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in 2011 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 

Cumberland University 

Presidential Cabinet 

Seated (L-R): Ms. Debbie Patterson-Director of Human Resources, 
Dr. James Dressier- Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of 
Students, Dr. Harvill Eaton-President. Standing: Ms. Clarissa 
Parrish-Coordinator, Alumni Affairs and Special Events, Ms. 
Melinda Bone-Vice President of Enrollment Management, Ms. Judy 
Jordan-Vice President for Finance, Dr. C. William McKee-Executive 
Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Mr. Mitchell 
Bone-Director of Information Technology, Dr. J.M. Galloway-Dean 
of Graduate Studies, Mr. Pat Lawson-Athletic Director and Ms. Joyce 
Alcorn-Assistant to the President. 



2004 5 

Executive Committee of the 

Board of Trust 

(L-R): Mr. W.P. Bone III - Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. Joe Bryant - Chairman, 
Mr. Ken Hawkins - Vice Chairman. Standing: Mr. Robert McDonald, 
Ms. Martha Bradshaw and President Dr. Harvill Eaton. 

6 The Phoenix 

Jriepections of the ^/ast 

The Phoenix Ball 2003 

The theme of this years 
ball was Reflections of the 
Past. Pictured right are 
members of Kappa Sigma 
fraternity who served as 
valets for the event. 
Pictured far right are 
chairpersons for the event 
Kathryn and Ron 

Little Rascals 

The Little Rascals assist 
during the silent auction. 
Pictured above: Tina 
Norton, Rachel Jackson, 
Lane Crockarell, and Kyle 

Hostesses for the evening 

The hostesses assist 
during the live auction by 
displaying jewelry. 
Pictrued left to right 
Laura Marsh, Angie 
Lorenzo, and Rachel 

7 The Phoenix 

t^dmrns M 'IMwM tjf 

Dr. AH Abderrezak 

John Boniol 

Janene Corbin 

Terry Durham 

Computer Information 

Dr. Annette Allison 

Carla Beckham 

David Bodkin 

Dr. Greg Brown 

I'.i i .mi",'. 

Danny Bryan 


Dr. Russ Cheatham 
Criminal Justice/Public Admin. 

Dr. Lisa M.Cobb 

Dr. Art' risco 
MSO Director 

Dr. James Currey 

Dwayne Deering 

Physical Education/Volleyball 

Dr. Laurie Dishman 

Dr. Stephen Farnsley 
Instrumental Music 

Dr. Jack Forresl 
Marketing/Managrt i in it 

Dr. William Fox 

Dr. Martin Fryd 

Melinda Bone 

Dr. Charles Collier 

Dr. [,imes Dressier 

Dr. JM Galloway 
I \ -. 1 1 1 1 if Graduate Students 

S The Phoenix 

Llssa Gill 


Dr. Mary Lewis Haley 

Judge Hamilton 
Political Science 

Dr. Stuart Harris 

Richard Harris 
Director of WADP 

Dr. Fred Heifner 

Dr. Richard Henderson 
Physical Science 

Dr. Drew Landry 

Woody Hunt 
Physical Education 

Dr. Dorothy Jenkins 

Alice Johnson-Davis 

Brian Killian 


Dr. Susan Lewis 

Jody MantJfi 

Dr. John Markert 

Michelle Martens 

Clint Mason 

Women's Basketball Coach 

Jillian McElroy 
Assistant Athletic Trainer 

Dr. C. William McKee 

Executive Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Faye McRady 

Dr. Larry Menefee 

Dr. Phillip Morey 

John Noel 

Mchelle Noel 

Dr. Alice Nunnery 

Dr. Pete Peterson 

Monty Pope 

Dr. Dwayne Ramey 


lead Librarian 






2003 ° 


: m 

Dr. Evan Rivers 

Cathy Simpson 

Phillip Tatum 

Rebecca Treadway 

Danny Rogers 
Head Athletic Training 


Dr. Frank Ruckman 


Dr. Mildred SaffeU-Smitli 

Jay Sharp 

Dr. Bobbie Speck 


Dr. Wayne Taylor 
Re reation 

Ri ii i Turner 
Criminal Justice 

Dr. Bobbie Staley 

Carol Stout 

Vicki Terry 


Lonnie Thompson 

Mi-ir.Kr.inlulK aiili 

Dr. George W; 1 1 kn 

Mitch Walters 


Dr. Beverly Swisshelm 

Computer Information Systems 




Dr. Michael Thweatt 

Dr. Barbara Walton 

Dr. Richard Shriver 
Philosophy /Religion 

Sarah Sydor 
Athletic Training Program 



Barbara Tincher 



Dr. Kane Wilde 
Political Science 

Dr. Connie Wright 

I Phoenix 

Joyce Alcorn 
Assistant to the President 

Emily Beddingfield 
Admission Recruiter 

Marjorie Black Connie Blair Carolyn Blake 

Secretary/Switchboard Operator Anaylst, Accounts Receivable Music Accompanist 

Mitchel Bone 
Director of Infomation Technology 

Dawn Bradford 
Admission Recruiter 

Jason Brewer 
Admission Recruiter 

Libby Brown 
Coordinalor of Student Activities 

Dr. Frank Bums 

Chris Chambers 
JV Men's Basketball Coach 

Scott Clancy 
Network Engineer 

Misty Claude 
Admission Recruiter 

Sean Corbitt 
Assistant Coach Football 

Bill Crittenden 
Coordinator. Financial Aid 

Lane Crockarell 
Secretary, Division II Business 

Robert Davis 
Football Assistant Coach 

Saundra Doman 
Analyst, Accounts Payable 

Wes Elrod 
Football, Assistant Coach 

Rachel Encke 
Coordinator, Academic Services 


Carol Ann Evans 
Secretary. Division IV Nursing 

DonnieFord Cathy Fuston Andrea Gardenhire 

Maintenance Staff Assistant Director, Financial Aid Clerk, Development Office 

Dena Gehris 

Secretary. Division V Arts & 


Junior Hawkins 
Softball Head Coach 

Karen Hobson 
Secretary, Division m Education 

Sueann Huber Smith 
Clerk, Business Office 

Shannon Jenkins 
Clerk, Registrar's Office 

Bryan Johnson 
Soccer, Head Coach 

Sarah Johnston 
Assistant to the Executive Vice President 

Barbara Jones Judy Jordan 

Clerk, Academic Records Vice Ftesident for Finance 

7 J 

•^- >, 

Wacia Leonard 
Clerk, Payroll 

Chuck Losey 

I kill Awr .t.itil i i mi h 

Linda Major 
I in & lor of Accouting Services 

Supervisor of Maintenance 

Joe Murphy 
Band Assistant 

Stephanie Nabaa 
Financial Analyst 

Pat Lawson 
Athletic Director 

Eric Lee 
Housekeeping Staff 

I Mini '.!.■ , i iii'i'i 
Housekeeping Staff 

Hershel Moore 
Football Head Coach 

Erin Parchman Clarrissa Parxish 

A naylst Enrollment & Data Coordinator, Alumni Affairs & 

Special Events 

1 2 The Phoenix 

Debbie Patterson Peggy Patterson 

Director of Human Resources Database/Network Engineer 

Jerry Pique 
Football Assistant Coach 

Melody Pollard 
Manager, Bookstore Services 

Pace Pope 

Coordinator, Admissins Office 


Regena Poss 

Joyce Reese 
Secretary. Division I Science I 

Chris Rulen Joyce Stallings Jared Swint 

Maintenance Staff Coordinator, Special Programs Wrestling, Head Coach 

■. ':.-■■-. ■■- \ ■■■'■■ ; '■;■ 

Polly Tidwell 
Supervisor of Housekeeping 

Celesta Turner 

Coordinator, Housing 

Deborah Whitaker Kelly Wright 

Coordinator, MAE Services Administrative Assistant, Office 

of Development 

Larry Vaughan 
Director, Financial Aid 

Stephanie Walker 
Director, Student Life 

Beth Wheeler 
JV Basketball Women Head Coach 

2003 13 

2003-2004 University Awards 

Award in English 

Awarded to Rebecca Smith Clark, presented 
by Dr. Evan H. Rivers. 

The Alice Hegan Rice Award 

Awarded to Autumn Joy Parker, presented 
by Dr. Stuart E. Harris. 

Freshman Award in English 

Awarded to Rachel Elizabeth Fitzgerald, 
presented by Dr. Alice P. Nunnery. 

J.O. Baird Chemistry Award 

Awarded to Tunde Anthony Daudu, presented 
by Dr. Barbara J. Walton. 



- •• f ■ ■ 

L A 




m. ' 1 


~\' 1 

The Research Award in English 

Awarded to Laura Kristen Marsh, presented 
by Dr. Evan H. Rivers. 

The Cale Young Rice Award 

Awarded to Laura Kristen Marsh, 
presented h\ I >i Alice P N'unnei \ 

Outstanding Freshman Mathematics Student Award 

Awarded to Melissa Jo Gibson, presented by Dr. 
Laurie P. Dishman. 

Pre-Professional Society Award 

Awarded to Kyle Lea Sykes, presented by 
Dr. Barbara [. Walton. 

4 1 he Phoenix 

2003-2004 University Awards 

Freshman Biology Award 

Awarded to Cara Jean Conrey, presented by Dr. 

Wilbur Peterson and Mr. Danny L. Bryan. 

Cavett World History Award 

Awarded to Jeffrey Dale Ethridge, presented 
by Dr. Rick C. Bell. 

Geography Award 

Awarded to Jerry Lynn Simpson, 
presented by Mr. C. Monty Pope. 

Anthropology Awards 

Awarded to James Thomas Snider and Jenny 
Melinda Norton, presented by Dr. Fred Heifner. 

Science Club Award 

Awarded to Kyle Lea Sykes, presented by Dr. 
Wilbur Peterson and Mr. Danny L. Bryan. 





1 *** $ 

The John W. Burgess Award in Political Science 

Awarded to Joshua Jared Deaton, 
presented by Diane H. Wilde. 

Raymond Cleveland Award in Social Science 

Awarded to Robert Donald Scruggs, II 
presented by Dr. Fred Heifner. 

The Charlene M. Kozy Award in Criminal Justice 

Awarded to Tron D. Baker, presented by 
Dr. W. Russell Cheatham. 

2004 15 

2003-2004 University Awards 

Thomas H. Shriver Award in Criminal Justice 

Awarded to Tosha Michelle Nash, presented 
by Dr. W. Russell CHeatham. 

Outstanding Individual Performance Award in Business 
Awarded to Chelsea Lynn Sallerson, 
presented by Dr. William B. Fox. 

The Future Educator Award 

Awarded to Kimberly Dawn Baughn, 
presented by Dr. Charles K. Collier. 

The Mary Argo McKee Commitment to Improvement 

in Education Award 

Awarded to Amanda K. Hillard, presented by 

Ms. Dorothy D. lenkins 

Outstanding Psychology Student Award 

Awarded to Alyssa Fay Rosenheck, 
presented by Dr. Connie L. Wright. 

Outstanding Individual Performance Award in Accountin 

Awarded to Melissa E. Johnson and Adam 
E. Parke, presented by Dr. William B. Fox. 

The Irvin F. Bass Excellence in Teaching Award 

Awarded to Kellie M. Watkins, presented by Dr. 
Bobbie R. Speck. 

Jeanette C. Rudy Award in Nursing 

Awarded to Ashley R. McClanahan, presented 
by Ms. Alice Johnson-Davis. 

6 The Phoenix 

2003-2004 University Awards 

Leadership Award in Nursing - Senior 

Awarded to Stephanie M. Ruckman, presented by 
Ms. Carla J. Beckman. 

Oustanding Nursing Clinician Award - Junior 

Awarded to Deborah J. Dugger, presented 
by Ms. Barbara J. Tincher. 

No Photo 

Leadership Award in Nursing - Junior 

Awarded to Denita Gail Whitson, presented 
by Ms. Susan Coles. 

Outstanding Nursing Clinician - Senior 

Awarded to Beverly McMahon, presented 
by Ms. Catherine Simpson. 

No Photo 

Florence Nightingale Award 

Awarded to Tim Tobitt, presented by Dr. Joan 

No Photo 

Band Award 

Awarded to Trista Nicole Pirtle, presented 
by Dr. Stephen H. Farn sle) 

Art Award 

Awarded to Napoleon Clark, presented by Ms. 
Melissa C. Gill. 

Instrumental Music Award 

Awarded to Philip James Dickman, presented 
by Mr. Richard J Ripani. 

2004 17 

2003-2004 University Awards 

Vocal Music Award 

Awarded to Christopher Dale Hawkins, pre- 
sented by Mr. Philip S. Tatum. 

fa"-..- ••■■:•■■■■ aas! r«: 

•/rf:: ::;:::t:::;:, ;: :::;■ 
•'«.; a I::::::;::.-:: ;:: 

■ lliffHiiL 

Theatre Award 

Awarded to Autumn Joy Parker, presented 
by Dr. Larry T. Menefee. 

Working Adult Degree Program Service Award 

Awarded to Karen Weatherly Garner, 
presented by Mr. Monty C. Pope. 

International Student Award - Undergraduate 

Awarded to Pieter Faasen, presented by Ms. Pace 

Dance Award 

Awarded to Laura Kristen Marsh, presented 
by Ms. Pamela F. Atha. 

University Singers 

Awarded to Tara Marie Lockman, 
presented by Dr. Brian Q. Kilian. 

Lindsey Donnell Scholar Athlete Award 

Awarded to Amy J. Biddle. presented by Mr. 
Patrick T. Lawson. 

'■"" "^8 

8K ■Syj 



Bk v? w 



International Student Award - Graduate 

Awarded to Yuan Iris Zhang, presented by Ms. 
Pace Pope. 

1 S The Phoenix 

2003-2004 University Awards 

Greek Life Award 

Presidential Cups were awarded to Alpha Sigma Tau sorority and 
Kappa Sigma fraternity. Presidents, Cassie Goolsy and John Winnet 
pieutered with President Harvill C. Eaton. 

ThePhoenix Review Campus Newspaper 

Awarded to Amber Dawn Woodard. presented 
by Ms. Stephanie Walker. 

Student Government Officiers 2003-2004 

President-Rachel Jones and Secretary-Clayton Crouse were presented 
awards by Dr. James Dressier. Not Pictured: Vice President-Harrison 
Haynes and Trejsurer^Javden Tucher. 

Student Government Officers 2004-2005 

The gavel was passed to the new officers President- Da ve Glaser, (far 
right), Vice President-Clayton Crouse, Secretary-Tai Gregory and 
not pictured Treasurer-Lena Sukowatev. 

Most Outstanding Faculty Member 

Awarded to Mr. Monty Pope, presented by 
Ms. Rachel Jones, SGA President. 

Most Outstanding Staff Member 

Awarded to Ms. Stephanie Walker, presented by 
Ms. Rachel Jones, SGA President. 

2004 1° 

2003-2004 University Awards 

Mr. and Ms. Cumberland 

Awarded to Rachel R. Jones and James T. Snider 
presented by President Harvill C. Eaton. 

Cumberland University Service Award 

Awarded to James Thomas Snider, presented 
bv Dr. Harvill C. Eaton. 

President's Award 

Awarded to Kellie M. Watkins, presented by 
Dr.Harvill C. Eaton. 

20 The Phoenix 

2003-2004 University Awards 

Highest GPA in a Baccalaureate Degree Program 

Awarded to (L-R) Robert Bradley Nipper, Rebecca Smith Clark, Valerie 
Frances Martin, John D. Winnett and Heidi Merissa Poore (not pictured), 
presented by Dr. C. William McKee. 

