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Full text of "The pioneers of Massachusetts, a descriptive list, drawn from records of the colonies, towns and churches and other contemporaneous documents"

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Pioneers of Massachusetts, 


Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches, 
and other Contemporaneous Documents. 





221 Columbus Ave., 

Copyrigrht 1900, by Charles H. Pope 



The Pioneers of Massachusetts de- 
serve high honor from the people of the 
United States of America. They com- 
posed and signed, in the cabin of the 
Mayflower, Nov. ii, 1620, the grand 
though simple "Compact," model of all 
our constitutions; they organized Gen- 
eral Courts, patterns of our legislative 
bodies; courts of judicature and com- 
missions for the settlement of minor 
cases, — "to end small causes," — types of 
our municipal and justices' courts; they 
gathered congregational bodies of wor- 
shippers, embodiments and types of our 
best, fraternal, religious life; they crys- 
talized the old Saxon town idea into 
systematic town meetings; they first 
subscribed to support schools for their 
children, then devised the scheme of 
bearing the burden by general taxation, 
making schools by the people, for the 
people. And they and their descendants 
went forth to settle other parts of the 
great land, and built the foundation of 
new states out of granite, quarried from 
Massachusetts ledges. Thus it is the 
"Commonwealth of Massachusetts" 
where the largest number of American 
families had their first home this side 
of the Atlantic; and to her records and 
relics come yearly the largest proces- 
sions of pilgrims, seeking to obtain 
clues to the still earlier history of their 
ancestry. Love of family and desire to 
know and preserve the memory of 
worthy fore-fathers lead many inquirers 
into this field. The admirable organiza- 
tions which keep alive the memory of 
the Mayflower passengers, which place 
fresh laurels on the graves of colonial 

worthies and warriors, which pay honor 
to the guardians of a country in the face 
of foreign oppression, the founders of 
our republican institutions — these socie- 
ties have deepened the interest and 
greatly advanced the knowledge of our 

Thus an increasing amount of exam- 
ination of old records is made; and the 
courteous town and church clerks, re- 
corders of deeds and wills, custodians of 
filed documents in court houses and the 
office of the Secretary of the Common- 
wealth, have abundant opportunity for 
the display of that remarkable affability 
and helpfulness which characterize the 
officials of our state. 

Numerous family histories and sketch- 
es of the founders have appeared, some 
of which are models of research and 
honesty; what a fine list that is which 
Munsell's Sons present in their Ameri- 
can Genealogist! Other books are in 
preparation and much investigation and 
compilation is being done for simple, 
private satisfaction. 

But the work of historical researcn 
is an art; records, ever so accessible, 
need skilled readers and interpreters. 
Apparatus is demanded for the work; 
charts are needed for the chart-makers. 

John Farmer, M.A., having explored 
to the best of his ability a part of the 
early records, published in 1628 "A Gen- 
ealogical Register of the First Settlers 
of New England," which had great 
value, and marked him as a benefactor 
of American students of history. Dr. 
James Savage constructed a treatise on 
somewhat different lines, and issued in 

1858 his "Genealogical Dictionary of 
New England." In this four-volume 
work he undertook to present the chief 
points of interest in the life of every set- 
tler of each of the New England states 
from the settlement of Plymouth to the 
close of the century; and to trace out 
each family through four generations. 
How well he succeeded in this vast en- 
terprise, how much information he 
amassed and presented may be told 
by any genealogist of experience. 
The scheme was Titanic; the service 
rendered was Herculean; the name of 
Dr. Savage deserves high renown. 
But full success in such a vast under- 
taking was at that date simply impos- 
sible; and searchers find at the close 
of each volume an alarming list of errata, 
discovered by the author while the print- 
ers were doing their work; and the roll- 
ing years have added astonishingly to 
the list. Had Dr. Savage lived he 
would have issued a corrected edition, 
no doubt. 

But, meantime, by the liberality of the 
Athens of America and some lesser 
cities and towns, a good number of 
ancient town and church records 
have been copied with minute care 
and printed verbatim; the annals of 
both colonies have been made acces- 
sible in this way; and Suffolk county 
has set a fine example by its publication 
of almost a dozen volumes of deeds. 
The state has issued Bradford's History; 
the notarial records of Lechford and 
Aspinwall have been brought out; these 
three volumes illuminating the period of 
the Pioneers remarkably. 

The Mass. Historical Society, the His- 
toric-Genealogical Society, Essex Insti- 
tute, and other organizations have fixed 
in type many documents which the tooth 
of time had begun to gnaw ; and the task 
of the searcher has been wonderfully 

lightened. These printed books and pa- 
pers, however, contain only a small 
minority of the records essential to 
the making of such a work as Farmer 
and Savage designed; but they make 
the difference between an impossible and 
a practicable undertaking. 

The present writer conceived, quite a 
number of years since, the plan of mak- 
ing a revised edition of Dr. Savage's 
magnificent work. This scheme was 
revolved and discussed with gentlemen 
of wide acquaintance with the subject. 
At last this conclusion was reached: no 
man can to-day construct a trustworthy 
compendium of so many families 
and so many generations as Dr. 
Savage attempted. The problem must 
be separated into parts; divide et impera. 


narrows the field to the single state 
of Massachusetts, as bounded to-day; re- 
stricts the genealogy to the first settlers 
and their children only; and confines the 
study still further to those persons who 
came here early enough to be founda- 
tion-layers, first fellers of the primeval 
forests, first ploughers of the virgin soil, 
first makers of homes in the new coun- 
ery, first worshippers in the log meeting- 
houses, first freeman and officers in the 
plantations and colonies. What were 
these but "pioneers," whose bravery, 
earnestness, fidelity, love, made them 
worthy to be enrolled by themselves, an 
honorable list of heroes and heroines. 
All who came after the year 1650 found 
Massachusetts a reality, a single state, 
practically, although under two frater- 
nal colonial governments; all who came 
before that date helped essentially to 
make it. Although their jurisdiction ex- 
tended over a wider field than the pres- 

ent state limits, there seems to the writ- 
er a propriety in restricting this volume 
in this way. 

Later volumes by this or some other 
hand may present the Pioneers of Maine, 
New Hampshire, Rhode Island and 
Connecticut for that early period, with 
all the light now thrown on their m.on- 
uments. This list is large enough for 
one volume, grand enough for the cit- 
izens of one state to call its very own. 

The limit of the "pioneer" period is 
an open question. It might be fixed by 
the statement of Winthrop in his His- 

"2 (4) 1641. 
The parliament of England setting upon a 
general reformation, both of church and state 
. . . this caused all men to stay in Eng- 
land in expectation of a new world, so as few 
came to us." 

Although "few" arrived after 1641, 
yet the records show occasional ad- 
ditions; and a man did not always buy 
or receive an allotment of land or join 
the church or do anything which was 
noted in public records for several years 
after his arrival. Accordingly the limit 
has been fixed at 1650, to include all 
who came before the beginning of that 
"reformation" which Winthrop counted 
so significant, and to allow for the full 
development of the state in its life here 
and its significance abroad. 

The names here given are all which 
have been found in the journals and lists 
of the colonies, towns, churches and 
counties of the period, 1620-1650, inclu- 
sive, as well as those perpetuated in the 
passenger-lists of that time which have 
survived to our day. When once a name 
has been found within that period, it 

has been followed to the last day of the 
pioneer's life; in a few cases this has ex- 
tended to the second or third decade of 
the following century. This has neces- 
sitated the scrutiny of the documents 
until 1720 for record of deaths and pro- 
bate proceedings. 

While the names, dates and facts here 
stated have been taken by the compiler 
from the original documents or from 
such copies of them as have been made 
and verified by the highest authority, 
references are often given to pages in 
the Historic-Genealogical Register or 
other publications where copies or ab- 
stracts of the same may be seen. This 
is particularly noteworthy in the case of 
the exceedingly valuable notes of Eng- 
lish wills, made by Henry F. Waters, 
A.M., and the abstracts of Suffolk Co. 
wills by William B. Trask, A.M. 

The original words and phrases are 
quoted generally. Only in very rare in- 
stances has the compiler ventured to in- 
troduce an opinion of his own, preferring 
to put the reader in possession of the 
materials out of which an individual 
opinion may be formed. If you had the 
books before you and could read the 
peculiar chirography; if you critically 
studied the words employed, and tested 
your impressions by comparing one 
document with another; if you brought 
years of practise in this sort of 
reading to bear on the documents, — you 
would write down in your book the 
very things which are here presented. 

This volume represents the relative 
amount of matter which exists to-day 
about these people. Not that all is 
copied; far from it. But this is a char- 
acterizing list; this is sufficient to rank 
the pioneers for inspection. A full copy 
of every original line about them would 
not change materially the impression 
here given. 


Governor William Bradford, who is 
the highest authority on the subject, 
tells us that the persons who came to 
Plymouth were called Puritans; that 
their English neighbors opprobriously & 
most injuriously imposed upon them 
that name of Puritans which it is said the 
Novatians out of prid did assume & take 
unto themselves." The colonists of 
Massachusetts Bay were chiefly Puri- 
tans, also; the most perfect understand- 
ing existing between the religious lead- 
ers of the two colonies in most respects. 

The nucleus of the colony of Ply- 
mouth, every one knows, was the little 
band of men and women who met in 
apostolic fashion in a private house at 
Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, on the flat 
banks of the Idle; whence they removed 
in 1607-8 to Leyden, Holland, and then 
came toward the sunset, full of faith in 
a coming day. The germ of the colony 
of Massachusetts Bay was a company of 
business men who met at London, plan- 
ning for a settlement wherein should 
dwell righteousness and profit. But 
Dorchester was founded by a church as 
definitely organized as that of Scrooby, 
and brought its two ministers, chosen 
in Plymouth, Eng., in 1629. 

Rev. John Cotton, in 1629, accom- 
panied some of his parishioners from 
their home in old Boston to Southamp- 
ton, whence they were to sail for New 
England, and charged them to "take ad- 
vice of them of Plymouth and do noth- 
ing to offend them." When Salem and 
Cnarlestown churches were organized 
the brethren of Plymouth church were 
consulted and similar statements of faith 
and polity adopted. 

Bradford says: "Rev. Mr. Warham 
of the church in Dorchester expressed a 

desire to one of Plymouth Church in 
1630, to be on friendly terms with that 
church and people, and he declared him- 
self satisfied with their ecclesiastical gov 
ernment and proceedings." 

Thomas HoUamd of Yarmouth was 
"still a member of a separated church 
in Old England" in 1641, when his babe 
was baptized at Barnstable. Michael 
Metcalf of Dedham left on record an 
account of the persecutions he had en- 
dured at Norwich, Eng., for his puri- 
tanic life. Governor John Winthrop 
wrote honeyed words of farewell to the 
Church of England, and straightway 
joined in founding a separate church un- 
der the Charlestown oak. Robert Mas- 
sail was dismissed from Boston church 
"to the church of Christ at Dover in 
England" in 1646, and John Westgate 
to "the church of Pulham Mary in Nor- 
folk, Eng.," in 1674; and Mrs. Lydia 
Banks, a resident of Salem from 1636 
to 1642, was dismissed "to a church at 
London of which Mr. Nye is pastor," 
at her request, 6 (9) 1664. Mr. John- 
son was received to the church of 
Charlestown 29 (5) 1660, "by dismission 
from a church of Christ at Canterbury 
in Old England." Mrs. Elizabeth Con- 
ant's child was baptized at Salem 12 (11) 
1662, "upon ye letter from ye church at 
Corke testifying of her membership 

These and many other evidences prove 
the identity of the people of both these 
colonies with the grand Puritan host of 
England, described so admirably 
by Macaulay in his Essay on Mil- 
ton; who, whether remaining in the 
organization of the church of England 
or refusing to conform to ceremonies 
they believed anti-christian, were one in 
pure faith and life, one in resolute at- 
tempts to carry the doctrines of the 
Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood 

of Man into all departments of religious 
and secular life. The term Bradford ab- 
horred was really a good, discriminatmg 
title, and it has passed into history. It 
is not correct, therefore, to call the 
people of one of the colonies "Pilgrims" 
and those of the other "Puritans," for 
both were Puritans in the fact of a holy 
determination to avoid every impure, de- 
grading fashion and to live by the stand- 
ards of the Revealed Word of God; and 
both were Pilgrims in the fact of making 
a journey from a high religious motive. 
Tliese people, however, were not 
perfect, and they learned slowly the 
art of giving and taking liberty. The 
annals of that early period are full 
of strife; our ancestors brought over 
many an old notion of intolerance 
and persecution, which they were suf- 
ficiently "conforming" to practice; 
it took long years for Puritanism 
to escape from those toils ; but by and by 
came the real fruits of the system. In 
some cases a person is said to have been 
"in court" when the whole cause was 
the harsh method employed by the gov- 
ernment in attempting to guard what 
seemed to the rulers the essential ele- 
ments of pure religion and good gov- 
ernment. The severe legislation of the 
Puritans was simply imitation of Eng- 
lish and continental methods. The 
cruelties of the Middle ages lingered in 
statute books on the other side of the 
Atlantic longer than they did here. 
Puritanism actually softened the laws, 
increased the protection of the weak; 
and it was here, where the Bible was 
widely opened and Jesus Christ was 
acknowledged absolute King, that po- 
litical and religious liberty and fra- 
ternity first found complete expression. 

the occupations, estates and social stand- 
ing of the Pioneers. The summary of 
these, given on another page, is well 
worth studying. 

The number who took to themselves 
the designation "gentleman," or had it 
attached to their names by the writers 
of passenger-lists, deeds, wills, church, 
town or court lists, is not very large; 
in some cases the title was used when a 
person had been in public office here, 
and was given by recorders, without 
reference to social standing in England. 
With very few exceptions, however, 
those noted as of "gentle" blood were 
entitled to use coats of arms and crests. 
Probably quite a number more had this 
dignity at home, but did not so appear 
on New England records. But the great 
majority of the pioneers were the plain, 
untitled people, bred to industry and 
economy, trained to professions, mer- 
chandise, trades, husbandry or service, 
'those who came of noble families were 
often apprenticed in childhood to learn 
some trade, or to do house work; and 
persons who were employed, even in 
positions of trust and dignity, bore 
the title "servant" like humble menials. 
They were educated beyond the average 
of English people of their time, and 
their habits were cleaner, more virtuous 
than the majority of their old associates. 
And thus they had the stuff and force as 
well as the faith and patience for the en- 
terprise which made such drafts on 
body, mind and character as the laying 
of the foundations of a commonwealth. 

One exceedingly valuable feature of 
this compilation is the presentation of 

The writer wishes to acknowledge 
very gratefully the privileges and aid ex- 
tended to him by the clerks of the old 
towns and churches, registers of Pro- 
bate, recorders of Deeds, and custodians 
of ancient books and documents. In 
addition to placing these treasures at 

his service without fees, they have dered, for very courteous opening of 

shown great courtesy in arranging the ancient treasures and facihties extended; 

most convenient desk-room, hght, free- and in the city of Leyden, Holland, 

dom from intrusion, and in giving as- polite attentions and valuable privileges 

sistance when desired. They have were also accorded. 

recognized the special character of the It would be impossible to mention by 
work, and united to secure its thorough name these many persons, to each of 
and exact performance. Three summers whom gratitude is felt deeply, and with- 
in England have also given the writer a out whom the work could not have been 
long list of names to whom similar accomplished, 
acknowledgements are cheerfully ren- 


1. Look for many variations of surnames ; allow for phonetic spelling and carelessness 
The diphthong ea was usually pronounced a long ; consonants were often doubled after long 
vowels ; ph and f were interchanged recklessly ; and other alterations were loosely made, such as 
Hayward, Heywood, Howard and Hawoorth. The indexing of such matter is therefore difficult ; 
and one must sometimes look on several pages before discovering a desired name. Not only did 
public recorders vary the orthography, but a man sometimes spelled his own name in two or 
more ways. 

2. Always consult the index, and there exercise the same liberal method. 

3. Fail not to guage the meaning of the Abbreviations employed, since many lines of 
original record have sometimes been compressed into one, in this volume. 

4. The source from which a particular word or statement has been drawn can be inferred 
in most cases from its nature; as proprietorship and town office from town records; chui-ch 
membership, dismission, etc., from those of the churches; purchase and sale of lands from county 
Records of Deeds; depositions, giving age, etc., from records or files of the Coiu-ts or Colonies; 
designations of trade, occupation or social position were usually given in deeds, but sometimes in 
records of admission to churches; wills and administrations of estates in Probate Records or those 
o£ the Comity or Colony. When an item was found in an unusual place, the source has been noted. 

5. The dates are given as they were recorded. March 25 was New Tear's Day in England 
and her colonies in the seventeenth century. It is at once a blunder and a crime to alter such 
dates to suit a calendar which our Forefathers did not use. Their "style" was just exactly "old 
style," not at all "new." From January 1 to March 25, during which some other nations used the 
new year number, they often wrote a double date; as "3 February, 1621-2" ; but February was still 
"moneth 12," and even 24 March was in the old year, although the month, by anticipation of 
"day 25," was "moneth 1." 

6. The Author will be grateful for information of any error discovereil in this volume, and 
for facts of definite importance respecting the Pioneers recorded in either American or English 
documents of that period. 

For list of Authorities, Table of Abbreviations, Roll of Pioneer Towns, Cross Index 
and Table of Occupations, Trades, and Social Position, see pp. 520 et. seq. 

The Pioneers of Massachusetts. 


John, yeoman, Salem, propr. 1G36. 
Ch. recorded: Rebecca, (m. 13 (3) 1U07, Rich- 
ard Kimball,) John b. and d. 1GG5, John b. 15 
Dec. mm, Thomas b. 5 (12) 1GG7, Joseph b. 18 
Aug. [1672.] His wife Mary d. Sept. 9, 1672, 
and he m. Nov. 25, 1671, Mary Goldsmith. 

Rem. to Weuham about 1642. He deeded 
land to sou Samuel April 3, 1675; and gave 
property Aug. 3, 1G83, to son John in trust, 
to care for himself and wife the rest ol their 
lives, and to pay bequests to his other chil- 
dren, viz. Samuel, Sarah, Marah, Rebecca, 
Obediah and Thomas. [Es. Prob. 307, 451.] 


Daniel, Cambridge, propr., frm. May 
18, 1631. Rem. to Providence before 4 (4) 
1639. [Col. Rec] 

Edward, Taunton, atba. 1643. 

George, Rowley, propr. 1643. Son George 
b. about 1630. [Depos.] The Gen. Court re- 
ferred his will to Salem Court 11 Nov. 1047. 
Inv. taken 30 Aug. 1049; house, land, etc.; 
some lands at Newbury; 30 books; household 
effects. We learn of his family from the folg. : 
his son Thomas A. of Rowley, made will 5 
(7), prob. 27 (7) 1C59; beq. to wife Dorothy, 
father-in-law Richard Swan, bros. George, 
Nehemiah and Thomas A. [Ipswich De.] 
George, of Andover, Nehemiah, of Ipsw. 
and Thomas, of Concord, sold, 25 Nov. 1659, 
land at Rowl. formerly belonging to their 
father George A., dec, subject to life of 
widow Dorothy A. 

George, Sen. Andover, propr. 1643. He 
testified in Joseph Parker's suit in Mdx. 
Court, 17 (4) 1673, ae. about GO years. He 

ABBOT, etc., cont. 

m. at Roxbury, Dec. 12, 164G, Hannah, dau. 
of William and Annis Chandler. Ch. John, 
Joseph b. March 11, 1649, d. 24 June, 16D0, 
Hannah b. June 9, 1650, Joseph b. March 30, 
1652, George b. June 7, 1655, William b. Nov. 
18, 1657, Sarah b. Nov. 14, 1659, Beujamin 
b, Dec. 20, 1661, Timothy b. Nov. 17, 1GG3, 
Thomas b. May G, 1G6G, Nathaniel b. July 4, 
1671, Elizabeth b. Jan. 29, 1673-4. 

Will dated 12 Dec. 1681, prob. at Ips. 28 
March, 1682; beq. to wife Hannah; to eldest 
son John; other ch. to inherit at death of 
wife. Bros. Thomas and William Chandler 
overseers. [Compare with Genealogy and 
Es. Ant. 1, 35.] 

John, accidentally shot at Concord in 
1630 by Matthew Bridge. [W.] Probably the 
person who came, ae. 10, in the Hopewell in 
1635, with Marie, ae. 10. 

Robert, Watertowu, propr., frm. Sept. 3, 
1634. Rem. to Wethersfield, Conn. 


Matthew, ae. 15, came in the Abigail 
in July, 1G35; settled at Boston; fisherman. 
Wife Tabitha, dau. of Robert Reynolds, d. 
in 1061. He m. 2, Alice Cox, May 24, 1062; 
ch. Mary b. May 24, 1648, Tabitha b. 24 Nov. 


Robert, Weymouth, frm. May 18, 1631; 
propr. 1643. Wife Joanna; ch. Abraham bur. 
14 (9) 1639, Mary b. 11 (2) 1642. Rem. to 
Rehoboth; propr. 1643; lie. to keep an ordi- 
nary, 1G5G. 

Inv. of his est. taken 9 Aug. 1C63; admin, 
gr. to widow Joanna. House and lands 

ABEL, etc., cont. 

given to eldest son; a cow and calf to dau. 
Mary; the widow to have her thirds; rest 
to the other five children. 


AVilliam, Rowley, propr. 1043; town 
oflScer. Wife Margaret. He made an agree- 
ment 21 (2) 1675, with son John and dau. 
Mary, wife of Charles Brown, concerning 
his est. 

Will dated 22 April, 1089, being very aged; 
prob. 30 Sept. 1090; gr. eh. John Brown, of 
Rowl., Nathaniel and Ebenezer B.; son John 
A.'s 3 daus. Elizabeth, Hannah and Mar- 


Alexander, shipwright, Boston, bought 
house in 1645, adm. chh. 31 (3) 1046; frm. 
May 10, 1048. With wife Mary, dism. to 
Chh. of Dorchester for a season 23 (10^ 1647. 
Ch. Mary b. 9 (11) 1645, Susanna, b. 14 (3) 
1648, Martha bapt. 27 (5) 1650, John b. 26 
Feb. 1652, Samuel b. 7 May, 1056, Susanna 
b. July 21, 1658, Elizabeth bapt. 25 (5) 1658, 
Elizabeth b. Oct. 1, 1000. 

Admin, gr. Feb. 28, 1677-8 to his widow 

Ferdinando, shoemaker, Dedhani, propr. 
1637, adm. chh. 25 (11) 1039; frm. May 13, 
1640. Wife, Ann adm. chh. in 1039; ch. Abi- 
gail b. 45 (7) 1039, Bethia b. 10 (4) 1640, Na- 
thaniel b. 10 (1) 1642. He went to England 
3 (6) 1641, and his wife followed in 1642. 
[Chh. Rec] He res. in St. Katharine's in 
1653, when his agent sold lands in Dedham. 

George, glover, Watertown, 1645, propr. 
at Nashaway or Lancaster in 1647; sold 
land in Wat. Nov. 4, 1664. Rem. to Cam- 

Wife, Frances; ch. John b. 16 (8) 1045, Jo- 
seph b. March 0, 1057; other ch. George, 
and Mary. 

He d. Oct. 10, 1090. Admin, on his est. 
was gr. to the widow Frances Oct. 28. 

Henry, Sen., Braintree, had land grant 
at Mr. Wollaston 24 (12) 1039-40, 40 acres for 
10 heads. Signed petition about meadows 
in 1646. [Arch. 45.] 

He was bur; 8 (8) 1646. Nunc, will prob. 
8 (4) 1647, on testimony of Benjamin AUbe 
and Richard Brackett. Inv. filed. Beq. to 
wife; to sons Peter, John, Joseph, Edward 

ADAMS, cont. 

and Samuel, and dau. Ursula. House and 
lands, etc. Books to be divided among his 
children. Money due to son Samuel for 
ground bought of him; i)art of his land to 
return to the town. John (probably this 
son), depos. at Cambridge 7 (8) 1656, ae. 
about 35 years. [Mdx. Files.] Samuel m. 
Mary Eaglesfield, q. v. [Henry, town clerk, 
lieut., owner of a mill afterwards at Med- 
field, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Moses Paine, 
is believed to have been another son of Hen- 
ry, Sen.; but the writer has found no proof 
of this nor any trace of the origin of the 
family, in any contemporaneous document.] 

Jeremy, Cambridge, propr. 1033, frm. 
May 6, 1035. 

John, Plymouth, came in the Fortune 
in 1621; frm. 1032. Wife Eleanor and son 
James reed, shares of cattle in 1027. 

He d. in 1033; inv. of his est. taken Oct. 
24, 1033. Ch. James, John and Susan. The 
widow m. 2, in June, 1034, Kenelm 'W'iuslow, 
who paid her son John his portion 20 Dee. 
1651. She was bur. Dec. 5, 1681, ae. 83. 
[Reg. XXXIH, 410.] 

John, Salem left his master Thorndike 
in 1036. [Court Rec] 

Nathaniel, dish-turner, Weymouth, frm. 
May 20, 1047; town ofBcer. He rem. to Bos- 
ton; bought house and land about 1651. 
Town officer; had large estate. Wife Sarah; 
ch. Abraham b. 16 (11) 1041. He deposed 
about 2 (2) 1061, ae. about GO years, concern- 
ing a bargain made in 1057. [Mdx. Files.] 

He made will 14 July, 1075; "aged;" prob. 
1 (9) folg.; beq. to wife Sarah, sons Nathan- 
iel, David, Abraham, Jonathan, Isaac (if yet 
alive and shall return to Boston); to David's 
ch. Sarah and David; to Mary Tin well. The 
widow's will, dated Oct. 10, 1684, prob. 14 
May, 1685. The son Nathaniel depos., 1681, 
ae. about 50 years. 

Richard, ae. 29. with Susan, ae. 26, 
came in the Abigail June 20, 103.5, cert, from 
Northampton, Eng. Settled at Salem. Frm. 
Sept. 2, 1635. Deputy, town officer. Bought 
land, 1646. Wife Elizabeth d. at Maiden (9) 

Richard, ae. 29, servant to Wm. Read 
of Batcome, Eng., tailor, came from Wey- 
mouth, Eng. before March 20, 1635, with 
wife Mary, ae. 26, and ch. Mary, ae. 1. Set- 


ADAMS, cont. 

tied at Weymouth. Com. for Gen. Court G 
(7> 1038. Excused from bearing arms on 
account of age 20 (4) 16C5. [Mdx. Files.] 
Ch. Sarah b. 3 (5) 1637, Samuel b. (4) 1039, 
Ruth b. 3 (4) 1042. 

Robert, yeoman, tailor, Salem, iiropr. 
1638; employed to "ring" the swiue in 1640. 
Rem. to Newbury about 1049. Wife Eleanor 
d. June 12, 1077. He m. 2, Feb. 0, 107S, Sarah, 
widow of Henry Short. Ch. John, .Joanna, 
(m. Launcelot Granger,) Abraham. Eliza- 
beth, (m. Edward Phelps,) Mary, (m. Jere- 
miah Goodridge,) Isaac, Jacob b. and d. 
1049, Hannah b. 25 June, 1050, (m. William 
Warham,) Jacob b. 13 Sept. 1051, Jacob b. 
April 14, 1654, Arcbelaus. Joanna, ae. 17, 
and Abraham, ae. 10, depos. in 1651. 

He d. 12 Oct. 1082, ae. 81. Will dated 7 
March, lOSO, and 27 June, 1682, pro!). 28 (9) 
folg.; beq. to wife Sarah, sons John, Isaac, 
Jacob, Abraham, and daus. Hannah A., Eliz- 
abeth Phelps, Joanna Granger, JIary Good- 
ridge; to several of their ch. and to Mary, 
Abraham's wife. The widow d. 24 Oct. 1697. 

Thomas, Cambridge, propr. 1639. Rem. 
to Braintree; propr. also at Weymouth, 1643. 
Rem. to Concord; sold house and land, lately 
called that of John A., 1 Jan. 1054. Rem. 
to Chelmsford. Wife Mary; ch. Jonathan 
and Pelatiah b. 6 (1) 1646, Timothy b. 15 (2) 
1G48, George b. 29 (3) 1050. 

His will, dated March 28, 1688, prob. Oct. 
7, 1090, beq. to wife Mary, sons Pelatiah, 
Jonathan, Timothy, Samuel, and dau. Coop- 
er. Inv. taken 11 Aug. 1088. 

William, ae. 15, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in May, 1635. Settled at Cambridge; 
planter; propr. 1030; frm. May 22, 1638. 
Rem. to Ipswich. Memb. grand jury, 1642. 
He made exchange of land about 1651, as 
his son Lieut. John testified March 29, 1092, 
being about GO years old; mentioning his 
bro. William, and the latter's ch. William, 
Simon and John. 

