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Full text of "Pigot and Co.'s national commercial directory for the whole of Scotland and of the Isle of Man ... to which are added, classified directories of ... Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, etc"

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>A^'>aa:'/ X^ 










General Alphabetical List of the Nobility, Gentry and Clergy 

To which are added, 










Both etigraved on steel. 



£ s. d. 

Price, to Non-suhscribers, bound in Cloth, with the Maps Plain. .15 

Ditto. bound in Calf, icil/i the Maps Coloured 1 10 




MESSRS. PIGOT AND CO. in presenting this new edition of their 
'Directory of Scotland' to the Public, feel it due to their Subscribers to 
assure them how gratefully they appreciate the extensive patronage by which 
their arduous labours have been rewarded: the Proprietors feel that the best 
acknowledgment they can make for this liberal support, is to point out afeiv 
of the augmentations and improvements by ichich they have endeavoured to 
deserve it. 

The new Map of Scotland and that of the Isle of Man have been engraved 
on steel, with the most scrupulous care, and anxious diligeiice has been exercised 
to introduce all the new roads and railways. The topographical notices of the 
various Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages have been enlarged sufficiently 
for the introduction of all the principal circumstances for which the respective 
places are remarkable. In this department of their work the Proprietors have 
to record their obligations to many talented individuals who have courteously 
and beneficially contributed information of a valuable and interesting character. 
They are likeivise not unwilling to acknowledge that they have drawn deeply 
from standard works upon the history of Scotland, in particular, relative to 
objects of antiquity as well as anecdotal. The present edition has been so 
extended as to include, among other additions, the Shetland Islands, with 
numerous other places ivhich did not appear in their previous Directories. 
The three cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, and the manufacturing 
towns of Dundee and Paisley, have the names of their inhabitants given in 
separate alphabetical arrangement, as well as in the classified lists of their 
respective professions or trades, to which the former editions were limited^ 
The Directories of the eight English Towns have been expressly compiled for 
the present work, with a view to facilitate the trading intercourse between the 
two countries. ' 

The Proprietors, in conclusion, assure the Patrons of this Directory, 
that, undismayed either by expenditure or labour, they have pursued the several 
objects of their volume ivith a vigilant attention to accuracy ; but, as in a 
work so voluminous and varied, no human effort can avoid occasional errors, 
they indulge in the hope that, whenever any are detected, their existence will 
be ascribed to the difi[icult nature of the work, and not to inattention on the 
part of the compilers. 

August, 1837. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 



jSlQfc. — It was found expedient to page this Work in Two numerical scries. — The first 
commences with the Volume, and terminates at page 844, — Tlie second begins immediately 
therefrom, and runs to the end — (page 173). 

*^* The imge-fifjures are placed at the bottom corners of each leaf. 

Contents of First Scries of Pages. 


Directories of the Cities, Towns, &c. of 
Scotland 9 to 798 

Alteration in the Arrival of Mails (Edin.) 8 

Reference to the Nobility, Gentry and 
Clergy of Scotland 799 

Isle of Man Director\— follows the Referetice 
(0 the Gentry, 8fc 819 

Contents of Second Scries of Pages. 


Directories (m the folloiving order) of Bir- 
mingham, Carlisle, Hull, Leeds, Liver- 
pool, Manchester, NEvvcASTLE-uroN- 
Tyne, and Sheffield 3 lo 146 

Bankers— London and others of the 
United Kingdom , 147 

Newspapers— London and Provincial 171 







































Abbey St. Bathans. . 303 

Abbot's Hall 394 

Abdie 408 

Aberbrothock 416 

Aberdeen 163 

hR\iKt)OVR(Aberdeen) 213 

Aberdour (Fife) 382 

Aberfeldie 695 

Aberfoyle 668 

xAberladv 466 

Aberlemno 416 

Abernyte 677 

Aboyne 205 

AiLSA Craig 257 

AlRDRlE 524 

Airth 767 

Alexandria 330 

Alford 196 

Allanton .S03 

Alloa 324 

Alness 739 

Alva 327 

Alyth 663 

Akculim , 7-16 


Annan 345 

Anstruther E.&W..383 

AppiN 217 

Applegarth 365 

Arbirlot 456 

Arbroath 416 

Arbuthnot .501 

Ardnamurchan 236 

Ardoch 683 

Akdrissaig 230 

Ardrossan 239 

Arran, Isle of 313 

Arrochar 342 

Ashkirk 763 

Athelstanefoud. . . . 466 

auchencairn 512 

auchinblae 500 

Auchindoir 212 

auchinleck 252 

Auchterardek 664 

auchterderran .... 384 

Auchtergaven 665 

auchterhouse. 420 

AuCHTJiRLESS, , 197 


auchtermuchty. . . . 384 

auchtertocl 394 

Ayr 240 

Ayton 307 

Balachelish, North, 487 
Balachelish, S01JTH,217 

Baldernock 777 

Balfron 7f!>7 

Ballachantuie 222 

B allantrae 246 

Ballater 202 

Balloch 330 

Balmaclellan 521 

Balmerino 408 

Balquhidder 668 

Banchory -Ternan.. 500 

Banff.... 284 

Bank END. 348 

Bannatyne 315 

Bannockeurn 778 

Barns, East & West, 469 

Baro , 471 

Bakr. ,., , .,, .,217 

'■ PAGE. 

Barrhead 712 

Barrie 421 

Bathgate .639 

Beauly 485 

Bedrule 750 

Beith 247 

Belhaven 468 

Belhelvie 199 

Bellanach 230 

Belnahua, Isle of... 229 
Beltries,NewTown, 710 

Bendochy 666 

Benholme 503 

Benvie 420 

Bervie 501 

Berwick 294 

Berwick, North .... 477 

Biggar 526 

BiRSE 205 

Blackburn 644 

Blackford. ... ...... 664 

Blackness 641 

Blairgowrie 666 

Blantvre., ,, , 527 




Bolton 473 








BowDEN 757 

BowMORE 227 

Braemar 197 

Braidwood 529 

Brechin 422 

Bride-Kirk 346 

Bridge-end 348 

Bridge of Allan. . . . 672 

Bridge of Earn 673 

Bridge o' Weir 706 

Brodick 313 

Brora 786 

Broughty-Ferry 424 

Broxburn 644 

buchannan 767 

Buckhaven 413 

Buckie 286 1 

bucklyvie 77g 

Bunkle 303 

Burghead 374 

Burntisland 385 

Busby 711 

Bute, Isle of 312 

BytHjNew 214 

Cabrach 212 

Cadder 528 

Caerlaverock 348 

Calder, M., E. & W. . 154 

Callander 667 

Cambuslang 527 

Cambusneihan Q.'iG 

Camelon 770 

CAMPBELTOWN^^/i/y/t) 218 

Campbeltown (Inoer- 

nes?-shire) 485 

Canonbie 361 

Cara 222 

Cardross 334 

Careston 416 

Cakgill 693 

Carluke 529 

Carmunnock 630 

Carmylie 456 

Carnoustie 421 

Carnwath 530 

Carr-bridge 373 

Carriden 640 

Carrington 152 

Carron-bkidge 370 

Carspiiairs 521 

Carstairs 530 

Castle Douglas 513 

Castleton, New 759 

Castletown ( Aherd. ) 1 97 

Cathcart 697 

Catrine 249 

Catterline 501 

Cavers 747 

Ceres 386 

Channelkirk 309 

Cijarlestown (Aber- 
deenshire) 205 

Charlestown {Fife) .407 

Chirnside 300 

Clachan 222 

Clachan of Campsie ni 

Clackmannan 327 

Clasiimore 785 

Clatt 212 

Closeburn 348 

C'lume 666 

Cluny 201 

Cockburnspath 300 




coluingham 301 

Coldstream 301 

Colinsburgh 399 

Coll, Isle of 236 

Collage 693 

Collin 364 

Collinton 149 

colmonel 251 

CoLONSAY, Isle of. . . 229 


CoNAN Bridge 736 

condorret 332 

Content 241 


CoRRAN Ferry 487 

corstorphine 150 

Craig 460 

Craig Dam 206 

Craigs, West 639 

Crail 387 

Crailing 750 

Cranshaws 303 

Cranston 158 

Cratiiie 197 

Crawford 633 

Crawford John 633 

Creetown 514 

Creich 408 

Crichton 152 

Crieff 670 

Crimond 198 

Cromarty 735 

Cromdale 489 

Crossgates 397 

Cross-Hill 268 

Crosslee 706 

Crossmichael 515 

Cruden 199 

Collen 287 

Culross 679 

Culroy 271 

culsalmond 201 

Cumbernauld 332 


Cummertrees 349 

Cumnock 251 

Cumnock, New 273 

Cupar Angus 426 

Cupar Fife 387 

Currie 149 

CuSflNIE 213 

Dailly 253 

Dairsie 388 

Dalbeattie 515 

Dalkeith 150 

Dalimf.llington 253 

Dalry (Ayr) 254 

Dalry (Kircud.) .... 520 

Dalrymple 255 

Dalton 349 

Dalziel 627 

Darvel 274 

Daviot 201 

Deanston 672 

Deer, New 206 

Deer, Old 207 

Denholm 746 

Denny 768 

Dingwall 736 

Dirleton 467 

Dollar 327 

Dornoch 785 

Dornock 350 

Douglas 532 

Douglas Mill 532 

Doune 672 

Drumlade 203 

Drumlithie 502 

Drum oak 198 

Dryfesdale ........ 365 

Drvmen 767 

Dufftown 288 

Dull 695 

dumearion 333 


Dumfries 351 Fraserburgh 199 

Dun 460 Friockheim 456 

Dunbar 468 Fyvie 201 

DuNBARN Y 673 \ Galashiels 762 

Dunblane 673 , Galloway, New 520 

Dunbreggan 349 } Galston 256 

Dundee 427 Gargunnock 776 

Dundonald 281 j Garioch 201 

Dundrennan 512 [ Garlieston 788 

Dunfermline 390 Garmouth 377 

DuNiPACE 768 Gartly 203 

DuNKELD 674 Garvald 471 

Dunkeld, Little.. .. 675! Garvelloch, Isle of 229 

DuNLOP 278 Gatehouse of Fleet 516 

Dunnichen 453 \ Gattonside 758 

Dunning 676 j Gavinton 303 

Dunoon 223 Gifford 471 

DuNSCORE 359 Gigha 222 

Dunse 303 Girvan 257 

Duntocher 338 1 Gladsmuir 481 

Durisdeer 370 ! Glammis 457 

Durris 501 \ Glasgow 533 

Duthil 373, Glasserton 796 

Dyce 206 Glassford 636 

Dysart 394; Glenbarr 222 

Kaglesham 697! Glenbucket 196 

Earlstoun 305 \ Glencairn 349 

Kasdale 224 Glencross 159 

East Anstruther . . 383 | Glengairn 202 

East Barns 469 ; Glenluce 789 

East Calder 155 Glenmuick ..... 202 

East Kilbride 629 Golspie 786 

East Linton 476 , Gordon 308 

East Salton 480 1 Gourock 697 

East Tarbert 234 I Govan 533 

East Wemyss 413 Graitney 350 

Kcclefechan 360 


Ecclesmachan 644 

EcHT 198 

Edinburoh 14 

Edleston 659 

Ednam 753 

Eidrom 303 

EiG, Isle of 497 

Elderslie 708 

Elgin 373 

Elie 399 

Ellon 199 

Errol 677 

Erskine 707 

Eskdalemuir 362 

Essie 212 

EiTRicK 763 

Evanton 739 

Ewes ,. 362 

Eyemouth 306 

Failfoud 280 

Grange Pans 641 

Grangemouth 774 

Grantown 489 

Greenlaw 308 

Greenock 698 

Gretna 350 

Gulane 467 

Guthrie 456 

Haddington 472 

Hamilton 627 

Hawick 747 

Helensburgh 336 

Helmsdale 786 

Heriot 152 

Hillside 500 


Holy Island 229 


Houstoun 706 

H OWN am 750 

How-wooD 710 


55 Fairlie 270 1 Hume 306 

Fala and Soutra.. . . 471 

Falkirk 769 

Falkland .395 

Fearn 416 

Fenwick 255 

Ferry Port on Craig 396 

Fettercairn 503 


Fintray 207 

Fintry 773 


Fochabers 377 

FOGGO.. 310 

Forbes 196 



Hurlet 712 

HuTioN 309 

Inch 794 

Inchinan 732 

Inchture 677 

Innerkip 707 

Innerleithen 658 

Innerwick 476 

Insch 201 

Inverary 225 

Inveraven 288 

Inverbervie 501 

Inveresk 156 


Forfar 453 1 Inverkeilor . 


Forgue 197 

Forres 378 

Fort William 486 

fortingal 678 

Fortrose 738 

Foulden 307 

FouLis Easier 677 



Inverkeithing 397 

Inverkeithny 197 

Inverness 489 

(nveruuy 204 

loNA, Isle of 236 

Irvine 259 

IsLAv Island 227 

Isle of Jura 229 

Jedburgh 750 



John's-Havf.n 503 

,)0I1 NSTONE f /JiUM/iics; 367 

JonssrosE{Rfn/rew) 708 
.lOPPA [yjtjrshire) .... 280 
JopPA [Edinhurgli.) . . . 159 

Jura, Isle of 229 

Kearn 212 

Keig 196 

Keir 349 

Keith 289 

Kelso 753 

K ELTON Hill 513 

Kemback 386 

Kemnav '201 

Kenethmont 212 

Kenfauns 693 

Kenmore 678 

Kennowav 394 

Kettle 398 

Kilbarchan 708 


Kilbride 313 

Kilbride, East 629 

Kilbride, West 282 

Kilconouhar 399 

Kildrummy 196 

Killean 222 

Killearn 774 

KiLLiN 678 

Kilmalcolm 707 

Kilmarnock 262 

Kilmartin 230 

Kilmaurs 263 


KiLMORY 313 

KiLMUN 229 

Kilpatrick 338 

Kilpatrick,New343, 774 

Kilkenny 383 


Kilsyth 775 

Kilwinning 268 

Kincardine 679 

KincardineO'Neil. . 205 

Kinclaven 666 

Kino Edward 214 

iwnghorn 400 

Kinglassie 384 


Kingussie 495 

KiNLocH 666 


KiNNEFF 501 

[\INNEIL 456 


Kinross 509 

KiNTORE 204 

KippEN 776 

Kirkcaldy 401 



Kirkcudbright ....517 

KiRKDEN 456 

Kirkfield-bank .... 631 


Kirkintilloch 340 

Kirkliston 153 


Kirkmaiden 790 

KiRKMlCHAEL {Aip-) 268 

Kirkmichael (£»hhi/s.) ,349 

KiRKMICHAEL [Perth) 681 

Kirknewton 149 

Kirkoswald 269 




Kirktown 747 

Kirkwall 649 

Kirriemuir 457 

Lady-Kirk 311 

Lamlash 313 

Lanark 6,30 


[mnark, New 631 

Langholm 361 

Larbert 777 

Largo 404 

Largs 269 

Lasswade 153 

[jAtheron 318 

Lauder 309 

Lauristoun 770 

Laurencekirk 504 

Lawrieston 520 

Leaduills 633 

Lecropt 672 

Legerwood 305 

Leith 28 

Lennoxtown 777 

Leochel 213 

Lerwick 654 

Leslie (Aberdeen). . . 201 

Leslie (/?'//e) 405 

Lesmahago 6.34 

Lessudden 756 

Leswalt 794 

Lethem 453 

Leuchars .396 

Leven 406 

Liberton 153 

Liff 420 


Limekilns 407 

Linlithgow 641 

Linton {Haddmgton) 476 

Linton (Peebles) 658 

Linton (Roxburgh) . . 760 

Linwood 708 

Lismore 217 

Little Dunkeld 675 

Livingstone 644 

Loanhead 153 

Loch Earn-head 668 

Lochgellie 384 

Lochgilphead 230 

Lochmaben 363 

Lochwinnoch 710 

Lockerbie 365 

Lo'^iE (Perth) 672 

Log IE ( Clackmannan) 327 

Logie Buchan 199 

Logierait 6rfl 

Longforgan 677 

Longformacus 303 

Longridge 644 

Longside 207 

Lonmay 198 

Lossiemouth 374 

Luce, New 789 

Lumphannan 206 

Lumsden 212 

LuNAN 456 


LuNGA, Isle of 229 

Luss 342 

Lybster 318 

Macduff 291 

Machar, New 206 

Mackerston 753 

Mains 421 

Markinch 407 

Maryborough 736 

Maryculter 500 

Marykirk 504 

Marytoun 456 

Mauchline 249 

M AXTON 757 

Maxwelltown 353 

Maybole 271 

Mearns 711 

Meigle 681 

Meldrum, Old 208 

Melrose 758 

Menmuir 416 

Mertoun 306 

Methil 413 

Methlick 201 


Methven '.". . . 682 

Mid-Calder 154 

Midulebie 360 

Midholm 757 

Midmarr 196 

MiGViE 213 


Milnathort 509 

MiLNGAviE 343, 774 



Minniehive 348 

MiNTLAW 207 

IMiNTo 747 

Mochrum 793 

Moffat .366 

MoNEDlE 682 


Monivard 669 

MoNKLAND, Old.... 528 
Monktown 241 


Montrose 459 


RJoNZiE 670 


Morebattle 760 


MoRTo>; 370 

Morven 2.36 

RIoirLiN 681 

MouswALD 350 

Muiravonside 770 

MuiRDRUM 421 

Muirhouse 421 

muirkirk 273 

Mull, Isle of 236 


Musselburgh 155 

Muthill 682 

Nairn 646 

Neilston 711 

Nenthorn 306 

New Abbey 520 

New Byth 2 14 

New Castleton 759 

New Cumnock 273 

New Deer 206 

New Galloway ..... 520 
New Kilpatrick 343, 774 

New Lanark 631 

New Luce 789 

New Machar 206 

New PiTSLiGO 213 

New Rattray 693 

New Town of Bel- 
tries 710 

NeWBURGH CAb?rdee}iJ 199 

Newburgh (Fife) ...408 

Newhills 198 

Newlands 658 

Newmills 413 

Newmilns 274 

Newport 396 

Newton 241 

Newton Shaw 711 

Newton Stewart . . . 791 

Newtyle 464 

Nigg ,500 

North Balachelish 487 

North Berwick 477 

North Quken's Fkrry397 

Oban 232 

Ochiltree 275 

Old Bridge of Urr.519 

Old Cu\inock 251 

Old Deer 207 

Old Meldrum 208 

OldMonkland 528 

Old Quay 348 

Oldhamstocks .476 

OranseYj Isle of. . . . 229 

Orkney Isles 647 

Ormiston 481 


Oxnam 7.50 

OVNE 201 

Paisley 713 

Palnackie 521 

Panbriue 421 

Pannanich Wells ..202 

Park-head 528 

Partick 533 

Parton 515 

PATH-HEfiDyEdinb.). . 158 
Path- head (Fife) ...394 

Patna 280 

Paxton 309 

Peebles 659 

Pencaitland 480 

Penningham 791 

Pennycuick 1.58 

Penpont 370 

Penston 481 

Perth 683 

Peterculter 198 

Peterhead 209 

PiTLESSlE .398 

PlTsLIGO 212 

PiTSLiGO, New 213 


Pledda, Isle of 229 

Pollockshaws 730 

Polmont 770 

Polwarth 310 


Port Askaig 227 

Port Bannatyne 315 

Port Charlotte .... 227 

Port Ellen 227 

Port Glasgow 730 

Port Gordon 286 

Port Nahaven 227 

Port William 793 

Portobello 159 

Port PATRICK 792 

Portree 497 

Portsoy 291 


Premnay 201 

Preston (Berwick) ..303 
Prestos {■HaddingtonJi79 

Preston Kirk 476 

Prestonpans 479^ 

Prestwick 241 

Queensferry 643 

Queensferry, North 397 

Raasay, Isle of 497 

Rathen 198 

Ratho 160 

Rathven 286 

Rattray 693 

Rattray, New 693 

Rayne 201 

Redgorton 682 

Renfrew 7.32 

Renton 330 

Rerwick 512 

Rhynie and Essie.. . 212 

Riccarton 263 

RiGSiDE .5,32 

Roberton 747 

Rona.Isle of 498 

Rosehearty 212 

rosemarkie 7.38 

RosLiN J54 

rosskeen 739 

Rothesay 314 

RoucAN 364 

Row 336 

Roxburgh 753 

rutherglen 635 

Ruthwell .350 

Saddel 219 

St. Andrew's 410 

St. Cyrus 503 

St. Fergus 198 

St. Fillans 669 

St. Madoes 677 




St. Martin's 693 

St. Mawes 677 

St. Monance 409 

St. Mungo 365 

St. NiNiAN's 778 

St. Quivox 241 

Saltcoats 275 

Salton, East & West 480 

Salt-pans 219 

Sanquhar 368 

Scalloway 655 

Scarba, Isle of 229 

Scone 693 

Selkirk 763 

Shetland Isles 653 

Shettleston 528 

Shotts 636 

Skene 198 

Skipness 219 

Skye, Isle of 497 

Slamanan 770 

Slateford 149 

Smailholm 753 

Sorby 788 

SORN 249 

South Balachelish .217 

Southdean 750 

Southend 234 

SOUTRA AND FaLA .... 471 

SriTTAL 295 

Spott 469 

Springfield 350 


Sprouston..' 753 

Staffa, Isle of .... 236 

Stair ....^ 280 

Sta n le y 665 

Stenton. ..." 476 

Stevenston 276 

Stewarton ...... ..211 

Stirling 779 

Stitchel (i?«v/iic^). 306 
Stitchel [Hoxburgh) 753 

Stonehaven 505 

Stonehouse 636 

Stoneykirk 790 

StoRnoway 741 

Strachan 501 

Straiton 279 

Stranraer 793 

Strath aven 636 

Strathblane 117 

Strathmartin 421 

Strathmiglo 412 

Strathpeffer 736 

Stricken 213 

Strickathrow 416 

Stromness 651 

Swiney 318 

SwiNTON 311 

Symington 281 

Tain 743 

Tannadice 416 

Tarbert 342 



Tarland 213 

TaPvVes 208 

Tayenloane 222 

Tealing 421 

Temple 1,52 

Thorn hill (Dumfrs.)'^l(i 
Thorn HILL (Perth) . . 694 

Thurso 319 

TlBBERMUlR ..683 

Tillicoultry 327 

TiNWALD 364 

Tobermory 235 

Tollcross 528 

torbolton 280 

Torrance 777 

torryburn 413 

torthorwald 364 

Tough 196 

TowiE , .. .. 196 

Tranent 481 

Traouair 658 

Troon 281 

Tullynessle 196 

Tundergarth 365 

Turriff 214 

tweedmouth 295 

Twynholme 518 

Tynninghame 476 

Tynron 349 

Tyree, Isle of 236 

Tyrie 213 

Udney 207 


Ugston 309 

Ulva, Isle of 2.36 

Uphall 644 

Urr, Old Bridge of 519 

Wallace Town 241 

Wamphray 367 

Waterbeck ., 360 

Weem 695 

Wemyss, E. and W. 413 
West Anstruther. . 383 

West Barns 469 

West Calder 155 

West Craigs 639 

West Kilbride 282 

West Salton 480 

West Tarbert 234 

West Wemyss 413 

Westerkirk 362 

Westrutheb 311 

Whiteburn •. 644 

Whitekirk 476 

Whithorn 796 

Whithorn, Isle of. . 796 

Whitsome.. 311 

Whittingham 476 

Wick 321 

Wigtown 797 


Wilton 747 

Yarrow 763 

Yetholm 760 

ZETLhfiD[see Shetland) 653 

ISLE OF MAN page 819 


C Second Senes of Pages.) 




HULL 37 


PAGE. . 

. 60 






Which has taken place since our Post-Office account for that City went to press. 

A Mail arrives now in Edinburgh by half-past nine in the morning, or fully three hours earlier 
than it has hitherto done, reducing the time from London to Edinburgh from forty-one hours to 
thirty seven and a half. A second Mail also now arrives in Edinburgh at half-past one in the afternoon. 

Light Mails now start from Edinburgh for the North — one through Fife, and one to Perth by 
Queensferry, at a quarter-past ten in the morning. The heavy mail leaves Edinburgh at half-past 
two, or two hours earlier than it i^reviously did. 




fe GOTLAND, separated on the south by Sol way Frjth and the Cheviot Hills from England, 
is bounded on every other side by the sea. It is comprised (exclusive of the islands) between 
latitude 54" 35' and 58" 45' north, and between longitude 1° 48' and 6° 7' west of Greenwich. 
Its extent from north to south is 280 British miles, and its greatest breadth about 150. The 
superficial content is computed to be 29,600 square miles of land, 638 square miles of lakes, 
and 18,944,000 acres of land, of which 5,043,450 are cultivated, and 13,900,550 uncultivated. 
The islands and islets on the coast are, it is supposed, nearly 300 in number; the most 
remarkable are the Shetland, Orkney, and Western Islands. 

The most early mention made of this portion of Britain by any historian, is by Tacitus, 
who flourished about 100 years after Christ. The original population seems to have consisted 
of Cimbrians, from the Cimbric Chersonese, the modern Jutland. About two centuries before 
the Christian aera, the Cimbrians appear to have been driven to the south of Scotland by the 
Ca:ledonians or Picts, a Gothic colony from Norway. Tacitus denominates the country 
Caledonia ; the Venerable Bede, who wrote about the year 700, names the country the Pi'ovince 
of the Picts ; and Alfred the Great, who translated his history into the Anglo-Saxon tongue, 
about the year 882, called the people Piohts, and their country Piohtland. From the Picts, 
then, or Piohts, probably originates the population of the Lowlands, the Lowlanders having 
been, in all ages, a distinct people from those of the western Highlands. In the tenth and 
eleventh century, the name of Scotia, previously applied to Ireland, was given to modern 
Scotland, by which title it is designated by Adam of Bremen. About 258 years after Christ, 
the Dalriads of Bede, the Attacotti of the Roman %vriters, passed, or repassed from Ireland 
into Argyleshire, and became the progenitors of the Scottish Highlanders, who speak the 
Irish or Celtic language, while the Lowlanders have always used the Scandinavian or Gothic. 
Fergus I, who is supposed to have reigned about 330 years before Christ, is said to have been 
the founder of the Scottish monarchy. From him, till the year 1006, there are reckoned 
eighty-two kings ; after which, till Britain became subject to one monarch, the succession 
was as follows : Malcolm II ; Duncan I ; Macbeath ; Malcolm III ; Donald VII ; Duncan II ; 
Edgar ; Alexander I ; David I ; Malcolm IV ; William ; Alexander II ; Alexander III ; John 
Baliol ; Robert Bruce ; Edward Baliol ; David II ; Robert II ; Robert III ; James I ; James 
II ; James III ; James IV ; James V ; Mary ; James VI. In 1603, on the death of Queen 
Elizabeth, James VI of Scotland ascended the English throne, and constantly resided in 
England, he, and his successors, calling themselves kings of England and Scotland, and each 
country having a separate parliament, till, in the year 1707, during the reign of Queen Anne, 
both kingdoms were united under the general name of Great Britain. 

Surface, climate, &c. — The surface of the country is singularly irregular, being, on the 
whole, hilly or mountainous, more especially the northern district, which comprehends nearly 
two-thirds of Scotland, and forms what is called the Highlands, extending from Dumbarton 
nearly to the extremity of the island, about 200 miles. Nothing can be more awful to a 
stranger, than the appearance of the Highlands, where dusky mountains rise above each 
other, and lose their heads in the clouds, while the tremendous rocks fill the mind with dis- 
may, heightened in no small degree by the noise of numberless torrents, which pour down 
their steep sides. The gloomy vales and glens below, narrow, deep, and dark, add sublimity 
to the scene. ^Vhat is generally termed the Low Country, lies between the Friths of Tay and 
Clyde, and extends southward to the English frontier. In this division the proportion of 
cultivated land is very considerable, exhibiting, in many parts, verdant plains, watered by 
copious streams, and covered with innumerable cattle ; in others pleasing vicissitudes of gently 
rising hills and bending vales, fertile in corn, waving with wood, and interspersed with 
flowery meadows. Situated in the midst of the ocean, and in a high northern latitude, Scot- 
land cannot boast of a regular climate. It is various, too, in different places ; the cold, 
however, is not so intense, as it is in similar latitudes on the continent. The thermometer 
does not sink so low during the winter, as it does in the vicinity of London. Mountainous 
countries are always most subject to rain ; and Great Britain, being a sort of inclined plane, 
gradually declining from west to east, it has been thought, that, on this account, the western 
coast is more wet. This excess of rain is, perhaps, rather owing to the prevalence of the 
west wind, which brings humidity with it in its course across the Atlantic ; hence we find that 
more rain generally falls at Greenock than at Glasgow, and more at Glasgow than at Edin- 
burgh. As a counterbalance to this, vegetation, on the eastern coast, is checked during the 
spring months by cold and piercing east winds. Notwithstanding all this the air is in general 
pure and healthy. 

The wild animals are the fox, the badger, the otter, the red deer, the M'ild roe, the hare 
and the rabbit ; besides the wild cat, the hedgehog, weasel, squirrel, mole, &c. There 
is also proof of others ha\ing existed in this country, which are now exterminated, viz. the 
buffalo, or wild ox, the wolf, and the beaver. Of the feathered tribe, pheasants are to be 
found in the woods, though scarce, also that rare and beautiful bird called capercailzie, or 
eock of the wood. Th« ptarmigan, black game, and grouse, inhabit the heathy mountains ; 

2 9 

SCOTLAND, iBlpt ^ ©0/0 

ill the vallies are partridges ; in the fens the snipe and the plover ; and in the plains most of 
the Eng-lish singing birds, except the nightingale. 

Mountains, rivers, and lakes. — ^The most remarkable, and perhaps the most distinctive 
feature of Scotland, is her mountains. The principal ones are the Grampian hills, which run 
from east to west, from near Aberdeen to Cowal in Arg^yleshire, almost the whole breadth of 
the kingdom. Another chain of mountains, called the Pentland Hills, runs through Lothian, 
and joins those of Tweedale. A third, called Lammer Muir, rises near the eastern coast, and 
runs westward throug-h the Merse. Besides the continued chains, among which may be 
reckoned the Cheviot, or Tiviot Hills, on the borders of England, Scotland contains many 
detached mountains, some of them of stupendous height. Ben Nevis, in Inverness, the 
highest mountain in Scotland, is 4370 feet above the level of the sea ; Cairngorn, in Banff, 
Ben Lawers, in Perth, Braeriach, in Aberdeen, and some others, are not much inferior in alti- 
tude. The country abounds with rivers and lakes, which are in general very pure and trans- 
parent, and abound with fish. Most of the rivers have a short course from the mountains to 
the sea, and are consequently very rapid ; the principal are the Tweed, Forth, Clyde, Tay and 
Spey, of which the Tay is the largest ; they all abound with fine salmon and trout. The 
lakes of Scotland are grand and beautiful, and some of them of considerable extent ; their 
banks are in general clothed with wood, and the scenery is highly picturesque and pleasing. 
Of these Loch Lomond is the chief, both in extent and beauty, diversified with a number of 
small romantic woody islands, and begirt with shores in some places decorated with wood, in 
others naked and majestic. Next to it may be ranked Loch Ness, whose waters never freeze ; 
Loch Tay, Loch Awe, Loch Ketterin, Loch Erne, Loch Leven, and many others, are deserving 
of the traveller's attention. It is worthy of remark, that the name of loch or lake is given, 
on the western coast, to many inlets or arms of the sea. Throughout the whole extent of 
coast there are fine fisheries, which employ a vast number of hands, and furnish a hardy and 
skilful race of seamen for the British navy ; while her bleak mountains are an excellent 
nursery for brave and hardy soldiers. 

CoMJiERCE, MANUFACTURES, MINERALS, &c. — Scotland produccs many valuable articles of 
commerce ; besides the trade in corn, the rearing of black cattle and sheep for the English 
market is very considerable. Of late great attention has been paid to the breed of black 
cattle ; and the horses and sheep, though originally small, now rival those of England. Its 
woods of oak and fir are now begun to be considered with proper attention, and to be made 
serviceable to the navy. The mines of coal, lead, and iron, have long been sources of wealth, 
as have free-stone, lime-stone, and slate, which are found in various places, and in great 
abundance. Some attention has also been lately paid to its marbles, which prove little, if at 
all, inferior in colour or polish to those of Italy. Scotland cannot, at present, exhibit many 
of the precious metals, though considerable quantities, both of gold and silver, have, at dif- 
ferent periods, been obtained from her bowels ; and it is extremely probable that the time is 
not far distant, when these treasures will again be laid open. Copper has been discovered in 
many places, though, at present, it is no where wrought to any considerable extent ; but a very 
rich mine of antimony has been worked, richer, it is believed, than any at present known. 
Most of the gems and precious stones, with the exception of the diamond, have also been 
found in Scotland. Manufactures of all kinds are in the most thriving condition. The 
printed cottons, and figured goods, in shawls, &c. equal those of England, and the glass and 
stoneware are scarcely surpassed anywhere. The linens, particularly those for the table, have 
iong been famous. Manufactures of broad cloth, silks, and gauzes, are also upon a respect- 
able footing. The intercourse with England is growing daily more frequent, to the mutual 
advantage of both countries. This has the effect of rendering the manners, dress, and 
language of both alike ; of course all national prejudice Avill soon be at an end. The dress 
of the Lowlanders resembles that of the English. The dress peculiar to the Highlanders, 
though not so common as formerly, is still worn by many ; it is composed of woollen stuff, 
called tartan, of various colours, checkered. Many wear a sort of petticoat, reaching 
to the knees, and called a kelt. The stockings, made of similar checkered stuff, are short, 
and tied below the knee with tartan garters, formed into tassels. 

The Scots are uniformly sober and frugal ; instead of lavishing their gains, they are wisely 
laid by, or economically expended to enable them to live in comfort, and make a respectable 
appearance. Intelligence is more common than in most countries, owing to the number of 
excellent parochial schools, and the cheapness with which education is acquired ; and there 
are few branches of literature in which the Scotch have failed in attaining a degree of excel- 
lence, although they cannot boast of many authors at an early period. Before the abolition 
of episcopacy, the ancient church establishment was composed of two archbishoprics and 
twelve bishoprics. The national religion is now the Presbyterian, founded on an equality 
among its pastors. The clergy of Scotland are well educated, and singularly exemplary in 
their morals. Roman Catholics, of whom the number is not very considerable, are tolerated, 
as well as Episcopalians, and Dissenters from the established church. There are four uni- 
versities ; that of St. Andrew, founded in 1412 ; that of Glasgow, founded in 1433 ; that of 
Aberdeen, founded in 1500, and that of Edinburgh, founded by James VI. in 1582. Since 
the union of the two kingdoms, which took place in 1706, the political government has been 
the same with that of England ; the civil code, however, and the manner of administering 
justice are different. Of this, and of the principal events, which have occurred in Scotland 
more particular notice will be taken in the historical description of Edinburgh. Scotland, 



though neither so rich or populous as the southern division of the island, has long borne a name 
for martial exploits ; and of late she has risen to as great eminence in literature and the arts. 
Divisions, &c. — ^The main land of North Britain is naturally divided into three portions. 
The extremity is parted from the centre by the Moray Frith, Loch Ness, Loch Lochy, and 
Loch Linnhe, connected with each other by the Caledonian canal. The midland portion is 
again parted from the southern by the Friths of Forth and Clyde, the river Forth, Ben 
Lomond, and its cognominal lake. These are again unequally subdivided into thirty-tliree 
counties, which, in the following table, comprising the sheriffdoms, stewartries and baili- 
wicks, and the chief towns, are arranged according to their situation. 

Shires. Sheriffdoms and other subdivisions. Chief Towns. 

1. Orkney Isles of Orkney and Shetland Kirkwall 

2. Caithness Included with Bute Wick 

3. Sutherland Strathnaver, and Sutherland Dornoch 

r East and West Ross, Lewis, Lochbrooni, Lochcairnn,"! 

< Ardmeannach, Redcastle, Eeriintosh, Strathpeffer, STain 

1 and Ferrindonald J 

4. Ross 

and , 

5. Cromarty West of Rlurray, and Cromarty Cromarty 

fi [nrprness f Air, Strathglass, Skye, Harris, Badenoch,Lochaber,and j j„ 

o. inveraess 1^ Gleumorrison J 


7. Nairn Included witl) Cromarty - Nairn 

8. Moray, or Elgin Moray and Stratlispev Elgin 

„ P -r r Banff, Strathdeveron, Boyne, Enzy, Balveney, S'™'" l Ba„ff 

*'• °^"" 1 haven, and part of Buchan J 

10. Aberdeen Mar, Buchan, Gaiioch, and Strathbogie Aberdeen 

11. Kincardine, or Mearns. . Mearns Stonehaven 

12. Angus, or Forfar Forfar, Angus Forfar and Dundee 

,„ o .. /Perth, Athol,Gowry,Breadalbane,Monteiih, Straihern, I p J. 

^^- ^^'^"" t Slormont, Glenshield, and Raynock j rci ui 

14, Fife Fife Cupar& St. Andrews 

15.' Kinr'o's's.' '.'.'.V.V.V. ...... Part of Fife Kinross 

16. Clackmannan Included with Fife Culross 

17. Stirling „. Stirling Stirhng 

18. Dumbarton Lenox Dumbarton 

, A^„„,„ /Argvle, Cowal, Knapdale, Kinlyre and Lorn, Islay>"l i„verarv 

19. Argyle -^ Jura, Mull, Uist, 'lyrie, Coll, and Lismoie ^uiveidiy 

20. Bute Bute, Arran, Caithness ". Rothesay 


21. Linlithgow West Lothian Linlithgow 

22. Edinburgh Mid Lothian Edinburgh 

23. Haddington East Lothian Haddmgtoii 

84. Berwick, or Rlerse The Marches!, and Lauderdale Lnuder 

25. Roxburgh Tivintdale, Lidisdale, Eskdale, and Ewsdale Jedburgh 

26. Selkirk Ettrick Forest Selkirk 

27. Peebles Tweedale Peebles 

28. Lanark Clydesdale Glasgow 

29. Renfrew Renfrew Paisley & Renfrew 

30. A vr Kyle, CarricU, and Cunningham Ayr 

31. Wigtown West part of Galloway Wigtown 

32. Kirkcudbright East part of Galloway Kirkcudbright 

33. Dumfries Nilhsdale, Annandale Dumfries 

The following is the grand total population of the kingdom, as exhibited by the govern- 
ment returns, at four periods — in the year 1801, the number of inhabitants amounted to 
1,599,068; in 1811, to 1,805,688 ; in 1821, to 2,093,456, and in 1831, to 2,365,807. The total 
population of the shires, and of the several parishes, cities, towns, &c. will be found detailed 
in the tables appended to the descriptive sketch of each county. 

Representation. — The Parliamentary Representation of Scotland, as decided by the 
Reform Bill, is as follows : each of the counties returns one member, except Clackmannan 
and Kinross, which jointly send one, the same with the shires of Cromarty and Ross, and 
these of Elgin and Nairn, so that the thirty-three counties send thirty members. The cities 
of Edinburgh and Glasgow return two members each ; Aberdeen, Dundee, Greenock, Pais- 
ley, and Perth send one each, and the following combined or contributory burghs send one 
jointly ; making the whole number of representatives fifty-three. 


Ayr, Ir^nne, Campbeltown, Inverary, & Oban. 

Cupar (Fife), St. Andrews, Anstruther, East 
and West, Crail, Kilrenny, and Pittenween. 

Elgin, CuUen, Banff, Inverury, Kintore, and 

Renfrew, Rutherglen, Dumbarton, Kilmar- 
nock, and Port Glasgow. 

Wigtown, New Galloway, Stranraei*, and 

Dysart, Kircaldy, Kinghorn, & Burntisland. 

Haddington, Dunbar, North Berwick, Lauder, 
and Jedburgh. 

Leith, Portobello, and Musselburgh, 

Inverbervie, Montrose, Aberbrothock, Bre- 
chin, and Forfar. 

Inverkeithing, Dunfermline, Queensferry, 
Culross, and Stirling. 

Linlithgow, Lanark, Falkirk, Airdrie, and 

Kirkwall, Wick, Dornoch, Dingwall, Tain, 
and Cromarty, 

Dumfries, Sanquharr, Annan, Lochmaben, and 

Fortrose, Inverness, Nairn, and Forres. 



Jl HIS county, or Mid-Lothian, is situated in the southern division of Scotland; bounded on the 
north by the Frith of Forth, an arm of the German ocean ; by Linlithgowshire, or West- Lothian, on 
the west ; by the counties of Lanark, Peebles, and Selkirk on the south, and on the east by HaddiDg> 
tonshire, or East- Lothian, with small portions of Berwickshire and Roxburghshire on the east. The 
length of the county, from east to west, is about thirty miles ; and its breadth, from north to south 
(from the centre), sixteen ; but from its extreme apex on the south, to near Musselburgh on the north, 
w^here the eastern extremity of the county abuts on Haddingtonshire, its breadth is about twenty-two 
miles. The figure of this county, which is very irregular, may be said to describe the segment of a 
circle, indented on its southern boundary by the counties of Berwick and Selkirk, and on its south- 
western verge by Lanarkshire. It contains about 338 square miles, or 229,120 English acres. 

In the first century of the christian era, this district of Scotland, according to the best authorities 
(including the Messrs. Chambers, from whose valuable topography we have drawn largely), was 
inhabited by tribes of Ottadini and Gadeni, the British descendants of those enterprising foreign 
Celts, who had first landed in the island. The Roman legions entered Edinburghshire about the year 
80, when Agricola formed a chain of forts across the isthmus of land, between the estuaries of Clyde 
and Forth. We must pass over the obscure history of the wars of the natives and their irresistible 
enemies, the Romans, who finally secured the space they had at first marked down as their own. The 
skilful general who restored the Roman power was Theodosius, under the emperor Valentinian T,' 
who, in compliment to his imperial master, entitled the extensive district he had thus conquered, the 
province of Valentia, which this warlike people retained possession of three hundred and sixty years. 
During their residence they reared altars, baths, granaries, and other works of art, still occasionally 
seen, and left those coins and weapons which, from time to time, are exposed in turning up the surface 
of the soil. The exigences of the state at length required their presence nearer the Capitol, but it was 
with extreme regret that they abandoned their settlement. The date of their abdication is 446, and 
the epoch of the re-subversion of the Romanized Ottadini, by Saxon invaders, is only three years 
later. After a century of hard fighting, the superior genius of the Saxon Ida fixed this new race in 
those districts now comprehended in the shires of Berwick, part of Roxburgh, Haddington, Linlith- 
gow, and a portion of Stirling. In the course of time this province obtained the distinctive appellation 
of Laodonie, Lothene, and more recently Lothian. The origin of this title has occasioned much 
controversy, without arriving at a satisfactory conclusion upon its derivation. In common speech the 
district is to this day called Loudon, thus the popular phrase is more correct, as regards etymology, 
than that which is in use among writers. Every foot of ground covered by the metropolis and its 
environs has been the scene of warlike strife, frequently involving the fate of the kingdom. In the 
struggle which Edward III maintained for the restoration of the Baliol dynasty, one of the most 
sanguinary battles was fought on the Borough-moor of the metropolis. In 1385 Mid- Lothian was 
subjected to the horrors of pillage and conflagration, in the expedition of Richard II ; and a century 
and a half later, it suffered much from the invasion of the English on account of the treaty of mar- 
riage between the son of Henry VIII and the young Queen of Scots. The country was soon after the 
scene of many of the insurrectionary movements against the authority of Queen Mary, particularly 
that at Carberry Hill. This district became subject to the government of a sheriff, prior to the reign 
of David I. The office of sheriff of Edinburgh seems to have been, at all times, an appointment of 
great trust and dignity ; and from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century, was filled by the heads of 
families of note in the shire and its vicinity. The county is now governed, and its affairs conducted 
by the usual number of functionaries, with about forty deputy-lieutenants, distributed over six dis- 
tricts, each composed of a certain number of parishes. Of the many interesting events connected 
with this county, the metropolis of it has been the nucleus — in our history of Edinburgh, therefore, 
in the succeeding pages, will be found many details, which, although applicable to the shire at large, 
are more appropriately given in that article. 

Soil, produce, manufactures. Sec. — The greater proportion of the county is, if not mountainous, 
hilly, and many places wild and pastoral. The most prominent rising grounds are the Pentland Hills, 
and the Moorfoot or Muirfoot Hills, both proceeding out of Peebles-shire. Of the other principal 
eminences, a list, with their altitudes, will appear at the end of this article. It is ascertained that by 
the close of the eleventh century, agriculture had made some progress in the district of Mid- Lothian. 
During the last and present century much has been accomplished in this part, in rearing plantations ; 
but it is to the society of Improvers, formed at Edinburgh, about the year 1723, that this county is mainly 
indebted to its advancement in agriculture. In 1744 potatoes were first raised in fields, and in about 
thirty years afterwards their cultivation was completely established in the county. The agriculture 
of Mid Lothian, like that of East- Lothian, is now conducted in the best manner that science can sug- 
gest, or capital render efficient. In the neighbourhood of the metropolis, there is a great and increasing 
quantity of land laid out in nursery grounds, and vegetable gardens, the produce of which supply the 
city markets ; grass parks for temporary grazing, and arable fields for hay. The number of market 
gardens in which fruits are produced is considerable, and employ a great body of men in spade hus- 
bandry. Upon the whole, it may be remarked with regard to the soil of this county, and its 
management, that a very active spirit of improvement everywhere prevails ; cultivation is rapidly 
ascending the hills, while the boggy grounds are gradually undergoing a process of draining. The 
farmers form a most respectable and well educated body of men ; they hold the rank of gentlemen, 
and are generally in affluent circumstances. The county abounds in several valuable minerals, espe- 
cially coal, sandstone, limestone, and whinstone. In the western part is an extensive coal field, and 
the eastern contains inexhaustible and rich beds of this valuable mineral, extending from the shore 
at Musselburgh, on both sides of the North Esk, about fifteen miles inward, to the head of that stream 
at Carlops, on the confines of Tweedale. Mid-Lothian possesses sandstone of different kinds, and of 
an excellent quality. The quarries of Edinburghshire have long enjoyed a pre-eminence which 
cannot be so effectually indicated, by anything, as by the appearance of the New Town of Edinburgh. 
The works of Craigleith, and Hailes, near the city, may be justly considered objects of curiosity. 
Almost all the houses of the New Town, besides other buildings, have been reared from the former 
mine. There are several other quarries of inferior note throughout the county. Lead was, in former 
times, found at the head of the North Esk, on the south side of the Pentland Hills. A vein of copper 


PlgOt U ©O.'lEf 


is said to exist in the parish of Carrie, but it has never been worked. The manufactures of Edin- 
burghshire cannot be traced to a remote date, and have never been remarkable for their extent. It is 
but little more than a century since, that the fabrication of linen was known in the county. In 
Edinburgh, Leilh, and Musselburgh, there are now numerous manufactories of goods of diflerent 
kinds, which will be found under their appropriate heads in the directory of these places. The 
principal articles manufactured in the shire for exportation, either by outports or inland, besides 
Scotch linens, are glass, soap, salt, candles, refined sugar, beer, ale, whisky, leather, bricks, tiles, 
pottery, iron, chymical preparations, printing materials, paper, and books. The manufacture of paper 
became first known in Scotland in this county, and the district still possesses large establishments 
employed in the manufacture of this invaluable material. The maritime traffic of the county, which 
is very considerable, is concentrated at Leith, the only port suitable to the entrance of large vessels, 
and indeed the only one of any kind except those of Fisherrow, or Musselburgh, or Newhaven. The 
formation of a navigable canal, proceeding to the west of Scotland from Edinburgh, makes the 
capital of this county not less the entrepot of import as of export goods. The climate, though in a high 
latitude (nearly 56°) is, upon the whole, salubrious, and not unfavourable to vegetation : its greatest 
drawback is variability. A single day frequently exhibits all the diversity of the four seasons ; and the 
cold east winds, which generally prevail for more than two months in the spring, are a great hindrance 
to vegetation, injurious to the fruit, and detrimental to the health of those accustomed to a more genial 
atmosphere. In conclusion, to adopt the language of the authors of the Gazetteer of Scotland, : — 
' Whether we regard the agriculture or the manufactures, the trade in minerals or the maritime 
traffic, the commerce or the domestic retail business of this metropolitan county, it must be con- 
ceded that the district is in the enjoyment of propserity, and has before it the prospect of arriving at a 
still greater degree of wealth and greatness.' 

Rivers. — This county does not possess any large rivers. This deficiency, however, is of little or no 
moment, in consequence of being placed on the margin of a broad navigable firth. Next the Forth 
the EsK may be said to be the chief river ; it is composed of two streams that unite their waters 
below Dalkeith, and glide into the Forth, at Musselburgh. The Leith, a valuable little river, takes 
its rise on the north side of the Pentland Hills, and after receiving several rivulets, discharges its 
waters, after a course of nineteen miles, into the Forth. The Almond, the most westerly stream, 
rises in the high grounds, on the borders of Lanarkshire ; it is joined by the Briech Burn, in its way 
to the Forth, which it enters at Cramond. 

Besides Edinburgh, the shire does not comprise any royal burghs, but possesses three of regality, 
viz. Musselburgh, Canongate, and Portsburgh, and the town of Leith. Its only burgh of barony is 
Dalkeith. One member is returned to parliament for the county, and two for the city of Edin- 
burgh : the contributory burghs ("or those which, in conjunction with others, are represented in the 
senate) belonging to this sounty, are Leith, Musselburgh, and Portobello. 

The principal eminences in Edinburghshire, with their altitude above the level of the sea, are, 
Moorfoot Hills, 1850 feet ; Caerketton (Pentland range), 1555 ; Spittal Hill, 1360 ; Arthur's Seat 
(from its base, 700), 796; House of Whim, 884; Woodhouselee, 720; Dalmahoy Hill, 680; summit 
of Braid HiUs, 630- Pennycuick, 585; Salisbury Crags, 5-50; Craig Lockhart Hill, 540; Battery of 
Edinburgh Castle, 510 ; Corstorphine Hill, 470 ; Calton Hill, 350 ; ^Dalkeith, 200. 


TTie letter p. signifies Parish, and dec. Decrease. 

Borthwick p, 

Calder, Middle p. 

Calder, West p. 

Cariinglon p. 

Cockpen p. 

CoUington p. 

C rstniphine p. 

Cramond (part o() partly > 
in Linlithgowshire . .p. J 

Or anstou p. 

Crichton p. 


Dalkeith p. 

Duddingston p. 

County, part -j 

Duddingston, Easter. . / 
Daddingston, Wester. . > 

Joppa ( 

Portobello J 

Edikbuegh, City Caj" 

Andrew's, St p. 

College Church p. 

George, St p. 

Grey Friars, New . . . .p. 

Grey Friars, Old p. 

High Church p 

Lady Yeslera p. 

Mary. St. f'bj p. 

New North Church p. 

Old Church p. 

Toll-Booth Church p.\ 

Tron Church p. 

1801. 1811. 1821. 1831 



















































Suburbs (Edinburgh) Yaj 

Canongate p. 

Cuthben's, St p. 

Stephen's, St. fbj p. 

Leith, North p. 

Leith, South p. 

Fala (part of) remainder » 

in ffaddingtonshire . .p. f 

Glencross p. 

Heriot p. 

Inveresk p. 

Kirkliston (part o()mostly ) 

in Linlithgowshire . .p. 3 
Kirknewton and East ( 

Caldef p.) 

Laswade p. 

Leith, see under Edinburgh 


l.ibberton p. 

Newbattle p. 

Newton p. 

Pennycuick p. 

Primrose, see Carrington. 

Ratho p. 

Stow p. 

Temple .p. 

Total Population of) 
Edinburghshire .. J 





30 Yaiia 











> sun 

> 10569 




































J 876 







dec an 






Koie.—CaJ The Population o/Edinburgh City, in 1801, rvas 31,681, and in 1831, 49,467— increase, 17,786. The Population of 
the Suburbs of Edinburgh {not including Leith) amounted, in 1801, fo 35,313, and in 18:31 to 86.834— increase, 51,521. 
Leith, North and South, contained, in 1801, 15,272 inhabitants, andin 1831, 25,855— increase 10,583. 

v'ft nine rnMeliint-ftl ei 'nnvith in 1A9^. fit- GfanK.m'o ..^«^» 10.11 

(b) St. Mary's was constituted a parish in 1824,- St. Stephen's since 1821. 

The Total annual value of Real Property in this Coonty, as assessed in April, 1815, amminfed to £770,875. 



^igot Sc Co/j2f 



HE superb metropolis of Scotland, orciipies a site 
ill the northern part of the county to which it gives 
name, remarkable for its romantic inequalities, and 
within two miles from the south shore of the Frith of 
Forth; in latitude 55° 57' 20" north, and longitude 
3° 10' 30''. west ; and distantfrom London 392 miles, 
91 from Carlisle, 55 from Berwick-upon-Tweed, 73 
from Dumfries, nearly 44 from Glasgow, from Dundee, 
by mail route 66, direct about 44, 109 from Aberdeen, 
and 241 from Inverness, by Aberdeen. 


Edinburgh most probably owes its origin to the 
lofiy rock so peculiarly eligible for a fortress, and its 
name to Edwin, the Anglo-Saxon King of Nortiium- 
bria, who fell a victim to intestine turbulence in the 
year 634; for, during the era of Anglo-Saxon domina- 
tion in Lothian, the Northumbrian chiefs occasionally 
occupied the castle, and Edwin more frequently than 
the rest, from whom the place received the appellation 
of Edwin's Burgh, subsequently contracted to Edin- 
burgh. Upon the cession of Lothitn to the Scots, in 
1020, the castle often became the residence of the 
Scottish monarchs, and David I distinguished it as 
his favourite habitation. Under his royal patronage 
dwellings multiplied around it, and the Abbey of 
Holyrood soon acknowledged liim as its founder, 
whose canons he empowered to erect a suburb west- 
ward of their abbey, to unite itself with his own burgh, 
which had rapidly extended itself down from the de- 
clivity of the castle eastward. The monks gave the 
name of Canonsbuigh, or Canongate, to tiieir new 
town, which appellation it still bears. The long street 
thus formed between the abbey and the castle con- 
sisted, it is presumed, of very humble dwellings, as it 
appears that, long posttrior to this period, they were 
thatched with straw. From William the Lion, about 
the close of the 12th century, it is supposed the town 
received the privileges of a royal burgh, and the honour 
of being a place of mintage ; but soon after, this mo- 
narch, as the price of his liberty, surrendered it to 
Henry II, king of England, by whom it was retained 
until 1186. In the year 1214 the first parliament as- 
sembled here, in the reign of Alexander II, which first 
gave to Edinburgli the semblance of a capitHl. In 
1239 a general council of the 'Scotican' church met 
here; andduringthereignof Alexanderlll it became 
the royal residence, and the depository of the records 
and regalia of the kingdom. In 1291 the town and 
castle were surrendered to King Edward I, but were 
speedily regained by the Scots, who held them, until 
the fatal battle of Dunbar, in 1294, enabled Edward 
to re-capture them. The castle continued in posses- 
sion of the English until 1312, when it once more 
reverted to Scotland. In 1326 ihe fourteenth parlia- 
ment of Biuce met in Holyrood Abbey ; and the next 
year was memorable for the admission of the borough 
representatives among those of the other estates, and 
for the confirmation of the treaty of Northampton, by 
which the independence of Scotland was acknowledged 
by Edward III. Shortly after, Robert I granted a 
charter to the inhabitants of Edinburgh, and placed 
under their dominion the town of Leith, ' with its 
harbour and mills.' During the reign of Edward III 
the possession of the castle twice changed hands, but 
it ultimately submitted to its natural masters, and 
the city continued rising in consequence until it be- 
came the residence of the chief functionaries of the 
government, subsequent to the murder of James I, 
in 1436-7, at which period it assumed the attitude of 
the nretropolis of the kingdom. About the middle of 
the fifteenth century it was encircled by walls, at the 
instigation of James II, the mariiage of which monarch 
with Mary ofGueldres, and her coronation also, were 
celebi'ated with great pomp in the Abbey of Holyrood, 
which abbey became the tomb of the king eleven 
years afterwards. The turbulent reign of James III 
succeeded, during which the sites of the markets were 
determined, tiie provost made hereditary sheiitf\vilbin 


the town, and various municipal privileges granted to 
the inhabitants ; in token of the bravery and loyalty 
of the Edinburghers a banner was also given to them, 
to be displayed 'on defence of their king, their coun- 
try, and their own rights.' This flag, from its colour, 
leceived the name of the ' blue blanket,* and remains 
now in the custody of the convener of the trades, at 
whose at)pearancc therewith, says tradition, not only 
the artificers of Edinburgh, but those of the whole 
kingdom, are to repair to it, and fight under the coti- 
vener. On all grent pageants this memorial of the 
loj'alty of the Edinburghers to the house ofStnait is 
ostentatiously displayed. In 1508 the thickly covered 
lands, of the 'Borough JMoor' were cleared' of their 
trees, in virtue of the powers gi anted by the king ; 
and, in order to obtain purchasers for the timber, the 
magistrates enacted that whoever bought as much as 
would be sufficient to make a new front to his house 
might extend the same seven feet further into the 
street ; by which impolitic permission the town was 
filled Willi wooden liouses, and the main street con- 
tracted fourteen feet in width. The year 1513 was 
memorable for the double calamity of the plague and 
the disastrous defeat at Flodden. This latter mis- 
fortune filled Edinburgh with consternation : all capa- 
ble of bearing arms were ordered to defend the walls, 
and ' the women were discharged from crying or 
clamouring in the streets :' the pi ivy council, for 
safety, adjourned to Stirling, wheie James V was 
crowned. At this alarming crisis the fortifications 
were strengthened, and a new wall built, which en- 
compassed the high grounds on the south, more than 
half of which still remains. The plague continuing 
its virulence, the young king was removed to Dalkeith 
and Craigmiller, during whose minority the Earl of 
Arran and Cardinal Beatoun, jealous of the influence 
acquired by the Earl of Angus) through his marriage 
with the queen dowager, attacked him and his parti- 
sans in the streets near the Netherbow-port, in which 
conflict more than two hundred and fifty men were 
slain, and the residue of the Haiuiitons, or Arran's 
party, were expelled by the Douglasses, or faction of 
Angus. This bloody aflfair was designated by the 
populace ' Cleanse the' causeway.' Similar sanguinary 
occurrences were not unfrequent in these contentious 
times; and, during this whole minority, the capital 
was the theatre of tumult, chiefly through the turbu- 
lence of the house of Douglas : as a proof of the pre- 
vailing disquietude, the privy council and parliament 
frequently met in the Tolbooth or common gaol. In 
1514 the small force was appointed, afterwards known 
by the name of the ' city guard,' which was dissolved 
so lately as 1817. The year 1532 is signalized by the 
establishment, in the capital, of the College of Justice, 
which important corporation, including the whole 
body of functionaries connected with the supreme 
courts, endowed Edinburgh still more with the attri- 
butes of a metropolis ; and as it rose in dignity the 
parliament thought it their duty to interfere for the 
correction of its deformities. Kows of obstructing 
tenements were removed, and many salutary regula- 
tions enforced for the prevention of impurities ; the 
High-street was paved, and lanterns were ordered to 
be hung out at night by the inhabitants. In 1543, the 
magistrates having thought proper to deprive the 
craftsmen of the pi ivilege of voting at the election of 
the provost and bailies, the deacons drew theirswords 
in the council chamber ; but the strife was subdued, 
partly by compromise, and partly by the irresistible 
reasonings of an armed force, 'fhe next year was a 
disastrous one fortlie rising metropolis ; Henry VIII, 
of England, in revenge for the opposition made by the 
catholic regency of Arran and Beatoun to the inter- 
marriage of his son Edward with the young Queen 
Wary, sent an army and fleet to ravage Scotland, under 
the command of the Earl of Hertford, who, landing 
at Leith, set fire to Edinburgh, and burnt the abbey 
and palace of Holyrood. The attempt to capture the 
castle was unsuccessful, but the departing foe destroyed 
the pier of Leith, seized the ships in the harbour, and 
* neither pyle, village, town, nor house, in their way 




homewards, was left unhurnt.' In consequence of this 
outrage a French ganison was introduced four years 
afterwards, under D'Essee, who fortified Leith, and 
took every precaution to prevent a repetition of the 
calamity, " 

About the year 1556 the intrepid reformer, John 
Knox, became a conspicuous personage in these days 
of agitation. Being a great favourite wiih the popu- 
lace, he was courageously defended anainst the attacks 
of the ecclesiastical powers, and wlien the reformers 
and the queen regent came to open rupture, the de- 
molition of the religious houses, and the destruction 
of all the symbols of the Romish faith, by the popu- 
lace, exhibited their hostilily to papacy and tiieir zeal 
in its subversion. On the anniversary of St. Giles, 
the patron saint of the city, the priests and monks 
were furiously attacked and" dispersed, and the effigy 
of the saint, which they were carrying in procession, 
was indignantly destroyed ; and when the lords of the 
congregation arrived from Perth, Sterling, and Lin- 
lithgow, they found their purposed work of desecra- 
tion had been anticipated by tlie people ; but it is for- 
tunate that the rage of the reformers was confined to 
the decorations and furniture of the churches, so that 
two of the cliief ecclesiastical edifices still lemain, 
wliile the convents and monasteries have been con- 
verted into dwelling-houses, some of whicli are now 
standing. The struggle between the two parties now 
became tierce, and but for the arrival of an English 
force to the assistance of the protestants, the issue of 
the contest would have been doubtful ; but the re- 
formers, vvitii these auxiliaries, becoming ascendant, 
the triumph of the popular sentiment was complete. 
The first assembly of the reformed kirk met in Edin- 
burgh on the 15th of January, 1560. On the 9lh of 
August, 1561, Mary, Queen of Scots, landed at Leith, 
from France, to sway the sceptre of her ancestors, and 
she was well received ; but her prtdilection for the 
Romish ritual soon abated her popularity, and sub- 
jected her to insult ; even her private chapel was in- 
vaded, and her devotions interrupted. The drama be- 
came now fearfully interesting, the scenes were rapidly 
shifted, and tragical iiuidents were occurring in quick 
succession. Darn ley was proclaimed king at the mar- 
ket cross on the 28th of July, 1565, and on the next 
morning, within the chapel of Holyrood, he became 
the husband of Queen IMary, On the 9ih of the fol- 
lawing March, David Rizzio, the Italian favourite of 
the queen, was murdered, in the palace, by Darnley 
and his confederates. On the 19th of June the queen 
gave birth to a son, afterwards James the Sixth of 
Scotland and the First ot England, On the lOihof the 
ensuing February, 1567, Darnley, while sojourning in 
a secluded house, called the Kirk of Field, near the 
site of the present university, was blown up hy gun- 
powder, and many circumstances coincided to involve 
Bothwell In suspicion of planning the murder, and the 
queen of a guilty privity : be this as it may, Bothwell, 
having divorced himself from his wife, became the 
husband of the queen in three short months after its 
perpetration. This shameless marriage took place on 
the 15th of May, 1567, in the palace of Holyrood, and 
was the occasion of fresh disturbances in Edinburgh. 
So formidable was the insurieciion that the queen and 
Bothwell, on the 6ih of June, fled, from the popular 
odium, first to Borthwirk Castle, and thence to Dun- 
bar, which abandonment of the capital was followed 
by the entry of 3,000 insurgents, who took possession 
of the seat of government. Shortly afterwards the 
queen was brought back to Edinburgh, a spectacle for 
the insults of the populace, and next day was sent a 
prisoner to Lochleven Castle. A regency was then 
formed in the name of the infant son of Marv, James 
VI, and the Earl of Murray was proclaimed reKcnt ; 
but the assassination of this popular favourite, two 
years after, at Linlithgow, threw the capital into con- 
fusion. The sti uggle between the contending parties 
was renewed with alternate ascendancy : the Earl of 
Lennox became the new regent, and Kirkcaldy, of 
Grange, the provost of the town and governor of the 
castle, declared for the queen, whose pat ty held a par- 
liament in the Tolbooth, wtiile (hat of the regent held 
theirs in the Canongate. Kirkcaldy seized all the 
arms he could find, and planted a battery on the steeple 
of St, Giles, and being supplied by France with nioney 

and ammunition, he, and his associates, became for- 
midable antagonists to the regency, Morton and the 
regent, on the other side, having united, foitified 
Leith, and for two years the two parties waged a fluc- 
tuating wai fare, until Queen Elizabeth, of England, 
at the entreaty of Morton, sent a small army from 
Berwick, which soon reduced the castle; and the cap- 
tive Kirkcaldy, with his brother, were shortly after 
hanged at the cross, although they had surrendered 
under a promise of merciful treatment. But the time 
had now arrived for the young king to assume the go- 
vernment himself. He entered the city with great 
pomp, and immediately convened a parliament in the' 
Tolbooth, and tranquiUity was, in some degree, re- 
stored. The Earl of Morton, the late regent, was Uow 
accused of being an accessary to the murder of Darn- 
ley, was convicted and executed by a machine called 
the ' maiden,' alleged to have been an invention of his 
own : it was similar in its construction to the guillo- 
tine of France. The reformation being now firmly 
established, education became an object of solicitude. 
The university of Edinbuigh arose, and around it 
many subordinate colleges and schools, by which the 
character of the city became morally elevated. The 
poor also were not forgotten ; funds for their main- 
tenance were granted from the revenues of the sup- 
pressed religious houses and their lands. King James, 
though he had assumed the throne, held the sceptre 
with a feeble hand. The chief nobility, clergy, and a 
considerable portion of the community, were jealous 
ojf monarchy, and the uncompromising character of 
tlie new religion, with the austere manners of its pro- 
fessors, were little in unison with the manners and 
practices of the court. One anecdote will exhibit the 
prevailing feeling-.— The king, desirous of shewing 
civilities to two French ambassadors, requested the 
magistrates to entertain them with a banquet {andby 
the way the /ny^a/ James was mucli addicted to being 
hospitable by proxy_) ; but the French not being in good 
odour with the ministers, and the propiiety, more- 
over, of protestants dining with papists being ques- 
tiOHable in their judgment, the ministers, in order to 
keep in check any tendency to excess, ordered a fast 
to be kept on the day of the feast, and the pulpit of 
St. Giles was occupied during the whole of the day by 
three of their preachers in succession, who inveighed 
vehemently against voluptuousness and popery, the 
nobles, and the magistrates, who were partaking of 
the Iwnquet by the direction of the king. The mar- 
riage of the king with the Princess Anne of Denmark, 
involved the citizens in grievous exiienses. They pre- 
ferred presenting James with 5,000 merks, to pro- 
viding an entertainment, and shortly after they were 
required to send a beautiful ship to Denmark, at the 
cost of £500., to bring home the king and his bride : 
they also presented the bride with a valuable jewel, 
pledged to them by the king as security for a consider- 
able sum advanced him. Still these inunificent dona- 
tions did not exempt the citizens from ' intolerable 
impositions and grievous exactions.' In 1591 the , 
Earl of Bothwell made a daribg attempt to seize the 
person of the king : having introduced himself at night 
into the court of the palace, he advanced to the royal 
apartment; but before he could force the doors the 
alarm was given, — the citizens flew to arms and frus- 
trated the attempt. Bothwell escaped, but eight of 
his followers were executed. A fresh cause of tumult 
soon arose : the young Earl of Murray, the heir of 
the regent, was assassinated by the Earl of Huntley; 
and as the king was suspected of connivance, the citi- 
zens indignantly arose and openly insulted both the 
king and his ministers, James thought it prudent to 
retieat to Glasgow, where he remained till the hurri- 
cane had subsided ; not long afterwards the monarch 
was presented by these same citizens with ten tuns of 
wine, and a hundred of their number were in attend- 
ance at the baptism of Prince Henry : a guard of fifty 
citizens was also appointed to protect his person from 
Bothwell. In 1598 a rebellion broke out among the 
boys in the High School, and one of the bailies was 
shot by a youth while attempting to subdue it. James, 
annoyed by the freedom of the language that was ut- 
tered from the pulpits, attempted to re-strain it, which 
excited an insurrection, which not only occasioned 
his prerogative to be insulted, but liis person to be en- 




^isot $c eo.*^ 

dangcred : he, iu consequence, retired from (he city, 
ordered all the public courts to be removed, and was 
only prevented from Hvenaing l)iruseif on the city still 
farther, hy the supplications and ca^h of tlie magis- 
tiates. In ]596 James was again in collision with hi> 
subjects, in cnn-equence of some English players bf- 
ing introduced into the city, and Slialsspeare is sup- 
posed to have been one of the number : the clergy ful- 
minated their abhorrence, and the presbytery issued a 
decree against them, which the piivy council annulled, 
and the coniinuance of the plavers was tolerated, 
which was followed up in June, 1598, hyan ordinance 
that, every Monday should be a play day. At tliis pe- 
riod an important altt-rntion wa> made in the compu- 
tation of time. The year had hitht-rto commenced on 
the 25th of March, but by a convention of estates, 
which met on the lOtli of December, 1599, it was 
ordered that in futui-e new year's day should be on 
the 1st of January. On the 24th March, 1603, Queen 
Elizabeth died, which event elevated James to the 
throne of England, to which country he immediately 
departed, after taking a formal farewell of the citizens 
of Ediiiburah at tlie church of St. Giles, where he ad- 
dressed them after the sermon, and botli paities, it is 
said, evimed deep emotion. The superior spleiidnnr 
of the English tlnone caused James, thinl* 
his Scottish ont- too plain and unostentatious, and to 
change its character a little, he sent down to the ma- 
gistrates of Edinburgh patterns for their gowns, which 
they were directed to wear, and, morto er, to have a 
sword of state carried bifore them ; hut, instead of 
sending, with these patterns, 59,000 merks, which he 
owed, he obliged them to be content with 20,000 in 
full of all demands ; notwithstanding which, when the 
king paid his long promised visit to his Scottish ca- 
pital in 1617, he was received with pomp, and ad- 
dressed with adulation; these placable functionaries, 
upon the 'veiie knees of their harts,' styling him 
the ' perfection of eloquence and the quintessence of 
rulers,' and entertained him with a banqm-t, and pre- 
sented him with a silver basin with 10,000 merks of 
double gold atigels in it. A parliament was imme- 
diately convened, and atnong other acts which it 
gassed was one for the restitution of archbisliops, 
ishops, and chapters. In 1621 an act passed for the 
coping of houses with lead, slate, or tiles, instead of 
thatih, and water was introduced the same year by 
pipes ; three new bells also weie imported frotn Hcd- 
land, two for St. Giles's Church and one fur the Ne- 
therbow Port. March 27th, 1625, closed James's 
career; and on the 31st Charles the First was pio- 
claimed king in his stead ; and in June, 1633, he was 
crowned King of Scotland in the abbey of Holyrood. 
Tlie erection of Edinburgh into a bishopric, and 
an order for the introduction of a liturgy into the 
churches, caused great tumults in the city, result- 
ing in a general assembly at Glasgow in' 1638, by 
which presbyteiianism was immediately restored, 
The treaties of Berwick and Ripon exhibit both the 
hatred of the Scotch to prelacy and the folly of the 
monarch in endeavouring to enforce it. Soon after 
the tieaty of llipon Charles visited Edinburgh, but 
though he was ostentatiously received, his conduct 
during his residence was neither discreet nor grateful. 
The* great rebellion,' as it is termed, broke out shortly 
after, duiing which the 'solemn league and covenant' 
between the two nation^, for the extirpation of pre 
lacy, was signed in the Hitih Church, Edinbuigb, in 
July, 1643, and twelve hundred men were sent, in 
consequence, to assist the English pailiamentary forces 
agaiuijt Charles ; but in 1645, the covenanters beitig 
routed by Monti ose at Kilsyth, Edinburgh was 
threatened with destruction by the marquess, uidess 
the prisoners of the king's party were instantly re- 
leased ; and the city at this moment being desolated 
hy the plague, his demands were complied witli. On 
the 18th of May, 1650, the same Marquess of Montrose 
was biought a prisoner into Edinburgh, and three 
days after was suspended on a gallows at the Cross. 
Averse to republicanism, the Scots proclaimed the 
exiled Charles II as their king, which brought upon 
them the avenging sword of Cromwell ; and in De- 
cemher, 1650, this renowned getiei'al was in possession 
of Edinburgh and its castle, but the magistrates had 
fled to Stirling, the head quarters of Charles, leaviug 


the city to be governed by thirty chosen citizens. Thi 
battle of Worcester having placed the whole of Scot- 
land in the power of Cromwell, commissioners were 
sent by him from England to rule the kingdom, who 
arrived at Dalkeith in January, 1652 ; and from these 
the hnmbled citizens were obliged to obtain con.sent 
ere they could elect new magistiates. Under the 
sway of Cromwell Edinburgh and Leith enjoyed re- 
pose, but so greatly were they impoverished by so 
many years of stiife, that very few of the inhabitants 
were in a condition to pay their debts, and the magis- 
trates were served with a charge of horning for 
£550.000 Scots, which, with difficulty, they obtained 
time to pay. During the period of the commonwealth 
there was a virtual union between the two countries, 
and tnuch salutary reform was introduced in the mu- 
nicipal regulations. The restriration of Charles in 
1660 was hailed by the town council, who, in return 
for a donation of £1,000. made to his majesty, received 
permission to levy a tax upon the citizens of one-third 
of a penny on each pint ot ale, and twopence on each 
pint of wine consumed in the city; indeed, at this 
epoch, both loyalty and disaffection were made pre- 
texts for amercing the citizens, the first being called a 
tax, atid the latter a. fine. Adauj Woodcock, at this 
period, was licensed by the town-council to run a 
each between Edinburgh and Leith, the fare to be 
fouipence each person ; and Baron Bailie, of Brough- 
ton, had a grant made to him of tlie goods and chattels 
of all women condemned for witchciaft. In August, 
1660, the English tribunals gave place to the ancient 
forms of government, and the first parliament in 1661 
rescinded all acts during the last twenty-three years, 
and restored episcopacy. Severities towards the 
preshyteriatis followed, and Scotland, in consequence, 
during the succeeding twenty-seven years, was in a 
state of insurrection and anarchy ; the lawn of the 
prelate was stained with the blood of the piesbyterian, 
and the slaughtered bodies of the covenanters were 
strewed thickly on the land, until at last the mantle of 
Knox proved more invincible than the mail of t"he 
cavalier. The magistracy about this lime, by bribes 
and entertainments, entailed a debt upcm the city 
which to this hour is a vexatious buid-n to its inhabi- 
tants. The Duke of Lauderdale appears to have been 
a prime recipient of the corporation money. Some 
curious specimens of the trifling of the municipal 
fnnctionarii'S occur at this period. Women were for- 
bidden to wear plaids on their heads on pain of seizure. 
The charges made at ' penny weddings' were solemnly 
moderated, and one James Michael Philo, physician, 
is authorised to erect a stage in Edinburgh on which 
to practice his profession, but is discbaiged from any 
performance ni rope dancing, until his claim has been 
examined by the ' master of the revells.' 

In the year 1679, James Duke of York took up his 
abode in Holyrood House, and won the affections of 
the citizens by the gaiety of his court, atid by his con- 
formity to their predilections : balls and masquerades 
were got up by the ladies in his suite, and the novel 
beverage tea v^as introduced to their parties; to the 
popularity acquired by James in this visit may be, in 
some degree, ascribed that zeal for the Stuai t cause 
which was manifested iu 1715 and 1745. In January, 
1685, an equestrian statue of Charles II was ordered 
to be erected in Parliament-close ; and on the 15th of 
February fcdlowing the flagitious original was as cold 
and as lifeless as the statue. A few days afterwards a 
.stage was erected at the Cross, from which the lion 
kitigatarms, attended by all the great functionaties, 
proclaimed King James, and swore unto him alle- 
giance and fealty: the pulpits became rostrums for 
adulation ; and Viscount Melfoit, one of the secreta- 
ries of state, was presented by the obsequious town 
council with a jewel, worth ."500/. sterling, 'for the 
many services he had rendered the city,'— and, three 
days afterwards, with 300/. cash, for deliveiing the 
city address to the king. A few months after the ac- 
cession of James, the citizens beheld the unfoi innate 
Earl of Argyle led ignominiously to the same gallows 
on which Montrose had suffered, a melancholy victim 
to the failure of the Duke of .Monmouth's disastrous 
insurrection. The fact, which afterwards transpired, 
of the earl being indebted to Heriot's hospital to the 
amount of 58,403/. 10*. Scots, threw one ray of light 




upon the previous darkness of his inexplicable con- 
duct; the corporation of Edinburgh was compelled to 
pay the money. The suspension of the test soon dis- 
closed the intentions of the king; and, early in 1686, 
every printer and bookseller in Edinburgh was for- 
bidden by the privy council to print or sell any book 
animadverting on the Romish faith ; but when the of- 
ficer of the privy council waited upon James Glen with 
bis prohibiiion, Glen said he had 'one book in bis 
shop which was all against popery, but which he would 
sell in spite of the mandate.' 'What book is it?' 
inquired the officer. * It is the Bible,' answered 
Glen — ' the worst enemy the church of Rome ever 
fought against.' 

Tumults HOW became rife. The chancellor's lady, 
and other persons of distinction, were insulted as they 
were returning from the celebration of mass ; this led 
to an order from the privy council that one of the riot- 
ers, a journeyman baker, should be whipped through 
the Canongate : the populace rushed to the rescue of 
their martyr, beat the executioner, and continued tu- 
multuous during the night; the king's foot-guards, 
and soldiers from the castle, fired upon them, and a 
woman and two men were killed ; next day several 
of the captive rioters were ordered to be whipped — 
the council, however, took care to have musketeers 
and pikemen in attendance, to prevent the repetition 
of a rescue. A drummer was shot, for having said 
he could find in his heart to run his sword through 
some papists ; and a fencing-master was hanged at 
the Cross, merely for having drank 'confusion to pa- 
pists,' and having likewise expressed his good will 
towards the rioters. Such were the measures of the 
city magistracy, in defiance of the murmurs and dis- 
gust of the citizens; and shortly afterwards we find 
these servile minions assuring the king that they were 
'ready-with their lives and fortnnes to stand by his 
sacred person upon all occasions, and praying the con- 
tinuance of his princely goodness and care towards 
the city.' This fawning was rewarded by the surrender 
to them of the impost upon ale, of which the corpora- 
tion had for some time been robbed by the treasury. 
So zealous, indeed, were the magistrates in the papal 
cause, that one Watson, a popish printer, liavingbeen 
distrained upon for rent, the articles seized were for- 
cibly taken from the officer, and these, with theii 
owner, conveyed to the sanctuary of Holyi'ood ; Wat- 
son was afterwards made king's printer, which ap- 
pointment was continued to his son in the reign of 
Queen Anne. From the records of Fountain Hall we 
find that, *on the 23d of November, 1686, the king's 
yacht arrived at Leith, with the altar, vestments, 
images, priests and tlieir appurtenances, for the popish 
chapel in the abbey of Holyrood. On St. Andrew's 
day the chapel was consecrated bv holy water, and a 
sermon from Wederington. On the 8th of Febiuary, 
1688, Ogstoun, the bookseller, was threatened for 
selling Archbishop Usher's sermons against the 
papists, and the history of the French persecu- 
tions ; and all the copies were taken from him. 
On the 22d March, the rules of the popish college 
in the abbey of Holyrood were published, inviting 
children to be educated gratis. But the landing of 
the Prince of Orange in England changed the scenes 
of this jiautomime. The presbyterians now poured 
into Edinburg h, and the papists rushed out — and 
all was uproar: the Earl of Perth, the chancellor, 
fled the city, and the government fell into the hands 
of the revolutionists. The populace assembled at 
beat of drum in multitudes; the abbey was attacked 
—the assailants were fired upon, and a dozen were 
killed and thrice as many wounded ; this caused 
their retieat; but they quickly reappeared, beaded 
by the magistrates, town guard, train-band, and 
heralds: another skirmish ensued, in which Wal- 
lace and his men were defeated ; the abbey church 
and chapel were ransacked, the college ot Jesuits de- 
stroyed, and the houses of the Roman catholics plun- 
dered ; in short, every symbol of the scorned religion 
existing in the city was extirpated with a fierceness 
approaching to frenzy — even the wynds and closes 
were explored, and many religions houses therein were 
entered and sacked : the only class that remained true 
to the popish cause was the clergy, and they were the 
chief sufferers by the change. The privy council and 

magistrates veered with the shifting wind ; these men, 
who so lately were ready with their lives and fortunes 
to stand by King James, with a baseness unmatched, 
were the first in ' offering their services to the Prince 
of Oiange,' and the loudest in their complaints of the 
'hellish attempts of Romish incendiaries!' 

On March 14th, 1689, assembled the convention of 
estates — the most momentous meeting that Edinburgh 
ever witnessed. It resolved that, James having for- 
feited the crown, it should be offered to William and 
Mary; a second result of their deliberations was the 
memorable ' claim of rights ;' a new election of muni- 
cipal officers was advised, by poll of the burgesses 
paying watching and warding, and liable for other 
public claims ; several ministers were deprived of their 
pulpits for refusing to pray for the new sovereigns; 
the convention became a parliament, and the esta- 
blished religion was declared presbyterian. The pre- 
dicament of Edinburgh at this moment was singularly 
critical : on the one hand was the convention, sur- 
rounded by the masses of its supporters, armed and 
unarmed, iucludini; 6,000 Cameronians from the west; 
on the other was the castle, in the'hands of the Duke 
of Gordon, the partisan of James, and who could, if 
he willed it, make the city a ruin ; numerous violent 
royalists also paraded the streets, with Lord Balcarras 
and the reckless Dundee at their head — the latter, in- 
deed, will) a party of fifty horse waiting his signal for 
mischief. Yet no explosion took place : Dundee quit- 
ted the city tor Perthshire, first clambering up the 
western side of the castle rock to commune with the 
governor. The death of this daring foe on the 17th of 
July, and the surrender of the castle on the 13th of 
June previous, secured the permanency of the salutary 

During the reign of King William, Edinburgh re- 
posed in comparative peace ; but the new civic govern- 
ment became jealous of the college of justice, whose 
members it disarmed : the gaol was filled with the 
disaffected, — among the number were the Lords Bal- 
carras and Kilsyth, and the atrocious Earl of Perth, 
and many acts were perpetrated by the new authori- 
ties, which required more ingenuity than candour 
commonly possesses to defend. Towards the close of 
William's reign a trading speculation to the Isthmus 
of Darien caused six ships to sail out of the Frith of 
Forth, amid the acclamations of multitudes ; and when 
its failure was communicated in March, 1699, the rage 
of the people was ungovernable, as the miscarriage of 
the enterprise was attributed to the influence of the 
king; the prisons were broken open, and manyact<s 
of violence perpetrated before the popular effervescence 

The reign of Queen Anne was signalized by the event 
so momentous to Scotland, the ' act of union.' Alarm- 
ing were the disturbances which manifested the un- 
popularity of the measure, and the period between 
January 11th, 1705, and January 16th, 1707, during 
which it was discussed, was one ot clamour and out- 
rage. The parliament and commissioners were com- 
pelled to seek the protection of the military during the 
ratification of the articles ; many of the prognostica- 
tions of the adversaries of the union were realized ; 
the capital was soon deserted by the higher class of 
its residents, and their expenditure, in consequence, 
transferred to the rival metropolis ; and among other 
causes of regret was the discontinuance of the popular 
city pageant called, the ' riding of parliament,' which 
was a grand and gorgeous procession. From the 1st 
of Rlay, 1707, when the act of union came into opera- 
tion, the aspect of the Scottish capital became strik- 
ingly changed, the city ceased to improve, and its in- 
habitants to be joyous ; for nearly half a century, with 
only three interruptions, Edinburgh reposed listlessly 
and inanimate on its lofty site, as if exhausted by the 
violence of its former excitements. The first distur- 
bance of this slumber occurred in 1715, when two at- 
tempts were made by the Jacobite party to get posses- 
sion of the city, both of which failed. The remarkable 
tumult, known by the appellation of the Porteoua 
mob, was the second, and happened in 1736 : its par- 
ticulars, including the attempted rescue of Wilson, 
the smuggler; the firing upon the mob by Porteous, 
the commander of the civic militia ; his trial, convict 
lion, leprieve, and subsequent execution by the hands 




^igot & €o.*& 

of the rioters ; the arrest of the lord provost for his 
want of precaution, and the fine of £2000. imposed 
upon the city as a compensation to the widow of Por- 
teous, are all fully detailed in Sir Walter Scott's 
' Heart of Mid Lothian ;' and it is not the least ex- 
traordinary circumstance connected with this singular 
affair, that none of the actors in the tragedy have ever 
been discovered, although a large reward was offered. 

The next agitating event was the memorable inva- 
sion of Prince Charles Edward in 1745, to whom the 
city of Edinburgh surrendered, which was followed 
by the proclamation, at the Cross, of James VIII, as 
king of Scotland. The battle of Preston Pans quickly 
succeeded, terminating in favour of the Pretender, 
after a conflict often minutes duration only. After an 
impolitic continuance in the city for six weeks, the 
chevalier departed with 6,000 troops, which, after 
marching and wandering during a period of six months, 
agitated alternately by hope and apprehension, met 
their final overthrow on the plains of Cnllodeu, April 
16th, 1746. Between this period and 1779 few events 
occurred important enough for our brief chronicle. In 
1778 the mutiny of Lord Seaforth's Highland regi- 
ment, on account of their beingordered to India with- 
out payment of some arrears, and a stipulation as to 
the limits of their service, occasioned a considerable 
sensation. The mutineers ascended the lofty eminence 
of Arthur's Seat, where they remained encamped un- 
til an adjustment was effected by Lords Dunmore and 

The eruption of that moral volcano, the Frercli re- 
volution, i;aused, in Scotland, as well as in the sister 
kingdom, a diversity of opinion. Those who hailed 
the emancipation of a great people from vassalage, 
formed associations for the nurture of the principles 
of freedom and ilae diffusion of political knowledge: 
these were watched with jealousy by the British go- 
vernment, ^nd a system of espionage was established, 
the treacherous agents of which incited their victims 
to enthusiastic imprudence, and then betrayed them 
to their employers. Among the number so denounced 
were Messrs. Watt, Downie, Muir, Margarof, and 
Gerald ; the first was convicted and hanged ; the others 
were transported ; Walt had been formerly a govern- 
ment spy. The trials of these gentlemen, and the 
severity of their sentences, shed no lustre upon Scot- 
tish jurisprudence ; but as such transactions, we trust, 
will never more occur, any stronger animadversion 
maybe inexpedient. Jn the latter part of 1811, during 
the period of the * volunteer' mania, the lower class 
of the population having become demoralized and pro- 
fieate, recklessly concocted a plan for the indiscrimi- 
nate plunder of the citizens, and on the last night of 
the year a numerous gang of juvenile desperadoes sal- 
lied forth with bludgeons, and knocked down every 
one whose appearance gave them the chance of a booty. 
Resistance was ineffectual, for the police were routed, 
and High-street and North Bridge-street were, for 
hours, in the possession of the plunderers. Many per- 
sons were dangerously wounded and several mortally. 
Three of the delinquents were executed in High-street, 
after conviction, for murder. The 15th August, 1822, 
will be memorable in the Scottish calendar, being the 
day on which George IV disembarked at the land- 
ing-place of Leith. Our limits will not permit a de- 
tail of the movements of royalty, nor of the pompous 
preparations which were made for its reception : the 
aecoiiiplishment of so much in a period so short, was 
a matter of wonder. Well might the monarch exclaim 
• how superb,' as he gazed upon the magnificence of 
the New Town on one side, the majestic grandeur of 
the Old on the other, and Calton Hill in front, with 
myriads of his Scottish subjects on its sides, and its 
iKonumental tower on its summit. Dalkeith House 
had the honour of his majesty's residence, and Old 
Holyrood that of a levee ; the castle was also in- 
Sjiected, and on Sunday his majesty performed his 
devotions in the High Church. On the 26th, his royal 
presence graced the ball of the Caledonian Hunt, and 
the next day the sovereign witnessed Rob Roy at the 
theatre. Neither must we omit to notice the splendid 
banquet prepared for his majesty in the great hall of 
the Parliament-hou.-e, by the lord provost, inagistuntes, 
and town council : the former received the compliment 
«f a baronetcy. On the 29ihj after partaking of a re- 


past at Hopetoun House, the king embarked on board 
the royal yacht at Port Edgar, near Queensferry, amid 
the cheering acclamations ofthe assembled thousands; 
and thus closed a spectacle which will long live in re- 

We shall close this historical narrative by recording 
three calamitous fires in Edinburgh, both alarming and 
destructive. The first burst forth on the 24th June, 
1824, in Royal Bank close, and progressed until it 
consumed a part of the eastern division of Parliament- 
square, destroying the houses popularly known by the 
name ofthe • Pillars.' The second cimflagiation was 
far more serious : it commenced on the 15th Novem- 
ber, at a house at the head of Old Assembly close, and 
burnt fiercely in the adjoining closes, until it reached 
the 'I'ron church, the steeple of which it destroyed. In 
the evening of the same day, strange to say, a new fire 
was discovered to the westward of the first, by which 
those houses in the Parliament-square left untouched 
by the fire in June, were assailed and destroyed. The 
destruction of property unhappily was not the only 
result of the calamity : several lives became the vic- 
tims, and many persons were wounded. Large con- 
tributions from the benevolent, which were offered 
with alacrity, alleviated much of the distress which 
the disaster had occasioned. 


The ciTV now consists of two parts, called the Old 
Town and the New, singularly contiasted in their 
aspects: I he ancient portion, venerably majectic, co- 
vers an elevated ridge, gently sljoping fiom the rocky 
eminence that sustains the castle, on the west, to the 
base of a group of hills, at the eastern extremiiy, 
named 'Arthur's Seat,' ' Salisbury Crags,' and • the 
Calton Hill;' the modern division gracefully spreads 
itself over a plain, which declines gradually towards 
the north, till it joins the town and port of Leith, on 
the shore ot the Frith of Forth. These two divisions 
are separated by deep hollows or ravines, and the 
main communication is by bridges or mounds thrown 
across them. To the spectator, viewing the city from 
eiiher of the eminences named, the situation appears 
strikingly adapted to afford security in times of discord, 
and to give display to architectural beauty in the happier 
days of peace. For several centuries prior to the year 
1763, Edinburgh had made little effort to enlarge its 
boundaries; but, since that epoch in its history, its 
extension has been marvellous; and Provost Drum- 
mond liad the honour of giving the first impulse to 
this progiession, when, on the 21st of October, in the 
year just mentioned, he laid the first stone of the 
'North bridge,' the completion of which formed a 
ready connexion with the site which the New Town 
now occupies ; the North Loch, which this bridge be- 
strides, had been previously drained. In 1767, an act 
was passed for extending the royalty over the fields 
to the north : the New Town was immediately com- 
meiiced, and the buildings proceeded with so much 
rapidity, that, in 1778, St. Andiew's square, and the 
streets in direct junction with it, were nearly finished ; 
since which, streets, squares, places, terraces, cres- 
cents, circuses, and public edifices, have arisen in 
rapid succession, wholly built of stone — an assemblage 
which, for regularity and beauty , will bear a comparison 
with the most magnificent cities of Europe. This 
northern district, usually denominated the NewTown, 
now consists of three parts : the first, that which was 
commenced in 1763, and has been completed; the 
others, those additional buildings, erected or erecting, 
to the east, west, and north of the former. The first 
of these divisions, which stands upon the horizontal 
ridge on the north side of the Old Town, is laid out 
in the form of a parallelogram. The principal longitu- 
dinal streets are three — Piinces-street, George-street, 
and Queen-street; and these are intersected by six 
others. George-street, which is 115 feet broad, has, 
perhaps, no rival in the grandeur of its appearance, 
the elegance of its architecture, or its exact unifor- 
mity: on the east il is lerminated by a beautiful square, 
called St. Andrew's ; on the west by another, of most 
superb buildings, named Charlotte-square; and it is 
ornamented by two statues, executed by Chantry, one 
of George IV, the other of Mr, Pitt. In the centre of 




St. Andrew's-squate stands the elegant colnmii, erected 
by subscription, cliiefly of naval officers, to the me- 
mory of the late Lord Melville: this noble pillar, 
the design of whicli was copied chiefly from Trajan's 
column at Rome, was begun in April, 1821, and com- 
pleted in August, 1822; the entire height of the pedes- 
tal and pillar is 136 feet 4 inches, and the statue on 
the top 14 feet additional ; tlie internal staircase con- 
sists of 192 steps. That part of the North Loch which 
lies to the west of the mound was inclosed in 1821 ; 
the ground was drained, planted with trees, thrubs 
and flowers, and walks formed. Queen-street gardens, 
comprising the space between Queen-street and Aber- 
crombie-place, had, previously to this period, been laid 
out, by the proprietors of tlie houses, in a shrubbery 
with walks, though an act of pailiament for this pur- 
pose was not procured till 1822. The central street of 
the second new town is called Great King-street, and 
is terminated, like George-street, by large open areas; 
one of these is named Drummond-place, the other the 
Royal circus. A third section of the New Town occu- 
pies the site formerly the park of the Earl of Moray, 
between Charlotte-square and the water of Leith, com- 
prising Moray-place, Ainslie-place, Randolph crescent, 
and many superb streets. A noble bridge of four arches 
has lately been erected in this vicinity, across the water 
of Leith, called Dean-bridgr, opening a communica- 
tion from Queensferry-street to the parks on the other 
side, in which detached villas are rising, with pleasure 
grounds and shrubberies attached. The Eastern New 
Town comprehends the erections contiguous to the 
greatly improved Leith-vvalk, including the two mag- 
nificent terraces, and the crescent encircling Calton- 
hill, which towers above, bearing on its summit its 
observatory and a pompous group of monumental 
architecture. In a line with Princes-street is the grand 
approach to X\it city by the Regent's-bridge, which be- 
strides the unsightly district called the Low Calton. 
The act of parliamei)t authorising the erection of this 
bridge, and the formation of the road, the most splen- 
did of the recent improvements of Edinburgh, was 
passed in 1814 ; the bndge was finished in March, 1819. 
The arch over the Low Calton is 50 feet wide, 45 feet 
in height on the north side, and 54 feet on the south ; 
the roadway is formed of reversed arches, which sup- 
port the rocky materials of which it is composed ; the 
bridge is ornamented at its centre by Corinthian pil- 
lars and open arches in the line of the adjoining build- 
ings, called Waterloo-place; on the north side is the 
Waterloo Hotel, built, by subscription, at an expense 
of 30,000/., and to the east is the post-office. The 
Southern District of the city occupies the rising ground 
on the opposite side of the central ridge. The build- 
inns in this quarter contain a mixture of the ancient 
and modern styles of architecture : of the former de- 
scription are the suburbs of Potter-row and Pleasance ; 
of the latter are George's-square, Brown's-square, and 
Arnyle-square. George's-square, by far the most ex- 
tensive of any in this quarter, is 570 feet by 500 ; it is 
neatly decorated with shrubberies and flower borders. 
In the neighbourhood are elegant mansions, genteel 
streets, and pleasant walks. 

The Old Town of Edinburgh has been so largely 
noticed in the preceding article, that it will not be 
necessary to siy much about it here. The loftiness of 
its houses, built entirely of stone, the length and width 
of its main line of streets, and the elevation of its 
castle, give it an air of solemn grandeur; and those 
persons that have visited the towns on the continent 
will be struck with the similarity of its aspect to very 
many in France and the Netherlands. The Lawn- 
market, High-street and Canongate form a continuous 
line between the castle to the palace of Holyrood, 
5,570 feet in length, and varying from 90 to" 50 in 
breadth. From this line descend, in parallel lines, 
countless numbers of allevs and lanes, called closes 
and wynds ; the latter only will admit of the passage 
of a carriage ; very many of each, especially of the for- 
mer, are steep, narrow, dark and filthy. South Biidge- 
street and Nicholson-street is a second handsonie line, 
running in a southern direction fioni High-street, or- 
namented by the university, the college of surgeons, 
and other respectable structures. The town declines 
gradually from the castle, so that the parts near Holy- 
rood are compaiativcly low. 

In every part of the city vestiges may be discovered 
of bygone days, and specimens of the architecture of 
different periods, a few of whicli will be noticed here- 
after. The venerable and beautiful cross, once stand- 
ing on the south side of High-street, mar the High 
CImrch, has long since been removed ; so also have 
thetoUbooth (or' the Hearluf ftlid-Lotliian'), the Ne- 
therbow port, the Old guard, the Luckenbootlis, and 
tlie venerable edifices in Parliament-close; the five 
former were demolished by man, the latter by fire. 
The stranger, on entering the Old Town, by tliC 
earthen mound, cannot but be struck with the altitude 
of the houses towering before him to the height of 
nine stories. To the left is the noble building ap- 
propriated to the Bank of Scotland. 


John Knox's House. — This venerable habitation, 
once occupied by the dauntlt^ss reformer, Knox, is a 
conspicuous object in passing from High-street to- 
wards the Canongate, as it projects at the terminating 
corner of the former, narrowing the street several 
feet at the point called the Netherbow. On its angle 
there is placed a small bust of this stern opposer ot 
popery and prelacy, stretching forth his arras from a 
pulpit, and pointing to a stone above, on which is the 
name of the Deity in Greek, Latin, and English ; and 
it is recorded that he often preached from one of the 
many windows which enlighten this ancient but not 
inelegant bnilding- 

Earl of Moray's Home. — This handsome mansion 
stands not far from the above, on the south side of the 
Canongate, and is commonly called ' Regent Murray's 
House,' but the style of the edifice is in too good 
taste for that age : it was probably erected during the 
reign of James VI or Charles 1, and occupied by the 
Earls of Moray, and subsequently by lord chancellor 
Seafield, which occasioned many meetings to be held 
here during the deliberations opon the great question 
of the Union, and many of the signatures to the ratifi- 
cation of the treaty were affixed in the summer-house 
of the garden, now a hot-house, a drawing of which 
is given in some editions of Sir Walter Scott's Tales 
of a Grandfather. In the gaiden, at the back of the 
house, grows a venerable thorn of uncommon size, 
which tradition affirms was planted by Queen Mary; 
but this, from the modern aspect of the mansion, is 
questionable. The house is now in the occupation of 
a jiaper manufacturer. 

Palace of Mary of Guise. — The wreck of this struc- 
ture, once trnanted by the queen of James V, regent 
of Scotland in 1550, now forms Blyth's-close, on the 
north side of the Castle-hill, consisting of a group of 
the most squalid and wretched tenements in tlie Old 
Town: the building on the right, at the bottom, was 
the oratory, and that on the left was the principal 
section of the palace : over the doorway a cypher, 
farmed out of her initirtls, is still to be traced, atid the 
inscription Laus et honor Deo. A house, surrounded 
by a grove, stands near the same spot, built byAilau 
Ramsay, the poet, and aftei wards occupied by his son, 
portrait painter to George III. Within an obsure 
court, in the Westbow, still exists the former abode 
of Major Weir, the reputed wizard, who was burnt 
in 1678, a name still held in abomination by the 
Scottish peasantry ;. and on the opposite side of West- 
bow is a house, divided into many paltry tenements, 
but which, prior to this subdivision, contained rooms 
capacious enough for balls and entertainments during 
its occupation by the noble family of Somerville, 
whose arms and motto, In Domino confido, still ap- 
pears above the doorway. In the centre of the wide 
street called the Grass-market, the paving stones are 
arranged in the form of a small St. Andrew's cross, to 
mark the spot on which stood the fatal ' gallows- 
tree' during the century previous to 1785 ; and also 
whence the spirit of many a martyr to tlie cause of 
presbytery has winged its way to glory, during that: 
persecuting period when Charles II and James II 
attempted to force prelacy upon its scoriiers. To the 
west of Candlemaker-row is the cemetery of the 
Grevfiiars Church, formerly the Scottish Westminster 
Abbey, and still the chit f burial-place of Edinburgh : 
George Buchanan, Sir George Mackenzie, Colin Mac- 
laurii), Allan Ramsav, Adam, the architect, Robertson, 



^ipt $C ©D.'j5 

the historian, Blair, author of the popular sermons, 
and Alexander Henderson, chief delegate to the great 
Westminster assembly, and author of the 'Assembly's 
Catechism,' are a few of the eminent men whose bo nes 
lie mouldering here. 

Edinburgh Castle is siiuate on the western and 
rugged extremity of the central hill, on which the 
ancient part of the city is built. The area of the rock, 
on which the castle stands, measures abotit seven 
statute acres. It is elevated 383 feet above the level 
i)f the sea, aud is accessible only on the eastern side, 
the others being nearly perpendicular. Wiihiii are 
several batteries, magazines, store rooms, arsenals 
for upwards of 30,000 stand of arms, barracks con- 
taining lodgings for 2,000 men with their officers, and 
every other requisite for the mustering and accom- 
modation of a numerous ganison. In a small room 
on the ground floor, Mary, Queen of Scots, was 
delivered, on the 19th of June, 1566, of her only sou 
James VI, afterwards James I of England, in whom 
were united the crowns of the two kingdoms. In an 
apartment, in this quarter, called the crown-room, 
are deposited the Scottish regalia, consisting of the 
crown, scepire, and sword of state, which were placed 
here on the 26th of March, 1707. They are of elegant 
workmanship, and in perfect preservation. The 
crown is of pure gold, liighiy ornamented with pre- 
cious stones. The sceptre is of silver double-gilt, with 
a stem two feet long, of an hexagonal form, divided 
by three buttons or knobs. It is surmounted with, a 
crystal globe two inches and a quarter in diameter ; 
its whole length is thirty-four inches. The sword of 
state is five feet long, and of exquisite workmanship. 
The pommel and hilt are silver gilt, and fifteen inches 
in length ; the traverse is seventeen inches and a half. 
The scabbard is of crimson velvet, and richly orna- 
mented. This sword was presented by Pope Julius II 
to James IV. The lord treasurer's rod of office is of 
silver gilt, and of beautiful execution. Edinburgh 
castle has a governor, generally a native nobleman, a 
deputy-governor, who resides within the walls, a fort 
major, store-keeper, master-gunner, and two chap- 
lains. Queen Margaret, the widow of Malcolm Can- 
more, died here in 1093, a few days after Iter husband 
was slain ; and in the same year it was besieged by 
Donald Bane, brother to King Malcolm, assisted by 
the Norwegians. In 1174 it was delivered up to the 
English, together with many other strong holds, but 
shortly after restored. In 1239 the daughter of Henry 
III of England, marrying Alexander III, had this 
castle assigned for her residence. During the contest 
between Bruce and Baliol in 1296, the castle was 
besieged and taken by the English ; but in 1313 it was 
re-taken by Sir Thomas Randolph, when King Robert 
Bruce caused it, with the other recovered fortresses, 
to be demolished. It remained in ruins, till King 
Edward III gave orders for its being rebuilt, and 
placed a strong garrison in it. In 1341 it was sur 
prised by William Douglas. During the reign of 
Robeit 111, the burgesses of Edinburgh had the 
singular privilege conferred upon them of erecting 
dwellings within the castle, subject to no other limi- 
tation, than that they should be persons of good fame 
The castle of Edinburgh has, at different times, served 
not only for the residence, but also for the prison of 
the Scottish monarchs. Thus James il, in the year 
1438, was detained here by Sir William Crichton, the 
chancellor. Here, too, William, the sixth Earl of 
Douglas, was basely murdered by Crichton, who 
envied his riches and dreaded his power. James III 
'was also confined in this castle by his subjects for 
nine months, till he was released, in the year 1482, by 
the Duke of Albany, who, assisted by the citizens of 
Edinburgh, surprised the castle. In 1573, this fortress 
was held for the unfortunate Queen Mary, at that 
time a prisoner in Fotheringay castle, by the faithful 
aud heroic Kirkaldy of Grange, who resolutely 
defended it, for thirty-three days, against the united 
efforts of the Scots and English. When the fortifica- 
tions were battered down, the blockhouse on the 
east taken by assault, every supply of waterexhausted, 
and the garrison in a mutiny, he made an honourable 
capitulation. In 1650 ihe castle sustained a siege of 
above two months against the parliamentary army, 
copimanded by Cromwell, ' and, at k'jt, yielded on 


honourable terms. After the resignation of James II, 
at the close of 1668, it was long held for him by the 
Duke of Gordon, with a weak and ill provided garri- 
son. In 1715 an unsuccessful attempt was made by 
the rebels to surprise this fortress ; and in 1745, 
althoui^h the Highlanders were masters of the town, 
they did not venture to attack this post. During the 
late war a number of French prisoners was confined 
in it ; and his late majesty, while on his visit to Edin- 
burgh, went in procession to the castle. In March, 
1829, the ancient piece of ordnance called ' Mons 
Meg' was restored, having been removed from the 
fortress in 1754. This curious gun is supposed to 
have been fabricated at Mons in the fifteenth century. 
Although now useless, it is held in high estimation, 
and an elegant new carriage was lately sent from 
Woolwich on which it is now mounted. 

The Palace of Holyrood House stands at the 
eastern extremity of the city, and at the bottom of 
that part of the High-street, called the Canongate. It 
is a beantiful building, of a quadrangular form, with 
an open court, which is ninety- four feet square in 
the centre. The more ancient parts of this magnifi- 
cent? edifice, consisting of the north-west towers, 
were built by James V, about the year 1528 ; though 
it seems to have been a royal residence for ages before. 
During the minority of Queen Mary, the Palace of 
Hoylrood House was burnt, as well as the city, by the 
English forces under the Earl of Hertford. Soon 
after it was repaired, and enlarged beyond its present 
size. At that time it is said to have consisted of no 
fewer than five courts, the most westerly of which 
was the largest. Great part of the Palace of Holy- 
rood House was burnt by the soldiers of Cromwell; 
but, at the Restoration, it was again repaired, and 
altered into its present form by King Charles 11. 
The paintings of the Scottish monarchs were much 
defaced by the English soldiers in 1745. In the same 
year Prince Charles Stuart took up his residence for 
some time in this mansion of his forefathers; and 
hither the inhabitants of Edinburgh repaired to pay 
the contribution levied on the city. Of this palace 
the Dnke of Hamilton is hereditary keeper. He has 
apartments within it, as have also several others of 
the Scottish nobility ; notwithstanding which, a great 
part of the building remained uninhahited, till, in 
1793, apartments were fitted up for tlie residence of 
the Compte D'Artois, the Dues' D'Angouleme and 
Berri, and others of the French exiled nobility. And, 
in 1831, the Compte D'Artois returned to his old 
apartments, after an absence of thirty years, under 
the title of Charles X, King of France, with several of 
his family, but soon quitted them, and departed for 
Germany, where he died in 1836. Previously to the 
visit of George IV to Scotland, the apartments in the 
palace were fitted up for his use; and, though he 
resided at Dalkeith, a levee, drawing-room, and 
meetings of privy council, Vvere held here. The apart- 
ments of the Queen of Scots and the chapel are 
shown to visiters ; the former contain her bed, 
several articles of her furniture, pieces of needle- 
work by her own fingers, &c. The armour also, and 
the boots and gloves which Darnley wore when he 
slew Rizzio, are placed in the small apartment in 
which the deed was done. Adjacent to the palace 
stand the ruins of the church, which belonged to 
the abbey of Holyrood House. In 1128 David I 
founded this abbey by a charter, the original of 
which is in the archives of the city; it was bestowed 
on the canons regular of St. Augustine, who had 
also granted to them the church of Edinburgh 
Castle, with those of St. Cuthbert, Corstorphine, and 
Libberton, in the county of Mid-Lothian, and of 
Airth, in Stirlingsliire ; the priories otSt. Mary's Isle, 
in Galloway; of Blantyre, in Clydesdale ; ofRowadill, 
in Ross ; and three others in the Western Islands. 
They had also portions of land assigned them in dif- 
ferent parts, with a most extensive jurisdiction' ; and 
so many other grants and privileges were hestowed ot» 
this abbey, that it was deemed the richest foundation 
in Scotland. In 1177 a national council was held in 
this abbey, on the arrival of a papal legate, to take 
cognizance of a dispute between the English and 
Scottish clergy, as to the submission of the latter to 
the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the English prelates. 




In 1332 the army of Edward plnndered it ; and it was i offices for the sheriff, sheriffs clei ks, &c. The build 

burnt, in 1383, by the forces of Richard II. hi 1544, 
during the irruption of the Earl of Hertford, the 
abbey was nearly reduced to ashes, and nothing was 
left but tlie nave, of wliich the ruins still remain. At 
the Reformation and Revolution it equally suffered, 
and ill 1768 the roof fell in. The Royal Chapel is 
built of free-stone, and is of an oblong form, about 148 
feet from east to west, and 66 from north to south. 
This was the nave of the original church, which, 
wlien entire, consisted of a centre and two aisks. 1 n 
the south-east corner of the chapel is the royal vault, 
in which were deposited the remains of David II, 
James 11, Prince Arthur, third son of James IV, 
James V and hisconsoit, Mngdalen, with their second 
son, Arthur, Duke of Albany, and Henry Lord Darn- 
ley. This repository of the royal dead did not escape 
the fury of the Revolution ; part of the leaden coffins 
was then carried away, and the remainder at the 
clearing out of the rubbifSh, after the roof fell, in 1768. 
The area of the church is used as a cemetery. Tlie 
precincts of the abbey of Holyrood Honse, including 
an extensive part enclosed by James V, are a sancinary 
for insolvent debtors. In the lane called Gray's-close 
stands the little court of buildings formerly occupied 

by the Mint of Scotland. They were erected in 1574, 

but no money has been struck since the union of the 

two kingdoms ; the officers are, however, still main- 
tained. The first coins seem to have been struck in 

Scotland in the time of Alexander 1, who commenced 

his reign in 1107. These coins were thin pieces of 

silver, csiWed pennies ; and this was the silve«- coin in 

use until the reign of Queen Mary, who introduced 

reals or royals, afterwards called crowns. The oldest 

gold coins bear the name of Robert, but whether of 

Robert 1 is not fully ascertained. James V, in his 

bonnet-pieces, contracted the surface and increased the 

thickness of the coinage. The general names for gold 

coin in Scotland was florins or nobles, and lions. 

When copper money was first coined in Scotland is 

uncertain ; James III however, in 1466, procured an 

act from his first parliament for coining copper money, 

four to the penny. Pennies, worth one-twelfth of an 

English penny, were coined by James VI, and two- 
penny pieces, or baubees, after the Restoration. To 

the prince formerly belonged the exclusive right of 

coining money, and all mines of gold and silver; but 

the manufacture of currency was not confined to the 

capital, as many coins bear the name of Aberdeen, 

Perth, Stirling, Dundee, Linlithgow, and Dumbarton. 

The principal instruments used in coining, before the 

Restoration (when the mill and screw were intro- 
duced), were a hammer and steel dies. It is conjec- 
tured that the total sum of money in circulation, at I the twelve days of their assembling 

ing was finished in 1819, at an expense of £15,000. 


The established churches of Edinburgh are main- 
tained and erected out of the funds of the burgh ; 
fiom the same source, and from the port dues at Leiih 
and Port Hopetoun, the stipends of the ministers are 
derived. These stipends, together with those of the 
precentors, amount to nearly £11,000. per annum, to 
meet which a fax is levied by the town council of six 
per cent, on the house rents, besides the rent derived 
from the pews, and notwithstanding the surplus which 
these sources produce, the council have the power of 
imposing an additional cess for the erection of new 

St. Giles's Church.— This capacious and venerable 
metropolitan chuich stands on an elevated site in the 
High-street, forming one side of Parliament-square ; 
and before the alterations and repairs, about six years 
since, its shape was cruciform, and dimensions as fol- 
low : — Length, from east to west, 206 feet ; breadth, 
at the centre, 129 feet ; at the west end, 110 ; and at 
the east 76 feet. A square turret rises from the centre, 
and from each corner of the tower springs the section 
of an arch, which, meeting together, present the ap- 
pearance of a crown ; these arches are ornamented 
with pinnacles, and from the apex rises a small spire, 
the summit of which is 161 feet in height, and may be 
seen from a great distance. The late renovation of 
the church has altered a little its original form as well 
as its dimensions. Of St. Giles, the patron saint, little 
more is known than that he was born in Greece, in 
the sixth century, and died in France, after living so 
saintly a life as to make it worth while to have one of 
his arm bones enshrined in silver and deposited 
in the church. This venerable fabric has witnessed 
many changes around and within. The liturgy dis- 
placed the mass, and the ritual of the presbytery has 
superseded both. The date of its foundation is uncer- 
tain : it is first noticed in 1359, when David II granted 
some lands to one of its officiating ministers. In 1466 
it was created a collegiate church by James III. Soon 
after the restoration, St. Giles's was divided into four 
distinct places of worship, and it was despoiled of all 
its precious relics : it now consists of three separate 
churches, the chief of which is designated the High 
Church, wherein the civil, judicial, and ecclesiastical 
dignitaries are accustomed to worship. It is proper 
to mention that the government contributed £10,000. 
towards the recent alterations. The general assembly 
hold their annual meetings in this church in the month 
of May, to which they proceed daily in state during 

the Union, amounted to upwards of'^£900,000. sterling. 

The Parliament House, where the ancient Scot- 
tish parliament sat, is a spacious hall, 122 feet long, 
and 49 broad : the ceiling is of massive carved oak, 
and the floor is also of oak, arranged in panels. The 
great southern window is of stained glass, in which is 
introduced a figure of Justice; and at the north end 
stands a colossal statue of Lord Melville, in white 
marble. Within this hall the grand banquet was 
given by the magistrates to the late George IV, in 
1822 : it is now called the ' outer house,' and is usually 
occupied by the Lords Ordinary, and those having 
business in court. In one of the adjoining courts is a 
statue, by Roubillac.of Lord President Forbes, erected 
in 1752; and in one adjacent is another of the late 
Lord President Blair. This noble hall, with the 
libraries of the advocates and the writers to the signet, 
the justiciary, exchequer, and jury courts, and the 
bank of Sir William Forbes, form a group called Par- 
liament-square, in the centre of which is an equestrian 
statue of Charles II, erected in 1685. 

The New County Hall stands at the western extre- 
mity of the new library rooms of the advocates and 
writers to the signet. The general plan is taken from 
one of the finest models of antiquity, the temple of 
Erectheus, in Athens, while the principal entrance is 
taken from the Choragic monument of Thrasyllus. 
The length of the eastern front is nearly 103 feet, and 
of the northern front 57. The principal floor contains 
alareehall,50feetby 27; a court-room, 44 feet by 30, 
each 28 feet high ; a committcc-room, &c. Above arc 

Trinity College Church, at the east end of the 
North Loch, was founded by Mary of Gueldres, widow 
of James II. The fine Gothic style in which the choir, 
the central tower, and the cross of the church, were 
erected, causes regret that the whole was not finished. 
The church was once collegiate, and this elegant edi- 
fice, after undergoing a thorough repair, was opened 
for divine worship on the 18th June, 1815. 

New and Old Grey friars' Churches. — The Old Grey- 
friars' Church, which is situated in the Grass-market, 
was founded in the year 1612. The spire, which was 
used as a powder-magazine, was unfortunately de- 
stroyed by an explosion on the 7th of May, 1718. The 
magistrates finished a new church at the western end 
of the old one in 1721, at an expense of £3,045. Ro- 
bertson, the celebrated historian of Charles V, once 
officiated asministerof this united church. The burial- 
ground has already been pointed out as an object of 

The Tron Church, so called from a tion or weigh- 
ing-machine which formerly stood near it, is situated 
in the High-street, at the corner of South Bridge- 
street. An inscription over the door-way informs the 
reader that it was formerly called Christ Church, and 
consecrated in 1641, The front, towards High-street, 
is handsome, with a main and two side door-ways, 
with semi-Gothic windows, and the base of a turret in 
the centre, ornamented with pilasters. The original 
steeple was destroyed by fiie in 1824, and the present; 
very ornamental one was erected ill 1828, The clock 
is illuminated after sun-set. 




iligot & ^0/j5 

Lady Tester's Church, nearly opposite to the Roynl 
Infirmary, was originally founded in 1647, principally 
by the munificence of Margaret Ker, Lady Yesier. It 
was talien down in 1803, and the present elegant 
Gothic buildinet was erected on its site. 

Ludy Glenorchy's Chaper\^ a plain structure, founded 
by that pious lady in the year 1772. It stands at the 
footof Leith wynd, and is now in connexion with the 
presbytery, but within it the communion is celebrated 
six times a year. 

Canungate Church, a Gothic building in the form of 
a cross, founded in 1688, was built at the expense of 
£2,400. from a lejjacy left by one Thomas Moodie, a 
pious citizen of Edinburgh. This church has two mi- 
nisters, one nominated by the crown, the other by the 
town council and inhabitants of iiie Canongate. Many 
distinguished persons repose in the church-yard ; 
Adam Smith, Dugald Stewart, and Ferguson, the poet, 
among the number. The gravestone of the latter was 
placed here by the poet Burns. The vi^iter will be 
struck by the rows of iron coffins which appear here 
on the surface of the ground. 

St. Cuthbert's Church, or the JVest Kirk, situate 
near the foot of the rock on which the castle stands, 
has nothing particular to recommend it to notice, ex- 
cept that it is considered to be the largest place of 
worship in Edinburgh. It has two tiers of galleries. 
The burial ground is spacious, and many of the mo- 
numents are costly. There are three tasteful chapels 
of ease subordinate to this cliurch : the first was erec- 
ted in 1757, at tlie Cross causeway; a second stands 
on the west side of Clerk-street; and a third near 
Stockbridge, in the New Town. — Clerk-street Church, 
which is a chapel of ease to St. Cuthbert's, was erected 
in 1823 : it has a handsome spire, one hundred and 
ten feet high, furnished with a clock and bells. The 
church will contain 1,800 auditors; the principal 
front is of Grecian architecture, and is a pleasing ob- 
ject to the stranger, as he enters the city by the Car- 
lisle road. 

5^ Andrew's Church stands on the north side of 
George-street, in the New Town, it is surmounted 
with a fine tapering spire, 168 feet high, in which is a 
chime of eight bells. The whole is elegantly finished. 
The church is an oval. 

5/. George's Church, on the west side of Charlotte- 
square, forms the terminating object of George-street. 
The dome, which is seen to advantage in almost every 
direction, was intended as a miniature representation 
of that of St. Paul's. The building cost £33,000, and 
is calculated to contain 1,600 people. 

St. Mary's Church is the central ornament of Belle- 
vue crescent ; it has a Corinthian portico, and an ele- 
sant spire, 186 feet iiigh. The church will contain 
1,800 people. 

5^ Stephen's Church stanJs in St. Vincent-street ; 
its architecture is in the mixed Roman style ; its shape 
octagonal, with a tower 162 feet high, it co»t 21,000/. 
and will accommodate 1,500 auditors ; it is of recent 

St. Paul's Chapel is an unpretending building in 
Nicolson-street, which was opened for divine worship 
on Sunday, the 4th of December, 1836. — Dean Church 
was opened May, 1836, and is a tasteful structure. — 
St. David's Church, Gardner's- crescent, is a handsome 
chapel of ease to St. Cuthbert's. — A new church is 
building in Young-sireet. — The Gaelic Chapel, the 
service of which is pei formed in the Gaelic tongue, is 
situated in North College-street, and is a chapel of 
ease under the direction of the presbytery. 

Scottish Episcopal Church. — This communion 
possesses six chapels in Edinburgh, several of which 
are very neatly ornamented, and within these the ser- 
vice is conducted after the ritual of the church of 
England. Scotland is divided by this body into six 
diocesses, over which preside the same number of ti- 
tular bishops ; that of Edinburgh includes Glasgow 
and Fife. The clergy are mainly supported from the 
produce of the pew rents. 

St. Paul's Chapel, Carubber's-close.— This is the 
oldest episcopal chapel in Edinburgh ; it certainly ex- 
isted in 1734, and perhaps much earliei- ; it waslong 
the chief place of worship for the Jacobites in the last 
century ; it is very plain, and has an organ. — St. Peter's 
Chapel is iu Roxburgli-pltice, and is a plain modern 


building, with an organ. — St. John's Chapel, at the 
west end of Princes-street, is in the florid Gothic 
style, with a tower 120 feet in height ; it was finished 
in 1817, at a cost of 15,000/. The eastern window is 
of stained glass, as are also the windows above the 
pillars ; and as this is the chapel in which ordinations 
take place, the interior is fitted up with appropriate 
conveniences and much elegance ; "the west end pos- 
sesses a fine organ and a choir. — St. Paul's Chapel, 
York-place, is also Gothic, with four octagonal towers 
at its angles; it has buttresses surmounted with pin- 
nacles. The conspicuous situation which it occupies, 
at the corner of York-place and Broughton-street, is 
felicitous for the display of its beauty. In one of its 
four turrets hangs a bell formerly used in the chapel- 
royal of Holyrood. The organ is considered the finest 
in Scotland ; it was built in Germany. This chapel 
was erected in 1818, and cost 12,000/. — St, George's 
Chapel stands at the south side of York-place, and is 
singularly fasiiioned ; it is nearly circular, and very 
low, and was elected in 1794. Grahame, the antlior 
of 'The Sabbath,' was a candidate for its ministerial 
duties. — St. James's Chapel is an ordinary structure, 
at the north-west coiner of Broughton-place. 

United Secession Church. — This respectable 
body of presbyterian dissenters has a presbytery and 
synod in Edinburgh, and numerous congregations; 
their most conspicuous chapels are the following: — 
Nicholson-street Chapel is on the west side of Nichol- 
son-street, and its lofty Gothic front is very command- 
ing; the fine Saxon arch of the doorway springs from 
two sculptured human heads. For many years. Dr. 
Jamieson, the compiler of the 'Scottish Dictionary,' 
was the minister of this numerous congregation. — 
Broughlon-placeChapelh a modern Grecian-order edi- 
fice, with a portico and Doric columns ; it will contain 
1,600 worshippers. — Rose-street Ghapelia a handsome 
building, in the eastern division of Rose-street, and 
is very capacious. — Colgate Chapel was formerljj epis- 
copalian : since the change of its proprietary it has 
been considerably improved and altered ; but the line 
paintings in the recess at the eastern side, by Runci- 
man, have been preserved. The other chapels are in 
Bristo-street, Potter-row, Portsburgh, Stockbiidge, 
and Lothian-road. 

The Associate Synod of Original Seceders has 
also a presbytery in Edinburgh, and two congrega- 
tions ; one in Infirmary-street, the other in Richmond- 
street. The congregation assembling in the latter were 
honoured by having for thtir pastor the late Dr. 
M'Crie, the admirable biographer of Knt.x and Mel- 
ville. The Synod of Belief, and Original Burgher 
Associate Siino4, have likewise congregations, which, 
with those belonging to other denominations of dis- 
senters, will be mentioned hereafter, together with 
the names of their respective ministers. They in- 
clude baptists, independents, Glassites, Bereans, 
unitarians, friends, New Jerusalem church, and 
methodists ; there is also a jews' synagogue. 

The principal Roman Catholic chapel occupies a site 
near York-place, in Broughton-street, and is a hand- 
some Gothic edifice. It was built by subscription, in 
1813, and cost 8,000/. It has a very fine organ ; and 
above the altar is an excellent painting, by Vandyke, 
representing a dead Saviour. There is also a second 
chapel, of smaller dimensions, near Lotiiian-Street ; 
and a third at Saint Margaret's convent. 


College of Justice.— Tins incorporated body, consti- 
tuted in 1532, as has been stated in our historical 
narrative, comprehends all the functionaries connected 
with the supreme courts, including the judges (who 
are styled its senators), the faculty of advocates, 
writers to the signet, advocates' first clerks, clerks to 
the judges, extractors, and the keepers of the different 
departments. This important body, among other 
privileges, enjoys that of exemption from the assess- 
ments of the town-council, originally conferred to 
induce a permanent silting of the, court in Edinburgh. 

The Court of Session.— 'i-\us, the highest civil court 
in Scotland, is both a court of law and of equity, in 
which preside thirteen judges, separated into first and 
second divisions ; in the former six lords, and in the 
latter seven. The presiding judge in the first division 




is ilie lord president, and, in the second division, tlie 
lord chief justice clcik. From the first division are 
detrtched two lords, with the title of 'lords ordinary ;' 
from the second three. To one or otlier of tliese 
ordinaries all cases come in the first instance, but can 
be carried, by appeal, to the collective lords of the 
* inner house,' as it is termed, but to that division only 
to which the ordinary was attached who first toolt 
cognizance of the case. The office of 'lord ordinary 
of the bills' is held, for a specified time, by one of the 
judges, or, during vacation, it is taken in rotation by 
all except the presidents. Tiiis high funrtionary sits 
pernirtnently, either at his residence, or in the Bill- 
chamber, at the Register House, exercising the func- 
tions of supreme magistrate in all civil matters ; and 
as all warrants require the sanction of the court of 
session before his majesty's signet is affixed, they are 
brought, in the shape of what is technically called 
' bills,' to this lord ordinary, or his deputy, for assent, 
by which means he can suspend or affirm the judgment 
of inferior courts ; he also grants deliverances or 
sequestrations, under the Bankrupt Act, daring the 
recess of the court. By a recent Act the power of 
trial by jury is conferred on the court of session, to 
the extent of trying issues as to matters of fact. The 
presiding judges on jury trials are one or more of the 
judges of session, and n lord commissioner. The 
court of session has a winter terinoffour mouths, 
and a summer term of two, but there is a month's 
recess at Christmas. Appeals from the judgment of 
this court can be carried to the House of Lords. The 
Teind Court is held every alternate Wednesday during 
term, and has the powerof regulating and enforcing 
the payment of tithes or teinds ,- for as the clergy 
cannot themselves exact their tithes, which are ob- 
tained from the landholders, and not the tenants, it 
is through the medium of this court only that they 
receive them. The judges of the court of session are 
also those of this court, nine being a quorum. 

The High Court of Justiciary is the supreme 
criminal court, and sits every Monday during session, 
and also daring holidays : it is presided over by a 
•lord justice general ;' but this office, being a sinecure, 
is to be abolished on the death of the present holder. 
The first efficient judge is styled the ' lord justice 
clerk,' subordinate to whom are five other judges, who 
are also lords of session. During the vacation in the 
court of session the commissioners of justiciary pro- 
ceed on circuits. The causes which come before this 
court are tried by a jury of fifteen persons, a majority 
of whom decide the issue, from which there is no 
appeal. — The Commissary Court. Since the year 1830 
the duties which this court formerly performed have 
been transferred to the court of session ; still, how- 
ever, a few commissioners take cognizance of testa- 
ments of persons dying abroad, having property in 
Scotland . — The Cotirt of Exchequer. This court,which 
till recently was presided over by a lord chief baron 
and three oidinary barons, has lately undergone such 
a cliange as to be virtually abolished. There is no 
longer a lord chief baron, and when death or resigna- 
tions shall have removed the subordinate barons, they 
will have no successors bearing that title, but their 
functions will be executed by one of the judges of the 
court of session. — The Lyon Court, which is no w nearly 
obsolete, formerly regulated state pageants, executed 
the writs of the supreme courts, and decided upon ar- 
morial bearings. In the execution of the duties still 
remaining, the 'Lord Lyon' is assisted by a body of 
messengers-at-,arms, heralds, and purf^nirants. 

The Faculty of Advocates hold a situation similar 
to that of barristers or counsellors in England. The 
affairs of the faculty are managed by a dean, or pre- 
sident, a treasurer, clerk, and council, selected from 
the members. Every advocate, after being found duly 
qualified by a committee appointed by the faculty, 
pays to the society an admission-sum oi jE200. on.e 
half of which goes to the support of the advocates' 
library, by far the most valuable in Scotland, which 
will be described hereafter. The Faculty of Advocates 
is subject to the authority of the court of session ; and 
from their body the bench is supplied with judges. 
Hence, likewise, are nominated the sheriff-deputes 
of the different counties. This is not an incorporated 
body,, and ihty cannot reject a candidate, if he pass 

an examination in the Roman and Scottish law, and 
have published and defetided a Latin thesis, or a title 
of tlie pandects of Justinian. The number of ad- 
vocates is at present upwards of 430, but nearly one 
half of the number, from various causes, do not prac- 
tice. Society in Edinburgh is much indebted to the 
faculty of advocates, and the writers to the signet, for 
that taste in literature and science for which it is dis- 

The Writers to the Signet are an important body, 
who have the sole right of passing warrants under the 
seal or signet of liis majesty, in order to render them 
valid ; in addition to which they act as conv^anctrs, 
and as attorneys in the supreme courts. Tliis body, 
besides its other functionaries, has a professor of con- 
veyancing in the university of Edinburgh. The quali- 
fications for admission are an apprenticeship for five 
years, after two year* previous study at the university, 
attendance on a course of lectures on conveyancing, 
and on the Roman and Scottish law. The members 
of this respectable body amount to more than 700 j 
they have a valuable library, and an ample fund for 
widows. — Advocates' first clerks are also entitled to 
practice in the supreme courts. — The solicitors in the 
supreme courts have the privilege of practising in cer- 
tain cases in the several courts of judicature; tlieyare 
of long standing, and are incorporated. 

Sherijf Court.— The (officers of the Scottish militia 
receive' their commissions from the lord lieuten;inr, 
or sheriff of the county. The sheriff-depute is wholly 
distinct from and independi nt of the high sheriff. A 
sheriff-depute, who must be an advocate oft hiee years' 
standing, is appointed by the crown fur every county 
of Scotland. He receives the royal revenues from the 
collectors within his district ; lie summons juries for 
the trials before the court of justiciary, and is the re- 
turning officer for county members of parliament. Thfi 
decrees of sheriff courts are subject to be reviewed by 
the supreme courts of session and justiciary. 

The Justice of Peace Court is of no earlier origin 
in Scotland than 1609. The justices are empowered 
to judge in cases of breaches of the peace ; to regulate 
highways, bridges, and ferries; to seethe laws exe- 
cuted against vagrants, beggars, transgiessions of the 
game laws, and frauds against the revenue, besides 
many other branches of jurisdiction. But the principal 
busii'iess of the justices in Edinburgh comes before 
them, as a court for the speedy settlement of debts 
under £5., commonly called the Small Debt Court, 
which sits weekly in Edinburgh, and at intervals in 
the different villages of the county. This court, as 
well as that of the sheriff, is held in i he new buildings 
for the county. 

The Convention of Royal Burghs, instituted by James 
111, meets annually in Edinburgh, and consists of two 
deputies from each burgh. The lord provost of Edin- 
burgii is perpetual president, and the city clerks of 
Edinburgh are clerks to the convention. The powers 
of this court chiefly respect the establishment of com- 
mercial regulations ; and, as the royal burghs pay a 
sixth pait of the sum, imposed as a land tax on the 
counties of Scotland, the convention is empowered to 
assess the proportion of each bnrgh. The place of 
meeting is an aisle of the church of St. Giles, in 

The Register House is the depository of state papers, 
public archives, title deeds of property, and of alNegal 
contracts and mortgages; the lecords of all suits at 
law, and the various documents which have been pro- 
duced in actions before the supreme courts, are also 
placed here. This establishment, important as it is, 
is almost peculiar to Scotland. The collection of do- 
cuments deposited here is immense, and of course 
accumulating; but few are of ancient date — for the 
greater part of the papers relating to this kingdom, 
prior to the restoration, were carried away, at a very 
early period, by Edward I, and at a later era by Crom- 
well ; and a considerable portion of those that were 
suffered to remain were unfortunately lost, or de- 
stroyed, in consequence of the fire in 1700. The most 
interesting and important document here is the copy 
of the articles of the union and of its ratification. The 
building is situate at the east end of Princes-street, 
fronting the North bridge, and is worthy of its pre- 
cious deposit ; it was planned by Robert Adam, and 




Pigot ^ Co/jS 

is a chaste specimen of Grecian elegance, combined 
with a happv adaptation to its purpose. The frontage 
is 200 feet wide, and its depth 120 : the extended front 
is relieved by a pediment and Corinthian pilasters 
above the entrance. There are turrets at the corners, 
one exhibiting a clock, the other a wind dial. The 
structure is square, with a circular saloon in the 
centre, surmounted by a dome; the documents are 
neatly bound, and are arranged around this lofty re- 
ceptacle. Tiie Register House was finished in 1822, 
and the enormous cost was defrayed iu part by a grant 
from George III. of 12,000/., arising from the sale of 
forfeited estates, and the remainder by the govern- 
ment, who also provide for its maintenance. The 
supreme manager is termed the depute-clerk register. 
The General Post Office is an elegant building, in 
Waterloo-place, fonr stories high, with a spacious sa- 
loon on the ground floor; the secretary resides in the 
edifice. The regulations of this establishment are given 
in another part of the Directory. The Excise Office, 
in Drumraond-place, was once tiie mansion of Gene- 
ral Scott, and is ahandsomestructnreof three stories. 
The Stamp Office occupies a spacious building in Wa- 
terloo-place, and, as well as the Post Office, is deco- 
rated with the royal arms. The Tax Office is in the 
same building with the Stamp Office; and is conducted 
by a comptroller and his assistant, five clerks and a 
solicitor, besides several surveyors. The Royal Ex- 
change is in High-street ; it is quadrangular, and 
surrounded with offices; among the number are the 
city chambers, charter house, chamberlain's and ses- 
sion clerk's. 

The chief magistrate of Edinburgh is the Lord 
Provost, whose office, both as it respects its dignity 
and its duties, lesembles that of the lord mayor of 
London, while the functions of the four bailies are 
analagous to those of the aldermen. The town-council 
is composed of twenty-fire members, elected by the 
several wards into which the city is divided, one-third 
part of whom go out annually in rotation. The trea- 
surer, the dean of guild, and the convener of trades, 
are also office bearers of high consideration. There 
are fourteen incorporated trades, namely, 1. Surgeons, 
with whom the barbers were formerly conjoined. In 
March, 1778, the surgeons were incorporated by a 
royal charter, under the title of ' the royal college of 
surgeons.' The hall for the meetiugs of this society 
stands in Surgeons'-square ; in it are a theatre for 
dissections, a small museum, &c. — 2. Goldsmiths. 
This society, formerly attached to the hammermen, 
possesses a hall in South Biidge-street.— 3. Skinners, 
or Glovers. The hall of this incorporation is in the lane 
CHlled Skinners'-ciose. — 4. Furriers. — 5. Hammermen. 
This society at first consisted of blacksmiths, gold- 
smiths, lorimers, saddlers, cutlers, and armourers. 
The goldsmiths were separated from them in 1581 ; 
but they have since received an addition to their 
number, which has increased the trades belonging to 
this corporation to seventeen. They meet in the 
chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, in the Cowgate.— 6 and 
7. Wrights and Masons. By a decree of the court of 
session, in 1703, the bow-maker.?, glaziers, plumbers, 
and upholsterers, were added to the masons ; and to 
the Wrights were attached the painters, slaters, sieve- 
wrights, and coopers. This incorporation assembles 
in St. Mary's Chapel, Burnet's-close.— 8. Tailors. To 
this incorporation anciently belonged the superiority 
and direction of all the tailors within the suburbs of 
Edinburgh and the town of Leith ; and they still 
retain superiority over those in the more ancient 
subiirbs. — 9. Bakers. The members of this corpora- 
tion have the sole privilege of baking bread within the 
city ; but bread, baked elsewhere, mat/ ie sold within 
the city and liberties. — 10. Fleshers or Butchers. — 11. 
Cordiners, Cordwainers, or Shoemakers. — 12. JFehsters 
or Weavers. — 13. Hatters. — 14. Bonnet-makers. To 
these the trade of a LV.ster, or Dyer, was united in 
1684, but the incorporation still goes under its f(»rmer 
name. — The Burgh of Canongate, tho»^\\ an integral 
part of Edinburgh, is governed by its own local officers, 
and has its distinct incorporation of trade,?. The 
former are bailies, a treasurer, clerks, a procurator- 
fischal, and an assessor; and the latter comprise the 


eight following trades — Skinnermen, Tailors, Wrights, 
Bakers, Shoemakers, Weavers, Fleshers and Barbers. 
—The Dean of Guild Court grants licenses for the 
erection of buildings, and condemns insecure houses, 
and also resrulates weights and measures. The ma- 
gistrates of Edinburgh hold criminal and ci*il courts ; 
and there is a small debt court held in the council- 
chamber every Monday morning at ten o'clock. 

The Police Establishment was re-modelletl in 1822, 
and is now greatly improved in efficiency; it consists 
of thirty-two geneial delegates, elected by the inhabi- 
tants of thirtv-two wards, into which the city and su- 
burbs are divided. Each ward has also two resident 
commissioners, all householders orshopkeepers, paying 
£10. or upwards of rent annually, are entitled to vote. 
In nineteen of the wards a person paying £20. rent is 
eligible for a commissioner, in the other eleven £30. 
is the qualification % in addition to these commission- 
ers there are maeistrates and sheriffs. A criminal 
court is held daily, upon the plan of the London 
police offices, where a bailie presides, and the sheriff 
holds a similar court every other day, for offences out 
of the bounds of the royalty. The executive part of 
the establishment is performed by a superintendent, 
four lieutenants and other officers, such as inspectors 
of lighting, &c. ; and their efficiency is exhibited in the 
improved illumination, cleanliness, and security of the 

The NationalJail is situated on the south side of 
the Calton Hill ; it was completed in 1817, and is in 
the Saxon style of architecture, the length of it is 
194 feet, and the depth 40 ; it has four stories, and in 
the centre is a chapel and a house for the governor, 
from which he can observe all that passes within, the 
sytem of classification being adopted ; but it is to be 
regretted that debtors as well as criminals should be 
immured within the same walls. Separated from this 
prison, by a high wall, is the Bridewell, with the of the governor in front ; which efficient per- 
sonage, from a dark apartment, can observe the 
movements of the inmates without being visible him- 
self. Connected with the discipline of this prison is 
a treadmill. The Lockup House is at the back of the 
parliament house, and is for the reception of offenders 
under exaniinatiun ; for the refractory in the police 
court ; for those unable to accomplish bail or fines ; 
and for the unhappy convicts to pass the last mourn- 
ful night in, prior to their execution. The Canongale 
Tolbooth is a gloomy antique looking building, not 
much unlike its defunct rival, ' the Heart of Mid- 
Lothian.' Debtors only are confined here, and though 
its aspect is miserable, and its apartments disgusting, 
the occupants prefer it to the airy prison on Calton 
Hill, wherein they would be compelled to mingle with 
the criminal. There is a Latin inscription on the 
front, bearing the date of 1591. 

The city of Edinburgh returns two members to 
parliament; the present members are the Hight 
Honourable J. Abercromby, speaker of the house of 
commons, and Sir James Campbell, his majesty's 

Uni\ersity. — Edinburgh could not boast of a uni- 
versity at an early peiiod. In the year 1579 a collec- 
tion of books was bequeathed to the intended uni- 
versity by Mr. Clement Little, as a foundation for a 
library ; the building was begun in 1580; a charter of 
erection was granted by James VI in 1582; and, in 
the year following, the college was opened for the 
reception of students. In 1617 James was so pleased 
with the progress which his favourite university had 
made, that he honoured the establishment by calling 
it • The College of King James.' In 1619 Sir William 
Nisbet, provost of Edinburgh, gave £1,000. Scottish 
towards the maintenance of a professor of divinity. • 
The protector, Cromwell, with a liberality worthy of 
a great mind, endowed the university with an annuity 
of £200. sterling. William 111 also bestowed on it 
£300. a year ; but part of this grant was afterwards 
withdrawn by Queen Anne. The school of medicine, 
which has since risen to so much eminence, was' 
fii St founded in 1721 ; and the Royal Infa-niary was 
opened £Oon after. At present lectures aredeitverfd ■ 




by professors, who r.iiik amongst the most eminent 
in Europe, in the various branches of literature and 
philosophy, theology, law, medicine, in natural history 
and in agiicuUure. The students are not oblijicd to 
adopt any particular mode of living, or of dress ; in 
the arraiigeaient of their academical studies they are 
also left at perfect freedom. The abilities of its 
professors, and their assiduity are such, that the 
Univeisity of Edinburgh has become a seat of educa- 
tion not only to youth in every part of the British 
doQiinions, hut students have been attracted to it 
from almost every nation in Europe, and every state 
ill Aoierica. Considei-able sums having been obtained 
for the erection of a new structure, more cun'^istent 
with the dignity of the establislinieiit, a plan was 
prepared by Mr. Robert Adam, part of the old build- 
ing taken down, and the foundation of the new 
college was laid on the 16th of November, 1789. But 
the sum collected, though Iarge,_ being far from suffi- 
cient for the erection of a building of such elegance 
and magnitude, it was necessajily stopped. In 1815, 
however, parliament made a yearly grant of £10,000. 
to be expended in the completion of the building, 
under the superintendence of commissioners appointed 
by parliament. The commissioners met in December, 
1816; and, according to Mr. Playf.dr's plan, which 
was adopted by them, the east front is adorned with a 
dome. A handsome portico, supported by stone 
columns of the Doric order, twenty-six feet high, 
forms the chief entrance. The east and west sides of 
Ijie square are 255 feet in length, and the south and 
noith 356. The interior court is surrounded by a 
continuous range of buildings in a corresponding style 
of architecture. — University Museum. Sir Andrew 
Balfour, to whom Edinburgh owes tlie institntion 
of the botanic garden, was also the founder of this 
museum. His collections, which were very extensive, 
were placed, after his death, in 1694, in tlie hall of the 
college, lately the library; and, in 1697, Sir Johii 
Sibbald, presented the college with a great variety of 
curiosities, both native and exotic ; but from neglect 
and a want of taste, it was almost completely de- 
molished. This museum has been since enriched by 
various and extensive collections, particularly by the 
purchase of the magnificent one of M. Dufresne, of 
Paris ; and the entire collection of birds alone con- 
tains upwards of 3,000 specimens, besides mineials, 
&c. ; and the building, in whicli they are contained, 
is the most superb and elegant' part of the college. 
The whole collection is exceeded by few in Europe. — 
The University Library is valuable and extensive, 
and contains many interesting historical documents. 
The college library of Edinburgh receives a copy of 
every book entered at Stationers' hall. The only 
other funds for its support are lOi. paid by each student 
for his matriculation ticket, and £5. paid by each 
professor on his admission. The volumes, which are 
under the care of a librarian and his deputy, amount 
to upwards of 50,000. The books are deposited in a 
hall 198 feet long, by 50 wide, one of the noblest 
rooms in Scotland. 

The present grammar school, emphatically called 
the High School, was established in the year 1578. At 
first it contained only a master and an usher, but before 
the end of the century it was established nearly in its 
present form. The great increase of scholars having 
rendered the former building insufficient, the founda- 
tion of a new school was laid in 1777, by Sir William 
Forbes, Grand Master-Mason of Scotland; but tliis 
being afterwards found too narrow in its limits, the 
present elegant structure, which grace s the .«ouih side 
of the Calton-hill, was commenced in 1825 : it is in 
the Grecian stvle, 270 feet in length, with a centre 
and two side wings. The centre has a vei y tasteful 
portico, supported by Doric columns ; and the build- 
ing is finely displayed upon a rocky terrace, elevated 
ten feet above the level of the road. The play-ground 
is nearly two acres in extent. The cost of this edifice 
was £30,000. The teacliers are a rector and seven 
masters ; and the number of scholars may be com- 
puted at from seven to eight hundred. 

The Edinburgh Academy is a handsome and capa- 
cious structure, in Henderson-row, erected in 1824 : 
its object is%he education of the youth of the higher 
.classes, upon a system similar to that of the High 


School, for which purpose a fund was raised, by 
shares of £50. eacii, auHmming to nearly £13,000, : 
theappointments are filled by gentlemen of high attain- 
ments in their respective departments. — In Edinburgh, 
besides the above, there are many private academies 
and lecture-rooms, for classical and medical instruc- 
tion, superintended, by able teachers and professors. 

'TUe Royal College of Physicians was incorporated 
in 1681, by a charter, in which it is provided th^itthey 
shall, at least twice in the year, visit all the apotheca- 
ries' shops within the city and liberties of Edinburgh, 
and destroy all damaged drugs. The hall, which is on 
ihe south side of Geojge's-street, was founded in 
1775, and is considered a chaste and elegant imitation 
of ancient Grecian architecture. The Royal College 
of Surgeons was incorporated in 1778, and is possessed 
of a most valuable museum ; the bequest of Dr. Bar- 
clay's, and the purchase of Mr. Bell's in addition, 
have rendered their collection of anatomical piepara- 
tions perhaps unequalled in Great Britain. The hall 
is in Nicholson street, and is a splendid edifice, in the 
Grecian stylCj with a poriico in front, supported by 
fluted Ionic coluraes. The Royal Medical, the Royal 
Physical, and the Plinian Societies, have museums 
also connected with their institutions. 

Royal Botanic Garden. — The first botanic gaiden 
in Scotland was formed by Sir Andrew Balfour, who 
was soon after assisted in his meritorious exertions 
by Rlr. Patrick Murray, of Livingstone, and Sir 
Robert Sibbald. The Royal Botanic Garden, which 
was formed by Dr. John Hope, in 1767, was situate 
iin the west side of the road to Leith ; but has been 
removed to a commodious garden, of twelve acres in 
extent, on the lands of Inverleith, v\ithin a mile of 
the town, and is now in a thriving state. 

The Advocates' Library, by far the most valuable 
in Scotland, besides a rare collection of manuscripts, 
prints, coins, and medals, ancient and modern, con- 
tains upwards of 120,000 volumes of printed books. 
A member of the faculty may borrow twenty-fivebooks 
at one time, to be returned at the end of a year, with 
the power of obliging a friend with their perusal. The 
elegance and magnitude of the library itself nobly cor- 
respond with the books, &c. which it contains, and 
which are continualTy augmenting. 

'Vh^ Library of JVriters to the Signet was formed 
about the middle of the last century, and has a large 
annual fund for its increase and support. It is very 
rich iu the departments of British and Irish history; 
antiquities, topography, and biography. The signet 
library, advocates' library, exchequer chambers, and 
court-room, communicate with the large hall of the 
Parliament House, Besides these libraries Edinburgh 
possesses subscription ones, and also a Biblio- Critical 
Library, the object of which is to collect scarce and 
valuable books in sacred philology. 

The RovAL Institution arose in 1819, and was in- 
corporated by royal charter in 1827, being for the 
encouragement of the fine arts. There is an annual 
exhibition of pictures ; and funds are accumulating to 
afford support to decayed attists. The apartments of 
the institution are within a magnificent structure, 
situate on the north end of tlie earthen mound : it is 
of the Doric order, with fluted columns ranging on 
each side, aiitfin the front is a third range, supporting 
a pediment; tliei nterior apartments ai-e spacious and 
elegant. In 1826 a considerable body of artists seceded 
from this institution, and applied unsuccessfully for 
incorporation. This society is called the Academy of 
Pahtting and Sculpture. — 'Ihe Society of Arts assem- 
ble in the Royal Institution, and are very efficient in 
the. encouragement of useful inventions, models of 
which are exhibited annually ; as also do the Royal 
SociV^y, incorporated by charter in 1783, whose hall 
is very beautiful. — The Antiquarian Society exhibits a 
large follection of coins and antiquities, in a saloon of 
the Royal Institution. — The other societies in harmony 
with this article are too numerous in Edinburgh for 
our limited space, the names of a few being all that is 
practicable: — the School of Arts, the VVerneriati, the 
Diagnostic, the Horticultural, the Hunterian, the 
Forensic, the Juridical, the Scots Law, the Specula- 
tive, and the Phreiiological. 

Though parish schools do not exist in Edinburgh in 
numbers proportioned to those of the rural districts, 




i^i'SOt $c €0,'^ 

there is a Sessional sclmol, patronized by tlie different 
kirk sesMons of tlie established churches, which, in a 
great de«ree, remedies tlie defect : there is also a 
City's school in Niddry- street, an Infants' scliool, an 
Episcopal free school, a Catholic schoid, and schools 
of other denominations. Numerous Sunday evening 
schools have also been established ; and, in Richmond- 
street, there is a very large seminary, under the direc- 
tion of the Edinburgh Education Society. The Circus- 
place school, and "the Scottish Institution for the 
Education of Young Ladies, are also distinguished 
seminaries. The Military and Naval Academy, for 
ohjecfs which its name iniporls, is situated in the 
New-buildings, in Lothian-road, and the Lancasterian 
school is in Ddvie-stieet. 

Obseroatory and Astionomical Institution.— Ailftr 
several ineffectual attempts to erect an observatory, 
the foundation-stone of the present building, on the 
Calton-hili, was laid in 1776; but the money being 
spent before its completion, the magistrates finished 
it in 1792, but without fund or instruments. The 
Astronomical Insiituiion was established in 1812, and 
the magistrates granted to the association the ground 
and builrliiig on the Calton-hill, formerly destined for 
the purposes of an observatory, on the condition of 
their not being applied to any other purposes. The 
property of this institution is held in transferable 
shares, of twenty-five guineas each, and the building is 
fitted up according to the intentions of the magistiates. 
The new observatory, alittle to the east of the former, 
was founded in 1818 : it is a cross of sixty-two feet, 
with four projecting pediments of twenty-eight feel 
each, supported by six columns of the Doric order, 
fronting the four cardinal points of the compass. In 
the centre is a dome, thirteen feet in diameter, under 
which is a pillar of solid masonry, of a conical form, 
six feet in diameter at the base, and nineteen feet 
high, intended for the astronomical circle. — Short's 
Popular Observatory is also ^n the Calton-hill, and 
contains telesi opes of all kinds, an orrery, a camera 
obscura, solar microscope, phantomoscope, and other 
optical instruments. 

