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■';:i,;v?',:}iM:;ihiPsiCii,: ■ 

;'7'p (j -A ■'>,^')'V'/,.; :7:v- >^/^;' ;0' ^ '''^ -'- ' ■ ' ' 

■• r '' .,. J y.^W( 


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in 2009 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

United Together 
And Forever 


Student Life . . . 

Small puppy brings big smiles to Elon students. 

Even the Fightin' Christian likes our band. 

2 Student Life 

Many students have licenses that display the pride at Elon 

Getting a little crazy now and then happens to the best of us. 

Kelly Caulfield expands her horizons at a book sale. 

Student Life 3 

. . . Better Than Ever 

Right The fountain — Elon's pride and joy. Above: Jim Bush actually getting some worl< done. 









Mindy Schneeberger and Lara Lee Marshall say CHEESE! 

Students enjoy a Saturday football game in the rain. 

4 Student Life 


^' ' 







yk. ♦ 



Bamey-Billy-Fred, the campus pet 

At least someone gets mail around here. 


Student Life vjfsj^j 

Wicked West 

West Residence Hall allowed the Residence Hall Association and Student Union Board to feature 
something new this year — WICKED WEST. West dormitory was transformed into a haunted house 
that was fun and spooky. While people were inside screaming, others came out shaken up. On the way 
up the stairs, people would jump out at you. On the third floor, they featured an operating table 
prepared for patients. When it was all over, everyone was able to go to the second floor to have 
refreshments and bob for apples. All had fun! 

Students took time out of their busy schedules to make creepy decorations to hang around the 
haunted house. Some found spooky masks, while others hung a sign displaying what was to come. 

6 Student Lii 

Left Is it the Wild West or Wicked West? 




t ■" 1 

^H^ "^^^ ^^^^M 









Far Left Scared out of her skin, this student decides to scare 

Tina Mashburn invites all who dare to enter the haunted house of 
j^ West Hall. 

Student Life 7 

Homecoming 1989 

Jacquelyn Walker, a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, represented her sorority in the 
queen competition. Jacquelyn, a senior from Matthews, NC, was named Homecoming 
Queen 1989 during half-time festivities at the football game. 

First runner-up was Susan Koser representing Kappa Sigma. Susan is a junior from 
Gaithersburg, MD, and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. 

Sheri Qeer, a member and representative of Alpha Sigma Alpha, was third runner-up. 
Sheri is a senior from Monroe, NC. 

Eleanor Finger was fourth runner-up representing Kappa Alpha. A member of Zeta 
Tau Alpha, she is a senior from Charlottesville, VA. 

The queen competition was based on results in the skit, carnival and float events, 
plus a campus-wide vote. 

Above: Eleanor Finger, Kappa Alpha representative, was escorted by 
Michael Schnackel and received fourth runner-up. 

Left Julie Perry, Sigma Phi Epsilon representative receives roses as 
she discovers she placed first runner-up. Julie «/as escorted by Jeff 

Jacquelyn Walker. 1989 queen, gets crowned 
by 1988 queen. Molly Edmonson. Edmonson 
is also a member of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority. 
Steve Higgins looks on with a smile. 

8 Student Ufe 

Bridget Murray of Alpha Sigma Alpha has a great time and permanent grin at 
the game. 

Fans have fun while watching the football game. 

Clpper Picture: Cheerleaders get the crowd going during the parade. 

Student Life 9 

Heroic Theme 

"Heroes" was the theme for Elon's Homecoming 1989. Many alumni returned to 
campus during the weekend, excited to see old friends and "Ole Elon. " And homecom- 
ing also marked the first win of the season for the Fightin' Christian football team as 
they defeated Gardner Webb. 

The heroes theme brought out many inspiring thoughts and dreams to the or- 
ganizations that participated. 

Organizations selected heroes that ranged from astronauts to mailmen to parents 
and children. Some organizations even picked super heroes, mascots, and famous 

This theme allowed all to feel and know anyone can become a hero, as long as you 

Could this masked man be David Atkins, Assistant Dean of Student 

Cheerleaders display Elon spirit 

"Tackle those guys. Go, Fightin' Christians." 

10 Student Ufe 


Above Left Alpha Kappa Lambda has high hopes of getting a 
house in the future. 

Left Kappa Alphas salute the American flag during the skit com- 

Student Life 1 1 

It s a Family Affair 

Parents Weekend was on September 29, 30, and October 1 . This Parents Weekend 
was different from any other. Elon had a Southern pig pickin' instead of the dance at the 
Burlington Country Club. It was a success. Many families had a good time together 
eating, drinking, and getting old-time photos taken. 

Parents still had the opportunity to walk around campus, look at the sculpture exhibit, 
and meet with professors. 

The talent show was the highlight of the weekend for many parents and children. The 
emcee was comical and the acts entertaining. 


A family enjoys the pig picl^n' at The Lodge. 

The Muskus family gets a taste of old-time life 
during Parents Weekend. 

Students dance the night away while parents 
look on. 

1 2 Student Ufe 

Families stand in line getting ready and awaiting the old-time photos. 



W <3m 



* " -^ -■ 1 





^ ^ 


^B ^m 

.r^ ■ ■ 

This family finds amusement in dressing up like the old days. 

The whole family enjoys a meal together. 

Student Ufe 13 

A Pause That Refreshes 

College Coffee is an event that happens every Thursday morning between 9:30 and 
1 0:00. This time enables students, faculty, administration, and staff to spend time with one 

Maureen Dougherty, Director of Student Activities, is in charge of College Coffee. She 
says that it is more developed this year. The coffees are "more programmatic" since most 
deal with a theme — such as, international, study abroad, blood drives, and political. Ac- 
cording to Dougherty, they "take themes that have a national, local, and college concern." 

People should look forward to these coffees since they are a great way to spend time out 
of the classroom. 



Sitting around the fountain is 
a typical scene during Col- 
lege Coffee. 

^••^ --^r ][■■; ': 
:'0m ■_ ^ JLj lit 

^ H^ 

■i.^^ ..-^-^M^^^^^^ 





Mindy, Lara Lee, and Tara enjoy hot chocolate, coke, and a 
chance to say hello. 

Left A quick break between classes Thursday morning is always 

14 Student Life 

Students are brave and sign up to give blood for an ROTC blood drive. 

Dr. McClearn talks shop with students. 

Checking out the scene. 

International College Coffee brought a variety of breakfast treats for students and faculty to sample 

Student Life 15 

Happy Holidays from Elon 

Every holiday season is started out with the luminaries in front of Alamance. This tree 
and sidewalk lighting attracts both Elon students and the community. 

ROTC sets up the luminaries every year, showing the Christmas spirit, so everyone 
can enjoy this night at Elon. 

This year WGH Piedmont aired the event on the 1 1 :00 p.m. show. The Rev. Richard 
McBride led the audience in song while musicians played. Carols were sung by the 
audience and hot chocolate was served to warm everyone up. 

Mark Pruett begins the afternoon by setting up the luminaries fo 
"Christmas at Elon." 

Left Carolers join In the holiday spirit by singing their "fa, la, las.' 

Setting the mood, these musicians played a 
wide variety of holiday music. Although it was 
cold, everyone kept their spirits high. 

16 Student Life 

The Christmas holiday is displayed through lighting of candles, secret santas, and children enjoying 
the magic of it all. 

Drinking hot chocolate, singing, and being with friends are what the season is all about 

The Rev. Richard McBride leads the participants in the festivities. 

Student Life 17 

Octoberfest at its Best 

Octoberfest was held on Oct. 7 at the Fine Arts Patio. It was a time to get a team 
together to compete for the various prizes and have fun doing it. 

The Wacky IMs finished first and received a $300 gift certificate to split between the 
six of them. They were Darren Lavin, Dawn Pearson, Will Monahan, Sean Convoy, Kevin 
Christmas, and Barkue Tubman. 

Y' Alright team received a $75 gift certificate to The Cutting Board for placing second. 
That team consisted of Bob Moran, Ed Boswell, John Delaney, Jim Morran, Burt Re- 
pine, and Gray West. 

In third place was the Honorable Six who received a $35 gift certificate to The Back 
Door. They were Kevin Barton, John Hoover, John Henwood, Toby Drysdale, Erik 
Townsend, and Dan Eastwood. 

Maureen Dougherty shows her wild side. 
Left A true taste of Octoberfest 

One team gathers together to plot their 
strategy for the next event 

Two Student Union Board officials tally the 
scores and call them into WSOE which 
broadcast Octoberfest over the air. 

18 Student Life 

f\^ ^ Stof^ 

Student Ufe 19 


Elon's Fine Arts Center has been growing ever since its beginning in 1987. The building has 
made it possible for Elon to host a variety of cultural events. These events range from student 
productions to speakers that the Liberal Arts Forum sponsors. 

Elon's Fine Arts building is "home " for the Music, Communication, and Drama departments. 

The music students are able to get away and work in the practice rooms while communica- 
tion students use the television production studio. 

Both departments have played host to a number of productions. This fall, South Pacific was 
featured by drama students and the Art Department. Communication students direct shows 
ranging from open forums on controversial topics to the College Bowl. 

The building gives students the chance to work in all the art styles from paint to clay to voice 
and video. The Fine Arts Center strives to offer a diverse mix of the arts to Elon students, faculty, 
and the surrounding community. 

Peter Burtchell from the Cousteau Society was one of the 
many speakers the Liberal Arts Forum brought to 

i/^m* ^^1 

*^> ^^1 




c IJ^^^^^^^^I 



W ■ ^ 



■ ^ 




*^' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Above: The Emmanons. with Mike Lewis directing, do some practicing. Left Leonard Rowe sings his heart out for a 
first place win during the talent show. 


John McCutcheon (above) a folk singer joins 
Elon's cultural calender for a second year in a 
row. Left The Chestnut Brass Ensemble enter- 
tains students during their fall performance. 

Arts 21 


The Fine Arts building has been a showcase for local artists and students alike. The Tri-State 
Sculptures Exhibition was displayed this year during most of the fall. 

This collection of works from sculptures in Morth Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia 
showed a wide variety of techniques, styles, materials, and ideas, according to Mike Sanford. 
Mike Sanford is both an exhibition coordinator and art professor at Elon. 

Also in the fall, a student art show was held at Baxter House. This sparked an over-whelming 
student interest with over 200 entries. Kirsten Stump along with Michael Gaffigan helped to 
make this student show possible. Students plan to have more shows like this one in the near 

The Fine Arts Center has a bright future ahead with the new and intense interest in art among 
students and others alike. 





?"*=— . 



Mm ^ 


ORPHIC DREAM by William McCullough is a sculpture students and faculty voted on to be displayed 
permanently in front of the Fine Arts building. 

COKE TALES, by Hunter Levinsohin, was one of the popular sculptures 
here during the exhibit 

22 Arts 

>f^M^ li^tc/U/pt 

A student admires and studies a 
fiber exhibit in the Isabella 
Cannon Room. Cannon's room 
was one of the places that we 
could catch a glimpse of the dif- 
ferent artists' work. 

Many students were not sure 
what to make of this piece of art. 
This was displayed in one of the 
main corridors and is entitled 
THE OFFERING, by Richard 

A sculpture with a powerful message . . . MATERNAL WOMAN AS THE AMAZON FOREST WITH HER DESTRUCTIVE 
CHILD — MANKIND, a statement about the environment today. This work was also with the Tri-State Sculpture series by 
MA Johnson. 

Arts 23 

f"Xfvt^^Vf^ \OiA<£dti. 

Hc^ t^Ai^ fhXcU t^ Cut 

Clockwise: Mike Lawlor, a music major is just going with the rhythm. Harper l_ake is always a 
soothing sight when looking from the Fine Arts Center. Beth works diligently to get her ceramics 
project to its perfect finish. 

The arts at Elon are becoming more vibrant every year. 
Tine various programs offered fiave expanded due to a larger 
enrollment and more student interest and involvement. 

New additions to the building include, an organ to the 
main auditorium and ORPHIC DREAM sculpture to the 
front of the building. 

Elon's constant strive for excellence is apparent on the 
walls and in the air of the Fine Aits Center. 

24 Arts 





M Bto 



When students have a big exam or a project due — where do they go to study and get their 
work done? After getting any needed information from the library, most students decide to go 
back to their rooms. "I've got everything I need right there, " stated one student. Some other 
study spots around Elon's campus are; the library (the main floor for "social" studying and the 
basement for "serious" studying), second floor Alamance, the lounges around campus, and 
even the soundproof rooms in the Fine Arts Center and WSOE (Elon's radio station). If you've 
got that term paper to write or that major exam to study for, the best thing to do is lock yourself in 
your room, make some coffee, and unplug the telephone. Sometimes this is the only way you 
can get your work done! 

In his "home away from home" Scott McElroy takes a 
study break to play a little bit on his guitar. His musical 
taste is displayed on his walls. 

"What's the quadratic equation?" Guy Gemmill pours over his math homework in hopes of getting a good grade. 

26 Academics 


Leah Beth Qingerich takes a few minutes be- 
tween classes to look over her notes In the 
commuter lounge in Long Student Center. 
This lounge offers off-campus students a place 
to relax and grab a cup of coffee. 

George Rainey finds some peace and quiet on 
the banister at Hook Residence Hall. Decked 
out in his tye-dye shirt and shoeless, Rainey 
displays a true Elon scene. In this relaxed posi- 
tion, Rainey seems absorbed in his reading 

"1 like to Study best in my room," 
lys Ted Atwell. "Now that I live in an 
)artment off campus, 1 still study in 
ly room. 1 put some headphones on 
id start reading." 

Academics 27 


Elon prides itself on dedication to excellence. The diverse faculty and student body make 
Elon special. The faculties' dedication and interest in students are aspects of Elon's academics 
that sets it apart from other schools. The ability to know the professors helps students to com- 
municate with their professors more. 

One program, still fairly new at Elon, is the Elon Teaching Fellows. And this year the Leader- 
ship Fellows was added. This program strives to draw students with strong leadership skills to 
Elon's campus. Elon's continuing growth, positive outlook, and dedication among students and 
faculty will bring the college into the nineties with great potential for the future. 

Studying by the fountain can be a great way to gather 
one's thoughts. 

Jill Hall immersed in books, works hard to get all the facts 

Many students find that getting together in study groups is a good way to toss around new ideas. Some students prefer °*" °" paper, 
"study buddies " while others prefer studying alone. 

28 Academics 


Am^ 0^ 

bove: "The times they are a changin ..." and Bob Dylan wasn't kidding. Today It's not surprising to see a student glued 
1 front of a computer in his room. Right: Students can watch helpful movies or a comedy In the Learning Resources 

you need help in math, biology, English, or Spanish 
udents can head to the LRC for tutoring help. 

Academics 29 

N^t J wit N^tc 

College academics Is not just notebooks and pens ... it includes, among other things, lab 
work, internships, study abroad, and tutoring in the Learning Resources Center. 

Elon offers internships in all majors which can include television and radio stations, museums 
and parks, and on-campus work study. 

The LRC, the writing center, and Career Services are all places students can go to get some 
extra help or some advice with papers, projects, or finding the right job. 

Elon also offers Job Fairs throughout the year. These fairs allow students to get a jump on 
interviewing, have resumes finished, and meet with companies that pertain to their field. 

Computer labs are readily available to Elon students, and they are located in Alamance and 
Mooney buildings. Each lab boasts more than 30 computers. 

There are a number of ways that students can get ahead at Elon since there are many op- 
portunities available to them. The education we are receiving at Elon will help us greatly when we 
are ready to tackle the "real world." 

Communications majors have the chance to "study" on 
state of the art equipment 

Above: Dawn Southard and Chris Creasy are working hard and having fun developing their film in the Duke building 
photography lab. Right Both non-traditional and traditional students work side by side in classes. Here. Becky Bowling 
and Al Riddick listen to their professor. 

30 Academics 

\f4}^lL/l Mxd- Pc4^ 

Above: Relaxing in front of the fountain with a friend is definitely a refresher. Below: If 
your roommate has the music too loud, the hallway can be a quiet haven, but for how 

Studying outside of Long Student Center on a nice day is always a favorite 

Academics 31 

32 Study-Travel 

T^ SwVCJ^tM^ C^^di/iAJi/i^Ct 


From London to the rest of Europe, traveling 
abroad is the way to go. Either going for a semester 
or just for winter term, England is a fantastic way to 
see everything. The groups travelled to Dover, Ox- 
ford, Stonehenge, Stratford-CJpon-Avon, and the 
Roman Baths. Other countries included Scotland 
and Holland. 

The semester in England involves a lot more trav- 
elling — one can go to Paris, Munich, Barcelona, 
Rome, Athens, and even Berlin. Many fall semester 
students flew to Berlin and got a piece of the Berlin 
Wall — Gina Finelli says, "it was incredible, to be 
able to be there exactly one month after the wall first 
was cracked . . . what joy and spirit we all felt that day 
we became part of history as we chipped pieces off 
the wall." 

There is so much to do and see in Europe, no one 
should let this opportunity of a semester or winter 
term fly by them. 

Above: What a thrill, the Queen of England rides by Elon students on her way to Parliament Below: 
Picadilly Circus is a fun part of town with lots of things to do. 

r. Tom Arcaro experiences history as he chips away at the Berlin Wall 

ctoix Qoi/i oi^ tl^ Ko^ 


When 1 6 Elon students headed to Costa Rica with 
Dr. Chalmers Brumbaugh, a political science pro- 
fessor, and Dr. Ernest Lunsford, a Spanish profes- 
sor, they never realized they were embarking on a 
fantastic trip. This group was in Costa Rica during 
it's Presidential Campaign. The group was able to 
take part in briefings at the Costa Rican Foreign Min- 
istry and U.S. Embassy. The students attended 
classes and were able to hear outside speakers. The 
group also got to take in the San Jose night life, daily 
excursions, a mountain trip, and the Caribbean 
coast. These students also had the pleasure in 
spending a month living with Cosa Rican families. 

Five students cover themselves in mud during a Cahuita beach trip in ^ 
Costa Rica. »-- 


Above and Below: Elon Habitaters hard at worl< and play! 


Habitat for Humanity has steadily grown in the last 
few years. This year Rev. McBride along with Beth 
Lyons took 1 1 students on a working trip to South Car- 
olina and Americus Georgia. The group worked well 
together, learning to trust each other and enjoy the 
work they were doing. Before the trip was over, they 
called themselves the "Habitat Bunch." Motto: The 
Theology of The Hammer." 

kbove: The Costa Rica crew on the balcony of the National Museum, which used to be an army barracl<. Below: "Mountain Voices." Dr. 
lood. Lew Stringer, Brov/nie Edison, Jennifer Gross, Gary Sharp and Morry Owen hold class at Satan's Pass in the Blue Ridge 


One of the newest pro- 
grams Elon offers in the 
study-travel is a trip to 
Hawaii. The group of 12 
students and Dr. Rao and 
Dr. Sissom, both biology 
professors, went to Laie, 
Hawaii. The students got to 
tai<e part in biology seminars 
and also learned a lot about 
the Polynesian culture. They 
visited the Waikiki aquarium 
and Pearl Harbor. Some 
students also went on day 
hikes in the Wai Mea Falls 


During the first summer session, Dr. Hood and 1 1 
students lived in a lodge at the Blue Ridge mountains and 
worked w/ith the (J.S. Forest Service. They cleared trails 
and built shelters for handicapped access. Dr. Hood had 
his students study Appalachian culture. The group shared 
ideas while Dr. Hood shared his ability to play music. Ac- 
cording to Dr. Hood, "... There was a connection be- 
tween the students and what they studied that couldn't 
have come without the work, without getting their hands 

Above: A waterfall at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Below: Noelle Withers and Karen 
Hoffman peek out of a grass hut in Hawaii. 

■r ;itvv4i'i&i,i' 


^^xACip^ Y>^ Vt^^-ct 


This year Elon's jazz ensemble, The Emanons, went 
to Russia to perform and tour with Dr. Lennis and Pres- 
ident Fred Young. The group toured in Prague, Len- 
ingrad. Kiev, and Czechosiovai<ia. Band member Mil<e 
Foster says, "Although we were in a communist 
country so far from home, it's amazing to see that the 
way people relate to each other is generally the same. " 

Elon student Rob Hughes and Elon professor Ernest 
Lunsford. were two of 20 people from horth Carolina to 
take part in the program US-(JSSR Bridges for Peace, 
during the fall semester. They traveled to Moscow and 
other cities, talking and meeting with Soviets. 

On May 19,1 990 — Dr. David Crowe will be taking a 
group to Russia and Hungary for approximately one 

Right A beautiful shot of a soviet street 

Above: Left, Soviet clergy take time out to pose for this shot. Right, /> 
Soviet wedding is a wonderful sight. Left; A side-street mari<et ir 
Russia is an interesting place to go. 

Climbing to the Top 


Organizations 37 


WSOE, 89.3 on the FM dial, Elon's radio 
station. WSOE reaches approximately 
8000 folks in a 25-miles radius. Such 
things that appear on this station are news, 
service announcements, open forums, and 
of course — music! 

"If it weren't for college radio stations like 
WSOE, such bands as REM and the Psyche- 
delic Furs wouldn't be as popular as they 
are today," says one fan. Station manager is 
Ben Kaiser. 


Colonnades is Elon's literary magazine. 
Throughout the year. Colonnades receives 
submissions from faculty, staff, and 
students including fiction, poems, photog- 
raphy and art. Prizes are awarded for each 
category for first, second, and third place. 
Honorable mentions are also give to good 
pieces of work that didn't place. Colonnades 
is the creative outlet for artists of all kinds. 
The editor-in-chief is Mindy Schneeberger. 


Ben Kaiser. Rick Snyder, Kristen Meyer. Kristin Blass, Stephen Loy, Jimmy Farrell, Elvira Secl<er, Susan Bunnell, Cyndi 
Pinelli, Jeremy Mewcomb, Tara Murphy. Bill Hassell, Bill Tupling. Rich Thomas, Doug Smith, Scott Athen, David Caton. 
Steve Grubb. Lance Stewart, Chris Gaynard. 

Steve Davis, Trevor Oxenham, Nick Whiting, Meredith Hoffman. Wilma Dixon. Rosemary Haskell (advisor) 
Marshall, April Caraft, Karen Slotke, Chandra Crawford, Kim Beane. Mindy Schneeberger. 

Lara Lee 

38 Organizations 

Aeg Yost Felicia Massey (adviser), Marie Milliken, Cathy Miller, Linda Adamson, Katie Holmes, Katie Mafko, Scott 

Phi Psi Cli 

Phi Psi Cli is Elon's yearbook. The year- 
book staff works hard all year to take 
photos, write copy, and layout pages. The 
yearbook tries to capture as much history 
as possible into 1 92 pages. When the staff 
has a deadline to meet, which there are four 
of, you can find them tucked away in the 
Yearbook Office in Long Student Center. 
Linda Adamson is editor-in-chief of the Phi 
Psi Cli. 


The Pendulum, Elon's weekly newspaper, 
has made some changes this year. It has 
had themes or headline issues portrayed in 
most of its papers, and many of the copies 
have been 12 pages long. The staff has 
been working incredibly hard this year. 
Stories are not only provided by the staff but 
also by students in journalism classes. The 
paper's editor-in-chief is Mindy Schneeberger. 

;hip Lupo, Jason Graves, Marie Milliken, Lara Lee Marshall, Julie Barton, Michelle Rowe, Linda Adamson, Mindy 
schneeberger, Rene Mauldin, Patti Jefferies, Brad Hamm (advisor). 

Organizations 39 

Alpha Chi 

Alpha Chi is the prestigious national 
honor society of Elon College. The require- 
ments to be nominated into Alpha Chi are 
difficult, thus making it more exclusive. 
After becoming a junior and acquiring a 
3.67 grade point average, you can be nomi- 
nated and voted in by the faculty. Initiations 
are twice a year — once in the fall and once 
in the spring. 

Alpha Chi members are proposing a 
tutoring program for functionally illiterate 
adults from the Alamance Community Col- 
lege and Elon College area. They would be 
tutoring adults with reading problems. 





Joanmarie Blessington, Kris McMillan. Michele Joyce, Diane Rodden, Michieie Dirlam, Scott Oatces, Brad Cokendol- 
pher, Dathan C. Shows, Jennifer R. Lee, Nicl< Whiiting, Kattiy Burger, Valerie Owens, Karen Lalonde. 


Beta Beta Beta is a biology honor society. 
Our Sigma Mu chapter of BBB is not only a 
national honor society, but is also part of a 
professional society for undergraduates in- 
terested in biology and research. The or- 
ganizations sponsor various events 
throughout the year. 

Karen Lalonde, Julie Cozart, Herbert House, Becky Lyies, David Sissom, Stephen Davis 

40 Organizations 



Greg Zaiser, Linda Weavil. Karen Lalonde, William long 

Jennifer Muskus, Kelly Caufield, Michelle Durlam, Carol Troxler (advisor), Rene Reiliy, Susan V. Nicassio, Meredith 

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national lead- 
ership honor society that recognizes mem- 
bers of the college who attain a high 
standard of efficiency in one or more col- 
legiate activities. Each year members are 
tapped and given ribbons to wear symboliz- 
ing to others that they are going to become 
a member. This is indeed a high honor to 

Phi Alpha 

Phi Alpha Theta is the established honor 
society for those interested in history. 
Eligibility into the society includes the com- 
pletion of 12 hours of history courses with 
at least a 3.0 accumulation in these 
courses. One must also have a 3.0 grade 
point average overall. 

Phi Alpha Theta sponsored a paper con- 
test this year, with a 1 00-dollar prize for the 
best paper (ten page minimum) on a his- 
tory theme. Students, as well as faculty, are 
involved in the judging as a way to learn 
more about history through others' views. 
Phi Alpha Theta also sponsored a book sale 
this year. 

Organizations 41 


Have you noticed a certain group of 
women who spend long hours at East Gym 
Dance Studio parading around in leotards? 
They are Elon's dance ensemble called the 
Construction Company. Approximately 25 
individuals are selected from auditions held 
each semester to prepare for the two major 
performances held each academic year. 

The company, made up of student and 
guest choreographers, performs jazz, 
ballet, tap and modern dance to a variety of 
music ranging from top 40 to jazz to classi- 

Besides getting an excellent workout, 
this group of dancers display their extra- 
ordinary talents for the Elon community. 


Tara Mori, Julie Prosser, Angie Scarce, Cindy Flutz. Michelle Randall, Shannon Riley. Amy Nixon, Jane Welford. Maureen 
Byrnes, Talie Bunker, Kara Little, Leslie Kucan 



No need to audition for this singing 
group, but there is one requirement — you 
must love to sing! 

In its beginning, Elon College Gospel 
Choir competed, but now, it performs 
mainly for the fun of it with the exception of 
a few command performances. 

The choir sings gospel music while rep- 
resenting Elon at concerts in Alamance 
County, Burlington, and the area. And their 
voices have also harmonized in Maryland, 
New York, and Georgia. 

The group plans to let their voices echo 
to the depths of Florida, and it hopes to 
hold a gospel music festival at Elon for 
choirs from area colleges. 

42 Organizations 


Vanessa Hightower, Tanya Davis, Lolethia McCauley, Lisa Toomer, Cara Cassell, Francine Mason, Barkue Tubman, 
Elizabeth Tubman, Rosemary Baye, Monika Ousley, Shondra McMullen, Mae Haith, Bonita Terry. Michael Meal, Milton 
Williams, Wilma Dixon, Dawn Washington, Andrea Suber, April Crews. Rena Mauldin. Rachael Coulbourn, Karen Cain, 
Tanya Stanley, Marcus Ford, Kevin Alderman, Tracey Helton, Yolanda Hood. Antwinette Mitchell, Bianca Brock-Smith. 
Michelle Morrison, Sonya Stanley, Mark Champagne, Russell Witcher, Ted Toomer, Mike Duggins, Vernon Thompson, 
David LeGrant, Geno McCree 


For Elon's home football games, we get 
to enjoy the music of the Elon College 
Showband. Just as the people in the stands 
go crazy when we score a touchdown or get 
a field goal, the band kicks into action and 
leads us in our "fight" song. 

Participants in the regular band are auto- 
matically in the Showband. Starting at the 
Fine Arts Center to load the instruments, 
playing at the games, then hauling the equip- 
ment back to Elon are some of the duties 
the Showband must shoulder. 

For those interested but not in the reg- 
ular band, a talk with the director and an in- 
terest in having fun while participating for 
an audience is all that's required. The hours 
of practice is another aspect of the respon- 
sibilities involved, but playing fun songs like 
"Louie, Louie" makes it more enjoyable. 
Positive audience feedback encourages the 
musicians and everybody has a good time 
at the games! 

iudy Baker, Stephanie Botfeld, Scott Dudley, Christopher Duffey, Brian Firman, Andrew Haisley, Michael Lawlor, Keith 
eonard, Brian McGuire, Hannah Meurer, Lynn Mitchell, Jennifer Peer, Tammy Pentecost, Bobby Rice, Mark Sample, 
"erry Srriall, Jennifer Vann, Suzy Woods, Kevin Byrd, Erik Stegall, Frank Pugh 

Catherine Beckham, Liese Bouknight, Annette Saunders (President), Trevor Oxenham (Vice President), Jennifer 
Shrewsbury, Patricks Sutherland, John Harvison, David Wernner, Rob Whiteside, Candace Rotolo, Kim Beane, Tracy 
\bland, Lindee LeNoir, Janet New, Leonard Rowe, Chris Lawrence, Jennifer Lawery, Brian Beach, Loren Tarquinio, Ed 
^^a^sh, Brad Harris, Stephen Davis 

Alpha Psi 

The most visible part of the theatre is the 
performance, but that is only one small 
part. Alpha Psi Omega explores all aspects 
of theatre, from production design to back- 
stage work. Participants in the group do not 
have to be on stage but they must support 
the arts. Attending meetings as well as re- 
citals and productions are part of the job. 

This is the perfect chance for students to 
experiment with their talents and get val- 
uable experience under their belts. Stu- 
dent-directed one-act plays are performed 
in Whitley Auditorium from time to time. 
The chance to direct, as well as write and 
perform in these plays, teaches the 
students a lot of responsiblity. 

This group is very new but also very 
talented. Having a good time exploring their 
talents with friends and being able to ex- 
change new ideas is a large part of the arts. 

Organizations 43 


A new sorority has chartered on the Elon 
College campus — Epsilon Sigma Alpha. 
This is an international service and leader- 
ship organization that chartered in Novem- 
ber of 1989. 

This is the first year ESA opened at the 
collegiate level and Elon is the second col- 
lege to charter in North Carolina. Elon's 
chapter has the highest membership of any 
ESA chapter with 52 members making up 
the charter class. 

Anyone is welcome — no pledge period, 
since this is a learning period for all. The bi- 
laws are the first on the agenda and are 
quickly being worked out so the sorority 
can get to work on raising money for phil- 

The original founders of Epsilon Sigma 
Alpha adopted Easter Seals and St. Judes 
Hospital for the international phil- 
anthropies. Elon's chapter will be support- 
ing them as well as others. These will in- 
clude organizations such as Elon's Home 
for Children. 


The career advancing honor society, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, is comprised of the top 
businessmen and women of Elon College. 
Our chapter at Elon is associated with other 
Alpha Kappa Psi's around the nation. 

The requirements to become a member 
are: you must be a business major with at 
least a 2.5 grade point average and you 
must have completed one semester of col- 

The privileges of this honor society are 
the opportunities the students are given: to 
go on tours of companies seeing all 
aspects of working for the business; hear 
honorable speakers from top corporations; 
and becoming more acquainted with 
seasoned executives. The connections 
made and doors opened through member- 
ship with Alpha Kappa Psi prepare you for 
the real world of business. 

Liese Booknight Susan Bunnell, Michole J. Burke, Dee Dee Carowan, Kathleen A. Chambers, Pam Cohen. Deborah Ann Coleman. Debra C. Donavan, Ellen 
Ford. Stephanie Galvagna, Laura Grill, Vickie Griffin. Kelly Jo Hall, Tracie Lynn Hickman, Cherie Hubbel, Laura Kart, Khstje Kienzle, Loren Kurzweil, Lori Ann 
LeBlanc, Sharon Lilly, Amy Mabry, Susan Martjn, Michelle McMahon, Mary Mikelskasi, Allison Miller, Man Susan Molinar, Emily Murray, Mary Meill. Kelly Potter, 
Madge Revell, Kimberly Phorer, Andrea Rifle, Stacey Riley, Diane Rodden, Shen Sadowski, Tina Simmons, Anastasia Smith, Cheryl Snowden, M Chnstine 
Strickland. Stephanie TallenL Bethany Turman, Teresa Naccaroto-Valentjne. Tracey Vilardi, Diane Wiesler. Maria Wolf, Laune Wommack. Evey Wooten, 
Jennifer Wooten. Laura Wreford. Susan WnghL Marcy Zera, Charlotte Drew, Lorraine Alien (Advisor) 


44 Organizations 


Lolethia McAuley, Rosalind Garrison, Kim Smith, Sue Wright, Kathy Burger. William Drewry, Skip Moltenbrey, Scotia 
Lee, Tom Renn, Lisa Toomer, Michele Milliard. Andrea Aleksic, Melissa McMahon, Mark Shelton, Jodi Pederson. Joseph 
Moscarito, Dianne Wiesler, Amy Mabry. Emily Harmon, Morry Owen, Larissa Witt. Margie Osbourne, Mike Frame, 
Jeanne Watson, Patrick Doolan, Wendy Ferrell, Christopher Ritter 

rey Siner (President). Bobby Lynch (Vice President), Scotia Lee (Public Relations), Andrea Faulkner (Secretary/ 
reasurer). Jay Berdosh, Nellie Braxton, Ninette Bichner, Talie Bunker, Taylor Filer, Rosalind Garrison, Lisa Holleman, 
lary Kida, Lolethia McAuley, Amy Mabry, Frank Massa, Lyn Moser, Lori Motley, Cathy Neal, Drew Nutter, Tracy Pickett, 
lianne Rodden, Stacia Saddler, Jerry Sparrow, Julie Steck, Kim Stephenson, Carole Strickland, Randy Watson, Dwight 
/hite, Kevin Chorley, Rhonda Titley, Preston Robertson, Laura Zilinski 



Elon's top accounting students were 
being eliminated from the consideration 
lists right after the first of two interviews. 
They had learned just as much as students 
from other colleges and universities, so why 
the degradation of Elon's best? They had 
not been taught the correct interviewing 
procedure, according to Robert Lynch an 
accounting student. 

There are six big firms that heir ac- 
countants and other colleges and uni- 
versities accounting societies to invite their 
representatives to "sell" their firm to the 
students. (Jntil halfway through the fall of 
1989, Elon students were missing out on 
valuable information. 

The accounting majors became a society 
so they could compete and make the con- 
nections that they were previously missing. 

The society brings in pros from the field 
to find out what it's really like in the "real 
world." The office politics, the correct ques- 
tions to ask, and the correct responses are 
all very necessary techniques to learn and 
are not taught at Elon. Professors support 
the society because they, too, realize that a 
real job and on hands experience cannot be 
taught in college. 


Inc Johnson, Ryan Quinn, Kevin Hite, Joel Davis, Tony Leonard, Chalmers Brumbaugh, Russell Roach, Christine 
Bushman, Katherine Jennings, Mark Sample, Brian Allen 

The North Carolina State Legislature of 
Elon College is an educational group that 
gets to experience government and all of its 
inner workings. This state organization of 
colleges around North Carolina learn par- 
liamentary procedure and debate tech- 

NCSL keeps in contact with the North 
Carolina General Assembly. NCSL puts 
together resolutions, deals, and laws and 
takes them to the North Carolina General 
Assembly to be passed. The most recent 
law passed, with the most impact on col- 
leges, was the acceptance of condom 
machines on campuses around the state. 
This law brought much recognition to the 

NCSL is the first student-run organiza- 
tion and the first student legislature. Part of 
the privileges of belonging to such a group 
is the opportunity to meet such a wide var- 
iety of political leaders. The connections 
made and hands-on experience gained 
make this group even more special. 

Organizations 45 


Pershing Rifles is a national society. 
Although, aside from being a national 
society, Eions group is elite. The brothers 
in this military fraternity are experts in such 
things as land navigation and drill and cer- 
emony. Both men and women are able to 
pledge Pershing Rifles. 

This fraternity is a great experience since 
it promotes both scholarship and brother- 
hood support It also helps out greatly in 
training the brothers for camp and military 

Our Pershing Rifles group is very in- 
volved at Elon. They set up blood drives; do 
food drives for Meal-on-Wheels; do the 
color guard ceremony at football games; 
arrange the luminaries at Christmas time; 
participated in a drill ceremony for Elon's 
100th anniversary play; and raised the flag 
when the new Town Hall was opened. 

Jon Southworth was the Commanding 
Officer (CO.) for the year 89 and Holly Bell 
is the new CO. for the schoolyear '90. Their 
advisor is Captain Lester Coleman. 


If you are interested in boosting alcohol 
awareness concerning the health of 
students, Bacchus is the group for you! 

These students work hard all year long to 
implement programs in the residence halls 
and around the campus and community. 
Theme weeks have been established to the 
program moving: National Collegiate 
Awareness Week and Drug Awareness 

Bacchus is formating a designated driver 
organization and is working to get that pro- 
gram established and well used on 
campus. Bacchus members are making 
the Elon community more aware than they 
have been. 

Laura Kart. Rolf Watts. Jon Southworth, Tony Leonard, Chris Gallavan, George Massey, Kelly Spillane, Captain Lester 
Coleman, Holly Bell, Dave Strother, Matt Smith, Louis Poore, Russ Tieskoetter, Carl Whittle, Andy Halsey, Chris Copsey. 
Mark Pruett, Jim Shepard 

Chrissy Strickland, Christie Goodson, Gina Breuer, Erik Townsend, John Henwood, Jana Lynn Patterson, John Brophy, 
Anastasia Smith 

46 Organizations 



■hris Bowers Jim Bush, Melanie Clark. Rob Whiteside, Kim Beane, Scarlet Peachy. Chandra Crawford, Michele Scott, 
;ridqet Murray MarU BIythe. Mindy Bedaul, Liese Bouknight Tina Mashburn. John Harvinson, Michelle Randall, 
eanette Jurkie'wicz. Ben Johnson. Beth Sparling, Kelly Hughes. Mark Zolkowski, Ashley Martin. 

The Student Union Board, better known 
as SUB, is a major programming force for 
the college campus. SUB is a student oper- 
ated organization filled with exciting, fun, 
and motivated people. 

SUB held some incredible events this 
year. Who can forget hypnotist James 
Mapes; the music videos; Spring Break in 
Cozumel, Mexico; the movie "Dead Poets 
Society"; and Spring Fling '90? 

Leadin SUB this year were Jim Bush, 
president; Bridget Murray, vice president; 
Marti BIythe, secretary; Kathy Burger, trea- 
surer; Sharon Paul, contemporary music; 
Rob Whiteside, stage performances; 
Jeanette Jurkiewicz, outings and ex- 
peditions; Chris Bower, special events; 
Chuck Schultz, films and video; Mark 
Zolkowski, publicity; and Maureen Dough- 
erty, advisor. 

The events SUB sponsored this year 
have been some of Elon's best. The or- 
ganization's motto: "If it feels good, SUB 
did it" has come to life. Stay tuned until 
next year . . . 



Mice Essen, Anne Bolin, Anne Cassebaum, Alsuko Hiraoka. Barkue Tubman, Ben (Jtley, Brett Allan, Chalmers Brumbaugh. Charles 
^ass, Cheon Kim, Dana Moore, Diane Rodden, Dominic Moeestedt, Elizabeth Baker, Elizabeth Tubman, Francine Mason, Frankie 
^orrice, Gerardo Rodriquez, Gina Breuer, Greg Ladd, Harry Gunawan Liem, Heather Hoffman, Hoonqu Cho, Ijaz Akbas Jafri, Jane 
Romer. Joelle Quoirin, Kathryn Larson. Kay Villa-Garcia, Lisa Reynolds, Lisha Huang. Luis Velez, Marcos DeSouza, Maria Sanchez, Marie 
lartwright, Mard Parker, Maureen Dougherty, Matalla Reyes, Olivier Velten, Omar Ferreira, Oscar Lansen, Pam Brumbaugh. Pierre 
"Aortemousque, Richard McBride, Rita Pignatell, Robert Baxter, Roger Hermodsson, Rudy Zarzar, Sang Keum Lee, Shelly Mason, Sherri 
iadowski, Sohall Bhatti, Stefan Hager, Stephanie Galvagna, Susan Nicassio, Syed ImtJay Akbar. Victor Kida. Wonhi Synn, Marie Milliken, 
Myssa Person. Christin Fitzsimmons. Kerry Watson, Christopher Gallawin 


The International Student Association is 
comprised of American students as well as 
international students. The international 
students come from South America, Asia, 
Africa, and Europe. This group of 50 active 
members meets to discuss issues and plan 

ISA formed so the many international 
students could find a way to make the 
transition more comfortable and become 
more acquainted with their surroundings. 
Trips all over North Carolina are arranged, 
such as ski trips and cookouts. 

Activities with other international 
students around the Triad area have 
opened more opportunities for travel. 
American students are welcome to join ISA 
and learn about other countries as well as 
help plan activities. Each semester Elon 
College is treated to an international break- 
fast at College Coffee and given a chance to 
meet more students from other countries. 

Many students came to Elon because 
they had attended high school in America, 
others saw advertisements and used this 
opportunity to explore other countries and 

Organizations 47 


The Librel Arts Forum is the organization 
that is responsible for bringing us the guest 
speakers who stimulate our minds and 
open our eyes to other aspects and ideas of 

These students work very hard all year 
long. They spend hours brainstorming on 
different speakers, just as they can choose 
who will be best for Elon students. Setting 
up people for symposium conferences 
throughout the year include political figures 
like Senator Dole. 

Choosing a speaker can get very frustrat- 
ing since everyone in The Liberal Arts 
Forum has different interests and con- 
cerns, however, this enables the group to 
get a variety of speakers. Guest speakers in- 
clude environmentalists, businessmen, 
and sociologists. There is something 
offered for everyone throughout the school 


If you're a laid back person, enjoy meet- 
ing people, and do nothing but sit around 
your room on Sunday mornings — the Dis- 
cover Fellowship organization is the group 
for you. 

Discover Fellowship was established 
through the United Church of Christ lo- 
cated on Williamson Avenue across from 
Elon. Every Sunday morning there is a 
church study group that discusses various 
information and finds new topics in Re- 
ligion. On Sunday nights there is a dinner 
open for all students. 

Discover Fellowship works with Habitat 
for Humanity. Some students even par- 
ticipated in Habitat's Winter Term trip to 
Sumpter, SC and Americus, GA. 

If you are interested in joining this group 
contact Rev. Richard McBride. Beth Lyons 
is their advisor. 

Jenny Scher, Dawn Edwards, Ellen Reamy, Dan Gina English, Andrea Suber, Wilma Dixon, Bobbie Moore, Katie Mafl( 
Erin Marcey. 

Marvin Thompson, Kati Mafko, Bobbie Moore, Susan McCaffrey, Michelle Nucholls, Jennifer Jennings 

48 Organizations 


The Peace Group of Elon is an extra- 
ordinary bunch. This group helps to foster 
awareness of different issues in the world; 
for example, Nicaragua, the Oxfam for hun- 
ger, and crop walk. They also increase con- 
sciousness on special class issues and will 
work with EARTHDAY/EARTHWEEK 1990 
on April 1 6-22. 

As a group. Peace Group has speakers 
come to campus, has presentations to in- 
crease student awareness, and has a fast- 
ing period during Thanksgiving. 

Joining this group is quite simple. All you 
need is a lot of enthusiasm and an interest 
in developing awareness in yourself and 
other students and faculty. 

n Adams, Caria Minneli, Jim Pickens (Advisor) Tam Artiglerle, Wendy Iscison, Kati Mafko, Cess, Crystal Lake, Anne 

■n Beane, Liese Bouknight, Jennifer Clancy, Todd Coleman, April Craft. John Denning, Michael Dixon, Rachel 
posito, Lisa Helms, Yoland Hood, Jennifer Lowery, Kris McClure. Allison Miller, Norman Newburn, Mark Prescott, 
vin Shytle, Allison Smith, Heather Sweezy, Ashley Wade 




The Freshman Teaching Fellows have it 
a lot harder than the typical freshman. They 
not only have to deal with being away from 
home, roommates, and college life — but 
also the extra hard classes and hours re- 
quired to complete the Teaching Fellows' 
first year. 

These men and women will go on to be- 
come a teacher in the state of North Car- 
olina for at least four years of their lives. This 
does not seem to be such a hard bargain 
for a full ride at Elon. During their college 
life here, the Teaching Fellows are able to 
travel to London for a semester, tutor 
others, and work at a local Elementary 
school. This experience enables the Teach- 
ing Fellows to become well-rounded and 
experienced in their field of study. 

Organizations 49 

Teaching Fellows 

Who are the students wearing the black 
sweatshirts with huge green ETF letters? They 
are the Elon Teaching Fellows. In the program's 
second year at Elon, these students come here 
on full paid state supported education scholar- 
ships for four years. 

Trips to educational institutions, such as The 
School of AAath and Science are some of the 
activities of a teaching fellow. Most sopho- 
mores in this program will go to London in the 
spring semester to have chance at studying 

Summer requirements for second year 
students are to attend one of the many work- 
shops or go on a trip that will be both edu- 
cational and fun. These summer sessions are 
anywhere from a week to two monthis, depend- 
ing on the course. 

The Teaching Fellows are discussing tutoring 
workshops for Burlington and Alamance 
County schools, which may also go into effect 
as a requirement 

After graduation, the Teaching Fellows are 
required to teach in a North Carolina public 
school for four years as a way to "pay back" the 
state for the education they received while at 
Elon College. 


The National Broadcasting Society 
Alpha Epsilon Rho, is a Fellowship of men 
and women dedicated to performing excel- 
lence in radio and television. This new and 
growing honor society sponsors and pro- 
duces audio and visual events for Elon Col- 
lege and the community. They raise money 
for their National Philanthropic Tourettes 
Syndrome, by planning the acquisition of a 
radio station and running it to profit the 

Their official objectives are to encourage 
and reward scholarship and accomplish- 
ments among broadcasting students. To 
establish meaningful relations between stu- 
dent and professional broadcasters and to 
foster integrity in the youth of the powerful 
instruments of radio, television, and film are 
their goals. 

Tammy Torain, Lisa Ledford, Chrissy Lyppard. Isa Lamerton. Karalee Little, Sissy Botts, John Prescott, Leesa Sutto 
t^urie Wommack, Jenny Gerami, Julie Lynch, Elisa McConochie. Rebecca Payne, Christi McAdams, Lori Tyler, Doni 
Tucker, Lawrence Simon, Sean West, Jamie Marshall, Dawn Parnall, Stephen Davis. 

Bill Jolly, Ellen Reamy, Tom Powell, Candy Rotollo, Karen Steward 

50 Organizations 

esident . . . Brian Allen, Vice President . . . Bill Iddlngs. Secretary . . . Susan Younce. John Archer, DanI Cole, Jacqueline 
Dnilss, Mike Diemer, Cheryl Fowler, Jodi Guello, Mark Haapala, Deborah Jones, Jennifer Lynch, Chuck Walker, Chris 
effe, David Paxton, Lee Picirrillo, Carmen Pittman. A! Riddick. Tim Rollins, Melissa Smee. Mark Shannon, Shane Yount, 
ad Fenner. 


The Elon College Republicans promote 
the ideals and theologies of the Republican 
Party. The "off years" or years no election is 
held are pretty slow. However, on the years 
when an election is held the action really 
gets going for this group. 

This group helps out during campaigns 
and fundraisers for the party and is able to 
learn a great deal through this hands-on ex- 
perience. Meeting candidates and shaking 
hands with high-ranking officials is just part 
of the fun. 

If you like politics, you will definitely find 
this very exciting. Participating in campaign 
rallies is also fun. The 1 990s hope to be an 
exciting time for the EC Republicans as the 
congressmen and senators are elected. 

SOB Stage 

Stage Crew is one of the seven com- 
mittees of the Student Union Board. The 
'Crew' handles bringing comedians, ven- 
triloquists, magicians and similar acts to 
Elon. Members are involved in all phases of 
the performance from selection to booking 
to the actual performance. Some of the 
acts this year included: Lyn and Friends, 
Anthony Clark, The Riot Act, Beatrice Berry, 
Don Reed, Jordon Brady and James 
Maples. "SUB — If it feels good, we did it." 

ennifer Lowery, Melanie Clarke. Jill Burket, Diane Wiesler, Cathy Kirkman, Scarlett Peachy, Aileen O'Leary, Christi 
IcAdams, Rob Whiteside, Mindy Bedsaul, John Harveson, Kelly Hughes, Ashley Wade, Liese Bouknight, Kim Beane, 
\icheiie Randall, (Not Pictured) Mick Whiting, Chandra Crawford 

Organizations 5 1 


The Student Government Association is comprised of the three executive offi- 
cers, an office secretary, 1 1 class officers, and 23 senators at large. These students 
are involved in projects, which they deem as being important. Most of these projects 
are student oriented; however, some reach out into the Elon and World com- 

The major emphasis of the fall term was split between two key issues. Our first 
focus is student discontentment toward current visitation policies and what the 
Student Government Association could do about this discontent. Secondly, an- 
other major concern was Elon College's responsibility toward the environment and 
the college's effort to create a recycling program. Both of these issues are being 
addressed by the administration, which should produce some results by the spring. 

We were also concerned with the education of the Elon student, as to how much 
knowledge they received about school issues. One way we are trying to heighten 
issue awareness is through biweekly forums. These forums consist of prominent 
and knowledgeable speakers who address pressing issues which are important to 
students and at times, the Elon community. 

It is also necessary to mention the involvement of other groups in the mechanics 
of Student Government Association operations. Without the cooperation and 
assistance of specialized groups, such as L.O.C'.K and EMACT, our progress would 
have suffered. 

The spring seems to be a time of promise at Elon and the Student Government 
Association hopes to be at the head of this move, by keeping its promise to repre- 
sent and serve the students. 


^/^ ^P-^ 

Ed Boswell 

Student Government Association President 

Erica Faison (Secretary), Ed Boswell (President), Steve Higgins (Vice President), 
Steve Novey (Treasurer) 

Rob Whiteside and Erik Johnson enlighten students about SGA 

52 Organizations 

Showing spirit at basketball games can win you this bike 

Bridget Murray and Frank Fannon discuss an SGA survey 


President: Ed Boswell 
Vice President: Steve Higgins 
Treasurer: Steve Novey 
Secretary: Erica Faison 
President: Greg Zaiser 
Vice President: Kelly Benfer 
President Erik Johnson 
Vice President: Susan Tellman 
SecretaryA'reasurer: Todd Nichols 
President: Carter Smith 
Vice President: Beth Joyce 
Secretaryn"reasurer: Laura 

President: Michael Mooney 
Vice President: Julie Siegel 
Secretaryn"reasurer: Cheryl Bass 
Michael Boyd, Cindy Brown 
Amy Buck, Mark Champagne 
George Covington, Rosa Day 
Carolyn DiBella, Jay Dodson 
Scott Farfone, Scott Frail 
Bill Hancock, Julie Handy 
Thomas lorio, Susan Kerr 
Karin Lowe, Laine Mullen 
Bridget Murray, Tom Nikles 
Ashley Pippin, John Sample 
Lisa Taschenberger, Nicole Tubbs 
Rob Whiteside, Lea Ziobro 

Ed Boswell, President of SGA, looks on with concern 

Steve Higgins. Vice President of SGA, talks about his experience in office 

Organizations 53 


Residence Hall Association, RHA, is a recognized campus organization 
which provides various types of programs and socials for students who live 
on campus. 

Our RHA chapter is also a member of South Atlantic Affiliate of Colleges 
and Universities Residence Halls (S.A.A.C.G.R.H.) and horth Carolina 
Association of Residence Halls (MCARH). 

In October, a group of Elon RHA's went to Roanoke, Virginia, for the re- 
gional conference and others attended a conference in Charlotte, North 

Some of the programs that RHA sponsored this year were: the Dating 
Game, the Haunted House in West, the second annual semi-formal "A 
Might on the Town," Death by Chocolate, and an ice cream social in Harper 

Clai Marchant and escort Chris share a smile at the semi-formal by RHA 


Taking time off from the dance floor this group gathers to say cheese 

54 Organizations 

"A Night on the Town, " November 11, 1989 

Organizations 55 

Habitat For Humanity 

The Elon College campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity began in 
the Spring of 1989. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit housing organi- 
zation that works in partnership with God's people in need to improve the 
conditions in which they live and to provide simple, decent housing. 
Since the start, noted speakers such as former President Jimmy Carter 
and Mayor Andrew Young of Atlanta have spoken on campus about Hab- 
itat for Humanity. 

This past fall Elon's campus chapter took on a project called "Home 
for the Holidays". Students not only worked on the renovation of a home 
but raised money for construction materials. Habitat sold "Gobble 
Grams" to raise money for the "Home for the Holidays" project. Friendly 
"Dear Turkey" messages were delivered by a bird dressed for the occa- 

During the 1990 Winter Term, Habitat for Humanity sent a van full of 
10 students and Chaplain Richard McBride to South Carolina to help 
build houses and view the destruction caused by Hurricane Hugo. The 
group also worked at Habitat for Humanity International Headquarters in 
Americas, Georgia. They experienced first hand how the organization 
runs and worked with other volunteers from around the U.S. 

Elon's campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity hopes to build new 
relationships and a sense of community as well as new houses. 

Kati Mafko puts the finishing touches on a window ledge 

Fornier President Jimmy Carter visited the campus Habitat site before coming to the college last Spring 

56 Organizations 

athered outside the International Headquarters of Habitat in Americus. Georgia — This group could not be prouder! Students work in a ditch to help housing cause 

Ion's Habitat chapter starts the foundation on the Dell< house. RIGHT: 
he crew that re-shingled the roof on Kine Street in Burlington. 



John Barnhill and Edwin Toone work 
along side of professor Brad Hamm 

Organizations 57 


The Elon LaCrosse Club has taken pride and excellence in the school 
and the sport of LaCrosse for the last 1 2 years. Over the past 1 2 years the 
Elon LaCrosse Club has played such powerhouse clubs as: VMI, Duke, 
Georgia, GSC, Clemson, UNC, MC State, ECU, Wake Forest, Maryland, 
and the Citadel. "We feel that we have developed a good, constructive 
activity here at Elon College. We support a team of 30 players," says 
team member Scott Stewart. 

Since the establishment of the team in 1 976, a new enthusiastic fever 
has been spreading through the Elon student body. The students seem 
to love this fast-moving, hard-hitting, fast-action sport. The sport of La- 
Crosse is rapidly growing in North Carolina and hopefully will continue to 
grow, especially at Elon. 

DaeH Teg 

Hit m Hard 

Keith Nielans picks up speed as he goes for the goal. 

John Clark struggles at the face-off with his opponent. 

58 Organizations 

Scott Stewart rushes to take the ball up field. 


Scott Stewart (Coach) 
Kent Strosnider 
Rob Tripp 
Tim Davis 
Kevin Mish 
Guy Gemmill 
Todd Hershey 
Ken Karpowicz 
Bill Langley 
Gene Beckman 
Joey Rodriques 
Erik Stromberg 
Toby Drysdale 
Bret Holland 
Al Riddick 
John Theiss 
John Clark 
Karl Goldmann 
Scott McElroy 
Brendon Reilly 
Matt Lavdadio 
Rob Gerhardt 
Sabastian Biockman 
Jay McNeedy 
Brian Daughtrey 
Ted Entwistle 
John Archer 
Steve Lindemeyer 

Go Elon! Make the game another victory. 