William, b. May 27, 1050, who was ord. 
minister at Dedham in 1673, is doubtless 
the grandson here mentioned. His diary Is 
printed in Mass. Hist. Coll. 4-1. 


Isaac, surgeon, merchant, Boston, adm. 
chh. 13 (4) 1640, frm. 22 May, 1650. He m. 
Anne, dau. of elder Thomas Leverelt; ch. 


Isaac b. 22 (11) 1644, Anne b. 10 (1) 1640, (m. 
1, Samuel Mosely, 2, Nehemiah Pearce,) Re- 
becca bapt. 11 (1) 1049, (m. Capt. Eleazer 
Davenport,) Sarah b. 12 (2) 1051, d. 2 (6) 1652, 
Sarah b. 11, bapt. 13 (12) 1652, (m. Col. Penn 

He d. in 1052. Admin. 10 (10) 1652. [Reg. 
IV, 17, and VIII, 128x.] 


Henry, brought suit in Es. Court In 

William, Gloucester; town oflicer, 1641. 
Mauson of Sci. Ch. Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, 
all bapt. in 2d chh. June 20, 1651, and 
Dart, of B. 


Henry, Scituate, Marshfield, atba. 1643, 
propr. 1645. He m. 6 Oct. 1643, Tamson 
Manson, June 29, of Sci. Ch. Mary, Eliza- 
beth, Sarah, all bapt. in 2d chh. 1051, and 
Experience bapt. April 18, 1652. 
He d. in 1053. 


William, Salem, 1636; frm. May 18, 
1643. He summoned proprs. to meetings; 
was recorder of births, etc. Wif*! Alice 
memb. chh. before 1636. Ch. Benjamin bapt. 
12 (12) 1630, Jonathan bapt. 10 (9) 1639. 

Will prob. Nov. 16.54; wife Alice; ch. Jo- 
seph, Jonathan, Benjamin, Abigail Kibben. 


Anchor, shipwright, Boston, of ship 
Indevor, bound for Malaga, made his bro.- 
in-law Henry Rashley attorney for sale of 
land in B. 8 (7) 1645. [A.] 

Daniel, Roxbury, sold land in R. 15 (12) 
1648; do, Nov. 4, 1604, wife Alice consent- 

Admin, of his est. was gr. 21 Feb. 1680, 
to William Garey and Robert Pepper; 
transferred to John Gore Feb. 18, 3684, at 
the death of the widow Alice, for the bene- 
fit of the next of kin. The widow d. 9 Jan. 


Thomas, mariner, Charlestown; d. in 
Mr. Garrett's ship in 1650. 

Admin, gr. in 1660 to widow Priscilla who 
m. 2, William Knapp of Watertown. Ch. 


AKERS, cont. 

Thomas, Sarah, (m. William Mulford, of 
East HamiJton,) Kachel, b. about 1013; (she 
made Authouy Waters her attorney Aug. 
22, 1G59, to receive portion of the estate of 
her bro. Thomas, who went into the wars 
of Ireland more than 10 years before, and 
had not been heard of since). [Mds. Files.] 


Benjamin, carpenter, miller, land-sur- 
veyor, Boston, 103!), Braiutree. 1040; frm. 
May 18, 1042. Signed peititiou about mead- 
ows in 1040. [Arch. 4-5.] Rem. to Mead- 
field; selectman. Rem. to Mendon; built the 
first mill there. Wife, HauuaU; ch. .lames, 

ALBESON, see Nicholas. 


Alice, ae. 25, came in the Hopewell 
ii>. Sept., 1635. Sister Olbon (lately Cole), 
now deceased, left ch. Reuben and Eliza- 
beth, who were bapt. at Cambridge; Reu- 
ben was in the family of John Fesseuden in 
1G58. [Mi.] 


Annis, ae. 18, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635. 

Francis, ae. 20, came in the Bevis in 
May, 1638. 

Mr. George, Roxbury, came with the 
first company, anno 1630. [E.] P^rm. May 18, 
1031; deputy, deacon. His first wife, a sis- 
ter of Rev. Thomas Hoolier. d. in 1030. [Du.] 

Wife, ; ch. John b. in Eug. about Jan. 1, 

1626, (a celebrated physician;) Samuel b. 
April 16, 1637. 

He was bur. Dee. 30, 1640. Will prob. 28 
(11) 1640. Wife, sons John and Samuel, bro. 
Thomas of Ded., Elizabeth Blandfleld. Jo- 
seph Wise, John Plimton, bros. Edward Por- 
ter, Chandler, Mr. Hooker, and Carwithy. 

Thomas, Boston, memb. chh. 1630-1; 
dism. 8 (7) 1639 to Dedham. His sister Eliza- 
beth Whitehead of Lemington Priors wrote 
him 25 (8) ir)47 concerning her sons. .John and 
Thomas W. then with Francis Hall of New 
Haven, who formerly lived in Buckintun 
parish where her uncle Darbie lived [A.] 
Wife, Mary; ch. Mary bapt. 8 (10) 1635, Eliz- 
abeth bapt. 10 (10) 1637, (m. 6 (3) 1656, Jo- 
soph Soper,) Sarah bapt. 5 (11) 1634, Han- 

ALCOCK, etc., cont. 

nah Ijapt. 28 (3) 1042. By wife Margery he 

had John b. 2 (5) 1651. 

He d. 14 (7) 1657. Admin. Jan. 30, 1057. 
[Reg. IX, 344.] 


John, cooper, hired at Southampton, 
came in the Mayflower, signed the Compact. 
Frm. and councilor 1633. Town and colo- 
nial officer. Settled at Duxbury. A part- 
ner in the Trading Co. [B.] He m. Pris- 
cilla, dau. of William MuUins; ch. Elizabeth, 
(m. 26 Dec. 1644, William Paybodie,) ana 
John,— both named at the division of cattle 
in 1027, — Joseph, David, Jonathan, Sarah, 
(ni. Alexander Standish.i Ruth, (m. Feb. 13, 
1057, John Bass,) Mary, (m. Thomas Delano). 
He deposed July, 1082, ae. about S3 years. 
His heirs gave receipt June 13, 1088, to 
Jonathan, admin, for their portions of his 
est.; John. .Joseph, David, Priscilla and Mary 
Alden; William Paybody, Alexander Stand- 
ish iu right of his dec. wife Sarah, John Bass 
in right of his wife Ruth A., dec. and Thom- 
as Dillano. [Gen. Adv. I, 19.] 


"Quo Alderman of Bear Cove (Hing- 
ham) being about fifty years old. lost his 
way between Dorchester and Wessaguscus,'' 
30 Sept. 1634, but escaped without serious 
effects. [W.] 

John, Salem, 1630; town otfieer; frm. 
May 22, 1038; juryman. 1646. Wife Jane one 
of the first chh. membs. recorded. 

Will dated 3 (5) prob. 3 (7) 10.")7; heq. to 
Mrs. Norrice; to Mr. Elliot and the Indians 
to whom he preaches; to Mr. Thatcuer, Mr. 
Whiting. Mr. Walton and Mr. Cobat; to John 
Home; house and land to go to Ezra, son 
of Edward, and Nathaniel, son of Nicholas 
Clap, who shall pay certain sums to Israel, 
dau. of Major Mason; to John, Elizabeth and 
Jonathan Pickering; to good wife and Josh- 
ua Buffam; to Edward C, the two daus. of 
Prudence, and the two daus. of Nicholas C. 
all his household stuff; to bro. Marshall. Mrs. 
Felton. widow Denis and goody Curtice. 
Edward C. exec. 


Nathan, yeoman, Dedham, propr. 1638. 
adm. chh. 11 (12) 1639. Frm. May 13, 1640. 


ALDOUS, etc., cont. 

Part owner of a water-mill, 1642. Deacon, 
town officer. Sisned as witness to ilie will 
and inv. of Richard Barber in 1644. Propr. 
at Cambridge in 1646. His wife was adui. 
ehh. 11 (1) 1641. Mary adm. chh. 30 (oi 1641. 
He d. 1.5 (1); admin, gr. 28 April, 1676, to 
widow Mary and .lobn Aldis tbeir son. 


Jolm, ae. 14. caiae in the Francis of 
Ipswich April 30. 1635. with Wm. Freeborn. 

ALFORD, cont. 

atban b. and d. 1663. His dau. Elizabeth m. 

Dee. 1, 1659, Nathaniel Hudson. 

He was bur. Jan. 13, 1676. [S.] Will 
prob. Jan. 23, 1676-7; aged; beq. to dau. 
ilary, wife of Hezekiah Usher, and her eh. 
Peter, Hannah, Samuel and Mary Butler; 
to Hez. U. Jr. his wife Elizabeth, and .John 
U.; to dau. Hudson, her dau. Elizabeth, and 
Hudson I>everitt; to the First chh. of B. ; to 
Peter Lidgett and his wife; to dau. Bethiah, 
wife of his son Elisha. 


George, tailor, Dorchester, with wife 
Katharine, memb. chh. about 1G36; ch. Mary 
bapt. in 1637, Miriam bur. 27 (11) 1639, Ex- 
perience d. 2 (12) 1641. Katharine deposed 
18 (4) 1670, ae. about 60 years. [Mdx. Files.] 
Rem. to Braiutree; sold land June 9, 1663. 

Will dated Mendon, Nov. 2, 16S2, prob. 26 
April, 1683; to wife, ch. Joseph, John, .Jacob. 
Maiy, Sarah Bartlett, Mercy Randall and 
Martha Dunbar. 

Henry, Dedham, propr. Nov. 11. 1641, 
adm. ehh. 8 (7) 1643; frm. May, 1645. Wife, 
Mary; ch. Mary b. 10 (1) 1643, Thomas bapt. 
17 (7) 1643, Samuel b. 10 (1) 1644. 

He d. 23 (12) 1045. The widow m. 2, Sam- 
uel Judson, and 3, John Hayward. 

Widow, her case before Plymouth 
Court 5 Nov. 163S. 


Francis, [Dorchester?] Frm. May 18, 
1631. Chosen lieut. to Mr. Southcoate July 
5, 1631. Had liberty to ret. to Eng. Oct. 3, 


James, servant to Theodore Atkinson, 
d. 19 (6) 1644. 

John. Plymouth Colony, pimished and 
banished 6 Aug. 1637. 


Mr. William, merchant, Salem. 1635; 
memb. chh., contracted to build ammuni- 
tion house in li)37. Rem. to Boston; rec'd 
to chh. 9 (2) 1654. Town officer. Wife, 
Mary, memb. chh. Salem, 1636; eh. Nathan- 
iel bapt. 21 (1) 1636-7, Samuel bapt. 17 (12) 
1638, Joseph bapt. 26 (4) 1642, Jonathan 
bapt. at B. 5 (10) 1647, ae. about 6 days. Sec. 
end wife Ann. Ch. John b. Nov. 29, 1658, Jon- 


Bozouu, mercer, with wife and two 
servants, came from Lynn, Eng. in 1038, and 
settled at Hingham. Captain, town officer, 
di-puty. Rem. to Boston. [See will of his 
bro. William in Reg. XLVI. 331, and that 
ot his bro. Thomas in LIII, 23.] 

Wife, Anne; ch. Priseilla b. Aug. 1639, 
Ephraim and John b. Oct. 13, 1641, Ann b. 
Oct. 8, 1643, Deborah b. Nov. 10, 1645, d. 
Feb. 1660, Isaac b. April 6, 1651, Bozoin b. 
Feb. 13, 1652. 

He d. 14 (7) 1652. His will, dated Sept. 
9, 1652, mentions his wife; ch.; sisters Eliz- 
abeth Bureham and Joanna Peck, Mr. Hub- 
bard, his pastor, and Matthew Hawks. The 
inv. contains the names of 286 persons with 
whom he bad accounts. [Reg. V, 299 and 
VIII, 60.] His widow m. 13 (3) 1653 Joseph 
Jewett of Rowley. Marriage contract in 
Es. files XXII. 44. 

Edward, gent., merchant, Dedham, 
16,36, memb. chh. 1638; frm. March 13, 1638-9. 
Deputy; d. at Court 8 (7) 1642. Upon his 
death-bed gave his est. to his kinsmen, Ed- 
ward A. of Bo. and John Newton of Oren- 
tuu, CO. Suffolk, Eng. [Suff. De. 1, 34 and 

Mrs. Elizabeth, Boston, adm. cbh. 24 
(1) 1639; dism. to Hartford 25 (5) 1641, hav- 
ing become the wife of Mr. Samuel Stone. 

Francis, Sandwich, atba. 1643. Note 
also Francis, Roxbury, was bur. 1 Dec 1692; 
will dated 10 Nov. 1692, produced in court 
May 19, 1693; be»;. to wife Hannah and chil- 
dren ,Tohn, Mary and Francis. Widow de- 
clined to admin. 

George, ae. 24, [54V] with wife Katha- 
rine, ae. 30, ch. George, ae. 16, William, ae. 8. 
Matthew, ae. 6, and servant Edward Poole, 


ALLEN, etc., cont. 

ae. 26, came from Weymouth, Eng. before 
March 20, 1635. Settled at Weymouth; pe- 
titioned about the ferry in 1640. [L.] Propr. 
frm. 3 Sept. 1639. Rem. to Sandwich; town 
officer, juryman. Ch. John, (of Rehoboth, ae. 
SO, in 1689,) Robert ("revolted from the cov- 
enant of his father," [Sand, town roc] d. 
at the house of his bro. John at Reh. [Plym. 
Col. Rec], Ralph, (calls William bro.J 
George, William, Matthev(f, Henry, (sells 
land in 1684 to bro. G. wh. had come from 
father G. by will,) Samuel; the folg. are not 
specified of George, Sen. or Jun.; Caleb b. 
June 27, 1648, Hester b. Dec. 8, 1648, Eben- 
ezer b. Feb. 10, 1649. 

He was bur. May 2, 1648. Will prob. 7 
June, 1648, beq. to wife Katharine, sons 
Matthew, Henry, Samuel, William, and five 
least ch. [Reg. IV, 284.] 

George, bricklayer, mason, Boston, 
1044; frm. May, 1645. [See George, above.] 
Wife Susan adni. chh. 15 (12) 1651; ch. 
Hannah b. 10 (1) 1644, Naomi b. 26 (10) 1646, 
Ruth b. 3 (8) 1648; Susanna b. May 11, 1652, 
Elnathan b. Dee. 26, 1653. 

Henry, carpenter, house-wright, Boston, 
memb. chh. 23 (3) 1647, frm. May 10, 1648. 
Propr. at Weymouth but res. at Bo. Deacon. 

He m. the widow of William Tit'te, and 
adjusted the claim of her dau. Lydia ana 
her husband. Abraham Deeble of Haddam, 
Conn., after her death, 8 (3) 1673. [Suflf. De. 

VIII, 153.] He m. Judith , who joined 

him in a deed of laud 5 Jan. 1677-8. 

He d. Jan. 9, 1694-5. Inv. of his esr. talien 
24 Feb. 1695-6, presented by widow Judith. 
Division made 18 July, 1701, to her aud the 
sons Joseph, Henry and John. 

James, Dedham, propr. 1638, frm. May 
26, 1647. He rem. to Medfleld. 

He m. 16 (1) 1638 Ann Guild; ch. John b. 
4 (10) 1639, Martha and JIary b. 11 (10) 1641, 
Sarah b. 4 (3) 1644, James b. 28 (2) 1646, Na- 
thaniel b. 29 (6) 1048. 

Will dated 23 (7) 1676, in old age; son Na- 
thaniel, son-in-law Joseph Clarke, dau. Sa- 
rah, wife of Domingo White of Lyun, dau. 
Martha, wife of William Saben of Reho- 
both. Prob. Jan. 30, 1670-7. 

Mr. John, Dorchester. 1034. Rem. to 
Springfield. Witness of the Indian deed in 
1636; was paid £ 3 for thatching the planta- 

ALLEN, etc., cont. 

tion house in 1638. He m. 10 (9) 1651, Mrs. 

Hannah Smith. 

Rev. John, bapt. at Colby, co. Norfolk, 
Eng. May 22, 1597; Cains Coll. Cambridge, 
Eng., 1612, A. B. 1015, A. M. 1619. He m. 
at Wrentham, Eng. Oct. 22, 1022, Margaret 
Morse. She d. 1 (3) 1053; He m. 8 (9) 1653 
Katharine, widow, in turn, of Samuel Hag- 
borne and Governor Thomas Dudley; ch. 
John bapt. Oct. 24, 1623, Benjamin b. 11 (6) 
1654, Daniel b. 31 (5) 1656, Eliezer b. 26 (3) 
1658. Mrs. Katharine AUin d. Aug. 29, 1671. 

He settled at Dedham, N. B. in 1637; was 
ord. pastor in 1638 and continued in office 
until his death, Aug. 26, 1671. "He was a 
man of peace and truth;" author of A Paper 
marking the just limitations of colonial al- 
legiance and imperial right, 1643; and other 
works. See introduction to and early por- 
tion of Dedham chh. rec. 

Will dated 23 (6) 1670, prob. 1671; beq. 

to near kinsmen Samuel Fisher, Thomas 
Fisher and Robert AUin; cousin, the widow 
[Caine] living at Cambridge; cousin James 
AUin of Medfield; sons John, Benjamin, Dan- 
iel and Eleazer; dans. Dudley and Chiekerin. 
Wife exec. The widow made nunc, will 28 
(6) 1671. To sister Negus; to dau. Hunting 
and her dau. Katharine; to her son [Henry] 
Chickerin's 2 dans.; to dau. Wade's 2 daus. 
and sundry other persons. 

John, husbandman, ae. 30, with wife 
Anne, ae. 30, cert, from Herrn-hill, Kent, 
Eng., came in the Abigail in June, 1635. 
Plymouthr, propr. 1637, sold land in 1642. 
Rem. to Scituate; frm. 1 June, 1647, town 
officer, juror. 

Nunc, will prob. June 2, 1663. To wife 
Anna and "boy" Josias Lichfield. 

Mr. John, mariner. Charlestown, 1639, 
adm. chh. 22 (3) 1641, frm. June 2. 1641. 
Captain of ship Speedwell in 1666. He de- 
posed (10) 1667, ae. about 52 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] Part owner of mills at Char., at 
Kennebeck and Pascataquack. Wife, Sarah, 
adm. chh. 4 (9) 1643; second wife, Mary; 
third wife, Sarah, d. 27 (1) 1675. Ch. John 
b. 16 (8) 1640, bapt. 30 (3) 1641, Sarah b. and 
d. 1642. Mary b. 6 (12) 1643-4, (m. Nathan 
Rainsford,) Elizabeth, (m. Nathan H;iyman,) 
Rebecca, (m. John Goodrich,) Samuel b. Nov. 
29, 16.56, Sarah b. aud d. 1659, Thomas b. 1 
(6) 1667. 


ALLEN, etc., cont. 

He d. in 1675; will dated 1 (12) 1672-3, ae. 
57 years or thereabout; beq. to wife, Sarah 
and ch. Samuel, Thomas, Elizabeth and Re- 

Matthew, son of Richard A. of Braun- 
ton, Devon., Cambridge, propr. 1633; frm. 
March 4, 1634-5. Deputy, comr. of the United 
Colonies. Rem. to Conn. With wife Margaret 
conveyed lands to [his brother,] Thomas 
Allyn of Barnstaple, Eng. 17 (10) 1638. [L.] 
Thomas came later to Barnstable, N. E.; see 

Nathan owned laud in Dorcliester in 

Nicholas, see Ellen, Nicholas. 

Robert, Salem, 1636, adm. chh. 15 (3) 
1642. Propr. at Teffrey's Creeli 1638. Wife Sa- 
rah witness in court in 1642. Ch. John and Sa- 
rah bapt. 22 (3) 1642, Mary bapt. 19 (9) 1648. 
Dismissed to chh. at Norwich [Eng.? J 12 (11) 

Robert, Sandwich, served against the 
Narrangansetts in 1645. Rem. to Yarmouth; 
in court in 1651. 

Samuel, sawyer, Boston, Braintree, frm. 
May 6, 1635. [See sons of George, above.] 
He m. 1, Aline, who d. 29 (7) 1641. He m. 
2, Margaret, widow of Edward Lamb. 
Ch. Joseph b. May 15, 1650, Sarah b. in Br. 
30 (1) 1639. 

In his will dated Aug. 2, prob. Sept. 16, 
1609, he mentions wife Margaret, eldest son 
Joseph, other sons Samuel and James, dau. 
Abigail under 21, sons-in-law Josiah Stand- 
ish and Nathaniel Greenwood. He d. 5 (6) 

Thomas, gent, Boston, drew on his 
triend Mr. Roger Delbridge, merchant, Barn- 
stable, CO. Devon, 23 Sept., 1639. [L.J Thom- 
as, gent, Dorchester, gave bonds in a suit 10 
(10) 1640. 

Thomas, yeoman, Barnstable, N. E., sold 
to John Eells of Dorch. 8 July, 1041, a house 
and lands in Barnstable, co. Devon, Eng. 
and also gave an order for money upon his 
brother Richard A. of the same place, yeo- 
man. [See wills of Richard and other rela- 
tions in Reg. L, 504.] Frm. Plym. Col. 3 
June, 1652. With wife Winnifred sold land 
at Watertown in 1055. Ch. Samuel b. 1 Feb. 

ALLEN, etc., cont. 

1643, John bapt. Sept. 27 164G, Mehetabel 

bapt. Aug. 20, 1648. 

Will dated 28 Feb. 1675, prob. 5 March, 
1679-80; beq. to son Samuel's eldest son 
Thomas; to dau.-in-law Sarah, William 
Clarke's wife; to Martha, Benjamin's wife; 
to dau. -in-law Rebecca, wife of Samuel 
Sprague; rest to sons Samuel and John and 
dau. Mehetabel. Son-in-law Samuel Anni- 
ble one of the execs. 

Rev. Thomas, came first to Boston; adm. 
chh.— a student— 27 (11) 1638; dism. to chh. 
of Charlestown 9 (4) 1639, and ordained pas- 
tor of that chh. in Feb. 1639-40. He m. An- 
na, widow of Rev. John Harvard, and re- 
ceived from the Gen. Court 500 acres ot 
land 6 June, 1639, in regard of Mr. Har- 
vard's gift. He m. after 1656, Joanna, wid- 
ow of Maj. Robert Sedgwicli. He accom- 
plished a good worii in his pastorate, show- 
ing a commendable spirit and excellent abil- 
ities. See letter in Arch. 240. He returned 
to England about 1650. Was of Norwich 
in 1657, when he sold land at Char, by at- 
torney. [Mdx. De. IV.] Ch. Thomas, Mary 
b. in Boston 31 (11) bapt. at Char. 13 (12) 
1639-40, Sarah b. 8 (6) 1041, bur. 21 (2) 1642, 
Elizabeth b. and d. 1643, Mercy b. and d. 

Timothy, Salem, called to court in 1645. 

Walter, hatter, Newbury, 1641; rem. to 
Charlestown about 1652. Res. at Water- 
town 1662-1673; returned to Char. He m. 
1, Rebecca ; he m. 2, Nov. 29, 1678, Abi- 
gail Rogers. Ch. Abigail b. 1 Oct. 1641, 
Benjamin b. 15 April, 1647, Joseph b. 

He d. July 8, 1681. Will prob. Aug. 1681, 
beq. to sons John, of Sudbury, Daniel and 

William, carpenter, Salem, appl. frm. 
oct. 19, 1630, adm. frm. May 18, 1631. Jury- 
man, 1637. Town officer. Richard Brakenbury 
deposed to finding him at S. in 1628. He 
depos. 30 (9) 1664, ae. about 62 years; had 
lived in S. about 38 years. One of the grant- 
ees of Jeffreys Creek in 1640, but not a resi- 
dent. Wife Elizabeth memb. chh. before 
1636. Ch. certified by himself, [Es. Files,] 
Persis b. and d. 1630, Samuel b. 8 (11) 1631, 
by wife Alls; Elizabeth b. (T) 1634, by wife 
Elizabeth; in chh. record: Deborah bapt. 


AliLEN, etc., cont. 

23 (2) 1U37, Bethiah bapt. IG (11) 1639, Onesl- 
phorus bapt. 3 (5) 1042, William bapt. 31 (3) 
1646, Jonathan bapt. 29 (5) 1649. 

He d. May 10, 1678. AVill prob. 26 (4) 1679, 
beq. to wife Elizabetli and sons Samuel, 
Onesiphorus and William. 

William, carpenter, Salisbury, propr. 
1639. Wife .Vnn, dau. of Richard Goodale; ch. 
Abigail b. 4 (11) 1639, Hannah b. 17 (4) 1642, 
Mary b. 29 (5) 1644, Martha b. 1646, John b. 
9 (8) 1648, William b. 2 (8) 1650, Benjamin 
b. 1652, Joseph b. 13 (8) 1653, Richard b. 8 
(9) 1655, Ruth b. 19 (12) 1657, Jeremiah b. 
17 (12) 1658. The wife Ann d. 31 May, 1678. 
He d. June 18, 1686. Will dated 16 April, 
1674, codicil 7 Nov. 1676, prob. 22 July, 1686, 
beq. to wife Ann; ch. John, William, Ben- 
jamin, Joseph, Richard, Jeremiah, Abigail, 
Wheeler, Hannah Ayers, Mary Hewes and 
Martha Hubbard. Mentions son (5eorge 
Hews and father and brother Goodale. 


Ralph, planter, Boston; placed his son 
Paule, apprentice, with Valentine Hill for 
8 years, 29 (5) 1641. Paul was factor ot 
the shii) Hope of Rotterdam, of whose cargo 
Hill was part owner, 9 (6) 1649. [Lechford 
and Suff. Deeds, Vol. 1.] 


Hugh, came as a servant to Henry Col- 
lins in 1635. Settled at Lynn. He deposefl 
in 1662, ae. about 53, relative to Mr. Humph- 
rey's farm. Wife Mary; eh. Mary b. 6 (11) 
1641, John b. 30 (9) 1646, Martha b. 31 (5) 
1C49, Sarah b. 15 (2) 1651, Hugh b. 15 (8) 
16.53, Solomon b. 2 (6) 1656, Hannah b. 1 (4) 
1661, Jacob b. 5 (7) 1663. 

Will dated 2 (11) 1673, prob. 2 (5) 1674, 
beq. to son John and his ch.; gr. ch. Eleazer 
Linsy: Martha Willis and her ch. Martha; 
rest to wife. Widow Mary admin. 

Philip, Salem, called to court in 1645. 


Mr. Isaac, tailor, of London, adm. frm. 
of Leyden, Holland, Feb. 7, 1614, m. Nov. 4, 
1611, Mary Morris of Newbury, Eng., who 
d. Feb. 25, 1620-1; he m. 2, about 1626, Pear, 
dau. of elder William Brewster, who d. in 

1634; he m. 3, Joanna . He was a man 

of great enterprise, active in the affairs of 
the Pilgrim chh. and colony. Came In the 
Mayflower; signed the Compact; was Asst. 
1633; agent for the Colony in Eng. etc. He 
deposed 24 (7) 1639, ae. about 53 years. [L.] 
Carried on trade at Machias and Kennebec 
in Maine, and at other coast points. Re- 
sided at Plymouth till about 21 (1) 1639, 
when he desired acommodations of Salem, 
near his son-in-law, at Marblehead. Adm. 
Chh. Sal. 21 (1) 1647. Rem to New Haven. 
He was a brother of Zarah, wife of God- 
bert Godbertson. Ch. Bartholomew, Re- 
member, (m. Moses Maverick,) Mary, (m. 
Thomas Cushman.) Sarah; these came in 
the Mayflower and had shares of cattle In 
1627; Isaac. Bartholomew ret. to Eng. [B.] 
He a. at New Haven about Feb. 12, 1669. 
Son Isaac had the est, subject to the wid- 
ow's life interest. [Reg. VIII, 265, et als.] 

John, a seaman, reputed as one of the 
Company; came in the Mayflower to Plym.; 
was to go back for the help of others, but 
died before the ship returned. [B.] 


Richard, embarked June 22, 1632. 

William, Boston, Braintree, 1639; frm. 
May 18, 1640; deacon. Had a lot for 3 heads, 
24 (12) 1639-40. Wife Mary d. Aug. 10, 1677; 
he m. 2, June 25, 1678, Mary, dau. of John 
Bronson^aud widow of John Graves of Had- 
dam, Conn.; ch. John b. 5 (1) 1641, Samuel 
b. 24 (12) 1646, Josiah d. 15 (8) 1651, William 
b. 20 (8) 1051, Mary b. 25 (8) 1653, William 
b. Jan. 10, 16.56, Hannah, (m. William Scott). 
Rem. to Hadley and then to Hatfield; Lieut.; 
asst. of court, 1676. 

