 1305 East Holly Avenue. Sterling. VA 22170 

Jo Anne Bell PO Boi 48. Elon College. NC 27244 

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Monroe Patterson Bel 2212 Lakeview Terrace. Burlington. NC 27215 

Scott M. Bel 2036 Nottingham lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Doris Vohn Belser 3909 Blackthorn St.. Chevy Chase. MD 20815 

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Pamela lane Belvin Route 2. Box 196. McLeansville. NC 27301 

Andrew Overton Bennett 217 Altondale Avenue. Charlotte. NC 28207 

Christopher Bernard Bennett 1804 N Brunswick St. Sterling. VA 22170 

Craig Randolph Bennett 1404 South Park Drive. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Howard Bradford Bennett 426 Forest Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

James Michael Bennett Rl 1, Boi 99. Crewe. VA 23930 

Robm Sharpe Bennett PO Boi 163. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Thomas A Bennett, Ir Route 6. Boi 103B. Mebane. NC 27302 

George H. Benolken Rt 7. Boi 87. Burlington. NC 27215 

Thomas Ward Benson 1221 Watson Drive. Wilson. NC 27893 

Donna Michelle Benton 3308 Barnstable Court. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Martha Faye Benton 112 Carr Court. Mebane. NC 27302 

Philip Wiliam Benton 208 Markham Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Anthony Daniel Berardi 167 Bay Harbor Blvd. Bricktown. Nl 08723 

lohnny Louis Berry Route 1. Box 495. Trenton. NC 28585 

Sabra Sheild Best 4908 Prestwick Dr. Fairlax. VA 22030 

Michael Wade Bestlei 1001 Mulberry Road. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Emily Lewis Besuden 4902 Old Well Road. Annandale. VA 22003 

Herman Lee Bethel, Jr Route 5. Box 632, Reidsville. NC 27320 

Edwin Morris Belts. Ill 3332 Seaton Road. Petersburg. VA 23803 

Russel Edward Betz 7918 Caledonia Street. Alexandria. VA 22309 

Elizabeth Seybert Beverage 8416 Freestone Avenue. Richmond. VA 23229 

Donald Wayne Bickley 2621 Huntington Road. Charlottesville. VA 22901 

Michael lohn Biggio 785 Northgate Street. Westfield. NJ 07090 

Alex Monroe Biles 48401 Hunt Club Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

lames Wilcoi Binner 1 Oldmill Road. Florham Park. NJ 07932 

Loretta Renee Bivins 10307 Brandenburg Court. Great Falls. VA 22066 

Daniel Ross Black 3919 Gillette Drive. Wilmington. NC 28403 

Frederick William Black 1744 Erwin Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Jeanene Lea Black Route 4. Mebane. NC 27302 

Patricia Elen Fosler Black 519 lames St . Burlington. Nc 27215 

Charles Gregory Blackburn 873 Kenwick Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27106 

Cynthia Terrell Blackburn 1415 New Garden Road. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Robert Marshal Blackmon 4 Dunaway Court. Greensboro, NC 20408 

Anne Barber Blackwel 410 Homewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Darryl Fitzgerald Blackwel Route 5, Box 379, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Glenn Thomas Blackwel 2103 Canal Drive, Wilson, NC 27893 

Lisa Renee Blackwel 2814 Charlotte Lane, Burhngton, NC 27215 

Mark A, Blaesi 1413 Falls Chruch Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Charles loseph Blaii IV 28 Lower Tuckahoe Rd W, Richmond, VA 23233 

Lewis Horrigan Blakey 5606 Massachusetts Ave , Bethesda, MD 20016 

Michael Brian Blalock 13716 Hickory Nut Place, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Michele Ward Blanchard 413 tones Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Pamela lune Blanlon 309 Willoughby. Greensboro. NC 27408 

David Clark Bledsoe 148 Ridgewood Dr. Ml Airy. NC 27030 

Oianna Lynn Blevins Route 5. Box 420. Marion. NC 28752 

Ronald Eugene Blevins 208 Collinwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

lean Margaret Blom 2801 Wagner Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lojuanna lynn Blue 180 Fort Bragg Road. Southern Pines. NC 28387 

Michael T BIythe Box 6717. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Rhonda Marie BIythe PO Box 69. Whitselt. NC 27377 

Beverly Lane Roal ^33 t Haggard Ave Apt 3 C. Elon College. NC 27244 

Christopher FranHn Board 2931 Brigstock Rd . Midlothian. VA 23113 

Terry lee Bobbill PO Box 134. Wake Forest. NC 27587 

Edwin Reddemann Boelle. II Route 1. Boi 139 B. Salemburg. NC 28385 

Deborah Lynne Bolden 1611 Oklahoma Ave. Burlington. NC 27215 

Rhonda Gail Boldman 2208 Hathaway Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

lames Brooks Bolen 1222 East Mam St . Luray. VA 22835 

Randy Lee Boles 1605 S Norwood Court. High Point. NC 27262 

Robert Wayne Boles 1605 South Norwood Court. High Poinl. NC 27262 

Trudy Christine Bolton 608 Piedmont Way. Burlington. NC 27215 

Karen Ann Bond 115 Captain lohn Road. Courlland, VA 23837 

Mark Thomas Bondurant 5818 Shalott Court. Aleiandria. VA 22310 

Salvatore loseph Boneventura 112 Oakview Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

Henry Maddrey Booke. Ir 930 Wellington Road, Winston Salem, NC 27106 

Donald lackson Booker Rt 6. Boi 635. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Ronald L. Booker Route 6 Boi 635, Reidsville. NC 27320 

Jackie Annette Boone Route 4. Boi 865. Marion, NC 28752 

lane May Boone Route 4. Boi 298 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kalhy Elizabeth Booth Route 2, Boi 145, Waverly, VA 23890 

ScotI Christopher Booth 8723 Piccadilly Place, Springfield, VA 22151 

Susan Rachel Borreli 341 Crystal Drive. Brick. Nl 08723 

Cynthia Lynne Borum Route 2. Boi 97. Burkeville. VA 23922 

Wiliam Vernon Boslick. Ir 1819 Sunset Bell. Rockingham. NC 28379 

Penny Teresa Boswel 913 Askew St. Burlington. NC 27215 

Gene Robert Bolwright. Ir Route 10. Box 594 C. Travis Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michelle Charlene Bouchard 1635 First Place. McLean. VA 22101 

lelfrey Stephen Bowers PO Box 1123. Elon College, NC 27244 

Tammv Dannetle Bowers 1412 Berwick Road, Winston Salem, NC 27103 

leffrey Mangum Bowland 238 Bryan Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Callia Lynn Bowling 2132 Westover Dr, Danville. VA 24541 

Cheryl Ann Bowling Route 1. Box 459. Milton. NC 27305 

Reaca Lynn Bawling Route 9. Box 31. Shelby. NC 28150 

Susan Marie Bowing Route 1. Boi 203B. Faulkner. MD 20632 

Shelby Dean Bowman Rt nl, Boi 398 A, Haw River NC 27258 

Henry Boyd Bowman. Jr Route 1. Box 561. lulian. NC 27283 

Claudia Celeste Boyd Rt 3. Box 25A. Tabor City. NC 28463 

Erin Patricia Boyle PO Box 236. Anderland Road. McLeansville, NC 27301 

John Edwin Boyles 1901 SW 83rd Avenue. Miami. FL 33155 

Lisa Anne Boyles 136 Whispering Creek Ln Rd , King NC 27021 

Peter Sean Boyles 407 Glasgow Road, Gary, NC 27511 

Deborah Marler Bradford 10325 Seven locks Raod, Potomac, MD 20854 

Richard Wayne Bradley 741 G The Colony Apts. Burhngton, NC 27215 

loey Linwood Bradshaw Route 3, Box 95. Franklin, VA 23851 

lack Leonard Brady Route 4. Box 139 A, Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Randal Lane Brady 11 Hawthorne Dr. Durham. Nc 27712 

Mark Neat Brady III 4018 litchtield Drive. Chesterfield. VA 23832 

Eric Powers Biafford Route 1. Boi 256T. McLeansville. NC 27301 

Eric Powers Brafford Route 1. Boi 256 T. McLeansivlle. NC 27301 

Stacy Anne Bragg 1405 W Monmouth Court. Richmond. VA 23233 

Douglas McNal Bramley PO Boi 86. Pottersville, NJ 07979 

Mark Alen Brammer PO Boi 83, Woolwme. VA 24185 

Pamela Stacey Brammer 825 E King lames S W. Roanoke. VA 24014 

Patricia Lynn Brammer 16516 Killdeer Dr. Rockville. MD 20855 

Emily Rose Brandon Route 5. Boi 42. Roiboro. NC 27573 

Karen Efizabeth Rea Brandt PO Box 502. Amherst. VA 24521 

Fred V. Brannock 1004 E Willowbrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Martha Stokes Branson Route 1. Box 62. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Betty Ann Brantley 3022 Marlborough Road. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Laura Elizabeth Braswel 500 Plantation CI X3. Nashville. TN 37221 

leHrey Melvin Brailon 1602 Pine Street. Tarboro. NC 27886 

Daria Jo Bray Route 3. Boi 437. Elon College. NC 27244 

Pamela Dianne Breedlove 403 Whitmore Court. Richmond. VA 23229 

loyce C. Breeze 1526 Regency Dr. Burimgton. NC 27215 

Mark David Brelslord 460 Cedar lane. Millville. Nl 08332 

lames Paul Brenner 8510 Tysons Court. Vienna. VA 22180 

MeTissa Ann Brewer 108 Carroll Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

Wiliam WitthaH Bride IV 6201 Cromwell Drive. Bethesda. MD 20816 

Charles Raymer Briggs 3930 King Arthur Court. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Lisa lane Brincefieid 13950 Brighton Dam Road. Clarksville. MD 21029 

Jeflery Kent Brinkley PO Boi 547. Pilot Mountain. NC 27041 

Kay Bfiston Route 4. Boi 281. Burlington, NC 27215 

Edwin langley Brill 3526 Fayetteville Road, Lumberlon, NC 28358 

Tracy Lynn Brilz 416 Warkick St , lacksonville, NC 28540 

Jeffrey Val Broadbridge Route 67 A, Bridgewaler CT 06752 

Kenneth Lamont BioadhursI PO Box 161. Dudley. NC 28333 

Edgar Sanlord Brock 704 West Knoi Street. Durham. NC 

lohn W. Brockwel 1691 Wilton Rd . Petersburg. VA 23803 

Patricia Ann Brodie 824 Barbara Blvd . Hcndersonville. NC 28739 

Michael Stanley Brodowicz 233 While Bridge Road. Waynesboro. VA 22980 

ludy Lynn Brooks Route 3. Boi 204. Elon College. NC 27244 

Kami tynnette Brooks Route 2. Boi 127. BuMington. NC 27215 

Michael Ford Brooks 1707 Wedgewood Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Richard Alan Brooks 629 Berkley Place. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Theresa Anne Brooks Rt 2. Boi 158. Spotsylvania. VA 22553 

Laura Laroijue Broome 3009 Round Hill Road. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Deborah Ann Broughman 305 Fairidge Drive, lamestown. NC 27282 

Andrew Ruark Brown 113 Paddock lane. Greer. SC 29651 

Bily Ray Brown 1109 Bridge Street. Washington. NC 27889 

Brenda Karen Brown 621 W Front St Apt 3. BuMington. NC 27215 

Carta Deana Brown Route 1. Box 226. Vanceyville, NC 27379 

Danny Ray Brown Route 1. DOi 679. Pelham. NC 27311 

Darryl Brown 1233 Peace Square, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Deborah Lynn Brown 2102 Reuler Road. Timonium. MD 21093 

Donna C, Brown 1333 Cherry Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 

Jimmy Lee Brown Route 5. Boi 471 1. Burlington. NC 27215 

Leonard Nelson Brown Route 7. Boi 283. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Lisa Ann Brown Rt 3. Boi 649. Graham. NC 27253 

Matthew Herbert Brown 3726 Glenn Road. Durham. NC 27704 

Melinda Lee Brown 312 Truitl Drive. PO Boi 64. Elon College. NC 27244 

Michael Bily Brown 6 Cavendish Circle. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Michael Lynn Brown 312 Truitt Drive. PO Boi 64. Elon College. NC 27244 

Pamela Gayle Brown Route 1. Box 200 A 1. Bennett. NC 27208 

Rebecca Ml Brown Rt 1. Box 158. Burlington. NC 27215 

Roger Holand Brown 208 Seward Ave . High Point. NC 27260 

Tanya M, Brown Route 2, Boi 335, Elon College, NC 27244 

Victoria Louise Browning 419 landerwood lane. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

loy Elizabeth Brownlow Route 3. Boi 217, Advance, NC 27006 

Charles Wiiam Bnice 2740 Rettig Road. Richmond. VA 23225 

lelfrey Lee Bnicklei203 Ambassador Drive. Absecon. NJ 08201 

Paul Bernard Brugjer 2129 Christopher Road, Point Pleasant. Nl 08742 

leffery Wayne Brunk 204 Ridgecrest Drive. Lexington. NC 27292 

lenny K. Bruno Box 733. Parksley. VA 23421 

Lesle Brunson. Ir 2600 Glenbrook Drive. Durham. NC 27704 

Hlton Todd Bryant 1310 Churchill Drive. Gastonia. NC 28052 

Mark Dwayne Bryant Route 1. Boi 286. Elon College. NC 27244 

Elaine Margaret Brydon 3413 Seahorse Way. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Bonnie Kaye Mangum Buchanan 1615 Arthur Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Valerie Dawn Buchanan 707 Meadow Drrve. Marion. VA 24354 

Robert Stephen Buchney 750 Fremont lane. Ml laurel. Nl 08054 

AprI Louise Buck 8808 Lowell Street. Bethesda. MD 20817 

Richard Edsel Bucknei Route 1. Boi 24. Haw River. NC 27258 

ScotI Odel BuH 1506 Willingham Rd . Richmond. VA 23233 

lolm David BuN 1734 OIney Road, Falls Church, VA 22043 

James Edward Bula 404 Clagett Drive. Rockville, MD 20851 

Ann Rawls Biilard Forest Lake, Mebane, NC 27302 

lames Carlton Bdlard 4006 Sedgewood Ln , Greensboro, NC 27407 

Lewin A. Br*)ck 3701 Polk Street, Portsmouth, VA 23703 

Michele Elaine Btjiock 12006 Fairway Court, Glenn Dale. MD 20769 

Charles Arthur Bukck III 515 Plymouth Road. Plymouth Meeting. PA 1940 

Hunter Renae Bulls PO Box 84, Sedley. VA 23878 

?. Terry Bundy 1208 Welch St, Burlington. NC 27215 

Amy L. Burcli 144 West Spring St , Woodstock, VA 22664 

Julia Moore Burctielle 4310 Compton Drive, WmstonSalem. NC 27107 

tori Denise Burgarl 1007 Louise Court, Eden, NC 27288 

lisa Carol Burje Route 7, Box 114, Burlington, NC 27215 

Gary )oe Burgess 808 Ctiestnut SI , Franklin, VA 23851 

Robin Terri Burgess PO Box 731, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Susan Denise Burgess 1003 Chatham Hill Road, Marion. VA 24354 

Stephen Charles Burke 205 Midland Avenue, Glen Ridge, Nl 07028 

Lisa Ann Burkey 203 Pine Ave , Severna Park, MD 21146 

Krisli Gay Burkhardt 9300 Old Mount Vernon Rd , Alexandria. VA 22309 

Sandra Jean Burnett 740-G, The Colony. Burlington. NC 27215 

Shatona Jeanine Burnelte 610 Slade Street, Box 3625, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Christopher Patrick Burns 1022 Ingle Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Teresa Lyn Burns 2412 Whirlaviay Court, Matthews NC 28105 

Keith Edwin Burris 4108 Summerglen Dt, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Brandy Susan Burroughs 11402 Lapham Drive, Oakton, VA 22124 

Elizabeth McCaw Burroughs 4524 North 32 Street, Arlington. VA 22207 

Toni Lynn Burroughs 206 North Swing Road. Apt 314. Greensboro. NC 27409 

Edgar Thomas Burton 18 Crescent Or. Graham. NC 27253 

James R. Burton 251 Cardigan Circle. Lilburn. GA 30247 

John Edward Burton III Halilax Road. South Boston. VA 24592 

Keith Van Burwell Rl 1. Box 261 B. Westfield. NC 27053 

Kimberly Renee Bush 1108 Pyrlle Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Lisa Renee Butler PO Box 338. Welcome. NC 27374 

Boyd Franklin Byerly Route 8, Box 149. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Cathryn Ann Bynum 2512 Millwood Ct,. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Joanne Hazel Bytd 216 Westmore Drive. Danville. VA 24541 

Patricia Ann Byrd 2708 Fairlawn Road, Durham, NC 27705 

Timothy \Nayne Byrd Rt 8, Box 444. Burlington. NC 27215 

Frances Caccamo 8401 Fenwood Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 

Brent Howard Cade Route 4. Box 124 A. Covington. VA 24426 

James McDonald Caggiano 11821 Hunting Ridge Court. Potomac. MD 20854 

Christopher Joseph Cahill 824 Colonial Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Arlene Caine 6657 Green Ash Drive. Sprmglield. VA 22152 

Jay Bailer Caldwell. Jr. 1100 Sunset Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Jay Baiter Caldwell, Sr. 1100 Sunset Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Nancy Catherine Gale Route 8. Box 150. Mechanicsville. VA 23111 

William Jacob Caligan Route 2. Box 636. McLeansville. NC 27301 

Barbara Ann Dallahan 2230 East Mam St . Millville. NJ 08332 

tarry Wayne Callaway 237 Upland Ave . Vounstown. OH 44504 

Patrick Marshall Callis 218 East Danville Street. South Hill. VA 23970 

Sheila Rae Callis 1320 North Blvd. Richmond. VA 23230 

Toni Gay Callis Route 2. Box 203. South Hill. VA 23970 

Laura Dee Calton Route 4. Box 86K. Rutherlordton. NC 28139 

Earl Ray Camp Box 3409 Garden Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Anne Elizabeth Campbell 2222 Canterbury Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kyle Anila Campbell 8402 Saunders Road. Lutherville. MD 21093 

Laura Ann Campbell PO Box 1023. Eton College. NC 27244 

Millon Henry Campbell 423 2nd Street SW. Taylorsvillc. NC 28681 

Brian Lantz Camper Rt 2. Box 499. Troutville. VA 24175 

Lisa Anne Cannaday 1207 West Hill Drive. Bedlord. VA 24523 

Steven Dennis Cannon Campus Box 5000 GE. Eton College, NC 27244 

Thomas Cannon 3301 Elk Court, Yorktown, NY 10598 

Charles Michael Caravali 4001 W Frankhn Street, Richmond, VA 23221 

Roger Wayne Garden 35 Hawthorne Drive, Durham. NC 27712 

Tanya Leeann Garden 5207 Stephens Lane. Durham. NC 27712 

Peter Clark Carlson 56 Lincoln Avenue. Florham Park. NJ 07932 

Antonio Nigel Carlton Rt 1. Box 72. Boomer. NC 28606 

Michael Glenn Carlton 7405 Boros Place. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Scott Timothy Carney 936 Mineral Road. Glenville. m 26351 

Alison Rutheclord Cainwalh 909 Harriman Street. Great Falls. VA 22066 

Mary Kalherine Carr Route 2. Box 228. Nathalie. VA 24577 

Edward lee Carroll Route 2. 703 Alicia Court. Garner. NC 27529 

Irene N. Garros 2655 Amesbury Road. Winston-Salem. NC 27103 

Bernadelte Jenise Carter Route 5. Box 140. Burlrngton. NC 27215 

Jimmy Lee Carter Rt 8. Box 477. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Laurie Anne Carter 1425 Carolyn Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Wanda Sue Carter Route 2. Box 296. Advance. NC 27006 

Dianne Karen Cartwright 370 21st Ave NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

Richard Lawrence Carver Rt 1. Box 214. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Robert Edward Carver 419 Clayton Avenue. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Tamra Leigh Cash Rt 3. Bi 5528 Fairfax Cir. Madison Heights. VA 24572 

Thomas Robinson Cassada 1304 Friend Ave . South Boston. VA 24592 

Gerald Robert Castle 2070 Greenfield Road. Hagerstown. MD 21740 

Donna Burch Cales 1713 Tucker St. Burlington. NC 27215 

Donna Leigh Caloe 1603 Parham Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Lynne H. Causey 2315 W Front St. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Susan Meredith Chakales 206 Mooreland Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Garwood Bemis Chamberlin 5404 Burling Road. Bethesda. MD 20014 

Alice Louise Chandler 916 Brentwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Matthew Davis Chandler 3825 Darby Road. Durham. NC 27707 

Mark tee Chaney Rt 9. Box 286. Monroe. NC 28110 

Robert towayne Chapman 403 Wilson Avenue. Spring take. NC 28390 

Karen lean Chase 8700 fort Macon Court. Raleigh. NC 27614 

Aaron David Chatkin 901 Rolling Road. Hagerstown. MD 21740 

Mark Wayne Cheadle 2844 tongview Avenue S W. Roanoke. VA 24014 

Cheryl D. Cheek Route 2. Box 511. Mebane. NC 27302 

Elizabeth Hazard Cheek 625 McGee St . Graham. NC 27253 

Isidore Cheek 339 Lincoln Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

James Daniel Cheek 420 Fay Court. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Shelby Weatherlord Cheek Route 9. Box 117. Burlington. NC 27215 

Wade Hampton Cheek, Ir. 625 McGee Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Vance Cheeley 624 B Tucker St Apts. Burlington, NC 27215 

William Gerald Chenail 33 Green Court, Newport News, VA 23601 

William Ray Chenault 7517 Roswell Road, Richmond, VA 23229 

Jawan Roosvelt Cherry 113 tindsey Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Daniel Michael Chicelli 1105 Summit Avenue, tumberton, NC 28358 

Michael Joseph Childs 336 tafayette Street, Bristol. PA 19007 

Michael Stewart Chilton 1107 Bragg Road. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 

Barry Dale Church 2015 McKinney Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

John William Church 835 S Cox Street. Apt 15. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Terrie tynn Rice Church 513 North Filth St . Mebane. NC 27302 

tisa Dawn Clapp Route 6. Box 463 B. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Robert Steven Clark 817 Bulfato Street, Farmville, VA 23901 

Michele Marie Claydon 204 Wheeler Rd , Monroe, CT 06468 

tori Anne Clayton 926 Hanford Road, Graham, NC 27253 

Timothy Ray Clayton Route 2, Box 151, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 

John Jude Cleary 5917 Searl Terrace, Bethesda, MO 20016 

Martha Janet Clement 1615 texington Drive. Lynchburg. VA 24503 

James R. Clendenen 104 Maple Street. Bluelield. VA 24605 

Cynthia tanklord Clendenin PO Box 964. Eton College. NC 27244 

Michael Wayne Clifton 1202 Poitlock Road. Chesapeake. VA 23324 

Cynilhia Anne Cline 1822 St Roman Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 

David Bailer Cline 3304 Dixon Road, Durham, NC 27707 

Susan Stuart Clough 79 Boxley Blvd , Newport News, VA 23602 

John Steven Cloulen 154 f Grove St , Middleboro, MA 02346 

Susan Ann Clyde 2403 Honeysuckle Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Stephanie Renee Coales Courthouse Ml Box 328, Madison, VA 22727 

Martha Moore Cobb 808 21St Avenue North. Columbus. MS 39701 

Phyllis Anne Cobb Star Route 1. Box 15. Yanceyvrlle. NC 27379 

Roger Maris Cobb Star Route »1. Box 108. Yanceyville. NC 27379 

Steven tyle Cobb 231 Silverlake Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Hugh Gregory Coble 228 Silveilake Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

James Thomas Coble Route 6, Box 316K, Burlington, NC 27215 

Patrick Cline Coble 936 Brentwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Hiram Newton Coble. Jr. 404 Trail 4. Burlington. NC 27215 

Margaret Kaye Cocke PO Box 255, Burke, VA 22015 

Wendell Thomas Cocke PO Box 96, Montpelier, VA 23192 

Gregory Eugene Cockerham 1300 Beniamin Parkway, Greensboro. NC 27408 

Joe Charles Coco 58 Blue Jay Lane. Bricklown. Nl 08723 

Edward Anthony Codelia 508 South tincoln Avenue. Sterling. VA 22170 

Billy Wayne Coffer 1512 Upland Drive. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Thomas Christopher Coffman 1304 Seaton Road T 8. Durham. NC 27713 

William Sydnor Cotfman 209 Dalebrook Circle. Greenville. NC 27834 

Eduardo Gonzalez Colino 9601 Byefoide Road. Kensinglon. MO 20795 

Beth Ann Cogan 399 N Fullcrton Ave . Montclair. NJ 07043 

Karen Jacqueline Coggin 5402 Forest Oaks Dr. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Robert Marion Coggin, III 5402 Forest Oaks Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Cheryl Ann Cole 609 South 8th Street. Mebane. NC 27302 