Scott Stewart attacks NC State player as his team- 
mates look on. 

Organizations 59 

"A Decade of Growth. 

Campus Life 

Elon prides itself in providing many opportunities for student growth and de- 
velopment outside of tfie classroom environment — Campus Life!! 

At Elon, the philosophy of student development is using the wellness model. 
This is where students make their own life choices — setting goals and achiev- 
ing them. 

TTie Office of Student Affairs is also an important part of campus life. This 
department is not only responsible for bringing activities to campus but being 
able to make each student feel at home and to be their own person. 

In 1989, Elon put a Wellness Resource Center in Chandler Residence Hall. 
Here, students can find books and magazines on health and wellness topics. 
Also in 1 989, a new student organization called BE WELL (Boost Elon Wellness: 
Education, Living, Learning) began to offer programs on wellness topics. The 
dining halls have contributed by beginning a nutritional program called, "Treat 
Yourself Right. " This program educated students on the food they eat. 

Elon's campus life has grown rapidly in the 1980s and hopefully will continue 
to grow in the 1990s. Students can find many things on campus to interest 
them and to get involved in. Elon has 16 intramural sports; nine intercollegiate 
sports; social, service, and honor fraternities; and over 50 other organizations 
ranging from College Bowl to the Elon College Gospel Choir. Getting involved is 
the best way a student can learn and grow in his or her college life! 

Above: Kicking a ball around Is a typical Elon scene 

Left Stopping for a quick chat before class Is usually refreshing 

Below: Lets order some pizza for dinner and watch our favorite shows. 



Under the Oaks 




Academic Life 

Academics are very important to many students at Eion. The Aca- 
demic Advising Center serves students who are undecided about their 
major. The center assists students in planning their schedules and help- 
ing them make the best academic use of each semester. Each student is 
assigned to an academic advisor and each student should utilize his or 
her advisor about any questions, comments, or concerns they may have. 

In the past decade, Elon's courses and degrees have grown immense- 
ly. The faculty's size has increased to about 200, teaching over 31 major 
fields and offering a master of business administration and in 1986, a 
master of education degree. New buildings, such as the Fine Arts, and 
complexes like the Powell Tennis Courts have made it possible for 
students to expand along with the college. 

Elon now offers many travel study programs, including: England, 
Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Israel, and Russia. These programs allow 
students to have the opportunity to travel, study, and have a good time. 

bove; Jeanette Jurkiewicz trys to make con- 
icts on the SCIB office phone 

bove Right Studying by the fountain is always 

ight Habitat workers help to build a house 

Organizations 6 1 

In Memory 

Billy, Barney, Fred . . . the Campus Pet 


Billy, Barney, Fred ... he had a thousand names and an entire campus of owners. Billy became a campus pet more than a year ago and 
remained so until his tragic death in February. 

Although he could be seen anywhere on campus, Billy frequented the Varsity Grille. Stated one student, "I looked forward to going to the Grille 
in the morning and sharing breakfast with Billy." 

Another hangout of Billy's was the Fonville Fountain. On pretty days you could find him sitting on the edge of the fountain being admired by 
students between classes. If it rained. Billy always had shelter in someone's room. 

On February 16, Billy was killed while attempting to cross the street near the gym. The news spread quickly and the campus grieved. Students 
cried, others remembered the good times they had shared with him, and some professors cancelled classes. 

Billy will always be remembered as a part of Elon College. As one student commented, "Elon won't be the same without Billy ... he was the true 
campus pet. " Goodbye Billy. 

62 Organizations 




Greeks Serve 
the Commmiity 

Sure Greeks can party a lot . . . but not all the time. In fact, contrary to popular belief, tfieir main 
purpose is for community service and tfieir pfiilantfiropy. 

Greeks help out by delivering Meals On Wheels, volunteer at the homeless shelter, or tutor at 
the Elon Homes For Children. Many participate in the Big Brother or Big Sister program and 
dedicate time to Special Olympics. 

Each organization supports a philanthropy such as the American Cancer Society or the United 
Way, helping to raise money for these causes. 

Other activities are designed to benefit others in the community, such as car washes and 
T-shirt and doughnut sales. Adopting-a-highway has also become very popular. 

All activities are a great way to bring the organizations together to have fun while helping good 

"Organizations will do al- 
most anything to support 
their philanthropy." 

Kappa S4m& 

see- saw- a-thon 

Raising between six and seven thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society, the brothers of Kappa Sigma seesaw-d continuously for nine days. 


Michelle Morrison. Lisa Toomer, Mae Haith, 
Dawn Washington, Lynnice Joyner. An- 
twinette Mitchell 

64 Greeks 

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha 
get together on a Saturday 
morning to clean their 

AKL agrees that car washes are fun and profitable. 


KA's work hard selling T-shirts. 


Christy Walsh, Jacquelyn Walker, Christina 
Dachtera, Cathy Gass, Steve Leach 
(sweetheart), Cyndie Huber, Lark Ramsey, 
Karen Moriarty, Lisa Taschenberger, Re- 
becca Mutt, Katie Holmes, Jana Telford, 
Angie Coley, Tiffany Brown, Sally Hutton, 
Aileen Scott, Tammy Childress, Kathy Friend, 
Sandy Mascali, Siobhan Mellett, Pam Ward, 
Jenny Scher, Elizabeth Batterman, Robyn 
Evers, Gina Beacham, Kristen Simms, 
Bridget Coll, Stephanie Townsend, Beth 
Armbruster, Michelle Hawthorne, Anna 
Wood, Tammy Steen, Elizabeth Fisher, 
Mary Mikelskas, Debbie McCormick, Lisa 
rSewton, Michele Anderson, Jane Frye, 
Kimberly Mitchell, Jennifer Giles. Steph- 
anie Dawkins, Anne Streeter, Carol Scott, 
Tracy Bolduc, Karen Johnson, Kim Adkins, 
Suzi Woods. 

Greeks 65 

More Than Meetings 

"Just playing around. " says Cheri Brown of Alpha Sigma 
Alpha as she plays on the tires at the playground. 

Everyone needs a break from those hectic schedules, and sororities are no different. What 
better way to relax and spend some "fun time" with your sisters. Whether it's a party or a night 
out on the town, sorority sisters enjoy life together. 

Meetings are many and sometimes very, very long. The time comes when everyone just has to 
get out, play, and act a little crazy. 

Burlington is not very big so the sisters get creative. Toga and other dress parties are interest- 
ing ways to make a party more mysterious — waiting to see what everyone will wear. When Elon 
becomes confining, sororities go in search of other fun places. The playground and bowling 
alleys are great escapes and great fun. 

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha take a break from the fun to pose for a group picture. 


Tara Dosier, Kristine Brand, Beth Herndon, 
Linda Adamson, Karen Steward, Scarlett Or- 
enstein. Heather Waters, Trevor Moon, Alicia 
Greene. Dan Worrell (sweetheart). Vicky Kafes, 
Sue Page. Cheri Brown. Tricia Ricco, Jeanne 
Watson. Jennifer Sykes. Lara Curtis. Michelle 
Dattilo. Susan Cox, Jill Hall. Suzette Perry, Sheri 
Geer. Kristen Rosenheim. Stacey Emel. Pam 
Creech. Kristin DeSanto. Holly Bell. Melanie 
Wallace. Lisa Zimmerman. Jill Harrison Loy, 
Kelly Uzzell, Patch Morton. 

66 Greeks 



'^^ ^v^ 




f ^ 


Kerry Walsh and Eveline Gebel had a good time "clowning" around for Hal- Below: Jana Telford and Cathy Gass enjoy spending some time off campus at the local 
loween. bowling alley. 

t 1 



Blaire wraps a snake around herself during Open House 


Paige Frazier, Ashley Wilkes, Kimberly Overby, 
Elizabeth Nye, Tracey Drea, Shannon Dowdy, 
Lori Johnson, Laine Mullen, Sqrie Thompson, 
Marie Pilkington, Jen Cowman, Susan Auth, 
Debi Glass, Malissa Zimmerman, Wendy 
Waters, Darcie Donkerbrook, Kipper Lynch, 
Kelly Patton, Liz Sementelli, Ali Hoefer, Anne 
Palmer, Ashley Martin, Kim Smith, Heather 
Ellis, Alexis Chippouras, Missy Allen, Chase 
Roth, Shelly Rudd. Melissa Privett, Melinda 
Messamer, Kelly O'Hara, Cindy Brown. Ed 
Boswell (sweetheart), Erin Carrigan, Regina 
Woelfle, Carin Hess, Mechelle Pennoyer, Barn 
Greenberg, Suzy Kirchner, Karen Whitney, 
Laura Rountree, Laura Zilinski, Danielle 
McNew. Sandy Sharpe, Jules Telford. 

Greeks 67 

Cheers to You 

The friendship that is formed between sisters and brothers is unsurpassed by anything else. 
The good times and the bad. the hard work, dedication, sweat, tears, laughter, and love is all part 
of being a Greek. That special bond is always something to cheer about. 

There are many important aspects of Greek life. A large part is the fun and fellowship that 
takes place. Whether it be at a party, sporting event, or Open House, the fraternities and sorori- 
ties at Elon make their college life full of cheer. 

Phi Mu beats the heat with a tall cool one. 

Brad Bell of Kappa Alpha says, "Cheers," at Open Hous< 

Sigma Chi toasts to their new fraternity house that they received last spring. 

Jennifer Clegg. Marybeth Smokovitch, 
Wendy Karcinell. Tracey Stott Todd Hud- 
son, Tricia Mulloy, Julie Prcsser, Dawn 
Pearson, Nancy Storkdell, Jen Halanych. 
Beth Echols, Susan Frederick. Ashley 
Smitti, Kelly Starke. Susan Copenhaver. 
Cheryl Wellington, Michelle Shreve. Re- 
becca Senf, Heidi DePricter, Megan Law. 
Kirsten Clark. Kris Leith. Julie Grossman. 
Megan O'Brien, Coley McCarthy. Jen Cln- 
derwood, Cra Caldwell. Christine Rudiger, 
Dyan Ercolani, Dani Bevis, Kerry Walsh. 
Tara Pagano. Jennifer Bussey. 

68 Greeks 

^et's toast to the 
)onds of our 
jisterood and 

Tri-Sigs smile brightly. 

Monique Caron of AOPi mixes a glittering smile with a frosty milkshake for a winning combination. 


Paula Crocco, Grant Bridges (sweetheart), 
Heather Weiss, Alex Hartnett, Anne Flannagan, 
Lynne Rambo, Von Shepard. Deborah McCuis- 
ton, Kathy Nicol, Susan Koser, Sam Green, 
Sarah Rogers, Ginni Wray, Dahiela Rigutto, 
Dana Hall, Paige Carver, Tracey Baker. Amy 
Windham, Eleanor Finger, Christy Brown, 
Michele Rowe, Trey Johnson, Amy Stone, Pam 
Wiggins, Beth Lowery, Wendy Ellington, Becca 
McCuiston, Lisa Perry, Mandy Arbanas, Karen 
Wright, Ruth Schulman, Dawn Olmstead, Suzy 
Simpson, Elizabeth Lanou. Kelly O'Dare, Jill 
Blake, Carole Oliver, Tricia Talbert. Amy Cavas, 
Lisa Scherer, Malinda Hickman, Devi 
D'Angelo, Libby McGuirt, Linda Looney, Stacy 
Saucier, Nancy Nelson, Katie Dempsey, 
Kathryn Frith, Tracy Walz, Dione Ivey, Allison 
Bayley, Julie Camerson, Blythe Tignor, Amy 
Richardson, Julie Zang, Cheryl Gunar. 

Greeks 69 

Fall Fraternity Rufs^h 


Eight o'clock Sunday morning, Thompson Court came alive with activity. What could pos- 
sibly get fraternity men going so early in the morning? That's right, Open House. 

This bi-annual event gives college men a chance to meet the brothers and find out more 
about fraternity and Greek life. 

Each year the decorations become more elaborate and the food becomes more gourmet. 

This year, Kappa Alpha broke tradition eliminating the "Best Legs" contest. Although 
everyone enjoyed the contest in years past. Kappa Alpha felt that their time and attention would 
be better spent on rushees. 

Once again, Fraternity Open House was a huge success and a good time was had by all 

John Clark gives a njshee a Sigma Pi name tag and encourages him to meet the brothers. 

Jeff Vozzo of Sigma Phi Epsilon portrays a "cool" image 


John Leuthold. John Rabun, Tim Crawly. 
Tim Hall, Dave Kuehl, Sandy Gilliam. Steve 
Gruby. Chuck Zarelli, Matt Leiker, Mick 
Whiting, David Graham, Kevin Barton, 
Robert Tigani. Mike Frame. Bill Kapela. Bill 
Sanford, John Hoover, Dan Eastwood. Skip 
Moltenbrey. Tom hickles, Don Woodard, 
Jana Telford (sweetheart), John Devito. 

70 Greeks 

ill Monahan of KA enjoys the 

r perspective rushees 

Brothers Pete Gochman and Matt Leiker greet rushees at the AKL table. 

Sigma Chi Buddies! 


Kevin Carter, Brian Boxell, Ken Reeves, 
Scotty Graham, Kent Banker, Cecil Kemp, 
Brian Rueger, Jeff Cook, Steve Felt, Kevin 
Hite, Brad Bell. Eleanor Finger (sweet- 
heart). Glen Gess. Mike Barnes, Ritch Frei- 
tag, John Crow, Steve Ross, Andrew Do- 
mino, Steve Laven, Darrin Stolte, Tim 
Ridings, Jim Frank, Scott Woodcock, Todd 
Johnston, Mike Schnackel, Kevin Christ- 
mas, Steve Wingerter, Kelly Holder, Chuck 
Campbell, Ben Draper, Andrew Davis, Will 
Monahan, Shayne Ruffing. 

Greeks 71 

Out and About 

Having fun together is what Greek life is all about. 

It could be a friendly game of football, a competitive intramural game of volleyball or just 
hanging out together . . . it's the being together that counts. 

Greek contribute to all aspects of Elon College by participating in lots of other organizations, 
such as honor societies and the media, and even working at local restaurants or admissions. 

"1 loved my entire college experience, " says one sorority alumnae — "But it is the time I spent 
with my sisters that is most vivid in my mind." 

Greek Life is one of those hard things to describe, you just have to experience it. 


Zeta Tau Alpha shows how they are "linked by the arms of sisterhood." 

Sigma Pi tries to block a spike that Kappa Sigma 


Jamie Edgerton, Shane Yount. Scott 
Mosley, Bert Wood. Kent Strosnider. Todd 
Hudson, Michael Taylor, Adam Ruyle. Jeff 
Squire, Jimmy Craig. John McCormick, 
Trey Siner. Mark Parker. Blane Vajda, Steve 
Byrum, John Archer. Scott Conroy, Doug 
Brogdon. Chris Block. Brent Cribble, 
Chuck Walker, Chris Friend, Ted Beal, 
Bruce Adorian, Brian Buck, Greg Sproat 
Kevin DuVall, Tim Gliniccki. 

72 Greeks 

Giving it his all, Ed Boswell attempts to complete the pass. 

We love hanging out with our sweetheart." says Karen Steward and Scarlett Orenstein. 

sends over the net. 


Paul Abel, Tommy Baulkus, Ben Bocklett 
Grant Bridges, Randy Brooks, Wade 
Brown, Bill Burkett, Jim Burrows, Tom 
Bush, Scott Camp, Scott Cascadden. Ron 
Collins. Jeff Cook, Kevin Cummings, Scott 
Curcio, John Davis. Jay Dixson. Jay Dod- 
son, Lewis Duncan. Mike Dunn. Darren 
Falk, Frank Fannon. Jimmy Fish. Kevin 
Flynn. Doug Frain. Jeff Gagnon, Bill Gallo- 
way. Todd Gaul. Greg Gillette. Brent Griffin, 
Sean Hooker. John Humpries, David 
Jones. Andy Keashon. Jim Kozuch. Steve 
Leach. Jamie LeBlanc. Jerry LeBlanc, 
Doug Le«ns, Tim Marino. Frank McKee, 
Max Miller, Drew Mobley, Randy Morgart, 
Paul Mullen, Phil Murdock, Win Neagle, 
Todd Michols, Davie Noffsinger. Steve 
Novey. David Oakley, Rich Rafferty. Greg 
Riggs. Matt Riggs, Billy Scott, Carter Smittn, 
Trey Stewart, Ken Stubenhofer, Myron 
Talbert. Dan Worrell. David Wright. Susan 
Koser (sweetheart) 

Greeks 73 

Greek Housing 

The fall of 1989 brought the beginning and opening of the "Greek Row" (six houses). After 
months of construction and anticipation, four fraternities and two sororities were selected as 
recipients for the new lodges. The groups are ZTA, AOPi, Sigma Pi, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sig, and 
Sig Ep. 

Other Greeks received new housing also. Tri-Sig moved to Haggard Ave.; Alpha Sig into a 
sixteen-person suite; AKL into an eight-man suite; and Phi Mu kept the same house. 

Everyone, however, has mixed feelings about Greek Row. The housing has a lot of potential 
and makes Elon comparable to other colleges and universities. But the drawbacks are "no 
privacy", and "you can't study too well." There are also a lot of distractions due to the business. 

The lodges have added a lot to Greek life at Elon. It has made it easier for Greeks to get 
together more often and get to know each other. One Greek said it was great, because "You feel 
like you're in the middle of everything. " 

. I 

llllfl , 





■!i:;i 1 






t 1 • * 







Sigma Phi Epsilons unload their car to move into their 
new house on Greek Row. 


These new houses await the arrival of their Greek residence. The "Greek Row" is ready to shine. 


AKL living the "suite" life. 


Jamie Montague, John Clark. Kelly Caulfield 
(sweetheart), Ray Van Ness. Sean Taylor, Steve 
Higgins, John Sprague, Kelly Spillane. Rob 
Caulfield, Kevin Mish, Riddy Wright, Bryan 
Daughtry. Bill Hanckel, Aaron Baxter, Steve 
McGregor, Mike Robinson, Brian Rupert, Jack 
Humphery, Gary Zimnoch, Lee Shields, John 
Peckens, Bill Norris, Steve Harty, Scott Walker, 
Tim Scanlon, Chris Bell, Ted Entwisle, Phil 
Strother, Steve Fry. Scott Berry, David Regnery, 
Dave Sheibach, Mark Cabaniss. 

74 Greeks 

KAs hang out in front of Pres. Fred Young's 
house — wishing it were theirs. 

Sigma Chi gathers for a picture on their back 


Brian Merritt, Dave Strother, Rick Snyder, 
Kevin Henderson. Neal VIck, John Delaney, 
Jeff Burrus, Pete Newcomb, Make i_aney, 
Tyler Courtney, Ed Boswell, Kevin Smith, 
Andy Ellen, Julie Perry (Sweetheart), John 
Bell, Mike Greer, Brian Brennan, Tom Strat- 
ford, Mike Jones, Scott Frail, Mike Genova, 
Don Stillwell, Mike Bamett, Steve McSwain, 
Mike Hill, Chris Clews, Jeff Paske, Jeff 
Vozzo, Rob Hardee, Chris Ruck, Ben Huff- 
man, Owen Bradshaw, Chris Michallis, 
Gary Juhl, Rob Holsten, Jon Southworth, 
Jon Theiss, Jeff Queen, Bill Keene, Dave 
Glasscuck, Craig Stone, Roger Mackay, 
Kevin Anderson, Schon Parris, Pat Dillon, 
Rob Hubler 

Greeks 75 

Making it All Work 

Panhellenic Council meets weekly to discuss current events and r^ i ,1 • rr • -ill 

concerns with representatives of each organization. Information from PanhelleniC OlterS SOrOFlty QlnS the ChanCe 

these meetings is then relayed to organization members. Panhellenic's 
main projects include sorority potluck dinners, community clean-ups, 
and Formal Rush preparation. 


to get together weekly 

Panhellenic Council 

Lisa Killmon. Pam Malloy. Lisa Wallin. Elizabeth Nye, Malinda Messamen. Dani Bevis, Kirsten Clark. Sarah Rogers, Eleanor Finger, Karen Mills, Cyndie Huber, David Atkins. Melanie 

76 Greeks 

Inter Fraternity Coniicil 

)avid Graham, John McKormick, David Atkins, Dan Worrell, Ed Boswell, Ray Van Ness, Tim Crawley, Will Monahan, Kent Strosnider, Scott Berry, Steve Leach. Not Pictured — Kevin 

Above: The Inter Fraternity Council is the governing body of ail so- 
:ial fraternities on campus. IFC meets once a week with each fra- 
;ernity represented by one of their members. IFC discusses issues 
hat pertain to Greeks in school and community relations, rush an 
National Conference. 

Fourteen Greek females disassociate themselves from their sorority 
during Winter Term so they can become rush counselors during the 
Spring Formal Rush. After applying and being interviewed, two women 
from each sorority are selected. The reason for disassociating them- 
selves from their organization is so they can help non-greek women ob- 
tain unbiased help in choosing an organization during rush. 

Not being able to wear Greek letters or participate in any activities with 
their sorority is not fun and games for the counselors. But many say it is 
worth the sacrifice to help women find an organization in which they feel 
comfortable. These women are not counselors to promote their par- 
ticular organization but to promote the entire Greek System as a whole. 

Rush Counselors 

Jsa Zimmerman, Melinda Measamen, Debbie McCormick, Laurie Panas, Stephanie Dawkins, Heather Williamson, Nancy Stockdell, Missy Poling (Head Rush Counselor), Jill Hall, 
leather Roth, Erica Falson, Gayle Arkwright, Barri Greenberg 

Greeks 77 

Get Psyched for the '90s 

Tri-Sigma sisters have a blast at homecoming since Julie Perry, one of their sisters, placed first runner-up in the queen competition. 

"Gumby," Alpha Kappa Lambda, gets wet and has a little fun at a car wash. 

Sigma Chi has fun with their homecoming skit They did the David Letterman show 
(famous Sigma Chi). 

78 Greeks 

Vin Neagle is in the Big Brother program. Here he spends time being creative with his AKA's get a chance to relax and catch a "hello" while waiting to go back to class, 
ittle brother. 

Phi Mu's parade around their mascot to show how proud they are that he is their "hero." 

Greeks 79 

Rush, Rush, Rush. Sigma Pi's gather 
together to tell this student about their 
brotherhood and bonds of their frater- 

This little girl gets the chance to ride on Kappa Sigma's see saw during a football game at Dawn Washington of AKA stops for a moment to catch her breath and put on a smile, 
Burlington Stadium. 

80 Greeks 


^ e-^ 




vj ^ L 







A Tradition of Excellence 

In the beginning of the year, Elon hoped to have a good season. This 
hope not only became a reality, but the Fightin' Christians played in two 
National Tournament games. Sophomore John Wadsworth, freshman 
Steve Winston, and junior Donnie Brown all helped the team immensely 
with batting averages of .412, .400, and .389, respectively. This helped 
the team finish 2 1 -2 in the district, 1 6-2 in the Carolina Conference, and 
36-9 overall. 

Leading the team were seniors Chris Cole (pitcher), Mark Nocera, and 
the 89-90 team captain Scott Lesmes. Chris Cole was only four wins 
short of breaking the school record, and according to Coach Rick Jones, 
he was the leader of the pitching staff. 

The team was also successful with the help of Dave Crouse, Scott 
Miller, and Mike Kennedy, who all had the highest RBl's on the team. With 
an extremely good year behind them, the Fightin' Christians of Baseball 
can get psyched for an even better season next year. 



Above: Short stop, Scott Miller "guns" one to first base for the out. Above right Sophomore 
Mike Kennedy adds alot to the team with his fire arm and outstanding hitting. Middle right: 
One of the best pitchers to throw fire for Elon, Chris Cole, has an outstanding motion. 
Bottom right Darryl Humbles hits the ball with grace. 

82 Sports 


Far Left: John Wadsworth studies the pitch as he attempts to steal. 
Middle: Captain, Scott Lesmes, warms up before the big game. Above: 
Scott Miller makes a fashion statement as he sports his new way of 
wearing a baseball cap. 





Front to Back (L-R) John Wadsworth, Wes Pennington, Danny Milwit Moy Santos. Mark Mocera, Roger Knick. ROW 2: Brad 
Breheny, Chris Cole, Mark Mineroidi, Greg Oaks. Eddie Rodrequez. Barry McKinney, Scott Lesmes. ROW 3: Dave Crouse, 
Dick Holler, Donnie Brown, Mike Kennedy, John Baldwin, Bobby Hunt. Mac McDowell. Todd Hunter. Matt Galitz. ROW 4; 
Head Coach Rick Jones, Benny Tart, Tim Murray, Scott Gullay, Lance Cardatino, Darryl Humbles. Doug Zachary, Rob 
Hahne, Scott Miller, David Mabe, Assistant Coach Morgan O'Heai. ROW 5: Scott Schiedt. Lon Griffin, Mike Laney, Steve 
Trimpper, Gary Juhl, Rick Snider, Jim Schlossnagle, Brooks Ahalt, Sam Walker. Steve Winston. Derrick Daiton. Kevin 
Christmas. IN BACK : Scorekeeper Christian Twilley and Manager Greg Tobolski. 


William and Mary 

Fairleigh Dickinson Unrversity 

Fairleigh Dickinson Unrversity 

Mars Hill 

Mars Hill 

Bluefield State 

Bluefield State 

MC. Wesleyan 

(Jniversrty of Connecticut 

CJniversi^ of Connecticut 


Pembroke State University 

High Point 

ML Olive 

Sl Andrews 

North Carolina A & T 


Atlanijc Christian 

Atlantic Christian 

UNC ai Asheville 

UNC al Asheville 




Lenoir- Rhyne 


Sl Andrews 

Pembroke State 

ML Olive 

Gardner- Webb 

High Point 



UMC at Chariotte 

MC Wesleyan 

MC Wesleyan 

ML Olive 

High Point 

High Point 

West Liberty 



Wisconsin State 

Dallas Baptist 

Sports 83 

"Catch" the Spirit of Elon Softball r 

Who said success was measured by the number of victories. This ball club improved greatly over the course of the year, winning six of their las^ 
10 games. Leading the team with four homeruns, outfielder Angle Padon was definite offensive force for the Fightin' Christians. 

Elon was a great fitting team with a total batting average of .336 and scoring 1 50 runs. Elon's overall record was 10-19, while in the SAC-8, the 
Fightin' Christians were 2- 1 0. Elon may not have been a powerful team in this conference, but that was last year. The team is young and should 
improve and be a mighty powerhouse in the SAC-8 this year. 

"The team was a very enthusiastic 
bunch, and had a lot of fun. We are lootcing 
forward to starting a new season in a fast 
pitch league." 

— Coach S. Leonard 

Right Chris Greenspan shows determination as she throws out 
her opponent. Far right Concentrating on catching the ball. 
Sharon Foust keeps her eye, aims, and releases the ball to first 
base for an out Bottom: "Super snag" by infielder T.J. Lev- 
erington who contributed greatly with her defensive skills. 






Left "O.K. ladies, it's picture time" Top: "Stretch!" First 
baseman, Kelly (Jzzell uses her flexibility to force an out. 

Top: Mark Nutter, Cheryl Spivey, Becky Reimer, Angle Padon. Kelly Hall, Emily Murray, Lynn Elliott, T J. Leverington, Melissa 
Davis, Coach Sue Leonard. Bottom: Mary Ann Arthur, Vickie Potter, Lynn Hefty, Sharon Foust, Kelly Gzzell, Chris Greenspan. 



Catawba 7 9 

Cumberland 8 3 

Ml Olive 1 7 6 

Atlantic Christian 8 9 

Lenoir-Rhyne 5 1 

Lenoir-Rhyne 1 1 2 

Montreat And. 2 1 

Montreat And. 1 8 

Wingate 5 3 

Wingate 5 4 

Pembroke 5 2 

Pembroke 12 2 

Catawba 11 10 

Catawba 1 3 

Gardner-Webb 7 4 

Gardner-Webb 13 11 

Pfeiffer 9 2 

Pfeiffer 3 2 

Guilford 6 3 

Guilford 13 15 

ML Olive 1 3 

ML Olive 3 4 

Atlantic Christian 13 7 

Atlantic Christian 20 7 

Pembroke 8 

ML Olive 2 5 

Lenoir-Rhyne 3 2 

Montreat And. 11 14 

Montreat And. 3 9 

Sports 85 

Elon's Finest 

The Men's Tennis team almost made it a clean sweep witii an over-ail record of 1 7 wins and 2 loses. This outstanding record took them all the 
way to national competition. But to get to the National Tournament in Kansas City, they had to first win the District and Carolina Championships 
. . . which they did. They went on to win seventh place in 1989 Nationals — Way to Go!! 

Overall: 17-2 

Conference: 8-0 

District: 8-0 

Above: First seed, Stefan Hager, shows grace as he returns a serve. Above Right Third seed, Mike 
Leonard, serves with authority! 

86 Sports 


Individual Results 

Eric Weaver — 2-0 
Tom Nielson — 1-0 
Stefan Hager — 1 3-3 
Dominic Moerstedt — 1 5-2 
Michael Leonard — 8-5 
Billy Scott — 9-7 
Craig Stone — 1 6-2 
Jeff Gagnon — 13-4 
Nick Stierholm — 8-2 
Tommy Stratford — 3-0 

Doubles Results 

Hager/Moerstedt — 13-1 
Leonard/Gagnon — 9-4 
Scott/Stone— 12-1 
Stone/Stiemfiolm — 2-0 
Qagnon/Stratford — 1-0 
Weaver/Straford — 2-0 
Stone/Straford — 1-0 
NielsonAVeaver — 1-1 
Moerstedt/Stone — 1-0 
Nielson/Straford — 1-0 
Moerstedt/Scott — 0-1 
GagnonStiernfiolm — 3-0 

You can see &ie determination in Jeff Gagnons face as he 
gives it all fie fias to score an ace 











Atlantic Christian 


















Christopher Mewport 



The Citadel 




Mt Olive 

0(1- ) 



SL Johns University 








Campbell University 




Harvard 'B' 




High Point 








East Carolina 




Pembroke St. 





Jeff Gagnon, Nick Stiemfiolm, Billy Scott Craig Stone, Mike Leonard, Dominique Moerstedt, Stepfien Hager 

Sports 87 

Elon Can Match Anyone 

The Elon College Women's Tennis team began its year early in the fall with intense conditioning under 
the supervision of Coach Jacl<ie Myers. The young Elon team, comprised of freshman, sophomores, and 
juniors, slowly began to pull things together in the fall, and grab a couple of unexpected wins. 

In the spring of this year, the team suffered dreadful weather conditions, and thus, had to resort to 
indoor practices at Old Forest Raquet Club — the local courts near Elon College. From this extra playing 
time indoors, the team experienced an incredible increase in individual play. Amy Richardson led the 
team playing the number one position. She finished with an over-all record of 1 1 and 1 1 . Go Christians! 
Following Richardson in the line-up was another sophomore — Coleen Kirk. Her over-all record finished 
up at 13-11. Therefore, Kirk and Richardson made up the number one doubles position for the Lady 
Christians. Following them were junior Mary Henson and transfer Cathy Meyers. Henson, filling the 
number three position finished the year with a 1 2- 1 record; and with doubles partner Meyers, finished at 
1 3-7. The rest of the team finals were: Victoria Karukas (14-6), Robyn Evers (12-7), Beth Joyce (1-2), and 
Jane Frye (5-4). The Christians over-all conference re- 
cord was 8-1. 





Amy Richardson, 1989 Most Valuable Player shows her 

88 Sports 






Third seed Mary Liz Henson smiles as she 
hits an unreturnable ball to her opponent 

Mary Henson, Coleen Kirk, Victoria Karukas, Amy Richardson, Robyn Evers. Cathy Meyers, Jane Frye 



Elon 7 

Atlantic Christian 2 

Elon 9 


Elon 7 

St Andrews 

Elon 7 

Si Mary's 


Elon 9 


Elon 3 



Elon 3 



Elon 7 



Bon 4 






Bon 3 

High Point 


Elon 3 



Bon 7 



Elon 9 

ML Olive 

Elon 8 



Elon 6 



Elon 1 



Sports 89 

Getting Back on Track 

The Men's Soccer team had a really good year. Their overall record was 
6-8-2. Mike Venezia. Jeff Cabot, and Hunter Fitts contributed a great 
amount to the soccer team with their numerous goals. With these three 
men leading the team on offense, how could Elon help but have a good 
year!! But let's not forget how important a goal keeper is to any great 
soccer team. Elon had two talented goal keepers they could always de- 
pend on — Todd Hudson and John Brill. In 1 6 games, Todd Hudson had 
had 54 saves and four shut outs. John Brill also had an outstanding sea- 
son. Elon has a lot of potential with their eight freshman and seven 
sophomores . . . we're looking forward to many dynamic seasons to 

Above: Despite the rainy weather conditions. Derek Phillips' hopes of a win weren't dam- 
pened by a few rain drops. Right Chad Solomonson shows off some fancy footwork. 

90 Sports 




Freshman. Mike Venezia, has a bright future on Elons 
soccer team. He has already proved himself to be a 
great asset to his team as leading scorer. 

John Wecht, Mike Venezia, Chad Solomonson, Mike Crabtree, Kevin Patrick, Todd Johnston, Lance Stewart, Keith 
Giacomo, Bill Hankel, Greg Datz, Hunter Fitts, John Brill, Marcus Ford, R.T. Myers, Glenn Guess, Coach Brewer, Rocco 
Wadsworth, Jeff Cabot, Bobby Forte, Maine Griffith, Drew Hock, Todd Hudson, Derek Phillips, Mike Barnette, Scott Graham, 
Kenny West 











High Point 






















GNC-Chapel Hill 












Mars Hill 




rSC Wesleyan 




Belmont Abbey 






Sports 91 

Getting a "Kick" Out of Soccer 

The Lady Christians started off slow at the 
beginning of the season — but then got it 
together in time to shut St. Andrews out in the 
District play-offs. These women played their 
hearts out all year and it began to definitely pay 
off. Chris Greenspan led the Lady Christians 
on offense with 1 5 goals and 8 assists. And on 
the other end, Lauren Ounjian only let an aver- 
age of 2 shots a game get by her. The team is 
still very young on the whole — so we. as fans, 
are expecting a winning season next year. 



Top: Amy Melander takes a shot on goal. Above; Terry Makers congratulates Heather Whitehouse after she scored a goal. 

92 Sports 

Above Left Chris Pedalino uses her fancy footwork as she glides the 
bail down field. Above: Beth Elias l<eeps the ball in front of her as 
Lynchburg player tries to catch up. 



Boca Raton 








NC State 












St Andrews 











UrnC-Chapel Hill 














MC Wesleyan 






St. Andrews(District) 







Berry( Eastern 




Green Mountarn(Con- 


Jill Ducey. Laurice Leone, Nancy Stockdell, Rachel Esposito, Heather Whitehouse, Kelly Houser, Kathy Kouten, Kelly 
Qenteski, Brooke Harter, Terry Makers, Kim Schablein, Tara Houston, Chris Greenspan, Lance Stewart, Tommy Balkus, 
Tracy Meir, Beth Elias, Lauren Ounjian, TJ. Leverington, Chris Pedalino, Chris Belvin, Amy Melander, Coach Rob Brewer 

SporU 93 


Senior punter Tim Coichin was an effec- 
tive player on special teams. He averaged 
42.2 yards per punt and a long punt of 58 

Well, it was a year of ups and 
downs for the Fightin' Christians 
football team. More downs than 
ups, but nevertheless, there were 
ups. Elon's team was young on 
both offense and defense. And it 
was also Leon Hart's first attempt 
to tackle the job as coach. 

There were two major players 
that stood out on offense and de- 
fense. Senior split end Casey 
Beathard was the team's offensive 
leader. On the other side of the 
line, senior free safety Geno 
McCree was a major help, leading 
the team with 96 tackles. Elon's 
defensive unit improved steadily 
and was an important asset in sev- 
eral games. 

The hard work and determina- 
tion, accompanied with young tal- 
ent, combined to reflect improve- 
ment on defense and offense. 
Given a few years, Elon should be 
strong contenders for the South 
Atlantic Conference champion- 
ship and playoff prospects. 

Far right Trying to elude a tackle, freshman 
tailback Tracy Murphy proved to be a valu- 
able asset as he rushed for 1 39 yards on 42 
carries. Near right Evading a Lenoir-Rhyne 
lineman, junior running back Brent hor- 
fleet rushes for a gain of 20 yards. 

94 Sports 


Top: It was a year of shortcomings and downfalls for the Fightin' 
Christians. Although they played hard, Elon could not muster up 
and give the fans a winning season. Middle: "Rainy days and Sat- 
urdays always get me down ..." Cold and rainy weather, combined 
with the loss to Lenoir-Rhyne, caused frustration with the Elon 
Players. Bottom: Despite the rain, Elon fans came out to support 
their football team. 

Sports 95 

Above; Coach Leon Hart tells Robbie Bumette to get on the field and play some ball! Bottom Right 
Tired and exhausted, Mike Duggins takes a much deserved rest after a hard game. 

96 Sports 

Casey Beathard, the senior split end, makes a twenty yard catch against 
Lenoir-Rhyne College on Parents Weekend. Casey proved that through hard 
work and determination, anything can be accomplished. That is why he is 
Elon's top offensive player. 

Senior split end Casey Beathard was Elon's 
top offensive player as he carried the team 
in several games. 

"font Row. Tim Colchin, Melson Rowell. Qiff Johnson, Chris Holly, Kirk Thigpwi. Tony Roper, Geno McCree, Roy Parks. Second Row: John Wadsworth. Archie Priest fSiels 
rhapman, Jeff Davis, Dean Hening, Orlando Washington, Kevin Aldennan, James Jones. Casey Beathard. Third Row: Dave Mondeau, Matt Ramsey, Mike McCarty. Russell 
>ove, Sam Trelinske. Page Inge, Lamar Adams. Zack Whitley, Mike Duggins. David Barr. Fourth Row: Doug Eubanks. Jeff White. Mark Jennings. Lewis Walker. Phil Marion, 
iteve Mayo, Brent Norfieet, Mike Faucette, Robbie Bumette, Darryl Humbles, Lemont Phelps. FlfU". Row: Eric Kirby, Daron RuUedge, MeMn Gamer, Jeff McManus, Tim 
hoodie, Terrell Williams. Art Richmond, Jay Albright, Andy Keahon, Brian Foley. Chad Harrelson. Dylan Tait, Keith Mabe, Ben Lews, Steven Daub, Tim Clougherty, Tom 
Irichton, Steve Holeman. Jack DuVal, Scott Kemp. Russell Dove. Bobby Johnson, Monroe Patterson. Sixth Row: Mark Champagne, Travis Baker, Tracy Murphy, Kevin 
^ughlin. Tucker McNulty, Chad O'Neal. Tee Felton, Andrew Wiley. Rodney Sweet, Jeff White. Craig Brawley. Rosevelt Brooks. Andy Smith. Del Clark. Nick McNeil. Seventh 
tow: Shane Trotter, Mark Soloman, Quentin Mitchell, Stanley Cowen, Terry Foxx, Jeff Carroll. 


1 Savannah State College 34 

Livingston University 7 

Carson-Newman CoOege 17 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 14 

7 Presbyterian College 31 

17 Catawba College 35 

20 Gardner- Webb College 10 

2 1 Newberry College 28 
10 Wingate College 13 
10 Mars Hill College 17 

Sports 97 

Lady Christians on 
the Warpath 

The Lady Christians ended with a fairly good season. The key player throughout the year was senior Barbara Johnson. She started at forward 
and was always quick and alert on the court. But as we know, basketball isn't just a one-man ganne. There are five important parts of the team 
working together. Jana Silver, center, added to the strength of the team as the second highest scorer. We all know how important it is to get those 
2-point baskets, but Courtenay Buchanan, along with Laura Foster and Elizabeth Ward, dazzled the crowds with their field goal 3-pointers. As well 
as being good shooters, the Lady Christians also excelled in defense. These women finished the year with a final record of 1 1 wins, 14 loses. 

Above: Courtenay Buchanan is determined to take what is 
rightfully hers. Right Leading scorer Barbara Johnson is 
unstoppable as she focuses on sinking a bucket 

98 Sports 


The Lady Christians support one another as they take a short breather during a time-out. 

■^^■■MnP'- ,iil"!ii!'P'* ■"'!"'■""' ^^' 



-m r 

Front Row: Jennifer Clark, Monica Tate, Laura Foster, Jane Shuford, Courtenay Buchanan, hessie Thonnpson, Angie 
Padon, Tracy Shuford, Cheryl Spivey. Top Row; Angela Morton, Tina Mashburn, Maggie Derrick, Laura Case, Lynnice 
Joyner, Liz Ward, Christine Watkins, Kristin Jividen, Elizabeth Ward, Barbara Johnson, Cheryl Brewer, Coach Myers. 











High Point 












Francis Marion 
















Mars Hill 








Carson-Mewman 63 I 











Belmont Abbey 
























Mars Hill 








UNC-Greensboro 1 GO 1 





Sports 99 

irSTENSF. ■ ■ ■ 

With a record of 1 9- 1 in the 1 990 regular season and the knowledge that they will only graduate one senior, the Elon College Men's Basketball 
team can only be optimistic for next year. 

Following the leadership and flash of William Massenburg, the team filled Alumni Gym throughout the year. Massenburg finished his last 
regular season at Elon with an impressive 23-point game average. Will definitely proved his value to the team with his stats, but it may have been 
his inspiration which has started this team on its way. 

The leadership role now lies with the quick hands, feet and mind of point guard Wes Jones. Wes who dazzles the crowd and surprises his 
opponents with sharp passes will still be teaching us ball handling skills next year. It only takes one of these passes underneath to see 6'4" Pat 
Ceasar soar. Mot only did Pat crunch a few slams this year, but he also picked up more of a scoring role by improving his game average to 1 6 
points per game. 

Another player who is just starting to show his potential is Vernon Thompson. Vernon eased some of the pressure on Massenburg by making 
opponents fear his accuracy from 3-point land. One had to be weary of Vernon's 15-point average both inside and outside the key. 

While these players appear to have locked up starting roles in Elon's future, they should be driven by the intensity and desire of the other rising 
juniors and sophomores. Players like Anthony Akers, Pat Recio and Len Silvia will be there with their improved skills next year. 

Above: Junior Wes Jones pushes his way into a jam to win possession for Elon. Right 
Pat Ceasar flaunts his inside shot as the second leading scorer for the Christians. 

100 Sports 


Vernon Thompson, sophomore, blazes by his opponent as he heads for the goa 

Sports 101 


Final Record 





Mount Olive 




Belmont Abbey 












Barber Scotia 




High Point 




SL Andrews 




Newport Mews 




Atl. Christian 








Barber Scotia 








Atl. Christian 




•Mars Hill 












•Lenior Rhyne 




Barber Scotia 




•Gardner Webb 




•Carson Newman 




High Point 








•Mars Hill 











•Conference Game 

Above Right With his outstanding ball handling, 
Jones zooms by his opponent. 


Here is a face recognized by 
many Elon students — 
William Massenburg. He was 
a real crowd-pleaser as he 
dazzled the fans with his 
amazing talent. 

102 Sports 


Head Coach Bob Burton yells out signals to his team as he led them to an overall winning season. 

Front Craig Dickens, Wes Jones. Anthony Akers, William Massenburg. Len Silvia. David Jones, Steve Walker. Back: Larry Leonard, Bryan Ladimore, Vemon 
Thompson. Pat Ceasar, Desmond Knowles, Pat Recio, Bruce Galloway, William Bowen, Coach Burton. 

Sports 103 



Men s — BMOC Nelson Rowell. Jeff Davis. 
Arcfiie FYiest Vann Smith. Mike McCaty. 
Heath Hewitt, Kelly Holder. Dean Hering. 
Phil Marion. Tim Smith 

Women s — ZTA Alex HartnetL Amy Rich- 
ardson, Paige Carver, Beth Lowrey. Mikki 
Talbert, Lisa Perry. Amy Stone, Julie Cam- 


Kappa Sigma 

3 ON 3 

Men s — BOZ AAE Mike Genova, Brad Bow- 
man. Edward Boswell, Brian Brennan 


Men's — SIG EP Jeff Grizzard. Edward 
Boswell, Vic Medlin, Roger MacKay, Burt 
Repine. Mike Genova 

Singles - 


Vic Medlin 
- Vic Medlin/Ed Boswell 


Boswell. Mike Genova. Kevin Arnold. Vic 
Medlin, Matt Bernhard. Bert Repine, 
Scott Schiedt. Gabe Mardi 
Women's — ZTA Paige Carver. Alex 
Hartnett. Amy Richardson, Kelly O'Dare, 
Beth Joyce, Julie Cameron. Paula 
Crocco. Beth Lowery 

Bump! Set! Spike! 



Elon vs. Coastal Carolina 


Elon vs. Radford 


EJon vs South Carolina-Ajken 


Bonvs VCU 


EJon vs Carson-Newnan 


EJon vs. Catawba 


EJon vs. Guitford 


Elon vs. Meredith 


Elon vs. Methodist 


EJon vs. SL Andrews 


Elon vs. Presbytenan 


EJon vs. Lenoir-Rhyne 


EJon vs. H)gh Point 


EJon vs AtlantK Chnstian 


Elon vs Enxjry & Henry 


EJon vs Bluefield SL 


EJon vs. Milltgan 


EJon vs Carson-Mewman 


EJon vs. King CoUege 


EJon vs Maryville 


EJon vs Betmont-Abbey 


EJon vs Bait>er-Scoba 


EJon vs UfHC-G 


EJon vs. Mars Hill 


EJon vs Gardner-Webb 


EJon vs FrarKis Marxxi 


EJon vs Newberry 


EJon vs College of Charteslon 


EJon vs. Carson-Mewman 


EJon vs Wir>gate 


Elon vs Gardner-Webb 


Elon vs. Lenoir-Rhyne 


EJon vs Mars Hill 


EJon vs Presbyterian 



104 Sports 


William Massenburg 

William attended Wake Forest Rolesville High 
School. During his high school career, he played point 
guard on the basketball team. He was named 2A player 
of the year twice. Furthermore, he received the 
McDonald's Player of the Week, North Carolina Player 
of the Year, and was named to the North Carolina East- 
West All-Star team. 

Now at Elon, William is a crowd pleaser at all home 
basketball games. He was named MVP of the team in 
1988, and is working on a second title. He was also 
named to the All-Conference team, as well as, All- 


Joiin Wadsworth 

John is an all-around athlete. He played football and 
baseball during high school, and continues to do so 
while in college. He attended West Carteret High 
School in Morehead City, N.C. While in high school, he 
lettered in football and baseball three years. He was 
named All-East Quarterback, as well as set the record 
for yardage, touchdowns, completions, and attempts. 
And in baseball, he set the record for homeruns and 
stolen bases. Now at Elon, John started at quarterback 
for 2 years, and has made 2 trips to the NAIA World 

E-L-O-N . . . e-l-o-n 

The sound of Elon's name is echoing throughout the gym as the cheerleaders and stuntmen get the crowd psyched at the basketball games. And rest 
assured, those same enthusiastic cheerleaders and stuntmen are there, rain or shine, at all of the football games too! In a year when emphasis was strongly 
placed on school spirit Elon cheerleaders excelled. Under the supervision of their advisor, Gina Jones, the squad excited fans with new stunts and ear-catching 
cheers. Because fans only see the end product they do not realize how much hard work realty goes into those cheers. In fact a cheerleader practices about two 
to three hours a day. However, even though practicing these cheers time after time is exti-emely time consuming, and very exausting — they still manage to 
produce a smile tiTroughout every game, and during every over-time. Elon thanks all of you for your time, hard work, and support 


Above: Ted Atwill lifts Ashley Wilkes as they do their own imitation of playing "airplane". Above right Lisa Peny proves 
how important it is to be able to depend on your partner. Right Lets hear it for Mr. "Rghtin' Christian" himself 

106 Sports 


Left Rebecca McCuiston (Co-Captain) always wears a smile as she cheers Elon to victory. Above: Sam Thompson, Wendy 
Eilington, Ken Seek, and Kerri Hudzinski lead the crowd in the famous E-L-O-M cheer. 

Bob Corritore (Captain), Randall McFarland (Co-Captain), Ken Seek, Missy Allen, Ted Atwell, Sam Thompsa 
(Captain), DIone Ivey, Ashley Wilkes, Wendy Ellington, Rebecca McCuiston (Co-Captain) 

aren Wright, Kerri Hudzinski, Lisa Perry 

Sports 107 

Let's Hear it for School Spirit! 

School spirit can be 
shown in many different 
ways: painting your face, 
wearing school colors, 
cheering loud, or yelling at 
the referee. But seeing a 
bunch of people go outside 
to watch a baseball game 
when it's about 1 00 degrees 
outside — that's true spirit! 
Way to support your team 
despite the temperature. 



Here is a perfect way of using rec- 
reation for the good of others. The 
brothers of Sigma Pfii Epsilon de- 
cided to raise money for Muscular 
Distrophy by collecting donations for 
their hundred inning softball game, of 
charity. These young men started 
playing early in the morning and fin- 
ished well after dark. But it was all 
worth it . . . they raised over $1,000. 

108 Sports 

Mini Magazine 

Catching A Glimpse Of The World In '89 

Voyager capped its historic 4.43-billion-mile, 12-year tour of four planets when it skimmed 3,048 miles over Neptune's north pole in 
August, then dove past Triton, the planet's largest moon. Voyager was nearly 4.5 billion miles along a curving path that took it from 
3arth in 1977, past Jupiter in 1979, Saturn in 1981 and Uranus in 1986, and now past Neptune in search of the edge of the solar system. 

Mini Magazine 109 

The American Way 


(Pictured left) While President Bush visits 
Poland, he and Walesa give the "V" for 
victorv, a sign used by Solidarity. 

(Pictured below) The Goddess of 
Democracy was crushed by tanks in 
Tienanmen Square, Beijing, China during 
the freedom mo\'ement. 

(Pictured left) Millie, the First Family's 
Springer Spaniel, gave birth on St. Patrick's 
Day to four puppies at the White House 
beauty parlor. 

1 1 Mini Magazine 

Miss Missouri, Debbye Turner, was crowned Miss America 1990 this September. She 
gives the thumbs-up sign before tearfully walking the runway. Turner is the third 
black woman to get the crown. 


>*^ '*:^ » ' *• 

> ^, I 

The Supreme Court has limited the power 
of states to outlaw the desecration of the 
American flag. Justice William J. Brennan 
said, "We do not consecrate the flag by 
punishing its desecration, for in doing so 
we dilute the freedom that this cherished 
emblem represents." 

Mini Magazine 1 1 1 

Death . . . 

Leaving a trail of death and destruction across the Caribbean, Hurricane Hugo smashed into the coastal city of Charleston, South 
Carolina on September 22, 1989, Hugo's 135-mile-per-hour winds caused more than half a million people to flee and left 
thousands homeless. Emergency aid of $1.1 billion was approved by Congress, the largest disaster relief package ever. 

(Pictured on opposite page) A fiery explosion in a giant gun turret rocked the refitted battleship, U.S.S. Iowa, killing 47 sailors 
and injuring many others. 

112 Mini Magazine 

Mini Magazine 1 1 3 

. . . and Destruction 

(Pictured above) A catastrophic earthquake rocked 
Northern California, caving in bridges and freeways, 
igniting fires and causing damage to buildings. The 
quake registered 6.9 on the Richter scale. 

(Pictured right) The Exxon Valdez, a 987-foot tanker, 
gushed millions of gallons of thick crude oil into the 
Prince William Sound in Alaska. This is recorded as the 
largest oil spill in history. 

(Pictured on opposite page) United aircraft crashes 
during a land in Sioux City, Iowa. Of the 296 aboard, 
185 people survived. 

; / 

114 Mini Magazine 

Mini Magazine 115 

We bid a sad farewell 

(Pictured left) On June 13, 1989, Kareem gave us his last 
performance. At 42, he was the oldest player in NBA 

(Below) Cincinnati Reds Manager, Pete Rose, has been 
banned for life from baseball for betting on his own 

116 Mini Magazine 

(Left) Ferdinand E. Marcos 9/11/17 — 9/28/89 
(Below) Lucille Ball 8/6/11 — 4/26/89 

(Above) Sir Laurence Olivier (Above) Irvine Berlin 

5/22/07 - 7/1 1/89 5/1 1/1888 - 9/2/89 

(Left) Ayatollah Ruhollah 
Khomeini 9/23/02— 6/3/89 

Mini Magazine 1 1 7 

The agony of defeat 




^ f*- Wj^ 

(Upper Picture) More than 61,000 people fled Vietnam in (Above) Leaders of the seven most powerful Western nations 
the first eight months of this year. gathered in front of the Louvre Pyramid, while at an economic 

(Above) Mark Wellman, a paraplegic, climbed El Capitan 
a 3,300 foot mountain. 

