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in 2011 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 

Cumberland University's 
Memorial Hall is the focal 
point of the campus. As 
Lebanon, Tennessee's 
tallest landmark, the 
distinctive clock tower can 
be seen from all over the 

2002 1 

2002 Phoenix Dedication 
Mr. Edward A. Labry III 

Mr. Labry is a graduate of the Cumberland University Class of 1985. He is currently President of Concord EFS 
Inc. and its subsidiary EFS National Bank in Memphis, Tennessee. Concord is one of the leading online debit 
companies and has relationships with seventy percent of the supermarkets and fifty per cent of the top petroleum 
companies in the United States. 

The old Cumberland Univeristy Gymnasium, or "The Dawghouse," has been undergoing extensive renovations by 
means of a monetary contribution made by Mr. Labry. Built in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration, the old 
gym served as the site for Cumberland's intercollegiate basketball games until 1 982 and then as a practice and intramural 
sports facility until the building of the Dallas Floyd Recreation Center. 

The classrooms in Labry Hall are scheduled to be ready for classes in the Fall 2002 term, with the completion of the 
offices to follow. 

Cumberland University wishes to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Labry for his continued support of the 
university, it students, and education. 
2 The Phoenix 

Labry Hall Groundbreaking 

3n March 7, 2002, the groundbreaking ceremony for Labry Hall was held. Many faculty, staff, students, as well as 
xbanon citizens were in attendance. Dr. Kozy welcomed everyone, and the Band of the Phoenix played the National 
Vnthem. Mr. John Pope, President of the Alumni Association, gave the Invocation, and Jeanette Rudy spoke on behalf 
>f the Board of Trust. The Band of the Phoenix played the Cumberland University Alma Mater at the closing of the 

Mr. Edward Labry at the groundbreaking with his wife, 
Elizabeth, and daughters, Allison and Holly. 

Dr. Kozy, Mayor Don Fox, Mr. Labry, Allison, Holly, 
and Elizabeth Labry, County Executive Robert 
Dedman, and Jeanette Rudy break the ground on the 
construction site during the ceremony. 

Labry Hall will combine elements of the old 
gymnasium with new structural designs as well. 

This painting appears on the back wall of the old 
gymnasium. Former Cumberland Coach Van Washer 
painted this bulldog in the 1960s. 

The Cumberland University Band of" the Phoenix look 
on at the ceremony as they wait to begin playing. 

2002 3 

Cumberland University President 
Dr. Charlene Kozy 

Dr. Charlene McCoin-Johnson Kozy is the twenty-fourth President of Cumberland University. 
Along with performing her duties as President of the University, Dr. Kozy instructs a class as well. She 
shows a genuine care and concern for all of the students here and greets each one with a smile and a 
kind word. She can be seen attending many of the sporting events, choral performances, band 
performances, and drama productions. Dr. Kozy shows great pride and confidence in the ability and 
talent of Cumberland University students. In the Fall 2001 issue of "The Cumberland Connection," 
Dr. Kozy says, "I am extremely proud of our student body. I have a new message to tell the world and 
that is... not to worry, we're in good hands." Dr. Kozy has definitely made an impact on Cumberland 
University. Thank you, Dr. Charlene Kozy, for all of your hard work and dedication. 

4 The Phoenix 

Presidential Cabinet 

The members of the Presidential Cabinet and supporting staff also devote a great deal of time and 
energy to Cumberland University. They make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in order 
for students to achieve the best education possible. 

The members of the Presidential Cabinet and staff are pictured from left to right as follows: Dr. J.M. 
Galloway, Dean of Graduate Studies; Dr. C. William McKee, Executive Vice President and Dean of 
Undergraduate Studies; Dr. Charlene Kozy, President; Mrs. Joyce Alcorn, Administrative Assistant to the 
President; Dr. James R. Dressier, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; and Mrs. Judy 
G. Jordan, Director of Fiscal Affairs. 

2002 5 



Dr.AliAbderrezak Dr. Annette Allison Rickl 



David Bodkin 

Melmda Bi me 

r i 

John Hi inn il 

I i. ink Bum- 



Dr. Leanne Busby Dr. Russ Cheatham Dwayne Deering 

Dr Laurie Disliman Dr. Stephen Farnsle) 


Dr Jack Forrest Dr. Martin Fryd 

Dr. J.M. Galloway Dr. Mary Lewis Haley Dr. Stuart Harris 



Dr. Fred Heifner, Jr 

Kelly Henderson 

Richard Henderson 

Dr. Thomas Hutsoi 


|. .dv Mantle 

Fay McRady 


I. —lit ' BK 

Dr. la netta Mi ugan Dr. Pete Petersc in 

. (L 

Monty Pope 

DannyRogers SueSaunders Dr. Michael Thweatt BarbTincher 

Rebecca Tieadwav Dr. Ron Turner 


George W'alden 

Mill h Walters Dr. Barbara Walton I >ianc\\ ikk 

6 The Phoenix 

Joyce Alcorn 

Connie Blair 

Mitchel Bone 

Libby Brown KristieCantrcll Theresa Chiarmonte Scott Clancey 

Sean Corbitt 

Judy Jordan 

Bill Crittenden 

Jane Davis 

Robert Davis Ronald Dickson Rachel Encke Carol Ann Evans 

Cathy Fuston Shane Green Richard Harris Junior Hawkins EmmaHlubb Karen Hobson Sarah Johnston 

ReneKetelsen CharleneKozy Herschel Moore Stephanie Nabaa 


Erin Parchman Debbie Patterson 

Paul Peck 

Melody Pollard 

Pace Pope 

Michelle Noel 

Joyce Reese Jennifer Spears 

Nancy Speck Deborah Simmons Damenyum Springs Joyce Stallings Stephanie Walker Kelly Wright 

2002 7 

Dr. Charlene Kozy was inaugurated as the twenty-fourth President 
of Cumberland University on Thursday, October 18, 2001. 

Presidential Inauguration 

The inauguration was held on the 
univeristy's campus in the beauti- 
ful Baird Chapel. The inaugural 
cermemony included words from 
Mayor Don Fox, County 
Executive Robert Dedman, 
SunTrust Bank President Bob 
/IcDonald, Alumni Association 
President John Pope, SGA Rep- 
resentative Chad Lamb, and 
former First Lady of the University 
Mrs. Mary Clement. Many 
students as well as people of the 
community attended the 

(Above) At the Inaugural Dinner 
held in the Phillips Dining Hall 
later in the evening, Mr. Monty 
Pope served as the Master of 
Ceremonies. He is the Assistant 
Professor of Geography and 
History at Cumberland University. 

8 The Phoenix 

At right, Dr. Kozy talks with a 
young man and young lady. 
Although Dr. Kozy may not know 
all the names of the many stu- 
dents on campus, she sti 
manages to convey care and 
concern to each and every one of 
them with a smile and friendly 

The entire inaugural event was a very memorable one 
indeed. Along with students and citizens of the city of 
Lebanon, the inauguration and the festivities that followed 
were attended by colleagues from fellow universities, faculty 
and staff, and friends and family of Dr. Kozy. 

Many students as well as faculty members were able to 
take a special part in the inaugural events. Cumberland 
University Vocal Instructors Laura Diddle and Philip Tatum 
performed during the ceremony. Sophomore Philip Dickman 
provided the music for the Inaugural Dinner as guests 
celebrated with Dr. Kozy. Following the dinner, guests went 
to the Heydel Fine Arts Center where Cumberland University 
students presented a Fine Arts Gala honoring Dr. Kozy. 

During the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Charlene McCoin- 
Johnson Kozy was invested by Dr. Jeanette Cantrell Rudy, 
Chairman of the Cumberland University Board of Trust. 

The Cumberland University 
Chorale, under the direction of 
Laura Diddle, also performed 
during the inauguration 
ceremony. It was a very spe- 
cial honor for all of the students 
who had the opportunity to 
perform on this very important 
day. The chance to perform at 
this event was a once-in-a- 
lifetime opportunity. 

2002 9 

Cumberland University 

160th Commencement Exercises 

The 160th Commencement Exercises of 
Cumberland University represented a 
milestone in the lives of over 400 
graduates. All of the long hours and hard 
work finally paid off as each gradute walked 
across the stage and reached for a diploma. 

One side of the stage marked the 

completion of a journey; the other marked 
the beginning of a whole new world, as a 
graduate of Cumberland University. 

Rachel Encke, 2002 MSO 

Matthew and Michael Dixon, 
2002 MSP Graduates 

Julie Craig, 2002 Graduate 

10 The Phoenix 

May 11, 2002 

The Commencement Address was delivered by The Honorable Roy Brasfield 
Herron, Senator of the 24th District of the State of Tennessee General Assembly. 
Mr. Herron told the graduates about his father graduating from Cumberland many 
years before. Mr. Brasfield then proceeded to explain the nine most important 
words to live by: Pray Hard, Play Hard, Work Hard, and Love Your Family. 
The entire day was filled with many congratulations, laughter, and tears. The 
feelings of pride and joy could be seen not only on the graduates' faces, but also on 
the faces of loved ones and friends. We would like to take this opportunity to 
congratulate the Cumberland University Class of 2002 on a job well done and wish 
them luck for a bright future. 

Far left: The processional is led by The 
Nashville Pipes and Drums playing 
Highland Medley. 

Left: Dr. Fred E. Heifner, Jr. delivers the 
Invocation at the start of the 
Commencement ceremony. 
Below left: The Cumberland Chorale, 
under the direction of Ms. Laura Diddle, 
sing The Star Bangled Banner as well as All 
That Hath Life and Breath Praise Ye the Lord!, 
by Rene Clausen. 

Below right: Dr. Alice Nunnery is presented 
with The President's Award for Teaching 
Excellence voted on by the graduates. The 
graduates felt that Dr. Nunnery was one of 
the professors who did the most to prepare 
them for the future. 

2002 11 

Cumberland University Board of Trust 

Cumberland University is operated by a self-perpetuating Board of Trust. Trustees represent many broad and varied 
interests, abilities, and experiences. The Board of Trust is charged with fulfilling the duties of making policy 
decisions and ensuring the future advancement of Cumberland University. Pictured above is the current Chairpersor 
of the Board of Trust, Jeanette C. Rudy. The Executive Committee of the Board of Trust includes Joe F. Bryant, 
Vice Chairperson; Edward L. Thackston, Secretary-Treasurer; Martha M. Bradshaw, Kenneth J. Hawkins, Fran 
Moscardeli, Harry Vise, and Sandra G. Welborn. 

12 The Phoenix 

First Annual Distinguished Alumni Awards 

Vward of the Phoenix 

This award honors those who have 
ontributed in some way to the ideals 
tnd traditions of Cumberland 
Jniversity. These people have gained 
listinction in serving others. 
Right) Sam Stratton Bone, Jr., was 
i member of the Class of 1958. Mr. 
3one represents House District 46 in 
he State of Tennessee's General 
Assembly and was named Legislator 
if the year by the Tennessee 
)evelopment District Association in 

Award of the Phoenix 

(Left) Mr. Edward A. Labry, III, was 
the final receipient of the Award of 
the Phoenix. He graduated from 
Cumberland University in the Class 
of 1985 and is now the President of 
one of the leading online debit 
companies in the United States. 

Distinguished Alumnus 

This award recognizes outstanding 
professional accomplishments and 
devoted service to a chosen career. 
(Right) Mrs. Jacqueline West 
Cowden graduated from 
Cumberlnad College in 1975 and 
received a Master of Science 
degree in Human Relations 
Management from Cumberland 
University in 1995. She is now the 
Vice-President of Custom 
Packaging, Inc. in Lebanon. 

Award of the Phoenix 

(Left) Mr. Sid Durham also received 
the Award of the Phoenix. He has 
been involved in many fundraising 
events across Middle Tennessee and 
is a long time friend of Cumberland 
University. He has been the 
coordinator of the Phoenix Ball for 
the last ten years and has been 
successful in adding elegance 
and style to many university events. 

ifoung Alumnus Award 

"his award is given to an alumnus 
vho has gained establishment in his 
ir her field of study, takes an active 
ole in the community, and has a 
trong commitment to Cumberland 

Right) This year's winner was Ms. 
Kristin Melese Murray, a 1997 
;raduate of Cumberland. She 
eceived a Juris Doctorate from The 
Cumberland School of Law at 
lamford University and is currently 
partner with the law firm Wilson, 
lenegar & Murray in Shelbyville, 

Cane Award 

This award is presented to an alum- 
nus having the most life experience 
that attends Homecoming. 
(Left) This year's award was 
presented to Ms. Blanche Catron. 
She is a 1936 graduate of Cumberland 
University with a Bachelor of Arts 

Keynote Speaker 

(Left) Mr. Richard Smith 
was the keynote speaker 
for the awards ceremony. 
He is a past President of 
the Alumni Association. 

2002 13 

The Process 

Possible donors had to go through a 
short screening process to ensure that 
guidelines were met. Below, Rachell 
Jones answers a few questions before 

"One cannot do 
everything, but even/one 
can do something." 


Cumberland University did its best 
to offer support and encouragement 
in a time of great distress and 
uncertainty. On our campus: 

The flag was lowered to half mast even 
before the strikes had actually ended, and 
a voluntary prayer service was held at the 
flagpole with students and faculty 
gathering in large number. Major Carl 
Wallace also spoke to students concerning 
US military involvement and terrorism. 

A blood drive was held in the gymnasium. 
The goal of 35 pints was exceeded when 39 
pints were donated by the end of the day. 
All sporting events were cancelled out of 
respect for the victims and their families. 
Students put flags on their vehicles and 
patriotic posters in their dorm room 

A security task force meeting was held on 
October 5, 2001. A Safety Committee 
made up of faculty, staff, students, and 
administration was formed to put together 
a disaster preparation plan for Cumberland 

Giving Life 

Many students chose to give support 
to victims and workers by donating 
blood. Below, Jonathon Winnett does 
his part to help fellow Americans. 


Many students and faculty offered 
support through thoughts and 
prayers. Everyone seemed to be 
in a state of shock and unbelief. 

14 The Phoenix 



Left: Many people that chose to give blood during the blood drive 
faced quite a long wait after signing in. However, the opportunity 
to help out fellow Americans in a time of crisis was well worth the 

Below: The voluntary prayer service was held in memory of those 
that lost their lives, in honor of their families, and in thanks to 
workers who were searching for survivors. Some people offered 
prayers, while others simply took a moment to reflect on the 
situation and somehow come to an understanding. 




Many people were completely 
shocked at the occurances on 
September 1 1 . Students and 
faculty seemed to wear expres- 
sions of disbelief for days. 

Power in Great Numbers 

Above: There were a great 
number of people attending the 
prayer service. They were 
scattered about the front of 
Memorial Hall surrounding the 


Although donating blood may 
be somewhat uncomfortable, 
everyone who donated 
seemed to be happy to do 
whatever they could to help 
those in need. 

2002 15 

The Phoenix Ball 

The annual Phoenix Ball was held on June 2, 2001. The theme ions "By the Light of the Silvery Moon." Many 
faculty and staff members, honored guests, and students attended the event. Special guests included 
representatives of the Nashville Zoo who collected donations for the Nursing and Science Building that is to be 
built. All proceeds from The Phoenix Ball sponsored the roof repairs to Memorial Hall. 

The Chairpersons for the event were Representative Sam 
Stratton Bone, Jr. and his wife Marty. 

The Honorees for the night were the Faculty of 
Cumberland University. Dr. Fred Heifner, Jr., along 
with Monty and Pace Pope enjoyed the evening. 

Dr. Joe Bryant and wife Pat also attended the ball. 

Many students attend the Phoenix Ball. Above is Bob 
Connors and his guest for the evening. Other students 
volunteer as servers, parking valets, and hostesses. 

16 The Phoenix 

2002 Graduates 

The Mace of Cumberland University is a symbol of the power of 
knowledge and the significance of a liberal arts education. At the top is a 
globe, which represents the world of lifelong learning. As the symbol of 
Cumberland University, the Phoenix rises from the fire of ideas atop the 

2002 17 

Chasity Adams 

Kevin Adkins 

Leslie Allen 

Asbed Avedikian 

James Barksdale 

Taylor Binkley 

Drew Boggs 

Derrick Bozeman 

I <>i,i Bradshau 

Shee Brashears 

[ason Brewer 

Wes Bright 

Bridget Brownlee 

Hermann Buchert 

Sara Byrd 

Joeann Carr 

Terra Carlisle 

Steve Caruthers 

Samantha Cash 

Carissa Chirwood 

Branson Clark 

Cortney Clark 

Thomas Coffman 

Isaac Coppens 

Julie Craig 

Jennifer Crain 

Christy Crawford 

Eddie R. Cnpps Jr. 