Fred Wendell Cole Rt 3. Box 117 A. Asheboro. NC 27203 

tisa lane Cole 220 Crestwood Drive. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Michael Ray Cote 1505 Lakevicw Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23455 

Sandra Cole RR 2 - Box 367 - Strotz Rd . Asbury. NJ 08802 

Thomas Baird Cole 10339 Cherokee Road. Richmond. VA 23235 

Harold lewis Cole III 10339 Cherokee Road. Richmond. VA 23235 

Clay Graham Coleman 3224 Landon Street. Lynchubrg. VA 24503 

Lisa Gaye Coleman Rt 4. Box 349 A. Roxboio. NC 27573 

John William Coleman III 901 W Cornwallis Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Ronald Dean Coleman. Jr. 506 South Mebane Street. Burlington, NC 27215 

Jill Wyrick Colie 410 Caswell Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Jeanna Elizabeth Collier Route 2, Box 30, Liberty, NC 27298 

Kathryn Marie Collier 200 Slanton Road, Wilmington, DE 19804 

Charles Lowell Collins 1809 Carmel Road. Charlotte. NC 28211 

Dana Michelle Collins 5821 Wilma Drive. Durham. NC 27712 

David Elliott Collins 10 Twinkle Road. Suflern. NY 10901 

Donald Stephen Collins 310 West York Drrve. Emporia. VA 23847 

William Randall Collins 907 Sedgefield Drive. Siler City. NC 27344 

Debra Marie Colomban Mine Brook Rd-. Farhills. NJ 07931 

Nancy H. Colwell PO Box 104. Eton College. NC 27244 

Bradley Boyd Comer 8501 Shadowwood Place. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Kenneth Alan Comer 8501 Shadowwood Place. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Amy Denise Compton 444 Camp Road. Burhngton. NC 27215 

David Fred Compton 513 McGee Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Jeanetle W, Compton 501 Dupont Cir «27. Durham. NC 27705 

Carol Ruth Comstock PO Box 62, South Montrose, PA 18843 

Ann Teresa Conaly 806 Seville Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19809 

Kelendra tee Cone 2703 Holly Pt Rd E , Orange Park, Ft 32073 

Patrick Burns Conelius 139 Candlestick Lane, Marlton, NJ 08053 

Michael Eric Conger 6 Vingul Lane. Setauket. NY 11733 

tisa Denise Conklin 4178 Keck Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Chartotte Giles Conn 604 take Boone Trail. Raleigh. NC 27607 

John Thomas Connerty III 353 Bent Road. Wyncole. PA 19095 

Robert f Conninglon 10 Hudson Rd . t Brunswick. Nl 08816 

Susan Wood Connor 125 Edgewood Drive. Danville. VA 24541 

Wylhene Wilda Conyers Route 7. Box 332. Burlington. NC 27215 

Brenda Carole Cook Box 6214. 901 Ingle Street. Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Tamara Jeannelle Cook 707 New Street, Graham, NC 27253 

William Rogers Cooke, Jr. 232 S Marshall SI . Graham. NC 27253 

Janetle Abigail Coon PO Box 530. Manassas. VA 22110 

Diana tynn Cooper Rd 2. Box 34D, Harrington. Dt 19952 

Jeffrey Jerome Cooper 535 Grimes Street. Winterville. NC 28590 

Marian Renee Cooper Route 3. Box 68. Roxboro. NC 27573 

James Lloyd Cooper. Jr. 4504 Andrews Place. Dumfries. VA 22026 

Terri tynn Copeland 1122 Huntsman Dr. Durham. NC 27713 

Cassandra Arlene Corbell 41 Springfield Drive. Eton College. NC 27244 

Donnell Corbelt 128 A Steele Street. Box 6118. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Todd Andrew Corbetl Route 2. Box 154 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Alisa Carol Oagley Cornelto 2016 McKinney Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Tracy Kevin Corpenting 107 Wedgewood Drive. Morganton. NC 28655 

Elizabeth Hamilton Cosgrove 12404 Copenhaver Trerrace. Potomac. MD 20854 

Brian Allan Costa 5724 Maylin lane. Chartotte. NC 28210 

Patricia Anne Costis 4913 Cape Henry Avenue. Norfolk. VA 23513 

Renate Ann Costner 224 S Marshall St . Graham. NC 27253 

Christopher Francis Cotter 9104 Patton Blvd . Alexandria, VA 22309 

Kathleen Cecelia Cotter 9104 Patton Blvd , Alexandria. VA 22309 

Thomas Kevin Couch 541 Greenway St . Box 233. Davidson. NC 28036 

Kenneth Todd Councilman 106 Quart Ridge Drive. Forest. VA 24551 

Susan Beth Courtney 549 Homewood Avenue. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Martin Reid Coveney 1344 long St. Burlington. NC 27215 

Stephanie Marnell Coverslone 1011 Stamper Road. Fayelteville. NC 28303 

Michael Bernard Covington 1000 Trollinger Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Raymond Paul Covington PO Box 2336. Sanford. NC 27330 

Carl Eason Cowan PO Box 109. Waverly. VA 23890 

Barry Gene Coi 1663 Mountain Hgts Drive. Salem. VA 24153 

lanice Marie Coi 4801 Edmborough. Greensboro. NC 27506 

Ronald tou Coi 2312 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Sandra Marie Coyle 7301 Miller Fall Road, Rockville, MD 20855 

Christopher lohn Coyne 38 Exeter Road. East Windsor. NJ 08520 

Patrick Keith Cozart 810 Frank Street. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Stuart lee Cozort III Route 1 Box 196 3. Troy. NC 27371 

lane Hawkins Crabbe Route 10 Box 456. Burlington. NC 27215 

Thomas Edward Ciabbs 812 Archer Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Glenn Andrew Craig 94 Candlewood Drive. Murray Hill. NJ 07974 

Julie Carol Craig 812 Manchester Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Chrislina Kay Crane Route 3, Box 460 A. Weaverville. NC 28787 

Jo Annette Craven Route 1. Box 554. Franklmville. NC 27248 

Barry Douglas Crawlord 2520 Watt Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Cheryl tynn Crawford 2520 Walt Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

lohn Phillip Crawford 242 Wheatley Road. Danville. VA 24540 

tisa Jo Crawlord 2520 Watt Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Todd Atan Crawford 571 Mornmgside Drive. Bridgewater. NJ 08807 

Mary Ann Crawley PO Drawer 108, Alamance, NC 27201 

Ira Otto Credle 401 Scott Street. New Bern, NC 28560 

Kelly Stone Crissman 620 E Harden Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Thomas Jefferson Crooks 1512 McCullough tane. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Joseph Glenn Grouse 418 laurel Hill Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

lauri Scott Crowder 32 Pine Drive. Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Gregory Phillips Crowson PO Box 321. Sanlord. NC 27330 

Bernard Waller Crump, Jr, Route 2, PO Box 126, Norwood, NC 28128 

lohn Carroll Crumplon, Jr, PO Box 342, Eton College, NC 27244 

Chris Andrew Crusan 10165 leafy Way, Orlando, Ft 32809 

Caroline Summer Crufchfield 3232 Pennington tane, Winston Salem, NC 27106 

Barry tynn Culberson 44 WesI lOTh Street. Siler City. NC 27344 

Denise Marie Cummings 3202 Brookmede Road. Ellicott. MD 21043 

Anne Elizabeth Curran 220 56Th Street. Virgrnia Beach. VA 23451 

letyl Denise Cuirie 1217 Melrose Drive. Burlrngton. NC 27215 

Gregory Scott Curtin 864 Park Avenue. Henderson. NC 27536 

Diannah Cassandra Curry PO Box 4072. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Becky Jeanne Curtis 16515 Grande Vista Drive. Rockville. MD 20855 

Neville Eugene Curtis 507 Westbrook Avenue Box 788. Eton College, NC 27244 

Eric Russell Cuthbert 1607 Tunbndge Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 

Kennedy Cuthberlson 1408 Lasalle SI , Charlotte, NC 28216 

Richard Kelvin Cuthbcctson 316 Keswick Ave , Charlotte, NC 28206 

Lorraine Cyrus Route 9, Box 197, Burlmglon, NC 27215 

Penny Sue Dabbs 1019 Town Branch Rd , Graham. NC 27253 

Carlos Daccach PO Drawer 850. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Alan lee Dalton Rt 6. Box 197 M. Burlington. NC 27215 

Ray Anthony Dalton Route 1. Box 242, Eden. NC 27288 

Ronald Josepyh Dalton 301 Reckord Road. Fallston. MD 21047 

Timothy James Daly Rt 3. Box 62 L. Eden. NC 27288 

Robert Anthony Dance 1149 Valmire Dr. Chesapeake. VA 23320 

Jeffrey Randofph Daniel 205 Pearl Croft Road. Cherry Hill. Nl 08034 

Joseph Christopher Daniel 131 Ridgecrest Drive. Suffolk. VA 23434 

Kimberly Elaine Daniel 3100 Sunnybrook Drive. Charlotte, NC 28210 

Mary Sue Daniel Route 1, Box 382, Providence. NC 27315 

Roger William Daniel 806 Russell Avenue. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Tammy Phennis Daniels PO Box 105. Cofield. NC 27922 

Steven Curtis Danielson 533 S Williamson Ave . Eton College. NC 27244 

Julie Collins Darlington 2169 Woodland Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 

Michael Old DarsI 945 Indian, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Diane Darly 532 Crowell Avenue, Slatesville, NC 28677 

John Christopher Dashiell 915 Riverside Drive, Salrsbury, MD 21801 

Greg Keith Daugherty Route 3, Box 409, Eton College, NC 27244 

Waller Frank Daughtrey PO Box 127, Courtland, VA 23837 

Kathaline E. Daughtry Route 1. Box 286A. Clinton. NC 28328 

Kenneth Aaron Davenport, Ir. 413 Glenheath Drive. Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Sara Ann Davidson 2625 Lawndale Road, Finksburg, MD 21048 

William Martin Davidson Route 1, Box S 24, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041 

Allison Elizabeth Davis Route 4, Box 201. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Andrew Martin Davis 18 Walker Ave . Rye. NY 10580 

Cynthia Ray Davis 25 D Brookwood West. Burlington. NC 27215 

Dawn Pamela Davis 5388 Chatham take Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Debra Renee Davis Rl 2. Box 257 D. Holly Ridge. NC 28445 

Donna Jean Davis 1912 Whitsett Street, Burhngton. NC 27215 

Elizabeth Herrick Davis 1608 Azalez Drive. Wilmington. NC 28403 

Emily Jill Davis Route 1. Box 314 Randleman. NC 27317 

Grelchen Nave Davis 2712 Cardinal Ridge Road. Charlotlesville. VA 22901 

Janet leigh Davis 507 1 Kernodle Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

John Mathew Davis 5819 Knowles Drive Southwest. Roanoke. VA 24018 

John Arthur Davis 455 Williams Road. Suffolk. VA 23434 

Jonathan Orr Davis 12 Salisbury, Newton, MA 02158 

Joy Suzanne Davis Route 3, Box 260. Siler City. NC 27344 

lorie Kay Davis 213 Hall Drive. Chesapeake. VA 23320 

Neil Edwards Davis 2442 Tryon Road. Durham. NC 27705 

Robert lewis Davis 1820 Shannonhouse Dr. Chartotte. NC 28215 

Rose M. Davis 1310 E 6Th Street, Lumberton, NC 28358 

Susan McMoriow Davis 8810 Watlington Road, Richmond, VA 23229 

Teresa Lynn Davis Rt 3, Box 1214, Hunlersville, NC 28078 

Timothy Rei Davis 304 Delaney Drive, Suffolk, VA 23434 

William Roger Davis. Ill 2213 Boxmere Rd , Timonium, MD 21093 

Horace Davis. Jr. 86 Raymond Ave . Plainlield. Nl 07062 

Bobby Ray Dawson Route 2. Box 455 A. 2168 Colony Road. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Andrew Zoe Day Route 2. Box 519. Ringgold. VA 24586 

Glenwood Alga Day Route 1. Box 51 C. Rougemont. NC 27572 

Christine Marie Daylor 9705 Wildbriar In . Richmond. VA 23229 

Diana Lynn Deatrick 1309 Greenbriar Stieet Burlington. NC 27215 

Jay Kevin Decamp 31 Pine St . Moriistown. NJ 07960 

David lohn Decker 10516 Wickens Road. Vienna. VA 22180 

Keith tawrence Decker 1417 Mount Olivet Road. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Paul Raymond Deford 120 Hillside Drive. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Robert Halstead Deford 1100 Wisharf Point Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Dina Marie DeFranco 2112 Woodside Dr. New Port Richey. Ft 33552 

Michael Clay Dclancey Rl 2. Box 110. Ruffin. NC 27326 

IHI toraine Dellinger 233 Belmorrow Drive. Charlotte. NC 28214 

Sharon Rose Deturey 42 Sherbrooke Drive. Smithtown. NY 11787 

Deborah Marie DeMasters 452 Sharp Street. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Richard Patrick Denaull 2414 A Huntington Rd . Burlrngton. NC 27215 

Stephanie Dawn Denby 167 Elysian Way NW. Atlanta. GA 30327 

lisa Ann Denniberg 11723 Greenlane Drive. Potomac. MD 20854 

Mark Arthur Dennis 604 A Edgevale Ct . VA Beach, VA 23451 

Margaret Craven Denton 325 Leasburg Road, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Joseph Ortega Deshazo Route 1, Box 40 A, Virgilina. VA 24598 

Karen Elizabeth DeWeese 101 Hill Street, Graham, NC 27253 

Ervin Reid Dickens 423 Bland Blvd , Burlrngton. NC 27215 

lane Carolyn Dickenson 712 Tenth Street. Radford. VA 24141 

Charies Frederick Diehl PO Box 688. Raetord. NC 28376 

Terri tynn Diemer 3504 tongview Drive. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Leslie Ann Diloseph 6715 Moly Dr. Falls Church. VA 22046 

Suzanne Elizabeth DUda 2359 Missouri Ave . Homestead. FL 33039 

Hiram Thomas DUten PO Box 549. Bassett. VA 24055 

imilis James Dingle 1516 Kennedy Plaza. Wilmington. NC 28401 

Denise Ditzler 4105 Mason Ridge Drive. Annandale. VA 22003 

Mavis Jane Diion Route 1. Box 110. leasburg. NC 27291 

Thomas Hume Diion, III PO Box 17. Townsend. VA 23443 

Norman Kenneth Dobbins Route 3. Box 341. Summerlield. NC 27358 

Roger Dwane Doby Rt 4. Box 467. Trrnrty. NC 27370 

Peggy tee Dodge 2319 Westover Terr. Burhngton, NC 27215 

lames Thomas Doggett Route 1. Box 2 Neely Road. Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 

Peter lohn Dolan 109 Fairway Drive. Black Mountam. NC 28711 

Michael Steve Doianitis 606 Mowbray Arch. Danville. VA 24541 

Rebecca tieen Doivn 5329 Trailway Dr, Rockville. MO 20853 

David Lawrence Donahue RR 1, Boi 79, Easlham, MA 02642 

Donald Bt»an Donevan Slar Roule 1. Bo» 2. Yanceyville. NC 27379 

lames Frederick Donnely 1746 Beikeley ftve, Pelersburg. V* 23803 

Brian lames Donovan 5144 Fallsmead Downs, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

lenniler Lynn Donovan 36 London Lane, Mebane Nc 27302 

Susan Luanne Dorman Route 4, Box 175, Dunn NC 28334 

Ronald Dorreslem Noordewierweg, 177 3812 Oe Ammerstoort, The Netherlands 

Kimberly Lynn Oorselt 1513 W Davis Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Melinda Morris Dorsey 2 Albion Mews Deer Hrbr Dr, Salisbury, MD 21801 

Edson Rebelo Dos Santos, ir, PO Boi 7934 C S , Durliam, NC 27708 

Donald Marken Doster 303 Wilshire Blvd , Wilson, NC 27983 

Allen Karl Douglas 839 East Prospect, Raelord, NC 28376 

Martha EBen Downey 2705 Mosby Drive, Williamsporl, MD 21795 

lelfrey Alen Dowtb 49 Princeton Drive. New Providene, Nl 07974 

lames Andrew Doyle Route 4. Bo« 198, Sloneville, NC 27048 

Steven OTerrel Doyle 400 Binlord Street, Soutli Hill, VA 23970 

WBiam Thomas Doyle, Ir 400 Binlold Street, South Hill VA 23970 

David Ewinj Drake 1440 Pine Valley Loop, fayetteville, NC 28305 

Karen Renee Drake 7 Evelyn Place, Pompton Plains, Nl 07444 

Thomas Edward Drake 2406 Catherine Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Donald Wayne Draper 116 Midiigan Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32014 

lohn Anthony Driscol 380 Monlauk Highway, East Islip, N¥ 11730 

lames Oram Dronsfield 700 Morreene West Apt H 11, Durham, NC 27705 

Deborah Anne Drummond 9 Trailndge Court, Potomac, MD 20854 

Brailon Massey Dudley 4300 Dover Rd , Richmond, VA 23221 

David Stephen Oulf 516 Chestnut Avenue, Elkton, VA 22827 

lee Ann Dutief 11311 South Glen Road, Potomac, MD 20854 

Robert Louis Duley 5402 Cary Street Road, Richmond, VA 23226 

Charles Beniamin Dul 1931 Kirkham Drive, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Efiabelh leanelte Duncan 353 Cheek Lane, Graham, NC 27253 

loseph Kyle Dunn Rl 1 Boi 230X, Burlington, NC 27215 

Robin Albert Dunn 271 Thaiton Road, Ronboro, NC 27573 

Bradley loseph Dupicki 106 Beatty Road, Media, PA 19063 

Katherme Lynn 0u()uemm Route 8 Boi 598, Mooresville, NC 28115 

Rhonda Gail Durham R:ute 2, Box 246, Snow Camp, NC 27349 

Susan Clarice Pratt Durham 426 S Beaumont Ave, Apt B, Burlington, NC 27215 

Margaret Mamme Dutchei 1210 Wyndmoor Road, Cherry Hill, Nl 08034 

David Murray Dye 2913 Foichase Drive. Midlothian, VA 23113 

Michael loseph Dye Campus Box 5003 Elon College Eton College, NC 27244 

Donald Richard Dyer Route 1, Box 15, Hardy, VA 24101 

tewell Earl 4:: Fay Court, Burlington, NC 27215 

PhiHip Micheal Earnest 318 Maplehurst Road, lacksonville, NC 28540 

Anna Geraldine Eason 153 Sunset Street, Gtecneville, TN 37743 

Cheryl Lynn Eberl 1420 Ashlield Drive, Clemmons, NC 27012 

Arleen Dorothy Ebinger 208 Cook Road, Elon College, NC 27244 

Connie Lynetle Eckard 2038 Walker Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

William Edward Eckard 767 West Walersville Road, Mount Airy, MD 21771 

Connie ESsabelh Edmonds 4502 Millpoinl Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Michael Edmonson 23 E Carver Court, Kinston, NC 28501 

Donna layne Edwards Route 1. Box 599 B. Wilmington. NC 28405 

Gregory Scott Edwards PO Box 241, Boykins, VA 23827 

lacqueine Eli2abeth Edwards Route 1, Box 198, Sedley, VA 23878 

Lisa Talmage Edwards Rt 1, Box 255, Smithlield, VA 23430 

Michael Charles Edwards 2429 New Orleans Street, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Sherry Lynn Edwards Route 1, Box 599 E, Wilmington, NC 28405 

Thomas Demonce Edwards 833 Airport Rd , Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

rmothy Dale Edwards 1875 Executive Lane, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Tonya lo Edwards 1726-B Wood Ave, Burlington, NC 27215 

Victoria A Edwards 7210 Burlington Rd , Whitselt, NC 27377 

Douglas Elliot Eitel 112 Fine Avenue, Franklin, VA 23851 

Cynttiia Burnetle Bey 55 Bryantville Park. Como. NC 27818 

Gerald Lee Elks 850 Rebecca Street. Franklin. VA 23851 

Clara Sue NeweB Eler 1608 Brookhaven Mill Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Roberta lean EOer 417 Garner Avenue, Waldorf, MD 20601 

Andrea Mane EloH 824 St lames Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

Pamela Leigh Eiott Route 5, Box 376, Lexington, VA 24450 

Brently Frost Ellis 3411 Old Vineyard Rd , Apt H 6 Winston Salem, NC 27103 

Oiibeih Irene Elfc 214 S Mam Street, Edinburg, VA 22824 

Mary Marguerite Eis 940 Bryans Place Road, Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Stuart Everett Eis 109 W Llewelyn Drive. Mobile, AL 36608 

Bienda Lynn Embrey 10309 Gary Road, Potomac, MD 20854 

Laura Ann Emerson Route 3, Box 151 A. Siler City. NC 27344 

Steven Adam Emerson 302 Montpelier Drive. Stafford. VA 22554 

lames Edward English Route 3. Box 436. Gretna. VA 24557 

Randolph Weldon Enoch Route 2. Box 378. Mebane. NC 27302 

Herbert Alfred EpSng 51 Poplar Avnue. Belpre, OH 45714 

Tamara Lynn Epperson 5605 Canterbury Lane. Suffolk. VA 23435 

lames Emmette Epperson III PO Box 698, Wakefield. VA 23888 

Robert Ronald Epps. Ir. 106 Fawn Hills Drive. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 

Marcus Lee Erwji 114 Edgewood Avenue. Morganton. NC 28655 

Angeta Shiene Estes 220 Friendly Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

loseph Brett Estes Route 4. Box 838. Stafford. VA 22554 

Mary Ann Eubanks Rt 1. Box 27, Esmont, VA 22937 

Oenise loan Evans 1610 Vance Street, Reidsville, NC 27302 

Fredenck Carlyle Evans Route 3, Box 178. South Boston. VA 24592 

Kmberiey Giiam Evans Route 3. Box 178. South Boston. VA 24S92 

Mary Frances Evans 3113 Braddock Dr. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Vigma Layne Evans PO Box 156, Pfafttown. NC 27040 

WHiiam lelferson Evans 10 Dahlgren Avenue. Portsmouth. VA 23702 

Mark Edward EvelsUer Route 5. Box 449. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 

Pamela lean Evelyn 16 Van Riper Ave. Pompton Plains. Nl 07444 

lames Richard Evers, Ir, PO Box 566, Robbins. NC 27325 

Robert Stuart Everton, Ir. 2731 River Oaks Drive. Midlothian. VA 23113 

Richard lunlor Fain Roule 1. Box 368. Stuart. VA 24171 

Charles Fuler Fambrough 862 S Spring Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

William Tyler Fanney 207 64th Street. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Tinothy David Farmer 11924 Heathmere Crescent. Midlothian. VA 23113 

Marcia Anne Farrar 9103 Oakland Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24502 

Men Hdt Farrington PO Box 341, Ivey Road, Graham, NC 27253 

CImlian Isaac Farria PO Box 904, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Harris Oemar Fauli 2307 Arnold St , Myers Park. Lumberlon. NC 28358 

Lisa Foster Fai* 125 School Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Scoll Aaron Faion 400 Quail Hollow Drive. Forest VA 24551 

Mie Anne Federchuck 4015 Havenwood Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27106 

Linda A. Feggans Route 1, Box 73, Esmont, VA 22937 

Benrie Lee Felts 855 King Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Harold Paul Fentzlalf, Ir, 10501 Nutmeg Court, Raleigh, NC 27614 

Kenneth Edward Ference 1415 Celesta Court, Vienna, VA 22180 

Anionia Marie Ferguson 5053 Balsam Drive SW, Roanoke. VA 24018 

Frank I Ferguson 11! 30 Del Rio Drive. Fairfax, VA 22030 

Wchael Frankin Ferguson 607 West 6Th Street. Siler City. NC 27344 

Phyllis Danelte Ferguson 760 13 HuHman Mill Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

Shirley York Ferguson 2116 Huntington Rd . Burhnglon. NC 27215 

wgiiam McKee Ferguson 5053 Saism Drive. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Michelle Feme 3306 Gaston Road. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Michael Lewis Ferrel 109A North Hills Court. Danville. VA 24541 

Anne M Fields 215 Bidney Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 

Robert Edward Fikac 6302 Hillview Avenue. Alexandria, VA 22310 

Douglas Scott Finch 1025 Eastward Drive, Allavista. VA 24517 

Wanda Butler Fmk 706 S6 Hullman Mill Rd , Burlington, NC 27215 

Rebecca Dale Finley 17 C Brookwood Garden Apis, Burlington, NC 27215 

Lucille Anne Finnegan PO Box 36, Cumberland Ave , Milmay, Nl 08340 

Martha Carter Fischer PO Box 133 Forest, VA 24551 

Christopher Charles Fish 804 H East Cone Blvd,, Greensboro, NC 27405 

Gregory Eugene Fishel Rt 3, Box 535, High Point, NC 27263 

Suianne Carol Fishel 5071 Perryco Lane, Winston Salem, NC 27107 

Don Gordon Fisher 13 Bondurant Street, Martinsville, VA 24112 

lohn Franklin Fitchetl Box 54, Urbanna, VA 23175 

Lambert Antonio Fitzgerald 207 Booker Street, Lexington. NC 27292 

Robin Adams Fitzgerald 4204 Dogwood Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Sean Thomas Flanagan 64 Centerport Road. Greenlawn. NY 11740 