1 1 8 Mini Magazine 


Linda Adamson 
Kimberly Adkins 
Tina Albright 
Katie Alley 
Gayle Arkwright 

William Armsrong 
Stacey Askin 
Kristina Avent 
Don Ayers 
David Baker 

Tracey Baker 
Tom Balkus 
Lawana Barefoot 
Julie Barton 
Kevin Barton 

Sto Belongia 

Kelly Benfer 

Ninette Bichner 

Jill Blake 

Joan Marie Blessington 

Karen Bock 
Edward Boswell 
Susan Bradsher 
Janet Braxton 
G. Briggs 

Robert Briskman 
Christie Brown 
Tiffany Brown 
Crystal Bryan 
Heidi Buckner 

Kathleen Burger 
Bill Burkett 
Susan Burris 
Jim Bush 
Mark Cabaniss 

Seniors 1 1 9 

Karen Cain 

Amy Cameron 

Michael Camp 

Malisa Campbell 

Dan Carlson 

Monique Caron 

Jeff Carter 

Donna Case 

Kathleen Caufield 

William Cavey 

Robin Cheek 

Melissa Chestnut 

Michael Chestnut 

Tammy Childress 

Christopher Clark 

Curtis Clark 

Kristin Clayton 

Jennifer Clegg 

Tim Colchin 

Angela Coley 

Mark Compton 

Sean Convoy 

Mark Covington 

Tracey Cooper 
Robert Carritore 

Joseph Cox 

Susan Cox 

Julie Cozart 

Jeanne Cradock 

Chandra Crawford 

Tim Crawley 

Leslie Creek 

Al Crosby 

Wendy Culbreth 

Lara Curtis 

120 Seniors 

Virginia Curtis 
Doug Davis 
Jeff Davis 
Stepfianie Dawkins 
Denese DeJerf 

John Denicola 
Deniese Denkinger 
Margaret Derrick 
Melissa Dexter 
Carol Anne Dickinson 

Tara Dosier 
David Dougbus 
William Drewry 
Sandy Ebelein 
James Edgerton 

Dawn Edwards 
Elizabeth Etheridge 
Tricia Etheridge 
Greg Euliss 
Erica Faison 

Michael Faucette 
Andrea Faulkner 
Eleanor Finger 
Hunter Fitts 
Melanie Fleming 

Brenda Fletcher 
Jan Flinchum 
Cyndi Flusz 
Molly Flynt 
Mike Frame 

James Frank 
Melissa Frank 
Katharine Friend 
Stephanie Galvagna 
Tammi Gamer 

Seniors 121 

Cathryn Gass 
Thomas Gast 
Susan Gates 
Mike Geneva 
Bruce Gilbert 

Jennifer Giles 

Brian Giikey 

Dan Glenn 

Sherri Gothorp 

David Graham 

Laura Graham 

Scott Graham 

David Grady 

Berry Gravitt 

Samantha Green 

Barri Greenberg 

Michael Greer 

Missy Graves 

Jennifer Gregory 

Brent Gribble 

Vickie Griffin 

Edward Grzelakowski 

Mark Haapaia 

Mae Haith 

Brooke Hall 

Jill D. Hall 

Brandi Hammeal 

Jeff Harden 

Emily Harmen 

Michael Harris 

John Harrison 

Sandra Harth 

Michelle Hawthorne 

Dorothy Hayes 

Kevin Henderson 

122 Seniors 

Vf -«► ^ 




Mary Henson 
Kevin Hife 
Stephen Higgins 
R. Hirton 
Atsuko Hiraoka 

Patrick R. Hobin 
Kim Hodowansky 
Meredith Hoffman 
R. Hoiliday 
Chris Holly 

Jimmy Hooper 
Cyndie Huber 
Todd Hudson 
Jack Humphrey 
John Humphries 

Gregory Hunter 
Carter Jarrett 
Deane Jessee 
Amy Johnson 
Barbara Johnson 

Karin Johnson 
Lori Johnson 
James Jones 
Lara Jones 
Autumn Jordan 

Michele Joyce 
Lynnice Joyner 
Tim Keenan 
Sandra Keever 
Lisa Kendrick 

Chris King 
Samyria King 
Bryan Kinsley 
Ricky Kirkland 
Melissa Klink 

Seniors 123 

Lee Knight 

Greg Ladd 

Holly Laine 

Elizabeth Lancaster 

Scott Layne 

Jennifer Lee 

Traci Lees 

John Lester 

Beth Lilienthal 

Clarinda Lofton 

David Loy 

Stephen Loy 

Chip Lupo 

Carin Lynch 

Robert Lynch 

Amy Mabry 

Terri Makers 

Kris Maraney 

John Marston 

David Mascitti 

Donna Mason 

George Massey 

Rena Mauldin 

Preston Mayo 

Mary McAuliffe 


Susan McCaffrey 

Jeffrey McCann 

Debbie McCormick 

Kimberly McCosh 

Robert McDaniel 

Randall McFarland 

David McKeller 

Barry McKinney 

Angela McLawhon 

Melissa McMahon 

124 Seniors 

Kristen McMillan 
Carole McMurry 
David Meeler 
Lisa Messer 
Marie Milliken 

Caria Mills 
Karen Mills 
Kimberly Mitchell 
Andrew Mobley 
Dominic Moerstedt 

Mari Molinari 
Ronald Moltenbrey 
William Monahan 
Monique May 
Kimberly Moore 

Stacey Morris 
Michele Morrison 
Jody Moseman 
Laine Mullen 
Pamela Mulloy 

Patricia Mulloy 
Phil Murdock 
Tim Murray 
Kathy Myers 
Cathy Meal 

Patricia Meal 
Terri Nelson 
Michael Nixon 
Lori Norwood 
Stephen Novey 

Ken Nuebler 
Bruce Nunn 
Rebecca Nutt 
Jim Nutter 
Elizabeth Nye 

Seniors 1 25 

Scott Oakes 

Annette Orbert 

Margie Osborne 

Jamie Owen 

Valerie Owen 

Susan Page 

Laurie Panas 

Debra Parrott 

Susan Pearce 

Roy Parks 

George Perry 

Julie Perry 

Lisa Perry 

Julie Phillips 

Tracy Pickett 

Dionne Pinto 
Michael Pitfick 
Melissa Poling 

Richard Pond 
Joseph Porter 

Tamara Porterfield 

Victoria Potter 

Tom Powell 

Christine Powers 

Archie B. Priest Jr. 

Larry Proctor 

Julie Prosser 

Ryan Quinn 

Lynne Rambo \ 

Jeffrey Rammit 

Robin Rapkin 

Matt Ramsen 

Ellen Reamy 

Rene Reilly 

James Ridings 

126 Seniors 


Gregory Riggs 
Daniela Rigutto 
Jan Rippeon 
Christopher Ritter 
Russell Lee Roach 

Keith Roberts 
Preston Robertson 
Wendy Rocknak 
Kristen Rosenheim 
Ian Ross 

Sharon Rothwell 
Elizabeth Michele Rowe 
Nelson Rowell 
Michelle Rudd 
Janie Rucker 

Stacia Sadler 
Kara Salmonsen 
Dwayne Sanders 
Bryan Sanderson 
Bill Sanford 

John Saunders 
Mindy Schneeberger 
Selina Sehroer 
Michael Schnackel 
Margaret Serridge 

Dathan Shows 
Karen Slotke 
Anastasia Smith 
Gary Smith 
Joy Smith 

Kirsten Smith 
Peter Smith 
Tim Smith 
Holly Sniffen 
Greg Spoat 

Seniors 127 

Michael Soliday 

Andrew Spage 

Jerry Sparrow 

Jeff Squire 

Terri Steadman 

Julie Steck 

Tammy Steen 

Kimberly Stephenson 

Karen Steward 

Thomas Stafford 

Scott Stewart 

Tracey Stott 

Christine Strickland 

Michael Sumner 

Douglas Sweeney 

Mari Ed Sweetman 

Nicki Talbert 

Michael Taylor 

Sean Taylor 

Nancy Thacker 

Chris Thatcher 

Susan Thomas 

Rhonda Tilley 

Greg Tobolski 

Lisa Toomer 

Stuart Townsend 

Karen Trader 

Michelle Trubica 

Sharon Turlington 

Cheri Turpin 

Ray Van Mess 

Sarah Vick 

Tracey Vilardi 

Jacquelyn Walker 

Samuel Walker 


128 Seniors 

Belinda Wall 
Christy Walsh 
Ann Ward 
Dawn Washington 
Orlando Washington 

Cathy Waters 
Wendy Waters 
Jeanne Watson 
Terri Wells 
Traci Wheeler 

Laura Wheelin 
Nick Whiting 
Karen Whitney 
Brian Wichern 
Anna Williams 

Kimberly Williams 
Milton Williams 
Amy Windham 
Doyle Wines 
Stephen Wingerter 

Marie Wingo 
Larissa Witt 
Michael Witt 
Regina Woelfle 
Daniel Worrell 

Katharina Grban 
Neal Vick 
Greg Zaiser 
Leslie Zeb 
Mark Zuskin 

Seniors 129 


J. Adams 

Kelly Adkins 

Steven Aiello 

Andrea Aleksic 

Gene Aleman , / ll 

Laurie Allen 

Melissa Allen 

Michael Anderson 

Michelle Anderson 

John Archer 

Beth Armbruster 

Kevin Arnold 

Mary Arthur 

Ted Atwell 

Pamela Austin 

Susan Auth 

Cynthia Bailey 

Marcy Bailey 

Elizabeth Baker 

Victoria Barbour 

David Barr 

Elizabeth Batterman 

Gina Beacham 

Ted Beal 

Cathy Bell 

Holly Bell 

Mary Beth Bentley 

Jenny Blake 

Emily Blalock 

Marti Blythe 

Angela Bostic 

Kelly Botterbusch 

Chris Bowers 

S. Bradshaw 

Beth Brannigan 

130 Juniors 

7fkir<,'''U^I^. Alexander E 
S^^*^-'-XraV^ Bart Brown 

Craig Brawley 
Grant Bridges 
John Brill 
Chris Brinkley 
Jennifer Broaddus 

Kathleen Brool^s 

Frank Brosnahan 

Alexander Brown 

Revonda Brown 
Wade Brown 
Chris Byrd 
Lynne Burnett 
Joseph Burgess 

Jennifer Bussey 
John Cahill 
Kimberly Cain 
John Callicutt 
Jeffrey Campbell 

Benjamin Cannon 
Monique Caron 
Suzanne Carrand 
Erin Carrigan 
David Carter 

Timbrel Carter 
Stephanie Cass 
Cecily Channer 
Amy Cheek 
Alexis Chipouras 

John Clark 
Christine Coffey 
Bridget Coll 
Joy Condon 
Ken Cooper 

Juniors 131 

Christopher Copsey 

Courtney Chewing 

Lynda Crabtree 

Darren Cranfili 

Pamela Ann Creech 

David Cunha 
Christine Cushman «^ 
Mariena Dare J*^ 

C. Davis 
Jordan Dawes 

Michael Diemer 

Heidi DePreiter 

Kristin DeSanto 

John DeVito 

Carolyn DiBeila 

Craig Dickens 

Wilma Dixon 

Donald Doherty 

Julie Dolak 

Tracy Drea 

Bob Drury 
Michele Dura 
S. Eller 
Sarah Emerson \ 
Ted Entwisle i 

Doug Eubanks 

Frank Fannon 

Jan Fardella 

Eddie Feather 

Colleen Fernan 

Omar Ferreira 

Wendy Ferrell 

Jay Filer 

Elizabeth Fisher 

Brian Foley 

132 Juniors 

Gregory Foster 
Scott Frail 
Susan Frederick 
Lori Freed 
Leigh Ann Frink 

Susan Fryar 
William A. Galloway III 
Thomas Gardner 
Rosalina Garrison 
Todd Gaul 

Jenny Gerami 
Ubby Gilliam 
Leah Beth Gingenich 
Kelly Gonteski 
Cristy Goodson 

Mark Grace 
Michael Grant 
Rebecca Grassie 
Travis Graves 
Sabra Gray 

Rich Green 
Alicia Greene 
Blaire Greer 
Laura Grill 
Julie Grossman 

Bryan Guilliams 
Scott Haley 
Dana Hall 
Karin Harkness 
Rebecca Harrelle 

Angela Harrellson 
Robert Hay 
Anna Heins 
Chad Hendricks 
Tamra Hennis 

Juniors 133 

Robert A. Herbert 

Carin Hess 

Malinda Hickman 

Tracie Hickman 

Vanessa Hightower 

Tim Hill 

Micheie Hilliard 

Tim Hitchcock 

Dayna Holley 

Mark Hopkins 

Kristie Hottinger 

Tara Houston 

Jerry Inge 

J. Jackson 

Marjorie Jefferson 

Erik Johnson 

Sandy Johnson 

Suzanne Johnson 

Ben Kaiser 

Bill Kapela 

Scott Kinkade 

Laura Kinney 

Desmond Knowles 

Brad Cokendolpher 

Tom Kosempa 

Susan Koser 

David Kuehl 

Victor Kukulinski 

Robert Lancaster 

Megan Law 

Lori LeBlanc 

Scotia Lee 

Matthew Leiker 

Tomlyn Leverington 

Rebecca Liles 

134 Juniors 

Connie Long 
David Long 
Linda Looney 
Angela Luck 
Kati Mafko 

John Marsy 
D. Martin 
Sandy Mascaii 
Loiethia McAuley 
Daniel McDonald 

Danielle McNew 
Meiinda Measamer 
K. Brian Merritt 
Jennifer Myers 
Ari Miller 

Jean Miller 
Eric Minehart 
Mark Mineroldi 
Antwinette Mitchell 
James Montague 

Lauren Montanaro 
Thomas Moorman 
James A. Morgan IV 
Julia Morris 
Lori Motley 

Bridget Murray 
Jennifer Muskus 
Steve Mesbitt 
Todd Nichols 
Thomas Nikles 

Amy Nixon 
David Noffsinger 
William Norris 
Michelle Nucholls 
Traci O'Dell 

Juniors 135 

Lisa Olgers 
Scarlett Orenstein 
Tommy Padgett ^^ 
Angle Padon tty\ 
Mark Parker ^^,\^ 

Gray Patterson 

Jennifer Patton 

Liza Payne 

Rebecca Payne 

Sally Payne 

Dawn Pearson 

Leslie Pedersen 

Patrick Pfuhl 

Sam Phillips 

Kelly Potter 

David Power 
Franklin Pugh 

Angle Pendleton 
Alyssa Person 

Tracey Ragsdale 

Kelly Ray 

Chris Raymond 

Kristen Reed 

Robert Reed 

Etta Reyes 

Al Riddick 

Theresa Riley 

Jeff Robertson 

Romy Rockiin 

Diane Rodden 

Peter Rosenbaum 

Heather Roth 

Candice Rotolo 

Laura Roundtree .?^^J^*.=^J;^^^<i 

Tncia Rush 

136 Juniors 


■ / 

1^ ^ 


Sherry Sadowski 
Kara Salmonsen 
Mark Sample 
Annette Saunders 
John Scalley 

Angela Scearce 
Todd Schaffer 
Scott Scheldt 
Aileen Scott 
Jill Scott 

Timmy Selquist 
Sandra Sharpe 
Lee Shields 
Mark Shelton 
Von Shepard 

Bryan Sherwood 
Robin Shotwell 
Michelle Shreve 
Charles Shultz 
Suzanne Simpson 

Steva Sims 
Trey Siner 
Dawn Smith 
Kimberly Smith 
Van Smith 

Brian Snedy 
Rick Snyder 
Shannon Spainhour 
Stuart Sterling 
Kevin Stone 

Courtney Stokes 
Amy Stone 
Kirstin Stump 
Andrea Suber 
Kelli Sweeney 

Juniors 137 

Lisa Swezey 

Garnett Taylor 

Michael Teixeira 

Jana Telford 

Susan Tellman 

Melissa Temple 

Alisa Thomas 

Marvin Thompson 

Robert Tigani II 

BIythe Tignor 

E. Douglas Tignor Jr. 

William Todd 

Tricia Tonyes 

Theodore Toomer 

Susan Trageser 

Sam Trelinski 

Rob Tripp 

Amanda Tugman 

Steven Turner 
Laurel Gnderwood 

Blaine Vajda 

Tiffany Van Every 

Anne Walker 

Carol Walker 

Melanie Wallace 

Lisa Wallin 
Kerry Walsh 

Tracy Walz 

Cindy Watterson 

Kelly Weeks 

Paul Wheeler 
Jeffery White 
Dwight White 
Heather Whitehouse 
Zack Whitley 

1 38 Juniors 

Angela Whitley 
Pam Wiggins 
Kristie Williams 
Anna Wood 
Allen Woods 

Kathleen Woods 
Suzanne Woods 
Evey Wooten 
Laura Wreford 
Matt Wright 

Juniors 139 


Tracie Ablard 

Denise Adams 

Karen Adderly 

Syed Akbar 

Anthony Akers 

Jay Albright 

Brian Allen 

Melissa Allen 

Theresa Allison 

Kimberly Allred 

Kevin Anderson 

Kim Anderson 

Michele Anderson 

Charity Apple 

Amanda Arbanas 

M^ •^ 


W^ ^>t 


'^^^^^ > flV 



Tamatha Artigliere 

Scott Athen 

Cynthia Bailey 

Rudy Baker 

Matthew Balberde 

John Barnhill 

Debbie Baskin 

Kevin Baughn 

Annie Bauhan 

Kelli Ann Bayerle 

Bret Becker 

Catherine Beckham 

Chris Bell 

Darren Benfer 

Lydia Bevin 

Lori Blanchard 

Jennifer Boice 

Cindy Booth 

Stacy Boswell 

Kristian Botts 


1 40 Sophomores 

Michelle Bowden 
Steven Bowman 
Kristine Brand 
Elizabeth Breeden 
Alex Brenner 

John Brophy 
Hulen Brown 
Philip Brown 
Robin Bryan 
Susan Bunnell 

Jay Burke 
Nichole Burke 
Stacey Burns 
Jennifer Byron 
Bart Cade 

Julie Cameron 
Todd Carr 
Kathy Cashmark 
Kathleen Chambers 
Dorian Clark 


'- A 


^ 1 

Janie Clark 
^ Megan Clark 
"" Tim Clougherty 
J Raquel Coulboum 
Deborah Coleman 

TS* s~ 


Mike Coleman 
Jane Covington 
Jennifer Cowman 
Leigh Curtis 
James Dahl 

Derrick Dalton 
Holly Dalton 
Dawn Darnall 
Page Dame 
Steven Daub 

Sophomores 1 4 1 

Kevin Daugherty 

James Davis 

Shari Davis 

Steven Davis 

Amanda Deck 

Leslie Devaney 

Robert Deviney 

Hartley Dewey 

Patrick Dillon 

Donald Dilzer 

Danny Dolan 

Danielle Dolan 

Janet Dolan 

Andrew Domino 

Alexander Donaldson 

Darcie Donkerbrook 

Arthur Dornik 

Matt Douglas 

Shannon Dowdey 

Camron Dudley 

Angela Durham 

Andrew Ellen 

Lynn Elliott 

Heather Ellis 

Stacy Emel 

Robyn Evers 

Wendy Ezzell 

Steve Felt 

Michael Ferris 

Kimberly Fields 

Christin Fitzsimmons 

Ellen Ford 

William Fornoff 

Gloria Foster 

Joseph Francis 

142 Sophomores 

Paige Frazier 
Juandalynn Freeman 
Amber Fritz 
Jane Frye 
Chris Fulk 

Mark Garland 
Dennis Gaskins 
Kristine Geriack 
Gregory Gilbert 
Leslie Gribble 

Jennie Girardet 
Stephanie Glass 
Dave Glasscock 
Russ Groh 
Randy Grimson 

Steven Grubb 
Elizabeth Grubbs 
Scott Gully 
Julie Gum 
Jennifer Halanych 

Kelly Hall 

Deanna Hansbrough 
Julie Handy 
Becky Hansen 
Glenn Harrelson 

Kimberly Harris 
William Harris 
Nora L. Hefty 
Craig Hennessee 
Todd Hensley 

Evan Henoch 
William Hershey 
John Henwood 
Lora Hildreth 
Josh Hill 

Sophomores 143 

Mark Hill 

Jerald Hobbs 

Alison Hoefer 

Amy Hoey 

Brett Holland 

Katie Holmes 

Robert Holston 

Jonathan Hoover 

Kimberly Houck 

Kristi Hunt 

Wendy Isicson 

Dione Ivey 

Elizabeth Janes 

Chad Jenkins 

Jennifer Jennings 

Ben Johnson 

Heather Johnson 

Michael Johnson 

Rebecca Johnson 

Ashley Jones 

Eric Jones 

Teresa Keck 

William Keene Jr. 

Jeff Kent 

Kayleen Keneally 

Pat Keneally 

Susan Kerr 

Michael Kierner 

Brian King 

Ashlee Kirby 

David Kline 

Heather Kline 

Isa Lamerton 

Bryan Landen 

Chad Lanier 

144 Sophomores 

Tim Lanning 
Eliabeth Lanou 
Michele Larrance 
Steven Lavin 
Natalie Lavoie 

Dallas Lawrence 
Jessica Lembach 
Lindee LeNoir 
Ben Lewis 
Sharon Lilly 

Chrissy Lippard 
Kara Lee Little 
Tom Lowe 
Beth Lowery 
Jennifer Lynch 

Julie Lynch 
Keith Mare 
James Marshall 
Tina Mashburn 
Shelly Mason 

Eric Mast 
Michelle May 
Christi McAdams 
Kelli McBride 
Elisa McConochie 

Suzanne McCrary 
Lee McDaniel 
Kelly McDonal 
Robert McGowan 
Chris McMichael 

Shondra McMullen 
Bernadette McMichol 
Eddie Meadows 
Amy Melander 
Siobhan Mellett 

Sophomores 145 

Jeffrey Merrifield 

Mary Mikelskas 

Cathy Miller 

Jeffery Miskell 

Michele Mitchell 

Steven Moize 

Trevor Moon 

Tara Mori 

B. Moore 

Thurman Moore 

Michele Mueller 
Tara Murphy 
Emily Murray 

Resa Naccarato 
Michael Neal 

Mary Neill 

Jeremy Mewcomb 

Tom Mewman 

Shawn Mewton 

Kathy Nicol 

Tom Nielson 

Ashley Milkes 

Erin O'Connor 

Kelly ODare 

Carole Oliver 

Lisa O'Neill 

Lauren Ounjian 

David Owen 

Tim Pacitto 

Crystal Parks 

Shelly Parsons 

William Pearman 

Angle Penland 

Jacqueline Pennington 

J. Phillips 

146 Sophomores 


J. Pierce 
Michael Pici<ney 
Cynthia Pinelli 
John Prescott 
Rachael Pruett 

Blair Purser 
Jeff Queen 
Susan Raby 
Carolyn Ramspert 
Lisa Ratiiff 

Todd Reed 
Elizabeth Reebals 
Ken Reeves 
Becky Reimer 
Madge Revell 

Kimberly Rhorer 
Tricia Ann Ricco 
Boo Rigsbee 
Stacey Riley 
Julie Rivard 

Karen Robins 
Eddie Rodriguez 
Hilary Rowe 
Leonard Rowe 
Christopher Ruck 


Serena Rutrough 
Jim Schlossnagle 
Carol Scott 
Kirsten Seller 
Kimberly Self 

Elvin Shelton 
Kelly Shelton 
Brooke Sherrill 
Patsy Shorter 
Stephanie Shepherd 

Sophomores 147 

Karia Simmons 

Ric Simmons 

Krister Simms 

Steven Simons 

Chiarles Sistare 

Todd Skillman 
Wendy Sloan 
Ashley Smith 
Carter Smith 
Carter Smith 

Dia-Dianne Smith 

David Smith 

Matthew Smith 

Russ Smith 

Valerie Smith 

Frederick Snowden 

Janice Spangier 

Mike Sterling 

Sonia Stevens 

Penny Stevenson 

Laura Stevenson 

Lance Stewart 

Thomas Stewart 

Nancy Stockdell 

Jennifer Stone 

Michael Stott 

Anne Streeter 

David Strother 

Leesa Sutton 

Lorraine Swallow 

Jennifer Sykes 

Tricia Talbert 

Bonita Terry 

Christopher Thompson 

Rebecca Tomlinson 

S^ K 

148 Sophomores 

Tamy Torain 
Erik Towsend 
rHicole Tubbs 
Barkue Tubman 
Donna Tucker 

Bethany Turman 
Kameron Turner 
Mark Turner 
Lori Tyler 
Sharon (Jzzell 

Roger Vallejos 
Tracie Vicks 
Michael Vidnovic 
Lisa Viohl 
Catherine Walker 

Samuel Walker 
Steve Walker 
Heather Waters 
Kerri Watson 
Gray West 

Shawn West 
Rob Whiteside 
Diane Wiesler 
Heather Williamson 
Kimberly Willard 

Ronald Willard 
Mike Williams 
Kevin Williams 
Laura Wilsman 
Russell Witcher 

Maria Wolf 
Laurie Wommack 
Karen Wright 
Heather Yeiser 
Tony York 

Sophomores 1 49 

Anne Yuckel 
Marcy Zera . 
Mark Zolkowski \ 

1 50 Sophomores 


Nicole Ward 
Beth Adams 
Christine Albertazzi 
Shannon Albertson 
Melissa Allen 

A. Arakelian 
Raul Arole 
Jennifer Atkins 
Billy Austin 
Stacey Ayers 

Travis Baker 
Erin Barkley 
Kimberly Barkman 
Michael Benle 
Sherrill Beane 

William Beardslee 
Michael Beck 
Elvira Becker 
Mindy Bedsaul 
Kevin Beale 

Andrea Bell 
Sheri Benner 
David Bennett 
Shane Berry 
Sohaib Bhatti 

Richard Bishop 
Sebastian Blackman 
Keri Blair 
Susie Blanchfield 
Lori Blossman 

Vicki Boggs 
William Booker 
Stephanie Botfield 
Michele Bonnett 
Liese Bouknight 

Freshmen 151 

Dan Bowers 

Qeoff Bowman 

Mike Boyd 

Leanne Breithaupt 

Charmin Britt 

Katie Brock 
Bianca Brock-Smith 

Beth Brown V 
Christie Brown \ 
Erin Brown • 

Virginia Brown 

Warren Brown 

Wilmer Brown 

Amy Buck 

Kristy Bumgarner 

Chris Bunch 

Jill Burket 

Kathryn Burkhardt 

Loren Burlando 

Chris Burger 

Katherine Burley 

Valerie Burrows 

H. Christine Byers 

Maureen Byrnes 

Susan Cappel 

Jacqueline Carliss 

Amy Carowan 

Beth Carr 

Kelley Carrigan 

Marie Cartwright 

Laura Case 

Dina Castanas 

David Caton 

Ronald Childers 

Catherine Christie 


1 52 Freshmen 

Kimberly Cinelli 
Jenifer Clancy 
Del Clark 
Jennifer Clark 
Johnatfian Clark 

Andrew Clover 
Ann Cockrell 
Sam Colbert 
Lisa Cole 
Todd Coleman 

Meg Combs 
Jofin Comey 
^ Scott Compton 
1 Kenneth Cook 
Allison Cooke 

Patricia Cooney 
Monika Copper 
Amber Correll 
Stanley Cowan 
Kent Cowen 

Michael Crabtree 
April Craft 
Carter Crews 
May Crews 
Dorene Crimi 

Scott Cross 
Gregg Cuesta 
Carrie Daku 
K. Keith Dalke 
Dawn Daugaard 

Joanne Davis 
Joseph Davis 
Lizanne Davis 
Tanya Davis 
Rosa Day 

Freshmen 153 

Denise Decker 

Rebecca Deckert 

Susan DeFrees 

Scott Decker 

Erwin De Los Santos 

John Denning 

Candice D'ltalia 

Tanya Diller 

Eddie Dixon 

Linda Dixon 

Ray Dixon 

AAariiyn Doss 

Russell Dove 

Charlotte Drew 

Toby Drysdale 

Loren Duffey 

Thomas Duffy 

Laura Dunham 

David Dunkeriey 

Patricia Durkin 

Cara Durr 

Michelle Eadie 

Lori Easom 

Tandie Ebrahimi 

Amy Edwards 

Kerry Ehlers 

Amy Eldridge 

Beth Elias 

Nancy Ellington 

Jeff Ellison 

Rachel Esposito 

Shellea Ewig 

Micole Farkas 

Liz Fassbender 

Tara Faulkner 






154 Freshmen 

Scott Farfone 
Douglas Firman 
John Flippin 
Hillarie Fogel 
Mark Foley 

Troy Ford 
John Fordi 
Fae Foster 
Laura Foster 
Cheryl Fowler 

Megan Fravel 
Holly Freimark 
Missy Frick 
Bobby Frye 
Rita Gallagher 

Melvin Garner 
Leigh Gavin 
Christopher Gayner 
Kristen Gentile 
Marc Gentile 

Robert Gerhardt 
Michelle Giaquinto 
Patrick Gillman 
Chris Gilmore 
Whitney Gischel 

Kevin Gleiser 
Christine Gowen 
J. Melissa Gragg 
Deborah Grant 
Jason Graves 

Leslie Graves 
Stefany Graves 
Kristin Greene 
Kara Gregson 
Edward Grey 

Freshmen 155 

Brian Gribble 

Steed Griffin 

Robin Grimnn 

Jodi Anne Guella 

John Guilford 

David Hagilaizou 

Graham Hall 

Tim Hail 

Andrew Halsey 

Caria Handrinos 

Matthew Hanl<inson 

Tony Harahan 

Kristy Hardy 

Dawn Harker 

Melissa Harrell 

Bradford Harrison 

P. Harrison 

Margaret Harter 

John Harvisan 

Mary Harwell 

William Hassell 

Lisa Helms 

Tracey Helton 

Donald Henry 

Stephen Herbster 

Scott Evans Herrington 
Roger Hermodsson 

Emma Hicldngbotham 
Scott Hicks 
William Hill 

Diana Ho 

Greg Hobaugh 

Jon Hodges 

James Holcombe 

Yolanda Hood 

156 Freshmen 

Drew Hook 
Kristin Hordyke 
Russell Horner 
Mary Beth Hosea 
Danny Howard 

Susan Howard 
Chris Howell 
Dunchan Howell 
Kerrie Hudzinski 
Kelly Hughes 

Shannon Hughes 
Cherie Hubbel 
William Iddings 
Thomas iorio 
Steven Isom 

Lynn Jackson 
S. Jafri 
Katie James 
Anthony Jeffreys 
Kelli Jeffries 

Laura Lee Jeffries 
Kathy Jennings 
L.T. Jennings 
D. Jenson 
Kristin Jividen 

Jennifer Johnson 
A. Johnson 
Ginger Johnson 
Steve Johnson 
Deborah Jones 

Herman Jones Jr. 
Jason Jones 
Kirstin Jones 
Sara Joyner 
Jeanette Jurkiewicz 

Freshmen 157 

Natalie Kaczanowski 

Meredith Kardash 

Brian Karfonta 

Kenneth Karpowicz 

Jeff Karr 

Jill Kaufman 

Mike Keasey 

Lauren Kelly 

Karia Kemble 

Andy Kemp 

Kristie Kienzle 

Francis Kim 

Robert Kirchner 

Kathy Kirkman 

Kristin Kirschner 

Stephanie Kish 

Susan Kline 

Jason Koch 

Erik Koestenblatt 

Terry Kohles 

Andrew Kombaugh 

Andy Konikowski 

Kimberly Kotula 

Kathy Kouten 

Natalie Kreitzer 

Jon Kreusch 

Carol Kunsak 

Loren Kurzweii 

Libby Lang 

Evangeline Lailas 

Chris Larsen 

Matthew Laudadio 

Melissa Laughlin 

Deeann Layman 

Alien ilayne 

158 Freshmen 

Lisa Leckert 
Kathryn Lee 
Harvey LeGrant 
Donna Leigh 
Valerie Leininger 

Susan Lennon 
Laura Leo 
Keith Leonard 
Laurice Leone 
Angel Lewis 

Stephen Lindemeyer 
Kristin Lindich 
Suzanne Little 
Paula J. Livingston 
Jennifer Lowery 

Stephen Loy 
Randy Lyon 
Tiffany Luther 
Diana Madsen 
Joe Mahan 

James Mahoney 
Kree Mairs 
Lynn Malkus 
Renee Manning 
Edward Marsh 

Krystal Martin 
Susan Martin 
Wendy Martin 
Cornelius J. Mays 
Lauren Mazzola 

C. McCalley 
Kara McCarthy 
Kristen McClure 
John McCoy 
Christine McDonald 

Freshmen 159 

Kelly McKeone 

John McLean 

Michelle McMahan 

Roger McMinn 

Henry McNeilley 

Kara McQueen 

Cynthia Meadows 

Michelle Meegan 

Kristin Meeker 

Christopher Meffe 

Steve Messinetti 

Kristen Meyer 

Michelle Mich 

Allison Miller 

Carrie Miller 

Craig Miller 

Jodi Miller 

Kimberly Miller 

Quentin Mitchell 

Mike Mockoviak \ 

Michael Mooney 

Bobbie Moore 

Dana Moore 

Richard Moore 

John Morel 

Sarah Morrill 

Susan Morris 

Anne Mullally 

Charles Myers 

Lisa Naatjes 

Keith Meus 

Janet New 

Norman Newburn 

Karen Nichols 

Pamela Nichols 

160 Freshmen 

Stephanie Nichols 
Huy Nguyen 
Martin Noble 
Allison Novey 
Aileen O'Leary 

John Owellette 
Monika Ousley 
/Aissy Owens 
Evan Oxley 
Erik Palmer 

Jody Parker 
Kristen Pasquinelli 
Sylvia Passantino 
Melanie Patterson 
David Paxton 

Patrick Payne 
Scarlet Peachey 
Chris Peden 
Tara Peeples 
Jennifer Peer 

Laura Perkins 
Jeremy Petty 
Thomas Phelps 
Denise Picarelli 
Lee Piccirillo 

Lisa Pickett 
Tracy Pile 
Ashley Pippin 
Anita Pittman 
Carmen Pittman 

Mark Poland 
Phillip Powell 
Shawna Powell 
Mark Prescott 
David Preston 

Freshmen 161 

Denise Price 

Jeff Pritchard 

Domenic Provenzano 

Jennifer Prucha 

Megan Puffenbarger 

Laura Ramsay 

Stephanie Ramsay 

Michelle Randall 

Joanna Rauh 

Tom Renner 

Lisa Reynolds 

Olivia Rhodes 

Robert Rice 

Daniel Ridley 

Andrea Riffe 

Jennifer Riley 

Shannon Riley 

Lindsay Robinson 

Rebekah Rogers 

Robin Rohn 

Kevin Roley 

Rob Rose 

Andrea Ross 

Stephen Roudolph 

Todd Routzahn 

Shannon Rush 

Sarah Russing 

Leslie Ryan 

Tim Sadler 

John Sample 

Lawrence Sarmiere 

Stephanie Saunders 

Kim Schablein 

Alexander Schnnbacher 

Jennifer Schneider 

162 Freshmen 

f » J 

V I 

k ^ 

Susanne Schuch 
Michelle Scott 
Anna Semas 
.; Daniel Shaner 
► Mark Shannon 

Sara Shannon 
Robert Shaub 
Sonja Sheffiel 
Jeremy Shelton 
Kimberly Shelton 

Wendy Shelton 
Gary Short 
Kevin Lee Shytle 
Tracey Shuford 
Tania Sieks 

Lennie Silvia 
Melissa Smee 
Allison Smith 
Amy Smith 
Angle Smith 

Pam Smith 
Philip Smith 
William Smith 
Jennifer Smithdeal 
Cheryl Snowden 

Candice Snider 
Holly Soderquist 
Chad Solomonson 
Vanessa Sora 
Julie Sowers 

Kristie Sowers 
Beth Sparling 
Greg Speed 
Val Spencer 
Bill Spitz 

Freshmen 163 

Timothy Stephenson 

Harry Stewart 111 

Marcus Stewart 

Amy Stinson 

Tommy Stitt 

Robert Stratton 

Corinne Strouse 

Jacqueline Stubblefield 

Shannon Sullivan 

William Sweatt 

Karin Sweet 

Rodney Sweet 

Deborah Tait 

Stephanie Tailent 

Mary Tamberino 

Jordana Tansey 

Ange Tatterson 

Holly Taulbee 

Jill Taylor 

Michael Taylor 

M. Thomas 

Mary Ellen Thomas 

Richard Thomas 

Will Thomason 

Anissa Thompson 

Jennifer Thompson 

Jennifer Tibbitts 

Elizabeth Tisdale 

Brett Toomey 

Micole Toore 


Kevin Townsend 

Kris Towers 

Shane Trotter 

Richard (JIasewich 

Melanie Urban 


1* ^-v. 


164 Freshmen 

Jeff Vales 
Jennifer Vann 
Luis Velez 
Olivier Velton 
Brian Von Herbulis 

Ashley Wade 
Rocco Wadsworth 
William Walker 
Kristin Walker 
Steve Walker 

Douglas Wallace 
Elizabeth Ward 
Janice Ward 
Michael Waters 
Parker Waters 

Christine Watkins 
Darryl Watlington 
Gregory Watlington 
Alison Webb 
John Wecht 

Denise Weguehery 
Todd Welch 
Mark Wheeler 
Aprile White 
Jessica Whitehurst 

Gayle Whitelaw 
Carlton Whittle 
Jennifer Williams 
Kimberly Williams 
Michelle Wimbrow 

Cambra Wine 
Chifonda Wingate 
Sara Wolfe 
Leighe Ann Woods 
David Woolwine 

Freshmen 1 65 

Ginger Wray 

Megan Yost 

Susan Younce 

Anthony Young 

Dawn Young 

Misty Younger 

Lea ZIobro 

Mark Zombro 

Rebecca Zuspan 







Faculty and Staff 

Jerome Adams 

Jimmie Agnew 

Andrea Albertson 

Mark Albertson 

Rahim Amir 

David Atkins 

Martin Baker 

Robert Barrett 

Glenda Beamin 

Rhonda Belton 

Jennings Berry 
Warren Board 

1 66 Freshmen 




^«?* «■ 


Lydia Berry 
Lamar Bland 
Joanmarie Blessington 
Anne Bolin 
Wilhelmina Boyd 

Regina Breuer 
Rob Brewer 
Janie Brown 
Chalmers Brumbaugh 
Pam Brumbaugh 

L'Tanya Burch 
Michael L Calhoun 
Nira Carter 
V Brookes Cates 
' Carole Chase 

Eric Childress 
Jeffrey Clark 
Melissa Clark 
Faye Conally 
Brenda Cooper 

Betty Covington 
Ray Covington 
Barbara Cox 
Ann Crawford 
Phyllis Creech 

Earl Danieley 
Deborah Danley 
Donna DeWoody 
Maureen Dougherty 
Jon Drtima 

Tom Eanes 
Peggy Eliason 
Helen Ellington 
Robert Ellington 
Jane Ferrell 


William Frederick 
Gerald Gibson 
Doris Gilliam 
Eugene Gooch 
Don Grady 

Faculty and Staff 167 

Bill Grubbs 

Bradley Hamm 

Lou Harper 

Leon Hart 

Clay Hassard 

Priscilla Haworth 

Richard Haworth 

Nancy Henley 

Stephen Hester 

Wayne Hicks 

Rebecca Highsmith 

Maryann Inabnit 

James Johnson 

Alston Jones 

Gina Jones 

Rick Jones 

Connie Keller 

Terri Kirchen 

Oscar Lansen 

Larry Leonard 

Sue Leonard 

William Long 

Judy Loy 

Felicia Massey 

Rebecca Matthews 

Angela May 

Carol McBane 

Richard McBride 

Larry McClain 

Tim McDowell 

Barbara Mebane 

Susan Minton 

John Mitchell 

Bill Morningstar 

Tracy Murray 

Jackie Myers 

F. Brian Mewton 

Susan Nicassio 

Eugene Oliver 

Kevin O'Mara 

\ -t T < « J I 

\ A 



168 Faculty and Staff 

James Pace 
Tom Parham 
Nan Perkins 
Barbara Plumblee 
Bob Poindexter 

Elbert Pritchard 
Lee Proctor 
Rita Pullium 
George Rasmussen 
Lela Faye Rich 

William Rich 
Qerardo Rodriguez 
Janie Salter 
Elaine Scarlett 
Prisciila Schlabach 

Ray Nathan Shard 
Lawrence Simon 
Lewis Simpson 
Sandra Smith 
Larry Stephens 

Lucille Stone 
John Sullivan 
Jamie Talley 
Karen Thompson 
Scott Thomson 

Carole Troxler 
Larry Waller 
Sharon Walters-Bower 
Linda Weavil 
Cheryl Whitesell 

Roy Whitaker 
Alan White 
Catherine Williams 
Jo Watts Williams 
Michael Williams 

Terry Williams 

Kyle Wills 

Chris Worst 

James Fred Young (President) 

Faculty and Staff 169 



ABEL PAUL 2100 Helmwood CL Vienna. VA 22180 
ABLARD. TRACIE 15517 Wembrough St, Silver Spnng. MD 20904 
ADAMS. DEMISE 370 Beverly Rd.. Camp Hill. PA 1701 1 
ADAMS. EUZABETH 65 Stetson Rd.. Ringwood, MJ 07456 
ADAMS. JERRY 3300 Rock Quarr> Rd,. Raleigh. NC 27610 
ADAMS. STEPHAMIE 1723 Aftonshire Dr.. Greensboro, NC 27410 
ADAMSOM, UNDA 439 West Pine Ave., Wildwood, NJ 08260 
ADDAMS, DAVID 721 Oak Hill Dr,, Boiling Spnngs, PA 17007 
ADDERLEY, KAREN 443 N W 19th Ave.. Fort Lauderdale. FL 3331 1 
ADKINS. KELLY 1 700 South Banery Dr.. Richmond. VA 23222 
ADKINS. KIMBERLY 140 Windmill Ridge Rd.. ChnsUansburg. VA 

ADORIAN. STEPHEN 3001 East Domer Cir . Raleigh. NC 27606 
AHALT. BROOKS 5940 Poole Rd . Jefferson. MD 21755 
AIELLO. STEVEN 17 North CL. Hillsdale. NJ 07642 
AKBAR. SYED 30. Westndge • 1 Rawawpindi. Palustan 
AKERS. ANTHONY P.O Box 146. Dublin. VA 24084 
ALBERT AZZI. CHRISTINE 7504 South Reach Dr .. Fairfax Station. VA 

ALBERTSON. ANDREA RO Box 954. Elon College. NC 27244 
ALBERTSON. SHANNON PO, Box 954. Elon College. NC 27244 
ALBRIGHT. DONA P.O. Box 642. Mebane. NC 27302 
ALBRIGHT. JAY Route 2, Box 75-A Bennett. NC 27208 
ALBRIGHT. JOHNNY 161 1 Swepsonville Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
ALBRIGHT, TINA 415 Wirsing Ave,, Greensburg, PA 15601 
ALDERMAN, KEVIN PO, Box 31 1. Rose Hill, NC 28458 
ALDCXIS, SCOTT 2817 Blanche Dr,, Burlington, NC 27215 
ALDRIDGE. PATRICIA 235 West Elm SL. Graham, NC 27253 
ALEKSIC, ANDREA 106 Allison Way. Gary. NC 2751 1 
ALEMAN. GENE 1316 Gardencresl Cir.. Raleigh. NC 27609 
ALEXANDER. EDfTH 523 Shadowbrook Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
ALFIERI. MARK 27 Wyckham Rd.. Spnng Uike Heights. NJ 07456 
ALLAN. BRETT P.O. Box 44. Kanengo. Lilongwe 4. Malav^i, CF 

ALLEN. BRENDA 2513 Femdale Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
ALLEN. BRIAN Post Office Box 421 . Haw River. NC 27258 
ALLEN. KIMBERLY 315 Forestview Dr.. Elon College. NC 27244 
ALLEN. LAURIE 3524 Brentwood Cir.Gastonia. NC 28054 
ALLEN. MAUREEN 1206 Westbrook Ave.. Elon College. NC 27244 
ALLEN. MEUSSA Route 6. Box 389. Burlington. NC 27215 
ALLEN. MELISSA Route 4. Box 167 Buttonwood Dr.. Hillsborough. 

NC 27278 
ALLEN. MEUSSA 308 Maple Ave.. Reidsville. NC 27320 
ALLEY. KATIE 632 Cedar Lane. Reidsville. NC 27230 
ALUSON. THERESA Box 235-A Twinbrook Dr.. Clemmons. NC 

ALLRED. KIMBERLY P.O. Box 754. Macos Co 81328 
ALVERSON. ROBIN 2236 Lacy St. Burlington. NC 27215 
AMAN. THOMAS 4423 North 33rd SI. Arlington. VA 22207 
AN. MICHAEL 3410 Mansfield Rd . Falls Church. VA 22041 
AN. TONY 3410 Mansfield Rd.. Falls Church VA 22041 
ANDERSON. KEVIN 16 Forest Dr.. Flemington. NJ 08822 
ANDERSON. KIM 151 Avenue B,. Holbrook, NY 1 1741 
ANDERSON, MICHAEL 5312 Watereiew Dr , Rockville, MD 20853 
ANDERSON, MICHELE 1818 Natchez Trace, Greensboro, NC 27408 
ANDERSON, MICHELLE Route 4. Box 177. Amelia. VA 23002 
ANDERSON. SCOTT Route 1 1. Box 68. Burlington. NC 27215 
ANDERTON. DAVID Route 1. Box 85-11. EHand. NC 27243 
ANDREWS. BR\Ati 4375 SpilNvay Une, Dumfries. VA 22026 
ANDREWS. DAVID 912 Loch-Lomond CL. Salisbury. MD 21801 
ANDREWS. JEFFREY 6843 Dumbarton Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28210 
ANDREWS. JUNESSA 1305 N. Hillcrest Dr.. Covington. VA 24426 
ANDREWS. SUSAN 2004 Homewood Rd,. Annapolis. MD 21402 
ANGELL. VALERIE 222 Finley Forest Dr.. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
ANTONUCCI. CRAIG 1 14 Spnng Valley Rd,. Columbia. SC 29223 
APOSTOUCO. ELLEN 7005 Murray CL. Annandale. VA 22003 
APPLE. CHARITY 7272 ABB Rd,. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
APPLE. WESLEY Rl 4. Box 84. Reidsville. NC 27320 
ARAKEUAN. AUSON East Acres. Troy. NY 12180 
ARBANAS. AMANDA 13117 Pennypacker Lane, Fairfax, VA 22033 
ARCARO VICKI Route 1 1. Box 165 Garden Rd.. Burlington. NC 

ARCHER. JOHN 3 Hollins Ave.. Baltimore. MD 21210 
ARKWRIGHT. GAYLE 3507 Reid Cir . Monroe. NC 281 10 
ARMBRUSTER. BETH 601 Mac Nutt Ct. Clemmons. NC 27012 
ARMSTRONG. ELUOTT Route 6. Box 29 Stonehaven Dr.. Asheboro. 

NC 27203 
ARMSTRONG. MARGARET 2453 Entrada Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 

ARMSTRONG. WILLIAM 89 Whittenack Rd.. Basking Ridge. NJ 

ARNOLD. JAMES Box 453. West End. NC 27376 
ARNOLD. KEVIN 215 Franklin Ave,. Seaside Heights. NJ 08751 
AROLE. RAVI 2910 Utile River Dr.. Hillsborough. NC 27278 
ARTHUR. MARY 810 Westminster Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
ARTIGUERE. TAMATHA 818 Urch Ave.. Takoma Park. MD 20912 
ARTMAN. TAMARA 41 1 Glasgow Rd.. Cary. NC 2751 1 
ASKIN. STAGEY 3801 Great Neck CL. Alexandna. VA 22309 
ATHEN. SCOTT 6380 Barefoot Boy. Columbia. MD 2 1045 
ATKINS. JENNIFER 5500 Cedar Creek Dr . McLeansville. NC 27301 
ATKINSON. JR.. TUCK 5109 Fortunes Ridge Dr.. Durham. NC 27713 
ATWEUL THEODORE 536 Audubon Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
AUSTIN. BIUY Route 9. Box 304.. Hickory. NC 28601 
AUSTIN. MELVYN 9516 Locust Hill Dr.. Great Falls. VA 22066 
AUSTIN. PAMELA Route 1. Box 298. King. NC 27021 
AUTH, SUSAN 4704 Red Fox Dr., Annandale. VA 22003 
AVENT. KRISTINA 343 Fairfax Dr.. Winston-Salem. NC 37104 
AVERY. BARBARA 5309 Broadmoor Place. Greensboro, NC 27410 
AVOL\ TAMARA Apt 507-E 1528 S. Mebane St, Buriington. NC 

AYERS. ROBERT 606 Burning Bush Dr . Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 
AVERS. STACEY 259 Clarke Ave.. Palm Beach. FL 33480 

BABCOCK. GREG 3109B Commerce Place. Burlington. NC 27215 
BACHL ELIZABETH 1919 Woodhue Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
BAILEY. CYNTHIA Route 1. Box 408. Randleman. NC 27317 
BAILEY. MARCY 6012 Terrell Ave.. Oxon Hill. MD 20745 
BAILEY. ROBIN 392 Edinburgh Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 
BATTY, DARON Route 4, Box 295, Hillsborough, NC 27278 
BAKER. BENJAMIN 930 Cowper Dr . Raleigh. NC 27608 
BAKER. DAVID 1400 Wilmington Ave.. Richmond. VA 23227 
BAKER. ELIZABETH 107 West River St. Graham. NC 27253 
BAKER. PAMELA 1304 Dogwood Dr.. Gibsonville, NC 27249 
BAKER. RUDOLPH 57 Woodland Ave . Fanwood. NJ 07023 
BAKER. TRACEY 65 Diethch Rd,. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 
BAKER. TRAVIS 319 bncoln Ave. Live Oak. FL 32060 
BAKER. VICKY 614 Oakdale Ct. Burlington. NC 27215 
BALBERDE. MATTHEW 5415 Govemer Yeardley Dr., Fairfax. VA 

BALDO. PETER Vetri Rd.. Box 469, Goshen. NY 10924 
BALDWIN, JOHN 1092 Cecil Ave,, Millersville. MD 21 108 
BALES, ELDRIDGE 103 Candlewood Dr , Elon College. NC 27244 
BALKUS. THOMAS 4 Avon Ct. Mount Laurel. NJ 08054 
BALLARD. MARION 3524 Lochnora Parkway. Durham. NC 27705 
BANKER. DOUGLASS 1 101 River Club. Sea Island . GA 31561 
BARAN. MICHAEL 6 Shasta CL. Durham. NC 27713 
BARBER. MEL^NIE 123 Burton SL, Graham, NC 27253 
BARBIERI. MICHAEL 1518 Mason Rd.. Durham. NC 27712 
BARBOUR. VICTORIA 5513 Old Mill Rd.. Alexandria. VA 22309 
BARE. ANDREW 101 Cedarwood Lane. Carrboro NC 27510 
BAREFOOT. LAW ANA 414 East Renovah Cir,. Wilmington. NC 

BARKLEY. ERIN 6065 Jeannine Dr.. Lewisville. NC 27023 
BARKMAN. KIMBERLY 2401 Bnnlons Bridge Rd.. West Chester. PA 

BARNES. MICHAEL 22 Tennis Terrace. Sparta. NJ 0787 1 
BARNES. TRACY 1 120 Geneva Albright Rd., Graham. NC 27253 
BARNETTE. LAURIE 214 N Morgan St. Roxboro. NC 27573 
BARNETTE. MICHAEL 3526 Alt-Union Ridge Rd.. Elon College, NC 

BARNETTE. MICHAEL 7218 Bud Henderson Rd.. Huntersville, NC 

BARNHILL, JOHN 41 Wobum St. Lexington. MA 02173 
BARR. DAVID Route #3 Box 278. Pilot Mountain. NC 27041 
BARR. DAVID 3843 Garden Rd.. Burlington. NC 27215 
BARRETT. KEVIN 208 Wilson St. Greensboro. NC 27401 
BARRINGER. DELORES PC, Box 503. Elon College. NC 27244 
BARRY. JUSTIN 7029 North Ridge Dr. Raleigh. NC 27615 
BARTLEY, TRACY Route 1, Box 123-G, Buena Vista. VA 24416 
BARTMESS. FLORENCE Route 10. Box 411. Burlington. NC 27215 
BARTON. JUUE 729 Earl of Chesterfield Lane.. Virginia Beach. VA 

BARTON. KEVIN 157 Vema St. Franklin, VA 23851 
BASEY, MELODIE 619 Gregson Ct, Burlington, NC 27215 
BASIRICO, PAULA 2106 Coy St, Burlington. NC 27215 
BASKIN. DEBORAH 2912 Arnold Rd . Durham. NC 27707 
BASS. CHERYL Route 6. Box 4595. Gloucester. VA 23061 
BASS. THOMAS 1528-D South Mebane St. Burlington, NC 27215 
BATTERMAN, EUZABETH 651 Dover Place., Danville. VA 24541 
BAUGHN. KEVIN Route 1. Box 360. Stoneville. NC 27048 
BAUGHAN. ANNIE 1450 Genito Rd.. Manakin-Sabot VA 23103 
BAUMGARDNER. JOEL 3842 Northampton Rd.. Durham, NC 27707 
BAUR. MICHAEL 739 E. Haggard Ave. Apt 2-D. Elon College. NC 

BAXTER. JOSEPH 20 Forest Garden Rd.. Stevensville. MD 21666 
BAXTER. ROBERT Box 755. Elon College. NC 27244 
BAYERLE, KELU 150 Lakewood Ave. Lanoka Harbor. NJ 08734 
BAYFIELD. HEIDI 10804 Steven Lee Ct. Fairfax. VA 22032 
BAYLEY. ALUSON 507 Heater Dr . Gary. NC 2751 1 
BAZE. ROSEMARY 5601 Clearspnng Rd.. Baltimore. MD 21212 
BEACH. BRIAN 13420 Glen Lea Way. Rockville. MD 20850 
BEACHAM. GINA 5442 Chatteris Place. Richmond, VA 23237 
BEAL JR , TED 1 12 Pine Cove Rd . Fair Haven. NJ 07704 
BEALE. KEVIN 523 Pinehurst Dr . Suffolk. VA 23434 
BEALE. MICHAEL 10623 Harborough Place. Richmond, VAl 

BEAMER, ALAN PO Box Box 17035, Guilford CIg,, Greensboro. NC 

BEANE. KIMBERLY Route 4. Box 84-L Launnburg. NC 28352 
BEARDSLEE. WILLIAM 145 Devon Rd.. Essex Fells. NJ 07021 
BEATHARD, CASEY 2322 Sawdust Rd.. Vienna. VA 22180 
BEATTY, DAWN 309 North Wilba Rd., Mebane. NC 27302 
BEATTY. ROXANNE 309 North Wilba Rd.. Mebane. NC 27302 
BEAVER. MAX 222 Aloha Dr . Graham. NC 27253 
BECK. JASON 259 Oak Ct. Sevema Park. MD 21 146 
BECK. MICHAEL 1710 Chester Valley Rd.. Clemmons. NC 27012 
BECKER. BRET PO Box 152. Henrico. NC 27842 
BECKER. ELVIRA 30 Glen Falls Rd,. Asheville. NC 28804 
BECKHAM, CATHERINE 10175 Marshall Pond Rd., Burke, VA 22015 
BECKMAN. EUGENE 5207 North 1th St. Arlington. VA 22205 
BECKOM. WILLIAM Route 4. Box 234 Burlington, NC 272 1 5 
BEDSAUL MINDY 7831 Lasater Rd,. Clemmons. NC 27012 
BEDWEU. SCOTT 4113 Cravens Creek Rd, SW,, Roanoke, VA 

BEEDLE. JONATHAN 504 Neese Ct. Burlington, NC 27215 
BEHRENS, UNDA 34 Sheridan Place, Elon College. NC 27244 
BELL AMANDA Route 2. Box 259. Pinnacle. NC 27043 
BELL ANDREA 267 Sunny Jim Dr . Medlord. NJ 08055 
BELL CATHY 3705 Old Lassiter Mill Rd . Raleigh. NC 27609 
BELL CHRISTOPHER 14200 Arctic Ave . Rockville. MD 20853 
BELL HOLLY 1346 Timberlake Dr.. Lynchburg. VA 24502 
BELL JOHN 1843 Dorset Dr . Roanoke. VA 24018 
BELL JOHN 5342 Willow Spnng Rd.. Roanoke. VA 24018 
BELL RICHARD 1826 New Garden Rd,. Greensboro. NC. 27410 
BELONGI^. ROBERT PO Box 833. West Point VA 23181 

BELTON. RHONDA 21 16 Trail Two - ApL 9-H., Burlington, NC 

BELVIN. CHRISTINE 397 Fattonwood Dr.. Southington, CT 06489 
BENFER. DARREN 41 1 Court Blvd.. Millville. NJ 08332 
BENFER. DAWN 41 1 Court Blvd., Millville, NJ 08332 
BENFER. KELLY Rt # Box 379. Almond Rd., Bndgetown. NJ 

BENNER. SHERI 1206 Green Holly Dr.. Annapolis. MD 21401 
BENNETT. DAVID P.O. Box 189. Morehead City. NC 28557 
BENNETT. ESTHER 724 W Front St. Burlington. NC 27215 
BENNETT, JEFFREY Box 166. Jaffrey Center. NH 03454 
BENNETT. ROBERT 503 Burning Tree Cir . Arnold. MD 21012 
BENTLEY. MARY BETH 104 Franklin Rd . Denville. NJ 07834 
BERDOSH. JOSEPH 22 Florence Ave,. Marlton. NJ 08053 
BERG. KRISTINE 3697 Persimmon Cir., Fairfax. VA 22031 
BERNHARD. MATTHEW 75 Grand Central Ave , Uvallette. NJ 

BERRY. AGNES Route 2. Box 4. Efland. NC 27243 
BERRY. SCOTT PO Box 1409. Elon College, NC 27244 
BERRY. THOMAS 811 Kimball Dr . Durham. NC 27705 
BEST. MARY 1 10 Pinendge Lane. Goldsboro. NC 27530 
BETTS, JAMES 1615 Tunbridge Dr., Richmond, VA 23233 
BEVERIDGE. DEBRA 3100-40 North Elm Street Apt H,, 

Greensboro, NC 27408 
BEVIN, LYDIA Star Route 31. Gorham, NH 03581 
BEVIS. CYNTHIA I 1022 Melissa Ct. Fairfax. VA 22030 
BEVIS. ESTHER 1 1022 Melissa Ct. Fairfax. VA 22030 
BHATTl. SOHAIB C/0 Lt Qen RD. Bhatti Corps Commander Hq 1 1 

Corps.. Peshawar. PK 00000 
BIBB. THOMAS 2430 Sunset Rd., Charlottesville. VA 22903 
BICHNER. NINETTE PO Box 7. Corolla. NC 27927 
BIDDLE. WILLIAM 102 Elizabeth Ave.. Dover. DE 19901 
BIDDY. JENNIFER P.O. Box 1 132. Elon College. NC 27244 
BIESTER. ELIZABETH 141 1 New Garden. Greensboro. NC 27410 
BIGELOW. BOBBIE 243 Lakeside Ave. Burlington. NC 27215 
BILES. KEVIN Route 2. Box 420 . Graham. NC 27253 
BILUNGS. CAROLE Box 7918.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
BINCO. POLLY 1 109 Peachtree Rd.. Fallston. MD 21047 
BIRKEL STUART B 3304 Cedarbridge Rd . Virginia Beach. VA 

BISHOP, RICHARD 3404 Crossings Way Cir., Midlothian. VA 231 13 
BISHOPP. SCOTT 1 1310 Robert Carter Rd.. Fairfax Station. VA 

BITTLE. JAY 4623 Cheltenham Rd.. Fayetteville. NC 28304 
BLACK. CANDICE 406 Hawthorne Une. Burlington. NC 27215 
BLACK. DAVID 406 Hawthorne Une. Buriin0on, NC 27215 
BLACKBURN. KEITH 309 Ralph Dr., High Point NC 27263 
BLACKMAN. JOHN 146 Anchor Dr . Vero Beach, FL 32963 
BLACKWOOD, ANGELA 3612 Spanish Oak Hill Rd., Snow Camp. 