Katie Cummings 

Kris Cummings 

Robyn Daniel 

Molly Darling 

Robert Davenport 

Shanna David 

Jason Deathridge 

Daniel Deffendall 

Stephanie Dender 

Elijah Dies 

Amber Dillehav 

Shane Duke 

Marl I 7 va n s 

Jeanine Eyrich 

Erica Finney 

Brent Fisher 

Brandon Flatt 

Wendy Fleming 

Stacey Flowers 

Scott Fullerton 

18 The Phoenix 


*l| |^ 

' _ ^^^ 


_. A 

Andrea Gardenhire 
Beth Garrison 
Sabra Gentry 
Terry Gerald 
Diane Gilley 
Jackie Gregory 

Jared Gregory 
Amanda Gunter 
Scarlett Hamilton 
Jae Hanes 
April Harper 
Toddrick Harris 

Eric Hatzell 
Melissa Hayes 
Sandy Henderson 
Kelley Hesson 
Karen Hobson 
Heidi Hooberry 

Tara Hulse 
Betty Huxford 
Vickie Jackson 
Connie Jacobson 
Chris Johnson 
Christy Johnson 

Joseph Johnson 
Heather Jones 
Jessica Jones 
Amanda Jordan 
Jeremy Jordan 
Tonya Keith 

Mel Kessler 
Joshua Klaus 
William Laney 
Melissa Lauper 
Alana Lee 
Gayla Lepley 

Chris Martinez 
Susanne Matthews 
Wendy McConnell 
Kellie McDaniel 
Hilary Mercer 
Beth Meyer 

Carol Mitchell 
Neisha Moore 
Ronald Moseley 
Rebecca Mungle 
Rhonda Mungle 
Ivan Murguia 

2002 19 

Taylor Murphv 

Charlotte Murray 

Douglas Neal 

Peggv Neal 

Diandra O'Bryan 

Marisa Ogle 

Russti Oldham 

Paul Orr 

Elizabeth Owen 

Clarissa Parrish 

Brad Patterson 

Julie Penney 

Cam Phillips 

Dolota Pittmann 

Donzaleigh Powell 

Jeremy Reich 

Karla Robinson 

Ricky Roll 

Jennifer Rowland 

Kathy Saine 

Betty Sanders 

Sadie Saullo 

Mike Schilling 

Mary Beth Sellers 

Oriana Serena 

Sarah Shocklev 

Melissa Simpson 

Nathan Smith 

Robbie Smith 

Ginger Snvder 

Bnttney Solomon 

Craig Streets 

Jamie Sweeney 

Casey Sykes 

Arjana Tahiraj 

Genti Tahiraj 

Kurt Tallstrom 

Miranda Terry 

Christy Thackxton 

Mary Thompson 

Laura Todd 

Tiffany Tomlinson 

Celesta Turner 

Christina Tuttle 

Zach Upchurch 

Michael Van Horn 

Alissa Vinson 

Jessica Washburn 

3f .,. 

ibt H> 

20 The Phoenix 

Melanie Wheeler 
Jamie White 
Desinda Whitehead 
Amber Whitlow 
David Wilhoite 
Lisa Willett 

Cheri Williams 
Joseph A. Williams 
Candace Woodall 
Lynn Worsley 
Caroline Wright 
Amanda Yates 

Glenn Yates 
Misti Yates 

Master of Arts in Education 

Renee Albert 
Paul Allen 
April Austin 
Maria Baker 
Bridget Barnett 
Mike Berer 

Angela Billings 
Doug Binkley 
Sandy Binkley 
Joan Blackwell 
Diane Bolden 
Cherrv M. Bolgeo 

Peter C. Bolgeo 
Tonya Bowles 
Karen Boykin 
Abigail Brav 
Sondra Brooks 
Rachel Brown 

Shirley Burger 
Ruby S. Bush 
Melissa Byard 
Billie Michelle Carter 
Laura Carter 
Libbv Claborn 

Sonja Coates 
Cindy Copeland 
Dale Cotten 
Sharon Counce 
Mark Curry 
Larrv Davis 

2002 21 

Made Donald 
Sencery Dotson 
Magie Dowell 
I a nice Dugger 
Lesley Eakins 
Sabrina Easley 

Floyd Elliott 
Sandra Elliott 
Cheryl Ellison 
Phyllis Finney 

Chrissy Fite 
Cheene Flvnn 

Rory Foster 

Mauri Foust 

Janice Franks 

Kim Glover 

Lyndell Goldston 

Lynn Goss 

\ra,iiulj I laddi ii I- 

Pamela Harris 

Mary Jane Golding Hawthorne 

Delisa Hayslett 

Kelly Hernandez 

Rosa Hickman 

Karen Hollman 

Christy Holt 

Karen Hughes 

Charles Hurt 

Melissa Ingles 

Julianne Ivy 

Jamie James 

Barbara W. Johnson 

Lynnae Johnson 

Amanda Jones 

Clarence Jones 

Ida Jones 

Kathy Karnes 
Lynett Kawano 
Katherine King 

Lori Lankford 
Clarice Loggins 

Barbara Marks 

Larry Markus 

Vicki Markus 

Stephanie Mayfield 

Rita Maynard 

Laura McManus 

Kim Meadows 

22 The Phoenix 

Deanna Mears 
Melanie Mock 
Marilyn Norman 
Anne O'Shea 
Carrie Tucker Park 
Terry Patient 

Amy Payne 
Jeana Peale 
Carolyn Pearson 
Kristy Peltier 
Lucy Pennebaker 
Joseph Perry 

Lark Petty 
Deena Phillipy 
Terri Plunk 
Emma Porter 
Jane Powell 
Dinah Prewitt 

Shelley Pritchard 
Valerie Rains 
Joy Adams Reese 
Lisa Richardson 
Tammy Ricketts 
Marsha Roach 

Annie Robertson 
Jan Rogers 
Barbara Rook 
Judy Ryan 
Glynis Saulsbury 
Karen Schoenly 

Arren Scott 
Shadonica Scruggs 
Becky Seavers 
Donna Sellers 
Kathleen Shadow 
Karen Sims 

Susan Skaff 
Amie Smith 
Laura Smith 
Shannon Smith 
Sharon Stavrum 
Marsha Stinson 

Jana Strader 
Shari Suggs 
Donna Tate 
Stacy Thomas 
Becky Thyhsen 
Yolanda Toney 

2002 23 

Joslyn Trotter 

Valerie Vanatta 

Caren Venable 

Karen Waddell 

Joarrn Wagoner 

Melanie Washington 

Deborah Webster 

Tonya Weddle 

Lillian White 

Sandra Wood 

Teresa Woods 

Christopher Andy Yarbrough 

Alicia Yelkovich 

Master of Business 

Thomas G. Brousseau 

Harold Dickerson, Jr. 

Ed Miller 

Andrea Moore 

Greg Morris 

Chad Phillips 

Karen Shelton 

Scott Tongate 

Samuel Woods 

Master of Science 

Organizational & Hitman 

Relations Management 

Deedee Allen 

Barbara Biggers 

Tina Bonner 

Vanessa Bridge 

Angela Brooks 

Libbv Brown 

Greg Bunch 

Kristie Cantrell 

Jason Daugherty 

Jennifer Daughertv 

Kimberly Drew 

Rachel Encke 

Danelle Fields 

David Gazelev 

Paula Getz 

Hope Givens 

Rene Ketelsen 

Steven McCarthy 

24 The Phoenix 

Temicka Phillips 
Tanya Watts 
Jennifer Zinsmeister 

Master of Science 
Public Service Management 

Myron Beasley 
Darryl Brownlee 
Lucy Q. Campa 
Angela Carnahan 
Myria Carpenter 
Rebecca Correll-Marshall 

Lisa Cross 
Margie Davis 
Matthew Dixon 
Michael Dixon 
Chiquithia Fells 
Marjan Gharacholou 

Vivian Gray 
Michael Green 
Abdishakur Ibrahim 
Sharon Johnson 
Kenneth Jones 
Roy L. Jones 

Heath Kane 
Venetia King 
Alisa Malone 
David Lee Mundt 
Don Oaks 
Sonia Onadeko 

Drema Perry-Mace 
Loretta Phillips 
Thomas Lee Quarles 
Scott Ridgway 
Jacqueline Sawyers-Bryant 
Patrick Shea 

Gary Shoats 
Cynthia Sibert 
David Smith 
Michelle Theriault 
Katie Yancey 

2002 25 


2 6 The Phoenix 

Jason Brewer 
Wesley Bright 
Jeremiah Brooks 
Sara Byrd 

Steve Caruthers 
Carissa Chitwood 
Cortney Clark 
Chris Cooper 

Julie Craig 
Amanda Deason 
Jason Deathridge 
Brent Fisher 

Beth Garrison 
Terry Gerald 
Jason Hand 
Todd Harris 

Brian Jones 
Amanda Jordan 
Jeremy Jordan 
Mel Kessler 

Amanda Knight 
Adam Laney 
Leslie Lofton 
Ronald Moseley 

2002 27 

Susanne Matthews 

Sam Moses 

Russti Oldham 

Barry Payne 

Donzaleigh Powell 

Michelle Prickett 

Chris Rivers 

Kim Roberts 

Scott Russell 

Mary Beth Sellers 

Oriana Serena 

Rebecca Soto 

Genti Tahiraj 

Miranda Terry 

Betty Timmons 

Tiffany Tomlinson 

Zach Upchurch 

Mike Van Horn 

Brenda Williams 

Chen Williams 

Misti Yates 

28 The Phoenix 


2002 29 

Kimberly Anderson 

Courtney Andrews 

John Brown 

Shawn Burkins 

Monica Carnahan 

Westley Collier 

Marcus Copeland 

Pieter Faasen 

Rebecca Gross 

Chad Hanna 

Josh Harris 

Charma Hawkins 

Danielle Henry 
Sean Hlliard 

Tonya Hodge 
Becky Jones 
Stacie Jones 

Jarod Juillerat 

Chad Lamb 

Daniel Lawrence 

Phillip Macklin 

Lisa Malone 

Erin Manning 

Laura Marsh 

Tiffany Martin 
Valerie Martin 
Roy Massey 
Katarzyna Plachta 
Heath Schoen 
Kathryn Smith 

Kyle Sykes 

Dustin Veatch 

Jessica Vetetoe 

April Watts 
Berford Whitson 
Brannon Young 

Zach Zemenick 

3 The Phoenix 


2002 31 

Jeni Boyette 

Christina Brasel 

Kara Bridges 

Ben Collier 

Steven Cotton 

Francesca DeBondt 

Philip Dickman 

Allison Dugger 

Jennifer Earl 

Jenny Gilbert 

Cassandra Goolsby 

Stephen Green 

Andrew Gregory 

Brandon Grieves 

Alfonzo Jackson 

Toni Johnson 

Jeremy Lewis 

Ashlee Long 

Will Martin 

Misty Miller 

Jenny Norton 

Teona Oldham 

Adam Parke 

Taylor Porch 

Shelley Rowlett 

Lisa Shaffer 

Heather Smith 

Rebecca Smith 

Staci Stinson 

Charles Tsangamwe 

Amanda Waller 

Kellie Watkins 

Jessie Willingham 

Jonathon Wlnnett 

Barbara Zajac 

32 The Phoenix 


2002 33 

Brandon Abbott 

Timineri Aboh 

Sarah Agee 

Curt Baker 

Charles Bartlett 

Chris Bartlett 

Jennifer Bush 

Tony Butler 

Hannah Clayton 

David Dol 

Frankie Beth Dunklin 

Autumn Eades 

Ashley Freeman 

Sam Fox 

Marquis Garvin 

lllisa Gay 

Erich Graeflin 

Jennifer Gray 

Bethany Griffin 

Heather Hackney 

Michelle Hall 

April Harris 

Mark Henry 

Michael Hite 

Beth Howell 

Scott Hughes 

Larry Ivery 

Dustin Johnson 

Josh Jones 

Rachel Jones 

rhe Phoenix 

Michael Lynn 
Jason McMurtry 
Emily McQuary 
Zach McWhirter 
Lindsay Montana 

Jason Parks 
Sir David Pettus 
Ryan Richert 
Jessica Sanders 
Nikki Sanders- 

Ryan Sprouse 
Megan Stacey 
Jacqueline Sterrett 
Brooke Tackett 
Nathan Tate 

Amy Town 
Tori Tromphour 
Amy Vaughn 
Jill Walker 
Mary Webb 

Brooke Weston 
Tanya Whitmer 
Amber Woodard 
Stefanie Wuenscher 

2002 35 

: aculty, Staff&Sjudents 


Not Previously 


Dr. Mostafa Aleseyed 

Lee Garner 

James Boyd 

Sebastian Garcia 

Tiffany Lee 

Carla Beckham 

Dave Gazeley 

Bernie Bradley 

Adam Garrett 

Josh Legg 

Dr. Charles Bradshaw 

Dena Gehris 

Randy Brady 

Shawn Garrett 

Jeremy Lewis 

Dr. Gregory Brown 

David Gill 

Turkessia Branson 

Hershey Gehris 

April Ley man 

Danny Bryan 

Stephen Graham 

Christina Brasel 

Adam Gilbert 

Tara Lockman 

Dr. Charles Cassetty 

Constance Hudgins 

Corena Bray 

Misty Givens 

Jordan Looper 

Jane Davis 

Tom Huston 

April Brewington 

Dave Glaser 

Brad Lovejoy 

Laura Diddle 

Bryan Johnson 

Caleb Brock 

Joanna Gomez 

Benji Maggart 

Dr. Mary Fitzgerald 

Barbara Jones 

Denise Brown 

Cassie Goolsby 

Chris Mahnich 

Melissa Gill 

Pat Lawson 

Marci Burnett 

Stu Gore 

William Martin 

Woody Hunt 

Linda Major 

Leanna Burton 

David Gravely 

Christian Martinez 

Dr. Dorthy Jenkins 

John Martin 

Chris Byrd 

Beth Gray 

April Mathis 

Alice Johnson-Davis 

Steve McCarthy 

Roily Caballes 

Steve Green 

Dodie McClanahan 

Dr. Drew Landry 

Lou Morasse 

Fonda Carpenter 

Steve Gunter 

Ashley McCormick 

Dr. Kathy Lowery 

Regena Poss 

Stacey Caudle 

Karen Ha 

Brian McDaniel 

Dr. John Markert 

Bob Purvis 

Chris Chastain 

Scott Hale 

Gabe Mc Kinney 

Glenn Martin 

John Ray 

Theresa Chiarmonte 

Garrett Hall 

Monty McQuaid 

Michele Martins 

Christin Reagan 

Dave Christian 

Scarlett Hamilton 

Brooke McQuerry 

Dr. Larry Menefee 

Lisa Roberts 

Michelle Clemmons 

Narlane Hampton 

Rachel McVicker 

Sharon Mitchell 

Gary Robinson 

B.J. Coffman 

Danita Harvey 

Patrick Meier 

Jason Mulholland 

Helen Shepherd 

Kimberly Colson 

Chris Hawkins 

Jordan Milsom 

Michele Noel 

Heath Springer 

Barry Conatser 

Andrew Hicks 

Samantha Mofield 

John Noel 

Carol Strout 

Allison Cook 

Hunter Hicks 

Marquise Moncrief 

Dr. Alice Nunnery 

Phillip Tatum 

Jenny Cotten 

Aaron Hoath 

Martha Montiel 

Paul Peck 

Rob Turner 

Art Criscoe 

Quentin Hodge 

Jorge Moreno 

Peggy Powell-Gray 

Larry Vaughn 

Mark Cuneo 

Catherine Holland 

Kristi Morgan 

Richard Ripani 

Melissa Vaughn 

Justin Damron 

Brandon Hollie 

David Mosley 

Dr. Evan Rivers 

Anton Visser 

Adam Davidson 

Matt Hoist 

Jason Mulholland 

Dr. Richard Shriver 

Michael Warfield 

Andrew Davis 

Jennifer Hopper 

Jackie Murphy 

Dr. Bobbie Speck 

Kaatje Woodard 

Leslie Davis 

Nick Horton 

Jennfier Murphy 

Dr. Bobbie Staley 

Francesca DeBondt 

Rick Hoskins 

Jessica Myers 

Beverly Swisshelm 


Derek DePew 

Ricky Huddleston 

Josh Newsome 

Phillip Tatum 

Shaun Adams 

Chad Dinsmore 

Angela Humphrey 

Craig Nicholls 

Vicki Terry 

Shelay Alexander- Wright 

Ashlee Dixon 

Heather Jacobs 

Perry Nix 

Betty Tripplett 

Jennifer Allen 

Michele Dozier 

Justin Jarrell 

Katie Nixon 

Jana Williams 

Derek Allison 

Jeremy Drennon 

Toni Johnson 

Ossie Ocasio 

Dr. Connie Wright 

James Anders 

Jacob Dunn 

Calvin Jones 

Jessica Owen 

Sean Anderson 

Mike Dunn 

Chuck Jones 

Zach Padgett 


Terry Baker 

Leondra Eady 

Deanna Jones 

Derrick Palmer 

Robert Beard 

Amber Bales 

Jennifer Earl 

Jennifer Jones 

Chris Paredes 

Carolyn Blake 

Caleb Barrett 

Travis Easterly 

Kitty Jones 

Dana Parish 

Melinda Bone 

Lynn Barrett 

Christan Eddie 

Misty Jones 

Jonathan Parker 

John Boniol 

Chris Bartlett 

Will Edmonds 

Andrew Karpinski 

Brian Patterson 

Danny Bryan 

Becca Bean 

Carole Edmondson 

Robert Key 

Mark Photivihok 

Maurice Clark 

Mary Belcher 

Chuck Elder 

Zohreh Khanzadeh 

Trista Pirtle 

Amanda Cook 

Lyndsay Bingham 

Carol Ann Evans 

Michael Kimsey 

Bernard Pointer 

Terry Dabney 

Ronald Blache 

Jennifer Evitts 

Josh King 

Kristina Popovic 

Ramona Duckworth 

Jason Blackburn 

Ann Finley 

Cornell Kirk 

Taylor Porch 

Wes Elrod 

Ray Blackwell 

Brittney Fletcher 

Heather Kress 

Barbara Porter 

Doreen Farnsley 

Christopher Blair 

Kay Follis 

James Kyle 

Brent Potter 

Donnie Ford 

Jeremy Blumenstein 

Amy Fowler 

Josh Lackey 

Brenda Prince 

Jimmy Foutch 

Michael Bochette 

Nic Frederick 

Josh Lampert 

Sarah Ramos 

Edward Freytag 

Tim Bogue 

Melodee Freeman 

Tammy Lankes 

Ashley Ramsey 

Deborah Gardner 

Kim Bowman 

Greg Freudenthal 

Keonia Layden 

Christin Reagan 

36 The Phoenix 

Zack Redish 
Juan Repetto 
Fernando Reyes 
Glenn Reynolds 
Jerry Rice 
Chris Rickles 
Ashley Rigsby 
Rich Ripani 
jShelley Rowlett 
Dawn Rudge 
iTony Russell 
Paul Ryder 
Miranda Sanders 
Kim Scruggs 
Garry Sexton 
iMichael Shaw 
jFrank Sheadrick 
iChris Sheltra 
Gwen Shores 
Lindsey Shuman 
iRhonda Si mays 
■Beth Simpson 
Belinda Sink 
Cheyenne Smith 
Chris Smith 
Kibwe Smith 
Leslie Smith 
riana Smith 
William Smith 
Peggy Smith 
Cade Somers 
Trey Sonaggera 
Curtis Spangler 
Zach Spears 
Lauren Speck 
David S pence 
Pauline Steinbrink 
Anna Strunk 
Aomalo Suesue 
Lena Sukowatey 
Brittany Taylor 
Michael Teasley 
Nathan Terry 
ijKristina Thompson 
Randi Thompson 
jSherita Thompson 
-Summer Thornton 
jiTrey Tidwell 
Randy Torres 
Charles Tsangamwe 
Hayden Tucker 
John Turner 
|(osh Underhill 
IDelorse Vaden 
|(osh Van Der Weide 
jiVlike Van Houten 
Nicholas Vantrease 
IVIatt Vaughn 
\manda Vincent 
lake Vincent 