Heriot's Hospital. — This magnificent endow- 
ment, one of the richest in Edinburgli, is indebted to 
the munificence of George Heriot, jeweller to King 
James VI, for its origin. The founder was born in the 
parish of Gladsmuir, and, in 1580, he wrought within 
a close, lately demolished, as a working goldsmith; 
and on pulling down his humble dwelling in 1809, the 
identical forge and bellows were found, with which 
he operated. When his patron, James, ascended the 
English throne, Heriot followed him to London, 
where he died in 1624, leaving £50,000., out of wjiich 
he provided for two illegitimate daughters, and some 
other lelations, and bequeathed the residue for the 
foundation of an hospital for the maintenance and 
education of the sons of poor burgesses of Edinburgh. 
His noble purpose was effected by the completion of 
this superb bnildine in 1660, at an expense, it is said, 
of more than £27,000. It is a square, whose external 
sides measure 162 feet. Over the gateway is a spire, 
with a clock. The upper corners of the buililing are 
ornamented with turrets. The windows, of which 
there are upwards of 200, are all differently orna- 
mented at the top. Boys are admitted between the 
ages of seven and ten, and are, in eveiy way, most 
comfortably provided for till they ate fourteen, and 
sotnetinies beyond that period. The nutnber of boys 
maintained in the hospital in 1823 was 180; and tlie 
revenue, which principally consist* of land of rapidly 
increasing value, is upwards of £5,000. This esta- 
blishment is in the southern di.strict of the city oppo- 
site to the Castle Hill, and is managed by a treasurer, 
who is appointed by the magistrate's; utxler him are 
a house-governor, housekeeper, and the masters in 
the differetit branches of learning. 

GeorgeWutson' s Hospital, so called from its founder, 
George Watson, stands a little to the southvvaid of 
the former. In 1723 Mr. Watson left £12,000. for the 
maintenance and education of the children and grand- 
children of decayed members of the merchant com- 
pany of Edinbuigh. In 1738, when the sum had accu- 
mulated to £20,000,, the present building was erected 


at the expense of £5,000. About eighty boys receive a 
classical and polite education in this hospital. 

John Watson's Hospital is situated on tJie land of 
Dean, about one mile from the north-west part of the 
city. This structure is in the Grecian style, with a 
portico, and a range of columns: its object is ' the 
maintenance and education of destitute children, and 
bringing them to be useful members of society, and 
also for assistance in their outset in life.' Mr. Watson 
was a writer to the signet, and bequeathed the whole 
of his property, in 1759, for this benevolent purpose. 

Gillespie's Hospital stands in a beautiful situation 
on the soutli-west border of the city. It owes it< erec- 
tion to the beneficence of the late Mr. James Gillespie, 
of Spylaw, who, in 1796, bequeathed considerable pro- 
perty for the purpose of founding and endowing ati 
hospital for old men and women, and a free-school 
for the instruction of 100 poor boys in reading, writ- 
ing, and arithmetic. The present building was begun 
in 1801, and contains about 50 inmates. 

The Trinity Hospital owes its foundation to Mai7 
of Gueldres ( who also founded Trinity College Church) 
in the year 1461, for the reception of thirteen poor per- 
sons. The present building, situate in Leith wynd, 1823, for 9 men and 31 women, besides 
granting an allowance of £6. each to 100 out pension- 
ers. None are received under 50 years of age. The 
clothing, diet, atid lodging are most comfortable, and 
there is a resident chaplain. 

The Orphan Hospital was planned by Andrew 
Gairdner, merchant, in Edinburgh, in the year 17.32, 
and the present building was founded in 1734. Into 
this hospital orphan children, not under seven yeare 
of age, are received from any part of the kingdom. The 
revenues are chiefly derived from benefactions, and 
part of tlie sums collected at the church doors. It 
>tands alittle to the eastward of tiie north bridge, and 
contains about 150 orphans. 

The Merchant Maiden Hospital was founded in 1695, 
by a voluntary contributicm, for the education and 
maintenance of daughters of merchant burgesses of 
Edinburgh. Mrs. Mary Erskine gave £1,000., besides 
several other sums, for tlie purchaseof a buildii>g. The 
foundation-stone of the present edifice, which is of 
Grecian architectuie, was laid on the 2nd of August, 
1816 ; it is 180 feet in length, and cost in the erection 
and fitting up £12,250. The girls, of whom there are 
generally about eighty in the house, are taken in from 
seven to eleven, and must go out at seventeen. On 
leaving the hospital each receives £9. 6«. Srf. The an- 
nual revenue is about £3,000. 

The Trades' Maiden Hospital was founded in 1704, 
by the incorporations, for the maintenance and edu- 
cation of the daughters of decayed tradesmen. To this 
hospital Mrs. Mary Erskine was a liberal contributor. 
About 50 girls are maintained and educated here. The 
building stands on the south side of Argyle-square, 

Asylum for the Industrious Blind. — The idea of this 
institution was first communicated by the late Dr. 
Blacklock to Mr. Miller, both blind. After various 
meetings, subscriptions, and communications, a house 
was taken in 1793, and nine persons admhied. In 1806 
they bought property in Nicholson -street for £1,575., 
and, in 1822, other property in the same street for 
£2,200. The lower part of these buildings is advan- 
tageously laid out in shops, while the upper part is re- 
tained for the accommodation of the objects of the 
institution. These two asylums contain about 100 
persons of both sexes. Tlie males are employed in 
making mattresses and cushions of hair, wool, and 
straw baskets, mats, hair gloves, nets, cord, and twine, 
and in weaving linen and cotton cloths; the females 
are engaged in needle-work, net-work, spinning, and 
linitting. Of all these various kinds of articles there 
is constantly an assortment for sale at the asylum. 

The Deaf and Dumb Institution, established in 1810, 
occupies a large buildint; near the Edinburgh acadi my, 
in Hendersou's-row. The interesting .objects of this 
charity are placed under the ingenious tuition of Mr. 
Kinniburgh and his assi.-tants. His Majesty is the 
patron, and the Duke of Buccleugh the president. 

The Magdalen Asylum was originally instituted in 
1797. The object of the society is to reclaim those 
females who have deviated from the path of virtue. By 
the repoit Of 1822, it appears that of 432 young wo- 




men, who had been admitted since the commence- 
ment, 104 had been sent to service, 81 reconciled to 
tl)eir friends, 12 had been creditably married, 8 had 
died, and 38 remained in the house at the end of the 
year. This charity is supported by contributions, be- 
quests, and the profits of the women's work. The new 
building, situate in Cannngate, was opened in 1807, 
and is intended to accommodate from fifty to sixty 

Ministers' fVidows' Fund. This meritorious scheme 
originated in 1743, received the sanction of parliament 
in 1744, and was established on its present footing by 
an act pussed in 1814, when it was recommended, 
that a volontary subscription should be entered into 
among t!ie contributors ; that an addition of 20 per 
cent, on the former rates should be imposed ; that 
every person in future admitted to a benefice for the 
first time, or to an office in the university, should pay 
a contribution of 10/. ; a grant was made of the 
bishops' stipends in Scotland, and of the stipends of 
the vacant churches. The four annual rates, to one 
of which evfiy minister and professor is subject, are 
3/. 3*., 4/. 14*. 6rf., 6/. 6s., and 71. \7s. 6rf. The widow 
is entitled to an annuity, corresponding to the rate 
he has chosen ; and his children, if he leaves no 
widow, for ten years to the annuity which would 
have been payable lo the widow.— Similar schemes 
have been formed by the society of writers to the 
signet, the parochial schoolmasters of Scotland, and 
by the dissenting clergymen. The Scottish Widows' 
Fund and Life Assurance Company is open to the 
public ; there is also a society for the sons of the clergy. 

Horn's Charity distributes the interest of 3,500/. to 
day-labourers oiit of employment at Christmas, &c. -■ 
Dr. Robert Johnston's Bequest of 3,000/. is equally 
appropriated in finding employment for the poor, in 
clothing the boys of Heriot's hf)spital, and in support 
of poor exhibitioners at the university. — The income 
of Mr. Slrathan's Estate is bestowed in small annual 
sums on poor old people not under sixty-five years of 
age, and on orphans not above twelve. 

The Charily fForkhouse, which is situate in the 
southern district, was erected, by voluntary con- 
tributions, in 1743. The principal funds for the 
support of this institution are, a tax on the valued 
rents of the city, the collections at the church doors, 
charitable donations, and contributions. In the 
year ending on the 30th of June, 1822, 641 inmates 
were wholly or partially maintained and clothed 
in the house, out-door assistance to the amount of 
1775/. 17*. 6d. was given to 924 faniilitfs and indivi- 
duals, besides 253/. 15s. 2d. as temporary supplies to 
others, and 442/. Is. paid for 117 childien at nurse.— 
There is also another workhouse in the parish of St. 
Cutlibt-rt, which was opened in 1762, and is conducted 
nearly on the same plan with the former. — The House 
of Re/tige, in Canongate, is for the reception of all 
persons in a state of destitution, into which the 
mendicity society has lately merged, and its conduc- 
tors entreat of the benevolent to support thi.s estab- 
lishment, instead of yielding to tlie solicitations of 
mendicants, whether personally or by bes^ging letters. 

The Royal Infirmary. — This admirable house of 
mercy, in Inlirmary-street, though founded in 1736, 
is indebted mainly lo the exei tions of the late Provost 
Drummnnd for its present efficiency, whose bust de- 
corates the hall ; the building is 350 feet by 210, the 
front is elegant, with a clock in the centre, and in a 
niche below is a statue of George the Second ; at the 
top of the house is a theatre for surgical operations. 

The Royal Public Dispensary, in Richmond-street, 
was founded in 1776, by the late Dr. Andrew Duncan, 
and is liberally conducted, but still too limited in its 
scale for a population so large as that of Edinburgh ; 
consequently several others have arisen in different 
localities, including those exclusively for the eye and 
ear. — The New Town Dispensary, in East Thistle- 
street, should not be omitted. It was in>tiiuted in 
1815, and supported by subscriptions ; the expenditure 
for 1836, including interest upon money borrowed, 
was 352/. 9s. \d. — There are besides, the Lying-in 
Hospital, in Park-street, several other chaiities of a 
similar cliaracter, and there is ?L\io & Lunat'c Asylum. 
The Surgical Hospital, in Argyle-square, is designed 
solely for the treatment of surgical cases. 

Societies for religious objects. — These Chris- 
tian associations abound in Edinburgh ; every deno- 
mination appears animated with a benign emulation 
for the diffusion of the scriptures by means of Bilile 
societies, and the promulgation of their doctrines 
through the agency of missionaries. The designation 
of the various societies, with the situation of their 
offices, will be found in the miscellaneous list at the 
end of the Directory of Edinburgh. 


The Theatre-Royal is nearly opposite the Register 
House. Mr. Murray, the present proprietor, has done 
much to improve its external appearance; the inside 
is handsome, and will contain about 180/. The ma- 
nager, in addition to the respectable company he 
usually retains, occasionally brings forward some of 
the leading performers from the English metropolis. 
The Caledonian Theatre stiinds at the head of Brough- 
ton-stieet and Leiih-walk, and is a small edifice, 
handsomely fitted up for the performance of the lighter 
species of dramatical rntertainment, 'The Assembly 
Rooms are in George-street, and were erected in 1787 ; 
these form part of a plain building, ornamented by a 
portico and pillars. The Hopetoun Rooms, in Queen- 
si reet, are also appropriated to balls and concerts. 
Exclusive of the balls here, many others, as well as 
concerts, take place during the season, under distin- 
guished patronage. The national -game of golf has 
several clubs to promote its practice. Tiiere are curl- 
ing and skating clubs also, and a royal company of 
archers ; the latter had the honour of being the king's 
body-guard during the visit of George IV. 

Exhibition of Statuary, Calton-hill.—T\ufi: collec- 
tion of sculpture, from the chisel of Mr. Forrest, is 
much visited; and the admiration excited bythebeauty 
of the figures is much increased by the reflection that 
the artist is a self-taught stone-mason. Short's Po- 
pular Observatory, on the same spot, is noticed else- 
where. The Caledonian Bazaar and Picture Gallery 
is in Wemyss-place. For other exhibitions, see Royal 

Monuments. — The Monument to Lord Nelson, on 
Calton-hill, is a circular tower, 100 feet high, its base 
bi'iiig 356 above the level of the sea ; visiters are per- 
mitted to ascend it. This is a conspicuous object from 
many parts of the city. The monumental trihntes to 
Profes.sorPlavfair,and Dugald Stewart are contiguous. 
One to Burn's, the Scottish poet, has been recently 
erected on the southern side of the hill, nearly oppo- 
site the High School; and on the east of the post- 
office is the Calton burying-ground, on which is a 
monument to Hume, the historian. The column and 
>tatue of Lord Melville have been noticed in our men- 
tion of St. Andrew's-square; in the same square, op- 
posite the Royal Bank, is a fine equestrian statue of 
the Earl of Hopetoun. The National Monument, 
which was commenced in 1822, to commemorate our 
victories during the late war, was abandoned for want 
of funds ; the 12 columns which decorate the summit 
sof the Calton-hill, bearing the semblance of a inin, 
are all there is to show for an expenditure of 13,000/., 
more than 1,000/. a column ! The original plan was 
to construct an edifice bearing some resemblance to 
the renowned Parthenon of Athens, by which the 
' modern Athens' would be made to assume a still 
more pmminent feature of the ancient city. 

Club Houses. — The superb edifice erected in 
Princes-street, for the occupation of the New Club, 
is another graceful ornament to the 'modern Athens." 
The United Service Club is situated in Queen-street. 

Fuel, water, &c.— Edinburnh is now well sup- 
plied with coal ; the Dalkeith railway, the Union ca- 
nal, and the neighbouring pits, constantly pouiing in 
an ample quantity for the large consumption. The 
city receives a copious influx of water from Swansfon, 
Crawley and Glencorse, under the management of an 
incorporated company, whose pipes introduce 1,857 
imperial gallons per minute into this metropolis ; two 
reservoirs, one near Heriot's hospital, and the other 
on the Castle-hill, also contribute of their abundance. 
Families, by paying to the company a small rental, are 
provided with service pipes. Edinburgh is illuminated 
by coal gas, produced by a company incojporated in 




pigot ^ ®o,V 

1818, with a capital of 100,000/., raised by 251. shares. 
These gasworks are situate in the north back of 
Can 01) gate. 

Unio7i Canal. — The basin of this valuable line of 
water conveyance between Edinburgh and Glasgow is 
situate ahnut half a mile soutli-west of the castle, and 
^is called Port Hopetouii ; the completion of this hasin, 
in 1822, caused a great nielaniorphosis in this quarter 
of the city, which, once so rural, is now environed 
by wharfs and warehouses. The Edinbnrgh and Dal- 
keith Railway. — The depot of this recently formed 
railroad is at the end of Rankeillor-street, St. Leo- 
niird's; by this conveyance an abundance of coal is 
brom!lit from the numerous pits in the ntighboui hood, 
causing a considerable reduction in the price of this 
invaluable mineral. 

The new silk mills, which Messrs. Casey and Co. 
are erecting at the west end of Fountain-street will 
probably be the largest silk-throwing mills in the 
kingdom ; they will be called the Castle-hill Silk Mills. 

Markets. — The wide street called iheGrassmarket 
is appropriatedeveiy Wednesday as a market for cattle, 
-•■heep, and corn. The market-house is at the west 
end ; and at the east end is held a market for shoes, 
which has been continued on this spot since the days 
of James III. Beneath and west of the North bridge 
are tlie chief markets for the town, which are plenti- 
fully supplied with flesh, fish, poultry, game, and 
vegetables : one, called the real market, is for Te:il, 
poultry, and game ; the next three, mostly covered, 
are for beef and mutton ; the lowest, which is an ex- 
tended area, surrounded by a piazza, is for fish and 
vegetablts. Saturday is the'chief mat ket-day. There 
are also very commodious markets in West Nicholson- 
street, at Stock bridge, and in Broughton-street, for 
the convenience of those vicinities; and few towns in 
Britain are better supplied with ihe food of raati than 
Edinburgh, whether it respects abundance, quality, 
or price. 

Population. — About a hundred years since, tlie 
population of Edinburgh, Leith, and their suburbs, 
did not exceed 50,000 ; in 1755, the immber was 
57,195; in 1775, it; was computed at 70,430; and in 
1791, it had risen to about 80,000. Our table in a 
preceding page, 13, exhibits the progressive increase, 

from the census taken in the year 1801, to that of the 
last, in 1831 ; distinguishing the number of inhabitants 
in Edinburgh, in the suburbs, and in Leith. 


Bruntsfield Links -Arii situate between Newington 
and ftloiningside, and are well adapted fur the recre- 
ation of the citizens and for Heaching-grounds ; here 
the national game of golf is often played. A Roman 
catholic nunnery is in progress on these links. Be- 
yond this common are the Meadoivs, forming one of 
the most beautiful walks in the vicinity of the city. 

St. Bernard's JVell.—'Vha waters of this spring, 
near Stockbridge, are sulphureous : the late Lord 
Gardenstone erected a temple over the stream, con- 
sisting of a circle of columns supporting a dome, 
having in the centre a figure of Hygeia. To this me- 
dicinal fountain numerous valetudinaiians resort. 

Restalrig is about a mile east of the Old Town, be- 
tween the sea-shore and Holyrood li was 
formerly an independent parish, with a cidlegiate 
church, the fragments of which are still remaining; 
the burial-ground was a favourite depository of de- 
ceased episcopalians. Near Restalrig is St. Margaret's 
Well, covered by an arch, the only remains of a hand- 
some structure. Re.stalrig is much resorted to in the 
season for strawberries, which are produced here in 

Jock's Lodge, a straggling village, south of Restalrig, 
consists of numerous villas, and smaller houses 
which have arisen around the spacious cavalry 
barracks here. 

Arthur's Seat is a lofty conical eminence, 7% feel 
above the level of the sea : from its summit may be 
discerned the outlines of twelve counties. To the west 
is the range of rocks called Salisbury Crags, which 
are more than 500 feet in height; to the north are 
the ruins of St. Anthony's Chapel and Hermitage, and 
near tlie foot is St. Anthony's Well ; west of Salisbury 
Crags is the lower hill of St, Leonard's, where existed, 
in former days, a religious establishment, and a ceme- 
tery. The whole of this region is romantically grand, 
and derives additional interest from its being the loca- 
lity of many interesting scenes in 'The Heart of Mid 


The Port ol Leith is on the south shore of the 
Frith of Forth, and distant from the royal exchange 
of Edinburgh rather more than one mile and a lialf, 
the road between which is called Leith walk, and is a 
noble street, animated by the incessant traffic arising 
from the intercourse between the metropolis of 
Scotland and its port. The original name of this 
town was Inverleith, or the mouth of the Leith ; 
and though it is indebted to it^ proximity to Edin- 
burgh for its commercial prosperity, it has suffered 
greatly fitiin being involved in the fate of that city, 
and also from the jealousy of its inhabitants. In 1485 
the magistrates of Edinburgh ordained that no mer- 
chant of the city should take an inhabitant of Leith 
into partnership, and that none of the revenues of 
Edinburgh should be farmed by any inhabitant of 
Leith. Many of the misfortunes of this town, arising 
from its neighbourhood^' will be seen by a reference to 
the histoiy of Edinburgh, in the (neceding pages. The 
first great disaster which befel this risitig town, was 
its seizure and burning by the Earl of Hertford, in 
1544. Three years afterwards Leith was again visited 
and injured by the same general, and after the year 
1547 it became involved in almost every transaction 
of importance during the regency of Mary of Lorraine, 
in her efforts to oppose the lef'ormalion ; and when 
Mary Queen of Scots tnortgaged the superiority of 
Leith to Edinburgh, redeemable for 1000 merks, with 
the reversion in favour of Bothwell, the citizens of 
Edinburgh marched to Leith, and, by taking posses- 
sion of it, destroyed its independence. In 1643 the 
solemn league and covenant was S'igned at Leith, and 
the inhabitants ever evinced the sincerity of their at- 
tachment to it. In 1650 Lambert, the parliamentary 
general, look possession of the town, and when Monk 
became commander in chief, he resided for some 
time in it, and by the orders of Cromwell, the citadel 
was greatly strengthened. During General Monk's 


lesidence he induced a nnniber of English to reside 
here, wlio infused a spirit of mercantile adventure 
into the inhabitants. The subsequent history being 
involved with that of Edinburgh, onr readers are 
referred to our history of that city for the details. This 
town and port still continue in a great degree under 
the domination of Edinburgh, modified a little by an 
act passed in the late reign. The town is now under 
the jurisdiction <if a sheriff substitue, paid by the in- 
habitants, who holds a small debt court every Friday. 
The town council consists of a provost and admiral, 
ba'lies and admirals depute, four in number, and ten 
councillors. Theie are three resident magistrates or 
bailies, who are chosen by the town council, from a 
list presented by the retiring and prior bailies, and by 
the master of the four incorporations of mariners, 
nialtmen, trades, and trafKckers. The town council 
having the power of admiralty over Leith, and the sea 
to a certain extent, appoints an admiral for the execu- 
tion of this duty, who pei forms it chiefly by tiie agency 
of the resident bailies, who are admirals depute, with a 
procurator fiscal and other officers. There are ten 
wards of police, each having two commissioners chosen 
by the inbabitatits, and thirty ex-officio commissioners, 
pnrlly chosen by tlie incorporations. The watching, 
lighting, and cleansing of the town is under the con- 
tiol of the commissioners of police. The town is di- 
vided by the river into two parts, called North and 
South Leith, the larger poition lying on the east or 
South Leith side. 

The Church of South Leith is an ancient Gothic 
building, on the east side of the Kirkgate; it was ori- 
ginally crucifoini, and was ornamented by a turret 
and spire, but which, becoming dilapidated and inse- 
cure, were taken down in October, 1836. This church 
has two Biinislcrs, The cemetry around the church 


LEITH, &c. 


is piTttily Hrraiige(). — North Leilh Church stands to 
the westvvaid of the town, and was erected in 1814 ; 
it has a lofty spire, the fir^t cnmpaitment heing in the 
Doric order, the second Ionic, and the ihiiil Coriii- 
thiai); the height to the summit of the cross is 158 
feet ; the portico is a niodil of an Ionic teuiple on tlie 
lUysus, near Aihens. It can accommodate 2000 per- 
^ons. The inhahitrints have tiie riuht of nominating 
the minister, whose stipend is one of the best in 
Scotland. Tlie (laiisbof South Leith has a cliapel of 
ease in Constitution- street, which is spacious ami 
handsome. There are also chapels for the united 
sece5-ion,and the relief churches, an epi'<copalian, and 
several for other denominations, which appear in a 
suhsequent list. 

The Trinity house, on the west side of Kirl^gate, 
wa'* huilt in 1817, in the Grecian style of architecture, 
at an expense of 2,500/. Nearly opposite stands 
King James's Hospital, founded I)y the Kirk-session 
of South Leiili, in 16'48, for the reception of aged 
women. — 'I'he Grammar School, erected by subscrip- 
tion, in 1805, stands on the south-west part of the 
links, or downs, of Leith. It is surmounted with a 
small spire and a clock, and the rooms for the different 
classes are elegant and commodious. — The Tolbooth, 
or Town-house of Leith, is situated at the lower end 
of Tolhooth-Wjnd ; and the Weigh-hoitse is on the 
west side of Bernard-street. Neither of these build- 
ings is remarkable for any thing except antiquity. 
Leith Bank is a handsome modern building, in 
Bernard-street; it was begun in 1805, and finished 
the year following. It consists of two floors, a 
handsome dome rises from the north front ; and a 
projection, ornamented with four Ionic columns, and 
liaving three pilasters of the same on each side, deco- 
rates the building. — Besides this, a branch of Ihe5n- 
tish Linen Company, and another of the Commercial 
Banking Cotnpany, are established in Leitii. — At the 
east end of Bernard-street, in Constitution-street, 
stand the Exchange Buildings, the largest public build- 
ings in Leith, They contain an assembly-room of 
large dimensions, a coffee-room, a sale-room, a suh- 
scription-lihrary, and reading-room. The buildings 
aie in the Grecian style of architecture, three stories 
in height, and ornamented in front with five Ionic 
columns. They cost £16,000.— The Custom House is 
in North Leith, at the end of the lower drawbridge, 
erected in 1812, and cost £12,617. It is in the Gre- 
cian style, with a pediment and columns. The busi- 
ness of the excise-office is likewise transacted within 
it. — The New Court House is a very handsome struc- 
ture, situated at the corner of Charlotte-strett. There 
are numerous charitable institutions and benefit asso- 
ciations together with bible and missionary societies, 
a mechanics' institution, a public library, dispensaries, 
&c. Among the public scholastic establishments are 
the Leith High school, a boys' charity school, and one 
of industry for girls. These', among other useful in- 
stitutions, will be found under their appropriate heads 
of Public Buildings, or Schools, with their locality, and 
the persons officiating for each. 

The tide harbour of Leith has been frequently im- 
proved ; but the shallowness of the water prevents 
the admission of vessels of considerable burden. In 
1799, the magistrates obtained an act authorizing 
them to borrow £160,000. to execute part of a range 
ot docks, designed by John Rennie, Esq., civil en- 
gineer. The eastern wet-dock, next the lidpi har- 
bour of Leith, was begun in 1800, and finished in 1806; 
the middle wet-dock was begun in 1810, and finished 
in 1817. Each of these docks is 250 yards lonsr, and 
100 yards wide, both amounting to more than 10| Eng- 
lish acres, and sufficient to contain 150 vessels of the 
ordinary classes, that frequent this port. (3ii the 
north-side of these are three graving docks, each 136 
feet Ions? and 45 wide at ihe'bottom ; 150 feet long 
and 70 wide at the top ; the width at the entrance is 
36 feet. The cost of the whole was £285,108., exdu- 
."sive of £8,000. for building the bridge over the water 
of Leith. By an act of parliament, passed in 1826, the 
debt on the docks was reduced to £265,000., which 
government lends to Edinburgh at the rate of 3 per 
cent, to be redeemed by a sinking fund formed by a 

deposit of 1 per cent, for twelve vears, and 2 per cent, 
afterwards, till the debt is extinguished ; after which 
the docks revert to the city of Edinburgh. Govern- 
ment also agreed to expend £19,000. for the extension 
of the western pier, and the city £2,800. on the east- 
ern. A new harbour is now coiisbructing at Wardie, 
two miles distant, and another is conieKiplated at 
Trinity, near the chain pier. \i h anticipated that 
these new harbours will afford the requisite facilities 
for the entrance of vessels, at any period of the tide, 
as the deficiency of water in the present harbour has 
caused much shipping to prefer the ports of Aberdeen, 
Dundee, and others, by which the trade of Leitli has 
suffered. There are three companies belonging to the 
town, engaged in the London and Leith trade, and 
otheis for tlie trade between Leith and Hull, Liver- 
pool, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Stir- 
ling, Helmsdale, Hamburgh, Rotterdam, &c. The 
greater part of the coasting vessels lie in the harbour, 
the others in the docks. The numerous stean) vessels 
land and take aboard both at Leith and Newhaven. 
The east pier, by a recent addition, is now lialf a mile 
in length, constructed paitly of wood, and partly of 
stone. A new and handsome pier has lately been 
completed, which has given additional convenience to 
the harbour. 

Although Leith cannot be deemed a manufacturing 
town, the manufacture of glass is very considerable, 
chiefly of bottles , and sugar refining is carried on to 
some extent. Sliip building is a prominent feature in 
the commerce of Leith ; many remarkably fine vessels 
have lately been launched from the different yards. 
Saw mills also are in great activity here. Between 
Leith and Newhaven are the extensive barracks of the 
royal artillery. Seafield baths are situate at the east- 
ern extremity of Leith Links; thev were erected in 
1813, at an expense of £8,000., raised in £50. shares. 
These baths are both elegant and commodious, and 
contain hot, cold, tepid, and shower baths. The town 
and port of Leith became entitled by the reform bill, 
jointly with Musselburgh and Portobello, to send one 
member to parliament. The present member is J. A. 
Murray, Esq., the lord advocate. 

rounded with neatly fitted-up stalls, and the whole 
has a commodious and creditable appearance. Po- 
pulation of Leith, see table at page 13. 

NEwriAVEN is a considerable village, in the parish of 
North Leitli, from which it is distant one mile, and 
one mile and a half from Edinburgh : the road to 
the latter place is good, but that between Newhaven 
and Leith is circuitous, bad, and even dangerous. 
Formerly this village owed its consequence entirely 
to its fishery, which is still the main source of its 
support; but recently it has attracted many vi-siters 
for the purpose of sea-bathing, for whose accommo- 
dation many tasteful cottages have been erected ; and 
steam navigation has also greatly enlivened this place, 
being more eligible for a landing-place than Leith. 
The chain-pier is a little to the west of the village, and 
was constructed by Captain Brown, r.n. ; it is seventy- 
four feet long and four feet wide, over which 120,000 
persons pass annually, the rental being £800. a year : 
but both this and the low water pier are frequently 
unapproachable by the steamers at particular periods 
of the tide. The fishwives of Newhaven and Fisher- 
row are a singular race, both as it respects their 
amazonian strength and their costume they carry, 
commonly in creels or willow baskets, on their backs, 
from one hundred and fifty to two Jiundred pounds 
weight offish, supported by a bandage, which passes 
across their forehead : they wear a close fitting jacket, 
and the lower half of their person is enveloped in 
numerous petticoats, more remarkable for their variety 
and circumference than their length; by this sturdy 
race are the markets of Edinburgh and Leith most 
copiously supplied. 

Trinity, so named from the land being the property 
of the Trinity House, is a slmrt distance to the west- 
ward of Newhaven, and contains commodious baths, 
which attract numerous visiters in the season, and 
many villas and dwellings have been built for their 




PlgOt ^ ©13/15 




Accountant — George Mason, Esq. 

Clerks— A. Paierson, J. Uoi>s, W. Houy & J.Stewart. 

Solicitor — John Bowie, Esq. w. s. 

Inspector of Dead &f Mis-sent Letters — Robeit Young, 

Clerks— R. Moir and B. G. Beale. 

Chief Clerk to the Secretary and Register of Bonds — 

Aichihald Horn. 
Clerks — James Currie and H. B. Abbott. 
Surveyors — Jas. Sliearer and Chas. J. Reeves, Esqrs. 
Cashier — VV. Young, Esq. 
C/erA— George Young. 


Junior C/(?rA-*— Francis Jones & VVm. Murray. 
IVindow Clerks — A. M' Queen and D. Grant. 

President and Principal C/fr^— Joseph Moule, Esq. 

Vice-President S( Principal Clerk— Vvas. Gibson, Esq. 

Second Vice-President—^- G. Sonmierville. 

Clerks— G. Lawrence, R. Anderson, A. M'Queen, 
G.G.Biuce, J. Welsh, A. G. Sommerville, J. Weir, 
R. Greig, G. Thomson, D. Grant, A. Horn, A. 
Douiflas, J. Kirk, J. Shearer, J. Cameron, T.Youug, 
W. Kerr, W. Forrester, and W. S. Steele. 

Stampers— A. Watt, A. Crichton, and W. Hamilton. 
Nineteen General Post Letter Carriers, fifteen Penny 

Post ditto, twelve Supernnmery ditto Sf two flagmen. 
Two Leith Messengers, two IVatchinen and Porters^ 

and two Messengers. 
Housekeeper— Charlotte Coghill. 

Arrival and Departure of Edinburgh Mails, with the Time of Delivering Letters. 

London Mail, by way of Berwick, Newcastle, and York, departs every morning at a quarter before eight, and 

arrives every afternoon at ten minutes past two. London Mail (curridle), by way of Morpeth, departs 

every morning at twenty-five minutes before ten, and arrives every day at ten minutes before one. Letters 

by the latter mail are delivered at half-past one. 
Aberdeen and North Mail, through Queensferiy, Kinross, Perth, Dundee, Arbroath; and Montrose, departs 

every afternoon at four, and arrives every morning at six. Letters are delivered at lialf-past seven 
Carlisle, Liverpool, and Manchester Mail departs every morning at seven, and arrives every afternnoou 

at ten minutes past three. Letters are delivered the same afternoon at four. 
Dumfries and Portpatrick Mail departs every night at half-past nine, and arrives every afternoon at 

twenty minutes past two. Letters are delivered the same afternoon at four, 
Glasgow Mail, by way of Mid-Calder and Holytown, with bags for Greenock, Ayr, Portpatrick, and Ireland, 

departs every day at ten minutes past twelve, and arrives every afternoon at five. Letters are delivered the 

same evening at six.— Glasgow MhH, by way of Bathgate and Airdrie, departs every evening at half-past nine, 

and arrives every morning at three. This mail carries letters for the West Highlands, Ayrshire, &ir. 

Letters are delivered at half-past seven in the morning, 
Stirling Mail, by way of Linlithgow and Falkirk, departs every afternoon at four, and arrives (with the 

Irish letters,) every day at half-pasi twelve. Letters are delivered at half-past one in the afternoon. 

N. B. — Letters for the Carlisle and London Mails must be put into the post-office before half-past six in the 
morning ; for the Londou Mail, via Morpeth, before a quarter-past nitie ; for the Glasgow Mail, before twelve 
at noon ; for the North and Stirling Mails, before half-past three in the afternoon ; and for the Dumfries and 
Glasgow Mails, before a quarter-past nine in the evening: after these hours a charge of sixpence on each 
letter is made. 

Letters are not delivered by the carriers on Sundays, but may be had, on application at the office, from 
half-past seven to half-past eight in the morning, and from one to two and four to five in the afternoon. 

PENNY POST.— Deliveries for Edinburgh take place at half-past seven in the morning, and at one and six 

iu the afternoon. 
Xteceiving Houses are established in High-street, Pitt-street, India-street, Nicholson-street, South Han> 

over-street. Castle-street, Duke-street, Howe-street, 3 Raeburn-place, Fife-place, Leith-walk, Portsbtirgh, 

the delivery or departure. 

Foreign Mails made up in London as follow : — 


and 15th days of every month. 
BRAZIL, the first Tuesdav in ereiv month. 

FRANCE, daily. 

BELGIUM, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and 

ROPE, every Tuesday and Friday, 

SWEDEN, every Tuesday and Friday. 

AMERICA, the first Wednesday in every month. 

MEXICO, the 15lh day of every month. 
LISBON and MADEIRA, eveiy Saturday. 
the 1st day of every month. 

Letters for places abroad, to which there are no packets, as China, New South Wales, Sierra Leone, Cape 
Coast Castle, Goree, Senegal, St. Helena, many parts of South America, &c. are forwarded in sealed ship- 
letter bags, by vessels sailing from London or the out-ports. The postage must previously be paid. 

Rates of Postage to Foreign Parts. 

s. d 

Frontier of France 1 9 

Italy and Switzerland, through France 2 1 

Spain and Portugal, through France 2 6 

Holland 2 3 

Germany, Russia, Prussia & Denmark, through 

Hamburgh 2 7 

Sweden 2 7 

But the payment of the postage to Canada and the British West Indies is optional 


Portugal 2 9 

Madeira 2 10 

Brazil 3 9 

Gibraltar 3 1 

Malta, Egypt, Syria, and India 3 5 

United States of America, Canada, &c 2 5 

West India Islands 2 5 

By a recent arrangement 

letters for France may be posted here without payment; or, including Switzerland and Sardinia, they may 
be paid to their destination iu those countries. To any place wiiere there are no regular packets Is. 0§d. 
must be paid. 



EDINBURGH, &c. jEHitti&urg^gj^irf^ 

Letters for the East Indies, Cape of Good Hope, the Mauritius, and Ceylon, pay twopence in addition to the 
inlnnd postage to London, if below three ounces in weight ; if above three ounces, one shilling per ounce 
in addition to the inland rate. Newspapers pay one penny each. 

Both letters and newspapers may be sent otht-rwise than by post to India. 

Letters containing patterns, open at tiie ends, not exceeding one ounce, pay only as single letters, provided 
no writing is contained in the letter, except the price of the patterns enclosed, and the name and address of 
tiie person sending them. . , , . j ,. . ., 

Ship letters brought by ships, not being packet boats, eightpence for every single letter, m addition to the 
inland postage. , , , . . , . .„. ./. 

littters put into any post-office to be conveyed by any vessel, not a packet, previous payment of one shilling if 
from the interior, and eightpence if posted at the port where the vessels sails, is necessury. Letters are also 
sent, when specially addressed, by piivate vessels, from any port or place within the United Kinsdom to any 
otht'r place within the same, subject to a ship letter postage of eightpence, in addition to all inland rates. 
Previous payment optional. 

Money Orders.— Vox- transmitting small sums hy post, granted and paid by Mr. R. Young (agent for the Money 
Order Office), the olfice is open from eleven in the forenoon until three in the afternoon. 

r^'ote.—Vov the accommodation of gentlemen of the law, bankers, merchants, and others, an arrangement, 
svtiictioned by the Post-master Gtneral, is made at this office, upon a similar plan to that adopted in London, 
ifor keeping letters in private boxes until sent for. Applications for this purpose to be made to the clerk at 
the window. 

Privilege of Franking.— Ho member of parliament can send more than fi?«, nor receive more tlian^^^en letters 
free "daily. One ounce is allowed for a frank ; when above that, it is charged with postage. 

Soldiers' and Seamen's letters, under certain regulations, pay one penny at in-gi\ing for single letters only. 
If one penny is not paid, or a double letter, full postage is charged. Letters to such places as have no 
regular packets are charged threepence, except the East Indies, St. Helena, and Ascension, which are sent 
for one penny. 








The Classification of Professions, Trades, ^c. follows this List, at page 77. 

S. C. signify Solicitor in the Supreme Courts ; L. when applied to an address, means Leith. 

ABERCROMBIE Dr. consulting physi- 
cian, 19 York place 
Abercromby David, writer, 14 Elder st 
Abercromby John, surgeon, 15 Elder st 
Abercromby Lord, 33 Charlotte square 
Abercromby Sir Robert, bart. (of Birken- 

bo<j)5 18 Coates crescent 
Aberdeen, Leith & Clyde Shipping Com- 
pany, 27 Princes st, and 3 Dock gate, 
Leith — George Mathieson, agent 
Abernetby and Stewart, woollen drapers, 
36 North Bridge st [Leith 

i Abemethy Ann, tobacconist, 13 Coal hill, 
Abernetby Scott, watch and clock maker, 

96 Kirk gate, Leilh 
Ackman Mrs. James, 5 St. Patrick square 
Acquroff John, hair dresser, 34 South 

Frederick street 
Adam Alexander, school, Swinton row 
Adam Alexander, tailor, 5 South James st 
Adam and Russell, tanners, Boniiington 
I Adam Archbld. ship mastr.Trinity crescent 
; Adam Elizbth. schoolmistress, Potter row 
I Adam George, writer, 4 Hart st 
i Adam Jas. solicitor, 9 Claremont crescent 
\ Adam James, victual dealer, 61 Pleasance 
I Adam James, writer, 5 Scotland st 
Adam J no. baker,34 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Adam Martha, dress maker, 135 Princes st 
AdamMary,spiritdealer,21 Water la,Leith 
i Adam P. writer, 61 Great King st 

Adam Robeit, agent, 135 Princes st 
i Adam Robert, grocer, &c. 26 William st 
\ Adam Stephen, spiritdeaIer,36Northum- 
i berland street 
Adam Dr. Walter, 39 George's square 
Adam Right Hon. William, lord chief 

commissioner, 31 Charlotte square 
Adams Alexander, c;ibinet maker and 
undertaker, 79 Ironside close. Abbey hill 
Adams Alex. Maxwell, m.d.12 Argyle sq 

Adams and Co. wine & spirit merchants, 

14 South St. Andrew street 
Adams Ann, tobacconist, 167 High st 
Adams Dav.victualdealer,88 Grass market 
Adams Geo. china dealer, 6 Low Market st 
Adams John, session clerk, 3 Windmill st 
Adams Jno. solicitor, 48 NorthFrederickst 
Adams Robert, smith. Thistle street lane 
Adams William, china dealer,42& 43 South 

Bridge st,29 George st,& 1 Low Market st 
Adamson A. record office for servants, 4 

South St. Andrew st 
Adamson Miss Elizabeth, 12 Clarence st 
Adamson George, hosier, 15 Bristo st 
Adamson Mr. James, 57 North Hanover st 
Adamson Mr. John, 28 Kirk gate, Leith 
Adamson John & William, coopers and 

fish curers, 24 Duke st, Leith 
Adamson Mrs. lodgings, 7 Salisbury st 
Adamson Mrs. lodgings, 69 Constitution 

street, Leith [st, Leith 

Adamson William, spirit dealer, 13 Biidge 
Adcock Gilbert, furrier and commission 

agent, 36 Leith st 
Addison IVliss, 35 Montague st 
Addison Thomas, esq. George field,Tiinity 
Addison Thomas, esq. 10 India st 
Adie and Son, opticians, 58 Princes st 
Affleck Archiliald, ilesher, 9 Home st 
Affleck Mrs. girls' school, II Bread st 
Affleck Mrs. lodgings, 10 Adam st 
Affleck Robert, grocer, 26 St Leonard st 
Agnew John, furniture broker, 30 Blairst 
Aikman Alxndr. T. engraver, 23 Bristo st 
Aikman Andrew, librarian to the advo- 
cates' library, 4 Druramond st 
AikmanArchil>ald,grocer,.50 Grass market 
Aikman Geo. engraver, 29 North Bridge st 
Ailiman J ames,leather cutter, 1 1 Niddry st 
Aikman James, baker, 183 High st 
Aikman John, painter, 6 Queensferry st 
Aikman John, boot & shoe maker,Moray st 

Aikman Mrs. 4 Wharton place 
Aim John, grocer, 16 Saiidport st, Leith 
Ainslie & Sutherland, saddlrs. 12 Princes st 
Ainslie Mrs. Colonel, 23 Melville st 
Ainslie Mrs. George. 15 Drummond st 
Ainslie George, smith, Greenside row 
Ainslie Jas.spiritdelr, 3 Old Bridge end,L 
Ainslie Mr. John, Morning side 
Ainslie Jno. Archbld. advocale,2lUnion st 
Ainslie Mrs. (of Huntingdon), 115 Con. 

stitution street, Leith 
Ainslie Mrs. 33 London st 
Ainslie Robert, jun. writer, 26 India st 
Ainslie Sir William, 8 St. Colin st 
Ainslie Wm.spiritdealr,148 Causeway side 
Ainslie William and James, wine and 

spirit merchants, 3 Quality lane, Leith 
Air M. green grocer. Southern market 
Aird George and Son, grocers, 59 North 

Hanover street 
Aird Margt.straw hat maker,51 India place 
Aird Thomas, shoe maker,51 India place 
AireMrs. Christian,10 Wellington pl,Links 
Airey John, shopkeeper, 22 Brunswick st 
Airth James, grocer, 3.5 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Airth John, surgeon. Morning side 
Aitchison Alex, baker, 4 East Register st 
Aitchison &Co.spirit clealrs,2 Infirmary st 
Aitchison & Sons, confectnrs. 77 Queen st 
Aitchison Elizabeth, painter and glazier, 

20 Nelson st 
Aitchison George, consul for the Nether- 
lands, 9 Bernard st, Leith 
Aitchison George, baker, 1 Wemyss place 
Aitchison George & Co. merchants and 

ship owners, 9 Bernard st, Leith 
Aitchison Mrs. John, 16 St. John st 
Aitchison John, grocer and spirit dealer, 

49 Cowgate 
Aitchison Jno. spiritdealer, 38 Potter row 
Aitchison John and Co. brewers, South 

back of Canongate 


iEUin]DutQ:fr0i)im EDINBURGH, &c. 

Siffot S: ©o.'is 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Aitcliison, Paterson & merchants, 

9 Bernard st, Leith 
Aitchison Samuel, flesher, 50 Dundas st hirer,1.3 WestPreston st 
Aitcbison Wm. spirit dealer,? Hamilton pi 
Aitken Alex, draper, 20 North-west Circus 
place [George st 

Aitken Alexander & Co. ironmongers, 30 
Aitken and Campbell, wine and spirit 

merchants, 11 St. .lames's square 
Aitken George, grocer, 27 Richmond place 
Aitken Hugh, agent, 26 Harrington place 
AitkenJas.bookbinder,8 St. James's square 
Aitken Margt. painter, 1 St. James's sq 
Aitken Mrs. 19 Duke st 
Aitken Mrs. .W Lanriston place 
Aitken Mungo, smith, 142 Causeway side 
AitkeuNimrao,spiritdIr.99Fountain bridge 
Ailken Robt. VV'm. brewer, Meadow bank 
Aitken Samuel, esq. Bank st 
Aitkin Thns. blcicksmith,44 Chajlotte st,L. 
Aitken Walter, baker, 119 Nicolson st 
Aitken Wm. spirit dealer, 1 Dock place,L. 
AitkinWm.boot&shoeraakr. 104 West port 
AitkenWm.curricr,Baird's close, West port 
Ailken Wm. publican, 41 North Biidge st 
Aitkens James, farrier and spirit dealer, 
14 Potter row [place 

Aitkenson Henry,sur5eon,18 Drummond 
Aitkin D.T. J. lecture room,6 Infirmary st 
Aitkin John, m.d. 5 Drummond st 
Aitkin Mrs. furniture broker, 196 Cowgate 
Aked George, clerk, 10 Shore, Leith 
Albion Cloth Co. tailors,b'5NorthBridgest 
Albion Insurance Office, 11 South Bridge 

street — Andrew Muir, agent 
AlexanderAlex.flesher,l Water lane,Leith 
Alexander & Co. brewers, North back ol 
Canongate [Vincent st 

Alexander Donald, portrait painter, 8 St. 
Alexander George and Co. hat manufac- 
turers, 22 North Bridge st 
Alexander Jas. teacher ofmusic, Fox la, L. 
Alexander James, grocer, Allison's place 
AlexanderJas.Ths.surgeon,! 2 Charlotte pi 
Alexander John, advocate, 24 London st 
AlexanderJn. tinsmith, 64 Cross causeway 
Alexander John, grocer & victual dealer, 
44 and 74 St. Giles', Leith [wynd 

Alexander John, slater, 13 Lady Lawson's 
Alexander Jno.surgeon,96 Lauriston place 
Alexander Major (of Curlong), 16 War- 

riston crescent 
Alexander Miss, lodgings, 13 Rankeillor st 
Alexander Mrs. victual dealer, 24 Homest 
Alexander Richard and Son, wine mer- 
chants to His Majesty, 24 South Frede- 
rick street 
Alexander Mr. Robt. 1 Bellevue crescent | 
Alexander Robert, agent for Arniston col- 

liery, 15 Rankeillor street 
Alexander Robt. painter, 10 Mansfield pi | 
Alexander Robt currier,&c. Gullan's close | 
Alexander Thos. surgeon, 45 Lauriston pi ] 
Alexander Thos. cooper, Fox lane, Leith 
AlcxanderThos. & John,surgeons,5Grass 
market [Nicolson st 

Alexander Wm. (executors of), hosier, 98 
Alexander Wm. grocer, 20 Water la, Leith 
Alexander Wm. writer, 19 Windsor st 
AlexanderWm.writing maslr,45 Princes st 
Alexander Rev. Wm. L. 19 Minto st 
Alison Rev. Archibald, 44 Heriot row 
Alison Charles, architect, 2 London «t 
Alison David,linendealer,23 Bernard !'t,L. 
Alison James, shoe maker, 22 Pitt st 
Alison James, tailor, 51 North Bridge st 
Alison Jas. &Alex. corn factors,Bank st, L. 
Alison Miss, 15 Queen st 
Alison W. P. physician, 43 Heriot row 
Alison Mr. William, 21 Couper st, Leith 
Allan Mr. Alexander,? Hill square 
Allan Alex, advocate, 5 Hillside crescent 
Allan Alex, spirit dealer, 142 Canongate 
Allan Alex. & Co. bankers, 40 Princes st 
Allan & Field,slaters,27SoHth Frederick st 
Allan Chas. coal dealer, Stonie's alley, L. 
Allan David, confectioner, 33 Pitt st 
Allan James, tailor, 11 South Hanover st 
Allan James, maltster. Yard heads, Leith 
Allan James, tailor, 78Piinces street ami 
76 Pleasance [colson st 

Allan John, plumber, Haddon's court, Ni- 
Allan John, surveyorof taxes, SPittst, L. 
Allan John, cabinet maker, 40 India place 
Allan M.argaret, lodgings, 103 Princes st 
Allan Mrs. Mary Ann, 23a George square 
Allan Mrs. Murray, 12 Coates crescent 


Allan Miss, milliner, 23 Alva st 
Allan Miss, 2 St. Patrick's square 
Allan Miss, 1 1 Brandon street 
Allan Mrs. Hillside crescent 
Allan Mrs. 4 Duncan street 
AllauRobt. share broker,! IRoyalExchange 
Allan Robert, halter, 16 West port 
Allan Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 

12 Timber bush, Leith 
Allan Thomas and Co. publishers of the 

'Caledonian Mercury,' 265 High st 
Allan William, accountant, Jessfield, 10 

Dewar place 
Allan William, solicitor s. c. 23 Duke st 
Allan William, clerk in custom-house, 3 
Hamburgh place, Leith [Leith 

Allan Wm. spirit dealer, Trafalgar lane, 
Allan Wm. coal mereht. lOPort Hamilton 
Allan William and Son, ship and insu- 
rance brokers, 34 Bernard st, Leith [st 
Allan Wm.'R. historical paintr, 8 Scotland 
Allardice and Sclanders, upholsterers, 12 
George st [Register st 

Allardice John, carver & gilder, 24 West 
Allardice Rbt. bookseller, 130 Kirkgate, L. 
Allardice Wm. P. writer, 37 London st 
Allen C. E. writer to signet, 31 Alva st 
Allester David, writer, 9 London st 
Allester William, writer, 9 Loudon st 
Al liance Assurance Company ,5 York place 

— William Drnmmond, agent 
Allibank Lady, 15 Dean terrace 
Allison Edward Duffiu,chymist&drnggist, 

100 South Bridge street 
Allison James, builder, 5 Duncan st 
Allison James and Sons, vinegar makers, 

Allison's place, Leith walk 
Allison Wm. engraver, 34 Broughton st 
Alloa Crown Glass and Bottle Store, 28 
Mitchell st, Leith — Lloyd and Douglas 
Alston George, tailor, 52 N orth Hanover st 
Alston Hugh, spirit dealer, 56 West port 
Alston John, grocer, 2 Bristo st 
Alston Thomas, wright,&c. 35 Potter row 
Alves Miss, 6 Scotland st 
Ambrose James, publican, 1 Gabriel road 
Ambrose William, King''s Arms Tavern, 

34 Rose street 
Amory Mr. J. 46 Nicolson st 
Amos Miss, 18 Gardner's crescent 
Ancrum J. W. cork manufctr. 152 Rose st 
Ancrum John, cork manfr. 1 Bernard st, L. 
Ancrum John, eating-house, 16 Shore, L. 
Anderson Capt. A. 14 Lynedoch place 
Anderson Adam, advocate, 98 George st 
Anderson Mr. Alexander, 30 Rankeillor st 
Anderson Mrs. Alexander, 23 Maitland st 
Anderson Alexander, tailor, 451 High st 
Anderson Alexander, flesher, 142 Rose st 
Anderson Alex, cabinet maker, 15 Howe st 
Anderson Alexander,landsurveyor, Morn- 
ing side [Grey st 
Anderson Alexander, spirit dealer, 13 Earl 
Anderson & Bryce, printers, Foulis' close 
Anderson Andrew, surgeon, 40 Minto st 
Anderson Archibald,esq. Bruntsfield place 
Anderson Archd. fishniongr,3 Old Fishmkt 
Anderson Charles, writer, SO Albany st 
Anderson Dr. Chas. m.d. 33 Quality st, L. 
Anderson Christian, lodgings, 15 Albanyst 
Anderson Rev.Chrislr.5 NorthCharlottest 
Anderson David, hairdresser, 1 1 Cowgate 
Anderson Dav. dairyman, Davidson's close 
Anderson David, farrier, Bristo st 
Anderson Capt. Drnmmond,Laverockbnk 
Anderson Duncan L.surgeon,247Canongt 
Anderson & worsted dlr.301 High st 
Andeison Eliif. dress maker,19Couper st,L. 
Anderson Euphem-ia, school,? Gayfield sq 
Anderson Mr. Geo. 4 Wellington pl,Links 
Anderson Mr. George, Anderson's place 
Anderson George, wriglit, l2J.imes'splace 
Anderson George, solicitor, 26 Dundas st 
Anderson George, auctioneer, 142 High st 
Anderson George, flesher. Middle market 
Anderson George, victual dealer, 3 North 

back of Canongate 
Anderson George, academy, 39 Howe st 
Anderson Hart, collector of rates, 2 Athol 
place [close, Leith 

Anderson, Hay and Co. smiths, Bowie's 
Andeison Helen, lodgings, 3 Hope st 
Anderson Helen & Margaret,dress makers, 

13 Charlotte place 
Anderson Henry Stewart, grocer,40 N orth 
Hanover street [ton place 

Anderson Isaac, solicitor s. c. 7 Brougli- 
Anderson Mrs. James, 10 Duncan st 
Anderson Rev. James, 118 West port 

Anderson James, plasterer, Lothian road 
Anderson James, spirit dealer, 21 Rose st 
AndersonJames,civilengineei & architect, 

2 Shandwick place 
Anderson Jas. flesher,14 East Richmond st 
Anderson James, bookseller, 33 George st 
Anderson James, boot & shoe warehouse, 

94 South Bridge street 
Anderson Jas. teacher, 82 South Bridge st 
Anderson James, solicitor, 121 Princes st 
Anderson James, spirit dealer, 133 Rosest 
Anderson James, Ind^ings, 13 Charlotte pi 
Anderson J aines.secretary to the Solicitors' 

Law Hall, 3 Royal Exchange 
Anderson James, flasher, 44 Bristo st 
Anderson James, teacher of music, 122 

Kirkgate, Leith 
Ander.'^on James, advocate, 1 Heriot place 
Anderson James, dairyman, Boanington 
Anderson James, china dealer, 20 Clerk st 
Anderson James, wright, West Maitland st 
AndersonJames,cahinetniaker,174 Rose st 
Anderson J ames,livery stables,! 1 James' pi 
Anderson Jas.grocer,42 West Richmond st 
Anderson Jamesjjun. draper, 1 Nicolson st 
Anderson Jane, lodgir gs, 3 Gloucester pi 
Anderson Mr. John, Bruntsfield place 
Anderson John, fishmonger, 109 George st 

and 2 Old Fislimarket 
Anderson John, bookseller, 295 High st 
Anderson John, jeweller & silversmith, 35 

West Register street 
Anderson John, boot and shoe maker, 11 

Catherine street [dington place 

Anderson Joh^i, cabinet maker, 23 Had- 
Anderson John, cabinet mkr. 12 Church la 
Anderson John, bouse and ornamental 

painter, 16 Constitution street, Leith 
Anderson John, boot mkr,3 St. Patrick's sq 
Anderson J no. cabinet mkr,21 Greenside pi 
Anderson John and Son, ironfounders, 

Anderson's place, Leith walk 
Anderson John, jun. bookseller, 55 North 

Bridge street [land street 

Anderson Letham, writer, 67 Northumber- 
Anderson Miss Lucy Maria, 32 Clarence st 
Anderson Miss Margaret,6 Windmill st 
Anderson Mrs. Margaret, 12 Albany st 
Anderson Margaret, green grocer, 16 North 

West Circus place 
Anderson Marion, smallware dealer, 2 

Cobourg street, Leith 
Anderson Mary, lodgings, 136 Princes st 
Anderson Mary, dress maker,39 Dublin st 
Anderson Michael, printer, Mound place 
Anderson Miss, boarding and day school, 

10 Graham street 
Anderson Miss, 5 Great King st 
Anderson Miss, 25 Pitt st 
Anderson M iss, portrait painter, 23 Mait- 
land street 
Anderson Mrs. (of Bulgay), 13 Ainslie pi 
Anderson Mrs. lodgings, 2 Maitland st 
Anderson Mrs. glove maker, 2 Hill place 
Anderson Mrs. Anderson's place 
Anderson Mrs. 2 Roxburgh st 
Anderson Mrs. (of lnchyra),34 Charlotte sq 
Anderson Mrs. 21 Fettes row 
Anderson Mrs. 10 Elm row 
Anderson Mrs. lodgings, 15 Drummond st 
Anderson Mrs. lodgings,25Abercromby pi 
Anderson Peter, coach hirer, 22 Young st 
Anderson Peter, writer, 31 Great King st 
Anderson Peter, clerk to Shore Dues office, 

1 Albany street, Leith 
Anderson Rev. Robert, d. B. 31 George sq 
Anderson Robert, solicitor, 1 London st 
Anderson Robert, tallow chandler, 149 

Kirkgate, Leith 
Anderson Robert, dentist, 45 Princes st 
Ander'on Robert, carrier, 115 Grass markt 
Anderson Robert, teacher, 7 Gayfield sq 
Anderson Ro^iert, baker, 13 Hamilton pi 
Anderson Robert, baker, 13 Chapel st 
Anderson Robert & Co commission mer- 
chants, 11 Constitution st, Leith 
Anderson Stephen, brewer, Burrowloch 
Anderson Ths.carver,!? South Frederic 1; st 
Anderson Thos. spirit dealer,34 Tobago st 
Anderson Thos. Scott, writer, 1 Athol pi 
Anderson Thomas, advocate, 31 George sq 
Anderson Mr. William, 27 Scotland st 
Anderson Wm. grocer,! Cobourgst, Leith 
Anderson Wm.mrchnt,31 Constitution st,L. 
Anderson Wm. grocer, Cobourg st, Leith 
Anderson William, flesher. Middle markt 
Anf! st 
.Anderson William, hair dresser,92 Highst 
Anderson William, spirit dealer ,83 High st 

liimtdri). EDINBURGH, &c. mt^itibvix^^iivu 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Anderson William, wine & tea dealer, 3 

North St. Afldrew street 
Anderson William, clerk in Register ofBce, 

5 Roxburgb terrace 
Anderson \Villiam & James, ironmongers 

and smiths, 22 Nicolson street 
Andrew George, tailor, Stevenlaw's close 
Andrew Jas. surgeon, 14 Young st [ton 
Andrew J no.j nn.coal mchnt. 12 Port Hamil- 
Andrew Mrs. 1 Eyre place 
Andrew Mrs. 18 Buccleugh place 
Andrew Mr. Patrick, 31 Montague st 
Andrews Ann.miniaturepaintr.6 Stuart St 
AndrewsDav.R. portrait paintr.6 Stuart st 
Andrews Mrs. 38 Minto st 
Angand F. French consul, 12 Ann street 
Angus Andrew, superintendent of police, 

Police-office, Leith 
Angus George, architect, 1 St. Colme st 
Angns James, grocer,&c. 38 William st 
Angus Jessie, milliner,l3Sth. Frederick st 
Angus Robt. victual dealer, 5 Charles st 
Anstruther Jas. spirit dealr.37Grass markt 
Anslruther James, writer, 42 Moray place 
Arbuthnot Lady Ann, 16 Charlotte square 
Archer& Mann, solicitors,22 Bernard st,L. 
Archer Andrew, dentist, 29 Elder st 
Archer Mark, nail maker. Glover st, Leith 
Archibald Dav.tailor,2NovthSt. Andrew st 
Archibald George, engraver, 54 Bristost 
Archibald Geo. nursery & seedsman, 10 

Nicolson st 
Archibald Isabel, dress maker, 2 North St. 

Andrew street 
Archibald Jas. snvgeon, 84 Kirkgate, L. 
Archibald John, flesher, 43 Home st 
Archibald John, grocer, 27 Cumberland st 
Archibald Miss Margt. 2 West Circus pi 
Archibald Wm. shoe maker, 54 Bristo st 
Arcus Agnes, lodgings,18 Sth. Frederick st 
Ardagh Major, 21 Warriston crescent 
Atgns Life Office, 21 York place— Peter 
Watt, agent [palace 

Argyle His Grace the Duke of, Holyrood 
Arklay Misses, dress mkrs.l3 Bernard st,L. 
Arkley Mrs. Eliza, 25 Heriot row 
Armet Wm. tailor, 2 Shakspeare square 
Armitage Margt. lodgings, 18 Dundas st 
Armour Geo. mason, 113 Kirkgate, Leith 
Armstrong Miss Christian, 10 Doune ten- 
Armstrong Dorothy, grocer, 30 Cowgate 
Armstrong Geo. agent, 16 South Bridge st 
Armstrong Janet, straw hat maker, 126 

Armstrong John, grocer, 29 Hercles st 
Armstrong John, agent, 12 Catherine st 
Armstrong Racliael, lodgings,22 Charles st 
Armstrong Robt coal agent,Railway depot 
Armstrong Wm. spirit dealer, 53 Shore, L. 
Armstrong Wm. Wright, Queen's place 
ArmstrongWm.clerk,! 1 London row, Leith 
Arnistou Coal Ofiice, Railway depot — 

R. Alexander, agent 
• Arnold James, baker, 4 Mackenzie place 
Arnot Mr. Alexander, 26 George st 
Arnot Alexander, teacher, 26 George st 
Arnot Andrew, baker, 277 Canongate 
Arnot James, baker, 41 Buccleugh st 
Arnot James, working jeweller, 30 Rosest 
Arnot J no. commission agnt.l2Catherinest 
Arnott Andrew, spirit dealer, 19 West 

Richmond street 
Arnott Hugo, esq. 7 Ann field, Leith 
Arnott James, writer, 3 Wemyss place 
Arnott John, writer, 1 St. Vincent st 
Arnott John Walker, writer, 7 St. John st 
Arnott Peter, general agent, 30 Howe st 
AiTigoni Miss, teacher of music, 32 Dun- 
das street 
Arrol Thomas, grocer, 91 Princes st 
Arrow Captain John, 10 Ann st [street 
Arthur D. &, Sons, tool makers, I Gilmour 
Arlhur Mr. George, 61 Clerk st 
Arthur John, tailor, 19 West Register st 
Arthur J no. house agent, 4 Roxburgh terr 
Arthur Mrs. lodgings, 9 Montague st 
Arlhur Richard,'wriler, 13 St. James's sq 
Artisans' Reading Room, 98 Sth. Bridge st 
Ashenheim Jacob, wholesale jeweller, 61 
North Bridge st [Bennington 

Astly Thomas, manufacturing chymist, 
Atkinson Hnry. surgeon, 18 Drummond pi 
Atlas Assurance Office, 29 Heriot row- 
John Campbell, agent 
Auchie & Brown, upholsterers, auction- 
eers, and undertakers, 25 George st 
Auchinclose John, smith, 19 Rose st 


Auchterlonie Mary, stay & corset maker 

32 Northumberlfind st 
Audsley Mrs. lodgings, 21 Leith st 
Auld Mr. Hugh, 31 Lauriston place 
Auld Mr. James, 9 Rankeillorst 
Auld Mrs. Maiia, 87 Princes st 
Auld Peter,leathercutler,52 St. Giles st,L. 
Auld Robert, solicitor s. c. 3 Blair st 
Auld Mr. William, 67 Great King st 
Austen Miss C. 15 Manor place 
Austin Alx. hoot & shoe maker,]9 Castle st 
Austin Jane, lodgings, 29 S. Frederick st 
Austin John, schoolmaster, 148 Rosest 
Austin Missj 1 Melville st 
Austin Mrs. 23 Howard place 
Autchison Mrs. Isabella, 45 Heriot row 
Autchison Margaret and Jean, straw hat 

manufacturers, 12 George st 
Ayer James, tailor, 12 South James st 
Ayton Roger, writer, 21 Abercromby place 
Aytoun James, advocate, 39 Heriot row 
Aytoun Mrs. Sinclair, 39 Heriot row 


BADENOCH Dr. Robert, surgeon to the 

forces, 13 Alva street 
Bagot Rev. Daniel, a. m. 23 Claremont st 
Baildon B.C. druggist, &c. 73 Princes st 
Bailey and Co. flint glass manufacturers, 

25 Greenside place 
Bailey Isaac, solicitor, 11 Royal Exchange 
Bailey Joseph & William, glass & china 

dealers, 24 Grass market 
Bailey Mrs. Hermitage cottage, Bums st 
Bailey Mrs. 7 Lyndoch place 
Bailey Mrs. 20 Haddington place 
Bailey Thomas, spirit dealer, 15 High riggs 
Baillie Charles, advocate, 13 Gt. Stewartst 
Baillie David, spirit dealer. Low Calton 
Baillie James, esq. of Falahill, 2 Baxter pi 
Baillie John, fruiterer, 56 Clerk st 
Baillie John,boot maker,28 Cumberland st 
Baillie M. dress maker, 25 S. Richmond st 
Baillie Miss, 34 George square 
Baillie Miss, 4 East Broughton place 
Baillie Mrs. 16 Windsor st 
Baillie Mrs. SO Rankeillor st 
Baillie Thomas, solicitor, 4 Baxter place 
Baillie Thos. victual dealer, 172Pleasance 
Baillie Mr. W. R. 1 Nelson st 
Baillie Wm. spirit dealer, 4 Johnston's pi 
Baillie Wm. writer, 40 Northumberland st 
Bain Alexander, collector, 10 Hill place 
Bain Mr. Andrew, 61 Clerk st 
Bain Arch bid. Gtes(/on)Tarern,16 Calton st 
Bain Mrs. D. lodgings, 7 Salisbury st 
BainDanl.boot&shoemlfr.2 St. Anthony pi 
Bain David, publican, 3 Milne's square, 

and 1 Hunter square 
Bain David, boot & shoemaker, 24 Elder st 
Bain Donald, accountant, 2 Mansfield pi 
Bain George, painter, 45 Cumberlanc^t 
Bain Henry,shoe maker. Darling's br£re,L. 
Bain James, whip maker, Ward rop's court 
Bain James, cabinet maker, 158 Rose st 
Bain John, victual dealer, 6 Chapel st 
Bain John, grocer, &c. 19 Calton st 
Bain John, boot maker,52 Fountain bridge 
Bain John, spirit dealer, 115 Grass market 
Bain John, haberdasher, 15 Greenside st 
Bain Martha, fancy trimming warehouse, 

48 Nicolson street 
Bain Mary,stay maker, 12 St. Patrick's sq 
Bain Mrs. straw bat maker, 157 Cowgate 
Bain Mrs. stay maker, 2 Salisbury st 
Bain N. secretary and librarian to Royal 

Medical Society, Surgeon's square 
Bain 1 hs. spirit dealr.5 l?lesh market close 
Bain William, lioot and shoe maker, 105 

Constitution street, Leith 
Bain Wm. builder, Chain pier. Trinity 
Bain Wm. spirit dealer, 33 Whitefield pi 
Bain William, solicitor, 35 Scotland st 
Bain William and Sinclair, commission 

agents, 60 North Bridge st 
Bain William R. baker, 27 Leith walk 
Baird Alexander, grocer, &c. 232 Cowgate 
Baird and Falkner, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 63 Princes street 
Baird&Kemlo, spirit dealers,280Canongt. 
Baird Captain, 12 Antigua st 
Baird the Very Rev. G. H. principal of the 

university, 13 Regent terrace 
Baird J. spirit dealer, 37 West port 
Baird James, plasterer, Coates lane 
Baird Jno. esq.(of Camelon)4 W.Circospl 
Baird John, grocer, 52 Lothian st 
Baird John & William, tanners, Pow burn 
Baird Mrs. lodgings, 5 Roxburgh terrace 

Baird Mrs. N. 41 Great King st 
Baird Mr. Robert, 48 India st 
Baird Robert, house painter, 1 1 Meuse lane 
Baird Thos. W. advocate, 4 Drummond pi 
Baird William, plasterer, 4 Queensferry st 
Bairnsfather Miss, Leith links 
Bairnsfather Peter, writer, 3 Fettes row 
Bairnsfather Stenhouse, teacher, 9 Couper 

street, Leith 
Bald and Geddes, mining and civil en- 
gineers, 65 York place [place 
Bald Mary, flour dealer. North-west Circus 
Balderston James, secretary to the Insu- 
rance Co. of Scotland, 6 Maitland st 
Balderston Mrs. 6 Maitland st 
Balfour & Jack, pi'inters, 36 Niddry st 
Balfour A nd w. hosier, 5 Sth. St. Andrew st 
Balfour Mts. David, 42 Heriot row 
Balfour Mrs. G. 30 Haddington place 
Balfour Miss Helen, 1 Charles st 
Balfour Dr. J. H. 15 Dundas st 
BalfourJames,managerof the Wine Com- 
pany o'f Scotland, 14 George st 
Balfour John, writer, 27 Hamilton place 
Balfour John and Co. corn merchants, 2 

Old Naval yard, Leith 
Balfour JohnM. writer, 37 Broughton st 
Balfour Mrs. M. 19 Warriston crescent 
Balfour Miss Margaret, 18 Buccleugh pi 
Balfour Misses, dress makers, 20 Elder st 
Balfour Ths. flaxdresser, Carrubber's close 
Balfour Thomas, advocate, 9 Doune terr 
Balfour Thos. genral agent,33 Montague st 
Balfoor William, writer, 10 Hill st 
Balfour Wm. merchant, 9 Annandale st 
Balfour Wm. M. D. snrgeon, 10 Hill .st 
Balgarnie John, cowkeeper, 27 New st 
Balgray the Hon. Lord, 30 George square 
Bali Thos. boot, &c. maker, 11 James's pi 
Ballantiue and Allan, painters, 15 South 

Hanover street 
Ballantine and Gardner, grocers, &o. 67 

South Bridge street 
Ballantine Geo. baker, 33 Cumberland st 
Ballantine James, dealer in sundries, 44 

North Richmond street 

Ballantine John, cheesemonger, 19 South 

Hanover street [street, Leith 

Ballantine John, bookseller, 49 Bernard 

Ballantine William and Robert, linen 

drapers, 383 High street 
Ballantyne George, fancy trimming ware- 
house, 12 Nicolson street 
Ballantyne Mrs. lodgings, 39 Dublin st 
Ballennie Mrs. Rosemount, Leith links 
BallennieWm. spirit dealr.l Haddington pi 
Balleny William, wiigbt, 6 Bristo st 
Bailie Miss, 8 Maitland st 
Ballingall Sir Geo. surgeon, 13 Heriot row 
Ballingall Wm. accountant, 6 Pitt st 
Balmain James, boot maker, 67 Clerk st 
Balmain James, wine & spirit dealer, 8 St. 

Andrew's square 
Balmain Janet & Elizabeth, milliners, 42 

Chai-lotte street, Leith 
Balmain John, tobacconist, 42 Princes st 
Balmain J ohn, clerk, 42 Charlotte st, Leith 
Balvaird Mrs. Catherine,21 Gilmore place 
Bancks Chs. Jas. ironinonger,24I Cowgate 
Band Mrs. Margaret, 5 King st, Leith 
Banff & Leith Shipping Company, Shore, 

Leith— Lain g & Stewart, agents 
Bank of Scotland, Bank street, and at 

Leith — Alexander Blair, treasurer 
Banks Alex. &Son,bookbdrs,37N. Bridge st 
Banks Alex.jun. bookbinder,5N. Bridge st 
Banks David, tailor, 3 Shrub place 
Banks Elizbth. ladies' school, 52 Queen st 
Banks Hugh, tailor, 22 Duke st 
Banks James Haldane, bookbinder, 30 
South Hanover street [ton st 

Banks John, Waverley Tavern, 4 Brough- 
Banks John, die cutler,13 North Bridge st 
Banks John & Co. carpet and hearth rug 

manufacturers. Canon mills 
Banks Peter, joiner, 14 Baltic st, Leith 
Banks Robert, smith, St. Leonard's lane 
Banks William, tailor, 1 Elm row 
Banks William, engraver, 2 Windsor st 
Banks William, cabinet maker and up- 
holsterer, 10 St. Patrick's square [st 
Banks Wm. cabinet mkr,6 West Richmond 
Bannatyne Robert, jnn. shopkeeper, 38 
St. Giles street, Leith [place 

Bannerman Hugh,spiritdealer,3 Spence's 
Bannerman Wm.spiritdealr.M line's court 
Baptie Andw. carver, &C.8 Melville place 
Baptie David, carver, &c. 32 Princes St 
Baptie John, bookseller, 12 Earl Grey st 


lEUiufiurgS^fiire^ EDINBURGH, &c. 

^tgot & €o.*& 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Barber Alex, spirit dealer,44 Broiighton st 
Barber Mrs. Rd. South Canal st [cres. 
Barber Robert H. barrister, 30 Warriston 
Barbour John,leatherseller,113Gr£^ss mkt 
Barclay David, spirit dealer,32 Potter row 
Barclay Mrs. J. H. 18 Ann st 
Barclay Mr. John, 7 Carlton place [st 
Barclay Maria,grn.e;rocer,46 Nth. Hanover 
Barclay Mary,shopkpr.)24 Kirka;ate,LeitIi 
Barclay Mrs. George place, Leith walk 
Barclay Cap!. Robert, 2 Saxe Cobourg pi 
Barker Barnard, clothes dir. 143 Co« gate 
Barker Rev. Francis, 3 Duke st, Leith 
Barker John, surgeon, 49 York place 
Barker Mrs. Maria, 29 Ann st 
Barker Peter, furniture brkr.146 Cowgate 
Barker Robert, spirit dealer, 170 Rose st 
Barker Tho^ brewer, 8 Yardheads, Leith 
Barlas Robt. land surveyor,30Gilmore pi 
Barnasconi Jno.stucco mfr.Fountain close 
Barnes Jane, milliner, 141 George st 
Barnett Miss, 5 West Maitland st 
Barr Fidelle, clock maker, 2 Unjpn place 
Barr Jas. Grandison, solicitor,76 Queen st 
Barr R. C. surgeon, 3 Drummond st 
Barrie Christian,carter,2 St.Anthonyst,L. 
Barrilli Jas. crape dresser, 9 Broughton st 
Banington Lady, 7 Forres st 
Barron Alexr. portrait painter, 5 Pitt st 
Barron George, writer, I Scotland st 
Barron Jas. grocer, 22 South Frederick st 
Barron John, writer, 67 Great King st 
Barron Mrs. 5 Pitt st 
BaiTowman John, warehousemn at the 

King's Printing-office,i9 St.Fatrick's sq 
3arry Jane, straw hat mkr. 63-Nicolson st 
Barry John, British Hotel, 70 Ciueen st 
Barry Lawrence, plasterer,6reenside row 
Barstow Chas. .M. accountant, 29 India st 
Barth Stephen, upholsterer, 4 Young st 
Barthlet Agnes, lodgings, 8 Annfiekl,Leith 
Bartholomew Geo. engraver, 6 Leopold pi 
Bartholomew J no.engravr,4 East James st 
Barton Robt. teacher of writing,48 India st 
Batchelor T. druggist, 60 Cross causeway 
Bathgate George, grocer, 25 Greenside row 
Bathgate Mary, eating house,Low Calton 
Bathgate Miss, 5 Teviot row 
Bathgate Mrs. 36 Inverleilh row 
Bathgate Susan,victual dlr.6Haddingtn pi 
Bathgate W. M. surgeon, 3 Argyle square 
Baths (hot and cold), 17 and 19 Hill st 
Bauchop Ths.collectr oftaxes,l£rsliinepl 
Baxter & M' Dougal,writers , 35 S. Castle st 
Baxter A>chbd. spirit dealr.3 Orchard field 
Baxter Charles, solicitor, s. c. 32 Castle st 
Baxter Henry, advocate, 23 Heriot row 
Baxter John & James, slaters & glaziers, 

18 Leith st 
Baxter Mrs. 34 Gayfield square 
Baxter William, librarian to Edinburgh 

Subscription Library.39 SouthBridge st 
Bayley Isaac, clerk to Heriot's Hospital 
Bayne James, publican, MiddleFleshmkt 
Bayne John, writer, 23 Charlotte square 
Bayne Menzies, painter, &c. York lane 
Bayne Miss, 7 Rankeillor st 
Bayne Miss Catherine, 9 Clarence st 
Bayne Mrs. lodgings, 13 Hill place 
BeadieJ. C.cornmerchnt,37 Sheriff brae,L. 
Beatson Mrs. Janet, 27 Ann st 
Beatson Mrs. 29 Montague st 
Beattie Alexander, smith, 35 East Canal st 
Seattle James, wright, Hope Park end 
Beattie Miss, school, 4 Northumberland pi 
Beattie Mrs. 31 Broughton place 
Beattie Robert, furniture broker, 34 West 

Richmond st [Bread st 

Beallie William & Sons, Wrights, &c. 23 
Beaumont Rev, Joseph, Nicolsou square 
Beck Miss Jemima, 5 Stafford st 
Beens Francis Louis, artist, 19 India st 
Begbie Alex, shoe maker, 138 Nicolson st 
Begbie & Dickson, ir oQmongers, 16 South 

St. Andrew st £ Princes st 

Begbie Elizabethjbaby-linen warehouse,43 
Begbie F. plasterer, 179 Canongate 
Begbie Jas. m. d. & surgeon, ISHeriot row 
Begbie Mrs. Margaret, 7 Henderson row 
Begbie Miss, 16 Grove st 
Begbie Peter, coal merchant, 23 Constitu- 
tion street, Leith 
Begbie Thomas, publisher of the Observer 

Newspaper, 377 Hi^h street 
Begbie Thos. coal agent, 7 Railway depfit 
Begbie Thos. flesher, 3 West Nicolson st 
Begg Archibald, tailor, 2 Lothian road 
B gg Charles, spirit dealer, Earl Gray st 
Begg Rev. James, Libberton manse 


Begg Wra. boot maker ,5 1 Candlemakerrw 
BehmerFrederick,stay maker,55 George st 
Belches Mrs. Peter, 15 Ann st 
Beltrage Wm. hosier & glover,75 George st 
Belfrage William, writer, 8 Scotland st 
Bell A. M. writer, 6 Henderson row 
Bell Adam, boot maker,87 South Bridge st 
Bell Alex. & Son, smiths, 23 Greenside pi 
Bell & Bradfute, booksellers, 12 Bank st 
Bell and Co. copper-plate printers and 

lithographers, 2 Gabriel's road 
Bel!& Mende!l,ironmongers.312Lawnmkt 
Bell Mrs. Andrew, 12 Saxe Cobourg place 
Bell Archibald, advocate, 81 Great King st 
Bell Benj. advocate, 20 St. Andrew's sq 
Bell Benj. surgeon, 22 St. Andrew's sq 
Bell Benjamin, writer, 9 Queen st 
Bell Sir Charles, professor of surgery, 6 

Ainslie place 
Bell Charles, surgeon, 53 Queen st 
Bell David, boot maker.33 South Bridge st 
Bell Mrs. Elliot, 2 Clarence st 
Bell Mr. George, 1 Jamaica st, Leith 
Bell Mrs. George, 7 Brunswick st 
Bell Geo. spirit dealer, 7 Shakespear sq 
Bell George, jeweller, 44 North Bridge st 
Bell Geo. Graham, advocate, 19 Albany st 
Bell George Joseph, professor of law, 6 

Darnaway street 
Bell Gideon William, writer,25Ainsliepl 
Bell Helen, fancy silk and worsted ware- 
house, 60 Princes st 
Bell Henry Glassford. advocate,4 Nelson st 
Bell J. spirit dealer, Duke st, Leith 
Bell Mrs. James, 21 Gardner's crescent 
Bell James, philosophical instrument 

maker, 54 South Bridge street 
Bell James, smith, 110 St. Leonard st 
Bell Jas.Sc Co.corn factors.SO Bernard st,L. 
Bell John, smith, 168 Rose st 
Bell Jno.5piritdealer,3 Broad vvynd, Leith 
Bell John, portrait painter, 7 Hill square 
Bell .lohn, writer, 81 Great Kins st 
Bell Jno. Baron,writing mastr,26Georgest 
Bell John, jun. writer, 13 Great Kingst 
Bell Joseph, surgeon, 29 St. Andrew's sq 
Bell, Keir & Co. brewers, 46 Pleasance 
Bell L. spirit dealer, 1 Broughton st 
Bell Miss, ladies' school, 38 Dublin st 
Bell Mr. 5 Hamilton place 
Bell Mrs. milliner, 15 Broughton place 
Bell Mrs. 2 Haddington place 
Bell Montgomerie, advocate,59 Gt. King st 
Bell Peter, boot & shoe maker, 50 Rose st 
Bell Peler, spirit dealer,25 Duke st, Leith 
Bell, Rannie and Co. wine merchants, 6.3 

Constitution street, Leith 
Bell Richard, flesher. Middle market 
Bell Robert, tailor, 82 Kirlcgate, Leith 
BeHfp-obert, advocate, 20 St. Andrew's sq 
Bell Robert, picture engraver, 13 Hill pi 
Bell Robt. boot & shoe maker, 23 Leith st 
Bell Robert, turner, 94 St. Giles st, Leith 
Bell Robert F. agent, 5 South Union place 
Bell Thomas, grocer, 184 Canongate 
Bell Walter, boot,&c. maker, 16 Lothian st 
Bell William, solicitor, 72 Broughton st 
Bell Wm. green grocer, 4 Green market 
Bell William, smith. Circus lane [pi 

BeliWm. ironmngi'. 14 North-west Circus 
Bell William, advocate, 53 Queen st 
Bell William, writer, 9 Queen st 
Bell William, ferry office, PJewhaven 
Bells & Rutherford, writers, 10 Queen st 
Bells Mills Flour Company, Dean 
Bendy Eliz. watch case maker,333 High st 
Benevolent & Strangers' Friend Society, 

184 High st — R Anderson, agent 
Bennet Mr. Archibald, Caroline cottage, 

Bennet John, spirit dealer, 182 Rose st 
Bennet William, tailor, 63 Shore, Leitb 
Bennett Davi<l, eating-house, 90 Shore, L. 
Bennett James^ writer, 7 Fettes row 
Bentley Mrs. Joanna, 11 Stb. Hanover st 
Bentley Wm. hair dresser, 9 Huntly st 
Beriy George & Co. merchants & agents, 

36 St. Martin's court, Leith 
Berry lsabella,earthnwrdlr.ll Charlotte pi 
I Berry J . & E. straw hat makers,20 Bank st 
I Berry James, saddler, 22 Bread st 
i Beny William, dyer, 30 Oundas st 
Bertie Ann, grocer, 1 Burn st, Leith 
Bertram John A. & Co. wine merchants, 

18 Quality street, Leith 

Bertram John P. writer to the signet, 17 
Broughton place • [street 

Bertram M. dress maker,24 South Castle 
Bertram Miss (of Kerswell), 11 Walker st 
Bertram Mrs. Newington house.Blacket pi 
Bertram William, engineer & millwright, 

12 East Sciennes street 
Berwick A. & Co. brewers, Gentle's close 
Berwick & Leith Shipping Co. 10 Shore, 

Leith — Laing and Stewart, agents 
Berwick David, manager of Insurance 

Company of Scotland, 23 Duke st 
Berwick Mrs. William, 4 Brunton place 
Beugo John, engraver, 54 ^outh Bridge st 
Beveridge David, spiritdlr.4 Portland pl,L. 
Beveridge Euphemia, stoneware dealer, 

32 Bridge street, Leith 
Beveridge J. P. accountant, 14 Duke st 
Beveridge Maria, spirit dealer, Benning- 
ton bridge 
Beveridge Robert, baker, 53 London st 
Beveridge Saml. solicitor, 13 Bernard st, L. 
Beveridge Thomas, depute clerk of ses- 
sion, 14 Duke street 
Bews Janet, green grocer, Cromwell st,L. 
Biggar John, carpenter, &c. 68 Clerk st 
Biegar Mrs. stationer, 13 Lothian st 
Biggar S. cahinetmaker,23EastThistle st 
Billiard Rooms, 46 North Hanover st— 

Hugh Clark, proprietor 
Binks Mr. Christopher, 8 Middleby st 
Binnie John, spirit dealer, 22 Union place 
Binnie Wm. baker, 43 Cumberland st 
Binny John, esq. 14 Moray place 
Bird Jno.B. engraver,60 Nth. Frederick it 
Biid Miss, teacher, 44 North Castle st 
Bird Mrs. 18 Gardner's crescent 
Bird Patrick, clothes dealer, 163 Cowgate 
Bird Susan, lodgings, 64Nth. Frederick st 
Birrel Andrew, currier, 64 Potter row 
Bishop Cath.lodgings,72 
Bishop H.J. & Co. booksellers, 7 Bank st 
Bishop Helen, victual dealer, 29 Home st 
Bishop Jas. shoemaker,66 Cross causeway 
Bishop Jas. boot, &c. maker,7 Spencer's pi 
Bishop Jane, boarding school, 3 Hope st 
Bishop John, victual dealer, 361 High st 
Bishop John, tailor, 489 Lawn market 
Bishop John, eating house, 51 Shore, L. 
Bishop John, smith, Bristo st 
Bishop Mrs. lodgings, 44 Rankeillor st 
Bishop Robert, spirit dealer, 92.Fleasance 
BishopSaml. spirit dlr.N. back of Canongte 
Bishop Mrs. Thomas, 15 Albany st 
Bisset Mrs. Adam, 11 Mitchell st. Leith 
Bisset John, writer, 9 Union st ■ 
Bisset the Misses, 13 Windsor st 
Bisset Thos. ship master, 2 Coalfield la, L. 
Bissland Thomas, esq. II Ann street 
Black A. L. surgeon, 37 Nicolson st 
Black Adam, commissn.ageDt,2Norton pl 
Black Adam and Charles, booksellers, 27 

North Bridge street 
Black Mrs. Agnes, 11 Dean terrace 
Black Agnes, lodgings, 6 Hamburgh pI,L. 
Black Alexander, surveyor of buildings 
to Heriot's Hospital, 12 Royal Exchange 
Black & Callender, ladies' boarding and 

day school, 14 Leopold place 
Black and M'Nair, brewers, 11 St. An- 
thony street, Leith 
Black & Son, grocers, 21 Canongate 
BlackArchbld.surveyorof taxes,41 York pl 
Black Charles, flesher. High market 
Black Daniel, hosier, 38 VVest Register st 
Black David Martin, writer to the sig- 
net, 21 St. Andrew's square 
Black George, mes.senger,30St James's sq 
Black George, lodgings, 41 Clerk st 
Black Henry, solicitor, 21 St. Andrew's sq 
Black Mr. James, 2 Manor place 
Black James, baker, 25 Elder st 
Black James, victual dealer, 31 India pl 
Black John, tailor, 18 North Bridge »t 
Black J ohn,paperruler,20 South Bridge st 
Black John, tailor, 14 Barony st 
Black John, tailor, 4 Couper st, Leith 
Black John, spirit dealer, Johnston st, L. 
Black John E. baker, Moruingside 
Black Mrs. 8 Gardner's crescent 
Black Mrs. 16 Lynedock place 
Black Mrs, 18 Anuandale st 
Black Mrs, lodgings, 3 Duncan st 
Black Mrs. lodgings, 8 Fones st 
Blackader Miss, 23 Hay field 




Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Blackburn Andrew, nail maker, 90 Cross 
causeway [street 

BlackburnJolin,esq.(ofKillearB),8 Queen 
Blackburn Miss Wargai-et, 60 N. Castle st 
Blackliall David, grocer, 211 Canongate 
Blackball Miss, 17 Greenside st [st 

Blackball Wm.combmanufactiirer,21 New 
Blackie Alexander, baker, 70 Princes st 
Blackie & Son, publishers, 5 S. College st 
Blackie And w. grocer, 1 Old Physicgrdns. 
Blackie George, spiritdealer, Jock's lodge 
Blackie James, spirit dealer, 1 High riggs 
Blackie John, spirit dealer, 2 Shrub place 
Blackie John, spiritdealer, 125 West port 
Blackie John, flesher, 4 Shrub place 
Blackie Jno. S te wart, ad vocate,35 York pi 
Blackie Mrs. lodgings, 7 Windsor st 
Blackie Peter, smith. Cowan's close 
Blackie Thomas, baker, 21 Dundas st 
Blackie Thomas, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 45 North Hanover street, Leith 
Blackie Walter, wine and spirit merchant 

and cooper, 5 Mitchell street 
Blackie William, tailor, Galloway's close 
Blacklock Jno. boot maker, 32 Nicolson st 
Blackstocks Jno.boot maker,l57 Westport 
Blackwell Thomas, grocer,18 Union place 
Blackwood iWr. J. Myrtle bank. Trinity 
Blackwood Mrs. Janet, 18 Great Stuart st 
Blackwood Mrs. R. 5 Archibald place 
Blackwood Thomas & John, silk mercers, 
43 George street [ton house 

Blackwood Mrs. Thomas West, Newing- 
Blackwood William and Sons, booksellers 

and publishers, 45 George street 
Blaik Mrs. Helen, 7 North-west Circus pi 
Blaikie Mary,meal seller,8WestPreston st 
Blair Alexandr.treasurer,Bank of Scotland 
Blair Alexdr. writer,13 Northumberland st 
Blair Charles, tailor,5 North St.Andrew st 
Blair Miss Eliza, 25 India street 
Blair Miss£lizbth.l2Hopest,Charlottesq 
Blair Miss Hannah, 30 Howard place 
Blair Hugh, writer, 23 Drummond place 
Blair John, writer, 19 Fettes row 
Blair J no.brewer,23 N . back of Canongate 
Blair John, shoe maker, 40 Nicolson st 
Blair Miss, 7 Montague street 
Blair Mis. 10 Stafford st 
Blair Mrs. 10 fettes row 
Blair Mrs. (of Aventoun), 30 Charlotte sq 
Blair IVIrs. Captain, 10 Stafford street 
Blair Robt, confeciioner,4 South Bridge st 
Blakely John, spirit dealer, 35 Leith walk 
BlakemoreWm. tea dealer, 21 S. College st 
Blanch Miss Elizabeth Jane, 26 Pitt st 
Blanchflower Mrs. Mary, 20 Alva street 
Blood Binden, esq. 22 Queen street 
Blonmlield William, baker,6 Broiighton st 

BonnarPeter,furniture broker,262 Cowgte 
Bonnar Mr. Thomas, 1 Rankeillor street 
Bonthorn Mrs. 44 Rankeillor street 
Boog & Rogers, saddlers, 80 Princes st 
Boog James, writer. South St. Andrew st 
Boog Margaret, milliner,&c. 44 London st 
Boog Robert, solicitor, s. c. 13 Clyde st 
Boog Thomas, cutler, 105 High street 
Booiiles's George, glazier, 66 Rose st 
Boon Robt. furniture broker. Fox la,Leith 
Booth Mrs. Capt. 22 Warriston crescent 
Booth, Haig & Co. distillers, Leith distil- 
lery, Bennington [place 
Borland Wilhelmina,lodgings,lClaremont 
Borthwick A. & Co.merchants,Leith mills 
Borthwick Archibald, writer ,5 York place 
Borthwick Cunningham, Danish vice- 
consul, Leith mills [place 
Borthwick David, spiritdealr.4Greenside 
Borthwick George Augustus, physician, 

10 Darnaway st 
Borthwick James, accountant, and mana- 

ger of (he North British Insurance Co. Brash Alex.victualdealr,29Yard heads,L. 

14 Claremont crescent [High st 

Borthwick James & Co. wireworkers,153 
Borthwick John, spirit dealer,Canon mills 
Borthwick John, advocate, 28 Queen st 
Borthwick Lewis, writer, 17 Lauriston st 
Borthwick M. wire worker, 79 High st 
Borthwick l\lrs. 29 Lauriston place 
Borthwick Mrs. Lauriston lodge 
Borthwick Patrick, manager of National 

Bank of Scotland, St. Andrew's square 
Borthwick Thos. flesher, 60 Brouglitonst 
BorthwickThos. grocer, 81 Causeway side 
Borthwick Wm. wire worker, 227 High st 
Borthwick Wm. spirit dealer, 60 Rose st 
Borthwick Wm.lfidgings,44 Great Kingst 
Borthwick Wm. grocer, &c. 1 Tobago st 
Boswell Alex.brush,&c.mkr,50Nicolsonst 
Boswell Captain J. D., R.N. Wardie 
Boswell James and Son, paper hanging 

manufacturers, 87 Princes st 
Boswell Captain John, r-n. 3 Rutland sq 
Boswell John Jas. surgeon,? Lanristonla 
Boswell Mrs. Thomas (of Blackadder), 27 

St. Andrew's square 
Boswell Wm. advocate,25 South Castle st 
Bothwell T. G. master of the sessional 

school, Morocco close 
Bourman Alexander, furniture broker, 

226 Cowgate 
Boustead John, esq 48 Northumberland st 
Bowack Nicol, bookseller, 46 Leith st 
Bowden Thomas, publican, 227 High st 
Bowden William, baker, &c. Jock's lodge 
Bowe William and Thomas, grocers, 143 

Kirkgate, Leith 

Boyle Right Hon. D. lord justice clerk, 

28 Charlotte square 
Boyle Maria, lodgings, 27 Howe st 
Brabazon Mrs. S. 49 Northumberland st 
Brabner Andw. fruiterer, I Green market 
Brabner Mrs. greengrocer, 22Greenmarkt 
Brack A. mason, George st, Leith 
Brack Jane, furniture broker, 54 Bristo st 
Bradford John and Co. china and glass 

warehouse, 32 Candlemaker rOw 
Braid Mrs. W. lodgings, 44 Great King st 
Braidwood Jas. bookseller, 26 George st 
Braldwood M iss Margt. 8 Buccleugh place 
Braidwood Miss,lodgings,18Brown square 
Braidwood Mrs. 23b George square 
Braidwood Wm. baker, 7 Deanhaugh »t 
Brakingrig William, miller, Coltbridge 
Brand John, gardener, Wright's houses 
Brand William, writer, 18Dundasst 
Brand Wm. tide waiter, 18 London row,L. 
Brander Geo. tinsmith, Carrubber's close 
Brander Jane, lodgings, 8 Shakspeare sq 

Brash David, grocer, &c. 26 Coal hill, L. 
Brash James, flour dealer, &c. 188 Rose st 
Brash Janet, spirit dealer, 176 Canongate 
Brash John, secretary to the North British 

Insurance Company, 1 Hanover st 
Brash Robert, publican, 9 Grass market 
Braydie Mrs. lodgings, 5 South College st 
Breadalbane the Most Noble the Marquess 

of, Holyrood palace 
Brebner Alex, lodgings, 18 Downie place 
Breck John, slater, 15 South Frederick st 
Bremner and Wilks, poulterers, 9 Soutb 

Hanover street 
Bremner Lieut. Dirom, 4 Mary's place 
Bremner Hugh, writer, 19 Moray place 
Bremner John, fruiterer, 7 Charlotte st,L. 
Brewer Lieut. Chas.R.A.2NorthFortst,L. 
Brewers Sarah, lodgings, 34 Howe st 
Bride Janet, spirit dealer, Wright's bouses 
Bridges Mr. David, 27 Dundas st 
Bridges Mr. Francis, 16 Hill st 
Bridges James, writer, 12 Royal Exchange 
Bridges Ths glazier, 69 Tolbooth wynd,L. 
Briggs David,accounlant,31 Buccleugh pi 
Briggs J no. S. K. coal agnt, I St. Leonard's la 
Brims Andw. boot, &c. mkr, 4 Mansfield pi 
Bringloe Hugh Say, sessions' cleik, 2 

West Circus place 
British Fire Office, 8 South Hanover st— 

David Murray, agent 
British Hotel, 70 Queen st — John Barry 
British Linen Co.'s Bank, St. Andrew's 

sqnaie — Thos. Corrie, manager; branch, 

48 Bernard st, Leith— Geo. IVlilne,agent 
Broadfoot Jnhn & Son, ship brokers and 

agents, 19 Quality st, Leith 

Bower Miss, school, 35 Frederick st 
BlueArchibald,spiritdeaIer,80Grassmtkt Bowers Jas. painter & g'azier, 42 Bristo st Brock James, baker, 97 Canongate 
BIyth Adam,bootmakr.l7St. Andiewst,L. ! Bowers Wm. ''reeo erocer, 13 Catheriaest Brockie A. saddler, .58 Lothian st 

Blyth Adam,jun.bootmakr.73Kirkgate,L. [ Bowes Miss, 14 Athol place 
Blyth Ann, lodgings, 82 Kirkgate, Leith Bowie Andrew ,hosier,13SouthHanov'erst 
Blytji Charles, agent, 35 South Bridf;e st Bowie John, linen draper,27 S.Hanoverst 
Blyth David, shoe maker,10 East Thistlest ! Bowie John, writer, 5 Albyn place 

Blyth James, artist, 17 St. Andrew st. Leith 
Blyth Janet, tobacconist, 149 Princes st 

Bowie Rev. Robert, Bristo port 

Bowie Wm. grocer, &c. 12 Bridge st,Leith 

Blyth John, boot maker, 389 Lawn market j Bowman John, linen draper, 3 Kerr st 
Blyth Robert, linen draper, 287 High st Bowstock Saml.china,&c. dlr.49 West port 
Blyth Robert B. agent, 128 High st Bowton Jnhn, spirit dealer. Grange park 

Blyth Stephen,boot maker, 69 Shore,Leith | Boyack Alexander,tailor,8 SouthBridge st 
Blyth Thomas, spirit dealer,1.53Pleasance ; Boyce Mrs. Mary, 41 Queen st 
Boag Angus, fruiteier,&c.28 Broughton st j Boyce Thomas, mason, Newhaven 
Boak George,tanner,Lady wyud, Westport I Boyd A. & J. dress makers, 19 George st 
Boak Wm. tanner & currier, 55 Westport i Boyd Alexander, writer, 39 Drummond st 
Bogg Matthew, green grocer, 164 Rose st | Boyd Ann,lodgings,7North-westCircuspl 

Bogie James, smith. East Thistle lane 
Bogie John, surgeon, 28 Buccleugh place 
Bogle Mrs. 21 St. Andrew's square 
Bogle Mrs. Colonel, 6 Waniston crescent 
Bogle Mrs. Harriet, 15 Henderson's row 
BoKue Ann, dress maker, 121 Princes st 
Boldock A. livery stables,East Thistlelane 
Boldock .\. lodgings, 20 Elder street 
Bonar Mr. Andrew, 14 Coates' crescent 
Bonar Mrs. Ann, 9 Ann street 
Bonar Mrs. James, 15 York place 
Bonar Jas.excise accountant,! 1 Graham st 
Bon/ir John, painter, 169 High st, and 14 

South St. David street [King st 

Bonar John and Co. spirit dealers, 4 Little 
Bonar Miss J9 Carlton place 
Bonar Mrs. (of Kimmerhame) 14 Aber- 

crombie place 
Bonar Mrs. T. 100 Lauriston place 
Bonar Mrs. William, 6 Howard place 
Bonar William, agent to Royal Bank of 

Scotland Branch, 17 Bernard st, Leith 
Bonnar David, tailor, 6 Lothian st 

Boyd,Bayne,& Co. fruiterers,41 Princes st 

Boyd Miss Frances, 8 Great Stuart st 

Boyd Rev. Dr. 4 St. John street 

Boyd Mr. G. 17 Comely bank [close 

Boyd G. W. & Co. printers. Old Assembly 

Boyd Mrs. Isabella, Bonnington place 

Boyd J as. silk hat mannfr. &c. 1 Norton pi 

Boyd James, l.l D. masterofHigh School 

Boyd Jas. clothes dir. 50 .St. Mary'swynd 

Boyd John, spirit dlr. 22 Sth. Frederick st 

Boyd John, upholsterer, 22 Duncan street 

Boyd John, wright, Meuse lane 

Boyd John, merchant, Bell's court, Leith 

Boyd Mrs. 13 Maitland street 

Boyd Robert, jun. currier. Tanner's close 

Boyd Mrs. Waddell, 27 Forth st 

Boyd William, writer,39 Drummond place 

Boyd William and Archibald, merchants. 

Bowling-green street 
Boyes Mrs. 7 Alva street [wynd 

Boylan James, clothes dealer,.56 St. Mary's 
Boylan I'hilip, spirit dealer, Gnllan's close 
Boylan Philip, tailor, 13 St. Mary's wynd 

Brockie Eliz.spirit dealer, 2 East Arthur st 
Brockie James, tailor, 333 High st 
Brockie William, baker, 18 Greenside st 
Brorkley George, coppersmith, 12 Cathe- 
rine street 
Brodie Lieut. r.n. 187 Causeway side 
BrodieAlexndr. esq. 20 Northumberland st 
Brodie Mr. Alexander, Bellefield, Trinity 
Hrodie Mrs. Alexander, 10 Duncan st 
Brodie & Hume, plumbers, 21 West Re. 
gister st, and 99 Constitution st, Leith 
Brodie Mrs. Andrew, 18 Potter row 
Brodie Mr. Charles M. 25 Minto st 
Brodie Mr. David, 6 St. Vincent st 
Brodie Francis, writer, 27 Northumbind st 
Brodie Mrs. J. W. 6 St. Vincent street 
Brodie James, painter, 19 Greenside place 
Brodie James, tailor, 16 Jamaica st 
Brodie James, tailor, 4 r William st 
Brodie John, writer, 18 Duncan st 
Brodie Jno. writer, 59 Northumberland st 
Brodie John B. writer, Brighton placfe 
Brodie John Clark, writer to the signet, 

iO Northumberland st 
Brodie Miss, 10 Hart st 
Brodie Wm. furniture broker,250 Cowgate 
Brooks Abraham, coach builder, Fair- 
nington street [gate 

Brooks Abraham, spirit dealer, 23 1 Canon- 
Brooks Mrs. 66 George st 
Broomfield — , baker, 39 Water lane, Leith 
Brooinfield Adam, baker, I Arniston place 
BroomtieldJames, flesher, 29 Kirkgate,L. 
Broomfield William, baker, 1 Calton place 
Br. therstonAdam,shipmaster,33Kirkgt.L 
Brotherslon Nicol A. lodgings, Prospect 
buildings, St. Ann's yard 




^im ^ co/5 

Alphabetical liist of the Inhabitants. 

Brough William, grocer, 1 Morrison st 
Brougham Mrs. Major, 3 Brandon st 
Brougham Mrs. Margaret, 21 Young st, 

Charlotte square 
Broughton Mrs. Agnes, 45 Inverleith i-ow 
Broughton Edwar(j,academy,123 Georgest 
Brown Adam, tobacconist, 1 15 N icolson st 
Brown Adarn, spirit dealer, 2 Riddle's 

close, Leith [Nicolson st 

Brown Alexander, painter & glazier, 126 
Brown Alexander, esq. Brunsfield place 
Brown Alexander, tailor, Morningside 
Brown Alexander, baker, U Clerk st 
Brown Alexander, solicitor, 13 Bank st 
Brown Alexander, ship master. Shore, I,. 
Brown Alexander, baker, 51 Canongate 
Brown Alexander,upholsterer,78 Queen st 
Brown Alx.umbrellamaker,24CouperstL. 
BrownAlx. teacher of English, 15 Nelson st 
Brown Allan, spirit dealer, 1 Stafford st 
Brown and Gordon, tea and wine mer- 

fbants, 48 North Frederick st 
Brown and Miller, writers, 14 Dublin st 
Brown&Pearson,accountants,59 Georgest 
Brown Andrew,boot,&c.maker,92 High st 
Brown Mrs. Benjamin, 10 Nicolson st 
Brown Capt. (of Park), 19 Regent terrace 
Brown Catherine, stay mkr. 50 Princes st 
Brown Chas. coal agent, 6 Railway depdt 
Brown Christian, lodgings, 38 N.Castlest 
Brown D. grocer, 29 Clerk st 
Brown Mrs. D. dress maker, 14 Scotland st 
Brown David, gardener,23 Heriofs bldngs 
Brown David, tailor, 15 Elm row 
Brown David, writer, 5 Hart st 
Brown David, engraver, 23 Downie place 
Brown Dav.gardenr.Nor(hfield,Newhaven 
Brown Elizabeth, boarding & day school, 

3 West Maitland st 
Brown Miss Ellison, 1 North Fort st, Leith 
Brown Mrs. G. watch mkr. 35 S. Bridge st 
Brown Mr. George, 84 Fountain bridge 
Brown George, writer, 14 S. Fredei icic st 
Brown G<o. spirit dealer, 15 St. Leonard st 
Brown George.timber merchant, 26 Horse 

wynd. College st 
Brown George, bookseller, &c. 32 Home st 
Brown George B. nautical instrument 

maker, 38 Shore, Leith 
Brown George Bell, brewer, 71 North 

back of Canongate 
Brown Hy. excise officer,64 St. Leonard st 
Brown Hugb,chinadealr.5 Low Market st 
Brown Miss Isabella, 139 George st 
Brown J. teacher of English, 3 Park st 
Brown Major J. D. Rutland square 
Brown James, proprietor of George's Sub 

scription News-room, 13 George's st 
Brown .lames, proprietor of the needle- 
work institution, 16 Brown square 
Brown Jas.boot & shoe maker,384High st 
Brown Jas. tobacconist, 95 Grass market 
Brown Jas. boot-tree maker, 1 Gilmour st 
Brown James, grocer, 96 North back of 

/ Brown James, publican. Slater's close 
Brown James, cabinet maker, 60 India st 
Brown James, smith, 27 Fountain bridge 
Brown Mi-s. James, baker, 25 Home st 
' Brown James & Son, cabinetmakers and 

upholsterers, 2 South Bridge .st 
Brown James Thomson, painter,46 North 

Hanover st 
Brown Jane,fishmonger,Southern market 
Brown Jane, dress maker, 23 Tobago st 
Brown Janet,teachrofmusic,87 Princes st 
Brown Janet, gardener,Bowers hall,Leith 
Brown Janet, lodgings, 21 Charles st 
Brown Mrs. John, 1 1 Wellington pi, Links 
Brown Rev. Dr. John, 53 Albany st 
Brown John, physician, 53 Albany st 
Brown John, writer, 2 Gaylield place 
Brown John, solicitor, s. c. 4 Duke st 
Brown John, painter, &c. 11 Richmond pi 
Brown John, engraver, 5 North Bridge st 
Brown John, tailor, 44 South Bridge st 
Brown John, publican, 2 Shakspeare sq 
Brown John, wright, 118 Kirkgate, Leith 
Brown John, coach hirer,6 Haddington pi 
Brown John, victual dealer, 96 Pleasance 
Brown John, smith, Dalkeith road [sq 
Brown John,victual dealer,31 St. Patrick's 
Brown John, lodgings, 6 Dimdas st 
Brown John, wright, 18 Potter row 
Brown John, painter, 43 Bridge st, Leith 
Brown John & Co.boot rakrs.l4 Princes st 
Brown John Andrew, cabinet maker and 

upholsterer, 18 Souih St. Andrew st 


Brown Joseph, solicitor, 5 Hill place 
Brown Joseph, wright, Wright's houses 
Brown Miss Margaret, 15 Buccleugh st 
Brown Margt. dress maker,6 Charlotte pi 
Brown Margaret, dairy, 23 William st 
Brown Mai y, green grocer, 3 Elder st 
Brown Mary, milliner, 7 North-west Cir- 
cus place [5 St. Frederick st 
Brown Mary Ann, silk & worsted dealer. 
Brown Miss, 8 Buccleugh place 
Brown Miss, 4 Duncan st 
Brown Miss, 56 Clerk st 
Brown Miss, 3 Meadow place 
Brown Misses, ladies' school, 1 Hill sq 
Brown Misses, dress mkrs.SSth. Bridge st 
Brown Mrs. Captain, 2 Melville st 
Brown Mrs. Dr. 10 Windsor st 
Brown Mrs. (of Newton), 21 Stafford st 
Brown Mrs. 29 George square 
Brown Mrs. 25 Dublin st 
Brown Mrs. 8 Athol place 
Brown Mrs. Primrose bank, Trinity 
Brown Mrs. 7 Brandon st 
Brown IWrs. 1 Rankeillor st 
Brown Mrs. 28 London st 
Brown Mi's. 7 Beaumont place 
Brown Mr.s. 5 Shandwick place 
Brown Mrs. lodgings, 18 Drummond st 
Brown Mrs. lodgings, 3 Hamburgh pl,Lth 
Brown Mrs. lodgings, 5 Forres st 
Brown Mrs. lodgings, 29 Bernard st, Leith 
Brown Mrs. co v feeder. Spring gardens 
Brown Peter,printer,19 St.James'ssquare 
Brown Peter,bookseller,.59 SouthBridgest 
Brown Peter, linen drapr,30 Nth. Bridge st 
Brown R. bookseller. West College st 
Brown Richd. hosier & glover, 43 Leith st 
Brown Mr.Robt.(of Firtl)),6Athol crescent 
Brown Mr.Robt.2St.John's pi, Leith links 
Brown Robert, merchant. Bridge st, Leith 
Brown Bobt.brass founde»,&c. 263 High st 
Brown Robt.architect,63 Nth.Frederick st 
Brown Robt.coal mercht.3 Railway depdt 
Brown Robert, painter, 4 Howe st 
Brown Robert, linen draper, 5 Leith st 
Brown Robert, baker, 1 1 Earl Grey st 
Brown Robert & Son, linen and damask 

manufacturers. Water of Leith 
Brown Satnl. china dealer, 4 S.Hanover st 
Brown Sarah, lodgings. Ill George st 
Brown Captain Thomas, 1 St. Vincent st 
Brown Captain Thomas, conductor of the 
Edinburgh Journal of Natural History, 
16 South Hanover st [field loan 

Brown Capt.Thos. Mayfield cottage, May- 
Brown Mr. Thomas, 24 Scotland st 
Brown Mr. Thomas, 31 Gayfield square 
Bruwn Mrs. Thomas, 23 St. Mary's wynd 
Brown Thos.spirit dealer,4 Shakspeare sq 
Brown Thos. draper, 314 Lawn market 
Brown Thos. victual dlr. 71 Broughton st 
Brown Thomas, superintendent of public 

works, 10 Royal Exchange 
Brown Thos.&Andw.grocers,40 Dublin st 
Brown Walter, wrjght, 23 Howe st 
Brown Walter, writer, 13 Bernard st,Leith 
Brown Walter & Son, wholesale grocers 

and wine merchants, 19 Lothian st 
Brown Rev.Dr.William,2 Meadow place 
Brown William, surgeon, 25 Dublin st 
Brown William, smith. High Calton 
Brown William, grocer, 160 Cowgate 
Brown Win. spirit dealer, 16 Grass market 
Brown William, smith, Leith mount 
Brown William, lailor,26 St.Mary's wynd 
Brown Wm. surveyor, Customhouse,Leith 
Brown William, gi-ocer, &c. 10 Pitt street 
Brown William, ale, &c. dealer, CoWgate 
Brown William, baker, 4 Kerr street 
Brown William, cow feeder, Sciennes st 
Brown William, smith. Circus lane 
Brown William and Son, tobacco manu- 
facturers, 5 Kirkgate, Leith 
BrownWm.Henry,glass& china manufac- 
turer to the King, 2 Waterloo place 
Browne Rev. Archibald, 26 Scotland st 
Browne James, l.l.d. 4 Comely bank 
Browning Mr. Matthew,5 Haddington pi 
Brownlee James, grocer, 2 Melville place 
Brownlie Mrs. Capt. 2 Gardner's crescent 
Brownlow Mr. Charles, 13 Abercromby pi 
Bruce Agnes, dairy, 27 Salisbury st 
Bruce Alexander, writer, 12 Queen st 
Bruce Ann, school, 34 Quality st, Leith 
Bruce Arch, accountant, 3 Hillside crscnt 
Bruce Charles, writer, 19 India st 
Bruce D. house agent, 233 High st 
Bruce Danl. tobacconist, 46 Nth. Bridge st 
Bruce Daniel, grocer, &c. 4 Barony st 

Bruce Frances, lodgings, 24 Clerk st 
Bruce George, baker, 83 Nicolson st 
Bruce George, messenger, 6 James's court 
Bruce George, baker, 100 Leith wynd 
Bruce Geo. Duncan, bookbinder. Mound st 
Bruce Henry, cutler,66 South Bridge st 
Btuce Hugh, advocate, 39 Moray place 
Bruce J. stay maker, 13 Adam st 
Bruce Mr. James, 14 York place 
Bruce Mrs. James, 1 Salisbury place 
Bruce James, baker, 3 St. Anthony's place 
Bruce James,wood engraver, 3 Potter row 
Bruce James, baker, 88 Kirkgate, Leith 
Bruce John, esq. Canon-mills house 
Bruce Rev. John, 4 Queen st 
Bruce Mr. John, 82 Great King st 
Bruce John, postmaster, &c. Meuse lane 
Bruce Miss, 5 Brandon street 
Bruce Miss, 16 Scotland street 
Bruce Mrs. Martha, 12 Albany st 
Bruce Miss Miry, 2 St. Colme st 
Bruce Misses, mil liners,&c. 2 Baxter place 
Bruce Mrs. 81 Princes st 
Bruce Mrs. 75 Constitution st, Leith 
Bruce Mrs. 12 Fettes row 
Bruce Peter, tea, wine, and spirit mer- 
chant, 1 Kirkgate, Leith [rick st 
Bruce Robert, advocate, 55 North Frede- 
Bruce Robert, bricklayer, Vallence 
Bruce Ronald, shoe maker, 38 Lauriston st 
Bruce Thomas, writer, 2 Glenfinlas st 
Bruce Walter, physician, 15 Charlotte st, L. 
Bruce Walter & Sons, builders, 23 Char- 
lotte st, Leith 
Bruce Mrs. Wm. 14 Saxe Cobourg place 
Bruce Wm.lealher mercht.5 South Union pi 
Bruce William, baker, 28 Nicolson st 
Bruce Wm. builder, 40 Constitution st,L. 
Brumby Mrs. lodgings, 6 Salisbury st 
Brumby William, painter, 72 Rose st 
Brunton George, solicitor, 9 Broughton pi 
Brunton Jas. spirit dealer, 4 Croft an righ 
Brunton J anet,spiritdea!er,Montgomery st 
Brunton John, tailor,27 South Hanover st 
Brunton John, tailor, &c. 79 Princes st 
Brunton Miss, 3 Archibald place 
Brunton Mis. 9 Broughton place 
Brunton Mrs. 40 George's square 
Brunton Walter,saddler,l Carubber's close 
Brunton William & Co. cloth merchants 
and warehousemen, 13 Nicolson square 
Bryce Alex, painter, &c. 243 Canongate 
Bryce David, architect, 53 North Castle st 
Bryce George, spirit dealer, 41 Shore, L. 
Bryce J as.spiritdealr,13 South Hanover st 
Bryce Mrs. James, 13 St. Andrew's square 
Bryce Robt. brass founder, High Marketst 
Bryce Robert, tanner. King's stables 
Bryce Thomas, gun maker, 4 Calton st 
Bryden James, flesher,34 Kirk gate, Leith 
Bryden Jas. gardener, Mary field,Restelrig 
Bryden Mrs. John, 82 Rose street 
Bryden J ohn & Sons, bell hangers, smiths, 
&Venetian blind mannfctrers.^O Rosest 
Bidden Mrs. lodgings, 30 Lothian st 
Bryden Thomas, smith, 76 Causeway side 
Bryden Wm. furniturebroker,254 Cowgate 
Brydon James, 10 Melville place 
Brydon John, rag, &,265 Canngte. 
lirydou Mrs. Margaret, 15 Clerk st 
Brydon Mrs. William, 6 Pitt st 
Brydon William, spirit dealer, 3 Leven st 
Bryson Robert, watch, &c. maker, 8South 
Bridge street [44 Howe st 
Bryson Wm. & Son, teachers of dancing, 
Buchan A. mason, Barony street 
Buchan Charles, 4 Meadow place 
Buchan Miss Elizabeth, 24 Maitland st 
Buchan Robt. house painter, 1-5 George st 
Buchan Miss, 33 Dublin st 
Buchan the Misses, 11 Picardy place 
Buchan Misses, dress makers,21 Charles st 
Buchan Mrs. lUO Lauriston place 
Buchan Wm. spirit dealer, 136 Pleasance 
Buchan Wm.poulti7man, Southern market 
Buchanan Rev. A. Royal Infirmary 
Buchanan Mrs. B. Brandon st 
Buchanan D. editor of the Courant, 23 
Scotland st [76 Georgi" st 
Buchanan Miss Elizbth.(ofDrumpellier), 
Buchanan Geo. civil engineer,l4 Dundas st 
Buchanan Mrs. George, 24 Stafford st 
Buchanau Rev. James, Jamaica st, Leith 
Buchanan Mrs. James, 8 Darnaway st 
Buchanan James, flesher, 63 Pleasance 
Buchanau James, publican, 79 .Shore, L. 
Buchanan James, grocer, 4 Causeway side 
Buchanan James, flesher, 7 Middle mrkt 
Buclianan John, advocate, 32 Melville st 




Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Buchanan John, spirit dealer, Pillan's 
place, Leith [bridge 

Buchanan John, spiiitdealer, 18 Fountain 
Buchanan the Misses, II Scotland street 
Buchanan Mrs. 45 Melville st 
Buchanan Mis. Dr. 6S North Castle st 
BuchananWm.advocate,33 Drummond pi 
Buchanan Wni. rag, &c. dlr. 26 Queen st,L. 
Buchanan \Vm. victual dealer, Heriot pi 
Buchanan William, lodgings. Trinity 
Buchanan Wm. boot maker. Low Gallon 
Buck Mr. Richard, 9 London row, Leith 
Bugni Signor, teacher, 82 George st 
Buist Andrew, baker, 2 Davie st 
Buist Henry, baUer, 10 Dublin st 
Buist Wni. grocer, 20 South Hanover st 
Bulloch Elizabeth, lodgings, 22 India st 
Bulloch MissJoan, 5 Constitution st, L. 
BulmanPeter,grocer,10&62 St. Leonard st 
Buquet Charles P. teacher, 82 George st 
BnrdettThos. hair dresser,38 Bridge st.L. 
Burge & Co. hat manfrs.80 South Bridge st 
BurgesJohn, ivory turner, 257 Canongate 
Burgess and Urquharl, ladies' boot and 
shoe makers, 37 South Hanover street 
Burgess James,woollen draper,299 High st 
Burgess Miss,governes3 of Trades' Maiden 

Hospital, Argyle square 
Burgh and Parochial School Masters' 
Widows' Fund Office, 29 South Fre- 
derick sf — Wm. Fraser, clerk [Cowgt 
Burgoine Michael, furniture broker, 190 
BurKe Francis, accountant, 40 York place 
Burke John & Son, upholsterers, under- 
takers and appraisers, 9 St. Andrew's sq 
Burn Adam, coach, &c. lace maker. Mint 
Burn Mr. Alexander, 25 Pilrigst 
Burn Ann,dress makr.54N orth Frederick st 
Burn George, victual dealer, 145 High st 
Burn Henry, writer, 8 Rutland square 
Burn James, writer, 6 Gayfield square 
Burn J anet, spirit dealer,90 C ross causewy 
Burn John, surgeon, 7 Adam st 
Burn Miss, 5 Annandale st 
Burn Peter, R. N. 1 London st 
Burn Robert, writer, 69 York st 
Burn Mr. William, 21 Pilrig st 
Burn William, architect, 133 George st 
Burness James, solicitor, 16 Duke st 
Burness Wm. printer, INth. St. Andrew st 
Burnet Mr. Alexander, 10 Vanburgh pi, L.- 
Burnet Miss Ann, 32 Queen st 
Burnet Catherine, dress maker, 74 Rosest 
Burnet Geor-pe, tailor, 194 Rose st [L. 
Burnet Helen,lodfjings,.52 Constitution st, 
Burnet James, printer, 23 Fast Thistle st 
Burnet John, linen draper, 78 S. Bridge st 
Burnet Miss, 9 Roxburgh terrace [st 

Burnet Thos.jun. tailor, &c.26W.Register 
Burnett Arthur, advocate, 34 Dundas st 
Burnett James H. writer, 42 Gt. King st 
Burnett Mrs. 21 Scotland street 
Burnett Mrs. Galloway's close 
Biirnfield Rev. —,13 Rankeillor st [gate 
Burns & Paterson,cabinetmkrs.272 Cow- 
Burns J. teacher of English, 52 Biisto st 
Burns J. coal merchant, 5 Port Hamilton 
Burns J no.victual dealer ,49 Cumberland st 
Burns John, flesher, 33 and 34 Middle 

Burns Peter, flesher, 35 Middle market 
Burns Robert,manager of Glasgow Union 

Bank, 4 Arniston place 
Burns Thomas, writer, 1 George square 
Burns Wm. tailor&clothier,41]Nicolsonst 
Burnside James, writer, 47 North Cast lest 
Burr Alexander, silk raercer, 37 George st 
Burr James, spirit dealer, Bell's mills 
Burstall Timothy and Son, engineers and 
steam boiler manufacturers, King st, L. 
Burt Chas. spirit dealer, 2 Orchardfield pi 
Burt John Graham M. surgeon, 8 Bank st 
Burt Miss, 8 Athol place 
Burt Robert, physician, 8 Bank st 
Burton & Co. grocers, &c. 262 Canongate 
BurtonJ.H. advocate,9 Warriston crescent 
Burton James, tailor, 67 Cumberland st 
Burton James, wright. Circus lane 
Bust John, flesher, 124 West port 
Butement and Young, ship builders. Old 

Church street, Leilh 
Butler Thomas, surgeon, 16 Calton st 
Butter Miss Harriet, 30 Danube st 
Butter James, surgeon, 3! Morrison st 
Butters Lawrence, seal engraver, 8 South 

Bridge street 
Button James, flesher, Southern market 
Byeis Thomas, baker, 16 7 Rose st 

Byres Alex, and Co. chymists & druggists, 

37 George st, and 21 Bernard st, Leith 
Bvrne Elizabeth, staymaker, 19 Bank st 


CADELL Mrs. James, 55 Melville st 
Cadell John, advocate, 127 Princes st 
Cadell Miss, 3 Torpichen street 
Cadell Robert, bookseller and publisher, 

31 St. Andrew's square 
Cadell William & Co. paper makers and 

wholesale stationers,13 Royal Exchange 
Cafe D. S. cupper, 24 Elder street 
Cafe Royal Tauern, Register place — Peter 

Dewar, proprietor 
Cahill Mrs. P. 15 Keir street 
Caird John, surgeon, 42 Rankeillor st 
Caird John, surveyor,31 St. Leonard's hill 
Caird Margt. fishmonger,! OldFishmarket 
Caird William, custom-house warehouse 

keeper, 4 Coatfield lane, Leith 
C^rn E. dairyman, 20 West Richmond st 
C Jincross Helen, lodgings, 7 North-west 

Circus place [dington place 

Cairncross William, spirit dealer, 24 Had- 
Cairns & .Moffat, solicitors, 10 Argyle sq 
Cairns Thomas, baker, 18 Dean st 
Cairns William, teacher, 39 Dublin st 
Caithness Countess of, 118 George st 
Caithness Rt. Hon. Earl of,Denham green 
Caithness Thomas, bookseller, 1 Albany st 
Caliler Aaajps, green grocer,l3 Indiaplace 
Calder Alex, smith, .33 South Frederick st 
CalderAlex. furniture broker ,313 Cowgate 
Calder Alexander, wi-iter, 20 Nelson st 
Calder Andrew, shopkeeper, 82 Shore, L. 
Calder David, grocer, &c. 112 Canongate 
Calder Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Grove st 
Calder Esher,lodgings,10 West Preston st 
Calder George, solicitor, 41 York place 
Calder James, inspector of fisheries, 3 Ro- 
bertson's buildings— office. Dock gates 
Calder Mrs. Lieutenant, 57 Nicolson st 
Calder Mrs. lodgings, 4 Clerk st 
Calder Mrs. 23 Archibald place 
Calder Thomas, tailor. Advocate's close 
Calder Thomas, smith, 6 Albany st 
Calder Wm. sail maker. Old Church st,L. 
Calderwood William, baker. 10 Scotland st 
Caldwell Mr. William, 27 St. Patrick's sq 
Caledonian Coal Compy. Earthen mound 
Caledonian Insurance Co. 13 Bank st— 

H. D. Dickie, manager 
Caledonian Mercury Office, 265 High st— 

Thomas Allan & Co. publishers 
Callam Thoma?, gas fitter, 64Shore,Leith 
Callan George and Co. ironmongers and 

smiths, 13 Greenside place 
Callan Peter,furniturebroker,136 Cowgate 
Callander Mr. Alexander, 16 Gray st 
CallenderDavid,tanner,St. Anthony's Ia,L. 
Callender John, bootmaker, 33 Cowgate 
Callender Robert, surgeon, 8 Scotland st 
Callendar Sharp, woollen draper, 5 South 

Bridge srteet 
Callender Thomas and Son, curriers, 31 

Yard heads, Leith 
Callender Wm. accountant, 8 Scotland st 
Galium John, asent, 16 South Bridge st 
Calton Convening Hall, Waterloo place 
Calvert John R. writer, 18 Clyde st 
Cameron Alex., spirit dealer,485Lawnmkt 
Cameron and Go. paper manufacturers, 79 

South Bridge street [Castle st 

Cameron and Ogilvy, writers, 38 North 
Cameron & Son, tailors, &c. 72 Princes st 
Cameron and Violard, dress makers, 86 

George street 
Cameron Andrew, drysalter & oolourman, 

Regent arch, Calton [port, Leath 

Cameron Archibald, spirit dealer. Citadel 
Cameron Archibald, agent, 17 Arthur st 
Cameron Archibald, boot and shoemaker, 

45 Candlemaker row 
Cameron Catherine, lodgings, 56 India st 
Cameron Charles, Gun Tavern, and spirit 

dealer, 14 Princes st [teilh close 

Cameron D. C . comb manufacturer, Mon- 
Cameron Donald, lodgings, 72 Northum- 
berland street [street 
Cameron Donald,lodgings,46North Castle 
Cameron Donald, tailor, 10 Cumberland st 
Cameron Donald, grocer, 27 Thistle st 
Cameron Mr. Donald C!harles, 23 Aber- 

cromby place [Leath 

Cameron Duncan, spirit dealer, .37 Shore, 
Cameron Duncan,tailor,16 South Bridge st 
Cameron Duncan, painter, 27 Lothian st 

Cameron Duncan, clothes dealer, 22 St. 

Mary's wvnd 
Cameron Miss Elizbth. 20 Great Stuart at 
Cameron Mrs. Elizabeth, 37 Mintost 
Cameron Francis, treasurer to Water Co. 

10 South Hanover street 
Cameron J. & P. carriers, 54 Lothian st 
Gameion Mrs. James, Mary place 
Cameron James, hair cloth manufacturer, 

86 Abbey hill [end, Leith 

Cameron James, salt dealer, 6 Old Bridge 
Cameron Janet, silk and worsted ware> 

house, 19 Broughton street 
Cameron John, coach hirer, 33 Alva st 
Cameron John, grocer, 14 Rose st 
Cameron Jolin,rag,&,5 Dock st.L. 
Cameron J no. stationer,86 South Bridge st 
Cameron Mrs. Lucy, 4 Clarence st 
Cameron Margt. lodgings. Trinity crescnt 
Cameron Margt. spirit dealer,? Dock pl.L. 
Cameron Mary Ann and Elizabeth, milli. 

ners, &c. 43 North Hanover st 
Cameron Miss, Thomas street 
Cameron Mrs. 37 Claremont st 
Cameron Mrs. 7 Rankeillor st 
Cameron Peter, publican, 66 Shore, Leith 
Cameron Richard, painter, 225 Canongate 
Cameron Wm. spirit dealer, 194 Cowgate 
Cameron Wm. spirit dealer,148 Canongate 
Campbell Mrs. A. lodginjjs, 3 Duncan st 
Campbell Alexander, esq. 27 George sq 
Campbell Col. Alexander,35 Royal terrace 
Campbell Rev. Alexander (of Jamaica), 13 

St. Bernard's crescent 
Campbell Alex, spirit dealer, .345 Cowgate 
Campbell Alexander, laceman,9 George st 
Campbell Alex, spirit dealr.7 Shore, Leith 
Campbell Alex, boot maker, 45 Bristo st 
Campbell Alexander and Co. hat manu- 
facturers, 15 North Bridge st 
Campbell and Hogarth, coal proprietors, 

Wardie [York place 

Campbell & M'Dowall, solicitors, s.c. 47 
Campbell & Mack, writers,35 Gt. King st 
Campbell & Trail, writers, 7 Melville st 
Campbell Mrs. Ann, 14 Glouce.^ter place 
Campbell Sir Archibald, bart. 1 Park place 
Campbell Mrs. Archibald, 11 Howard pi 
Campbell Archibald, coach & horse hirer, 

12 South back of Canongate 
Campbell Archbld. spirit dlr. 220 Cowgate 
Campbell Archibald and Co. brewers, 45 

Cowgate [place 

Campbell Arthur, writer, 3 Drummond 
Campbell Captain, Holyrood palace 
Campbell Charles, working silversmith, 

Paul's works, Leith wynd 
Campbell Charles, teacher, Rae's close 
Campbell Chas.dairyman,25 Cumberlnd st 
Campbell Chas. spirit dealer, 6 W.Adam st 
Campbell Charlotte, straw hat maker, 

Bonnington [Nicolson st 

Campbell Christiana, straw hat maker, 13 
Campbell Christian, lodgings,31 Shore,L.. 
Campbell Mr. Colin, 12 Abercromby pi 
Campbell Mr. Colin (of Jura), 4 Albyn pi 
Campbell Captain David, 3 Middleby st 
Campbell David, agent to A. FuUerton & 

Co. publishers, 6 Roxburgh place 
Campbell Dick, shoe maker,Morning side- 
Campbell Mr. Donald (of DunstaflFnage),, 

24 Great King street [all st 

Campbell Donald, spirit dealer, 5 M'Dow- 
Campbell Douglas, bookslr.&c. 17 Leith st 
Campbell General Duncan (of Lochnell), 

13.5 George st [Nicolson st 

Campbell E. stay maker, Haddon's court, 
CampbellMrs.George,llBellevue crescent 
Campbell George, flesher. Middle market 
Campbell George, grocer, &c. 13 Elbest,L. 
Campbell Georgiana, grocer, 3 India st 
Campbell Miss Helen, 4 St. Colm st 
Campbell Hy. grocer, &c. 515 Lawn mrkf. 
Campbell Hugh, grocer, 20 Salisbury st 
Campbell Lieut.-Col. James, 21 York pi 
Campbell James,^lumber, East Rose lane 
CampbellJas. spirit dlr.76 
Campbell James, haberdasher, 7 Dublin st 
Campbell Jas. boot, &c. mkr. 24 Lothian st 
Campbell James,haircutter,50 Potter row 
CampbellJas. confectioner, 1 Archibald p! 
Campbell Jas. Archibald, esq. 9 Moray pi 
Campbell Miss Jane, 35 Heriot row 
Campbell Mrs. Jane, 8 Lynedoch place 
Campbell xMrs. John, 5 Waniston crescent 
Campbell Sir John, bart. advocate, 25 

Rutland square 
Campbell John, spirit dealer, 2 Arthur st 
Campbell John, dairyman, 18 Roiiest 




mm & ®o.*!5 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Campbell John, linen draper, I S.Briilge st 
Camphell John, surgeon, 17 Albany st 
Campbell John, spirit dealer. Newhaven 
Campbell John, writer, 29 Heriot row 
Campbell John, surgeon, 84 Great King st 
Campbell Lady (of Aberuchill), 33 Gay- 
field square [Signet, 2 Albyn pi 
Campbell John Archibald, clerk to the 
Campbell Lady (of Airds), 12 Manor place 
Campbell Luoy, Campbell's Hotel, 21 
Princes street [place 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, 4 Saxe Coburg 
Campbell Margery,staymkr. 145 George st 
Campbell Miss Wary, 15 Pitt st 
Campbell M ax well.shoe mkr. 30 Tobago st 
Campbell Miss, 42 Charlotte square [st 
Campbell Miss(of Newfield) 12 Sth.David 
Campbell Miss (of D.ilzell), 117 Princes st 
Campbell Mrs. 45 Albany st [st 
Campbell Mrs.(of Kilmarton) 17 Maitland 
Campbell Mrs. 33 Dundas street 
Campbell Mrs. St. Cnthbert st 
Campbell Mrs. 15 Hill street 
Campbell Mrs. (of Southall), 68 Nor- 
thumberland street [place 
Campbell Mrs. Capt. Smollet, 4 Dewar 
Campbell Major Napier, 16 Hope street, 

Charlotte square 
Campbell Mrs. P. 13 Middleby st 
Campbell Mr. Patrick, 1 Gloucester st 
Campbell Patrick,surgeon,4W.Newington 
Campbell Mr. Peter, 10 Great King st 
Campbell Rev. Peter, teacher, 4 Keir st 
Campbell Peter, writer, 40 Broaghton st 
Campbell Peter, gun maker, 10 North St. 
Andrew street [3 Hill place 

Campbell Peter, tavern and coffee house, 
Campbell Philip, clothes dealer, 73 St. 
Andrew st, Leith [Bridge st 

Campbell Q.uentin, lodgings, 57 North 
Campbell R. esq. (of Skerrington), 10 St 

Bernard's crescent 
Campbell Richard, writer, 18 Howe st 
Campbell Col.Robt.llSt.Bernard'scresent 
Campbell Robert, smith, Blackfriars wynd 
Cam pbellSimon,writer,9Bellevue crescent 
Campbell Thomas, flesber, 47 Home st 
Campbell Thomas B. metal merchant and 
lead pipe manufacturer,18 Greenside pi 
Campbell William, surgeon, 4 Picardy pi 
Campbell Wm. Bowie, writer, 7 Manor pi 
Candlish Rev.Rbt.Smith.9SouthCastlest 
Candlish William, grocer, &c. Newhaven 
Candlish William, horsehirer, Newhaven 
Cannan David, surgeon, 2S Clarence st 
Cannan Horatius, writer, 7 Broughton pi 
Cannan Wm.clothesdIr.SlSt.Mary's wynd 
Canning Alexander, spirit dealer, 7 Com- 
mercial place, Leith [st, I eith 
Cannon Catherine, spirit dealcr,2 Bernard 
Canongate Girls' School, Lochend close — 

Miss Chapman, teacher 
Canongate Infants' School, Lochend close 

— Miss Ritchie, mistress 
Cant Margt.straw hat maker.88 Princes st 
Cantor Dr. L. teacher, 52 Hanover st 
Carfrae J. dress maker, 4 Hill place 
Carfrae Mrs. Jane, sen. 11 Middleby st 
Carfrae John & Son,booksellers,62 South 

Bridge st 
Carfrae John,sen.bookseller,8 Nicolson st 
Carfrae Lieut. Robert, 17 Norton place 
Carfrae Thos. coach maker, Carfrae's entry 
Carfrae Thos. land surveyor, 1 Erskinepl 
Carfrae William, saddler,7 Queensferry st 
Cargill Miss, teacher, 7 Scotland st 
Cargill Robert, writer, 12 Duke st 
Carniichael George, spirit dealer, 9 Ham- 
burgh place, Leith [Cowgate 
Carlow Thomas, furniture broker, 139 
Carmichael Hugh, spirit dlr.179 Pleasance 
Carmichael James, working jeweller, 5G 
Potter row [Nicolson st 
Carmichael James F. portrait painter, 68 
Carmichael Miss Janet, 17 Bristo st 
Carmichael Peter,spiritdlr.2 Richmondla 
Carmichael Robert, fiesher, 9 Portland pi 
Carmichael Robert, poulterer,01d Poultry 

and Stockbridge markets 
Carmichael T. V. surgeon, Hopeparkend 
Carmichael W. assistant clerk of session, 
Hopepark-end house [market 

Carmichael William, flesher,Broughtonst 
Carnagie Wm. Lindsay, esq 9 Gt. Stuart st 
Carnegie Mrs.D. 21 St. Bernard's crescent 
Carnegie Mrs. David, 25 Stafford st 
Carnegie David ami Co. wine merchants, 
4 Duke street, Leith 


Carnegie Miss Ellen, 55 Albany st 
Carnegie Captain James, 7 Athol crescent 
Carnegie James, writer, 4 South Castlest 
Caruidge Mr. George, 18 Danube st 
Carnochan Robt.boot,&c.mIir.S Romillypl 
Carolan John, furnitr broker,245 Cowgate 
Carolan Patk. fMrnitrbroker,297 Cowgate 
Carpenter Miss, milliner, &c. 26 Clerk st 
Carphin G.commissaryclerk,8 Salisbury rd 
Carphin Geo. jun. solicitor, 333 High st 
Carphin Miss Jane, 3 Gray street 
Carr A. M. excise solicitor, 33 Melville st 
CarrMichael,tailor, 19 South St. David st 
Carre Mr-s. (of Caverse), 7 George square 
Cariick Alex. & James, general smiths & 

edge tool manufacturers, 139 Rose st 
Canick Andrew, esq. Morocco close 
CarrickAndw.jun. candle mkr.l2Westport 
Carron Company, iron founders, Leith 
warehouse— John Macbattie, agent, Wet 
docks [Mary's wvai 

Carron Patrick, clothes dealer, 8 & l^t. 
Carruthers Rt Rev. A. d.d. Catholic chapel 
CarruthersMissChrltte,3Sth. Frederick st 
Carse David and James, coach builders. 
Orchard field, Leith walk [Leith 

Carse Jas. & David, coach office, 88 Shore 
Carse John & Son, patent axle manufac- 
turers, 18 Greenside row [walk 
Carse Mary, spirit dealer. Orchard field, L. 
Carson Aglionby R. l.l.u. 82 ORiriston pi 
Cai'son Geo. spirit dealr,437Lawnmarket 
Carson J ohn,spiritdealer,445Lawnmarket 
Carson Rbt. spirit dealr.55 Candlemakr rw 
Carson Wm. spirit dealer, 40 Couperst,L. 
Carson William, writer, 6 Cheyne st 
Carstairs and Elder, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 22 Timber bush, Leith 
Carstairs Mr. Geo. 2 J araes' pi, Leith links 
Carstairs John, fruiterer', 8 Howe st 
Carstairs John, comb manfr. 30 Leith walk 
Carter Andrew, wine and spirit dealer-, 44 

North Hanover st and 128 Pleasance 
Carter Mrs. Ann, 10 West Preston st 
Carter Elizabeth, tobacconist, 34 High st 
Carter Jas. teacher in Leith High School, 

Leith links 
Carter John, spirit merchant, 11 & 78 St. 