Will prob. Sept. 24, 1678; beq. to wife, and 
to ch. John, Samuel, Hannah and Mary. 


James, Boston, 1650, owned a ware- 
house at Charlestown before 1657. Wife, 
Christian; ch. James b. 20 (8) 1650, John d. 
2 (2) 1653. James bapt. 19 (4) 1653. 


AVilliam, ae. 44, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635, with [wife] Awdry, ae. 32, and 
ch. Annis, ae. 8 and Chri: ae. 3. He deposed 
20 (4) 1054, ae. about 53 years. [Mdx. Files.] 
Settled at Saugus, (Lynn). In Gen. Court 
June 14, 1631. Land gr. at Sandwich 5 
April, 1637. Rem. and sold Sand, lands 22 
June 1642. See Atkinson. 


JosepL, ae. 14, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in April, 1635. 

Key, res. not stated; inventory talien 
30 April, 1672. Daniel Stone and Wui. Kent 
signed admin, bond of widow Mary. [Suff. 
Prob.] The widow m. Capt. Wm. Turner. 


Auu, ae. 20, and Mary, ae. 24, came as 
servants of John Balier in 1637. 

Koger, Salein, 1640, rem. to Weymouth, 

then to Boston, 1643; later to Relioboth. 

Wife, Sarah; eh. Sarah b. at Wey. 10 (6) 

1640, Lydia b. 27 (2) 1643, bapt. at Bo. as 
from the chh. of Wey. 

He was bur. Nov. 13, 1673. Division of 
the est. made 4 March folg.; widow Joan- 
nah; son Ebenezer, by his representative 
John Coblech of Swansey; dau. Hannah, 
wife of Jeremiah Wheaton; John Harrod of 
Patucksett, bro. of the widow, gave advice. 


Richard, Watertown. Wife, Sarah; eh. 
Sarah b. 4 (10) 1639, Abraham b. and d. in 

1641, Abraham b. 22 (7) 1742. He sold his 
land to J. Norcross previous to 1644. 


Henry, house carpenter, Hampton, 
1640; frm. May 18, 1642. Rem. to Salisbury; 
propr. 1649. Rem. to Charlestown; deposed 
in court in 1653, ae. 40. Rem. to Boston. 
Wife Susanna; ch. Ebenezer, Samuel bapt. 
July 25, 1641, Henry b. (4) 1649, Abigail b. 
at Boston Dec. 28, 1654, (m. William Os- 

He d. in 1658. Inv. tiled Nov. 19, 1658. 
The widow m. 2, Oct. 2, 1663, John Sever- 


John, ship-carpenter, Woburn; ch. Mary 
b. 3 (12) 1649. Rem. to Boston. Shipped as 
carpenter on the Mary, Capt. Trumbull, for 
Barbadoes in 1657. [Wy.] He testified, 18 
(10) 1672, ae. about 55 years, that land in 
Woburn was in possession of his bro. Ed- 
ward Johnson in 1646. [Mdx. Files] He 
m. 18 (1) 1650 [1649?] Mary Johnson; ch. 
Mary b. 3 (12) 1649-50. 

AMYES, (see also EAMES,) 
Joane, of Yarmouth, widow, ae. 50, 
passed exam. May 11, 1637, to go to N. E., 
with ch. Ruth, ae. 18, William and John. 
Came first to Salem; adm. chh. 1637; Ruth 
adm. 1644. Propr. 1639. Rem. to Cambridge. 
The Gen. Court gave 40 pounds to "Mrs. 
Ames, the widow of Doctor Ames, of fa- 
mous memory, who is deceased," 15 Nov., 
1637. [W.] 

She was bur. Dec. 23, 1044. Dau. Ruth m. 
Edmund Angier. 

John, Duxbury, atba. 1643. Town offi- 
cer. Rem. to Bridgewater. He m. 20 Oct. 
1645, Elizabeth Heyward. 

He d. leaving est. to his brother's heirs. 
[Hist. Dux.] 

William, Braintree, 1641, frm. May 26, 
1647. Wife, Hannah; ch. Hannah b. 12 (3) 
1041, Rebecca b. (8) 1642, John b. 24 (3) 
1647, Sarah b. 1 (1) 1650, Deliverance (dau.) 
b. 6 (12) 1653. 

He d. 1 (11) 1653. Adm. gr. to the widow 
March 6, 1654. She m. 2, 6 (2) 1660, John 


Thomas, Boston, mortg. house 27 (10) 


Go wen, Roxbury, Frm. May 13, 1640. 
Bought house in Boston 29 (11) 1641. Wife 

John, shipwright, Boston, sold one half 
of ship John and Sarah to Robert Allen of 
Norwich, Eng., merchant, 10 (5) 1648. [A.] 
Had liberty to wharf before his property in 

1647. He m. 1, Jane ; she d. 4 (3) 1654; 

he m. 2, Jan. 3, 1654-5, Mrs. Mary Hodges, 
sister of Nicholas Davison. Ch. Samuel d. 
10 (5) 1654, Joanna b. Dec. 25, 1055, Anna b. 
May 5, 1657, d. March 12, 1060, Amy [Em], 
(m. 17 (5) 1655, John Bralienbury). 

He d. at Char. Sept. 28, 1677. Will beq. 
to son Henry in Eng.; to heirs of son David, 
and 4 married daughters. 

The widow's will signed Nov. 6, 16S9, prob. 
March 11, 1692-3, beq. to daus. Mary, wife 
of Samuel Hayman of Char.; Emme, wife of 
Mr. Joseph, of the same, and the 7 children 
he had by my sister's daughter; to John 
Brakenbury and his sister Katharine 


ANDERSON, cont. 

Phelps; to my dau. Katharine Philips, wife 
to Maj. John P. of Char., and to his -1 ch. ; 
to Joanna, dau. of my bro. George Miller, 
of Swanzey in Wales; to my sister Joanna 
Kent of Newbury; to cousin Daniel David- 
son, her son. and his dau. Joanna; to my 
dau. Katharine, wife of Capt. Richard 
Sprague; to gr. eh. Abigail, wife of Mr. Cot- 
ton Mather; to the second chh. of Bo.; to 
Harvard College. 

Robert before Gen. Court June, 1637. 


Edward. His wife had a son John 
Dotteris, who came over as an apprentice 
in 1637, and was allowed to remain with 
her. [W.] 

Mr. Henry, yeoman, planter, Taunton, 
frm. 4 Dec, 1638. Deputy, 1639. Attorney 
foi Nathaniel Patten 2 (7) 1640. [L.] 

Will, dated March 13, 1652; prob. 6 June, 
1653; wife Mary; daus. Mary, (wife of Wil- 
liam Hedges,) and her son John; Sarah and 
Abigail; son Henry. The widow's will Feb. 
14, 1654, ae. 43 years, beq. to same persons. 
[Reg. V, 259, and LI, 453.] 

The dau. Sarah m. 1 April, 1664, Israel 

Johanna, maid servant of George Bur- 
don, adm. chh. Boston 3 (2) 1640. 

John, cooper, Charlestown, 1637. Owned 
land at Mystic side; rem. to Boston. His 

wife Lucie d. 1 (7) 1653. He m. Hannah . 

Ch. John b. Nov. 21, 165C, Hannah b. Feb. 
20, 1657-8, Susanna b. Aug. 12, 1659, Martha 
b. Dec. 5, 1660, Mary [Susanna?] bapr. with 
Hannah and Martha 2 (4) 1661; John bapt. 
21 (7) 1663, James b. March 17, 1666, Sam- 
uel b. May 18, 1668, Mary bapt. 9 (2) 1671. 

Admin, of his est. gr. to widow Hannah 18 
Aug. 1679. 

Mabel, single woman, adm. chh. Boston 
4 (7) 1636. 

Robert, Ipswich, propr., frm. May 6, 
1635. Gave security April 2, 1641, to William 
Franklin of Boston, for the marriage por- 
tion of his dau. Alice, late wife of W. F., 
to be given her dau. Elizabeth. Refers to 
Phebe, present wife of W. F. Son Thomas, 
school master; daus. Abigail m. Danie! Hov- 
ey, Elizabeth m. Humphrey Griffin. 

ANDREW, etc., cont. 

He d. in 1643. Will dated April 2, 1641, 
prob. 22 (8) 1647, beq. to wife Elizabeth, sons 
John and Thomas, son-in-law Franlslyn and 
his dau. Elizabeth; gr. son Daniel Hovey; 
to John, son of Humphrey Griffin and two 
other sons, all under 21 years; to Icinsmen 
John, Thomas and Robert Burnam. His 
widow had lawsuit 31 (1) 1047, with Hum- 
phrey Griffin, husband of her dau. Elizabeth. 
[Es. Files.] John depos. 1692, ae. 70. 

Samuel, ae. 37, with wife Jane, ae. 30, 
and daus. Jane, ae. 3. and Elizabeth, ae. 2, 
and Ellen Lougie, servant, ae. 20, came in 
the Increase, April 14, 1635. He was one of 
four "sent away" by Robert Cordell, gold- 
smith, Lombard St., London. Res. at 
Charlestown. "Having had the command of 
ships upon .several voyages," he and Mr. 
Jonas Clarlve were appointed 13 Oct. 1654, 
to take observations at the northerly bounds 
of Mass. plantation. [Arch. Col. 23.] 

Inv. of his est. taken by Nicholas Davison 
and two other Charlestown men the last of 
Oct. 1659, shows merchandise; gives list of 
debts due from persons at Oyster Bay, L. I., 
Huntington, Hampstead, Stanford, Strat- 
ford, various Indians, etc. House, land 
given him by the town, etc. No clue as to 
family in the document. 

Thomas, Watertown, before the Court 
Sept. 27, 1631. He joined Mrs. Rebecca 
Craddoek in a petition in 1648. He rem. to 
Cambridge about 1645. Wife Rebecca; ch. 
Thomas b. Oct. 15, 1641, Daniel, Rebeccah 
b. 18 (2) 1640. 

He d. about 1648. The widow m. 2, Nich- 
olas Wyth. [Mi.] 

Thomas, Dorchester, propr. Nov. 22, 
1634; with wife memb. chh. His dau. Hannah 
Garuesy was dism. to chh. of Roxbury 
22 (2) 1660; son Thomas bapt. 23 (4) 

He d. May 20, 1673. Will dated April, 
1667, prob. 21 (6) 1673. Wife Ann, son 
Thomas, dau. Hannah Hopkins and her 
children. Widow Anne d. Jan. 13, 1684. 

Thomas. Hingham. propr. 1635. [See 
Plaisto.] Son Joseph came with him; had ad- 
jacent lot; was town officer and deputy; d. 
27 Sept. 1679, ae. 83 years. 
Old Thomas Andrews d. Aug. 1643. [Hob.] 

William, mariner, Cambridge, frm. Mar 


ANDKEW, etc., cont. 

4, 1633-4. Godly parents brought him up till 
17 years of age; was apprenticed at Ipswich, 
Eng. Came first to Charlestown. In his ab- 
sence his wife rem. to Cambridge, which 
pleased him. [Rel.] Town officer. Sold 
house, all lands and rights in C. Sept. 25, 
1637. Sold land again 2 (2) 1651. Wife 
Mary d. Jan. 19, 1639-40. He m. 2, (con- 
tract Aug. 11, 1640,) Reana James of Water- 

He d. in 1652, leaving an only son Samuel, 
who was adm. chh. Dec. 10, 1658. The wid- 
ow m. 2, Robert Daniels and 3, Edmund 

William, carpenter, Hampsworth, Eng., 
came in the James Apr. 5, 163-5. Salem, 
juryman, 1037; servant of Mr. Henry Cog- 
gan, before Gen. Court 4 (10) 1638. As- 
signed to Mr. Endecott 3 (7) 1639. Frm. 
May 13, 1640. 


Mr. Edmund, (Edward) woolen draper, 
Cambridge, propr. 1636, frm. May 13, 1640. 
Town otficer. Propr. Watertown in 1044. 
'He was a son of John Angier of Dedham, 
Eng., and was b. about 1612; his wife Ruth 
was dau. of that famous Light Dr. [Wil- 
liam] Ames." [Mi.] [Reg. L, 400. etc.] 
[See letter concerning family connections 
in Mdx. Files No. 14] Wife Ruth d. July 
3. 1650. He m. 2, June 12, 1657, Anna, dau. 
of Christopher Batt. She d. 3 Oct. 1688, In 
her 58th year. [Gt. St.] Ch. John b. 21 (6) 
1645, bur. 2 (11) 1647, Ruth b. 28 (7) 1647, 
Ephr.aim, Samuel, John b. 22 April, bapt. 
May 15, 1049, d. Decem. 9, 1659, Edmund 
bapt. Sept. 25, 1659, Hannah bapt. Dec. 16, 
1060, Mary bapt. May 10, 1663. [Mi] 

He d. March 4, 1691-2, ae. 80. [Gr. St.] The 
inv. of his est. was filed in May, 1692, and 
admin, gr. to his son Samuel. 


Margaret, Dorchester, adm. chh. June 
9, 1640. 

ANNABALL, etc., cont. 
Jan. 2, 1046, Esek (Ezeliiel) bapt. April 29, 
1649, Desire bapt. Oct. 16, 1653, Hannah, 
(m. March 1, 1645-0, Thomas lioreman,) Su- 
sanna, (m. May 13, 1052, William Hatch, 
Jr.), Sarah, (m. at Green's Harbour Nov. 23, 
1638, Henry Ewell). 

He rem. to Barnstable 22 Jan. 1038-9. His 
wife Jane was bur. Dec. 10, 1643. He m. 2, 
March, 1044-5, Ann Alcocke; she was bur. 
May 16, 1051. He m. 3, Hannah [Ann] 
Earlier, who was bur. about March 16, 

Will dated 24 Feb. 1072, prob. 4 June, 1674. 
beq. to wife Ann, son Samuel, dau. Desire 
and other daus. not specified. 

John, tailor, Ipswich, came from Bos- 
ton, Eng. in 1038, as a servant of John Whit- 
tingham; commoner at Ips. in 1641. Bought 
house and land in 1647. Ch. John, b. before 
1651; ch. mentioned in Dorchester records: 
Anna A., who m. 19 (10) 1071, Consider 
Atherton, Elizabeth A. ae. 15, and Robert 
A. ae. 13, named among children to be cate- 
chised in 1676, and Sarah A. who d. June 
28, 1674. 

He d. before 7 Nov. 1664, when inv. of his 
est. was taken; his widow Anna m. Nich- 
olas Clap of Dorchester before April 
15, 1667, when they sold land in Ips.; deeded 
still other land in 1672 to son John. 


Joan, maid servant of one Mr. Martin 
Holman of Biddiford, Eng., adm. chh. Bos- 
ton 18 (12) 1643; dism. to Rowley 31 (I) 1644, 
and letters of dism. sent 8 (1) 1640. to her, 
"now wife of one Heseltine of the ch. of R." 


John, came in the Hercules in April, 


Joan, ae. 65, cert, from St. Albons, 
Herts. Eng., came in the Planter April 1, 


Anthony, came in 1(523 with wife .Tane 
and daus. Sarah and Hannah. Settled at 
Plymouth; planter; town officer; frm. 1632. 
Rem. to Scituate. He and wife Jane were 
membs. chh. at its organization Jan. 8, 1634. 
Ch. Deborah bapt. May 7, 1637, Samuel b. 

Thomas, weaver, came in the James 
April 5, 1635; settled at Salem; propr. 1636; 
bro. of Edmund Batter. [Town rec] Frm. 
May 18, 1642. Town officer, juryman. Ch. — 
bapt. 8 (5) 1637, Obediah bapt. 7 (i) 1640. 


ANTRUM, etc., cent. 

Mary bapt. 10 (5) 1G43, John bapt. 29 (1) 

1646, Hannah, (m. Isaac Burnapi. 

Will dated 24 (11) 1662, prob. 3 (5) 1663; 
beq. to son Obediah A., dau. Hannah Bur- 
nape and her son Isaac B. ; to Thomas Spoon- 
er and Hilliard Veren. Review of the est. 
(9) 1684, on petition of Edmund Batter. 


Thomas, planter, Weymouth. Lie. to 
keep a ferry 2 Sept. 1635. Wife Elizabeth 
in Court 6 Sept. 1636. Suit in Plymouth 
Court 1 June, 1641. 

ARCHER, etc., cent. 

Samuel, carpenter, Salem, appl. frm. 
Oct. 10, 1630; propr. 1636; town officer. One of 
the grantees at Manchester 13 May, 1640. 
With Wni. Allin made an ammunition house 
in 1G30. He deposed in 1660, ae. 52 years, 
and in 1667, ae. about 5S years. Wife Su- 
sanna adm. chh. 30 (1) 1656; eh. John bapt. 
7 (2) 1639, Bethiah bapt. 3 (5) 1642, Samuel 
m. at Andover 21 May, 1660, Hanna 

Est. settled at Salem .30 (4) 1668; report 
allowed 29 (4) 1069; wife Susanna and son 


Mr. Samuel, gent., son of Thomas aud 
Mary A. of Little Waldingfield, eo. Suffolk, 
Eng., bapt. Aug. 13, 1686. Rem. about 1628 
to Reydon, Eng. Came about 1634 to Ips- 
wich. One of the earliest town officers; frm. 
May 25, 1636; deputy, 1637. He sent power 
of attorney Aug. 8, 1639, for management 
of his lands and tenements at Monks Ely, 
Eng. to Isaac A., ar. and others of L. W. 
[L.] Is called my brother by Robert Ryece 
of Preston, Eng. in a letter to Gov. Wln- 
tbrop 17 Jan. 1636. He is said by family 
historians to have m. 1, Judith Everard, and 
2, Martha . Ch. b. at L. W.: Mary. Ju- 
dith, (d. In 1029.) Martha, (m. Richard Ja- 
cobs,) John, Samuel, Sarah, (m. Samuel Phil- 
lips.) Judith b, 1634, (m. Samuel Roger.s). 

He d. at Rowley in June, 1670. Genealo- 


James, Lynn. Held property secured 
to Richard Russell, 1643. [A.] 


John, Boston, propr. 1635. 


Giles, Boston, d. before 1638; had built 
a house on lands of Thomas Matson. [Suff. 
De. IV, 170.] 

Henry, planter, Ipswich, propr.; frm. 
June 2, 1641. A case of his was referred 4 (4) 
1639 by Gen. Court to Ipswich Court. Sold 
land in Ips. in 1649; his wife released dower 
on it in 1660. He witnessed a bond given in 
Boston in favor of Francis Archer of Rot- 
terdam 20 (6) 1650. He m. at Roxbury Dec. 
4, 1639, Elizabeth, dau. of John Stow. 

ARMESBEY, see Ormsby. 


Godfrey, tailor. Lynn, frm. March 14, 
1038-9. Rem. to Boston about 1644. Wife 

; ch. Samuel b. 7 (8) 164.'5, John bapt. 20 

(6i 1048. Samuel bapt. 24 (12) 1049, ae. about 
2 days, Samuel b. 14 (2) 1651. 

Will dated 22 Dec. prob. 11 (12) 1074-5. 
Wife Mary, son Samuel, dau. Rebecca Tar- 
box, bro. Joseph. 

Joseph, tailor, Lynn, bro. of Godfrey, 
frm. March 9, 1036-7; juryman. 1637. He de- 
posed in 1661, ae. about 60. [Mdx. Files.] He 
kept an ordinar.v. Carried goods in his boat 
to Boston. [Es. Files 3, 97.] 

He d. June 27, 1080. His wife Jann 
[Jane?] d. March 3, 1678. [Reg. XXXIII, 

Thomas, came in the James from Bris- 
tol, Eng. May 23, 1635, with Mr. Richard 
Mather. Settled at Ipswich; frm. 7 Feb. 
1036-7; constable, 1638. 


Gregory, Plymouth; had liberty to 
dwell at Yarmouth 3 Sept. 1638. 

Edward, butcher, Boston, 1641. 

George, Charlestown, sold land in the 
name of Edward Payne 19 (1) 1640-1. 

Jasper, ae. 40, with Ann ae. 39. came In 
the Abigail in July, 1635. 

John, Cambridge, propr. 1634. Rem. to 


ARNOLD, etc., cont. 

John, plasterer, Boston, inhab. 1G39, 
adni. chh. a singlemau, 22 (2) 1043. Frm. 
May 16, 1643. 

Adiuiu. gr. to his bro. Samuel A. of Marsh- 
field May IS, IGGl. 

Joseph, Braintree. He m. 8 (4) 164S, Re- 
becca Curtis; eh. William b. 10 (1) 1049, Jo- 
seph b. 18 (8) 10.52, John b. 2 (2i 1655, 
Ephraiui b. 4 (11) 1004. Rebecca d. 14 Aug. 

Samuel, Sandwich, atba. 1043. Kern, to 
Yarmouth. Rem. to Marshtteld before 1001. 
Cb. Samuel b. ilay 9, 1049. 

Will dated Aug. 19, prob. Oct. IS, 1093, 
bcq. to wife Elizabeth, sons Samuel and 
Seth, gr. ch. Elizabeth and Isaac Holmes; 
dau. Elizabeth's children. His divinity boolis 
io folio to son Samuel; a great Laliu booli 
to Mr. Rowland Cotton. 

Thomas, came in the Plain Joan in May, 
1C35, ae. 30 [?]. Watertowu. propr. 1030, 
frm. May 13, 1640. Presented by jury con- 
cerning baptism (8) 1051. [Mdx. File.s.] He 
m. Phebe dau. of George Parlihurst, Sen.; 
they sold 30 (1) 1055 to her bro. George P. 
of Wat. land bought of her father G. P. and 
his wife Susanna 20 Dee. 1648. Ch. Ichabod b. 
1 (1) 1040, Richard b. 22 (1) 1642, John b. 19 
(12) 1047, Eleazor b. 17 (4) 1051. Rem. to 
Providence, R. I.; sold Wat. property in 

William, Hingham, propr. 1035, Pau- 
tuxet, placed himself under the jurisdiction 
of Mass. about 28 (8) 1042. [Suff. De. 1, 33.] 

ARRINGTON, see Errington. 


William, Gloucester, 1650. m. MJUicent, 
widow of William Southmeade, and reed, 
deed of land in trust for the children (4) 


Robert, Springfield, propr., taxed in 
1038. Keeper of the ordinary in 1040. Town 
ofiicer. Made marriage contract with widow 
Mary Horton Aug. 7, 1641. Ch. David b. 
June 2, 1642, Mary b. 6 (2) 1644, (m. Oct. IS, 
1004, John Roote of Farmington,) Jonathan 
b, 25 (12) 1645, Sarah b. 23 (6) 1648, Joseph 
b. 6 (5) 1652. 

ASHLEY, cont. 

He d. Nov. 29, 1682. Will dated 9 Oct. 
1679, prob. March 27, liiSS; aged; beq. to 
wife Mary, sons David, .Tonathan and Jo- 
seph; gr. son John; son John Root. [See Reg. 
XXXIII. 310.] 

Thomas, fisherman, Charlestowu, ae. 
about 26 years, servant of Thomas Uuclie, 
deposed to list of goods July 19, 1039. [L.] 
Res. at Cape Ann (Gloucester) in 1639. LEs. 
Files.] Adm. inhab. Boston, 1058. 


John, Cambridge, had been a servant 
of Thomas Bendight of Yarmouth, Eng.; 
was transferred 14 (12) 1040, to Edward 
Winslow of Salisbury; law suit. LL.] 


John, Andover, propr. 1649. [Es. Files.] 
He m. at Newbury 8 Oct. 1048, Rebecca 
Ayres; ch. Rebecca b. May, 1052, Mary b. 
24 April, 1054, John b. 16 Feb. 1650, Sarah 
b. 14 Jan. 1058, Ruth b. 3 Aug. 1660, Sarah 
b. 14 Aug. 1662, Elizabeth b. 26 May, 1066, 
d. 15 March, 1067, Samuel d. 20 Dec. 1669. 
He d. 6 June, 1071; will dated 15 (3i prob. 
27 (4) 1671, beq. to wife Rebecca, son John, 
and all my daughters. 


Peter, Dorchester, propr. 1645, frm. 
May, 1645. Rem. to Muddy River, Boston. 
Bought farm of 150 acres 14 (6) 1650, in co. 
with Robert Sharpe. Town officer. He de- 
posed 4 (8) 1664, ae. about 52 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] He m. first Alice Sharpe who, as a 
maid servant to William Ting, was adm. 
chh. Boston 9 (8) 1642. and, as wife of P. A. 
Dorch. was dism. to that chh. 30 (1) 1645. 
He m. second 12 Feb. 1661-2 Remember, dau. 
of Peter Palfrey, who as a maid servant 
was adm. chh. of Roxbury 24 (9) 1661. Ch. 
ree. in Bo. and Rox.: Samuel b. Nov. 10, 
1062, Peter b. June 14, 1664, Nathaniel b. 
June 5, 1666, Thomas bapt. 20 (11) 1007. Me- 
hetabel bapt. 10 (10) 1009, Elizabeth b. 20 
(9) 1671, Eleazer and Joseph bapt. 12 (8) 1073, 
Job bapt. 27 (12) 1675, Timothy bapt. 16 (2) 
Will dated 29 Nov. 1087, prob. Jan. 28, 


ASPINWALL, etc., cont. 
1C91-2. To wife Remember; eldest son Sam- 
uel and other ch. named above, except Job; 
Mary is added. Inv. shows farming and 
tanning outfit. 

Mr. 'William, notary, Boston, appl. frm. 
Oct. 19, 1630, deacon, 1630, adm. frm. April 
3, 1G32; res. at Charlestown some time, 
[town rec] ; deputy, 1037. Wrote most of 
the Book of Possessions. His notarial rec- 
ord, long lost, has come to light in the Bos- 
ton Athen.x'um Library, and is being print- 
ed by the Boston Record Commission; it 
is of great value to students of colonial his- 
tory. He sympathized with the Hutchin- 
son party, and drew up the famous peti- 
tion, asking for lenient treatment; was sen- 
tenced to be banished, but apologized and 
was excused. Signed the compact of Rhode 
Island and Providence Plantation 7 (1) and 
joined in the purchase of land from In- 
dians 24 (1) 1637-8. [Arch. 2, 1.] Was clerk 
of R. I., but left the plantation in 1039 and 
returned to Boston. He was a member of a 
company of adventurers, incorporated by 
the Gen. Court 7 March, 1043-4, and led an 
exploring party that went from Boston in 
1C44, in a pinnace, to discover the great lake 
by sailing up the Delaware river, where he 
had formerly been. They returned in a few 
months, having been opposed by the Dutch. 
[W.] The Gen. Court accused him 14 Oct. 
1651, of charging the court and jury to make 
the landlord pay rent to the tenant; forbade 
his acting as clerk or recorder of any county 
court, and deposed him from the ofBce of 
clerk of writs of Boston. He deposed be- 
fore the Court in case of Thomas Geyuer, 31 
May, 1652. He gave his house and lands in 
Bo. to his son-in-law, Mr. John Angier of 
Bo. June 8, 1652. 

Wife Elizabeth; ch. Edward b. 20 (7) 1630, 
d 10 (8) 1030, Hannah b. 25 (10) 1631, (m. 
John Angier,) Elizabeth b. 30 (7) 1633, Sam- 
uel b. 30 (7) 1035, Ethlan b. (1) 1630-7, Dor- 
cas b. 14 (12) 1039. 

He rem. to Chester, Eng., whence he wrote 
13 (1) 1662 to some of the magistrates here, 
relative to the land which he had given to 
his son [Angier]. He wrote several books 
which were published in Eng. See sketch 
in introduction to Suffolk Deeds, Vol. X. 
We may note that Mr. Edward Aspinwall 
of Toxteth, Eng. was a patron of Richard 
Mather In 1611. [C. M.] 


James, yeoman, Roxbury, frm. May 22, 
1639. Rem. to Boston about 1647. Had bond 
from Joseph Godfrey, Aug. 24, 1647, for 
money to be paid in Eng. 1 June, 1648. [A.] 
^A■ife Sarah; ch. James b. Nov. 29, 10.38, John 
b. and d. in 1640, John b. March 7, 1641-2, 
Joseph bapt. Nov. 19, 1643, Joseph b. Nov. 
10, 1044, Sarah b. Jan. 10, 1646, Mary b. Dec. 
2J, 1647. 