Patricia Waggoner 
Claude Walker 
Dale Walker 
Jennifer Walsh 
Mike Walthall 
Stephen Wampler 
Ricardo Warfield 
Holly Warrick 
Chris Washer 
Holly Wauford 
Brandy Welch 
Christa Welch 
Bob West 
Stephen Westbeld 
Mike White 
Al Whitworth 
Brandon Williams 
Jessie Willingham 
Mandy Winfree 
Jonathan Winnett 
Jeff Winsett 
Sherry Wiser 
Andy Worley 
Jim Yarbrough 
John Young 
Joyce Young 
Barbara Zajac 
Justin Zemanick 


Brian Allison 
Regina Angel 
Channing Bailey 
Brittany Barrett 
Josh Baulch 
Nikki Baxter 
Eddie Bell 
Reginald Bell 
Travis Berry 
Amy Biddle 
Tessa Bouldin 
Dane Bowers 
Mike Bradshaw 
Chandra Brown 
Tiesuan Brown 
LaShonda Burkins 
Becky Burris 
Brandon Cantrell 
Frank Carpenter 
Juan Champion 
Mary Clariday 
Napoleon Clark 
Rebecca Clark 
Mez Clements 
Bob Connors 
Leah Dalley 
Brent Dalton 
Gindy Davis 
Jake Davis 
Lacy Denney 

Shannah Dennis 
Manuel Diaz 
Dana Dickens 
Gena Dillard 
Malvina Dye 
Lucas England 
Christina Escue 
Daniela Etter 
Marcia Falks 
Kyle Fann 
Shane Fitzpatrick 
Andrew Flakoll 
Bobbie Forrester 
Coe Foutch 
Kimberly Franklin 
Todd Frye 
Karen Garner 
Natasha Glenn 
Brandi Gordon 
Staci Graham 
Jared Grindstaff 
Eric Harrison 
Kortney Harrison 
Gerric Hayes 
Zac Hightower 
Abdo Innab 
Melissa Johnson 
Heather Jones 
Fatmata Kamara 
LaSaundra Keith 
Victor Kidd 
Jared Krehbiel 
Joey Leichman 
Stephen Lewis 
Laura Beth Linville 
Sharon Little 
Stuart Lowry 
Joseph Malone 
Valerie Martin 
Robby Massengale 
Roy Massey 
Ashley McClanahan 
Monica McCoin 
Donnie McCool 
Terrance McCray 
Laura McMillen 
Justin Miles 
Gilbert Miranda 
Eadie Nail 
Jeremy Nance 
Tosha Nash 
Christy Nelson 
Kenneth Nevels 
Brad Nipper 
Tirzon Nunez 
Chris Obergas 
Christy OConnell 
Donna Ogan 
Casey Pelletier 
Luke Photivihok 

Jennifer Piercey 
Jonathan Pratt 
Brandi Quinn 
Darrin Reynolds 
Justin Rogers 
Alyssa Rosenheck 
Tony Sabio 
Amy Sams 
Pepe Santiago 
Matt Schoen 
Donnie Scruggs 
Stacy Shell 
Bill Slavens 
Darlene Smith 
Erik Smith 
Jeremy Smith 
Suszane Stansbury 
Bryan Stewart 
Sonya Stone 
Yuwonka Stubbs 
Jessica Sugg 
Cam Suggs 
Richard Sweet 
Lynne Taylor 
Gary Teal 
Luke Troutt 
Timothy Vanderpool 
Amanda Waller 
April Warren 
Carlos Watkins 
April Watts 
Tony White 
Alex Williams 
Amber-Michelle Will- 

Robby Williams 
Melissa Wolfe 
Rachel Wyllie 
Tara Wyllie 


Floyd Adkins 
Dianne All 
Jeffery Allison 
Jessica Armstrong 
Brent Arnold 
Brandy Baird 
Rachel Baird 
Wynn Baker 
Kim Baughn 
Jeff Beam 
Debbye Beckett 
Brion Berrios 
Lynda Bess 
Taylor Binkley 
Melanie Blair 
Nicholas Bouzos 
Crystal Brock 
Jeremiah Brooks 
Hermann Buchert 

Carolyn Burchfield 
David Burgess 
Tennille Byrd 
Paige Cantrell 
Rob Carter 
Annita Carver 
Jeremy Castillo 
Brian Clemmons 
Tom Coffman 
Chris Cooper 
Mary Cooper 
Bill Cosby 
Trevor Crafton 
Kyla Creasy 
Lane Crockarell 
Pam Crues 
Tammy Curry 
Angela Davis 
Briton Davis 
Amanda Deason 
Rachel Derrick 
Katrina Dillard 
Lisa Dillingham 
Kim Douglas 
Sheree Driver 
Heath Duke 
Kerrie Evans 
Lewis Farley 
Amy Feinstein 
Feliz Feliz 
Erica Ford 
Billy Forrester 
Erin Freeland 
Daniel Friel 
Faye Fuqua 
Cathy Fuston 
Angie Gill 
Michael Gregory 
Matt Grindstaff 
Jonathan Grooms 
Rachel Guenther 
Randy Gugenheim 
Linh Hall 
Pam Hardin 
Jason Harlin 
Lora Harlin 
Lala Harris 
Matt Harris 
Terry Harris 
Matt Hatley 
Junior Hernandez 
Kyndyll Hicks 
Misty Hobbs 
Alison Holland 
William Howard 
Joe Huddleston 
Mark Hutchens 
Matt Hutto 
Rachel Jackson 
Lee Johnson 

2002 37 

Rachel Johnson 
Becky Jones 
Dominetta Jones 
Nathan Jones 
Becky King 
Amanda Knight 
Eric Lankford 
John David Larson 
Jill Lasley 
Rob Lawwill 
Molly Ledford 
Jamie Lee 
Melvin Legon 
Tae Likely 
Melissa Lillard 
Khealan Locke 
Leslie Loftin 
Tiffany Martin 
Ashley Mathews 
John McElroy 
Erica Melton 
Julie Miller 
Shirley Mitchell 
Alex Molares 
Cristina Moore 
Sam Moore 
Tiffany Moore 
Amanda Moser 
Jennifer Moser 
Carrie Myers 
Mike Navratil 
Tabitha Neal 
Quasean Nicholson 
Michael Parker 
Meshawn Patterson 
Gerhard Patzold 
Barry Payne 
Mary Payne 
Alex Perry 
Terry Petty 
Kristen Pierce 
Dolota Pittmann 
Amanda Ray 
Kim Reed 
Jeremy Reich 
Wendy Richards 
Barbara Roberts 
Scott Russell 
Chelsea Sallerson 
Kristin Sanford 
Matt Schimanski 
Kelly Shankle 
Nate Shearon 
Jamie Sircy 
Brandi Smith 
LaKita Smith 
Chuck Stegall 
Ryan Stephens 
Michael Stevenson 
Nicole Stevenson 

Ben Sweet 
Genti Tahiraj 
Christy Thackxton 
Curtis Thomas 
Rachel Thomas 
Zach Threlkeld 
Elizabeth Traugott 
Daniel Tucker 
Jim Upchurch 
Kathy Warmath 
Dustin Washam 
Mary Beth Wedekind 
Cheryl Williams 
Bratcher Wilson 
Richard Wilson 
Susan Winfree 
Glenn Yates 
Zach Zemenick 


Chasity Adams 
Kevin Adkins 
Leslie Allen 
Todd Austin 
Asbed Avedikian 
Barbara Baker 
Paul Barksdale 
Mike Bay 
Bobby Beasley 
Brandy Beasley 
Drew Boggs 
Michele Botschner 
Derrick Bozeman 
Lora Bradshaw 
Angela Brashears 
Ronnie Braxton 
Mike Brinson 
Kim Brown 
Bridget Brownlee 
Tawanda Bryant 
Schantel Burgess 
Chad Butts 
Kippy Campbell 
Melissa Campbell 
Terra Carlisle 
Brandy Can' 
Joe Ann Carr 
Samantha Cash 
Shaun Child 
Branson Clark 
Neisha Coleman 
Isaac Coppens 
Larisha Corder 
Jennifer Crain 
Christy Crawford 
Jenny Crockett 
Katie Cummings 
Kris Cummings 
Allison Cunningham 
Jerett Cushins 

Robyn Daniel 
Molly Darling 
Miles Davenport 
Shanna David 
Johnny Davis 
Cory Deffendall 
Stephanie Dender 
Linda Diate 
Eli Dies 

Amber Dillehay 
Taylor Dillehay 
Shane Duke 
Amy Dukes 
Suzanne Dunn 
Ami Ellis 
Mark Evans 
Jeanine Eyrich 
Pamela Farish 
Erica Finney 
Brandon Flatt 
Wendy Fleming 
Stacey Flowers 
Adriane Franks 
Scott Fullerton 
Andrea Gardenhire 
Dena Gehris 
Sabra Gentry 
Wynn Gentry 
Diane Gilley 
Buster Gravel 
Jennifer Graves 
Shane Green 
Jacqueline Gregory 
Jared Gregory 
Rachel Gross 
Mandy Gunter 
Scott Hallums 
Jae Anne Hanes 
April Harper 
Yvonne Harper 
Levar Harris 
Chad Harvey 
Chatica Hathaway 
Eric Hatzell 
Melissa Hayes 
Karen Helton 
Sandy Henderson 
Kelly Hesson 
Karen Hicks 
Karen Hobson 
Josh Holland 
Travis Holland 
Heidi Hooberry 
Karen Hudson 
Tara Hulse 
Gail Humes 
Betty Huxford 
Tuesday Hyatt 
Vickie Jackson 
Connie Jacobson 

Diandra James 
Brandon Johnson 
Chris Johnson 
Christy Johnson 
Joseph Johnson 
Valentine Johnson 
J.J. Jones 
Tonya Keith 
Kerry Kell 
Tina Kennedy 
Thomas Kessler 
Joshua Klaus 
Andy Lange 
Melissa Lauper 
Eric Law 
Alana Lee 
Thomas Lee 
Tiant Lee 
Keith Leonard 
Gayla Lepley 
Amie Lewis 
Dana Loggins 
Joshua Marian 
Chris Martinez 
Wendi McConnell 
Kellie McDamel 
Tracy McQuerry 
Hilary Mercer 
Beth Meyer 
Colonel Miller 
Carol Mitchell 
Matt Mock 
Rhodes Monette 
Rebecca Mungle 
Rhonda Mungle 
Ivan Murguia 
Audrey Murphy 
Taylor Murphy 
Doug Neal 
Jamie Neal 
Peggy Neal 
Leyanne Nesbitt 
Marisa Ogle 
Paul Oit 
Page Owen 
Brittney Painter 
Jennifer Palmertree 
Joey Parchman 
Clarrisa Parrish 
Brad Patterson 
Julie Penney 
Dawn Perry 
Andy Petridis 
Kam Phillips 
Charlie Pollard 
Karin Prickett 
Randy Prince 
Amy Prose 
Sabrina Reyna 
Karla Robinson 

Ricky Roll 

Joey Rosen 

Paul Rottman 

Jennifer Rowland 

Kathy Saine 

Sadie Saullo 

Mike Schilling 

David Sewell 

Luke Sheppard 

Sarah Shockley 

Erica Shreeve 

Melissa Simpson 

Amanda Smith 

Nathan Smith 

Robbie Smith 

James Snider 

Ginger Snyder 

Jim Speck 

Heath Springer 

Randy Stegall 

Craig Streets 

Jamie Sweeney 

Casey Sykes 

Kurt Tallstrom 

Dawn Taylor 

Paul Thigpen 

Kathy Thompson 

Mary Thompson 

Shanna Thompson 

Laura Todd 

Richelle Tramel 

Celesta Turner 

Tina Tuttle 

Michael VanHorn 

Nina Vastola 

Marie Vaz 

Heather Victory 

Alissa Vinson 

Gary Washam 

Jessica Washburn 

Cara Webster 

Beth Wheeler 

Jamie White 

Desinda Whitehead 

Amber Whitlow 

David Wilhoite 

Lisa Willett 

Joe Williams 

Desiree Wood 

Candace Woodall 

Tina Woodard 

Woody Woods 

Patricia Worsley 

Caroline Wright 

Kelly Wright 

Charlotte Wright-Murra; | 

Amanda Yates 

Daniela Yepez 

Graduate Students;! 

38 The Phoenix 

Stephen Abernathy 
Kristy Acuff 
Leslie Ahlgrim 
Renee' Albert 
John Alexander 
Ronda Alexander 
Rose Marie Alexander 
DeeDee Allen 
Paul Evelyn Allen 
Rashida Allgood-Turner 
Fahed Alsider 
Susan Alsup 
Diane Altic 
Susan Anderton 
Charlette Artis 
Tunja Ashford 
Pamela Atha 
Donna Attig 
April Austin 
Lisa Aven 
Barbara Axley 
Teresa Bacon 
Lisa Bailey 
Patricia Bailey 
Maria Baker 
Cynthia Bakerwoodard 
Bridget Barnett 
Wendy Barrickman 
Carolyn Barry 
Felicia Bates 
Mary Grace Bean 
Chad Beasley 
Ron Becker 
Jamie Beckman 
Dianne Beecham 
Amy Begay 
Brian Bell 
Janice Bentley 
Earl Berry 
Anita Bertrand 
Karen Bethel 
Linda Beuerlein 
Mike Bever 
Barbara Biggers 
Angela Billings 
Doug Binkley 
Pamela Binkley 
Sandy Binkley 
Joan Blackwell 
Tina Blair 
Diane Bolden 
Tina Bonner 
Deborah Boren 
Tonya Bowles 
Karen Boykin 
Abigail Bray 
Mark Brazley 
Greg Breese 
Joann Brewer 
Vanessa Bridae 

Angela Brooks 
Sondra Brooks 
Denise Brooks 
Thomas Brousseau 
Beth Brown 
Brenda Brown 
Libby Brown 
Martha Brown 
Linda Brown 
Linda Brown 
Rachel Brown 
Sherry Brown 
Melvin Brown 
Darryl Brownlee 
Cynthia Brown-Pusser 
Cheryl Buchanan 
Greg Bunch 
Kris Bundy 
Shirley Burger 
Judy Bums 
Ruby Bush 
Sharon Butcher 
Joann Butler 
Melissa Byard 
Katie Byrd 
Roy Caballes 
Lucy Campa 
Kristie Cantrell 
Simyka Carlton 
Angela Carnahan 
Myria Carpenter 
Becky Carson 
Barbara Carter 
Billie Carter 
Jamie Carter 
Laura Carter 
Randall Carter 
Amber Carter 
Rodney Cathey 
Shaun Caven 
Carol Chandler 
Christopher Charles 
Glenda Chatham 
Libby Claborn 
Jennifer Clay 
Lee Clayton 
Ken Clemons 
Sonja Coates 
Joyce Cole 
Tishcia Cole 
Patricia Conard 
Mark Conner 
Amanda Cook 
Ronda Cooper 
Karen Cooperwood 
Cindy Copeland 
Scott Corman 
Rebecca Corum 
Dale Cotten 
Sharon Counce 

Kelli Cousar 
Randi Cox 
Linda Crawford 
Bill Crittenden 
Lisa Cross 
Susan Cross 
Michelle Crosslin 
Jennifer Crownover 
Laura Cuccia 
Phyllis Cunningham 
Mark Curry 
Charles Daniel 
Arthur Danner 
Jason Daugherty 
Jennifer Daugherty 
Margie Davis 
Thomas Davis 
Andrea Denson 
Harold Dickerson 
David Dinger 
Matthew Dixon 
Michael Dixon 
Susan Dixon 
Macie Donald 
Sencery Dotson 
Margie Dowell 
Sharonda Dowell 
Kimberly Drew 
Beverly Dugger 
Janice Dugger 
Jeri Duncan 
Lori Duncan 
Linda Dunn 
Randall Dunn 
Carol Eads 
Shannon Eagar 
Lesley Eakins 
Sabrina Easley 
Bobby Edens 
Tim Edwards 
Duane Eliff 
Landa Elizondo 
Floyd Elliott 
Sandra Elliott 
Teri Ellis 
Cheryl Ellison 
Rachel Encke 
Barbara Epperson 
Pamela Fairley 
Chiquithia Fells 
Danelle Fields 
Rhonda Fields 
Pat Finn 
Phyllis Finney 
Shelly Fisher 
Chrissy Fite 
Donna Floyd 
Carol Floyd 
Cheerie Flynn 
Melissa Folmar 

Jan Ford 
Rory Foster 
Mauri Foust 
Kellie Fowler 
Shannon Fowler 
Noel Francisco 
Darren Frank 
Jason Franklin 
Janice Franks 
Pat Frazier 
Heather French 
Theresea Fuqua 
Holly Gailey 
Deborah Gann 
Roslyne Garnett 
Dave Gazeley 
Paula Getz 
Marjan Gharacholou 
Kevin Gideon 
Hope Givens 
Kim Glass 
Monica Glenn 
Kimberly Glover 
Esta Golden 
Lyndell Goldston 
Lynn Goss 
Calvin Graham 
Susan Gramling 
Kirn Graves 
Vivian Gray 
Michael Green 
Andrea Greer 
Levonne Gulley 
Jane Hackett 
Amanda Haddock 
Stacey Hagewood 
Kim Hardy 
Lauri Harmon 
Frank Harris 
Pamela Harris 
David Hasting 
Tammy Hastings 
Mary Jane Hawthorne 
Delisa Hayslett 
Kelly Hernandez 
Jodi Hemdon 
Jerry Hertenstein 
Randall Hickerson 
Rosa Hickman 
Emily Higdon 
Matt Hill 
Monti Hillis 
Yolanda Hockett 
Candace Hodges 
Karen Hollman 
Carolyn Holmes 
Christy Holt 
Julie Holt 
Annie House 
James Huggins 