Giles st, Leith 
Carter Joseph, tobacconist, 116 High st 
Carter Mrs. lodgings, 14 London st 
Carter Nicol,spiritdlr.23 Cross causeway 
Cartledge Rd.spirit dealer,37Grass market 
Casey William & Co. silk spinners, Castle 

Silk Mills, Fountain bridge 
Cassels Alexr. writer, 14 Montgomery st 
Cassie James, dyer', 7 Brunswick st 
Cathcart & Douglas, writers, 41 Albany st 
Cathcart Elias, advocate, 4 Melville place 
Cathcart Miss Helen, 138 Princes st 
Cathcart James and Co. wine merchants, 

Old Sugar-house close, Leith 
Cathcart the Misses, Gayfield house 
Cathcart Mrs. 39 Melville street 
Cathie Thos. flesber. 35 Middle market 
Caverhill Agnes, lodgings, 2 Keir st 
Caw Mr-. John, 31 Minto street 
Caw John Blackwood, goldsmith & jewel- 
ler, 18 North Bridge 'st [st 
Cay Albert, wine & tea mercht. 99 George 
Cay and Johnston, coach lamp manufac- 
turers, 7 Greenside place 
Cay John, advocate, II Heriot row 
Cay Robert Dundas, wr-iter,18 Rutland st 
Cer-cleron Madame, magaxin de modes, 
28 South Frederick st [Leith 
Chadwick Colin, spirit dealr-,Citadel piort, 
Chadwick James, tailor, Shrub place 
Chadwick John & Son, flannel manufac- 

tur-ers, 82 South Bi-idge st 
Chalmers Alexr. physician, 18 Calton st 
Chalmers & Ormiston, solicitors, 13 Ar- 
gyle square [Leith st 

Chalmers & Son, cai-vers and gilders 58 
Chalmers Ann & Jessie, milliners & dress 

makers, 59 North Frederick st 
Chalmers Charles, boarding academy, 
.Merchiston castle [st Leith 

Chalmers Condie, shoe maker,2G St. Giles 
Chalmers David,physiciair,47 Lauriston pi 
Chalmers David, wright, Greenside row 
Chalmers George, saddler, 65 Clerk st 
Chalmers J. vinegar maker, St. Ann's 

yard, Holyrood, and 39 Potter row 
Chalmers Mrs. Mar-garet, 22 Gilmour pi 
Chalmers Misses, seminary, 7 Cassel's pi 
Chalmers Rev. Dr. Thomas, 3 Forres st 
Chambers Mrs. 17 VVaterloo place 

Chambers William & Robert, publishers 

and booksellers, 19 Waterloo place, and 

48 North Hanover st 
Chamers William, tailor, 51 London st 
Chapman Miss Christian, 22 Charles st 
Chapman Mr. Edwd.Summerfield, Links 
Chapman Rev. James, Castle 
Chapman Dr. John, asylum, Hawkfield 
Chapman Miss,girls' school, Lochend close 
Chapman Thomas, plumber, 9 Young st 
Chapman Wm. gun maker, Catherine st 
Charles Alexander, wright. Low Calton 
Charles George, flesher, 39 Thistle st 
Charles J. cabinet maker, Rankin's close 
Charles Matt, surveyor of taxes,13 New st 
Charles Miss, mistress of Heriot's hospital 
Charles William, fiesher. Middle market 
Charleston Coal Company, 1 Queen st 
Charteris Eliz.milliner-,119Kirkgate,Leith 
Cheape Douglas, advocate, 38 Melville st 
Cherrey Elizabeth and Co. dress makers, 

Warriston crescent 
Cherrey John, tailor, Warriston crescent 
Chessar William, lodgings, 118 Princes st 
Cheyne & Siree, chyraists and druggists, 

12 South Hanover st 
Cheyne B. physician, Inverleith terrace 
Cheyue Mr. Bruce, 19 Cheyne st 
Cheyne, Bruce & Co. wholesale druggists, 

12 Sooth Hanover st 
Cheyne Chas. surgeon, 4 Quality st, Leith 
Cheyne James A. writer, and manager to 

(he Standard Life Assurance Company, 

21 SouthSt. Andrew st 
Cheyne Lt.-Col.lOCarlton st, Stockbridge 
Cheyne Miss, 23 Pitt st 
Chiene Mr. Patrick, 24 Abercromby place 
Child Wm. china,&c. dealt-. 22 Cathei ine st 
Chilton William, lodgings, 19 North-west 

Circus place [place 

Chirnside Mr. John, 2 West Newington 
Chisholm Adm.flesher,75Noi-thumberldst 
Chisholm and Flett, straw hat makers, 14 

North Bridge st [Frederick st 

Chisholm E. & J. corset miakers,26 South 
Chisholm Ellison, shopkeeper, 44 Yard. 

heads, Leith 
Chisholm J. & J. grocers, &c. 34 West port 
Chisholm Jas. tailor, &c. 5Shakspearesq 
Chisholm John, baker,27 Bernard st,Leith 
Chisholm John, smith, 11 High Market st 
Chisholm J no.booksellr. 32West Regisir st 
Chisholm Robert, esq. Bruntsfield place 
Chisholm Robert, wiight, 12 Leven st 
Chisholm Robert, flesher, Stockbridge 

Chisholm Walter, grocer, 1 Gilmore place 
Chisholme J. lodgings, 2 Alva st 
Christian James, writer-, 1 St. Vincent st 
Christie — , grocer, 30 Greenside st,&c.mrcht. 23 George st 
Christie Alex. boot,&c. mkr. 22 Charles st 
Christie & Son, boot makers, 78 Princes st 
Christie Archibald, writer, 8 Stafford st 
Christie Daniel, solicitor, 24 Dundas st 
Christie Mrs. David, 20 Forth st 
Christie David, grocer, &c. 3 Nelson st 
Christie Duncan, spirit dea!er,120Rosest 
Christie Miss Elizabeth, 30 Dublin st 
Cht-istie Elizabeth, lodgings, 14 Pitt st 
Christie Elizabeth, straw hat maker, 4 

Terrace, Leith street 
Christie Henry, spirit dealer,43 Lothiaa st 
Christie James, boot maker, 92 Princes st 
Christie James, grocer,, 17 High st 
Christie Jas. tax surveyor, 14 Brandon st 
Chr-istie Jas. spirit dealer, 28 Queen st, L. 
Christie John, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 

High street and 183 Canongate 
Christie John, boot,&c. maker, 21 Union pi 
Christie John, writer, 2-5 York place 
Christie John & Son, breeches makers and 

glover.s, 16 George street 
Christie Margaret, grocer, 9 Salisbury pi 
Christie Miss, 20 Rankeillor st 
Christie the Misses, 30 Dublin street 
Christie Mrs. 24 Forth street 
Christie Robert, manager for the Scottish 

Eq uitableAssurance Society, 1 George st 
Christie Robt.grocer,53 North Hanover st 
Christie Robiire, tea and coffee dealer, 8 

North Bridge street 
Christie Thomas, grocer, 82 High st 
Christie Thomas, gr-ocer, 76 Shore, Leith 
ChristieThos. hair dresser,! S t. Leonard st 
Christison John, teacher, 50 George st 
Christison John, advocate, 3Gt. Stuart st 
Christison Robt. m. d. 5 Randolph cre«c«nj 


EDINBURGH, &c. fEJJitti&urg&isj&ii^ 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Cbi-ystal Cockburn, boot and shoe maker, 

14 Gieenside place 
Chrystal Robert, tobacconist, 185 High st 
Chrystie Captain A. 28Abercromby pUce 
Chrystie Miss Elizabeth, 30 Dublin st ' 
Ciapham Joseph, lodgings, 6 Howe st 
Clappeiton J no. tobacconist,4N. College st 
ClappertoD John, grocer, 263 Cowgate 
Clapperton John, spirit dealer, 44 West 
Cross causeway [causeway 

Clapperton John, smith, 9 West Cross 
Clapperton John & Co. woollen & linen 

drapers, 371 High street 
Clapperton Miss, 2 West Lauriston place 
Clapperton the Misses, 36 Queen street 
Clapperton Mrs. 4 Bonnington place 
Clapperton Wm. teacher, 36 Queen st 
Clark Adam, Woolpack, 14 Bristo st 
Clark Agnes, King''s Arms Tavern, 53 

Bernard street, Leith 
Clark Alex, baker, 7 Haddington place 
Clark Alexndr, solicitors, c, 2 London st 
Clark & Co. wholesale glovers & hosiers, 

31 South Hanover street 
Clark & Rough, cabinet makers, uphol- 
sterers, & chair makers, 18 Leith walk 
Clark Andrew, flesher, 3 Cumberland st 
Clark Catherine, spirit dealer, 94 Rose st 
Clark Colin, baker, 12 William st 
Clark Colin, victual dealer, 113 Pleasance 
Clark Daniel, Hesher, High market 
Clark Eliz. dress maker,33 South Castle st 
Clark G. & A. grocers, &c. 1 Elm row 
Clark George, spirit dealer, 180 High st 
Clark Harriet, teacher, Leopold place 
Clark Hugh, billiard rooms, 46 ^"orth 
Hanover st [Assembly close 

Clark James, steeple clock maker, Old 
Clark Lieut. James, 13 Graham st 
Clark James, tailor, &c. 75 Princes st 
Clark Jas. victual dealer, 22 Pleasance st 
Clark Janet, spirit dealer, 25 Queen st, L. 
Clark Mrs. John, 118 Lauriston place 
Clark Rev. John, 5 St. John st 
Clnrk John, zinc manufacturer & slater, 

38 George st& 14 Cross causeway 
Clark Jno. Venetian blind mkr,Gayfield sq 
Clark John, corn chandler,20 Greenside st 
Clark John, esq. 24 Heriot row 
Clark Mr. John, 31 Morrison st 
Clark John, tailor. Temple cross, Leith 
Clark John, smith, 18 Potter row 
r'larkJohn,slater, Chessel'scourt,Canngt. 
Clark John, fishmonger, 78 Shore, Leith 
Clark John, grocer, 21 South Castle st 
Clark John James, teacher of languages, 

63 South Bridge street 
Clark Mrs. Mary, 7 Leopold place 
Clark Miss, dress maker, 13 Downie place 
Clark Mrs. 30 Royal circus 
Clark Mrs. 9 Coates crescent 
Clark Richard, tinsmith, 5 Rose st 
Clark Robert, engraver, &c. 64 Leith st 
Clark Robt. spirit dealer, 2 St. Leonard st 
Clark Thomas,law bookseller,38 George st 
Clark Ts. furniture broker, 13 Pleasance st 
Clark William, slater, 8 South Canal st 
Clark William, spirit dealer, Jock's lodge 
ClarkWm. landscape painter,33S.Castle st 
Clark William, advocate, 4 Rose court 
Clark William, dairyman, 10 Adam st 
Clark William, spirit dealer, Low Callon 
Claike Mrs. Ann, 40 Bernard st, Leith 
Clarke Harrlet,teacher of music,6 Leopold 
place [Office close 

Clarke James & Co. printers, Old Stamp 
Clarke John, teacher, 6 Leopold place 
Clarkson Charles, spirit dlr. 4 Main point 
ClarksonJame6,linen draper,? Melville pi 
Clarkson Misses, 30 Royal circus 
Clarkson Robt. china,&c. dlr. 1 Dukest,L. 
Clarkson William, builder, 13 India st 
Clarksom Willuim, grocer, &c. 9 Kerr st 
Clason Andrew, writer, 57 Queen st 
Clason Rev. Dr. Patrick, 23 Buccleughpl 
Clay William, smith, Cir£us lane 
Clayton Miss, 15 Brandon st 
Cleghorn Alexander, esq. 3 Heriot row 
Cleghorn Alexander, master of Congrega- 
tional School, 11-5 Nieolson st 
Cleghorn and Watson, accountants, 87 
Princes street [street 

CleghornDavid, writer, 37 North Castle 
Cleghorn Miss J. E. J7 Greenside st 
Cleghorn Rev. Mr. 9 Montague st 
Cleghorn Samuel, road surveyor, Canaan 

Cleghorn Thomas & Co. nurserymen, 
seedsmen, and fioristers, 10 South St. 
Andrew street 
Cleghorn William,academy, 46 Nieolson st 
Clelland Mrs. 7 St. Anthony's place 
Clerk & Co. gun maimers, 39 George st 
Clerk & Co. coach bniklers, Lothian road 
Clerk Mrs. Helen, 30 Royal circus 
Clerk Miss, 4 Gayfield place 
Clerk Mrs. Rattray, 105 Princes street 
Clerk S. accountant, Lothian road 
Clerk Thomas, engraver, 22 St James' sq 
Clephane Andrew, advocate,5W.Circus pi 
Clephune Captain, R. N. 2 Minto st 
Clinkscales Robt. linen draper, 32 1 High st 
CoatsThomas,linendraper,46S.Bridge st 
Cobban Peter.spirit dlr.59 St. Giles st,Lth 
Cobham Mrs. Francis, 17 York place 
Coburn Mrs. I. Moray street 
Cochran Mrs. Lieut.-Col. 96 Princes st 
Cochran Miss(of Newton)39 NorthHano- 
ver street [Hanover st 

Cochran Mrs. (of Newton), 39 North 
CochranMrs.strawhatmkr.20 W.Canal st 
Cochrane H. spirit dealer, Haymarket 
Cochrane Henry, flesher, 20 Tobago st 
CochraneHy.spiritdlr.122 Fountain bridge 
Cochrane Rev. James, 2 Scotland st 
Cochrane James & Co. brass founders & 
gas meter manufacturers,Greensidelane 
Cochrane John, mast, block and pump 

maker. Commercial place, Leith 
Cochrane John, surgeon, 503 Lawn markt 
Cochrane Margt.spiritdlr.llOKirkgate,L. 
Cochrane Mrs. 11 Brandon st 
Cochrane Mr*. 17 Keirst 
Cochrane Thomas, grocer, 16 William st 
Cockburn Alex, surgeon, 4 Broughton pi 
Cockburn & Co. wine merchants, Duke 
St. Leith [Giles st, Leith 

Cockburn Andrew, milk seller, 31 St. 
CockburnHy.lord of session,14Charlotte sq 
Cockburn J. and Campbell, wine mer- 
chants, 32 St. Andrew's square 
Cockburn Janet, lodgings,13l Princes st 
Cockburn Miss, North Merchiston 
Cockburn Mrs. P. 13 Hill place 
Cockburn Patrick, accountant, 5 York pi 
Cockburn Robert, coal dealer. Rose lane 
Cockburn Robert, baker, 64 Rose st [st 
Cockburn Robt.coal merchant,!! Brandon 
Cockburn Robert & Son, china and glass 

dealers, 25 South Bridge st 
Cockburn Samuel, coal dealer, Lothian rd 
Cockburn W. S. jeweller, 37 Princes st 
Cockburn Walter, West India merchant, 

24 Broughton place 
Cockson Jane, shawl cleaner, 17 Bristo st 
Cogan Mrs. 13 Maitland st 
Cogle Thomas, tailor, 39 S.outh Bridge st 
CohenWm jeweIler,19NorthRichmondst 
Cohn S. teacher, I West Richmond st 
Colclengh John,ironmerchant, 40 Leith st 
Coldstream and Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 47 Mitchell street, Leith 
Coldstream Mr. John, 12 Hill place 
Coldstream Jno.physician,32 Bernard st.L. 
Coldwell James, flesher, 4 Bristo st 
Colin Mrs. E. 6 James place, Leith links 
Collectors' Office for City Poor Rates, 18 
North Bridge st — Alexander Thomson, 
Collie & Smith, straw hat makers, 2 North 
Bridge street [market 

Collie Archibald Tait,tobacconist,46 Grass 
Collie DavidRobertson,printer,4Niddryst 
Collier Elizabeth,publican,.391 Lawn mlit 
Collier Geo. baker, 23 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Collier Mrs. 44 Rankeillor st 
Collier Thomas, grocer, &c. 12 Cowgate 
CollinsErskine,cabinetmakr.llORosest la 
Collins Henry, lodgings, 7 St. Vincent st 
Collins Jane, eating house & spirit dealer, 

48 Shore, Leith 
Collins Mr. Lucas, Gilmore place 
Collins Robert, spiritdealer,l Bridge st. L. 
CoUis Thomas and Co. hatters, 50 Leith st 
Collymore Mrs. D. 44 North Castle st 
Colquboun Mrs. Elizbth. 7 Gloucester pi 
Colqnhnun Mr. Frederick, 13 Manor place 
ColquhounJohn C.advocate,10 Melville st 
Colquhoun L. advocate, UDublin st [st 
Colquhoun Margt.dressmkr.9East Circus 
Colquhoun Peter, grocer,70 Cumberland s^t 
Colquhoun Robt.tailor,9 East Circusplace 
Colquhoun William, tailor,56 India st 
Colston Alexander, printer. East Rose la 
Colston Mrs. James, 2 Gardner's crescent 
Colt John HamiltoD,esq. 15 Regent terrace 

Col ton Barnet, furniture broker,293Cowgt 
Cnlvill Jas. spirit dealer, Wright's houses 
Colvill the Misses, 7 Rankeillor st 
Colvin George, grocer, 2 Charles st 
Comb James, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Comb Robert, shoe maker, 24 Dundas st 
Comb Wm. spirit dealr.22 Fountain bridge 
Combe Andrew, physician, 8 Alva st 
Combe George,writer,23 Charlotte square 
Combe Jas. cooper. Combe's close, Leith 
Combe James, dairyman, 2 Semple st 
Combe Jas.Kerr,surgeon,27Charlottest,L. 
Combe Pvlrs. 11 Keir st 
Combe Robert, basket maker, 14 Blair st 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Robert 

Paul, manager, High st, and at Leith 

Comiriou William, candle maker, Paul's 

works, 10 Greenside st [wynd 

Comon David, agent, 6 Lady Lawson's 

Comrie D. governor of the House of Re- 

fnge, 68 Canongate 
Comrie Mrs. 11 West Richmond st 
Condell Major J. A. 7 Pilrig st 
Connal John, victual dealer, 91 Pleasance 
Connal John, jun. hair dresser and per- 
fumer, 66 North Bridge st 
Connel Daniel, wine and spirit dealer, 48 

North Hanover st 
Connell A. writer, 54 Cumberland st 
Connell Alex. esq. 6 North Charlotte st 
Connell Arthur,advocate,54 Cumherlnd st 
Conner Thos. china,&, 20 Home st 
Conning A. flesher, 14 Calton st 
Conning James, flesher,2 East Register st 
Conolly Erskine, messenger at-arms,4 St. 
James's square [David st 

Constable Thomas, printer, 2 North St. 
Convent of the Sisters of Charity, Milton 
bouse, Canongate — Madame St. Paule, 
superior [St. Mary's wynd 

Conway John, tailor and clothier, 9 & 19 
Conway Peter, lodgings, 6 Park st 
Cook Jas. coal dirs. Nottingham pi 
Cook & Co. hatters, 32 Kirkgate, Leith 
Cook Andrew, turner, 79 Princes st 
Cook John, solicitor s.c, 5 Drummond st 
Cook John,spirit dealer,62 Causeway side 
Cook John Major, agent,6 Nottingham st 
Cook Thos. hat manufactr. 44 Nieolson st 
Cook Walter, writer, 25 Drummond place 
Cooper Andrew, dlr. in sundries,Foxla,L. 
Cooper Jas. hair dresser, 19 Downie place 
Cooper Jane, grocer, &c.l4 Greensiderow 
Cooper Mrs. 12 St. Leonard st 
Cooper Thomas, agent, 2 North Bridge st 
Cooper William, crown glass cutter, and 
stained glass manufacturer to the King, 
18 Picardy place 
Cooper William, silk dyer, &c. 1 Heriot's 
buildings, Leith walk [close 

Cooper William, publican, 23 Flesh markt 
Cooper Wm. writing master, 17 George st 
Copland Geo.tailor,&c. 57 Nth.Hanoverst 
Copland John,bookbindr,Sth.Gray's close 
Copland Robl.Tait, tailor, &c. 2Georgest 
Corbet Thomas, writer, 8 Nieolson square 
Corbett Wm. surgeon-dentist,59 Queen st 
Cordmire Henry, spirit dlr. 18 Bridge st,L. 
Corehouse Hon. Lord, 12 Ainslie place 
Cork John, University Tavern, I North 
College st [1 Leith st terrace 

Cormack & Son, furnishing ironmongers, 
Cormack Mrs.D.straw hat mkr.l29High st 
Cormack Daniel,hatter, 3 North Bridge st 
Corner Geo. cabinet maker, 47 Pleasance 
Corner John, tailor, 3 Downie place 
Corner Wm. perfuiner, 49 Nth.Hanoverst 
Cornet Mrs. lodgings, 18 Downie place 
Cornillon Hypolite, teacher, 62 Queen st 
Cornwall James, physician, Pilrig st 
Cornwall James, surgeon, 25 Dundas st 
Corporation Flour Mills, Water of Leith 

— Archibald King, manager 
Corquodale Mrs. lodgings, 36 Queen st 
Corrie Thomas, manager to the British 

Linen Company, St^ Andrew's stjuare 

Corstorphine John, grocer and wine and 

spirit merchant, 19 St. Giles street, and 

114 Kirkgate, Leith [hi" 

(/'orstorphine Peter, shoemaker, 15 Calton 

Corstorphine Peter, jun. boot maker, 16 

West Register st 
CoskriesMrs. lodgings, 24 Elder st 
Cossar J. flesher, 107 Causeway side 
Cotton Charles, tobacconist, 231 High st 
Cotton George, tobacconist to the King, 

23 Princes street 
Cotton John, tobacconist, 35 Princes st 
Cotton John, tobacconist, 68 Bristo st 


ISDfmBurffDsljirc. EDINBURGH, &c. 

iiigot^ ®o.*g 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Cotton Mrs. dealer in sundries,5 Arthur st 
Cotton Mrs. Wm,tobacconisf,28 Princes st 
Coulson Ann, painter, 6 St. James' square 
County fire and Provident Life Office, 13 

Quality st, Leitfi — William Muir, agent 
Couper Marion, lodgings, 8 Chapel st 
Couper Peter, writer, 16 Pilrig st 
Couper William, hair diessr.293 Canongate 
Couper William and Son, boot and shoe 

makers, 6 St. Andrew's square 
Courbrough William and John, grocers & 

tea & spirit dealers, 19 Greenside st 
Cnurtois Henry, keeper and recorder of 

the Chapel Royal, Holyrood, 9 Abbey 
Cousband James, earthenware dealer, 3S 

St. Giles street, Leith [24 Fettes row 
Cousin David, house surveyor & architect, 
Cousins David and John, cabinet makers, 
upholsterers & undertakers. Newingtn rd 
Cousland Thos. hair cutter, 7 Church st 
Conston Dav.corn dealer,3 SherifFbrae,L. 
Coutts Joseph, tailor, 1 Constitution st.L. 
Coutts Mrs. 8 St. John street 
Coventry Alexander, painter, 5 Leven st 
Coventry Andrew, advocate, 28 Moray pi 
Coventry Mrs. Catherine, 3 Buccleugh st 
Coventry Rev. George, 49 Moray place 
Cowan & Co. paper makers & wholesale 

stationers, 17 Princes st [st 

Cowan &Strachan,silkmei"cers,1.5Princes 
Cowan Charles, flesher, Middle market 
Cowan Charles & Co. grocers & wine & 

spirit merchants, 13 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Cowan Mr. Duncan, 1 Carlton place 
Cowan Eliz lodgings,? North st.Davidst 
Cowan Eliz.lodgings,62 No: thHanover st 
Cowan George, flesher. Middle market 
Cowan James Moffat, surgeon, 10 Clerk st 
Cowan John, flesher. Low Flesh market 
Cowan Jno.publican,22 Fleshmarket close 
Cowan John,advocate,2 NorthCharlotte st 
Cowan Mrs. 2 Roxburgh terrace 
Cowan Mrs. 10 St. Patrick's square 
Cowan Ninian, spirit dealer, 15 and 16 In- 
firmary street and 1 Main point 
Cowan Peter,furnitnre brokr. 197 Cowgate 
Cowan Richard, writer to the signet, 8 

Driimmond place [Druinmoiid pi 

Cowan Robert, writer to the signet, 8 
Cowan Robert, tailor, 166 High st 
CowanThos. brass founder,Chalmer's close 
Cowan Tlxos.engraver,2 Roxburgh terrace 
Cowan Walter, spirit dealer,209 High st 
Cowan Mrs. William, 32 Howard place 
Cowan William, surgeon,SouthGray'.s close 
Cowans Mrs. grocer, 21 Brown squnre 
Cowie Geo.boot,&c. maker, 112 West port 
Cowie Isaar,spiritdlr.l4 WestMaitlandst 
Cowie William, hair dresser, 144 Rose st 
Cowpar Thos.& Son,brewers,Drumdryan 
Cowper Janet, stay maker, 190 Rose st 
Cox Archbd.victual dealr,22 Richmond pi 
Cox James, physician, 8 Alva st 
Cox John, tanner, skinner, and glue ma- 

nufacturer,Georgie mills & 26 Niddry st 
Cox Mrs. 52 Great King st 
Cox Robert, writer, 23 Charlotte square 
Crabbe J. surgeon, 19 India st 
Crabbie & Cree, wine & spirit merchants, 

5 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Crabbie Henry, linen draper, 261 High st 
Crabbie Millar, grocer, &c. 17 Canongate 
Crabbie Mis3, 19 Canongate 
Crager Jane and Mary, baby linen ware- 
house, 1 St. Andrew's square 
Crager Philip, china dealer, 37 George st 
Craig Adam, spirit dealer, 51 London st 
Craig Mr. Alexander, 6 Calton st 
Craig Alexander & Co. woollen draprs. 104 

South Bridge st [Greenside pi 

Craig &Rose,oil merchants & drysalters,21 
Craig & Son, tailors, 23 St.James's square 
Craig Mrs.Andw.spirit dlr.i98 Canongate 
Craig Brothers,woolln drapers,164 High st 
Craig Chas. baker, 5 Davie st [son st 
Craig David, macer of jury court, 14 Nel- 
Craig David,victualdealer,193 Canongate 
Craig David, baker, 6 Norton place 
Craig Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 154 Rose st 
Craig George, turner, 262 Cowgate 
Craig J as. spirit dealer, 463 Lawn market 
Craig James, spirit dealer,! Leith wynd 
Craig James, grocer, &c. 6 India place 
Craig James T. G. writer, 12 Picardy pi 
Craig Jane, seminary, 35 West Nicolson st 
Craig John, tailor, &c 6 Waterloo place 
Craig John, painter ,9 North St.Andrewst 
Craig John, shoe maker, 7 Jamaica st 


Craig John, surgeon, 5 Sooth College st 
Craig John M. writer, 72 Great King st 
Craig Mrs. Kernan, 31 Regent terrace 
Craig Margaret, grocer, &c. 123 Canongate 
Craig the Misses, 6 West Clareraont st 
Craig Misses, gentlemen's stock makers, 

105 South Bridge st 
Craig Mrs. 10 Annandale st 
Craig Mrs. 2 l.enpold place 
Craig Mrs. spirit dealer, 31 Grass market 
Craig Mrs. spirit dealer, 3 Brown st 
Craig Peter, spirit dealer,Cable wynd,Lth 
Craig T. D. teacher, 17 George st 
Craig William, teacher, Sandiland's close 
Craig William, grocer, 1 1 Church st 
Craighall Colliery Depdt, Railway depot 

— John Mofiat, manager 
Craigie Mrs. Ann, 49 Great King st 
Craigie Dr.D.lectureroom,HighSchoo] yd 
Craigie Mrs. Di-. 15 South Castle st 
Craigie David, physician, 43 Queen st 
Craigie Henry, writer, 90 George st 
Craigie Jas.coal dealer,Citadel port, Leith 
Craigie Mrs. Mary Ann, 12 Darnaway st 
Craigie Miss, 1 Hayst 
Craigie Major Thos. 56 North Hanover st 
Craigie Thos. surgeon. 27Cimstitution st,tj. 
Craigie Wm. surgeon,27 Constitution st,L. 
Craigie William, cutler, 39 Rose st 
Craik Alexander, smith. Church st 
Crambe Mrs. 5 Roxburgh terrace 
Crambe Wra.surgeon & druggist,! Hope st 
Cramond Miss, 39 George square 
Cranford Robert, painter, 5 Castle st 
Cranstoun, Anderson & Trotter, writers, 
50 North Castle st [terrace 

Cranstoun George, plasterer, 8 Roxburgh 
Cranstoun Thos. writer,48 North Castle st 
Craw Henry, coach hirer, 20 Charles st 
Crawford Alexr. writer, U Windsor st 
Crawford & Anderson, joiners and under- 
takers, St. James's square 
Crawford & Tod, ironmongeis,94 High st 
Crawford Miss Ann, 18 Fettes row 
Crawford Catherine,Iodgings,136George st 
Crawford David,ironmongr,1.32Nicolson st 
Crawford Geo. tailor,12 South St. David st 
Crawford Jas. coal mcht.l6 Freestone yard 
Crawford James, advocate, 1 Albyn place 
Crawford James, flesher, Hercles st 
Crawford John, barm brewer, Haddon's 

court, Nicolson street 
Crawford John & Co. tailors, 75 Princes st 
Crawford Mi's. 2 George square 
Crawford Mrs. victual dealr. 179 Pleasance 
Crawford Robert, baker, 23 Sheriff brae, L. 
Crawford Robert,tailor,31 Sth. Hanover st 
Crawford Robert, painter, 5 Castle st 
Crawford Thos. baker, 76 Kirkgate, Leith 
Crawford Thomas, smith. Castle bank 
Crease James, cooper. Main point 
Crease Jas. boot, &c. maker, 12 Romilly pi 
Crease Wm. flesher. Middle maiket 
Crease William & Sons, cotton manufac- 
turers and Scotch & Manchester ware- 
housemen, 421 Lawn market [place 
Creen Gilbert, painter, &c. 4 Salisbury 
Creig John, physician, 5 South College st 
Crerar Donald, spirit dealer, 4 West 

Richmond street 
Crerar John, grocer and spirit dealer, 60 

South Bridge st & 1 East Preston st 
Crerar P. spirit dir. 18 West Cross cause way 
Crichton Alex, lilhogrophic printer, print- 
seller, &c. 27 West Register st 
Crichton Mrs. Captain, 14 Ann street 
Crichton Mr. G. 8 John's place, Leith 
Crichton John, traveller, 3 Crichton st 
Crighton Alex, lodginas. Trinity crescent 
Crighton Mrs. Ann, 9 Vanburgh pi, Leith 
Crighton Mr. George, Viewforth 
Crighton James, surgeon, 12 Dean ferrace 
Crighton James, grocer, 4 Glanville place 
Crighton James & Wm. grocers and spirit 

dealers, 9 South Frederick st 
Crighton John, spirit dealer, 191 High st 
Crighton Miss, 1 Gayfield square 
Crighton Wm. surgeon, 16 Dean terrace 
Croall John & Co. coach masters, 2 and 
II Princes street [lane 

Croall Johfi & Wm. coach builders, York 
CrocketMissCharlotte,10 Lynedoch place 
Crocket Thos. basket maker, 4 Milne's ct 
CroleyWm.&Co.corsetmkrs. 45 Princes st 
Croll David, furnitr. broker, 242 Cowgate 
Crombie Andw. solicitor, Wardrnp's court 
Crombie Andw. & Son, dyers, 19 Brown sq 
Crombie Mrs. lodgings,l5 St. AntJiony's pi 

Crooks, Bonar, & Co. crown glass manu- 
facturers, 5 Blair street 
Crooks James, spirit dealer, 26 Thistle st 
Crooks Peter, writer, 2 Abercromby place 
Crooks Thomas, tailor, 184 Rose st 
Crookshanks R. and Son, tobacco manu- 
facturers, 62 Bioughtonst [st 
Cropper V\'m. painter & glazier, 7 India 
Crosbie Mr. Edward, 4 Clerk st 
Crosbie George, secretary to the National , 
Bank, 41 St. Andrew's square k 
Crosbie Thos. spirit dealer, 37 Canongate I 
Cross and Carruthers, watch and clock 1 
makers, 21 Elm row [Bridge st ' 
Crouch John, basket maker, 26 North '• 
Crouch William, brush and trunk maker, 

40 North Bridge street 
Crow Rev. James, 45 St. Culhbert st 
Crow James, grocer, &c. Newhaven ; 

Crow Scott,cabinet maker,William st lane 
Crown Life Assurance Company,26 Shore, 

Leith— W. B. M'Bean, agent 
Cruick.shank Alexander and Sons, manu- 
facturers of hosiery and glovers, 57 
Geo rge street 
Cruickshauk Christian, boarding school, 
45 Moray place [market 

Cruickshank Helen, tavern, 77 Grass 
Cruickshank James, esq. 36 Melville st 
Cruickshank James, surgeon,d Hill place 
Crybbace James, teacher of elocution and 

geography, 59 South Bridge st 
Crymble Clementina, ladies' boarding 
school, 15 Royal circus [place 

Cullen Arch. Hope, advocate, 4 Gloucester 
Cullen Rev. Geo. Downie, 8 Wellington 
place. Links [square 

Cullen Mrs.Henrietta,2Hopest, Charlotte 
Cullen Mrs. James, 4 West Maitland st 
Cullen John, writer, 22 Elder st 
Cullen Mrs. 30 Pitt street 
Cullen William, surgeon, 8 Howe st 
Cumine Francis Gordon, writer, 18 South 

Frederick street 
Cumine Miss Mary R. 20 Ann st 
Gumming Capt. A. 25 Haddington place 
Cumming Ann, lodgings, 140 Princes st 
Cumming Catherine, lodgings, 56Indiast 
Cumming Mrs. Colonel, 52 Melville st 
Cumming George, writer & agent to the 

Yorkshire Fire Office, 16 Dublin st 
Cumming Hugh,spirit dealr. 43 Canongate 
Cumming Jas. confectioner, 60 West port 
Cumming John G. apothecary,98 High st 
Cumming Hon. Mrs. Leslie, 44 Queen st 
Cumming Mrs. Leslie (of Logie),6Hopest 
Cumming Mrs. 30 Lothian street 
Cumming Thomas, packiug-case maker, 
High Market street [tlest 

Cumming William,lodgings,10 South Cas- 
Cumming Mr. Wm. 11 Great King st 
CummingWm. cabinet mkr.2 Sth. Castle st 
Cumming Wm. surgeon, B.N. 6 Teviot row 
Cummings James, tailor, 38 Home st 
Cundell Mrs. Ann, 2 Baltic st. Leith [L. 
Cundell Mrs. Dav. Ross,48Constitutionsf, 
Cundell John,dairyman,Brougliton cottage 
Cunning Willinm,ironmonger,38 Queen st 
Cunningham Mr. Alex. 32 Rankeillor st 
Cun ningham Alex. tleshr.20 Newmarket, L. 
Cunningham & Bell, writers to the signet 

and city clerks, 84 George street 
Cunningham and Hunter, hat manufac- 
turers, 50 North Bridge street 
Cunningham & Spence, tea, wine & spirit 
merchants and importers of dried fish, 
62 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Cunningham & Walker,writeis,21 Queen st 
Cunningham And. wright,Admiralityst.L. 
Cunningham Archibald and Andrew, tan- 
ners, Bonnington bridge 
Cunningham Mrs. Captain, 17 Elder st 
CunningliamChas.writr.lO Royal Exchnge 
Cunningham Mrs. Eliz. 12 Sth'Fredeiickst 
Cunningham Eliz. victual dlr. Couper st.L. 
Cunningham J. horse dealer, 8 Meuse lane 
Cunningham J. librarian, 2 Athol place 
Cunningham J. S. writer, 18 York place 
Cunningham James, china & glass dealer, 
19 Howe st [bank 

Cunningham James, nurseryman, Comely 
Cunningham Jas. D. brewer, 195 Cowgate 
Cunningham John, esq. solicitor general, 

80 Great King street 
Cunningham Mr. John S. 7 Royal terrace 
Cunningham the Misses, 12 Antigua st 
Cunningham Mrs. 1 Dundas st 
Cunningham Mrs. 86 Great King 9t 


EDINBURGH, &c. fEtimliurgjbiSlbiie* 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabita nts. 

Cunningham lV1rs.lo(1gings,)0 Windmill st 
Cunningham Murdoch,goldsmith,14 Royal 

Cunningham Mr. Robt. 35 George square 
CunninghamRev.Robert, leacher.SHillst 
CunninghamlMr.Simon,25Lauriston place 
Cunningham Rev. VVni. 19 Claremont st 
Cunningham Wra.flesher,61 Broughton st 
Cunningham Wm. G.writer,20 Albany st 
Cunninghame Mr. Edward, 7 Raeburn pi 
Cunninghame Major-General John, 29 

Moray place [India st 

Cunninghame Mrs. Maxwell, lodgings, 48 
Curl Helen, loddngs, 42 York place 
Curl William, spirit dealer, 19 Hart st 
Curie James, brush maker,125Nicolson st 
Curll G. H. brewer, 46 Croft-an-righ 
Curll Mr. William,? Blenheim place 
Currer & Dickson, grocers, 6 Antigua st 
Currer Margt.confectioner, 105 Nicolsonst 

Darling Margaret,dressmaker,l7CIerkst I Dempster Geo. permit writer,4 Milne's sq 

Darling Mrs. 26 Royal crescent 
Darling Robert, boot maker, 6 Cowgate 
Darling Robt.bookbinder,01d Fishmarket 
Darling T. & T. writers, 28 Nelbon st 
Darling Thomas,solicitor,s.c.28 Nelson st 
Darling Wm. toy dealer, 9jNorth Bridge st 
Darlington Henry, cabinet maker & up- 
holsterer, 43 North Hanover st 
Dassauville N. dentist, 18 George street 
Davidson Alexander, portrait painter, 8 
Great Stuart street [Leith 

Davidson Alexander, dairyman, Duke st, 
Davidson & Mitchell, dress makers, 21 
Leith street Charlotte st 

Davidson and Syme, writers, 3 North 
Davidson Mrs.Andrew,8 Saxe Cobourg pi 
Davidson Andrew, tailor, 75 Broughton st 
Davidson Ann, fishmonger, 79 Queen st 
Davidson Archbd. advocate.24 Rutland st 
Davidson Arthur, shoe maker, Cromwell 
street, Leith _ _ [st 

Currie Adam,ship master,5Admiralty st,L. i Davidson Chas. Forbes, writer, 79 George 
Currie Alex, advocate, 1-1 Sth. Charlotte st Davidson David. spirit dlr.l50Canongate 

Currie Alex, poulterer, 20 William st 
Currie & Lamb,bookbindrs,10Hunter's sq 
Currie Mrs. Ann, 13 Albany st 
Currie Francis, grocer, &c. 41 Leith wynd 
Currie Gilbert, dyer, 25 Leith walk 
Cun-ie James, confectioner, 21 High st 
Cnrrie James, spirit dealer, Craig's close 
Currie Mrs. 57 Inverleith row 
Currie Robert, cabinet maker, 1 Abbey 
Currie Robert, victual dealer, 21 Clerk st 
Cnrrie Mrs. William, 18 West Nicolsonst 
Currie William, spirit dealer. Echo bank 
Curtis Thos.clothes dlr,30 St.Mary's wynd 
Cushnie Alexander, glover and breeches 
maker, 56 Leith st [rick st 

Cushnie & Smith, dyers, 34 South Frede- 
Cusine Jas. flesher, 26 Bernard st, Leith 
Custard Robt. shoemaker,19 Broughton st 
Cuthbertson & Bisset, stone masons, Les- 
lie place [st 
Cuthbertson & Scott,staymkrs.79 Princes 
Cuthbertson Helen, 35 Dundas st 
Cuthbertson Wm. gardener, Cherry bank 


DALE Mrs. Thomas street 
Dale Thomas, shoe maker, 30 Jamaica st 
Dalgety Joseph, bookseller,.54 Nicolson st 
Dalgleish & FoiTest, auctioneers and ap- 
praisers, 69 Adam square [nongate 
Dalgleish D. & Son, cork cutters, S42 Ca- 
Dalgleisb David, fle.sher, 15 Bread street 
Dalgleish J .S writ ing teacher,55 George sq 
Dalgleish James, spirit dealer,28 Clerk st 
Dalgleish Mr. John, 8 Clarence street 
Dalgleish John, victual dealer, 25 Duke st 
Dalgleish John, tailor, 103 Rose street 
Dalgleish R. grocer, &c. 217 Canongate 
Dalgleish Wm. green grocer,.37 Potter row 
Dall P. superintendent of docks, 2 Sand- 
port street. Leith 
Dallas Mr. Alexander,2Lauriston terrace 
Dallas Alexander, lodgings, 9 Melville pi 
Dallas Mrs. 5 Maitland street 
Dallas Willian), writer, 7 Druinmond pi 
Dalmahoy Patrick, writer, 3 Hart street 
Dalrymple Miss Helen, 77 George street 
DalrympleKirkby, esq. 21 Druramond pi 
Daliymple Miss (Cousland), 14 George sq 
Dalrymple William,solicilor,s.c.ll Pittst 
Dalton Catherine, lodgings,48 N. Bridge st 
Daltoii Henry, spirit dealer, 88 Canouf^ate 
Daly Peter,clothesdler.40 St. Mary's wynd 
Dalyell Lieut.-Colonel, 54 N. Hanover st 
Dalyell Miss (of Binns), .54 N. Hanover st 
Dalyell Sir Jno.Graham, 54 N.Hanover st 
Dalyell CapL W.C. r.n. 38 Charlotte sq 
Dalzel Miss Mary, 48 Ann street 
Dalziel Mr.Alexander,3 W.Newington pi 
Dalziel Alexndr. baker, 8 Couper st, Leith 
DalzielJames, sculptor, 37 Leith walk 
Dalziel Jno.baker,7Tolbooth wynd,Leith 
Dalziel Mis. 20 Annandale street 
Dalziel Robert, fishmonger, 108 Rose st 
Dalziel Captain W.J. 21 Lynedoch place 
Daniel Phineas, writer,5 Athol pi [close 
Danks John, watch case makr.Carrubber's 
Darge Jane, broker, 147 Kirkgate, Leith 
Darge William, smith,25Cr05s causeway 
Darling & M'Laren, dress makers, 20 

George street 
Darlins & Mercer, writers, 18 Scotland st 
Darling Isabella, dress maker, 89 South 

Bridge st 
Darling James Johnston, writer, 17 Pitt st 


Davidson David, surgeon, 12 Roxburgh st 
Davidson Francis, grocer, 79 Queen st 
Davidson Francis, confectioner, 47 North 

Frederick street [3 Bank st 

Davidson Geo. & Claud, woollen drapers, 
Davidson J as. shipmaster,4Hei mi tage hill 
Davidson Mrs. James, 17 Keir street 
Davidson John, solicitor,s.c. 17 Elm row 
Davidson Jonathan &Co.smiths,St.Paul's 

works, 57 Leith wynd 
Davidson Joshua Henry, M. D. 63 Nor. 

thumberlnnd st [South Bridge st 

Davidson Matthew, teacher of writing, 39 
Davidson Miss Mary, 11 Forres street 
Davidson Mrs. cow feeder, 4 Abbey hill 
Davidson Mrs. lodgincs, 1 Hill place 
Davidson N. wright, Buccleugh street 
Davidson Rev. P. 8 Comely bank 
Davidson Peter, green grocer, 73 St. An- 
drew st, Leith [St. Andrew st 
Davidson Richard D. bookseller, 3 North 
Davidson Mrs. Robt. lodgings, 22 Duke st 
Davidson Robert, advocate, 28 York place 
Davidson Robt. shoe mkr.47 N .Hanover st 
Davidson Wm. furnishing ironmonger, 

120 High street [Windsor st 

Davidson William esq. (of Polmont), 31 
Davidson Mr. William, 5 Duncan st 
Davie & Newton, saddlers, 1 S.St. David st 
Davie Geo. victual dlr.Warriston crescent 
Davie John, baker, 72 Grass market 
Davie Mary, lodgings, 6 St. Vincent st 
Davie William, grocer, JOO West port 
Davies James, grocer, 326 Lawn market 
DaviesWm. victual dlr. 41 Hope Park eud 
Davis John, optician, 64 Princes st 
Davison John, tailor, 6 Roxburgh place 
Davs'son & Co. hatters, 54 Sth. Bridge st 
Dawson Chas. shoe Uikr. 5 Henderson rw 
Dawson Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 Cumberland st 
Dawson George, gardener. Trinity mains 
Dawson Helen, green grocer, 5 Chapel st 
Dawson Mrs. Helen, 32 Warriston crescnt 
Dawson Jas. coalmercht. 1 PortHamilton 
Daw.son Mrs. I Grove street 
Dawson William, colour and varnish 

manufacturer, Elbe st, Leath 
Day Beatrice, dress maker, 34 N. Castle st 
Day John, writer, 17 Bristo st 
Deagon Barnard, rope mkr. 47 West port 
Dean Elizabeth, lodgings, 14 Clyde st 
Deans Mr.*. Admiral, 7 India st [st 

Deans Agnes, straw hatmaker,43 Princes 
Deans Mrs. Dr. 6 Great Stuart st 
Deans Elizabeth, lodgings, 10 Hill place 
Deans James, dyer, 11 Bristo st 
Deans Mary, earthenware dealer,9 Kerr st 
Deas Mrs. Colonel, 3 Pitt st 
Deas George, advocate, 22 Dublin st 
Deas Matthew Rass, surgeon, 8 Hope st, 

Charlotte square 
Deas P^ter, writer, 8 Hope street 
Deas Thomas, tailor, 73 Rose street 
Deas Wm. P. coal mercht. 9 Port Hamilton 
D'Egville Monsieur et Madame, teachers 

of dancing, 50 North Frederick st -[st 
De Fivas Victor, profesr.ofFrencli,2 Elder 
D'Hardiviller L. artist, 25 George st 
Dell Mary, lodging house, 132 George st 
De Maria John, advocate, 9 Hope street, 

Charlotte square 
Demaus Robt. lodgings, 31 Cumberland st 
Dempster George, spirit (lealer,Veal mrkt. 
Dempster George, surgeon, 12 Howard pi 

Dempster Mrs. 22 Scotland st 
Dempster Thomas, spirit dealer, 4 North 

Fort street, Leith 
Deneval&Ewart,dressmlirs.33 S.Castle st 
Denham J. & W. smiths. Morning side 
Denholm Wra. cartwright, 4 Raeburn pi 
Denniston Mrs. Preston field 
Derby Miss Sarah, 5 Wellington pi. Links 
Derrin James, plasterer, 5 Roxburgh pi 
Deseret Pet. linen draper,41 N. Hanover st 
Deser^t Phineas, solicitor, 9 Thistle st 
Deuchar Alexander & Co. seal engravers 

and genealogists, 73 George street 
Deuchar Major D. 46 Rankeillor st 
Deuchar Mis. David, 46 Rankeillor st 
Deuchar Robert, solicitor, 11 S. Bridge st 
Deuchar Thomas, writer, 21 India st 
Deucher Mr. John, Morning side 
Devlin Hy. spirit dlr. 53Blackfriars wynd 
Devy Madame, dressmaker, 120 George st 
Dewar Alexndr.spiritdlr.24Sandportst,L. 
Dewar Alexander, jeweller, 48 Rose st 
Dewar Alexander Cuming, boot and shoe 

maker, 34 Leith street 
Dewar Ann and Elizabeth, teachers of 

music, 84 Great King st 
Dewar Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 

14 South College street 
Dewar Mrs. Ann, 139 Princes st [st 

Dewar Geo. cabinet mkr. 7 Terrace, Leith 
Dewar James, tailor, 77 St. Giles st, Leith 
DewarJ<imes,teacherofmusic,14 Dukest 
Dewar John, painter, 82 Rose st 
Dewar J ohn, advocate, 4 G loucester place 
Dewar John, boot, &c. inakei', 12 Leith st 
Dewar Miss, lodgings, 22 Calton hill 
Dewar Mrs. dress raaker,7 Drummond st 
Dewar Mrs&Miss,seminary,4Salisbury pi 
Dewar Peter, Cafe Royal Tavern, Register 
place [row 

Dewar Peter,spirit dealer, 34 Candlemaker 
Dewar Peter, brush and trunk maker, 8 

South Hanoves street 
Dewar Robert, cabinet maker and up- 
holsterer, 2 St. Andrew's square 
Dewar Thomas, teacher of St.Mary's pa- 
rochial school, Bellvue toll 
Dewar William, teacher of dancing, 71 
Adam square [Northumberland st 

Dibdin Henry, teacher of the harp, 72 
Dick — , shipmaster, 60 Shore, Leith 
Dick Adam, carver,&c. Carrubber's close 
Dick Mrs. Alexander, 31 Dublin .»treet 
Dick Alexndr.Mitchell,grocer,8 Huntly st 
Dick Andrew, accountant, 279 High st 
Dick Andrew C. advocate, 36 Albany st 
Dick Catherine, furrier, 35 George st 
Dick David, architect, &c 2 Baxter place 
Dick Forbes,tailor,&c. 2 South St.Davidst 
Dick Isabella, baby linen warehouse, 4 
St. Andrew's square [st 

Dick J. spirit dealer,14 South Richmond 
Dick James, draper, 3 Dean Haugh st 
Dick James, recorder, 102 Ivirkgate,Leith 
Dick James, tailor, &c. 30 S.Hanover st 
Dick John, advocate, 6 Middleby street 
Dick John, spirit dealer, 5 Union street 
Dick John, plumber, 57 Albany street 
Dick John &Son,vety.surgeons,8 Clyde st 
Dick Jno.& Son,cabirietmakrs.l9 Rose st 
Dick Miss, 13 Gayfield square 
Dick Mrs. lodgings, 23 Lauriston place 
Dick Mitcheir& Helen, dress makers, 4 
North St. David street [Cowgate 

Dick Peter, brewer, Robertson's close, 
Dick Robt. cabinetmaker,High Market st 
Dick Roliert,bl(ick,&c.maker,Leith mount 
Dick Robert & George, woollen drapers, 
176 High street [David st 

Dick Thomas, victual dealer, 14 South St. 
Dick Thomas, engraver, 42 Lothian st 
Dick Wm ballast iiiaster,Madeira st, Leith 
Dick William, boot maker, Jock's lodge 
Dickie H. D. manager of Caledonian In- 
surance office, 2 Newington place 
Dickie John, writer, 14 Dean terrace 
Dickie Walter, artist, 31 George street 
Dickie William, hair cutter,69 Nicolson st 
Dickinson George, tailor, 6 Roxburgh pi 
Dickinson William,writing master, 7 East 
Register street [33 Shore, Leith 

Dickman Jno. nautical instrument maker, 
Dickson Alexander, grocer, &c. 3 Elder st 
Dickson Alexander, victual dealer, 8 St. 
Anthony's place [place 

Dickson Alexander P. school, 1 Portland 


mmnWx^f^mvt- Edinburgh, &c. 

i^igot $c iEo,*^ 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Dickson & Steuart, -writers, 17 India st 
Dickson Andrew, tailor,&c. 6 Waterloo pi 
Dickson Archibald, surgeon, 6Fettes row 
Dicksim Mrs. C. lodgings, 16 London st 
Dickson Rev. David, St.Cuthbeit's manse 
Dickson David, advocate, 6 Fettesrow 
Dickson David, dyer, 117Kirkgate, Leith 
Dickson Edward, flesher, 'IQ London st 
Dickson, Ferguson and Davidson, Saw 

mills, Leith ["st, Leith 

Dickson George, tailor, &c. 20 Bernard 
Dickson George, esq. 16 Great Strfftrt st 
Diclcson Geo. solicitor s. c, 35 Scotland st 
Dickson H. &J. milliners, 1 Charles st 
Dickson H elen, milliner,3 Tolbooth wynd 
Dickson Henry, coppersinith,Green>'ide la 
Dickson Isabella, spirit dealer, 147 Grass 

market [High st 

Dickson James, wholesale stationer, 128 
Dickson Jas. cabinet maker,14Tobago st 
Dickson Jas.shipmasler,2 Broad wynd,Lth 
Dickson James & Sons, seed merchants, 

nurserymen, and florists, 32 South Ha- 
nover street 
Dickson MissJane(ofSlonifold) 26Pitt st 
DicksonJane,stay iriaker,23 S.Frederick st 
Dickson John, livery stables. Young st 
Dickson John, spirit dealer,! Lauriston st 
Dickson Mrs. Margaret, 16S.Frederick st 
Dickson Miss Mary, 100 Lauriston place 
Dickson Mary,victuaUllr.3Cumberlandst 
Dickson Miss, 24 CleiU street 
Dickson Miss, 39 Claiemont street 
Dickson Misses, school, 7 Nicolson square 
Dickson Mrs. 13 Nelson street 
Dickson Mrs. 13 Drummond place 
Dickson Mrs. lodgings, 13 Hill place 
Dickson Noble, victual dlr.329 Canongate 
Dickson Richard & Robert, architects, 9 

Blenheim place 
Dickson Robert, tailor, 2 Alva street 
Dickson Robert and Co. wine and spirit 

merchants, 1 Brunswick st [place 
DicksonThoinas,surgeon,10 South Union 
Dickson Thomas, surgeon, &c. 7 Duke st 
Dickson Thos. painter,10S.St.Andrew st 
Dickson Thos, coach hirer, 2 Scotland st 
Dickson Walter, writer, 3 Royal circus 
Dickson William, secretary to the Edin- 
burgh Life Assurance Co. 24 George st 
Dickson William, baker, 50 Home st 
Dicksons & Co. nurserymen, seedsmen 

and florists, 1 Waterloo place 
Dingwall Arthur,advocate, 7SoutbChar- 

lotte st [close 

Dingwall Janet, cow feeder. Bakehouse 
Dippie George,cabinetmaker, 133 Rose la 
Dippie Miss,strflwhat maker, 17 Bread st 
Disher Robert, manager of Edinburgh & 

Leith Brewing Compy. Playhouse close 
Diston James, shoemaker, 5 Shrub place 
District Pay Office, 24 Greenside st 
Dixon John, baker, 24 St. Leonard st 
Dixon Robert, grocer, &c.81 George st 
Dixon Robert, baker, 3 Shakspear square 
Dixson Mr. G. 10 Hill place 
Dixson Hugh, tobacco manufacturer, 37 

South Hanover street [Leith 

Dobbie Rohert,ship owner, 33 Sheriffbrae, 
DobieElizbth. dress nikr.l3 S.Frederick st 
DobsonDavd.oabinet mkr.lOSt.Patricksq 
Dobson N icbolas, spirit dealer, 192 Rose st 
Dobson Robert, builder, 19 India st 
Docherty Mary, furniture broker, 29) 

Cowgate [close 

Dodd and Son, carpenters, Hardwell 
Dodd Andrew, slater. Bishop's close 
Dodds Archbld. carpenter, 1 13 Nicolson st 
Dodds Mrs. John, green grocer, 15 and 

16 Green market 
Dodds Mrs. green grocer,18 Green market 
Doflds Robert, hair dresser, I lKirkgate,L. 
Dodds ThoHias, shoe maker, Ciueenst,L. 
Dods Alexander, stabler and vintner, 20 

Soulh back of Canongate 
Dods Major George, 3 Dean terrace 
Dods George, tea dealer, 78 Canongate 
Dods J. plumber, Gullan's close, Can'gte. 
Dods Mrs. James,lodeings,27 St. Patrick sq 
Dods James, carpenter, 6 Charles st I 

Dods John spirit dealer, 275 High st 
Dods Mrs. 6 Park street [gate , 

DodsThos.spiritdealer,Slh.back of Canon- 
Doherty Mrs. spirit dealer, 106 Cowgate I 
Doherty Peter,furniturebrokr.l<14Cowgte. I 
DoigAndrew, spirit dealer,! Sheriif brae, L. I 
Doig George, currier, &c. 9 Semple st 
Doig James, baker, 6 St. Anthony place | 
DoigJas. watch,&c.roaker,32Greensidest i 

Doig Joan, publican, 1.5 Bridge st, Leith 
Doig Miss, lodgings, 56 Cleik st 
Don Gavin, joiner, Campbell's close 
Don Mr. William, 4 Rankeillor st 
Donald Mr. James, 8 Duncan st 
Donald Mrs, 3 Comely gi een place 
Donald Ryrie, brewer. Horse wynd 
Donaldson A. plasterer, Pleasance 
Donaldson Alexander, boot and shoe 

maker, 5 West Register st 
Donaldson Alexander, boot tree and last 

maker. North back of Canongate 
Donaldson Alexander, tailor, 11 West 

Richmond street [Niddryst 

Donaldson Alex.&Snn,loolmaker3, Soulh 
Donaldson Alex.G. spirit deal er,49 Highs t 
Donaldson & Anderson, rectifiers and 

chymists, 9 St. Giles street, Leith 
Donaldson & Porteous, curriers, Boyd's 

close, Canongate [Patrick's sq 

Donaldson George, cabinet maker, 5 St. 
Donaldson George, carpenter, 2 Elder st 
Donaldson Geo. grocer, 1 Mackenzie pi 
Donaldson Mrs. Isabella, 120 Lauriston pi 
Donaldson Isabella, silk & worsted dealer, 

66 Princes street [ton lane 

Donaldson James, solicitor s.c, 2 Laurls- 
Donaldson Janet, lodgings, 41 Consti- 
tution street, Leith 
Donaldson John, advocate, 12 Rutland st 
Donaldson John, writer, 124 Princes st 
Donaldson John, grocer, 16 India place 
DonaldsonJohn,victualdlr. 12 Canningpl 
Donaldson Margaret, spirit dir. 23 Clyde st 
Donaldson Miss, 6 Calton street 
Donaldson Mrs. 7 Salisbury st [sf, L. 
Donaldson Peter, spirit dealer, Sandport 
Donaldson Robt. tailor, 63 N.Frederick sf 
DonaldsonRobert,clotbier, 12 Catherine st 
Donaldson Thomas, boot tree maker, 11 

Paul's works, Leilh wynd [pi, Leith 
Donaldson Thos. ship master, 2 Portland 
Donaldson William, tobacco pipe maker, 

Morton street, Leith 
Dores Thomas, flesher. Low flesh market 
Dougall Walter, tailor, 53 Nicolson st 
Dougau Peter, old metal dealer, 86 St. 

Andrew street, Leith [place 

Douglas Alexander, writer, 17 Drummond 
Douglas Mr. Archibald, 8 Gray st 
Douglas Archibald,writer, 11 Roxburgh st 
Douglas Miss B. 9 Nelson street 
Douglas Bentlem, victual dealer, 79 St. 

Leonard street [wynd 

Douglas Catheiine,spirit dealer, 1 Horse 
Douglas David, dairyman, 33 Leith walk 
Douglas Mrs. Elizbth. 51 Northumblndst 
Douglas Francis Brown, advocate, 15 

Great King street [row 

Douglas George, victual dealer, 5 Potter 
Douglas George Abercrombie, bookseller 

& stationer^ 19 South Castle st 
Douglas Lady Grace, 33 Queen st 
Douglas Mrs. Isabella, 18 Buccleugh pi 
Douglas James, spirit dealer, 10 Niddry st 
Douglas James, accountant, 19 Young sti 
Douglas James, portrait painter, 9 Hill sq | 
Douglas Jas. tailor, Lady Lawson's wynd 
Douglas Mr.James (of Commercial bank), [ 

11 Salisbury road i 

Douglas Mrs. James, 2 Baxter place i 
Douglas John, esq. 5 Moray place | 

Douglas John, hearth-rug and shawl j 

manufacturer, Panmure's close i 

Douglas John, spirit dIr. Advocate's close | 
Douglas John, fishing rod and tackle ' 

maker, 61 Princes st j 

Douglas J no.wi iter, 27 Warriston crescent ; 
DouglasJno.cabinetmkr. SCauseway side j 
Douglas John B. writer, 15 Drummond pi ! 
Douglas Lawr. advocate, 15 Drummond pi 
Douglas Lewis, assistant librarian to the 

Royal Medical Society,Surgeon'ssquare 
Douglas the Hon. Mrs. 21 South Castle st 
Douglas Mrs. 13 Hart street 
Douglas Mrs. 14 Hailes street 
Douglas Mrs. Captain, 11 Dublin st 
Douglas Peter, spirit dealer, 89 Cowgate 
Dou glas Sisters,milllnrs.35 N .Frederick st 
Douglas Thos. milk seller, 23 Couperst,L. 
Douglas Walter, Familn Hotel, 35 St. 

Andrew's square 
Douglas William, tin smith, 6 Home st | 
Douglas Wm. victual dealer, 5 Dublin st 
Douglas William, writer,15Drummond pi 
Douglas Wm. victual dealer, 7 Riego st 
Doull, Sinclair and While, confectioners, 

74 Princes street 
Dove Ann, lodgings, 31 Clerk st 

Dove James, smith and pump and fire- 

entine manufacturer, Greenside lane 
Dow Agnes,publican,4 Shakespear square 
Dow Alex.spirit dealer,? South st.David st 
Dow Charles, spirit dealer. Thistle lane 
Dow David.spirit dealr.37 Cross causeway 
Dow James, wine and spirit merchant, 7 

South St. Andrew street 
Dow James, boot & shoe maker,96 Rose st 
Dow James, varnish maker, 49 Thistle st 
Dow James, spirit dealer, 121 High sf 
Dow James and Thomas, boot and shoe 

makers, Leith street [Leitb 

Dow Jas. Bell ,solicitor,43 Tolbooth wynd, 
Dow John, cork mannfactr.21 Salisbury st 
Dow Thomas, writer, 12 Cumberland st 
Dow Mrs. W. lodgings, 7 Hill place 
Dowell James, auctioneer&appraiser,5l 

North Hanover street 
Dowie Ann,dressmaker,30Soii)hCastlest 
Dowie Chas. pawnbrokr.World's end close 
Dowie El len, lodgings, Prince Regent St. L. 
Dowie Jas.boot makr.57 NorthFiederiek st 
Dowie Mrs. trimming dealer, 2 Clerk st 
Downes Major Charles, 7 Ann st 
Downes James, victual and spirit dealer, 

2 Citadel street, Leith 
Downie Jas. grocer, &c. 15 Elbe st. Leith 
Downie Jas. shoemkr.4WeslRichmond st 
Downs Alex, corn dealer, 2 Duke st. Leith 
Draff'en Martha, stay maker, 74 George st 
DiaperWm.spirit dlr.20 South Frederick st 
Drover Sisters, milliners, 138 George st 
Drummond A lex.gardnr. 74 Cause way side 
Drummond Rev. D. T. K. 19 Rutland st 
Drummond Edwd. tailor, 33 Couper st. L. 
Drummond George, builder, 6 Scotland st 
Drummond Mr. Henry H. 110 Princes 
Drummond James, cabinet maker, 233 

Drummond James, gardener. Rose hill st 
Drummond Jno. spirit dealer, 152 High st 
Drummond J no. ad vocate,16Shand wick pi 
Drummond Mrs.(of Stragcath),8 Walker st 
Drummond Mrs. Capt. 6 Ann st 
Drummond Robert and Son, tailors and 

clothiers, 1 1 St. Andrew's square 
Drummond Thos. tailor, 86 Kirkgate, L. 
Drummond merchant,5 York pi 
Drybrough Andrew, brewer, North back 

of Canongate 
DrybroughThomas, baker, 187 Canongate 
Dryburgh Neil, cooper, 39 Mitchell st. i>. 
Dryden Jas. victual dealer, 36 Jamaica st 
Dryden John, builder. Church st 
Dryden John and Co. ship and insurance 

brokers, 137 Constitution st. Leith 
Dryden John and Son, smiths and mast, 

block and pump makers. Dock st. Leith 
Dr)den William, hair dresser,35 High st 
Drysdale Jno.baker,! West Cross causeway 
Drysdale Mrs. 26 Rankeillor st 
Drysdale William, publican, Newhavea 
Drysdale William, writer. 13 Annandale st 
Drysdale William, esq. (of Pittuchar), 8 

Royal circus 
DuddingtonMrs. Admiral, 4 Heriot row 
DudgeonArchbld. gro ■ei-,&c.!7 Downie pi 
Dudgeon M iss Elizabeth, 19 Comely hank. 
Dudgeon J. &W.fleshers,10Newmarket,li. 
Dudgeon Miss Jane, Pilrig place 
Dudgeon John, baker, 5 William st 
Dudgeon John and Co. corn and general 

merchants, 6 Kirkgate, Leith 
Dudgeon Miss, 21 Montague st 
DudgeonPtk. writer,o3 Northumberland st 
Dudgeon Major Peter, 27 Pilrig st [st 
Dudgeon Peter& Co. grocers, 47 Nicolson 
Duff Adam, advocate, 25 Charlotte square 
DuffAlexander, draper, 23 Nicolson st 
Duff Alexander, writer, 8 St. Vincent st 
Duff Andrew, iron heel and nail manufac- 
turer, 18 West port [square 
Duff Christian, lodgings, 17 St. Patrick's 
DuffRohert, spirit dealer,55 Grass market 
Duffin Mrs. 20 Drummond place 
Duffin Mr. Richard, Prospect buildings, 

St. Ann's yard [thumberland st 

Duguid Henrv Gibson, teacher 72 Nor- 
Duguid James", baker, 98 Canongate 
Duke of Hamilton's Coal yd. Leitb wynci 
Dumbreck Ann, dress maker, Newbaven 
Dumbreck John, writer, 7 Grove st 
Dumbreck Mr. William, South coates 
Dumbreck William, surgeon, 14 Duhlinst 
Dun Mr. Andrew, 19 St. Patrick's square 
Dun Andrew, writer, 4 Scotland st 





Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Dim Barclay, teacher of dancing, 74 

George street irow 

Dun Finlay, teacher of music, 41 Heriot 
Dun Mrs. James, 5 Darnaway st 
Dun Mrs. Major, 20 Melville st 
Dtin Robert, baker, 130 Pleasance 
Dunbar John, tinsmith, 44 Dundas st 
Dunbar Mrs. lodgings, 8 Barony st 
Dunbar William H. advocate, 9 Howe st 
Duncan Alexander & Son, quillmerchants 

and pen cutters, 20 South St. Andrew st 
Duncan and Greig, cloth & carpet ware- 

houge, 178 High street 
Duncan Ann, lodgings, 22 Dundas st 
Duncan Mrs. Christian, 21 Fettes row 
D uncau David, spirit dealr.lO Greer side pi 
Duncan, Flockhart and Co. chymistsand 

druggists, 52 North Bridge street 
Duncan George, esq. 1 St. John st 
Duncan Geo. linen, &c. draper,325 High st 
Duncan Geo, smith & farrier, Lothian rd 
Duncan Henry, a2;ent, 31 Scotland st 
Duncan Mrs. Isabella, 14 Pitt st 
Duncan Mr. James (of Court of Session), 

14 Gardner's crescent 
Duncan James, writer, 35 Howe st 
DuucanJas. hairdresser,37St. Leonard st 
Duncan James & Co. wood merchants, 6 

Baltic street, Leith [Leith 

Duncan J ane,lodgings,3 Hamburgh place, 
Duncan Janet,lodgings,64Nth.Frederick8t 
Duncan John, esq. 2 Heriot row 
Duncan John, victual dealer, 39 Clerk st 
Duncan John, surgeon, 7 Dundas st 
Duncan John, flesher, 12 Buccleugh st 
Duncan John, tobacco-pipe maker, 94 

St. Giles street, Leith 
Duncan John, greeu grocer, 1 Melville pi 
Duncan John, writer, 2 Heriot row 
Duncan Lieut. 5 Abercromhy place 
Duncan Misses, child-bed linen, &c. ware- 
house, 140 Georae st [Royal circus 
Duncan Mrs. ladies' boarding school, 22 
Duncan Mrs. 15 Brown st 
Duncan Mrs. 28 Inverleith row 
Duncan Mrs. 45 York place 
Duncan Mrs. Comely garden, Abbey hill 
Duncan Mrs. King's park 
Duncan Mrs. 15 George square 
Duncan Robt. victual dealer, 14 Hill place 
Duncan Robert and George, boot and shoe 

makers, 33 George street, 
Duncan Stephen,eatinghouse,34Shore,L. 
Duncan Thomas (of the National Bank), 78 

Great King street [naway st 

Duncan Thomas, portrait painter, 1 Dar- 
Duncau Thos. lodgings. Trinity crescent 
Duncan Thomas, spiritdealer, 1 M'Neil pi 
Duncan Thos. tobacco-pipe mkr.Crownst 
Duncan Thomas and Co. boot makers to 

His Majesty, 59 Princes street 
Duncan Wm, solicitor, s. c. 140 George st 
Duncan William, writer, Windsor st 
Duncan William, cowfeeder, 7 Potter row 
Duncan Wm. spirit dealer, 6 Calton hill 
Duncan William, jun. writer,]! Nelson st 
Dundas Alexr.wright,15South St.David st 
Dundas & Jaraieson, wri'ers, 73 George st 
Dundas &Wilson,writrs.2o St. Andrew's sq 
Dundas Sir David, hart 32 Heriot row 
Dundas George, advocate, 134 George st 
Dundas Miss Hamilton, 8St. Bernard crest 
Dundas Jno.F.civil eniineer,42 Albany st 
Dundas Mrs. L. 42 Albany street 
Dundas Lady (Beechwood) 4 Gt. Stuart st 
Diindas Miss Mary, 33 Abercromhy place 
Dundas Miss, 9 Teviot row 
Dundas Hon. Mrs. 8 Alhol crescent 
Dundas Wm.Pitt,advocate,8 Alhol crescnt 
Dundee, Perth and London Shipping Co. 

Dock gates, Leith— David Smith, agent 
Dundee Steam Packet Office, 1 Princes 

street— William Wright, agent 
Dunlop A. dairyman, 3 Scieunes street 
Dunlop Adam,flesher,Stockbridge market 
Dunlop .Alexander,advocate,3 SouthChar- 

lotte st [st, Leith 

Dunlop and Buchan, rectifiers, 30 Baltic 
Dunlop Andrew, writer, 13 Scotland st 
Dunlop Charles, bookbinder, 1 Milne's sq 
Dunlop Mr. George, 8 Roxburgh terrace 
Dunlop George, writer, 53 Great King st 
Dunlop Isabella, lodgings, 6 Pitt street 
Dunlop James, writer, 3 Howe street 
Dunlop James Burnet, bookseller and 

stationer, 4 India place 
Dunlop Jas. Usher, rectifier, 60 Cowgate 
Dunlop John Colin, advocate, 12 India st 

Dunlop the Misses, 15 Nelson street 
Dunlop Peter, mason, 19 New street 
Dnnlop Mr. William, 38 India street 
Dunlop William & Co. wine and spirit 
merchants, 34 Grass market [way 

Dunn Archibald, spirit dir. 80 Cross cause- 
DunnEliz.coaldealer,2.5Yard heads,Leitb 
Dunn James, porter to Holyrood palace 
Dunn Jno.surgeon,R.N.4Gardner's crescnt 
Dunn John, optician, 50 North Hanover st 
Dunn John, solicitor, 429 Lawn market 
Dunn Miss, mistress of the Lancasterian 

school, Davie street 
Dunn Mrs. Major, 20 Melville street 
Dunn R. master of Lancasterian School, 

17 West Nicolsou street 
Dunn Thomas, lodgings, 13 & 28 Castle st 
DunneltWm. academy, 7 Drummond st 
Dunning Mrs. 8 Roxburgh st [gate 

Dunse Agnes, earthenwaredler.70Canon- 
Dunsmure James, secretary to British 
Herring Fisheries, 26 South Castle st 
Durham Mrs. lodgings, 4 Sibbald place 
Durie Charles, surgeon,28 Hamilton place 
Durie George, spirit dealer, 1 Riddle's 

close, Leith 
Durie George, boot maker, 23 Lothian st 
Duriez Louis,French teach er,47 George st 
Durr George, tailor, ike. 80 Princes st 
Durward Andrew, spirit dealer, 33 Hope- 
park end [street 
Durward Andrew, cabinet maker,5 Clerk 
Durward John, grocer, 21 Cassels place 
Duthie Miss Ann, 11 South Charlotte st 
Duthie Walter, writer to the Signet, 7 
Abercromhy place [an-righ 
Dwyer Jeremiah, (ur skin dresser, 21 Croft- 
Dyce William, artist, 43 Moray place 
Dyer Alexandr A physician,41 George's sq 
Dymock Archibald, surgeon, 18 Albany st 
Dymock James R. grocer, 3 Nicolson st 
Dymock Robt. Loclihart, solicitor, & pro- 
curator fiscal, 10 Royal Exchange 

EAGER John, teacher of music, 48 North 

Frederick street [High street 

Eagle and Henderson, nurserymen, 99 

Eagle Life OIRce, 2 Queen st — Archibald 

W. Goldie, agent 
Earle Mr. Charles, 9 Gloucester place 
Eastmont Mrs. Jane, 34 Dublin st 
Easton A lex. spirit dealer, 1 37Grass market 
Easton Catherine, lodgings, 47 Gt. Kingst 
Easton Jas. cabinet maker,31 Greensidest 
Easton James, tailor, 187 High st 
Easton James, cabinet ranker, Queen's pi 
Easton John, physician, 18 Regentterrace 
Easton Wra. spirit dealer, 4 Bread st 
Eaton Mrs. 25 Moray place 
Ebsworth Joseph, teacher of singing, 4 
Montgomery street [George st 

Eccles Mary, milliner & dress maker, 108 
Eckford Thos. spiritdealer. 111 Cowgate 
Economic Life Assurance Society, 52 Al- 
bany st — John Maitland, agent 
Edgar Rev. Alexander, Dean lodge 
Edgar Mrs. Eliza, 21 Dean tenaee 
Edgar Mr. James, Blacket place 
Edgar John, coach hirer, Circus lane 
Edgar Mrs. 6 Mai7's place 
Edge George, manager to the Equitable 

Loan Co. of Scotland, Haddington pi 
Edie Alexander, grocer, &c 88 Abbey hill 
Edinburgh Advertiser Office, 279 High st 

— Claud Muirhead, publisher 
Eflinhurgh & Glasjow Union Canal Co. 
Port Hopetoun — Robert Ellis, manager 
Edinburgh and Leith Brewing Company, 
Playhouse close — Robt. Disher,manager 
Edinburgh 8c Leilh Glass Company, Sa- 
lamander st- Leith — Archibald Geddes, 
manager; Alexander Turnbull, cashier 
Edinburgh Barm Company,85 North back 

of Canongate 
Edinburgh Evening Courant, 190 High st 

— David Ramsay & Son, publishers 
Edinburgh Evening Post, 16 South St. 

David street 
Edinburgh Foundry Co. Leith walk 
Edinburgh Gas Company, New st— John 

Wat.son, manager 
Edinburgh Gazette, 4 North' Bank st — 

W. A. Lawrie, publisher 
Edinburgh Institution, for languages and 
mathematics, 3 & 5 Hill st— Rev. Robt. 
Cunningham, master 
Edinburgh Journal of Natural History 
(monthly), office 10 South Hanover st 

Edinburgh Ladies' Institution for the 

Southern Districts, 55 George's square 

Edinburgh, Leith, & Newhaven Railway 

Company's Office, 60 Princes st 
Edinburgh Life Assurance Company, 24 
George street — G. L. Finlay, manager ; 
William Dickson, secretary 
Edinburgh Loan Compy. pawnbrokers, 39 
South Bridge st [Brown square 

Edinburgh Needle-work Institution, 16 
Edinburgh Printing and Publishing Com- 
pany, 20 Shakspeare-square — William 
Ritchie, mariager 
Edinburgh Ropery and Sail Cloth Com- 
pany, Bath st, Leith — Jas.Hay,managet' 
Edinburgh Select Subscription Library, 
23 Waterloo place — Hunter Simson, 
librarian [st 

Edinburgh Sessional School, High Market 
Edinburgh Southern Academy,5 George sq 
Edinburgh Subscription Library, 39 South 

Bridge street 
Edinburgh Water Co.'s Office, 10 South 
Hanover st — Francis Cameron,manager 
Edinburgh Weekly Journal Office, 2-31 

High st — John Harthill, publisher 
Edington Alex, spirit dealer. 285 High st 
Edington Jas. merchant, 30 Mitchell st, L. 
EdiugtonRachel,green grocer,61Thistle st 
Edmiston Thos. & Sons, iron merchants, 
Bridge st, Leith, & Ronaldson's wharf 
Edmonds Mr. James, 1 Howe st 
EdmonstonFras.engravr,25Nth. Bridge st 
Edmonston Jno. bird stulTer, 66 Princes st 
Edmonston Thomas & Son, ironmongers 

and seedsmen, 110 West how 
Educational Institution for Young Ladies 
upon the Intellectual System, 39 Char- 
lotte square — Mrs. M«irianne Furlong, 
directress [over st 

Edward John, boot maker,52North Han- 
Edwards Robert, trunk and portmanteau 

maker, 13 Walerloo place 
Edwards Robert,Croivn ^ Anchor Tavern, 
2 Nelson place [Thistle st 

Edwards Thomas, livei-y stables, 9 East 
KggoEdwd.carthenwrdlr.l9Slh. Castle st 
Elder & Co. silversmiths, 23 Potter row 
Elder and Ogilvy, stationers and book- 
sellers, 1 Shandwick place 
Elder Donald, house carpenter, 10 New st 
Elder Henry, agent, 9 South St. David st 
Elder Jas. spirit dealr. 63 St. Mary's wynd 
Elder John, printer, Anchor close 
Elder Mrs. 18 Nicolson street 
Elder Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Albany st 
Elder William, writer, 29 Alva st 
Elgin William, bookseller, stationer, and 

library, 13 North St. Andrew st 
Elibank Right Hon. Lord, 24 York place 
Ellerton Mrs. 3 Melville street 
Elliot and Duncan, writers to the signet, 

11 Nelson street 
Elliot Lady, Dalby house 
Elliot Williain, spirit dealer. Morning side 
Elliott & Co.'s Porter Store, 8 Quality st, 
Leith — Hutchinson & Douglas, agents 
Elliott Mrs. Edward, 3 Walker st 
Elliott Wm. grocer, &c. Morning side 
Kills Adam G. writer, 37 Drummond place 
Ellis Mrs. Captain, 44 Albany st 
Ellis Daniel, esq. 8 Inverleith row 
Ellis Jno. fishing tackle mkr. 60 Princes st 
Ellis Mary, dress maker, 82 Rose st 
Ellis Robert, writer to the Signet, 4 Royal 

terrace and 44 North Hanover street 
Ellis Robert, manager of the Union Canal 

Company, Port Hopetoun 
Ellis Thos. cabinet maker, 17 Charles st 
Ellis William Adam and Robert, writers 

to the signet, .55 North Hanover st 
Ellison Mrs. Bruntstield place 
Elmsley George, academy, Chessels court 
Elonis Miss.teacher of music, 2 Statford st 
Elphinston David, cabinet maker,93 Con- 
stitution st, Leith 
Elphinston Miss, 7 Shandwick place 
Emanuel & Co. furriers, 129 High st 
Emerson Richd. agent, 27 South Castle st 
Emily James, confectioner, 30 Kirkgafe, L. 
Emily Wm. confectioner, 42 Bridge st, L. 
Emlay William, fruiterer, 9 Leilh st 
England Wm. spirit dealer, 2 Calton st 
Equitable Loan Company of Scotland, 
pawnbrokers,4 Milne's square— George 
Edge, manager 
Erskine Lady Charlotte, 7 Broughton pi 
Erskine Mrs. Colonel, 20 Pitt st 
Erskine Hon. Mrs. H. 10 Hope st 


lEtiittl&ursftgftir^ EDINBURGH, &e. 

mm & <^o.'0 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Ei'skine Jno. haiv dresser,3 Charlotte st,L. 
Erskine Miss, 21 Montague st 
Eiskine the Misses, 19 Alva st 
Erskine Mrs. 22 Athol crescent 
Erskine Mrs. spirit dealer, 10 Downie pi 
Erskine Robt.coal dealer, S Bridge st,Leith 
Erskine William, plumber and glazier, 10 

India place, and 121 Kirkgate, Leith 
Espinasse Francis, teacher, 15 George st 
Esplin Mrs. C. lodgings. Morning side 
Evening Post Newspaper, 16 South St. 

David st — Christopher Torrop, editor 
Eunson Thos. B. tailor, 28 Kirkgate, Leith 
European Eife Insurance and Annuity 

Company, 60 North Bridge st — William 

M'llutchen, agent 
Evans John, day scbool,13 St.Patrick's sq 
Evans Thos. shoemaker,Waterlane,Leith 
Ewart and Robertson, timber merchants, 

Lothian road . [Leith 

Ewart Ann, spirit dealer, 9 Riddle's close, 
Ewart Archibald, deputy clerk in chan- 
cery, 9 Drummond place 
Ewart David, jeweller, 278 Canongate 
Ewart Janies, hair dresser, Meuse lane 
Ewait Robert, block and pump maker, 

Old Church st, Leith 
Ewen William, teacher,! North James st 
Ewing !V1 argaret, stay maker ,66 Thistle st 
Eiving Thomas, teacher, 47 George st 
Ewing William, cooper. Low Calton 
Exchange Coffee and Reading Room, 124 

Constitution street, Leith Matthew 

Smillie, secretary 
Exchange Hotel, Constitution st, Leith — 

Alexander M'Dougall, proprietor 
Experimental Gardens, Inverleith row — 

James Macnab, superintendant 
Eyre Henrietta,academy,41NorthCast]e st 
Eyre Capt.John,R.A. St.Anthony pi, Leith 
Eyre J ulia, teacher of dancing,31 Castle st 
Eyre Thomas, hosier, 1 High Market st 


FAIRBAIRN Alex, grocer, 13 Elder st 
Eairbairn & Co. drapers, 30 St. Andrew sq 
Fairbairn Kuphemia, victual dealer, 4 

Brunswick street 
Fairbairn Helen,milliners,&c.86Georgest 
fairbairn James, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 20 West Nicolson street 
fairbairn John, grocer, &c. 4 Elm row 
Fairbairn Margaret, lodgings, 11 Calton st 
Fairbairn Mrs. 1 James street, North 
fairbairn Peter, M. d. 53 George's square 
fairbairnSaml. spirit dlr. 14 W .N icolson st 
fairbairn Thomas & Co. surgeons and 

druggists, 44 Broughton street 
Fairgrieve Mary, milliner, 99 Princes st 
Fairgiieve William, smith, Dockst, Leith 
fairley Alexander, umbrella maker, 35 
Nicolson street [close, Leith 

Fairley Alexander, milk seller, Bowie's 
fairley & Pain, milliners, &c. 2 Albany st 
Fairley Geo. victual dlr. 60 Causeway side 
f airleyHelen,spiritdlr.701dPhysicgardns 
fairley James, grocer and spirit dealer, 

67 Lauriston place 
Fairley John,spiritdealr. 62 Buccleugh st 
fairley J ohn & Co. fleshers, 51 Kirkgate,Ij. 
FairleyThomas,academy, 1 Roxburgh terr 
f aithfull Colonel, 4 Eyre place 
falcon Alexander, esq. Falcon hall 
falconer Ann, dressmaker, 3 Market pi 
falconer Mr. Cosmo (of Hartwood hill), 

26 James' square 
falconer Mr. David (of Carlowrie), 2 
Coates crescent [wick street 

Falconer Duncan, shoe maker, 15 Bruns- 
Falconer Edward, 26 James' square 
Falconer James, writer, 8 Dean st 
Falconer James, spirit dealer, 5-5 Candle- 
maker row [Richmond st 
Falconer James, tin smith, 11 North 
Falconer Marian, lodgings, 54 Bristo st 
Falconer Robert, flesher, 100 Canongate 
Falkncr A. jun. writing master, 63 South 

Bridge street 
Falkner & Cuningham, wine, spirit, and 

beer merchant, 38 Blair street 
Falkner James P. solicitor, 7 Argyle sq 
Faris Robert, surgeon, 40 Bernard st, L. 
Farmer David, tailor, 25 West Nicolson st 
Farmer David, baker, 7 Calton street, & 

209 Pleasance 
Farmer .lohn, baker, 6 North College st 
Farmer Robt. eating house, 17 Kirkgate,L. 
Farmer Wm. upholsterer, 8 Nicolson sq 
Farnie Mrs. 29 Howard place 


FarquharAlex. spirit dealr. Citadel port,L. 
Farquhar Mrs. Barbara, 16 S. Charlotte st 
Farqnhar Robert C. merchant, 8 James' 

place, Leith links 
Farquharson Andrew, sheriff's officer, 5 

North St. David street 
Farquharson Charles H. working jew- 
eller, 25 Thistle street 
Farquharson Mrs. Colonel, Blacket place 
Farquhar Dr. Francis, surgeon, 23 Nor- 
thumberland street [row 
Farquharson Mrs. General, 6 Inverleith 
FarquharsonMrs.Helen,6 St. Bernard's rw 
Farquharson James, lodgings, 8 Dundasst 
farquhiirsonJanel,corsetmkr.25 Thistle st 
Farquharson Miss, 13 Pitt street 
Farquharson Miss, lodgings, 10 Duncan st 
Farrie Thos. spirit dlr. Gt.Junctionst, L. 
Fasken Mrs. 11 Gray st [st 
Fazakerley H. lodgings, I West Richmond 
Featherstone Mrs. 11 Melville street 
Fell John, boot, &c. maker, 76 Leith st 
Fenton Alexandf r & Co.wholesalegroceis, 

85 Shore and Fox lane, Leith 
Fenton George,esq. East Neuington place 
Fenton James,spirit dealr. 12 High Calton 
Fenton Ths.preserver of birds,66George st 
Fenwick George, assay master,98High st 
Fenwiok John', dairyman, 8 Elder st 
Fenwick John, tailor, -59 Cumberland st 
Ferens, Rombaichs and Kuss, clock and 

watch makers, 6 South St. Andrew st 
Fergus Alexander, carter, 19 Duke st. L. 
Ferguson A. solicitor, 32 Dundas st [st 
Ferguson Agnes,victual dlr. 56 Brunswick 
Ferguson Aiex.confeclioner,Melbourne pi 
Ferguson Alexander, agent for Stirling 

packets. Dock gates, Leith 
Ferguson and Cruden, silk mercers, 28 
George street [George st 

Ferguson & Thomson, solicitors, s. c. 17 
Ferguson Archibald, Ship Tavern, 7 East 
Register street [59 Clerk st 

FergusonChristiana,silk & worsled dealer, 
Ferguson Christr.victual dealer,6 Clyde st 
Ferguson Danl. bookseller, 467 Lawn mrkt 
Ferguson Duncan, hatter, 4 North Bridge st 
Ferguson Fergus;spiritdlr.l5Sth. Bridge st 
Ferguson Geo. spirit dealer, 1 Shore,Leith 
FergusonIsaac,spiritdealr.5St Anthony pi 
Ferguson James, writer, 12 Hill st 
Ferguson Jas.rag dealr.55 St. Andrew st.L. 
Ferguson James, White iJorse, 49 Rose st 
Ferguson Jane, crystal stone warehouse, 

1 Sandport street, Leith 
Ferguson Jean, grocer, 15 Greenside row 
Ferguson John, wine merchant, St. An- 
thony's court, Leith [wynd 
Ferguson J ohn,clothes dealer,14 St.Mary' 
Ferguson John,coru,&,39Cowgate 
Ferguson J ohn, baker,12 St. Anthony SI. L. 
Ferguson Peter, pawnbroker, Fisher's 
close, 312 High street [market 
Ferguson Margaret, green grocer,20 Green 
Ferguson Mrs. 38 Rankeillor st 
Ferguson Mrs. .spirit dealer,32 Castle barn 
Ferguson Robert,superintendent of build- 
ings, 29 Alva street 
Ferguson Smith, hosier, 55 George st 
Ferguson Wm. flesher, 10 Richmond lane 
Ferguson William, writer, 10 Merchant st 
Ferguson William, Danish consul & mer- 
chant, 31 Drummond place [street 
Fergusson Charles, advocate, 3 Glenfinlas 
Fergusson Mrs. Helen (of Caitloch), 7 
Howe street [sion , 30 Heriot rw 
Fergusson James, principal clerk of ses- 
Fergusson Sir James, bart. 5 Charlotte sq 
Fergusson Miss, 1 Coates' crescent 
Fergusson Roht.gardener,Bonnington bnk 
Fergusson Robert, keeper of the mineral 
well, Bonnington [street 
Fergusson Samuet Robert, writer, 3 1 Alva 
Fergusson Sarah, muslin and lace printer, 
II South Frederick st [Nicolson st 
Fergusson Wm. boot & shoe makr.l8 West 
Fergusson Wm. surgeon, 6 Drummond pi 
Ferney Alexander, tailor, 52 Shore, Leilh 
FerneyJohn,auctioneer,Cnnstitutionct L. 
Fernie James, joiner, 21 Greenside place 
Fernie Mrs. 25 Ann st 
Fernie William, baker, 5 St. Patrick st 
Ferrie & Jamieson, writers to the signet, 

35 York place 
Ferrie Mrs. 30 Haddington place [place 
Ferrie Thomas Brown, wiiter, 35 York 

Ferrier Charles, accountant, 45 Northum-' 
berland street [market 

Ferrier Charles, spirit dealer, 487 Lawn 
Ferrier James, painter, &c. 26 George st 
Ferrier James,spirit dealer,33I Canongate 
Fenier James, surgeon, Seafield 
Ferrier James F. advocate, 12 York place 
Ferrier John, grocer, &c. 15 Carnegie st 
Ferrier John, writer, 12 York place 
Ferrier John, proprietor of Seafield baths, 
Seafield [Thistle si 

Ferrier John and Walter, writers, 3 East 
Ferrier Miss, 10 Nelson st 
Ferrier Miss, 10 Manor place [st 

Ferrier Robt.boot&shoemaUr.25 Scotland 
Ferrier Walter, writer, 38 Albany st 
Ferrier Wm. bookbinder, 6 Milne'ssqnare 
Ferris Andrew, carpenter, 179 Canongate 
Ferris Robt.ironmonger,44 NorthBridgest 
FiddesJohn,milkseller,108 Kirkgate,Leith 
Fiddes William, spirit dealer, 4Cowgate 
Field Lieut. Allan George, r. n. 38 Great 
King street [Leith 

Field Eliza, teacher of music, Madeira st. 
Field J ean, milliner,8 South St. Andrew st 
Field Mrs. Madeira street, Leith 
Field Thomas, mason. High Market st 
Field William, slater, 3 & 8 Mound place 
Field William, slater, 87 Causeway side 
Fife Alexander, grocer,&c.207 Cowgate & 
61 Potter row [&17Homest 

Fife J as. & Co. grocers, 108 Causeway side 
Fife Margaret, trimming dealr.32 Clerk st 
Fife Mrs. lodgings, 13 Adam street 
Finch W. M. surgeon, 8 Hill place 
Findlater Captain, 1 West Claremont st 
Findlater Mrs. 50 Rankeillor street 
Findlay Elizabeth and Margaret, stay 
makers, 15 South Frederick st [place 
Findlay Miss Susannah, 10 St. Anthony's 
Findlay William, grocer, &c. 16 Simon sq 
Findlayson Norman Alexander, boot and 
shoe maker, 3 Bread st ' [Leith 

Finlay Archibald, flesher, Commerciol pi, 
Finlay Charles, advocate, 6 Gt. Stuart st 
Finlay Charles and Son, tailors and 

clothiers, 29 North Bridge street 
Finlay G. L. esq. 130 George street 
Finlay George, coach hirer, 12 Charles st 
Finlay Gilbert Laurie, manager to the 
Edinburgh Assurance Co. 24 George st 
Finlay John, green grocer, 10 Charles st 
Finlay John, boot maker, 14 South St. 
David street [berland st 

Finlay J ohn,small ware dealer ,2 Northum- 
Finlay Mrs. 52 Broughton street 
Finlay Robert, spirit dealer, 16 Leven st 
Finlay Fhomas, flesher. Middle market 
Finlay Walter, baker, 110 Nicolson st 
Finlay Wm. meal dealer, 31 Scotland st 
sFinlay Win. cabinetmaker, 270 Cowgate 
Finlayson Alexander, baker, 7 Castle st 
Finlayson J ohn, painter, &c. 4 Teviot row 
Finlayson Williain, excise officer, 3 Ro- 
bertson's buildings 
Finlayson William, builder, Thomas st 
Finnie Wm. brush, &c. maker, Mound pi 
Finwick Andrew, dairyman, 4 Pitt st 
Fishburn Mrs. lodgings, 15 London st 
Fisher Alexander, plasterer, Gibb's entry 
Fisher Alexander, grocer, 1 Montague st 
fisher and Duncan, solicitors, 31 St. 
Andrew's square [square 

Fisher Daniel,solicitor,s.c.21 St.Andrew'a 
Fisher David, victual dealer,14Giflbrd pk 
Fisher Donald, lodgings, 23 Lauriston st 
Fisher James, spirit dealer,Greenside row 
Fisher John, engraver,15 South College st 
Fisher John, teacher, 6 George street 
FitzstrathernW.H.A. esq.Trinity crescent 
Fleming Alexander, baker, 4 Howe st , 
Fleming Alexandr.writer,2S. Charlotte st I 
Fleming Alexndr.baker,8 Cannon st,Leith 
Fleming Mrs.G. 42 Drummond place 
Fleming Miss Isabella, 20 Great King st 
Fleming James, victual dealr.98West port 1 
Fleming Jas. victual dealer, 154 Cowgate 
Fleming J as. & Co. victual dlrs,7Huntlyst .' 
Fleming Jane, lodgings, 35 Moray place , 
Fleming Mr. John, 9 Graham street 
Fleming Mr. Robert, 13 Minto street 
Fleming Rbt.writer,21 Northumberland st l 
Fleming Thos. shawl mnftr.3l S. Bridge st 
Fleming Thomas, wrigbt, 17 James st 
Fletcher Alexander, lodgings, 7 North- 
west Circus place , . 
Fletcher Angus, advocate, 29 Statfford st 
Fletcher John, bookseller, 3Dundasst • 
Fletcher Mrs. Galloway's closc.Canonjate 




Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

f letcher Neil, snrgeon, &c. 32 Howe st 
UMcher Peter, supervisor, 1 Hope st 
iWfcher Robert Graham, watch & clock 

maker, 24 George street 
Fletcher Wm.fiunitr. broker, 249 Cowgale 
Flett Wm. tailor, 59 Smith Bridge st 
Flinn Mrs. Captain, 3 Carlton st [st 

Flockhart David, cork manfr. 12 infirmary 
Folley John, wright, Jock's lodge 
Fontaine Anthony and Son, tailors and 

clothiers, 3 Fast Register st 
Foot Mrs. green grocer, 23 Green market 
Foot Robert, fruiterer, 1 Green market 
Foote Mrs. William, Trinity grange 
Forbes — , esq. Canaan park 
Forbes Alex.iipholsterer, &c. 63 Princes st 
ForbesAls. drawingacadmy,10Nicolsonst ] 
Forbes Alex. oookbinder,5 Milne's court 
Forbes Alexander, collector of taxes, 21 
East Thistle st [Hanover st 

J'orbes and Henderson, spirit dealers, 50 
Forbes Arthur, writer, 22 Heriot row 
Forbes Mrs. Charles, 7 India st 
Forbes Mrs. Uuncan, 19 Norton place 
Forbes Miss Frances, 18 Alva st 
Forbes Mr. Francis, 11 Hamilton place 
Forbes Mr. George, West Coates house 
Forbes Henry, seal engraver,57 Princes st 
Forbes Jas. David, professor. Dean house 
Forbes John, bookbinder, 16 Rose st 
Forbes Miss, 11 Archibald place 
Forbes Mrs. 1 Gardner's crescent 
Forbes Mrs. 8 Leopold place 
Forbes Patrick, writer, 8 Leopold place 
Forbes Mr. Peter, 20 Drummond place 
Forbes Peter & Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 90 & 97 South Bridge st 
Forbes Ro[)ert, spirit dealer, Bell's wynd 
Forbes Robert, spirit dealer, 201 Cowgate 
Forbes Robert, flesher. High market 
Forbes Sir William, & James Hunter, & 

Co. bankers, Parliament square 
Forbes William, writer, 121 Princes st 
Ford Elizabeth, earthenware dealer, 3 

De^n Haugh street 
Ford Mr. James, 2 Carlton st 
Ford James, grocer, &c. 27 West port 
Ford John, flint glass manufacturer 

South back otCanongate 
Fora Thomas, srooer, &c. 228 Canongate 
Ford Mr. William, 34 Minto st 
Ford Wm. grocer & wholesale wine and 

spirit merchant, 16 Kirkgate, Leith 
Ford Wm. tobacconist, 17 Bank st 
Ford Wm. mast, block, and pump maker, 

Johnston street, Leith 
Fordyce George, advocate, 8 Danube st 
Fordyce William, spirit dealer, 37 Kirk- 
gate, Leith [st 
ForesterMaria,teacher of music, 56 Queen 
Forgie Jas. victual dealer,146 Kirkgate,L. 
Forgie Robt. flesher, 3 & 4 Middle market 
Forgie William, flesher, "Veal market 
Fork Mrs. lodgings, 10 Adam st 
Forman Alex, accountant, 116 Princes st 
Formas James,advocate, 27 Great King st 
Forman J ohn, writer, 27 Great King st 
Forman J no. IS airne, writer, 27Gt. King st 
Forman Robert, victual dealer, 18 North- 
west Circus place [Leith 
Forrest Adam & Son, tailors, 58 Kirkgate, 
Forrest Alex, smith, &c. 19 Greenside pi 
Forrest Daniel, silk mercer, 22 George st 
Forrest George, spirit dealer, Duncan p] 
Forrest Geo. spirit dealer, 6 Richmond pi 
Forrest Lieut. James R. r. n. Gothic 

house. Trinity 
Forrest James, sen. & Co. wholesale gro- 
cers, 3 Bridge st, Leith 
Forrest Jane, dealer in sundries, 5 East 

Richmond street 
Forrest John, spirit dealer and carrier's 

warehouse, 45 Bernard st, Leith 
Forrest John, boot, &c. maker,Canon mills 
ForrestJohn,coal mercht.4 Rankeillorst 
Forrest John & Son, boot & shoe makers, 

96 Nicolson street 
Torrest Miss, 1 Archibald place 
Forrest Mrs. Dr. 13 Comely bank 
FoiTest Mrs. 10 Adam street 
Forrest Robert, sculptor, National monu- 
ment, Calton bill 
Forrest Robert, house aeent, 69 Adam sq 
Forrest Robert, baker, 95 Kirkgate, Leith 
Forrest Thomas, smith, Quari-y close 
Forrest ThomasA.silversmith & jeweller, 
importer of curiosities and medalist 
to the King, 171 High street 

Forrest William, plasterer, 23 Lauriston st 
Forrester Alexndr. baker, 13 E. Thistle st 
Forrester &Nichol, lithograhbic printers, 
3 George st [ton 

Forrester David, teacher, 1 West Newing- 
Forrester Mrs. George, 11 Lynedock place 
Forrester John, writer, 9 Hart st 
Forrester Mrs. Major, 11 Hamilton place, 

Forrester Mrs. 32 Minto street 
Forrester Mrs. lodgings, 51 Broughton st 
Forrester William, commercial teacher, 3 

George street [Cassel's place 

Forrie Thomas, smith and cartwrisht, 16 
Forshaw Henry, livery stables, Church la 
Forsyth Agnes and Mary Ann, milliners 

and dress makers, 87 George street 
Forsyth Alex, boot, &c. maker, Leith st 
Forsyth Alex, shopkeeper, 11 Queen st,L. 
Forsyth Mrs. George, 85 Great King st 
Forsyth James, boot and shoe maker, 49 

St. Andrew street, Leith 
Forsyth John, spirit dealer, 118 West bow 
ForsythJohn,spiritdealer,44 Grass market 
Forsyth John, gardener. Morning side 
Forsyth Margaret, general dealer, 17 

Sandport street, Leith 
Forsyth Robert, advocate, 11 Royal circus 
Forsyth Robert, tailor, 41 Bristo st 
Forsyth Walter, grocer, &c. 28 Bread st 
Fort Margaret, eating house-keeper, 26 

Causeway side 
Fortune James, spine machine, truss and 

bandage manufacturer, artificial legs, 

&c. 29 Broughton street [st 

Fortune J ane, ladies' bel t mkr. 67 N icolson 
Fortune John, joiner, Monteith's close 
Fortune Mrs. Abbey hill 
Fortune Robert, artificial leg and bandage 

maker, 67 Nicolson street 
Foster John, chimney piece maker, Mint 
Foster Matthew,spirit dealr.9 Carnegie st 
Fotheringham & Lindsay, writers to the 

signet, 19 Melville street 
Fotheringham James, esq. (of Tealing), 5 

Ainslie place 
Fotheringham the Misses,64 Broughton st 
Foulis Miss Ann, 7 St. Vincent st 
Fonlis Sir James, bart. 9 India st [L. 
Foulis Jane, strawhat makr. 4 Coalfield la. 
Fowler Alexander,painter, &c. 5 Duncan st 
Fowler George & Alexander, builders, 

Randolph crescent 
Fowler James, tailor, 74 Rose st 
Fowler Rev. James C. 5 Sylvan place 
Fowler John, engraver, 31 Dundas tt 
Fowler Miss, 16 Comelv bank 
Fowler Mrs. William, 11 Keir street 
Fowlis Mies, 1 Walker street 
Fox Jas. engraver&printer,81 Nicolson st 
Fox Michael, coal agent, 1 St. Leonard st 
Foyer John, hatter, 10 South Bridge st 
Frame Lockhart, bookbinder, 2 James' 

court and Mount place [st 

FrancalanzaT.fencing academy,23 Howe 
Franklin Brotbers,jewellers, silversmiths, 

and watoh makers, 58 North Bridge st 
Eraser A. M. fruit merchant, 14 Elm row 
Eraser Alex, publican, 1 Commercial pi, L. 
Eraser Alex.spirit dealer,457Lawn market 
Fraser Alex, spirit dealer, 145 Cowgate 
Eraser Alex, hair dresser, 267 Canongate 
Eraser Alex. David, writer, 8 Gt. Stuart st 
Eraser & Anderson, tailors and clothiers, 

1 St, Andrew's square 
Eraser & Co. publishers and booksellers, 

54 North Bridge st [st 

Fraser Andiew,writer,70 Northumberland 
Fraser C. teacher, 7 Cheyne st 
Eraser Catherine, dairy, 32 Jamaica st 
Fraser D.& J. straw hat mkrs. Warriston pi 
Fraser Misses £liz.&Janet,5Gt. Stuart st 
Eraser George, last maker, SMacdowall st 
Fraser Grace, matron of the Female Blind 

Asylum, Nicolson st [place 

Fraser Henry, bookseller, 3 Comely-green 
Eraser Hugh, writer, 4 Dundas st 
Fraser James, Red Lion Tavern, 11 Shak- 

speare square [Leith walk 

Eraser James, Heather House Tavern, 24 
Eraser James, spirit dealer, 76 High st 
Eraser Jas. corn dlr. 59Tolbooth wynd,L. 
Fraser Mrs. Jane, 30 Clarence st 
Eraser Jessie and Diana, dress makers, 2 

Warriston place 
Fraser Mrs. John, 2 Roxburgh st 
Fraser John, agent, 31 South Bridge st 
Eraser John, hair manufctr, 53 West port 

Eraser John, china and glass dealer, 40 

South Bridge st and 102 High st 
Fraser John, lodgings. Trinity [drew st 
Fraser .lohn, confectioner, 6 North St.An- 
Eraser John, shopkeeper, 7 St.James's sq 
Fraser John, teacher of gymnastics, 2 

South-west Circus place 
Eraser John, teacher, 1 Scotland st 
Eraser Lillias, confectioner, 69 Northum- 
berland street 
Fraser Margt. green grocer, 14 Green mkt 
Eraser Miss, 38 Rankeillor st 
Fraser Miss, 14 Northumberland st 
Eraser Miss, 57 Albany st 
Eraser Miss, 40 Broughton st 
Eraser Miss, 2 William st 
Fraser Miss, lodgings, 39 Montague st 
Fraser the Misses, 2 Greenside place 
Fraser Mrs. (of Calderthel),4 Moray place 
Eraser M rs. 6 Pitt st 
Fraser Mis. dyer, 43 Lothian st 
I Fraser Mrs. grocer, 21 Freestone yard 
Fraser Mrs. lodgings,! West Richmond st 
Eraser .Mrs. lodgings,20 St.James's squstre 
Eraser Murdocl(,spirit dlr.Eountain brdge 
Fraser Peter, upholsterer,2l WestCanalst 
I Fraser Richard & Son, tailors & clothiers, 
I 80 Princes st [rew's st 

I Fraser Robert,dairyman,20 North St.And- 
, Eraser Robert, dairyman, 81 Rose st 
Fraser Robert & Co. jewellers, lapidaries, 
& seal engravers,17 South St.Andrew st 
Fraser Thomas, baker, 1 Warriston place 
Fraser William, coach hirer, 20 India st 

and 8 Wemyss place 
Fraser Wm. hair dresser, 15 Catherine st 
Eraser William, clerk, 55 Kirkgate, Leith 
Fraser Wm. writer, 29 South Frederick st 
Fraser Wm. writer, 6 Abercromby place 
Fraser William, jun. writer and town 
clerk, 135 Canongate [Leith 

Erater Agnes, milkseller, 27 Quality st, 
Erazer Mrs. 20 Comely bank 
Freebairn Mr. Robert, 33 Howe st 
Freeman David, cork manufr.27 Simon sq 
French George T. silk dyer, 153 Rose st 
French Rev. J . 32 Buccleugh place 
French James, flesher, 52 Clerk street 
French John, grocer,&c. 28 Bernard st,Lth 
French William M. & Co. share and stock 
brokers, and agents for the Globe In- 
surance Co. 68 Princes st [Bridge st 
Friendly Insurance Society, 48 North 
Frier & Pettie, linen drapers, 397 High st 
Frier James, victual dealer, 22 Grass mkt 
Frier James, victual dealer,316 Lawn mkt 
Frier Jas. victual dealer,13 Kirkgale,Leith 
Flier John, victual dealer, South Union pi 
Frier Matthew, baker, 28 St. Patrick's sq 
Frier Mrs. W. wool dealer, 91 West bow 
Frier William, victual dealer, 74 High st 
Frier William, baker,! South Richmond st 
Eullarton Ann, lodgings, .32 India st 
Eullarton Captain Archihald,9Gilmourpl 
Eullarton Archibald & Co. booksellers and 
publishers, 6 Roxburgh place [pi 

Eullarton John,land surveyor,27Hamilton 
Eullarton Hon. Lord, 27 Melville st 
Eullarton Hon. Mrs. Trinity 
Eullarton Miss, 9Maitland st [side 

Eullerton John, spirit deal r,126 Causeway 
Fullerton John, baker, 19 Antigua st 
Fulton Francis, corn dlr.Old Bridge end,L. 
Fulton John, biewer, 80 Pleasance [L- 
Fulton John & Son, corn dealeis,54 Shore, 
Furlong Mrs. Marianne, directress of the 
Educational Institution for young ladies 
upon the intellectual system, 39 Char- 
lotte square [Leith 
Fyall Thos. ship master, 2 Charlotte st, 
Eyfe Alexander, surgeon, 5 Albany st 
Fyfe Dr. Andrew, 38 George square 
Eyfe Mrs. Jane, 3 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Fyfe John R. reporter, 17 St. Patrick's sq 
Eyfe Mrs. 7 Albany st [entry, Leith 
Eyfe Neilson,cork manufacturer, Norton's 
FySe Stephen, surgeon, 2 Henderson row 

GAELIC SCHOOL, 13 Queen street- 
Alexander Huchison, secretary 
Gaff Thoirias, livery stables, 1 Charlotte pi 
Gair James,plumber&gas filter,53 Clerk st 
Gaird ner A nd rew, superintendent of water 

works, 10 Hanover street 
Gairdner Dr. Ebenezer, F. R, c. P. 2 St, 

Bernard's crescent 
Gairdner John, surgeon, 18 Hill street 
Gairns Eliz milliner, 12 South Castle st 


3£t(m5ursWire» EDINBURGH, &c. 

iigot ^ €o.'& 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Gal braith Mrs. Amelia, 3 Morton st, Leith 
Galbraith Peter, confectioner, 40 Howe st 
Galbraith William, teacher of mathema- 
tics, 54 South Bridge st 
Gall & Yellowlees, coach builders and 

harness makers, 17 Greenside place 
Gall Archibald, builder, Brislo st 
Gall James, printer & publisher, 22 and 

24 Niddry street [don st 

Gall John,hydrometer,&c. malier,48Lon- 
Gall Mrs. 52 Minto street 
Galli Charles, gallery of arts,l Blenheim pi 
Gallie Mr. Alexander, I f ingal place 
Gallie & Kirkwood, plumbers and patent 

lead pipe&tubemanfctrers.21 George st 
Gallie Jnmes B. & Co. copper, iron, and 

tin plate merchants, 58 High street 
Galloway Alex, grocer, &c. 197 High st 
Galloway Alex, tailor, &o. 2 George st 
Galloway Alexander, livery stables, 29 

Broughton place 
Galloway Isabella, milliner, 35 Pitt st 
Gallow ay James, cabinet maker, 12 Rose la 
Galloway Robert, bookbinder, 17 West 

Register street [Hanover st 

Galloway Thomas, teacher, 34 South 
Galloway Thomas, spirit dlr. 166 Rose st 
Galloway William, accountant, 12 Elder st 
Gammel James, esq. (of Andiffery), 15 

Inverleith row 
Garden Miss I. A. 15 Buccleugh st 
Gardiner James, writer, 62 Hanover st 
Gardiner Mr. James, Meadow place 
Gardiner Wm.tailor, &c. 12 S.Frederick st 
Gardner Alexndr. grocer, &c. 2-59 High st 
Gardner Alexander, green grocer, 33 

Hope park end [riot's buildings 

Gardner Archibald, old bookseller, He- 
Gardner Rev. Dr. Lothian street 
Gardner Mrs. f ullarton, 28 Heriot's row 
Gardner George, tea dealer, 28 Lothian st 
Gardner Gilbert O. esq. (of Majoribanks) 

13 Ann street 
Gardner Mr. Henry, 3 West Newingtou 
Gardner James, physician, 48 Lothian st 
Gardner Dr. James, lecturer, 50 George st 
Gardner James, chemist, &c. 58 George st 
Gardner James, gi-ocer, &c. 225 High st 
Gardner James, baker, 7 Earl Grey st 
GardnerJames, spirit dealer,39&90 High st 
Gardner James, gardener, Jock's lodge 
Gardner Mrs. James, 7 Meadow place 
Gardner Miss Jane, 24 Hill street 
Gardner Mrs. John, 17 St. Patrick's sq 
Gardner Jno. Iodgings,10 Hamburgh pi, L. 
Gardner Miss, 83 Fountain bridge 
Gai-dner Miss, 4 West Newington place 
Gardner Mrs. 54 Bernard street, Leith 
Gardner Mrs. 7 East Adam street 
Gardner Thomas & William, warehouse- 
men, 369 High street 
Gardner Thomas and William, drapers, 

51 North Frederick street 
Gardner Wm. tinsmith, Old green market 
GarlandGeo.boot&shoemkr. 19 Leith walk 
Garland Jacob, clothes and furniture 

dealer, 74 St. Andrew street, Leith 
Garrick Mrs. lodgings, 2 Salisbury street 
Garrow George, accountant, Commercial 

Bank of Scotland, Leith 
Gaugain John James, fanry cabinet and 

stationary warehouse,' 63 George st 
GaultMarian,3pirit dealr.24 Yardheads,L. 
Gault Mrs. lodgings, ."iS Shore, Leith 
Gavan John, writer, 13 Walker st 
Gavin Duncan, collector of seamen's 

fund. Dock gates, Leith 
Gavin Francis C. engraver, 7 Elder st 
Gavin Hector, engraver and copper-plate 

printer, 2 South St. David st 
Gavin Mr. John, Jessefield, Nev/haven 
Gavin Peter, ship chandler and painter. 

Commercial place, Leith 
Gavin Peter, pe and sail maker and 

canvass manufacturer, Musselburgh 
Gavin Mr. W. A. Jessefield, Newhaven 
Gavin Wm. ship master, 2 Portland pi, L. 
Gavin William, agent for Yorkshire Fire 

Office, 1 Dock gates, Leith 
Gavin Wm. & Crichton, ship & insurance 

brokers, 1 Dock gates, Leith 
Gay Mrs. spirit dealer, 5 Drummond st 
Gazette Otlioe, 4 North Bank st 
Gedd Alex, general dealer, 2 King's place 
Geddes Alex, green grocer, 40 Dundas st 
Geddes Colonel, 15 Salisbury road 
Geddes John, flesher, 7 Bridge st, Leith 
Geddes Miss, 18 Buccleugh place 
Geddes S. tailor, 5 Adam st 


Geggie Mark, spirit dealer, 98 Constitu- 
tion street, Leilh 
Geikie & Son, hair dressers & perfumers, 
31 George st [35 North Bridge st 

Geikie Archibald, hair dresser & perfumer, 
GellatlyJohn,engraver,10West Register st 
Gelson Joseph, grocer, 43 Hope Park end 
Gemble Mary, perfumer, 34 George st 
General Inspector of the Fisheries Office, 

Dock gates, Leith 
General Reversionai'y and Investment 
Co. and Agents to the Eagle Life Assu- 
rance Office, Queen st [loo place 
General Steam Navigation Co. 8 Water- 
Gentle J. English teacher, 31 Nicolson st 
Gentle James, writer, 29 Bnccleugh place 
Gentle Jas. solicitor, s. c. 29 Buccleugh pi 
Gentle John, rag, &c. dealer, 8 Bristo st 
Gentleman Jas. coppersmith, 69 Shore, L. 
George-street Reading Room, 13 George st 
Georgeson Alex, boot maker, 97 Princes st 
Gianetti and Pass, perfumers to His Ma- 
jesty, 107 George street 
Gibb A. cabinet maker,Nottinghara place 
Gibb Charles, victual dealer, 65 North 

back of Canongate 
Gibb Christina, lodgings, 62 Hanover st 
Gibb Foulton, umbrella manufacturer and 
haberdasher, 271 High st [st 

Gibh Hentyyioyes,Royal Hotelyji Princes 
Gibb James, balier, 290 Canongata 
Gibb James, baker, 19 Elm row 
Gibb Thomas, grocer, 1:39 Nicolson st 
Gibb William, upholsterer, 20 George st 
Gibb Wm. & Sons, shawl manufacturers, 

17 St. Patrick's square 
Gibbon Daniel, floor cloth manufacturer, 

15 Waterloo place 
Gibbons Patk. tailor, 11 Sl Mary's wynd 
Gibbons Robert, baker, 30 St. Andrew's sq 
Gibson Sir A. C. Maitland, baronet, 27 
Charlotte square [Charlotte st 

Gibson & Donaldson, writers, 10 South 
Gibson & Hectors, writers to the signet, 
3 North St David st [lolte st 

Gibson & Home, writers, 10 South Char- 
Gibson and Walker, corn merchants, 165 
West port [square 

Gibson Andrew, surveyor, 23 St. James' 
Gibson Archibald,accountant,63 Queen st 
Gibson Colin Campbell, physician, 6 St. 

John's place, Leith links 
Gibson, Craigs, Wardlaw, and Dalziel, 

writers, 7 North St. Andrew st 
Gibson David, si Ik mercer, ISSth. Bridge st 
Gibson Dav. portrait painter,43 Princes st 
Gibson Edwd. lodgings, 7 St. Anthony pi 
Gibson Mr. Fr.mcis, vice-president of the 

general post-office, 18 Leopold place 
Gibson George, manager of the Leith, 
Hamburgh, and Rotterdam Shipping 
Company, Dock gates, Leith 
Gibson George, agent to the West of Eng- 
land Fire Office, 69 Constitution st, L. 
Gibson George and Son, merchants and 

agents, 69 Constitution st, Leith 
Gibson Mrs. James, 28 London st 
Gibson Mrs. James, 14 Henderson row 
Gibson Sir Jas. writer, 12 Picardy place 
Gibson James, Wright, 3 Union st 
Gibson James, writer, 12 Picaidy place 
Gibson James, builder, 7 Saunders st 
Gibson James, green grocer,3 Union st 
Gibson James, painter, &c. 3 York place 
Gibson James, dyer, 21 Greenside place 
Gibson Jas. lamp wick maker,4Sibbald pi 
Gibson James & Co. dyers, 90 Nicolson st 
Gibson Jas. B. plumber, &c. Earl Grey st 
Gibson John,solicitors. c.l Abercrombypl 
Gibson John, green grocer, Laurie st,Leith 
GibsonJno.&Son, plumbers, 1 1 Bridgest,L. 
Gibson Mrs. Margf. 16 Charlotte st, Leith 
Gibson Miss Mary,9Wellington pi, Links 
Gibson Misses,academy,l4 Henderson rw 
Gibson Mrs. 2 Haddington place 
Gibson Mrs. (of Pentland), Bruutsfield pi 
Gibson Mrs. 20 Gilmore place 
Gibson Mrs. 108 George st 
Gibson Mrs. lodgings, 102 Kirkgate, Leith 
Gibson Mitchell, harbour master, 16 

Charlotte street, Leith 
Gibson Mrs. f. 22 Inverleith row 
Gibson P. C. surgeon, 11 Antigua st 
Gibson Robert, manager to the Sea Insu- 
rance Co. and secretary to the Scottish Office, 1 George st 
GibsonT. A. master of Caievin's Hospital, 
Duddingston [st, Leith 

Gibson Thos, merchant, 116 Constitution , 

Gibson Mr. Thomas, 13 Cassels place 
Gibson Thos spirit dealer, 137 West poit 
Gibson Walter, Bruntsfield place Hit 
Gibson Wm. builder, 3 Rutland square 
Gibson Mrs. Wm. 23 St. James's square 
Gibson William & Son, plumbers, brass 
founders, and gas fitters, 10 Broughton 
street, and at Dalkeith 
Gilford Alexander, solicitor,s. c. 2 Hill sq 
Gilford James and Son, accoutrement ma- 
kers, 98 South Bridge st 
Giffurd Lady, Mayfield, Trinity 
Gilford Nicol, farrier, 46 Buccleugh st 
Giglioli Joseph, l.l.d. teacher, 6 York pi 
Gilbert James, tailor, 37 North Bridge st 
Gilbert John, pawnbroker, 39 Tolbooth 
wynd, Leith [street 

Gilbert Thos. tailor, &c. 2 South Bridge 
Gilbertson John, tavern keeper. South 
Gray's close [Tolbooth wynd, L. 

Gilbertson Mary, John Watson Tavern, 1 
GiU-hrist Rev. Dr. John, 3 St. John st 
Gilchrist Franci3,tailor,31 South Biidge st 
Gilchrist Geo. painter, 61 Kirkgate, Leith 
Gilchrist Geo.victual dealer, 62 Potter row 
Gilchrist Jas. plasterer, 2 Simon square 
Gilchrist John, editor of Courant, 28 

India street 
Giles Mr. James, 1 Morton st, Leith 
Giles Wm. esq. (of Westbrook), 8 St. An- 
thony street, Leith 
Gilfillan J. mason, Gibb's entry 
Gilispie Mrs. Mary, 21 Moray place 
Gilkie Alex, surveyor, 2 Sth. Frederick st 
Gil Ian Alex, surgeon, 10 Dean Haugh st 
Gillespie Alex, surgeon, 30 York place 
Gillespie Alexander, tin-plate worker, 21 
South Frederick st [st. Leitb 

GillespieAlex.umbrellamaker,4 St. Giles's 
Gillespie Alex, smith, 62 Broughton st 
Gillespie Arch, locksmith, Broughton lawn 
Gillespie J ames, mason, 7 N icolson square 
Gillespie John, grocer, 1 Castle bains 
GillespieMrs.lodgings,Prince Regent st,L. 
Gillespie Mrs. straw bat maker, 38 Alva st 
Gillespie Wm. gardener. Trinity park 
Gillies Alex, spirit dealer, 4 and 5 Ann- 
field, Leith [field. Link 
Gillies Rev. Jas. Greenhillcottage,Brunts- 
Gillies Mr. K. 138 Nicolson st 
Gillies Hon. Lord, 16 York place 
Gillies Mary, grocer. Low Calton 
Gillies Robt. spirit dealer, Coalhill, Leith 
Gillies Robt. baker, 38 WestCross causewy 
Gillies Wm. bookbinder, 5 Salisbury st 
Gillon Alex. & Sons, flax, yarn, & thread 

manufacturers, 04 Grass market 
Gillon & Rule, wine & spirit merchants, 
2 Mitchell st, Leith [Leith 

Gillon John, spirit dealer, 122 Kirkgate, 
Gillon Thos. spirit dealer, 181 Cowgate 
Gillon Wm. spirit dealer, 6 Rose st 
Gillon Wm. Doun, esq , M. p. 20 Royal terr 
GillowJas. spirit merchant,Chapel Iane,L. 
Gilmore and Gibson, rope manufacturers, 
101 Grass market [poi'ti Leith 

Gilmore Andrew, spirit dealer, Citadel 
Gilmoi'e Miss, 18 Maitland st 
Gilmore Mr.s. 3 Windmill st 
Gilmour Geo. auctioneer, &c. 17 Blair st 
Gilmour Oliver, fanner, 42 and 49 South 
back of Canongate [house 

Gilmour Walter James Little, esq. Inch 
Gilmour William, currier, 49 South back 

of Canongate 
Gilruth John, academy, 31 Dundas st 
Gilzean Thomas, tailor and clothier, \4 

South St. Andrew st 
Gird wood John P. flesher,28 Bridge st, L. 
Girdwood Wm. woollen draper, 2 Bankst 
Girle George H. currier and leather mer- 
chant. North Gray's close, 125 High st 
Girvan Andw. accountant, 17 Howard pi 
Given John.spiritdealer, 10 Bernard st,L. 
Gladstone Alex, carrier, 20 Grass mai'ket 
Gladstone Jas. sniritdealr.lSGr'ass market 
Gladstone Mrs. 3 Albany st, Leith 
Glanville Wm. coach hiren 22 Charles st 
Glasford James, esq. 8 Ainslie place 
Glasgow Geo. dairyman, 25 St. Leonard st 
Glasgow Jas. & Son, grazier.'s. Gibbet toll 
Glasgow John, spirit dealr.22 M'Dowallst 
Glasgow John, spirit dealer, 175 West port 
Glasgow John & Geo. bakers, 25 Bristo st 
Glasgow Union Banking Company, 67 
North Bridge st — Robt. Burns,manager 
Glass & Todd, painters, Jackson's close 
Glass Johir, printer', 44 South Bridge st 
Glass Mary, general dealer, 28 Charles st 


EDINBURGH, &c. min'bvitv^mtt. 

Alphabetical Ijist of the Inhabitants. 

Glass Michael, manager of the Union 
Barm Brewery, 10 Brighton st [row 
Glass Michl. barm brewer,48Candlemaker 
Glass Mrs. lodgings, 3 Crichton st 
Glass Robert, saddlers' ironmonger, Rid- 
del's close. High st, and Bow st 
Glass Wm. Stirling, esq. Jock's lodge 
Glassal Robt. basket maker,70 Nicolson st 
Glassford Miss Euphemia, 3 Gloucester pi 
Gleave Robert, spirit dealer, 202 Rose st 
Glen Alex. biig-pipemaker,321 Cowgate 
Glen Arch.&Son,victualdlrs.l Grass mrkt 
Glen Mrs. Captain, Morning side 
Glen Geo. furnitr. broker, 16 Greensidest 
Glen Geo. boot,&c.mkr.33 Sth.Hanoverst 
Glen John, auctioneer, &c. 239 Cowgate 
Glen Robt. glass cutter,? Nrth. College st 
Glen Robert & John, coal agents, I Port 

Glen Thos. forniturebroker, 265 Cowgate 
Glen Mrs. William, 59 Lauriston place 
Glen Rey. William, 12 Dean st 
Glen VVni.fnrniture broker, 253 Cowgate 
Glen William & John, wine & spirit mer- 
chants, 54 Grass market 
Glenlee Hon. Lord, 17 Brown square 
Glenny William & Co. glass and china 

warehouse, 30 Grass market 
Globe Insurance Company, Meeting house 
green, Leith — Wm. M. Goddard, agent 
Glover & Co. chymists,43 West ISicoIson st 
Glover G. surgeon, 19 Buccleugh place 
Glover James, house painter, 8 Terrace, 
Leith street [Leith 

Glover Jno.&Son,builders,]OOSt.Gilesst, 
Glover Mrs. Ferry road, Leith 
Glover Robert, shoe maker, 9 Charles st 
GoalenBarbara,worsted dlr.54St. Gilesst 
Goalen Mr. David, r. n. 8 Spriugfield 
Goalen Thomas, wright, Morton st, Leith 
Goddard Miss Ann, 5 Morton st, Leith 
Goddard William M. corn factor, Meet- 
ing-house green, Leith 
Godfi eyJ no. furniture broker, 106 Cowgate 
Gold Mr. George, 81 Great King st 
Goldie Ales, writer, 34 Melville st 
Goldie & Ponton, writers, 2 Queen st 
Goldie Arch. W. fire office agent,2 Queen st 
Goldie George, carver, &c. Mound place 
Goldie Mr. Geo. 2 West Newington place 
Goldie Miss, 19 St. Patrick's square 
Goldie Robert, shoe maker, Newhaven 
Goldie Robert, baker, 9 Citadel st, Leith 
Goldsmiths' Hall, 98 Sooth Bridge st— 

John Blackwood Caw, treasurer 
Goodhall Elison,lodgings,8 Shakspearesq 
Goodlet Miss Gerrard ,6 St John's pi, Leith 
Goodsir Alex, secretary of British Linen 

Company, St. Andrew's square 
Goodsir Mr. H. 44 Inverleith row 
Goodsir John, jun. victual & spirit dealer, 
8 St. Andrew st, Leith [houses 

Goodsman Robert, spirit dealer, Wright's 
Goold Rev. William, 28 Buccleugh place 
Goold W.L. classical assistnt.atEdinburgh 

Southern Academy, 5 George's square 
Gordon Adam, spirit dealer, 23 West port 
Gordon Mr. Alexander, 13 George square 
Gordon Alex, baker, 5 Sandport st, Leith 
Gordon & Mackay, writers to the signet, 

6 Albyn place 
Gordon \Irs. Captain, 22 Buccleugh place 
Gordon Charles, esq. secretary to the 
Highland Society of Scotland, 6 Albyn pi 
Gordon Charles, writer, 1 Scotland st 
Gordon Edward S. advocate, 37 North- 
umberland street [berland st 
Gordon Georee, solicitor, s.c. 38 Northum- 
Gordon Mr. George, ] Newington place 
Gordon J. esq. (of Craig), Hawk hill 
Gordon James, wine merchant & agent, 
39 Quality st, Leith [Leith 
Gordon J as. spirit dealer, 11 Charlotte st, 
Gordon James, writer, 35 Drummond pi 
Gordon James Farquharson, writer to the 

signet, 4 Charlotte square 
Gordon Joanna, dress maker, 29 South 
Frederick street [square 

Gordon Lieut. Jno.(ofCluny)4St. Andrew's 
Gordon Major John, 52 Inverleith row 
Gordon John, advocate, 38 Drummond pi 
Gordon John, writer, 22 Heriot row 
Gordon John, shipmaster, 84 Shore,Leith 
Gordon J no. woolen drapr,33Nth. Bridge st 
Gordon John, secretary to the College, 20 

Duncan st, Drummond place 
Gordon John, weaver, 3 Windmill lane 
Gordon John T. advocate, 3 Cbariotte pi 
Gordon John Watson, artist, 52 Albany st 

Gordon Joseph, writer, 21 Royal terrace 
Gordon Lady, 33 York place [Leith 

Gordon Margt.spiritdealr.l3St.Andrew st, 
Gordon the Misses, 15 Scotland st 
Gordon the Misses, 4 Hope st,Charlotte sq 
Gordon Mrs. 23 Walker street 
Gordon Mrs. 17 Rutland square 
Gordon Mrs. lodgings, 31 Broughton place 
Gordon Rev.Robt. D. D. 6 Nth. St. David st 
Gordon Robert, writer, 13 Nelson st 
Gordon Robt. horse dealer, Buccleugh st 
Gordon Watson, artist, 21 Claremont st 
Gordon Wm.&Son,buildrs,7St. Anthony pi 
Gorham Robert, writer, Wardrop's court 
Gorman Jas. furniture broker,120 Cowgate 
Gorman Jas. coal mercht. 8 Port Hamilton 
Gorman Natlil.furnit.bioker,343 Cowgate 
Goskirk, 164 Cowgate 
Goskir k Wm.spirit dealr,Blackfriars wynd 
Goudie Robt. cork manfr. 110 Kirkgate,L. 
Gouinlock George, teacher, 2 George st 
Gould Mary, spirit dealer, 611 Castle hill 
Gould Robert, assistant teacher, Deaf and 

Dumb Institution, Henderson row 
Gouldie Miss, 4 George place, Leith walk 
GouldingJas. clothes dealer, 102 Cowgate 
Gourlay Agnes, spirit dealr, Sandport st,L. 
Gourlay Mrs. Dr. 27 Montague st 
Gourlay David,pewterer,475 Lawn market 
Gourlay David & John, plumbers, 83 St. 

Mary's wynd & Weir's close 
Gourlay Miss Margaret, 17 Elder st 
GoQrlay Robert, tailor, 1 Milne's square 
Gourlay Wm. physician, 23 Regent terrace 
Gourley David, manager for Old Shipping 

Company, 38 Charlotte .st, Leith 
Govan John, writer, 13 Walker st 
Gow Daniel, daii-yman, 18 Jamaica st 
Gow Daniel. tinsmith,40 Yard heads, Leith 
Gow E. straw hat maker, 30 India place 
Gow Henry, poulterer, Broughton st mrkt 
Gow Mrs. 6 Dundas street 
Gow Murray, lodgings, 13 India st 
Gowan Mrs. Catherine, 60 George st 
Gowan Charles, baker, &c. 8 Elm row 
Gowan John, grocer, 11 Sanders st 
Gowan Mrs. 56 Melville street 
Gowan Thomas, grocer, &c. 449 High st 
Gowan William, advocate, 56 Melville st 
Gowanlock Waller, flesher, 12 Chapel st 
Gowans James, baker, 9 Potter row 
Gowans Walter, builder, 26 Dean st 
Gracie John B. writer, 57 George's square 
Grady J ohn, messenger, 43 Tolbooth wynd 
Graeme David, publican, 17 Bridge st, L. 
Graham Alex, advocate, 136 George st 
Graham Alex, gardener, 1 Scotland st 
Graham & A ndei son,writers,31 G t. King st 
Graham and Spence, woollen drapers, 88 
South Bridue st [Bristo st 

Gi'aham Andrew, wine & spirit dealer, 70 
Graham David,beIlhanger,7Shakspeare sq 
Graham Francis, esq. 65 North Castle st 
Graham I\lr. G. F. 33 Gilmore place 
Graham George, surgeon, 3 George's sq 
Graham George, surgeon, 32 Bristo st 
Graham Mrs.H. 16 Comely bank 
Graham Henry Cunningham, writer, 10 

South Charlotte st 
Graham Humpy, writer, 14 Athol crescent 
Graham J. Gillespie, architect & teacher 
of drawing, 4 Duke st [Rutland sq 

Graham James, esq. (of Leitchtown), 2 
Giahara Jas. confectioner, 103 Nieolson st 
Graham John, victual dlr. 29 Broughton pi 
Graham John, manager to B. C. Redfern 

and Co. 62 South Bridge st 
Graham John & Son, goldsmiths & manu- 
facturing jewellers, 23 Potter row 
Graham Margaret, milliner, 71 Princes st 
Graham Miss, 5 Rankeillor st 
Graham Miss, Hay's court 
Graham Mrs. P. teacher of music, 138 

Nicolson street 
Grah,nm Richd. meal seller, 52 Potter row 
Graham Robert, writer, 18 India st 
Graham Robert, esq. 18 Heriot row 
Graham Robert, professor, 62 Gt. King st 
Graham Miss Stirling, 29 Forth st 
Graham Thos. painter, &c. 1 Melville pi 
Graham Ths.victual dealr. 133Grass markt 
Graham, Weddel, and Co. warehousemen, 

429 Lawn market 
Graham Rev. William, 5 Cai'lton st 
Graham Wm. linen and woollen draper, 
2-5 Kirkgate, Leith [close 

Graham Wm. spirit dealer, 1 Fleshmarket 
Graham Wm. English teacher,78 Queen st 
Graham Wm. grocer, &c. 128 Canongate 

Graham Wm. boot,&c.makr.43 London st 
Graham William, builder. Morning side 
Grahame James, writer, 16 Ann st 
GraharaeThos. advocate, 15 Stafford st 
Grainger and Miller, civil engineers, 108 

George street 
Grandison Jas. shoe maker, 125 Pleasance 
Grant Alex.macer to the court of session, 
7 Rankeillor st [Broughton st 

Grant Alexander, surgeon & druggist, 15 
Grant Alexander, academy, 6 Brown st 
Grant Alex, surgeon, 30 Cumberland st 
Grant Allan, plasterer, Stevenlaw's close 
Grant Rev. Andrew, D. D. 68Gt. Kingst 
Grant Daniel, spirit dealer, 203 High st 
Grant Donald, boot, &o. maker, 401 Lawn 

Grant Dougal, solicitor, 37 York place 
Grant Duncan, writer, 6 India st 
Grant Mrs. Elizabeth, 3 Graham st 
Grant George, jeweller, 8 Shakspeare sq 
Grant George, advocate, 20 Fettes row 
Grant Miss Grace, 114 Princes st 
Grant Isabel,lodgings, 53 Nth. Frederick st 
Grant J. P. writer, 10 Coates' crescent 
Grant Rev. James, 3 Cassel's place 
Grant James, tailor, 16 South Bridge st. 
Grant Miss Jessie, 1 South Charlotte st 
Grant Joanna, worsted dealr. 2 Wemyss pi 
Grant Captain John, Jessefield cottage, 

Grant Mrs. John, lodgings, 16 Scotland st 
Grant John, cabinet maker. Mills' close 
Grant John, confectioner, 61 Shore, Leith 
Grant John, cabinet malier, Rae's close 
Grant John, flesher. Middle market 
Grant Joseph, writer to the signet, 16 

Great K;ng street 
Grant Lauchlan, spirit dealer, 34 George st 
Grant Mary, small ware dlr. 132 Canongate 
Grant Mary, shopkeeper, 6 Little King st 
Grant Mary, lodgings, 13 Picardy place 
Grant Mary, lodgings, 24 St. Patrick's sq 
Grant Miss, 12 St. Leonard st 
Grant Mrs. 9 Manor place 
Grant Mrs. lodgings, 8 West Adam st 
Grant Nathaniel, solicitor, s. c. 35 York pi 
Grant Robert, advocate, 49 Melville st 
Grant Rbt.&Son,booksellers,82 Princes st 
Grant Wm. publican. Dock gates, Leith 
Grant Wm.spirit dealer, Sandeland's close 
Grant Wm. commisn. agent, 14 Elbe st,L. 
Grant William, flesher, 38 Rose st 
Gravett Jas. flesher, 46 North Hanover st 
Gray Agnes, spirit dealer, 1 Kerr st 
Gray Alex, boot, &c. maker,28Coal hill,L. 
Gray Alex, shopkpr. 93 Constitution st, L. 
Gray Alexander, veterinary surgeon, 2-5 

Pleasance st and 119 Rose st 
Gray Alexander, joiner, Dock st, Leith 
Gray & Co. grocers, &c. 1 Aigyle square 
Gray & Howisou, shawl manufacturers, 2 
Drummond st [square 

Gray Andrew, wiiter,14 Hope st.Charlotte 
Gray Andrew,boot& shoe mkr.186 Rose st 
Gray Andrew, tinsmith, 4 Horse wynd 
Gray Andrew, cork mnfr. 1 18 Kirkgate,L. 
Gray Mr. B. 34 Sheriff brae, Leith 
Gray Mr. Barclay, 6 Baltic st, Leith 
Gray Charles, baker, 42 Broughton st 
Gray D. tailor, 8 Downie place 
Gray David, solicitor, s. c. 53 George st 
Gray Eliz. milliner,&c.36Nth. Hanover st 
GrayGeo.master of Newington Secessional 
School, Dalkeith road [mond st 

Gray Geo. furniturebroker, 5 North Rich- 
Gray George A. writer, .5 Alva st 
Gray J. coffee roaster, 58 Leith wynd 
Gray J. & J. proprietors and publishers 
of the North British Advertiser and the 
Monthly Record, Melbourn place 
Gray James, tea dealer and wine & spirit 
merchant, 103 High st, 339 Canongate, 
1 Niddry st, and 45 Leith st 
Gray James, manager of the North British 

Advertiser, 6 West Maitland st 
Gray James, spirit dealer, 4 Pleasance st 
Gray James, ironmonger, &c. York lane 
Gray James, smith, Forrester's yard 
Gray James, watch maker. High st 
Gray James, flesher. Middle market 
Gray James & Son, lithographic printers, 
High st [Catherine st 

Gray James & Son, boot & shoe makers, 7 
Gr-ay Joan, spirit dealer, 93 Kirkgate,Leith 
Gray Mr. John, 23 Archibald place 
Gray John, publisher of the Edinburgh 

Directory, 7 Henderson I'ow 
Gray Mrs, John, 2 Buccleugh place 


1Et»tttIltttg!)s]^ilt. EDINBURGH, &c. 

i^igot ^ OTo.'jE! 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Gray John, baker, 5 Clyde st [st 

Gray John, ladies' shoe maker, 35 George 
Gray John, bookbinder, 7 Earthen mound 
Gray John, spirit dealer, 9 Clyde st 
Gray John, solicitnr, 19 Duke st 
Gray John, jun. writer, 19 Duke st 
Gray Mary, lodgings, 97 Nicolson st 
Gray Miss, 2 Athol place 
Gray Mrs. 2 Upper Dean terrace 
Gray Mrs. victual dealer, 122 Nicolson st 
Gray Mrs. coal dealer. St. Leonard st 
Gray P. C. bookseller, &c. 83 Broughton st 
Gray Peter,iroumonger,46 Nth. Hanover st 
Gray Philip, draper, 81 Broughton st 
Gray Robert, saddler, 58 Grass market 
Gray Robert, flesher, 117 Grass market 
Gray Robert, Wright, 29 London st 
Gray Thomas, flesher, 8 East Register st 
Gray Thomas, spirit dealer, 28 Pleasance 
Gray Rev. William, house governor of the 

West Kirk Charity Workhouse, St. 

Cuthbert's lane [ton st 

Gray Wm. dealer in sundries,55 Brough- 
Gray William & Co. merchants and bone 

dust manufacturers, Salamander st,Lth 
Gray's Annual Directory and Edinburgh 
■ Almanack Office, 7 Henderson row 
Greathead Jas. gun maker, 70 Nicolson st 
Greathead M.andH. dress makers, 138 

Nicolson st [ket 

Green Dugald, innkeeper, 123 Grass mar- 
Green E. straw hat maker,14 Greenside st 
Green John, meal & flour dealer, 76 Rosest 
Green John, accountant, 30 Royal circus 
Green Mrs. General, 10 Nelson st 
Green Peter, tailor, .53 Cumberland st 
Greene William, esq. collector of customs, 

12 Claremont crescent 
Greenfield Andrew, flesher. Veal market 
Greenfield Mr. James, 9 Claremont st 
Greenhill John, stationer, 30 Bank st 
Greenlaw John, Robin Hood Tavern, 1 

Gabriel's road 
Greenlaw John, spirit dealer, 2 Niddry st 
Greenoak Robert,boot,&c.mkr. 42 Leith st 
Greenshields Gavin R. cabinet maker, 3 

Mound place [street 

Greenshields James, spirit dealer,37 Rose 
Greenshields John Boyd, advocate, 125 

Princes st [place 

Greeve E. straw hat maker, 29 Richmond 
Gregg David and Co. silk mercers, 30 

Piincesst [Leith st 

Gregg John, boot and shoe maker, 38 
Gregory Eliza Mary, ladies' work reposi- 
tory, 39 Queen st 
Gregory Mrs. Isabella, 10 Ainslie place 
Gregory Jno.spirit dlr.29Blackfriars wynd 
Gregory Mrs. Thomas, 21 York place 
Gregory Thomas & William, boot makers, 

61 North Fredericks! 
Gregory Wm. tinplate worker,127 Rosest 
Greig & Co. livery stables, 50 Nicolson st 
Gieig & Miller, silk mercers, 6 George st 
Greig isc Morton, writers to the Signet, 8 

Abercromby place [158 Rose st 

Greig & Sons,smiths & steel-plate makers, 
Greig Andrew, grocer, &c. Trinity 
Greig Andrew,C7iain Pier Tavern, Tiiniiy 
Greig Mr. D. 8 Abbey, Canongate 
Greig James, writer, 9 Abercromby place 
Greig James, builder, 6 Roxburgh terrace 
Greig James, slater. Main point 
Greig James, jun. writer, 23 Forth st 
Greig James W.slamp office,85 Gt.King st 
Greig John, esq. (of Lethangie), 10 Royal 

terrace [town 

Greig John, coal merchant, 7 Port, Hope- 
Greig John, baker, 37 St. Andrew st,Leilh 
Greig Miss, 15 Montague st 
Greig Mrs. 18 Melvilfe st 
Greig Mrs. 16 Drnmmond place 
Greig Mrs. 18 West Norton place 
Greig Mrs. 27 Gayfield square 
Greig Mr. Thomas, 5 Bucclengh place 
Greig Wm. spirit dealer, 394 Castle hill 
Greig William, smith, 133 Rose lane 
Greig William, plasterer, 390 High st 
GrevilleRohert Kaye, l.l.u. 1 Whartonpl 
Grey Mr. Edward, '8 St. Patrick st 
Grey George, solicitor, 18 St. James's sq 
Grey Rev. Henry, M. A. 11 Inverleith row 
Grice Capt. Charles F. 56 Inverleith row 
Grierson Andw. clothier, 5 Sth. Hanover st 
Grierson Andrew,writer,32St.Andrew'ssq 
Grierson John, spiritdealer,329 Castle hill 
Grierson Miss Margl.S Vanburgh pl,Leith 
Grierson Mrs. 8 Roxburgh terrace 
Grierson P. victual dealer, 7 London st 


Grierson Robt.jeweller, 34 North Bridge st 
Grierson Robert, jeweller, &c. 48 Leith st 
Grierson Robert,victual dealer,49 Clerk st 
Grierson VVm.writer,22Norlhumberland st 
Grieve and Oliver, hat manufacturers, 26 

North Bridge st 
Grieve Andrew, writer, 56 Queen st [pi 
Grieve Cath.H. academy, lOSaxe Cobourg 
Grieve David, cooper, 17 West Canal st 
Grieve Gideon, spirit dlr. Warriston's close 
Grieve James, surgeon, &c. 5 Toll cross 
Grieve Mis. Janet, 1 Danube st 
Grieve John, victual dlr. 147 Kirkgate, L. 
Grieve John, victual dealer, 76 Rose st 
Grieve John, accountant, 10 Gloucester pi 
Grieve John, victual dealer. 2 Adam st 
Grieve Margaret & Ellen, dress makers, 

12 South Castle st [place 

Grieve Miss, Newington cottage, Blacket 
Grieve Miss, dressmaker, 4 Hill square 
Grieve Mrs. lodgings, 12 Queen st 
Grieve Mr-s. lodgings, 4 Hill square 
Grieve Robert, American consul, 1 James 

place, Leith links 
Grieve Robert,damask,moreen and feather 

warehouse, 77 South Bridge st 
Grieve Robert, saddler and trunk maker, 

11 South St. Andrew st [hill 

Grieve Robert, stone mason, 2 St. John's 
Grieve Mr. Thomas, 28 Buccleugb place 
Grieve Walter, agent, I Archibald place 
GriRin Roger,clothesdlr.4 St. Mary's wynd 
Griffith Mary & Son, umbrella manufac- 
turers, 53 George st 
Griffiths C. F. secretary (o the Hercules 

Fire Office, 45 George st 
Grindlay John, tanner, 99 West bow 
Grindlay Miss, academy, Blacket place 
Grindlay Mr. Thos. 9Hermitage pi, Leith 
Grindlay Mr. Thos. jun. 4 Cassell's place 
Grindlay Mrs. 21 London st 
Grindlay Mrs. lodgings, 20 St. James's sq 
Grindley, Cowan and Co. corn factors, 4 

Bernard st, Leith 
Grindley the Misses, 12 Lynedoch place 
Grinly Miss, 6 Hope st, Leith walk 
Grinton & Veitch, drapers, 1 Brighton st 
Grinton Jas. silk mercer, 52 Sth. Bridge st 
Grinton Misses, dress makers, 12 Hill sq 
Groag the Misses, 5 Arniston place 
Groat Alexander G. advocate, 12 Hart st 
Grosset Jame.-, spirit dealer.3 High Riggs 
Grosset William, baker, 5 Leven st 
Grove Mr. Francis, Inverleith place 
Grove Mr. George, 30 Hamilton place 
Groves John, silk mercer, 32 George st 
Guardian Fire and Life Office, 4 St. An- 
drew's square — Hush Mitchell, agent 
Guise Mrs. Maria, 5 Danube st 
GuUand George, baker, 31 New st 
Gulland Lawrence, baker & confectioner, 

216 Canongate [row 

Gunn & Mackie, milliners, &c. 19 Heriot 
Gunn Andrew, shoe maker, 27 India st 
Gunn Daniel, builder, 7 West Preston st 
Gunn Emma Jean, earthenwai'e dealer, 

20 Leith wynd [Leith 

Gunn Helen, victual dealer, 5 King st, 
Gunn James, ironmonger, iron merchant, 

&c. 65 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Gunn James, spiritdealer, Alli.son's place 
Gunn James, painter, &c. 3 Calton st 
Gunn John,bootmaker,l5West Register st 
Gunn Mr. Peter, Abbey hill 
Gunn Wm. M. classical teacher, George sq 
Guthrie Alexander, cleric. 5 Albany st 
Guthrie & Tait, boolisellers,4 Nicolson st 
Guthrie Isabella, spirit dealer,Cable wynd 
Guthrie John.damask weaver to the King, 

6 Heriot bridge 
Guthrie Mrs. Margaret (of Craigie), 66 

North Frederick st 
Guthrie Miss, 1 Hay st 
Guthrie Miss, 2 Calton place 
Guthrie Mrs. lodgings, 18 Lothian st 
Guthrie W. D. surgeon, Broughton place 
Guthrie Wm. spirit dealer, Laurie st, Leith 
Guy John, flesher, Middle market 

H ADDON Robt.painter,&c.4Grcenside pi 
j Haddow Archibald, dairyman, 10 North- 
I west Circus place 

] Haddow Wm. publican, 32 Grass market 
I Hagart James Valentine, solicitor of the 
j Supieme Court, 28 Saxe Cobourg place 
Hagart Mr. Robert, 13 Athol crescent 
Hagart Mr. William, 10 Howard place 
I Haggart Mr. Robert, 27 Alva st 

Haggart Mr. William, 27 Alva st 
Haggle Miss, 5 Drummond st [-q 

Haig, Hay & Pringle, writers, 1 Charlotte 
Haig Henry, engraver, 7 Brigliion st 
Haig James, flesher, 142 Kirkgate, Leith 
Haig James, baker, 123 Rose st 
Haig James & Son, distillfrs,Loc/ir6n and 
Smibury ; offices, Lochren and 12 Royal 
Exchange [s*, Leith 

Halt: Margaret, coal dealer, 6 St. Andrew 
Haig Mrs. Mary, 73 Cumberland st [rd 
Haig Mrs. Salisbury-green cotge.Dalkeith 
Haining Mrs. 28 Buccleugh place 
Hair Mrs. Captain, Park st 
Haldane & Co. victual dealers,! Cowgate 
Haldane & Rac, brass founders and gas 

fitters, 5 Old Physic gardens 
Haldane Rev. Jas. Alex. 34 Drummond pi 
Haldane Robert, esq. (of Auchingray), 6 
Randolph crescent [close 

Haldane Robt. last, &c. maker, Chalmers 
Haldane Robert, writer,34 Drummond pi 
Halket Jane, dress maker, 41 Rose st 
Halkett Mr. Patrick, 1 Mintost 
Hall David, lodgings, 8 India st 
Hall George, blacksmith, Newhaven 
Hall George, flesher, 31 Lothiau st 
Hall George, smith, &c.l07 Grass market 
Hall Lady Helen, 132 George st 
Hall John, tailor, 180 Pleasance 
Hall John, tailor, 10 North Richmond st 
Hall John, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Hall John, flesher, 36 Clerk st 
Hall Joseph,lithographic printer, Diorama 

Lothian road 
Hall Miss Mary, 58 Shore, Leith 
Hall Mary, lodgings, 12 Charles st 
Hall Miss, 22 Broughton place 
Hall Mrs. Captain, 33 Minto st 
Hall Mrs. lodgings, 27 Cumberland st 
Hall Mrs. Robert, 31 Royal terrace 
Hall Robert, writer, 31 Royal terrace 
Hall Tbomas,painter,glazier,&c.2Elderst 
Hall William, wright, Duke st, Leith 
Hall William & Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 433 Lawn market [market 
Hall Wm.jun. boot &shoe mkr.513Lawa 
Hallam S. J. tea warehouse, .54 Princes st 
Halley Rev. Ebenezer, Primrose st 
Halliday Adam, flesher, 171 West port 
Halliday and Wilson, milliners, 1 Dean 
Haugh st [Bridge st 
Halliday David, bookseller, &c. .57 South 
Halliday Francis, fiesher,21 Haddington pi 
Halliday Francis, flesher, 28 Canongate 
Halliday .las. earthenware dlr.121 Westprt 
Halliday John, spirit dealer,l 16 West port 
Hambleton Mr. Moses, 14 Roxburgh st 
Hamilton Mrs. A. earthenware dealer, 6 
North Richmond st [thian st 
Hamilton A. & Son, boot makers, 38 Lo- 
Hamilton Alex, writer, 29 Rutland square 
Hamilton Alexander, tailor,69 York place 
Hamilton & M'Knight, writers, 12 Lon- 
don street [bridge 
Hamilton Andrew, baker, 47 Fountain 
Hamilton Mrs. Buchanan, 5 North Char, 
lorte street [Leith 
Hamilton David, tailor,62Tolbooth wynd, 
Hamilton David, organ builder, 30 St. 
Andrew's square [rood palace 
Hamilton His Grace the Duke of, Holy- 
Hamilton Gavin, wright, 6 Sheephead 
wynd, Leith [square 
Hamilton James, m.d. 23 St. Andrew's 
Hamilton Mrs. James, 10 Nicolson st 
Hamilton James, writer, Holyrood palace 
Hamilton Jas. flesher, 16 New market, L. 
Hamilton Jas. grocer, &c. 17 India place 
Hamilton Jas.spirit dealer,266 Canongate 
Hamilton Miss Jane, 7 Clarence st 
Hamilton Mrs. Janet,3 West Ciicus place 
Hamilton Mr. John, 10 Arniston place 
Hamilton Mr. John, 5 Romilly place 
Hamilton John, bookseller, stationer, and 

map seller, 15 South St. Andrew st 
Hamilton John, writer, and agent to the 
West of England Fire and Life Office, 
1 Scotland st [brae, Leith 

Hamilton Rev. John, academy, 3 Sheriff's 
Hamilton John, linen draper and mercer, 
eONicolsonst [land st 

Hamilton John, advocate, 3 Northumber- 
Hamilton John, flesher, 15 Newmarket,L, 
Hamilton John, lodgings, 3 Hope st 
Hamilton Mrs. Mary, 12 Henderson row 
Hamilton the Misses (of Stevenson), Tri- 
nity crescent [Stockbridge 
Hamilton the Mlsse.s, 10 Hamilton place, 




Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Hamilton Mrs. Captain, 25 Howard place 
Hamilton Mrs. 12 Gardner's crescent 
Hamilton Mrs. 27 Montague st 
Hamilton Mrs. 126 Lanriston place 
Hamilton Mrs.lodgingSjS South College st 
Hamilton Peter,spirit dlr.4fi3La\vnmavkt 
Hamilton R. W. agent to the General 
Steam Navigation Co. 8 Waterloo place 
Hamilton Mr. Robert, 10 Duncan st 
Hamilton Sarah, dress maker, 13 Bank st 
Hamilton Thos. cabinet makr. Queen's pi 
Hamilton Thos. architect,57 York pi [st 
Hamilton Thomas, esq. Trinity crescent 
Hamilton W. B. surgeon, (5 Elder st 
Hamilton Sir VVilliam, 11 Manor place 
Hamilton Wm. spirit dealer, 24 Rose st 
Hammond Lieut.-Gen.SirF.T. lieutenant- 
governor of the Castle [Leith 
Hampton VVm.cooper& fish curer,Dockst, 
Handy Patk. boot & shoe mUr. Canon mills 
Handyside Mr. Andrew, 41 Montague st 
Handyside Hugh, writer, 59 York ^lace 
Handyside Mrs. Jane, 11 Hope st 
Handyside John, land valuer, 28 London st 
Handyside Miss, 112 Lanriston place 
Handyside Peter, physician, 11 Hope st 
Handyside Robert, advocate, 30 India st 
Hannan Donald, tailor, 73 Rose st 
Hannan William, smith. High Calton 
Harden Robert Allan, esq. 6 Doune terrace 
Hardesty Geo. draper, 29 Nicolson st 
Hardie&Co. merchants, Old Naval yd. L. 
Hardie Jas. spirit dealer, 20 High st [pi 
Hardie Jas.lodgings,13 North-west Circus 
Hardie James, grocer, 12 Melville place 
Hardie James, merchant, 13 Quality st.L. 
Hardie James, shoe maker, 95 West port 
Hardie James, tobacconist, 37 Leith st 
Hardie John, baker, 149 Rose st 
Hardie John, spirit dealer,79 Broughton St 
Hardie Miss, 49 Albany st ^ [keillorst 
Hardie Miss, teacher of music, 13 Ran- 
Hardie Mrs. 1 Park st 
Hardie Mrs. P. 2 Fyfe place 
Hardie, Roddam and Co. tinsmiths and 
gas-fitters, 7 Broughton st [Thistle st 
Hardie William, cabinet maker, 65 West 
Hardy Charles,spirit dealer,481 Lawnmkt 
Hardy R. wright. Toll cross 
Hardy Wm. tailor, 23 St. Andrew st.Leith 
Hardyman Captain W. H. 5 Howard place 
Hare Mrs. Captain, 5 Park st 
Hargitt Charles, teacher, 11 Dundas st 
Hargitt Charles, jun. teacher, 10 Forres st 
Hargreaves John, carrier, 4 Brighton st 
Hargrive Andrew, grocer, 117 Cowgate 
Harley Charles, shoe maker, 387 High st 
Harley (;hristina, furniture broker, 51 
Charlotte street, Leith ' [st 
Harley David,boot&shoemaker,78 Queen 
Harley David, draper, 44 Canongate 
Harley Mr. George, 4 King's place 
Harley John, lapidary, 8 South Canal st 
Harley Mrs. eating house, 13 Gibb's entry 
Harlow David, joiner, I Hermitage hill 
Harlow John,nail maker,Storries' alley,L. 
Harlow Wm. nail maker,Commercial pl.L. 
HarperAlex.victual dlr.22 Fountain bridge 
Harper David, grocer, 52 Cross causeway 
Harper Rev. James, 10 Albany st. Leith 
Harper Mr. Robert, 10 Comely bank 
Harriman the Misses, 20 Queen st 
Harris Mrs. R. lodgings, 28 India st 
Harrison H. & Co. manufacturers of hard- 
ware, 16 St. Leonard st 
Harrison J. D. lodgings, 41 Clerk st [st 
Harrison Misses,dressrakrs. 16 St. Leonard 
Harrison the Misses, 14 Inverleith row 
Harrnwer John, mason, 16 Jamaica st 
Hart Alex. English teacher, 7 Charles st 
Hart Francis, teacher, Reid's close 
Hart Miss Jane, 27 York place 
Hart Thomas, spirit dealer, 355 High st 
Harthill John, manager for the proprietors 
of the Weekly Journal,.59St. Leonard st 
HartleyChs.boot,&c. mkr. 387Lawnmaikt 
Harvey Ann, shopkeeper, 2 Catherine st 
Harvey Lieut.-Col. B. fort major. Castle dressr,40WestRegister st 
Harvey Lieut.-Col. James, 10 Picardy pi 
H arvey J ohn, tish curer, 6 Sandport st, L. 
HarveyJ ohn. Royal bazaar, 64 N. Bridge st 
Harvey John,solicitor,22 Bernard stjLeith 
H arvey Wm. furniture broker,45 Pleasance 
H arvie John, spirit dealr. 1 Citadel port, L. 
Harvie Mrs. 44 George's square 
Hasselt Edwd. publican, 5 Drummond st 

Hnstie Jas. hair dresser, &c. 36 Howe st 
Hastie Mrs. 8 Morrison st 
Hastie Mrs. lodgings, 7 Hill place 
Hastie Mrs. 31 Howard place 
Hastie Mrs. lodgings, 4 Loudon st 
Hastie Mrs. Sarah, 2 Claremont place 
Hastie Mrs. W. M. 72 Constitution st, L. 
Hasties Wm. lodgings, 4 Glenfinlas st 
Hastings Sir Charles, 36 York place 
Haswell James, grocer, 27 Grass market 
Hathorn Vans, writer, 107 Princes st 
Hatton David, m.d. druggist and surgeon, 

west Circus place 
Hatton James, writer, 29 Hamilton place 
Hatton Robert, writer. Summer cottage. 
Comely bank [Cowgate 

Haughy Catherine, furniture broker, 347 
Hawks J no.bridlebit,&c.mkr.l Calton hill 
Hawley Dr. physician, 10 Mary field 
Haxton Richard, jeweller, 11 Potter row 
Haxton Wm. spirit dealer, Don's close 
Hay Adam, esq. 12 Athol crescent 
Hay Alex, writer, 64 North Hanover st 
Hay Alex, spirit dealer, 19 Greensiderow 
Hay Alex, victual dealer, 27 Clerk st 
HayAlex.&Son,brushinkrs. 104 Pleasance 
Hay Mr. Andrew R. N. 2 Duncan st 
Hay Miss Dalryraple, 7 Coates' crescent 
Hay David, surgeon, 7 Queen st 
Hay David Ramsay, house & ornamental 

painter, 89 George st 
Hay Duncan, spirit dealer, 27 BristO st 
Hay Ellison, stay maker, 22 Clerk st 
Hay Geo. & Chas. plumbers, 79 George st 
Hay James, esq. 64 North Hanover st 
Hay Captain James, E. I.e. 88 George st 
Hay Sir James, 126 Princes st 
Hay James, baker, 22 Cassels place 
Hay Mrs. James, 48 Great King st 
Hay Rev. James K. 13 Charlotte place 
Hay Mr. John, Bruntsfield lodge 
Hay Mr. John, 24 Inverleith row 
Hay John, esq. 7 St. Colme st 
Hay John, mill master, Bonnington 
Hay John, recorder of Calton Burying 

Grounds, 21 Calton hill 
Hay John, ship osrner, Leith links 
Hay John, victual dealer, 5 Couper st, L. 
Hay John, grocer, 40 Broughton st 
Hay John, baker, 36 Sheriff brae, Leith 
Hay John, boot & shoe maker, 10 Elderst 
Hay John, recorder, 9 Abbey hill 
Hay John, miller, Bonnington 
HayJohn,stockbroker,14 Sth.Hanover st 
Hay John, clerk of secession, 4 Hill st 
Hay Lady Mary, 8 Alva st [cus pi 

HayMary,smallware dir. 12 Nth. West Cir- 
Hay Miss, milIiner,4Hope st,Charlotte sq 
Hay the iVIisses, 5 Lynedoch place 
Hay Mrs. (of Newton), Athol place 
Hay .Mrs. ti9 Great King st 
Hay Mrs. 2 Lothian road [rig pi 

HayPeter,grocer, 19 Haddington pl&l Pil- 
HayCapt. Philip, 25 St. Bernard'screscent 
Hay Miss Susanna, 6 Pitt st 
Hay Thomas, merchant, 28 Baltic st, Leith 
Hay Wm. & Alex, spirit dealrs. 117 Rose st 
Hay William, smith, Nottingham place 
Hay'William, wright, Murray st 
Hay Wm. victual dealer, 29 Richmond pi 
Hay Wm. cabinet maker. Rose lane. Dean 
Hay Wm. cabinet maker, Haddon's court 
Hayne Margaret, stay maker, 92 Princes st 
Hazle« ood Mrs. 23 Nelson st 
Healy Martin, ladies'shoemkr.74 George st 
Heartly .Mrs. 20 Stafford st 
Heatlie James, assistant and clerk of ses- 
sion, 8 St. Bernard's row 
Heddle& Gray, dress makers. 66 George st 
Heddle David, tinsmith, 19 High st 
Heddle Robert, esq. (of Melsitter), 7 In- 
verleith row 
Hederick Robert, esq. 9 Graham st 
Heggie George, writer, 20 South Castle st 
Heiigie Mrs. Isabella, 20 South Castle st 
HeitonJohn,builder,7Nrth.West Circus pi 
Helm Wm. spirit dealer. 34 Fountain bridge 
Helmsdale & Little Ferry Shipping Com- 
pany, West docks, Leith — Robert Wil- 
son and Co. agents 
Hemmings Wm. spirit dealer, 26 Heriot's 

buildings, Leith walk 
Henders Thomas, esq (of Press) Melville 

Henderson Albert,cartwright,86 Abbey hill 
Henderson Mr. Alex. .52 Rankeillor st 
Henderson Mr. Alex. 19 Duke st, Leith 
Henderson Alex, eating house, 72 Leith st 

Henderson Alex, broker, 21 Timber bush, 

Shore, Leith * [Canongate 

Henderson Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, 81 

Henderson Alexander, manager of the 

King's printing office, 33 Blair st 
Henderson Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 
74 Broughton st [5Howest 

Henderson Alexander, teacher of music, 
Henderson & Bisset, bookbinders and sta- 
tioners, 19 Hill street 
Henderson & Co. earthenware dealers, 
Canal st [Broughton lawn 

Henderson & Currers, joiners & smiths, 
Henderson and Ferguson, milliners and 

dress makers, 52 Kirkgate, Leith 
Henderson and King, brewers, 69 Con- 
stitution street, Leith [Rose st 
Henderson & Son, boot & shoe makers, 92 
Henderson & Sons, Wrights, 18 Dundas st 
Henderson Andrew,cooper,19 Castle bank 
Hendei-son Andw. coach hirer, 27 Howe st 
Henderson Andw. cabinet mkr. Circus la 
Henderson And w.surgeon,38 Fountain bdg 
Henderson David, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 40 Tolbooth wynd, Leith [st 
Henderson Dav.spiritdlr.,37 N.Richmond 
Henderson Dav. spirit dlr.318 Lawn markt 
Henderson Dav. tea dealr.23Dovvnie place 
HendersonMrs. Dr. 26 Gilmore place 
Henderson Mr. E. 20 Nicolson st [Leith 
Henderson Elsie, builder, 5 Union st 
Henderson Francis,bootmkr.l7 Grass mlt 
Henderson George, spirit & victual dealer, 
67 St. Giles street, Leith [Calton 
Henderson George, copper smith, &c.Low 
Henderson George, victual dealer, 55 

Broughton st 
Henderson George, livery stables & coach 

proprietoi', 6 and 14 Drummond st 
HendersonH.&M. linen drapers,29 South 
Bridge street [bridge 

Henderson James, hay dealer, 61 Fountain 
Henderson Jas. teacher, 1 East Thistle st 
Henderson James,writer,39SouthBridgest 
Henderson J broker,40 Cowgte 
Henderson Mrs. J s. lodgings, Drummond st 
Henderson Mrs. Jane, 251 Cowgate 
Henderson John, builder, 2 S tafford street 
and Athol crescent lane [square 

Henderson Jno.solicitor,s.c.20St.Patrick's 
Henderson John, grocer, 7 William st 
Henderson J ohn,painter, &c. 4 Spence's pi 
Henderson J no. tinsmith,10 Fountain brdg 
Henderson John, stationer, 81 Shore, L. 
Henderson John,grocer,&c.64Lauriston st 
Henderson John, dairyman, 57 Bristo st 
Henderson John, hair dresser, 14 West 
Richmond street [Cowgate 

Henderson John, furniture broker, 214 
Henderson John, builder, 3 Leopold place 
Hendersan John, slater, &c. 32 George st 
HendersonJno.lodgings,34 Sth.Hanover st 
Henderson John, joiner. Earthen mound 
Henderson John, architect, 16 London st 
Henderson J ohn, shoe maker,43 Pleasance 
Henderson John, spirit dealer, 49 Candle- 
maker row [ton place. Links 
Henderson Lawrence,lodgings,2 Welling- 
Henderson Mary, dress maker, I South 
Charlotte st [North Hanover st 
Henderson Menzies, glazier&gamedlr.71 
Henderson Miss,straw hat mkr.Nicolson st 
Henderson Mrs. 4 Montgomery st 
Henderson Mrs. 2 Roxburgh terrace 
Henderson Mrs. 5 Manor place 
Henderson Mrs. lodgings, 8 Adam st 
Henderson R. dairy, 2 Riego st 
Henderson Robert, esq. 20 London st 
Henderson Robt. merchant,Charlotte la,L. 
Henderson Robt. solicitor, s.c. 22 India st 
Henderson Robt. spirit dlr. 1 8 Roxburgh pi 
Henderson Robert, teacher, 5 Romilly st 
Henderson Ths. surgeon,4 Montgomery st 
Henderson Thomas, professor of practi- 
cal astronomy, 19 Leopold place [side 
Henderson Ths.cow feeder, 100 Causeway 
Henderson Thomas, baker, 1 Hill place 
Hendei-son Thomas, teacher of English, 
1 Nicolson square [back of Canongt 
Henderson Thos. spirit dealer, 12 South 
Henderson W. & R. button & trimming 

warehouse, 293 High st 
Henderson Walter, veterinary surgeon, 13 
Paul's works, Leith wynd [road 

Henderson Mr. Wm., Rose hall, Dalkeith 
Henderson Wm. victual dlr. 29 Lothian st 
Henderson Wm. shoemaker. 3 Abbey 
Henderson Wm. baker, 36 Kirkgate, L. 


iEUmSurgWire* EDINBURGH, &c. 

giffOt ^ Co.'0 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Henderson Wm. spirit dealer,! 1 Grass rakt 
Henderson Wm.boot,&c.inaker,7 Dublin st 
Henderson William, boot & shoe maker, 2 

Sandpoit st, Leith [lane 

Henderson Wm. cabinet maker, Church 
Henderson Wm. M. v. surgeon, 6 Hill st 
Henderson William, veterinary surgeon 

to the King, 100 Rose st, & 37 George st 
Henderson Wm.turuer,South Gray's close 
Henderson William and Son, grocers and 

oilmen, 106 South Bridge st 
Henderson William, china, &c. dealer, 13 

Greenslde street [ter row 

Henderson William , spirit dealer, 20 Pot- 
Hendley Capt. Augustus, 4 Hope st [st 
Hendrie Miss, 5 Dewar place 
Hendrie Robert, wright, 42 Pleasance 
Hennecy Wm. spirit dealer, 22 Howe st 
Henrie Miss, 50 Rankeillor st 
Henry Edwd. cattle agent, 2 Frederick st 
Henry Elizabeth, stay maker, 20 Rose st 
Henry John, last maker, 49 Leilh wynd 
Henry Mrs. 32 Haddington place 
Henry Mrs. 39 Montague st 
Henry Robert, tailor, 6 Milne's square 
Henry Tbos. shipmaster, 2 Portland pl,l.. 
Henry William, builder, 11 Scotland st 
Henry William, shoemaker, 20 Rose st 
Hepburn Mrs. Ann, 42 Queen st 
Hepburn David, flesher, Middle market 
Hepburn Isabella, Britannia Tavern, 1 

Riddle's close, Leith [st VVest 

Hepburn James, spirit dealer, 77 Thistle 
Hepburn John, grocer, 50 Broughton st 
Hepburn Miss, school, 23 London st 
Hepburn Mrs. U Roxburgh st 
Hepburn Robert, grocer, &c.4 Downiepl 
HepburnSimon,carver,&c.65 Thistle stW. 
Hercules Fire and IJfe Assurance Co. 57 

North Bridge st — John Wood, manager 
Hercules Fire and Life Assurance Co. 30 

Bernard stLeilh — Wm.Allan&Son,agnts 
HerdmanDav.messenger,30 St. Andrew sq 
Herdman Jnhn, baker, 1 Fingal place 
Herdman Margt. lodgings,5 Leopold place 
Heriot Mrs. A. 23 London st 
Heriot Eliz.lodf;ings,53 Nth. Frederick st 
Heriot (George) Hospital, Treasurer's Of- 
fice, Royal Exchange — Adam Luke, 

Heriot George, spirit dealer. Cable wynd 
Heriot James, tnilor, 6 Waterloo place 
Heriot Miss, dress maker, 26 Nelson st 
Heriot Mrs. 20 Leopold place 
Heriot Ths. linen, &c. draper, 427 High st 
Heriot William, printer, 13 Quality st, L. 
Heriots Mrs. lodgings, 1 VVest Richmond st 
Herring Fishery OlRce, Dock gates, Leith 
Herring Fishery Office, 26 South Castle st 

— James Dunsmure, secretary 
HeslopOeo. spirit dealer, 43Waterlane,L. 
Hewat George & Co. wine & spirit dealers, 

35 George st [maker row 

Hewat James, boot, &c. maker, 3 Candle- 
Hewat Thomas, agent, 1 Park st 
Hewit Thos. leather cutter, 5 Niddry st 
Hewitt James, .spirit dealer, 5 Cowgate 
Hewitt Mrs. 8 Annandale st [Leith 

Higgins David, victual dealer. Citadel st, 
Higgins Eras, hair dresser, 59 Grass markt 
Higgins Heniy, solicitor, 18 Dundas st 
Hill Alex, bookseller, &c. 50 Princes st 
Hill Alex, tobacconist, 2 Broughton st 
Hill & Thomson, writers, 26 Nelson st 
Hil) Archibald, land agent, 12 Gilmour pi 
Hill Mrs. Charlotte, 3 South Castle st 
Hill D. O. teacher of drawing, London st 
Hill David, IVizrde Burn Tatierre, Trinity, 

and plumber, Commercial st, Leith 
Hill David,spiritdealr,3Gt. Junction st,L. 
Hill Elizth. green grocer, Sandport st, L. 
Hill Geo. victual dealr.25 N th. Richmond st 
Hill George, solicitor, 10 St. Andrew sq 
Hill George, smith, 14 Richmond place 
Hill Henry D. writer, 2 Picardy place 
Hill James, grocer, &c. 175 High st 
Hill James, builder. Earthen mound 
Hill James, grocer. See. 91 Kirkgate, L. 
Hill John, grocer, &c. G Sandport st,Leith 
Hill John, grocer, &c. 113 Cowgate 
Hill John, grocer, 3 Sandport st, Leith 
Hill John, grocer & spiritdlr. 2 West port 
Hill John, green grocer, 1 Shrub place 
Hill John, poulterer, 42 London st 
Hill M'Culloch, boot and shoe maker, 43 

and 45 Nicolson street 


Hill Miss Mary, 7 Randolph crescent 
Hill Norman, advocate, 69 N th. Hanover Bt 
Hill Mrs. R. 5 Abercromby place 
Hill Robert, writer, 4 Lynedoch place 
Hill Robert, cooper, Innes ct, Pleasance 
Hill Thos. spirit dealer, 6 Sandport st, L. 
Hill Wm. victual dealer,Water lane,Leilh 
Hill William, tailor, 86 South Bridge st 
Hill William, barm maker, 92 North back 

of Canongate 
Hill William and Robert, wine merchants 

and grocers, 45 North Frederick st 
Hilliard & Sons,cutlers,53 South Bridge st 
Hills John,coal merchant,6PortHamilton 
Hine Marion, lodgings,? Nicolson square 
Hinshelwood James, glass and emery 

paper manufacturer, 19 St. John st 
Hinshelwood Robert, glass and emery 

paper maker, 15 Richmond place 
Hirst Mrs. 27 Montague st 
Hislop Alexander, tailor, 9 Elder st 
Hislop Jane, victual dealer, 5 Jamaica st 
Hislop Lawrence, grocer & spirit dealer, 

5 Bakei's place [st 

Hislop Mrs. dress maker, 39 St. Leonard 
Hislop Robert, baker, 55 Clerk st 
Hislop Rothes, stay maker, 69 George st 
Hitchener Mrs. G. 2 George pi, Leith walk 
HitchisonThs.boot & shoe mkr.l 1 1 Rose st 
Hobday Thomas, livery stables, York lane 
Hodge James & Son, tailors & clothiers, 

2 South Hanover st 
Hodge Mrs. Janet, 1 Gray st 
Hodge John, victual dealer, Low Calton 
Hodge Patrick,merchant,29 Bernard st,L. 
Hodge William, piano forte maker, 5 

Drummond st [George st 

Hodges David, jeweller & silversmith, 11 
Hodgson Mrs. Ann, 11 Forres st 
Hodgson Mrs. 24 Gardner's crescent [st 
Heels Samuel, umbrella maker, 40 Home 
Hog and Lithgow, painters and paper 

hangers, 60 North Hanover st 
Hogart James, baker, 121 Fountain bridge 
Hogarth Eliz. milliner, &c. 108 George st 
Hogg Mrs. Agnes, View forth [pi 

Hogg and Gardiner, tailors, 6 Hamilton 
Hogg David,corn chandler. 11(3 Kirkgale,L. 
Hogg Geo. spiiit dealer, Blackfriars wynd 
Hogg Geo. spirit dealer, 48 Grass market 
HoggJames,boot& shoe maker,31 Bristo st 
Hogg John, livery stables, Meuse lane 
Hogg John, grocer, &c. Newhaven 
Hogg Misses,dressmakers,5 St.Pa trick sq 
Hogg Robert, esq. Comely green house 
Hogg Thomas, surgeon, 25 Scotland st 
Hogg Thomas, victual and spirit dealer, 30 

India street [st 

Hogg Walter,upholsterer, 38 Cumberland 
Hogg Wm. glass silverer. Queen's place 
Hogg Mr. William, 16 Duncan st 
Hogg Mr. William, U Hailes st 
Hogg William, tailor. Abbey. Canongate 
Hogue Robert, dentist, 14 Hill st 
Hollis Daniel, tailor, 3 South Frederick st 
HolmeChristopher,coal dlr.3 Coburgst,L. 
Holme George, writer, 26 Clyde st 
Holme Rev. Hector, house governor of 

Heiiot's Hospital 
Holmes James, ironmonger & smallware 

dealer, 122 West port [Horse wynd 

Holmes William,furniture broker,ll & 15 
Holtman Thomas, tailor, 14 Barony st 
Home Mrs. Barbara, 3 Graham st 
Home Francis, advocate, 29 York place 
Home George , slater, 43 Thistle st 
Home Miss Janet, 3 Graham st 
Home John, M. D. surgeon, 29 York place 
Home John,esq. (of Longformacus), 13 In- 

verleith row 
Home the Misses, 45 George's square 
Home Robert, lodgings, 6 Calton st 
Home Robf. engraver, 10 Terrace,Leith st 
Home Robert, tailor, 17 Bristo st 
Home Mrs. W. 29 Dundas st 
Home William, surgeon, 29 York place 
Homes Isabel, lodgings, 2 Greenside place 
Honyman Lady, 4 Gardner's crescent 
Honyman Lady, 6 Shandwick place 
Hood David, teacher,96 Constitution st,L. 
Hood Jas.tailor & clothier,! St. Patrick sq 
Hood John, esq. (of Stoneridge), 12 Roy- 
al terrace 
Hood Robert, surgeon, 2 West Newing- 

ton plaee [Rose st 

Hood Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 150 
Hope & Oliphant, writers, 10 Rutland sq 
Hope Andrew, flesher, 60 Queen st 

Hope, Bruce and Co. wine mefchants, 46 
Constitution st, Leith [place 

Hope the Right Hon. Charles, 12 Moray 
Hope Charles, advocate, 20 Alva st 
Hope Geo.tallow chandler,76 St.Giles st,L. 
Hope James, flesher, 24 Union place 
Hope James, writer, 31 Moray place 
Hope John, esq. dean of the faculty of ad- 
vocates, 20 Moray place 
Hope Major John, 1 Great Stuart st 
Hope Lady, 116 George st 
Hope Mrs. 6 Lothian st 
Hope Mrs. lodgings, 14 Clerk st 
Hope Robert, baker, 71 Pleasance 
Hope Thomas, tailor, 53 Pleasance 
Hope Thos. spiritdealer, 8 Catherine st 
Hope Thomas, lodgings, 6 Calton st 
Hope Thomas Charles, professor ot 

chymistry, 31 Moray place 
Hope William, lodgings,22 Dundas st 
Hopkirk & Imlach, writers, 12Duke st 
Hopkirk Mrs 9 Scotland st 
Hopkirk Thomas, grocer, 25 Charles st 
Hopton Geo.staymaker,SouthHanover st 
Hopton James Knie,German clock maker, 

22 Greenside street 
Hopton John, clock maker, 382 High st 
Hopton Wm. clock maker, 315Canongate 
Horn J. W. overseer of public works, 65 

Lanriston place 
Horn Robert, advocate, 12 Darnaway st 
Horn Thomas, surgeon, ! St. James's sq 
Horn Williiim,haif cutter, 128 West Port 
Home & Rose, writers, 96 George st 
Home Mrs. Jane, 146 Princess st 
Home Margaret, lodgings,30 Hamilton pi 
Home Peter, grocer, &c. 7 Arthur st 
Home William, advocate, 56 Gt. King st 
Horsburgh John, baker, 2 Stafford st 
Horsburgh John, engraver,5 Archibald pi 
Horsburgh Miss Mary, 36 Danube st 
Horsburgh Miss, 63 York place 
Horsburgh Miss, teacher of music, 6 East 
Broughton place [row 

Horsburgh Robert, accountant, 1 Fettes 
Horsburgh Walter, writer to the signet, 
29Northumberiand st [Leith 

Hosie Mrs. Elizabeth, 5 Constitution st, 
Hosier W. esq. (of Newland and Barrow- 
field), .56 George square 
Hossack J. publican, 3 Gabriel's road 
Hossack Mrs. 9 Minio st [walk 

HonghJas.stirrupmkr.Orchard field, Leith 
Houlden Ths. stationer, 9 Nicolson st [st 
HoustonM.&R.straw hatmkrs. 23 Dundas 
Houston Peter, builder, 8 Bread st 
Houstounthe IVlisses, 20 Heriot row 
Houstoun Wm. writer. Abbey, Canongate 
Howden Alexander, victual dealer, J36 
Nicolson st [Register st 

Howden Frances, fancy bazaar, 20 West 
Howden Mr. Francis, 3 Bellevue crescent 
Howden Jas. hosier, &c. 7 North Bridge st 
Howden James & Co. jewellers & watch 

makers, 57 North Bridge st 
Howden Mr. Matthew, 50 Minfo st [la 
HowdenPeter,wine & spirit mrcht.7 Meuse 
Howden Mrs. William, 1 12 Lauriston pi 
Howe Agnes,victualdealr,29 Brunswick st 
Howe James, flesher, !25 Causeway side 
Howe Mrs. lodgings, 22 Picardy place 
Howell Jno. polyartist, 18 S. Frederick st 
Howey Thomas & Co. carriers, 3 Bristo 

street and 58 Leith street 
Howie Hugh, painter& glazier,2Dukest 
Howie Jas. portrait painter, 64 Princes st 
Howie James, general dealer, Newhaven 
Howie James, whip maker, Low Calton 
Howie Mrs 7 Drummond st 
Howison D.&E. wine & spirit merchants 

& grocers, 17 Nicolson st 
Howison George, turner, Anchor close 
Howison James, teacher of dancing, 72 

Northumberland st 
Howison Wm.surgeon & lecturer on medi- 
cal jurisprudence &botany,9Nicolsonsq 
Howison William, stables, 37 Minto st 
Howison Wm. engraver and copper-plate 
printer, 227 High st [Drummond st 
Howison William & Son,Unen draper's, 1 
Howison Wm.Tertius, writer, 11 Alvast 
Howley Thomas, wright, Jock's lodge 
Hozier James, advocate, 15 Gloucester pi 
Hughes George, writer, 26 Pitt st 
Hughes John, hair dresser, 60 Leith 'wynd 
Hughes Marion, spirit dlr.l49Causewy side 
Hoie Dr. Richard, F. K. c. s, 8 George sq 




Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants . 