Will Sept. 17, 1653; wife Sarah; sons 
James, John and Joseph; dau. Sarah; bro. 
John A. He desired to be bur. at tlie feet 
of Mr. Cotton. Wife declined to be exec, 
because she was going to England, and Wm. 
Parks was appointed. [Reg. Vll, 337, VIII, 
275, and IX, 40; Suff. De. Ill, 403.] 

John, husbandman, ae. 26, came in the 
Hopewell in April, 1035. Frm. March 3, 
1635-0. He rem. to Conn. 

He d. at Abutley, Eng.; will dated 27 June, 
prob. 31 Aug. 1054; wife Sarah; son Samuel 
exec; bros. William and Robert A.; mother. 
[Reg. XIV, 304, XXXV, 245, and XXXVIII, 


John, ae. 24, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in Apr. 1635. 


Humphrey, Dorchester, first mentioned 
in records March 18, 1037; frm. and deputy 
May 2. 1038. Magistrate, deputy governor, 
active in the affairs of the United Colonies, 
Major-General. ['See many notices in histori- 
cal works; epitaph in Reg. II, 382.] As birth 
records of certain children at Winwiek, Eng. 
correspond with known facts about some of 
his children, it has been inferred that he 
came from that parish. I^athaniel Wales, 
Sen. calls him brother-in-law. Wife Mary; 
ch. Elizabeth, (bai^t. at Winwiek, Eng. Sept. 
28, 1028,) (m. Timothy Mather.) John bapt. 
at W. Dec. 26, 1629, Isabel bapt. at W. Jan. 
23, 1630, (m. Nathaniel Wales, Jr.) Jonathan, 
Consider, Mary, (m. Joseph Weeks,) Mar- 
garet (m. James Trowbridge,) Rest bapt. at 
Dorch. 26 (3) 1039, (m. Obediah Swift,) In- 
crease bapt. 11 (2) 1041, Thankful bapt. 29 
(2) 1044, (m. Thomas Bird, Jr.) Hope bapt. 
30 (0) 1646, Watching bapt. 24 (0) 1651, Pa- 
tience bapt. 21 (2) 1654, (m. Isaac Hum- 
He d. Sept. 17, 1661. His will not being 


ATHERTON, etc., cent. 
Uft in legal form, admin, was gr. 27 Sept. 
1€61, to his eldest son Jonathan and to his 
sons-in-law, Timothy Mather, James Trow- 
bridge and Obadiah Swift. Extensive es- 


Henry, Plymouth, atba. 1G43, frm. 6 
June, 1654. Rem. to Barnstable; m. July 9, 
1047, Elizabeth Wells. Ch. Mary b. March 
13, 1647-8, d. June 15, 1649, Samuel b. Feb. 
24, 1651, Isaac b. June 14, 1657. 


Theodore, came as servant to John 
Newgate, from Bury St. Edmunds; settled 
at Boston; feltmaker, hatter, merchant; 
adm. chh. 11 (11) 1634. Town officer. He 
m. first Abigail, sister of Ann, the wife of 
Thomas Matson, Sen. [Suff. De. VI, 333.] 
She was adm. chh. from Ipswich 15 (S) 1648. 
He m. 2, Mary Lyde, widow, dau. of Rev. 
John Wheelwright, deeded to her 21 
Oct. 1667, as a portion before marriage 
certain lands in Boston. [Norf. co. Deeds 
II. 94.] Ch. Theodore b. 10 (2) 1644, Na- 
thaniel b. 28 (9) 1645, Abigail b. 24 (6) 1647, 
Eleazer bapt. 3 (12) 1649, ae. about S days, 
Thomas bapt. 22 (8) 1654, Abigail b. 9 Dec. 
1657, John b. June 13, 1672, Theodore b. Feb. 
28, 1673, Elizabeth b. Nov. 28, 1692. 

He d. in 1701, ae. 89. Admin, gr. 3 Oct. 
1701, to his grandson Theodore A. of Ports- 
mouth, N. H., feltmalier, the widow Mary 
having declined to admin. 

Thomas, yeoman, Plymouth, frm. 1634, 
propr. 1636. 

Thomas, Concord, frm. Dec. 7, 1636; 
wife Susan; eh. Susanna b. 28 (2) 1641, (m. 10 
April, 1660, Caleb Brool^s,) Hannah b. 5 (1) 
1643, Rebecca, (m. John Haward Aug. 17, 

He d. 18 (1) 1643. Admin, gr. to his wid- 
ow 25 (9) 1646; "80 pounds to be rec'd from 
Eng." Major Willard petitioned the court 
with reference to the estate (paper undated;) 
Thomas Atkinson, late of Concord, came out 
of England about 25 years since; left an es- 
tate in Eng. Left widow (who married 
"Willi. Almie, the tyler,") and three daugh- 
ters. Robert Tillison and Robert Atkinson 
in Eng. named. [Mdx. Files, 1659.] See let- 
ter from his brother Robert Adkinson of 

ATKINSON, etc., cent. 

Timby in the parish of Halifax, Eng.; March 
29, 1652, other letters. Thomas went to N. 
E. 17 years ago this spring, Sold land be- 
fore he went. Admin, gr. Oct. 4, 1659, to 
John Hayward and Susanna and Hannah A. 
on the est. of "Wm. Alline," who m. their 
mother. [Mdx. Files, 1671.] 

ATWOOD, see Wood. 

Elizabeth, Charlestown, adm. chh. 12 
(6) 1663. 

Herman, cordwainer, came from San- 
derstead, co. Surrey, 15 miles from London; 
Boston, servant to our bro. Buttall, adm. 
chh. 24 (12) 1643. Deacon of second chh. 
He m. 11 (6) 1646 Ann Copp. 

Admin, gr. 19 (9) 1651. Wife and two ch. 
[Reg. VIII, 57.] The widow m. Thomas 

Mr. John, gent., Plymouth, frm. 3 Jan. 
1636. Assistant 6 March 1637-8. One of the 
referees in the settlement of the Plymouth 
partnership in 1641. [B.] 

Will dated 20 Oct. 1643, prob. Feb. 27. 
1643-4. Refers to his brethren. His widow 
Ann rem. to Boston; adm. chh. 8 (12) 1651. 
Her will dated April 27, 1650, was prob. 
June 1, 1654. Both wills beq. to bro. Robert 
and sister Mary Lee and their ch. Ann and 
Mary, and to nephew William Crow. 

Philip, ae. 12, and I'hilip, ae. 13,are men- 
tioned in the passenger lists of the Planter 
and the Susan and Ellen in 1635. Are these 
two persons or do both entries refer to the 
same as shipping in one vessel and sailing 
in the other? 

Philip, Maiden, town officer, deposed in 
1660, ae. 40. [Mdx. Files.] He m. first Ra- 
chel, dau. of Joseph Bacheller, who d. Feb. 
5, 1673-4; m. second Elizabeth Grover, April 
7, 1675; she d. Oct. 1676, and he m. third Eliz- 
abeth ; ch. Philip, Abigail b. Dec. 1662, 

(m. Andrew Mitchell,) Oliver, Rachel b. Aug. 
1653, Mary b. (11) 1655, and Philip b. (7) 
1658. The wife Elizabeth d. April 3, 1688. 

Philip, father or son, d. at Bradford 
Feb. 1, 1700-1701. 


Webb, (called also Ady Webb,) Ply- 
mouth, taxed, 1632; propr. 1636; in court, 


ATJDEY, etc., cont. 

He d. 4 March, 1651. Nunc, will prob. 
March 19, 1051, beq. to Mr. Reyner, his min- 
ister, and to the poor. No family mentioned. 
[Reg. IV, 320. J 

AUDLY, AUDELEY, see Odlin. 

Edmund, Salem, suit in court iv 1636. 
He was adminr. of the goods of Francis 
Dent of Salem, 1638-9. 


Francis, a pioneer at Dedham, 1636; 
hi& lot passed to Francis Chicliering before 
(7) 1640. 

Jonas, of Tenterden, Eng., with wife 
Constance and 4 ch. came in the Hercules in 
March, 1634. Settled at Cambridge; propr. 
1635; sold laud and rem. to Hingham; propr. 
1636; sold land in H. 6 (12) 1050. Rem. to 
Taunton; juror, 1651. His wife Constant 
d. 22 April, 1667. He m. 2, Dec. 14, 1667, 
Frances, widow of John Hill of Dorchester; 
she d. Nov. IS, 1676. Ch. Esther b. 3 Jan. 
1C62, Mary b. 12 May, 1663, Sarah b. 4 Nov. 
1665, Jonah b. 1067, John b. July 1, 1671. 

He d. May 10, 1676. Inv. of his est. filed 
2 Nov. 1676. 

Richard, tailor, of Bishopstocke, Eng., 
ae. 40, with wife and 2 ch. came in the Bevis 
in May, 1638. 


Christopher, Gloucester, town officer, 
1046. His wife was in England in 1653. [Es. 

James, Gloucester, propr. 1649. His wife 
Joan [Greenslade] was adm. to chh. of Bos- 
ton, "singlewoman" 18 (4) 1643, m. Nov. 10, 
1643, and dism. to Gloc. 17 (1) 1644, as wife 
of J. A. He was a witness to the will of 
John Bridgmau in 1655. Ch. Hannah b. Nov. 
12, 1644, James b. Jan. 16, 1646, Marie b. 
Feb. 19, 1648. 

Matthew, Charlestown, propr. 1638; ret. 
to Eng.; will dated at Wapping, Parish of 
St. Mary, White Chapel, Eng. 22 April, 1042, 
prob. London April 13, 1043; recorded. [Mdx. 
De. II, 90.] Wife Anna and son John; liins- 
men Wm. Baudrock, Jr., and Wm. Hum- 
phrey, Jr. 

AVERILL, etc., cont. 

The widow m. 2, Wm. Roberts; she and 
son John sold land in Char, and Eng. in 1656. 

Rev. Joseph, a minister from Wiltshire, 

with wife and six small ch. wrecked upon 

Cape Ann Aug. 16, 1635. [R. M. and S.] His 

name is given to the outer rock of the Cape. 

Admin, of his est. Gen. Court Sept. 1, 1035. 

Thomas, came in the Mary and John 
March 24, 1633. Res. at Salem; frm. Feb. 
28, 1042. Blacksmith; propr. With wife 
Susanna sold land in 1057-8. 

William, Ipswich, propr. 1637; kept the 
herd of goats in 1646. 

Will signed 3 (4) 1052, prob. March 29, 
1653, beq. to wife Abigail and seven chil- 
dren not mentioned by name. 

William, blacksmith, Dedham, towns- 
man 1(11) 1650; sergt. 1658. Wife Margaret; 
ch. Jonathan b. 26 (3) 1053, Hannah b. 27 (7) 
1660, (m. 22 (3) 1677, Benjamin Dyer,) Eben- 
ezer b. 24 (9) 1063, Rachel, (m. 22 (3» 1677, 
William Sumner). The wife Margaret d. 
28 (7) 1078. 

William, practitioner in physick. ae. 
about 01 years, Boston, made will 15 Oct. 
1083, prob. 13 Mar. 1086-7; beq. to wite Mary 
and ch. William, Robert and Jonathan A. 
and Mary Tisdale; sons-in-law William Sum- 
ner and Benjamin Dyer. Owned housing 
and land at Dedham. 

AWARD, see Hayward. 


Miles, Boston. Wife Mary; ch. Eliza- 
beth b. in 1635, Miles b. 1 (2) 1638. 


James, Lynn; propr. in 1038; res. April 
7, 1043. [SufC. De. 1, 41.] Constable, 1644; 
clerk of market, 1648. [Es. Files.] 

He d. June 7, 1009; nunc, will, having 
grown aged; beq. to John Pearson; admin, 
gr. to wife Frances. She made will Oct. 18, 
1670, which was prob. 2 (10) 1670; many be- 
quests; Joseph Fiske admin. 


Thomas, Sudbury, propr.; bought land 
in 1643. Took oath of fidelity 9 (5) 1645. 
Wife Mary; ch. Lydia b. 1 (4) 1044, [Hannah, 


AXTELL, etc. cont. 

(m. June 18, 1059, Capt. Edward Wright,) ] 

Mary, (m. Sept. 19, 1656, John Goodenow). 

He was bur. S (1) 1646; inv. taken 6(3)1646; 
ho desired that his wife Mary should have 
the est. to bring up his children. The widow 
m. 16 (4) 1640, John Maynard. [Genealogy in 
Reg. LIII, 227.] 

EYRE, EYRES, see also Eire, 
John, Sen., Salisbury, propr. 1640. Sold 
house and lands and rem. to Haverhill, 
where he was propr. and purchaser 1048-9. 
Town officer. Ch. John, Jr., Robert and 
Thomas also proprs. at Haverhill in 1650; 
see deed to Abra. Clement in 1692; Hannah 
b. Dec. 21, 1648, (m. Stephen Webster). 

He d. March 31, 1657. Will dated 12 
March, 1656, prob. at Hampton 6 (8) 1657; 
beq. to wife Hannah, sous John, Robert, 
Thomas, Obediah, Peter and Nathaniel; 
daus. Hannah, Rebecca and Mary. The 
widow Hannah, "aged," d. Oct. 8, 1688. 

John, husbandman, Ipswich, 1643-1609; 
tenant of Mr. John Norton; bro. of Wm. 
Lampson and his wife and of Edward Chap- 
man. Rem. about 1672 to Brookfield. Wife 
Susan; ch. [John, Samuel, Thomas, Joseph, 
Susanna, Edward;] Mark b. at Ipswich Dec. 
14, 1661, Nathaniel b. July 6, 1664. 

He was killed by the Indians at Squakeag 
Aug. 3, 1675; inv. filed in 1676, mentions 7 
sons and 1 dau. The widow Susanna d. at 
Ipswich Feb. 8, 1682-3. 

Samuel, of Norwich, Eng., apprentice, 
ae. 15, passed exam. May 11, 1637, to go to 
N .E. to his master John Baker. 


Francis, chandler, ae. 36, came from 
Weymouth, Eng. March 20, 1635. Settled 
at Scituate. Bought land of William Wills; 
suit in court, 1637. 


Mr. Thomas, attorney for Christopher 
Browning in Esses court 27 (10) 1636. 


Isabel, widow, Salem, 1637; rem. to 
Gloucester. She was a midwife; testified 
in a case in 1657, ae. about 80 years. She d. 
6 April, 1661. 
Admin, gr. to her son James. 

BABSON, etc., cont. 

James, Gloucester, frm. May 23, 1666. 
presumably came with his mother before 
1037; sold land in 1647. He deposed in 1003, 
ae. 30 years. He m. Nov. 16, 1047, Eleanor Hill; 
ch. James b. Sept. 29, 1648, Eleanor b. June 
15, 1651, Philip b. Oct. 15, 1654, Sarah b. Feb. 
15, 1650, d. Jan 19, 1076; Thomas b. May 21, 
1658, John b. Nov. 27, 1000, Richard b. June 
1, 1003, Elizabeth b. 8 (8) 1005, Ebenezer b. 
Feb. 8, 1068, Abigail b. May 13, 1070. 

He d. Dec. 21, 1683; his wife d. March 14, 
1714, ae. 84. Will dated 4 Dee. 1683, prob. 
25 March, 1684, beq. to wife, son John and 
"other children;" son Philip exec. 


Henry, of Dover, Eng., brewer, with 
wife Martha and four servants, came from 
Sandwich, Eng. before June 9, 1037. Settled 
at Ipswich; propr. before 1039. 

The inv. of his est. was presented by John 
B. of Wenham and others, admins., 30 Sept. 

John, Sen., Watertown, 1035. Rem. to 
Dedham. Town officer. Rem. to Reading; 
propr. 1050. He and his wife Rebecca reed, 
to Reading chh. from that of Ded. She d. 

March 17, 1661-2; he m. 2, Sarah . Ch. 

Samuel b. 8 (11) 1639, Jonathan and David 
b. 14 (10) 1643, Jonathan d. at Read. Dec. 
4, 1653; Rebecca b. Oct. 30, 1660, John b. 
Feb. 23, 1003, Henry b. July 29, 1604, Sarah 
b. July 9, 1670, Samuel b. Jan. 23, 1061, Na- 
thaniel b. March 17, 1674-5. 

Will dated 2 July 1670, codicil 3 April, 
1676, beq. to sons John and David and dau. 
Mary Cowdrey. Overseers Francis Skerry 
of Salem, Joseph Hills of Newbury, John 
Brown and Jonathan Poole of Reading. 

John, tailor, Salem, 1638, frm. May 13, 
1640. His wife memb. chh. 1639. Ch. John 
bapt. 20 (11) 1038, Mary bapt. 19 (7) 1040, 
Abigail bapt. 12 (12) 1042, adm. to full com. 
12 (11) 1662, Hannah bapt. 23 (4) 1644, Han- 
nah bapt. 25 (3) 1045, John bapt. 23 (4) 1050, 
Joseph bapt. 8 (3) 1053. He deposed in 1058, 
ae. about 47 years. 

His wife d. 10 (9) and he d. 13 (9) 1675. 
Will dated in 1073, ae. 63 years; prob. Dec. 
4, 1675, beq. to sons John and Joseph and 
dau. Hannah Corning; to gr. ch. John Cres- 
sey. Wife Elizabeth to be exec. 


BACHILER, etc., cont. 

Joseph, of Canterbury, Eng., tailor, with 
wife Elizabeth, one ch. and three servants 
came from Sandwich, Eng. before June 9, 
1637. Brought cattle with him in partner- 
ship with Henry Paramor of Thanet; see 
accounts July 20, 1G39. [L.] Settled at Sa- 
lem, propr. 1037, frm. March 16, 1637-S, dep- 
uty 1643. Ch. Joseph bapt. 22 (6) 16-17, Eliz- 
abeth adm. chh. 12 (11) 16C2. He rem. to 
He d. (1) 1617. 

Key. Stephen, b. about 1561, matr. St. 
John's coll. Oxford, Nov. 17, 1581, B.A. Feb. 
3, 1586-7, vicar of Wherwell, Hants, 26 Jan. 
1587-8 to 1601; came in the William and 
Francis Juue 5, 1632, ae. 71, with wif« Helen 
and others of his family. Settled at Saugus, 
(Lynn). Frm. May 6, 1035. Entered at once 
upon church life, drawing down Ihe sus- 
picions and oppositions of some in power 
for such independancy. Undertook a scheme 
for founding a plantation at Yarmouth, but 
the winter season and the poverty of his 
associates caused the brave attempt to fail. 
Eem. to Newbury; thence in 1638-3 Joined 
in the settlement of Hampton, N. H., to 
which he is said to have given the name, and 
whose first minister he became. 

After earnest service, mingled with inju- 
dicious (if not erring) conduct, which 
brought conflicts with his associates and the 
Mass. government, he rem. to Strawberry 
Banli, (Portsmouth,) whence he returned to 
England not far from 1617. Deeded land 8 
(7) 1647, to his three grandsons, John and 
William Sanborne and Nathaniel Bachiler, 
Jr., all of Hampton. The place of his later 
residence and the date of his death are not 

He m. first ; he m. 2, Helen , who 

was ae. 48 in 1631, when he visited ch. at 
Flushing; she came hither and died; he m. 

3. widow Mary , at Strawberry Bank, 

from whom he separated, leaving her here 
to a sad and unsavory life. Ch. Theodate, 
(m. Christopher Hussey,) Deborah, (m. Rev. 
John Wing,) Stephen, (ae. 16 on enter'ng Ox- 
ford in 1010,) Ann, (ae. 20 in 1630; m. John 
Sandburn,) Nathaniel, (m. Hester Mercer; 
son Nathaniel came here and was an early 
citizen of Hampton). [See W.; Reg. XVII, 
XXXVII, XLV, XLVII and Genealogy.] 
frm. May 29, 1644. Sold land in 1653. First 

William, victualer, Charlestown, 1634, 

BACHILER, etc., cont. 

wife Jane, second wife Rachel; ch. Seaborne 
bapt. 12 (1) 1634-5, Abigail bapt. 1 (5) 1637, 
(m. Richard Austin,) Rachel, (m. Philip At- 
wood,) Susanna, (m. John Lawrence,) Jo- 
seph b. 20 (6) 1644, Benjamin. 

He d. Feb. 20, 1669, ae. 72. Will dated 12 
(11) 1609-70, beq. to wife Rachel, daus. At- 
wood and Austin, son Joseph and Joseph and 
Benjamin Cromwell and Susanna Lavvrence, 
gr. ch., living with him. The widow Rachel 
d. May 28, 1676, ae. 73. 


George, ae. 43 with ch. Samuel ae. 12, 
Susan ae. 10, John ae. 8 came in the In- 
crease in April, 1635. (Name originally writ- 
ten Mason on the ship's roll, and rewritten 
Bacon.) Settled at Hingham; propr. Sept. 

1635. Ch. bapt Nov. 27, 1640. 

He was bur. May 3, 1042. Admin, of the 
est. of George Bacon, sometime of Hing- 
ham, many years since deceased, was gr. 
28 March, 1684, to Capts. John Smith and 
John Jacob, upon petition of his son Peter, 
who had maintained his aged mother till 
her death, and had purchased the rights of 
his bros. and sisters. 

Michael, coming from Ireland, with 
Samuel Cooke and Jolin Smyth, proposed as 
proprs. 23 (3) 1640, at Dedham. His wife 
who arrived in Ded. before him was adm. 
chh. 17 (7) 1641; she d. in 1647. His dau. 
Alice m. Thomas Bancroft. [His son] Mi- 
chael of Woburn deposed 17 (4) 1668, ae. 
about 60 years. [Mdx. Files.] 

He d. 18 (2) 1648. Will prob. 26 (2) 1649; 
sons Michael, Daniel and John; dau. Sarah; 
son-in-law Thomas Bancroft. [Reg. VII, 

Nathaniel, tanner, Barnstable, atba. 
1643, frm. 2 June, 1040; town officer. He joined 
the chh. May 3, 1648. He m. Dec. 4, 1642, 
Hannah Mayo, who was adm. ch. March 18, 
1648; ch. Hannah b. Sept. 4, 1643, Nathaniel 
b. Feb. 5, 1645, Mary b. Aug. 12, 1648, Sam- 
uel b. Feb. 25, 1650, Elizabeth b. Jan. 28, 
1053, Jeremiah b. May 8, 1657, Mercy b. Feb. 
8, 1659, John b. June, 1661. 

Admin, gr. and inv. rendered 29 Oct. 1673, 
to the widow Hannah. The dau. Elizabeth 
d. in 1676, and one of the heirs was Han- 
nah, wife of George Shove. 

Nicholas, rented land of Mr. John Co- 
gan. [Court Rec. 1640.] 


BACON, cont. 

Rebecca, residence not stated, inventory 
of her goods taken by John Russell and Ed- 
ward Collins 1 (8) 1638. [Suff. Prob.] 

Thomas, witness to will of Ro. Hunt of 
Sudbury in 1640. 

Mr. William, Salem, 1641. Res. at Dub- 
lin, Ireland, in 1639. His wife Rebecca was 
sister of Humphrey Potter, and dau. of 
Thomas Potter, sometime mayor of Coven- 
try, CO. Warwick. Humphrey Potter was 
killed in the massacre in Ireland and left 
one dau. Ann, who was taken to Coventry 
and thence brought to Salem, where she m. 
Anthony Needham. [Reg. XXXIX, 28.] 

His will prob. 9 (9) 1653; wife Rebecca; 
minor son Isaac; Ann Potter. The widow's 
will was prob. 29 (9) 1655; her bro. Robert 
Euffum to assist her son Isaac as exec; bros. 
Joseph Boys, Thomas Avery, and Nathan- 
iel Felton; sisters BufCum, Boys, Avery, 
Sugthwick and Horn; cousins Ann P. and 
Richard Cheelcraft; freed her man Cornel- 
ius, and gave him a new suit of clothes. 
Left a fund for the poor in case son die be- 
fore majority. A debt t obe paid to sister 
Judith in Eng. 


George, Dorchester, rem. to Milton. 
Will dated 26 Sept. prob. 2 Feb. 1671. Est. 
to wife Mary, to bring up the children with; 
ch. Benjamin, Returne, George, Joseph and 
Enoch B.; Mary Ellen; Dorothy, Rachel and 
Leah B., Bro. Robert B. and neighbour Jo- 
seph Belcher overseers. Lands in Dorch. 
and Milton, and mill and lands at Dart- 
mouth in Plymouth patent. 

Robert, yeoman, captain, Dorchester, 
propr. before 1648, when he bought addi- 
tional lands in every division; deed confirmed 
by Mrs. Ann Glover 26 (8) 1671. Town ofll- 
cer; captain. Ch. Samuel bapt. 7 (5) 1650, 
Jonathan bapt. 7 (1) 1651, James bapt. 12 
(1) 1654, Abigail bapt. 27 (2) 1656, ae. about 
3 months, Nathaniel b. 14 (1) 1657-8, bapt. 
6 (4) 1658, Caleb bapt. 21 (8) 1660, ae about 
2 months, Ebenezer bapt. 5 (5) 1663, ae. 
about 7 months, Hopestill bapt. 8 (9) 1663, 
Hannah bapt. 28 (3) 1665, ae. about 3 months, 
Elizabeth bapt. 14 (5) 1667, ae. about half a 
year. Thankful bapt. 27 (4) 1669. 

Will dated 11 Nov. prob. 7 March, 1694, 
beq. to wife Joanna, son Nathaniel, gr. child 
Caleb, son-in-law Henry Vose. 


Giles, Newbury, propr. 1638. Rem. to Wen- 
ham about 1655; ret. to Newb. [Wen. chh. 
rec] He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Edmund 
Greenleaf, who survived him and m. 2, Feb. 
16, 1648, Richard Browne. Ch. John b. June 
30, 1643. 

He d. July 10, 1647. Will dated 29 June, 
prob. 28 Sept. 1647, beq. to wife and child; 
father Greenleaf and others to divide est. 
when son is 18 years old. 

Nathaniel, Newbury, in Ipswich court in 

BAGLEY, see Bigelow, 


Thomas, Concord, before Gen. Court 

I (7) 1640. 

He d. 18 (11) 1643; will prob. 13 (3) 1643. 
Beq. all to his partner Francis Barker. Inv. 
mentions carpenter's tools; debt due from 
Jlr. Barnes of Braintree. 


J., an early res. of Dorchester. Per- 
haps husband of Thomassin, memb. chh. be- 
fore 1639. 


Alexander, ae. 28, with wife Eliza- 
beth, ae. 23, daus. Elizabeth, ae. 3, and 
Christian, ae. 1, came in the Elizabeth and 
Ann in April, 1635. Propr. at Gloucester 
before 1642. Settled at Boston; collar maker. 
Adm, to chh. with wife Elizabeth 4 (8) 1045. 
Frm. May 6, 1646. Ch. b. in B.: Alexander 
b. 15 (11) 1635, Samuel b. 16 ((11) 1637, John 
b. 20 (4) 1640, Joshua b. 30 (2) 1642, Hannah 
b. 29 (7) 1644,— all bapt. 5 (8) 1045; William 
b. 15 (3) 1647, Joseph bapt. 8 (2) 1649, ae. 2 
days, Sarah bapt. 25 (3) 1651, Benjamin b. 
16 March, 1652, bapt. 27 (1) 1653, Josiah b. 
20 Feb. 1654. The dau. Christian m. 18 (5) 
1654, Simon Roberts. 
He d. 1685. Will dated 18 Feb. 1684, prob. 

II May, 1685. In his 79th year; 12 ch. liv- 
ing, viz. John, Joshua, William, Josiah, E liza- 
beth Watkins, Christian Roberts; gr. dau. 
Elizabeth Remington. 

Ann. See Bayes. 

Edward, Lynn, propr.; frm. March 14, 
1638-9. One of the creditors of the Iron- 
works CO. m 1654. [SufC. De., II, 206.] Of 


BAKER, cont. 

Boston, wife Jane; eli. Jonathan b. 20 Feb. 


Francis, tailor, ae. 24, cert, from St. Al- 
bons, Herts, came in tlie Planter, April 2, 
1G35. Settled at Boston; wife Isabel; eh. 
Nathaniel b. 27 (1) 1642. 

Francis, cooper, Yarmouth, adm. inhab- 
itant 1 June, 1641. Ch. Samuel b. 1 May, 
1G48, Daniel b. Sept. 2, 1650. 

Will dated 4 March, 1692, prob. Dec. S, 
1696, beq. to wife Isball; ch. John, Daniel 
and William B., Elizabeth Chase and Han- 
nah Pearse; to Samuel, eldest son of son 
Nathaniel B. 

John, Charlestown, 1629-30; No. 12 on 
first list of inhab. With wife Charity adm. 
chh. in 1630, frm. March 3, 1634. Ch. Charity 
bapt. 12 (2) 1635. 

