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Phi Psi CU 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Leaping With 


Vw^^»^^fe) Leaps 










student Life 





Mini Magazine 



y> INTO IT>) 

IPM IPsi €U mm 
IP(B]pmJlmU<^m 8SS11 




As students moved into 
Elon College in the fall, they 
were unsure of exactly what 
they were leaping into. Each 
came with certain expecta- 
tions in mind, yet Elon had a 
few surprises in store. 

Of course there were Elon 
traditions, such as College 
Coffee, Parents' Weekend, and 
Fall Convocation, at which Dr. 
Parker J. Palmer issued a chal- 
lenge to students: "Face into 
fear; live from the inside out." 

While students attempted 
to deal with what was going 
on "inside," they were forced 
to adjust to changes on the 
outside as well.... 

Enjoying the delicious meal at Harden 
Cafeteria, Doug Rourke, Tom Renner, 
and Bob Kircshner clean their plates. 

(• 2 •) OPENING 


Jeff Punches takes a break from his bike 
ride. Many students use bicyles to get to 
and from class, as well as for exercise. 

Student Activities Director Kathy Kern 
dresses up as a clown to wish Student 
Government President Carter Smith a 
happy birthday. 

Ben Cannon 

Felicia Ma: 

Dr. Parker J. Palmer gives an influential 
speech during Fall Convocation as he 
recites the motto of Outward Bound: "If 
you can't get out of it, get into it." 

Ben Cannon 

Watching the football game with 
concern, Trey Stewart, Art Dornik, 
and Ben Lewis hang out with some 
fraternity brothers. 

Ben Cannon 



A model of the plans for a new student 
center and athletic building are dis- 
played in the Alamance rotunda for all to 


Brooks Aholt and Ki'isty Hardy chat 
before class. The fountain is a good place 
to see friends during the day. 

Deciding where they will sit during 
Convocation, Natasha Gillis and Jill Loy 
take a minute to scan the seats. 





...Renovations were made 
in both Powell and Carlton, 
while plans were unveiled in 
early October for an enlarged 
athletic facility and a new 
student center. 

Since the last leap year in 
1988, Elon has gradually 
expanded. The Fine Arts 
Center opened that academic 
year, and construction of the 
Jimmy Powell Tennis Center 

With these changes and 
improvements, along with 
the ever-evolving student 
population, students were set 
for an excitng year of leaping 
into Elon! BILL WALKER 


Receiving her flu shot from the school 
nurse, Carey McCormick takes the pain 
in stride. 



Cam Wine, Julie Quisenberry, and Mary 
Catherine Grasty look over the new sched- 
ule for Spring Registration to discuss what 
classes to take. 

Listening attentively at Fall Convocation, 
Susan McMeans, Rachel Collins, and 
Janine Cardinale take in the words of 
encouragement from Dr. Palmer. 





Student life is a complicated 
thing. Involvement bounds 
from academics to athletics, 
organizations to socialization. 
With so many concerns, stu- 
dents just want- 
ed to leap into 

But as proven 
by the micro- 
waved Eversoft, 
the concept of fun 
varied among students. Dur- 
ing the first three weeks of 
school, incidents involving 
radical uses for microwaves 
invoked the removal of all of 
these appliances from the dorm 
lounges until later in the fall 

However, other less harmful 
events were also enjoyable. 
Club-sponsored activities 
ranged from dances to stand- 
up comedians to hilarious 

games. Exploring 
Burlington some- 
times proved to 
be both amusing 
and entertain- 

Events such as 
Homecoming, Parents' Week- 
end, and even breaks were ex- 
citing parts of campus life. 

All things considered, stu- 
dent life, though sometimes 
rambunctious, provided a 
lighter side to academia. 

Ben Cannon 







College Coffee 8 

Parents' Weekend 10 

Campus Activities 12 

Homecoming 14 

A Break 

It has been scientifically 
proven that the human brain 
needs time away from the vigors 
of homework and studying, time 
to rejuvenate itself and prepare 
to face more of what college life 
has to dish out. This important 
activity is commonly referred to 
as "kicking back," relaxing, or 
just hanging out. The place 
where most students choose to 
do this is at the fountain. The 
fountain has become synony- 
mous with a good time and "the 
place to be." Freshman Melanie 
Beitman said, "There are always 
people there no matter what time 
of the day." 

The fountain is not only used 
as a hangout, it is also the sight 
of Thursday mornings College 
Coffee: a time for students, fac- 
ulty, and administrators to get 
together and discuss anything 
from class assignments and be- 

Students and faculty gather around the 
fountain for Thursday morning College- 

~ "^ ■*■ ■ti ^ . 

David Caton reviews notes with Tara 
Mori before class. Some students choose 
to cram for tests while sitting at the 

Ben Cannon 

Yoram Lubling discusses the study 
abroad table with Victoria Fischer dur- 
ing College Coffee. The fountain is not 
only a place to socialize. 




Do you live on 
or ojf campus? 



on off 

campus campus 

Bill Walker takes a break from all the 
activity to get a drink. Refreshments 
are an added attraction to College Cof- 

Angela Durham and Melissa Roberts 
discuss their plans for the weekend be- 
fore heading off to their next classes. 

Ben Cannon 



Parents Get a 
Taste of Elon 

One weekend was set aside 
for some very special people. 
That weekend is Parents' Week- 
end. Just when some students 
are feeling homesick, parents 
are invited to join in Elon fun. 

During the weekend parents 
are welcomed to attend many 
events. The Student Union 
Board presented Chicago City 
Limits, a comedy and improv 
group. Early Saturday morn- 
ing, seminars were opened for 
students and parents to learn 
more about what Elon has to 
offer. A time was set aside for 
parents to meet their child's pro- 
fessors. In the afternoon, par- 
ents and students were found 
under the oaks enjoying the 

Fall Feast. Then it was off to 
cheer on our Fighting Christians 
at the football game. 

Other events, such as the 
Lacrosse game, a parent/child 
golf tournament, and a special 
banquet dinner offered parents 

This special weekend gave 
parents an opportunity to get a 
feel for their child's new "home 
away from home.'DANI 

Students and parents cheer on the Fight- 
ing Christians at theannual Parents Week- 
end football game. 

Suzie Blanchfield 


Do you get an allowance? 






Stephen Byrum and Mr. Howell watch 
the Lacrosse Club try to upset its oppo- 
nents. The game provided entertain- 
ment for visiting parents. 

Elon's cheerleaders 'welcome' all of the 
parents by holding up a spirit banner 
that the players break through before 
the football game begins. 


SUBmerge in 
Campus Activities 

Elon has a variety of campus 
acti\ities to offer students such 
as the Wellness Center, the Fine 
Arts productions, and organiza- 
tions. However, the Student 
Union Board is the main source 
of these acti\ities. The activi- 
ties make the students on cam- 
pus feel like there's nothing they 
can't do. This is SUB's goal: to 
bring students the activities they 

To ring in the fall semester, a 
"New Student " mixer was held. 
HBO comedian A.J. Jamal came 
on campus to humor students. 

Blizzard of Bucks, a traveling 
game show offered students a 
chance to win some cash. 

A Las Vegas Night, where 
comedian-ventriloquist Jim 
Barber & Seville performed, let 
students gamble for prizes. 

Every week SUB shows top- 
rated movies in Whitley such as 
"Dances with Wolves" and 
"Jungle Fever." 

The activities on campus give 
students something to do, but 
more importantly, they are in- 
viting and enjoyable. NICOLE 

Shondra McMullen gets a chance to win 
big bucks while participating in SUB's 
Bhzzard of Bucks game show. 

Andre Francis jams the night away at 
the SUB Club dance. Andre won first 
place in the .-^mgles competition and re- 
ceived $50. 


Many organizations helped out at the 
Burhngton Carousel Festival. Mary 
Catharine Grasty and Lisa Sowards help 
sell T-shirts. 

Carousel 6m>l{c»ir«r» .^S' 6 



What are your 
hobbies ? 

Most students said: 










water sports 











spending $ 





Ben Cannon 

When offered a free haircut, Patricia Musician Rick Kelley gets members of Exercising in the Wellness Center, Cat 
Cooney jumped at the chance to sharpen SUB involved as he entertains students Lemer rides on the stationary bike, 
her appearance. at the Back Door. 


Mardi Gras... 

The excitement of Mardi Gras 
hit Elon as 25 campus organiza- 
tions participated in celebrat- 
ing Homecoming. 

The week began with the 
judging ofthe banners that each 
organization created. The col- 
orful designs included such 
things as masks, costumes, and 

Spirited students attended 
and participated in the skits held 
in Whitley Auditorium. Loud 
cheers were heard from across 
campus as the skits were per- 

As Homecoming day drew 
near, students voted for queen 

and put money in the candidates' 
decorated jars. The organiza- 
tions were continuously work- 
ing on their floats as well. Fi- 
nally, the big day arrived. 

The day began with a colorful 
parade. The creative floats 
circled the campus. Mardi Gras 
bead necklaces and candy were 
thrown fr(jm the floats to the 
enthusiastic viewers. 

Many Elon fans raced to see 
the Fightin' Christians play. 
Spirit soared, fans cheered as... 
(See Mardi Gras page 17) 

Sigma Pi's Brian Joyce and Scott 
McElroy do their impression of Satur- 
day Night Lives Wayne's World. 



Mike Mooney, Laurie Sumner, and Amy 
Anderson sell Homecoming sqeeze 
bottles as a fund raiser for the United 

Preparing to participate in the skit 
competition.C hristine Albertazzi flaunts 
her pigtails. 



Amy Cumming 

Amy Cumming 

After ending their skit, Sigma Phi Epsi- 
lon prepares to bow to the crowd. 

Steed Griffin cringes as the pie just 
misses his face. Steed participated in 
RHA's pie throwing contest at the carni- 

Ben Camion 

Waiting in anticipation to fall into the water, 
William Walker sits in SUB's dunking cage at the 

Ben Cannon 

HOMECOMING (• 15 •) 


...Comes To Elon 

(Continued from page 14) 
...curiosity filled them of the de- 
tails, which were to be an- 
nounced at halftime. 

When the time came, each 
candidate for queen walked 
upon the field with her escort. 
Before the queen was an- 
nounced, the results of the indi- 
vidual events of the week were 
given. The winners were: Ban- 
ner, Alpha Sigma Alpha; Skits, 
Zeta Tau Alpha; Carnival, Al- 
pha Omicron Pi; Voting, (tie) 
Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha 
Omicron Pi; Penny Drive, Al- 
pha Omicron Pi; and Float, 

Pi Kappa Phis stood on top of their 'River 
King' as they drove through the parade. 

Student Union Board. 

Finally, the anticipated mo- 
ment came, and the queen was 
announced. Hope and curiosity 
overwhelmed the crowd. The re- 
sults informed all that Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, represented by 
Cathy Miller, received the crown. 

After halftime, the game con- 
tinued. Due to the hard work of 
the players, the score was tied 
and the game went into overtime. 
The game remained close, which 
kept Elon spirits high. However, 
it ended in our loss, 13-10. 

After the game, each organiza- 
tion celebrated in its own way. 

S^*r ^n^^ 

\ iiA 

The Sigma Pi's dressed up a van with A Sigma Phi Epsilon alumnus brother 
colorful foil and masks as they got into chose an unusual way to propose to his 
the Mardi gras spirit. girlfriend during the game. 

lecoming Queen Cathy iVIiller and 
escort Pat Dillon show their excite- 
it after Tri-Sigma won Homecom- 



■t: .f/i*- .;\a.>-?^ -! yvii ••■ 


Bevin McManus, Mike Melamed, Ryan 
Lantz, and Justin Wolfe have a good time 
hanging out and cheering at the Homecom- 
ing football game. 

Relaxing at the fountain, Jason Beck and 
John Kreusch talk between classes. 


(£^£5) PEOPLE 

To leap with class is to be an to express their aspirations 

original, and Elon's student and were encouraged to think 

body reflects this diversity, critically and positively. 

Despite a smaller enrollment In groups and as individu- 

than in 1988, people came from als, students created and be- 

across the United 
States and for- 
eign countries in- 
cluding England, 
Japan, and the 
European com- 
This diversity made 

Lt?Uf^M ly will I 


gan to fulfill 
dreams, provid- 
ed service, 
gained knowl- 
edge, and 
shared their 
lives with each 
Through their mutual re- 

for a 
unique Elon experience. Stu- 
dents and professors alike spect and concern, the various 
shared their own personal and members of the "Elon family" 
cultural experiences. formed a unique bond, one that 
Because of the relationships fostered growth in both educa- 
between faculty and the stu- tional and personal atmo- 
dent body, students were able spheres. 

PEOPLE C* 19 • 




Leaping With 








Administration/Staff 69 
Maintenance 74 

Shelley Abigail 
Kelly Adkins 
Steven Aiello 
Jay Albright 

Melissa Allen 
Kim Anderson 

Blake Andrew 
Brian Andrews 

Charity Apple 

John Archer 

Jennifer Atkins 

J. P. Ayers 

Cynthia Bailey 

Marcy Bailey 

John Barnhill 

Deborah Baskin 

Kevin Baughn 

Kelli Ann Bayerle 

Gina Beacham 

Kimberly Beane 

Bret Becker 

Darren Benfer 

Mary Hope Best 

Emily Blalock 

Lori Blanchard 

Jennifer Boice 

Cindy Booth 

Stacy Boswell 

9 2Qi) PEOPLE 

(^iiulm C[l(Qi^§ @M©(^if^ 

Beth Loweiy 
Vice President Becky Greeves, President Ben Lewis, not pictured Secretary/Treasurer Katie 

Brian Boxell 
Sherry Bradshaw 
Craig Brawley 
Elizabeth Breeden 
Russell Britt 
John Brophy 

Alexis Brown 
Cynthia Brown 
Hulen Brown 
Wilmer Brown 
Michael Bullard 
Susan Bunnell 

Jay Burke 
Stacy Burns 
Taylor Butler 
Chris Byrd 
Jennifer Byron 
Stephen Byrum 

SENIORS «^21 •, 

Annette Cain 

John Callicutt 

KathrjTi Campbell 

Benjamin Cannon 

Lance Cardelino 

Kathleen Chambers 

Amy Cheek 

Dorian Clark 

Janie Clark 

Kirsten Clark 

Tim Clougherty 

Deborah Coleman 

Jennifer Cowman 

Michelle Cox 

Leigh Curtis 

Susan Dahrauge 

Dawn Darnall 

Steven Daub 

Shari Davis 

Steven Davis 

Jordan Dawes 

Rebecca Dayne 

Scott Dekker 

Marc De Marco 

Heidi De Preiter 

Leslie Devaney 

Britt Deviney 

Beth De Vries 

Daniel Dolan 

Janet Dolan 

Andrew Domino 

Alex Donaldson 

Darcie Donkerbrook 

Arthur Dornik 

Matt Douglas 

Shannon Dowdey 

Michael Duggins 

Mimi Duncan 

Lee Dupree 

Angela Durham 

Leslie Eanes 

Beth Echols 

^2 •> PEOPLE 

re@ lF(^wmlii(^^ 






Dances with Wolves 

1. Beverly Hills 90210 

1. REM 

2. Pretty Woman 

2. Cheers 

2. Grateful Dead 


Silence of the Lambs 

3. Murphy Brown 

3. Jimmy Buffett 


Gone with the Wind 

4. In Living Color 

4. Alabama 


Dead Poets Society 

5. Simpsons 

5. Garth Brooks 

6. Robin Hood 

6. Coach 

6. The Doors 

7. Ghost 

7. Andy Griffith Show 

7. Eagles 

8. Big Chill 

8. Northern Exposure 

8. Rush 


It's a Wonderful Life 

9. Homefront 

9. Billy Joel 

10. Caddy Shack 

10. Dinosaurs 

10. Phil Collins 

Heather Ellis 
Sarah Emerson 
Robyn Evers 
Wendy Ezzell 
Stephen Felt 
Michael Ferris 

Kimberly Fields 
Christin Fitzsimmons 
Melissa Fore 
William Fornoff 
Joseph Francis 
Amber Fritz 

Jane Frye 
Dennis Gaskins 
Jenny Gerami 
Libby Gilliam 
Jennie Girardet 
Stephanie Glass 

SENIORS <5l23 J> 

David Glasscock 
Mvirray Glenn 

Christy Goodson 

Suzanne Grady 

Mark Gravelin 

Nettie Green 

Karla Greeson 

Brant Griffin 

Steven Grubb 

Elizabeth Grubbs 

Julie Gum 

Anne Haberly 

Jennifer Halanych 

Brendon Hamlin 

William Hanckel 

Julie Handy 

JefT Harlow 

Ann Hawkins 

John Henwood 

Todd Hershey 

Trade Hickman 

Vanessa Hightower 

Lora Hildreth 

John Hill 

Mark Hill 

Todd Hilliard 

Anthony Holland 

Brett Holland 

Julie Holleman 

Robert Holsten 

Sallie Hutton 

Jennifer Hyatt 

Elizabeth Janes 

Chad Jenkins 

Jennifer Jennings 

Erica Jernigan 

Stacey Jernigan 

Heather Johnson 

Michael Johnson 

Rebecca Johnson 

Sandy Jones 

Bill Kapela 

(S; 24 3 PEOPLE 

Jaii^i} Hm Q(o)mmmi}(^if^ 

There are lounges in Long Student Cen- 
ter for those students who commute to 
campus. Between classes, commuters 
can be found watching the televison or 
catching up on some homework. 

Recently commuter mailboxes were 
installed so that every student has ac- 
cess to an on-campus mailbox. 

Even if you don't live on campus there 
is a place for you. BETH LOWERY 

Joyce Payne watches TV as she enjoys her lunch. 

Andre Moore and David Stephens relax in the 
Commuter Lounge. 

Dan Dill 

Felicia Massey 

William Keene 
Kayleen Keneally 
Pat Keneally 
Samyria King 
Laura Kinney 
Heather Kline 

Desmond Knowles 
Michele LaFrance 
Mark Lambeth 
Isa Lamerton 
Lori Le Blanc 
Jennifer Lee 

Kristin Leith 
Jess Lembach 
Lindee Lenoir 
Nathan Lewis 
Jerry Little, Jr. 
Karalee Little 


Connie Long 

Karin Lowe 

Beth Lowery 

Keith Mabe 

Susan Martin 

Tina Mashburn 

Shelly Mason 

Chris Massaglia 

Michelle May 

Christi McAdams 

Kelli McBride 

Lee Ann McDaniel 

Libby McGuirt 

Susan McMeans 

Shondra McMullen 

Eddie Meadows 

Amy Melander 

Siobhan Mellett 

Jeffrey Merrifield 

David Melius 

Eric Minehart 

David Mondeau 

Tara Mori 

Lisa Munson 

Emily Murray 

Nancy Nelson 

Jeremy Newcomb 

Thomas Newman 

Kathleen Nicol 

Tom Nielsen 

Kelly O'Dare 

Lisa O'Neill 

Lauren Ounjian 

David Owen 

Brenda Owens 

Tara Pagano 

Keith Parsons 

Jennifer Person 

Mike Pinckney 

Cyndi Pinelli 

David Power 

Emilie Puckett 


iim(^(^iri^ l^Mif QmM(^ 

row: Trey Stewart, Jack Fordi, Doug Finberg; Back row: Sallie Hutton, Dan Barton, Mimi Duncan, Calvin Smith, Robyn Evers. 

Jeffrey Queen 
Becky Reimer 
Madge Revell 
Max Ribeiro 
Tricia Ricco 
Mark Richardson 


Alan Rigsbee 

Stacey Riley 

Melissa Roberts 

Carolyn Romspert 

Steven Ross 

Hilary Rowe 

Doug Ruark 

Christopher Ruck 

Christine Rudiger 

Mike Russell 

Daron Rutledge 

Tom Sather 

Angelia Scearce 

Lisa Scherer 

Jim Schlossnagle 

Carol Scott 

Michael Scott 

Rebecca Senf 

Elvin Shelton 

Qing Shi 

Mimawar Siddioi 

Jane Siler 

Karla Simmons 

Tina Simmons 

Todd Skillman gr 

Bryan Slagle ^i^^ 

Jon Slaunwhite f_ _ J 

Wendi Sloan 
Terence Small 
Ashley Smith 

Carter Smith 

Dia-Dianne Smith 

Joy Smith 

Matthew Smith 

Valerie Smith 

Frederick Snowden 

Kimberly Soter 

Janice Spangler 

Michael Sterling 

Sonja Stevens 

Penny Stevenson 

Trey Stewart 



Saying farewell is not easy, but graduating 
from college can sure be a relief. It is a time 
of anxiety and uncertainty. What will I do? 
Where will I go? Will I find a job? are the 
many questions that run through a senior's 

To ease the '91 graduates, Furman Mosely, 
the Commencement speaker, offered words of 
encouragement and motivation. He addressed 
the students' anxiety and relayed his own 
success story. He even offered each student a 
seedling from a redwood tree as a symbol of 

Although graduation day was scorchingly 
hot and humid, spirits were high as each 
graduate took the first steps toward his/her 
future. BETH LOWERY 

Commencement speaker Furman Mosely addresses the 
1991 gi'aduating class. 

Amanda Tugman patiently waits to walk out of Whitley 
and proceed in the graduation ceremony. 

Photos Courtesy of Hvmt Ward 

"^ Donald Stillwell 
Jennifer Stine 
Nancy Stockdell 
Kevin Stone 
Jason Strassner 
■^ Leesa Sutton 

SENIORS C 29 3> 

Jennifer Sykes 

Tricia Talbert 

Michael Taylor 

Keri-Ann Thomas 

Robert Tigani 

Lynn Tomlinson 

Edwin Toone 

Stefan Topalovich 

Tammy Torain 

Todd Townsend 

Barkue Tubman 

Donna Tucker 

Bethany Turman 

Kameron Turner 

Kristin Twilley 

Lori Tyler 

Resa Valentine 

Olivier Velten 

Carla Vick 

Dan Walters 

Dean Washburn 

Heather Waters 

Jodi Weiss 

Julia Ann Wemtz 

April West 

Gray West 

Shawn West 

Pam Whelan 

Jody White 

Michael Whitehead 

Robert Whiteside 

Diane Wiesler 

Jason Wilder 

Kimberly Willard 

Kevin Williams 

Michael Williams 

Heather Williamson 

Steve Winston 

Laura Wisman 

Russell Witcher 

Maria Wolf 

Laurie Wommack 

(i 30 J) PEOPLE 

l(o>T^ $lp)Mif fe @5t) ^^© Ikl 

The spirit ofElon is rising. Stu- 
dents can be found cheering for the 
Fightin' Christians at football, bas- 
ketball, and many other games. 
Showing their support and enthu- 
siasm has become a favored past 

Even the Student Government 
is trying to make Elon's spirit shine. 
Since basketball games have al- 
ways been very popular, the SGA 
has organized events, prizes, gift 
certificates and awarded money to 
show appreciation for all the stu- 
dent support. 

Before the start of the games, 
names were drawn and prizes given 
out during halftime. All this just 
for attending an Elon game. 

With this incentive, school spirit 
is bound to rise. TRACY 

Showing their Elon spirit, a group of stu- 
dents support the football team in hopes of 
a victory. 

Karen Wright 
Susan Wright 
Mark Wynns 
Beth Yearby 

Eve Yedziniak 
Heather Yeiser 
Mark Zolkowski 

SENIORS «1 31 3> 

Christine Albertazzi 

Shannon Albertson 

Ruth Alderink 

Alison ArakeUan 

Elhott Armstrong 

Tamara Avola 

Erin Barkley 

Kim Barkman 

Kevin Beale 

Michael Beale 

Jason Beck 

Michael Beck 

Mindy Bedsaul 

Eric Belton 

Stephanie Biesecher 

Richard Bishop 

James Blake 

Suzanne Blanchfield 

Kristin Blass 

Matthew Bollinger 

William Booker 

Mike Borota 

Liese Bouknight 

Daniel Bowers 

Charmin Britt 

Carol Brittle 

Katie Brock 

Beth Brown 

Tim Brown 

Robin Bryan 

Amy Buck 

Chris Bunch 

Loren Burlando 

Valerie Burrows 

Christine Byers 

Dee Dee Carowan 

Elizabeth Can- 
Kelly Carrigan 
William Carter 
David Caton 
Kimberly Cinelli 
William Clark 



1(1 i 

/,.lli Lm; 7/ 

^ -^2 O PEOPLE 

jJmmlm ©te©^ @m©m'^ 

President Ashley Pippin, Secretary/Treasurer Kristin Pasquinelli, not pictured Vice Presi- 
dent Dan Bowers. 

Napoleon Cloud 
Samantha Colbert 
Todd Coleman 
Rachel Collins 
David Conrad 
Patricia Cooney 

JUNIORS <g] 33 f) 

Nicholas Cooper 

April Craft 

Jennifer Crutchfield 

Gregg Cuesta 

Herb Culpepper 

Keith Dalke 

Kevin Daugherty 

Joseph Davis 

Stuart Davis 

Tanya Davis 

Wendy Day 

Denise De Guehery 

John Denning 

Eddie Dixon 

Linda-Jean Dixon 

Michael Dixon 

Debra Donovan 

Laura Dunham 

Cara Durr 

Toby Drysdale 

Lori Eason 

Amy Edwards 

Ken-y Ehlers 

Beth Elias 

Nancy Ellington 

Janice Enders 

Pete Erdner 

Rachel Esposito 

Brian Firman 

Todd Fisher 

Kelly Foster 

Laura Foster 

Cheryl Fowler 

Megan Fravel 

Jodi Friedland 

Mark Garland 

Melvin Garner 

Leigh Gavin 

Guy Gemmill 

Marc Gentile 

Thomas Gillman 

Deborah Grant 

34 ^ PEOPLE 

T^(§> IF(^'^@M(^ 


1. Silence of the Lambs 
2. Star Wars 

3. Fletch 

4. Ghost 
5. Top Gun 

6. Dead Poets Society 

7. Caddy Shack 

8. Terminator 2 
9. Steel Magnolias 

10. Dances with Wolves 


1. Cheers 

2. Beverly Hills 90210 

3. Murphy Brown 

4. Coach 

5. Simpsons 

6. A Different World 

7. In Living Color 

8. Married with Children 

9. Northern Exposure 

10. LA Law 


1. Van Halen 

2. Guns -n- Roses 

3. REM 

4. AC/DC 

5. Fleetwood Mac 

6. Eagles 

7. Amy Grant 

8. Public Enemy 

9. Grateful Dead 
10. Pink Floyd 

Stefany Graves 
Peter Green 
Edward Grey 
Robin Grimm 
Leslie Groves 
Mary Jane Gupton 

JUNIORS (j" 35 ^ 

Graham Hall 

Andrew Halsey 

Rogers Harrison 

Brooke Harter 

William Hassell 

Nikki Hayes 

Frederick Heineman 

Lisa Helms 

Tracey Helton 

Mandy Hemphill 

Donald Henry 

David Hepner 

mma Hickingbotham 

Jon Hodges 

James Holcombe 

Michelle Holdsworth 

Jason Hornick 

Dan Howard 

Kerri Hudzinski 

Kelly Hughes 

Christopher Hulton 

Donna Isley 

Syed Jafri 

Kathy Jennings 

John Jester 

Julie Johnson 

Robert Johnson 

Steven Johnson 

Deborah Jones 

Natalie Kaczanowski 

Brian Karfonta 

Kenneth Karpowicz 

Lisa Keating 

Blake Kennedy 

Paul Kerr 

Ashlee Kirby 

Stephanie Kish 
Susan Kline 

Jason Koch 
Jon Kreusch 

Libby Lang 
Allen Layne 

E^i 4iiii^ I A 

<5 36^ PEOPLE 

WmkM' dm m(^ m^m^w f 

It makes the world go round. Some 
may say it is the root of all evil. It is that 
necessary driving force in any young 
person's life. When asked why they had 
these on-campus jobs, most of the stu- 
dents answered with the one word that 
summed it all up — "money." Other 
students attempted to hide their mad 
pursuit of economic Utopia with thinly 
disguised excuses such as, "I like work- 
ing with people," or "I'm doing it for the 
experience. " 

Just as Hercules endured the seven 
labors in exchange for his ultimate sal- 
vation, students survived the torture of 
their jobs for the exhilaration of holding 
in their little fingers that magical piece 
of paper — the paycheck. 

Despite the anguish, the noble pur- 
suit of money continues. The surprise is 
that often jobs did not have to be all bad. 
Students remarked that they like their 
jobs because it makes them feel like they 
are doing something beneficial. Fresh- 
man Bridget Dougherty, who works with 
Professor Gates, summed it up by saying 
the experience has helped her become 
familiar with the computer. SUSAN 

Marti Blythe, a student worker for the Office of 
Residence Life and Housing, gets job experience 
and an education at the same time. 

Neil Lindley fixes the "specials" sign in the Varsity 

Felicia Massey 

Donna Leigh 
Valerie Leininger 
Angel Lewis 
Paula Livingston 
Paul Longworth 
Jennifer Lowery 

JUNIORS <5l373) 

Stephen Loy 

Deena Mann 

Cornelius Mays 

Henry Mazzeo 

Kristen McClure 

Christine McDonald 

Sandra McKenna 

Shannon McManus 

H.I.B. McNeilly 

Michelle Meegan 

Ki'istin Meeker 

Michelle Mich 

Allison Miller 

Christina Mistishen 

Quentin Mitchell 

Sarah Mitchell 

Mike Mooney 

Amy Morris 

Susan Morris 

Lisa Naatjes 

Pamela Nichols 

Helen ODea 

Aileen O'Leary 

MeUssa Owens 

Evan Oxley 

Eric Palmer 

David Paxton 

Scarlet Peachey 

Chris Peden 

Jennifer Peer 

Thomas Phelps 

Tracy Pile 

Susan Pollock 

Phil Powell 

Leigh Anne Pratt 

Mark Prescott 

Stephanie Ramsey 

Michelle Randall 

Varun Rao 

Wesley Ray 

Daniel Ridley 

Jennifer Riley 

(5^38 O PEOPLE 

©(§?OT(ii @i? m(^ 

The Student Union Board sponsored 
the Battle of the Bands for those tal- 
ented students who get together and 
form a band. 

Seven bands were given the opportu- 
nity to perform for the school and show 
off their musical talent. The panel of 
judges watched each band perform and 
then tallied up their scores. 

Band members held their breath as 
the winner was announced. The audi- 
ence cheered on The Brothers In Funk 
as its members were given first place. 

Battle of the Bands is a great time for 
students to show off their musical capa- 
bilities as well as just have a good time. 

Brad Phillips, Kevin Gribbon, Richard Bishop, 
and Rob Hay, the members of first place winner 
The Brothers In Funk, perform for the crowd. 

Courtesy of SUB 

Shannon Riley 
Robin Rohn 
Andrea Ross 
Stan Rowe 
Shannon Rush 
Chris Russell 

JUNIORS ^39 •) 

Tim Sadler 

Lawrence Sarmiere 

Alex Schneebacher 

Christopher Shomo 

Tracy Shuford 

Shanon Sizemore 

Mary Slaughter 

Melissa Smee 

Angle Spence 

Heather Smith 

William Smith 

Cheryl Snowden 

Holly Soderquist 

Elizabeth Sparling 

Bill Spitz 

rimothy Stephenson 

Amy Stinson 

Jennifer Stone 

Darron Stover 

Erik Stromberg 

J.J. Stubblefield 

Andrea Suber 

Debbie Tait 

Satoko Takeda 

Jordana Tansey 

Mary Ellen Thomas 

Meg Thomas 

Richard Thomas 

Nicole Toore 

Kevin Townsend 

Melanie Urban 

Jennifer Vann 

Rocco Wadsworth 

Robin Wagner 

Steve Walker 

William Walker 

Lee Walser 

Jeni Walter 

Janice Ward 

Mark Wheeler 

Aprile White 

Anthony Young 


^ lPm^©m(Qill 7(§)(ill(§Ih 


All around the campus parking lots, 
personalized license plates can be found. 
Many students choose to incorporate 
Elon into their plates. 

This serves as a great recruiting tool 
for Elon College because it shows that 
students are proud of the college they 

These plates also give student cars a 
recognizable identity. BETHLOWERY 

Mark Zombra 

»» s. 


JUNIORS <L 41 ^ 

r ^ 

Joseph Abate 

Jason Abbot 

Chip Adcock 

Juhe Alien 

Amy Anderson 

Aaron Ayscue 

Dawn Baker 

Gray Baker 

Mark Baker 

Travis Baker 

Amie Baldwin 

Brian Balogh 

Cori Bangley 

Jennifer Banks 

Tracy-Lynn Barr 

Jeanne Barton 

Todd Bechtold 

Bilijack Bell 

Munroe Best 

Sohaib Bhatti 

Ki'istin Biddle 

Keri Bohince 

Gregg Boyle 

David Bradham 

Mark Brandon 

Tim Brandt 

Fleming Brewer 

Lindsey Brown 

Sherri Brown 

Eddie Burleson 

Cheryl Burow 

Misty Busick 

Christy Butler 

Jeanine Cardinale 

Sandi Carpenter 

Bryan Carter 

Megan Cassidy 

Michael Cecere 

Yee-Man Chan 

Emily Chandler 

Courtnay China 

Katharine Chipman 

<r423> PEOPLE 

^@ip)lh^mm(^ Q[l(§]§§ @M(^(^if 

Beth Lowery 

President Shelly Howard, Secretary/Treasurer Ellen Slavonia, not pictured Vice President 
Claudia Williams. 

Christy Chuppell 
Dana Ciccone 
Tony Ciacco 
Jason Clark 
William Clark 
Craig Cohen 

Amanda Collins 
Ki'istie Collins 
Tom Collins 
Mehgan Connolly 
Amy Connors 
Lorraine Cooke 


Terri Cooley 

Lori Cooper 

Bernard Coulter 

Brian Courneen 

Terrance Covington 

Chris Cromwell 

Alicia Crotts 

Rebecca Culler 

Tim Cullinane 

Amy Gumming 

Gemma Cuomo 

Jill Damron 

Melissa Dan- 
Meghan Davis 
Katie Dean 
Dani De Veau 
Erin Donnelly 
Jennifer Dorsey 

)hristina Dougherty 

Missy Dyer 


Yolanda Enoch 

Tom Ezell 

Douglas Finberg 

Stephanie Fowler 

Tom Freeman 

Lance Frith 

Ron Galloway 

Jacquelyn Gardner 

Andrea Getty 

Stephen Good 

ry Katharine Grasty 

Kevin Gribbon 

Jeana Grisdale 

Lori Haley 

Gina Hampshire 

Marina Hanbury 

Cricket Harned 

Kimberly Harvey 

Catherine Harwood 

Kristin Hendrickson 

David Hendrixson 

<i 44 «) PEOPLE 


lFlfD(^ [F(Qi^(o>M(B 




1. Dances with Wolves 

1. Beverly Hills 90210 

1. Grateful Dead 

2. Terminator 2 

2. Cheers 

2. REM 

3. New Jack City 

3. Married With Children 

3. Led Zepplin 

4. Boyz in the Hood 

4. A Different World 

4. Drivin -n- Cryin 

5. Pretty Woman 

5. Simpsons 

5. The Doors 

6. Beaches 

6. In Living Color 

6. Metallica 

7. Big Chill 

7. Another World 

7. James Taylor 

8. The Fisher King 

8. Northern Exposure 

8. Eagles 

9. Ghost 

9. Murphy Brown 

9. Pink Floyd 

10. Robin Hood 

10. Jeopardy 

10. U2 

Kristin Hill 
Brian Hollamon 
Leslie Holmes 
Alicia Holtzaptel 
Lindsey Hood 
Jenny Horner 


Shannon Howell 

Alice Hubbard 

Jennifer Hudson 

Brian Hunt 

Gloria Ingle 

Regina Isenhour 

Miguel Johnston 

Susan Johnston 

Andrew Kasab 

Kevin Kelter 

Jon Kimball 

Stacy Kimball 

Robert King 

Grier Kirkpatrick 

Molly Komanet 

Alicia Kuhlman 

Daniel Kuhn 

Mark Lacey 

Tina Lancon 

Kevin Latchford 

Robert Lechner 

Stephanie Lee 

Jennifer Lefand 

Diana Licitra 

Lara Lofton 

Matt Long 

Tara MacDonald 

John Markham 

Beaumont Martin 

Todd Martineau 

Stephanie Mason 

Tra\is Matthews 

Todd May 

Michael McCarthy 

Dennis McGuire 

Krista McKinney 

Kristen McNamee 

Laurie Meeks 

Heather Miller 

Ellen Minter 

Shannon Moody 

Anthony Moran 

46 *> PEOPLE 

(^(^(q] (§? ^M(S*f 

Are you looking for someone to 
take you home for a break? Or 
maybe someone to ride along with 
you and share the gas expense? 
The best place to find such a person 
is the Ride Board that is located on 
the second floor of the Long Stu- 
dent Center. 

This service is provided to stu- 
dents by the Office of Campus Ac- 

It is a great help to many 
stranded students and lonely driv- 

Denise Cipriano and November Salter along 
with other students, gather at the Ride 
Board to find rides home for Fall Break. 

Stephanie Morecock 
Stacy Nicolettos 
Amy Nofsinger 
Sarah Nossaman 
Anita Oakley 
Ghana Oakley 

t i AS 


John O'Neil III 

Robert Orleman 

Chad Orsatti 

Danielle Papa 

Rodney Parker 

Brian Parnell 

Dana Passwaters 

Bellamy Patrick 

Jason Pearce 

Monica Pearce 

Crystal Pegram 

Sam Pelton 

Brian Peple 

Wendy Perkins 

Khoi Phan 

Kimberly Pierson 

Elizabeth Piner 

Darby Pollock 

Jonathon Powell 

Stan Powell 

Alice Pulley 

Daniel Quarrick 

Ingi'id Quinn 

Lee Rajczewski 

Beth Ramsay 

Kendal Rasnake 

Rebecca Raum 

Walter Ray 

Caron Register 

Kristin Reynolds 

Christiel Rhem 
Laura Riedell 

Bryan Robeson 

Kristen Roser 

Kimi Rothe-Broyhill 

Tracey Rowell 

Jennifer Rudd 

Deric Rutledge 

Allison Ryan 

Scott Ryan 

Tom Sarsfield 

Jason Sauereisen 

(5^48 S> PEOPLE 

/r?@\W (8)M ( 8?/^(g> ^(g)(^f 

Your birthday only comes once a 
year. Imagine if it only came once every 
four years. For one Elon student this is 
a reality. Sophomore Kim Cooper was 
born on February 29. That's right, the 
day that only happens every four years. 

Even though Kim's birthday is not an 
annual event, she does celebrate every 
year. Kim celebrates on the 28th of 
February and/or March 1st or "as long as 
I can get away with it," Kim added. 

When it comes down to it, Kim de- 
scribes her unusual birthday as "nor- 
mal" and "not that exciting." DANI DE 

Beth Lowery 

Roberta Schwarze 
Deirdre Settles 
Katherine Seymour 
Amir Sharifi-Mehr 
Kristen Shearer 
Tamara Sherman 


Christine Shertzer 

Kristy Short 

Ronald ShovUn 

Kevin Sigman 

Tracy Sines 

Cortney Sirianni 

Susan Sizemore 

John Soderberg 

Lisa Sowards 

Chris Stamps 

Monica Stanhope 

Joseph Stanko 

JacqueHne Stanley 

Amy Staubs 

Jake Steams 

Lisa Stephens 

Karl Stewart 

Steve Stewart 

Susan Stogsdill 

Ashley Stone 

Jeanine Stout 

Ruth Stovall 

Stephanie Sullivan 

Laurie Sumner 

Kristen Surace 

Tracey Tavolacci 

Beth Taylor 

David Taylor 

Johnson Taylor 

Andrew Timmons 

Matt Torrens 
Charles Touron 

David Trippi 

Luis Velez 

Patrick Vernon 

Emily Viverette 

David Walker 

Kerry Walsh 

Leslie Walsh 

Jefferey Walters 

Christopher Waters 

Sheila Watkins 

^ '->0 •) PEOPLE 


In a random survey, students were asked if they had any collec- 
tions. Here are the results of the most popular collectibles ofElon 



Foreign Currency 

Baseball Cards 




Bottle caps 

Teddy Bears 


Nascar cars & cards 


Key chains 

Model cars/airplanes 

Match boxes 



Empty skoal cans 

Seth Waugaman 
Heather Wessel 
Julie Whitestone 
Jennifer Whitney 

La Toya Whitt 
Chris WilUams 
Anne Wilhamson 
Andrea Wilson 



Rebecca Abbott 

Lauri Abrams 

Ashley Adams 

Cecelia Adkins 

Tammie Ahrens 

Joe Akers 

Macon Albertson 

Dana Albright 

Christine Allen 

Margaret Anderson 

Matt Anderson 

Sara Anderson 

Tracy Anderson 

Joshua Atwater 

Karen Ayers 

Shalynn Bain 

Jennifer Baiad 

Heather Baird 

Kim Ball 

Tiffany Ballard 

Elizabeth Balsley 

Karie Barnes 

Chris Barnhart 

Jennifer Barrett 

Wade Barrett 

Gretchen Barry 

Colleen Batt 

John Battaglia 

Brenna Beard 
Brenna Bendell 

Karin Bengston 
Heather Berkle 
Heather Berube 
Mimi Biro 
Tonya Blanchard 
Joanna Blewett > 

Edward Blount 

Jeff Boehning 

Amanda Bonner 

Aaron Borst 

Scott Bourne 

Susan Boyce 

<5 52 J> PEOPLE 

lFif(^^lhm(^ifii (S0(3]§§ @m©m^ 


-{' Front row: Tracy Anderson, Heather Berkle, Amy Maxwell; Back row: Jim Moss, Jason 
, ii Hillman, Matt McCue. 

Beth Lowery 

ecretary/Treasurer Juli Cochnar, President John Battaglia, 
ot pictured Vice President Samantha Weatherly. 

Amanda Brame 
Kerrie Breault 
Laura Brock 
Allison Bron 
Christy Brooks 
Stephen Brown 

Denise Bryant 
Bridget Buker 
Dawn Burgess 
Kara Buttermore 
Karyn Cagno 
Amanda Cambria 

Nicole Camia 
Debora Campton 
Dodie Carawan 
Elizabeth Carey 
Michelle Carey 
Craig Carter 

FRESHMEN <9_53 J) 

Penny Carter 

Anthony Caruso 

Claudia Cerrato 

Daniel Chambers 

Noel Charette 

Philip Chase 

Liz Church 

Christine Ciani 

Denise Cipriano 

Jennifer Cirone 

Michael Clark 

Chris Clickner 

David Clubb 

Anna Cobb 

Brandon Cole 

Chris Cobb 

Victoria Cobb 

Juli Cochnar 

John Cogburn 

Rachel Connery 

Jeffrey Cook 

Lisa Cottrill 

Danielle Coughlin 

Megan Courneen 

Amy Cowardin 

Robyn Cox 

Stacy Craddock 

Laura Craft 

Mary Craig 

Bronwen Craley 

Tyra Crews 

Megan Crooks 

Prioleau Crowley 

Danny Crucet 

Julia Crutcher 

Erin Culhane 

Alison Curley 

Erica Cutler 

Alea Danielson 

David Darst 

Anna Dawson 
Pamela Deer 





' Jth* 

HI 1 ' r 


(5 54 «> PEOPLE 

TO@ [F(Q]^@Gt3i}(^ 


1. Robin Hood 

2. Ghost 

3. Pretty Woman 

4. Silence of the Lambs 

5. Dances with Wolves 

6. Godfather 

7. Sound of Music 

8. Better Off Dead 
9. Star Wars 

10. Princess Bride 




L. Beverly Hills 90210 

1. Led Zepplin 

2. Cheers 

2. REM 

3. In Living Color 

3. BelBivDeVoe 

4. Wonder Years 

4. Journey 

5. Homefront 

5. Grateful Dead 

6. Star Trek 

6. Public Enemy 

Oprah Winfrey Show 

7. U2 

8. Doogie Howser 

8. Depeche Mode 

9. Simpsons 

9. Steve Miller Band 

10. A Different World 

10. Boyz II Men 

In Memory ofCficid'EdzuardMacy 

On the morning of March 1, 1992, a valued member of the freshman class was 
aken from the Elon College Community. Chad Edward Macy was killed in a 
ragic automobile accident in the town of Elon College. Chad was an honors 
tudent, member of the football team, and a Kappa Sigma Fraternity pledge. 
Members of the College Community gathered with Chad's family on the evening 
f March 1 to mourn his loss. A memorial service was held at the Elon College 
Community Church on March 3, 1992. Chad's fraternity pledge pin and his 
aotball jersey and helmet were presented to his family. 
Chad will be missed by his family, friends, and the entire College Community. 

Andrea Deese 
Rachelann De Gregoris 
Jenna Del Gaudio 
Jennifer Demey 
Janelle Denny 
Antionette De Rose 

April Desreuisseau 
Staci Dickerson 
Becca Dicus 
Michele Dieso 
Jennifer Donaldson 
Shelia Dove 

Julie Drigot 
Bobbye Drobnyk 
Courtenay Dubois 
Jessica Duman 
David Duncan 
Anne Dunn 


Julie Dyke 

Jessica Eaton 

Tracy Ebbeskottle 

David Eisel 

Virginia Ellington 

Natasha Euliss 

Jason Eure 

Mindi Fanning 

Sean Farrelly 

Carrie Farris 

Chad Faust 

Linda Findley 

Heather Finlayson 

Karen Fleming 

Alexandra Fohn 

Lisa Forman 

Susan French 

Brooke Gentile 

Laura Gibbs 

Bridget Gibson 

April Gilbreath 

Brian Gillespie 

headora Goetzmann 

Andrea Goldberg 

Linda Goode 

Todd Goodson 

John Gourley 

David Gracy 

Heather Graham 

John Graves 

Kristyn Green 

Rebecca Green 

Brandee Gnambling 

Karen Gutsche 

Robert Haarsgaard 

Angela Hackett 

Jennifer Hall 

Julie Hall 

Robin Hall 

Catharine Hancock 

Sharon Handy 

Rob Hann 

ft 56 5) PEOPLE 

^l\©(§>m® te §\l©lrii 

Freshmen Orientation is filled with 
various classes and meetings for Elon's 
newest arrivals. 

All freshmen are put into two differ- 
ent groups; first their academic advis- 
ing group and then their orientation 
group. Each group provided advice about 
classes, campus life, and rules and regu- 

Orientation is a perfect time for new 
students to start some meaningful friend- 

Beth Lowery 

Beth Lowery 

Jennifer Hannigan 
Gary Hardy 
Corinna Harmon 
Kelly Harrell 
Julie Harrison 
Julie Harwich 

Cheryl Haworth 
Joseph Heckenbach 
Nicole Heer 
Tiffany Heidlebaughn 
Brian Hendrickson 
Kristine Hersey 

Staci Hibner 
Amy Hill 
Jennifer Hill 
Martin Hill 
Christine Hilliard 
Jason Hillman 


Chia-Ju Ho 

Heather Hoerrner 

Dewi Hoesin 

Nancy Hogan 

Kelly Holdgreve 

Shelley Holland 

Jennifer Holleman 

Alan Honadle 

Kevin Hunt 

Lindsey Hussey 

John Hutchison 

Natalie Irvine 

Amy Jacobson 

Bryan James 

Lisa Jessup 

Jessica Jewell 

Ann Johnson 

Debbie Johnson 

Lori Johnson 

Mark Johnson 

Monica Johnson 

Jeremy Jones 

Leslie Jones 

Megan Jones 

Cindy Jung 

Jennifer Kalb 

Michael Keneally 

Brian Kerlin 

Crystal King 

Kerry Kirwan 

Melanie Klima 

Juliette Knight 

^mberly Koblensky 

Jody Koch 

Dorothy Koenig 

Jennifer Kott 

Shannon Kuhns 

Blynda Kuhstoss 

Patrick Lahiff 

Fran Lankford 

Carrie Larson 

Michael Latorre 

(L-58 J) PEOPLE 

^(S>(S^p> 3i} Im n^ IFmrnM"^ 

When going off to college, many students antici- 
pate being on their own and leaving their families 
behind. But that is not true for some students at 
Elon. These students decided to share their college 
years at the same school as their brothers, sisters, 
and cousins. 

Sonya and Tonya Stanley are identical twins 
who share a room, clothes, and even their majors. 
Both enjoy each other's company and are best 
friends. Tonya explained, "We will always have 
each other." 

Cousins Darren and Lorie Falk room together 
at Sheridan Place. Lorie became interested in Elon 
when she visited Darren while she was in high 

Kristen and Jeff Kluttz are brother and sister. 
They see each other every day. Jeff mentioned that 
he "has met a lot of people through Kristen, who is 
now a senior. ' Jeff also said, "It's nice to have a 
family member to talk to since I'm so far away from 
home. " 

Having a family member around does have its 
advantages. ANGELA HACKETT 

Courtesy ot Knsten Kluttz 

[risten and Jeff Muttz enjoy each other's company during their college years. 

Andrea Lauri 
Ella Leatham 
Lori Lichtenwalner 
Felicia Lipe 
Anne Lovern 
Kameren Lowery 

Kristie Mabry 
Melissa Macalusa 
Billi Marcinko 
Linda Marks 
Brian Marshbanks 
Amy Martindale 

Brian Martindale 
Sloane Maurer 
Amy Maxwell 
Tracy McCarson 
Wendy McConkey 
Allison McCorkle 

FRESHMEN (T 59_5> 

Michele McCormick 

Matt McCue 

Aimee McDuffie 

Heather McGlothin 

Kathleen McNeal 

Amy McNeill 

Anna McNeill 

Christy McNey 

Samuel Meares 

Jen Merwin 

Jennifer Michie 

Rebecca Middleton 

Tina Miles 

Chris Miller 

Jud Miller 

Mehssa Miller 

Scott Miller 

Jason Minnix 

Thomas Mitchell 

Mitch Montelaro 

Latricia Moore 

Maggie Moore 

Bethany Morde 

Wendy Morgan 

William Morley III 

John Morris 

La Juana Morrison 

Melissa Morrison 

Jim Moss 

Amy Mueller 

Shannon Murphy 

Leslie Murray 

Jamie Musumeci 

Chris Myers 

Beth Nance 

J fi-*;..:^ 



\a^\ \ 

Rebecca Navoy ^ - . 

Jennifer Nelson 

Chris Newman 

Nicole North 

Kirk OConnell 

Keith O'Connor 

Melissa Ogline 

ft^60 3> PEOPLE 

'te/n) mu 

What is Elon all about? New students 
are offered the chance to find out exactly 
what Elon has to give by taking the class 
Elon 101. 

Students are given the opportunity to 
talk about themselves and listen to other 
students share their feelings. 

The faculty advisor and an upper level 
student are there to counsel as well as be 

Many Elon 101 classes enjoy activi- 
ties, such as dinner, outside of the class- 

Taking this class is one more way for 
freshmen to feel comfortable at their 
new home away from home. BETH 

Jim Bush plays a "get to know you" game with an 
Elon 101 class. 

Madeleine Ossi 
Maurice Owens 
Elizabeth Page 
Traci Parker 
Dennis Parry 
Michele Pasquine 

Ann Marie Peavey 
Emily Pepples 
Patti Peterman 
Andrea Pettit 
Maggie Petty 
Thomas Pidgeon 

Beth Point 
Lee Potter 
Dave Potts 
William Prugh 
Theresa Pruitt 
Anne Pyles 


Amy Queen 

Maria Quinones 

Colleen Raymond 

Chuck Read 

Jennifer Reisen 

Lorraine Reitzel 

Cotina Rice 

Jennifer Richardson 

Ben Roark 

Charles Roberts 

Jacki Roberts 

Nataira Robinson 

Whitney Rogers 

Christy Roosa 

Heather Rushforth 

Carol Russ 

Cari Ruzila 

Rebekah Sacco 

Alexandra Sagona 

Gena Salois 

Derrick Sawyer 

Derek Schoch 

Michael Sedberry 

Victoria Sewell 

Stephanie Shafer 

Adam Shamy 

Allison Sharp 

Shelley Shaw 

Tammy Shelley 

Jenny Shoemaker 

Naomi Shropshire 

Dawn Simmons 

Joseph Skaggs 

Cathy Sklaroff 

Megan Slowik 

Gayle Smee 

Hannah Smith 

Kristin Smith 

Michelle Smith 

Neil Smith 

Stephanie Smith 

Susan Smith 

623> PEOPLE 

^iniif) (§]Er)(Qi m^m(^ 

For those students who have some 
free time and don't know what to do, 
there is a place to go. 

A game room located on the second 
floor of Long Student Center provides 
students with a pool table, Ping Pong 
table, television, and stereo. 

Many students use the facility in or- 
der for something to do or simply to hang 
out with friends. BETH LOWERY 

Students play Ping Pong and pool in the game 



Darby Soar 
Bray Sokol 
Zane Sosna 
Robert Speir 
Angela Spence 
Keith Spillane 

Cathy Squillante 
Kimberly Stein 
Zenia Stevens 
Shelley Stevenson 
Michelle Stiles 
Krista Stinson 

Candace Stout 
Alison Stowe 
Jonathan Stup 
Shannon Suddes 
Michele Surace 
Kimberly Sydes 

FRESHMEN $^633) 

Stacey Talbert 

Jennifer Thompson 

Nancy Thornhill 

Jay David Tomkins 

Dusty Tonkin 

Beth Towe 

Arianne Trey 

Lisa Tuiloch 

Jill Van Etten 

Erin Van Horn 

Marc Wachtel 

Bill Walker 

Olivia Walker 

Keith Walter 

Nancy Watt 

Jonathan Weaver 

Meredith Webster 

Chad Weeks 

Heidi Wain 

Jonathan Weisberg 

Mehssa Wells 

Claudia Wendt 

Laurie Wenninger 

Ellie Wheeler 

Craig Whitford 

Elizabeth Wiegand 

Amy Williams 

Lianne Williams 

Nat Williams 

Stephanie Williams 

Nicole Williamson 

Kimberly Wilson 

Tara Wilson 

Tricia Wissinger 

Becky Witmer 

Sean Wohlgemuth 

Jan Wood 

Jon Wooten 

Brian Wright 

Sarah Wright 

Robert Yancey 

Kacy Young 

(S; 64 2) PEOPLE 

wSftlh i}lh(^ QmW(Q] 

One thing never fails when attending 
an Elon football or basketball game. 
Elon's mascot, the Fightin' Christian, 
can always be found leading the crowd 
in its support. 

Wearing the costume and goofing 
around with the cheerleaders is how the 
Fightin' Christian gets the crowd in- 
volved in cheering for the football as well 
as basketball teams. 

Elon games would not be the same 
wdthout the enthusiastic support of our 
mascot. BETH LOWERY 

Ben Cannon poses at a football game with the 
I Fightin' Christian. 




Jimmie Agnew 

Wesley Alexander 

Thomas Arcaro 

Jim Barbour 

Robert Barrett 

Jim Batchelor 

Robert Baxter 

Glenda Beamon 

Barry Beedle 

Richard Behrman 

Jim Bissett 

Robert Blake 

Lamar Bland 

Wilhelmina Boyd 

Wesley Brogan 

Janie Brown 

Ann Butler 

Michael Calhoun 

mdana Chakrabarti 

Carole Chase 

Lester Coleman 

Patty Cox 

Margaret Craft 

Linda Cykert 

Brian Digre 

James Drummond 

Vivian Dula 

Cynthia Dyer 

Alan Eastman 

Thomas Erdmann 

Victoria Fischer 

Alston Flynn 

Mark Fox 

Gerald Gibson 

Russell Gill 

Barbara Gordon 

Don Grady 

Seena Granowsky 

Tom Green 

Gene Grimley III 

Jo Grimley 

Thomas Hart 

<5 66^ PEOPLE 

l^(^jp>m^m(^M ©^(§]k^ 


r ^ 

Wesley Brogan 

Don Grady 

Thomas Henricks 
Social Sciences 

Ernest Lunsford 
Foreign Language 

Richard Behrman 

Clair Myers 
Fine Arts 

Jim Barbour 

Front row: George Taylor-Political Science/Public Administration, Janie Brown- 
Physical Education, Martha Smith-English, Seena Granowsky-Psychology; Second 
row: David Bragg-Music. Fanklin Harris-Physics, Tom Tiemann-Business Adminis- 
tration, Carole Chase-Religion, Pamela Kiser-Human Services: Back row: Calvert 
McGregor-Accounting, John Sullivan-Philosophy, Gene Grimley-Chemistry, Herbert 
House-Biology, not pictured David Crowe-History and Rosalind Reichard-Math. 

Ann Wooten 

Rosemary Haskell 
Betty Hatch 
Richard Haworth 
Rebeca Helmstetler 
John Hemphill 
Tom Henricks 

Howard Higgs 
Vicki Hightower 
William Hightower 
Cheryl Holt 
Alvin Hooks 
Herbert House 

Rosemary Howard 
Melissa Johnson 
Ray Johnson 
Oscar Lansen 
Kathryn Larson 
Sue Leonard 


Gregory Lilly 

Ernest Lunsford 

Betty Maness 

Duane McCleam 

Robie McClellan 

Calvert McGregor 

Jon Metzger 

Nancy Midgette 

Kevin O'Mara 

Jim Pace 

Thomas Parham, Jr. 

Hazel Perritt 

Jim Pickens 

Barbara Plumblee 

R. D. Rao 

Jane Romer 

Larry Simon 

John Sullivan 

Tyrone Thornton 

Thomas Tiemann 

Carole Troxler 

Janet Warman 

Rex Waters 

Linda Weavil 

Jane Wellford 

Charles Whiffen 

Chris Wilkinson 

Christian Wilson 

William Wingfield 

Ann Wooten 

Daniel Wright 
Hongqing Zhu 



Andrea Albertson 
Mark Albertson 
Lorraine Allen 
Robert Anderson 
David Atkins 
Pamela Baker 

Lydia Berry 
Jennings Berry 
Joan Marie Blessingtoi 
Warren Board 
Barry Bradberry 
Ray Brown 

Pam Brumbaugh 
Chris Bunting 
L'Tanya Burch 
Jim Bush 
Evelyn Campbell 
Andy Carroll 

Kay Carroll 
Nira Carter 
Eric Childress 
Melissa Clark 
Marilyn Collins 
Faye Conally 

Brenda Cooper 
Betty Covington 
Ray Covington 
Barbara Cox 
Dianne Curtis 
Earl Danieley 

Penny Davis 
James DeBerry 
Donna DeWoody 
Peggy Eliason 
Helen Ellington 
Robert Ellington 

Scott Engle 
Alice Essen 
Diana Ewell 
Jane Ferell 
John Flourney 
Gerry Francis 


Christopher Fulkerson 

Ellen Gagnon 

Diane Gill 

Doris Gilliam 

Jimmy Graves 

Stanley Greeson 

Barb Hanke 

Lou Harper 

Priscilla Haworth 

Nancy Henley 

Stephanie Henly 

Rebecca Highsmith 

Paul Holt 

Stephen Holt 

Catherine Home 

Karen Hughes 

Mary Inabnit 

Nancy Isley 

Margaret Jobe 

Sheila Johnson 

BUI Jolly 

Al Jones 

Sharon Justice 

Connie Keller 

Kathy Kern 

Gail Key 

Sandra Kilpatrick 

Patricia Kinney 

Terry Kirchen 

Ron Klepcyk 

Susan Klopman 

Teresa LePors 

Liz Linton 

Judy Loy 

Betty Maffeo 

Doris Maney 

Melissa Mann 

Vickie Martin 

Linda Martindale 

Felicia Massey 

Rebecca Matthews 

Angela May 

&^70 O PEOPLE 

iFmm ©[!(§}§§ 2?@ Q(Qiif^m 

Elon prides itself on turning out 
ambitious students who are bound 
for success. To show the confi- 
dence in graduating students, each 
year some of these new alumni 
pursue their careers right here at 
their alma mater. 

There are many Elon graduates 
now working in such offices as Ad- 
missions, Financial Planning, De- 
velopment, and Campus Activities. 

These alumni may have the ad- 
vantage when taking a position at 
Elon since they know about the 
school, academically and socially. 

Elon is a beautiful school, one 
that is definitely hard to leave. 

After graduating from Elon, Jim Bush ob- 
tained his currentjob as Assistant Director 
of Alumni and Parent Relations. 

Beth Lowery 

Judy McAdams 
Carol McBane 
Richard McBride 
Mary McCauley 
Doug Mclntyre 
Carolyn Moore 

Crystal Morrison 
Janie Morton 
Phillip Motley 
Tracy Murray 
Clair Myers 
Louise Newton 

Carol Oakley 
Robert Overton 
Carol Pace 
Jana Lynn Patterson 
Frances Perkins 
Nan Perkins 


Judy Prevette 

Elbert Pritchard 

Lela Faye Rich 

William Rich 

Kay Riddle 

Cassandra Rudd 

Janie Salter 
Susan Semonite 

Yvette Slade 
Kim Smith 

Sandy Smith 
Charles Sparks 

Frances Stanley 

Thomas Stogsdill 

Lucile Stone 

Cindy Sykes 

Julia Tabor 

Karen Thompson 

Drew Van Horn 

Ann Vickers 

Debby Wade 

Janice Walker 

David Wall 

Sharon Walters-Bower 

Gwynn Warren 

Alan White 

Sherley White 

Catherine Williams 

Jo Williams 

Terry Williams 


Willie Williams 
Fred Young 
Greg Zaiser 

Margaret Zang 

(5^72 O PEOPLE 

You can see students' artwork dis- 
played daily along the walls of the Fine 
Arts Center. What about the talent of 
Elon's faculty and staff? Well, they got 
their chance to shine. 

On Sunday, November 3, the Elon 
Faculty and Staff Art Show opened in 
the Isabella Cannon Room. The show 
was open to any member of the faculty or 
staff as well as those retired. 

The show displayed works of 36 par- 
ticipants. There was a variety of medi- 
ums shown, some of which were photog- 
raphy, drawings, quilting, sewing, wood- 
carving, blown glass, stained glass, and 
metal works. 