NC 27349 
BLAIR. KERI 10507 Rolling Green Ct. Clarksburg. MD 20871 
BLAKE, JAMES 82227 Kay CL, Annandale. VA 22003 
BLAKE. JENNIFER 401 E. College Ave.. PO Box 864. Elon College. 

NC 27244 
BLAKE. JILL 2289 Ukeview Terrace. Buriington. NC 27215 
BLAKESLEE. JUUE 10 Green Park. Littleton. NC 27850 
BLALOCK. EMILY 1279 Westbrook Ave . Elon College. NC. 27244 
BLM-OCK. SUZANNE 1727 Brucewood Rd . Graham. NC 27253 
BUKNCHARD. LORI 924 King St. Buriington, NC 27215 
BL^NCH^ELD, SUZANNE 9218 Burnetta Dr., Annandale. VA 22003 
BL^NKENSHIP. MICHAEL 3329 Doncaster Ct. Virginia Beach, VA 

BLASS. KRISTIN 350 Belmont Ave,. North Bablyon. NY 1 1704 
BLESSINGTON. JOANMARIE 1 14 Branchwood Dr.. Elon College. 

NC 27244 
BLEWETT. MICHELLE 308 Eatons Unding Dr.. Annapolis. MD 

BLOCK. CHRISTOPHER 143 Meadowbrook Rd.. Weston, MA 02193 
BLOSSMAN. LORIE 4264 Whitewater Ct, AUanta, GA 30092 
BLUm, DE NEDRA 5809 Thunderhill Rd,, Columbia, MD 21045 
BLUMENTHAL NANCY P.O. Box 1452, Elon College, NC 27244 
BLVTHE, MAR"'HA 410 Unden St, Courtland, VA 23837 
BOAL. BENJAMIN 23 Londonderry, Madisonville, KY 42431 
BOCCADORO. GINA 1 104 Lehigh St, Easton. PA 18042 
BOCK, KAREN 16 Halka Way, Englishtown, NJ 07726 
BOCKLET, BENTON 113 Brompton Rd., Garden City. NY 1 1530 
BOCKSCH. KRISTIN 90 Ardmore Rd.. Ho-Ho-Kus. NJ 07423 
BODDIE, ANDREW 2322 U Vista #26. Buriin0on, NC 27215 
BOGGS. VICKI 2849 Fairway Forest Cir , Salem. VA 24153 
BOHIGAS. MARIA 510 Atwater St. Buriington. NC 27215 
BOICE. JENNIFER Box 64. Rd #5. Norfolk Ave . Washington. NJ 

BOLDUC. TRACY 271 Main St, Plaistow, NH 03865 
BOLUNG, IV. ROBERT 2923 Woodthrush Dr . Roanoke. VA 24018 
BOLUNGER, MATTHEW 215 Cedarcroft Rd., BalUmore, MD 21212 
BONEY, JOHN 1913 Prelude Dr.. Vienna. VA 22180 
BONNETT. MICHELE 12 Franklin Rd.. Mendham, NJ 07945 
BOOKER. WILLIAM 4800 Riverside Dr , Richmond. VA 23225 
BOOTH. CYNTHIA Route 1. Box 135-A. Concord. VA 24538 
BOOTH. STEVEN 3111 Ravenhill Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28303 
BORER. MICHAEL 332 Fountain Place. Buriington. NC 27215 
BORGESE. JOSEPH 10105 Earthstone CL. Raleigh. NC 27615 
BOSTIC. ANGELA 5420 Wallasey Rd . Walkertown. NC 27051 
BOSWELL DAVID Route 1, Box 254. Pilot. VA 24138 
BOSWELL EDWARD Route 1. Pilot VA 24138 
BOSWELL STACY 102 Picadilly Rd . Kinston. NC 28501 
BOSWELL WILLIAM Route I. Box 254. Pilot. VA 24138 
BOTFELD. STEPHANIE 169 Hillside Ave.. Succasnna. NJ 07876 
BOTTERBUSCH. KELLY 2453 Wmdcrst Rd.. York, PA 1 7404 
BOTTS, KRISTV^N 6166 Bentham Rd , Gibsonville. NC 27249 
BOOKNIGHT. UESELOTTE 5508 Tarrywood Ct. Raleigh. NC 

BOWDEN. MICHELLE Route 2. Box 296. Creedmoor. NC 27522 
BOWEN. JOHN 414 10th Ave.. Huntington, WV 25701 
BOWEN, WILLIAM Route 2, Box 23A. Ferrum, VA 24088 
BOWER, CHRISTOPHER Route 3, Box 136, Royd. VA 24091 
BOWERS. DANIEL 10 Wakeham Ct. Baltimore. MD 21093 
BOWES. JENNIFER Route 4. Box 327. Roxboro. NC 27573 
BOWUKND. BOBBIE 1200 East Elm SL. Graham. NC 27253 

170 Index 

BOWUNG. REBECCA 2471 Meadow Creek Une. Graham. NC 

BOWMAN. GEOFFREY 8535 West Howell Rd., Belhesda. MD 20817 
BOWMAM. JANIE 338 Founlain Place. Burlington. NC 27215 
BOWMAN. STEVEN 1346 5th Street Cir.. NW. Hickory, NC 28601 
BOXELU BRIAN 593 Marr Dr.. Signal Mountain. TN 37377 
BOYD. MICHAEL 3515 Regents Park Lane. Greensboro. NC 27405 
BRADLEY. MARK 313 Bywood Dr.. Durham. NC 27712 
BIRLAM. MICHELE 4217 Nobel Cir . Ellicott City. MD 21043 
BRADSHAW. OWEN 5201 Montgomery SL. Springfield. VA 22151 
BRADSHAW. SHERRY 4026 E. Gboro Chapel Hill Rd.. Graham. NC 

BRADSHER. SUSAN 1375 Old Salem Rd.. Roxboro, MC 27573 
BRADY. SEAN 47 Creenbrook Rd.. Berkeley Heights. NJ 07920 
BRAKE. KANDY 1224 York SL. Rocky MounL NC 27803 
BRANCH. SHANNON 203 Branch Rd.. Mount Airy. NC 27030 
BRAND. KRISTINE 19132 Roman Way. Gaithersburg. MD 20879 
BRANDON. KELLY P.O. Box 84. Blanch. NC 27212 
BRANNIGAN. BETH 39 Shendan Place. Elon College. NC 27244 
BRANSON. KRISTI 309 Forest Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 
BRAWLEY. CRAIG Route 4. Box 563. Mooresville. NC 281 15 
BRAWLEY. II WILLIAM 8701 Reedy Creek Rd . Charlotte. NC 28215 
BRAXTON. JANET 1957 Quakenbush Rd . Snow Camp. NC 27349 
BRAXTON. NELUE 8018 Holman Mill Rd.. Snow Camp. NC 27349 
BRAY. KAREN 6201 North 30th St. Arlington. VA 22207 
BREEDEN. EUZABETH 4813 Byrd Rd,. Durham. NC 27705 
BREHENY. MICHAEL 25 Rebecca Rd.. Canton. MA 02021 
BREITHAUPT. LEANNE 18 Knstjn Cl. Towaco. NJ 07082 
BRENNAN. BRIAN 208 Bellair Rd.. Ridgewood. NJ 07450 
BRENNER, ALEXANDER 9820 Whitethorn Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
BREWSTER. CAROLYN 2129 E. Crosscreek Cl. High Point. NC 

BRIDGERS. WILLIAM P.O. Box 589. CaboL AR 72023 
BRIDGES. GRANT 4181 Shattalon Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
BRIGGS. GARY P.O Box 71. Roxboro. NC 27573 
BRILL. JOHN 10215 Steamboat Landing Lane. Burke, VA 22015 
BRINKLEY, ANNA 2408 Lacy Holt Rd., Graham, NC 27253 
BRISKAAAN, JR., ROBERT PO. Box 1404. Elon College. NC 27244 
BRITT, CHARMIN P.O. Box 726, Wakefield. VA 23888 
BRTTT. KENNETH P.O. Box 519. Toano. VA 23168 
BRITT. RCISSELL PO. Box 519. Toano. VA 23168 
BROADDUS. JENNERFER 755 E. Weatherworn Way. Columbia. MD 

BROADWELL. JEFFREY 1 10 Mosby Ave,. Littleton. NC 27850 
BROCK, KATHRYN 901 1 Arley Dr., Spnngfield. VA 22153 
BROCK-SMrra. BIANCA 4103 Farragut SL. Hyattsville. MD 20781 
BROCKETT. STACY 706 Huffman Mill Rd,. ApL H-14. Burlington, 

NC 27215 
BRODOWICZ, MICHAEL 1424 Beech Dr.. Burlington. NC 27217 
BROGDON. DOUGLAS 506 West Washington Ave.. Kinston, NC 

BROOKBANK. DAVID 5700 Rulfin Rd.. Jamestown. NC 27282 
BROOKE. CATHERINE 330 Bane Rd.. Garden City. NY 1 1530 
BROOKS. KATHLEEN 303 Chapelwood Lane. Timonium. MD 

BROOKS. KENNETH Route 8. Box 684. Burlington. NC 27215 
BROOKS. ROSEVELT 1829 #A Tinsley SL. Charlotte, NC 28208 
BROPHY, JOHN 12 Washington Dr., Highland Mills. NY 10930 
BROPHY. UNDA 4613 Paul Revere Rd.. Virginia Beach. VA 23455 
BROSNAHAN. FRANK 4722 Brookhaven Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27612 
BROSS. KIMBERLY 2 Columbus Ave.. Montclair. NJ 07042 
BROWN. ALEXIS 4500 Mossycup CL. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 
BROWN. AMY P.O. Box 431. Haw River. NC 27258 
BROWN. BART 4701 Pawpans Place. Richmond. VA 23237 
BROWN. CHERI RD #1, Box 401. Elmer. NJ 08318 
BROWN. CHRISTIE RD. #1, Box 401. Elmer. NJ 08318 
BROWN. CHRISTINE 2437 Camino Real South. Virginia Beach. VA 

BROWN. CYNTHIA 6402 Gallery SL. Bowie. MD 20715 
BROWN. DARCY 77 Shearwater Box 928. Kitty Hawk NC 27949 
BROWN, DONALD 1644 Ronald Dr.. Suffolk. VA 23434 
BROWN. [X3NNA 204 North Gumey St. Burlington. NC 27215 
BROWN. EUZABETH 205 17th Ave . Northwest Hickory. NC 28601 
BROWN. ERIN 70 Lowe Ave.. Concord. NC 28025 
BROWN. HARRY 4500 Mossycup CL. Virginia Beach. VA 23462 
BROWN. HOLEN 124 Tarpley SL. Burlinton. NC 27215 
BROWN. UNDA 255 Cheeks Lane. Graham. NC 27253 
BROWN. MEUSSA 77 Shearwater Way P.O. Box 928. Kitty Hawk. 

NC 27949 
BROWN. MICHAEL 860 Southern High School Rd.. Graham. NC 

BROWN. PAMELA 1003 Country Club Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27408 
BROWN. PHIUP 205 17th Ave. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 
BROWN. REVONDA 827 Deep Creek Church Rd.. Burlington. NC 

BROWN. SAMUEL 118 Ponce De Leon Ave.. Spartanburg. SC 

BROWN. TIFFANY 1018 Farm Haven Dr.. Rockville. MD 20852 
BROWN. TIMOTHY 441 East Benila Blvd.. Vestal. NY 13850 
BROWN. VIRGINIA Route 2. Box 137-H. Pelham. NC 2731 1 
BROWN. WARREN 12510 Lolly Post Lane. Woodbndge. VA 22192 
BROWN. WILMER 124 Tarpley. Burlington. NC 27215 
BROWNE, SHAWN 1515 S. Mebane SL ApL 30. Burlington. NC 

BRCIMRELD. DAVID 617 Sharondale CL. Spartanburg, SC 29303 
BRCINETTO. STEPHANIE 13106 Meadow Hall Ct. Hemdon. VA 

BRYAN. ROBIN 6122 Rrverdale Dr.. High Point NC 27263 
BRYAN. VICKY 6122 Riverdale Dr.. High Point NC 27263 
BRYANT. DEBRA 23 Greenbrook Dr.. Cranbury. NJ 08512 
BGCH. CARL 13130 Clarksville Pike. Highland. MD 20777 
BUCHANAN. COURTENAY 10708 Howerton Ave.. Fairfax. VA 22030 
BUCK. AMY 461 Manordale Rd.. Pittsburgh. PA 15241 
BUCK. BRYAN 461 Manordale Rd.. Pittsburgh. PA 15241 
BUCKNER. HEIDI Route I . Box 237. Siler City. NC 27344 
BUCKNER. MICHAEL Route 3. Box 258. Pittsboro. NC 27312 
BUFF. PATRICIA 1115 Sam Lee Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
BULLARD. MICHAEL 304 Woodland Dr.. Elon College. NC 27244 
BUMGARNER. KRISTY 1113 Brookwood Dr.. Wilkesboro. NC 28697 
BUNCH. CHRISTOPHER 8001 Seven Hill CL, Clifton, VA 22024 

BUNKER. NATAUE 58 Church Rd.. Arnold. MD 21012 
BUNNELL. SUSAN 1 14 Gold Kettle Dr . Gaithersburg. MD 20878 
BUNTING. CHRIS 751 Cheeks Une. Graham. NC 27253 
BURBRIDGE. AMO 4714 Waverly Lane. Jacksonville. FL 32210 
BURCH. CLARENCE Route 4. Box 428. Roxboro. NC 27573 
BURGER. CHRISTOPHER 10000 Walsham Ct. Richmond. VA 23222 
BURGER. KATHLEEN 1213 10th St Lane NW. Hickory. NC 28601 
BURGESS. JOSEPH P.O. Box 815. Wakefield. VA 23888 
BURGESS. SARAH 408 South Dogwood Ave.. Siler City. NC 27349 
BURKE. NICHOLE 3253 B. Arrowhead Cir.. Fairfax. VA 22030 
BURKE. RALPH 216 Meadow Lane. Lawrenceville. VA 23868 
BURKE. RICHARD 4916 Rumley Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
BURKET. JILL 361 North Buck Rd.. Downingtown. PA 19335 
BURKETT. WILLIAM P.O. Box 31. Dallas. NC 28034 
BURKHARDT. KATHRYN 1807 Selkirk Rd.. Forest Hill. MD 21050 
BURLANDO. LOREN 235 Elizabeth Ave,. East Pittsburgh. PA 151 12 
BURLEY. KATHERINE 541 1 Broadmoor St. Alexandria. VA 22310 
BURNETT. LYNN Box 4. Naxera. VA 2321 1 
BURNETTE. ROSCOE 1416 Stout St. Burlington. NC 27215 
BURNS. RICKY Route 1. Box 310-4. Mebane. NC 27302 
BURNS. STACEY PO Box 132 FPO. Seattle. WA 98764 
BURNSIDE. BRADLEY 1628 Blackthorn Dr.. Clenview. IL 60025 
BURRIS. SUSAN Box 530. Seven Ukes. West End. NC 27376 
BURROWS. JAMES 4836 King Solomon Dr.. Annandale. VA 22003 
BURROWS. VALERIE 6401 Walker Mill Rd.. Capital Heights. MD 

BURRUS. JEITREY 12716 Oak Farms Rd.. Herndon. VA 22071 
BURTON. JEFFREY 2108 Kipawa SL. Raleigh. NC 27607 
BUSH. JAMES 4500 Blackwater Rd.. Virginia Beach. VA 23457 
BUSH. THOMAS Route 1. Box 347. Hayes. VA 23072 
BUSICK. UNDA 510 Cabaret Rd.. McLeansville. NC 27301 
BUSSEY. JENNIFER 304 W. Lebanon Ave., P.O. Box 1354. Elon 

College. NC 27244 
BUTLER. MEREDfTH 1325 Welcome Cir. Durham. NC 27705 
BYERS. HELEN 120 Siege Lane. Yorktown, VA 23692 
BYRD. BOBBY 41 16 Williams Mill Rd.. Burlington. NC 27215 
BYRD. JARVIS Route 1 1. Box 4. Burlington. NC 27215 
BYRD. KEVIN Route 1. Box 202-A West End. NC 27376 
BYRD. WILLIAM Route 4. Box 169-M. Wake Forest NC 27587 
BYRNES. MAUREEN 4 Bnstol Dr. Annapolis. MD 21401 
BYRON. JENNIFER 6375 Open Rower. Columbia. MD 21045 
BYRUM. JOSEPH 2215 Thetford Ct. Charlotte. NC 2821 1 


CABANISS. MARK 1212 South Ocean Blvd.. Myrtle Beach. SC 

CABOT. JEFFREY 1062 West Shore Dr. West Palm Beach. FL 

CADE. BART Route 4. Box 1 24-A Covington. VA 24426 
CACLE. ALUSON 613-B Tracy Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 
CACLE. CLARE P.O. Box 174. Ether. NC 27247 
CAHILL. JOHN 824 Colonial Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
CAIN. KAREN Route 1. Box 1 18. Traphill. NC 28685 
CAIN. KIMBERLY 1207 Holly Springs Rd.. Mount Airy. NC 27030 
CALDWELL. CARA 372 East Social Row. Dayton. OH 45458 
CALDWELL. ROBERT 2907 Old Stage Rd.. Gastonia. NC 28052 
CALUCUTT. JOHN PO Box 103. Seagrove. NC 27341 
CAMERON. AMY 907 Windwood Ridge CL. Cedar Hill. TX 75104 
CAMERON. JUUE Route I . Box 436-A. Waynesboro. VA 22980 
CAMP. JUSTIN 1839 Clachan Ct. Vienna. VA 22180 
CAMP. MICHAEL 108 Rustic Wood Lane. Cary. NC 2751 1 
CAMPBELL. CAROUNE 1445 Corbett Rd.. Monklon. MD 21 1 1 1 
CAMPBELL. JEFFREY Route 1. Box 532. Siler City. NC 27344 
CAMPBELL. MAUSA 104 Hall St. Graham. NC 27253 
CAMPBELL, JR CHARLES P.O. Box 155. North Wilkesboro. NC 

CAMPO. JR LEON 26 Falmouth Dr . ^,ount Sinai. NY 1 1766 
CAMPOT. SARA 3420 Barger Dr . Falls Church. VA 22044 
CANNADAY. AARON 1 1 800 Bondurant Dr.. Richmond. VA 23236 
CANNON. BENJAMIN 108 Williamson Place. Darlington. SC 29532 
CAPES. CHRISTIE 505 Elmira St. Burlington. NC 27215 
CAPES. ZINA. 505 Elmira St. Burlington. NC 27215 
CAPPEL. SUSAN 5527 Callander Dr.. Springfield, VA 22151 
CARDEUNO. LANCE 8956 Castle Point Dr . Glen Allen. VA 23060 
GARDEN. CINDY Route I. Box 341-C. Elon College. NC 27244 
GARDEN. KAREN 3512 Osceola Rd.. Elon College. NC 27244 
CARDENAS. JANICE PO Box 54. Gulf. NC 25267 
CARDWELL. RONNIE 728 Crescent Dr.. Reidsville. NC 27320 
CARLSON. DANIEL 2915 Cove Trail. Maitland. FL 32751 
CARNEY. FRANCIS 1804 Beechlree Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27408 
CARON. MONIQUE 19105 Holberton Lane. Brookeville. MD 20833 
CAROWAN. AMY PO. Box 364 Knolls Dr.. Newton. NC 28658 
CARPENTER. FORREST 1722 Dorsett St. Burlington. NC. 27214 
CARPER, KENNY #6 St Katherines Cir., Greensboro, NC 27405 
CARR, EUZABETH Route 2, Box 52-C, North Garden, VA 22959 
CARR. TODD 502 Willoughby Lane. Staunton. VA 24401 
CARRANO. SUZANNE 42 Hayward St. Bound Brook. NJ 08805 
CARRIGAN. ERIN 8155 Federal Rd.. Shepherd. Ml 48883 
CARRIGAN. KELLEY 1 1 -Colorado Dr.. Jackson. NJ 08527 
CARROLL. JEFFERY 2607 Andorra Dr . Hephzibah. GA 30815 
CARTER. CHRISTOPHER 1 107 East Gilbreath SL. Graham. NC 

CARTER. DAVID 1921 Henry Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
CARTER. DEANNA Post Office Box 495. Rolesville. NC 27571 
CARTER. HAZEL Route 5. Box 140. Burlington. NC 27215 
CARTER. JEFFREY PO. Box 1447. Elon College. NC 27244 
CARTER. PATRICIA 3668 Bason Rd.. Mebane. NC 27302 
CARTER. TIMBREL 1 14 Hilltjp Dr . Ferrum. VA 24088 
CARTWRIGHT. MARIE Deadman's Cay. Long Island. BA 00000 
CARVER. HAROLD Rt I . Box 52. Roxboro. NC 27573 
CARVER. NANCY 530 Edwin Ct. Roxboro. NC 27573 
CASCADDEN. TIMOTHY 2807 Knollside Lane. Vienna, VA 22180 
CASE. DONNA 3109-D Commerce Place. Burlington. NC 27215 

CASE. L^URA Route 1. Box 167. Arden. NC 28704 
CASH. PAULA 5314 Lawndale Dr . Greensboro. NC 27405 
CASHMARK. KATHLEEN 7675 Kindler Rd . Laurel. MD 20707 
CASHWELL. DONNA PO Box 52. Autryville. NC 28318 
CASS. STEPHANIE 57 1 2 Fnendswood Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27409 
CASSEBAUM. ANNE 2614 Saddle Club Rd. Burlington. NC 27214 
CASSELL. CARA 9520 Kilimanjaro Rd.. Columbia. MD 21045 
CASTANAS. DINA 4212 Windwood Cir.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
CATLOS. ALBERT 729 C Colony Apt. Burlington. NC 27215 
CATON. DAVID 4826 North West 1 9th Place. Cainsville. FL 32605 
CATON. KIMBERLY P.O. Box 1003. Kill Devil Hills. NC 27948 
CAULFIELD. KATHLEEN 315 Townleigh Rd., Reisterstown. MD 

CAULFIELD. ROBERT 3 1 5 Townleigh Rd.. Reisterstown. MD 21 136 
CAUSEY. LARRY 2315 West Front St. Burlington. NC 27215 
CAVAS. AMY 7804 Ruxway Rd.. Baltimore. MD 21204 
CAVERLY. MARYANN 117 Oakwood Dr. Wake Forest. NC 27587 
CAVEY. WILLIAM 5751 Turkey Oak Rd.. Richmond. VA 23237 
CEASAR. PATRICK 262 Melody Une. Winston-Salem. NC 27105 
CECIL. DAVID Route 1. Box 95. Eftand. NC 27243 
CHAMBERS. KATHLEEN PO. Box 21. Jamesville. NC 27846 
CHAMPAGNE. MARK 1839 Ellison Cir. Rd.. Clemmons. NC 27012 
CHANCE. CRYSTALYNNE P.O. Box 478. 425 N. Cameron St, 

Hillsborough. NC 27278 
CHANDLER. JANET 980 N N87. Burlington. NC 272 1 7 
CHANNER. CECILY 1400 N. Elmhurst Rd,. ML Prospect IL 60056 
CHAPUN. MELANIE 2602 Edgewood Ave,. Burlington. NC 27215 
CHAPMAN. ESTHER 104 E. Montcastle Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
CHAPMAN. NIELS 210 Logan SL. Buriington. NC 27215 
CHASKEUS. AARON 204 Rosemont St. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
CHAVEZ. DENISE 6028 Linganore Rd.. Frederick. MD 21701 
CHEEK. AMY 1031 Solomon Dr.. Kernersville. NC 27284 
CHEEK. ROBIN 152 Noonkester Dr.. Mt Airy. NC 27030 
CHENERY. CHRISTOPHER 708 Mill Landing Rd.. Chesapeake. VA 

CHESNET. MICHAEL 1230 Oak St. Coatesville. PA 19320 
CHESTNUT. MEUSSA Route 2. Box 209. Hot Springs. VA 24445 
CHEWNING. COURTNEY 3323 Ridge Rd.. Durham. NC 27705 
CHILD. JEFFREY PO. Box 204. East Woodstock. CT 06244 
CHILDERS. RONALD PO Box 1 175. Roxboro. NC 27573 
CHILDRESS. TAMMY 1304 Hayden Une. Mount Airy. NC 27030 
CHILDS. RANDAL 3208-1 1 Stonesthrow Une. Durham. NC 27713 
CHILDS. TIMOTHY 129 Canterbury Trail. Asheboro. NC 27203 
CHILDS. WENDI 129 Canterbun,' Trail. Asheboro. NC 27203 
CHIPOURAS. ALEXIS 2658 Queen Anne Cir . Annapolis. MD 21403 
CHISHOLM. CHERYL Apt B 325 W. Trollinger Ave., Elon College, 

NC 27244 
CHMURA. EROICA. 5214 Monroe Dr.. Springfield. VA 22151 
CHO. HOONGU 4-401 Asian Game Apt Chamsil-Dong. Song Pa-Ku. 

Seoul. KO 00000 
CHORLEY. KEVIN 132 Argonne Dr.. Durham. NC 27704 
CHRISTIE. CATHERINE 1712 Burgoyne Ct. Wavne. PA 19087 
CHRISTMAS. JAMES P.O. Box 2471 Camp Butler FPO. Seattle. WA 

CHRISTMAS. KEVIN P.O. Box 2471 Camp BuUer FPO. Seattle. WA 

CHURCH. PAMELA 2205 New Garden Rd.. #3803. Greensboro. NC 

CINELU. KIMBERLY 228 Park Ave.. Atco. NJ 08004 
CLANCY. JENIFER 4013 Applegate Rd.. Gastonia. NC 28054 
CLAPPROOD. THOMAS P.O. Box 128-A Stafford St. Staffordville. 

CT 06077 
CLARK. CHRISTINE 3033 Uke Forest Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27408 
CLARK. CHRISTOPHER 1332 Bloomingdale Dr . Cary. NC 2751 1 
CLARK. CURTIS 3412 Brushy Hill Rd . Fayetteville. NC 28306 
CLARK. DONNA 510 Trail One Apt 82. Burlington. NC 27215 
CLARK. DORIAN 201 Oak Ave . Severna Park. MD 21 146 
CLARK. FOY 2301 Vandemere Ave . Fayetteville. NC 28304 
CLARK. JENNIFER 1824 Columbine Dr.. Orlando. FL 32818 
CLARK. JOHN 1702 Burkewood Dr.. Sidney. OH 45365 
CLARK. JOHN 4603 Vicky Rd . BalUmore. MD 21236 
CLARK. JONATHAN 6610 Walnutwood Cir. Baltimore. MD 21212 
CLARK. KIRSTEN 14856 Keanon Ridge Ct. Manassas. VA 221 1 1 
CLARK. MARY 127 Cedar Creek Dr . Asheboro. NC 27203 
CLARK. MEGAN Box 278A. Highway 6 East Uplata. MD 20646 
CLARK. MELANIE 431 1 Josephine Ave. Bellsville. MD 20705 
CLARK. MEUSSA 4446 NC 54. Graham. NC 27253 
CLARK. TIMOTHY P.O. Box 724. Ramseur. NC 27316 
CLARK. TINA Route 10. Box 146. Burlington. NC 27217 
CLARY. TROY Route 1. Box 44. Union Level. VA 23973 
CLAYTON. KRISTIN 1632 Brassfleld Rd.. Raleigh. NC 27614 
CLEFFI. ANDREW 104 Uwrence Rd.. Randolph. NJ 07869 
CLEGG. JENNIFER 407 Ayrhill Ave . Vienna. VA 22180 
CLEWS, CHRISTOPHER 216 Glyndon Dr., Reisterstown, MD 21 136 
CLONINGER. CATHERINE 8323 Brookfield Rd.. Richmond. VA 

CLOUGHERTY. TIMOTHY 61 17 Dresden Une. Raleigh. NC 27612 
CLOVER. ANDREW 38 Uttle Wolf Rd.. Summit NJ 07901 
COBB. FRANCES 21020 Uyton Ridge Dr.. Gaithersburg. MD 20879 
COBLE, JAMES Box 3409, Gibsonville, NC 27249 
COCKMAN, EUZABETH 2527 Pineway Dr., Burlington. NC 27215 
COCKRELL. AMY Route 4, Box 1 166. Hillsborough. NC 27278 
COCKRELL. MICHAEL 80 Bonita Dr . Newport News. VA 23602 
COE. HOWARD 2300 School St. Winston-Salem. NC 27105 
COFFEY. CHRISTINE 103 Martina Ct Apt 203. Cary. NC 2751 1 
COGGINS. UNDA 8313 Ukewood Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27613 
COHEN. JORDON 9495 Blind Pass Road #404. St Petersburg 

Beach. FL 33706 
COHEN. PAMELA 1539 Blue Meadow Rd.. Potomac. MD 20854 
COKENDOLPHER. BRADLEY Route 1 . Box 264. Boones Mill. VA 

COLBERT. SAMANTHA 166 Winding River Rd . Wellsley. MA 02181 
COLCHIN. TIMOTHY 230 Sherwood Ave.. Satellite Beach. FL 32937 
COLE. USA 1 1 Apple Une. Elkton. MD 21921 
COLEMAN. ALVIN 158 Lin Tilley Rd.. Durham. NC 27712 
COLEAV\N. CHRIS 9 Tynewick CL. Silver Spring, MD 20906 
COLEMAN. DEBORAH 437 North Adventure Trail, Virginia Beach. 

VA 23454 
COLEMAN. GEORGE 840 South Spring St. Burlington. NC 27215 
COLEAWN. JOSEPH 317 Williamson St. BuMington. NC 27215 

Index 171 

COLEMAN. MICHAEL 6506 Park View CL. Springfield. VA 22152 
COLETRAME VERONICA Star Route 1. Box 4. Yanceyville. NC 

COLEY. ANGELA Route 1 . Box 596. Albemarie. NC 28001 
COLL, BRIDGET PO Box 1588, Elon College. NC 27244 
COLUER. II A RENO 1 1963 Governors Cl. Woodbridge. VA 22192 
COLLINS. RONALD 14413 Possum Track Rd.. Raleigh. NC 27614 
COLOSI. SAMANTHA 8300 Ullystone Dr.. Bethesda. «D 2081 7 
COMBS. JIMMY 702 North Dale Ct. Burlington. NC 27215 
COMBS. MEGAN 4861 Nomsville Rd.. White Hall. MD 21 161 
COMEY. JOHN 3000 Earlysville Rd.. Earlysville. VA 22936 
COMPTON. GLENN 5087 Uke Circle West. Columbia. MD 2 1 044 
COMPTON. MARK 29 Momingside Estates. Pnnceton. WV 24740 
CONDON. JOY 12125 Co Rd 4N. Brainerd. MN 56401 
CONNELLY. DAVID Route 4. Box 156B. Stoneville. NC 27048 
CONRAD. DAVID 1921 Fountain Ridge Rd.. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
CONROY. SCOTT 10602 Faulkner Ridge Cir.. Columbia. MD 21044 
CONVOY. SEAN 628 Fifth Ave.. Lyndhurst. NJ 07071 
COOK. BRIAN 162 BranUey Place. Danville. VA 24540 
COOK. JEFFREY 239 Cook Rd . Elon College. NC 27244 
COOK. JEFTREY 610 Centerbrook Dr.. Brandon. FL 3351 1 
COOK. KENNETH Route 1. Box 7-A Cedar Grove. NC 27231 
COOKE. ALUSON 1812 Salem Rd.. Virginia Beach. VA 23456 
COONEY. PATRICIA 718 Hocton Dr.. Silver Spnng. MD 20902 
COOPER. KENNETH 6331 Saint John Une. Charlotte. NC 28210 
COOPER. ROTH 2474 C Moran SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
COOPER. TRACEY. 2903 Hickory Meadovis Ct. Herndon. VA 22071 
COPENHAVER. SGSAN 13321 Beall Creek Cl. Potomac. MD 20854 
COPENHAVER. THOMAS 1880 Evergreen Dr.. Trenton. Ml 48183 
COPPER. MONIKA PO Box 22. Elkton. VA 22827 
COPSEY. CHRISTOPHER 1948 Foxhall Rd.. McLean. VA 22101 
CORBETT. DONNELL 128A Steele St Box 61 18. Gibsonville. NC 

CORBETT. LEE 1 1 5 Hoyt Lane. Port Jefferson. NY 1 1 777 
COREY. DALLAS 3937 Hahn s Lane Apartment B. Greensboro. NC 

CORUSS. JACQUEUNE PO Box 621. Harvard. MA 01451 
CORNEUUS. SANDRA 5741 Styers Feny Rd.. Clemmons. NC 

CORRELL AMBER Route 2. Box 200-B. Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 
CORRITORE. 1971 Dogwood Dr. Scotch Plains. NJ 07076 
COOCH. USA 5005 Old Hillsborough Rd . Durham. NC 27705 
COGLBOaRN. RAQUEL 6271 Blue Dart Place. Columbia. MD 

COOLSON. MEUANNE 4406 Rivershore Drive. New Bern. NC 

COORTNEY. ROBERT 908 Kunkle Ave.. Greensburg. PA 15601 
COUSIN. IDA 436 Dudley St. Burlington. NC 27215 
COOTO, PAUL 607 Hunter s Run. Mebane. NC 27302 
COVINGTON. GEORGE 106 Rolling Rd.. Burlington. NC 27215 
COVINGTON. JANE 1202 Sam Lions Trail. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
COVINGTON. MARK 1000 Trollinger Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
COWAN. KENT J PO Box 1284. Elon College. NC 27244 
COWAN. STANLEY P.O. Box 237. Lewiston. NC 27849 
COWERN. HEATHER 614 Murdock Rd.. Baltimore. MD 21212 
COWMAN. JENNIFER 2319 Pin Oak Dr. Finksburg. MD 21048 
COX. ELLEN 1410 West Lake Dr . Greensboro. NC 27408 
COX. JOSEPH Route 1 . Box 59 1 . Ridgeway. VA 24 1 48 
COX KERIN 58 Wingam Dr . Islip NY 1 1751 
COX MfTZI Route 5. Box 33. Reidsville. NC 27320 
COX SUSAN Colony Apt 738-H. Burlington. NC 27215 
COZORT. JOUE Post Office Box 518. Murphy. NC 28906 
CRABTREE. MICHAEL 1 17 Redbud Rd.. Edgewood. MD 21040 
CRADOCK. JEANNE 41 13 Mitscher Ct. Kensington. MD 20895 
CRAFT. APRIL P.O.Box 308. Welcome. NC 27374 
CRAIG. JAMES 2205 Pelham Ave.. Baltimore. MD 2 1 2 1 3 
CRAMER. KERRI 1 10 North Parkview BhA. Bellelonte. PA 16823 
CRANRLL. DARRIN 8130 Carrousel Dr. Clemmons. NC 27012 
CRAWFORD. CHANDRA 409 South Tennessee Ave.. Martinsville. WV 

CRAWFORD. MICHAEL 621 Mountain Rd.. Asheboro. NC 27203 
CRAWLEY. TIMOTHY 1 108 Mersey Lane. Raleigh. NC 27615 
CREASY. CHRISTOPHER Rural Route I. Box 118. Gretna. VA 24557 
CREECH. PAMELA 201 Holly Dr . Oxford. NC 27565 
CREEK. LESUE 3014 Ravenhill Dr.. Fayetteville. NC 28303 
CREEKMORE JEFFREY 624 Spurlock Way. Chesapeake. VA 23320 
CRQGHTON. HEATHER 7703 Buckhom Rd.. Hillsborough.NC 

CREWS. APRIL 4914 Shiriey St.. Alexandria. VA 22309 
CREWS. CARTER P.O. Box 201 . Mount Holly. VA 22524 
CRICHTON. THOMAS 5413 Cedarwood Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27609 
CRICKMAR. SCOTT 9313 Foxburrow Ct. Raleigh. NC 27612 
CRIMI. DORENE 20 Spajce St. Brentwood. NY 1 1727 
CRISP, LAVERNE 310 South Marshall St. Graham. NC 27253 
CROCCO. PAULA 9805 Harrell Ave, #503. Treasure Island. FL33706 
CROSBY. ALBERT 140 Potter Ave.. West Berlin. NJ 08091 
CROSBY. JAMES 3851 Havenwood Place. Alexandria. VA 22309 
CROSS. SCOTT 21 Cross Rd.. Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 
CROWt, JOHN 2615 Amherst Ct. Burlington. NC 27215 
CROTCHRELD. AGDRA 205 East Whitsett St. Graham. NC 27253 
CRUTHCRELD. JENNIFER 622 Oakgrove Dr . Graham. NC 27253 
aiESTA GREGG 12819 Kettenng Dr.. Herndon. VA 22071 
CULBRETH. WENDY PO Box 176. Stovall. NC 27582 
CUMMINGS. KEVIN 8519 Cottage Street SW. Vienna. VA 22180 
CUNHA DAVID 105 Meadowbrook Dr.. Martinsburg. WV 25401 
CUNNINGHAM. PATRICK 2610 Sevier St. Durham. NC 27705 
CUPO. JEFFREY 204 Rosemont Box 7925. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
CURCIO. SCOTT 9 Pondview Rd.. Morns Plains. NJ 07950 
CURL JENNIFER Route 2. Box 136. Lovettsville. VA 22080 
CURRIE. NEIL Route 2. Box 49. Chatham. VA 24531 
CURRIE. STEPHEN 5645 Laurel Crest Dr.. Durham. NC 27712 
CURRIER. DAVID 109 Martin Ct. Williamsburg. VA 23185 
CURRY. CUNTON 2403 Beekay Ct. Vienna. VA 22180 
CURTIS. LARA 542 21st St. Buena Vista. VA 24416 
CURTIS. LBGH P O Box 788. Elon College. NC 27244 
CUSHMAN. CHRISTINE 5500 San Juan Dr . Clinton. MD 20735 


D'ANGELO. DEVI 6 Arlene Dr.. West Long Branch, NJ 07764 
DTTALIA. CANDICE 205 10th St. Jersey City. NJ 07302 
DACHTERA KRISTINE 9708 Aldetsgate Rd.. Potomac. MD 20850 
DAHL JAMES 401 Clarion Dr.. Durham. NC 27705 
DAHL MARK 251 West Dekalb Pike Apt A-501. King of Prussia. PA 

DAHLE. SUSAN 1051 15th Ave NW.. Hickory. NC 28601 
DAILEY. PATRICIA 6 Henderson St. Phillipsburg. NJ 08865 
DAKU. CARRIE 19633 Islander SL. OIney. MD 20832 
DALEY. KEVIN 175 Lenape Trail,. Meford Ukes. NJ 08055 
DALKE. KATHRYN RFD 1 . Box 740. North Whitefield. ME 04353 
DALTON. DERRICK PO Box 832. Walnut Cove. NC 27052 
DALTON. HOLLY 130 Brook Cir . Danville. VA 24541 
DALY. DANIEL 504 Eastway Lane. Graham. NC 27253 
DALY. TAA\ARA 2 Bamaby Ct. Timonium. MD 21093 
DAME. WILLIAM 7529 Club Rd.. Baltimore. MD 21204 
DANCE. ROBERT 4004 Oceanlronl #1804. Virginia Beach. VA 

DANEK. NICOLE Route 1. Box 198. Purcellville. VA 22132 
DANLEY. DEBORAH 7193 Powelnne Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
DARE. MARLENA 652 1 Hallam Dr.. Upper Marlboro. MD 20772 
DARK. LOUISE Route 4. Box 310. Siler City. NC 27344 
DARNALL DAWN 5869 Old Oak Ridge Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
DATTILO. MICHELLE Rt 3 Box 374. Graham. NC 27253 
DATZ. GREGORY 32 Francis Rd.. East Brunswick. NJ 08816 
DAUB. STEVEN 2 1 NotUngham Dr . Havelock. NC 28532 
DAUGAARD. DAWN 542 Drum Point Rd . Brick. NJ 08723 
DAUGHERTY. JENNIFER 17410 RyeReld Ct. Dickerson. MD 20842 
DAUGHERTY. KEVIN 408 Orange Dr.. Elon College. NC 27244 
DAUGHTRY. BRYAN 13138 Brandon Way Rd . Gaithersburg. MD 

DAVEY. TODD 8834 Tidesebb Ct. Columbia. MD 21045 
DAVIS. ANDREW 1222 Westridge Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
DAVIS. CHRISTOPHER PO Box 564. Lawndale. NC 28090 
DAVIS. DOUGLAS 108 Magnolia Lane. Pnnceton. NJ 08540 
DAVIS. JAMES 5869 Old Oak Ridge Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
DAVIS. JEFFREY 1084 Revere St. Fayetteville. NC 28304 
DAVIS. JOANNE 2-C Normandy Square Ct. Silver Spring. MD 

DAVIS. JOEL 2121 Morningside Dr. BuHington. NC 27215 
DAVIS. JOSEPH Post Office Box 105. Wake Forest. NC 27587 
DAVIS. KIMBERLY Route 1. Box 255. Hillsborough. NC 27278 
DAVIS. KRIST\ 12693 Monnier Ct. Mount Airy. MD 21771 
DAVIS. UZANNE 738 Leigh Mill Rd . Great Falls. VA 22066 
DAVIS. LOUISE 3217 Pennington Une. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
DAVIS. MEUSSA Route 4. Box 320. Gretna. VA 24557 
DAVIS. MONNIE 903 Sycamore Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
DAVIS. PAUL 2303 Danbury Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27408 
DAVIS. PENNY 114 Westover Dr . Elon College. NC 27244 
DAVIS. R SCOTT 81 Valley Ridge Loop. Cockeysville. MD 21030 
DAVIS. SHARI 301 Baltic St. Brooklyn. NY 1 1201 
DAVIS. STEVEN 207 N Mulberry St. Cherryville. NC 28021 
DAVIS. TANYA 6837 Brasswood Dr , Fayetteville. NC 28314 
DAVIS. TED 17 Bufflehead Dr . Mooresville. NC 281 15 
DAVIS. TIMOTHY. Rt 1 1 Box 124. Buriin0on. NC 27215 
DAWES. JORDAN 17 Willow Rd.. Haivard. MA 01451 
DAY. ROSA 609 Wayward Dr . Annapolis. MD 21401 
DE BRULER. PAMELA 3769 Garden Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 
DE FEO. LOUIS 206 North Roosevelt Blvd . Briganune. NJ 08203 
DE FORD. BETH 3449 Gilliam Church Rd . Elon College. NC 27244 
DE FREES. SUSAN 4317 Pickett Rd . Fairfax. VA 22032 
DE GUEHERY. DENISE 4505 Lockhaven Dr.. Durham. NC 27712 
DE JERF. DENESE Route 1. Box 336-G. Hume. VA 22639 
DE LOS SANTOS. ERWIN 134 Speedwell Ave.. Momstown. NJ 

DE MARCO. MARC 4! Regina Ave.. Trenton. NJ 08619 
DE MEO. JEFFREY 20 Widgeon PI.. St Michaels. MD 21663 
DE NICOLA JOHN 2 Woodcock Lane. Randolph. NJ 07869 
DE PREITER. HEIDI Route 2. Box 152. New Market. VA 22844 
DE SANTO. KRISTIN 17 Hamilton Rd.. Marlton. NJ 08053 
DE STEFANO. USA P.O. Box 780. Reidsville. NC 27320 
DE vrrO. JOHN 5 Fieldstone Dr . Danbury. CT 0681 1 
DE VRIES. BETH 46 Bekoir Dr . Fori Beloir. VA 22060 
DEAL GAIL 4812 Edmborough Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
DEAN. II THOMAS 1 13 Forestview Dr . Elon College. NC 27244 
DECK. AMANDA 206 Cloverbrook Dr.. PO, Box 47 1 . Jamestown. 

NC 27282 
DECKER. KAREN 5745 June Lane. Winston-Salem. NC 27127 
DECKERT. REBECCA 5 Buckhaven Ct . Salisbury. MD 21801 
DEKKER. BRYAN 1409 Avon Rd . Chesapeake. VA 23320 
DELANEY. JOHN 4547 Sawgrass Ct. Alexandria. VA 22312 
DEMPSEY. KATHLEEN 1015 Greentree Dr.. Winter Park. FL 32789 
DENKINGER. DENISE 3322 Doral Dr . Waterloo. lA 50701 
DENNING. JOHN Route 6. Box 343. Goldsboro. NC 27530 
DERRICK. MARGARET 8901 Melwood Rd . Belhesda. MD 20817 
DESOUZA MARCOS Presidente Kennedy 3860/1301. Fortaleza. 

DEVANEY. LESUE 5314 Broadmoor Place. Greensboro. NC 27410 
DEVINEY. ROBERT 230 Russlyn Dr.. West Palm Beach. FL 33405 
DEVOL. KEVIN 3531 Quebec St NW.. Washington. DC 20016 
DEWEESE. TERESA 3813 Zenith Place.. Durham. NC 27705 
DEWEY. HARTLEY 1000 Cannonbury Common. Virginia Beach. VA 

DEXTER. MEUSSA PO Box 167. Bellows Falls. VT 05101 
Dl BEUA CAROLYN 4128 Doveville Lane. Fairfax. VA 22032 
Dl EMEDIO. DIANNE 52 Marlyn Dr.. Elkton. MD 21921 
DICKENS. CRAIG 130 Cedar Lane. Reidsville. NC 27320 
DICKERSON. ANDREW 37088 Harrison Ct Apt #699. Farmington 

Hills. Ml 48018 
DICKERSON. MEREDITH 1 130 Jefferson Rd . Greensboro. NC 

DICKEY. TREVA 203 North Manning Ave . Elon College. NC 27244 
DICKINSON. CAROL 8045 Sleepy View Une. Springfield. VA 22153 

DIEMER. MICHAEL 1800 Chelsea Dr . Wilson. NC 27893 
DILLER. TANYA Route 692. PO Box 335. Lovettsville. VA 22080 
DILLON. PATRICK 327 Sweievtown Rd.. Middle Island. NY 1 1953 
DILZER. DONALD 39 Boonton Ave . BuUer. NJ 07405 
DIXON. UNDA 1375 S.E. 1 1th St. Ft Uuderdale FL 33316 
DIXON. MICHAEL Route 1. Box 159-C. Grantsboro. NC 28529 
DIXON. WILUS 6400 Rockrest Ct. Raleigh. NC 27612 
DIXON. WILMA Route 2. Box 604. Gnfton. NC 28530 
DIXSON. JOHN 1688 31st St. NW . Washington. DC 20007 
DODSON. JAMES Apt H 709 E. Haggard Ave.. Elon College. NC 

DOHERTY. DONALD Apt. 1206 1528 S. Mebane St. Burlington. NC 

DOLAK. JUUE 12403 Appleby Ct. Upper Marlboro. MD 20772 
DOL^N. DANIEL Anthony Wayne Rd.. Mornstown. NJ 07960 
DOLAN, DANIELLE 17 Crest Dr. Little Silver. tV 07739 
DOLAN. JANET 14630 Governor Spnng Place. Upper Marlboro. MD 

DOLUNS. CL^UDE 6805 Nashville. Lubbock, TX 79413 
DOMINO. ANDREW Box 133. Rd 1. Middletovm. DE 19709 
DONALDSON. ALEXANDER 7609 Wheat Fall Ct.. Derwood. MD 

DONKERBROOK. DARCIE 5264 Wintetgreen Une, Carmel. IN 

DONOVAN. DEBRA 4216 Olympia Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
DONOVAN. EUZABETH 7319 Mallory Une. Alexandria. VA 22310 
DOOLAN. PATRICK Apt 4-E 739 E Haggard Ave.. Elon College. NC 

DORMENT. JOHN 9100 Clewerwall Dr.. Bethesda. MD 20817 
DORNIK. ARTHUR Post Office Box 473. Greene. NY 12778 
DORSEY. JANET 2107 Somers Ave.. Burlington. NC 27215 
DOSIER. TARA P.O. Box 658. Chester. VA 23831 
DOSS. MARILYN 717 Osborne St. Eden. NC 27288 
DOUGLAS. DAVID Route 9. Box 90. Reidsville. NC 27320 
DOUGLAS. JUUUS 603 Walker Ave,. Graham. NC 27253 
DOUGLAS. MATTHEW Route 9. Box 90. Reidsville. NC 27320 
DOVE. GRADY Route 9. Route 2. Box 1074. Bladenboro. NC 28320 
DOWDEY. SHANNON 6898 Sugar Rum Ridge. Roanoke. VA 24018 
DREA TRACY 1710 Old Annapolis Blvd.. Annapolis. MD 21401 
DREW. CHARLOTTE Route 8. Box 74. Greenwood. SC 29649 
DREWRY. WILLIAM 1 1 Atkinson Ave. # 1 5 P.O. Box 1 1 1 7. Elon 

College. NC 27244 
DRIVER. CHARMAN 1625 Lejeune Blvd.. Jacksonville. NC 28540 
DRURY. ROBERT 9345 Hobart Ct. Fairfax. VA 22032 
DRY. UNDA 951 Scenic Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 
DRYE. JUDfTH Route 4. Box 267. Siler City. NC 27344 
DRYSDALE. EUGENE East Fox Chase Rd.. Box F 85. Chester. NJ 

DU BOIS. JODY 148 East St. Oneonta. NY 13820 
DUBPERNELL JENNIFER 107 Taft Tenace. Washington. NJ 07882 
DUBS. MEUSSA 103 Bennington Dr.. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
DUCEY. JILL 15 Crestview Court East Morns Plains. NJ 07950 
DUDLEY. CAMRON Route 4. Box 1 61 -A Hillsille. VA 24343 
DUFFEY. CHRISTOPER 4 Valleywood Ct. Timonium. MD 21093 
DUFFY. THOMAS 7 Wilkin Ave . Middletown. NY 10940 
DUGGINS. MICHAEL PO Box 1 172. Robersonville. NC 27871 
DUNBAR. JOHN 12008 Smoket/ee Rd.. Potomac. MD 20854 
DUNCAN. CHARLES 122 Crownpoint Rd.. Williamsburg. VA 23185 
DUNCAN. SUSAN 2510 Dare St. Burlington. NC 27215 
DUNCAN. TODD 225 Oak St. Wallace. NC 28466 
DUNHAM. LAURA 1210 Merry Hill Dr. High Point, NC 27260 
DUNKERLEY. DAVID 3723 Silvenvood Dr.. York. PA 17402 
DUNMAN. CANDIE 901 Chald Level Rd.. Apt G 12. Durham. NC 

DUNN. JASON 613 Springwood Ave.. Box 5709. Gibsonville. NC 

DUNN. JEFEREY 303 Ivey Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
DUNN. MICHAEL 323 E.W Trollinger. Elon College. NC 27244 
DUNN. MICHAEL 1 10 Ave., of Trees. Elon College. NC 27244 
DUNN. VANCE 25 Campo Terrace. Red Bank. NJ 07701 
DUNNING. LAWRENCE 2050 Shirley Dr.. Buriington. NC 27215 
DUPREE. LEE 1000 Bobolink Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 23451 
DURA MICHLlE 3584 Tanglebrook Trail. Clemmons. NC 27012 
DURHAM. ANGELA 501 Wildwood Une. Graham. NC 27253 
DURHAM. STACIA 2435 Ucy St. Burlington. NC 27215 
DURKEE. DEBORAH 106 Forestview Dr. Elon College. NC 27244 
DURKIN. PATRICIA 292 Wayfair Or,. Franklin Ukes. NJ 07417 
DURKIN. ROBERT Rd. R Haddonfield Farm. Dallas. PA 18612 
DURR. CARA 8083 Ventnor Dr . Pasadena. MD 21 122 
DUTTON. UNDALEE 507 Rives Rd.. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
DUVAU JOHN Route 1. Box 231. Saluda. NC 28773 


EADIE. MICHELLE 1 8805 Hentage Hills Dr.. Brookeville. MD 20833 
EASOM. LORI 8509 Shadowwood Place. Raleigh. NC 27613 
EASTWOOD. DANIEL 23 Heritage Blvd.. Princeton. NJ 08540 
EATON. DARRIN 2069 Kedge Dr. Vienna. VA 22180 
EBELEIN. SANDY 2027 Nithsdale Dr . Salisbury. MD 21801 
EBRAHIMI. CHRISTINA 14701 West Old Baltimore Rd.. Boyds. MD 

ECHOLS. VIRGINIA 431 Robmont Rd . Charlotte. NC 28226 
ECKEL ALBERT 4035 Appleton Way. Wilmington, NC 28403 
EDGE. BILLY PO Box 3221. Hickory. NC 28603 
EDGERTON. JAMES 618 West Sycamore St. Chase City. VA 23924 
EDMONDS. CHRISTIAN 4749 Rivershore Rd.. Portsmouth. VA 23703 
EDRINGTON. DAVID 1908 Wilkins Dr . Sanford. NC 27330 
EDRINGTON. SUSAN 1908 Wilkins Dr . Sanford. NC 27330 
EDWARDS. AMY 258 Steelecrest Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
EDWARDS. DAWN 3330 Altamahaw Church Rd.. Elon College. NC 

EDWARDS. ELIZABETH Route 8. Box 14 Burlington. NC 27215 
EDWARDS. ERIC 5043 Portsmouth Rd.. Fairfax. VA 22032 

172 Index 

EDWARDS, JAMES 215 Glen Eagle Rd.. Slatesville. MC 28677 
EHLERS. KERRY 608 Knightbridge Place. Fayetteville. NC 283 11 
QDSOrS, JR.. THOMAS 5101 Holly Ridge Farm Rd.. Raleigh. NC 

ELDRIDGE. AMY 106 Timber Hollow Court #257. Chapel Hill. MC 

EUAS. USBETH 7128 1 19th St, North. Seminole, FL 34642 
ELLEN, PHILLIP 301 Midlothian Dr.. Southem Pines. NC 28387 
ELLER. CLARA 1608 Brookhaven Mill Rd.. Greensboro, NC 27406 
ELLER, EU2ABETH 213 Gleneagles Rd„ East, Slatesville, NC 28677 
ELUNCTON, NANCY 952 1 Kentsdale Dr.. Potomac. MD 20854 
ELUNGTON. WENDY Route 8. Box 646C. Gastcnia. NC 28054 
ELUOTT. DENITA P O, Box 925. Edenlon. NC 27932 
ELUS. HEATHER 107 Cardiff Ct.. Jacksonville. NC 28540 
ELUSON. ROBERT 8033 Wavendon Ct.. Raleigh. NC 27615 
ELUXSON. DORIS 5233 Shoffner Rd.. McLeansville. NC 27301 
EMBRY. DARIN Route 5. Box 657. Thomasville. NC 27360 
EMEU STACY Box 435. Palatine Rd.. Elmer. NJ 08318 
EMERSON. SARAH 801 Maple Glen Lane. Wayne. PA 19087 
EMERY. USA RD #1. Box 106. Eighty Four. PA 15330 
ENDERLEIN. VERNE 1 144 Barbara Dr.. Cherry Hill. NJ 08003 
ENDERS. JANICE 9025 Scott St. Spnngfield. VA 22153 
ENDRES. CONSTANCE 15 Franklin Dr.. Somers Point. NJ 08244 
ENG. CHRISTOPHER 2 Skytop Terrace. Upper Mountclair. NJ 07043 
ENGLE. ANDREA 4309 H. Trinity Ave.. Greensboro. NC 27407 
ENGUSH. REGINA Route 1. Box 477. Glade Hill. VA 24092 
ENOCH. PATRICIA 325 Tryon SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
ENTWISLE, THEODORE 1 129 Turkey Point Rd., Edgewater, MD 

ERCOLANl, DYAN 323 W. Trollinger Ave.. Apt 8. Elon College. NC 

ERDNER. PETE Route 3. Box 163-B. Roxboro. NC 27573 
ERVIN. WILLIAM Post Office Box 702. Wharton. NJ 07885 
ERWIN. GREGORY 3734 Swarthmore Rd.. Durham. NC 27707 
ESPARZA. RICARDO 1009 East Ellerbee #A. Durham. NC 27704 
ESPOSITO. RACHEL 206 Raleigh Ave.. Morehead City. NC 28557 
ESSEN. AUCE 601 North Main SL. Graham. NC 27253 
ESSEN. JOHN 601 North Main St. Graham. NC 27253 
ETHERIDGE. PATRICIA 7520 S.W. 164th SL. Miami. FL 33157 
EUBANKS. DCKJGLAS 352 Harrell Dr.. Spartanburg. SC 29302 
EUUSS. GREGORY 105 Cobblestone Dr. Chapel Hill, NC 27516 
EUUSS. SAMUEL 5404 Foster Store Rd.. Liberty. NC 27298 
EVANS, LARA 5612 Marble Arch Way, Alexandria, VA 22310 
EVANS, JR.. EDWARD P.O Box 156. Pfafftov^n. NC 27040 
EVERETTE. WILLIAM 904 Magnolia Ave.. Reidsville. NC 27320 
EVERS. ROBYN. 101 17 Walker Lake Dr.. Great Falls. VA 22066 
EVORY. LOREN 1 14 Westviev* Dr.. Elon College. NC 27244 
EWAYS. FRANCIS 665 Tanners Une. Earlysville. VA 22936 
EWIG. SHELLEA Kilchell Rd.. Convent Station. NJ 07961 
EWING. ROBERT 6205 Dello SL. Durham. NC 27712 
EZZELL. WENDY Route 3. Box 365-C. Whiteville. NC 28472 


FABOR. NANCY 1818 Rendall St. Burlington. NC 27215 
FAIRCLOTH. CHRISTINA Route 6. Box 60-A. Burlington. NC 27215 
FAISON. ERICA 9232 Cue Rd., Damascus, MD 20872 
FALK. DARREN 1 50 1 6 Wellwood Rd.. Silver Spnng. MD 20904 
FALK. LORIE 21 Clearwater Ct. Damacus. MD 20872 
FALL. JENNIFER 2723 Blanche Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
FANNON. FRANCIS 7102 Park Terrace Dr. Alexandria. VA 22307 
FARDELLA JAN 19 Carrie Ct. Smithtown. NY 1 1787 
FARFONE. SCOTT 9834 Squaw Valley Dr.. Vienna. VA 22180 
FARGIS. ROYCE P.O Box 3 1 . Altamahaw. NC 27202 
FARKAS. NICOLE 5923 1 1 Tamar Dr.. Columbia. MD 21046 
FARLOW. PATRICIA Box 205 Thompson Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
FARR. CASSANDRA Route 1 1 Box 144. 210 Homestead Rd.. Chapel 

Hill, NC 27516 
FARRELL. JAMES 1801 Browning Ave., Charlotte. NC 28205 
FARRINGTON. ANfTA 1 170 N NC 49. Burlington. NC 27215 
FARSTER. UNDA 6429 Kimesville Lake Loop. Liberty. NC 27298 
FASSBENDER. EUZABETH Bear Tavern Rd.. Titusville. NJ 08560 
FAGCETTE. JR.. MICHAEL 314 East 5th St. Burlington. NC 27215 
FAULKNER. ANDREA 304 Aloha Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 
FAULKNER. TARA 1 1304 Carmel Chace Dr . Charlotte. NC. 28226 
FEATHER. EDDIE 2325 King St. Northeast Roanoke. VA 24012 
FEATHER. STEPHANIE 2422 Moran St. Burlington. NC 27215 
FECHO. JEFFRY 2322 La Vista Dr.. #23. Burlington. NC 27215 
FEENEY. BRYAN 13304 Kerrydale Rd.. Woodbridge. VA 22193 
FELT. STEPHEN 215-B Willow Turn. Mount Laurel. NJ 08054 
FELTON. TAMARI 521 Shepard St. Burlington. NC 27215 
FENNER. BRADLEY 4835 Tabard Place. Annandale. VA 22003 
FERGUSON. SHIRLEY 2116 HunUngton Rd.. Burlington. NC 27215 
FERGUSON. TODD 6040 Tumbleweed Trail. WinstonSalem. NC 

FERNAN. COLLEEN 3136 Rockspnngs Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
FERREIRA. ALEX Putumayo 1 33 Iquitos. Peru 
FERRELL. WENDY 121 South Madison SL. Chase City. VA 28924 
FERRIS. MICHAEL 215 South Glenwood Trail. Southern Pines. NC 

FETTERS. JUNE 3026 Huffines Dr.. Burlington. NC 27217 
RELDS. KIMBERLY 1842 Broadway Dr. Graham. NC 27253 
RLER. BRUCE 4201 Stonehenge Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
RNCHER. MARIA 3302 South Mebane St. Burlington. NC 27215 
FINELU. REGINA 2016 Aberdeen Dr.. Crofton. MD 21 1 14 
RNGER. ELEANOR 1701 King Mountain Rd.. Charlottesville. VA 

RNKELSTEIN. KARIN 12 Branchwood Ct, Baltimore. MD 21208 
RRMAN. BRIAN 7102 Kerr Dr . Spnngfield. VA 22150 
FISH. FRANCIS Route 2. 105 Village Court. Morehead City. NC 

nSHER. SERENA 850 Leopard Trail. Winter Spnngs. FL 32708 
FTTTS, WILLIAM 1 16 Oakwood Drive, Wake Forest NC 27587 

FTTZGERALD, EUZABETH 12310 Happy Hollow Rd,, Cockeysville, 

MD 21030 
FTTZGERALD. JEFFREY 2001 Trail 5. Burlington. NC 27215 
FTTZSIMMONS. CHRISTIN 18430 Cape Jasmine Way. Gaithersburg. 