Award Recipients Not Pictured 

Oustanding Mathematics Student Award 

The Chamber of Commerce Award in 

Awarded to Joshua David Harris, presented by Dr. 

Business Administration 

Laurie P. Dishman. 

Awarded to Robertus Webbink, presented by Dr. 

William B. Fox. 

Most Promising Biologist 

Cumberland Chorale 

Awarded to Robert Bradley Nipper, presented by 

Awarded to Christopher David Wilev, 

Mr. Danny L. Bryan. 

presented by Dr. Brian Q. Kilian. 

History Associates of Wilson County Award 

F.O.C.U.S. Award 

Awarded to Jana Lynn Aldridge, presented by 

Awarded to Serena Annette Enoch, presented bv 

Dr. Rick C. Bell. 

Mr. Jason A. Brewer. 

The William Bowen Campbell Award in 

American History 

Awarded to Debra Jane Williams, presented by Mr. C. 

Monty Pope. 


1 62nd Commencement 

A Graduation Celebration 

^ The 162nd Commencement was a beautiful day of joy 
and sorrow as the graduates move to the next phase 
of their lives. President Dr. Harvill Eaton addressed 
the graduates stating, "These graduates will build the 
next 162 years of Cumberland in a way that will 
exlipse Cumberland's past. I entrust the future of 
Cumberland to the graduates. I salute you on this 
graduation day. You bring out Cumberland's best!" 
Two honorary degrees were presented and U.S. 
Representative Harold Ford Jr. gave the 
commencement address. 

Above: Congressman Harold Ford Jr. was the commencement 
speaker. He addressed the 418 graduates, emphasizing the 
importance of effective leadership. He reminded the graduates 
of other alumni of Cumberland such as U.S. Secretary of State 
Cordell Hull. He told them they have "high standards" to live 
up to and they will need to become "engaged" in the challenges 
our country faces. He said, "For America and the world to 
enjoy an enduring peace for years to come, it will take graduates, 
entrepreneurs, nurses, teachers, scientists, explorers and 
believers like you to make it happen." 

Dr. Eaton and Representative Ford shook hands with each 
and every graduate as they crossed the stage. 
Pictu red above: Jenny Norton receives her Bachelor of Arts 
degree in Humanities and Social Science. 


A new tradition! 

Dr. Eaton spoke to the 
graduates about beginning a 
new tradition by tossing the 
graduate caps at the 
conclusion of the ceremony. 
As you can see, the students 
loved it! 

Teacher of the Year 

Left: Mr. Rich Ripani is presented with a 
mediallion and a check from the University. 
The distinguished Teacher of the Year award is 

voted on by the graduating class. 

2004 23 


Brian Allison 

Kammie Anders* in 

[essica Vrmstri ing 

Brent Arnold 

Brandy Baird 
Kim Bauehn 

Josh Baulch 

I eft en Bi .mi 

Kenny Beesting 

Teresa Blancetl 

). Nicole B< >hanan 

Christina Brasel 

Justin Bratcher 

Kelly Brewer 

Kara Ann Bridges 

Tiesuan Brown 

Rebecca Burke de Soto 

Frank Carpenter 

Man < .larulav 

Napoleon ( lark 

Rebecca Smith < Mark 

Ben < oilier 

Jennifer < i matsei 

Tammy Curry 

Lea DaUey 
Gindy Davis 

fake Davis 

Joshua Deaton 

Rebecca Lacy Denney 

Shannah Dennis 

Dana Dickens 

Philip Dickman 

Kimberlej 1 )< mglai 

Allisi ui I >uggi i 

Lucas England 

Pieter Faasen 

Marcia Falks 

P. Shane Fitzpatrick 

Kimberly Franklin 

Adriane Franks 

Tim Freeman 
Karen I t 

Susan ( 11 i .id I 

\l,ir\ Virginia < lilbi n 

Jake Gray 

Andrew Gregory 

fari 'I ( frind tafl 

Rachel Guenther 

24- I he Phoenix 


josh Harris 

juanda Heliums-Moore 
Karen Hobson 
Tonya Hodge 
Travis Holland 
Leanne Hollev 

Nehru Innab 
Rachel Jackson 
Melissa Johnson 
Rebecca Jones 
David Keele 
Victor kidd 

Lindsay Kirby 
Amanda Knight-Hillard 
Bethany Knight 
Joshua Lampert 
I [curlier I ..(rulers 
John Larson 

Jill Lasley 
Donald Leichman 
Melvin Legon 
Jeremy Lewis 
Talarrius Likely 
Khealan Locke 

Dana Loggins 
Amanda Mabery 
Tomekia Marshall 
Ashley Mathews 
Hillorey McAlpin 
Ashley McClanahan 

Monica McCoin 
Beverly McMahon 

Martha Montiel 
Samuel Moore 
Amanda Moser 
Samuel Moses 

Vicki Moss 
Eadie Nail 
Tosha Nash 
Tracy Neill 
Brad Nipper 
[enny Norton 

Donna Ogan 
Teona Oldham 
Caryn Palmer 
Dana Parish 
Adam Parke 
Man," Payne 

2004 25 

Aaron Pickard 

Kelly Pierce 

Roderick Pierce 

Charles Pollard 

Heidi Poore 

Taylor Porch 


Michelle Pnckett 

Kristen Proctor 

Molly Reecer 

Darrin Reynolds * 

Christopher Rivers 

Sommer Rose 

Shelley Rowlett 

Ashley Rudy 

Chelsea Sallerson 

Lansha Sanders 

Dominetta Scalf 

Robert Scruggs 

Lisa Shaffer 

Kristin Shoulders 

Rhonda Simays 4- 

Kathryn Smith 

Kibwe Smith 

James Snider 

k *tvk j*r*. mJM 



» v { 

.rf t ■, 



It was a beautiful day for Commencement, 
however the temperature did get a little warm. 


Victor Kidd congratulates Jake Davis after they 

receive their diplomas. 

2 b The Phoenix 

Courtney Stewart 
Jessica Sugg 
Richard Sweet 
Kyle Sykes 
Curtis Thomas 
Tim Vanderpool 

Amanda Vincent 
Carlos Watkins 
Kellie Watkins 
Melissa Watson 
Robertus Webbink 
Brittanv Whitaker-Koehn 

Tony White 
Jamie Whitefield 
Christopher Wiley 
Kethenne Wilkins 
Brenda Williams 
Amanda Winfree 

John Winnett 
Sherry Wiser 

Master of Arts in Education 

Paul Acuff 

Kellee Akers 

Susan Anderton 

Man' Barbee 

Betty Ruth Bass 

Man' Becky Blankenship 

Sarah Bnttain 
Charlotte Brooks 
Felicia Brown 
Amber Carter 
Dale Carter 
feanne Ann Cash 

Andraya' Cheers 
Fran Clarke 
Lisa Clore 
Kristen Clounch 
Tabitha Coble 

Linda Collins 

2004 27 

Shayla Davis 

Mar) - Douglas 

Vicki Drobnis 

fanel Dusso 

Gina Dycus 

Jamie Dyke 

Kathy Eggers 

Hailev Eldndge 

Pamela Feltman 

Andrea Foxx 

Laura Germ 

Sandy Gibbs 

Tracy Gibson 

( assandra Gilchrist 

Rudolph Gilchrist 

Y< >landa Graham 

Derrick Todd Greene 

Levitta Guv 

Tammy Hasungs 

Christopher Haves 

Sherne Hill 

Yolandia Hodge 

Todd Holden 

Kimberlv Holmes 

Julie Holt 

Shelia Holt 

Nick Horton 

Gina Hunt 

Timothy Jackson 

Deana Jeffries 

Jessica jetton 

Dorothy Johnson 

Pamela Johnson 

Lisa [ohnstone 

Pamela Jones 
Marcia Karg 

Niki Ja Keenan 

Robbin Kentner 

Michelle Kitchen 

Sarah Laws< m 

Kim Lee 

Brett Linele 

Nancy Lmgle 

Jo Ann Luecke 

DeShawn Mattson 

Jerrie McKee 

Kim NicFadden 

The Phoenix 

Carolyn Moore 
Marilee Moore 
Linda Murphy 
Nancy Nave 
Brenda NorviUe 
Marvin Olige 

Melissa Owens 
Danielle Patton 
Kelly Phillips 
Kristin Reich 
Beverly Reid 
Andrea Richard 

Heather Robins 
Ann Rosa 
Charles B. Rowlett 
Rachel Sanders 
Kelii Shockey 
Jennifer Silvers 

Dr. J.M. Galloway 

Dr. Galloway came to Cumberland 
University in 1987 as the Chairman of the 
Division of Graduate Studies Program. In 
1996 he became Associate Vice President 
of Academic Affairs /Special Programs. 
In 2000, he was named Dean of the 
Graduate Studies Program, a role he 
continued in until his retirement in Spring 
2004. Dr. Galloway greatly enhanced the 
graduate program with his knowledge in 
the educational field. 

Left: Dr. J.M. Galloway, Dean of 
Graduate Studies, pictured left with 
Dr. Robert L. Lee Jr., Special Assistant 
to Dr. Galloway prior to the Hooding 
Ceremony 2004. 

2004 2° 

Cynthia Smith 

Rhonda Si irensen 

Angela Spaxkman 

Gregory Stewart 

Sandra Stuart 

Lvnn Tallent 

Yolanda Taylor 

Angela Thomas 

Tracy Wallace 

David Webb 

Kimberlv West 
l.i iri West 

Lisa White 

Jackie Williams 

Jarune Wilsi m 

Lynne Wilsi >n 

Janette Woods 

Marzee Woodward 

Carrie Young 

Thomas Young 

Wendy Young 

Alegernon Sydney Sullivan Awards 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards were established by the New York 
Southern Society in 1925 in memory of Mr. Sullnvan, a southerner who 
became a prominent lawyer, businessman, and philanthropist in New York 
in the late nineteenth century. The society and carefully selected colleges 
and universities jointiy arrange for the issue of the medallions which are to 
be perpetual reminder^ i>i Ugenvui Mdnc\ Sullivan 

Student Axvards 

Pictured right: Mary Kathleen 
Claridav and Kibwe Omari Smith. 

Community Award 

Mark W. Crawford, Cheif Exectuive 
Officer of the University Medical 

30. The Phoenix 

Honorary Degrees 

Cumberland presented two honorary degrees during the 
commencement ceremony, one to U.S. Representative Harold 
Ford Jr. pictured above Dr. C. William McKee, places a hood 
on Mr. Ford. The other degree was presented to Mr. Ken 
Hawkins, Vice-Chairman of the Cumberland University 
Board of Trust and a Cumberland alumnus. Left: Dr. Harvill 
Eaton congratutates Mr. Hawkins. 

Master of Business Administration 

Chasity Adams-Chotner 
Wade Hancock 
Iris Zhang 

Master of Science Organizational Leadership 
and Human Relations 

Mark Evan-- 
Scott Fullerton 
Antoinette Hargrove 
[Catherine I lensley 
Mark Lynn 
Lanre Omitowoju 

Jennifer Rowland 
Craig Streets 
Celesta Turner 
Debra Whitaker 
Angela White 

2004 3 I 

Old School Club 

The Old School Club are graduates of the University over fifty years 
ago. Pictured left are jean Denney class of 1941 and Dr. Frank Burns 
class of 1942 he also received his law degree in l c >44. Dr. Burns is the 
University Historian. 

Happy Faces! 

Above: Kinya Merriweather MSP 
graduate, cheers with her classmates 
before they walk accrosss the stage 
to receive their diplomas. 

Master of Science Public Service Management 

David Achord 
Panda Adkins 

Derrick Bozeman 

Jason Brewer 

[anice Brown- Adams 

Tamarah Daniel 

Bettye Davidson 
Alphie Duncan 
Sheba Gooch 
Doug Jameson 
Patricia Lee- 
Charlotte Mann 

Darsell Martin-Jenkins 

Kinya Merriweather 

Bi k i tley Norment 

Sylvia Odum 

Michael Parker 

Cynthia Pasley 

Mana Pinson 

Michelle Ranclle 

Janet Rheaume 

■ : I', ■ 

Rick} Roll 
Man- Beth Sellers 

32 The Phoenix 

Tamara Sewell 

Toinette Shaw 

Kimberly Smith 

LaToya Thompson-Nelson 

Garmal Tokpah 

Danenaporn Tongratanasiri 

Connie Turner 
Carol Wilkin 
Sonya Williams 
Saranne Winfield 
Evelyn Yeargin 

University Mace 

The Mace of Cumberland University is a symbol of the power of knowledge and 
the significance of a liberal arts education. At the base is the milkweed pod, 
representing the many directions the seeds of education travel. At the top is the 
globe, representing the world of lifelong learning. As Cumberland's symbol, the 
Phoenix arises from the fire of ideas atop the globe. Phoenix medallions on the 
staff represent Cumberland University's academic schools. The Mace was a gift 
to the University from Dr. Jeanette Cantrell Rudy, member of the Board of Trust. 

2004 33 





34- The rhoenix 

Eddie Bell 
Teresa Blancett 
Christina Brasel 
Kelly Brewer 

Mary Clariday 
Napoleon Clark 
Ben Collier 

Allison Cook 

Chris Cooper 
Shanna Dennis 
Jennifer Earl 
Lucas England 

Pieter Faasen 
Shane Fitzpatrick 
Sherri Garcia 
Jenny Gilbert 

Dave Glaser 

Hamilton Greer 
Garrett Hall 

.„,-,i-i'i'-.'. «dh- 

2004 35 

Amanda Knight 


Becky Jones 

David Keele 

Ashlee Long 



Eadie Nail 

Jenny Norton 

Teona Oldham 

David Pepper 

Darrin Reynolds 

Jerry Rice 

Chris Rickles 

Sommer Rose 

Shelley Rowlett 

Gary Sexton 

Heather Smith 


Jeremy Smith 
Kibwe Smith 

Rebecca Smith 
James Snider 

36 The Phoenix 

'?:!:':'$;■ i&r.' '.''.v'.t^;.. 