The art show was made possible by 
history professor George Troxler and 
ceramics professor Mike Sanford. The 
concept of the show was "to provide an 
opportunity for faculty and staff to share 
their hobbies and artistic abilities with 
the rest of the college community," stated 
Sanford. DANI DE VEAU 

Staff members admire the stain glass and metal 

One member of Elon's staff displayed this home- 
made guitar. 

Quiltings and paintings were just a few of the 
artworks shown for viewing. 



Paul Adams 

Sadie Allen 

Wade Billings 

Stephen Browning 

James Burke 

Perry Burton 

Darlene Christian 

Bud Conklin 

Isaac Cousin 

Carl Cowan 

Jim Crawford 

Curtis Davis 

Keith Dimont 
Kathleen Enoch 
Buddy Evans 
Martha Gant 
Janet Hardie 
Blanche Harris 

Michelle Hawkins 

Marietta Hellmandollar 

Stephen Hester 

Bernice Hightower 

Sarah Hinton 

Rosie Liggins 

Geraldine Lindsay 

Archie Long 

Glenda Long 

Mae McCollum 

Ronald McPherson 

Elizabeth Miles 

Gloria Miles 

Marilynn Mitchell 

Carolyn Moore 

Clayton Murphy 

Marie Murray 

Artie Neese 

Maggie Newman 

Clementine Pinnix 

Raymond Pnaitt 

David Ragan 

Richard Russell 

Dorothy Saunders 

ft^ 74 O PEOPLE 

if[b(^ y@p y(§^^ 

Students were asked who their favorite professors or adminis- 
trators were. From this random survey the top ten were: 

1. Oscar Lansen 

2. David Crowe 
3. Duane McClearn 

4. Gerald Gibson 

5. JeffPugh 

6. Ann Wooten 

7. Glenda Beamon 

8. Jim Pickens 

9. George Taylor 

10. Richard Behrman 


Sue Walker 
Roy Whitaker 
Terry Williams 
Robert Willis 

Otis Sellars 
Roy Shaw 
Tallulah Shaw 
Otis Slade 
Willie Slade 
Anthony Stubblefield 

Jamie Talley 
Mary Tapp 
Dennis Turner 
George Vincent 
Thomas Vuk 
William Wade 

J \y- • CD 



Fiddler on the Roofs Fi-uma Cera, played 
by Kristen Roser, is lifted up above the cast 
in the "dream scene" of this exciting play. 

Matt Douglas explains a program to a stu- 
dent in the computer lab. Elon's computer 
labs always have someone there for those 
difficult times. 

Ben Cannon 

(• 76 •) ARTS & ACADEMICS 

: ■ Vf:T).-^ <ft*«f:';«-"-i>:%ii,,^'i»^f ^■?.' 

Programs in the arts and aca- reflected in other academic 
demies challenged students to aspects. Special programs such 
leap beyond the "require- as the honors program and 
ments." North Carolina Teaching Fel- 

The Fine Arts Center was lows extended educational op- 
portunities. The 

home not only to 
fine arts classes, 
but also to many 
productions, in- 
cluding the mu- 
sical "Fiddler On 
the Roof," which 

study abroad 
program al- 
lowed for the 
further explora- 
tion of cultural 

was performed during Home- Students were also encour- 

coming. The facilities provided aged in their academic pur- 

in the Fine Arts Center en- suits by the availability of labs 

hance musical, creative arts, such as the Writing Center, 

theatrical, and communica- The arts and academic chal- 

tions education and perfor- lenges presented students with 

mance alike. exceptional opportunities to 

This coordination was also take another leap! 

Matt Dols 












Sandi Carpenter and Kristen Roser pose at Little 
Round Top. During the History Study Tour. Fellows 
traveled to many different American history sites. 



Teaching Fellows 78 , 

Fine Arts Center 80 1 

Learning Resources 82 j 

Plays 84 

Study Abroad 86 


Dr. Larry Simon and Laurie Wommack joke aroun( 
in Washington D.C. Teaching Fellows were require( 
to take many different educational trips. 

Taking A Leap Into... 

Being a Fellow 

What are fellows? Fellows is the 
name given to those students who 
have proved themselves academi- 
cally and were awarded scholarships 
for their outstanding achievements. 

There are three types of Elon 
fellows: Honors Fellows, chosen 
from their high school records and 
performance in competition with 
other students; Leadership Fellows, 
chosen for their potential to succeed 
as leaders here and elsewhere; and 
Teaching Fellows, those students 
who demonstrated to the North 
Carolina Public School Forum and 
Elon College that they have what it 
takes to be outstanding teachers for 
North Carolina. 

The amounts awarded range in 
value from $1000 per year to full 
four-year scholarships. Honors Fel- 
lows have opportunities to travel 
and be interns, but it is not all play! 
These students experience the added 
pressure to continue to succeed. 
Nonetheless, these programs offered 
unique opportunities which were 
well accepted. REBEKAH SACCO 

Rebekah Sacco 

Lisa Helms waits for an appointment with her advi- 
sor. Students are able to count on advisors for help. 

immy Torain, Jenny Gerami, Steven Davis, and 
iwn Darnell are caught peeking into a window in 

FELLOWS (• 79 •) 



Elon is often cited for its tra- 
dition, programs, and beautiful cam- 
pus. One ofthe newest buildings on 
campus, the Fine Arts Center, fol- 
lows this criteria for tradition in the 
arts, varied programs, and attrac- 
tive design. It houses classroom 
and office facilities for the art, mu- 
sic, drama, communication, and 
dance programs. Since its opening 
in the 1987-88 school year, the Fine 
Arts building has been a learning 
and cultural center for Elon and the 
surrounding community. It is not 
unusual for there to be plays, con- 
certs and performances on each day 
of the week — in addition to the 
classes and rehearsals for Elon stu- 
dents. The cultural events are di- 
verse, ranging from Russian Folk 
Music to comedians and dramatic 
performances. Students are encour- 
aged to get involved in the programs 
and to attend cultural events that 
are offered at the center. If you are 
looking for a chorus gi'oup to join, or 
a comedy to enjoy, then take a trip 
to the Fine Arts Center and check it 

Chip Hassell. a communications student, edits a project 
about Elon. Journalism/Communications is one pro- 
gram housed in the Fine Arts Center. 

A student finishes her ceramic vase. The Fine Arts 
Center provided the resources for students to make 
the most of their abilities. 


■ ff^yimr^ ty^,:;^.^.. ,^^^^^^ 


The Elon Pep Band rehearses in the Fine Ails Center. 
The band had many rehearsals such as this one 
throughout the year. 

Beth Lowery 

Jennifer Banks receives saxophone instruction from 
Mrs. Jinny Novine-Whittaker. The top floor of the 
Fine Arts Center houses soundproof offices for special 
sessions such as this one. 

Students get involved in an animated discussion in a 
fine arts class. Many different classes are held in the 
Fine Ails Center, ranging from art to P.E. 


Taking A Leap Into... 

Learning Resources 

When it comes to learning re- 
sources at Elon, the college has it 
covered! With so many choices like 
the LaRose Resource and Writing 
centers, Alamance and Mooney com- 
puter labs, and the McEwen Li- 
brary, its almost guaranteed that 
students will find what they need. 
At the LaRose Resource Center, fac- 
ulty support, tutorial services for 
students, and audiovisual equip- 
ment can all be found. The Writing 
Center houses a unique program 
that assists students with writing 
those papers so often required. Com- 
puters are available around the clock 
(at least most of it!) at Alamance 
and Mooney labs for those students 
who do not have their own or need 
courseware for a specific course. 
Elon's extensive library offers a quiet 
place to study as well as 165,000 
volumes and 53,000 government 
documents for research. Academics 
is only a step away from students 
with the help of Elon's great re- 

A student types his paper on a Macintosh in the 
LaRose Resource Center. Students who did not own 
a computer can always find one on campus. 

Students use Newsbank files in the library. Networks 
such as Newsbank help students with their research. 

Cam Wine and Aprile White work on a video project 
intheLRC. Students can be found finishing projects 
like this in the center all the time. 


Tricia Bone gets tutored on her writing in the Writing 
Center located in Mooney . During stressful times the 
center is a big help to students working on papers. 

Jen Golemon and Bill Peerman do some studying in 
McEwen Library. The library is a favored place for 
study and research. 


Taking a leap into... 

Cultural Events 

What do the following have in com- 

Edward Jackman, comedian-juggler; 19th 
century Russia and present day Russia; 
gymnastic modern dance; Czech poetry; 
Elan; and instrument ensembles. Not 
much, except , they were all cultural events 
at Elon College. This seems like a long list, 
but there were actually many more. These 
programs, organized by various sources, 
are an important part of an Elon education. 
Many students are required to attend cer- 
tain events, but there were always stu- 
dents who attended Elon cultui-al events 
simply because they were enjoyable. The 
variety and quality of each one demon- 
strate the depth of resources made avail- 
able to students and the community. 

Members of the cast perform a "bottle dance" during 
the production of Fiddler on the Roof 


In North Carolina Shakespeare Festival's play As You 

Like It . Michael Kamton as Orlando listens to Rosalind, The talented Jason Minnix performs duringthe Elon 

played by Susan Ericksen. Jazz Ensemble Tour Concert. 


Courtesy of Scott Engle 

North Carolina Shakespeare Festival's Elizabeth 
Slaby as Celica and Susan Ericksen as Rosalind were 
two actresses in As You Like It . 

Courtesy of Scott Engie 

Daniel Ezralow and Ashley Roland of the ISO Dance 
Company perform "Night Thoughts." 


Courtesy of Scott Engle 

Taking a Leap to... 

Study Abroad 

As part of a "complete" college educa- 
tion, Elon encourages its students to par- 
ticipate in foreign travel. These are not 
just vacations from school but study oppor- 
tunities that add credit hours toward gi-adu- 
ation. There are many different countries 
to choose from — and where you go depends 
on you. 

Perhaps the most popular Study Abroad 
program is the trip to London, England. It 
can be made in the Fall, Winter, or Spring 
term. While in London, Elon students live 
in flats belonging to the college and attend 
classes either taught by Elon faculty or 
ari'anged by Elon with British professors. 

I Continued on page 89 ) 

Courtesv of Bfth F*oinl 

Becca Dicus takes time out of her trip to Costa Rica to ^__ 

play with some of the native children. i 

On their tour of Lisbon, Dr. Barbour and some of his 

students pause for a picture. » ' 



y^ During their semester in Spain, Misty Younger and 

f '. Elizabeth Lanou met with two Virginia Tech stu- One of the many sights to see in Costa Rica is this 
dents at the Plaza de Espano in Sevilla. interesting church. 








■Ill nil nn 

nil nil YSX 

!!!! nil !!!! 

!1ir \ It ; t!'! 


tsiwm^ ■'. 

' im ' 










sy of Elizabeth Lanou 















Lynne Lialas, Asuka Luch, Kiisti Kienzle, and Karne 
Miller smile for the camera in the Swiss Alps - and 
what a background! 

Courtesy of Beth Point 

Courtesy of Lyime Lialas 


Photo opportunities abound in other countries. This 
group of Elon students poses in front of a famous 
fountain in Brussels, Belgium. 

Open-air markets are seen frequently in foreign coun- 
tries. At this market place in Portugal, a woman is 
seen purchasing some fresh fruit. 

During her semester in London, Ly nne Lialas had the 
opportunity to do a lot of sightseeing. Here she is in 
front of the government building in Budapest. 


Courtesy of Lynne Lial 

(Continued from page 86) 

One of the parts enjoyed the most by stu- 
dents is Spring Break. Travel to any part 
of Europe is possible — and most students 
take advantage of this fact. 

In Elon's unique exchange program 
with Japan, an entire year of schooling is 
possible. Other Winter Term programs 
include Mexico and Costa Rica, and sum- 
mer terms are possible in places like Spain 
and Russia. 

Wherever you decide to go will be an 
experience to remember later in life. Study 
Abroad is definitely an aspect of an Elon 
education that shouldn't be missed — be- 
cause it cannot be replaced. REBEKAH 




Courtesy of Megan Yost 

Elon students enjoy sight seeing on a sunny day in 
Costa Rica. 

Many sights on Elon tours are wonderful to say the 
least. The beauty of Paris at dusk and the Eiffel 
Tower makes this a perfect picture. 


After Eddie Rodriguez scores, Lance 
Cardelino, Jim Schlossnagle, Scott 
Gully, and other teammates gather 
to congi'atulate him. 

While cheerleaders hold the spirit 
banner, the Fightin' Christians 
burst onto the field before playing 

Ben Cannon 

(^^^03* SPORTS 

Athletics energized players baseball, soccer, golf, and other 
and spectators throughout the teams were highly celebrated, 
year with thrilling perfor- The variety of intramurals 
mances. The seasonal changes also grabbed students' atten- 
were accompanied by a variety tion, resulting in a growing 


of activities from 
football to soccer 
and basketball to 
tennis, and so on. 
Via leaps and 
bounds, the 

Fightin' Chris- 
tians reached a new level of 

Team and individual sports 
gained respect for their victo- 
ries, despite the occasional and 
sometimes inevitable losses. 
However, the continuing ac- 
complishments of the tennis, 

of par- 
ticipants and 
more successful 
programs. Fur- 
thermore, the in- 
tramural pro- 
gram offered stu- 
dents not participating in rec- 
ognized sports opportunities to 
be involved in athletic activi- 

Whether leading the charge 
or cheering from the sidelines, 
the excitement of student ath- 
letics leaped ahead. 

Courtesy of Bill Grub 

SPORTS (• 91 •) 



Helen O'Dea garnered the Most Valuable Player 
Award for the Women's Tennis Team at the annual v 
sports banquet. 

Ki-istin Greene prepares to return the volley with a 
forehand swing. 




Women's Tennis 


Men's Tennis 










Men's Basketball 


Women's Basketball 106 

Men's Soccer 


Women's Soccer 









Setting up her backhand, Helen O'Dea watches the 
ball approach. 



1 . Sleeping 

2 . Listening to Walkman 

3. Talking/Gossiping 

4 . Eating 

5 . Trivia Games 

6 . Studying 

ben Cannon 

Women's l^ennis Sivin^s Into 0\fationaC ^oumeii 


1991 WOfM'E^'S TL'J^IS 





Guilford 6 3 




4 5 

West Georgia 6 3 


1 8 


5 4 

Converse 2 7 

Mars Hill 



3 6 

St. Benedict 1 8 


1 8 



Toledo 6 3 

East Carolina 

4 5 



SAC Tournament - 2nd 

District 26 Tournament - 3rd 

NAIA National Tournament -11th 

Courtesy of Hunt Wu 

New experience seemed to be the ulti- 
mate aim for the women's tennis team. The 
road was long and hard, but it led to the 
NAIA National Tournament. The women 
started with wins in four singles matches 
and two doubles matches during the South 
Atlantic Conference Tournament. 

The next step was District 26 play-offs. 
The team's success throughout this tour- 
nament gave it the green light to go to 
Kansas City. This was the first national 
tournament for the women's team in Elon 
history. The teammates making this tri- 
umphant journey were Helen O'Dea, Col- 
leen Smythe, Amy Richardson, Kristin 
Greene, Coleen Kirk, Jane Frye, and Ann 

Due to this new challenge. Coach Jackie 
Myers quoted in a local newspaper: "Ev- 
erybody is going to be so excited and ner- 
vous that I don't know how well we are 
going to play." 

However, much to the team's delight 
and that of their fans, the team finished 
the season ranked 1 1th in the nation. JEN 

St row: Kristin Greene, Coleen Kirk, Amy Richardson. Last row: Jane Frye, Colleen Smythe, Helen O'Dea, 
ne Mahanes, Coach Jackie Myers. 


Leaping for the ball. John Morel returns the serve 

from his opponent. Peter Lindstrom follows through on a powerful shot. 

The Jimmy Powell Ten- 
nis Center was rated 3rd 
in the Nation by Tennis 
Industry Magazine. In 
1990, it received the 
United States Tennis As- 
sociation Facility Award- 
one of 7 that year . 

Most Valuable Player Michael Leonard demonstrates 
the power and skill it takes to be a winner. 

Photos courlcsv of Bill CJruhhs 

(• 94 •) ATHLETICS 

Andy Faehlmann eyes the ball during his forehand 

On a repeat championship . . . 

"It's going to be tough 
to do it again . It would 
be nice for the younger 
guys to experience . " 

U\{ichae[ Leonard 

Mens tennis "Loves" H^fiose tournament Txties 

1991 O^T^'S TE^&llS 



SAC Tournament - 1st 

District 26 Tournament - 1st 

NAIA National Tournament -11th 





East Carolina 











North Florida 





High Point 


Slippery Rock 


ars Hill 




Franklin Pierce 










rancis Marion 













Courtetiy ul Hunt \\ ai 

The men's tennis team had quite a reputa- 
tion to follow, and they played strongly to do 
just that. Trying to fulfill their role as 1990 
NAIA Champions, they swung their way into 
the District Championship title for the fourth 
time in five years. Team Captain Mike Leonard 
led the team to become South Atlantic Confer- 
ence Men's Champions for the fifth time and 
to finish 11th in the national tournament. 

Leonard, an experienced senior, and fresh- 
man Peter Lindstrom were recognized as First 
Team Ail-American players. Several other 
teammates also helped the team to advance, 
including Andy Faehlmann playing in third 
position and Jason Abhau, playing his final 
season. Serving at fifth and sixth positions 
were John Morel and John Hodges. 

With five out of six starters being new, 
Coach Tom Parham felt that the conference 
and district wins, along with being ranked 
11th in the nation, made for an excellent 
season. "I am particularly proud of Michael 
Leonard and Peter Lindstrom for being named 
NAIA All-Americans, " he said. 

By combining the talents of all the players, 
the men's tennis team was able to complete a 
year of success. SARA JOYNER 

it row: Jason Abhau, Jon Hodges. Tommy Nielson, Andy Faehlmann, Peter Lindstrom. Last row: Ashley 
iw, John Morel, Mike Leonard. 

MEN'S TENNIS (• 95 •; 

New York Yankee drsiftee Scott Gully prepares to Awaiting the ball, third baseman Mark Mineroldi - ^^ ^ • ^ » ^ , ••'#*< 

hurl another mean pitch. 

keeps his stance strong. 

• ' •» 

On the baseball program. . . 

"Program and practice 
works well as long as 
people work to their 
ability. Andybody can 
have a good or bad year . 
Everything just didn't 
come together for us . " 

John 'Bcddzvin 


Paul Gibbs comes from the bullpen to finish pitching the 
game. Gibbs was signed by the Cleveland Indians. 



Photos courtesy of Bill Grubbs 

(• 96 •) ATHLETICS 

John Wadsworth successfully completes a slide into 
second base. 

i.: -v TT- *;;*e--:'j^Kilj3b jd 










Lenoir -Rhyne 



fC -A & T 






















Mars Hill 

















Mars Hill 








St. Andrews 



elmont Abbey 





NC -A & T 



























NC Wesleyan 



[ars Hill 






St. Andrews 

elmont Abbey 





SAC Tournament - 1st 

District 26 Tournament - 3rd 

Courtesy of Hunt Ward 

trow: Danny Milwit, Brooks Ahait, Mark Mineroldi, John Wadsworth, Paul Gibbs, John Baldwin, Greg 
■es, Michael Beckom, Lance Cardelino. Second row: Manager Sara Wadsworth, Aaron Cannaday. Josh 
ich, Chris York, Mike Laney, Scott Gully, Rick Ulasewich, Bart Wingerd, Steve Winston, Kim Brown, 
le Rodriguez, Statistician Kristin Twilley. Third row: Larry Portscher, Garrett McKnight, Derek Leviner, 
iGorhan, Chris Dinoto, James Spence, Mike Schoenbeck, Chris Murphy, Michael Beale, Tim Hix, Graduate 
stant Coach Mark Nocera. Last row: Student Assistant Jim Schlossnagle, Herman Jones, Jamie Murphy, 
m Milligan, Michael Bracey, Thomas Bradley, Todd Bechtold, Garth Spendiff, Jacob Hart, Jeff Occhipinti, 
t Ayers, Mike Pyle, Coach Mike Harden, 


Elon Baseball has pro- 
duced 8 professional 
players, 2 coaches, and 
2 iimpires . 

^[gyim in the 

Webster's Dictionary defines rain as "wa- 
ter condensed from atmospheric vapor fall- 
ing to the earth in drops." Elon baseball de- 
fines it as water condensed from atmospheric 
vapor falling to earth in enough drops to 
cause a game delay of up to 10 days. 

Elon's last two road trips were scheduled 
as follows: play Saturday, and play Sunday 
while staying in Newport, Tennessee, then 
return home before going back to Newport on 
Wednesday for the conference tournament 
and come home Saturday. What it resulted 
in, however, was: play Saturday, rain Sun- 
day, rain Monday, play Tuesday, rest Wednes- 
day, play Thursday in rain, delay play Friday 
because of rain, play Saturday in rain, and 
play Sunday in rain before coming home. This 
schedule change provided a 10-day stay at the 
"University of Elon", Newport, Tennessee, 
formerly the Holiday Inn. 

Amazingly enough, the team won the tour- 
nament after a first game loss to Catawba, 15- 
4. Coach Mike Harden stated, "The stay helped 
us focus as a team, and we managed to keep 
our sanity." The team closed the season with 
a disappointing loss in the District 26 Tour- 
nament but experienced an eventful and a 
predominantly successful season. KRISTIN 

BASEBALL (• 97 •) 

Mary Anne Arthur perfects her skill in getting the Lynn Hefty concentrates on her swing during batting 
throw off to first base. practice. 



ANSWER: Substance pitchers 
put on top of their shoes so 
as not to rub holes in the 
toe of the shoes . 
QUESTION: What is Shoe Goo? 

ANSWER: They swim conf>letely 
clothed at hotels on away 
trips . 

QUESTION: What is unique 
about the Elon College Soft- 
ball Team? 

Keeping her eye on the ball, Lynn Elliot prepares to send 

it to the outfielders. ":HP 

.1 I'.ill l.iiil.h 

(• 98 •) ATHLETICS 

Catcher Becky Reimer is ready to receive the ball from 
her pitcher. 

About playing. . . 

"I have enjoyed playing 
fast pitch. I hope the 
team continues to be crazy 
after I leave . " 

An£ie Tadon 

Si Season of TZlO\f 9Ceeps Women Tmfitin 





A & T University 



8 6 

Mars Hill 


A & T University 

6 7 

NC Wesleyan 


Mars Hill 

1 7 


1 4 

NC Wesleyan 

2 12 



St. Andrews 

12 13 




9 2 

Win gate 

2 11 


2 1 


4 5 


9 5 


9 5 


5 3 


8 7 


14 5 


3 4 


7 14 


3 2 


11 4 


14 13 


2 8 

SAC Tournament - 3rd 

This year's team finished a very respect- 
able season, third in the conference. Al- 
though they could not repeat last year's Dis- 
trict 26 championship, the season was a suc- 

The main idea that flowed through the 
season was FUN. That fiin came from many 
different situations. Some of these instances 
were snakes in the outfield, arguments over 
hotel rooms, losing the van keys, and playing 
games in the snow. 

Even Coach Sue Leonard experienced fun 
in coaching. "The girls, because they get along 
so well, are very compatible." 

Throughout this enjoyment, the team never 
lost its spirit of competition. They played well 
and fought hard this season to produce three 
All-Conference players: Angle Padon, Allison 
McCorkle, and Laura Case ; Conference Fresh- 
man of the Year Allison McCorkle; and three 
All-District players : Laiu^a Case, Angle Padon, 
and Donna Leigh. 

"We were disappointed with third place." 
remarked Coach Leonard. "That says some- 
thing about the competitiveness of the team 
and with most players returning we should be 
even more competitive next year." ANDREA 

Courtesy of Hunt Ward 

rst row: Allison McCorkle, Mary Anne Arthur, Donna Leigh, Tracy Shuford, Lynn Hefty. Second row: Cheryl 
jivey, Lynn Elliot, Becky Reimer, Vickie Potter, Crystal Pegram, Angie Padon. Last row: Manager Karen 
^ttencourt, Kristin Jividen, Laura Case, Coach Sue Leonard,Velma Degree, Tracy Herring, Manager Sue 

SOFTBALL (• 99 •) 

Coach Bill Momingstar was named Conference Coach Jim Arnold works on his putting, a skill that CEin make 
of the Year for a second consecutive year. or break his game. 

On national tournament . . . 

"It ' s a different feeling 
at the nationals than any 
other tournament because 
you know your playing 
with the best in the 
nation . " 

Tim Cfarl<i 

Brad Bumside successfully clears the ball out of the sand 
trap during the national tournament. 

.■»C_C<*'j -'" ., 'T-^a. a«.V» «tJLj 


(• 100 •) ATHLETICS 

Obviously pleased with his drive, Chris Quick watches 
for the ball to drop. 


The average golf game is 4- 
5 hours in length. 

The average golfer shoots 
95 and up, par on most 
courses is 72 . 

Gutters Continue Winning tradition 

1991 goLf 


Northern Florida Tournament Sixth 

Campbell Third 

William & Mary First 

Carson-Newman (South Carolina) Second 

Max Ward Invitational ( Elon ) First 

Carson-Newman (Tennessee) First 

Camp LeJuene Second 

SAC Tournament - 1st District 26 Tournament 

NAIA National Tournament - 3rd 

of Teams 








- 1st 

As a result of their determination and 
teamwork, the golf team experienced a tre- 
mendously successful season. The team posted 
five tournament wins during regular and post- 
season play: the William & Mary 
Intercollegiate, the Max Ward Intercollegiate, 
the Carson-Newman Intercollegiate, the 
South Atlantic Conference title, and the Dis- 
trict 26 Tournament, which qualified them 
for the national tournament. 

The NAIA National Tournament was held 
at Twin Hills Golf and Country Club in Okla- 
homa City, Oklahoma, May 21 through 24. 
This marked the team's 15th appearance in 
the tournament in 18 years, which demon- 
strated the outstanding history of the college's 
golf team. 

The season produced two All- Americans: 
Brad Burnside was awarded Conference 
Player of the Year, and Tim Clark was named 
District Player of the Year. 

Coach Bill Morningstar commented on the 
team's unique history and performance. "It's 
special to be a part of the national tourna- 
ment. Elon College has been fortunate over 
the years to have oustanding golfers," he said. 

The team finished the season ranked third 
in the nation, separated from first place by 
only two points. MARCY BAILEY 

Photos courtesy of Max Ward 

3rad Burnside, Chris Quick, Coach Bill Morningstar, James Arnold, Richard Burke, Tim Clark. 


GOLF (• 101 ' 

^ocky Start Levets to Winning Season 

Elon's 1991 football season started off with 
a loss to Wofford College, but the team rallied 
back in the following weeks to defeat N.C. 
Central and Fayetteville State. The win over 
Mars Hill proved to be an astounding victory, 
which included Joe Randolph's 98- yard open- 
ing kickoff return, Roosevelt Brooks' 100- 
yard interception, and Marcus Stewart's 48- 
yard touchdown throw at the end of the first 

Although the season was full of ups and 
downs on the playing field, the 31-21 victory 
over Wingate College marked the end of the 
first winning season for Coach Leon Hart and 
his Fightin' Christians since 1988. The Chris- 
tians ended the season with a record of 6-5 
overall and 3-4 in the South Atlantic Confer- 
ence which tied them for fourth place. 

There were many other outstanding play- 
ers on this year's team which included Darryl 
Humbles and Lamar Adams who were both 
named First Team All Conference players. 
Joe Randolph, ajunior, was nicknamed Elon's 
"human bullet " for his impressive speed on 
the football field. Also, Heath Hewett, a 
junior, moved into fifth place for all time 
passing yardage with a total of 3335 yards. 

With the loss of only a few seniors, the 
1992 football season promises to be a spec- 
tacular one for the Elon College Fightin' Chris- 



(Random Survey) 

1 . Washington Redskins 
2 . Dallas Cowboys 

3. New York Giants 

4 . Elon College 

5. San Francisco 49'ers 

6 . Philadelphia Eagles 
7 . Pittsburgh Steelers 
8 . Chicago Bears 

9 N.C. State 

10 . Denver Broncos 



Wofford College 






N.C. Central 






Fayetteville State 
















Mars Hill 



Front Row: Darryl Humbles, Art Richmond, John Nee, Scott Kemp, Mike Duggins, Lamar Adams, Zack 
Whitley, Mike McCarty, Whit Vinesett, Jack Duval; Second Row: David Barr, Darron Stover, Troy Ford, 
Andrew Wiley, Kelvin Hoggard, Kelly Holder, Roosevelt Brooks, Steve Holeman, Keith Mabe, Stephen Daub, 
Jay Albright; Third Row: Joe Randolph, Chad O'Neal. Brian Andrews, Jeff Carroll, Jeff McManus, Bobby 
Johnson, Dylan Tait, Mark Foley, Maurice Vezina, Tim Woodle, Rodney Sweet; Fourth Row: David 
Mondeau(Mgi-), Chad Harrelson, Heath Hewett, Kevin Gleiser, Del Clark, Terry Fox, Terrill Thomas, Neil 
Mays, Herman Jones, Travis Baker, Andy Smith. Marcus Stewart, Robert Burnett, Melissa Harrell(Trnri; 
Fifth Row: Jackie Gardner (MgrI, Spencer Carter, Bill Clarke, Tony Gentilcore, Nathan Webster, Napoleon 
Cloud, David Stokes. Monroe Patterson, Quentin Mitchell, Darryl Everette, David LeGrant, Maurice 
Blakeney, Kim Ball (Trnr); Sixth Row: Tommy Wilkerson, David Bradham, Joe Beckham, Eric Bryan, Todd 
Martineau, Chad Chisolm, Deric Rutledge, Fleming Brewer, Terry Covington, Scott Schull, Rod Clark, Cory 
Hatchell, Chris Bridges! Trnr I; Seventh Row: Stuart Davis, Chris Cobb, Kevin Wood, Elliot Armstrong, Charles 
Mitchell, Chris Thompson. J.J. Chaffin, Tony Caruso, Jeremy Jack, Holden Long. Karl Stewart; Eighth Row: 
Stephen Stewart. Jay Matz, Chad Mason, Sean Stepleton. D.J. McGarrgan, Joe Heckenbach, Jud Miller, Scott 
Fisher, David Stephens, Cory Thompson, Sean Pollard, Heather Rushforth( Trnr ), John Lavenderi Trnr ); Back 
Row: Marty Baker(Trnr), Mike Browdowicz(Grad Asst), John Patterson, Larry McClain, Leon HarUHead 
Coach), Andy MartinlGrad Asst), Chris Worst, Larry Stephens, Wayne Hicks. 

Quarterback Heath Hewett calls the signals before 
the snap. 

Robert Burnett (24) tries to keep pace with Elon's 
"bullet, " Joe Randolph. 

(•^1023 ATHLETICS 

Elliot Armstrong concentrates on the challenge ahead as 
he carries the ball. 

To the rest of the team he 
leaves this thought : 

"Dont give up! ! 
Keep striving 
to be the best . " 

(Dairy [ 9{umbks 


Behind the scenes, Coach John 
Patterson instructs his players 
on how to succeed. 

FOOTBALL ^103 «> 

T/t^ Soviet Union (Does (BattCe at "Eton 

They hit the court with determination and 
dribbled with authority. Their shots passed 
through the net giving the crowd an air of 
dehght. Ranging in height from 5'9" to 6'8", 
the Elon men's basketball team was out to 
dominate the game. With high expectations 
for this game. Coach Bob Burton began get- 
ting them ready for play. Five seniors led 
them for their final season. Anthony Aikers, 
Rob Hughes, Vernon Thompson, Pat Ceaser, 
and Pat Recio were all top players who fin- 
ished their years of Elon basketball. They all 
had their moments on the court as the focus 
of the crowds. 

The season had a special start this year. 
Just weeks before the Soviet Union dissolved 
one of its basketball teams visited Elon, for 
what may have been their last game as a 
team under the Soviet Union title. A full 
crowd showed up to give support to both the 
Soviets and Elon. After an exchange of gifts, 
it was time to play ball, the universal way. 
The Soviet team members may have been 
professionals in their own country, but here, 
they were playing at the college level. Even 
though Elon didn't beat this tough opponent, 
our team would go on to beat many others 
during the regular season, against teams of 
our own nation and division. They had a 
tough non-conference schedule and after 
several close games, the Fightin' Christians 
pulled offa winning season. SARAJOYNER 

About the team: 

"The individual level 
of talent was looking 
very good and I was 
impressed by the team 

1{p6 9{ugfies 





High Point 



Mars Hill 




64 66 

Savannah St. 







60 67 




Savannah St. 



Mars Hill 

49 55 








73 78 








82 73 

High Point 







103 84 








60 72 








63 84 

SAC Tournament - 2nd 

Courtf.-^v iif Hunt War 

Front Row: Ryan Latham, Vernon Thompson, Len Silvia, Steve Walker, Anthony Aikers, Mike Tinsley, Davii 
Wyrick, Cornelius Muller; Back Row: Larry Leonard (Asst. Coach), Pat Ceaser, Tim Wallen, Desmom 
Knowles, Laniont Turner, Chris Kelly, Pat Recio, Rob Hughes, Elworth Smith, Bob Burton (Coach). i 

Marc Wachte 

Vernon Thompson maneuvers around his opponents 
set up the perfect Elon basket. 


Desmond Rnowles starts the game and the season 
with the first tip- off against the team from the Soviet 


There have been two Elon 
players drafted by the NBA. 

Jesse Branson (1962-1965) 
Drafted by the 
Philadelphia 76ers 

Tommy Cole (1969-1972) 
Drafted by the 
Boston Celtics 

Marc Wachtel 

Desmond Knowles takes his foul shot while team- Pat Ceaser works on a plan to get the 
mate Steve Walker watches. Soviet defender. 

Marc Wachtel 

ball past his 


Marr Warhtpl 

Women Score 'Bifi Conference Upsets 

Going into the Conference Tournament 
with an 8-6 conference record and a 13-9 
overall record, the Elon College Women's 
Basketball Team had an exciting season. 

The highlight of the team's season was 
defeating the Lady Bulldogs of Wingate 
College, 94-63, in the conference opener. 
"Wingate came into the game ranked num- 
ber 14 in the NAIA pre-season polls, but 
left with their worst defeat since 1987. The 
game was made even more outstanding 
with every player on the Elon team scoring 
at some point. 

The team struggled after suffering con- 
secutive road defeats and dropping five of 
six conference games. On the comeback, 
they rallied to three straight wins led by 
Laura Case and Liz Ward. 

With the leadership of seniors Annette 
Cain and Jana Siler, the team pulled out 
wins against conference rivals Presbyte- 
rian College and Mars Hill College. They 
also defeated Longwood College. Siler was 
elected South Atlantic Conference's Co- 
Player-of -the-Week twice during the sea- 
son. These two outstanding players will be 
missed greatly by the team as well as their 





















High Point 







































Mars Hill 



Mars Hill 






SAC Tournament - 3rd 


Courtesy cf Hunt Wal 

Front Row: Annette Cain, Jana Siler; Second Row: Laura Foster, Nissie Thompson, Christine Watkins, Lis 
Cottrill. Katie McGrath; Back Row: Cheryl Breuer (Mgr. ), Kim Barkman (Mgi-. ), Allison Bron. Laura Casi 
Rhonda Warren, Kristin Jividen, Liz Ward, Tina Ma.shburn iMgi'. I, Jackie Myers (Coach). 


Women ' s Basketball was ap- 
proved as a varsity sport at 
Elon in 1972. Kay Yow, who is 
now the head women ' s coach at 
NC State, was the first coach. 

Her 1972-73 team had a record 

of 5-11. 

Her 1973-74 team was unbeaten. 


With one hand on the ball, Laura Case attempts t 
intercept her opponent's pass. 


. .. ^.-.-r .,^«( 

Laura Foster goes for the basket while teammate 
Laura Case looks on. 

Dan Dill 

Liz Ward attempts to keep the ball away from her Nissie Thompson and JanaSiler set up the offense in 
Gardner-Webb opponent. the game against Gardner- Webb. 


Soccer Team Spends ^ear %tbuii(iinQ 

This season for the men's soccer team was 
one of a definite gi-owth period which involved 
team building. Although the team started off 
at a moderate pace, it gained momentum and 
ended the season with a final record of 4-10- 
3. The driving force and team building efforts 
peaked at the right time of the season that 
enabled Elon to play in the District Tourna- 
ment. Unfortunately, they were defeated in 
the first game against Catawba. 

The success of any team is not based on 
statistics alone, and Elon has definitely proved 
that. Elon had to endure many losses during 
the season such as the injury of the initial 
captain, Marcus Ford. Character of the team 
was built at this point by pulling together its 
assets to reach its goals. A major uplift for the 
team was Captain Derek Phillips. He was the 
only senior after Marcus Ford sustained his 
injury. Phillips motivated the team to work 
through struggles and make the best of every 
situation. It was a season of ups and downs. 

Along with Phillips, other key players were 
Co-captain Chad Solomonson, Chad Lorentz, 
and Goalie Drew Hook. 

Elon has made a firm foundation for a 
future team. With the experience that the 
younger players have gained through the 
season, they should be able to perfect it for a 
winning season. MARCY BAILEY 

Geoff Hoey skillfully keeps the ball from his Belmont 
Abbey opponent. 

1931 ^"HhCS SOCCTJI^ 

USC-Aiken 2 

Winthrop 3 

Belmont Abbey 1 

High Point 3 

St. Andrews 3 

Wofford 2 








Mars Hill 



























Cxirlrsv mI Hum W 

Front Row: Curtis Rambaransingh, Greg Lill, Jamie Phillips, Dave Myers, Lenny Mansilla, Dave t'hristiai 
John Wecht, Tom Beck, Jayson Crabtree; Second Row; John Lavender (Trnr), Andy Kemp, Bobby Mann, Dui 
Tonkin, Geoff Hoey, Steve Messinetti, Chad Lorentz, Yves Bauerle, Steve Nesbit (Mgr); Back Row: B 
Breweri Coach), Drew Hook, Tim Ribstein, Mike Crabtree, Marcus Ford, Derek Phillips, Chad Solomonsi 
Chris Mason, Nelson Palacios, Mike Parkman(Asst Coach). _ 



Chad Solomonson (9) and Andy Kemp (13) attempt to 
steal the ball away from their opponent. 

To the team: 

"We as a team achieved a 
great deal . The biggest 
achievement that I feel we 
all as players should feel 
proud about is the charac- 
ter that was brought about 
during the season . Good 
luck guys ! " 

f*^ 'De.nliThiitips 

Erick Gill 

Chad Lorentz takes control of the ball and takes off Dave Christiana collides with his defender as he 
down the field. attempts to shoot for a goal. 


Toum and Old ComSine for Success 

The season for the Elon College Women's 
Soccer Team seemed to be successful in 
every aspect. Combining experience of start- 
ing seniors Chris Greenspan and Heather 
Kline with the new found excitement of the 
younger starters, the team ended its sea- 
son with a 15-4 record. Despite the out- 
standing qualities, and diversity of the 
unit as a whole, they ended the season 
short in the finals of the District Tourna- 
ment against St. Andrews. 

Overall, it was a year where everyone 
worked as a whole, only letting Division I 
teams defeat them. They proved that being 
a young team has great potential for future 
seasons, and by the end of this season, all 
of the athletes had shown that they were 
executing to their best ability. The team 
was full of spirit, confidence, and competi- 
tiveness with 100 percent striving efforts. 
It definitely shows that team building is an 
effective measure for success. 

Elon's scheduled season may have ended, 
but a few of the women participated and 
represented the school at a volunteer clinic 
held by the Salvation Ai'my in February. 
You see, always giving 100 percent turns 
you into winners, trophy or no trophy! 

'W094'L9iS SOCCEOl 

Top 10 Favorite Sports of 

Elon Students, Faculty and 


(random survey) 

1. Football 

2 . Basketball 

3. Baseball 

4 . Soccer 

5. Tennis 

6. Golf 

7 . Volleyball 

8 . Swimming 

9. Skiing (Water/Snow) 
10. Softball 





St. Andrews 














NC State 











SAC Tournament 

- Isi 

District 26 - 








ElON ^ 
^ k 

- - w ^ ^ 
Courtesy of Hunt Ware 

Front Row: Brooke Harter, Kelley Carrigan, Kam Radford, Chris Greenspan, Katie McGrath, Erica Cutler. Kia 
Chapman. Shannon Currin; Second Row: IVIikeParkmanlAsst. Coach I.Traci Parker, Nancy Hogan, Elizabeth 
McDuffie, Carrie Larson, Jane Skidmore, Stephanie Shafer, John Lavender ( Trnr. ), Rob Brewer ( Coach ); Back 
Row: Toni DeRosa, Jennifer Eugair, Tracy Shuford, Kerry Bigger, Heather Kline, Kristen Wither, Tara 
MacDonald, Gina Nicoletti (Asst. Coach). 

Erick Gil 

Chris Greenspan takes a shot while teammate Carrie 
Larson backs her up. 


Kam Radford's shot has eluded the goalie's defense. 

On the season. . . 

"We had some show play- 
ers and hard workers, 
and I think you need 
both of those qualities 
for a winning season. 
It was sad we didn ' t go 
further, we really could 
have . " 

J{eatfier 'Kfine 

Erick Gill 

After a Lynchburg penalty, Jane Skidmore restarts Kia Chapman and her Lynchburg opponent fight for 
the play with a free kick. control of the ball. 


Lady iHitters Come on Strong 

In certainly one of the most satisfying 
and succesful seasons in school history, the 
volleyball team finished the season with an 
overall record of 24-7 and culminated it 
with their first-ever appearance in the Dis- 
trict 26 playoffs. Despite being defeated in 
the district title match by an unbeaten 
squad from Presbyterian College, head 
Coach Sue Leonards Lady Fightin' Chris- 
tians exceeded pre-season expectations. 
They also achieved or surpassed most, if 
not all, of the team's pre-season goals. 

After winning their first five matches 
and 10 of their first 12, the Lady Fightin' 
Christians proved that they were for real 
by placing 2nd at the Milligan Tourna- 
ment. Although Coach Leonard knew she 
had a solid team from the start, victories 
over two teams that had previously been 
ranked number one in their respective 
districts gave Elon a confidence that would 
carry them through the rest of the season. 

There is no question the future looks 
bright for Elon volleyball. Next year's 
squad promises to be loaded with talent 
and depth due to the loss of only three 
seniors from this year's team. MIKE 



High Point 
St. Andrews 
















Lenoir-Rhyne L W 

Carson-Newman L W 

Belmont Abbey L W 

Palm Beach Atlantic L W 
Bluefield L W 

Milligan W L 

Gardner-'Webb L W 

King L W 

SAC Tournament - 3rd 

Milligan W 

Wingate L 

Catawba L 

Queens L 
Gardner-Webb L 

Mars Hill L 

Methodist L 











Front Row: Jill Taylor, Sue Taylor. Lynn Hefty; Second Row: Greg Reisher (Mgr). Megan Crooks, Gillia 
Durham. Diane Wiesler, Candice Snider, Rebecca Raum, Sue Leonard (Coach); Back Row: Jennifer Loisel 
(Trnr.l. Priscilla Awkard. Cheryl Spivey, Angle Padon, Tracy Herring, Velma Degree, Susan Morris (Stat 

About Coach Leanord. . . 

"Coach Leanord is a great 
recruiter and she handles 
the team well . She is 
also like one of us, a 
friend and someone we 
can talk to. " 

Suzie Blanchfifld 

Megan Crooks completes a spike set from Candice 

Sue Taylor bumps the ball up to the front line. 

^112 •> ATHLETICS 

Suzie Blanchfi 

A spirited Kara Ruth Killough and partner Mark 
Leath perform a stunt cheer. 

Partners Amy Queen and Ken Reeves root on their 
Elon team. 

Chttritadtrs Gain 

Recently, cheerleading has been recognized 
as a legitimate sport all over the country. 
Cheerleaders are now being thought of as the 
true athletes they are. The situation at Elon 
is no different. Both the men and women 
cheerleaders, like all other athletes, spend 
countless, grueling hours trying out, practic- 
ing and working hard to have their skills 
perfected by game day. They are glad to 
finally have gained the appreciation their 
work deserves. KRISTIN TWILLEY 

During try-outs, Tamara Komlyn demonstrates part of 
the cheer to Juh Cochnar. 

VARSITY- Front Row: Wendy Law, Kara Ruth Killough, Tamara Komlyn, Sara Shannon, Jacki Roberts, Amy 
Queen; Back Row: Ben Roark, Mark Leath, Doug Finburg, Ken Seek, Chaz Allison, Kenneth Reeves. 

lOR VARSITY- Front row: Bridget Buker, 
' Craddock, Dorie Xoenig; Second row: Lisa 
{ens, Cathy Harwood, Lori Deer; Back row: Juli 
liar, Tricia Curry, Liz Church. 


Intramurais 'Means Tun Pit^^ 

Intramural Recreational Sersices is for 
everyone! This is the battle cry of Rex 
Waters who has headed the progi-am for 
the last two years. He and his staff of over 
100 people attempt to provide an activity 
for every student on campus. This variety 
of activities includes: intramurals, fitness, 
sports clubs, trips, and a number of recre- 
ational facilities. All of these have drawn 
over 2,000 participants from students, fac- 
ulty, and staff, and this can only get better. 

On June 1, construction is scheduled to 
begin on the new athletic facilities. Waters 
sees it as a blessing for the progi-am. The 
development will provide not only a recre- 
ational, but also a social center on campus. 
It will also allow for a higher quality of 
programming. The hopes are to broaden 
the scope of the existing program. 

Overall, Waters believes Elon has a very 
active student body that sees his organiza- 
tion as an opportunity to have fun. He 
would like to thank all of the faculty, staff, 
and students for making his program a 

During the white water rafting trip, participants 
break for a group photo. 

Courtesy of Rex Waters 

A weightlifting challenge allowed participants to test 
their strength against others. 

In the flag football championship game. Phi Mu and 
Alpha Omicron Pi fight for the title. 

Players battle it out in intramural basketball compe- 




Cuarlesy uf Rex Waters 

Dan Dill 

' >. ' ^^y^'^yjr. Student participants and staff of Intramural Recre- 
- ,. ational Services gather for a group shot. 

Runners take off at the start of the Homecoming road 
race. Participants included students, faculty and 


January 1991 

December 1 991 



MEN: Neil Lindley ' s Team 


MEN: Celtics 


WOMEN: Golden Girls 


MEN : Fiobar 

WOMEN: SSKB & Possee 

MEN : Spikeasaurus 

MEN: Rex Waters 

MEN: Keith Parsons 

Jim Drummond 

Brad Cokendolpher 

MEN : Righteous Bros . 




MEN: Spikeasaurus 


MEN: Rocky Mazzeo 

WOMEN: Sheila Watkins 

MEN: Richard Kickman 

MEN: Hyman Slater 

WOMEN: Paige Frazier 



Ray McCleod 



The organizations of Elon set up 
tables and gathered around Scott 
Plaza to participate in the "Organi- 
zation Sensation '91" fair. 

Kelly McKeone talks to students 
interested in joining Habitat for Hu- 
manity. Habitat is a service organi- 
zation whose main purpose is to 
help others. 



ith Lowerv 

In the attempt to juggle aca- of student life has evolved since 
demies and organizational in- the last leap year. New organi- 
volvement, students took the zations include Elon Volun- 
extra leap to challenge them- teers!, Habitat for Hu- 
selves and to gain well- manity, En-Act, Juggling Club, 


rounded experi- 
ence. Outside the 
academic curricu- 
lum, organiza- 
tions offered var- 
ied opportunities 
to students. With 

Women in 
munications, and 
several Greek or- 

The experi- 
ences gained 
through partici- 

about 85 different organiza- patingin organizations on cam- 

tions, students were involved pus proved valuable. Through 

in service-oriented clubs, honor group projects and individual 

societies, literary organiza- leadership, students learned 

tions, student activities, gov- to fulfill their roles among their 

ernment, and Greek organiza- peers and to become both more 

tions. culturally and socially aware. 
The extracurricular sector 




Sensation " 

The Organization Fair, entitled "Orga- 
nization Sensation '91" gave all organiza- 
tions on campus an opportunity to "sell" 
themselves to students. With tables set up 
around the fountain at Scott Plaza, each 
organization displayed signs and memora- 
bilia which told something about the group 
to prospective members. 

"Organization Sensation '9 1" did not hap- 
pen without problems. On the scheduled 
day, rain prevented the event. Postponed 
for the following day, everything seemed to 
be coming together until the rain began 

Beth Lowery 

once again. However, this time Felici 
Massey, the director of the fair for the pas 
three years, decided to go on as planned. 

As members of each organization se 
their tables up in the rain, their luc 
changed and the skies cleared up. 

There were many more organization 
this year participating in the fair, an 
Massey explained, "Hundreds gathere 
around the fountain as a sign that one 
again - the fair was a success." BETl 

Organization Fair 


SGA/CoUege Bowl 










Special Interest 






Social (Greeks) 


Erik Stromberg, Chuck Goldman, and Matt Torens, 
who represent the Lacrosse Club, display the equip- 
ment they play with. 


yh« HeoWi of Unlvera'h'Sfucfe 

Beth Lowery 

Dr. Jim Barbour and Dr. Ernest Lunsford talk to BACCHUS members Christy Foyles and Gemma 
students about the study abroad program at the Cuomo, along with friend Beth Brown, await inter- 
Organization Fair. ested students. 



Front row: Stephanie Kish, Tracy Anderson, Heather Burkle. Rachel Esposito; Second row: Stephanie 
Sabatino. April Craft, Amy Maxwell, Kerry Ehlers, Christine Byers, Jim Moss: Third row: Bill Spitz, David 
Gracy, Karin Lowe, Lisa Taschenberger, Johnny Battaglia, Juli Cochnar; Back row: Art Dornik, Dan Bowers, 
Mike Mooney, Bill Smith, Carter Smith, Matt McCue. 


Front row: Marc Colley, John Markham, Carter Smith, Dan Chambers; Back row: Heather McGlothin, Floyd 
Barrett, Chalmers Brumbaugh, Bonita Terry. 

College Bowl's annual all-campus 
tournament was held in October with 
eight teams representing Greeks, cam- 
pus organizations, and groups of friends. 
The fmal results, videotaped by a Com- 
munications class, saw Phi Mu fourth; 
Alpha Kappa Lambda third; a first-year 
team composed of Floyd Barrett, Heather 
McGlothin, Dan Chambers and Charlie 
Smith in second place; and the Kappa 
Sigma team of Scott McQueen, Carter 
Smith, John Markham, and Marc Colley 
finishing first in an extremely close 


The main goal of the Student Govern- 
ment is to help the student body by 
making the administration aware of stu- 
dent needs. 

We have started the year out with 
such committees as Spirit, Pendulum, 
and Environmental. Recycling has also 
been a campus concern. 

Some projects that we are working 
on include change machines, recycling, 
and bringing kiosks on campus. 

All of the elected members are work- 
ing very hard toward our goal! 

Ashley Pippin, David Gracy, andJohnny Battaglia 
sell homecoming carnival tickets to Bill Hankel 
and Desmond Knowles. 

Laurie Sumner 





Front row: Susan Howard. Roger Hermodsson, Stacey Jernigan, Michelle Cox, Melissa Fore, Gina Hampshire, 
Chad Lanier, Kathy Cashmark; Back row: Chris Peden, Tony Holland, Patrick Doolan, Carter Crews, Erik 
Townsend, Michael Buckner, Eddie Meadows, Chistopher Paterno. 


Front row: Carrie Daku, Kathy Cashmark, Sid Siddiqi, Donna Isley, Reagan Smithdeal, Quing Shi ; Second 
row: Michelle Cox, Brenda Owens. Lisa Holleman, Carol Walker; Third row: Christopher Paterno, Melissa 
Allen, Michelle May; Fourth row: Steve Aiello, Tammy Hornaday, Andrea Ross, Stacey Jernigan; Fifth row: 
Keith Neus, James Blake, Stefan Topalovich, Charles Whitman ( President ); Back row: Michael Buckner, Chris 
Peden, Ron Tieskoetter. 







Front row: Susan Koser, Heather Williamson. Libby Lang, Angie Scearce, Jenny Gerami, Elizabeth Finer, 
Laura Kinney; Second row: Heather Kline, Amy Cheek, T.J. Barnes, Amy Squires, Jessica Lemhach, Cara 
Cassell, Katharine Chipman, Siobhan Mellett, Robin Oakley; Third row: Kathy Mangum, Emily Murray, 
Dawn Darnall, Katy Hall, Liese Bouknight, Tracy Bolduc, Susan Johnston. Carol Scott, Alicia Crotts. 







Ueth Lowery 

Front row: David Wyrick, Kerry Ehlers, Gina Nicoletti, Annette Cain, Ruth Alderink, Carolyn DiBella, Julie 
Johnson; Second row: Scott Dekker, Steven Stewart, Rebecca Raum, Sonja Stevens, Rocky Mazzeo, Sheila 
Watkins, Kate Lamson; Back row: Ki-istin Twilley, Lauren Ounjian, Jill Tayler, Liz Ward, Sara Joyner, Kristy 
Hardy, Jane Frye, Dr. Jim Drummond. 

The HPEL Club, as a group, volun- 
teers itself for the Special Olympics that 
is held at Elon. The support of this 
activity is very important to the hun- 
dreds of participants. It allows these 
special people to show their hidden tal- 
ents and feelings that very rarely sur- 
face. It also allows the participants to 
feel like part of a group. On this special 
day many smiles, cheers, and friendly 
hugs are given and received. These 
smiles and cheers give these indviduals 
a feeling of self-worth and need. This 
activity is very self-rewarding to both 
the participants and volunteers. 

Members of the HPEL Club are more 
than just volunteers, they are true 

I TT tn 


The student division of the North 
CaroHna Association of Educators is com- 
posed of individuals that desire a career 
in education. 

We have four meetings each year that 
consist of speakers and panel discus- 
sions which center around current is- 
sues in education. 

Members are also invited to attend 
state and regional meetings which offer 
further development. 

This group welcomes anyone, from 
any state, seeking a position in the edu- 
cational system. This nation-wide orga- 
nization functions to improve all aspects 
of education. 

Susan Koser helps a child with her math assign- 
ment. Susan is a student teacher at Eastlawn 
Elementary School. 




Front row: Stephanie Scott, Steve Ross (President), Lorie Blossman; Second row: Todd Hershey, Emilie 
Puckett (Vice President), Brian Boxell (Secretary), Elizabeth Tubman, Lisa Roper: Back row: Duane 
McClearn, Seena Granowsky. Paul Fromson. 

Front row: Diana Williams, Beth Neill, John Prescott, Liese Bouknight; Second row: Janice Richardson, Emily 
Viverette, Lori Tyler, Cheryl Holt, Peggy Craft, Wesley Alexander; Back row: Bill Barbee, Helen Wallan, 
Graham Gersdorff. Rosalind Reichard, Cindy Dyer, Richard Haworth, Todd Coleman. 




Front row: Taniara Sherman, Monica Sherman, Monica Johnson, Megan Mitchell, Katherme Dean, Jeanine 
Cardinale, Jennifer Smith, Bethany Morde, Bronwen Cralev, Marina Hanburv; Second row: Satoko Takeda, Dewi 
Hoesin, Jerald Packer, Amv Anderson, Jodi Pearlman, Christine Milliard, Caron Register, Jessica A. Duman, Kara 
Morley, Ginger Wray, Mark Prescott, Charity Self, Elizabeth Grubbs, Marc Wachtel, Professor Jonathan Green; 
Third row: Terrance Covington, Aaron Borst, Cheryl Haworth, Floyd Barrett, Jenifer Clancy; Back row: Stacey 
Ayers, Kristin Hill Beckv Wifmer Melissa Wells, Alison Stowe, David Ray, J. P. Ayers, Martin Hill, Bryan lames. 

Beth L,owery 

Front row: Kara Morley, Bonita Terry, Rachael Esposito, Jennifer Smith; Second row: Marc Wachtel, Floyd 
Barrett, Jason Pearce. Karin Sweet, Susan McMeans; Third row: Elizabeth Grubbs, Kristen Roser, Jodi 
Pearlman, Will Hancoch; Bank row: Lindee LeNoir, Jessica Doman, Todd Herman, Aaron Borst, Jeffrey 

The Chamber Singers made their first perfor- 
mance at the opening of Fall Convocation. 


rhe Elon College Dance Ensemble, a 15 
mber dance company, offers auditioned 
icers the opportunity for performance 
lut five times a year. The annual Elon 
ristmas Concert is one such performance 
)ortunity. This annual December con- 
t combines live orchestra, choral music, 
1 dance to make for a festive evening of 
combined performing arts of Elon. 



Front row: Christie Schertzer, Shannon Riley; Second row: Katy Morns, 
Ehzabeth Hildner; Back row: Alicia Crotts, Livia Poindexter, Danielle 
Coughlin, Bill Kapela, Melanie Urban, Norman Newborn. 


Front row: Michele Pasquine, Karen Ayers, Andrea Lauri, Bridget Gibson, Heidi Wein, Christy Chappell; 
Second row: Leslie Groves, Meg Webber, Angie Smith, Melissa Wells, Debbie Johnson, Trish Cooney, Molly 
Romanet; Back row: Jeff Ellison, Ashley Wade, Kris McClure, Mark Zolkowski, Lavelle McGovney, William 



Front row: Jennifer Cowman, Deborah Durkee; Back row: Brad Hanim (Advisor), Ted Toomer, Jennifer 
Atkins, Charity Apple, Bianca Brock-Smith, DeeDee Carowan, Christine Rudiger, Murray Glenn. 



Front row: Laurie Meeks. Laurie Wommack. Kim Beane. Tracie Hickman; Back row: 
(Advisor), Neil Smith, Michael Dixon, Lori LeBlanc, Steven Davis. 

Rosemary Haskell 

Courtesy of Laurie Wommack 

Colonnades sponsored its third an- 
nual "Phantasm and Phobia," a literary 
celebration of fear. Ten students and 
faculty members read excerpts, poems, 
and chants by authors such as Steven 
King, Edgar Allen Foe, and William 

Kim Beane, Rosemary Haskell. Neil Smith, Laurie 
Wommack. Elizabeth Pinerand J. Trevor 0.\enham 
were a few of the readers at "Phantasm and Pho- 


For the first time, a computer was 
purchased for Phi Psi CH to produce the 
yearbook. We used a Macintosh along 
with the YEARTECH computer pro- 

With YEARTECH, all page layouts 
are produced on the computer and the 
laser printouts are sent to the publish- 
ing plant. 

Using this program has provided the 
staff with the capability to see what the 
finished product will actually look like 
via the laser printer in our office. It has 
also been a time saver!! 

Editor Beth Lowery works on the new Macintosh 
computer purchased for the yearbook staff. 

Carltcin VVhittl. 



Front row: Kathy Nicol (Advertisements), Kristin Twilley (Athletics), Carrie Daku (Organizations), FeHcia 
Massey (Advisor); Back row: Dan Dill (Photography ), Bekah Sacco (Arts & Academics), Beth Lowery (Editor 
-in- Chief), Bill Walker (Copy). Not pictured: Ben Cannon (Photography), Darin Stolte (Advertisements). 


Front row: Tracy Anderson, Angela Hackett, Andrea Suber, Suzie Blanchfield, Heather Johnson, Dani 
DeVeau; Back row: Joe Ferrell, Sara Joyner, Henry Boyd. 


,^ ^ '■-'', 





Front row: Scott Ryan. Patrick Vernon, Karen Ayers, Danny Barnes ( News Director I, Matthew Warned General 
Managerl, Marc Wachtel, Joe Jacanin; Second row: Lee Rajczewski, Heather Graham, Jamie Musumeci, 
Kristin Meyer, Ingrid Quinn, Karin Lowe, Mark Wynns, Brad Phillips, Mark Wheeler; Back row: Don Grady 
(Advisor), Andrea Caperton, Chip Adcock, Rogers Harrison, Daniel Kelly, Tyler Proueaux, Robert Orleman, 
Matthew Dols, Dane Frederiksen, Andrew Sims. 

Dane Frederiksen, Mark Wynns, Scott 
Ryan, Daniel Kelly, Marc Wachtel, Joe 
Jacanin, and Mark Wheeler stop under the 
WSOE Adopt A Highway sign after they 
removed the trash. 


Scholarship, sisterhood, and 
service are the focus of this so- 
rority. Delta Sigma Theta, 
founded in 1913 on the campus 
of Howard University, is com- 
mitted to doing things for oth- 

Public service is the main goal. 

Delta is also social in that it 
participates in social activities. 

To date, members have par- 
ticipated in the blood drive, 
worked with Elon Homes for 
Children, sponsored a food drive 
for Thanksgiving, and will work 
with the Adolescent Coalition 
for Teenage Pregnancy in 1992. 

We are on the move! 

Courtesy of Delta Sigma Theta 





Courtesy of Delta Sigma Theta 

Front row: Joanne Davis; Second row: Raquel Coulbourn, Monika Ousley, Bonita Terry; Back row: Tanya 
Davis, DeNedra Bluitt, Cara Cassell, Lisa Roper, Shondra McMulley. 



Dan Dill 

Front row: Diane Knudson, Christy Foyles; Back row: Andrea 
Lauri, Gemma Cuomo. 







Mark Wachtel 

Front row: Deirdre Settles, Stephanie Scott, Christine McDonald, Caryn Cagno, Jennifer Vann; Back row: 
John Barnhill, Kelly McKeone, Richard McBride (Advisor), Lori Easom. 

Elon Volunteers! is a student ori- 
ented network that matches student 
interests and talents with different ser- 
vice organizations. 

The One-To-One program, Meals-On- 
Wheels, Elon Homes for Children, and 
Habitat for Humanity are just a few of 
the organizations that Elon students 
are able to serve. 