Hull & Leith Shipping Co. A. B. Mabon, 

manager, 86 Shore, Leith 
Hull Eusebius, organ and musical clock 
setter, al South Bridge st [ton 

Humble John, coal mercht. 7 Port Hamil- 
Hurae Alex, smith, Inglis ct, West port 
Hume the Hon. Baron, 34 Moray place 
Hume Mrs. D. grocer, &c. 33 Lolhianst 
Hume David, spirit dealer, I S. College st 
Hume Jas. spirit dealer, 65 Grass market 
Hume John, reed maker,97 Grass market 
HumeJohn, dairymaUj 12 Sanders st 
Hume Mr. John, 7 Hailes st 
Hume Miss Margaret, 19 St. Patrick's sq 
Hume Mrs. straw hat maker, 1 Adam st 
Hume Mrs. 33 Montague st 
Hume Mrs. 26 Cumberland st 
Hume Mrs. lodgings, 22 Cumberland st 
Hume Robert, dairy, St. Cuthbert st 
Hume Robert W. lithographer, bookseller 

and stationer, 57 Shore, Leith 
Hume William, 21 West Register st 
Humphries Benj . haberdashr.5 Waterloo pi 
Humphries Eliz.inilliner,5Waterloo place 
Hunt Edwd. printing ink makr. Abbey bill 
Hunt Jas. esq.(of Pittencriff),13 Moray pi 
Hunt William, writer, 26 Broughton st 
Hunter Mrs. A. B. 7 Salisbury st 
Hunter Adam, surgeon,18 Abercromby pi 
Hunter Alex.coal dealer, St. Andrew St. L. 
Hunter Alex.boot,&c.makr.25 Nicolson st 
Hunter Alex, spirit dealer, 54 West port 
Hunter & Co. grocers, &c. 1 Kerr st 
Hunter Andrew, grocer, &c. 46 High st 
Hunter Andrew and Son, tobacco manu- 
facturers, gocer.-^,&c.l Candlemaker row 
Hunter Mrs. Ann, 67 Queen st [gate 

Hunter Archibald,clo(hes dealer,312 Cow- 
Hunter, Campbell and Co. writers to the 

signet, 5 North St. David st 
Hunter Miss Christian, 51 Minto st 
Hunter David, ironmonger, 13 Melville pi 
Hunter George, flesher, 1 Newmarket, L. 
Hunter Geo.G. locksmith,56 Broughton st 
Hunter Grace, lodgings, 13 North-west 
\ Circus place 

Hunter Henry, wiight,Warriston crescent 
Hunter J. grocer, &c. 17 freestone yard 
Hunter Jacob D. physician, 1 St. Colin st 
Hunter Jas. esq. (of Thurston) 10 Moraypl 
Hunter James, surgeon, 2 Cassel's place 
Hunter Jas. timber merchant,Lothian road 
Hunter James, writer, 45 George st 
Hunter Jas. academy,13 Nth.Richmond st 
Hunter Jas. boot,&G. maker, 30 Home st 
Hunter Mrs. Jane, 5 Heriot row 
Hunter Rev.John, m.a. 12 Regent terrace 
Hunter John, mercht. 3 Commercial pi, L. 
Hunter John, Blue Bell, 8 Shore, Leith 
Hunter John, writer,14\Varriston crescent 
Hunter John, spirit dealer, 78 West port 
Hunter John, saddler, 51 Fountain bridge 
Hunter John, whip mnfr.St. Cuthbert's la 
Hunter John, jun. writer, 5 Fettes row 
Hunter Margaret & Mary, milliners and 

dress makers, 68 George st 
Hunter Miss, infant school, 10 Gray st 
Hunter Miss, 7 Minto st [College st 

Hunter Mrs.grocer& spirit deah-.23 South 
Hunter Mrs. Hay's court 
Hunter Mrs. Mary , 24 Clarence st 
Hunter Mr. 3 Wharton place 
H unter Mrs .victual dealer, 15 W.Preston st 
Hunter Mrs. lodgings, Canaan 
Hunter Mrs. lodgings. Morning side 
Hunter Patrick, baker, 13 Causeway side 
Hunter Peter, spirit dealer, 2 Litt.King st 
HunterPtr.&Son,candlemkrs. I49West prt 
Hunter Philip, cooper, 6 Sibbald place 
Hunter Rebecca and Janet, dairy, 5 Had- 
dington place [St. James's square 
Hunter Richard, messenger at arms, 25 
Hunter Richard, esq. 1 Doune terrace 
Hunter Robert, smith, Dunbar st 
Hunter Robert, fiesher, 189 Pleasance 
Hunter Robt. spirit dealer, 134 Pleasance 
Hunter Mr. Robert, 15 Buccleugh place 
Hunter Robert & Son,smiths & edge tool 

makers, 112 Kirkgate, Leith 
Hunter Wm. milk seller, 39 Yardheads,L. 
Hunter Wm.painter,46 West Richmond st 
Hunter Capt. Wm.61 Northumberland st 
Hunter William, currier, 9 Lanriston st 
Hunter William, bookseller, publisher & 
circulating library, 23 South Hanover st 
Hunter William, smith. Grove place 
Hunter William, builder, Canaan 
Hunter Wm. & Thos. grocers,? Bristo st 

Husband Mrs. Dr. 30 Clarence st 
Hutcheson John, wriglit, 5 Mackenzie pi 
Hutcheson Wm. surgeon, 59 Sth. Bridge st 
Hutchins Thomas, dentist,36 Charlotte sq 
Hutchinson & Rogers, timber merchants, 
Duke st, Leith [2 Dock place, Leith 
H utchinson Brothers, general merchants, 
Hutchinson John, timber merchant, Moi- 

ton street, Leith 
Hutchinson Thomas, Swedish & Norwe- 
gian consul, Dock place, Leith 
Hutchison Alex. solicitor,10Drummond pi 
Hutchison &Bowe,grocers.20Cou per st,L. 
Hutchison & Co. wine, spirit, &c. mer- 
chants, 11 Bernard st, Leith 
Hutchison & Co. coach & harness makers, 

St. Cuthbert's glebe 
Hutchison and Douglas, wine agents and 
commission merchants, 8 Quality st, L. 
Hutchison & Ramsay, silver platers and 

saddlers' ironmongers, 531 Castle hill 
Hutchison Henry, spirit dealer, 2Alison sq 
Hutchison Rev.Dr.Jas.7St. Bernard's crsct 
Hutchison Jas.spiritdealer,14 Charlotte pi 
Hutchison John, cattle agent, 23 Argyle sq 
Hutchison Lawrence, clothes dealer, 34 St. 
Mary's wynd [square 

Hutchison Margaret, spirit dealer,4 Alison 
Hutchison Miss Margaret, 11 Forres st 
Hutchison Matl.ilesher, 14 New market,L. 
Hutchison Mrs. Colonel, 16 Carlton place 
Hutchison Mrs. Great King st 
Hutchison Mrs. 31 Nelson st 
Hutchison Mrs. stay maker, 307 High st I 
Hutchison Rbt.paintr,12Sth.Richmondst I 
Hutchison Robert, builder, I Alva st j 
HutchisonWm. leather cutter,53 Niddry st | 
Hutchison William, officer of the Abbey ' 
Court, 2 Abbey 1 

Button Archd.spirit dealer, 321 Canongate 
Button David & Son, tailors & clothiers, | 
22 Lothian st [Leith j 

Hutton Mrs. Isabella, 3 Hamburgh place, I 
B utton Jas.spirit dealer, 4G North Bridge st j 
Button Jas.clerk in gas wrks.3 Baltic st,L. 
Button John, flesher, 32 Middle market | 
Button Mr. Canaan [st | 

Hutton Mi3s,dressmaker,59 South Bridge ; 
Hutton Mrs. 126 Laurislon place I 

Hutton Robert, silk mercer,36 S. Bridge st i 
Hutton Robert, grocer, &c. 71 Nicolson st | 
Hutton Wm. Morning side [mondst ' 

Hyndman Allen, surgeon, L East Rich- 
Byne John, printer and binder, 6 Old 
Bridgend, Leith 

IMLACH Mrs. George, 25 Pitt st 
Imlach George, esq. 47 Ann st 
Imlach Henry, surgeon, 25 Pitt st 
Imperial Fire andl.ile OHice, 84 Great 

King st — Goold and Gibson, agents 
Improvement Commissioners' Office, 12 
Royal Exchange [change 

Improvement Tax Office, 12 Royal Ex- 
linrie Andrew,grocer,159 Fountain bridge 
ImrieDav. eating-house, Middleton's entry 
I mrie Jas. spirit dealer,28 Fountain bridge 
Imrie James, writer, 14 Dundas st 
Imrie John, surgeon, 46 Canongate 
Imrie John, spirit dealer, 2 Grass market 
Imrie Mary,,4 Charlotte st,L. 
Imrie Wm. flesher, 16 St. Anthony place 
Inch John, flesher, 4 South Howard place 
Inches Alex, leather cutter, 51 Niddry st 
Inglis & Donald, writers, 46 Queen st 
' Inglis Andrew, spirit dealr.76 Grass mrkt 
Inglis Ann, milliner, 3 Rose st 
Inglis Arch, bookbinder, 16 Roxburgh pi 
Inglis Archibald, M.D.surgeori,l 1 Albanyst 
Inglis David, clothes dlr.31St.Marv's wynd 
Inglis David, erocer, &c. 1 Howard st 
Inglis Geo. leather dealer, 96 West bow 
Inslis Geo. livery stables, 100 Rose st lane 
Inglis Gen. jun. carpet & floor cloth ware- 
house, 95 Princes st [Bridge st 
Inglis Geo. & Co. haberdashers, 14 South 
Inglis Harry, writer and clerU to the trus- 
tees of the Ministers' Widows' Fund, 6 
North St. David st 
Inglis Mr. James, 43 Charlotte square 
Inglis Rev. James, 2 St. Patrick's square 
Inglis Jas. spirit dealer, 92 Grass market 
Inglis John, victual dealer, 8 Howe st 
Inglis J no.& Co. leather factrs,14 Niddry st 
Inglis Margt. piece dlr.35 St. Mary's wynd 
Inglis Mrs. Colonel, 58 North Frederick st 
Inglis Mrs. lodgings, 2 Salisbury square 
Inglis \yilliam, shoe maker, 15 Howe st 

Inglis Wm. .«pirit dealer, 41 St. Leonard st 
Inglis William, school, 1 Leven st 
Inglis Wni. gardener, Inverleith road 
Inglis Wm. solicitor, s. c. 25 Pitt st 
Inglis Wm. coach maker, 4 Hay st 
Inglis Wm.&Son,shoemkrs.ll Melville pi 
Innes Cosmo, advocate, 6 Forres st 
Innes Miss Jane, 6 Picardy place 
Innes Mrs. Janet, Monlpelicr 
Innes John, spirit dealr. 26 Queen st,Leith 
Innes John, spirit dealer, 161 High st 
Innes Miss, 6 Picardy place 
Innes Miss, 18 Gardner's crescent 
Innes Mrs. 34 London street 
Innes Mrs. (of Thrumpster), ISLondon st 
Innes Robt. portrait painter,5Lothian road 
Innes Robert, cork cutter, 26 Queen st,l.. 
Innes Thomas, writer, 51 North Castle st 
Innes Lieut. William, b. n. Montpelier 
Innes Rev. Wm. 64 North Frederick st 
Innes Wm. furniture broker, 171 Pleasance 
Insh Mrs. R. Morning side 
Insurance Co. of Scotland, 178 High st — 

David Berwick, manager 
Inverarity John, builder, 26 West Canal st 
Invernes.s, Leith, Ross, and Morayshire 

Shipping Co. Shore, Leith — Laing and 

Stewart, agents; and John Saunders, 

Constitution street, Leith 
Ireland Miss Agnes, 22 St. Patrick's sq 
Ireland Mrs. Catherine, 16 Clarence st 
Ireland George, cabinet maker, Old Physic 

gardens [gardens 

Ireland George,wood merchant,Old I'hysic 
Ireland Rich, bookseller ,59 South Bridge st 
Ireland Thomas and Co. Manchester and 

Glasgow warehousernn,37 Sth. Bridge st 
Ironside Edm.carver,&c.Stevenlaw's close 
Ironside Mrs. 50 South Bridge st 
Irvine Alexander Forbes, advocate, 13 

Claremont crescent 
Irvine Catherine, lodgings, 146 Princes st 
Irvine Jas. house palnter,4y N.Frederick st 
Irvine John, engraver, Dickson's close 
Irvine John, flesher, 13 Queensferry st 
Irvine John, victual dealer, Veitch's place 
Irvine Mrs. 12 Gayfield square [st 

Irvine Patrick, writer, 23 Noitliumberland 
Irvine Thomas, auctioneer and furniture 

broker, 34 Blair street 
Irvine William, North St. Andrew st 
li-ving D. sui'geon, 34 Clerk st 
Irving David, l.l u. 6 Meadow place 
Irving George, writer, 106 Princes st 
Irving Colonel James, 8 West Mailland st 
Irving James, tobacconist, 6 Catherine st 
Irving John, esq. 106 Princes st 
Irving John, lodgings,13North-westplace 
Irving Mrs. (of Newtown), 27 Heriot row 
Irving Mrs. 8 West Maitland st 
Isaac Jos. straw hat maker, 4 Canongate 
Isbister Thomas, grocer, 184 High street 

and 21 Greenside street 
Isbiter Jas. pilot, 2 Old Bridge end, Leith 
Isles Andrew, currier-, 97 Pleasance 
Iver 8 Carlton st.Stockbridge 
Ivison M. W. manager of the Castle Silk 

Mills, Fountain bridge 
Ivory Holmes, accountant, 52 Northum- 
berland street 
Ivory James, advocate, 9 Ainslie place 
Izett Mr. Chalmers, Blackett place 

JAAP James, teacher of music, 11 Drnm- 

mond street 
Jack Alexander, victual dealer,17Cbapel st 
Jack David, tailor, 43 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Jack Ml-. John, 15 Bart st 
Jack John, grocer, Newbaven 
Jack Mary, lodgings, 16 South Charlotte st 
Jack Richard, workingjeweller, 10 North 

St. Andrew street 
Jack Robert, tailor, 8 South St. Andrew st 
Jackson Mrs. Barbara, 20 Clarence st 
Jackson James, cow feeder, 3 Castle barns 
Jackson Joan, green grocer,56 Potter row 
JacksonJno.teacherofmusic,J3Hill place 
Jackson John,victual dealer,219 Canongte 
Jackson John, lodgings, ISDrummondst 
Jackson John, painter, 35 Dundas st 
Jackson Miss, Hay's court, Main point 
Jackson Mrs. 16 Grove st [st 

Jackson Renwick,lodgings,3 SouthCastle 
Jackson Thomas, plumber-, .37 Bowe st 
Jackson Thos. grocer, St. Cuthberts glebe 
Jackson Thomas, grocer, 15 Romilly place 
J affray Miss, 4 Graham st 




mm & &o.*g 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

James Alexander, solicitor, 25 Clyde st 
James David, carrier and leather cutter, 

Boyd's close, Canongate 
James David, baker,24 Bread st [sq 

James J no.&Son,bootmkrs.8 St. Andrew's 
James William, publican, 7 Shakspearesq 
James Wm. boot & shoe maker, 9 Keir st 
Jameson Ja9.merchant,13Timber busli,L. 
Jameson Mrs. lodgings, 14 Scotland st 
Jameson R. professor, 21 Royal circus, & 

Seaforth cottage, Trinity 
Jameson Robeit Wm. writer, 28 Pitt st 
Jamieson Darid Wm. secretary to Scottish 

Union Insurance Co. 7 Danube st 
Jamieson Geo. spirit dealer, Duddingston 
Jamieson George, baker, 178 Pleasauce 
Jamieson George, tailor, 53 Nicolson st 
Jamieson Gilbert,grocer, 66 Grass market 
Jamieson J. dealer in sundries,31Arthur3t 
Jamieson James, hair dresser, 41 High st 
Jamieson Rev. Dr. John, 4 George square 
Jamieson John, writer, 73 George st 
Jamieson Peter, spirit dealer, 5 Hay st 
Jamieson Robert, writer, 6 Great King st 
Jamieson Rbt. chymist,&o.4 Deanhaughst 
Jamieson Thomas, baker, 45 London st 
Jamieson William,haberdasher,60High st 
Jardine Sir Henry, 123 Princes st 
Jardine Henry, advocate, 123 Princes st 
Jardine James,civil engineer, 18 Queen st 
Jardine John advocate, 9 Great King st 
Jardine, Stodart & Fraser, writers to the 

signet, 31 Princes st [place 

Jardine Thos. spirit dealer,? Nottingham 
Jeandin Frs.basketmkr. 41 N. Frederick st 
Jetfery K. furniture broker, 240 Cowgate 
Jeffrey the Hon. Lord Francis (of Craig- 

cook castle), 24 Moray place 
Jeffrey J. & J. haberdashers, 2 Nicolson st 
Jeffrey John, esq. 11 Hill st [haven 

Jeffrey Jno. dlr. in sundries, New la, New- 
Jelfrey Mrs. 25 York place [st 

Jeffrey Robt. engraver, 22 South Hanover 
Jeffrey Wm. cotton manuftr.Riddle's olose 
Jeffrey Wm. school, 89 Causeway side 
Jenkins John, spirit dealer, 72 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Jenkins Mr. Richard, 5 St. Bernai-d's row 
Jobson Geo. spirit dlr. Bull's close, Highst 
Joel Moses, reader to the synagogue, 19 

North Richmond st [st 

Johns Thomas, tailor, 39 North Frederick 
Johnson Geo. hatter, 2 Commercial pI,Lth 
Johnson Mark, 21 Gayfield square 
Johnson Michael, manager to Howey and 

Co. carriers, 3 Bristo st 
Johnson Mrs. 4 Hill square [st 

Johnson Wm.umbrella mafcer,81 S. Bridge 
Johnston — , pilot, 2 Old Bridge end, Leith 
J ohnston A dara,currier,60 St. Mary's wynd 
Johnston Adam, wine merchant, 33 St. 

Andrew's square [Cauongate 

Johnston Agnes, vintner, 17 South back of 
Johnston Agnes, stay maker, 49 Thistle st 
Johnston Alexander, writer, 5 York place 
Johnston Alex, spiritdealer, 103 Westbow 
Johnston Alex, flesher, 4 Queensferry st 
Johnston Alexander, victual dealer, 41 

North Hanover st [Hamilton 

Johnston & Thom, coal agents, 11 Port 
Johnston Mr.Andrew,8 SouthFrederick st 
Johnston Andw.lodgings,22St. Patrick's sq 
Johnston David, physician, 34 Queen st 
Johnston David, esq. 6 Regent terrace 
Johnston David,spirit dealer. King's park 
Johnston David,tanner,68 St.Mary'swynd 
Johnston David, chinadlr. 244 Canongate 
Johnston David, boot maker,4 Catherine st 
Johnston E.& I. silk, &c. dlrs.6 Nicolson st 
Johnston Edwd. surgeon,! London row,L, 
Johnston Miss Eupheniia,10 Bnccleugh pi 
Johnston Mr. Frederick, 25 Bnccleugh pi 
Johnston Fredk. Abbey Tavern, 12 Abbey 
Johnston Rev. Geo. 2 East Newington pi 
Johnston Major George, 10 Pilrig st 
Johnston George, jun. stonemason. Port 

Hopetown [way side 

Johnston Grace,earthenwaredlr.33 Cause- 
Johnston H.physician,Jessfield,Newhavn 
Johnston Henry, surgeon, 34 Queen st 
Johnston Henry, manager of Leith Bank, 

18 Bernard st, Leith 
Johnston l3abella& Son, earthenware dea- 
lers, 81 St. Andrew st, Leith 
Johnston Mr. James, 6 Mansheld place 
Johnston Mr. James, 41 George square 
Johnston James, 'obacco and snuft mann- 

factuier, Stiichen close & 77 Princes st 
Johnston James, tobacconist, 6 Leith st 


Johnston James, tobacco manufacturer,20 
Roxburgh place [Princes st 

Johnston James, steam-packet olfice, 20 
Johnston James, eatinghouse, Shoreplace 
Johnston James, agent, 50 Princes st 
Johnston James, victual dlr.93 Canongate 
Johnston James, victual dealer,4 Dublinst 
Johnston James, baker, 2 Comely-green pi 
J ohnston James,schoolma3 ter,64 Abbey hll 
Johnston James, grocer, 22 Sih. St. James st 
Johnston Jane & Mary, milliners, 4 We- 
myss place [Hanover st 

Johnston John, writing master, 51 North 
Johnston Rev . J ohn, 23 Claremont crescnt 
Johnston John, accountant, 23 Howe st 
Johnston John, dentist, 43 Princes st 
Johnston John, cabinet maki' .34 Tobago st 
Johnston John, grocer,39 St. Andrew st,L. 
Johnston John, solicitor, s. c. 4 Grove st 
Johnston John, surveyor, 8 Barony st 
Johnston John, house agent,2 St. Patrick st 
Johnston John, wright. Potter row 
Johnston John, school, 10 Lauriston st 
Johnston John Smith, writer,21 Northum- 
berland street [Thistle st 
Johnston Louis, teacher of fencing,ll East 
Johnston M. T. jeweller, &c. 60 Leith st 
Johnston Major, 53 Inrerleith row 
Johnston Mrs. Major, 4 Howard place 
Johnston Miss Margt. Ann, 7 MIddleby st 
Johnston Mrs. Mary, 11 Raeburn place 
Johnston M rs. Mary Jane,27St Patrick's sq 
Johnston Mrs. 5 Roxburgh place 
Johnston Mrs. 16 St. Leonard st 
Johnston Mrs. 3 Rutland square 
Johnston Mrs. 15 Leopold place 
Johnston Mrs. 7 Hill place 
Johnston Mrs. 7 Adam street 
Johnston Mrs. lodgings, 10 Nicolson st 
Johnston Mrs. spirit dlr. Fountain bridge 
Johnston Patrick,civil engineer,7Union st 
Johnston Mr. Robert, 27 James's square 
Johnston Robert, teacher, 72 Broughton st 
Johnston Robert, writer, 1 Hill square 
Johnston Robert, painter, Paul's work 
Johnston Robert,painter,10Charlotte st,L. 
Johnston Robert, secretary to the Female 

Blind Asylum, St. James's square 
Johnston Robt.pawnbroker,S. Gray's close 
Johnston Robt.coal mht.8 Port Hopetown 
Johnston Thomas, diamond paste & razor 
strop raanufacturer,42 North Hanover st 
Johnston Thos. grocer, *c. 43 Dundas st 
Johnston Thos. tailor,20 Sth.Riehmond st 
Johnston Thos.tobacconist,3 St.Patrickst 
Johnston Thomas & Sons.cabinet makers, 
69 Rose st [square 

Johnston Wm. cow feeder, 29 St.Patrick's 
Johnston Rev. William, 41 Lothian st 
Johnston Wm. coal mht.3 PortHopetonn 
Johnston Wiliiam, baker, 138 Rose st 
Johnston William and Alexander Keith, 
engravers, 160 High st [haven 

Johnston Wm. Glen, esq. JessCeld, New- 
Johnstone Euphemia, milliner, 10 West 
Nicolson st [st 

Johnstone J ames,teacher,63 South Bridge 
JohnstoneJ no. engraver,94 South Bridge st 
Johnstone John, printer, Strichen court 
Johnstone surveyor, Lauriston la 
Johnstone Margt. milliner, 94 S. Bridge st 
Johnstone Mary, lodgings, 15 Clerk st 
Johnstone the Misses, 36 Danube st 
Johnstone Mrs. Mary, 11 Comely bank 
JohnstoneP.H.coal nicht. I Railway depot 
Johnstone Robt rag merchl. Bush entry, L. 
Johnstone Robert, writer, 1 Scotlandst 
Johnstone Thos. si>licitor,s.c.37 Albany st 
Jollie J. &W. writers tothesignet,6 Duke st 
Jolly Robert, surgeon, 21 Windsor st 
JonesFinlay,eating honse,7 Sandportst,L. 
Jones George,agent,6 West Newington pi 
Jones James Charles, ar(ist,6 Union place 
Jones John, saddler, 5 Calton st 
Jones John, bookseller, 2 Hay st [st 

Jones J no. & Son,bookbinder6, 59 S. Bridge 
Jones Mary, earthenware dealer. Hall, L. 
Jones Rlrs. Trinity green 
Jones Richard, tailor, &c. 17 Waterloo pi 
Jones Rev. Thomas H. 13 Shandwick pi 
Jones Thomas, agent for bank of Scot- 
land, 13 Charlotte st, Leith 
Jop Janet, teacher of music, 1 Hill st 
Jop Miss, 18 Hart st [Charlotte st 

Jopp John, writer to the signet, 7 South 


KANT Mrs.spirit dealer,5W.Richmond st 
Kay Alexander, plumber, William st 

Kay Mrs. David, Trinity st. Trinity 
Kay Isaac painter, 6 Kerr st [mond st 
Kay J. & W. pasteboard makers, 8 Drum- 
Kay Jas. boot, &c. maker, 15 Gilmour st 
Kay Jas. cabinet mki". &c. 1 Teviot row 
Kay Jas. basket mkr.l7 Tolbooth wynd,L. 
Kay James,carver & gilder, 5 Greensidepl 
Kay James, printer, Don's close 
Kay James &Co.bookseUers & stationers, 

18 Haddington place 
Kay John, academy, 43 Charlotte st,Leitll 
Kay John, coppersmith, &c. 20 Niddry st 
Kay John, tailor, 377 High st 
Kay John,wine & spirit dlr. 39 Jamaicast 
Kay John, grocer, 26 Charles st 
Kay Robert, spirit dealar, 9 St. Anthony pi 
Kay Wm. carpenter, 1 Cromwell st, Leith 
Keating James, clothes and rag dealer, 78 

St. Andrew st, Leith 
Keay Miss Elizabeth, 3 St. Colme st 
Keay James, advocate, 130 Princes st 
KeddieThos.cabinet maker,l4 Melville pi 
Kedslie Alex.grocer, 34 South Hanover st 
KedslieGeorge,upholsterer,97 Nicolson st 
Keegan Mrs. 5 North St. David st 
Keegan Thomas, wine &spiritmerchant,l 

North St. David st 
Keenan Rev. Stephen, Broughton st 
Keighley Matthew,boot & shoe maker, 33 

George street 
Keiller John,confectioner,85Sth.Bridgest 
Keir Miss Agnes, .32 Ann st 
Keir John, cartwright, Easter road 
Keir Miss, 35 Lauriston place 
Keir Patrick Small,esq.(of Kinmouth) 32 

Charlotte square [square 

Keir Patrick Small, advocate,32 Charlotte 
Keir William, esq. 4 MaitJand st " 
Keith Alx.portrait painter ,30 Royal circus 
Keith & Home, accountants, 74 George st 
Keith James, m.d. surgeon, 10 Wemysspl 
Keith Mrs. 9 Forth st 
KellieMrs.35 Melville st 
Kelloch AIexander,fiesher, Middle market 
Kelt Charles, cabinet maker, 349 Cowgate 
Keltic Mrs. Wright's houses 
Kemp Alexander & Son, woollen drapers, 

8 South College st [7 S. College st 

Kemp&Co.philosophical instrument mkrs. 
Kemp Arch, spirit dealr.2Sth. Charlottes! 
Kemp David, smith, Fox lane, Leith 
Kemp Francis, toy dealer, 3 St. Vincent st 
Kemp Geo. dlr. in sundries,2 Cannon st,L. 
Kemp George, spirit dealer, 6 Rose st 
Kemp H. K. straw hat maker, 17 Elm row 
Kemp Mr. Henry,sub-keeper of the great 

seal of Scotland, 2 Gardner's crescent 
Kemp Mr. Robert, 10 Arniston place 
Kemp Wm. victual dealer, 13 Tobago st 
KenmoreJno. linen drapr.43I Lawn markt 
KennedyAlexander,bookseller & stationer, 

32 Leith walk . [S. Bridge st 

Kennedy Ann, muslin and lace printer, 61 
Kennedy Bruce, hatter, 61 South Bridge st 
Kennedy Cha3.surgeon,65 South Bridge st 
Kennedy Cbs. spirit dlr. 8 S. St.Andrew st 
Kennedy Danl.boot & shoe makr.8 Elder st 
Kennedy Harriet, 6 Albany st 
Kennedy Hugh, writer. 14 Forth st 
Kennedy J as. coal mercht,2 Port Hamilton 
Kennedy James, farrier, 24 Rose lane 
Kennedy John, surgeon, 35 Broughton st 
Kennedy John, writer, 71 Great King st 
Kennedy Miss, 64 North Frederick st 
Kennedy Mrs. milliner, &c. 23 Dublin st 
Kennedy Robert, spirit dealer, 439 High st 
Kennedy Robt. grocer,&c.ll Macdowallst 
Kennedy Robert & Alexander, writers to 

the signet, 26 Hamilton place 
Kennedy Rev. Ross, teacher,50 George st 
Kennedy Wm. glover, 15 South Bridge st 
Kennedy Wm. grocer, &c. 1 Parkside st 
Kennell Mrs. 5 St. Patrick's square 
Kenneth Mrs. Christian, 33 Ann st [st 
Kennv Julia, earthenware dealer, 3 Chapel 
Kent "Daniel, spirit dealer, 4 Melville pi 
Kent Jos. excise officer,10 Union st [st 
KentJos.Fredck.teadlr. 36 NorthHanover 
Ken ward Wm.Dnl.teacher,7 St.Vincent st 
KeppieJohn,boot &shoe maker,41 New st 
Ker and Dickson, writers to the signet, 6 

North East Circus place 
Ker Miss, 12 Gray st [st 

Ker Robert, esq. (of Grenada), 43 Melville 
Ker Thos. corn merchant, 13 Roxburgh st 
Kerraack John, writer to tlie signet, 20 

Broughton place 
Kermack Mrs. 20 Picardy place 
Kerr Agnes, milliner, 22 South College si 


EDINBURGH, &c. mivMt^f)^Uxt. 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Kerr Alexander, grocer, 29 Nelson st 
Kerr & Son, tailors, 9 South College st 
Kerr & Son, tailors, 2 Elder st 
Kerr Bacchus Addison, spirit dealer, 26 

Tolbootli wynd, Leith 
Kerr Mrs. Captain, 26 Great King st 
Kerr Clias. J. solicitor, s c. 4 Gilmonr pi 
Kerr Daniel, spirit dealer, 3 Old Fish- 

marliet close [Castle st 

Kerr Elizabeth, dress maker, 17 South 
Kerr Miss Isabella, 23 Ann street 
Kerr J. D. cupper, 6 Elder st 
Kerr Lieut. James, 3 Hamilton place 
Kerr James, grocer, 21 Richmond place 
Kerr James, brewer, 9 Sciennes st 
Kerr James, grocer, 89 Nicolson st 
Kerr James, tailor, 21 Water lane, Leith 
Kerr James, tailor, 19 Bridge st, Leith 
Kerr Miss Jane, 33 Bernard st, Leith 
Kerr John, hair dresser, 132 Rose st 
Kerr John, spirit dealer, 14 Nelson st 
Kerr John,spiritdealr,42 Nth. Richmond st 
Kerr J ohn , teacher of short-hand,54 South 

Bridge street [Hanover st 

Kerr John & Co. commission agents, 3 S. 
Kerr Mrs. Marion, 22 Charlotte st, Leith 
Kerr Miss (of Chatto), 13 Stafford st 
Kerr Neil, house painter, 5 Frederick st 
Kerr Mr. Robert, 4 Gilmore place 
Kerr Ri^ht Hon. Lord Robert, Lieut.-Co- 

lonel,38 Moray place 
Kerr Robert, baker, 16 Hill place [st 

Kerr Robt. teacher of classics, 3 Lothian 
Kerr Robert, grocer, 66 Bristo street, 57 

Pleasance, and 6 Richmond lane 
Kerr Thomas, surgeon and druggist, 25 

Leith street 
Kerr Thos. furniture broker, 189 Cowgate 
Kerr Thomas & Co. wholesale stationers, 

33 St. Andrew's square 
Kerr Wm. cowfeeder, 55 Abbey hill 
Kerr William, spirit dealer, 148 High st 
Kerr William, accountant, 3 1 Nelson st 
Kerr Wm.spirit dealer, 66 Fountain bridge 
KerrWm. coal merchnt.6Port Hopetoon 
Ketchen Wm. baker, 40 Lothian st 
Kettel James, wright, Cobourg st, Leith 
Kettle George, jun. baker, 114 West port 
Kettle John, grocer, 246 Cowgate 
Kettle Rachael,dress maker,U8 Princes st 
Key Mrs. Isabella, 104 Princes st 
Kidd Alex, writer, 4 St. James's square 
Kidd Andrew, tailor, 7 Beaumont place 
Kidd Archibald, tailor, 50 Clerk st 
Kidd David and John, commission mer- 
chants, 33 Bernard st, Leith 
Kidd John, brewer, 6 St. Anthony st, L. 
Kidd John, pawnbroker, Dickson's close 
Kidston Catherine, lodgings, 4 Melville pi 
Kieser J ohn C.rousic teacher,33 London st 
Kigie Henry, tailor, 14 Catherine st 
Kilgour Mrs. Ann, Bruntsfield place 
Kilgour Henry, flesher,Brunswicli stmrkt 
Kilgour James, flesher, 2 Sibbald place 
Kilgour Janet, meal seller, 39 Bridge st,L. 
Kilgour Wm. grocer, 43 North Bridge st 
Kincaid Mrs. 43 Lauriston place 
King Allan, manager of Corporation Flour 

Mills, Water of Leilh [bridge 

King Archibald, millwright, 106 Fountain 
King Isabella & Elizabeth, milliners and 

dress makers, 14 Waterloo place 
King James, tailor, 14 Waterloo place 
King James, grocer, 31 High st 
King James, lapidary, 59 Princes st 
King John, shoe warehouse, 303 High st 
King Thomas, stable keeper,133 Rose lane 
Kinghoru Alexander, brewer. North Leith 

brewery,Ferry road, Leith, & Cobourg st 
KinghornGrace,lodgngs.36 Cumberland st 
Kiiighom Hugh, builder, Ferry road,Leith 
Kinghorn Isabella, smallware dealer, 4 

Romilly place 
Kinghorn James, joiner, Cobourg st,Leith 
Kinghorn Johu,boot makr,245Canongate 
Kinghorn John, painter, 125 Rosest 
King's Bonded Tobacco Warehouse, 10 

Quality st, Leith 
Kings Mrs. lodgings, Prospect buildings 
King's Printing Office,Blair st — SirDavid 

Hunter Blair and Mrs. Tyndall Btuce 
Kinloch Mrs. 17 Alva street 
Kinlooh Mrs. lodging9,52 Nth. Frederick st 
Kinnaird Lieut. -Col. 1 Meadow place 
Kinnaird R. &T. turners, 14 Broughton st 
Kinnaird Thomas and Robert, victual 

dealers, 67 Broughlon st [market 

KinnearJohn, clock maker, 489 Lawn 
Kinnear Mrs. lodgings, 7 London st 

Kinnear Mrs. Thomas, 44 Melville st 
Kinniburgh David, coal merchant,10 Port 

Hopetoun [bow 

Kinniburgh Robert, pewterer, 106 West- 
Kinniburgh Robeit, teacher at the Deaf 

and Dumb Institution, Henderson's row 
Kinninmont Alexander, shawl manufac- 
turer, 47 South Bridge st [wick pi 
Kintore Right Hon. Countessof,ll Shand- 
Kipton Mrs. Bellevue terrace [Leith 
Kirk Geo.M.D.sui-geon, 76 Constitutions!, 
Kirk Mrs. James, 9 Hill square 
Kirk James, spirit dealer. Echo bank 
Kirk Robt.shipmaster,l3Cassel'spl, Leith 
Kirkaldy G. Hearnesbrooke) 

7 Albyn place 
Kirkaldy John, cabinet maker. Union lane 
Kirkaldy Miss Mary, 7 Albyn place 
Kilkhara David, solicitor, 21 Clyde st 
Kirkhope John, grocer, 24 India st 
Kirkland Miss Eliza, 15 Maitland st 
Kirkwood Alex, tailor, 82 South Bridge st 
Kirkwood Alex, die sinker, 3 Meuse lane 
Kirkwood Hatry, seal engraver, 11 South 

St. Andrew st 
Kirkwood Mrs. Jacobina, 48 India st 
Kirkwood Rev. James,16 Gayfield square 
Kirkwood James, working jeweller, 1 

South St. David st [Calton hill 

Kirkwood J as. governor of the Bridewell, 
Kirkwood James and Son, engravers, 11 

South St. Andrew st 
Kirkwood Robert, tailor, 1 Brunswick st 
Kirkwood William, spirit dealer, 9 Abbey 
Knapp John, surgeon, 9 Duncan st 
Knight & Lawrie, booksellers, Pitt st 
Knight Captain George William Henry, 

64 Northumberland st 
Knight George, teacher, 10 George st 
Knight George, smith, 14 West Register st 
Knight James, provision & spirit dealer, 

3 Cobourg st, Leith [way 

Knight James,spirit dealer,43 Cross cause- 
Knight Jane, carter, Bonnington road 
Knight John, faiTier, 158 Rose street lane 
Knight John, spirit dealer, 1 Young st 
Knight Joseph, lock and hinge "maker, 5 

South back of Canongate [Canongate 
Knight Jos. spirit dealer, 5 South back of 
Knott John,teachrof music,2St.Patrickst 
Knott Taverner, artist, 2 St. Patrick's sq 
Knowles Andw. flesher,22 Middle market 
Knox Capt. Alexander, 3 Salisbury place 
Knox Andrew, esq. 15 Athol crescent 
Knox Dr. lecturer, 4 Newington place 
Knox Eliz. dress maker.25 Cumberland st 
Knox F. J. surgeon, 6 West Preston st 
Knox James, solicitor to the supreme 

court, 55 North Hanover st 
Knox Miss (of Drum), Easter road 
Knox Mi-s. Major, 10 Inverleith row 
Knox Peter M. teacher, 105 Sth. Bridge st 
Knox Wm. painter & glazier,16 Barony st 
Kohler Ernest, violin string maker, 59 

Leith wynd 
Kyd Alexander, grocer, 274 Canongate 
Kyle James & Son, boot and shoe makers, 

2 Constitution st. North Leith 

LACEY Robt. lath render,Bronghton lawn 
Ladies' Society School, Duncan place, 

Leith links — Mary Nimmo, teacher 
Ladies' Subscription School, 177 Cause- 
way side — Jane Hunter, teacher 
Laidlaw and Cowan, linen drapers, 294 

Lawn market 
Laidlaw Andrew, gardener, 39 London st 
Laidlaw Eliza,ladies' school, 137Princes st 
LaidlawJas. baker,!! Gilmourst.Simonsq 
Laidlaw James & Robert, brass founders, 

&c. Simon square and 9i5 Princes st 
Laidlaw Jane, dress maker, 14 Pitt st 
Laidlaw Mrs. lodgings, 4 Barony st 
Laidlaw Mrs. grocer, 45 William st 
Laidlaw Rbt. solicitor, lOWestMaitland st 
■LaidlawWalter,provisn dlr.8 Buccleugh st 
Laing Alexander, baker, 26 Rose st 
Laing & Forbes, booksellers & stationers, 
92 Princes st [Shore, Leith 

Laing and Stewart, general agents, 10 
Laing Ann, shoe warehouse, 56 George st 
Laing Arch. spirit dealer, Toddrick's wynd 
LaingHenry,seal engraver, 14 Infirmary st 
Laing Isabella,publican,3 Commerclpl,L. 
Laing James, esq. 8 Comely green place 
Laing Lieut. -Col. James, 12 Antigua st 
Laing Mr. James, 4 Hill square 
Laing James, baker, 97 Nicolson st 

Laing James, baker, 2 St Patrick's square 
Laing John, post horse master to His 

Majesty, lloyal Horse Bazaar,Lothian rd 
Laing John, flesher, Brougliton market 
Laing John, lodgings, Annfield, Leith 
Laing John, cabinet maker, 7 Young st 
Laing John, solicitor, 16 Meadow place 
Laing Miss Margaret, 3 West Newington 
Laing Mrs. Margaret, 61 North Caslle st 
Laing Margt. grocer, 18 Sth. Frederick st 
Laing Marion, milliner, 79 Princes st 
Laing Mr. 10 Rankeillor st 
Laing Mrs. 6 Springfield 
Laing Robert,spirit dealer, 16 Carnegie st 
LaingThs.furnit.brokr,76 St.Andrew st,L. 
Laing William, gunsmith, 204 Cowgate 
Laing William & David, booksellers, 49 

South Bridge st [booth wynd, L. 

Laird & Hampton, ironmongers, 42 Tol- 
Laird Miss A. H. 35 London st 
Laird Anthy. cooper. Old Naval yard, L. 
Laird David White, watch, clock, & nau- 
tical instrument maker, 4 Bridge st, L. 
Laird Miss Margt. 13 South Charlotte st 
Laird Mrs. 24 Bernard st, Leith 
I,aird Mrs. 35 London street 
Laird John, spirit dealer, 12 Grass market 
Lakie Mrs. 4 Stafford st 
Lamb Alexander, gardener. Grange loan 
Lamb Andrew, smith. Lamb's close 
Lamb Elizabeth, lodgings, 61 Clerk st 
Lamb James, painter, 1 Market place 
Lamb James, lodgings, 26 George st 
Lamb James, slater, 97 Nicolson st 
Lamb John, esq. 10 Minto st 
Lamb John, hair dresser, 305 Canongate 
Lamb Mary, milliner, 97 Nicolson st 
Lamb Mrs. lodgings, 38 Rankeillor st 
Lamb Peter, wright, 9 Coatfield lane, L. 
Lamb Robert, broker, -39 Bernard st,Leith 
Lamb Robt.lodgings,13 N Ih-west Circus pi 
Lamb Thomas, confectioner, 19 Leilh st 
Lamb Ths. spirit dealr.6 East Richmond st 
Lambie Miss, 1 Gayfield square 
Lambton Stephen, writer,41 Northumber- 

berland street [181 Highst 

Lammie Hugh, spirit dealer. Bull's close, 
Lamond A . & D.cork cutters,23 Grass mkt 
Lamond Alexndr. accountant, 40 India st 
Lamond John,spiritdealer,106 Nicolson st 
Lamond Mary, lodgings, 66 India st 
Lamond Peter, tailor, 200 Pleasance 
Lamond Petr.&Sons,brewers,23Grassrakt 
Lamontand Newton,writers to the signet, 

28 Royal circus 
Lamont Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Scotland st 
Lamont Mrs. 5 Torpichen st 
Lamont Mrs. (of Lamont), 15 Ainslie place 
Lamont Mrs. 7 Great King st 
Lamov.t William, comptroller of accounts 

in the custom-house, 6 Hamburgh pl.L. 
L'AmyJas.advocate,27 Northumberland st 
Landale Mrs. Janet, I Claremont place 
Landale Robert, writer, 11 George st 
Landels Adam,spiritdlr.20 Sth.HanoversI 
Lauder John, tanner, &c. Silver mills 
Lander Mrs. Margaret, 8 Windmill st 
Lander Mrs. 10 St. Anthony's place 
Lane William, gardener, Morning side 
Lane William, baker, 207 High st 
Lang James, writer, 10 Gayfield square 
Lang Miss, 35 Moray place 
Lang William, writer, 1 Lynedoch place 
Langford Thos. spirit dealer, 4 Shore, L. 
Lapsley Ann, hair dresser & perfumer, 37 

South Hanover street 
Latham Captain James, proprietor of (he 

Riding School, Lothian road 
Latimer Andrew, eating house. Barony st 
Latta Mrs. Thomas, 39 Minto st 
Lauder John, victual dealer, 48 Canongate 
Lauder John &Sons,tanners,21Fettesrow 
Lauder Mrs. 19 Home st 
Lauder Thomas, baker, 9 East Register st 
Lauder Sir Thomas Dick, Grange house 
Laughton Jas. shoe mkr. 1 Portland pi. L. 
Laughton Mrs. lodgings, 6 Brighton st 
Laughton Mr. William, 17 Leopold place 
Laughton Wm. tailor, 1 Portland place, L. 
Laurie Mrs. Agnes, 39 Montague st 
Laurie & Knight,booksellers,4l Dundasst 
Laurie Francis H. writer, 3 London st 
Laurie Miss Grace, 16 ttueen st 
' Laurie Rev. J. 15 Montague st 
Laurie James, teacher of arithmetic, 136 

Fountain bridge [James's square 

Laurie James D. solicitor, s. c. 29 ^. 


iEDiiiti&urgfti&Jjire. EDINBURGH, &c. 

i^ipt & ®0/!5 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

■Laurie Miss, 9 Montague st [Leith 

Laurie Robert, solicitor, 62 Charlotte st, 
Laurie Wm. victual dealer,37 Broughtonst 
Laurie W. A. writer, 4 North Bank st 
Law Ann, green grocer, 7 Melville place 
Law James, tailor, 377 Mif!;h st 
Law James, painter, 4 Mound place 
Law John, wright, 33 Cross causeway 
Law Life Assurance Office, 7 North St. 

David street — D. Cormack, agent 
Law Robert, grocer, 68 Thistle st 
Law Robert, flesher, 155 Rose st 
Law William, surgeon, Gl York place 
Law Williara and George, teaandcoflee 

dealers, 30 St Andrew's square 
Lawder Ann, tobacconist, 69 George st 
Lawder Elizbth. confectioner, 2 India st 
Lawrence David, merchant, ]9 George st 
Lawrence E. & A.dress makers, 27 Elder st 
Lawrence My. hat mkr. 4 York place 
LawrenceThos.portrait painter,6 Union st 
Lawrie A. & Son, turners, 24 M'Dowallst 
Lawrie Alex.&Co.prii)ters,Dunbar's close 
Lawrie Alex.& Son,dyers,Chalmer's close 
Lawrie and Ferguson, marble cutters, 34 
Leith walk [son st 

Lawrie Benj. stocking manufr. 128 Nicol- 
Lawrie Mr. Charles, II Keir st 
Lawrie Elizabeth, Bay Horse,b!> Rose st 
Lawrie James, cabinet maker, 32 Cause- 
way side [Elder st 
Lawrie James, boot and shoe maker, 3 
Lawrie James, tailor, 11 Leven st 
Lawrie James & Co. surgeons, 40 Clerk st 
Lawrie John, teacher, 7 West Nicolson st 
Lawrie John, spirit dealer, 1 Pleasance st 
Lawrie Jonn, tlesher, 5 High market 
Lawrie Mrs. 14 Minto street 
Lawrie Thomas, grocer, &c. 40 Clerk st 
Lawrie Thomas, land valuer,St.BernaTd's 
bower, Stockbridge [speare sq 
Lawrie Wm. working jeweller, 8 Shak. 
Lawrie Wm. accountant, 6 Upper Grayst 
Lawrie Wm. spirit dealer. Veal market 
Lawrie William, flesher, Veal market 
Laws John,muslin,61Geoigest 
Lawsoa Alex, spirit dlr. 13 Horse wynd,L. 
Lawaon Alex, milk seller,8.5 St. Giles st,L. 
Lavvson & Gilmour, writers, 33 London st 
Lawson Barbara, victual dealer, 13 West 
Richmond st [race 
Lawson Chas. lodgings, 5 Roxburgh ter- 
Lawson Charles, spirit dealer, 126 Kirk- 
gate, Leith [North Bridge st 
Lawson Christopher, watch maker, 19 
Liwson David, guild officer, 333 High st 
Lawson Geo.boot maker,ll East Thistle st 
Lawson Jas.tobucco manufr. 110 West port 
Lawson James, tailor, 20 Bank st 
Lawson John, flesher, 89 High st 
Lawson Miss, 7 Annandale st [cent 
Lawson Miss, seminary, 1 Gardner's cres- 
Lawson Mrs. 13 Pilrig st. Leith walk 
Lawson Mrs. 8 Raeburn place 
Lawson Mrs. green grocer. Green market 
Lawson Peter & Son, nursery and seeds- 
men to the Highland and Agricultural 
Society, 3 Hunter square [square 
Lawsons' Agricultural Museum, 4 Hunter 
Lawson Mr. Stephen, 16 Comely bank 
Lawson Longhirst),5Cireus pi 
Lawson Wm. dyer, 31 West Nicolson st 
Lawson Wm. carver & gilder, 37 Blair st 
Lawson Wm.victual dlr.22 Haddington pi 
Lawson Wm. spirit dealer, 41 Home st 
Lawton Mrs. Ellison, 4 Springlield 
Learmont James and Co. iron founders, 
fountain bridge [st 
Learmonth Alex, victual dealer, 48 Bristo 
Learnionth Alex, bookseller, 38 Howe st 
Learmonth Arcliibd. spirit dlr. 583 High st 
I,earmontb J. & W. merchants,4 Princes st 
Learmonth John & Co. coach & harness 

makers to his Majesty, 4 Princes st 
Learmonth the Misses, 30 Great King st 
Learmouth Mrs. 4 Rutland st 
L''armonth Robt. slioe maker, 37 Bristo st 
Leask John Bruce,wliolesale ironmongers, 

lOTolbooth wynd, Leith 
Leatherdale Charlotte, lodgings, 10 Ham- 
burgh place, Leith 
Leavock Mrs. 6 Windmill st 
Leburn Mr. Patrick, 24 Gilmonr place 
Leburn Thos. solicitor, s. c. 7 Teviot row 
Leckie Jas. boat builder. Ferry road,Leith 
Leckie Mrs. 122 Lauriston place r>q 

Ledgate John, ahoumaker, 6 St. Patrick's 
Le Dieu N. H. teacher, 71 Yoik place 


Lee Miss Eleanor, 7 Stafford at 

Lee Helen, ladies' bdg.snhool, Royal circus 

Lee Rev. John, D.u. 12 Charlotte square 

Lee the Misses,ladies' school,8 Brighton st 

Lee Mrs. 21 Leopold place 

Lee Miss Nicholson, 12 Hailes st 

Lee Thomas, confectioner, 48 Princes st 

Lee William, victual dealer, 2 Leven st 

I.eechman Alx.coal agent,2 Railway depot 

Leechman James,silk mercer, 85 George st 

Leechman Jas. milk seller, 1 Queen's pi 

Leechman Miss, governess. Merchant 

Maidens' Hospital 
Leef Mrs. Robert, 2 Buccleugh place 
Lees Alx.chyraist& druggisl,34 Lothianst 
LeesChs. portrait painter,15S. Chariot test 
Lees Sir Edward S. secretary to general 
post office for Scotland, Waterloo place 
Lees Geo. A.M. lecturer, H Regent terrace 
Lees John, tobacco and snulf manufac- 
turer and drysalter, 509 Lawn market 
Lees Jno.grocer,LowCalton [Hanover st 
Lees John, draper & muslin warehse. 15 S. 
Lees Robt. victual dealer, 26 Greenside st 
Leger wood Janet,lodgings, Laverock bank 
Legget Geo. whip mnfr. 53 Candlemakr rw 
Leg>;elGideon,shopkeepr.4 Coatfield la. L. 
Legget Robt. victual delr.l4 W.Maitlandst 
Legget Robert, grocer, Legget's land 
Leighton Robert, flesher, 19 William st 
Leighton William, manager of the Duke 
of Hamilton's colliery ,27 Port Hamilton 
Leishman John, writer, 26 Clyde st 
Leishman William, baker, 42 Clerk st 
Leitch & Corner, tailors & clothiers, 60 
Princes st [Leith walk 

Leitch Jas. upholsterer, &c. Anderson's pi, 
Leitch John,tailor,&c. 14 Greenside place 
Leith Alexander W. advocate, 17 Walker st 
Leith&GreenockShippingCo.Dock gates, 

Leith— David Smith, agent 
Leith & Newcastle t)ld Shipping Co. 69 
Tolbooth wynd, Leith — Robert Thom- 
son, ra.inagcr [Hanover st 
Leith & Smith, lithographic printers,30S. 
Leith & Wick Shipping Co. Wet docks, 

Leith — John Eggo, manager 
Leith Banking Co. 18 Bernard st, Leith — 

Johnston & Ker, managers 
Leitli Boys' Charity School, King st,Leith 

— Daniel M'Diarinid, master 
Leith Branch RailwayCo.Seaffeld — David 

Rankine, manager 
Leitli Candle Co. Old Sugarhouse close, 

Leitli— John Smith, manager 
Leitli Dispensary, 17 Broad wynd, Leith 
Leith Gas-light Co. 40 Princes st and 20 
Baltic st, L'-ith — Francis L> on,manager 
Leith Major General Sir George, bart. 41 

Melville street 
Leith Girls' School, King|t, Leith— Miss 

Stenhouse, mistress 
Leith, Hamburgh & Rotterdam Shipping 
Co. Dock gales, Leith- George Gibson, 
Leith High School, Morton place. Links 
Leith Infants' School, King st, Leith 
LeithJohn,solicitor, 118 Constitution st,L. 
Leith Ropery Company, Bath st, Leith 
Leith Signal Tower, 2 Shore, Leith — 

Lawrence Skene, keeper 
Leith Sugar Refining Co. 3 Coburg st, 
Leith— F. & Alexander Schultze [pi 
Leitham Capt. riding school, 3 Newington 
Lennie Wm. boys' school, 10 Nicolson st 
Leon Morris & Co. sesling wax manufac- 
turers. 7 Inglislon st [wynd 
Leonard John, clothes dealer,49 St. Mary's 
Leonard! Fortune, spirit dealer,Toddrick's 
wynd [st 
Le Ry Joseph, furrier, 37 South Hanover 
Lesage Adolphus, printseller and frame 

maker, 21 South Hanover st 
Leslie Aiidw.boot,&c. mkr. 121 Canongate 
Leslie Mr. John, 27 Windsor st 
Leslie John, cabinet maker, 9 Williara st 
Leslie Hon. Mrs. 21 Inverleith row 
Leslie Norman, green grocer, 9 India pi 
Lethem Jas. tobacco ninfr. 80 Shore, Leith 
Lethcm John, baker, 29 Pitt st 
Leuchars Jas. shoe mkr. 5 Admiralty st, L. 
Levack Danl. spirit dealer, 39 Dundas st 
Leven & Alison, writers, 10 Dundas st 
Lever Darcj, esq. 17 Heriot row 
Levy Philip, furrier to his Majesty, 52 

Princes st 
l^ewins Robert, M.u. Quality at, Leith 
Lewis Rev.Jas.3 Hermitage pl,Leith links 
Lewis James, grocer, High Market st 

Lewis John, grocer, 9 High Market st 
Lewis Miss, 6 Melville st [Leith 

Leyden Captain Wm. ii.n. 6 London row, 
Libberton Parochial School, Libbenon — 
J. Young, master [st 

Liddall & Sons, watch, &c. makers, 5 Bank 
Liddell Andrew, surgeon, 21 Salisbury st 
Liddell Mrs. Barbara, 19 Great Stuart st 
Liddell David, grocer, &c. 115 West port 
Liddell Rev. Thomas, 4 Lauriston lane 
Liddle J ame3,vislual dealr. 573 Castle hill 
Liddle Joseph, solicitor, 12 Scotland st 
Liddle Mrs. straw liatmaker,108West port 
Lighthody Mrs. 55 Abbey hill [street 

Lightfoot Dorothy, milliner, 14 Sth. Castle 
Lillico William, baker, I Brown st 
Lilly & Co. looking-glass manufacturers, 

66 Candlemaker row 
Limond Mrs. L. 7 Great King st 
Limont Mrs. 6 Minto st 
Lind Andrew, tailor, 28 Kirkgate, Leith 
Lindesay Mrs. 75 Constitution st, Leith 
Lindley Annabella, 9 Pitt street 
Linderes John, smith, 29 St. Giles sl,Leith 
Lindores Wm. grocer, 15 Princes st 
Lindsay Captain A. r. n. 19 Gayfield sq 
Lindsay Alex boat builder,Commercial pi, 

Leith [Cowgate 

Lindsay and Lawson, corn merchants, 15 
Lindsay Andrew, gardener, I Springfield 
Lindsay Donld.accountnt, 15 A hercrniby pi 
Lindsay Geo. rope, &c. mkr. 28 Horse wynd 
Lindsiiy George, artist, 34 North Castle .st 
Lindsay Helen, shopkeeper,? Dock st, L. 
Lindsay .lames, writer, 39 London st 
Lindsayjas. booksellr,6l Candlemakr row 
Lindsay Jas. painter, 10 West Richmond st 
Lindsay James & Son, wine merchants, 

25 Quality street, Leith 
Lindsay James & Sons, victual andspirit 

dealers, 8 West port 
Lindsay John, dairyman, Links lane 
Lindsay the Misses, 10 Danube st 
Lindsay Robert, chyraist, &c. 11 Elm row 
Lindsay Samuel, teacher at the High 

School, 9 Brunton place 
LindsayThos. spirit dealer, 26 Earl Grey st 
Lindsay Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 

8 Hifth street and 24 Kirkgate, Leith 
Lindsay Thomas, dyer, 77 Broughton st 
Lindsay Wm. cooper, 24 Buccleugh st 
Lindsey John & Co. booksellers & station- 
ers, 7 South St. Andrew st 
Linl-laler James, grocer. Morning side 
LinMater J no. spirit dlr. 15 Sand port st,L. 
Linn Henry, grocer, &c. 23 Hercules st 
Linning Michl. clerk to signet, 22 Hill st 
Linton Adam, wright, 50 Thistle st 
Linton Helen, dress maker, 73 Rose st 
Lipman Henry.quill mercht,9Gieenside pi 
Lisenham Jacob,jeweller,8 Roxburgh terr 
Lisle Mrs Mary, 4 Duncan st 
Lister David, victual dealer,5 Melville pi 
Lister J no.advocate, 2 North-east Circus pi 
LislonAlx.collectoroftaxes,130 Canongte 
Liston Catli. eating-house, 10 Potter row 
Liston Durham, grocer, Newhaven 
Liston Margaret, brush and trunk maker, 

Cant's close and 76 Princes st 
ListonCapt.Wm. Cherry bank, Newhaven 
Little Janet, grocer, Trafalgar lane, LeitU 
Little Rev. John, 2 Brnndon st 
Little William M.axwell, clerk to work- 
house, 5 Keir street 
Littlejolin Thos. confectioner, 33 Leith st 
Livingston A. and P. general agents and 

wine merchants, 17 West Nicolson st 
Livingston Alexander ,wine & commercial 

agent, 21 Timber bush, Leith [Leitli 
Livingston Alex, spirit dealer, 70 Shore, 
Livingston David, woollen draiier,99 South 
Bridge [Leith 

Livingston Findlay, victual dlr.21 Dukest, 
Livingston Geo.tailor,Dock st.NorthLeitli 
Livingston John, commission agent, 7 

Roxburgh place [lane, Leitli 

Livingston Jno.victualdealr.38&40Water 
Livingston John, tailor, 23 Bristo st 
Lizars Alexander, surgeon, 13 London st 
Lizars John, surgeon, 38 York place 
Lizars Robt. boot niaker,.50 Charlotte st.L. 
lyizarsWm. H.engraver,&c.3 St. James' sq 
Llovd and Douglas, merchants & general 

agents, 28 Mitchell street, Leith 
Lloyd John, spirit dealer, 1 Queen st 
Loch Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Ann st 
Lochend's School, Lochend's close— Mr. 

i'ickson. master 
Lockhart Ephraiin, wiitcr, 13i Pitt st 


EDINBURGH, &c. lEUitt^UVSWire. 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

l.ockhart, Hiinterand VVhiteheail, writers 
to llie sisnct, !i Fettes row [st 

Loclthavt R. spiritdealr. 109 St. Leonard's 
J-ockhart Robert, solicitor s. c. 15 Clyde st 
Loekhead Cieo.spirit dealr.Kemp's closeb. 
Lockie Charles, draper, 76 Nicolson st 
Lockie Jotin, clothes dealer, IKi Cowgale 
Lockie John, tailor, 23 Laurislon st 
Lockie Mrs. lodgings, 13 Hill place 
Lockie William, tailor, 3 Main point 
Lockley Antliony,ageitf for Messrs. Shep- 
herds', of Froine, 21 Ann street 
Losan Alexndr. S. advocate, 12 Dublin st 
Logan Edmund, writer, 131 Princes st 
Logan George, spirit dealer,l23 Plcasance 
Logan George, writer, 4 Hunter square 
Logan Hart, advocate, 131 Princes st 
Logan James, smith, MoHat's close [L. 
Logan James, spirit dealer, 1 Cromwell st, 
Logan John, writer, 1 Nelson st 
Logan Miss Margaret, 33 Ann st 
Logan Margaret, grocer, 19 Grcenside row 
Logan M ary, dress maker,47 Great King st 
Logan Rev. Richard, 18 Buccleugh place 
Logan Richard, tlesher, 180 Canongate 
Logan Walter, esq. (of Hillend), St. Ber- 
nard's crescent 
Logic William, hair dresser, 74 Canongate 
London & Edinburgh Shipping Co. oflice, 
72 Shore, Leith— Archbld.Ritchie,mngr 
London and Leith Old Shipping Co. 77 
Shore, Leith— David Gourlay, manager 
London Colfee House, Lothian road — 

Wnlker and Co. proprietors 
London Hotel {comraercial & fninily),2 St. 
Andrew's sq — Wni. Murray, proprietor 
London, Leith, Edinburgh and Glasgow 
Shipping Company, 50 Shore, Leith — 
Ugilvie and Crichton, managers 
Longmore Mr. Adam (of Exchequer), 46 
Melville street [ville st 

Longmore John Alexander,writer,46 Mel- 
Loruine Colonel A. 48 Albany st 
Loraine Miss, 43 Albany st 
Lorimer George, builder, 2 Keir st 
Lorimer John, builder, 1 1 Torpichon st 
Lorimer Rev. Peter, tcachr.Heriol's hospitl 
Lorimer Wm. solicitor, 29 Bernard st. I.. 
Lorn Mrs. JeS3ie(Thornbank),26 Dundas st 
Lothian Alexander,advocate,21 Lothian st 
Lothian Andrew, solicitor, 21 Athol crsnt 
Lothian Duncn.shopkeepr. 1 IGreenside rw 
Lothian Edward, advocate, 102 Princes st 
Lothian Jas. writer, 21 St. Patrick square 
Lothian James, tobacconist,R5 Nicolson st 
Lothian John, solicitor, 24 Royal terrace 
Lothian John,mHp publisher,21 Atholcrsnt 
Lothian Maurice, solicitor, 5 Windsor st 
Lothian Mr. Maurice, 20 Bnccleugh place 
Lothian Maurice & John, solicitors, s.c. 
31 North Bridge st [place 

Lothian Scott, dress maker, 2 Greenside 
Lothian Thomas, surgeon, 102 Princes st 
Lothian William, merchant, Writer's court 
Love Elizbth.matroiiof EdinburghGeneral 

Lying-in Hospital, Park place 
Love John, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Low Alexander, accountant, 11 Albyn pi 
Low Mrs. Alexander,grocer,8fl Canongate 
Low David, professor, 11 Albyn place 
Low John, china & glass dlr.57 George st 
Low John, plumber, 39 Lothian st 
Low J«hn,blacking m,iniifctr.68Thistle st 
Low john,spirit dealer,3Fox lane, Elbe st 
Low Joseph, teacher of dancing, 44 North 

Hanover street 
Low William, accountant, 12 Pitt st 
Lowden James, sack & pack sheet ware- 
house, 4.51 Lawn market [nongate 
Lowe Wm. gardener, 6 South back of Ca- 
Lowrie Alexander,3ilk dyer,6 Water la,L. 
Lowrie John, smith, 96 Abbey hill 
Lowrie John, cartwright, Abbey hill 
Lowrie Mrs. lodgings, 77 Shore, Leith 
Lowrie Robert, hair dresser, 7 Shore, Lth 
Lowrie Wm. spirit dlr.6 Gt.Junction st,L. 
Luke Adam, treasurer, George Heriot's 

Hospital, II Royal Exchange 
Luke .lames, baker, 2.5 Brunswick st 
Luke Mrs. James, 116 Lauriston place 
Luke John & William, woollen drapers, 

193 High street 
Lumsdaine Mrs. Janet, 25 Sherrifl brae,L. 
Lumsdaine John,8urgeon,9 Causeway side 
Lumsden James, tailor,6l Cumberland st 
Lumsden Mrs. 40 King st 
Lumsden Robert, dairyman, 08 Pleasance 
Lundie Archibald, writer, 22 Ann st 

I Lunn John, builder. Circus lune 
Lunn Mrs. 20 Meadow place 
Lunn Robert, engraver, 138 Nicolson st 
Lunn Thomas Jiosier, 3 Roxburgh terrace 
Lyal James, ship master, 22 Couper st.L. 
LyallAlx. messenger at arms.Brougbton pi 
Lyall Alex.spirit dealer,21 Broad wynd,L. 
Lyall Jolin,coal merchant, 34 Charlotte st, 

Leith, & 2 Port Hopetoun 
Lyall Miss, 14 Great King st 
Ijyall Richard, baker, 20 Bridge st, Leitli 
Lyie Alexander, manager of Marquess of 

Lothian's colliery, 8 Henry st fst 

Lyme Wm.ironmonger & tinsmith,3 Howe 
Lyon Francis, manager of Leith Gas Co. 

20 Baltic street, Leith 
Lyon George, lecturer en civil and Scots 

law, 40 Cumberland st 
Lyon George, writer, 20 Forth st 
Lyon Mrs. James, I Forres st 
Lyon James William, Edinburgh bazaar, 

25 Princes street 
Lyon John, M. A. classical tutor nt Leith 

High school & session clerk for South 

Leith, Janelield place 
Lyon Jonathan,auctioneer, -531 Castle hill 
Lyon Miss, dress maker, 4 Hill square 
LyonMisses,dress makers, 59 Broughtonst 
Lyon William, tailor, 10 Duncan st 
Lyon William, tailor, 10 Hunter square 
Lyon Wm. grocer & spirit dealr.29Cowgate 


MA BEN Jno. accountant, 25 St. James' sq 

Maben Mrs. 2 Lauriston terrace 

Mabon A. B. manager of Hull and Leith 

Shipping Co. 7 Vanburgh place 
Mabon Tlios. agent, 105 South Bridge st 
Macadam Jas. linen & woollen draper, 53 

North Bridge street 
Macalister Rev. John, 8 Hailes st 
Macallan Alex, advocate, 2 Athol place 
Macallan Jas. writer, 2() Rutland square 
M'Alpin Geo. watch, &c.niakr. 2.')7High st 
M'Alpin W. & H. furniture printers and 

carpet manufacturers, 23 George st 
M'Alpin Wm. saddler, 2 Grass market 
M'AIpine Jas. maltster, 129 Grass market, 

and 107 Constitution st, Leith 
M'AIpine Miss, 12 Melville st 
M'Andrew Mrs. Dr. 10 Drummond st 
Macandrew John, solicitor, 28 Dublin st 
Macandrew Robt. writer, 17 St.James'sq 
M'AnuIty John, boot, &c. maker, 73 St. 

Mary's wynd 
Macara James, writer, Barony st 
Macara Lawrnce. Mudie,writer,7 Young st 
MacartJas.boot,&c.makcr,25 Bridge st,L. 
M'ArthurAlex. tailor,43 North Hanover st 
M' Arthur James, teacher ot dancing, 1 

Darnawny street 
M'Arthur James, tailor, ISO High st 
M'Arlhnr Patrick, publican, Newhaven 
Macaulay Alex, surgeon, 23 Gt. King st 
Mncauley Miss, 12 Clarence st 
Macauley Miss, 11 Aichibald place 
Macauley Robt. storekeeper, Jock's lodge 
M'Barnet (of St.Vincents), 

SOLondon street 
Macbean iEneas, writer, 11 Charlotte sq 
Macbean Licut.-Col. J. 27 Inverleith row 
M'Beath David, hat nianufr.04 Princes st 
M'BeathMisses,dressmkr8.43 Broughtn st 
M'Beth and Kinlocli, milliners and dress 

makers, 29 Frederick st 
M'Beth Mrs. — , French stay maker, 39 

North Hanover street 
M' Blain Wm spirit dealer, 139 Canongate 
M'CabeJohn, clothes dealer, 112 Cowgate 
M'Call Andrew, grocer, Dublin st 
M'CaIlAudw.spiritdealer,41Grass market 
M'Call Ann, furniture broker,305 Cowgate 
M'Call John, teacher of dancing,2 Drum- 
mond street [Lothian st 
M'Call John, watch and clock maker, 20 
M'Call Peter, furnit. broker, 118 Cowgate 
M'Calhira Duncan and James, spirit dea- 
lers, 93 Nicolson st [High st 
M'Callum Edward, woollen draper, 217 
M'Callum George, esq. 42 India st 
M'Callum George, writer, 40 India st 
M'Callum Mrs. Margt. 1 Randolph crescnt 
M'Callum Mrs. 2 Roxburgh st 
M'Callum Peter, spirit dlr.l7Buccleug1i st 
M'Carter Mrs. lodgings, 12 Barony st 
M'CaskieEbenezer,hat makr. 50 Cowgate 
M'Caskie James, hat manufacturer, Cow- 
gate, and 140 Kirkgate, Leith 

M'Caskies and Anderson, hat manufac- 
turers, 90 Candlemaker row 
M'CanI Charles, baker, 9 Pleasance st 
M'Caul Wm. spirit dealer, 78 Queen st 
M'Cheyne Adam, writer, 20 Hill st 
M'Cleish Chas. spirit dealr. 13 Jamaica st 
M'tlleisb Wm. tailor, 35 South Bridge at 
M'Clellan Catherine, bookbinder,60 North 

Bridge st 
M'Clellaiid George, writer, 24 Duke st 
M'Clentock J.bootmkr.85St. Mary's wynd 
MClnmpha John, tailor, 11 Willmm st 
M'Comb Win. spirit dealer, 24 Simon sq 
M'Connan John, shoemaker, Echo bank 
M'Cook James, writer, 44 Great King st 
M'Cormick Miss,33 St. Bernard's crescent 
M'Cosh Robert, tailor,4 Gt.Junction st,L. 
M'Crae John, grocer, 2 Clarence st 
M'Crae Rev. Thomas, Georse's square 
M'Craken John, solicitor, 10 Rutland st 
M'Craw John, town olliccr, 3 Tolbootli 

wynd, Leith 
M'Craw John,shoe warelioiise,249High st 
M'Craw Peter, colIector,23Kirkgate,LeitU 
M'Crie Mr.s. 13 Salisbury place 
M'Crie Rev. Thomas, George square 
M'Crie William and Co. paper stainors, 7 

South Hanover st [Leith 

M'Crorie Jane, spirit dealer. Citadel port, 
M'Cuaig Duncan, tailor and clothier, 6 

South Frede'.ick st 
M'Culloch Andrew,conductor of the baths, 

Seafield [wynd 

M'Culloch John, spirit dealer, 10 Horse 
M'Culloch John, painter, 23 Home st [st 
M'Culloch Philip, rope mkr.50 Brunswick 
M'Culloch Walter, writer, 9 Hope st 
M'Culloch Wm.sheriiT's onicer,142Highst 
M'Dermant Mrs. 7 Rankeillor st 
M'Diarniid Archibald, tailor, 83 Princes st 
M'Diarmid Daniel, master of the Leith 

Charily School, 5 Kingst, Leith 
M'Diarmid Capt. John, 9 Upper Gray st 
M'Diarmid John, spirit dIr.South Canal st 
Macdonald Alexander, lyon clerk depute, 

5 Regent's terrace [ferry st 

Macdonald Alex, cabinet mkr. ISUueens- 
Macdonald Alex, flesher, 2 Antigua st 
M'Donald Alexander, spirit dealer, 38 

Pleasance street [side 

M'Donald Alexander, lodgings, Morning 
M'D(mald Alexander, superintendent of 

St. Cuthbert's Lunatic Asylum 
M'Donald & Co. wine & spirit merchants 

and agents, 8 Coatfield lane, Leith 
M'Donald & Co.druguisls,119NicoIson st 
Macdonald Archibald, cabinet maker, 23 

Rose lane [rine st 

Macdonald Arohil)ald,bookseller,21 Cathc- 
M'Donald Archibald, saddler, 123 Nicol- 
son street [market 
Macdonald Arthur, liorfc dealer, 39 Grass 
M'Donald Colin, shoe maker, 12 George st 
Macdonald Coll, writer, 18 King st 
Macdonald Daniel,publican,Stiichen close 
Macdonald Donald, muslin warehouse, 13 

South St. Andrew st [St. Andrew st 
Macdonald Donald, boot maker, 12 North 
M'Donald Donald, grocer, 228 Cowgate 
M'Donald Donald, bag-pipe maker, 529 

Castle hill [Cowgate 

M'DonnId Donald, furniture broker, 289 
M'Donald Donald, spirit dealei',121 Gras» 

market [place 

M'Donald Donald, dairyman, 10 Melville 
M'Donald George, day school, 10 Elder st 
M acdonaldGeorge,schooImaster,6 Comely 

green place [pince 

M'Donald Grant, boot maker, 13 Athol 
Macdonald Captain H.P. Brunswick st 
M'Donaldj Helen, victual dlr.70 West port 
M' Donald J . dress maker, 1 2 Beaumont pi 
M'Donald J. & J. tailors, 11 Davie st 
Macdonald James, ironmonger, 06 High st 
Macdonald Jas. painter, 13 Drummond st 
M'Donald Jas. shawl manufr. 72 Adam sq 
M'Donald Jas. saddler, 38 Grass market 
M'Donald .las. tailor, 40 West Register st 
M'Donald James, messenger at arms, 4 

St. James's square [George st 

Macdonald Mrs. Jane (of Clanronald),l37 
M'Donald Janet, silk and worsted dealer, 

32 Prince3 st 
M'Donald Mrs. Jean, 41 Ann st [ter st 
M'Donald Jessie,stay malier,l East Regis- 
M'Donald Johanna, dress maker,12 South 

Castle street [gale 

M'Donald John,furniturebrokcr,l24Cow- 
M'Donald John, teacher, 67 George st 


iBl(ittliurgDi5]^ire. EDINBURGH, &c. 

mm ^ <S^o,*^ 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

M'Donald John, printer,Carrubber'3 close 
M'Donald John, spirit dealer,20Thi3tlest 
M'Doaald Lewis,druggist,106 KirJ<ffate,L. 
M'Donald M. & J. siik & worsted dealers, 

25 Lothian st [Great King st 

Macdonald Matthew Norman, writer, 29 
M'Donald Margt. lodginafs, 6 Nicolson sq 
M'Donald the Misses, 29 Howe st 
M'Donald Mrs. 4 Torpichen st 
M'Donald Mrs. Captain, 39 Ann st 
M'Donald Mrs. spirit dealer,? Main point 
M'Donald Cantain R. G. (of Clamonald), 

8 Bleuhel replace 
Macdonald Sir R.Stewart Seton(of Staffa) 

advocate, 17 Gardner's crescent 
M'Donald Robt. surgeon, 2 Sth. College st 
Macdonald Col. Robertson, 17 Melville st 
M'Donald Roderick, spiritdealer,12 Cum- 
berland street [Cowgate 
M'Donald Ronald, furniture broker, 242 
M'Donald Ronald, spirit dlr.lOO Cowgate 
M'Donald Tertius,surg(-on,13 Catherinest 
M'Donald Wva. physician, 26 George sq 
M'Donald VVm. smith,Jamaica street lane 
M'Donald William, messenger at arms, 7 

East Register st [hall 

M'Donald VVm. spirit dealer, 6 Summer 
M'Donald William, joiner, Newhaven 
'M'Donnell iEneas, tea dlr.47 W.Thistlest 
M'Donnell James, writer, 10 BroughtOn pi 
M'Dougal Alex. esq. 4 Alva st [gardens 
M'Dougal Alex.spirit dealer,6 Old Physic 
M'Dongal Alex. Skip Tavern,\S Shore,L. 

& Exchange y'ai'crn,118 Constitution st 
M'Dongal Donald, spirit dlr.24 Potter rw 
M'Dougal Janet, clothes dealer, 42 St 

Andrew street, Leith 
M'Dougal John, grocer, &c. 18 Howe st 
M'Dougal John, grocer, 37 Niddry st 
M'DougalJoseph, shoemkr.145 Pleasance 
M'Dougal Mrs. Leopold place 
M'Dougall Alexander, livery stables, 1J8 

Constitution st, Leitb [st 

M'Dougall Mrs. Allan, 12 Sonth Charlotte 
M'Dowall Agnes, school. Potter row 
M'Dougall John, teacher of English, Car- 
rubber's close 
M'Dougall Captain M. 5 Clarence st 
Macdowall Allan, esq. 24 Regent terrace 
M'Dowall Charles, writer, 35 Dublin st 
M'Dowall Mrs. Colonel, 32 Gt. King st 
M'Dowall James,wine merchant & agent, 

6 Baxter place, Leith rd [Bridge st 

M'Dowall John, seal engraver, 23 South 
M'Dowall John, accountant,10 Graham st 
M'Dowall Mrs. 14 Royal crescent 
M'Dowall Thomas & William, booksellers 

and stationers, 5 North Bridge street, 

and 39 Nicolson st [crescent 

M'Dowall William, surgeon, 8 Bellevue 
M'Dowall Mr. William, '8 Picardy place 
M'Dowall Wm. optician, 13 Infirmary st (of Bonhard),7 Regent terr 
MacdulT William, grocer, 25 Bread st 
M'Edward Janet, spirit dealer, Canaan 
Macee Thos.spirit dlr.29 St. Mary's wynd 
M'Ewen Andw.clothes deales,100 Cowgte 
M'Ewen Edward, flesher. Middle market 
M'Ewen Hny.spirit dlr.9 W.Richmond st 
M'Ewen James, writer, 11 Picardy place 
M'Ewen John, grocer, 19 Sth. Hanover st 
M'Ewen Robert, baker, 22 Cowgate 
M'Ewen Thos. grocer, 37 North Castle st 
Macfarlan John, treasurer to the Royal 

Medical Society, Surgeons' square 
Macfarlan John, surgeon, 14 India st 
M'Farlane Alex, corn factor & agent, 55 

Constitution st, Leith [street 

M'Farlane Alex, coach hirer, 14 William 
Macfarlane IMr. B. 10 Adam st 
Macfarlane Christian, school,2Charlotte pi 
Macfarlane David, lodgings, 7 Adam st 
M'Farlane Donald, dairy ,'22 Maitlandst 
Macfarlane Duncan, school, 2 Charlotte pi 
Macfarlane Duncan, advocate, 19 Drum. 

mond place [burgh pi, L. 

Macfarlane Elisabeth, lodgings, 10 Ham- 
M'Farlane Hanh. clothes dlr. 1 15 Cowgate 
Macfarlane J. F. apothecary, 2 1 Jamaicast 
M'FarlaneJ. &J .strw hat mkrs,Bishop's els 
Macfarlane Rev. James, minister of St. 

Bernard's, 11 Carlton 3t,Stockbridge 
M'Farlane Jas.spirit dlr.TOTolboolh wynd 
Macfarlane Jas.balier,l I Nth-wstCircus pi 
M'Farlane James and Son, boot and shoe 

makers, 3 Brunswick st, Leith 
M'Farlane Janet, lodgings, Laverock bank 
M'Farlane Jessie,dress mkr,81 Nicolsonst 
Macfarlane Mr. John, 7 Comely bank 


M'Farlane John, flesher, 6 Middle market 
M'Farlane John,coach hirer, 22VVilliani st 
Macfarlane Jno.chymist,&c. 17 N. Bridges! 
Macfarlane Miss, dress maker, 4 Adam st 
Macfarlane Miss, 2 Haddington pi [row 
Macfarlane Miss(of Macfarlane), 37Heriot 
Macfarlane the Misses, 21 Athol crescent 
Macfarlane Mrs. (of West Cambas), 192 
Constitution st, Leith [Andrew st 

Macfarlane Robt. spirit dealr. 14 South St. 
M'Farlane Thos. writer, 47 Great King st 
M'FarlaneWalter, spirit dlr. 'i9 Potter row 
M'Farlane Wm.sboemkr. 4 Deanhaugh st 
M'Farlane Wm. tailor, 1 Glover st Leith 
M'Farlane William Husband and George, 

grocers, 46 Howe st 
M'Farquhar Mrs. 3 Malta terrace [gate 
M'Gechaen John, baker, 4 Huntley st 
M'George John, boot & shoe maker, 499 

Lawn market 
M'George Mr. 8 Gilmour place 
M'Ghie William, spirit & porter dealer, 
2 Princes street [street 

M'GibbonIsabella,straw hat mkr,15 Howe 
M'Gie Margt. publican, 1 Shakspeare sq 
M'Gie Robert, spirit dealer, 2-5 Cowgate 
M'Gilchrist Rev. John, 30 Regentterrace 
M'Gill Edward, glazier, 105 Rose st 
M'Gill George, flesher, 2 Melville place 
M'Gill Jas. spirit dealer, 4 St. Patrick st 
M'Gill John, boot, &c.mkr. 48 Nicolsonst 
M'Gill John, solicitor in supreme court, 

12 South St. David st 
M'Gill Thos. shoe maker, 48 Potter row 
M'Gilvray Duncan, tailor, 61 Queen st 
M'Gilvray Peter, spirit dealer, 89 Grass 

market and 28 Earl Grey st 
M'Glashan Alex, surgeon, 119 Princes st 
M'Glashau James, lodgings, 5 India st 
M'Glashan James,spirit dealer, I India st 
M'Glashan James and Son, teachers of 

dancing, 23 St. James' square 
M'Glashan John, auctioneer,26l Cowgate 
M'Glashan John, solicitor, s.c. 5 Argyle st 
M'Glashan Neil, tailor, 23 St. James' sq 
M'Gowan Mr. Daniel, 17 St. James's sq 
M'Gowan John, writer, 33 Dundas st 
M'Gowan Mrs. 5 Athol place 
Macgregor Alex, stationer, 21 Dundas st 
Maogregor & Parker, wood and ivory 
turners, 153 High st [Trinity 

M'Gregor Lady Charlotte, Trinity lodge, 
M'Gregor David, spirit dealer, 13 Society, 
Brown square [place 

M'Gregor Donald, spirit dealer, 2 Rutland 
M'Gregor Hugh, spirit dealer, Old As- 
sembly close [Regislerst 
M'Gregor James,watch,&o.maker,29 West 
Macgregor Jas. tavern, 50 South Bridge st 
M'Gregor Jas. spirit dealr. 190 Canongate 
M'Gregor John, St. Andrew's Tavern, 30 
Rose street [Leith 
M'Gregor John, glazier, 86 St. Giles st, 
M'Gregor Mr. John, banker, 18 Minto st 
M'Gregor John,'ipiritdealer,121 Pleasance 
M'Gregor Joseph, accountant, Ramsay 
lodge, High st [Hanover st 
M'Gregor Margaret, lodgings, 34 South 
M'Gregor Major, Blacket place 
M'Gregor Mrs. 22 Salisbury st [ton pi 
M 'Gregor Patrick, accountant, 6 Hadding- 
M'Gregor Peter, linen draper, 30 George st 
M'Gregor R. tailor, 20 Bank st 
M'Gregor Rev. Simon, 15 Nelson st 
M'Gregor, William, flesher. High market 
M'Growther John, boot and shoe maker, 

25 Thistle street 
Machattie John, agent to Carron Com- 
pany, 8 Vanburgi) place 
Machell Jas. carrier, 12 Candlemaker row 
Machelmail Margt. stay maker, 16 Bank st 
M'Hutchen Hugh, hair dresser, 53 High st 
M'Hutchen Wm. agent to the European 
Life Insurance Co. and collector of as- 
sessed taxes, 60 North Bridge st 
M'Hutcheon John, spirit dealer, 12 East 
Register st [land st 

M'Indoe Thomas, writer, 18 Cumber- 
M'lnnes Jas. solicitor s. c. 10 George sq 
M'Innes John, boot, &c. mkr. I Queen st 
M'lnnes Robert, coach maker. Dean st 
M'lntosh Alex, tailor, Lothian road 
Macintosh Alx. coal racht.I5 Port Hamilton 
MacintoshAlx.eating-h3e,51 Broughtonst 
M'lntosh Alex, wright, 29 Horse wynd. 
North College st [Leith walk 

M'lntosh Allan,bookbind€r,Heriot'sbldg3. 

M'lntosh & Co. dyers, Tolbooth wynd 
iM'Tnlosli & Ducat, writers to the signet, 

10 Royal crescent [row 

Macintosh & Gammel, solicitrs, 4 Fettes 
M'lntosh & Hunter, grocers, 287 Cowgate 
M'lntosh Andw. cooper,47Cross causeway 
Macintosh Andrew, tailor, 30 South Fre- 
derick st [Leith walk 
M'lntosh Mrs. Christian, 4 King's place, 
M'lntosh D. house governor. Orphans' 

Hospital, Dean. [st 

M'lntosh Daniel, esq. 27 Sonth Hanover 
M'lntosh Danl.bootmaker,9Drummond st 
M'lntosh Donald, 3urgeon,8 Cause wy side 
Macintosh Duncan, teacher, 3 South 

Hanover street 
M'lntosh George, boot & shoe maker, 66 

Candlemaker row [Richmond st 

M'lntosh Henry, boot & shoe mkr, 27 Sth. 
M'lntosh Hugh, spirit dealer, 6 Dock pl,L. 
Macintosh James, esq. (of Larnancha), 

10 Grove street [st 

M'lntosh Jas. bookseller,5 North College 
M'lntosh J as. spirit dealer,25 Richmond pi 
M'lntosh James, tailor, 377 High st 
M'lntosh grocer ,7Sandport st,L. 
M'lntosh Mrs. Jane, Madeira st, Leith 
Macintosh Jane, green grocer, Green markt 
M'lntosh Mr. John, 30 Morrison st 
M'lntosh Dr. John, proprietor of medical 

school, H Argyle sq [friars wynd 

M'lntosh John, spirit dealer, 13 Black- 
M'lntosh John, spirit dlr. 18 Earl Grey st 
Macintosh John, surgeon, 31 Albany st 
Macintosh John, saddler, Lothian road 
Macintosh John, tobacconist, 155 High st 
Macintosh John, tailor, 74 George st 
Macintosh John, spirit dealer, 2 Hope st 
M'lntosh Lauchlan, spirit dealer, 16 Col- 
lege wynd rLawn market 
M'lntosh Malcolm, linen, &c. draper, 330 
M'lntosh Mary, dyer, 89 Abbey hill 
M'lntosh Mrs. 8 Roxburgh st 
Macintosh William, esq. (of Geddes), 54 

Great King street 
M'Intyre Rev. Alex, classical teacher at 

George Heriot's Hospital 
M'Intyre Major Archd. 14 Comely bank 
M'Intyre Mr. Donald, 6 Upper Dean terr 
M'lntyie Jas. spirit dealer, 69 Pleasance 
M'Intyre Janet, milliner, 131 Kirkgate,L. 
M'Intyre John, hair dresser, 44 Pleasance 
M 'Intyre John, spirit dealer,97 Leith wynd 
M'Intyre Jno.spiritdealr.522 Lawn market 
M'Intyre Malcom,spiritdealr.317Cowgate 
M'Intyre Mrs. I Grove street 
M'Intyre Mrs. 34 Buccleugh place 
M'Intyre Peter, spirit dealr.Hyndford close 
M'Isaac John, tailor, 30 Nicolson st 
M'Isaac Wm. tailor, 8 North Bridge st 
Mack Wm. victual dealer, 129 West port 
Mackain Lieut. — ,8 London row, Leith 
Maclcay —, lodgings, 5 South College st 
Mackay Mr. Alexander (of Blackcastle), 

45 Minto street 
M'Kay Alex, spirit dealer, 20 Shore, Leith 
Mackay Alex, inspector general. Barrack 

OtHce, South back of Canongate 
Mackay Alexander, draper, 29 Thistle st 
Mackay Alex, shoemaker, 82 Kirkgate,L. 
Mackay & Chisholm, jewellers, 49 North 

Bridge street [North Bridge st 

Mackay and Cunningham, jewellers, 47 
M'Kay Angus, spirit cllr.62 Cumberland st 
MackayAngus,hatmanfr,23N1h. Bridge st 
Mackay Ann, spirit dealer, 412 Castle hill 
Mackay Benjamin,teacherofHigh School, 

1 St. James's square [street 

Mackay Catherine,eating-honse,.56 Bristo 
Mackay David, surveyor, 9 Hill square 
Mackay David, hairdresser,8 Greenside pi 
M'Kay Donald, spirit dealer, 48 Cowgate 
MackayEuphemia,lodgings,146 Princes st 
Mackay Georgp,spirit dealer ,38Jamaicast 
Mackay H ugh, clothes dealer.246 Cowgate 
M'Kay Isabella, stay maker, 106 Rose st 
MackayJ. D.China & glass dlr,-58 Albany st 
Mackay Jas. spirit dealer, 2 Milne square 
Mackay James, hotel keeper, 18 and 19 

Princes street [Bridge st 

M'Kay James, commission agent,13 North 
Mackay James, spirit dealer,142 Cowgate 
Mackay James, tailor, 4 Barony st 
Mackay James & Alexndr. spirit dealers, 

133 High street 
Mackay John, hotel, 9 1 Princes st 
Mackay John, spirit dealer, 143 High st 


EDINBURGH, &c. fEJJittbUlgljsflilt. 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Mackay John, fleslier, 20 West Port 
Mackay John, spirit dealer, 107 & 276 

Canonsate ff^"'*' st 

Mackay John, esq. (of RockfieId),23 Staf- 
Mackay John,Ciibinet maker,12 S.Castle st 
Mackav John, liverv stables, 13 Clyrle st 
Mackay Major (of Bighonse),9 Walker st 
Mackay MaVy,lodsings, 38 North Castle st 
M'Kay Mrs. lodsings 7 Brishton st 
Mackay Mrs. dress maker, 5 N. Bridge st 
Mackay Mrs. 9 Comely bank 
Mackay Mrs. milliner, 32 Lothian st fst 
Mackay PatU. & Son,hatters,64 N. Bridge 
Mackay Peter, superintendant of asylum, 

Brislo port 
Mackay Robert, painter & paper hanger, 8 

St. Andrew's sq 
Mackay Robert, tailor, 4 George st 
Mackay Thomas,tailor, Stevenlaw's close 
Mackay Thos. Geo. writer,10 Walker st 
Mackay William, cork cntter, 87 High st 
Mackay Wra. cabinet mkr.7 S.Charlotte st 
M'Kean James, seal engraver,23 Clyde st 
W'Kean John, manager of the Scottish 

Widows' Fund & Life Assurance Co. 5 

St. Andrew's square [Leith 

M'Kean VVm.B. shipping agent,20 Shore, 
M'Kechney Andw.bricklnyr,4 Windmllla 
M'Kechney C. F. artist, 27 Nelson st 
M'Kelvie James, lodgings, Seafield 
M'KelvieJohn,lodgings,6Terrace,Leitli st 
M'Kennie Alexander, tailor, Craig's close 
Mackenzie Alexander, hair dresser, 1 

Baker's place [North Bridge st 

Mackenzie Alex, fishing tackle maker, 25 
Mackenzie Alexander, spirit dealer, 170 

Oanongate [Hanover st 

Mackenzie Alexander, tailor, 40 North 
MackenzieMrs.Alexander,5 Buccleugh pi 
M'Kenzie Alex. spirit dealer,148 Cowgate 
M'Kenzie Alex, spirit dealer, CO Queen st 
Mackenzie & Innes, writers, 23 Queen st 
M ackenzie&Macfarlane,writers,.5 Elder st 
Mackenzie & Sharpe, wiiters, 31 Aber- 

cromby place [Queen st 

Blackenzie & Spen.s, accountants, 12 
Mackenzie Ann, jeweller, 27 Nicolson st 
M'Kenzie Ann, spirit dir. 14 Baltic st, L. 
M'Kenzie Archibald, spirit dealer, 21 

Downie place [crescent 

Mackenzie Hon. Miss C. 9 Randolph 
Mackenzie Capt.(ofGrenard)Duddingston 
Mackenzie Captain, 8 Walker st 
M'Kenzie Capt.(ofGrniniard),6l Queen st 
flI'Kenzie Charles,grocer.65 Broughtonst 
Mackenzie Mrs. Charlotte, 5 Gayfield sq 
Mackenzie Daniel, spirit dlr. 31 Dublin st 
Mackenzie David, artist, 8 Gt. Stuart st 
Mackenzie David, cutler, 48 Nicolson st 
M'Kenzie David, spirit dealer, 13 Mid- 

dleton's entry [walk 

M'Kenzie Capt. Donald, Stead's pi. Leith 
Mackenzie Capt.Donald,42Nrth.Castlest 
M'Kenzie Donald, spirit dealer, 1 High st 
M'Kenzie Dn Id. spirit dealer, 167 Pleasance 
Mackenzie Donald,lodgings,l 15 Princes st 
Mackenzie Donald, hotel, 1 Sth. Castle st 
Mackenzie Miss Elizabeth, 143 Princes st 
Mackenzie Elizabeth, stay maker. 43 West 

Thistle street fmond st 

Mackenzie (Jeorge, painter, 12Nrth.Rich- 
MackenzieHon. Mrs. Hay (of Cromartie), 

11 Calton place [Castle st 

Mackenzie Helen, milliner, &c. 39 North 
Bi'Kenzie Isabella, spirit dlr. Newhaven 
51'Kenzie James, tinsmith, 151 West port 
M'Kenzie James, working jeweller, 21 

George street 
Mackenzie Jas. grocer, 32 St. Andrew's sq 
Mackenzie James, tobacconist, 39 West 

Register street [Princes st 

Mackenzie Mrs. Jane (of Applecross), 145 
Mackenzie John, esq. 4 Shandwick place 
i^l'Kenzie John,spiritdealer,46 Abbey hill 
M'KenzieJno.hatranfr.64St.Mary's wynd 
M'Kenzie John, teacher of music, 8 St. 

James's square [ofCanongate 

M'Kenzie John, plumber, 48 South back 
Mackenzie John, grocer and spirit dealer, 

148 Princes street [.Main poinr 

Mackenzie John, tinsmith, 3 Hay's court, 
Mackenzie John, spirit dealer,Canon mills 
Mackenzie .lohn, solicitor,8 Manor place 
Mackenzie John, plumber, &c. 15 Rose st 
Mackenzie John Whitehead, writer to the 

signet, 19 Scotland st 
M'Kenzie K. painter, 2 Main Point 
Mackenzie Miss, 15 George square 


Mackenzie Miss, 1 Nelson st [cent 

Mackenzie Mrs. Capt. Comely green cres- 
Mackenzie Mrs. 45 Montague st 
Mackenzie Mrs. 10 Brighton st 
Mackenzie Mrs. 15 Clerk st 
.Mackenzie Mrs. West Grange house 
M'Kenzie Mrs. lodgings, 8 Roxburgh (err 
Mackenzie Robert, shoe maker, 2 f'ilt st 
Mackenzie Robert, wriler,2 Doune terrace 
M 'KenzieRbt. H all , brewer, 24 Sheriff brae 
Mackenzie Roderick, writer, 5 Forth st 
IM'Kenzie Srnl.s. A.arlist,32 Broughton pi 
Mackenzie Sutherland, manager of the 

Scottish Union Assurance Company, 24 

Charlotte square [Jamaica st 

Mackenzie Thomas, victual dealer, 33 
MackenzieThomas.wrlter, 45Fredeiick st 
M'Kenzie Capt. William, 29 Montague st 
Mackenzie ten- 
Mackenzie Mr. William, 2 Gaytield sq 
Mackenzie William, chyniist & druggist, 

21 Bridge street, Leith [Castle st 

Mackenzie William, lodgings, 41 North 
Mackenzie W'illiam,wi iter, 67 N. Bridge st 
Mackenzie William, tailor, 10 Duncan st 
M'Kenzie William, dyer, 106 Rose st 
Mackenzie William, hoot & shoe maker, 

1 North St. Andrew st [27 Princes st 
Mackenzie William B. Shetland hosier, 
M'Kerlie Mrs. lodging.s, 24 Clerk st 
M'Kerlie Robert, esq. ordnance store 

keeper. Castle 
M'Kerracher Alex. bookseller,28 Leith st 
INPKenaclier Margt.splritdlr.lPotter row 
Mj.Kerracher Mrs.spirit dlr.l4l(Jrassmrkl 
M'Kerrell the Misses,3 Randolph crescent 
Mackersy Wm.\vriter,2 Bellevue crescent 
l\Iackeiter Mr. Robert, 3 Leopold place 
Mackie & Son,tailors,4 West Richmond st 
Mackie Charles,surgeon,7 N.W.Circuspl 
Mackie David, tailor, 6 Milne square 
Mackie Elizabeth, lodgings, 25 India st 
Mackie G. C. teacher, Fountain ct. High st 
Mackie Jane, milliner, 8 Dundas st 
Mackie John, grocer, &c. 10 Mansfield pi 
Mackie Jno.smith,Whitefield la, Leith wlk 
Mackie John Wyse, baker,8 S.Hanoverst 
Mackie M'Queen,spirit dealer,18 Howe.-t 
Mackie Robt.smith,102 Constitution st,L. 
Mackie Lieut. Thomas, 19 Home st 
Mackie Thos.shipmaster,4 London rw,L. 
M'Killop Janet.straw hatmaker,4Howe st 
M'Kim Andrew, baker,! Sth.St.Andrew st 
Mackinlay Alexndr. spirit dealer, 50 Cross 

Mackinlay and Robertson, painter's and 

glaziers, Bull's close 
Mackinlay Mr. Archibald, 16 Forth st 
Mackinlay Charles, commercial traveller, 

41 Constitution street, Leith 
Mackinlay David, esq. 25 Royal terrace 
Mackinlay David, grocer, 108 Canongate 
Mackinlay Duncan & Co. linen drapers, 1 

Bank street [st 

Mackinlay Finlay, cutler, 3 Sth. Hanover 
M'Kinlay Miss, teacher, 19 St. John st 
Mackinlay Peter, watch maker,ll Leith st 
Mackinlay Robert, baker, 25 Barnard st,L. 
M'Kinlay Wm.C. spirit dealer,135 Cowgate 
Mackintosh John, tobacconist, 153 High 

street and 42 Nicolson st 
Mackintosh Rev. L. 6 Gardner's crescent 
Mackintosh Rachael, stay maker,30 South 

Frederick st 
M'Kinzie John, spirit dealer, 2 West Cross 

causeway [heads, L. 

M'Kinzie William, spirit dealer, 49 Yard 
M'Klea Mrs. (of Newmoor), 7 Doune terr 
M'Knight Ann, lodgings, 101 Princes st 
M'Knijiht James, writer, 12 London st 
M Knight Samuel, druggist, 157 Rose st 
Maclachlan & Ivury, writers, 52 Northum- 
berland street [Bridge st 
Maclachlan & Stewart, hooksellers,64Sth. 
Maclachlan ColoneI,46 Northumberland st 
Maclachlan George, writer, 20 Duke st 
M'l^achlan James, furniture broker, 301 

M'l.achlan John, grocer. 28 & 30 Bristo st 
Maclachlan Laughlan.solicitorin supreme 

court, 47 North Castle st 
Maclagan Alexndr. teacher, 35 Scotland st 
Maclagan David, physician, 129 George st 
Maclagan Douglas, surgeon, 129 George st 
Maclagan Fred, baker, 19 Sth. Frederick st 
Maclagan Miss, 26 Charles st 
Macla:;an Mr. Peter, 77 Great King st 
M'Laine the Misses, 4 Randolph crescent 

M'Laren Alexander, spirit dealer, 8 East 
Thistle street [st 

M'Laren Ann, spirit dealer, South Canal 
M'Laren Archibald, tavern keeper, 16 
South Ciillcge st [ket st 

M'Laren C. dealer in groceries. High mar- 
M'Laren Charles, editor of the Scotsman 

newspaper, 15 Northumberland st 
M'Liren Dav. tailor, 21 South St.David st 
M'Laren David & Co. commission agents^ 

137 Constitution st. North Leilh 
M'Laren David & George, wine & spirit 

merchants, 15 St. Andrew st, Leith 
M'Laren Donald, spirit dealer, Dunbar's 
close, 413 Lawn market [st 

(M'Laren Duncan, linen draper. 329 High 
M'Laren J. boot & shoe maker,6 Duncan st 
M'Laren James, wholesale tea dealer, 7 

Roxburgh place 
M'Laren James, academy, 8 Hamilton pi 
M'Laren James, spirit dealer, Barony st 
M'Laren John, shoemaker,3 Claremontpl 
M'Laren John, tinsmith, 6 Downie place 
M'Laren Jno. shoemakr.lO Deanhaugh st 
M'Laren Joseph, grocer, 1 Clerk street 
M'Laren Margaret, lodgings, Laverock 
bank, Tiinity [burgh pi 

M'Laren Margaret, spiiit dealer, 14 Rox- 
M'Laren Mrs. !\iary, 32 Dundas st 
M'Laren Mrs. Captain, 8 Comely green pi 
M'Laren Mrs. 21 Broughton place 
M'Laren Neil (Canteen), Castle [pi 

M'Laren Neil,wine,&c.mercht. Broughton 
M'Laren Neil, spirit dealer, 95 Leith wynd 
M'Laren Peter, tailor, 35 Brunswick st 
M'Laren Peter, gardener. Red hall, Bon- 
ningtou road [side pi 

M'Laren Peter, cabinet maker, 20 Green- 
M'Laren Robt. spirit dlr. 60 W. Register st 
M'Laren William, cooper, Legget's land 
M'Lauchlan Andrew, perfumer, 11 Nicol- 
son street [st 
M'Lauchlan Ann, dress Tnaker,6 Sth. Castle 
M'Lauchlan Daniel, dairyman, 67 Cross 

Maclauchlan John, clothes dealer, 18 St. 
Mary's wynd [339 Cowgate 

M'Lauchlan John, furniture dealer, 264 & 
M'Lauchlan Peter,grocer,34 Nth. Castle st 
M'Lauchlan William, gun maker,24 South 
Frederick street [ofCanongate 

M'Laughlan Fergus,cowkeeper,6l N.back 
M'Laurin Duncan, academy, 9 Bruns- 
wick street [place 
M'Laurin John Clark, surgeon, 1 Charlotte 
M'Lauiin Mrs. P. I Charlotte place 
M'Lean A. willow dlr. 6 Coalfield la, Leith 
M'Lean Alx. spirit d!r.4 Flesh market else 
M'Lean Mrs. Ann, 2 Hill st 
M'Lean Cathine. straw hat mkr.IHowest 
Maclean Charles, grocer, 2 India place 
M'LeanCharles,grocer,5Queensferry st,L . 
M'Lean Charles, mattress and mat maker, 

41 Tolboolh wynd 
M'Lean Mr. Daniel, 22 Howard place 
M'Lean Donald, writer, 21 Albany st 
Maclean Dougal, fruiterer, 74 Princes st 
Maclean Hugh, esq. (of Colli), 3 ft. Ber- 
nard's crescent [crescent 
M'Lean Rev. Hugh Bailey, 32 V.'arriston 
M'Lean Mrs. James, 18 Grove st 
M'Lean Dr. John, 4 Pitt st, Leilh 
M'Lean John,hairdresseiv57 Bernardst,L. 
M'Lean Rev. L. 2 Teviot row 
BI-Lean'^ groeer, 12 Green market 
MLean Mrs. Margaret, Ferry rd,Newhavu 
M'Lean Mrs. Mary, 12 Warriston crescnl 
M'Lean Mrs, Captain, 39 Montague st 
M'Lean Mrs. stay maker, 18 Roxbuigh st 
M'Lean Mrs. 1 Grove st 
M'Lean Mrs. lodgings, 42 Albany st 
M'Lean Wm. messenger at arms,6Rosest 
M'Lean's School, II Ea.-t Thistle street- 
Alexander Brown, teacher 
Macleav K. portrait & miniature painter, 
.30 Stafford street [st 
Macleay M . landscape painter, 30 Stafford 
M'Lehose .4. C. writer, 5 Picatdy place 
M'Lellan Alexander, tailors, Duddingston 
M'Lellan & Sproat,milliners.ll2 George st 
M'Lellan R.D.physician,102 Laiuistonpl 
M'Lennan Daniel,spirit dealer, 43 High st 
M'Lennan Janet and Elizabeth, victual 

dealers, 126 Rose street 
M't.ennan Roderick, esq. Bowbridge 
house. Morning side [place 

M'Leod Alexndr. supervisor. 17 Archibald 
M'LcodAugiis.excise officer,2Spring field 
M'Leod D, tailor, 332 High st 




mm & ©0/0 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

M'Leod D. & D. baoksellers,45 Lothian st 
M'LeoclDav.spirit dealer, 471 Lawn maikt 
M'Leod David,boot,&c.mkr.4 Summer pi 
M'Leod Rev. Geo. agent for city mission, 

17 Arthur street 
M'Leod Hector, spirit dealer, 19 Bread st 
M'LeodJas.& Co. woollen drprs.5 Milne sq 
M'Leod John, surgical instrument maker 

& cutler, .'J South College st [cent 

M'Leod J no.jun.spirit dealer,50 West port 
M'Leod Kenneth,painter, 11 E. Thistle st 
M'Leod Margaret, furniture broker, 16 

St. Andrew st, Leith [son st 

M'Leod Margt. straw hat mkr. J09 Nicol- 
M'Leod Mary, milliner, 4 St. Vincent st 
M'Leod Miss, toy dealer,19 Slh. College st 
M'Leod Mrs. 3 Rardner's crescent 
M'Leod Robert, tailor, 1 St.Andrew 3t,L. 
M'Leod William, grocer, &c. 7 Elm row 
M'Leod Wm.stay maker, 16 Brunswick st 
M'Leod Wm.tailor, &c. 65 Cumberland st 
M'Leod Wm.victnaldlr.l2S.St.Andrew st 
M'Luckie Mrs. James, 15 Albany st, Leith 
M'Manners John, clothier, 238 Cowgate 
M'Manus James,spirit dealer,188 Cowgte 
TH'Martin Duncan, spirit dlr. 168 High st 
M'Martin John, spirit dealer, 51 St. And- 
rew's street, Leith 
M'Master Mrs. Colonel, 12 Brandon st 
M'Mead Peter, spirit dealer, 35 Thistle st 
M'lHillan Alexander,writer,43 York place 
M'Millan & Grant, writers,37 York place 
M'Millan Archibald, fiesher,6 High mrkt 
M'Millan Daniel, pocket book maker, 90 

South Bridge street 
i\l'Millan E. & A. writers, 43 York place 
M 'Millan Edward, solicitor, 43 York pi 
M'Millan George, flesher, 18 Dundas st 
M'Millan John,flesher, Broughton market 
M'Millan Miss, dress maker, 5 Dundas st 
M'Millan Miss, 27 Montague st 
M'Millan Thomas, flesher, 3 Union st 
M'Millan Ths.painler,&c.70 Broughtonst 
M'Millan Thomas, flesher. High market 
M'Minn Mrs. lodgings, 15 Elder st 
M'Murdo Mrs. Col. 15 Warriston crescent 
M'Murray & Durham, wholesale station- 
ers, 9 & 1 1 Blair street [stables 
M'Murtrie Thos. Queensfernj Arms,K.\n^ 
M'Mnrtrie Thomas, green grocer, 20 

Brunswick street [bridge 

Macnab James, spirit dealer, 69 Fountain 
Macnab Peter, grocer, 106 Cowgate 
Macnab VVilliam,gardener,Inverleith row 
Macnachtane Ann and Margaret, ladies' 

school, 12 Dundas st 
M'Noir Alex, merchant, 30 Baltic st,Leith 
M'Nair Mrs. Colonel, 6 StaflFord st 
M'Nair Mr. John, 5 London st 
M'N aught James, confectioner, 45 North 

Bridge st [George st 

M'Naught Wm. and Co. silk mercers, 86 
M'Naught William & Son, confectioners, 

1 Lothian st [Howe st 

M'Naughton Alex, hosier and draper, 42 
M'Naughton John, spirit dealer, 7 High 

Market st [stitution s(, Leith 

M'Naughton Misses, dress makrs.28 Con- 
M'Naughton Mrs. 12 St. Leonard st 
M' Naiigh Ion Ptr. spirit dlr. 186 Canongate 
M'Naughton Peter, spirit dlr. 102Westport 
M'Neal{of Ugadell),21 Melville st 
M'Nee James, coach maker, 46 George st 
M'Neil Alex, advocate, 12 Great King st 
M'Neil & Robertson, writers,62 Queen st 
M'Neil Captain — , 6 Wharton place 
M'Neil John, grocer, 491 Lawn market 
M'Neil grocer,34 Uueen st,L. 
M'Neil Miss, 4 Ann street 
M'Neilie David, writer, 15 St. James' sq 
M'Neill Archibald, writer, 73 Gt. King st 
M'Neill Duncan, advocate, 73 Gt.Kingst 
M'Neill Robert, cabinet maker,2 Nelson pi 
M'NeillWm.coal agent, 21 St Leonard's la 
M'Nicol — , Port Hopetoun Tavern, 7 

Downie place [wick st 

M'Nicol Alexander, shoemaker, 16 Bruns- 
M'Nisli William, turner, Queen's place 
Macnish William, surgeon, I Scotland st 
M'Nish William, surgeon, 2 Scotland st 
Macniven Miss, 4 Roxburgh st 
Macniven P. and W. wholesale stationers 

and rag warehouse, 23 Blair st 
M'Omish Patk.writer,ll WestRichmondst 
Waconochie Alexander A. advocate, 74 

Queen »t [Princes st 

Maconochie James Allan, advocote, 122 
Maconochie Miss, 10 Warriston crescent 


Maconochie Mrs. William, 34 Clerk st 

Maconochie Wm. solicitor, 7Broiighton pi 

M'Phail Catherine, spirit dealer, 2 Newst 

I M'Phail Mr. Donald, 23 Ainslie place 

I M'Phail Duncan, spirit dealer, 2 iHowe st 

I M'PhersonAlx.brassfoundr, Paul's works 

M'Pherson Andrew,boot & shoe maker,33 

I William st [Richmond st 

M'Pherson Andrew, plasterer, 18 North 

j M'Pherson Andw. hairdresser,114 High st 

I Macpherson Mr. Angus, 4 Pitt st, Leith 

1 flI'Pherson Cath. spiritdlr.l7Richmond pi 

j M'Pherson Cathrn. lodgings, 25 Queen st 

M'Pherson Charles, dairyman, 8 Union st 

i M'Pherson Daniel, teacher of drawing 

I and engraver on wood, 10 Nicolson st 

M'Pherson Daniel, clerk, 32 Quality st,L. 

M'Pherson Duncan, dairyman, 14Union st 

M'Pherson Mr. Frederick, 3 Pitt st,Leith 

M'Pherson Geo.lodgings.2C Cumberland st 

M'Pherson Hugh, spirit dlr. 93Grassmarket 

Macpherson James, plumber & gas fitter, 

103 Constitution st, Leith 
M'Pherson James, coal & stone merchant, 

1 Port Hopetoun [Nicolson st 

M'Pherson John, spirit merchant, 45 
M'Pherson John, teacher of dancing, 2 

Drummond ,st [an-righ 

M'Pherson John, spirit dealer, 18 Croft- 
M'Pherson John, coppersmith & brazier. 

Low Calton [Leonard st 

M'Pherson Lachlan, ward sergeant, St. 
M'Pherson Leonard, dairyman, 1 Albany st 
M'Pherson Mrs. Major,9 Torpichen st 
M'Pherson Malcolm, spirit dealer, 1 

Drummond st [Pleasance 

M'Pherson Malcolm, spirit dealer, 182 
M'Pherson Peter, grocer, Frithfield, Leith 
M'Quarrie Michael, tailor, 92 High st 
M 'Queen Alex, watch maker, 18-Bank st 
M 'Queen John,haberdashr,21 Lauriston pi 
M'Queen John, spirit dealer, 5 Abbey 
M'Queen John, gardener, Jamaica st, L. 
M'Queen John, commission warehouse- 
man, 57 North Bridge st 
M'Queen the Misses, Ti'inity 
M'Queen Capt. Simon, 7 Hamilton place 
M'Queen William, hotel, 8 Princes st 
M'Quillen Samuel, turner, Lothian road 
M'Quillen William, dyer, 4 Portland place 
M'Rae Angus, boot and shoe maker, 20 

Old Fishmarket close 
M'Rae David, teacher of languages, 25 

George st [Leith walk 

M'Rae John, surgeon r.n. 4 Smith's place, 
M'Rae Mrs. Margaret, 21 Howard place 
Macrea William, writer, 20 Nelson st 
Macreadv Patrick B. Mure, advocate. 8 

Melville st 
Macredie Alex, bookseller & stationer, 11 

South St. David st 
M'Ritchie, Bayley, & Henderson, writers 

to the signet, 11 Royal Exchange 
M'Ritchie'Mrs.J.lodgings,19 Broughton pi 
M'Ritchie Mr. James,9 Gardner's crescent 
M'Ritchie Mrs. (of Craigton), 4 Gaylield sq 
M'Ritchie Thomas & Co. wine merchants, 

67 Constitution street, Leith 
M'Robie Mrs. 2 Drummond st 
M'Steven Donald, joiner, Plainslone close 
M'Vean Miss, 1 Rankeillor st 
M'VicarCapt. Alex. r.n. 5 London row, L. 
M'Vicar Mrs. £lizbth.46 Bernard st. Lib. 
M'Vitie Robert, grocer, 129 Rose st 
M'Vitie Wm. lodgings, 1 W. Richmond st 
M'Wattie Roht. bell hanger, Greenside la 
Macwhinnie Agnes, stock maker,3I South 

Bridge street [son st 

Macwhinnie Janet, stay maker, 91 Nicol- 
Macwhirter John, physician, 4 Ainslie pi 
Macwhirter Miss, 6 Roxburgh st 
M'William Wm. EugleTuvtrn. Newhaven 
Madden Major Monson M. 28 Warriston 

Maidment James, advocate, 10 Forres st 
MaikleJohn,nailmaker,BaronGray's close 
Main Alexander, tinsmith, 107 Pleasance 
Main&Neilson,bootmakers,5 Catherine st 
Main Edward & Son, boot and shoe ma- 
kers, 12 Elm row [Leith 
M ainGeorge,hair dresser,9ToIbooth wynd, 
Main James, bookseller, 1 Howe st 
Main Peter, boot, &c. maker, 22 Leith st 
Main Thomas, hair cutter, 65 Tolbouth 

wynd, Leith [market 

Mair & Gibson, fishmongers, Southern 
Mair Mrs. Fanny, 29 Abereromhy place 
Mair Maria, worsted dealer, 465 High st 

Maitland Augustus, writer to the signet, & 
agent for the United Kingdom Fire, &c. 
Office, I South Charlotte st [dowbank 
Maitland, Davidson & Co. brewers, Mea- 
Maitland Miss Eliza, 9 Circus place 
Maitland Miss Elizabeth, 6 St. Vincent st 
Maitland John, accountant, 52 Albany st 
Maitland Mrs. 3 West Lauriston pl-ace 
Maitland Robert, livery stables, 49 Rose st 
Maitland Mr. Thomas, 8 Broughton place 
Maitland Thomas, advocate, 122 George st 
Maize Jas. spirit dealer, 3 W. Richmond st 
Malcolm Alexndr. victual dlr, 15 Leven st 
Malcolm James, writer, 40 George square 
Malcolm John, cabinet mkr. 19 Leith walk 
Malcolm John, tailor, 54 North Bridge st 
Malcolm Miss, 2 Salisbury square 
Malcolm Renton, victual dlr. 80 Pleasance 
Malcolm Robert, surgeon, 8 Elder st 
Malcolm Thos. piano forte mkr.28 Elder st 
Malcolm Walter, writer, 30 Drummond pi 
Malcolm William, painter, &c. 16 Cowgate 
Malloch Duncan, grocer, 1 Macdowall st 
MallonPeter,funiiture broker,229 Cowgte 
MandersD.&G, spirit dlrs.51 Broughton st 
Manderson John, smith, Chalmer's close 
MandersoiiMichael,spiritdlr.2a5 Cowgate 
Manderson William, smith, 16 Leith walk 
Mann Mrs. spirit dealer, 32 St. Leonard st 
Manners David, spirit dfaler,Morningside 
Mansfield John,wine merchant, 34 York pi 
Mansfield Thos. accountant, 7 E. Thistle st 
Mansfield Mr. Williani,2 West Newington 
Manson David, solicitor, s.c. 54 Albany st 
Manson John, spirit dealer, 163 Rose st 
Manson John Alex, lodgings, 56 India st 
Manson John &Co. bookbinders and sta- 
tioners, 21 George sti-eet [st 
Manson Rebecca, dress maker, 47 N.Castle 
Manson Mr. Thomas, 3 Fingal place 
Manuel David, private hotel, 26 St. An- 
drew's square [green pi 
.Manuel John,gingerbeermaker,8Cornely- 
Manuel Miss, school, 8 Romilly place 
Manuel Robert, wine & spirit merchant, 

5 and 6 Old Fishmarket close 
Mapleson Henry, cupper, 41 George st 
March Daniel, painter, &c. 44 India st 
March J.& I. millinen',7 NorthSt. David st 
MarchJames,proptr.ofbaths,Trinily baths 
Mark Jaraes,water officer, 64 Broughton st 
Marjoribanks Alexander, esq. (of Marjo- 

ribanks), 4 Carlton st, Stockbridge 
Marnock G. F. surgeon, 6 Pitt street 
Marquess of Lothian's Colliery Depfit, 

Railway depot— Alex. Lyle, manager 
Marquess of Lothian, or Newbottle Col- 
liery office, 13 Bernard st. North Leith 
Marr George, ship master, 36 Shore, Leith 
Marr James & Co. builders, Lothian road 
Marr Mrs. Mary, 25 India street 
Marr Mrs. Mary, 5 Vanburgh place 
Marr Mrs. Robert, 6 Hope st, Leith walk 
Marr Mr. William, 5 Hailes street 
Marshal Archibald, accountant, 26 Elder st 
Marshall Adam, flesher, 118 Nicolson st 
Marshall Alexander,druggist,83 Shore,L. 
Marshall & Aitken, woollen drapers, &c. 
29 No'th Bridge st [87 George st 

Marshall & Sons.jewellers & silversmiths, 
Marshall and Sutherland, plasterers, 39 
Constitution st, Leith [st 

MarshallAndrew,boot & shoe maker,Dean 
Marshall Charles, master of John Wat- 
son's Hospital [place 
MarshallCharles,victual dealer, Johnstons 
Mai'shiiU Mrs. Christian, 41 Minto st 
Marshall David, spirit dealer, 2 Hay's ct 
Marshall David,victualdealer,17 Caltonst 
Marshall Mrs.Eliz. 13 Warri.stou orescent 
Marshall Francis, James & Waller, jew. 

ellers, 41 George st 
Marshall Henry, esq. 25 Alva st 
Marshall Rev. James, 16 Regent terrace 
Marshall James, vvine & spirit merchant, 
1 Roxburgh place [lony st 

Marshall Jas. plumber & gas-fitter, 4 Ba- 
Marshall Janies,solicitor,s.c. 3 Windsor st 
Marshall Jas. iron merchant, 80 Consti- 
tution st, Leith [West Register st 
Marshall John, plumber and gas-fitter, 15 
Marshall John, painter, 258 Canongate 
Marsliall John, tobacconist, 99 Princes st 
Marshall John, painter, Chalmer's close 
Marshall John, advocate,9 Fettes row 
Marshall Maiy,silk, &c.dli'.ll Queen st,L. 
Marshall .Mrs. 6 Drummond st 
Marshall Robert, printer, 12 Rose lane , 


EDINBURGH, &c. 1^'tiivMv^f)^f)itt, 

Alphabetical List of t he Inhabitants. 

Marshall Robert, glass and commercial 

agent, 5 Constitution st, Leith 
Marshall Miss Sarah, 20 Dean terrace 
Marshall Thos. grocer, 16 Freestone yard 
Marshall Thos. dairyman, 17 M'Dowall st 
Marshall Wm. writer, 26 Regent terrace 
Marshall William, artist, 100 Princes st 
Marshall William, goldsmith to the King, 

62 North Bridge street 
Marshall Wm. jeweller, 290 Lawnmarket 
Marshall Wm. painter, &c. 2 Dublin st 
Marshall Wm. tobacconist, 6 Kerr st 
Marshall Wm. coach builder, 58 Bristo st 
Marshall William and Son, plumbers, 13 
George st [st 

Martin Aleir. book agent, 5 South College 
Martin Colonel — , 33 Regent teiTace 
Martin Mrs. Eliz. 21 Charlotte st, Leith 
Martin Hugh, grocer, 19 Carnegie st 
Martin James, soIicitor,26 Gayfield square 
Martin Jas. cabinet maker, 255Cowgate 
Martin John, cutler, 12 Coal hill, Leith 
Martin John, teacher, South Gray's close 
Martin John, surgeon, &c. 24 Couperst,L. 
Martin John, victual dealer, 6 Arthur st 
Martin Mary,cut!er, 55 Tolbooth wynd,L. 
Martin Mrs. 13 Rankeillor st 
Martin Mrs. lodgings, 19 St. Patrick's sq 
Martin R. writer, 3 Potter row 
Martin Robert, bookseller & stationer, 34 
South Bridge street [field place 

Martin Robt.Wm. spirit dealer, I Orchard- 
Martin Lieut.-Col. Russell, 132 Princes st 
Martin Thos. & Son,fleshers, 79 Queen st 
Martin Wm. hair dresser,50 Broushton st 
Martin William, solicitor, s. c. 17 Union st 
Martin William, grocer, 5 Brunswick st 
Martina Senor, teacher of Italian, 66 

George street 
Mason Mrs. Agnes, 12 Clarence st 
Mason Mrs. David, 24 Rankeillor st 
Mason David,victual dealr,Trafalgarla,L. 
Mason David B. house and ornamental 

painter, 3 York place 
Mason George, accountant to the General 
Post-office, 13 Union st [Leith walk 
Mason Geo. millstone builder,8 Fyfe place. 
Mason George, flesher, 82 Pleasance 
Mason Jas.victual dealr.3 St. Mary'swynd 
Mason Jas. boot,&c.mkr. 385 Lawn markt 
Mason Jas. spirit dealer, 396 Castle hill 
Mason John, grocer, 35 Kirkgate, Leith 
Mason John W. tailor, &c. 377 High st 
Mason Mrs. 1 St. John st 
Mason Mrs. lodgings. Great King st 
Mason Robt. spirit dealer, 2 Cannon st,L. 
Mason Thomas, baker, 7 Keir st 
Mason Wm. writer, 429 Lawn market 
Masser Mr. George, 2 Ainslie place 
Masters Wm. spirit dealer, 110 Rose st 
Mather Alex, flesher, 30 West Richmond st 
Mather & Co. boot, &c. mkrs. 68 Princes st 
Mather Geo. Marshal, artist, 63 Princes st 
Mather James, flesher, Newhaven 
Mather John & Co. silk and stuff dealers, 

11 Terrace, Leith st 
Mather Thos. farrier, 6 Nottingham place 
Mather Mr. William, Jock's lodge 
Mather William, flesher, 5 India place 
Matheson Donld,boot,&c.mkr.l3Dublin st 
Matheson Duncan, advocate, 1 Queen's pi 
Matheson J. & E. corset mkrs. 10 Dublin st 
MathesonWm. bookseller,&c. 69 George st 
Mathew Jas. spirit dealer,2 North Bank st 
Mathews Chas. surgeon, 208 Canongate 
Mathie Robert, baker, 35 Shore, Leith 
M athiesonAlx.lodgings,8 Hamburgh pi, L. 
MathiesonDuncan,psq.l Queen's place,L. 
Mathieson Ebenezer, victual dir. 5 Char- 
lotte st, Leith [Kirkgate, Leith 
Maihieson Ehenezer, victual dealer, 87 
Mathieson Jas. grocer, 1 Sandport st, L. 
Mathison Alex, spirit dealer, 100 Rose st 
Mathison Duncan, spirit dealer, 4 Com- 
mercial place, Leith 
Mathison Hugh, constable, 15 Home st 
Mathison Margt. china, &c.dlr. 15 Home st 
Mathison Miss Mary, 2 Baltic st, Leith 
Mathison Mrs. 4 Clerk st 
Maughan Captain, 37 Melville st 
Maughan Mrs. R. lodgings, 12 Hill square 
Maughan Mr. Robert, 51 laverleith row 
Maule Charles, Wright, &c. Sibbald place 
Waule Miss Christian, 5 Cassel's pi, Leith 
Maule George, builder, Broughton lawn 
Maury AiUhy. confectioner, 142 George st 

Maver John Matthew, builder, 2 Alva st 
Maxton James B. & Co. engineers, Leith 
Engine Works, Commercial place : and 
at Alloa [Leith 

Maxton Robert, engineer, 4 Albany st. 
Maxwell Alex. James, esq. 3 Athol place 
Maxwell Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Danube st 
Maxwell James, agent & auctioneer, 170 

High street 
Maxwell John,victualdealer,24 Charles st 
Maxwell John Hall, advocate, 6 India st 
Maxwell Lady — , 6 Royal circus [sq 
Maxwell Margt. dressmkr.l4St. Andrew's 
Maxwell, Marshall and Co. corn factors, 

17 Constitution st, Leith 
Maxwell Miss (of Skerrington), 10 St. 

Bernard's crescent 
Maxwell the Misses, 5 Great Stuart st 
Maxwell Mrs. 2 Salisbury place 
Maxwell Mr. Patrick, 5 Archibald place 
Maxwell Robt. tinsmith, 86 Grass market 
Maxwell Robert, tailor, 34 Brunswick st 
Maxwell Gen. Sir William, 125 George st 
Maxwell Wm. publican, 2 Shakspeare sq 
May Cosmo D. punch cutter, 7 Charles st 
May James, baker, 62 High st 
Mayne Colonel John, 31 Melville st 
Mayne John, surgeon, 10 Brandon st 
Mayne Robert, esq. 42 Melville st 
Meadowbank Hon. Lord, 13 Royal circus 
Medical School & Di3pensary,llArgyle sq 
Medwyn Hon. Lord, 17 Ainslie place 
Meek Andrew, hosier, 43 North Bridge st 
MeekD. transcriber of MSS. 14 Clerk st 
Meek James, victual dealer, 245 High st 
Meek John, grocer and spirit dealer, 88 

High s'reet and 41 Nicolson street 
Meek John, writer, 8 Alhol place 
Meek Stephen, flesher. Middle market 
Meek Thos. baker, 5 North St. Andrew st 
Meek Thomas, baker, 51 West Thistle st 
Meek William, bookbinder, Craig's 
Meek Wm. victual dealer, 38 Bristo st 
Megget & Symington, hide & leather fac- 
tors and bark agents, 28 Blair street, 
and Citadel, Leith 
Megget Thomas, writer, 84 Gt. King st 
Meheux Mrs. 6 Annfield, Newhaven 
Meickle Mrs. Comely green crescent 
Meik Mrs. Barbara, 35 Ann st 
Meiklan Mr.*. 18 Athol crescent 
Meikle Alex, lodgings, 65 George st 
Meikle George, grocer. 70 Grass market 
Meikle James, solicitor, 2 Queen st 
Meikle Robt. victual dealr, 1 Broughton pi 
Meiklejohn Isabella, lodgings, 2 Ham- 
burgh place, Leith 
Meiklejohn J. academy, 7 St. Anthony pi 
Meiklejohn John, writer, 22 Duke st 
Meiklejohn Wm. spirit dlr.46 St. Giles st,L. 
Meiklereid Dav.publican,Burgess close,L. 
Mein Arphd. ScAlex. dentists, 102 George st 
Mein Jas. spirit dealer, 5i5 St. Leonard st 
Meirs Mrs. lodgings, 9 Albany st 
Meldrum Jas. boot, Sccmkr. 25 Jamaica st 
Meldrum Mrs. lodgings, 3 Roxburgh st 
Meldrum John,spiritdealer, Duddingston 
MelinCharlt.provisiondlr.l6Buccleugh st 
Melrose Andrew & Co. grocers and spirit 
dealens, 83 South Bridge, 122 High st, 
and 93 George st [close 

Melrose Jessie, straw hat maker, Stewart's 
Melrose John, tailor,67 North Hanover st 
Melville D. H. heckle maker, 13 High st 
Melville George, esq. 11 Minto st 
Melville Hugh, boot, &c. mkr. 1 Leven st 
Melville John, writer, 26 Clyde st 
Melville Mrs dairy, Drumdryan 
Melville Miss Whyte, 27 Moray place 
Melvin James, grocer, &c. 19 Dublin st 
Menelaws MaryAnn,dressmkr. 41 Rosest 
Menelaws Wm. grocer, &c. 143 George st 
Menelaws Wm. baker, 135 Canongate 
Menteath C. G. S. esq. (of Closeburn hall), 
27 Abercromby place [st 

Menteath James, hosier & glover, 6 Clerk 
Menzies Major A. 74 Great King st 
Menzies A. dress maker, 60 Canongate 
Menzies Allan, writer, 16 Princes st 
Menzies Mrs. C. 25 Montagu st 
Menzies Duncan, spirit dIr. East Canal st 
Menzies James, shoe inaker, 153 Rose st 
Menzies James, Reje«t laucrri, and coffee 
house, 14 Waterloo place [Leith st 
Menzies Jas. bout, &c. inaker, 12 Terrace, 
Menzies Miss Janet, 65 North Castle st 
Menzies John, esq. (of Pitfoddels), Green 

hill lodge, Bruntsfield links 
Menzies Mr.John,20 Bernard st,N.Leith 

Menzies John, Hotel, '3 Waterloo place 
M enzies John, engraver, 20Nrth.Bridgest 
Menzies John,ship master,Broad wynd,L. 
Menzies John, bookseller, stationer, and 
print seller, 61 Princes street [L. 