' / 


..'.■: . 


s~ y 




Staci Stinson 
Kyle Sykes 
Curtis Thomas 

Andrea Tuttle 
Tim \anderpool 
Kellie Watkins 
Rob Webbink 

Stephen Westbeld 
John Winnett 
Melissa Wolfe 
Barbara Zajac 

2005 37 



3 S The Phoenix 


^ - 


/. * 

James Anders 
Leighann Baker 
Patrick Bratcher 
Angela D. Bryant 

Jennifer Bush 

Jenny Cotten 
Clayton Crouse 
Frankie Dunklin 

Jason East 
Merilyn Edwards 
Robert Fitzgerald 
April Harris 

Jennifer Hopper 
Scott Hughes 
Jon Jenkins 

Rachel Jones 

Traveda Jordan 
Bethany Knight 
Dora McClanahan 
Cindy McDonald 

Liane McKee 
Lindsay Montana 
Martha Montiel 
Jennifer Murphy 

2004 3° 

Zach Padgett 

Sir David Pettus 

Kelly Polman 

Ryan Richert 

Amanda Russell 
Kelly M. Shankle 


Nicholas Snider 

.1 <Jf "» |'- 


S *-«k 

Megan Stacey 

Lena Sukowatey 

Nathan Tate 

Hayden Tucker 


Jill Walker 

Brooke Weston 

Brandi Wilmoth 

Amber Woodard 


Stefanie Wuenscher 
Joyce "Voung 

40 The Phoemx 


Sop* 40 

2 004 

2003 4 1 

Janna Aldridge 

Chase Argo 

Katie Arnold 

Kurt Braundmeier 

Lena Bryant 

Amy Carr 

Brandi Davenport 

Kyle Dorsett 

Kendra Douglas 

Elizabeth Elwell 

Serena Enoch 

Alicia Etheridge 

Ron Gilmore 

Tai Gregory 

Harrison Haynes 

Rachel Hearn 

Jennifer Heath 

Paula Hodge 

Stephen Illobre 

Janis Ivanovskis 

Ajah James 

Jana Jenkins 

Josh Jones 

Kathy Keith 

4-2 The Phoenix 

Mxp *& 

. ; 

■« . - 



Cecelia Kemp 
Brittany Lonergan 
Angie Lorenzo 
CaShonda Lyons 

Amelia Maggart 
Jason Mazuk 
Jennifer McDonald 
Jason McMurtry 

Emily Moore 
Haylee Morphew 
Tina Norton 
Tandi Poindexter 

Maeve Redmond 
Kristen Russell 
Joshua Sells 
Katrina Shannon 

Jessica Sisco 
Tina Stephens 
Richard Watson 
Andrew Woodard 

2004 43 



44- The ! 'hoenix 

Gillie Bailey 
Nate Cougill 
Chris Davis 
Tracy Davis 

Samantha Ellis 
Beth Fitzgerald 
Zach Gilliam 
Brent Jones 

Rocmon Lancaster 
Angel Legare 
Lindsay Lowe 
Juanita Lynn 

Michael Malkiewicz 
Kareen McAdoo 
Josh Rosen 
Holly Rushing 

Brian Simon 
Elizabeth Stauffacher 
Jesse Sydebotham 
Heather V\natta 

Stephen \astola 
Chad Vinyard 
Daniel West 
Jeffery West 

* Kill/ 

2004 45 

nwmtAltf pictured 

Lisa Alderman 
Devin Allen 
McCormick Allen 
Victor Alvarez 
Roger Amos 
Mark Arnot 
David Atkins 
Chrissy Baggett 
Deana Bain 
Bryant Baines 
Betsy Barbre 
Jeremiah Barnes 
Kim Barnes 
Jessica Barr 
Ashley Basner 
Bobbi Bell 
Ginny Bennett 
Leah Berkley 
Shari Bethel 
Ben Bevans 
Sarah Blankenship 
Amy Blanton 
Nikki Blassingame 
Austin Bourne 
Alyssa Bowman 
Cole Brazier 
Laura Bridges 
Matt Brinkley 
Jared Brown 
Dale Brown 
Donnie Burkhalter 
Christina Carroll 
Mitch Casey 
Cody Chellman 
Michele Clariday 
Mat Clark 
Trey Clary 
Rikki Lea Cogdill 
Derrell Cole 
Terrell Cole 
Mallory Cook 
Aaron Cothran 
Crystal Cotten 
Dusrin Crawford 
Sarah Creekmore 
Ashley Cross 
Candace Cross 
Leslie Cutler 

Paul Davis 
D.J. Dearmon 
Ryan DeBooy 
Shelia Deebanks 
Jennifer Dennis 
Pam Dillard 
Angela Douglas 
Ben Dudley 
Tammy Dunaway 
DeeDee Dunnavant 
Omar Edward 
Vanessa Elcock 
Brandon Eldridge 
Tabitha Elliott 
Jamie Ellis 
Carol Ann Evans 
Doreen Farnsley 
Tyler Faulkner 
Lori Flatt 
Rebecca Focer 
Garrett Foster 
Curtis Francis 
Becky Gailbreath 
Marie Gallagher 
Zach Gardner 
Candy Garner 
Sandra Gibbs 
Melissa Gibson 
Leighanna Gilder 
Kayla Gill 
Scott Gillespie 
Tabatha Gipson 
Kenny Givens 
Amanda Gooch 
Travis Grant 
Holly Gregory 
Lacey Griffith 
Zac Grissim 
Rob Groce 
Gary Guess 
Helen Guffey 
Christy Gurgiolo 
Johnny Haag 
Madeline Hagan 
Heather Hall 
Andy Hall 
Jeremy Hardy 
Zach Harris 
Amanda Harville 
Lauren Hay 

Bradley Haynes 
Jackson Hendrickson 
Karla Hensley 
McCoy Hill 
Tim Hill 
Jennifer Hille 
Eric Hillis 
Samirah Hodge 
Dusrin Holden 
Melissa Hollins 
Matt Hoist 
Katie Hoppel 
Bronson Howard 
C'Kala Humes 
Delana Hunt 
Ashley Hunter 
Andrew Injaychock 
Teneal Ivery 
Nicole Jackson 
Chinyere James 
Jeremy Jenkins 
Chrissy Jennings 
Stephanie Jernigan 
Enola Jewell 
Jami Jones 
Dianna Jones 
Benjamin Jordan 
Kelly Kaminski 
Amber Kemp 
Matthew Kidd 
Richard Kincaid 
Spence King 
Ciara Kinsella 
Matt Kinsey 
Wesley Klausner 
Jason Knowles 
Mitch Kochis 
Brooke Kufner 
Terrance Larmond 
Montrez Lee 
Beau Lejeune 
Chris Lewis 
Charles Lindberg 
Chris Lindsey 
Adam Linton 
Stephanie Liftman 
Lakeah Lockhart 
Alex Loftis 
Charlie MacFarlane 
Debi Malone 

Gretchen Marler 
Sean Matson 
Tyler McChurch 
Sean McCracken 
Eric McCray 
Jenny McCulloch 
Heather McDonald 
Maegan McHenry 
Glenn McKnight 
Larturo McMahan 
Brady McPherson 
Tosha Meador 
Dana Meyers 
Rebekah Miller 
A.J. Mitchum 
Marissa Mofield 
Rachel Moore 
Whitney Moore 
Susan Morris 
Johanna Mosby 
Vladimir Munoz 
John Neely 
Jerome Nelson 
Jonathan Nesta 
Rosemary Newbill 
Rob Nix 
Joey Njezic 
Taylor Nolen 
Jessica Norris 
Nick Norvell 
Brandon Oldham 
Erica Orr 
Nicole Palmer 
Jordan Parker 
Adam Pastors 
Bobby Payne 
Daniel Pennington 
Clint Perry 
Rebecca Phillips 
Jeff Poling 
Preston Potter 
Emily Pryor 
Brandon Quillen 
Lyndsey Ray 
Jessi Ray 
Ryan Reese 
Michael Reid 
Teresca Rhoads 
Desmond Richards 
Ashley Richardson 

Travis Riggins 
Ann Roberts 
Milton Rodriguez 
Rich Sadler 
Karyl Salimbene 
Shawn Savage 
Corey Searcy 
Josh Sells 
Kyle Shaffer 
Kalyn Shelly 
Adam Shelton 
Beth Shipman 
Emily Shultz 
Jerry Simpson 
India Smith 
Jason Smith 
Lindsey Smith 
Tyler Smith 
Sueann Smith 
Doralyn Sparkman 
Lindsay Speck 
Matt Speck 
Nikki Spradling 
Amanda Stacy 
Chris Stacy 
Lee Stafford 
Nick Stallings 
Ricky Steakin 
Jessica Steimle 
Pauline Steinbrink 
Ralph Stembridge 
Ryan Stephens 
John Stephens 
Mary Beth Stevenson 
Kelli Stonecipher 
Becky Story 
Russ Street 
Kate Summar 
Summer Sutton 
Jay Swan 
Mollie Swonger 
Travis Talley 
Jessika Tantisook 
Jamie Taylor 
Angela Thavorn 
Kristin Thomas 
Beverly Thompson 
Teresa Thompson 
Adam Tomlinson 
Matt Townsend 
Justin Truett 

46 The Phoenix 

Colby Turchetta 
Rico Turner 
D.J. Tyler 
Billy Vaughan 
Jessica Wagner 
Jeri Walls 
Kyle Waltz 
Damario Warfield 
Zach War math 
Jason Waters 
Toni Waynick 
Kimberly Weber 
Greg White 
Reggie White 
Brad Wilkerson 
Brandi Wilkerson 
Akeia Williams 
Seth Williams 
Sumer Williams 
Daryl Williams 
Keith Williamson 
Nancy Willis 
Morgan Wills 
Terry Wilson 
Tony Wilson 
Shonda Winfree 
Luke Wolfe 
Katie Young 
Shu Zhang 
Caitlin Zimmerman 


Brittney Alvis 
Charming Bailey 
Tron Baker 
Mary Beasley 
Jake Boswell 
Bernie Bradley 
Rachel Branch 
April Brewington 
Tee-Tee Brown 
Nathan Burks 
Chase Burnett 
Becky Burris 
Michelle Bush 
Andrew Carden 
Stephanie Cleaver 
Barry Conatser 
Cara Conrey 
Marquis Cox 
Megan Creasy 
Ron Crowder 
Phillip Cuadrado 
Tunde Daudu 
Andrew Davis 
Michelle Davis 
Derek DePew 
Taylor Dies 
Chad Dinsmore 

Michele Dozier 
Candi Dunlap 
Jacob Dunn 
Will Edmonds 
Willie Evans 
J.R. Ewing 
Melodee Freeman 
Ivy Gardner 
Kate Gerrard 
Beth Gray 
Chad Gregory 
Hollis Hampton 
Narlane Hampton 
Erin Hatzell 
Mark Henry 
Justin Hobbs 
Tyrone Hockett 
Quentin Hodge 
Amandalin Hoskins 
Courtney Jackson 
Stacey Jernigan 
Chantese Johnson 
Kitty Jones 
Kristen Kemp 
Donna Kennedy 
Cevelle King 
James Kinsey 
Teresa LaEevor 
Chasity Lassiter 
Mary Lee 
Wacia Leonard 
Candy Loggins 
Jordan Looper 
Natasha Manis 
Matt Manning 
Jill McCulley 
Kevin McKinney 
Lindsey McNeil 
Kali Meyer 
Josh Miller 
Caryn Miller 
Carlos Miranda 
Ryan Mitchell 
Rachael Morrison 
Kelven Moss 
Donna Neal 
Adam Niblett 
Katie Nixon 
Sena Omer 
Lisa Palmer 
Derrick Palmer 
Chris Paredes 
Joy Parker 
Jason Parks 
Jennifer Pero 
Debbie Perry 
Jason Personius 
Kelly Pewitt 
Stephanie Phillips 
Mark Photivihok 

Rodney Pless 
Kim Plyter 
Bernard Pointer 
Martha Ramos 
Sarah Ramos 
Maeve Redmond 
Mary Reed 
Joanne Rodriguez 
Casey Rogers 
Jegir Salman 
Nikki Sanders- 
Brandon Saunders 
Jessie Shaver 
Jeremy Shearer 
Michael Shinn 
Gwen Shores 
Byron Sigcho 
Candace Smith 
Cordell Smith 
John Snyder 
Sarah Sparks 
Miranda Stafford 
Danielle Stewart 
Nathan Stokes 
Danielle Taylor 
Michael Teasley 
Trey Tidwell 
Chris Torres 
Will Troutt 
Chris Turner 
Claude Walker 
Alexis Wallace 
Amandalin Walsh 
Rick Warren 
Peggy Washington 
Brandon Williams 
Devin Williams 
Stephanie Wilson 
Justin Wojciechowski 
Zack York 
Craig Young 
Jim Youngblood 
Ryan Zumwalt 


Timineri Aboh 
Shelay Alexander- 

Bobbie Arnold 
Kim Ascensio 
Matthew Bacon 
Daniel Baker 
Caleb Barrett 
Lynn Barrett 
Becca Bean 
Mary Belcher 
Tim Bogue 
Jennifer Bohanan 
Michelle Bowman 

Jenny Braswell 
Caleb Brock 
Chase Brooks 
Chris Byrd 
Amanda Callahan 
Dracey Campbell 
Rachel Cannon 
LeeLee Cannon 
Allison Carnathan 
Amy Clayborne 
Steven Cotton 
Margie Darnell 
Manuel Diaz 
Kimberly Dickens 
Gena Dillard 
Shea Duke 
Carol Dunn 
Malvina Dye 
Alonzo Evans 
Tommy Falcone 
Ann Finley 
Rachel Forsythe 
Amy Fowler 
David Frassrand 
Ashley Freeman 
Tim Freeman 
Todd Frye 
Shawn Garrett 
Jared Garshnick 
Marquis Garvin 
Alex Gentry 
Adam Gilbert 
Jenny Griffey 
Brandi Grimes 
Karen Ha 
Heather Hale 
Michelle Hall 
Jennifer Harrison 
Adam Hatzell 
Chris Hawkins 
Leroy Hickerson 
Dara Hill 
Brandon Hollie 
Jennifer Hopper 
Steve Huddleston 
Wendy Hunt 
Quincy Ingle 
Dana Jarvis 
Josh Jones 
Mary-Jo Jones 
Tyler Jones 
Chuck Jones 
Misty Jones 
Dana Jones 
Eric Keller 
Rachel Kemp 
Amy Kincaid 
Heather Kress 
Keonia Layden 
Tiffany Lee 

Josh Legg 
Ashlee Lindsey 
Krystle Littrell 
Tara Lockman 
Joseph Malone 
William Martin 
Stacey Maynard 
Rita McBroom 
Elaina McGuire 
Stephanie McKinney 
Rachel McVicker 
Zach McWhirter 
Patrick Meier 
Mike Minkel 
Marquise Moncrief 
Jerry Moore 
Kristi Morgan 
Amy Morgan 
Gretchen Morris 
Christan Morrison 
Jessica Myers 
Lorie Neeley 
Josh Newsome 
Kristen Norris 
Christy OConnell 
Eduardo Ortega 
Jessica Owen 
Caryn Palmer 
Tonya Panker 
Casey Pelletier 
Lukas Photivihok 
Aaron Pickard 
Trista Pirtle 
Laura Poole 
Krishna Popovic 
Brent Potter 
Brenda Prince 
Wayne Ray 
Tara Robinson 
Jeannette Ryerson 
Sarah Sasser 
Rory Shanks 
Michael Shaw 
Lindsey Shuman 
Marco Simmons 
Hope Skaggs 
Darlene Smith 
Jeremiah Smith 
Samantha Smith 
Ryan Sprouse 
Cathi Stojkov 
Brooke Tackett 
Rachel Thomas 
Brook Thompson 
Nick Thompson 
Beth Tinker 
Tori Trumphour 
Vonda Tuttle 
Rose Valentini 
Josh Van Der Weide 

2003 47 

Candace Vradenburg 
Dale Walker 
April Warren 
Chris Washer 
Natalie Watkins 
Mary Webb 
Stacey White 
DeNita Whitson 
Ebony Whittaker 
Debra Williams 
Charlie Williams 
Sherry Wiser 
Candace Wright 
Jaime Yost 


Erica Adams 
Maria Adams 
Michelle Agee 
Jennifer Allen 
Brian Allison 
Kammie Anderson 
Bona venture Anikwe 
Jessica Armstrong 
Brent Arnold 
Brandy Baird 
Robin Barcus 
Tershaard Barr 
Kim Baughn 
Josh Baulch 
Elizabeth Baumstark 
Jeff Beam 
Kenny Beesting 
Brion Berrios 
Amy Biddle 
Debbie Bostwick 
Tessa Bouldin 
Holly Bouton 
Jeni Boyette 
Justin Bratcher 
Corena Bray 
Kara Bridges 
Tiesuan Brown 
Kim Brown 
Angie Bruce 
Tee Bryant 

Rebecca Burke de Soto 
Frank Carpenter 
Jason Cary 
Juan Champion 
Chris Chastain 
Mez Clements 
Chris Cooper 
Lea Dalley 
Brent Dalton 
Reza Daneshmand 
Gindy Davis 
Jake Davis 
Joshua Deaton 
Francesca DeBondt 