The Gen. Court allowed him 38 s. from Mr. 
Clerlie 7 Sept. 1630, for damages in a bar- 
gain of cloth. 

John, tailor, Charlestown, adm. chh. 31 
(3) 1640, with wife Sarah; ch. Sarah bapt. 13 
(7) 1640. Frm. June 2, 1641. "Sarah, dau. of 
John Balier, formerly my baylie, — the eh. b. 
in my liouse," rec'd a beq. from Mr. Robert 
Keayne, May 2, 165G. 

John, husbandman, Boston, adm. chh. 26 
(1), frm. May 18, 1642. Dism. to the chh. at 
Gorgeana 6 (7) 1646. [W.] 

John, grocer, ae. 39 ,b. in Norwich, Eng. 
passed exam, to come to Charlestown. N. E. 
and there to reside, April 8, 1637, with wife 
Elizabeth, ae. 31. ch. Elizabeth, John and 
Thomas and servants Mary Alxarson, ae. 
24, Ann Alxarson, ae. 20, Bridget Boulle, ae. 
32, and Samuel Arres, ae. 14. Propr. at Wa- 
tertown, and at Newbury, 1638. Rem. to 
Ipswich [L.] Propr. Bought a farm in 
Reading, adjoining Andover in IGGl. Con- 
veyed his estate to son Thomas, on condi- 
tion that he should an annuity to himself, 
his wife and his dau. Elizabeth. The wife 
Elizabeth testified in IGGG regarding the will 
of her son Obediah Antrim; who beq. to his 
wife Martha and bros. John and Thomas B. 

Launcelot, Boston. Wife Judith; -ch. 
Elizabeth b. 13 (10) 1644. 

Nathaniel, yeoman, Watertown, propr. 
before 1636. He deposed Sept. 21, 1677, ae. 

BAKEB, cont. 

about 66 years, regarding Dexter's purchase 
of Nahant in 1G32 or 1633. [Es. Files.] 
Hull propr. 1642, Hingham propr. and resi- 
dent. Town ofHcer. Deeded lands Jan. 15, 
1672 to his dau. Mary and her husband, 
John Loring. 

He d. June 3, 1682. Will dated 11 May, 
prob. 25 July, 1682. Wife Sarah; son-in-law 
John Loring and his ch. Joseph, Jacob, 
Marah, Rachel, Nathaniel, Isaac and David; 
to the six ch. of his bro. Nathaniel B., dec. 

The widow d. at her dau.'s house 19. Aug., 

Rev. Nicholas, came early to Hingham; 
propr.; frm. March 3, 1635-6, deputy. Rem. 
to Hull. Propr. Applied to Gen. Court 2 
Aug. 1G42, for liberty to plant at Seaconk, 
but does not seem to have gone. Was or- 
dained minister at Scituate in 1660, and did 
a good work. He deposed to the wiU of 
John Allin June 2, 1C63, ae. 53 years. His 
wife d. 23 April, 1661; he m. 2, Grace — . Ch. 
Samuel b. Oct. 2, 1638, Mary b. Dec. 1640, 
(m. Stephen Yinal,) Nicholas, Sarah, (m. 
Josiah Litchfield,) Deborah bapt. 6 June, 
1652, (m. Israel Chittenden). The son John 
d. April 19, 1678, and his est. was admin, by 
his bro. Samuel 1 May folg. 

He d. 22 Aug. 1678. He beq. to wife "in 
consideration of her extraordinary love and 
faithfulness in the discharge of her duty 
unto me and my children during the whole 
time of her lower station with me aU that 
was hers before marriage with me, plate, 
clothing and books," with life use of house 
at Hull, lands, etc.; to sons Samuel and 
Nicholas and daus. Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah 
and Deborah; to wife's gr. ch. Mary Webb; 
to ray gr. eh. Mercy B.; bro. Nathaniel B. one 
of the overseers of the will. Mistress Grace 
B. deposed. Her dau. Grace Dipple m. at Sol. 
16 April, 1666, Joseph Webb of Boston. 

Richard, Dorchester, propr. Nov. 4, 1639, 
frm. May 18, 1642. Signed inv. of John 
Pope in 1649. Ho m. Faith, dau. of Henry 
Withington; she d. Feb. 3, 1688-9. Ch. Mary 
bapt. 14 (12) 1640, Mary, (John?) b. 27 (2) 
1643, John bapt. 30 (2) 1643, Sarah bapt. 22 (4) 
1645, (m. 22 (12) 1664 James White,) John 
bapt. 28 (7) 1645, Thankful bapt. 19 (1) 1646, 
Elizabeth bapt. 27 (8) 1650, James bapt. 30 
(2) 1654, Elizabeth bapt. 29 (5) 1656, Hannah 
b. 9 (11) bapt. 11 (11) 1G62. 


BAKER, cont. 

He d. Oct. 25, 1G89. 

Win, dated 7 Oct., 1GS9. Sons Jolin and 
James, son-in-law Samuel Robinson and my 
dau. his wife, James White, husband of 
dau. Sarah, dec, daus. Thankful, wife of 
William Gi'iggs, Sarah Wlswell and Han- 

Robert, ship-carpenter, Salem, propr. 
1637; d. from an accident in the building of a 
ship; the Court caused Richard HoUins- 
worth, the master builder, to pay 10 pounds 
to the wife and ch. of Baker in March, 1641. 

Samuel, ae. 30, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in May, 1035. 

Sarah, Ipswich, d. in 1051; admin, gr. 

30 (7) 1651, to kinswoman Sarah Lumpkin. 

Thomas, blacksmith, Rosbury, propr. 
frm. May 2, 1019. Wife — ; eh. Elizabeth b. 
Oct. 2, 1641, Joseph b. Feb. 24, 1647, Sarah 
bapt April 24, 1650, Mary bapt. Juno 2, 1652, 
Mary bapt. Sept. 5, 1653. He admin, June 
S, 1676, on the est. of his son Thomas, slain 
by the Indians. [Reg. XXXIV, 201. J 

He d. Jan. 28, 1683; "Old blind godly fath- 
er Baker bur. 30 (11) 16S3." Will, dated 27, 
Oct. 1683. prob. 27 Feb. 1083-4. Wife Eliza- 
beth, son John, the ch. that were dau. Eliza- 
beth's; ch. of dau. Sarah, wife of Jabez 
Jackson; ch. of dau. Maria, wife of Roger 
Adams; bro. Richard Baker. The widow 
Elizabeth d. 6 (6) 1685. 

Walter, Salem, had letter of recommen- 
dation from Rev. Hugh Peter to Gov. Win- 
throp 25 (8) 1638. 

William, sawyer, Plymouth, made bar- 
gain with Richard Church about work Jan. 
7, 1632-3. ]Ply. Col. Rec.[ Had lilierty to 
reside in the colony 5 Nov. 1638. Is prob- 
ably William, carpenter, Boston, adm. in- 
habitant 28 (5) 1651. He m. 23 (7) 1651, 
Mary, dau. of Edmund Eddiugton. He m. 2, 
22 (2) 1056, Pilgrim, dau. of John Eddy of 
Watertown. Ch. Mary b. and d. 1652, John 
b. 14 Dee. 1053, William b. 19 Oct. 1055, Na- 
thaniel b. May 13, 1661. 

William, husbandman, Charlestown, 
propr. 1633. With wife Joan was adm. chh. 

31 (6) 1033. He was ae. 52 in 1651. Rem. to 
Watertown and later to Billerica. Ch. Sarah 
bapt. 20 (3) 1(!38, (m. Nathaniel Hutchinson), 
Mary bapt. 3 (0) 1040) (m. Samuel Petteford,) 

BAKER, cont. 

Stephen bapt. 19 (12) 1641, Martha b. 21 (2) 

1044, (m. Wm. Smith,) Bethia. 

Will dated 19 (11) 1655, prob. 28 (10) 1658, 
beq. to wife Joan and children; ch. Sarah 
to remain at her dame Whitman's, Stephen 
and Mary at Thomas Gould's, Matthew 
[Martha?] at bro. James' and Bethia with 
bro. Russell of Woburn. The widow d. 
Sept. 20, 1669. 


John, Salem, a very early settler, pet- 
haps one of the Cape Ann Colony under Mr. 
Thomas Gardner in 1623. Resident before 
1628. [Depos. of R. Brakenbury.] Adm. 
frm. May 13, 1631. Juryman in Gen. 
Court in 1630. Margery, [wife or dau.?] 
memb. chh. before 1636. 

His will signed 15 May, prob. 28 (4) 1648, 
beq. to wife Annis (Agnes), sons Benjamin, 
John and Freeborn. The widow's est went 
to son Benjamin for expenses of her last 
sickness. Admin. Nov. 25, 1657. 


John, Dedham. Wife Joanna, ch, .John 
b. 21 (4) 1635. He d. about 1639, and his 
widow m. 2, John Gay, q. v. 


George, Boston. Wife Anna; ch. John 
b. 25 (8) 1639, d. (0) 1643, Sarah bapt. 14 (3) 
1048, ae. about 3 1-2 years, the mother being 
now wife of Richard Bradly. 

Henry, Woburn, propr. He m. Nov. 1, 
1649, Phebe Richardson; is she the P.R., 
widow, who d. Sept. 13, 1710? Ch. Susanna 
b. Aug. 30, 1650, d. Sept. 28, 1651, Susanna 
b. July 25, 1052, Phebe b. Sept. 7, 1054, John 
b Oct. 28, 1656, Daniel b. March 15, 1659, 
Timothy b. May 27, 1661, Mary b. and a. 
1603, Abigail b. Aug. 20, 1067, Ruth b. July 
31, 1670, Benjamin b. Jan. 20, 1673. 

John, ae, 13, with William, ae. 9. came 
in the Pied Cow, July, 1635. He may be the 
John Balden who covenanted in 1648 to 
work four years for Wm. Collier of Dux- 
bury. Settled in Woburn. Rem. to Billerica. 
He m. May 15, 1655, Mary Richardson; ch. 
Mary b. and d. 1059, Mary b. April 11, 1003, 
John b. Sept 25, 1665, Jonathan b. Jan. 28, 
1667, Susanna b. 1070, d. 1075, Thomas b. 
March 20, 1672, Phebe b. and d. 1675, Su- 


BALDWIN, etc., cont. 

sanna b. April 14, 1677, Phebe b. Feb. 

7, 1079. 

He d. Sept. 25, 1687. Will prob. at Boston, 
before Gov. Andros, 28 Jlarch, 1GS8, beq. to 
present wife Mary; sons John, Jonathan and 
Thomas; daus. Mary Jeffs, and Susanna and 
Phebe B. Henry B. as witness. 

Sylvester. His wife Sarah and son 
Richard allowed execs, according to the will 
before Court of Asst. at Boston 4 (7) 1638. 


Nathaniel, Concord, frm. Hay 22, 1650. 
Wife Mary; ch. John d. 27 (5) 1649, Nathaniel 
b. and d. in 1649, Nathaniel b. 3 July, 1663. 


Francis, Springfield, propr. 1643. Con- 
tracted to build a shop for a smith Sept. 4, 
1646. Town officer. He m. 3 (8) 1644, 
Abigail Burt; ch. Jonathan b. 7 (8) 1645, 
Samuel b. 16 (1) 1647-8. 

He was drowned in the Great River in Oct. 
1648. The widow m. 2. 12 (2) 1649, Ben- 
jamin Blun; after his death she m. 3. Dec. 
21, 1672, Thomas Stebbins, Jr. who d. Sept. 
5, 1683. She deposed regarding land of 
Francis Ball, Feb. 9, 1690, ae. about 67 years. 
Made agreement with sons Jonathan and 
Samuel B. Sept. 30, 1684. 

John, Watertown, frm. May 22, 1650. 
Rem. to Concord. Perhaps it was h;s wife 
Elizabeth who bore child Abigial at W. 26 
(2) 1656. 
He was buried 1 (8) 1655. Inv. filed. 

Matthew, Dorchester, a witness in 


Richard, Salisbury; propr. 1650. 


William, came in the Mary and John, 
March 26, 1634. 

William, husbandman, ae. 32, with 
[wife] Mary, ae. 26, [ch.] Hester, ae. 2, and 
John, ae. 1, came in the James in July, 1635. 

Mr. William appointed by the Gen. 
Court magistrate at Salem in 1638. Propr. 
at Sal. and also at Lynn. His children had 
lands assigned them at Reading in 1644. 

BALLARD, cont. 

Mr. William, of Lynn, failed to make a 
will, but told Nicholas Browne and Gerara 
Spencer, Jr., that he wished half his est. to 
go to his wife, and the rest to be divided 
amongst his children. Test 1 (1) [1689]. 
[Suf. Prob.] John deposed 29 (4) 1655, ae. 
about 21 years, regarding his bro. Jenckes, 
in whose service he was. 

William, propr. at Newbury in 1645. 

William, propr, at Andover, by wife 
Grace, had ch. John b. 17 Jan. 1653, Hannah 
b. 14 Aug. 1655, Lydia b. 13 April, 1657. He 
deposed in 1662, ae. about 45 years; [sic 

He d. 10 July, 1698. Agrement signed 23 
Oct. 1689, between his heirs William Blunt, 
Henry Holt, Samuel and Joseph Butterfield, 
John Spalden, Abigail, William and John 
Ballard and the widow Grace. She d. 27 
April, 1694. 


Jonathan, Boston, adm. townsman 31 
(1) 1645; was building a bark in 1649. Wife 
Mary, ch. John b. (8) 1645, Jonathan b. 2 
March 1651, Prudence b. 28 May 1G55, Lydia 
d. 6 (11) 1655, Elizabeth b. Sept. 18, 1660, 
Robert b. Dec. 3, 1662 and d. 3 Oct., 1663, 
Benjamin b. Feb. 8, 1663, Jonathan bapt, 28 
(1) 1669, Mary (of sister Balston,) bapt. 10 
(6) 1673. 

Mr. William, Boston, juryman Nov. 9, 
1630; frm. May 18, 1631; wife Elizabeth also 
memb. chh.; "d. soon." Town officer. Sold 
all his land and buildings to Thomas Con- 
nell Aug. 5, 1638. Banished for sympathy 
with Mrs. Hutchinson. His dau. Pittie b. 
(8; 1630, William bapt. 15 (2) 1633, Mary 
bapt. 14 (7) 1634, Mehetabel bapt. 24 (11) 
1635, Meribah bapt. 9 (2) 1637. 

Guy, housekeeper, Cambridge, propr. 
1634, frm. March 4, 1634-5. He was bur. 
April 10, 1645. His widow Justice deposed 
n (5) 1664, ae. about 64 years. [Mdx. Files.] 
Dau. Jane m. Samuel, son of Bartholomew 
Gi'een. [Mi.] 

Edward, Plymouth, taxed in 1632; 
atba. 1643. 


BANCROFT, etc., cont. 

Roger, weaver, Cambridge, 1G36, frm. 
May 18, lC-12; town officer, propr. 

He signed inv. of Frances Blosse in 16-47. 
He d. Not. 28, lGu3. Will prob. 4 (2) 1G54. 
All to wife Elizabeth save beqs. to Mr. 
Mitchell and elder Frost; wife exec. [Reg. 
XVI. 74] 

Thomas, Dedham, townsman, 16JS. Rem 
to Reading about 1G53. He deposed in 1G81, 
ae. about 58 years. He m. 31 (1) 1G47, Alice, 
dau. of Michael Bacon; she d. 29 (1) 1G48; 
ch. Thomas b. and d. 1648. He m. 2, 15 (5) 
1648, Elizabeth Metcalf, who was adm. chh. 
14 (10) 1651; and to that of R. from that of 
Ded. 22 (9) 1669; ch. Elizabeth b. and d. 1650, 
John b. 3 (12) 1651, Elizabeth b. at R. 7 
(10) 1653. 

He d. at Lynn, lieut, 19 Aug. 1691. Inv. 
of his est. filed 24 Nov. 1691 by son Eben- 
ezer, shows land at Reading and Lynn, etc. 
Agreement for division was made between 
the widow Elizabeth, sons Thomas, John 
and Ebenezer, Joseph Brown, husband of 
the dau. Elizabeth, and Sarah B., the 
youngest dau., yet unmarried. His widow 
Elizabeth d. 1 May, 1711. 

Widow had land assigned her in 1638 
at Lynn. 


Martha, ae. 20, came in the Defense in 
July, 1635. 


Edward, yeoman, Plymouth, came in 
1C23; had 4 lots; frm. 1G33. Juror, commis- 
sioner; rem. to Eastham; town ofiicer 1647. 
Ch. Bethia b. May 28, 1650, Mercy and Ap- 
phia b. Oct. 15, 1650. His wife Rebecca 
joined him in a deed in 1651. Dau. Rebecca 
m. Oct. 26, 1654, Jonathan Sparrow. 

He made will 11 Oct. 1674,ae. 86 years; 
beq. to sons Jonathan, John and Joshua: 
to Jona.'s eldest son, Edward; to dans. 
Howes, Higgens, Hall, Merricls and Atwood; 
to the ch. of dau. Rebecca, dec. 


Mrs. Lydia, Salem, memb. chh. 1636. 
After being absent from the chh. 22 years 
she was dismissed, at her request, 6 (9) 1664, 
to a chh. in London of which Mr. Nye is 
pastor. [Salem chh. rec] She wrote from 
Maidstone, Kent, Eng. Aug. 28, 1646, to her 

BANKS, etc., cont. 

bro. William Hathorne; spoke of bro. Read; 
mentioned W. H.'s sale of her land at the 
plains; of her cattle; of a trunlj left at bro. 
Mores. [Es. Files XXXVI, 56.] Another 
letter, dated IS April, 1648, refers to bro. 
Roger Moorie; to "my sister, your wife;" to 
"my bro. Read." She also wrote from Lon- 
don in 1673, to Daniel Epps, calling him her 
cousin; spol^e of seeing him as a child in 
Holland, and at his mother's house in New 
Eng.; sent respects to his father Symonds, 
her cousin; refers to his aunt Lalce. [E. and 
W.] [Reg. LI, 262.] 


Thomas, ae. 14, came in the Bevis in 
May, 1038. 


Edward, Dedham. He d. (5) 1644. 
[Chh. Rec] 

George, Dedham, townsman 2 (10) 1640, 
frm. May 26, 1647. Mr. Ralph Wheelocke, 
In his will, calls him brother-in-law. He 
rem. to Medfleld; oldest sergeant authorized 
by Gen. Court to train men 19 Oct. 1652; 
captain; drew and attested many docu- 
ments; signed Barbur. Wife Elizabeth, adm. 
chh. 27 (8) 1643; ch. Mary b. and d. 1643, 
Mary b. 31 (11) 1044, Samuel b. G (11) 1646, 
John b. 13 (1) 1649, Elizabeth b. 11 (2) 1651. 
Admin, of his est. gr. to his son Samuel 
15 May, 1685; inv. taken April 23, 1685. 

James, Dorchester, propr. about 1637. 

Jeremy, beneficiary in will of Edward 
Skinner of Cambridge in 1641. 

John, carpenter, Salem, propr. 1636; adm. 
chh. 3 (2) 1642. Wife adm. chh. 29 (10) 1640; 
ch. bapt. 27 (9) 1G40. Faith B. who reed, 
beq. from Margaret Pease in 1642, was, per- 
haps, one of these persons. 

Richard, Dedham, propr. 23 Nov. 1638. 
Adm. chh. (5) 1639; frm. May 13, 1640. 

He d. 18 (4) 1644. His inv. taken 15 (5) 
1644; will prob. 21 (5) 1646. No family men- 
tioned. Henry Brock and his son John B. 
execs. [Reg. Ill, 178.] 

Thomas, ae. 21, came in the Christian 
Jilarch IG, 1634. [Thomas was at Windsor, 
Conn, in 1635.] 

William, Dorchester. Rem. to Salem; 


BARBER, etc., cont. 

propr. 1630. Sold land in Dorchester Oct. 
31, 1639; hailing from Ludgate Hill, London, 
he bought land in Watertown 31 (3) 1648. 
Res. in Boston In 1652. See draft of his 
son John "Baber" Oct. 28, 1651. [Suff. De. 
I, 258.] Had lawsuits in Es. court in 16-11. 
Inv. of his est. mentions land at Dorch. 
Admin, gr. to widow Elizabeth 29 (4) 1677. 


John, embarlied with [wife] Jane April 
12, 1632. He gave bonds to the Court for 
her behavior Sept. 3, 1683. 


William, covenant servant of Thomas 
Boardman, transferred to John Barker, 
briclslayer, for 6% years from 1 Dec. 1638, 
to learn the trade of briclilayer. Marshfield, 
atba. 1643. Rem. to Middleborougli; wid- 
ow Deborah admin, on his est. 22 March, 


Edward, Boston. Wife Jane; ch. Eliz- 
abeth, "Sonne," b. 17 July, 1050, Mary b. 15 
Feb. 1052, John b. 15 Jan. 1653, Sarah b. 9 
March, 1654, Thomas b. 23 Aug. 1657. 

Will dated June 27, 1674, prob. 30 Oct. 
1678. Wife Jane to have life use of all; di- 
vision to be made to surviving ch. at her 

James, tailor, Rowley, propr., frm. Oct. 
7, 1640. Wife Grace was bur. 27 (12; 1665; 
he m. 2, May 22, 1666, Mary Wiat. Ch. Eu- 
nice b. 2 (4) 1642, bur. (3) 1645, Nathaniel 
b. 15 (8; 1644, Eunice b. 11 (12) 1645, Grace 
b. 1 (2) 1650, Tamar b. 15 (10) 1652, Stephen 
b. Sept. 1653. 

He was bur. 7 Sept. 1678. Will dated 3 
(7) prob. 24 (7) 1078. Says he was b. at Rag- 
well, CO. Suffolk, Eng. Beq. to wife Mary 
good support and the fulfillment of marriage 
contract; to sons Barzillai, James and Na- 
thaniel, dau. Eunice, her husband John Wat- 
son and their children; to dau. Grace B.; 
bro. George Kilborne. 

Dorothy, Dorchester, memb. chh. before 

John, bricklayer, Marshfield, propr. 5 
Nov. 1638. Ferryman over Jones River. Took 
John Harden apprentice 10 Jan. 1638-8. 

He d. by the casualty of the sea; inquest 
Dee. 14, 1652. Admin, gr. to his widow An- 

BARKER, cont. 

na Dec. 17, 1652. Division made S June, 
1653, to daus. Anna, Deborah and Mary, to 
be paid at 21 years of age. The widow m. 
Abraham Blush, who settled with Wm. Bar- 
den, husband of Deborah, and John Pratt, 
husband of Ann, 27 Oct. 1066, and wilh Sam- 
uel Pratt, husband of Mary 2 (9) 1668, for 
their portions. 

Robert, Plymouth, apprentice of John 
Thorp, carpenter, Jan. 20, 1032. [Plym. Col. 
Rec] His time was to expire in April, 1637. 
Fei'ryman, town officer, keeper of an ordi- 
nary at Marshfield in 1046; frm. 6 June, 

Will dated 18 Feb. 1689, prob. 10 March, 
1691-2, beq. to ch. Francis and Robert B., 
Rebecca Snow and Abigail Rogers; gr. ch., 
children of dec. son Isaac, and others. John 
Barker and Desire his wife witnesses. 

Richard, husbandman, Andover, bought 
stock and produce of Wm. Hughes in 1643. 
[Bs. court rec] Wife .loanna; ch. Ebenezer 
b. 22 March, 1651, Richard b. 10 April, 1654, 
Hannah b. 21 Oct. 1656, Stephen b. July, 
1659, Benjamin b. 28 Feb. 1003. 

Will dated 7 April, lOSS, prob. March 28, 
1093, beq. to ch. John, William, Ebenezer, 
Richard, Stephen, Benjamin, Sarah aud Hes- 
ter, and to gr. daus. Priscilla, Hester and 
Sarah, ch. of dec. dau. Hannah. 
Thomas, Rowley, propr. 1643. 

He was bur. 30 Nov. 1650. Will prob. 25 
(1) 1651, beq. to wife Mary; to sister Jane 
Lambert; to Thomas aud Jane L. and their 
bros. and sisters; to the town and various in- 
dividuals. The widow m. Mr. Ezekiel 

William, servant, in Court 6 Oct. 1633, 
witness from Marblehead in Esses Court in 


Bartholomew, cooper, Boston, had suit 
in Salem court, 1045. Signed Inv. of Wm. 
Joice in 1648. Bought house and land Jan. 
20, 1653. 

He d. 26 (7) 1657. Nunc, will prob. Oct. 
15, 1057; whole est. to son Thomas. [Reg. IX, 

George, before Gen. Court Sept. 19, 1037. 
Settled at Sandwich. Constable. He m. 
Jane, widow of Anthony Bessey, whose 
daus. were before Plym. Court 4 March, 
1061-2 for Ill-treating him. 


BARLOW, etc., cont. 

He made will Aug. 4, prob. Oct. 31, 1GS4; 
beq. to wife, sons John and Nathan; to 
Aaron and Moses B. The widow made will 
6 Aug., prob. 5 Oct. 1G93; beq. to sons John 
and Nathan B. and Nehemiah Bessie; to 
daus. Ann Hallett, Elizabeth Bodfish and 
Rebecca Hunter. 


John, ae. 30 with wife Phebe, ae. 27, 
and ch. Thomas King ae. 15, John Bernard, 
ae. 2, and Samuel Bernard, ae. 1, came in 
the Elizabeth of Ipswich April 30, 1634. 
I'hebe and her ch. John and Samuel had beq. 
from her mother Anne, widow, successively, 
of Anthony Whiting of Dedham, Essex, 
clothier, and of Thomas Wilson of D., in her 
■will prob. 13 Dec. 163S. [Reg. L, 390.] Set- 
tled at Watertown; propr. 1036; frm. Sept. 
3, 1634. Ch. rec. at Wat., Mary b. 7 (9) 1639, 
Joseph b. 12 (9) 1642. 

He was. bur. June 23, 1646. His widow d. 
Aug. 1, 1685. The inv. of her est. was talien 
5 Oct. 1685, showed a good property. 

John, ae. 36, with wife Mary, ae. 38, and 
Henry Haward, ae. 7, came in the Francis 
of Ipswich April 30, 1634. Settled at Cam- 
bridge; frm. March 4, 1634-5. Propr. 1634; 
sold some lands about 1639. 

Methusalah, Masachell, Musachiel, of 
Bateoiiibe, Eng., tailor, ae. 24, with wife 
Mary, ae. 28, sons John, ae. 3, Nathaniel, 
ae. 1, and his servant Richard Persons, Salt- 
er, ae. 30, came from Weymouth, Eng., 
March 20, 1635. Settled at Weymouth. Ch. 
Mary b. 27 (7) 1635, Sarah b. 5 (2) 1637. 

Richard, Watertown, town officer Nov 
14, 1635. 

Robert, husbandman, Salisbury, 1042; 
Andover 1644, and Nantucliet 1603. Memb. 
chh. And. 1645. Wife Joanna d at Nan. March 
21, 1705. Ch. Hannah, (m. John Stevens,) John 
b. at Salis. March 2, 1642, Stephen, Mary 
b. at And. April 8, 1658. 

He d. at Nan. about 1682. Admin, of his 
est. was gr. to his son Robert B. Feb. 1, 
1714-5, "after he had been dead more than 
30 years." 

Tobias, grad. Harv. Coll. in the first 
class, 1642. 

Thomas, husbandman, Salisbury, 1642. 
Wife Ellen, Eleanor or Helena; ch. Thomas 

BARNARD, etc., cont. 

b. 10 (3) 1641, Nathaniel b. 15 (11) 1642, Mar- 
tha b. Sept. 22, 1645, (m. Thomas Haynes, 
m. 2, Samuel Bucknam,) Mary, twin of Mar- 
tha, (m. 1, Anthony Morse, m. 2, Philip East- 
man,) Sarah b. Sept. 28, 1647, (m. William 
HaeUett,) Hannah b. Nov. 24, 1649, (m. Benj. 
Stevens,) Ruth b. Oct. 16, 1651, (m. Joseph 
Peaseley,) John, Abigail b. Jan. 20, 1656, 
(m. Samuel Fellows). 

He was killed by the Indians about 1677. 
Admin, of his est. was gr. to his widow Oct. 
1677; division made in 1679 to nine ch. viz. 
Thomas B., Wm. Hackett, Thomas Heynes, 
Jos. Peaseley, Benj. Stevens, John B., widow 
Moyse, Abigail and Nathaniel B. 

Mr. William, gent., Charlestown, 1639. 

Will composed in 1639; he drew exchange 

on his cousin, Mr. Thomas Free, merchant, 

Sept. 8. 1640. [L.] Wife Alice adm. chh. 