Steven Michael Fleeman Roule 10. Box 523A. Burhngton. NC 27215 

David Eugene Fleming 190! tones Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Susan Arlene Flemmg Rt 1. Box 166 A. Haw River NC 27258 

Venn Anthonio Fletcher 127 Summit Avenue, lersey City. Nl 07304 

Mitchell Scott Flinchum Route 3. Box 254. Liberty. NC 27298 

Michael lohn Flood 4714 Falstone Ave , Chevy Chase, MD 20815 

Steven A Florence PO Box 245, Mt Mourne, NC 28123 

Stephen Paul Florio 4240 B 2 South 35th Street, Arlington, VA 22206 

lohn Byron Flournoy, Ir, 1300 Maywood Road, Richmond, VA 23229 

Virginia Warren Flowers 3207 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Karen Holmes Floyd 2085 Imperial Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30345 

Tammy Sue Floyd Route 3. Box 189. Oxford. NC 27565 

Slace McKay Flynn 16 King Haigler Chase. Lake Wylie. SC 29710 

Patricia Lynne Flythe 427 Forest Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Felicia Dawn Fogleman Roule 1. Box 76 C. Haw River. NC 27258 

Sharon L Fogleman 2330 Venie St . Burhngton. NC 27215 

Terri Ann Fogleman 2285 Lee Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Charles Longman Foley. Ii. 1151 Woodland Road. Ingomar PA 15127 

Suzanne Elizabeth Folk 14 School House Lane. North East. MD 21901 

Walter Oliver Fonville II 119 North Saint lohn Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Oawne Elizabeth Forbis 423 D Kernodle Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Christopher Scott Ford 2114 Holborn Rd . Wilmington. DE 19808 

loseph Lee Ford 4301 Grove Street Apt C. Winston Salem. NC 27105 

Michael lames Ford 1114 Homestead Drive. Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Edgar David Foreman III 6800 Seton Court. Springtield. VA 22152 

Cary Elliott Forrest 113 Southerland Drive. Hampton. VA 23669 

Nancy Apple Forrester 309 Trail 8. Burlington. NC 27215 

Brett Steven Forlenberry 2221 Pinewood Circle. Charlotte. NC 28211 

Sharon Kay Foster Route 1. Box 167. Elon College. NC 27244 

Maria Beth Foushee PO Box 147. Sanlord. NC 27330 

Wanda Denise Foust 1804 D Carver Drive. Greensboro. NC 27401 

Steven Houlton Fowlkes 782 Mam Street. Danville. VA 24541 

April Michelle Fox 925 24TH Street. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Curt Douglas Fox 123 Harwood Drive. Grafton. VA 23692 

Nancy lee Fox 537 Cavalier Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Susan Carol Fox Route 2. Box 114 A. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Tenley Suzanne Fox 2702 Crestwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Phyllis Ann France 407 Horneytown Road. High Point. NC 27260 

Morgan Michael France, Ir. 2705 Hood Circle. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Donna Lynn Franklin 2636 Catherine Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 

Martha Gray Franklin HI Hilton Avenue. Durham, NC 27707 

Tammy Forrest Franklin 2324 Hillandale Road. Durham. NC 27705 

David Paul Franks Route 2. Box 450. Elon College. NC 27244 

lonathan Robert Franks Route 2. Box 450. Elon College. NC 27244 

lanice Marie Frauendorfer Rt 6. Box 55F Burhngton. NC 27215 

Debra Ann Frazier 2214 Westfield Avenue. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Patricia Ann Eaker Frazier Route 2. Box 272. Efland. NC 27243 

Gail D. Freeland PO Box 812. Elon College. NC 27244 

lohn Bryan Freeman 2619 Alderney lane. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Karen Renee Freeman Route 3. Box 52 A. Rulher Glen. VA 22546 

Diana S Freney PO Box 267. Gladwyne. PA 19035 

Michael C Freshwater Route 3. Box 337. Graham. NC 27253 

Cynthia Anne Frick 41 Winding Way. Flemington. Nl 08822 

lenny Marie Fruechtemeyer 457 Tallwood Street. Marco Island. El 33937 

Gregory Basil Fry Box 573. Hot Springs. VA 24445 

Martha Anne Frye 2121 Young Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Marty Bryson Frye Route 3. Box 50. Liberty. NC 27298 

Charles William Fulcher. Ir. Route 5. Box 483. Danville. VA 24540 

lulie Mathews Fulgham 722 W Riverview Drive. Suffolk, VA 23434 

Derek Keith Fuller 2889 Chaucer Drive. Atlanta. GA 30311 

Elizabeth Persinger Scott Route 1. Box 398 A. Graham. NC 27253 

Richard Gerald Fulp 113 Crestland Drive. Kernersville. NC 27284 

Karen Ann Fulton 194 First St . Miildlesex. Nl 08846 

Martha Ruth FuQuay Star Rt 1. Yanceyville. NC 27379 

Sara Marcella Furr 909 Central Avenue. Buriington. NC 27215 

Daniel Lee Futrel 285 Gloucestershire Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

lay Gabbert 202 Causey Ave . Suffolk. VA 23434 

Pamela Marie Gaddis 8212 Mitnick Road. Baltimore. MD 21236 

Alicia Vannette Gaddy 1012 Nancy Lane. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Valerie Kay Gaddy 408 Mineral Springs Road. Durham. NC 27703 

Maureen Elizabeth Gagnon 2207 Westover Terrace. Burlington. NC 27215 

Daniel Scoll Gallagher 2130 Poller Avenue. Merrick. NY 11566 

Moscoe Huntley Galleher 301 Oak Lane. Richmond. VA 23226 

Beth H Galki 3 Campbell Court. Kensington. MD 20895 

Gerald Edward Galoway 103 A Washington Rd . West Point. NY 10996 

lames Douglas Galyon 2704 W Cornwallis Drive, Greensboro. NC 27408 

Trina Ursel Gambil PO Box 413. Sparia, NC 28675 

Victoria Catherine Ganas 3001 Duncan Drive, Adelphi, MD 20783 

David Alan Gandy 913 Winslow Court, Cary, NC 27511 

KhaH Mike Garni 2115 Mustang Springs, Missouri City. TX 74459 

David Alexander Gant 413 Green Street. Burhngton. NC 27215 

lohn (Jumtm Gant 1903 Sunnybrook Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Ekzabeth Ann Gardner 4211 Witherow Road Winston Salem, NC 27106 

Gregory Loren Gardner 6311 Skinner Dr, Burke, VA 22015 

lenniler Evalyn Gardner 6016 Hollyberry Dr. Charlotte. NC 28212 

lames Herbert Gardner II 803 Tarlelon Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

lolm Giardeau Gardner. Ir. 3613 Winstead Road. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Brenda Leigh Garman Route 1. Box 386. Mebane. NC 27302 

Boyce Ernest Garner Rt 6. Box 535 B4. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Tim Edward Garner 1615 Midland Rd . Southern Pines. NC 28387 

Harry Richard Gatanis 10 E Dartmouth Road, Pennsville, Nl 08070 

Denise Areie Gales 5005 Goldsboro Dr . Hampton. VA 23605 

Garry Philip Gates Route 1. Prospect Hill. NC 27314 

lolm Anthony Geary 1217 Earnestine St . Mclean. VA 22101 

Elen E Geesey 3612 Faircaslle Drive. Chevy Chase. MD 20015 

Lucy loan Genova 1908 Trumpet Ct . Vienna. VA 22180 

Andrea Denise Gentry 2617 East Mura Street. Baltimore. MD 21213 

leHerey Duane Gentry PO Box 4064. Glen Raven. NC 27215 

lelia Renee Gentry Route 3, Box 58, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Richard Meade Geoghgan 1629 Dogwood lane, Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Katherine Ann Geraghty 6341 Beechwood Drive, Columbia, MD 21046 

Alva Franklin Gerstle, II 512 Linda Lane. Melbourne. FL 32935 

Mansoor Ghiassi-S 522 Hillcrest Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Masoud Ghiassi-S 522 Hillcrest Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kaaran Gwynne Gibbs PO Box 711. Elon College. NC 27244 

Elwood Lewis Gibson 178 Rosewood Lane. Danville. VA 24541 

lohn Howard Gibson 515 Woodland Court. Vienna. VA 22180 

Tanni lean Gibson 2213 Queen Street. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Vann Smith Gibson Route 12. Box 532. Sanford. NC 27330 

Anthony Christa Gilbert 21 Carlson Avenue. Danville. VA 24591 

Thomas Kevin Giflan 705 Churchill Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Hugh Allen Git 7306 Haw Ridge Road. Summerfield. NC 27358 

Mark Alexander GHeskie 5513 Wescolt Place. Durham. NC 27712 

Dean Clark GUbam 704 W Harden Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Ray Carlton Gilliam PO Box 32, 521 EasI College Avenue. Elon College. NC 27244 

Wiiam Roddey Ginn, Ir. PO Box 130. Elon College. NC 27244 

Peter Giovine 665 Bancroll Road. Brick. Nl 08723 

Andrew Girone 1811 Lakeshore Drive. Fayetteville. NC 28305 

EUery Troy Givens 1501 Glenridge Road. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Earnest Edward Glass 211 Hamilton Street. Danville. VA 24541 

lanet Dewitt Glass 1030 Evergreen Drive. Durham. NC 27712 

William Bailey Glenn 712 Lankashire Road. Winston Salem. NC 27106 

Frederick Racer Gick Rl 1. Box 161. Port Republic. VA 24471 

Larry Donnell Gtover Route 1. Box 319 F Hope Mill. NC 28348 

Michael Paul Glynn 3201 Madden Terrace. Portsmouth. VA 23703 

Gene Kenneth Godley Route 1, Box 657, Davidson, NC 28036 

Everett Cart Godsey, III 3757 Chesterton St SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 

Brenda Lorin Godwin 2609 Commonwealth Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901 

lamara Maryee Godwin PO Box 252, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 

Frederick Goehringer. IV 19 Highgate Lane. Cherry Hill. Nl 08003 

George Edward Goings Rt 1. Box 38. Cherokee. NC 28719 

Michael Warren Coins 3110 Valhalla Circle. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Wffliam Gomes 37 Meadow Street. Thomaston. CT 06787 

Karl Sue Good 219 N Dogwood Dr. Harrisonburg. VA 22801 

Gloria lean Goode 283 Bank Street. Bridgeton. Nl 08302 

Daniel Goodman 103 Powell Street. Snow Hill. MD 21863 

lean Eleanor Semb Goodman Route 8. Box 469. Burlington. NC 27215 

Thaddeus Cheatham Goodrich, Ir 609 Bailor Court. Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Beverly Ann Gordon 900 Fairgreen Road, Greensboro. NC 27410 

Peter Martin Gordon 896 Bnarwood Road. Newtown Square. PA 19073 

Tammy Ann Gordon 261 Tortoise lane. Franklin Lakes. Nl 07417 

Berkley G. Gore 118 Tabor Drive. Salisbury. NC 28144 

Shari Lyrai Gofham 300 S Tremont Dr. Greensboro. NC 27403 

Nancy Kay Gorman 1103 Redfield Terrace, Dunwoody. GA 30338 

Robert Irving Gorrel 2420 Londonderry. Kernersville. NC 27284 

Martin lohn Gorski 329 Henry Street. Rome. NY 13440 

Calhi Blaine Gouldthorpe 4206 Stuart Avenue. Richmond. VA 23221 

Amy Elizabeth Grace 911 Cedar Fork Terrace, Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Lydia Anne Grace 911 Cedar Fork Trail. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Danny Ray Graham Rl 4. Box 268. Mount Airy. NC 27030 

David Kenneth Graham Route 2, Box 593. liberty. NC 27298 

Elizabeth Anne Graham 2140 Woodland Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 

Isabel Margaret Graham 204 Aloha Drive, Graham, NC 27253 

Seena A, Granowsky 3102 Round Hill Road, Greensboro, NC 27408 

Thomas BenthaH Grant PO Box 153, Severn, NC 27877 

Norman Bridgers Grantham 225 W Meadowbrook Drive, Smithlield, NC 27577 

Beth Thomas Graves Route 6, Box 375 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Donna Lynn Graves 460 Parkview Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 

tide Enen Gravett 4109 Pheasant Run. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Ginger Faye Gravitte PO Box 14. Timbcrlake. NC 27583 

Barry Warner Gray 1904 Hawthorne Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kevin Harrington Gray 1163 Little Bay Avenue. Norfolk. VA 23503 

Kevin Todd Gray 3504 Carolyn Drive. Raleigh. NC 27604 

Theodore loseph Gray Box ''2, Altavista, VA 24517 

lohn Stewart Gray, Ir 2817 Thurloe Drive. Richmond. VA 23235 

Richard Watson Gray. Ii. 2302 Pmeway. Salisbury. MD 21801 

Ricky Wendell Grays 61 7 A Cottonwood Dr. Petersburg. VA 23803 

Beth Ann Greco 7 Blackbriar Drive. Colts Neck. Nl 07722 

Thomas Edward Greeley 23 Creslhill Rd . Brighton. MA 02135 

Amanda N. Green 1221 C N Mam Street. High Point. NC 27262 

Anita Lmetle Green Route 3. Box 106 Al. Pittsboro. NC 27312 

Cynthia Gai Green 302 Oakwood. High Point. NC 27260 

lames Livingston Green 2184 Woodland. Burlington. NC 27215 

letfrey Wiiam Green 2619 A Sultolk Drive. High Point, NC 27260 

Kalhy Lynn Green 1409 Brookville Lane, Lynchburg, VA 24502 

Lawrence Michael Green 1610 loren Crescent, Portsmouth, VA 23701 

Randal Lous Green 2920 Maple Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Thomas Barter Greer 4324 Gramercy Circle. Alexandria. VA 22309 

Linda Clapp Greeson Roule 1. Box 405 M. Burlington. NC 27215 

Chartotte Elizabeth Gritfin 502 Ragsdale Road. Box 26. lamestown. NC 27282 

lames Kenneth GriHii Route 4, Box 364. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Michael Herbert Griffti 1105 Grilhn Court. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Phiip Kari Gritfin PO Box 463. Floyd. VA 24091 

lane Morgan Grigg 7906 Bradley Blvd. Bethesda. MD 20817 

David lee Grinnel Route 10, Box 550. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael Eugene Grizzard Roule 1. Box 69. Capron. VA 23829 

Richard Crawlord Grizzard, li. PO Box 304. Boykins. VA 23827 

Heidi Frances Gross 5808 Kingswood Road. Bethesda. MD 20814 

Tennala A Gross Route 2, Box 158. Burlington. NC 27215 

David Wayne Grubb 707 B Greenhaven Drive. Greensboro. NC 27406 

lames H. Gueich III 310 Carolina Pines Blvd. New Bern. NC 28560 

Shannon Rae Giite 2418 Blanche Drive. Burhngton. NC 27215 

Etzabeth Ann GwinneH 406 Delaine Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

KatNeen Citrolo Gwinnett 406 Delaine Drive. Burlington NC 2721S 

WBam Tyrone Gwynn 134 Port McCoy Road. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Garth Brannur Haas PO Box 490. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

Elzabeth lae Hagan 211 Pinedale Or. Elon College. NC 27244 

Robert Douglas Hagan, Ir. 5229 K Penrith Drive. Durham. NC 27713 

George Wastwigton Hager. h. 1809 Bellewood Road. Wilmington. DE 19803 

Glen Haisley 4937 Rhodes Drive. New Orleans. LA 70126 

Patricia Arme Haith PO Box 221, Elon College. NC 27244 

Lym Burton Haizfp 1140 Huntingdon Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Laura Susan Hale 706 H 11 Huffman Mill Road, Buclinglon. NC 27215 

lohn Grei Haley Route 5, Sherwood Forest, Basselt, V» 24055 

Stanley Kirk Haley Rte 2. Bo< 164, Pelham, NC 27311 

Carl Ed«ard Hall 519 N Melville St., Graham. NC 27253 

David Wayne Hall 1201 Lakecrest Avenue, High Point. NC 27260 

Patii Denise Hall Route 5, Box 174 E, Greensboro, NC 27405 

Scott Georje Hall 300 Mill Road Suite E 39 Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada 

William Andrevi Hall 422 Grandview Avenue, Pitman. NJ 08071 

William Edward Hall. II. Box 104, Bloxom, VA 23308 

James lohn Hallihan 7140 Santag Way. Springfield, VA 22153 

Craig Allen Hallman 1428 North Keim Street, Pottstown, PA 19464 

Linda Vincent Hamby 2006 F The Colony, Burlington, NC 27215 

Nader Zare Hamidpour PO Box 1079. Eton College. NC 27244 

David William Hamillon Box 1218. Tryon, NC 28782 

Gregg Franklin Hamillon 602 Marshall Way, Durham, NC 27705 

Jeanne Elaine Hamillon 4828 Troian Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 

Baiter Howard Hammer 1035 Macon Street. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Mary Kalhryn Hamrick 805 West Redwood Road. Sterling. VA 22170 

Kevin Avery Hand PO Box 754 Park Avenue, Clarksville, VA 23927 

Steven Leslie Haney Route 5. Box 337 C, Asheville, NC 28803 

Julie Edwina Hanford Box 1564, Burlington, NC 27215 

Owayne Barrett Harden Route 8 Box 35, Burlington, NC 27215 

Ronald Wayne Hardison New River Dr Apt ffl89, Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Steven Wayne Hardistet 2435 Sedalia Drive, Clemmons, NC 27012 

James Wesley Hardy 915 Ada Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Becky Diane Hare 2800 Green Lane Drive, Durham, NC 27712 

McSherry Neal Haijro«e Box 544, Cooleemce. NC 27014 

Melissa Layne Hargrove 404 Oakgrove Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Marie Therese Haikins 8 Hansell Road, Murray Hill, NJ 07974 

David Larkin Harman 1004 North Rotary Drive, High Point, NC 27262 

Kathleen Margaret Harms 3082 Diablo View Road. LaFayette. CA 94549 

Robert Joseph Harned, Jr. Route 3, Box 128, Madison, NC 27025 

Herron Harper 1808 Berkshire Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Michael Allyn Harper 1423 Knox Street, Statesville, NC 28677 

Stephen Joseph Harper 9705 Meadowcrott Lane, Gaithetsburg, MD 20760 

David Chapman HarreB 730 Corn Tassell Trail, Martinsville, VA 24112 

Donna Beth Harrell 702 S Sellars Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Michael Keith Harrelson 201 Port McCoy Road, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Michael Albert Harrelson Route 2, Box 175, Denton, NC 27239 

James Clinton HarriU 4513 Foxcrolt Road. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Ronald Wayne Harrington 105 Nike Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Arthur Robert Harris PO Box 453. Clinton. NC 28328 

Catherine Annette Harris 6808 Briarcliff Drive. Clinton. MD 20735 

E, Stanton Harris 307 North O'Kelly Avenue. Eton College. NC 27244 

Gregory Wade Harris Route 2. Box 107. Piltsboro, NC 27312 

Karen Fa>e Harris Route 1. Box 225, Clarksville, VA 23927 

Mark A, Harris Rt 1, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 

Stephen Craig Harris 2447 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Troy Martin Harris 3841 Bower Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 

Alluwee Jones Harrison 612 Virginia Ave , Burlington. NC 27215 

Donald K. Harrison 612 Virginia Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Robert Randolph Harrison 308 Sunset Drive. Richmond, VA 23229 

Sheridean Rochelle Harrison 3116 Kershaw Roanoke, VA 24017 

Julian Randolph Harrison, III 2110 Rivoli Street. South Boston. VA 24592 

Daniel Leigh Hart 504 High Street, Salem. VA 24153 

Lisa Marie Hart 2301 Mack Chick Road. SW. Roanoke, VA 24014 

Anne Rulledge Harlsoe PO Box 156, Chase City, VA 23924 

Walter Lee Harvey 5466 S Sumac Cir, Fayelteville, NC 28303 

William Francis Harvey 30 Snuff Box Lane, Marlton, NJ 08053 

Jonathan Edward Hasbrouck 96 Albert Street, Brick, NJ 08723 

Robert Clay Hassard PO 220854, Charlotte, NC 28222 

Robert Dupree HauA PO Box 24. Union Mills. NC 28167 

Paul Joseph Haviland PO Box 253. Bel Air. MD 21014 

Anthony Joseph Hawa 1613 Dendron Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Mark David Hawkins 9 Hayward Street, Bound Brook, NJ 08805 

Mary Ashley Hawkins 805 Silver Leal, Raleigh, NC 27609 

John Curtis Hawkins II PO Box 742, 213 Woodale Dr. Eton College. NC 27244 

Michael David Hawks 2702 Townley Circle. Hargrave Military Academy. Atlanta. GA 


Kim Susan Hayes 11302 Harborside. Reston, VA 22091 

Teresa Ann Hayes 214 Emory Street. Wilson. NC 27893 

Bruce Allen Haygood Cleveland Road. Bogart. GA 30622 

William Nelson Haynes 2922 Bedlord Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Maiine Teresa Hazel Rt 1, Box 22, Hallsboro, NC 28442 

Roxanne Lynn Hazen 2354 Jasper Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33907 

Frederick Theodore Heath, Jr, 3125 Watergate Lane. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Bobby Jerome Hedrick PO Box 94, Sedalia, NC 27342 

Larry Steven Hedrick Route 1, Box 179, Wylheville, VA 24382 

leremiah Edward Hedrick, Jr. PO Box 94, Sedalia, NC 27342 

Susan Masho Heider 2912 South Mebane Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Raguel Czerler Held 2408 Hilllord Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Michael Leonard Helfrich 2748 Middleton. St Apt 160, Durham, NC 27705 

Richard George Helmlie 3210 S W 66 Terrace, W Hollywood, FL 33023 

Tad Wrenn Helmsletler 300 Shoal Street, Lexington, NC 27292 

Kyle Lynn Henderson 3759 Cathedral Oaks Place N , Jacksonville. FL 32217 

Preston Wilfiam Henderson 8257 Taunpon Place, Sprmglield, VA 22152 

Albert Stanley Hendricks 146 North Street, Henderson, NC 27536 

Tracy Cornelius Hendricks 146 North St , Henderson, NC 27536 

Heidi Vann Hendrii 235 Stone Mill Trail, Atlanta, GA 30328 

Michael Wayne Henley 128 Woodburn Place, Advance, NC 27006 

James Gerald Hennigan 6910 Ashbury Drive, Springfield, VA 22152 

William James Hennigan 6910 Ashbury Dr, Springfield, VA 22152 

Barton Ellerbe Henry 5601 Robin Ridge Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 

Mildred W. Hensley 2400 Blanche Dr, Burlington, NC 27215 

Deborah Lynn Henson Route 1, Vilas, NC 28692 

Robyn Stuart Herbin 314 G Atwood Drive, Knollwood Apts, Burlington. NC 27215 

Gary L. Herman, Jr. PO Box 166 Alamance. NC 27201 

Israel Abel Hernandez 8082 Tompkins Square, Orlando. FL 32807 

Louis Edwarr* Hernandez Route 8. Box 333. Burlington. NC 27215 

Amy^ Margaret Herrick 930 Elm Avenue. River Edge, NJ 07661 

Nina Louise Herrmann 3925 Linden Terrace, Durham, N C 27705 

Barbara Whelan Hess 11109 Pelham Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030 

Jacqueline Claire Hess 210 South Washington, Moorestown, NJ 08057 

Rose Ann Hester Route 2, Box 330, Elizabethtown. NC 28337 

Stephen Lanier Hester Route 2. Box 141. Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 

George Smitherman Heston II 521 Ironington Road, Richmond, VA 23227 

Cheryl Wtiitesell Helzko C/0 Mr Worth R Whitesell, Route 1, Box 252, Burlington, 

NC 27215 

Michael Alexander Hevener PO Box 918, Chester, VA 23831 

Richard Patrick Hickey, Jr. 423 N Gurney Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Elizabeth Carol Hickman 10 Jasmine Court, Rockville, MD 20853 

Ble Mae High PO Box 391, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

lohn Hardy High, Jr, 123 Newby Court, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Matthew Forace Hill 14800 Fox Drive, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 

Michael James Hill 3009 Berwick, Burlington. NC 27215 

Patricia Annette Hill Rt 4, Box 189, Burch Bridge Rd , Burlington. NC 27215 

Harold Webster Hill, Jr. Route 10. Box 366. Burlington. NC 27215 

Aten Tate Ward S 100 College Park. Eton College. NC 27244 

Langley Anne Hinchee 1939 Bridle Lane. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Lynda Anne Hincke 11212 Powder Horn Drive. Potomac. MD 20854 