Lacy Denney 
Rachel Derrick 
Linda Diate 
Dana Dickens 
Philip Dickman 
Taylor Dillehay 
Ike Diugu 
Rachal Dodson 
Kim Douglas 
Allison Dugger 
Deborah Dugger 
Will Duke 
Amy Elkins 
Sandra Empey 
Daniel Etheridge 
Jeff Ethridge 
Daniela Etter 
Jason Evans 
Marcia Falks 
Feliz Feliz 
Brigette Ford 
Bobbie Forrester 
Coe Foutch 
Kimberly Franklin 
Daniel Franks 
Faye Fuqua 
Karen Garner 
Hershey Gehris 
Dena Gehris 
Susan Gerald 
Roxanne Gordon 
Jake Gray 
Andrew Gregory 
Brandon Grieves 
Jared Grindstaff 
Matt Grindstaff 
Heather Groce 
Rachel Guenther 
Steve Gunter 
Jennifer Hale 
Jae Anne Hanes 
Terry Harris 
Matt Harris 
Josh Harris 
Kortney Harrison 
Sissy Harville 
Tina Hearn 

Juanda Heliums-Moore 
Maritza Herod 
Karen Hobson 
Tonya Hodge 
Travis Holland 
Leanne Holley 
Faith Holman 
Emily Hunter 
Abdo Innab 
Valerie Isbell 
Tony Ivery 
Al Jackson 
Rachel Jackson 

Shannon Jenkins 
Melissa Johnson 
Tina Kennedy 
Victor Kidd 
Lurleen Kippenhan 
Lindsay Kirby 
Josh Lampert 
Heather Landers 
John David Larson 
Jill Lasley 
Melvin Legon 
Joey Leichman 
Stephen Lewis 
Jeremy Lewis 
Tae Likely 
Ashley Linville 
Khealan Locke 
Dana Loggins 
Amanda Mabery 
Darnell Macklin 
Myrna Manalac 
Savitri Marsh 
Laura Marsh 
Tomekia Marshall 
Valerie Martin 
Roy Massey 
Ashley Mathews 
Tiffaney Mathis 
Hillorey McAlpin 
Kristy McClanahan 
Monica McCoin 
Tiffany McHenry 
Gabe McKinney 
Annie McMahan 
Beverly McMahon 
Laura McMillen 
Justin Miles 
Misty Miller 
Sam Moore 
Craig Moreland 
Amanda Moser 
Sam Moses 
Omar Mossallati 
Carrie Myers 
Tosha Nash 
Tabitha Neal 
Josh Neighbours 
Tracy Neill 
Brad Nipper 
Donna Ogan 
Angela Omelogu 
Dana Parish 
Adam Parke 
John Parker 
Eugene Parris 
Gayla Paul 
Mary Payne 
Dawn Perry 
Derick Pierce 
Kelly Pierce 

Jennifer Piercey 
Charlie Pollard 
Heidi Poore 
Taylor Porch 
Karin Prickett 
Kristen Proctor 
Stacy Quarles 
Molly Reecer 
April Reyes 
Wendy Richards 
Chris Rivers 
Alyssa Rosenheck 
Brad Rowlett 
Stephanie Ruckman 
Ashley Rudy 
Chelsea Sallerson 
Katie Salmon 
Amy Sams 
Larisha Sanders 
Dominetta Scalf 
Kim Scruggs 
Donnie Scruggs 
Tamara Sells 
Lisa Shaffer 
Kristin Shoulders 
Cameka Sibert 
Rhonda Simays 
Anne Slagle 
Suszane Stansbury 
Michael Stevenson 
Jessica Sugg 
Melanie Swann 
Skeeter Sweet 
Marites Swiger 
Kathy Thompson 
Tim Tobitt 
Hope Trisdale 
Rick Trull 
Rachel Tucker 
Edo Udoko 
Josh Underbill 
Delorse Vaden 
Timothy Vanderpool 
Dustin Veatch 
Vita Venskunaite 
Natalie Vero 
Cindy Vincent 
Amanda Vincent 
Amanda Waller 
Tracy Warden 
Carlos Watkins 
Melissa Watson 
B.J. West 

Brittany Whitaker 
Tony White 
Jamie Whitefield 
Chris Wiley 
Sheilana Wilkerson 
Leslie Wilkins 
Carrie Williams 


'he Phoenix 

Brenda Williams 
Jessie Willingham 
Keith Willoughby 
Mandy Winfree 
Jessica Wood all 
Lana Woodcock 
Joey Yost 
John Young 

Master of Arts in 

Paul Acuff 
Kellee Akers 
Tracy Allred 
Kimberly Anderson 
LeeAnne Apple 
Amy Archer 
Robin Ayers 
Cheryl Bailey 
Donna Bailey 
Deborah Baker 
Regina Bales 
Vesta Barber 
Melissa Barnett 
Betty Bass 
Alice Battles 
Lorene Becker 
Dianne Beech 
Michelle Bell 
Shalonda Black 
Paula Blakley 
Shelia Blakley 
Becky Blankenship 
Roberta Bolus 
Pamela Bonner 
Gretchen Boucher 
Cindy Brasher 
Kathy Brawner 
Sarah Brittain 
Charlotte Brooks 
Denise Brooks 
Charlotte Brooks 
Felicia Brown 
Pamela Brown 
Patricia Brown 
Jan Bryson 
Allison Burnette 
Beth Butler 
Judy Byrd 
Shanel Carson 
Amber Carter 
Dale Carter 
Jeanne Cash 
Stan Cassada 
Kent Cavallini 
Cynthia Cheatham 
Andraya' Cheers 
Anetra Childres 
Fran Clarke 
Phyllis Clinard 
Lisa Clore 

(listen Clounch 
Tabitha Coble 
Doreatha Cole 
vlarQuinta Cole 

eigh Anne Collins 
..inda Collins 
lobin Collins 

hirley Collins 
\ngela Coop 
5rad Cooper 
Jrent Cooper 
Vanda Cooper 
ames Cordell 
Caren Cordell 
mogene Crawford 
Amanda Cross 
Jecky Darnell 
"ourtney Davis 
hayla Davis 

ammy Decker 
kigida Derrick 
idward Derrick 

inda Derrick 

im Derrick 
leather Dinwiddie 
vfaomi Dixon 
anit Donald 
legena Doss 
4ary Douglas 
^icki Drobnis 

elley Duckett 

aren Duncan 
anel Dusso 

ina Dycus 
amie Dyke 
losalyn Eddings 
tacy Edwards 

atherine Eggers 
lailey Eldridge 
haron Elion 

ristin Ellis 

isa Erdley 
indsay Evans 
.ejandra Evans-Turner 

iffany Everett 
imily Evers 

amela Feltman 

wen Fergie 
oistin Ferryman 
iryan Finley 
Lobin Finley 
,ani Fosbinder 
laty Foster 
Courtney Fowers 

lay Fox 
mdrea Foxx 

racy Franklin 

mnifer Frey 

larren Gallaher 

11 Garrett 

Karla Gaskins 
Amy Gasser 
Kimberly Gatewood 
Laura Germ 
Sandy Gibbs 
Tracy Gibson 
Cassandra Gilchrist 
Rudolph Gilchrist 
Sharon Gillis 
Beverly Gilmore 
Yolanda Graham 
Todd Greene 
Heath Grider 
Vic Grider 
Melisa Griffith 
Katherine Groom 
Jennifer Grubbs 
Dawna Gruver 
Levitta Guy 
Karen Hall 
David Halstead 
Lisa Hamilton 
Angela Hankins 
Heather Harbison 
Paula Harris 
Jeffrey Harrison 
Heather Haskins 
David Hasting 
Tammy Hastings 
Jeff Hauschildt 
Christopher Hayes 
Heather Hayes 
Marilyn Hentz 
Rachel Hicks 
Sherrie Hill 
Stephnie Hill 
Yolandia Hodge 
Michael Hodges 
Todd Holden 
Kimberly Holmes 
Julie Holt 
Sheila Holt 
Debbie Horton 
Nick Horton 
Gina Hunt 
April Inman 
Leigh Inman 
Terri Inman 
Kim Israel 
Amy Ivey 
Alane Jackson 
Angela Jackson 
Donna Jackson 
Mary Ann Jackson 
Tim Jackson 
Deana Jeffries 
Jessica Jetton 
Dajuana Johnson 
Dorothy Johnson 
Elizabeth Johnson 

Pamela Johnson 
Lisa Johnstone 
Regina Jolly 
Amanda Jones 
Monique Jones 
Pam Jones 
Danielle Jordan 
Stephanie Joyner 
Lynn Kauffman 
Andrea Kean 
Nikola Keenan 
Holli Keith 
Susan Kelley 
Beth Kelly 
Jackie Kemp 
Robbin Kentner 
Melissa Kincaid 
Jeff King 

Amanda Kirkbride 
Aaron Kiser 
Michelle Kitchen 
Lisa Langford 
Sarah Lawson 
Kim Lee 
Anna Lewis 
Allison Ligon 
Brett Lingle 
Nancy Lingle 
Essie Lovelady 
Tiffany Lowe 
JoAnn Luecke 
Kim Martin 
Stephanie Martindale 
Nicole Mason 
DeShawn Mattson 
Nicole Mayes 
Heidi Mays 
Jill McBryar 
Tiffany McCall 
David McCray 
Kim McFadden 
Jerrie McKee 
Jamie McKenzie 
Kimberly McNabb 
Brent Meadows 
Mandy Mitchell 
Carolyn Moore 
Ms. Moore Moore 
Pam Moore 
Sharon Moravec 
Lisa Morris 
Chris Moss 
Linda Murphy 
Caprice Murrell 
Ms. Vinson Nave 
Constance Neely 
Jeffrey Nieman 
Stacy Norman 
Erin North 
Brenda Norville 

Linda O'Brien 
Andrea Ogle 
Sara Oglesby 
Marvin Olige 
Becky Olinger 
Andrea Orton 
Mandi Osbron 
Jeffrey Overby 
Melissa Owens 
Laura Pankey 
Kelly Parham 
Jeanie Parker 
Niki Patton 
Shelia Patton-Pearson 
Carla Pawlowski 
Susan Pawlowski 
Roslyn Payne 
Jennelle Peebles 
Laura Peebles 
Amanda Pennington 
Tina Penuel 
Kelly Phillips 
Laura Phipps 
Pierce Pierce 
Matt Pippin 
Susan Pirtle 
Mandy Pittman 
Sara Pittman 
Ginger Potter 
Cathy Powell 
Walter Proffitt 
Mark Purvis 
Julie Rains 
Haley Rawlings 
Kristin Reich 
Beverly Reid 
Hiawatha Renfroe 
Andrea Richard 
Leighann Roberson 
Adrienne Robertson 
Tiffany Robertson 
Rosa Rosa 
Rachel Sanders 
Robyn Scheller 
Kim Sharp 
Kelli Shedd 
Devra Shephard 
Kelli Shockey 
Jennifer Silvers 
Becky Simmons 
Donna Sloan 
Kelli Slock 
Beverly Smith 
Cindy Smith 
Kelly Smith 
Ryan Smith 
Steve Smith 
Rhonda Sorensen 
Angela Sparkman 
Angela Spears 

Carissa Spence 
LaCheryl Steele 
Greg Stewart 
Margaret Stiger 
Glenna Stone 
John Stone 
Kristin Stone 
Valda Stone 
Sandy Stuart 
Thomas Suchman 
Renee Sullivan 
Crystal Switzer 
Julia Sydenstricker 
Lynn Tallent 
DeAnna Tarum-Cross 
Yolanda Taylor 
Nancy Tesauro 
Kristi Thacker 
Angela Thomas 
Jennifer Thompson 
Jennifer Totty 
Corinne Travierso 
Nicole Trexler 
Bernadette Trull 
Pam Vandergriff 
Amber Vuurman 
Tracy Waldrop 
Tracy Wallace 
Jennifer Walsh 
Lori Ward 
Janie Warner 
Trenton Watson 
Mindy Weatherford 
Tony Webb 
Kayla Weeks 
Anne-Maree Welsh 
Kimberly West 
Lori West 
Rashad West 
Lisa White 
Vanessa White 
Greg Williams 
Jackie Williams 
Ana Williamson 
Janine Wilson 
Wilson Wilson 
Shannin Wilson 
RoseMary Winters 
Janell Wood 
Janette Woods 
Marzee Woodward 
Shandra Worthy 
Elke Wright 
Pamela Wright 
Amy Young 
Carrie Young 
Thomas Young 
Wendy Young 
Marilyn Yount 
Vicki Zissette 

2005 4° 

Master of Business 

Chasity Adams 
Mitchel Bone 
Bill Crittenden 
Molly Darling 
Vicky Eisenhut 
Sonya Fields 
Rick Fraley 
Cathy Fuston 
Steven Guy 
Brian Hale 
Eric Hatzell 
Terence Heffernan 
Nancy Lee 
Trevor Lumley 
John Pflasterer 
Cynthia Rector 
Ranee Stewart 
Stephen Wampler 
Iris Zhang 

Master of Science 
in Organizational 
Human Relation 

Emily Beddingfield 
Earl Berry 
John Booker 
Dawn Bradford 
Tonya Brannon 
Mark Evans 
Scott Fullerton 
Andrea Gardenhire 
Skip Hall 

Antoinette Hargrove 
Katherine Hensley 
Bryan Johnson 
Valentine Johnson 
Rory O'Hare 
Veronica Omitowoju 
Jennifer Rowland 
Kathryn Rudolph 
Celesta Turner 
Beth Wheeler 
Debra Whitaker 
Angela White 
Pamela Whittaker 

Master of Science 
Public Service 

David Achord 
Panda Adkins 
Jacky Akbari 
Mark Barker 
Coleman Beard 
Derrick Bozeman 
Jason Brewer 
Janice Brown-Adams 
Tracey Cleveland 
Anita Cooper 
Tyran Copeland 
Tamarah Daniel 
Bettye Davidson 
Kimberly Davis 
Ben Dicke 
Alphie Duncan 
Vanessa Fox 
Roslyne Garnett 
Regina Gilbert 
Shelia Gooch 
Charedy Granberry 
Ulysses Hernandez 
Douglas Jameson 
Allyson Johnson 
Ben Johnson 
Beverly Johnson 
Sandra Jones 
Sharon Jones 
Judith Kendall 
Kimberly Kennedy 
Sonia Lavender 
Patricia Lee 
Katashai Looney 
Charlotte Mann 
Darsell Martin 
Elizabeth Martin 
Ophia McCray 
Kinya Merriweather 
Derrick Moore 
LaToya Nelson 
Barbara Newman 
Beverley Norment 
Sylvia Odum 
Michael Parker 
Jack Parks 
Cynthia Pasley 
Porsha Perkins 
Maria Pinson 
Keith Pitts 
Michele Randle 
James Rehan 
Janet Rheaume 
Sarah Ribeiro 
Anais Riggs 
Ricky Roll 

Cathlyn Samuel 
Shawn Scruggs 
Mary Beth Sellers 
Tamara Sewell 
Pamela Sharp 
Toinetta Shaw 
John Slate 
Cheryl Thacker 
Angela Thompson 
Johnnie Tindall 
Garmal Tokpah 
Connie Turner 
Derrell Vaughn 
Elean Whitlow 
Charles Widener 
Carol Wilkin 
Brian Wilkins 
Sonya Williams 
Tomika Willingham 
Sararme Winfield 
Angela Winters 
Evelyn Yeargin 


Aboued): The Band of the Phoenix 
proudly led the Homcbming Day 

Above (2)-. Members of Alpha Omicron 
Pi turned out to support Jana Jenkins, 
their Homecoming Nominee. 