Karen Hughes 
Gina Hunt 
Charles Hurt 
Melissa Huskey 
Tahir Hussain 
Johnna Hutchison 
Denise Hyde 
Abdishakur Ibrahim 
Mohammed Ibrahim 
Melissa Ingles 
Holly Irby 
Dianne Ivery 
Julianne Ivy 
Keisa Jackson 
Ollie Jackson 
Maggie Jamerson 
Bernadette James 
Jamie James 
Barbara Johnson 
Barbara Johnson 
Carolyn Johnson 
Chandra Johnson 
Glenn Johnson 
Lynnae Johnson 
Jo Ann Johnson 
Sharon Johnson 
Sylvia Johnson 
Theresa Johnson 
Basil Joiner 
Amanda Jones 
Clarence Jones 
Kenneth Jones 
Lou Ida Jones 
Panthea Jones 
Roy Jones 
Khalid Kader 
Heath Kane 
Kathy Karnes 
Danny Kasic 
Lynett Kawano 
Lisa Kennedy 
Rene Ketelsen 
Abby Key 
Nabaz Khoshnaw 
Jennifer Kilpatrick 
Katherine King 
Venetia King 
Don Kirby 
Aaron Kiser 
Pamela Knight 
Elizabeth Lacey 
Brian Landry 
Lori Lankford 
Mendi Lassiter 
Bonny Lawry 
Naomi Lawson 
Nancy Lee 
Tara Lee 
Robynn Lemon 
Tanisha Lenard 

2002 39 

David Liles 
Susan Little 
Lynn Logan 
Clarice Loggins 
Tim Lynch 
Drema Mace 
Lucy Majors 
Alisa Malone 
Clay Malone 
Barbara Marks 
Thomas Marks 
Vicki Markus 
Larry Markus 
Rebecca Marshall 
Yolanda Marshall 
Kelvin Matthews 
Tiffany Matthews 
Anne Mayes 
Stephanie Mayfield 
Rita Maynard 
Amy Maze 
Steve McCarthy 
Jennifer McClellan 
Jay McCulley 
Rebecca McDonald 
Kim McFadden 
Brandy McGee 
Jamie McKenzie 
Laura McManus 
Phillip McNabb 
Andrea McTigue 
Kursandral McVey 
Sandra Meade 
Kim Meadows 
Deanna Mears 
Heather Meisel 
Harry Miller 
Susan Miller 
Melanie Mock 
Demetria Monix 
Sam Montgomery 
Karen Moody 
Andrea Moore 
Danielle Moore 
Carol Moore 
Carolyn Moore 
Kimberly Morgan 
Greg Morris 
David Mundt 
Stephanie Nabaa 
Michele Neisler 
Regina Nelson 
Deanna Nezer 
Gina Nicholson 
Denise Nickelberry 
Marilyn Norman 
Robbie Norris 
Don Oaks 
Donna Oliver 
Sonia Onadeko 

Anne O'Shea 
Amy Overstreet 
Kimberly Owens 
Susan Parker 
Stephanie Parker- 
Hallie Partem 
Terry Patient 
Ribbon Patten 
Ashley Patterson 
Amanda Payne 
Amy Payne 
Angela Payne 
Monica Payne 
Jeana Peale 
Carolyn Pearson 
Kimberly Peete 
Kristy Peltier 
Lucy Pennebaker 
Chad Perry 
Shirley Peterson 
Mary Petty 
Shelly Petty 
Chad Phillips 
Tamra Phillips 
Temicka Phillips 
Loretta Phillips 
Deena Phillipy 
Linda Pickard 
Betty Pierce 
Sherrye Pinner 
Wendy Pirozzi 
Mandy Pittman 
Billy Plattenburg 
Terri Plunk 
Melody Pollard 
Emma Porter 
Theresa Porzucek- 
Audrey Poston 
Donna Poteet 
Jane Powell 
Dinah Prewitt 
Jean Price 
Shelley Pritchard 
Carolyn Quails 
Thomas Quarles 
Glenda Raines 
Valerie Rains 
Bobbie Ramsey 
Nikki Ray 
Larry Rector 
Joy Reese 
Beverly Reid 
Hiawatha Renfroe 
Tammy Reno 
Sonja Revell 
Jamie Richardson 
Lisa Richardson 
Sandy Richerson 

Tammy Ricketts 
Stuart Ridgway 
Reik Riek 
Marsha Roach 
Jeremy Roberson 
Leota Roberts 
Penny Roberts 
Annie Robertson 
James Robertson 
Adrienne Robertson 
Janice Rogers 
Barbara Rook 
Ann Rosa 
Pamela Rosas 
Tracey Ross 
Jill Rowe 
Karen Ruffin 
Judy Ryan 
Patricia Sadler 
Glynis Saulsbury 
Jacqueline Sawyers 
Michael Scales 
Karen Schoenly 
Amy Schrope 
Cathy Schwill 
Arren Scott 
Jarod Scott 
Randy Scott 
Wanda Scott 
Shadonica Scruggs 
Becky Seavers 
Nancy Seay 
Donna Sellers 
Kathleen Shadow 
Patrick Shea 
David Shell 
Judy Shelton 
Karen Shelton 
Sarah Shepherd 
Gary Shoats 
Cynthia Sibert 
Mary Simmons 
Karen Sims 
Lisa Sims 
Audre Sizemore 
Susan Skaff 
Karre Sloan 
Donna Sloan 
Johnny Sloan 
Allean Smith 
Amie Smith 
David Smith 
Janeice Smith 
Laura Smith 
Shannon Smith 
Gwendolyn Smithson 
Rachel Smothers 
Kalil Sofi 
Sheila Sowell 
Jennifer Spears 

Cindy Spickard 
Damenyum Springs 
Grover Starnes 
Sharon Stavrum 
Chad Stevens 
Karen Stewart 
Ranee Stewart 
Greg Stewart 
Marsha Stinson 
Tim Story 
Jan a S trader 
Jill Stubblefield 
Shari Suggs 
Judith Sullivan 
Shannon Suratt 
Catherine Sutton 
Donna Tate 
Helen Taul 
Sharon Taylor 
Yolanda Taylor 
Tamika Terry 
Michelle Theriault 
Betty Thigpen 
Bonnie Thigpen 
Stacy Thomas 
Kelly Thornton 
Kortney Thornton 
Linda Thornton 
Rebecca Thyhsen 
Kenneth Timbs 
Wanda Timmons 
William Tollett 
Yolanda Toney 
Scott Tongate 
Lori Tooker 
Jeni Townzen 
Joslyn Trotter 
Carrie Tucker 
Christina Tucker 
Kristy Urquhart 
Valeria Vanatta 
Shawna Vaughan 
Melissa Vaughn 
Caren Venable 
Anton Visser 
Josephine Vohs 
Karen Waddell 
Mindi Wade 
Joann Wagoner 
Kenneth Walburn 
Deborah Walker 
John Walker 
Jamie Walker 
Sandra Wallace 
Dawn Walters 
Kim Wampler 
Valeria Ward 
Melanie Washington 
Regina Washington 
Amanda Watson 

Tina Watson 
Linda Watters 
Tanya Watts 
Heather Wauford 
Beth Weatherford 
Victoria Weatherly 
Misty Weathers 
Deborah Webster 
Tonya Weddle 
Angie Welch 
Tarol Wells 
Romana Wendenon 
Angela West 
Lillian White 
Stephanie Whitlow 
Tammy Wiley 
Crystal Will 
Cynthia Willard 
Debra Willey 
Brenda Williams 
Jeffrey Williams 
Linda Williams 
L'Tannia Williams 
Priscilla Williams 
Pamela Williams 
Robin Williams 
Mary Frances 
Melody Wilson 
Lynne Wilson 
Tracy Witt 
Sandra Wood 
Ellie Woodard 
Kaatje Woodard 
Tara Woodlee 
Samuel Woods 
Teresa Woods 
Zelia Woods 
Stephanie Woody 
Brenda Wooten 
Kamilla Wright 
Shoman Wright 
Barbara Wynne 
Katie Yancey 
Andy Yarbrough 
Alicia Yelkovich 
Amy Young 
Carrie Young 
Debra Youngquist 
Jennifer Zinsmeister 
Iris Zhang 

40 The Phoenix 

2001 Football Homecoming 

Weekly Activities: 

Monday-Big Dawg 
Tuesday-Bowling Night 
Wednesday-Pizza & Movies 
Thursday-Roller Skating 
Friday-Homecoming Hoe 

Down Dance 
Saturday-Parade and 

Football Game 
On Right: Big Dawg Top Three. 
1st Runner Up-Ronald Moseley, 
Winner-Napoleon Clark, and 2nd 
Runner Up-Aomalo Suesue. 

Below: Oriana Serena 
concentrates as she learns how to 
line dance at the Homecoming 
Hoe Down Dance. 

Above right: Brandi Quinn is 
ready to cheer even before the 
football game starts. 

Right: People along the parade 
route even got the opportunity to 
see some rodeo clowns. Here 
Becky Jones tossescandy to 
some parade watchers. 

Above Right: Randi Thompson, 
Rachel Baird, Tonya Keith, and 
Stephen Green seem to be 
having a good 'ol time singing 
karoke at the Hoe Down. 
Right: Bill Crittenden, Director of 
Housing, takes a ride on 
Thunder, the mechanical bull. 
Ride 'em, cowboy! 

2002 41 

2001 Homecoming Queen 
Ms. Allison Dugger 

Allison is escorted by Mr. Chad Lamb, a member 
of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. 

Pictured left to right: First Runner Up, Danielle Allison waves to people as she rides along the 

Henry; Homecoming Queen, Allison Dugger; and Homecoming Parade route. 
Second Runner Up, Sheree Driver. 

42 The Phoenix 

2001 Homecoming Nominees 

Corena Bray 

Schantel Burgess 

Joanna Gomez 

Charma Hawkins 

Danielle Henry 

Mary Claric 

pha Sigma Tau 

Athletic Training 

Women's Soccer 

Baptist Collegiate 

African American 
Student Association 


Larisha Corder 
Cumberland Chorale 

Sheree Driver 

Srudent Nurses 


Heidi Hooberry 
Phi Beta Lambda 

Becky King 

Allison Dugger 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Stacey Flowers 

Beth Garrison 
Alpha Chi 

Shelley Rowlett 
Alpha Omicron Pi 

Amy Sams Sadie Saullo Oriana Serena Lisa Shaffer 

Campus Crusade for Student Tennessee Student Government Kappa Sigma 

Christ Education Association Association 

Leslie Smith 
Men's Basketball 

Alissa Vinson 
Cross Country 

Rachel Wyllie 

Fellowship of Christian 


Not Pictured: 

Jenny Allen 
University Band 

Lindsay Montana 
Internarional Students 

2002 43 

2002 Basketball Coming Home 

Weekly Activities: 

Monday-Lady Dawg 
Tuesday-Bowling Night 
Wednesday-Pizza & Games 
Thursday-Couples Game & 

Bean Bag Toss 
Saturday-Basketbal Games & 

Coming Home 


On Right: Lady Dawg Competi- 
tion Top 3. Left to Right: 1st 
Runner Up-Danielle Henry, 
Winner-Martha Montiel, & 2nd 
Runner Up-Leslie Smith. 

Below: Leslie Smith, 
representative for Alpha Omicron 
Pi, walks proudly down the 
runway with her American flag. 

Above Right: Martha smiles 
happily as Leslie straightens her 

Right: Amanda Waller, 
representative of Alpha Sigma 
Tau, struts her stuff down the 
runway during the Lady Dawg 

44 The Phoenix 

Above Right: The top five finalists for Lady 
Dawg were left to right: Martha Montiel, 
Leslie Smith. Laura Jill McMillen, Danielle 
"Dirty Red" Henry, and Peaches Forrester. 
Right: Jarod Juillerat emcees the Lady 
Dawg ceremony. 

Basketball Coming Home King 

Mr. Cam Suggs 

Above: Mr. Cam Suggs after being crowned the 
2002 Coming Home King. 

: : ■; ;.■ 

Above: Left to Right: Coming Home King Top 
3: 2nd Runner Up- Jeremy Reich; King- Cam 
Suggs; 1st Runner Up- Roy Massey 

Above: Mr. Cam Suggs is escorted by his 
fiance, Ms. Jessica Washburn. 

2002 45 

2002 Coming Home Nominees 

Jason Brewer 
Kappa Sigma 

Chad Lamb 

Student Government 


Jeremy Reich 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Garrett Hall 
Alpha Sigma Tau 

Chris Hawkins 
Baptist College Ministries 

Zac Hightower 

Keith "Tiny" Leonard 

Roy Massey 
Women's Basketball 

James Snider 
CU Cheerleaders 

Cam Suggs 
Alpha Omicron Pi 

Mark Photivihok 
Men's Soccer 

Not Pictured 

Rojon Garrett 
CU Band 

Christian Martinez 
International Students 

Ronald Mosely 

Ossie Ocasio 
Men's Basketball 

Clint Woods 

Student Athletic Trainers 

46 The Phoenix 


w : 

i j£i£i3 

■ **«L-I Jl 



=•*.« ^"-jh" 

TJ&Lsi* *** 

2002 47 


2002 Cumberland University Bulldog Baseball Team 

Pitchers: Coe Foutch, Matt Schimanski, Andrew Davis, Cam Suggs, Shaun Child, Eric Lankford, 

Manuel Diaz, Travis Holland, Jose Santiago, Rob Lawwill 

Catchers: Jason Hand, Nic Frederick 

Infielders: Derek Depew, Clint Woods, Mike Brinson, Andy Petridis, Moises Feliz, Craig Streets, 

Quentin Hodge, Tirzon Nunez, Yosanny Garcia, Steven Gunter 

Outfielders: Caleb Barrett, Taylor Dillehay, Steve Cotton, Mike Navratil, Robby Williams, Jeremy 

Castillo, Chuck Stegall 

Coaches: Head Coach Woody Hunt, Mark Connor, Randy Stegall, Mitch Walters 

The Cumberland University Baseball team won the title of Mid-South Conference Champions. Coach Woody Hunt was 
also named MSC Coach of the Year. 

Honorable Mention MSC 

Taylor Dillehay 

First Team MSC 

Craig Streets 
Travis Holland 
Tirzon Nunez 

Second Team MSC 

Robbie Williams 
Moises Feliz 
Mike Navratil 
Matt Schimanski 

The team always remembers these words: Practice makes perfect. 
48 The Phoenix 

Academic All-Mid-South Conference 

Coe Foutch 
Jason Hand 
Mike Navratil 

The players practice in the batting cage before thev get cm the bus to travel 
to an away game. 


First Row: Jessica Sugg, Brandi Smith, Lisa Malone, and Kristen Sanford. Second Row: Stacey Flowers, 
Mary Beth Sellers, Danielle Henry, Chasity Adams, Carissa Chitwood, and Susanne Matthews. Third 
Row: Ann Finley, Tessa Bouldin, Brandy Gordon, Leanne Holley, Jessie Willingham, Shannah Dennis, 
and Brooke Tackett. Fourth Row: Michelle Hall, April Harris, Lindsay Shuman, Anna Strunk, NIkki 
Sanders-Thompson, Brittany Taylor, and Kayla Smith. 

he Cumberland University Softball team placed second in the Mid-South Conference Tournament. 

First Team All-MSC 

Leanne Holley 
Stacey Flowers 
Danielle Henry 
Toni Johnson 

Honorable Mention MSC 

Mary Beth Sellers 
Tessa Bouldin 
Jessica Willingham 
Chasity Adams 

Academic All-Mid-South Conference 

Tessa Bouldin 
Carissa Chitwood 
Stacey Flowers 
Bradi Gordon 
Danielle Henry 
Kristin Sanford 

Susanne Matthews 
Mary Beth Sellers 
Brandi Smith 
Jessica Sugg 
Leanne Holley 

senior players get together with "Ed" the mascot before the last 
le game. 

The team is all smiles right after a great victory against Mountain State. 

2002 49 

Men's Basketball 

Front Row, left to right: Brian Clemmons, Trevor Crafton, Coach Paul Peck, Erik Smith, Michael Hite 
Middle Row: Assistant Coach Chris Starks, Chris Bartlett, Brandon Flatt, Adam Parke, Quasean Nicholson, 
Taylor Porch, Jeremy Lewis, Assistant Coach Todd Austin 

Back Row: Scott Hallums, Bernard Pointer, Gerhard Patzold, Josh Harris, Hermann Buchert, Terrance 
McCray, Ossie Ocasio 

Academic All Conterece Players 

Hermann Buchert 

Trevor Crafton 

Brandon Flatt 

Josh Harris 

Brian Clemmons 

Adam Parke 

Quasean Nicholson 

Jeremy Lewis 

Honorable Mention All-Conference 
Scott Hallums 
Hermann Buchert 
Quasean Nicholson 
Jeremy Lewis 

At right, Brandon Flatt 
hustles to receive a pass 
as Jeremy Lewis watches 
from back court. 

At right, Brian Clemmons 
looks for an open player. 

50 The Phoenix 

Women's Basketball 

First Row, left to right: Rachel Derrick, Amy Prose, Tabitha Neal 
Second Row: Francesca DeBondt, Jill Lasley, Tiffany Moore, Kyla Creasy 
Third Row: Leslie Smith, Sheree Driver, Katarzyna Plachta, Autumn Eades 
Fourth Row: Heather Kress, Tiffany Martin, Barbara Zajac, Stacy Shell 

Right after another victory! 