Pictured are Kristy Short, Susan 
Bunnell, Anna Meador, Anne Haberly, 
Edie Knowles, Katy Dean, Kathy 
Cashmark, Stephanie Morecock, who 
are a few volunteers that participated 
in Family Day at Dogwood Forest Rest 
Home. They participated in the opening 
ceremony, played games with the resi- 
dents, and helped serve food. 


Courtesy of Susan Bunne 

/.^^ ^ -^ *v ' 

i^ tt ^IVP «v II Iff 

Advisor of Habitat for Humanity the 
Reverend Richard McBride helps build 
the house for a needy family last spring. 
The house was constructed at the intra- 
mural field across from the Elon Fire 
Station and moved to its permanent site 
after it was completed. 



Front row; DebbieDonovan. Anna Meador; Second Row: Eliza- 
beth Breeden. Lori LeBlanc. Tracie Hickman; Third row: Marila 
Wolf, Mark Garland, Stacey Riley; Back row: Anne Haberly, 
Stephanie Morecock, Liese Bouknight, Ginger Wray. 




Front row: Andrea Lauri, Susan Johnston, Molly Romanet, Susan Boyce, Lori Lichtenwalner; Second row: 
John Denning, Rachel Esposito, Kim Stein, Angela Hackett, Meredith Webster, Robert Yancey, Ann Johnson; 
Back row: Dan Chambers, Joe Abate, David Hendrixson, Emily Viverette, Becky Navoy, Brian Hendrickson, 
Steve Messinetti, Drew Hook. 






Front row: David Duncun, Richard Thomas, Steve Messinetti; 
Second row: Marina Hanburg, Mike Beck; Back row: Chrissie 
Mistishen, Not pictured: Mike Brown, Jackie Corhss. 

"The race is not won by the swift, 
but by those who keep on running." 
We trek triumphantly through 
trees and troughs seeking thrills upon 
thrills. No forest, mountain, river or 
trail will be untouched by us. In sync 
with nature, we venture slowly, mod- 
erately or quickly through the beauti- 
ful vegetation at places such as Duke 
Forest or the Botanical Gardens. 
Appreciate your body and nature at 
the same time. 

Christine Albertazzi and Chrissie Mistishen 
enjoy one of the many runs that the Achilles 
Club have each week. 

Suzie Blanch 


Members of the Lacrosse Club play a prac- 
tice game. 












Font row: Charles Sistarre, Staci Hibner, Chad Faust; Second row: Tim Brown, Susan Pollock, Peter 
Rosenbaum, Lisa Sowards, Lori Cooper, Cindy Trogdon, Dawn Pearson; Back row: Brian HoUamon, Bill 
Hankel, Rex Waters, Mark Turner, Gray West. 


Front row: Ben Shaner, Paul Longworth, Jay McNeely, Ford Jones; Second row: Matt Torrens, Frank 
Taylor, Stephen Lindemeyer; Back row: Chris Kruser, Toby Drysdales, Jeramy Stearns, Michael Tryon, 
Doug Ruark, Dan Wood. 





























Front row: Carolyn Ronispert, John Denning. Lisa Helms, April Craft; Second row: Floyd Barrett, Scott Ryan, 
Tracie Hickman, Lori LeBlanc.GregReisher, Bernard Coulter; Back Row: Henry Boyd, T.J. Mitchell, Kerstin 
A. Lanik, Michael McCarthy, Neil Smith. 

1 I- ■ 

t -^: 



Front row: Megan Ma.xfield. Chris Gallavan, Mark Garland, Andy Halsey, Matt Smith, Dan Howard, Russ 
Tieskoetter, Tom Roche; Back row: Sue Taylor, Luke Altenberg, T.J. Mitchell, Scott Miller, Cpt. Lester 
Coleman, William Shumate, Scott Dreibelbis, Melissa Ogline, Phil Bianco, Maria Quinones. 

The Young Democrats of Elon College 
is a student organization that is commit- 
ted to promoting political dialogue on 
campus. Our activities include many 
various campaign responsibilities on 
both the state and national levels. Some 
of the activities that we have sponsored 
are debates, voter registration drives, 
conventions, bringing speakers to cam- 
pus, and open forums. 

One responsibility of the Pershing Rifles is In 
march out with the flags to open up the football 
games. Matt Smith leads his group onto the field. 


EN-ACT (Environmental Action) has 
been very active this year and was deter- 
mined to bring recychng back to Elon. 
Our top priority of the Fall Semester 
was achieved by reimplementing a recy- 
cling program on campus. 

The college installed convenient trash 
bins for students to drop off their 
recyclables. All clean glass, aluminum, 
and mixed paper can be taken to the 
drop-off center located in the commuter 
parking lot. 

EN-ACT took on the responsibilities 
of its installation, publicity, and main- 
tenance and has been impressed of the 
response by students and faculty. 

Trish Cooney, Bill Walker, Susan Pollack, Heather 
Baird, Dan Chambers and Lisa Taschenberger 
proudly show off the new recycling trash bins. 



Beth Lowery 

Front row: Andrea Lauri, Trish Cooney, Rachel Harriger; Back row: Lisa Tashenberger, Dan Chambers, 
Heather Baird. 




Commun i cation s 

Carlton Wliittk- 

Front row: Tara Mori. Debbie Donovan, Keri-Ann Thomas. Courtenay Dubois, Stephanie Kish; Back row: Pat 
Kinney (Advisor), Kim Anderson, Karin Lowe, Marie Zimmerman, Jessica Jewell. 



Front row: David Huang, Mayne Griffith 
(President), Sid Siddiqi, Pam Brumbaugh 
(Advisor). Sohaib Bhatti, Chalmers 
Brumbaugh, Nathan Lewis; Second row: 
Olivier Velten, Syed Akbar, Varun Rao (Vice 
President), Dewi Hoesin, Shirley Chan, 
Satoko Takeda, Qing Shi, Chandana 
Chakrabarti, HongqingZhu. lijaz Jafri, Bill 
Rich; Third row: Elizabeth Tubman, Leslie 
Gipple, Oscar Lansen; Fourth row: Maria 
Luz Martinez (Secretary/Treasurer), 
Alexandra Fohn, Natalia Reyes, Sarah 
Yates, Jennifer Drayson; Fifth row: Mireya 
Procel. Alberto Procel. Karen Kucharski, 
Roy McCormick, Gerardo Rodriguez; Back 
row: Juan Galvis, B.J Kim, R.D.Rao, Ernest 


, ^^ 

1 ..xf.i^.i 
t » - ® * 



^ ^^^ \iL "^ 

ll iJ 

r^'imm 4 1 

The International Students Associa- 
tion enjoys its annual celebration of the 
Thanksgiving holidays at President and 
Mrs. Young's home. The festivities in- 
cluded socializing, a mystery hunt, a 
geography quiz, and a yummy meal of 
traditional North American foods. In- 
ternational and North American stu- 
dents and faculty turned out to support 
the event. Elon currently hosts 46 inter- 
national students from 27 countries. 

Satoko Takeda, Dewi Hoesin, Qing Shi, Varun 
Rao, and Shirley Chan enjoy their evening at 
President Youngs home. 


Courtesy of Olivier Velten 


In the Elon College Juggling 
Club's premiere year, it has greatly 
grown and expanded beyond its 
expectations. This year they solely 
sponsored and hosted the Pre-Hal- 
loween Juggling Extravaganza. At 
this event, Ben Cannon, the founder 
and president, performed some of 
his new tricks, and also the skills of 
juggling and unicycle riding were 
taught in workshops. The future of 
this young club looks bright, be- 
cause the door is always open to 
new members, no matter what their 
level of skill. BEN CANNON 

Ben Cannon, Jen Peer, Tres Morley, and 
Darren Kornas show their juggling talent. 

Courtesy of Ben Cannon 


Dean Washburn, Darren Kornas, Jenn Peer, Tres Morley, Ben Cannon, Todd Townsend 

Courtesy of Ben Cannon 



Dan Dill 

Front row: Alicia Crotts, Debbie Johnson, Andrea Lauri; Second row: Emily Murray, Liese Bouknight, Todd 
Fisher, Tammy Corrigan, Shannon Moody; Back row: Tina Mashbum, Regina Isenhour. 







Hen Cannon 

Front row: Sue Dahrouge, Anne Lovern. Heather Finlayson, Christiel Rhen, Beth Brown, Lynn Tomhnson, 
Darla Allen, Ruth Alderink, Chrissie Mistishen; Second row: Andrea Lauri, A.shlee Kirby, Gina Beacham, 
Shannon Kuhns, Charles Myers. Bill Spitz, Susan McMeans, Karin Sweet; Third row: Beth Towe, Aileen 
O'Leary, Julie Handy, Meg Webber, Emily Peeples, Sharon Handy, Resa Valentine, Cheryl Malloch, Leslie 
Groves.Ann Hawkins; Back row: DeeDeeCarowan,ChristopherRussell,Meredith Webster, Lisa Naatjes, Jeff 
Harlow, Angie Smith. 

Over 65 people traveled with 
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship for a 
fall weekend get-away to Ocean Isle, NC 
this September. They had good clean 
fun, sang songs, held relays on the beach, 
and put on a group talent show. 

An annual event, Intervarsity Chris- 
tian Fellowship gears the beach retreat 
to freshman outreach and building new 
relationships within the group. 

Courtesy of DeeDee Caro* 


What is Newman 

Newman Society soon to be known as 
[Catholic Campus Ministry particpates 
n the following activities: 

-Weekly Mass on-campus 

-Ski and beach weekends 

-Christmas shopping for an area 

foster child 


-Road trips to visit Catholics on other 


-Raising money for Holiday food 

-Prayer services, speakers, discussion 


-Homecooked meals 
^d so much more... CATHY RUSIN 





r ': 

Front row: Rachael Esposito, Alicia Holtzapfel (Vice President), Bridget Gibson; Second row: Debbie 
Donovan, Andrea Lauri, Becky Middleton, Joe Stanko (President); Back row: Dan Chambers, Cathy Rusin 
(CathoHc Campus Minister), Chris Peden. 

Mark Wheeler 

Front row: Sonia Blakeney, Zenia Stevens, Tanya Davis, Stephanie Humphries, Courtnay China, Nataira 
Robinson, Andrea Suber, Nicole Williamson, Linda Goode, Monika Ousley; Back row: Meredith Webster, 
Tonya Stanley, Shondra McMuUen, Ted Toomer, David LeGrant, Joanne Davis, David Ray, Sonya Stanley, 
Tracey Helton, Deirdre Settles, Latricia Moore, Bianca Brock-Smith, Not Pictured: Yolanda Hood, Tamari 








Front row: Eddie Meadows, Michael Buckner. Dawn Darnall, Lisa Helms, Jennifer Lowery, Jeff Walters; 
Back row: Michael Dixon (President), Lori Lichtenwalner, Stuart Davis, Karalee Little, Laurie Wommack. 

Front row: Ruth Alderink, Emily Murray, Jeff Walters, Gayle Smee, Beth Nance, Maggie Petty, Chrissie 
Mistishen, Susan McMeans; Back row: Stuart Davis, Michele Dixon, Susan Sutphen, Stephanie DeSaro, 
Bonita Terry, Jane Frye, Sue Dahrouge. 

One of the purposes of a college Fel- 
lowship of Christi an Athletes group is to 
work with the area high schools. Each 
spring, all of the area schools get to- 
gether with Elon College for the Week- 
end of Champions. 

Testimonies and athletic events are 
the center of the weekend. The Elon 
College FCA members encourage the 
youth of Alamance County to believe in 
Jesus Christ for their help and salvation 
and to turn from drugs and alcohol. 
However, the greatest testimony to these 
young high school students is a demon- 
stration of love by someone who is a role 
model. Whether college students want 
to admit it or not, they are role models. 

Courtesy of Drew Van Horn 


Five representatives of Elon College's 
Baptist Student Union participated in a 
weekend retreat from September 27-29, 
199 1 . Karalee Little, Michael Dixon, Angle 
Smith, Dawn Darnall, and Stephanie Lee 
attended the program "God's Call" at 
Ridgecrest - a Baptist retreat located near 
Asheville, North Carolina. The weekend 
consisted of worship services, small group 
activities, and even square dancing. 

Members took an active role in the pro- 
gram with Angle Smith serving on the 
Ridgecrest Planning Committee and 
Karalee Little speaking about her summer 
missions work in Durham, N.C. Sopho- 
more Stephanie Lee summed up the mes- 
sage of the retreat as learning that "God's 
call can be something you want to do." 



Font row: Mark Zolkowski, Laura Kinney, Karalee Little, Laurie Wommack; Second row: Jana Lynn 
Patterson, Julie Handy, Cristy Goodson, Stacy Boswell, Rebecca Payne, Robyn Evers, Hulen Brown (Presi- 
dent); Back row: David Atkins, Linda Weavil, Art Dornik, Emily Murray, Cathy Miller, Shondra McMullen, 
Chris Bell, Herbert House, Ellen Gagnon. 


Front row: Rachel Esposito, Karalee Little, Jennifer Atkins, Samyria King; Second row: Brenda Owens, Laura 
Kinney, Laurie Wommack, Tracie Hickman, Judy Drye; Back row: Kevin Stott, Brian Allen, Roger 
Hermodsson, Tom Sather, April Craft, Dawn Darnall, Andrea Ross. 



Front row: Jennifer Jennings, Kimberly Cinelli, Jennifer Riley, Melissa Harrell, Deborah Jones, Chrissie 
Mistishen; Back row: Steven Davis, Kevin Smith, Kris McClure, Herbert House, Tom Sather, Peter Boutros, 
Donald Stillwell III. 

Beta Beta Beta took its annual trip to 
Whitsett to see a herpetologist or collec- 
tor of reptiles. Ron Keys allowed Tri- 
Beta members to view his vast collection 
which included live iguanas, tortoises, 
and snakes. Students were fascinated 
and repulsed as the reptiles hissed, 
rattled their tails, and flicked their 
tongues in greeting. 

Isa Lamerton, Melissa Harrell, Traci Ragsdale, 
Kevin Smith, Anne Walker, Jennifer Jennings, 
and Steven Davis were a few of the students who 
traveled to Boone for a regional convention of Beta 
Beta Beta chapters. 


Kappa Delta Pi sponsored a panel 
discussion in which four education ma- 
jors shared their varying experiences in 
the schools. The panel members were 
Ginger Price, Kevin Byrd, Leesa Sutton, 
and Amy Cheek. LAURIE WOMMACK 

Courtesy of Laurie Wommack 




Front row: Heather Williamson, Angelia Scearce, Rachel Esposito, Laurie Wommack, Karalee Little, Angela 
Robertson; Second row: Ashley Wade, Kris McClure, Cheryl Fowler, Tina Mashburn, Patrick Vernon; Third 
row: April Craft, Michael Dixon, Wendy Ezzell, Patsy Shorter, Laura Kinney, Dawn Darnall; Back row: Betty 
James Maness (Counselor), Todd Coleman, Steven Davis, Rebecca Payne, Liese Bouknight, Joyce Speas. 




Front row: Jennifer Atkins, Lynn Malkus, J.J. Stubblefield, Stephanie Kish, Kerri Hudzinski;Back row: Mark 
Wynns, Debbie Donovan, Jeff Ellison, Cyndi Pinelli, Allison Cooke, Paula Livingston, Brad Phillips. 




Front row; Chad Edwards, Jay Mare, Elizabeth Grubbs (Vice President); Second row; Shannon Riley, Holly 
Good, Samantha Weatherly, Claudia Wendt, Back row: Neil Smith, Mike Maloney, Dirk Hofman ( President), 
Loren Tarquinio (Treasurer/Secretary), Jennifer Avery. 


Front row; Karalee Little, Travis Matthews, Lauren Ounjian, Julie Gum, Lori LeBlanc. Ashley Smith, Heidi 
DePreiter; Back row: Tina Mashburn, Leesa Sutton, Carter Smith, Carole Troxler, Nancy Midgette, Brian 
Allen, Michael Beck. 

The most visible work of Alpha Psi 
Omega could be seen in Elon's fall pro- 
duction of "Fiddler on The Roof." 

This particular show was large enough 
to provide members to partake with ac- 
tivities such as on the performance level, 
backstage work, costuming, and 
makeup. Such activities enabled stu- 
dents to extend their active involvement 
in the theater program. 


Sigma Delta Pi organized a Spanish 
fiesta for all Spanish majors and mi- 
nors. The event was held at Long 
Lounge. We were fortunate to have 
Mariluz Martinez, a native of Spain, to 
instruct the students how to dance and 
sing to Spanish music. The party was a 
success. It gave us a chance to all 
become more acquainted with the Span- 
ish heritage. STEPHANIE KISH 

Courtesy of Stephanie Kish 




Front row: Stephanie Kish, Loren Kurzweil; Second row: 
Professor Jane Romer, Connie Keller; Back row: Professor 
Ernest Lunsford, Professor Gerardo Rodriguez. 


Epsilon /^ i 

Front row: Dawn Olmstead, Tamara Glenn, Brenda Owens, Lora Lee Hildreth; Second row: Cynthia Bailey, 
Janie Morton, Karla Simmons, Olivier Velten; Back row: Steve Powers, Eric Gregson, Diane Wiesler, Jennifer 
Lee, Alston Flynn (Advisor). 














Front row: Paige Frazier, LaToya Witt, Melodie Walker; Second row: Tricia Talbert, Casey Jennings, Kerry 
Scordo, Christie Brown, Monika Ousley; Back row: David Atkins (Advisor), Susan Pollock, Sarah Rogers, Tara 
Mori, Bianca Brock-Smith, Shondra McMulley, Lynn Jackson. 

The National Panhellenic Council of Elon 
College played an essential role in find- 
ing volunteers to work and to donate 
blood for the American Red Cross Blood 
Drive on October 15. The Council was 
also responsible for some of the advertis- 
ing tasks, which drew many students, 
faculty, and members of the community 
to Jordan Gym to support the Red Cross 

All greek organizations have a box in the student 
center to decorate. Nicohle Rhorer and Missy 
Frick decorate the ZTA box for Halloween. 


IFC President Steve Felt and Vice Presi- 
dent Rocco Wadsworth sign up inter- 
ested rushees at Fall Open House. 

VI h Lowery 




Front row: Marcus Ford (Secretary), Patrick Dillon (Treasurer), F. J. Carney (Second Vice President), Rocco 
Wadsworth (First Vice President), Steve Felt (President), David Atkins (Advisor); Second Row: Tim 
Stephenson, Donald Henry, Mark Hill, Kevin Latchford; Back row: Scott Larson, Stephen Herbster, Dave 
Olson, Ben Frick, Britt Deviney, Jonathan Hoover. 



Founded: 1897. Vincennes University 
Local Chapter: Epsilon Theta. 1977 
Colors: Blue and Orange 
Philanthropy: United Way 


Founded: 10/15/1898, Longwood College 
Local Chapter: Eta Zeta. 1971 
Colors: Turquoise and grey 
Philanthropy: Association of Retarded 



Front row: Gregg Cuesta, Scott McElroy, Jim Lanning; Second row: Doug Ruark, Bob Kirchner, Kathy Nicol 
(Sweetheart), Rocco Wadsworth, Kenny Carpowitz; Third row: John Kreusch, Bill Hanckel, Chris Bell, Matt 
Bollinger; Fourth row: Tom Renner, Brian Courneen, John Peckens; Fifth row: Heath Frillici, Jason Charette, 
Chris Phillips; Back row: Kevin Latchford, Mike Munis, John Ouellette, Scott Walker. 

Front Row: Trey Johnson, Chrissy Belvin. Cindy McCall, Kathy Nicol, Sarah Rogers, Kevin Kirkland 
(Sweetheart), Natalie Kaczanowski, Pam Nichols, Tricia Talbert. Amy Cavas, Lisa Scherer, Stacy Saucier, 
Elizabeth Tisdale, Megan Fravel, Michelle Giaquinto; Second row: Ruth Schulman. Megan Clark, Laura 
Lockamy, Ki-istie Hegarty, Michele LaFrance, Amy Melander, Christy Clark, Lorraine Swallow, Julie 
Quisenberry, Heather Johnson, Heather Wessell, Suzanne Morel, Maddie Rabb, Whitney Kraft, Julie 
Whitestone, Chana Oakley; Third row: Jane Weigand, Deborah Grant, Diana Ho, Missy Frick, Katie Keneally, 
Ashley Pippin. Dawn Olmstead. Julie Siegel, Katie Surdyk, Jennifer Williams, Laura Stevenson, Tracy Walz, 
Kelly O'Dare, Buffy Burnette, Leslie Walsh, Nancy Kirk; Fouth row: Julie Johnson, Ashleigh Johnson, Kara 
Brennen; Back row: Carrie Daku, Julie Regiec, Lindsay Robinson, Amy Muth, Beth Lowery, Meghan Davis, 
Bambi Martin, Devra Wright, Dani DeVeau, Heather Wissert, Suzanne Grady, Cam Wine. 

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha take 
pride in their philanthropy, the Asso- 
ciation for Retarded Citizens ( ARC ). The 
chapter serves ARC with financial as- 
sistance and support through fund rais- 
ers and service projects. This past fall 
ZTA held a Halloween party at a local 
church for the mentally and physically 
retarded children in the Burlington area. 
The children were very receptive and 
enjoyed the Halloween food and games. 
The experience gave the sisters an op- 
portunity to help the children celebrate 
Halloween in a special way. TRICIA 


Courtesy of Zcf .i 

Sigma Pi Jon Kreusch walks over to meet 
Sigma Chi's H.I.B. McNeilly and Adam 
Ruyle at the Fall Open House. 

Beth Lowery 

Founded: 4 120/ 1898, Longwood College 
Local Chapter: Delta Beta, 1970 
Colors: Purple and White 
Philanthropy: Robbie Page Memorial Fund 

Front row: Stephanie Kish, Rebecca Senf, Samantha Colosi: Second row: Tara Mori, Angle Scarce, Jen Byron, 
Ashley Smith, Michelle Eadie, Janice Ward, Amy Buck, Lauren Kelly; Third row: Courtney Smith, Beth 
Echols, Nancy Stockdell, Mary Harwell, Tiffany Luther, Loren Kurzweil, Keri Ann Thomas, Cathy Miller; 
Fourth row: Chantale Mackler, Amy Anderson, Mimi Bonnett, Kristen Kluttz, Susan McMeans, Sam Colbert; 
Fifth row: Aimee McLean, Lori Haley, Emily Chandler, Bevin McManus, Missy Pollard, Krista Horton, Tara 
Faulkner, Patrick Dillon (Sweetheart); Back row: Julie Moore, Bryson Croft, Stephanie Embury, Jen Karsten. 

Founded: 6/28/1855. Miami University 
Local Chapter: Theta Omega, 1987 
Colors: Blue and Gold 
Philanthropy: Cleo Wallace Foundation 

Front row: Rob House, Kevin Kirkland, Eddie Grey; Second row: Jack Forde, H.LB. McNeilly, Andy Kemp, 
Brendon Hamlin, Matt Balberde, Stephen Byrum, Mike Crabtree; Third row: Greg Speed, Chris Meffe, Adam 
Ruyle, David Bennett, Jon Hodges, Brendon Riley, John Taylor; Fourth row: Mac Schafer, Ben Frick, John 
Archer, Kevin Roley, John Wecht; Fifth row: Kevin Parker, Mike Mooney, Brian Watts, Dave Olsen, Andy 
Hughes, Rand Hinds, Chuck Walker, Doug Ix; Back row: Allen Layne, Bill Beardslee, Brian Gribble, Keith 
Nuse, Ben Smith, Lance Stewart, Terry Thompson, Chad Solomomson. 

SOCIAL ^149 J) 

Founded: UUI 1901, Richmond College 
Local Chapter: 1973 
Colors: Pi/rple and Red 
Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy 

Founded: 3141 1S52, Wesleyan College 
Local Chapter: Pi Kappa Tau. 1972 
Colors: Rose and White 

Philanthropy: Project HOPE and 

Children 's Miracle Network 

The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon were 
involved in many social and community 
service projects. lOE held a bike-a-thon 
and a 100 inning softball marathon for the 
Muscular Distrophy Association. We also 
donated money toward Habitat for Hu- 
manity. This fall I<fcE captured its 5th 
Flag Football Championship in a row. 

Jon Slaunwhite, Dave Strother, Tony Harahan, 
and Gary Juhl rest after winning the football 


Carrie Daku 

Laying: Scott Da\is, K(iln-it Knsf; Kiirelini;: Kustdc Nt-wtdii, Dunalil .Stillwt'll III, P. Andy Ellen, David 
Wollwine; Front Row: Rick Ulasewich, Kevin Anderson, Jon Slaunwhite, Kelly O'Darel Sweetheart I. Chris 
Clews, Mark Sprague; Second row: Tim Semanchik, Tony Harahan, Gary Juhl, Brian Brennan, Dustin Wilder, 
Scott Scheldt; Third row: Mike Pyle, Pat Gillman, Bobby Mann, Joe Gilty, Geoff Bowman, Patrick Dillon; Back 
row: Mark Frisbee, Drew Peden, Chris Larson, Steve Lyons, Derrick Leviner, Andy Smith, Jason Haftl, Bill 
Keene, Tripp O'Hara, Mike Jones, Evan Henoch. 

Front row: Ashley Moore, Ali Hoefer, Valerie Smith, Sue Kerr, Jen Cowman, Kerri Hudzinski, Kara Gregson, 
Emma Hickingbotham, Shannon Dowdey. Heather Ellis, Darcie Donkerbrook; Second row: Mary Hope Best, 
Melanie Clark, Susan Edrington, Holly Freimark, Lauren Mazzola, Jill Burket, Robin Rohn, Malissa 
Zimmerman, Paula Heppe. Kan Kasemeyer; Third row: Andrea Wilson, Hillary Rowe, Keri Coggins, Lisa 
Reynolds, Traci Cummings, Tiffany Edmondson, Jenn McCommons, Kel'y McKeone, Hillarie Fogel; Back row: 
Kristen Fitzsimmons, Lee Piccirillo, Jo Jo Lantz, Sheri Benner, Cristen Pennoyer, Libby Lang, Jen Tibbits, 
Leigh Humphries, Beth Carr, Paige Frazier, Ashley Wilkes, Cindy Brown, Alex Shannon, Kim Self, Sylvia 

Cnurtfsy of Kelly O'Dare 

Alpha Sigma Alpha was proud to help 
with the Salvation Army Boy's Club 
Halloween festivities this fall. Every- 
one enjoyed themselves and had fun. 
This was just one of many philanthro- 
pies in which Alpha Sigma Alpha par- 
ticipates. This spring AZA also partici- 
pated in its national philanthropy, Spe- 
cial Olympics. ANGE TATTERSON 

Courtesy of Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Founded: 11/15/1901, Longwood College 
Local Chapter: Delta Rho. 1978 
Colors: Crimson and White 
Philanthropy: Special Olympics 

Beth Lowery 

Front row: Anne Nylund, Stephanie Shepard; Second row: Erin Brown, Jackie Gardner, Shelly Mason, Beth 
Reebals, Cindy Trogdon, Alexis Brown, Lindsey Brown, Anne Williamson; Third row: Jeanie Cardinale, 
Christie Brown, Tracy-Lynn Barr, Jennifer Sykes, Heather Waters, Janie Clark, Stephanie Glass, Tricia-Ann 
Ricco, Page Sartin; Fourth row: Sandi Carpenter, Russ Tieskotter (Sweetheart), Jenn Huddle , Mario 
Hamilton, Tracy Sampson, Cindy Booth , Kristi Hughes, Diane Weisler, Elizabeth Lambert, MaryBeth 
Urbelewicz; Back row: Janet Dolan, Charmin Britt, Lisa Mobly, Kim Miller, Ange Tatterson, Beth Kreimer, 
Carrie Meyer, Sandy Jones, Denise DeGuery, Susie Dahl, Lisa Zimmerman, Tara Murphy. 


Founded: 12/10/1869, University of Virginia 
Local Chapter: 1974 
Colors: Green. Scarlet, and White 
Philanthropy: Elon Homes for Children 

Front row: Scott Larson, Munroe Best, John Soderburg, Paige Frazier ( Sweetheart ), Neil Lindley, Ryan Lantz, 
Eddie Burlson; Second row: John Markham. Rich Rafferty, Marc Colley, Justin Wolf, Randy Morran, Trey 
Stewart, Scott McQueen, Randy Brooks; Back row: Lewis Duncan, Nate Webster, Mark Foley, Carter Smith, 
Michael Beale, F.J. Carney, Jeff Reuhman, Rob Johnston, Greg Gillette. 




Founded: 11211897. Barnard College 
Local Chapter: Epsilon Chi, 1986 
Colors: Cardinal 
Philanthropy: Arthritis research 

Founded: 1865, Washington and Lee College 
Local Chapter: Epsilon Mu, 1981 
Colors: Crunson and Gold 
Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy 

Beth Liiwen' 

Front row: Lisa Taschenberger, Rebecca Culler; Second row: Lisa Munson, Lesley Kucan, Melanie Urban, 
Mar>- Ellen Thomas. Amie Baldwin, Mehgan Connolly: Third row: Christine Albertazzi, Mary Katharine 
Grasty, Cathie Coward, Jennifer Mast, Peter Rosenbaum (Sweetheart), Heather Yeiser, Siobhan Mellet, 
Susan Pollock, Mary Slaughter: Fourth row: Robyn Grimm, Anna Semas, Reagan Smithdale; Back row: Bryce 
Dinley, Holly Soderquist, Jane Frye, Emily Murray, Michelle Meegan, Ginger Johnson, Jennifer Schneider, 
Carol Scott, Tamara Sherman, Mandy Hemphill, Lisa Sowards. 


Front row: Dean Washburn, Mike Russell, Monika Copper (Sweetheart), Scott Shore, Chad Orsatti, Ron 
Tieskotter; Second row: Whit Vinesett, Russ Tieskotter, Josh Hill, Paul Stephan, Stephen Herbster, Scott 
Dunkerly, Dan Howard, Brian Boxell; Back row: Andrew Domino, Ken Reeves, Brian Holloman, Steve Ross, 
Steve Lavin, Calvin Hanchey. 

President Valerie Burrows announces 
the Grand Prize winner of the AOFI 
Homecoming raffle. This campus wide 
fund raiser for the United Way is just 
one of the many community service 
projects that AOfl participates in. Phi- 
lanthropy Chair Chris McDonald ex- 
presses that "through participation in 
the community and campus service 
projects, we are not only helping society, 
we are helping ourselves understand 
the impact that volunteering can make." 

While service is an integral part of 
AOn, they are also involved in many 
other activities. MICHELLE SCOTT 

Courtesy of Alpha Omicron Pi 


The brothers of AOA set up their table at the Fall 
Open House. 

Founded: 1 1 1511908. Howard University 
Local Chapter: Omicron Epsilon, 1987 
Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Green 
Philanthropy: Service where needed 

Front row: Tracey Helton, Tammy Torain, Deirdre Settles; Back row: Bianca Brock-Smith, LaToya Whitt. 



Founded: 12/4/1906, Cornell University 
Local Chapter: Sigma Delta, 1991 
Colors: Black and Old Gold 

Philanthropy: Elon Homes for Children and ^f^ V 'm'^ \ 

Elon Elementary ^^mwj^w.^^^ .^^'\. 

\ ijL 

Front row: Marcus Ford, Patrick Pajme, Steve Walker; Back row: Nelson Palacros, Dan Ridley, Cornelius 

SOCIAL <? 153 

Founded: 1211011904. College of Charleston 
Local Chapter: Epsilon Alpha 
Colors: i? Blue. Gold, and White 
Philanthropy: P.U.S.H. 

Vounded'.-i/22/ 1914. University of California 
Local Chapter:Beta Rho, 1987 

Colors: Purple and Gold 
Philanthropy: Cystic Fibrosis 

Front row: Erik Koestenblatt, Michael Johnson, Michael Sterling, Mark Hill, Stephanie Shepherd (Sweet- 
heart), Erik Townsend, David Taylor; Second row: Hugh Landes, Kevin Shytle, Mike Beck, John Harvison, 
Alan Smith, Brian Becmer, Pete Erdner, Jason Koch; Back row: Dorian Clark, Carter Crews, Roger 
Hermodsson, Bob Bennett, Michael Barbieri, Chris Holcombe, Shannon McCullock, Tom McCarthy. 

Dan Dill 

Front row: Dan Eastwood, Stephen Loy, Bill Kapela, Charlie Smith, Mark French, James Dahl; Second row: 
John Henwood, Britt Deviney, Sandy Gilliam. Stephen Lindemeyer; Third row: David Dahl, Tony Ciaccio, 
Jonathan Hoover, Steed Griffin, Thomas Brookshire; Back row: Steven Grubb, Jeff Miskell, Warren Rockwell. 

While most of us are soaking in the 
rays and relaxing this summer, Scott 
Athen will be having the most challeng- 
ing and fulfilling time of his life. He will 
be cycling with 14 Pi Kappa Phi's from 
the beaches of California to the beaches 
of South Carolina to raise money and 
awareness for P.U.S.H. (People Under- 
standing the Severely Handicapped). 

As he travels the country he will get a 
chance to meet some of the people he has 
dedicated himself to helping. HKO would 
like to thank, congratulate, and wish 
good luck in the future to Scott Athen. 


Cuurtt-'sy olPi Kappa Plii 

The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fra- 
ternity Inc. have been very active in 
several community, public, and campus 
activities. During Fall Semester, these 
brothers adopted a highway as well as 
adopted a little brother as part of the 
fraternity's national "guide right" pro- 

As far as social activities are con- 
cerned, KAT is the reigning Elon Col- 
lege "step" champion. These brothers 
captured the crown in Elon's first "step" 
competition in April of 1991. KAT also 
sponsored the first "Ladies Lockup" ever 
given on Elon's campus which was a big 
success. In this event, the brothers 
provided entertainment for women only. 

Lemont Phelps, Rodney Sweet, Ted Toomer, Evan 
Trammel, Jr. from HTO take a second to pose for 
a picture. 

Founded: 1 151 1911, Indiana University 
Local Chapter: Nu Theta, 1986 
Colors: Crimson and Cream 
Philanthropy: Achievement in every field of 
human endeavor 


Steve Holeman, Rodney Parker, Bernard Coulter. 

Founded: 11 1 17 1 1911, Howard University 
Local Chapter: Sigma Mu 
Colors: Purp/e and Gold 
Philanthropy: N/A 

Front row: Evans Trammel, Jr.; Second row: Tracy Murphy, Lemont Phelps; Back row: Mike Duggins, Rodney 

SOCIAL <* 155j) 

Founded: 11121 1909, Boston University 
Local Chapter: Colony 269, 1990 
Co\or: Purple. Green, and Gold 
Philanthropy: Raiders for the Needy 

Ben Cannon 

Front row: David Hepner, Brett Allan, Tim Stephenson, Donald Henry, Jason Pearce, Chuck Ervin, Shawn 
West, Phil Powell, William Todd, Sallie Hutton (Sweetheart), Matthew Kemp; Second row: Kevin Gribbon, 
Brian Karfonta, Tim Sadler, Bart Cade, Charles Myers, Eric Palmer, John Prescott, Al Roberson. Wes 
Forester, J. Burke, Doug Woodside, Mark Turner; Back row: David Waters, Jonathan Powell, Andrew Grant, 
Brad Phillips, Tim Brown, Sean Leavitt, Jon Kimball, Scott Haley, Richard Campbell, Tim Pacitto, Peter 

During the fall Open House, brothers of 
Pi Kappa Phi introduce their fraternity 
to some rushees. 

Beth Lowery 


158 Tracy Anderson 
160 Angela Hackett 
162 Tonya Blanchard 

People and places alike can 
change quite a bit in four years 
-- as Elon College has since 1988, 
the last leap year. The physical, 
fiscal, and academic facets of the 
college have undergone construc- 
tive changes in order to improve 
the quality of education and col- 
lege life. 

en Holonich plays a video game in the recently renovated Back Door. 

So what's the difference? It 
should be obvious: campus fa- 
cilities have grown, tuition has 
increased, fluctuations in enroll- 
ment have occurred, students 
and faculty have come and gone. 
But, hopefully, the results have 
been positive. 

From the last leap year to the 
present, Elon has made A Leap- 
ing Difference. 




j North Carolinii ^""^^ 

45.2% ^^ J 

/ Virginia ^ 

^ 1^% -/ / 

/ Maryland 

1 to.inh/^ J 

/ New Jersey 

(/8.0% ^ 

1 Pennsylvania 

3.4% / 

A Florida 

3.1% / 

I New York 

2.0% \ 

\^ Georgia 

1.5% J 

^\ Connecticut 

1.4% / 

— -v^ Massachusetts 

1.2% / 


1.1% I 

South Caj;^jna ^ — 

Ohio \ /^ 

Other States & D.C. 

.8% Y \ 
3.6% N/ 

Foreign Countries 


Australia Hong Kong 


Belgium India 


Canada Indonesia 

PR of China 

Columbia Japan 


Costa Rica Korea 


England Liberia 


Equador Malawi 


France Pakistan 



!Hozv much Has 

tuition increased? 




1988-1989 1991-1992 


Elon's athletic standings have changed a lot since 
1988. The Fightin' Christians football team has im- 
proved their skills and gained confidence. Their popu- 
larity has also improved with the students. As always, 
basketball has stayed at unmeasurable popularity among 
students. Elon spirit is easily seen at all the games as 
we cheer on our great ball players. 

Tennis and Golf have remained very strong in both 
the conference and district. 

Elon recently began a move from the NAIA to the 
NCAA league. Although the move is not yet complete, 
Elon will eventually become a full member of the NCAA. 

Recruiting for Elon athletic teams has made a major 
leap in the past few years. Coaches are spending more 
time looking over high school records and incoming 
freshmen skills as the college's athletics become more 
and more competitive. 

CiuJilcsv nl Hill Criiblj 

Marcus Ford, the 1988 Men's Soccer Conference Freshman of the 
Year. This year he broke his leg and was out for the season. 


Organizations jump by 25 since 1988 

Elon has about 85 campus 
organizations, which is almost 25 
more than in 1988. Departmen- 
tal, campus media, religious, ser- 
vice, social, and honor organiza- 
tions are offered to all students. 
All provide members with a sense 
of accomplishment and belong- 

The number of organizations 
has increased because of the grow- 
ing number of student interests 
and hobbies. 

Ben Cannon, Jennifer Peer, Tres Morley, 
and Luke Altenburg show talent as mem- 
bers of the new Jugghng Club. 

Beth Luwtry 

President Carter Smith and Vice President 
Mike Mooney discuss the opportunities 
offered by the S.G.A. 

Mmwa Chmmgai 

As Elon's Business and Communication's depart- 
ments have epanded, so have the requirements. In the 
business majors such as accounting, marketing, man- 
agement, etc., classes have been combined or cut and 
have increased the number of credit hours. Most of these 
classes are now four hours instead of three. 

Similar changes have been made in the Communica- 
tions Department. Both departments have increased 
enrollment of students and added new classes to help 
prepare those students for the careers ahead of them. 

Ben Cannon 

Students listen carefully to the professor in a business class. 

Need Help? 

There is a Place to Go 

Over the past years, Elon has expanded its counseling 
services by individual, group, family, and couple counsel- 
ing. Elon College Counseling Services provides programs 
such as date/aquaintance rape, crisis pregnancy, room- 
mate conflicts, substance abuse, and more. 

Since 1988, the counseling services have been forced to 
become more serious and educated about topics of concern 
by students. The Resident Assistants have been better 
trained to be peer advisors and can help the students seek 
other campus resources. 

Students feel more open and stronger about coming 
forward and asking for help. 

Ben Cannon 

Tara Wilson relates a situation to R.A. Jodi Weiss. 





Campus Shop renovations were made two years ago that 
made more space available for better clothing selection and 
displays. The reason for the space is the move of the book store 
from the shop to its own location. The Campus Shop now has 
a trade book section, also a new attraction. 

Olivia Rhodes admires the new clothing selection available in the Campus Shop. 

More displays are now seen in the Campus Shop since the renovations were 


Students can now enjoy watching football games, as well as other pro- 
grams on the big screen T.V. that was purchased for the Back Door. 



Ben Cannon 

Sidetrack has become a classier and convenient place to eat since the new 
changes were made. 

iHe Sidetrack Griff 

"Everything has changed at Sidetrack except for the 
name," said Pam Wiggins, a waitress. 

Everything has changed: a new owner, new menu, 
and the biggest change of all... the added waitresses. 
Sidetrack was bought by the Browns, owners of Brown 
and Co. They renovated the inside, added more tables 
and now it has become a classier place to eat. 


The Back Door, a fun and convenient place to 
eat or just hang out has been renovated this year. 
The biggest changes are the enlargement, addi- 
tion of a pool table, an extra bar, and a big-screen 

Students enjoy going to the Back Door because 
of its college atmosphere. It is a place to relax, 
have fun and take advantage of the betterment of 
the restaurant. 



Beth Lowerj' 

A large banner was placed in front of the library to show gratitude toward the class of 1991 for its 
endowment to the library . The endowment was the senior class gift. 

Library Donation 

A total of $25,000 was donated to the 
Holt Library for new books on all subjects 
by the class of 1991. The endowment was 
the class' senior gift to the school. 

The banner was put up to encourage 
students to take advantage of the library's 
resources, as well as a reminder to the class 
of 1992 to not forget about the library when 
choosing its class gift. The new books will 
have plates inside to honor the class of 1991 
for its gift. There are plans for enlargement 
and renovations that should start in a couple 
of years. 

Better Equipment 

"WSOE is functioning better as a 
station than it was four years ago," 
said Kristin Meyer, the music direc- 
tor. There is new equipment, a new 
format and a new staff. The staff is 
talented, experienced and interest- 
ing. More news and talk shows have 
been incorporated into the format. 
The interest in the station has 
changed tremendously over the past 
four years and the station has become 
more community oriented. 

Jamie Musumeci is one of the many talented 
students who work at WSOE. 

^(§)(6)t ii}(S)f(^ ffi/g(§^ 

The Parish Hall was the destination for 
students to purchase text books. Students 
were able to choose which copy of their 
required books they wanted. The Parish 
Hall accommodates more people, there- 
fore making the book sales convenient. 

Books were sold in the Campus Shop 
and later moved to the Book Gallery, both 
places were jam packed. 

Students wait in line to purchase their books located 
in the Parish Hall. 


Career Planning Receives a New Placement 

Elon's Career Planning and 
Placement Office helps students 
uncover their abilities and per- 
sonal values so that they can come 
up with a suitable major and pre- 
pare for a career. 

Two years ago, the Career Plan- 
ning and Placement Office was 
moved from Alamance to a house 
located on Haggard Avenue. The 
move allowed for much more 

Seminars, lunches, and meet- 
ings are now held there. 

The office has a lot to offer and 
students are encouraged to use 
the facilities. 

Ft-licia Massev 

The Career Planning and Placement Office moved into a house 
two years ago to accommodate its growing services. 

Pam Brumbaugh discusses an intern- 
ship possibility with Andy Bare. Many 
students participate in internships tc 
get experience. 



Elon Security works closely with 
the Town Police to ensure safety for 
the students and faculty of the col- 

Campus Security has also added 
several new security officers to the 

Campus Security is now located in its own house 
on North O'Kelly Avenue. It used to be in a small 
office in West Dorm. 

Cut Short 

Once a short-cut for 
many Elon College 
students, O'Kelly Av- 
enue was the cause of 
many unnecessary ac- 
cidents. So, duringthe 
summer, O'Kelly was 
blocked off and put 
under construction. 

Grass was planted 
and shrubs were 
planted to add to the 
beauty of the school. 

No longer an av- 
enue, it may be an in- 
convenience for some, 
however, it may pose 
for the prevention of 
many accidents. 

Felicia Massey 

No longer a thru-way avenue, O'Kelly went under 
construction in mid summer. Although it took getting 
used to, many feel that it relieved the possibility of 

Reconstructing Carlton 

The Carlton building 
is under renovation to 
create more classroom 
space. For now, this has 
put the school into some 
frenzy because of the 
need to relocate class- 
rooms, some of which are 
held in the Elon College 

When Carlton is 
ready, however, there 
will be much more class- 
room space and the 
hassle of having classes 
scattered all over will 
cease. The renovation 
project is expected to be 
completed by the fall of 

S' W 




Qassrooms for the 21st Century 

— FALL 1992— 

Elon is Investing in Excellence 

Beth Lowery 

Carlton went under construc- 
tion in the summer to create 
more classroom space. 

The posted sign announces 
that the new classroom reno- 
vations will be completed by 
Fall 1992. 

'r?*'*: ^. 

Holland House Renovated 

The Holland House was 
once the residence of the Elon 
College president, presently 
Dr. Fred Young. Elon decided 
to move the president's house 
out into Burlington and use 
the Holland House for closer 
campus activities. 

Inside the house are offices, 
such as Development and the 
representatives of the Parent 

The renovation has pro- 
vided Elon with better facili- 

Once President Young's home, the Holland House went through some renovation and 
now houses offices once located in Powell. 


>-^yaw«M . - ^, •: >- i. ^r_j ■ <■ . . -r HK -:^''-i-^ ri^'-,;^:^^!i: 

t ■^ife.t' J-^ ' ■ >--:-:»' vva 

The Varsity Grille provides a conve- 
nient place for students and faculty 
to get something to eat or just relax 
and socialize. 

Daylight Donuts is one of the many 
shops located right in Elon College. 

Ben Cannon 



' -- ■.-■.■ »•■■■» -I";' 

h. Ij 

If you know your local geog- 
raphy, you know that Elon 
College is more than a school; 
it is a town, a community. It is 
made up of residents, busi- 
nesses, gathering 
places, churches, 
and - of course — 
the college itself. 

The Elon Col- 
lege community 
provides a tre- 
mendous amount of support 
to the college and vice versa. 
Students "hang out" in places 
such as Side Track Grille, shop 
in the local stores, and even 
live in off-campus housing. 

By purchasing ads, area 
businesses provide An ADed 

Leap to publications including 
the Phi Psi Cli and The Pendu- 
lum . These businesses are part 
of a unique network between 
the college and the town. 

^^ The town was 

chartered "Elon 
College" in 1889 
when the college 
itself was estab- 
lished, creating 
an unusual bond 
between the two. Ever since, 
the students and faculty of the 
college have lived in harmony 
with the residents of the town. 
Today, the relationship con- 
tinues as Elon College expands 
its academic and physical 



















1610 S. Church Street 
Burlington, NC 27216 



Open for Breakfast everyday at 7:00 am 
Open till 1:00 am Friday & Saturday 







*Best Sandwiches in Town 
*Picnic Baskets 

*Honey Cured, Spiral Sliced, Ready to Serve 

!For Aff J'our ^ormafs 
and Sportszvear 



2134 S. Church St. 

Burlington, NC 27216 















EXT. 2485 



Varsity Griiit 





Chrissy Belvin 
Tricia Bone 
Kara Brennan 
Buffv Burnette 
Amy Cavas 
Christy Clark 
Megan Clark 
Carrie Daku 
Meghan Da\'is 
Katie Dempsey 
Dani DeVeau 
Lorie Falk 
Megan Fravel 
Missy Frick 
Michelle Giaquinto 
Suzanne Grady 
Deborah Grant 
Kristie Hegarty 
Diana Ho 
Karen Hoffman 
Dione Ivey 
Lynne Jackson 
Ashleigh Johnson 

Heather Johnson 
Julie Johnson 
Trev Johnson 
Natalie Kaczanoski 
Katie Keneally 
Kara Ruth Killough 
Nancy Kirk 
Susan Koser 
Whittney Kraft 
Michele La France 
Lynne Lailas 
Elizabeth Lanou 
Laura Lockamy 
Beth Lowery 
Bambi Martin 
Michelle Martin 
Cindy McCall 
Amy Melander 
Suzanne Morell 
Amy Muth 
Nancy Nelson 
Kathy Nicol 
Pam Nichols 





2557 South Church Street 
Burlington, NC 27215 

A full service salon offering: 

Computerized Imaging Complete Line of Retail 

Gel Overlays 
Open Tuesday - Saturday 


New Market Square, 2763 S. Church St., Burlington 

Where It's 3 for 1 Low Price 1st and Always! 

Students are our Specialty! 

10 Large, 1 topping Pizzas $42.99 (plus tax ) Delivered 
Group Rates 

Open 7 Days a Week 


Ghana Oakley 
Kelly O'Dare 
Carol Oliver 
Dawn Olmstead 
Kristen Pasquinelli 
Ashley Pippin 
Julie Quisenberry 
Maddie Rabb 
Julie Regiec 
Olivia Rhodes 
Lindsay Robinson 
Sarah Rogers 
Nichole Rhorer 
Stacy Saucier 
Christina Scanlin 
Lisa Scherer 
Suzanne Schuch 
Ruth Schulman 
Jane Skidmore 
Julie Siegel 
Laura Stevenson 
Katie Surdyk 
Lorraine Swallow 

Tricia Talbert 
Elizabeth Tisdale 
Robin Wagner 
Leslie Walsh 
Tracy Walz 
Jayne Weigand 
Heather Wessel 
Julie Whitestone 
Jennifer Williams 
Heather Williamson 
Michelle Wimbrow 
Cam Wine 
Heather Wissert 
Jayna Woody 
Devra Wright 
Erika Zorr 
Dawn Wagner 

Alumnae Advisor 
Kevin Kirkland 

Duane McClearn 

Faculty Advisor 

* Silkscreen 

* Greek Lettering 

* Soccer Equipment 

* Pro-line & College Apparel 

Westbrook Shopping Center 

3547 S. Church St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

(919) 584-4350 


Loofemq Good. 

IS aot just tiavinq the Ri^ht Cut. 

Loofeinq Good. 

IS Hedltfiy Hair, Sfeia & NaUs. 

Nou> IS th.e time 

to tofeg to take better care of your 

Aad We tenons |ust h.on' to tietp . 

Join our Special Studeat Discount Glut). 

just stop by our SolorL ^ pick up your \x<i^ iD card 
ijocd -or zo% off nli sennces. 

Open Mon..-';at S54 Huffrnarv MUL Village ■584-4486 
£• Eycruag:, 504-4G55 


$9.00 and Up 


$40.00 and Up 

'T//e best of all the 

good, none of the 

bad, hair and skin 

care products. " 


2127 S. CHURCH ST. 


305 S. CHURCH ST. 


"A whole lotta books and more! 





©w JPME mw 

Sheri Benner 
Mary Hope Best 
Vicki Boggs 
Cindy Brown 
Jill Burket 
Kathryn Burkhardt 
Christine Byers 
Beth Carr 
Melanie Clark 
Keri Coggins 
Jen Cowman 
Traci Cummings 
Carolyn Dibella 
Darcie Donkerbrook 
Shannon Dowdey 
Charmin Driver 
Tiffany Edmonson 
Susan Edrington 
Kerry Ehlers 
Heather Ellis 
Kim Encarnation 
Christin Fitzsimmons 
Hillarie Fogel 
Paige Frazier 
Holly Freimark 
Christine Gowan 
Kara Gregson 
Paula Heppe 
Emma Hickingbotham 
Ali Hoefer 
Alice Hubbard 
Kerrie Hudzinski 
Leigh Humphries 
Jill Kaufman 
Cari Kasemeyer 
Sue Kerr 
Libby Lang 
Jo Jo Lantz 
Kristin Leibrand 
Paula Livingston 

Jen McCommons 

Kelly McKeone 

Kara McQueen 

Anne Mahanes 

Ashley Martin 

Lauren Mazzola 

Ashley Moore 

Anne MuUally 

Karen Nichols 

Cass O'Meara 

Sylvia Passantino 

Christin Pennoyer 

Lee Piccirillo 

Lisa Reynolds 

Stephanie Ramsay 

Renee Ripper 

Robin Rohn 

Chase Roth 

Hilary Rowe 

Katie Sadowski 

Kerry Scordo 

Kim Self 

Liz Sementelli 

Alix Shannon 

Tracy Shuford 

Mel Smee 

Valerie Smith 

Malley Sumner 

Mary Kai Tamberino 

Jen Tibbitts 

Nicole Tubbs 

Donna Tucker 

Anne Walker 

Ashley Wilkes 

Claudia Williams 

Andrea Wilson 

Megan Yost 

Misty Younger 

Malissa Zimmerman 

Sweetheart-Bill Hanckel 


Well miss you! 



M ^ 

may stumBCe 


But ^ 

'TOg'ET^'E^ ^ 


lue'tt never (__ 




Ruth Alderink 

Kristen Kluttz 

Amy Anderson 

Loren Kurzweil 

Lori Ayers 

Melissa Laughlin 

Keri Blair 

Kris Leith 

Mimi Bonnett 

Susan Lennon 

Adrienne Borga 

Tiffany Luther 

Amy Buck 

Chantale Mackler 

Jen Byron 

Aimee McLean 

Emily Chandler 

Bevin McManus 

Kirsten Clark 

Susan McMeans 

Samantha Colbert 

Carrie Miller 

Sara Campot 

Cathy Miller 

Monika Copper 

Julie Moore 

Jacquie Corliss 

Tara Mori 

Bryson Croft 

Katy Morris 

Rosa Day 

Robyn Narvesen 

Lizanne Davis 

Leigh Owens 

Michelle Eadie 

Tara Pagano 

Leslie Eanes 

Livia Poindexter 

Tandie Ebrahimi 

Christine Rudiger 

Beth Echols 

Angie Scearce 

Keri EUisor 

Betsy Schick 

Stephanie Emburey 

Rebecca Senf 

Shellea Ewig 

Sara Shannon 

Tara Faulkner 

Ashley Smith 

Jen Harold 

Courtney Smith 

Susan Fredrick 

Jen Steele 

Jeana Grisdale 

Penny Stevenson 

Jen Halanych 

Amy Stinson 

Mary Harwell 

Nancy Stockdell 

Tish Holt 

Corinne Strouse 

Kristen Hordyke 

Keri-Ann Thomas 

Krista Horton 

Janice Ward 

Casey Jennings 

Cheryl Wellington 

Jen Karsten 

Jessica Whitehurst 

Lauren Kelly 

Melissa Whytsell 

Kristi Kienzle 

Pat Dillon 

Stephanie Kish 



niorAin<)/tor fnini-ftorcigo 


382 W. Harden St., Burlington, NC 27215 
(919) 226-9898 


^amihj Onig Center zinsfies the. 

graduating Class of 1992 the best of 

(uckjn their future endeavors . 

402 W. Haggard Ave., Elon College NC 
(919) 584-4257 

^' <^_ 


t/iat a£i 'uMcU (e<^eC to- 1^ 
'BunitH^toK ^dmada ^mt 
OMd (3oM(/e*Uco*i ^ettten^ 
Zj/r tfowi next eo€*it: 

*■ Wedding Receptions 

* Social Gatherings 

* Civic Club Meetings 

* Luncheons 

* Business Meetings 

For Details Remember ... 
Burlington Ramada, 227-5541 


326 Trollinger St., Burlington, NC 

under Ihe /un... 

* Crafts 

* Miniatures 

* Party Goods 

* Wedding Supplies 

* Cake Decorating 

„ , o „ , ...ciAcI more! 

Betsy PoUcastro 

rC.9i "Boom Inc, 

A Famiily Tradition For Over 77 Years 


f-^ierre LLardln ^^^^^^ 

L^hrhiian ^'ior j^^^^H 

M-F 10-6 243 E. Front Street jHll 
SAT 10-4 Downtown Burlington H t^B 
(919) 226-4081 JH 




Student Union Board 

"The organization 

that dedicates so 

much of its time to 

serve the students 

of Elon College." 

Alpha Sifima AlPha Sisters j^S 
Congratulate Their W^^A 


Graduating Seniors! /^^%^ 


Kristine Brand \^' [ 

Tracy-Lynn Barr Beth Kreimer V^ 


Cindy Booth HIizabelh I^mbert n 


Charmin Britt Wendy I^w 


Keliy Brady Laura Leo 


Erin Brown J'" Loy 

Alexis Brown Tara Murphy 

Lindsay Brown Shelly Mason 

Jeanie Cardinale Came Meyer 

Sandi Carpenter •^m Miller 


Melanie Chaplin Trevor Moon 


Janie Clark Beth Recbals 


April Craft Madge Revell 


Gemma Cuomo Tncia Anne Ricco 


Susie Dahle Page Sanin 

Denise DeGuehery Tracy Sampson 

Janet Dolan Stephanie Shepherd 

Jackie Gardner Janice Spangler 

Colleen Gilmore Jennifer Sykcs 

Stephanie Glass Ange Tatterson 

Mario Hamilton Cmdy Trogdan 

Jennifer Huddle Mary Beth Urbielewicz 

Kristi Hughes Heather Waters 

Kirsten Jones I^iane Wieslcr 

Anne Williamson 


Thomas Brookshire 

Tony Ciaccio _, 

David Dahl ^t^^£ 
James Dahl.^^ 
Britt Devinncy -^ 
Dan Eastwood * ^l 

Beta Rho 

Mark French 

Sandy Gillam 

Steed Griffin 

Steve Grubb 

John Guza 

Larry Hartwell 

John Henwood * 

Jonathan Hoover * 

Bill Kapela * 

Matt Leiker * 

Donna Tucker - Sweetheart 

Congratulations Graduates and 
New Initiated Brothers 

John Leuthold 
Stephen Lindcmeyer 
Stephen Loy 
Jeff Miskell * 
^/T.J. Moran 

Norman Newburn 
Thomas Pidgeon 
Stan Powell 
Dan Quarrick 
Tripp Rockwell 
Charlie Smith 
Russ Smith * 
Robert Tigani 
Chuck Zarelli * 
Mark Zolkowski 

* Graduating Seniors 


Epsilon Mu Chapter 

Brian Boxell Brian Rueger 

Andrew Domino Shayne Ruffing 

Stephen Felt Darin Stolte 

Josh Hill John Vinesett 

Steve Lavin Dean Washburn 



199) 92 ArwiudlRMih Report 


Ideas are like stars, you will not succeed in touching them with 
your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, 
you choose them as your guides, and following them, you reach 
your destiny. 

John Archer Jr. 
Matthew Balberde 
William Bcardslee 
David Bennett 
Mark Brandon 
William Brown 
Bryan Buck 
Joseph Byrum 
Michael Crabtree 
John Fordi 
William Fox 
Benjamin Frick 
Timothy Gliniecki 
Edward Grey 
Brian Cribble 
Brendon Hamlin 
William Harsh 
Howard Hinds 
Jonathan Hodges 
Robert House Jr. 
Dunchan Howell 
Joseph Hughes 
Douglas Edward IX 
Andrew Kemp 
Kevin Kirkland 
George Kirkpatrick 

James Lutz 
Michael Martin 
John McLean 
Henry McNcilly 
Christopher Meffe 
Michael Mooney 
Keith Neus 
David Olson 
Kevin Parker 
Kevin Patrick 
Brendan Reilly 
Cifford Robcrson 
Kevin Rolcy 
Kenyon Rumpp 
Adam Ruyle 
MacHenry Schafer I 
Shane Shiflct 
Benjamin Smith 
Chad Solomonson 
Gregory Speed 
Dwight Stewart 
Samuel Taylor 
Terry Thompson 
Charles Walker 
James Walls 
John Wecht 

Congratulations to the Class of 1 992 

"WeCi nU^ (uci 'leaio'i'i^: 

Heather Yeiser 

Wendi Sloan 

Erin O'Connor 

Becky Greaves 

Nettie Greene 

Lisa Taschenberger 

Sallie Hutton 

Robyn Evers 

Carol Scott 

Carol McCloud 

Sharon Uzzell 

Jane Frye 

Emily Murray 

Tracey Bolduc 

Lysa Munson 

Gina Beacham 

Leslie Kucan 

Natalie Lavoie 

Katie Holmes 

Anne Streeter 

Pam Ward 

Siobhan Mellett 

Karen Moriarty 




^ave. 'T^ Suten^ C^ ACpAa CitUcnott ^C 


OPEN 24 

'Dint On A Submarine Today ! 

f 70 Varieties ©f Sob^ 

415 West Haggard Ave., Elon College 
Across from Pizza Hut - next to Domino's 
584-8786 Fax # 584-9449 

Thanks for Your SUBport Elon! 


79 Years of Sisterhood, 
Scholarship, and Service 

Good Luck Graduating Sorors 

©mmm^ [psd pm 

Dooper, Coleman, Love, and Just would 
t>e very proud of you Graduating Bros... 

Good luck, Dallas, Mike, and Ted 

"Togetfier, Ut us live., and if need 6e ■- 
[et as die." -■ Triends 

f"i(i L(^§(iud 

L§(&f yt@r 

What is Leap Year Day? What constitutes a Leap Year? 
And how did it all get started in the first place? 

In 45 B.C. Roman ruler Julius Caesar initiated a calen- 
dar reform. With the help of his astronomers, Caesar 
declared the solar year at 365 days, six hours or 365 1/4 
days. After four years, the extra six hours per year equaled 
an additional day. Caesar determined that following three 
years of 365 days each, there should be a fourth year of 366 
days. Caesar added the extra day to February, which 
having only 28 days, was the shortest month of his new 
Roman calendar. 

February 29, the so called "intercalary day," was in- 
stalled between others in the normal calendar and occurs 
in a Leap Year. A tradition was established that allowed 
women to propose to men during Leap Year. The men were 
made to pay a fine if they refused the offer. The privelege 
of proposing was restricted to Leap Day, also known as 
Bachelor's Day. 

Following is a list of events that have fallen on February 
29 in the past: 

1288 - A law was passed in Scotland allowing women the 
privilege to propose marriage. 

1504 ■ Columbus used the total eclipse of the moon to 
scare Jamaican natives into supplying him with food on his 
fourth voyage to America. 

1872 - England's Queen Victoria narrowly missed death 
at the hand of a would-be assassin, Albert O'Conner, an 18- 
year-old revolutionary. 

1956 - President Dwight D. Eisenhower announced his 
candidacy for re-election. 

1956 - The great blizzard of 1956 in Western Europe 
finally ended. It had lasted the entire month of February, 
causing 1,000 deaths. 

1960 - Agadir, Morocco, was hit by a major earthquake, 
a tidal wave and fire, causing 12,000 deaths. 