MD 20879 
FLANIGAN. ANNE 13403 Hamer Ct,. Herndon, VA 22070 
FLANNAGAN. ANNE 6104 Roxbury Ave.. Springfield. VA 22152 
FLEEMAN. STEVEN 919 Fleeman Lane Burlington. NC 27217 
FLEMING. MELANIE Route 1. Box 661 D. Mt. Jackson. VA 22842 
FLETCHER. BRENDA 97 Evergreen Ave.. New Providence. NJ 

FUNCHUM. JAN 5814 Green Meadow Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
FUPPIN. JOHN 1225 Sarah Lynch Place. Lynchburg. VA 24503 
FLOOD. ROBERT RR 7. Box 492. Holly Way. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 
FLOYD, JOHN 3504 Westridge Circle Dr., Rocky Mount, NC 27804 
FLUSZ, CYNTHIA 31 Uncoln Ave., Ogdensburg, NJ 07439 
FLYNN, KEVIN 88 Buena Vista Terrace, Central Valley, NY 10917 
FLYNT, MOLLY 513 Patrick SL, Eden, NC 27288 
FOGEL HILLARIE 5475 Treefrog Place, Columbia, MD 21045 
FOGLEMAN, TERRl 2285 Lee Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 
FOGLEMAN, TYLER 706 K-6 Huffman Mill Rd., Burlington, NC 

FOLEY, BRIAN P.O. Box 523. Madison. NC 27025 
FOLEY. MARK 605 Orrin St. S.E.. Vienna. VA 22180 
FORD. ELLEN 700 Southgate Dr.. Blacksburg. VA 24060 
FORD. MARCUS 2738 Whites Mill Rd.. Decatur. GA 30032 
FORD. TROY Route 4. Box 887. South Boston. VA 24592 
FORDl. JOHN 841 Gist Rd.. Westminster. MD 21 157 
FORESTER. WESLEY 5 Green Hills Rd.. Long Valley. NJ 07853 
FOREST. CLARA FAYE 1831 Broadway Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 
FORNOFF. WILLIAM 3939 Grimm Rd.. Jarrettsville. MD 21084 
FORTE. ROBERTO 6427 Travis Rd.. Lake Clarke Shores. FL 33431 
FOSTER. FAE 3175 McCarroll Dr.. Baton Rouge. LA 70809 
FOSTER. GLORIA 4702 Trailwood Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27407 
FOSTER. GREGORY 603 Helen St. Fayetteville. NC 28303 
FOSTER. JAMES 603 Helen St. Fayetteville. NC 28303 
FOSTER. JAMES 3316 Elk Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 
FOSTER. UKURA Route 1. Box 581 Wilkesboro. NC 28697 
FOSTER. LEROY 4366 27th Ave.. Veto Beach FL 32967 
FOIL. JEFFREY 1 Stillway Ct. Cockeysville. MD 21030 
FOUSHEE. ETTA Rt 4. Box 173. Slier City. NC 27344 
FOUST. SHARON P.O. Box 65. McLeansville. NC 27301 
FOWLER. CHARLES 461 Maple Une . Danville. VA 24541 
FOWLER. CHERYL P.O. Box 52. Waynesville. NC 28786 
FOWLER. JOHN 509 Kimberly Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27408 
FOWLER. JR.. WILLIAM 103 South Gregg St. Columbia. SC 29205 
FOX. FRED 3409 Evers Ave,. Sanford. NC 29205 
FOX. KIRK 12009 Deming Dr . Fairfax. VA 22030 
FRAIL PATRICK 610 Staffordshire Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC. 27104 
FRAIL. SCOTT 610 Staffordshire Rd . Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
FRAIN. MALCOLM 443 Main Ave.. Bayhead. NJ 08742 
FRAME. RICHARD 1608 Dylan Dr . Virginia Beach. VA 23464 
FRANCIS. JOSEPH 155 Barclay Rd.. Durham. NC 27712 
FRANK. JAMES 2831 Young Dr.. Oakton. VA 22124 
FRANK. MEUSSA 476 West Walnut Rd.. #84. Vineland. NJ 08360 
FRAVEL. MEGAN 8933 Rolling Rd , Manassa. VA 221 10 
FRAZIER. EUZABETH 1 1407 Hilbingdon Rd.. Richmond. VA 23233 
FREDERICK. ROBERT P.O. Box 1 16. Rose Hill. NC 28458 
FREDERICK, SUSAN 10706 Gainsborough Rd„ Potomac, MD 

FREDRICKS. JOHN 809 South Undell Rd., Greensboro. NC 27403 
FREED. LORI 3813 Moorland Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
FREEMAN. JUANDALYNN Route 2. Box 274. Clinton. NC 28328 
FREIMARK. HOLLY 540 Bennington Terrace. Ridgewood. NJ 07450 
FREfTAC. RICHARD 1 Brookside Rd.. Succasunna. NJ 07876 
FRICK. FRANCESCA 41 Winding Way. Flemington. NJ 08822 
FRIDDLE. MARTHA 428 Wildlife Club Rd . Graham. NC 27253 
FRIEND. CHRISTOPHER 880 18th Ave CL NW . Hickory. NC 28601 
FRIEND. KATHARINE 1360 Knopp Rd . Jarrettsville, MD 21084 
FRINK, LEIGH P.O. Box 664, Shallotte, NC 28459 
FRISBEE, MARK 766 Tiffany Dr , Gaithersburg, MD 20878 
FRfTH, KATHRYN 433 Devonshire Lane, Burlington, NC 27215 
FRfTZ, AMBER Route 3, Box 455, Hillsville, VA 24343 
FROEUCH. MICHELLE 40 Glenhill Rd , Freehold, NJ 07728 
FRY, STEPHEN #40 Sheridan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 
FRYAR, SUSAN 5406 Hicone Rd., McLeansville, NC 27301 
FRYE, BOBBY Route 2, Box 9-C, Bennett NC 27208 
FUGMANN, LORRAINE 103 Timberlake Dr., Elon College, NC 

FULK, CHRISTOPHER 754 North Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 

FUNK, MICHAEL 2400 Ravenview Rd., Timonium. MD 21093 
FUTRELL. JEFFREY 206 Moore St. Graham. NC 27253 


GAGNON. JEFFREY 2207 Westover Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 
GAILEY, USA 2205 Brent Hall CL, Matthews, NC 28105 
GAINES, ALUSON 3475 Monitor Ct, Davidsonville, MD 21035 
GALEA. MICHAEL 6421 Glastonburg Dr., Mechanicsville. VA 231 1 1 
GALLAGHER, KATHLEEN 3366 Jennings Chapel Rd„ Woodbine, 

GALLAGHER, KATHRYN Sarles Street ML Kisco. New York, NY 

GALLAGHER. MICHAEL 20324 Watkins Meadow Dr,, Germanlown, 

MD 20874 
GALLAVAN, CHRISTOPHER 2161 Castlebridge Rd , Midlothian, VA 

GALLOWAY, BRUCE Route 1, Box 815, Eden, NC 27288 
GALLOWAY, 111, WILLIAM PO. Box 310, Wakefield, VA 23888 
GALVAGNA, STEPHANIE 3105 Fayette Rd., Kensington. MD 20895 
GAMBOGI. DAVID 310 Lakeside Ave.. Pitman. NJ 08071 
GAMMON, WENDY Route 3. Box 520-B, Mebane, NC 27302 

GANEY, WILLIAM 7500 Willowbrook Rd„ Fairfax StaUon, VA 22039 
GANN, SALLY Route 1 . Box 44. Madison. NC 27025 
CANTOS. CUNT 133 Orange Dr. Elon College. NC 27244 
GARDNER. THOMAS GOQ 2000. Camp Lejeune. NC 28542 
GARLAND. MARK 512 Boxwood Rd,. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 
GARNER. EVELYN Route 6. Box 622. Roxboro. NC 27573 
GARNER. MELVIN Route 1. Box 181 -A. Garysburg. NC 27831 
GARNER. TAMMI 8305 Holt Dr.. Richmond, VA 23228 
GARRISON, ROSAUND 2456 W Webb Ave., Burlington. NC 27217 
GASKILL. RONALD 882 Gregory Dr.. Brick. NJ 08723 
GASKINS. DENNIS 570 Jacqueline St. Mechanicsville. MD 20659 
GASS. CATHRYN 7 Treetop Rd . Ellington. CT 06029 
GAST. THOMAS 2227 Kentucky Ave . BalUmore. MD 21213 
GATES. SUSAN 309 N O Kelly Ave . Elon College. NC 27244 
GAUCHER. ERIK 105 Powderhorn Dr.. Phillipsburg. NJ 08865 
GAUL TODD 515 S. Williamson Ave . Elon College. NC 27244 
GAVIN. LEIGH 4424 Tetbury Place. Raleigh. NC 27612 
GAVIN. PETER P.O. Box 646. Oldwick. NJ 08858 
GAYNER. CHRISTOPHER 1286 Towlston Rd . Great Falls. VA 22066 
GEBEL. EVEUNE 26 Mount Vernon Dr.. Toms River. NJ 08753 
GEER. SHERI 2634 Rolling Hills. Monroe. NC 281 10 
GEMMILL. GUY 2810 Benson Mill Rd.. Sparks. MD 21 152 
GENOVA MICHAEL Route 1. Box 545. Floyd. VA 24091 
GENTILE. KRISTEN 146 Riding Trail Lane. Pittsburgh. PA 15215 
GENTILE. MARC 5063 Whetstone Rd.. Columbia. MD 21044 
GENTRY ADRON 2145 Woodland Ave.. Burlington. NC 27215 
GENTRY, KIMBERLY Rt 2 Box 558, Roxboro, NC 27573 
GERAMI, JENNY Rt 4, Box 147. Conover. NC 28613 
GERHARDT. ROBERT 8225 Alvarado Ct. Springfield. VA 22153 
GERLACH. JOHN Route 10. Box 435. Burlington. NC 27215 
GERLACH. KRISTINE 5 Delaware Ave,, Stanhope, NJ 07874 
GERRINGER, JANICE 6305 Divot Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27407 
GIACOMO. KEfTH 3208 Juniper Lane. Falls Church. VA 22044 
GIAQUINTO. MICHELLE 12821 Tewksbury Dr.. Herndon. VA 22071 
GIBBS. PAUL 321 1 Sandburg Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27405 
GIBSON. CRYSTAL P.O. Box 3215. Cibsonville. NC 27249 
GIDDENS. LEONARD Route 22, Box 21 15, Lexington, NC 27292 
QIFRN, ROBERT 3000 Spout Run Parkway B-612. Arlington. VA 

GILBERT, GREGORY 2734 Robinhood Rd., Winston-Salem. NC 

GILES. JENNIFER 218 Blue Ridge Rd.. Voorhees. NJ 08043 
GILKEY. BRIAN 14508 Cobblestone Dr.. Silver Spring, MD 20904 
GILLETTE, ROBERT 431 North Mam St, Suffolk, VA 23434 
GILLIAM, EUZABETH 1028 Briarcliff Rd,, Burlington, NC 27215 
GILUAM, LUTHER 427 Underbill Place. Alexandria. VA 22305 
GILUS. DOROTHY Rt 2. Box 597. Roxboro. NC 27573 
GILLMAN. THOMAS 1418 Symphony Ct. Orfando. FL 32804 
GILMORE, CHRISTOPHER 4832 Wyclifl Rd,. Portsmouth. VA 23703 
GINGERICH. LEAH 71 1 Wilba Rd.. Mebane. NC 27302 
GINGRICH. TIM 310 West Cherry St. Palmyra. PA 17078 
GIOVINE. MICHAEL 665 Bancroft Rd,. Bnck. NJ 08724 
QIOVINE. ROBERT 665 Bancroft Rd.. Brick. NJ 08724 
GIPPLE. LESUE 1112 Corn Tassel Trail. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
GIRARDET. JENNIE 71 South Main St. Cranbury. NJ 08512 
GISCHEL. WHrTNEY 909 Chestnut Ridge Dr.. Lutherville. MD 21093 
GLASS. DEBORAH 13204 Pleasant Glen Ct. Herndon. VA 22071 
GLASS. STEPHANIE Route 4. Box 428. Siler City. NC 27344 
GLASSCOCK. DAVID 216 31st Ave.. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 
GLEISER. KEVIN 2828 Brookhill Dr . Winston-Salem. NC 27127 
GLENN ALEXANDER 1228 Wareham Ct. Charlotte. NC 28207 
GLENN. DANIEL 202 Westbury Rd . Wallingford. PA 19086 
GUNIECKl. TlMOTflY 5217 Hawkbill Cr . SW,. Roanoke. VA 24014 
GUSSON. KIMBERLY 4119 Kellington Ct. Morrysville. PA 15668 
GLOVER. JOHN 107 Tweed Dr . Jacksonville. NC 28540 
GOCHMAN. PETER 7100 Ridgewood Ave . Chevy Chase. MD 20815 
GODOY. VIRGINIA 53 Craig Dr . Deptford, NJ 08096 
GOLDMANN. KARL 65 Emerald Place, Clark, NJ 07066 
GONTESKI, KELLY 2 Custer Dr , Ringwood. NJ 07456 
GOODSON. CRISTY Rolling Hill Rd,. Skillman. NJ 08558 
GORDON. EDWARD 4922 Old Way Rd . Brown Summit NC 27214 
GORDON. HORACE 134 Washington Dr.. BriganUne. NJ 08203 
GORDON. WALTER P.O. Box 587. Launnburg. NC 28352 
GORRELL. ROBERT 2420 Londonderry. Kemersville. NC 27284 
GOTHORP SHERRI 433 N NC, 87, Buriington, NC 27217 
GOWEN, CHRISTINE 524 Prince of Wales Dr., Virginia Beach. VA 

GRACE. MARK 605 Bainbridge Rd.. Port Deposit MD 21904 
GRADY. CATHERINE 3021 Berwick Dr.. Burfington. NC 27215 
GRADY. DAVID P.O. Box 1447. Elon College. NC 27244 
GRAGG. JUUE 102 Shefford St. Greer. SC 29650 
GRAHAM. DAVID 1929 Sandee Cres.. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 
GRAHAM. LAURA P.O Box 1346. Elon College. NC 27244 
GRAHAM. SCOTT 3423 Briar Dr.. Carmel. IN 46032 
GRANADOS. THOMAS 429-D Kemodle Dr.. Graham. NC. 27253 
GRANT. DEBORAH 6700 Park Hall Dr.. Laurel. MD 20707 
GRANT. MICHAEL Route 2. Box 273. Blackstone. VA 23824 
GRANVILLE, CUNTON 164 Palmer Ave,, Winter Park, FL, 32789 
GRASSIE, REBECCA 1 12 Welcome Dr,, Fountain Inn, SC 29644 
GRAVEUN, MARK PO, Box 269, Uurens, NY 13796 
GRAVES, BETH Route 6, Box 375A, Burlington, NC 27215 
GRAVES, JASON 12824 Undley Dr., Raleigh, NC 27614 
GRAVES, STEFANY 7912 Journey Lane. Spnngfield. VA 22153 
GRAVES. TRAVIS Route 6. Box 151. Burlington. NC. 27215 
GRAVrm. BARRY Route 3. Box 1 108. Virgilina, VA 24598 
GRAVUN. PATRICIA 6449 Branford Rd., Dayton, OH 45414 
GRAY, BARBARA 18A Roslyn Dr,, Burfington, NC 27215 
GRAY, CHARLES 5723 Marble Arch Way, Alexandria, VA 22310 
GRAY, MARGARET 4300 Princeton Ave , Greensboro, NC 27407 
GRAY, MIGUEL 434 1-H Hewin St, Greensboro, NC 27407 
GRAY, TRENT Route 1, Box 153, Como, NC 27818 
GREAVES. LAURA 3612 Ontario Dr.. Prince George. VA 23875 
GREAVES. REBECCA 1 104 West Cornwallis Dr.. Prince George, VA 

GREEN. RICHARD 2714 W. Front St Apt D-8. Burfington, NC 

GREEN, SAMANTHA 1052 Heartwood Dr„ Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 
GREENBERG, BARRI I Hill Point Ct, Richmond. VA 23233 
GREENE. AUCIA 2412 Ramblewood Lane. Charlotte, NC 28210 
GREENE, KRISTIN 1620 Guthrie St, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Index 173 

GREENE. MARY Route 2. Box 72/'>. Troy. NC 27371 
GREENSPAN. CHRIS 3303 Dr.. Whaton. MD 20906 
GREER. LETHA Lol #2 Leheigh Mo.. Roxboro. NC 27573 
GREER. MICHAEL 9250 Seawmd Ct. Columbia. MD 21045 
GREESON. KARLA Route 6. Box 157. Burlington. NC 27215 
GREESOM. SCOTT 6614 Pikes Lane. Baton Rouge. LA 70808 
GREGORY. DENNA Route I. Box 615. Reidsville, NC 27320 
GREGORY. JENNIFER P.O. Box 51 16. Burlington. NC 27216 
GREGORY. JONATHAN 1 15 Lamplighter Or. Winston-Salem. NC 

GREGORY. KEVIN Yoido PO Box 525. Seoul. Korea 00000 
GREGORY. ERIC 104 Oak Dr.. Northwoods. Morehead City. NC 

GREGSON. KARA 4603 Ramblewood Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
GRESHAM. CHRIS 10186 Tumberry Dr.. Oakton. VA 22124 
GREY. EDWARD 1322 Marc Anthony Drive. Baton Rouge. LA 70816 
GRIBBLE. BRIAN 1922 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte. NC. 28207 
CRIBBLE. REX 1922 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28207 
GRIFFIN. BRANT Apl 3-A 739 E Haggard Ave.. Eton College. NC 

GRIFFIN. JOSEPH 808 Dnftwood Dr.. Siler City. NC 27344 
GRIFFIN. KAREN 2638 Hyde St. Burlington. NC 27217 
GRIFFIN. KIMBERLY 2418 McKinney Sl. Burlington. NC 27215 
GRIFFIN. STEED Route 2. Box 321. Hertford. NC 27944 
GRIFFIN. VICKIE Route 1. Box 289AA Franklinton. NC 27525 
GRIFFITH. DOUGLAS 99 Sawmill Rd.. Sparta. NJ 07871 
GRIGG. RANDOLPH 815 Dryden Lane. Richmond. VA 23229 
GRILL. LAURA 7 Hillcrest Dt . Randolph. NJ 07869 
GRIMES. JENNIFER 5000 Edinborough Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
GRIMM. ROBIN 704 Doages Dr. Millersville. MD 21 108 
CRIMSON. RANDOLPH 2443 Wayfarer Cl. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
GRLZ2ARD. JEFFREY PO Box 304. Boykins, VA 23827 
GROCE, MICHAEL 821 McGregor Rd.. WinstonSalem. NC. 27103 
GROH. RUSSELL 5209 Myer CL. Rockville. MD 20853 
GRONER. STEVEN 108 McCoy Rd.. Kernersville. NC 27284 
GROS. CHRISTOPHER 2315 Creek Dr.. Alexandria. VA 22308 
GROSSMAN. JUUE 13605 Mills Ave.. Siker Spnng. MD 20904 
GROVE. JUUE 6091 Fountain Dr.. Frederick. MD 21701 
GROVES. LESUE 3801 Northnding Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
GRUBB. STEVEN 6023 Brentway Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
GRUBBS. ELIZABETH 2716 Oak St #4. Jacksonville. FL 32205 
GRZELAKOWSKI. EDWARD Trails End Apt 617-B Tracy Dr.. 

Burlington. NC 27215 
GUALTIERI. MARTHA P O Box 340082. Tampa. FL 33694 
GUELLA. JODI 89 White Plains Ave.. E. White Plains. NY 10604 
GUILEY. JUDfTH 28108 W Oviatl Bay Village. OH 44140 
GUILLIAMS. BRYAN Route I. Box 1820. Rocky MounL VA 24151 
GULUFORD. JOHN 75 Beach Ave,. Atlantic Beach. FL 32233 
GULLY. SCOTT 748 Belevue Ave #9. Hammonton. NJ 08037 
GUM. JUUE 17309 Pickwick Dr. Purcellville. VA 22132 
GUNAR. CHERYL Apt 4-A 1110 Cook Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
GUTHRIE. EARLENE Route 1. Box 235. Snow Camp. NC 27349 
GUTHRIE. MAURA 2202 E-1 Hunington Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 
GUTIERREZ. DONNA 1019 2B Townbrach Rd,. Graham. NC 27253 
GWALTNEY. JILL 201 Moonefield Dr.. Smithlield. VA 23430 


HAAPALA MARK 528 East Stadium Dr.. Eden, NC 27288 
HABERLY. ANNE Route 1. Box 664. Crozet. VA 22932 
HACKLER. ROBIN PO, Box 159. Elfand. NC 27243 
HACKNEY. MICHAEL 1 121 F N First SL. Mebane. NC 27302 
HAGER. STEFAN Sofietiergsvagen 33 B Stockholm/Tyreso. Sweden. 

HAGILOI20U. DAVID 35 Walnut Ave.. Wheeling. WV 26003 
HAHNE. ROBERT 1234 Stoneham CL. Virginia Beach. VA 23404 
HAINES. CATHLEE 1 145 Birks Lane. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 
HAITH. ETHEL PO, Box 221, Neal St. Elon College. NC 27244 
HALANYCH. JENNIFER 6706 Sycamore Woods Dr.. Louisville. KY 

HALEY. SCOTT 0106 Dockside Village Route 3. Hayes. VA 23072 
HALL. CAROLYN 2273 May Dnve. Burlington. NC 27215 
HALL. DANA Route 1. Box 335-B. Mayodan. NC 27027 
HALL GRAHAM 422 Grandview Ave.. Pitman. NJ 08071 
HALL JILL 1 1 East Wilson Ave.. Woodstown. NJ 08098 
HALL KATHRYN 5404 Westfield Dr. Greensboro. NC 27410 
HALL KELLY Route 2. Box 333. Carthage. NC 28327 
HALL LORl ANN 526 E Parker St. Graham. NC 27253 
HALL MARY ANN PO Drawer 100. Almance. NC 27201 
HALL SUSAN 422 Grandview Ave.. Pitman. NJ 08071 
HALL TIMOTHY 1 14 Scenic Dr.. Williamston. NC 27892 
HALLMAN. DWIGtfT 1693 Sanatoga Rd . Pottstown. PA 19464 
HALSEY. ANDREW 9 Tarra Place. Durham. NC 27707 
HAMER. M, SCOTT 7729 Bedfordshire Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
HAMLET. LEIGH Box 673 — Bermunda Run. Advance. NC 27006 
HAMUN. BRENDON P.O. Box 2293. Hendersonville. NC 28793 
HAMMEAL BRANDI 12100 Southwest 9th SL. Miami. FL 33186 
HAMRICK. RICHARD Route 5. Box 200. Hickory. NC 28601 
HANCHEY. CALVIN 9542 Wells Parkway. Norfolk. VA 23503 
HANCKEL II. WILLIAM 6100 Powhatan Ave.. Norfolk. VA 23508 
HANCOCK. WILLIAM 1303 West Davis SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
HANDRINOS. CARL^ PO Box 83, Port Royal. SC 29935 
HANDY. JUUE 3206 North Kensington St. Arlington. VA 22207 
HANKQSON. SCOTT 161 West Steeplechase Rd.. Greensboro. NC 

HANKINSON. MATTHEW 122 North Quincy Ave . Margate. NJ 

HANSBROUGH. DEANNA 455 Elm St. Broadway. VA 22815 
HANSEN. BECKY 41 Sleepy Hollow Rd.. Andover. NJ 07821 
HARAHAN. TONY 8209 Dabney Ave.. Spnngfield. VA 22152 
HARDEE. JAMES P.O. Box 1364. Elizabeth City. NC 27909 
HARDEN. ALUSON 315 Coachway. Chapel Hill. NC 27516 
HARDEN. KEVIN 926 Mam St Apartment A. Danville. VA 24541 

HARDIN. JEFF 706 Huffman Mill Rd., Apl H-14. Burlington. NC 

HARDIN. WILLIAM 1 1 10 Cook Rd.. Apt 3-C. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
HARDISON. AMY 9006 Parliament Dr.. Burke. VA 22015 
HARDY. KRISTY 604 Plesant Dr. Greensboro. NC 27410 
HARGROVE. ROBERT Route I. Box 401. Slier City. NC 27344 
HARKER. DAWN 16 Eastern Dr. Lawrenceville. NJ 08648 
HARKNESS. KARIN 3227 Allendale St. Roanoke. VA 24014 
HARLOW. JEFFREY 59 Leigh Hill Rd.. Cobham. Surrey. KTl I 2HY 

EG 00000 
HARMAN. EMILY 3014 Ben«/ick Rd,. Burlington, NC 27215 
HARMS, CARMEN 4422 Medford Dr,, Annandale, VA 22003 
HARRELL MEUSSA Box 63, Winton, NC 27986 
HARRELL ROBERT 120 North Gurney St. Burlington. NC 27215 
HARRELLE, REBECCA I 1813 Vale Road. Oakton. VA 22124 
HARRELSON. ANGELA 4539 E. Greens-Chapel Hill Rd.. Graham. 

NC 27253 
HARRELSON. CHARLES 3112 Champaign St. Charlotte. NC 28210 
HARRIS. JONATHAN Rt 2 Box 1 74, Clarksville, VA 23927 
HARRIS, JOSEPH 1435 Idlewild Ave, Burlington. NC 27217 
HARRIS. KIMBERLY 505 North Tenth St. Mebane. NC 27302 
HARRIS. MARK 5724 Morganton Rd.. Fayetteville. NC 28314 
HARRIS. MICHAEL Route 3. Box 151. Centreville. MD 21617 
HARRIS. WILLIAM 615 Tanglewood Lane. Goldsboro. NC 27530 
HARRISON. BRADFORD 450 Lafayette St.. Salem. MA 01970 
HARRISON. CAROLYN 4326 Cedarlake Ct. Alexandria. VA 22309 
HARRISON. GAYLE 14 West Andrews Dr.. AUanta, GA 30305 
HARRISON, JOHN 1638 Weaver Rd , Salem. VA 24153 
HARRISON. WILLIAM Route I I. Box 236. Burlington. NC 27215 
HART. DAVID Route 2. Box 236. Burlington. NC 27215 
HARTER. BROOKE 2107 Twin Mill Lane, Oakton, VA 22124 
HARTH, SANDRA Rd #4 Box 186 I, Washington, NJ 07882 
HARTIG, PATRICK 46 Partridge Trail. Kill Devil Hills. NC 27948 
HARTNESS. WILLIAM 2122 BelmonI Dr. Reidsville. NC 27320 
HARTNETT. ALEXANDRA Box 4. Accomac. VA 23301 
HARTY. STEVEN 1445 Norman Rd . Culpeper. VA 22701 
HARVEY. MINDA 5573 Vantage Point Rd . Columbia. MD 21044 
HARVIE. CATHERINE 1 1760 Rexmoor Dr. Richmond. VA 23236 
HARVISON. JOHN 9724 Beman Woods Way, Potomac. MD 20854 
HARWELL MARY 2306 North Market St. Greensboro. NC 27403 
HASH. KAREN Apt 101 I 1528 S, Mebane St, Burlington. NC 27215 
HASSELL WILLIAM 2318 Mountain Brook Dr . Richmond. VA 23233 
HAWKINS. ANN 800 Silver Leal Place. Raleigh. NC 27609 
HAWKINS. DAVID 144 North Ave . Danville. VA 24540 
HAWTHORNE. MICHELLE PO Box 459, Glade Spring. VA 24340 
HAY. THOMAS 3732 Bellevue Terrace. Gastonia. NC 28054 
HAYES. DEMETRA 1906 Trail Two Apt 2-A. Burlington, NC 27215 
HAYES, DOROTHY 408 South Cooper Dr.. Apt 6-E. Henderson, NC 

HAYES. EVANGEUNE 1708 Sharpe Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
HAYES. RALPH 401 5 B N C. 54. Graham. NC 27253 
HAYNES. KENNETH 510 Redd St. Reidsville. NC 27320 
HAYNES. MARK 6841 Fairvay St. McLean. VA 22101 
HAYNES. SHERRY 5616-A West Market St. Greensboro. NC 27409 
HEATH. DIANE 3555 Windale Lane. Mebane. NC 27302 
HEDRICK. SHANNON 7227 Abb Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
HEFTY. NORA 120 Millstone Dr.. Verona. VA 24482 
HEINEMAN. FREDERICK 7104 Tanbark Way. Raleigh. NC 27615 
HEINS. ANNA 5305 Fairfield Blvd . Virginia Beach. VA 23464 
HELMS, JEFFERSON 2790 Acorn Ct. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
HELMS. USA Route I. Box 109-B. Marshville. NC 28103 
HELTON. TRACEY 2050 Salem Rd.. Mount Airy. NC 27030 
HEMRICK. SHANNON 510-C Parkridge Ct Winston-Salem. NC 

HENDERSON. CYNTHIA Route I. Box 371. Elon College, NC 27244 
HENDERSON, ERIK 90 East Valley Brook Rd.. Long Valley, NJ 

HENDERSON, KEVIN 25 Crest Haven Dr.. Newburgh. VA 12550 
HENDRICKS, CHADWICK P.O.Box 1599. Elon College. NC 27244 
HENDRICKS. JEFFREY 5502 Cooper Hill Ct. Greensboro. NC 

HENNESSEE. CRAIG 781 1 Locns Ct. Upper Marlboro. MD 20772 
HENNIS. TAMRA Route 4. Box 504. Madison. NC 27025 
HENOCH. EVAN 5646 Dumfries Ct West Dublin. OH 43017 
HENRY. DONALD 1945 Parkwood Rd . Charleston. WV 25314 
HENSHAW. PAUL Route I. Box 1985. Church Road. VA 23833 
HENSLEY, JASON 8410 Donnybrook Dr.. Chevy Chase. MD 20815 
HENSLEY. SANDRA Route 10, Box 532, Burlington, NC 27215 
HENSON, MARY 1347 8th St Northwest. Hickory. NC 28601 
HENWOOD. JOHN 4 Carry Ct. South Setauket NY 1 1720 
HERBERT. ROBERT 2523 Gainslord Rd,. Timonium. MD 21093 
HERBSTER. STEPHEN 184 Shady Lane. Apollo. PA 15613 
HERMODSSON. ROGER Anemongatan 27. 253 7-4 Helsingborg 

SW 00000 
HERNDON. EUZABETH 4824 Kendndge Dr.. Durham. NC 27712 
HEROLD. JENNIFER 32 Saddle Ridge Dr.. Colts Neck. NJ 07722 
HERRING. NORWOOD Route 2. Box 427. Burgaw. NC 28425 
HERRING. STEVEN 1635 Friendship Rd.. Shelby. NC 28150 
HERRINGTON. SCOTT 515 Perry Dr. Mt Laurel. NJ 08054 
HERRY, JAMES Route 2. Box 228. Mebane. NC 2730 
HERSHEY. WILLIAM Apt 4 301 W Haggard Ave,. Elon College. NC 

HESS. CARIN 1402 Sycamore Rd.. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 
HEWETT. DWAYNE Route 5. Box 23 HE. Whiteville. NC 28472 
HEYDEN. THOMAS Route 3. Box 92 1 . Front Royal. VA 22630 
HICKINGBOTHAM. EMMA 9805 Colt Dr.. Bahama, NC 27503 
HICKA\AN. MAUNDA 2603 Oakton Glenn. Vienna. VA 22180 
HICKMAN. TRACIE 2124 Baymount Dr. Statesville. NC 28677 
HICKS. CHRISTOPHER 306 North May Ct. Bridgewater. VA 22812 
HICKS. SUSAN 405 West Pine St. Graham. NC 27253 
HIGGINS. STEPHEN 7131 Burlwood Dr. Charlotte, NC 2821 1 
HIGHTOWER, VANESSA 613 Baldwin Rd., Burlington. NC 27215 
HILDRETH. LORA Route 3. Box 180. Troy. NC 27371 
HILL ALMEDA 2031 Fox Run Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 
HILL JOSH 10300 WesUake Dr.. #403. Bethesda. MD 20817 
HILL MARK 12905 Windbrook Dr. Clinton. MD 20735 
HILL MICHAEL 3709 Calvend Lane. Kensington. MD 20895 
HILL TIMOTHY Route 2. Box 37. Cana. VA 24317 
HILL WILLIAM 209 Pinner St. Suffolk. VA 23434 
HILUARD. TERRI 3981 NC 87 North. Elon College. NC 27244 

HINDS. HOWARD 703 North Madison. Tupelo. MS 38801 
HINES. DARRYL 185 Weir St. Hempstead. NY I 1550 
HINSDALE. KATHRYNE 166 Baldwin Dr. Durham. NC 27712 
HINSHAW. ANTHONY 2430 Once St. Burlington. NC 27215 
HINTON. ROBIN 308 Thomas Heights. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
HIRAOKA. ATSUKO 164-4 Sonobe Wakayama-City. Wakayama 640. 

JP 00000 
HfTCHCOCK. TIMOTHY 1904 Dulany Place. Annapolis. MD 21401 
HfTE. KEVIN 341 1 Breezewood Ct. Midlothian. VA 231 13 
HO. CHI-CHIEN 8506 Montpelier Dr . Laurel. MD 20708 
HOBAUGH. GREG 139 Lacey St, West Chester. PA 19380 
HOBBS. JERALD P O Box 7302. Suffolk. VA 23437 
HOBIN. PATRICK 3609 Britt St. Durham. NC 27705 
HODGE. CHERYL ANN 2241 Holland Ave. Burlington, NC 27217 
HODGES. JONATHAN 1715 Summitt Rd . Henderson. NC 27536 
HODGKISS. ROBERT 41111 Springsleigh Rd.. Randallstown. MD 

HODOWANSKY. KIMBERLY 401 1 Dresden Dr. Winston-Salem, NC 

HOEFER. AUSON 22 Hillwinds Rd . Brattleboro. VT 05301 
HOEFLER. MICHAEL 2 David Ct. Silver Spnng. MD 20904 
HOENI, GARETH 1334 Murray Hill Rd., Teaneck. NJ 07666 
HOEY. AMY 4326 Enfield Dr., Dallas, TX 75220 
HOFFEDrrZ, STEPHEN 1224 Fallsmead Way, Rockville. MD 20854 
HOFFMAN. HEATHER 2361 Vandermast Une. Baltimore. MD 

HOFFMAN. JOSEPH 1 120 Randolph St. Thomasville. NC 27360 
HOFFMAN. MEREDfTH 5413 Canter Dr SW. Roanoke. VA 24014 
HOFFMANN. KAREN 1 1 Highlands Dr , Kinnelon. NJ 07405 
HOGAN. JENNIFER 3 Howell Mill Plantation. Atlanta. GA 30327 
HOGGARD. KELVIN PO, Box 250. Powellsville. NC 27967 
HOLCOMB. LESUE 315 South Chapman St. Greensboro. NC 

HOLCOMBE. JAMES 3115 Brandy St. Atlanta, GA 30339 
HOLDER. KELLY PO, Box 181, Mount Airy, NC 27030 
HOLEMAN, STEVEN 2732 Thelma Dr., Durham, NC 27704 
HOLLAND, ANTHONY 1206 Dixie St, Graham, NC 27253 
HOLLAND, BRETT 14916 Old York Rd . Phoenix. MD 21 131 
HOLLAND. CYNTHIA 50 Hickory Dr . Asheboro. NC 27230 
HOLLAND. GREGORY 101 Woodale Dr , Elon College. NC 27244 
HOLLAND. MICHELLE 2816 Tavistock Dr . Durham. NC 27712 
HOLLER, RICHARD 117 Loyalhanna Ave,, Latrobe. PA 15650 
HOLLER. DAYNA Route I. Box 83 A. Callands. VA 24350 
HOLUDAY. HENRY 607-D Tracy Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
HOLLY. CHRISTOPHER 4300 Pontiac Cir.. Suffolk. VA 23434 
HOLM. BRfTT 55 Riggs Place. Locust Valley. NY 1 1560 
HOLMES. MARY 1801 Courtland Rd . Alexandna. VA 22306 
HOLMES. VICKI ANN PO Box 713, Elon College. NC 27244 
HOLSTEN. JR. ROBERT 10003 Ashbridge Place. Richmond. VA 

HOLT. AV\TTHEW 3421 Altamahaw Race Track Rd . Elon College. 

NC 27244 
HONEYCUTT. JAMES 383 Billingham Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
HOOD. SUZANNE 181 Dividing Ct. Arnold. MD 21012 
HOOD. YOLANDA 416 English St. Monroe. NC 281 10 
HOOK. DREW 9137 Lakeland Valley Ct. Spnngfield. VA 22153 
HOOK. KRISTEN 10325 Dominion Valley Dr . Fairfax Station. VA 

HOOKER. DAVID 2801 Evelyn Ct, Vienna, VA 22180 
HOOKS. LORRIE 7537 Green Meadows Dr . Tobaccoville. NC 27050 
HOOKS. JONATHON Box 7-302 Bailey Ave . Kenly. NC 27542 
H(X)PER. JIMMY P.O. Box 1204, Elon College. NC 27244 
HOOPER. STEVEN 231 1 Saddle Club Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 
HOOVER. JONATHAN P O. Box 1 75. Reidsville. NC 27320 
HOPKINS. CANDEE 136 Wesley St, Elkton. MD 21921 
HOPKINS. MARK 9704 Bearbox Ct. Richmond. VA 23237 
HORDYKE. KRISTIN 7 Tall Cedar Ct. Belle Mead. NJ 08502 
HORNE. TODD 7306 Inzer St. North Spnngfield. VA 22150 
HORNER. JAMES 3 St Andrews Close. Severna Park. MD 21 146 
HORNICK. JASON Route 2. Box 1 13A, Apex. NC 27502 
HOSEA. MARY 604 Dovming Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
HOTTINGER. KRISTIE Clove Rd . RD 2. Box 135-G. Monroe. NY 

HOUCK. KIMBERLY 9 Dublin Way. Bel Air. MD 21014 
HOUSE. ROBERT 1 102 Pine Valley Dr . Suffolk. VA 23434 
HCXISEMAN. YVONNE 1 15 Allmond Ave . Wilmington. DE 19803 
HOUSER. KAREN 61 10 Thomas Dr.. Spnngfield, VA 22150 
HOUSER, KELLY Road #1. Box 45, Cattaraugus. NY 14719 
HOUSTON. ANDREA 3924-J Hylton Ct. Raleigh. NC 27604 
HOUSTON. TARA 31 16 Trinity Dr., Bowie, MD 20715 
HOWARD. DANNY 1316 Rowe St. Fredericksburg. VA 22401 
HOWARD. SUSAN Route I. Box 29. Oxford. NC 27565 
HOWELL. BRIAN 5011 Shiland Dr. Greensboro. NC 27406 
HOWELL CHRISTOPHER PO Box 284. Fair Bluff. NC 28439 
HOWELL. DUNCHAN 2326 Uthrop Lane. Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
HOWELL JAMES P.O. Box I 148. Rockingham. NC 28379 
HUBBEL CHERIE 12904 Darnestown Rd . Gaithersburg. MD 20878 
HUBER, CYNTHIA 2608 Shannandale Dr.. Silver Spring, MD 20904 
HUBLER. ROBERT 4109 Breezewood Lane. Annandale. VA 22003 
HUDSON. CHRISTOPHER 517 Indian Trail Rd.. Danville. VA 24540 
HUDSON. RICHARD 832 S Pitt St. Alexandria. VA 22314 
HUDZINSKI. KERRIE 501 1 Mandel Rd . Durham. NC 27712 
HUFF. MARIE Rt. 2 Box 393 Bradhser Rd,. Hillsborough. NC 27278 
HUFFMAN. BEN 1 1833 Southwest 44th St. Davie. FL 33330 
HUGHES. HERBERT 102 Lakemont Ct. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
HUGHES, JOHN 232-F Webster Rd,. Greensboro. NC 27406 
HUGHES. KELLY 855 Marl Pit Rd,. Middletown. DE 19709 
HUGHES. KRISTI 1929 Malone Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 
HUGHES. ROBERT 1460 Bronco Trail. Oviedo. FL 32765 
HUGHES. SHANNON 216 Eastway Ljne. Graham. NC 27253 
HUUN. STEPHANIE 27 Courter St. Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 
HUMBLES. DARRYL 712 Morton Stjeet N.W., Washington. DC 

HUMPHREY, JR. JOHN 232 Seacrest Dr.. Wrightsville Beach. NC 

HUMPHRIES. JOHN 130 Holly Lane. Morehead City. NC 28557 
HUNT. KRISTI Route 2. Box 174B. Buchanan. VA 24066 
HUNT. LOUIS 1110 Cook Road Apt 4-C. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
HUNTER. GREGORY 1 184 Jefferson Ct. Dover. DE 19901 
HUrfTER. JR. RICHARD 2867 Union Ridge Rd., Burlington. NC 

1 74 Index 

HGSKIIHS. HAROLD 3084-B Colony Rd.. Durham, NC 27705 
HUTCHINS. JOANMA 3649 Mine Creek Rd.. Burlington. NC 27217 
HUTTON. SALLY Post Office Box 1048 Chilhowie. VA 24319 
HfJYUH. PHOOrS 1 10 Newcastle Rd., Mebane. MC 27302 
HYDER. DEENA 1956 Hillsdale Dr.. Burlington. MC 27215 


IDDINGS. WILLIAM 3805 Greenndge Dr.. Monrovia, MD 21770 
INGE. JERRY 351 1 Regents Park Une, Greensboro, NC 27405 
INGLE. BONNIE P.O. Box 219. Whittsett. NC 27377 
INGLE, DEBORAH 1024 Riverbend Rd,, Graham, NC 27253 
lORIO, THOMAS 13 Glen View Dr., Ocean Township, NJ 07712 
IRVINE. NANCY P.O. Box 893 Elon College. NC 27244 
ISAAC. RICHARD 238 Walgrove Rd.. Reisterstwn. MD 21 136 
ISICSON. WENDY 7801 Wincanton Ct Falls Church. VA 22043 
ISLEY. JOHN 4538 Friendship Rock Creek Rd,. Burlington, NC 

ISOM, STEVEN P,0. Box 313, Galax, VA 24333 
IVEY, DIONE 9033-46 JM. Keynes Dr., Charlotte. NC 28213 


JACKSON. JUUE 227 Kirkley Cir.. Forest VA 24551 
JACKSON. LYNNE 3504 Delashmutt Dr.. HaymarkeL VA 22069 
JACOBS. CARRIE 3835 Guess Rd #406. Durham. NC 27705 
JAFRI. UAZ. 30 Westrodge-1. Rawalpindi. PK 46000 
JAMES. KATHERINE 12 Meeting SL. Charleston. SC 29401 
JANES. EUZABETH 1 106 Clagett Dr.. Rockville, MD 20851 
JARRETT. "ARTER 8105 Oniversity Dr.. Richmond. VA 23229 
JEFFERIES. PATTI 2108 Hyden CL. Fallston. MD 21047 
JEFFERSON. MARJORIE 144 Radcliff Cir. Durham. NC. 27713 
JEFFREY. PHILUP 4510 Berini Dr.. Durham. NC 27705 
JEFFREYS. ANTHONY 4400 Cheek Rd., Durham, NC 27704 
JEFFRIES, KELLY 410 Highview Dr. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
JEFFRIES, LAURA 1417 Qormly Cir., Sanford. NC 27330 
JENKINS. CHADWICK. 2404 Hillford Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
JENNINGS. CASEY 10800 Bryant Place. Oakton. VA 22124 
JENNINGS. JENNIFER 206 Coventry Une. Cary. NC 2751 1 
JENNINGS. MARK 303 Horseshoe Dr., Goldsboro, NC 27530 
JENSON. RONALD 4616 Leeward Dr.. Chesapeake. VA 23321 
JERNIGAN. ERICA 5420 Handover Park Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 

JESSEE, DEANE 2209 Lynbridge Dr., Charlotte, NC 28226 
JMDEN, KRISTIN Farm Road West Wading River, NY 1 1792 
JOHNSON, AMY 206 West Rosemary Lane, Falls Church, VA 22046 
JOHNSON, BARBARA Route 2, Box 61 1, Semora, NC 27343 
JOHNSON, BEN Route 2. Box 253A Woodlawn, VA 24381 
JOHNSON, BRYAN 1 107 Geneva Albnght Rd., Graham. NC 27253 
JOHNSON. CUFFORD. PO Box 334. Atkinson. NC 28421 
JOHNSON. DOUGLAS 619 Saint Cloud Dr.. Statesville. NC 28677 
JOHNSON. ERIK Route 2. Box 137. Wadesboro. NC 28170 
JOHNSON. GINGER 109 White Oak Dr . South Boston, VA 24592 
JOHNSON, HEATHER 4650 North Clubhouse Dr , Somis. CA 93066 
JOHNSON. JAMES 2202 Huntington Rd. E-1. Burlington. NC 27215 
JOHNSON. JEFFREY 3559 Shore Lane. Charlotte, NC 28226 
JOHNSON, JENNIFER 1 130 Minisink Way, Westfield. NJ 07090 
JOHNSON. JOSEPH 3100-8 North Elm #G. Greensboro. NC 27408 
JOHNSON. JULIE 3 Prebble Une. York. ME 03909 
JOHNSON. KAREN Route 2. Box 43-A Ivor. VA 23866 
JOHNSON KARIN 16819 Camberford St.. Derwood. MD 20855 
JOHNSON. LORI 217 Azalea Dr.. Mocksville. NC 27028 
JOHNSON, MARGARET 12403 Sir Uncelot Dr.. Glenn Dale. MD 

JOHNSON. MICHAEL 4823 Drummond Ave,, Chevy Chase, MD 

JOHNSON, PATRICIA 7614 Farwood Rd . Gibsonville, NC 27249 
JOHNSON, PATTY PO Box 205, Haw River, NC 27258 
JOHNSON, REBECCA Box 1303, Statesville Rd,, North Wilkesboro. 

NC 28659 
JOHNSON. ROBERT 24536 Templar Ave.. Southfield. Ml 48075 
JOHNSON. SANDRA PO. Box 2433. Burlington. NC 27215 
JOHNSON. STEPHEN PO. Box 17, Sedley, VA 23878 
JOHNSON, STEVEN 1091 Widgeon Rd,. West Palm Beach. FL 

JOHNSON. SUZANNE 2215 Collingwood Rd.. Alexandria. VA 22308 
JOHNSON. TERESA 1307 Montrose Dr.. Shelby. NC 28150 
JOHNSON. TRACEY 1510 Patsy Une. Uurinburg. NC 28352 
JOHNSTON. CHRISTINE 38 Drum Hill Dr.. Summit. NJ 07901 
JOHNSTON. DIANNE 601 Jones Ferry Rd. M-9 Woodbridge Apart.. 