Menzies Manuel,dlr. insundries,4Fort st, 
Menzies Misses, dress makers,! Stafford st 
Menzies Mrs. 122 Lauriston place 
Menzies Mrs. lodgings, 10 Hill place 
Menzies Robert & Sons, ship builders, 
24 Sheriff's brae, Leith [Canongate 
Menzies Robert, boot & shoe maker, 118 
Menzies Thomas, reading rooms, 123 

Constitution street, Leith 
Menzies Captain WilliaT, 114 George st 
Blenzies William, surgeon and druggist, 

8 Spence's place 
Mercer Ann, grocer, 16 West Nicolson st 
Mercer Catherine, grocer, Moray st 
MercerGeorge & Son,Jacemen, 17 Nicol- 
son st [31 Howe st 
Mercer James, depute clerk of the bills, 
Mercer Miss Jane, 15 Buccleugh st 
Mercer Mrs. Comely green crescent 
Mercer Robert, spirit dealer, 8 Arthur st 
Mercer Thomas, wright, 21 Water lane,L. 
Mercer Wm. shoe maker, 33 Kirkgate, L. 
Mercer Wm.writer,35Sth. Castle st [sq 
Merchants' Hall Reading Room, 4 Hunter 
Merrilees John, dentist, 44 Howe street 
Merry Mrs. Mary, 4 Upper Dean terrace 
Messer Adam, sureeon, 142 Princes st 
Metcalf Janet, lodgings, 29 Queen st 
Methuen James, cooper and fish curer, 

95 St. Giles street, Leith 
Meyer & Mortimer, army contractors and 

tailors to the King, 105 George st 
Meyer Madame, milliner Sc dress maker, 
92 George street [thony's pi 

Michael John, boot, &c. maker, J 1 St.An- 
Michie Miss, 14 Archibald place 
Michie Miss, 4 York place [Clerk st 

Middlemas Ehenezer, victual dealer,Stb. 
Middlemas Geo. wright.l69CaHseway side 
Middleton Abrhm.plumber,Queensferiyst 
Middleton John, surgeon, 1 West Adam st 
Middleton Robert, painter, 2 Summer pi 
Mill George, solicitor, s. c. 3 Pdtter row 
Mill John, wine&spiritmercht. 17 Clyde st 
Mill Patrick, ship master, 5 Albany st,L. 
Mill William, grocer, 33 West port [L. 
Millar Alx.lead,oil,&colourmrcht.5Shore, 
Millar Alex.solicitor,s.c. 8 Cumberland st 
Millar Alex.i<hoemaker,22N.W.Circus pi 
Millar Alex, coach maker, 25 Waterloo pi 
Millar Alexander, baker, 13 Athol place 
Millar & Baird, warehousemen and com- 
mission agents, I Hunter sq [col son st 
Millar Andrew, watch, &c.maker,5 W.Ni- 
Millar Mrs. Ann, 62 Northumberland st 
Millar .Archibald, esq. Warrender lodge, 

Meadons street 
Millar Charles, druggist, 52 High st 
Millar Daniel, contractor. South Canal st 
Millar David, smith. Water of Leith 
Millar David and William, letter-press 

printers, Old Stamp Office close 
Millar Mrs. Geo. grocer, &C. U Athol pi 
Millar James, grocer, 24 St.Andrew st, L. 
Millar James, victual dealer,40Grass mrkt 
Millar James, tavern keeper, 20 Cowgate 
Millar J as.llnendraper,&c. 381 Lawn rarUt 
Millar James S. surgeon, 9 Roxbuigh st 
Millar John, boot,&c.maker, 14 Jamaica st 
Millar John, ironmonger, .52 Grass market 
Millar Lawrence, wine and spirit dealer, 

27 South Frederick street 
Millar Miss Mary Ann, 54 North Castlest 
Millar, Mrs. Dr. 16 Gilmour place 
Millar Mrs. lodgings, 33 Dundas st 
MillarPeter, spirit dealer, 8 College wynd 
Millar R. lodgings, 3 South Frederick st,&c.mkr.l4N.Bridgest 
Millar Robert, candle maker, 19 Candle- 
maker row [Nicolson st 
MillarS.&Son,musicteachrs.H addon's ct, 
Millar \\ illiam, merchant, 9 Antigua st 
Millar William, writer, 9 Roxburgh st 
Millar William, spirit dealer, 9 Rom illy pi 
Millar William, hair dresser, .59 High st 
Millars Mrs. lodgings, 22 South Castle st 
Millen David, advocate, 10 York place 
Miller Alexander, saddler, 119 Princes st 
Miller&Adam3on,booksellrs.36 Lothian st 
Miller & Forbes, writers, 8 Leopold place 
MillerAndrw.boot mkr. 38 St.Andrew st,L 
Miller Archibald, wright, 34 Jamaica st 


IS&infiUVgDSil^ire. EDINBURGH, &c. 

Pipt & ©0/0 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Miller Christian and Margaret, straw 
makers, 2 Tobago st [L. 

MillerB. foreman to brewery, 52 Kirkf;ale, 
Miller Kliza, tobacconist, 6 Sth. College st 
MillerElzblh coijrectioner, 
Miller George, ironmoiif>;er, 6 Hunlersq 
JVIiller Hugh, file maker, 27 Leitli walk 
Miller Miss Isabena,38 North Hanover st 
Miller Jacob, loJgings,57Nrth. Hanover st 
Miller Mr. James, 9 Inverleith row 
Miller Jamt-s, advocate, 112 Princes st 
Miller James, advocate, 17 Brown square 
MillerJames.shoe maker,26S. Richmond st 
MillerJaines, confectioner,128Kirkgate,L. 
Miller James, tailor, 49 Thislle st West 
Miller James, surgeon, 23 York place 
MillerJaines, solicitor s.c. 20 Nelson st 
Miller James and Sons, merchants, 91 
Constitution st, Leitli [Hanover st 
Miller John, baker&cont'ectioner,26South 
Miller Mr. John, 7 Hart street 
Miller John, advocate, 16 Dublin st 
Miller John, pliimber,6 Brown's pl,Vennel 
Miller John, bone crusher, Bonningtonrd 
Miller John, brewer, 6 Hay street 
Miller Mrs. John, gardener-, St. Ann's yard 
Miller Joseph, tailor, 33 Dundas st 
Miller Major, Prospect buildings [st 
Miller Ma rgl. teacher of painting,41 George 
Miller Mis?, 2.5 Albany street 
Miller Mrs. (of Glenlee), 3 Shandwick pi 
Miller Robert, manager to the Stock- 
bridge Flour Mill Com pnny,Stnckbridge 
Miller Robert, coal ?gent,4 PortHopetoun 
Miller Robert, candle maker, 93 High st 
Miller Robert, woollen draper, 375 High st 
Miller Mrs. T. 7 Hill square 
Miller Thomas, esq. 8 Gayfield square 
Miller Thomas, accountaHt, Croft an righ 
Miller Thomas, flesher, Middle market 
Miller Thomas H. advocate,41Heriotrow 
Miller Mrs. William, 20 Howard place 
Miller William, baker, 24 Coal hill, Leith 
Miller William, baker, 813 Nicolson st 
Miller William, collectorof cess, 109 Con- 
stitution street, Leith 
Miller William, hair dresser, 34 Bristo st 
Miller William, solicitor, 59 George sq 
Miller William, timber merchant, 15 Cas- 
sel's place, Leith walk [son st 

Miller Win & Co. type founders, 65 Nicol- 
Miller Wm.jun. collector of cess, 109Coa- 

slitution st, Leith 
Millidge A. & S. pearl bead stringers, 82 
Princes street [Princes st 

Millidge Edwin, jeweller & silversmith, 28 
Milligan Agnes, spirit dealer, 4 Prince 
Regent st, Leith [road 

Millou.iThomas, wood merchant, Lothian 
Millons Thomas & Robert, veneer saw 

mills, 101 Fountain bridge 
Milne Mrs.A. 19 Gayfield square 
Milne and Buchanan, straw hat makers, 
33 George street [Bank st 

Milne & Reid, boot and shoe makers, 22 
Milne Andrew, surgeon, 6 Hill place 
Milne Elizabeth, ladies' boarding school, 

35 Sf. Bernard's crescent 
Mihie Fisher, baker, 8 Clerk st 
Milne George, agent to British Linen Co. 

Branch Bank, 48 Bernard st, Leith 
Milne J. dress maker, 7 Nicolson square 
Milne J ames, painter,2 Sliakspeare square 
Milne James, teacher,Vennel, Grass mrkt 
Milne James, surgeon and druggist, 27 

Earl Grey street ^ 

Milne James & Son, brass founders and 

gas metre makers, Chalmer's close 
Milne Mrs. Jane, 10 Mary's place 
Milne John, architect, 8 St. James's sq 
Milne John, commercial agent, 13 St. 
James's square [st, Leith 

Millie John, meal dealer, end of Junction 
Milne Mrs. 3 Gayfield square 
Milne Mrs. 4 Rankeillor st 
Milne Mrs. 2 Lauriston terrace 
Milne Thomas, currier and leather mer- 
chant, Boyd's close [place 
Milne Wra. painter & glazier, 2 Picardy 
MilneWm.r-ope & twine mkr..55 Abbey hill 
Milne William, linen draper and hosier, 

101 South Bridge st 
Milne William, tailor, Horse wynd 
Milne Wm. & Son, ladles' shoemakers to 

her Majesty, 100 George st 
Milner Ebenezer,chymi^t,&c. 168 Highst 
Milner J . linen draper, 4 Kirkgate, Leith 
Milner James & Ebenezer, chymists and 
druggists, 2 Duke street, Leith 


Milner Joseph D. surgeon, 3 Huntly st 
Milner Robert, surgeon & apothecary, 71 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Miiroy Andrew, writer, 43 Claremont st 
Ministers Widows' Fund Office, 6 North 

St. David street 
Miiito John, surgeon, 8 Dundas st 
Minto John, M.D. 15 Clarence st 
Mireylees Robert F. jeweller & silver- 
smith, 62 Leith stieet 
Mirtle Elizabeth, lodgings, 26 Charles st 
Mirylees Andrew, cork manufacturer, 31 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Mirylees Mrs. Helen,41 Charlotte st, Leith 
Mitchell A. victual dealer, 19 London st 
Mi tchellMissAgnes,23St. Bernard's crescnt 
Mitchell Alexander, surgeon, 67 Pleasance 
Mitchell Alexander, Steam Shijj Tavern, 

17 Shore, Leith [George st 

Mitchell & Heriol, straw hat makers, 49 
Mitchell David, soUcilor,14 Northumbid st 
Mitchell Edward, surgeon and oculist, 24 

Greenside place [pi 

Mitchell Edward, engraver, 24 Greenside 
Mitchell Mrs. Elizabeth, 23 Danube st 
Mitchell Francis G. wholesale tea & spice 

merchant, 10 ShaUspeare square 
Mitchell Gibson, harbour master. Dues 

office, 2 Sandport st, Leith [causeway 
Mitchell Gtierson, candle maker, 48 Cross 
Mitchell H. milliner, 14 Nicolson square 
MitchellHugh,accountnl.4 St. Andre w'ssq 
Mitchell .Mrs. Isabella, Brnntsfield place 
Mitchell James, flesher, 5 Middle market 
Mitchell James, writer, 23 India st [st 
Mitchell J ames, spirit deal er,16 Catherine 
Mitchell James Peter, brewer, Main point 

Brewery, 3 Lauriston street 
Mitchell Janet, tobacconist, 15 Calton st 
Mitchell John, baker, 1 Home st 
Mitchell John, cooper, Mint 
Mitchell John, carver 8c gilder,.59Hieh st 
Mitchell John, tavern keeper, 16 Flesh 

market close 
Mitchell John, grocer, 140 Nicolson st 
Mitchell John, baker, 1 Dublin st 
Mitchell John, esq. consul for Belgium, 

Laverock place, Leith [gates, L. 

Mitchell John & Co. merchants, &c. Dock 
Mitchell Joseph, writer, 14 Howe st [st 
Mitchell Lyall Thos.painter,&c.23 Charles 
Mitchell Mrs. 4 Comely green place 
Mitchell Mrs. 3 Dundas street 
Mitchell Mrs. 12 Northumberland st 
Mitchell Robert, flesher, Middle market 
Mitchell Robt. boot,&c.maker,357 High st 
M itchell Robt. cabinet makr. 55 Abbey hill 
Mitchell Robert & Co. wine and spirit 

inerchants,5 Old Physic gardens 
Mitchell Samuel, grocer, 2 Lothian st 
Mitchell Sarah, diess nikr.ToBroiightonst 
MitchellCapt.Ths.Peter,18 Inverleith row 
Mitchell Walter,sp;ritdlr.,35 St.Gilesst.L. 
Rlitchell William, esq. Parson's green 
Mitchell Mr. William, Jock's lodge 
Mitchell William,grocer,&c. 106 West port 
Mitchell William, coi n dealer, 47 Clerk st 
.Mitchelhill John, tailor,57 Nth. Bridge st 
Mitchelhill P. surjceon, 1 Downie place 
Mitchelhill Mrs. lodgings, 43 Princes st 
Milchelson John, painter, 1(,0 Rose st lane 
Moffat Andrew, flesher, 1 Couper st, Leith 
Moffat Andrew and Richard, fishmongers, 

46 Dundas street [Pleasance 

Molfat David, baker,245 Canongate & 176 
Moffat David, baker, 9 India st [row 
Moffat David, Harrow Inn, Candlemaker 
Moffat Duncan,fishraongr.6Cineensferryst 
Moffat Henry, dairyman, 24 IJriinswick st 
Moffat J. engraver, Morrison's close 
Moffat James, surgeon, 10 Hill square 
Moffat James, spirit dealer, 128 Pleasance 
Moffat Jane, stay maker,29 Haddington pi 
Moffat Mrs. Janet, 27 St. Patrick square 
Moffat John, grocer, 85 Bronghton st 
Moffat John, tailor, 33 South Castle st 
Moffat John, surgeon, 28 St. James' sq 
Moffat John, grocer, 27 Abbey hill 
Moffat John, tailor, 4 Barony street 
MolTat Mrs. Mary, 39 Charlotte st, Leith 
Moffat Mrs. spirit dealer, Colthridge 
Mofl'>itThos.flesher,23 & 24 Middle markt 
Molfat Thos. M. solicitor, s. c. 297 High st 
Moffat Ml-. William, 11 Raukeillor st 
Moffat William,teacher, 51 South Bridge st 
Molfat William, teacher, 30 St. Jaines' sq 
Moliat William , wright & uiulertaker,Dar- 

ling'sbrae, Yaid heads, L. [son st William & Co. druggists, 33 Nicol- 

Moffat William Butterworth, teacher of 

writing, 7 Infirmary street 
Moinet John, secretary to the Caledonian 

Insurance Company, 40 Gilmour place 
Moir Alexander, stationer, 15 Elm rovv 
Moir Rev. George, teacher of mathematics, 

George Heriofs Hospital [works 

M oir Geo. manufacturing chymist,2 Paul's 
Moir George, advocate, 41 Charlotte sq 
Moir James, eating house, 67 Shore, Leith 
Moir James, surgeon, 3 Park place [td 
Moir Jas.&Co. stone merchts. &c. Lothian 
Moir Mr. John, 1 Arniston place 
Moir John, physician, 5 George st 
Moir John, physician, 3 Park pi [cent 
M oirJno.portrait painter,9 Gardner's cres- 
MoirJohn,bootmaker,39 Candlemakerrow 
.Moir Miss, 2 William street 
Moir the Misses, 10 Windmill st 
Moir Robt. teacher of English,20 Danube st 
Moir Wm. boot, &c. maker, 239 Canongate 
MoUeson Dr. James, surgeon, 12 Hart st 
MollesonMrs.matron of Watson's Hospital 
Moncreiff Miss Ann, 8 Ann st 
Moncreiff Hon. Lord, 47 Moray place 
MoncrieffMr. Archibald, 27 Stafford st 
Moncrieft' Miss Catherine, 27 Stafford st 
Moncrieff Miss Helen, 143 Princes st 
Moncrieff Jas. advocate, 20 St. Andrew sq 
Moncrieff Jas. brass founder,126 Pleasance 
MoncrieffJames,saddler,13 W.Maitland st 
Moncur John,pluniher & glazier,35Rose st 
Monilaws Mrs. Captain, 19 Gayfield sq 
Monniird John and David, teachers of 

French, 58 North Hanover st 
Monro A. Binnine, writer, 28 Rutland sq 
Monro Miss Christian, 13 India st 
Monro Geo. grocer. South Canal st [st 
Monro Geo.advocate,28 Northumberland 
Monro Geo. solicitor, 14 Hart st [Leitli 
Monro Hector, waich maker, 40 Bridge st, 
Monteilh A. E. advocate, 2 Forres st 
Monteith Mrs. C. G. S.27 Abercromby pi 
Monteith Wm. baker, 58 Cross causeway 
Montgomery Miss Agnes, 17 Clarence st 
MontgomeryE. dress niaker,120 Nicolsoust 
M ony penny &Dalgleish,writers,7 Moray pi 
Moodie James, flesher, 3 Middle market 
Moodie John, shd^ maker, 35 Jamaica st 
Moodie .Mary Cath. teacher, 32 Dublin st 
Moodie Mrs. Dr. 1 Rankeillor st 
Moody Rev. Alexander, 18 Young st 
Moon Charles, grocer, &c. 7 Duke st 
Mooney Patrick, spirit dealr,129 Cowgate 
Moore Alexander, baker, 5 Antigua st 
Moore James, solicitor, s.c. 73 George st 
Moore Mrs. lodgings, Prospect buildings 
More Andrew, hair cutter, 6 Market pi 
More Christian, hair dresser, 31 Rose st 
More George, baker, 11 Sth. Richmond st 
More Graham, hair dresser, 1 Duke st 
More John, accountant, Royal Bank of 

Scotland, St. Andrew's square 
More John Shank, advocate, 19Gt. Kingst 
Morgan Jas. solicitor, 5 Sth. Charlotte st 
Morgan John, esq. 17 Coates crescent 
Mor'hain Robert, writer, 16 Chapel st 
Morham Robert, flesher, 20 High market 
Morison Agnes,ladies' serainary,20 Pittst 
Morison James, boot maker, 31 Leith st 
Morison Jas. cabinet maker, 83 George st 
Morison John, writer, 19 Abercromby pi 
Morison Mary Ann, grocer, 22 Dundas st 
Morison Miss, 8 Pitt street 
Morison Mrs. lodgings,? Archibald place 
Morison Mrs. Jessie, 46 Brunswick st 
Morris Alexander, baker, 4 Antigua st 
Morris And w. flax dresesr,Dickson's close 
Morris David, clothier, &c. II George st 
Morris Hugh, shoe maker, 7 Kerr st 
Morris Jas. wine merchant, 53 George st 
Morris Mrs. 1 Great Stuart st 
Morris Robt. stationer, 7 West Register st 
Morris Wm. boot,&c. maker, 349 High st 
Morrison Adam, solicitor, 6 Hart st 
Morrison&;Wilson,ii-onmongrs,255 Highst 
Morrison Cbs. spirit and porter agent, and 

forReid & Co. London, 04 Shore, Leith 
Morrison Mrs. Christian, 26 Danube st 
Morrison Mrs. Christian, 6 Baltic st, Leith 
Morrison Danl. ship master,7London row 
Morrison Mrs. David, 10 Brandon st 
Morrison Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Clarence st 
Morrison C4eo. ship master, Madeira st,L. 
Morrison Hector, linen drapei-,14 Queens- 
ferry st [South Bridge st 
Morrison Hugh, billiard-table keeper, 8'i 
Morrison H ugh,ship chandler,6Dock st,L. 




Alphabetical I^ist of the Inhabitants. 

JMonison Rev. J. 24 NorUmmberland st 
Morrison Jas. painter, 457 Lawn market 
IVlorrison Jas.confectioner,31 Low Calton 
Morrison John, Canteen, J ocVs lodge 
Morrison John, spirit dealpr,30 Clerk st 
Morrison John, solicitor, 27 Elder st 
Morrison John, assistant clerk of session, 

8 Lauriston lane 
Morrison Mar!;t.milliner,&c. 6()Georgest 
Morrison Miss,lodi,'ings,15 Ornmmond st 
Morrison Mrs. [Morton'sentry,Kirkffale,l,. 
Morrison Koht. esq. E.i.c.s.6 Heriotrow 
Morrison Rbt. spiritdlr.UConstitntn st.L. 
Morrison Thos. spirit dlr. 130 Kirkgate,!. 
Morrison Wm. smith, Duke st, Leith 
Morrison William and Co. spirit dealers, 

Broad wynd, Leitli 
Mortimer, Anderson, and Co. piano-forte 

makers, 71 George street 
Mortimer Miss, academy, 43 Gilmore pi 
Mortimer Misses, milliners, 15 Princes st 
Mortimer Tho.'.E. gun maker,78 Princes st 
Mortimer William, lapidary, 5 Rose st 
ftlorton Mr. Alex. 65 Northumberland st 
Morton Alex philosophical instrument 
maker, 2 Roxburgh pi [st, Leith 

M orton & Martin, corn factors, 19 Quality 
Morton George Francis, cotfee-house and 

tavern, 7 Hunter square 
Morton J. teacher, 10 Dublin st 
Morton Jas.boot,&c.maker,31William st 
Morton Mrs. lodgings, Leopold place 
Morton Samuel and Hugh, agricultural 
implement and patent slip mnkers and 
engineers. Smith's place, Leith walk 
Morton William, lapidary, 18 Lothian st 
Morton William & Co. gold lace manu- 
facturers, 21 North Bridge st 
Mosses William, tailor, 12 Melville place 
Mossman A. & Co. gold & silver smiths, 
11 North Bridge st [nity 

Mossman Mrs. Isabella, Myrtle bank,Tri- 
Mossman Margaret, greengrocer, 14 St. 

Andrew st, Leith 
Mossman Mrs. Teviot row, Bristo st 
Mossman Mrs. 4 forth st [Leith 

Mould Andrew, grocer, &c. 139Kirkgate, 
Mould J. B. engraver, &c. Bishop's close 
Moule Joseph, president of the General 
Post-office, 12 Windsor st [gate 

Mount Chas. furuiture broker, 243 Cow- 
Mowat John, spirit dealer, 82 Potter row 
Mowat John, shoe maker, 10 Chapel st 
Mowat Miss, academy, 18 Grlmour place 
Mowat Thomas, engineer. Admiralty st,L. 
Mowat William, eating house, 5? Clerk st 
Mowbray & Howden, writers, U Howe st 
Mowbray J. T. writer, 18 Nelson st 
Mowbray Mrs. Margt.6 Hope st,Leith wk 
Mowbray William & Robert, merchants, 

Fox lane, Leith 
Moxey Captain, R. N. Libberton cottage 
Moyse Mrs. L. 3 Danube st 
IMoyse Mrs. 43 Minto st 
Muckle Mrs. Margt. 15 Albany st, Leith 
Mudie Alexander, surgeon, 35 Albany st 
Mudie Miss,lodgings,llWestRichraond st 
Muggerland George, hair dresser, 30 St. 

Airdrew's square 
Wuir Alexander', cupper, 3 Rose court 
Muir Andrew, agent, 11 South Bridge st 
Muir David, spirit dealer, Norton place , 
Muir Rev. Francis, 4 Fort st, Leith 
Muir Francis, hair cutter, 45 Princes st 
Muir Mrs. G. spirit dlr. 4 Fountain bridge 
Muir Henry,shoe mkr.4Noith St. David st 
Muir Henry, spirit dealer,Hawthorn bank 
Muir Henry, jun. shoe maker, 27 Pitt st 
Muir Jas. hoot, &c. mkr. 7. St. Patrick's sq 
Muir James, schoolmaster, Buccleugh st 
Muir Mrs. Janet, 5 Smith's pi, Leith walk 
Muir Jno.brewer,28 Nth. back ofCanongt 
Muir John, stationer, 8 Drnmmond st 
Muir John, accountant, 6 Royal terrace 
Muir Peter, furniture broker,200Cowgate 
Muir Peter, bow maker, 21 Bucclerrgh st 
Muir Richd. smith. High Market st [pi 
Muir Richd. shoe mkr.'S Nth.-west Circus 
Muir Robt.M.D. surgeon, 8 Smith's pi, L. 
Muir Thos. bonkbinder,Stevenlaw's close 
Muir Rev. William, 7 Danube st 
Muir Wm. wriier, I South Charlotte st 
Muir Wm. cooper ,7 Old Bridge end, Leith 
Mnir Wm. merchant, 13 Quality st, Leith 
Muir Wm. winc,&c.niercbt.8y Canongate 
Muir William, tobacconist, 83 Canongate 
Muirhead Andrew, smalUvare dealer, 5 
St. Leonard st 

Muirhead Mrs. Ann, 26 Heriot row 
Muirhead Chas. poulterer, 79 Queen st 
Muirhead C land, publisher of the Edin- 
burgh Advertiser, 279 High st 
Muirhead Geo. spirit dealer, .52 Rose st 
Muirhead Rr-v. Dr-. George, Cramond 
Muirhead Geo. plumber, 8 West Adam st 
Muirhead Helen, spirit dlr. Dock gates,L. 
Muirhead .lames, carver and gilder, 10 

North Richmond st 

Muirhead James .Tud Claud, printers and 

publishers, 91 Rose st [port 

Muirhead Mr's. Robtgrocer,&c.l55 West 

Mulholland Patrick, spirit dealer,! 4 We.-t 

Adam st [st 

M ullar& Co. Berlin warehouse,44 Princes 

MuUer John Martin, teacher of music, 22 

India st [nard st 

Mullo & Mnckay, coal agents, 26 St. Leo- 

Muudell John, fancy stationer & artists' 

colourman, 60 Princes st 
Munn James, tailor, Geddes' close 
Munro Mr-. Alexander, Bakehouse close 
Munro Alexander, esq. 109 Princes st 
Munro Alexander, gardener, Adelphi gar- 
dens, Bonnington 
Munio Alex, spirit dealer, Bonnington 
Munro Alex, pawnbroker, 270 Canongate 
Munro Miss Alice, 31 Buccleugh place 
Munro Mr. Andrew, 7 Rankeillor st 
Munro Danl. pawnbroker,Dickson's close 
Munro David, ship master,22Couperst,L. 
Munio Donald, spirit dealer. 53 Cowgate 
Munro Henry, publican, 4 Milne's square 
Munro Captain John, 1 Lauriston terrace 
Munro John,macer at the court of session, 
4 St. James's square [ket 

Munro J ohn, confectioner, 108 Grass raar- 
Munro John, green grocer, 75 Thistle st 
Munro Mrs, M. spirit dlr. 70 St. Leonard st 
Munro Miss, 4 Graham st [st 

Munro Mrs. smallware dealer,31 William 
Munro Robert, boot and shoe maker. 111 
Constitution st, Leith [wynd, L. 

Munro Roht. boot, &c. maker,29 Tolboolh 
Munro Sutherland, cap maker, 97 High st 
Munro Rev. T. house governor of George 

Watson's Hospital, Lauriston lane 
Munro Wm. spirit dealer, 1 Portland pi, L. 
Munro Wm boot,&c.rnkr.l3WestAdam st 
Munros' & Drysdale, messengers at arms, 
4 St. James's sq [Registers! 

Murdoch Charles, seal engraver, 30 West 
Murdoch George,spirit dealer,l Burn st,iLj. 
Murdoch J as. superintendent of thenorth- 
em lighthouses, 13 St.Patrick sq [gate 
MurdochJas. spirit dlr.21N. back of Canon- 
Murdoch John,solicitor,35 Bernard st.L. 
Mrrre Miss Ann, 8 Albyn place 
Mine David, advocate, 8 Albyn place 
Mure George, physician, Galloway's close 
Murphy Thos. china, &,Tlr.2Cowgate 
Murphy William, engraver, 23 Biisto st 
Mur'ray Alex. London comb warehouse, 
SO^Leith st,and commeicial lodgings, 2 
Terrace, Leith st [Circus place 

Murray Alex, cabinetmaker, I North West 
Murray & Son, grocers, 1 West Adam st 
Murray Andrew, advocate, 34 Heriot row 
Murray Andrew, Tttrf Hotel {comiueicia}) 
3 Princes street [Leith walk 

Murray And w.brickIayer,Heriot'sbuildgs. 
Murray Andrew, jun. advocate, 36 India st 
Murray Ann, milliner, &c. 108 George st 
Murray Anthony, writer, 14 Stafford st 
Murray Catherine, commercial lodgings, 
14 Waterloo place [Hanover st 

Murray Chas.Hope,snrveyor of taxes,6S. 
Murray David, accountant, I Middlebyst 
Murray David, accountant, 6 S.Hanover st 
MurrayDav.&Jas.Ths.writers,31 Queen st 
Murray Donld.teachr.ofmusic,4Gt.Kingst 
Murr-ay Mrs. E. 19 Ann street 
Murray Ellison, spirit dealer, 4Water Ia,L. 
Murray Francis, barrack master. Castle 
Murray George, teacher, 3 Clarence st 
Murray George. teacher,59 South Bridge st 
Murray Geo. tailor, 3 South St. Andrew st 
Murray George, flesher, 9 Cowgate 
Mui-ray George B. ivory and tortoise-shell 

comb manufacturer, 23 Leith walk 
Murray Grace, tobacconist, 201 Canongate 
Murray Mr. Henry, 19 Pitt street 
Murray Henry,boot,&c.tukr.26 Canongate 
Murray Hugh,spiritdealer,53 Kirkgate,L. 

Murray J. & E. grocers, 1 Charlotte st, L 
Murray James, teacher, 3 S.St. Andrew st 
Mrrrray Jas. surgeon, &c. 150 Kirkgate, L. 
Murray James, solicitor, 21 Cheyne st 
Murray Jiis. cabinet mkr. Broughtonlawn 
Murray Jas. dr'awiirg ma.ster, 16 Union pl 
MurrayJas.cabinet iiiaker-,&c.53London st 
Murray Jas. glass, &c. dealer, 22 Dundas st 
Murray James, surgeon, Baltic st, Leith 
Mur-ray Miss Jane, 6 Comely green place 
MuiTay Janet, grocer, 2 Middle Arthur st 
M urrayJ essie,clothes dlr.69 St.Mary wynd 
Murray Mr. John, 3 Montague st 
Murray Mr. John, 12 Buccleugh place 
Murray Mrs. John, 1 Brrccleugh st 
Murray Mrs. John, 3 Kirkgate, Leith 
Murray Rev. John, 6 Hope st, Leith walk 
Murray John, advocate, 34 Heriot row 
Murray John, writer, 4 Bank st 
MurrayJno. cabinet rnkr.29S. Frederick st 
M urray John, furtritr. broker,210 Cowgate 
Murray John, hair cutler, 26 St. Giles st,L. 
MurrayJ no. wiire,&e. dealer,! Catherine st 
Murray John, baker, 10 Broughton st 
M u n-ay J no.tavern keeper-, 236 Canongate 
Murray John, solicitor, 32 St. Andrew sq 
Murray John, engravei, 31 Broughton pl 
Murray John, flesher, 8 St. Patrick's sq 
Murray John, spirit dealer, 31 Jamaica st 
Murray John, solicitor, 625 High st 
Murray John, tailor, 20 Downie place 
Murray John, tailor, 18 Arthur st 
Murray Right Hon. John Archibald, lord 

advocate of Scotland, 126 Georfie st 
Murray Joseph, advocate, 26 Queen st 
Murray Margaret,lodgiDgs.l9Gt.Stuartst 
Murray Miss Maraaret,21 Comely bank 
Murray Mary, dress maker, 45 India place 
Murray Miss, mistress of the Scottish in- 
stitution for the education of young 
ladies, 15 Great Stuart street 
Murray Miss, lodgings, 11 Drummondst 
Murray the Misses, 16 Keir street 
Murray Misses, dress mkrs.35 S. Bridge st 
Murray Mr. 21 Charlotte i^quare 
Mirn-ay Mrs. 22 Gayfield square 
Murray Mrs. Grecian cottage. Trinity 
Murray Mrs. Eyre place 
Murray Mrs. straw hat mkr 8 Grlmour st 
M urray M ungo,esq.(of Lintrose)18 India st 
Murray Sir Peter, bart. 26 Walker st 
Murray Mr. Peter, 36 Minto street 
M urray Richard, cabinet rakr.25 Dublin st 
Murray Lieut.-Col. Thomas, Morningside 
Murray Ths. l.l.d. lecturer, 6 Hope park 
Murray Thomas, smith, 19 Duke st, Leith 
Murray Thos. coal ageul,22 St.Leonard st 
Murray Mrs. William, 1 Duncan st 
Murray Mrs. Wm. 2 South Frederick st 
Murray Mrs. Wm. 2 Lauriston terrace 
Murray William, writer, 17 Forth st 
.Murray William, grocer-, 71 Grass market 
Murray William, bookbinder, 1 1 George st 
Murray William, io7ido» Hotel, 2 St. An- 
drew's square [James's square 
Murray Wm. cabinet maker, &c. 12 St. 
Murray Wm. spirit dealer, 71 Grass markt 
Murray Wm. comb makr, 143 Grass market 
Murray William Henry, manager ot the 

Theatre-royal, 23 Windsor st 
-Muschet Miss, 17 Scotland st 
Mushet James, draper, 33 Nicolson st 
Mushet John, grocer, &c. I Dalrymple pl 
Mutter Mrs. Andrew, 31 Clerk st 
Mutter Misses, academy, 29 Buccleugh pl 
Mylne Miss G. housekeeper. Excise-office 
Mylne James, writer, 35 Charlotte square 
Mylne John, writer, 140 Princes st 
Mylne Mrs. 11 Norton place 
Myrtle John Young, surgeon, 2 Hay st 

NACHOT Dr. Heinrick Withelm, profes- 
sor of philosophy, 108 George st 
Nairn John, solicitor, 10 Sth. Hanover st 
Nairn Mrs. Margt. Cherry bank, Newhavn 
Nairne Alexander, writer, 6 Annandale st 
Nairne Charles, writer, 22 Albany st 
Nairne Jas. & Chas. writers, 22 Albany st 
Naismith John, grocer, Tiafalsar lane, L. 
Nalder Mrs. Frances,Bellevue,Newington 
Napier Alex, smith, 16 Water lane, Leith 
Napier & Co. spirit dealers. Morning side 
Napier C. dress maker, 2 Greenside place 
Napier Mrs. V. 11 Stafford st 
Napier Georee, advocate, 23 Albany st 
Napier Geo.'& Co. brewers,28 Abbey hill 
Napier George &Wm. writers, 23 Albany st 


iE0m5ur5l&05l«» EDINBURGH, &c. 

gigot ^ Co/g 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Napier J as. tailor, 14South St. Andrew st 
Napier John,spitit dealer, 288 Canonsate 
Napier Macvey, writer, 39North Castle st 
Napier Major-General, 4 South Gray st 
Napier Mark, advocate, 11 Stafford st 
Napier Mrs. 19 Dundas st 
Napier Sir William, 41 Drummond place 
Napier Wra. teacher of music, 25 India st 
Napier Wm paper ruler. Covenant close 
Nasmyth Alexander, artist, 47 York place 
Nasmylb Alison, victual dealer, 2 Cause- 
way side [square 

Nasmyth James, jeweller, 9 Sbakspeare 
Nasmyth the Hon. Lady Harriet (of Posso) 

13 South Charlotte st 

Nasmyth Robert, dentist, 78 George st 

National Banliof Scotland,Palrick Borlh. 

wick, manager, 42 Sf. Andrew's square, 

and Branch, 31 Bernard street, Leith— 

James Wallace, agent [vernor 

NationalGaoI,CaltonbilI— HughRo''e,go. 

National Provident Institution, 59 York 

place — John Orr, agent 
Naughton Robert, Venetian blind maker, 

5 South back of Canongate 
N eaves Mr. Charles, 47 Queen st 
Neaves Charles, advocate, 19 Charlotte sq 
Neell Mrs. 34 Clerk street [Clyde st 

Negres Alexndr. teacher of languages, 14 
Neil and Glover, brass founders and gas 

fitters, 39 George st 
Neil Mrs. Bellevue terrace [close 

Neill and Co. printers, 1 Old Fishmarket 
Neill John, architect, 17 Calton place 
Neill John, baker, 24 Tobago st 
Neill John, cabinet maker. Circus lane 
Neill John and Co. general merchants, 41 

Mitchell st, Leith 
Neill Miss, 69 York place 
Neill Mrs. 34 Clerk Jt [Stockbridge 

Neilson George, cooper, 13 Brunswick st, 
NeilsonGeo. hackneyman,83 Rose st lane 
Neilson Greig,spirit dealer,8Macdowallst 
Neilson James, cooper, 13 Water la, Leith 
Neilson John, spirit dealer,10 Queen st,L. 
Neilson John, grocer, 13 Hope st [sq 

Neilson John, cabinet maker, 15 St. James' 
Neilson Misses, school, 24 St. Patrick's sq 
Neilson Mrs. (of Millbank), 53Melvillest 
Neilson Robt. Lindsay, grocer,33 Elder st 
Neilson Thomas,dairym'aD,Heriot's build- 
ing.*, Leith walk 
Neilson William, baker, 1 Jamaica st 
Neilson Wm. spirit dealer, Dalkeith road 
Nellan Thomas, umbrella maker, 10 Ter- 
race, Leith st [Noi-th Leith 
Nelson Isabella, lodgings, Constitution st, 
Nelson Jame.«, cork cutter, 103 Cowgate 
Nelson M. dre.«s maker, 19 New st 
Nelson Mrs. Mary, 29 Buccleugh place 
Ness David, sculptor, marble cutter, and 

marble merchant, Leith walk 
Ness David, shoe maker, 24 Pitt st 
Ness Robert, spirit dealer. Shore, Leith 
Ness Thos. blacksmith. Commercial pl,L. 
New Club, 4 St. Andrew's square— Tho- 
mas Man.sfield, secretary 
New Greyfriars Local School, Castle 
wynd — Rev. James Anderson, teacher 
New Robert, gardener, Allan field, Leith 
Newbigging Jno. writcr,l8 St.Andrew's sq 
Newbigging Mrs. lodging.-, 12 Adam st 
Newbigging Wm.sui-geon,l8 St. Andrw'ssq 
Newcastle & Leilh Steam Ship Compy. 
Shore, Leilh— Laing & Stewart, agents 
Newcastle Bottle and Glass Gompany,24 
Greenside place, and 31 Constitution st, 
Leith— William Pattison, agent 
Newhaven School, Newhaven— J. Carter, 

master; Mrs. Laing, mistress 
NewlanrtsJas. architect, 35 Gilmore pi 
Newlands Mrs. 35 Gilmour place 
Newlands Thomas & Son, rope makers, 
106 Grass market [Frederick st 

Newton & Drever, dress makers,2-5 South 
Newton and Somervail, corn factors, 9 

Quality st, Leith 
Newton Mrs. Ann, 9 Albany st, Leith 
Newton Mrs. James, 27 Dundas st 
Newton, Laurie and Co. American mer- 
chants, 9 Quality st, Leith 
Niblie Mrs. lodgingfi, 6 Eltn row 
Nichol Andrew, bnot and shoe maker, 3G 

West Register st 
Nichol John, spirit dealer, 48 George st 
Nichol Mrs. 17 Archibald place 
Nichol Robert, teacher, 8 Graham st 
N ichol Walter, teachpr-,82 South Bridge st 
Nicholl James, teacher, Hyndford close 


Nicholson Alexander-, pump and farming 

implement maker, Norton place 
Nicholson Daniel, grocer,39 Broughtonst 
Nicholson David, grocer, 36 Canongate 
Nicholson Geo. bedstead mkr.2lDukest,L. 
Nicholson George & Co. house and orna- 
mental painters, 51 George st 
Nicholson J.&Son,tailors,&c. 53 George st 
Nicholson John, tailor, 17 Rose st 
Nicholson John,boot,&c,maker,41 Leith st 
Nicholson Miss, seminary, 13 Leopold st 
Nicholson Mrs. 17 Norton place 
Nicholson Mrs. 2 Shore, Leith 
Nicholson Robert, dairyman, Duke st, L. 
Nicholson Wm. artist, 29 South Castle st 
Nicol Rev. A. 10 Hill place 
Nicol Mr. Alexander, 34 Clerk st 
Nicol Elizabeth, publican, 22 Bridge st,L. 
Nieol Geo. nurseryman, &c. Leith mount 
Nicol James, baker, 56 Tolbooth wynd.L. 
Nicol John, saddler, &c. 22 Kirkgate, L. 
Nicol John, architect, &c. 16 Lotrdon st 
Nicol John, hrulder', 19 Lauristnn st 
Nicol Robert, die and stamp cutter, 37 
North Bridge street [street 

Nicol Robert, painter, 34 South Frederick 
Nicol William, esq. Inverleith terrace 
Nicoll Alexander, solicitor, 2 Melville st 
Nicoll Alexander, lodgings, 6 India st 
Nirolson & Co. Wrights and turners, 31 

Whitefield place, Leith walk 
Nicolson William, baker, 4 Shrub place 
Nicolson Wm. shoe maker,61 Nicolson st 
Niel James, plumber, Semple court 
Nightingale & Son, tailors and clothiers, 

5 North St. Andrew st 
Nimmo Mr. D. 6 Gardner's crescent 
Nimmo George, turner-, &c. 211 Cowgate 
Nimmo Geo. gardener, Comely gardens 
Nimmo Geo. gardener, Claremont park 
Nimmo Mary, teacher, Duncan place 
Nimmo Mrs. lodgings, 26 Charles st 
Nimmo P. & J. brass founders, gas fitters, 

&c. 6 North Bank street 
Nimmo Robert, painter, 3 Grass market 
Nisbet A lex. cabinet makr.28 Haddingtnpl 
Ni>bet Arch. esq. (of CarBn;,9 Sth. Gray st 
Nisbet J. & Son, fleshers, 2 Pitt st 
Nisbet James, dairyman, 136 Kirkgate, L. 
Nisbet Miss, 6 Nelson street 
Nisbet Miss, lodgings, 36 Mitchell st 
Nisbet Mrs. 9 Montague street 
Nisbet Mrs. George plnce, Leith walk 
Nisbet Rev. William, 15 Norton place 
Nisbet Rev. Wm. 7 Comely green place 
Nisbett Jas. solicitor, 17 West Fettes row 
Niven Hugh, master of Trinity College 
Church School, Society Hall, 19 Highst 
Niven John Dick, writer, 9 Hope st 
Niven Wm. baker, 45 St. Leonard st 
NobIe.4ndw. fishmonger, Broirghton markt 
Noble .Agnes, lodgings, 87 Princes st 
Noble Euphemia, lodgings, 7S.Frederickst 
Noble .lames, lodgings, 30 Sth. Hanover st 
Noble John, tailor-, 41 South Bridge st 
Noble John,coal inercht.l4 PorlHopetoun 
Noble Thos. carver & gilder, 84 High st 
Norie Mrs. 21 Maitland st 
Norie Robert &Son,painters, &c.l21High 
st, and 24 West Register st [row 

Norman Andrew, spirit dealer, 71 Potter 
Normand Henry, accountant, 31 Warris- 

ton crescent 
Normand Joseph, wright, Chalmers' close 
Norrie Robt. spirit dealer, 24 Brunswick st 
Norris George, boot,&c. makei-,319 Highst 
Norris Mr-s. 21 Gardiner's crescent 
Nortlr British Academy for the Education 

of Young Ladies, 121 Gc-orge st 
North British Advertiser & Monthly Re- 
cord 0(lice,Melhourne place, George the 
Fourth's Bridge [Hanover st 

North British Fire & Life Office, 1 South 
Northern Lights Office, 84 George street — 

Charles Cunninghame, secretary 
Northumberland and Durham Coal Com- 
pany, 10 Fife place, Leith 
Norvells Miss Mary, 17 Ann st 
Noi-wich Union Kire,&c. Oflrce,31 Princes 
st — Jardine, Stoddart & Fraser, agents 
Notman & Son, plumbers, ghiziers, and 
slaters, Br-oughton lawn [st 

Nourse Elizabeth, pastry cook, 79 Princes 


OATMAN George, spirit dealer, 82 St. 

Andrew street, Leith 
Observer N ewspapeJ Office, 377 High st — 

Thomas Begbie, publisher 

O'Brien Peter, furniture broker, 198 & 236 

0'DonnelJno.cloths.dlr.69St. Mary's wynd 
Ogg Mrs. 14 Roxburgh st 
Ogilvie & Crichton, managers of London, 

Leith, Edinburgh & Glasgow Shipping 

Company, 50 Shore, Leith 
Ogilvie Miss Charlotte, 48 Melville st 
Ogilvie Mr. David, 2 Wharton place 
Ogilvie J. &A. woollen drapers,124 High st 
Ogilvie Jas. &Co. agents, 27 Sth. Bridge st 
Ogilvie Mrs. 18 Calton place 
Ogilvie Mrs. 110 Lauriston place 
Ogilvie Mrs. lodgings, 22 London st 
Ogilvie Mr. R. Fingal place [pI,L. 

Ogilvie R. manager of Shipping Co.4J ohn's 
Ogilvie Thomas, draper, 13 Bristo st 
Ogilvie Mrs. Thomas, 6 Pitt st 
Ogilvy Geo. esq. (of Cove), 63 N. Castle st 
Ogilvy James, accountant, 116 Princes st 
Ogi Ivy Pelr.&Wm.tailors,&c.6.5 Princes st 
Ogilvy Mr. Robert, 4 Fingal place 
Ogilvy Mrs. Walter, 40 Heriot row 
Ogilvy Wm.Spence, painter-, 34 S.Castlest 
Ogle Mr. John, John's pi, St. Leonard st 
Ogle Robert, bookseller, 1 Antigua st 
Oliphant Francis, baker, 1 10 High street, 

and 6 Middle Arthur place [ham st 
Oliphant Francis, general agent, 10 Gra- 
Oliphant Miss (of Condie), 35 Alva st 
Oliphant William & Son, booksellers, 7 

South Bridge street 
Oliphant William, jun. and Co. printers, 

23 South Bridge 
Oliver and Boyd, booksellers,Tweeddale 

court, 16 High street 
Oliver James, surgeon, 21 Home st 
Oliver James, surgeon, 78 Queen st 
Oliver John, tailor, 4 Saunders st 
Oliver Miss, lodgings, 6 RankeiUor st 
Oliver Mrs. 6 Aniston place 
Oliver Thomas, farmer, Lochend 
Oliver Thomas, spirit dealer,-206 Cowgate 
Oliver William, grocer, 1 Mansfield pi 
Oliver William, spiritdealer, 154 Cowgate 
Oman Grace, email's /?o(e/,6 Charlotte sq 
Oman Miss Jane, 8 Dundas street 
Oman Wm. cabinet mkr. 8 Brunswick st 
Omond Joanna, grocer, Trafalgar lane,L. 
Omond Robert, surgeon, m. d. 4 Forres st 
O' N eil Anthony, statuary, 16 W. Register st 
Oppenheim Philip Christian, toy dealer, 

10 North St. Andrew street 
Orde Captain R. F. 10 Duncan st 
Orme Miss Mary, 67 Oreat King st [st 
Ormiston Geo. blacksmith, 129 &I56 Rose 
Ormiston John, baker, 4 James' place 
Ormiston Robert, baker,3 Orchard field pi 
OrmstonHenry,bookseller, 18 S. College st 
OrmstonJno. eating house,Haddinglon pi 
Ormston Mrs. 59 Lauriston place 
Orphoot John, printer, 46 Nicolson st 
Orr Miss A. 22 Brought on place 
Orr Alexander-, solicitor, 6 Leopold place 
Orr Alexander, tailor, 59 Rose st 
Orr Chas.J as.Fox, writer, 3 Athol crescent 
Orr gr-ocer,Broughton mrkt 
Orr Jas. paintei-,&c.26 W. Cross causeway 
Orr Capt. John, superiirtendent of Naval 

& Military Academy, 43 St. Cuthbcrt st 
Orr John, writer, 59 York place 
Orr Mrs. Mary Ann, 8 Northumberland st 
Orr Patrick, writer, 15 Moray place 
Orrock Alexdr-. spirit dealer, 48 Dundas st 
Orrock and Romanes, bookbinders, 94 

South Bridge street [st 

Orrock Charles, tailor, 26 South Frederick 
Orrock David, spirit dealer, 28 Shore, L. 
Orrock George, ship master, 10 Shore, L. 
Orrock James, dentist, 2 York place 
Orrock James, tailor, Leslie place 
Orrock James and Co. chymists and 

druggists, 30 St. Andrew's square 
Orrocli Misses, milliners, 13 Downie pi 
Osberry Miss, 63 York place 
Oswald J. teacher, Heriot's Hospital 
Oswald Mrs. (of Dunnikier), 26 Moray pi 
Oswald John, tobacco and snuff manu- 
facturer, 5 Lothian street 
Ouston Mr. Comely green crescent 
Outtam George, advocate, 18 Pitt st 
Owen Charles, paintpr-,&c. 13-5 Nicolson st 
OwcnJno.clothes dealr.77St.Mary's nynd 
Owen Mrs. 19 London street 
OwensPhilp.clothe.*d!r.62St. Mary's wynd 
Oxley George, spirit dcaler,237 Canongate 
Oxiey John, spiritdealer, 131 Canongate 




Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

PADMORE John, publican, Jock'slodge 
Padon Thomas, writer, 1.5 Hart st 
Pagan Oswald, spiritdealer, 10 Hi«hri£igs 
PaganDr.Saml.A..9iirKeon,4Shandwick pi 
Pagan William,solicitor,13Montgomeiy st 
Page John, dyer, 15 Lothian street 
Pase Robert, surveyor, 31 Brotighton st 
Pagon Oswald,3piritd]r.Blackfriarswynd | 
Pairman John, portrait painter, 30 South 

Hanover street 
Pairman J olui , grocer, 85 Kirkgate, Leilh 
Pairman William,grocer,&c.3 South Rich- 
mond st [Andrew's sq 
Palladium Life OfTice— LCockburn,32St. 
Pailiser Michael, spirit dealer, 4 Homest 
Palmer Mr. Humphrey, U8 Howard pi 
Palmer William, hosier, 15 Earl Greyst 
PantonW'm.&Co.linen drapers,14 Bank st 
Paris John, shoe maker, 98 Kiik<;ate, L. 
Paris Thos.grocr&wright, 
Park Alex, teacher of French, 17 Dundasst 
Park Andrew, timber merchant, Heriol's 
buildings, Leith walk [sq 
Park Mrs. Mungo, 6 West Claremont st 
Park Thomas, shoe maker, 8 India st 
Paik Thomas, tailor, 76 Thistle st 
Park Thos. boot,&c. maker, 161 West port 
Park William, tailor, 40 WeslRichmond st 
Park Wm. tailor, &c.45St. Mary's wynd 
Park William, wright, Cumberland st 
Parker J. G. agent, 44 Bernard st, Leith 
Parker Mr. John, 21 Buccleugli place 
Parker John, solicitor, s.c. 7 Mary's place 
Parker Matthew, oil manufacturer, 38 

Whitefield place, Leith walk 
Parker Mrs. 21 Buccleiigh place 
Parlane Miss, 16 Cumberland st 
Parsons Wm. landing surveyor,Anf igiia st 
Pasley Mr. Thomas, 1 St. John's place, L. 
Paterson Miss A. 9 Brandon st 
Paterson A. & J. solicitors, 47 Albany st 
Paterson Adam.viclual dealr,49 Lothian st 
Paterson Adam, writer, 11 India st 
Paterson & Co. giocers, &c. 8 Melville pi 
Paterson & Roy, music sellers, 27George st 
Paterson Andrew,smith,St.Culhbert's lane 
Paterson Andrew, lathe, press, tool, and 

machine maker, II Greenside lane 
Paterson Mrs. Ann, 2 Upper Gray st 
Paterson Archd. linen draper, 55 George st 
Paterson Archibald, earthenware dealer, 

13 Canning place 
Patfr>on Charlotte, school, 7 Charles f:t 
Paterson Mrs. Elizabeth, 17 Charlotte,L. 
Paterson Eliz. shopkeepr. 12 St. Andrews! 
Paterson Mr. George, :i5 Minto .»t 
Paterson Geo. builder, 13 Montgomery st 
Paterson Isabella, hairmanfr. 3 Potter row 
Paterson J. dress maker, 5 Salisbury st 
Paterson Mr. James, 6 South Gray st 
P.iterson James, mason, Lothian road 
Paterson Jas. leather mercht. 4 Princes st 
Paterson Jas. grocer, &c. 9 Earl Grey st 
Patei-son James, builder, 82 Rose st 
Paterson Jas. innkeeper, 1 Hamilton pi 
Paterson James, watch and clock maker, 
429 Lawn market [Leith 

Paterson Jane, card maker, 33 Bernard st, 
Paterson Rev. John, d.d. 10 Elm row 
Paterson John, turner. East Thistle lane 
Paterson John, smith and coach axle tree 
maker, Gilchri.^t's entry West [close 
Paterson John, pnblican,21 Flesh market 
P.iterson M. bookseller,&c. 7 Stb.Union pi 
Paterson Mrs. Margaret, Madeira st,Leith 
Paterson Margaret, spirit dealer, 21 St. 
Leonard st [st. North Leith 

Paterson Margaret,green grocer, Cobourg 
Paterson Miss, 11 Melville place 
Paterson Mrs. 2 Salisbury square 
Paterson Mrs. 16 Archibald place 
Paterson Mrs. 7 Windmill st 
Paterson Ralph, smith, Duke st, Leith 
Paterson Robert, button and trimming 

warehouse, 313 High street 
Paterson Robert, physician, Madeira st, 
Leith [54 Rankeillor st 

Paterson Robert,snrveyorof police taxes, 
Paterson Robert, fiesher, 19 Richmond pi 
Paterson Thos. grocer, .5 East Register st 
Paterson William, dyer, 87 Princes st 
Paterson Wm. spirit dealer, 42 Cowgate 

Paterson Wm. hair dresser, 32Horse wynd 
Paterson William, dyer, 1 Toll cross 
Patison & Pringle, silk mercers, 6 South 

Bridge street 
Patison John, jun. writer, 6 York place 
Patison Michl. soUcitor,Boroughmuirhead 
Patison Mrs. 17 Shandwick place 
Patison Thos. Hill, surgeon, 6 York place 
Paton Alex, boot & shoe maker, I South- 
east Circus place and 1 Greenside st 
Paton Alex, boot, &e. maker, 62 Clerk st 
Paton Alexander, saddler, 16 Leith st 
Paton David, wright. Barony st 
Paton David, builder, 17 Greenside st 
Paton Geo. surgeon, 2 Nth-west Circus pi 
Paton Hugh, carver & gilder, &c. 25 & 27 

Horse wynd, College 
Paton James, coal dealer, Brunswick st 
Paton John, builder, (56 Great King st 
Paton Miss, 7 London st 
Paton Mrs. 5 Archibald place 
Patoti Thomas, bookseller and stationer. 

4 North-west Circus place ["place 

Paton Thos. accountant, 12 Saxe Cobourg 
Paton Walter, surveyor of shipping for 

Lloyd's, Dock gates, Leith [row 

Paton Walter, cabinet maker, Henderson 
Paton Wm. victual dealer, 3 Baker place 
Patrick Mr. Robert, 2 Forth street 
Patrick William, writer, 32 Albany st 
Patten John, writer, 26 Royal crescent 
Patterson Chas.grocer,&c.53 Broughton st 
Patterson Henry, agent, 27 Howard place 
Patterson James, advocate, 16 S.Castle st 
Patterson Jas. plasterer, Broughton lawn 
Patterson James R. iron founder,Lth. walk 
Patterson Mrs. Jane, 111 Princes st 
Pattison George H. advocate, 13 Albany st 
Pattison James, tavern, 13 Leith terrace 
Pattison James, hair dresser, 52 Princes st 
Pattison Mr. John,Viewforth, Leith links 
Pattison Mary, dyer, 21 Brunswick st 
Pattison Mrs. — , Mary cottage, Trinity 
Pattison Wm. agent, 31 Constitution st,L. 
Pattison William I. agent,24 Greenside pi 
Patton Geo. advocate, 38 N. Frederick st 
Patton Thomas, writer, 38 N. Frederick st 
PatuUo Miss, 38 Ann street 
Paul Alexander, baker, 13 S.St. Andrew st 
Paul Alexander, stationer, 15 Sth.James st 
Paul James, grocer, &c. High market st 
Paul Rev. John, 36 George square 
Paul Mackenzie &Moncrieif,accountants, 

1 Howe street [st, Leith 

Paul Mrs. silk & worsted dealer, 4 1 Bridge 
Paul Robert, manager of Commercial 

Bank, Grace mount 
Paul Robert, writer, 20 Dublin st 
Paul Thomson, writer, St. Cuthbert's glebe 
Paxton Agnes, lodging*, 5 Nicolson st 
Paxton Alexndr. schoolmasttr,174 Rose st 
Paxton Rev. Dr. 12 Archibald pi [^1 

PaxtonHy.commission agnt.2 St. Patrick's 
Paxton John,grocer,54 St. Giles st, Leith 
Paxton John, Royal Exchange coffee 

house and tavern, 6 Royal Exchange 
Peacock Adam, spirit dealer, 198 High st 
Peacock Adam, spirit dir. 18 S Hanover st 
Peacock Adam, tobacconist, 59 Shore, L. 
Peacock Andrew, tobacco & snuif manu- 
facturer, 292 Canongate 
Peacock Andrew, lodgings, 4 Darna way st 
Peacock Henry,tailor,&c 57 N .Hanover st 
Peai-ce Mrs. Captain, 16 Alva st 
Pears James, baker, 66 Buccleugh st 
Pearse Robert, cabinet maker, 1 Nelson pi 
Pearson Adam, grocer, 39 George st [ciis 
Pearson&Robertson,writers, 17 Royal cir- 
Pearson Major J. 29 Drummond place 
Pearson Mrs. 27 Dundas st [st 

Pearson Patrick, solicitor, s. c 76 Queen 
Peat David, spirit dealer, 17 Gilmour st 
Peat David, fruiterer, 45 Whitelield place 
Peat Jas. musicteacher,30 Haddington pi 
Pealjames,excise onicer,10Londoa row,L 
Peat Margaret, lodgings, 22 Duke st 
Pent Miss, lodgings, 1 London st 
Peat Thomas, bookseller, 32 Leith st 
Peat William, silversmith, 13 S. Canal st 
Peattie Alexander, baker, 55 Nicolson st 
PeattieGeorge,publican,391 Lawn market 
Peattie Jane, dress mkr. 391 Lawn market 
Peattie Robert, wright, 23 Downie place 
Peck William, spirit dealer,309CanongHte 
PeckWm.&Co. lithographers, 6 George st 
I Peddie Dr. Alex, surgeon, 37 Lauriston pi 
Peddie&Co. horse dealers,53 Grass market 
1 Peddie David, spirit deakr, 39 Arthur st 

Peddie Donald S. acoountant, 1 George st 
Peddie 1. stay, maker, 15 W. Richmond st 
Peddie Rev. Dr. James, 37 Lauriston place 
Peddie James, jun. writer, 1 George street 
PeddieMargrt. trunk maker, 14 Waterloo pi 
Peddie Rev. William, 37 Lauriston place 
Peddie William, grocer, &c. 45 Home st 
Pedie Jas. writer to the 5ignet,14 Albany st 
Pedie William, city office. Advocate's 
PeeblesAndrw. coach buildr.29 Leith walk 
Peebles John, physician, 11 Wemyss place 
PeeblesWilliam,glazier,&c. 37 London st 
PefrersCatherine,victl.dlr.l3 Buccleugh st 

Pelican Life Office, 14 George street 

James Balfour, agent, 
Pender Tlios. comptroller and accountant 
ueneral for stamps & taxes,13 Royal terr 
Pendleton J no.nail mkr.24Warrlston'sclse 
Pendrigh John,victual dealr.40 Potter row 
Pendrith John, baker, 63 Fountain bridge 
Penman Mrs. tobacconist, 114 Nicolson st 
Penny MarEt. green grocer, 18 Dundas st 
Penny W m.packng case mkr.3 Mansfield pi 
Penny Wm. advocate, 58 Great King st 
Pennycook Robert, smith, 25 South back 
of Canongate [10 Gilmour st 

Pennycuick George, boot & shoe maker, 
Pentland Colin, spirit dealer, Echo bank 
Pentland Wm. clothes dealr. 75 St. Andrew 
st, Leith [Bonnington road 

Pentland Young Jno. cooper, Spence's pi, 
Pergivie Alex.hop mercht. 21 Quality st,L. 
Perigal Arthv.teacher of drawing,2l Hillst 
Perron Mrs. lodgings, 7 Hill square 
Peter Miss Catherine, Heriot row 
Peter Chas. linen draper, 25 Grass market 
Peter Mrs. Henrietta, 15 Claremont st 
Peterhead & Leith Shipping Co. Shore, 

Leith — Laing & Stewart, agents 
Peteikin Alex, solicitor, 11 East Thistle st 
Peters David, cabinet maker, 8 Hamilton 

place, Stockbridge 
Peters James, mason, 26 New st 
Petrie John, bookseller & agent, 4 North 

St. Andrew st 
Pettie Wm. shoe maker, 60 Lauriston st 
Pettigrew Elizabeth, lodgings,28 India st 
Petligrtw Jas. baker, 42 Parkside biiildgs 
Philip Alex, watch maker, 60b Princes st 
Philip Alex, tailor, 3 King's place, Leith 
Philip Chas. merchant, 1 Dock .gates, L. 
Philip Charles, jun. general agent and for 
British Copper Office, 1 Dock gates, L* 
Philip David, baker, 26 Couper st, Leith 
Philip Mrs. J. P. Northfield, Newhaven 
Philip Janet,victualdlr. Ill Causeway side 
PhilipRbt. block,&c.mlir.OldChureh st,L. 
Philip nikr.48Nth. Hanover st 
Phillips & Dunn, solicitors, 429 High st 
Phillips John, solicitor s. c. 12 Union st 
Phillips M teachr.4 S.Frederick st 
Phin and Pitcairn, writers, 37 Dublin st 
Phin John, solicitor, s. c. 37 Dublin st 
Phin Misses, dress makers, 3 Bank st 
Phin Thomas, grocer, 46 India st 
Phin W. fishing tackle makr.34N. Bridge st 
Phoenix Fire Othce, Robert Allan, 11 
Royal Exchange, and Andrew Muir, 
11 South Bridge street, agents 
Phcenix James M'Dowall,6 Baxter place 
Pickard William, spirit dlr.31 Water la,U 
Picken John, watch, &c.mkr. 8 Gilmour st 
Picl;enlV1iss,music teacher,17St.Jaines'sq 
Picken Thos. watch maker, 1J4 West bow 
Pike William, draper, 8 Hunter square 
Pillan I.& A. dress mkrs. 57 Broughton st 
Pillan James, professor, 22 Abecromby st 
Pillans Benjamin, tailor, 6 Union place 
Pillans James, esq. 25 Regent's terrace 
Piper Edward & Co. mail contractors, 1 
Catherine street and 10 Princes street 
Piper Mrs. J. 8 Windsor street 
Piper William, teacher,22 Regent ten-ace 
Pirrie David,wright,34 Yard heads, Leith 
Pitcairn Miss Charlotte, 17 Inverleith row 
Pitcair-n M.D.surgeon,4 N.Charlotte st 
Pitcairn Robert, writer, 50 Nth. Castle st 
Pitmilly Lord, 15 Charlotte square 
Pitts Mrs. 7 Annandale street 
Piatt Edward, music teacher, 8 Hill sq 
Playfair Miss, 25 Great King at 
Playfair Robert, solicitor, 6 Mansfield p] 
Playfair Wm.Hy. architect, 17 Gt.Stuartst 
Plenderleath Mr. Robert, Abbey mount 
Plenderleath Mrs. 6 Windmill st 
Plomer Mr. William, 26 York place 
Plurn,mer Alex, flesher, 14 Middle market 
PUimmer Benjamin, flesher, Veal market 
Plummer John, flesher, Middle market 


MQittliurs60]^in. EDINBURGH, &c. 

Ptgot ^ arci/0 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Plummer Mrs. (of Middlestead), 20 Buc- 

cleiigli place 
PliimmeiRobert,flesher,36 Midclle market 
Pollands J olin. gi-ocer,&c. 49 M .Hanover st 
PollockAIex.coal mercht.l7W.Nicnlson st 
Pollock David, wine and spirit dealer, 71 
York place and 3 Meiise lane [pi 

Pollock David, dyer, 22 Nrlh. West Circus 
Pollock David, dyer, 47 Lothian st 
Pollock David, dyer, Lothian road 
Pollock George, dyer, 90 Princs st 
Pollock John, hosier, &c. 25 Nicolson st 
Pollock Mrs. 20 Nflson street 
Pollock Peter, farrier, 83 Rose st lane 
Pollock William, solicitor, 13 York place 
Polston Alex. clothes dlr.9St.Andrew st,L 
PondEdwd. lieut.of police,61 Lauriston pi 
Ponsonby Mis. school, 1 London st 
Ponton — , builder, Howard place 
Ponton Miss Ann, 7 South Charlotte st 
Ponton Mr. John, 22 Scotland st 
Ponton Miss, 12 St. Leonard st 
Poole Richd. m.d. surgn. 1 E.Bronghton pi 
PorteoMs Alexander, baker, 57 George st 
PorteousGeo.victual dlr.86Cross causeway 
Porteous James, keeper of Callon Con- 
vening Hall, Calton hill [st 
Porteous Jas. victual dealer,35 St.Leonard 
Porteous Jane, lodgings, 51 Clerk st 
Porteous John, flesher, 65 N. Hanover st 
Porteous John, grocer, 22 Maitland st 
Porteous Miss, 28 Rankeillor st 
Porteous Miss, dress maker, 12 Stafford st 
Porteous Miss, milliner, 7 Broughton pi 
Porteous Mrs. 17 Bristo street 
Porteous Mrs. baker, 30 West Port 
Porteous Sillias, dealer in sundries, 120 
Kirkgate, Leith [bridge 
Porteous Win.baker,22Brunswickst,StocU- 
Porteous Willinm, baker, 2 Union st 
Porteous Wm. victual dealer,l5 Canongate 
PorteousWm. victual dealr.6 Grass market 
Porteous William, grocer, 1 Heriot mount 
Porter Wm, furniture brokr.244 Cowgate 
Porter Wm. tinsmith, 23 St. Leonard st 
Portman Joseph, grocer, &c. 2:34 Cowgate 
Pott James, writer, 11 York place 
Potter James, baker, 4 Chapel st 
Potter Jane, stay maker, 27 Elder st 
Pottinger Mrs. 32 Rankeillor st 
Potts Andrew, bookseller, 47 Broughton st 
Polts George, cabinet mkr. 14 Scotland st 
Potts Miss, 46 Great King street 
Potts Wm. cider agent, 16 Broughton pi 
Pow Thomas, flesher, 6 Carnegie st 
Pratt Alexander, lather, 20 Haddington pi 
Pratt David, esq. Vlewforth house 
Pratt Elizabeth, lodgirgs, 17 Waterloo pi 
Pratt John, gun maker, 11 Hanover st 
Pratt Mrs. lodging.s,2 Shakspeare square 
Prentice Archibald, general dealer, Spence 
place, Bonnington road [Leith 
Prentice Elizabeth, grocer,5 Admiralty st, 
Prentice Richard, solicitor, 112 Princes st 
Preston Alexander, tailor, 51 Broughton st 
Preston Christian,lodgings,4Portland pl,L 
Preston Mrs. Colonel, 22 Rankeillor st 
Prestonholm Spinning Company, 14 Tim- 
ber bush, Leith [st 
Price Jas. hair dealer, 52 West Richmond 
Pridie Mrs. .Robert, 12 Roxburgh place 
Primrose Miss (of Bnrnhrae), 7 Athol pi 
Prince Ann, furrier, 31 Princes st 
Pringle & Caldwell, builders, 31 ^eIson st 
Pringle Mrs. Christian, 31 India st 
Pringle Colonel (of Symington), 18 War- 

riston crescent 
Pringle David, carver & gilder, 79 High st 
Pringle Jas. session clerk, 22 London st 
PringleJas. spirit dealr.6 St.Leonard's hill 
Pringle John, esq. 12 Minto street 
Pringle John, spirit dealer, 15 Rose st 
Pringle John, grocer, 17 N. W. Circus pi 
Pringle John,victuaI dealr.341 Canongate 
Pringle John, dairyman, 26 Jamaica st 
Pringle Mrs. Margaret, 51 Albany st 
Priuiile Mrs. Mary, 46 Charlotte square 
Pringle Mary, lodging?, 86 S. Bridge st 
Pringle Mrs. 9 Manor place 
Prinalc Mrs. 15 SI. Anthony's place [st 
Pringle 1^ icoI,v/inp,&c.mrcht.17Broughtn 
Pringle Major Norman, 14 Walker st 
Pringle Mr Robert, 23 Montague st 
Pringle Mr. Samuel, 7 St. Vincent st 
Pringle Thomas, tiarm brewer, Gibbs' entry 
Pringle Thomas, builder, 14 Lcven st 
PringleWilliam, spirit dlr. Dickson's close 


Pringle Wm. watch makr. 99 Nicolson st 
Pringle Wm. victual dlr. 10 Grass market 
Printing &Publi.''hingCo.20Shakspeare sq 
ProctorSarah,tobac'conist,46 Whitri.'ld pi 
Protector Fire Office, 11 Royal Exchange 

— Robert Allan, agent 
Proud M. green grocer,8 Southern market 
Proudfoot John,shawlmanufr.73Georgest 
Proven Mr.s. stationer, 6 Bank st fst 

Provident Life and County Fire Office, 13 

Quality st — William Muir, agent 
Pugh & Plews, ch\ mists and druggists to 

the King, 33 Princes st & 35 Northnm- 

Iierland street [Leith 

Puidie Agnes, lodgings, 4 Hamburgh pi, 
Piirdie Cecilia, worsted, silk, &c. dealer, 

52 Tolbooth wynd, Leith [lodge 

Purdie Georee, boot & shoe maker, Jock's 
Purdie J as.spiritdlr.3 West Cross cause wy 
Purdie Robert, writer, 24 Gayfield square 
Purdie Robert, music seller,83 Princes st 
Purdie William, m.d. surgeon, 17 Hart st 
Pursell Miss, seminary, 20 Cumberland st 
Purves Alexander, smith, 4 Ratburn place 
Purves David,pawnbroker,327 Canongate 
Purves Elizabeth, brass founder, 1 North 

back of Canongate [square 

Purves John,boot,&c.maker,23St.James's 
Purves Lady, 16 George square 
Purves Miss, 57 Castle st 
Purves Mrs. 22 Dundas st 
Purves Mrs. lodgings, 13 Henderson row 
Purves Mrs. publican, OldPost-office stairs 
Purves William, baker, Jock's lodge 
Purves Wm. tailor, &c. 1 Hunter square 
Purves Wm.& Co. tailors, &C.46 Princes st 
Pyott John, school, Storrie's alley, Leith 
Pyper Hamilton, advocate, 15 Royal cres 


QUIN Hugh, grocer, 79 Rose st 
Uuinett Mrs. housekeeper of the royal 
apartments, Holyrood house 


RABAGLIATI Signor, teacher of the 

Italian language, 59 George street 
Radley William, superintendent of Luna- 
tic Asylum, Morning side 
Rae James, solicitor, 5 York place [st 
Rae Jas. macer of session court, 204 High 
Rae Jane, teacher, 81 Causeway side 
Rae Mrs. 37 Montague street 
Rae Peter, solicitor, s. c. J2 Duke st 
Rae Thomas, dairyman, 9 Causeway side 
Rae Rev. William, 71 Clerk st 
Rae Wm. teacher of English, 24 Queen st 
Raeburn James,spirit dealer, 327 Cowgate 
RaeburnJas.architect,9Sth.East Circus pi broker,958 Cowgate 
Raeburn J no.furnitnrebroker,315 Cowgate 
R.ieburnRobt.cow feeder,9 St. Anthony pi 
Raeburn Wm. spirit dealer, 606 Castle hill 
& druggists. Smith's place, Leith walk 
Rainbow Coffee House, John Rampling, 
Terrace, New buildngs. North Bridge st 
Rainie William, accountant. 10 Dublin st 
Rait Robert, eating house, 5 Gifi'ord park 
Ralph John, confectioner, 48 and 50 Tol- 
booth wynd, Leith [st 
Ralston A.&M. stay makers,]0 Buccleugh 
Ralston J. B. (of Ellrigg), 2 Grove st 
Ralston Lydia, 275 Canongate 
Ralston Robeit Wm. writer, 2 Grove st 
Ralston Wm.anctioncer,.5oSt. Mary's wynd 
Ramage Adam, pewterer, 18 Clerk st 
RamageGeo.boot,&c.makr. 31 S. Bridge st 
Ramage Mrs. J. lodgings, 38 Rankeillor st 
Ramage James, wright, 206 Rose st 
Ramage John, confectioner, 5 Hope st 
Ramage John,b.nker, 1 Church st 
Ramnge Mrs. 1 Park strfet 
Ramage Mrs. P. 9 Manor place 
Ramage Wni. dairyman, 44 Sth. Bridge st 
Ramage William, cow feeder, S. Niddry st 
RampiniSignor,Italian teachr.4,5 George st 
Rampling John, Rainbow colfi'e house, 
Terrace,New buildings, North Biidge st 
Ramsay Alexander, inspector of police, 2 

St. Leonard st 
Ramsay Mr. David, 8 Sliakspeare square 
Ramsay David, merchant, 86 Constitution 
street, Leith [st 

Ramsay David & Son, printers, 190 1-1 igh Ainslce pi 

Ramsay Mrs. Frances, 8 Charlotte sq 
Ramsay Mrs. James, 18 Gayfield square 
Ramsay James, cardener, Chancelot 
Ramsay Jas hosier, &c.30 South Biidge at 
Ramsay Jane, lodgings, 20 Pitt st 
Ramsay Mr. John, 2 Bin cleugb place 
Rarasay John, M. u 15 Melville st 
Ramsay John, wright, 65 Cumberland st 
Ramsay John,cabinet niaker,Jamaicast la 
Ramsay John & Co. piano-forte makers, 
28 Elder st [docks, Leith 

Ramsay John W. wine merchant, Wet 
Ramsay Dowager Lady (of Bulmain), 7 

Darnaway st 
Ramsay Mrs. Marearef, 13 Clarence st 
Ramsay Mrs. 7 Hill place 
Ramsay the Hon. Mrs. of Barnton 
Ramsay Mr Peter, 8 Shandwick place 
Ramsay Philip A. soli( itor. 18 Gayfield sq 
Ramsay R. W. esq. (of Tillicoultry), 11 

Moray place 
Ramsay Mrs. Sarah, 16 Duke st 
Ramsay T. Williamson, esq. (of Maxton 

and Braidgar hill), Lix mount. Trinity 
Ramsay Wm. tinsmith, 12 Richmond pi 
Ramsay William, gardener, Sciennes st 
Ramsay Wm. Ramsey, esi). of Barnton 
Kamsays, Bonars and Co. bankers, Royal 
Exchange [st 

Ramsden Eliz. spirit dealer, 46 Lauriston 
Rauken B. M. solicitor, 42 Cumberland st 
Ranken David, flesher, 46 Causeway side 
Ranken David, flesher, 241 Canongate 
Ranken Francis, cut glass manufacturer, 

16 Picardy place 
Ranken Jas. victual dealer,164 Pleasance 
Ranken John, flint glass manufacturer & 

brass founder, 37 Leith walk 
Ranken John, victual dlr. 24 Carnegie st 
Ranken Peter, coal merchant, 13 Consti- 
tution street, Leith 
Ranken Thomas, solicitor, s.c.lODukest 
Rankin & Paterson,confectioners,4 South 
Union place [gate 

Rankin John, victual dealer, 2.'54 Canon- 
Rankine Lieut. D. manager of the fcldin- 
burgh & Dalkeith Railway,2Arniston pi 
Rankine Mrs. lodgings, 15 Drummond st 
Rankine Mr. Roger,52 Constitution st,L. 
Ransford Chas. surgeon, m.d. 12 Howest 
Rattray Captain, 6 Mansfield place 
Rattray Miss Mary, 21 Buccleugh place 
Rattray Robert, writer, 4 Bellevuecrescnt. 
Rattray Mrs. Thomas, 7 Henderson row 
Rausch & Corpe, tailors to his Majesty, 5-5 
Princes st&15Kingst,St James',Lo)ido?i 
Rawlinson Wm. victual dealr. 118 Rosest 
RawsonWm.lishinj tackle mkr.l53H igh st 
Reading Room, Dock gates. North Leith 
Reading Rooms, 13 George street 
Reddie James C. writer, 8 India st 
Reddie Mrs. 2 Warriston crescent 
Rerlfern B. C. & Co. hardware merchants, 

13 and 32 South Bridge street 
Redpath, Brown and Co. iron merchants, 
engineers, and seedsmen, 83 Candle- 
maker row & 80 Constitution st, Leith 
Redpath Mary, victual dealer, 4 Clyde st 
Reed William, esq. 21 Minto st 
Reed Wm. watch glass maker, 92 High st 
Reeves William, surgeon, 7 Haddington pi 
Reid Mrs. A. 18 Gilmour place 
Reid Adam, working jewellpr,6 Milne's sq 
Reid Alexander, spirit dealer, 28 1 High st 
Reid Alexander, merchant. Wet docks, L. 
Reid & Co. merchants. Wet docks, Leith 
Reid&Downie, silk mercers, 7.> George st 
ReidCatherine, dress nakcr, 136George st 
Reid Dr. D. B. lecturer on chymistry, 9 
Roxburgh place ['nsTS 

Reid Donald,spirit dlr.l4Candlemaker row 
Reid George, hair dresser, 104 Rose st 
ReidGeo.spiritdealer,66 Blackfriars wynd 
Reid Mrs. George, 13 Bnccleugh place 
ReidGeo.& Co. coach makrs. King's stables 
Reid Gilfilan. (ishmonger,01d Fish market 
Reid Hugh, shoe maker, 28 Jamaica st 
Reid J. & D. milliners, 26 Sih. B.idge st 
Reid Mr. James, 1 Hill .■square 
Reid James, spirit dealer, 3) Watergate 
Reid James John, advocate, 28 Dundas st 
Reid .Mrs. Jane, 4 Graham st 
Reid Janel, ham shop, 11 West Nicolson st 
Reid iHr. John, Comely green crescent 
Reid Re v. J no. 6 Heriot bridge,Grassmrkt. 
Reid John, watch makr. 13 S.Frederick st 
Reid John, cabinet maker, 3 Ingliston st 
lleid John, nurseryman, &c. Easter road 


EDINBURGH, &c. ^t^in'bnx^^Utt. 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Reid John' Watt, surgeon, 2 Dean terrace 

Reid M. lodgiiifts, 18 Lothian st 

Reid IM. & E. dress makers, 32 Watergate 

Reid Mary dress maker, 49 Brougbton st 

Reid Mrs. 6 Gardner's crescent 

Reid Mrs. Howard place 

Reid Mrs. lodgings, 16 Adam st 

Reid Peter, shoe maker, 24 India place 

Reid Robert, painter, Shrub place [gate 

Reid Robt. school, 8 North bad,- of Canon- 

Reid Robert, painter, 3 Blenheim place 

Reid Robert, architect, 44 Charlotte square 

Reid Robert, wright, 47 Great King st 

Reid Silvester,advocate,5 Mansfield place 

Reid Simson, baker, 27 Dean st 

Reid Sinclair, rag dealer, 15 College wynd 

Reid Susan, lodgings, 12 Henderson row 

Reid Mrs. Walter, 37 Bernard st. Leith 

Reid William, wright, 11 Calton st 

Reid William, hair cutter, 13 Clerk st 

Reid William, m.d. lecturer on medicine 

and botany, 1 Nicolson square [st 

Reid Wm. builder & undertaker, 11 Calton 
Reid William, merchant, 12 Hill square 
Reid William, button andtrimming ware- 
house, 39 North Hanover st 
Reid Mrs. William, printer, 1 Gabriel's rd 
Reikie James, green grocer, Green market 

and 46 Lothian st 
Reith James, agent for Mainpoint brewers', 

16 Keir street 
Rennie Jam.s, smith and ironmonger, 53 

North Hanover street 
Rennie Margaret, fruiterer, 2 Leith st 
Rennie Mrs. .Mary, 34 Albany st 
Rennie Thos. brewer, 15 Yard heads,Leith 
Renny & Webster, writers, 16 Royal circus 
Renny William, solicitor. Stamp office, ; 

Waterloo place [8 Lothian st 

Renton Alexander, manufacturing hosier, 
Renton James, accountant, 15 Queen st 
Renton James, writer, 1 Scotland st 
Renton John, writer, 30 Royal circus 
Renton Robert, m. d. 26 Howe st 
Renton Mr. William, 15 Buccleugh place 
Renwick Elison, grocer, ITGreensiderow 
Renwick William, dairyman, 19 Dean st 
Reoch Geo. spirit dealer, &c. Canon mills 
Reoch Mr. John, I2Pilrig st. Leith walk 
Reynolds Richard, button maker and die 

cutter, 19 Macdowall st 
Rhind David, architect, 11 Abercromby pi , 
Rhind Mrs. James, 13 Raeburn place 
Rhind Jane, academy, 30 Royal Circus 
Rhind John, cashier to the Friendly In- ' 

surance Society, 11 Abercromby place 
Rhind J no.(of National Bank) l3Raeburn pi 
RhindMacdutf,advocate,ll Abercromby pi 
Rhind Mrs. 11 Abercromby place 
Rhind William, surgeon, 21 Forth st 
Rhind Wm. writer, 11 Abercromby place I 
Ricateau Eugene, teacher, 45 George st | 
Richard Mr. John, 8 Salisbury place , 

Richardson A. ship master,39Couperst.L. , 
Richardson Andrew, grocer, 28 Pitt st 
RichardsonFrs.cheesemongr.28 Grass mkt 
Richardson Fraser,fiesher, Low Flesh mrkt '■ 
Richardson George, commission agent, 31 ■ 

South Bridge st [Trinity ' 

Richardson James, grocer,Lavercok place, , 
RichardsonJas.greengrocer,3Melville pi 
Richardson Jas.cartwright, Orchard field ' 
Richardson James, wine merchant, 48 ; 

West Register street 
Richardson James, jun. &Co. merchants, ! 

Calton place, Leith street [Pittst 

Richardson John, writer to the signet, 21 
Richardson John, hair dresser, 52 Leith st 
RichardsonJohn,teacheratthe Asylum for ■ 

the Female Blind, Nicolson st 
Richardson John, saw maker. Canal court 
Richardson J ohn,haircutter,8 Charlotte pi 
Richardson John , hair dresser, ISDundas st 
Richardson John, writer, 21 Pitt st 
Richardson Miss, 71 Clerk st 
Richardson Mrs. lodgings, 15 St. James' sq 
Richardson Petr,woollendrapr,213Highst , 
Richardson Ralph & Co. tobacco manur 
facturers & drysalters, 105 West bow i 
Richardson Ramsay,shoe makr,l78Rose st ; 
Richardson Rbt.flesher,3 Broughtonmrkt ! 
Richardson Robt. dairyman, 3 Salisbury st j 
Richardson Robt.victual dealer,20Bristost 
RichardsonWalter,hairdressr,42 Kirkgate ; 
Richardson Wm. flesher. Middle market 
Richmond & Sutherland, wine and spirit ; 

dealers, 68 Adam square [street 

Richmond John & Co. grocers,84 Nicolson 1 


Richmond J oshua,secretary,Trinity house, 

72 Constitution .street [street 

Rickard Palk. bookseller, 55 South Bridge 
Riddell iMiss Eliza, 4 Doune terrace 
Riddell Sir James, barf. 43 Moray place 
Riddell Lieut -Col. 26 Charlotte square 
Riddell Mrs. Margaret, 30 Moray place 
Riddle John, advocate, 57 Melville st 
Riddle M .straw hat mkr. 12 W. Nicolson st 
Ridpath Dav!d,confectioner,36Nicolson st 
Riech Mrs. 50 Rankeillor st 
Rigali G. statuary, 5 South David st 
Ri'gg Mrs. Margaret, 68 Queen st 
Rintoul Misses, serainaiy, Morton st, L. 
Rintoul Mrs. 6 Morton st, Leith 
Rintoul Oliver, manager of the Blind 

Asylum, 58 Nicolson st 
Ritchie Rev. Dr. — , 19 Salisbury road 
Ritchie A. Carnegie,advocate, 16 Albany st 
Ritchie Alexander, smith, Raeburn place 
Ritchie Alexander, tanner. Canon mills 
Ritchie Alex .H.tobacconist,21Bridgest,Tj. 
Ritchie & Hill, writers, 11 South Castle st 
Ritchie Archibald, manager of London and 

Edinburgh Shipping Co. 72 Shore,Leith 
Ritchie Rev. Dr. D. 28 Broughton place 
Ritchie Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Chapel st 
Ritchie Mr. George, 19 George square 
Ritchie Jas. carver, &c. 4 Assembly st, L. 
Ritchie James, smith, 37 West Nicolson st 
Ritchie James, stationer, 158 High st 
Ritchie James, builder, 50 India st 
Ritcher James, flesher,20 Southern market 
Ritchie James & James & Co. tailors and 

clothiers, 54 Princes street [Leith st 
Ritchie James & Son,watch, &c. makrs,29 
Ritchie Mr. John, 48 George square 
Ritchie John, printer, 3 Adam st 
Ritchie John, tailor, 166 High st 
Ritchie Miss, mistress of Infant's School, 

Lochend close 
Ritchie Mrs. 16 Howard place 
Ritchie Mrs. 27 Gilmour place 
Ritchie Mrs. 1 Nelson street 
Ritchie Patrick, printing press, machine, 

and projecting letter mkr, 56 Nicolson st 
Ritchie Robt. ironmonger, &o. 241 Highlst 
Ritchie Robt. earthenware dealr.7 Hay's ct 
Ritchie Rossan, victual dlr. 15 Potter row 
Ritchie Thomas, farrier. Thistle st lane 
RitchieThs. & Co glass cutters,239 High st 
Ritchie Walter, fishing net manufacturer, 

36 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Ritchie Mrs. Williani, 33 Dundas st 
Ritchie Wm. boot & shoe mkr. 54 Cowgate 
Ritchie Wm. boot maker, Haddington pi 
Ritchie Wm. manager to the Edinburgh 

Printing and Publishing Company, 20 

Shakspeare sq [3 Salisbury sq 

Ritson James, surveyor & civil engineer, 
Riva Alex, wire worker. Bakehouse close 
RivaPaul,weathr glass mkr, Murdoch'sclse 
Rohb Alexander, brass founder. New st 
Robb Daniel, smith, 24 Warriston's close 
Robb Jean, spirit dealer, 53 Potter row 
Robb John, builder, 33 Cumberland st 
Robb John, wright, 3 Vennel 
Robb Mr. Thomas, Canaan 
Robb William, slater, 56 Cross causeway 
Roberts Jas. shoemakr. 9 Sth. Richmond st 
Roberts James, ham curer, 10 Howe st 
Roberts Mr. John, Reid's court,Canongate 
Roberts Miss, 20 Drummond place 
Roberts Mrs. 21 Montague st 
Roberts Mrs. Margaret, 3 Ainslie place 
Roberts Thomas, tinsmith, 27 Bread st 
Roberts W. H. wholesale stationer, 25 

North Bridge street 
Roberts William, teacher, 1 Windsor st 
Roberts William A. dentist, 11 Duke st 
Robertson A. P. merchant. 23 Quality st,L. 
Robertson & Scott, agents,28 S.Hanover st 
Robertson & Son, Wrights, Morning side 
Robertson Alexander, writer ,42 George sq 
Robertson Alexander,music seller to their 

Majesties, 30 Princes street — music aca- 
demy, 11 Queen street 
Robertson Mr.Alexander, 2 Scotland st 
Robertson Alex, perfumer, 147 Princes st 
Robertson Alex, writer, 14 East Thistle st 
Robertson Alex, painter, 7 Bernard st, L. 
Robertson Alex.cabinet maker, 166 Rose st 
Robertson Alexdrina, earthenware dealer, 
4 Commercial place, Leith [Leith st 
Robertson Andrew,fringe manufacturer,70 
Robertson Ann,victual dlr.50 Broughton st 
RobertsonAnn,dressmaker,3 Morton st,L. 
Robertson Mrs. Ann, 14 Dundas st 
Eobert5onArchb!d.M.D.l5 SouthColIegest . 

Robertson Brothers, wine & spirit mer- 
chants, 36 Bernard st, Leith 
Robertson Captain, George pi, Leith walk 
Robertson Charles,advocate,22Gt.Kiugst 
Robertson Charles,dairyman,33 Thistle st 
Robertson Charles, spirit merchant, 279 

High street [thuraberland st 

Robertson Charles G. advocate, 26 Nor. 
Robertson Collyer, dairy, 24 William st 
Robertson Daniel,victual dealr. 4 King st 
Robertson Daniel, teacher of music, 21 

South CoIle;,'e st [Brunton place 

Robertson David, solicitor of customs, 8 
Robertson David and Son, coopers, fish 

curers & cork manufctrs. 10 Elbe sf, L. 
Robertson David,23 Clyde st 
Robertson Donald, spirit dealer, 14 South 

Charlotte st [tie lane 

Robertson Donald, spirit dealer,EastThis- 
Robertson Donaid,spirit dlr.25 W.Canal st 
Robertson Duncan,spirit dlr. 26 Thistle st 
Robertson Duncan, tailor, 62 Thistle st 
Robertson E. D. & W. auctioneers and 

upholsterers, 57 & 123 High st [st 

Robertson Mrs.Eliz.lodgings,6St.Vincent 
Robertson Enphemia, silk and worsted 

dealer, 25 Kirkgate, Eeith 
Robertson George, spirit dlr. 119 High st 
Robertson Geo. golf ball makr.Meadow pi 
Robertson George, deputy keeper of the 

records, 28 Albany st 
Robertson George, baker, 108 Nicolson st 
Robei-tson H. J. advocate, 76 Gt. King st 
Robertson Henry, flesher, 527 Castle hill 
Robertson Henry Hole, accountant, 6 

Milne's square 
Robertson Mrs. J. 14 Cumberland st 
Robertson J. carrier, 4 Quality st. Leith 
Robertson Lieut. Genl.James,Canaanbnk 
Robertson Mr. James, Montpelier 
Robertson Mr. James, 31 Buccleugh place 
Robertson .lames, baker, Newhaven 
Robertson James, baker, 23 Duke st,LeitIi 
Robertson Jas. tailor, &c. 31 S.Hanover st 
Robertson James, grocer,&c.84 West port 
Robertson James, agent, 2 Lauriston teix 
Robertson James,coach hirer,62 Thistle st 
Robertson Mrs. James, 26 Royal crescent 
Robertson Dr. James, Cramond 
Robertson Mrs. James, 26 Royal crescent 
Robertson Rev. James, 98 Lauriston place 
Robertson Jame.s, confectioner, 24 High st 
Robertson James, chymist,&c.35 George st 
Robertson James, hair dresser, 142 High st 
Robertson Jas. publican, 6 Milne's squai'e 
Robertson James, shoemaker, 114 Rose st 
Robertson James, dairyman, 176 Rose st 
Robertson James,ropemakr.l01 Grass mkt 
Robertson James, baker, 25 Thistle st 
Robertson Jas. japanner, Mnrdoch'sclose 
Robertson James, baker, 34 Alva st [row 
Robertson Jas. inspector oftaxes, 2 Heriot 
Robertson James, writer, 28 Stafford st 
Robertson James, carver and gilder, 27 

West Nicolson st [Nicolson st 

Robertson James, watch maker, 4 West 
Robertson James, mason, 233 Righ st 
Robertson James A. solicitor, 59 North 

Frederick st [Charlotte sq 

Robertson James S. writer to the signet, 18 
Robertson Janet,lodgings,3SouthCastlest 
Robertson Janet. milliner,71 Kirkgate, L. 
Robertson Mrs. John, 26 Rankeillor st 
Robertson John, wine and spirit dealer, 35 

North Frederick st [39 Princes st 

Robertson J ohn, bookseller & music seller, 
Robertson John, grocer, 116 Nicolson st 
Robertson J no. victual dlr.130 Nicolson st 
Robertson Jno.spiritdlr.20 S.Richmond st 
Robertson John, baker, 28 William st 
Robertson John, solicitor, 17 Dublin st 
Robertson J ohn,spirit dlr.l6 St.Giles st. L. 
Robertson John, dairyman. 27 London st 
Robertson John, writer, 4 Great King st 
Robertson John,spirit dealer ,23 Dundas st 
Robertson John, baker, 2 Salisbury street 
Robertson John, flesher, 22 Bristo st 
Robertson J no.governor,Gillespie's hospitl 
Robertson J no. tin-plate worker,585High st 
Robertson John and Co. share brokers, 15 
Royal Exchange [136 High st 

RobertsonJohn& J oseph,woollen drapers, 
Robertson Join Argyll, m. d. 58 Queen st 
Robertson J no.Bell, teacher of writing &c. 
3 North St. David st [Leith 

RobertsonJno.Ths.mercbnt.43 Mitchell st, 
Robertson Margaret, carriers' warehouse, 
47 Bernard street, Leith [st 

Robertson Margtloilgings,60NorthCast!e 


mmnMx^f^mtt. Edinburgh, &c. 

mc^Qt $C ©0/15 

Alphabetical I>ist of the Inhabitants. 

Robertson Margt. corset makr.73 George st 
Robertson Margaret, grocer, 21 India st 
Robertson Mrs. Major, 32 London st 
Robertson M ry.lodgn^s, PrinceRegent st, L 
Robertson iVJary,slraw batmkr.:33Cleik st 
RobertsonMrs.Mry.Ann,18 St.Patrick's sq 
Robertson Miss, 14 Maitland st 
Robertson Miss, 11 Nelson st 
Robertson Miss, 3 Rutland st 
Robertson Miss, 32 Gilmour place 
Robertson Miss,lodgings,19 Diumraond st 
Robertson Mrs. 2 Wellington place, Leith 
Robertson Mrs. 1-5 Bnccleogh place 
Robertson Mrs. 1-5 Clerk st 
Robertson Mrs. 18 Manor place 
Robertson Mrs. 2 Summer field 
Robertson Mrs. 46 George square 
Robertson Mrs. 6 Albany st, Leith [st 
Robertson Mrs.victual dlr. 13 St. Leonard's 
Robertson Mrs. lodgings, 20 Howe st 
Robertson Mrs. lodgings, 18 Lothian st 
Robertson Mrs. straw hat maker, 15 Rich- 
mond place [street 
Robertson Mrs. lodgings, 2G Cumberliind 
Robertson Patk.advocate,32Drummond pi 
Robertson Peter, draper, 37 Nicolson st 
RobertsonPeter,cabinet mkr. lE.Thistle st 
Robertson Peter,tailor,2Sliakspearesquare 
Robertson Peter, grocer, 47 Canongate 
Robertson Peter & Son, tailors & clothiers, 

73 Georfje street 
Robertson R. advocate, 12 Drummond pi 
Robertson Robt.victiialdlr.42Brongbtonst 
RobertsonSixtus,lodgings,36Nth. Castle st 
Robertson T. R. writer, 17 Gayfield square 
RobertsonTlis. working jewllr,47Tliistlest 
Robertson Thos. carrer, &c. 99 Princes st 
Robertson Thos. grocer,&c. 5 & 6 Robert- 
son's bldgs. Leith walk, & 28-5 Cowgate 
Robertson Thos. inspectorof public works, 

2-5 Cumberland street 
Robertson Thomas, accountant, 11 Glou- 
cester place 
Robertson Mrs. VV. 8 St. Patrick st 
Robertson Walter, china & glass dealer, 5 

North-west Circus place 
Robertson Wm. hair dresser & perfumer, 

93 South Bridge & 129 Nicolson st 
Robertson William, grocer, 26 High st 
Robertson Wm. baker, 461 Lawn market 
Robertson Wra. bellhanger, Geddes close 
Robertson Wm. cooper, o North Bank st 
Robertson Wra. dairyman, 8 St. Giles st, L. 
Robertson VVm. wine merch t. dual ityct,L. 
Robertson Wm. deputy keeper of records 
of Scotland, 16 Moray place [nongate 
Robertson Mrs. Wm- linen draper, 204 Ca- 
Robertson Wm. writer, 1 Thistle court 
Robertson Wm. spirit dealr. 1st. Anthony pi 
Robertson William, brewer. Summer hall 
Robertson Wm. advocate, 1 Ainslie place 
Robertson Wm. N. agent, 25 Gayfield sq 
Robins Wm. boot, &c. maker, 71 Rgse st 
Robinson Geo. advocate. West Fettes row 
Robinson James, advocate, 18 Elder st 
Robinson Jno.Brifajinja Tavern,7 Leith st 
Robinson Margaret, lodgings, 23 Clerk st 
Robinson Ths. W. teacher, 28 Greenside st 
Robinson Wm. artist, 2 East Broughton pi 
Robison John, esq, 9 Athol crescent 
Robison Mrs. 16 Rutland st 
Robson E. milliner, 4 '.Villiam st 
Robson Margaret, hosier, 137 Rose st 
Robson Miss, teacher at Fountain bridge 
School, Fountain bridge [st 

Robson Thos. boot, &c.maker, 18 William 
Roche James, carver & gilder, 4 Market pi 
Rochead John, accountant, 14 Gilmour pi 
Roden Christopher, clothes dealer, 55 St. 
Mary's wynd [gate, Leith 

Rodger Elizabeth, green grocer, 72 Kirk- 
Rodger Johanna, green grocer, 4 Baker pi 
Rodger John, hair dresser, 5 Leith st 
Rodger William, tailor, 68 Rose st 
Rodgers James, tailor, 7 Hunter square 
Rodgers J no. livery stables. East Thistle la 
Rodgerson John, esq. 11 Arthur crescent 
Roger Alex, dyer, 21 West Cross causeway 
Roger Frances, toy dealer, 10 Lothian st 
RogerWm. upholsterer,74 Cross causeway 
Rogers James,ironmonger,8Clueensferryst 
Rogers James, esq. 14 Alva st 
Rogers John, grocer, 3 Raeburn place 
Rogers Joseph & Sons, cutlers, 92 South 
Bridge st [Melville place 

Rogers Wm. bookbinder and stationer, 4 
- Rogerson John, esq. 11 Athol crescent 
Roland G. fencing master,86 Sth. Bridge st 


Rolland Adam, principal clerk of session, 
10 Royal circus [land st 

Rolland Adam & James, writers, 15 Rut- 
Rollo James, shoe maker, 10 Melville pi 
Rollo Mrs. Jane, 9 Forres st 
RoUo Mrs. Paterson, 16 Dundas st 
Rollo Robert, advocate, 16 Dundas st 
Romanes and Paterson, silk mercers and 

drapers, .59 North Bridge st 
Romanes Mrs. 26 Dublin st 
Romanes Wm. green grocer, 24 Jamaica st 
Ronald Jane, publican. Dock gates, Leith 
Ronald John, solicitor, s. c. 22 Elm row 
Ronaldson & Co. grocers, 128 Cowgate 
Ronaldson Eliz.lodi!ings,22 St. Patrik'ssq 
Ronaldson Mrs. G. 2 Buccleugh place 
Ronaldson J. tailor, 4 West Adam st 
Ronaldson J as. spirit dlr. Borth w ick's close 
Ronaldson Mrs. Jane,25 Constitution st,Ij. 
Ronaldson John, working jeweller, 1 Car- 
rubber's close [close 
Ronaldson John, publican, 1 Carrubbers 
Ronaldson Miss Margaret, 2 Windmill st 
Ronaldson Mrs. 25 Claremont st [side 
Ronaldson Stephen, baker, 20 Causeway 
Ronaldson Wm. grocer, 6 St. Patrick's sq 
Roome Lieut. -Col. Fred.31.SaxeCobourg pi 
Rosa Edward, chiropodist, 74 Thistle st 
Rosa Madame, chiropodist. 74 Thistle st 
Rose Alex, turner. South Gray's close 
Rose Alex.mineral dealer,2 Drummond st 
Rose Lieut. Hugh, governor of National 
Jail, Calton bill [close 
Rose Hugh, spirit dealer, 11 Flesh market 
Rose Mr. John, 74 George st [docks.iL. 
Rose Lauchlan & Son, shipbuilders. Wet 
Rose Lieut. -Col. 16 Claremont crescent 
Rose Mrs. Maria, 12 Walker st 
Rose Nelson, clerk, 3 Bank place 
Ross Dr. Adolphus, surgeon, 10 Aber-. 
cromby place [Clerk st 
Ross Alexander, painter and glazier, 25 
Ross Alex, spirit dealer, 177 Cowgate 
Ross Andrew, spirit dealer, 4 Sth. Canal st 
Ross Andw. spirit dealer,12 Greenside pi 
Ross Andw. spirit dealer,! SouthUuionpl 
Ros." Andrew, tailor, 1 George st 
Ross Captain, 38 Rankeillor st 
Ross Mr. Colbourn (of Shandwick), 27 
Claremont st [st 
Ross Daniel, gun maker,9Sth.St.Andrew 
Ross Donald, tailor, 2 Warriston crescent 
Ross Donald, spirit dealer, 52 Abbey hill 
Ross Elizbth. lodgings,31 North Castle st 
Ross Elizbth. fishraonger,Southern market 
Ross Mrs. Euphemia, 22 St. Patrick's sq 
Ross George, advocate, Woodburn, Morn- 
ing side 
Ross George, spirit dealer. King's stables 
Ross George, jun. advocate, 5 Forres st 
Ross Harriet,dress maker,30 Sth. Castle st 
Ross Hugh, teacher, Carrubbei's close 
Ross Mrs. J. 13 Rankeillor st 
Ross J. & H. dress makers, 91 Westbow 
Ross James, dairyman, 159 Rose st 
Ross James, spirit dealer, 127 High st 
Ross James, solicitor, s. c. 8 Mansfield pi 
Ross James, wright, Newhaven 
Ross MissJane (of Kerse), 16 Buccleugh st 
Ross Mr. John, 7 Brunton plaee 
Ross John, general agent, 92 Princes st 
Ross John,boot,&c.inaker, 1 Broughton pi 
Ross John, toy, &c. dealer, 98 Westbow 
Ross John, publican, Carrubber's close 
Ross John, blacksmith. Citadel port,Leith 
Ross John, writer to signet, 19 Queen st 
Ross John, painter, &c. 8 West Nicolson st 
Ross Jos. spirit dlr.32 Northumberland st 
Ross Miss, 19 Inverleilh row 
Ross Miss, 20 Lynedoch st 
Ross Miss, stay maker, 33 Dundas st 
Ross Mrs. 3 Pitt st 
Ross Mrs. 65 Lauriston place 
Ross Mrs. 34 Clerk st 
Ross Mrs. lodgings, 58 Broughton st 
Ross .Mrs. Lieutenant, 11 Norton place 
Ross Mrs. Major, 18 Dean terrace 
Ross Peter, victual dealer, 103 Cowgate 
Ross Robert,leather nierchnt,9 Meuselane 
Ross Robert, gardener, Lochend road 
Ross Robert, painter, 60 Pleasance [st 
Ross Thos.& Co. smallware dlrs.379 High 
Ross Mr. William, 124 Lauriston place 
Ross Win. tailor,&c.3 South St. Andrew st 
Ross Wm. eating house, 30 St.Patrick's sq 
Ross Wm. tailor. Go North Hanover st 
Ross Wm. smith. Burgess' close, Leith 
Ross Wm. boot makcr,31West Register st 
Rough MrsJas.candle mkr.l24Nicolson st 

Rough Robt. laceman, 91 South Bridge st 
Roughhead Wm. draper, &c. 24 Princes st 
Rowan Mrs. 18 London row, Leith 
Rowen Alex, spirit dealer,3 Dock place,!^. 
Rowley Edwd.victual dealer ,40 Abbey hill 
RowleyJames, painter ,27 Greenside place 
Rowley Mrs. Capt. 6 West Claremont st 
Rowlin Miss, 15 Albany st 
Roxburgh George, cooper, Rose st lane 
Roxburgh Jas. spirit dealer, 12 Market pi 
Roxburgh John, painter, &c. 8 Rose st 
Roxburgh Mrs. 4 Park place 
Roxburgh Mrs. lodgings, 7 Hill place 
Roy Fredk. Lewis, writer,4 St. Vincent st 
Roy Mr. George, 4 Fyfe place 
Roy Mrs. 22 Drummond place 
Roy Mrs. druggist, 29 Tobago st 
Roy Robert, writer, 16 Northumberland st 
Royal Bank of Scotland, East side of St. 
Andrew's square [Princes st 

Royal Exchange Assurance Co.'soflfice,49 
Royal Hotel,Hry. MoyesGibb, 53 Princes st 
Royal Mail Coach Office, 1 Catherine st 
Rnddiman the Misses, 1 Duncan st [st 
Ruddiman Thos paintsr, 20 N.St. Andrew 
Runciman Rev. David, 10 Arnislon place 
Runciman J iio.tin plate wrkr.3 1 E.Canal st 
RupparteTimotheus,musician,7 Brown st 
Russel John,builder,4 Queen's pl,L. walk 
Russell Mr. Alexander, I Grove st 
Russell Alexander, grocer, 106 & 328 High 
st, and 202 Canongate [ber's close 

Russell Alex, packing case inakr. Carrtib- 
Russell Alexander, builder, St.Giles st, L. 
Russell Alexndr. wright. Shrub pi, L. walk 
Russell & Clark, ironmongers, 134 High st 
Russell&Co.spirit dealers,20St.Leonard st 
Russell Claud, accountant, 84 George st 
Russell Mrs. David, 14 Salisbury st 
Russell Mrs. George, 45 Castle st 
Russell George, baker, 2 Pitt st 
Russell George, cooper. Old Green markt. 
Russell Mrs. Helen, 55 North Castle st 
Russell Hugh, tailor, 3 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Russell James, physician, 30 Queen st 
Russell John, grocer, 3 Rose st 
Russell John, advocate, 16 Herint row 
Russell John, brush, &t:.makr. Nth. Bank st 
Russell John, writer, 9 Shandwick place 
Russell John, wright, 28 Lauriston st 
Russell John S. lecturer, 6 Infirmary st 
Russell Mrs. Major, 25 Haddington place 
Russell Rev. Michael, d. d. Summerfield 
Russell the Misses, 18 Gardner's crescent 
Russell Mrs. 17 London row, Leith 
Russell Mrs. 100 Lauriston place 
Russell Mrs.boarding school,20 Gayfield sq 
Russell R. A. grocer & oilman, NortbBridge 
Russell Robert, grocer, 131 Rose st 
Russell Robert, joiner and spirit dealer, 

Physic gardens 
Russell Rev. Thomas, 12 Athol place 
Russell Thomas, grocer, 74 Leith st 
RussellThos.cIothes dlr.37St.Mary's wynd 
Russell Thomas,baker, 56 Fountain bridge 
Russell Walter, tea dealer, 13 Downie pi 
Russell Wilhelmina, tailor, 45 Rose st 
Russell William, grocer, 4 Howe sf 
RussellWilliam, accountant, 11 Scotlond st 
Russell William, tailor,38 Yard heads, L. 
Russel 1 Wm.currier,Boyd's clost ,Canongte 
Russell Wm. wine merchnt. 22 Qality st,L. 
Rutherfoord J no.currier, World's end clos& 
Rutherford Alex, hosier, &c. 69 George st 
Rutherford And rew,advocate,9St.Colmest 
Rutherford Andrew,wine,iScc.dlr.lOPrinces 
st,&commercial lodgings,8 W. Register st 
Rutherford Mrs. Ann, 4 Calton place 
Rutherford Catherine, Cvrriers^Arms, Sth. 
bnck of Canong.ate [market 

Rutherford Fras.schoolmaster,2Coal hill, L 
Rutherford George, writer, 13 Young st 
Rutherford Mr.J a mes,15GUrdner'screscnt. 
Rutherford James, flax dresser ,9 Niddry st 
Rutherford James, spirit dealer, I New st 
Rutherford James, writer, 9 Wharton pi 
RutherfordJas .victl dlr 94Cro3s causeway 
Rutherford .lames, tailor, 1 Castlebai'n 
Rutherford James, builder, Pillanspl,Leitli 
Rutherford Mr. James L. 11 Annandalest 
Rutherford John, writer, 18 Windsor st 
Rutherford John, spirit dealer and black- 
smith, 21 Downie place [son st 
Rutherford Mrs. John, 22 Scotland st 
Rutherford Miss, 19 Coates' crescent [st 
Rutherford Miss (ofEdgerston),43 George 
Rutherford Mrs.dressmaker,l Lothian road 




Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Rutherford Robert, writer, 64 Gt. King st 
Rutlierford Walter, spirit dealer,4() Rosest 
Rutherford VVilliani, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 72 and 75 High street 
Rutherford William & Son, cabinet makers 
& upholsterers, Anderson's pl,Leith wk 
Ruthven & Son, printers, Slater's close 
Ruthven James, architect and teacher of 

drawing, 10 North St. Andrew st 
Ruthven John, patent press maker and 

engineer, 23 New st 
Ryan Matthias, teacher of French&Latin, 
21 Sonth College st [street 

Rymer David, grocer, &c. 48 South Bridge 
Rymer Jas. & Alex, saddlers, 29 Princes st 
Rymer John, writer,54 Northumberland st 
Rymer Mrs. Dr. 4 South Castle st 
Ryrie Donald & Co. brewers, Croft-an-righ 
Ryrie John, fruiterer, 2 Stafford st 

SADLER Andrew, grocer, 1 15 Pleasance 
Sadler Wm. grocer, 99 Causeway side 
Safley William, lodgings, 4 Salisbury st 
St. Bernard's Sessional School, Dean st — 

Alexander Balfour, master 
St. Clair Mrs. 5 Roxburgh place 
St. Clair Mrs. Elizabeth, 18 George sqirare 
St. George Steam Packet Company, 26 

Shore, Leith— Wm. B. M'Kean, agent 
St. Helriire Madame, superior of St. Mar- 
garet's Convent, Bruutsfield links 
St. John's Sessional School, Baltic st, L. 
St. Paule Madame, superior of Sisters of 

Charity, Milton house 
St. Stephen's Parochial School. Brunswick 

street — William R.Thomson, master; 

Enphemia Smith, mistress 
SalisburyJaue,greengrocr,4 Portland pl,L. 
Salmond John, grocer, 70 Causeway side 
Salmond Robert, cashier. Western Bank 

of Scotland, 12 St. Andrew's square 
Salter Miss, II Smith's place, Leith walk 
Samuel Mrs. small ware dlr.55Lauriston pi 
Samuel Mrs. 16 Gardner's crescent 
Samuel Thomas, cow feeder, 4 Abbey hill 
Samuel Mr. tt'alter, 47 Bristo st 
Sarfdeman David, writer, 2 Rutland st 
Sandeman Wm.B. collector of shore dues, 

4 Thomson's pi. &2Sandport st, Leith 
Sanders Frances, lodgings. Morning side 
Sanders Dr. James, surgeon, 15 Duke st 
Sanders Mrs. William, Monkton hall 
Sanderson Mrs. A. 23 Warrington crescent 
Sanderson Geo.& Co.grocers,78 Princes st 
Sanderson J. A. B Holyrood Tav.W Abbey 
Sanderson James, wright and cabinet 

maker. West Maitland st 
Sanderson John, lapidary, jeweller, and 

seal engraver, 32 St. Andrew's square 
Sanderson Miss, 13 Rankeillor st 
Sanderson Mrs. 75 Constitution st, Leith 
Sanderson Mrs. 2 Blacket place 
Sanderscn Richard, lodgings, 7 India st 
Sanderson William,mauager of the patent 

tallow melting Co. Stead's pl,Leith wlk 
Sanderson Mr. William, 13 Archibald pi 
.^andford Erskine Duglas, advocate, 11 

Randolph crescent 
Sandilands Jas. spirit dealer, Grove place 
Sandilands Miss, 7 AValker st 
Sandilands Capt. Wm. N.8 Torphichenst 
Sands John, esq. Bell's mills [circus 

Sands Warren Hastings, writer, 5 Royal 
Sands William John, esq 11 Gt. Stuart st 
Sandwiih Mr. John, 14 Melville st 
Sandy George, writer and solicitor to the 

Bank of Scotland, 3 Buccleugh place 
Sang & Adam, solicitors, 61 Gt. King st 
Sang Cath. silk & worsted dlr.20 Unionpl 
Sang Edward, teacher of mathematics, GO 

North Bridge st, & 10 Dublin st 
Sangsler Captain, r.n. Carruber's close 
Saunders Mrs. Isabella, Bruntsfield place 
Saunders James, timber merchant, Great 

Junction st, Leith [stitution st,L. 

Saunders Jno.auctioneer & agent,19Con- 
Saunders Mr. John,18 Gardner's crescent 
Saunders Margt. stay maker, 8 S.Castle st 
Saunders William, solicitor, 14 Elder st 
Savings' Bank, 87 Princes street — James 

Clegborn, actuary [Bridge st 

Savoy Nicholas, modeller, 37 North 
Sawers Peter, army & hunting saddler and 

harness maker, 6 South St. David st 
Sawers Thomas, baker, 310 Lawn market 
Sawers William, shoe maker, 25 Rose st 

Sayers Mr. Robert, 31 Broughton st 
Scales Mr. Andrew, 2 Jamaica st, Leith 
Scaife & Co. tailors, &c. 75 Princes st 
Scanlan Rosanna, stay maker, 21 Bankst 
Scarth Mrs. Agnes, 1 Baltic st. Leith 
Scales Mr.DavidCle!and,Gardner's crscnt 
Scarth Pillans, writer, 37 Charlotte st. L. 
Sceales Mr. Andrew, PoplarpI.Leith links 
Sceales, Henderson & Co wine merchants, 

59 Yard heads, Leith 
Sceales James, rope & sail manufacturer, 

b\. Bernard street, Leith 
Sceales Mr. John, 10 Fife place 
Schaw Robert and Co. ti-a and wine and 

spirit merchnnts, St. Giles's st. Leith 
Scheniman Hope,wriler,14 Howard place 
Schetky Miss, teacher of music, 7 St. Vin- 
cent street [Drunimond st 
School of Arts and Model Room Library, 
Sehultze F. & Alexander, sugar refiners, 

Coburg street, Leith 
Sclanders Janet, lodgings,Trinity crescent 
Sclater Robert & Sou, die & stamp cutters, 

II South Bridge st 
Scoon Jos. victual dealer, 45 Buccleugh st 
Scoon Joseph, baker, 161 High st 
Scoon Kenneth, baker, 37 Clerk st 
Scoon William, grocer, 13 St. Patrick's sq 
Scot Alexander, esq. Trinity house 
Scot Miss, Woodbine cottage. Trinity 
Scotland George,anctioneer, His Majesty's 

Horse Repository, Nottingham place 
Scotland Thomas, parochial schoolmaster 
& session clerk of N.Leith,29Biidgest.L. 
Scotsman Newspaper Office, 257 High st 
(Wed. & Sat.)— Charles Maclaren, prin- 
ter and publisher [crescent 
Scott Mr. A. (of Ettrick bank)24 Gardner's 
Scott Adam, tailor, 14 Waterloo place 
Scott Adam B. tailor, 27 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Scott Miss Agnes, 87 Great King st 
Scott Miss Agnes, 16 St. Andrew's square 
Scott Agnes, milliner, 2 Nicolson square 
Scott Mr. Alexander, 104 Lauriston plnce 
Scott Alex, painter 8c glazier, 62 Bristo st 
Scott Alex, coal merchnt.3 Port Hopetoun 
Scott Alexander, baker, 4 West port 
Scott Alex, boot &shoe itikr, 109 George st 
Scott Alex. spiritdealer,75 Kirkgafe, Leith 
Scott Alexander, writer, 10 Dublin st 
Scott Alexander, baker, 2 Claremont st 
Scott & Allan, wine & spirit merchants, 

3 Kirkgate, Leith 

Scott & Balderston, writers, 18 Dundas st 
Scott & Dickson, teachers of writing and 

arithmetic, 50 George ,st [Princes st 
Scott and Orr, cbymists and druggists, 67 
Scott and iion,Waterluo Hotel, and coach 

proprietors, 20 Waterloo place 
Scott and Weddell, milliners and dress 

makers, 106 George sirect 
Scott &Yellowees, wrights,] 2 Catherine st 
Scott Andrew, writer,24 Drummond place 
Scott Andrew, flesher, 26 Lothian st 
Scott Andrew, baker, 9 Scotland st 
Scott Andrew, victual dealr. 9 Crighton st 
Scott Andrew & Son, woollen drapers, 29 

North Bridge st 
Scott Andrew, jun. wright & undertaker, 

4 Prince Regent street, Leith [Leith 
Scott Ann, sraallware deHler,22 Couper st. 
Scott Archibald, architect, 5 Broughton pi 
Scott Miss Barbara, 28 India st [lane 
Scott Charles, livery stables,83 Rose street 
Scott Chas. Balfour, writer, 95 George st 
Scott Mr. D. W. 8 Morrison st 

Scott James, surgeon, 14 Broughton place 
Scott James and Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 15 South St. Andrew st [place 
Scott James & Thos. builders, I Blenhtim 
Scott Dr. John, surgeon, .30 Albany st 
Scott Mr. John, 5 Buccleugh place 
Scott John, tobacconist,12North Bridge st 
Scott John, grocer & spirit dir. 48 High st 
Scott John, shoe maker, 54 Broughton st 
Scott John, .spirit dealer, 15 Abbey 
Scott John, hair cutter, 51 Nicolson st 
Scott John, victual dealer. Canon st 
Scott John, baker, 12 West Preston st 
Scott John, smith, 3 Castle bai'ns [pi 

Scott John Corse, esq.(ofSintonJ48 Moray 
Scott AI.& £. milliners, &c. J3 Hill place 
Scott Mary, shoe warehouse, 283 High st 
Scott Michael, victual dealr. I Earl Grey st 
Scott Miss, 6 Melville street 
Scott Miss, I Manor place 
Scott Miss, 15 Graham st 
Scott Miss, 51 Lauriston place 
Scott Miss, 9 Alva street 
Scott Miss (of Wool), 17 Greenside st 
Scott Mrs. 9 Gardner's crescent 
Scott Mrs. 2 James' place, Leith links 
Scott Mrs. 9 Gayfield square 
Scott Mrs. 22 Great King st 
Scott Mrs. Georgie cottage 
Scott Mrs. 23 George's square 
Scott Mrs. 24 Ann street 
Scott Mrs. lodgings, 10 St. Patrick's sq . 
Scott Mrs. lodgings, 13 Hill place 
Scott Mrs. lodgings, 9 Hill square 
Scott Mrs. seminary, 80 Lauriston place 
Scott Morris,1runk,&c.mallr. 67 Princes st 
Scott Peter, v»oo!len draper,9 S.Bridge st 
Scott R. stabler, 3 Windmill lane 
Scott Ralph E. accountant, 57 Gt.King st 
Scott, Rymer,&Scott, soliciiors,13 Bank st 
Scott Robert, solicitor, 7 Sth. Frederick st 
Scott Robert, agent, 20 Great Stuart st 
Scott Robert, engraver, &c. 65 Princes st 
Scott Mrs. Robert, Spring field, Leith walk 
Scott Thos. accountant, 3 Gayfield square 
Scott Thns. spirit dlr. 1 Shrub pl,Leilh wk 
Scott Thomas, teacher-, 9 Greenside place 
Scott Thomas, builder, &c. Lothian road 
Scott Walter, spirit dealer, 43 Abbey hill 
Scott Sir William, bart. 13 Ainslie place 
Scott William, esq. 4 Randolph crescent 
Scott William, physician, 10 Arniston pi 
Scott William, spirit dealer, 137 High st 
Scott Wm. spirit dealer, 95 Nicolson st 
Scott Wm. medicine vender, 10 S. College st 
Scott Wm. pewterer, &c. 108 West bow 
Seott William, spirit dealer-, I Hamilton pi 
Scottish Amicable Life Ofllrces, John Ro- 
bertson, 15 Royal Exchange, and G. H. 
Watson, 52 Albany street 
Scottish Brewery Company, Great Junc- 
tion st, Leith — James Veitch, manager 
Scottish Christian Herald, Strichan court 

--John Johnston, publisher 
Scottish Equitable LifeAssurance Society, 
1 George st — Robert Christie, manager 
Scottish Union Fire ami Life Assurance 
Corporation Company, 47 George st — 
Sutherland Mackenzie, manager 
Scottish Widows' Fund & Life Assurance 
Compaiiy,5 St. Andrew's square — John 
M-'Kean, manager 
Scougall and Drysdale, grocers, &c. 2-23 
High st and 14 S. St. James st [st.L 
Scougall Geo.&Son, merchants,12 Quality 

Scott Daniel, slater, Darling's brae, Leith ! Scougall John, flesher, Southein market 

Scott David, historical painter, 5 Mary pi 
Scott David, coach builder, 8 Union st 
Scott David, coach builder, 50 London st 
Scott Ebenezer-,confectioner,l S. College st 
Scott Elizbth. milliner, 59 North Castle st 
Scott Francis, lath render. Orchard field 
Scott George, solicitor, so. 12 Athol place 
Scott Mrs. Helen, 15 St. James' square 
Scott Mr. Henry, 1 Buccleugh st [st 

Scoit Henry & Co. hat manufrs.20 St.J ohn 
Scott Mr. Hugh, 24 Saxe Coburg place 
Scott Isaac, liveiy stables. Young st 
Scott Jacobina, lodgings, 1 Albyn place 
Scott Rev. James, 108 Fountain bridge 
Scott James, carpenter, &c. 10 Clyde st 
Scott .lame.'i, stationer, 9 Bank st 
Scott Mrs.James,spiritdealer,38 Abbey hill 
Scott James, cabinet maker. Circus lane 
Scott James, fle.sher, 49 St. Leonard st 
Scott James, baker, 50 Abbey hill [ton 
Scott J am es, furniture broker,43 Low Cal- 
Scott James, gi'ocer,&c.35 Bridge st. Leith 

Secular Mr. John, 12 Grove st [st 

Scry mgeour Christ ian,lodgings,74 George 
Sea Insurance Co. of Scotland, IGeoigest 

— Robert Gibson, manager 
Seafield Baths, Seafield— Andrew M'Cul- 

loch, conductor 
Sealy Miss, 24 Clerk street 
Seamen's Academy, 5 Dock st, Leith/ 
Searle Wm. basket maker, 19 N. Bridge st 
Seaton Alexander,grocer,&c. 168 Cowgate 
SeatonRobt. cabinet maker, &c. 28 Howe st 
Seaton Thomas, joiner, 10 St. Anthony pi 
SeddonChristopher, esq. Bennington bank 
Seewald & M'Garvie, tailors and pelisse 

makers. 11 Waterloo place [street 

Selby Robert, solicitor, 63 North Himover 
Selkrig Charles, accountant, 8 York place 
SellerDr. Will(am, 25 Society, Brown sq 
Sellers Robert & Co. toy warehouse, 16 

South St. David street 


mtntmci'bmn* Edinburgh, &c. 

i^igot & m/fi 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Selvit Lieutenant, 3 Mayfield loan 
Sample John Wm. advocate, 8 Forres st 
Seinple Mrs. lodgings, 41 Lothian st 
Senebier Madame, teacher of drawing, 49 

Princes street rPrinces st 

Senebier Monsieur, teacher of French, 49 
Sessional School, Morocco close — F. O. 

Bothwell, master 
Seton Alexander, esq. 45 Charlotte sq 
Seton Catherine,dress makr.l Morton st,L 
Seton Mr. James, 24 Warriston crescent 
Seton Jane, dress maker, 9 Young st 
Seton Miss Margaret, 36 Ann st 
Seton Mrs. Margaret, 28 Great King st 
SetonPat. boot maker,43Candlemaker row 
Seton Robert, bookbinder, 3 Mound place 
Seton Sir Wra.bart. (of Pitmeden)I5Alvast 
ShandChas. Farquhar,advoCate,5Indiast 
Shand James, painter, &C.71 Broughton st 
Shand John, writer, 23 Fettes row 
Shand John Batty, writer, 18 Moray place 
Shand Robert & Co. house and general 

property agents, Abeiciomby place 
Shanks David, joiner, Leslie place 
Shanks Janet, grocer, BaUi st, Leith 
Shanks Mrs. 15 Buccleugh place 
Shanly Richd. spirit dealer, 321 Canongate 
Shannon Rev. Richard Q. 53 George st 
Sharp Chas. Kilpatrick,esq. 93 Princes st 
Sharp Donald, baker, 95 St. Leonard st 
Sharp Helen, milliner, &c. 27 Howe st 
Sharp John, grocer, &c. 24 Howe st 
Sharp Peter, brass founder and gas fitter, 

14 West Register st 
Sharp Robert, teacher, 2 Drummond st 
Sharp Wra. publican, 100 Grass market 
Sharp Wm. spirit dealer,39Cumberlandst 
Sharpe Geo. draper, 51 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Shaw Alex. green groct'r,Southern market 
Shaw Alex, tailor, &c. 41 London st [st 
Shaw Mrs. Christian, 56 Northumberland 
Shaw Duncan,spiritdlr.40W.Richmond st 
Shaw Helen, seminary, Claremontst 
Shaw John, boot and shoe maker, Sand- 
port street. North Leith 
Shaw John, spirit dealer, 2 Blair st 
Shaw Lauchlan, smith, W.Cross causewy 
Shaw Mrs. RIary, Springfield, Leith walk 
Shaw Mary, smallware dlr.4 Warriston pi 
Shaw Miss, lodgings, 24 Clerk st 
Shaw Mrs. Palace yard 
Shaw Mrs. Annandale st [st 

Shaw Patrick, advocate, 62 N th . Frederick 
Shaw Thomas, hair cutter, 7 Chapel st 
Shaw Walter, dairyman,4 Candlemakerrw 
Shaw William, tailor, 17 Bread st 
Sheaffe Lieul.-General Sir Roger Hall, 25 

Walker st [st 

Shearer John, teacher of music, 18 Nelson 
Shearer Mary, trunk mkr. 3 Sth. Union pi 
Shearer Walter, spirit dealer, 9 Bread st 
Shedden Robert, grocer, 23Greensiderow 
Shennan John, builder,24 Gayfield square 
Shepherd James, writer, 26 Albany st 
Shepherd John, daii^man, 54 India st 
Sheppard J as painter, Sec. 107 George st 
Sheppard Jno. painter ,21 Sth. Frederick st 
Sheppard grocer,10Southern mkt 
Sheppard Margaret, china & glass dealer, 

23 South Frederick st [row 

Sheppherd Wm. spirit dealer, 2 Gjeenside 
Sheriff Mrs. Jemima, 31 India st 
Sheriffs Alexander, writing master, 10 

George street [ver st 

SherriflrSc Fulton, saddlers, 18 Sth.Hano- 
Sherriff Donald, tailor. Summer place 
• SherrilT Elizabeth, lodgings, 33 Howe st 
Slierriff Mrs. Ellison, grocer,12 Jamaicast 
Sherrilf Jessie, seminary, 2 Queen's pi, L. 
SherrifT Mary, milliner,2 West Nicolson st 
Sherrilf Miss, 6 Ann fields, Leith 
Shields Mary, seminary, 3 Mary place 
Shields Mrs. Fort st, Leith 
Shiell William, assistant clerk of session, 

3 Duncan st, Newington 
Shiells John, cabinet maker. Clerk st 
Shiells Robert, smith. Cowan's close 
Shiels Robert, lozenge manufacturer, 109 

High street [court, Leith 

Shiels Robt. insurance broker, &c. Bell's 
Shiels Thos. solicitor,3.c 20 Bernard st,L. 
Shiels William, wine and spirit merchant. 

Constitution st, Leith 
Shiels William, lozenge manufacturer,2)4 

Shier John, smith. Elder st 
Shillinglaw Thomas E. drawing master, 

138 Nicolson st | 

Shilane Miss, milliacr,20 South College st ' 


ShirrefFE. and J. dress makers, 1 West 

Richmond st 
ShirrefFMiss, 10 Buccleugh place 
Shirreff Mrs. Charles, 3 Maitland st 
Shirretf Mrs. 1 Rankeillor st 
Shirreff W.E.spiritdealer,! St.Patrick st 
Shoolbraid Miss, 75 Constitution st, Leith 
Short Jas. pawnbroker, 1 Fleshmarkt close 
Short Thomas, physician, 54 CJueen st 
Shortland Ann, spirit dealer, 4 Young st 
Shortrede Andrew, printer, East Thistle la 
Shortreed Adam, flesher, 8 Antigua st 
Shortridge Samuel, surgeon & apothecary, 

Royal Infirmary, Infirmary st 
ShottsIronCompany,iron foundrs, Spring 
field, Leith walk — J as. Blackie, manager 
Sibbald George, surgeon, 2 Argyle square 
Sibbald Hen. writer,.55 N orthumberland st 
Sibbald Mrs. Jane, 4 Portland place, Leith 
Sibbald J ane,milliner,74Constitutionst,L. 
Sibbald John, shoe maker, 26 Carnegie st 
Sibbald John & Robert, woollen drapers, 
32 North Bridae st [George st 

Sibbald John & Sons, ironmongers, &c. 64 
Sibbald John Robertson, surgeon, 141 
Princes street [st 

Sibbald Mrs. lodgings, 1 1 WestRichmond 
Sibbald Leslie,surgeon,4 Portland pl,Leith 
Siddons Mrs. Henry, 12 Maitland st 
Sidey Charles, surgeon, 2 Heriot row 
Sidey John, linen draper, 48 George st 
Sieveright Miss Euphemia, 9 Calton place 
Sievwright Andre" , stockbroker & agent, 
102 South Bridge st [place 

Sievwright Miss Elizabeth, 10 Brunton 
Sim Alexander, builder, 6 Montgomery st 
Sim Henry, saddler, 79 Kirkgate, Leith 
Sim John, spirit dealer, 18 Shore, Leith 
Sim John, accountant, 5 Saxe Cobourgpl 
Sim Wm. fernitureJbToireiN 10 Bristo st 
Sime Alexaft<ler,jdyer, 60 Nicolson st 
Sime Andrew, painter, 29 Richmond place 
Sime J ohn, baker, 66 Cumberland st 
SimeThs.linendrapr. 12Stb. St. Andrew st 
Sime Wm. turner. Old Post-office close 
Simmie Mrs. Ketmah, academy, 13 Dean ' 
terrace [South Bridge st 

Simpson A. and M. straw hat makers, 90 
Simpson & Graham, saddlers' ironmon- 
gers, 2 Mound place 
Simpson Boyd, ilesher, 48 Charlottes!, L. 
Simpson Catherine, spirit dealer. Shrub pi 
Simpson David, baker, 7 Duncan st 
Simpson E.strawhatmkr. Sth. Gray's close 
Simpson Mrs. G. H. 73 George st 
Simpson George, stables, East Thistle lane 
Simpson George, teacher, 5 Drummond st 
Simpson Georjre & Son, coach builders, 

58 Abbey hill and 18 Waterloo place 
Simpson Mr. J. S. Greenhill lodge 
Simpson Jas.advocate,33Northumbrlndst 
Simpson Jas. surgeon, 42 Nth. Frederick st 
Simpson J as. iron founder,&c..53Abbey hill 
Simpson James G. & William, hide mer- 
chants, 31 Niddry st 
Simpson James Y. surgeon, 2 Teviot row 
Simpson Jane, spirit dealer, Dock st, Leith 
Sim pson Janet, dress mkr. 7 Coalfield la,L. 
Simpson John, tailor, &c. 71 Princes st 
Simpson John, green grocer, Howard st 
Simpson John, spirit dealer, Jock's lodge 
Simpson Margaret, day school, 20 Pitt st 
SimpsonMary,academy,15 S t. A ndre w st, L 
Simpson Miss, 40 Great King st 
Simpson Mrs. Colonel, 19 Forth st 
Simpson Mrs. (of Plean),19 Athol crescent 
Simpson Mrs. 9 George square 
Simpson Mrs. II West Richmond st 
Simpson,10 Roxburgh place 
Simpson Peter, tailor. Earl Grey st 
Simpson Peter, victual dealer, 16 West 

Cross causeway 
Simpson Mr. R. 54 George's square 
Simpson Mr. R. 31 St. Leonard's hill 
Simpson Rich, spirit dir. Carrubber's close 
Simpson Robt. ham dealer, 101 Nicol.son st 
Simpson Susan, spirit dealer, 48 High st 
Simp.5on Thos. boot, &c. mkr. 5 Tobago st 
Simpson Walter, London and Edinburgh 

Shipping Co. 45 Shore, Leith 
Simpson Wilhelraina, draper, 44 Shore, L. 
Simpson Rev. William, 8 St. John st 
Simpson Wm. poulterer, 2 Dundas st 
Simpson Win.poulterer,70 Id Poultry mkt 
Simpson Wm. victual dlr.l Leithst terrace 
Simpaon's Hotel, 5 Ciueen street 
Sims Mrs. 24 Nelson st [Leith 

Simson Alex, solicitor, &c. 38 Bernard st, 
Siinson David, teacher, 2 Rutland st i 

Simson George, teacher, 2 Rutland st 
Simson Hunter, teacher, 7 Drummoad st 
Simson James, accountant, 219 High st 
Simson John, wine,&c.mercht. Bell's ct,L. 
Simson Mrs. 16 Keir st 
Simson Mr. Thomas, 2 Pitt st, Leith 
Sinclair A. H. accountant, 19 Pitt st 
Sinclair Alexander, coppersmith, 21 Tol- 
booth wynd, Leith [Bridge st 

Sinclair Alexander,pawnbroker,86 South 
Sinclair Andrew, surgeon, 4 Gt. King st 
Sinclair Andrew, hair dresser and perfu- 
mer, 14 Nicolson street 
Sinclair Andrew, hair dresser, 112High st 
Sinclair Arabella,teacber.44 Nth.Casile st 
Sinclair Christian, publican, 8i Shore,Lth 
Sinclair Daniel, gardener, Claremont st 
Sinclair Lady Diana, 133 George st 
Sinclair Donald, clock dial manufacturer 

& japanner, Morison's close. High st 
Sinclair Edward, writer, 2 Haddington pi 
Sinclair George L. writer, 4 Walker st 
Sinclair George M. secretary to School of 

Arts Library, 2 Chapel st 
Sinclair Geo. M. linen draper, 2 Chapel st 
Sinclair Lieut. Col. J. S. 16Inverleith row 
Sinclair Jas. messenger,l3 St. James's sq 
Sinclair John, secession clerk for the city 
& keeper of the city records, 10 Royal 
Exchange [St. Andrew st 

Sinclair John,linen manufaclurer,2 South 
Sinclair John, baker, 14 Lothian st 
Sinclair John, smith, 7 Horse wynd 
Sinclair John, agent, 11 Union st 
Sinclair John, baker, 13 Romilly place 
Sinclair John, jun. shawl & tartan manu- 
facturer, 79 South Bridge st [bow 
Sinclair John & Son, seedsmen,102 West- 
Sinclair Malcolm.cabinet maker ,8 Mound 
Sinclair Mrs. 12 St. Leonard st 
SinclairMorrison,victual dlr.20 Jamaicast 
Sinclair Peter, Black Bull Sf Commercial 

Hotel, Catherine street 
Sinclair Robert, spirit dealer, Coltbridge 
Sinclair Veitch, surgeon, 11 Union st 
Sinclair William, cowfeeder, Grove place 
Sinclair William, cooper and fish curer, 

18 St. Giles street, Leith 
Sinclair Wm. blacksmith, Chalmer's close 
Sinclair Wm.hardwareman,! Glanvillepl 
Sinclair Wood, cooper & stave merchant, 

4 & 6 Mitchell street,Leith 
Skea Alexander, builder, Shrub place 
Skea David, surgeon, 21 St, Patrick's sq 
Skelton Jas. writer, 15 Northumberland st 
Skene George, advocate, 10 Alva st 
Skene James, advocate, 46 .Moray place 
Skene James, writer, 1 1 Antigua, st 
Skene Lawrenee, keeper of the signal 

tower, 7 Albany st, Leith 
Skene Lieut.-Colonel,7 Bellevue crescent 
Skene Miss,30 Dundas st 
Skene W. F. writer, Register house 
Skilling J ohn, boot & shoe maker, 56 Ber- 
nard st, and 47 Kirkgate, Leith 
Skinner Captain — , 10 Adam st 
Skinner Mr. James, 4 Salisbui-y road 
Skinner John Robt. writer, 5 Roxburgh pi 
Skinner Susan, grocer, 15 St. James' sq 
Skirving John, spirit and victual dealer, 

15 Yard heads, Leith 
Skirving Miss, 4 Hill square 
Slade Lieutenant F. R.N. 17 Montague st 
Slate Christian, milliner, &c. 70 George st 
Slater Mrs. Jane, 1 London row, Leith 
Slater John,spiritdealer,i>(c.l38Canongate 
Slater Misses, milliners, &c. 25 Union pi 
Slater Peter, sculptor, 12 Union st 
Sleisih George, tailor, 15 Buccleugh st 
Sleigh Robert, baker, ^i Glanville place 
Slider Miss, 26 Rankeillor st 
Slight Jas. & Co. engineers, Panraure place 
Sligo Mrs. (of Carmyle),5 Drummond pi 
Slimon J. boys' school, Gibb's entry 
Sloan Thos. shoemkr,35 West Nicolson st 
Sloan Wm. commsn. agent, 2 Drummond st 
Sniail & Co. china, glass, &c. dealers, 35 

Candlemaker row 
Smail Charles, spirit dealer, 160 Rose st 
Small James, solicitor, .52 Cumberland st 
Smail James, baker, 2 High Market st 
Smail Lieut. James, R.N. 48 Cumberland st 
Smail Robt.victual dealr.49 St. Giles st, L.,18 Dublin st 
Small, Bruce & Co. organ builders, music 

sellers, &c. 101 George street 
Small David, clock maker, 6 Raeburn pi 
Small David, grocer, 200 Rose st 
Small Eliz. furrier, &c. 57 Nicolson st 


EDINBURGH, &c. ?etrin]bursf)0t)ir^ 

Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Small G. agent for the Glasgow & Edin- | Smith James, baby linen warehouse, 39 Somerville Alex, wine agenf,9Maltaterr, 

burgh Caual Company, Port Hopetoun | North Hanover street [st SomervilIeAndw.grocer,i4Fountain brldg- 

Small Jas. coal merchant,<J Port Hamilton j Smith Jackson, solicitor, s.c. 7 Pitt ' SomeiTilleCha-i.bootmkr.Broufihtoncourt 

Small Captain T. district & detachment 

paymaster— olfice 24 Greenside st 
Small Wm. spirit dealer, 61 North back 

of Canongate [Leith 

Smart Elizbth. Crown Tavern, 3fi Shore, 
Smart Francis, baker, 26 Kirkgate, Leith 
Smart Fras. boot, &c.mkr.27Kirkgate,L. 
Smart James, spirit dealer, 195 High st 
Smart Jas.& Robt. flesliers, Middle market 
Smart Rev. John, Smith's place,Leithwlk 
Smart John, flesher, 15 WestNicolson st 
Smart John, boot maker, 1 Queen st 
Smart Jnhii, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Smart R. C. engraver, &e. 20 Elm row 
Smart Robt.spiritdealr. 18 Sth.Frederickst 
Smart Robert, baker, 2 Canongate 
Smart Robert, spirit dealer, 48 Abbey hill 
Smeal John, grocer, &c. 3 Couper st, L. 
Smeal Mrs. green grocer. Green market 
Smeaton Allison, dress makr.42 Dundas st 
Smeaton Ann, toy dealer, 101 Kirkgatp,L. 
Smeaton Matthpw,joiner, 12 Church lane 
Smellie Andw.grocer,:39Nth. Richmond st 
Smellie Henry, grocer, 82 Cross causeway 
Smellie John, grocer, 54 Potter row 
Smellie Robert, grocer, 227 Canongate 
Smellie Robert, grocer, &c. 27 Tobago st 
Smiles T. china and glass warehouse, 44 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Smillie Matthew, secretary to Exchange 

Reading-room, Charlotte st, Leith 
Smillie Matthew & William, solicitors, 14 

Charlotte street, Leith 
Smith Adam, hair dresser, 47 Shore, Leith 
Smith Alexander, surgeon, 5 Windmill st 
Smith Alexander, writer, 18 Yi>rk place 
Smith Alexndr. umbrella maker,37 High st 
Smith Alexndr. grocer,&c. 90 Kirkgate,L. 
Smith Alex, reading room, 89 Kirkgate,L. 
Smith Alex, spirit dealer, 59 Kirkgate, L. 
Smith Alex, spirit dealer, S9 Leith wynd 
Smith Mr. Alex. G. 21 Gardner's crescent 
Smith Alexander & Robert, builders, I 

Claremont street 
Smith and Cuthbertson. architects and 

builders, 6 Charlotte place and Athol 

crescent lane [Bernard st, L. 

Smith & Edmond, rope and sailmakers,8 
Smith &Kinnear, writers, 81 George street 
Smlth&Macfarlane,carvers,&c.5 Elm row 
Smith & Stoddart, spirit dealers, 1 Lord 

Russell place [cent 

Smith & Wilson,bullders,6GardneT's cres- 
Smith Andrew, cabinet maker, 5 Howe st 
Smith Adw.writerto the signet,27Dundasst 
Smith Ann, milliner, 7 Nicolson st 
Smith Archibald, shoemaker, 36 Dundas st 
Smith Archibald, accountant, 13 South 

Charlotte street [land st 

S mith Arch ibald,advocate, 37 Northu raber- 
Smith Charles, grocer,&c. 3 Duke st,Leith 
Smith Chas. bookseller,25Sth. Hanover st 
Smith Colvin, portrait painter,32 York pi 
Smith David, tailor, 6 Melville place 
Smith David, tailor, 25 North Bridge st 
Smith David, tailor, 6 South Hanover st 
Smith David, agent to Leith, Greenock, 

&c. Shipping Co. Dock gates, Leith 
Smith Ebenezer, green grocer, 69 Clerk st 
Smith Miss Eliza, 6 Torphichen st 
Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Melville st 
Smith Elizabeth, milliner, 83 Kirkgate, L. 
Smith George, architect, 8 Wemyss place 
Smith George, smith, 89 Abbey hill 
SmithGeo.shawl manuCctr. 108 S. Bridge st 
Smith George, tinsmith, 7 Lothian st 
Smith George, spirit dealer,! Burn st,Leith 
Smith George, leather factor, 50 Niddry st 
Smith Geo. cabinet m aker.Jamaicastlane 
Smith George, spirit dealer, Gibbet toll 
Smith Mrs. Grace, 8 Bennington place 
Smith Hein"S, surgeon, 3 Antigua st 
Smith Hy. spirit mercbant,14 Sand port st,L 
Smith Isabella, straw hat mkr. 55 George st 
Smith Jas.boot,&c.mkr.5 Southampton st 
Smith James, spirit dealer, 46 Cowgate 
Smith James, tailor, 15 South College st 
Smith James, architect, 13 Hope st 
Smith James, grocer, &c. 135 Canongate 
Smith James, smith, St Andrew st, Leith 
SmithJames,news agent,llSt. Andrew's sq 

Smith Jas. jun. shawl manfr. 5 Nicolson st ; Somerville Mr. George, 27 Montague st 
Smith Jane, dress maker, 3 Charles st Somerville Geo. publican, 26 Grass market 
Smith Miss Janet, 18 Moray place SomervilIeHugh,spiritdlr.7Causewayside 

Smith John, M. D. surgeon, 16 India st Somerville James,spirit dealer,Mills close 
Smith John, carver & gilder, 9Shakspeare . SomervilleJas.coal agent, 28 St.Leonard st 
square and 5 Elm row | SomervilleJas.victualdealr. 1 Hamilton pi 

Smith John, umbrella maker, 227 High st i Somerville James & Alexander, cabinet 

Smith John, grocer, 7 Buccleugh st 

Smith John, painter, &c. 44 Buccleugh st 

Smith J no. silk & worsteddlr.I9 Dundas st , 

SmithJno. shipowner,! George pl,Lth wlk 

Smith John, dentist, 12 Dundas st 

Smith John, meal dealer, 136 Canongate 

Smith John, hair dresser, 77 Kirkgate, L. 

Smith John, wright, 174 Rose st 

SmithJohnFairfull, writer, 19 Gt.Stuartst 

Smith Mr. John Francis, 37 Rose st 

SmlthJohnK.builder,6 Gardner's crescent 

Smith Jos, &Son,wire workers,219 High st 

Smith Lilias, teacher of music,27 Howe st 

Smith Miss, 9 Archibald place 

Smith Mrs. Lieut. 18 Downie place 

Smith Mrs. Margaret, 9 Hill st 

Smith Miss Margaret Ann, 15 Danube st 

Smith Mrs. Mary, 2 Moray place 

Smith Mrs. Mary, 26 Dundas st 

Smith Mrs. spirit dealer, 13 King's stables 

Smith Mrs. lodgings, 8 Duke st 

Smith Mrs. 5 Morton st<Leith 

Smith Mrs. 38 Dublin st 

Smith Mrs. (of Craigend), 4 Royal circus 

Smith Mrs. 4 Manor place 

Smith Mrs. Gardner's crescent 

Smith Mrs. 15 Comely bank 

Smith Mrs. 8 Athol place 

Smith Mrs. lodgings, 2 Dewar place 

Smith Morton, spirit dlr.Sherrlff brae,Lth 

Smith, Neil & Hutchison, solicitors, s. c. 