1 (5) 1645. 


Katharine, Salem, memb. chh. 1639. 


Marmaduke, a servant, before Es. court 
3 (8) 1637. 


Mr. John, gent., merchant, yeoman, 
Plymouth, frm. 1633. Gave a bond Oct. 9, 
1640. Bought house and land in Roxbury 
and sold it again June 17, 1656. Signed his 
name up to 1649, made his mark in 1651. 
He volunteered for the Pequot war in 1637. 
He m. Sept. 12, 1633, Mary Plummor; she 
d, June 2, 1651 or 1661. Ch. Lydia b. April 
24, 1647, John d. Sept. 25, 1648, Mary m. 
Robert Marshall. He gave cattle to his ch. 
Jonathan, Mary, Hannah and Lydia 24 Aug. 

Will, dated March 6, 1677-8, prob. 29 Oct. 
1671; wife .Tone, son Jonathan, gr. son, John 
Marshall, cousin, the wife of Henry Samp- 
son; kinswoman. Ester Ricket. Refers to 
dau. Lydia, now deceased. [Reg. VII, 236.] 

Joshua, planter. Plymouth, appr. to Mr. 
Paine for 5 years Sept. 4, 1632. Rem. to 
Yarmouth; com. for division of lands 5 
March, 1638-9; prop. frm. 1 June, 1641. 

JIatthew, miller, Braintree, Boston. 
Ch. Sarah b. 29 (6) 1641. One of the com. to 
lay out lots at Concord, 1 Oct. 1645. One 



BABNES, etc., cont. 

of the owners of the tide mill in Boston in 
1650. His wife Rebecca d. 19 (7) 1657. He 
m. 2, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Hunt. 
She deposed in Mdx. Court 2 (1) 1655, ae. 
about 55 years. After Barne's death she 
had goods appraised at Boston which had 
been the property of her first husband, T. H. 
He d. [at Maiden?] about 8 (4) 1667, when 
inventories of his est. and that Elizabeth 
inherited from her first husband were filed 
in Mdx. probate. 

Bichard, from Penton, Hants., came 
in the Jonathan in 1639. Brought suit 6 (2) 
1652, against Thomas Blanchard for money 
beq. him by his mother Agnes Bent, who 
had m. Blanchard after the death of her 
husband Barnes. [Reg. XXXII, 407.] 

Thomas, Salisbury, propr. 1639; may be 
the same as 

Thomas, blacksmith, Salem. Wife 
Mary; eh. Benjamin b. 1 Oct. 1655, Mary b. 
1658, d. 1660, Mary b. 19 (1) 1661. 

He was drowned (10) 1663. Inv. filed 28 
(4) 1664. 

Thomas, farmer, weaver, Hingham, 
propr. 1637, frm. May, 1645. Ch. Thomas 
and John b. May 21, 1643, Elizabeth b. Dec. 
8, 1044, Anna b. June, 1647, (m. Robert 
Breame,) James b. Apr. 8, 1649, Sarah b. 
and d. 1650, Peter b. June 6, 1652. 

He d. 29 Nov. 1672, ae. 70 years. Will beq. 
to wife and eh. Widow Anna d. 5 April, 

William, Gloucester, frm. June 2, 1041. 
His wife Sarah, of Boston, appl. for divorce 
and maintenance for herself and ch. 19 (8) 
1647. [A.] Sarah, (the same?) m. John Tinli- 
er, and d. about 13 (10) 1648. [Reg. VII, 174.] 
Inv. of her estate, with list of debts on tile. 
One of the 2 daughters Richard Coolie tools 
to bring up; the other remained with John 
Tinker; £6, 13 s., 4 d. was apportioned to 

William, house carpenter, Salisbury, 
propr. 1639. He deposed in 1680, ae. about 
60 years. (Ipswich Deeds.) Ch. Mary, (m. 
John Hoyt,) Hannah b. 22 (11) 1643, (m. John 
Prowse,) Deborah b. April 1, 1046, (m. Sam- 
uel Davis,) Jonathan b. 1 (2) 1648, William 
d. 11 (4) 1648, Rachel b. 30 (2) 1849, (m. 
Thomas Sargent,) Sarah, (m. 1, Thomas 

BARNES, etc., cont. 

Rowell, 2, John Harvey,) Rebecca, (m. Moses 


His will, dated at Almsbury, 7 April, 1696, 
prob. Sept. 28, 1698, beq. to dans. Mary Hoyt, 
Deborah Davis, Rachel Sargent, Sarah Har- 
vey, Rebecca Morrill (and her son William 
Barnes Morrell,) to son-in-law John Prowse; 
Abigail Diamond; gr. ch. Sarah Hoyt; to 
James George, Sen. 


John, Watertown, propr. 1645. 


Richard, gave bond Sept. 2, 1638, to 
Wm. Pester of Salem. 


Jacob, Salem, frm. May 14, 1634; dep- 
uty 1635, 1647. He opposed the sentence 
of the Gen Court against those who peti- 
tioned for freer franchise. Anna, [his 
wife?] memb. chh. 1637. He m. 18 (.5) 1657, 
Hannah Johnson. She d. 5 (4) 1659, and he 
m. 26 (2) 1660, Ann Witt. Ch. John bapt. 15 
(10) 1639, riannah b. 30 (3) 1659, Hannah b. 

2 (1) 1660-1, Sarah b. 12 (7) 1602, Abigail b. 

3 (8) 1663, John b. 1 (6) 1665, Jacob b. 21 (3) 
1067, Ruth b. 27 (7) 1669. 

He d. at Rehoboth. Will dated 30 July, 
1090, aged; prob. Jan. 10, folg.; beq. to eh. 
John, Joseph, Israel, Jonathan, Samuel, 
Sarah Hampton, Ruth, Dorcas Throope, Abi- ■ 
gail Marshall, and Hannah. Wife Ann. 

Edvrard B., of Braddenham, Bucks, 
yeoman, beq. 9 Oct. 1643, to "son Jacob B., 
if he be living at time of my death and come 
over into England." [Reg. L, 534.] 

BABNOPE, see Burnope, 


George, cooper, Boston, propr., 1638; 
adm. chh. 5 (7) 1641; frm. May 10, 1043. His 
wife Anne adm. chh. 25 (1) 1643. 

He d. 11 (7) 1643. Will prob. 30 (8) 1643; 
wife Anne; ch. John, James and Anne. [Reg. 
II, 384, and VIII, 55.] [L.] 

Thomas, residence not stated, frm. 
May, 1645. 

William, d. in Boston 20 (6) 1639, 
EABBENS, see Barnes. 



James, planter, Cbarlestown, 1G43, 
rem. to Maiden; ae. 50 in 1005. Wife Han- 
nali (Fosdicli) was ae. 50 in 1005. Cli. James 
b. (2) 1044, Jlary, (m. Jolm Koss.i Han- 
nah b. 21 (1) 1047, (m. John Scollay,) Ste- 
phen; John b. May 6, 1055, Sarah, (m. Si- 
mon Grover). 

He d. Aug. 10, 1072. Will dated S (5) 1072, 
beq. to wife Hannah, eldest sou James, daus. 
Hannah, Mary and Sarah, sons John and 
Stephen, and to gr. eh. John and Samuel 
Scolye and John Ross. The widow Hannah 
made will 9 April, prob. 20 June, lOSl; beq. 
to gr. ch. Samuel and Thomas [Tingle;] to 
dau. Hannah ScoUy's two ch.; to daus. Mary 
Koss and Sarah Grover and their ch. ; to gr. 
ch. John Barrett. Bro. John FosdecUe exec. 

John, Taunton, atba. 1643. 

Stephen, Ipswich, placed by Vincent 
Potter 21 (4) 1039, with Wm. Foster, as an 
apprentice. [L.] 

Stephen, brewer, Boston, made will 1 
Aug., prob. 14 (7) 1071. Beq. to his dau. Eliz- 
abeth Jones; to her husband John and son 

Thomas, Concord, landholder before 

He d. 14 (4) 1052. Inv. of his estate filed 
5 (S) 1052. Land, farming implements, 
household goods, house bought of Wm. 
Aline, etc. Mary, of Concord, who made 
■will June 15, 1003, ae. about 73 years, and 
beq. to sons John and Humplirey B. may 
have been his wife. 

Thomas, ae. 16, came in the Increase 
April 15, 1635. 

Thomas of Chelmsford, propr. may be this 

Will dated 1 (1) 1002, prob. (8) 1608, beq. 
to wife Margaret, sons John, Thomas and 
Joseph. , 


Ellis, and Elliz, Watertown, frm. June 
2, 1641; propr.; bought meadow in Cambridge 
in 1653. Wife Grace. Ellis, ae. about 20 
in 1053. [Mdx. Files.] (m. 14 (10) 1658, 
Hannah Hawkins,) Mary, (m. Dec. 10, 
1650, Daniel Warren;) Susanna, (m. 14 
(10) 1053, Stephen Randall;) Hannah, (m. 
17 (9) 1658, Simon Coolidge;) John, Sarah b. 
25 (4) 1640, Moses b. (1) 1643. He m. 2, Han- 

BARRON, etc., cont. 

nah, widow of Timothy Hawkins, Sen., 
whose will, dated 18 Aug. 1683, prob. Oct. 
6, 1685, mentions her son Timothy Hawkins 
and her dau. Hannah Barron's ch., gr. ch. 
Benjamin and Benoni Garfield. 

He d. Oct. 30, 1076. His will prob. Dee. 
19, 1076, beq. to wife, sons Elizeus, John 
and Moses, and the rest of his seven chil- 
dren; to gr. ch. Elizabeth B. The inventory 
mentions "barbaren instruments" and tools 
"to draw teeth," etc. 


William, Watertown, 1630, juror, 
propr., frm. March 9, 1630-7. Wife Anniball; 
eii. John b. S (10) 1035, Anna b. 7 (11) 1637, 
Joshua b. 15 (1) 1640, Susanna b. 28 (11) 1641, 
Mary b. 23 (4) 1648, Rebecca b. 12 (10) 1657, 
Elizabeth b. July 29, 1658. 

He d. 3 July, 1684. He made will 28 Aug. 
1683, codicil dated 15 April, 1684, prob. 29 
(6) 1684; beq. to sons John, Joshua and Na- 
thaniel; daus. Hannah Spring, Susanna Ca- 
pen, Sarah Browne, Mary Bright, Rebecca 
Winship and Elizabeth B.; gr. son William 
B., son of John. 

George, ae. 21 yrs. came In the True- 
love Sept., 1635. Settled at Dedhani; adm. 
propr. at request of his bro. Wm. 11 (0) 1637. 
Res. at Cambridge. Rem. to Seituate. Ch. 
Margaret bapt. Feb. 24, 1049, George bapt. 
after the father's death, June 12, 1653. 

He d. at Camb. 18 (1) 1652. His will dated 
10 (1) 1052, beq. to his wife and two chil- 
dren in equal portions. The widow Susan, 
dau. of Thomas Marritt, d. in 1054, leaving 
Margaret about 4 years old and son George 
about 2. Inv. taken 4 May, 1054; admin, 
gr. to Tho. Marritt. 

John, Cambridge. 
The inv. of his est. taken 2 (12) 16.57, was 
filed by the widow, Lydia. She m. 2, Rich- 
ard Standlake of Seituate; was appointed 
7 June, 1674, guardian to her 2 sons, John 
and Jeremiah B., and authorized to receive 
for them the legacies left them by their un- 
cle Michael B. of Wat., who also gave lands 
to her son Michael B. 

Michael, Miles, Charlestown, with wife 
Mareia adm. chh. 5 (10) 1635; frm. May 3, 
1635; propr. Rem. to Watertown about 1642, 


BARSTOW, etc., cont. 

deputy. Signed inv. of Henry Kemball in 


His wife Grace d. July 20, 1071; he d. June 
23, 1G74. Will dated same day. Beq. to pas- 
tor, Mr. John Sherman; to the chh. of Wat. 
16 pounds; to Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Ran- 
dall of Sci. ; to Hannah, widow of Wm. Bar- 
stow, now Prince; to Susan, wife of Wm. 
Perry of Marshf.; to Michael, John and Jere- 
miah, sons of John B., dec; to 2 ch. of his 
bro. George B. dec. and 8 ch. of his bro. 
Wm. B. dec; to deacons Thomas Hastings 
and Henry Bright. [Reg. VIH, 16!).] 

William, ae. 23 yrs. came in the True- 
love in Sept., 1035. Before the Gen. Court 
June 7, 1030; Dedham, propr. 1030. Rem. 
to Scituate. Contracted to build a bridge 
and keep it in repair in 1004; refers to his 
son-in-law Moses Simons. He m. at Ded- 
ham S (5) 1038, Ann Hubbard; she was adm. 
chh. 10 (2) 1041. Ch. Joseph b. 6 (4) 1039, 
Mary b. 28 (10) 1641, Patience b. 3 (10) 1043; 
rec. at Sci.; Deborah bapt. Aug. 18, 1050, 
William b. Sept., 1652, Martha bapt. April 
22, 1655. 

He d. 1 Jan. 1608. [Dedham rec] Admin, 
gr. to his widow Anna, [Plym. Court,] 2 
March, 1668-9. Inv. filed April 5, 1669. She 
afterward m. [John] Prince (of Hingham). 


Jlr. Henry, Salem, 1035, frm. May 17, 
1637; propr.; town officer; deputy. Wife Eliza- 
beth; ch. Elizabeth bapt. 3 (8) 1641, Hannah 
bapt. 12 (12) 1642-3, John bapt. 10 (9) 1644, 
Abraham bapt. 22 (9) 1646, Eleazer liapt. 29 
(5) 1049, Abigail bapt. 6 (8) 1050, William 
bapt. 2 (8) 1052, Eliza bapt. 2 (5) 1054, Henry 
bapt. 10 (3) 1657, Sarah b. 29 (11) bapt. (12) 

Admin, on his est. was gr. to his son Henry 
20 Dec. 1092. Inv. shows a fourth part of 
a mill, land, etc. 

Richard, Salem, 1037, adm. chh. 21 (4) 
1640, frm. June 2, 1041. 

Made, will in letter to his bro. Henry when 
about to sail to London; pvoh. Essex Court 
4 (6) 1640. To Henry's 2 ch.; to his bro. Wil- 
liams 3 ch.; to his mother; to Mr. Gearing; 
to bros. Thomas and Abraham and sister 
Sarah; to Jacob Barney. 

William, husbandman, Ipswich, mer- 
chant, propr., frm. March 4, 1634-5. Deputy; 

BARTHOLOMEW, etc., cont. 
register. Agent for Whittingham, Paine and 
Wade 14 (S) 1647. [A.] Bought laud in Bos- 
ton July 20, 1059. With wife Mary rec'd to 
Boston chh. 12 ^1) 1602. 

William, Dorchester, propr. 1636. 

When old and sick he was cared for by the 

town, his house and land going to them, 

and some goods to persons to whom he beq. 

He d. in 1652. 


Richard, Sen., shoemaker, came to 
Newbury early. His family Bible is extant, 
in which he rec. the births of the following 
ch.: Joaue b. Jan. 29, 1010, (m. Wm. Tit- 
comb,) John b. 9 Nov. 1013, Thomas b. Jan. 
22, 1015, Richard b. Oct. 31, 1021, Christo- 
pher b. 25 Feb. 1023, Anne b. Feh. 20, 1025; 
the sons John, Richard and Christopher came 
to Newbury. [Reg. XI, 192.] 

He d. 25 May, 1047. Will (oral) prob. 29 
Sept. 1647; John had already reed, his por- 
tion; he beq. to Christopher, Joane and her 
four daus., Richard and John. The latter 
had the "great Bible." 

Robert, cooper, Plymouth, came in the 
Anne in 1023; frm. 1633, juryman and town 
officer. He m. Mary, dau. of Richanl War- 
ren; her marriage portion confirmed to him 
7 March, 1636. Ch. Lydia b. June 8, 1047, 
Jlercy b. March 10, 1650, <m. Dec. 25, 1668, 
John Ivey of Boston,) Rebecca, (m. Dec. 20, 
1049, Wm. Harlow of Plymouth,) Sar.ih, (m. 
Dee. 23, 1656, Samuel Rider of Plymouth,) 
Mary, (m. Sept. 10, 1051, Richard Foster of 
Plymouth,) Elizabeth, (m. Dec. 20, 1001, An- 
thony Sprague of Plymouth). 

He d. in 1070; will prob. 29 Oct. 1070; beq. 
whole est. to wife. 

Robert, embarked June 22, 1632; before 
the Gen. Court 1038. He may be the Rob- 
ert who was drowned in Watertown July 
5, 1063. [Mdx. Files.] Another Robert was 
au early resident of Northampton. 

Thomas, Watertown, servant to Mr. 
Pelham 1031. [Court Rec] Frm. March 4, 
1034-5. Propr. at Dedham 1636-1638, but 
not res. Town officer; app. lieut. by Gen. 
Court 10 (10) 1641. Wife Hannah; cli. Han- 
nah bur. 26 (6) 1639, ae. 2 yrs., Muhitabel 
b. 15 (5) 1040, Hannah b. (6) 1042, Beth- 
sua b. 17 (2) 1647, Abiah b. May 28, 1651. 


BARTLETT, cont. 

He d. April 20, 1054, ae. about 60 yrs., his 
widow d. July 11, 1670. His will dated 22 
April, 1653, beq. to daus. Mehitabel, Han- 
nah, Bethsuah and Abiah, and to wife Han- 
nah whom he made exec. [Reg. XVII, 158.] 
Inv. of the est. of the widow Hann.ah was 
taken 30 Sept. 1676. 

William, before Gen. Court 4 (4) 1639. 


John, planter, Marblehead, had law- 
suits in 1640 and 1644. Sold a house and 
garden in Crewlierne, co. Somerset, legacie 
of his father John B., glover, 24 (5) 1041. 
Town officer, 1057. Wife Parnell; ch. Mary b. 
1 Feb. 1642, William, ae. 32 in 1662, and 
John, ae. 42 in 1673, may have been children. 
He was found drowned; inquest 1 Oct. 
1664. Admin. Essex Court 29 (9) 1664. 


Slarmaduljc, servant to Francis Wes- 
ton of Salem, before Es. Court in 1038, and 
before Boston Court 14 June, 1642. 


Thomas, Dorchester, propr. Nov. 22, 
1634. Rem. to Windsor, Conn.; thence to 
Northampton in 1650. Ch. b. at Windsor: 
Abigail bapt. 7 June ,1040, Thomas bapt. 20 
Feb. 1641-2, Hephzibah bapt. 14 April or 
July, 1644. He was desired to assist his 
dau. Hannah, widow of John Broughton of 
North, in admin, of her husband's est. March 
25, 1662. 

His will, dated 8 July, 1679, beq. to son 
Thomas B.; daus. Hannah, wife of William 
Janes, and Hephzibah, wife of Robert Ly- 
man. Inv. showed husbandry implements, 
mason's tools, house, lands, etc. 


Samuel, Boston, Braintree, deacon, 
frm. May 10, 1634, deputy 1643. Ch. Mary 
m. John Capen, Hannah m. 15 (9) 1651, 
Stephen Payne, Samuel d. of smallpox at 
Nantasket 9 Aug. 1690. Mrs. Ann, wife of 
deacon Samuel, d. 5 Sept. 1693, ae. 93. Dea- 
con Samuel d. 30 Dee. 1694, ae. 94; father, 
gr. father and gr. gr. father of 162 persons 
before he died. 


Thomas, ae. 37, came in the Christian 
March 10, 1034. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 

William, specified as an Englishman, 
m. at Leyden, Holland, Aug. 13, 1011, Mar- 
garet Oldham; having previously had a wife 
named Cecil Light. [Ley. Rec] Came to 
Plymouth in 1021. Frm. 1633. Res. at Dux- 
bury; gunsmith; deputy. Res. at Sandwich 
ill 1650. [Ply. Col. Rec] Rem. to Bridge- 
water. \vife Elizabeth and ch. William 
and Elizabeth shared in the division of cat- 
tle in 1627. Sons Nathaniel B. and Pere- 
grine White had deed of land from him in 
1056. Dau. Elizabeth m. Nov. 8, 1048, Thom- 
as Burgess of Sandwich. 

He d. at Br. in 1007. Will dated 3 (2.) prob. 
5 June, 1067, beq. to wife Mary and sons 
William and Joseph. 

William, ae. 9 years, came in 1635 with 
his step-father Hugh Burt, [q. v.] and set- 
tled at Lynn. 

He d. March 31, 1703. Will dated Feb. 
10, 1701, having arrived at a good old age, 
prob. May 22, 1703, beq. to wife; to ch. Wil- 
liam, John, Elisha, Samuel, Elizabeth Bas- 
sett alias Richards, Sarah Elwell, Meriam 
Sandy, Mary Rucli, Rachel Silsbe, Rebecca 
B. and Hannah Lille. 


Widow, propr. at Sudbury in 1640. 


Joseph, tailor, Boston, 1641. Wife 
Mary; ch. Mary b. in Cambridge 13 (3) 1043, 
Joseph b. Sept. 29, 1047, Benjamin b. April 
4. 1652, Susanna b. 1 Sept. 1654, John b. 25 
March, 1657, Anna b. July 26, 1650. Sold 
house and grounds June 15, 1657. 
Admin, gr. 15 July, 1674, to widow Mary. 


Edward, Boston, servant to Thomas 
Leveritt, adm. chh. (9) 1633; rem. to Wey- 
mouth; frm. March 9, 1630-7, propr. 1043. 
Ruling elder, deputy. Ch. John bapt. 23 (11) 
1641, ae. about 14 days. Prudence b. 11 (4) 
1639, Increase b. 28 (10) 1641. He deposed 
to the will of Samuel Poole April 30, 1669, 
ae. about 63 yrs., and to that of Thos. Law- 
rence [q. v.] 16 (3) 1675, ae. about 61 yrs. 
The will of Thomas Lawrence of Hing. 
made in 1055, mentions elder Edward B. of 
Wey. as the brother of his wife Elizabeth. 


BATE, etc., cont. 

He made will 22 Oct. 1683, prob. 22 July, 
1686. Wife; impotent dau. Jeboshabeath; 
gr. cli. John Bate; gr. ch. Patience; gr. cb. 
James Stewart; the rest of his grand chil- 
dren; son James Stewart and dau. Anna 
Stewart; son John Rogers; sons Increase 
and Edward Bates. Saw-mill and corn-mill 

Clement, was bapt. at Lydd, co. Kent, 
Eng., 22 Jan. 1595, son of James B., jeoman, 
and bro. of James B. of Dorchester. [Reg. 
LI, 268.] He was a tailor. He came in the 
Elizabeth April, 1635, ae. 40, with wife Ann, 
ae. 40, ch. James, ae. 11, Clement, ae. 12, 
Rachel, ae. 8, Joseph, ae. 5, and Benjamin, 
ae. 2. Res. in Hingbam. Frm. Blarch 3, 
1G35-6; propr. Ch. b. in Hingham, Samuel 
bapt. March 24, 1639; Clement, Jr. drowned 
In 1639, Rachel d. June, 1647. The wife 
Anna d. 1 Oct. 1669. 

He d. "Sabb. day night," 17 Sept. 1671. 
[Hob.] Will, dated 12 Oct. 1669, prob. 2 
(9) 1671, gave est. to his 4 sons, James, Jo- 
seph, Benjamin and Samuel. 

George, thacker, Boston, had land 
grant in 1635 and 1637; adm. chh. 24 (11) 
1635; frm. May 25, 1636; dism. to Exeter 6 
(11) 1638, rec'd again 31 (3) 1640; his wife 
Arne rec'd from chh. Exeter 27 (9) 1642. 

Mary Preached, ae. 65 years, Joane 
Crowne, ae. 50 years, and Mary Crismas, ae. 
23 years, deposed 31 Jan. 1675, that George 
Bates declared in the time of his sicliness 
that all his estate belonged to William 

Mr. James, husbandman, ae. 53, with 
wife Alice, ae. 52, dau. Lydia, ae. 20, Marie, 
ae. 17, Margaret, ae. 12, James, ae. 9, came 
in the Elizabeth April 17, 1035. He was a 
son of James B. of Lydd, Kent, Eng., bapt. 
2 Dec. 1562. Settled at Dorchester; propr. 
Feb. 18, 1635-6; frm. Dec. 7, 1630; ruling eld- 
er of the chh., deputy, town ofHcer. 

His will prob. 17 (11) 1655, names wife 
Alice, sons Richard and James and dau. 
Margaret Gibson. The widow d. 14 (6) 1657. 

"Jlr. William,' Charlestown, had al- 
lotment of land in 1635. His land referred 
to in deeds in 1638 and later. 


Thomas, Concord, frm. May 18, 1642. 
Wife Martha d. Aug. 3, 1665; ch. Hannah 

BATEMAN, etc., cont. 

b. 28 (7) 1645, Samuel b. 7 (12) 1648, Eliza- 
beth b. 6 March, 1658-9. He m. 2, at Con- 
cord, Jan. 27, 1668, Margaret Knight. He 
d. Feb. 6, 1669. 

Will dated 29 (11) 1609, ae. 55 or there- 
about; prob. 5 (2) 1670; beq. to wife; to daus. 
Sarah and Elizabeth, who are at brother 
[Hassalls;] to daus. Mathah [Martha] and 
Mary; to sons Thomas, Peter, John and "Ely- 
ester." Bros. Thomas Browne and William 
Buttrick and Richard Hassill overseers. The 
inv. contained schedule of what the widow 
brought at marriage. [The widow] Margery 
Batman m. Feb. 7, 1670, Nathaniel Ball. 

The son Peter of Woburn died in 1676. 
The inv. of his est. mentions his indebted- 
ness for the payment of five shillings a year 
to his mother-in-law, and that he left 8 bros. 
and sisters. Wm. Dean and Elizabeth and 
John Batman petitioned for the appointment 
of an administrator. 

William, Charlestown, frm. May 18, 
1631. He d. from exposure and sickness on 
an island in the harbor about Sept. 16, 1631. 
[Col. Rec] 

William, Charlestown, propr. 1638, frm. 
June 2, 1641. 


Christopher, of Sarum, tanner, ae. 37, 
with wife Ann, ae. 32, their sister Dorothie 
Batt, and five children under 10 years, came 
in the Bevis in May, 1638. Settled at New- 
bury. Frm. March 13. 1638-9. One of the 
incorporators of Salisbury, 6 (7) 1638; rem. 
thither about 1640. Deputy, commissioner, 
appointed to train the co. at S. 13 May, 1640. 
Rem. to Boston. Wife Ann deposed in 1673, 
ae. 72 years. Ch. b. at Salisbury, Eng. : Aune 
bapt. 1 Aug. 1630, (m. 12 June, 1657, Edmund 
Angier,) Jane bapt. Dec. 1631, (m. 3 April, 
1661, Peter Toppan,) Christopher bapt. 22 
Sept. 1633, Thomas bapt. 20 July, 163.5, Eliz- 
abeth bapt. 1 Nov. 1636, (d. 6 July, 1652;) 
ch. b. in N. B.: Samuel, Timothy, John b. 4 
(1) 1641, Paul and Barnabas b. 18 (12) 1642-3, 
Sarah, Abigail, Ebenezer. 

He d. Aug. 10, 1661. Will prob. Sept. 19, 
beq. to wife and children. [Reg. X, 268.] 
The widow conveyed land to her son Thom- 
as 12 June, 1G67. She admin. 15 (4) 1671, on 
the est. of her son Barnabas, who d. in Lon- 
don. Her will, dated March 14, was prob. 


BATT, cont. 

May 21, 1678-9. [See Batt Ancestry and Gen- 
ealogy in Reg. L and LI.] 

Nicholas, of the Devises, linen weaver, 
came in the James April 5, 1635. Settled 
at Newbury. Frm. March 14, 1638-9,— "Nich- 
olas Batter." Propr. at Lynn, 1638, "Bat- 
tye." When his eldest dau. Anne was mar- 
ried, he promised to weave her cloth and 
to leave her his house and land as a double 
portion. [Depos. in Ips. De. II and IV.] Wife 
Lucy; ch. Anne, (m. June 13, 1653, John 
Webster,) Mary, (m. Nathaniel Elithorp,} 
Sarah b. June 12, 1640, (m. John Mighill). 

He d. Dec. 6, 1667. Will dated IS June, 
1674, being aged, prob. 26 March, 1678, beq. 
to wife Lucie; daus. Ann, Mary and Sarah; 
gr. ch. Nicholas, Sarah and John Webster, 
Nicliolas and Sarah, Mighill, and Mary Eli- 
thorp. The widow d. Jan. 26, 1678-9. 