Carrboro, NC 27510 
JOHNSTON. TODD PO, Box 1 147, Elon College, NC 27244 
JOLLY, WILLIAM P.O. Box 962, Elon College. NC 27244 
JONES, CABELL 3 Gaymont Rd., Richmond, VA 23229 
JONES, DAVID 2316 Riviera Dr . Vienna, VA 22181 
JONES, DEBORAH Route 3, Box 580. Monlpelier. VA 23102 
JONES. ERIC 15424 Silvan Glen Dr , Dumfries, VA 22026 
JONES, HERAVKN Route 4, Box 400, Whiteville, NC 28472 
JONES, JAMES 2930 Unghorne Rd.. Lynchburg. VA 24501 
JONES. JAMES 1 1 1-H North Hills Cl. Danville, VA 24541 
JONES. JASON 2114 Emerson Rd.. Kinston. NC 28501 
JONES. JAY 5010 Winterlochen, Raleigh. NC 27603 
JONES. JOEL 1904 Elmwood Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 
JONES, KIRSTIN 6418 Camrose Terrace. Bethesda, MD 20817 
JONES, KRISTI 1266 St. Marks Church Rd., Burlington, NC 27215 

JONES, L^RA 4508 Keswick Dr , Raleigh. NC 27609 
JONES. MICHAEL 8667 Finlarig Dr. Dublin. OH 43017 
JONES. PETER 301 Danlorth Q,. Raleigh, NC 27609 
JONES, QUENTIN PO.Box 16013, Charlotte, NC 28216 
JONES, SHELDEN 1659 Stonington Dr , Hudson, OH 44236 
JONES, STEPHEN 2212 Waverly Dr., Wilmington, NC 28403 
JONES, VIRGINIA 101 Edgewater Dr., Washington, NC 27889 
JONES, JR., PLUMMER P.O. Box 524, Elon College. NC 27244 
JORDAN, AUTUMN 342 Dare St, Burlington, NC 27217 
JORDAN, STEVEN Route 6. Box 203. Laurinburg. NC 28352 
JOST. CHARLES 3829 Silver Bell Dr.. Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
JOYCE. BRIAN 4503 Burning Tree Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
JOYCE. MICHELE Route 3, Box 74 A, Axton. VA 24054 
JOYCE. NAMCY 1 Coventry Place, Greensboro, NC 27405 
JOYNER, LYNNICE 1403 East Nash St, Wilson, NC 27893 
JOYNER, MONICA 1365 Hanford Rd., Graham. NC 27253 
JOYNER, SARA Route 1. Box 62. Orange. VA 22960 
JUDGE. STEPHEN 734-D Paige Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 
JUDGE. SARA Route I. Box 62. Orange. VA 22960 
JUHL. GARY 6246 Rosecroft Lane, Charlotte, NC 28215 
JURKIEViHCZ, JEANETTE 5405 Ironwood Une, Raleigh. NC 27613 


KACZANOWSKI. NATAUE 101 Azalea Cir.. Bermunda Run. NC 

KAFES. VICTORIA 9018 Fairview Rd.. Silver Spring, MD 20910 
KAISER. BENJAMIN 1 1503 Farmland Dr.. Rockville. MD 20852 
KAME. KAREN 9909 Loudoun Ave.. Manassas. VA 221 10 
KAMNE. EMILY Route 2. Box 632. Mebane. NC 27302 
KANTHAIANN. ROBERT 409 Ward St.. Graham. NC 27253 
KAPELA. JR.. WILLIAM 531 Bnstol Une. Elk Grove Village. IL 60000 
KAPIL NARAYAN 8604 Brookdale Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27612 
KARDASH. MEREDITH 13009 Foxden Dr , Potomac. MD 20850 
KARFONIA BRIAN 3806 Plum Meadow Dr.. Ellicott City. MD 21043 
KARNES. JUUE 2351 Woody Une. Burlington, NC 27215 
KARPOWICZ. KENNETH 709 Bemadette Dr.. Forest Hill, MD 21050 
KARR. JEFFREY Route 4, Box 688. Scottsville. VA 24590 
KARSTEN. JENNIFER 58 ConstjluUon Ave . Doylestown. PA 18901 
KART. LAURA 206 West Haggard St. Elon College. NC 27244 
KARUKAS. VICTORIA 3653 Valley Rd . Ellicott City, MD 21043 
KASEMEYER, CARI 2590 Plefferkorn Rd., West Friendship, MD 

KAUFMAN, JILL 138 Meadbrook Rd., Garden City, NY 1 1530 
KAYES, JR., HENRY 520 Eleventh Ave., Huntington, WV 25701 
KEAHON, ANDREW 1900 South Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202 
KEALEY, MARIA Apt 3-A 1 1 10 Cook Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
KEARNS, SUSAN 21 Hamilton Ct. Lawrenceville. NJ 08648 
KEASEY. MICHAEL 4928 Orleans Dr.. Portsmouth, VA 23703 
KEATING, USA 31 16-D Aileen Dr., Raleigh, NC 27606 
KECK. TERESA Route 8. Keck Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
KEEL PAGE 4501 Elliott Place. Raleigh, NC 27609 
KEENAN, TIMOTHY 3779 Elkwood Ct, Concord, NC 28025 
KEENE, JR. WILLIAM 10822 Santa Clara Dr , Fairfax. VA 22030 
KEEVER, SANDRA Route 7. Box 705. Uncolnton. NC 28092 
KELUS. BARRY 1422 Greenwood Dr.. Burlington. NC 27217 
KELLY. LAUREN 1860 Daisy Rd.. Wooodbine. MD 21797 
KELLY, ROBERT 2133 Coy St, Burlington, NC 27215 
KELLY, WILLIAM 1676 Forge Pond Rd., Brick. NJ 08724 
KEMBLE. KARLA 641 Wyoming Dr.. Toms River. NJ 08753 
KEMP. ANDREW 7220 Spruce Ave . Takoma Park. MD 20912 
KEMP. CECIL 5007 Beaverdale Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27406 
KENDRICK, USA P.O.Box 434 Stoneville, NC 27048 
KENDRICK, RAYMOND 1 10 Deer Path Une, Mebane. NC 27302 
KENEALLY. KAYLEEN One Peace Lane. Setauket. NY 1 1733 
KENEALLY. PATRICK One Peace Une. Setauket NY 1 1733 
KENNEDY. BLAKE 1059 Canterbury Une. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
KENNEDY, JOHN 2350 Seneca Rd., Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 
KENNERLY. ANNSLEY PO Box 326. Concord. NC 28025 
KENT. EDWARD 5202 Worchester Ct. Greensboro. NC 27406 
KENYON. TAMARA 301 East Clay St, Mebane, NC 27302 
KERLEY. PATRICIA 2810 64th Ave.. Cheverly. MD 20785 
KERN. CHERYL 1214 Wooddale Ave , Point Pleasant. NJ 08742 
KERR, SUSAN 9326 Michaels Way. Ellicott City. MD 20143 
KERRIOONE. ANTHONY 600 North Monroe St, Ridgewood, NJ 

KETTRICK, JAMES 1 19 Georgetown Green. Charlottesville. VA 

KEZIAH. NANCY Route 1. Box 345-A. Burlington. NC 27215 
KIDA. VICTOR 2506 Camellia Street Al, Durham. NC 27705 
KIENZLE. KRISTI P.O. Box 195. Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 
KIERNER, MICHAEL #7 North Tunesbrook Dr., Toms River, NJ 

KILLMON. USA 1521 Magnolia Dr., Salisbury, MD 21801 
KILPATRICK, JOHN P O Box 786, PinehursL NC 28374 
KIM, CHEON 9-201 Jinju-Villa Mansu 1-Dong. Namdong-Ku. 

Incheon. KO 00000 
KIM. DONG 8717 Bluedale St. Alexandria. VA 22308 
KIMBALL. JEFFREY 3023 Marlborough Rd.. Burlington. NC 27215 
KING. BRIAN 1202 North Shore Rd . Norfolk. VA 23505 
KING, CAROL 1255 Mebane Oaks Rd , Mebane, NC 27302 
KING. CHRISTOPHER 7381 Plantation Rd.. Plantation. FL 33317 
KING. KRISTI Route 1. Box 1 10-X. Warrenlon. NC 27589 
KING. MARY 2607 Stony Creek Church Rd . Burlington. NC 27217 
KING. SAMYRIA 903 Briarwood St, Reidsville. NC 27320 
KING. SHERRI 102 Morgan St. Roxboro. NC 27573 
KING. VERONICA Route 1. Box 450A Pelham. NC 2731 1 
KINKAGE. SCOTT 865 East Costigan Dr . Newport News, VA 23602 
KINNEY. LAURA Route 12, Box 106, WinslonSalem, NC 27107 
KINSLEY, BRYAN Route 8, Box 500, Henderson, NC 27536 
KIRBY, ASHLEE 4509 Brookhaven Dr , Greensboro, NC 27406 
KIRBY, ERIC 199 North Harrison St, Princeton, NJ 08540 
KIRCHNER, ROBERT 4520 Saul Rd., Kensington, MD 20895 

KIRCHNER, SUZANNE 4520 Saul Rd., Kensington. MD 20895 
KIRK. WILLIAM 224 Cotton Ct. Gibsonville. NC 27209 
KIRKLA,ND, KEVIN 123 East Padonia Rd.. Timonium. MD 21093 
KIRKLAND. RICKY 307 N, 9lh St. Mebane, NC 27302 
KIRKMAN, KATHERINE 1 1620 Game Preserve Rd., Gaithersburg. 

MD 20878 
KIRSCHENBAUM. ROBERT 1419 Aldenham Une. Reston, VA 

KIRSCHINER. KRISTIN 3057 Rundelac Rd.. Annapolis. MD 21403 
KISH. STEPHANIE 17 Kimberly Dr.. Brookfield, CT 06804 
KUNE. DAVID 15928 Cardinal Dr., Woodbridge, VA 22191 
KUNE. HEATHER 106 Urch Une. Middletown. MD 21769 
KUNE, SUSAN 2114 Brookhaven Ct. Fallston. MD 21047 
KUNEDINST. KATHY Apt H 2008 S. Mebane St. Burlington. NC 

KUNK. MEUSSA 3001 Dunwick Rd.. Richmond, VA 23230 
KUNKOSKI, KELLY Route 1 . Box 346. Hudson. NC 28638 
KLUTTZ. KRISTEN 7000 Runnymeade Ct. Frederick. MD 21701 
KNIGHT. LEE Route 2. Box 30. Madison. NC 27025 
KNOWLES. DESMOND 5218 Spirit Uke Rd,. Winter Haven. FL 

KOCH. JASON 6210 Chesworth Rd.. Baltimore. MD 21228 
KOESTENBLATT. ERIK 55 Harter Rd . Momstown, NJ 07960 
KOHLES. TERRY 3912 Klavsmier Rd , BalUmore, MD 21236 
KONIKOWSKI, ANDREW 81 Miller Rd.. Momstown. NJ 07960 
KONZELMAN. RICHARD 1906 Trail Two Apartment 2G. Burlington. 

NC 27215 
KOONS. DIANE 1207 Windrock Dr.. McLean. VA 22102 
KORNEGAY. ARTHUR 1131 Geneva Albright Rd.. Graham. NC 

KORNEGAY, ROSALYNN 109 Forestview Dr., Elon College, NC 

KOSEMPA. THOMAS 322 Bywood Dr., Durham, NC 27712 
KOSER, SUSAN 889 Diamond Dr.. Gaithersburg, MD 20878 
KOTULA, KIMBERLY 13 North St, Medford, NJ 08055 
KOUTEN, KATHLEEN 204 County Rd,. West Colts Neck, NJ 07722 
KOZUCH. JAMES 8025 Thornley Ct, Bethesda. MD 20817 
KREEGER. ANDREW Box 5107. 1st St. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
KREITZER, NATAUE 20 East Third St, Frederick, MD 21701 
KREUSCH, JONATHAN 5505 Tall Trees, Dayton, OH 45429 
KRIMM. JOSEPH 2121 Oakton Dr.. Raleigh, NC 27606 
KROTISH. TIMOTHY Route 5. Box 218. Mebane, NC 27302 
KUCAM, LESLEY 59 Claire Dr., Bridgewater, NJ 08807 
KUEHL. DAVID 1306 Monterey Ave.. Norfolk. VA 23508 
KUEHN. DEAN 5024 Kingston Dr.. Annandale. VA 22003 
KUKLAN. MOHAMMAD 512 November Dr., Durham, NC 27712 
KUKUUNSKI, VlirrOR 509 Rosemary Dr., Newport NC 28570 
KUNSAK, CAROL 2045 Montour St. Coraopolis, PA 15108 
KUPFER. BETH R.R, 4, 65 Hillside Rd.. Chester. NJ 07930 
KURZWEIL. LOREN 211 Vierling Dr.. Silver Spring. MD 20904 
KYKER, CARL Route 1 . Box 294, Julian, NC 27283 
KYLANDER. SHERRY Route 2, Box 356-H, Elon College, NC 27244 


LA FRANCE. MICHELE 631 1 Youngs Branch Dr.. Fairfax Station. VA 

LACKEY. JR.. ROBERT 410 7th Street NE, Hickory. NC 28601 
L^DD. GREGORY 6 Geraldine Dr . Ellington. CT 06029 
LAILAS. EVANGEUNE 1 160 Old Gate Court. McLean. VA 22102 
LMNE. HOLLY PO. Box 3343. Kill Devil Hills. NC 27948 
LAKE. CRISTAL c/o Owens-Brockway Glass Co.. P.O. Box 2389. 

Pomona. CA 91769 
LALONDE. KAREN 102 Marion Ct. Jacksonville. NC 28546 
LAMERTON. ISOKO 204 Ramsey Dr . Jacksonville. NC 28540 
LAMPE. BRWM 429 Collinwood Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 
LANCASTER. EUZABETH 3111 Pine Cone Trail. Greensboro. NC 

LANCASTER. ROBERT 1608 Old Stage Rd.. Alexandria. VA 22308 
LAMD. HOWARD 400 South Clyde Ave,, Wilson. NC 27893 
LAND. SAMANTHA 601 1 West Valley Green Rd.. Flourtown. PA 

LAMDEN. BRYAN Apt H 31 1 Rader St. Elon College, NC 27244 
LANE, BRENT 8 Holly Berry Woods. Uke Wylie, SC 29710 
LANE. RICHARD 2307 Poplar Park Dr.. Kingwood, TX 77339 
LANEY, STEPHEN 5447 East Point Drive, Marietta. GA 30068 
LANG. UBBY 1532 Hermitage Ct. Durham. NC 27707 
LWSGLEY. WILLIAM 2299 Scenic Hwy, T-1, Pensacola, FL 32503 
LANGPAUL. LYNN 10431 New Ascot Dr.. Great Falls. VA 22066 
LANGSTON. JOHN 2305 Pineneedles Road. Goldsboro. NC 27530 
LANIER. CHAD 9803 Dorval Ave.. Upper Marlboro. MD 20772 
LANIER. PERRY 6303 Sable Une. Greensboro. NC 27406 
LANIER. PHILUP 405-B E. College Ave . Elon College. NC 27244 
LANING. JAMES 99 Edgewater Dr . Tuckerton. NJ 08087 
LANOU. EUZABETH 6122 Woodmont Rd . Alexandria. VA 22307 
LANSING. SCOTT 8714 Higdon Dr.. Vienna. VA 22180 
LARSEN. CHRISTOPHER 200 Herring Ave.. Seaside Heights. NJ 

LASHLEY. MARK 218 Howeland Cir,. Dansville. VA 24541 
LASHLEY. II, RICHARD Spanish Oak Rd., P.O. Box 762. Elon 

College. NC 27244 
LATTA. LANDA Route 2. Box 187. Hillsborough, NC 27278 
LATTA. SUSAN Route 2. Box 187, Hillsborough. NC 27278 
LATTIMORE, BRYON 425 Virginia Ave . Statesville. NC 28677 
LAUDADIO, MATTHEW 1 0053 Cooton Mill Une. Columbia. MD 

LAUGHUN. KEVIN 1 164 Sunlight Dr . Chesapeake. VA 23320 
L^UGHUN. MEUSSA 9109 Bramble Bush Ct. Gaithersburg, MD 

LAUHER, JENNIFER 3710 Sioux Cir.. Glendale, AZ 85307 
LAVENDER, JOHN 5110 Hedrick Dr.. Greensboro, NC 27410 
LAVIN, STEVEN 3330 Fallston Rd., Fallston. MD 21047 
LAVOIE. NATAUE 852 Browning Place. ML Uurel. NJ 08054 

Index 175 

LAW. MARGARET 709 E. Haggard Ave,. Apl M.. Elon College. NC 

LAW. WENDY P.O. Box 969. Stuart. VA 24 1 7 1 
LAWALL ROBERT 5502 Ashleigh Rd., Fairfax. VA 22030 
LAWLOR. MICHAEL P.O Box 106, Ashburn, VA 2201 1 
LAWRENCE. DALLAS 904 Swordlish Way. Kitty Hawk. NC 27949 
LAYMAN. LAURA Route 2. Box 86. Weyers Cave. VA 24486 
LAYNE. ALLEN 2219 Woodrest Dr. Lynchburg. VA 24503 
LAYNE, DONALD 4004 Pittwood. Danville. VA 24540 
LE BLANC, JAMES 1204 North High SL, Franklin, VA 23851 
LE BLANC, JEROME 1204 North High SL, Franklin. VA 23851 
LE BLANC, LORI 7 Autumn Cir„ Plaiston, NH 03865 
LE GRANT, HARVEY 1811 Riverdale Dr.. Plafftown, MC 27040 
LE NOIR, UNDEE Route 9. Box 96. Hickory, NC 28601 
LEACH, BRIAN 7106 Bixtpm Tenace, Belhesda, MD 20817 
LEACH, STEVEN 1 805 Bnsbane SL, Silver Spring, MD 20902 
LEAVnT, SEAN 2 195 Fnday Rd„ Cocoa, FL 32926 
LECKERT, LISA 7 Fealherstone CL, BalUrnore, MD 21236 
LEDFORD, USA Route I, Box 123, Hayesville. NC 28904 
LEE CHARLES 822 Ross SL, Burlington, NC 27217 
IFF JENNIFER 1333 Hanford Rd , Graham, NC 27253 
LEE. KATHRYN 1720 Hobbs Rd., Greensboro. NC 27410 
LEE. SANG KEUN A-204 Dong San ApL. 571-10 Bisan 2-Dong, 

Anyang City 430-052 KO 00000 
LEE, SCOTIA 1 806 S, Mebane SL, Burlington. NC 272 1 5 
LEES. TRAGI Route #6 Box 66. Advance. NC 27006 
LEFTVtnCH. DOREE 41 13-A Southeast School Rd.. Greensboro. NC 

LQBRAND. KRISTIN 9924 Reming Ave., Bethesda. MD 20814 
LEIGH. DONNA 21 12 South Randolph SL, Arlington. VA 22204 
LEJQHTON. RICHARD Rd #4 Pigeon Creek Rd,. Pottslown. PA 

LEIKER. MATTHEW 9605 Leeta Comus Lane, Nokesville. VA 22 1 23 
LEININGER. VALERIE 1304 Glen Oaks Rd . Clemmons. NC 27012 
LEISTER. UNDA 2010 West Front SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
LETTH, KRISTIN 226 Saint David Dr.. Mount Laurel, ni 08054 
LEMBACH. JESSICA 105 Shorecresl CL, Marco Island, FL 33937 
LENNON, SUSAN 3 Pavilion Dr , Gailhersburg, MD 20878 
lEO, LAURA 5344 Cnstfield CL, Fairfax, VA 22032 
LEONARD, ANTHONY 8569 Dellway Lane, Vienna, VA 22 1 80 
LEONARD, KEITH Route 10. Box 375. Winston-Salem. NC 27127 
LEONARD. MARY ANN Route I . Box 4400. Poland Spring. ME 

LEONE. LAURICE 570 Midwood Dr. Bnck, NJ 08724 
LEPENE. MICHELLE 6303 Whitt Rd.. Durham. NC 27712 
LERNER, CATHERINE 10200 Shaker Dr., Columbia, MD 21046 
LESTER, JOHN Route 7, Box 752, Abingdon, VA 242 1 
LECfTHOLD, JOHN 1441 Anderson Ave,. Morgantown, WV 26504 
LEVERINGTON, TOMLYN 22 West Fairviev* Ave . Dover, NJ 07801 
LEWANDOWSKI. JENNIFER 323 W, Trollinger Ave, ApL B, Elon 

College. NC 27244 
LEWIS. ANGELA 2733 John Lewis Rd, Route 9. Box 1 87. 

Burlington. NC 27217 
LEWIS. ANNE 2422 Moran SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
LEWIS. BENJAMIN 408 May CL. Farmville. NC 27828 
LEWIS, JENNIFER Apl 9A 1 1 10 Cook Rd,, Gibsonville. NC 27249 
LEWIS, STEVEN 12080 Brookfield Club Dr , Roswell. GA 30075 
LEVkfTER, ROTH I 1 I Coach Way, Chapel Hill. NC 27516 
UEM. HARRY JL Aijuna 28 TG Duren. Jakarta BaraL IS 1 1470 
ULES, LAURA 4725 Southem Pines Dr , Virginia Beach, VA 23462 
ULES, REBECCA PO, Box 756, Gnfton, NC 28530 
UUENTHAL UZBETH 12 Sherry Dr.. Burlington, NC 27215 
ULLY, SHARON 5 Donahoe CL, Fredencksburg. VA 22401 
UNANTUD, KATHERINE 101 Beaumont Ave,. BalUmore, MD 21228 
UNDEMEYER. STEPHEN 23 Welwyn Rd . Riverside, CT 06878 
UNDICH, KRISTIN 163 Bertling Une, Winnetka, IL 60093 
UNDLEY, JOHN 8907 Charles Augustine Dr.. Alexandria. VA 22308 
UNK. JOHN 908 Ridge Dr . McLean. VA 22101 
UPPARD. EMILY PO Box 1 192, Concord. NC 28025 
UPPARD. JR. WILLIAM 208 Travis Une, Gibsonville, NC 27249 
LITTLE. JERRY 1005 Styx Dr.. Monroe, NC 281 10 
LTTTLE, KARALEE 1 502 Cedar Lane, Wilkesboro. NC 28697 
LfTTLE, SUZANNE 10745 Trego Trail. Raleigh. NC 28614 
LIVINGSTON. PAULA 4820 Carsons Pond Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
LOFTIS. DOUGLAS Route 1. Box 235-B. Buffalo Junction. VA 

LOFTON. SARAH 824 Faulkner Place. Raleigh. NC 27609 
LOGAN, WILLIAM PO Box 1533, Rutherfordlon. NC 28139 
LOHR. TABfTHA Box 309, Moss Lane, Warrenton, VA 22186 
LOMAX. LEIGH PO, Box 26826. Greenville, SC 29616 
LONG. CAMERON P.O. Box 1069. Hayes, VA 23072 
LONG. CONNIE 635 Indian Valley Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 
LONG. UNDA 1325 Jackson SL. Burlington, NC 27215 
LONG, MARY 5788 Mountain Trail, Snow Camp. NC 27349 
LONG. STACIA Route 4. Box 238, Roxboro, NC 27573 
LONG, TRACY 4388 Sartin Rd,, Burlington. NC 27215 
LONG. WILLJAM 1141 Lake Shore Dr.. Roxboro. NC 27573 
LOONEY. UNDA 219 Parkway. Bluefield. WV 24701 
LOWE. KARIN 14 Seville Dr . Bndgeton. NJ 08302 
LOWE. THOMAS 209 West Bessemer Ave . Greensboro. NC 27401 
LOWERY. JENNIFER 3210 Gibson Rd., Durham. NC 27703 
LOWERY, TARA 3820 Rosenealh SL, OIney, MD 20832 
LOY, FREDERICK 4536 Chelsea Dr.. Baton Rouge. LA 70809 
LOY. JILL 2304 Atwood Dr.. Burlington, NC 27215 
LOY, ROBERT 271 1 Mirrow Lake Dr., Burlington. NC. 27215 
LOY. STEPHEN 2125 Swepsonville Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
LOY. WILLIAM 2210 Whilsett SL. Burtington, NC. 27215 
LUCK. ANGELA 310 Doub Rd., Lewisville, NC 27023 
LUECK. ASUKA 201 Long Acre Dr.. Jacksonville. NC 28540 
LUIHN. STEVEN 809 Faulkner Place, Raleigh. NC 27609 
LUMPKIN. BRENTON 5329 Bailor Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23464 
LUND, JENNIFER 5807 West Rois Rd,, Richmond, VA 23227 
LUPO, DONM 301 W Haggard Ave.. Apt I P.O Box 1341, Elon 

College. NC 27244 
LUTHER. KIMBERLY 1216 Tanglewood Ave , High PoinL NC 27260 
LUTHER. TIFFANY 10668 Oakton Ridge CL. Oakton. VA 22 124 
LUTZ, JAMES 801 Phillips SL, Shelby, NC 28150 
LYDAY-LEE. KATHY 415 West Davis SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
LYN. DANIELLE 4304 Pike Rd.. Raleigh. NC 27612 
LYNCY. CARIN 5015 Long Knife Run. Louisville. KY 40207 

LYNCH. JENNIFER 1024 Heatherloch Dr . Gastonia. NC 28054 
LYNCH. JUUE 3809 Osborne Rd.. Greensboro, NC 27407 
LYNCH, ROBERT 553 Hoover Ave., Westwood. NJ 07675 
LYON, RANDAL 5812 South 5th SL, Arlington. VA 22204 


MABE. KEITH Route 1. Box 148. Seagrove. NC 27341 
MABRY. AMY 2202 Momingside Dr.. Burlington. NC 27217 
MAC HALE. CHRISTINA Route 4. Box 528A, Chestertown, MD 21620 
MAC PHERSON, JOSEPH 44 Orchard Rd , Staunton. VA 24401 
MACEY. CHRISTOPHER 2030 Gurney Ct, Burlington, NC 27215 
MACEY. ERIN P O, Box 255 Marcy Rd,, South Woodstock, CT 06267 
MACHALA MICHELE 704 North Gurney SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
MACKAY. ROGER 7801-104 Casuseway Dr. Charlotte, NC 28227 
MADREN. BEVERLY 2370-A Bason Creek Rd , Burlington, NC 

MADSEN, DINA 274 Granite CL. Bnck, NJ 08723 
MAFKO. KATHERINE 13 Partridge Meadow. Grandby. CT 06035 
MAHAN, KENNETH 1 1834 Enid Dr , Potomac. MD 20854 
MAHONEY. JAMES 309 Allaire Ave.. Bayville. NJ 0872 1 
MAN I FY KIMBERLY 2623 Shenngham Dr , Herndon. VA 22071 
MAIRS, KRISTIN 162-5 Sawmill Rd. RD #1, New Hope. PA 18938 
MAKERS. TERRY 824 Wyngate Rd,, Somerdale, NJ 08083 
MALKUS. LYNN RFD #1. Box 131. Cambridge. MD 21613 
MALONEY. MICHAEL 42 Highland Ave . EIriabeth, NJ 07208 
MANELU, CARLA 22 Dapia CL, Timonium, MD 21093 
MANGUIKIAN. TINA 1302 Altamira CL McLean, VA 22102 
MANLEY, DANA Route 2. Box 43, Reidsville, NC 27320 
MANN, MEUSSA Route 2. Box I79-A. Graham. NC 27253 
MANN, ROBERT Route 4, Box 152. Cherokee Forest. Covington. VA 

MANN. THOMAS 3625 Perthsire Lane. Colonial Heights. VA 23834 
MANNING. CYNTHIA 108 Landon Dr.. Washington, NC 27889 
MARANEY. KRIS 4909 Dodson Dr., Annandale. VA 22003 
MARCHANT. MEUSSA 13501 Paigewood Rd., Midlothian. VA 231 13 
MARCHELLO. PATRICIA 1 131 Spnngfield Ave., New Providence. NJ 

MAREK. JOSEPH 128 Shaw SL. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
MARINO. TIMOTHY 38 Oak Hill Dr., Toms River, NJ 08753 
MARION. PHIUP 1096 Edgewood Chase Dr. Glen Mills. PA 19342 
MARKS. DONNA 12141 Old Buckingham Rd.. Midlothian. VA 231 13 
MARSH. EDWARD 12 Greenwood Ave . Haskell. NJ 07420 
MARSH. JOHN 4006 Tall Oaks Dr.. Blacksburg. VA 24060 
MARSHALL ELUOTT Route 2, Box 633. Highlands, NC 28741 
MARSHALL JAMES RL 2, Box 339. Elkton, VA 22827 
MARSHALL. LARA Route 2. Box 223 P. Buchanan. VA 24066 
MARSIUO. JASON Rd, 2. Box 48. Cream Ridge. NJ 08514 
MARSTON. JOHN Route 1, Box 70. Prospect Hill. NC 27314 
MARTENS. NICOLE 1880 Pleasant Plains Rd.. Annapolis. MD 21401 
MARTIN. ASHLEY 2031 Mountain Creek Dr.. Stone Mountain, GA 

MARTIN, JAMES PO Box 894, Uberty, NC 27298 
MARTIN, LUTHER Route 3, Box 146. Elon College. NC 27244 
MARTIN. MARY Route 1. Box 1 38. Jefferson. NC 28640 
MARTIN. MICHAEL Route 1. Box 228. 403 S. Glenn SL. Stoneville. 

NC 27048 
MARTIN. RACHEL 7001 Stella Dr.. Gibsonville, NC 27249 
MARTIN, SUSAN Route 9, Box 1 143. Hickory. NC 28601 
MARTIN, WENDY Route 2. Box 555. Connelly Spnngs. NC 28612 
MARTIN, ZACHARY 4324 Sterling Dr., Durham, NC 27712 
MASCAU. SANDRA 23 Onondago Trail. Medford Lakes. NJ 08055 
MASCrm. DAVID 4004 Oceanfront Penthouse 3. Virginia Beach. VA 

MASHBURN. TINA 135 Williams Rd.. Hendersonville. NC 28739 
MASON. DONNA 1606 W. Raleigh SL, Siler City. NC 27344 
MASON. FRANCINE 352 S. Summit Ave.. ApL 204. Gaithersburg, 

MD 20877 
MASON. ROBERT P.O Box 247. Mayodan, NC 27027 
MASON, SHELLY PO. Box 754, Purcellville, VA 22132 
MASSAGUA. CHRISTOPHER 26 Holly Way River Woods. 

Wilmington. DE 19809 
MASSENBURG. WILLIAM 505 East Pine SL, Wake ForesL NC 27587 
MASSEY. GEORGE 3007 Buckingham Ave., Lakeland. FL 33803 
MASSEY. MICHAEL 2718 May Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
MASSEY. TERESA 2789 Mine Creek Rd , Burlington. NC 27215 
MAST. ERIC 5488 Signal House CL, Burke, VA 22015 
MATHERLY, JENNIFER 1316 Carlton Ave,. Burlington. NC 27217 
MAULDIN, RENA Route I. Box 733. Siler City, NC 27344 
MAUS. ANDREW 4 Alderman CL. Timonium. MD 21093 
MAY, JOAN 3607 Redfield Dr . Greensboro, NC 27410 
MAY, MICHELLE 6732 High Rock Rd , Brown SummiL NC 27214 
MAY, MONIQUE 510 Doggett Dr. Graham. NC 27253 
MAYFIELD. FRANK 5846 Wayside Ave,. Cincinnati, OH 45230 
MAYNARD. DONALD 56 Clover Creek Village MHP. Mebane. NC 

MAYO. FREDERICK 115 Nash SL. Hillsborough. NC 27278 
MAYO. MARY 2205 New Garden Rd.. Apartment 3607, Greensboro, 

NC 27410 
MAYO. STEVE P.O. Box 394. Garysburg. NC 27831 
MAYS. CORNEUUS P.O. Box 14. Miccasukee, FL 32309 
MAZADE. NICHOLE 1 1313 Rokeby Ave., P.O. Box 333, Garrett Park. 

MD 20896 
MAZUR. SUMMER PO. Box 3197. Chapel Hill, NC 27515 
MAZZEO. HENRY PO, Box 655. Wendell. NC 27591 
MAZZOLA. LAUREN 40 Chen Une. Fairfield. NJ 07006 
McCarthy. KARA I I505 coachman s Way. Raleigh. NC 27614 
McCAULEY. JESSICA Route 7. Box 154. Washington. NC 27889 
McMICHAEL SHAWN 2111 Meadowbrook Terrace. Reidsville. NC 

McNICHOL BERNADETTE 84 Allen Rd.. Bow. NH 03301 

McABEE. KELU 2008 State Rd. 1864. Dallas. NC 28034 
McATEE, REBECCA 8I0I Hunting Cog Rd„ Oak Ridge, NC 27310 
McATEER. EDWARD 1906 Woodhue Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
McAULEY. LOLETHIA Route 14, Box 428, Sanlord, NC 27330 
McAUUFFE, MARY 1 1421 Staten CL, Germantown, MD 20874 
McBANE. CAROL 3769 S, Jim Minor Rd,, Haw River. NC 27258 
McBRIDE. EDWARD 2274 Lee Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 
McBRIDE. KELU 2300 Red Barn Une. Charlotte. NC 282 1 
McBROOM. MYRON Pebble Creek MHP Lot 122. Sanlord, NC 2733i 
McCaffrey. SUSAN 105 Clarden CL. Yorktown, VA 23692 
McCALL CYNTHIA Rd I . Box 228 Sliker Rd.. Glen Gardner. NJ 

McCANN. AMY 1212 Collins Dr. Apart. D-I. Burlington, NC 27215 
McCANN, ARTHUR 54 Lenape Trail. Medford Ukes, NJ 08055 
McCANN. JEFFREY Rt 2, P.O. Box 224 Unds End Rd,. Morehead 

City. NC 28557 
McCARLEY. JAMES 208 Oyster Bay Une. Wilmington. NC 28403 
McCarthy. CATHLEEN I3613 Esworthy Rd., Germantown. MD 

McCARTY, WILLIAM 218 Thames Dr . Jacksonville. NC 28540 
McCASKILL TRACY 4700 Rounding Run Rd,. Charlotte. NC 28226 
McCAULEY. DONNA PO Box 351. Burlington, NC 27215 
McCAWLEY. J DANIEL 242 Hen-onwood Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 
McCUNTOCK, KAREN 1 19 Cornwallis CL. Mebane. NC 27302 
McCLOSKEY. RICHARD 1706 Weatherstone Dr . Paoli, PA I930I 
McCLOUD, CAROLYN I 1220 Freas Dr,, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 
McCLURE, LARA 3916 Springbrook Dr., Greensboro, NC 27407 
McCONOCHIE. EUSA 241 Nottingham Cir,. Stalesville. NC 28677 
Mccormick. DEBBIE 22O8 Regal Dr.. Wilmington. DE 19810 
Mccormick. JOHN 2000 McFall SL. McLean. VA 22101 
Mccormick. ROY Route 2. Box 638, Halifax. VA 24558 
McCOSH. KIMBERLY 3901 Saint Regis Dr.. Gastonia. NC 28054 
McCOY. CHRISTY 330 Gatewood Dr.. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
McCOY, JOHN Post Office Box 128 89 Oak Une. Essex Fells. NJ 

McCOY, NEIL 5235 Harrow Dr., Jackson, MS 3921 1 
McCRARY. SUZANNE 543 Edgewood Rd.. Asheboro. NC 27203 
McCREE, CENO 272 Esther Or . Kannapolis. NC 28081 
McCUISTON, DEBORAH P O, Box 433. Asheboro. NC 27203 
McCUISTON. REBECCA P.O. Box 433. Asheboro. NC 27203 
McCULLOCK, SHANNON 2702 Holly Hill Une, Burtington, NC 

McDANIEL. LEE 358 Janlar Dr.. Richmond. VA 23235 
McDANlEL ROBERT 120 Unden Ave., Lynchburg, VA 24503 
McDONAL KELLY 2618 South Edgewater Dr., Fayettevllle. NC 

McDonald. Christine 3526 Slade Fun Dr.. Fails church, VA 

McDonald. DANIEL RL 3 Box 490. Tappahannock, VA 22560 
McDowell. CHRIS I938 Jones Dr . Mebane. NC 27302 
McELROY. SCOTT 4487 Moming Wind CL. Annandale. VA 22003 
McFARLAND. RANDALL 207 Debra Dr . Durham. NC 27704 
McGEE. MARK 186 East Shore Trail. Sparta. NJ 07871 
McGIBONY, JAMES 5409 Hint Tavern Place. Burke. VA 22015 
McGirk. TODD 5729 Overly Dr.. Alexandria. VA 22310 
McGOWAN. ROBERT 1926 Overhill Rd.. Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
McGRAW. JOHN 8002 Le Harve Place. Falls Church. VA 22042 
McGREEVEY. JOHN 31 1 1-C Commerce Place. Burlington. NC 

McGregor. STEVEN 22O6 Uuderdale Dr.. Richmond. VA 23233 
McGUIRE. BRIAN 7900 Marysia CL. Springfield. VA 22153 
McGUIRE. SHERRY P O. Box 493, Yanceyville, NC 27379 
McGUIRT, SARA ApL 3-A 1 1 10 Cook Rd., Gibsonville, NC 27249 
McKEE, FRANCIS 36 Francisco Dr . Newton. NJ 07860 
McKELLER. DAVID 1630 Tuck Dr.. Burlington. NC 27217 
McKENNA, SANDRA 9121 Briarchip SL, Uurel. MD 20708 
McKEONE. KELLY 4520 Dartmoor Dr.. Marietta, GA 30067 
McKINNEY. BARRY P.O. Box 191. Mayo. SC 29368 
McLAWHON. ANGELA 221 Undsbury Dr.. Durham. NC 27707 
McLEAN. HEATHER 333 Garfield Ave.. Avon By The Sea, NJ 077r 
McLEAN, JOHN 403 Soundview CL, Swansboro, NC 28584 
McLEOD, GERALD 4620 Kimberly Cir,, Sanlord. NC 27330 
McMAHAN, MICHELLE I99I Willeo Creek PoinL Marietta, GA 3006i 
McMAHON, MEUSSA Route 2. Box 374. Siler City. NC 27344 
McMANUS, JEFFREY 200 Oak StreeL ApL #4, High Point. NC 

McMANUS. SHANNON 9623 Windermere Turn.. Fort Washington, 

MD 20744 
McMEANS, SUSAN 10794 Crest SL. Fairfax. VA 22030 
McMICHAEL CHRIS 6806 Van Fleet Dr . McLean. VA 22101 
McMillan, KRISTEN I424 south 4th SL. Ironton. OH 45638 
McMILUAN. CURTIS 2407 Maywood SL. Greensboro. NC 27403 
McMINN. ROGER 6 Horseshoe Une. Wilbraham, MA 01095 
McMULLEN. SHONDRA 2017 English Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28216 
McMURRY. CAROLE 3217 Utigo CL. Oakton. VA 22124 
McNEELY. PRENTICE Rt #1. Box 547. CrozeL VA 22932 
McNEIL NICHOLAS 705 BIounL Smithlield. NC 27577 
McNEILLY. HENRY 42 Grand Ave,, Newburgh, NY 12550 
McNEW. DANIELLE 168 West Uke Dr . Annapolis. MD 21403 
McNULTY. THOMAS 926 Hardscrabble Rd,. Chappaqua, NY 10514 
McPHERSON, CONNIE Route I Box 54 IB, Graham, NC 27253 
McQueen. Frederick 5107 Ainsworth Dr,, Greensboro, NC 

McQueen, KARA 5955 Roslnante Run, Columbia, MD 21045 
McSWAIN, STEVEN Route 2 Box 213, Vass, NC 28394 
MEADOR, anna 5121 Raintree Rd.. Durham. NC 27712 
MEADOR. JAMES 5121 Raintree Rd,. Durham. NC 27712 
MEADOWS, CYNTHIA 1917 Abbotslord Dr., Vienna. VA 22180 
MEADOWS. EDDIE 1706 Forest Valley Rd.. Greensboro. NC 274 K 
MEASAMER. MEUNDA 3813 Ithaca Place. Fayettevllle. NC 2831 I 
MEDUN. VICTOR 826 South 2nd SL. Smithfield. NC 27577 
MEEGAN. MICHELLE 141 Moonstone CL. Port Orange. FL 32019 
MEEKER. KRISTIN 2416 Sattsgate Dr.. Pfafftown. NC 27040 
MEEKS. BARRY Route 4. Cherokee ForesL Covington, VA 24426 
MEELER, DAVID 601 Colgate SL, Durham. NC 27704 
MEFFE, CHRISTOPHER 32 Morningside Dr., Greensburg, PA 1560 
MEIER, TRACEY 52 Applewood Dr., Southington. CT 06489 
MEISSE. SUSAN PO, Box 1544, Elon College. NC 27244 
MELANDER. AMY Fisher Rd,. Box I36A Bowdoinham. ME 04008 
MELKONIAN. SUSANNE 309 Ivey Rd., Graham.NC 27253 

1 76 Index 

MEU-ETT. SIOBHAM 6414 Beechwood Dr.. Columbia, MD 21046 
MERRIHELD, JEFFREY 14708 Morth Blair CL. Dale City, VA 22193 
MERRITT, KEITH 109 Fielding Lewis Dr., Grafton, VA 23692 
MERTUS, DAVID 1094 Burning Tree Dr,. Chapel Hill, MC 27514 
MESSER, USA 4407 Ginger Dr., Gastonia, NC 28054 
MESSirSETTI. STEVEN 5 Walnut Rd., Rocky Point NY 1 1778 
MEYER. DONNA 38 Bucks Path, East Hampton. NY 1 1937 
MEYER. KRISTEN 245 Colfax Rd., I^orth Brunswick, NJ 08902 
MEYERS, JENNIFER 24 Panorama Dr.. Oxon Hill, MD 20745 
MICH, MICHEIXE 137 Buml Meadow Rd., Ringwood. NJ 07456 
MICHAEL. PAMELA 4246 Mclntyre Rd., Gibsonville, NC 27249 
MICHAEL. RUSSELL 2343 Rolling Mill Rd,. Fayetteville, NC 28304 
MICHALUS, CHRISTOPHER 533 Borne Ave., Brlelle, tSJ 08730 
MIKELSKAS, MARY 1837 Post Oak Trail, Reston, VA 22091 
MILES, ANfTA 307 Bland Blvd., Burlington, NC 27217 
MILES, DONISA 2042 Center Crest Dr.. Elon College, NC 27244 
MILES, JOHN 462 Florence Ave., Wyckoff. NJ 07481 
MILLER. ARI 6278 Cricket Pass, Columbia, MD 21044 
MILLER, BARBARA 1832 Stoneyridge Dr., Charlotte. fHC 28208 
MILLER, CARRIE 24608 Tandem Dr., Damascus, MD 20872 
MILLER, CATHERINE 314 Kerby Parkway, Oxon Hill, MD 20745 
MILLER, CRAIG 923 Pedigo Lane, Vinton, VA 24179 
MILLER, JEAN 2402 Heather Rd. West. Wilmington, DE 19803 
MILLER, JENNIFER 703 ONeill Dr . Jamestown, NC 27282 
MILLER, JODI 1 1336 Poplar Ridge Rd., Richmond. VA 23236 
MILLER, KATHY 614 West Front SL, Burlington. NC 27215 
MILLER, KIMBERLY 1301 Tulip Poplar Lane, Vienna, VA 22182 
MILLER, MARTIN 499 Woodvine Ave., Metaine. LA 70005 
MILLER. MICHAEL 5 Douglas Dr.. Newport News. VA 23601 
MILLER. SCOTT RD. 1. Box 649, Momsdale, PA 16858 
MILLER, TOBY 8007 Hibiscus Cir., Tamarac. FL 33321 
MILUGAN. KEVIN 409 Bundy Lane. Launnburg, NC 28352 
MILUKEN, MARIE Chelsea Cove Dr., Hopewell Junction, NY 1253 
MILLS, CARLA 2307 Lyndale CL, Mebane, NC 27302 
MILLS, KAREN Box 704, Bermunda Run, NC 27006 
MILLS, MARK 917 Pembroke Rd.. Greensboro, NC 27408 
MILWIT. DANIEL 1909 Snowdrop Lane, Silver Spring. MD 20906 
MINEHART, ERIC 2765 Huffman Mill Rd., Buriington, NC 27215 
MINEROLDI. MARK 6255 Fairway Forest Dr., Roanoke, Va 24018 
MINTER, DAVID 1906 Jimmy Kerr Rd , Haw River. NC 27258 
MISH, KEVIN 1507 Cedarwood Dr., Bel Air, MD 21014 
MISKELL, JEFFERY 3670 Daisy Rd., Woodbine, MD 21797 
MfTCHELL. ANTWINETTE P.O. Box M., Tappahannock, VA 22560 
MITCHELL BOBBY 2739 Union Ridge Rd., Buriington, NC 27217 
MITCHELL JAN Route 1,215 North Ridge Cir., Roxboro. NC 27573 
MITCHELL, KIMBERLY 5612 Reming Terrace Rd.. Greensboro, NC 

MITCHELL MICHELE PO. Box 2021, Dearborn SL, Drexel. NC 

MfTCHELL QUENTIN 209 East Barbee St. Zebulon, NC 27597 
MITCHELL. SUSAN 239 Benns Rd.. Newport News, VA 23601 
MfTCHELL TERESA 2202 Huntington Rd., G-3, Burlington, NC 

MITTEN. JENNIFER 437 N. Hartley SL. York, PA 17404 
MIXON. CHARLES 13 Sherman AVe., Summit NJ 07901 
MIZELLE, DAVID 316 Yakima Tr., Edenton, NC 27932 
MOBLEY. ANDREW 9418 White Dove Ct, Charlotte, NC 28226 
MOBLEY, USA 5013 Providence Rd.. Virginia Beach, VA 23464 
MOCIOLEK, RICHARD 424-F Kernodle Dr., Graham, NC 27253 
MOCK. JOHN P O. Box 2333, Gibsonville, NC 27249 
MOCKOVIAK, MICHAEL 1331 1 Falls Rd.. Hum Valley, MD 21030 
MOERSTEDT, DOMINIC Oftenburger Strasse 80 6800 Mannheim 

61, West Germany 
MOIZE, STEVEN 2109 Holland Ave,, Burlington, NC 27215 
MOUNARI, MARI 17329 Moss Side Lane, OIney, MD 20832 
MOLTENBREY II, RONALD 800 Walnut Hill Ct. Hockessin. DE 

MONAHAN, WILLIAM 2520 Caliber Dr., Richmond. VA 23231 
MONDEAU. DAVID 2709 Fawn Dr.. Durham, NC 27705 
MONTAGUE, JAMES Route I , Box 348, Oxford. NC 27565 
MONTANARO. LAUREN 390 19th Ave,, Bnck, NJ 08794 
MOON. JOHN 350 Delaine Dr., Buriington. NC 27215 
MOON. TREVOR 2871 Earlysville Rd., Earlysville, VA 22936 
MOONEY, MICHAEL 189 Orchard Rd,. East Patchogue, NY 11772 
MOORE. ASHLEY 3600 Sheffield Dr., Rocky Mount NC 27803 
MOORE, CHRISTIE P.O. Box 483, Reidsville, NC 27320 
MOORE, CURTIS 9610 Shipwnght Dr , Burke, VA 22015 
MOORE, DANA 10628 Summersweet Ct. Fairfax Station. VA 22039 
MOORE, ERIC 221 Bradley St, Buriington. NC 27215 
MOORE, JAMES Route 2. Box 80-B Race Track Rd., Elon College, 

NC 27244 
MOORE. JOHN 1922 Danbury St, Gastonia, NC 28052 
MOORE, KEfTH 376 2oth Ave, NE, Hickory. NC 28601 
MOORE. KIMBERLY Route 2. Box 174-A, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 
MOORE, PATRICIA 617-A Tracy Dr., Burlington. NC 27215 
MOORE, RICHARD 101 Virginia Dr., New Bem. NC 28562 
MOORE, ROBIN 1536 North Kentucky St, Arlington. VA 22205 
MOORE. TERESA Route 3. Box 251-D. Roxboro. NC 27573 
MOORE. THOMAS 1 18 Joseph Johnston Ct, Hillsborough. NC 

MOORE. THURMAN 404 Scott St, Graham, NC 27253 
MOORER, JAMES 1 1-J Woodstream Lane, Greensboro, NC 27410 
MOORING, MARGARET 407 Glovenia St, Eden. NC 27288 
MORAN. ROBERT 45 High Meadow, Walden, NY 12586 
MORAN. TERESA Route 5. Box 30-B. Mebane, NC 27302 
MORAVEC, MILAN 5321 Falkirk Dr , Durham, NC 27712 
MOREL JOHN 101 North Bellemont Rd,, Bloomington, IL 61701 
MORGAN, GREGORY 13027 Ingleside Dr., Beltsville, MD 20705 
MORGAN, JAMES 1407 Fallsmead Way, Rockville, MD 20854 
MORGAN, IV JAMES 1 14 Tenbury Rd,, Luthen/ille, MD 21093 
MORGANTl. DANETTE 34 Tanglewood Ct, Ridgefield, Ct 06877 
MORQART. RANDOLPH 237 Talbot Hall Rd., Norfolk. VA 23505 
MORI, TARA 178 Wyoming Ave., Greensburg. PA 15601 
MORIARTY, KAREN 841 Pat Lane, Arnold, MD 21012 
MORRICE, FRANK P.O. Box 6563, Panama 5 RP 00000 
MORRILL SARAH 9909 Potters Rd.. Matthews, NC 28105 
/AORRIS, AMY 8319 Fort Hunt Rd , Alexandira, VA 22308 
MORRIS, ANGELA 2815 Crestwood Dr , Burlington. NC 27215 
MORRIS. JAMES Bonney Hill. RD #1. Box 143. Hamilton. NY 13346 
MORRIS. JUUA Star Route Box 36, AUantic, NC 2851 1 

MORRIS, KATHRYN 6700 Melrose Dr., McLean, VA 22101 
MORRIS, ROBIN 1763 Elon-Ossipee Rd,. Elon College, NC 27244 
MORRIS, STAGEY Route 1 , Box 374. Charlotte Hall. MD 20622 
MORRIS. SUSAN 706 Monroe St. Staunton. VA 24401 
MORRISON, ULA 1317 Claibome St, Danville, VA 24540 
MORTEMOUSQUE, PIERRE #3 Sheridan Place, Hon College, NC 

MORTENSEN, HAROLD 5708 Cranberry Ct, Greensboro, NC 27405 
MORTON, ANGELA Route 6, Box 546, Albemarle, NC 28001 
MORTON, JANE 1907 Highview St, #1-F, Burlington, NC 27215 
MORTON, KAREN 708-A Millon St. Greensboro, NC 27401 
MOSCARfrO, JOSEPH 1 1 Ordway St, Georgetown, MA 01833 
MOSELEY, SCOTT 4527 Middleton Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814 
MOSEMAN, JODY 1500 Bentwood Dr., Graham. NC 27253 
MOSER, EVELYN 610 Fountain Place. Burlington. NC 27215 
MOSER. TARA Route 3, Box 374, Graham. NC 27253 
MOSS. HOWELL 1209 Pebble Dr., Greensboro. NC 27410 
MOTLEY, LORl Route 4, Box 376, Buriington. NC 27215 
MUELLER. MICHELE 9949 Palmerston Rd,. Richmond, VA 23236 
MULCAHEY, THOMAS 12 Spark. Brick NJ 08723 
MULLALLY, ANNE 5721 Nevada Ave. N.W.. Washington. DC 20015 
MULLEN, USA 14713 Main Cove Tenace, N, Potomac, MD 20878 
MULLEN, PAUL 739 E. Haggard Ave.. Elon College. NC 27244 
MULUS, DEBORAH 731-D Shelby Dr., Greensboro. NC 27409 
MCILLOY. PAMELA 6304 Hardy Dr.. McLean, VA 22 101 
MULLOY. PATRICIA 6304 Hardy Dr.. McLean, VA 22101 
MUNIZ, MICHAEL 1 866 Cherrygrove Rd. North. Suffolk. VA 23432 
MURDOCK, PHILUP 102 Quail Run. Camden. DE 19934 
MURPHY. CHRISTEN 218 Cambndge Rd . Cherry Hill. NJ 08034 
MURPHY. TARA 4540 Royd Rd. Mableton. GA 30059 
MURPHY. TRACY 1326 Helen Ave.. New Bem, NC 28560 
MURRAY, BRIDGET PO. Box 1 131. Morehead City. NC 28557 
MURRAY, EMILY Route 1, Box 157-B, Bennett. NC 27208 
MURRAY, STEVEN Route 1 , Box 60, Clover, VA 24534 
MURRAY, TIMOTHY Route 1. Box 157-B. Bennett, NC 27208 
MUSKUS. JENNIFER 10931 Riverview Rd., Ft Washington, MD 

MUSKUS. MICHAEL 10931 Riverview Rd., Ft Washington, MD 

MOTH, AMY 5703 Glen Caria Dr , HunUngton, WV 25705 
MYERS. JOHN 434 East Washington Blvd , Grove City, PA 16127 
MYERS, KATHLEEN 3553 Hamstead Ct, Durham, NC 27707 
MYERS, USA 1206 Tulane Rd. Green Acres, Wilmington, DE 19803 
MYERS, RICHARD 1695 Twin Oaks Dr , De Land, FL 32720 
MYERS, WILLIAM 4319 Belknap Rd, Charlotte. NC 2821 1 


NAATJES. USA 4919 Cove Rd., Fairfax. VA 22032 
NACCARATO. TERESA 10922 Byrd Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030 
NARDI, GABRIEL 4 1 2 Grand St, Morgantown, WV 26505 
NASH, DAVID 1022 Robert E. Lee Dr , Wilmington, NC 28403 
NEAGLE, EDWIN 129 Midyette Ave , Morehead City, NC 28557 
NEAL, CATHY 9009 Bethel - S. Fork Rd., Snow Camp. NC 27349 
NEAL MICHAEL 820 Shaw St, Buriington, NC 27217 
NEAL PATRICIA Beach Haven Rd , East New Market, MD 21631 
NEELANS, KEITH 14 Oldwood Rd., Wilbraham, MA 01095 
NEILL, MARY Box 4803, 228 Steele St, Gibsonville, NC 27249 
NELSON, JACK 804 Archdale Dr., Durham, NC 27707 
NELSON, NANCY 739 E. Haggard Ave , Elon College, NC 21 146 
NELSON, PAIGE 1110 Cook Rd., Apt 10-B, Gibsonville. NC 27249 
NELSON, SCOTT PO Box 266. Bryantown, MD 20617 
NELSON, TERRI Route I, Box 141, Prospect Hill, NC 27314 
NEOFOTIS, CONNIE 603 Glenwood Ave,, Burlington, NC 27215 
NESBFTT, STEPHEN Box 813 HCR, Highland Heights, West 

Oneonta. NY 13861 
NEUBAUER, SUZANNE 149 Lamington Rd , Somereille. NJ 08876 
NEUS, KEfTH Box 769, Oak Ridge Dr , Rt 1, Hebron, MD 21830 
NEW, JANET Route 4, Box 956, Eden, NC 27288 
NEWBURN, NORMAN Route 5, Box 262. Kinston, NC 28501 
NEWCOMB. PETER 583 Florence Ave . Pitman, NJ 08071 
NEWCOMB. T 3609 Prince Andrew Lane. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 
NEWMAN, THOMAS 3848 Meriwether Lane, Haw River, NC 27258 
NEWSOME, MARK Route 5, Box 1298, Hillsborough, NC 27278 
NEWSOME, SUSAN Route 5, Box 1298, Hillsborough, NC 27278 
NEWTON, DANA 2329 Venie St, Burlington, NC 27215 
NEWTON, USA 513 Fern Ave,. Westmont NJ 0810b 
NEWTON, SHAWN 249 Lakeview Dr., Sanford, NC 27330 
NGUYEN, HUY 1914 Prout Place. Falls Church. VA 22043 
NICHOLS, CHRISTIAN 620 Centerville Turnpike, Chesapeake, VA 

NICHOLS. KAREN 9512 Chander Dr.. Raleigh, NC 27615 
NICHOLS. PAMELA 1815 Dunleith Way, Greensboro, NC 27408 
NICHOLS. STEPHANIE 5225 Ashlyn Dr.. Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
NICKELSON, ROBERTA P.O. Box 878, Eden, NC 27288 
NICOL KATHLEEN 4904 Sunflower Dr , Rockville. MD 20853 
NICOLETTl, GINA 90 Lovett Ave.. Utile Silver. NJ 07739 
NIEBAUER. RANDY 1425 Trafalgar Dr.. High Point, NC 27260 
NIELSEN, THOMAS 63 Burton Ave , Woodmere, NY 1 1598 
NIEMIEC, JOHN P.O. Box 1 107. Elon College. NC 27244 
NIKLES, THOMAS 2823 Goneaway Rd,, Charlotte, NC 28210 
NIVISON, SUZANNE 6 Broken Arrow Rd., Warren, NJ 07060 
NIXON, AMY Route I, Box 606 Stanley, NC 28164 
NIXON, MICHAEL Route 1, Box 606 Stanley, NC 28164 
NOAKES, ANN 4-1 Esles Park Apartments, Carrboro, NC 27510 
NOBLE, MARTIN Route 3, Box 166-D, Norwood, NC 28128 
NOCERA. MARK Box 2130, Elon College, NC 27244 
NOFFSINGER, DAVID 14 Pin Oak Rd., Newport News, VA 23601 
NORFLEET, BRENT Route 5, Box 465, High Point NC 27263 
NORRIS, WILLIAM 10220 Delray Rd,, Glen Allen, VA 23060 
NORTON, MICHELLE 210 Albany St, Buriington, NC 27215 
NORTON, VALERIE Box 8, Hite Rd., Kearneysville, WV 25430 
NORWOOD, LORl 1705 Plateau Ct, High Point. NC 27260 