Above (1): Hoss Greer entertained 
everyone with his musical talent. 

Above (2): Nick West enjoyed having 
his potrait drawn by the caricature 
artist during Homecoming week. 

50 The Phoenix 

ii limir-iii ?t%SB^B\ 

Left: Rachel Jones 
representing Baptist 
Collegiate Ministries during 
the Homecoming Parade. 

Right: Patrick Bratcher 
does the Gallon Challenge 
during the "Bet U Won't 

"Unleash the Bulldogs" 

f he week of Homecoming 2003 a/^s a "huge success due to the enormous psifticpstion o? students, facility, staff 
2nd sluroni. Events such at the $i| Da-v^g competition, '"Bet Won't" Contest and the H©ro« e ©roto£ <Jsy psrsde 

wade this 9n unforgettable -week 

Far Left: Rig Dawg 2003 winner 
Napoleon Clark struts his stuff 
for the ladies. 

Left: Kappa Sigma won the 
Homecoming Float contest. 

Relow: Alpha Sigma Tau won 
the Homecoming banner 

Unleash / ) f? 

the \[[ 



Left: Grand Marshall, Sid Durham and his wife 
Georgia, enjoy the Homecoming parade. 

2003 51 

2003 homecoming ^ueen 

<lMs. Jamie Tost 

Jamie Yost, representing the Student 
Nurses Association, was crowned the 
2003 Homecoming Queen during halftime 


Below: Jamie Yost is crowned Homecoming 
Queen by last year's Queen, Ms. Tiffany 

Above: Jamie was escorted by Mr. Brian Blaylock. 

Right: Jamie is joined by the first and second runners up. Kelly Brewer (left) representing Kappa 
Sigma and Tai Gregory (right) representing Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

' raenix 

2003 Mmecoming V^miinees 

Qorena Bray 

Qassie (Joolsby 
Cumberland ('bora/e 

'Ttathel Jo/us 
Baptist Collegiate -JiUnistries 

U-faylee -JhCorpbttt 
Pre-Professional Society 

(§t(iri ^'tinson 
-y//pba ('hi 

'Kelly Brcv/er 
fQtpprt c$igi>M 

'Paibel 'Derru\ 

zAsbley freeman 
(if/gz /M Th// 'De/t// 

Tai Qregory 

Sigma ?y//pb a Spilson 

'Jennifer -Tieatb 
Campus Crusade 

Jtin/i Jeubjns 
s/lpba Qmicron 'Pi 

'/("thy A/'///' 
llntversipy Band 

HH'eatber 'Kress 

'Dora -J\(e( lanuban 
xAlpba^igma Tan 

\Autumu Joy Parser 
Science (Jlub 

Katrina ^bannon 
£an and QtPtiernement 

Jfope fglfaggs 

Kjistin 17/omas 
Cross Country 

Jessie II 'illingbam 


•timber '// 'oodard 
Zlnilv/sity Band 

Jenny (Jilbert 

•JMclksa Johnson 
Phi Beta £ambda 

•JsCaegan -S\(cUi'cnry 

•J)iegan S f ucc\ 

Jamie Tost 

2004 53 

Pictured right is Lady Pawn 
2004, Heather Kress, 
representing Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
fraternity. First runner up was 
Jana Jenkins, representing Kappa 
Sigma fraternity pictured on the 
right, .=ind second runner up. Holly 
Gregory represented tine Soft-ball 

EJelow: Kristen Juillerat Russell 
answers the emcee's (Pave <3laser) 

I enjoyed hosting Lady Dawg, the 

girls looked great and the crowd 

loved all of them! 
Dave Glaser 

I enjoyed playing the "Couples game", 
even though we didn't win" 

Jeff Poling 

I thought it was great when Lou danced 
at the basketball game on Saturday! 

Rebecca Phillips 

What was 









Above: Jana Jenkins 
struts her stuff at the 
Lady Dawg competition. 

Above Right: The gentlemen 
of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
supporting Heather Kress 
ci] Lady Pawg night. 

Left : Students serious at 
'laying Blackjack at the 
egas Night on Wednesday, 
Students also played 
F3ingo, Poker mA Roulette. 

2004 Coming Home King 

Mr. (Bradv MdPfierson 

Pictured above: Center, Brady McPherson, 
2.00 4 Coming Home King, representing Kappa 
Sigma fraternity. Second runner up Pemario 
Warfield representing Men's Basketball is on the 
left and first runner up Tony Ivery representing 
the African American Student Association is on 
the right. 

Right: Brady is pictured with his escort April 

Below: Brady is pictured with his Kappa Sigma 

2004 55 

fmiiii/ (lm Kiitf/ foittitm 

Ben Collier 
Cross Country 

Will Edmonds 

IiiMii.iMmii.iI Student'. 

Shane Fitzpatrick 

Harrison Haynes 
Alpha Sigma Tau 

Bradley Haynes 

I 'llfrl ll'.ldltll' 

Tony Ivery 
African American Student Assoc 

[efl Poling 
Women's Soccer 

Wayne Ray 
Alpha Omicron Pi 

Shawn Savage 
University Kind 



: jsski 

Dritan Tahiraj 

Demario Warfield 

John Wi in nil 


Men's Basketball 

Student Government Assoc 

56 The rhoenix 

Garrett Hall 

Brady McPherson 
Kappa Sigma 

Nick Snider 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

2004 57 




Manuel Diaz 



Kenny Beesting 



Jared Garshnick 



Jake Gray 



Eddie Ortega 



Nick Thompson 



Andrew Davis 



Jared Brown 



Josh Underhill 



Ricky Steakin 



Carlos Miranda 



Dana Meyers 




Tim Freeman 



Craig Moreland 



Charlie MacFarlane 



Devin Wil iams 



Mike Minkel 



Caleb Barrett 



Preston Potter 




Eric Keller 



Daniel Ethendge 



Chris Torres 



Alex Gentry 



Phillip Cuadrado 



Donnie Burkhalter 



Victor Alvarez 



Vladimir Munoz 



Josh Van der Weide 



Derek Depew 



Andrew Carden 



Mark Henry 



Chris Parades 



Bryant Baines 


Plead Coach 


dy Hunt 

Assistant Coaches 

Randy Stegall 

Ryan Hunt 



5 S ! he Phoenix 


Back Row: Brooke Tackett, Holly Gregory, Nikki Sanders-Thompson, Lindsey Shuman, Morgan Wills, Cecelia Kemp, Brittany Lonergan, 
April Harris, Michelle Bowman, Lacey Griffith, Danielle Taylor and Sarah Sparks. Middle Row: Ashlee Lindsey, Leanne Holley, Holly 
Gregory, Brandy Baird, Tessa Bouldin, Jessie Willingham, Shannah Dennis, Krystle Littrell, Natalie Watkins. Front Row: Coach James 
Woods, Michelle Hall, Candace Smith, Tai Gregory, Danielle Stewart, Jamie Yost, Janna Aldridge, and Coach Junior Hawkins. 


/ \ 


HardHoA ' ^ _ ' 

y % 


Above, Far Left: Shannah Davis 

Above, Center: The team plans 
their strategy. 

Above, Right: Jessie Willingham 

Left: The Softball team in Myrtle 
. Beach, South Carolina. 

2004- 5° 

Men's Varsity Basketball 

28-6 School Record 

The team advanced to the NAIA Sweet 

Sixteen, in the University's first ever 

NAIA National Tournament 

appearance in school history, 

TranSouth Conference Champions 

TranSouth Conference 

Scholar Athletes 

Jams Ivanoskis 

Jeremy Lewis 

Adam Parke 

First Team All Conference 

Alonzo Evans 

Leroy Hickerson 

Second Team All Conference 

Mollis Hampton 

NAIA Second Team All-American 

TranSouth Player of the Year 

Newcomer of the Year 

Alonzo Evans 

Honorable Mention All-American 

Leroy Hid erson 

TranSouth Coach of the Year 

Head Coach Lonnie Thompson 

Front Row (L-R): Chase Burnett, Kelven Moss, Sean Matson, Jeremy Lewis, Tyler Jones, Nathan Burks, Adam 
Pari e Back Row Kris Hooper-Assistant Coach, Lonnie Thompson-Head Coach, Jason Smith, Hollis Hampton, 
Richard Sadler, Jams Ivanovsk is, Leroy Hickerson, Alonzo Evan, Chris Moss- Assistant Coach, Chris 
Chambers-Assistant Coach 

Men's Junior Varsity Basketball 

Front Row (L-R)' Chase Burnett, Nathan Burks, Marco Simmons, Brandon Oldham, Damario Winfield, Larturo 
McMahan, Kelven Moss. Back Row Tyler Faulkner, Matt Brink ley, Adam Tomilson, Chris Chambers- Head 

The Phoenix 

Women's Varsity Basketball 

Front Row (L-R): Francesco deBondt, Candace Wright, Amy Biddle, Katie Salmon, Lee Lee Cannon, 
Middle Row: Beth Wheeler-Assistant Coach, Heather Kress, Leighann Baker, Natasha Manis, C'Kala 
Humes, Alyssa Bowman, Vita Venskunaite, Clint Mason-Head Coach. Back Row: Katy Foster-Graduate 
Assistant Coach, Barbara Zajac, Lashonda Winfree, Katie Arnold-Student Assistant. 

TranSouth Conference 

Scholar Athletes 

Amy Biddle 

Heather Kress 

Natasha Manis 

Haylee Morphew 

Katie Salmon 
Vita Venskunaite 
Barbara Zajac 

TranSouth All-Freshman Team 
Ashley Cross 
C'Kala Humes 

NAIA Academic Alll-American 
Amy Biddle 
Katie Salmon 

Women's Junior Varsity Basketball 

Front Row (L-RI: Beth Wheeler- Head Coach, Johanna Mosby, Ashley Cross, Chantese Johnson, Lakeah 
Lockhart, Stacy Jernigan, Katie Arnold - Student Assistant. Back Row: Traveda Jordon, Emily Moore, Candi 
Dunlap, Debbie Perry, Ivy Gardner, Haylee Morphew. 

2004 6 

Cross Country 

Standing L-R: Brady McPherson, Ben Collier, Eric McCray, Adam Pastors and Kendra Douglas 
Front row: Frank Carpenter and Amy Sams. 


Men's & Women's Golf 

Front row (L-R) : Caleb Brock, Daniel Curtis, Michael Shinn, Josh Newsome, Ryan Reese and Chad Dinsmore. 
Steanding: Cole Brazier, Taylor Porch, Coach Wade Conway, Barry Conatser, Ryan Sprouse and Bobby Payne. 
Not Pictured: Jason Personius. 

Above (L-R): Jill Walker, Molly Reecer, Kara Bridges, Jennifer Hooper. Not Pictured: Tina Stephens. 

2004 b3> 

Men's Soccer 

Front Row (L-R): Russ Street, Jegir Tahir, Reza Deneshmand, Byron Sigcho, Josh Lampert, Andy Hall. Second Row: 
Matt Manning, Taylor Nolan, Zach McWhirter, Brad Wilt erson. Marl Arnot, Mart Photivihot , Adam Shelton, 
Craig Young. Third Row: Coach Brian Johnson, Jay Swan, Jason Parks, Rob Nix, Josh Legg, Tunde Daudu, Luke 
Photivihok, Coach Rory O'Hare 

All Conference Team 
Luke Photivihok 

2nd Team All Conference 
Mark Photivihok - 

Pictured Right: 
Josh Lampert, Senior soccer 
player who played all four 

years at CU. 

"he Phoenix 

Women's Soccer 

Front Row (L-R): Kali Meyer, Kate Gerrard, Kristen Russell, Maeve Redmond. Second Row: Jill McElroy-Athletic 
Trainer, Suzane Stansbury, Tracy Neill, Emily Shultz, Martha Montiel, Lena Sukowatey, Hope Skaggs. Third Row- 
Coach Brian Johnson, Heidi Poore, Marie Gallagher.Mary Beasley, Ciara Kinsella, Michelle Clariday, Mary 
Clariday, Coach Rory O'Hare 

All Conference Team 
Ciara Kinsella 

2nd Team All Conference 
Marie Gallagher 

Heidi Poore 
Susanne Stansbury 

2nd Team All Region 

Ciara Kinsella 

Marie Gallagher 

2004 65 

Men's Tennis 

Front Row (L-R): Brady McPherson, Kris Popovic, Brian Simon. Second Row: Rob Webbink, Ville Sippala. Will 
Edmonds and Jamie Pike. Back Row: Pieter Faasen - Graduate Assistant Coach, Jill McElroy - Athletic Trainer 
and Bill Riddle - Head Coach. 

Will Edmonds 

Byron Sigcho, Charlie Bartlett and Kibwe Smith enpy a 
spring day by watching the men's tennis team. 


Women's Tennis 

Front Row (L-R): Alyssa Rosenheck, Lauren Paige Houser 

Second Row: Kristina Popovic, Stephanie Wuenscher, Karen Ha 

Back Row: Pieter Faasen, Graduate Assistant Coach, Jill McElroy - Athletic Trainer and Bill Riddle- Head Coach. 

Alyssa Rosenheck 


2004 6 7 


Ralph Stembndge Claude Walker. Casey Rogers Glen Mcknight Dan Pennington Victor Kidd Daryl Williams, Bubba Legon. Marquis Garvin, John Snyder Justin 
Bratcher Justin Truett, Terrance Larmond, Omar Edward Curt Baker, Marquis Cox Kyle Dorsett, Travis Grant Andrew Woodward, Rico Turner Brent Potter Aaron 
Cothran Tron Bat er William Martin, Dustm Holden, Montrez Lee Tyler McChurch, Brent Dalton, Kenny Gvens, Alfonzo Jackson, Chase Brooks, Tony Ivery, Chris 
Davis, Jerome Nelson, Chris Lewis, Rick Warren, Mike Malkiewicz, Tershaard Barr Mike Teasley, Guentm Hodge, Devon Allen, Chuck Jones, Nick Stallings, Derrick 
Palmer.Ryan Mitchell, Trey Clary, James Kinsey, Desmond Richards, Matt Harris Matt Townsend, Jason East, Kurt Braundmeier, Travis Talley, Josh Rosen, Sir David 
Pettus. Dustin Crawford, Garrett Hall, Brandon Hollie. Chris Rickles Austin Bourne Brian Allison, Tim Bougue, Adam Niblett, Reggie White, Scott Hughes, Jeramiah Smith, 
Michael Shaw. Kyle Shaffer, Dale Brown, Curtis Francis. Patrick Bratcher, Brent Jones, Chris Turner, Adam Gilbert, Adam Linton, Tony White, Matt Kinsey. Napoleon 
Clark, Zach Gilliam, Rod Pless Kirby Allen, Keith Williamson, Chad Vmyard, Matt Kidd. Coaching Staff Jerry Pigue, Wes Elrod, Sean Corbitt- Assistant Head Coach, 
John Booker. Danny Rogers-Athletic Trainer, Hershel Moore-Head Coach, Chuck Losey, Terry Heffernan, Rashad West, Jeff Neman, and Robert Davis 

Academic All Conference 

The team huddles up to 
discuss the play- 

Marquis Cox running the 
ball up the field' 

Tony Ivery 

Casey Rogers 

Adam Gilbert 

Tron Baker 

1st Team All Conference 

Alfonzo Jackson 

2nd Team All-Conference 

Napoleon Clark 



Ryan Stephens 




Fernadina Beach, FL 

Clayton Crouse 




King, NC 

Dave Glaser 




Kettering, OH 

William Vaughan 




Johnstown, OH 

Jared Grindstaff 




LaVista, NE 

Kevin McKinney 




Hilliard, OH 

Marquise Moncreif 




Winston Salem, NC 

Zach Padgett 




Lindale, GA 

Eric McCray 




Miami, FL 

Stephen Westbeld 




Kettering, OH 


Head Coach: Jarad Swint 

Graduate Assistant Coach: John Young 

Graduate Assistant Coach: Matt Grindstaff 

Pictured (L-R): At the NAIA National Tournament in Montana. 
John Young - Graduate Assistant Coach, Jared Swint - Head 
Coach, Eric McCray, Donnie Scruggs, Stephen Westbeld (placed 
8th), Matt Grindstaff and Tiesuan Brown. 