Sandra Kane Hincke 11212 Powder Horn Drive. Potomac, MD 20854 

Christopher Alan Hines 3203 Kenmore Road, Richmond, VA 23225 

Donnie Hinnant 1502 S Slocumb Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Roger Neal Hinshaw Route 1, Box 73 B, Siler City, NC 27344 

Brooks Fletcher Hinson. Jr, 239 Casseli Lane Southwest, Roanoke, VA 24014 

Cindy Merryl Hirsch 104 Oakview Drive, Eton College, NC 27244 

David Thomas Hii, Jr 119 E Mam, Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Carta Alane Hodge 3610 Gramercy Road. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Charies Larry Hodgin Route 8. Box 425-A, Re.dsville, NC 27320 

Charies Jeflrey Hoffman 1434 Clilt Rd . Asheboro, NC 27203 

Kenneth Phillip Hogan 5705 Bramblegate Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409 

Sandra Sue Hoggard 1120 Broad Street, Windsor, NC 27983 

Diane Campbell Holcomb 2523 Hungary Springs Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Nina H. Holladay 116 Trail One, Burlington, NC 27215 

Ellen Louise Holland 902 Kramer Court, Vienna, VA 22180 

John Phillip Holland, Jr. 106 Edisto Drive. Anderson. SC 29621 

lane Elizabeth Hollander 7536 Walnut Wood Drive. Charlotte. NC 28212 

Barbara Lynne Hollingsworth 3210 B Regents Park Lane, Greensboro, NC 27405 

Horace Leon Holloway 419 Green Street, Roxboro. NC 27573 

Greg Marshall Holmes 512 Oakland Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Anthony Wayne Holt 10424 Melissa Mill Rd . Richmond, VA 23236 

Elizabeth Anne Holt 410 South 3RD Street, Mebane, NC 27302 

Harvey Fitzgerald Holt Route 4, Box 289, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

leHrey Michael Holt 1907 Wilkins St , Burlington, NC 27215 

loseph Kuhl Holt 622 Johnson Avenue, Graham, NC 27253 

Lucille Paton Holt 206 Meadowbrook Terrace. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Marilyn Arlene Holt Route 1. Box 467, Milton, NC 27305 

Dolores Mary Hood Route 3, Box 228A, Liberty, NC 27298 

Teresa Anne Hooper PO Box 117, Yanceyville, NC 27319 

Daniel Dwayne Hopper Route 3, Box 330 Madison, NC 27025 

James DilJard Horne 2412 Catherine Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Johnathan KeUy Horne Route 4. Box 365AA, Indian Valley Drive, Burlington, NC 


Mary Lisa Home 1407 Garfield Rd-, Burlington, NC 27215 

Vickie Denise Horne PO Box 75, Wilmington, NC 28401 

Barbara Jean Horner Route 5. Box 72 Boone. NC 28607 

Lisa Rene Horner Route 5. Box 81 A. Burlington, NC 27215 

Teresa Sue Horner 3903 Cascade Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 

Clinton G. Horton 365 N St John St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Lori Melissa Horton 229 Woodglen Lane, Oak Brook, IL 60521 

loseph Todd House 2105 North Ashland Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Kenneth E. Houston Route 1, Box 274 A, Warsaw NC 28398 

Douglas Elwood Houiz 800 Croydon Street, Sterling, VA 22170 

Kevin Bruce Howard 2228 Princess Anne Lane. Woodbridge. VA 22191 

Robert Scott Howard 1823 Berkeley Avenue. Petersburg. VA 23805 

Lori Anne Howe Route 1. Box 119, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Scott Cullom Howell 163 Maple Street, Charleston. SC 29403 

Wayne Michael Hoyle 8810 121St Place, Largo, FL 33543 

Daniel Joseph Hubbard 3308 Emmorton Road, Abingdon, MD 21009 

Patricia Ann Hubbard Rt 2, Box 954 Webb Pk , Halifax, VA 24558 

Allison Dean Huddle 117 Trent Shores, New Bern, NC 28560 

Debbie P Hudson Route 1, Box 333, Burlington, NC 27215 

loel Warren Huffstetler 105 Maple Drive. Mount Holly. NC 28120 

Francis Michael Hughes 1118 Wasena Avenue. Roanoke. VA 27105 

Karen Hughes 1929 Matone Road. Burlington, NC 27215 

Robert Douglas Hughes 5507 Wescott Place, Durham, NC 27712 

Susan Claire Hughes 1870 East Ocean View Ave , Norfolk, VA 23503 

Alesia Christine Hundley PO Box 382. Salisbury. NC 28144 

Ebabelh Kent Hungerfotd Hwy 257. Newberg. MD 20664 

Joseph Francis Hunt 5136 River Chase Ridge. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Leslie Anne Hunt 7715 Lookout Court. Alexandria. VA 22306 

Margaret Ann Hunt Sprmgwood St Box 6311, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Steven Craig Hunt Rt 4, Box 77, Wilkesboro, NC 28697 

Thomas Leigh Hunt PO Box 415, Gretna, VA 24557 

Bobby Eari Hunter Route »3, Box 227. King. NC 27021 

Daniel Lee Hunter 2722 Catherine Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

David Scott Hurley 1845 St Lucie Blvd S E , Stuart, FL 33494 

Deborah Lynn Hurley 1449 Grandview Rd , Arnold, MD 21012 

Stan Marvin Hutcheson Airborne Dept M School, Ft Lee, VA 23801 

Steven Martin Hutcheson Airborne Dept QM School, Ft Lee, VA 23801 

Annie Mooney Hulchins Route 1, Box 59 A, Timberlake, NC 27583 

Lesley Rae Hutchinson 9 North Lynnhaven Drive. Staunton, VA 24401 

Karen Marie Hutson 3901 Walt Ann Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043 

Charies David Hyder 305 Clapp Street, Graham. NC 27253 

Bassam Nairn Ibrahim 15201 Catrolton Road. Rockville. MD 20853 

Keli Eileen Ihnken 15 Kimble Court. Pompton Plains. Nl 07444 

Teresa Gail Ijames Route 8, Box 456, Mocksville, NC 27028 

lohn Houser Inabnit 2074 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Christopher James Ingle 1835 Whitsett Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Paula Gayle Ingram Route 1, Box 126A, Skipwith, VA 23968 

Donald Lynn Inman PO Box 681, Pinehurst, NC 28374 

Russell Wayne Irby 1925 Cherri Drive, Falls Chruch, VA 22043 

lilt Lorraine Isaac Route I, Claremont, NC 28610 

Karen Marie Isaacson 937 V, Carter St , Elmira, NY 14904 

Don M, Isley 321 Collmgwood Dr, Burlington, NC 27215 

Franii Eugene Isley Route 6. Box 371. Burlington, NC 27215 

Joel Scott Isley 112 West Gilbreath Street, Graham, NC 27253 

Mark Eugene Isley Rt 2. Box llOA, Snow Camp. NC 27349 

Ann Louise Itabashi 4424 Street NW, Washington. DC 20007 

Masahiro Itoh 2 5 14 Ishigami, Niiza. Saitama 00352 

Toinoko Furukawa lloti 515 S Williamson Ave . Elon College. NC 27244 

luwanna lackson 149 Sixth Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Tammy L. lackson 1639 Fairview Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

John Hubert Jacobs 213 Crest Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Kevin Gregory Jacobs 10404 Clinton Ave , Silver Spring, MD 20902 

Mitchell Frederick Jacobs 205 Rolling Rd , Gaithersburg. MD 20877 

Pamela lean Jacobs 2106 S Mebane Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Crystal Ann lames Route 2. Box 362 2. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

Kay Plummer lames Rt 10. Box 448B. Burlington, NC 27215 

Paula Fay James 1515 Lord Ashley Drive. Sanford. NC 27330 

Peter Mark James 4705 Amherst Rd , College Park, MD 20740 

Robert Mitchell lames 201 Ward Street, Graham. NC 27253 

Ronald M, Jandoli 495 New lersey Avenue. Bricktown, NJ 08723 

Dwayne Matthew laney 322 Travora St . Graham. NC 27253 

Agnes Hunter Janney 4616 Kensington Avenue. Richmond. VA 23226 

William Edward Jansen Route Box 63, Floyd, VA 24091 

Douglas Edward Janssen 441 B Laurel Brook Dr. Brick Town, NJ 08723 

Edward Carilon Jarratl. Jr, Route 2. Box 103. Stony Creek, VA 23882 

Sherry Ann larrell PO Box 559. Star. NC 27356 

McLennard Jay 2199 Boxton Rd . Roxboro. NC 27573 

Paula E Jay Route 6, Box 141, Roxboro, NC 27573 

John Davis Jefferies 1138 South Church Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

William T Jefferies 420 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Gertie Alecia Jeffries PO Box 952, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Owayne Oakley leHries 2417 N Church St, Burlington, NC 27215 

David Lawerence Jensen 1808 Hungary Road, Richmond, VA 23228 

Douglas MacFarland Jermyn 1105 Concord Drive. Haddonlield. Nl 08033 

David Norfleet Jernigan 801 Raymond Court. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Donald Edward lernigan 2117 Belmont Street. Burlington, NC 27215 

imiiam Matthew Jessup PO Box 1702. Elizabethtown, NC 28337 

WBam Stuard Jessup, Ir, Route 1, Box 111 lA, Westlield, NC 27053 

Pamela Victoria Jewell 6522 8 Wisteria Dr, Charlotte, NC 28210 

Robert William Jewell III 3801 Chelwood Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Vicky Marie Jiggetts 117 Leak Avenue, Oxford. NC 27565 

Ann Marie Jividen 3604 Octavia Drive. Raleigh. NC 27606 

Benjamin Carter Johnson PO Box 17. Sedley. VA 23878 

Brian Raymond Johnson 2107 Cheltenham Blvd . Greensboro. NC 27407 

Catherine Jones Johnson 2107 Cheltenham Blvd , Greensboro, NC 27407 

Craig Stewart Johnson RD 2, Cairns Place, Belle Mead. NJ 08502 

Dale Francis Jotmson 1 Magda Lane, Somerville, NJ 08876 

Jacqueline Jolene Johnson Route 1, Box 453, Madison. NC 27025 

Karen Jo Johnson 1812 Felling Ct . Silver Spring. MD 20904 

Kathryn Elaine Johnson Route 3. Box 200. Elon College, NC 27244 

Kathy Humphries Johnson PO Box 125, Altamahaw NC 27202 

Linda Vele Johnson 2915 Oxiord Road, Henderson, NC 27536 

Marsha GaH Johnson Route 1, Box 63, Siler City, NC 27344 

Melvin Eugene Johnson Rt 6, Box 99A, Burlington, NC 27215 

Nelson Ray Jotmson Route 6, Box 102 A, High Point. NC 27260 

Penny Rene Johnson 1437 Miller Street, Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Richard Scholl Johnson 5804 Devonshire Drive. Bethesda. MD 20816 

Robert Steven Johnson 403 N Cheatham Street. Franklmton. NC 27525 

Terry Benson Johnson 380J Kirklees Road, Winston Salem, NC 27104 

Tracy C. Johnson 1009 Sherwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Joseph WiBam Jotmson, Jt. 355 Pine Run Rd . Doylestown. PA 18901 

Florence M. Johnston Box 909. Roxboro. NC 27573 

James Christian Johnston 3009 Lynndale Rd , Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Lisa Carolyn Johnston Route 1, Box 375 B, Burlington, NC 27215 

Maes McBane Johnston 916 Hanford Road, Graham, NC 27253 

Stephen Richard Johnston 4 Brookside Drive Apt 11, Exeter, NH 03833 

Donna Louise lotmston 214 East Harden Street, Graham, NC 27253 

Ann Marie tones Route 1, Box 8, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Blanche Carter Jones 1930 Quarry Rd , Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Cathy Marie Jones 806 Oxford Street, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Clay Allen tones 2450 South Strattord Road, Winston Salem, NC 27103 

David Lee Jones Route 1. Box 18 B. Havelock. NC 28532 

Dean Everette Jones Route 1. Box 823, Wellford, SC 29385 

Deborah Leigh Jones Route 1, Box 181 A. Bennett, NC 27208 

Dennis Keith Jones 704 Apple Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

lerry Connor Jones 3511 Longview St, Burlington, NC 27215 

lessie Albert Jones Route 2. Box 173 Mangum Drive. Wendell. NC 27591 

Jon Christopher Jones Rl 4. Box 85L. Laurinburg, NC 27370 

Karen Denise Martin tones PO Box 1086, Elon College, NC 27244 

Leon Little Jones 400 S Dahl St . Madison. NC 27025 

Melany Jones PO Box 52. Wakulla. NC 28397 

Melissa Ruth Jones 71 Royalston Road. Orange. MA 01364 

Michael Glenn Jones 1900 Tucker Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Susan Leigh Jones 2407 Garnett Ct , Vienna, VA 22180 

Thomas Leonard lones Route 9, Box 349, Burlington, NC 27215 

Tommy Derek lones PO Box 1086, Elon College. NC 27244 

Vifginia Karen lones Route 2, Box 528. Clarksville. VA 23927 

Cheryl Lynn Jordan 3324 Mapleton Crescent, Chesapeake, VA 23321 

Frederick Kelvin Jordan 328 Thomas St, Staunton, VA 24401 

Hope Mclntrye Jordan 2053 Nottingham Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 

Julie Rae Jordan 1735 Sandy Ridge Rd , Colfax, NC 27235 

Robert Calhoun lordan III 1905 Windmill Drive, Sanford, NC 27330 

Kenneth Boyd Joyce 607 Burke Trail, Thomasville, NC 27360 

Thomas Christopher loyner 2628 Bellaire Drive, Sanford. NC 27330 

Mary Margaret Kain 724 Sutton Drive. Walnut Creek. CA 94598 

John Francis Kale 1121 Bradford Dr. Pt Pleasant. Nl 08742 

Perry Kenneth Kalam 5902 Davis Mill Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Stephen Paul Kakp 2488 Dante Avenue. Vineland. Nl 08360 

Robert Francis Kanaby RD 02 Curtis Drive. Flemington. Nl 08822 

Michael Stephen Kane 111 Oak Street. Vienna. VA 22180 

Bruce Kevin Kanlor 11808 Gregerscrolt Road. Potomac, MD 20854 

Katharine Lance Kaplan 2225 Mulberry Hill Road. Annapolis. MD 21401 

Christoplier Richard Kardian 2700 Cherrylree tane. Richmond. VA 23235 

Gretchen Arme Kasting 14 Talcot Drive. East Northport, NY 11731 

Barry Laurence Kavanaugti Rt 15. Box 333. Lexington, NC 27292 

Jettrey Robert Kay 2011 Grandview Avenue, Westheld, NJ 07090 

John Christopher Kays Route 5, Box 761, Reidsville, ND 27320 

George Davis Kearney, Ir 322 Hillsboro Street, Franklmton, NC 27525 

Craig Andrew Kearns PO Box 632, Troy, NC 27371 

Charles Todd Keeder 3720 Pine Grove tane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Christopher Marti Keeley 365 Timberlake Drive, Melbourne, FL 32900 

Donald Bailer Keesee 400 Northmont Blvd. Danville, VA 24540 

John F-K Keeton 5812 Ridgeview Dr, Durham NC 27712 

Linda Lanning Keitti 1510 Sherwood Drive, Burlington. NC 27215 

Frank Scott Kelam PO Box 6037. Virginia Beach. VA 23456 

Julie Spry Kellam PO 6037, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 

Robin L. Keler 3305 Oakridge Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Russell Rea Keller, Ir 5921 Fairlee Road. Richmond. VA 23225 

Perry Norris Keley Box 128. New Church. VA 23415 

Anne Teresa Kely 1468 W Little Creek Rd . Norfolk. VA 23505 

Mary Elizabeth Kely Drawer 1391. Winston Salem. NC 27102 

Mark Windsor Kemp 602 West Maple Ave. Sterling. VA 22170 

Robert Dean Kemp 5916 Penguin Drive SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 

Catherine Blair Kennedy 4408 Montgomery Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Barbara Sue Kernodle 1412 Cedar Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215 

Cindy Michele Kerr 5905 Boothe Dr, Burke, VA 22015 

Everett Bradley Kesler 121 Green Valley, Greensboro, NC 27403 

Phillip Keitti Kesler 121 Green Valley Road, Greensboro, NC 27403 

Allison Cornelia Ketner 9 Knollwood Boulevard, North Augusta, SC 29841 

Vivian Apkar Kevortiian 409 Collinwood Dr, Burlington, NC 27215 

Daphne Eulisi Key Rl 3, Bo> 294. libetty, NC 27298 

WiBiam Wesley Klouty 7317 Venice Street, Falls Church, VA 22043 

lames Andrex Kilby, It. Bo< 198. Mott Drive, Vernon, Nl 07462 

lennilet louse Kilgore Bo 204, Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437 

Robyn Todd Kiljote Boi 204, Gwyneed Valley, PA 19437 

EdwHi ludd Kmbroujh 420 South Mam, Roitioro, NC 27573 

Roy Doyle Kimmms. k. 524 Homexood Ave , Burlington, NC 27215 

Linda Louise Kinder PO Bo> 1000, Rural Retreat, VA 24368 

Stephen Michael Kinder 4903 Sunnyside Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018 

Cynthia Bron.yn Kir{ 1919 Matoan Avenue, Petersburg, VA 23805 

Michael Robert King 706 Shamrock Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Michael Curtis King 104 N Johnson Rd , Sterling, VA 22170 

Polly Leek King PO Boi 781, Raelord, NC 28376 

Susan Boyles Kirmey 600 W Mam, Boi 2805, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Thomas [rvin Kinney III 513 Stiadowbrook Court, Burlington, NC 27215 

Lorn A Kirby PO Bo< 585, Yanceyville, NC 27379 

William Marshall Kitby 224 Meadowbrook Road, Staunton, VA 24401 

Helen Smil Kirchen 1919 Nottingham lane, Burlington, NC 27215 

David Wilson Kirkland PO Bo. 407, Boykms, VA 23827 

Kay Mane Kirkland Route 2, Boi 625, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Norman [d«ard Kirlland III 224 Manhatlen Avenue, Ha«thorne. NY 10532 

Bnan Eugene Kivelt 931 Kimberly Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Leah langus Kivett 217 Walkins Drive, Hampton, VA 23669 

Lisa Gayle Kkitl; 2735 May Dnve, Burlington, NC 27215 

Billy Wayne Kmghl 132 Mitchell St. Danville. VA 24541 

Lisa Roselta Knight 1811 Barnes Street. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Michael Addison Knijhl 7701 Audubon Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Robert Lee Kmghl 1808 Wilkins Drive, Sanlord, NC 27330 

floyd lalayette Knight III1808 Wilkins Dnve, Sanlord, NC 27330 

Brenda Lee Knighton 220 Nii Creek Road, Marion, NC 28752 

loan lorrainne KoNerman 127 Swarlhmore Drive, lowson, MD 21204 

Kimberlv Kay Kopko 302 Biltmore Drive, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 

Osei Owusu Korkor Bo> 175, Kumasi, Ghana 

Gregory Kenneth Koraegay 2110 S Mebane Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Beth Ann Kotski 118 Edgell SIreet, Gardner, MA 01440 

lames Anthony Kouchinsky 625 Market Street, N Tazewell, VA 24630 

Robert Zack Kovanes 9400 Rhonda Drive, Richamond. VA 23229 

Barry Robert Koiak 2945 Princess Ann CresI, Chesapeake, VA 23321 

lohn Edviard Krahe 1023 West 21 Erie, PA 16502 

Michael Laurence Krai 11 Oak Drive, Randolph, Nl 07869 

Donald Charles draper 2436 Riviera Dr, Vienna, VA 22180 

Cynthia May Kreutter 7826 Hanover Parkway olOl, Greenbelt. MO 20770 

lohn Michael Krol 3012 Fleet St. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Ronald lohn Kruppa 16932 Flickerwood Rd . Parkton. MO 21120 

Bnan Lee Kuenn 921 Essei Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Mark lames Kurnava 1407 Dogwood V»ay. Mebane. NC 27302 

Carl Willis Kurirock 2442 Flamingo Lane. Ft Lauderdale. FL 33312 

Km Agnes Kyle 326 Dogwood Circle. High Point. NC 27260 

lames Edward Lai. k. PO Boi 694. Elon College. NC 27244 

lames Cobb Lame. H. 339 Weslwood Drive. Sullolk. VA 23434 

Susan Lamb .'9.'2 Amherst Avenue, Burlington. NC 27215 

Tamee Eileen Lambert Route 1, Boi 182, Stoneville, NC 27048 

Christina I Lampe 429 Collinwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Michael loseph Lamuraglia PO Boi 476, Elon College. NC 27244 

Robert Champion Lancaster 7408 Mine Shalt Rd . Raleigh. NC 27609 

Roger lohn Lancellotb i2 [dna Ave. Belhpage, NY 11714 

lohn Ovington Landis 4Z4 Fay Court, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mark Steven Landschool 40 Pleasant Street, Clifton Springs, NY 14432 

Bonnie Dale Lane 501 Hallsboro Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Timothy Walton Lane 507 Euclid Avenue, Lynchubrg, VA 24501 

Wendy loan Lang 218 Lyman Place, W Palm Beach, FL 33409 

Michael Scott Langslon 81 Denise Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Lon lane Lanphear 600 Churchill Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

ludy B Larue GKN PO Boi 220, Mebane, NC 27302 

Sheila Gwynne Lassiter Route 4, Boi 179B, Burlington, NC 27215 

Rebecca Wellons Lanlant Wash Birth Place VA 2257 

Suzanne Lavecchia Annm Road, Far Hills, Nl 07931 

David Maiier Lavery 6/02 Oeland Courl, Springfield, VA 22152 

Charles Gardner Lawrence 600 Longview Court N E , Vienna, VA 22180 

Kimberly Ann Laws Route 2 Boi 205, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 

Pamela Mane Laws 226 Webster Rd , Graham, NC 27253 

Cynthia Darlene Lawson Route 1, Boi 254, Germanton, NC 27019 

loyce Elaine Sizemore Lawson Route 1, Boi 582, Providence, NC 27315 

Stanley Darren Lea, Ir, 286 Timberlake Drive, Danville, VA 24541 

Cynthia Sue leach Rl 1 Boi 65, Haw River, NC 27258 

Etta lean Leak 1111 Louise Road, Winston Salem, NC 27107 

lohn Peter lechman* 8713 Arley Drive, Springfield, VA 22153 

Arlhw Walton Lederie 7312 Langsford Court, Springlield, VA 22153 

Edwm Gary Lee PO Boi 63, Covesville, VA 22931 

lames Preston lee Route 3, Boi 98, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Kevin Sidney Lee 2424 Mimosa Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Mark Edwards Lee 221 Westview Park Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Meredith Michelle Lee 402 England Avenue, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 

Timothy George lee 620 W lynnshores Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

David Graves Leedy 2825 Yeonas Dnve, Vienna, VA 22180 

Louisa Stratford Legwin 7223 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28405 

Stanley Perry Leicester II PO Boi 2171 Chuckaluck, Sullolk, VA 23432 

Thomas Mark Leimberger PO Boi 1087, Elon College, NC 27244 

loseph P Leilner 1206 Highwood Rd , Rockville, MD 20851 

tWade B Lemons PO Boi 757, Pittsboro, NC 27312 

lerry Wilton lennon. Ir, PO Boi 668, Bladenboro, NC 28320 

loseph Vmcenl lenliw Clark Lane Boi HI, Whitehouse, Nl 08888 

Donna Lee leshock 6100 Carriagehouse Lane. Charlotte. NC 28211 

lohn Clayton Lester U64 Vicksboro Road. Henderson. NC 27536 

Cec* Thomas Lewis III 120 Albany SIreet Apt 17. Graham. NC 27253 

Howard Douglas lewis 154 Clement Ave . Danville. VA 24540 

Rachel Annette lewis 9400 lundonway Onve. Richmond. VA 23229 

lack Nathan Lewis. Ir. Boi 38. Fieldale. VA 24089 

Francis Wilson Lewis. Ir. Route 2, Boi 237. Slony Creek. VA 23882 

Andrew lames liapn 2041 Walker Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

lO(i Ann libby Route 1 Boi 257, Parllow, VA 22534 

WBam August Lndgren 9326 Bethel Road. Frederick. MD 21701 

Fneda Morgan Lmdley Route 1. Boi 160. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

Pheobe Lourse lmdley Route 2. Boi 117, Pittsboro, NC 27312 

lack Rogers lmdley. It 1517 RidgecresI Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Karl lon Lrndgusl 126 Wellington Place. Danville. VA 24541 

Anne Denise Imdsay 315 West Camel Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 

Peter Robert Lineberger 4101 Lynchesler Drive, Richmond, VA 23236 

Timothy lay Lineberry Route 6, Burlington, NC 27215 

Richie Ray Lmens Rt 1 Boi 99, Burlington, NC 27215 

Keith E, Linton 1491 W, 9TH St , Frederick, MD 21701 

lohn David tipetz 317 East Street NE , Vienna, VA 22180 

Kenneth Kipslein 21 Hilton Road, Wilmington, DE 19810 

lauia Km Lillle 8325 Kanter Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23518 