NORWOOD. PATRICIA 6201 Badin Dr.. Julian. NC 27283 
NOUCHI. WARREN P.O. Box 1 782. Swansboro, NC 28584 
NOVAK, J. 53 Homewood Dr.. Lynchburg. VA 24502 
NOVEY. ALUSON 413 Oakhill Dr.. Empona. VA 23847 
NOVEY. STEVEN 413 Oak Hill Dr . Empona, VA 23847 
NUCHOLLS, BARBARA 215 Overlook Rd., Vinton, VA 24179 
NUEBLER, KENNETH 295 Crescent Ave,, Wyckoff. NJ 07481 
NUNN, BRUCE Route 3, Box 130 Virgilina, VA 24598 
NUTT. REBECCA 69 Walbridge Rd,, West Hartford, CT 061 19 
NUTTER, JAMES P.O. Box 986. Clarksville. VA 23927 
NYE. ELIZABETH 3275 Piccadilly Cir.. Lumberton, NC 28358 
NYLUND, ANNE 8402 Cowan Ave., Bowie. MD 20715 


OBRIEN, CHRISTOPHER 5615 Lamar Rd„ Bethesda. MD 20816 
O'BRIEN, MEGAN 1 1 101 Brookline Dr., Fairfax. VA 22030 
O'CONNOR, BRENDAN 54 Park Lane, Essex Fells, NJ 0702 1 
O'CONNOR, ERIN 300 White Plains Ct, Severna Park, MD 21 146 
O DARE, KELLY 736 Cornwallis, Mt Uurel, NJ 08054 
O'DELL. TRAGI 620 Stewart Rd.. Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
O'HARA, KELUE RoxiUcus Rd,, Mendham. NJ 07945 
O'HARA, LESIA Route 4, Box 33 1 -J, Roxboro, NC 27573 
O'LEARY, AILEEN 536 40th Ave, Dr. N.W., Hickory. NC 28601 
O'MEARA, KATHLEEN 248 Schoal Lane. Ocean City. MD 21842 
O'NEAL, DAVID Route 1 , Box 209. Swan Quarter. NC 27885 
O'NEAL, MICHAEL 4400 N.W. 19th Terrace, Oakland Park. FL 

O'NEIL. THOMAS 1685 Reams Rd., Powhatan, VA 23139 
O'NEILL USA 2000 Running Brook Lane, Midlothian, VA 231 13 
OAKES, GREGORY 1506 Club Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24503 
OAKES. SARA PO, Box 56, McLeansville, NC 27301 
OAKES, SCOTT P.O. Box 56. McLeansville. NC 27301 
OAKLEY, DAVID 476 Parkview Dr , Burlington. NC 27215 
ODUM. BEVERLY 702 Alamance SL, Box 9005, Gibsonville, NC 

OLGERS, USA 121 Fennell Dr.. Kernersville, NC 27284 
OLIVER, CAROLE Route 5, Box 345, Roxboro, NC 27573 
OLMSTEAD, DAWN 10410 Marbury Rd., Oakton, VA 22124 
ORBERT, VALERIE 1 101 Ljshley Park Dr,, Box 4635, Gibsonville, 

NC 27249 
ORENSTEIN, SCARLETT 9795 Flint Rock Rd,, Manassas, VA 221 1 1 
ORLANDO, DOMINIC 1215 Concord Dr,, Brick, NJ 08724 
ORTH, TORRY 79 Washington Lane, Concord, NC 28025 
ORWIG, RICHARD 47 Tamarack Rd,, Andover. NJ 07821 
OSBORNE, CHRISTOPHER 200 Cotton Ct, Gibsonville, NC 27249 
OSBORNE, MARGIE 3319 Davis Rd,, Clayton, NC 27520 
OUELLETTE, JOHN 9602 Concerto Cir,, Vienna, VA 22180 
OUNJIAN, LAUREN 247 North Riding Dr , Moorestown, NJ 08057 
OUSLEY. MONIKA 81 1 Parker Rd , Mount Airy, NC 27030 
OVERBY, KIMBERLY 924 Greenlea Rd,, Hershey, PA 17033 
OVERSTREET. KIMBERLY 1037 Jefferson Ave., Waynesboro. VA 

OWEN, DAVID Route 2, Box 173, Martinsville, VA 241 12 
OWEN, JAMIE Route 2, Box 173 Martinsville, VA 241 12 
OWEN, LAURA 8 Wiley Ct, Salem, VA 24153 
OWEN, MORRY 2304 Tuckaho Rd,, Louisville, KY 40207 
OWEN, SONIA Route 2, Box 334. Lansing. NC 28643 
OWEN. VALERIE 261 Broad St., Keypon, NJ 07735 
OWENS, BRENDA 2250 Walker Ave,, Burlington, NC 27215 
OWENS, MEUSSA 12500 Caldwell Rd., Charlotte. NC 28213 
OXENHAM, JOHN 2329 Singingwoods Lane. Richmond, VA 23233 
OXLEY, EVAN 5416 Sweetwater Ct, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 
OZMENT, CHARLOTTE 177 Altamahaw-Union Ridge Rd,, 

Burlington. NC 27217 


PACANA, RICHARD 18 Harpoon St, Beachwood, NJ 08722 
PACfTTO. TIMOTHY 2300 Buttonwood Lane, Millville, NJ 08332 
PADGETT, TOMMY 4431 Millbridge Dr., Charlotte. NC 28208 
PADON. ANGELA 2525 Country View Dr., Lexington, NC 27292 
PAGANO, TARA 10303 Yellow Pine Dr , Vienna, VA 22180 
PAGE, JOHN PO Box 91, Swepsonville, NC 27359 
PAGE, SUSAN 34 Hillside Ave , Stockholm. NJ 07460 
PAGE. TINA 1015 Town Branch Rd., Apt 1-C, Graham. NC 27253 
PAIGE, BRENDA 524 Robertson St, Burlington, NC 27217 
PALKO, MICHAEL 121 Donnell Ave , Havelock, NC 28532 
PALMER, ANNE 315 East 88th, New York, NY 10128 
PALMER, ERIC 183 Caldwell St, Chillicolhe, OH 45601 
PALMER, MELVIN 395 McGill Dr , Winston-Salem, NC 27105 
PANAS, LAURIE 9 Phyllis PlaCe, Randolph, fSJ 07869 
PARDUE, COURTNAY P.O. Box 939. Burlington, NC 27215 
PARDUE, JOHN 2401 Oakwood, Burlington, NC 27215 
PARKER, ASHLEY 61 19 Studeley Ave , Norfolk, VA 23508 
PARKER. JODY 12917 Asbury Dr., Ft Washington, MD 20744 
PARKER. MARK Tobacos Brasilierso LTDA CP 49 C, Santa Cruz, 

Brazil EP 96800 
PARKS, C, 49 Grandview Ave.. North Caldwell, NJ 07006 
PARKS, ROY 1204 Spero Rd , Asheboro, NC 27203 
PARRIS, SCHON 11412 Stillbrook Rd,, Richmond, VA 23236 
PARRISH, PAULA 102 -A Denise Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 
PARROTT, DEBRA Route 6, Box 61 Oxford, NC 27565 
PARSONS, KEfTH P O Box 443, Ellerbe, NC 28338 
PARSONS, SHELLY 1 552 Bay Point Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 
PASKE, JEFFREY 12820 Awbrey Ct. Hemdon. VA 22071 

Index 1 77 

PASQOINELU, KRISTEN 3860 Kimlone Dr, Gibsonia. PA 15044 
PASSANTINO. SYLVIA 922 Magnolia Ave,, Norfolk, VA 23508 
PASSERELL. DAVID 2580 Cedaf Ridge Une. CharioUesville, VA 

PATCH. SCOTT 1317 Maple Shade Lane. Chario.te. MC 28226 
PATFI ASHOKKUMAR 2386 Hillford Dr.. Burlington, MC 27215 
PATERNO. CHRISTOPHER 425 Pelican Bay Dr.. Daytona Beach. FL 

PATRICK. KEVIM 1805 Azalea Springs. Roswell. GA 30075 
PATTERSON. EARL 6847 Spencer Dixon Rd.. Greensboro. MC 

PATTERSON. FRAMK 685 Rordon Dr.. Chariottesville. VA 22901 
PATTERSON. GRAY 540 Archer Rd,. Winston-Salem, MC 27106 
PATTERSON. MELANIE 20617 Highland Hall Dr.. Gaithersburg. MD 

PATTOM. JENNIFER 30 Bun^ Mill Rd.. Vincentown. MJ 08088 
PATTON, KELLY 430 Devonshire Lane. Buriington. MC 27215 
PAUL SHARON 226 Essen Dnve. Bnck. NJ 08723 
PAXTOM. DAVID 710 Keppel Dr.. Newport News. VA 23602 
PAYME. JANICE 131 Hillside Dr . Burlington. MC 27215 
PAYME. JOYCE Route 10, Box 287. Burlington. NC 27217 
PAYME. KATRINA 1 15 Woolper Ave. Cincinnati. OH 45220 
PAYME. KELLY 4901 Lawndale Dr.. #703. Greensboro. NC 27405 
PAYNE. LAURA 1 10 College Rd.. Richmond. VA 23229 
PAYME. MARY 77 Denise Dr. Buriington. NC 27215 
PAYME. PATRICK 1602 Tuscaloosa Si. Greensboro. NC 27406 
PAYNE. REBECCA 8410 Galahad Lane. Hamsburg. NC 28075 
PAYNE. SALLY Route 3. Box 344. Lexin0on. MC 27292 
PEACHEY. SCARLET 165 Greentree Dr.. Mew Holland. PA 17557 
PEACOCK. JOHN 10083 Cabachon Cl. Ellicott City. MD 21043 
PEARCE. SUSAN 3633 Allendale Dr.. Raleigh. MC 27604 
PEARnAN. WILLIAM 104 Woodfield Dr.. Spotsykania. VA 22553 
PEARSON, DALE 229 Lawrence Ave,, Elon College, MC 27244 
PEARSON, DAWN 9013 Centerway Rd,, Gaithersburg. MD 20879 
PEATROSS. ALAN 2848 Merry Acres Lane. Winston-Salem. NC 

PECKENS. JOHN 4505 Biscayne Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 23455 
PEDAUNO. CHRISTINE 5 Beech Tree Round. Monroe. MY 10950 
PEDEM. ANDREW 1507 Carter Place, West Chester. PA 19382 
PEDEN. CHRISTOPHER 1609 Charnita Cl. Vienna. VA 22180 
PEDERSEN. JODI Box 51 13. Gibsonville. MC 27249 
PEEBLES. CLAYTON P.O. Box 789, Buena Vista. VA 24416 
PEEBLES. THOMAS 72 Byrnes Blvd . Mobile. AL 36608 
PEEPLES. TARA 1719 West 5th. Washington. NC 27889 
PEER. JENNIFER 7 Highview Trail. Wharton. NJ 07885 
PENDLETON. AMGELA Route 2. Box 184. Stuart. VA 24171 
PENLAMD. ANGELA Route 3. Box 319. Hayesville. NC 28904 
PENNINGTON. JACQUELINE P,0 Box 508, Independence, VA 

PEMNINCTOM, JR. JOHN 213 Windnft. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
PEMMOYER. MECHELLE 1749 Arrowwood Dr.. Gambrills. MD 

PENNY. TOMMY 2240 Lawton Bluff Rd,, Charlotte, MC 28226 
PENTECOST. TAMMY 1504 Millwood Dr.. Salem, VA 24153 
PERDUK. NORMAN 10 Church SL. Edison. NJ 08817 
PERKINS. LAURA Route 12, Box 252, Buriington. NC 27217 
PERROU. ANTHONY 2935 Truitt Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
PERRY. GEORGE 515 S, Williamson Ave,, Elon College. NC 27244 
PERRY. JENNIFER 12217 Ranbume Rd.. Charlotte, NC 28212 
PERRY. JUUE 646 White CL. Gumee. IL 60031 
PERRY. KENNETH Route 1. Box 47A. Roxboro. NC 27573 
PERRY. USA PO Box 1607. Elizabeth City. NC 27909 
PETERS. JEFFREY Box 7914 Coat of Arms Apt 2-C. Gibsonville. 

MC 27249 
PETRO. NICOLE P.O. Box 255. Watetford. VA 22190 
PETRY. SHANNON 5101 Russell Rd.. Durham, NC 27712 
PETTIGREW, PENNY 204 Wyrick St. Box 7482, Gibsonville. MC 

PETTY. JEREMY Route 3. Box 247-B. Conover. NC 28613 
PEYTON. RANDOLPH 5029 North 36th St. Arlington. VA 22207 
PFUHL PATRICK 41 12 Beresford Rd.. Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
PHELPS. AMGELA PO Box 1262, Elon College. MC 27244 
PHELPS. LEMOMT Route 2. Box 97. Edenton. NC 27932 
PHELPS, THOMAS 1718 Cedar Park Rd,, Annapolis, MD 21401 
PHILLIPS, BRADFORD 106 Melvin Ave . Annapolis, MD 21401 
PHILUPS, DEREK 15793 Moncure Dr , Dumfries. VA 22026 
PHILUPS, ELAINE 1 54 Lakewood Dr.. Jacksonville. NC 28540 
PHILUPS, JOHN 4946 Buttera/orth Place, Washington, DC 20016 
PHILLIPS, JUUE 1535 Club Dr.. Lynchburg. VA 24503 
PHILUPS. UNDA Rt 2. Box 37 1 . Reidsville. MC 27320 
PHILUPS. PATRICIA 1405 Collins Dr . Buriington. MC 27215 
PHILUPS. SAMUEL RL 6 Box 244 Reidsville. NC 27320 
PHIPPS. JEFFREY 201 1 Saddlegate Ct, Greensboro, NC 27407 
PICARELU, DEMISE 5 Neil Dr., Smithtown, MY 1 1787 
PICCIRILLO, LEE 37 Park Lane. Harvard. MA 01451 
PICKENS. JAMES 107 Sunset Dr.. Elon College. MC 27244 
PICKENS. NANCY 187 Sunset Dr.. Elon College. MC 27244 
PICKETT. USA Route 1 . Box 203 Bear Creek NC 27207 
PICKETT. TRACY 2814 Pickett Rd.. Durham. MC 27705 
PIERCE. BRIAN 1521 E. Franklin Si Apl A-206. Chapel Hill. MC 

PIERCE JOEL Route 2. Box 169. Haw River. NC 27258 
PIERCE. ZANETTA 45 Crestview Ave.. Vauxhall. NJ 07088 
PIERCE III. ALOMZO 3820 East Huntingreen Ave,. Winslon-Salem. 

NC 27106 
PILC. TRACY 24 Glenbrook Dr. Phoenix. MD 21131 
PILKINGTOM. AAARIE Apl H 327 W Trollinger Ave.. Elon College. 

MC 27244 
PILLAR II. RONALD 1 1 13 Barnes Si. Reidsville. MC 27320 
P1NCKMEY. MICHAEL P.O Box 305, Skaneateles, MY 13152 
PINELU. CYNTHIA 23 Old Somerville Rd . South Somerville. NJ 

PINTO DIONNE 5 Adam Cl. Fredencksburg. VA 22405 
PIPPIN. ASHLEY 2658 Pinewood Rd.. Lancaster. PA 17601 
PfTFlCK. MICHAEL 29 Goldenrod Ave.. Northport NY 117688 
PfTTMAN. AMFTA 1205 Rosewood Ave., Rocky Mount MC 27801 
PfTTMAN, CARMEN 1380 Northeast 29th Terrace, Jensen Beach, 

FL 34957 
PLEASANTS, WILLIAM 37-6 Fountain Manor Dr.. Greensboro MC 


PLESHER. REBECCA 26 Whittier Dr . Manalapan. NJ 07726 
PLUMIDES II, JOHN 4642 Sharon View Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28212 
POAG. BRADLEY 3672 Brentwood Dr . Gastonia. NC 28054 
POLAND. MARK Route 1. Box 360. Hamilton. VA 22068 
POUCASTRO. UUAM 1316 Stoney Creek Church Rd . Burlington. 

NC 27217 
POUNG. MEUSSA 2805 Deepwater Trail. Edgewater. MD 2 1 037 
POLLARD. MARYJOAN 2533 NC 100. Elon College. NC 27244 
POLLOCK. ULUAN 915 Kimberly Rd,. Buriington. NC 27215 
POND. RICHARD 404 Western Ave . Suffolk. VA 23434 
POOLE. DARLENE Route 3. Box 142-C. Buriington. NC 27215 
POOLE. DEBORAH 512 Hale Cl. Burlington. NC 27215 
POORE. LOUIS PO Box 177. Washington. VA 22747 
POPE. ROBERT Route 6. Box 91. Burlington. NC 27215 
POPE. TERESA Route 1. Box 132. Cedar Grove. NC 27231 
POPE II. JOSEPH Route I. Box 287. Cedar Grove. NC 27231 
POPIELARCHECK. JR. LOUIS Route 1 . Box 379-A. White Plains. MD 

POPUN. DONNA 2212 Whitsett Si, Burlington. NC 27215 
PORTER. JOSEPH 1711 South Broadlee Rd.. Annapolis. MD 21401 
PORTER. JUUE Route 3. Box 250. Elon College. MC 27244 
PORTERFIELD. TAMARA 516 B Peele Si. Buriington. MC 27215 
POSEY, ANTHONY 1208 Vance St. Greensboro, NC 27406 
POTEAT. HAROLD P O. Box 339. Launnburg. MC 28352 
POTTER. KELLY 115 Pebble Ridge Une. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
POTTER. TERESA 410 Hale Si. Buriington. NC 27217 
POTTER. VICTORIA 207 Eastway Une. Graham. NC 27253 
POWELL EUZABETH 2300 Arrowood Rd.. Midlothian, VA 231 12 
POWELL MILES 1010 6th Ave., Northwesl Hickory. NC 28601 
POWELL PAMELA Route 1. Box 382. Mebane, MC 27302 
POWELL, SHAWNA 100 North Sunset Dr., #12, Pelican Island, NJ 

POWELL rv, THOMAS P.O. Box 2536, Burlington, NC 27215 
POWER, TREVOR 7502 Davian Dr., Annandale. VA 22003 
POWERS. CHRISTINE 246 South Ocean Ave . Freeport. MY I 1520 
PRAMOV. HENRY 13134 Pennypacker Une. Fairfax. VA 22033 
PRATT. DAVID PO Box 1519. Burlington. NC 27215 
PRESCOTT. JOHN Route 1. Box 325 B, New Bern, MC 28560 
PRESCOTT, MARK Route 1, Box 294, New Bern, NC 28650 
PRESLAN, DAVID 4300 Penton Place, Greensboro, NC 27405 
PRESNELL. KEfTH 6568 Monnett Rd.. Climax. NC 27233 
PRICE. CAROLYN 422 Greenfem Cl. Burlington. NC 27215 
PRICE. GINGER Route 2. Box 591. Unsing. MC 28643 
PRICE. JEFFERY 225 Rossmere Dr . Midlothian. VA 231 13 
PRICE. NAOMI 3607 Cherry Hill Dr , Greensboro. NC 27410 
PRIEST. ARCHIE 618 Glenwocd Rd.. Asheboro. NC 27203 
PRIEST. JOHN 1 1240 Ml Albert Rd . Ellicott City. MD 21043 
PRIEST. JUUE 12240 Mount Albert Rd . Ellicott City. MD 21043 
PRICHARD. JEFFREY PO Box 767. Gloucester. VA 23061 
PRIVETT. MEUSSA 5644 Shenandoah Ave.. Norfolk. VA 23509 
PROCTOR, LARRY Route 1, Box 174-H, Blairs. VA 24527 
PROSSER, JUUE 896 Longmeadow Si, Longmeadow. MA 01 106 
PROVEAUX. WILLIAM 104 South Pine Si. Aberdeen, NC 28315 
PROVENZAMO, DOMEMIC 4415 Buriington, Place, N.W., 

Washington. DC 20016 
PRUCHA. JENNIFER 1 1 158 Tattersall Trail. Oakton. VA 22124 
PRUETT. MARK 103 Dove Une. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
PRUETT, RACHAEL PO Box 958. BlueReld. WV 24701 
PRUfTT, CAROLYN T 1333 Woodland Dr . Reidsville. NC 27320 
PUCKETT, EMIUE 2728 McDowell Rd.. Durham. NC 27505 
PUCKETT. RICHARD 1948 Malone Rd.. Burlington. NC 27215 
PUFFENBARGER. MEGAM 9110 Willow Gale Une, Bethesda, MD 

PUGH, FRANKUM Route 1, Box 587, Wytheville, VA 24382 
PUGH, JEFFREY Box 2168, Elon College, MC 27244 
PURDIE, DAVID 1019 Valley Si. Statesville. NC 28677 
PURSER. ANNA 1916 Sheffield Rd.. Roanoke. VA 24015 
PYLE. NAREM 2043 Stewart Hutchens Rd., Whitsett. NC 27377 


QUEEN. JEFFREY 4402 Kingsland Dr . Greensboro. NC 27405 
QUINLAN. USSA 4 Cheyenne Cir.. Andover. MA 01810 
QUINN. RYAN 802 S Sharpe Si. Baltimore. MD 21230 
QUINN. SEAN 22 Belaire Cl. Roseland. NJ 07068 
QUISENBERRY. JUUA 1 15 Wendover Une. Charlottesville, VA 

QUOIRIM. JOELLE 488-Rue du Sewoir, Lens, Hainaut Prov. 7440 

BE 00000 


RABUN. JOHN 22 Globemaster Ave Pope Air Force Base. 

Fayetteville. NC 28307 
RABY, SUSAN Route 12. Box 140, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
RACKLEY, KIP 1 1 10 Cook Rd., Apt 2-A Gilbsonville, NC 27249 
RAEBURN, WINIFRED Route 3, Box 141, Eden, NC 27288 
RAEFORD, ESTHER 7702 McAllen Dr., Greensboro, NC 27409 
RAGSDALE, TRACEY 1311 Porter Une, South Boston, VA 24592 
RAINEY, ROBIN 31 17-E Commerce Si, Buriington, NC 27215 
RAISOVICH, DONNA 12003 Hamden Cl, Oakton, VA 22124 
RAMBO. LYNNE 3804 Winchester Une, Bowie, MD 20715 
RAMON, MARGARITA 10115 Dawndeer Une, Richmond, VA 23233 
RAMOS, KATHRYM 356 South Maple Ave , Maple Shade, MJ 08052 
RAMSAY, LARK I 1926 Escalante Cl, Reston, VA 22091 
RAMSAY, LAURA 5902 Ml Eagle Dr.. #1215. Alexandria. VA 22303 

RAMSAY. STEPHANIE 5928 South Nome Si. Englewood, CO 

RAMSEY. MATTHEW 1404 North Main Si. South Boston, VA 24592 
RANDALL MICHELLE 1201 Creek Hollow Run, Walkinsville, GA 

RAPKIN, ROBIN 407 Si David Dr., Ml Uurel. NJ 08054 
RATUFF. USA 3503 Altamahaw-Union Ridge Rd., Burlington, NC 

RAUH, JOANNA 305 B Umestone Valley Dr., Cockeysville. MD 

RAY, CYNTHIA 321 1 Streamside Rd., Apartment 24, Raleigh, NC 

RAY, KELLY 423 Boundary Si, Haw River. NC 27258 
RAY. USA 3212-K Uwndale Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27408 
RAYMOND. CHRISTOPHER 1945 Stillhouse Rd.. Chariottesville. VA 

READ. RICHARD 21 16 Trail Two. Apl 9-H. Buriington. NC 27215 
REAMY. ELLEN Route 3. Box 287-A, Heathsville, VA 22473 
REAVES, DAVID 1441 Willey Lewis Rd., Greensboro. NC 27406 
REAVES. DEWAYME 1228 Dover Si. Roxboro. NC 27406 
REAVES. THOMAS 1303 Forest Hill Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
RECIO. PATRICK 4900 Loosestrife Cl. Annandale. VA 22003 
REDDING. STEPHANIE 703-C Trail 2, Burlington. NC 27215 
REDRELD. SCOTT 8101 West Point Dr . Springfield. VA 22153 
REEBALS, EUZABETH 1804 Irish Si. South Boston. VA 24592 
REED. EUZABETH 407 Abbey Dr , Charleston. WV 25314 
REED. JANICE 3302 D-3 Huntington Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 
REED, KRISTIN, 244 Maplehursl Ave., Williamsport. MD 21795 
REED. ROBERT 9909 Snowbound Cl. Vienna. VA 22180 
REES. GREGORY PO Box 1794. Uplata. MD 20646 
REES. SANDRA 70 Woodmere Way, Princeton Junction, NJ 085 
REEVES, KENNETH 4926, NC 54, Graham, NC 27253 
RECNERY DAVID 124 West End Blvd,, Winston-Salem. NC 27101 
REISER, JANE 529 Wildwood Lane, Graham, NC 27253 
REID, MICHELE Route 2, Box 294-A, Elon College, NC 27244 
REILLY, BRENDAN 841 Main SI, West Newbury, MA 01985 
REILLY, RENE 525 Oci Dr., Jacksonville, NC 28540 
REIMER, BECKY R D #1, Box 188-N, Jamesburg, NJ 08831 
REINHART, CHRISTOPHER 1930 Dorsett Si, Buriington, NC 27215 
REIVES, ANGELA PO, Box 436, Hillsborough, NC 27278 
RENN, THOMAS 2322 Clover Une, Northfield, IL 60093 
RENNER, THOAAAS 14014 Castaway Dr , Rockville, MD 20853 
REPINE, BURT 45 Makaweli Si, Honolulu, HI 96825 
REUMAMN, JEFFREY 15 Roanoke Rd , Matawan, MJ 07747 
REVELL MADGE 920 Hightower Trail. Dunwoody. GA 30350 
REXRODE. ROBERT 25 Rose Cl, Eatontown, NJ 07724 
REYES, ETTA 741 1 Sportsmans Dr , Falls Church. VA 22043 
REYES. NATALIA Bertran 114-116 Entresjelo 3 1 . Barcelona. SP 

REYNOLDS. DAVID 808 Brookhill Rd.. Apl 332. Richmond. VA 

REYNOLDS. USA PO Box 108, APO Miami FL 34008 
RHEE. HERBERT 1 Euclid Ave,, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 
RHOADS, CHRISTOPHER 406 Si Chnstopher s Rd„ Richmond, VA 

RHODES, OLIVIA 719 South Saint Asaph SI, Alexandria, VA 22314 
RHORER, KIMBERLY 3205 Berkley Lane. Woodbridge. VA 22193 
RIBEIRO. MAXIMINO. 9824 Fosbak Dr.. Vienna. VA 22180 
RICCO. TRICIA 300 East Jefferson Ave,. Wildwood CresL NJ 08260 
RICE, ROBERT Route 5, Box 658-C, Martinsburg, WV 25401 
RICE. SHIRLEY 1647 N NC 49 Buriington. NC 27215 
RICHARDSON. AMY 366 Angle Cl. Ulbum. GA 30247 
RICHARDSON, CLAUDIA LEA 203 Ridge Rd.. Roxboro. NC 27573 
RICHARDSON. ESTE 11711 Berwick Rd . Silver Spring. MD 20904 
RICHARDSON. MARK 1005 Worth Si Exl. Asheboro. NC 27203 
RICHMAM. DWIGHT 4713 Undstrom Dr . Charlotte, NC 28226 
RICHMOND. JAMES 602 Saddle Ridge Ave.. Durham. NC 27704 
RICHMOND. VERONICA Rl 6. Lot 95-3820 McConnell Rd.. 

Greensboro. NC 27405 
RIDDICK. ALBERT 61 10 Briarberiy Cl. Chariotte. NC 28226 
RIDINGS. TIMOTHY 824 Wlynwood Rd . Wapakoneta. OH 45895 
RIDLEY. DANIEL 2744 Tivoly Ave.. Baltimore. MD 21218 
RIERSON. MARY Route 3. Box 296, Uberty. NC 27298 
RIFFE. ANDREA 704 East Main SI. Narrows. VA 24124 
RIGGS, GREGORY 1 Springmeadow Cl, Hampton, VA 23666 
RIGGS, MICHAEL 130 Valley Dr , Bridgeport, WV 26330 
RIGGS, ROBERT 130 Valley Dr.. Bridgeport. WV 26330 
RIGSBEE. ALAN 2729 Ellen Si. Durham. NC 27705 
RIGUTTO. DANIELA 4929 Sweetbnar Dr.. Raleigh. MC 27609 
RILEY. BABETTE 323 W. Trollinger Ave., Apl A, Elon College, NC 

RILEY, JAMES 2231 Ucy Si, Buriington, NC 27215 
RILEY, JENNIFER 1 105 Broadview Rd., Fort Washington. MD 2074^ 
RILEY. SHANNON 2335 Dawn Trail. Durham. NC 27712 
RILEY. STACEY Route 4. Box 836. Hillsborough. NC 27278 
RILEY. THERESA P.O. Box 534. Buriington. NC 27216 
RIPPEON, JAN Huntington Rd.. Apt 2314-D . Burlington. NC 27216 
RIPPER. RENEE 481 1 Wellord Si. Alexandria. VA 22309 
RfTTER. CHRISTOPHER 2960 Windy Bush Rd . Newtown. PA 18940 
RIVARD. JUUA PO, Box 129, Jaffrey, NH 03452 
ROACH, RUSSELL Route I. Box 465. Providence. NC 27315 
ROARK, ERIN 616 Engleman Ave. Buriington. MC 27215 
ROBBINS. ANDREW 1 10 Atkinson Ave.. PO Box 1435. Elon 

College. NC 27244 
ROBERSON. GIFFORD Post Office Box 447. Edenton. NC 27932 
ROBERSON. PATRICIA Route 3. Box 229. Elon College. NC 27244 
ROBERTS. BENNETT 3015 Harriman SI. Durham. MC 27705 
ROBERTS. EUZABETH 4-J Roberts Path. Sparks. MD 21 152 
ROBERTS. KEfTH Route 3. Box 272. Mebane. NC 27302 
ROBERTS. KIMBERLY 4937 Broken Saddle Une. Charlotte. MC 

ROBERTS. MARK 118 Prospect Si, Reading, MA 01867 
ROBERTSON, CARRIE 2853 Long Pine Rd,, Burlington, NC 27215 
ROBERTSON, DALE 1822 Broadway Dr. Graham. NC 27253 
ROBERTSON. DUNCAN 1 527 Magnolia Place, Wilmington, MC 

ROBERTSON. JEFFREY 1 107 Arbor Une. Reidsville. MC 27320 
ROBERTSON. MARION Route 1 1. Box 52. Reidsville. MC 27320 
ROBINS. KAREN 220 Beaucrest Rd., Kemersville, NC 27284 
ROBINSON, ALTA DIANE Rl 4, Box 327, Slier City, NC 27344 

178 Index 

ROBINSON. DAVIS 12301 Tom Short Rd.. Matthews. NC 28105 
ROBINSON, J MICHAEL 13404 Hamer Ct. Herndon. VA 22070 
ROBINSON. UNDSAY PO, Box 68. WesHown. PA 19395 
ROBINSON, ROBERT 1539 Bentwood Dr.. Graham, NC 27253 
ROCHNER, ANDREA 7735 Janann Way, Atlanta, CA 30360 
ROCKUN, ROMY 1401 Park Ave,. Baltimore. MD 21217 
ROCKNAK, WENDY Route I, Box 513, Nags Head, NC 27959 
ROCKWELL, WARREN 8408 Rarnttee Lane, Charlotte, NC 28226 
RODDEN, DIANE 2310 Westover Terrace, Burlington, NC 27215 
RODERICK, SaSAN 20 Ashton Place, Glen Rock, NJ 07452 
RODRIGUEZ, EDDIE 436 Egg Harbor Rd., Hammonlon, NJ 08037 
ROESSLER, JR , RICHARD 105 Uramie Ct. Mebane, NC 2730 
ROGERS, BECKY 3901 Hwy 220 North Apt 227, Greensboro, NC 

ROGERS. REBEKAH 2518 Uwton Bluff Rd.. Charlotte. NC. 28226 
ROGERS, SARAH 810 Oakstone Trail, Roswell. GA 30075 
ROHN. ROBIN 102 Waterford Place. Macon. GA 31210 
ROHRER. NICHOLE 852 Constellation Dr . Great Falls. VA 22066 
ROLEY. KEVIN 2179 Glenfield Rd,. Annapolis. MD 21401 
ROLLINS. TIMOTHY Box 3432. Dahlgren. VA 22448 
ROMBOUGH. ANDREW 29 Gordon Rd.. Essex Fells. NJ 07021 
ROMSPERT. CAROLYN 801 Seville Ave.. Wilmington. DE 19809 
RONEY. KEITH #29 Sheridan Place. Elon College. NC 27244 
RONEY. KIMALA 1538 Rogers Rd., Graham. NC 27253 
ROPER, ANTONIO Route 3, Box 215E Gold St. Laurinbuig. NC 

ROSE, EUZABETH 309 Old Trail Rd,, Baltimore, MD 21212 
ROSE, ROBERT 5817 Hall SL. Burke, VA 22015 
ROSENBACJM, PETER 5516 Devon Rd , Bethesda, MD 20814 
ROSENHEIM, KRISTEN 633 Sunrise Dr.. Avalon. NJ 08202 
ROSS. ANDREA 1 3 1 4 McCuislon Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 
ROSS. IAN 9044 Brook Ford Rd.. Burke. VA 22015 
ROSS. STEVEN 323 Agnes Dr . O Fallon. IL 62269 
ROTH. BETH 6200 Valley Rd,. Bethesda. MD 20817 
ROTH. HEATHER 4835 Hawksbury Rd,. Pikesville, MD 21208 
ROTHWELL, SHARON Cypress Dr, P.O. Box 98. Toano. VA 23168 
ROTOLO. CANDACE 18 Jill Terrace. Succasunna. NJ 07876 
RCXJNTREE. LAURA Route 1. Box 195. Newsoms. VA 23874 
ROUTZAHN. WILLIAM 3 Worthington Dr , Media. PA 19063 
ROWE. ELIZABETH 4216 Farmhill Lane. Chesterfield. VA 23832 
ROWE. HILARY 430 Beaumont Circ. West Chester. PA 19380 
ROWE. LEONARD 4133 Apt C Townhouse Rd.. Richmond. VA 

ROWELL, NELSON 71 19 Tesh Rd.. Monroe. NC 281 10 
ROARK. DfXJGL^S 1522 Red Oak Drive. Silver Spring. MD 20910 
RUCK. CHRISTOPHER 7151 Main SL. Clifton. VA 22024 
RUCKER. JANE PO Box 1056. Rutherfordton. NC 28139 
RUDD. CASSANDRA 2405 Huntington Rd.. Apt 3. Burlington. NC 

RUDD. UNDA 1514 Broadway Dr . Graham. NC 27253 
RUDD. MICHELLE 2716 Asbury Terrace. Greensboro. NC 27408 
RUDIGER. CHRISTINE 310 Joseph Dr . West Chester. PA 19380 
RUDOLPH. STEPHEN 23 St Rd,. Newtown Square. PA 19073 
RUEGER. BRIAN M O Q 2608. Camp Lejeune. NC 28542 
RUFHNG. MICHAEL 4206 Avon Dr.. Dumfries. VA 22026 
RUMPP. KENYON 102 Forwood Dr.. Moorestown, NJ 08057 
RUPERT. BRIAN 12300 Blakely CL. Silver Spnng. MD 20904 
RUSH. SHANNON 2033 Cullen Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
RUSH. TRICIA Route 1. Box 353 A. Warrenton. VA 22186 
RUSSELL USA Rt 9. Box 182, Burlington. NC 27215 
RUSSELL. MICHAEL 2350 Sourwood St. N.E.. Roanoke. VA 24012 
RUSSING, SARAH Route 6. Box 801. Boone. NC 28607 
RUTLEDGE. DARON 210 Bennington Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 
RUTROUGH, SERENA Route 1, Box 283. Wiru. VA 24184 
RUYLE. ADAM 15016 Tarleton Dr.. Centreville. VA 22020 
RYAN. DAVID P.O. Box 7 Kent Hill School. Kenls Hill. ME 04349 
RYAN. LESUE 6341 Crosswoods Dr.. Falls Church. VA 22044 


SABAT. MARY 5402 Forest Village CL, Greensboro. NC 27406 
SABATES. FEUCIANO 1614 Maple Ave,. Burlington. NC 27215 
SADLER. STACIA 4709 Marlborough Dr . Virginia Beach. VA 23464 
SADLER. TIMOTHY 1443 East 31 SL. Ene. PA 16504 
SAIX3WSKI. KATHERINE 150 Beacon Hill Dr.. West Hartford. CT 

SADOWSKI. SHERRI 7 Hutchinson Rd.. Sutton. MA 01590 
SALMONSEN. KARA 10601 Seneca Ridge Rd.. Gathersburg. MD 

SAMU. EVAN 51 Seawinds Lane South. Ponte Vedra Beach. FL 

SAMPLE. DONNA 403 Rrverton Court Box 4627. Gibsonville. NC 

SAMPLE. JOHN PO Box 476. Harrisburg, NC 28075 
SAMPLE. JOHN 4604 Highberry Rd.. Greensboro, NC 27410 
SANCHEZ. MARIA PO Box 4240. Panama 5. RP 00000 
SANDERS. DWAYNE 4207 Winterberry Ct. Midlothian. VA 231 13 
SANDERSON. BRYAN 393 Mildred SL. Oceanside. NY 1 1572 
SANDFORD. JR. H. WILLIAM 52 Montague Ave . Trenton. NJ 08628 
SAPERA. LEIGH 490 Oglethorpe Ave.. Athens. GA 30606 
SARMIERE. LAWRENCE 106 Whitehall Ct. Williamsburg, VA 23185 
SASSER, CHARLES 1528 South Mebane St #902, Burlington, NC 

SATHER, THOMAS 1400 Roslyn Dr , Apt 18-E., Buriington. NC 

SATKOWSKI. PATRICK 169 Thoreau Dr.. Plainsboro. NJ 08536 
SAUCIER. STACY 6327 Boone Dr . Baton Rouge. LA 70808 
SAUNDERS. ANNETTE 16928 Lancaster Hwy.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
SAUNDERS. CHRISTOPHER 2219 North Powhatan SL. Arlington. VA 

SAUNDERS. JOHN Route 4. Box 120. Franklin. VA 23851 
SAUNDERS. STEPHANIE 414 Reade Dr . Roxboro. NC 27573 
SAUNDERSON. EVAN 13413 Good Times CL. Highland. MD 20777 

SCACCO. JOHN 1018 Old Farm Rd,. Point Pleasant. NJ 08472 
SCALLEY. CHRISTOPHER 30 Quarry Lake CL. AUanla, CA 30342 
SCANGO. JOHN 7306 Delfield St. Chevy Chase, MD 20815 
SCANLON, TIM P.O. Box 1844. Kill Devil Hills. NC 27949 
SCARLET. MARSHA Route 5. Box 123. Mebane. NC 27302 
SCEARCE. ANGEUA 412 Berkshire Dr.. Danville. VA 24541 
SCHABLEIN. KIM 6906 Racetrack Rd.. Bowie. MD 20715 
SCHAFER. MACHENRY 44 Lake Lane. Pnnceton. NJ 08540 
SCHAFFER. TODD 2606 Pheasant Run Lane. Spring City. PA 19475 
SCHEIBACH. DAVID 849 Blue Heron CL. Arnold. MD 21012 
SCHEDfT. SCOTT 2222 Potjila Ave, Vero Beach. FL 32960 
SCHEUN. rSANCY 20 Sedgewick Lane. Stony Brook. NY 1 1790 
SCHER. JENNIFER 60 Mimosa Cir . Ridgefield. CT 06877 
SCHERER. BRIAN 10704 Reid Lane. Nokesville. VA 22123 
SCHERER. USA 1082 Mulberry Place. Toms River. NJ 08753 
SCHICK. EUZABETH P.O. Box 1312. Solomons, MD 20688 
SCHLOSSNAGLE, JAMES 12118 Menuer Gap Rd., Waynesville. PA 

SCHNACKEL. MICHAEL I Avery Cir.. Havelock. NC 28532 
SCHNEEBACHLER. ALEXANDER 4928 Hunting Hills Cir.. Roanoke. 

VA 24014 
SCHNEEBERGER. MINDY 7358 Hopkins Way. Clarksville. MD 

SCHNEIDER. JENNIFER 3137 Windsor Dr.. Landisville. PA 17538 
SCHREIBER. JOY 2 Red Oak Rd.. Saint James. NY 1 1780 
SCHREUDERS. CYNTHIA 9-H Woodstream Lane. Greensboro. NC 

SCHROER. SEUNA 1281 Par View Dr.. Sanibel Island, FL 33957 
SCHUCH. SUSANNE 3399 Cochise Dr.. Pittsburgh. PA 15241 
SCHULMAN. RUTH 1 102 Rugby Rd,. Charlottesville. VA 22903 
SCORIXl. KERRY 63 Munay Ave., Goshen. NY 10924 
SCOTT. AILEEN 3429 Flint Tavem Place. Woodbridge. VA 22192 
SCOTT. CAROL PSC Box 3853. APO New York. NY 09127 
SCOTT. EUZABETH 4428 F Cedar Cliff Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
SCOTT. JILL 101 -B Denise Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
SCOTT. MICHAEL Gansett Lane. Amagansett NY 1 1930 
SCOTT. MICHELLE. Route 3. Box 433. Thomasville. NC 27360 
SCOTT. WILUAM 101 Eagle Ct. Gary. NC 2751 1 
SCOTT. WILLIAM 2518 Quail Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 
SCULTHORPE. PATRICIA 457 W. Greensboro Chapel Hill Rd.. Snow 

Camp. NC 27349 
SEAMSTER. DEBRA Route 5. Box 317. Roxboro. NC 27573 
SEATE. TAMMY P.O. Box 842. Clarksville. VA 23927 
SEEK. KENNETH 5720 CasUe Rock Rd.. Roanoke. VA 24018 
SEILER. KIRSTEN R D 2. Box 97-E-l. Cream Ridge. NJ 08514 
SELF. KIMBERLY 1450 Yellowwood CL. Reston. VA 22090 
SELQUIST. TIMOTHY 42 Winding Way. Remington. NJ 0822 
SEMANCHICK. TIMOTHY R D 3. 133 SUIIhouse Rd., Freehold. tV 

SEMAS. ANNA 3403 Norte Dame SL. Adelphi. MD 20783 
SEMENTELU. ELIZABETH 2925 Elflnwild Rd.. Allison Park. PA 

SENF. REBECCA 701 Bermouth Square. Raleigh. NC 27615 
SERRIDGE. MARGARET Rd. #3. Box 138. Flemington. NJ 08822 
SEVERN. ANfTA 16633 Frontenac Terrace. Derv/ood. MD 20855 
SEXTON. JOSEPH 1315 Fieldcrest Rd.. Eden. NC 27288 
SEXTON. NEIL 40 Cromwell CL. Berkeley Heights. NJ 07922 
SHAFFER. DAVID 2684 Haverford Rd.. Columbus. OH 43220 
SHANER. DANIEL 7134 Swift Run Trails Dr.. Fairfax StaUon, VA 

SHANNON. ALEXANDRA 1 10 Hesketh SL. Chevy Chase. MD 20815 
SHANNON. DANIEL 1515 South Mebane SL #33. Burlington, NC 

SHANNON, MARK 7210 Lake Tree Dr., Fairfax Station. VA 22039 
SHANON. SARA 139 Ipswich Rd.. Topsfield. MA 01938 
SHARKLEY. TRAVIS P O Box 2396 Hunungton. WV 25724 
SHAPRE. ALLEN 255 Rolling Rd.. Burlington. NC 27217 
SHARPE. SANDRA 5265 Bailor Dr . Virginia Beach. VA 23464 
SHAUB. ROBERT 499 Salem Dr. Lancaster. PA 17601 
SHAW. REBECCA 39 Jacobus Ave.. Unle Falls. NJ 07424 
SHEEHAN. SUZANNE ApL D 327 Trollinger Ave.. Elon College. NC 

SHEFRELD. SONJA 241 1 North 23rd SL, FL Pierce. FL 34946 
SHIELDS. LEROY 403 West Monroe Ave,. Magnolia. NJ 08049 
SHELBY. MARK 402 Wake Robin Dr. Cockeysville. MD 21030 
SHELLEY. ABIGAIL 1220 Shoreline Trail. Graham, NC 27253 
SHELTON. ELVIN Route 4, Box 456, Ridgeway, VA 24148 
SHELTON. JACQUEUNE 108 Cherward SL, Collinsville, VA 24078 
SHELTON, JEREMY 1805 Avondale Dr., AltaVista, VA 24517 
SHELTON. KIMBERLY Route 2. Box 929. Halifax. VA 24558 
SHELTON. MARK 625 Westview Dr . Danville. VA 24540 
SHELTON. WENDY 6710 Fariwood Dr. Clemmons. NC 27012 
SHELTON. C, VON 2678 N C Highway 62 EasL Liberty. NC 27298 
SHEPHERD. LAURA 5840 Pindell Rd.. Lothian. MD 2071 1 
SHEPHERD. NORMAN 501 Peele SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
SHEPHERD. STEPHANIE 2504 Ferwick Dr . South Boston. VA 

SHERRILL, BROOKE 1653 El Paso Real. La Jolla. CA 92037 
SHERWOOD. BRYAN 219 Williamsburg Dr.. Silver Spnng, MD 

SHIFFLETT, ANTONIO 402 4th SL. Elkton. VA 22827 
SHIFLET. SHANE 302 Westbury Dr.. Asheboro. NC 27203 
SHISLER. AMY 9236 El James Rd.. Fairfax. VA 22032 
SHOMO. CHRISTOPHER 3712 Fort Hill Dr.. Alexandna. VA 22310 
SHORT. GARY 6023 Westwood Terrace. Norfolk. VA 23508 
SHORTER. PATSY Route 1. Box 235-A. Chatham. VA 24531 
SHOTWELL. ROBIN 1450 Oxford Rd.. Roxboro. NC 27573 
SHOWALTER. NELSON 3475 West Ridge Rd.. S W,. Roanoke. VA 

SHOWS. DATHAN 3907 Brixton Lane. Durham. NC 27707 
SHREVE. SHARRON Route 2. Box 329. Stokesdale. NC 27357 
SHREWSBURY. JENNIFER 1 1070 Painted Tree Rd.. Charlotte. NC 

SHUFORD. TRACY P.O. Box 485. Buffalo Junction. VA 24529 
SHULER. DAVID PO Box 98. Shenandoah. VA 22849 
SHULTZ. CHARLES 10317 Delray Rd . Glen Allen. VA 23060 
SffYTLE. KEVIN 1310 Bankhead Rd . Denver. NC 28037 
SIEGEL. JUUE 520 Sidewood Dr . Erie. PA 16505 
SIEKS. TANIA 6683 San Homero Way. Buena Park. CA 90620 
SIKES. AMANDA 3904 Hulon Dr., Durham, NC 27705 

SILCOX. HARRY 541 Riverside Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
SILER. JAMES 3237 Sunnybrook Lane. Virginia Beach. VA 23452 
SILVIA. LEONARD 3735 Persimmon Cir.. Fairfax. VA 22031 
SIMMONS. JAMES PO Box 1496. Elon College. NC 27244 
SIMMONS. KARLA Route 3. Box 52-H. Floyd. VA 24091 
SIMMONS. RICHARD 712 Paul SL RR 3. Box 4T. Nashville. IL 62263 
SIA^MONS. TINA 510 Elden Ave.. Roanoke. VA 24019 
SIMMS, KRISTEN PO, Box 363, Port Tobacco. MD 20677 
SIMONS. STEVE 2276 Crows Nest Lane. Reston. VA 22091 
SIMPSON. GINGER. 4352 Padgett Dr.. HaymarkeL VA 22069 
SIMPSON. SUZANNE 5209 Tedorill Lane. Charlotte. NC 28226 
SIMS. EDWARD 535 Carlton Rd,. Wyckoff. NJ 07481 
SIMS. STEVA 2312 Hales Rd.. Raleigh. NC 27608 
SINER. HERBERT 201 Lord Granville Dr.. Morehead City. NC 28557 
SINK. SARAH 2024 Holland Ave.. Buriington. NC 27217 
SINKLER. CLARK 3047 E, Pine Valley Rd.. N.W. Atlanta. GA 30305 
SIPE. BILL 7374 Hwy 49 South. Snow Camp. NC 27349 
SIRIANNI. MARK 163 Clayton AVe . Toms River. NJ 08753 
SISEL PAIGE Apt 20 I 19 N Ireland SL. Burlington. NC 27217 
SISTARE. CHARLES 1401 Rinehart CL. Charlotte. NC 28226 
SKILLMAN. WILLIAM 15697 Pike Trail. Dumlres. VA 22026 
SKINNER. CODY 1003 Ellston SL. Colorado Spnngs. Co 80907 
SLADE. MIRANDA 17 Springfield Estates. Elon College. NC 27244 
SLADE. PERRY 871 Border Lake Trail. Buriington. NC 27217 
SLAGLE. BRYAN 403 Shore Dr . Empona. VA 23847 
SLAUrSWHITE, JONATHAN 308 North Wilkinson Rd., Richmond, VA 

SLAWTER, KIMBERLY 5856 Old Oak Ridge Rd,, ApL 904. 

Greensboro. NC 27410 
SLOAN. WENDY 507 Cooldge St. Chapel Hill. NC 27516 
SLOTKE. KAREN 2314 Killoran Rd.. Timonium. MD 21093 
SMALL. TERENCE 1001 Cumberland Ave.. Deptford. NJ 08096 
SMALL, WILLIAM 230 Buena Vista Ave.. Fair Haven. NJ 0770 1 
SMEE. MEUSSA 5976 Powells Landing Rd.. Burke. VA 22015 
SMfTH. ALUSON Route 3. Box 316. Advance. NC 27006 
SMITH. AMY Route 1. Box 180. Reedville. VA 22539 
SMITH. ANASTASIA Route 3. Box 90. Gates. NC 27937 
SMfTH. ANGELA Route 19. Box 713 Jersey Church Rd.. Lexington. 