20 Clyde st [Howe st 

Smith Peter, wine & spirit merchant, 19 
Smith Mrs. R. muslin and lace printer, 

77 Princes street 
Smith Richard,spiritdealer,16 KarlGreyst 
SmiihRobt.cabinetraakr.23 West Canal st 
Smith Robt. tailor,4 Commercial place, L. 
Smith Robt. shawl manufactr.77 Princes st 
Smith Robert, wright, St. Bernard's row 
Smith Robt. M. merchant,36 Bernard st.L. 
Smith S. lodgings, 5 Nicolson st 
Smith T. & H. surgeons, 25 Duke st 
Smith Mrs. Thomas, 23 Dundas st 
Smith Thomas, shoe maker, 2 Young st 
Smith Thos.grocer& spirit dlr.lO Cowgate 
Smith Thos. victual dealer, 6 Jamaica st 
Smith Thos. Cowan, solicitor,68 George st 
Smith Thos.Nae,grocer,2 Sth. Richmond .'t 
SmithWalter, lailor,13 South Fredeiick st 
Smith Walter, chymist,.58 South Bridge st 
Smith VValter,sbipmstr.Prince Regent st.L 
Smith, White & Co. drapers, 29 Princes st 
Smith Major William, 1 Upper Dean terr 
Smith AVm. merchant, 96 St. Giles st. Leith 
Smith William, tailor, 10 Earl Grey st [st 
Smith Wm. teacher of dancing,20S. Bridge 
Smith William, wright, Newington road 
Smith William, llthognipher, 17 Rose st 
Smith William, tailor, 4 King st. Leith 
Smith William, boot maker, 82 Princes st 
Smith William, bookbinder and stationer, 

306 Lawn market [267 High st 

Smith William, linen and woollen draper. 
Smith William, shoe maker, 48 Rose st 
SmithWm.splrlt dlr.ftueen's pl.Leith walk 
Smith William, flesher, 10 West port 
Smiths' & Co. tin-plate workers,! Blair st 
Smyles Robert, silk raercer,!5 Greenside pi 
Smyth Mr. James, 10 St. Andrew's square 
Smyth Jas.teachr of dancing,Assembly st.L 
Smyth John, advocate, I Hart st 
Smyth Miss, 1 Hart st 
Smyth Robert, writer, 1 Hart st 

makers. Mills close, Canongate [L. 
Somerville John, agent, 85 Constitution st, 
Somerville John, solicitor, 7 London st 
Somerville John, painter, 24 Howe st 
Somerville John, grocer & cheesemonger, 

298 High street [maker row 

Somerville John, jun. solicitor, 37 Candle- 
Somerville Mrs. 21 Broughton place 
Somerville Nichol, spirit dealer,13 Highst 
Somerville Wm. shoe maker, 3 Sibbald pi 
SomervilleWilliam & Nlcol,splrlt dealers, 

5G Grass market [walk 

Sommervllle Miss A. 3 Shrub place,Leith 
Sommerville James, mason, 15 Jamaica st 
SommervilleJ ohn,lapidary,7W. Register st 
Sommerville John, flesher, 23 Canongate 
Sommerville Mrs 22 Annandale st 
Sommerville William & Son, wholesale 

stationers, 8 South St. David street 
Sorlie Mrs. John, Star Hotel,36 Princes st 
Souter James & Francis, writers to the 

signet, 30 Northumberland street 
Souter John, wright. East Thistle lane 
Souter Robert, shoe maker, 9 Crighton st 
South Bridge Pawnbroking Company, 35 

South Bridge and 55 Niddry st 
Spalding Andrew, writer, East Brongh. 

ton place [Leith 

Spalding Isabella, milliner, 74 Kirkgate, 
Spalding Maria, library,5 Warriston place 
Spalding William, advocate, 11 London st 
Spalding Win. solicitor, 85 Great King st 
Spanish Consulate, James Gordon, 39 

Quality street, Leith 
Spankle Miss, 3 Gayfield square 
Sparks John, livery stables, 8 Union st 
Spaven Catherine,^ spirit dealer, 1 Coal 

hill, Leith ' [Canongate 

Spear Jane, spirit dealer, 14 North backof 
Spear Captain Joseph, e. n. 15 Walker st 
Spears Hon. Mrs. 3 Charlotte square 
Spence Mr. Alexander, 3! Ann st 
Spence Alexander, agent to Commercial 

Bank of Scotland, 15 Constlfu tion st. L. 
Spence and Macfarlane, coach & harness 

makers. Mound 
SpenceAndrew,publican,10Hunter square 
Spence Mr. Charles, 12 Mlddleby st 
Spence Charles, solicitor, s. c. 7 Elder st 
Spence David, shoe maker, 10 Kirkgate,L,. 
Spence Mr. George, 13 Snuth Union place 
Spence Mrs. J. lodgings, 14 Rankeillor st 
Spence James, surgeon, 14Ranktillor st 
Spence James, writer, 16 Danube st 
Spence James, spirit dealer, 8 Leith wynd 
Spence Mrs.Jessie,! Smith's pl.Leith walk 
Spence Mrs. Jessie, 14 Pitt st 
Spence John, dentist, 50 Great King st 
Spence Lawrence, smith. Echo bank. 
Spence Miss, lodgings, 4 Clerk st 
Spence Peter, writer, 8 Annandale st 
Spence Mrs. Sarah, 4 Hope st 
Spence William and Robert and Co. linen 

drapers, 21 Picardy place 
Spencer Mrs. 10 Minto st 
Spens & Milne, writers, 13 Hope st [st 
SpensCol. Jas. (Craigsanquhar)28 Walker 
Spens John,M. D. 28 Walker st 
Spens Dr.Thos. surgeon, 14 Drummond pi 
SpiersGraham,advocate,4 Coates crescent 
SpindlerLouis,musictechr.24 Greenside st 
Splnks Henry, cabinet turner, 31 North 

back of Canongate [place 

Spiltal Francis.dock master, 3 Hamburgh 

Smythe!VIiss(ofMethven),9 Sth Charlotte st 

SmyiheWilliam,advocate,12Gloucesterpl I Spittal Right Hon. James (of Justice Hall) 
Snadden Mrs. 20 Gardner's crescent | lord provost of the city, 3 Minto st 

Snedden Mrs. lodgings, 8 Downie place '. Spittal James and Son, shawl manuf'ac- 
Snell Lieut. John C. R.N. 1 Windsor st turers, 84 South Bridge st [Bridgest 

Snodgrass William and James, surgeons, Spittal John, commercial agent, 79 South 

238 Canongate [tion st, Leith Spittal Miss, 15 Gardner's crescent 

Snody Andw. solicitor, .s. c. 118 Constitu- Spittal Robert, m.d. surgeon, 6 Wemyss pi 
Snowden John and Waller, spirit dealers, Sprot Thomas, writer, l4 Picardy place 
63 Grass market Sprott Mark, tailor, 3 Mackenzie place 

SmithJas.corkraanufactrer.43Charlottest . Snowden Mrs. Gardner's crescent [st Squair Mr. James, 21 Gardner's crescent 
Smith James, flesher. Middle market | Soloman Moses,clothes dlr.7W.Richmond Stalker James, grocer, 36 Pitt st 
Smith James, solicitor,s.c.3 Norton place j Somervail David, spirit dealer, 6 Com- Stalker William, spirit dealer, 127 High st 
Smith James, shoe maker, 57 Bristo st merclal place, Leith [place ; Stamp & Tax Offices, 10 Waterloo place 

Smith Jas. green grocer, 29 S.Frederick st I Somerville Mr. Alexander, 27 Buccleugh I StampaFras.carver & gildr.5 Broughton st 


l£tiittBura:D0f)ire. EDINBURGH, &c. 

gigot ^ Co/g 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Standard Life Assurance Co. 2] South St. 
Andrew st — J ames A. Cheyne, manager ; 
William Thomas Thomson, secretary 
SLinniisRev. B. T. St. Cuthberl's glebe 
Stark Cath. teacher of music, 53 George st 
Stark Dr. James, surgeon, 21 Rutland st 
Stark James, advocate, 10 Duncan st 
Stark John, printer, Old Assembly close 
Stark Miss, 22 Scotland st 
Stark M rs. Salisbury green 
Stark Mrs. 13 Montgomery st 
Stark William, builder, 49 London st 
Starke William, tailor. Kirkgatc, Leith 
Stead the Misses, Stead place, Leith %valk 
Steam Packet Offices, M Leith street and 
13 Waterloo place [st 

Steedman Alex.M. tailor,6Sth. St. Andrew 
SteedmanAndw. green grocer,18 Thistle st 
Steedman Geo. publican, 14 Grass market 
Steedman Isabella, dress mkr. 15 Clerk st 
Steedman John, flesher. Southern market 
Steel Alexander, spirit dealer, Dunbar's 

close, 413 Lawn market 
Steel Mr. Charles, Gardner's crescent 
Steel David, printers'joiner, 41 Cowgate 
Steel James, spirit dealer, 390 Castle hill 
Steel James, grocer, 2 Baker place [gate 
Steel Jane,stables,19 South back of Canon- 
Steel John, victual dealer, fiO Nicolson st 
Steel John, sculptor, I Rutland place 
Steel Maitland,bookbinder,4 Mount place 
Steel Mrs. Morning side 
Steele C. & J. tinsmiths, &c. 100 High st 
Steele James, grocer, &c. 27 Home st 
Steele John, toy warehouse, 47 Princes st 
Steele John, carver & gilder, 20 Calton hill 
Steele Margt.lodgings.63 Nth. Frederick st 
Steele Robert, confectioner, 17 Queen st 
Steele Walter, turnei-, 230 Canongate 
Steele, Wilkinson & Patrick, furnishing 

ironmongers, 61 George st 
Steele Wm. uphoIsterer,East Thistle lane 
Steele William, tinsmith, 86 Rose st 
Steele William, advocate, 3 Lynedoch pi 
Steele William, flesher, 3 Hill place 
Stein the Misses, 8 Raeburn place 
Stenhouse A. & M, coal merchants. Rail- 
way depot [docks, Leith 
Stenhouse Andw. & Geo. merchants. Wet 
Stenhouse Miss, 9 Grove st 
Stenhouse Rebecca, baker, 14 High st 
Stephen Jno.writer,72 Northumberland st 
Stephen Pugh,furniturebrkr.267 Cowgate 
Stephen Blr. Thomas, 1 Grove st 
Stephen Thomas B bookseller,130 High st 
Stephens George & Co.iron founders,ToI- 
booth wynd [Cross causeway 
Stephens Samuel, cabinet maker. West 
SieuavtMiss(ofSteuart hall),16 Maitland st 
Steuart the Misses, 17 St. Andrew square 
Steven Cath dress,L. 
Steven Wm.& Co. hat mnfrs.15 & 17N ew st 
Stevens Mr. Alexander, 1 Graham st 
Stevens Alex.bookbinder,34 Nth Bridge st 
Stevens Ann, trunk, &c. mkr. 305 High st 
Stevens Jane, straw hat maker, 1 Clyde st 
Stevens Mrs. .Mary, 70 Northumberland st 
Stevens William, cooper, Leith walk 
StevensonAlx. solicitor,7Royal Exchange 
Stevenson Alex, writer, 9 Heriotrow 
StevensouAlex.nail mkr. Davidson's close 
Stevenson Alex. & Sons, stock brokers, 7 
Royal Exchange [32 Thistle st 
Stevenson &Co. printers to the University, 
Stevenson & Yule,writers,4 Thistle court 
Steven.sonArabella, lodgngs, 1 4 Nicolson sq 
Stevenson Archibald and Co. furniture 

brokers, East Thistle lane 
Stevenson Miss Barbara, 48 India st 
Stevenson Catherine, lodgings, 7 North- 
west Circus place [Leith 
Stevenson Henry, gardener, Anchor fields, 
Stevenson Hen.boot,&c.mkr,31 Queen st,L 
Stevenson Jas. fish monger, 60 Queen st 
Stevenson James, artist, 66 George st 
Stevenson James, baker, 42 Jamaica st 
Stevenson John, grocer, &c. Fyfe's close 
Stevenson John, cutler, 3 Infirmary st 
Stevenson John, publican, Merchant st 
Stevenson the Misses, 4 Charlotte place 
Stevenson Mrs.coal agent,.50 Rankeillorst 
Stevenson Ninian, writing master, Calton 

stairs and 20 George st 
Stevenson Peter, philosophical instru- 
ment maker, 9 Lothian st [terrace 
Stevenson Robt. c«mb manufr. 2 Leith st 
Stevenson Robt. civil engineer,84Gporgest 
Stevenson Simon, linen draper,40 Bristost 
StevensonTs.eoalmeiebt. 42AVhitefleia pi 


Sievenson Thos. bookseller, 87 Princes st 
Stev.ensonThos. auctioneer, 6 Milne's sq 
StevensonTs.corn factr.ll7Constitutionst 
Stevenson Thos. brush & trunk maker, 13 
South College st [dington place 

Stevenson Thomas, spirit dealer, 21 Had- 
Stevenson Wm. surgeon, 41 York place 
Stevenson Wm. grocer, Morning side 
Stevenson Wm. victual dIr.7o Fountain bdg 
Stewart,66 Queen st 
Stewart Mrs. Agnes, 17 Young st 
Stewart Alex, vintner, 62 Fountain bridge 
StewartAlex.spirit dealr. 14 St. Patrick's sq 
Stewart Alex, shoe maker, 29 Niddry st 
Stewart Alex.gardener,Bonnington house 
Stewart Alex, fruiterer, -50 Kirkgate, Leith 
Stewart Alexander, painter, 88 Princes st 
Stewart Allison, lodgings,24 Bcrnardst.L. 
Stewart & M'Intyre, drapers, 351 Highst 
Stewart & Sprot, writers, 13 Clyde st 
Stewart And w. victual dlr.46 Broughton st 
Stew^art Andrew, horse dealer, 3 Hope st 
Stewart Andrew, spirit dealer, 50 Bristo st 
Stewart Andrew James, trunk and port- 
manteau maker, 44 Whitefield place 
Stewart Rt. Hon. Lady Ann,47 Heriotrow 
Stewart Ann, victual dlr.30 Brunswick st 
Stewart Archibald, Crown Hotel — (com- 
mercial), 1 i Princes st [st 
Stewart Archbd. shoemaker,llBrunswick 
Stewart Miss Barbara, 20 Maitland st 
Stewart Mrs. Campbell, .37 Great King st 
Stewart Miss CatJierine, 16 Stafford st 
Stewart Charles, solicitor, 16 Duke st 
Stewart Charles, engraver, 74 Rose st 
Stewart Danl. cabinet mkr.Monteith'sclse 
Stewart Mr. David, 9 Hailes st 
Stewart David, solicitor, 16 Duke st 
Stewart David, flesher, 22 Couper st,Leith 
Stewart David, spirit dealer, Huntley st 
Stewart Mrs.Donald,millinr,2Blenheim pi 
Stewart Mr. Duncan, 13 Danube st 
Stewart Captain Duncan, 4 Pitt st, Leilh 
Stewart Duncan, wine and spirit dealer, 

39 North Frederick st 
Stewart Duncan, coach hirer, ] Queens- 
ferry street [lane 
Stewart Duncan,coach hirer,St.Cuthbert's 
Stewart Duncan, dairyman, 128 Rose st 
Stewart Eliz. lodgings, 62 North Castle st 
Stewart Geo.publican,59 Bernard st,Leilh 
Stewart Geo. victual dealer,94 Nicolson st 
Stewart Georgiana, lodsrings, 27 Howe st 
Stewart Mrs.Isabella(of Physgill),9 Royal 
circus [Highst 
Stewart J. & G. wine, &c. merchants, 1 13 
Stewart Jas. surgeon, r,n. 11 Portland pi 
Stewart James, confectioner, 34 South 
Hanover st [Circus place 
Stewart James, spirit dealer. 3 South-east 
Stewart Jas. spirit dealer, 9 St. Vincent st 
Stewart Jas. tailor, 43 North Hanover st 
Stewart Jas. edge tool mkr. 05 Nicolson st 
Stewart Jas. china, &c. dealer,72 George st 
Stewart Jas. china, &c. dlr. 194 Canongate 
Stewart James, stable keeper, 174 Rose st 
Stewart Jas. boot, &c. maker, 3-i Queen st 
Stewart James, cabinet maker, 37 New st 
Stewart James, shoe maker, 4 Howe st 
Stewart Jas. cabinet maker,60 Indi-i place 
Stewart Jas. spirit dealer,14 Brunswick st 
Stewart Jas. spirit dealer, 1 Shandwick pi 
Stewart Janet, lodgings, 22 India st 
Stewart Jessie, dress maker, 5 Howe st 
Stewart Mr. John, Laverock bank,Trinity 
Stewart Mr. John, SpringHeld,Leith walk 
Stewart John, coal merchant, 90 Constitu- 
tion stieet, Leith [square 
Stewart John, Commercial Inn, 75 Adam's 
Stewart John. keeper of the lighthouse, 20 
Shore, Leith [ket close 
Stewart John, tobacconist,2-01d Fishmar- 
Stewart John, slater, 4 Queensferry st 
Stewart John, surgeon, 20 Elder st 
Stewart John, painter, 92 Nicolson st 
Stewart John, boot maker, 10 Leith st 
Stewart John, spirit dealr,20BuccIeugh st 
Stewart John, spirit dealer. 3 Clyde st 
Stewart John, spirit dealer ,74 Nicolson st 
Stewart Joseph, spirit dealer, I] Clyde st 
Stewart Jos. gardener, Bonnington house 
Stewart Mr.*. Leveson, 5 Walker st 
Stewart Lewis, spirit dealer, 3 Home st 
Stewart .Maitland.spiritdlr.Shoemakr else 
Stewart Margaret, baker, 72 Thistle st 
StewartMary,confeclioner, 111 Nicolson st 
Stew.nrt, 20 Warriston crescent 
Stewart (Miss, 40 Great King st [Leith 
Ste^vart Miss, 75 Constitution st, North 

Stewart Miss (of Binney), 19 Maitland st 
Stewart Mrs.Captain,3 WestClaremontst 
Stewart Mrs. Dr. 41 Lothian st 
Stewart Miss Mary, 55 Queen st 
Stewart Mrs.publican,22Fleshmarketclse 
Stewart Mrs. publican, 1 Maitland st 
Stewart Mrs. milliner, 41 Nicolson st 
Stewart Mrs. 17 Keir st 
Stewart Mrs.spirit dealer, 38 Lauriston st 
Stewart Nathl. spirit dlr.34Cumberland st 
Stewart Neil, tinsmith. High Market st 
Stewart Peter, spirit dealer, 32 Pitt st 
Stewart Peter, coach hirer, 30 Dundas st 
Stewart Pet^r, coach hirer, 8 Wemyss pi 
Stewart Robert,ink manufactr.l 16 Rose st 
Stewart Rbt.earthenware dlr.51Pleasance 
Stewart Rbt.spiritdealer,6 Queensferry st 
StewartRobertBarc!ay,teacher of dancing, 

53 Cumberland st [St. Andrew st 

Stewart Robert Charles, teacher,n South 
Stewart Shaw, ddvocate,12 Shandwick pi 
Stewart Susrin, school, 23 Kirkgate, Leith 
Stewart Thomas, solicitor, 3 Windmill st 
StewartThs.hackneyman,4 Queensferry st 
Stewart Thos. livery stables, Charlotte pi 
Stewart Walter, eating house, Heriot's 

buildings, Leith walk [bridge 

Stewart Walter, spirit dealer, 65 Fountaia 
Stewart William, librarian to school of 

arts library, Drummond st 
Stewart Wm. writer, 8 Gloucester place 
Stewait Wm. writer, 2 Lynedoch place 
Stewart William, baker, 1 Howe st 
Stewart William, spirit dealer, 3 Kerr st 
Stevirart William, baker, 203 Pleasance 
Stillie Mrs. George, 30 St. James's square 
Stiliie James, bookseller, 140 High st& 

4 South Bank street 
Stirling the Countess of, .37 Claremont st 
Stirling Miss Elizabeth,27 South Castle st 
Stirling l.ient.-Gen. Graham, 27 Queen st 
Stirling, Kenney & Co. wholesale book. 

sellers and publishers, 46 George street 
Stirling Mr. John, 7 St. Bernard's row 
Stirling John, school, 10 Duncan st 
Stirling Matilda, baker, 10 St. Vincent st 
Stirling Mrs. dyer, 1 Adam st 
Stirling Peter, stable keeper, Rose st lane 
Stirling Robert, horse dlr. 9 Queensferry st 
StirlingRobert,spiritdealer,l4 Melville pi 
Stirling William, esq. 20 Royal circus 
Stirling William & Co. ochre manufac- 
turers. Bull's close [Leith 
Stobie Adam, surgeon &druggist,39 Shore, 
Stobie Rbt.Low,chymist,&c.5 Horse wynd 
Stobie W m.victual dlr. 38Parkside buildgs. 
Stohn Robert, tailor. Anchor close 
Stockbridge Flour Mill Company, millers, 

Baker place [[gardens 

Stocks Andrew, shoe maker, 2 Old Physic 
Stocks David, baker, 20 Bridge st, Leith 
S tocksDav.&Co.agents,16 Timber bush,L. 
Stodart George, merchant, 9 Mitchell st,L. 
Stodart George, writer. 18 Windsor st 
Stodart John, coach builder, 40 Pleasance 
Stodart John R.writer,2 Drummond place 
Slodard the Misses, 3 Windsor st 
Stoilart the Missi-s, 19 India st [Leith 
Stodart Mr.Rich. 72 Constitution sl,North 
Stodart Robert, esq. 20 Athol crescent 
StodartRbt. Alex. lodgings,! 1 Drummond st 
Stoddard Capt. r.n. 10 Bellevne crescent 
Stoddart L. excise officer, 2 Salisbury sq 
Stoddart Mrs. 5 Fingal place • 

Stoddart Mrs. 26 Howard place 
Stoddart Wm. spirit dtaler. Sunny bank 
Stone Mr. George, 18 Claremont crescent 
Storar Thomas, baker, 3 Mansfield place 
Storer William, cow feeder, 6 Qualityst,L 
Storey Elliot, spirit dealer, 9 Leven st 
Storey James, smith, Swinton row 
Storie Andrew, writer, 12 Bmugbton pi 
Storie John, tobacconist, 286 Canongale 
Storie James, smith, 11 South James st 
Stormonth Miss Isabella, 7 Torphichen st 
Storrer Win. cow feeder, 17 Water lane, L. 
Story John, clerk, 41 Charlotte st, Leith 
Story Thomas, lodgings, .50 India st,60Gt.Kingst 
Stothert Miss Margaret, 20 Young st 
Stott & Johnston, painters & glaziers, 29 

Dundas st [dry st 

Stott David & John,lealhercutters,29Nid. 
Stott J. H. manager to the Edinburgh 

Loan Company, 39 South Bridge 
Stott James, leather cutter, 12 Niddry st 
.Stott Miss, spirit dealer, 114 Cowgate 
Stott William, grocer, 44 Lothian st 
Stott Wm. china, &c, dealer,37 Dundas st 




Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

Stout Alex, ship master, 84 Shore, Leith 
Strachan & Darling,-wrilers, 17 Pitt st 
Strachan And w. & Co. lailors,15 Princes st 
Strachan David, spirit dir. 17 Charlotte pi 
Strachan Mr. George, 3 Ladyfield place 
Strachan James plasterer,St.Cuthbert's la 
Strachan Jas. cabinetmaker, Broughton st 
Strachan John, spirit dealer, iS Thistlest 
Strachan John, spirit dealer, 2 North 
back of Canongate [wynd 

Strachan William, spirit dealer, 42 Leith 
Strain Cecilia, jeweller, 9 South Union pi 
Strain Henry, surgeon, 13 South Union pi 
Straiton Mrs. lodgings, 6 Union place 
Strang William, surgeon, 11 Hill place 
Strange Janie.s, esq. 7 Ainslie place 
Strathenry William & Co. flax merchants 

and dressei's, 1-5 Nicolson st 
Strathie Alex, accountant, 138 Nicolson st 
Strathmore the Earl and Countess of, 

Holyrood house 
Street Francis, engraver, Dickson's close 
Stringer Charles, chymist, &c. 13 Calton st 
Strong Miss Barbara, 32,Diindas st 
Strong Mr. Robert, 17 Charlotte st, Leith 
Stuart Chas. painter. Old Assembly close 
Stuart Charles, tailor, 129 High st 
Stuart Gordon,co:il mcht.I9Port Hamilton 
Stuart J. superintendent of police, 8 Te- 

viot row 
Stuart Dr. J. G. 9 Picardy place 
Stuart Sir James, 3 Coates crescent 
Stuart James, solicitor, s.c. 34 Gt. Kingst 
Stuart Mary, spiritdealer,Wright's houses 
Stuart Major-General Hon. P. governor 

of the Castle, 18 Ainslie place 
Stuart Wm. deputy presenter of signa- 
tures, 17 Rutland st [Fettes row 
Stupart Captain, 2d Dragoon Guards, U 

Swan Catherine, stay maker, 81 George st 
Swan David, baker, 1 Wallace place 
Swan Douglas, boot maker, 78 Nicolson st 
Swan Edward, grocer. 111 Canongate 
Swan Eliza,tobacconist,47 N. Hanover st 
Swan James, baker, 87 Broughton st 
Swan James & Son, tleshers. Middle mrkt 
Swan Jane, lodgings, 14 Dundas st 
Swan William, grocer, 3 Wemyss place 
Swanson the Misses, 51 Clerk st 
Swanston and M'Dougall, messengers at 

arms, 2 Leith street terrace 
Swanston John, green grocer, 48 Howe st 
Swanston Mary, lodgings,Nlh. Frederick st 
Swinburne MajorThos.Robt.33 Royal terr 
Swinton Archibald, advocate, 5 India st 
Swinton Archibald, writer,t3Lynedoch pi 
Swinton George, esq. 4 Athol crescent 
Swinton Thomas, esq. 6 Pitt st 
S word Agnes,lodgings,39 N orth Hanover st 
Sword James, writer, 1 Buccleugh st 
Sword James, house factor, agent, and 

furniture broker, 22 South Hanover st 
S word James, ship master, 39 Couper st. L. 
Sword John, agent, 9 Bernard st. Leith 
Sym Mr. Alexander, 31 Minto st 
Sym Rev. John, 37 George square 
Syra Robert, writer, 20 George square 
Syme James, surgeon, 9 Charlotte square; 

dispensary, 9 Minto house 
Syme John, linen draper, 367 High st 
Syme John, artist, 33 Abercromby place 
Syme Mary, stay maker, 7 Broughton st 
Syme Mrs. (ofNortblield), 24 Nelson st 
Syme Thomas, stay maker, 77 Nicolson st 
Syme William, tinsmith, 2 Market place 
Symington James, tailor, 39 Thistle st 


TAILYOUR Mrs. Joan, 5 Hermitage hill 

Sturrock Isabella, hair dresser, 27 Duke st | Tainsh Miss, bookseller,&c. 1 William st 
Sturrock John,brass founder, 1 Dukest,L. Tail Alexander, hair dresser,82 Princes st 
Suddones Ann,schnol,80 Constitution st,L. { Tait Andrew, victual dealer,200 Pleasance 
SummersThs shawlmnfr.l07Slh.Bridgest i Tait Andrew, baker, 33 Rose st [close 
Sunter Alexander,shoe maker,23 Howe st i Tait Archibald, publican, 25 Fleshmarket 
Surenne Daniel Ferdinand, drawing mas- ' Tail C.B. auctioneer,! 1 South Hanover st 

ter, 12 Darnaway st [Nelson st j Tait Mr. David, k.n. 3 Albany st, Leith 

Surenne Gabriel, teacher of French, 8 • Tait George, advocate, 4 Abercromby pi 
Sutherland Alexander Gordon, writer^ to ■ Tait George, flesher,46 Tolbooth wynd,L. 

the signet, 18 Fettes row_ | Tait George, bookbinder. Writer's court 

Sutherland & Watson, engineers & iron- 1 Tait George,blacksmith,Gl.Junction st.L. 

founders, 1 Sandport st, Leith I Tait Hugh,victual dealer, 6 E, Register st 

Sutherland Andw. tailor, 57 Broughton st Tait J. & W. grocers, &c. 1 Norton place 
Sutherland Benjamin, spirit dealer,8l St. Tait Capt. J. H. r.n. 6 Bellevue crescent 
_ ^^'"y's »ynd [122 Rose st Tait James, joiner, 23 Lauiiston place 

Sutherland Christian, straw hat maker, ; Tait James, writer, 2 Park place 
Sutherland Daniel,grocer,10 Brunswick st i Tait John, dairyman, 12 Brunswick st 
Sutherland Danl. lodgings, Trinity crescnt Tait John, advocate, 1 Melville st 
Sutherland Daniel, spur maker,Gilchrist's Tait John, publican, Jock's lodce 

entry West t?r£g^ l* Tait John Rennie,baker, 2 Quee"nsferry st 

Sutherland Daniel R. stationer, 95 South Tait Mrs. loduings, 15 Dublin st 
Sutherland David, tailor, 1 1 Rorailly place Tait Mrs. lodgings, 1 Hill square 
Sutherland David, private hotel, 26 Aber- Tait Peter, farmer, 10 St. Patrick square 

cromby place [Broughton st Tait Peter, grocer, 9 East Richmond st 

Suther and Donald, coal merchant, 16 Tait Ralph, victual dealer, 85 Hi.'h st 

Sutherland Eliza, straw hat maker, 2 

Montgomery st [place 

Sutherland George, green grocer, 14India 
Sutherland George, painter, 114 High st 
Sutherland Geo. smith, Murdoch's close 
Sutherland Jas. stonemason, Lothian road 
Sutherland James, dealer in sundries, 83 

Pleasance [Greenside place 

Sutherland James, earthenware dealer, 4 
Sutherland James, city officer,333 High st 
Sutherland Jas. school, Lawrie st, Leith 
Sutherland James, tailor, 10 Buccleugh st 
Sutherland James, spirit dealer, 23 West 

Nicolson street 
Sutherland John, bookseller, 12 Calton st 
Sutherland John, tailor, 9 Adam st 
Sutherland Joseph, tailor, 93 George st 
Sutherland Nathl. grocer,128Lauristonpl 
Sutherland Patrick, working silversmith, 

Gilchrist's entry VVest 
Sutherland Mrs. T. E. 19 Union st 
Sutherland Wilhelmina, teacher of music, 

103 George st [Circus place 

Sutherland Wm.tobacconist,21 North-west 
Sutherland Wm.tailor,70 St Giles st. Leith 
Sutherland William, writer, 26 Nelson st 
Sutherland Wm. spirit dealer, 33 Heriot's 

buildings, Leith walk [court 

Sutheiland Wm. saddle-tree maker, Sime 
' Suttie Sir George, Preston grange 
Suttie Mr.Robert, 28 Gayfield square 
SuttonThos.hat inanufr.28 SoutliBridge st 
Swales John, Guildford'>s Arms Tavern, 

West Register street 

Tait RobertjCoal dealer,4 Richmond place 
TaitThs.coal agent,Hamilton pLStckbdge 
Tait Rev. Walter, 3 Calton place 
Tait Mrs. Walter, druggist, 61 Bristo st 
Tait Walter, eating honse,33 Broughton st 
Tait Wm. button & trimming warehouse, 

12 South Bridge st [Princes st 

Tait William, bookseller & publisher, 78 
Tait Wm. shipmaster, 58 Shore, Leith 
Tait William, cork cutter, 90 Abbey hill 
Talbot Sir George, Bruntsfield house 
Tallow Melting Co.(patent),Stead's place, 

Leith walk — Wm. Sanderson, manager 
Tansh Donald, grocer, 32 High st 
Tapp Mr. William, 7 South Gray st 
Tawse & Bonar, writers, 15 York place 
Tawse John, advocate, 49 Queen st 
Tawse Peter, wright, 21 Greenside place 
Taylor A. grocer, 4 Nth.back of Canongate 
Taylor Alex.ship master.5 Admiralty st,L. 
Taylor and Co.'s London Porter Store, 31 

Constitution st,Leith — J.B.Todd, agent 
Taylor Andrew, grocer, &c. 9 St.Patrick's 

Taylor Andrew, grocer, 14 Home st 
Taylor Charles, publican, 4 Rose st 
Taylor Chas. tailor, &c. 4 West Register st 
Taylor Daniel, solicitor, 21 Leopold place 
Taylor Danl. painter,&c.41 W.Nicolson st 
Taylor David, ship master, Johnstone st 
Taylor Mrs. Frances, 3 Bonnington place 
Taylor Francis, wright, Morton's entry, L. 
Taylor Geo. boot.&c.maker,3l Leith walk 
Taylor Geo.boot,&c.maker,55 Canongate 

Taylor Henry, master of Dean Parish 
School, Hawthorn bank [Leith 

Taylor James, merchant, 36 Bernard st, 
Taylor James, surgeon, &c. 1 16 Westbow 
Taylor James, rlesher, 44 Clerk st [L. 
Taylor Jas. wine,&c.mercht.72 Sl.Giles st, 
Taylor James, grocer, 315 Canongate 
Taylor Jas. solicitor, s.c, 21 Leopold place 
Taylor Jane,victual dlr.33WestNicolson st 
Taylor Jane, lodgings, 2 Charlotte square 
Taylor Jane & Eliz. lodgings, 54 Bristo st 
Taylor John, solicitor of stamps & taxes, 

Stamp-otiice, Waterloo place 
Taylor John, baker, 1 Raeburn place 
Taylor John, cabinet maker, 5-5 George st 
Taylor John, tailor, 48 VVest Richmond st 
Taylor John, surgeon,8 Abercromby;place 
Taylor Joseph and James, wholesale gro- 
cers, Tanfielu, Canon mills 
Taylor M . straw hat maker,36Bridge st,L. 
Taylor Margt. confectioner, 5 Charlotte pi 
Taylor Michael, lace mnfr.SINth. Bridge st 
Taylor Miss, 7 Maitland st 
Taylor Mrs. 11 Teviot row 
Taylor Mrs. 31 Buccleugh place 
Taylor Nichol, grocer, &c. .59 Pleasance 
Taylor Peter&Janet,spirit dlrs.lGBristost 
Taylor Philip, joiner, 20 Drummond st 
Taylor Richard, publican, Newhaven 
Taylor Mr. Robert, 1 Bank place, Leith 
Taylor Thomas, flesher. Middle market 
Taylor Thomas, picture fr,amer,2 Forth si 
Taylor Watson, esq. 10 Calton place 
Taylor Rev. William, 12 Athol place 
Taylor William, grocer, II Union place 
Taylor William & Co. soap makers, Little 

Carron and SherilTbrae 
Telfer Mr. George, 19 Meadow place 
Telfer James, hosier, 7 Baker place 
Telfer William, dairyman, \4ii Pleasance 
Temple Wm.giocer,&c.lWeslLauri.«ton pl 
Templeton Andrew, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 11 East Register st 
Tennant David, dairyman, Paul's work 
Tennant Patrick, writer.9 Lynedoch place 
Tennent Mrs. Robert, 14 Howe st [L- 
Terras Thos. sp'irit dealer, 1 Hamburgh pl, 
Terrot Rev. C. H. 19 Northumberland st 
Thatcher John, physician, 23 Elder st 
Thew Mrs. 20 Raiikeillor st 
Thin George, spirit dealer, 4 Castle barn 
Thom Alex.& Co.chyraists,&c.78Queen st 
Thorn David & Co. general merchants, 19 
Constitution st, Leith [st 

Thoni George, dairyman, 41 Cumberland 
Thom William, flesher, 75 Broughton st 
Thomas Daniel,spirit dealer ,5y7Castle hill 
Thompson Capt. Morrison's pl,Jock's Idge 
Thompson Henry and Son, tailors and 

clothiers, 37 Bridge st, Leith 
Thompson Mr. James, 11 Archibald place 
Thompson James, flesher,2 Raeburn place 
Thompson James C. flesher, 25 Thistle st 
Thompson Misses,millinrs,28 Kirkgate,L. 
Thompson Mrs. 32 Saxe Cobourg place 
Thompson Mrs. lodgings, 32 Kirk{:ate,L» 
Thompson Richatd,governor of the work- 
house, Canongate [st 
Thomson A. &Co. woollen drapers,337High 
Thomson Abraham, bookbinder,01d Fish- 
market close [row 
Thomson Adam, victual dealer, 27 Potter 
Thomson Alexander,accountant,I8 North 
Bridge street [Westbow 
Thomson Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, 93 
Thomson Alex. spirit dealer,46 Potter row 
Thomson Alex.lodgings,23 St.Patrick's sq 
Thomson Alex, gun maker,16 Union place 
Thomson Alx.brass foundr.21Greenside pl 
Thomson Alexander and Douglas, silver 

platers, 28 Niddry st 
Thomson Alexander and William, marble 

cutters, 50 Constitution st. Leith 
Thomson & Peaston, tailors & clothiers,5 
South Frederick st [George st 

Thomson & Tod, tailors and clothiers, 6 
Thomson Andw. surgeon, 13 Pittst [st 
Thomson Andw. M.D.surgeon, S.Frederick 
Thomson Ann,milllner,30 South Castle st 
Thomson Archibald, blacksmith. Young st 
ThomsonArchibaldjClock & watch maker, 

64 Princes st 
Thomson Archibald,victual dealr.30 West 

Cross causeway 
Thomson Brothers, wine merchants, 38 

Quality street, Leith 
Thomson Captain, 17 Gilmour place 
Thomson Captain, 48 Rankcillor st 
Thomson C?ath.furniturebrkr.49Pleasance 


mnir{bnxQf)^f)ivt* EDINBURGH, &c. 

^igot ^ (Eo.'^ 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Thomson Charles, fishing-rod and tackle i 

maker, 44 Princes street 
Thomson D. spirit dealer, 6 Young st 
Thomson D. J. hide,&c. factor,381Niddry st ; 
Thomson Capt. David, 16 Gilmour place j 
Thomson Dav. shoe maker,13 Sth. Canal st | 
Thomson David, tailor, 3 West Register st i 
Thomson David,bootmkr.29S.Hanoverst 
Thomson, Dickson and Co. hat manufac- 
turers, 24 North Bridge street 
Thomson Edward, glover, tiSLeith st 
ThomsonEdwd baker,31 Sth.Frederick st 
Thomson Miss Elizbth. 40 Queen st [L. 
ThomsonEliz.boot,&c.manufr.5Bridge St. 
Thomson Ellison, baker, 12 Home st 
Thomson (ieorge, principal clerk to the 

Board of Roads, 73 Queen street 
Thomson Geo. hair dresser. 7 Waterloo pi 
Thomson George, baker, 495 Lawn market 
Thomson George,corndealer,2l7 Cowgate 
Thomson George, advocate, 26 India st 
Thomson Geo. slioe maker, 15 Charlotte pi 
Thomson Geo. plumber, .lamaica st lane 
Thomson George, baker and confectioner, 

2 Elm row [High st 

ThomsonGeorge & Son,cabinetmakers,88 
Thomson George G.commissionmerchant, 

Bell's court, Leith 
Thomson Gideon,tailor,423 Lawn market 
Thomson lVIrs.Grace(Leckiebaiik)7lndiast 
Thomson Miss Helen, 48 Minto st 
Thomson Helen, ladies' school, 59 North 

Frederick street 
Thomson Henry, tobacconist, 3 Leith st 
Thomson Hugh, grocer, &c. 329 Cowgate 
Thomson Hugh, tailor, 1 North Bank st 
Thomson Isabel, stay maker, 1 Charles st 
Thomson J.G. fru3sianconsul,49 Princes 

street, & 28 St. Andrew st, Leith 
Thomson Mr. James, 22 Elm row 
Thomson James, baker, 75 Clerk st 
Tliomson James, baker,? Charlotte place 
Thomson James, baker, 12 Home st 
Thomson Jas. hair cutter, 131 Nicolson st 
Thomson Jas. candle maker, 3 Castlebarn 
Thomson James, grocer, 163 West port 
Thomson James, grocer, Drumdryan 
Thomson Jas.milkseller,Darling's brae,L. 
Thomson James,dairyman,High Markets! 
Thomson James,baker,l2 Soqth College st 
Thomson James, carpet and hearth rug 

manufacturer, 93 Leith wynd 
Thomson James, smith, Duke st, Leith 
Thomson James & Jame.«, coach builders, 

10 Queensferry st 
Thomson James Gibson & Co. wine and 

general merchants, 28 St. Andrew st, L. 
Thomson James Gibson & Co. wine and 

spirit merchants, 49 Princes st [liet,Tj. 
Thomson Jean, green grocer,12 Newmar- 
Thomson Major John, 6 Dean terrace 
Thomson John, cashier to Royal Bank of 

Scotland, St. Andrew's square 
Thomson John, pawnbroker, 96 High st 
Thomson Jno. pawnbroker,44 S.Bridge st 
Thomson John, physician, 80 George st 
Thoms(mJn.pawnbrokr,Blackfiiars wynd 
Thomson John, tailor, 219 High st 
Thomson John, printer, 1 Milne's square 
Thomson John, tobacconist, -50 Lothian st 
Thomson John, grocer, &c. 2 Duncan st 
Thomson John, baker, 173 Pleasance 
Thomson John, cashier to Royal Bank, 25 

Melville st [Davies>-t 

Thomson John, boot and shoe maker, 10 
Thomson John,smith & f;irrier,Coltbridge 
ThomsonJohn,-pirit dlr25 Fountain brdge 
Thomson L. ironmonger, 3 Montague st 
ThomsonMarlin,chairmaker,Lyon's close 
Thomson Mary, worsted dlr.37 Thistle st 
ThorasonMatthew,chair maker,24Warris- 

ton's close [tague st 

Thomson Miss (of Burn house), 33 Mon- 
Tho.-nson Miss, 7 Torpichen st 
Thomson IVIisses,school,6 Haddington pi 
Thomson Mr. 17 Clarence st 
Thomson Mrs. Dr. 32 Royal circus 
Thomson Mrs. 6 Broughton place 
Thomson Mrs. (of Bogie),28Drummond pi 
ThomsonMrs.spiritdealr,lGreenside row 
Thomson Mrs. 11 Dundas st 
Thomson Mrs. lodgings, 4 Great King st 
Thomson Mrs. 22 Forth st [mond st 

Thomson Mrs. spirit dealer, 8 West Rich- 
Thomson Mrs. Water of Leith 
Thomson Mrs. 122 Laurislon place 
Thomson Mrs. 23 Comely bank 
1 homson Mrs. 6 Park st 


Thomson MurrayG.grocer & spirit dealer, 

173 Cowgate 
Thomson Ptr. rope,&c.mkr. 8 St.Palrick st 
Thomson Peter, baker, 43 Charlotte st, L. 
Thomson Robt. advocate, 70 Gt. King st 
Thomson Robl.brushrakr. High Market st 
Thomson Robert, importer of Irish linens, 

9 Royal Exchange ' [Leith 

Thomson Robert, tiesher, 11 New market, 
Thomson Robt. spirit dealer,8 Nicolson st 
Thomson liobt. spirit dealer, 14 Downie pi 
Thomson Robert, manager to Leith and 

Newcastle Old Shipping Company, 69 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Thomson Robert, grocer, 1 Melville place 
Thomson Robert & James, candle makers, 

52 George street [drew st, Leith 

Thomson Thomas,clothesdealer,32 St.An- 
Thomson Mr. Thomas, 17 Elm row 
Thomson Thos. green grocer,5Windmill st 
Thomson Thomas, advocate, 127Georgest 
Thomson Thomas, smith, 14 Broughton st 
Thomson Thomas, smith, 9 Oukest 
Thomson Thomas, writer, 12 Queen st 
Thomson Thomas, M. d. 23 Greenside st 
Thomson Thomas, baker, 10 Carnegie st 
Thomson Thomas, spirit dealer and con- 
tractor, 7 Norlh back of Canongate 
Thomson Mrs. Wm. 5 Montague st 
Thomson Wm. solicitor, U Sth. Bridge st 
Thomson Wm. grocer, 100 Princes st 
Thomson Wm. surgeon, 80 George st 
Thomson Wm. victual dir. 4 Fox lane,L. 
Thomson Wm. wright. Stead's pl,Lth wlk 
Thomson Wm. victual dIr. 15 India place 
Thomson Wm. grocer, &c. IbO Pleasance 
Thomson Wm. baker, 39 West Nicolsonst 
Thomson Wm. grocer, 4 Claremont place 
Thomson Wm. writer, 12 Henderson row 
Thomson Wm. mason, 5 South James st 
Thomson William, baker, 1 India place 

and 1 Summer place [causeway 

Thomson Wm. victual dealer, 41 Cross 
Thomson Wm. & Co. agents, 38 Niddry st 
Thomson Wm. Archibald, jun. messenger 

at arms, 18 North Bridge st 
Thomson Wm. Hamilton, surgeon, 56 

North Frederick st [berland st 

Thomson Wm. John, artist, 57 Northum- 
Thomson Wm. R. master of St Stephen's 

Parish School, 30 Brunswick st 
Thomson Wm. Thos. secretary to Standard 

Life Assurance Co. 21 Sth. St. Andrew st 
Thomsons and Elder, writers to the signet, 

8 South Frederick street 
Thong Miss, 24 Scotland st 
Thorburn Rev. Jas. 14 Hermitage place,L. 
Thorburn Jane, earthenwate dealer, 16 

North-west Circus place 
Thorburn Janet,green grocer,22 Dundas st 
ThorburnJohn.confectioner,15 Nicolsonst 
Thorburn Kenneth M'Kenzie, writer to 

the signet,]] Howe st [Circusplace 
Thorburn Thomas, draper, 23 North-west 
Thorburn Mr. Wm. 14 Hermitage place, L. 
Thorburn William, balier, 5 Shrub place 
Thorburn William & Sons, tea merchants, 

51 Kirkgate, Leith [David st 

Thornton & Brydone,printers,19 South St. 
Thornton & Co.bakers,27 Fountain bridge 
Thorpe Mary, lodgings, 56 India st 
Thurso Shipping Co. Dock gates, North 

Leith — David Smith, agent 
Thyne Williain,flesher, Stockbridgemarkt 
Tibbelts George, hntter, 38 SouthBridge st 
Tillies Helen,milliner,5Gt.J unction st. L. 
TindallSusan,Iodgings,o3 Nth. Frederick si 
Tobias Isaac,jeweller, 22 South Bridge st 
Tobias Isaacgeneral agent, 1 1 Roxburgh st 
Tod Adam, baker, 18 Couper st, Leilh 
Tod Alexander, gardener, Easter road 
Tod Alexander, baker, 19 London st 
Tod Alexander B. esq. 9 Melville st 
Tod & Hill, writers, 59 George st 
Tod & Romanes, writers, 7 Gt. Stuart st 
Tod Geo. ship master,39 Couper st. Leith 
Tod George, cabinet maker, 252 Cowgate 
Tod George, bookbinder, 12 Clyde st 
Tod Henry, writer to the signet,39Yorkpl 
Tod Hugh, writer, 6 Queen st 
Tod James, victual denier, 8 King's stables 
Tod Jas. B.merrhant,31 Constitution st.L. 
Tod James and Son, coach-spring makers, 

Greenside lane [square 

Tod John, engraver and printei-,10 Hunter 
Tod John, flesher, 35 Queen st, Leith 
Tod john,corndealr.I2 Tolbooth wynd,L. 
Tod John,victual dealer,6 Granville place 

Tod Misses, academy, 14 Danube st 

Tod Mrs. 7 Toiphich^n st 

Tod Colonel S. H. Morning side 

Tod Thomas,advocate,15 Coates crescent 

Tod Thomas, baker, 12 Duncan st 

Todd Alex.bookseller, I St.Patrick's square 

Todd Andw.victualdlr.82St.Marx'swynd 

Todd George,jun.writer,4Nicolson square 

Todd John, wright, East Register st 

Todd William, bookbinder, 1 Forth st 

Tolbooth-Parish Female School, 4 Mound 

place -Mrs. Marshall, teacher 
Tolbooth Parish Infants' School,4 Mound 

place — Miss Eraser, teacher 
Tomassi James, model & figure maker, 95 

Princes street [house 

Torphichen Lady Dowager, Cramond 
Torrance Alex.coaIdealer,14 Richmond pi 
Torrance Mrs. D. 32 Rankeillorst 
Torrance G. M. esq. (of Kilsainlninian), 

28 George square [land st 

Torrance George, baker, 4 Northumbei- 
Torrance James, smith, 10 Charlotte place 
Torrance John, baker, 36 Buccleugh st 
Torrance Miss,4 Rankeillor st [Bridge st 
TorranceMisses,slraw bat makrs.82 South 
Torrance Mrs. 3 Montague st [st 

Torrance Richard, hair dresser,45 Thistle 
TorranceRbt.tin-plale wrkr.4ffNicolson st 
Torrence James, hat manfr. Gentle's close 
Torrence J as. ship broker, 16 Albany st.L. 
Torrie Alex.spirit dealer,16 Yardheads,L. 
Torrop Christopher, editor of the Evening 

Post, 11 Leopold place 
Torry Miss, 1 1 Warriston crescent 
Tough Mr. D. 26 Rankeillorst 
Tough Wm. smith, St. Leonard st 
Tower the Misses, 21 Alva st [street 

Townsend Frank, engraver, 10 Sth. James 
Townsend Mrs. Ferry road, Leith 
Townsend William, harp and pianoforte 

manufacturer, 9 Greenside place 
Traill Ths. Stewart, professor,lO Albyn pi 
Train William, cooper, 63 Albany st 
Transport Office, 7 Hermitage pi, Leith — ■ 

Lieutenant F. Wentworth, agent , 
Traquair William, writer, 26 Clyde st 
Traquair Mrs. William, 44 Minto st 
Treasurer Mr. Kenneth, 17 Archibald pi 
Trelawney Mrs. I Manor place 
Trench Adam,spiritdealer, llCouper8t,li. 
Trench Robt. spirit dealer, Bonningtnn rd 
Tress John F. tea dealer, 15 Leith st 
Trewella Rev. Henry, 2 Shore, Leilh 
Trinity Baths, near the Chain pier 
Trinity College Church Sessional School, 

19 High st — Hugh Niven, master 
Tripney John, spirit dealer, 6 Abbey 
Trotter Agnes, earthenware dealer, 97 

Kirkgate, Leith [George's square 

Trolter Alexander, esq. (of Dreghorn), 12 
Trot ter J ames, teacher of writing,10 N orth 

St. David street 
Trotter John, slater, 113 Nicolson st 
Trotter Miss, Blackford house 
Trotter Mrs. 12 Gray street 
Trotter Richard, advocate, 26 Royal circus 
Trotter Rbt.&John,cabinetmkrs.Youngst 
Trotter Thomas, esq. 15 St. John st 
Trotter Thomas, writer to the signet, 16 

Young street [market 

Trotter Thomas, flesher, 25 & 26 Middle 
Trotler Thomas, flesher. High market 
Trotter Wm. cabinet maker, 9 Piinces st 
Trnefitt Wm. hair dresser, 57 Princes st 
Tullis Mrs. Helen, 1 Wellington place, L. 
Tullis Robt. paper mkr-5 Royal Exchange 
Tullis William, baker, 8 Roxburgh place 
Tulloch Mr. James, 63 Great King st 
Tulloch Mrs. lodsings, 39 Albany st 
Tulloch Wra. spirit dealer, 15 Elbe st, L. 
Tully Mrs. A. lodgings, 2 St. Patrick's sq 
Tully J. C. & Co. colour manufacturers, 

Assembly street, Leith 
Tully John, baker, 51 Noith Richmond st 
Tully Robert, tailor & clothier, o South 

Bridge street 
Turf Hotel, Andrew Murray, 3 Princes st 
Turnbull Adam, tailor, &c. 17 George st 
Turnbull Alx. boot, &c.mkr.235Canongate 
Turnbull Alex.,213 Cowgate 
Turnbull Alx. fishmngr.32 Tolbooth wynd 
Turnbull& Co. coach office,! Nth. Bridge st 
Turnbull A ndw. teacher,13Sth. Frederick st 
Turnbull David, writer to the signet and 

dean of euild clerk, 10 Royal Exchange 
Turnbull Mrs. George, 22 India st 
Turnbull Geo. writer, 16 East Thistle st 

Hii-ecfoij), , 



Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

TurnbnII Hu?li, baker, ] Bread st 
Turnbull Rev. James, Blacket 
TurnbuU Jas. tailor, 10 South Hanover st 
Tiirnbull John, city chamberlain, 10 

Royal Exchange 
TurnbnII John, tailor, Broughton lawn 
Turnbull Mar<;aret, teacher of music, 13 

South Frederick st 
Turnbull Mrs. Margaret, 3(i Shore, Leith 
Turnbull Misses, academy, 19 Danube st 
Turnbull Mrs. 5 St. Patrick's square 
Turnbull Peter, grocer, &c. 18 Home st 
Turnbull Mrs. R. 67 Great King st 
TurnbnII Rbt.flesher,2-1 West Richmond st inter. Old Assembly else 
Turnbull \Vm. agent, 31 Buccleugh place 
Turnbull \V m . ad vocate, 67 Great King st 
Turner Diigald, ship master, Trinity 
Turner F. K. surgeon, 16 St. Patrick's sq 
Turner Mrs. Helen, 5 Smith's pi, Leith wk 
Turner Jas. & Co. engravers.LoHiianToad 
Turner John, spirit dealer, 191 Pleasance 
Turner Mrs.(ofTurner hall) 29 Melville st 
Turner Col. William, E. i. c. 22 Royal terr 
TutingEd ward,boot & shoe makr,l6 North 

St. David street [Stockbrido;e 

TweedaleJas.shoe maker,20 Brunswicltst, 
Tweedale Robert, flesher, 2 Cobnurgst. L. 
Tweedie, Graham nnd Anderson, writers 

to the signet, 31 Great King st 
Tweedie John, agent, 32 Rankeillor st 
Tweedie Miss, 11 We.«t Maitland st 
Tweedie Mrs. Major, 19 Lynedoch place 
Tweedie Mr9.confectionr.8N. St. Andrew st 
Tweedie Mrs. lodgings, 4 Hill place 
Tweedie Robt.victual dealr.2 Hamilton pi 
Tweedie Robert, baker, 38 Bronghton st 
Tweedie Robert, baker, 2 Catherine st 
Tweedie Thomas, esq. m.d.21 Regentterr 
Tweedie Thomas, hosier, &c. 3 Elm row 
Tweedie Thomas, grocer, &c. 131 High st 
Tweedie John, tobacconist, 78 High st 
Tydeman John, lodgings, 21 Dnndas st 
Tyiie Archbld grocer,&c.2 Orchardfieldpl 
Tytler Mrs. Elizabeth, 108 Prince,* st 
Ty tier James, writer to the signet & Lyon 

depute, 16 South Charlotte st 

UNION Barm Co. 48 Candlemaker row 
Union Loan Company, 13 Leith terrace — 

James Williamson, manager 
Union News Rooms, 36 George st 
United Kingdom Life Assurance Office,! 

South Charlotte street 
United Service Club House, Queen street 

— David Campbell, esq. secretary, 7 

Melville street 
Universal Life Assurance Company, 16 

Pitt st— Wight and Reid, agents 
Ure George, writer, 13 Carlton place 
Ure James, bookseller and stationer, 29 

South Frederick st [Calton place 

Ure James, comptroller of customs, 13 
Urquhart Adam, advocate, 5 St. Colmest 
Urquhart Alexander, jun. cork cutter, 7 

Old Fishmarket close 
Urquhart George, smith, Circus lane 
Urquhart John, perfumer, 40 George st 
Ur-quhart Leonard, working silversmith, 

Hope court [Elder st 

Ui-quhart Leslie James, carver & gilder-, 31 
Urquhart Margt.dress makr.6 Charlotte pi 
Urquhart Miss Rebecca, 22 Howe st 
Urquhart Thos. spirit dealer, 1 Downie pi 
Usher & Cunningham ,brewers,101 Cowgt 
Usher & Graig, spirit dealers, 09 High st 
Usher Andrew & Co. wine & spirit mer- 

chants,100 George st&22 W.Nieolsonst 
Usher James, writer, 39 South Bridge st 
Usher James, brewer, 71 Potter row 
Usher John, writer, 27 Howe st [st 

Utterson Jas. victual dealer, 54 Buccleugh 
UltersonWm.spiritdealer,48 Buccleugh st 

V AIR James,old book seller,20 H orse wynd 
Valentine Mr-. Robert, 20 Pitt st 
Vallance George, breeches maker & glover 

to His Mafjesty for Scotland, 12 West 

Register street [Hamilton 

Vallance John, coal merchant, 16 Port 
Vallance Thomas, baker, 16C Pleasance 
Van John, shoe maker-, Jock's lodge 
Van Staveren M. silk & worsted dealer,! 1 

Greenside place 
^'annet James, linen manufactut-er, 229 

Can on gate 

1 lO 

Varnier A. importer of French shoes, 12 

George street [street 

Veitch Allison,miIliner,&c.56NorthCastIe 
Veitch Andrew, master of St. Geor-ge's 

Parish School, Young street 
Veitch David, baker, 13 Melville place 
Veitch G.home missronary,23Lauriston pi 
Veitch Mr-. Hugh, Stewart field 

Gr-eat Junctiorr street, Leith [Leith 
Veitch John, cork manufctr-.l41 Krrkgate, 
Veitch John, dentist, Broughton st 
Veitch John, huilder,48 West Richmond st 
Veitch Major, STnverleith row 
Veitch Mrs.MaryAnn,10 Charlotte square 
Veitch Mrs. lodgings, 10 Roxburgh st 
Veitch Dr. Paul, surgeon, 8 Hart st 
Veitch Thomas, baker, 5 Johnson's place 
Veitch Thomas L. writer, 21 Queen st 
Vei-non William Francis, surgeon dentist, 

2 Teviot row 
Vertue William & Co. tea, wine arrd spirit 

merchants, 14 St. Anthony st. Leith 
Vieary John, esq. 45 Ann st [plaCe 

Vipond Jane, spirit de.aler. 6 Haddington 
Vir-tue George, agent for Kvan's Patent 

Tanks, 24 Sheriff br-ae, Leith 
Virtue J. and E. silk, worsted and fancy 

trimming warehouse, 4 St. Patrick's sq 
Virtue James, agent, 2() South Bridge st 

WADDEL .Mr. William, 21 George sq 
Waddell William, writer-, 50 Melville st 
Waddell Mrs. 11 Totphichen st 
Waddie James, tailor, 62 Nicolson st 
Waddle Ale.tander, tailor, 25 Thistle st 
Wade Mrs. Rachael C. 24 Albany st 
Wair John, assistant teacher to Deat and 

Dumb Institution, Henderson row 
Waile Mrs. 6 Gardner's crescent 
Waits Thos. tea deah-,45Tolboothwynd,L. 
Waldie James, coal merchant, 32 White- 

I5eld place, Leith walk 
Waldie Lieut. James Henry, 6 Howe st 
Waldie John, grocer. &c. 35 Richmond pi 
Waldie John, spirit dealer. Echo bank 
Waldie Peter-,cow feeder, 73 Fountain bdge 
Wale James, scale beam and coffee mill 

maker, 90 Leith wynd [Leitb 

Walker A. rope, &c. maker, 9 Kirkgate, 
Walker Alex, spirit dealer-,23 Shore,Leitb 
Walker Alex, baker, 5 Riddle's close,Leith 
Walker Alexander', smith, 28 Rose st 
Walker Alexander-, baker-, Newhaven 
Walker Alexander & James, woollen dra- 
pers, 437 Lawn market [Leith 
Walker&Br-own,linendrapers,21 Kirkgate, 
Walker & Co. engravers and copper-plate 

prii:ters, 2 North Bridge st 
Walker Mr. Andrew, 7 Graham st 
Walker Andw. spirit dealer-, 10 Gibb's entry 
Walker Miss Ann, 5 Gloucester place 
Walker Miss Barbara, 20 Pitt st 
Walker Right Rev. Bishop, 22 Stafford st 
Walker David,auctioueer,56 Sth. Bridge st 
Walker Elizbth. dress maker, 44 Howe st 
WalkerEliz. stay makei-,63 Cumberlandst 
Walker George, .sDrgeon,15 Broughton pi 
Walker Geo. bag pipe maker, 340 High st 
Walker George & John, linen & woollen 

drapers, 2 Kirkgate, Leith 
Walker Isabella, milliner-, 10 Greenside pi 
Walker James, advocate, 23 Royal circus 
Walker James, printer-, 6 James court 
Walker- James, spirit dealer, 25 Pleasance 
Walker James, academy, 2 Coalfield la,L. 
Walker James, baker-, 100 Kirkgate, Leith 
Walker Jas. carver & gilder-, 31 George st 
Walker James, wrrght, 182 Rose st 
Walker James, haberdasher-, 54 High st 
Walker Mrs. Jane, 4 Malta terrace 
Walker Jane, milliner, &c 37 Jamaica st 
Walker Jane, green grocer, 9 Brrsto st 
Walker Janet,victualdlr.519Lawn market 
Walker Mrs. John, 11 Keir st 
Walker John, physician, 120 Princes st 
Walker John, cloth capmaker-, 153Higb st 
Walker John, surgeon, 13 Elm row 
Walker John, spirit dealer, 410 Castle hill 
Walker John W.agent, 34 Quality st, Leith 
Walker, Johnstone & Co. general agents, 

10 Constitution st, Leith 
Walker Mrs. M. 18 Roxburgh st 
Walker Mrs. Margt. 47 Northumberland st 
Walker i\lis3,teacherofmusic,7Scotlandst 
Walker Mrs. Captain, 27 Hamilton place 

Walker Mrs. 2 Hart street 
Walker Mrs. (of Dairy), 32 Moray place 
Walker Mrs. 7 Graham street 
Walker Mrs. joiner. Castle place 
WalkerSir Peter, hart. Drumseugh house 

Lynedoch lane 
Walker, Richardson and Melville, writers 

to the signet, 110 Geoge st 
Walker Robert, baker, 237 Canongate 
Walker Robert, spirit dealer, 4 Orchard- 
field place, Leith walk 
Walker Robert, printer, 51 Clerk st 
Walker Thomas, flesher-, 1 Drummond st 
Walker Mrs. W. J. 31 Buccleugb place 
Walker William, spirit dealer, 6 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Walker William, umbrella manufacturer, 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Walker William, baker, 4 South James st 
Walker William, tailor, 6 Milne's square 
Wall David, furniture brokr, 2Inglistonst 
Wallace Alex.boot & shoe nrkr-,57ThistIe st 
Wallace & Whyte, sculptors and marble 

mi-rchants. Shrub place 
Wallace Andrew, gi-ocer, &c. 216 Cowgate 
Wallace David and John, boot and sho.e 

makers, 28 Abbey hill 
Wallace Ebenezer-, writer, 39 York place 
Wallace Geo. Clock Tavern, 45 Shore, L. 
Wallace Miss lsabelIa,12Buccleria:h place 
Wallace James, agent lo the National 

Bank, 31 Bernard st, Leith 
Wallace James, baker, Junction st, Leith 
WaJlace Jas. boot, &c. maker, C6 Princes st 
Wallace James and Co. gun makers, 63 

Princes stt-eet 
Wallace John, coppersmith and tin-plate 

worker, 13 Sandport street, Leith 
Wallace Lewis, builder, 10 St. John st 
Wallace Matthew, cabinet maker, 37 Con- 
stitution street, Leith [place 
Wallace Mrs. (of Auchinvole), 14 Manor 
Wallace Rober-t, grocer, 1 Deanh.nugh st 
Wallace Robt.&,Royalbank la 
Wallace Sarah, stay maker, 9 Jamaica st 
Wallace Thomas, cabinet maker,5 Hopest 
Wallace Thos.boot,&c.makei-,10 Dublin st 
Wallace Wm. merchant, 37 Quality st. L. 
Wallace Wm. grocer, 4 St. Andrew st, L. 
Wallace Wm. green gt-ocer-,5 Melville place 
Wallace William, pr-olessor of mathematics, 

6 Lauriston lane [st 

Wallace Wm.por-trartpainter,17 Scotland 
Walsh Benj. artist, 32 St. Andrew's square 
Waller Lieut.-Col. R. 1 South Gray st 
Wands George, toy dealer-, 21 Howe st 
Wands William, painter-, 21 Howe st 
War-dJno.clothes dealr-.2! St. Andrev/ st,L. 
Ward Mrs. 2 South Charlotte st 
Warden Adam,M.u.surgeon,2 Baxierplace 
Warden Helen, tobacconist, 72 West port 
Warden Mrs. 22 Rutland st 
Warden Peter, ship owner, 16 Albany st.L. 
War-dhaogh VVilliam, farrier, South back 

of Canonsate 
Wardlaw Miss Ann, 9 Albyn place 
Ward law Ebnzr-.woollendrpr.76Princesst 
Wardlaw Lady, 240 Canongate 
Wardrobe Miss, 4 Rankeillor st 
Wardrop Mr. Johrr, II South Castle st 
N^'ardrop Miss, 15 Nelson st [st 

Waterloo Hotel, 20 Waterloo place— Scott 

and Son, proprietors 
Waters John, flesher. South Clerk st 
VVatersMargt.grocer,lGr-eat J unction st.L. 
Waterston Alexander & Co. carvers and 

gilders, I &2 Robertson's buildings 
Waterston George and Son, stationers, 14 

South Hanover street 
Waterston James, fleslier, Newhaven 
Waterston John, builder, 2 Lauriston terr 
Waterston Mr-s. II Archibald place 
Waterston Richard and Co. linen drapers, 

2 High str-eet and 12 George st [L. 

Waterston Robt. bookseller. 19 Bernard st, 
Watkrns M is. Chr-istian,30 South Castle st 
Watkins Hy. plasterer, 1 Carrubber's close 
Watson Alexander, wool card mnker and 

agent to Milne and Brown, Dundee, 

Stead's place, Leith walk 
Watson Alexander, boot& shoe maker, 72 

Nicolson st [gate, Leith 

Watson Alexander,winemrchant,141 Kirk- 
Watson Alexndr.M.D.surgeon,53 Queen at 
Watson Alexander, glover, Leith st 
Watson Alexander, linen and woollen 

draper, ;) South Hanover st 

l^r^mnvv^mrt, EDINBURGH, &e. 

^ifiOt & Co.*0 

Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Watson Alex, spirit dealer, Heriot's build- 
ings, Leith walk [Spence's place 
AVatson & Handyside, coal merchants, 1 
\VatsonScRoy,straw hat mkrs.G3 Thistle st 
Watson Andw. cabinet maker, Rutland pi 
Watson Andrew, spirit dealer,64 Thistle st 
Watson Andrew, wrigbt. Athol lane 
Watson Mr. Archibald, 20 Rankeillor st 
Watson Archibald, mattress maker, Skin- 
ner's close, Hi£;h street 
Watson Rev. Dr.Charles,minister of Burnt- 
island, 19 Royal terrace [Bridge st 
Watson Daniel, bookbinder, 27 South 
VVatsonDaniel,nailmaker,U Croft an rigli 
Watson Daniel, writer, *) Stafford st 
Watson Dav. publican, II Candlemakrrw 
Watson Ebenezer,Portuguese vice-consul, 

Wet docks, Leith 
Watson Mrs. Elizabeth,! Charlotte square 
Watson Francis, china, glass, &c. dealer, 

3 Old Physic gardens 
Watson to the National 
Bank of Scotland, St. Andrew's square 
Watson George,portrait painter,10Forth st 
Watson Georjje, writer, 5 Picardy place 
Watson H en.,52 Albany st 
Watson Capt.iin J. 50 Rankeillor st 
Watson James, bookbinder, 6 Milne's sq 
Watson J as. cabinetmaker & upholsterer, 
109 George st [Craig's close 

Watson Jas.japanner& clock-dial maker, 
Walson James, cooper, Dickson's close 
Watson James, spirit dealer, 136 Rose st 
Watson Jane, dressmaker, 41 Broughtonst 
Watson iMrs. Janet, 101 Kirkgate, Leith 
Watson John, corn and general merchant, 
42 Constitution st, Leith [place 

Watson John, joiner, &c. East Broughton 
Watson John, linen and woollen draper, 

320 Lawn market 
Watson John, grocer, 69 Grass market 
Watson John, manager of Gas Company, 

6 Brunton place 
Watson John, manager of Duke of Hamil- 
ton's coal yard, Leith wynd 
Watson John, tailor, 5 Nicolson st 
Watson John, jun. corn and general mer- 
chant, 42 Constitution st, Leith 
Watson Miss Margt.42 Northumberland st 
Watson Miss, lodgings, 18 South Castle st 
Watson Mrs. 9 Stafford st 
Watson Mrs. 14 Argyle square [Leith 
Watson Mrs. lodgings, 69 Constitution st, 
Walson Peter, victual dealer,33 Abbey hill 
Watson Peter, shoemkr. Middleton's entry 
Watson Mr. Thomas, 19 Clarence st 
Watson Thomas, builder, 1 Alva st 
Watson,Turcan & Co. general merchants, 

Wet docks, Leith 
Watson William, baker, Calton st 
Watson William, baker, 12 Gifford park 
Watson William, flesher and spirit dealer, 

•5 Portland place, Leith 
Watson Wm. Smellie, artist, 10 forth st 
Watt Alex, tailor, &c. 13 Noith Bridge st 
Watt Alex. H. coal ageni, 4 Railway depot 
Watt & M'Alpin, watch & clock makers, ' 
4.5 Princes street [street ; 

Walt Andrew, saddler,&c.7 Sth. St. David ; 
Watt Andrew, cabinet makr. 1 Maitland st 
Walt David, spirit dealer, 1 1 High st 
Watt David, seal & copper-plate engraver 

and printer, 37 North Bridge st 
Watt George, spirit dealer, 8 Jamaica st 
Watt Hugh, bookseller, &C.44 Leith st 
Watt Mrs. J. lodgings, 32 Rankeillor st 
Watt Jas. veterinary surgeon, 6 James' pi 
Watt J as. spirit dealer, 15 Causeway side 
Watt James, grocer, 22 Dean st 
WatI James B. solicitor, 19 Elder st 
Watt John, wine merchant, I Dock pi, L. 
Watt John, ivory turner. High Schoolyard 
Watt John, tnrntr, 13 High st 
Watt M. J. dentist, 17 Roxburgh st 
Watt May, spirit dealer, 70 St. Giles st,L. 
Watt Mrs. lodgings, 10 Shoie, Leith 
Watt Philip, stationer, 30 Bernard st, L. 
Watt Robert, shoe maker. Abbey hill 
Watt Robert, merchant. Quality court, L. 
Watt Thomas, esq. (of Allan hill), 11 
Claremont street [Union place 

Watt Thomas, grocer and spirit dealei-, 18 
Walters Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 
3 Haddington place [Leith 

Watts Ann, lodgings, 69 Constitution st, 
Wauch .Mrs. (of Fox hall), 8 Grove st 
Wauchope & Co. ivory turners and toy 
dsaVers, 21 South Bridge at 


Wauchope and Moodie, wine merchants, 

133 Constitution st, Leith 
Wauchope Mrs. David, 6 Manor place 
Wauchope Miss (of Niddry), 54 George sq 
Waugh and Innes, booksellers to His Ma- 
jesty and stationers, 2 Hunter square 

and 31 South Hanover st 
Wauah Mrs. (of Fox hall), 8 Grove st 
Waugh Mrs. 56 Clerk street 
Waugh Robert,vintner,01d Physic gardens 
Waugh Robert, surgeon, &c. 139 High st 
Waugh Wm. spirit dealer, 7 Greenside row 
Weatherhead Mr. George, 9 Abbey hill 
Weathers ton Jobn,spiritdealer,Echo bank 
Webb John, boot, &c. maker, 41 Thistle st 
Webster and Ambrose, inilliner.s & dress 

maker.', 37 Georsie st [gate, Leith 

Webster John, straw hat maker, 12 Kirk- 
Webster John,watch,&c.mkr.]07Westptt 
Webster John, cloth dealer, 14 Adam st 
Webster the Misses, 7 Torphichen st 
Webster the Mi.-ses, 17 Meadow place 
Webster Robert. solieitor,s.c. 11 George st 
Webster T.W. advocate, 13 Drnmmond pi 
Webster Wm. spirit dealer, Morocco close 
Weddell James and Co. hosiery & glove 

manufacturers, 1 South St. Andrew st 
Weddell Mrs. Brown square 
Weddell Thos. hosier, 42 South Bridge st 
Weddell William, stationer, 5 Bread st 17 Abercrombypl 
Wedderburn Mrs.Isabella, 31 Heriot row 
Wedderspoon Mrs. lodgings, 3:3 Leith st 
Weekly Chronicle NewspaperfSaturday), 

37 North Bridge street 
Weekly Journal New3paper(Wednesday), 

251 High st — John Harthill, publisher 
Weir Graham, physician,6 Lynedocb place 
Weir Helen,straw hat mkr. Haddington pi 
Weir Mrs. Jane, 6 Lynedoch place 
Weir Margaret, ladies' boarding school, 

41 Moray place 
Weir Mrs. Margaret, 15 Chapel st 
Weit Matthew, writer, 46 Queen st 
Weir Misses,boarding school, 1 Northum- 
berland st [Elder st 
Weir Mrs. & Misses, boarding school, 17 
Weir Robert, spirit dealer, 289 Canongate 
Weir Susan, boarding school,10 Albany st 
Weir Thomas, writer & agent for patent 

office, St. Bernard's cottage [Leith 
Weir Thomas Heriot, baker,134 Kirkgate, 
Welch Mrs Abigail, 15 Clerk st 
Wells Wm. tea dealer, 34 North Bridge st 
Welsh David, baker, 3 Rose st 
Welsh David,writer,7 Northumberland st 
Welsh Rev. Dr. David, professorofcbutcb 

history, 59 Melville st 
Welsh Miss Grace, 17 Howe st 
Welsh Jas.boot,&c.maker,17S.St. David st 
Welsh Jas. advocate,7 Northumberland st 
Welsh James, flesher, 3 Rose st 
Welsh Janet, lodgings, 44 Howe st 
Welsh John, grocer, &c. 3 Scotland st 
Welsh Jno.breeches maker,&c.,54 Leith st 
Welsh John, teacher, South Giay's close 
WelsliLuke,clothesdlr.52 St. Mary's w>nd 
Welsh the Misses, 30 Clarence st 
Welsh Mrs. 99 Princes st 
Welsh Miss R. 19 Archibald place 
Welsh Rbt.solicitor,58 Northumberland st 
Welsh Walter,spirit dealer, 8 Greenside pi 
Welsh William, flesher, 102 Rose st 
Wei wood Miss, 108 George st 
Weniyss Andrew, trunk & portmanteau 

maker, 16 Waterloo pi. & 35 Princes st 
Weinyss the Earl of, 64 Queen st 
Wemyss James, writer, 24 Dundas st 
Wemyas John, linen draper, 24 Downiepl 
Wemyss Miss, milliner, 6 Cumberland st 
)^'emyss Miss, 7 Upper Gray st [st 

WemyssMiss, straw hat mlir.23 Broughton 
Wemyss Mrs. lodgings, 35 Bruughton st 
Wemyss Mrs. lodgings, 13 Pitt st 
Wemyss William, esq. 3 Salisbury road 
Wentworlh Lieut, fitzwilliam. R.N.agent 

for transports,7 Hermitage place, Leith 
West Mrs. E. 3 Upper Dean terrace 
West Edward,auctioneer,35 S. Hanover st 
West of England Insurance Otfice, 10 

South Hanover st — Fras.Cameron,agnt 
West of Scotland Insurance Co. 15 Rnval | 

Exchange— J no.Robertsiin & Co.agehts 
West J. painter, 2 Mnnsfield place 
West John, engraver, 13 Adam st 
West Rose street Parish School, 174 Rose 

st— Alexander Paxton, master 
West William, painter, 45 London st 

Western Bank of Scotland, St. Andrew^ 

square — R. Salmond, cashier 
Westmacott Henry, sculptor, 5 Royal terr 
Westminster Life Office,6 South HanoTer 

st — David Murray, agent 
Weston Richard,bookseller,49 Nicolson st 
Weston Richard, bookseller, 37 Lothian st 
Wharton Henry, solicitor,6 Nth. Bridge st 
Wheeles Wm. & Son,coopers,58 Bristost 
Wbigham David, writer, 13 Rutland st 
Whigham Robert, advocate,79Gt. King »t 
Whillas T. & Co. joiners,&c. Earl Grey st 
Wbilles John, spirit dealer. Ironside close 
While Adam, baker, 81 Kirkgate, Leith 
WhiteAdam,esq.proTost,26 Charlotte 5t,L. 
White Adam&Co.merchants,7 Queen st,L. 
White Alex.fishmonger, 3 Riddle's close,L. 
White & Clark, agents,St. Anthony's ct.L. 
White Andrew, flesher, 17 Catherine st 
White Lieut.-Colonel, 134 Princes st 
White David, bookseller, 6 Baker place 
White Dav. tailor & clothier,3 Dock pl,L. 
White E. & N. girls' day school,7 Adam st 
White Mrs. George, 5 Buccleugh place 
White Geo. Wm. spirit dealer,96 Cowg.ite 
White Hugh, agent for the Marque«s of 
Lothian's Colliery, 13 Bernard sf. Leith 
White James, tobacconist, 12 Clerk st 
White James, furrier & umbrella maker, 

69 Princes street 
White James, flesher, 10 Elder st 
White Jean, stay maker, 16 Clerk st 
While John, teacher of English & geo- 
graphy, 3 North St. David st 
White John, flesher, 5 Greenside place 
While John,casbier of stamps & receiver- 
general of taxes, Stamp Office, Wa- 
terloo place 
White John, lapidary, 34 North Bridge st 
White Johu, linen draper, 54 George st 
White Margaret, spirit dealer, 14 North 

back ot Canongate 
White Patrick, bookbinder, 6 Jame»'s ct 
White Peter, spirit dealer, 196 Kosest 
White R. & D. skinners & wool dealers, 

White Rachael, straw hat maker,31 Pittst 
White Robert, writer, I Drummond place 
White Robert, tinsmith, 25 New street 
White Robert, spirit dealer, 6 Spence's pi 
White Thomas, esq. 134 Princes st 
White Tho. dyer,30 Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
White Thomas, pipe maker, Jock's close 
White Mr. Thomas, 7 Buccleugh st 
While Mr. William, West Fettesrow 
White William, spirit dealer, 323 Cowgate 
Whltecross John, teacher, 20 Fountain 
bridge [High st 

Whitehead Alex, comb manufacturer, 1.53 
Whitehead and Livingston, hosiers & 

glovers, 33 South Hanover st 
Whitehead Mrs. Capt. 38 Rankeillor st 
Whitehead John, boot maker, 69 Princes st 
Whitehead William, ladies'shoemaker, 48 
Princes street [Bridge st 

Whitehead William, hosier, 41 South 
Whitelaw Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 
32 Cumberland st [res st 

Whitelaw David, watch maker, 16 Prin- 
Whilelaw J. & S. milliners, &c. 32 Cum- 
berland st [son square 
VA'hitelaw James, writing master, 1 Nicol. 
Whitelaw James, watch & clock maker, 

28 West Register st 
Whitelaw Win.boot maker & leather deal- 
er, 7 Queen's place, Leith walk [bidgs 
Whiteman Isabel, milliner, 4 Robertson's 
Whitson George, spirit dealer, 21 South 

Hanover street 
WhitsonJames, smith, 55 Fountain bridge 
Whitson John, tailor, 33 Kirkgate, Leith 
Whitson Mrs. 3 Abercrombv place 
Whyte Alex, eating house, 12 Shore,Leith 
Whyte Andrew, wholesale stationer, 25 

North Bridge st 
Whyte Andrew, flesher, 221 Canongate 
Whyte Dav. victual dealer,10 Nicolson st 
Whyte Mr. Dav. 9 Vauburgh place, Leith 
Whyte Mis. David, 126 Lauriston place 
Whyte James, smith. Fountain bridge 
Whyte James,hairmerchant, 11 Potterrow 
Whyte John, baker,36 North Frederick st 
Whyte John, eandle maker,87 Nicolson st 
Whyte M. green grocer. Green market 
Whyte Robert, pewterer and hardware 
dealer, 235 High st [Bridge^t 

Whyte Robert.jun.hardwareman, 17 !=outh 
Whyte Mr. Thomas, 14Gayfield square 




Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants. 

Why te Thomas, lodgings, 24 Clerk st 
Whyte Rev. William, teacher, George 

Watson's Hospital, Meadows 
Whyte William & Co. booksellers, fancy 
stationers « nd music sellers, 13 Georee st 
Whytock Alex, cabinetmaker, 52 India st 
Whytock Richard, & Co. furniture print- 
ers and warehousemen, 5 & 7 George st 
Wigham John, shawl manufacturer and 

silkmon, 52NicoIson st 
Wigham Mr. John,jun. 10 Salisbury road 
Wight Mrs. Alexander, 3 Graham st 
Wight Alexander, victual and coal dealer, 
Causeway side [16 Pitt s^t 

Wight and Reid, writers to the signet, 
Wight Mrs. Catherine, 3 Graham st 
WightCharlotte,lodi;ings,7 Henderson rw 
Wight George, victual dealer, .38 Clerk st 
Wight George, lodgings, 73 George st 
Wight George, flesher, Broughton market 
Wight Henry, advocate, 4 Middleby st 
Wiiiht Rev. Henry, 4 Middleby st 
Wight James, solicitor, 6 James court 
Wight John, spirit dealer, 42 West Cross 
causeway Cl^s' 

Wight Mrs. tavern keeper, 67 Grass mar- 
Wight Mr. Robert, 13 Montgomery st 
Wight William, flesher, 210Canongate 
Wight William, working cutler, 25 South 
Richmond st [Causeway side 

Wightman Isabella, victual dealer, 181 
Wightman Mrs. ) I West Richmond .«t 
Wightman William,joiner, Duke st. Leith 
Wighton Alex. Graham, working jeweller 
& engine turner, 24 St. James's square 
Wighton John, spirit dealer, 2 W.Adam st 
Wigton George, physician, 14 Clerk st 
Wilkes John, cabinet mkr. 82 Rose st lane 
Williie Alex, messenger, 5 St. James's sq 
Wilkie Mrs. Amelia, 83 Great King st 
Wilkie Andw. workg.silversmith, Hopect 
Wilkie Rev. Daniel, 27 Lauriston place 
Wilkie David, surgeon, 120 Nicolson st 
Wilkie Mr. David, 120 Nicolson st 
Wilkie Duncan, flesher, 8 Middle market 
Wilkie James, baker, 106 Rose st 
WilkieJa3.F.solicitor,s.c.l8 W.Fettesrow 
Wilkie Jno. tailor & clothier, 89 Princes st 
Wilkie Mrs. M. 23 Maitland st 
Wilkie Mrs. tavern keeper,3 Btoughtonst 
Wilkie Robert, builder, 6T Gfeat King st 
Wilkie Robert,bookseIler,74 Candlemaker 
row [crescent 

Wilkie Capt. William, 15 St. Bernard's 
Wilkie William, flesher, 1 Pitt st 
Wilkinson James, teacher of music, 17 
St. Jara-'S's square [nard st 

Wilkinson JaraCK, shoemaker, 71 St. Leo- 
Wilkison James, baker, 103 Grass market 
Wilkinson John, surgeon and druggist, 
48 North Hanover st [Thistle st 

Wilkinson John, boot & shoemaker, 25 W. 
Wilkinson Mary and Janet, milliners, 58 
North Hanover st [William st 

Wilkinson Mrs. earthenware dealer, 35 
Wilkinson William James, ehymist and 

druggist, 48 Princes st 
Will Mr. Alexander, 6 Raeburn place 
Will Wm. spirit dealr.8 North Richmond st 
Williams Rev. Archdeacon, b.d., f.h.s.e. 
rector of the Edinburgh Academy, 13 
Saxe Cobourg place 
Williams J. dress maker, 1 Brown st 
Williams John, jewel case & pocket-book 

maker, 8 North Bridges! 
Williams John Francis, s. A. landscape 

painter, 121 Princes st 
Williams Mrs. milliner, &c. 9 Elm row 
Williams Mrs. Graham, 8 Randolph crest 
Williams W. &G. stone & marble raa.'ions, 
Broughton lawn [row 

Williams William,draper& mercer, 9 Elm 
Williamson Alexander, shoe maker, 19 

West Crosscauseway 
Williamson Capt. David, 5 Raeburn place 
Williamson DaTid,grocer,l West Newing- 
ton place [Fountain bridge 

Williamson Elizabeth, victual dealer, 70 
Williamson Francis, vellum & parchment 
maker, Bonnington bridge [High st 
Williamson George, boot & shoe mkr. 277 
Williamson Isaac, tinsmith, Campbell's cl 
Williamson. Mrs. Isabella,View bk.Trinity 
Williamson Mrs. James, 2 Salisbury st 
Williamson James, teacher, 20 Bank st 
Williamson James, agent, 6 Ingliston st j 
Williamson James, collector of th6 im- 
provement taxes, 5 Archibald place | 

Williamson M r.J.ns.l Crown st. Leith walk 
Williamson James, esq. 8 George st 
Williamson James, manager of the Union 

Loan Company, 13 Leith terrace 
Williamson James, tea & spirit dealer, 
102 Nicolson st [mond pi 

Williamson James, victual dealer,13 Rich 
Williamson Jas.spirit dealer,59 West port 
Williamson James, smith, Jock's lodg 
Williamson John,boot,&c.mkr.273Hi);hst 
Williatnson Jno.. spirit dealr. 15 S. Canal st 
Williamson John, woiking jeweller, 6 
Rose street [Biown square 

Williamson Jonathan,plasterer,l 1 Society 
Williamson Mrs. Lydia, 10 Clarence st 
Williamson Miss, 35 Queen st 
Williamson Mrs. 8 Warriston crescent 
Williamson Mrs. stay mal!er,7 Brighton st 
Williamson Mrs. 6 Gardner's crescent 
Williamson Robert, Caithness Arms, 6 
Sandport street, Leith [place 

Williamson Rbt.timberdealr. 6 Richmond 
Williamson Stephen, hair dres9er,2 West 
Register street [causeway 

Williamson Thos. saddler, 10 West Cross- 
Williamson William, writer, 5 Grove st 
Willis & Williamsjtailors, &c. 62 George st 
Willis James, surveyor, 12 Charles st 
Wilshere Michael, floor cloth and paper 

hanging warehouse, 9 Waterloo place 
Wilson Adam, victual de<iler, 12 Horse 

wynd, Leith 
Wilson Adam, solicitor of supreme court, 
53 York place , [heads, Leith 

Wilson Adam, boot, &e. maker, 45 Yard- 
Wilson Adam,lodgings,56 N.Frederick st 
Wilson Adam, smith, Mint [Forth st 
Wilson Adam, deputy clerk of .session, 12 
Wilson Agnes, milliner, 26 Brunswick st 
Wilson Alex, writer, 1 Believue crescent 
Wilson Alex, tailor, 6 South Charlotte st 
Wilson & Buchan, school, Warriston crest 
Wilson and Gilbert, painters, 60 Clerk st 
Wilson & Guthrie, Wrights, 100 Rose st la 
Wilson & Martin, tailors and clothiers, 
23 South St. Andrew »t [nard st, L. 
Wilson & Milne, solicitors, s. c. 20 Ber- 
Wilson & Nell, dress makers, 10 Brighton st 
Wilson & Saunders,tailors,&e.46 George st 
Wilson and Sinclair, letter founders, 27 

and 29 New street 
Wilson Andw. shoe mkr.33 Kirkgate, Leith 
Wilson Andrew, potato & straw dealer, 

Darling's brae, Leith 
Wilson Andrew, joiner, 16 Leven st 
Wilson Andrew, wright, 130 Canongate 
Wilson Archbld. coal mercht.Broughton st 
Wilson Charles, messenger at arms, 6 
Leith street terrace [St. David st 

Wilson Charles Heath, architect, 7 North 
Wilson David, dairyman, 158 Rose st 
Wilson David, slater, 1 Portland place 
Wilson Mrs. Edwd, 2 Lauriston terrace 
Wilson Elizabeth, lodgings, 19 North-west 
Circus place [Hanoverst 

Wilson Elizabeth, dress maker, 6 South 
Wilson Francis, lodgings, 42 Lothian st 
Wilson Mrs. Fraser, 41 Clerk st 
Wilson George,wright,3 South Hanover st 
Wilson George, lodgings, I Queensferry st 
Wilson George, dairyman, SElbest. Leith 
Wilson Helen, silk & worsted dealer, 9 
South Hanover street [Registerst 

Wilson Isabella, Register Tavern, 12 West 
Wilson Isabella, lodgings,! Crnmwellst,L. 
Wilson Jame.", dairyman, Jock's lodge 
Wilson James, spirit dealer, 26 Arthur st 
Wilson James, writer to the signet, 15 
London street [st, Leith 

Wilson James, general agent, 14 Quality 
Wilson James, lodgings, 7 India st 
Wilson Jas. sheriff's clerk, 47 Melville st 
Wilson James, tuner of musical instru- 
ments, 65 Nicolson street 
Wilson Janet, lodgings, 15 St.Andrew's sq 
Wilson James, esq. Woodville, Canaan 
Wilson James, silkmercer,3 S. Bridge st 
Wilson James, victual dealer, 205 High st 
Wilson James, grocer, &c. 144 High st 
Wilson James, cashier at British Linen 

Bank, 29 SL James's square 
Wilson Jame.s, flesher, Scotland st 
Wilson James,glazier & slater,27 Howe st 
Wilson James, wright, 5 Glover st, Leith 
Wilson James, wright, Lothian road 
Wilson James, ham dealer, 59 Nicolson st 
Wilson Jas. flesher, outside Southern mkt 
Wil-on Jas. & Co. merchants,? H unter sq 

I Wilson John, agent to Sir J. Hope's col- 

ciery, Seafield [Newhaven 

Wilson John, spirit dealer, New lane, 

Wilson John, professor of moral philoso. 

phy, 6 Gloucester place 
Wilson Jofin, druggist, 30 Clerk st 
Wilson John, shoe maker, 34 Pitt st [st 
Wilson Jno. advocate, 6 Northumberland 
Wilson John, shoe maker, 87 Leith wynd 
Wilson John, spirit dealer, 12 Catherine st 
Wilson John, boot, &c. mkr. 60 Thistle st 
Wilson John,grocer,&c.5 St. Mary's wynd 
WiKon John, wright, Wright's houses 
Wilson Jno. civil engineer,26 Clarence st 
Wilson Jonathan,^ardener, Easter road 
Wilson Joseph H. spirit dealer. 103 Kirk- 
gate, Leith 
Wilson Manuel, tobacconist,42 Grass mkt 
Wilson Margt. spirit dlr. 35 St.John's hill 
Wilson Margaret, green grocer, Brough- 
ton market [ton road 
Wilson Margaret, spiiit dealer, Bonning- 
Wilson Mrs. Margaret, 71 Clerk st 
Wilson Marion, crape dresser, 73 Rose st 
Wilson Mary, lodgings, 7 Circus place 
Wilson Miss, 34 Clerk st 
Wilson Miss, 40 Rankeillor st 
Wilson the Misses, 1 Forres st [sq 
Wilson Misses, boarding .«chool,41 George 
Wilson Mrs. 75 Constitution st, N. Leitli 
Wilson Mrs. 5 Athol place 
Wilson Mr.«. 1 Charles st 
Wilson Mrs. 73 Nicolson st 
Wilson Mrs. 51 Melville .-t [Leith 
Wilson Mrs. lodgings, 15 St. Andrew st, 
Wilson Mrs. lodgiugs, 24 Nicolson st 
Wilson Mr.s. lodgings, 8 Adam st 
Wilson Mrs. lodgings, 27 St. Patrick's sq 
Wilson Mrs. coal agent. Railway depot 
Wilson Mrs. spirit dealer, 6 William st 
Wilson Patrick, architect and surveyor, 
15 St. Andrew's square [son st 
Wilson Peter, tin-plate worker, 117 Nicol- 
Wilson Peter,spirit dealer, 23 Bank street 

& 56 Regent arch 
Wilson Mrs. R. Great King st 
Wilson R.C &Shirreff,commission agents, 
wholesale warehouse, 3 S. St. Andrew ^t 
Wilson Rachael, haberdasher, 22 Couper 
street, Leilh [Princes st 

Wilson Robert, fishing tackle maker, 23 
Wilson Robert, writer,62 Nth. Hanover st 
Wilson Robert, flesher, 133 Rose st 
WilsonRobt. linen manufacturer & draper, 
4 George st [Canongate 

Wilson Robert, surgeon and druggist, 91 
Wilson Robert,tobacconist,34 Bridge st,L. 
Wilson Robert, engineer, Paul's works 
Wilson Robert,spirit dealer,6 Romilly's pi 
Wilson Robert, extractor of court of ses- 
sion, 13 Gardner's crescent 
Wilson Robert, baker, 2 Jamaica st 
Wilson Robert and Co. merchants and 

agents, Wet docks,Leith 
Wilson Robert Sym,secretary to the Royal 
Bank of Scotland, St. Andrew's square 
Wilson Thomas, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Wilson Thos. ship owner,3 Portland p1,L. 
Wilson Thomas, tailor, 60 North Castle st 
Wilson Thomas, baker, Trafalgar lane 
Wilson Thomas, clerk at Corporation 

mills. Canon mills 
Wilson Mrs. W.coalagent,Railway depot 
Wilson William, pocket book, dressing 

case, &c. manufacturer, 21 George st 
Wilson William,writer, 25St..Andiew'ssq 
Wilson William, wine & spirit dealer, 165 
Pleasance [heads, Leith 

Wilson William, corn dealer, 31 Yard- 
Wilson Wm. victual dlr.38 N. Richmond st 
Wilson Wm. victual dealer, 132 Cowgate 
Wilson William, bookseller, 44 George st 
Wilson Wm. hoot & shoe maker,19 Home st 
Wine Compy. of Scotland, 14 George st — 
James Balfour, manager [George st 
Wingrave M. & Co. straw hat manfrs. 23 
Winter George, wright, II Chapel st 
Winter lsabeila,dress mkr.6 Brunswick st 
Winterlsabella,victual dlr.54Brunswickst 
Winter John, flesher, 29 William st 
Winter Mrs. girls' school, 24 Leven st 
Winter Robert, flesher, 1 Jamaica st 
Winter Robt watch maker, 10 N. Bridge st 
Winter Thomas, flesher, 58 Thistle st 
Winton Misses, dress makers, 51 Consti- 
tution st, Leith [Downie place 
Wintour John and Inglis, painters, 12 
Wishart Alexander, writer, 4 Raeburn pi 


^pit^ot ^ Co/!S 



Alphabetical Iiist of the Inhabitants. 

VVishart David, cabinet inkr. 69 Thistle st 
Wishart James and Son, general nier- 
. chants, 23 Timber bush, North Leith 
VVishart John, ship owner,3 Fort st, Leith 
Wishart Mrs. Jolin, 9 Royal crescent 
Wishart IMargt.furniiure broker, Fox la,Ti. 
Wishart Mrs. Captain, 20 R:inIieillor st 
Wishart Mrs. 4 Raeburn place 
Wishart Mrs. 9 Royal crescent 
Witherspoon Robt. tailor, 5 Urummondst 
Wood Miss Agnes, 6 Circus place west 
Wood Sir Alexander, 69 Queen st 
Wood Alexander, advocate, 4 Rutland sq 
Wood Alexander, advocate,! Royal circus 
Wood Alexander, wri{;bt. Cowan's close 
Wood Alex.vittual dealer, 20-5 Canongate 
Wood & & musical instrument 

sellers, 12 Waterloo place 
Wood Andrew,M.D.surgeon,9 Darnaway st 
Wood Mr. Christopher, Hermitage parlc 
Wood Mrs. Elizabeth, 51 Great King st 
Wood Francis, fishmonger, 1 Bristo port 
AVood James, ilesher, 79 Nicol>oa st 
Wood James, physician, 19 Royal circus 
Wood Jas.clothesdealr.7l St.Mary's wynd 
Wood Jas. excise officer, 6 Baltic st, Leith 
AVood James, gardener, Jock's lodge 
Wood John,esq.(ofRosemount),6 Gallon pi 
Wood John, mauciger to Hercules Assu- 
rance Company, 57 North Bridge st 
Wood John, slater, 377 High st [walk 
Wood John, splritdealr.9Stead's pi, Leith 
Wood John, advocate, 51 Great King st 
Wood John, baker, 31 South Castle st 
Wood John, flesher. Southern market 
Wood JohnGftnrse,writer,8S.Charlottest 
Wood Joshua,linen,&c.draper, 363 High st 
Wood Mrs. 5 James place, Leith links 
Wood P.&Co.oil mrchnts,4l Bernard st,L. 
Wood Peter,solicitor, 16Northumherland st 
Wood Robert, spirit dealer. Bull's close 
Wood(lobert,piano forte inalier,<15 Princes 

st & 26 Macdowall st [st 

Wood Sarah, teacher of music, 35 Howe 
Wood Thomas, surgeon, 25 Duke st 
Wood Thomas, surgeon, 8 Great King st 
Wood Thomas, spirit dealer, Jock's lodge 
Wood William, grocer, 65 Shore, Leith 
Wood William, surgeon, 9 Darnaway st 
Wood Wm. mason, 1 St. James's spuare 
Woodcock & Adamson, wine merchants, 

1 1 Quality street 
Woodhead Ellis, accoucheur, 21 Castle st 
Woodman JamesLinning,writPr,22Hill st 
WoodrowRbt.basket maker,? Kirkgate,L. 
Woolard Mrs. Thomas, lodgings, 9 St. 

David st North 
Woolford Thomas & Co.spirit dealer3,141 

High street 
Woolley Thomas,Iodgings,6 St.Vincentst 
Worgan John,spirit dealer.6J9 Castle hill 
Workman John & Co.spirit dlrs.lO.ibbey 
Wordsworth Samuel,writer, 46 Albany st 
Worsley Mr. Robert, SOGayfield square 
Wotherspoon &Mack,wrilers,I6 Ainsliepl 
Wotherspoon Charlotte, milliner & dress 

maker, 101 George street [place 

Wotherspoon Miss Jessie, 12 Buccleugh 
Wotherspoon John, writer, 93 George st 
Wordsworth's (his Majesty's) Repository, 

Nottingham place [William st 

Wright A. milliner .nnd dress maker, 15 
Wright Alexander, nurseryman and seed 

merchant, 1 Greenside place & Dean 
Wright & Girvan, accountants, 52 -North 

Hanover street 
Wright Andrew, engraver,12 Beaumont pi 
Wright Major Daniel, 37 Queen st 
.Wright David, balier, 88 Rose st 
Wright David, paper marbler. Anchor else 
Wright David, paper stainer,South Gray's 

close [rew st, Leith 

Wright David, fpirit dealer, 48 St And- 

W right David, manufacturer of flowered 

muslin & net, 8 Greenside place 
Wright Mrs. David, milliner and stay 

maker, 8 Greenside place 
Wright Duncan, bookseller, 44 Home st 
WrightFrancis,picturedealr,82 Princes st 
Wright George, agent, 21 Greenside place 
Wright Colonel George, Royal Engineers' 

office, I Erskine place [st 

Wright Hannah, furniture broker, 15 Blair 
Wright James, writer, 28 Forth st 
Wright Rev. James, 44 Rankeillor st 
Wright John,furniture brokr.259 Cowgate 
Wright Miss Margaret, 58 Cumberland st 
Wright Miss, 63 North Hanover st 
Wright Mrs. 34 Clerk st 
Wrifiht Mrs. 10 Beaumont place 
Wright Mrs. 2 Norton place 
Wright Mrs. lodgings, 25 Haddington pi 
Wright Peter, green grocer, 8 Charlotte 

street, Leith 
Wright Peter & Robt. linen manufactu- 
rers and drapers, 16 George st 
Wright Richard, spiritdealer,3Conslitu- 

tion st. North Leith 1 Pitt st 

Wright Robert, writer to the signet, 5 
Wright Robt. baker, 30 Bridge st, Leith 
Wright Rbt.& Son,architects,8Fettes row 
Wright Thomas, gold beater and dealer 

in foreign coins, 25 New st 
Wright Thomas Guthrie, auditor of the 

court of session, 6 St. Colme st [st 
Wright Wm. hat manfctr. 68 North Biidge 
Wright William, blacking m.inufacturer, 

57 North FreBerick st 
Wright William, hair dresser, 187 High st 
Wright William, physician, Lothian road 
Wyer S. English master, Leith 

High School, Links 
Wyld .lames, escj. 32 Royal terrace 
Wyld James & Co.mrchts, Foxlane, Leith 
Wylie Catherine, dress ma ker,9 Jamaica st 
Wylie Mr.David, 14 St..Bernard's crescent 
Wylie Mrs. Eliz. of Annatfield, 1 Forres st 
Wylie Jas. victual dealer,49 N. Hanover st 
Wyse Mrs. 10 Salisbury place 

YANIEWICZ Mr. Felix, 84 Gt. King st 
Yates Elizbth. spirit dealer, 2.53 High st 
Yeaman Charles, boot and shoe maker, 
Campbell's close [Canongate 

Yeatts Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 234 
Yealts Wm. grocer, &c. 82 Canongate 
Yorkshire Fire and Life Office, 16 Dublin 

street — George Cumming, agent 
Yorkston Archibald, smith, West Cross 
causeway [Dublin st 

Young A. & G. boot and shoe makers, 3 
Young Alexander, painter and glazier, 35 
High st [court, High st 

Young Alex, horn spoon maker. Chapel 
Young Alex, tailor & clothier, 6 Howe st 
Young Alexander Kettle, writer to the 

signet, 55 York place 
Young& Trench,builders,26 Royal crescent 
Young Andrew,master of Dr. Bell's School, 

30 Niddry street 
Young Archibald, cutler & surgical instru- 
ment maker, 79 Princes st 
Young Archibald, general & porter mer- 
chant, 87 Constitution st, Leith 
Young Archd. spirit dealer, 202 Pleasance 
Young Mrs. Annabel, 12 Buccleugh place 
Young Beatrice, lodgings, 8 Nicolson sq 
Young Mrs. Cath. 110 Constitution st, L. 
YoungCatherine,milliner,7 St. Andre w'ssq 
Young Mrs. Charles, 13 Great King st 
Young CornhilI),34 Royal terr 
Young David, painter, 8 Spring gardens 
Young David, grocer, 74 Shore, Leith 
Young Frances, academy, 3 Darnaway st 
Young Geo. shoe mkr.74 Northuraberind st 

Young George, lodgings, 56 Clerk st 
Young George, school. Grove place 
Young George & Co. tea, wine, and spirit 

merchants, 53 Bernard st, Leith 
Young Hugh, tobacconist, 4 Howe st 
Youn.; James, accountant, 118 Princes st 
Young James, cooper. Dock st, Leith 
Young James, woollen draper, 126 High st 
Young James, victual dealer, 209 Cowgate 
Young James, flesher, 76 Canongate 
Young James, baker, 114 Pleasance 
Young James, governor of Canongate 

Gaol, Canongate 
Young Janet, publican, Carrubber's close 
Young Janet, baker, 5.5 Bristo st 
Young Janet, spirit dealer, I Sciennes st 
YoungJohn,poulterpr,60ld Poultry mrkt 
Young John, slater. Constitution st, Leitli 
Young John, surgeon, 3 Antigua st 
Young John, shoemaker, 2 Shakspeare sq 
Young John, bookbinder, 6 Meuse lane 
Young John, solicitor, s. c. 7 Forth st 
Young John, spirit dealer, Newhaven 
Young John, gardener, 1 Sciennes st 
Young John, flesher, Stockbridge market 
Young John, master of parochial school, 
Libberton [Brunswick st 

Young John, earthenware dealer, &c. 23 
YoungJohn, boot, &c. maker, 8 William st 
Young John, painter, &c. 73 Clerk st 
Young Mrs. Johnston, 9 St. Vincent st 
Young Marion, lodgings, Poplar lane, L. 
Young Miss, 27 Claremontst 
Young Miss, 15 Annandale st 
Young Mrs. 8 Clyde st 
Young Mrs. 48 Queen st 
Young Mrs. 17 London st 
Young Mrs. 7 Morrison st 
Young Mrs. lodgings, 3 Montague st 
Young Peter, flesher, Stockbridge market 
Young Robert, bakfr, 8 Bread st 
Young Robert and Co. tailors & clothiers, 
63 and 67 St. Mary's wynd [Leith 

Yonng Samuel, coal dealer,01d Church st. 
Young Thomas, watch-glass maker, 5 

North Bridge st 
Young Thotnas, tailor, 67 North Bridge st 
Young Thos. ship raaster,Couperst.Leith 
Young Mr. William, 11 Salisbury place 
Young William, shoe maker, 43 Clerk st 
Young William, surgeon,60 George square 
Young Wm. builder, 48 London st [pi 
YoungWm.surgeon & druggist,22 Downie 
Young William, writer, 55 Great Kingst 
Young William and Co. oil & colour mer- 
chants, Silver field, Bonnington road 
Young William and David, grocers and 

spirit dealers, 17 Cowgate 
Younger Mr. Wm. 26 Drucnmond place 
Younger Wm. advocate, 27 Dtummond pi 
Younger Wm. & Co. brewers. Horse wynd 
Younger Mr.Wm.jun.26 Drnmmond place 
Yonnghusband Mr.John,29Inverleithrow 
Youngs, Aytoun & Rutherford, writers to 

the signet, 17 Nelson street 
Youngson Alexander, writer, 9 Dundas st 
Y'oungson Mrs. lodgings, 18 Nelson st 
Yule Francis, victual dealer, 32 Bruns- 
wick st [ton hall 
Yule George,wool!en cloth factor, Brough- 
Yule Isabella, dress maker, 1 Brunswick st 
Yule Major, 34 Regent terrace 
Yule Richard,packing-case maker,Mound 


ZAPPA &Wright, artificial flower makers, 

32 South Frederick street 
Zeigler Miss Catherine, West Newington 
Zenone Joseph,importer ofFreuch flowers 

& ostrich feather manufactr.lO Calton st 
Zerboni & Co. carvers &gilders,8 Calton st 
Ziegler Alex, surgeon, 1 Buccleugh place 





The Public Schools mill be found in the 
List of Public and Scholastic Institu- 
tions, at the end of the Classification 
of Professions, Trades, ifc. 
Marked tlius* are Boarding Schools. 
[See also Teacherx.) 
Ailam .Alexaixlir, Swititon row 
Adam Amelia, 16 St. James' square 
Affleck Mrs. 11 Bread st [st 

Alexander Win. (wriun?)45 Princes 
Anderson Euphemia, 7 Gayfield sq 
Anderson George, 39 Howe st 
Anderson James,82 South Bridge St 
*Aiiderson Miss, 10 Graliatn i*t 
Anderson Robert, 7 Gaytield square 
Arnot Alexander, 26 George st 
Ausiin John, 148 Hose st [li. 

BairnsfatiierStenliouse,9 Couper st, 
Banljs Jilizabeth, 52 Qneen st 
Barton Robert, 48 India st 
Beattie Miss, 4 Northumberland pi 
Bell John, (writing) 26 George st 
Bell Miss, 38 Dublin st 
Bell's (Doctor), 30 Niddry street- 
Andrew Youn^, master 
*Bishop Jane, 3 Hope st 
*Black & Callender, 14 Leopold pi 
*Bower Miss, 35 Frederick st 
*Broughtou Edward, 123 George st 
Brown Alexander, 15 Nelson st 
*Brown Elizbih.3 West Maitland st 
Brown J. 3 Parkst 
Brown Misses, 1 Hill square 
*Bru(;e Ann, 34 Quality st, Leith 
Burns J. 52 Bristo st 
Campbell Charles, Rae's close 
Canongatc Girls' School, Lochend 

close — Miss Chapman, teacher 
Canongate Infants' School, Lochend 

close — Miss Ritchie, teacher 
Cargiil Miss, 7 Scotland st 
•Chalmers Chas. Merchiston castle 
Chalmers Misses, 7 Cassel's place 
Clarke John, 6 Leopold place 
Cleghorn William, 46 Nicolson st 
Congregational Scliool,115Nicolson 
st — Alexander Cleghorn, master 
Cooper Wm. (writing) 17Georgest 
Craig Jane, 35 West Nicolson st 
Craig T. D. 17 George st 
Craig William, Sandiland's close 
Cramond Parish School, Cramond 

— John Gciurlay, master 
*Cruickshank Miss, 45 Moray place 
Crybbace James (elocution and geo- 
graphy) 59 South Bridge st 
*Crymble Clementina, 15 Royal crsct 
Dalgleish J, S.( writing) 55 George sq 
Davidson Matthew (writing and 

accounts) 39 South Bridge st 
Dean Patrick's School, Hawthorn 

bank — Henry Taylor, master 
Dewar Mrs. & Miss, 4 Salisbury pi 
Dickinson William, East Register st 
Dickson Alexander,! Portland place 
Dickson Misses. 7 Nicolson st 
*Duncan Mrs. 22 Royal ciicus 
Dnnuett William, 7 Druinmond st 
Edinburgh Ladies'lnstiiutionRorthe 
, South Districts, 55 George square 

Edinburgh Sessional School, High 

Market st 
Edinburgh Southern Academy, 

George square 
Educational Institution for Young 
Ladies on the IntellectualSystem, 
39 Cliarlotte square — Mrs. Mari- 
anne Furlong, directress 
Enisley George, Cliessel's court 
Evans John, 13 St. Patrick's square 
Ewen William, North James st 
Ewing Thomas (elocution and geo- 
graphy) 47 George street 
Eyre Henrietta, 41 North Castle st 
Fail ley Thomas, 1 Roxburgh terrace 
Falkner A. jun. (writing) 63 South 

Bridge street 
Fisher Jolm, 6 George st 
Forrester David, 1 West Newington 
Forrester William, 3 George st 
Eraser James, 7 Cheyne st 
Eraser John, 1 Scotland st 
Gaelic School, 13 Queen street — 
Alexander Hutchison, secretary 
Gentle J. 31 Nicolson st 
*Gibson Misses, 14 Henderson row 
Gilrutli John, 31 Dundas st 
Gouinlock George, 2 George St 
Graham William, 78 Queen st 
Grant Alexandeij 6 Brown st 
*GrieveCalli.H.llSaxeCoburg place 
*Grindlay Miss, Blacket place 
Hart Alex. 7 Charles st [gate 

Hart Francis, Reid's close, Canon- 
Henderson James, I East 'I'histlest 
Henderson Thomas, 1 Nicolson sq 
Hepburn Miss, 23 London st 
Hood David, 96 Constitution st, L. 
HunterJames,13 NortliRichmond st 
Infants' School, 10 Gray st — Miss 

Hunter, teacher 
Inglis William, 1 Leven st 
Jeffrey William, 89 Causeway side 
Johnston James, 54 .Abbey hill 
Johnston John (writing) 51 North 

Hanover street 
Johnston John, 10 Lanriston st 
Johnston Robert, 72 Broughton st 
Kay John, 43 Charlotte st!" Leith 
Knight George (elocution, history 

and geography) 10 George st 
Knox Peter, 105 South Bridge st 
Ladies' Society School, Duncan pi, 

Leith — Mary Nimmo, teacher 
Ladies' Subscription, I77Causevvay 

side — Jane Hunter, teacher 
Lancasterian, Davie st — R. Dunn, 

master; Miss Dunn, mistress 
Laurie James (arithmetic) 136 Foun- 
tain bridge [colson st 
Lavvrie John (classical) 7 West Ni- 
Lawson Miss, 1 Gardner's crescent 
*Lee Helen, 18 Royal circus 
Lee Misses, 8 Brighton st 
Leith Charity (for boys), King st, 
Leith — Daniel M'Diarmld, master 
Leith Charity (for (jirls), King st, 

Leith — Mrs. Stenhouse, teacher 
Leith Infants' School, King st. Leith 
Lennie William, 10 Nicolson st 
Libberton Parochial School, Libber- 
ton— John Ymmgj master 

Lochend School, Lochend close- 
Mr. Dickson, master [place 
Macdonal't Charles, 6 Comely greeu 
M'Donald Charles, 10 Elder st 
M 'Donald John, 67 George st 
M'Dougal Jolm, Carrubher's close 
Macfariane Christian, 2 Charlotte pi 
Macfarlane Duncan, 2 Charlotte pi 
Macintosh Dunran,3 SihHanoverst 
Mackie G. C. Foutiiain court 
M'Kinlay Miss, 19 St. John st 
M'Laren James, 8 Hamilton place 
M'Laurin Duncan, 9 Brunswick st 
*Macnachtane Ann and aiargaret, 

12 Dundas street 
Manuel Miss, 8 Romilly place 
Martin John, Gray's close 
Meiklejohn J. 7 St. Anthony's place 
*Milne Eliz.35 St.Bernard's crescnt 
Milne James, Venn el 
Rlodel Infants' School, Vennel—Jas. 
JMilne, master; Mrs. Milne, mis- 
tress [Bridge st 
Moffat VVm.(mathematics)54 South 
Moffat William (mathematics) 30 

St. James' square 
Moffat Wm. Butterworth (writing) 

7 Infirmary st 
Moir Robert, 20 Danube st 
Morison Agnes, 20 Pitt st 
Mortimer Miss, 43 Gilmour place 
Morton J. 10 Dublin st 
*Mowat Miss, 18 Gilmour st 
Muir James, Buccleugh st 
Murray George, 3 Clarence st 
Murray George (mathematics) 59 

South Bridge street 
Murray James(wiit!ng&arithmetic) 

3 South St. Andrew st 
Mutter Misses, 29 Buccleugh place 
Neilson Miss, 34 St. Patrick's sq 
New Greyfiiars' Local, Castle wynd 
— Rev. James Anderson, master 
Newhaven School, Newbaven — J. 
Carter, master; Mrs.Lain,inistrss 
Newington Sessional.Dalkeith road 

— George Gray, master 
Nicholl James, Hyndford close 
Nicholl Walter (mathematics) 82 

South Bridge street 
Nicholson Miss, 13 Leopold place 
North British Academy (Ladies') 

121 George street 
North Leith Parochial, 39 Bridge st, 
Leith — Thomas Scotland, master 
Paterson Charlotte, 7 Charles st 
Ponsonby Mrs. 1 London st 
Pnrsell Miss, 20 Cumberland st 
Pyott John, Storrie's alley, Leith 
Rae William, 24 Qneen st [gate 
Reid Robert,8 North back of Canon- 
Rhind Jean, 30 Royal circus 
Rintoul Misses, Morion st, Leith 
Robertson John Bell (writing and 
arithmetic) 3 North St. David st 
Robinson Thos. W, 28 Greenside st 
Rose-street School, 174 Rose street 

—Alexander Paxton, master 
Ross Hugh, Carrubber's close 
Russell Mrs. 20 Gayfield square 
Rutherford Fraiici'^, Coalhill, Leith 
Rutherford John, 128 Nicolson st 


m^mnx^h^Utt, EDINBURGH, &c. 

I^tgot $C @o/ff 

ACADEMIES, 6cc — Continued. 
St. Bt^rnard's Sessional, Dean st — 

Alexander Balfour, master 
St. George's Female, 51 William st 

— Miss [dinnton, mistress 
St. George's Parish, Young street — 

Andrew Veitch, m^ister 
St. John's, Baltic street, Leith 
St. Mary's, Bellevue toll— Thomas 

Dewar, master 
St. Stephen's Parochial, Brunswick 
street — W. R.Thomson, master; 
Euphemia Smith, mistress 
Scott & Dickson (writing & arith- 
metic) 50 (ieorge street 
*Scott Mrs. 80 Lauriston place 
Scott Thomas, 9 Greenside st 
Scottish Institution (young ladies), 
15 Great Stuart st — Miss Murray, 
superintendent [house close 

Scrymegour J no. (navigation) Bake- 
Seamen's Academy, Dock st, Leith 
Sessional School, Morocco close — 

F. G. Bothwell, master 
Shannon Rev. Richd. 53 George st 
Sharp Robt.(matlieraatics) 2Drum- 

mond street 
Shaw Helen, Claremont place 
SherrilF Jessie, 2 Queen's place 
Sherriffs Alexander (writing) 10 

George street 
Shields Mary, 3 Mary place 
*Simmie Keiurah, 13 Dean terrace 
Simpson George, 5 Drummond st 
Simpson Hunter, 7 Drummond st 
iSimpson Margaret, 20 Pitt st 
Simpson Mary, 15 St. Andrew st,L. 
Simpson Mrs. 10 Roxburgh place 
Slimon J. Gibb's entry 
StevensonNinian(writing)20 George 

street and Calton hill 
Stewart Robert Charles (writing & 
arithmetic) 11 South St. David st 
Stewart Susan, 25 Kirkgate, Leith 
Stirling John, 10 Duncan st [L. 
Suddones Ann, 80 Constitution st, 
Sutherland James, Laurie st, Leith 
Thomson Helen,59NthFrederick st 
Thomson Misses, 6 Haddington pi 
*Torl Misses, 14 Danube st 
Tolbooth Parish Female School, 4 
Mound pi — Mrs.Marshal I, teacher 
Tolbooth Parish Infants' School, 4 
Mound pi — Miss Fraser, teacher 
Trinity College Church School, 
Society's Hall, High street — Hugh 
Niven, master 
Trotter James(writlng&arithmetic) 

10 North St. David street 
*Turnbull Misses, 19 Danube st 
Walker James, 2 Coalfield lane, L. 
*Weir Margaret, 41 Moray place 
*Weir Misses, 1 Noithnmbsrland st 
•Weir INlrs. & Misses, 17 Elder st 
*VVeir Susan, 10 Albany st 
Welsh Jno.( writing )StliGrey*s close 
West Rose-street School, 174 Rose 
street — Alexander Paxton,master 
White E. and N. 7 Adam st 
White John (English & geography) 

3 North St. David street 
WhitecrossJohn,20 Fountain bridge 
WhitelavvJas.(vvritine)l Nicolson sq 
Williamson James, 20 Bank st 
Wilson & Buchan,Warriston crscnt 
Winter Mrs. Lothian st 
•Young Francis, Darnaway st 
Young George, Grove place 


Allan Wm.Jessfield, 10 Dewar place 
A Hester David, 9 London st 
Bain Donald, 2 Mansfield place 
Ballingall William, 6 Pitt st 
Barsfow Charles M. 29 India st 
Beveridge J. P. 14 Duke st 


Bonar Jas. (of excise),ll Graham st 
Borth wick Jas, 14 Claremont crescnt 
Brown & Pearson, 59 George st 
Bruce Archibald, 3 Hillside crescent 
Burke Franci.s, 40 York place 
Callender William, 8 Scotland st 
Clark S. Lothian road 
Cleghorn & Watson, 87 Princes st 
Cockburn Patrick, 5 York place 
Dick Andrew, 279 Hi«h st 
Douglas James, 19 Young st 
Duff John, 13 North Richmond st 
Ferrier Chas. 45 Northumberland st 
Fornian Alexander, 116 Princes st 
Galloway William, 12 Elder st 
Gibson Archibald, 63 Queen st 
Girvan Andrew, 17 Howard place 
Green John, 30 Royal circus 
Grieve John, 10 Gloucester place 
Horsburgh Robert, 1 Fettes row 
Ivory Holmes,52 Northumberland st 
Johnston John, 23 Howe st 
Keith & Home, 74 George st 
Kerr William, 31 Nelson st 
Lamond Alexander, 40 India st 
Lindsay Donald, 15 Abercrombie pi 
Low Alexander, II Albyn place 
Low William, 12 Pitt st 
Maben John, 25 St. James' sqnare 
M'Dowall John, 10 Graham st 
M'Gregor Joseph, Ramsay lodge. 

High" street 
.M'Gregor Patrick, 6 Haddington pi 
Mackenzie & Spens, 12 Queen st 
Maitland John, 52 Albany st 
Mansfield Thomas, 7 East Thistle st 
Marshal Archibald, 26 Elder st 
Miller Thomas, Croft-an-riKh 
Mitchell Hugh, 4 St. Andrew's sq 
Moncrieff Wm. Scott, 63 Queen st 
Muir John, 6 Royal terrace 
Murray David, 6 South Hanover st 
Norman Henry ,31 Warriston cresent 
Ogil»y James, 116 Princes st 
Paton Thos. 12 Saxe Cobourg place 
Paul, Mackinzie and Moncrieff, 1 

Howe street 
Peddie Donald Smith, 1 George st 
Rainie William, 10 Dublin st 
Renton James, 15 Queen st 
Robeitsoii David, 23 Clyde st 
Robertson Henry Hole, 6 Milne's sq 
Robertson Thos. 11 Gloucester place 
Rocheal John, 14 Gilmour place 
Russell Claud, 84 George street and 

7 Hope street 
Russell William, 11 Scotlmd st 
Scott Ralph Erskine,57Gt. Kingst 
Scott Thomas, 3 Gayfield square 
Selkrig Charles, 8 York place 
Simson James, 219 High st 
Sinclair Alexander H. 19 Pitt st 
Smith Archibald, 13 Sth. Charlotte st 
Spalding William, 85 Great Kingst 
Strathie Alx.(&agent)138 Nicolson st 
Thomson Alexander, 18 North 
Bridge st [St. Andrew's sq 

Watson Geo. (to the Niitional Bank ) 
Watson H enry Geoi ge, 52 Albany st 
Watt Peter, 21 York place 
Wright & Girvan ,52 Nth. Hanover st 
Young James, 118 Princes st 


Ainslie John Archibald, 21 Union st 
Alexander John, 24 London st 
Allan Alexander, 5 Hillside crescent 
Anderson Adam, 98 George st 
Anderson James, I Heriot place 
A ndersonThomas.31 George square 
Aytonn James, 39 Heriot row 
Baillie Charles, 15 Great Stuart st 
Baird Thos. Walker,4 Drummond pi 
Balfour Thomas 9 Donne ten-ace 
Baxter Henry, 23 Heriot row 

Bell Archibald, 81 King st 
Bell Benj. R. 20 St.Andrew's square 
Bell George Graham, 19 Albany st 
Bell George Joseph, 6 Darnaway st 
Bell Henry Glassford, 4 Nelson st 
Bell Robert, 20 St. Andrew's square 
Bell Robert, jun. 29 St. Andrew's sq 
Bell William, 53 Queen st 
Blackie John Stewart, 35 York place 
Borlhwick John, 28 Queen st 
Boswell William, 25 South Castle st 
Boyle Patrick, 10 Rutland square 
Brodie Geo. 20 Northumberland st 
Bruce Hugh, 39 Moray place 
Bruce Robert, 55 North Frt derick st 
Buchanan John, 32 Melville st 
Buchanan Wm. .33 Drummond place 
Burnet Arthur, 34 Dundas st 
BurtotiJohn Hill,9Warriston crscnt 
Cadell John, 127 Princes st 
Cathcart Elias, 4 Melville place 
Cay John, Jl Heriot row 
Cheape Douglas, 38 Melville st 
Christison John, 9 Great Stuart st 
Clephane Andw. 5 WestCircus place 
Clerk William, 4 Rose court 
Colquhonn John C. 10 Melville st 
Colqnhoun Ludovic, 14 Dublin st 
Connell Arthur, 54Cumbeiland st 
Coventiy Andrew, 28 Moray place 
Cowan John. 2 North Charlotte st 
Crawford James, Albyn place 
CuUen Archd. Hope, 4 Gloucester pi 
Cuninghame John, solicitor-general, 

80 Great King st [lottest 

Currie Alexander, 14 South Char- 
Dalyell Sir John Graham, 54 North ' 

Hanover street 
Davidson Archibald, 24 Rutland st 
Davidson Robert, 28 York place 
Deas George, 22 Dublin st 
De Maria John,9 Hopest,Charltesq 
Dewar John, 4 Gloucester place 
Dick Andrew C. 36 Albany st 
Dick John, 6 Middleby st 
Dickson David, 6 Fettes row [st 
Dingwall Arthur, 7 South Charlotte 
Donaldson John, 12 Rutland st 
Douglas Lawrence, 15 Drummond pi 
Drummond John, 16 Shandwick pi 
Duff Adam, 25 Charlotte square 
Dunbar William H. 9 Howe st 
Dundas George, 134 George st 
Dundas Wm. Pitt, 8 Athol crescent 
Dunlop.Alcxandr,3Sih. Charloitest 
Dunlop John Colin, 12 India st 
Fergusson Charles, Glenfinlas st 
Ferrier James F. 12 York place 
Fletcher Angus, 29 Stafford st 
Fordyce George, 8 Danube st 
Formal! James, 27 Great King st 
Forsyth Robert, 11 Royal circus 
Gordon Edw.S.37Northuinberlnd st 
Gordon John, 38 Drummond place 
Gordon JohnT. 3 Charlotte place 
Gowan William, 56 Melville st 
Graham Alexander, 136 George st 
Graham Robert, 18 Heriot row 
Grahame Thomas, 15 Stafford st 
Grant George, 20 Fettes row 
Grant Robert, 49 Melville st 
Greenshields John B. 125 Princes st 
Groat AlexanderG. 12 Hart st 
Hamilton John, 3 Northumberlndst 
Hamilton Sir Wm. 11 Manor place 
Handyside Robert, .30 India st 
Hill Norman, 69 North Hanover st 
Home Francis, 29 York place 
Hope the Hon. Charles, 20 Alva st 
Hope John (dean), 20 Moray place 
Home Robert, 14 Darnaway st 
Home William, 56 Great King st 
Hozier James, 15 Gloucester place '• 
Hunter Robert,67Noriliumberlnd st 

EDINBURGH, &c. IsmnibursDiBj^fre, 

Inglis John, 45 Queen et 
Innes Cosmo, F'orrest st 
Ivory James, 9 Ainslie place 
Jardine Henry, 123 Princes st 
Jardine John, 9 Great King st 
Keay James, 130 Princes st 
Keir Patrick Small, 32 Charlotte sq 
L'Amy James, 27 Norihumberlnd si 
Leith Alexander W. 17 Walker st 
Lister John, 2 North-east Circns pi 
Logan Alexander S. 12 Dublin st 
Lo({an Hart, 131 Princes st 
Lothian Alexander, 21 Lothian st 
Lothian Edward, 102 Princes st 
Macallan Alexander, 2 Atbol place 
Macdonald Sir R. Stewart Seaton, 
17 Garner's crescent [place 

Maffrtdane Duncan, 19 Drummond 
M'Neill Alexander,12 Great Kingst 
ISl'NeiU Duncan, 73 Gieat King st 
Maconochie Alexndr.A. 74 Queen st 
MaconochieJ as.Allan, 122 Princes st 
Maidraent James, 10 Forres st 
Rlaitland Thomas, 122 George st 
Marshall John, 9 Fettes row 
Matheson Duncan, 1 Queen's place 
Maxwell John Hall, 6 India st 
Miller James, 17 Brown's square 
Miller James, 112 Princes st 
Miller John, 16 Dublin st 
Miller Thomas H.41 Heriot row 
Milne David, 10 York place 
Moir George, 41 Charlotte square 
MoncrieffJas.20 St.Andrew's square 
Monro Geo. 28 Northumberland st 
Monteith Alexander K. 2 Forres st 
More John Shank, 19 Great King si 
Murdoch John Burn, 13 Melville st 
Mure David, 8 Albion place 
Mure Patrick B. 8 Melville st 
Murray Andrew, 34 Heriot row 
Murray Andrew, jun. 30 India st 
Murray John, 34 Heriot row 
Murray Right Hon. John Archibald 
(Lord Advocate), 126 George st 
Murray Joseph, 26 Queen st 
Napier George, 23 Albany st 
Napier Mark, 11 Stafford st 
Neaves Charles, 19 Charlotte square 
Outran! George, 18 Pitt st 
Patterson James, 16 South Castle st 
Pattison George H. 13 Albany st 
Patton George, 38 Nth. Frederick st 
Penney William, 58 Great King st 
Pyper Hamilton, 15 Royal crescent 
Reid James John, 28 Dundas st 
Rhind MacdufF.ll Abercromby place 
Riddell John, 57 Melville st 
Ritchie Alex. Carnegie, 16 Albany st 
Robertson Charles, 22 Great King st 
IlobertsonCs.G.26 Norihumbrlnd st 
Robertson H. J. 76 Great King st 
Robertson Patri(k,32 Drummond pi 
Robertson Robert,12 Drummond pi 
Robertson Williaui, 1 Ainslie place 
Robinson George, West Fettes row 
Robinson James, 18 Elder st 
Rollo Robert, 16 Dundas st 
Ross George, jun. 5 Forres st 
RossGeo. Woodburn, Morning side 
Russell John, 16 Heriot row 
! Rutherford Andrew, 9 St. Colme st 
Sandford Erskine Duglas, 11 Ran- 
dolph crescent 
Semple John William, 8 Forres st 
Seton Sir William, hart. 15 Alva st 
Shand Chs. Farquhar,71Broughtn st 
Shaw Patrick, 62 North Frederick st 
Simpson Jas. 33 Northumberland st 
Skene Geoige, 10 Alva st 
Skene James, 46 Moray place 
Smith Archd. 37 NoTthumberlandst 
Smyth John, 1 Hart st 
Smythe Wm. 12 Gloucester place 
Spalding William, 11 London st 

Spiers Graham. 4 Coates crescent 
Stark James, 10 Duncan st 
Steele William, 3 Lynedoch place 
Stewart John S. 12 Shandwick place 
Swinton Archibald, 5 India st 
Tait George, 4 Abercromby place 
Tait John, 1 Melville st 
Tavvse John, 49 Qneen st 
Thomson George, 26 India st 
Thomson Robert, 70 Great King st 
Thomson Thomas, 127 George st 
Tod Thomas, 15 Coates crescent 
Trotter Richard, 26 Roval circus 
TurnbuU William, 67 Great King st 
Urquhart Adam, 5 St. Colme st 
Walker James, 23 Royal circns 
Webster T. W. 13 Drummond place 
Wel'ih James, 7 Northumberland st 
Whighani Robert, 79 Great King st 
Wight Henry, 4 Middleby st 
Wilson John, 6 Northumberland st 
Wood Alexander, 1 Royal circus 
Wood Alexander, jun. 4 Rutland sq 
Wood John, 51 Great King st 
Younger Wm. 27 Drummond place 


Marked thus * are General, and thus i are 

Commission Agents. 
{See also Fire and Life Assurance 

Offices and Agents.) 
*Adam Robert, 135 Princes st 
§Adcock Gilbert, 36 Leith st 
Aitken Hueh, 25 Harrington place 
Alexander Robt. ffor Arniston Col- 
liery) 15 Rankeillorst 
Allison Jas. & Sons, (forMeuxand 

Co.) Allison place, Leith walk 
lArrastrong Geo. 16 South Bridge st 
§Armstrong John, 12 Catherine st 
§Arnot John, 12 Catherine st 
*Arnot Peter, 30 Howe st [race 
ArthurJno.(house),4 Roxburgh ter- 
§Bain William & Sinclair H. 60 

North Bridge st 
•Balfour Thomas, 33 Montague st 
*Bell Robt. F: 5 South Union place 
§Berry Geo. & Co. 36 Bernard st, L. 
§Black Adam, 2 Norton place 
§Blvth Charles, 35 South Bridge st 
•Bl'yth Robert B. 128 High st 
Boyd John, Bell's court, Leith 
Broadfoot John & Son (ship), 19 

Quality street, Leith 
Bruce D. (house), 233 High st 
Callum John, 16 South Bridge st 
Cameron Archbd.(house)17 Arthur. st 
Campbell David (to FuUarton and 
Co. publishers) ,6 Roxburgh place 
♦Chalmers James, St. Ann's yard 
and 39 Potter row [wynd 

§Comon David, 6 Lidy Lawson's 
fCooper Thomas, 2 North Bridge st 
§Dryden John & Co. 137 Constitu- 
tion street, Leith 
♦Duncan Henry, 31 Scotland st 
Emerson Richd. 27 South Castle st 
Ferguson Alexander (for Stirling 

packets). Dock gates, Leith 
Forrest Robert (house) ,69 Adam sq 
*Gibsou George & Sou, 69 Consti- 
tution street, Leith 
♦Gordon James, 39 Quality st, Leith 
§Grant William, 14 Elbe st, Leith 
Grieve Walter (to Sunbury Distil- 
lery), I Archib:dd place 
Hamilton R. W. (to General Steam 
Navigation Compy.)8 Waterloo pi 
•Hay John, 14 South Hanover st 
Hewat Thomas, 1 Park st 
Hill Archibild (land),12Gilniour pi 
Hutchison & Doualns (to Elliott & 
Co. and wine), 8 Quality st, Leith 
Johnston James(to Leith & London 
Steam Packet Co.) 50 Princes st 

Jones George (to Sir Chas. Price), 

5 West Newington place 

§Kerr John & Co. 3Sth, Hanover st 
*LainB& Stewart (and wharfingers) 
10 Shore, Leith [son st 

•Livingston A. & P. 17 West Nicol- 
•Livingston Alex. 21 Timber bush, L. 
§Livingston John, 7 Roxburgh place 
•Lloyd & Douglas, 28 Mitchell st,L. 
Lockley Anthony (to Messrs. Shep- 

pards, of Frome) 21 St. Ann st 
Mabon A.B. (to Hnll& Leith Ship- 
pirn; Co.) 86 Shore, Leith 
§MabonThos. 105 South Bridge st 
M'Donald & Co. (for Thos. Young 

6 Co. tea dealers, London), 3 
Coatfield lane, Leith , 

M'Dowall James (forThackrah & 
Lockwood, hop and seed mer- 
chants, London), 6 Baxter place 
M'Gregor Patrick (army and navy) 
6 Haddington place [Leith 

*M'FarlaneAlex.55 Constitution st, 
Machattie John(to Carron Compy.) 

Wet docks, Leith 
§M'Queen John, 57 North Bridge st 
§M'Kay James, 13 North Bridge st 
M'Kean W. B. (steam packet), 26 
Shore, Leith [tion st, Leith 

§M'Laren David & Co. 137 Consti- 
•M'Laien David & George, 15 St. 

Andrew st, Leith 
•Marshall James, 1 Roxburgh place 
•Marshall Robert (& glass), 5 Con- 
stitution st, Leith 
•Maxwell James, 170 High st 
Megget and Symington (bark), 28 

Blair st, and Citadel, Leiih 
Mathieson George, (to Aberdeen, 
Leith, & Clyde Shipping Co.) 27 
Princes st and 3 Dock gates, Leith 
§Millar & Baird, 1 Hunter square 
§Milne John, 13 St. James' square 
•Mitchell John & Co. Dock gates, L. 
Mitchell Roht.A Co. (Combe, Dela- 
field & Co.) 5 Old Physic gardens 
Morrison Charles (spirit, and for 
Reid and Co.'s London porter, 
& " Dawson's patent malt aqua"), 
64 Shore, Leith 
•Muir Andrew, 11 S. Bridge st 
§Ogilvie James & Co 27 S. Bridge st 
•Oliphant Francis, 10 Graham st 
Parker J. G. (to Hull & Leith Steam 
Packet Co.) 44 Bernard st, Leith 
Patterson Henry (to Elswick Lead 

Works). 27 Howard place 

Pattison Wm. (to Newcastle Bottle 

and Glass Compy.) 24 Greenside 

place & 31 Constitution st, Leith 

§Paxt on Henry, 2 St. Pati ick square 

Petrie John, (to G. Virtue, of Lon~ 

don), 4 North St. Andrew st 
•Philip Chas. jun. Dock gates, Leith 
•Pollock Alex. 17 West Nicolson st 
Potts Wm. (cider) 16 Broughton \A 
•Raimes J.&R.Smith's pi, Leith wilt 
•Reid William, 12 Hill square 
ReithJames(to MainPointBrewery) 
16 Keir street [st 

§Richardson Geo. 31 South Bridge 
Robertson Brothers, St. Martin's 

court, Leith 
§Robertson Charles, 279 High .st 
•Robertson Jas. 2 Lauriston terrace 
•Robertson William, 25 Gayfield sq 
•Ross John, 92 Princes st 
SaundersJohn (to Inverness & Leith 
Shipping Company), 19 Consti- 
tution street, Leiih 
Scott & Allan (for Bracia & Kirk- 
liston Disiilleiies, &fori\I. Ber- 
nard & Co. brandy and fruit mer- 
chants, fiorrf<'a««),3 Kirkgate, L. 
•Scott Robert, 20 Great Sluart st 




^igot ^ (EoM 

AGENT S—Continved. 
Shand Robert & Co. (house and 

estate), Aliercromhy place 
*SievvvrightAiidw.l62Sth. Bridge St 
Sinclair John, 11 Union st 
§S!oaii Willimn, 2 Drummond st 
Small G. (to Edinburgh & Glasgow 
Canal Company) Port Hnpeloun 
Smith David (to ihe Leith and 
Greenock &Thnt so SliippingCo.) 
Dock gates, Leith 
*Siniih Robert M. 38 St. ftlaitin's 

court, Leith 
•Smith William, 96 St.Giles st, Leith 
Somerville Alex, (wine), 9 Malta 
terrace [Leith 

•Soniei villeJohn,85 Constitution st, 
Spence Alex, (to Commercial Bank 
of Scotland, at Leiih), 15 Con- 
stitution street, Leith 
§Spiiial John, 79 South Bridge st 
Sten house Andw. & George (ship- 
ping), VVet docks 
StocksDav.& Co.(toTriien)an Han- 
bury & Co.) Timber Bush, Leiih 
Straclian John (shipping & ranal), 

Port Hopetoun 
Sword James (hou<e), 22 South 
Hanover st, [nard st, L. 

Sword John (steam packet), 9 Ber- 
§Tavlor James, 36 Bernard st.Leiih 
§Taylor James, 36 St. Martin's 
court, Leiih [Leith 

Thomson Brotheis, 38 Quality st, 
Thomson Ja'.Gibson & Co.(to Bar- 
clay, Perkins and Co.) 28 St. 
Andrew st, Leith 
•Thomson Wm. & Co. 38 Niddry st 
•Tobias Isaac, 11 Roxburgh st 
•Tod James B- (to Taylor & Co.) 31 

Coustiriuion st, Lt-ith 
•Turiibull William, 31 Buccleugh st 
§Tvveedie John, 32 Rankeillor st 
Virtue George (for Kyan's patent 

tanks), 24 Sheriff brae, Leith 
§Virtue James, 20 South Bridge st 
♦Walker John W.34 Quality st,Leith 
•Walker, Johnstone & Company, 

10 Constitution st, Leith 
Watson Alex, (to Milne & Brown, 
Dundee), Stead's place, Leith wlk 
§ White and Claik, St. Anthony's 

court, Leith 
White Hugh (to Marquess of Li>thi- 
an's Colliet y) ,13Beniard st, Leith 
*Wilson Jas. 14 Quality st, Leith 
•Wilson James & Co. 7 Hunter sq 
§Williamson James, G Ingliston st 
§Wilson R. C. & ShirreflF, 3 South 
St. Andrew st [Leith 

•Wilson Robt. and Co. Wet docks, 
•Wishart James & Son, 23 Timlier 

busl), Leith 
♦Wright George, 21 Greenside place 


Morton Samuel, Smith's place, Leith 

walk [Norton place 

Nicholson Alexander (and pump), 


See Chijmists and Druggists. 


See Auctioneers, 


{See also Surveyors.) 
Alison Charles, 2 London st 
Anderson James,2 Shand wick place 
Angus George, 1 St. Colmest 
Brown Robert. 63Norih Frtdeiickst 
Bryce David, 53 North Castle st 
Burn William, 1.33 George st 
Cousin David, 24 Fettes row 


Dii k David, 2 Baxter place [place 
Dickson Richd. & Robt. 9 Blenheim 
Grnham J. Gillespie, 4 Duke st 
Hamilton Thomns, 57 York place 
Henderson Jidin, 16 London st 
Milne John, 8 St. James's square 
Neill John, 17 Calion place 
Newlands James, 35 Gilmour place 
.Micol John, 16 London st 
Playfrtir Wm. Henry, 17 Gt. Stuart st 
Raeburn Jas. 9 Sonth-east Circus pi 
Reid Robert, 44 Charlotte st 
Rhind David. 11 Abercromby place 
Ruthven Jas.lO North St. Andrew st 
Scott Archibald, 5 Broiighton place 
Smith & Cuthbertsnn,6Charlotte pi 
Smith George, 8 Weuiyss place 
Smith James, 13 Hope st 
Wilson Charles Heath (& landscape 

gardener), 7 North St. David st 
Wilson Patrick, 15 St. Andrew .sq 
Wright Robert & Son, 8 Fettes row 


Zappa & Wright,32 Sth.Frederick st 
Zenone Joseph (& ostrich feather 
manufacturer) 10 Calton st 


Fortune James (& spine machine), 

29 Brought on st 
Fortune Robert, 67 Nicolsou st 


Marked thus* are Portrait, and thus i 

are Miniature Painters. 
•Alexander Donald, 8 St. Vincent st 
Allan William R. 8 Scotland st 
•Anderson Miss, 23 Maiiland st 
§ Andrews Ann, 6 Stuart st 
*Barron Alexander, fy Pitt st 
§Beens Francis Loui."*, 19 India st 
*Bell John, 7 Hill square 
Carmichael James F. 68 Nicobon st 
Clark William, 33 South Castle st 
•Davidson Alex. 8 Gt. Stu^rtst 
D'Hardiviller Lech. 25 George st 
Dickie Waltr (landscape) 31Gio:ge st 
•Douglas James, 9 Hill square 
•Duncan Thomas, 1 Darnaway st 
Dyce William, 43 Moray place 
•Gibson David, 43 Princes st 
*Gordon John Watson,52A'baiiy st 
•Gordon Watson, '21 Claremont st 
•Henry John, 27 Haddington place 
Howell John, 18 South Frederick st 
•Howie James, 64 Princes st 
•Innes Robert, 5 Lothian st 
J ones JamesCliarles (scene painter), 

6 Union place [st 

Kny Alexander, (landscape), 4 Duke 
•Keith Altxander, 30 Royal circus 
•Knott Taverner, 2 St. Patrick sq 
•Lawrence Thomas, 6 Union st 
•Lees Charles, I5SoHtb Charlotte st 
•Lindsay George, 34 North Castle st 
*§M'Kechney C. F. 27 Nelson st 
Mackenzie David (landscape), 8 

Great Stuart st [ton place 

•M'Kenzie Samuel, s. a. 32 Brough- 
*§Macleay K. 30 Stafford st [st 
Macleay M. (landscape), .30 Stafford 
•Marquis Alexander, 10 Hunter sq 
Mnrsball William, 100 Princes st 
§Matlier Geo.Marshall,63 Princes st 
•Moir John, 9 Gardner's crescent 
N«sm>tli Alx.(landscape)47York pi 
•Nicholson Wm.29 South Castle st 
•P.irmanJohn,30 South Hanover st 
§Robinson Wm.2 EastBroughion pi 
Scott David (historical) 4 Mary place 
•Smith Colvin, 32 Yoik place 
Stevenson James (Irndscajje), &6 

George street 

•Syme John, 33 Abercrombv place 
•Thomson William John, 57 Nor- 
thumberland street 
•WHllace Willinm, 17 Scotland st 
?WalshBenjimin,32 St. Andrew's sq 
•Watson George, 10 Forth st 
•Watson Wm. Smellie, 10 Forth 8t 
Willinms John Francis (landscape), 
121 Princes street 

[See also Fancy Repositories.) 
Dalgety Joseph, 54 Nicolson .st 
Hill Alexander, 50 Princes st 
Mund William, 60 Princes st 


Anderson George, 142 High st 
Auchie & Brown, 25 George st 
Carfrae John, 8 Nicolson st 
Dalgleish & Forrest, 69 Hanover sq 
Dowell James, 51 North Himovcrst 
Ferney John, Constitution court, L. 
Gilmour George, 17 Blair st 
Glen John, 239 Cowgate 
Irvine Thomas, 34 Blair st 
Lamb Robert, .39 Bernard st, Leith 
Lyon Jonathan, 531 Castle hill 
M''Glashan John, 261 Cowgate 
Maxwell James, 170 High st 
M urray Alex.l Noi th- west Circus pi 
Paxton John, 6 Royal Exchange 
Ralston William, 55:^1. Mary's wvnd 
Robeitson E.D.&W.57& 122 High st 
Saunders John, 19Const it utionst,L. 
ScotlandGcorge (his M ajesty 's horse 

repository), Nottingham place 
Seaton Robert, 28 Howe st 
Stevenson Thomas, 6 Milne's square 
Tait C. B. (of hooks, pictures, plate, 

wines, articles of vittu, &c.) U 

South Hanover st 
Walker David, 56 South Bridge st 
West Edward, 35 South Hanover St. 


Cave John & Son, 18 Greenside row 
PatersonJohn,Gilchrist't entry west 


Adam John, 34 Tolbooth wynd, L. ; 
Aikman James, 183 High st 
Aiichison Alexander,4 E. Register st 
Aitchisoii George, 1 Wemyss place 
Aitken Walter, 119 Nicolson st 
Anderson Robert, 13 Hamilton place 
Anderson Robert, 13 Chapel st 
Arnol Andrew, 277 Canougate 
Bain William R. 27 Leith walk 
Ballantine George, 33 Cumbeilandst 
Beveridge Robert, 53 London st 
Binnie William. 43 Cumberland st 
Black James, 25 Folder st 
Black John E. Morningside 
Blackie Alexander, 70 Princes st 
Blackie Thomas, 21 Dundas st 
Bloomfield William, 6 Broughton st 
Bowden William, Jock's lodge 
Braid wood William, 7 Dianhaughst 
Brock James, 97 Canongate 
Brockie William, 18 Greenside st 
Broomfield Adam, 1 Arniston place 
Broomfield J. 39 VVater lane, Leith 
Broomfield William, 1 Calton place 
Brown Alexander, 11 Clerk st 
Biown Alexander, 51 Canongate 
Brown Andrew, 92 High st 
Brown Mrs. James, 25 Home st 
Brown R(d)ert, II Earl Grey st 
Brown William, 4 Kerr st 
Bruce George, 83 Nicolson st 
Bruce George, 100 Leith wynd 
Bruce James, 88 Kirkgate, Leith 
Brute James, 3 St. Anihony's place 
Biuce William, 28 Ni;olsoi'i st 
Buist Andrew, 2 Davie st t 

Buist Henry, 10 Dublin st j 

Byers Thomas, 167 Rose st > 




Cairns Thomas, 18 Dean st 
Cal()tTW((od William, 10 Scotland st 
Cliisholni John, 27 Bfin.trd st 
Clark Alexander, 7 Haddington pi 
Clark Colin, 12 William st 
Cockburii RobiTt, 64 Hose ht 
Collif r George, 23 Tolbooth wynd,L 
Craig Cliarles, 5 Davie st 
Craig David, 6 Norton place 
Crawford Robert ,23 Sheriffs brae,L 
Crawford Thomas, 76 Kirkgate, L. 
Dalziel Alexander, 8 Conper st 
Dalziel Jolin, 7 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Davie John, 72 Grass market 
Dickson William, 50 Home st 
Dixon John, 24 St. Leonard st 
Dixon Robiri, 3 Shakspeare square 
Doig James, 6 St. Anthony's place 
Drybrough Thomas, 187 Canongate 
Drysdnle John (and gingerbreadj 

1 Wef^t Cross cnuseway 
Dudaeon John, 5 William st 
Duguid James, 98 Canongate 
Dun Robert, 130 Pleasance 
Farmer David, 7 Calton street and 

209 Pleasance 
Farmer John, 6 North College st 
Ferguson John,12St. Anthony st,L. 
Feinie William, 5 St. Patrick st 
Finlay Walter, 110 Nicolson si 
Kinlayson Alexander, 7 Castle st 
Fleming Alexander, 4 Howe st 
Fleming Alexander, 8 Canon st, L. 
Forrest Robert, 95 Kirkgate, Leith 
Forrester Alexander, 13 E.TIiistlest 
Fraser Thomas, 1 Warriston place 
Frier Matthew, 28 St. Patrick's sq 
Flier William, 1 South Richmond st 
Fullfrton Jnlin, 19 Antigua st 
Gardner James, 7 Earl Grey st 
Gibb James, 290 Canongate 
Gibb James, 19 Elm row 
Gibbons Robert, 30 St. Andrew sq 
Gillies Roht.38 WesiCross causeway 
Glasgow John & Geo. 25 Biisio st 
Goldie Robert, 9 Citadel st, Leith 
Gordon Alexaiider,5 Sandport »t,L. 
Gowan Charles, 8 Elm row 
Gray Charles, 42 Broughton st 
Gray John, 5 Clyde st 
GreigJolin,37 St. Andrew st, Leith 
Grosset William, 5 Leven st 
Gulland George, 31 New st 
Gulland Lawrence, 216 Canongate 
Haig James, 123 Rose s-t 
Hamilton Andw. 47 Fountain bridge 
Hardie John, 149 Rose st 
Hay James, 22 Cassel's place 
Hay John, 36 Sheriflfs brae, Leith 
Henderson Thomas, 1 Hill place 
Henderson William, 36 Kirkgate,L. 
Herdman John, 1 Kingal place 
Hi-Iop Robert, 55 Clerk st 
Hogart James, 121 Fountain bridge 
Hope Robeit,71 Pleasance 
Hope Thomas, 8 Catherine st 
Horsburgh John, 2 Stafford st 
Hunter Patrick, 13 Causeway side 
James David, 24 Bread st 
Jamieson George, 178 Pleasance 
Jarnieson Thomas. 45 London st 
Johnston James, 2 Comely green p! 
Johnston William, 138 Rose st 
Kerr Robert, 16 Hill place 
Ketchen William, 40 Lothian st 
Kettle George, jnn. 114 West port Gilmour st, Simon sq 
Laing Alexander, 26 Rose st 
Laing James, 2 St. Patrick's square 
Laing James, 97 Nicolson st 
Lane William, 207 High st 
Lauder Thomas, 9 East Register st 
Lawder Elizabeth, 2 India st 
Leishman William, 42 Clerk st 
Lethem John, 29 Pitt st 


Lillico William, 1 Brown st 
Luke James, 25 Brunswick st 
Lyall Robert, 26 Bridge st, Leith 
M'Caul Charles, 9 Pleasance st 
M'Ewen Robert, 22 Cowgate [pi 
Macfarlanejas.ll Norih-wst Circus 
M'Geehaen John, 4 Huntley st 
Mackie John Wyse,8 S.Hanover st 
M'Kinlay Robert, 25 Bernard st, L. 
Maclagan Erdk.l9SouthFrederick st 
Mason Thomas, 7 Keir st 
Mathie Robert. 35 Shore, Leith 
May James, 62 High st 
Meek Thomas, West Thistle st 
Meek Thomas, 5NorthSt. Andrew st 
Meneiaws William, 135 Canongate 
Miller Alexander, 13 Athol place 
Miller John, 26 South Hanover st 
Miller William, 86 Nicolson st 
Miller William, 24 Coalhill, Leith 
Milne Fisher, 8 Clerk st 
Mitchell John, 1 Dublin st 
Mitchell John, 1 Home st 
Moffat David, 9 India st 
Moffat David, 245 Canongate 
MonteithWill!am,58Cross causeway 
Moore Alexander, 5 Antigiia st 
MooreGeorge.ll SonthRichmond st 
Morris Alexander, 4 Antigua st 
Muiray John, 10 Broughton st 
Nasmyih Robert, 54 Yard lieads 
Neill John, 24 Tobngo st 
Neilson William, 1 Jamaica st 
Nicholson William, 4 Shrub place 
Nicol James, 56 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Niven William, 48 St. Leonard st 
Oliphant Francis, 110 High street 

and 6 Middle Arthur place 
Orniiston John, 4 St. James' square 
Oimision Robert, 3 Orchardfield pi 
Paul Alex. 13 South St. Andrew st 
Pears James, 66 Buccleugh st 
Peattie Alexander, 55 Nicolson st 
Pendiith John, 63 Fountain bridge 
Pettigrew James,42 Parkside bldngs 
Philip David, 26 Couper st, Leith 
Porteous Alexander, 57 George st 
Porteous Mrs. 30 West port 
Porteous William, 2 Union st 
Porteous William, 22 Brunswick 

street. Stock bridge 
Potter James, 4 Chapel st 
Purves William, Jock's lodge 
Ramage John, 5 Hope st 
Ramage John, 1 Church .»t [place 
Rankin & Paterson, 4 South Union 
Reid Simson, 27 Dean st 
Robertson Geoige, 108 Nicolson st 
Robertson James, 34 Alva st 
Roberttion James, 23 Duke st, Leith 
Robertson James, Newhaven 
Robertson James, 25 Thistle st 
Robertson John, 28 William st 
Robertson John, 2 Salisbury st 
Robertson Wm. 461 Lawn market 
Ronaldson Stephc n,20Causewy side 
Russell George, 2 Pitt st 
Russell Thomas, 56 Fountain bridge 
Sawers Thomas, 310 Lawn market 
Scoon Joseph, 161 High st 
Scoon Kenneth, 37 Clark st 
Scott Alexander, 4 West port 
Scott Alexander, 2 Clarence st 
Scott Andrew, 9 Scotland st 
Scott Ebenezer, 4 Lothian st 
Scott James, 50 Abbev hill 
Scott John, 12 West Preston st 
Sharp Donald, 95 St. Leonard st 
Sime John, 66 Cumberland st 
Simpson David, 7 Duncan st 
Sinclair John, 14 Lothian st 
Sinclair John, 13 Romilly place 
Sleigh Robert, 3 Glanville place 
StaaM & James, 2 High Market st 

Smart Francis, 26 Kirkgate, Leith 
Smait Robert, 2 Canongate 
Stenhouse Rebecca, 14 High st 
Stevenson James, 42 Jamaica st 
Stewart Margaret, 72 Thi.stle st 
Stewart William, 203 Pleasance 
Stirling Matilda. 10 St. Vincent St 
Stocks David, 20 Bridge st, Leith 
Stoiar Thomas, 3 Mansfield place 
Swan David, 11 Wallace place 
Swan James, 87 Broughton place 
Tait Andrew, 33 Rose street 
Tait John Rennie, 2 Queensferry st 
Taylor John, 1 Raeburn place 
Thomson Edward, 31 S.Frederick st 
Thomson Ellison, 12 Home st 
Thomson George, 2 Elm row 
Thomson George, 495 Lawn market 
Thomson James, 7 Chailotte place 
Thomson James, 12 South College st 
Thomson James, 75 Clerk st 
Thomson James, 12 Home st 
Thomson John, 173 Pleasance 
Thomson Pctir, 43 Charlotte st, L. 
Thomson Thon)a-, 10 Carnegie st 
Thomson William, 1 India place and 
1 Summer place [son st 

Thomson William, 39 VVest Nicol- 
'i'horburn William, 5 Shrub place 
Thornton & Co. 27 Fountain bridge 
Tod Adauvl8 Couper sf, Leith 
Tod Alexander, 19 London st 
Tod Thomas, 12 Duncan st 
Toi ranee Geo. 4 Northumberland st 
Torrance John, 36 Buccleugh st 
TuUis William, 8 Roxburgh place 
TullyJohn,51 North Richmond st 
Turnbull Hugh, 1 Bread st 
Tweedie Robert, 2 Catherine st 
Tweedie Robert, 38 Broughton st 
Vallance Thomas, 166 Pleasance 
Veitch David, 13 Melville place 
Veitch Thomas, 5 Johnson's place 
Walker Alexander, Newhaven 
Walker Alex. 5 Riddle's close, Leith 
Walker James, 100 Kirkgate, Leith 
Walker Robert, 237 Canongate 
Walker William, 4 South James st 
Wallace Jas. end of Junction st, L. 
Watson William, 12 Gifford park 
Watson William, Calton st 
Weir Thos. Heriot, 134 Kirkgate, L. 
Welsh David, 3 Rose st 
White Adam, 81 Kirkgate, Leith 
Whyte John, 36 North Frederick st 
Wilkie James, 106 Ro.'se st 
Wilkison James, 103 Grass market 
Wilson Robert, 2 Jamaica st 
Wilson Thomas, Trafalgar lane 
Wood John, 31 South Castle st 
Wright David, 88 Rose st 
Wright Robert, 30 Bridge st, Leith 
Young James, 114 Pleasance 
Young Janet, 55 Bristo st 
Young Robert, 8 Bread st 

Allan Alexander and Co. 40 Princes 
street — (draw on Barclay, Bevan, 
Tritton and Co. London) 
Bank of Scotland — (dr.iws on the 
Bank of England, Coutisand Co. 
and Smith, Payne & Co. London) 
— Alex. Blair, treasurer ; Archd. 
Bennet, secretary, and John Sim, 

accountant Leitli Branch, 29 

Constitution st — Ths.Jonts,agent 
British Linen Company, St. An- 
drew's square — (draw on Smith, 
Payne and Smiths, London) — 
Thomas Corrie, manager; Alex. 
Goodsir, secretary, & Jas. Wilson, 

accountant Leith Branch, 48 

Bernaid st— George Milne, ageijt 

Commercial Bank of Scotland— 

(drawson Jones, Loyd&Co. Lou- 


mmnf}\xt^f)mvt. Edinburgh, &c. 