Article contributed by The City-County Magazine 
Burlington, North Carolina 


The American Book of Days by Jane M. Hatch, 1978. 

A Dictionary of Days by Leslie Dunkling, 1988. 

From Day to Day: A Calendar of Notable Birthdays and 

Events by David E. Johnson, 1990. 


ABATE. JOSEPH 321 Fairfield Rd , Freehold, NJ 07728 

ABBOTT JASON 503 Ml. Vemon Dr.. Wiston, NC 27893 

ABBOTT. REBECCA 4672 Schooner Blvd . Suffolk. VA 23435 

ABRAMS. LALTil 635 Sand.v Hook Rd . Palm Harbor. FL 34683 

ADAMS. ASHLEY 40 Spnng Glen Terr . Hamden. CT 06517 

ADAMS. DENISE 370 Beverly Rd , Camp Hill, PA 17011-2838 

ADAMS, EUZABETH 65 Stetson Rd , Ringwood. NJ 07456-2316 

ADAMS. JERRY 3300 Rock QuarT> Rd . Raleigh. NC 27610-5114 

AJIAMS. KARINA 3302 Virginia St . Houston. TX 77098 

ADCOCK. ECGENT 3795 Guinevere Ln.. Winston-Salera. NC 27104 

ADDERLEY. KAREN 443 N^W 19 Ave . Ft. Uuderdale. FL 33311 

ADKJNS, CECELL\ 3312 Lancaster Dr , Stat«sville, NC 28677 

ADKI.NS. KELLY 1700 S Batten, Dr . Richmond. VA 23222-1716 

ADKINS, KIMBERLY 4318-G Hemtt St . Greensboro. NC 27407 

ADRL-kTlCO, JOHN 4408 Spnng Meadow PI.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

AGRILLO, DANIELLE 1 1 10 Cook Rd . Gibsonville, NC 27249 

AHALT. BR(X)KS 5940 Poole Rd . Jefferson. MD 21755-8516 

AHN, YOL'NG MO 40-H Quail Hollow. Rd-. Greensboro. NC 27410 

AHRENS. TA.MMIE 316 Hillcrest Dr . Elkin. NC 28621 

AIELLO. STEVEN 17 North Ct.. Hillsdale. NJ 07642-1909 

AKBAR SYTID 30 Westndge - 1. Rawawpindi. Pakistan 

AKERS. ANTHON-Y' P O Box 146. Dublin. VA 24084-0146 

AKERS. JOSEPH 112 Reynolds Ave . Bluefield. VA 24605 

ALBERTAZZl. CHRISTINE 7504 S Reach Dr . Fairfax Sution. VA 22039-2927 

ALBERTSO.N. A.NDREA P O Box 954. Elon College. NC 272440954 

ALBERTSON. MACON PC Box 954. Elon College. NC 27244-0954 

ALBERTSON. SHANNON P O, Box 954. Elon College. NC 27244-0954 

ALBRIGHT, DANA 4056 S Church St . Burlington. NC 27215 

ALBRIGHT. DONA P Box 642. Mebane. NC 27302-0642 

ALBRIGHT, JAY Route 2. Box 75-.A Bennett. NC 27208 

ALDERINTt RITH 30 Stoney Brook Rd . Westford. MA 01886 

ALDRICH,JOSHlA32E Queens Wa.v. Hampton. VA 23669 

ALDRIDGE, JERE-MY' 529 .VlcKinnie s Park. Evans. GA 30809 

ALEMIAN, GREGORY 4421 Randon Ct . Annandale. VA 220O3 

ALEXANDER. SLZA-VNE 647 Sand Hill Rd.. Pequea. PA 17567 

ALLAN. BRETT P O BOX 44, Kanengo. Lilongwe 4, Malawi OF 

ALLEN, BRL\N P O Box 421, Haw River. NC 27258-0421 

ALLEN.CHRISTINE 755 Oak Ave . Westfield, NJ 07090 

ALLE-N, DARLA Route 1. Box 496. ftamseur. NC 27316 

ALLEN. G CARROLLYN421 WildwoodLn. Burhngton. NC 27215 

All, FN JO ANN'E 2768 Untem Ln . Audubon, PA 19403 

ALLE.V, JLXIE 4053 Fnendship-Patterson Mill. Burlington. NC 27215 

ALLEN, LALTiA 313 Denny Circle, Graham. NC 27253 

ALLEN. iVLkTTHEW 19 Oakwood Dr . Medford. NJ 08055 

ALLEN. .\UUREEN 1206 Westbrook Ave . Elon College. NC 27244-9372 

ALLEN. MELISSA 710 Buttonwood Dr . Hillsborough. NC 27248-9418 

ALLEN, TARA 2902 US 70 East, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

ALLIGOOD. DAVID 2462 Spnng Valley Pike. Miamisburg. OH 45342 

ALLISON. CH.\RLES 3208 Shillington PI.. Charlotte. NC 28210 

ALLISO.V. TERESA 1117 McCray Rd-. Burfinglon. NC 27217 

ALLISO.V. THERESA 235-A Twinbrook Dr . Clemmons. NC 27012 

ALLISON. WE.VDY 2514 Clover Garden Rd.. Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

ALLSBROOK. ROBERT 421 Nash St . Enfield. NC 27823 

ALMY'. BROOKE 1 1006 Kenilworth Ave , Garrett Park. ND 20896 

.M.TEN-BLTiG. LL"KE 5903 Oakland Park Dr . Burke. VA 22015 

AMAN, THOMAS 4423 N 33rd St,. Arlington, VA 22207-4465 

A.MASH. JERRY 306 Tryon St . Burlington. NC 27217 

A.\!ATO, NURY 111 Robin Rd. Oxford. NC 27565 

A.NT)ERS. SL'SAN P O Box 775. Elon College. NC 27244- 

ANTJERSON. AMY 7018 Capitol View Dr . McLean. VA 22101 

ANDERSON. AMY 4501 Old Belews Creek Rd,. Winston-Satem. NC 27101 

ANTIERSON. DOUGLAS 1009 Lorraine St,. Apt 4B. Graham. NC 27253 

ANTIERSON. HEATHER 1588 Forest Villa Ln . NcLean. VA 22101 

ANDERSO.N, KEM-N 16 Forest Dr.. Frlenington. NJ 08822-3359 

ANDERSON. KIM HON Holt Ave,. Elon College. NC 27244 

A.NDERSON. KRISTIN 60 Grover Ln . West Caldwell. NJ 07006 

ANDERSON. MATTHEW 10013 Klaus Circle. Glen Allen. VA 23060 

A.NDERSON, SARA 10146 OakisleRd W. Jacksonville. FL 32257 

ANDERSON. SCOTT P O Box 847. Biscoe. NC 27209 

A-NDERSON, STEPHA.VIE 1009 Lorraine St . Apt 4B, Graham. NC 27253 

A.VDERSON, TRACY 267 Uwrence Dr , Portsmouth, RI 02871 

ANDERTON. JR . DAVTD 5715 Buckhom Rd , Edand, NC 27243-9718 

A.NDREW II. BLAKE Route 1. Box 167. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

ANDREWS, BRIAN 4375 Spillway Ln . Dumfnes. VA 22026-1604 

A.VDREWS. JUDITH P O Box 926. Pittsboro. NC 27312 

APPLE, CHARITY' 7272 Abb Rd,. Gibson^-ille. NC 27249-9760 

ARAKELIAN, ALISON East Acres. Troy. N^Y' 12180 

ARAN0W1T2. JASON Apt S-C 1110 Cook St . Gibsonville. NC 27249 

ARCARO. CAMERON 3781 Garden Rd . Buriington, NC 27215-9811 

ARCHER. JR.. JOHN 5716 Kenmore Rd . Baltimore, MD 21210-1005 

ARMSTRONG. ELLIOTT Route 6. Box 29 Stonehaven Dr . Asheboro, NC 27203- 


ARMSTRONG. MARGARET 2453 Entrada Dr , Virginia Beach. VA 23456-4244 

ARNOLD. JAMES 145 Landis Ct-. Southern Pines. NC 28387 

AROLE. RAUI 706 Huffman Mill Rd- Apt, T-1. Buriington. NC 27215 

ATHEN, SCOTT 6380 Barefoot Boy. Columbia, ND 21045-4501 

ATKINS. JEN'NIFER 5500 Cedar Creek Dr . McLeansville. NC 27301-9648 

ATKINSON. CHERYL 3900 Cotswold Terr 101-d. Greensboro. NC 27410 

ATWATER, JOSHUA Route 1, Box 444. Yanceyville, NC 27379 

AUGIS. DOUGLAS 123 Massachusetts St.. Westfield, NJ 07090 

AVERETT. STEVEN PO Box 13612, Greensboro. NC 27415 

AVERY. JENNIFER 5115 Long Island Dr.. Atlanta. GA 30327 

AVOLA TAMARA 1110 Cook Rd, 5A. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

AWKARD. PRISCILLA 248 Elkin Circle, Waynesboro. VA 229480 

AYERS, JOHN 4509 Gates St . Raleigh. NC 27609 

AY'ERS, KAREN 174 School House Rd,. Horse Shoe. NC 28742 

AY'ERS. ROBERT P O Box 41. Swepsonville, NC 27359 

AYERS. STACEY 209 Worth Ave,. Palm Beach. FL 33480 

AYTRS. LORl 8354 Mary Lee Ln . Laurel, MD 20723 

AYSCUE. AARON 83 Weybosajt Rd . Henderson. NC 27536 

BADEN. BRANDON 6008 Wheeler Ln,. Broad Run. VA 22014 
BAIAD. JENNIFER 4 Budd Dr.. Newtown. CT 06470 
BAILEY. ALAN 3120 Foresldale Dr , Buriington. NC 27215 
BAILEY. CY'NTHIA Route 1. Box 408. Randleman. NC 27317-9736 
BAILEY. JOHN 5007-E Uwndale Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27405 
BAILEY, MARCY 6012 Terrell Ave . Oxon Hill. MD 20745-1952 
BAIN. SHALY'N'N 115 Caragana Ct . Sterling. VA 22170 
BAIN'BRIDGE. CARLA 6 Sherbrooke Dr.. Pnnceton Junction. NJ 08550 
BAIRD, HEATHER 251 Ludlam Dr . Cape May, NJ 08204 
BAITY, DARON 307 Gwen Rd . Hillsborough. NC 27278-9406 
BAKER. .ANGELA 1304 Dogwood Dr . Gibsonville. NC 27249 
BAKER BE.VJAMIN 930 Cowper Dr , Raliegh. NC 27608 
BAKER DAWN 445 Marley Rd . Elkton. MD 21921 
BAKER, JASON 7401 Valley Lake Dr . Raleigh. NC 27612 

BAKER LESLIE 2034 Buena Vista Rd , Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

BAKER. MARK 1019 Swinks Mill Rd . McLean. VA 22102 

BAKER, PA.MELA 1304 Dogwood Dr . Gibsonville. NC 27249-8702 

BAKER. RUDOLPH 217 Kemodle Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

BAKF:R. TRAMS 319 Lincoln Aye . Live Oak. FL 32060-2033 

BAKER. WINDLEY 730 Baron Rd,. Weddington. NC 28173 

BALBERDE, MATTHEW 5415 Govemer Y'eardley Dr . Fairfax. VA 22032 

BALDWIN, A-MIE 1903 Whitebark Ave , North Augusta, SC 29841 

B.-U-DWIN, JR , JOH-N 1092 Cecil Ave , Millersville, MD 21108-2201 

BALL, KI.MBERLY Route 3, Box 397. Reidsville. NC 27320 

BALL.\RD. TIFF.\NY" Route 2. Box 505. New London. NC 28127 

B.^LOGH, BRI.W 202 Rivemide Dr . Havelock. NC 28532 

BALSLEY. ELIZABETH 21 12 E 4th St . Weldon. NC 27890 

BANFIELD, TIMOTHY' 2720 Brassow Rd . Saline. MI 48176 

BANGLEY. CORI 26526 E Nottoway Dr . Courtland. VA 23837 

BA.VKER. DOUGLASS 1101 River Club. Sea Island. GA 31561 

BA-NKS, JEN'NIFER 206 Edgewood Dr , Hillsville, VA 24343 

BARBEE, DON.\ZLEIGH Route 5. Box 150. Burlington. NC 27217 

BARBEE, KERRI Ocean Isle Plaza 111. Ocean Isle Beach. NC 28459 

BARBER, LORl 305 Clavton Place, Haw River. NC 27258 

BARBER, MEL\NIE 123 Burton St . Graham. NC 27253 

BARBER, .MICHAEL 123 Burton St . Graham. NC 27253 

BARBIERI, .MATTHEW 1518 Mason Rd . Durham. NC 27712 

BARBIERI. MICHAEL 1518 Mason Rd. Durham. NC 27712 

BARE, A-NDREW 101 Cedarwood Ln , Carrboro, .\C 27510 

BARKLEY, ERIN 6065 Jeannine Dr , Lewisville. NC 27023-9621 

BARKMAN. KIMBERLY 2401 Bnntons Bndge Rd , West Chester, PA 19382-8166 

BARNES, DANIEL Route 1. Box 280. Spnng Grove, VA 23881 

BARNES, KARIE NOELLE 10607 Runaway Ln , Great Falls, VA 22066 

BARNES, TR4CV 1246 Geneva Albnght Rd , Graham. NC 27253 

BARNES. TROY 200 Cross Keys Rd . Courtland, VA 23837 

BARNETTE, M1CH.\EL 7218 Bud Henderson Rd . Huntersville. NC 28078-8969 

B.\R.N'R.\RT. CHRISTOPHER 385 E Indiana Ave . Southern Pines, NC 28387 

B.AJLN'HILL. JOHN 41 Wobum St . Lexington. MA 02173-2221 

BARR. DAVID 3843 Garden Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 

BARR, TRACY LYN-N 3842 Garden Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 

BARRETT. FLOYTl 506 Askew St,. Windsor. NC 27983 

BARRETT. JE.VNIFER 47 Schoolhouse Dr . Medford. NJ 08055 

BARRETT, RANDY 2708 Birch Ln . Bulington. NC 27215 

BARRETT. WADE 8910 Fort Dr . Manassas. VA 22110 

B.^VRRY GRETCHEN 64 Fox Hollow Rd . Sparta. NJ 07871 

BARTLEY. TR-^CY 308 Enfield Rd . Uxington. VA 24450 

BARTON. DANIEL P O Box 1 136. Elon College. NC 27244 

BARTON. JEANNE 9404 Does Run Ct . Raleigh, NC 27613 

BARTON, KATHERINE P O Box 9053 Hollins College. Roanoke. VA 24020 

BASKIN. DEBORAH 2912 Arnold Rd . Durham. NC 27707-2852 

BASS, THOMAS 406 Dnftwood Dr , Gibsonville, NC 27249 

BATT. COLLEEN 210 William Floyd Parkway. Shirley. NY 11967 

BATTAGLLA. JOHN 12345 Cardeza Ave . Baton Rouge. LA 70816 

BATTS, SUSAN 2301 Pineknoll Terr . Buriington. NC 27217 

BAUERLE. JEAN WES 17 High Hill Rd . Bloomfield, CT 06002 

BAUGHER, KIMBERLY 9 Hardwood Hill Rd,. Piltsford. NY 14534 

BAUGHN. KEVIN Rt, 3, Box 510. Stoneville, NC 27048-9801 

BAUHAN. AN'NIE 1450 Genito Rd . Manakin-Sabot. VA 23103-2331 

BAl'LL KELLY Route 2, Box 200-F. Frandkford. DE 19945 

BAUMGAR.\'ER. STEVEN 703 W Davis St . Burhngton, NC 27215 

BA.\TER. ROBERT Box 755. 307 Sunset Dr . Elon College 27244 

BAYERLE, KELLI AN^N 150 Lakewook Ave,, Lanoka Harbor. NJ 27215 

BEACH. BRUN 13420 Glen Lea Way, Rockville. MD 20850-3638 

BEACHAM, GINA 5442 Chattens Place. Richmond. VA 23237 

BEALE. KEVIN 523 Pinehurst Dr . Suffolk. VA 23434-6410 

BEALE. MICHAEL 10623 Harborough Place. Richmond. VA 23233-4715 

BEANE. KIMBERLY Route 4. Box 84 L, Launnburg. NC 28352-9443 

BEARD. BRENNA 4410 Forest Hills Dr . Charlotte. NC 28226 

BEARDSLEE. WILLIAM 145 Devon Rd . Essex Fells. NJ 07021-1706 

BECHTOLD. TODD 6 Camelot Way. Parsippany. NJ 07054 

BECK. JASON 259 Oak Ct . Sevema Park, MD 21 146-3132 

BECK, .MICHAEL 1710 Chester Valley Rd . Clemmons. NC 27012-9224 

BECK. THOMAS 1001 East Main St . Waynesboro. PA 17268 

BECKER, BRET 23 Pine Dr , Littleton, NC 27850 

BECKER, ELMRA 30 Glen Falls Rd . Ashev-ille. NC 28804-2216 

BECKH.\M, CATHERINE 10175 Marshall Pond Rd,. Burke. VA 22015-3728 

BECKHAM. JOE Route 1, Box 158. CasUlia. NC 27816 

BECMER. BRI.AN 406 Aspen Court. La Plata. MD 20646 

BEDNARCIK. \L-\RK 38 Creek Rd . Churchville. Pa 18966 

BEDSAUL. MINDY 7831 Lasater Rd . Clemmons. NC 27012-8438 

BEITMAN. MELANIE 504 Gamck Rd . Hockessin. DE 19707 

BELL. AMANDA Route 2. Box 259. Pinnacle. NC 27043 

BELL, BILIJACK 1584 Daybreak Ridge. Kannapolis. NC 28081 

BELL, CHRISTOPHER 18923 Fallingstar Rd , Germantown, MD 20874-6117 

BELL, JOHN 5342 Willow Spnng Rd , Roanoke, VA 24018-6642 

BELL, JOHN 709 E Haggard Ave Apt E, Elon College. NC 27244 

BELTON, ERIC P O Box 28, 101 Hampton St , Stoneville, NC 27048 

BELVIN, CHRISTINE 397 Pattonwood Dr , Southington. CT 06489 

BENDELL. BRENNA 98 North Carolina Ave . Hamlet. NC 28345 

BENFER, DARREN 411 Court Blvd,. Millville. NJ 08332-6417 

BENFER, DAWN 411 Court Blvd . Millville, NJ 08332-6417 

BENGSTON. KARIN 1352 Woodland Circle. Bethlehem. PA 18017 

BENNER. SHERI 392 Stanford Ct . Arnold. MD 21012 

BEN'NETT, DAVTD PO Box 189. Morehead City. NC 28557-0189 

BENNETT, JEFFREY 20 Cutter Hill Rd . Jaffrey. NH 03452 

BEN-NETT, JOEL 8322 Loch Laven Ln . Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

BEN-NETT, KIMBERLY 951 Cornelia St . Newborn. SC 29108 

BENNETT, ROBERT 503 Burning Tree Circle. Arnold MD 21012-2047 

BENNETT, SA.NDRA 419 Queen Ann St,, Buriington. NC 27215 

BENOIT, GEORGE 4 Old Farm St , Charlottesville. VA 22901 

BERKLE, HEATHER 12658 Golden Oak Dr , Ellicott City. MD 21043 

BERRY. AGNES Route 2. Box 44. Efland. NC 27243-9738 

BERRY, CATHERINE 2912 S Mebane St.. Buriington. NC 27215 

BERUBE. HEATHER 207 Farrwood Dr.. Bradford, MA 01835 

BERWANGER, GRETCHEN 1 1865 Point Oak Dr . St Louis. MO 63131 

BEST. CLE.MENT 809 Mill Rd . Goldsboro. NC 27534 

BEST. MARY 809 Mill Rd , Goldsboro. NC 27534 

BETTENCOURT. KAREN 10 Shendan Place. Elon College. NC 27244 

BEVIN. LVTllA SUr Route 31. Gorham. NH 03581 

BEY'ER. MELANIE 410 Leigh Masters Ln . Westminster. MD 21158 

BHATTI, SOHAIB C/0 Lt Gen R D Bhatti, Commandant Nat, Defence College. 

Rawalpinki, PK 

BIA.NCO, PHILIP 161 Anzona Ave . Toms River, NJ 08753 

BIDDLE. KRISTIN 853 Goshen Rd . Newtown Square, PA 19073 

BIEN. RODNEY 460 Dune Circle. Kailua. HI 96734 

BIESECKER. .STEPHANIE 1203 Ascot Court. High Point. NC 27262 

BIESTER. ELIZABETH 611 Kemp Rd W . Greensboro. NC 27410 

BIGELOW. BOBBIE 243 Lakeside Ave . Burlington, NC 27215 

BIGGER, KERRY 6435 West Langley Ln . McLean. VA 22101 

BILLINGS. CAROLE 824 Central Ave . Buriington. MC 27215 

BINO. MIMI 138 Country Club Dr . Mankasset. MY 11030 

BISHOP. RICHARD 3404 Crossings Way Circle. -Midlothian. VA 231 13-6351 

BISHOP. SARAH 27000 Cottage Place. Apt 256, Greensboro. NC 27405 

BLACK CANDICE 406 Hawthorne Ln . Burlington. NC 27215-2050 

BLACK DAVID 406 Haw-thorne Ln . Buriington. NC 27215-2050 

BLACK. R-^LPH 601 E Bessemer Ave . Greensboro, NC 27405 

BLACKMAN. JOHN 146 Anchor Dr . Vero Beach. FL 32963-2941 

BLAIR. JONATHAN 3549 E, Lynhaven Dr . Greensboro. NC 27406 

BLAIR. KERI 10507 Rolling Green Ct . Clarksburg. MD 20871-8529 

BLAKE. JAMES 8227 Kay Ct . Annandale, VA 22003-2201 

BLAKENEY. DARRELL il5 Lowe Ave . Kannapolis, NC 28081 

BLAKENEY, SO.N'IA 90H Creekndge Dr , Monroe. NC 281 10 

BLALOCK, EMILY 1279 Westbrook Ave . Elon College, NC 27244 

BLANCHARD, LORl 924 King St , Buriington, NC 27217 

BLANCHARD, TON-VA 12051 Hwy 73 E , Mt Pleasant, NC 28124 

BLANCHFIELD. SUZANNE 9218 Bumetta Dndve. Annandale, VA 220-03401 

BLANT), REBECCA Route 8, Box 324 Torredge Rd , Durham. NC 27712 

BLANKEN-BECKLER, EMILY 1 109 Hanford Rd .Graham, NC 27253 

BLANKENSHIP. MICHAEL P O Box 11191. Norfolk. VA 23517 

BLASS. KRISTIN 350 Belmont Ave . North Bablyon. NY 1 1704-3420 

BLESSINGTON. JOANMARIE 1 14 Branch wood Dr . Elon College. NC 27244 

BLESSINGTO.N. KEVIN 1 14 Branehwood Dr . Elon College. NC 27244 

BLESSINGTON. STEPHEN 114 Branehwood Dr . Elon College. NC 27244 

BLEWETT. JOAN'NA 114 Montana Dr . Chadds Ford. PA 19317 

BLEWETT. MICHELLE 1 11 Montana Dr . Chadds Ford. PA 19317 

BLOSSMAN. LORIE 112 Chelsea Dr , Decatur, GA 30033 

BLOUNT. EDWARD 210 Waterview Rd . Greenville. NC 27858 

BLUITT. DE NEDRA 5809 Thunderhill Rd , Columbia, MD 21045-3503 

BLYTHE, NLiRTHA 207 B Forest Pine Dr . Franklin, VA 23851 

BOCCADORO, GINA 2008 Downing Dr , Buriington, NC 27215 

BODDIE, ANDREW 2848 Pheasant Run Rd . Haw River. NC 27258 

BODMER, CARRIE 17125 Hughes Rd . Poolesville. MD 20837 

BOEHNING. JEFFREY 5017 Pinelake Rd-. Wesley Chapel. FL 33543 

BOETTN'ER. BRETT 1860 Yeoman Ct. Crofton. MD 21114 

BOIXIS, VICKI 2849 Fairway Forest Circle. Salem, VA 24153-7425 

BOHINCE. KERIN 9883 Par Dr . Nokesville. VA 22123 

BOICE. JEN'NIFER 7100 Cane Ct,. Charlotte. NC 28226 

BOLDUC, TRACY P O Box 1 129. Elon College. NC 27244 

BOLING. JOSEPH 8 Brunswick Ct . Durham. NC 27705 

BOLLES. CHRIiiTINE Route 3. Box 25 Z. Rougemont. NC 27572 

BOLLINGER, \UTTHEW 215 Cedarcroft Rd . Baltimore. MD 21212-2517 

BONE. PATRICIA 1905 19th Ct , Jupiter. FL 33477 

BONNER. AMA.NDA 4624-F Simsbury Rd . Charlotte. NC 28226 

BONNETT. MICHELE 12 Fanklin Rd . Mendham. NJ 07945-1808 

BOOKER. WILLIAM 4800 Riverside Dr . Richmond. VA 23225-3220 

BOON. DA-N 2526 Dare St . Burlington. NC 27217 

BOONE. APRIL 2463 N Church St Lot 12. Burlington. NC 27217 

BOONE. JOSHUA Route 3. Box 329-A. Hertford, NC 27944 

BOOTH. CY'NTHIA Route 1, Box 135-A. Concord. VA 24538-9777 

BORER. .MICHAEL 332 Fountain PI. Burlington. NC 27215 

BORGA. ADRIEN'NE Route 5. 15 Hill-n-Dale. Seaford, DE 19973 

BOROTA. MIKE 510 Park St.. St, Pertersburg, FL 33710 

BORST. AARON 481 Lane Dr . Bay Village. OH 44140 

BOSWELL. STACY 102 Picadilly Rd . Kinston. NC 28501-9616 

BOSWELL. WILLIAM 201 Tarpiev St . Burlington. NC 27215 

BOTROS. ADEL 401 Walnut St . Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

BOTTS. FAWN 510 Trail One Apt C-2. Buriington. NC 27215 

BOTTS. KRISTIAN 6166 Bentham Rd , Gibsonnlle. NC 27249-9754 

BOUKNIGHT, LIESELOTTE 5508 Tarrvwood Ct,. Raleigh, NC 27609-4560 

BOURNE, SCOTT 5142 Pine Top Place. Oriando, FL 32819 

BOUrTROS. PETER 744-B N Mqanning Ave. Elon College. NC 27244 

BOWDEN. MICHELLE 1623 Gate 2 Rd,. Creedmoor. NC 27522-9629 

BOWEN. WILLIAM Route 2. Box 23 A. Ferrum. VA 24088 

BOWERS, DANIEL 10 Wakeham Ct . Baltimore, MD 21093-1004 

BOWES, JENNIFER Rt 4, Box 327-B4, Roxboro. NC 27573-9436 

BOWIE. OLIVER 318 W Montcastle Dr . Greensboro. NC 27406 

BOWM«s'. GEOFFREY 8535 West Howell Rd , Bethesda. MD 20817-6826 

BOWMAN. STEVEN 1346 5th St, Circle. NW. Hickory. NC 28601-2404 

BOXELL. BRIAN 593 Marr Dr , Signal Mountain. TN 37377-2279 

BOYCE. SUSAN 618 Main St- Ext . Swansboro. NC 28584 

BOYD. HENRY 408 West Graham St . Shelby. NC 28150 

BOYKIN. ROBERT 1303 Brookside Dr . Wilson. NC 27893 

BOYLE, GRECH3 831 Canal St,. Tumersville. NJ 08012 

BRACEY. MICHAEL 197-S Leap St . Rd »2. Pleasantaville. NJ 08232 

BRADHA-M. ASHLEY 605 Fountain Place. Burlington. NC 27215 

BRADHAM, DAVTD 503 N General Lee Ave,. Dunn, NC 28334 

BRADLEY. REBECCA 2798 Timberline Ct . Oakton, VA 22124 

BRADLEY, THOMAS 2606 Chilcott Ct , Vienna. VA 22181 

BRADSHAW. SHERRY 4026 E Greensboro Chapel Hill Rd . Graham. NC 271 

BRADSHER. CHERRI 1119 Morningside Dr , Buriington. NC 27217 

BRADY, CYNTHIA 5914 Stoney Mountain Rd,. Buriington. NC 27217 

BRADY. KAREN 412 Meadowood Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

BRADY. KELLY 305 West Whitehead St . Sparta. NC 28675 

BRADY, SEAN 47 Greenbrook Rd . Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 

BRAME. A,MANDA 201 Grace St.. Oxford. NC 27565 

BRAND. KRISTINE 19132 Roman Way. Gaithersburg. MD 20879 

BRA.NDON. MARK 42 Lawson Rd . Scituate. MA 02066 

BRANDT. TIMOTHY' 131 Olive Ave . Pompton Lakes. NJ 07442 

BRANNOCK. TINA 1402 Tarleton Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

BRANSON. KRISTI 309 Forest Dr . Graham, NC 27253-1405 

BRAWLEY, CRAIG Route 4, Box 563, Mooresville. NC 28115-9429 

BRAY. DARLA 2912 S Mebane St . Buriington. NC 27215 

BREAULT. KERRIE 2745 Sweet Clover Ct,. Sliver Spnng. MD 20904 

BREEDEN. ELIZABETH 4813 B.vrd Rd . Durham. NC 27705-2223 

BREITHAL^PT, LEA-NN'E 18 Knstin Ct , Towaco. NJ 07082-1011 

BREN'NAN. BRIA-N 208 Bellair Rd . Ridgewood. NJ 07450-1124 

BRENNAN. KARA 4700 Eastwind Rd . Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

BRENNER. ALEXANDER 9820 Whitethorn Dr . Charlotte. NC 28226-9028 

BRESSON. SUZAN'NE 1420 Edgewood Ave . Burlington. NC 27215 

BREWER, FLEMING 1904 Ashland Ave . Charlotte, NC 28205 

BRICKHOl'SE, REBECCA 118 Westover St , Graham. NC 27253 

BRIDGEMAN, RANDALL Route 1 Box 1095. Crewe. VA 23930 

BRIDGERS. WILLIAM PO Box 589. Cabot. AR 72023-0589 

BRIN-K, STEPHEN 72 Addison Dr . Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 

BRINKLEY. ANNA 801 A Hanover Rd . Graham. NC 27253-9421 

BRINTaEY. DWIGHT 2621 Windy Hill Rd,. Durham. NC 27703 

BRI1T. CHARMINPO Box 726, Wakefield. VA 23888-0726 

BRITT, RUSSELL PO Box 519, Toano. VA 23168-0519 

BRITTLE, CAKOL Route 1, Box 475, Wakefield, VA 23888 

BRITTLE. THOMAS P Box 61, Ivor. VA 23866 

BROCK KATHRYN 901 1 Arley Dr . Spnngfield. VA 221S3-1507 

BROCK. LAURA 2205 Bavleaf Dr . Durham. NC 27712 

BROCK SMITH, BLANCA 4103 Faragut St , Hyattesville. MD 20781-2131 

BRON. ALLISON 518 Northwood Rd . Washington. NC 27889 

BROOKS. CHRISTY 3053 Bellemont Mt Herman Rd,. Buriington. NC 27215 

BROOKS. DORIS 929 Graham St . Buriington, NC 27215 

BROOKS, KATHY 112 Bradford St . Danville, VA 24540 

BROOKS. LISA 6174 Thacker Dairy Rd-. Whitsett, NC 27377 

BROOKS. ROSEVELT 1028 Wilhs St F. Charlotte. NC 28204 

BROOKS. STEPHEN 1005 Dnftwood Dr , Slier City. NC 27344 

BROOKS. JR . KE.N'NETH 4233 Robert L Brooks Ln . Buriington. NC 27215 


BROOKSHIRE, THOMAS Route 1. Box 683, Wilkesboro. NC 28697 

BROPHY. JOHN 12 Washington Dr . Highland Mills. NY 10930 

BROWER. DEMARIS Route 2, Box 572-B. Bobbins. NC 27325 

BROWN, ALEXIS 8 Pine Knoll Dr , Lake Wvlie, SC 29710 

BROWN.AMY P O Box 431. Haw River. NC 27258-0431 

BROWN. CHRISTIE Rd "l Box 401. Elmer. NJ 08318-9029 

BROWN.K CHRISTOPHER 6444 Osceola-Ossipee Rd,, Gibsonville. NC 27249 

BROWN. CY'NTHIA 6402 Gallery St . Bowie. MD 20715-3869 

BROWN. DONNA 204 N Gurney St,, Burlington, NC 27215-4814 

BROWN, ELIZABETH 205 17th Ave,. NW. Hickory. NC 28601-1814 

BROWN. ERIN 70 Lowe Ave . Concord. NC 28025-6053 

BROWN. HULEN 124 Tarpley St Burlington. NC 272215-3773 

BROWN. JESSICA 17,50 Marlborough Dr . Atlanta, GA 30350 

BROWN. LINDA 2208 Belmont St , Buriington, NC 27215 

BROWN. LINDSEY 8903 Bells Mill Rd . Potomac. MD 20854 

BROWN. MARY 503 Woodvale Dr . Greensboro. NC 27410 

BROWN, MELISSA Apt 729-6, '2008 S Mebane St , Buriington. NC 27215 

BROWN. MICHAEL 860 Southern High School Rd , Graham, NC 27253-9411 

BROWN, REBECCA 3514 Beaver Creek Rd . Burlington. NC 27215 

BROWN. SHERRI 101 Glade Ct. AlUvista. VA 24517 

BROWN. STEPHEN 7 South St , Westfield. MA 01085 

BROWN. STEPHEN 35 David Ct,. Dayton. NJ 08810 

BROWN. TIMOTHY 441 E Benita Blvd . Vestal. NY 13850-2622 

BROWN. TRACY Rt 3 Westwood. Covington, VA 24426 

BROWN, WILLIAM 503 Woodland Rd , Henderson. NC 27536 

BROWN. WILMER 124 Tarpley. Burlington. NC 27215-3773 

(? 176^ INDEX 

)WNE, SHAWN 1515 S. Mebane St. Apt. 30. Burlington. NC 27215-6480 

{AN. DEBORAH 210 Ashley Trace. Elon College, NC 27244 

t'AN, ERIC 729 Cross Creek Dr . Mt. Airy. NC 27030 

fAN. ROBIN 6122 Riverdale Dr . High Point. NC 27263-9320 

{AS II, WILLIAM 3335 Alleghany Dr , Raleigh. NC 27609 

fANT, DENISE 3109 Bowman Ave . Bristol. PA 19007 

:HANAN. COl^TENAY 10708 Howerton Ave . Fairfax, VA 22030-2917 

:HH0LZ, GEORGE 1905 Dawnee Brook Trail S . Chesapeake, VA 23320 

TK. .AMY 461 Manordale Rd , Pittsburgh. PA 15241-2051 

:;K, BRLVN 461 Manordale Rd . Pittsburgh, PA 15241-2051 

::kner, Jonathan 2405 Scottwood Dr . Gastoma. nc 28054 

TKNER. MICHAEL Route 3. Box 258. Pittsboro. NC 27312-8323 

TKNER, MICHAEL 1512 Clifton Rd . Jacksonville. NC 28540 

KER, BRIDGET 517 Paisley Place. Newark. DE 197U 

LLARD, MICHAEL 304 Woodland Dr , Elon College. NC 27244-9239 

LLIXER, GLENN 301 W Mam St., Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

MPER, WINFRED 1509 South Benbow Rd . Greensboro. NC 27406 

SCH. CHRISTOPHER 8001 Seven Hill Ct . Clifton. VA 22024-2030 

VNELL. SUSAN 114 Gold Ketetle Dr.. Gaithersburg, MD 20878-2726 

VTiNG. CHRIS 751 Cheeks Ln . Graham. NC 27253-4237 

RCH, CLARENCE Route 4. Box 428. Roxboro. NC 27573 

RGESS, DAWN 3117 Basford Rd , fredenck. MD 21701 

RK£. RALPH 216 Meadow Ln . Uwrenceville. VA 23868-2402 

RKE, RICHARD 4916 Rumley Rd . Graham. NC 27253 

RKE,TAMATHA2227N Powhatan St . Arlington, VA 22205 

RKET, JILL 12 Farwood Rd . Wynnewood, PA 19096 

RKHARDT. KATHR^'N 1807 Selkirk Rd . Forest Hill. MD 21050-2341 

RLANDO, LOREN 5171 \ E 1st Terr,, Ft Lauderdale. FL 33334 

RLESON, EDWARD 525 Brighton Dr., Richmond, VA 23235 

RNETT. ROBERT 311 W Frances St., Jacksonville. NC 28540 

RNETTE, APRIL PC Box 372, Roxboro. NC 27573 

RNETTE. CATHER 7115 Hv^ 49 N.. Mebane, NC 27302 

RNETTE ROSCOE 2458 Susanne Dr .Haw River. NC 27258 

RNS, RICKY 1863-11 Turner Rd,, Mebane. NC 27302-9801 

RNS. STACEY 203 Fathom Cove. Stafford, Va 22554 

RNS, SL'ZANNE 5 Squires Ln . Lebanon. NJ 08833 

ROW, CHERVT 6208 Duntley Ct, Springfield, VA 22152 

RRi iWS, VALERIE 6401 Walker Mill Rd . Capital Heights. MD 20743-4314 

RTON, AN'N 210 Jencho Rd.. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

3ICK. MISTY 5839 Osceeola Ossippee Rd., Brown Summit. NC 27214 

ILER. CHRYSTAL Route 4, Box 335. Forest City. NC 28043 

ILER. MEREDITH 1325 Welcome Circle, Durham, NC 27705-5009 

TLER, YONNIE 501 Can- St., Mebane. NC 27302 

ITERMORE. KARA 2100 Beverly Dr . Charlotte. NC 28207 

•:RS, HELEN 120 Siege Ln., Yorktown. VA 23692-4055 

ID, KE\T\ P Box 4004. Pinehurst. NC 28374 

ID, WILLIAM Route 4. Box 169M. Wake Forest. NC 27587-9804 

iNES, MAL'REEN 4 Bristol Dr . Annapolis. MD 21401-2209 

ION. JENNIFER 6375 Open Flower, Columbia, MD 21045-4514 

tUM. JOSEPH 2215 Thetford Ct . Charlotte. NC 28211-3276 


BOT. JEFFREY 1489 Royal Forest Ct. West Palm Beach. FL 33404 
DE, BART 908 Cherokee Trail, Covington. VA 24426.9205 
GNO. KARYN 40 Deer Run Rd . Brooklield. CT 06804 
IN, RHONDA Route U, Box 200, Asheboro. NC 27203 
LOWELL, ROBERT 1610 Queens Rd #8, Charlotte. NC 28207 
LLICUTT, JOH.N P O, Box 103, Seagrove, NC 27341.103 
MBRIA. AMANDA 54 Grove St.. Plympton, MA 02367 
MERON, JULIE 10450 N Levee Oaks, Collierville, TN 38017 
MIA, .NICOLE 3817 Fnendly Acres Dr , Greensboro. NC 27410 
MPA, .R'STI\L\.\0 Route 10, Box 109, Charlottesville, VA 22903 
MPBELL, CAROLINE 1445 Corbett Rd , Monklon, MD 21111.1518 
MPBELL, ELIZABETH Route 1, Box 129. Vale, NC 28168 
MPBELL, KATHRlr'N 719 Argyll Rd,, Favetleville, NC 28303 
MPBELL, KATHRYN 4708 Oak Park Rd , Raleigh, NC 27612 
MPBELL, RICHARD 800 Lakestone Dr , Raleigh, NC 27609 
MPIONE, LEANNE 3 Anthony Ln . Fairfield. NJ 07004 
MPOT, SARA 3420 Barger Dr , Falls Church, VA 22044. 1201 
NNADAV, AARON 11800 Bondurant Dr , Richmond, VA 232363221 
NNON. BENJAMIN P O Box 370, Edisto Island. SC 29438 
PERTON. ANDREA 228 Riven,new Tr . Roswell, GA 30075 
PES, ZINA 505 Elmira St , Burlington, NC 27217 
PONETTI, JASON 23 Hyde Ct , Bedminster, NJ 07921 
PUANO, JAMES 14403 Round Lick Ln., Centreville, VA 22020 
RAW.AN. DODIE P Box 485, Bayboro, NC 28515 
RBONE, VINCENT 7613 Bnckyard Rd , Potomac, MD 20854 
RDELINO, LANCE 8956 Castle Point Dr.. Glen Allen. VA 230604903 
RDINALE. JEANINT 33 WisLar Rd , Villanova, PA 19085 
REV ELIZABETH 1302 Peaceful Ln . Silver Spring. MD 20904 
HEY, .MICHELLE 6225 .Martins Brandon Way, Centreville, VA 22020 
REY, PRESTON 110 E St , Burcellville, VA 22132 
RLSEN, KJMBERLY 3581 Brickwall Ln , Pasadena, MD 21122 
RLSI IN, DA.NIEL 744.B Manning Ave , Elon College, NC 27244 
RLV.SS, PAULINE 8631 Keller Ave , Stevenson, MD 21153 
RNEY FRANCIS 1804 Beechtree Rd , Greensboro, .NC 27408.3749 
ROW.VN. A.\n' P Box 364. Knolls Dr , Newton, NC 286580364 
RPENTER, SANDRA Hwy 306 South Box 285, Arapahoe, NC 28510-0285 
RR, ELIZABETH Route 2, Box 52-C, North Garden, VA 229599715 
RKICO, STEVEN 5072 Jennifer Dr , Asheboro, NC 27203 
RRIGA.N', KELLEY 11 Colorado Dr , Jackson. NJ 08527.2107 
RRtJLL, CHRISTOPHER 550 Rockwood Dr , Graham, NC 27253 
RROLL, JEFFERY 2607 Andorra Dr , Hephzibah, GA 30815.8260 
RTER, BRYAN P O Box 1043, Liberty, NC 27298 
RTER, CRAJG 1721 Brooklyn Ave , Whiting. NJ 08759 
RTER, DAVID 233 Highland Ave , Burlington. NC 27217 
RTER, PENNY P Box 875, Hillsborough, NC 27278 
RTER, WILLIA.MPO Box 843, Pembroke. NC 28372 
RTWTIIGHT, PHILIP 3622 Colchester St «12, Durham, NC 27707 
RUSO, A.NTHON'Y 1 1625 Twin Creeks Dr., Fort Pierce, FL 34845 
3E, LAl'RA Route 1 Box 167, Arden, NC 28704-9718 
5HMARK. KATHLEEN 7675 Kindler Rd , Laurel, MD 20723 
3SEBAUM, A.NNE 2614 Saddle Club Rd , Burhngton, NC 27214 
3SELL, CARA 9520 Kilimanjaro Rd , Columbia. MD 21045-3941 
3SELL. LORI P O Box 953, Elon College, NC 27244 
3SIDY, MEGAN 1405 Gwynedale Way, Lansdale. PA 19446 
3TLE, CHRISTOPHER 1717 Kirkwood Dr . Durham. NC 27705 
3TNER, DEBRA 406 Cantenvood Dr , Mebane, NC 27302 
rON, DAVID 4826 North West 19th PI , Gainsville, FL 32605-3434 
."ANAGH, DEVNEY 196 Flower Hill Rd , Huntington. NY 11743 
/AS, AMY 7804 Ruxway Rd , Towson, MD 21204.3534 
\SAR, PATRICK 262 Melody Ln , Winston Salem. NC 271052522 
;ERE, MICHAEL 6 Fairview Dr , Westford, MA 01886 
:IL, DAVID 2837 Chestnut Ridge Church Rd , Elland. NC 27243 
:iL, SUSAN 2837 Chestnut Ridge Church Rd . Efland. NC 27243 
fRATO, CLAUDIA 2936 Bellevue Terr N W . Washington, DC, 20016 
IRATO, HEATHER «2e Oak Rd and DeRosa Dr , Vineland. NJ 08360 
WFIN, JOHN 1603 Jettv 5 Reach, Wilmington, NC 28409 
|^MBERS, DA.NIEL 6715 Danforth St., .McUan, VA 22101 
1MBERS, KATHLEEN P O Box 21. Jamesville. .NC 27846 
te, reE MAN 743 Tinkerbell Rd , Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
WDLER, EMILY 417 Main St , Amesbury, MA 01913 
l\NDLER, ROBERT 132 Winston Rd , Danville, VA 24541 
\PLIN, .MELA.NTE 2602 Edgewood Ave , Burlington, NC 27215^725 

CHAPMAN, DAVID 2817 Hemng Blvd , Durham, NC 27704 

CHAPMAN, KIA 3516 Manford Dr . Durham, NC 27707 

CHAPPELL, CHRISTY 2567 Oakcrest Ct-, Burlington, NC 27217 

CHAPPELL, MICHAEL 3 Trappers Ct,, Durham, NC 27712 

i.'HARETTE, JASON 265 Audley SI . South Orange, NJ 07079 

CHARETTE, NOEL 10 Paul Dr , Blackstone, MA 01504 

CHARLES. LEON 6666 Vaughn Rd , Fayetteville, NC 28304 

CHASE, PHILIP 405 32nd St , Sunset Beach, NC 28468 

CHASE, RA.NDY 6 Kimball Ln , Northborough. MA 01532 

CHASKELIS, AARON 204 Rosemont St , Gibsonville, NC 27249-2929 

CHATHA, TA.N'VIR 453 Hanover Rd , Graham, NC 27253 

CHEEK. A.MY 1031 Solomon Dr . Kemersville, NC 27284.7561 

CHEEK. CHRISTIN 10 Poplar Dr.. Arden, NC 28704 

CHEEK, SHELBY 1866 .NC 62 N. Burlington, NC 27215 

CHILCOTT, CHARLES 33 Honeysuckle Dr , Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

CHILDRESS. ERIC 2000 Spring Garden St., Greensboro, NC 27403 

CHILDRESS, .MELANIE 6105 Granbv St , Norfolk, VA 23505 

CHI.NA. COURTNAY 8725 Wiggins St Apt 5, Durham, NC 27704 

CHIPMA.N, KATHARINE 2821 Northbndge Rd . Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

CHISHOLM, WILLIAM Route 1, Box 47 C, Eagle Spnngs, NC 27242 

CHOLTCO, ERIC 2405 Harlev Dr , Greensboro, NC 27403 

CHRISTIANA, DAVID 316Tunxis Rd , West Hartford, CT 06107 

CHURCH, ELIZABETH 3908 Shadv Oaks Dr , Virginia Beach. VA 23455 

CLACCIO, A.NTHONY 20 Bay Dr , Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 

CIANI, CHRISTINE 25 Garfield PI , Red Bank, NJ 07701 

CICCONE, DANA 474 Park Place, Washington TWSP, NJ 07675 

CINELLI, KIMBERLY 228 Park Ave , Atco, NJ 08004-2750 

CIPRIANO, DENISE 9801 Southwest 82 Ct,. Miami, FL 33156 

CIRONE, JENNIFER 251 Lindenhall Ct , Rtva. MD 21 140 

CIVILS. JOHN 112 Webb St , Morehead City, NC 28557 

CLANCY, JENIFER 4013 Applegate Rd , Gastonia, NC 28054-7089 

CLARK, CHRISTINE 3033 Lake Forest Dr.. Greensboro, NC 27408-7089 

CLARK DORIAN 201 Oak Ave . Sevema Park, MD 21146-3227 

CLARK FOY 427 Country Club Blvd , Lexington, NC 27292 

CL.\RK, JASON 1 105 Ollerton Rd , West Deptford. NJ 08068 

CLARK, JUSTIN 1081 Sycamore Dr , Lancaster, OH 43130 

CLARK KIRSTEN 14856 Keanon Ridge Ct . Manassas. VA 221113900 

CLARK LEE 5604 Silver Oak Ct , RockviUe, MD 20855 

fIj\RK. LEE 1527 FemcliffRd , Charlotte, NC 28211 

CLARK. MARY 127 Cedar Creek Dr , Asheboro, NC 27203-9697 

CLARK, MEGAN Box 278A, Highway 6 E , LaPlata, MD 20646 

CLARK. MELANIE 4311 Josephine Ave , Beltsville. MD 20705-2534 

CLARK. MELISSA 446 NC 54, Graham, NC 27253 

CLARK, .MICHAEL 140 Bluejacket Ave . Manahawkin, NJ 08050 

CLARK. RANDALL 1920 Bradbury Dr . Burlington, NC 27215 

CLARK. RODERICK 506 Camel St . Clayton. NC 27520 

CLARK. THOMAS 353 Scott Dr , Silver Spnng, MD 20904 

CLARK, TIMOTHY' P O Box 724, Ramseur, NC 273160724 

CLARK, WILLIAM 545 Hill Rd , Southern Pines. .NC 28387 

CLARK, JR , JOHN 1702 Burkewood Dr , Sidney, OH 453651924 

CLARK JR , JONATHA.N Apt 8C, 110 Cook Rd , Gibsonvdle, NC 27249 

CL.\RKE, KIRSTEN 3111 D Commerce PI . Burlington, NC 27215 

CL.\RKE. WILLUM 3209 Pleasant Ridge Rd , Summerfield. NC 27358 

CLEFFI. .VCDREW 104 Lawrence Rd., Randolph, NJ 07869-3105 

CLEMMER, CHERYX 7055 Holts Store Rd , Burlington, NC 27215 

CLEWS, CHRIS 216 Glyndon Dr., Reisterstown, MD 21136-2118 

CLLATT, ALISON 216 N George Mason Dr , Arlington, VA 22203 

CLICK.NER. CHRISTOPHER 3034 Shallowood Ln , Charlotte, NC 28277 

CLONINGER, JOHN 918 Kirkcaldy Yard, Gastonia, NC 28054 

CLOUD, NAPOLION 3040 Sawyer Ct , Winston.Salem, NC 27105 

CLOUGHERTY, TIMOTHY' 6117 Dresden Ln., Raleigh, NC 276122817 

CLOVER, AN'DREW 38 Little Wolf Rd , Summit, NJ 07901-3113 

CLUBB, DAVID 454 A Lindsev St , Kemersville, NC 27284 

COATES, GEORGE P O Box 207, Machipongo, VA 23405 

COBB. AN'NAPO Box 1479, Cornelius, NC '28031 

COBB, CHRISTOPHER 2512 Huffine Mill Rd , McLeansville. NC 27301 

COBB, VICTORIA 1 15 Adams Ave , March A F B, CA 92508 

COBLE, CHARLES 2024 Westover Terr . Burtington. NC 27215 

COBLE, STEPHEN 2024 Westover Terr , Burlington, NC 27215 

COCHNAR, JULIANA 1413 Shetford Rd , Baltimore, MD 21239 

COCKRELL, AMY 3112 DeerhiU Ln , Hillsborough. NC 27278 

COGBURN, JOHN 140 Grove Ln , GrilTin, GA 30223 

COGGINS, KERI 43 Old Colony Rd , North Stonington, CT 06359 

COGGINS. LINDA 8313 Lakewood Dr . Raleigh. NC 27613.1107 

COHEN, CRAIG 9713 Shadow Oak Dr , Gaithersburg, MD 20879 

COKEN'DOLPHER, BRADLEY P O box 1295, Elon College, NC 27244 

COKENDOLPHER, ROBIN P O Box 1295, Elon College, NC 27244 

COLBERT, SA.MA,VTHA 166 Winding River Rd , Wellsley, MA 02181 

COLCHIN, TIMOTHY' P O Box 1556, Elon College, NC 27244 

COLE, BRA.NDON 10806 Meadowhill Rd . Silver Spnng, MD 20901 

COLEMAN, DEBORAH 437 N Adventure Trail, Virginia Beach. VA 23454 5217 

COLEMA.N, JOSEPH 317 Williamson St., Burlington, NC 27215-7344 

COLEMAN, MICHAEL 6506 Park View Ct , Springfield, VA 22152-2822 

COLLERAN, KERRY 27 Rimwood Dr , Lincroft, NJ 07738 

COLLEY, ROBERT 313 Holly Dr , King, NC 27021 

COLLIER. ANDREW 379 E Haggard Ave , Ashley Oaks Apt 2F, Elon College, 

NC 27244 

COLLINS. AMANDA 3346 Durham St Ext .Burlington. NC 27217 

COLLINS. KRISTIE 24 Acton Woods Rd , Candler. NC 28715 

COLLINS. RACHEL 6321 Falling Brook Dr , Burke. VA 22015 

COLLINS. TAN^YA 285 Fairview Ave . Long Valley, NJ 07853 

COLLINS II, TOM 301 Oakland Dnve, Burlington. NC 27215 

COLOSI, SAMANTHA 8300 Lillvstone Dnve. Bethesda. MD 20817-4508 

COI.TRANE, ELIZABETH 7175 Downsfieldleman, NC. 27317 

I ■< iMBS, JIMMY' 702 North Dale Court, Burlington, NC 27215 

( I IMITON, DEBORA 216 Sollas Court, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 

I I INNELLY II, DAVID Route 4, Box 156.B. Stoneville, NC 270489435 

I 'I iNNERY, RACHEL 5532.D Strawberry Hill Dnve. Charlotte, NC 2821 1 

CI INNIILLY, MEHGAN 7624 Huntmaster Lane. Mc Lean, VA 22102 

CONNOR, JA.MES 506 West Elm Street, Scranton, PA 18504 

CONNORS, AMY 5312 Wintermoss Ct , Columbia, MD 21045 

CONRAD. DAVID 1921 Fountain Ridge Road, Chapel Hill, NC ?7514,2330 

COOK, ALLEN Apt 4,A, 739 E Haggard Ave , Elon College, NC 27244 

COOK, CAROL 1700 Burch Bndge Rd , Buriington. NC 27217 

COOK. JEFFREY 1 1 1 Fairfield Dr , Clarksville, VA 23927 

COOK. KENNETH 4017 Ues Chapel Rd , Cedar Grove, NC 27231,9702 

COOK. WALTER 2747 Crescent Hill Ct , .Mebane, NC 27302 

COOKE, ALLISON 1812 Salem Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 234661306 

COOKE, BRENDA 5200 Hicone Rd , McLeansville. NC 27301 

(■( n iKE, .MARGIE 5824 Roxboro Rd , Durham, NC 27712 

( 1 11 IKE, RICHARD P O Box 31365. Charlotte, NC 28231 

COOLEV, THERESA 7120 Rodgers Ct , Baltimore. MD 21212 

COONEY, PATRICIA 718 Horton Dr , Silver Spring, MD 20902 

COOPER, KI.MBERLY 2155 Woodland Ave . Burlington, NC 27215 

COOPER, LORI 1228 Waldon Rd , Abingdon, MD 21009 

COOPER, NICHOLAS 9009 Volta St , Lanham, MD 20706 

COORDS, CHRISTOPHER 175 Morningside Dr , Coral Gables, FL 33133 

COPAS, CANDICE P Box 6213, Hilton Head, SC 29928 

COPENHAVER. THOMAS 8826 Elizabeth Lake Rd., White Lake, MI 48386 

COPPER, MONIKA P O Box 22, Elkton, Va 22827-0022 

CORBETT, LEE 12 Shendan Place, Elon College, NC 27244 

CORCORAN, NANCY 4701 Trent River Dr , New Bern, NC 28562 

COREY, JR DALLAS 737 29th St . Newport News. VA 23607 

CORLISS, JACQUELI.NE P O Box 621, Harvard, MA 01451.0621 

Ct IRNELV. DA\1D 40 Ruggles St , Westborough, MA 01581 

(■( IHRIOA-N, TA.MMY' 417 Forest Dr . Wilmington, DE 19804 

COSTELL. THOMAS 10295 Wayover Way, Columbia, MD 21046 

COriRILL, LISA Route 4, Box 418.B, .Morgantown, WV, 26505 

COUCH, LISA 5005 Old Hillsborough Rd , Durham, NC 27705 

COUGHLIN. DANIELLE 13 Nottingham Way, Freehold, NJ 07728 

COULBOURN, RAQUEL 6271 Blue Dart Place. Columbia. MD 21045-4452 

COULSON. MELIANNE 4406 Rivershore Dr., New Bern, NC 28560.8019 

COULTER. BERNARD P.O Box 891, Newton, NC 28658 

COURNEEN. BRIAN 3309 Beechtree Lane. Falls Church. VA 22042 

COURNEEN. MEGAN 3309 Beechtree Lane, Falls Church. VA 22042 

COUTO. PAUL 1527 Ridge Lane, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

COVINGTON, TERRANCE P O Box 945, Elon College, NC 27244 

COVINGTON. JR GEORGE 106 Rolling Rd , Burlington, NC 27217 

COWARD, CATHERINE 13511 Fallen Oak Ct , Chantdly, VA 22021 

COWARDIN, AMY 9620 Kendelwick Dr . Richmond, VA 23236 

COWERN, HEATHER RR 9, Box 541. Chapel HiU, NC 27514 

COWMAN, JEN-NIFER 2319 Pin Oak Dr.. Finksburg, MD 21048.2512 

COX. ELLEN 1410 W Lake Dr , Greensboro. NC 27408 

COX. GWYN 2210 Conestogha Dr , Durham, NC 27705 

COX, JAMES 5609 Ranger Ct , Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

COX, KERIN 5403 Manna Club Dr , Wilmington, NC 28409 

COX, ROBYN 4564 Regulator Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 

CRABTREE, CHRISTOPHER 1802 Mill Creek Ct., Richmond. VA 23235 

CRABTREE JAYSON 117 Red Bud Rd, Edgewood, MD 21040 

CRABTREE, MICHAEL 712 Central Dr., Burlington. NC 27215 

CRADDOCK, STACY Route 4. Box 406-A, Edenton, NC 27932 

CRAFT, APRIL P O Box 308, Welcome, NC 27374-0308 

CRAFT, LAURA 244 Riverside Dnve, Jupiter. FL 33469 

CRAFT, MARGARET 2517 Walker Ave , Greensboro, NC 27403 

CRAIG, MARY 2289 Concord Farms Rd , Concord, NC 28027 

CRALEY, BRONWEN 4530 Albemarle Street N.W , Washington, DC 20016 

CRAPO, ELIZABETH 1728 Tisdale St . Durham, NC 27705 

CRAWFORD, DEREK 109-B Weatherstone Dr , Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

CRAWFORD, STEPHANIE Apt 4, 546 Circle Dr , Burlington, NC 27215 

CREWS, A.MY P O Box 102. Stoneville. NC 27048 

CREWS CARTER P O Box 201, Mount Holly, VA 22524-0201 

CREWS, TYRA Cavalier Apartments 21-E, South Boston, VA 24592 

CRIMI, DORENE 20 Spruce St , Brentwood, NY 11717-3816 

CROFT, ANN 6753 Brooklield Place, Charlotte. NC 28226 

CROMWELL, CRISTIN 7507 Berwick Ct.. Alexandna, VA 22310 

CROOKS, MEGAN 1007 Arborwood Dr., Gibsonia, PA 15044 

CROSBY, KEVIN 5806 Montana St., New Carrollton, MD 20784 

CROTTS, ALICIA Route 9, Box 4420. Lexington, NC 27292 

CROWDER. KEVIN 218 S Gumey St , Burlington, NC 27215 

CROWE, JOHN P O Box 1008, Elon College. NC 27244 

CROWLEY, LISA 303 French Rd . Newtown Square, PA 19073 

CRUCET, DANIEL R R »2. Barbara Ct , Wading River, NY 11792 

CRUTCHER, JULL\ 47 Deacon Abbott Rd., Redding, CT 06896 

CRUTCHFIELD, JE.NNIFER 622 Oakgrove Dr , Graham. NC 27253-3167 

CRUTCHFIELD, STELLA 7826 Alcorn Rd., Oak Ridge. NC 27310 

CUDDY, GALE 6 Bvrd Rd , Wethersfield. CT 06109 

CUESTA, GREGG 12819 Kettenng Dr . Herndon, VA 22071.2446 

CULHANE, ERIN 520 Garden St . Hoboken, NJ 07030 

CULLER, REBECCA 1243 Welcome Baptist Church Rd , Mount Airy, NC 27030 

CULLINANE. TIMOTHY 1 14 Hurley Dr . Hackettstown, NJ 07840 

CULPEPPER, JR., HERBERT 1753 Indian River Rd , Virginia Beach, VA 23456 

CUMMING, AMY 121 Woodward Ave , Staten Island, NY 10314 

CUMMINGS, TRACI 4644 Karls Gate Dr , Marietta, GA 30068 

CUMPSTON, E.MILE 5101 Fairoaks Dr Durham. NC 27712 

CUMPSTON, W'ILLL\M 5101 Fairoaks Dr . Durham, NC 27712 

CUO.MO. GEMMA P O Box 172156. Tampa, FL 33672 

CURLEY, ALISON 2587 Cosmos Ct., Atlanta, GA 30345 

CURRIE, ,NEIL P O Box 1575, Elon College, NC 27244 

CURRIN, SHANNON 18 Cortland Rd , East Hampstead, NH 03826 

CURRY, TRICIA 407 Orange Dr , Elon College, NC 27244 

CURTIS, DIAN'NE 501 Orange Dr . Elon College, NC 27244 

CURTIS, LEIGH P O Box 788, Elon College, NC 27244 

GUSHING, CHRISTOPHER 713 Sassafras St . .Millville, NJ 08332 

CUSTIS, CHRISTOPHER 1 1900 Custis Acres Dr., Clifton, VA 22024 

CUTLER. ERICA 6 Partndge Ln., Long Valley, NJ 07853 

I) ALONZO. DEBORAH 300 Piedmont Ave., Box 2210, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

D ITALIA, CANDICE Apt C-2. 1110 Cook St., Gibsonville, NC 27249 

IIAHL, DAVID 401 Clanon Dr , Durham. NC 27705 

IIAHL, JA.MES5I5S Williamson Ave, Elon College. NC 27244 

11.AHLE, SUSAN 1051 15th Ave NW, Hickory, NC 28601-2259 

DAHROUGE, SUSAN 76 Emerson Ave., Pittsfield, MA 01201 

DAKl', CARRIE 19633 Islander St , OIney. MD 20832 

DALEY, KEVIN 175 Lenape Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ 08055 