Leslie Smith shows her dribbling 
skills against Union. 

All Conference 
Sheree Driver 

Honorable Mention 
Amy Biddle 

Academic All-Conference 

Amy Biddle 

Rachel Derrick 

Jill Lasley 

Tiffany Moore 

Amy Prose 

2002 51 

Men's Soccer 


Front: Steve McCarthy, Josh Legg, Jonathon Pratt, Randell Carter, Kibwe Smith, Jordan Milsom, 
Josh Parks, Justin Miles, and Bryan Johnson. Middle: Craig Nichols, Paul Ryder, Juan Pablo 
Repetto, Sebastian Garcia, Luke Photivihok, Joe Huddleston, David Dol, and Josh Lampert. Back: 
Tony Subiz, Zack McWhirter, Mark Photivihok, Stuart Gore, and Kyle Fann. 

52 The Phoenix 

Women's Soccer 

"- , , 

Front: Steve McCarthy (Assistant Coach), Tanya Watts (Assistant Coach), Mary 
Clariday, Joanna Gomez, Jessica Washburn, Jessica Jones, Sadie Saullo, Rachel 
Jackson, and Bryan Johnson. Middle: Beth Wheeler, Brooke McQuerry, Daniela 
Yepez, Oriana Serena, Deanna Jones, Suszane Stansbury, and Martha Montiel. 

Jessica Washburn shows off her skills. 

Many hours of working on skills 
contribute to an excellent game. 

2002 53 

Back Row (1 to r): Daniel Friel, Pieter Foasen, and William Edmonds 
Front Row (1 to r): Christian Martinez, John McElroy, and Charles Bartlett 

Peter Faasen showing off his serving 

Moments after a great match. 

54 The Phoenix 

Women's Tennis 

Back Row (1 to r): Alison Holland, Kristina Popovic, Molly Ledford, and Alyssa 
Rosenheck Front Row (1 to r): Tara Wyllie, Mary Webb, Stephanie Wuenscher, and 
Rachel Smith 

r* 1 1 iff 

Girls prepare to face off against a tough opponent. 

2002 55 

Men's Cross Country 

Back Row (L-R) Wes Bright, Genti Tahiraj. Front Row (L-R) Michael Lynn, 
Ben Collier, Frank Carpenter. 

Mid-South Academic All-Conference - Genti Tahiraj 

56 The Phoenix 

Women's Cross Country 

-■-■■' 2! ^_ 

Left to Right: Amy Sams, Beth Meyer, Alissa Vinson, Laura Todd, Rachel Wyllie, 
Heather Jacobs, Erica Melton. 

Mid-South Academic All-Conference: 

Beth Meyer 

Amy Sams 

Laura Todd 

Amanda Waller 

Rachel Wyllie 

2002 57 

Men's Golf 

Back Row: Coach Steve Graham, Wynn Gentry, Jeff Beam, Ryan Sprouse, Justin Damron, and 

Barry Conatser. 

Front Row: Jonathan Parker, Josh Holland, Caleb Brock, Josh Newsome, and Chad Dinsmore. 

58 The Phoenix 

Women's Golf 


Left to Right: Coach Constance Hudgins, Kara Bridges, Ashley Ramsey, Jill Walker, and Jennifer 
Hopper. Not Pictured: Bobbie Forrester 

2002 59 



Jacksonville State 


Concord College 

24-0 W 

Kentucky Wesleyan 

39- 7 W 

Cumberland College 

32 -22W 


22 -21 W 

Belhaven College 

24 -21 W 


37 -38 L 

38 -28 L 
Pikeville College 

59-27 W 

$-; ,-iK ;_;*3% (^ ,^, •■,._ 

Coachesdeft to right): Ken Clemmons, Chris Charles, Heath Springer, Shawn Caven, Sean Corbitt, Tim Story, 
Wes Elrod, and Hershel Moore 

The #1 Rushing Team in the Nation. Offensive players and coaches. 

Warm-up just minutes before game time. 

Touchdown at the Homecoming game. 

The football team attended its first bowl game, the Citizens 

Memorial Hospital Bowl, this year. The game was held in Bolivar, 


60 The Phoenix 


Center: Danny Bryan; 1st Row (L-R): Kris Urquhart, Trey Sonaggera, Justin Rogers, Andrew Hicks, 
Rolando Torres, Curtis Thomas, Beau Dickson; 2nd Row (L-R): Matt Grindstaff, Skeeter Sweat, 
Justin Zemanick, Beau Dickerson, Terry Baker, John Young; 3rd Row (L-R): Jared Grindstaff, 
Brandon Abbott, Zach Padgett, Sean Anderson; 4th Row (L-R): Stephen Westbeld, Donnie Scruggs, 
Dave Glaser, Tiesuan Brown. 

** John Young is Cumberland's first All-American wrestler. He placed 8th at the NAIA National 
Tournament ** 

2002 61 


Final Scores 



CU Tourney 2 
Kentucky Wesleyan 3 
Lindsey Wilson Tourney 3 
Martin Methodist 







Campbellsville 3 
Lindsey Wilson 2 
Lipscomb 3 
Lambuth 3 


Lipscomb 3 
Cumberland College 
Union College 



Georgetown College 


MSC Tournament 3 



Front Row: L to R- Melissa Johnson, Jae Hanes, Erin Freeland, Misti Yates, Julie Penny, and Jessica Myers. Back 
Row: L to R- Tara Wylie, Brittney Gardenhire, Sarah Shocklev, and Jamie White 

Julie Penney, Misti Yates, Brittany Barrett, and Erin 
Freeland get ready for the big game. 

Brittany Barrett, Misti Yates, and Sarah Shockley in 

Coach Deering 

Moments after another victory! 

62 The Phoenix 

Back (1 to r): Coach Shane Green, Amanda Waller, Shane Fitzpatrick, Allison Dugger, and James Snider. 
Middle (1 to r): Lindsay Montana, Corena Bray, Leah Dalley, Frank Carpenter, Becky King, and Shelley 
Rowlett. Front (1 to r): Jenny Cotton, Megan Stacey, Brandi Quinn, Jason Brewer, and Tori Trumphour 
accepting the 1st Place trophy at the Mid-South Conference Competition. 

Many hours of hard practice lead the squad to first place. 
James Snider and Tori Trumphour finished 2nd in the Partner 
Stunt Competition. 

Lindsay Montana is getting 
ready for the big game against 

2002 63 

Sports Medicine 

Front Row: (L to R)- Kerrie Evans, Luke Sheppard. Channing Bailey, and Andy Yarbrough 
Back Row: (L to R)- Bobbie Forrester, Chris Johnson, Clint Woods, Danny Rogers, Jason 
Mullhollar, Christy Thackxton, Schantel Burgess, Shannah Dennis, Julie Miller, Angie 
Davis SM'S'i.ltHEl 

Athletic trainer Danny Rogers 
tapes Tessa Bouldin's arm. 

Christy Thackxton takes a break to chat with 
some athletes. 

Tessa Bouldin receives arm 
treatment from athletic 
trainer Danny Rogers. 

Stacey Flowers has her knee ex- 
amined by athletic trainer Andy 

Brandi Gordon has her arm ex- 
amined by athletic trainer 
Schantel Burgess. 

64 The Phoenix 

Honor Societies 

2002 65 

Alpha Chi National 
Honor Scholarship 

The Alpha Chi National Honor Society was founded in 1922 as a coeducational society with 
the purpose of promoting and honoring those who have achieved academic excellence 
andexemplary character among university students. Members are juniors and seniors who 
have maintained a 3.5 grade point average on a scale of 4.0 and have completed 60 hours of 
course work, with at least 30 hours earned at Cumberland University. Alpha Chi's service 
project is raising funds for the Jack H. Howard Scholarship Fund, whick has awarded over / 
$10,000 to twenty-two students over the past twelve years. The scholarship is named in 
honor of the Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics who served the Univer- 
sity for over a quarter century. The Tennessee Lambda Chapter of Alpha Chi was installed at 
Cumberland University on April 26, 1986. 

Current Membership 

Barbara C. Baker 
Bridget R. Brownlee 
Sara B. Byrd 
Kristie Yvette Cantrell 
Neisha M. Coleman 
Jennefer D. Crockett 
Molly A. Darling 
Wendy J.E. Fleming 
Beth A. Garrison 
Lewis W. Gentry 
Jae Anne Hanes 
Melissa Ann Hayes 
Kelly R- Hesson 
Christy Michelle Johnson 
Amanda G. Knight 
William Adam Lanev 
Rita Alane Maynard 
Elizabeth J. Meyer 
Rebecca J. Mungle 
Rhonda J. Mungle 
Taylor Dever Murphy 
Russti D. Oldham 
Brittney Michelle Painter 
Hallie Renea Parton 
Chad D. Phillips 
Laura E. Todd 
Tiffany D. Tomlinson 
Anton J. Visser 
Jamie J. White 
Brenda J. Williams 

2001-2002 Initiates 

Back Row (L-R): Melinda Bone-Sponsor, Eric Landis-Sponsor, Donald 
Chadwick Lamb, Chadwick J. Hanna. Front Row: Jessica Armstrong, 
Monica M.MCarnahan, Becky Ann King, Tara Ashley Wyllie, Randy 
Gugenheim, Beth Garrison-President, Not Pictured: Andrew S. 
Gregory, John David Larson, Brandy Fave Baird, Amanda N. Moser, 
Michael Lynn Parker, Rebecca Lane Crockarell, Nathan David Jones, 
Coe Foutch and Catherine L. Fuston. 

66 The Phoenix 

Alpha Lambda Delta 
National Honor Society 

Alpha Lambda Delta is a national society that honors academic excellence during a student's 
first year in college. Founded in 1924, its purposes are to encourage superior academic 
achievement among students in their first year of enrollment in institutions of higher 
education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to 
assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaninful goals for their roles in 
society. The Cumberland University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was installed on April 
20, 1988. 

Sarah Carrine Agee 
Daniel Curt Baker 
Caleb Brady Barrett 
Michael Louis Bouchette 
Tessa Lee Bouldin 
Anthony Lee Butler 
Emma Michele Dozier 
Leondra Renee Eady 
Ann Kathryn Finley 
Brittney Shamia Fletcher 
Amy Michelle Fowler 
Ashley Ann Freeman 
Adam Brian Gilbert 
Mary Virginia Gilbert 

2001-2002 Initiates 

Bethany Christine Griffin 
Karen Ann Ha 
Michelle Desiree Hall 
Narlane Hampton 
Aprl Michelle Harris 
Christopher Dale Hawkins 
Jennifer Laine Hopper 
Heather Brianne Kress 
Tiffany Lorraine Lee 
Tara Marie Lockman 
Dora Christina McClanahan 
Jessica Claire Myers 
Christopher Manuel Paredes 
Ryan Raymond Richert 

Dawn Noel Rudge 
Jessica Lurleen Sanders 
Margaret Lindsey Shuman 
Cheyenne Smith 
Megan Alicia Stacey 
Staci Nicole Stinson 
Mary Brooke Tackett 
Brittany Michelle Taylor 
Mary Robin Webb 
Brooke Nicole Weston 
Amber Dawn Woodard 
Stefanie Ann Wuenscher 

2002 67 

Alpha Phi Sigma 

Alpha Phi Sigma is the national scholastic honor society in Criminal 
Justice. Founded at Washington State University in 1942, its purposes 
are to recognize and promote high scholarship among students 
actively engaged in collegiate preparation for professional services; to 
keep abreast of the advances in scientific research; to elevate the 
ethical standards of the Criminal Justice profession; and to establish in 
the public mind the benefit and necessity of education. To be eligible 
for membership, students must have completed one-third of the credit 
hours required for graduation, maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and 
a 3.2 GPA in the Criminal Justice field, and rank in the top 35% of their 

2001-2002 Initiates 

Jenny M. Norton 

Michael Lynn Parker 

Ryan Timothy Stephens 

Dustin Brent Washam 

Tara Ashley Wyllie 

Current Membership 

Kristie Yvette Cantrell 

Eddie R. Cripps, Jr. 

Rene' Leslie Ketelsen 

Mark Thomas Hutchens 

Brian Zachary Jones 

Dolota Rose Pittman 

Jeremy Hale Reich 

Michelle Josephine Theriault 

68 The Phoenix 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega was founded in 1925 as the national dramatic honor society. Its purposes are 
to stimulate interest in college and university theatre and to recognize hight standards of work in 
dramatics among colleges and universitites in the areas of acting, directing, and/or production 
work. The Alpha Beta Chi Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega was installed at Cumberland University 
on April 15, 1997. 

The Courtesans and their master. Left to right: Amandlin Walsh, Jenny 
Crockett, Laura Marsh, Sh'ee Brashears, Chris Byrd, Jennifer Bush, Misty 
Miller, and Charma Hawkins. 

2001-2002 Initiates 

Jimmy Dale Brewington 

Christopher Steven Byrd 

Melissa Hickey Campbell 

Amber Dawn Woodard 

Current Membership 

Angela Sh'ee Brashears 

Branson Edward Clark 

Robert Dedick Connors 

Jason Scott Deathridge 

Elijah Dylan Dies 

Eric Wade Law 

Laura Kristen Marsh 

Christopher Barry Rivers 

Samuel Luke Sheppard 

Jamie Ann Sweeney 

Susan Constance Winfree 

"The transformation" Chris Byrd sits patiently as Dr. Menefee 
applies his makeup for the performance of Barefoot in the Park. 

Dr. Menefee and Eli 
Dies work hard on 
building the set for A 
Funny Thing 
Happened on the Way to 
the Forum. 

2002 69 

Chi Epsilon Lambda 

Chi Epsilon Lambda Honor Society in nursing exists to recognize superior achievement and 
the development of leadership qualities, to foster high professional standards, to encourage 
creative work, and to strengthen individual commitment to the ideals and purposes of the 
nursing profession. The name reflects the ideals of the society: Character, Excellence, 
Leadership. Members are juniors and seniors who have demonstrated superior scholastic 
achievement, academic integrity, and evidence of professional potential; have completed 23 
hours of the required nursing curriculum, or 15 hours if registered nurses; and have earned 
a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Chi Epsilon Lambda was 
founded at Cumberland University in April of 1997. 

2007-2002 Initiates 

(L-R): Carol A. Mitchell, Jonathan Blaine Grooms, Rachel Susanne Baird, Barbara Chris- 
ten Baker, Wendy Michelle Clemmons, Rachel Nicole Johnson, Lynda Richelle Bess, 
Arjana Tahiraj, Jamie Allison Lee, Jennifer Lyn Graves, Leslie Lynn Allen, Cristina Marie 

Not Pictured: Jennefer Doris Crockett, Pamela Jane Crues, Gail Lynn Humes, and Kara 
Sheree Driver 

Current Membership 

Jennifer M. Crain 
D. Cory Deffendall 
Wendy J. E. Fleming 
Melissa A. Hayes 

Diandra D. James 
Christy M. Johnson 
Thomas Melvin Kessler 
Kellie M. McDaniel 

Taylor Dever Murphy 
Marisa S. Ogle 
Melissa L. Simpson 

70 The Phoenix 

Kappa Delta Pi 
Upsilon Omega Chapter 

Undergraduate students with at least full junior collegiate 

standing and /or graduate, all preparing to teach, with a grade point average 

indices in the upper fifth of the institution. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to 

recognize sound scholarship,commendable personal qualities, worthy 

educational ideals, and outstanding contributions to education. 

Standing L to R: Marlene Mclanahan, (Cam Phillips, Carolina Wright, 
Mary Thompson, and Jaqueline O.Gregory. Seated L to R: Dr. Mary Dale 
Fitzgerald, Dr. Bobbie Staley, and Mrs. Dorothy Jenkins. 


L to R: Marlene McClanahan, Treasurer/Secretary; Mary Thompson, 
Historian; Jaqueline O. Gregory, President. Not Pictured: Sandra 
Fuller, Vice President. 

2002 71 

Omicron Delta 

Omicron Delta Kappa is the national leadership and scholarship honor society. 
Founded in 1914, the Society's purposes are to recognize and encourage 
exemplary character and superior quality in scholarship and leadership. 
Membership, which is a responsibility as well as a mark of highest distinction 
and honor, is awarded to juniors, seniors, and graduate students on the basis 
of character and eligibility in five major phases of campus life: scholarship; 
athletics; campus or community service; social and religious acitivities and 
campus government; journalism; speech and the mass media; and creative and 
perfoming arts. The Cumberland University Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa 
was installed on April 28, 1996. 

2001-2002 Initial 


Barbara Christen Baker 

Jason Allen Brewer 

Monica Carnahan 

Beth Angel Garrison 

Chad J. Hanna 

Joshua Matthew Klaus 

Donald Chadwick Lamb 

Stuart Bee Lowry 

Neisha Coleman Moore 

Russti Deeanne Oldham 

Dolita Rose Pittmann 

Donzaleigh Powell 

Orianna Maria Serena 

Rebecca Lea Smith 

Tara Wyllie 

72 The Phoenix 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for post secondary students to develop 
business related career competencies. Phi Beta Lambda is an integral part of the 
instructional program and in addition promotes a sense of civic and personal 
responsibility. Our specific goals are to create more interest in and understanding of 
American business enterprise, encourage and practice efficient money management, 
encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty, strengthen the confidence of 
students in themselves and their work, develop character, prepare for useful 
citizenship, foster patriotism, assist students in the establishment of occupational 
goals, and to facilitate the transition from school to work. 

1st Row L to R: Brandon Flatt, Publicist; Heidi Hooberry, Treasurer; Jason Hand, Vice President; Julie Craig, President; 
Julie Penney, Secretary; and Bill McShain, Advisor. 2nd Row L to R: Oriana Serena, Charma Hawkins, Bridget Brownlee, 
and Molly Darling. 3rd Row L to R: Wynn Gentry, Steve Caruthers, Zach Zemenick, Josh Holland, and Scott Russell. 