Hugh, Dorchester. Inv. taken 19 (5) 
1659. He m. Ursula, dau. of John Grena- 
way. Her will, dated 2 Feb. 1673, prob. 26 
April, 1683, beq. lands to Moses Eyres, Jr., 
who had married Bethiah, dau. of her sister 
Millett, and to other "cousins." 


Edmund came in the James April 5, 
1635. Settled at Salem, maulter. Propr. 
I(i35 with his bro. Mr. Andram. Town offi- 
cer; deputy, 1637. He deposed 27 (4) 1673, 
ae. about 64 years. Called bro. in will of 
Richard Alwood of Salisbury, Eng. Wife 
Sarah niemb. chh. before 1636, d. 20 (9) 1609. 
He m. 2, June 8, 1670, Mrs. Mary Gooliin; 
ch. Edmund b. 8 Jan. 1673. 

Will dated 11 Feb. 1684, prob. 14 Aug. 1685, 
beq. to wife and minor ch. Edmund, Mary, 
Elizabeth and Daniel; the eldest to enter 
college in 2 or 3 years if he is fitted. Pres- 
ent wife and father Gooliin execs. 

BATTLE, etc., coat. 

Jonathan; dau. Mary, wife of John Bryant, 
of Scituate; the children of dau. Sarah, wife 
of Silas Titus. Cousin Capt. Daniel Fisher 
one of the overseers of the will. 

BAUNSH, Branch, 

William, ae. 24, servant to Thomas 
Jones, came in the Confidence, April 11, 1638. 


Mr. Thomas, Scituate, 1636. In Court 
4 Sept., 1638. Rem to Hingham. Signed pe- 
tition in 1045 for liberty to plant at White- 
head Neck [Arch.] 


Daniel, Salem, 1038. Wife Eliza; ch. Eli- 
za b. (7) 1044, Susanna b. (7) 1646, Rebecca b. 
(11) , Priscllla b. June, 1652. 

Gregory, Roxbury, frm. March 6, 
1631-2. Ch. rec. in Rox. : Bethulia b. In June, 
1632, Abigail b. in Sept., 1634, John b Dec. 
1, 1639. 

He d. at Braintree 21 (4) 1659. Will prob. 
July 14, 1059; wife Margaret, son John, dau. 
Dearing and dau. the wife of Joseph Adams; 
gr. ch. Bethia Dearing and Joseph Adams. 
[Reg. IX, 130.] The widow d. 13 (12) 1661. 

Nicholas, mariner, Boston. He was 
adm. chh. 25 (0) 1044. Wife Anne; dau. 
Mary b. (12) 1039, (m. Thomas Buttolph, Jr., 
Sept. 5, 1000). 

He d. Jan. 10, 1691. Will dated April 4, 
1680, "of great age;" prob. April 29, 1092. 
Beq. to dau. Mary Swett, son-in-law John 
Bull and his wife. 

Richard, came in 1638 from Hingham, 
Eng., as a servant of Francis James. Set- 
tled at Hingham. 


Thomas, Dedham, townsman, 1048; 
adm. chli. 22 (11) 1053; frm. May 3, 1654. 
Wife Mary adm. chh. 21 (11) 1648; ch. Mary 
b. 6 (3) 1650, John b. 1 (5) 1652, Sarah b. 8 
(6) 1654, Jonathan b. 24 (5) 1658, Martha b. 
19 (6) 1660. 

The wife d. Aug. 6, 1691; he— the aged— d. 
Feb. 8, 1705-6. His will, dated 6 Feb. 1701-2, 
prob. 7 March, 1705-6, beq. to sons John and 


Thomas, carpenter, Dedham. Propr. 
1638. He m. 20 (10) 1639, Ann Baker, a maid 
servant, who was adm. chh. 16 (4) 10.39; ch. 
Ruth bapt. 10 (5) 1043, Thomas bapt. 22 (1) 
1646. He gave power of attorney for col- 
lection of legacie from his grandfather 

Wiseman of Barrow Upton, co. Norfolk, 12 
(10) 1646. [A.] 



Anne, Dorchester, memb. ehh. before 

Elizabeth, (parent not stated,) m. June 
26, 1654, John Finney of Barnstable. 

Guido, gardiner, Salem, propr. 1642. 
Sold house and land in 1652. Seems to be 
the man who res. at Bridgewater, juror, 
1658-9. Wife Elizabeth; ch. Elizabeth b. at 
Sal. 27 July, 1642, Joseph b. 6 Nov. 1644. 

Admin, of the est. of G. B. of Br., Jr. was 
gr. April 1, 1690, to Ebenezer Hill. 

Henry, Salem, 1638. In court in 1647 
for refusing to watch. 

James, Rowley, propr. 1642. He was 
51 years old in 1063. Wife Lydia; cb. John 
b. 2 (12) 1642, Lydia b. (9) 1644, Jonathan b. 
Sept. 1646, Damaris b. 17 (11) 1048, James 
b. 15 (11) 1650, Thomas b. 1 (6) 1653, Samuel 
b. 10 (6) 1655. 

He was bur. 10 Aug. 1677. Will prob. 
25 Sept. folg. Beq. to wife; daus. Lydia 
Platts and Damaris Leaver; sons John and 

John, Sen., weaver, Salisbury, propr. 
1039; rem. in 1650 to Newbury. Sons John 
and Joseph came early and were citizens 
of prominence. His wife did not come over. 
[Court Rec] 

He d. 2 Nov. 1651. Will dated Oct. 28, 
1651, prob. April 13, 1652, mentions wife, 
son Robert and daughters in England; beq. 
to son John and his sons John and Joseph, 
and the wife and ch. of Willi. Huntington, 
here. Calls John Emery, Sen. brother. 

John, tailoi', Salem, a witness in court 
in 1047. Sold a shop to William Payne of 
S., shoemaker, 8 (8) 1649. 

Richard, ae. 15, came in the Bevis in 
May, 1635; was an apprentice of Christo- 
pher Stanley, tailor, and by him assigned 
to Isaac Cullimore, carpenter, 8 (6) 1639. [L.] 
Was of Lynn, a witness in court, in 1647. 
Settled at Newbury. Rem. to Rowley. 

He was bur. Feb. 16, 1647. AVill prob. 28 
(1) 1648; wife Edna had a legacie from her 
bro. Wm. Halsteed; son Joseph, bro. James 
B., nephew John B. The widow m. 2, Ezeliiel 
Northend, whom the Court made guardian 
of Joseph 2 Alay, 1649. 

BAYLEY, etc., cent. 

Robert, ae. 23, came in the Hopewell 
in Sept., 1635. 

Robert, servant to John Bent of Pen- 
ton, Eng., came in the Confidence April 11, 

Thomas, Sen., Weymouth, frm. May 13, 

1640. Town officer, 1645. 

M'ill dated 23 May, prob. 10 Oct. 1681, beq. 
to eldest son John, son Thomas, dau. Esther, 
wife of John King, and to each of his grand 

BAYNLEY, see Bagnally. 


Ellen, maid servant to Atherton 
Haulgh, Boston, adm. chh. 9 (6) 1640. 


Richard, Watertown. Wife Mary; ch. 
John b. 6 (6) 1639, Mary b. 11 (10) 1641. Isaac 
b. July 5, 1646, Martha b. March 10, 1649, 
Abigail b. June 14, 1653, Joseph b. 15 (10) 
1655, Richard b. 22 (8) 1657. The wife Mary 

d. about 1045, and he m. 2, Martha . 

He d. Oct. 24, 1674. 


Edward, Salem, ijropr. 1636; memb. 
chh. 1639; frm. Feb. 28, 1042-3; propr. at 
Lynn 1638; clerli of writs, comr. Wife Mary 
adm. chh. Sal. 19 (7) 1640; ch. Samuel bapt. 
31 (8) 1641, Mary bapt. 10 (7) 1643, Mary 
bapt. 27 (4) 1647, Eliza, bapt. 9 (5) 1648. 
Samuel d. 20 (9; 1662; the wife and dau. 
Mary d. (1) 1667-8. 

His will, dated 29 March, 1608, prob. (4) 
1684, beq. to dau. Elizabeth and son-in-law 
Zechariah Goodale. 

Robert, carpenter, Ipswich, commoner 

1641, propr. 1647. His petition to the Gen. 
Court denied 14 May, 1045. With wife Isa- 
bel sold land 2 Jan. 1051. 


Joseph, Plymouth, bought land of 
Isaac Robinson, 1635; in Court 5 Aug., 1636. 
He m. Oct. 28, 1636, Rachel Deane; volunteer 
for the Pequot war in 1637; Marshfield, atba. 

Will, April 17, 1672; wife Rachel and dau. 
Martha Deane. [Beg. VII, 236.] 



William, frm. Dec. 7, 1630. 


Jolin, shoemaker, came in 1G38, with 
wife, 5 sons, 3 daus. and 2 servants, from 
Hiugham, Eng. to Hingham, N. E. THob.] 
Frm. March 13, 1(338-9. Propr., deinity. Wife 
Nazareth, dau. of Edmund Hubbard, Sen., 
d. 23 Sept., 1658. He m. 2, March 10, 1659, 
Mary, widow of Nicholas Jacob. He is called 
uncle by David, son of Mr. Peter Hobart. 
Ch. Martha, (m. 1, William Falloway, 2, 
Samuel Dunham,) Mary, (m. James Whiton,) 
Sarah, (m. 1, Thomas Marsh, 2, Edmund 
ShefBeld;) John, eldest son, Nathaniel, Jere- 
miah, Joshua, Caleb, Rebecca bapt. Feb., 
1610-1, Jacob b. Oct. 13, 1642. 

He was found dead in his yard April 1, 
1088; 100 years old. [Statement of his son, 
Blake, the coroner, of Boston.] [S.] In 
his will, dated 27 Sept. 1G87, he beq. to sons; 
to son-in-law Benjamin Dunnum and dau. 
Martha D.; to daus. Sarah Sheffield and 
Mary Witton; gr. ch. Nathaniel Beale and 
Martha Chubbock. 

John, Jr., a brother of the above, Hing- 
ham, propr.; probably came before 1050. 

Made will 20 Oct., 1057, prob. 28 July, 
1058; about to go to Eng. Beq. to father Ed- 
mund B.; to cousins Mary, wife of James 
Whiton, Sarah, wife of Thomas Marsli, Jere- 
miah B., Rebecca, dau. of John Beales, Sen.; 
to Elizalieth, wife of John Lassell. Cousin 
Thomas Marsh, exec. 

Robert, Sudbury, propr., 1040. 

Thomas, Cambridge, propr., 1634; town 
officer. Sarah, ac. 28. came in the James 
in .Tune, 1635, [probably wife of Thomas.] 
Adm. chh. Charlestowu 30 (9) 1642. Membs. 
chh. Camb. 1658. [Mi.] 

He d. in 1001, ae. 03. Will dated 24 Aug. 
prob. Oct. 27, 1601, beq. to wife Sarah, cous- 
in Richard Post and sister Sarah Ponn; to 
the president of the college and the pastor 
of the church, etc. His widow Sarah d. 
about 1679. Her will dated 29 June, 1677, 
prob. 1 (2) 1679, beq. to kinsmen Henry and 
Richard Frencham; to cousin Thomas Post 
and Elizabeth his dau.; to my sister Wing; 
to Daniel Gookin, Esq., his wife and chil- 
dren, and various friends; to the church, 
to be laid out in plate. 

BEAL, etc., cent. 

William, Plymouth, came in the For- 
tune in 1621. 

William, miller, Marblehead, was 
grinding corn in the town in 1049 or 1050, 
as Moses Maverick deposed in 1053. Wife 
Martha d. April 0, 1075; he m. 2, Dec. 1676, 
Elizabeth Bert Jackson; she d. 5 Nov. 1083; 
he m. 3, March 5, 1683-4, Mary, widow of 
Samuel Hart, blacksmith, of Lynn. [Marb. 
and Lynn Rec] Ch. Samuel b. 15 July, 
1654, bapt. at Ipsw. by Mr. Cobbett, Mar- 
tha b. 15 Sept. 1050, James b. 10 Dec. 1057, 
William b. 24 April, 1059, John b. 17 June, 
1660, Moses b. 1602, d. 1003, Moses b. Aug. 
8, 1004, Bridget b. 15 July, 1606, d. 5 Aug. 
1683, Aaron b. 8 July, 1608, George b. 1 
March, 1070, Anne b. Aug. 4, 1074, Elisabeth 

b. 10 Dee. 1077, b. 5 April, 1680. 

His will dated 4 Jan. 1693-4, beq. to wife 
Mary, according to marriage agreement; to 
my eight children, Samuel, William, John, 
Aaron, Ebenezer, Martha, Elizabeth and 


Gamaliel, ae. 12, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in May, 1635, Dorchester, propr. 
1649. Resided at Lancaster in 1601, but 
ret. after a few years to Dorchester. His 
wife adm. chh. 1 (12) 1656; ch. Thomas, ae. 
8 yrs., John, ae. 6 yrs., Gamaliel, ae. 4 yrs., 
and Mary, an infant, all bapt. 14 (4) 1057; 
Sarah b. 19 (11) 1658, Noah b. 3 (2) 1061. 

John, ae. 23, came in the Elizabeth, 
April 15, 1635. Settled at Salem, propr. 1640. 

John, Scituate, atba. 1043. 

William, ae. 27, came in the Elizabeth 
April 15, 1035. Settled at Salem, 1037. De- 
posed in Court to R. Saltonstall's acct. 25 
(5) 1644. 


George, Boston. His lot at Muddy 
River ref. to in a deed in 1643. 

William, yeoman, Boston, adm. chh.— 
laborer— 5 (2) 1635. Ensign. Wife Anne; 
ch. Anne b. 13 (12) 1632, (m. Ezekiel Wood- 
ward,) Grace b. 20 (7) 1035, (m. Samuel 
Graves,) Mereie b. 9 (10) 1037, (m. 17 (8) 1056, 
Michael Willborne,) Samuel b. 31 (10) 1640, 
Samuel and Habbakuk bapt. 7 (12) 1040; 
Hannah b. (10) 1043, (m. Abraham Perkins,) 


BEAMSLEY, cont. 

Elizabetb, (m. Edward Page,) Mary, (m. 1, 
Robinson, 2, Thomas Dennis). His (sec- 
ond) wife Martha bore Abigail 8 (12) 1645. 

He d. Sept. 29, 1058. Will mentions wife 
Martha, ch. Anne Woodward, Grace Graves, 
Mercie AVillborne, Hannah Beamsley, Ed- 
ward Bushnell, Elizabeth Page, Mary Robi- 
son. Prob. 28 (8) 1658. [Reg. IX, 37.] 


Thomas. Witness to deed of land in 
Lynn in 1649. 


Anthony, Watertown, Rosbury, frm. 
May 6, 1657. Wife Elizabeth; ch. rec. at 
Wat.: Samuel b. 2 (3) 1G47, Ephraim b. July 

5, 1648, John b. Jan. 20, 1651, Hester b. Oct. 
16, 1654, Samuel b. May 2, 1057, infant son 
d. at Rox. Sept. 16, 1657, Barnabas b. Sept. 

6, 1658. 

Augustine, ae. 20, came in the Confi- 
dence, Apr. 11, 1638. Joined the chh. at 

Barnstable Apr. 29, 1643. His wife 

joined Aug. 7, 1650. Ch. Mary b. 1040, Mar- 
tha b. 1642, Priseilla bapt. March 11, 1643 
Sarah bapt. March 29, 1646, Abigail bapt 
Dec. 19, 1647, Hannah bapt. Nov. IS, 1649 
Joseph b. Jan. 25, 1651, Hester bapt. Oct. 2 
1053, Lydia b. Sept. 1655, Rebecca b. Sept 
26, 1657, James b. July, 1660. 

Philip, fi.sherman, Salem, rem. to Mar- 
blehead. In Court, 1640. He deposed in 
1063, ae. 40 years. 

Richard, Plymouth, Marshfleld, in 
Court 5 Aug., 1038. Had land at Powder 
Point. Land on Duxbury side 6 March, 1638. 
atba. 1643. Town officer, propr.; frm. 5 
June, 1651. Seems to be the R. B. who res. 
at Watertown in 1652. [Mdx. De. I.] 

His will dated Jan. 1, prob. March 5, 1673, 
beq. to Moses Symons, Elizabeth and John 
French; Richard French, exec. LPlym. 

Richard, inn-keeper, Watertown, frm. 
Mar. 9, 1636-7. Town officer. Captain. He 
deposed 17 (10) 1062, that Thomas Mahew 
lived at Mistick, also Medford in 1030. [Mdx. 
Files.] Petitioned the governor, Oct. 24, 
1665, for grant of land in consideration of 
services in the Pequot War, and other ser- 

BEARE, etc., cont. 

vices, having been an inhab. of this juris- 
diction ever since the first beginning thereof. 
^Vife Elizabeth; ch. Sarah b. and d. in 1639, 
Mary b. 10 (1) 1642, Judith b. 26 (1) 1646, 
Jabez b. Oct. 4, 1651, Richard b. Oct. 22, 

He was slain in battle Sept. 4, 1075. He 
made will Aug. 6, prob. Oct. 5, 1675; beq. 
to wife Elizabeth and children; dau. Sterns 
had reed, her portion. Agreement tiled June, 
1711, by the children and heirs of Capt. Rich- 
ard Beers, viz.: Elnathan, Jabez, Richara. 
Mary Wheeler; Joseph and Mary Rice, heirs 
of Mary Rice; Judith Allen, Elizabeth and 
Samuel Ward, and David Stone. [Reg. 
XXXVIII, 325.] 


Elizabeth, ae. 24, came in the Increase 
Apr. 15, 1635. 

Richard, freed from his master before 
Boston Court 2 June, 1641. 

Thomas, shoemaker, of St. Martins, 
[London?] a single man, ae. 30 yrs., arranged 
23 March, 1628-9, with the Mass. Kay Co. 
to come to Salem. Came in the Mayflower 
in 1629 with materials for manufacture of 
boots and shoes; was to have 50 acres of 
land. Frm. May 10, 1643. 


Goodman, Concord, land adjoining S. 
Stretton's in 1648. 

BEAUCHAMP, see Beacham. 

BEAXTMONT, see Beaman. 


.John, Plymouth. Agreement with John 
Winslow for 6 yrs. from June 24, 1633. 


Alexander, laborer, husbandman, Bos- 
ton; had XX s. damages from Joyce Brad- 
wicke for breach of promise of marriage, 
April 1, 1633. He was adm. chh. 22 (4) 1634, 
frm. Sept. 3, 1634. Traded for tobacco at 
Barbadoes 4 (11) 1647. [A.] Conveyed lands 
to his only son Manasseh 31 March, 1668. 
His wife Mary d. 2 (3) 1639. He m. 2, Eliza- 
beth Hinde. q. v. Ch. Ephraim b. 1 (4) 1640, 
Ephraim and Deliverance bapt. 7 (41 1640, 


BECK, cont. 

Strange b. 31 (3) 1642, Manasseh b. 8 (8) 


AVill dated June 20, 1662, prob. 27 (8) 1074. 
Wife; son Manassa; Hanna Alcock. 

Richard, Watertown, propr. 27 (7) 1645. 


Mr. Tliomas, sea-captain, master of the 
sliip Talbot, one of Winthrop's fleet. Settled 
at Cbarlestown; memb. ebb. 1630-1; frm. 
Nov. 6, 1632; deputy, town officer; capt. of 
the Castle in 1635. 

He d. before 29 (5) 1637, when inv, of his 
est. was made; filed at Boston. 

Wife Christian, memb. chh. in 1030, for- 
merly wife of Thomas Copper of Wapping, 
near London, who beq. to her est. at Har- 
wich, Eng.; she m. 3, Nicholas Easton. [Wy- 


Richard, Cambridge, cow-herd, 1039. 


Thomas, Rosbury. Sold bouse Sept. 
29, 1051. 


Rise or Reese, Springfield, leased laud 
in 1644, propr. in 1040, town officer. He m. 
in 1046 Blanche Lewis; ch. a son b. 14 (3) 
1646, John b. 13 (3) 1047, d. 30 (3) 1648, Jo- 
seph b. 15 (1) 1648-9, Samuel b. 1 (10) 1651, 
John b. 12 (4) 1654. 

He was drowned March 18, 1082-3. Inv. 
pres. by widow Blanch March 27, 1683. 


Alice, wife of Richard, came to N. B. 
about 1630, and he rem. in England. She 
sought divorce from him 2 (4) 1630, and the 
court sent to Eng. for evidence. [W.] She 
had some connection, of family or service, 
with the minister, Mr. Skelton of Salem. 
Seems to be the Alice Daniel of later record, 
and the wife of John Greene of Providence. 
[See Es. Inst. Coll. XIII.] 


, Richard, brought suit in Es. court in 

1037. Propr. at Gloucester, 1647. 


Andrew, mariner, trader, vintner, 
painter, Cambridge; propr. Sudbury, 1639. 

BELCHER, etc., cont. 

Deposed 7 (2) 1658, ae. 44 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] He m. Oct. 1, 1639, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Nicholas Danforth. [Mi.] Ch. Elizabeth b. 
17 (0) 1640, Jemina b. 5 (2) 1642, Martha b. 
26 (5) 1044, Andrew b. 1 (11) 1046, Anna b. 
1 (11) 1648-9. 

The inv. of his estate was taken 25 Dec. 
1673, and admin, gr. to widow Elizabeth. 
His widow d. June 20, 1080, ae. about 01. 
Her will dated 10 June, prob. 8 July, 1080, 
beq. to daus. Elizabeth Blower, Martha Rem- 
ington and Hannah Ballard; to the daus. of 
dec. dau. Jemimah Scill; rest to son An- 
drew B. 

Mr. Edward, (Edmund,) pipe-stave 
culler, soap-boiler, Boston; memb. chh. 1630; 
frm. May 18, 1631; water bailiff, 1649. Wife 
Christian. Edward, ae. 8, who came in 
1635 was probably the son on whose account 
the above is called Senior in a deed of land 
May 1, 1001, and who m. 8 (11) 1655, Mary 
AV'ormwood, dau. in-law to Edw. Belcher, 

Will dated 17 Oct. 1671, prob. March 17, 
1672-3, of Boston, N. E., late of Guilsburgh, 
CO. of Northampton, Eng., gent; confirmed a 
deed made to his dau.-in-law Mary Belcher 
iu 1670; also ratified leases made to Richard 

AVoodoe in 1601 and 1070; to dau. Ann 

and her children; to his son Edward's two 
daus. Mary and Fayth. 

Gregory, farmer, Braintree, 1037, 
propr.; frm. May 13, 1040. He leased the 
lings on whose est. she (Joanna) admin. Feb. 
tr.act including the Blue Hills of the town 
of Boston April 1, 1658. He deposed in June, 
1665, ae. about 60 years. [Es. Files.] Ch. 
Samuel b. 24 (6) 1637, Mary b. 8 (5) 1C39, Jo- 
seph b. 25 (10) 1641. With wife Katharine 
sold land in Br. (4) 1667. 

Admin, of his est. gr. 30 Jan. 1074, to wid- 
ow Katharine, with whom the son Josiah 
was afterward joined. Her will, dated 3 
Sept. 1679, prob. 20 July, 1680, beq. to sons 
Josiah, John and Moses B.; daus. Elizabeth 
Gilbert, and Mary, wife of Alexander Marsh, 
and gr. dau. Mary M. 

Jeremiah, ae. 22, came in the Susan 
and Ellen in April, 1635; settled at Ipswich; 
merchant; frm. March 13, 1638-9; propr. He 
m. Mary Lockwood; deeded to her house 
and land for life 30 (7) 1652; deeded lands 
to sons Jeremiah and John B. 15 May, 1661. 
He deposed 21 (1) 1671, ae. 59 years. 



Heuiy, A\oburn, 1040. 


Abrabam, Lynn, propr. 1638. 
He d. 1 (7) 1643. Inv. pres. by Mary B. 
10 (12) 1643. 


John, Sandwich, atba. 1643. 

Mr. Thomas, merchant, of London, 
came to Koxbury. Propr., frm. May 25, 103S. 
Ch. Sarah b. Oct. 4, 1640, John b. and d. in 
1643, Mary bapt. 28 (7) 1645. He and his 
wife had letters of dism. gr. and sent into 
Eng. in the (7) 1654. Ret. to Roxbury. 

He made will 29 Jan. 1071, prob. by his 
widow Susanna 3 May 1072. Beq. to Thom- 
as Maliins and one other ch. of his sister 
Maliins in N. E.; all his property in Roxbury, 
N. E. to Mr. John Eliot and Capt. Isaac 
Johnson, in trust for the maintenance of a 
free school for poor men's children at Rox- 
bury forever. [Reg. XXXVIII, 62.] 

Thomas, Boston. Wife Anne; ch. John 
b. and d. 1638, Joan b. and d. 1640, Tabitha 
d. 27 (2) 1654, Thomas b. 3 (6) 1642. Hope- 
still (dau.) b. i (6) 1644, More-Mercy b. 14, 
bapt. 17 (11) 1040, Deborah b. 29 Nov. 1050, 
Joseph b. and d. 1653. 

He d. 7 (4) 1655. His widow Anne admin. 
4 (5) 1655; she m. 2, 7 (3) 1056, William Mul- 
liugs. on whose est. she admin. Feb. 
14, 1659; she m. 3, Sept. 21, 1659, John 

William, before Boston Court 2 (1) 


Jeremiah, Nantasket or Hull, at its 
settlement, 20 May, 1642. 


Henry, Salem, servant to Thomas West 
in 1642. [Es. Files.] Rem. to Reading be- 
fore 1653. He deposed 21 (11) 1655, ae. 
about 25. [Mdx. Files.] 

Benjamin, Salem; [was he a son of 

He d. Feb. 24, 1660. Admin. Essex Court; 
inv. by Robert Moulton and Henry Phety, 
1061; "indebted to my father." 


Mr. Richard, Esquire, gent.. Governor, 
Boston. Adm. chh. 3 (6) 1634, with wife 
Elizabeth; went to Rowley in 1043, but rem. 
there only 2 or 3 yrs. Ret. to Boston. His 
wife d. about 1640 and he m. 9 (9) 1641, Pen- 
elope, sister of Mr. Herbert Pelham, per- 
forming the ceremony himself. [W.] Ch. 
Samuel, came with him, grad. Harv. Coll.' 
1042; ret. to Eng.; Hannah bapt. 14 (0) 1642, 
ae. about 7 days, James b. 2 (3), bapt. 10 (3) 
1046, Sarah bapt. 30 (5) 1048, ae. about 2 
days, Elizabeth bapt. 9 (10) 1049, ae. about 
3 days, Ann bapt. 6 (5) 1052, Grace b. and 
d. 1054. 

He d. Dec. 7, 1672, ae. 80. Will, dated 25 
Nov. 1672, gave to his wife the farm where 
Nicholas Rice dwelleth; to his only son and 
to his dau. the farm where Lt. John Smith 
is tenant; the rents of the farms tenanted 
by John Belcher and goodmsui Townsend 
to go to the 4 daus. of Col. Wm. Goodrich; 
the estate at Winnisimmet to be in the hands 
of trustees, as the foundation of a religious 
establishment of peculiar type. [Reg. XIV. 
23. and XXXVI, 391.] See numerous 

Mr. William, bro. of preceding, res. at 
Ipswich; frm. Oct. 12, 1640. Made arrange- 
ments about cattle, etc. with Mr. Hum- 
phrey 17 (8) 1038. [L.] 

Will prob. 24 (7) 1650, beq. to many friends. 
Rest to nephew Samuel, son of bro. Rich- 
ard. Refers to deceased wife. See deposi- 
tions accompanying the will in Essex files. 


John, ae. 12, came iu the Hopewell in 
April, 1035. Settled at Concord. Rem. to 
Marlborough. He m. May 9, 1655, Mary 
Wood. Ch. Mary b. April 20. 1657, Samuel 
b. 22 Jan. 1657, [9?] Abigail b. 6 May, 1601, 
Isaac b. Sept. 13, 1003, John b. May 13, 1066, 
Thomas b. Nov. 7, 1068, Eleazer b. April 13, 
1671, Nathaniel b. April 3, 1676, Benjamin, 
"son of Mary B.," b. Jan. 18, 1670-7. 

He d. Jan. 10. 1682. Will dated 19 June, 
prob. 2 Oct. 1683, beq. to wife Mary; to ch. 
Isaac, John, Thomas, Eleazer, Nathaniel, 
Mary, and Abigail. Dau. Abigail Lawrence 
hart already reed, part of her portion. 


Joseph, planter, Watertown, 1640. [L.] 
Town officer. He deposed 23 (4) 1057, ae. 