Lisa Anne little «6 N 13 Huffman Mill Road, Brittany Apis , Burlington, NC 27215 

Steven Butch Little 5323 Trentwoods Drive, New Bern, NC 28560 

Lane Edward Livengood Route 1, Boi 688, Thomasville, NC 27360 

Vickie G Livengood Route 2, Stokesdale, NC 27357 

Lmda Pope Lloyd Route 3, Boi 169, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Candace Kay lockwood 212 Brooke Dr, Hampton, VA 23669 

Polly Sue Loltin luyce Road PO Boi 744, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Robert Francis loher 47U Providence Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Anthony Smith Long Route 3, Boi 484, Summerfield, NC 27358 

Brenda lee Long Route 1, Boi 175 B, Como, NC 27818 

lames Shelton long 229 South Melville Street, Graham, NC 27253 

lesse Willard long Route 2, Boi 318, Burlington, NC 27215 

iudith Ann long Star Route 1, Boi 70, Yanceyville, NC 27379 

Karen Lynne Long 1120 Country Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Kevm Wayne long 4910 Pickwood Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mary Leslie Long 2915 Foiestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Randy Floyd long 1234 Oak Ridge Ave , Henderson, NC 27536 

Rebecca Ann Long 2227 Woodland Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Wilkam Aleiander long 2927 Old Stage Road, Gastonia, NC 28052 

Marmda Ann looney 712 N Daniels Creek Road, Collinsville. VA 24078 

Loukia Louka 1616 Dendron Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Lisa Rene Love PO Boi 475, Graham, NC 27253 

Marguente Yvette love Route 3, Boi 28, Mebane, NC 27302 

Alyssa Marie loyel 429 Hyde SI , Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Teresa layne Lovette 618 Providence Street, Graham, NC 27253 

Brady Michael lowdet 705 Brookgreen Ter, Graham, NC 27253 

Lisa Dawn Lowe 1914 Wilkins St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Ernest Allen lowery 1056 Center Street, Fayetteville, NC 28306 

Leia Gaye lowery Route 3, Boi 882, Lumberton. NC 28358 

Charles Kearns lowman 450 Tarleton Avenue, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Carolyn Ruth Lowry 831 Union SIreet, Gary, NC 27511 

lonathan Charles Ludoll 3745 Whitehaven Road, Winston Salem, NC 27106 

lames Augustus Luke, Ir PO Boi 554, Waverly, VA 23890 

Michael Scott Lundahl 7032 Wick lane, Rockville, MD 20855 

Frances S, lunstord 216 South Gurney Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Anthony Vincent Lupo 7900 Carr Leigh Parkway, Springlield, VA 22152 

lohn Emmetl lulinski Route 2, Boi 2400, Stallord, VA 22554 

Teresa Lynn lyall 387 Portsmouth Court, Burlington, NC 27215 

Deanna Kathleen lyel 10714 Iimberidge Rd , Fairlai Station, VA 22039 

Thomas Edward lynch 10836 Harding Rd , Laurel, MD 20810 

lohn Worth Lynn 1233 Northampton, Petersburg, VA 23805 

lulia Ann lones Lyons 3 C Brynn Marr Village, lacksonville, NC 25840 

Coy Edward Mabe 451 Roslyn Drive, Lumberton, NC 28358 

Amy MacOonald 10012 S Glen Road, Potomac. MD 20854 

Denrse Mane Machala 704 N Gurney Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Randall R Madge 527 Robinhood Road. Bricktown. Nl 08723 

Rhonda lynne Madren Route 1. Boi 296 A. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Michael David MaKeo 107 Wyrick Street. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Christme Maggio 2324 Nebraska Avenue NW. Washington. DC 20016 

Laura Ann Mahaffey 3901 Whispering Lane. Faffs Church. VA 22041 

lellrey loseph Maiewski 212 Lasgow Road. Gary. NC 27511 

Beverly Moore Malone 5617 Clermont Drive. Aleiandria, VA 22310 

Susan Lynn Maloney 1723 Timberlane St., Gastonia, NC 28052 

Daniel Blane Maness Route 1, Boi 214, Seagrove, NC 27341 

Faith lanine Maness 1736 Randall, Asheboro, NC 27203 

loel Kent Maness Route 8, Boi 316, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Robert Edward Mangum 2 Prairie Rose Ln , Gailhersburg, MD 20878 

Charles Brian Mann 309 Engleman Avenue, Burlington. NC 27215 

Dennis David Mann Route 1. Boi 158 B. Burlington. NC 27215 

Melissa lane Mann 2330 Fleming Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 

Nathan Todd Mann Roule 1, Boi 160 A, Mebane. NC 27302 

Steven E Mann PO Boi 141, Burlington, NC 27215 

Elizabeth Diane Mann 102 Kay SIreet, Carrboro, NC 27510 

Robert William Manners 6803 Reynard Drive, Springlield, VA 22152 

Lisa Margaret Manning 9405 Duilord Ct , Potomac, MD 20854 

Frank Terry Manship, Ir. 402 Elizabeth Avenue. Rockingham. NC 28379 

Margaret Ann Marchisello 420 Harvard SIreet. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Nancy April Marchman PO Boi 665. Clayton. GA 30525 

Cynthia Lee Marcum 2603 Chilcolt Court, Vienna. VA 22180 

Betsy Cook Markley 309 Greenway Road. Staunton. VA 24401 

Phiflip Stadler Markley 2636 Cornwallis Avenue. Roanoke. VA 24014 

Kenneth Anthony Markosky 17 Huckleberry Lane. Weslon, CT 06883 

Nancy Lynn Marks 508 Roystonia Palm Drive. N fndialantic. FL 32903 

Nictiolas Karl Marks 4703 Bridle Path Lane. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Gregory Charles Marolta 265 Broad Street. Eatontown. Nl 07724 

Greta leanne Marrow 2 H College Towne Apts. Elon College. NC 27244 

Kathryn Elizabeth Marsden 7621 Mary Cassatt Road, Potomac, MD 20854 

lacqueline Denise Marsh Route 1, Boi 19, Bear Creek, NC 27207 

Virginia Sykes Marshal 2824 Delaney Dr, Burlington, NC 27215 

Carroll Lee Marshall III Sutlers Bridge, Sanlord, VA 23426 

Carolyn Drake Martin 3644 Old Leiinglon Rd , Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Evelyn Frances Martin Route 4. Boi 59 E. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

lonathan Pope Martin 1600 Stonybrook Lane. Culpeper. VA 22701 

Michael Eric Martin Rt 6, Boi 871, Reidsville. NC 27320 

Paul Ashburn Martin 303 Trail One, Burlington. NC 27215 

Ralph Scott Martm 817 N Graham Hopedale Road. Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Terry Charles Martin PO Boi 1173, Roiboro, NC 27573 

Vickie S Martm PO Boi 1109, [lon College, NC 27244 

Steven lohn Mariz Rl 2, Boi 48, liberty, NC 27298 

loseph Henry Masho PO Boi 744, Graham, NC 27253 

lay Ransom Massengi 1950 West Front Street, Burlington. NC 27215 

Amelia Susan Massey 2420 Somers Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Dale Thomas Massey Roule 3, Boi 317, liberty NC 27298 

lames Michael Massey 100 Woodland Road, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 

Page G Massie Ruule 1, Boi 45 CI, Scottsville, VA 24590 

Vickie Waynick MatheHy 2507 Columbine Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 

Gary Francis Mathey 902 N Amelia Street. Sterling, VA 22170 

Cynthia lynne Matkins Roule 4, Boi 384, Tullahoma, TN 37388 

Carohoe Michelle Malthews 213 Edison Onve E , Statesville, NC 28677 

Elizabeth Preston Mattocks 3449 Kenwick Trail, Roanoke, VA 24018 

WHIiam loseph Maize, II 3965 Winding Way Road, Roanoke, VA 24015 

Ashley Britte Maufdin PO Boi 1187, 302 Belwood Drive, Belmont, NC 28012 

Angela Mane May 120 Albany St Apt 11, Graham, NC 27253 

Brandon Douglas May 1004 Fii Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Roy leffrey May Route 6, Boi 296 K, Burlington, NC 27215 

Clyde lennmgs May, It Rl 8, Boi 437, Burlington, NC 27215 

lack Garner May, It Route 6, Burlington, NC 27215 

lohn Mark Maynard 804 Prince Frederick Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Cathy lelitia Mays 837 1ST Ave West, Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Michael Kenneth Mazui 120 Foreslview Dr, Elon College. NC 27244 

Virgmla Dianne Mazut 120 Forestview Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 

Michael lohn Mazzucca 104 Dana Courl, Durham, NC 27712 

Marcella Tint McAdams 708 N Dale Ct , Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Michael Andrew McAlister 9106 foi Lair Drive, Burke, VA 22015 

loseph Chtisloper McArdle 8615 Powder Horn Road, Springlield, VA 22152 

Deana Mane McCam PO Boi 294, Yanceyville, NC 27379 

Melinda Gail McCaH Rl 1 Boi 294, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 

Andrew Edward McCandless PO Boi 473, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Andrew Murray McCann 2603 Woodedge Road, Silver Spring, MD 20906 

Christopher lohn McCarthy 2241 Banslead Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Christopher Lee McCauley 8 Thomspon, Staunton, VA 24401 

Clifford Michael McCauley Route 3, Boi 77, Elon College, NC 27244 

Kevin Michael McCauley Silzmark Lane RD 1, Rensselaet NY 12144 

Kenneth Richard McCorkle 2407 Burnetle Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Mack Elmo McCorkle, It 1307 N Sellars Mill, Burlington, NC 27215 

Tetence Patrick McCormick 112 Greenwell Drive, Hampton, VA 23666 

Robert Franklin McCormick, It 2412 Edgewood Avenue, Buflington, NC 27215 

lames Christopher McCracken Rt 2, River Road, Richmond, VA 23233 

Dustin lee McCrory 2001 Sealarer Cove, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Cyrus Carter McCue 2927 Weymouth Drive, Richmond, VA 23235 

Bridget Katrma McCulough 1369 W Sedgelield Dnve, Winston Salem, NC 27107 

William Presley McDaniel 5 Porter Rd, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD 21402 

Michele Rae McDonald 1702 Highview St, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Eric Lawrence McDonnel 11600 Gowrie Court, Potomac, MD 20854 

Donna Lynn McElwee Roule 6, 2230 Nelson HWY, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

lohn Scott McFadyen 2508 North Edgewatet Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Biuce Roland McFarland 8318 Briar Creek Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 

Constance Rebecca McGee 263 Stratlord Rd , Asheviffe, NC 28804 

Susan Parker McGeehan 4663 North 35TH Street, Arfinglon, VA 22207 

lulie Anne McGhee 3100 N Centennial Street, High Point, NC 27260 

William Philip McGovern, It 401 Eden Court, Graham, NC 27253 

Douglas loseph McGowan 106 George Rodgers Road, Charlollesville, VA 22901 

Maureen McGrath 5707 Newinglon Road, Bethesda, MD 20016 

lohn Thomas McHugh 909 Kings Landing Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

William Bruce McHugh 8027 East Blvd Dr. Aleiandria, VA 22308 

Raymond Todd Mclntyte 2733 Woodbury Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Christopher Deo McKaig 7510 Honesty Way, Bethesda, MD 20034 

Ronald Glenn McKaskel Rl 5, Boi 22, Boone, NC 28607 

Barbara lean McKean 1412 NC 61, Whilsett, NC 27377 

Patrick S. McKeever 1104 York Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Owen Ray McKenzie. It, 1615 Memorial Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Amy loelle McKisson 328 While Oak Drive, Henderson, NC 27536 

Cynthia Mclaughlin 928 F East Cone Bfvd , Greensboro, NC 27405 

Sherry Marie McLean 207 Fforence Street, Graham, NC 27253 

Rebecca H, McMiffan PO Boi 781, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

lane Ann McMillen 135 Bloiom Drive, Newport News, VA 23602 

Barbara Ann McMulen 2605 Vanstory Street, Greensboro, NC 27407 

Benjamin Kilpalrick McNeely 1231 May Court, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

lamie Elizabeth McNeely Route 2, Boi 1 78, Valdese, NC 28690 

Michael Eldndge McNeese 114 Oakview Dnve, Leiington, VA 24450 

Donna Sue McNeill 909 Colonial Drive, Durham, NC 27704 

lames Cameron McNel 100 N Madison Street, Whiteville, NC 28472 

Kimberly McRainey 417 Martin Ave , Graham, NC 27253 

Diane Elizabeth McSheehy 8 Wildbrook Drive, Plaistow NH 03865 

John Barry Meacham 110 South Mam, Graham, NC 27253 

Necia Tikiia Meadows 706 East Florida St , Greensboro, NC 27406 

William lohn Meares 311 Stanaford Road, Winston Safem, NC 27104 

Anihohy Bfair Meason 1838 Olney Rd , Falls Church, VA 22043 

Karen Elizabeth Mebane 309 Brooklyn Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

lanine Graham Meding 38 Charnwood Road, New Providence, Nl 07974 

Reba Frances Medkn Route 1, Boi 289 DO Cedar Grove, NC 27231 

Benjamin Albert Meisel 3309 Cummings Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20015 

Nancy lane Mela 1531 Caldwell SIreet, Lakeland, FL 33803 

Marci Ann Melhotn 806 Arlington Circle, Richmond, VA 23229 

Melvm I, Melton 2703 Lynlield Lane, Greensboro, Nc 27406 

Anne Blanchard Melvin 1933 Hilldale Onve, Burlington, NC 27215 

Gary Freeman Meredith 219 Mill Harbor Drive, Arnold, MD 21012 

lohn Godfrey Merkef fV 711 Bristol Rd , Wilmington, DE 19803 

Thomas Fredrick Merricks 803 Banks Road, Martinsville, VA 24112 

lames Donald Merriman II 112 Woodlawn Road, Collinsville, VA 24078 

Wrginia D, Merrill Roule 4, P-i 57 Mebane, NC 27302 

Kari lames Metzgai 103 A Street, Brunswick, MD 21716 

Bobbi Sue Meyer 9401 Chimney Way, Gaithersurg. MD 20879 

Lisa Mane Michaud 13811 Gilbert Road, Woodbndge, VA 22193 

Andrew Kent Midgelte 1141 Rolfingwood Arch, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

Afeasha Ann Miles PO Boi 433, 309 Neal SIreet, Elon College, NC 27244 

Bonita Carol Miles Route 2, Boi 164 B, Burlington, NC 27215 

David lee Miles 307 Bland Blvd, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Susan Brooks Miles 13810 Hailsham Circle, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Anthony Eugene Miller 122 F Yestei Oaks Way East, Greensboro, NC 27408 

Charles Bruce Miller 809 Sufflok lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Christie Ann Milter Roule 5, PO Boi 483, Reidsville, NC 27320 

David Lee Miller Roule 18, Boi 87, Leiington, NC 27292 

Elizabeth AHison Miller 107 Shannon Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 

George Russ Miller 107 Shannon Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Lu Ann Roberts Miller PO Boi 52, Lemon Springs. NC 28355 

Michael Ray Miller PO Boi 127. Mayock. NC 27958 

Patrick Charles Andr Mier 3603 Sherwood Place. Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Richard Hazen Mier 12 G Kingsway Road, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Teresa Rudy Milter 5604 Ontario Court, Bethesda, MD 20816 

Vivian D MUer 1112 Scaleybark Rd »206, Charlotte, NC 28210 

IMtam Harris Mier PO Boi 85, For Union, VA 23055 

Richard Stewart Miet. Ir 3603 Sherwood Place, Lynchburg, VA 24503 

lohn H Miet It 101 A Denise Drive, Trails End Apis, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

lon Lynn Mis Roule 1, Boi 734, Graham, NC 27253 

Stephen Brooks HHs 1216 Candlewood Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23404 

Norman Kevm MHteei 9000 Gates Road, Sullolk, VA 23437 

Karen Thelma Miner 47 K Vinegar Hill Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 

Beverly Frances Mmiter 1127 Mainsail Drive, Annapolis, MO 21403 

lenienne Margarethe Mmilei 1127 Mainsail Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403 

Jeffrey E Minner 4 Aldham Courl, Wilmington, DE 19803 

Stephen Everette Minter 1308 Ridgewood Avenue, Reidsviffe, NC 27320 

Rohm Annette Mitchel 2008 Tryon St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Wiiam Alfred Wtchel PO Boi 2344, Danvifle, VA 24541 

Linda Tenel Mitchel 1337 Village Rd Lot 11, Whilsetl, NC 27377 

Kenneth lohn Mitta 913 Tyrrell St , Raleigh, NC 27609 

Frank Ramie Mize Route 2, Boi 323, Marlinsville, VA 24112 

lanet Michaels Mize 313 Martin Avenue, Graham, NC 27253 

Vanessa Renee Mize 313 Martin Avenue, Graham, NC 27253 

David Alan Moats 1416 N W 2ND Ave, Fori Lauderdale, FL 333!! 

Teal MoHell 421 Cedarwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

loseph V, Moley 7702 Tanglewood Lane, Tampa. FL 33615 

lohn Corwin Moncure 1000 West Ave , Rrchmond, VA 23220 

William Kirk Monroe 1922 Maiden Lane. Roanoke, VA 24015 

Emmetl Fulctier Montgomery 744 Crescent Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Scott Patleson Montgomery PO Boi 1101, WaynestMro, VA 22980 

Paul Glenn Moody i.'O Ruerpoint Crescent, Portsmouth, VA 23707 

Chrisloptier Stephen Mootniyzen 3413 Noble Avenue, Rictimond. VA 23222 

Eleanor Gilliam Moon 350 Delaine Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Melinda leanne Moon 1524 Wollsnare Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Devery Jo Mooney 537 Tanglewood Circle, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Carta Darlene Moore Bo« 3407 E loyner St , Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Christopher Wayne Moore 120 Eggleston Avenue. Hampton. VA 23669 

Christopher Shawn Moore Mt View Rd . Cedar Trials. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Cynthia Reynolds Moore 337 Robinhood Rd , Franklin, VA 23851 

OarreO Ted Moore Rt 2, Bo> 68, Bear Creek, NC 27207 

Deborah Lynn Moore 507 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA 22066 

Donald McKay Moore 3726 Prospect Drive, Winston Salem, NC 27105 

lames R, Moore 4060 Crawlord Road SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 

lulianne Moore 1409 Carolyn Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Leisa Carol Moore Route 2. Boi 174. Washington. NC 27889 

Mark Edward Moore Rt 2. 6o> 251. Blackstone. VA 23824 

MeTisa A Moore 2523 McKinney St . Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael Kenneth Mooce PO Boi 612. Henderson, NC 27536 

Pamela Sue Moore 3912 Wiley Davis Road. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Sherri Lynn Moore 221 Bradley Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Tracy Ian Moore PO Boi 361, Roiboro. NC 27573 

William Raye Moore 573 Laurel. Franklin. VA 23851 

Mack Moore. Ir 971 Atlantis Drive Apt 201. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

lohn H Moorefield Rt 6. Boi 60. Burlington. NC 27215 

Robert Anthony Morabilo 1133 Cham Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101 

Kimberly Marie Morehouse 4245 Ml. Taylor Drive. Santa Rosa. CA 95404 

Nancy Sue Morelon 21 Slandish Road. Windsor. CT 06095 

Freddi Michelle Morgan 5097 Rochelle Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Kelly Anders Morgan Route 2. Boi 198. Siler City NC 27344 

William Blame Monde Route 1. Boi 190. Sommertield. NC 27358 

Carl D Morris 1053 Spar Avenue. Beachwood. NJ 08722 

David Harper Morns 4709 Ponderosa Drive. Annandale, VA 22003 

Georgia Leigh Morris 1418 Garfield Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Alphonso lerome Morrison Rt 3, Boi 122, Hamlet, NC 28345 

Karen Lavonne Morrison 439 N Oakland Avenue, Statesville, NC 28677 

Kimberly Ann Mornsor 4014 Bristol Road, Durham, NC 27707 

Robert George Morrison 4101 Five Oaks Drive, Unit o42 Durham, NC 27707 

Tonya Denise Mornson 1203 Rolling Lane. Statesville. NC 28677 

Carlene Harnlett Mwlon 102 West RuHin Street. Mebane. NC 27302 

lay Neat Morton 1713 Cherry Dnve. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lynn Maurice Morton Route 3. Boi 335. Graham. NC 27253 

Teresa L. Morion 388 Edinburgh Drive. PO Boi 2572 Burlington. NC 27215 

Robm King Moschler 1004 Garlield Road. Burlington. NC 27215 

George Wesley Moser 2404 May Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

lohn Robert Moser 2122 South Hawthorne. Winston Salem. NC 27103 

Kelly Taylor Moser 111 Kitchin Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

lohn Allen Motley Route 1. Boi 50. Blairs. VA 24527 

Stephen Joseph Mottola 417 Goodley Road. Wilmington. DE 19803 

Ralph Otto Mueller 5000 Dresden Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Stephanie Lynne Murawsld 10226 Falcon Bridge. Richmond. VA 23233 

Lisa May Murdock 2605 Fernwick Drive. South Boston. VA 24592 

Brian Thomas Murphy Route 3. Boi 15501. Reidsville. NC 27320 

lames Francis Murphy 153 Whitehall Blvd . Garden City NY 11530 

Kevm Francis Murphy 2740 Armtield Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Nancy Mercedes Murphy 2017 Osborn Drive. Silver Spring. MD 20910 

Dana Patricia Murray 623 Fountain Road. Salisbury. MD 21801 

lohn Allen Murray Rt 2. Boi 57 A. Ahoskie. NC 27910 

Lone Ann Murray Route 2. Boi 359 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Tracey Leigh Murray Rt 9. Boi 443. Burlington. NC 27215 

Keith McCoy Murrel Route 2. Boi 508. Walnut Cove. NC 27052 

Beth Anne Mane Musiiey 8701 Hickory Bend Trail. Potomac. MD 20854 

Dwighl Mustoe 608 Jones Street. Lumberton. NC 28358 

Enc Gerard Myers 767 Suttolk Lane. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Keith Harrison Myers 5064 Crossbow Circle. Roanoke. VA 24014 

Knstina Lee Myers 1106 Earle Avenue. Millville. NJ 08332 

Leslie Carolyn Nagel 5207 Hedrick Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Steven lay Nagle 1809 Sheringham East. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Charles Aaron Nance 7919 Old Reidsville Road. Brown Summit. NC 27214 

Melmda Gail Nance Route 2. Boi 620. McLeansville. NC 27301 

Susan Frances Nardi 123 Woodstock Drive. Charlottesville. VA 22901 

Anna M. NarSs 134 Dumont Ave. Nortolk. VA 23505 

David Edward Nash 138 Shaw SI . Boi 6018. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Daniel Robert Nastoff 31 Oriole St. Greenville. SC 29609 

Twila Gaynelle Nave 1335 River Birch Run South. Chesapeake. VA 23330 

tmiliam Andrew Neal 6705 Greenview Lane. Springlield. VA 22152 

Charles William Needham 1010 Bearmore Drive. Charlotte. NC 28211 

Thomas Rice Neese 1003 Pebble Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Alfred Parker Netl. Jr. 7445 North Shore Road. Norfolk. VA 23505 

Carolyn Stokes NeH 2708 Lafayette Avenue. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Donald Keith Nelson 3901 Buckland Place. Chester. VA 23831 

Lisa Dolores Nelson 64 Rety Avenue. Ramsey Nl 07446 

William lefferson Nelson Route 1. Boi 70, South Boston. VA 24592 

lohn loseph Nemetli PO Boi 253. Boydton. VA 23917 

Thomas Scott Nemeth PO Boi 253. Boydton. VA 23917 

leffrey Scott Neulanj 6621 Newmgton Road. Lorton. VA 22079 

Tina Marie Neville 703 E Summit Ridge Road. Mebane. NC 27302 

Lisa Ellen Newbold 3421 Deep Green Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Carolyn W Newman 560 Isley PI . Burlington. NC 27215 

Mlcent Hope Newman Route 2. Boi 301 C. Burlington. NC 27215 

Craig Arthur Newton 25 Horizon Dr. Saunderstown. Rl 02874 

lade Lynn Nicholas 2109 Westview Terrace. Silver Spring. MD 20910 

Marina Chfis Nicholas 510 Carl Street. Norfolk. VA 23505 

Marash Nicholas Maj 685 East 183 St Apt 2 C. New York. NY 10458 

Carol Lynn Nil 21 Rhoda St . Canton. NC 28716 

Teresa Ann Niion 3142 Spring Valley Drive. Gastonia. NC 28052 

Mark Anthony Noel 2201 Grandin Rd S W . Roanoke. VA 24015 

Harold Lamartin Noel III 3005 Glenridge Road. Raleigh. NC 27604 

Donna Dee Norris 209 Springwood Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Roger Dale Norns Route 2. Boi 804 B. Connelly Springs. NC 28612 