D.VI,KE, KATHRYN R F D 1. Box 740, Norht Whitefield, ME 04353-9720 

I«.MRON, JILL 1853 Taper Dr , Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

li.A.\EK, .NICOLE Route 1, Box 198, PurcellviUe. VA 22132-9714 

1)A.NIELS, DOUGLAS 402 Thomwood Dr . Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

DA.NIELSOiN, ALEA 104 Shane Ln , Lagrange, NC 28551 

DARNALL, DAWN 5869 Old Oak Ridge Rd., Greensboro. NC 27410-9265 

DARR. .MELISSA Route 18, Box 2446, Lexington, NC 27292 

DARROW, WILLIA.M 204 Geneva St , Decatur, GA 30030 

DARST, DAVID 1207 W Highland Ave , Kinston, NC 27292 

DAUB, KURT Alte Pforzheimer Str 84, W7534 Birkenfeld, GE 

DAl'B, STEVEN 210 Nottingham Dr , Havelock, NC 28532.9632 

DAUGHERTY, KEVIN 408 Orange Dr , Elon College. NC 27244 

DAVES, CRAIG Apt 3. D 1110 Cook Rd. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

DAVIS. BOBBY 1001 Parkwood Dr , Slier City, NC 27344 

DAVIS, DONNA 102 Sullivan Ct , Gibsonville, NC 27249 

DA\aS, JOA.NNE Apt A-5. 22815 30th Ave. S., Des Moines. WA 98198 

HAMS, JOH.N PO Box 1314, Elon College, NC 27244 

DAVIS, JOSEPH P O Box 105, Wake Forest, NC 27588 

DAVIS, LIZANNE 738 Leigh Mill Rd . Great Falls, VA 22066.2626 

DAVIS, .MEGHAN 2807 Pocock Rd , Monkton, MD 21111 

DAVIS, .MELISSA Route 4. Box 320, Gretna, VA 24557-9258 

DAVIS, PENNY 1 14 Westover Dr , Elon College. NC 27244 

DAVIS R. SCOTT 81 Valley Ridge Loop. Cockeysville. MD 21030-4372 

I lAVIS, REBECCA 1 14 Westover Dr , Elon College, NC 27244 

DAVIS, SHARI Apt P, 709 E Haggard Ave., Elon College. NC 27244 

DAVIS. STEVEN 215 Robin Rd , Mount Airy, NC 27030 

DAVIS, STUART 2230 Long Dairy Rd , Graham. NC 27253 

DAVIS, TANYA 6837 Brasswood Dr , Fayetteville, NC 28314-5301 

DAVIS, THOMAS 3203 K Arrowhead Circle, Fairfax, VA 22030 

DAVIS, WENDALL 1 14 Westover Dr , Elon College, NC 27244 

DAVIS, WILLIAM 87 B Weaver Dairy Rd.. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

DAWES, JORDAN 23 Blvd Des Beiges, Lyon, France 60069 

DAWSON, ANNA Route 2, Box 379-R, Bahama, NC 27503 

DAY. ROSA 609 Wayward Dr , Annapolis. MD 21401-6749 

DAY, WENDY 2218 Hyde St , Burlington, NC 27217 

DE BRULER. PAMELA 3769 Garden Rd , Burlington, NC 27215 

DE GREGORIS, RACHELANN 97 Country Side Dr.. Hackettstown. NJ 07840 

DE CUEHERY, DENISE 4505 Lockhaven Dr., Durham, NC 27712-2733 

DE MARCO, MARC 41 Regina Ave , Trenton, NJ 08619-2201 

DE PAS, DAVID 16521 George Washington Dr , Roekville, MD 20853 

DE PREITER, HEIDI P O Box 1095, New Market, VA 22844-9718 

DE ROSE, A.NTOINETTE 112 Caran Rd , Williamsburg, VA 23185 

DE SARO, .STEPHA.NIE 6 Rowlands Rd , Flemmgton, NJ 08822 

DE VEAC, DA.NIELLE 1788 Crofton Parkway. Crofton. MD 21114 

DE VTtlES, BETH 9017 Nomini Ln , Alexandria, VA 22309 

DEA.N, KATHERINE 2100 Crown Knoll, Piano. TX 75093 

DEA.N, PATRICK 113 Forestview Dr . Elon College, NC 27244 

DEA.N II, THOMAS 113 Forestview Dr , Elon College, NC 27244 

DEASE, WENDY 122 Kearney Ave , Oxford, NC 27565 

DECK AMANDA 206 Cloverbrook Dr., Jamestown, NC 27282-9616 

DEER, PAMELA 10 Forest Hills Rd , Belmont. NC 28012 

INDEX ^177^ 

DEESE. A.VDREA 1303 Cwiarwood V.Uaee. Morchead City. NC 28557 

DEGREE. VELMA 164 Ebenezer Rd.. Kings Mountain. NC 28086 

DEKKER. BRYAN 1409 Avon Rd . Chesapeake. VA 23320-3203 

DEL GAL-DIO. JEN'NIFER 12 Stephen Dr . Wading River. N\' 1 1792 

DEMEY. JENNIFER 4230 SoulhWesl 74 Ave.. Davie. FL 33314 

DE.MO. RICHARD Rout* 1. Box 334. N. Main St.. Norwood. NY 13678 

DE.MPSEY, KATHLEEN 1015 Greentree Dr . Winter Park. FL 32789-2706 

DE,\'BO III. EDWARD 1 IOC Trad End Rd . Durham. NC 27712 

DENNING. JOHN Roule o, Bo» -%43. Goldsboro. NC 27530-9244 

DENN'l. lANELLE -5351 Northumberland 51 . Pittsburgh. PA 15217 

DERDA. CARLETON 1828 Horseback Trail. Vienna. VA 22182 

DESKFUISSEAU. APRIL 21 Premiss Si . Orange. MA 01364 

DEVANEV. LESUE -5314 Broadmoor Place. Greensboro. NC 27410-.'M21 

DEVINE1 . ROBERT 230 Russlvn Dr . VVesI Palm Beach. FL 33405-3352 

Dl AMICO. fE.N'NlFHR -5003 Hiddenbrook CI . McLeansv-ille. NC 27301 

DI BELLA. CAROL1N 4128 Dovevdie Ln . Fairfax. VA 22a32-1446 

Dl BENEDETTO. CHRETINE -374 Gerrv Rd , North Brtinswick. N| 08902 

Dl PASQUALE. A-NDREW 20724 BeU Blufl Rd Gaithej^burg, MD 20879 

DI SARRO. BRIAN IBM Semea. Via Paolo Didono. 44. 00143 Rome. Italy 

DIAMOND, STEPHANIE 35 Lacosla Dr . Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 

DL\NA. MARIA 3-H Coverv Ln , Greensboro. NC 27406 

DICKENS. lASON 130 Cedar Ln , ReidsviUe. NC 27320 

DICKERSON. STACI 1540 Rogeis Rd . Graham. NC 27253 

DIC~SO. MICHELE 16 Tulip Ln,. Randolph. N| 07869 

DICUS. REBECCA 125 Indiana Ave . MaryviUe. TN 37801 

DILL. DA.NIEL 45|uUe Ln . Newark. DE 19711 

DILLER. TANYA 325-A TroUinger Ave . Elon CoUege. NC 27244 

DILLON. PATRICK -K) SweMvtown Rd . Middle Island, NY 1 1953 

DINLE1 , BR-I CE 1 5 Greens Farms Hollow. Westport. CT 06880 

DLNOTO. CHRISTOPHER 1.568 Crofton Parkway. Crofton. MD 21 1 14 

DIXON. LINDA 1375 SE-llth St. Fl Lauderdale. FL 33316-1380 

DIXON. MICHAEL Route 1. Bo« 159-C, Cranlsboro. NC 28529 

DOLAN. DANIEL Anthony Wayne Rd . Momstown. NT 07960 

DOLAN. DANIELLE 17 Cresl Dr . Ullle SJver, NJ 07739-1317 

DOLAN. JANET 14630 Governor Spnng Place, Upper Marlboro. MD 20772-5910 

DOLLINS. DANIEL 6805 Nashvjle. Lubbock. TX 79413-6033 

DOLS, MATTHEW 4818 Old Donunion Dr , Arimglon. VA 22207 

DOMA.NDER. STEFA.N Sandslensvagen 5. 16139 Bromma, StockhoUm. SW 

DOMINO, ANDREW 1065 Port Penn Rd . Middlelown. DE 19709 

DONAHUE IEFFRE1 20: W HaggaiJ Ave . Elon College, NC 27244 

DONALDSON, ALEXANDER 7ti09 Wheal Fall Cl . Derwood, MD 2085.5-1 168 

DONALDSON. IE.NAIFER 3»1 Vandever SI . Brookeville. MD 208.33 

DONIO. MARU 3210 Overlook CI . BurUnglon. NC 27215 

DONKERBROOK, DARCIE 52t>4 Wmtergreen Ln , Carmel IN 46032-9594 

DONNELL1 , ERIN 2113 Forest Lagoon PUce, WUmington, NC 28405 

DONOVAN. DEBRA 4216 Olympia Dr . Greensboro, NC 27406-6313 

DCX)LA.N. PATRICK 35(M StarmounI Dr . Greensboro. NC 27403 

DORNIK. ARTHLIR P O Bo> 473. Greene. NY 13778-0473 

DORSE1 lANET 2107 Somen, Ave . Burlington, NC 27215-3335 

DORSE1 , lENAIFER 6391 Scarlel Petal, Columbia. MD 21045 

DOUGHERn , BRIDGET 3102 Altamahaw-Union Ridge Rd , Burbnglon, NC 27217 

DOUGHERTY. CHRISTINA 127M Uhdley Dr . Raleigh. NC 27614 

DOUGLAS. KATRINA 8209 Mossy Slone CI . Uurel, MD 20723 

DOUGLAS. MATTHEW Roule 9. Box 90. Reidsvdle. NC 27320-8717 

DOUGLAS. SL'SA.N 1909 Elkhart Dr , Greensboro, NC 27408 

DOUGLASS, LAYLA PO Box 352, U Plata. MD 20646 

DOVE. SHEUA 5656 Pmewav Une, Graham. NC 27253 

DOWDEY. SHANTmON 6898 Sugar Rum Ridge, Roanoke, VA 24018-5343 

DO^TE, RONT-lIE PO Bex 59. Whilsell. NC 27377 

DRAKE. JONATHAN 8809 RoUingwood Rtl . Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

DRAKE. LEE 2221 Laughmg Gull Circle. Allanlic Beach. FL 32233 

DRAYSON, JENNIFER Hambledon. Blackbrook Road, Dorking, Surrey, EG 

DREFHALL, CINDY 260 Bluegrass Dr, HendersonviUe, TN 37075 

DREIBELBIS, SCOTT 2415 Little Rd , PerkiomenviIIe, PA 18074 

DRIGOT R-'LIE 312 Woody Ln . AsheviUe. NC 28804 

DRIVER. CHARMAN 1625 U Jeune Blvd . Jacksonville, NC 28540 

DROBNIX, BARBARA 1069 Bird Ln . Sanibel Island, FL 33957 

DR1 E. JUDITH Roule 4. Box 267. Slier Cily. NC 27344-9412 

DR1SDALE. EUGENE 1110 Cook Rd . GibsonviUe. NC 27249 

DU BOIS. JODY 1326 Elm Si . Elon College. NC 27244 

DU BOSE, m.NAIA 65 Marcy Ave , EasI Orange, NJ 07017 

DUARTE, NELW 3117-D Commerce Place, Burhnglon, NC 27215 

DUBOIS. COURTENAY 63 Heather Circle, Jefferson, MA 01 522 

DUDLEY, CAMRON Box 6710. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

DUGGtNS. MICHAEL PO Box 1172, Robersonville, NC 27871-1172 

DUMAN. JESSICA 3>-C Chicopee Dr . Princeton, N] 08540 

DLTMCAN, CHARLES 1153 2133 5 Henry St, Wffljamsburg, VA 23185 

DUNCAN, DAVID 4007 Byrd Rd . Kensington, MD 20895 

DU-NCAN. MIMI Hayfield Rl, 3 Box 5911. Bertyville, VA 22611 

DUNC AN, TODD 225 Oak St, Wallace, NC 28466 

DUNHAM, LAURA 1210 Merry Hill Dr . High Pomt, NC 27262 

DUNKERLEY, DAVID 3723 Sdverwood Dr , York, PA 17402-1354 

DUNN, ANNE 7508 Gnstimll Rd., Raleigh, NC 27615 

DUNN, JAMES lOftl Queensferry Rd , Gary. NC 2751 1 

DU-NN, MICHAEL 2303 Slralford CI . Burlmglon. NC 27215 

DLT-'N, VANCE 25 Campo Tertace, Red Bank. NJ 07701-5301 

DLTREE. LEE 1000 BoboUnk Dr , Virgmia Beach, VA 2345H906 

DL^RHAM, ANGELA 501 Wildwood Ln . Graham, NC 27253-4374 

DUimAM, G1LLIA.N 553 Bdlmore Dr . Virgmia Beach, VA 23454 

DURKEE, DEBORAH 106 Eoreslview Dr , Elon CoUege, NC 27244 

DUTyON, PATRICIA 292 Wavfair Circle, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417-2935 

DURR, CARA 8083 Ventnor Rd , Pasadena, MD 21 122-5726 

DUa'AL, JOHN P O Box 216, Saluda, NC 28773-9738 

DYER. MELISSA 7616 Maple Branch Rd , Clifton, VA 22024 

DYKE, JUUE P O- Box 124, Honesdale, PA 18431 

EADIE. JASON 18805 Herilage HjU Dr , Brookeville, MD 20833 
EADIE. MICHELLE 18805 HenUge Hill Dr.. Brookeville. MD 20833-2812 
EANES. LESLIE Route 6 Box 40, Martinsville. VA 24112 
EASOM. LORI 8509 Shadowwood Place. Raleigh. NC 27613-1213 
EASON. KEVIN Apt 32-1. 311 S Lasalle St . Durham, NC 27705 
EASTMAN. FRANK 104 Holly Ln,. Morehead City. NC 28557 
EASTWOOD. DA-VIEL 601 Little Ln . Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 
EATON. JESSICA 2069 Kedge Dr . Vienna. VA 22181 
EBBESKOTTE. TRACY 1211 Caetlewood Dr . Rockingham. NC 28379 
EBERHARDT. MICHAEL 4 Budd Rd . Whitehouse Station. NJ 08889 
EBRAHIMI, CHRISTINA 24 Shendan Place. Elon College. NC 27244 
ECHOLS, VIRGINIA 431 Robmonl Rd . Charlotte. NC 28226-5330 
ECKEL, ALBERT 6715 Cable Car Ln . Wilmington. NC 28401 
EDMONTIS. CHRISTIAN 3188 Reese Dr . Portsmouth. VA 23703 
EDMONDSON. TIFFANT 15 Pilling Place. Durham, NC 27707 
EDRINGTON. SUSAN 1908 Wilkins Dr . Sanford. NC 27330-8203 
EDWARDS. AMY' 258 Steelecrest Rd . Graham. NC 27253 
EDWARDS. CHAD 5304 Mur-rue Ct . Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 
EDWARDS, COREY P O Box 1 104, Elon College. NC 27244 
EDWARDS. ELIZABETH Route 8. Box 14. Burlington. NC 27215-9808 
EDWARDS. ERIC 236 Shendan Rd . Ft, Bliss, TX 79906 
EDWARDS, WADE 706 Roxboro St , Haw River. NC 27258 
EFIRD. COREY 739 E Haggard Ave, Apt 4.A. Elon College, NC 27244 
EELA.ND. MADISON P O Box 26. Efland. NC 27243 
EGCERT. JAMES 5510 Fiddlers Ridge Ct . Midlothian. VA 23112 
EHLERS. KERRY 608 Kiiightbndge Place. Fayetteville. NC 2831 1-6910 
EHRE.NFRIED. JON 16608 Cutlaaa Dr . Rockville. MD 20853 

EICHELBERGER. DANIEL 457 Woodcrest Dr . Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 

EISEL. DAVID 2159 Ivygail Dr South. Jacksonville. FL 32225 

EKXLONA. AJAMU 18 Spectator Ln. Owings Mills. MD 21117 

ELL\S. LISBETH 7128 119th St N . Seminole. FL 34642-5645 

ELLEN. PHILLIP 301 Midlothian Dr . Southern Pines. NC 28387-3327 

ELLER. ELIZABETH 213 Gleneagles Rd E . Statesville. NC 28677 

ELLINGTON, NANCY 9521 Kenlsdale Dr , Potomac, MD 20854 

ELLl.NGTON, VIRGINIA 9521 Kentsdale Dr , Potomac. MD 20854 

ELLIOTT. DENITA P O Box 925. Edenton. NC 27932-0925 

ELLIOTT. ROBERT 5128 Paw Paw Rd. Cambridge. MD 21613 

ELLIS, BRVA-N" 60 Russling Rd . Hackettstown. NJ 07840 

ELLIS. CHARLES 4105 Toroelta St. Durham, NC 27712 

ELLIS, HEATHER 107 CardilTCt. Jacksonville, NC 28546 

ELLISON. ROBERT 8033 Wavendon Ct,. Raleigh, NC 27615-4614 

ELLISOR, CATHERINE 3804 Dresden St . Kensington. MD 20895 

ELLIXSON. JEFFREY 3119-F Commerce Place. Burlington. NC 27215 

EMBL'REY. STEPHA-NIE 9612 Baltimore Ave . Laurel. MD 20707 

EMERSON. A.SH,NDA 833 Dnftwood Dr . Graham. NC 27253 

EMERSON. SARAH 801 .Maple Glen Ln . Wayne. PA 19087-4727 

EMERY. LISA R D HI. Box 106. Eighty Four. PA 15330-9705 

EMtORV. AMES 35 Lambert Rd.. Freeport. ME 04032 

ENCARNATION. KIM 344 Long Pond Rd . Brewster. MA 02631 

ENDERS. JA,\TCE 9025 Scott St.. Springfield. VA 22153-4114 

ENGLEHARDT. THOMAS 12 Conklin Dr , Clifton. NJ 07013 

ENGLISH. REGINA Roule I. Box 477-B. Glade Hill. VA 24092 

ENLOW, JEFFREY 718 Murray Ave . Ravenna. OH 44266 

ENOCH. PATRICIA 1201 Frazier Rd . Mebane. NC 27302 

E-NOCH. RA,NDOI.PH 1106 Windham Ct . Mebane. NC 27302 

ENOCH. Y'OLA-NDA 121 James St . Burlington. NC 27217 

EPPERLY. .MARY 308 N Maple St . Graham. NC 272.53 

ERDNER. PETE Route 3. Box 163-B. Roxboro. NC 27573-9524 

ERVTN. WILLIAM HQ. 60th ODR GP Box 624. APO NY. New York. NY 09052 

ERWIN. GREGORY 3734 Swarthmore Rd . Durham. NC 27707-5436 

ESAU. DAVID 5208 Wilson Woods Ct . Fairfax. VA 22032 

ESPOSITO. RACHEL 206 Raleigh Ave,. Morehead City. NC 28557-2827 

ESSEN. ALICE 601 N Main St . Graham. NC 27253-2252 

EUGAIR. JENNIFER 1 1 Juniper Hill. Springfield. VT 05156 

EULISS. NATASHA 113 W Gilbreath St. Graham. NC 27253 

EURE. JASON 707 Bridges St . Morehead City. NC 28557 

EVANS. LARA 5612 Marble Arch Way. Alexandria. VA 22310 

EVERETTE. DARRELL P O Box k733. Grandy, NC 27939 

EVERS. ROBY"N lOI 17 Walker Lake Dr . Great Falls. VA 22066-3501 

EVORY. MURIEL 114 Westview Dr . Elon College. NC 27244 

EWAYS. FRANCIS 665 Tanners Ln . Earlysville. VA 22936-9679 

EWIG. SHELLEA Kitchell Rd . Convent Station. NJ 07961 

EZELL. THOMAS 1215 Howell Creek Dr . Winter Spnngs. FL 32708 

EZZELL. WENDY Route 3. Box 365-C. Whil».ville. NC 28472-9538 


FALCO. ALPHONSE 19 Whitegate Rd , Succasunna. NJ 07876 

FALK. DARREN 29 Shendan Place. Elon College, NC 27244 

FALK. LORIE 21 Clearwater Ct,. Damascus, MD 20872-2334 

FANCHER. BRETT 14 Rosedale St . Hooksetl. NH 03106 

FANTILNG, MINDl 84.32 Braddock Way. Columbia. MD 21046 

FARGIS. ROYCE 2016 Northcrest Dr . Elon College. NC 27244 

FARLOW, TROY P O Box 189. Craddockville. VA 23341 

FARRELLY. SEAN 24 Deer Ledge Ln . Wethersfield. CT 06109 

FARRINGTON. ANITA 1170 North. NC 49. Burlington. NC 27217 

FARRIS. CARRIE 1723 Lord BvTon Ln . Jacksonville. FL 32223 

FAUCETTE. GLORIA 1500 Brent Court #4D. Burlington. NC 27215 

FALTKNER. TARA 1 1304 Carmel Chace Dr . Charlotte. NC 28226-3936 

FAUST. CHAD P Box 209. Trexlertown. PA 18087 

FAY. KAREN 926 Baker Dr . Haw River. NC 27258 

EECHO. JEFFRY 2322 La Vista Dr . »23. Burlington. NC 27215-5343 

FEDAK. RENEE 6209 Farnum Cluster. Centerville, VA 22020 

FEENEY. DAVID 4031 Huckleberry Row. Ellicott City. MD 21042 

FELT. STEPHEN P Box 1378. Elon College. NC 27244 

FELTON, TAMARI 521 Shepard St . Burlington. NC 27215 

FELTS, BENNIE 220 Collinwood Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

FENNER. BRADLEY 4835 Tabard Place. Annandale. VA 22003-1054 

FENTON. NICOLE 64 Page Dr , Oakland. NJ 07436 

FEN'WICK. ELIZABETH 7113 Rodgers Ct . Baltimore. MD 21212 

FERRELL. .MICHAEL 160 Providence Rd . Roxboro. NC 27573 

FERRIS, MICHAEL 215 S Glenwood Trail, Southern Pines. NC 28387-7241 

FESPERMA.N. WILLIAM P O Box 1260. Jamestown, NC 27282 

FETTERS. JUNE 3026 Huffines Dr , Burlington. NC 27217-8315 

FETZER, ROBERT 6 Tiverton Dr. Greenville. SC 29615 

FIELDS. KIMBERLY 1842 Broadway Dr . Graham, NC 27253-1321 

FINBERC. DOL'GLAS 9435 Wallingford Dr . Burke. VA 22015 

FINCHER. MARIA 3302 S Mebane St . Burlington, NC 27215-5440 

FINDLEV. LINDA 4929 Warfield Dr . Greensboro, NC 27406 

FINLAYSON. HEATHER 711 S W 88th Terr , Gainesville. FL 32607 

FINLEY. SARAH 740 Oakgrove Dr . Graham, NC 27253 

FIN-NEY. MICHAEL 2201 Holland Ave . Burlington. NC 27217 

FIRMAN. BRIAN 7102 Kerr Dr . Spnngfield. VA 22150-3634 

FISHER. GALEN Route 1. Box 1650, Rocky Mount. VA 24151 

FISHER. SCtlTT 20 Coles Cove Rd . Weaverville, NC 28787 

FISHER. STEPHEN 2005 Mara Park Place. Williamsburg. VA 23185 

FITZGERALD. ROBIN Box 94. Altamahaw. NC 27202 

FITZSIMMONS. CHRISTIN 18430 Cape Jasmine Way, Gaithersburg. MD 20879 


FLEMING. KAREN 526 Melrose Ave . Southampton. PA 18966 

FLETCHER. TERRI PO Box 331. Zebulon. NC 27597 

FLIPPIN. JOHN 1225 Sarah Lynch Place. Lynchburg, VA 24503 

FLOOD. ROBERT RR 7. Box 492 Holly Way. Bndgeton. NJ 08302 

FLOW. KIMBERLY 10404 Hampton Rd . Fairfax Station. VA 22039 

FLYNN, KF:VIN hh Buena Vista Terr , Cental Valley. NY 10917 

FOGEL. HILLAHIE .5475 Treefrog Place. Columbia. MD 21045-2535 

FOGLEMAN. TYLER 310-F Atwood Dr . Burlington. NC 27215 

FOHN. ALEXANDRIA 6303 Avalon Dr . Belhesda, MD 20816 

FOLEY. BRIAN P O Box 523, Madison. NC 27025-0623 

FOLEY. MARK 605 Ornn St S.E,. Vienna, VA 22180-4837 

FORBIS. LARRELL 548 Woodland Dr , Graham. NC 27253 

FORD. BRYANT 3021 Seven Oaks Place. Falls Church. VA 22042 

FORD. KIMBERLY 3181 Casto Dr »101, Fairfax, VA 22031 

FORD. MARCUS 2688 Windrock Ct . EUenwood. GA 30049 

FORD, TROY Rt 4, Box 849-E. South Boston. VA 24592 

FORDI. JOHN 841 Gist Rd . Westminster. MD 21157-5749 

FORE, MELISSA 6065 OnoleLn S W, Roanoke, VA 24018 

FORESTER, WESLEY 6 Green Hills Rd,. Long Valley. NJ 07853 

FORIEST. ANTHON-Y 1831 Broadway Dr . Graham. NC 27253 

FORMAN. LISA Route 2. Box 59. Charlotte Hall. MD 20622 

FORNOFF III. WILLIAM 3939 Gnmm Rd.. Jarrettsville. MD 21084-1207 

FORSMAN. MICHAEL 9102 Vicksburg «8. Lubbock, TX 79424 

FOSTER, DANIEL 1613 Granada Ln . Graham. NC 272,53 

FOSTER. FAE 3175 McCarroII Dr , Baton Rouge. LA 70809-1614 

FOSTER. GLORIA 4702 Trailwood Dr , Greensboro, NC 27407-8236 

FOSTER. JAMES 603 Helen St . Fayetteville. NC 28303 

FOSTER. LAURA Route 1. Box 581. Wilkesboro. NC 28697-9769 

FOSTER. .MARC 348 Glen Rd,. Weston. MA 02193 

FOSTER. NICOLE 84 Abington Rd . Danvers. MA 02193 

FOSTER. REBECCA 883 Honey Ln . Crete. IL 60417 

FOWLER. CHERYL P O Box 52. Waynesville. NC 28786-0052 

FOWLER. STEPHANIE 19149 Stedwick Dr , Gaithersburg, MD 20879 

FOX. FRED 3409 Evers Ave . Sanford. NC 27330-8519 

FOX, WILLLAM 234 3rd Ave N W . Hickory. NC 28601 

FOYLES. CHRISTINA P Box 85. Naples. NC 28760 

FRAIN, BARRETT Box 41 13 RFD Three Lakes Dr . Long Grove. IL 60047 

FRANCIS, JOSEPH 155 Barclay Rd . Durham. NC 27712-1609 

FRANCIS. TYTiA 2905 Anderson Rd . Burlington. NC 27217 

FRANKS, DENNIS 2 Continental Ct , Freehold. NJ 07728 

FRANKS. ANGELA Roule 1. Box 716. Slier City. NC 27344 

FKAUENHEIM. LESLIE 2016 Delpond Ln., Charlotte, NC 28226 

FRAVEL, MEGAN 8933 Rolling Rd , Manassas. VA 22110-1240 

FRAZIER. PAIGE 1 1407 Hilbingdon Rd . Richmond. VA 23233-3426 

FREDERICK. SUSAN 10706 Gainsborough Rd . Potomac. MD 20854 

FREDERIKSEN. DANE 1632 Morrill Ct . McLean. VA 22101 

FREKMA.N. CHRISTINE 7 Lvnhaven Cl . Greensboro. NC 27406 

FREEMA.N. FRANK 712 Uawood Dr . Greensboro. NC 27410 

FREE.\IA.N. JOHN 104 Blunwood Dr . Boone. NC 28607 

FREEMAN. JOHN 2209 Granrille Rd . Greensboro. NC 27408 

FREE.NLAN. JUANDALYNN Roule 2. Box 274. Clinton. NC 282389240 

FREEMAN, NED Route 8, Box 278, Thomasville. NC 27360 

FHEE.MAN. TAYLOR 1835 Ridge Rd . Raleigh, NC 27607 

FABIIR. NANCY 181M Ri.ndall St . Burlington. NC 27215-6368 

FAEHL,MANN. GKI tRtlE Undangomda Stigen 14B. S-182 35 Danderyd. SW 


FREIMARK. HOLLY ELIZABETH 11 Sandburg Cl.. Mahwatl, NJ 07430 

FRENCH. MARK CHARLES 515 South Williamson Ave.. Elon College. Ni 


FRENCH, SUSAN ELIZABETH 5106 Coleridge Dr., Fairfax. VA 22032 

KRICK. BENJAMIN ANDRf;W704 Sullivan Rd, Westminster. MD 21157 

FRICK. FRANCESCA MARIA 438 Channel Creek Ct . Mt, Pleasant. SC 


FRIIIDLE. MARTHA COE 128 Wildlife Club Rd., Graham, NC 27253-9622 

FR1EIILAND,J0DI MELISSA 85 Hall Rd.. Easton. CT 06612 

FRILLICI. HEATH VINCENT 8 White Tail Deer Ln., Hilton Head, SC 


FRISBEE. MARK LEE 766 Tiffany Dr.. Gaithersburg. MU 20878-1821 

FRITH. LANCE DEAN Route 5, Box 633. Bassett. VA 24055 

FRITZ. AMBER I.VNF:rrE Route 3. Box 455. Hlllsville. VA 24343-8143 

FRVAR. SUSAN RENEE 5406 Hicone Rd., McLeansvilIe. NC 27301-9720 

FRYE, BOBBY LESTER Route 2. Box 9-C, Bennett. NC 27208 

FRYE. DEBRA JENNINGS 608 Montgomery St.. Apt. B, Reidsville, NC 


FRYE, SUSAN JANE P.O. Box 342, Vass. NC 28394-0342 

FULK, CHRISTOPHER CLAUDE 304 W. College Ave.. Elon College. NC 



Greensboro. NC 27408 

FULLER. ROBIN 2701 Homestead Rd., Apt. 1102. Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

FULP. GARLAND KEITH 801 Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27103 

FULTON. JARED KINGSLEY Route 1. Box 15.5. Queenstown. MD 21658 

FUNK. JOHN RANDALL Route 1. Box 456. Graham. NC 27253 

FURPHY. MARK GERARD 31 North Stiles Ave.. Maple Shade. NJ 08062 

FUTRELL. JEFFREY CHARLES 206 Moore St., Graham, NC 27253-1416 


GABA, CHARLES GEORGE ENNIS 8306 Thoreau Drive, Bethesda. MD 


GAINES, WADE DARRELL 2406 Moss Creek Loop. Elon College. NC 


GALLAGHER. KATHLEEN MARIE 3366 Jennings Chapel Rd.. Woodbine 

MD 21797-7512 

GALLAGHER. MICHAEL JOHN 20324 Watkins Meadow Dr., 

Germantown, MD 20874-4259 


Midlothian. VA 23113-4008 

GALLOWAY. BRUCE ANTHONY Route 1. Box 815. Eden. NC 27288-9779 

GALLOWAY. WILLIAM DERON P.O. Box 51. Ridgeway. VA 24148 

GALVIS. JUAN P.O. Box 1631. Elon College. NC 27244 

GAMIN, TERESA ANN 712 Shadowridge Rd.. Jacksonville. NC 28546 

GAMMON. WILBUR FRANCIS Route 2. Box .360. Ruffin. NC 27.326 

GANEY. WILLIAM SCHUYLER 7500 Willow Brook. Fairfax Station. VA 


GANTOS. CLINT WILLIAM 1.33 Orange Dr., Elon College. NC 27244-92311 

GARDNER. JACQUELYN SUE P.O. Box 577/4. Derry Rd.. Nantucket, M.i 



Arlington, VA 22204 

tiARLAND. MARK DORSEY 11203 Boxwood Rd., Fredericksburg, VA 


GARNER. MEi,VIN LAVERNE Route 1. Box I81-A. Garysburg, NC 


GARRISON. GEORGE WESLEY Route 5. Box 104. Henderson. NC 27636 

GARTH. MYRTLE BARNETTE 5315 Governor Scott Rd.. Cedar Grove, 

NC 27231 

GASKINS. DENNIS MICHAEL 570 Jacqueline SL. Mechanicsville. MD 


GAUDET. RACHEL DANIELLE 9235 Lake Braddock Dr., Burke. VA 


GAUL, TODD ERIC P.O. Box 46.36. Falls Church. VA 22044 

GAVIN, LEIGH ANNE 4424 Tetbury PI., Raleigh, NC 27613 

GAVIN, PETER GEORGE P.O. Box 646, Oldwick, NJ 08858-0646 

GAYNOR. MICHAEL THOMAS 205 Woodale Dr.. Apt. A. Elon College, M 


GEIGER. SHERI LYNN 7439 Hayward Rd.. P.O. Box 823. Frederick, MD 


GEIKLER, DAVID A. 380 Tenney Circle. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

GEMMILL. GUY HUNTER 2810 Benson Mill Rd.. Sparks. MD 21152-9574 

GENTILCORE. TONY 1625 Monterey Dr.. Clearwater. FL 34616 

GENTILE. BROOKE ELIZABETH 1344 Sabrine Ct.. Lakewood, NJ 08701 

GENTILE, MARC JOSEPH DINGO 5063 Whetstone Rd.. Columbia, MD 


GERAMI, JENNY GALE Rt. 4, Box 147, Conover. NC 28613-9804 

GERRINGER, JANICE M. JOHNSON 6306 Divot Dr., Greensboro. NC 


GETTYS, ANDREA RENEE Route 2, Box 892, Toney Rd.. Bostic, NC 


GHARBO, SAMY S. P.O. Box 363. Burlington. NC 27216 

GIAQUINTO. MICHELLE MARIE 12821 Tewksbury Dr.. Herdon, VA 


GIBBS. LAURA MICHELLE 1300 Benton Ln,. Reidsville. NC 27320 

GIBBS. PAUL SAMUEL 3211 Sandburg Dr., Greensboro, NC 27405-3764 

GIBSON, BRIDGET LEE 1870 Thomas Dr,, Marietta. GA 30066 

GIBSON. CRYSTAL LEE 185 Calvert Beach Rd,. St, Leonard, MD 20685 

GIESEKING. GREG F, 8 Chesterbrook Rd., Chester, NJ 07930 

GIFFIN, ROBERT ANDREW 788 S. 2nd St.. Philadelphia. PA 19147 

GILBERT, TRICIA ANN 1446 Little Willeo Rd,. Marietta, GA 30068 

GILBREATH, APRIL TERESA 14612 Quince Orchard Rd,, North 

Potomac, MD 20878 

GILBREATH, KEITH LA MON 1 Featherbed Ln,, Stockton, NJ 08559 

GILL, ERICK PELLERINO 104 East Caroline Ave,, Smithfleld, NC 27677 

GILL, LESLIE ANNE 2454 West Lane Ave,, Columbus. OH 43221 

GILLESPIE. BRIAN ROBERT 9429 Delancey Dr., Vienna, VA 22182 

GILLETTE, ROBERT GREGORY 431 North Mam St., Suffolk. VA 


^78J) INDEX 

GILLIAM. ELIZABETH LYNN 1028 Briarcliff Rd., BudinEton, NC 


GILLIAM, LUTHER ATKINS 427 Underbill PI.. Alexandria. VA 


GILLIS. TRACEY ELIZABETH 9513 Fox Hollow Dr.. Potomac. MD 20854 

GILLMAN. THOMAS PATRICK 1418 Symphony Ct., Orlando. FL 


GILMORE. COLLEEN ANNE 7006 Alicent Ct.. McLean. VA 22101 

GINN. ttlLLlAM RODDEY 3506 Longrview Dr.. Burlin|:ton. NC 27215 

GIOFFRE. SEAN ANTHONY 600 Parkmont Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27408 

GIPPLE. LESLIE PAIGE 1112 Corn Tassel Trail. Martinsville. VA 


GIRARDET. JENNIE LEA 71 Soutb Main St.. Cranbury. NJ 08512-3103 

GISCHEL. WHITNEY ELIZABETH 909 Chestnut Ridge Dr.. Lutherville. 

MD 21093-1702 

GLASS. JAMES EDWIN 616 Lindsay Rd-. Wilmington. DE 19809 

GLASS. STEPHANIE DARLENE Route 4, Box 428. Siler City. NC 


GLASSCOCK. DAVID MICHAEL 216 Slat Ave., NW. Hickory, NC 

28601 1036 

GLEISER. KEVIN MARK 516 Eastcbester Dr.. Higb Point. NC 27262 

GLENN. ALEXANDER MURRAY 1228 Warebam Ct.. Charlotte. NC 


GLENN. TAMARA LYNNE 5815 Rexford Dr. Apt. K. Sprim-field. VA 


GLINIECKI. TIMOTHY DANIEL 5217 Hawkbill Circle. Roanoke. VA 



Roosevelt. NJ 08555 

GOLDBERG. ANDREA BETH 12625 St. James Rd.. Potomac. MD 20850 

GOLDMANN. KARL LOUIS 65 Emerald PI.. Clark. NJ 07066-1410 

GOLEMON. JENNIFER ALICE 3607-4 Pinnacle Rd.. Austin. TX 78746 

GOOD. HOLLY MARIE 4137 Elizabeth Ln.. Fairfax. VA 22032 

GOOD. STEPHEN GARRISON 6 Dunedin Circle. Pinehurst. NC 28374 

GOODE. LINDA DENISE 809 Marsh St.. Thomasville. NC 27360 

GOODENOUGH. RANDALL PERKINS 228 Black River Rd.. Pottersville. 

NJ 07979 

GOODING. LAURI FRANCES 507 E. Third St.. Panama City. FL 32401 

GOODMAN. RUTH H. 2706 Woodbury Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 

OOODSON. CRISTY WELLS Apt. 90. 1615 S. Mebane St.. Burlington. NC 


GOODSON. TODD STEVEN 5737 Dutch Creek Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27606 

GORDON. WALTER STEWART P.O. Box 687. Laurinburg. NC 28352-0587 

GORHAM. RODRIQUEZ SANCHEZ P.O. Box 2122. Washington. NC 27889 

GOURLEY. JOHN HOWARD 4103 Shendan Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27405 

GOWEN. CHRISTINE LEE 524 Pnnce of Wales Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 


3RACY. MICHAEL DAVID 2535 North West 18th Way. Gainsville. FL 


3RADY. CATHERINE SUZANNE 3021 Berwick Dr.. Burlington. NC 


3RAHAM. HEATHER LAURA 1414 Gunston Rd.. Bel Air. MD 21014 

3RAHAM. WILLIAM JUNIOR Route 5. Box 105. Mount Olive. NC 28365 

3RANDY. MARIA DENISE P.O. Box 445. Windsor. NC 27983 

jRANT. ANDREW PALMER 8 Womble Circle. Durham. NC 27705 

3RANT. DEBORAH MARTINA 6700 Park Hall Dr. Laurel MD 


3RANVILLE. CLINTON THOMAS 201 N. Phelps Ave.. Winter Park. FL 


3RASTY. MARY KATHERINE 2421 Croydon Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28209 

3RAVEL1N. MARK DOUGLAS P-0- Box 269. Laurens. NY 13796-0269 

JRAVES. JOHN THOMAS 2128-D Carl Noah Rd.. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

GRAVES. STEFANY GENEVRA 7912 Journey Ln., Springfield. VA 


;RAY. BARBARA LEIGH 1400 Roslyn Dr.. Apt. 18-A. Burlington. NC 


;RAY. ROBERT ERNEST 1604 Bonaventure Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27408 

;RAYT0CK, TARA ANN 1421 Filene Ct.. Vienna. VA 22182 

JREAVES. REBECCA LOUISE 1104 West Cornwalhs Dr.. Greensboro. NC 


;REEN, CAROLYN WILLIAMS 418 Ridgecrest St.. Graham. NC 27253 

JREEN. CLIFTON DOUGLAS 418 Ridgecrest St.. Graham. NC 27253 

JREEN. KRISTYN RENE 1062 Heartwood Dr.. Cherry Hill. NJ 08003 

;REEN. LEE ODIS 418 Ridgecrest St.. Graham. NC 27253 

;REEN. PETER HOBART 2004 Stone Street. Raleigh. NC 27608 

iREEN. REBECCA LYNN 5311 Sandstone Dr.. Fayetteville. NC 28311 

;REEN. RICHARD EARNEST 2714 West Front St.. Apt. D-8. Burlington. 

«C 27215 

JREENBERG. JOHANNA MARIE RO. Box 1933. Atlantic Beach. NC 


iREENE. KRISTIN LYNN 1620 Guthrie St.. Virginia Beach. VA 


iREENE. MARY CATHERINE Route 2. Box 226. Troy. NC 273719626 

iREENE. NETTIE ELIZABETH 701 Plummer Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

iREENSPAN. CHRIS LYNN 3303 Farthing Dr. Wheaton. MD 20906-4124 

iREESON. KARLA SUZANNE 5970 Holt Crossroads. Burlington. NC 


IREGOR. LAUREN CHRISTINE 6112 Library Rd.. Bethel Park. PA 


iREGORITSCH. JODIE ANN Route 2. Box 476. Pittsboro. NC 27312 

IHEGORY. JONATHAN F. P.O. Box 3201 Gibsonville. NC 27249 

iREGORY. MELISSA ANN Apt. 6510-B. The Lakes Dr.. Raleigh. NC 


IREGSON. ERIC JAMES 804 Oak Dr.. Northwoods. Morehead City. NC 


IREGSON. KARA JEAN 4603 Ramblewood Dr.. Greensboro. NC 


IREY. EDWARD BYRNE 1322 Marc Anthony Dr.. Baton Rouge. LA 


IRIBBLE. BRIAN CLARK 1922 Beverly Dr. Charlotte. NC 28207-2518 

IRIBBON. KEVIN FRANCIS 112 F Northbend Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28262 

IRIFFIN. BRANT JACKSON 410 Oak Hill Rd.. Petersburg. VA 23805 

IRIFFIN. BRENTON JOSEPH 4600 Rounding Run Rd.. Charlotte. NC 


IRIFFIN. JOSEPH LON 558 W. Birch. Clovis. CA 93612 

IRIFFIN. KIMBERLY YVONNE 2418 McKinney St.. Burlington NC 


IRIFFIN. STEED HUNTER Route 3. Box 249-B. Edenton. NC 27932 

IRIFFITH. DOUGLAS MAYNE 99 Sawmill Rd... Sparta. NJ 07871-3016 

IRIGGS. ALAN BRENT P.O. Box 1013. Cherryville. NC 28021 

IRILL. LAURA JOY 7 Hillcrest Dr.. Randolph. NJ 07869-4513 

IRIMES. RICHARD CHARLES 426 River Bend Rd.. Great Falls VA 


IRIMM. COURTLAND DAVID 7467 Zanuck Ct.. Annandale. VA 22003 

;RIMM. ROBIN MICHELLE 704 Doages Dr.. Millersville. MD 21108-2132 

iRIMSLEY. LAWRENCE GEORGE 10134 Colonial Dr.. Ellicott City MD 


iRISDALE. JEANA MARIE 608 Bartling Rd.. Charlotte, NC 28209 

IROSS. EDWARD ROBERT 4617 Pemberton Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27609 

IROVES. LESLIE SHAWN 3801 Northriding Rd.. Winston-Salera NC 


«UBB. STEVEN MICHAEL 6023 Bentway Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28226-8052 

IRUBBS. ELIZABETH ADRIANA 1444 Talbot Ave.. Jacksonville. FL 


[RUMBLING. BRANDEE LYNN 160 Clark Ave.. North Apollo. PA 16673 

iUELLA. JODI ANNE 11900 Parkland Ct.. Fairfax. VA 22033 

iUENTHER. WILLIAM J. 1312 Kings Grant Circle. Raleigh. NC 27604 

'JERRERO. JEAN-PIERRE VICTOR 9036 Sudley Rd.. Manassas VA 


UILEY. JUDITH MARION 28108 W. Oviatt. Bay Village. OH 44140-2147 

UINTHER. AARON 513 Welty St.. Greensburg. PA 16601 

ULLIFORD. JOHN THADDEUS 75 Beach Ave.. Atlantic Beach. FL 


GUM. JULIE MICHELLE 17309 Pickwick Dr. Purcellville. VA 22132-3142 
GUPTON. MARY JANE 2918 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
GUTHRIE. DORLOS ELIZABETH 8560 Old Switchboard Rd Snow 
Camp. NC 27349 

GUTSCHE. KAREN JANE 7445 NW. 22nd St.. Margate. FL 33063 
GUZA. JONATHAN HENRY P.O. Box 1833. Abingdon. VA 24210 
GWYNN. ANNA CATHERINE Route 2. Box 296 B. Elon College, NC 27244 


HAARSGAARD, ROBERT ANDREW Box 466, 10 Knollwood East. 

Brookside. NJ 07926 

HAAS. MATTHEW BRYAN 404 Surf Ave.. North Wildwood. NJ 08260 

HABERLY. ANNE SILLS Route 1. Box 664. Crozet. VA 22932-9744 

HACKETT. ANGELA LEIGH Route 1. Box 453. Advance. NC 27006 

HAFTL. JASON DREW 293C Burd Rd.. Pennington. NJ 08534 

HAHNE. ROBERT LOUIS 2020 Hillside Dr. Falls Church. VA 22043 

HAINES. CATHLEEN ANN 1145 Birks Ln.. Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

HALANYCH. JENNIFER MARIE 1540 Maple St.. Clearwater. FL 34615 

HALE. ELLEN LAMOTTE 1837 Brackenville Rd.. Hockessin. DE 19707 

HALEY. LORI PAIGE 4752 Condor Dr.. Chesapeake. VA 23321 

HALEY. SCOTT WARD 0106 Dockside Village. Route 3. Hayes. VA 23072 

HALL. GRAHAM NICKERSON 422 Grandview Ave.. Pitman. NJ 


HALL. JENNIFER COLLEEN 404 Elam Ave.. Eden. NC 27288 

HALL. JULIE ADAIR P.O. Box 144. Forest City. NC 28043 

HALL. KATHRYN VINSON 5404 Westfield Dr.. Greensboro, NC 


HALL. ROBIN DENISE 508 Cliff St.. Danville. VA 24640 

HALL. TIMOTHY CHARLES 114 Scenic Dr.. Williamston. NC 27892-9209 

HALLIGAN. JEFFREY 5 Rutgers Ct.. Roseland. NJ 07068 

HALSEY. ANDREW WILLIAM 9 Tarra PL. Durham. NC 27707-5622 

HAMER. M. SCOTT 7729 Bedfordshire Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28226-7523 

HAMILTON. MARLO RAE 1305 Knightwood Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

HAMLET. JENNIFER LYNN P.O. Box 3422. Longwood. FL 32779 

HAMLIN. BRENDON ARTHUR 156 Overlook Dr.. Flat Rock. NC 28731 

HAMPSHIRE. GINA MARIE Route 1. Box 198. Reidsville. NC 27320 

HANBURY. MARINA ZOE 4666 Battlefield Blvd.. South. Chesapeake VA 


HANCHEY. CALVIN CLINTON 9452 Wells Parkway. Norfolk. VA 


HANCKEL II. WILLIAM ROBERTSON 6100 Powhatan Ave.. Norfolk. VA 


HANCOCK. CATHARINE ST. JOHN 3011 East Brigstock Rd.. Midlothian 

VA 23113 

HANCOCK. WILLIAM FRANKLIN 1303 West Davis St.. Burlington. NC 


HANDRINOS. CARLA MARIE P.O. Box 83. Port Royal. SC 29936-0083 

HANDY. JULIE KATHLEEN 3206 North Kensington St.. Arlington. VA 


HANDY. SHARON MARGARET 3206 North Kensington St.. Arlington 

VA 22207 

HANISCH. THILO 204 Brandywine Rd.. Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

HANKEISON. SCOTT ALLEN 161 West Steeple Chase Rd.. Greensboro. 

NC 27406 

HANKINS. JERRY THOMAS 739 Westover Dr.. Danville. VA 24641 

HANKINSON. MATTHEW ARTHUR 122 North Quincy Ave.. Margate NJ 


HANN. ROBERT VANCE 5205 Mockingbird Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27406 

HANNIGAN. JENNIFER 600 Woodview Dr.. Longwood. FL 32779 

HANSBROUGH. DEANNA DAWN 465 Elm St.. Broadway. VA 22815-9650 

HANSEN. THOMAS SKOVBJERG 3345 Slade Run Dr.. Falls Curch VA 


HARAHAN. TONY P. 8209 Dabney Ave.. Springfield. VA 22152-1807 

HARDEN. ALLISON THOMAS 2609 Jefferson Choice. Chapel Hill. NC 


HARDEN. ANNE MARGARET 1946 Lower Hopedale Rd.. Burlington NC 


HARDY. CARY MITCHELL 616 HoUygate Ln.. Chesapeake. VA 23320 

HARDY. KRISTY ANNE 308 Broad St.. Box 2718. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

HARLOW. JEFFREY SCOTT PO. Box 981. Bermuda Run. NC 27006 

HARMON. CORINNA DAWN P.O. Box 237. Rural Retreat. VA 24368 

HARNED. SUZANNE CRICKET 13367 Scotsmore Way. Herndon VA 


HARPER. JERRY EARL 6407 Mt. Hermon Church Rd.. Durham. NC 


HARPER. TRESSIE MARIE 3200 Broadwell Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

HARRELL. KELLY RENEE P.O. Box 742. 204 South Smith St.. Burgaw 

NC 28425 

HARRELL. MELISSA GAYLE Box 63. Winton. NC 27986-0063 

HARRELSON. CHARLES PAUL 3112 Champaign St.. Charlotte. NC 


HARRIGER. RACHEL RENEE 634 Camelot Dr.. Bel Air. MD 21014 

HARRINGTON. LISA MORTON 1600 Inglewood Dr.. Burlington NC 


HARRIS. JANET ELIZABETH 823 Warwick Ct.. Burlington. NC 27215 

HARRIS. KAREN FAYE 3906 B Cole Mill Rd.. Durham. NC 27712 

HARRIS. KIMBERLY CLAIRE 605 North Tenth St.. Mebane. NC 


HARRISON. BRADFORD STONE 450 Lafayette St.. Salem. MA 01970 

HARRISON. GAYLE ROGERS 14 West Andrews Dr.. Atlanta. GA 


HARRISON. JULIE ANN 416 West Market St.. Georgetcwn. DE 19947 

HARRISON. LEONARD ROBERT Apt. A-16. 401 Hwy. 54 Bypass. 

Carrboro. NC 27510 

HARRISON. MARLENE P. P.O. Box 1461. Elon College. NC 27244 

HARSH. WILLIAM PRINCE 627 West 67 St.. Kansas City. MO 64113 

HART. JACOB CUMMINS 109 Lakefield Rd.. South Yarmouth. MA 02664 

HARTE. JOHN SCOTT Lake Lenore. Denville. NJ 07834 

HARTER. BROOKE LISA 2107 Twin Mill Ln.. Oakton. VA 22124-1020 

HARTMANN. PATRICIA AREHART 512 D Caroline Ct.. Eden. NC 27288 

HARTTREE. MATTHEW THOMAS 97 Hillside Ave.. Chatham. NJ 07928 

HARTWELL. LAWRENCE ALLEN 9420 Koupela Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27615 

HARVEY. KIMBERLY LA NEECE 436 Blake Ave.. Orange Park. FL 


HARVEY. WILLIAM JOHN 5118 Russell Rd., Durham. NC 27712 

HARVISON. JOHN DEVON 9724 Beman Woods Way. Potomac, MD 


HARWELL, MARY MC INTYRE 1101 N. Elm St.. Apt. 1408. Greensboro 

NC 27401 

HARWICH. JULIE ANNE 16 Gryzboska Circle. Framingham. MA 01701 

HARWOOD. CATHERINE LYNN 2914 Pioneer Terrace. Winston-Salem. 

NC 27106 

HASH. KAREN LYNN Apt. 1011. 1528 S Mebane St.. Burlington. NC 


HASSELL. WILLIAM YOUNG 2318 Mountain Brook Dr.. Richmond. VA 


HATCHELL. COREY DARNELL 738 New River Dr.. Jacksonville. NC 




HAUS. KERRY DOWNS 6396 Bright Plume. Columbia. MD 21044 

HAUSER. JOSEPH MARK 466 Parkview Dr. Burlington. NC 27216 

HAWKINS. ANN FRANCES 800 Silver Leaf PI.. Raleigh, NC 27609-3916 

HAWKINS, DAVID TYRONE 606 E. Haggard Ave... Elon College NC 


HAWORTH, CHERYL LYNN 3102 Altamabaw-Union Ridge Rd.. 

Burlington, NC 27217 

HAWORTH, R. CARLISLE 3102 Altamahaw-Union Ridge Rd., Burlington 

NC 27217 

HAY III, THOMAS ROBERT PO. Box 860, Andrews, NC 28901 

HAYES, DEMETRA NICOLE 1906 Trail Two, Apt. 2-A. Burlington NC 


HAYES. KRISTIN ELIZABETH 104 Bar Harbor Rd.. Freehold. NJ 07728 

HAYNES. KIMBERLY MICHELE 1959 Payne Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 

HAYNES. MARK THOMAS 6H41 Fairway St.. Mc Lean. Va 22101-2917 

HEARNE. SUSANNE ELIZABETH 17946 Hampshire Ln.. Boca Raton 

FL 33498 

HEATH. JERRI L. 5004 Pine Trail Dr. Durham. NC 27712 

HECK. KEITH ALAN 1 18 Mulberry Ct.. Martinsville. VA 24112 

HECKENBACH. JOSEPH FRANK 4008 Foxmoor Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28226 

HEDRICK. SHANNON ANNETTE 7227 Abb Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 


HEER. NICOLE DEBORAH Gartenstr. 7. 8134 Adhswil. SZ 

HEFTY. NORA LYNN 120 Millstone Dr.. Verona. VA 24482-9548 

HEGARTY. KRISTIE ANNE 209 Piedmont Rd.. West Chester. PA 19382 

HEIDLEBAUGH. TIFFANY MICHELLE 1-69 Governor's Place. Lismore 

Blvd.. York. PA 17402 


NC 27615.5361 

HELMS. LISA ANNE Route 1. Box 109-B. Marshville, NC 28103-9121 

HELMS III. JEFFERSON BIVINS 2790 Acorn Ct., Winston-Salem NC 


HELTON. TRACEY LYNETTE 2060 Salem Rd.. Mount Airy. NC 


HEMPHILL. MANDY LAINE 113 Weathersfield Dr.. Durham. NC 27713 

HENDERSON. ERIK CHARLES 210 W. Summerbell Ave.. Elon Collegge 

NC 27244 

HENDRICKS. JEFFREY PETER 5602 Cooper Hill Ct.. Greensboro NC 


HENDRICKS. KIMBERLY ANNE 470 Glendale Rd.. Wyckoff. NJ 07481 

HENDRICKSON. BRIAN SCOTT 6362 South Forty Dr.. Hope Mills NC 


HENDRICKSON, KRISTIN JOAN 6523 White Post Rd., Centreville, VA 


HENDRIXSON. DAVID WILLIAM 9 Richard Rd.. Gales Ferry. CT 06335 

HENOCH. EVAN KIRKPATRICK 5646 Dumfries Ct., West. Dublin. OH 


HENRY. DONALD EVERETTE 1946 Parkwood Rd.. Charleston. WV 


HENWOOD. JOHN JOSEPH 2008 S. Mebane St.. BIdg. 734. Apt. J. 

Burlington. NC 27215 

HEPNER. DAVID LEIGH 14908 Village Gate Dr.. Silver Spring. MD 20906 

HEPPE. PAULA BETH 12208 Fairfax Station Rd.. Fairfax Station. VA 


HERBERT. JOHN MATTHEW 2711 Prairie Creek Dr.. West. Richardson. 

TX 75080 

HERB.STER. STEPHEN KAHLE 184 Shady Ln.. Appolo. PA 16613-9613 

HERLIHY. ANGEL MARIE Route 2. Box 189AA. Seaford. DE 19973 

HERMOIISSON. ROGER JAN ANDERS Anemongatan 27. 253 7-1 

Helsingborg. SW 

HERNANDEZ. LOUIS EDWARD P.O. Box 692. Walkertown. NC 27061 

HERNDON. ELIZABETH ANNE 2701 Homestead Rd.. Apt. 1411. Chapel 

Hill. NC 27516 

HEROLD. JENNIFER 32 Saddle Rige Dr.. Colts Neck. NJ 07722-1036 

HERRING. ABBY LEIGH P.O. Box 399. Salter Path. NC 28675 

HERRING. STEVEN DARZELLE 1636 Friendship Rd.. Shelby. NC 


HERRING. TRACY LYNN 5659 Thompson Mill Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 

HERSEY. KRISTINE HELEN 1 1254 Inglish Mill Dr.. Great Falls. VA 


HERSHEY. WILLIAM TODD Rt. 11. Box 550, Sahsbury. MD 21801 

HEWETT. DWAYNE HEATH 97 Fairway Dr.. Southport. NC 28461 

HEWETT. SUSAN EILEEN 1515 S. Mebane St.. #46. Burlington. NC 


HIBNER. STACI GAYLE 812 Jett St.. Fredencksburg. VA 22405 

HICKINGBOTHAM. EMMA LOUISE 9805 Colt Dr.. Bahama. NC 27503 

HICKMAN. SCOTT EUGENE 8110 Madrillon Ct.. Vienna. VA 22182 

HICKMAN. TRACIE LYNN 2124 Baymount Dr.. Statesville. NC 


HIDEK. EDWARD JOSEPH 41 Olde Orchard Rd.. Cbnton. CT 06413 

HIGHTOWER. VANESSA JILL 613 Baldwin Rd.. Burlington. NC 27217 

HILDENBRAND. CRYSTAL SUE 310 Glancy St.. Swansboro. NC 28584 

HILDNER. ELIZABETH ANNE 10706 Paynes Church Dr.. Fairfax VA 


HILDRETH. LORA LEE Route 3. Box 180. Troy. NC 27371-9307 

HILL. AMY REBECCA 6003 Steepleshire PI.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

HILL. CHARLES MARTIN 2408 Ridge Rd.. Raleigh. NC 27612 

HILL. JENNIFER CAROLINE 105 Duncan Ct.. South Boston. VA 24592 

HILL. JOSHUA DAVID 1 Tavshire Ct.. Bethesda. MD 20817-6442 

HILL. KRISTIN ELIZABETH 1702 Red Bird Dr.. Pleasant Garden. NC 


HILL. LEE MARSHALL Route 25. Box 263B. Raleigh. NC 27604 

HILL. MARK DANIEL 12905 Windbrook Dr. Clinton. MD 20735-1229 

HILL. MICHAEL JAMES 1110 Rogers Rd. Graham. NC 27253 

HILL. ROBIN MICHELLE 3701 Swanee Coble Rd.. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

HILL. TYRA WYNNE 3814 Kellle Lee Ln.. Burlington. NC 27215 

HILL. WILLIAM NATHAN 209 Pinner St.. Suffolk. VA 23434-3831 

BILLIARD. CHRISTINE VIRGINIA 240 Edgeboro Dr.. Manchester. PA 


BILLIARD. TODD MICHAEL Apt. 3-C. Box 7915. 100 Rosemont. 

Gibsonville. NC 27249 

HILLMAN. JASON PAUL 531 Galveston Rd.. Fredncksburg. VA 22405 

HILSABECK. BRIAN KEITH HALL 1821 Ridge Rd.. Elizabethtown. PA 


HINDS. HOWARD RAND 703 North Madison. Tupelo. MS 388012017 

HINES. EDWARD BARRY 345 Retreat Ln.. Powell. OH 43065 

HINSHAW. ANTHONY LAMAR 110 Sullivan Ct.. Box 7946. Gibsonville. 

NC 27249 

HIPP. KAREN RENEE 5515 West Market St., Apt. #1406. Greensboro. NC 


HIPP. LINDA ELIZABETH BUNTING 3403 Tagus Dr., Greensboro, NC 


HITZ, MICHAEL JON 2601 W. 18th St.. Wilmington. DE 19806 

HIX. TIMOTHY GEORGE 10611 Spruce Knob Ln.. Charlotte. NC 28214 

HO. CHIAJU 8 Saint James PI.. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

HO. DIANA CHl-CHIEH 8506 Montpelier Dr.. Laurel. MD 20708-2308 

HOAGLAND. KRISTIN LINDSAY 24 Overlook Rd.. Chatham Township, 

NJ 07928 

HOCHREITER, PHILIP STRATTON 117 Penarth Rd., Bala Cynwyd, PA 


HODGDON, MATTHEW FALLON 2390 Wenbury Rd.. Columbus. OH 43220 

HODGES. HENRY HAGON 401 West Fifth St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

HODGES. JONATHAN WORTH 1715 Summitt Rd.. Henderson. NC 


HOEFER. ALISON JILL 22 Hillwinds Rd.. Brattleboro. VT 06301 

HOEFLER. MICHAEL E. 2 David Ct.. Silver Spring. MD 20904 

HOENI. GARETH E. 1334 Murray Hill Rd.. Teaneck. NJ 07666-6011 

HOERRNER. HEATHER ANN 515 Trinity PI.. #2 N N. Westfield. NJ 


HOESIN. DEWI DHARMA YANTI 5510 Legare Dr.. Winston-Salem. NC 


HOEY. AMY CURRIN 3108 Pin Oak Ct.. Dallas. TX 75234 

HOEY. GEOFFREY LEWIS 6070 Valley Glen #4159. Dallas. TX 75206 

HOFFMANN. KAREN LAURA U Highlands Dr.. Kinnelon. NJ 07405-3211 

HOFMAN. DIRK CORNELIS 13 Royal Oak Rd.. Lawrenceville. NJ 08648 

HOGAN, NANCY ELIZABETH 47 Hillside Rd.. Monroe. NJ 10960 

INDEX <• 179 

HOGGARD. KELVIN SCOTT P.O. Box 250. Powellsville. NC 27967-0250 



HOLDEN. CARRIE BETH 2853 LonK Pine Rd.. Burlington. NC 27215 

HOLDER. KELLY W. P.O. Box 181. Mount Airy. NC 27030-0181 

HOLDGREVE. KELLY KATHARINE 507 Kibler Circle. Vienna. VA 22180 

HDLDSWORTH. MICHELLE RENEE P.O. Box 91. Wakefield. VA 23888 

HOLEMAN. PHILLIP ANTHONY Route 4. Box 462. Roxboro. NC 27573 

HOLEMAN, STEVEN LAMAR 1701 E. Cornwalis Dr. Durham. NC 27713 

HOLIFIELD. CYNTHIA 8490 Brookridge Dr.. Anchorage. AK 99504 

HOLLADAY. SUSAN ELIZABETH 3935 Springlake Ct.. Clemraons. NC 


HOLLAMON. BRIAN EDWARD 323 Holly St.. Millsboro. DE 19966 

HOLLAND. ANTHONY EARLE 1717 Durham St.. Box 114. Burlin^on. 