Cumberland University had 

4 of the 20 

2004 Daktronics-NAIA 

Wrestling All-America Scholar 


Clayton Crouse, Jared 

Grindstaff, Matt Grindstaff, 

and Donnie Scruggs earned 

2004 Ail-American Scholar 

Athlete honors. 

They were the first four 

All-American Scholar Athletes 

for Cumberland University. 

2004 69 


Front Row L-R: Assistant Coach Sarah Rogers, Cara Lonrey, Molly Swonger, Rachel Derrick Lisa 
Palmer, Ashley Richardson and Assistant Caoch Jessica Myers Second Row: Assistant Coach Molly 
Darling, Jenny Griffey, Akeia Williams, Head Coach Dwayne Deermg, Rachel Hearn, Megan Creasy 
and Assistant Coach Jae Anne Hanes, Back Row Melissa Johnson, Tyler Smith, Vanessa Elcock Debbie 
Perry Sarah Blankenship, Keona Layden and Assistant Coach Rita Maynard,, 

Top Right: Debbie Perry hitting. 

Top Middle: Lisa Palmer setting. 

Left: Mollie Swonger with Rachel 
Derrick watching on. 

Right, Coach Deering with his Alumni 

Staff, L-R Jae Anne Hanes, Molly 

Darling, Rita Maynard, Sarah Rogers, 

and Jessica Myers. 

Rachel Derrick and Melissa Johnson 

were both named Academic All 

American and All Conference. 

? The Thoenix 


Pictured Above: (L-R) Front row Sumer Wiliams, Tandi Poindexter, Tina Stephens, 

Back row: Rebecca Phillips, Harrison Haynes, Teneal Ivery, Meagan Stacy, Richard Watson, Bradley 

Haynes. Not pictured: Frank Carpenter, Allison Dugger and Summer Sutton. 

Above left: Gretchen Norris and 
Teneal Ivery cheering for the Bulldogs! 

Above: Gretchen Norris. Corena 
Bray. Cindy McDonald smile for the 

Left: The Cheerleaders pose for a 
photo after a football game. 

2004- 7 


The G-irl s Soccer team hard at work! 

Many hours of working on skills contribute to an 
excellent gawe. 

The teaw congratulates Tim 
Freewan on a Homerun! 

Left: Coach 
Mason watches 

Right: leroy 

Hickersow slams 




Caleb Barrett wakes a hit. 

The Softball teaw has a pre-gawe prayer. 
Left: Alyssa Rosenheck shows of her skills. 


""1.,- P . r " 

W wt 


w^ M 

fsr* ■ 

1 n — ■ — r 

■ " 

i fe "*- 

L2.V -in riir-r- 


Matt (rrindstaff attempts to pin his 

The VolleyPAW&S in action!!! 

Marquis Cox runs the ball, while Reggie 
White wakes a block. 

2004 73 









r S 















Alpha Chi 

Alpha Chi is a coeducational society whose purpose is to promote academic excellence and exemplary character 
among college and university students and to honor those who acheive such distinction. Alpha Chi admits to 
membership students from all academic disciplines. Membership in Alpha Chi recognizes previous 
acomplishments and provides opportunity for continuous growth and service. It seeks above all else to serve 
the needs of the students who comprise its membership. At least once a year , the local chaper inducts into active 
membership those junior and senior students of good character who rank in the upper tenth of their classes. The 
Cumberland University chapter of Alpha Chi was installed on April 26th, 1986. 

Teresa Michelle Blancett 
Kelly Whitaker Brewer 
Angie Bruce 
Mary Kathleen Clariday 
Clayton Brandon Crouse 
E. Michele Dozier 
Ashley Ann Freeman 
Karen Weatherly Garner 
Mary Virginia Gilbert 
Michelle Hall 
April Harris 

Alpha Chi 
2003-2004 Initiates 

Christopher Dale Hawkins 
Jennifer L. Hopper 
Bethany Christine Knight 
Mary E. Wilkerson Lee 
Dora McClanahan 
Kali Meyer 
Tosha Michelle Nash 
Robert Bradley Nipper 
Jenny Melinda Norton 
Jennifer Dawn Pero 
Ryan Raymond Richert 

Alyssa Fay Rosenheck 
Chelsea Lynn Sallerson 
Amy J. Sams 

Robert Donald Scruggs III 
Lisa Shaffer 
Megan Alicia Stacey 
Mary Webb 
Sherry B. Wiser 
Brooke N. Weston 
Amber Dawn Woodard 


Alpha Lambda Delta 

Alpha Lambda Delta is a national society that honors academic excellence during a student's first year in 
college. Its purpose is to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year in 
institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning and 
to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. The 
Cumberland University chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was installed on April 20, 1988. 

New Inductees 2003-2004 

Janna Lynn Aldridge 
Nathanael Cole Brazier 
Michele Ann Clariday 
Cara Jeanne Conrey 
Crystal Lynn Cotten 
Leslie Leah Cutler 
Tracy Nicole Davis 
Elizabeth Elwell 
Tyler Faulkner 
Rachel Elizabeth Fitzgerald 
Melissa Gibson 
Helen Guffey 
Amanda Harville 
Rebecca Christian Jennings 
Chantese Nicole Johnson 
Brent I. Jones 
Jami Nicole Jones 
Jason Brent Knowles 

Angel Sher'i Legare 
Lindsay Elizabeth Lowe 
James Brady McPherson 
Dana Scott Myers 
Johanna Mosby 
Jordan J. Parker 
Tandela DeShay Poindexter 
Brian B. Simon 
Ashley Nicole Spradling 
David Adam Tomlinson 
Heather Nicole Vanatta 
Stephen Ira Vastola 
Brandi Jeane' Wilkerson 
Morgan Whitney Wills 
Katherine Paulette Young 

New Faculty Member 
Patrick Fhomas Lawson 


Alpha Phi Sigma 

Alpha Phi Sigma is the national honor society in criminal justice. Founded at Washington State University 
in 1942, its purposes are to recognize and promote high scholarship among students actively engaged in 
collegiate prepartation for professional services; to keep abreast of the advances in scientific reasearch; to 
elevate the ethical standards of the Criminal Justice profession; and to establish in the public mind the benefit 
and necessity of education. The Cumberland University chapter was installed on March 30, 2000. 

( Me 2003-2004 Jndudm of ffis SMi^ou ^hafik 

SiennSi Jfflkhad Speeding 
looiha Q/Uak 
S^mon OE. £Piclwd 

^ImJofiha Soe tickled 
Sfimanda OEm ^inml 

2004 77 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega was founded in 1925 as the national honorary dramatic society. Its purposes are to stimulate 
interest in college and university theatre and to recognize high standards of work in dramatics among college 
and universities in the areas of acting, directing, and /or production work. The Alpha Psi Omega chapter was 
installed at Cumberland University on April 15, 1997. 

2003-2004 Inductees 

Heather Dinwiddie 

Helen Guffey 

Chris Hawkins 

Jeremy Jenkins 

Keonia Layden 

Kibwe Smith 

S The Phoenix 

Beta Beta Beta 

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the 
understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through 
scientific research. Since its founding in 1922, more than 175,000 persons have been accepted into lifetime 
membership, and more than 430 chapters have been established throughout the United States and Puerto 
Rico. TriBeta was founded in 1922 at Oklahoma City University — the Alpha Chapter — by Dr. Frank G. 
Brooks and a group of his students. The idea of an honor and professional society for biology students 
spread rapidly and by 1925, the society was a national organization. The Pi Sigma chapter of TriBeta was 
installed at Cumberland University on October 30, 2003. 

Regular Members 
Mary Clariday 
Sandra Empey 
Coe Foutch 
Adam Gilbert 
Tiffaney Mathis 
Lori Neeley 
Brad Nipper 
Kyle Sykes 

Graduate Members 
Dane Bowers 
Monica Carnahan 
Johnny Davis, Jr. 
Erica Ford 
Chad Hartna 
Matt Hately 
Jarod Juillerat 
Chad Lamb 
Daniel Lawrence 
Dr. Wilbur Peterson 
Dr. Lisa M. Cobb 

Associate Members 
Jennifer Bush 
Kendra Douglas 
Brady McPherson 
Joy Parker 

Mary Beth Stevenson 
Miranda Stafford 

2004 79 

Chi Epsilon Lambda 

The Chi Epsilon Lambda Honor Society in Nursing at Cumberland University exists to recognize superior 
achievement and the development of leadership qualities, to foster high professional standards, to 
encourage creative work, and to strengthen individual commitment to the ideals and purposes of the 
nursing profession. Members are juniors and seniors who have demonstrated superior achievement, 
academic integrity , and evidence of professional potential, have completed twenty-three (23) hours of 
required nursing curriculum, or fifteen (15) hours if registered nurses; and have earned a minimum 
cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Members may also be nursing graduates. Chi 
Epsilon Lamba was founded at Cumberland University on April 3, 1997. 

New Initiates 

Deborah Dugger 
Rebecca Focer 
Rachel Forsythe 
Jennifer Hopper 
Lindsay Kirby 
Ashley McClanahan 
Beverly McMahon 
Christan Morrison 
Maria Adams 
Elaina McGuire 

April Reyes 
Kelly Shankle 
Tim Tobitt 
Vonda Tuttle 
Edo Udoko 
Natalie Vero 
Brooke Weston 
DeNita Whitson 
Brandie Wilmoth 
Lana Woodcock 

' ioenix 

Delta Mu Delta 

National Honor Society for students who are pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration. 
Delta Mu Delta's motto the power to manage creatively for social and economic good, is indicative of its purpose to 
promote higher scholarship in training for business and to recognize and reward scholastic attainment in 
business subjects. Undergraduate students majoring in business administration in the top 20% of their 
respective junior or senior classes, who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better, are invited into 
membership. Graduate students enrolled in the MBA program are also eligible for membership provided they 
have completed at least half of the requirements for the degree, reside in the top 20% of their class, and have 
earned a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better. The Cumberland University chapter of Delta Mu Delta was 
installed on March 1, 2000. 

Senior Students 
Christina Ann Brasel 
Pieter J. Faasen 
Angela Renee Harville 
Samuel Anthony Moses 
Omar Nabih Mossallati 
Joshua Derek Neighbours 
Molly Ann Reecer 
Gerald Oliver Rice 
Wendy Peytona Richards 
Katie Diane Salmon 
Kibwe Smith 
Vita Venskunaite 

Junior Students 

Becky Burris 

Christopher Dale Hawkins 

Bethany Christine Knight 

Joshua Wayne Miller 

Kristen Nicole Norris 

Sherry Wiser 

Stefanie Ann Wuenscher 

Honorani Members 
Winstead P. Bone, III 
Ronald G. Hunt 

MBA Student 

Yuan Iris Zhang 

2004 S 1 

Gamma Sigma Alpha 

Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society was founded to promote intellectual 

interaction between Greek students and the academic community. The purpose of the Society is is to promote 

the advancement of education among Greeks; to instill a greater spirit of cooperation among Greek students 

and organizations and to encourage excellence in scholarship. Students are eligible for membership based on 

grade point average and active membership in a Greek fraternity or sorority recognized by their university. 

The Society strives to uphold the high ideals of scholastic achievement, and therefore, only students with 
cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above at the start of their junior year or a grade point average of 3.5 
or higher in any semester during their junior or senior year are eligible. The Eta Beta Chapter at Cumberland 

University was installed on February, 25, 2004. 

Pictured above are the founding members of Gamma Sigma Alpha. Front L-R: Rebecca Smith, 
Jenny Allen, Lisa Shaffer, Shelley Rowlett, Clayton Crouse, Staci Stinson, Lacy Denney and 
Brandon Grieves. Back row: Cassie Goolsby, Dave Glaser, Eddie Bell, Frank Carpenter, 
Jennifer Pero, Trista Pirtle, James Snider and John Winnett. 

2 The Phoenix 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society in education. Its purpose is to recognize sound 
scholarship, commendable personal qualities, and outstanding contributions to the field of education. 
Membership is based on several factors, including cumulative grade point average, potential or 
achieved educational leadership, and exemplification of worthy educational ideals. Members of 
Kappa Delta Pi include University students, elementary and secondary teachers and administrators, 
University faculty and administrators. The Cumberland University chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was 
installed on March 23, 1995. 

2003-2004 Initiates 

Susan J. Anderton 
Deborah S. Baker 
Betty Ruth Bass 
Pamela Gayle Brown 
Angie Bruce 
Virginia R. Burke 
Andraya Cheers 
Linda M. Collins 
DeAnna Tatum Cross 
Clayton Brandon Crouse 
Heather Terese Dinwiddie 
Emma Michele Dozier 
Frankie Beth Dunklin 
Jeffrey Dale Ethridge 
Pamela E. Feltman 
Andrea Foxx 
Sherri Garcia 
April Michelle Harris 
Yolandia S. Hodge 
Emily Hunter 

Valerie E. Isbell 
Deana Michelle Jeffries 
Jessica Leigh Jetton 
Charlotte Elizabeth Kelly 
Sarah Hart Lawson 
Carolyn Ann Moore 
Laura Poole 
Beverly Reid 
Heather Robins 
Rachel Lee Sanders 
Kimberly Scruggs 
Jerry Simpson 
Cathi Oster Stojkov 
Nancy Liggett Tesauro 
Brittany F. Whitaker 
Carrie S. Williams 
Lynne Roe Williams 
Jessica Annette Woodall 
Thomas Floyd Young 

2004 S3 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Omicron Delta Kappa is the national leadership and scholarship honor society. The purposes of the 
society are to recognize and encourage exemplary character and superior quality in scholarship and 
leadership. Membership is awarded to juniors, seniors, and graduate students based on performance in 

scholarship; athletics; campus or community service; social and religious activities and campus 

government; journalism, speech and the mass media; and creative and performing arts. The Cumberland 

University Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa was installed on April 28, 1996. 

2003-2004 Inductees 

Jenny L. Allen 

Kenneth Michael Beesting 

Clayton Brandon Crouse 

David James Glaser 

Cassandra Dawn Goolsby 

Harrison Comer Haynes 

John R. Parker III 

Jennifer Dawn Pero 

Trista Nicole Pirtle 

Laura Elizabeth Poole 

Staci Nicole Stinson 

John D. Winnett 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Outside-the-classroom experience is important in all areas, including business. Phi Beta Lambda, the 

business fraternity at Cumberland University, gives business majors the opportunity to experience this 

growth by providing interation with other business students, surrounding companies and business 

leaders. Phi Beta Lambda recognizes and promotes achievement in all fields of business. 