2002 73 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Pi Gamma Mu, the International Social Science Honor 
Society strives to promote and recognize high achievement in 
the area of social science. The Society endeavors to inspire in 
its members social service to humanity and life interest in the 
study of human association. Members are junior or senior 
undergraduates or graduate students in the upper 35% of 
their class, who have earned at least 20 hours of social science 
and have a grade point average of 3.0 or better. The Tennes- 
see Lambda Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu was installed at 
Cumberland University in November of 1994. 

2001-2002 Initiates 

Deleith J. Allen 
Jessica Lee Armstrong 
Barbara Faye Biggers 
Tina D. Bonner 
Darryl M. Brownlee 
Angela Yvette Carnahan 
Myria Emma Dawn Carpenter 
Rebecca Lane Crockarell 
Jason Scott Daughterv 
Kimberly LaShonne Drew 
Paula Jean Getz 

Marjan Gharacholou 
Michael Lamont Green 
Margret Kyndyll Hicks 
Abdishakur H. Ibrahim 
Ollie R. Jackson 
Sharon Delores Johnson 
Nathan David Jones 
Venetia Ontavia King 
Drema Perry Mace 
Rhonda J. Mungle 
Sonia I. Onadeko 
Michael Lynn Parker 

Kristen Tai Pierce 
Stuart Scott Ridgeway 
Charles Ricky Roll 
Jacqueline G. Sawyers-Bryant 
Michael Thomas Schilling 
Patrick Michael Shea 
Cynthia Louise Sibert 
John David Smith 
Terry Daniel Tucker 
Shoman M. Wright 
Tara Ashley Wyllie 
Katie B. Yancey 

Jason Allen Brewer 
Cortnev C. Clark 
Taylor Lane Dillehav 
Matthew Whiteman Dixon 
Michael Whiteman Dixon 
Constance Yvette Jacobson 

Current Membership) 

Valentine Bromley Johnson 
Brian Zachary Jones 
Rebecca Jov Mungle 
Dolota Rose Pittman 
Jeremy Hale Reich 
Mary Beth Sellars 

Jennifer Lynn Spears 
Benjamin Scott Sweet 
Judy C. Thomas 
Celesta Dale Turner 
Alissa Faith Vinson 
Brenda Jean Williams 

74 The Phoenix 


The Adult Honor Society was established at Cumberland during 
the Spring 1995 semester. Pinnacle strives to provide recognition 
to nontraditional adult students. Members must be at least 25 
years of age and meet the academic and membership standards. 
Undergraduate students must be a Junior with at least a 3.0 GPA 
and have been involved in at least three community or campus 
leadership /volunteer organizations. Graduate students must have 
at least half of their coursework completed and have at least a 3.4 
GPA and have been involved in at least three community or cam- 
pus leadership /volunteer organizations. 

^eslie Ann Ahlgrim 

?onda G. Alexander 

Dianne B. All 

DeLeith J. Allen 

-eslie Lynn Allen 

3 amela Atha 

3arbara Kay Axley 

'atricia P. Bailey 

Cimberly D. Baughn 

vlyron C. Beasley 

3arbara Faye Biggers 

iandy Leanne Binkley 

Doug Joseph Binkley, Jr. 

Tina L. Blair 

Tina D. Bonner 

vlark A. Brazley 

Darryl Maurice Brownlee, Sr. 

acqueline Sawyers Bryant 

<ristopher Lee Bundy 

larolyn Burchfield 

udy Griffin Burns 

oAnn P. Butler 

jUcy Q. Campa 

\ngela Carnahan 

•Steve Caruthers 

iamantha McFall Cash 

larol L. Chandler 

jlenda Bradford Chatham 

Jbby Claborn 

ennifer A. Clay 

Sonja Coates 

Thomas O. Coffman 

Tishcia Cole 

<aren Allen Cooperwood 

ennifer M. Crain 

Christal M. Crawford 

Susan M. Cross 

Jason Daugherty 

Jennifer Gilbert Daugherty 

Daniel Cory Deffendall 

Janice Denise Dugger 

Sabrina Gail Easley 

Duane R. Eliff 

Landa Elizondo 

Floyd Elliott 

Donna Lee Floyd 

Jan Ford 

Scott M. Fullerton 

Catherine Fuston 

Dena Gehris 

Paula Jean Getz 

Marjan Gharacholou 

Esta Faye Golden 

Laurie D. Harmon 

Mary Jane Golding Hawthorne 

Annie House 

Charles E. Hurt 

Dianne Ivery 

Victoria F. Jackson 

Maggie D. Jamerson 

Bernadette Jean James 

Lynnae C. Johnson 

Sharon Delores Johnson 

Nathan David Jones 

Kathy German Karnes 

Jennifer Williams Kilpatrick 

Katherine Alinda King 

Venetia Ontavia King 

Elizabeth A. Lacey 

Drema Perry Mace 

Lucy Tate Majors 

Alisa Monique Malone 

Barbara Carson Marks 

Amy D. Maze 

Kellie Michele McDaniel 
Kimberly C. Meadows 
Harry Edward Miller, Jr. 
Samuel Christopher Moore 
Gregory Jarod Morris 
Douglas M. Neal 
Peggy Elaine Neal 
Regina L. Nelson 
Donald Lee Oaks 
Donna M. Ogan 
Anne Lockhart O'Shea 
Michael L. Parker 
Mary E. Payne 
Monica W. Payne 
Renae Peale 
Carolyn W. Pearson 
Kristy Johnson Peltier 
Anita Peterson 
Temicka Phillips 
Emma Yvonne Porter 
Jane Ellen Powell 
Thomas Lee Quarles 
Valerie Kaye Rains 
Joy Reese 

Lisa Veleka Richardson 
Tammy L. Ricketts 
Stuart Scott Ridgway 
Marsha Roach 
Annie Rhodes Robertson 
Tracey L. Ross 
Kathryn Same 
Glynis E. Saulsbury 
Kathleen Borrello Shadow 
Cynthia Louise Sibert 
Melissa L. Simpson 
Karre R. Sloan 
Amie L. Smith 

J. David Smith 

Janeice Faye Marshall Smith 

Laura Clark Smith 

Sharon W. Stavrum 

Jill Stubblefield 

Judith W. Sullivan 

Sharon Kay Taylor 

Kathy D. Thompson 

Yolanda Toney 

Caren Elizabeth Venable 

Karen Waddell 

Mindi Rae Wade 

Joann Riddle Wagoner 

Brandy L. Welch 

Jeffrey C. Williams 

Linda H. Williams 

Pamela J. Williams 

Priscilla Anne Williams 

Susan C. Winfree 

Tracy Witt 

Myrcarla Desiree Wood 

Tara S. Woodlee 

Brenda Kay Wooten 

Patricia Lynn Worsley 

Caroline G. Wright 

Alicia Lynn Yelkovich 

Jennifer L. Zinsmeister 

2002 75 

Psi Chi 

Psi Chi is the national scholastic honor society in psychology. 
Founded at Yale University in 1929, its purposes are to 
encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the 
individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology; and 
to advance the science of psychology. To be eligible for mem- 
bership, students must have either a major in psychology, have 
completed eight sememster hours of psychology, rank in the 
highest 35% of their class in general scholarship, and have 
standards of personal behavior. The Cumberland University 
chapter of Psi Chi was installed on May 4, 2000. 

2001-2002 Initiates 

Jennifer Lynn Palmertree 
Alissa Faith Vinson 

Current Membership 

Rebecca Lane Crockarell 

Elizabeth Ann Dunn 

Erica R. Finney 

Jae Ann Hanes 

Rachel E. Jackson 

Constance Y. Jacobson 

Amanda N. Moser 

Jennifer Lynn Spears 

Laura E. Todd 

Heather J. Victory 

76 The Phoenix 

Sigma Tau Delta 

Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, was founded 
in 1924. Its purposes are to confer distinction for high achievement in 
English language and literature; to promote interest in literature and the 
English language; to foster the discipline of English in all its aspects 
including creative and critical writing; and to be of service to the 
University and the community. Membership is open, not only to stu- 
dents who plan to major or minor in English, but also to any currently 
enrolled student who is interested in the written word and who has taken 
at least two literature courses beyond the freshman requirements, has a 
B average in English, ranks in the highest 35% of the class in general 
scholarship, and has completed three semesters of the college course. The 
Alpha Delta Mu Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta was installed a Cumberland 
University on April 28, 1994. 

2001-2002 Initiates 

Brandy Faye Baird 

Andrew Scott Gregory 

Randy William Gugenheim 

Dominetta Jones 

Laura Kristen Marsh 

Rebecca Lea Smith 

Elizabeth Gayle Traugott 

Current Membership 

Lora M. Bradshaw 

Melissa Hickey Campbell 

Monica Carnahan 

Beth A. Garrison 

Amanda D. Jordan 

Lissa M. Willett 

2002 77 

Greek Life 





78 The Phoenix 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

Lambda Omicron Chapter 

Alpha Omicron Pi is an international womern's fraternity 
promoting friendship for a lifetime, inspiring academic 
excellence and lifelong learning, and developing leadership 
skills through service to the fraternity and the community. 
Our goal is to be the most forward thinking organization, 
addressing issues relevant to women and society. 

AOII makes a grand show with all but six of their members at the 
Lady Dawg competition during Coming Home Week. 
Pictured Sitting L to R: Oriana Serena, Heidi Hooberry, and Brandi 
Quinn. Standing L to R: Rachel Guenther, Lacy Denney, Shelley 
Rowlett, Lane Cockarell, Leslie Smith, Martha Montiel, Jessica 
Washburn, Channing Bailey, and Emily McQuary. Not Pictured: 
Peggy Smith, Bethany Griffin, Lisa Malone, Christi Nelson, 
Courtney Clark, and Valerie Martin. 

We support our Dawgs. . Homecoming Hoedown Parade on West 
Main Street. Standing on float: Oriana Serena. Walking Behind: 
Lane Cockrell, Emily McQuary, Lacy Denney, Jessica Washburn, 
Bethany Griffin, and fellow alumnae. 


New Members 2001 

Bethany Griffin 
Emily McQuary 
Christi Nelson 
Leslie Smith 

New Members 2002 

Martha Montiel 
Peggy Smith 

Oriana Serena 
Jessica Washburn 
Courtney Clark 
Shelley Rowlett 
Rachel Guenther 
Channing Bailey 
Heidi Hooberry 
Brandi Quinn 
Lacy Denney 

Channing Bailey 
Lacy Denney 
Bethany Griffin 
Heidi Hooberry 
Emily McQuary 
Brandi Quinn 
Shelley Rowlett 
Oriana Serena 
Leslie Smith 
Christi Nelson 

2001 Council Members 

Chapter President 

Cooresponding/Recording Secretary 

Vice President Academics 

Vice President Education 

Vice President Administration 

New Member Educator 

Public Relations 

Panhellenic Delegate 


2002 Council Members 

Chapter President 

Vice President Academics 

New Member Educator 

Panhellenic President 

Chapter Relations 

Vice President Member Recruitment 

Vice President Administration 

Vice President Education 

Public Relations 


Say Cheese, and pose for the cameras. . .are all smiles as we pose 
at our 3rd Annual Rose Ball held every fall. First Row L to R: 
Lane Cockarell, Oriana Serena, Christi Nelson, Shelley Rowlett, 
Lacy Denny, Valerie Martin, & Emily McQuary. Back Row L to 
R: Bethany Griffin, Leslie Smith, Brandi Quinn, Heidi Hooberry, 
and Jessica Washburn. 

2002 79 

Alpha Sigm a Tau 

Delta Mu Chapter 

Alpha Sigma Tau is dedicated to promoting the 
ethical, cultural, and social growth of its members. This 
sorority is also committed to academic studies, service to 
others, personal and professional enrichment, and 
leadership opportunities. The Delta Mu chapter was 
installed on Cumberland's campus in the fall of 1998. 

Above: Pref Night at Spring Rush. Rushees and members pose for 
a picture at the end of the festivities. Front Row left to right: Staci 
Stinson, Beth Howell, Jacqi Sterrett Middle Row: Rebecca Smith, 
Amanda Waller, Lisa Shaffer, Jessi Sanders, April Layman, Miranda 
Sanders Back Row: Jennifer Gray, Jennifer Piercey, Sarah Ramos, 
Cassie Goolsby, Trista Pirtle, Jenny Allen 

Above: The Banquet on November 17, 2001 was attended by active 
as well as alumnae members Front row left to right: Sarah Ramos, 
Staci Stinson, Lisa Shaffer, Jessi Sanders, Becky Jones, Barbie 
Baker, Allison Cook Back Row: National District President Tracy 
Uncel, Crystal Sckhlar Wilson, Advisor Rachel Encke, Amanda 
Waller, Michelle Thenault, Rebecca Smith, Jacqi Sterrett, Corena 
Bray, Christy Johnson, Diandra James, Cassie Goolsby, Beth 
Howell, Mitzi Graves 


New Members 2001 

Allison Cook Jessi Sanders 

New Members 2002 
Jenny Allen 

Cassie Goolsby 
Beth Howell 
Becky Jones 
Sarah Ramos 

Rebecca Smith 
Jacqi Sterrett 
Amanda Waller 

2002 Executive Committee 

President - Cassie Goolsby 

Vice President - Becky Jones 

Secretary - Jessi Sanders 

Treasurer - Corena Bray 

Panhellenic Delegate - Staci Stinson 

Pledge Director - Beth Howell 

Rush Director - Amanda Waller 

Collegiate Alumnae Liasion - Lisa Shaffer 

Housing Director - Rebecca Smith 

80 The Phoenix 

Above: Anchors Away!!! The sisters proudly display the an- 
chor, the national emblem of Alpha Sigma Tau. Kneeling left to 
right: Beth Howell, Becky Jones, Lisa Shaffer, Staci Stinson, 
Sarah Ramos Standing: Amanda Waller, Cassie Goolsby, Jacqi 
Sterrett, Jessi Sanders, Rebecca Smith 

At right, the Gamma Pledge Class poses for a picture. This 
picture was made at the Fall Banquet on the night of initiation. 
Left to Right: Cassie Goolsby, Becky Jones, Jaqi Sterrett, Beth 
Howell, Sarah Ramos, Allison Cook, Jessi Sanders, Rebecca 
Smith, and Amanda Waller 

wk: ' 

m i ■ ■ 


■ ' 

Above, Brothers Dale Walker and 
Stephen Lewis take a break from float 
building to show some "brotherly" love 

The Theta Prime chapter of Kappa 
Sigma Fraternityis well known for its 
community service in Lebanon, TN. 
The new pledges hosted a clothing 
drive in the fall semester. They also 
involved themselves in Adopt a 
Highway and Habitat for Humanity. 
The organization hosts get togethers 
such as Discoween in the fall and the 
Founder's Day Ball in the spring. 

2001 Kappa Sigma Officers 

Grand Master - Jason Brewer 
Grand Procurator - Josh Klaus 
Grand Treasurer - Chad Hanna 
Grand Scribe - Stephen Lewis 
Grand Master of Ceremonies - 
Branson Clark 
Guards - Zachary Upchurch 
Justin Rogers 

Above, Gary Sexton, Zach Upchurch, and Josh Klaus show 
what it's all about. 

^bove, Brothers Gary Sexton, Justin Rogers, Branson Clark, 
|l".J. Petty, Lewis Farley, and Brandon Grieves get together 
: or one of those rare groups pictures. 

Above, Brothers Nick Mattingly, Chad Hanna, Eddie Bell, and 
Dale Walker show some excitement during homecoming 

2002 81 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Brothers Front Row left to right: Ben Collier, Eminent 
Treasurer; Curtis Spongier; Kyle Sykes, Eminent Chronicler; Chad Lamb. 
Eminent Archon; Michael Shaw, Eminent Recorder; Brad Nipper, Eminent 
Herald; Brian Jones, Eminent Chaplain Second Row left to right: Brian 
McDaniel; Garrett Hall; James Snider, Eminent Deputy Archon; Jeremy 
Reich; Jerry Rice; James Anders Not Pictured: Shane Fitzpatrick, Eminent 
Warden; Joe Malone; Chris Rickles 

Above: "I'm proud to be an SAE Brother...." Wes Bright smiles for 

the crowd at the Big Dawg Competition during Homecoming 


Far Left: "I am a glorious man...." Joe Malone shows his game 

face as he prepares to attempt a strike. 

Left: Brother Shane Fitzpatrick poses for a picture with Alpha 

Sigma Tau Sister Rebecca Smith at the pumpkin carving in 

| Bottom Left: Brothers Joe Malone, James Snider, Michael Shaw. 
1 Garrett Hall, and Chad Lamb show some love and a t-shirt at 

the Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser. 

82 The Phoenix 

Clubs and 
O rganizations 

Pictured above BCM students pose for a quick picture one morning before they set out 
for the day while on their mission trip to Seattle, WA. 

AASA members pose for a quick picture at a 

FCA members are just hanging around having 
fun during their retreat in November 2001. 

2002 83 

African American Students 

The purpose of AASA is to promote awareness and unity among all students at 
Cumberland, to educate all members on relevant issues in discussions such as health, 
graduate opportunities, scholarship information, and community service. To provide 
interesting programs devotated to African American history. 

Pictured L to R: Keiona Davis, Larisha Corder, Donzaleigh Powell, Danielle 
Henry, Andrea Gardenhire, andBobbie Forrester. 

84 The Phoenix 

Baptist Collegiate Ministries 

The Baptist Student Union welcomes all Cumberland students as members. The BSU 

meets weekly at a time determined by the students each fall. They sponsor Bible studies 

and fellowships, as well as the opportunity to participate in state and regional meetings 

with students from various campuses. 

The Kenneth M. Tramel Bapti 


Taking time out to pose for a quick picture in front of the Kenneth M. Tramel Baptist Student 
Union House. Front from left to right: Jonathan Grooms, Beth Garrison, Jason Scott Harlin, 
Chris Cooper, Bill Slavens, Clayton Crouse, Amber Woodard, Misty Miller, Zach Hightower, 
Jennifer Bush, Craig Streets, Jessica Meyer, Barbie Baker, Charma Hawkins, Chris Blair, 
Alissa Benson, Beth Meyer, Chris Hawkins, and Darrin Reynolds. 