43igot ^ (Eo.'^ 

BANKERS— Coniinifed. 

. don) — Roheit Paul, maiiaeer 

Leiili Branch, 15 Constitution st 
— Alexiiiider Spence, agept 

Forbes Sir William, hart. & James 
Hunter & Co. Parliament square 
— (draw on Coutts & Co. & Bar- 
clay and Co. London) 

Glasgow Union Banking Com- 
pany, 67 Noith Biidtje street — 
(draw on Jones, Loyd and Co., 
London)— Robert Bui MS, manager 

Leivh Banking Company, 18 Ber- 
nard street, Leith — (draw on Bar 
nett, Hoares and Co. London) — 
Johnston and Ker, managers 

N/^tional Bank of Scotland, 42 
St. Andrew's square — (draws on 
Glyn, Hallifax, Mills & Co. Lon- 
don] — Patrick Borihwitk, mana- 
ger ; Geoi a;e Crosbie, secretary, 
and George Waison, acrountani 

Branch at l^eith, 31 Bernard 

street — James Wallace, a^ent 

Ranu-ays, Bonars & Co. Royal Ex- 
change — (draw on Coutts and Co. 

Royal Bank of Scotland, St. An- 
drew's sq — (draws on the Bank 
of lOngland & Coutts & Co. Lon- 
don)— John Thomson, casiiitr; 
Robert Sym Wilson, secretary, and 
Jno. Moore, accoumant— Branch 
at Leith, 17 Bernard si— William 
Bonar, aeent 

Western Bank of Scotland, 12 
St. Andrew's square — (diaws on 
Jones, Loyd & Co. Lcmdon, and 
tlitir head oflice, Glasgow) — R 
Salniond, cashier 

Savings' Bank, 87 Princes street — 
James Cleghorn, actuary 


Combe Robert, 14 Blair st 
Crocket Thomas, 4 Milne's court 
Crouch John, 26 North Bridge st 
Glassal Robert, 70 Nicolson st 
Jeandin Francis, 41 Nih. Frederick st 
Kay James, 17Tolbiioth wynd, Leith 
Sea'rle William, 19 North Bridge st 
Woodrow Robeit, 7 Kirkgate, Leith 


Frithfield (Peter M'Pherson), 

Frithfield, Leith 
Hot and Cold, 17 & 19 Hill st 
Seafield (Andrew M'Culloch,con- 

ductor), Seafield 
TftiNiTY (James March), Trinity 


Bryden John & Sons, 80 Rosest 
Graham David, 7 Shakspeare square 
Laidlaw James and Robert, Simon 

square and 96 Princes st 
M' Wattle Robert, Greenside lane 
Robertson William, Geddes close 
Thomson Thomas, 9 Duke st 


Bradford Wm. 3 West Register st 
Campbell — , 3 West Register st 
Clark Hugh, 46 North Hanover st 
Morrison Hugh, 86 South Bridge st 


Edmonstoi) John, 66 Princes st 
Fenton Thomas, 66 George st 


Low John, 68 Thist'e st 
Rl'Qupen John, 55 Potter row 
Wiight Wm.57 Nonh Krederick st 


Sfe Smiths. 


See Mast, Block &( Pump Makers. 



[See also Ship Builders.) 
Lcckie James, Ferry road, Leith 
Lindsay Alex. Commercial place, L. 


Bursiall Timothy & Son, King st, L. 

Maxton James B. & Co. Leith En- 
gine Works, Commercial place, 
and at Alloa 

Mowat Thomas, Admiialiyst, Leith 


GrayWm.& Co. Salamander St, Leltl) 
ftliHer John, Bonnington road 


Marked thus *■ are also Stationers. 
(See also Stationers.) 
Aiiken James, 8 St. James' snnare 
Banks Alex.& Son,37Nth. Bridgest 
Banks Alex. jun. 5 North Bridge st 
*Binks James Haldane, 30 South 

Hanover street 
Bowatk Nieol. 46 Leith st 
Bruce George Duncan, Mound st 
Copland John, South Giay's close 
Curiie & Lamb, 10 Hunter square 
Dariinu Robert, Old Fishmarket 
Dunlop Charles, 1 iMilne's square 
Ferrier William, 6 Milne's square 
Forbes Alexander, 5 Milne's court 
Forbes John, 16 Rose court 
Frame Lockhari, 2 James's court 

and Mound place 
Galloway Robert, 17 West Register st 
Gillies William, 5 Salisbury st 
Gray Jolin, 7 Eat then mound 
»Henderson & Bis«et, 19 Hill st 
[nglis Archibald, 16 Roxburgh place 
Jones Jno, & Son, 59 South Biidgest 
M'Clellan Cathn 60 North Bridge st 
M'Int(isl) Allan, Heriot's buildings, 

Leith walk 
*Manson John & Co. 21 George st 
Met k William, Craig's close 
Muir Thomas, Stevenlaw's close 
Murray William, 11 Georee st 
*Orrock and Romanes, 94 South 

Bridge street 
*Rogers William, 4 Melville place 
Seton Robert, 3 Mound place 
♦Smith William, 306 Lawn market 
Steel Maitland,4 Mound place 
Stevens Alex. 34 North Bridge st 
Sutherland John, 12 Calton st 
Tait George, Writer's court 
•Thomson Abraham, Old Fish- 
market close 
Tod (Jeorge, 12 Clyde st 
Todd Wil liam (plain & ornamental), 

1 Forth street 
Watson Daniel, 27 South Bridge st 
Watson James, 6 Milne's square 
Young John, 6 Meuse lane 


Marked thus * are also Publishers. 

{See also Stationers.) 

Allardire Robert, 14 Tolbooih wynd, 

and 130 Kirkgate, Leith 
Anderson James, .33 George st 
Anderson John, 295 High st 
*Anderson John,jnn.55 N,Bridiresl 
Ballantine John, 49 Bernard st, L. 
Baptie John, 12 Earl Grey st 
*Bell & Bradfute, 12 Bank st 
Bishop H. J. & Co. 7 Bank st 
*Black Adam and Charles, 27 North 

Bridge street 
*Blackie & Son, 5 South C(d!egest 
♦Blackwood William and Sons, 45 

George street 
Bowack Nicol, 46 Leith st 
Braidwood Janii s. 26 George st 
Brown George, 32 Home st 
*Brown Peier, 59 South Biidgest 
Brown R. West ddlege st 
*Cadell Robert, 31 St. Andrew's sq 

Caithness Thomas, 1 Albany st 
Campbell Douelas, 17 Leith st 
Carfrae John, 8 Nicolson st [st 
Carfrae John & Son, 62 Sth. Bridge 
•Chambeis Wm.& Robt.l9 Water- 
loo place & 48 North Hano»er st 
Chisholm John. 32 West Register st 
*Clark 'I'homas (law) 38 George st 
Dalgety Joseph, 54 Nicolson st 
Davidson Richd.D.3N.St.Andrewst 
Devlan Arthur, 10 Drummond st 
Douiiias George Abercromby, 19 

South Castle street 
Dunlop James Burnet, 4 India place 
Elder & OgiUy, 1 Sbandwick place 
Ekin Wm. 13 North St. Andrew st 
Ferguson Daniel, 467 Lawn maiket 
Fletcher John, 3 Dnndas st 
*Fraser & Co. 54 North Bridge st 
Eraser Hem y, 3 Comely green pi ce 
•Fullarton Archibald &. Co. 6 Rox- 
burgh place 
Grant Robert & Son, 82 Princes .st 
Gray P. C. 83 Broughton st 
Guthrie & Tait, 4 Nicolson st 
Halliday David, 57 South Bridge st 
Hamilton John (and map seller) 15 

South St. Andrew street 
Hill Alexander, 50 Princes st 
Hume Robert W. 57 Shore, Leith 
•Hunter William, 23 S. Hanover st 
Ireland Richard, 59 South Bridge st 
Jones John, 2 Hay st 
Kay James & Co. 18 Haddington pi 
Kennedy Alexander, 32 Leith walk 
Knight and Lawrie, Pitt st 
Laing & Forbes, 92 Princes st 
Laing Wm.&David,49 Sth. Bridge st 
Learmoiith Alexander, 38 Howe st 
Lindsty John and Co. 7 South St. 
Andrew street |st 

M'Donald Archibald, 21 Catherine 
M ' Dowall Thos.& Wm.SN. Bi idge st 
M'Intosh James, 5 North Ccdlegest 
M'Keriacher Alexander,28 Leith st 
*Maclachlan and Stewart, 64 South 
Bridge street [David st 

Macredie Alexander, 12 South St. 
Main James, 1 Howe st 
Martin Robert, 34 South Bridge st 

and 4 College street 
Matheson William, 69 George st 
Menzies John (ami print seller) 61 

Princes street 
Miller & Adamson, 36 Lothian st 
Ogle Robert, 1 Antigua st [st: 

*OliphantWm.&Son 7Sonth Bridge 
♦Oliver and Boyd.Tweeddale court, 
16 High street [st 

Ormiston Henry, 18 Sonth College 
♦Paterson M. 7 South Union place 
PatonThonias,Nortli-westCircns pi 
Peat Thomas, 32 Leith st 
Petrie John (and agent to G.Vertue, 
of London) 4 NoVth St. Andrew st 
Potts Andrew, 47 Bioughton st 
*ReidWilliam& Son,40 Shore,Leith 
Richardson Walter, 42 Kirkgate, L. 
Rickard Patrick,55 South Bridge st 
Robertson John (& music seller) 39 

Princes street 
Smith Charles, 25 Sonth Hanover st 
Stephen Thomas, 130 High st 
Stevenson Thomas, 87 Princes st 
Stillie James, 140 High street and 

4 South Bank street 
♦Stirling, Kenney and Co. (whole- 
sale) 46 George street 
♦Sutherland John, 12 Calton st 
Tainsh Miss, 1 William st 
♦Tait William, 78 Princes st 
♦Thornton and Brydone, 19 South 

St. David street 
Todd Alexander, 1 St. Patrick's sq 
Ure James, 29 South Frederick st 


EDINBURGH, &c. lElTittlmrgfiisj^ire. 

Vair James (old) 20 Horse wyiirt, 

College street [Leith 

Wateiston Robert, 19 Bernard st, 
VVaitHuuli,44 Leiih st 
Waiigli & Innes (to His Majesty) 2 

Hunter square &31 SthHrinoverst 
Weston Richard, 37 Lothian st 
Weston Richard, jiiii. 49 Nicolsonst 
White David, 6 Baker place 
Wbyte Win. & Co. (to Her Majesty, 

and fancy stationers) 13 George st 
Wilson William, 44 George st 
BOOT AND Shoe makers. 
Aikman John, Moray st 
Aird Thomas, 51 India place 
Aitchison Thonia<, 111 Rose st 
Aitken William, 104 West port 
Ali-on James, 22 Pitt st 
Anderson James, 94 South Bridge st 
Anderson John, 11 Catherine st 
Anderson John, 3 St. Patrick's sq 
Austin Alexander, 19 Castle st 
Baillie Jolin, 28 Cumberland st 
Bain Daniel, 2 St. Anthony's olace 
Bain David, 24 Elder st 
Bain John, 52 Fountain bridge 
Bain Wm. 103 Constitution st, Leith 
Ball Thomas, 11 James place 
Balmain James, 67 Cleik st 
Beulue Alexander, 138 Nicolson st 
Begg William, 51 Candleniaker row 
Bell Adam, 87 South Bridge st 
Bell David, 33 South Bridge st 
Bell Peter, 50 Rose st 
Bell Robeit, 23 Leitli st 
Bell Walter, 16 Lothian st 
Bishop James, 7 Spence's place 
Bisset Robert, 3 St. James' square 
Blacklock John, 32 Nicdson si 
Black stocks John, 157 West port 
BLiir John, 40 Nicolsonst 
Blyth Adam, 17 St. Andrew st, Leith 
Blyih Adam, jun. 73 Klrkgate, Leith 
Blyth David, lOEast Tliistle st 
Blyth John, 389 Lawn market 
Blyth Stt-phen, 89 Shore, Leith 
Brims Andrew, 4 Mansfield place 
Brown James, 384 High st 
Brown John & Co. 14 Princes st 
Buchanan William, Low Calton 
Burgos and Urquhart (ladies') 37 

South Hinover >treet 
Callendar John, 33 Cowgate [row 
Cameron Archiliald ,45 Candleniaker 
Campbell Alexander, 45 Bristo st 
Campbell Dick, Morning side 
Campbell James, 24 Loihian st 
Campbell Maxwell, 30 Tobago st 
Chalmers Condie, 26 Si .George st,L. 
Christie Alex.(ladieN')22 Charles st 
Christie and Son, 78 Princes st 
Chris-tie James, 92 Princes st 
Chri>tie John, 21 Union place 
Chrystal Cock burn, 14 Gret-nside p! 
Comb Robert, 24 Dundas st 
Corstorphine Peter, 15 Calton bill 
Corsiorphine Peter, jun. 16 West 

Register street [square 

CouperVVillian)&Son ,6 St. Andrew's 
Cowie George, 112 West poit 
Craig John, 7 Jamaica .st ^ 

Crease James, 12 Roniilly place 
Custard Robert, 19 Broughion st 
Dale Thomas, 30 Jamaica st 
Darling Robert, 6 Cowaate 
Davidxm Robt.47 Nurth Hanover st 
Dawson Charles, 5 Henderson row 
Dewar Alex. Cuming, 34 Leith st 
Dewar Andrew, 14 South College st 
Dewar John, 12 Leith st 
Dick Willirtm, Jock's lodge 
Diston Jnmes, 5 Shrub place 
D<i(lds Thomas, Queen st, Leith 
Donaldson Alex. 5 West Register st 
Dow James, 96 Rose st 

Dow James & Thomas, Leith st 
DowieJame&,57 North Frederick pi 
Downie James, 4 West Richmond st 
Duncan Robert & Geo 33 George st 
Duncan Thomas and Co. (to his 

Majesty), 59 Princes st 
Durie George, 23 Lothian st 
Edward John, 52 North Hanover st 
Falconer Duncan, 15 Brunswick st 
Fell John, 76 Leith st 
Fergusson Wm. 18 West Nicolson st 
Ferrier Robert, 25 Scotland st 
Findlayson NormanAlex.3 Bread st 
Finlay John, 14 South St. David st 
Forrest John, Canon mills 
Forrest John & Son, 96 Nicolson st 
Forsyth Alexander, Leith st 
Fiirsyth James, 49 St. Andrew st, L. 
Garland George, 19 Leith walk 
Georueson Alexander, 97 Princes st 
Glen George, 33 South Hanover st 
Glover Robert, 9 Charles st 
Giaham William, 43 London st 
Grandison James, 125 Pleasaiice 
Grant Donald, 401 Lawn market 
Gray Alexander, 28 Coal hill, Leith 
Gray James & Son, 7 Catherine st 
Gray John (ladies') ,35 Georae st 
Greenoak Robert, 42 Leith st 
Gregg John, 38 Leith st 
Gregory Thomas and William, 61 

North Frederiik st 
Gunn Andrew, 27 India st 
Gnnn John, 15 West Register st 
Hall William,jnn.513 Lawn market 
Hamilton A. & Son, 38 Lothian st 
Handy Patiick, Canon mills 
Harley Charles, 387 High st 
Hariey David, 78 Queen st 
Hartley Charles, 387 Lawn market 
Hay John, 10 Elder si 
Healy Martin (ladies'),74 George st 
Henderson Alex. 74 Broughton st 
Henderson & Son, 92 Rose st 
Henderson Francis, 17Grass market 
Henderson John, 43 Pleasance 
Henderson Wm. 2 Sandport st Ltli 
Henderson William, 7 Dublin st 
Henderson Wm.3 Abbey, Canongate 
Henry William, 20 Rose st 
Hewat James, 3 Candlemaker row 
Hill M'Cnllocb,43& 45 Nicolson st 
Hitchison Thomax, HI Rose st 
Hogg James, 31 Brisio st 
Hood Thomas, 150 Rose st 
Hunter Alexander, 26 Nicolson st 
Hunter James, 30 Homest 
Fnglis William, 15 Howest 
Inglis Wm.& Son, 11 Melville place 
James John & Son, 8 St. Andrew sq 
Jamt-s William, 9 Keir si 
Johnston David. 4 Catherine st 
Kay James, 15Gilmonr st, Simon sq 
Keighley Mattiiew, 33 George st 
Kennedy Daniel, 8 Elder st 
Keppie John, 41 New st 
Kinghorn John, 245 Caiiongate 
Kvie Jas.& Son, 2 Constitution st,L. 
Laidlaw EtizH, 137 Princes si 
Laing Ann (warehouse), 56(teorge st 
Laughton J as 1 Portland pi, Leiih 
Laurie & Kniibt. 41 Dundas st 
Lavvrie James, 3 Albany st 
Lnwson Georue, 11 East Tliistle si 
Learmonth Robert, 37 Bri<to st 
Ledgate Ji'hn,6St. Patrick's square 
Leslie Andrew, 121 Canontrate 
Leucliars James, 5 Admiralty st 
Lindsay Thomas, 8 High st 
Lizars Robert, .50 Charlotte st, Leith 
M'Anulty John, 73 St.Mary's wynd 
Macart James, 25 Brideest, Leith 
M'Clintock John, 85St. Mary's wynd 
M'Connan John, Echo bank [st 
iM'Craw Jiio. (warehouse) 249Higii 

Macdonald Donald, 12 North St. 

Andrew street 
M'Donald Colin, 12 George st 
M 'Donald Grant, 13 Athol place 
M'Douaal Jose|)h, 145 Pleasance 
M'Farlane Jas.&Soi),3 Brunswick st 
.M'Farlane William,4 Deanhaugh st 
M'George John, 499 Liwn market 
.M'Gill John, 48 Nicolson st 
M'Gill Thomas, 48 Potter row 
M'Growther John, 25 Tbi.-tle st 
M'lnnes John, 1 Queen st 
M'lntosh Daniel, 9 Drummond st 
M'Intosh Geo. 66 Candlemakei row 
M'lntosh Henry, 27 S. Richmond st 
Mackenzie Robert, 2 Pitt st [st 
IMarkenzie Wm.l North St. Andrew 
M'Laren J. 6 Duncan st 
iM'Laren John, 3 Claremont place 
M'Laren John, 10 Deanhaugh st 
M'Leod David, 4 Summer place 
M'Nicol Alexander, 16Brunswick st 
M'Pherson Andrew, 33 William st 
Main & Neilson, 5 Catherine st 
Main Edward & Son, 12 Elm low 
.Vlain Peter, 22 Leith st 
Marshall Andrew, Dean st 
Mason James, 385 Lawn market 
Mather & Co. 68 Princes st 
Matheson Donald, 13 Dublin st 
Mellrum James, 25 Jamaica st 
Melville Hugh, 1 Leven st 
Menzies James, 153 Rose st 
Menzies James, 12 Terrace, Leith st 
Menzies Robert, 118 Canongate 
Mercer William, 33 Klrkgate, Leith 
Michael John, 11 St. Anihony place 
Millar Alexander, 22 North-west 

Circus place 
Millar John, 14 Jamaica st [Leith 
Miller Andrew, 38 St. Andrew st, 
Miller James, 26 South Richmond st 
Milne & Reid, 22 Bank st 
Milne William & Sou (to her Ma- 
jesty), 100 George si 
Mitchell Robert, 357 High St 
Moir John, 39 Candleniaker row 
.Moir William, 239 Canongate 
Moo ly John, 35 Jamaica st 
M orison James, 31 Leith st 
Morris Hutih, 7 Kerr st 
Moriis William, 349 High st 
Morton James, 34 William st 
Mowat John, 10 Chapel st [st 

MuirHen. (ladies'), 4 Nth. St.David 
Muir Henry, jun. 27 Pitt st 
Muir James, 7 St. Patrick'.s square 
Muir Richard, 8 North-west Cir- 
cus place [Leith 
Munro Uobeit, 111 Constitution st, 
Munro Robert 29 Prdhooth wynd.L, 
Munro William, 13 West Adam st 
Muriav Henry, 26 Canongate 
Ness David, 24 Pitt st 
Nichol Andrew, 36 West Register st 
Nicholson John, 41 Leith si 
Nicolson Wildani. 61 Nicolson st 
Noiris George, 319 High st 
P-iris John, 98 Kirkgate, Leith 
Paris Robert, 1,38 Kirkgate, Leith 
Park 'I'lionias, 5 India place 
Park Thomas, 161 West port 
Paton Alex. 1 South-east Circus pi 
Paton Alexander, 62 Cleik st 
Peniiycuick George, 10 Gilmour st 
Peltie William, 60 Lauriston st 
Purdie George, Jock's lodge 
Pnrves John, 23 St. James' square 
Ramage George, 31 South Bridge st 
Reid Hugh, 28 Jamaica st 
Reid Peter, 24 India place 
Richardson Ramsay, 178 Rose st 
Riicliie William, .54 Cowgate 
Ritchie William, Haddington place 


IS&itt5ui'g5s!)ire. EDINBURGH, &c. 


BOOT J &c. MAKERS— Continued. 
Roberts James, 9 Stli. Riclimontl st 
Rdbertson James, 114 Rose st 
Robins William, 71 Rose st 
Robson Thomas, 18 William st 
Rolld James, 10 AJelvilie place 
Rollo Robert, 17 Duiidas st 
Ross Joliu, 1 Biouahtoii place 
Ross Wiiliam, 31 West R gister pi 
Rutherford Alesander(ladies' ware- 

liouse), 69 George st [st 

Rutherfurd Robt.( ladies) 138 Geoige 
Sawei s William, 25 l^ose st 
Scott Alexander, 109 Genrge st 
ScQit John, 54 Broiigbton st 
Seater John, 20 Kirktrate, Leith 
Seioii Patrick, 43 Caiidli maker row 
Shaw John, Saiidport st, Leith 
Sibbald Johi), 26 Carnegie st 
Simpson Thomas, 5 Tobago st 
Skilling John, 56 Bernard street, 

and 47 Kirkgate, Leith 
Sloan Thomas, 35 West Nicol-on st 
Smart Francis, 27 Kirkgate, Leith 
Smart John, 1 Queen st 
Suiith Archibald, 36 Diindas st 
Smith James, 5 Sonthamptoii st 
Smith Thomas, 2 Young st 
Smith William, 82 Princes st 
Smith William, 48 Rose st 
Somerville Chas. Bronahton nourt 
Somerville William, 3 Sibbald place 
Snuter Robert, 9 Ciighton st 
Spence David, 10 Kirkgate, Leith 
Stevenson Henry, 31 Queen^t, Leith 
Stewart Alexander, 29 Niddry st 
Stewart Aichibald, 11 Brunswick st 
Stewart James, 38 Queen st 
Stewart John, 10 Leith st [dens 
Stocks Andrew, 2 Old Physic gar- 
Strong Thomas, 5S Kirkgate, Leith 
Sunter Alexander, 23 Howe st 
Swan Douglas, 78 Nicolson st 
Taylor George, 55 Canongate 
Taylor George, 31 Leith walk 
Thomson David, 13 South Canal st 
'I'homson David, 29 Sth. Hanover st 
Thomson Eliz. 5 Bridge st, Leith 
Thomson Geo. 15 Charlotte place 
Thomson John. 10 Davie st 
Turnbull Alexander, 235 Canongate 
Tuting p]dw. 10 North St. David st 
Tweedale James, 20 Brunswick st. 

Stock bridge 
Van John, Jock's lodge [it 

Vainier A. (warehouse), 12 George 
Wallace Alexander, 57 Thistle st 
Wallace James, 96 Princes st 
Wallace Thomas, 10 Dublin st 
Watson Alexander, 72 Nicolson st 
Watson Peter, Middleton's entry 
Watt Robert, Abbey hill 
Waiters Alex. 3 Haddington place 
Webb John, 41 Thistle st 
Welsh James, 17 South St. Davidst 
Whitehead Jolin, 16 Piincesst 
Whitehead William (ladies'), 48 

Princes street [st 

WhitelawAlesaiidr. 32 Cumberland 
Whitelaw William, 7 Queen's place, 

Leith walk 
Wilkinson James. 71 St. Leonard st 
Wilkinson John, 25 West Thistle st 
Williamson Alexander, 19 West 

Cios-s causeway 
Williamson George, 277 High st 
Williamson John, 273 High'st 
Wilson Adam, 45 Yard heads, Leiih 
Wilson John, 60 West Thisile st 
Wilson John, 87 Leith wynd 
Wilson John, 34 Pitt st 
Wilson William, 19 Home st 
Yeam-in Charles, Campbell's close 
Young A. &G. 3 Dublin st 
Young Geo. 74 Northumberland st 

84 . 

Young John, 2 Sliakespeare square 
Young John, 8 William st 
Youm; William. 43 Clerk st 

Brown Robert, 2(13 High st 
Brvce Robert, High Market st 
Br'ydcn John & Sons, 80 Rose st 
Cncbrane James & Co. Gieenside la 
Cowan Thomas, Ctialmer's close 
Gibson William & Son, lOBroughton 

street, and at Dalkeith 
Haldaiie& Rae,5 01d Phy>ic gardens 
Laidlaw James and Rohtrt, Simon 

square and 96 Piiiices street 
M'Phersoii Alexander, Paul's work 
Milne J.imes & Son, Clialmer's close 
Moncrieff James, 126 Pleasance 
Neil and Glover (and gas lustre 

manufacturers) 39 George st 
Nimmo P. & J. 6 North Bank st 
Pdrves Eliz.l Nrth back of Canongte 
Raiiken John, 37 Leith walk 
Rol)b Alexander, New st 
Sharp Peter, 14 West Register st 
Slight James & Co. Panmure place 
Sturrock John, 1 Duke st, Leith 
Thomson Alex. 21 Greenside place 


Blair Charles, 5 North St. Andrew st 
Christie John & Son, 16 George st 
Cushnie Alexander, 56 Ldtb st 
Valance George (to His Majesty, for 

Scotland), 12 West Register st 
Welsh John, 54 Leith st 


Aitchison John & Co. South back 

of Canongate [bank 

Aitken Robert William, Meadow 

Alexander and Co. North back of 

Anderson Stephen, Burrowloch 
Barker Thomas, 8 Yard heads, L 
Bell, Kier & Co. 46 Pleasance 
Berwick Alex & Co. Gentle's close 
Black & M'Nair, 11 St. Anthony st, 
Leith [gate 

Blair John, 23 North back of Canon 
Brown George Bell, 71 North back 

of Canongate 
Campbell Archibald & Co. (& pur 
veyors of ale to His Majesty), 45 

Cowpar Thomas & Son.Drumdryati 
Cunniiighatu James D. 195 Cowsate 
Dirk Peter, Robertson's close, Cowgt 
Donald Ryrie, Horse wynd 
Drybroui-h Andrew, North back of 


Edinburgh & Leith Brewing Co. 

Playhouse close — Robert Disher, 


Fulton John, 80 Pleasance [st, L. 
Henderson & King, 69 Constitution 
Kerr James, 9 Sciennes st 
Kidd John, 6 St. Anthony st. Leith 
Kinghorn Alexander, Coburg st. L 
Lamond Peter & Sons,23 Grass nikt 
Muckenzie Robert Hall, 24 Sheriff 
brae [bank 

Maiiland, Davidson & Co, Meadow 
Miller John, 6 Hay st 
Mitchf 11 James Peter, Main point 
Brewery, 3 Lauiiston st [gute 
MuirJohn,28 North back of Canou- 
Napier George & Co. 28 Abbey hill 
Jennie Thomas, 15 Yard heads 
Ryrie Donald & Co. Croft an righ 
Scottish Brewery Co. Gt. Junc- 
tion st — Jamt-s Veitch, manager 
Usher & Cunninehani,101 Cowgate 
Usher James, 71 Potter row 
Young Richd. South back of Canon- 
gate [Canongate 
Younger Wm. & Co. Horse wynd. 


{See also Trunk and Portmanteau 

BoswcU Alexander (and bellows), 

50 Nicolson street 
Cameron Jatnes, 86 Abbey hill 
Cruch William, 40 North Bridge st 
Curie James, 125 Nicolson st 
DewHr Peter, 8 South Hanover st 
Finnie William, Mound place 
Hay Alfxander&Son,l04 Pli asance 
Liston Maigarei, Cant's close and 

76 Princes st ■ [Biirlge st 

Russell John (and bellows). North 
ScfPtt Morris, 67 Princes st 
Stevens Aiiti. 305 High st [st 

Steven-on Tlios. 113 Snuth College 
Thum.on Robert, High Market st 


Allison James, 5 Duncan st 
Armour George, 113 Kit kgate, Leith 
Bain William, Chain pier, Trinity 
BiebnerAlexander,18 Downie place 
Bruce Walter & Sons, 23 Charlotte 

street, Leith [Leith 

Biuce Williatn, 40 Constitution st, 
Clarkson William, 13 India st 
Cuthbertson & Bisset, Leslie place 
Dobsou Robert, 19 India st 
Drummond Geoige, 6 Scotland st 
Dryden John, Church st 
Duiilop Peter, 19 New st 
Field Thomas, High Market st 
Finlayson William, Thomas st 
FowlerGeo. & Alex. Ran dolph crscnt 
Gall Archibald, Biisto st 
Gibson James, 7 Saunders st 
Gibson William, 3 Rutland square 
Gilfillan J. Gibb's entry 
Gillespie James, 7 Nicolson square 
Glover John&Son,100 St.Giles st,L. 
Gordon Wm. & Soti,7 Anthony's pi 
Gowans Walter, 26 Dean st 
Graham William, Morning side 
Greig James, 6 Roxburgh terrace 
Grieve Robert, 2 St. John's hill 
narrower John, 16 Jamaica st 
Helton John. 7 North-westCircus pi 
Henderson Elsie, 5 Union st 
Henderson John, 3 Leopold place 
Henderson John, 2 Stafford sirect 

and Athol crescent lane 
Heiiiy William, 11 Scotland st 
Hill James, Earthen mound 
Houston Ptter, 8 Bread st 
Hunter William, Canaan 
Hutchison Robert, 1 Alva st 
Inverarily John, 26 West Canal st 
Ireland Gtorge, Old Piiysic gardens 
Kinghorn Hugh, Fen y road, Leith' 
Lorimer George, 2 Kier st 
Lot imer John, 11 Torphichen st 
Lunn John, Circus lane 
Marr James & Co. Lothian road 
Manle Charles, Sibbald place 
Maule George, Broughton lawn 
Maver John Alatthew, 2 Alva st 
Millar Nic.ol, 4 Tobago st 
Nicol John, 16 London st 
Nicol Jidm, 19 Lauriston st 
Paterson George, 13 Montgomery St . 
Pateison James, Lothian road 
Paterson James, 82 Rose st 
Paton David, 17 Greenside st 
Paton John, 66 Great King st 
Peter Jaiiies, 26 New st 
Ponton — , Howard place 
Pringle & Caldwell, 31 Nelson st 
Pringle Thomas, 14 Leven st 
Reid' William, 11 Calton st 
Ritchie James, 50 India st 
Robb John, 33 Cumberland st 
R<pbertson James, 233 High st 
RusselJohn,4Queen's pi, Leith walk 
Russell Alexander,St.Giies st, Leith 


EDINBURGH, &c. tcJJittliurgj^gjbire. 

Rullierf(ird James, Pillan' 
Scott Jas. & Thos. Bletihfini place 
Sc(»tt Tlioiiias, L()tlhi;in lOad 
Sheiinaii J'lhii, 24 Gayfi^ld square 
Sim Alexander, 6 Monigomeiy st 
Slica Alexander, Slirub place 
Smith Alex. & Kobt. 1 Clareuiont st 
Smith & (;tithhert>oii,6 Charlotte St 
Smiili & Wilson, 6 Gardner's crscnt 
Somuieiville James, 15 Jamaica st 
Starlv William, 49 London st 
Suthii-land J^mies, Lothian road 
Thomson VVilliHni,5 Soutli Jamesst 
Veirch Jolin, 48 West Riciimond st 
Wallace Lewis, 10 St. Ji)hn st 
Waterston John, 2 Lauiiston ter- 
race and Lei'h wynd 
Watsiin 'rininias, 1 Alva st 
Wilkie Kohert, 67 Great King st 
Wood William, St. James' square 
Young & Tiencl), 26 Royal crescent 
Young William, 48 London st 


Cooper Thomas, 2 North Bridge st 
Henderson W. & U. 293 Hith st 
Paterson Robert, 313 High st 
Reid William, 39 North Hanover st 
Reynolds Richard, 19 M'Dowall st 
Ross Thomas & Co 379 High st 
Tait William, 12 SoutI) Bridge st 


Marked thus* are aUo Upholsterers. 

Adam Alexander, 79 Ironside close 
Allan John, 40 India place 
*Allardice& Sclanders, 12 George st 
♦Anderson Alexander, 15 Howe st 
Anderson James, 174 Rose st 
♦Anderson John, 23 Haddington pi 
Ander.son John, 21 Greenside place 
*Auchie & Brown, 25 George st 
Bain James, 158 Rose st 
♦Banks William, 10 Si. Patrick's sq 
Banks William, 6 West Richmond st 
Biggar John, 68 Clerk st 
Biggar S. 23 East Thistle. st 
Brown James, 60 India st 
•Brown James & Son (and under- 
takers) 2 South Bridfie st [st 
♦Brown John And w. 18 S.St. Andrew 
♦BurkeJohn&Son,9 St. Andrew's sq 
Burns & Paterson. 272 Cowgaie 
♦Clurk & Rougii, 18 Leith walk 
Collins Erskine, 110 Rose st. lane 
*CousinsDriv.&J()hn,Newinginn rd 
Crow Scott, William st lane [st 
♦Cumming William, 2 South Castle 
Currie Robert, 1 Atibey [st 

♦Darlington Henry, 43 N. Hanover 
Dewar George, 7 Terrace, Leith st 
♦Dewar Robert, 2 St. Andrew's sq 
Dick Robert, High Market st 
Dickson James, 14 Tobago st 
Dippie George, 133 Ro^p lane 
Dobson David, 10 St. Patrick's sq 
Donaldson George, 5 St. Pal rick's sq 
Douglas John, 8 Causeway side 
Drummond James, 233 Cowgaie 
Durward Andrew, 5 Clerk st 
♦Easton James, 31 Greenside st 
Easton James, Queen's place 
Ellis Thomas, 17 Charles st [L. 
Finlay William, 270 Cowgate 
♦Forbes Alexander, 63 Princes st 
♦Frrtser Peter, 21 West Canal st 
Galloway James, 12 Rose lane 
Gibb A. Nottingha.i! place 
♦Gibb William, 20 George st 
Glen John, 239 Cowcate 
Grant John, Mills' dose 
Grant John, Kae's close 
Greensliields Ga>in R. 3 Mound pi 
Hamilion Thomas, Queen's place 
Harflie VViUiam, 65 West Thistle st 

Hay William, Rose lane, Dean 
Hay William, Haddon's court 
Henderson .Andrew, Circus lane 
Henderson William, Church lane 
*Hogg Walter, 38 Cumberland st 
Ireland George, Old Physic gardens 
Johnston John, 34 Tobago st 
Johnston Tliomas&Soris, 69 Rose st 
Kay James, 1 Teviot row, Bristo st 
Keddie Thomas, 14 Mehille place 
Kelt Charles, 349 Cowgate 
Kirkaldy John, Union lane 
Lamg John, 7 Young st 
Lawrie Junes, 32 Causeway side 
*Leitch Jas. Ander-on's pi, Leith wk 
Leslie John, 9 William st 
Macdnnald Alex. 12 Queeifsferry st 
Macdonald Archibald, 25 Rose lane 
Macay John, 12 South Castle st 
Macay Wm. 7 South Charlotte st 
M'Laren Peter, 20 Gieenside place 
M'Neill Robert, 2 Nelson place 
♦Malcolm John. 19 Leith walk 
Martin James, 255 Cowgate 
Middlemas Thomas, 73 Nicolson st 
Mitchell Robert, 55 Abbey hill 
*Morison Janies, 83 Geoige st 
MuirayAlex 1 North-west Circus pi 
Muriay Janies, Broughton lawn 
♦Murray Janies, 53 London st 
Murray John, 29 South Frederick st 
Murray Richard, 25 Dublin st 
♦Murray William, 12 St. Janies'sq 
Neill John. Circus I;me 
Nicholson George, 21 Duke st, Leith 
♦Nisbet Alexandr. 28 Haddington pi 
Oman William, 8 Biunswick street 
Patou Walter, Henderson's row 
Pearse Robert, 1 Nelson place 
PetersDav.8 Hamilton pl,Stockbdge 
Portebus James, 86 Cross causeway 
Ramsay John, Jamaica street lane 
Reid James, 31 Watergate 
Reid John, 3 Ingliston st 
Robertson Alexander, 166 Rose st 
♦RobertsonE.D.&W.57&I23High st 
Robertson William, 1 Thistle st lane 
♦Rutherford William & Son, An- 
derson's place, Leith walk 
Scott James, Circus lane [pi 

♦Scott James &Thoinasl Blenheim 
Seaton Robert, 28 Howe st 
Shiells John, Clerk st 
Sinclair Malcolm, 8 Mound 
Smith Andrew, 5 Howe st 
Smith George. Jamaica st lane 
Smith Robert, 23 West Canal st 
Somerville James and Alexander, 

Mill's close, Canoiigrtte 
Stewart Daiiiel, Monteith's close 
Stewart Janus, 37 New st 
Stewart James, 60 India st 
Strachan James, Broughton st 
Taylor John, 55 George st 
Thomson George & Son, 88 High st 
Tod George (and wood merchant), 
252 Cowgate and Sth.Gray'sclose 
Trotter Robert & John, Young st 
♦Trotter William, 9 Princes st [L. 
Wallace Thomas, 5 Hope st 
Watson Andrew, Rntlaiul place 
♦Watson James, 109 George st 
♦Watt Andrew, 1 Maitland st 
Whytock Alexander, 52 India st 
Wiuhtman William, 8 Duke st,Leith 
Wilkes John, 82 Rose street lane 
Wishart David, 69 Thistle st 


Anderson Robert, 148 Kirkgate & 

96 St. Giles's, Leith 
Cairick Andrew, jun. 12 West port 
Common William, Paul's works 

and Union place 
Hope Geoige, 78 St. Giles st, Leith 

Hunter Peter* Son, 149 West port 

and 28 Fountain bridge 
Leith Candle Company, 18 South 
Frederick st, & Old Sugar House 
close, Leith — J no. Smith, managr 
.Millar Robert, 19 Candlemakerrow 
Miller Robert. 93 Hi^h st 
MitchellGiierson,48Cross causeway 
Rouijh Mrs. James, 124 Nicolson sS 
Thomson James, 3 Castlebarn [st 
Thomson Kobert&Jaines,52 George 
Whyte John, 87 Nicolson st 


Paterson Jean, 33 Bernard st, Leith 
Watson Alex. Stead's close, L.walk 


See fVrights and Carpenters. 


B.iuks John, Canon mills 

Duncan & Greig (and cloth ware- 
house), 178 High street [st 

InglisGeo.jun.(&nioreen) 95 Princes 

M'Crie William and Co. (dealers), 
7 South Hanover street 

Thomson James, 93 Leith wynd 


Brown David, 158 Causeway side 
Chalmers David (& coach) Green- 
side row 
Deuholm William, 4Raehurn place 
Forrie Thomas, 16 Casscls place 
Henderson Albeit, 86 Abbey hill 
Keir John, Easter road 
Lowrie John, Abbey hill 
Richardson James, Orchard field 
Taylor Francis, Morton's entry, L. 
Thomson James, Duke st, Leith 


AUardice John, 24 West Register st 
Anderson Tbs. 17 Sth. Frederick st 
Baptie Andrew, 8 Melville place 
Baptie David, 32 Princes st 
Chalmers & Son, 58 Leith st 
Dick Adam, Carrubber's close 
Goldie George, Mount place 
Hay David Ramsay, 89 George st 
Hepburn Simon, 65 West Thistle st 
Ironside Edmund, Stevenlaw's close 
Kay James, 5 Greenside place 
Lawson William, 37 Blair st 
Lily & Co. (& looking glass manu- 
facturers), 66 Candlemakerrow 
Mitchell John, 59 High st 
Noble Thomas, 84 High st 
Paton Hugh (& picture frame ma- 
ker), 25 & 57 Horse wvud college 
Pringle David, 79 High st 
Ritrhie James, 4 Assembly st, Leith 
Robeitson James, 27 W. Nicolson st 
Robertson I'homas, 99 Princes st 
Roche James, 4 Market place 
Smith & Macfarlane, 5 Elm row 
Smith John, 9 Shakspear square 
Stampa Francis, 5 Broughton st 
Steele John, 20 Calton hill 
Taylor Thomas (and picture frame 

maker), 2 Foith st 
Urquhart Leslie Janies, 31 Elder st 
Walker James, 31 George st 
Waterston Alexander and Co. 1 

Robertson's buildings 
Zerboni & Co. (and looking glass 
manufacturers) , 8 & 9 Gallon st 


Clark & Rough, 18 Leith walk 
Thomson Martin, Lyon's close 
Thomson Mattw.24Wairision'sclse 


[See also Grocers.) 
Ballantine John, 19 Sth. Hanover st 
Davies James, 326 Lawn market 
HlndmarshGeorge,60 Grass market 
Richardson Fiaiicis,28 Grass market 
Som(-rville John, 298 High st 


fElKinliursMire. EDINBURGH, &c. 

i^tgot $c Co/j5 


Begbie Elizabeth, 43 Piiiices st 
Ciager Jaiie&Maiy,l St.Aiidrewsq 
Dick Isabella, 4 St. Andrew's sq 
Duncan Misses, 140 Geor;!e st 
Smith James, 39 Noitii Hauoverst 


(5ee also Glass Cutlers, and also 

Earthenware Dealers.) 
Adams George, 6 Low iMaiket st 
Adams Wm. 42 & 43 South Bridge st, 

29 George st & 1 Low Market st 
AndersoH James, jnii. 20 Cleik st 
Anderson William, 13 Bread st 
Armstrong Mary, 23 Bi idlest, Leith 
Bailey Joseph & Wm.24 Grass inrki 
Bow^tock Saml. 49 West port [rw 
Bradford J no. & Co.32 Candlemaktr 
Brown Hugh, 5 Low Market st 
Brown Samuel,4 South Hanover st 
Brown Wm. Henry, 2 Waterloo pi 
Child William, 22 Catherine st 
Clarkson Robert, 1 Duke sr, Leith 
Cock burn Robert & Son, 25 South 

Bridge sti eet 
Conner Thomas, 20 Home st 
Crager Philip, 37 George st 
Cunningham James, 19 Howe st 
Fraser John, 40 South Bridge st & 

102 High st [market 

Glenny William and Co. 30 Grass 
Henderson Williani,13 Greensidest 
Heiidrie John, 51 South Bridge st 
Johnston David, 244 Canongate 
Low John, 57 George st 
Mackay J.D. 58 Albany st 
Mathison Margaret, Home st 
Rlurphy Thomas, 2 Cowgate 
Murray James, 32 Dundas at 
Robertson Walter, 5 North-west 

Circus place [derick st 

Sheppard Margaret, 23 South Fre- 
Smail & Co. 35 Candlemaker row 
Smiles Tbos. 14 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Stewart James, 194 Canongate 
Stewart James, 72 George st 
Siott William, .37 Dundas st 
Watson Fras. 3 Old Physic gardens 


Marked thus # are also Surgeons. 
(See also Surgeons.) 
Baildon H. C. 73 Princes st 
Batchelor T. 60 Cross causeway 
Byres Alexander & Co. (and soda 
water manufacturers), 21 Bernard 
street, Leith, and 27 George st 
Chey ne & Sirt e,12 South Hanover si 
♦Crambe William, 1 Hopest 
*Cumming John G. 98 High st 
Duncan, Flotkhart and Co. 52 
North Bridge st [Broughton st 
•Faiibairn Thomas and Co. 44 
•Fletcher Neil, .32 Howe st 
Gardner James, 58 George st 
•Glover & Co. 43 West Nicolson st 
•Graham George, 32 Bristo st 
•Grant Alexander, 15 Broughton st 
•Grieve James, 5 Toll cross 
•Hatton David, m. D. 24 North- 
west Circus place 
Jamieson Robert, 4 Deanhaugh 
•Kerr Thomas, 25 Leith st 
Lees Alexander, 34 Lothian st 
Lindsay Robert, 11 Elm low 
Macdonald & Co. 119 Nicolson st 
•M'Donald Lewis, 160 Kirkirate, L. 
•M'Donald Robert, 2 Si h. College st 
•.vi'Dotiald Tertins, 13 Catherine st 
Macfarlane J. F. 21 Jamaica st 
Macfarlane John, 17 Nth. Bridge st 
•Macintosh Oiinald,8Caiiseway side 
Mackenzie Wni. 21 Bridge st, Leith 
M' Knight Samuel, 1'67 ftose st 


•Marshall Alexndr.83 Shore, Leith 
*Mariin John, 24 Cmiptrst, Leith 
•Menzies William, 8 Spence's place 
Millar Charles, 52 High st 
*Milne Jamts, 27 Earl Grey st 
Milrier Ebenezer, 168 High st 
*Milner James and Ebenezer, 2 

Duke st, Leith [st 

Moifiit William, & Co. .53 Nicolson 
^Murray James, 150 Kirkgate, Leith 
Orrock James and Company, 30 

St. Andiew's square 
Pugh& PIews(tothe King),.33Prin- 

cess st and 35 Northumberland st 
Rainus J.& R. (wholesale), Smith's 

place, Leith walk 
Robertsfin James, 35 George st 
Roy Mrs. 29 Tobago st 
Scott & 0:r, 67 Princes st 
•Smith T.& H.25Dukest 
Smith Walter, 58 South Bridge st 
•Stobie Adam, 39 Shore, Leith 
•Stobie Robirt Low, 5 Hor.^e wynd 
Stringer Charles, 13 Calton st 
Tait Mrs. Walter, 61 Bristo st 
•Taylor James, 16 West bow 
Thorn Alexiidr. & Co. 78 Queen st 
Waugh Robert, 139 High st. [st 

•Wilkinson John, 48 Nth. Hanover 
Wilkinson Wm. Jas. 48 Princes st 
Wilson John, 30 Clerk st 
•Wil.soii Robert, 91 Canongate 
•Yonng William, 22 Downie place 


Astly Thomas, Bonnington 
Donaldson & Anderson, 9 St. Giles 

street, Leith 
Kemp & Co. 7 South Coljege st 
Moir George, 2 Paul's work 


{See also Engineers.) 
Anderson Janus, 2 Shandwick place 
Bald & Geddes, 65 York place 
Buchanan George, 14 Dundas st 
Dick David, 2 Baxter place 
Dundas John F. 42 Albany st 
Grainger & Miller, 108 George st 
Jarriine James, 18 Queen st 
Johnston Patrick, 7 Union st 
Ritson James, 3 Salisbury square 
Stevenson Roliert, 84 George st. 
Wilson John, 26 Clarence st 


Bair Fidelle, Llnion Place 

Clark James (steeple). Old Assem- 
bly close 

Hoptoii James Kiiie,22 Greensidest 

Hopton John, 382 High st 

Hopton William, 315 Canongate 


New Club, Princes st 

LTnited Service, Queen street — 

David Campbell, esq. secretary 

Brooks Abraham, Faiiniihgston st 
Carfrae Thomas, Carfrae's entry, 

Canongate [Leith walk 

Carse David &James, Orchard field, 
Clerk & Co. Lothian road 
Croall John & William, York lane 

and 10 Leith walk 
Gall & Yellovvlees, 17 Greenside pi 
Hutciiison& Co.St.Cuthbert's glebe 
Inglis William, 4 Rose st 
Learmonih John & Co. 4 Princes st 
M'Innes liobert. Dean st 
M'Nee James, 40 George st 
Marshall William, 12 Bri-to st 
Millar Alex. 25 Waterloo place 
Peebles Andrew, 29 Leiili walk 
lleid George & Co. King's stables 
Scoit David, 8 Union st 
Simpson George & Son, 58 Abbey 

hill and 18 Waterloo place 
Speuce & Macfarlane, Mound 

Stoddart John, 40 Pleasance [st 
Thomson Jas.& Jas.lO Queens ferry 

Burn Adam, Mint 


Cay & Johnson, 7 Greenside place 
Steele William, 86 Rose st 


Croall & Co. 2 and 11 Piinces st 
Piper Edward and Co. 1 Catlierine 

st and 10 Princes st 
Scott and Son, Waterloo hotel, 20 

Waterloo place 
Turnbull &.Co. 1 North Bridge st 


Tod James & Son, Greenside lane 


Allan Charles, Stnrrie's alley, Leith 
^llan William, 10 Port Hamilton 
An(lrewJolin,jun.l2 Port Han)ilion 
Armstrong Robert (agent], 5 Rail- 
way dep6t 
Arniston Colliery Office, Rail- 
way depdt — R. Alexander, agent 
Arnold James, 4 Mackenzie place 
Arnoi Andrew, 277 Canungate 
Arnot James, 41 Bucclengh st 
Begbie Peter, 23 Constitution st, L. 
Begbie Thomas, 7 Railway depOit 
BriggsJohnS.K 1 St. Leonard's I;i 
Biovvn Charles, 6 Railway dejx^t 
Brown Robert, 3 Railway depot , 
Burns J. 5 Port Hamilton 
Caledonian Coal Compy. Earthen 

Campbell & Hogarth, Wardie 
Charleston Coal Co. 1 Queen st 
Cockhurn Robert, 11 Brandcm st 
Cotkburn Robert, Rose lane 
Cockhurn Samuel, Lothian road 
Cook John Major, 6 Nottingham st 
Craighall Colliery Depict, Rail- 
way dep6t — John Moffat,manager 
Craigie James, Citadel port, Leitli 
Ciawfoid James, 16 Freestone yard 
Dawson James, 1 Port Hamilton 
Deas William P. 9 Port Hamilton 
Dunn Elizaheth,26Yard heads, Leith 
Erskine Robert, 8 Bridge st, Leith 
Foirest John, 4 Runkeillor st 
Fox Michael, 1 St. Leonard st 
Glen Robt. &Jolin,l Port Hamilton 
Gorman Jamis, 8 Port Hamilton 
Gray Mrs. St. Leonard st 
Greig John, 7 Port Hopetonn 
Haig Margaret, 6 St. Andrvvst,Leith 
Hamilton the Duke of (coal pro- 
prietor), Port Hamilton 
Hills John, 6 Port Hamilton 
Hogg David, 116 Kirkgate, Leitli 
Holme Chiisfopher, 3 Cobourg st 
Humble John, 7 Port Hamilton 
Hunter Alex. St. Andrc-w st, Leiih 
Jackson David, 35 Sheriff brae, Leith 
Johnston & Thorn (agents), 11 Port 

Johnston Robert, 8 Port Hopetoun 
Johnston Wm. 5 Port Hopetoun 
Johnstone P. H. 1 Royal depiyt 
Kennedy James, 2 Port Hamilton 
Kerr William, 6 P(ot Hopetoun 
Kinniburgli David, lOPort Hopetoun 
Leechman Alexander (agent), 2 

Railway depot 
Lyall Alex, (manager foi the Mar- 
quess of Lothian's colliery) , Rail- 
way depdt 
Lyall John, 34 Charlotte st, Leith 
Macintosh Alex. 15 P<irt Hamilton 
M'Neill William (agent), 21 St. 

Leonard's lane 
M'Pherson Jam(S, 1 Port Hopetoun 
Miller Rbt. (agent) ,4 Port Hopetoun 




Miillo & Mackay (agents), 26 !St. 

Leonard st fnaid st 

Miin-ay 'I'ho.s. (agent), 22 St. Leo- 
Noble John. 14 Port Hopetoiin 
Northumberland and Durham 

Coal Co. 10 Kife place, Leitli 
Patoii James, Brunswick st 
Pollock Alex. 17 West Nicolson st 
Rankin Peter, 13 Constitutioii st, L. 
Scott Alexander. 3 Port Hopttoun 
Small James, 4 Port Hamilton 
Somerville James, 28 St. Leonard st 
Stenliou<e A. & ^l. Railway depOt 
Stevenson Mrs. 50 Rankeillor st 
Stevenson Thomas, 42 VVhitefield 
Stewart John, 90 Constitution st,L. 
Smart Gonion, 19 Port Hamilton 
Sntherland D(niaUI, 16 Broughlon st 
Tait Robi-rt, 4 Richmond place 
Tait Thomas (agent), Hamilton pi. 

Siockhridge [place 

Torrance Alexander, 14 Richmond 
Vallance John, 16 Poit Hamilton 
VValdie James, 32 Whitefield's place, 

Leith walk 
Watson & Handyside,l Spence place 
VVaitAlx. H.(afrent),4 Riilwydepdt 
Wilson Archibald, Broughton st 
Wilson RJrs. (aaent). Railway depOt 
Wilson Mr.s.W. (agent). Railwa\(lepdt 
Young Samuel, Old Churr h st,Leiih 


Dawson VVilliam(& »arnish),Norih 
British Colour Works, Elhest, L. 
Millar Alexander, 5 Shoie, Leitl) 
Tully J. C. &^Co. Assembly st. Lei h 


Blackball William, 21 New st 
Cameion D. C. Wonttith close. Old 

Pliysic pardt-ns 
Carstairs John, 30 Leith walk 
Murray Alexander (London ware- 

honse), .39 Leith street 
Murrav George B. (ivory&tortoise- 

.shell),33Leiih walk 
Murray William, 143 Grass market 
Stevenson Robt. 2 Terrace, Leith st 
Whitehead Alexander, 153 High st 


[See also Bakers.) 
Aitcl'.ison & Sons, 77 Queen st 
Allan David,. 33 Pitt st 
Blaii Robert, 4 South Bridge st 
Campbell James, 1 Archibald place 
Cunimiiig James, 60 West poit 
Cnrrer Margaret, 105 Nicolson st 
Currie James, 21 High street 
Davidson Frs. 47 Nih. Frederick st 
Doull, Sinclair & White (& British 

wine makers), 74 Princes st and 

21 Nicolson street 
Emily jHmes,.30 Kirkgate, Leith 
Emily William, 42 Bridge st, Leith 
Farquharson David, 215 Cowgate 
Ferguson Alex. 1 Melbourne place 
Eraser John, 6 North St. Andrew st 
Fraser Lillias,69Norlhumher]and st 
Galbraith Peter, 40 Howe st 
Govvan Charles, 8 Elm row 
Graham James, 103 Nicolson st 
Grant John, 61 Shore, Leith 
Gulland Lawrence, 216 Cannngate 
Jackson James. 3 Castle barns 
Keiller John, 85 South Bridge st 
Lamb Thomas, 19 Leith st 
Lee Thomas, 48 Princts st 
1/ittlejolin Thomas, 33 Leith st 
Wackie John W.8 South Hanover st 
M'Nauclit Jatnes,45 North Bridge st 
Maury Anthony, 142 George st 
Miller Elizth. 44 North Hanover st 
Miller James, 128 Kirkgate, Leith 
Miller John, 26 South Hanover st 
Morrison James, 31 Low Calton 
Munro John, 108 Grass market 

Nourse Elizabeth, 79 Piinces si 
Ralph John, 48 & 50 Tolbooth wynd 
Ramage John,5 Hope st [place 
Rankin & Paterson, 4 Sonth Union 
Ridpatli David, 36 Nicolson st 
Itobertson Janie.s, 24 High st 
Scott Ebenezer, 1 South College st 
Shiels Robert, 109 High st 
Shiels William, 214 Canoiigate 
Steele Robert, 17 Queen st 
Stewart James (and Italian ware- 
house), 34 South Hanover st 
Stewart Maiy, 111 Nicolson st 
Taylor Maigaret, 5 Charlotte place 
Thorbun'i John, 15 Nicolson st 
Tweedie M rs. 8 North St.Andrew st 


American, Robert Grieve, 1 James' 

pi, Leith links [pi, Leitli 

Belgian, John Mitchell, Laverock 

Brazilian, James Boog, South St 

Andrew street 
Danish, Cunningham Borthwick, 
Leith mills & William Ferguson, 
31 Drummoiid place [Ann st 
French, Le Chevalier Angrand, 12 
Netherlands, Gecrge Aitchison, 9 
Bernard st, Leith [docks, Leith 
PoRTUGUESRjKheiiezer Watson, Wet 
Prussian, James Gibson Thomson, 
49 Plinces st, and 28 St. Andrew 
st, Leith 
Russian, David Thorn, 19 Constitu- 
tion st, Leith [st, Leith 
Spanish .James Gordon, 39 Quality 
Swedish and Norwegian, Thomas 
Hutchison, Dock place, L.eith 


Marked thus * are also Fish Curers. 
*Adamson John and William, 24 

Duke st, Leith 
Alexander Thomas, Fox lane, Leith 
*B!ackie Walter, 5 Mitchell st, Leith 
Combe James, Combe's close, Leith 
Crease James, Main point 
Dryburgh Neil, 39 Mitchell st, Leith 
Ewing William, Low Calton 
Grieve David, 17 West Canal st 
♦Hampton William, Dock st, Leith 
* Harvey John, 6 Sand port st, Li ith 
Henderson Andrew, Castle bank 
Hill Robert, Innes court, Pleasance 
Hunter Philip, 6 Sibbald place 
Kid David, Cable wynd, Leith 
LairdAriihony,01d Naval yard, Leith 
Lindsay William, 24 Buccleugh st 
M'Intosh .Andiew, Cross causeway 
M'Laren William, Legget's land 
*Melhuen James, 95 St. Giles st, L. 
.Mitchell John, Mint 
.Vluir Win. 7 Old Biidgeend, Leith 
Muiray John, Ronaldson's wharf.L. 
Neilson George, 13 Brunswick st 
*Neilson J. 26 Queen st, Leith 
Ntilson James, 13 Water lane, Leith 
Pentland Young John, Spence place, 
Bonninglon road [Leith 

*Rubertson David & Son, 10 Elbe st, 
Robertson Wm. 5 North Bank st 
Roxburgh George, Rose st lane 
Russell George, Old Green market 
*Sinclair Wm. 18 St. Giles st, Leith 
Sinclair Wood (& stave merchant), 

4 and 6 Mitchell st, Leith 
Somerville James, 1 Hamilton place 
Stevens William, Leith walk 
Train William, 63 Albany st 
Watson James, Dickson's close 
Young James, Dock st, Leith 


Marked thus * are alsoBr.nziers. 
Brtjckley George, 12 Catherine st 
*Dickson Henry, Greensidelane 
♦Gentleman James, 69 Shore, Leith 
*Hendeisou George, Low Calton 

*KayJohn, 20 Niddry .st 

Sinclair Alex. 21 Tolbooth w\iid,L. 

Wallace John, 13 Sandport st,Leith 


Ancrum J. W. 152 Rose st 
Ancrum John, 1 Bernard st, Leith 
Dalglei-h & Son, 242 Canongate 
Dow John, 21 Salisbury st 
Flockhart David, 12 Infirmary st 
Fieeman David, 27 Simon square 
Fyfe Neilson, Morton's entry, Leith 
Goudie Robert, 110 Kirkgate, Leith 
Gray Andrew, 118 Kirkgate, Leiih 
Innes Robert, 26 Queen st, Leith 
Lnmond A. & D. 23 Grass market 
Mackay William, 87 High st [L. 
Mirylees Andw. 31 Tolbooth wynd, 
Nelson Jamc s, 103 Cowgate 
Smith James, 43 Charlotte st 
Tait William, 90 Abbey hill [close 
Urqnhart Alex. jun.701dFismaiket 
Veitch John, 141 Kirkgate, Leith 


Alison James & Alex. Bank st, Leith 
Anderson VVm.31Constitut^on st,L. 
Balfour John ACo.201dNaval yd.L. 
Beadie J. C.37 Sheiiiff brae, Leith 
Bell James & Co. 50 Bernard st, L. 
Clark John, 20 Greenside st 
Couston David,3 Sherriffbrae, Leith 
Downs Alexander, 2 Duke st,Leith 
Dudgeon John & Co. 6 Kirkgate,L. 
Kraser James,59Tolbooth wjnd.L.. 
Fulton Francis, 1 Old Bridge end, L. 
Fulton John & Son. 54 Shore,Leith 
Gibson & Walker, 165 West port 
Goddard W.M. Meetinghouse yd,L . 
Grindlay,Cowan&Co.4Bernard st,L 
Hogg David, 116 Kirkgate 
Ker Thtmias, 13 Roxburgh st 
Lindsay & Lawson, 15 Cowgate 
M'Farlane Alexand^,55Con^titulion 

st, Leith [tution st, Leith 

Maxwell, Marshall & Co.l7 Consii- 
Mitchell William, 47 Clerk st 
Morton & Martin, 19 Quality st,L. 
Newton & Somervail (factors), 9 

Quality st, Leith 
Robertson A. P. 23 Quality st, Leith 
Stevenson Ths.ll7Constiiutionst,L 
Thomson George, 217 Cowgate 
Thomson Wm. John's lane, Leith 
Tod John, Tolbooth wynd, Leith 
Watson John, 42 Constitution st, 

Leith [st, Leiih 

Watson John, jun. 42 Coustituiion 
Williamson James,43 Bernard st,L. 
Wilson Wm. 31 Yard beads, Leith 


See Stay Sf Corset Makers. 


Crease William & Sons, 421 Lawn 

Jeffrey William, Riddle's close 
cotton spinners. 
Prestonholm Spinning Companv, 

14 Timber bush, Leith 


Cafe D.S. 24 Elder st 
Kerr J. D. 6 Elder st 
Mapleson Henry, 41 George st 
Muir Alexander, 3 Rose court 

Aitken Wm.Baiid's close, Westport 
Alexander Robert, Gullan's close 
Birrel Andiew, 64 Potter row 
Boak William, West port 
Boyd Robert, jun. Tanner's close, 

VVest port 
Biyce Robert, King's stables 
Callendar Tliomas & Son, 21 Yard 

heads, Leith 
Doig James, 9 Seinple st 


iEDiittliurgDsSire. EDINBURGH, &c. 

^mt & ®o/is 

CVRRIES.S— Continued. 
Donaldson &,Poiteus,I3()y(rs dose, 

Caiiongaie [Canongate 

Gilmonr William, 49 South back of 
Girle George H. Noilh Gray's close, 

125 Hieh St 
Hunter William. 9 Lauriston st 
Isles Andrew, 97 Pleasance [gate 
James David, Boyd's close, Canon- 
Johnston Adam, 66 St. Mary's wynd 
Johnston David, 68 St. Mary's wynd 
Alilne Thomas, Boyd's, Ca- 

ndwg.iie [iioiigate 

Russell William, Boyd's close Ca- 
Rutheifoord J no. World's end clo*e 


Booi; Thomas, 105 High st 
Bruce Henrv, 66 South Biidge st 
Craigie William, 39 Rose i«t 
Hilliard & Sons, b'.i South Bridge st 
Mackenzie David, 48 Nicolson st 
Mackinlay Finlay, 3 S. Hanover st 
M'Leod John, 3 South College st 
Mar tin M ary ,55Tolb<>()th w nd , Leit h 
Rogers Jos.& Sons,92 Sih. Bridge st 
Stevenson John, 3 Inrtimary st 
Vouiig Archibald, 79 Piinces st 


Anderson Robert, 45 Princes st 
Archer Andrew, 29 Elder st 
Corbett William, 59 Queen st 
Dassauville N. 18 Geoige st 
HogueRobeit, 14 Hill st 
Huichins Thomas, 36 Charlotte sq 
Johnston John, 43 Piinces st 
Mein Aichbld.& Alex. 102 Georgest 
Merrilees John, 44 Howe .>it 
Nasmyth Robert, 78 George st 
Orrock James, 2 York place 
Roberts W. A. 11 Duke st 
Smith John, 12 Dundas st 
Spence John, 50 Great King st 
Veiich John, Brouxhton st 
Vernon Wni. Francis, 2 Teviot row 
Watt M. J. 17 Roxbuigh st 


Banks John, 13 North Biidije st 
Kiikvvood Alexander, 3 Meuse lane 
Nicol Robert, 37 North Birdge st 
Sclater Robert & Soii.ll S.Bridge st 


Booth, Haig and Company, Leith 

distillery, Bonnington 
Haig James & Son, Lochrin and 

Sunhury— offices, Lochrin, & 12 

Royal Exchange 


See 3Iilliners and Dress Makers. 


{See also Chi/ mists and Druggists.) 

Cheyne, Biuce and Co. 12 Soutli 

Hanover st [walk 

Raimes J.& R. Smith's place, (ieith 


Cameron Andrew (& colourman). 

Regent arch, Calton 
Craig & Rose, 21 Greenside place 
Lees John, 509 Lawn market 
Richardson Francis, 28Grass market 
Richardson Rali)h&Co.l05 West bow 


Berry William, 30 Dundas st 
Cassie James, 7 Brunswick st 
Cooper William, Heriot's buildings, 
Leith walk [square 

Crombie Andrew & Son, 19 Brown 
Currie Robert, 25 Leith walk 
Cushnie& Smith, .34 S. Frederick st 
Dickson David, 117 Kirkgate, Leith 
Fraser Mrs, 43 Lothian st 
French George T. 153 Rose st 
Gibson James, 21 Greenside place 
Gibson James & Co. 90 Nicolson st 


Hay Wm. Cooper, 7 Heriot's bldgs 
Lawrie Alex. 6 Water lane, Leiih 
Lawrie Alex.& Son, Chalmers close 
Lindsay Thomas, 77 Bronghion st 
M'liitosh & Co. Tolboiith wjnl 
RMntosh ftlary, 89 Abl-ey hill 
Mackenzie Wiiiiam, 106 Rose st 
M'Quillen William, 4 Poitland pi 
Page John, 15 Lothian st 
Paterson William, 1 Toll cro»s 
Paterson William, 87 Princes st 
Pattison Mary, 21 Bnmsvvick st 
Pi)lloik David, 47 Lothian st [pi 
Pollock David, 22North-west Circus 
Pollock Georye, 90 Princes st 
Roger Alex. 24 West Cross causeway 
Siine Alexander, 60 Nicolson sr. 
Siirlins Mrs 1 Adam st [Leith 
White Thomas, 30 Tolbooth wynd, 


{See also China, HfC. Dealers.) 
Berry Isabella, 11 Charlotte place 
Beveridge Euphemia, 32 Bridge st, 

Brydon John, 255 Canongate 
Cousland Jas.36 St. Giles st, Leith 
Deans Mary, 9 Kerr st 
Dunse Agnes, 70 Canonirate 
E(;go Edward, 19 South Castle st 
Feigusoii Jane, 1 Sandport -t, Leith 
Ford Elizabeth, 3 Deanhauah st 
Gi-ntle John f& rag), 8 Bristo st 
Haniilton A. 6 North Richmond st 
Henderson & Co. Canal st and Old 

Poultiy market 
Johnston Isabella & Son, 81 St. 

Andrew's st, Leith 
Kenny Julia, 3 Chapel st . 
Pater.«on Archibald, 13 Canning pi 
Ritcliie Robert, 7 Hay's court 
Robertson Alexandrina, 4 Commer- 
cial place, Lei'h 
Stewart Robert, 51 Pie sane e 
Sutherland Jas. 4 Greenside place 
Thorburn Jane, 16 North-west 

Circus place 
Trotter Agnes, 97 Kirkgate, Leith 
Young John, 33 Berwick st 


(See also Civil Engineers,') 
Bertram William, 12 East Scien- 

nes street [Leith 

Bnrstall Timoihv & Son, King >t, 
Maxton James B. and C". Leith 

Engine Works, Commercial place, 

and at Alloa 
Morion Sainnel, Smith's place, 

Leith walk [Leith 

Mowat Thomas, Admiralty street, 
Redpaih, Brown & Co. 84 Candle- 
maker row, and 80 Constitution 

street, Leith 
Ruthen John, 2?, New st 
Slight James & Co. Panniure place 
Sutherland & VVatson, 1 Sandport 

street, Leith 

{See also Engravers — Seal; Engra- 
vers on H'^ood, and also Litho- 
Aikman Alexander T. 23 Bristo st 
Aiknian George, 29 North Bridge st 
Allison William, 34 Brougbton st 
Archibald Geoige, 54 Bristo st 
Banks William, 2 Windsor st 
Bartholomew George, 6 Leopold pi 
Bartholomew John, 4 East James st 
Bell and Co. 2 Gabriel's road 
Bell Roht. (historical) 13 Hill place 
Beugo John, 54 South Bridge st 
Bird John B. (portrait), 60 North 
• Frederick street 
Brown John, 5 North Bridge st 
Clark Robert, 64 Leith st 

Clerk Thomas, 22 St. James' sqnaie 
Cowan TliOmas,2 Uoxbuigb terrace 
Dick Thomas, 47 Lothian st 
Edmonst()nFrancis,25Ntli Bridge st 
Fisher John, 15 South College st ~ 
Fowli r John, 31 Dundas st 
Fox James, 81 Nico^on st 
Gavin Francis C. 7 Elder st 
Gavin Hector, 2 Soiiih St. Davi I st 
Gellatly Jolin, 10 West Register st 
Haig Heniy, 7 Brighion st 
Home Robert, 10 Terrace, Leiih st 
Horsbnrgb John, 5 An'bihald place 
Ho«ison William, 227 High st 
Irvine John, Dick>on's clo*e 
Jeffrey Robeit, 22 South H.-moverst 
Johnstr)n William and Alexander 

Keith (to ihe King), 160 High st 

and 107 George street 
Johnstone John, 94 South Bridge st 
Kirkwood James & Son (and globe 

makers), 11 South St. Andrew st 
Lizars William H. 3 St. James' sq , 
Lnnn Robeit, 138 Nicol>on st 
Menzies John, 20 North Bridge st 
Mitchell Edward, 24 Greenside place 
Moffat J. Moirison's close 
Mould J. B. Bishop's close 
Murphy William, 23 Bristo st 
Murray John, 31 Brougbton place 
Scott Robert. 65 Princes street 
Smart R. C. 20 Elm row 
Stewart Charles, 74 Rose st 
Street Francis, Dickson's close 
Tod Jolin, 16 Hunter square 
Townsend Fiank,10 South James st 
Turner James & Co. Lothian road 
Walker & Co. 2 North Bridge st 
Watt David, 37 North Bridge st 
West John, 13 Adam st 
Wright Andrew, 12 Beaumont place 

Bruce James, 3 Potter row 
M'Pherson Daniel, 10 Nicolson st 


Butters Lawrence,8 South Bridge st 
Denchar Alexander and Co. (and 

genealogists) 73 George st 
Forbes Henrv, 57 Princes st 
Fraser Robert and Co. 17 South St. 

Andrew street 
King Jatne«, 59 Princes st [st 

Kiikwood Harry. 11 Sth. St.Andrew 
Laing Heniy. 14 Infiiinary ft 
M'Dowall John, 23 South Bridge st 
M'Kean James, 23 Clyde .st 
.M uiriochCharles, 30 West Register st 
Sandeisnn John, 32 St. Andrew's sq 
Watt David, 37 North Bridge st 


Harvey John, 64 North Bridge st 
Howden Frances, 20 Register st 
Lyon James William, 25 Princes st 
MuUer and Co. 44 Princes st 


Aiikens James, 14 Potter row 
Anderson Da\id, Bristo st 
Dnncaii George, Loihian road 
Gifford Nicol, 46 Bucchugli st 
Kennedy Janies, 24 Rose lane 
Knight jidin, 158 Rose street lane 
Mather Tims. 6 Nottingham place 
Polio, k Peter, 83 Ro-e street lane 
Ritchie Thomas, Thistle street lane 
Thomson John, Coltbridge 
Wardhaugh William, South back of 


Marked thus * are Agencies. 
*Albion, Andiew Muir, 11 South 
Bridge st [York place 

•Alliance, William Drummond,5 
*Argus, Peter Watt, 21 York place 
* Atlas, J no.Cain pbell ,29 Heriot rw 




•British, David Murray, 8 South 
Hanover street 

Caledonian, H.D.Dickie.manager, 
and John Moinet, secivtary, 13 
Bank street, and Robert Gunn, 15 
Bernard street, Leitli 

•County (fire) & Provident (life) 
William Miiir, 13 Quality st.Leiih 

•Crown, William B. M'Ktaii, 26 
Shore, Leith 

•Crown (life), James iM'Dowall, 6 
Bnxter place 

•Eagle (life) , Archibald W.Gdldie, 

2 Queen street [Albany st 

• *EcoNOMic (life) John Maiiland,52 

Edinburgh Life Assurance, G.L. 
Findlay, manager, William Dick- 
son, secretary, 24 George street — 
(See advertisement) 

•European (life) Wm.M'Hutchen, 
60 Norih Bridge street 

Friendly Insurance Society, 48 
North Bridge street 

•Globe, William M, French & Co. 
68 Princes st, & Wm. M.Goddard, 
Meetinghouse green, Leith 

•Guardian, Hugh Mitchell, 4 St. 
Andrew's square 

Hercules, John Wood, manager, 
67 North Bridge st, and William 
Allan & Son, 34 Bernard st, Leith 

•Imperial, Goold and Gibson, 84 
Great King street 

InsuranceCompany ofScotland, 
David Berwick,niana2er,178High 
street, and James Balderston, 
secretary, 6 Maitland street 

•Law (life), David Cormack, 7 
North St. Andrew street 

•London Assurance, Leven and 
Alison, 10 Dundas street, and 
James Miller, 20 Nelson street 

•Manchester, Francis Burke, 40 
York place 

North British, James Borthwick, 
manager, and John Brash, secre- 
tary, 1 South Hanover st 

•Norwich Union, Jardine, Stod- 
dart & Eraser, 31 Princes st 

•Palladium, J. Cockburu, 32 St. 
Andrew's square [st 

•Pelican, Jas. Balfour, 14 George 

"^Phcenix, James M'Dowall 6 Bax- 
ter place ; Robert Allan, 11 Royal 
Exchange, and Andrew Muir, 11 
South Bridge st [Exchange 

•Protector, Robt. Allan, 11 Royal 

•Royal Exchange, James G. 
Thomson & Co. 49 Princes st 

Scottish Amicable (life), John 
Robertson, 15 Royal Exchange, 
and G. H. Watson, 52 Albany st 

Scottish Equitable (life) Robert 
Cliristie, manager, 1 George st 

Scottish Union Assurance Cor- 
poration Company, Sutherland 
Mackenzie, manager,47 George st 

Scottish Widows' Fund Life As- 
surance CoMPY. John M'Kean, 
manager, 50 St. Andrew's square 
— [See advertisement) 

Sea Insurance Company of Scot- 
land, Robert Gibson, manager, 
4 George street 

Standard Life AssuuanceCompy. 
William Thomas Thociison, secre- 
tary, and James A. Cheyne, ma- 
nager, 21 South St. Andrew st — 
{See advertisement) 

•United Kingdom (life) Augustus 
. Maitland, 1 South Charlotte st 

'*UNivERSAL,Wight & Reid,16 Pitt st 

•West of England, Francis Came- 
ron, 10 South Hanover st ; John 
Hamilton, 1 Scotland street, and 


Geo. Gibson, 69 Constitution st.L. 

West of Scotland, Jol)n Robert- 
son & Co. 15 Royal Exchange 

* Westmi nster (life) David M urray, 
6 South Hanover street 

*yoRKSHiRE, Donald Smith Peddie, 
1 George street ; Geoige Gum- 
ming, 16 Dublin st, and William 
Gavin, 1 Dock gates, Leith 


See Coopers. 


Douglas John, 61 Princes st 
Ellis John, 60 Princes st 
Mackenzie Alex.25 North Bridge st 
Phin William, 34 Norih Bridge st 
Rawson William, 153 High st 
Thomson Charles, 44 Piinces st 
Wilson Robert, 23 Princes st 


Anderson Archbld. 3 Old Fisbmarkt 
Anderson John, 109 George st and 

2 Old Fishmarket 
Brown Jane, Southern market 
Caird Margaret, 1 Old Fishmarket 
Clark John, 78 Sliore, Leith 
Dalziel Roliert, 108 Rose st 
Daudson Ann, 79 Queen st 
Mair & Gibson, Southern market 
Moffat Andrew &Richd.46 Dundassi 
Moffat Duncan, 6 Quecnsferry st 
Noble Andrew, Bioughion market 
Reid Gilfilan, Old Fishmarket 
Ross Elizabeth, Southern market 
Ruthfciford Christian, Southern mkt 
Stevenson James, 60 Queen st 
TurnbuU Alex.32Tolbooth wynd,L. 
White Alexander,3Riddle's close,L. 
Wood Francis, Bristo port 
Chadwick John and Son, 82 South 

Bridge street 

Balfour Thomas, Carrubber's close 
Gillon Alx.& Sons,64Grass market 
Morris Andrew, Dickson's close 
Ruthei ford James, 9 Niddry st 
Stratheury Wm.&Co.l5 Nicolson st 


Affleck Archibald, 9 Home st 
Aitchison Samuel, 50 Duiidas st 
Alexander Alexander, 1 Water la,L. 
Anderson Alexander, 142 Rose st 
Anderson George, Middle market 
Anderson Jas. 14 East Richmond st 
Anderson James, 44 Bristo st 
Anderson William, Middle market 
Archibald John, 43 Home st 
Begbie Thomas, 3 West Nicolson st 
Bell Richard, Middle market 
Black Charles, High market 
Blackie John, 4 Shrub place 
Borthwick Thomas,60 Broughton st 
Broomfield James, 29 Kirkaate,Lth 
Biyden James, 34 Kirkgate, Leith 
Buchanan James, 7 Middle market 
Burns John, 33 & 34 Middle market 
Burns Ptter, 35 Middle market 
Bust John, 124 West port 
Button James, Southern market 
Campbell George, Middle n)aiUet, 
Campbell 'Fhomas, 47 Home st 
Carmichael Robett,9 Portland place 
Carmichael Wm. Broughton stmrkt 
Cathie Thomas, 35 .Middle market 
Charles George, 39 Thistle st 
Charles William, Middle market 
Chisholm Adam, 75 Northuniber- 
land street [bet 

Chisholm Robert.Stockbridge mar- 
Clark Andrew, 3 Cumberland st 
Clark Daniel, High market 
Cochrane Henry, 20 Tobago st 
Cold well James, 4 Bristo st 

Conning James, 2 East Register st 
Cossar J. 107 Causeway side 
Cowan Charles, Middle market 
Cowan Geoige, Middle market 
Cowan John, Cowflesh market 
Crawford James, Hercles st 
Crease William, Middle market 
Cunningham A lex.20New market , L. 
Cunningham Wm. 61 Broughton st 
Currie Francis, 41 Leith wynd 
Cusine Jami s. 26 Bernard st, Leith 
Dalifleish David, 15 Bread st 
Dickson Edward, 49 London st 
Dores Tliomas, Low Flesh market 
Dudgeon J.& W.IO New market.L. 
Duncan John, 12 Buccleugh st 
Dunlop Adam, Stockbiidge market 
Fairley John & Co. 51 Kirkgatc, L, 
Falconer Robert, 100 Canongate 
Ferguson William, 10 Richmond lane 
Finlay Archibald, Commercial pl,L. 
Finlay Thomas, Middle market 
Forbes Robert, High market 
Forgie Robert, 3 & 4 Middle market 
Forgie William, Veal market 
Fiench James, 52 Clerk st 
Geddes John, 7 Bridge st, Leiih 
Gird wood John P. 28 Bridge st, L. 
Gowanlock Walter, 12 Chapel st 
Grant John, Middle market 
Grant William, 38 Rose st 
Gravett James, 46 North Hanover st 
Gray James, Middle market 
Gray Robert, 117 Grass market 
Gray Thomas, 8 East Register st 
Greenfield Andrew, Veal market 
Guy John, Middle market 
Haig James, 142 Kirkgate, Leith 
Hall George, 31 Lothian st 
Hall John, 36 Clerk st 
Halliday Adam, 171 West port 
Halliday Francis, 28 Canongate 
Halliday Francis, 21 Haddington pi 
Hamilton James, 16 New market, L. 
Hamilton John, 15 New market, L. 
Hepburn David, ftliddle market 
Hope Andiew, 60 Queen st 
Hope James, 24 Union place 
Howe James, 125 Causeway side 
Hunter George, 1 Newmarket, Leith 
Hunter Robl. 189 Pleasance [L. 
Hutchison Matiw. 14 New market, 
Huiton John, 32 Middle market 
Imrie William, 16 St. Anthony's pi 
Inch John, 4 Souih Howard place 
Irvine John, 13 Queensferry st 
Johnston Alexndr.4 Queensferry st 
Kelloch Alexander, Middle market 
KilgourHenrv, Brunswick si market 
Knowles Andrew ,20 Middle market 
Lamg John, Brouahton market 
Law Robert, 1.55 Rose st 
Lawrie John, 5 High maiket 
Lawrie William, Veal market 
Lawsou John, 89 High st 
Leighlou Robert, 19 William st 
Logan Richard, 108 Canongate 
M'Donald Alexander, 2 Antigua st 
M'Ewen Edward, Middle market 
M'KailHne John, 6 Middle market 
M'Gill Geoige, 2 Mel>ille place 
M'Gregor William, High market 
M'Millan Archibald. 6 High market 
M'Millan George, 18 Dundas st 
M'Millan John, Broughton market 
M'Millan Thomas, 3 Union st 
M'Millan Thomas, High market 
Marshall Adam, 118 Nicolson st 
Marshall Robert & Son,31Dunda3 st 
Martin Thomas & Son, 79 Queen st 
Mason George. 82 Pleasance 
Mather Alex. 30 VVest Richmond st 
Mather James, Newliaveii 
Mather William, 5 India place 
Meek Stephen, Middle market 


3EJ3ltnl)UrffD»tJt«, EDINBURGH, &e. 

pigot ^ ©o.'3 

FLESHERS Continned. 

Miller Thomas, Middle maiket 
Mitchell James, 5 Middle market 
Mitchell Robert, Middle market 
Moffat Andrew, 1 Couper st, Leith 
Moffat Thomas, 23 Middle maiket 
Moffat Tlioinas, 9 Argyle square 
Moodie James, 3 Middle maiket 
Moiham Roheit, 20 High st 
Murray George, 9 Cowfjate 
Murray Jolm, 8 St. Patrick's square 
Nisbet and Sou, 2 Pitt st 
Paterson Robert, 19 Richnioiid place 
Pluiniiier Alexudr. 14 Middle mai kt 
Pliiinmer Beiijaniiii, Veal market 
Plunimer Joliii, Middle market 
Plummer Robert, 36 Middle markt 
Porteous John, 65 NorthHanover st 
Pow Thomas, 6 Carnegie st 
Rankin David, 241 Canongate 
Ilaiikin Da\id, 46 Causeway side 
Rith;trdson Fraser, Low Flesh niikt 
Richardson Robt.3 Broughton mrkt 
Ricliardson Willinni, Middle market 
Ritchie James, Southern market 
Robertscm Henry, 527 Castle hill 
RobertS'in John, 22 Bristo st 
Scoit Andrew, 26 Lothian st 
Scott J aims, 49 St. Leonard st 
Scougall John, Southern market 
Shnrtreed Adam, 8 Antigua st 
Simpson Boyd,48 Charlotte st,Leith 
SmiirtJas. & Robt. Middle market 
Smart John, 15 West Nicolson st 
Smith James, Middle market 
Smith William, 10 West port 
Sommerville John, 23 Canou?ate 
Steeilmaii John, Southern market 
Steele William, 3 Hill place 
Stew;irt David, 22 Conper st, Leith 
Swan James & Son, 26 iMiddle mrkt 
Tait George, 46 Tnl booth wynd, L. 
Taylor James, 44 Cleik st 
Taylor 'I'homas, 12 Middle market 
Thoin William, 75 Brouehtonst 
Thompson James C. 25 Thistle st 
Thomson James, 2 Raebutu place 
Thomson Robert, 11 New market 
Thyne William, Stockbridge maikt 
Tod John, 35 Queen st, Leith 
Trotter Thos. 25 & 26 Middle markt 
Trotter Thomas, Hinh market 
Tnnibull Robt.24West Richmond st 
Tvveedale Robert, 2 Cobourg st, L. 
Walker Thomas, 1 Drummond st 
Waters John, South Clerk st 
Waterston James, Newhaven 
Watson William, 5 Portland place 
Welsh James, 102 Rose st 
Welsh James, 3 Rose st 
White Andrew, 17 Catherine st 
White James, 10 Elder st 
White John, 5 Greenside place 
Whyte Andrew, 221 Canongate 
Wight George, Broughton market 
Wight William, 210 Canongate 
Wilkie Duncan, 8 Middle market 
Wilkie William, 1 Pitt st 
Wilson James, Scotland st 
Wilson Jas. outside Southern markt 
V/ilson Robert, 133 Rose st 
Winter John, 29 William st 
Wiiiier Robert, 1 Jamaica st 
Winter Thomas, 58 Thistle st 
Wood James, 79 Nicolson st 
Wood John, Southern market 
Young James, 76 CanoiigHte 
Young John, Stockbridge market 
Young Peter, Stockbridge market 


Gibbon Daniel, 15 Waterloo place 
Inglis George, jun. 95 Princes st 
Norrie Robert and Son, 121 Highst 
and 24 West Register st 


Wilsliere Michael (and paper hang- 
ings), 9 Waterloo place 


See Nurserymen, Sfc. 


Baillie John, 56 Clerk st 
Boyd, Bayne & Co. 41 Princes st 
Brabner Andrew, 1 Green market 
Bremner John,7 Chailotte st,Leith 
Byrie John, 2 Stafford st 
Carsfairs John, 8 Howest 
Emlay William, 9 Leith st 
Foot Robert, 1 Green market 
Fraser A.M. (wholesale) 14 Elm row 
Kinneburgh Robert, 106 West bow 
M'Lean Dongal, 74 Princes st 
Peat David, 45 Whitefield place 
Reikie James, 46 Lothian st 
Rennie Margaret, 2 Leiili st 
Stewart Alexandei, 50Kirkgate, L. 


Aitnew John, 30 Blair st 
Aitken Mrs. 196 Covvgate 
Barker Peter, 146 Cowgate [st 

Beatiie Robert, 34 West Richmond 
Boiinar Peter, 262 Cowgate 
Boon Robert, Fox lane, Leith 
Brack Jane, 54 Bristo st 
Brodie William, 250 Cowgate 
Bryden William, 254 Cowgate 
Burgoine Michael, 190 Cowgate 
Callan Peter, 136 Cowgate 
Carlow Thomas, 139 Cowgate 
Carolan John, 245 Cowgate 
Clark Thomas, 13 Pleasance st 
Cowan Peter, 197 Cowgate 
Darge Jane, 147 Kiikgate, Leith 
Doheriy Peter, 144 Cowgate 
Fletcher William, 249 Cowgate 
Garland Jacob, 74 St. Andrew st,L. 
Glen Alexander, ,321 Cowgate 
Glen George, 16 Greenside st 
Godfrey John, 106 Cowgate 
Gorman James, 120 Covvgate 
Gorman Nathaniel, 343 Cowgate 
Goskirk Alexander, 164 Cowgate 
Gray George, 5 North Richmond st 
Harley Christina, 51 Charlotte st,L. 
Haughy Catherine, 347 Cowgate 
Henderson James, 40 Cowgate 
Holmes Wm, 11 & 15 Horse wynd 
Imrie Marv, 4 Charlotte st, Leith 
Jeffrey F. 240 Cowgate 
Laing Thomas, 76 St. Andrew st, L. 
M'Call Peter, 118 Cowgate 
M'Donald Donald, 289 Cowgate 
M'Donald John, 124 Cowgate 
M'Donald Ronald, 242 Cowgate 
M'Glasiian John, 261 Cowgate 
Mackay William, 3 West Adam st 
M'Lachlan James, 301 Cowgate 
M ' Lauchlan J no.264 & 339 Cowgate 
M'Leod Margt. 16 St. Andrew st,L. 
Mallan Peter, 229 Cowgate 
Mount Cliarles, 243 Cowgate 
Mount Robert, 237 Cowgate 
Muir Peter, 200 Cowgate 
Murray John, 200 Cowgate 
O'Doniiel Daniel, 156 Cowgate 
Poller William, 244 Cowgate 
Raeburn James, 258 Cowgate 
Scott James, 43 Low Calton 
Sim William, 10 Bristo st [lane 
Stevenson Archbd.&Co.EastThistle 
Sword James, 22 South Hanover st 
Tuinbuil Adam, 35 Low Calton 
TurnbuU Alexander, 213 Cowgate 
Wall David, 2 Ingleston st 
Wishart Margaret, Fox lane, Leith 
Wright Hannah, 15 Blair st 


Grieve Robert, 77 South Bridge st 
Irvine ThoniaSj 34 Blair st 

Macalpin W. & H. 23 George st 
Whyiock Rinhd.& Co.5 & 7George5t 


Adcock Gilbert, 36 Leith st I 

Dick Catherine, 35 George St !" " 
Le Ry Joseph, 37 South Hanover « 
Manuel & Co. 129 Highst 
Prince Ann, 34 Princes st 
Small Elizabeth, 57 Nicolson st 
White James, 69 Princes st 


Aitken Alex.& Co. 30 &32 George st 
Callam Thomas, 64 Shore, Leith 
Er^kine William, 121 Kirkgaie, L. 
Gair James, 53 Clerk st 
Gibson James B. Earl Grey st 
Gibson Wm. & Son, 10 Broughton st 
Gillespie Alexndr. 62 Broughton .st 
Hardie.Roddani &C(>.7Broughton»t 
Mackenzie John, 15 Rose st 
Marshall James, 4 Barony st 
Marshall John, 15 West Register st 
Miller John, 6 Vennel 
Rloncnr John, .35 Rose st 
Nimmo P. & J. 6 Bunk st 
CochianeJames&Co. Greenside liine 
Laidlaw James & Robert, Simon sq. 
& 96 Princes st [High st 

Milne James & Son, Chalmers close, 
Nimmo P. & J. 6 Bank st 


Hinshelwood James, 19 3t. John st 
Hiushelwood Robt. 15 Richmond pi 
Glen Robert, 7 North College st 
Rankin Francis, 16 Picardy place 
Rankin John, 37 Leith walk 


Bailey and Co. (flint) 25 Greenside 
place ; manufactory Portobello 

Brown William Henry (flint, to the 
King) , 2 Waterloo place [st 

Crooks, Bonai & Co.(crown) 5 Blair 

Edinburgh & Leith Glass Co. 
Salamander st, Leith — Aichibald 
Geddes, manager ; Alexander 
Turiibull, cashier. 

Ford Jno. South back of Canongate 


[See also Painters, and Plumbert.) 
Allan & Field, 27 South Frederick st 
Baxter John & James, 18 Leith st 
Bookless George, 66 Rose st 
Breck John, 15 South Frederick st 
Bridges Thos. 69Tolbooth wynd,L. 
ErskineWiHiani,121 Kirkgate,Lehh 
Gibson James B. Earl Grey st 
GibsonJohn &Son, 11 Bridge st,Leith 
Henderson Meiigies(& game dealer) 

71 North Hannver street 
Henderson John, 32 George st 
M'Gill Edward, 105 Rose st 
M'Gregor John, 86 St.Gilesst, Leith 
Moncur John, 35 Rose st 
Wilson James, 27 Howe st 


Sutherland Patrick, Gilchrist's en- 

tiy, West 
WriKht Thomas (& dealer in foreign 

coins), 25 New street 


See Jewellers, Goldsmiths, 8fc. 


{See also Grocers — IVholesale ; also 
Spirit Dealers, and Wine and 
Spirit Merchants.) 
Adam Robert, 26 William st 
Affleck Robert, 26 St. Leonard st 
Aikman Archibald, 50 Grass market 


EDINBURGH, &c. WiinMv^mvt. 

Aim John, 16 Satidpoit st, Leith 
Aird ^ Son, 59 North Haiiovir st 
Airth James, 35 ToUiooth wyud,L. 
Aitchison John, 49 Cowgate 
Aiikeii George, 27 Richmond place 
Alexander James, Allisoii's place 
Alexander Jno.44 & 74 St. Giles's, L. 
AlexanderWm. 20 Water lane,Leith 
Alston John, 2 Bristo st 
Anderson Henry Stewart, 40 Noith 

Hauover street 
Anderson Jas.42 West Richmond st 
Anderson William, 1 Coburg st, & 

24 Cooper st, Leith [drew st 

Anderson William, 3 North St. An- 
Angus James, 38 William st 
ArchibJiId John, 27 Cumberland st 
Armstrong John, 29 Hercles st 
Ariol Thomas, 91 Princes st 
Bain John, 19 Calton st 
Baird Al' xander, 232 Cowgate 
fiaird John, 52 Lothian st [st 

Ballaiitine &Gardner, 67 Sth. Bridge 
Barron J ames,22 South Frederick st 
Bell Thomas, 184Canongate 
Black & Son, 21 Canongate 
Blackie Andrew,! Old Physic grdns 
Blackwell Thomas, 18 Union place 
Boag Agnes, 28 Broiighton st 
BorthwickThomasjSlCanse wayside 
Borthwick William, 1 Tobago st 
Bowe Wm.r& Thomas, 143 Kirk gate 
Bowie William, 12 Bridge st, Leith 
Brash David, 26 Coalhill, Leith 
BroBgh William, 1 Morrison st 
Brown D. 29 Clerk si [ongate 

Brown Jas. 96 North back of Can- 
Brown Thos. & Andw. 40 Dublin st 
Brown William, 160 Cowgate 
Brown William, 10 Pitt st 
Brownlee James, 2 Melville place 
Bruce Daniel, 4 Barony st 
Buchanan James, 4 Causeway side 
Buist William, 20 South Hanover st 
BulmanPeter,10 & 62 St. Leonard st 
Burton & Co. 262 Canongate 
Calder David, 112 Canongate 
Cameron Donald, 27 Thistle st 
Cameron John, 14 Rose st 
Campbell George, 13 Elbe st, Leith 
Campbell Georgiana, 3 India st 
Campbell Henry, 515 Ijawn market 
Campbell Hugh, 20 Salisbury st 
Candlish William, Newhaven 
Chi>.holm J. & J. 34 West port 
Chisholm Walter, 1 GUmore place 
Christie — , 30 Greeriside st 
Christie David, 3 Nelson st [gate 
Christie Jno.18 High st&183 Canon- 
Christie Margaret,9 Salisbury place 
Christie Robert, 53 Niii. Hanover st 
Christie Thomas, 82 High st 
Christie Thomas, 76 Shore, Leith 
Clapperion John, 263 Cowgate 
Clark G. & A. 1 Kim row 
Clark John, 21 South Castle st 
Clarkson William, 9 Kerr st 
Cochrane Tliomas, 16 William st 
Collier Thomas, 12 Cowgate 
Colquhoun Peter,70 Cumberland st 
Colvin George, 2 Charles st ' 
Cooper Jane, 14 Greenside row 
Corner William, 49 Nth Hanover st 
Corstorpliitie John, 19 St. Giles st 

and 114Kirkgate, Leith 
Courhrough William and John, 19 
Greenside st [wynd, Leith 

Cowan Charles & Co. 13 Tolbooth 
Crabbie Millar, 17 Canongate 
Craig James, 6 India place 
Craig Margaret, 123 Canongate 
Crentr John, 60 South Bridge »t 
Crighton James, 4 GlanvLUe place 
Crow James, Newhaven 
Gurrer & Dickson, 6 Antigua st 

Dalgleish R. 217 Canongate 
Darling William, 47 Nicolson st 
Davidson Francis, 79 Queen st 
Davie William, 100 West port 
Davies James, 326 Lawn market 
DickAlexnder.MitchelljBHuntley st 
Dickson Alexander, 3 Elder st 
DixonRoberl(& Italian warehouse), 

81 G(orge strtet 
Dads George, 87 Canongate 
Donaldson George, 1 Mackenzie pi 
Di)naldson John, 16 India place 
Dowiiie James, 15 Elbe st, Leith 
Dudgeon Archibald, 17 Downie pi 
Durward John, 21 Cassel's place 
Dymock James R. 3 Nicolson st 
Edie Alexander, 88 Abbey hill 
Elliott William, Morning side 
Fairbairn Alexander, 13 Elder st 
Fairbairn John, 4 Elm row 
Fairley James, 67 Lauriston place 
Ferguson Duncan, 12 E. Richmond st 
Kerrier John, 15 Carnegie st 
Fife Alexander, 207 Cowgate & 61 
Potter row [& 17 Home st 

Fife James & Co.108 Causeway side 
Findlay William, 16 Simon square 
Fisher Alexander, 1 Montague st 
Ford James, 27 West port 
Ford Thomas, 228 Canongate 
Ford William, 16 Kirkgate, Leith 
Forsyth Waiter. 28 Bread st 
French John, 28 Bernard st, Leith 
Galloway Alexander, 197 High st 
Gardner Alexander, 259 High st 
Gardner James, 225 High st 
Gibb Thomas, 139 Nicolson st ~ 
Gillespie John, 1 Castle barns 
Gowan John, 11 Sanders st 
Gowan Thomas, 449 High st 
Giaham William, 128 Canongate 
Grav & Co. 1 Argyle square 
Gray James, 103 High st,45 Leith st, 

339 Canongate, and 1 Niddry st 
Greig Andrew, Trinity 
Hamilton James, 17 India place 
Hardie James, 12 Melville st 
Hargrive Andrew, 117 Cowgate 
Harper David, 52 Cross causeway 
Has well James, 27 Grass market 
Hay John, 40 Broughtan st 
Hay Peter, 19 Haddington place and 

1 Pilrig place 
Henderson Alexander, 81 Canongate 
Henderson John, 64 Lauriston st 
Hender.'on John, 7 William st 
Henderson William and Son (& oil- 
men), 106 Smith Bridge st 
Hepburn John, 50 Broughton st 
Hepburn Robert, 4 Downie place 
Hill James, 175 High st 
Hill James, 91 Kirkgate, Leith 
Hill John, 3 Sandport st, Leith 
Hill John, 113 Cowgate 
Hill John, 2 West port 
Hill William and Robert, 45 North 

Frederick street 
Hislop Lawrence, 5 Baker's place 
Hogg John, Newhaven 
Hopkirk Thomas, 25 Charles st ' 
H(irne Piter, 7 Arthur st 
Howison D. & E. 16 Nicolson st 
Hume Mrs. D. 33 Lothian .st 
Hunter & Co. 1 Kerr st 
Hunter Andrew, 46 High st [row 
Hunter Andrew & Son,Candlemaker 
Hunter J, 17 Freestone yard 
Hunter Mrs. 23 South College st 
Hunter William & Thos. 7 Bristo st 
Hutchison & Bowe,20 Couperst, L. 
Hutton Robert, 71 Nicolson st 
Innie Andrew, 1.59 Fountain bridge 
Inglis David, Howard st 
Isbister Thomas, 184 High at 
Jack John, Newhaven 

Jackson Thos. St. Cuthbert's glebe 
Jackst)n Thomas, 15 Romilly place 
Jamieson Gilbert, 66 Grass market 
Johnston Jas. 22 South St. James st 
Johnston John, 39 St. Andrew st, L. 
Johnston Thomas, 43 Dundas st 
Kay John, 26 Charles st 
Kedslie Alexander, 34 South Hano- 
ver street and 8 Deanhaugh st 
Kennedy Robert, 11 M'Dowall st 
Kennedy William, 1 Parkside st 
Kerr Alexander, 21 Richmond place 
Kerr Alexander, 29 Nelson st 
Kerr James, 89 Nicolson st 
Kerr Robert, 6 Richmond lane, 57 

t'leasance and 66 Bristo street 
Kettle John, 246 Cowgate 
Kidd Alexander, 274 Canongate 
Kilgour Wm. 43 North Bridge st 
King James, 31 High st 
Kirkhope John. 24 India st 
Laidlaw Mrs. 45 William st 
Laing Margaret, 18 Sth. Frederick st 
Law Robert, 68 Thistle st 
Lawrie Thomas, 40 Clerk st 
Legget Robert, Leggei's land 
Lewis James, 6 High Market st 
Lewis John, 9 High Market st 
Liddell David, 115 West port 
Lindores William, 15 Princes st 
Linklater James, Morning side 
Linn Henry, 23 Heiclcs st 
Low Mrs. Alexander, 85 Canongate 
Lyon William, 29 Cowgate 
M'Call Andrew, 6 Dublin st 
M'Crae John, 2 Clarence st 
M'Dougall John, 57 Niddry st 
M'Dougall John, 18 Howe st 
M'Duff William, 25 Bread st 
M'Evven John, 19 South Hanover .st 
M'Ewen 'ihos. 37 North Castle st 
M'Farlane William Husband and 

George, 46 Howie street 
M'lntosh &. Hunter, 287 Cowgate 
Mackenzie Charles, 65 Brougliion st 
Mackenzie J ames,32St. Andrew's sq 
Mackenzie John, 148 Princes st 
Mackie John, 10 Mansfield place 
M'Kinlay David, 108 Canongate 
M'Lachlan John, 28 & 30 Rose st 
M'Laren Joseph, 1 Clerk st 
M'Lanchlan Peter, 34 Nth. Castle st 
Maclean Charles, 2 India place, 5 
Queensberry st,& 5 Summer place 
M'Leod William. 7 Elm row 
M'Nab Peter, 106 Cowgate 
M'Neil John, 491 Lawn market 
M'Pherson Peter, Frithfield, Leith 
M'Vitie Robert, 129 Rosest 
Malloch Duncan, 1 M'Dowall st 
M arshall Thomas, 16 Freestone yard 
.Martin Hugh, 19 Carnegie st 
Martin William, 5 Brunswick st 
Mason John, 35 Kirkgate, Leith 
Mathieson James, 1 Sandport st, L. 
Meek John, 88 High st 
Meikle George, 70 Grass market 
Melrose Andrew and Co. 83 South 
bridge, 122 High st & 93 George st 
Menelaws James, 19 Dublin st 
Menelaws Wni . 143 & 145 George st 
Mill William, 33 West poit 
Millar Mrs. Gemge, 11 Athol place 
Millar James, 24 St. Andrew st, L. 
Mitchell John, 140 Nicolson st 
Mitchell Samuel, 2 Lothian st 
Mitchell William, 106 West port 
Moffat John, 85 Broughton st 
Moffat John, 27 Abbey hill 
Monro George, South Canal st 
Moon Charles, 7 Duke st 
Morison Marv Ann, 22 Dundas st 
Mould Andrew, 139 Kirkgate, Leith 
MuirheadMrs.Robert,155 West port 
Munro George, 12 Canal at 




m^ot & ©o/jj 

GROCERS; Sec— Continued. 
Murray & Son, 1 West Adam st 
Murray J. & E. 1 Charlotte st, L. 
Murray Janet, 2 Middle Arthur st 
Murray William, 71 Grass market 
Musliet John, 1 Dalrymple place 
Naismith John, Trafalgar lane, L. 
Ncilson John, 13 Hope st 
NfilMm Robert Lindsay, 33 Elder st 
Nicholson Daniel, 39 Broughton st 
Nicholson David, 36 Canongate 
Oliver William, 1 Mansfield blace 
Pairman John, 85 Kirkgate, Leith 
Pairman Wm. 3 South Richmond st 
Paris Thomas, 61 Cumherland st 
Park Arcliibald&John,5 Hunter sq 
Paterson & Co. 8 Melville place 
Pattrson Charles, 53 Broughton st 
Paterson James, 9 Earl Grey st 
Paterson Tliomas, 5 EastRrgisterst 
Paul James, High Market st 
Paxton John, 54 St. Giles st, Leith 
Pearson Adam, 39 George st 
Peddie William, 45 Home st 
Phin Thomas, 46 India st 
Pollands John, 49 East Hanover st 
Porteous John, 22 Maitland st 
Porteous Wm. I Herriot's mount 
Portman Joseph, 234 Cowgate 
Preni iceElizabeth,5 Admiral tyst,L 
PringleJohn,17North-westCircus pi 
Quin Hugh, 79 Rose st 
Richardson Andrew, 28 Pitt st 
RichardsnnJas. Laverock pl,Trinity 
Ilichmond John &Co. 84 Nicolson st 
Robertson Jaraes, 84 West port 
Robertson John, 116 Nicolson st 
Robertson Margaret, 21 India st 
Robertson Peter, 47 Canongate 
Robertson Sinclair, 283 Canongate 
Robertson Thomas, 285 Cowgate 
Robertson William, 26 High st 
Rogers John, 3 Racburn place 
Ronaldson & Co. 128 Cowgate 
Ronaldson Wm. 6 St. Patrick's sq 
Russell Alexander, 106 and 328 

High street and 202 Canongate 
Russell John, 3 Rose st 
Rnssell R. & A. 38 North Bridge si 
Russell Robert, 131 Rose st 
Russell Thomas, 74 Leith st 
Russell William, 4 Howe st 
Rymer David, 48 South Bridge st 
Sadler Andrew, li5 Plea*ance 
Sadler William, 99 Causevvay side 
Salmond John, 70 Canseway side 
SandersonGeorge&Co.78 Princes St 
Scoon William, 13 St. Patrich'.s sq 
Scott James, 35 Bridge st, Leith 
Scott John, 48 Hi^h st 
Scott William M. 179 High st 
Scougall and Drysdale, 223 High St 

and 14 South St. James st 
Seaton Alexander, 108 Cowgate 
Sharp John, 24 Howe st 
Shedden Robert, 23 Greenside row 
Sheriff Mrs. Ellison, 12 Jamaica st 
Slater John, 138 Canongate 
Small David, 200 Rose st 
Smeal John, 3 Cooper st, Leith 
Smellie Andrew, 39 N.Richmond st 
Smellie Heniy, 82 Cross causeway 
Smellie John, 54 Potter row 
Smellie Robert, 227 Canongate 
Smellie Robert, 27 Tobago st 
Smith Alexander, 90 Kirkgate, Leith 
Smith Charles, 3 Duke st, Leith 
Smith James, 135 Canongate 
Smith John, 7 Buccleu^h st 
Smith Thomas, 10 Cowgate [st 
Smith ThomasNae, 2 Stb. Richmond 
SomervilleAndw.l4Fonntain bridge 
Somerville John, 298 High st 
Stalker James, ,36 Pitt st 
Steel James, 2 Baker place 


Steel James, 27 Orme st 
Stevenson John, Baillie Fyfe's close 
Stevenson William, Morning side 
Stott William, 44 Lothian st 
Sutherland Nathl. 128 Lauriston pi 
Swan Edward, 111 Canongate 
Swan William, 3 Wemyss place 
Tait J.& VV. 1 Norton place 
Tait Peter, 9 East Richmond st 
Taiish Donald, 32 High st 
Taylor Andrew, 9 St. Patrick's sq 
Taylor Andrew, 14 Home st 
Taylor James, 315 Canongate 
Taylor Nichol, 59 Plfasance 
Taylor William, 11 Union place 
Thomson Alexander, 93 West bow 
Thomson Hugh, 329 Cowgate 
Thomson James, Drumdryan 
Thomson James, 163 West port 
Thomson John, 2 Duncan st 
Thomson Murray G. 173 Cowgate 
Thomson Robert, 1 Melville place 
Thomson William, 160 Pleasance 
ThoiKson William, 100 Princes st 
Thomson Wm. 4 Claremont place 
TurnhuU Peter, 18 Homest 
Tweedie Thomas, 131 High st 
Waldie John, 36 Richmond place 
Wallace Andrew, 216 Cowgate 
Wallace Robert, 1 Deanbaugh st 
Wallace Wm.4St. Andrew st, Leith 
Waters Margt. 1 Gt. Junction st, L. 
Watson Jolin, 69 Grass market 
Watt Thomas, 18 Union place 
Welsh John, 3 Scotland st [place 
Williamson DavidjlWsf.Newingtou 
Williamson James, 102 Nicolson st 
Wilson James, 144 High st 
Wilson John, 5 St. Mary's wynd 
Wood William («& dried fishmonger) 

65 Shore, Leith 
Yeatts Thomas, 234 Canongate 
Yeatt> William, 82 Canonuate 
Young David, 74 Shot e &. 1 Fox la,L. 
Young Wm. & David, 17 Cowgate 


( See also the preceding List. ) 
Brown Walter & Son, 19 Lothian st 
Cowan Charles & Co. 13 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Fenton Alex. & Co. 85 Shore and 

Fox's lane, Leith [Leith 

Forrest Jaraes, sen.& Co.3 Bridee st, 
Mai hieson James, 1 Sandportst, L. 
Munay J. & E. 1 Charlotte st, Leith 
Taylor Joseph and James, Tanfield, 

Canon mills 

Bryce Thomas, 4 Calton st [st 

Campbell Peter, 10 Nth. St. Andrew 
Chapman William, Caiheiine st 
Clerk & Co. 39 George st 
Greathead James, 70 Nicolson st 
Laing William, 204 Cowgate 
M'Lauchlan William, 24 South 

Frederick st [Princes st 

Mortimer Thomas Els wot th, 78 
Piatt John, 11 Hanover st 
Ross Daniel, 9 South St. Andrew st 
Thoufson Alexander,16 Union place 
Wallace Joseph & Co. 63 Princes st 


CSee also Linen Drapers, Sfc.) 
Bain John, 15 Greenside st 
Campbell James, 7 Dublin st 
Gibb Foulion,271 High st 
Humphries Beiij 5 Waterloo place 
Inglis George & Co. (and glovers), 

14 South "Bridge st 
Jamieson Willium, 60 High st 
, Jeffrey J. & J. 2 Nicolson st 
Walker James (& hosier) ,54 High st 
Wilson Robert (and milliner), 22 

Couper st, Leith 


Marlied thus * are Perfumera. 
{See also Perfumers.) 
Acquioff John,34 SouthFrederick st 
Bentley William, 9 Huntley st 
Burdett Thomas, 38 Bridge st, Leith 
Christie Thomas, 1 St. Leonard st 
Connal John,jnn 66 North Bridge st 
Cooper James, 19 Downie place 
Couper William, 293 Canongate 
Cousland Thomas, 7 Church st 
Cowie William, 144 Rose st 
*Dickie William, 69 Nicolson st 
Dodds Robert, 11 Kirkgate, Leith 
Dryden William, 35 High st 
Duncan James, 37 St. Leonard st 
Erskine John, 3 Charlotte st, Leith-, 
Ewart James, Meuse lane 
Eraser VVilliam, 15 Catherinest 
Geikie Alexndr. 35 North Bridge st 
Geikie & Son, 31 George st 
*Harvey Henrv, 40 West Register st 
*Hastie James, 9 & 36 Howe st 
Henderson John, 14 W. Richmond st 
Kerr John, 132 Rose st 
Lamb John, 305 Canongite 
Lapsley Ann, 37 South Hanover st 
Logie William, 74 Canongate . gj 
M' Bride Archibald, 67 George st -^ 
M'lntyre John, 44 Pleasance 
Mackay David, 8 Greenside place 
Mackenzie Alexander, 1 Baker's pi 
M'Lauchlan Andrevv,ll Nicolson st 
*M'Lean John, 57 Bernard st, Leith 
Main Geoige, 9 Tolbooth vvynd,Lth 
Main Thomas, 65 Tolbooth wynd.L. 
Martin William, 50 Broughton st 
Miller William, 34 Bristo st 
More Andrew, 6 Market place 
More Christian, 31 Rose st 
*Moie Graham, 1 Duke st 
M nggei laiidGeorge,30St.Andrew sq 
Muir Francis, 45 Princes st 
Murray John, 26 St. Giles st, Leith 
Palmer David, 13 St. Anthony place 
Pattison James, 52 Princes st 
Reid George, 164 Rose st 
Reid William, 13 Clerk st 
♦Richardson John, 13 Dundas st 
Richardson John, 52 Leith st 
Richardson John, 8 Charlotte place 
Robertson James, 142 High st 
Robeitson WiHiam,93 South Bridge 

& 129 Nicolson street 
Rodger John, 5 Leiih st 
*Scott John, 51 Nicolson st 
Shaw Thomas, 7 Chapel st 
♦Sinclair Andrew, 14 Nicolson st 
Smith Adam, 47 Shore, Leith 
Smith John, 27 Kirkgate, Leith 
Smith John, 77 Kirkgate, Leith 
*Siurrock Isabella. 27 Duke st 
*Tait Alexander, 82 Princes st 
♦Thomson George, 7 Waterloo pi 
Thomson James, 131 Nicolson st 
Torrance Richard, 45 Thistle st 
*Truefit William, 57 Princes st 
Williamsot)Stephen.2W. Registers! 
Wright William, 187 High st 


Eraser John, 53 West port 
Paterson Isabella, 3 Potter row 
Whyte James, 11 Potter row 


Harrison H. & Co.(manufacturers), 

16 St. Leonard st 
Marshall William,290 Lawn market 
Redfern B. C. & Co. (& factors) ,13 

& 32 South Bridge st 
Sinclair William, 1 Glanville place 
Strain Cecilia, 9 South Union place 
Tobias Isaac, 22 South Bridge st 
Whyte Robert, jun. 17 Sth. Bridge St 


Towiiseiid William, 9 Greenside pi 





Marked thus * are also Manufacturers. 
♦Alexander George & Co. 22 North 

Bridge street 
Alliiii Kobert, 16 West port 
*Boy(l Jame.<i,l Norton place 
*I3urge and Co. 80 Soiitli Bridge st, 

& 14 Kirkii;-.ite, Leiih [at 

*Cam|il)ell Alex. & Co. 15 N. Bridge 
Collis Tlioinas & Co. 50 Leiili st 
Cook & Co. 32 KirkKaie 
*Ciiofc 'I'homits, 44 Nicolson st 
Cofmacli Daniel, 3 North Brid«e st 
Craig Alex.inder & Co. 104 South 

Bridget [Bridge si 

•Cuiniiiighain & Hunter, 50 North 
*Daw<-on & Co. 54 South Bridge st 
Ferguson Duncan, 4 Nnrth Bridge st 
Foyer John, 10 South Bridge st 
*Giieve & Oliver,26 North Bridge st 
*lohn.son Geo. 2 Commercial pl,L. 
Kennedy Bruce, 61 South Bridge st 
•iM'Beath David, 64 Princes st 
♦M'Caskie & Anderson, 90 Candle- 
maker row 
*M'Caskie Ebenezer, 50 Cowgate 
*iVl'Caskie James, Cowgate, &140 

Kirkgate, Leith 
•Mackay Angus,2.3 North Bridge st 
*Mackay Patrick & Son, 64 North 

Bridge street 
♦Mackenzie Jolm,4 St. Mary's wyud 
*Scott Henry & Co. 20 St. John st 
*Sieven VVm.& Co. 15 & 17 New st 
Strachan Andrew &Co.l5 Princes st 
*Siitton Thomas, 28 South Bridge st 
*Thomson, Dickson & Co.24 Sonth 

Bridge street 
Tibhetts Geori;e, 38 South Bridge st 
*Torrance James, Gentle's clo<e 
* Wright VVimam,68Noith Bridge 81 


Inglis John & Co. 14 Niddry st 
Megnet & Siraington (factors), 28 
Blair st, & Citadel, Leith [st 

SinipsonJas.G.&William.Sl Niddry 
Thomson D. J. 38 Niddry st 


Cunningham J. 8 Meuse lane 
Gordon Robert, Buccleugh st 
Laing John, Koyal Horse bazaar, 

Lothian load 
Rlacdonald Arthur, 39 Grass market 
Peddie & Co. 53 Grass market 
Scotland Geoige (his Majesty's re 

posiiory), Nottingham place 
Sterling Robert, 9 Qneensferry st 
Stewart Andrew, 3 Hope st 


Laing John, Royal Horse bazaar, 
Lothian road 

Wordsworth's (his Majesty's) re- 
pository, Nottingham place 


Adamson George, 15 Bristo st 
Alexander William (executors of), 

98 Nicolson street [st 

Balfour Andrew, 5 South St.Andrew 
Belfrage William (& stock and shirt 

maker), 75 Geoige st 
Black Daniel, 38 West Register st 
Bowie Andrew, 13 South Hanover st 
Brown Richard, 43 Leith st 
Clark and Co. (and wholesale), 31 

South Hanover street [st 

"Cruickshank Alex. &Sons,57 George 
Eyre Thomas, 1 High Market st 
Ferguson Smith, 55 George st 
Howdeii James, 7 North Bridge st 
Kennedy William,15 South Bridge st 
Mackenzie William B. (Shetland 

hnsitr), 27 Princes st 
Meeke Andrew, 43 North Bridge st 
Menteath James, 6 Clerk st 

Palmer William, 15 Earl Grey st 
Pollock John, 25 Nicolson st 
Ramsay James, 30 South Bridge st 
Renton Alexander, 8 Lothian st 
Robson Margaret, 137 Ro>e st 
Rutherfoid Alexander, 69 George st 
StrachanAudrew&Co.l5 Princes SI 
Telfer James, 7 Baker's place 
Tweedie Thomas, 3 Elm lOw [st 
Wateison Richard & Co. 12 George 
Watson Alexander, 14 Leith st 
Weddell Jas.&Co. 1 S. St.Andrew st 
We'tdell Thos. 42 South Bridge st 
Whitehead & Livingston, 33 South 
Hanover street [st 

Whitehead WiUiam,41 SoulhBridge 


{See also Taverns, i{c.) 
Black Bull (commercial), Peter 

Sinclair, Catlieiine street 
British, John Barry, 70 Queen st 
Cafe RoyalTavern, Peter Dewar, Re- 
gister place [Princes st 
Campliell's, Lucy Campbell, 21 
Crown (commercial), Archibald 

Stewart, 11 Princes street 
Douglas (family), Walter Douglas, 

35 St. Andrew's square 
Exchange Alexander, M'Dougall, 

Constituiion st, L. [Andrew sq 
London, William Murray, 2 St. 
Lord Nelson (commercial), John 

Stewart, 75 Adam square 
Mackay John, 91 Princes st 
Mackay's Hotel, James Mackay, 18 
; and 19 Princes street 
Mackenzie Donald, 1 SouthCastle st 
M 'Queen's, William M 'Queen, 8 

Piinces street [drew's sq 

Manuel David (private), 26 St. An- 
Menzies,Jno.Menzies,3 Waterloo pi 
Oman's, Grace Oman, 6 Charlotte sq 
Royal, Hy.Moyes Gibb,53 Princes st 
Simpson's Hotel, 5 Queen st 
Star, Mrs.JohnSoilie,36 Princes st 
Sutherland David (private), 26 

Abercromby place 
Turf, Andrew Murray, 3 Princes st 
Waterloo Hotel, Scott & Sou, 20 

Waterloo place 

{See also Iron Merchants, and also 

Anderson John & Son, Anderson's 

place, Leith walk [docks, L. 

Carron Co. Leith warehouse. Wet 
Edinburgh Foundry Co. Leith 

walk — Jas. R. Patterson, manager 
LearmontJas.&Co. Fountain bridge 
Ritchie Robert, 241 High st 
Shotts Iron Co. Spi'ing field, 

Leith walk — Jas. Blaikie, manager 
Simpson James, 53 Abbey hill 
Stephens George & Co. Tolbnoth 

wynd, Leith [Leith 

Sutherland &Watson,l Sandport st, 


Colcleugh John, 40 Leith st 
Edmiston Thomas & Sons, Bridge 

st, Leith, & Ronaldson's wharf 
Gallie James B. & Co. (& copper & 

tin-plate), 58 High st [Leith 
Gunn James, 65 Tolhooth wynd, 
Marshall Jas. 80 Constituiion st, L. 
Redpath, Brown & Co. 84 Candle- 
maker row,& 80 Constitution st, L. 


{See also Smiths.) 
Aitken Alex.& Co.30& 32 George st 
Anderson Wm.& Jas. 22 Nicolson st 
Bancks CharhsJam(S,241 Cowgate 

and 35 South Hanover st 
Begbie and Dickson, 16 South St 

Andrew street 

Bell Alex. & Son, 23 Greenside place 
Bell & Meudell (whole.-ale and re- 
tail), 312 Lawn market 
Bell Wm. 14 North-west Circus pi 
Calder Al< x. 33 South Fiederick st 
Calder Thomas, 6 Albany st 
Cailan Gtorgeand Co. (& smiths), 

13 Greenside place 
Cormack & Son, 1 Terrace, Leith st 
Crawford & Tod, 94 High st 
Crawford David, 132 Nicolson st 
Cunning William, 38 Queen st 
Davidson William, 120 High st 
Feiris Robert, 44 Norih Bridge st 
Fori est Alexndr. 19 Greenside place 
Gray James, York lane, York place 
Gray Peter, 4fi North Hanover st 
Gunn James, 65 Tolhooth wynd, L. 
Holmes James, 122 West port 
Huntei David, 13 Melville place and 
15 Howe street [Leith 

Laird&Hampton,42 Tolhooth wynd, 
Leask John B. 10 Tolhooth wynd, L. 
Lyme William, 3 Howe st 
M'Donald James, 66 High st 
Millar John, 52 Grass market 
Miller George, 6 Hunter square 
Morrison & V\ ilson, 255 High st 
Raniage Adam, 18 Clerk st 
Redpath, Brown & Co. 84 Candle- 
maktrrow, & 80 Constitution st,L. 
Rennie James, 53 North Hanover st 
Ritchie James, 37 West Nicolson st 
Ritchie Robert, 241 High st 
Rogers James, 8 Qneensferry st 
Russell & Clark, 154 High st 
Sibbald John & Sons, 64 George st 
Steel C. & J. 100 High st 
Steele Wilkinson & Patrick (furnish- 
ing), 61 George st 
Thomson L. 3 Montague st 

Robertson James, Murdoch's close, 
Highst [Highst 

Sinclair Donald, Morrison's close, 
Watson James (and clock dial ma- 
ker), Craig's close 
Marked thus * are Working. 
Andersoi^John, 35 West Register st 
*Arnot James, 30 Rose st 
Ashenheim Jacob (wholesale), 61 

North Bridge st 
Bell George, 44 North Bridge st 
*Carmichael James, 56 Potter row 
Caw John Blackwood (& dealer i» 

bullion), 18 North Bridge st 
Cockburn W. S. 37 Princes st 
Cohen Wm. 19 North Richmond st 
Cioss & Carruthers, 22 Elm row 
Cuningham John, 21 Sth. College st 
Cunningham Murdoch, 14 Royal 

Cunningham William, 79 George st 
*Dewar Alexander, 48 Rose st 
Elder & Co. 23 Potter row 
Ewart David, 278 Canongate 
*Fan|uharson Chas. H. 25 Thistle 6t 
Forhes Henry, 57 Princes st 
Forrest Thomas A. (& importer of 
curiosities, and medalist to the 
King) 171 Highst [street 

Franklin Brothers, 58 North Bridee 
Fraser Robert & Co. 17 South St. 
Andrew street [row 

*Graham John and Son, 23 Potter 
*Giaiit George, 8 Shakspeare square 
Grierson Robert, 48 Leith st 
Grierson Robert, 34 North BiidgeS:t 
, Haxton Richaid, 11 Potter rovv 
* Hodges David, 11 George st 
Howden Jas.& Co.57Nth. Bridges* 
*Jack Hichd. 10 North St-AndrcYC %t 




gtgot ^ Co/g 

JEWELLERS, Stc— Continued. 
Johnston M. T. 60 Leith st 
Johnston Thomas {& diamond paste 

and razor strop manufacturer), 

42 North Hanover st 
King James, 59 Princes st 
*Kiikw'ood Jas. 1 South St. David st 
*Law Jolin, 11 South Hanover st 
*Lawrie VVm. 8 Shakspeare square 
*Lisenham Jacob,8 Roxburgh terrce 
Mackrty& Chisholm,49N(n th Briilge 

street [liridge st 

Mackay& Cunningham, 47 North 
Mackenzie Ann, 27 Nicolson st 
♦Mackenzie Jas. (& engine tamer), 

21 George street 
Marshall & Sons, 87 George st 
Marshall Francis, James & Walter, 

41 George stieet 
Marshall Wm. 290 Lawn market 
Marshall William (goldsmith to the 

King), 62 Noith Bridge st 
Millidge Edwin, 28 Piinces st 
Mireylees Robert F. 62 Leith st 
Mossman A. & Co. 11 Nth. Bridge st 
Nasmyth James (manufacturing), 19 

Shakspeare square 
Peat William, 13 South Canal st 
*Reid Adam, 6 Milne's square 
♦Robertson Thomas, 47 Thistle st 
•Ronaldson J no.l Carrubber's close 
Sanders(m John,32 St. Andrew's sq 
Strain Cecilia, 9 South Union place 
Sutherland Patrick, Gilchrist's entry 

VVe.«t, Greenside row 
Tobias Isaac, 22 South Bridge st 
Urquhart Leonard, Hope court 
*Wighton Alex. 24 St. James' sq 
Wilkie Andrew, Hope court 
•Williamson John, 6 Rose st 
Winter Robert, 10 North Bridge st 

Campbell Alexander, 9 George st 
Mackenzie Wm. B. 27 Piinces st 
Rough Robert, 91 South Bridge st 
Taylor Michael, 51 North Bridge st 

Cay& J oh nston (coach),7G reenside pi 
Nimmo P. & J. 6 North Bank st 


Eraser Robert and Co. 17 South St. 

Andrew street , 

Harley John, 8 South Canal st 
King James, 59 Princes st 
Mortimer William, 5 Rose st 
Morton William, 18 Lothian st 
Sanderson John, 32 St. Andrew's sq 
Sommerville John,7 West Register st 
White John, 34 North Bridge st 
Brown James, 1 Gilmour st 
Donaldson Alexander, North back 

of Canonnate 
Donaldson Thomas, 11 Paul's works 
Fraser George, 8 M'Dowall street 

and High Calton 
Haldane Robert, Chalmer's close 
Henry John, 49 Leith wynd 


Lacey Robert, Broughton lawn 
Scott Francis, Orchard field 


CampbellThomasB.lS Greenside pi 
Gallie & Kirkwood (& patent pipe 
& tin tube) 21 George street 
Aikraan James, 11 Niddry st 
Auld Peter, 52 St. Giles st, Leith 
Barbour John, 113 Grass maiket 
Doig George, 9 Semple st 
Hewit Thomas, Niddry street 
blutchisou William, 33 Niddry st 


Inches Alexander, 51 Niddry st 
Inglis George, sen. 91 West bow 
Stewart Arthibald, 11 Brunswick st 
Stott David & John, 29 Niddry st 
Stott James, 12 Niddry st 
Tuting Edward,10 NortliSt. David st 
Whitelaw Wm. 7 Queen's pi, L. walk 


{S fie also Tanners ) 
Alexander Robert, Gullan's close 
Bruce William, 5 South Union place 
Girlf George H. North Gray's close, 

125 High street 
Inglis John & Co. 14 Niddry st 
Megget & Symington (factors), 28 
Blair st,& Citadel, Leith [naie 
MilneThomas, Boyd's close,Caiion- 
Paterson James, 4 Princes st 
Ross Robert, 9 Metise lane 
Smith George, 50 Niddry st 

Baptie John, 10 Earl Grey street 
Brown George, 32 Home st 
Caithness Thomas, 1 Albany st 
DavidsonRichd.D.3 N.St.Andrew st 
Edinburgh SelectSubscription, 
23 Waterloo place — Hunter Sim- 
son, libraiiau [Bridge st 
Edinburgh Subscription, 39 Sih. 
Elder William,13.^Jrth.St.Andrewst 
Hunter William,23 SouthHanover st 
Ogle Robert, 1 Antigua st 
Potts Andrew, 47 Broughton st 
Reid William & Son, 40 Shore,Leith 
School of Arts, 2 Chapel st — 

George M. Sinclair, secretary 
Spalding Maiia, 5 Warriston place 
Sutherland John, 12 Calton si 
Todd Alexander, 1 St. Patrick's sq 


AitkenAlex.20 North-wesiCircus pi 
An^lerson James, 1 Nicolson st 
Ballantine VVin.& Robert,383High st 
Blackwood Thos.&Jno.43 Georgest 
Blytb Robert, 287 High st 
Bowie John, 27 South Hanover st 
Bowman John, 3 Kerr si 
Brown Peter, 30 North Bridge st 
Brown Robeit, 5 Leith st 
Brown Thomas, 314 Lawn market 
Burnet John, 78 South Bridge st 
Burr Alexander, 37 George st 
Callender Sharp, 5 South Bridge st 
Campbell John, 1 South Bridgt- st 
Clapperton John & Co. 371 High st 
Clarkson James, 7 Melville place 
Clinksales Robert, 321 High st 
Coats Thomas, 46 South Bridge st 
Cowan & Strachan, 15 Princes st 
Crabbie Heniy, 261 High st 
Craig Alex. & Co. 104 Sth. Bridge st 
Deseret Peter, 41 North Hanover st 
Dick James, 3 Deanhaugh st 
Duff Alexander, 23 Nicolson st 
Duncan George, 325 High st 
Pairbairn & Co. 30 St. Andrew's sq 
Ferguson & Cruden, 28 George st 
Forrest Daniel, 22 George st 
Friei & Pettie, .397 High street and 
46 Nicolson st ft*^^ st 

Gardner Ths.&Wm.51NorthFrede- 
Gibson David, 18 South Bridge st 
Graham William, 25 Kirkgate.Leith 
Gray Philip, 81 Broughton st 
Greig & Miller, 6 George st 
Greig David & Co. 30 Princes st 
Grinton & Veitch, I Brighton st 
Grinton James, 52 South Bridge st 
Groves John, 32 Gtorge st 
Hamilton John, 80 Nicolson st 
Haidesty Georg«, 29 Nicolson st 

Harley David, 44 Canongate [st 
Henderson H.&M. 29 South Bridge 
Heriot Thomas, 427 High st 
HovvisonVVm.&Son,l Diummondst 
Hutton Robert, 36 South Bridge st 
I reland Thos. & Co. 37 Sth. Bridge st 
Kenmore John, 431 Lawn market 
Laidlaw&Cowan, 294 Lawn market 
Lauder John & Co. 343 High st 
Leechman James, 85 George st 
Lees John (muslin warehcfuse), 15 

South Hanover street 
Lockie Charles, 76 Nicolson st 
Macadam James, 53 North Bridge st 
M'Donald Donald (muslin waie- 

house), 13 South St. Andrew st 
M'Gregor Peter, 30 George st 
M'lntosh Malcom,3.30 Lawn market 
Mackay Alexander, 29 Thistle st 
Mackinlay Duncan & Co. 1 Bank st 
M'Laren Duncan, 329 High st 
M' Naught Wm. & Co. 86 George st 
M'Naughton Alexander ,42 Howe st 
Millar James, 381 Lawn market 
Milne William, lOI South Bridge st 
Milner J. 4 Kirkgate, Leith 
Morrison Hector, 14Queensferry st 
Mushet James, 33 Nicolson st 
Ogilvie Thomas, 15 Brisio st 
Pantou William & Co. 14 Bank st 
Paterson Archibald, 55 George st 
Patison & Prinele,6 South Bri'lgest 
Peter Charles, 25 Grass market 
Pike William, 8 Hunter square 
Reid & Dovvnie, 75 George st 
Robertson Peter, 37 Nicolson st 
llobfrtson Mrs. W. 204 Canongate 
Roughead William (and stock and 

shirt maker), 24 Princes st 
Sharpe George,51Tolbooth wynd,L. 
Sidey John, 48 George st [st 

Sime Thomas, 12 South St. Andrew 
Simpson Wilhelmiiia,44 Shore, Leith 
Smith James, jnn. 5 Nicolson st 
Smith Robert, 77 Princes st 
Smith William, 267 High st 
Smyles Robert, 15 Greenside place 
Spence William & Robert & Co. 21 

Pirardy place [street 

Spital James & Son,84 South Bridge 
Stevenson Simon, 40 Bristo .>t 
Stewart & M'Intyre, 351 High st 
Svme John, 367 High st [place 

Walker & Brown, 21 Kirkgate, L. 
Walker Geo. & John, 2 Kirkgnte, L. 
Waterston Richard & Co. 2 High st 

and 12 George street [st 

Watson Alexander,3 SouthHanover 
Watson John, 320 Lawn market 
Weniyss John, 24 Dowuie place 
White John, 54 Georee st 
Williams William, 9 Elm row 
Wilson James, 3 South Bridge st 
Wilson Robert, 4 Georpe st 
Wood Joshua, 363 High st 
Wright Peter & Robert, 16 George st 


Alison David (& sail cloth dealer), 

23 Bernard stieet, Leith 
Brown Robert & Sou (& damask) j 

Water of Leith 
Guthrie John(daiDask weaver to the 

King), 6 Heiiot bridge 
Sinclair George M. 2 Chapel st 
Sinclair John, 2 South St. Andrew st 
Vannet James, 229 Canongate 
Wilson Robert, 4 George st 
Wright Peter & Robert,16 George st 


Bell and Co. 2 Gabriel's road 
Crichton Alex. 27 West Register »t 
Forrester & Nichol, 3 George st 


EDINBURGH, &c. l£5in6ui:gD»i)(re* 

Gray James and Son, High st 
Hall Joseph, Diorama, Lotliian road 
Hume Robert W. 57 Shore, Leith 
Leith& Smith, 30 South Hanover >t 
PeckWilliara&Co.(invoices& cards 

printed from copper-plates), 6 

George street 
Smith William, 17 Rose st 
Turner James & Co. Lothian road 


Aitkeu Thos. 44 Charlotte st, Leith 
Anderson James, 11 Jumes' place 
BoldockAnn, East Thistle lane 
Bruce John, Weuse lane 
Dickson John, Young st 
Kdvvanis Thomas, 9 Kast Thistle st 
Forshaw Henry, Church lane 
GafF Thomas, I Chailotte place 
Galloway Alexndr. 29 Bmunhton pi 
Greig and Co, (and riding school), 
50 Nicolson st [st 

Henderson Geo. 6& 14 Drummond 
Hobday Thomas, Yoik lane 
Hogg John, Meuse lane 
Inglis George, 100 Rose street lane 
King Tliomas, 133 Rose lane 
M'Dougall Alex. 118 Constitution st 
Maitiand Robert, 100 Rose st lane 
Rodgers John, East Thistle lane 
Scott Charles, 83 Rose lane 
Scott Isaac, Young st 
Simpson George, Kast Thistle lane 
Sparks John, 8 Union st 
Stewart James, 174 Rose st 
Stewart Thomas, Charlotte place 
Stewart Thomas, 4 Queensferry st 
Stirling Peter, Rose street lane 

Shiels Robert, 109 High st 
Shiels VVilJiain, 214 Canongate 


■Paterson Andrew (& lathe & press) 

11 Greenside lane 
Slight James & Co. Panmure place 
Wilson Robert, Paul's works 


Black John, 20 South Bridge st 
Currie & Lamb, 10 Hunter square 
Napier William, Covenant close 


Dalziel James, 37 Leiih walk 
Lawrie & Ferguson, 34 Leith walk 
Ness David (and marble merchant) 

Leith walk 
Thomson Alexander & William, 50 

Constitution st, Leith 
Wallace and Whyte (and marble 

mei chants), Shrub place, Leith 
Williams W. & G. Broughton lawn 


See Builders. 


CochraneJno. Commercial place, L. 
Dick Robert, Leith mount 
Dryden John & Son, Dock st, Leith 
Ewart Robert, Old Church st, L. 
Ford William, Johnston st 
Philip Robert, Old Church st, Leith 


Bund Asvlum, 58 Nicolson st 
M'Lean Charles (and mat maker), 
41 Tolbooth wynd [Hieh st 

Watson Arthibairi, Skinner's close, 


Marked ttius * are also Ship Owners. 

Aitclii>on Geo. &Co.9 Bernard st,L. 

Anderson Robert and Co. (commis- 
sion), 11 Constitution si, Leith 

Anderson VVm.31 Constitution st,L. 

Balfour William. 9 Annandale st 

Bell, Rannie and Co. 63 Constitu- 
tion .st, Leith [Leiih 

Berry George & Co. 36 Bernard st, 

BlackTho8.&John,36 Mitchell st,[i. 
Borthwick A. and Co. Leith mills 
Boyd John, Bell's court, Leith 
Boyd William & Archibald, Bowl- 
ing-green street 
Brown Robert, Bridge st, Leith 
Cockburn. Walter (West India), 24 
Broughton place [Leith 

Dudgeon John and Co. 6 Kirk gate, 
Edini^ton James, 30 Mitchell st, L. 
Faiquhar Robert C. 8 James place, 
Leith links [pLnce 

Ferguson William, 31 'Drummond 
Forrest James & Co. 3 Bridge st, L. 
Gibson Thos. (& broker), llfi Con- 
stitution st, Leith [Leith 
Gray Wm. and Co. Salamander st, 
Hardie & Co. Old Naval yard, Leith 
Harriie James. 13 Quality st, Leith 
Hay Thomas, 28 Baltic st, Leith 
Henderson Robt. Charlotte lane, L. 
Hodge Patrick, 29 Bernard sr, Leith 
Hnnter John. 3 Commercial place, L. 
Hutchinson Brothers, 2 Dock pi, L. 
Hutchison & Co. II Bernard st, L. 
Hutchison & Douglas (commission) 

8 Quality street, Leith 
Jameson James, 13 Timber bush, L. 
Kidd David and John(comnussion) 

33 Bernard street, Leith 
Lawrence Da\id, 19 George st 
Learmont J. & W. 4 Princes st 
Lloyd & Douglas, 28 Mitchell st, L. 
Lothian William, Writer's court 
M'Nair Alexander, 30 Baltic st, L. 
Millar James and Sons, 91 Consti- 
tution street, Leith 
Millar William, 9 Antigua st 
Mitchell John and Co. Dock gates, 
Leith [Leith 

Mowbray Wm. & Robert, Fox lane, 
Muir William, 13 Quality st, Leith 
Neill John & Co. 41 Miichellst, L. 
Newton, Lawrie & Co. (American) 

9 Quality st, Leith [Leith 
Pergivie Alex, (hop) 21 Quality st, 
Philip Charles, 1 Dock gates, Leith 
Rams( y David, 86 Constitution st,L. 
Reid Alexander, Wet docks, Leith 
Reid William, 12 Hill square 
Richardson James, jun. and Co. 

Calton place, Leith street 
Robertson A. P. Quality .st, Leith 
R(jbertson JohnThomas,43 Mitchell 
street, Leith [Leith 

Scougall George& Son, 12 Quality st, 
Shiels Robert, Bell's court, Leith 
Smith R-.bert M. 36 Bernard st, L- 
Smith William, 96 St, Giles .st,Leitl) 
Stenhouse Andrew & George, Wet 

docks, Leith 
Stodart George, 9 Mitchell st, Leith 
Taylor James, 36 Bernard st, Leith 
Thom David & Co. 19 Constitution 

street, Leith 
Thomson George G. (commission) 

Bell's court, Leith 
Thomson James Gibson and Co. 28 

St. Andrew street, Leith 
Thomson Robert (Irish iinen), 9 
Royal Exchange [Leith 

Tod James B. 31 Constitution st, 
Walker, Johnston & Co. 10 Consti- 
tution st, Leith [Leith 
Wallace William. 37 Qualify street, 
Watson John, 42 Constitution st, L. 
Wa'sonJohn, jun. 42 Constitution 
street, Leith [Leith 
Watson, Turcan & Co. Wet docks, 
Watt Robert (commission) Quality 

court, Leith 
Waucbope & Moodie, 133 Constitu- 
tion street, Leith 
White Adam & Co. 7 Queen st,Leith 
Wilson James & Co.7 Hunter square 

Wilson Robeit& Co. Wet docks, L. 
Wishart James & Son, 23 Timber 
bush, Leith [Leith 

Woodcock & Adamson,llQuality st, 
Wyld James & Co. Fox lane, Leith 
Young Archbld,87Con.>'titutionst,L. 


Black George, 30 St. James' square 
Bruce George, 6 James court 
Conolly Erskiiie, 4 St. James' square 
Grady John, 43 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Herdman David, 30 St. Andrew's sq 
Hunter Richard, 25 St. James' sq 
Lyall Alexander, Broughton place 
M'Donald James, 4 St. James' sq 
M' Donald Wm. 7 East Register st 
M'Lean William, 6 Rose st 
iMnnros& Drysdale, 46St.James'sq 
Sinclair James, 13 St. James' sq 
Swan5ton&M'Dougall,2Leith st terr. 
Thomson William Archibald, jun. 

18 North Bridge siieet 
Wilkie Alexander, 5 St. James' sq 
Wil.son Charles, 5 Leith st terrace 


Anderson Robert and Co. 11 Con- 
stitution street, Leith [place 
Campbell Thomas B. 18 Greenside 
Colcleugli John, 40 Leith st 
Gallic James B. & Co. (copper, iron, 
and tin-plate), 58 High st 


Bells Mills Flour Co. Dean 
Brakingrig William, Coltbridge 
Corporation Flour Mills, Water 
of Leith — Archbd. King, manager 
Hay John, Bonningfon 
Stockbridge Flour Mill Com- 
pany, Baker place 


Adam Martha, 135 Princes st 
Allan Miss, 23 Alva. st 
Anderson Eliza, 19 Couperst, Leith 
Anderson Helen & Margaret, 13 

Charlotte place 
Anderson Mary, 39 Dublin st 
Angus Jessie, 13 South Frederick st 
Archibald lsabel,2N!h.Si..Andrew H 
Ark lay Miss, 13 Bernard st, Leith 
Baillie M. 25 Soutli Richmond st 
Brtlfonr Mi.sses, 20 Elder st 
Balmain Janet and Elizabeth, 42 

Charlotte street, Leith 
Barnes Jane, 76 and 141 Queen st 
Bell Mrs. 15 Broughton place 
Bertram Ann, 24 South Castle st 
Bogue Ann, 121 Princes st 
Boog Maigaret, 44 London st 
Boyd A. & J. 19 George st 
Brown Jane, 23 TobHgo st 
Brown Margaret, 6 Charlotte place 
BrownMary,9North-west Circus pi 
Blown Misses, 8 South Bridge st 
Bruce Misses, 2 Baxter place 
Burn .Ann, 54 North Frederick st 
Burnet Catherine, 74 Rose st 
Canteron & ViiJard, 86 George st 
Cameron Mary Ann and Elizabeth 

43 North Hanover st 
Carfrae J. 4 Hill place 
Carpenter Miss, 26 Clerk st [st 
CercleronMadanie,28Sth. Frederick 
Chalmers Ann & Jessie, 59 North 

Fredeiick street [Leith 

Chatteris Eli?abeth, 119 Kirkgate, 
Cherry Eliz. & Co.Wariistoncresnt 
Clark Elizabeth, 33 South Castle st 
Clark Miss, 13 Downie place 
Colquhoun Margaret, 9 East circus 
Diirling & M'Laren, 20 George st 
Darling Isabella, 89 South Bridgest 
Darling Margaret, 17 Clerk st 
Davidson & Mitchell, 21 Leith st 
Dav Beatrice, 34 North Castle st 


^UfltBttrglHBt^tre. EDINBURGH, &e. 

i^ipt Sc €o.'» 

milalilNERS, &c. — Continued. 
Deneval & li wart .33 South Castle st 
Devy Madame, 120 George st 
Dewar Mrs. 7 Drummotidst 
Dick Mitchell and Helen, 4 South 

St. David st 
Dickson H. & J. 1 Charles st 
Dickson Helen, 3 Tolbooth wynd 
Dobie lilizal)eih,13 Sth. Frederick st 
Douglas Sisters,35 Nth. Fredf rick st 
Dowie Ann, 30 Soutii Castle st 
Drover Sisters, 138 George st 
EcclfS Mary, 108 George st 
Ellis Mary, 82 Rose st 
Fairbairn Helen, 86 Geoi-ge st 
Fairgrieve Mary, 99 Princes st 
Fairley & Pain, 2 Albany st 
Falconer Ann, 3 Market place 
Field Jean, 8 South St. Andrew st 
Forsyth Agnes and Mary Ann, 87 

George street [place 

Fraser Jessie & Diana, 2 VVarriston 
Gairns Eliz.ibeth, 12 South Castle st 
Galloway Isabtflla, 35 Pitt st 
Gordon J oanna,29Soiith Frederick st 
Graham Margaret, 71 Princes st 
Gray Elizabeth,36 NorthHanoverst 
Greathead M. & H. 138 Nicotson st 
Grieve Margaret & Helen, 12 South 

Castle street 
Grieve Miss, 4 Hill square 
Grinton Mioses, 12 Hill .square 
Gunn & Mackie, 19 Heriotrow 
Halket Jane, 41 Rose st 
Halliday & Wilson, 1 Deanhaugh st 
Hamilton Sarah, 13 Bank st 
Harper Eliza, 18 West Richmond st 
Harrison Misses, 16 St. Leonard st 
Hay Miss, 5 Lynedoch place 
Heddle & Gray, 66 George st [L. 
Henderson & Ferguson,52Kirkgate, 
HendersonMary,! South Cliarlottest 
Heriot Miss, 26 Nelson st 
Hislop Mr.s.39 St. Leonard st 
Hogarth Elizabeth, 108 George st 
Hogg Misses, 5 St. Patrick's square 
Humphries Elizabeth, 5 Waterloo pi 
Hunter Margt. & Mary, 68 George st 
Huiton, §9 South Bridge st 
Inglis Ann, 3 Rose st [place 

Johnston Jane & Mary, 4 Wemyss 
Johnston Margaret, 94 S. Bridge' st 
Johnstone Euphemia, 10 West Ni- 

coison street 
Kennedy Rlrs. 23 Dublin st 
Kerr Agnes, 22 South College st 
Kerr Elizabeth, 17 South Castle st 
Kettle RachafI, 118 Princes st 
King Isabella & Eliz.l4 Waterloo pi 
Knox Elizabeth, 25 Cumberland st 
Laidlaw Jane, 14 Pitt st 
Laing Marion, 79 Princes st 
Lamb Marv, 97 Nicolson st 
Lawrence E. & A. 27 Eider st 
Liglitfoot Dorothy, 14 SouthCastlest 
Linton Helen, 73 Rose st 
Logan Mary, 47 Great Kitig st 
Lothian Scott, 2 Grcenside place 
Lyon Miss, 4 Hill square 
Lvon Misses, 59 Brou^hton st 
M'Beth & Kinloch, 29 Frederick st 
RI'Beth Misses, 43 Broughlon st 
M' Donald J. 12 Bfaninont place 
M' Donald Johanna, 12 S. Castle st 
Mace! mail Misses, 16 Bank st 
M ' Fa liane Jessie, 81 Nicolson st 
M'Intyre Janet, 131 Kiikgate,Leith 
Mrtck.w Mrs. 32 Lothinn sr 
Mackay Mrs. 5 North Bridge st 
Mackenzie Helen, 59 NorthCastlest 
Mackfarlaue Miss, 4 Adam st 
Mackie Jane, 8 Dundas st 
M'Laucblan Ann, 6 South Castle st 
M'Lellan & Sproat, 112 George st 
M'Millan Miss, 5 Dundas st 


M'Nanghton Misses, 28 Constitu- 
tion street, Leith 
Manson Rebecca, 47 NorthCastlest 
March J. & J. 7 North St. David st 
Maxwell Mar8aret,14 St. Andrew sq 
Menelaws Mary Ann, 41 Rose st 
Menzies A. 60 Canongite. 
Menzies Mis-s, 1 Stafford st 
Meyer MadHme, 92 George st 
Milne J. 7 Nicolson square 
Mitchell H. 14 Nicolson square 
Mitchell Miss, 14 Nicolson st 
Mitchell Sarah, 75 Broughton st 
Montgomery E. 120 Nicolson st 
Morrison Marsaret, 66 George st 
Mortimer Mi>ses, 15 Princes st 
Murray Ann, 108 George st 
Murray Mary, 45 India st 
Murray Miss, 35 South Bridge st 
Napier C. 2 Greenside place 
Nelson M. 19 New st [st 

Newton & Urever, 25 Sth. Frederick 
Orrock Misses, 13 Downie place 
Palmer Sarah Ann,9 Canning phice 
Paterson J. 5 Salisbury st 
Phin Misses, 3 Bank st 
Pillan J. & A. 57 Broughton st 
Poitfous Miss, 12 Stafford st 
Ralsion Lydia, 275 Canongate 
Reid Catherine, 136 George st 
Reid J. & D. 26 South Bridge st 
Ri id M. & E. 32 Watergate, Leith 
Reid Mary, 49 Broughton st 
Robertson Ann, 3 Morton st, Leith 
Robertson Janet, 7 Kirkgate, Leith 
Robsou E. 4 William st 
Ross Harriet, 30 South Castle st 
Ross J. & H. 91 West bow 
Rutherford Mrs. 1 Lothian road 
Scott Agnes, 2 Nicolson square 
Scott arid Weddle, 106 George st 
Scott Elizabeth, 54 North Castle st 
Scott M.&E. 13 Hill place 
Seton Catherine, 1 Morton st, Leith 
Seton Jane, 9 Young .-t 
Sharp Helen, 27 Howe st 
Sherriff Mary, 2 West Nicolson st 
Shilane Miss, 20 South College st 
ShirrefrE.& J.lWest Richmond st 
Sibbald Jane, 74 Constitution st, L. 
Simpson Janet, Duke st, Leith 
Slate Christian, 70 George st 
Slater Sisters, 25 Union place 
Smith Ann, 7 Nicolson st 
Smith Elizabeth, 83 Kirkgate, Leith 
Smith Jean, 3 Charles st 
Spalding Isabella, 74 Kirkgate. L. 
Steedman Isabella, 15 Clerk st 
Steven Cath.lO HaHiburgh pi, Leith 
Stewart Mrs. Donald, 2 Blenheim pi 
Stewart Jessie, 5 Howe st 
Stewart M is. 44 Nicolson st 
Thompson Misses, 28 Kirkgate, L. 
Thomson Ann, 30 South Castle st 
Tillies Helen,5 Great Junction st,L. 
Urquliart Margaret, 6 Charlotte pi 
V^eitch Allison, 56 North Castle st 
Walker Elizabeth, 44 Howe st 
Walker Isabella, 10 Greenside place 
Walker Jean, 37 Jamaica st 
Watson Jean, 41 Broughton st 
Webster & Ambrose, 37 George st 
Wemvss Miss, 6 Cumberland st 
Whiielaw J. & S. 32 Cumberland st 
Whiteman Isabel, 4 Robertson's 
buildings [Hanover st 

Wilkinson Mary & Janet, 58 North 
Williams J. Brown st 
Williams Mrs. 9 Elm row 
Wilson Agnes, 26 Brunswick st 
Wilson & Neil, 10 Brighton st • 
WilsonElizalieth,6South Hanover st 
Winter Isabella, 6 Brunswick st 
Winton Misses ,51Constiiution st,L. 
WothirspoonCharltte.104 George st 

Wright A. 15 William st 
Wright Mrs. David, 8 Greenside pi 
Wylie Catherine, 9 Jamaica st 
Young Catherine, 7 St. Andrew's sq 
Yule Isabella, 5 Brunswick st 


Bertram William. 12 EastSciennesst 
King Archibald, 106 Fountain bridge 
Slight James & Co. Panmure place 


O'Ncil Anthony (and fire woik 

maker), 16 West Register st 
O 'Neil Luke, Bull's close, Canongate 
Rigali G. 5 South David st 
S^ivoy Nicholas, 37 North Bridge st 
Tomassi James, 95 Princes st 


Hodges William, 5 Drummond st 
Malcolm Thomas, 28 Kkler st 
Mortimer, Anderson&Co. 71 George 
street and Ea>t Broughton place 
Paterson & Roy, 27 George st 
Purdie Robert, 83 Princes st 
Ramsay John & Co. 28 Elder st 
Robertson Alexander (to their Ma- 
jesties), 39 Princes street ; music 
academy, 11 Queen street 
Small, Bruce & Co. 101 George st 
Townsend William, 9 Greenside pi 
Walker George (military bagpipe 

maker),. 340 High st 
Whyte William & Co. 13 George st 
Wood and Co. (and music publish- 
ers) , 12 Waterloo place 
Wooii Robert, 45 Princes st 


Blackburn Andw.90 Cross causeway 
Duff"Andw.(&iron heel)I8 West port 
Harlow John, Storrie's alley, Leith 
Hnrlow Williau), Commercial pl,L. 
Maikle John, Baron Gray's close 
Si evenson A lexndr. Davidson's close 
Watson Daniel, 11 Croft an rigli 


Brown George B. 38 Shore, Leith 
Dickman John, 33 Shore, Leith 
Laird David White,4 Bridge si,Leith 


See Readinir Hooms. 