NC 27217 

HOLL.\ND. BRETT LEO 14916 Old York Rd.. Phoenix. MD 21131-1436 

HOLLAND. JOHANNA LOUISE 235 Mendon St.. Uxbndite. MA 01569 

HOLLAND. LEE ANN P.O. Box 1055. Cullowhee. NC 28723 

HOLLAND. SHELLEY VICARS 6313 Charnwood St.. Spnnjrfield. VA 


HOLLEMAN. JENNIFER BETH 1145 Quail Hollow Rd.. Kernersville. NC 


HOLLEMAN. JULIE ALISA TEMPLETON Box 793». 213 Sullivan Ct.. 

Glbsonville. NC 27249-8722 

HOLMES. LESLIE A. 708 Lexington Ave.. BurlinEton. NC 27215 

HOLMES. MARY KATHLEEN 1801 Courtland Rd.. Alexandna. VA 


HOLSTEN. JR. ROBERT ALAN 10003 Ashbridee PI.. Richmond. VA 


HOLT. CONNIE DELANE 3603 Mt. Hermon Rock Creek Rd.. Graham. NC 


HOLT. LETITIA CLARK 10O8 Rldfrewood Ave.. Reidsville. NC 27320 

HOLTZAPFEL. ALICIA ANN 1815 Carl Dr. Ironton. OH 45638 

HOLUB, KAREN 206 B North Lindell Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27403 

HONADLE. ALAN ROBERT 10718 Almond St.. Fairfax. VA 22032 

HOOD. LINDSEV CUTLER Route 4. Box 179. Waverly. VA 23890 

HCXID. YOLANDA ANN 391 Durant St.. Monroe. NC 28212 

HOOK. DREW CARY 739 E. Haegard Ave.. Apt. 2A. Elon ColleRe. NC 


HOOKER. LORRIE LEE 7537 Green Meadows Dr.. Tobaccoville. NC 27050 

HOOPER. AMY CHRISTINE 127 Boone Trail. Severna Park. MD 21146 

HOOPER. STEVEN EUGENE 231 1 Saddle Club Rd.. Burlington. NC 


HOOVER. JONATHAN CRAIG P.O. Box 175. Reidsville. NC 27320 

HOPKINS. CANDEE LYN Apt. 6-D 1110 Cook Rd.. Glbsonville. NC 27249 

HORDYKE. KRISTIN DANA 7 Tall Cedar Ct.. Belle Mead. NJ 08502-5714 

HORMAN. TODD ANDREW 2504 Jennings Rd.. Silver Spring. MD 20902 

HORNADAY. TAMMY BENEE 2305 Walter Andrews Rd.. Graham, NC 


HORNE. CATHERINE SMITH 1880 Routh Rd.. Burlington. NC 27217 

HORNE. KARE.N BETH 1066 Arthur Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 

HORNER. JAMES RUSSELL 3 St. Andrews Close. Severna Park. MD 


HORNER. JENNIFER LEIGH Route 2. Box 182. Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 

HOBNICK. JASON CARTER 2813 NC 64 W.. Apex. NC 27502-9625 

HORST. ROBERT WORDEN 7819 Ellenham Ave.. Baltimore. MD 21204 

HORTON. KRISTA MARIE 723 Nylon Blvd.. Seaford. DE 19973 

HOUSE. JR. ROBERT VAUGHAN 1102 Pine Valley Dr.. Suffolk. VA 


HOUSHOLDER. KARI ELIZABETH 2128 Mercer Rd.. New Brighton. PA 


HOUSTON. COURTENAY LANE 48 Wedgewood Rd.. RIdgeway. VA 24148 

HOUSTON. STEPHANIE JANE 2143 Canterbury Dr.. Burlington. NC 


HOWARD. DANNY LEE 11806 Old Buckingham Rd . Midlothian. VA 


HOWARD. SHELLY ANN 4310 Mountville Rd., Jefferson. MD 21755 

HOWARD. SUSAN ALICE 2572 Highway 158. Oxford. NC 27565 

HOWELL. BRIAN KEITH 5011 Shiland Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27406-9450 

HOWELL. DUNCHAN GANTT 2326 Lathrop Ln.. Charlotte. NC 28211-3262 

HOWELL. SHANNON CASEY P.O. Box 226. North East. MD 21901 

HOWLAND. POLLY LIVINGSTONE 123 Riverside Ave.. Riverside. CT 


HOY. DERRICK PARKS Route 1. Box 160. Quantico. MD 21856 

HUANG. DAWEI Campus Box 2347. Elon College. NC 27244 

HUBBARD. ALICE TAYLOR 3300 Corchill Rd.. Raleigh. NC 27607 

HUBBARD. JEFFREY MC RAE 614 Winston St.. Wilkesboro. NC 28697 

HUBBARD. KRISTIN CLAIRE 807 Lantana Dr.. Seaford. DE 19973 

HUBBEL. CHERIE CAROL 20517 Amethyst Ln.. Germantown. MD 20874 

HUBER. JANE TURNER 5002 Woodmark Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27407 

HUDDLE. JENNIFER NICOLE 205 Woodlawn Rd.. Collinsville. VA 24078 

HUDSON. JENNIFER LYNN 1468 Alamance Church Rd.. Greensboro. NC 


HUDZINSKI. KERRIE ANN Rt. 1. Box 2939. Rustic Ct., Hillsborough. NC 


HUFF. MARIE M 130 Bradsher Rd., Hillsborough, NC 27278-9269 

HUFFMAN, BEN MICHAEL 3651 N.W. 94th Ave., Sunrise. FL 33351 

HUFFMAN, RYAN LEWIS 527 North Willcy St.. Seaford. DE 19973 

HUGHES, HERBERT MARC 3214 Brassfield Rd., Apt. 4208. Greensboro. 

NC 27410 

HUGHES, JOSEPH ANDREW 137 Windsor PI.. Tupelo, MS 38801 

HUGHES. KELLY ANN 855 Marl Pit Rd., Middletovm. DE 19709-9704 

HUGHES, KRISTI LYN 1929 Malone Rd.. Buriington. NC 27215-6.300 

HUGHES. ROBERT WILLIAM 1460 Bronco Trail, Oviedo, FL 32765-7635 

HULIN. STEPHANIE 27 Courter St.. Basking Ridge. NJ 07920-1763 

HUMBLES. DARRVL DEWAYNE 712 Morton St.. N.W.. Washington. DC 


HUMPHREY. LAUREN DAWN 4741-A Courtney Ln.. Raleigh. NC 27604 

HUMPHRIES. CHARLOTTE LEIGH 130 Holly Ln.. Morehead City. NC 




HUNT. BRIAN .SAMUEL Route 4. Box .584. Thomasville. NC 27360 

HUNT. KEVIN LUNDBORG 7708 Barnum Rd.. Bethesda. MD 20817 

HUNT. KRISTIN ANN 502 Guilford Rd.. Jamestown. NC 27282 

HUNTER. DOUGLAS LEWIS 8 Milpond Ln.. Greensboro. NC 27405 

HURLEY. MATTHEW SCOTT 507 Sunnywood Ln.. Charlotte. NC 28270 

HURRIE, BRIAN A. 150 Coppermill Rd.. Wethersfield. CT 06109 

HUSKINS. HAROLD LEON 3084-B Colony Rd.. Durham. NC 277055503 

HUSSEY. LINDSEY MARIE 2631 West Robino Dr. Wilmington. DE 19808 

HUSVAR. KEVIN C. 5 Mc Rae Ct., West Caldwell. NJ 07006 

HUTCHISON. JOHN CHRLSTOPHER Mtd. Rt.. Box 47. 1044 Cliftwood 

Circle. Clifton Forge. VA 24422 

BUTTON. SALLY BETH Post Office Box 1048. Chilhowie. VA 243191048 

HYATT. ANNE NELSON 7812 Old Chester Rd.. Bethesda. MD 20817 

HYATT. JENNIFER LYNNE 35 Laurel Ridge Rd.. Hickory. NC 28601 

HYLTON. CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM 1612 Terrace Rd.. SW. Roanoke. VA 


INGRAHAM. CRAIG MORTON 81 1 Warwick Ct.. Buriington. NC 27215 

IRVINE. NATALIE JUNE 6500 Sand Trap Dr.. Laytonsville. MD 20882 

IRWIN. CYNTHIA ANN 1918 Somers Ave.. Burhngton. NC 27215 

ISAACS. CLIFF COOPER Route 7, Box 117. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

ISENHOUR. REGINA DAWN 3830 Overview Dr. Clemmons. NC 27012 

ISENHOUR LONG. MARY CATHERINE 5788 Mountain Trail, Snow 

Camp. NC 27349 

ISICSON. WENDY CANINE 7801 Wincanton Ct.. Falls Church VA 


ISLEY. DONNA LYNNE 3078 NC 62 East. Liberty. NC 27298 

ISLEY. JOHN WILLIAM 4538 Friendship Rock Creek Rd.. Burlington NC 


ISLEY. MELISSA RUSHING P.O. Box 1164. Elon College, NC 27244 

IVEY. DIONE KENDALL 4750 Addison Dr. Charlotte. NC 28211 

IX. DOUGLAS EDWARD 101 North Woodland Street. Englewood. NJ 



lACUONE. PAUL NICHOLAS 4603 18th St.. Lubboch. TX 79416 
IDDINGS. WILLIAM EDWARD ,3805 Greenndge Dr., Monravia MD 21770 
INABNIT. MARY ANN 2074 Edgewood Ave,. Buriington. NC 27215 
INGE. JERRY PAGE 4100 OHenry Blvd.. Lot #192. Greensboro. NC 27405 
INGLE. DEBORAH LONG P.O. Box 130. Elon College. NC 27244 
INGLE. GLORIA GAY 4106 Thompson Mill Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 

JABLONSKI. GILLIAN 1403 Covered Wagon Rd.. Mc Leansville. NC 27301 

JACANIN. JOSEPH SAMUEL 4637 Bnar Patch Ct... Fairfax. VA 22032 

JACK. JEREMY ALAN 11740 Oak Hill Rd, Woodsboro, MD 21798 

JACKSON, DAVID JEROME 1790 Ridley Creek Rd., Media, PA 19063 

JACKSON, LYNNE CAMERON P.O. Box 137. Haymarket. VA 22069 

JACKSON. SAM LUCIUS 2409 Elon Ossipee Rd.. Elon College, NC 27244 

JACKSON. VICKY LEE 11101 B Pineland St.. Greensboro. NC 27407 

JACOBSON. AMY CHRISTINE 47 Hathaway Ln.. White Plains. NY 10606 

JAFRI. IJAZ AKBAR 30 Kitson Rd.. Westridge-1. Rawalpindi. PK 46000 

JAMEISON, RICHARD DAVID 9 Stopriver Rd., Norfolk, MA 02056 

JAMES, BRYAN DAVID 527 Rothbury Rd.. Wilmington. DE 19803 

JANES, ELIZABETH ALLEN 1106 Clagett Dr.. Rockville. MD 20851-2114 

JEFFERIES, CHARLES JOSEPH 1138 South Church St.. Burlington. NC 


JEFFERIES. WILLIAM T. 420 West Front St.. Burlington. NC 27213 

JENKINS. CHADWICK WESLEY 2404 Hillford Dr. Buriington. NC 27215 

JENKINS. LISA MICHELLE 151 Oak Grove Rd., Marshall. NC 28753 

JENNE. DOUGLAS E. 201 Windrift Dr. Glbsonville. NC 27249 

JENNINGS. CASEY LYNN 10800 Bryant PI.. Oakton. VA 22124-1803 

JENNINGS. JENNIFER LEIGH 206 Coventry Ln.. Gary. NC 27511-6637 

JENNINGS. KATHERINE FALLON 3221 Barksdale Rd., Chesapeake. VA 


JENNINGS. MARK DOUGLAS 303 Horseshoe Dr.. Goldsboro. NC 275.30 

JERNIGAN. ERICA OWEN 5420 Hanover Park Dr, Winston-Salem. NC 


JERNIGAN, STACEY LYNN 1301 Rosemary Ave.. Durham. NC 27705 

JESSOME. MARC PATRICK 9 Garden Dr., Dartmouth B3A-2Y8, CN 

JESSUP. LISA A. 109 Candlelite Circle. Mc Murray, PA 15317 

JESTER, JOHN DAVID 6631 Pelhams Trace. CentreviUe. VA 22020 

JEWELL. JESSICA ANNE 1082 Hunters Path. Lancaster. PA 17601 

JIVIDEN, KRISTIN BARBARA Farm Rd, West. Wading River, NY 


JOHNSON, ANN CATHERINE 205 Grosvenor Dr., Raleigh. NC 27615 

JOHNSON. ASHLEIGH ANNE 8901 Jonathan Manor Dr., Oriando, FL 


JOHNSON. BEN EARL Rt. 2. Box 253-A. Woodlawn. VA 24381 

JOHNSON. DEBORAH ANNE 125 Monadnock St.. Gardner. MA 01440 

JOHNSON. GINGER LYNN 590 Stewart Rd.. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

JOHNSON. HEATHER LEE 12196 Wildwood Springs Dr.. Roswell. GA 


JOHNSON, HEATHER LYNN 4650 North Clubhouse Dr.. Somis. CA 


JOHNSON. JANINE LYNN 618 Hollow St.. Graham. NC 27253 

JOHNSON. JENNIFER LYNN 1130 Minismk Way. Westfield. NJ 


JOHNSON. JULIE ELIZABETH 3 Prebble Ln.. York. ME 03909 

JOHNSON. KRISTI MARIE 1305 Dogwood Dr., Glbsonville. NC 27249 

JOHNSON. LORI ANNE 2050 Meadow Ln,. Graham. NC 27253 

JOHNSON, MARK STEVEN 5206 B Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach. VA 


JOHNSON. MICHAEL STEELE 4823 Drummond Ave.. Chevy Chase. MD 


JOHNSON. MICHAEL HARBISON 515 Judge Sharpe Rd.. Graham, NC 


JOHNSON. MONICA LYNNE 103 Fernwood Ct.. Elon College, NC 27244 

JOHNSON, PATTY LEE P.O. Box 205, Haw River, NC 27258-0205 

JOHNSON, PHILLIP LAMM 4712 Old Plank Rd.. Apt. 1109. Raleigh, NC 


JOHNSON, REBECCA SUE Box 1303. Stateaville Rd.. North Wilkesboro, 

NC 28659 

JOHNSON. ROBERT EUGENE 24536 Templar Ave., Southfield, MI 


JOHNSON. SHEILA STALEY 1320 Dogwood Dr.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

JOHNSON. STEVEN KARL 15409 Collecting Canal Rd.. Loxahatchee. FL 


JOHNSON. TRACEY LYNN 1510 Patsy Ln.. Laurinburg. NC 283.52-5326 

JOHNSON. TRACY LAMONT Route 2. Box 558-B. Slier City. NC 27344 

JOHNSTON. MIGUEL LARSEN da Richard Johnston. Box 421 66th MI 

BDE HQ, APO, NY 09108 

JOHNSTON, ROBERT JESSE 619 Fairway St.. Bluefield. VA 24605 

JOHNSTON, SUSAN ANN 1825 Old Annapolis Rd, Woodbine. MD 21797 

JOLLY. MELISSA P. 709 SIdeview St.. Graham. NC 27253 

JONES. CABELL TAYLOR 3 Gaymont Rd., Richmond. VA 23229 

JONES. DAVID MATTHEW 1776 Gordon Rd.. Hagerstown. MD 21740 

JONES. DEBORAH KAY Route 3. Box 580. Montpelier, VA 231929507 

JONES. EMILY CAROLE 4631-D Four Season Terrace, Glen Allen. VA 


JONES. ERIC DOUGLAS 5245 Inverness Dr. Durham. NC 27712 

JONES. HERMAN LEE Route 4. Box 400. Whiteville. NC 28472-9435 

JONES. JEREMY PATRICK 1718 Northeast 17th Ave.. Fort Lauderdale. 

FL 33305 

JONES. KIRSTIN JENNIFER 6418 Camrose Terrace, Bethesda. MD 


JONES. LESLIE MICHELLE 149 Larchmont Dr.. Hendersonville. NC 


JONES. MEGAN ELIZABETH 120 Forest Dr.. .Glen Gardner. NJ 08826 

JONES. MICHAEL ELLIOTT 8667 Finlarig Dr. Dublin. OH 43017-9626 

JONES. NATASHA NICOLE 711 Spruce St.. Charlotte. NC 28203 

JONES. PETER LVNWOOD 301 Danforth Ct.. Raleigh. NC 27615 

JONES. QUENTIN JAMAL P.O. Box 16013. Charlotte. NC 28216 

JONES. ROBERT SAUNDERS 516 Gwenn Rd.. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

JONES. SANDRA LYNN Route 3. Box 226-C. Newport. NC 28570 

JONES, SHELDEN FORI) 1659 Stonington Dr., Hudson. OH 44236-1214 

JONES. VALERIE ANNETTE Route 3. Box 392-C. Mebane. NC 27302 

JONES. VIRGINIA ASHLEY 101 Edgewater Dr.. Washington, NC 


JORDAN, JUSTIN MICHAEL Amer. Emb. Quito #.5.330. APO AA 340.19 

JORDAN. LISA DAWN Rt. I. Box 210C. Staley. NC 27355 

JORDAN, SONYA MARIE 411 North Sellars Mill Rd., Burlington, NC 


JOYCE, BRIAN WARREN 30 H Hunt Club Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410 

JOYNER. SARA THOMAS 10628 Little Skyline Dr. Orange, VA 


JUHASZ. CHARLES ARSENIO 109 Lochview Dr.. Cary, NC 27611 

JUHL. GARY LEE Apt. E-3, 5500 Fisher Farm Ln., Charlotte, NC 28218 

JULIAN, WILLIAM LE GRANDE 1017 1.5th Ave.. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

JUNG. CYNTHIA LYNN 7 Braintree Ct.. Flemlngton. NJ 08822 

JURKIEWICZ. JEANETTE LYNN P.O. Box 1079. Clarksville. VA 23927 


KACHMANN. HEIDI KATHLEEN 1848 Forest Park Blvd.. Fort Wayne. 

IN 46805 


Run. NC 27006 

KANGUR, JAAN JULIUS Route 2, Box 50, North Garden. VA 27006 

KANNE. EMILY RAE Route 2. Box 6:)2. Mebane. NC 27302-R227 

KAPELA. JR. WILLIAM ALLEN 531 Bristol Ln.. Elk Grove Village. IL 


KARDASH. MEREDITH LEIGH #1 Acton PI.. Annapolis. MD 21401 

KARFONTA, BRIAN DENNIS 3806 Plum Meadow Dr.. Ellicott City, MD 


KARPOWICZ, KENNETH JOSEPH 709 Bernadette Dr. Forest Hill. MD 


KARSTEN, JENNIFER ELISABETH 58 Constitution Ave., Doylestown. 

PA 18901-2200 

KARUKAS, VICTORIA MARIA 3653 Valley Rd., Ellicott City. MD 21043 

KASAB, ANDREW IRBY8112 Rayburn Rd.. Bethesda. MD 20817 

KASEMEYER, CARI LYN 2590 Pfefferkor Rd.. West Friendship. MD 

21794 9420 

KASPER. CHAD EDWARD 209 Deerlea Ln.. Boonton. NJ 07006 

KAUFMAN. JILL KATHRYN 138 Meadbrook Rd.. Garden City, NY 


KAUPINEN. LANGE ALLEN 517 Canterbury Ln.. Alexandna. VA 2231. 

KEAN. MICHAEL REED 5125 Watchwood Path. Columbia. MD 21044 

KEATING. LISA ELAINE 276 East Davie St., Raleigh, NC 27601 

KECK, TERESA ANN 2347 Keck Dr.. Buriington, NC 27215 

KEENE. JR. WILLIAM CARLTON 4116 Mount Echo Ln., Fairfax. VA 


KELCE. DAVID SHERMAN 489 Old Dock Rd„ Kiawah Island, SC 29455 

KELLER, KEVIN MATTHEW 809 Cliftonbrook Ln., Silver Spring. MD 


KELLEY. CHRISTOPHER BYRON 3212 Forest Lodge Dr.. Glen Allen. 

VA 2.3060 

KELLEY PATRICK TIMOTHY 40 Forest Dr.. Springfield. VT 06156 

KELLY. DANIEL GIIRDON 23 Castle Hill Ct. Timonium. MD 21093 

KELLY, LAUREN 1860 Daisy Rd., Woodbine, MD 21797-8412 

KELLY, MICHAEL RYAN 3,50 South Satinwood PI.. Roswell, GA 30076 

KELLY. SUSANNE MARIE 72 Catbrier Rd.. Weston. CT 06883 

KEMP, ANDREW RICHARD 7220 Spruce Ave., Takoma Park, MD 


KEMP, CECIL SCOTT 5007 Beaverdale Rd., Greensboro. NC 27406-9609 

KEMP. MATTHEW HOYLE 4908 Bradford Dr.. Annanadale. VA 22003 

KENDRICK. RAYMOND DARRYL 110 Deer Path Ln.. Mebane. NC 


KENEALLY. KAYLEEN JANE One Peace Ln.. Setauket. NY 11733-1967 

KENEALLY. MICHAEL ANDREW 1 Peace Ln., Setauket. NY 11733 



KENNEDY, BLAKE EDWARD 1059 Canterbury Ln., Chapel Hill, NC 


KENNEDY, COURTLAND MATHEW 143 Lincoln Ave., Hasbrook 

Heights, NJ 07604 

KENNEDY, JOHN PATRICK 2350 Seneca Rd., Westfield. NJ 07090 

KENNEDY. MICHAEL DARRIN 5223 Brookfield Rd.. Fayetteville. NC 


KENT. EDWARD JEFFERSON 5202 Worchester Ct.. Greensboro. NC 


KERLIN. BRIAN PATRICK 5806 Chariton Ct., Alexandria. VA 22310 

KERR. EDWIN WILLIAM 203 Inverness Rd.. Clinton. NC 28328 

KERR. PAUL SCOTT 5900 N. Bay Bd.. Miami Beach, FL 33140 

KERR, SUSAN CAROL 9326 Michaels Way, Ellicott City. MD 21042 

KERTESZ. KIMBERLY ANN 645 Maple Ave,, Cheshire. CT 06410 

KHORANA. ASHISH 17 E. Hlltin PI.. Greensboro. NC 27409 

KICHMAN, JR. RICHARD LEROY 1620-3 Sykes Rd.. Mebane, NC 27302 

KIENZLE, KRISTI ANN 46 Monarch Circle. Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 

KIGER, LEIGH ANNE 2561 Lockwood Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

KILHENNY. KERITH ANNE 9 Smithtown Crescent, Smithtown. NY 


KILLIAN, JANE ELIZABETH 5 J Woodstream Ln., Greensboro. NC 2741 

KILLOUGH. KARA RUTH 16112 Wetheriy Way. Huntersville. NC 28078 

KILPATRICK. JOHN STIGLER 1600 Morganton Rd. 46. Pinehurst. NC 


KILTY. JOSEPH DENNIS 2602 East Meredith Dr. Vienna. VA 22181 

KIM. BUM JOON P.O. Box 4858. La Paz. Bolivia 

KIM. CHEON SIK West Apt. 219-L. Winn Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27405 

KIM. DONG SIK 8717 Bluedale St.. Alexandna, VA 22.308-2307 

KIMBALL. JON.tTHAN DAVID 710 Churchill Dr. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

KIMBALL. STACY LEE 10758 Crestview Ln.. Laurel. MD 20723 

KIMBRO. MARY ANN CRAWLEY P.O. Drawer 100. Alamance. NC 27201 

KING. BRIAN JORDAN 1202 North .Shore Rd.. Norfolk, VA 23505 

KING. CRY.STAL ANNE Route 1. Box 224. Ennice. NC 28623 

KING. KRISTI NOEL 1528 S. Mebane St.. Apt. 809, Buriington. NC 27215 

KING. PAMELA CAMPBELL 109 Oakview Dr.. Elon College. NC 27244 

KING, SAMYRIA WEBB 903 Briarwood St„ Reidsville. NC 27320-7020 

KING, WILLIAM TODD 12301 Countryview Dr., Glen Allen, VA 23060 

KINNEY. LAURA ANN Route 12. Box 106. Winston-Salem. NC 27107-9121 

KIRBY. ASHLEE NICOLE 4.509 Brookhaven Dr.. Greensboro. NC 


KIRCHNER. ROBERT WILLIAM 4620 Saul Rd.. Kensington. MD 


KIRK, NANCY ELLEN 321 Tanglewood Ln., Bay Villege. OH 44140 

KIRKLAND. KEVIN WOODROW 123 East Padonia Rd.. Timonium. MD 


KIRKMAN. KATHERINE GWINN Route 1. Box 281-H. Amherst. VA 


KIRKPATRICK. BILLY DANIEL 2231 Walker Ave.. Buriington. NC 27211 

KIRKPATRICK. GEORGE GRIER Apt. 2-A 1110 Cook Rd. Gibsonville. 

NC 27249 

KIRWAN, KERRY ELLEN 1204 Lauren PI.. Midlothia, VA 23113 

RISER. CARRIE ANN 1240-K Carnage House Ln. Gastonia. NC 28054 

KISH. STEPHANIE POST 17 Kimberiy Dr., Brookfield, CT 06804-1.309 

KITHIL, .STEVEN O'NEIL 1714 Timber Ridge Circle. Connth. TX 76205 

KLIMA. MELANIE PAIGE 610 Sandy Hook Rd.. Palm Harbor. FL 34683 

KLINE, HEATHER MICHELE 106 Larch Ln., Middletown, MD 

21769. 7821 

KLINE, SUSAN ELIZABETH 2114 Brookhaven Ct., Fallston, MD 


KLUTTZ. JEFFREY RYAN 7000 Runny Meade Ct.. Frederick. MD 21702 

KLUTTZ. KRISTEN LEIGH 7000 Runny Meade Ct.. Frederick. MD 21702 

KNIGHT. JULIETTE 932 Sycamore ave.. Tinton Falls. NJ 07724 

KNIGHT. SUSAN LEIGH 1808 Wilkins Dr., Sanford, NC 27330 

KNIGHT, WF;NDY FAYE 109-B W. Weatherspoon St.. Sanford. NC 27330 

KNIPPENBERG. MICHELLE L YNN 716 Dale Ave.. Cumberiand. MD 


KNOTT. ELIZABETH ANNE 500 North Duke St.. Apt. 54-205. Durham, 

NC 27701 

KNOWLES, EDIE ANN P.O. Box 15754. Durham, NC 27704 

KNOWLES II. DESMOND CORNELIUS 5218 Spirit Lake Rd.. Winter 

Haven. FL 33880-4837 

KNOX. DAVID CHRISTOPHER 14329 Tunsberg Terrace. Midlothia. VA 


^180^ INDEX 

KNUDSON. DIANE ELIZABETH 106 Dover Rd., Williamsburg. VA 23186 


Parkertown, NJ 08087 

KOCH, JASON ROBERT 6210 Chesworth Rd., Baltimore, MD 21228-2719 

KOCH, JODY LYNN St. Route 1, Box 1126-D D, Port Tobacco, MD 20677 

KOENIG. DOROTHY VIRGINIA 11329 Little Patuxent Pkw. #326, 

Columbia, MD 21044 

KOESTENBLATT. ERIK DAVID 5,5 Harter Rd., Morrutown, NJ 


KOHLES, TERRY ANN 3912 Klausmier Rd., Baltimore, MD 21236 

KOLB, JENNIFER LEIGH 604 Northirate Rd., Aberdeen, MD 21001 

KOMLYN, TAMARA LYN 2203 Heritage Villas, Hilton Head, SC 29928 

KONZELMAN, RICHARD GERARD 1906 Trail Two, Apt. 2G, Burlington, 

NC 27215 

KORNAS, DARREN JOHN 108 Oak Pines Blvd., Pemberton, NJ 08068 

KORNEGAY, ROSALYNN DANIELLE 109 Forestview Dr., Elon College, 

NC 27244-9369 

KOSER, SUSAN WY'LIE 889 Diamond Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1802 

KOSTEK. NICOLE LEE 58 StiUmeadow Circle, Monroe, CT 06468 

KOTT, JENNIFER ROBIN P O. Box 27460, Panama City Beach, FL 32411 

ItRAFT. KATHRYN WHITTNEY 23114 Park Contessa, Calabasas, CA 


KREIMER, ELIZABETH MARY 1348 Five Forks Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 


KREUSCH, JONATHAN MATTHEW 6505 Tall Trees, Dayton, OH 


5RIMM, JOSEPH KENNETH 1110 Cook Rd., Apt. 4-B, Gibsonville, NC 


tRUGER, MATTHEW RICHARD 1199 Eagle Rd.. Newtown, PA 18940 

tRUSE. CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN P.O. Box 1448, Elon College, NC 


tUCAN, LESLEY VESNA Apt. G. 709 E, Haggard Ave.. Elon College. NC 


CUHLMAN, ALICIA DAWN 141 North Academy St,. Hightstown. NJ 


CUHN, DANIEL 616 Riverside Dr.. Pasadena. MD 21122 

(UHNS. SHANNON MICHELLE 140 Roselle Ave.. P.O. Box 104. 

Jausman. PA 17504 

CUHSTOSS. BLYNDA JO 606-U-l Duley Dr.. White Plains. MD 20695 

CLMINKA. ERIC SCOTT 3 Gulphmill Rd.. Somers Point. NJ 08244 

CURZWEIL. LOREN ALISSA 1310 Templeton PL. Rockville. MD 20852 

CYKER. CARL CLINTON 5116 Liberty Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27406 

CYLANDER. SHERRY KENNITHA Route 2. Box 356-H. Elon College. 

K 27244-9433 


LACEY, MARK EDWARD 19 Water's Edge, Kinnelon, NJ 07405 

LACKEY. STACIA LEE P.O. Box 759. Taylorsville. NC 28681 

LADDON. BENJAMIN DANIEL 1919 N. Lincoln St.. Wilmington. DE 


LAFRANCE. MICHELE PAIGE 6311 Youngs Branch Dr.. Fairfax 

Station. VA 22039-1532 

LAHIFF. PATRICK JAMES 565 Brookwood Dr.. Athens. GA 30605 



LAKE, CRISTAL LYNN 103 Smokense Trace, Peachtree City, GA 30269 


LAMBERT. SUSAN TEER 6308 South NC 49, Burlington, NC 27215 

LAMBETH, TIMOTHY MARK 2824 Fleming Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410 

LAMBERTON, ISOKO KAY 204 Ramsey Dr., Jacksonville, NC 28540-4044 

LAMSON. KATE SUTHERLAND Route 2, Box 60E, Leesburg, VA 22075 

LANCASTER, STEPHEN MATTHEW Route 2, Box 111, Supply, NC 28462 

LANCON. FAUSTINA ELIZABETH 6604 Sweetwater Dr.. Derwood, MD 


LAND. SAMANTHA 6011 West Valley Green Rd., Flourtown, PA 19031 

LANDES, HUGH C. P.O. Box 507. Alajuela. Costa Rica 

LANEY, STEPHEN MICHAEL 5447 East Point Dr.. Marietta. GA 30068 

LANG. LIBBY LOUISE 1532 Hermitage Ct.. Durham. NC 27707-1666 

LANG. MEREDITH P.O. Box 935. 6 Woodbine Way. Shelter Island. NY 


LANIER. CHAD NORRIS Box QQ. 622 Parker St.. Graham. NC 27253 

LANIK. KERSTIN A. P.O. Box 1078, Elon College. NC 27244 

LANING, JAMES MICHAEL 99 Edgewater Dr., Tuckerton, NJ 08087-2807 

jANKFORD, ONA-FRANCES hall 109 Colonial Dr.. North Wilkesboro. 

■JC 28659 

LANOU. ELIZABETH ADAMS 6122 Woodmont Rd.. Alexandria, VA 22307 

:^NSEN. OSCAR E. P.O. Box 1407. Elon College. NC 27244 

:^NTZ. JORJA LEA P.O. Box 1243. Elon College. NC 27244 

:.ANTZ, RYAN EMERSON 602 Longmeadow Circle, Longwood, FL 32779 

:^RSEN, CHRISTOPHER JOHN 200 Hienng Ave., Seaside Heights, NJ 


jARSON, CARRIE LYNN 115 Crestwood Dr., Longwood. FL 32779 

:^RSON. SCOTT DAVID 8300 Summerwood Dr.. Mc Lean. VA 22102 

:.ASLEY. JAMES HOLT 627 Fountain PI.. Burlington. NC 27216 

:^SSITER. STEPHANIE PEARSON 4373 Friendship-Rock Creek Rd.. 

Burlington. NC 27215 

>TCHFORD. KEVIN JOSEPH 517 Berrymans Ln.. Reisterstown. MD 


:.ATHAM. RYAN ANTIONE 5421 Blue Knob Rd.. Virginia Beach. VA 


:,ATORRE. MICHAEL ANTHONY 21051 Branchwood Way. Sterling. VA 


:,AUDIER. JEAN FRANCOIS 2048 Great Falls St.. Falls Church. VA 


LAUGHLIN. MELISSA LYN 9109 Bramble Bush Ct., Gaithersburg. MD 


:^URI. ANDREA LYNN 7 Drover Rd., Brookfield, CT 06804 

:.AURO, LISA ANN 4 Horizon Dr., Huntington, NY 11743 

:.A VENDER, JOHN DAVID 5110 Hednck Dr., Greensboro, NC 27410-9320 

^AVIN. STEVEN DAVID 3330 Fallston Rd., Fallston, MD 21047-1023 

:^VOIE, NATALIE MARIE-ALINE 852 Browning PI.. Mt. Laurel. NJ 


LAW. WENDY DARE P.O. Box 969. Stuart. VA 24171-0969 

LAWLER. JOHN PARRISH Atp. 12-D. 1110 Cook Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 


:^WKENCE, DALLAS CHRISTOPHER 904 Swordfish Way, Kitty Hawk, 

<C 27949 

:.AWRENCE, TERESA LYNN Route 2, Box 132, Stoneville. NC 27048 

.AWSON. MICHAEL WILLIAM 242 Walnut Ridge. Forest. VA 24551 

:.AYMAN. LAURA DEEANN Route 2. Box 86. Weyers Cave. VA 24486 

:.AYNE. ALLEN GANNAWAY 2219 Woodcrest Dr.. Lynchburg. VA 


:.E BLANC. LORl ANNE 7 Autumn Circle. Plaistow. NH 03866-2602 

:.E BLOND. RICHARD FRANKLIN 2547 Rogers Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 

-E GRANT. HARVEY DAVID Apt. 4-D. 739 E. Haggard Ave.. Elon 

Allege. NC 27244 

LEA. COREY MONTEZ 5301 Guida Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

LEATH. MARK ALLEN Route 1. Box 180. Ennice, NC 28623 

.EATHAM. ELLA MELISSA 3483 Wainscott PI.. .Woodbridge. VA 22192 

I.EAV1TT. SEAN PATRICK 6133 Riverside Dr.. Wake Forest. NC 27587 

:.ECHNER. ROBERT CHARLES 629 Appian Way, Jacksonville, FL 32208 

-EE, CHARLES ANTOINE 822 Ross St., Burlington, NC 27217-1651 

LEE, JENNIFER RAE 1333 Hanford Rd., Graham, NC 27263-3609 

LEE, STACY COBB 3026 Little River Dr., Hisslborough. NC 27278 

LEE. STEPHANIE DAWN 1333 Hanford R.. Graham. NC 27253 

LEE. WILLIAM DAVID 202 Village Dr. Trinity. NC 27370 

LEE. YOUNGJO 33-G Quail Hollow Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

LEFAND. JENNIFER ELISE C-3 Cramer Dr.. Chester. NJ 07930 

LEIBRAND. KRISTIN DIONNE 9924 Fleming Ave.. Bethesda. MD 


LEIGH. DONNA WILLET 2112 South Randolph St., Arlington, VA 


LEIKER, MATTHEW EDWARD 9605 Leeta Cornus Ln., Nokesville, VA 


LEININGER, VALERIE RE 1304 Glen Oaks Rd., Clemmons, NC 


LEISTER LINDA MARGARET 2010 West Front SL, Burlington, NC 27215 

LEITH, KRISTIN MICHELLE 2216 Saint David Dr., Mount Laurel. NJ 


LEITNER. CATHERINE ANN 1206 Highwood Rd.. Rockville. MD 20851 

LEMBACH. JESSICA ANN 106 Shorecrest Ct.. Marco Island. FL 


LENNON. SUSAN ELIZABETH 3 Pavilion Dr.. Gaithersburg. MD 


LENOIR. LINDEE LEIGH Route 9. Box 96. Hickory. NC 28601-9809 

LENOX. JAMES PATRICK 24 Cliveden Ct.. Lawrenceville. NJ 08648 

LEO. LAURA ASHLEY 5344 Cristfield Ct.. Fairfax. VA 22032-3809 

LEONARD. AMANDA FAYE Route 4. Box 448. Liberty. NC 27298 

LEONARD. MARY ANN Apt. 11-A. 1110 Cook Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

LEONARD. ROBERT BA.XTER 312.C Ashland Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27403 

LERALTA. JACINTO oo Almarza #45. Madrid 28033. SP 

LERNER. CATHERINE 10200 Shaker Dr.. Columbia. MD 21046-1328 

LESEMANN. LINDSAY DIANE 744 Tanglewood Rd.. Charlottesville. VA 




LEUTHOLD. JOHN MICHAEL Rt. 6. Box 316-14. Morgantown, WV 26505 

LEVINE, CRAIG ALEXANDER 455 Sassafras Ln.. Roswell. GA 30076 

LEVINER, DEREK RANDALL 1114 Maiden Ln., Apt. 7, Reidsville. NC 


LEWIS. ANGELA SUSANNE 2723 John Lewis Rd., Rt. 9, Box 187. 

Burlington, NC 27217-8529 

LEWIS, JENNIFER ANN 2108 Helmwood Ct., Vienna. VA 22181 

LEWIS. JOHN KIMBROUGH P.O. Box 7936. 209 Sullivan Ct.. Gibsonville. 

NC 27249 

LEWIS, LAURA DANIELLE 209 Sullivan Ct.. Box 7936, Gibsonville. NC 


LEWIS. NATHAN ALBERT 4810 Creek Shore Dr„ Rockville, MD 20852 

LEWIS. STEVE.N W 12080 Brookfield Club Dr.. Roswell. GA 30075-1259 

LEWIS II. BENJAMIN .MAY 408 May Ct.. Farmville. NC 27828-1208 

LEYH. CHRISTOPHER ANDREW 3 Independence PI. Washington 

Crossing. PA 18977 

LICHTENWALNER. LORI JANE Route 2. Box 245-6. Edenton. NC 27932 

LICITRA. DIANA MARIE 16 Harwich Rd., Flanders, NJ 07836 

LIGNIERES. SERGE PATRICK 127 East Enid Dr.. Key Biscavne. FL 


LILL. GREGORY THOMAS 306 East Schuyler Rd.. Silver Spring. MD 



Riverside. CT 06878-2413 

LINDERMAN. CHRISTOPHER LEE 307 Springhouse Ln.. Hockessin. DE 


LINDLEY. JOHN NEIL 8907 Charles Augustine Dr.. Alexandria. VA 


LINDSTROM. PETER Timotejvagen 8. Ekero, SW 17836 

LINEBERRY, HARVEY LINDLEY 700 Englewood St., Greensboro, NC 


LIFE. FELICIA DIANE P.O. Box 212. Rogersville. TN 37857 

LIPPARD. JR. WILLIAM FRANCIS 208 Travis Ln.. Gibsonville, NC 


LIPSCOMB, LISA MOORE 1323-A Sidney Ave., Burlington, NC 27217 

LITTLE, KARALEE CRAIGE 1502 Cedar Ln., Wilkesboro, NC 28697-2604 

LITTLE, JR. JERRY LABON 1065 Styx Dr., Monroe. NC 28110-7003 

LIVELY. KEITH ALEXANDER 3809 Idle Ct., Bowie. MD 20715 

LIVINGSTON. PATRICK JAY 522 Wellington Dr.. Forest. VA 24551 

LIVINGSTON. PAULA JEAN 4820 Carsons Pond Rd.. Charlotte, NC 


LLOYD, HOWARD WAYNE 3819 Lloydtown Rd.. Mebane. NC 27302 

LOAR. ANN ELIZABETH Rt. 1. Box 22862. Parkersburg. WV 26101 

LOCKAMY. LAURA .MARIE 2808 Split Rail PI.. Durham. NC 27712 

LOCKHART. ANDREW DOUGLAS 4024 Iva Ln . Annandale. VA 22003 

LODS. BRIAN PAUL 17611 Dominion Dr.. Sandy Spring. MD 20860 

LOFTON. LARA 222 Mebane St.. Eden. NC 27288 

LOISELLE, JENNIFER NICOLE U07 Pepperhill Rd.. Greensboro. NC 


LONG, BETTY ROCHELLE 330 West Kime St., Burlington, NC 27216 

LONG, CAMERON WESTON P.O. Box 1069, Hayes, VA 23072-1069 

LONG, CATHERINE ANN 1333 Zigler Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

LONG, CONNIE MICHELE 636 Indian Valley Dr., Burlington, NC 27217 

LONG. HOLDEN WARD Route 9. Box 307. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 

LONG. LINDA RICHMOND 1325 Jackson St.. Burlington. NC 27217-1421 

LONG. MATTHEW CHARLES 11805 Mountain Laurel Dr. Roswell. GA 


LONG. RUTHU LA VERNE BROWNING 302 Apple St.. Burlington. NC 


LONGWORTH. PAUL D. 1 Jill Terrace. Fairfield. NJ 07006 

LOPES. FELICIA MARIE 22 Hazard Ave.. Providence. RI 02906 

LORENTZ. WILLIAM CHAD 2141 Walker Road. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

LOVELAND. DAVID CRAIG 82 Pugh Rd.. Wayne, PA 19087 

LOVERN. .\NNE ROGERS 3691 Bower Rd.. Roanoke. VA 24018 

LOWE. KARIN RUTH 14 Seville Dr.. Bndgeton. NJ 08302-4135 

LOWERV, JENNIFER DAWN 3210 Gibson Rd.. Durham. NC 27703-4706 

LOWERY. KAMEREN JEAN 1703 Wembley Ct., Greensboro. NC 27410 

LOWERY. TARA ELIZABETH 3820 Roseneath St.. OIney, MD 20832-1344 

LOY. CHARLES ASHLEY 1508 Stonegate Dr. Graham. NC 27253 

LOY. FREDERICK STEPHEN 4536 Chelsea Dr.. Baton Route. LA 


LOY. JILL MARIE HARRISON 2304 Atwood Dr.. Burlington. NC 


LOY. JUDY M. P-0 Box 416. Elon College. NC 27244 

LOY. STEPHEN GUPTON 2125 Swepsonville Rd,. Graham. NC 27253-5013 

LOY. WILLIAM DAVID 221 Whitsett St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

LUBY. DANA LIN 79 Straddle Hill. Wethersfield. CT 06109 

LUDWIG. TERESA MARIE 1625 Robin Hood Dr. Budington. NC 27217 

LUECK. ASUKA SHIMA 201 Long Acre Dr. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

LUNNY. EILEEN CASEY 4 Kenneth Ave.. Kendall Park, NJ 08824 

LUSCOMBE, ALISON TAYLOR 8 Carmine St.. Chatham. NJ 07928 

LUTHER. TIFFANY LEE 10668 Oakton Ridge Ct.. Oakton. VA 22124-1642 

LUTZ. JAMES WILLIAM 801 Phillips St.. Shelby. NC 28150-5547 

LYN. DANIELLE W. 18 Shendan PI.. Elon College. NC 27244 

LYNCH. JENNIFER TAYLOR 1024 Heatherloch Dr.. Gastonia. NC 28054 

LYNCH. PETER BRIAN 8450 Lake Mist Way. Fairfax Station. VA 22039 

LYNCH. WILLIAM BROCK 401 West Renovah Circle. Wilmington. NC 


LYONS. STEPHEN JOHN HENRY 2600 Clanon Ct.. Columbus. OH 43220 

MAACK, GREGORY JAMES 101 Lochmvar Ct.. Cary. NC 27511 
MC CLINTON J. DANIEL 108 Big Springs Dr.. Asheville. NC 28804 

MABE, KEITH COLON Route 1. Box 148, Seagrove, NC 27341-9716 

MABRV. KRISTIE RENEE 1505 Miller Rd.. Hillsborough. NC 27278 

MAC DONALD. TARA MARIE 1413 Burnside St.. Toms River. NJ 08757 

MAC HALE. CHRISTINA ELIZABETH 325-A Trollinger Ave.. Elon 

College, NC 27244 

MAC INTYRE, MICHAEL ALAN P.O. Box 481, Elon College, NC 27244 

MAC PHERSON, JOSEPH PAUL 7224 Ridgeport Dr., Tampa. FL 33647 

MAC QUARRIE. DAWN ELIZABETH 10712 Brass Kettle Rd.. Raleigh. 

NC 27614 

MACALUSO. MELISSA M. West Ln.. Box 38. East Moriches. NY 11940 

MACE. DEBRA SUE 1036 Bellvue St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

MACEY. CHRISTOPHER PHILIP 1329 Pebble. Graham, NC 27253 

MACEY. ERIN M. P.O. Box 255. South Woodstock. CT 06267 

MACKAY. ROGER 1550 Burgandy Square #101. Lansing. MI 48823 

MACKEY. JENNIFER SHAYNE 800 Hillsdale Rd.. West Chester, PA 


MACKLER. CHANTALE 235 Shore Rd.. Winter Springs. FL 32708 

MACLEOD. IAN TORQUIL DAVID 3 Merton Rise. London. NW3 3EN. EG 

MACY. CHAD EDWARD 2412 Southeast 9th St.. Pompano Beach. FL 


MADREN. KIM ANNETTE 1539 Wickham St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

.MAHAN. JONATHAN TODD 3313 Elk Dr. Burlington. NC 27215 

.MAHAN. KENNETH JOSEPH 11834 Enid Dr.. Potomac. MD 20854 

MAHANES. ANNE GRAHAM P.O. Box 458. Waynesboro. VA 22980 

MAHONEY. ANDREW WILLIAM 3302 Stonehedge Rd.. Edison. NJ 08820 

MAHONEY. JAMES MICHAEL 309 Allaire Ave.. Bayville. NJ 08721 

MAIRS. KRISTIN B. 6271 Sawmill Rd.. New Hope. PA 18938 

MALKUS. LYNN NANETTE 4463 Egypt Rd.. Cambridge. MD 21613-9537 

MALLIN. BARBARA JEAN 1701 Woodwell Rd., Sliver Spnng, MD 209O6 

MALLOCH, CHERYL LYNN 204 Manchester PI., Greensboro, NC 27410 

MALLORY, KENNETH MARKEITH 301 Rock Spring Dr., SW, Leesburg, 

VA 22075 

MALONEY, LYNN ELIZABETH 6 Memory Ln., Wilbraham, MA 01095 

MALONEY, MEGHAN KATHLEEN 59 Lincoln Ave., Chatham. NJ 07928 

MALONEY. MICHAEL JOSEPH 102 E. South Carohna Ave.. Haven 

Beach. NJ 08008 

MALTESE. CLAUDINE P.O. Box 322, Pluckemin, NJ 07978 

MANGUIKIAN, TINA ARDA 1011 Mill Ridge, Mc Lean, VA 22102-2201 



MANGUM, SHANNON LYNN 7608 Maude Stewart Rd., Fuquav-Vanna, 

NC 27526 

MANN, DEENA NAYLOR Apt. 1-A, 1110 Cook Rd., Gibsonville, NC 27249 

MANN, ROBERT FLETCHER 6115 Studeley Ave,, Norfolk, VA 23508 

MANN. ROBERT WAYNE Route 4. Box 162. Cherokee Forest. Covington. 

VA 24426-9207 

MANSFIELD. HEATHER 4612 Thendara Way Rd,. Raleigh. NC 27612 

MANSILLA. LEONARD A. 6841 West 16th Dr.. Hialeah. FL 33014 

MANTZ. BARBARA F. 210 Aspen Ave.. Elon College. NC 27244 

MAPLES. GENE RANDALL 2702 Cromwell Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27407 

MARCINKO, BILLI JO 7845 Briardale Terrace. Derwood. MD 20855 

MAREK. JOSEPH JOHN 128 Shaw St.. Gibsonville, NC 27249-2211 

MARKHAM, JOHN EDWARD 3743 St. Marks Rd., Durham, NC 27707 

MARKS, LINDA KAYE 906 South Warfield Dr., Mt, Airv, MD 21771 

MARSHALL, CHRISTOPHER PATRICK 17108 Butler Rd., Poolesville. 

MD 20837 

MARSHALL. MARY GRACE 727 S.W. 27th St., Gainesville, FL 32607 



MARSHALL IV. ELLIOTT WALLACE Route 2. Box 633. Highlands. NC 


MARSHBANKS. BRIAN ELLIS 108 Daniel Dr.. Goldsboro. NC 27534 

MARSILIO. JASON ROBERT RD 2. Box 48. Cream Ridge. NJ 08514-9336 

MARTIN. ASHLEY ELIZABETH 2031 Mountain Creek Dr.. Stone 

Mountain. GA 30087-1020 

MARTIN. BEAUMONT AMBLER 302 Golf Course Rd.. Owings Mill. MD 


MARTIN. BEVERLY SWAIN 7490 Danford Rd.. Buriington. NC 27215 

MARTIN. JAMES DANIEL Rt. 4. Box 270. Liberty. NC 27298-0894 

MARTIN. MICHAEL SCOTT 501 Daraby Ct.. Ridgewood. NJ 07450 

MARTIN. MICHELE LEIGH 15308 Graaf PI.. Silver Spring. MD 20905 


Gibsonville. NC 27249-8776 

MARTIN. SUSAN MICHELLE Route 9. Box 1143. Hickory. NC 28601-9155 

MARTIN. TODD WILLIAM 2206 New Garden Rd.. Apt. 2613. Greensboro. 

NC 27410 

MARTIN. WENDY LYNN 327-B Alamance St.. Box 6710. Gibsonville, NC 


MARTIN. ZACHARY REESE 4324 Steriing Dr.. Durham. NC 27712-2404 

MARTINDALE, AMY LEE Route 12. Box 236-Z. Goldsboro. NC 27530 

MARTINDALE, BRIAN WIGHT 32 Pleasant Ave.. West Caldwell. NJ 


MARTINDALE. LINDA ANN 3552-G Pond Rd., Burlington, NC 27215 

MARTINEAU, TODD EUGENE 4803 Checal Blvd.. Lutz. FL 33649 

MARTINEZ. MARIA LUZ Campus Box 2337. Elon College. NC 27244 

MASHBURN. HARRY SHAWN 162 Graves Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 

MASHBURN. TINA .SHERISE Rt 2. Box 391-A. Canton. NC 28716 

MASON. CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS 6805 Glenbrook Rd.. Bethesda. MD 


MASON. SHELLY HOPE P.O. Box 754. Purcellville. VA 22132-0764 

MASON. STEPHANIE JUSTINE 17 Altmont Ct.. Durham. NC 27705 

MASON. SUZANNE MACAIRE P.O. Box 473. Dallas. NC 28034 


Wilmington, DE 19809 

MASSENBURG, WILLIAM DEXTER 406 W. Front St., Burlington. NC 


MASSEY. MICHAEL DOUGLAS 2718 May Dr.. Buriington. NC 27215-5424 

MASSEY. SHERRY FAYE 2051 Westover Terrace. Buriington. NC 27215 

MAST. JENNIFER S. 1746 Crooked Oak Dr.. Lancaster. PA 17601 

MATHEWS. ROBERT EARL 4103 Windlestraw Ln.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

MATHUS. THOMAS CHARLES 10005 Carpers Farm Ct.. Vienna. VA 


MATTHEWS. MARK ALLEN 581 Highway 172. Hubert. NC 28539 

MATTHEWS. REBECCA WILSON 32 Jennifer Dr.. Graham. NC 27263 

MATTHEWS. TRAVIS BRICE 213 Eidson Dr., East, Statesville, NC 28677 

MATTHIAS, JOHN RAYMOND 766 Hlllview Rd., Malvern, PA 19355 

MATZE II, WILLIAM J. Apt. 15-D. 1400 Roslyn Dr.. Buriington. NC 27215 

MAURER. SLOANE ELIZABETH 13 Hereford Dr. Princeton Junction. 

NJ 08550 

MAXFIELD. MEGAN ANN 12507 Scarlet Ln.. Bowie. MD 20715 

MAXWELL. AMY ELIZABETH 94 Terrill Rd.. Stratford. CT 06497 

MAY. ALBERT FRANKLIN 3349 Ridgecrest Ct.. Raleigh. NC 27607 

MAY. MELISSA COREY 1811 August Dr.. Silver Spring. MD 20902 

MAY. MICHELLE LEIGH 6732 High Rock Rd.. Brown Summit. NC 


MAY. RICKY TODD 1031 Scenic Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 

MAYFIELD. TRICIA ANN 20 Cross St.. Westport, CT 06880 

MAYNARD. DONALD BRUCE P.O. Box 167. Swepsonville. NC 27359 

MAYNARD. LAURA CAROLE 6101 Buckhom Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

MAYO. STEVE ANTONIO P.O. Box 394. Garysburg. NC 27831-0394 

MAYS. CORNELIUS J. P.O. Box 14. Miccasukee. FL 32309-0014 

MAZADE. NICHOLE GERMAINE Apt. A. 326 Trollinger Ave., Elon 

College, NC 27244 

MAZOYER, PAMELA MICHELLE 104-B Mistywood Circle, Chapel Hill, 

NC 27514 

MAZZEO, HENRY ROCCO P.O. Box 655, Wendell, NC 27591-0656 

MAZZOLA, LAUREN KATHLEEN 40 Chen Ln., Fairfield. NJ 07006-1838 

MC ADAMS, JENNIFER LYNETTE P.O. Box 794, Elon College, NC 27244 

MC ADAMS, TERESA LYNN 1528 S. Mebane St., Apt, 503-E, Burlington.. 

NC 27215 

MC ARTHUR. CAROL GRAVES 165 Clyde Graves Ln„ Graham. NC 27253 

.MC CLINTOCK, KAREN URSERY 5956 Mt, Herman-Rock Creek Rd.. 

Snow Camp. NC 27349 

INDEX <*^181^ 

MC ELWEE. JODI LISA 504 Stidham Rd-. Wilmington. DE 19809 

MC GIBONY. JAMES THOMAS 706 Huffman Mill Rd,. J-5. BurlinKton. 

NC 27215 

MCGOVNEY, LA VELLE CARRIE 3429 Lalteview Dr. Delray Beach, FL 


MCADAMS. BRADLEY WILLIAM 20-1 Candlewood Rd.. Rocky Mount, NC 


MCADAMS. CHRISTI ELIZABETH 6834 Rollint-wood Dr.. Clemmom, NC 


MCATEER. EDWARD FRANKLIN 1906 Woodhhue Dr.. Burlinirton. NC 


MCBRIDE. KELLI ANN 2300 Red Barn Ln,. Charlotte. NC 28210.6141 

MCCALL. CYNTHIA SUSAN RD 1. Box 228. Sliker Rd,. Glen Gardner. .\J 


MCCANN. KEVIN JOHN 29 Fox Ln.. Shoreham. NY 11786 

MCCANNA. RICHARD DWAYNE 1308 North Schooner Ln,. Virjnnia 

Beach. VA 23454 

MCCARSON. TRACY DIANE 1803 Chesapeake Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

MCCARTHY. CATHLEEN COLE 13613 Esworthy Rd.. Darnestown. MCI 


MCCARTHY. JA.MES ALBERT 1506 Trent Blvd.. New Bern, NC 2a.'i60 

MCCARTHY, MICHAEL THOMAS 4143 Bent Grass Dr.. Statesville. NC 


MCCARTHY. THOMAS WILLIAM 93 CrysUl Lake Dr., Havelock. NC 


MCCARTY II. WILLIAM MICHAEL 215 Thames Dr.. Jacksonville. N( 


MCCAULEY. DONNA G. 389 Billinirham Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 

MCCAULEY. JESSICA LYNN Route 7. Box 154. Washington. NC 


MCCAWXEY. J- DANIEL 242 Herronwood Dr.. Graham. NC 27253-9.507 

MCCLEOD. RAY DAVIS 3020 Boss Wylie Rd.. Rock Hill. SC 29730 

MCCLOUD. CAROLYN ATLEE 11220 Freas Dr.. Potomac. MD 20878-2508 

MCCLURE. LARA KRISTEN 3916 Springbrook Dr., Greensboro. NC 


MCCOMMONS. JENNIFER JEAN 237 Garnett Rd.. Joppa. MD 21085 

MCCONKEY. WENDY ELLEN 60.35 Burnside Landing Dr.. Burke. VA 


MCCORKLE. ALLISON MILLER 5605 Surfbird Ct.. Fairfax. VA 22032 

MCCORMICK. CAREY ELIZABETH 2108 Fairfield PI,. Wilmington. DE 


MCCORMICK. MICHELE LEE 205 Cedar Rock Estates. Lenoir. NC 28645 

MCCOR.MICK. ROY P.O. Box 989. San Jose. CR 

MCCOY. JOHN S- P-0- Box 128. 89 Oak Ln,, Essex Fells. NJ 07021-0128 

MCCRARY. SUZANNE ENGLISH 543 Edgewood Rd,. Asheboro, NC 


MCCUE, MATTHEW P, 78481 Prestwood Ln,. Mooresville. NC 28115 

MCCULLOCK. SHANNON PARKER 712 Cottage PI.. Burlington. NC 


M'^DANIEL. LEE ANN 358 Janlar Dr.. Richmond. VA 23235-5018 

MCDONALD. CHRISTINE R, 3526 Slade Run Dr.. Falls Church. VA 


MCDUFFIE. AIMEE KATHERINE 6636 Madison McLean Dr.. Mc Lean, 

VA 22101 

MCDUFFIE. ELIZABETH 5711 Pinehaven Dr,. Greensboro. .NC 2741U 

MCELROY. SCOTT TRAVIS PO Box 759. Langely AFB. VA 23665 

MCEWEN. WILLIAM PARRISH. 6628 Adrian St., New Carrollton. MD 


MCGARRIGAN. DANIEL JOSEPH 12300 Hatlon Point Rd.. Fort 

Washington. MD 20744 

MCGARTY, MARY MEGAN 12 Duck Hawk Rd., Hilton Head Island. SC 


MCGEE. PATRICK HAYES 6804 Grossman St., Annandale. VA 22003 

MCGLOTHIN. HEATHER LYNN 333 Joel Blvd.. Apt, 132. Lehigh Acres. 

FL 33936 



MCGREGOR. STEVEN ANDREW 302 W College Ave,. Elon College. NC 


MCGUIRE. BRIAN LEE 7900 Marysia Ct,, Springfield, VA 22153-2710 

MCGUIRE. DENNIS RICHARD 1105 Vernal St.. Gambnlls, MD 21054 

MCGUIRE. SHERRY LYNN PO. Box 493. Yanceyville. NC 27379-0493 

MCGUIRT, SARA ELIZABETH 5604 Mooresville Rd-, Salisbury. NC 28144 

MCHUGH, BRYAN EDWARD 3101 Ulster Ave,, Greensboro, NC 27406 

MCHUGH. WILLIAM BRUCE 345 Harden St,, Burlington, NC 27215 

MCKECHNIE, SHERI LIN 1707 Praine Mark, Houston, TX 77077 

MCKENNA. SANDRA JANE 9121 Bnarrhip St., Laurel, MD 20708-1303 

MCKEONE, KELLY ANN 4520 Dartmoor Dr., Marietta, GA 30067-4053 

MCKINNEY, KRISTA RANAE 7 Kirks Mill Ln„ North East, MD 21901 

MCKNIGHT, GARRETT ARTHUR 1808-2 Tryon PI, Fayetteville NC 


MCLEAN, AIMEE 756 Weather Green Dr., Raleigh, NC 27615 

MCLEAN, HEATHER DIANA Apt. D. 709 E. Haggard Ave.. Elon College 

NC 27244 

MCLEAN. JOHN PA-XON 403 Soundview Ct.. Swansboro, NC 28584-9718 

MCMANUS. BEVIN ARVADA 11212 Silvertree PI,. Columbia. MD 21044 

MCMANUS. JEFFREY BERNARD 1309 Furlough St-. High Point. NC 


MCMANUS. SHANNON MARIE 9623 Windermere Turn. Fort Washington. 

MD 20744-5721 

MCMEANS. SUSAN MARIE 10794 Crest St.. Fairfax. VA 22030-5170 

MC.MICHAEL. SHAWN CHRISTOPHER 2111 Meadowbrook Terrace. 