2003-2004 Members 

Jeni Boyette 

Josh Deaton 

Lacy Denney 

Elizabeth Elwell 

Chris Hawkins 

Janis Ivanoskis 

Teona Oldham 

Adam Parke 

Jessica Sisco 

Melissa Wolfe 

2004 S 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Pi Gamma Mu is the International Honor Society in Social Science. Its 

purposes are to encourage he study 

of the social sciences among graduate and undergraduate students and faculty members in colleges and 

universities throughout the world 

and to recognize outstanding 

achievement through selection to 

membership and the presentation of various awards for distinguished 

achievement. The Tennessee 

Lambda Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu 

was installed at Cumberland 

University on November 18, 1994. 

2003-2004 Inductees 

Teresa Michelle Blancett 

Sharon M. Jones 

Robert Donald Scruggs III 

Derrick McKinzie Bozeman 

Patricia Anita Lee 

Shawn Carter Scruggs 

Rachel Denise Branch 

Charlotte Ann Mann 

Tamara Sewell 

Justin Craig Bratcher 

Kinya Q. Merriweather 

Katrina Lashaye Shannon 

Patrick O. Bratcher 

Tosha Michelle Nash 

Toinetta F. Shaw 

Clayton Brandon Crouse 

LaToya S. Thompson Nelson 

Heather Renee Smith 

Bettye Louise Broadway Davidson 

Sylvia J. Odum 

Kimberly Rose Smith 

Nina Shea Duke 

Zachary Hugh Padgett 

Staci Nicole Stinson 

Frankie Beth Dunklin 

Christopher M. Paredes 

Cathi Oster-Stojkov 

Mary Virginia Gilbert 

Porsha Denise Perkins 

Angela Schlafer Thompson 

David James Glaser 

Jennifer Dawn Pero 

Garmal Sianee Tokpah 

Shelia M. Gooch 

Trista Nicole Pirtle 

Michelle Tongratanasiri 

Cassandra D. Goolsby 

Michele Renee Catlin Randle 

Connie Swift Turner 

Matthew Paul Grindstaff 

Ryan Raymond Richert 

Sonya A. Williams 

Michelle Desiree Hall 

Anais Brewster Riggs 

Saranne Winfield 

Juanada Quenette Heliums-Moore 

Janet Lee Rheaume 

Angela Annette Winters 

Mary-Jo Evie Jones 


Alyssa Fay Rosenheck 



Pinnacle is the honor society devoted to adult and other non- 

traditional students. The society provides 

national recognition to deserving adult students who bring a 

rich variety of experiences and 

accomplishments to the classroom and who strive to excel while balancing 

family and employment 

responsibilities. Membership is open to adult and non-traditional students who are twenty-five (25) years of 

age or older; have acheived at least junior status: have earned at least a 3.0 undergraduate or 3.40 graduate 

grade point average; are 


m three or more campus or community 

activities; and demonstrate 

leadership, persistence, 

and future 

promis. The Cumberland 

University chapter of the Pinnacle Honor 

Society was installed on 

March 30, 


2003-2004 Inductees 

Melissa Ann Barnett 

Sherrie A. Hill 

Michelle Renee Catlin Randle 

Pamela Irene Hicks Bonner 

Yolandia Hodge 

Beverly Reid 

Kelly Whitaker Brewer 

Kimberly Marie Holmes 

Janet L. Rheaume 

Denise Brooks 

Karen Daffron Holt 

Andrea J. Richard 

Janice L. Brown-Adams 

Sheila Holt 

Anais Brewster Riggs 

Angela D. Bryant 

Wendy M. Hunt 

Leighann Case Roberson 

Dale Lynn Carter 

Emily Nicole Hunter 

Karyl A. Salimbene 

Jeanne Ann Cash 

Leigh A. Inman 

Rachel Sanders 

Andraya' M. Cheers 

Alane V. Jackson 

Robyn Theresa Scheller 

Leigh Anne Collins 

Deana Jeffries 

Tamara M. Sells 

Linda Collins 

Jessica Leigh Jetton 

Tamara Ann Sewell 

Tamarah Suggs Daniel 

Regina R. Jolly 

Toinetta F. Shaw 

Bettye Louise Broadway Davidson 

Rebecca Jones 

Rhonda D. Simays 

Joshua Deaton 

Sharon Jones 

Rebecca Simmons 

Regena Doss 

Andrea Kean 

Cynthia P. Smith 

Mary W. Douglas 

Charlotte E. Kelly 

LaCheryl Brown Steele 

Vicki H. Drobnis 

Robbin Ann Kenter 

Renee Gayle Sullivan 

Nina Shea Duke 

Melissa Adams Kincaid 

DeAnna Tatum-Cross 

Alphie Emmanuel Duncan 

Sarah Hart Lawson 

Nancy Tesauro 

Janel Dusso 

Patricia Anita Lee 

Angela Schlafer Thompson 

Katherine S. Eggers 

Anna M. Lewis 

Jennifer Chappell Thompson 

Mark Alan Evans 

Myrna I. Manalac 

Timothy D. Tobitt 

Pamela Duncan Feltman 

Charlotte Ann Mann 

Danenaporn Michelle Tongratanasiri 

Gwendolyn Fergie 

Darsell Martin 

Richard M. Trull 

Lani Byrd Fosbinder 

Beverly McMahon 

Edo Nsima Udoko 

Andrea Michelle Foxx 

Brent L. Meadows 

Amber Celeste Vuurman 

Sherri L. Garcia 

Kinya Quinese' Merriweather 

Tracy A. Wallace 

Karen Weatherly Garner 

Carolyn Cloman Moore 

Angela V. White 

Karla Ann Gaskins 

Constance T. Neely 

DeNita Gail Whitson 

Laura C. Germ 

Beverley Anne Norment 

Debra Whitaker 

Shelia M. Gooch 

Sara Orange Oglesby 

Carol Wilkin 

Melisa K. Griffith 

Teona Marquia Oldham 

Carrie S. Williams 

Angela Hankins 

Lanre Omitowoju 

Charles M.P. Williams 

Antoinette Hargrove 

Cathi Oster-Stojkov 

Janine Wilson 

Heather Marie Hayes 

Jeffrey L. Overby 

Lynne Roe Wilson 

Juanda Q. Heliums-Moore 

Melissa Jean Owens 

Angela Annette Winters 

Katherine Diane Hensley 

Amanda Nicole Pennington 

Sherry B. Wiser 

Marilyn McClain Hentz 

Porsha Denise Perkins 

Jannette Marie Woods 
Evelyn Robinson Yeargin 
Thomas Young 

2004 S7 


Psi Chi is the national scholastic honor society in psychology. Founded at Yale Univeristy in 1928, its 
purposes are to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual membership in all fields, 
particularly in psychology: and to advance the science of psychology. The Cumberland University chapter 
of Psi Chi was installed on May 4, 2000. 

^^'^f "*; fL 

(L-R): Liane McKee, Michael Thweat-Faculty Sponsor, Jenny Gilbert. 
Second row: Shea Duke, Ryan Richert, Jennifer Earl, Dana Jarvis, 
Wendy Hunt, and Sommer Rose. 

New Inductees 

Shea Duke 
Wendy Hunt 

Dana Jarvis 
Jennifer Pero 
Ryan Richert 

Sigma Tau Delta 

Sigma Tau Delta is the international English Honor Society. The purposes of Sigma Tau Delta are to 
confer distinction for high acheivement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, 
and professional studies; to promote interest in literature and the English language; and to foster disci- 
pline of English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing. Cumberland University's Alpha 
Delta Mu chapter was installed on October 22, 1994. 

L-R: Dr. Stuart Harris - Faculty Sponsor, Amber Woodard, Laura Marsh, 
Joy Parker, Dr. Evan Rivers - Faculty Sponsor. Second Row: Taylor Dies, 
Summer Rose, Melodee Freeman and David Keele. Not Pictured: Brandy 
Baird, Chris Cooper, Philip Dickman, Kimberley Douglas, Kristy 
McClanahan, Jerry Rice, and Rebecca Smith. 

New Initates 

Taylor Dies 

Melodee Freeman 

Joy Parker 

Summer Rose 

Amber Woodard 

2004 S9 

V Phoenix 

Alpha Omicron Pi is an 
International Womens 
Fraternity promoting friendship 
for a lifetime, inspiring 
academic excellence and 
lifelong learning, and developing 
leadership skills through 
service to the Fraternity and 
the community. Our goal is to be 
the most foward thinking 
organization addressing issues 
relevant to women and society. 


Above! Front How (IrRY. Beth Fitzgerald Shelley Rowlett Jennifer Pew Jen Walls Teri Walls. Back 

Row'. Nikki Blassingame Chanmng Bailey J ana Jenkins Tma Norton Danielle Prince and Amy 

Can pose after their Initiation Ceremony on March 28th. 

Above: Pretty ladies at Formal! Front Row (L-RK Shelley Rowlett Beth Fitzgerald Jeri Walts 
Jennifer Pero. Back Row'. Amy Carr Amandalin Walsh J ana Jenkins Danielle Prince Tma 
Morton Nikki Blassmgame. 

The sisters of A OH sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for local 


2004 ° 

The sisters of the Delta Mu 
Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau 
work hard to ensure that 
each member becomes the best 
person she can be. The 
chapter was installed on 
campus in the fall of 1998. 
The advisor is Rachel Smith 

Right'. The women of AX I 
tui'ned out in support for all their 

sisters representing various 

organizations during Homecoming 


^S . +£ b* 



Abov& Lena Bryant and Kristen Kemp worked the AST booth 

during Spring Open House. 

1 • i 

} , 

Afcova' r/ie ladies of .Alpha Sigma Tau are all smiles at their 
formal held every Fall. 


Kappa Sigma 

The Theta Prime Chapter of 
Kappa Sigma Fraternity does 
quite a lot to help on campus 
and in the community as well. The 
Theta Prime Chapter was 
installed on Cumberland's 
campus in 1993. 

Above: The Brothers of Kappa Sigma; First Row (L-R) Harrison Haynes, Brandon Grieves. Brandon Saunders. 
Gary Sextoa Richard Watsoa Wesley Klausner. Ryan Zumwalt, Dr. Fred Hefner. Second Row: Bill 
Crittenden-Alumni, Stephen Lewis, Chase Argo, Eddie Bell Brady McPherson, Nick West Brandon Eldridge. 
Garrett Foster, Jason Brewer- Alumni, John Winnett Chris Cooper, Shawn Savage, Josh Rosen Tim 
Vanderpool. Third Row: Jason Waters Wayne Ray. Bradley Haynes, Terry Wilsoa Monty Pope-Faculty 
Sponsor. Fourth Row Ron Gilmore, Dale Walker, JaMarr Lancaster, Jake BoswelL Darrin Reynolds 

The Brothers of Kappa Sigma presented roses to Lois 
Eaton on Valentines Day. Pictured above, KZ 
President John Winnett. 

Right Dale Walker, Wayne Ray, and Jake Boswell are 
proud to represent Kappa Sigma at Spring Open House. 

lrT ''~~-l 

2003-2004 Offlders 
Grand Master John Winnett 

Grand Proctor Eddie Bell 

Grand Master of Ceremony Brandon Grieves 
Grand Scribe Chris Cooper Fall 2003 

Harrison Haynes Spring 2004 
Grand Treasurer Tim Vanderpool 

The brothers worked the Music City Marathon in ApriL 

2004 °3 

Omega Psi Phi 

On Friday evening, November 17, 
1911, three Howard University 

undergraduate students, with the help 
of their faculty advisor, gave birth to 
the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. From 
the initials of the Greek phrase 
meaning "friendship is essential to the 
soul" the name Omega Psi Phi was 
derived. The phrase was selected as 
the motto. Manhood, scholarship, 
perseverance, and uplift were 
adopted as the cardinal principles. 

2003-2004 Members 

McCormick Allen 
Teshard Barr 
Terrance Larmond 
Sir David Pettus 
Jeremy Smith 

Travis Talley 
Reginald White 
Claudis Walker 
Rick Warren 

First Row (L-R): Danielle Head, Albert Edmond. Second Row: 
Sean Hillard, Quan Hancock. Third Row: Earl Berry 

Earl Berry and the brothers have a cookout before the 
Homecoming game. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

As one of the historic 
antebellum chapters, Tennessee 
Lambda was revived on 
Cumberland University's campus 
on January 31, 1998. 

whose conduct proceeds from good will 
and an acute sense of propriety; and 
whose self-control is egual to all emergen- 
cies; who does not make the poor man 
conscious of his poverty, or any man of 
his inferiority or deformity; who is himself 
humbled if necessity compels him to 
humble another; who does not flatter 
wealth, cringe before power, or boast of 
his own possessions or acheivements; 
who speaks with frankness but always 
with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed 
follows his word; who thinks of the rights 
and feelings of other, rather than his own; 
and who appears well in any company, a 
man with whom honor is sacred and 
virtue safe. 

- John Walter Wayland 

The Brothers of ZAE-First Row (L-R): Zach Gilliam, Jeff Poling, Luke Wolfe, Ryan 
Mitchell, Matt Townsend. Second Row: Kyle Skyes, Ben Collier, Dr. Pete Peterson- 
Sponsor, Kurt Braundmeier, Garrett Hall, Frank Carpenter, Jimbo Kinsey, Mitchell 
Bone. Third Row: Nick Snider, Joe Malone, Michael Shaw, Dave Glaser, James 
Anders, Jerry Rice, Hoss Greer, James Snider. 

(L-R) Seated: Michael Shaw, Kyle Skyes. Standing: Jared Juillarat, 
James, Dave Glaser, Hoss Greer, Jimbo Kinsey, Clay Crouse, Jerry 
Rice, Ben Collier, James Snider, Frank Carpenter, Chad Lamb, 
Chris Rickles, Brad Nipper, Nick Snider. 

Above: Hoss Greer and James Snider in serious 
thought about life. 

2004 °5 

Ife Oibs & Organiz 



ITie Phoenix 

1. Michael Shaw and Sarah 
Shdckley entered a Hula Hoop 
contest at an Eater tainment during 
dinner in the Dining Hall. (Sarah 

2. Travis Riggins cheers for Rachel 
Vanderburg as she holds her face 
in ice cold water, during Couples 
Fear Factor. 

3. W.T. climbs the rock wall during 
Recreation class. 

4. Haylee Morphew and Tina 
Stephens smile for the camera on 
their way to class. 

2004 °7 

The purpose of AASA is to promote awareness and unity among all students at Cumberland University, to educate all members on 
relevant issues in discussions such as health, graduate opportunities, scholarship information and community service. Also, to 

promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards improved healthcare and the resolution of related 

social issues. 

Bottom Row (L-R): Ron frilmore, Ratrina Shannon, Teneal Ivery, Maegan McHenry.Traveda Jordon, Timinari 
Aboh. Top Row: Chase Arg Michael Teasley, Sir Pavid Pettus, Tony Ivery, Shelay Alexander-Wright, Curtis 
Francis, Jeremy Peuce" Smith. 

2003-2004 Officers 

Vice President 

Tony Ivery 
Traveda Jordan 
Shelay Alexander 

Left: Traveda Jordan, emcee 
for the A.A.S.A. talent show, 
sings RESPECT, at the beginning 
of the show. 

" : ie Phoenix 

The Baptist Collegiate Ministries welcomes all Cumberland studemts as members. PCM meets weekly at a time determined by 
students each fall. They sponsor Bible studies, fellowships, as well as the oppurntunity to participate in state and 
regional meetings with students from various campuses. 

Right: BCM members in New Orleans, 
Louisiana on their Spring Break Mission 
Trip. Standing (L-R): Brother Ken 
Tramel, Jennifer Heath, Alisha, Jessica 
Sisco, Chris Hawkins., Tim Taylor. 
F ront Row: Tandi Poindexter, Breanna 
Randolph, BJ and Jae Harris. 