Lesa Kyle Northam Sturgis Street. Onancock. VA 23417 

Cynthia Lynn Northington PO Boi 144. Kenbridge. VA 23944 

Charles Douglas Norton 1050 Sago Road, Tampa. FL 33618 

Ralph D. Norwood 1604 Elder Way. Burlington, NC 27215 

Daniel Baker Nunn Rt 2. Boi 575. Clarksville, VA 23927 

Michael Joseph Null 3768 Vandalia Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

John Garrett Nye 3719 Carnage House Court. Alexandria. VA 22309 

Colleen Marie O'Brien 28 Bayne Street. Norwalk. CT 06851 

Mark William O'Brien 11101 Brookline Drive. Fairfax. VA 22030 

Margaret Crabtree O'Connel 616 A Grace Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Mary Margaret O'Connor 1668 Sabal Palm Drive. Boca Raton. FL 33432 

James Henry O'DonneH 9105 Orchard Brook Drive. Potomoc. MO 20854 

Kelly Gail Terrell 435 Terrell Street. Greensboro. NC 27405 

William Thomas O'NeBI, Jr. 4082 West Lake Marianna Drive. Winter Haven. FL 


Diane Sheree Anderson Oakley Route 3. Box 284. Mebane. NC 27302 

Lynne Stewart Oakley 207 North St.. Graham. NC 27253 

Michael Warren Dates PO Boi 73. Winchester. VA 22601 

Timothy Rema Dates 617G Tracy Onve, Trails End Apts . Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael Duke OBrien 3211 Oilord Drive. Durham. NC 27707 

Tammy Sue OHenbacker 105 Maple Leaf Lane. Elkton. VA 22827 

Gwendolee Louise Oliver 816 Collier Street. Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

ScotI Carlyle Ofiver 2125 Hayes Dnve. Rock Hill. SC 29730 

John Joseph OIley RO 3. Boi 269. Sewell. Nl 08080 

Chnstopher Ted Olsen 21 Westwood Drive. Jamestown. NY 14701 

Cynthia Lyrai Olsen 21 Westwood Drive. Jamestown. NY 14701 

Lisa Mane Oncalc 7019 Hadlow Drive. Springfield. VA 22152 

David Crosby Osteen RD 3. Box 453. Annville. PA 17003 

Lisa Kaye Otey 6617 Meadewood Or. Roanoke. VA 24019 

Susan C Overbey 19 Kimberly Drive. Durham. NC 27707 

Curtis Eugene Overby General Delivery. Bethama, NC 28723 

Kimberly Jo Overby General Delivery, Bethama. NC 27010 

Warren Kendall Overman 67 Leigh Court Box 9002. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Mary Elizabeth Oversbeet 27 Ellsworth. Mornstown. Nl 07960 

Pamela Harris Overstreet 2531 Devenwood Rd. Richmond. VA 23235 

Robert Harnson Owen III 59 Forest Road, Asheville, NC 28803 

Tracy lee Owens 2408 Retch Court, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451 

Sheila Jane Oiendine Route cl. Box 374-A, Pembroke, NC 28372 

Shirley Afleen Ozment Route 1, Box 410, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 

Bryan Keith Page Route 3, Box lOlA. Burlington. NC 27215 

Dale Louise Page 2030 NE 29TH Court. Ft Lauderdale. FL 33306 

George Robert Page 711 Cor|on Street. Kernersville. NC 27284 

Sheya Dawn Page Route 3. Boi 100 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Steven Jay Page Route 3. Boi 236. Burlington. NC 27215 

Luis EmJio Pages 3916 Chaco Road. Aleiandna. VA 22312 

Edward Chrstopher Palace 91 Woodacres Road. East Patchogue. HI 11772 

MicheBe Palumbo 97 Tupelo Trail, Narragansett. Rl 02882 

Francisco T Paman 69 Van Buren St . Pasaic. NJ 07055 

AJice Gregg Pappendick Route 1. Boi 390. Graham. NC 27253 

Jeffrey Wayne Pardue Route 4. Boi 45 A. Advance, NC 27006 

Gary Elwood Parker 1509 Lauderdale Road, Richmond, VA 23233 

Teresa Lynne Parker Rt 1. Boi 51. Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 

William Edward Parker 1506 Wabash. Durham. NC 27701 

lames Clifford Parker. Jy. 201 Stedman St.. Fayetleville. NC 28305 

Karen Leigh Parks 250 JeHers Drive. Shadwell Mtn . Charlottesville. VA 22901 

Charies Gene Parks. Ir. 2232 Wilkins Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Steven Glenn Parr 121 West Summit Ave. Burlington. NC 27215 

Paul Slephan Parra 8 Standard Court. Gaithersbutg. MD 20877 

Mary ESzabeth Parrott Route 3. Boi 171 D. Oiford. NC 27565 

Michael Philip Parlm 4516 Revere Drive. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Carmen Pascarela III 4868 S. Mam Street. Boi 148. North Rose NY 14516 

Cheryl Lynne Pate 1301 Laurel Cove Circle. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Sherman L Patrick Rt 1. Boi 441. Eton College. NC 27244 

Aubrey Darnell Patterson Boi 91. Powells Point. NC 27965 

Robm Annette Patterson Route 3. Box 644. Trinity. NC 27370 

Terry Anthony Patterson Route 1, Box 313-B, Holly Spring. NC 27540 

Jess Taylor Patterson. Jr. PO Box 112. Alamance. NC 27201 

Timothy Patrick Patton 15 North Hull St . Sinking Spring. PA 19608 

James A Paul 24 Glenbrooke Circle. Richmond. VA 23229 

Bryon Edmonds Payne 303 Stone Ridge Rd . Greer. SC 29651 

Denise Davis Payne Route 6. Boi 45 A, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mark Andrew Payne Route 1, Box 270. Summerlield. NC 27358 

Matthew Ln Payne Box 747 Eton College. NC 27244 

WiBiam FenneO Peach III 118 Longwood Drive. Newport News. VA 23606 

laycee Peaks. Ir 728 Hopkins Street. Durham. NC 27702 

Charies Maurice Pedraza 4006 Terrace Drive. Annandale. VA 22003 

lames Kelso Pendergrass, Jr. Route 12, Box 1000. Sanford. NC 27330 

Shena E. Penn 6500 Rivmgton Road. Springfield. VA 22152 

Donna Jean Pereiel 219 4th Ave. New Port Richey FL 33552 

Darryl Dean Penninglon PO Box 403. Eton College. NC 27244 

WflSam Jay Pennington 217 C Mciver Street. Greensboro. NC 27403 

WSam James Pennngton Route 8. Box 178. BuMington. NC 27215 

Jimmy Ray Penny Route 1. Box 62. Liberty. NC 27298 

Michael Allen Penrod Route 3. Box 116A. Sealord. DE 19973 

Rhonda Ann Penson 506 Westland Farm Road. Mt Holly. NC 28120 

Belinda Dean Peoples Route 1. Box 504. Oak Ridge. NC 27310 

William Todd Perdue PO Box 63. Wentworth. NC 27375 

William lesse Perham 360 E Pennsylvania Ave Southern Pines. NC 28387 

Fred Douglas Perkins Route 7. Box 368 C. Morganton. NC 28655 

Tern Leigh Perkins 777 Arlington Road. Danville, VA 24541 

Robin Leann Perreault 301 Green Arbor Dr. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 

Lisa Anne Perriccio 4817 Bel Pre Road. Rockvile. MO 20853 

Emily Katherine Perry 1607 Wellons Ave . Dunn. NC 28334 

MeGa M. Peny 2515 Parrish St. Burlington. NC 27215 

Sandra Faye Perry 323 Clapp Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Sherne ESzabeth Perry 2623 Catherine Drive. Burlington. Nc 27215 

Steven Wayne Perry PO. Box 101. Woolwme. VA 24185 

Thomas Eugene Perry, jr. 606 Ridgeway Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Alan O'NeJ Peters 1702 Carolina Street. High Point. NC 27260 

Coin James Peters 312 Lone Pine Road. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

David Dean Petersen 5 Lamer Or. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

Stephen Edgar Petersen 2419 Hatherly Road. Charlotte. NC 28209 

Kely Andrew Peterson 300 Cambridge. Tarboro. NC 27886 

Margaret Ann Peterson 51 Northwest Drive. Northport. NY 11768 

Samuel Lawrence Peterson 108 85lh Street. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Sarah Irene Retry 276 Hill Street. Whitmsville. MA 01588 

Sharon Denise Petty Route 1. Boi 291, Graham. NC 27253 

Christopher WXam Phelps 2116 Wilkins SI . Burlington. NC 27215 

Donna Marie Ph«ps 822 High Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Mary Anne Ph^ps 1405 Collins Drive. Buriington. NC 27215 

George Randolph PhiBps. It. 213 S Main Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Dale Stuart Phipps 102 Whisperwood Circle. Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Frederic Walker Pickard 2245 Woodland Avenue Burlington. NC 27215 

lames Kevin Pickard 131 Westover Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Annette Elaine Pickett 319C Atwood Dnve. Burlington. NC 27215 

Gwen Renee Pickett Route 1. Boi 97. Staley. NC 27355 

Michael Steven Pickett Route 1. Boi 386. Mebane, NC 27302 

Garry Nathaniel Pierce Route 6. Boi P 5. Whiteville. NC 28472 

Wflliam Jeffrey Pierce 1304 East Elm Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Warnel trie Pierre 68 Richelieu Terrace. Newark. NJ 07106 

Cindy Rae Pike PO Boi 765. Graham. NC 27253 

Margaret Christine Pikula 701 QuarterstaH Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

lane S Pillow 109 Quail Ridge Dr. Lynch Station. VA 24571 

Anita May Pinnii 132 School Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Sharon Bonita Pinnii Edgewood Apts 1017 2A, Graham, NC 27253 

lohn Hudson Pinson 2465 A Moran Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Helen Lavane Pirkle PO Boi 166, Alamance, NC 27201 

Tracy Grey Pittard 5502 Devine Street, Columbia. SC 29205 

lohn Thomas Pittman Route 12. Boi 515. Sanford. NC 27330 

Patncia B Pittman 3022 N Fairway Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Asa Gene Pittman, Ir. 1605 Church Street. Scotland Neck. NC 27874 

Faith Fitzgerald Pitts 810 Pitts Street. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Gai Ann Phmmer 120 River Landing. Atlanta. GA 30338 

leH Lkjyd Pkimmet 1700 Cavendish Court. Charlotte. NC 28211 

Janet Marie Porter 438 New York Avenue. Bricktown. NJ 08/23 

Kenda! Lee Porterfield Route 1. Boi 24. Eton College. NC 27244 

Kevm Michael Poskitt 12 East Brooklawn Dnve. Morris Plains. NJ 07950 

Cynthia Lenora Poteat Star Route 2. Boi 33. Yanceyville. NC 27379 

George ftcholas Poulos 707 Keats Road. Richmond. VA 23229 

Gregory David Powell 6441 Melia Street. Springfield. VA 22150 

Wade Junior Powel Route nl. Boi 343. Ramsuer NC 27316 

Debbie Best Pratt Route 8. Boi 403 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Keith Dale Presnel PO Boi 111. Climax. NC 27233 

Aaron K Pnce 227 S Elm Street. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Aundrey Price 238 Gray St . Danville. VA 24541 

Clark Trapneil Price Route 3. Love Point. Stevensville. MD 21666 

lohn Furman Pnce 2203 North Cheslnut Streel. Lumberton. NC 28358 

Linda Ann Price Route 2. 6oi 222, Elon College. NC 27244 

Vicki Bryant Price Route 3. Boi 438. Elon College. NC 27244 

EBzabeth Cassandra Pridgen 1008 Timberlake Drive. Wilson. NC 27893 

Allen Donald Pritchard 3253 Sesame Court. Spring Hill. FL 33526 

Robert Todd Propst 110 Forest CliH. Concord. NC 28025 

Pamela Heather Prosser 5411 Tary Hill Dr. Greensboro. NC 27410 

EBzabeth Anne Pryce 201 Courtland Drive. Elon College. NC 27244 

Carolyn Annette Pryor Route 5. Boi 338. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Allison Leary Pugh 2445 Honeysuckle Road. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Tammy Ann Pugh 4015 Belle Meade Or SW,. Roanoke. VA 24018 

lohn Deanson PJiam 2911 Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 2/215 

Paul Christopher Pi»dy Boi 6036, APO New York NY 09633 

Gabnela Theresa Purvance 11436 Waterview Cluster Reston, VA 22090 

Marvm Lewis Purvis PO 8oi 1127, Elon College, NC 27244 

leHery ScotI Putzi*i 324 Watson Drive, Burlington. NC 2/215 

ludson Mcachren Pyron 3/ Dana Lane. Colls Neck. Nl 0/722 

David Thomas Pyrtte 512 East Hanover Road. Graham. NC 27253 

Barbara lean Qtinn 403 Walpole Court. Timonium. MO 21093 

Eileen Loretta Qiinn 403 Walpole Court. Timonium. MD 21093 

Frances lean Rabi 145 Surtees Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Stephen Donald Rabom 6209 Stoney PT Loop, Fayetteville. NC 28306 

Cathy Ann Rachu Route 9. Boi 277 Woods Ln . Winston Salem. NC 2/10/ 

losephme Ragland 308 tones Street. Roiboro. NC 2/5/3 

Cynthia Denise Raiford 518 Lakeside Avenue. Burlington. NC 2/215 

Arthur Woolford Raine. k 16 Greenway Pocomoke. MD 21851 

Angela Dee Rakes PO Boi 3. Patrick Springs. VA 24133 

Eva Dawn Rakes 35A Brookwood Condos. West Front Streel. Burlington. NC 2/215 

Robert Keith Ramsey 228 Ocean Street. Cherry Hill. NJ 08003 

Rita Michelle Randall 2706 Wickham Avenue. Newport News. VA 23607 

Eric Leon Rankm 1633 West Front Street. Statesville. NC 2867/ 

Leslie Gary Raisin 533 S Williamson Ave . Elon College. NC 27244 

Christopher Patnck Raspe 31 Marvm Street. Montpelier VT 05602 

Bobby Lmdbergh Ratlff. Ir Route 2. Boi 826. South Boston. VA 24592 

Karen Adnenna Ratteray Elys Harbour. Somerset. Bermuda 

Jeffrey Dean Ray Route 1. Boi 38. Haw River. NC 2/258 

Kathy Denise Ray 3504 McKnight Mill Road. Greensboro. NC 2/405 

Kimberiy Helen Ray 1100 Rustic Road. Greensboro. NC 2/410 

Mane Slaughter Ray 2912 Anita Court, Burlington. NC 27215 

Pamela Mane Ray Route 2. Orange Grove Road. Hillsborough. NC 272/5 

Stephen Palmer Reagan 2034 Durand Drive. Reston. VA 22091 

Lon Dee Reabii 410 Doggett Drive. Graham, NC 2/253 

Robert Wayne Reaii PO Boi 281, Salisbury MD 21801 

Dana Michele Reams PO Boi 66, Clarksville, VA 23927 

Mark Joseph Reardon 1521 Hackensack Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

Robm Rene Reaves 1228 Dover Street, Roiboro, NC 275/3 

lames WiBiam Reaves. Ir. Route 2. Box 770. South Boston. VA 24592 

lohn G Reaves. Ir 715 Wakeland Dr. Garner NC 27529 

Steve Eric Reavis Route 1. Boi 90A. Elon College. NC 2/244 

Kirk Lerone Redd Route 5. Boi 33. Martinsville. VA 24112 

David Ray Redden 3229 Brum Dr. Chesapeake. VA 23321 

Heidi Blake Reece 9805 Montyville Dnve. Manassas, VA 22111 

Catherme Ruth Reed 3827 Boansboro Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Catherme Anne Reed 912 W Oavis Street, Burhnglon. NC 27215 

Randy Hill Reed 81/ Oakland Ave. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Suzanne Elizabeth Reed 912 West Davis Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Minnie Elizabeth Reeves 5029 Brenda Court. Durham, NC 27/12 

Terry Bruce Reeves Route 4. Boi 362. Leiington. VA 24450 

Laura loyce Reich 47 Parkway Drive. Bricktown. Nl 08723 

Angela Dawn Reid PO Boi 221. Elon College. NC 2/244 

Nafaie Diane Reid 3104 Cecil Street. Greensboro. NC 2/408 

Sandra Lynn Reid M04 Cecil Streel. Greensboro. NC 2/408 

Henry Weiwuse Reidy 205 Harvest Onve, Charlottesville. VA 22901 

Edward Anthony Remheimer 15105 Carrollon Road. Rockville. MD 20853 

Elen Aiwette Renfro PO Box 1087. 1300 Benton Lane. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Lon Lynn Renk 5427 Shelia Lane SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Phiip Harvey Renn 402 Elder Lane. Fayetteville. NC 28304 

lamey Rene Revels 4808 Sidney lane. McLeansville. NC 2/301 

Douglas Scott Reynolds 25 Van Winkle Drive. RD ol. Rensselaer. NY 12144 

Eizabeth Anne Reynolds 5803 Devonshire Drive. Bethesda. MO 20816 

Susan Gale Reynolds 1416 Bogie Drive. Abingdon. VA 24210 

lohn Howard Rhoades 10929 Harrowheld Drive. Pineville. NC 28134 

Robert Alexander Rhoades 431 Staflordshire Road. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

Larry Alan Rhodes 21804 Goshen School Road. Gaithersburg. MD 208/9 

Paul Kenzie Rhodes Rl 1. Box 236. Luray. VA 22835 

Louis Michael Riccio. Ir. 608 Hudgins Court. Virginia Beach. VA 23455 

Anna Marie Rice Route 6. Box 114R. Burlington. NC 2/215 

Barney D Rice Route 1. Box 23 Mebane. NC 2/302 

leffrey Lyndon Rice Route 10. Boi 266 M. Charlotte. NC 28213 

Geoffrey Trone Richard 1169 Overbrook Road. Petersburg, VA 23805 

Biie lean Richards 501 N Woodberry, Danville, VA 24540 

Calhenne Margaret Richards 5500 Holmes Run Parkway. Aleiandna. VA 22304 

Audrey Page Richardson 302 S Broad SI , Sbllolk, VA 23434 

Marianne Richardson 1/00 Turlwood Oriye, Pfallto«n NC 27040 

Michael tdnard Richardson 721 Westbrook Oriye, Burlinglon. NC 27215 

Deirdre Yvetle Richardson 1829 Spencer Street. Greenslwro. NC 27401 

Irene Rourke Richmond 1600 forty Filth Street NW. Washington. DC 2000/ 

Paula Ann Richmond Rt 5. Boi 247C. Burlington, NC 27215 

Stephen Charles Rickaid 4801 Oak CliH Rd . Greensboro, NC 27406 

Marc Wayne Ridfia 3820 Pineneedle Drive. Greensboro. NC 27405 

Mary Darlene Rierson Route 3. Bw 296. Liberty. NC 27298 

Angela lanel Riggs 219 Pinedale Drive Elon College. NC 27244 

Robin Lynn Rigsbee 1714 Sheryiood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Paul Marlin Riley 3401 Nutlree Woods Drive. Midlothian VA 23113 

Sharon lean Rimmer 2941 Brookmere Road Charlottesville. VA 22901 

GJberl franklin Rivers 1234 Rolling lane, Stalesville. NC 28677 

limmy Donnell Rivers 1045 South 8th Street Wilmington. NC 28401 

Zoe Catherine Rizos 3115 Covewood Drive High Point. NC 27260 

Pamela lylea Roach Route 8. Bo» 42 A. Reidsville. NC 27320 

David Horton Robbms 39 Kimberly Or Durham. NC 27707 

lody Lynn Robbms 603 Sweetivater Blvd North. Longwood. fL 32750 

Mark Lynwood Roberson 1615 Meadowview Lane. Martinsville. VA 24112 

Steven Hayivood Roberson 1D620 Academy Dr Midlothian VA 23113 

Harry Clayton Roberson. Ir. PO Bo. 146 Robersonville. NC 27871 

Charles Wayne Roberson, Ji. Route 7 Bo> 83. Burlington. NC 27215 

Darryl Bruce Robinson Route 4 Bo» 346. Henderson. NC 27536 

Donna Lynn Robinson 407 North Cheatham Street, franklinton. NC 27525 

Greg Allan Robinson 4914 Redwood Drive, fayetleville NC 28304 

Nancy lean Robinson 1103 lalcose Lane, West Chester PA 19380 

Bruce Thomas Robson 3044 Timberlane Avenue SW Roanoke. VA 24018 

ludith Stanheld Rodgers Route 4. Bo. 51. Mebane. NC 27302 

Christopher Alan Roe 1100 flor Lane McLean. VA 22102 

Garry Earl Rogers Rl 1. Bo< 271. Louisburg. NC 27549 

Kenneth Eric Rogers 216 Hillside Drive Word. NC 27565 

Olden Douglas Rogers III PO Bo. 177 franklin VA 23851 

lohn Brian Rollins 116 Shady Lane Marshville NC 28103 

lulian Archibald Romeo George School. Newtown. PA 18940 

Michael Edward Romesburg 390 West Court St Doylestown. PA 18901 

Kiitiala Smith Roney 120 Albany Street. Graham. NC 27253 

Beverly lane Rooks Bo> 363 Harvard MA 01451 

Michael Edwin Ross PO Boi 115 Fork Union. VA 23055 

Ricky C Ross R! 2 Box 444 Iron Station NC 28080 

Wendy Jo Ross 100 19 Sparrow Dr Royal Palm. fL 33411 

Penny faye Rosser Route 2. Bo. 710 Sanlord. NC 27330 

Michael Samuel Roth 19730 Greenside Terrace. Gaithersburg. MD 20879 

Kim Ann Rowe -i/iO South Ridge East. Ashtabula OH 44004 

Megan Phillips Royle 1609 Squne Davis Road. Kernersville. NC 27284 

Suzanne Maria Ruch 105 Spring Street. Reading, PA 19601 

Loretta Lynne Rudd 327 Albany Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

lane Neville Rudisi 402 Overman Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Tanya Kim Rudisi 402 Overman Drive Burlington NC 27215 

Mark Andrews Rutfin 108 Willoughby Blvd , Greensboro. NC 27408 

lohn franklyn Rumbley 1015 Daniel Place. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

lellery Taylor Rumley 3803 Baylor St Greensboro. NC 27405 

Mark Alvis Rumley Route 3. Bo. 31. Elon College. NC 27244 

Emmetl Raoul Rushin III 9501 Grover Rd Gaithersburg. MD 20877 

Timothy Wayne Rusk 145 Hillside Lane. Monroe. CT 06468 

David Alan Russell 8526 Wagon Wheel Road. Ale.andria. VA 22309 

Hee Soo S Russell 418 Overman Dr Burlington. NC 27215 

lean-Joel Russell /780 Turlock Road. Springfield. VA 22153 

Nancy Robin Russell 1846 Walton Street. Petersburg. VA 23805 

Phillip Wendell Russell 412 ^i West Elm Street Graham. NC 27253 

Terry Carson Rust MOQ 2202. Camp Leieune. NC 28542 

Katherme Lynn Rutland 2624 Beverwick Road. Charlotte. NC 28211 

Cheryl Sue Ryan 1941 Ardmore Road. Winston Salem. NC 27107 

Mitchell Wayne Ryan 4601 Ml Vernon Highway. Ale.andria, VA 22309 

Robert Gerard Ryan 1107 Rockwood Avenue, Burlington. NC 27215 

Eric lames Sabin 2900 Lake forest Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

Steven Sabol 705 Oxbow Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Andrew Perry Sack 1555 Shirl Lane. Jacksonville. FL 32207 

Aubrey Edward Sadler, III 4609 Austin Lane. VA Beach. VA 23455 

Michael Eugene Sampson 2948 Purple Finch Road Roanoke. VA 24018 

Frank Rhelt Sanders 1419 North Sellars Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

John Homer Sapp 4315 Stokesdale Avenue, Winston Salem, NC 27101 

Debra Ann Sapsara 68 Stuart Circle, Warrenton, VA 22186 

Robert Russell Sari 149 Russell Ave, Barrington, NJ 08007 

Edward Leo Satterheld Rt 4 Bo. 690, South Boston. VA 24592 

Dale Harrison Saundeis Quail Ridge. Manakin. VA 23103 

Eliiabeth Ann Saunders 356 Walker Road. Great Falls, VA 22066 

lames Carter Saunders 304 Battery Avenue, Emporia, VA 23847 

Robbie Dale Saunders Rt 2, Bo. 538. Trimly, NC 27370 

Timothy Lee Samders Route 1, Bo> 109, Clover, VA 24534 

Mary Clare Sawyer 7608 Atlantic Avenue. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Danny lee Scales 700 A West Decatur St . Madison. NC 27025 