Reidsville. NC 27320-6023 

MCMULLEN. SHONDRA NETTICE 2017 Enghsh Dr.. Charlotte. NC 


MCNAMEE. KRISTEN LEIGH 11549 Englewood Rd,. Hagerstown. MD 


MCNEAL. KATHLEEN PATRICIA 1200 Ridervale Rd,, Towson. MD 


MCNEELY. PRENTICE JONES Rt, #1. Box 547 Crojet. VA 22932 

MCNEILL. AMY JEAN 670 Banyan Circle. Naples. FL 33940 

MCNEILL. ANNA CATHERINE 2081 South Akin Dr,. Atlanta, GA ,30345 



MCNEY, CHRISTY MICHELLE 2405 Tin Top Rd., Mechanicsville. MD 


MCNULTY. THOMAS F,X, 926 Hardscrabble Rd.. Chappaqua. NY 10514 

MCQUEEN. FREDERICK SCOTT 5107 Ainsworth Dr.. Greensboro. NC 


MCQUEEN. KARA SUZANNE 5955 RosinanU Run. Columbia MD 


MCVEY, KELLY REBECCA 7257 Mt, Hermon Rd.. Snow Camp, NC 27349 

MEADOR, ANNA MARIE Apt, 701-G, 1528 S. Mebane St., Burhngton NC 


MEADOWS, CYNTHIA JEANNE 1917 Abbotsford Dr,, Vienna, VA 22182 

MEADOW,S. EDDIE HANSEN 1706 Forest Valley Rd.. Greensboro, NC 


MEARES, SAMUEL LANE Route 2. Box 287, Tabor City. NC 28463 

MEEGAN. MICHELLE MEGAN 3208 Umbrella Tree. Edgewater. FL 


MEEKER. KRISTIN CARRIE 2416 Sattsgate Dr.. Pfafftown. NC 


MEEKS. LAURALEE DAWN 185 Big Creek Rd-. Marshall. NC 28753 

MEFFE. CHRKSTOPHER THOMAS 32 Momingside Dr.. Greensburg. PA 

15601 1315 

MEHALKO. MICHAEL KEVIN 1903 Selkirk Dr., Greensboro, NC 27410 

MELAMED, MICHAEL PATRICK 14306 South Park, Shaker Heights, OH 


MELANDER, AMY JAMES RR #2, Box 3564. Bowdoinham. ME 04008 

MELLETT. SIOBHAN MARIE 215 Roberts Rd.. Pacifica. CA 94044 

MENDELL. MATTHEW STUART 8 Market Path. .Setauket, NY 11733 

MERRIFIELD. JEFFREY NEIL 14708 North Blair Ct.. Dale City. VA 


MERTUS. DAVID DANIEL 1094 Burning Tree Dr. Chapel Hill. NC 


MERWIN, JENNIFER KERRY 26 Fox Hill Dr,. Tabernacle. NJ 08088 

MESSINETTI. STEVEN P, 5 Walnut Rd.. Rocky Point. NY 11778-9108 

MEYER. CAROL LEE 137 Celeste Circle. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

MEYER. KRISTEN ANN 245 Colfax Rd,. North Brunswick. NJ 08902-3109 

.MICH. MICHELLE LYNN 137 Burnt Meadow Rd.. Ringwood. NJ 07456 

MICHAEL. BU.SSELL HAROLD 2343 Rolhng Hill Rd.. Fayetteville. NC 


MICHIE. JENNIFER LYNN 2633 Wetherburn Ct,. Richmond. VA 23233 

MIDDLETON. REBECCA LYNN 1206 A Bassford Rd,. Waldorf. MD 20601 

MIKELSKAS. MARY FRANCES 1837 Post Oak Trail. Reston. VA 


.MIKOLOP. KENDRA ALICIA 337 Center St.. Groveland. MA 018.14 

MILES. TINA LYNN Route 1. Box U18-C, Ann Dr.. Port Tobacco. MD 


MILLAR. JUDSON WICKERSHAM RD. #2. Box 356 B. Huntington, PA 


MILLER, BARBARA ALLISON 1832 Stoneyridge Dr., Charlotte, NC 


.MILLER. CARRIE ANNE 24608 Tandem Dr., Damascus, MD 20872-2310 

.MILLER, CATHERINE ANNE 314 Kerbv Parkway, Oxon Hill. MD 20745 

MILLER, CHRLSTOPHER TODD 607 Forest Ave. Wilmette. I L 60091 

MILLER. DARRIN L, 489 Madison Ave . Russells Point. OH 43.348 

.MILLER. DONALD KEITH 614 W Front .St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

MILLER. ELIZABETH ANNE 2420 Heather Rd . West, Wilmington. DE 


MILLER. HEATHER LYNN 2316 North Elm St.. Greensboro. NC 27408 

MILLER. KATHLEEN BAUER 614 West Front St.. Burlington, NC 


MILLER, KIMBERLY FRANCES 1301 Tulip Poplar Ln., Vienna, VA 


MILLER, LAURA, RENEE 1819 Billabong Ln., Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

MILLER, MELISSA ANN RD #8, Box 669, Newton. NJ 07860 

MILLER. .SCOTT ANDREW 45 Elm St,. Byfleld. MA 01922 

MILLER. TIMMY ALLEN 2004 Bnckhaven Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27407 



MILLIGAN. TRACEY JANE 808 Westwood Avenue. High Point. NC 27262 

MILLS. BRANDY ANN 91 Suffolk Dr., Aiken, SC 29803 

MILLS, CARLA DEE 119 Duchess Ln,. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

MILW1T. DANIEL 1909 .Snowdrop Ln.. Sliver Spring. MD 20906-3370 

MINEHART. ERIC ALAN 2765 Huffman Mill Rd,. Burlington. NC 


MINEROLDI, MARK F, 6255 Fairway Forest Dr.. Roanoke. VA 24018-7439 

MINNIX. JASON EDWARD Route 1. Box 739. Boones Mill. VA 24065 

MINTER. DAVID DWIGHT 1025 Rainey St,, Burlington. NC 27217 

MINTER. ELLEN JOHANNA 415 North Fifth St.. Mebane. NC 27302 

MISH. KEVIN JOHN 1507 Cedarwood Dr., Bel Air. MD 21014-2115 

MISKELL. JEFFERY ALLAN 3670 Daisy Rd,. Woodbine. MD 21797-7526 

MLSTISHKN, CHRISTINA LOUISE 7,500 Woodmont Ave., #1222, 

Bethesda, MD 20814 

MITCHELL, BOBBY GLENN 1317 Dogwood Dr„ Gibsonville, NC 27249 

MITCHELL, CHAD WORTHAM P.O. Box 730, Stoneville, NC 27048 

MITCHELL, CHARLES L, 2841 Eames Dr.. Sanford, NC 27330 

MITCHELL, MEGAN LIANE 4710 Tarpon Ln,, Alexandria. VA 22309 

MITCHELL. yUENTIN 209 East Barbee St.. Zebulon, NC 27597-2811 

MITCHELL. SARAH HEISKELL PO Box 434. Upper Marlboro. MD 


MITCHELL, TERESA LYNN 2202 Huntington Rd.. G-3. Burlington. NC 


MITCHELL, THOMAS JOSEPH 17 Highland Terrace. Pleasantville, NY 


MITTEN. JENNIFER JAYNE 437 N, Hartley St.. York. PA 17404 2801 

MIXON. CHARLES .MCRAE 13 Sherman Ave.. Summit. NJ 07901-1926 

MIZELLE, DAVID RUDOLPH 316 Yakima Tr,. Edenton. NC 27932-9775 

MOBLEY. LISA GAYLE 5013 Providence Rd,, Virginia Beach. VA 


MICIOLEK. RICHARD ANTHONY 424 F Kernodle Dr.. Graham. NC 


MOCKOVIAK. MICHAEL JAMES 13311 Falls Rd-, Hunt Valley, MD 


MONDEAU III, DAVID DANIEL 4412 Chesire Ct„ Durham, NC 27705 

MONTANA, SCOTT MICHAEL 1301 South Lincoln Ave.. #101. Vineland, 

NJ 08360 



MOODY. SHANNON LYNN Route 4, Box 456B, Durham, NC 27703 

MOON, AMY KELLY 2852 S, Fairway Dr,, Burlington, NC 27215 

MOON, TREVOR LORRAINE 2871 Early.sville Rd., Earlysville, VA 


MOONEY, MICHAEL ANDREW 189 Orchard Rd.. East Patchogue, NY 


MOORE, ANDRE BERNARD 4527 Barclay Ln.. Burlington. NC 27217 

MOORE, ASHLEY ANNE .3600 Sheffield Dr.. Rocky Mount. NC 27803-1233 

MOORE, CURTIS LEE P O. Box 157. Granite Canon. WY 82059 

MOORE. JAY ALLEN 1417 Imperial Dr., Durham. NC 27712 

MOORE. JULIA ELIZABETH 3483 Olympia Rd-. Davidsonville. MD 21035 

MOORE. KEITH ARRINGTON 376 20th Ave,, NE, Hickory, NC 28601 1940 
MOORE, LATRICIA ARNETTA 1150 East 12th St., Apt. E. 

Winston-Salem. NC 27101 


NJ 07748 

MOORE. MARGARET COLE 101 Fair Oaks Ln.. Cohasset. MA 02025 

MOORE. THOMAS JONATHAN 118 Joseph Johnston Ct.. Hillsborough. 

NC 27278-9426 

MOOREFIELD, JOHN H. #1 Heatherwood Ct.. Greensboro. NC 27407 


4204, Greensboro, NC 27410 

MOORER. JAMES WILSON 3214 Brassfield Rd,. Apt, 4204. Greensboro. 

NC 27401 

MORAN. ANTHONY JOHN 50 Serpentine Dr.. East, Bayville. NJ 08721 

MORAN, RANDALL ALLAN 9406 Shouse Dr.. Vienna. VA 22182 

MORAN. ROBERT JOHN 45 High Meadows. Walden. NY 12586 

MORAVEC. MILAN VACLAV 5321 Falkirk Dr.. Durham. NC 27712-1019 

MORDE. BETHANY JEANNE 7 Caryn Ln.. Simsbury. CT 06070 

MORECOCK, STEPHANIE LEIGH P.O. Box 762, Gloucester Point. VA 


MOREHEAD. JOHN SHERROD 70 Willow Wood Ln., Moreland Hills. OH 


MOREL. JOHN LOUIS 101 North Bellemont Rd., Bloomington, IL 


MORGAN, DENNIS RAY 312 Atwater St., Burlington, NC 27215 

MORGAN. GREGORY SCOTT 13027 Ingleside Dr.. Beltsville. MD 


MORGAN. WENDOLYN DAWN Route 1, Box 64-L-134. Pleasant Garden, 

NC 27313 

MORI, TARA LIN 178 Wyoming Ave.. Greensburg, PA 15601,3921 

MORIARTY, KAREN ELIZABETH 841 Pat Ln., Arnold, MD 21U12-1245 

MORIN, BETTY MEDFORD 1806 Sooth Mebane St., Burlington, NC 


MORLEY, KARA SUZANNE 3502 Dundee Dr„ Chevy Chase, MD 20815 

MORLEY. WILLIAM EDWARD 3502 Dundee Driveway. Chevy Chase. MD 


MORRELL. SUZANNE OTTO 101 Ascot PI. Pittsburgh. PA 16237 

MORRELL. TINA MICHELLE 2008 S- Mebane St.. Bid, 2027-A. 

Burlington. NC 27215 

MORRICE. FRANK Pll Box 6563. Panama 5. RP 

MORRIS. AMY RENEE 8319 Fort Hunt Rd.. Alexandria. VA 22308-1814 

MORRIS. JAMES SHANNON Bonney Hill, RD #1. Box 143. Hamilton. NY 


MORRIS. JOHN MICHAEL PO, Box 1182. Hillsborough, NC 27278 

MORRIS, KATHRYN ANN 2011 Saraien PI., Reston, VA 22091 

MORRIS, ROBIN GERRINGER 1763 Elon-Osslpee Rd,, Elon College NC 


MORRIS, SUSAN RAYE 644 Hull St,, Staunton, VA 24401-3531 

MORRLSON, LA JUANA NICOLE 1126 Grace St,, High Point, NC 27260 

MORRLSON. MELISSA ANN 1549 Powells Tavern PI,, Herndon VA 2207 

MORTON, JANE SULLIVAN 1.522 .Shadylawn Dr., Burhngton. NC 


MOSER. MELANIE CATHERINE P.O. Box 1017. Graham. NC 27253 

MOSKOVITZ. J, DAVID 5285 North Powers Ferry Rd.. Atlanta. GA 30327 

MOSS. JAMES MICHAEL 5 Stag's Leap Ct,. Tabernacle. NJ 08088 

MOWLE,S. MATTHEW LEWIS 750 Paragon Ave,, Salem. VA 241,53 

MOYNIHAN, COLLEEN LYNN 16 Pine St., Budd Lake. NJ 07828 

MUCHA. ANDREZ1':J 9805 Carrie Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

MUELLER, AMY CHRISTINE 9 White Oak Rd,, Asheville, NC 28803 

MULLALLV, ANNE BULOW6721 Nevada Ave,. N.W.. Washington DC 


MULLER. CORNELIUS 560 Central Ave.. Brooklyn. NY 11207 

MUNDAY. CHRISTOPHER DAVID 822 WUliams Ln.. Chadds Ford PA 


MUNTZ. MICHAEL R. 1866 Cherrygrove Rd.. North, Suffolk, VA 23432 

MUNSON, LISA LYNN 12041 Gray Birch Circle. Orlando. FL .32832 

MURPHY. CHRISTEN W, 218 Cambridge Rd,. Cherry Hill. NJ 080.34-1817 

MURPHY. SHANNON CATHLEEN 15705 6th Ave. North Plymouth MP 


MUKPHY. TARA E. 4540 Floyd Rd,. Mableton. GA .30069-1318 

MURPHY. TRACY TERRELL 1326 Helen Ave,. New Bern. NC 28560-3411 

MURRAY. CATHERINE COULTHARD Route 2. Box 442. Glade .Springs 

VA 24340 

MURRAY. EMILY ROSE Route 1. Box 157-B. Bennett. NC 27208-9634 

MURRAY. JENNIFER KAY 7 Flotilla. Hilton Head, SC 29928 

MURRAY, TRACY LEE 832 Tillman St., Burlington, NC 27215 

MURRY, LESLIE ANNE 116 Clover Ln,, Oxford, NC 27566 

MUSIARELLI, EDWARD CLARK Route 5, Box 45, Taylorsville, NC 2868 

MUSIMECI. JAMES CRAVEN 3729 Jenifer .St.. NW, Washington, DC 


MUTH, AMY MARGARET PO. Box 1514. Elon College. NC 27244 

MYERS. DAVID WILLIAM 1501 Asbury Ave.. Ocean City, NJ 08226 

MYERS, JAMES CHRISTOPHER Route 10. Box 415. Eastwood Dr.. 

Asheboro. NC 27203 

MYERS. RICHARD TODD 1696 Twin Oaks Dr.. De Land. FL 32720-1670 

MYERS. WILLIAM CHARLES 4319 Belknap Rd.. Charlotte. NC 


NAATJES. LISA ANN 4919 Cove Rd,. Fairfax. VA 22032-2427 

NABUR.S. HAROLD BERNARD 6601 .Sardis Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28226 

NAC( ARATO. TERE.SA JENNIFER 10922 Byrd Dr.. Fairfax. VA 22030 

NAKLHE, AMY HOKE 117 Oakview Dr.. Elon College. NC 27244 

NANCE. PATRICK I HARLES 805 Buckner St.. Graham. NC 272.53 

NANCE. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH 1705 Westhaven Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27601 

NARVESEN. RtiBVN 6 Davis Ave.. Rye. NY 10680 

NASH, DAVID MICHAEL 1021 Birch Creek Ln.. Wilmington. NC 28403 

NAVARRA. ROXANNE MICHELE 3720 Briars Rd.. OIney. MD 20832 

NAVOY. REBECCA ALICE 102 Ashbury Ct., Jacksonville, NC 28646 

NEAL, MICHAEL SHELTON 412-B Logan Str,, Burlington. NC 27216 

NEE. JOHN W, PO, Box 1236, Elon College. NC 27244 

NEEL. WILLIAM PIERCE P.O. Box 1101. Liberty, NC 27298 

NEILL, MARY ELIZABETH Box 6210, 823 Ingle St.. Gibsonville, NC 


NELLIGAN, THEODORA WELLS 1616 Espinosa Circle, Palos Verdes 

Estate, CA 90274 

NELSON. DENNY LAINE Route 6. Box 290. Kinston. NC 28501 

NELSON. JACK JAMES 804 Archdale Dr.. Durham, NC 27707-4606 

NELSON. JENNIFER B. Van Beuren Rd.. Mornstown, NJ 07960 

NELSON. NANCY LYN 472 Yorkshire Dr.. Severna Park, MD 21146 

NESBITT. STEPHEN TODD Box 813 HCR. Highland Heights, West 

Oneonta, NY 13861 

NESTER, BETTY C, 3012 .South Fairway Dr., Burlington. NC 27216 

NEIIS. KEITH ALAN Box 769, Oak Ridge Dr.. Rt. 1. Hebron. MD 21830 

NEWBURN. NORMAN EUGENE 980 Stillwood Circle, Jacksonville, NC 


NEWCOMB, T, JEREMY 27 Evergreen Ln„ Palmyra, VA 22963 

NEWMAN, CHRISTOPHER BURGE 20 Formosa Dr.. Charleston. SC 


NEWMAN. THOMAS WILLARD 2.3.33 Olde Spring Ct.. Graham. NC 27253 

NEWSOME. SUSAN BETH 1402 Highway 70-A East. Hillsborough. NC 


NEWTON. DANA LYNN 2329 Venie .St . Burlington. NC 27215-5364 

NEWTON. JENN'FER LYNN 41 Quarry Ridge Rd. Clinton. NJ 08809 

NEWTON. SHAWN RICHARD 249 Lakeview Dr.. Sanford, NC 27330-8349 

NEWTON, TREVORIS ANTIONE 4-B Green Ridge Apt., Greenville, NC 


NICHOLLS, BRANDON JOHN P.O. Box 94, Mulberry Hill, Edenton NC 


NICHOLS, KAREN MARION 9512 Chander Dr, Raleigh, NC 27616 

NICHOLS, PAMELA ANN 1815 Dunleith Way. Greensboro. NC 27408-2418 

NICOL. KATHLEEN JOAN 4904 Sunfiower Dr.. Rockville. MD 20853-1646 

NICOLETTI. GINA MARIE 90 Lovett Ave.. Little Sliver. NJ 07739 1419 

NICOLETTOS. STACY HELEN 9728 Lookout PI.. Gaithersburg. MD 20879 

NIEBAUER. RANDY ROBERT 1426 Trafalgar Dr.. High Point. NC 27262 

NIELSEN. THOMAS .STAN NEPOMUCKY 63 Burton Ave., Woodmere, 

NY 11598-1749 

NISEWONDER, ERIC JASON 1604 Tarleton Ave,. Burlington. NC 27215 

NOBRIGA. LEE R, .3294 Long Point Dr.. Toms River. NJ 08753 

NOFSINGER. AMY JO 9921 Spring Harvest Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28227 

NOLD. LORI DENYSE 3201 Old Ingold Terrace, Snow Camp, NC 27349 

NOLTE, MIKE Klausbergweg 11, 3206 Lamspringe, GE 

NORTH, NICOLE MARIE 10 River Oaks Circle, Baltimore, MD 21208 

NORTON, KELLEY LYNN 9613 Hillridge Dr.. Kensington, MD 20895 

NORWOOD, PATRICIA ANN 6201 Badin Dr,. Julian, NC 27283 

NORWOOD. STEVEN WAYNE 8219 Reservoir Rd., Fulton. MD 20759 

NOSSAMAN. SARAH LOUISE 8033 Devlin Rd,. Bnstow. VA 22013 

NOUCHl. WARREN CARROLL PO. Box 1782. Swansboro. NC 28584-1782 

NYLUND, ANNE MARIE #3 Sheridan PI.. Elon College. NC 27244 

NYLUND, KARIN SANDRA 12219 Harp Hill Rd., Myersville, MD 21773 

O'CONNELL, KIRK JAMES 2 Deerfield Rd,, Brookfield, CT 06804 

O'CONNOR, BRENDAN FLEMING 54 Park Ln„ Essex Fells, NJ 

07021 1123 

O'CONNOR, DANIEL JAMES 27 Lancaster Ave., Maplewood. NJ 07040 

O'CONNOR. ERIN ELIZABETH 300 White Plains Ct. Severna Park. MD 


$'1823 INDEX 

yCONNOR. KEITH DARREN 7007 Barnacle PI., Burke, VA 22015 

yDARE, KELLY ANN 736 Comwallis. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 



D'DEA, HELEN 23 Mary Street, Essenoon Melbourne. Victoria 3040, AS 

rFERRELL, JONATHAN BRENT 225 Fieldstone Dr., Burlinirton, NC 


3'HARA, HUGH BERNARD 1107 Kennedy St., Falls Church, VA 22046 

3'LEARY, AILEEN DEIRDRE 116 Brandywine Dr., Mc Murray, PA 


rMEARA, KATHLEEN FOLLMER 248 Schoal Ln., Ocean City, MD 


)'NEAL, MICHAEL CHAD 4400 N.W. 19th Terrace, Oakland Park. FL 


J'NEIL, JOHN E- 10834 Oakcrest Ct., Fairfax, VA 22030 

)'NE1LL, JOSEPH MASIN Route 257. Box 159. Newburg. MD 20664 

)'NEILL, LISA SUZANNE 2000 Runnine Brook Ln.. Midlothian. VA 


lAKES. GREGORY MICHAEL 1506 Club Dr.. Lynchburg, VA 24503-2506 

lAKLEY, ANITA DAWN Route 1, Box 103, Prospect Hill, NC 27314 

lAKLEY, CHANA JANE 476 Parkview Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 

JAKLEY, KRISTINE MARIA 1704 Scotty Dr., Goldsboro, NC 27534 

lAKLEY. ROBIN SHOTWELL 1450 Oxford Rd., Roxboro. NC 27573 

KTCHIPINTI. JEFFREY ALAN 3713 Eakley Ct.. Raleigh. NC 27606 

)DUM. BEVERLY ISLEY 702 Alamance St.. Box 9005. Gibsonville. NC 


IGLINE. MELISSA LYNN 1058 Kramer Mill Rd.. Denver. PA 17517 

)L1VER, CAROLE DENISE Route 5, Box 345, Roxboro. NC 27573-9359 

ILMSTEAD. DAIVN MARIE 10410 Marbury Rd.. Oakton. VA 22124-1620 

ILSON, BRIAN JOSEPH 1406 Roller Rd.. Ocean. NJ 07712 

ILSON. DAVID JON 1801 West Market St., Greensboro. NC 27403 

IRBERT, ANNETTE LEATH 1101 Lashley Park Dr.. Gibsonville. NC 


IRLEMAN. ROBERT J. 839 Pinehurst Dr.. Woodstock. GA 30188 

)RME. MYRA TARRANT Route 1. Box 6. Woodstream. Centreville. MD 


IRNOLD. WILLIAM CARLTON 12436 Palermo Dr.. Silver Spring. MD 


IRSATTl. CHAD THOMAS 2203 Windsong Ct.. Safety Harbor. FL 34695 

IRWIG. RICH.-\RD EDWARD 1104 Tower Dr.. Burlington, NC 27215 

ISBORNE. KIMBERLY LEE 10,59 Clark Rd.. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

ISSI. MADELEINE ALEXA 2433 Segovia Ave.. Jacksonville, FL 32217 

ITTWELL, MARK ANTHONY P.O. Box 634, Roxboro, NC 27573 

lUELLETTE, JOHN ALBERT 9602 Concerto Circle. Vienna. VA 22180 

lUNJlAN. LAUREN GERTRUDE 247 North Riding Dr.. Moorestown. NJ 


lUSLEY. MONIKA RENEE 811 Parker Rd., Mount Airy. NC 27030-9266 

IVERSTREET. KIMBERLY WINDSOR 1037 Jefferson Ave., Waynesboro, 

•A 22980-5526 

IWEN. BRIAN SCOTT 100 N. Tenth Ave.. Slier City. NC 27344 

IWEN, DAMIAN H. 6510 Princeton Dr.. Alexandria. VA 22307 

IWEN. DAVID KEITH Route 2. Box 173. Martinsville. VA 24112-9620 

IWEN, PHILLIP JASON 5807 Erwinwood Dr.. High Point. NC 27263 

IWEN. SONIA LEA Rt. 1. Box 161. West Jefferson. NC 28694 

IWEN. WENDELL CULBRETH 1275 Candlewood Dr.. Elon College. NC 


IWENS. BRENDA WILLIAMS 2250 Walker Ave.. Burlington, NC 


iWENS, JAMES JOSEPH 156 Holderness Dr., Longwood. FL 32779 

iWENS, KATHERINE LEIGH P.O. Box 1229, Brewton, AL 36427 

IWENS, MAURICE DONYELL Box 1891, 305 Fernando St., Manteo, NC 


IWENS, MELISSA JEWEL 12500 Caldwell Rd., Charlotte, NC 28213-3808 

iXENHAM, JOHN TREVOR 2329 Singingwoods Ln., Richmond, VA 


iXLEY, EVAN MARIE 5416 Sweetwater Ct., Virginia Beach, VA 


'ACITTO, TIMOTHY JAMES 2300 Buttonwood Ln-, Millville, NJ 


'ACKER, JERELD 2008 S. Mebane St.. Apt. 740A. Burlington. NC 27215 

'ADON. ANGELA DAWN 2525 Country View Dr.. Lexington. NC 


'AGANO. TARA CHRISTINE 10303 Yellow Pine Dr.. Vienna. VA 22182 

'AGE. MARY ELIZABETH 1306 Mulberry Rd.. Martinsville. VA 24112 

'AGE. TINA LEE 124 W. Summit Ave., Burlington, NC 27215 

'ALACIOS, .NELSON 157 Vernon Avenue. D3. Brooklyn. NY 11206 

'ALKOVICS. NANCY ANN 10310 Waltham Dr.. Richmond. VA 23233 

'ALMER. ANNE WINSLOW 315 East 88th. New York. NY 10128-4916 

'ALMER, ERIC LEIGHTON 183 Caldwell St.. Chillicothe. OH 45601-3330 

•ALMER. HOLLIDAY KATHERINE 10 Tamarack Dr.. Peekskill. NY 


'ALMER. JR. MELVIN BERNARD 395 Mc Gill Dr.. Winston-Salem. NC 


'APA. DANIELLE KAY 85 Seminole Ave.. Dumont. NJ 07628 

•ARDUE. JOHN BLAKE 6515 Burhngton Rd.. Whitsett. NC 27377 

ARKER. KEVIN MICHAEL 1110 Cook Rd. Apt. lOA. Gibsonville. NC 



rinston-Salem. NC 27104 

ARKER, MARTHA ALVARADO 7300 Love Circle #18, Fort Worth, TX 


'ARKER, RODNEY A. 912 Parker St., Monroe. NC 28110 

ARKER. TRACI LEE P.O. Box 340. Townsville. NC 27584 

ARKMAN. MICHAEL LEWIS 2820 NC 100 Highway. Elon College, NC 


'ARNELL. BRIAN A. 63 Windham Way. Freehold. NJ 07728 

'ARRISH. PAULA 102-A Denise Dr.. Burlington. NC 27216 

ARRY. DENNIS JOHN 223 Seneca Blvd.. Barnegat. NJ 08005 

ARSONS. KEITH RUSSELL P.O. Box 443. Ellerbe. NC 28338-0443 

ARTYKA. BRYAN CHRISTIAN 19 Rolling Ln.. Trenton. NJ 08690 

ASCHAL, STEPHANIE JEAN 5105 Fairoaks Rd.. Durham. NC 27712 

ASKE. JEFFREY MICHAEL 1097 Blackburn Ln.. Virginia Beach. VA 


ASQUINE. MICHELE ANN P.O. Box 233. Mullins. SC 29574 

ASQUINELLI, KRISTEN L. 3860 Kimlane Dr.. Glbsonia. PA 15044-9780 

ASSANTINO. SYLVIA GAIL 922 Magnolia Ave.. Norfolk. VA 23508-1409 

ASSERELL. DAVID JOHN 46 Maplevale Dr.. Palmyra. VA 22963 

ASSWATERS. DANA LYNNE Route 2. Box 273. Millsboro. DE 19966 

ATEL. ASHOKKUMAR B. 2.332 Hillford Dr.. Burhngton, NC 27215 

ATERNO, CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY 425 Pelican Bay Dr., Daytona 

leach, FL 32019 

ATERSON, DOUGLAS Box 262, Saxapahaw, NC 27340 

ATRICK. BELLAMY DIANA Route 5. Box 347, Rockingham, NC 28379 

ATKK K, KEVIN S. 1805 Azalea Springs, Roswell, GA 30075-1858 

ATTERSON, EARL MONROE 1901 Lamont Ct., Greensboro, NC 27405 

ATTERSON, GRAY ELIZABETH 540 Archer Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 


AXTON, DAVID ALAN 710 Keppel Dr., Newport News, VA 23602-1921 

AYNE, JOYCE HINSON 446 Spnngvalley Dr., Burlington, NC 


AYNE, MARY EDWARDS 77 Denise Dr., Burlington, NC 27215-7602 

PAYNE. MARY GATEWOOD P.O. Box 1777, 209 Lonmer Rd., Davidson. 

NC 28036 

PAYNE. PATRICK ALAN 1602 Tuscaloosa St.. Greensboro. NC 27406-2544 

PAYNE. REBECCA ANN Rt. #9. Box 151, Reidsville, NC 27320 

PEACHEY, SCARLET LEIGH 165 Greentree Dr., New Holland, PA 


PEARCE. JASON ALEXANDER 3809 Midlakes Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 

PEARCE, MONICA LEE 129 Ashland PL. Hendersonville. TN 37075 

PEARLMAN, JODI MICHELLE 4 Nightingale Circle, Neward, DE 19711 

PEARMAN, WILLIAM FREDERICK 104 Woodfield Dr., Spotsylvania, VA 


PEARSON, DAWN MARIE 9013 Centerway Rd.. Gaithersburg. MD 


PEAVEY. ANN MARIE 51 Neponset Heights Ave.. Foxboro. MA 02035 

PECKENS. JOHN NEWTON 302 W. College Ave., Elon College, NC 27244 

PEDEN, ANDREW HAROLD 1507 Carter PI.. West Chester. PA 19382-7763 

PEDEN. CHRLSTOPHER MICHAEL 1609 Charnita Ct.. Vienna. VA 22182 

PEEBLES. CLAYTON DAVIS Box 7117. 1212 Jo.vner St.. Gibsonville. NC 


PEEBLES. THOMAS HILL 2465 Venetia Rd.. Mobile. AL 36605 

PEEPLES. EMILY ANN 170 Pine Cone Way. Southern Pines. NC 28387 

PEER, JENNIFER LYNNE 7 Highview Trail,, Wharton, NJ 07885-2906 

PEGRAM, CRYSTAL MICHELLE Route 6, Box 400, Reidsville. NC 27320 

PELT, PENELOPE ELAINE 222 Shadowbrook Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 

PELTON, SAMUEL F Route 2, Box 865, Mc Gaheysville. VA 22840 

PENNEY, THOMAS EARL 205 Barry Ct., Longwood, FL 32779 


Advance, NC 27006 

PENNINGTON, JR. JOHN WESLEY P.O. Box 1416, Elon College, NC 


PENNOYER, CHRISTIN ANDREA 1749 Arrowood Dr.. Gambrills. MD 


PEPLE. JOHN BRIAN 7627 Hollins Rd.. Richmond. VA 23229 

PEPPER. MICHAEL JON 108 Jerome Ave., Scullville, NJ 08330 

PERCY, ADRIENNE ELIZABETH 1 Coursen Way, Madison, NJ 07940 

PERKINS, LAURA FAYE Route 12, Box 252, Burlington, NC 27217-9812 

PERKINS, WENDY LEE Route 2, 104 Skyview Dr., Hollywood, MD 20636 

PERROW, PATRICK RAY Route 3, Box 232-D, Lynchburg, VA 24504 

PERRY, THOMAS JASON P.O. Box 625, Route 579, St, Michaels, MD 


PERSON, JENNIFER HOPE 332 N. College Dr., Franklin, VA 23851 

PETERMAN, PATRICIA HADDEN 8316 Quarters Ln., Charlotte, NC 


PETERSON, CARLA JEAN 1516 Cumberland Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

PETTIGREW, PENNY LEE 204 Wynck St., Box 7482, Gibsonville. NC 


PETTIT, ANDREA FAY 1718 Fairton Rd.. Millville. NJ 08332 

PETTY. MAGGIE JO 1014 Cardinal Dr.. Wilson. NC 27893 

PEYTON. RANDOLPH GRASTY 3224 W. Abingdon St.. Arlington. VA 


PHAFF. JENNIFER LEE 3 Norton Dr.. Smithtown, NY 11787 

PHAN. KHOI NGOC 208 Carol St.. Carrboro. NC 27510 

PHELPS. LEMONT NAPOLEAN Route 2. Box 97. Edenton, NC 


PHELPS, THOMAS WILLIAM 1718 Cedar Park Rd., Annapolis, MD 


PHILLIPS, BRADFORD JOSEPH 106 Melvin Ave., Annapolis, MD 


PHILLIPS. CHRISTOPHER DAVID 15 Greene Dr., RD #6, Lawrenceville, 

NJ 08648 

PHILLIPS. DEREK RAND 15793 Moncure Dr.. Dumfries. VA 22026-1310 

PHILLIPS. JAMES GRAHAM 2710 Wamath Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28210 

PHILLIPS. NANCY LYNN 103 Newcastle Rd.. Mebane. NC 27302 

PICCIRILLO. LEE NICOLE 37 Park Ln.. Harvard. MA 01451-1437 

PIDGEON. THOMAS ROBERT 4691 Wesleyan Woods Dr.. Macon. GA 


PIERCE. JOEL LEE 1012 Roxboro Rd.. Haw River. NC 27258-0802 

PIERSON. KIMBERLY ELIZABETH 28 Glenwood Terrace. Cromwell. CT 


PILC. TRACY ANN 24 Glenbrook Dr.. Phoenix, MD 21131-2031 

PILKINGTON, MARIE KATHARINE 2211 Broken Arrow Ln., Elon 

College, NC 27244 

PINCKNEY, MICHAEL WILLIAM P.O. Box 305. Skaneateles. NY 


PINELLI, CYNTHIA ANNE 23 Old Somerville Rd.. Somerville. NJ 08876 

FINER. ELIZABETH JOY P.O. Box 793. Wnghtsville Beach. NC 28480 

PIPOLI. CHRISTOPHER MARC 1 14 Herning Ave.. Cranford. NJ 07016 

PIPPIN. ASHLEY REBECCA 1628 Red Cypress Dr.. Jacksonville, FL 


PITCHER, DAVID MARTIN 32 Fairlawn Dr., Buckhannon, WV 26201 

PLESS, KATRIENA MICHELE Box 512, Dorset, VT 05251 

POINDEXTER, LIVIA ANN 19 Shendan PI., Elon College, NC 27244 

POINT, ELIZABETH NICOLE 607 East Mam St., Rogersville, TN 37867 

POLETTI, JILL ELIZABETH 1202 Sun Ave., Graham, NC 27263 

POLICASTRO, JOHN ANTHONY 1316 Stoney Creek Church Rd.. 

Burlington. NC 27217 

POLICASTRO. LILIAN 1316 Stoney Creek Church Rd., Burlington, NC 


POLLARD, MELISSA KERR 19 Sheridan PI., Elon College, NC 27244 

POLLARD, SHAWN DOUGLAS 5103 Windermere Dr., Greensboro, NC 


POLLOCK, DARBY LYN 2946 Masque Farm Rd.. Annapolis. MD 21403 

POLLOCK. SUSAN LYNN 1208 Wimbledon Ct.. Roxboro. NC 27673 

POOLE, DEBORAH SUE 512 Hale Ct., Burlington, NC 27215 

POPE, ROBERT DANIEL 5419 S. NC 49. Burlington, NC 27215-9806 

PORTSCHER, LARRY G. 448 Dl Ridge Ave., Cardiff. NJ 08232 

POTTER. JEFFREY DAVID 118 Heritage Dr.. Waynesboro. VA 22980 

POTTER. LAWRENCE ROCKWELL 1351 White Heron Ln.. Vero Beach. 

VL 32963 

POTTS. DAVID GERALD 112 Woodgate Ct.. Sterling. VA 22170 

POWELL. ANNABELLE COUNCIL P.O. Box 1992. Burlington. NC 27216 

POWELL. DENNIS SCOTT Route 2. Box 143, Glade Hill, VA 24092 

POWELL, ELIZABETH NELSON 2300 Arrowood Rd., Midlothian, VA 


POWELL, JAMES STANTON 7873 Godolphin Dr., Springfield, VA 22153 

POWELL, JONATHAN MATTHEW P.O. Box 7, Bethany Beach, DE 19930 

POWELL. MILES PHILLIP 1010 6th Ave., NW, Hickory, NC 28601-3402 

POWER, TREVOR DAVID 7502 Davian Dr., Annandale, VA 22003-5447 

POWERS, STEPHEN J. 3619 Pamell Dr., Greensboro, NC 27405 

PRATT. DAVID EDWARD PO. Box 1519. Burlington. NC 27215 

PRATT. JAMES GLENN 55 Edgewater Dr.. Wilton. Ct.. 06897 

PRATT. LEIGH ANNE 8453 Stephenson Rd.. Apex. NC 27502 

PRESCOTT, JOHN BENJAMIN Route 1. Box 325 B. New Bern. NC 


PRESCOTT, MARK SADLER, Route 1, Box 294, New Bern, NC 28560-9801 

PREVETTE, CY.NTHIA RENE 1610 Rollingwood Rd., Burhngton, NC 


PRICE, GINGER LYNN Route 2, Box 591, Lansing, NC 28643-%51 

PRIEST. JOHN CHARLES P.O. Box 1031. Elon College. NC 27244 

PRIEUR. ANGELA DAWN 4000 Towerside Terrace. Apt. #502. Miami. FL 


PRITCHARD. JEFFREY TODD P.O. Box 767. Gloucester. VA 23061-0767 

PROCEL. MIREYA 4600 Big Tree Way, Apt. 3-R, Greensboro, NC 27409 

PROVEAUX, ERIK KEITH 2503 Laramie Dr., Greensboro, NC 27406 

PROVEAUX, WILLIAM TYLAR 104 South Pine St., Aberdeen, NC 28315 

PRUCHNIEWSKI, DAVID EDMUND P.O. Box 181684, Casselberry, FL 


PRUGH, WILLIAM PAUL 744 Dividing Rd., Severna Park, MD 21146 

PRUITT, THERESA LYNNE Route 1, Box 474, Providence. NC 27315 

PUCKETT. EMILIE ANNE 4011 Deepwood Circle. Durham. NC 27727 

PUGH. FRANKLIN DAVID Route 1, Box 587, Wytheville, VA 24382-9746 

PULLEY, ALICE FAYE 3415 Johnston Union Rd., Clatyon. NC 27520 

PUNCHES, JEFFREY GILBERT 3060 Nassau Dr., Vero Beach, FL 32960 

PURVIS, CYNTHIA A. 617 Trail Eight, Burlington. NC 27215 

PURVIS. DON 617 Trail Eight, Burlington, NC 27215 

PYLE, MICHAEL JOHN 1110 Cook Rd., Apt. IB, Gibsonville, NC 27249 

PYLE, NAREN ROBERT 2043 Stewart Hutchens Rd.. Whitsett. NC 


PYLES. ANNE SPOTSWOOD 11931 Wiesinger Ln., Midlothian, VA 23113 

PYRTLE, PATRICIA HORNER 1814 Dorsett St„ Burlington NC 


QAMAR, ALAA ELIAS 15 K St., Croix PI.. Greensboro, NC 27410 

QUAID, KEVIN RAYMOND 5503 Landmark PI., Fairfax, VA 22032 

QUARFORDT, MAJ-BRITT 30 Wild Duck Rd., Wilton. CT 06897 

QUARRICK. DANIEL DAVID 4505 Hemlock Cone Way. Ellicott City. MD 


QUEEN. AMY ELIZABETH 5085 Edinboro Ln., Wilmington, NC 28409 

QUEEN. JEFFREY DAIN 4402 Kingsland Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27405-1912 

QUICK. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER 1511 Claremont Ave.. Richmond. VA 


QUINN. INGRID L. 51 Upper Prospect Rd.. Atlantic Highlands. NJ 07716 

QUINN. SEAN MICHAEL 22 Belaire Ct.. Roseland. NJ 07068-1226 

QUINONES, MARIA DELOSANGELES 6708 Potters Ct., Fayetteville NC 


QUINTO, JOHN PAUL 58 Garland Ave., Pittsfield, MA 01201 

QUISENBERRY, JULIA BARNES 665 Explorers Rd.. Charlottesville, VA 


RABB, MADELYN ELIZABETH 1622 Lakefield Circle, Gastonia. NC 


RABY. SUSAN ELIZABETH Route 12. Box 140, Willowcrest Dr., 

Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

RADFORD, KATHRYN KAMPER 600 Lakestone Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 

RAE, PATRICK ANDREW 253 Woodside Ave., Ridgewood, NJ 07450 

RAFFERTY, RICHARD NICHOLAS 72 Budenos Dr., Sayville, NY 


RAGALLER, MATTHEW JAMES 2805 Southwick Dr., Lancaster, PA 


RAJCZEWSKI, LEE SMITH 15 Bayberry Ln., Danen, CT 06820 

RAJNARAYAN, BHARATH 3200-L Lawndale Dr„ Greensboro, NC 27408 

RAKESTRAW, CHARLES KEITH P.O. Box 13, Stoneville, NC 27048 

RAKESTRAW, RICHARD TODD P.O. Box 13, Stoneville, NC 27048 

RAKOWSKI, JASON WAYNE 10 Villa Capri Circle, Baltimore, MD 21221 

RAMBARANSINGH, CURTIS 10241 Carribean Blvd., Miami, FL 33189 

RAMOS. KATHRYN ELIZABETH 600-D Traci Dr.. Burlington, NC 27215 

RAMSAY, ELIZABETH ANN 1507 Stonewall Rd., Alexandria, VA 22302 

RAMSAY, STEPHANIE ALLISON Apt. 327-F, West Trollinger Ave., Elon 

College, NC 27244 

RAMSEY, JASON LEE Route 1. Box 25, Shenandoah, VA 22849 


Watkinsville, GA 30677-2306 

RANDOLPH, JOSEPH 1138 Maple St., Washington, NC 27889 

RANDOLPH, MELISSA HOOVER 65 Constitution Way, Convent Station 

NJ 07961 

RAO, VARUN VIJAY 3526 Bentridge Dr., Mebane, NC 27302 

RARER, TAMMY SUE 162 Olivet Circle, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

RAPP, JORDAN JACKSON 5416 Northumberland St., Pittsburg, PA 15217 

RASNAKE, KENDAL CARSON P.O. Box 607, Lebanon, VA 24266 

RATANARUKA, PRECHAJAN 612 Kenilworth St., Apt. E, Greensboro, 

NC 27403 

RAUH, JOANNA LEIGH 8507 Wellington Valley Way, Lutherville, MD 


RAUM, REBECCA LYNNE 223 Mercury Rd.. Newark. DE 19711 

RAUSCH. BRIAN VINCENT 13119 Cross Keys Ct., Fairfax, VA 22033 

RAY, CHARLES WESLEY ,5646 Laurel Crest Dr., Durham. NC 27712 

RAY. DAVID ALAN 542 Hunter Ave., Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 

RAY, WALTER ZION 102 Overland Trail, Mebane, NC 27302 

RAYMOND, COLLEEN LYNN P.O. Box 4286, Greenville, DE 19807 

RAYMOND, JENNIFER ALEXIS 1945 Stillhouse Rd., Charlottesville, VA 


READ, CHARLES SAINESBURY 1005 Temple Grove, Winter Park, FL 


REAM, JASON MICHAEL P.O. Box 787, Lewisburg, WV 24901 

REAVES, THOMAS LAWRENCE 1303 Forest Hill Dr., Greensboro, NC 


RECIO, PATRICK KEVIN 4900 Loosestrife Ct., Annandale. VA 22003-4048 

REDINGTON. JAMES LESTER 1980 US 64 W. Morganton, NC 28655 

REEBALS, ELIZABETH LYNN 1804 Irish St., South Boston. VA 


REEDY, LIANN ELIZABETH 2510 Alpine Rd-, Durham. NC 27707 

REES. GREGORY ALLEN P.O. Box 1794, Laplata, MD 20646-1794 

REEVES, KENNETH JEROME 4926 NC 54, Graham, NC 27253 

REGIEC, JULIANNE 513 Twin Tree Rd., Ocean City, MD 21842 

REGISTER, CARON ELIZABETH 1921 Brassfleld Rd., Raleigh, NC 27614 

REHDER, BRIAN ERNEST 606-D Plum Nearly Ln., Wilmington, NC 


REIEER, JANE LYNNETTE 529 Wildwood Ln., Graham, NC 27253 

REID, MICHELE LEE Apt. D-4, 1212 Collins Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 

REILLY, BRENDAN JAMES 841 Main St., West Newbury, MA 01985-1303 

REIMER, BECKY JOAN RD #1, Box 188-N, Jamesburg, NJ 08831-9735 

REISEN, JENNIFER ANN 5948 Espanola Ave., North Port, FL 34287 

REISHER. GREGORY CHAD 4605 Wood Vally Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 

REITTINGER, BARBARA LISA SMITH 1814 Delmar Dr., Greensboro, 

NC 27406 

REITZEL, LORRAINE RENEE 21 Rosalind Rd., Lakewood, NJ 08701 

RENNER, THOMAS EDWARD 14014 Castaway Dr., Rockville, MD 


REUMANN, JEFFREY KEITH 1 Bluetill Ave.. Apt. 606. Naples. FL 


REVELL. MADGE MARIE 920 Hightower Trail. Dunwoody. GA 


REVIS. JERRY RAY 753 Patton Ct.. Haw River. NC 27268 

REXRODE, ROBERT JAMES 2734 NC 100, Elon College, NC 27244 

REYES, NATALIA BORDAS Bertran 114-116, Entresuelo 31, Barcelona, 


REYNOLDS, KRISTIN ELISE 110 Princeton Dr„ Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

REYNOLDS, LISA DANETTE 6550 Countryside Dr., Fayetteville. NC 


RHEE. HERBERT KYUNG 1 Euclid Ave., Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660-1914 

RHEM, CHRISTIEL ANN 905 Blenheim Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 

RHODES, OLIVIA KATE 719 South Saint Asaph St., Alexandria, VA 

22314 4351 

RIBEIRO, MAX PEREIRA 9824 Fosbak Dr., Vienna, VA 22182 

INDEX (* 183^ 

RIBSTEIN. TIMOTHY JAMES 1673 Red Mill Dr.. Pittsburgh. PA 15211 

RICCO. TRICIA ANN CHRISTINE .300 East Jefferson Ave.. Wildwood 

Crest. NJ 08260-3315 

RICE. COTINA MICHELLE Route 1. Box 463. Reidsville. NC 27320 

RICE. MARGARET KATHLEEN 8108 Jose Circle West. Jacksonville. FL 


RICH. COLEMAN REYNOLDS 2116 Hawthorne Ln.. Burlinirton. NC 


RICHARDS. LYDIA BRICE 5216 Inverness Dr. Durham. NC 27712 

RICHARDSON. JENNIFER 7807 Snow Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27409 

RICHARDSON. MARK BENTZ 1005 Worth St.. Ext.. Asheboro. NC 


RICHMOND. JAMES ARTHUR 602 Saddle Ridge Ave.. Durham. NC 27704 

RICHMOND. TAMARA LYNETTE 7005 Dow Dr.. Gibsonvllle. NC 27249 

RICHTER. PHILLIP DANIEL 209 Court Blvd.. Millville. NJ 08332 

RICHTER. SEAN ARTHUR 901 Crescent Pkwy.. Deland. FL 32724 

RICKER. GREGORY WILLIAM 207 Church Rd.. Devon. PA 19333 

RIDER. BRIAN DAVID P.O. Box 203. Keedysville. MD 21756 

RIDLEY. DANIEL R.\NDOLPH 2744 Tivoly Ave.. Baltimore. MD 


RIEDELL. LAURA CHRISTINE 178 Scudder Rd., Osterville, MA 02655 

RIFFLE. MELANIE 7500 Flamewood Dr.. Clarksville. MD 21029 

RIGSBEE. ALAN RUFFIN 4306 BerinI Dr.. Durham. NC 27705 

RILEY. HOLLY JOAN 1119 Rogers Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 

RILEY. JAMES MC NEY 2231 Lacy St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

RILEY, JENNIFER LYNN 1106 Broadview Rd.. Fort Washington. MD 


RILEY. KIMBERLY PAIGE 203 East Green St.. Mebane. NC 27302 

RILEY. SHANNON RENEE 2335 Dawn Trail. Durham. NC 27712-2428 

RILEY. STACEY LYNN 1221 Carolina Ave.. Hillsborough, NC 27278-9412 

RIPPER. RENEE MICHELE 4811 Welford St.. Alexandria. VA 22309-1068 

RITCHIE. WTLLIAM F. 1209 West Friendly Ave.. Greensboro. NC 27403 

RIVERS. JEFFERY DAVID 3694 Mac Queen Ct.. Fayetteville. NC 28304 

ROARK. BE.NJAMIN WILLIAM 1201 Springdale Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta. GA 


ROBERSON. DENNIS ALTON P.O. Box 41. Bethel. NC 27812 

ROBERSON. GIFFORD BLAKE P.O.Box 447. Edenton. NC 279.32-0447 

ROBERSON. PATRICIA ANN CASH 763 Shallowford Church Rd.. Elon 

College. NC 27244-9803 

ROBERTS. CHARLES GLEN P.O. Box 373. Ark. VA 2.3003 

ROBERTS. JACK! ALANE 5905 Western Trail. Greensboro. NC 27410 

ROBERTS. JOHN SHEPHERD 3047 Temple Trail, Maitland, FL 32751 

ROBERTS. KIMBERLY IRENE 4937 Broken Saddle Ln., Charlotte. NC 


ROBERTS. MELISSA DEE 1602 Wedgewood Dr.. Graham. NC 27253 

ROBERTSON. ANGELA DAWN 2091 Northcrest Dr.. Elon College. NC 


ROBERTSON. DALE EDWARD 1822 Broadway Dr.. Graham. NC 272.53 

ROBERTSON. TODD EASTWOOD P.O. Box 336. Boykins. VA 23827 

ROBESON. BRYAN LEE 512 Faraday Rd.. Hockessin. DE 19707 

ROBINSON, CAMERON FORREST 8221 Fairview Rd , Charlotte, NC 




ROBINSON. NATAIRA LATIFA 5751 Florida St.. Camp Lejeune. NC 


ROBINSO.N. JR. ROBERT OLIVER 1529 Bentwood Dr.. Graham. NC 


ROCHE. THOMAS A. 61 Elkton Ave.. Trenton. NJ 08619 

ROCKWELL. WARREN L. 8408 Raintree Ln.. Charlotte. NC 28226-9863 

RODDEN. DIANE JUDITH 2310 Westover Terrace. Burlington. NC 


RODERICK. SUSAN LEE 20 Ashton PI.. Glen Rock. NJ 074521304 

RODRIGUEZ. PAUL GERARD 3501 Henderson Rd.. Greensboro. NC 


ROESSLER. JR. RICHARD CARL 105 Laramie Ct.. Mebane. NC 


ROGERS. GRAHAM MATTHEW 10745 Brookley Rd.. Glen Allen. VA 23060 

ROGERS. REBEKAH DAWN 2518 Lawton Bluff Rd.. Charlotte. NC 


ROGERS. SARAH HOLDEN 810 Oakstone Trail. Roswill. GA 30075-3334 

ROGERS. THERESA RENEE Route 3. Box 382. GunnPooIe Rd.. Mebane. 

NC 27302 

ROGERS. WHITNEY LYNN 225 Holly Ln.. Mocksville. NC 27028 

ROGERS. WILLIAM KENNEY 53 Hamilton Ave.. Orange. MA 01364 

ROHN. ROBIN KAY 102 Waterford PI.. Macon. GA 31210-3072 

ROHRER. NICHOLE .MONTOS 852 Constellation Dr.. Great Falls. VA 


ROLEY. KEVIN BRYANT 20849 Channel Ct.. Sterling. VA 22710 

ROLLINS. TIMOTHY ADAM Box 342. Dahlgren. VA 22448-0342 

ROMANET. MOLLY GRAY 4901 Lawndale Dr.. Apt. 708. Greensboro. NC 


ROMER. JANE WELLS 232 Colonial Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 

ROMSPERT. CAROLYN ANN 801 Seville Ave.. Wilmington. DE 


RONEY. KEITH SHAWN 3160 Old Ingold Trail S.. Snow Camp. NC 27349 

ROOSA. CHRISTY' 11753 N.W. 27th St.. Coral Springs. FL 33066 

ROPER. LISA RATLIFF 2503-C Altamahaw-Union Ridge. Burlington. NC 


ROPER. ROBERT CLYDE 1124 Lorraine St.. Graham. NC 27263 

ROSATI. PETER GIACOMO DAVID 44 Elkton Ave.. Trenton. NJ 08619 

ROSE. JASON HAROLD 401 Sawyers Ln.. Newtown. PA 18940 

ROSE, ROBERT MICHAEL 5817 Hall St.. Burke. VA 22015-,1629 

ROSENBAUM, PETER HASSO 5616 Devon Rd.. Bethesda. MD 20814-1010 

ROSER. KRISTEN ELLEN 3718 Wyatt St.. Fayetteville. NC 28304 

ROSS. ANDREA MUNSON 1314 Mc Cuiston Dr.. Burhngton. NC 


ROSS. STEVEN TODD 64 Magellan Way. Franklin Park. NJ 08823 

ROTH. BETH CHASE 6200 Valley Rd.. Bethesda. MD 20817-3210 

ROTHACKER. ADAM DANIEL 580 Church St.. Landlsville. PA 17538 


Arlington. VA 22207 

ROUTZAHN. WILLIAM TODD 3 Worthington Dr.. Media. PA 19063-1157 

ROWE. HILARY DENISE 430 Beaumont Circle. West Chester. PA 


ROWE. JOHN STANLEY P.O. Box 408. Machipongo. VA 23405 

ROWELL. TRACEY LYNN Route 1. Box 23. Surry. VA 23883 

RUARK. DOUGLAS EDWARD 1522 Red Oak Dr.. Silver Spring. MD 


RUCK, CHRISTOPHER MARTIN 7151 Main St., P.O, Box 6, Clifton. VA 


RUDD. JENNIFER NICHOLE 208 Brentwood Dr., Advance, NC 27006 

RUDD. LINDA HIGGS 2317 Mc Kinney St., Burlington. NC 27217 

RUDIGER. CHRISTINE LEIGH 310 Joseph Dr.. West Chester. PA 


RUDOLPH. STEPHEN JOSEPH 23 Street Rd.. Newtown Square. PA 


RUEDY. JENNIFER ELIZABETH 8823 Ridge Rd.. Bethesda. MD 20817 

RUEGER. BRIAN LEE 1468 Hobson Ave.. Charleston. SC 29405 

RUFFING. MICHAEL SHAYNE 323-E W. Trollinger Ave.. Elon College. 

NC 27244 

RUGGLES. KATHLEEN FRANCES 45 Kinsman Ln.. Topsfield. MA 01983 

RULON. ANDREW WILLIAM 7 Lynn Dr.. Randolph. NJ 07869 



RUMPP. KENYON T. Apt. C-1. 1110 Cook Rd.. Gibsonvllle, NC 27249 

RUSCHE, ERIN LYNN 1962 Ladyellen Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45230 

RUSH, SHANNON GAY 2033 Cullen Rd., Gibsonvllle, NC 27249-9716 

RUSHFORTH, HEATHER LYNNE 9805 Lord Ct.. Fairfax. VA 220.32 

RUSS. CAROL LEE 15 Shawnee Rd.. Cambndge. MD 21613 

RUSSELL. AMY LYNN 705 Smyrna Ave.. Wilmington. DE 19809 

RUSSELL. BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER 801 Warwick Ct.. Burlington. NC 


RUSSELL. BRIAN SCOTT 214 Mason Rd.. Durham. NC 27712 

RUSSELL. MICHAEL DRAKE 2350 Sourwood St.. N.E. Roanoke. VA 


RUSSELL. VASILIKI ANGGELIS 910 Central Ave.. Buriington. NC 


RUTLEDGE. DARON KEITH 210 Bennington Dr.. Chapel Hill. NC 


RUTLEDGE. DERIC KEVIN 210 Bennington Dr.. Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

RUYLE. ADAM THOMAS 15016 TaHeton Dr.. Centreville, VA 22020 

RUZILA, CARI ANN 1821 5th Ave., Toms River NJ 08757 

RYAN. ALLISON PAIGE 247 Canterbury Rd.. Westfield. NJ 07090 

RYAN. DAVID ROBERT 32 Rocky Ridge Dr.. Trumbul. CT 06611 

RYAN. DOUGLAS THOMAS 415 Cherry Rd.. Syracuse. NY 13219 

RYAN. LESLIE ELIZABETH 325-A Trollinger Ave.. Elon College. NC 


RYAN. SCOTT ROTH 25 Heather Dr. Trenton. NJ 08638 


SABAT. MARY BRANTLEY 5402 Forest Village Ct.. Greensboro. NC 


SABATES III. FELICIANO SERGIO 9136 Winged Bourne Dr. Charlotte. 

NC 28210 

SABATINO. STEPHANIE ANN 428 Seventeenth Ave.. Brick. NJ 08724 

SACCO. REBEKAH LORRAINE 36 Debra Ln.. Asheville. NC 28S06 

SADLER. TIMOTHY JOHN 1443 East 31 St.. Erie, PA 16504-1435 

SADOWSKI. KATHERINE TERESE 150 Beacon Hill Dr. West Hartford. 

CT 06117-1006 

SAFLEY. TIMOTHY L. 6 Cobble Glenn Ct.. Durham. NC 27713 

SAGONA. ALEXANDRA TERESE 65 Cove Rd., Huntington. NY 11743 

SALMON. SUSAN MICHELLE 319 Laurel Hill Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 

SALMONSEN. KARA LYNNE 10601 Seneca Ridge Rd.. Galthersburg. MD 


SALOIS. GENA L. 63 Bear Hill Rd.. Mernmac. MA 01860 

SALTER. KIMBERLY GRACE 1616 S. Mebane St.. Apt. 64 Burlington. 

NC 27216 

SALTER. NOVEMBER MARNI 36 East Mam St.. Brookside. NJ 07926 

SALTER. WILLIAM GERALD #6 Sheridan PI.. Elon College. NC 27244 

SALVATIERRA. RICHARD DEAN 11327 Melclare Dr. Beltsville. MD 


SAMMER. CHRISTOPHER SCOTT 2616 Pebble Bow. San Antonio. TX 


SAMPSON. TRACY LYNN 8116 King Arthurs Ct.. Manassas. VA 22111 

SNACHEZ. MARIA DEL CARMEN P.O. Box 4240. Panama 6. RP 

SARMIERE. LAWRENCE WILLIAM 106 Whitehall Ct.. Williamsburg. VA 


SARSFIELD. THOMAS PATRICK 429 Myrtle Hill Dr. Baton Rouge. LA 


SARTIN. K. PAGE 331 Fountain PI. Burlington. NC 27215 

SASLAW. SCOTT A. 1509 Cedarbluff Dr.. Richmond. VA 23233 

SATHER. THOMAS E. 102-B Denise Dr. Buriington. NC 27216-3639 

SATKOWSKI. PATRICK DALE 169 Thoreau Dr.. Plainsboro. NJ 


SAUCIER. STACY ELIZABETH 6327 Boone Dr. Baton Rouge. LA 


SAUEREISEN. JASON JAMES 101 Hawthorne Rd.. Pittsburgh. PA 15238 

SAUNDERS. CHRISTOPHER DAVID 2255 N Powhatan St.. AHington. 

VA 22205-2113 

SAUNDERS. KENNETH WILLIAM 54 MC Divitt Dr.. Manchester. CT 


SAUNDERSON. EVAN ARCHER 13413 Good Tiroes Ct.. Highland. MD 


SAWYER. DERRICK WAYNE 386 Trotman Rd.. Camden. NC 27921 

SCACCO. JOHN JAMES 1018 Old Farm Rd.. Point Pleasant. NJ 08742.3946 

SCALES. DAVID CLARK 4408 Custls Dr. Rockville. MD 20853 

SCALLEY. CHRISTOPHER ROBERT 30 Quarry Lake Ct,. Atlanta, GA 


SCANGO, JOHN DAVID 36 Sheridan PI., Elon College, NC 27244 

SCANLON, CHRISTINA HELENE 6344 31st Pl„ N.W., Washington, DC 


SCEARCE, ANGELIA J. 607 Arnett Blvd.. Danville, VA 24640 



SCHALOW. ALVIN JOHN 2630 Kentford Rd.. Midlothian, VA 23113 

SCHEIDT, SCOTT MICHAEL 2222 Potllla Ave., Vero Beach, FL 


SCHENCK. JULIANA RIOS Apt. 2002.F, 2008 S. Mebane St.. Burlington. 

NC 27215 

SCHERER. BRIAN THOMAS 10704 Reid Ln.. Nokesville. VA 22123 

SCHERER. LISA MARIE 306 Cutty Ct.. Toms River. NJ 08763-6248 

SCHICK. ELIZABETH SUSAN P.O. Box 1312. Solomons Island. MD 20688 

SCHLOSSNAGLE. JAMES MARK 12118 Mentzer Gap Rd. Waynesboro. 