When it snows. . .It SNOWS! 
At the base of Mt. Rainier, Seattle, WA. 

Free "POP" anyone? Back L to R: Laura Todd, Tim 
Taylor, Jonathan Grooms, Charma Hawkins, and Erica 
Finney. Middle L to R: Lynette Taylor, Brooke Taylor, 
Zach Hightower, and Kelly Allard. Front L to R: Chaz 
Holmes, and Chris Hawkins. 

Rain or Shine we're always having fun. . .BCM Students gather together to take a group 
picture while in Seattle, WA on a mission trip. Pictured Standing L to R: Tim Taylor, Zach 
Hightower, Chris Hawkins, Jonathan Grooms, Charma Hawkins, Lora Bradshaw, Laura 
Todd, Jae Hanes, Erica Finney, and Amanda Pendergrass. Seated Lto R: Jennifer Bush, 
Brooke Taylor, Jill Walker, and Tracy McQuarry. 

2002 85 

Campus Crusade for Christ 

Our purpose is to help fulfill the Great Commission in this generation 

by communicating the gospel in a clear manner so that students can 

place their faith in Christ, helping them mature in their faith, and 

equiping them to communicate their faith to others. 

Spring Open House brings many new people to CU, 
pictured above, Genti visits with a prospective 
family and shares information about CCC. 

Some CCC Members on a mission trip to Panama Litv Beach dunnt 
Spring Break. Pictured Bottom: Trista Pirtle. Middle L to R: Todd 
Harris, Chris Blair , Gary Robinson-Sponsor, and Genti Tahiraj. 
Top L to R: April Leyman and Amy Sams. 

5^ m 

Some of the CCC Members pose for a quick picture 
beside their table at Spring Open House 2002. 
(L-R) Genti Tahiraj, Amy Sams, Heather Jacobs, 
andApril Leyman. 

86 The Phoenix 

Criminal Justice Club 

Our purpose is to inform students about educational and career 

opportunities that they have in the Criminal Justice field. We also 

strive to promote an interest in the Criminal Justice field at the 

undergraduate, graduate, and professional level. 

CUjCriminalMticeProgram ~ 

Pictured L to R: Cortney Clark, Vice President; Dolata Pittman, President; Jenny Norton, 
Treasurer; and Dr. Russ Cheatham, Advisor. 

2002 87 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Our purpose is to present to athletes, coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge 

and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their 

relationships and in the fellowship of the church. 

Suzanne Matthews; Coach Gary Robinson, Sponsor; Craig Streets 
Zac Hightower; Genti Tahiraj; Darnell Macklin; Jennifer Bush; Jil 
Walker; and Jessica Meyer at the FCA Camp November 2001. 

Craig Streets and Arthur Aligood play their guitars and 
sing praise songs for everyone. 

Now everyone relax. . .Zac, Darnell, Craig, and 
Genti at Camp in November 2001. 

All time leading rusher from 
the University of Alabama 
and Running Back for the 
Seattle Seahawks, Shawn 
Alexander speaks to the FCA 
at their meeting in April. 

Handy women. . Jill, 
Jennifer, Erica, and Jessica 
at Camp in November 
2001 f" 1 

The Phoenix 

Freshman Outreach Committee to 
Unite Students (FOCUS) 

Our purpose is designed to assist entering freshman with their integration into the CU 
community. This includes, but is not limited to oreintation, registration, academics, stu- 
dent activities, and campus life. 

Back L to R: Jessica Washburn; Amy Dukes; 
Oriana Serena; and Rachel Jackson. Front L 
to R: Chad Lamb; Jonathan Winnett; 
Amanda Cook, Sponsor/Recruiter; and 
Jarod Jullierat. Not Pictured: Floyd Adkins, 
Lisa Malone, Susanne Stansbury, Allison 
Cook, and Audrey Murphy. 


. I 


13 cJ 

Pieces Together 


FOCUS Representative Chad Lamb talks to prospective students right 
outside of Memorial Hall. 

2002 89 

Honors Challenge Program 

The Honors Challenge Program provides an academic community for students who excel and who 

seek unique intellectual experiences. The program's special events such as round table discussions 

with faculty members, guest lecturers, cultural exhibits and fine arts performances enhance the honor 

students' experience at the University. 

Class of 2002 

Class of 2003 

Class of 2004 

Class of 2005 

Barbie Baker 

Carissa Chitwood 

Wendy Fleming 

Erica Finney 

Beth Garrison 

Jason Harlin 

Heidi Hooberry 

Valentine Johnson 

Jeremy Jordan 

Eric Law 

Hilary Mercer 

Elizabeth Meyer 

Rebecca Mungle 

Rhonda Mungle 

Dolota Pitman 

Jennifer Rowland 

Sadie Saullo 

Jessica Taylor 

Laura Todd 

Heather Victory 

Jamie White 

Clinton Woods 

Monica Carnahan 

Wesley Collier 

Lane Crockarell 

Lucas England 

Jonathan Grooms 

Elizabeth Hale 

Chad Hanna 

Matt Harris 

Rachel Johnson 

Chad Lamb 

Molly Ledford 

Jamie Lee 

Laura Marsh 

Chelsea Sallerson 

Robert Scruggs 

Jessica Sugg 

Channing Bailey 
Jeni Boyette 
Mary Clariday 

Philip Dickman 

Allison Dugger 
Coe Foutch 

Cassie Goolsby 
Ashlee Long 

Shawna Maloney 
Brad Nipper 
Matt Rogers 

Rebecca Smith 
John Turner 

Tim Vanderpool 

Amber Williams 
Jonathon Winnett 

Brandon Abbott 

Jenifer Bush 

Autumn Eades 

Amy Fowler 
Ashley Freeman 

Beth Gray 

Bethany Griffin 

Jennifer Jones 

Josh Lackey 

Jessica Owen 

Brooke Tackett 

Summer Thornton 

Amy Town 

Mary Webb 

Amber Woodard 

Stefanie Wuenscher 

90 The Phoenix 

International Student Organization 

Established in the fall of 1995, the organization is open to all international 
students in order to broaden their awareness of Cumberland University 

and the United States. 

Six continents and seventeen 
countries are represented by 
Cumberland University's 
International Students. 

Not Pictured: 

Roy Caballes - Philippines 
David Gazeley - United Kingdom 
Fatmata Kamara - Sierra Leone 
Danny Kasic - Croatia 
Lindsay Montana - Canada 
Yuwonka Stubbs - Bahamas 
Kibwe Smith - Jamaica 
Arjana Tahiraj - Albania 
Michelle Theriault - Canada 
Anton Visser - South Africa 
Tanya Watts - United Kingdom 

Back row (L-R): Steven McCarthy - United Kingdom, Hermann Buchert - Greece, 
Barbara Zajac - Poland, Ossie Ocasio - Puerto Rico, Gerhard Patzold - Australia. 
Middle Row: Pieter Faasen - South Africa, Joshua Van Der Weide - Aruba, Moises 
Feliz - Dominican Republic, Genti Tahiraj - Albania. 

Front Row: Christian Martinez - Ecuador, Juan Repetto - Argentina, Kristina Popovic - 
Canada, William Edmonds - United Kingdom. 

Charlie Bartlett - United Kingdom, Kristina Popovic - Canada, and Will Edmonds ■ 
United Kingdom enjoy lunch together in the dining hall. 

2002 91 

Phoenix Players 

Our purpose is to inform students that are interested in performing in 

plays or attending theatrical productions of tryout dates, instructor 

contact information, and other important information. 

Love Rides The Rails with an All Star Cast. 

Standing Lto R: LeahDalley; Eric Law; Shee Bradshears; Jenny Crockett; 

Eli Dies; Ashley Hackett; Dr. Menefee, Sponsor; Brandi Quinn; Robert 

Conners; Angela Schmidt; Misty Miller; Chris Rivers; and Jason 

Deathridge. Front Lto R: Laura Marsh; Amber Woodard; and 

Melissa Cambell. 

Chris Rivers and Dale Brewington pose for a quick picture together. 

Eric Law, Kyle Sykes, and Shee Brashears strike a pose 
at one of the performances. 

A Comedy Tonight! 

The cast is frozen in timeduring the last scene at one of the many practices for this 

year's Spring Musical, .-1 / unny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Pictured 

L to R: Laura Marsh, Amanda Lyn, Shee Brashears, Lora Bradshaw, Jenny Crockett, 

Jennifer Bush, Eli Dies, Chris Byrd, Kyle Sykes, Eric Law, Sam Fox, Jason Harlin, 

i In t- I l.iu I ms Vleli idee Freeman and fi inathar I irooms 

92 The Phoenix 

The Phoenix Review 

The Phoenix Review is the student newspaper that is published by 

students and distributed bi-monthly throughout the 

fall and spring semesters. 

Pictured above (L-R) Amber Woodard - Staff Writer, Lisa Willett 
Editor, Jennifer Bush - Staff Writer. 

Pictured Above (L-R) John Brown - Staff Writer, Chris Rivers - Staff Writer. 
Not Pictured: Jason Deathridge, 

2002 93 

Phoenix Yearbook 

The Phoenix Yearbook is the most permanent and complete historical 
record of the people, events, and environment of Cumberland 

University in a given year. 

Standing: April Harris, 
Sports; Rebecca Smith, Edi- 
tor; Ashley Freeman, Under- 
graduate Students, Greek 
Life & Organizations; and 
Michelle Hall, Sports. Sit- 
ting: Barrv Payne. Not Pic- 
tured: Jonathan Winnett, 
Co-Editor; Emily McQuary, 
Clubs & Organizations; 
Donzaleigh Powell, Student 
Life; and Stephanie Walker, 
Phoenix Advisor. 

Becca hard at work. 

The Phoenix Staff would like to take this time to thank the following 
people for their support and assistance. Mr Sonny Barrett, Seats 
Photography; and Mrs. Jennifer Spears, Coordinator of Public 
Relations at Cumberland University. 

All work and no play makes Barrv a tired bov 

94 The Phoenix 

Pre-Professional Society 

Our purpose is to provide information regarding medical professions 
or scientific fields of study, admission requirements and exams, as well 
as meeting with and observing professionals in their respective fields. 

1st Row: Carissa Chitwood; Jennifer Murphy; Miranda Terry. 2nd Row: Barbara Walton, Faculty Advisor- 
Monica Carnahan, Secretary /Treasurer; Misty Yates, Historian; Chad Lamb, President. 3rd Row: Kyle Sykes; 
Scott Hallums, Vice President; and Joseph Johnson. 

2002 95 

President's Association of Students 

The purpose of PAS is to serve as ambassadors for the University. 

These students assist the Admissions Office in their recruiting efforts 

and serve as hosts and hostesses for institutional functions. 

Left. . parents of prospective students talk to Rachel 
i Jackson about the manv qualities of Cumberland 
/ students. 


Right Prospective students have a chan 
to meet with professors and coaches 
throughout the day at Open House. 

96 The Phoenix 

Psychology Club 

The Psychology Club was organized for students to discuss career 
options and other issues in psychology Psychology majors will also 
have an opportunity to present their research projects in this group. 

New Members 2002: 

(L-R) Carlos Watkins, John Young, 

Quasean Nicholson, Rachel 

Guenther, Michael Thweatt-Spon- 

sor, Erica Finney-President, Amy 

Prose, Connie Jacobson, Amanda 


Seniors 2002: 

Michelle Prickett, Alissa Vinson, 
Erica Finney, Jae Anne Hanes, 
Laura Todd 

2002 97 

Science Club 

The Science Club was organized for students to explore science-related issues and topics 
outside of the classroom. Activites include canoe trips, spelunking, day hikes and 

overnight camping trips. 

Pictured Front L to R: Dr. Danny Bryan, Sponsor; Genti Tahiraj; Misti Yates; 
Monica Carnahan; Chad Lamb; and Dr. Pete Peterson, Sponsor. Front L to R: 
Johnnie Davis, Kyle Sykes, and Dane Bowers. 


Designers for the Science Club's webpage, Jennifer Gray and Jennifer Murphy, pose 
here in front of the aquarium. 

98 The Phoenix 

Student Government Association 

The Student Government Association is to be the governing body of Cumberland University in matters 

involving the students, to establish a close relationship between the students and the administration, to 

promote a spirit of community , to exchange constructive ideas, to discuss school problems, to promote 

and aid in student activities, and to be the students' voice of Cumberland University. 

Chad Lamb, SGA Coming Home Represenative, and 
Rachel Jones, Lady Dawg Nomine, pose for a quick 
picture at the Coming Home Ceremony. 

Oriana gets a surprise on Monday 
night at the Big Dawg on Campus 
Contest. . .a proposal from the King 
himself Mr. Napoleon Clark 

1st Row: Stephanie Walker, 
Advisor; Chad Lamb, Secretary; 
Jessica Wahburn, President; Oriana 
Serena, Vice President; Libby 
Brown, Advisor. 2nd Row: Emily 
McQuary, Rachel Jones, Donzaleigh 
Powell, Rachel Jackson. 3rd Row: 
Scott Russell, Julie Craig, Lacy 
Denney, Brandi Quinn, and Josh 
Klaus. Not Pictured: Floyd Adkins, 
Treasurer; Lisa Malone, Sam Moses, 
and Ron Moseley. 

Honorary Cumberland student 
Louis Payton attends the Coming 
Home basketball game. Louis 
supports all campus organizations, 
including SGA. 

2002 99 

Student Nurses Association 

Our purpose is to assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for 

the highest quality of health care. To provide programs represenative of fundamental interests & 

concerns to nursing students. To aid in the development of the whole person, his/her responsibility for 

healthcare of people in all walks of life. 

1st Row: Sabra Gentry, Secretary; Mansa 
Ogle, President; Jenifer Crain, Treasurer; 
Melissa Hayes, Projects Chair; Kellie 
McDaniel, Vice President. 2nd Row: 
Christy Crawford, Wendy Hemming, Mel 
Kessler. 3rd Row: Michele Martin, & Sue 

Jamie Lee (top left), Jennv Crockett (top right), and Lynda 
Bess (bottom left) present Isabelle Perry, a patient at Qual- 
ity Care Health Center, with books from the Cumberland 
University Library. 

100 I he Phoenix 

Student Tennessee 
Education Association (STEA) 

Our purpose is to interest people in education as a life long career, to develop among students 

preparing to be teachers an understanding of the teaching profession through professional associations, 

to give students preparing to teach practical experience in working with professional associations on 

the problems of the teaching profession and society and to provide students preparing to teach with 

history, organization, policies, ethics, and programs of the professional associations. 

Left-Right: Kara Bridges, Treasurer; Joyce Young, Reporter; Kellie Watkins, Vice President; 
Rebecca Smith, President. 





2002 101 

Cumberland University Band of the Phoenix 

University Band Members:(front row L-R) Jennifer Gray, Danielle Prince, April Mathis, Beth Gray, Tanya Keith, 
Erica Shrieves, (second row L-R) Amber-Michelle Williams, Chad Hanna, Valerie Martin, Angie Humphries, 
Stephen Lewis, Jenny Gilbert, Jamie Sweeney, Ashley Long, Christina Pollard, Cassie Goolsby, Jessi Sanders, 
Amanda Knight-Hillard, Lisa Shaffer, Jenny Allen, Sarah Ramos, Beth Howell, April Leyman, (third row L-R) 
John Ray, Tim Vanderpool, Channing Bailey, Brandon Grieves, Chris Sheltra, Travis Berry, Heather Hackney, 
Jason McMurtry, Tara Lockman, Timineri Aboh, Desinda Whitehead, Ashley Freeman, Trista Pirtle, Bill Slavens, 
Philip Dickman, (back row L-R) Dr. Stephen Farnsley, Sara Byrd, Dawn Taylor, Ray Blackwell, Jerry Rice, Zach 
Upchurch, Dale Walker, Eddie Bell, Terry Hollis Petty, Jacqi Sterrett, Branson Clark 

Above: The Phoenix Dancers performed with the band 
during football games at home. They danced to music 
from "Grease" as well as music from Ray Charles. 

Above: The Brass Quintet performed at a ceremony for 
former Vice President Albert Gore. Bill Slavens and 
Travis Berry play trumpet, Dale Walker plays tuba, 
Amanda Knight-Hillard plays french horn, and Mr. John 
Ray plays euphonium. Mr. Ray is also director of the 

102 The Phoenix 

Hot Summer Days + Tired Musicians =... 
The Cumberland University Band of the Phoenix spent 
long days practicing for performances at Friendship 
Christian Academy, Cumberland home football games, 
and various parades. Band camp began one week 
before school started, and the band continued to perfect 
the music at every opportunity. 

Play it Loud and Proud... 
The band was excited to finally perform 
their "Grease" show which included 
selections such as "We Go Together," 
"Shakin' At the High School Hop," " School 
Dropout," and "Born to Hand Jive." 

Above, Mallet Percussion players Jacqi Sterret and 
Sara Byrd dressed in their pink and black colors to 
perform with the band at home football games. 

Above, Field Commander 
Jamie Sweeney held her 
head high as she directed 
the band through a great 

2002 103 

Cumberland Chorale and 
University Singers 

The purpose of the University Singers and the Cumberland Cho- 
rale is to present entertaining shows and concerts to the students, 
^ faculty and community that they will enjoy. 








L ■* 


i ^ '-■ 





2001-2002 Choir Council Officers 

President - Jason Harlin 
Vice President - Darrin Reynolds 
Secretary - Charma Hawkins 
Historian/Archivist - Scott Russell 
Soprano Chair - Amanda Deason 
Alto Chair - Valentine Johnson 
Tenor Chair - Chris Byrd 
Bass Chair - Chris Cooper 

1st Annual 2002 Music Awards Cookout. Pictured Back L to R: Branson Clark; 
Sam Fox; Eric Law; Hope Skaggs; Chris Wiley; Eli Dies; Chris Cooper; Jonathon 
Grooms; Darrin Reynolds; Jason Harlin; and Kibwe Smith. Middle L to R: Jill 
Walker; Charma Hawkins; Barbie Baker; Jennifer Bush; Chris Hawkins; Misty 
Yates; and Rebecca Burke De Soto. Front L to R: Emily McQuary; Mallory 
Worstell; Laura Diddle, Instructor and Sponsor; Julianna Diddle; and Taylor. 
Not pictured: Chris Hawkins and Larisha Corder. 