WMam Craig Scarborou(h Box 12. Avon. NC 27915 

James Daniel Scarfl 11300 Skipwith Lane. Potomac. MD 20854 

Gilbert TaH Scarlett III 608 Charles St . Mebane. NC 27302 

Charles Overton Schal 5513 Forest Rd ttl64. Greensboro, NC 27406 

Todd Eric Scheel; 107 Oakview Drive, Elon College, NC 27244 

Carol Suzanne Schen* 3315 Wilshire Drive. Greensboro. NC 27408 

John Joseph Schcndler 3129 Truitt Drive. Brulington NC 27215 

Allen Karl Schipperl 114 Aspen lane Jacksonville NC 28540 

Gregory Scott ScNageter 104 Buckley Road Marlboro. Nl 07746 

Michael Alphonso Schmids 5820 Stockton Road. Philadelphia, PA 19138 

Barbara Stuart Schneider 7915 Saddle Ridge Drive, Ounwoody, GA 30338 

Joseph lames Schol 411 S Roberts Road. Bryn Mawr. PA 19010 

Robert Kevn Schoooover PO Bo. 8 Halifax VA 24558 

Janet Greer Schfoeder 3300 Spring Lane, falls Church. VA 22041 

David Arthur Schuler HIS Wardman Road Baltimore. MD 21212 

Alfred lohn Schwab 95 Gold St . Hawlhorne. NY 10532 

Barbara lane Schwaeber 262 Coachlight Trail. Burlington. NC 27215 

Enc Robert Schwartz 8705 West Lake Court. Raleigh. NC 27612 

Harry Steve Schwartz. Jr. Rt 4. Box 58 1. Wilkesboro. NC 28697 

Deborah Ysteboe Scoggins 131 Random Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Angela Oetores Scott 125 Hemlock Drive. Salisbury. NC 28144 

Donna Lynn Scott Box 301. Exmore. VA 23350 

Eugene Christopher Scott 2505 Kroll Court. High Point. NC 27260 

Gregofy Dean Scott 214 Weslridge Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

lotrn R Scott 202 East York Drive. Emporia. VA 23847 

Michael Wayne Scott 242 Elm Street. Monlpelier. VT 05602 

Irichael Page Scott Box 301 Exmore. VA 23350 

Sadie Irene ScoH 1420 E Jones Street. Raleigh. NC 27611 

Sue Eflen Scott Route 3. Box 579. Mebane. NC 27302 

Sylvia Woodward Scott Route 6. Box 214 A. Burlington. NC 27215 

Marc lohn Scudder 3803 Glen Cross Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Kathryn Dru Sears 701 N Glenn Ave . Siler City. NC 27344 

Kimberly Ann Sett 3013 Tree Top Lane SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Sandra Dawn Sell Route 3. Davis Road. Clemmons. NC 27012 

Randall Thomas Sellars 2421 Lacy St Burlington. NC 27215 

Hazel Sellers Sllb larleton Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Kendall Ernest Sellers PO Bo. 1028. Burlington. NC 27215 

Pamela Blake Sellew 9401 Nelson Lane. Manassas. VA 22110 

Richard McRae Selph 11961 Rothbury Drive. Richmond, VA 23236 

Victoria Kathleen Serreno Box 561. Cedar Blutt. VA 24609 

Maria-Teresa Carandang Sese 4525 Maple Avenue. Bethesda. MD 20814 

Clinlon Tyrone Settle 631 Lincoln Street. Reidsville NC 27320 

Anthony Clinton Settles 613 Isabelle Street, laurinburg. NC 28352 

Robert Allen Shakespeare 1218 Grumman Drive. Richmond. VA 23229 

Timothy Edgar Sharpe 2828 Wagnei Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Wadeene L Sharpe Rl 2 Box 9. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

William Anthony Shashaty 6580 West UTH Couit. Hialeah. EL 33012 

Leona Annette Shaw 3811 NW 6 Slieet. fort Lauderdale. fL 33311 

Simon David Shaw Rl 3 Box 72 Spainhoui Rd . King. NC 27021 

Van Worth Shaw. Jr 983 Badger Circle. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Charlotte Anne Shawver-Stolres 2621 Marion Couit, Burlington NC 27215 

Kathleen Mane Shea 4408 West Viiginia Ave . Bethesda. MD 20814 

Wanda Lynelte Sheets PO Box 1101. liberty. NC 27298 

Edith Allison Shell 1014 41h Avenue Drive NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

Ann Elizabeth Shelton 11807 Grandview Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902 

Wanda K Shelton 2235 Mary Diive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Charles Donald Shelton, Ir, 1430 S Askin Street, Martinsville, VA 24112 

Julia Lynne Shepherd 6865 Bethel Church Road, Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Norman Glenn Shepherd 700 E Brown Street. Mebane. NC 27302 

Richard James Sheridan III 3640 Allendale Drive. Raleigh, NC 27604 

lames Allen Sherman 1220 Kensington Drive, High Point, NC 27260 

Anthony Wayne Sherwood 204 Amberly Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

Jeffrey Douglas Shields 121 N Wake St , Hillsboiough, NC 27278 

William Samuel Shirley 2820 faiiway forest, Salem, VA 24153 

Lorna lean Shively 318 'j Trail 2, Burlington. NC 27215 

Katherine Lynn Shober 1741 Driltwood Lane. Roanoke, VA 24015 

Michael Carson Shoffner Bo. 126 Hanford Road, Graham, NC 27253 

Roger Sidney Shore 110 Cypress St. King. NC 27021 

John Christopher Short 622 Iillai Avenue, Emporia. VA 23847 

Sheila Elizabeth Shotwell Rt 1. Box 75A. Timbeilake. NC 27583 

lames Gibson Shull. Jr 510 Barley Drive. Stephens City. VA 22655 

Donald Kyle Shumate Route 1. Providence. NC 27315 

Renee Ann Shumate 16508 Killdeei Drive. Rockville. MO 20855 

Carrie Susan Sidden Route 10. Box 456. Burlington. NC 27215 

Matthew Richard Siefer 503 BrookhursI Avenue. Narberth. PA 19072 

Brian Scott Siemering 1058 19TH Avenue. PI . N W . Hickory. NC 28601 

Kimberly Case Sigmon 706 Huffman Mill Rd., 15 Brittany Apts . Burlington. NC 


Ricky Wayne Sigmon Route 1. Box 219. Catawba. NC 28609 

Kenneth Lee Siler706 Huffman Mill Road. Brittany H 12. Burlington. NC 27215 

Molly Catherine Sim 303 Yorkview Road. Yorktown, VA 23692 

Laura Beth Simmerman 255 Grandview Avenue. Pitman. NJ 08071 

Tammy Kay Simmons Route 2. Box 161. Elon College. NC 27244 

lackie Ray Simmons, Jr. Route 2. Box 328. Boones Mill. VA 24065 

Steven Charles Simon 1825 Lake Drive. Delray Beach. fL 33444 

Michael John Simonell 1 4648 Paul Reveie Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23455 

lean Patterson Simons 108 N Lee Avenue. Elon College. NC 27244 

Jeffrey Lyie Simpson 2902 Lawrence Dr, falls Church, VA 22042 

Vivian Innetta Simpson 910 West Mary Street, Bristol, VA 24201 

Evan Jordan Sims, Jr 6021 8IH Street NW, Washington, DC 20011 

Craig Lamont Smgleton 405 Stark Street, Sumter SC 29150 

Gerard Hilliard Siry 33 Monroe Avenue, Hicksville, NY 11801 

Margaret Melissa Sizemore Route 8, Box 498, Lexington, NC 27292 

Michael Holt Skinner 2016 Sunnybrook Drive, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Richard lohn Slatlery 30 Manor Ave , White Plains, NY 10605 

Janice Kaye Sleeper 151 Exchange Street, Millis, MA 02054 

Eisele Terrance Sloan 1127 Rolling Lane. Slatesville. NC 28677 

Robert Tyson Smart 4405 Elmbrook Ct . Richmond. VA 23228 

Thomas Martin Smiddy 10910 Haverlord Lane. Richmond. VA 23236 

Caryl Lynne Smith 641 Westmoreland Avenue, Kingston, PA 18704 

Oarryl Antonio Smith Route 1, Bo. 473, Madison, NC 27025 

David Reid Smith Route 5, Box 383 B, Clinton. NC 28328 

David Mark Smith 2002 D The Colony Apartments. Burlington. NC 27215 

Dorothy Annette Smith 4508 Indian Wells Drive. Greensboro, NC 27406 

Elizabeth Graham Smith Route 1, Box 734-A, Haw River, NC 27258 

Gerald Keith Smith 2794 Cone Circle, fayetleville, NC 28306 

Harold Gwyn Smith 712 Hedgecock Road, High Point, NC 27260 

Harvey Alexander Smith 603 Azalea Court, Suffolk, VA 23434 

lacrjueline Smith Route 10, Box 364 4, Raleigh, NC 27603 

James Mark Smith 4508 Indian Wells Diive, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Jeffrey Michael Smith 10 Camelot Road Salisbury, NC 28144 

Jeffrey Lamar Smith 3221 Shaftesbury Lane, Winston Salem, NC 27105 

Kknberle Dale Smith Route 3, Box 220. Lenoir, NC 28645 

Laura Elizabeth Smith 1213 West Mountain SI , Kernersville. NC 27284 

Lori Wynn Smith 128 Chesapeake Avenue. Crisfield, MD 21817 

Lynne Colette Smith 4100 Geoige Lane, West Palm Beach, fL 33406 

Mark Eugene Smith Bo. 54, Waltsville, VA 23483 

Philip Ray Smith Route 2, Bo. 117A, Snow Camp, NC 27349 

Randall Ret Smith 1101 Parkwood Drive. Siler City, NC 27344 

Rena Margaret Smith Route 1, Bo. 1021, Vinton, VA 24179 

Ruth Anne Smith 4515 Tower Drive. Greensboro, NC 2/410 

Shannon Fields Smith 1701 Lynwood Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Stacy Dewitt Smith 17 Cooper Street, Fayelteville, NC 28306 

Stephanie E Smith 134 Willowbrook Rd Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Stephen Barry Smith PO Bo. 217, McLeansville, NC 27301 

Thomas Everett Snith 2001 Trail 5. Burhngton, NC 27215 

Guy Vernon Smith III 3703 Shadybrook Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Gerald Spencer Smith Jr. 1005 Bridgewater Or, Greensboro, NC 27410 

lohn Frank Smith, Jr 4199 Winnabow Rd , Winston Salem, NC 27105 

lowel Vincent Smth. Jr. 9609 CragmonI Drive. Richmond. VA 23229 

lenniter Rose Snead 5298 West Valley Side Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Ronald B Snider 88 London Lane, Mebane, NC 27302 

Charies Edward Snowden 413 Lakeshore Lane. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Michael Joseph Snyder 1549 Bay Point Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Michael Craig Snyder 2350 Venie Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Gary Richard Sobelman RR a] Ridge Road. Vincentown, NJ 08088 

Suner Eizabeth Sorrel 1104 Whippoorwill Lane, Raleigh. NC 27609 

Vrgna Ruth Sosebee 1902 Sheperd Drive. Reidsville. NC 2/320 

Griselda losepina Soto 713 N. Mam Street. Graham. NC 27253 

lames McNair Southern 248 Grandview Dr. Winston Salem. NC 27104 

John Fuel Soulhern. Jr 214 Betsy Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27105 

David Timothy Spach 749 Hertlord Road. Winston Salem, NC 27104 

Scott Robert Spada 482 Herbert Lane, Bricktown, Nl 08723 

Anne Elizabeth Spaniol 5602 Ontario Circle Bethesda. MD 20016 

Thomas William Spaschak 129 Leewaid Road. Manahawkin. Nl 08050 

Kathleen Spelman 4341 Warren SI NW. Washington. DC 20016 

EOzabeth Pritchard Spencer 2421 Saddle Club Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Gregory Alan Spencer 405 Ridge Avenue, Asheboio, NC 27203 

Christopher Alan SpiUman G5 Brittany Apts, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mary lacquekne Spivey Route 2, Box 73 A, Mebane, NC 27302 

Stephen Christopher Spoon 2105 Dorsett Street, Burlington. NC 27215 

Susan Ellen Spoon Route 2. Bo. 364 B. Burlington Nc 27215 

Danny James Sprinkle Route 2. Box 260 A. High Point. NC 27260 

Rowe Austin SI Clair PO Box 825. Graham. NC 2/253 

Sherrie Denenne St Clair 731 Mason Road. Vinton, VA 24179 

Henry Lee StaHord 221 Sawmill Road, Raleigh, NC 2/609 

Michael Ryan Stafford 4201 Keystone Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Cynthia Robm Staley Route 6, Box 258, Burlington, NC 27215 

lack Curtis Staley. Ir Route 6. Box 258. Burlington. NC 27215 

Eizabeth Ann Stallings 4827 Sunset Blvd . Tampa. fL 33609 

lames Keith Slallings Rl 4. Box 12/ A. Builinglon. NC 27215 

Scott fleming Stallings 3205 Sliawberry Lane. Durham. NC 27712 

William Henry Stallings. Ill Route 10. Bo. 7. Raleigh. NC 27603 

Kelly franklin Stanley Rt 6. Box 159C. Clinton. NC 28328 

Roger Keith Stanley PO Box 412. Haysi. VA 24256 

Roger Blair Stanley PO Box 9681. Greensboro. NC 27408 

William Michael Stanley 308 Ivanhoe Drive. Johnson City. TN 37601 

Jeffery Jerome Stansberry Route 2. Box 140. Halilax, NC 27839 

Raphnel forest Staples. Ir 6211 Behtel Church Road, Gibsonville. NC 27249 

Sharon Kmghl Stames Rl 9. Bo. 41. Burlington. NC 27215 

Heidi Sleeber 1910 Moonwind Place, Richmond, VA 23233 

Leslie Lee Slennett 8307 Willow Ridge, Roanoke, VA 24019 

Dawn K Sternal 1018 Valleydale Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Laurie Ann Stevenson 3629 STR Wilfred Place. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

leffrey Kyle Stewart Rt 1. Box 196B. Burhnglon. NC 27215 

Josie Pearlene Stewart PO Box 453. Ball Park Avenue. Elon College. NC 27244 

Michael King StierhofI 2740 Stratford Road, Richmond. VA 23225 

Francine Maria Stockton Route 5 Box 587. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Donna Marie Stone Route 1. Box 99, Long Island, VA 24569 

Tyron Janice Stone 2605 Sumac Lane, Burlington. NC 2/215 

Jack Dempsey Stone. Jr 800 frank Street. Roxboro. NC 27573 

Michael William Storck 2906 Bree Hill Road. Oakton, VA 22124 

James Morris Stovall Box 243, Lawsonville, NC 27022 

Jonathan Neat Stowe 210 Williamson St , Burlington, NC 27215 

Edison Milton Stowers 1233 Blue Bird Drive. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Julia Rosalyn Strange 215 Hampton Avenue, St Simons Island, GA 31522 

Daniel Robert Straub Route 6, Box 347, Kinston, NC 28501 

Earl Donald SIrautz. Ir Horsey, Oak Hall. VA 23396 

WKam RatcUffe Old SIreat 1518 G Split Oak lane. Honeytree Apts, Richmond. VA 


Richard floyd Strickland 6 B Post Oak Rd . Durham, NC 27705 

Elizabeth Ann Strine 13720 lintel Lane, Midlothian, VA 23113 

Robert Thomas Strong 8 Shady Tree lane. Port letterson. NY 11/7/ 

Richard Van Stuckey 1521 Wedgewood Drive, Graham, NC 2/253 

lane Keck StudstHI 932 Brentwood Drive. Burlington, NC 2/215 

Owen Kerf StudI 2420 landis Drive, Durham, NC 2/705 

Macie Mane Suddaby Route 2, Box 169, Emporia, VA 23847 

Elisabeth Leigh Suiter PO Box 375, Garysburg, NC 2/831 

Janet Rebecca Suiter PO Box 375, Garysburg, NC 2/831 

Jo Ann Suitt Route 1, Roxboro. NC 2/5/3 

lohn Derek Suitt PO Box 92/, Creedmoor. NC 27522 

Karm Ann Sulivan 937 Sf 12TH Way. Deeilield Beach. fL 33441 

Linda Votta Sullivan 308 Collinwood Dr, Burlington, NC 27215 

Mark Stuart Summers 415 florence Circle, Slatesville, NC 2867/ 

Brent Lee Sutton Route 5, Box 719B, Durham, NC 27704 

lames Raymond Sutton 11912 Old Bridge Road, Rockville, MD 20852 

Jeanie Bruce Sutton 3021 South fairway Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Joanna Lynn Sutton friendly Acies, Wallace, NC 28466 

Dallas Dewitt Swan III Box 112, Bloxom, VA 23308 

Paul loseph Swantko 206 flintridge Drive, Lewisville, NC 27023 

Jeffrey Calvin Swart P Box 675, Gretna, VA 24557 

Douglas Lowell Swartz 1259 '-ova Drive, Waynesboro. VA 22980 

Gregory Philip Swedish 533 S Williamson Ave . Elon College. NC 27244 

Maueen Barbra Sweeney 16509 Cavalry Drive. Rockville. MD 20853 

Keith Edward Swim 4449 Cordell Drive. Roanoke. VA 24018 

lohn Howard Swope 1320 Lugo Avenue. Coral Gables. fL 33156 

Roy Michael Sykes Route 2. Box 1/8. Snow Camp. NC 2/349 

Robert Dean Symanski 5 Spruce Road. Bo. 404. Saddle River, NJ 0/458 

James Clarke Talberth 984/ Marclilf Court. Vienna. VA 22180 

Julia Harris Taley 326 Lexington Road. Richmond, VA 23226 

Robert Douglas Taltey 4502 Whitby Place, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Thomas Benton Taley 1806 Pinecrest Street, Burlington. NC 27215 

Daniel Doak Talley IV 120 S Wilton Rd . Richmond. VA 23226 

Timothy Russe« Taly Route 1 Box 172. Goldston. NC 27252 

Susan Ruth lart 1104 Guy Avenue. Dunn. NC 28334 

Allen Albright late 190/ Sunnybrook Drive. Burlington. NC 2/215 

Catherine H. Tate Route 3. Box 111. Mebane, NC 2/302 

lohn David Tate 1406 Woodside Drive, Reidsville, NC 2/320 

Leonard Tyrone Tate Route 4, Box 80, Burlington, NC 2/215 

Bengie Tate. Jr 6236 Montieth Drive. Charlotte. NC 28213 

Kenneth lames Tatko 41/ Leon Drive. Endicott. NY 13/60 

Arnold Gregory Tatum Rt 1, Box 3/, Belews Creek. NC 2/009 

Ann AsNey Taylor 10503 Gaylon Road. Richmond, VA 23233 

Oebra Lynn Taylor 125 Marvin Drive, Hampton, VA 23666 

Derrick Christofiher Taylor Rt 2, Box 221, Elon College, NC 27244 

Donald Eugene Taytor 1100 Leon Street. Apt 12, Durham, NC 27/05 

Donna Maureen Taylor 114 Merriman Road, Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Frankie lean Taylor 5 Worley Place. Asheville. NC 28806 

Gloria Smith Taylor 2512 Asbury Court, Burlington. NC 27215 

P Melissa Taylor 228 Weslover Drive. Roxboro, NC 2/573 

Richard Barrett Taylor 2831 Starbrook Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 

Dana Lynn Teague 18624 Walkers Choice Road «6, Gaithersburg, MD 208/9 

David Brian Tenple Rt 4, Bo. 155. Hillsborough. NC 2/278 

Laura Eizabeth Temple Route 3, Bo. 109. Walnut Cove. NC 27052 

Loyd Clayton Tempfelon, III 4/23 Shady Grove Road. Memphis. TN 38117 

Robert David Tentiet 403 Wilson Avenue, Spring Lake. NC 28390 

Terrence Oliveri Teramo 339 Livingston Place, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 

Benjamin lames Terrel 519 Riverside Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

leffrey Duane Terrel 515 Edinburgh Dr, Burlington. NC 27215 

Hark rmothy Terrel Rt 1. Box 107. Mebane. NC 2/302 

Richard Brent Terrell 1540 Stonehaven Drive, Graham, NC 27215 

Russell William Terrell Route 1, Boi 107, Mebane, NC 27302 

Georgette Frances Theobald 6800 E Tropical Way, Plantation, FL 33317 

Linda teanne Thiel Route 2, Boi 347, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Amy lo Thomas 2018 Mornmsside Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Bertha Lee Thomas Rl 2, Boi 182 D Roxboro, NC 27573 

Billy Eugene Thomas Roule 2. Boi 129, Broadway. NC 27505 

Eric Leonard Thomas 2019 Wesllork Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304 

lay Oarrell Thomas Route 1, Boi 403, Burlington, NC 27215 

Karen Adele Thomas 5014 150 East, Brown Summit, NC 27214 

Kelly Ann Thomas 1172B Greenlane Drive, Potomoc, MO 20854 

Penny Lynn Thomas 4 Sheridan Drive, St Albans, WV 25177 

Rebecca Joanne Thomas Route 1, Boi 139, Aberdeen, NC 28315 

Robert Kenneth Thomas 2324 Mount Vernon Road SW, Roanoke. VA 24015 

Tammara lean Thomas 120 Wilkins Drive, Durham, NC 27705 

Tracy lean Thomas 2410 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

Adrainne Renet Thompson Route 5, Boi 58, Mebane, NC 27302 

Carolyn Sue Thompson 330 Irvm Street, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Donda Gail Thompson 1901 Malone Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Elizabeth Kibby Thompson 16 Robin Lane, Wilton, CT 06897 

lames Blair Thompson 205 Canterbury Road, Chesapeake, VA 23320 

Michael Gray Thompson 403 Trail One, Burlington, NC 27215 

Timothy William Thompson 443 Oriole SIreet, Staunton, VA 24401 

Daniel George Thompson S 65 College Park, Elon College, NC 27244 

William Henry Thompson, Ir, Route 2, Boi 444, Graham, NC 27253 

lames Daniel There PO Boi 464, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Elizabeth Durham Thornburg Route 1, Boi 326-A, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Musa Allison Thome 812 Pinecrest Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Vinslon lee Thornhill 2841 Skipton Road, Richmond, VA 23225 

lerry Lee Thornton PO Boi 1371, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Cynthia lonas Tickle 5815 NC 61 North, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Kenneth Lee Tickle Roule 1, Boi 11, McLcansville, NC 27301 

lay Alson Tilley 109 E Maynard Avenue, Durham, NC 27704 

Philip Gerald Tillman 2025 Medhurst Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 

William Harrison Tippetl PO Boi 133, Henderson, NC 27536 

Mary Ellen Tomlinson PO Boi 206, Virgilina, VA 24598 

Ronald Dale Tomlinson Route 3, Box 515-B, Lumberton, NC 28358 

Stanley Auina Tooloo 2805 Morgan Street, Wilmington, NC 28403 

Parker Traynham Topping 236 Cedar, Poquoson, VA 23662 

Kimberly Ann Tolh 3607 Mossdale Avenue, Durham, NC 27707 

lohnny Albert Travis Rt 2, Box 482, Walnut Cove, NC 27052 

Sandra Lee Tripp Rl 4, Box 199, Mebane, NC 27302 

Donna Rose Trollinger 1010 Trollinger Road, Graham, NC 27253 

Betty Susan Troiler 2630 Trail Five, Burlington, NC 27215 

Chelsea Rea Troiler Route 2, Box 427, Elon College, NC 27244 

Brenda lune Troiler 21411 Montgomery Ave, Laytonsville, MD 20760 

Victoria Ruth Troy 572 Parkview Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Wanda Faye Truett 2637 Paula Drive, Gastonia, NC 28052 

Melinda Leigh Truitt 17 Bannister Court, Poquoson, VA 23662 

Constanline Nicholas Tsamduras 3616 Stratford Road, Richmond, VA 23225 

John Fitzgerald Tucci RD 3, Aray Drive, Lebanon, Nl 08833 

Laura Harmon Tuck 513 South Mam Street, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Alan Lewis Tucker PO Box 26, Covesville, VA 22931 

Craig Anthony Tucker Roule 1, Box 128, Mcintosh, AL 36553 

lenniler Lynn Tulloch 550 Stadium Dr, Eden, NC 27288 

ludith Anne Tunney 713 Oeepdene Road, Baltimore, MD 21210 

Kenneth Dean Turbylill 2216 Walker Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Alelhea Faye Turner PO Box 132, Stuart, VA 24171 

Anthony Raynardo Turner Route 4, Box 91, Burlington. NC 27215 

Derrick Lionel Turner Rt 2. Boi 107, Courtland, VA 23837 

Kelly Renee Turner 3932 Homestead Lane, Winston Salem, NC 27106 

Rodney Roy Turner Route 3, Boi 32, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Laura Anne Tuttle Roule 1, Boi 200, Lawsonville, NC 27022 

Michael Eugene Tuttle PO Boi 374, Raelord, NC 28376 

Thea Kale Tuttle Rt 1, Lawsonville, NC 27022 

E, Kyle Tyner 2008 Wensley Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210 