PA 17268-9332 


Hagerstown. MD 21740 


Lancaster. PA 17603 

SCHNEIDER. JENNIFER L. 3137 Windsor Dr.. Landisville. PA 17638-1366 

SCHOCH. DEREK DOUGLAS 2 Springbrook Dr.. Randolph. NJ 07869 

SCHREINER. TODD ALBERT 4400 Hadrian Ct.. Alexandria. VA 22310 

SCHUCH. SUSANNE JEAN 3399 Cochise Dr. Pittsburgh. PA 15241-1517 

SCHULMAN. RUTH EVELYN 1102 Rugby Rd.. Charlottesville. VA 


SCHWANDA. HILLARY FRANCES 835 Dyson Dr., Winter Springs, FL 


SCHWARZE, ROBERTA 51 Birch Ave.. North Caldwell. NJ 07006 

SCORDO. KERRY LYNN 63 Murray Ave.. Goshen. NY 10924. 1516 

SCOTT. CAROL ANN PSC 37. Box 3863. APO AE. NY 09469 

SCOTT. LEE ANN OWEN 1604 Netherfield Ln.. Raleigh. NC 27610 

SCOTT. LISA DAWN 5626 US 70. Mebane. NC 27302 

SCOTT. LYNNE BAHEYEAH 87 Little Brook Dr. Newington. CT 06111 

SCOTT. MICHELLE LYNN Route 3. Box 433. Thomasville. NC 27360-9409 

SCOTT. THOMAS W 4428-F Cedar Cliff Rd.. Graham, NC 27253 

SEATE, TAMMY LYNN P O. Box 842, Clarksville. VA 23927-0842 

SECHRIST. ROBERT BRYAN 632 Innisbrook Rd.. Statesville, NC 28677 

SEDBERRY, MICHAEL ANDREW 1603 Laurel Ln., High Point. NC 27262 

SEEK, KENNETH MICHAEL 61107 Trinity Ct., Roanoke, VA 24018-6106 

SELF, CHARITY DENISE 14710 Cloyd Way, Dale City. VA 22193 

SELF. KIMBERLY ANN 6080 Heatherwood Dr. Alexandria. VA 22310 

SELING. JR. CHARLES JOSEPH 1910 Kildare Woods Dr.. Greensboro. NC 


SELLARS. WILLIAM CHARLES 119 Shadowbrook Dr.. Burlington. NC 


SELQUIST. TIMOTHY MARTIN 154 Reina Ana. Urh Villa De Torrimar 

Guaynabc. PR 00657 

SEMANCHICK. TIMOTHY J. RD 3, 133 Stillhouse Rd., Freehold, NJ 


SEMAS, ANNA MARIAN 3403 Notre Dame St.. Adelphi. MD 2078.3-1910 

SEMENTELLI. ELIZABETH MARY 8846 South Ct., #.301. Allison Park. 

PA 15101 

SENF. REBECCA LEE 701 Bermouth Square. Raleigh. NC 27616-1904 

SERGE. ELISE MARIE HIGGS 4900 Golden Oaks Dr. Greensboro. NC 


SETSER. CHRISTOPHER DEAN 2432 Shamrock Ln.. Millville. NJ 08332 

SETTLES. DEIRDRE LILLETTE 613 Isabelle St.. Launnburg. NC 28352 

SEVERA. MARK PAUL 2570 Moss Creek Loop. Elon College, NC 27244 

SEWF;LL, VICTORIA HELEN 4308 Meadowndge Dr., Charlotte .NC 28221 

SEYMOUR. KATHERINE ANNE 1011 Bernadette Dr. Forest Hill, MD 


SHAFER, STEPHANIE LEIGH 3100-28 D. N. Elm St., Greensboro, NC 


SHAMY, ADAM DAVID 102 Myrtle St.. Claremont. NH 03743 

SHANER. DANIEL BENNETT 7134 Swift Run Trails Dr. Fairfax 

Station. VA 22039-2123 

SHANNON. ALEXANDRA MC KNEW 110 Hesketh St.. Chevy Chase. MD 

20816 4223 

SHANNON. MARK JOSEPH 7210 Lake Tree Dr.. Fairfax Station. VA 

22039 2935 

SHANNON. SARA JEAN 139 Ipswich Rd.. Topsfield. MA 01983-1.546 

SHAKIFI-MEHR. AMIR ALI 39 Glen Ave.. Millburn. NJ 07041 

SHARP. ALLISON PETRA 3 Granli Dr. Andover MA 01810 

SHARPE III. LAWRENCE HAROLD 921 North Tenth St.. Albemarle. NC 


SHAVER. SAMANTHA JOY 1023 Seward Ave.. Westfield. NJ 07090 

SHAW. ASHLEY BANE 411 Chadmore Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28270 

SHAW, SHELLEY RENEE Route 1, Box 251, Glade Valley, NC 28627 

SHEARER. KRISTEN ANN 305 Calaraondin St.. Duck Key. FL 33050 

SHEARON. SUZANNE RIVENBARK 1918 Kendall St.. Burhngton. NC 


SHELLEY. ABIGAIL STAR 1220 Shoreline Trail. Graham. NC 27253-9731 

SHELLEY. TAMMY MARIE 6208 Lake Trail Dr. Fayetteville. NC 28304 

SHELTON. DAWN MARIE 2117 Bane Rd.. Enand. NC 27243 

SHELTON. KIMBERLY ANN Route 2. Box 929. Halifax. VA 24.658-9668 

SHELTON III, ELVIN EDWARD Route 4. Box 456, Ridgeway. VA 24148 

SHEPHERD. CYBILL DRUSHEENA 1820 Heatheriy Dr. College Pork. 

GA 30349 

SHEPHERD. STEPHANIE DALE 2604 Ferwick Dr.. South Boston. VA 


SHERMAN, TAMARA LEA 8836 Seacraft Ct., Springfield. VA 22153 

SHERMAN. TARA LEIGH PATCHIN 628-H East Knox St., Durham, NC 


SHERTZER, CHRISTINE HAINES 1106 Valley Rd., Lancaster PA 17603 

SHERTZER, ROBERT LOUIS 2122 Conventry Rd., Lancaster PA 17601 

SHI, QING 856 Louise Circle, Apt. 19 D, Durham, NC 27706 

SHIFLET. SHANE ALAN 302 Westbury Dr, Asheboro, NC 27203-8976 

SHISLER, AMY 9236 El James Rd., Fairfax, VA 22032-2109 

SHOEMAKER, JENNIFER ANN 4 Henley Ct., Rockville, MD 20850 

SHOMO, CHRISTOPHER ROLAND 1110 Cook Rd., Apt. C-1 1, Gibsonvllle. 

NC 27249 

SHORE, SCOTT WILLIAM 1760 Rock Hill Ln., Box 367, Valley Forge, PA 


SHORT, GARY FRANKLIN 6023 Westwood Terrace, Norfolk, VA 


SHORT, KRISTINE CARLA 11830 Federalist Way, #13, Fairfax. VA 22031 

SHORTER, PATSY ANN Route 1, Box 235-A. Chatham. VA 24531-9769 

SH0TWI;LL. RODNEY H. 314 E. Pine St.. Graham. NC 27263 

SHOVLIN. RONALD MICHAEL 1724 Nevada St.. Westfield. NJ 07090 

SHREWSBURY. MELINDA LOU 6505 Salem Chapel Rd.. Walnut Cove. 

NC 27052 

SHROPSHIRE. NAOMI LEE 107 West Hill St.. Graham. NC 27263 

SIU'FORD. TRACY ANNE P.O. Box 486. Buffalo Junction. VA 24629-048.'. 

SHl'LL. JOE SCOTT 218 Clayton Ave.. Roxboro. NC 27573 

SHULTZ. KKISTI MARIE 10110 Flowe Store Rd.. Midland. NC 28107 

SHUMATE. WILLIAM ASHBY 10317 Cardigan Circle. Glen Allen. VA 


SHURTLEFF. KENDRA LYN 493 West Elm St.. Brockton. MA 02401 

SHYTLE, KEVIN LEE 1310 Bankhead Rd.. Denver. NC 28037-9303 

SIDDIQI. MUNAWAR H. 1.323 Sidney Ave.. #B. Burlington. NC 27217 

SIEGEL. JULIE LYNN 719 Indiana Dr. Ene. PA 16505-1409 

SIGMAN. KENNETH THOMAS 1279 Bartonshire Way. Potomac. MD 


SILER. JANA ANITONETTE 626 East Fifth St., Siler City, NC 27344-274 

SILVIA, LEONARD J. 3735 Persimmon Circle, Fairfax, VA 22031-4116 

SIMMONS, DAWN MICHELLE 1400 West Delaware Ave., Eden, NC 2728H 

SIMMONS, KARLA ANNETTE Route 3, Box 52-H, Floyd. VA 24091-9803 

SIMMONS. TINA LYNN 510 Elden Ave,. Roanoke. VA 24019-4720 

SIMON. YVETTE BRUNHILDE 602 Brookfield Dr.. Gibsonvllle. NC 27241 

SIMONS. HEATHER MARIE 225 Stratford Ave., Westmont, NJ 08108 

SIMONS, .STEVEN A. 2276 Crows Nest Ln., Reston, VA 22091-4516 

SIMS, ANDREW JASON Route 2, Box 620, Mooresville. NC 28116 

SINES. TRACY MELISSA 1824 Beaver Creek Ln. Frederick. MD 21701 

SINK, SARAH C. 2024 Holland Ave.. Burlington. NC 27217-3030 

SIRIANNI. CORTNEY LEE 163 Clayton Ave.. Toms River NJ 08755 

SIRIANNI. MARK A. Apt. 12-D. 1110 Cook Rd.. Gibsonvllle. NC 27249 

SISK. DAVID THOMAS 534 Old Highway 601. Mount Airy. NC 27030 

SISTARE. JR. CHARLES EDWARD 6045 Glenridge Rd.. Charlotte. NC 


SIZEMORE. SHANON LEE 213 Buffalo Rd.. Clarksville. VA 23927 

SIZEMORE. SUSAN MARIA Route 1. Box 208. Zirconia. NC 28790 

SKAGGS. JOSEPH ELLIS 1219 Bishopsgate Way. Reston. VA 22094 

SKIDMORE. JANE WRIGHT 1224 Jefferson Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

SKILLMAN. WILLIAM TODD 15697 Pike Trail. Dumfnes. VA 22026-1106 

SKINNER. CY:«TH1A PARKER 2016 Sunnybrook Dr.. Burhngton. NC 


SKINNER. MELANIE ANN 233 Taylorsville Rd.. Yardley. PA 19067 

SKLAROFF. CATHERINE ANNE 8902 Bellefonte Rd.. Richmond. VA 


SLAGLE. BRYAN SHANE 403 Shore Dr. Emporia. VA 23847-2813 

SLAUGHTER. MARY NICOLE P.O. Box 896. Ridgeway, VA 24148 

SLAUNWHITE, JONATHAN BOYD 308 North Wilkinson Rd.. Richmond. 

VA 23227 

SLAVONIA. ELLEN ELIZABETH 728 Shefwood Dr. Easely. SC 29642 

SLOAN. GREGORY MARK 14000 Fountain Ln., Charlotte, NC 28217 

SLOAN, WENDY LEE 1501-9 Ford Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

SI.OWIK, MEGAN 3108 Bennington Ct., Baldwin, MD 21013 

SMACK, JOHN KEVIN .3.370 Sally Kirk Rd.. Wmston-Salem. NC 27106 

SMALL. TERENCE JOHN 1001 Cumberland Ave.. Deptford. NJ 


SMALL. THOMAS RANDALL 2.346-E Atwood Dr. Buriington. NC 27216 

SMEE. MELISSA KRISTINE 5976 Powells Landing Rd.. Burke. VA 


SMEE. SARAH GAYLE 5976 Powells Landing Rd.. Burke. VA 22015 

SMITH, ALLISON RENEE Route 3, Box 316. Advance. NC 27006-9553 

SMITH. ANGELA DEANNE Route 19. Box 713. Jersey Church Rd.. 

Lexington. NC 27292-8111 

SMITH, ASHLEY ELIZABETH 3,50 Shasta St., Fayetteville, NC 28314 

SMITH, BENJAMIN ALLEN 80B Dogwood Rd., Boone, NC 28607 

SMITH, BENJAMIN ROBERT 400 Charley Forest St.. Olney. MD 20832 

SMITH, BRANDON SCOTT 963 Green Terrace, Lancaster, PA 17601 

SMITH, (Al.VlN KITTRELL 60 .Stone Ridge Rd.. Durham. NC 27705 

SMITH. ( AKKIE lATHERINE 548 College Parkway. Rockville. MD 2085 

SMITH. CARTER MACKENZIE 1013 Cedarhurst Dr.. Raleigh. NC 


SMITH. CHARLES ANDREW 5607 Mary Fairfax Ct.. Fairfax Station. VA 


SMITH. CHARLIE W. R.R.5. Box 685. La Grange. NC 28561 

SMITH. COURTNEY NICHOLE 24 Hillside Ln.. New Hope. PA 18938 

SMITH. DIADIANNE 702 West Tantallon Dr. Fort Washington. MD 


SMITH. ELWORTH E 27208 Briarberry Circle. Birmingham. AL 36226 

SMITH. HANNAH TILGHMAN 14 East Seminary St.. Mercersburg. PA 


SMITH. HEATHER LEIGH 1907 West B St.. Butner NC 27509 

SMITH. HERBERT EXCELL 210 W. Summerbell Ave.. Elon College. NC 


SMITH. JENNIFER JOY 5413 Purlington Way. Baltimore, MD 21212 

$^184S> INDEX 

SMITH. JENNIFER KAY 6713 Danforth St.. Mc Lean. VA 22101 
SMITH. JOY ANN 3012 Susquehanna Trail. Ashland. VA 23005 
SMITH. JOY'CE BROOKS 223 Martin Luther Kinn Jr. Blvd.. Siler City. NC 

SMITH. KEVIN COURTNEY 15 RollinB Rd.. Stafford. VA 22554 
SMITH. KRISTIN DEANNE 27 Medici Ct.. Baltimore. MD 21234 
Richmond. VA 23227-4524 

SMITH. MEGAN BROOKE 1962 Downing PI.. Palm Harbor. FL 34683 
SMITH. MICHELLE RENEE 131 North Vance St.. Red Springs. NC 28377 
SMITH. NEIL ALLEN 7474 Blackburg Rd.. Catawba, VA 34642 
SMITH. NICOLE ALLISON Route 2, Box 220, Rustburg. VA 24588 
SMITH. PAMELA LYNN 77 Bayport Ave.. Bayport. NY 11705-1851 
SMITH. RAYMOND LEE 1538 Rogers Rd.. Graham. NC 27253 
SMITH. ROBYN C. HENRY 416 Devonshire Ln.. Burlington. NC 27216 
SMITH. STEPHANIE MARIE 4849 Widner St.. Columbus. OH 43220 
SMITH. SUSAN LEIGH Route 2. Box 10, Linwood. NC 27299 
SMITH, VALERIE SUSAN 4517 Twinbrook Rd.. Fairfax. VA 220322039 
SMITH. VAN ALAN 511 Edinburgh Drive. Burlington, NC 27215 
SMITH, WILLIAM ALAN 317 Oakwood Circle, Danville, VA 24541 
SMITH, WILLIAM MICHAEL 223 Karinch St.. P.O. Box 306. Cornwall. PA 

SMITH IV. WILLIAM RUSSELL 331 E. Kivett St.. Asheboro. NC 

SMITH. JR. GERALD SPENCER 4811 Fox Chase Rd.. Greensboro. NC 

SMITHDEAL. JENNIFER REAGAN 12300 Harrowgate Rd.. Chester. VA 

SMUZYNSKI. AARON WTNN 12146 Darnley Rd.. Woodbndge. VA 22192 
SMYTHE. COLLEEN RENE 1693 Winding Way. Richmond. VA 23235 
SNIDER. CANDICE NICOLE #10 Shendan pi., Elon College. NC 27244 
SNOWTIEN. CHERYL MARIE 9.38 Red Bay Ln.. Chesapeake. VA 23320 
SNOWDEN IV, FREDERICK CARROLL 938 Red Bay Ln.. Chesapeake. 
VA 23320 

SNYDER. CARA JILL 2540 Mc Kinney St.. Burlington. NC 27217 
SOAR. DARBY CATHERINE 1718 Rio Vista Dr.. Fort Pierce. FL 34949 
SODERBERG. JOHN LEWIS 2424 Haversham Close. Virginia Beach. VA 

SODERQUIST. HOLLY LYNN 1055 Rector Ln.. Mc Lean. VA 22102-1709 
SOKOL. BRAY AARON 265 Tuscawilla Hills. Charles Town. WV 25414 
SOLOMON. AUTUMN LEE 2813 Village Ln.. Silver Spring. MD 20906 
SOLOMON. SUZANNE MICHELLE Route 1. Box 44. Prospect Hill. NC 

SOLOMON. THOMAS K. P.O. Box 143. Elon College, NC 27244 
SOLOMONSON, CHAD CONRAD 1106 Swan Point Rd.. Woodbndge. VA 

SONNTAG. MARIA 1701 Wembley Ct.. Greensboro. NC 27410 
SOSNA. MICHAEL ZANE 1222 Anne St.. Henderson. NC 27536 
SOTER. KIMBERLY ANNE P.O. Box 273. Toano. VA 23168 
SOUTHARD. DAWN MARIE 513-2C First St.. Box 5013, Gibsonville, NC 

SOWARDS, LISA ANN 2936 Argyle Dr., Lexington, KY 40517 
SOWERS, JULIE ANN 7913 Helmart Dr.. Laurel. MD 20723 
SOWERS. KRISTIE LYNN 7913 Helmart Dr.. Laurel. MD 20723 
SPANGLER. JANICE ANNETTE Route 4. Box 716. South Boston. VA 

SPARLING. ELIZ^^BETH ELLEN 11 Holly Dr.. Morris Plains. NJ 

SPARROW. LARRY JAMES 1518 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
SPAULDING, THURSTON 2235 Alpine Rd., Durham. NC 27707 
SPEARS. SUSAN ELIZABETH 5528 Loch Lomond Dr.. Laurinburg. NC 

SPEED. GREGORY CHRISTOPHER 7166 Rivers Edge Rd., Columbia, MD 
21044 4235 

SPEIR. ROBERT WILKINSON 2249 Sanford Ln., Charlotte. NC 28211 
SPELL. CARRIE LYNN 3302 Camden Rd.. Statesville. NC 28677 
SPENCE. ANGELA LY8NNE 3701 Gainsboro Dr., Greensboro, NC 27410 
SPENCE, BARBARA STRADER 4340 Sweps-Sax Rd.. Graham. NC 

SPENCE. JAMES CAMERON P.O. Box 690. Chester. VT 05143 
SPENCER, ARTHUR MARSHALL 2625 Pinewood Rd., Gastonia, NC 

SPENCER, PAUL MAURICE 5339 Nestleway Dr., Clemmons, NC 27012 
SPIEGEL, ANDREW JOSEPH 208 B Victor Pkwy., Annapolis, MD 21403 
SPILLANE, KEITH 7 Graham PI.. Wanaque. NJ 07465 

SPITZ. WILLIAM ALEXANDER 2416 Tusket Ct.. Raleigh. NC 27613-6510 
SPIVEY. CHERYL LYNN P.O. Box 674, Robbins, NC 27.325-0674 
SPRAGUE. MARK ROBERT 17204 Sandy Knoll Dr., OIney, MD 20832 
SQUILLANTE, CATHRYN LYNN 8730 The Fifth Green, Atlanta, GA 

SQUIRES, AMY DIANE 3307 Tnce-Atwater Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 

SQUIRES, REBECCA SUSAN 2013 McMillan Ave.. Wallace. NC 

STADNICKI, ROBERT JOSEPH 822 Central Ave.. Burlington. NC 27215 
STALLINGS. JAMES KEITH 801 West Mc Gee St., #28, Greensboro, NC 

STALLINGS, TINA SUE 2532 Lab Ln., Burlington, NC 27217 
STAMPS, CHRISTOPHER MONROE Route 2, Box 39-M, Blairs, VA 24527 
STANFIELD, SARAH ANN SHAW 2319 West Front St.. Burhngton. NC 

STANHOPE. MONICA DEE 1706 Stacy Dr.. Durham. NC 27712 
STANKO. JOSEPH ANTHONY 1294 Eaglewood Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 

STANLEY, GRAHAM HUNT P.O. Box 936, Liberty, NC 27298 
STANLEY, JACQUELINE MARIE 2308 Lake Circle Dr., Sykesville, MD 

STANLEY, SONYA JEAN Apt. 4-D. 739 E. Haggard Ave., Elon College. 
NC 27244 

STANLEY. TONYA MARIE Apt. 4-D, 739 E. Haggard Ave., Elon College. 
NC 27244 

STAUB. JEFFREY DAVID Box 786. Quail Hollow Rd.. Pinehurst, NC 

STAUBS, AMY LYNN 13137 Pavilion Ln.. Fairfax. VA 22033 
STEARMAN. ERIC HAYNES 9 Redgate Ct.. Silver Spnng. MD 20905 
STEARNS. JEREMY F. 225 Cheshire Circle. West Chester. PA 19380 
STEARNS. KYMBERLY JOY #7 Sheridan PI.. Elon College. NC 27244 
STEELE. CHERYL GUTHRIE 828 Comwallis Dr.. Burhngton. NC 27215 
STEELE. JENNIFER E. 166 Peaceable St.. Ridgefield. CT 06877 
Pennington, NJ 08534 

STEFANSSON. JON THRANDUR 4901 Lawndale Dr., Apt. #511, 
Greensboro. NC 27405 

STEGALL. ERIK JON 104 Mulberry Ct.. Martinsville. VA 241 12 
STEIN. KIMBERLY ANNE 12230 Painted Tree Rd., Charlotte, NC 28226 
STEINER, KERRY LEIGH 1302 Elon Rd., Richmond, VA 23229 
STEPELTON, SEAN D. 2395 Southeast 8th St.. Pompano. FL 33063 
STEPHAN. PAUL J. II Vernon Rd,. Martboro. NJ 07746 
STEPHENS. DAVID WILSON Route 7. Box 59. Apex. NC 27502 
STEPHENS. LISA 604 Virginia Ave.. Burlington. NC 27215 
STEPHENSON. TIMOTHY AARON 828 Robert E. Lee Dr.. Wilmington. 
NC 28412 

STERLING. MICHAEL JOSEPH Route 3. Box 972. Gloucester. VA 
23061 9259 

STEVENS. SONJA LYNN 289 South Parliament Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 

STEVENS. ZENIA RACHELLE 130 Newport Dr.. Salisbury. NC 28144 
STEVENSON. ANNE PENDLETON 202 Hanover Ave.. Ashland. VA 

'Stevenson. LAURA NICOLE 28 Calico Tree Ln., Coram. NY 

STEVENSON. SHELLEY GRANT 120 Brookview Dr.. Jacksonville. NC 

STEWART. DEBORAH SUZANNE 1925 Scalesville Rd., Sumnierfield, NC 


STEWART, DWIGHT LANCE 401 Briarcliff Dr., Dunn. NC 28334 

STEWART. JOAN HODGE 7005 Deermont Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

STEWART. KARL HEINZ 4 Parker Rd.. Groveland. MA 01834 

STEWART. MARK O. Apt. 5A. 202 Heather Ln.. CherryviHe. NC 


STEWART. STEVEN GORDON 4 Parker Rd.. Groveland. MA 01834 

STEWART III. THOMAS EARL 178 Ellerslie Dr.. Fayetteville. NC 


STILES. DEBORAH MICHELLE P.O. Box 205. Franktown. VA 23354 

STILES. JASON S. 4 Collins Ln.. Essex. CT 06426 

STILLWELL III. DONALD ROY 81 Wellington PI.. Burlington. NJ 


STINE. JENNIFER ISOBEL 1159 Harbour Island Rd.. Orlando. FL 


STINNETT. ROBERT WILLS 5512 Griffith Rd.. Gaithersburg. MD 20882 

STINSON. AMY BETH 1584 Kelly Ann Dr.. West Chester. PA 19380-153 

STINSON. KRISTA ANN 11211 I05th Ave.. North. Seminole. FL 34648 

STOCKDELL. NANCY LYNNE 2714 Morgan Rd.. Murfreesboro. TN 37130 


Burhngton. NC 27215 

STOKES. COURTNEY ANNE 4813 Connell Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27612 

STOKES. DAVID ROMMEL 515 North 10th St.. Wilmington. NC 28401 

STOKES. JOAN LANETTE 3533 NC 119 N.. Mebane. NC 27302 

STOKOE. JENNIFER LEE 46 Meadow Brook Rd.. Randolph. NJ 07869 

STOLTE. DARIN WALTER 8967 Colesbury PI.. Fairfax. VA 22031-3241 

STONE. ASHLEY DAWN Route 1. Box 1146. Weems. VA 22676 

STONE. CHARLES JESSE 1002 North Magnolia. Raeford. NC 28376 

STONE. CHRISTOPHER CRAIG 5317 Montevista Dr.. Greensboro, NC 


STONE. HARRY HOLADAY 1516 Green Springs Rd.. New Bern. NC 


STONE. JENNIFER LYN 227 Westridge Dr.. Danville. VA 24541-5423 

STONE. KENNETH LEON Rt. 2. Box I06-A. Supply. NC 20832 

STONE. KEVIN GARRETT P.O. Box 37. Montpelier. VA 23192-0037 

STONEBACK. STEVEN M. 7 Gallowae. Westfield. NJ 07090 

STOTT. MICHAEL KEVIN 4411 Rocky Springs Rd.. Durham. NC 


STOUT. CANDACE ANN 4700 Carterwood Dr.. Fairfax. VA 22032 

STOUT. JEANINE A. 26 Norma Ave.. Lincroft. NJ 07738 

STOVALL. RUTH RENEE 1216 Wimbledon Ct.. Roxboro. NC 27573 

STOVER. DARRON ROBERT 172 Union St.. North. Concord. NC 


STOVER. WENDIE ANN 172 Union Street. North. Concord. NC 28025 

STOWE. ALISON CAROLINE 7919 Springfield Village Dr.. Springfield. 

VA 22152 

STRASSNER. JASON ANDREW 18 Carillon Ct.. Wilmington, DE 



Gettysburg. PA 17325-1918 

STRICKLAND. DONNA MARIE 3141 Wagoner Ln.. Graham. NC 27253 

STRITE. JAMES FULTON Les Grands-Champs. 1195 Dully. Vaud. 


STROLE. GRETCHEN JULIA 2322 Lavista Dr.. Apt. #6. Burlington. NC 


STROMBERG. ERIK HANSON 6221 Crown St.. Bethesda. MD 20816 

STROTHER. DAVID EDWIN 1208 Wellington Rd.. Colonial Heights. VA 


STROUSE. CORINNE CHRISTINE 216 Welford Rd.. Lutherville. MD 


STUART. EDWIN THOMAS 124 Pine St.. Camden. NC 27921 



STUP, JONATHAN ANDREW Box 231, Round Hill, VA 22141 

STUTTS, ROBIN LEIGH 3906 Burch Bridge Rd.. Burlington. NC 


SUBER. ANDREA Y'VETTE P.O. Box 962. Tryon. NC 28782 

SUDDES. SHANNON BRIGID 10523 Concord Rd.. Dublin. OH 43017 

SULLIVAN. STEPHANIE ELAINE 47 Cooper Rd.. Ridgefield. CT 06877 

SULLIVAN. TIMOTHY JOHN 5610 Twin Brooks Dr.. Dallas. TX 75252 

SUMMA. SHARON LYNN 41 Prospect St.. Greenwich. CT 06830 

SUMNER. ANGELA MOORE 919 King St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

SUMNER. LAURIE ANN 2107 Pleasant Ridge Rd.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

SUMNER. MALLEY 21,5-B Woodale Dr.. Elon College. NC 27244 

SURACE. KRISTEN ANNE 4389 Woodcreek Dr.. Marietta. GA 30062 

SURACE. MICHELE SUSAN 4389 Wood Creek Dr. Manetta. GA 30062 

SURDYK. KATHRYN KAPALA 12795 Forest Oak Ct.. Manassas. VA 


SURLES. TERESA DAWN 509 Ivey Rd.. Graham. NC 27253-3726 

SUTPHEN. SUSAN LYNN 35 Greenbnar Ln.. Annandale. NJ 08801 

SUTTON. LEESA DIANE Route 5. Box 69, Candler, NC 28715-9608 

SWALLOW. LORRAINE BERNADETTE 21 Timber Creek Rd.. Stratford. 

NJ 08084 1923 

SWAN. .NATALIE JILL 930 Dogwood Ln.. Graham. NC 27253 

SWANSON. SUSAN MARIE 8610 Burning Tree Rd.. Bethesda. MD 20817 

SWEET. KARIN ELIZABETH 1606 Mary Ellen Ct.. Mc Lean. VA 


SWEET. RODNEY CHRISTOPHER 409 E. Springfield Rd., High Point, NC 


SWIFT, TAM/iRA ELIZABETH 2610 Columbine Ln.. BuHington. NC 


SWISHER. CHARLES C. 8135 Carr PL. Springfield. VA 22152 

SYDES. KIMBERELY ANN Route 6. Box 571-B. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

SYKES. CYNTHIA 3137 Maple Ave.. Burlington. NC 27216 

SYKES. JENNIFER LEIGH 2849 Wesleyan Ln.. Winston-Salem. NC 


SYMONS, HOLLY ANNE 24 Monmouth Junction Rd.. Dayton. NJ 


SZAKELYHIDI. SHAWN 510 Albany St.. Fredencksburg. VA 22401 


TABOR. JULIA HUGHES 83 Denise Dr.. Burlington, NC 27215 

TAIT, DEBORAH LYNN 2228 N. Lakeside Dr.. Virginia Beach. VA 


TAIT. DYLAN MICHAEL 9630 Dewmar Ln.. Kensington. MD 20895-3634 

TAKEDA. SATOKO Kansai Gaida 16-1 Kirakatahoko. Hirakata City. 

Osaka 573. JP 

TALBERT. PATRICIA CAROL 2 Riverwood Circle. Newport News. VA 


TALBOT, STACEY JEAN 6001 Makely Dr.. Fairfax Station. VA 22039 

TALOMSIN. SIRIPHEN 15 H St. Croix PL. Greensboro. NC 27410 

TAMBERINO. MARY KAILER 1 Nomas Ln.. Richmond. VA 23233-5729 

TANE. BRIAN JAY 28 Crescent Beach Dr.. Huntington. NY 11743 

TANSEY. JORDANA ANN 880 Green Pond Rd.. Rockaway Township. NJ 


TARQUINIO. ALFRED LOREN 1066 Ridge Rd.. Mars. PA 16046-9418 

TASCHENBERGER. LISA ANN 3410 Medina Ln.. Bowie, MD 20715-1832 

TATE, AMY MILLER 2405 Huntington Rd,, Apt. 8. Burlington, NC 27215 

TATE. ERIK JAMES 1867 Alco St.. Graham. NC 27253 

TATTERSON. ANGELA MARIE Box 27. Susan. VA 23163 

TATUM. WENDY MICHELLE 2627 Faucette Ln., Burlington, NC 


TAVOLACCI, TRACEY LEIGH 15385 Cedar Bluff PI., West Palm Beach. 

FL 33414 

TAYLOR. DAVID BRIAN 5137 Morrowick Rd . Charlotte. NC 28226 

TAYLOR. ELIZABETH DANIELLE 3616 Leesville Rd.. Suffolk. VA 23437 

TAYLOR. FRANK SCOTT 113 Margaret Rd.. Beaufort. NC 28616 

TAYLOR, JILL MARZELLE 3062 Westfield Rd„ Mount Airy. NC 


TAYLOR. MARGARET MELISSA 2017 Fox Run Rd.. Burlington, NC 


TAYLOR, MICHAEL TODD 4600 Kerrybrooke Dr.. Alexandria. VA 22310 

TAYLOR. PAMELA SUSAN 130 Straith St.. Staunton. VA 24401 

TAYLOR. PHYLLIS MAE 4208 Jeffries Rd.. Durham, NC 27704 

TAYLOR, SAMUEL JOHNSON 5704 High Rock Ct., Raleigh, NC 27604 

TAYLOR, STEPHANIE ELLEN 7521 Midas Touch, Columbia, MD 21046 

TAYLOR, SUSAN ELIZABETH 7621 Midas Touch, Columbia, MD 21046 

TAYLOR, TONYA RACHELLE 17 Ball PI.. Maplewood. NJ 07040 

TERRY. BONITA RACHAEL P.O. Box 244. Marshville. NC 2810.3-0244 

THAXTON. MELISSA ANNE 2839 Pine Trail Rd.. Buriington. NC 27215 

THEISS. JON CHRLSTOPHER 7509 Maritime Ln.. Springfield. VA 22153 

THOMAS. AMY KATHERINE 2821 Charlotte Ln.. Buriington. NC 27215 

THOMAS. GRAHAM ANDREW P.O. Box 1311. Elon College. NC 27244 

THOMAS. JULIE LISA 6219 Colchester PI.. Charlotte. NC 28210 

THOMAS. KERl-ANN 2766 Gingerview Ln.. Annapolis. MD 21401-7279 

THOMAS. MARGARET MARY 7316 Burdette Ct., Bethesda, MD 


THOMAS, MARYELLEN Rt. 5, Box 416-B, Roxboro, NC 27573-9369 

THOMAS, NANCY SHEETS 2928 Blanche Dr., Burlington, NC 27215 

THOMAS, RICHARD FINLEY 14406 Bent Creek PL, Midlothian, VA 


THOMAS, TERRILL MARCELINO Route 2, Box 574, Robbins. NC 


THOMPSON. ANISSA JOY P.O. Box 24. Bear Creek. NC 27207-0024 

THOMPSON. ANNE MICHELLE 1515 South Mebane St., Apt. #146. 

Burlington. NC 27215 

THOMPSON. CHRISTOPHER DALE 2123 Pony Farm Rd.. Clayton, NC 


THOMPSON. CHRISTOPHER GLEN BIdg. 2022 Apt. G. 2008 S. Mebane 

St.. Burhngton. NC 27215 

THOMPSON. COREY BRYAN 1243-B Naples PI.. Durham. NC 27703 

THOMPSON. JASPER ABNER 2205 Wj-the. Greensboro. NC 27401 

THOMPSON. JENNIFER LYN 907 Memory Ln.. Monroe. NC 28112 

THOMPSON. TERRY DOUGLAS 201 Johns Island Dr.. Vero Beach. FL 


THOMPSON. VERNON ROOSEVELT 412 Kings Dr.. Eden. NC 27288-5837 

THORNHILL. NANCY KELLY 360 Palomino Dr.. Salisbury. NC 28146 

THORNTON. WARREN GREGORY 200 Country Club Circle. Clinton. NC 


TIBBITTS. JENNIFER GRACE Apt. 48- A. 401 Route 22. North Plainfield. 

NJ 07060 

TICKLE. LYDIA ELLEN 6561 Bethel Church Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 27249 

TIERNEY. DANIEL ROSS P.O. Box 290. Ivy, VA 22946 

TIESKOETTER, RONALD PAUL 40 Sheridan PI.. Elon College. NC 27244 

TIESKOETTER. RUSSELL JAMES 40 Sheridan PI., Elon College, NC 


TIGANI II. ROBERT F. 4010 Kenneth Pike. Greenville. DE 19807 

TILLER. BRIAN JAMES P.O. Box 950. Pawleys Island. SC 29585 

TIMMONS. ANDREW SCOTT Point Farm. Riverview Dr.. Dagsboro. DE 


TINGLE. JONATHAN BRYCE 5226 Nottinghill Ln.. Fairfax. VA 22032 

TINSLEY. MICHAEL KERWIN 13200 Mackenzie. Detroit. MI 48228 

TISDALE. ALEXANDER HOLLAND #46 Sturbridge Ln.. Greensboro. 

NC 27408 

TISDALE. ELIZABETH ASHLEY 4609 Montclalr Ave.. Chariotte. NC 


TOCZYLOWSKI. PAMELA KIMBERLY 224 Silvestri Dr.. Hatboro. PA 


TODD. WILLIAM SYLVESTER 23 Bonetown Rd.. Flemington. NJ 08822 

TOLLEY. MARY THERESA 614 Tayman Dr.. Annapolis. MD 21403 

TOMCZYK. KEVIN RONALD 28 Kennedy St.. Freehold. NJ 07728 

TOMLINSON. REBECCA LYNN P.O. Box 206. Virgihna, VA 24598-0206 

TOMPKINS. JAY DAVID 7755 Janann Way. Atlanta. GA 30360 

TONKIN. DUSTIN MICHAEL 906 Sunnydale Rd.. Knoxville. TN 37923 

TOOMER. JR. THEODORE DONELL 8931 Breezewood Rd.. Sanford. NC 


TOONE IV. EDWIN LOVE 204 Port Dr.. Madison. TN 37116-3421 

TOORE. NICOLE SABRINA 1727 South A-l-A. Vero Beach. FL 32963 

TOPALOVICH, STEFAN MICHAEL 29 Huntington Rd.. Garden City. NY 


TORAIN. TAMMY REGINA 7910 Mary Hall Rd.. Rougemont. NC 27572 

TORIKAI. KAYORI Epi Byrnes Center 311. Columbia. SC 29208 

TORRENS. MATT A. 6 Flower Hill Ct.. Huntington. NY 11743 

TOURON. CHARLES FRANCIS 9 Donelson St.. Fort Bragg. NC 28307 

TOWE. SUSAN ELIZABETH 3185 Dundee Rd.. EariysviUe. VA 22936 

TOWERS. KRISTINA LEIGH Apt. 7-C. 1110 Cook Rd.. Gibsonville. NC 


TOWNSEND, CHRISTIAN BARRET 36 Planters Woods Dr., Hilton Head. 

SC 29928 

TOWNSEND, ERIK DAVID 2405 Ketch Ct.. Virginia Beach. VA 23451-1223 

TOWNSEND. KEVIN FISCHER 608 Margaret Dr.. Chesapeake, VA 


TOWNSEND, VAN WINKLE TODD 12140 Westwood Hills Dr.. Herndon. 

VA 22071-1513 

TRAGESER. PAUL JOSEPH P.O. Box 133, Pittsboro, NC 27312 

TRAMMEL, EVANS DOUGLAS P.O. Box 77. 23 Hamilton St.. Allentown. 

NJ 08501 

TRANBARGER. GARY KEITH 4211 Blont Mt. Hrmn Rd.. N#29. 

Burlington. NC 27215 

TRAVIS. ROBERT GLENN 3110 Batter Sea Ln.. Alexandria. VA 22309 

TREADWAY. ROBERT ASHION 846 Allenview Dr.. Mechanicsburg. PA 


TRIPPI. DAVID EDWARD 2089 South Jefferson. Defiance. OH 43512 

TROGDON. CYNTHIA DENISE 1622 Camden Ct.. Asheboro. NC 27203 

TROY. ARIANNE ETHLYNN 2 Mary Dr. Dillsburg. PA 17019 

TRYON. MICHAEL TRAVIS 201 East Trollingerave. Apt. A. Elon College. 

NC 27244 

TUBBS. JAMES THAYNE 12 Slayton Rd.. Glenwood. NJ 07418 

TUBBS. NICOLE MARIE 117 Spring St., Gaithersburg, MD 20877 

TUBMAN, BARKUE JERELYN 55-1701 Riverdrive South, Jersey City. 

NJ 07310 



TUCK, DALE ALAN P.O. Box 754. Clarksville. VA 23927-0764 

TUCKER. DONNA LYNN Route 2. Box 39. Laurel Springs. NC 28644-9408 

TUCKER. KATHRYN GRAVES 204 Forestview Dr.. Elon College. NC 


TULLOCH. LISA PALMER 30 Dandy Dr.. Cos Cob. CT 06807 

TUNSTALL. JULIUS ANTONIO P.O. Box 117. Youngsville. NC 27596 

TURCK. AMY ELIZABETH 8 Stephen Mather Rd.. Norwalk. CT 06850 

TURMAN. BETHANY PEARL Route 3, Box 135. Stuart. VA 24171-9315 

TURNER, GERALD MARK 503 Saint Andrews Rd.. Statesville. NC 


TURNER. KAMERON R. 21 Ensigne Spence. Williamsburg. VA 23185-6658 

TURNER. PAUL ROYSE 7827 Custer Rd-. Bethesda. MD 20814 

TURNER. STEVEN WAYNE 142 ToUiver PI.. Danville. VA 24641-5938 

TURNER. WILLIE LAMONT P.O. Box 1068. Yanceyville. NC 27379 

TUTTLE. MICHAEL EUGENE 5307 Pondfield Dr.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

TWILLEY. KRISTIN SUZANNE 6044 Bluebird Ave.. Linglestown. PA 


TYLER. LORI ELENA 40 Ballew St.. Canton, NC 28716 

TYLL, MICHELLE DEANNE 4236 Williams Mill Rd.. Burlington, NC 


TYRRELL, SHELDON CURTIS 3007 Eton Dr., Upper Mariboro. MD 


INDEX <• 185 *> 


UJCIC. STEVEN JAMES Route 2. Box 526, Ridgcley. W\' 26753 

ULASEWICH. RICHARD THOMAS 830!) Lakewood Dr.. Raleigh. NC 


UNWTN. TOBY WILLIAM 17 Park VillaEe West. Reeents Park. London. 

NWl 4AE. EG 

URBAN. MELANIE ANNE 2046 Green Mill Rd.. Finksburg. MU 

211M 8-1931 

URBIELEWICZ. MARY BETH 321 William St., Piscataway. NJ 08854 

UZZELL, SHARON RUTH 3704 Chadford PI.. Greensboro. NC 27410-2839 


VALCICH. MATTHEW RICHARD 1112 Bellevista Ct.. Severna Park. MU 


VALENTINE. ROBIN BLYTHE 232 Hillside Ave.. Livingston. NJ 07039 

VALENTINE. SHANNON NOELLE 1400 Roslyn Dr.. Apt. 16 C. 

Burlington. NC 27215 

VALES. JEFFREY ROGER 695 Discovery Rd.. Davidsonville. MD 


VALLEJOS. ROGER JUAN 601 Maryland Ave.. Portsmouth. VA 23707 

VAN CAMPEN. PAUL S. 121 Stedwick PI.. Durham. NC 27712 

VAN DER HYDE. STEVEN GLENN 813 Alamance St., #8224, Gibsonville, 

NC 27249 

VAN ETTEN. JILL 28 Natalie Dr., West Caldwell, NJ 07006 

VAN EVERY. TIFFANY MYERS 2616 Inverness Rd.. Charlotte, NC 


VAN FLEET, CARYL SMITH 2488 Ossipee-Front St., Elon College, NC 


VAN HORN, ERIN LEIGH 508 Applecross Dr., Gary, NC 27511 

VANCE. KEITH THOMAS 3900 Chevington Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28226 

VANN, JENNIFER KATHLEEN 1006 Condor Dr., Greensboro. NC 27410 

VANSCOV. NANCY ANN APPLE 2014 Trail 2. Apt. 8-F. Burlington. NC 


VABINOSKI. ALANA GALE POE 708Wllkerson Trail. Mebane. NC 


VARTABEDIAN. PETER JOSEPH 12006 Rockledge Dr.. Bowie. MD 20715 

VELEZ. LUIS ENRIQUE GPO Box 4361. San Juan. PR 00936 

VELTEN. OLIVIER 2 Rue Des Menuisiers. 67460 Souffelweyersheim. 



Marietta. GA 30066 

VERNON. PATRICK OGBURN Route 1. Box 175. Yanceyville. NC 27379 

VETTER. STEPHEN JOHN 1929 Storm Dr.. Falls Church. VA 22043 

VEZINA. MAURICE D. 2001 Gateway Dr.. Wilmington. NC 28403 

VICK. CAKLA LYNN P.O. Box 204, Newsoms, VA 23874 

VINESETT, JOHN WHITWORTH 432 Harrell Dr., Spartanburg, SC 


VIOHL, LISA SIMMONS 2825 Berryland Dr., Oakton, VA 22124 

VIVERETTE, EMILY BENNETT 1716 Parkway St., Wilson, NC 27893 

VOGEL. JASON A.NDREW 610 Fox Glen Dr., Saint Charles, IL 60174 

VOZZO. JEFFREY 213 W. Trollinger Ave., Elon College, NC 27244 

WACHTEL. MARC ANDREW 18 Balsam Ct-, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

WADDELL. JA.MES BROt K 3113 I Commerce PI., Burlington, NC 27215 

WADE. DEBORAH HUCKS 817 A Shallowford Rd., Elon College, NC 27244 

WADE, LAURA ASHLEY P.O. Box 133, Advance, NC 27006-0133 

WADSWORTH, ROCCO SCOTT 4624 Cherry Valley Dr.. Rockville. MD 


WADSWORTH, SARAH ANNE Drawer A, Atlantic Beach. NC 28512-9999 

WAGNER. KIMBERLY LYNN 11 Quail Hollow Dr.. Mt. Holly. NJ 08060 

WAGNER. ROBIN SUSAN 2.34 Stableston Dr.. Chesterfield. MO 63017 

WALDEN. GUY RICHARD 2555 Pennsylvania Ave.. NW. Washington. DC 


WALKER. ADRIAN BLAIR .335 Pine Island Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28214 

WALKER. ANNE DESALES 1045 East Wood Ct., Aiken, SC 29801 

WALKER, CATHERINE LACY Route 2, Box 536, South Boston, VA 24592 

WALKER, CHARLES APSEY 625 Greenbrook Pkwy., Matthews. NC 


WALKER. CHRISTINA MARIE 1524 South Mebane St.. Apt. C. 

Burlington. NC 27217 

WALKER. DAVID SCOTT Route 4. Box 328-A. Roxboro. NC 27573 

WALKER. JOAN CAROL P.O. Box 911. Graham. NC 27253-0911 

WALKER. LEWIS SA.MUEL P.O. Box 1241. Elon College. NC 27244 

WALKER. MELODIE LYNNE 15229 Dufief Dr.. North Potomac. MD 20878 

WALKER. OLIVIA JANE 307 Candlewood Ct.. Millersville. MD 21108 

WALKER. SAMUEL CLEVENGER 595 South Valley Rd., Southern Pines 

NC 28387 

WALKER, SCOTT RANDOLPH 4795 Kempsville Greens Pkwy., Virginia 

Beach, VA 23462-6413 

WALKER, STEVE SCOT 920 Winchester Rd., Waynesboro, VA 22980 

WALKER, WALTER KEITH 47 Charlbury St., Greenville, SC 29607 

WALKER, WENDY RENE 46.30 Blanchard Rd., Burlington, NC 27217-7702 

WALKER. WILLIAM DANIEL Route 1. Box 242, Chatham. VA 24531 

WALKER. WILLIAM HUSKEY 3035-C Enterprise Ave.. Fayetteville. NC 


WALL. WILLIAM DAVID Campus Box 2141. Elon College. NC 27244 

WALLACE. LEE PAUL P.O. Box 783. Elon College. NC 27244 

WALLEN. TIMOTHY WILLIAM Box 625. Ocracoke. NC 27960 

WALSER, LEE KENDALL Route 14, Box 564, Lexington, NC 27292 

WALSH. KERRY ANN 523 Dudley Ct.. Westfield. NJ 07090-3028 

WALSH. KERRY LYNN 16 Smith Rd.. Denville. NJ 07834 

WALSH. LESLIE HELEN 4924 Blackfoot Crescent, Virginia Beach, VA 


WALTER, TRACIE LYNN 19 Lincoln St.. Roseland, NJ 07068 

WALTERS, DANIEL F. 8981 WiUett Ln., Bent Mountain, VA 24059-2431 

WALTERS, JEFFREY LEE 3203 Barnes Spring Terrace, Midlothian, VA 


WALZ, TRACY MICHELLE 1309 Noah Rd., North Brunswick, NJ 


WARD, ELIZABETH KATHLEEN 85 Copper Glen Dr., Huntington. W\- 


WARD. JANICE LYNN 10240 Little Brick House a., Ellicott City. MD 


WARD, NANCY MARIE 939 Martin Ave., Graham, NC 27253 

WARD, PAMELA LEE 6185 Commadore Ct,, Columbia, MD 21045-4310 

WARNER, MATTHEW HORNE 15 Wisteria Dr., Rocky Mount, NC 


WARREN, CHERYL FELICIA 906 Lincoln St., Greensboro, NC 27401 

WARREN, GWY'NNE GIBBS 903 Turrentine St., Burlington, NC 27215 

WARREN, RHONDA WY'NETTE P.O. Box 301, Faison, NC 28341 

WARREN, ROBIN R. P50 S. Eighth St., Mebane, NC 27302 


Caithersburg. MD 20878 

WASHBURN, WILLIAM DEAN Apt. 506, 2500 Clarendon Blvd.. Arlington, 

VA 22201 



WATERS, DAVID ERIK 3201 West Market St., Greensboro, NC 27403 

WATERS, HEATHER D. 3 Drake Ct., Randolph, NJ 07869 

WATERS, ROBERT PARKER 3719 Verona Trail, Roanoke, VA 24018 



WATKIN.S, SHEILA DELL 3200 Old Milburnie Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604 

WATMOUGH, ANDREW S. 16 Heather Hill Way, Mendham, NJ 07945 

W.\TSON, MARY ELIZABETH 706 Huffman Mill Rd., Apt. N-12, 

Burlington. NC 27215 

WATT, NANCY LYNN 4000 Ayden Ct„ Mitchellville, MD 20721 

WATTS, JAMES BRYAN 1864 East Queens Ct., Crofton, MD 21 1 14 

WAUGAMAN, SETH CHANDLER P.O. Box 248, Conneaut Lake, PA 16316 

WT:AD0N, .MARK DONOVAN 103 Haflon Ct., Cary. NC 27511 

WEARIN, ELIZABETH JENNIFER 124 Dingletown Rd.. Greenwich. CT 


WEATHERLY. SAMANTHA JUNE 30 Crossbrook Rd.. Livingston. NJ 


WEAVER. JONATHAN RENGIER 1944 Susquehanna Rd.. Abington. PA 


WEBB. ALISON CAROL 4468 Mullens Ford Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28226 

WEBB, KAREN DAWN 5 Blue Ridge Forest, Earlysville, VA 22936 

WEBBER, MARGARET LINDSAY 2290 Columbus St., Northeast, Palm 

Bay, FL 32907 

WEBSTER, JAMES NATHAN 10965 Rogers Circle, Duluth, GA 30136 

WEBSTER, MEREDITH LEIGH 425 Emerywood Dr., Raleigh, NC 27615 

WECHT, JOHN EDWARD 4516 Revere Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23456-4801 

WEEKS, CHAD EDWARD 336 Mill Stone Rd., Chesapeake. VA 23320 

WEEKS. LAURI ELIZABETH 4701 Tabor Church Bd.. Fayetteville. NC 


WEIGAND. JAYNE MARIE 101 Lewis Rd.. Beaufort. NC 28516 

WEIN, HEIDI LEIGH ,3826 Forest Dr., Doylestown, PA 18901 

WEINSTEIN. JASON ADAM 5280 Mad River Ln., Columbia, MD 21044 

WEIR, JENNIFER LYNN 234 Cheshire Rd., Severna Park, MD 21146 

WEISBERG. JONATHAN JOSEPH 32 Gentry Dr., Fair Haven, NJ 07704 

WEISS, JODl ELIZABETH 1773 Meadow Valley, Annapolis, MD 21401 

WELLINGTON, CHERYL LYNN 1310 Brevard Dr., Asheboro, NC 


WELLS, BRADLEY HOCD 1334 Warrior Way, Tallahassee, FL 32304 

WELLS, MELISSA JANE 106 Carriage Ln., Asheboro, NC 27203 

WELLS, REBECCA ELLEN Route 1, Box H 50, Whiteville, NC 28472 

WELLS, ROBERT JACOB 2640 Hoffman Rd., Gastonia, NC 28054 

WENDT, CLAUDIA ISABEL 6803 Twelve Oaks Blvd., Tampa, FL 33634 

WENNINGER, LAURIE ANNE 73 Fuller Ave., Swampscott, MA 01907 

WERNTZ, JULIA ANN 8007 Hollow Reed Ct., Frederick, MD 21710 

WESSEL. HEATHER ANNE 48 Bucks Mill Rd., Colts Neck, .NJ 07722 

WESSMAN, ERIKA DIANE 1727 Markham Glen Circle, Longwood, FL 


WEST, APRIL L. 37 Sheridan PI., Elon College, NC 27244 

WEST, GRAY ANTONY 510 West New Jersey Ave., Southern Pines. NC 


WEST. SHAWN DEWAYNE Route 2. Box 4-D. Newton Grove. NC 


WESTBROOKS. LISA ALLRED 1554 W. Davis St.. Burlington. NC 27215 

WHARTON. JR. LEWIS WILLIAM 121 Anne St.. Rutherfordton. NC 28139 

WHEELER. ELEANOR RUTH 3708 Winchester Rd.. Rocky Mount. NC 


IMIEELER. MARK MATTHEW 237 Wicklow Rd.. Glen Burnie. MD 


WHELAN. PAMELA MAE 1233 Pleasant Valley Dr.. Baltimore. MD 21228 

WHICKER. BARTLEY KING 1576 Jubilee Trail. Kernersville. NC 27284 

IMllCKER. CHRISTIAN LEWIS 1347 10th St, Dr.. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

WHISNANT. KRISTY LYNN 112 Marlowe Ct.. Carrboro. NC 27510 


21127-H, Burlington, NC 27215 

WHITE, APRILE JEANETTE P.O. Box 1088, Elon College, NC 27244 

WHITE, EDWARD IRWIN 4337-G Hewitt St., Greensboro, NC 27407 

WHITE, JEFFREY STEWART Route 5, Box 350, Greenville, NC 


WHITE, JODY GRAHAM 3058 Boywood Rd., Graham, NC 27253 

WHITE, MICHAEL TYREE Route 4, Box 102-B, Ahoskie, NC 27910 

WHITE, PAUL DAVID 1030 Sycamore Rd., Apt. N, Graham. NC 27253 



WHITEHURST. SARA JESSICA 212 Queensferry Rd., Cary, NC 27511 

WHITELAW, GAYLE ALANE 8 Lark Ln., Oak Ridge, NJ 07438-9170 

WHITESIDE, ROBERT SCOTT 4215 Buckskin Woods Dr., Ellicott City, 

MD 21043 

WHITESTClNE, JULIE LYNNE 7027 Spaniel Rd., Springfield, VA 22153 

WHITFIELD. WENDI CAROL 2128 Leeds Ln., Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

WHITFIIKII, CRAIG ARTHUR 204 Neipsic Rd, Glastonbury, CT 06033 

WHITING, BRETT TABER 212 Brooklake Rd., Florham Park, NJ 07932 

WHITLEY, ANGELA DIANE 5615 Birch Dr., Durham, NC 277121315 

WHITLEY, ROBERT SCOTT 19 Main St., Ridgefield, CT 06877 

WHITLEY, ZACHARY DODD Route 4, Box 40, Smithfield, NC 27577-9402 

WHITLOW, CLIFTON DANIEL 2309 Lemar Dr., Reidsville, NC 27320 

WH ITMAN, CHARLES WESLEY 308 South O'Kelly Ave., Elon College, 

NC 27244 

WHITNEY, JENNIFER REBECCA 11409 Hilbingdon Rd., Richmond, VA 


WHITSON, WILLIAM BRIAN 4233 Old Forge Dr., Gastonia, NC 28054 

WHITT, BRIAN CHRISTOPHER 738 Tuscarora Dr., Danville, VA 24540 

WHITT, DANA CAROL 3232 Osceola Rd., Elon College, NC 27244 

WHITT, LA TOYA LEIGH Route 6, Box 191, Roxboro. NC 27573 

WHITTED. ALVIS MONROE 1227 Seaton Rd.. Townhouse 62, Durham, 

NC 27713 

WHITTLE, CARLTON MARCELLUS 1021 Warwick St., Brooklyn, NY 


WHYTSELL, MELISSA ANNE 1510 Rockford Ct., Charleston, WV 25314 

WICKER, CHARLES WALKER 323 Cascade Dr., High Point, NC 27265 

WIEGAND, ELIZABETH CAMPBELL 420 Oliver Rd., Sewickley. PA 


WIESLER, DIANE LYNN Hill and Dale Club, Carmel, NY 10512 

WILDER, JJVSON PHILLIP 4103 Farmer PI., Fort Washington, MD 20744 

WILDER, MICHAEL DUSTIN 9832 Log House Ct., Gaithersburg, MD 


WILEY, TERRANCE ANDREW 1221 Macon St., Burlington, NC 27215 

WILKERSON, THOMAS FRANKLIN 8004 New London Ln., Raleigh, NC 


WILKES, MARY ASHLEY P.O. Box 434, Walnut Cove, NC 27052-04,34 

W1LLARD, KIMBERLY JO 19 Alpine Ct., Belle Mead, NJ 08502-1401 

WILLEY, KARIN LARINE 38 Victoria Way, Leerhburg, PA 11)61>6 

WILLIAMS, AMY LYNN 707 Parkway Blvd., Reidsville, NC 27320 

WILLIAM.S, CHRISTOPHER BRYAN ,304 Nutwood Circle, Jamestown, 

NC 27282 

WILLIAMS, DIANA L. 404 West Hill Ave., S., Hillsborough, NC 27278 

WILLIAMS, DOROTHY 2730 Catherine Dr.. Burlington. NC 27215 

WILLIAMS. EDDIE R. 6026 Osceola Ossipee Rd.. Brown Summit. NC 


WILLIAMS. JANE CLAUDIA 1006 Borden Rd.. Richmond. VA 23229 

WILLIAMS. JENNIFER ANN 409 Pinelake Dr.. Elizabeth City. NC 2790 

WILLIAMS. JONATHAN HALLETT 2019 Lorraine Ave.. McLean, VA 


WILLIAMS, KEVIN GRANT 748 Aguila Dr.. Chesapeake. VA 23320-8034 

WILLIAMS. KEVIN LEE P.O. Box 692. W.B. Clark Rd.. Creedmoor NC 


WILLIAMS. KRISTIE PAGE 2836 Fairway Forest Dr.. Salem. VA 24153 

WILLIAMS. LARRY LEE 58 Chase Rd.. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 

WILLIAMS. LIANNE ABBOTT Box 12. Lower Waterford. VT 05848 

WILLIAMS. LISA MARIE 1923 Portobago Ln.. Hanover. MD 21076 

WILLIAMS. MICHAEL OLIVER Route 3. Box 636. Reidsville. NC 


WILLIAMS. NATHANIEL RYAN 1201 Murray Dr.. Chesapeake. VA 233 

WILLIAMS. SHELA ANN Rt. 13. Box 244. Hendersonville. NC 28739 

WILLIAMS, STEPHANIE DENISE Route 3, Box 339, Enfield, NC 27823 

WILLIAMS, TARA MARCELLE 500 Lemontree Ct., Graham, NC 


WILLIAMS, WILLIE LEE Rt. 2, Box 270, Roseboro. NC 28382-9524 

WILLIAMSON, ANNE LOUISE 509 Wellington Dnve, Forest, VA 24551 

WILLIAMSON, HEATHER LYNN 8013 Lighthouse Landing Frederick 

MD 21701 

WILLIAMSON, NICOLE D. 1613 Nova Ave., Capital Heights, MD 20743 

WILLIAMSON. WILMA RICH 672 Spanish Oak Rd.. Elon College. NC 


WILLIS, RICHARD DEAN 9317 Westmoor Circle. Richmond. VA 


WILSON, ANDREA RAYE 15 Downing Ridge Ct., Greensboro, NC 27407 

WILSON, BRIAN W. Route 14, Box 131 H, Apt. 2, Goldsboro, NC 27530 

WILSON, KIMBERLY DAWN 3513 Chippendale Trail, Greensboro, NC 


WILSON, KIMBERLY ROSE 1525 Longview Rd., Roanoke, VA 24018 

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ZUMBRO, FRANCES JEAN MATHEWS 1822 Harriet Dr., Burlington. NC 


9{arms & 

INDEX (* 187 S) 


The everlasting oaks once 
again ushered in the spring, 
and inevitably, the near close 
of another year. But, in retro- 
spect, leaping from one event 
to the other, the year — the 
seasons, the classes, and the 
games won and lost - became 

We witnessed the changes 
which abounded around cam- 
pus: the continuing rennova- 
tion of Carlton Building 
seemed to symbolize those 
changes. Growth was the op- 
erative word as plans evolved 
for new and improved facili- 


(Continued on page 191) 

Allen Layne, Bilijack Bell, and Aimee McLean stop 
for a minute between classes to talk. 

<^188 O CLOSING 

Ben Cannon 

When the weather is nice, a popular place to hang out is At Scott Plaza, Kevin Kirkland tells Adam Ruyle and 
under the oaks. Jack Foi'de some important news. 

"'Ben fCannon 

Students at Elon enjoy reading the Who's New book in 
the Office of Campus Activities located in Long Student 

Ben Cannon 

Students enjoy the time between classes to socialize Dave Mertus leaves the weekly College Coffee to go 
with friends. to class. 





Continued from page 188) 

...However, it was the people 
~ students and faculty alike -- 
who instilled meaning in the 

We remembered the Persian 
Gulf War upon its first anni- 
versary. We shared the trag- 
edies of fellow students: a fe- 
male struck by an automobile 
and another who was forced to 
leave Fall Semester for finan- 
cial reasons. We celebrated 
Fightin' Christian victories and 
New Year 1992. We laughed at 
comedians ~ and at each other. 

Finally, eight months after 
Fall Convocation, about 630 
graduates leapt out of Elon. 


.^my Cumming 

During Homecoming week, Michael Beale dressed up 
for skit night. 

CLOSING ^191 •) 

C« 192 •! 



The 1992 volume of Elon College's Phi Psi Ch at Elon College, North 
Carolina was lithographed by Jostens Printing and Publishing of 
Winston Salem, North Carolina. Press run 2000. 192 pages; Trim size 
9 X 12. Gloss paper. Binding Smythe sewn. Base ink color is black. 
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Avant Garde; Arts and Academics-Palatino; Athletics-Zapf Chancery; 
Organizations-Times; Mini Magazine- various styles. Student and 
faculty panel pictures taken by Lifetouch National School Studios - 
Max Ward Division Inc. 

Special thanks from the yearbook staff to Hunt Ward and Terry 
Poovey, our Jostens representatives. 




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