The BCM meets every Tuesday at 

12:30 throughout the academic year. 

Local churches provide lunch to every 

membereach week. 

2004 °° 

Our purpose is to help fufill the Great Commission in this generation by communicating the gospel in a clear manner so that students 
can place their faith in Christ, helping them mature in their faith, and equiping them to communicate their faith to others. 


)ur Purpose is to present to athletes, coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as 

Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. 



FCA Member s 5003*5004 

Jessica Myers 

Darrin Reynolds 

Hope Skaggs 
Brooke Tacrett 

2004 1 I 

Our purpose is designed to assist entering freshmen with their integration into the Cumberland University community. 
This includes, but is not limited to, orientation, registration, academics, student activities, and campus life. 

Front Row (L-R): Hayden Tucker, Rachel Jones, Clayton Crouse, Celesta Turner- 
Sponsor. Middle Row: Rachel Jackson, Melissa Johnson, Lisa Palmer, Lacy Penney, 
Jessica Myers. Pack Row: Tony Ivery, Chris Cooper, Serena Enoch, Amber Woodard, 
Trista Pirtle, Amy Fowler, Pave (rlaser. Not Pictured- Jason Brewer, Sponsor, Suzanne 
Stansbury and Meagan Stacey. 

Meagan Stacey, Rachel Jones and 
Hayden Tucker assist Erin Parchman 
with check-in at Freshman 

he Phoenix 

The Honors Challenge Program provides an academic community for students who excel and who seek unique intellectual experiences. 
The program's special events such as round table discussions with faculty members, guest lecturers, cultural exhibits, and fine 

arts performances enhance the honor students' experience at the university. 

Jwi, Bm/ette 

Mary K C (a rid ay 

Phitip Tdickman 

Allttm T)u##er 

Men FmPok 

Camndra GffittSjf 

J Matthew Harris 

AMee Lm$ 

Brad Nipper 

Rekcca Smith -CCark 

Tim Vanderpddt 

Kef tie M. Watkm 

Johnathan Winnett 

2004 105 

Established in the fall of 1995, the organization is open to all international students in order to broaden their 
awareness of Cumberland University and the United States. 

Front Row (L-R): Ciara Kinsella-lreland, Kate (rerrad-lreland, Maeve Redmond-Ireland, 
Tunde Padu-Canada, Prian Simon-Antiqua, Will Edmonds-England. Pack Row: Pace Pope- 
Sponsor,Chris Popovic-Canada, Vita Venskunaite-lithwania, Janis Ivanovskis-Latvia, 
Ville Sippala- Finland, Pieter Fassen-South Africa, Kibwe Smith-Jamaica. 

Ciara Kinsella and Maeve 

Redmond walking across 


i Phoenix 

The purpose of the Law and Government Club is to establish an extracurricular club for Cumbeland Univeristy students 
that are interested in politics, criminal justice, and pre-law related fields. Accordingly, the Law and Government Club 
will seek out opportunities to supply informations regarding employment, graduate education, internship possiibilities, 

and community service for these related fields. 

Front Row (L-R): John Winnett, Piane Wilde-Sponsor, Katrina Shannon, Amanda 
Harville, Ron Turner-Sponsor. Pack Row (L-R); Clayton Crouse, Joshua Peaton, Tim Pogue, 
Hoss Greer, JR Fwing. Not Pictured: Amanda Stacey, Ashley Rudy, Nate Cougill, Tim 
Freeman, Ryan Reese, Michelle Push, Ponnie Scruggs, Nathan Tate, Pavid Keele, Chris 
Rickles, Nicholas Snider, Michelle Hall. 

2004 105 

Our purpose is to inform students that are interested in performing in plays or attending theatrical 
productions of tryout dates, instructor contact information, and other important information in the 

area of theatre. 

The Cast of Caught m the Villiam Web. Standing: Chris Pyrd, 
Helen Guffey, Kyle Sykes, Amber Woodard, Keonia Layden, Joy 
Parker, and Jeremy Jenkins. Sitting: Jeremy Hardy, Rebecca 
Phillips, and Laura Marsh. 

The Curious Savage, left Nate Cougill as Jeff, Keonia 
Layden as Florence, Amber Woodard as Ethel Savage 
and John Ewing as Hannibal. Not picutred: Joy 
Parker, Helen Guffey, Chris Pyrd, Rob Guffey, Laura 
Marsh, Angel Legare, and Kibwe Smith. 

The Phoenix 

The Phoenix Review is the student newspaper that is published by students and distrubuted monthly 

thorughout the fall and spring semesters. 

(l-R): Jeremy Jenkins , Joy Parker Amber Woodard - Editor, Chris 
Pyrd and Lena Bryant. Not pictured: Allison Cook and Chris Rivers. 

2004 \0" 

The Phoenix Yearbook is the most permanent and complete historical record of the people, 
events, and enviorment of Cumberland University in a given year. 

^ v.-r**-- txi&t -\ZJSUmSxar .■" /. &^Si 

The Phoenix Yearbook Staff is sponsored by Mrs. Stephanie Walker, pictured 

above left. The editor for Fall 1003 was Rebecca Smith-Clark and the editor 

for Spring Z004 was Beth Fitzgerald, pictured above right. 

Other contributors include: Pernie Ash, Corena Pray, April Harris, Stuart 

Harris, Angle Lorenzo, Tandi Poindexter, Jill Walker and Pr. Barbara Walton. 

The Phoenix Staff at this time would like to thank everyone who submitted 

photographs for the Z003-Z004 yearbook. Your contrubutions and support are 

greatly appreciated. 

The Thoenix 

Our purpose is to provide information regarding medical professions or scientific fields of study, 
admission requirements and exams, as well as meeting with and observing professionals in 

their respective fields. 

Front Row (L-R): Natalie Walker, Jake Poswell, Brandon Saunders. Pack Row: Harrison Haynes, 
Haylee Morphew, Pr. Barbara Walton. 


President - Kyle Sykes 
Vice President - Mary Clariday 
Secretary/Treasurer - Haylee Morphew 
Historian - Sandra E wpey 
Librarian - Jason Poswell 

Left: Candacc Smith, Brady 
McPherson, Jason Poswell, Natalie 
Watkms, Harrison Haynes and 
Brandon Saunders working the 
Pre-Professional table at CU @ 

2004 10° 

The Psychology Club was organized for students to discuss career options and other issues in psychology. Psychology 
majors will also have the opportunity to present their research projects in this group. 

* 01 


'tiiii* y A 

~ *■ _ " " ' 


Front Row (l-R): James Snider, liane McKee, Alyssa Rosenheck, Lea Palley, Michael 
Thweat-Faculty Sponsor. Second row: Jennifer Earl, Josh Peaton and Jenny Gilbert. 

The Phoenix 

The Science Club was organized for students to explore science-related issues and topic outside of the classroom. 
Activities include canoe trips, spelunking, day bikes, and overnight cawping trips. 

Harrison Haynes and Tunde Padu studying in the lab. 

During the 2003 2004 
academic year, the Science Club 
has evolved into Beta Beta Beta 
National Honor Society. 


The purpose of the Student frovenment Association is to give the student body representation in the 

government and services of the University, to establish a close relationship between the students and 

the administration, to promote a spirit of community, to exchange constructive ideas, to discuss school 

problems, to promote and aid in student activities, and to be the students voice of Cumberland 


Front row (l-R): Harrison Haynes-Vice President, Clayton Crouse-Secretary, 
Rachel Jones-President, Hayden Tucker-Treasurer. Second row: Lisa Shaffer, Tai 
Gregory, Sawirah Hodge, Eddie Pell, Allison Cook. Pack row: Bethany Knight, 
Jennifer Earl, John Winnett, Pave (Maser and Chase Argo. 

2003-2004 Officiers 

Vice President 

Rachel Jones 
Harrison Haynes 
Clayton Crouse 
Hayden Tucker 

rhe Phoenix 

The purpsoe of the Studetn Nurses Association is to assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide 
for the highest quality of health care, to provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing 
students, and to aid in the development of the whole person, his/her responsiblity for healthcare of people in all walks of life. 

Pictured left: The Seniors, Class 
of 2004. 


The Junior Nursing class. 


Left: The Sophomore nursing class. 

2004 1 1 3 

Our purpose is to interest people in education as a life long career, to develop among students preparing to be teachers 

an understanding of the teaching profession through professional associations, to give students preparing to teach 

practical experience in working with professional associations on the problems of the teaching profession and society 

and to provide students preparing to teach with history, organization, policies, ethics, and programs of the professional 





STEA Officers 2QQ3 2QQ4 
President! John Parker- 
Vice President! Laura Poole 
Treasurer! Kali Mayer 
Secretary! Lena Bryant 
Historian! Kelly Pierce 

14 1 he Phoenix 

The purpose of the University Singers and the Cumberland Chorale is to present entertaining shows and concerts to the 

students, faculty, staff, and community that they will enjoy. 


April Prewington, Christina 
Carroll, Jami Jones, Tara 
Lockman, Misty Miller, Hope 
Skaggs, Nikki Spradling and 
Elizabeth Stauffacher 


Jenny Allen, Virginia'Wnny" 
Bennett, Melodee Freeman, 
Cassandra (roolsby, Beth Gray, 
Crissy Jennings, Caryn Miller 
and Trista Pirtle, 


Chris Cooper, Hamilton Greer, Jon 
Haag, Chris Hawkins, Kibwe 
Smith, Chris Wiley, Terry Wilson 
and Lucas Wolfe. 


Christopher Pyrd, Brandon 

Eldridge, Joshua Jones, Wesley 

Klausner, Wayne Ray, Shawn 

Savage, Kyle Sykes and Jason 


2004 1 15 

The Cumberlnad University Pand program consists of the Marching Uand, Concert Pand, and Jazz Ensemble. The Marching and 

Concert Sands are under the direction of Pr. Steve Famsley. The bands particpate in campus concerts and perform at the 
University athletic games. The Jazz Ensemble is directed by Mr. Rich Ripani. Two of the highlights of the Jazz Ensemble are the 

annual Jazz Fest held in March and the Pownbeat Pinner held in April. 

Above: The Cumberland University Marching Band gives another outstanding 
performance during one of the fall football games. 


y -~*^B B SSI 

Right: Brandon Grieves leads the 
Marching Pand during the 
Homecoming Z005 parade. 

Philip Pickman plays a trumphet solo during a performance by 

the Jazz Band. 

Z003-Z004 Sand Officers 

Trista Pirtle 


Ashley Freeman 

Vice President 

Jenny Gilbert 


Jenny Allen 


Amy Sams 


Zach York 


Freshman Rep 

Terry Wilson 

2004 1 1 7 




MS 1 he Phoenix 

Once again ill @ Halloween was a complete success. Many campus organizations participated by having their members 
dress up and hand out candy to local children. The children had a wonderful time trick-or-treating and sooing Cumberland 

University students in their costume's. 

•\lv\c': Local Orthodontist 
Pr. 3eneon participated in 
CL1 @ Halloween by giving 
out small gifts to the 




(L-R): Cassie Goolsby-Alpha Sigma Tau Delegate, Tina Norton-Alpha Omicron Pi 
Delegate, Danielle Prince-Alpha Omicron Pi Alternate Delegate. Lena Bryant- 
Alpha Sigma Tau Alternate Delegat. Not Pictured: Rebecca Smith-President. 

The Panhellenic Council is the 
organization responsible for ensuring 

good Greek relations bewteen the 
sororities on each individual campus. 

AIT sisters Trista Pirtle and Jenny Allen. 

The men of Kappa Sigma do a little community 

The Tnx rabbit and the Bulldog mascot at 
the Copper Chef competition 

Tina Norton, Jana Jenkins, Beth Fitzgerald, and Shelley 
Rowlett pose for a picture before the AOn formal. 


Corena Bray after the 

pie in the face contest. 

All Aboard 1 The IAE brothers work on their Homecoming 
2004 Float. 



The gentlemen of Kappa Sigma supporting their Coming Home King Brady McPherson. A total of six Kappa Sigma brothers 

represented various organizations at Coming Home. 

mpum | 

Omega's at their tailgate party before the 2003 
Homecoming game. 

AM »*v 

The men i 


The men of IAE show off their school spirit at 
the 2003 Homecoming Parade. 

AST sisters Jenny Allen, Corena Bray, and Lisa 
Shaffer preparing to go to the Kappa Sigma toga 

Jana Jenkins (Alpha Omicron Pi), 

Terry Durham ( Kappa Sigma), and 

Beth Fitzgerald (Alpha Omicron Pi) at 

the 2004 Lady Dawg Competition. 

Stephanie Walker and Jana Jenkins both got a pie 
in the face at a Panhellenic fundraiser. 

The ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Sigma Tau after the kickball game at Greek 

Week 2003. 

2004 I 2 1 


Dr. Eaton gets involved in 
Student Life by participating 
in the tattoo day! 

Above: John Wirmert made the most of the 
SGA Blood Drive! 

Above: Martha Montiel and Lena Sukowatey ham it 
up for the camera! 

Right: The 2004 

Softball Intramural 

Champions, The 


Left: Lee Lee Cannon 
enjoys lunch with her 
teammates at an end of the 
year cookout! 

Left: Louis Pay ton (Lou) enjoying one of the basketball games. Lou has 
been CU's #1 athletic supporter for many years. 

2004 NAIA Baseball 

National Champions! 

Cumberland University Baseball ... Chasing a Dream 

What can you say about the 2004 Baseball season? Nothing other than a 
dream come true? With high expectations, a wealth of tradition and a leader 
who expects nothing but 100%, this years Bulldog Baseball team started with 
aspirations of going to Lewiston, Idaho and challenging for a world series title. 
With many questioning those who worked tirelessly chasing the dream, this 
Bulldog team showed their resilience, coming together as few teams have done 
in the brilliant history of Bulldog Baseball. 

The lesson learned from this special team: never forget the power of a dream. 
A nineteen game winning streak, fifteen consecutive wins in post season, 
defeating the #1 team in the country (twice) and carrying Coach Hunt off the 
field proudly displaying their rainbow after winning the national 
championship is: the dream come true. Congratulations and Thank You to 
Coach Woody Hunt and the Bulldogs for winning the 2004 NAIA National 
Championship. Pat Lawson, CU Athletic Director 



The team was greeted at the airport by supporters and were 
escorted back to campus to be recognized at the 
Phoenix Ball. 

After the parade on Monday, the team returned to campus 
for Fun Fest where some of players entertained the kids in 
the dunking booth. 2004 123 

The Phoenix 


Dr. Charlene McCoin Kozy 

Dr. Charlene Kozy began Iter career as a teaclwr in the Metropolitan Nashville Davidson 
County school system at both tlie elementary and secondary levels of education. Dr. Kozy 
became part of Cumberland University in 1985 to lead the Wen-king Adult Degree 
Program and then served as the Director of the Master of Science degree program in 
Organizational and Human Relations Management (MSO) and as the Dean of 
Graduate Studies. Slie established an of f -campus MSO program at tlie University of 
Tennessee Sapce Center in Tullalioma, Tennessee, as well as of f -campus sites in tlie 
Middle Tennessee area for the Working Adult Degree Program. She also co-founded the 
Cumberland University chapter of Pi Gumma Mu international honor society for 
non-traditional students. She became tlie 25th President of Cumberland Univei^sity in 
May 2001. Dr. Kozy is married to StepJien J. Kozy, President of Speciality Converiiug 
Services in Watettown, Tennessee. Tiw couple resides in Nashville and they liave four adult 
children and four grandchildren. 

2004- 125