Raymond Lewis Tyson Roule 1, Boi 64, Goldston, NC 27252 

Scott Michael Upton 444 Probasco Road, East Windsor Nl 08520 

lonathan Todd Usry 13301 (Jueensgate Rd , Midlothian, VA 23113 

Mark Breckinbridge Van Kirk 6800 Newbold Drive, Bethesda, MD 20034 

Deirdre Darlene Vance 145 Major Conley Road, Marion, NC 28752 

Thomas Mark Vance 3613 Peakwood Drive, Roanoke, VA 24014 

Kalhryn Lynn Vanderbufg PO Boi 532, Elon College, NC 27244 

Nancy Norris Vanstory 4724 Rembert Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 

Stephen Ray Vargas Route 4, Boi 448, Asheboro, NC 27203 

Charles Everette Vaughan Route 2, Box 250, South Hill, VA 23970 

lames David Vaughn 312 Melbourne Rd , Greensboro, NC 27405 

Lee Harrold Vaughn 621 Cherokee Road, Charlotte, NC 28207 

Valerie Vaughn 2114 Mornmgside Dr, Burlington, NC 27215 

David Raymond Vetter 637 Oakgrove Drive. Graham. NC 27253 

Earl Wright Vickers III PO Box 102. Elon College, NC 27244 

Chrisie George Vlahos 2111 Leeds Lane. Wmtson-Salem. NC 27103 

Tammy Alayne Vogel 116 Bnarclifl Rd . Mountain Lakes. NJ 07046 

lulie Ann Vogelsang 8 Rehobeth Court, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Patrick Robert Vota 9350 NW 19TH Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 

Beverly Stadermann Wade 3203 Forestdale Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Bonnie Sue Wade 82 Old Mill Road, Tinlon Falls, Nl 07724 

lenniler Kay Wade 976 Campbellton Drive, North Augusta, SC 29841 

Leroy Antonio Wadsworth 405 East Wake, Dunn, NC 28334 

Susan Lane Waif 227 E End Avenue, Statesville, NC 28677 

Ernest Ira Wagner 121 Ruffin Allen Ave, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Robert Ronald Wagner 10 Hillside Ave , Lincoln, Rl 02865 

Nancy Hardy Wagoner 53 Zion Church Road, Hickory, NC 28601 

Gloria Ann Wald 2222 Walker Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215 

Angela F Walker Route 3, Box 95, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Belinda lo Brown Walker 1547 Pine Ridge Drive, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Brondwyn Terri Walker Rt 2, Box 120, Penhook, VA 24137 

Carl Anderson Walker Route 3, Box 101 A, Burlington, NC 27215 

Elizabeth Lee Walker 1604 Biscayne Dr, Greensboro, NC 27410 

lanet Cain Walker 990 Badger Circle, Roiboro, NC 27573 

lanice Marie Walker 1407 Jackson Street, Burlington, NC 27215 

lohn Murry Walker 5112 Colebrook Place, Alexandria, VA 22312 

Suzanne M, Walker 841 Delmonte Drive. Winston Salem. NC 27106 

Tonya Beth Walker 3405 Elk Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

loseph Henry Walkup 5054 Hampshire Drive. Fayetteville. NC 28301 

Lisa Wa« 2985 Martin SIreet. Walkertown. NC 29051 

Margaret Ann WaH 106 Carolina Ave . Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Tonya Michelle Wall 302 Argonne Drive. Durham. NC 27704 

Darrell Lamont Wallace Route 3. Box 382. Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Lee Paul Wallace PO Box 309. Southmont. NC 27351 

Ricky Dwight Wallace 1216 Peacehaven Road, Clemmons. NC 27012 

Howard lunior Waller 818 Sydnore Street, Danville, VA 24540 

Tracey Elizabeth Walser 7511 Honesty Way, Bethesda, MD 20817 

Kenneth Patrick Walsh 2331 Riviera Drive, Vienna, VA 22180 

Megan Beth Walsh 412 Willowbrook Drive, Gary, NC 27511 

Lisa Kay Walton 8300 SW 117 Terrace, Miami. FL 33156 

Huel Hobson Walton III 1108 Park Ave . Garner. NC 27529 

Carol Ann Ward 1825 Hawthorne Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Michael Carson Ward 4322 N. Old Glebe Rd , Arlington. VA 22207 

Regina Annette Ward 917 WmdcresI Rd , Durham, NC 27713 

Christopher Yale Ward Route 1. Box 273F. Roaring River. NC 28669 

Phyllis Oenise Wardlaw 1431 B West Street. High Point. NC 27260 

Anne Marie Warren 79 Sweetbrair Drive. Newport News. VA 23606 

Gladys Irene Warren 515 Lakeview Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 

Lucindy lane Warren Route 4, Box 67, Mebane, NC 27302 

Marsha Irene Warren Route 4, Boi 67, Mebane, NC 27302 

Patricia Margaret Warren 5214 Gather Road, Springfield, VA 22151 

Teresa Ann Warren Rt 5, Box 536, Burlington, NC 27215 

Wendy Elizabeth Warren 5214 Gather Rd , Springfield, VA 22151 

Robert Franklin Warren III PO Box 296 Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Amy Catherine Washburn Route 2, Bostic. NC 28018 

Kimberly Anne Washington PO Box 3843. Martinsville. VA 24115 

Elizabeth Hutchins Waterfield 1590 Mill Landing Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23457 

Frances Charlene Waters Route 2. Box 297 A, Kittrell. NC 27544 

lames Scott Watson 135 Inskip Avenue. Ocean Grove. NJ 07756 

Mary Elizabeth Watson 332 Eagle Street. Woodstock. VA 22664 

Mary Waddell Watson 1843 Winston Road, Charlottesville. VA 22903 

William Booth Watson 2210 Keitti Lane. Midlothian. VA 23113 

William Thomas Watson 2122 Camino Brazos. Pleasanton. CA 94566 

Harry Lee Watson. IV 2210 Keith Lane. Midlothian, VA 23113 

Debra Ann Watts Box 287 Cliftwood Drive, Siler City, NC 27344 

Kim Renae Weaver 1641 Cutty Sark Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Kathryn Wynn Weems PO Boi 631, Waynesboro, VA 22980 

loel Michael Weiss 2800 Bellmore Ave , Bellmore, NY 11710 

Pamela Hatchet Welborn 507 Trail 1, Burlington. NC 27215 

David Arthur Welch 606 Tangle Drive, lamestown, NC 27282 

Charles Stephen Welch II 1724 Fairway Road. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Laura lo Welter 1404 Hillsboro Drive, Richmond. VA 23233 

Keith Warren Wells Rt 3. Boi 632. Graham, NC 27253 

Karen lean Welzant 1125 Homestead Drive. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Christie Lynette Wensauer 822 Frank St . Roxboro. NC 27573 

Robert William Wentz III 4730 Rivershore Rd , Portsmouth. VA 23703 

Mark Edward Wessell 321 Sandhurst Road. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Steve Rodney West 143 Chincoteague Rd . Wallops Island. VA 23337 

Thomas Robert Westenhiset 259 Sunny Jim Drive. Medlord. NJ 08055 

Catherine Lynn Westmoreland 328. HWY 137. Myrtle Beach. SC 29577 

Virginia Bowe Westmoreland PO Box 717, Pittsboro, NC 27310 

Kenneth Berrian Wheeler 2307 Stratford Court, Richmond, VA 23225 

Martin Justice Wheeler PO Box 71. Stony Creek. VA 23882 

Karen Louise Wheelock 6503 Meriwether Lane. Springfield. VA 22150 

Laura Lynn Wheless 403 Clearview Drive. Asheboro. NC 27203 

Michael Edward Wheless Roule 6. Boi 404 Asheboro. NC 27203 

Mark Wilson Whichard 3101 Fieldale Road. Greensboro. NC 27406 

Kathleen Leigh Whitaker 107 Kay SIreet. Carrboro. NC 27510 

Stacey Louise Whitaker 606 Franklin Blvd . Greensboro. NC 27401 

Terrance Douglas Whitaker 305 Popular SIreet. Weldon, NC 27890 

Audrey Morris White 6001 Lebanon Road. Charlotte. NC 28212 

David Allen While PO Box 247, Elland. NC 27243 

Dean Alan Wtiite Route 2. Box 8. Parsonsburg, MD 21849 

Edward Somers White Box 85. Bloiom. VA 23308 

lere Marion White 550 Knobview Place. Wmston-Salem. NC 27104 

Kyle Alan White 314 Shadowbrook Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Mary EHzabeth White Route 1. Boi lOA. Beaverdam. VA 23015 

Patricia Grove While 13531 Kingsmill Rd . Midlothian. VA 23113 

Philip Wayne White 3409 South Mebane Street. Burlington, NC 27215 

Stuart Hamilton White 1250 lungle Avenue, St Petersburg, FL 33710 

Susan Elizabeth White 1004 Filth Court, High Point, NC 27262 

Penny Gail Whitfield Route 1, Boi 247, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Milton lunior Whitley 2159 Woodland Ave , Burlington, NC 27215 

Bennett Clarke Whitlock 8324 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard, Annandale, VA 22003 

Kenneth Roy Whilten 6374 Partridge St , Norfolk, VA 23513 

Billy Culbrelh Whittenton. Ir. 334 Stacy Weaver Drive. Fayetteville. NC 28301 

loyce A, Whittington RD al. Boi 228. Harvard. MA 01451 

David Carlton Wicker, Ir 2235 Wilkms Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Ann Taylor Wickham PO Boi 98. Wickersham Road. Ridgeway. VA 24148 

lohn Albert Wiefand, Ir. 405 Bickett Blvd. Raleigh. NC 27608 

Mary Ann Wikle 3005 Forestdale Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 

Marcia Marie Wilcoi 1548 Pine Ridge Apts . Roiboro. NC 27573 

Robert Nathan Wiles 509 Cheverly Drive. South Boston. VA 24592 

Roger Neal Wiles 728 Westminster Drive. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Robin Lynette Wiley 729 Ford Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Susan Elliott Wilhelm Route 1. Box 363. Mebane. NC 27302 

lerry Mollis Wilhelm, Ir. 207 Hull Road. Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Neil Wesley Wilkes 632 E Donaldson, Raelord, NC 28376 

Rebecca Ann Wiikie Route 1. Box 22. Goldston. NC 27252 

Penny Gayle Wilkins 4511 Rocky Springs Drive, Durham, NC 27705 

Tori lean Wilkins 4736 Brompton Drive. Greensboro. NC 27407 

Melvin Wilkins, Ir. 411 S 3RD Street. Smithlield. NC 27577 

Nina Sharie Wilkinson 605 Wilba Road. Mebane. NC 27302 

William Edwin Wilkinson, Ir. 2013 North Lake Shore Drive. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

lonathan Wesley Willard 5211 Cave Spring Lane SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Angela Oenise Williams PO Boi 845. Roiboro. NC 27573 

David Holt Williams 1809 South Mebane Street. Burlington. NC 27215 

Doreen Williams 1414 Wendell Avenue. High Point. NC 27260 

lay Frank Williams PO Boi 694. Nags Head. NC 27959 

loel Daniel Williams 2105 Holland Avenue. Burlington. NC 27215 

Lori Annetle Wiffiams 603 A Isley Place. Burlington. NC 27215 

Maldred Christopher Williams 931 Spruce Pine Trail. Durham. NC 27705 

Michael Wayne Williams Rt 3. Box 507. Graham. NC 27253 

Nancy Anne Williams 505 Edgewood Court. Burlington. NC 27215 

Philip Arden Williams Route 1. Box 555. Yadkmville. NC 27055 

Regina Michelle Williams 806 Kayak Ave . Capitol Heights. MD 20743 

Robert Linwood Williams 5350 Roselawn Road. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Robert Lee Williams Rl 3. Box 17. Clinton. NC 28328 

Robert Wayne Williams 208 Meekins Street. Elizabeth City, NC 22909 

Stephen Ray Williams 1674 Chimney House Road, Reston, VA 22090 

Tawanna Gale Williams 719 Rugby St, Greensboro, NC 27406 

Wade Hamilton Williams 208 Ridge Rd , Wilson, NC 27893 

lerry Clark Williams 208 W Gilbreath St , Graham. NC 27253 

Grady McArthur Williams, Ir. Route 2. Box 182. Halifai. NC 27839 

Ralph Emerson Williams, Ir. PO Boi 297, Newport, NC 28570 

Eclisler Lee Williamson 1602 Sir Galahad Road, Greensboro. NC 27405 

Stephen Lee WBamson 1550 53RD Avenue. Vero Beach. FL 32960 

Sylvia Annette WBiamson Route 1. Boi 187. Elon College. NC 27241 

Linda Leigh LLoyd Wills 802 Russell Avenue. Reidsville. NC 27320 

Homer Lee Wilson 3513 Chippendale Trail. Greensboro. NC 27406 

limmy Algernon Wilson Route 1. Box 607. Ridgeway. VA 24148 

Landon Thome Wilson 8937 Colesbury Place. Fairtax. VA 22031 

Laura Gladys Wilson PO Box 1683. Pinehursl. NC 28374 

Mary Louise T Wilson 442 Woodmere. Neptune. Nl 07753 

Michael Edward Wilson PO Box 219 Indian Trail, NC 28079 

Robert Wayne Wilson 605 St Louis Ave . Pt Pleasant Beach. Nl 0874 

Susan Marie Wilson Rt 8. Box 196. Burlington. NC 27215 

Suzanne Adams Wilson PO Box 219. Indian Trail. NC 28079 

Taylor Lynn Wilson Rt 1. Box 347C. Burlington. NC 27215 

Victor Craig Wiison 2408 Fernbrook, Greensboro, NC 27405 

Amos Aaron Wiison, Ir, 5801 Craig Road, Durham, NC 27712 

Katrina Hilliard Windsor 7025 Crescent Rd , Whitsett, NC 27377 

Stephen Brown Winfield 4112 Beverly, Rockville, MD 20853 

lames A Winn Box 50, Alberta, VA 23821 

Linda Lee Winsloti 536 West Riverview Drive, Suliolk. VA 23434 

William Allen Winston 1018 Pepper Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226 

Walter Stewart Wintermute 1103 North Duke Street, Durham, NC 27701 

Kevin Mark Winterslein 2211 Canterbury Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

David Charles Winlringham 4416 DelRay Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

Gary Lee Wirl 4957 Erskine Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

Mary Elizabeth Wirth 1413 Claxton Road, Richmond, VA 23233 

Maurice Dion Withers PO Box 23, Pine Hall, NC 27042 

leffrey Louis Witherspoon Route 2, Box 389 A, Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Tara Lynne Witten 4115 Talcott Drive, Durham, NC 27705 

lerome Louis Wojciechowski PO Box 4781, High Point, NC 27263 

Kristin Susan Woller PO Box 1036, Wendell, NC 27591 

Scott David Wolter PO Box 1036, Wendell, NC 27591 

Barbara lean Womble 520 Rosalie Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

lohn Mark Wood PO Box 624, Martin Street, Elon College, NC 27244 

Lori Ann Wood Roule 6, Boi 230, Mebane, NC 27302 

Michael Shane Wood 954 Selma Blvd , Staunton, VA 24401 

William Edward Wood 3622 Fairlane Rd , High Point, NC 27260 

lanet Louise Woodard 1564 Lee Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32303 

Thornton Easley Wooding 109 Rolling Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Gregory Douglas Woodle 9407 Pineblult Drive, Richmond, VA 23229 

David Whalen Woodley 7004 Holyrood Drive, McLean, VA 22101 

lames Kelly Woodruff 3515 Cardwell Drive, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

Thomas Lynn Woodruff 3515 Cardwell Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Elizabeth Foster Woods Rt 1, Box 166 A, Ruther Glen, VA 22546 

Blair Gibson Woody Birnam Wood, Danville, VA 24541 

Waller Cecil Worsley 7300 N. Porcher Ave., Windwood Apts nl. Myrtle Beach, SC 


Donald Ashe Worsley II Boi 446. Elizabelhtown. NC 28336 

Mie Ann Worst 5701 Ponca Road. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Forrest lames Wrenn III 201 Ivey Road, Graham, NC 27253 

Catherine Diane Wright 5100 Inverness Drive, Durham, NC 27712 

Charlene Susan Wright PO Box 1064, Burlington, NC 27215 

Cynthia Ann Wright 510 Virginia Avenue, Chase City, VA 23924 

Gregory Alan Wright 3004 Twin Lakes Drive, Greensboro, NC 27407 

Karl loseph Wright PO Box 847, Elon College, NC 27244 

Michael Thomas Wright 3901 Matoaka Road, Suliolk, VA 23434 

lane Moore Wrightenberry Route 4, Box 465, Mebane, NC 27302 

Anne Sheridan Wyalt 1218 Clearheld Cir, Lutherville, MO 21093 

Donna Lee Wylie 2220 Hope Mills Road. Fayetteville, NC 23304 

Susan Caraway Yarbrough PO Box 24, Milton, NC 27305 

Deborah Renee Yates 409 North Second SI , Mebane, NC 27302 

Linda Denise Yeaman Route 7, Box 62, Danville, VA 24540 

lason Rueben Yealts 2521 Rochelle St , Durham, NC 27703 

George Edward Yelverton 13961 Whitechapel Road, Midlothian. VA 23113 

Stephen Craig York 805 Woodard Drive, Whitsett, NC 27377 

Clinton Wayne York. Ir. 1518 Melody Lane. Burlington. NC 27215 

Gayla Ann Youmans 1829 Andrews Farm Road. Whitsett. NC 27377 

Delisa Ann Young 6101 Harmon Place, Springfield, VA 22152 

Karen Ann Young 1527 Regency Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Phyllis Young 301 East Haggard Avenue, Elon College, NC 27244 

Richard Henry Young 4825 Commercial Plaza, Apt 89 B, Winston Salem, NC 27104 

Sheia Lynn Young 824 3RD Ave West, Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Terrie lean Young 1220 B Middle Neck Dr , Brookridge II Townhouses. Salisbury, MO 


Cabell Young II 565 Glovema St , Eden, NC 27288 

Elizabeth Anne Younger 407 Eugene Streel, Box 3413, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

Darryl lames Ysteboe 131 Random Lane, Burhnglon. NC 27215 

Steve Zang 414 Courtland Drive. Alamance. NC 27244 

Aida Apkar Zarzar 409 Collmwood Drive. Burlington. NC 27215 

Melanie Lynn Zeller 1237 Northwood Road. Jacksonville, FL 32207 

Oscar loseph Zeller, Ir, 937 Saratoga Road, lacksonville, FL 32207 

Phyllis loanne Zimmerman Rt. 4. Box 342. Burlington. NC 27215 

Margaret lane Zmt 100 W Laramie CI . Mebane, NC 27302 

Lois 0, Zugay 234 Collmwood Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 


TEXTILES: People, Products, Progress. 

M(»« than 65.000 employees, at over 100 locations around the g^obe, 

make Burlington tick. We're proud of these employees and their 
contributions to the conqMuiy and to the communities where they live. 

Burlington Industries, Inc. 

Local Operations: Burlington Houta Finishing Plant, Burlington Transportation, 
Graham Plant, Pioneer Plant I, Pioneer Plant II, Purchasing Services Division, 
Williamsburg Plant, Bur-Mil Public Retail Outlet. 


John's Restaurant 


Breakfast — Lunch — Dinner 

• Sandwiches • Barbecue 
• Steaks • Seafood 


Mon.-Sat. 5:30 AM-8 PM 
614 W. Harden St. - Graham 


Northwestern Bank 

Ibu're why weYe here. 

Three Convenient Locations 

244 West Davis Street 
1909 North Church Street 
1700 South Church Street 




ALMOST ..." 

• Carpet Cleaning Equipment 

• Sick Room Supplies 
Typewriters • Carpenter Tools 

• Party Supplies • Plumber 
Tools • Yard & Garden 

Tools • Log Splitter 


2102 S. Church St. 


The Sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Lisa Blacltwell 

Ellen Holland 

Daria Bray 

Beth Hungerford 

Kim Barrett 

Deborah Jones 

Patti Brodie 

Julie Jones Lyons 

Celeste Boyd ^ 

,,, Julie McGhee 

Reacca Bowling jfjfl 

1 Janine Meding 

April Buck 4H 

1 Cyndi Lawson ^J 
1 Cindi Northington "^ 

Irish Byrd IHI 

ArJene Caine Mfl 

1 Sandra Perry 

Sandy Coyle JMk 

Kathy Ray y_^ 
■^ Laura Reich "^"^ 

Kathy Collier w^ 

Kim Daniel 

Molly Sim 

Beth Davis 

Caryl Smith 

Kim Dorsett 

Maureen Sweeney 

Andy Elliot 

Debra Taylor 

Virginia Evans 

Angle Rakes 

Suzy Folf 

Mindi Truitt 

Gwynne Gibbs 

Megan Walsh 

Jenny Gardner 

Pat Warren 

Lydia Grace 

Wendy Warren 
Mary Watson \^ 

Karen Drake 

Ginger Gravitte 

Terrie Young 

Anne Hartsoe 

Bill Hall - Sweetheart 

Elaine Hamilton 

Dr. Mary Brittian — Advisor 

Robin Herbin 


Compliments of 
Burlington Coin 
Machines Inc. 

205 Archer St. 

Burlington, NC 


For the Finest in 

Coin Operated Video 

Games & Music 


Your Happy Shopping 

Burlington and Alamance 

County's Leading 
Fashion Department Store 



Compliments of 


142 Graham-Hopedale Rd. — Burlington, N.C. 

Phone 227-7438 


1-85 & Haw River Exit At T.C.A. 
Phone 578-3700 


Crossdale Shopping Center 

Durham, North Carolina 





"The People 


Here To Please You 

Food Service To Fit Your Needs 
Office Phone - 584-1140 

Support Your Local Chef 


Your One-Stop 
Gift Shop 

When you're looking for a gift, look to us. We 
have Hallmark music boxes, albums and 
stationery for her . . . puzzles, pens and desk sets 
for him . . . books and toys for the kids . . . and 
cards and beautiful gift wraps for every gift and 
every occasion. Because when it comes to gifts, 
Hallmark thinks of everything. 

Fran's Hallmark w 

"When You Care Enough To Send 
The Verv Best" 

Jewel Box 

Fine Jewelers Since 1922 

Expert Watch and Jewelry 



Custom Designing 


Company Shops Mall 
Phone: 226-0297 

Holly Hill Mall 
Phone: 584-9868 




Congratulations Elon 


Elon's Varsity Grill 

Mgr. Fannie Jean Gant 



g* t Lan Iraurwica Caji 




^ Federal 

Savings and Loan Association 

708 South Church Street • 166 Huttman Mill Road • 257 South Groham-Hopedale Road 

Burlington, N,C 

Community Federal Is People Like You! 



Burlington, N.C. 27215 

525 S. Church St. 

Phones: 227-2754 227-0070 

Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. 




Fresh Cut Flowers • Plants • Silk Arrangements 

Weddings • Banquets • Funerals 

Balloon Bouquets 


holli hill floriM, ine. 


171 Holly Hill Mall 
Burlington, N.C. 27215 

Phone 584-5752 




For All Your Plant & Floral Needs 




Plant Leasing 

Maerame Supplies 

Unusual Staff 


116 Bland Blvd., Burlington, N.C. 

M/C Visa 

Lisa Aberncthy 

Lisa Lowe 

Jan Azzerilli 

Missy Mann 

Jackie Boone 

Susan Marchman 

Laura Broome 

Susan McGcehan 

Melinda Brown 

Janie McMillan 

Jennv Bruno 



Lisa Miclaud 

Cindy Cline 


Lisa Murdock 

Beth Cogan 


Twila Nave 

Lisa Colman 

Cheryl Pate 

Denise Cummings 

Sheena Penn 

Jill Davis 

Lavane Pinkie 

Dawn Derby 

Fran Rabil 

Susan Durman 

Billie Jean Richards 

Marsha Farrar 

Pam Sclley 

Martha Frye 

Chelsa Troxler 

Pam Gaddis 

Susan Waff 

Shari Gorham 

Beth Water field 

Donna Harrell 

Kathy Wcems 

Barbie Hess 

Betsy White 

Sue Hoggard 

Susan White 

Missy Jones 

Kristan Woltcr 
Barbara Womble 

Julie Jordan 

Marinda Looney 

Betsy Woods 

The Sisters oj 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Introducing the Sisters 
of Phi Mu 

A Special Thanks To Our Advertisers 

Without your support, 
this book would uot be possible 


> ■-vi>' 

1982 Phi Psi Cli 

Editor - Maureen Sweeney 

Business Manager - Ben Terrell 

Copy - Martha Fischer 

Organizations - Scott (capt.) Duane 

Beth Gallo 

Robin Keller 

Roger March 

Mary Claire Sawyer 

Ashley Taylor 

Peggy Zint 

Photography . . . 

Scott Martin 

Craig York 

Chris Fish 

Trip Owen 

Nadar Hamidipour 

The theme of the 1983 Phi Psi Cli was making our mark. The book was printed by Delmar Printing Co. in Charlotte. N.C. Thank you to Hunt Ware 
of Max Ward. Delmar Studios, special thanks to Dr. Mary Brittin. and Bill Clark. Our appreciation also to the administration and faculty for their un 
derstanding during deadlines. 


Making Our Mark