Right: The Madrigal Dinner is one of the 
most important events of the year for the 
singers. They dress in elaborate madriga 
costumes and sing Christmas carols to a 
packed audience in Baird Chapel. 

104 The Phoenix 

Student Life 

Let's play some football!!! 
Go DAWGS. . . 

Fun in the sun. . .Students enjoy one of the 

early summer feeling days by playing on a 

slip n' slide out in front of the commons. 

Anyone up for a little snow? Students 
pictured here enjoying the snow while it 


2002 105 

Awards Night 2002 

Left to right: Michael Parker, 
recipient of The John W. 
Burgess Award in Political 
Science; Mary Cooper, 
recipient of the William Bowen 
Campbell Award in American 
History; Jim Speck, recipient 
of the History Associates of 
Wilson County Award. 

Left to right: Celesta Turner, 
recipient of the Raymond 
Cleveland Award in Social 
Science; Dolota Pittmann, 
recipient of the Thomas H. Shriver 
Award in Criminal 
Justice; Heather Jacobs, recipient 
of the Anthropology Award. 

Left to right: Jason Brewer, 
recipient of the Anthropology 
Award; Jae Anne Hanes, 
recipient of the Outstanding 
Psychology Student Award; 
Chad Harrna, recipient of the J.O. 
Baird Chemistry Award. 


" t *'s < *,t 

Left to right: Jessica Vetetoe, 
recipient of the Outstanding 
Mathematics Student Award; 
Cheyenne Smith, recipient of the 
Outstanding Freshman 
Mathematics Student Award; Eric 
Graeflin, recipient of the 
Freshman Biology Award. 

Left to right: Joseph Johnson, 
recipient of the Most Promising 
Biologist Award; Bridget 
Brownlee, recipient of the 
Outstanding Individual 
Performance Award in Business; 
Neisha Moore, recipient of the 
Outstanding Individual 
Performance Award in 


Ar/ Sfl 

?*•••- el 



WML , .jjijr ^^^| 




5* Cr W 






106 The Phoenix 

Awards Night 2002 

Left to right: Julie Craig, 
recipient ofThe Chamber of 
Commerce Award in Business 
Administration; Betty Huxford, 
recipient of The Future 
Educator Award; Tiffany 
Tomlinson, recipient of The Irvin 
F. Bass Excellence in 
Teaching Award. 

Left to right: Brandon Johnson, 
recipient of The Mary Argo 
McKee Commitment to 
Improvement in Education 
Award; Taylor Murphy, 
recipient of the Jeanette C. Rudy 
Award in Nursing; Melissa 
Hayes, recipient of the 
Leadership Award in Nursing. 

Left to right: Rachel Johnson, 
recipient of the Outstanding 
Nursing Clinician Award; 
Christy Johnson, recipient of the 
Outstanding Nursing Clinician 
Award; Carol Mitchell, RN, 
recipient of the Florence 
Nightingale Award. 

fr- - ' V-i*j0 ' 

Left to right: Beth Garrison, 
recipient of the Award in English; 
Amanda Jordan, recipient of The 
Alice Hegan Rice Award; Dora 
McClanahan, recipient of The 
Cale Young Rice Award. 

Left to right: Bethany Griffin, 
recipient of the Freshman Award 
in English; Rhonda Mungle, 
recipient of The Research Award 
in English; Chad Hanna, 
recipient of the Band Award. 

Awards Night 2002 

Left to right: Eddie Bell, 
recipient of the Instrumental 
Music Award; Jason Harlin, 
recipient of the Vocal Music 
Award; Shee Brashears, 
recipient of the Dance Award. 

3U«//,> «-5» 

Left to right: Elijah Dies, recipient 
of the Theatre Award; Steven 
McCarthy, recipient of the MSO 
Alumni Association Award; 
Thomas G. Brousseau, recipient 
of the MBA Outstanding 
Graduate Award. 


Left to right: Drema P. Mace, 
recipient of the MSP Peer 
Recognition Award; Beth 
Garrison, recipient of the Honor 
Challenge Program Award; 
Oriana Serena, recipient of the 
FOCUS Award. 

Left to right: Steven McCarthy, 
recipient of the International 
Student Award; Lisa Willett, 
recognized as The Phoenix Review 
campus newspaper editor; 
Rebecca Smith, recognized as The 
Phoenix yearbook editor. 

Left to right: Jessica Washburn, 
recipient of the President's 
Association of Students Award; 
Chad Lamb, recipient of the 
President's Association of 
Students Awards; Tiffany 
Tomlinson, Highest GPA in a 
Baccalaureate Degree Program. 

\Wls c '- 


Vf IA 

108 The Phoenix 

Awards Night 2002 

* f ^ 












Left to right: Dr. Drew Landry, Most Outstanding Faculty Member; Cathy Fusion, Most Outstanding Staff Member; Beth 
Garrison, recipient of the President's Award; Oriana Serena, recipeint of the Cumberland University Service Award. 

Above: Jessica Washburn, Miss Cumberland, and 
Chad Lamb, Mr. Cumberland. 

Athletic Award. Chad Lamb representing Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon and Oriana Serena representing Alpha 
Omicron Pi. 

Above: Rush Award. Zach 
Upchurch representing 
Kappa Sigma and Cassie 
Goolsby representing Alpha 
Sigma Tau. 
Right: Pleasant Henry 
Meadows, III Award. Jason 
Brewer and Oriana Serena. 

Academic Award. Chad Lamb representing Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon and Becky Jones representing Alpha 
Sigma Tau. 

Community Service Award. Josh Klaus representing 
Kappa Sigma and Cassie Goolsby representing Alpha 
Sigma Tau. 

Above: Presidential Cup. Chad 
Lamb representing Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon, Cassie Goolsby 
and Lisa Shaffer representing 
Alpha Sigma Tau, and Jason 
Brewer representing Kappa 



Stephanie Walker. Llbby Brown, 
and President Kozy cut the ribbon 
for the grand opening of the 
C-Store. The new store is a 
convenience for students. The 
C-Store sells items such as 
Buffet -Style pizza, popcorn, cokes, 
sandwiches, and ice cream 

A normal day in the C-Store 
consists of a large demand for 
pizza, ice cream, and cokes. 

C-Store employee Jennifer 
Zinsmeister prepares one of many 
Buffet- Style pizzas for hungry 
college students. 

110 The Phoenix 

@ Halloween 

Above: Members of STEA who 
helped with the night's events 
included, left to right, Kara Bridges, 
Joyce Young, Kellie Watkins, and 
Rebecca Smith. 

CU @ Halloween is sponsored by 
Cumberland's chapter of the 
Student Tennessee Education 
Association. Campus organiza- 
tions participate by dressing up 
and passing out candy to 
children in the community. The 
theme for the 2001 event was 
"Disneyland and Fairy Tales." 

On Left, these members of the 
Criminal Justice Club and the 
Pre-Law Society joined ranks to 
dress up as witches. 

On Right, the Student Nurses 
Association handed out lots of 
candy to the children who 

On Left, ladies of Alpha Omi- 
cron Pi used the theme "101 

On Right, the Pre-Professional 
Society supported the event 
with "Little Red Riding Hood." 

Above: These members of the 
Band of the Phoenix participated 
with the theme of "The Three Little 

On Left, Sigma Alpha Epsilon used 
the theme of "The Jungle Book." 

On Left, the sisters of Alpha Sigma 
Tau had a ball as they dressed up 
like characters from "The WizarC of 

2002 111 

Intramural Sports 

Intramural sports were a huge success this year. The number of student participants exceeded all previous years. The fall semester included a flag 
football league that was very competitive. The two time reigning champs got the title taken away from them this year by some older veteran students. 
An intramural pool league followed during the fall semester. Other intramural activities that took place during the fall 2001 semester included a 3 on 3 
basketball tournament, several ping pong tournaments, and a couple of pool tournaments. Prize money was given to the top three winners from each 
of these tournaments. Bowling Competitions took place a couple of times in the fall for all types of prizes including a new bowling ball and bag 
donated by Lebanon Lanes. Students also had the opportunity to play golf at the local golf range on designated days for a discounted price. 

The intramural sports for spring semester were men's and women's basketball, co-ed volleyball, and co-ed Softball. All three sports had a record 
number of students to sign-up and participate. In January, several practice nights were given to the students to get ready for the intramural basketball 
season. These open gym nights were a hit and showed student excitement for the intramural league to come. Co-ed volleyball is always a fun sport lor 
the intramural teams because it is not as intense as basketball and Softball. Once the weather got warmer, the intramural Softball league began with 
much anticipation. We played all of our games at Cedars of Lebanon State Park during the month of April. The intramural Softball nights drew large 
crowds of students that came to watch and cheer on their teams. Out of eight league teams, the winning learn ended with an undefeated record and 
received small iron paperweight trophies with a Softball on top. 

All of the intramural participants for the whole year received a complimentary T-shirt for being a part of each league. Each sport used its own type 
of style and design for the T-shirts. The referees that were used for the spring semester came from the Officiating Sports class at CU. These students 
were given college credit for fulfilling the hands on training through officiating basketball, volleyball, and Softball. Each intramural league ended with 
a single or double elimination tournament that decided the champion team. The regular season record determined where each team was seeded in the 
tournament. Bv Lihbv Brown 

Rr as? ' , 

< , 

Above: After playing softball in the rain, these guvs decide to 
make good use of the huge mud puddle between second and third 
bases. Left to right: Bryan McDaniel, Joe Malone, Kerry Kell, 
James Snider, Chris Mahnich. Cheyenne Smith, Michael Shaw. 

112 The Phoenix 

Above: Left to right. Michael Shaw, Kerry Kell. Jarod Juilleral. 
Shane Fitzpatrick, Rachel Jackson, Allison Dugger, Cheyenne 
Smith, Chris Mahnich. 

Right: Referees during the volleyball 
intramurals. Left to right: Shaun Child, Tirzon 
Nunez, Wynne Baker. 

The Greek Experience 

Above: The Kappa Sigma Fraternity helped to build Bulldog 
Spirit with their Homecoming "Car Bash." Faculty and students 
had the opportunity to beat the car with hammers and sledge 
hammers. By the end of the day, the car looked pretty rough, 
but Bulldog Pride was shining. 

What exactly is it like to be Greek? Many Greeks will tell 
you that it requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but all 
will say that it means being a part of a unique group of 
people. Everyone can see that being Greek involves going 
to meetings, participating in Greek Week, and performing 
community service. However, most people do not under- 
stand that the most important part of being a Greek is the 
brotherhood or sisterhood among the individual organiza- 
tions. Only members can understand the neverending 
friendships and lifelong memories. Being a member of a 
fraternity or sorority is more than just belonging to another 
campus organization; it is being a member of a nationwide 
web of brothers or sisters that share a common bond. 

So what is it to be Greek? It is a choice. It is a journey 
is an unforgettable exprience. 


Above: Kappa Sigma brothers show campus pride by 
volunteering to stain the University Gazebo. 
Below: Alpha Sigma Tau sister Cassie Goolsby and Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon brother Jerry Rice carve a pumpkin at the annual 
Halloween Pumpkin Carving. 

Above: The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon seemed to be 
taking it easy as they rode along the Homecoming parade 

' aoo 

■ M 

Above: The Greek Council meets every other Friday during 
lunch. Any fraternity or sorority member is invited to attend. 
Pictured above from left to right are Cassie Goolsby, Chris 
Sheltra, Rebecca Smith, Stephen Lewis, Brandon Grieves, 
Brandi Quinn, and Curtis Spangler. 

2002 113 

Above: Panhellenic meetings are held on Tuesdays in the 
Alumni House. Pictured above clockwise are Heidi Hooberry, 
President; Staci Stmson, AST Delegate; Jacqi Sterrett, Alter- 
nate; Cassie Goolsby. AST President; Stephanie Walker, 
Advisor; Lane Crockarell, AOII Delegate; Brandi Qumn; Shelley 
Rowlett, Alternate Delegate. 

Pictured above is Donzaleigh 
Powell, a member of the Alpha 
Kappa Alpha sorority. 

Pictured above is Floyd Adkins, 
a member of the Kappa Alpha 
Psi fraternity. 

Pictured above Lisa Shaffer and Corena Bray chat with prospective 

Below are the Fall Rush Rho Chi's, Barbie Baker and Brandi 
Qumn, as they revealed themselves at the end of the week. 
Below right are the AOIIs as they serenaded the rushees at a Rush 
Week event. Left to right: Channing Bailey, Lacy Denney, Heidi 
Hooberry, Lane Crockarell, Jessica Washburn, Shelley Rowlett, 
Oriana Serena. Rachel Guenther. 

During Spring Greek Week, a Panhellenic luncheon was held for 
Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Sigma Tau. Front, left to right: Becky 
Jones, Bethany Griffin, Staci Stinson, Martha Montiel, Heidi 
Hooberry, Oriana Serena, Sarah Ramos, Stephanie Walker Back 
left to right: Beth Howell, Rebecca Smith, Lisa Shaffer, Jenny 
Allen, Cassie Goolsby, Peggy Smith, Channing Bailey, Lacy 
Denney, Lane Crockarell, Brandi Quinn 

114 The Phoenix 

AASA Snapshots 

Above: Donzaleigh Powell, Tabitha DeBondt, Andrea 

Gardenhire, Bobbie Forrester, Keiona Layden, and 

Danielle Henry gather in Memorial Hall for a quick 


Above Right: Napoleon Clark, Danielle Henry, Marquis 

Garvin, Donzaleigh Powell, and Jeremiah Brooks had an 

awesome time at the AASA cookout. 

Right: Donzaleigh Powell and Melissa Vaughn pose for a 


Below Right: Many people decided to sit and relax at the 

AASA cookout. 

Below: Terry Gerald and Ronald Moseley smile for the 


2002 115 

Une Social o^cene of vjumoerland (j/uoen/s 

Right: John Schimanksi, Jake Davis, Josh VanDer 
Weide, Quinten Hodge, Rachel Jackson, Toni 
Johnson, Dave Beck, Michelle Hall, Joanna Gomez, 
Lena Sukowatey, Tirzon Nunez and other students 
enjov a fun-filled day in the snow due to cancelled 

Below: Martha Montiel and Rachel Jackosn attempt 
to make Cumberland's very own Frosty the Snowman. 

Above: AST sisters Beth 
Howell and Cassie Goolsby 
practice their eye gouging 
techniques on each other in 
Self Defense 101. 

Right: Bill Crittenden, CU's 
Coordinator of Housing, en- 
gages in 1 on 1 contact with 
Director of Admissions Ed- 
ward Frey tag, a certified black- 
belt martial artist. 

116 The Phoenix 

Above: Kyle Sykes, as well 
as many others, watch TV in 
the Memorial Hall lounge as 
he waits for his next class. 

Above: Students shared many good laughs and bowls of slurpped 
jello when the cafeteria sponsored a special theme event to help 
energize tired minds and bodies. 

Above: Chad Hanna takes a 
break to play volleyball with 
fellow Kappa Sigmas outside 
the C-Store. 

Above: Beth Gray, Bill Slavens, Trista Pirtle, and April 
Layman particiapted in the Fall 2001 Scavenger Hunt. 

The hot weather brought out the slip-n-sliders on the ground 
in front of Commons One. 

Left: Lacy Denney 
helps to load gift for 
the Angel Tree at 
Students, faculty, 
and staff collected 
toys and goodies for 
over seventy needy 
children in Wilson 

Above and Below: Students love hanging out on Bowling 
Night and relaxing for a little while. 

2002 117 

The Faculty and Staff of Cumberland University 


. ..„ — . . — ^_. 


Mr. Larry Vaughan helps The maintenance crew keep the campus grounds looking nice Mrs. Marjorie Black directs 

students with their financial and make sure that everything works properly. phone calls and helps visitors 

needs. to the campus. 

Rain or shine, Ronnie makes sure that the campus mail gets 

Dr. Pete teaches some of the 
science classes here at CU. 

118 The Phoenix 

34 . 




m ■ -.-" 


Wayne Guenther is in 
charge of the Cafeteria here 
on campus. 

Dr. Dressier and Dr. Kozy enjoy the good music and good 
times at the Football Homecoming Hoe Down Dance. 

Dr. Heifner, Ms. Pace Pope, and Mr. Pope take a ride on the 
Kappa Sigma Homecoming float during the parade. 

Proudly Serving the Citizens of Lebanon 
Don W. Fox, Mayor 

Lebanon City Council 

Ward One: Carl Wood 

Ward Two: Annette Stafford 

Ward Three: Aran Preston 

Ward Four: Joe Hayes 

Ward Five: Jim Mills 

Ward Six: Kathy Warmath 

City of Lebanon 

200 Castle Heights Ave. North 

Lebanon, TN 37087 

Phone: 615-443-2839 



Tired of worrying about money problems? 
Pay CAPITOL CASH a visit! 

1218 W. Main Street 

Lebanon, TN 37087 


Located next to Dick's Market 

Hours: Monday & Friday - 9AM to 6PM 

Tuesday ■ Thursday - 10AM to 6PM 

Saturday - 1 OAM to 2PM 



Branch Manager: Erline Colyer 
Asst. Manager: Erica Shoulders 

Bank (j Trust 

Your Tolal Relationship Banking Partner 

Lebanon Watwtown Qadevie MlJuiet Hemtfage Harisvik 





2002 119 

m M Bryant's Clink 

tf w u\*» 

I {v**^^ 3oe F. Bryant, M.D., F.A.C.S. 
V 7/ ^W Surgery 

wr 200 East Spring Street 
1 Lebanon, TN 37087 



[ _ LEBANON _ J 

• ••. 




120 The Phoenix 



■ W 






f M 




'M ! *;!f