NC 27292 
SMfTH. ASHLEY 350 Shasta SL. Fayetteville. NC 28304 
SMITH. BARBARA 2214 Carolina Rd,. Burlington. NC 27215 
SMfTH, BRIAN 6400 Whippany Way, Burke, VA 22015 
SMfTH, CALVIN 50 Stone Ridge Rd,, Durham, NC 27215 
SMfTH, CAROL ApL 3 720 W, Front St, Burlington. NC 27215 
SMfTH. CARTER 1013 Cedarhurst Dr.. Raleigh. NC 37609 
SMfTH. Cti^LES 5607 Mary Fairfax Ct. Farifax Station. VA 22039 
SAVTH. CHRISTOPHER 106 Wickow Lane. Durham. NC 27713 
SMfTH. DAVID 1420 Connell Rd,. Charieston. WV 25314 
SMfTH. DAVID 2424 Delaney Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 
SMfTH. DAWN 204 College St. Morganton. NC 28655 
SMfTH. DfA-DIANNE 702 West Tantallon Dr.. Fort Washington. MD 

SMfTH. DOUGLAS 1908 Woodland Ave,. Burlington. NC 27215 
SMfTH. GARY PO. Box 841. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
SMTTH. HERBERT ApL CI 2. 706 Huffman Mill Rd.. Buriington. NC 

SMTTH. JOY 2122 Docket Lane. Vienna. VA 22180 
SMITH. JUDfTH 2014 Addey Court. Falls Church. VA 22043 
SMITH. KEVIN M O Q 2200. Camp Lejeune. NC 28542 
SMfTH, KEVIN 541 1 Crossbill CL, Charlotte, NC 28226 
SMfTH, KIMBERLY 1548 Osprey CL, Manasquan, NJ 08736 
SMfTH, KIMREY Route 2, Box 184-A. Snow Camp, NC 27349 
SMfTH, KIRSTEN 2f8 Rrvenoak Dr. Fayetteville. NC 28303 
SMfTH. MATTHEW 3617 Seminary Ave.. Richmond. VA 23227 
SMfTH. MICHAEL 329 Clay Rd.. Camben. SC 29020 
SMfTH. NORMAN 1926 Jimmy Kerr Rd.. Haw River. NC 27258 
SMfTH. PAMELA 77 Bayport Ave.. BayporL NY 1 1705 
SMfTH. PETER 31 Juniper Meadows Lane. Washington. CT 06794 
SMfTH. PHILUP 1013 Durham. St. Burlington. NC 27217 
SMfTH. SHANNON 4802 Broad St. Neptune. tSJ 07753 
SMITH. SHAWN 3859 Quail Run Lane. Buriington. NC 27215 
SMfTH. SUSAN 613 Pans SL. Graham. NC 27253 
SMTIH. TIMOTHY 1910 Dorsett SL. Burlington. NC 27215 
SMfTH. TIMOTHY 51 1 Edinburgh Dr.. Buriington, NC 27215 
SMITH, VALERIE 4517 Twinbrook Rd.. Fairfax. VA 22032 
SMfTH. VAN 51 I Edinburgh Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 
SMfTH. WILUAM 223 Karinch SL. P.O. Box 306. Cornwall. PA 17016 
SMITH. WILLIAM 331 E. Kivett St. Asheboro. NC 27203 
SMfTHDEAL. JENNIFER 12300 Harrowgate Rd.. Chester. VA 23831 
SMOKOVICH. MARYBETH 6904 Oakndge Rd.. University Park. MD 

SNIDER. CANDICE P O. Box 353. Cloverdale. VA 24077 
SNIFFEN. HOLLY PO Box 1034. Block Island. Rl 02807 
SNODY. BRIAN 9005 Mounlainsberry CL. Frederick. MD 21701 
SNOW. EUZABETH 2525 Knightdale Dr . Graham. NC 27253 
SNOWDEN. CHERYL 1002 N, Roosevelt St. Falls Church. VA 22046 
SNOWDEN. FREDERICK 1002 N. Roosevelt SL. Falls Church. VA 

SNYDER. CATHERINE 1 142 Statmount CL. Bel Air. MD 21014 
SNYDER, RALPH Route 4, Box 30, Mebane, NC 27302 
SNYDER, RICHARD 815 Glendale Rd., York. PA 17403 
StSYDER. RICKY PO. Box 8901 Gibsonville. NC 27249 
SODERQUIST. HOLLY 1055 Rector Lane. McLean. VA 22102 
SOUDAY. MICHAEL 27 Quandary Lake Lane. Graham. NC 27253 
SOLOMON. RAY Route 3. Box 32 1 -C. Nashville. NC 27856 
SOLOMONSON. CHAD 1 106 Swan Point Rd.. Woodbndge. VA 

SOONES. GARETH 3 Crafts Rd,. Gloucester. MA 01930 
SORO. VANESSA 16 Brookside Terrace. Clark. tM 07066 
SORRELL ANNE 2324 Charlotte SL. Durham. NC 27705 
SOUTHARD. DAWN 3962 Burning Bush CL. Fairfax. VA 22033 
SOUTHERLAND. PATRICIA 907 Rambling Rd.. Nashville. TN 37217 
SOUTHWOOD. MICHELLE PO Box 199. Mount Airv. MD 21771 
SOUTHWORTH. JON 707 Lomax St. Easton. MD 21601 
SOWERS. JUUE 7913 Helmart Dr . Laurel. MD 20707 
SOWERS. KRISTIE 7913 Helmart Dr . Laurel. MD 20707 
SOYARS. JUDfTH 104 Timberiake Dr. Elon College. NC 27244 
SPAGE. ANDREW 3204 Kellam Cl. Burlington. NC 27215 
SPAINHOUR. MARY 540 32nd Ave. Drive. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 
SPANGLER. JANICE Route 4. Box 716. South Boston. VA 24592 

Index 179 

SPARKS. GINA 522 E. College Ave., P.O. Box 38, Bon College. MC 

SPARUMG. ELIZABETH 1 1 Holly Dt., Morris Plains, hU 07950 
SPARROW. JR. JERRY 718 Oakgrove Dr . GRAHAM. MC 27253 
SPEED. GREGORY 7166 Rivers Edge Rd.. Columbia. MD 21044 
SPELL CARRIE 624 Sl Cloud Dr.. Statesville, liC 28677 
SPEMCE. BARBARA Roule 2. Box 99. Graham. ISC 27253 
SPEMCER. VALERIE Roule 10. Box 278. Martinsville, VA 241 12 
SP1LLAME, KELLY 6614 Keeler Dr.. Fayetteville. NC 28303 
SPITZ, WILLIAM 2840 MatUyn Cl, Raleigh, MC 27613 
SP1VEY, CHERYL P.O. Box 674. Robbins. NC 27613 
SPRAGGE. III. JOHN P.O. Box 362. Port Tobacco. MD 20677 
SPROAT. GREGORY 7 Spnng Lane. Chadds Ford. PA 19317 
SQCIRE. JEFF College Gardens #17 PC Box 1501 Elon College, 

NC 27244 
SQUIRES, AMY 3307 Trice-Atwaler Rd.. Chapel Hill, NC 27516 
SCKJIRES, REBECCA 2013 McMillan Ave., Friendly Acres. Wallace, 

NC 28466 
STANCIL USA 406-4 W. Front SL, Buriington. NC 27215 
STANRELD, SARAH 2319 West Front SL, Burlington, NC 27215 
STANLEY, SONYA 1084 Torrey Dr., Fayeneville, NC 28301 
STANLEY, TONYA 1084 Toney Dr., Fayetteville. NC 28301 
STARKE. KELLY 57 Kipling Dr., Waldorf, MD 20601 
STARLING, STEPHANIE 2507 Elderwood Lane. Burlington. NC 

STATUTO. TONI 265 Vermont Dr.. Brick, m 08723 
STEADMAN, TERRI 34 1 5 Teversham Une, Charlotte, NC 28210 
STECK, JUUE 106 Branchwood Dr., Elon College. NC 27244 
STEELMAN, ELLA 2405 A Patriot Way. Greensboro. NC 27408 
STEEN. TAMARA 1301 Swan Hattjour Rd.. Fort Washington. MD 

STEGALL, ERIK 104 Mulberry CL. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
STEPHENSON. KIMBERLY 150 Greenwood Lane, Danville, VA 

STEPHENSON, TIMOTHY 828 Robert E. Lee Dr„ Wilmington, NC 

STERUNG, JAMES 133 Shore Dr., Morehead City, NC 28557 
STERUNG, MICHAEL Route 3, Box 972, Gloucester, VA 23061 
STEVENS. ROSS Route 1. Box 136. Greenwood. VA 22943 
STEVENS. SONJA 289 South Pariiamenl Dr . Virginia Beach. VA 

STEVENSON. ANNE 202 Hanover Ave.. Ashland. VA 23005 
STEVENSON. LAURA 28 Calico Tree Une, Coram. NY 1 1727 
STEWARD, KAREN 733 Commonwealth Blvd,, Toms River, NJ 

STEWART. DWICHT 139 Sherwood Rd.. Henderson. NC 27536 
STEWART. HARRY 532 Manning Dr., Charlotte. NC 28209 
STEWART. JAMES 143 W Margaret Lane. Hillsborough. NC 27278 
STEWART. JAMES 3125 Hunt Rd.. Oakton. VA 22124 
STEWART. MARK 1017 East Catawba SL. Uncolnton. NC 28092 
STEWART. III. THOMAS 1 78 Ellerslie Dr.. Fayetteville. NC 28303 
STILLWELL DONALD 81 Wellington Place. Buriington. NJ 08016 
STINE, JENNIFER 1 159 Harbour Island Rd.. Orlando, FL 32809 
STINSON. AMY 1584 Kelly Ann Dr.. West Chester. PA 19380 
STITT. EDWIN Route 2. Thousand Acres. Swanton. MD 2 1 56 1 
STOCKDELL. NANCY 2714 Morgan Rd., Murfreesboro. TN 37130 
STOCKTON. TIMOTHY Route 7. Box 635. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
STOKES. COURTNEY ApL 427 5615 Paces Glen Rd.. Charlotte. NC 

STOKES. JOAN Route 3, Box 630-C, Mebane,NC 27302 
STOLTE, DARIN 8967 Colesbury Place, Fairfax. VA 2203 1 
STONE. AMY 2068 Colane Rd.. Norfolk. VA 23518 
STONE. CRAIG 3512 Williamsborough Cl. Raleigh. NC 27609 
STONE HARRY 1516 Green Springs Rd.. New Bern. NC 28560 
STONE. JENNIFER 451 Woodlawn Dr.. Danville. VA 24541 
STONE KEVIN P.O. Box 37. Montpelier. VA 23192 
STOTT. MICHAEL 441 1 Rocky Spnngs Rd.. Durham. NC 27705 
STOTT. TRACEY P.O Box 55, Asheboro, NC 27203 
STOVALL, FRANKUN Route 8, Box 376, Buriington. NC 27215 
STOVER. DARRON 172 Union St. North. Concord. NC 28025 
STOWt. JONATHAN 204 Williamson SL. Buriington, NC 27215 
STOWE. NORRIS 611 Trollinger SL. Buriington. NC 27215 
STRASSNER. JASON 18 Carillon Ct.. Wilmington. De 19803 
STRATFORD. THOMAS R.F.D. # I Hiland Dr.. Box 267. Queensbury. 

NY 12801 
STATTON. ROBERT Route 5. Box 722. Appomattox, VA 24522 
STRAW, KELUE Colony ApL 738-H, Burlington, NC 27215 
STRAYHORN, SHERRY 505 Stoney Creek Cir,, Durham. NC 27703 
STREETER. ANNE MARIE 1 1 1 East Middle SL. Gettysburg. PA 

STRICKLAND, CAROLE 202 E. Covington SL. Uurinburg. NC 

STRICKL^ND. KENT 137 South Path. SL James. NY I 1780 
STRICKLAND. MARY Campus Box 4146. Elon College. NC 27244 
STRINGER. LLEWELLYN 7885 Styers Feny Rd.. Clemmons, NC 

STROLE, GRETCHEN 614 James SL, Buriington, NC. 27215 
STROM. DERRICK 3370 Beau Rivage Drive W-4. Pompano Beach, 

FL 33064 
STROMBERG. ERICK 5221 Crown SL. Bethesda. MD 20816 
STROSNIDER. MICHAEL 1 1679 Pellow Cir. CL. Hendron. VA 22070 
STROTHER. DAVID 1208 Wellington Rd.. Colonial Heights. VA 

STROTHER. PHIUP 5532 Queensberry Ave.. Springfield. VA 22151 
STROUSE, CORINNE 215 Wellord Rd.. Luthereille. MD 21093 
STUBBLEFIELD, JACQUEUNE 1 135 Aunt Marys Rd„ Buriington, 

NC 27217 
STUBENHOFER, KENNETH 8814 A/ley Dr , Springfield. VA 22153 
STUMP. KIRSTIN 1956 Bannister Sl, York. PA 17404 
STOTTIS. LAURA 319 Wilson Sl. Eden. NC 27288 
STOTTS. ROBIN 3906 Burch Bridge Rd.. Burlington. NC 27217 
SUBER. ANDREA 100 Jackson Annex. Tryon. NC 28782 
SULLIVAN. SHANNON. 7156 Sonlag Way. Springfield. VA 22153 
SULLIVAN. TIMOTHY 26 Kipp Sl. Chappaqua. NY 10514 
SUMMERS. TRARINNE 3518 Huffine Mill Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
SUMNER. MICHAEL 1205 Roger Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
SURDYK. KATHRYN 12795 Forest Oak Cl. Manassas. VA 221 1 1 
SURLES. TERESA 509 Ivey Rd,. Graham. NC 27253 
SURLES. VANESSA 163G Hartley Dr.. High Poinl NC 27260 
SUTHERLAND. KATHERYN Roule 2. Box 928. Danville. VA 24540 

SUTTON. LEESA Route 5. Box 69. Chandler. NC 28715 
SUTTON. THOMAS 20 Cushman Sl. New Berlin. NY 1341 1 
SVOBODA SANDRA 226 Northampton Terrace, Chapel Hill, NC 

SWAIM, RONALD 417 Tate SL, Burlington, NC 27215 
SWALLOW, LORRAINE 2 1 Timber Creek Rd., Stratford. NJ 08084 
SWANSON. KIMBERLY 50 Fernclifl Dr.. Asheville. NC 28805 
SWARTZ. PAUL P O Box 499. Banner Elk. NC 28604 
SWEATT, WILLIAM 1252 Calvert Beach Rd.. Sl Leonard. MD 20685 
SWEENEY. DOUGLAS Roule 3. Box 547-A. Troutville. VA 24175 
SWEET. KARIN 1606 Mary Ellen Cl, McLean. VA 22101 
SWEET. RODNEY 409 E. Springfield Rd.. High Poinl NC 27263 
SWEETAAAN. MARI 5901 Wagon Wheel Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
SWEEZY. HEATHER P. O. Box 248. Rutherford College. NC 286 
SWETTZER. MICHAEL 206 Winding Ridge Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27606 
SWEZEY. USA Clarks Ridge Rd., Rt. 3. Box 142, Leesburg. VA 

SYKES. JENNIFER 2849 Wesleyan Lane. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
SYMONS. HOLLY 24 Monmouth Junction Rd.. Dayton. NJ 08810 


TATT. DEBORAH 2228 N. Lakeside Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 
TATT, DYLAN 9630 Dewmar Lane. Kensington. MD 20895 
TALBERT. KATHERINE P O. Box 8709. Wrightsville Beach. NC 284 
TALBERT, MYRON 1 124 Carolina Ave,. Albemarle. NC 28001 
TALBERT. PATRICIA 2 Rivenvood Cir., Newport News, VA 23606 
TALLENT, STEPHANIE Route 2, Box 380, King George, VA 22485 
TALLEY, MICHAEL 700 South Williamson Ave,T Elon College, NC 

TAMBERINO. MARY I Nomas Lane. Richmond, VA 23233 
TANSEY. JORDANA 880 Green Pond Rd.. Rockaway Township. NJ 

TARQUINIO. ALFRED 1066 Ridge Rd.. Mars, PA 16046 
TASCHENBERGER. USA 3410 Medina Lane. Bowie. MD 20715 
TATE. MONICA Route 4. Box 507. Mebane. NC 27302 
TATTERSON. ANGELA Box 55. Maltiews. VA 23163 
TATUM. WENDY 2527 Faucette Lane. Burlington. NC 27217 
TAULBEE. HOLLY 9514 Northwest 80th Cl. Tamarac. FL 33321 
TAYLOR. GARNETT 5410 Montgomery SL, Springfield. VA 22151 
TAYLOR. JACK Route 13 Box 515. Reidsville. NC 27320 
TAYLOR. JENNIFER 2432 Holly Hill Rd., Ukehursl NJ 08733 
TAYLOR. JILL 3062 Westlield Rd,. Mount Airy. NC 27030 
TAYLOR. MICHAEL 1935 West First St.. Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
TAYLOR. MICHAEL 2515 Pegasus Une. Reston. VA 22091 
TAYLOR. ROBIN 122 Old Maple Une. Durham. NC 27713 
TAYLOR. SEAN 67 Locust Ave., Trenton, NJ 0-8610 
TEDDER, MEUSSA PO Box 201, Elon College, NC 27244 
TEER, SUSAN 6308 S NC 49, Burlington, NC 27215 
TEIXEIRA. MICHAEL 2 Country Manor Apl McPherson Dr., Mebane, 

NC 27302 
TELFORD, JANA 200 Williamsburg Cl, Marlton, NJ 08053 
TELFORD, JUUA 10206 Fairway Ridge Rd., Charlotte. NC 28226 
TELLMAN. SUSAN 400 Terrace Way. Towson. MD 21204 
TEMPLE. LYNETTE 37 Birdie Cl. Morehead City, NC 28557 
TEMPLE, MEUSSA Route 2, Box 758, Hope Mills, NC 28348 
TOLLEMAN, JUUE 621 1 Bethel Church Rd., Gibsonville. NC 27249 
TERRELL. GAYLE 417 Fountain Place. Buriington. NC 27215 
TERRELL. RICHARD 1926 Dorsett Sl, Buriington, NC 27215 
TERRY, BONITA P.O Box 244. Marshville. NC 28103 
TERRY. KERRY 2700 Cottage Place. #113, Greensboro, NC 27408 
TESTA BRIAN 1647 Wills Place, Vineland, NJ 08360 
THACKER, DARRELL 2160 Colony Rd., Gibsonville, NC 27249 
TRACKER, JAMES P.O. Box 152. Disputanla. VA 23842 
THACKER. NANCY 564 Boggs Ranch Rd.. Graham, NC 27253 
THARPE. JANET 840 Rumas Sl. Graham. NC 27253 
THATCHER. CHRISTOPHER 41 16 Military Rd.. N.W.. Washington. 

DC 20015 
THEISS. JON 7509 Maritime Une. Springfield. VA 22153 
THEREAULT. JOHN 15705 Norman Dr , Gaithersburg, MD 20878 
THEURER. DARCI 58 Roosevelt Blvd.. Florham Park. NJ 07932 
THIQPEN. KIRK PO Box 264. Beulaville. NC 28518 
THOMAS. AUSA 6897 Holt Store Rd,. Burlington. NC 27215 
THOMAS. EDWARD 2035 Second Sl. N.W., Hickory. NC 28601 
THOMAS. GERALD 7416 McBane Mill Rd., Graham. NC 27253 
THOAAAS. KERI-ANN 2766 Gingerview Une. Annapolis. MD 21401 
THOAAAS. KEVIN 5214 Eliots Oak Rd . Columbia. MD 21044 
THOMAS, MARGARET 7316 Burdene Ct , Bethesda, MD 20817 
THOMAS, MARY Rl 5, Box 416-B, Roxboro, NC 27573 
THOMAS, NANCY 2928 Blanche Dr., Buriington. NC 27215 
THOMAS. R CHRISTOPHER 1212 Joyner Sl, Box 71 17. Gibsonville. 

NC 27249 
THOMAS. RICHARD 14406 Bent Creek Place. Midlothian. VA 231 12 
THOMAS. SUSAN 501 South 2nd Ave . Siler City. NC 27344 
THOMAS. TERRILL Route 2. Box 574. Robbins. NC 27325 
THOMAS. BENJAMIN 333 Fountain Place, Buriington. NC 27215 
THOMAS. TIMOTHY 1 1920 Winstead Une, Reston, VA 22094 
THOMASON, WILLIAM 108 2nd Ave., Northeasl Hickory, NC 28601 
THOMPSON, ANISSA P.O. Box 24. Bear Creek. NC 27207 
THOMPSON, ANNE 407 Bethel Sl, Gibsonville. NC 27249 
THOMPSON. CHRISTOPHER 12201 Brookhaven Dr., Silver Spring, 

MD 20902 
THOMPSON, GLENN Rl 1 Box 646 Ridgecrest Dr,. Daleville, VA 

THOMPSON, JASPER 2205 Wythe Sl, Greensboro. NC 27401 
THOMPSON. JEFFERY Roule 6. Box 213. Hillsborough. NC 27278 
THOMPSON. JENNIFER 2110 Wiggins Sl. Buriington. NC 27215 
THOMPSON, KRISTl 7227 Henley Rd., Sanlord. NC 27330 
THOMPSON, MARVIN 1911 Oakengale Une, Midlothian, VA 231 13 
THOMPSON, SAM Roule 2, Box 686, Graham, NC 27253 
THOAAPSON, SANDRA 1316 Greenwood Dr , Burlington, NC 27217 
THOMPSON, TERRY 201 Johns Island Dr , Eden, NC 27288 

THOMPSON, VERNON 412 Kings Dr , Eden, NC 27288 
THOMSON, SHIRLEY 4420 Cariton Cl, Portsmouth, VA 23703 
THORNTON, TYRONE Campus Box 2175, Elon College, NC 27244 
TIBBfTTS, JENNIFER 800 Forest Ave,, Apl 3-A. Westfield, NJ 

TICKLE, LYDIA 6561 Bethel Church Rd„ Gibsonville. NC 27249 
TIESKOETTER, RUSSELL 809 Slonehedge Dr,. Vesta, NY 13850 
TIGANI. ROBERT 4010 Kennett Pike. Greenville. DE 19807 
TIGNOR. BLYTHE 32572 Seven Seas Dr . Uguna Niguel. CA 92677 
TIGNOR. ERNEST 32572 Seven Seas Dr . Uguna Niguel, CA 92677 
TILGHMAN, fvATHRYN 8322 Second Ave, Vienna, VA 22180 
TILLEY, RHONDA 7820 Tilley Rd,, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 
TINDALL TRICIA 1510 Grand Ave , Seattle, WA 98122 
TISDALE, ALEXANDER 1 Sturbndge Une, Greensboro, NC 27408 
TISDALE, EUZABETH 4609 Montclair Ave., Charlotte, NC 2821 1 
TOBOLSKI. GREG 3441 Dodd Rd., Elon College, NC 27244 
TODD, ALEX 226 Siesta Dr., Denton, MD 21629 
TODD, SCOTT 2121 Haycock Rd,, Falls Church, VA 22043 
TODD, WILLIAM 23 Bonetown Rd., Flemington, NJ 08822 
TOUN, EUZABETH 220 Reams Ave , Roxboro, NC 27573 
TOMUNSON, REBECCA PO Box 206, Virgilina, VA 24598 
TONYES, PATRICIA Apl G 327 W, Trollinger Ave,, Elon College, NC 

TOOMER, USA 8931 Breezewood Rd,. Sanford, NC 27330 
TOOMER, THEODORE 8931 Breezewood Rd„ Sanford, NC 27330 
TOOMEY. BRETT 378 West State Sl. Millsboro. DE 19966 
TOONE. EDWIN 204 Port Dr.. Madison. TN 371 15 
TOORE. NICOLE 1727 South A-l-A Vero Beach. FL 32963 
TOPALOVICH. STEFAN 29 Huntington Rd . Garden City. NY 1 1530 
TORAIN, TAMMY Route 2, Box 164-A, Rougemonl NC 27572 
TOWERS, KRISTINA 464 Ruth Rd,, Arnold, MD 21012 
TOWNSEND. ERIK 2405 Ketch Ct . Virginia Beach. VA 23451 
TOWNSEND. KEVIN 608 Margaret Dr . Chesapeake. VA 23322 
TOWNSEND. MICHAEL 2384 Madison Ave . Vineland. NJ 08360 
TOWNSEND, STEPHANIE 5134 North Jrd Sl, Arlington, VA 22203 
TOWNSEND. STUART 19 Stuart Dr . Dover. DE 19901 
TOWNSEND. VAN WINKLE 12140 Westwood Hills Dr . Herndon. VA 

TRADER. KAREN PO. Box 128. Uurel. DE 19956 
TRAGESER. SUSAN P.O. Box 133. Pinsboro. NC 27312 
TRAKAS. ELAINE 1016 Brookview Dr. Elon College. NC 27244 
TRANBARGER. GARY 421 1 Bellmont Ml Hermon Rd.. Lot 29. 

Buriington. NC 27215 
TREUNSKI. SAM 1 16 Cambridge Arms Apts.. Fayetteville, NC 28303 
TRIPP, ROBERT 4516 Gleneagle Dr , Virginia Beach, VA 23462 
TROTTER, SHANE 5912 Hyde Park Dr., High Poinl NC 27263 
TRUBICA. MICHELLE 3458 Tanglebrook Trail, Clemmons, NC 

TSrrOURIS, TAMARA 4916 Warfield Dr . Greensboro. NC 27406 
TUBBS. NICOLE 1 1 7 Spnng Sl, Gaithersburg. MD 20877 
TUBMAN. BARKUE 9 Spnngdale Rd,, Scarsdale, NY 10583 
TUBMAN, EUZABETH 9 Spnngdale Rd., Scarsdale. NY 10583 
TUCK. DALE P O Box 754. Clarksville. VA 23927 
TUCK. MARTHA P O Box 994 Roxboro. NC 27573 
TUCKER. DONNA Route 2. Box 39. Uurel Spnngs. NC 28644 
TUGAAAN. AAAANDA 8413 Wycombe Une. Raleigh. NC 27615 
TULP. JAMES Apl 4-C 1 1 10 Cook Rd . Gibsonville, NC 27244 
TUPUNG, TANYA 3619 Tilden Sl, NW, Washington, DC 20008 
TURUNGTON, SHARON 1205 Edgewood Dr., Graham, NC 27253 
TURMAN. BETHANY Route 3, Box 7. Stuart. VA 24171 
TURNER. GERALD 503 Saint Andrews Rd , Statesville. NC 28677 
TURNER. JR.. JOHN Box 5412 501 May Sl. Gibsonville. NC 27249 
TURNER. KAMERON 21 Ensigne Spence. Williamsburg. VA 23185 
TURNER. STEVEN 142 Tolliver Place. Danville. VA 24541 
TURPIN. CHERI Route 4 Box 276. Ridgeway. VA 24148 
TUTOR. AMY 3201 Cheek Rd,. Durham. NC 27704 
TWILLEY. KRISTIN 6044 Bluebird Ave.. Unglestown. PA 171 12 
TYLER. KAYE Route 4. Box 657. Reidsville. NC 27320 
TYLER. LORI 40 Ballew Sl. Canton. NC 28716 


ULASEWICH. RICHARD 8309 Ukewood Dr . Raleigh, NC 27613 
UNDERWOOD. JENNIFER 12009 Calie Cl. Fairfax. VA 22033 
UNDERWOOD. LAUREL 261 1 Greene Une. Fallston. MD 21047 
URAM. JENNIFER P O. Box 63. Lncoln. VA 22078 
URBAN. KATHARINA 1409 Grimes Sl. Buriington. NC 27215 
URBAN. MELANIE 2046 Green Mill Rd,. Finksburg. MD 21048 
UREN. RONALD 4365 Shady Green Une. Plafftown. NC 27040 
UZZELL KELLY Route 6 Box 963, Hillsborough, NC 27278 
UZZELL SHARON 3704 Chadford Place, Greensboro, NC 27410 


VAJDA, BLAINE 8314 Cushing Cl, Springfield, VA 22153 
VALCICH, AAATTHEW 1112 Bellevista Cl, Severna Park, MD 21 146 
VALES, JEFFREY 695 Discovery Rd , Davidsonville, MD 21035 
VALLEJOS, ROGER 60 1 Maryland Ave , Portsmouth, VA 23707 
VAN DER HYDE, STEVEN 706 Huffman Mill Rd., A- 13, Burlington, 

NC 27215 
VAN EVERY, TIFFANY 2616 Inverness Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 
VAN NESS III, RAY 604 McCorkle Dr., Lexington, VA 24450 
VAN NOTE, SCOTT 6332 Marywood Dr , Wilmington, NC 28403 
VANCE, KEfTH 3900 Chevington Rd., Charlotte, NC 28226 
VANDERFORD, JAMES 199 Summerwalk Cir , Chapel Hill, NC 


1 80 Index 

VATHN, JEMNIFER 1006 Condor Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
VARIMOSKI, ALANA Route 4. Box 64-A. Mebane. NC 27302 
VELEZ. LUIS CPO Box 4361 . San Juan. PR 00936 
VELTEN. OLIVIER 2 Rue Des Menuisiers. Souffelweyersheim. FR 

VENEZIA. MICHAEL 12 Longview Rd.. Edison. NJ 08820 
VICK. DAVID Ri=D 1. Box 197. Newsoms. VA 23874 
VICK. SARAH P.O. Box 475. Haw Rrver. NC 27258 
VICKS. TRACY 1234 Graham Hopedale Rd.. Burlington. NC 27215 
VIDAL JOSEPH 3807 Tyne Dr.. Durham. NC 27703 
VIDNOVIC. MICHAEL 9 Millard CL. Sterling. VA 22170 
VIERS. JEFFREY ApL 2F 739 E. Haggard Ave.. Elon College. NC 

VILARDI. TRACEY 186 Eagle Dr. Emerson. MJ 07630 
VINESETT. JOHN 432 Harrell Dr . Spartanburg. SC 29302 
VIOHL. USA 2825 Bertyland Dr.. Oakton. VA 22124 
VOGLER. BLANTON 3530 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem. NC 

VON HERBUUS. BRIAN 4138 Virginia St, Fairvax. VA 22032 
VORNDRAN. MICHAEL 662 North Hedgecock Square. Satellite 

Beach. FL 32937 
VOZZO. JEFFREY P.O. Box 121. Whitehouse. NJ 08888 


WADE. LAURA P.O. Box 133. Advance. NC 27006 
WADE. SAMUEL 1274 McCray Rd.. Burlington. NC 27217 
WADSWORTH. JOHN Drawer A Atlantic Beach. NC 28512 
WADSWORTH. ROCCO 4624 Cherry Valley Dr . Rockville. MD 

WADSWORTH. SARAH Drawer A Atlantic Beach. NC 28512 
WALDEN. GLENDA 2241 Sandy Lane. Mebane. NC 27302 
WALDEN. GUY 5002 Still Comers. Columbia. MD 21044 
WALKER. ANNE P.O. Box 1291. Banner Elk. NC 28604 
WALKER. ANNE 2417 Capehart Rd.. Richmond. VA 23229 
WALKER. BRENDA 5200 Hicone Rd.. McLeansville. NC 27301 
WALKER. CATHERINE Route 2. Box 536. South Boston. VA 24592 
WALKER. CHARLES 625 Greenbrook Pkwy.. Matthews. NC 28105 
WALKER. oACQUELYM 625 Greenbrook Pkwy., Matthews, NC 

WALKER. JOAM P.O. Box 91 1. Graham. NC 27253 
WALKER. KETTH 10354 Buglenote Way. Columbia. MD 21044 
WALKER. KRISTIN Route 5. Box 3. Stuart VA 24171 
WALKER. LEWIS 3607 S. Elm Eugene St. Lot 157. Greensboro. NC 

WALKER. SAMUEL 595 South Valley Rd.. Southem Pines. NC 28387 
WALKER, SAMUEL 639 Dobson St, Kemersville, NC 27284 
WALKER, SCOTT 4795 Kempsville Greens Pkwy,. Virginia Beach. VA 

WALKER. STEPHEN 9 Oakwood Dr.. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
WALKER. STEVE 920 Winchester Rd.. Waynesboro, VA 22980 
WALKER, WENDY 4630 Blanchard Rd.. Burlington. NC 27217 
WALKER. WILLIAM 329 Point Place. Fayetteville. NC 28301 
WALKER. STEPHANIE Route 2. Box 149. Leesburg, VA 22075 
WALL BEUNDA 603 Edinburgh Cl. Burlington. NC 27215 
WALLACE. DOUGLAS 214 Memtt St. South Boston. VA 24592 
WALLACE. FREDERICK 3471 Stoney Creek Church Rd., Elon 

College, NC 27244 
WALLACE. MELANIE 14307 Eastfield Rd.. Huntersville. NC 28078 
WALUN. USA 28 Boulevard. Pequannock. NJ 07440 
WALSH. CHRISTY 8731 Scottingham Dr.. Richmond. VA 23236 
WALSH. KERRY 523 Dudley CL. Westfield. NJ 07090 
WALTERS. DANIEL 8981 Willett Lane. Bent Mountain. VA 24059 
WALZ. TRACY 1309 Noah Rd.. North Brunswick. NJ 08902 
WARD. ANN Piney Island Point Bishopville. MD 21813 
WARD. ELIZABETH 85 Copper Glen Dr.. Huntington, WV 25701 
WARD, JANICE 10240 Little Bnck House Ct, Ellicott City, MD 21043 
WARD, PAMELA 6185 Commadore Ct. Columbia. MD 21045 
WARNER. MATTHEW 15 Wisteha Dr.. Rocky Mount NC 27804 
WASHBURN. WILUAM Route 2. Box 106. Bostic. NC 28018 
WASHINGTON. DAWN 133 Wesley Ave.. Baltimore. MD 21228 
WASHINGTON. ORLANDO PO. Box 66. Saint Pauls, NC 28384 
WASHINGTON, TAMILYN 1814 Acom Rd., Greensboro, NC 27406 
WATERBURY. REED P.O. Box 93. Unden. NC 27244 
WATERS. CATHERINE 4107 Belle Meade Dr.. Roanoke. VA 24018 
WATERS. DAVID 591 Ware St. Mansfield, MA 02048 
WATERS, HEATHER 3 Drake Ct, Randolph, NJ 07869 
WATERS, MICHAEL 9920 Capitol View Ave., Silver Spring, MD 

WATERS, ROBERT 3719 Verona Trail, Roanoke, VA 24018 
WATERS, WENDY 1600 Bay Point Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23454 
WATKINS, CHRISTINE P.O. Box 1 101. Carthage. NC 28327 
WATUNGTON. DARRYL 339 Branch St. Reidsville, NC 27320 
WATUNGTON, GREGORY 870 Boone Rd,. Burlington. NC 27215 
WATMOUGH. ANDREW 16 Heather Hill Way. Mendham. NJ 07945 
WATSON. JEANNE 16728 Shea Une. Gaithersburg. MD 20877 
WATSON. KERRI 106 Hilly Cir . Plymouth. NC 27962 
WATSON, PEYTON 324 Robmont Rd„ Charlotte, NC 28226 
WATTERSON, CINDY 1 14 Weeping Willow Lane, Greensboro, NC 

WATTS, ROLF 507 Eaton St, Fayetteville. NC 28301 
WAY. AMY 10932 Longmeadow Dr.. Damascus. MD 20872 
WAYLETT. MATTHEW 3357 Jarrettsville Pike. Monkton. MD 21 1 1 1 
WEADON. MARK 17 Thome Ridge Dr.. Durham. NC 27713 
WEANT. LjAURA 1001 Snowhill Rd.. Bahama, NC 27503 
WEAVER, ERIC 31 Holly Dr., Palmyra. PA 17078 
WEBB. AUSON 4468 Mullens Ford Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28226 
WECHT. JOHN 4516 Revere Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 23456 
WEEKS. KELLY 336 Mill Stone Rd.. Chesapeake. VA 23320 
WEIDMAN, AMY Route 1 Box 479. Eagle Rock. VA 24085 
WEIGAND. JAYNE 244 Third St, Fair Haven, NJ 07704 
WEISS, HEATHER ApL J 709 East Haggard Ave., Elon College. NC 


WBSSINGER, GEORGIAIHNA 87 Shipwirght St, Annapolis, MD 

WELCH, TODD 1914 Amber Lane, Greensboro, NC 27407 
WELUNGTON, CHERYL 1426 Harper Rd., Asheboro, NC 27203 
WELLS, TERRI Route 2, Box 336, Martinsville, VA 241 12 
WENTWORTH, JEFFREY 22 1 Undings Way, Raleigh, NC 276 1 5 
WERNTZ, JUUA 5605 Mountville Rd., Adamstown. MD 21710 
WERTIS, DOROTHY 5333 Thayer Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 
WESSELS, MICHAEL 2225 Greenwood Ct, Jacksonville, NC 28540 
WEST, APRIL Route 2, Box 210, Walnut Cove, NC 27052 
WEST, GRAY 510 West New Jersey Ave,, Southem Rnes, NC 28387 
WEST, SHARON 425-F Homestead St, Box 4108, Oibsonville, NC 

WEST, SHAWN Route 2, Box 4-D, Newton Grove, NC 28366 
WESTBROOKS. USA 808 Grace Ave., Burlington, NC 27215 
WHARTON, LEWIS 6415 Kings Landing Rd., Alexandria, VA 22310 
WHEELER, /VJ?K 237 Wicklow Rd., Glen Bumie, MD 21061 
WHEELER, PAUL P.O. Box 2303. Matthews. NC 28106 
WHEELER, TRAGI 1940 Ukeport Way. Reston. VA 22090 
WHEEUN. LAURA 1373 Stephens Rd.. Virginia Beach. VA 23454 
WHEEUNG. JOSEPH 21 West Side Ct. Lexington. VA 24450 
WHELAN, KAREN 1233 Pleasant Valley Dr , Baltimore, MD 21228 
WHICKER, JR.. CUFTON 5426 Lakeview Dr., Durham. NC 27712 
WHISMAN. CATHERINE 26 Shendan Place. Elon College. NC 27244 
WHISNANT. SHAWN Route 2, Box 156 A. Valdese, NC 28690 
WHITAKER, JAMES 2834 Bedford St, Buriington, NC 27215 
WHITE, ANN 2719 Blanche Dr., Buriington, NC 27215 
WHITE, APRILE 468 Old Creed Rd., Mount Airy, NC 27030 
WHITE, BEVERLY 204 South O Kelly Ave,, Elon College, NC 27244 
WHITE. BILUE Route 2, Box 712, Eden, NC 27288 
WHITE, CAROL Rt 2, Box 533 H, Roxboro, NC 27573 
WHITE, DWIGHT 38 Black Point Horseshoe, Rumson, NJ 07760 
WHITE, JEFFREY Route 5, Box 350, Greenville, NC 27834 
WHrTE, JODY Route 3, Box 400, Graham, NC 27253 
WHITE, MARGARET 302 Circle Dr., Mebane, NC 27302 
WHITE, NOEL 250 Old Mill Bottom Rd„ Annapolis, MD 21401 
WHITE, ROBERT 631 Margaret Dr., Statesville, NC 28677 
WHITE, SHERRY 402 Trail Three, Buriington, NC 27215 
WHITE. TARA 345 Middle Oaks Dr., Chesapeake. VA 23320 
WHITEHOUSE. HEATHER Route 1. Box 123 Hamilton. VA 22068 
WHITEHURST. SARA 21 Queensferry Rd., Gary. NC 2751 1 
WHlTEbAW. GAYLE 8 Lark Une. Oak Ridge. NJ 07438 
WHFTESCARVER. FURMAN 706 Red Lane. Salem. VA 24153 
WHITESELL. CARLA 614 Burke St. P.O. Box 7421. Gibsonville. NC 

WHITESIDE, ROBERT 4215 Buckskin Woods Dr., Ellicottk City, MD 

WHITFIELD, CUFFORD PO. Boz 192 Mebane, NC 27302 
WHITFIELD, SAMUEL P.O. Box 157. ERand. NC 27243 
WHITINC. NICHOLAS PO. Box 782. Martinsburg. WV 25401 
WHITLEY. ANGELA 5615 Birch Dr.. Durham. NC 27712 
WHITLEY. WALTER 806 Clay St. Franklin, VA 23851 
WHITLEY, ZACHARY Route 4, Box 40, Smithfield, NC 27577 
WHITNEY, KAREN 1 1409 Hilbingdon Rd., Richmond, VA 23233 
WHITTED, ALVIS 1227 Seaton Rd., Townhouse 62, Durham, NC 

WHITTLE, CARLTON 1021 Warwick St, Brooklyn, NY 1 1207 
WICHERN, BRIAN 900 Uncoln Ave,. Minneapolis. MN 55403 
WIELAND. BRYAN 637 Howard St. Easton. MD 21601 
WIESLER. DIANE Hill and Dale Club. Camiel. NY 10512 
WIGGINS. PAMELA 1 13 S Williamson Ave.. Elon College. NC 27244 
WIKLE. MARY 3005 Forestdale Dr.. Buriington. NC 27215 
WILEY. TERRANCE 1221 Macon St. Burlin0on. NC 27215 
WILKES. JAMES 321 Lake Forest Spartenburg. SC 29302 
WILKES. MARY P.O. Box 434. Walnut Cover. NC 27052 
WlLLAiRD. KIMBERLY 19 Alpine Ct. Belle Mead. NJ 08502 
WILLARD II. RONALD 5067 Upland Game Rd,. Roanoke, VA 24014 
WILLIAMS, ANNA Route 9, Bo; 180, Fayetteville, NC 28301 
WILUAMS, JOHN 2518 Deartxjm Dr , Durham, NC 27704 
WILLIAMS, KEVIN 748 Aguila Dr , Chesapeake, VA 23320 
WILLIAMS, KIMBERLY Route 4, Box 360 Siler City, NC 27344 
WILLIAMS, KIMBERLY Route #1, Box 259, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 
WILUAMS, KRISTIE 2836 Fairway Forest Dr., Salem. VA 24153 
WILLIAMS. KRISTINA Apt B 325 W. Trollinger Ave., Elon College, 

NC 27244 
WILLIAMS, MICHAEL Route 3, Box 636, Reidsville, NC 27320 
WILUAMS, MILTON 1663 Walnut Rd., Henderson. NC 27536 
WILUAMS. PRIMUS P O. Box 663. Wallace. NC 28466 
WILUAMS. TARA 500 LemonUee Ct. Graham. NC 27253 
WILLIAMS. WILUE Rt 2 Box 270. Roseboro. NC 28382 
WILLIAMSON. HEATHER 7802 Grandview Place. Middletown, MD 

WILLIAMSON, TIMOTHY 409 Brentwood St, High Point NC 27260 
WILLIAMSON, WILMA 608 E College Ave , Elon College, NC 27244 
WILUNGHAM, ELIZABETH 295 Johnson Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA 

WILUS, RICHARD 9317 Westmoor Cir., Richmond. VA 23229 
WILSON. CHRISTOPHER 1 102 Rustic Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
WILSON. JERRY 4204 Lord Jeff Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27405 
WILSON. STEPHEN P.O. Box 306. Ocracoke. NC 27960 
WILSON. TROY 8417 Yolanda Rd.. Richmond. VA 23229 
WIMBROW. MICHELLE Route 1. Box 1 16-B. Whaleysville. MD 21872 
WINDHAM. AMY 3010 Stewart Dr., Wilson, NC 27893 
WINE, CAMERA 3763 Stokes Ave., Chariotte, NC 28210 
WINES, DOYLE P.O. Box 1 149, Front Royal, VA 22630 
WINGATE, CHIFONDA 7-1 1 North Duke St, #3, Durham, NC 

WINGERTER, STEPHEN College Manor #3 P.O. Box 1589. Elon 

College. NC 27244 
WINGO. MARIE 19813 Bramble Bush Dr.. Gaithersburg. MD 20879 
WINSTON. STEPHEN Route 5. Box 341-K. Mechanicsville. VA 

WINTERHALTER, AMY 422 1-K Bemau Ave., Greensboro. NC 27407 
WINTRINGHAM. DAVID 817 Trail One. Burlington. NC 27215 
WIRTH. ABBIE 81 Settles Rd.. Newport News. VA 23606 
WISMAN. LAURA 124 South Main St. Woodstock. VA 22664 
WTTCHER. RUSSELL Route 3. Box 219. Gretna, VA 24557 
WITHERS, ANNE 3724 Center Way, Fairfax, VA 22033 
WITT, LARISSA Route 1 Box 361, Dunn, NC 28334 
WITT, MICHAEL 57 Poplar St, Tmmbull, CT 0661 1 

WTTTEN, JR„ DONALD 4115 Taicotl Dr., Durham, NC 27705 
WOELFLE, REGINA 1 1439 Great Meadow, Reston, VA 22091 
WOLF, MARLA 1 Jackie Dr., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 
WOLFE, SARA 312 Sandstone Lane, Bridgewater, VA 22812 
WOLFENBARGER, JANE P.O. Box 128, Arapahoe, NC 28510 
WOMMACK, LAURIE Route 9, Box 506, Morganton, NC 28655 
WOOD, ANNA 418 Bennett Dr., Selma, NC 27576 
WOOD, ASHLEY 301 Buckboard Tr., Rocky Mount NC 27804 
WOOD, EDWIN 81 10 Sawmill Rd., Richmond, VA 23229 
WOOD, JOSEPH 1324 McCuiston Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 
WOOD, SHARON 621 West Front Street Apartment Burlington, NC 

WOOD, TERESA 2838 Isley Lane, Buriington, NC 27215 
WOODARD, DON 6817 Persimmon Tree Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817 
WOODARD, EUGENIA 767 Willow Creek Dr., Macon, GA 31210 
WOODARD, LORl 570 Rockwood Dr., Graham, NC 27253 
WOODARD, RICHARD P.O. Box 395, Spring Hope, NC 27882 
WOODCOCK, JEFFREY 809 South Pine St, Rocky Mount NC 

WOODLE, TIMOTHY 530 S. Cox St, Asheboro, NC 27203 
WOODS, ALLEN 204 Caudill St, Pearisburg, VA 24134 
WOODS, KATHLEEN 600-D Tracy Dr., Buriington, NC 27215 
WOODS, LEIGHE 2106 Highland Ridge Rd., Phoenix, MD 21 131 
WOODS, SUZANNE 14216 Essex Dr., Woodbridge. VA 22191 
WOODWARD, JOHN 3336 Whip Poor Will Point Virginia Beach, VA 

WOODWARD, MICHELE 9609 Post Mill Place, Raleigh, NC 27615 
WOOLWINE, DAVID 2610 Arden Rd., Wilmington, NC 28403 
WOOTEN, EVEY 17507 Sabnna Tertace, Derwood, MD 20855 
WOOTEN, JENNIFER 2225 May Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 
WORRELL, DANIEL #41 Shendan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 
WRAY, GINGER 1509 West Jackson St, Covington, VA 24426 
WRAY, MARY 3218 Reetwood Ave., S.W., Roanoke, VA 24015 
WREFORD, LAURA RD. #1, Box 11 Bassett Rd., Salem. NJ 08079 
WRIGHT. JOHN 739 E. Haggard Ave.. Elon College. NC 27244 
WRIGHT. KAREN 2720 Fawnwick Dr.. Richmond. VA 23231 
WRIGHT. MATTHEW 806 Hunter Court, Vienna, VA 22180 
WRIGHT, RICHARD 125 Wills dr., Courtland, VA 23837 
WRIGHT, SUSAN 291 West Ridley Ave,, Ridley Park, VA 19078 
WUNNER, DAVID 4352 Arborway, Chariotte, NC 2821 1 
WYNN, SHANNON Route 1, Box 385, Rockville, VA 23146 


YEATTS, JUDY 205 Cedar Une. Reidsville, NC 27320 
YEATTS, TRACY 203 East Uramie Dr,, Mebane, NC 27302 
YEDZINIAK, EVE 36 Cannon Ct, Huntington, NY 1 1743 
YEISER, HEATHER 1409 Bayville Ct, Norfolk, VA 23503 
YORK, JAMES Route 2, Box 537, Ramseur, NC 27316 
YORK, TONY 1 1 1 Wartjier Rd., Pfafftown, NC 27040 
YOST, MEGAN 1244 Hunsicker Rd„ Pfafftown, NC 27040 
YOUMANS, SHAWN Boys Home P,0, Box 127. Lake Waccamaw, 

NC 28450 
YOUNCE, SUSAN Route #1 Box 173, Zionville, NC 28698 
YOUNG, ANTHONY 4115 Muncaster Mill Rd., Rockville, MD 20853 
YOUNG, DAWN 3931 Uwnwood Dr., Richmond, VA 23234 
YOUNG, JOSEPH 8 Packer Ct, Sewell, NJ 08080 
YOUNG, MARK P.O. Box 1431, Elon College, NC 27244 
YOUNGBLOOD, ROBERT 208 Salter Path Rd,, Route 3, Morehead 

City, NC 28557 
YOUNGER, MISTY Route 8, Box 415 

YOUNT, AIMEE 3010 Marble Canyon Place, San Ramon, CA 94583 
YOUNT, SHANE Route 14, Box 585, Hickory, NC 28601 
YOW, SHARON Rt 4 Box 480, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 
YUCKEU ANNE 402 Beechwood Ave,, Lrverpool, NY 13088 


ZACHARY, GEORGE 7456 Zachary Une, Snow Camp, NC 27349 
ZAISER, GREG 704 Cotswold Rd., Somerdale, NJ 08083 
ZAK, BENJAMIN P.O. Box 237, Grandy, NC 27939 
ZAMMTT, JEFFREY 23 Somerset Place, Matawan, NJ 07747 
ZANG, JUUE 426 West Front St, Buriington, NC 27215 
ZARRELU, CHARLES 191 Munger Ave., Mariton, NJ 08053 
ZEB, LESUE 1913 Millstream Dr., Salem. VA 24153 
ZERA, AAARCY 541 Fota Dr.. Verona. PA 15147 
ZIUNSKI, LAURA 353-C Tennent Rd., Morganville. NJ 07751 
ZIMMERMAN. DENNIS Route 6, Box 1 10, Hamsonburg, VA 22801 
ZIMMER/AAN, USA 515 S. Williamson Ave., Elon College, NC 27244 
ZIA;MERMAN, AVOJSSA 5527 Oakmont Ave,, Bethesda, MD 20817 
ZIMMERMAN, THOMAS 7600 Whitaker Dr., Summerfield, NC 27358 
ZIMNOCH, GARY 216 Gateswood Rd., Timonium, MD 21093 
ZIOBRO, LEA 4632 Valerie Ct, Annandale, VA 22003 
ZIPF, VALERIE 7509 Ramblewood Ct, Annandale, VA 22003 
ZOLKOWSKI, MARK 5119 Hamlet Dr., Gibsonia, PA 15044 
ZOMBRO, MARK 1865 Stuart Dr., Winchester, VA 22601 
ZUSKIN, MARK 9716 Easy St, Disputanta, VA 23842 
ZUSPAN, REBECCA 22 Jennifer Dr,, Graham. NC 27253 

Index 181 

The Sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha 
congratulate their 
graduating seniors! 

Linda Adamson 
Holly Bell 
KristJne Brand 
Cheri Brown 
Cindy Garden 
Melanie Chaplin 
Susan Cox 
Pam Creech 
Lara Curtis 
Michelle Dattilo 
Kristin DeSanto 
Tara Dosier 
Stacey Erne! 
Sheri Geer 
Alicia Greene 
Jill Hall 

Beth Herndon 
Kim Hodowansky 
Kristie Hottinger 
Vicky Kafes 
Cheryl Kern 
Jill Harrison Loy 
Lisa Mobley 
Trevor Moon 
Patch Morton 
Bridget Murray 
Patti Neal 
Anne Mylund 
Scarlett Orenstein 
Sue Page 
Suzette Perry 
Tricia Ann Ricco 

Kristen Rosenheim 
Holly Sniffen 
Karen Steward 
Kelli Sweeney 
Jennifer Sykes 
Kelly Gzzell 
Melanie Wallace 
Heather Waters 
Jeanne Watson 
Lisa Zimmerman 

Dr. Tom Arcaro, faculty advisor 
Eve Martin, faculty advisor (fall) 
Robin Herbin, alumna advisor 

Dan Worrell, sweetheart 


Kim Adkins 
Michelle Anderson 
Beth Armbruster 
Lawana Barefoot 
Elizabeth Batterman 
Gina Beacham 
Tracy Bolduc 
Michele Bradshaw 
Tiffany Brown 
Talie Bunker 
Monique Caron 
Tammy Childress 
Angle Coiey 

Bridget Coll 

Kristina Dachtera 

Stephanie Dawkins 

Denise Denkinger 

Robyn Evers 

Elizabeth Fisher 

Kathy Friend 

Jane Frye 

Cathy Gass 

Jennifer Giles 

Layra Graham 

Becky Greaves 

Nettie Greene 

Michelle Hawthorne 

Katie Holmes 

Cyndie Huber 

Sally Hutton 
Karen Johnson 
Teresa Johnson 
Sandy Mascali 
Carol McCloud 
Debbie McCormick 
Christy McCoy 
Siobhan Mellet 
Mary Mikelskas 
Marie Milliken 
Kelly Mitchell 
Kimberly Mitchell 
Karen Moriarty 
Lisa Newton 
Rebecca Nutt 
Torry Orth 
Laurie Panas 
Donna Pirozzi 
Missy Poling 
Lark Ramsey 
Robin Rapkin 
Aileen Scott 
Carol Scott 
Jenny Scher 
Kristin Simms 
Lisa Stancil 
Tammy Steen 
Anne Streeter 
Lisa Taschenberger 

Jana Telford 
Stephanie Townsend 
Susan Trageser 
Michelle Trubica 
Lee Tupling 
Jacquelyn Walker 
Belinda Wall 
Lisa Wallin 
Christy Walsh 
Pam Ward 
Anna Wood 
Suzi Woods 
Valerie Zipf 

Steve Leach — sweetheart 


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THE SIS 1 bl 





Tina Albright 

Laine Mullen 

Missy Allen 

Suzi Nivison 

Gayle Arkwright 

Elizabeth Nye 

Susan Auth 

Kellie OHara 

Cindy Brown 

Kimberly Overby 

Erin Carrigan 

Anne Palmer 

Alexis Chipoura's 

Kelly Patton 

Francie Cobb 

Mechelle Pennoyer 

Tracey Cooper 

Marie Pilkington 

Jen Cowman 

Julie Priest 

Darcie Donkerbrook 

Melissa Privett 

Shannon Dowdy 

Sandy Ress 

Tracy Drea 

Dawn Rochner 

Heather Ellis 

Chase Roth 

Gina English 

Laura Rountree 

Karin Finklestein 

Janie Rucker 

Paige Frazier 

Shelly Rudd 

Debi Glass 

Katie Sadowski 

Barri Greenberg 

Liz Sementelli 

Brooke Hall 

Anita Severn 

Catherine Harvie 

Sandy Sharpe 

Carin Hess 

Kim Smith 

Ali Hoefer 

Valerie Smith 

Suzi Hood 

Jules Telford 

Yvonne Houseman 

Squrle Thomson 

Lori Johnson 

Arnanda Tugman 

Lara Jones 

Karen Trader 

Sue Kerr 

Laurel Clnderwood 

Suzanne Kirchner 

Wendy Waters 

Danielle Komegay 

Dorothy Wertis 

Holly Laine 

Elizabeth Whelan 

Danielle Lyn 

Karen Whitley 

Kipper Lynch 

Ashley Wilkes 

Ashley Martin 

Regina WoelHe 

Criss McDowell 

Laura Zellinski 

Danielle McNew 

Malissa Zimmerman 

Melinda Measamer 

Sue Meisse 

Ed Boswell, sweetheart 

Ashley Moore 

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may stumble, 

we'll nevei 
FALL . . . 

Dani Bevis 

Kristy Bocksch 

Jennifer Broaddus 

Jennifer Bussey — Secretary 

Cara Caldwell 

Wendi Childs 

Kirsten Clark 

Jennifer Clegg 

Joy Condon — Vice President 

Christine Cushman 

Heidi DePreiter 

Beth DeVries 

Maria Donlo 

Sandy Ebelein 

Beth Echols 

Dyan Ercolcini 

Susan Fredrick 

Eveline Gebel 

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Blaire Greer 

Julie Grossman 

Jennifer Halanych 

Brandi Hammeal 

Mary Liz Henson 

Wendy Karcinell 

Jennifer Karsten 

Lisa Killmon 

Kristen Kilitz 

Megan Law 

Kris Leith 

Cat Lerner 

Laura Liles 

Kris Maraney 

Joan May 

Coley McCarthy — Co Vice 


Toby Miller 

Pam Mulloy 

Tricia Mulloy 

Paige Melson 

Suzie Neubauer 

Megan O'Brian 

Tara Pagano 

Dawn Pearson — President 

Julie Perry 

Christine Powers 

Julie Prosser 

Lissa Quinlan 

Heather Roth 

Christine Rudiger 

Rebecca Senf 

Besty Schick — Co Rush 

Michelle Shreve 

Ashley Smith — Education 

Marybeth Smokovich — Rush 

Cathy Snyder 

Michelle Southwood 

Kelly Starke 

Terri Steadmen 

Mancy Stockdell 

Tracy Stott 

Keri-Ann Thomas 

Kathy Tilghman 

Jennifer Gnderwood 

Kerry Walsh 

Cheryl Wellington 

Ashley Wood 

Mark Albertson — Faculty 


Todd Hudson — Sweetheart 

Laurie Allen 

Linda Looney 

Mandy Arbanas 

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Tracey Baker 

Amy Melander 

Allison Bayley 

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Deborah McCuiston 

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Julie Zang 

Elizabeth Lanou 


















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Surfwear, Skatewear, 

Swimwear, Wetsuits, 

Surfboards, Skateboards, 


2767 S. Church Street 

New Market Square 

Burlington, NC 


Store Hours 
Mon.-Fri. 10-9 

Sat. 10-7 

Sun. 1-6 

The Book Gallery 

The Campus Shop 

"A whole lotta books and more!" 

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Phi Psi Cli 

"The Major Media" 


Editor-in Ciiief: Linda Adamson 

Advisor: Felicia Massey 

Sports Editor: Catiny Miller 

Arts and Academics Editor: Kati Mafko 

Organizations and Greeks Editor: 

Katie Holmes 

Advertising Manager: Marie Milliken 

Photo Managers: Scott Lansing 

Meg Yost 

Special thanks to Bill Grubbs, 

Sports Information Director, and The 

Pendulum photographers — Pat Hobin, 

Rob Whiteside, Mike Vorndran, and also 

Mindy Schneeberger, Editor-in-Chief 

of the paper. 

Thank You so much Felicia, 

you were the greatest Advisor — I'm 

going to miss you! 

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Brandi, (Party 



"Now you are off 

our payroll but you 

will always be 

in our hearts!" 


Mom, Dad, 

and Brooke 

This is a message from Staley (girls hall) to Moffitt (men hall). 

Fire Causes Damage to Student's Home 

This was the home of a 
few Elon students this fall 
until fire struck one after- 
noon. Chip Lupo was one of 
the residents that had 
clothes and memorable 
things taken away by the fire. 
Firemen put the fire out 
quickly, and then sadly con- 
demned the building. Now, 
Lupo and others had to find 
a place to live. 

Closing 1 87 

On the Move 

WSOE workers get the chance to pose for the camera in between classes at College 

"how how did this happen?" 

188 Closing 

Phil Murdock cleans off his bike so he can get a "clean ride.' 

^ >l-,!tf t:t^ 9 ' f IT Tfiy 


_ . . w . ^> 

This guy is ready to spike the ball over the net 

Closing 189 

1989 in Review 

Pendulum Pulled 

This year something drastic happened to the school newspaper. The 
November 9th issue was pulled off the stands because of a disturbing 
topic — DRGGS. This supposedly occurred because of Visitation Day 
at Elon. Needless to say, many students and faculty were outraged. 
This took away our First Amendment Rights ^ "Freedom of Speech." 
The paper was distributed again the following week with the same ma- 
terial, but also included letters of concern. The impact of what hap- 
pened has faded but the memory and distress of it all still lingers on. 

East Campus Opens 

East Campus Apartments opened this fall with some major-minor 
problems. The lake had not been filled and the sidewalks were not 
completed. There were mice, insects, and dampness in many of the 
apartments. Some students felt that they were paying too much money 
for so little comfort Other students were quite pleased with their hous- 
ing arrangements. Mostly, they were just happy to get off campus, have 
their own visitation hours, and cook their own food. "East Campus has 
a lot of potential," said one resident. 




This year four students got together 
and nnade what is now known as "The 
Morning Show." The show airs every 
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 
7:00am to get the students of Elon out of 
bed, awai<e, and ready for their 8:00am 

Registration Lines 

This year was no different than any other ... as far 
as registration goes. The lines seemed longer than 
ever. New Student IDs were made and car regis- 
tration went up. 

Colonnades Literay Magazine staff is ready to 
tackle the proof-reading of submissions and the 
[XJtato chips on the table. 

Closing 191 

Elon College 

1989 Phi Psi Cli 1990