Roliertson&Sc()tt,28 Sth.Hanpver st 
Smith James, 11 St. Andrew's sq 
Sutherland John, 12 Caltou st 



Advertiser (Tuesday & Friday), 
Claud Muirhead, 279 Hiah st 

Caledonian Mercury (Monday,, 
Thursday, & Saturday), Thomas 
Allan & Co. 265 High st 

dav, & Saturday), David Ramsay 
& Son, 190 Hiiih street 

Evening Post (Saturday) Christr. 
Torrop, editor, 16 Sth. St.David st 

Gazette (Tuesday & Friday), W. 
A. Lawrie, 4 North Bank st 

Journal (Wednesday) John Hart- 
hill, manager, 251 High st 

Leith Commercial List (Tuesday 

' & Friday), William Keid & Sou, 
2 Bernard street, Leith 

Monthly Record, for advertise- i 
nients only (Wednesday nearest 
the first of every month), J. and 
J. Gray, Melbourn place, Geoige 
the Fourth Bridge 

North British Advertiser (Sa- 
turday!, J. & J. Giav, Melbourn 
place, George the Fourth bridge 




Observer (Tuesday and Friday), 

377 High street 
Scotsman ( Wednesdayfic Saturday) . 

VVeeklv Chromcle (Saturday), 

37 North Bridite street 
Peddie James, jun. 1 George st 
Simson Alexander, 38 Bernard st,L. 
Smith James Jackson, 7 Pitt st 

Archibald George, 10 Nicolson st 
Cleghorn Thomas & Co. 10 Sdntli 
St. Andrew st ; nurseries, East 
Princes street gardens 
Cunningliani James, Comely bank 
Dickson James and Son, 32 South 
Hanover st ; nurseries,lnverleith, 
and Brought on park 
Dicksons & Co. 1 Waterloo place ; 
nurseries, Leith walk ; Red braes ; 
Pilrig, and Dean 
Eagle & Henderson, 99 High st ; 

nurseries, Mignionet bank 
Lawson Peter & Son (to the High- 
land and Agricultural Society) , 3 
Hunter square ; nurseries. Gold- 
en Acre ; Trinity, &c. [mount 
Nicol George (and herbalist), Leitli 
Reid David, Heriotbldgs. Leith walk 
Reid John, East road 
Wright Alexander,(wholesale seeds- 
man), 1 Greenside place; nur- 
series. Dean 

Craig & Rose, 21 Greenside place 
Millar Alxeander (& lead & colour) 
Shore, Leith [Leith walk 

Parkir.Vlaithew,38VVhitefield place, 
RichardsonRalph&Co.l05 West bow 
Smiths and Co. (purveyors to the 

King), 1 Blair street 

Wood P. & Co. 41 Bernard st, Leith 

Young William & Co. (& colour). 

Silver tield, Bonnington road 


{See also Philosophical Instrument 

Adie & Son, 58 Princes st 
Davis John, 64 Piinces st 
Dunn John, 50 North Hanover st 
Francks Bernard, 22 St. Patrick's sq 
M'Dowall William, 13 Infirmary st 

Hamilton David (& organist), 30 

St. Andrew's square 
Small, Bruce & Co. 101 George 
street and Amphien place 
Marked thus * are also Glaziers. 
*Aikn)an John, 6 Queensfi-rry st 
•Aitchison Elizabeth, 20 Nelson st 
Aitkeii Margaret, 1 St. James' sq 
Alexander Robt. 10 Mansfield place 
AndeisonJno. 16 Constitution st,L. 
Bain George, 45 Cumbtrland st 
Baiid Robert, 11 Meuselane 
Ballantine & Allan, 15 South Han- 
over street 
Bayiie Menzies, York lane 
Bonar John, 169 High street and 14 

South St. David st 
•Bowers Jatues, 42 Bristo st 
Brodie James, 19 Greenside place 
Brown Alexander, 126 Nicolson st 
Brown James Thomson, 44 North 

Hanover street 
Brown John, 43 Bridge st, Leith 
*Brcwn John, 11 Richmond place 
B)own Robert, 4 Howe st 
Brnmby William, 72 Rose st 
Bryce Alexander. 243 Canongate 
B urban Robert, 15 George st 


Catnerou Duncati,27 Lothian st 
Cameron Richard, 225 Canongate 
Coulson Ann, 6 James square 
Coventry Alexander, 5 Leven st 
Craig John, 9 North St. Andrew st 
Crawfoid Robeit, 5l Castle st 
•Creen Gilbert, 4 Salisbury place 
•Cropper William, 7 India st 
Dewat John, 82 Rose st 
Dickson Thos. 10 Sth. St. Andrew st 
Ferrier Jatnes, 26 George st 
•Finlaysot) John, 4 Teviot row 
*Fowler Alexandei, 5 Duncan st 
GavinPeter,Commercial place, Leith 
♦Gibson James, 3 York place 
Gilchrist George, 61 Kirkgate, Leith 
Glass & Tod, Jackson's close 
Glover James, 8 Terrace, Leith st 
Graham 'i'homas, 1 Melville place 
*Gunn James, 3 Caltoii st 
*Haddon Robert, 4 Greenside place 
Hall Thomas, 2 Elder st 
Hay David Ramsay, 89 George st 
•Henderson John, 4 Spence's place 
Hog & Liihgow (& paper hangers), 

60 North Hanover st [Dukest 
*Howie Hugh (& paper hanger), 2 
Hunter Wm.46 West Richmond st 
Hutchison Robt.l2Sth Richmond st 
IrvineJames, 49 North Frederick st 
Jackson John, 35 Dundas st 
Johnston Thomas, Paul's works 
Kay Isaac, 6 Kerr st 
Kay James, Don's close 
Kerr Neil, 5 Frederick st 
Kinghorn John, 12 Rose st 
*Knox William, 16 Barony st 
Lamb James, 1 Maiket place 
Law James, 4 Mound place 
•Lindsay Jas. 16 West Richmond st 
M'Culloch John, 23 Howe st 
Macdonald James, 13 Drummond st 
Mackay Robt, 8 St. Andrew's square 
Mackenzie Geo. 12 Nth. Richmond st 
•Mackenzie K. 2 Main point 
•Mackinlay&Robertson, Bull's close 
.M'Leod Kenneth, 11 East Thistle st 
•M'MillanThomas,70 Broughton st 
•Malcolm William, 16 Cowgate and 

33 South Hanover st 
March Daniel, 44 India st 
Marshall John, Chalmers' close 
Marshall John, 258 Canongate 
•Marshall William, 2 Dublin st 
Mason David B. (& paper hanger), 

3 York place 
•Middleton Robert, 2 Summer place 
Milne James, 2 Shakspeare square 
Milne William, 2 Picardy place 
•Mitchell Lyall Thos. 23 Charles st 
Mitchelson John, 100 Rose st lane 
Morrison James, 457 Lawn market 
Nicholson George & Co. (& paper 

hangers to the King}, 51 George st 
Nicol Robert, 34 South Frederick st 
Norrie Robert & Son, 121 High st 

and 24 West Register st 
Ogiivy Will. Spence, South Castle st 
•Orr Jas. 26 West Cross causeway 
•Owen Charles, 135 Nicolson st 
•Peebles William, 37 London st 
Reid Robert, 3 Blenheim place 
Reid Robert, Shrub place 
Ritchie John, 3 Adam st 
Robertson Alex. 7 Bernard st, Leith 
•Ross Alexander, 25 Clerk st 
•Ross John, 8 West Nicolson st 
Ross Robert, 60 Pleasance 
Rowley James (and Poonah), 27 

Greenside place 
•Roxburgh John, 8 Rose st [st 
Ruddiman Thos. 20 Nth. St. Andrew 
♦Scott Alexander, 62 Bristo st 
•Shand James, 71 Broughton place 
•Sheppard James, 107 George st 

•Sheppard John,21 Sth Fiederick st 
•Sirae Andrew, 29 Richmond place 
•Smith John, 44 Buccleiigh st 
Sonierville John, 24 Howe st 
Stevenson William, 8 Nicolson st 
Stewart Alexander, 88 Princes st 
Stewart John, 92 Nicolson st 
•Stott & Johnston, 29 Dundas st 
Stuari Charles, Old Assembly close 
•Suthrrland George, 114 High st 
•Tavlor Daniel,41 West Nicolson st 
Wands William, 21 Howe st 
West John, 2 Alaiislield place 
West William, 45 Londim st 
Wilson & Gilbert, 60 Clerk st 
•Youne Alexander, 35 High st 
Young David, 8 Spring gardens 
•Young John, 73 Clerk st 


Boswell James & Son, 87 Princes st 
M'Crie Wni.&Co. 7Sth. Hanover st 
Wright David, South Gray's close 
Cadell William & Co. 13 Royal Ex- 
Cameron & Co. 79 South Biidge st 
Cowan & Co. 17 Princes st 
Kay J. & W. (pasteboard), 8 Drum- 
mond street [David st 
Sommerville Wm & Son,8 South St.- 
Tullis Robert, 5 Royal Exchange 


See Machine Rulers. 


Dowie Charles, World's end close 
Edinburgh Loan Company, 39 

South Bridge st 
Equitable Loan Co. of Scotland, 

4 Milne sq— Geo. Edge, manager 
Ferguson Peter, Fisher close, High st 
Gilbert John, 39 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Johnston Robert, South Gray s close 
Kidd John, Dickson's close. High st 
Munro Alexander, 276 Canongate 
Munro Daniel, Dickson's close 
Purvis David, 327 Canongate 
Shot t James, 1 Fleshmarket close 
Sinclair Alex. 86 South Bridge st 
South Bridge Pawnbroking Co. 

35 South Bridge and 55 Niddiy st 
Thomson John, 44 South Bridge st 
Thomson John, Blaekfriars wynd 
'I'homson John, 96 High st 
Union Loan Company, 13 Leith 

terrace— J as. Williamson ,nianagr 


[See also Hair Dressers.) 
Gcmble Mary, 34 George st 
Gianetti & Pass (to His Majesty), 

107 George street 
Robertson Alexander, 147 Princes st 
Urquhart John, 40 George st 


Gourlay David, 475 Lawn market 
Raraage Adam, 18 Clerk st 
Scott William, 108 West bow 
Whyte Robert, 235 High st 


(See also Opticians.) 
Bell James, 54 Soutli Biidge st 
Dunn John, 50 North Hanover st 
Gall John (hydrometer & sacharo- 

meter) , 48 London st 
Kemp & Co. 7 South College st 
Mori on Alexander, 2Roxburgh place 
Stevenson Peter, 9 Lothian st 


Marked thus * are Fellows of the Edin> 

burgh College of Physicians. 
•Abercrombie J. 19 York place 
•Adam Walter, 39 George square 
Adams Alex. Maxwell, 12 Ar^yle sq 


minhmqf^mvt, EDINBURGH, &c. 

P(gat 9c eoM 

Ainslie Sir Wliitlaw, 8 St. Colme st 
♦Alison VViliinm P. 43 Heiiot low 
*Beilby William, 39 Nordiurabtr- 

land ^^t 
*B< nth wick George Augustus, 10 

DaniawMy street 
Brown Jnlui, 53 Albany st 
Bruce Walter, 13 Charlotte st,Leith 
Burt Robeit, 8 Bank st 
Chaltner Alexander, 18 Carlton st 
Chalmers David, 47 Lauriston place 
Clieyne B. Inveileilh terrace 
*Cliri>tisoii Robt.S Randolph crscnt 
Coldstream John, 32 Bernard st, L. 
*Conibe Andrew, 8 Alva st 
Cornwall James, 6 Pilrig st 
Cox James, 8 Alva st 
♦Craigie David, 43 Queen st 
Craigie Thos. 27 Consiitution st, L. 
Craigie Wni. 27 Cimstitutiou st, L. 
Creig John, 5 South College st 
Cullen William, 8 Howe st 
♦Davidson Joshua Henry, 63 Nor- 
thumberland street 
Dyer Alexander, 41 George square 
Easton John, 10 Recent terrace 
*Fairbairn Peier, 53 George square 
FyfFe Stephen, 2 Henderson row 
*Gairdiier Ebenezer, 2 St. Bernard's 

Gardner James, 48 Lolhian st 
♦Graham Rfjhert, 62 Great King st 
♦Hamilton Jas. 23 St. Andrew's sq 
Hawley Dr. 10 Mayfield 
♦Hope Thos. Charles, 31 Moray pi 
♦Hunter Jacob D. 1 St. Colme st 
Hunter James, 2 Cassel's place 
Johnston H. Jostield [Leith 

Kirk George, 76 (Constitution street, 
♦Lewins Robert, 6 Quality st, Leith 
♦Macdonald Wm. 26 George square 
.Macintosh John, 11 Argyle square 
M'I.ean John, 4 Pitt st 
M'Lellan R. D. 102 Lauriston place 
Macwhirter John, 4 Ainslie place 
Milne Joseph D. 3 Huntley st 
Moir John, 3 Park place 
Moir John, 5 George st [walk 

M uir Robert, 8 Smith's place, Leith 
Mure George, Galloway's close 
Paterson Robert, Madeira st, Leith 
Peddie Alexander, 37 Lauriston pi 
♦Peebles John Home, 11 Wemyss pi 
♦PooleRichd.lEristBroughton place 
Purdie William, 17 Hart st 
Ramsay John, 15 Melville place 
♦Ranstord Charles, 12 Howe st 
♦Reid D. B. 9 Roxburgh place 
♦Renton Robert, 26 Howe si 
Robertson Archbld. 15 Sth.College st 
Robertson James, Cramond 
Ross Adolplius, 10 Abercromby pi 
Sanders James, 15 Duke st 
Scott William, 10 Arniston place 
♦Seller Willian),25 SocietyBrown sq 
♦Short Thomas, 54 Queen st 
♦Smith John, 16 India st 
Spans John, 28 Walker st 
♦SpcnsThos. 14 Drurauiond place 
Spitial Robert, 6 Wemyss place 
Siark James, 21 Rutland st 
Stuart J. G. 9 Picardy place 
♦ Ihatcher John, 23 Eldon st 
Thomson Andw,31 Sth. Frederick st 
♦Thomson John, 80 George st 
Thomson Thos. 23 Greenside place 
Thomson William, 80 George st 
♦Traill Thos. Stnart,10 Albyn place 
Veitch Paul, 8 Hart st 
Walkir John, 120 Princes st 
Weir Graham, 6 Lynedoch place 
Wighton George, 14 Clerk st 
♦Wood James, 19 Royal circus 
Wright William, 4 Lothian road 



Hodges William, 5 Drninmond st 
Malcolm Thomas, 28 Elder st 

street and East Bionghton place 
Ramsay John & Co. 28 Elder st 
Small, "Bruce & Co. 101 George st 
Towiisend William, 9 Gieenside pi 
Wood Robert, 45 Princes street and 

26 Macdowail street 


Anderson James, Lothian road 
Baird James, Coates' lane 
Baird Wiinam, 4Queensferry st 
Barry Lawrence, Greenside row 
Begbie F. 179 Canongate , [race 
Cianstoun Geoige, 8 Roxburgh ter- 
Derrin James, 5 Roxburgh place 
Donaldson A. Pleasance 
Fisher Alexander, Gibb's entry 
Forrest William, 23 Lauriston st 
Gilchrist Janus, 2 Simon square 
Grant Allan, Stevenlaw's close 
Greig William, 390 Hieh st [st 
M'Pherson And w.lSNth. Richmond 
Marshall & Sutherland, 39 Consti- 

tuiion street, Leith 
Patterson James, Broughton lawn 
Ramage John & Son, 15 Jamaica st 
Strachan James, StCuthbert's close 
Tait James, 1 Mound place 
Watkins Henry, 1 Carrubber's close SocietyBrown sq 


Allan John, Haddon's court 
Brodie& Hume,2l West Register st, 

and 99 Coiistiiution st, Leith 
Campbell James, East Rose lane 
Chapman Thomas, 9 Young st 
Dick John, 57 Albany st 
Dods Joseph, Gullan's close 
Eiskine William, 121 KirUgate, L. 
Gair James, 53 Clerk st 
Gallic & Kirkwood, 21 George st 
Gibson James B. Earl Grey st 
Gibson John & Son, 11 Bridge st, L. 
Gibson William & Son, 10 Brough- 
ton street and at Dalkeith 
Gourlay David and John, 83 St. 

Mary's wynd and Weir's close 
Hay George & Charles, 79 Georne st 
Hill David, Trinity, and Commercial 

street, Leith 
Jackson Thomas, 37 Howe st 
Kay Alexander, William st 
Low John, 39 Lothian st 
Mackenzie John, 15 Rose st_ 
Mackenzie John, 48 South back of 
Canongate [Leith 

MacphersonJas.103 Constitution st. 
Main Alexander, 107 Pleasance 
Marshall James, 4 Barony st 
Marshall John, 15 West Register st 
MarshallWilliam&Sou,13 George st 
.M iddleton Abraham.Queensferry st 
Miller John, 6 Veniiel 
Moncur John, 35 Rose st 
Muirhead George, 8 VVest Adam st 
Niel James, Semple court 
Notutan and Son, Broughton lawn 
Thomson George, Jamaica st lane 


See [Vriting Desk, 8(c. Makers. 


Allison James &Sons(Meux& Co.) 

Allison place, Leith walk 
Hutchinson & Douglas (Elliott & 

Co.) 8 Quality st, Leith i 

Mitchell Robert&Co.(Corabe,Dela» 

field & Co.)5 Old Physic gardens 
Morrison Charles (Reid & Co.) 6 

Shore, Leith 
Stocks David & Co.(Trueman,Han' 

bury Si. Co.}16Timber bush, Leith 

Thomson James Gibson and C<t. 

(Barclay, Pet kins & Co.'s) 28 St.' 

Andrew st, Leith 
Tod James B. (Taylor & Co.'s) 31 

Constitution st, Leith 
Young Archbld,87Constitntion st,L. 


See Artists. 


Bremner & Wilkes, 9 S. Hanover st 
Buchan William, Southern market 
Carroichael Robert, Old Poultry & 

Stockbridge market 
Currie Alexander, 20 William st 
Gow Henry, Broughton st maiket 
Hill John, 42 London st 
Muirhead Chailes, 79 Queen st 
Parker Peter, 73 Northumberland st 
Simpson Wm.7 Old Poultry maiket 
Simpson VVm. 2 Dundas st [L. 
ThoinsonJean,12 & 13 New market. 
Young John, 6 Old Poultry market 


LesageAdolphus,21 Sih.Hanoverst 
iMnndell John, 60 Princes st 
Paton Hugh (to their Royal High- 
nesses the Duchess of Kent and 
Princess Victoria) , 25 and 27 
Horse wynd college 


Allardice Robt. 130 Kirkgate, Leith 
Anderson & Bryce, Foulis close 
Anderson Michael, Mound place 
Ballour & Jack, 36 Niddry st 
Boyd G.W.& Co.Old Assembly else 
Brown Peter, 19 St. James's square 
Burness Wm.l North St. Andrews! 
Burnei James, 23 East Thistle st 
Clarke James and Co. Old Stamp 

Office close 
Collie David Robertson, 4 Niddry st 
Colston Alexander, East Rose lane 
Constable Thos.2 NorthSt. David st 
Edinburgh Printing & Publish- 
ing Co. 20 Shakspeare square — 
William Ritchie, manager 
Elder John, Anchor close [dry st 
Gall James (& publisher), 22 Nid- 
Glass John, 44 South Bridge st 
Heriot William, 13 Quality st,Leiih 
Hyne John,6 Old Bridge end, Leith 
Johnston Robert, 10 Charlotte st,L. 
Johnstone John, Strichen couit 
King's Printing OFFiCE,Blair st 
Lawrie Alex. & Co. Dunbar's close 
M'Donald John, Carrubber's close 
Millar David & William,01d Stamp 
Office close [street 

Muirhead James & Claude, 91 Rose 
Neill & Co. Old Fish market close 
Oliphant William, jun. aud Co. 23 
South Bridge st [street 

Oli\-er & Boyd,TweeddaIe ct, High 
Orphoot Jtihn, 46 Nicolson st 
Ramsay & Son, 190 Hi«h st 
Reid Mrs. William, 1 Gabrial's road 
Reid William &Son (& punlisherof 
commercial list), 40 Shore, Leith 
Ruthven & Son, Slater's close 
Shortrede Andrew, Ea.stThistle laiie 
Smellie A. Anchor close 
Stark John, Old Assembly close 
Stevenson and Co. (to University), 

32 Thistle street 
Thomson John, 1 Milne's square 
Thornton & Br)done, 19 South Sf. 
David street [close 

Turnbnll Thomas, Old Assembly 
Walker James, 6 James court 
Walkir Robert, 50 Cleikst 
Wallace R(ibt.& Co.Royal Bank lane 


Hunt Edward, Abbey hill 
Stewart Robert, 116 Rose st 


EDINBURGH, &c. tEfttttliUVSlbsj^ive. 


Ritchie Patrick, 56 Nicoison st 
Ruihven Joim, 23 New st 
Alison W. P. M. u, (medicine), 43 

Heriot row 
Balliiigall Sir George, m.d. (military 

surtjery), 13 Henot row [st 

Bell Sir Charles(stirgery) ,53 Queen 
Bell Geo. Jos. (law), 6 Daniawayst 
Biuiiton Alexander, D.D. (oriental 

languages), College 
Clial liters Thomas, u. d. (divinity), 

3 Forres street 
Christisoii Robert, m.d. (materia 

medica), 5 Randolph crescent 
(Jheape DougIas(civil law), 38 Mel- 
ville street [Queen st 
Craigie David (practice of physic) ,43 
Drummoiid John (anatomy & bo- 
tany), 5 Drummond st 
I>unbar George (Greek), College 
Fergusson Wm. (surgery), 6Drum- 
' mbnd place [Dean house 
ForbesJ as. Dav. (natural philosphy) , 
Gardner Dr. Jas (logic) ,50 George st 
Graham Robert, m.d. (botany and 

meflicine), 62 Gt. King st 
Hamilton James. M.D. (midwifery), 

23 St. Andrew's square 
Hamilton Sir William, bart. (logic 

& metaphysics), 11 Manor place 
Handyside Peter David {anatomy), 

11 Hope st ' [Leopold place 

Henderson Thomas (astronomy), 19 
Honie James, M D. (practice of phy- 
sic), York place 
Hope Thomas Charles, m.d. (chy- 

mistiy). 31 Moray place 
Howison William (medical jarispru- 

dence & botany), 9 Nicoison sq 
Jameson Robert (natural history), 

21 Royal circus [ton place 

Knox Robert (anatomy), 4 Ne wing- 
Lees Georae (natural philosophy), 
• _8 Regent's terrace 
LiZars John (surgery) ,38 York place 
LowT)avid(agi'iculture),ll Albynpl 
Lyon George (civil & Scots law) , 40 

Cuinbeilaud street 
Moir George f rhetoric & belles let- 

tres), College 
iVlunro Alexander, m.d. (anatomy), 

Moray place 
Murray Thomas(political economy) 

6 Hope street 
Nacliot Heinrick Withelm (philoso- 
phy) ,108 George street 
Napier Macvey (conveyancing), 39 

North Castle street 
Lilians James, m.a. (humanity), 22 

Abercromby street [place 

Reid D. B. (clivmistry),9 Roxburgh 
Robertson John Argyll (surgeiy), 

58 Queen st [6 Infirmary st 

JlussellJohn S.(natural pliilosophy) 
Syme James (clinical surgery), 9 

Charlotte square 
Thomson John, m.d. (pathology), 

80 George street 
.TiaiHTIiomasStewavt,M d. (medical 

jurisprudence), 10 All^yn place 
Walliice William (matheuiatics), 6 

.Lauriston lane 
Welsh David, D.D. (church history), 

? Northumberland st 
Wild John (civil liw). College 
Wilson John (moral philosophy), 

Gloucester pi [8 Gt. King st 

Wooil Thos. (practice of medicine). 


See Tavern Keepers, Publicans, SfC. 


Duncan Alexander & Son, 20 South 

St. Andrew street 

Brydon John, 255 Canongate 
Buchanan William, 26 Queen &t,Lth 
CameronJohn(&rope),5 Dock st,L. 
Ferguson Jamis,55St. Andrew st,L. 
Johnstone Robert, Bush entry,Leith 
Macnivan P. W. 23 Blair st 
Small & Co. 3d Candleniaker row 
(See also Libraries.) 
Artisans' Reading Rooms, 98 

South Bridge street 
Exchange Coffee Room, 123 

Constitution st, Leith — Matthew 

Smillie, secretary 
George's (Subscription) 13 George 

street — James Brown, proprietor 
Merchants* Hall, 4 Hunter sq 
North Leith, Wet dock— David 

Smith, treasurer ; AlexHuder 

Stewait, secretary 
Smith Alexander,89Kirkgate. Leith 
Union, 36 George st— A.W.Maclean 


{See also Distillers.) 
Donaldson & Anderson, 9 St. Giles 

street, Leith [Leith 

Dunlop & Buchan, 30 Baltic street, 
Dunlop James Usher, 60 Cowgate 

Deacon Barnaid. 47 West port 
Edinburgh Ropery & Sail Cloth 

Co. Bath st,L. — Jas. Hay, manager 
Gavin Peter, jun.l Dock gales, Leith 
Gilmore & Gibson, 101 Gi ass market 
Leith RopERYCoMPANY,Bath st,L. 
Lindsay George, 28 Horse wytid 
M'Culloch Philip, 56 Brunswick st 
Milne William, 55 Abbey hill 
Murray & Cameron, h,lbe st, Leith 
NewlandsThO'^.&Son,106Grdss mkt 
Robertson James, 104 Grass market 
Sceales James, 51 Bernard st, Leith 
Smith & Edmond, 8 Bernard st, L. 
Thomson Ptter, 8 St. Prttiick »t 
Walker A. 9 Kiikgnte, Leith 


Ainslie & Sutherlanil, 12 Princes st 
Bt-riy James, 22 Biead .st 
Boog & Roaers, 80 Princes st 
Brockie A. 1 Bristo st 
BruiitonWalier, 1 Carrubber's close 
Carfrae William, 7 Queensfeny st 
Chalmers George, 65 Clerk st 
Davie & Newton .ISouth St David st 
Gray Robert, 58 Grass market 
Gi ieveRobert,ll SouthSt. Andrew st 
Hunter John. 51 Fountain bridge 
Jones John, 5 Calton st 
M'Alpiti William. 2 Grass market 
M'Donald Aichib.ild, 123 Nicoison st 
MDonald James, .38 Grass market 
Mncintosh John, Lothian road 
Miller Alexandt-r, 119 Princes st 
Moncrieff Jas. 13 West Muitlaiid st 
Nicol John, 22 Kirkgate, Leith 
Paton Andrew, 16 Leith st 
Rymer James & A'cx. 29 Princes st Peter (army and hunting), 

6 South St. Drtvid st [st 

Sheriff& Fulton, 18 South Hanover 
Sim Henry, 79 Kirkgate, Leith 
Watt Andrew, 7 South St. David st 
Williamson Thomas, 10 West Cross 


Glass Robf-rt, Riddle's close. High 

st, and Bow st [hill 

Hutchison & Ramsny, 531 Castle 

Simpson 3c Graham, 2 Mound place 


Calder William, Old Church st, L. 
Edinburgh Ropery & Sail Cloth 

Company, Bath street, Leith^- 

James Hay, mauHger 
Gavin Peter,ji>n. 1 Dock ga*es, Leith 
Murray & Cameron, Elbe st, Leith 
Sceales James, 51 Bernard st, Lt-ith 
Smith & Edmond, 8 Bernard st, L. 


Cameron Jas. 6 Old Bridge end, L. 
Laird Anthony, Old Naval yard, L. 


Borthwick A. & C. (& patent floor- 
ing machine), Leith [bridge 
Millons Thos. & Robt. 101 Fountain 

Dalziel James, .37 Leitli walk 
Forrest Robert, National monu- 
ment, Calton bill 
Ness David, Leith walk 
Slater Peter, 12 Union st 
Steel Jno. 1 Rutland place [walk 
Wallace & Whyte, Shrub pi, Leith 
Westmacott Henry, 5 Royal terrape 


See Engravers — Seat. 


Leon Morris & Co. 7 Ingliston st 
Waterston George & Son, 14 South 
Hanover street 


(See also Nursery and Seedsmen.) 
Redpath, Brown & Co. 84 Candle- 
maker rw. & 80 Constitution st, L. 
Shanklin John, Fountain bridge 
Sinclnir John & Son, 102 West bow 
Wright Alexander,! Gref nside place 


Allan Robeit, 11 Roval exchanee 
French William M.& Co. 68 Prin- 
ces st [change 
Robertson John & Co. 16 Royal ex- 

Douglas John (and hearth rug), 

PHnmiire close 
Fleming Thomas, 31 South Bridge st 
Gihb VVm. & Sons, 17 St. Patrick sq 
Gray & Howison, 2 Drummond st 
KinninmontAlex.47 SouthBiidge st 
M'Donald James, 72 Adam square 
Proudfoot John, 73 George st 
Sinclair John, jun. (and tartan)., 

79 South Bridge st 
Smith George, 108 South Bridge st 
Smith James, jun. 5 Nicoison st 
Smith Robeit, 77 Princes st 
Spiital James and Son, 84 South 

Bridee st [st 

Summers Thomas, 107 South Bridge 
Wigham John (and silUmau), 52 

Nicoison street 


Allan Wm & Son, 35 Bernard st.L. 
Broadfoot John & 8oii, Quality st,L. 
Diyden John & Co. 137 Constitu- 
tion street, Leith 
Gavin William & Crichton, 1 Dock 
gates, Leith [bush, Leith 

H(nders(Mi Alexander, 21 Timber 
Mitchfll John & Co. Dock gates 
Shiels Robeit, Bell's court, Leith 
Torrance James, 16 Albany st, Leith 
Wishart Jas.& Son, rimber bush, L. 


Butement and Young, Old Church 

stret't, Liiih 
Menzies Robert and Sons, Sheriiff 

brae, Leith, and at Docks 
Rose Laugh Ian & Son, Wet dock, L. 
Young John, Coburgh st, Leith 

. 99 

l£DtuIiuvgfig]^(re. EDINBURGH, &c. 

^3igot $z CTo.'il 



Gnvin Peter, Conimeicial place, L. 
.Morrisdn Hugli, 6 Dock st, Leith 

shipping companies. 
Aberdeen, Leith and Clyde, 27 

Princes st, & 3 Dock gates, Leith 

— Georgf Mathie!<oii, agdit 
Alloa & Leith, Wet dock, Leith 

— Jotin lig?o, manager 
Banff and Leith, Sliore, Leith— 

Laing and Stewart, agents 
Berwick & Leith, 10 Shore, Leith 

— Laiiig and Stewart, agents 
Dundee, Perth & London, Dock 

gales, Leith — David Smith, agent 
General Steam NAVicAitoN, 8 

Waterloo place— R. W. Hamilton, 

Helmsdale and Little Ferry, 

Wet dock, Leith— Robert Wilson 

& Co. agents 
Hull and Leith, 86 Shore, Leith 

— A. B. Mason, manager 
Inverness, Leith, Ross, and 

Morayshire, 10 Shore, Leith— 

Laing and Stewart, agents 
Leith and Greenock, Dock gates, 

Leith— David Smith, agent 
Leith and Newcastle (Old), 69 

Tolbooth wynd, Leith — Robert 

Thomson, managtr 
Leith and Wick, Wet dock, Leith 

— .lohn Kgno, manauer 
Leith, Hamburgh & Rotterdam, 

Dock gates, Leith — George Gib- 
son, manager 
London Sl Edinburgh, 72 Shure, 

Leith — Archibald Ritchie. managr 
London & Leith (Old), 77 Shore, 

Leith — David Goiiiley, manager 
LoNDDN, Leith, Edinburgh, and 

Glasgow, 50 Shore, Leith — 

<Jgilvie & Crichton, managers 
Montrose and Arbroath, Wet 

dock, Leith — John Eggo, manager 
Newcastle & Leith, Shore, Leith 

— Laiiig and Stewart, agents 
Peterhead and Leith, 10 Shore 

Leith — Laiiig and Stewart, agents 
St. Andrew's and Leith, Wet 

dock, Leith — John Eggo, agent 
Thurso & Leith, DockgateSjLeith 

— David Smith, agent 


See Linen Drapers , Silk Mercers, ^c. 


Casey William and Co. Castle Silk 
mills, Fountain bridge — M. W. 
Ivison, manager 


Anderson E. 301 High st 
Bain Martha, 48 Nicolson st 
Ballantyne George, 12 Nicolson st 
Bf-U Helen, 60 Prince.s St [st 

Brown Mary Ann. 5 South Frederick 
Cameron Janet, 19 Bronghton st 
Donaldson Isabella, 66 Piinces st 
Ferguson Christiana, 59 Clerk st 
Finlay John, 2 Ninthumberland st 
Goalen Barbara, 54 St. Giles st, L. 
Grant Joanna, 2 Werayss place 
Grant Mary, 132 Canoiigate 
HavMary,12Nortli-westCircus place 
Johnston A. & J. 6 Nicolson st 
M'Dona'd Janet, 32 Princes st 
Marshall Mary, 11 Queen st, Leith 
MatherJno.&Co.ll Terrace, Leith st 
Muirhead Andrew, 5 St. Leonaidst 
Paul Mrs. 41 Brirlge st, Leith 
Purdie Cecilia, 52 Tollmoth wynd 
Robertson Eupheniia,25 Kirk gate, L 
Saaiuel Mrs. Jas. 55 Lauriston place 
Sani; Catherine, 20 Union place 


Scott Ann, 22 Couper st, Leith 
Shaw Mary, 4 Warrision place 
Smith John, 19 Dundas st 
Thomson Mary, 37 Thistle st 
Van Siaveren M. 19 Greenside place 
Virtue J. & E. 4 St. Patrick's square 
Wilson Helen, 9 Sooth Hanover st 


Campbell Charles, Paul's works, L. 
Elder and Co. 23 Potter row 
Peat William, 13 South Canal st 
Sutherland Patrick, Gilchrist's entry 
Urquhart Leonard, Hope court 
Wilkie Andrew, Hope court 


Adam & Russell, Uonuington 
Baird John and William (and wool 

dealers), Pow burn 
Cox John (and glue manufacturer) 

Georgie mills and 26 Niddry st 
Lander John (& wool dealer) , Silver 

Ritchie Alexander, C mon mills 
White R. tk D. (and wool dealers) , 


Alexander J no. LadyLawson's wynd 
Allan & Field,27 South Frederick st 
Baxter John & James, 18 Leith st 
Breeck John, 15 South Frederick sl 
Clark John, 38 George st [gate 

Clark John, Chcssel's courf,Cauon- 
Claik William, 8 South Canal st 
Dodd Andrew, Bishop's close 
Field William, 87 Causeway side 
Field William, 3 & 8 Mound place 
Greig James, Main point 
Henderson John, 32 George st 
Home George, 43 West Thistle st 
Lamb Janits, 97 Nicolson st 
Robb William, 58 Cross causeway 
Scott Daniel, Darling's brae, Leith 
Slater John, 138 Canongate 
Stewart John, 4 Quet-nsferry st 
Trotter John, 113 Nicolson st 
Wilson David, I Portland place 
Wilson James, 27 Howe st 
Wood John, 377 High st 
Young John, Constitution st, Leith 


Adams Robert, Thistle st lane 
Ainslie George, Greenside row 
Aitken Mungo, 142 Causeway side 
Ailken Thos. 44 Charlotte st. Leith 
Anderson, Hay&Co. Bowies close, L. 
Anderson Wm. & Jas. 22 Nicolson st 
Auchinclose John, 19 Rose st 
Bealtie Alexander, 35 East Canal st 
Begbie and Dickson, 16 South St. 
Andrew street [place 

Bell Alexander & Son, 23 Greenside 
Bell James, 110 St. Leonard st 
Bell John, 168 Rose st 
Bell William, Circus lane 
Bishop John, Bristo st 
Blackie Ptter, Cowan's close 
Bogie James, East Thistle lane 
Brown James, 27 Fountain bridge 
Brown John, Dalkeith road 
Brown William, High Calton 
Blown William, Leith mount 
Brown William, Circus lane 
Bryden John & Sons, 80 Rose st 
Bryden Thomas, 76 Causeway side 
Calder Alex. 33 South Frederick st 
Calder Thomas, 6 Albany sl 
Carrick Alex.& James, 139 Rose st 
Chisholm John, 11 High Market st 
ClappertonJ no. 9 W.Cross causeway 
Clark John, 18 Potter row 
Clay William, Circus lane 
Ciaik Alexander, Church sf 
Crawford Thomas, Castle bank 
Cunning William, 38 Queen st 
Darge William, 25 Cross causeway 

Davidson Jonathan & Co. Paul's 

works, Leith wynd , 
Denham J. & W. Morning side 
Dickson James, 1 LHuri.stoii st 
Dryden John & Son, Dock st, Leith 
Duncan George, Lothian road 
Fairgrieve William, Dd k st, Leith 
Forrest Alexander, 19 Greenside pi 
Forivst Thomas, Quarry close 
Forrie Thomas, 16 Cassel's place 
Gillespie Alcxander,62 Broughtou st 
G illespieArchi bald, Broughton lawn 
Gray Jame.*, York Irine, 'i'ork place 
Gray James, Forrester's yard 
Greig John & Sons (and steel-plate 

makers), 158 st 
Greig William, 133 Rose lane 
Hall George, Newhaven fmarljet 
Hall George (& farrier), 107 Grass 
Haiinam William, High Calton 
Hay William, Nottingham place 
Hill George, 14 Richmond place ^ 
Hume Alex, liiglis' court. West port 
Hunter Geo.G.(lock).56 Brouehtnst 
Hunter Robert (fitedue tool maker), 

112 Kirkgate, Leith 
Hunter Robert, Dunbar st 
Hunter William, Grove place 
Kemp David, Fox lane, Leith 
Knight George, 14 West Register st 
Lamb .Andrew, Lamb's close 
LindornS John, 29 St. Giles st, Leith 
Logan James, Moffat's close 
Lowrie John, 86 Abbey hill 
IVl 'Donald William, Jamaica st 
MackieJno.Whitefield la, Leith walk 
Mackie Robt. 102 Constitution st,L. 
Manderson John, Chalmers' close 
Mandeison Wni. I6Leiih walk 
Miller David, Water of Leith, 
Morrison & Wilson, 255 High st 
Morrison William, DuUesl, Leith 
Muir Richard, Hieh Market st 
Murray Thomas, 19 Duke st, Leith 
Napier Alex. 16 Water lane, Leith 
Ness Thomas, Commercial place, L. 
Ormiston George, 129 & 156 Rosest 
Paterson Jno. Gilchrist's entry west 
Paterson Ralph, Duke st, Leith 
Pennycook Robert, 27 South back 

of Canongate 
Purves Alexander, 4 Raeburn place 
Redpath, Brown and Co. (and en- 
gineers), 84 Candlemaker row, 
and 80 Constitution st, Leith 
Rennie James, 53 North Hanover st 
Ritchie Alexander, Raeburn place 
Ritchie Jas. 37 West Nicolson place 
Ritchie Robeit, 241 High st 
Robb Daniel, 24 Warrisfon's close 
Ross John, Citadel port, Leith 
Ross William, Burgess' close, Leith 
Scott John, 3 Castle barns 
Shiells Robert, Cowan's close 
Shier John, Elder st ; 

Sibbald John & Son«, 64 George st 
Simpson James. 53 Abbey hill 
Sinclair John, 7 Horse wynd 
Sinclair William, Chalmers' close 
Smith George, 89 Abbey hill 
Smith James, St. Andrew st, Leith 
Spence Lawrence, Echo bank 
Storey James, Swinion row 
Slorrie James, 11 South James st . 
Sutherland Gtorge,iVlurdoch's close 
Tiiit George, GreatJunciion st, Leith 
Thomason Archibald, Young st 
Thomson James, Dubest, Leith 
Thomson Thomas, 9 Duke st 
Thomson Thomas, 14 Broughton st 
Torrance James, 10 Charlotte place 
Touub William, St. Leonard st 
Ui quhai t George, Circus iaae 




Walker Alexander, 38 Rose st 
Whitson James, 55 Foimtain bridge 
Whyte James, Fountain bridge 
Wil'lLimson James, Jock's lodge 
Wil.-on Adam, Mint [way 

Yorkstoii Archd. West Cross cause- 


Taylor Willi.m& Co. Little Carroii 
and Sheriff brae 

The initials S. C. signify Solicitor in 
the Supreme Courts. 
Adam Jas. s.c 9 ClaienK-iitrrescent 
Allan William, 23 Onke street 
Anderson George, 26 Duiidas st 
Anderson 1-aac, s.c 7 Brougliion pi 
Anderson James, s.c. 12 Princes st 
Ander-son Robert, s.c. 1 London st 
Arclier&Mann, 22 Bernard st.Leith 
Aiild Robert, s. c. 3 Blair st 
Baillie Thomas, s. c. 4 Baxter place 
Bain William, s. c. 35 Scotland st 
Ban Jas Grandison, s c. 76 Queen st 
Baxter Charles, s. c. 32 Castle st 
Bayiey Isaac, s.c. 11 Royal Exchange 
Bell Williiiin, s.c. 72 Broughtonst 
Be\eridi?eSaml.s.c.l3 Bernard st,L. 
Bisset John, s. c. 9 I'nion st 
Black Henry, 21 St. Andrew's sq 
Boog Robert, s. c. 13 Clyde st 
Brown Alexander, 13 Bank st 
Brown John, s. c. 4 Duke st 
Brown Joseph, 5 Hill place 
Bruce Alexander, s c. 12 Queen st 
Bruce Charles, s. c. 19 India st 
Brui) ton George, 9 Brooghton place 
Biimess James, s. c. 16 DuUe st 
Cairns & Moffat, s. c. 10 Argyle sq 
Calder George, s. c. 41 York place 
Campbell and M'Dowall, s. c. 47 
York place [st 

Carphin Geoige, jun. s.c. .333 High 
Christie Daniel, s. c. 24 Dundas st 
Christie John, s. c. 25 York place 
Clerk Alexander, 2 London st 
Cook John, s. c. 5 Drummond st 
Crorabie Andrew, Wardrop's court 
Dalrymple William, s. c. 11 Piit st 
Darling Thomas, s c. 28 Nelson st 
Davidson John, s. c. 17 Kim row 
Deuchar Robert, s.c.llSth. Bridge st 
Dickson George, s c.35 Scotland st 
Donaldson James, s c.2 Lauri^ton pi 
Dow James Bell, s. c. 43 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Duncan William, s.c. 140 George st 
Dunn John, 429 Lawn market 
Dj'mo( k Robert Lockhart {& procu- 
rator fiscal) 10 Royal Exchange 
Falkner James P. s. c. 7 Argyle sq 
Ferguson A. s.c. 32 Dundas st [si 
Fergusou& Thomson, s.c. 17 George 
Fisher & Duncan, s. c. 31 St. An- 
drew's square [sq 
Fisher Daniel, s. c. 21 St. Andrew's 
Gentle James, s. c. 29 Buccleugh pi 
Gihson John, s c. 1 Abercromby pi 
Gifford Alexander, s.c. 2 Hill square 
GordonGeo s,c38Northumbrlndst 
Graham James, s. c. 16 Ann st 
Grant Diigald, s. c. 37 York place 
Grant Nathaniel, s. c.35 York place 
Gray David, s. c. 53 George st 
Gray George, s. c. 18 St. James' sq 
Gray John, s. c. 19 Duke street 
Hagart Jas. Valentine, s. c. 28 Saxe 

Cobouru pi, & 8 Drummond pi 
Harvey John, s c. (& notary), 22 
Bernard street, Leith [sq 

Henderson John, S.C.20 St. Patrick's 
Henderson Robert,' s. c. 22 India st 
Higgins Heivry, 18 Dundas st 
HiU Geoige, s. c. 10 St.Audrew's gq 

HutchisonAlx. s.c.16 Drummond pi 
Inglis William, s. c. 25 Pitt st 
James Alexander, s. c. 25 Clyde st 
Johnson John, s. c. 4 Grove st [-st 
JohnstoneJno. s c.21 Nortbumblnd 
JohustoneThomas,s c. 37 Alb-iny st 
Kerr Charles J. s.c.4Gilinourplrtce 
Kiikhnm David, s c. 21 Clyde st 
Knox James, s. c. 55 Nth. Hanover st 
Laidlaw Rbt.s.c.lO WestMaitland st 
Lai tig J. 16 Meadow place 
Laurie Robert, sc.52 Charlotte st,L. 
Lawrie James D. s c. 26 St.James' sq 
Leburn Thomas, s. c. 7Te\iot row 
Leith John. 118 Ccmstitution st, L. 
Liddle Joseph, s. c. 12 Scotland st 
Lockhart Robert, s. c, 15 Clyde st 
LoiinierWm.s. c.29 Birnaid st, L. 
LothianAndrew,s.c.21Athol crescnt 
Lothian John. s. c. 24 Royal terrace 
Lothian Maurice & John, s.c. 31 

North Bridge street 
Macandrew John, s.c. 28 Dublin st 
M'Gill John, s c. 12 Sih.St.David st 
M'Glashan John, s c. 5 Argyle sq pi 
M'Innes Jame*, s. c. 10 George st 
Macintosh&Gammell,s c.4Fettesrw 
Mackenzie John, s. C. 8 Manor pi 
Maclachlan Laughlan, s.c. 47 North 
Castle street [place 

M'Millan Edward, s. c. 43 York 
Man-'on David, s. c. 54 Albany st 
Marshall James, s. c. 1 Windsor st 
Martin James, s. c. Gayfield square 
Martin William, s. c. 17 Union st 
Meikle James, 2 Queen st 
Mill George, s. c. 3 Potter row 
Miller Alex. s. c. 8 Cumberland st 
Miller James, s. c. 20 Nelson st 
Miller William, s. c. 59 George st 
Mitchell David, s. c. 44 Northum- 
berland street [st 
Moffat Thomas M. s. c. 297 High 
Monro George, s. c. 14 Hart st 
Moore James, s. c. 73 George st 
Moirison Adam, 6 Hart st 
Morri.>'On John, 27 Elder .st [st 
Muir William, s. c. 1 Sth. Chailotte 
Murdoch John, s.c 35 Bernard st,L 
Murray James, s. c. 31 Cheyne st 
M urray John, s.c. 32 St. And lew's sq 
Murray John, s. c. 625 High st 
Nairn John, 10 South Hanover st 
Nicoll Alexander, 2 Melville st 
Nisbet Jas. s.c. 17 West Fettesrow 
Orr Alexander, s.c. 6 Leopold place 
Pagan Wni. s. c. 13 Montgomery st 
Paiker John, s. c. 7 Mary place 
Pater.son A. & J. s. c. 47 Albany st 
Pearson Patrick, s. c. 76 Queen st 
Peierkin Alex.s.c. II EastThis'lest 
Phillips & Dunn, s c. 429 High st 
Phillips John, s. c. 12 Union st 
Phin John, s. c. 37 Dublin st 
Playfair Robert, s. c. 6 Mansfield pi 
Pollock William, s. c. 13 York place 
Prentice Richard, 105 Prince* st 
Pridie Peter Hampden, 5 Nicolson st 
Rae James, 5 York place 
Rae Peter, s c. 12 Duke st 
Ramsay Philip A. 18 Gayfield square 
Ranken B. M. 42 Cumberland st 
Ranken Thomas, s. c. 10 Duke st 
Robertson David (to customsl , 8 
Brunton place [derickst 
Robertson James A. s.c. 59 Nth.Fre- 
Robertson John, s. c. 17 Dublin st 
Ronald John, s. c. 22 Elm row 
Ross James, s. c. 8 Mansfield place 
Ross John, s. c. 19 Queen st 
Rutherford George, s.c. 13 Young st 
Sang & A^iaii^ s. c. 61 Gt. King st 

Saunders William, s. c. 14 Elder st 
Scott George, s. c. 12 Alhol place 
Scott Robert, 5 c.7 Sth. Frederick st 
Scott, Rynier &Scott. s c. 13 Bank st 
SelbyRobertB.s c.63Nth. Hanover st 
Shiels Thomas, s. c. 20 Bernard 
-street, Leith [Leiili 

Simeon Alexndr. s.c. 28 Bernard st, 
Sinclair Edwaid, s. c. 2 Hadding- 
ton place [burgh pi 
Skinner John Robert, s. c. 5 Rox- 
Smail James, s c.52 Cumheiland st 
Smillie Matthew and William, s.c. 

14 Charlotte street, Leith 
Smith James, s. c. 3 Norton place 
Smith James Jackson, s.c. 7 Pitt st 
Smith, Neil and Hutchison, s. c. 20 

Clyde stieet 
Smith Thomas Cowan, 8. c. 68 

Geo^e street 
Snody Aiidiew, s, c. 118 Constitu- 
tion st, Leith [maker row 
Spaldine William, s.c. 11 London st 
Spence Charles, s. c. 7 Elder st 
Stevenson Alx. s.c. 7 Royal Exchnge 
Stewart Charles, s. c. l'6 Duke st 
Stewart David, s. c. 16 Duke st 
Stewart Thomas, s c. 3 Windmill st 
Stu>irt James, s. c. 34 Great Kingst 
Taylor Daniel, 21 Leopold place 
'I'aylor James, s. c. 21 Leopold place 
Taylor John (ot stamps & taxes). 
Stamp Office, Waterloo pi [st 
Thomson David J no, s. c. 17 George 
Thomson Wm. s. c. llSth.Bridiiest 
UsherJames,s.c.39 South Bridge St 
Watt James B. s. c. 19 Elder st 
Webster Robert, s. c. 11 George st 
Welsh Robert, s. c. 58 Northum- 
berland street 
Wharton Henry, 5 North Bridge st 
Wight James, 6 James st [row 
Wilkie James F. s. c. 18 West Fettes 
Wilson & Milne, s. c. (& sheriff's 
clerks), 23 Bernard .street, Leith 
Wilson Adam, 53 York place [st 
Wilson Robert, s.c. 62 Nth. Hanover 
Wood Peter, s.c. 16Norlhumbrlnd st 
Young John, s. c. 7 Forth st 


CSee also Grocers and •Spirit Dealers • 

Victuallers ; and also Wine and Spirit 


Adam Steph. 36 Northumberland st 

Aitchison and Co. 2 Infirmary street 

and 248 Cauongate 
Aitchison William, 7 Hamilton place 
Aiiken James, I Dock plare, Leith 
Aitkens James, 14 Potter row 
Alexander Alex. New la, Newhaven 
Allan Alexander, 142 Canongate 
Alston Hugh, 56 West port 
Anderson James, 133 Rose st 
Anderson James, 21 Rose st 
Anderson Thomas, 34 Tobiigo st 
Anderson William, 83 Hiah st 
Arnott Andw. 19 West Richmond st 
Bailey Thomas, 15 High riggs 
Baillie David, Low Calton 
Baillie William, 4 Johnston's place 
Bain Thomas, 5 Fleshmarket close 
Bain William, 33 Whitefield pl.ce 
Baird & Kemlo, 280 Canongate 
Ballennie Wm. 1 Haddington place 
Bannernian Hueh, 3 S pence's place 
B.iimerman William, Milne's conrt 
Barber Alexander, 44 Broiighton st 
Barclay David, 32 Potter row 
Barker Robert, 170 Rose st 
Bell Gforge, 7 Shakspeare square 
Bell J. Diikest, Leith 
Bell John, 3 Broad wynd, Leith 
Bell L. 1 Broughton st 
Bennet John, 182 Rose st 
Beverifise Maria,Bonnington bridge 




mm & cTo/js 

SPIRIT DEALERSj 6te — Contld. 
Biiuiie Join), 22 Union place 
Bisiiitp Robert, 92 Pleasance 
Biackie George, Jock's lodge 
Blackie Janit-s, 1 High lisxs 
Hlackie Joiiti, 2 Shrub place 
Bhkely John, 35 Leith walk 
JJliie Archibald, 80 Grass market 
BIyth Tliomas, 153 Plens ince 
JioiiHi- Juhn & Co. 3 Little King si 
Bortli wick David, 4 Greeiiside place 
Bon h wick John, Canon mills 
Borthwick Williaii), 60 Rose st 
Bowden VVilliatn, Jock's lodge 
Bowton John, Grange park 
Boyd James, 1 Norton place 
B'>yd John, 22 South Frederick st 
Brash Janet, 176 Canongate 
Bride Janet, Wiighl's houses 
Brooks Ahraliam, 233 Canoilpale 
Brown Adam,2 Riddle's close, Leith 
Brown'rhomas,4 Shakspeare square 
Brunton Janet, Montgomery st 
Brydoii William, 3 Leveii st 
Buchan William, 136 Pleasance 
Buchanan John,Pillan's place, Leith 
Burr James, Bell's mills [place 
Cairncross William, 24 Haddington 
Cameron Charles, 14 Princes st 
Cameron Duncan, 37 Shore, Leith 
Cameron William, 194 Cowgate 
Campbell Alexander, 7 Shore, Leith 
Campbell Archibald, 220 Cowgate 
Campbell Charles, 6 West Adam st 
Campbell Donald, 5 M'Dowall st 
Campbell Ja'<.76Noithumberland st 
Campbell John, 2 Arthur st 
Campbell Johir, Newhaven 
Cannon Catherine, 2 Bt-rnard st, L. 
CarmichaelGeo.HamburKh place, L. 
Carmichael Hugh, 179 Pleasance 
Carmichael Peter, 2 Richmond lane 
Carse Mary, 437 Lnwn market 
Carson R()bert,55 Caadlemakerrow 

?ind 26 Cowgate 
Carter Andrew,44 North Havover st 
Carter John, 11 & 78 St. Giles st, L. 
Clark Catherine, 94 Rose st 
Clark William, Jock's lodge 
Cobban Peter, 59 St. Giles st, Leith 
Cochrane H. 122 Fountain bridge 
Cochrane Margaret,100 Kirkgate,L. 
Collins Robert, 1 Bridge st, Leiih 
Colvill James, Wright's houses 
Comb James, Newhaven 
Connel Daniel, 48 North Hanover si 
Cowan Ninian, 15 and 16 Infirmary 

street and 1 Main point 
Cowan Walter, 209 High st 
Cowie Isaac, 14 West Mailland st 
Craig Adam, 51 London .st 
Craig Mrs. Andrew, 198 Canongate 
Crais Elizabeth, 154 Rose st 
Craie James, 463 Lawn market 
Craig Mrs. 3 Brown st 
Craig Peter, Cable wynd, Leith 
Crearer P. 18 West Cro^s causeway 
Crighton James & William, 9 South 

Frederick street 
Crighton John, 191 High st 
Crooks J^mes, 26 Thistle st 
Crosbie Thomas, 37 Canongate 
Gumming Hugh, 43 Canongate 
Curie William, 19 Hart st 
Currie William, Echo bank 
Dalgleish James, 28 Clerk st 
Dalton Henry, 88 Canonuate 
Davidson David, 150 Canongate 
Dempsey Daniel, Sieienlaw's close 
Dick John, 14 South Richmond st 
Dick John, 5 Union st 
Dickson Join), 1 Lauriston st 
Dohson Nicolas, 192 Rose st 
Dods John, 275 Hieh st 
Doherty Mrs. 106 Cowgate 

a 02 

Donaldson Alexander G. 49 Highst 
Donaldson Margaret, 2.S Clyde st 
Douglas James, 10 Niddry st 
Douglas John, Advocate's close 
Dow Alexander. 7 South St.David st 
Dow Charles, Thistle lane 
Dow David, 37Cioss causeway 
Draper Wtn. 20 South Frederick st 
Duncan Chiistie, 120 Rose st 
Duncan David, 10 Greenside place 
Duncan William, 6 Cnlton hill 
Duiie George, 1 Riddle's close, Leitli 
Durward Andrew,33 Hope park end 
Edington Alexander, 285 High st 
Elder Jamesi, 63 St. Mary's wynd 
Klliot William, Morning side 
England William, 2 Calton st 
Ewart Ann, 9 Riddle's close, Leith 
Fairley Helen, 7 Old Physic Hardens 
Fenton James, 12 High Calton 
Ferguson George, 1 Shore, Leith 
FerKUSon John (&cnrn)39 Cowgate 
Ferrier Charles, 487 Lawn market 
Ferrier James, 331 Canongate 
Fiddes William, 4 Cowgate 
Finlay Robert, 16 Levet) st 
Fisher James, Greettside row 
Forbes & Henderson, 50 Hanover st 
Forbes Robert, 201 Cowgate 
Fordyce William, 37 Kirk gate, Leith 
Forrest John, 45 Bernard st, Leith 
Fraser Alexander. 145 Cowgate 
Fullerton John, 126 Causeway side 
Galloway Thomas, 166 Rose st 
Gault Marion, 24 Yard heads, Leith 
Gesgie Mark, 98 Constitution st, L. 
Gillbn James, Chapel lane, Leith 
Gillon John, 122 Kirkgate, Leith 
Gillon Thonias, 181 Cowgate 
Gillon William, 6 Rose st 
Given John, 10 Bernaid st, Leith 
Glasgow John, 22 M'Dowall st 
Gleave Robert, 202 Rose st 
Goodsman Robett, Wright's houses 
Gordon Jas. 11 Charlotte st, Leith 
Gor<lrtnMarearet,13St. Andrew sr,L. 
Grant William, Sandiland's close 
Gray Agnes, 1 Kerr st 
Gray James, 45 Leith st 
Gray Joan, 93 Kirkgate, Leith 
Gray John, 9 Clyde st 
Gray Thomas, 28 Pleasance 
Greenlaw John, 2 Niridrv st 
Greenshields Jan)es, 37 Rose st 
Grecory John, 29 Blackfriars wynd 
Greig William, 394 Castle hill 
Guthrie Isabella, Cable wynd 
Hall John, Newhaven 
Hamilton James, 266 Canongate 
Hamilton Thos. 4 & 6 S. Hanover st 
Hamilton William, 24 Rose st 
Hardie John, 79 Broughton st 
Hardy Charles, 481 Lawn market 
Hart Thomas, 355 High st and 17 

South Frederick st 
Harvie John, 1 Citadel poi t, Leith 
Haxton William. Don's close 
Hay Alexander, 10 Greenside row 
Hay Duncan, 27 Bristo st 
HayWilliam&Alcxander,117Rose st 
Henderson Jn.49 Candlemaker row 
Henderson Robeit, 18 Roxburgh pi 
Henderson William, llGtass market 
Hetinecy William, 22 Howe st 
Hepburn Jaiues,77 West Thistle st 
Heriot George, Cable wynd 
Heslop Geoige, 43 Water lane, Leith 
Hfwat George & Co. 35 George st 
Hill D ivid, 3 Gr. Junction st, Leith 
HoKg George, 48 Grass market 
Hope Tliotnas, 8 Catherine st 
Hughes Marion, 149 Causeway side 
Hunter Peter, 2 Little King st 
Hnnfei Robert, 134 Pleasance 
Hutchison Henry, 2 Alison square 

Hutchison Jas. 14 Charlotte place 
Hutchison Margrt. 4 Alison square 
Hutchison William, King's stables 
Hutton Archibald, 321 Canongate 
Iiiglis Andrew, 76 Giass market 
Inglis Williatn, 41 St. Leonard st 
Itines John, 26 Queen st, Leith 
Innes John, 161 High street and 11 

Drumniond st 
Jamieson George, Duddingstone 
Jamieson Peter, 5 Hay st 
Jardiue Thomas, 7 Nottingham pi 
Jenkins John,72Tolb()oth wyiid,L. 
Jobsoi) George, Bull's close, High st 
Johnston Alexander, 103 West bow 
Johnston David, King's paik 
Kay John, 39 Jantaica .st [place 

Kay Rbt. (& .stable's),9St. Anthony 
Kemp Archibald, 2 S. Charlotte st 
Kemp Daniel, 4 Melville place 
Kenip George, 6 Rose st 
KennedyClias.8 SnuthSf. Andrew st 
Kerr Backhouse Addison, 26 Tol- 

bootli wynd, Leith [close 

Kerr Daniel, 3 «c 4 Old Fishmarket 
Kerr John, 14 Nelson st 
Kirk James, Echo bank 
Knight John, 1 Young st 
Laing Robert, 16 Carnegie st 
Laird John, 12 Grass market 
Lamb Tliotnas, 6 East Richmond st 
Lan)raie Hugh, Bull's close, High st 
Laraond John, 106 Nicholson st 
Landels Adam,20 South Hanover st 
Langford Thomas, 4 Shore, Leith 
Lawrie William, Veal market 
LawsonAlexander,13Horse wynd,L, 
Lawson Charles, 126 Kirkgate, Leith 
Learmonth Archibald, 583 High st 
Levack Daniel, 39 Dundas st 
Lloyd John, 1 Queen si 
Lockhart George, Kemp's ct, Leith 
Lockhart R. 109 St. Leonard st 
Love John, Newhaven 
Low John, 3 Fox lane, Elbe st 
Lyall Alexander, 21 Broad wynd,L. 
M'Call Andrew, 41 Grass market 
M'Call William, 78 Queen st 
M'Callnm Duncan and James, 93 

Nicolson street 
M'Cleish Charles, 13 Jamaica st 
M'Culluin Peter, 17 Buccleugh st 
M Diarmid John, South Canal st 
M' Donald Donald,121 Grass market 
M'Donald Donald, 24 Potter row 
M' Donald John, 20 Thistle st [st 
M'Donald Roderick ,12 Cumberland 
M'Donald William, Summer hall 
M'Dougall Alex. 6 Old Physic grdns 
Macfarlane Robt.l4 S.St. Andrew st 
M'Farlane Walter, 29 Potter row' 
M'Ghie William, 2 Princes st 
M'Gill George, 4 St. Patrick st 
M'Gilvray Peter, 89 Grass market 
M'Glashan Jantes, 1 India st 
M'Giegor Donald, 2 Rutland place 
MacgregorGeo.Old Blackfriars wnd 
Macgregor James, 190 Canongate 
Margregor John, 121 Pleasance 
M'Hutcheon Jno.l2East Register st 
M'intosh James,25 Richmond place 
Macintosh John, 2 Hope .st 
M'intosh John,13 Blackfriars wynd 
M'intosh M. C. 6 Dock place,Leith 
M'lntyre James, 69 Pleasance 
M'intyre Malcolm, 317 Cowgate 
Mackay Angus, 62 Cumberland st 
Mackay George, 38 Jamaica st 
Mackay James, 142 Covvgite 
Mackay James & Alex. 133 High st 
Mackay John, 167 & 276 Canongate 
Mackenzie Alexan(lr.l70 Canongate 
M'Kenzie Alexander, 148 Cowgate 
M'Kenzie Alexander, 60 Queen st 
iNlaekenzie Daniel, 31 Dublin st 


EDINBURGH, &c. lcDiin5urgjbj5]btrt, 

Mackf nzieD »v.l3 MidiUftpn's entry 
Mackenzie Donald, 167 Pieasaiice 
M'Keuzie Donald, 1 High st 
Mackenzie Jolin, Canon mills 
M ' Kt nzie VVm, 49 Yard heads, Leitli 
M' Kenacher Margaret,! Potter row 
Mackie M' Queen, 18 Howe st 
M ' Kiiizie John,2West Cross causwy 
M'Laren Alex. 8 East Thisile st 
M'Lartn Donald, Dunbar's close 
IVl'Larcn James, Barony st 
M'Laren John, South Canal st 
M'Laien Margaret, 14 Roxburgh pi 
M'Laren Neil, 95 Leiih wynd 
M'Laren Rolierr, 50 West Register 

SI reel, and 42 Shore, Leith 
M'Lean Alex. 4 Fleshmarket close 
M'Leod David, 471 Lawn market 
M'Martin Duncan, 168 High st 
M'Maitin John, 54 St. Andrew st,L. 
M'Mead Pfter, 35 Thistle st 
M'NaunhiOM Jolin,7High Market st 
M'Nauglitun Peter, 126 Canoiigate 
M'Phail Catherine, 2 New st 
M'Phail Duncan, 2 Howe st 
M'Pherson John, 45 Nicolson st 
M'Quien John, 5 Abhey 
Jlanders D. & G. 54 Bioughton st 
Manson John, l63 Rose st 
Masters William, 110 Rose st 
Mathew James, 2 North Bank st 
Matliison Alexander, 100 Rose st 
]Matl)i^onDuticn.4 Commercial pi, L. 
Meikhjohn Wm. 46St. Gilesst.Lth. 
Mein Jauies, 56 St. Leonard st 
Meldrum John, Dudding>iton 
Millar William, 19 Romilly place 
Mitchell James, 16 Catherine st 
Mitchell Walter, 35 St. Giles st, L. 
Moffat James, 128 Pleasance 
Moffat Mrs. Coltbridge 
Morrison Robt.l4Constitution st,L. 
Morrison Thomas, 130 Kirkgate, L, 

Morrison Wni.&Co. Broad wynd,L. 
Muir David, West Norton place 
Muir Henry, Hawthorn hank 
Muirhead George, 52 Rose st 
Muirhead Helen, Dock gates, Leith 
Muirhead Patrick, 14 West Adam st 
Mnnro Alexander, Boiinington 
Munro Mrs. M. 70 St. Leonard st 
Munro William, 1 Portland place, L, 
Murray Hugh, 53 Cowgate, Leith 
Murray John, 1 Catherine st 
Murray John, 31 Jamaica st 
Napier & Co. Morning side 
Nt'ilson Greig, 8 M'Dowall st 
Neil>on William, Dalkeith road 
NiclioIJohn, 48 George st 
Norman Andrew, 71 Potter row 
Norrie Robert, 24 Brunswick st 
Oaliuan George, 82 St. Andrew st,L. 
Oliver Thomas, 206 Cowgate 
Oliver William, 154 Cowgate 
Orrock Alexander, 48 Dundas st 
Orrock David, 28 Shore, Leith 
Oxley George, 237 Canongate 
Oxley John, 131 Canongate 
Patirson William, 42 Cowgate 

, Peacock Adam, 18 South Hanover st 
Peat David, 17 Gilmour st 
Peck William, 309 Canongate 
Peddle David, 39 Arthur st 
Pentland Colin, Echo bank 
Pollock David,71York pl&Meusela 
Pringle James, 6 St. Leonard's hill 

, Piingle John, 15 Rose st 
Raeburn William, 606 Castle hill 
Ranken Peter, 45 Charlotte st, Leith 
Rtirt Donald, 14 Candlemaker row 
Rf id James, 31 Watergate 
Reoch George, Canon mills 
Richinond &. Sutherland,68 Adainsq 

Robertson Donald, 25 West Canal st 
Robertson Donald, 14 S. Charlotte st 
Robei tsoii Donald, East Thistle lane 
Robertson Duncan, 26 Thistle st 
Robeitson George, 119 High st 
Robertson John,35 Nth. Frederick st 
Robertson John, 23 Dundas st 
Robertson Margr. 47 Bernard st, L. 
Robertson Wm.'l St. Anthony place 
Rose A. 4 Canal street 
Ross Alexander, 177 Cowgate 
Ross Andrew, 1 South Union place 
Ross Andrew, 12 Greenside place 
Ross Joseph, 32 Northumberland st 
Rowen Alexander, 3 Dock place, L. 
Roxburgh James, 12 Market place 
Russell & Co. 20 St. Leonard st 
Russell Robert, Physic gardens 
llntlierford Andrew, 10 Princes st 
Rutherford James, 1 New st [st 
Rutherford Robt. 56 West Richmnd 
Rutherford Walter, 40 Rose st 
Rutherford William, 72 and 75 High 

st, 3 Niddryst, 3 Drummond st, 

and 3 Leith street 
Sandilands James. Grove place 
Scolt AIe.xander, 75 Kirkgate,Leith 
Scott James, 38 Abbey hill 
Scott John, 15 Abbey 
Scott Thomas, Shrub place 
Scott Walter, 43 Ahhey hill 
Scott William, 95 Nicolson st 
Sharp Willimi, 39 Cumberland st 
Shirreff W. E. 1 St. Patrick st 
Shortland Ann, 4 Young st 
Sim John, 18 Shore, Leith 
Simpson Catherine, Shrub place 
Simpson John, Jock's lodge 
Sinclair Robert, Colt bridge 
Small Charles, 160 Rose st 
Smart James, 195 High st 
Smart John, Newhaven 
Smart Robert, 18 South Frederick st 
Smith Alexander. 59 Kirkgate,Leith 
Smith George, Gibbet toll [st, L. 
Smith Henry (& porter) 14 Sandport 
Smith Morton, Sheriffhrae 
Smith Wm. Queen's pi, Leith walk 
Snowden John & Walter, 63 Grass 

market [Leith 

Somerville David, 6 Commercial pi, 
Somerville Hugh, 7 Causeway side 
Somerville James, Mill's close 
Somerville Nicol, 13 High st 
Somerville William and Nicol, 56 

Grass market 
Spence James, 89 Leith wynd 
Stevenson Thos. 21 Haddington pi 
Stewart Alex.14 St. Patrick's square 
Stewart Andrew, 50 Bristo st 
Stewart David, Huntley st 
Stewart James (& coach hirer), 3 

South-east Circus place 
Stewart James, 14 Brunswick st, 

Stewart James, 9 St. Vincent st 
Stewart John, 74 Nicolson street 

and 14 St. Patrick's square 
Stewart John, 3 Clyde st 
Stewart Jostpl), 11 Clyde st 
Stewart AlaitlandjSlioemaker's close 
Stewai tNaihaniel,34 Cumberlandst 
Stewart Peter, 32 Pitt st 
Stewart Robert, 6 Queensferry st 
Stewart William, 3 Keir st 
Stirling Robert, 14 Melville place ; 
Stott Miss, 114 Cowgate : 

Strachan David, 17 Charlotte place 
Strachan John. 48 Thistle st 
Stuart Mary, Wright's lioiises 
Taylor Peter & Janet, 16 Bristo st 
TtriasThos. 1 Hamburgh place, L. 
Thin George, 4 Castle barn 
Thomson D. 6 Young st 

Thomson Daniel, 597 Castle hill 
Thomson Mis. 1 Greenside row 
Thomson Mr s. 8 West Ricliiuond st 
Thomson Robert, 8 N.colson st 
Thomson Robert, 16 Downie place 
Trench Adam, 11 Couper st, Leith 
Tulloch William, 15 Elbe st, Leitli 
Utterson William, 48 Buccleugh st 
Vipond James, 6 Hadr*ington place. 
Waghorn Joseph, 36 Charlotte st, L. 
Waldie John, Echo bank 
Walker Alexander, 23 Shore, Leith 
Walker Andrew, 10 Gibb's entry, 

Nicolson street [Leiih 

Walker William, 6ToIbooth wynd, 
Watson James, 136 Rose st 
Watson Wm. 5 Portland place, Luth 
Watt George, 8 Jamaica st 
Watt May, 70 St. Giles st, Leith 
Waugh William, 7 Greenside row 
Weatherston John, Echo bank 
Weir Robert, 289 Canongate 
Welsh Walter, 8 Greenside place 
White Peter, 196 Rose st 
White Robert, 6 Spence's place 
White Williain, 323 Cowgate 
Wighton John, 2 West Adam st 
Will William, 8 North Richmond st 
Williamson John, 15 South Canal st 
Wilson John, New lane, Newhaven 
Wilson John, 12 Catherine st 
Wilson Joseph H.103 Kirkgate,Fjeiih 
Wilson Peter, 23 Bank ktreet and 

56 Regent arch 
Wilson Robert, 6 Romilly place 
Wilson Thonias, Newhaven 
Wilson William, 165 Pleasance 
Wood Robt. Buir.s close. 118 High it 
Wood Thomas, Jock's lodge 
Workman John & Co. 10 Abbey 
Wright Richard,3Constituti(m st,L. 
Young Archibald, 202 Pleasance 
Young Janet, 1 Sciennes st 
Young John, Newhaven 

Hawks John (& bridle bit) 1 Calton 

hill [try West 

Sutlierland Daniel, Gilchrist's tn- 


Marked thus * are Wliolesale. 
{See also Bookbinders ; Booksellers and 

Stationers, and also Paper Makeis.) 
Biggar Mrs. 13 Lothian st 
•Cadell William and Co. 13 Royal 

Cameron John, 86 South Bridge st 
♦Dickson James, 147 Giass market 
Gaugain John James (fancy), 63 

George street 
Greenliill John, 10 Bank st 
Henderson John, 81 Shore, Leith 
Hoiilden Thomas, 9 Nicolson st 
Johnston William and Alexander 

Keith, 160 High st& 107 George st 
*Kerr Thomas and Co. 33 Si. And- 
rew's square 
M'Gregor Alexaiider, 21 Dundas st 
*M'MDrray& Durham, 9ill Blair st 
*Macniven P.& W. 23 Blair st 
Moir Alexander, Elm row 
Morris Robert, 7 West Register st 
Muir John, 8 Drummond st 
Mundell John (fancy), 60 Princes ist 
Proven Mrs. 6 Bank st 
Ritchie James, 158 High st 
•Roberts W. H. 25 North Bridge st 
Scott James, 9 Bank st 
*Sommerville William and Son, 8 

South St. David st [street 

Sutherland Daniel R. 95Sth. Bridge 
Waterston George & Son, 14 South 

Hanover street 
Watt Philip, 30 Bernard st, Leith 
Weddell William, 5 Bread .st 
*Whyte Andrew, 25 North Bridge st 


mnmxixtitmtt' Edinburgh, &c. 

^igot $c €o.*» 


Auchterlonie Mary, 32 Northum- 
berland street 
Bain Mrs. 12 St. Patrick's square 
Bain Mrs. 2 Salisbury st 
Behmer Fredericli, 55 George st 
Brown Catherine, 50 Princes st 
Bruce J. 13 Adam st 
Byrne Elizabeth, 19 Banii st [st 
Campbell E. Haddon'sct, Nicolson 
Campbell Margery, 145 George .st 
Chisholm E.&J.26 Sth. Frederic!* st 
Cowper Janet, 190 Rose st 
Croley William & Co. 45 Princes st 
Cuihbertson & Srott, 79 Piinces st 
Dickson Jane, 23 Soutli Frederick st 
Draffen Martha, 74 Georae st 
Ewart Margaret, 66 rhislle st 
Farquharson Janet, 25 Thistle st 
Findlny Elizabeth and Margaret, 15 

Sontli Frederick st 
Hay Ellison, 22 Clerk st 
Henry Eli^abeth, 20 Rose st 
Hislop Rothes, 69 George st 
Hopton Geo. 26 South Hanover «t 
Hutchison Mrs. 307 High st 
Johnston Agnes, 49 Tliistle st 
M'Beth Mrs. 39 North Hanover st 
M'Donald Jessie, 1 East Register st 
Machelmail Margaiet, 16 Bankst 
M'Kay Lsabelia, 106 Rose st 
Mackenzie Eliz. 43 West Thistle st 
Mackintosh Rachl.30 S. Frederick st 
M'Lean Mrs. 18 Roxburgh st 
M'Leod William, 16 Brunswick st 
Macwhinnie Janet, 91 Nicolson st 
MathesonJ. & E. 10 Dublin st 
Meyer Madame, 92 George st 
Moffat Jane, 28 Haddington place 
Peddie J. 15 West Richmond st 
Potter Jane, 27 Elder st 
Robertson Margaret, 73 George st 
Boss Miss, 33 Dundas st 
Saunders Margaret.S SouthCastle st 
Scanlan Kosanna, 21 Bank st 
Swan Catherine, 81 George st 
Syme Mary, 7 Brousliton st 
Syme Thomas, 77 Nicolson st 
Thomson Isabel, 1 Charles st 
Wallace Sarah, 9 Jamaica st 
Walker Elizabeth, 63 Cumberland st 
White Jean, 16 Clerk st 
Williamson Mrs. 7 Biiehton st 
Wright Mrs. David, 8 Greenside pi 

French Wm. M. & Co. 68 Princes st 
Hay John, 14 South Hanover st 
street [Exchange 

Stevenson Alexdr. & Sons, 7 Royal 


Johnston Geo. jun. Port Hopetoun 

M'Phersnn James, 1 Port Hopetoun 

Moir James & Co. Lothian road and 

Admiralty st, Leith 


Aird Margaret, 51 India place 
Armstrong Janet, 126 Canongate 
Autchison M rgt.&J ane, 12 George st 
Bain Mis. 157 Cowgate 
Barry J. & A. 20 Bank st 
Barry Jane, 63 Nicholson st 
Buchan, 21 Ch irles st 
Campbell Charlotte, Bontiington 
Campbell Christiana, 13 Nicolson st 
Cant Margaiet, 88 Princes st 
Carr Isabella, 8 St. Vincent st 
Chisholm& Flett.l4 North Bridge st 
Christie Eliz. 4 Terrace, Leith st 
Cochrane Mrs. 20 West Canal st 
Collie & Smith, 2 North Bridge st 
Cormack Mrs. D. 129 Higiist 
Deans Agnes, 9 Kerr st 
Fowlis Ja»e,4 Coalfield lane, Leith 


Fraser D. & J. Warriston place 
Gillespie Mrs. 38 Alva st 
Green E. 14 Greenside st 
Greeve E. 29 Richmond st 
Hayne Margaiet, 92 Princes st 
Henderson Miss, 20 Nicolson st 
Houstonn M. & R. 23 Dundas st 
Hume Mrs. 1 Adam st [st 

Hutchison Margt.& Jean, 12 George 
Isaac Joseph, 4 Canouijate 
Kemp H. K. 17 Elm row 
Lawrence Maiy, 4 York place 
LiddleMrs. 108 West poit 
M'Farlane J. & J. Bishop's close 
M' Gibbon Isabel, 15 Howe st 
M'Killop Janet, 4 Howe st 
M'Lean Catherine, 1 Howe st 
M'Leod MarL'aret, 109 Nicolson st 
Meliose Jessie, Stewart's close 
MillerChristian &Margl.2 Tobago st 
Milne & Bucliannan, 33 George st 
Mitchell & Heriot, 49 George st 
Murray Mrs. 8 Gilmonr st 
Prince Ann, 34 Princes st 
Riddle M. 12 West Nicholson st 
Robertson Mary. 33 Clerk st 
Robertson Mrs. 15 Richu.ond st 
Scott Agnes, 2 Nicolson square 
Simpson A. & M. 90 South Bridge 
Simpson E. South Gray's close 
Smith Isabella, 55 George st 
Stevens Jean, 1 Clyde st 
Sutherland Christian, 122 Rose st 
Sutherland Eliza, 2 Moiitnontery st 
Taylor M. 36 Bridge st, Leith 
Torrance Misses, 82 South Bridge st 
Watson & Roy, 63 West Thistle st 
Webster John, 12 Kirkgate, Leith 
Weir Helen, Haddington place 
Wemyss Miss, 23 Bioughtoii st 
While Rachael, 31 Pitt st 
Wingrave M. & Co. 23 George st 

sugar refiners. 
Leith Sugar Refining Company, 

Cobouig street, Leith 
Macfie William & Co.160 Canongate 


Marked tlias i are Fellowsof the College, 
and thus * are Doctors of Medicine. 
{See also Chymisls 8( Druggists.) 
*§Abercromhie John, 15 Elder st 
Airth John, Morning side 
Aitkenson Henry, 18 Drummond pi 
*§Aitkin Joiin, 5 Drummond st 
Alexander John, 96 Lauriston place 
Alexander Thomas, 45 Lauriston pi 
Alexander Thos.&Jno.5 Grass mrkt 
Anderson Andrew, 40 Minto st 
*§ Anderson Charles,23Quality st,L. 
Anderson Duncan L. 247 Canongate 
Aiiilrew James, 14 Young st 
Archibald James,84 Kirkgate,Leith 
Atkinson Henry, ISDiummond place 
Badenoch Dr. Robert (to the forces), 
13 Alva street [st 

*§Balfour John Button, 15 Dundas 
Balfour William, m.d. 10 Hill st 
*§Ballingall Sir Geo. 13 Heriot row 
Barker John, 49 York place 
Barr R. C. 3 Drummond st 
§SHthgate W. M. 3 Argyle square 
•§Begbie James, 13 Heriot low 
§Bf'll Benjamin, 2'2 St. Andrew's sq 
§Bell Sir Charles, 53 Queen st 
§Bell Geo. Hamilton, 13 Cliailotte sq 
Bell Joseph, 29 St. Andrew's square 
Black A. L. 37 Nicolson st 
Bogie John, 28 Buccleugh place 
Bos well John James, 7 Lauriston la 
§Brown William, 25 Dublin st 
Burn John, 7 Adam st 
Burt John Graham M. 8 Bank st 
Butler Thomas, 16 Calion st 
Butter James, 31 Morrison st 

§Caird John, 42 Rankeillor st 
Callender Robert. 8 Scotland st 
Campbell John, 84 Great King st 
*§Campbell John, 17 Albany st 
Campbell Patrick, 4We>tNewiiigtiin 
*§CampbellWiHiam,4 Picaidy place 
Caiman David, 28 Clarence st 
Carmichael T.V.Hope Pai kEnd hse 
Cheyne Charles, 4 Quality St., Leith 
Cochrane John, 503 Lawn market 
Co(kburn.Alexaii(ler,4 Brouuhtonst 
"§Corobe James Scarth, 27 Char- 
lotte st, Leith 
Cornwall James, 25 Dundas st 
Cowan Jas. 19 North-west Circus pi 
Cowan James Moffat, 10 Cleik st 
Cowan William, South Giey's close 
Crabbe J. 19 India st 
Craig John, South Colleae st 
Cricliton Jame*, 12 Dean terrace 
Crichton William, 16 Dean terrace 
Cruicksbank James, 9 Hill place 
Gumming Wm. r.n.11 Great King st 
Davidson David. 12 Roxburgh st 
Deas Matthew Rass, 8 Hope st 
Dempster George, 12 Howard place 
Dickson Archibald, 6 Fettes row 
DicksonThos.lO South Union place 
Dickson Thomas, 7 Duke st 
§*Dumbreck William, 14 Dublin st 
Duncan John, 7 Dundas st 
DunlopJohn, 4 Gardner's crescent 
Durie Charles, 28 Hamilton place 
Dymock Archibald, 18 Albany st 
Fails Robert, 40 Bernard st, Leith 
§*Farquharson Frdncis, 23 North- 
umberland st [place 
§Feri>usson William, 6 Druuiinoud 
Ferrier James, Seafield 
Finch W. M. 8 Hill place 
Fyfe Alexander, 5 Albany st 
*§Fyfe Andrew, 38 George square 
§*Gairdner John, 18 Hill st 
Gibson P. C. II Antigua st 
Gillan Alexander, 10 Deanhaugh st 
Gillespie Alexander, 30 York place 
Glover G. 19 Buccleugh place 
Graham George, 3 Georee square 
Grant Alexander, 30 Cumberland st 
Guthrie W. D. Broughton place 
Hamilton W. B. 6 Elder st 
§»Handyside Peter David, 11 Hopest 
§*Hay David, 7 Queen st [bridge 
Henderson Andrew, 38 Fountain 
Henderson Thos. 4 Montgomery st 
Henderson William, 6 Hill st 
Hogg Thomas, 25 Scotland ' 
Home John, 29 York place 
Home William, 29 York place 
HoodRobt.2 WestNewington place 
Horn Thomas, 1 St. James' square* 
§»Howison Wm. 9 Nicolson square 
§*Huie Richard, 8 George square 
§*Hunter Adam, 18 Abercromby pi 
Hutcheson Wm. 59 South Bridge st 
Hyndman Allen, 1 East Richmond st 
Imlach Henry, 25 Pitt st 
Imrie John, 46 Canongate 
§*lnglis Archibald, 11 Albany st 
Irving D. 34 Clerk st 
§*Johnston Divid, 24 Queen st 
Johnston Edw. London row, Leith ^ 
IJolmstnn Henry, 34 Queen st 
Jolly Robert, 21 Windsor st 
§*Keith James, 10 .Wemyss place 
Kennedy Chas. 65 S<mth Bridge st 
Kennedy John, 35 Broughton st 
Knapp John, 7 Duncan st 
Knox F. J. 6 West Register st 
§*Kno.\ Robert, 4Newiiigton place 
§Law William, 61 York place 
Lawrie James & Co, 46 Clerk st 
Liddell Andrew, 21 Salisbury st 
§*Lizai s Alex. Jardine,13 London st 
iLizais John, 38 York place 




§Lothiaii Thomas, 102 Princes st 
Lumsdaine John, 9 Causeway side 
§*IMacaulay Altx. 23 Great King st 
M'Doiiald J. C. 5 Wharton place 
W'Dowall Wni. 8 Bellevue crescent 
§Macfarlan John, l4 India st 
JVl'Glashan Alexandr 119 Princes st 
§»iVIacintosh John, 31 Albany st 
MackieChas.7 North-west Circus pi 
§*Maclagan Andrew Douglas, 129 

George street 
§*Maclagan David, 129 George st 
M'Laiirin Jrio. Clark, 1 Charlotte pi 
M'Nish William, 2 Scotland st 
M'Rae Jolin,4 Smith's pi, Leith wlk 
Malcolm ftobert, 8 Elder st 
Marnoch G. F. 6 Pitt st 
Mathews Charles, 208 Canongate 
Mayne John, 10 Biandon st 
§Vlesser Adam, 142 Princes st 
Middletoii John, 1 West Adam st 
§Millar Alexander, 18 Rankeillor st 
Millar James S. 9 Roxburgh st 
Miller James, 23 York place 
Milne Andrew, 6 Hill place 
MilnerRobt. 71 Tolbooth wyiid, L. 
Minto John, 8 Dundas st 
Mitchell Alexander, 67 Pleasance 
Mitchell Edward (and oculist), 24 

Greenside place 
Mitchelhill P. Downie place 
Moffat James, 10 Hill square 
Moffat John, 28 St. James' square 
Molleson James, 12 Hait st 
Mudie Alexander, 35 Albany st 
Murray James, 6 Baltic st, Leith 
Myrtle John Youna, 2 Hay st 
§NewbiBging Win. 18 St.Andrew st 
Ogilvie Dr. 4 Fingal place 
Oliver James, 78 Queen st 
Oliver James, 21 Home st 
§*Ormond Robert, 4 Forres st 
§*Pagan Sam>.Alex.4Shandwick pi 
Patison Thomas Hill, 6 York place 
Paton George,2North-westCircuspl 
§*Pitcairn Jas. 4 North Charlotte st 
Reeves William, 7 Haddington place 
Reid John Watt, 2 Dean terrace 
Rhind William, 21 Forth st 
§*RobertsonJno.Argyll,58 Queen st 
§*Russell James, 30 Queen st 
Scott James, 4 Infirmary st 
Scott James, 14 Bi-oughton place 
§*Scott John, 30 Albany st 
Sibbald George, 2 Argyle square 
§*Sibbald John Robinson, 141 
Princes street [Leith 

Sibbald Leslie, 4 Portland place, 
Sidey Charles, 2 Heriot row 
Simpson James G. 2 Teviot road 
§*Simson J as. 42 North Frederick st 
Sinclair Andrew, 4 Great King st 
Sinclair Veitch, 11 Uninn st 
Skea David, 21 St. Patrick's square 
Smith Alexander, 5 Windmill st 
Smith Henry, 3 Antigua st 
Snodgrass William and James, 238 

Spence James, 14 Rankeillor st 
Stevenson William, 41 York place 

! Stewart John, 20 Elder st 
Stewart John, 11 Portland place 

. Strain Henry, 13 South Union place 
Strang William, II Hill place 
§Syme James, 9 Charlotte square 
Taylor John, 8 Aberciomby place 
Thomson Andrew, 13 Piti st 
§*Thomson Williara,'80 George si 
§*Thomson William Hamilton, 56 

North Frederick st 
Turner F. K. 16 St. Patrick'^s square 
Walker George, 15 Broughton place 
§Walker John, 13 Elm row 
§* Warden Adam, 3 Baxter place 
IWatson Alexander, 53 Queen st 

I Webster George, 5 Gibb's entry 

I , 14 

Whyte James, 4 Infirmary st 
Wilke David, 120 Nicolson st 
§*Wo()d Andrew, 9 Darnaway st 
§Wood Thomas, 25 Duke st 
Wood Thomas, 8 Great King st 
§Wood William, 9 Darnawav st 
Wright William, St.Antbony's place 
§Young Jolin, 3 Antigua st 
Young William, 60 George square 
Ziegler Alexndr. 1 Buccleugli place 


See Cutlers. 


{See also Ai-chilects.) 
Anderson Alex.(land) Morningside 
Barlas Robert (land) 30 Gilmore pi 
Black Alexander (to Heriot's Hos- 
pital) 12 Royal Exchange [place 
Black Archibald (of taxes) 41 York 
Caird John (of taxes), 31 St. Leo- 
nard's hill [place 
Carfrae Thomas (land), 1 Erskine 
Charles Matt hew (oftaxes) 13 New st 
ChristieJas (of taxes)14 Brandon st 
Cleghorn Samuel (roadj, Canaan 
Crawford VVm.(land)Cameron bank 
FullartonJohn(land)27 Hamilton pi | 
GilkieAlexander,2Sth. Frederick st j 
Johnston John (building) 8 Barony st | 
Johnstone John (land) Lauriston la 
Mackay David, 9 Hill square 
Murray Charles Hope (taxes), 6 St. 

Andrew street 
Page Robert, 31 Broughton st 
Paterson Robert (police taxes) '54 
Rankeillor st [Leith 

Paton Walter(shipping)Dock gates, 
Ritson Jame.-i, 3 Salisbury square 
Wilson Patrick, 15 St. Andrew's sq 


Marked thus * are also Clothiers. 
Adam Alexander, 5 South James st 
*Albion Cloth Company, 65 

North Bridge street 
*Alison James, 51 North Bridge st 
*Allan James, 78 Princes St. and 7& 

*Allan James, 11 South Hanover st 
•Alston Geo. 52 North Hanover st 
Anderson Alexander, 451 High st 
•Archibald Dav. 2 Nth.St. Andrewst 
Armet William, Shakspeare square 
•Arthur John, 19 West Register st 
Ayre James, 12 South James st 
Banks David, 3 Shrub place 
Banks Hugh, 22 Duke st 
Banks William, 1 Elm row 
Begg Archibald, 2 Lothian road 
BellRobert. 82 Kirkgate, Leith 
Bennet William, 63 Shore, Leith 
Bishop John, 489 Lawn market 
Black John, Couper st, Leith 
•Black John, 18 North Bridge st 
Black John, 14 Barony st 
Blackie William, Galloway's close 
•Blair Charles, 5 Nth.St.Andrew st 
•Bonnar David, 6 Lothian st 
•Boyack Alexander, 8 Sth. Bridge st 
•Boylm Philip, 15 St. Mary's wynd 
Brockie James, 333 High st 
Brodie James, 41 William st 
Brotlie James, 16 Jamaica st 
Brown Alexander, Morning side 
Brown David, 15 Elm row 
Brown John, 44 South Bridge st 
Brown William, 26 St. Mary's wynd 
•Brunton John, 27 Sth. Hanover st 
•Brunton John, 79 Princes st 
Burnet George, 194 Rose st [st 
•Burnet Thos.jun. 26 West Register 
•Burns William, 41 Nicolson st 
Burton James, &7 Cumberland st 
Calder Thomas, Advocate's close 
•Cameron & Son, 72 Princes st 

Cameion Donald, 10 Cumberland st 
•Cameron Duncan, 16 Si h. Bridge st 
•Carr Michael, 19 South St. David st 
Chadwick James, Shrnbb place 
Chalmers William, 51 London st 
Cheiry John, Warriston crescent 
•Chisholm James, 5 Shakspeare sq 
•Clark James, 75 Princes st 
Clark John, Temple Cross, Leith 
Cogle Thomas, 39 South Bridge st 
Colquhoun Robert, 9 East Circus pi 
Colqiihoun William, 56 India St 
•Copland George,57 Nth. Hanover st 
Copland Robert Tait, 2 George st 
Corner John, 3 Downie place 
•Coutts Joseph, I Constitution st,L. 
Cowan Robert, 166 High st 
*Ciaig& Son, 23 St. James' square 
•Craig J no. 6 Waterloo place [st 
•Crawford George, 12 Sth. St.David 
•Crawf<nd John & Co. 75 Princes st 
*CrawfordRobert,31Sth. Hanover st 
Gumming James, 38 Home st 
Dalgleish John, 103 Rose st 
Davidson Andrew, 75 Broughton st 
Davison John, 6 Roxburgh place 
Dewar James, 77 St. Giles st, Leith 
•Dick Forbes, 12 South St. David st 
•Dick James, 30 South Hanover st 
Dickinson Geo. 6 Roxburgh place 
•Dickson Andrew, 6 Waterloo place 
•Dickson George, 20 Bernard st, L. 
Dickson Robert, 2 Alva st [st 

Donaldson Alex. 11 West Richmond 
•Donaldson Robert, 12 Catherine st 
Donaldson Robt,63 Nth. Frederick st 
DouglasJanies,LadyLawson's wynd 
•Drutnmond Robert & Son, 11 St. 
Andrew's square [Leith 

Drummond Thomas, 86 Kirkgate, 
•Durr George, 80 Princes st 
Easton James, 187 High st 
Farmer David, 25 West Nicolson st 
•Ferney Alexander, 52 Shore, Leith 
*FinlayCharles&Son,29 N.Bridge st 
Flett William, 59 South Bridge st 
•ForrestAdm. & Son,58 Kirkgate,L. 
Forsyth Robert, 41 Bristo st 
•Fountaine Anthony & Son, 3 East 

Register street 
Fowler James, 74 Rose st [sq 

•Eraser & Anderson, 1 St. Andrew's 
•Eraser Richard & Son, 80 Princes st 
•Galloway Alexander, 2 George st 
•Gardiner Wm. 12 Sth.Frederitk st 
Geddes S. 5 Adam st 
Gibbons Patrick, 11 St.Mary's wynd 
Gilbert James, 37 North Bi idge st 
•Gilbert Thomas, 2 South Bridge st 

and 38 North Bridge st 
Gilchrist Francis, 31 South Bridge st 
Gourley Robert, Milne square 
•Grant James, 16 South Bridge st 
*GriersonAndrew,5 Sth. Hano\ erst 
Hall John, 10 North Richmond st 
Hamilton Alexander, 69 York place 
Hamilton Dav. 62 Tolbooth wynd,L. 
Hannan Donald, 73 Rose st 
Henry Robert, 6 Milnes square 
Heriot James, 6 Waterloo place 
Hill William, 86 South Bridge st 
Hislop Alexander, 9 Elder st 
•Hodge Jas.& Son .2 Sth. Hanover st 
Hogg & Gardiner, 6 Hamilton place 
Hollis Daniel, 3 South Fiederick st 
Holtman Thomas, 14 Barony st 
Hon)e Robert, 17 Bristo st 
*Hoi>d James,l St. Patrick's square 
•Hughes John Walter, 62 Princes st 
•Huiton David & Son, 22 Lothian st 
Jack David, 43 Tolbooth wynd 
Jack Robert, 8 South St. Andrew st 


iEUmbursftsj&ire* EDINBURGH, &c. 

mm ^ cd/0 

TAIIiOBS, Sec— Continued. 
*Jol)iisTlios. 39 North Fredf^rick st 
Johnston Thos.20 Sth. Richmond st 
*Jones Richard, 17 Waterloo place 
Kav John, 377 High st 
*Kerr & Son, 2 Klder st 
*Kerr & Son, 9 South College st 
Kerr JanifS, 19 Bi idge st, Liith 
Kidd Archibald, 50 Clerk st 
Kigie Henry, 14 Catherine st 
King James, 14 Waterloo place 
Kirk wood Alex. 82 South Bridge st 
Kirkwood Robert, 1 Brunswick st 
Laughton Win. Portland place,Leith 
Law James, 377 Hitjh st 
Lawrie James, 11 Leven st 
Lawson James, 20 Bank st 
*Leitch & Corner, GO Princes st 
■*Leitch John, 14 Greenside place 
Lind Andrew, 28 Kirkgate, Leith 
Livingston George, Duck st, Leith 
Living.ston John, 23 Biisto st 
Lockie John, 23 Lauriston st 
Lockie William, 3 Main point 
Lumsden James, 51 Cumberland st 
Lyon William, 10 Duncan st 
Lyon William, 10 Hunier square 
*M 'Arthur Alex. 43 Nth. Hanover st 
M'Arthur James, 150 High st 
JW'Cleish Wm. 35 South Bridge st 
*M'Ciumpha John, 11 William st 
M'Cosh Robert, 40 Gt. Junction st 
*iVl'CuaigDuncan,6 Stii Frederick st 
*M'Dinrmid Archibald,83 Princes st 
M'Donald J. & J. 11 Davie st 
*M'Donald Jas. 46 West Register st 
M'Gilvray Duncan, 61 Union st 
*M'Glashan Neil, 23 St. James' sq. 
M'Gregor R. 20 Bank st 
M'Intosh Alexander, Loihian road 
M'lntosh James, 377 High st 
Macintosli John, 74 George st 
M'lsaac John, 30 Nicolson st 
IVl'Isaac William, 8 North Bridge st 
Mrtckay Jamex, 4 Barony st 
*Mackay Robert, 4 George st 
Mackay Thomas, Stevenhuv's close 
♦Mackenzie Alex. 40 NiliHanoverst 
Mackenzie William, 10 Duncan st 
Rlackie & Son, 4 West Richmond st 
Mackie David, 6 Milne's square 
Mackintosh Andw.30 S.Frederick st 
*M'Lar6nDavid,21SnulhStDavid st 
M'Luren Peier, 35 Brunswick st 
M'Lelland Alexander, Duddingston 
M'Leod D. 332 High st 
M'Leod Robert, 1 St. Andrew st, L. 
M'Leod William, 65 Cumlierland st 
R'l'Quarrie Michael, 92 High st 
♦Malcolm John, 54 North Bridge st 
*Mason John W. 377 Highst 
Maxwell Robert, 34 Brunswick st 
Melrose John, 67 North Hanover st 
*Meyer & Mortimer (to the King, 
& army contractors) 105 ( ieorge st 
Miller James, 49 West Thistle st 
*MitchelliillJohn,57North Bridge st 
Moffat John, 33 South Castle st 
Moffat John, Barony st 
*Morris David, 11 George st 
Mosses William, 12 Melville place 
Mnnn James, Geddes' close 
♦Murray Geo. 3 South St.Andrewst 
♦Murray John, 18 Aiihur st 
Napier Jas. 14 South St. Andrew st 
*Niclir)lson J. & Son, 53 George st 
♦Nif-liolson John, 17 Rose .st " [st 
•Nightingale & Son,5 N.St. Andrew 
Noble John, 44 South Bridge st 
♦Ogiivy Peter & Wm. 65 Princes st 
Oliver John, 4 Saunders st 
Orr Alexander, 59 Rose st 
Orrock Chas. 26 South Frederick st 
Orrock Jatnes, Leslie place 
Park Thomas, 76 Thistle st 
*ParkWilliara,40 WestRichmond »t 


♦Park William, 43 St. Mary's wynd 
♦Peacock Henrv,57North Hanover st 
Philip Alex. 3 King's pi, Leith walk 
Pillans Benjamin, 6 Union place 
Preston Alexander, 51 Broughtim st 
♦Purves William, 1 Hunter square 
♦Purves Wm. & Co. 46 Princes st 
*Rnusch & Corpe (to his Majesty), 

55 Princes st, and 15 King street, 

St. James's, London 
♦Ritchie James and James and Co. 

25 Princes street 
Ritchie John. 166 High st 
Robertson Duncan, 62 Thistle st 
♦Robertson James, 31 S.Hanoverst 
Robertson Peter, 2 Shakspeare sq 
♦Robertson Peter&Son, 73 George st 
Rodger William, 68 Rose st 
Rodgers James, 7 Hunter square 
Ronaldson J. 4 West Adam st 
Ross Andrew, 1 George st 
Ross Daniel, 2 Warriston crescent 
♦Ross Wm. 3 South St. Andiew st 
Ross William, 65 North Hanoverst 
Russell Hugh, 3 Tolbooth wynd,L. 
Russell Wilhelniina, 45 Ro<e st 
♦Scaife & Co. 75 Princes st 
Scott Adan), 14 Wateiloo place 
Scott AdamB.29Tolbooth vvynd,L. 
*Seewald&M'Garvie,ll Waterloo pi 
Shaw Alexander, 41 London st 
Shaw William, 17 Bread st 
Sherriff Donald, Summer place 
♦Simpson John, 71 Princes st 
Simpson Peter, Earl Grey st 
Sleigh George, 15 Bucclengh st 
♦Smith David, 25 North Bridge st 
♦Smith D.avid, 6 South Hanover st 
Smith David, 6 Melville place 
Smith James, 15 South College st 
Smith Robert, 4 Commercial pi, L. 
Smith Walter.13 ScmthFrederick st 
Sprott Mark, 3 Macketizie place 
Stnrke William, Kirkgate, Leith 
♦Steedman Alexander M. 6 South 

St. Andrew st [st 

♦Stewart James, 43 North Hanover 
Sf rachan Andrew &Co.l5 Princes st 
Stuart Charles, 129 High st 
SutherlandAndrew,57 Broiigliton st 
Sutherland David, 11 Romilly place 
♦Sutherland Joseiih, 93 George st 
Sutlierland Wm. 70 St. Giles st,Lth 
Symington James, 39 Thistle st 
♦Taylor Charles,4 West Register st 
Taylor John, 48 West Richmond st 
♦Thompson Henry & Son,37 Bridge 

st, Leitli 
♦Thomson and Pe.iston, 5 South 

Fiederick street 
♦Thomson & Tod, 6 George st 
Thomson David ,3 West Register st 
♦Thomson Edward (and glover), 

68 Leith street 
Thomson Gideon,423 Lawn market 
Thomson Hugh, 1 North Bank st 
Thomson John, 219 High st 
♦Tully Robert, 5 South Bridge st 
♦Turnbnll Adam, 17 George st 
TurnbullJames,ll South Hanoverst 
Turnbull John, Broughton lawn 
Waddie James, 62 Nicolson st 
Waddle Alexander. 25 Thistle st 
Walker William, 6 Milne's square 
Watson John, 5 Nicolson st 
♦Watt Alexander,13North Bridsje st 
♦White David, 3 Dock place, Leith 
Whitson John, 33 Kirkgate, Leith 
♦Wilkie John, 89 Princes .st 
♦Willis & Williams, 62 George st 
Wilson Alex. 6 South Charlotte st 
♦Wilson&Martin,23S. St.Andrewst 
♦Wilson & Saundeis, 46 George st 
Wilson Thomas, 60 North Castle st 
Withers poonRobci tjSDrummond st 
♦Young Alexander, 6 Howe st 

♦Young Robert and Co. 65 and 67.' 

St. INlary's wynd 
Young Thomasl 67 North Biidge st 


Adam & Russell, Boniiington 
Baird John & Wiliiam, Pow bum 
Bryce Robert, King's stables 
Boak George,Ladv wynd, West port 
Boak William, 55" West port 
Callender David, St.Anthony'sla,L. 
CoxJno.Georgie mills&26 Niddry st 
Cunningham Archibald & Andrew, 

Botiningtn bridge [Canongte 
Gilmour Oliver, 49 South hack of 
Grindlay John, 99 West bow 
Johnston David, 68 St.Mary's wynd 
Lander John, Silver mills 
Lauder John & Son, 21 Fettes row 
Lawrie A. & Son, 24 M'Dowall st 
Ritchie Alexander, Canon mills 
CSee also hotels and Inns. J 
Aitken William, 41 North Bridge st 
Ambrose James, J Gabiiel road 
Ambrose William,Arin(;'s.4n»is,31 Rosest 
Bain Archibald, 16 Calton st [square 

Bain David, 3 Milne's square & 1 Hunter 
Banks John, 4 Broughton st 
Bayne James, Middle Flesh market 
Bowden Thomas, 237 High st 
Brash Robert, 9 Grass market 
Brown James, Slater's close 
Brov?n John, 2 Shakspeare square 
Buchan James, Shore, Leith 
Cafe Royal, Peter Dewar, Register place 
Cameron Margaret, 7 Dock place, Leitb 
Cameron Peter, 66 Shore, Leith 
Campbell Peter, 3 Hill place 
Clark Adam, Woolpack, 14 Bristo »t 
Clark Asnes,Kiny's ArmsJi6 Bernard st,L. 
Collier Elizabeth, 391 Lawn market 
Cooper Wm. 23 Fleshmarket close [st 
Cork John, t/niw)sa<(/Tai7e}-n,lNth.College 
Cowan John, 32 Fleshmarket close 
Cruickshank Mrs. Helen, 77 Grass market 
Dewar Peter, Cafe Royal, Register place 
Dods Alexander (and stables}, 20 South 

back of Canongate 
Doig Joan, 15 Bridge st, Leith 
Dow Agnes, 4 Shakspeare square 
Drysdale William, Newhaven tplact, 

Edwards Robt. Crown Sj- Anchor,^ Nelson 
FergusonArchibaklyS'Ai;),7East Register »t 
Ferguson James, White Horse, 49 Rose st 
Eraser Alexander, 1 Commercial pi, Leitb 
Fraser James, Kerf Lion, 1 1 S hak speare sq 
Eraser Jame3,^«"a(Aerfloi(se,24 Leith walk 
Gilbertson John, South Gray's close 
Gilbertson Mary,JoAn Watson, 1 Tolbooth 

wynd, Leith 
Graeme David, 17 Bridge st, Leith 
Grant William, Dock gates, Leith 
Green Dugald, 123 Grass market [road 
Greenlaw lohn, Robin Hood, 1 Gabriel's 
Greig Andrew, Ckain Pier, Trinity 
Haddow William, 29 Grass market 
Hepburn Isabella, 1 Riddle's close, Leitb 
Hill David, Wardie Burn Tavern, Trinity 
Hossack J. 3 Gabriel's road 
Hunter John, Blue Bell, 8 Shore, Leith 
James William, 7 Shakspeare square 
Johnston Agne8,17 Sth. back of Canongate 
Johnston Frederick, 12 Abbey 
Laing Isabella, 3 Commercial place, Leith 
Lawrie Elizabeth, Bay Hoise, 65 Rosest 
M'Arthur Patrick, Newhaven 
Macdonald Daniel, Strichen close 
M'Dougal Alexander, 18 Shore, Leith 
M'Gie Margaret, I Shakspeare square 
M'Gregor James, 50 South Bridge st [st 
M'Gregor Sno.St.Andverv'sTavem,'iQKoae 
M'Laren An'hibald, 16 South College st 
M'Mnrtrie George, King's stables [pi 
M'-^\ca\ — ,Port Hopetown 7'fflu. 7I)ownie 
M'William William, Newhaven 
Maxwell William, 2 Shakspeare square 
Meiklereid DaviJ, Burgess's close, Leith 
Menzies James, J?egen<'s Coffee House, 14 

Waterloo place 
Millar James, 20 Cowgate 
Mitchell Alex. Steam Sliiv,\7 Shore,Leith 
Mitchell John, 16 Fleshmarket close [rw 
Moffat David, Harrow Inn, Candlemaker 
Morion George Francis (and coffee houue), 

7 Hunter sq,«are 


EDINBURGH, &c. iEti(tt5urg&sf)iic. 

Munro Henry, 4 Milne's square 
Murray John, 236 Canonnate 
Nicol Elizabeth, 22 Bridge st, LeiUi 
Paterson James, I Hamilton place 
Paterson John, 21 Fleshmarket close 
Pattison James, 13 Leith terrace 
Paxton John,RoyalExchangeCoffee House 

and Tavern, 6 Refjal Exchange 
Peattie George, 391 Lawn market 
Pm-ves Mrs. Old Post-office stairs 
Rampling John, Rainbow Coffee House, 
Terrace, New buildings, North Bridge st 
Robertson James, 6 Milne's square 
Robertson John, Britannia, 7 Leith st 
Ronald Jane, Dock gates, Leith 
Ronaldson John, 1 Carrubber's close 
Ross John, Carrubber's close 
Rutherford Catherine, Curriers' Arms, 

South back of Canongate 
Sanderson J. A. B. II Abbey 
Sharp William, 100 Grass market 
Sinclair Christian, 84 Shore, Leith 
Smart Elizabeth, 36 Shore, Leith 
Somerville George, 26 Grass market 
Spence Andrew, 10 Hunter square 
Steedman Geo. 14 Grass market [gate 
Steel Jane,»!,South back of Canon- 
Stevenson John, Merchant st 
Stewart Alexander, 62 Fountain bridge 
Stewart George, 69 Bernard st, Leith 
Stewart Mrs. 22 Fleshmarket close 
Stewart Mrs. I Maitland st 
Stirling Robert, 9 Queensferry st [st 

Swales J no.GuildfordArms, West Register 
Tait Archibald, 25 Fleshmarket close 
Tail John, Jock's lodge 
Taylor Charles, 4 Rose st 
Taylor Richard, Newhaven 
Walker & Co. Lothian road 
Wallace George, C/oefc, 45 Shore, Leith 
Watson David, 11 Candlemaker row 
Waugh Robert, Old Physic gardens 
Wilkie Mrs. 3 BrougTiton st 
Williamson Robert, Sandport st, Leith 
Wilson Isabella, 12 West Re.gister st 
Young Janet, Carrubber's close 
Marked thus * are Wholesale. 
{See also Grocers, S(C.) 
•Brown & Gordon,48 North Frede- 
rick street 
#Bruce Peter, 1 Kirkgate, Leith < 
*Cay Albert, 99 George st 
Chiistie Robine, 8 North Bridge st 
•Cunningham and Spence, 62 Tol- 

booth wynd, Leith 
Hallam S. J. 54 Piinces st 
Henderson David, 23 Downie place 
Kent Joseph Frederick, 36 North 
Hanover st [square 

Law William & Geo.30 St.Andrew's 
•M'Laren Jaines,7 Roxhure;h place 
•iVlitchell Francis G. 10 Shakspeare 
square [court, Leith 

•Robertson Broth('r.s,36 St. Martin's 
Russell Walter, 13 Downie place 
Schaw Robeit & Co. (Green Tree) 
St. Giles st,Leiih [st 

•Scott Jas.&Co.lS SonthSt.An'lrew 
Smith Peter, 19 Howe st 
Stewart J. and G. 113 High st 
•Thorbuin William and Sons, 54 

Kirkgate, Leith 
Trees John F. 15 Leith st [L. 

Vertue Wm.&Co 14 St. Anthony st, 
Waits Thomas, 45 Tolbooth wynd,L 
Wells William, 34 North Bridge st 
•Youu^ Geo.& Co.53 Bernard st,L. 

(See also Professors, and also 

Alexander James (music) Fox lane, 
Leith [Leith 

Anderson Jas.(mtisic;122 Kirkgite, 
Anigoni Miss (music) 32 Dundas st 
Bird Miss H. (drawing) 44 Noith 

Castle street 
BroWn Janet (music) 87 Princes st 
Brydon William and Son (dancing) 

44 Howe street 
Bugni Signer (Italian) 82 George st 
Buquet Clis. P.(Freiidi) 82 George st 

Cairns William (English and geo- 
graphy) 39 Dublin st 
Campbell Rev. Peter, 4 Keir st [st 
Cantor Dr. L.(German)52 Hanover 
Cliaumont Francis Lewis(French)2 

Darnaway st [George st 

Christison John (languages) 50 
Clark Harriet (music) 6 Leopold pi 
Clark John James (languages) 63 

South Bridge st [st 

Cohn S. (music) 1 West Richmond 
Cornillon Hypolite (languages) 62 

Queen street 
Cunningham Rev.Robert (languages 

and mathematics) 3 Hill st 
D' Madarae(dancing) 

50 North Frederick st 
De Fivas Victor (French) 2 Elder st 
Dewar Ann and Elizabeth (music) 

84 Great King st 
Dewar James (music) 14 Duke st 
Dibdin Henry (liarp)72Northumber- 

land st [uniheriand st 

DuguidHen.Gibson(music)27 North- 
Dun Barclay (dancing) 74 George st 
Dun Finlay (music) 41 Herioi row 
Duriez Louis (French) 47 George st 
Eager John, (mnsic), 48 North 

Frederick st. [gomery st 

Ebsvvorth John (singing) 4 Mont- 
Elouis Miss (music) 2 Stafford st 
EspinasseFras.(French)15 George st 
Eyre Julia (dancing) 31 Castle st 
Field Eliza(music) Madeira st, Leith 
Forbes Antliony (drawing) 10 Nicol- 

son street [st 

Forrester Maria (music) 56 Queen 
Francalanza T. (fencing) 23 Howest 
Fraser John (gymi astics) 2 South- 
west Circus pi [Bridge st 
Galbraith Wm. (mathematics)54 Sth 
Galloway Thomas (piano forte) 34 

South Hanover st [st 

Graham Mrs.P. (music) 138Nico1son 
Hardie Miss(music)13 R^nkeillor st 
Hargitt Charles (music) 10 Forres st 
Hargitt Charles (music) 11 Dundas st 
Henderson Alexander (music) 5 

Howie street [illy place 

Henderson Robert (singing)5 Rom- 
Hill D. O. (drawing) London st 
Horsburgh Miss (music) 6 East 

Broughtnn place 
Howison James (dancing) 72 North- 
umberland street 
JaapJames(music)ll Drummond st 
Jackson John (mu.sic) 13 Hill place 
Jameson Robert (natural history)', 

21 ciicus 
Jobnsioii James (mathematics), 63 

South Bridge st [Thistle st 

Johnston Louis (fencing), 11 East 
Jop Janet (music), I Hill st 
Kay Alexander (landscape painter & 

teacher of drawing), 4 Duke .st 
Kennedy Rev. Ross (Greek & Latin) 

50 George street [Vincent st 

Kenward Wm. Daniel (music) 7 St. 
Kerr John (short hand) 54 S. Bridge st 
Kerr Robert (classics) 3 Lothian st 
Kieser John C.(music)33 London st 
Knott John (music) 2 St. Patrick st 
LHwsonJno.(gymnastics)Portland pi 
LeDieuN.H. (French) 71 York place 
Leiiham Captain (riding) 3Newing- 

ton place [Hanover st 

Low Joseph (dancing), 44 North 
M' Arthur Jas.'dancingji Duncan st 
M'Call John, 2 Drummond st 
M'Glashan James & Son (dancing) 

23 St. James' square [sq 

Mackenzie J (ihn(mosic)8 St. James' 
Maclagan Alexander (singing), 35 

Scotland street [mimd st 

M'Pher.sou John (dancing) 2 Drum- 

M'Pherson Daniel (drawing), 2 
Nicolson street [st 

M'Rae David (languages) 25 George 
MartinaSignor(ltaliau)66 George st 
Millar S. & Son (music), Haddon's 
court, Nicolson street [st 

MillerMargaret(painting)41 George 
MilneJohn(drawing)8 St. James' sq 
Monnard John & David (French), 

58 Noith Hanover street 
Moodie Mary Catherine (piano 
forte), 32 Dublin sireet [st 

MullerJohn Martin (mnsic)22 India 
Murray Donald (mnsic)4Gt liiiigst 
MurrayJames(dravving)16 Union pi 
Napier William (music) 25 India st 
Negres Alex, (languages) 14 Clyde st 
Park Alex. (French) 17 Dundas st 
PeatJames(niusic)30 Haddington st 
Perigal Arthur (drawing) 21 Hill st 
Phillips Mrs, (music) 4 South Fre- 
derick street [James' sq 
Picken Miss (piano forte), 17 St. 
Piatt Edward (music) 8 Hill square 
Rabagliati S. (Italian) 50 George st 
Rampini S. (Italian) 45 George st 
Roberts Wm.(elocution)l Windsor st 
Robertson Daniel (music) 21 South 
College street [Bridge st 
Roland George (fencing) 86 South 
Ruthven James (drawing) 10 North 

St. Andrew street 
Ryan Matthias (French & Latin) 21 

South College street 

Sang Edward (mathematics), 60 

North Bridge street [st 

Schetky Miss (music) 7 St. Vincent 

Senebier Madame (drawing), 49 

Princes street [st 

Senebier Mons. (French) 49 Princes 

Shearer John (music) 18 Nelson st 

Shillinglard Thomas E. (drawing) 

138 Nicolson street [sc 

Simpson David (drawing) 2 Rutland 

SiinpsonGeo. (drawing) 2 Rutland st 

Sinclair Arabella (music) 44 North 

Castle stieet 
Smith Silias (music), 27 Howe st 
Smith William (dancing) 20 South 
Bridge street [Leith 

Smyth James (dancing) Assembly st, 
Spiiidler Louis (music), 24 Green- 
side place [st 
Stark Catherine (music) 53 George 
Stewart Robert Barclay (dancing), 

53 Cumberland st 
Surenne Daniel Ferdinand (draw- 
ing) Darnaway st 
Surenne Gabriel(Frencb)8 Nelson st 
Sutherland Wilhelmina (music) 103 
George street [derick st 

TurnbuU Margaret (music) 13 South 
Frederick street [land st 

Walker Miss (piano forte) 7 Scot- 
Walsh Benjamin (drawing), 32 St. 

Andrew's ."quaie 
Wood Sarah (music) 35 Howest 
Gillon Alexandtr & Sons (& yarn) 

64 Grass market 
Sceales James, 51 Bernard st, Leith 


Beattie William & Sons, 23 Bread st 
Belt David, 85 Constiiulion st,Leith 
Boyd Wm. & Archibald, Bowling- 
green st [College st 
Brown George, 25 Horse wynd, 
Dickson, Ferguson and Davidson, 
Saw mills, Leith [Leiih 
Duncan James & Co. 6 Baltic st, 
Ewart & Robertson, Lothian road 
Grant John, Mills' close 
Hunter James, Lothian road 
Hutchinson & RogerSjDuke st, Leith 




pigot Sc ©o.'d 


Hnicliinson John, Morton st, Leiili 
Ireland George, Old Physic gardens 
jyiillerWra.l5Ca^serspl,Leith walk 
Rlillons Thomns, Lothian road 
P.jrk Andrw.Heriot's bdgs.Leith wk 
Sann.lers Jas. Gt. Junction st,Leitli 
Scott Thomas, Lothian road 
Sonierville James and Alexander, 

Mills', Canongate 
Williamson Robert, 6 Richmond pi 


[See also Coppersmiths.) 
Aitken Alexr & Co.30 & 32 George st, 
Alexander John, 64 Cross causeway 
Blander George, Carrubber's close 
Callan Thomas, 64 Shore, Leith 
Cay & Johnston, 7 Greenside place 
Clark Richard, 5 Rose st 
Douglas William, 6 Home st 
Dunbtr John, 44 Dundas st 
Gardner Wm. Old Green market 
Gillespie Alex. 21 Sth. Frederick st 
Gow Duniel, 40 Yard heads, Leiih 
Gray Peter, 46 North Hani>ver st 
Gregory William, 127 Rose st 
Hardie,Roddam&Co.7 Broughton st 
Heddle David, 19 Hi^h st 
Henderson John, 10 Fountain bridge 
Hunter David, 13 Melville place, 

and 15 Howe street 
Lyme Willian), 3 Howe st 
Mackenzie James, 151 West port 
Mackenzie Jno 3 Hay's ct.Main port 
M'Laren John, 6 Dnwnie place 
Main Alexander, 107 Pleasance 
Maxwell Robert, 86 Grass market 
Porter William, 23 St. Leonard st 
Ramsay William, 12 Richmond place 
Roberts Tliomas, 27 Bread st 
Robertson John, 585 High st 
Runciman John, 31 East Canal st 
Scott William, 108 West bow 
Sinclair Alex. 21 Tolbooth wynd, L. 
Smith George, 7 Loihian st ' 
Smiths & Co. (& purveyors of lamps 

& oils to the King) 1 Blair s6 
Steele. & J. 100 High st 
Steele William, 86 Rose st 
Stewart Neil, High Market st 
Syme Williajn, 2\viarket place 
Torrance Robert (& oilman) 40 Ni- 

colson st, & 14 South Hanover st 
Wallace John, 13 Sandport st, Leith 
White Robert, 25 New street 
Williamson Isaac, Campbell's close 
Wilson Peter, 117 Nicolson st 


Brown VVm.&Son,5 Kirkgate, Leith 
Chrystal Robert, 185 High st 
Crookshanks R. & Son, 62 Brough- 
ton street 
Dixson Hugh, 37 South Hanover st 
Hunter Andw.&Son,Candlen)kr rw 
Johnston James, 20 Roxburgh place 
Johnston James, Strichen close, & 

77 Princes st 
Lawson James, 110 West port 
Lees John, 509 Lawn market 
Letham James, 80 Shore, Leith 
Oswald John, 5 Lothian st 
Peacock Andrew, 292 Canongate 
RichardsonRalph&Co.lOS West bow 


Donaldson William, Noiti in st, Leith 
Duncan John, 94 St. Giles st, Leith 
Duncan Thomas, 28 Crown st 
White Thomas, Jack's close 


Abernelhy Ann, 13 Coalhill, Leith 
Adams Ann, 167 High st 
Balmain John, 42 Princes st 
Berirain Alexander,403 Lawn mrkt. 
Blyth Janet, 149 Princes st 
Brown Adam, 115 Nicolson st 
Brown James, 95 Grass market 


Bruce Daniel, 46 North Bridge st 
Carter Elizabeth, 34 High st 
Carter Joseph, 116 High street 
ClHpperton John, 4 NorthCoUege st 
CollieArchbl(I.Tait,46 Grass market 
Cotton Charles, 231 High st [st 
Cotton Geo. 'to the King)23 Princes 
Cotton John, 35 Princes st 
Cotton Mrs. William, 28 Princes st 
Ford William, 17 Bank st 
Hardie James, 37 Leith st [Leith 
Hill Alexander, 2 Broughton st, 
Irving James, 6 Catherine st 
Johnston James, 6 Leith st 
Johnston Thomas, 3 St. Patrick st 
Lawder Ann, 69 George st 
Lothian James, 85 Nicolson st [st 
Mackenzie James, 39 West Register 
i\lackin!Osh John, 1.55 High street, 

and 42 Nicolson street 
Marshall John, 99 Princes st 
Marshall William, 6 Kerr st 
Miller Eliza, 6 South College st 
Mitchell Janet, 15 Calton .st 
Muir William, 83 Canongate 
Murray Grace, 201 Canongate 
Peacock Adam, 59 Shore, Leith 
Penman Mrs. 141 Nicolson st 
Proctor S^rah, 46 Whitefield place 
Ritchie Alex. H. 24 Bridge st, Leith 
Scott John, 12 North Bridge st 
Ste wart J(ihn,201dFishmarkel close 
Siorie John, 286 Canongate 
Sutherland William, 21 North-west 

Circus place 
Swan Eliza, 47 North Hanover st 
Thomson Henry, 2 Leith st 
Thomson John, 50 Lothian st 
Tweedie John, 78 High st 
White James, 12 Clerk st 
Wilson Manuel, 42 Grass market 
Wilson Robert, 34 Bridge st, Leith 
Young Hugh, 4 Howe st > 


Arthur D..and Sons ( Wrights), 1 
Gilmour place [Rose st 

Carrick Alex.&James (wriglits) 139 

Donaldson Alexander & Son (and 
printer' joiners and globe manu- 
facturers). South Niddry st 

Paterson Andw. 11 Greensidelane 


Darling William (and smallware 

dealer), 32 South Bridge street, 

and 9 North Bridge st 
Kemp Francis, 5 St. Vincent st 
Marshall John, 99 Princes st 
M'Leod M. 19 Souili College st 
Oppenheini Philip Christian, 10 

North St. Andrew st 
Ross John (& riddle), 98 West bow 
Sellers Robeit and Co. 16 South 

St. David st 
Smeaton Ann, 101 Kirkgate, Leith 
Steele John, 47 Princes st 
Wands George, 21 Howe st 
Wauchope & Co.21 South Bridge st 


Bell Robert, 94 St. Giles st, Leith 
Barges John (ivory), 257 Canongate 
Cook Andrew, 79 Princes st 
Craig George, 262 Cowgate 
Hendeison Wm. Squth Giay's close 
Howison Geoige, Anchor close 
Kinnaird R. &r. (cabinet & coach), 

14 Broughton st [153 High st 
Macgregor&Parker(wood & ivory), 
M'lntosh Alexander,29 Horse wynd 
M'Nish William, Queen's place 
M'Quillan Samuel, Lothian road 
Nicholson & Co.31 Whitefit Id place 
Nimmo George (& spinning wheel 

maker), 211 Cowgate 
Paterson John, East Thistle lane 
Rose Alexander, South Giay's close 
Sinie William, Old Post Office close 
Spinks Henry (cabinet), 31 North 

back of Canongate 
Steele Walter, 230 Canongate 
Watt John(ivory),HighSchoolyard 
Watt John. 13 High st [st 

Wauchope &Co. (ivory), 21 S. Bridge 


Miller William & Co.65 Nicolson st 
Wilson & Sinclair, 27& 29 New st 


Bryden John & Sons, 80 Rose st 
Clark John, Gayfield square 
M' Wattle Robert, Greenside lane 
Naughton Robert, 5 South back of 


Dick John & Son, 5 Clyde st 
Gray Alx.l 19Rose sr & 25 Pleasance 
Henderson Walter, 13 Paul's works 
Hendeison William (to the'King), 

100 Rose street 
Watt James, 6 James's place 


jAutchison INI rgt.& Jean, 12 George st 
Brown Alexander, 24 Couper st, L. 
Fairley Alexander, 35 Nicolson st 
Gibb Foultun, 271 High st 
Gillespie Alex. 4 St. Giles st, Leith 
Griffith Maiy & Son, 53 George st 
H(^els Samuel, 40 Home st 
Johnson VVilliaui,81 SouihBridee st 
Nelliin Thomas, 10 Terrace, Leith st 
Smith Alexander, 37 High st 
Smith John, 19 Dundas st 
Smith John, 227 High st 
Walker William, Tolbooth wynd,L. 
White James, 69 Princes st 


{See also Cabinet Makers, and also. 

If rights and Carpenters.) 
Allardice & Sclanders, 12 George Si 
Auchie & Brown, 25 George st 
Burke Joiiii&Son,9St.Andrevv's sq. 
Robertson E.D.&W.57&123 Highst I 


SeeButton S( Trimming I^Varehouses. 


{See also Brush, Hf Trunk Makers.) 
Boswell Alexander, 50 Nicolson st 
Eddie Margaret, 14 Waterloo place 
Edwards Robert, 13 Waterloo place 
GrieveRobertjllSouthSt. Andrew st 
Shearer Mary, 3 South Union st 
Stewart Andw. Jas. 44 Whitefiedl pi 
Watt Andrew, 7 South St. David st 
WemyssAndrew,16 Wateiloo place, 

and 35 Princes street 
Fortune James, 29 Broughton st 
Fortune Robert, 67 Nicolson st 


See Cabinet Makers. 


Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers. 
Adam James, 61 Pleasance 
Adams Davd, 88 Grass market [L, 
Alexander J no. 44 & 74 St. Giles st, 
Alexander Mrs. 24 Home st [gate 
AndersonGeo.3Nth.back of Canon- 
Baillie Thomas, 172 Pleasance 
Bain John, 6 Chapel st 
Bathgate Susan, 6 Haddington place 
Begrie Isabel, 73 St. Leonard st 
Bishop Helen, 29 Home st 
Bishop John, 361 High st 
Black James, 31 India place 
Brash Alexander, 29 Yard hcads,L. 
Blown John, 96 Pleasance 
Brown Thomas, 71 Broughton st 
Buchanan William, Heriot place 
Burn George, 145 High st 


EDINBURGH, &c. l£trttt5urgf)^!)UC. 

Burns John, 49 CumberLind st 
Clapperton James, 10 Scienncs st 
Clark Colin, 113 Pkasance 
Clark James, 22 Pleasance st 
Cox Archibald, 22 Richmond place 
Craig David, 193Canongate 
Corrie Robert, 21 Clerk st 
Dalgleish John, 25 Duke st 
Davjes WilliMin, 41 Hope park end 
Dick Thos. 14 South St. David st 
Dickson Alex. 8 St. Anthony's place 
Dickson Maiy, 3 Cumberland st 
Dickson Robert, 329 Canongate 
Donaldson John, 12 Canning place 
Douglas Benjmn. 79 St. Leonard's st 
Douglas George, 5 Potter row 
Douglas William, 7 Riego st 
Douglas William, 5 Dublin st 
*Downt'S James, 2 Citadel st, Leith 
Dryden James, 36 Jamaica st 
Duncan Robert, 14 Hill place 
tairbairn l!;uphemijL4 Brunswick st 
Fairley George, 60 Causeway side 
Ferguson Agnes, 56 Brunswick st 
Fleming James, 154 Cowgate 
Fleming James & Co. 7 Huntley st 
Forgie James, 146 Kirkgate, Leith 
Format) Rbt.lSNorth-westCircus pi 
Frier James, 22 Grass market 
Frier James, 316 Lawn market 
Frier James, 13 Kirkgate, Leith 
Frier John, South [Inion place 
Frier William, 74 High st 
GlenArchibald &SoM,lGrassniarkt 
*Goodsir Jno.juii.8 St. Andrew st,L. 
Graham Jolin, 29 Bronghton place 
Graham Thomas, 133 Grass market 
Grierson P. 7 London st 
Grieve John, 76 Rose st 
Grieve John, 147 Kirkgate, Leilh 
Grieve John, 2 Adam st 
*Grosset James, 3 High riggs 
Hnldane and Co. 1 Cowgate 
Hay Alexander, 27 Clerk st 
Hay John, 5 Cou|)er st, Leith 
Hay Wiiliam, 29 Richmond place 
Henderson George, 56 Broughton st 
Henderson Gen.57 St. Giles st, Leilh 
Henderson William, 29 Lothian st 
*Higgins David, Citadel st, Leith 
Hill Cliristiana, 9 Downie place 
*Hogg Thomas, 30 India st. 
Howden Alexander, 136 Nicolson st 
Hunter Mrs. 15 VVest Preston st 
inglis John, 8 Howe st 
Irvine John, Veitch's place 
Jack Alexander, 17 Chapel st 
Jackson John, 219 Canongate 
Johnston Alex.41 .Morth Hanoverst 
Johnston James, 93 Canongate 
Johnston James, 4 Dnhlin st 
Kemp William, 13 Tobago st [st 
KinnairdThos.&Robt.67 Broughton 
♦Knight James, 3 Coburgst, Leith 
Lauder John, 48 Canongate 
Lawrie William, 37 Broughton st 
Lawson Barbara, 13 W.Richmond st 
Lawson Wm. 22 Haddington place 
Learmouth Alexander, 48 Bristo st 
Lee William, 2 Leven st 
Lees Robert, 26 Greenside place 
Legget Robert, 14 West Maitland st 
*Lindsay James & Sons, 8 West port 
Lister David, 5 Melville place 
Livingston Findlay,21 Dukest,Leith 
♦Livingston John, 40 Water la, L. 
Mack William, 129 West port 
Mackenzie Thomas, 33 Jamaica st 
M'Lennan Jantt & Eliz. 126 Rose st 
M ' Leod Wm. 12 Son h St. Andrew st 
Malcolm Alexander, 15 Leven st 
Malcolm Renton, 80 Pleasance 
Marshall Charles, Johnston's place 
Marshall David, 17 Calton st 
•Martin John, 83 St. Giles st, Leith 

Martin John, 6 Arthur st 
Mason David, Trafalgar lane, Leith 
Mason Jas. St. ftlary's wynd [L. 
Mathieson Ebenezer, 5 Charlotte st, 
Mathiesonlibenezer, 87 Kirkgate, L. 
Meek Jas. 245 High st,&Caiherinest 
Meek William, 38 Bristo st 
Meikle Robert, 1 Broughton st 
Middlemas Ebenezer, Sth. Clerk st 
Millar James, 40 Grass market 
M ilne John ,end of J u nction sljLeith 
Mitchell A. 19 London st 
Nasmyth Alison, 2 Causeway side 
Patersiin Adam, 49 Lothian st 
Paton William, 3 Baker place 
Philip Janet, 111 Causeway side 
Porteous James, 86 Cross causeway 
Porteous James, 35 St. Leonard st 
Porteous William, 6 Grass market 
Porteous William, 15 Canongate 
Pringle John, 341 Canongate 
Prinele William, 10 Giass market 
Rankin James, 164 Pleasance 
Rankin John, 254 Canongate 
Rawlinson William, 118 st 
Ritchie Rossan, 15 Potter row fst 
Roberts Jas. (& ham cnrerJlOHowe 
Robertson Ann, 50 Broughton st 
Robertson John, 130 Nicolson st 
Robertson Mrs. 13. St, Leonard st 
Robertson Robert,'42 Broughton st 
Ross Peter, 103 Cowgate 
Rowley Edward, 40 Abbey hill 
Rutherford Jas. 94 Cross causeway 
Scoon Joseph, 45 Buccleugh st 
Scott John, Canon street 
Scott Michael, 1 Earl Grey st 
Simpson Pol r. 16 VVestCrosscausewy 
Sinclair Morrison, 20 Jamaica st 
*SkirvingJolin,15 Yard heads, Leith 
Smail Robert, 49 St. Giles st, Leith 
Smith Thomas, 6 Jamaica st 
Somerville James, I Hamilton place 
Steel John, 60 Nicolson st 
Stevenson Wm. 75 Fountain bridge 
Stewart Andrew, 46 Broughton st 
Stewart Ann, 30 Brunswick st 
Stewart George, 94 Nicolson st 
Stobie Wm. 38 Parkside buildings 
Tail Andrew, 200 Pleasance 
Tait Hugh, 6 East Register st 
Tait Ralph, 85 High street 
Thomson Adam, 27 P')tier row 
Thomson Archibald, 30 VVest Cross 

causeway [way 

Thomson William, 41 Cross caose- 
*Tliomsoi) Wm. 4 Fox lane, Leith 
Thomson William, 15 India place 
Tod Andrew, 87 St. Mary's wynd 
Tod James, 8 King's stables 
Tod John, 6 Glanville place 
* Torrie Alex. 16 Yard heads, Leith 
Tweedie Robert, 2 Hamilton place 
Utterson James, 54 Buccleugh st 
Watson Peter, 32 Abbey hill 
Whyte David, 10 Nicolson st 
Wight Alexander {& coal dealer), 

Causewav side 
Wight George, 38 Clerk st [side 
Wightman Isabella, 181 Causeway- 
Williamson Eliz. 70 Fountain bridge 
Williamson James, 13 Richmond pi 
Wihon Adam, 17 Horse wynd, Leith 
WiLson James, 205 High st 
Wilson William, 132 Cowgate 
Wilson Wm, 38 North Richmond st 
Winter Isabella, 54 Brunswick st 
Wood Alexander, 205 Canongate 
Wylie James, 49 North Hanover st 
Young James, 209 Canongate 
Yule Francis, 32 Brunswick st 


Allison James & Sons, Allison place, 

Leith walk [Potter row 

Chalmers Jameg,St.Ai«rs yard & 39 


See Tavern Keepers, f^intners, ^-c. 


Brunton Wm.& Co. 13 Nicolson sq 
Crease & Sons, 421 Lawn market 
Gardner Thos. & Wm. 369 High st 
Graham, Weddel & Co. 429 Lawn 

market [Bridge at 

Grieve Robt. (upholsterers') 77 Sth. 
Ireland Thos. & Co. 37 Sth. Bridge st 
M'Queen John, 57 North Bridge st 
Millar & Baird, 1 Hunter square 
Whytock Richd.&Co.5&7 George st 
Wilson R. C. & Shirreff, 3 Sc.uth St. 

Andrew st [Broughton hall 

Yule George fwoollen cloth factor) 


{See also Clock Makers — German.) 
Abernethy Scott, 96 Kirkgate,Leith 
Ashenheim Jacob (wholesale), 61 

North Bridge street 
Brown George B. (& nautical in- 
strument) 38 Shore, Leith 
Brown Mrs. J. 35 South Bridge st 
Biyson Robert, 8 South Biidge st 
Clark James (steeple clock) Old 

Assembly close 
Cross & Carruthers, 21 Elm row 
Dickman John, 23 Shore, Leith 
Doig James, 32 Greenside st 
Ferens, Rombaichs & Kuss, 6 South 
St. Andrew st [st 

Fletcher Robert Graham, 24 George 
Giay James, High st [st 

Howden James & Co. 57 Nth. Bridge 
Lawson Christr.l9 North Bridge st 
Liddall & Sons, 5 Bank st 
M'Alpin George, 257 High st 
M'Call John, 20 Luthian st [st 
M'Gregor James, 29 West Register 
M'Kiniay Peter, 11 Leith st 
M'Queen Alexander, 18 Bank st 
Millar Andrew, 5 West Nicolson st 
Millar Richard, 14 North Biidge st 
Monro Hector, 40 Bridge st, Leith 
Paterson James, 42 Lawn market 
Philip Alexander, 60 B. Princes st 
Philip William, 48 North Hanoverst 
Picken John, 8 Gilniour st 
Picken Thomas, 114 West bow 
Pringle William, 99 Nicolson st 
Reid John, 13 South Frederick st 
Ritchie James & Son, 29 Leith st 
RobertsonJames, 4 WcstNicolson st 
Thomson Aicliibald, 64 Princes st 
Watt & M-Alpiu, 45 Princes st 
Webster John, 107 West port 
Whitelaw David, 16 Princes st 
Whitelaw James, 28 Register st 
Winter Robert, 12 North Bridge st 


Reed William, 92 High st 

Young Thomas, 5 North Bridge st 


Leon ftl orris & Co. 7 Ingliston st 
Waterston George & Son, 14 South 
Hanover street 

Bain James, Wardiop's court 
Howie James, Low Calton 
Hunter John, St. Cuthbert's lane 
Leagat Geo. 53 Candlemaker row 


Cooper Wm. (& stained glass manu- 
facturer to the King) 18 Picardy pi 
Lloyd and Douglas (agents), 28 

Mitchell street, Leith 
Ritchie Thomas & Co. 2.39 High st 
Adam.s & Co. 14 SonlhSt.Andrew st 
Ainslie William & James, 3 Quality 
lane, Leith [st, Leilh 

Aitchison, Paterson & Co. 9 Bernard 
Aitken& Campbell, 11 St. James' .«q 
Alexander Richard & Son (to his 
Majesty), 24 South Frederick st 


^rtinUxmtitt. EDINBURGH, &c. 

5ipt ^ Co.'S 

WINEj Sec. MERCHNTS — Contd. 
Allan Thomas, Timber bush, Leiih 
Anderson Wm.31 Constitution st,L. 
Baird & Kalkner, eSPrincts st 
Balmain James, 8 M. Andrew's sq 
Bt-11 James & Co. 50 Bernard st, L. 
Bell, Raraiie and Co. 63 Constitu- 
tion street, Leitli [Leith 
Bertram John A. & Co. 18 Quality st, 
Blackie Tliomas, 45 Ntli. Hanover st 
Blackie Walter, 5 Mitchell st, Leith 
Brow n&GordoM,48Nth. Frederick st 
Brown Walter & Son, 19 Lothiau st 
Bruce Pettr, 1 Kirk^ate, Leith 
CarnesieDavid&Co 4 Duke st.Leith 
Carstairs&Elder,22 Timber bush, L. 
Cathcari James & Co. Old Sugar 

House close, Leith 
Cay Albert, 99 Georire st 
Christie Alexander, 23 George st 
Coikburn & Co. Duke st, Lei'h 
CockburnJ. and Campbell, 32 St. 

Andrew's squat e [Leith 

Coldstream aud Co. 47 Mitchell st, 
Crabbie & Cree,5 Tolbooth wynd.L. 
Cnnningliain & Spence,62 Toibooth 

wynd, Leith [st 

Dickson Robert & Co. 1 Brunswick 
Dow James, 7 Snuth St. Andrew st 
Drummond William, 5 York place 
Dualop Wm.& Co. 34 Grass market 
Fail bairiiJames,20 WestNicolson st 
Falkner 8e Cunningham (& beer), 

38 Blair street 
Fenton Alexander and Co. 85 Shore 

and Fox lane, Leith [Leith 

Ferguson John, St, Anthony's couit, 
Forbes Peter and Co. 96 & 97 South 

Bridge street 
Ford William, 16 Kirkgare, Leith 
Gillon & Rule, 2 Mitchell st, Leith 
Glen Wm. & John, 54 Grass jnarkt 
Gordon James, 39 Quality st, Leith 
Graham Andrew, 70 Bristo st 
Gray James, 1 NMdryst,103 Highst, 

339 Canongate, and 45 Leith st 
Hall William & Co. 433 Lawn markt 
Henderson David,40 Toibooth wynd 

and 20 Broad wynd, Leith 
Hope, Bruce & Co. 46 Constitution 

stieet, Leith 
Howden Peier, 7 Meuse lane 
Howison D. & E. 16 Nicolson st 
Hutchison & Co. 11 Bernard st, L. 
Hiitchisou& Douglas 8 Quality st,L. 
Johnston Adam, 33 St.Andrew's sq 
Keegan Thomas, 1 NortliSt.David st 
LindsayJas. & Sons,25 Qualityst.L. 
LivingstonA.&P.17WestNicolson st 
M' Donald & Co. 3 Coalfield lane,L. 
M'Diiwall James, 6 Baxter place, 

Leith road 
M'Farlane Wm. Husband and Geo. 

46 Howe st f^"'^''^"' ***> L"- 

M'Laren David and George, 15 St. 
M'Laren Neil, Brougliton place 
M' Ritchie Thomas and Co. 67 Con- 
stitution street, Leith 
Mansfield Jno. 34 York pi [close 
Manuel Robt. 5 &6 Old Fishmarket 
Marshall James, I Roxburgh place 
Mill John, 17 Clyde st [st 

MillarLawrence,27 South Frederick 
MitchellRbt.&Co.5 01dPliysicgrdns 
Morris Jamrs, 53 George st 
Mnir William, 89 Caimngate 
Pringle Nicol, 17 Broughton st 
Ramsay John W. Wet ducks, Leith 
Richardson Jas. 48 West Register st 
Robertson Brothers,36 St. Martin's 

court, Leith [st 

Robertson Charles (spirit) 279 High 
Robertson William, Quality st 
Russell William, 22 College st.Leith 
Sceales, Henderson & Co. 59 Yard 

heads, Leith 


Schaw Robert & Co. St. Giles st, L. 
Scott & Allan, 3 Kiiksate, Leith 
Shiels Wm. Constitution st, Leith 
Siinson John, Bell's court, Leith 
Smith Peter, 19 Howe st [st 

Stewart Duncan,39 Nurth Frederick 
Stewart J. &G. 113 High si 
Taylor James, 72 St. Giles st, Leith 
Taylor Joseph and James Tanfield, 
Canon mills [st 

TempletonAndrew,ll East Register 
Thomson Brothers, 38 Quality st,L. 
Thomson Jatnes Gibson and Co. 49 
Princes si & 28 St. Andrew st, L. 
Usher Andrew & Co. 100 George st 
and 22 West Nicolson st [L. 

VertueWm.&Co.l4St.Anthony st, 
Watson Alexander, 141 Kiikgate,L. 
Watt John, 1 Dock place, Leith 
Waucho|ft;and Moodie, 133 Consti- 
tution street, Leith 
Wine Company of Scotland, 14 
George st — Jas. Balfour, manager 
Woodcock & Adamson,ll Quality st 
Young Geo. & Co. 53 Bernard st, L. 


Borthwick James & Co. 153 High st 
Borthwick M. 79 High st 
Borthwick William, 227 High st 
Douglas John, 61 Princes st 
Riva Alexander, Bakehouse close 
Smith Joseph & Son, 219 High st 


(See also Linen Drapers, and also 

Abernethy and Stewart, 36 North 

Bridge street [sqiiaie 

Brunton William & Co. 13 Nicolson 
Burgess James, 299 High st 
Callender Sharp, 5 South Bridge st 
Crais Alexander and Co. 104 South 

Bridge street 
Craig Biiitheis, 164 High st 
Davidson George &Claude,3Bauk st 
Dick Robert & George, 176 High st 
Gird wood William, 2 Bank st 
Gordon John, 33 North Bridge st 
Graham & Spence, 88 Slh. Bridge st 
Kemp Alex. & Son, 8 Sth. College st 
Livingston David, 99 South Bridge 
Luke John & William, 193 High st 
M'Callum Edward, 217 High st 
M'Leod James&C<>.5 Milne square 
Marshall & Aitkin, 29 NrthBridgest 
Miller Robert, 375 High st 
OKilvie J.& A.124 High st 
Richardson Peter, 213 High st 
Robertson John & Jos. 136 High st 
Scott Andrew & Son,29 N.Bridgesl 
Scott Peter, 9 South Bridge st 
Sibbald John and Robert, 32 North 

Bridge street 
Smith,"Wlnte and Co. (and mercers 

and hatters) 29 Princes st 
Thomson A. & Co. 337 High st 
Walker Alexander and James, 437 

Lawn market [76 Princes st 

WardlawEbenezr.(& hosier & glover) 
Young James, 126 High st 


Marked thus * are also Undertakers. 
♦Alston Thomas, 35 Potter row 
Anderson George, 12 James' place 
Anderson James, West Maitland st 
Aimstrontf William, Queen's place 
Balleny William, 6 Brisio st 
Banks Peter, 14 Baltic st, Leith 
Beatlie James, Hope Park end 
Seattle William & Sons, 23 Bread st 
Boyd John, Meuse lane 
Brown John, 118 Kirkgate, Leith 
Brown John, 18 Potter row 
Brown Walter, 23 Howest 
Burton James, Circus lane 
Charles Alexander, Low Calton 

Chisholm Robert, 12 Leven st 
Crawford &Anderson,St.James's sq 
Cumming Thomas, High Market st 
Cunningham Andw. Admit altyst,L. 
Davidson N. Buccleugh st 
Dewar George, 7 Terrace, Leith st 
Dodd&Son, Hard well close.Plesncc 
Dods James, 6 Cliarles st 
Don Gavin, Campbell's close 
Donaldson George, 2 Elder st 
Dundas Alexdr. 15 Sth. St. David st 
Elder Donald, 10 New st 
Fernie James, 21 Greenside place 
Fen is Andrew, 179 Cationgate 
Fleming Thomas, 17 James st 
Folley John, Jock's lodge 
Foitune John, Monteith's close 
Gibson James, 3 Union st 
Goalen Thomas, Morton st, Leith 
Gr<iy Alexander, Dock st, Leith 
Gray Robert, 29 London st 
Hall William, Duke st, Leith [L. 
Hamilton Gavin, 6 Sheephead wynd, 
Hardie R. Toll cross 
Harlow David. 1 Hermitage hill 
Hay William, Murray st [lawti 
Henderson & Currers, Brouj;hton 
Henderson & Sons, 18 Dundas st 
Henderson John, Earthen mound 
Hendiie Robert, 42 Pleasance 
Howley Thomas, Jock's lodge 
Hunter Henry, Warriston crescent 
Hutcheson John,5 Mackenzie place 
Johnston John, Potter row 
Kettel James, Cobourg st, Leith 
Kinghorn Janu s,