BEMIS, cont. 

about 38, and Mary, ae. about 38. [Mdx. 
Files.] With wife Sarali sold land in 1G54. 
Ch. Sarah b. 15 (11) 1642, Mary b. 10 (9) 1644, 
Joseph and Ephraim b. and a. 1G47, Martha 
b. 24 (3) 1649, Joseph b. Dec. 20, 1651, Re- 
becca b. April 17, 1654, Ephraim b. Aug. 25, 
1656, [John b. Aug. 1659?]. 

Will prob. Oct. 7, 1684, beq. to wife, dau. 
Martha, son Joseph and the other 5 children. 


Edward, merchant, planter, Boston, 
memb. chh. 1630-1, frm. May 14, 1634. He 
raised the ship Mary Rose and much of her 
cargo, in 1642. [W.] The Gen. Court de- 
clined to give him a patent on a diving tub 
2 May, 1649. He was dism. to a chh. in Lon- 
don 12 (12) 1653. His wife Anne d. 25 (10) 
1(!37; he m. Mary. She was rec'd from chU. 
of Roxbury 27 (9) 1642. Ch. Freegrace bapt. 
5 (5) 1635, Freegrace b. 30 (7) 1636, Reforme 
b. 18 (8) 1639, Hopefor b. 7 (8j 1641, More 
Mercy bapt. 24 (7) 1643, ae. about 2 days, 
Ephraim b. 9 (4) 1648, Restore bapt. 30 (10) 
1649, ae. about 17 days. His wife Mary was 
bur. (3) 1644. 

He d. before 26 Jan. 1660, when his widow 
Jane gave letter of attorney to Capt. Sam- 
uel Scarlet for the sale of Boston property. 


Alice, her parents having d. before 
they were settled in this country, she was 
placed in charge of Emanuel White and 
Katharine, his wife of Watertown for 15 
yrs., 9 (10) 1036, being 3 yrs. old. [W.] 


John, Dorchester, frm. May 18, 1031. 
He m. in 1654, Sarah, widow of Richard 


Mr. John, embarked June 22, 1632, 
came to Cambridge; frm. Nov. 6, 1632. 
Fropr.; his house burned in 1636. [W.] Rem. 
to Watertown; town officer. Excused from 
training on ace. of age in 1634. 

He d. June 14, 1645. Will prob. July 3, 
1645. Son John had a double portion; wife 
to provide for the small children; eight in 
all. Bro. John Eddie and Thomas Marritt 
overseers. The sons John and Samuel gave 
testimony 5 (2) 1651 as to a fence pat up in 

BENJAMIN, cont. 

their father's life-time. [Mdx. Files.] His 
dau. Marie made will May 16, prob. June 4, 
1646. Beq. to pastor Knowles, aunt Wines 
and cousin Anne W.; to sister Abigail 
Stubbs; to bros. in general. [Reg. Ill, 177, 
178.] The widow Abigail d. May 20, 1687, 
ae. 87. 

Richard, embarlied for N. E. June 22, 
1632; settled at Watertown; propr. 1642. 
Wife Anna; dau. Anna b. 1 (7) 1643. 


Edward, Weymouth, frm. May 25, 
1636. Reed, arms from Mr. Pynchon in 1636. 
Propr. 1643. Rem. to Rehoboth, iiropr. 1643, 
prop. frm. 4 June, 1645. 

Edward, purser of the ship Mary Rose, 
which was was blown up accidentally in 
Boston harbor in 1648. [Suff. De I, 51.] 

Francis, Boston. He deposed 26 (8) 
1653, ae. about 30 years. [Es. Files.] Wife 
Alice; ch. Mary b. 15 (7) 1650, James b. Feb. 
14 or 17, 1651-2, Elizabeth d. 17 (111 1653, 
Elizabeth b. 20 Dec. 1654. 

Admin, on his est. was gr. to widow Alice 
for herself and ch. 7 Feb. 1655; inv. having 
been taken 4 Dee. 1655. The widow m. 8 
(6) 1656, Ralph Hutchinson. 

George, Boston, 1647. Wife Faith, for- 
merly Newell; ch. John bapt. 2 (11) 1647. 

He was drowned 27 (1) 1652. Wife Adey, 
Audrey or Adeia; one ch.; another expected. 
The widow m. 2, Francis Brown, of Farm- 
Ington, whose sale of land in B. was con- 
firmed by Gen. Court 14 Oct. 1656. 

James, Cambridge, 1636; Concord. Ch. 
Hannah b. 1 (4) 1640, Thomas b. 16 (8) 1640 

John, Salem, Marblehead, propr. 1637. 
John Peach testified 23 June, 1684, that John 
Bennett came to N. E. in the same ship with 
him in 1630; that J. B.'s wife Margaret came 
some years after him, and lived with him 
many years in Marblehead. They had one 
dau. b. there named Mary and no other chil- 
dren; that she was the wife of Christopher 
Codner, dec. and afterward m. Richard 
Downing, by whom she had many children. 
That by Codner she had Joane, who m. Jo- 
seph Bubier. [Reg. XL, 65.] Ch. Marie b. 
2 Sept. 1638. [Es. Files.] 


BENNETT, etc., cont. 

Ricliai-d, Salem, 1G35. Rem. to Boston. 
His wife Sibel d. 13 (7) 1653. He m. 11 (5) 
1655, Margaret Gurgefleld, widow. Cli. 
Peter, Susanna b. 2 (12) 1650, Eicliard b. 
Sept. 3, d. 26 (11) 1653. 

His will dated 21 June and 6 July, prob. 
8 Sept. 1677, mentions wife Margaret, son 
Jonas Clarke and Susanna his wife; gr. eh. 
Susanna, dau. of bis son Peter; cousin An- 
tbony Bennett of Bass River; frees his negro 
man Jethro, and gives him a house lot. The 
son Peter was a legatee in the will of his 
mother's bro. Maj. Ralph Hoolier of Barba- 
does, dated 11 March, 1663, prob. 15 April, 
1C64. [Reg. XXXVIII, 323.] 

Samuel, house carpenter, yeoman, ae. 
24, came in the James in July, 1635. Settled 
at Lynn, propr. in 1638. Bought a windmill 
22 (3) 1645. Had a law suit about an ap- 
prentice in 1641. [L.] Sold land in 1649; a 
deed of his in Es. files, vol. 38. Rem. to Bos- 
ton in 1650. Wife Sarah joined him in a 
deed of Rumley Hall at Rumney Marsh Dec. 
3, 165C. Made engagement for marriage of 
his son Samuel in 1664. [SufE. De. IV, 328] 

William, Plymouth, taxed in 16.32; suit 
with Dotey, 1633. 

William, carpenter, Salem, 1636. Land 
at JefEry's Creek, (Manchester). Suit in court, 
1639. He deposed in 167G that he dwelt and 
worked near Mr. Winthrop's salt house in 
Sal. about 1G46. Wife Jane, ae. 16, came In 
the Elizabeth and Ann in April, 1635. Adm. 
chh. Salem 18 (4) 1643. Ch. Moses, Ann and 
Deliverance bapt. 2 (5) 1643, Mary bapt. 3 
(7) 1654. 

His nunc, will dated 20 Nov. 1682, prob. 
27 June, 1083, beq. to wife Jane, sons Moses, 
Aaron and John; gr. ch. John Croe, and dau. 
Mary. , 

BENSON, etc., cont. 

He d. at Hingham 13 Jan. 1678. Will dated 
April 16, 1678, prob. 20 March, 1679, beq. to 
sons John, Joseph, daus. Combs, Hall, and 
children of dau. Shore, dec; wife Marah. 
After her death 14 Dec. 1681, admin, was 
transferred to John and Joseph. 


John, husbandman, ae. 35, came from 
Penton, Waybill, Southampton, Eng. in the 
Confidence April 11, 1638, with wife Martha 
and ch. Robert, William, Peter, John and 
Ann, all under 12 yrs. of age. Deposition 
relative to his mother Anne, sister Agnes 
and bro.-in-law Thomas Blanchard. [Reg. 
XXXII, 409.] Res. in Sudbury; propr. 1639; 
frm. May 13, 1040. Selectman, 1640. Gave 
letter of attorney to his bro.-in-law Wm. 
Baker of New Sarum, Wilts., for collection 
of money, Aug. 26, 1640. [L.] See record of 
baptisms of J. B. and four of the above- 
named ch. and abstracts ot the wills of his 
father, Robert, his grandfather, John, and 
gr. mo. Edith, in Reg. XLIX, 65. His dau. 
called "Ann ' in ship's list was Agnes; she 
m. Edward Rice of S., and d. in 1713, ae. 83; 
other ch. Joseph b. May 16, 1641, Martha b. 
about 1643, (m. June 5, 1063, Samuel How ot 

He d. Sept. 27, 1072. Will dated 14 Sept.; 
inv. taken 24 Sept. 1672; beq. to wife Martha, 
sons Peter, (eldest son,) Joseph and John, 
daus. Agnes Rice and Martha, wife of Sam- 
uel How; to Peter, son of son Peter, Hannah, 
dau. of son John, John, son of dau. Martha, 
and John, son of dau. Agnes. 

Robert, Newbury, d. 30 Jan. 1647. Wid- 
ow d. May 15, 1079. [Genealogy in Reg. 
XLVHI, 288.] 


William, frm. May 25, 1036. 


John, ae. 30, came in the Confidence 
April 11, 1038, from Gonsham, Oxfordshire, 
Eng., with wife Mary and ch. John and 
Mary under 4 yrs. of age. Settled at Hing- 
ham. Petitioned with others in 1045 for lib- 
erty to plant and build at Whitehead Neck. 
Rem. to Hull; propr. 10.57. Town officer, 
1069. Ch. Martha bapt. Nov. 3, 1044. 


William, ae. 47, came in the Truelove 
in Sept. 1035; with him came John, ae. 17, 
and Alice, ae. 15. Mary, ae. 20, came in the 
Defense in July, 1035. 


Anthony, Yarmouth, atba. 1643. 

Christopher, Salem, defendant in law 
suit in 1640. Went to England same year. 
[Es. Court Rec] 


BEBBY, etc., cont. 

John, Boston, 1044. He was apprentice 
to Edward Keyley for 7 yrs. 30 (1) 1646. 

Richard, Barnstable, atba. 1G43. Be- 
fore the Court 1G49. He may be the Rich- 
ard of Yarmouth, who d. 11 Sept. 1681; nunc, 
will proved by Mrs. Desire Gorum 17 Oct. 
folg. Left all to his wife for the bringing 
up of his small children. Widow Alice de- 

Richard, Boston, "that was Thomas 
Hawkin's man," was cured from sicliness 
by Thomas Oliver, and the town paid the 
bill 25 (11) 1C46. 

William, Newbury, commoner, 1641. 

William, gent, Boston, gave bond 9 (8) 
1647, to pay 20 li. within 2 mos. after his 
arrival in Eng. [A.] 


Elisha, Marshfield, 1646. Ch. Hope- 
Still bapt. Sept. 7, 1645, John bapt. Dec. 21, 
1645, Mary bapt. Sept. 10, 1G4S, Martha bapt. 
April 27, 1651, Elisha bapt. Oct. 29, 1654, 
Hannah bapt. Dec. 7, 1656. 

His will dated 6 April, 1688, prob. June 
4, 1690, beq. to sons Hopestill, John and Eli- 
sha, daus. Mary Beals, Martha Turner and 
Hannah Brooks and their children. 

Thomas, of Sandwich, Eng., came in 
the Hercules in March, 1G34. Settled at 
Cambridge; gent.; propr. 1630. Rem. to 
Scituate; frm. Feb. 7, 1636-7. Rec'd chh. 
1G37. Propr. at Barnstable 1638-9. Rem. 
to Duxbury 1039. Sold land in D., 1647, hav- 
ing rem. to Sudbury in 1645. Rem. to Marsh- 
field, and sold land at S. 13 Oct. 1GG4. Ret. 
to Sudbury. 

He d. March 9, 1673-4. Will dated 25 Nov. 
1672, prob. 7 (2) 1674, (delivered by him to 
Edmund Browne to keep, as the latter at- 
tests;) beq. to gr. ch. and adopted son Thom- 
as- Beesbeech alias Browne, son of his dau. 
Mary, wife to William B. of Sudbury, lands 
in Hetcorne and Frittenden, co. Kent, Eng.; 
to dau. Mary; to dau. Alice, wife of John 
Bourne of Marshfield; to gr. ch. William, 
Edmund and Hopestill, sons of dau. Mary, 
and to her daus. Susanna, Elizabeth, Sarah 
and Mary, wife of John Rice; to Thomas 
and Sarah, ch. of dau. Alice Bourne; to 

BEESBEECH, etc., cont. 
Mary, dau. of Thos. Besbeech alias Browne; 
to Experience, son of Elizabeth, wife of Jo- 
seph Bent. 


Anthony, ae. 26, came in the James in 
July, 1035. Settled at Sandwich. Before 
the Court in 1038. Ch. David b. May 23, 

Will Feb. 10, 1656; inv. May 21, admin. 3 
June, 1057. AVife Jane, daus. Dorcas, Ann, 
Mary and Elizabeth; sons Nehemiah and 
David. If his mother send over anything 
as she has formerly done, it is to be divided 
among all. [Reg. V, 385.] The widow m. 2, 
George Barlow, who had her daus. Anna, 
Dorcas and Mary before the Court 4 March, 


John, tailor. Sandwich, Eng., came in 
the Hercules in March, 1634; settled at Sa- 
lem 1638. 

Robert, Sudbury, took oath of fidelity 
in 1645. 

Will, dated 21 June, 1654, prob. 2 (1) 1655. 
Beq. to Samuel, Nehemiah, Isaac, Elizabeth 
and Hannah, his nephews and nieces, chil- 
dren of his cousin Wm. Hunt of Concord. 
Other individuals. [Reg. XVII, 155.] 


John, Plymouth, summoned to Court 9 
June, 1050. Ch. Hannah bapt. Jan. 26, 1639, 
Samuel bapt. Feb. 12, 1642, Hope bapt. 
March 16, 1644. 


John, ae. 40, came in the Francis of 
Ipswich April 30, 1634. Settled at Cam- 
bridge; propr. 1635. Sold land about 1641. 
In Court in 1653. His wife Elizabeth de- 
posed 21 June, 1653, ae. about 54. [Mdx. 

He d. Feb. 21, 1662-3, ae. about 68. Admin, 
gr. to his widow; dea. John Bridge pres. inv. 
on her behalf. His widow Elizabeth d. Jan. 
2, 1663-4. Will dated 16 (10) 1663, prob. 
March 14, 1663-4, beq. house to John Bridge, 
Sen.; to "sisters" Ann Steadman and Ches- 
holm; to "brothers" Bridge, Cheever ana 
Chesholm, and to many other individuals. 

Richard, Ipswich, resident 1646. 

BETTS, etc., cont. 

Robert, Watertown, propr. 1636. 

William, dish-turner, Scituate, adm. 
cbh. Oct. 25, 1635. He m. Feb. 27, 1638, 
Alice, "goodman Ensygns maid in the Bey." 
Rem. to Barnstable; prop. frm. 1 June, 1641. 
Rem. to Dorchester. Sold house and lands 
9 (1) 1651-2. 


Richard, haberdasher, from Bridport, 
Dorset, Eng., settled at Hingham. Propr. 
1635; frm. March 9, 1636-7. Gave letter of 
attorney 25 (6) 1640, to his bros. Andrew, 
Robert, and Christopher to receive legacies 
due his daus. Mary and Martha from Philip 
Strong, late of the Devizes Wilts., gent. Ch. 
Anna bapt. Aug. 1639, Experience bapt. Oct. 
24, 1641. 
Mrs. Betscomb d. June 6, 1646. 


Hugh; he was banished by the Court 
of Assistants (9) 1640, for maintaining that 
he was free from original and actual sin, 
and other errors. [W.] [Court Rec] 


Grace, ae. 30, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. 


John, Boston; house-piot gr. him 4 (10) 
1037. Brought a suit In Es. Court in 1639. 
His wife Sibil was in Shadwell in Stepney 
parish, Eng. Oct. 9, 1640. [L.] Lie. inn- 
keeper at Hull 29 May, 1044. He rem. to 

Will dated 21 July, prob. 21 Aug. 1653; 
beq. to son-in-law Robert Joanes of Hull; to 
dau. Anne; to their son John; to the chil- 
dren of Thomas Carter of Charlestown; to 
Charitie Whit of Boston; to Richard Adams 
of M., his wife and 5 children; rest to wife 
Sibell. The widow m. Miles Nutt and after- 
ward John Doolittle. Will dated Dec. 25, 
1683, prob. 1690. Beq. to Obediah Jenkins 
and wife Mary; to gr. ch. Robert, Zachary, 
Benjamin and Rebecca Jones; to gr. ch. Sa- 
rah Browne; to Mercy Jones; to Hannah 
Paddick, and her ch. John and Mary. Gr. 
Bon Ob. Jenkins exec. [Reg. IX, 306.] 


John, before Gen. Court 4 (10) 1638. 


Zachary, ae. 45, with wife Agnes, ae. 
27, son John, ae. 11, John Kitchin, his ser- 
vant, ae. 23 yrs., came from Weymouth, 
Eng., before March 20, 1635. Settled at 

He d. before 9 March, 1036-7, when the 
Court decreed that the sale of his house and 
land by Richard Rocket and his wife must 
be confirmed by Bicknell's son when he be- 
came of age. 


Richard, servant to Walter Hayne, 
came in the Confidence in 1038. 


Samuel, cooper, Boston, frm. June 2, 
1641. One of the appraisers of the est. of 
Wm. Stevens of Newbury in 1653. [Es. 
Files.] Constable. He deposed in 1652, ae. 
about 60 years. [Arch. 38 B.] 

He d. 10 Sept. 1660. Will, dated 12 (5) 
1659, prob.: beq. to wife Elizabeth, son-in- 
law Samuel Plumer and his ch. Samuel, 
John, Ephraim and Mary P., dau. SLevens, 
(her ch.) John and Samuel S. The widow 
d. 30 (7) 1669. Her will, dated 13 (11) 1663, 
prob. Sept. 23, 1669, beq. to her sister 
Crowne and sister Margaret Parker; in case 
of their death to Ann Jeffreys ch. if they 
be not Quakers, and to cousin Katharine 
Dackes ch.; to be paid if sent for within 7 
yrs.; to daus. Mary Plumer and Elizabeth 
Titcomb; to Samuel Plumer's and Wm. Tit- 
comb's ch.; to John and Samuel Stevens and 
others. [Reg. XX, 239.] 


Richard, merchant, of Romsey, Eng., 
came in the Confidence April 11, 1638. Late 
of London, clothworker, bought house and 
land in Boston and was adm. inhab. 29 (5) 
1039. Rem. to Ipswich; commoner, 1641. 
Mrs. B. in court in 1652 for living apart 
from her husband. [Es. Files.] 


John, blacksmith, Watertown, propr. 
1642; bought house and land 1649; took oath 
of fidelity 1652. He m. 30 (8) 1042, Mary, 
dau. of John Warren; she d. Oct. 19, 1691, 


BIGELOW, etc., cont. 

and he m. Oct. 2, 1G94, Sarah, dau. or widow 
of Joseph Bemis. Ch. John b. 27 (8) 1643, 
Jonathan b. 11 (10) 1G4G, Mary b. March 18, 
1648, (m. June 3, 1674, Michael Flagg,) Dan- 
iel b. Dec. 1, 1650, Samuel b. Oct. 28, 1653, 
Joshua b. Nov. 5, 1655, Elizabeth b. June 18, 
1057, (m. John Stearns, Jr.,) Sarah b. Sept. 29, 
1659, (m. July 23, 1679, Isaac Learned,) James 
(known from parson Bailey's rec. of his 
marriage March 25, 1687;) Martha b. April 

1, 1662, (m. Woods,) Abigail b. Feb. 4, 

1663-4, (m. Dec. 10, 1684, Benjamin Harring- 
ton,) Hannah b. and d. in 1665, a son b. and 
d. in 1667. 

He d. July 14, 1703, ae. (per dep.) 86. Will 
dated 4 Jan. 1702-3, prob. July 23, 1703, beq. 
to wife Sarah; sons John, Jonathan, Daniel, 
Samuel, Joshua, and James; daus. Mary 
Flegg, Elizabeth Sterne, (her children,) Sa- 
rah Larnard, Martha Wood, (her children,) 
and Abigail Harrington. 


John, Boston, memb. chh. 1630-1, frm. 
March 4, 1633-4. One of the first to plant 
at Agawam (Ipswich) April 1, 1633. [Col. 
Rec] One of the richer inhabs. of Boston 
who contributed toward the free school 12 
(6) 1636. Owner of marsh land, 1644. Hia 
wife Mary d. 10 (11) 1649. 

He made will 19 (4) 1666, giving all to wife 
Mary, whom he appointed exec. Inv. taljen 
11 July, prob. 19 (8) 1666. 

Rachel, widow, came in the Elizabeth 
April 17, 1635. Settled at Dorchester; memb. 
chh. and propr. in 1637. 

Her will was prob. 30 (4) 1647; sons-in-law 
John Stow of Koxbury and Peter Masters 
in Eng. and their children; nephew Hope- 
still Foster; James Batte, Clement Batte and 
his dau. Racliel, and several other persons. 
[Reg. V, 300.] See wills of her sons John 
and Smalhope, of Cranbrooke, eo. Kent, Eng. 
in Reg. XXIX, 256, XXXVIII, 61, and LIl, 

Thomas, ae. 13, came in the Blessing 
in July in 1035. 


Joseph, Ipswich, 1648, propr. 1649. 
Bought land of Joseph Jewett, and had deed 
from his execrs. He deposed in 1674, ae. 
54 years. He m. in 1647 Sarah, widow of 
Luke Heard. Rem. to Boxford. 

BIGSBY, etc., cont. 

His will dated 11 Nov. 1699, being aged; 
prob. 6 March, 1703-4, beq. to sons Joseph, 
George and Jonathan; son Daniel had reed, 
his portion; to dau. Mary Ston and Abigail; 
provides for his wife's comfort. 

Mary, widow, Boston, adm. chh. 20 (4) 
1640. She d. 5 (11) 1654. 


Richard, servant to Walter Hayne, 
came in the Confidence April 11, 1638, ae. 16. 


James, yeoman, bought land at Pulling 
Point, Boston, of Wentworth Day, and sold 
it to Bernard Engle 10 (2) 1645; conflrr.ied 
the sale with wife Mary July 6, 1666. 

Will dated 31 Jan. 1687, prob. before An- 
dros Feb. 22, 1687-8: three sons, James, Jr., 
Jonathan and Joseph;; daus. Mary Smith, 
Hannah Kent and Sarah Chevers. See 
G rover, John. 

John, ae. 13, came in the Hopewell in 
1635. Settled at Boston. 
He d. (10) 1638. 

Marie, ae. 11, came in the Planter in 
April, 1635. 

Robert, husbandman, ae. 32, came In 
the I'ied Cow in July, 1035. Settled at 
Charlestown; d. at the house of E. Carring- 
ton about 15 (10) 1035; his sister, formerly 
wife of Ephraim Davis, m. John Knowles, 
who admin, on his est. 4 Sept. 1638. 

Inv. taken by Ralph Sprague and Robert 
Hale; goodmen Hazard and Kingman and 
James Clarke mentioned. 


Nathaniel, Sen., Concord, frm. June 2, 

He d. Aug. 24, 1673. Inv. of his est. taken 
16 Sept. 1673, was presented by his sons Na- 
thaniel and John B. 

Roger, carpenter, propr., Dorchester, 
memb. chh. 9 (4) 1640; frm. May 10, 1048. 
The widow Ann Gill calls him brother in 
July, 1683. Wife Mary. 

He d. Nov. 15, 1683, ae. 65 yrs. [Gr. st.] 
Will dated 2 Feb. 1080, and 13 Nov. 1683, 
prob. 13 Dec. 1683, beq. to wife; to Joseph, 
son of his dec. son Joseph; to son-in-law 
James Pennyman; dau. Mary, who m. Sam- 


BILLING, etc., cont. 

uel Belcher; Nathaniel Wales' dau. Eliza- 
beth; John Penny man, Nathaniel Wales' 
■wife and Dea. Tomson's wife; dau. Mary 
Mels; sons Ebenezer and Roger Billing; 
cousin Alexander Marsh, and grandchildren. 


John, London, came in the Mayflower; 
signed the Compact. Wife Ellen; sons John 
and Francis. He was executed for murder 
in 1630. 

Thomas, Lynn, workman at the Iron- 
works, a witness in Court in 1G47. 


Byron, in Court July 3, 1632. 


John, residence not stated. He d. in 
1637 leaving 2 children undisposed of; Mr. 
Craddock had his goods and one ch.; the 
other was to be disposed of by the country. 
[Col. Bee. June 6, 1637.] 

bibam:, bibom, 

Nicholas, Weymouth, son-in-law of 
Abraham Shaw of Dedham. Sold house and 
privileges in W. 2 (10) 1640. Bought house 
and lands 5 (8) 1647. 

He d. April 13, 1688; will prob. June 13 
folg.; ratified to his bro. John Shaw of Wey. 
certain land, and to each of his children 
what he had formerly given them. Rest 
to wife Susanna. [Gen. Adv. I, 20.] 


Thomas, Dorchester. He was paid 4 s. 
in 1651 for iron work done on the meeting 

He d. 3 (8) 1657. In his will he provided 
for his ch. naming eldest son Joseph, dau. 
Mary and son Jeremiah, and referring to 2 
other ch. The adminrs. asked the Court 
Jan. 31, 1664, that the whole est. might be 
made over to Joseph, now 21 yrs. old, he 
giving 30 11. apiece to his bros. and sisters 
at age. Jonathan, the youngest, chose 
Thomas Tilestone guardian. [Reg XVI, 


Henry, Boston, frm. May 2, 1638. 
Propr. 14 (10) 1635. Rem. to Salem. Had 
care of meeting house in 1644. Bought land 
in 1649. 
Admin, of his est 17 (9) 1651. 

John, Dorchester, propr. 1648. Res. at 
Springfield in 1645; propr. Adm. inhab. Bos- 
ton, 1655. 


Thomas, laboring man, ae. 40, with 
Mary, ae. 38, Elizabeth, ae. 13, Marie, ae. 
12, Sarah, ae. 9, Susan, ae. 8, John, ae. 7, 
and Ann, ae. IS mos., came in the Truelove 
in Sept. 1635. Residence here not stated. 
Frm. May 17, 1637. 


John, Ipswich, defendant in Es. Court 
in 1647. 


Jathniel, Ipswich, propr. 1639. 

John, frm. May, 1645. 

Simon, ae. 20, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. Settled at Boston, at 
Rumley Marsh; laborer; adm. chh. 24 (12) 
1643; frm. May 29, 1644. Wife Marj- adm. 
chh. 11 (4) 1643. Rem. to Billerica. 

He d. in 1666. Will dated Jan. 4, 1665, 
prob. 2 (3) 1666, beq. to wife Mary; to cous- 
ins Mr. John Wilson, Jr., and Mary Dan- 
forth of Roxbury; to my landlady Buttolph; 
to Mary, dau. of Crispus Bruer of Lynne; 
to Mary, dau. of Jonathan Danforth, and to 
his pastor, Mr. Samuel Whiting, Jr. The 
widow's est. was admin, upon 6 (2) 1680. 

Thomas, tanner, Dorchester, propr. 
1640, memb. chh. in 1642. 

He d. 8 (4) 1667, ae. 54. Will prob. .Tuly 17, 
1667. Wife Anne one third of all for life; 
son Thomas to have 10 li. more than the 
other ch., deducting the 50 li. promised at 
his marriage, part of which is paid; sons 
John and James and dau. Sarah. Wife Anne 
d. 21 (6) 1673. Ch. Thomas b. 4 (3) 1640, 
John b. 11 (1) 1641, James bapt. (2) 1644, Sa- 
rah bapt. 12 (6) 1649, a son d. 26 (7) 1665. 

Thomas, Scituate, propr. 1636. 
officer, juror, frm. 4 June, 1650. 



BIBD, etc., cont. 

His will dated Feb. 4, 1003, prob. Oct. 4, 
1604, beq. to Gershoru, son of Anthony Dod- 
son, his house and lands after the death of 
himself and wife, he paying to the i-hh. of 
Marshfield 20 shillings a year forever; to 
A. D.'s son Jonathan and three daus.; to 
pastor Wm. Witherell; to liinsmau Robert 
Marshall; to Wm. Brooks; to John, son of 
Elisha Bisbee; James Torrey, Sen., and De- 
borah Burden. Rest to wife Anne. 

Thomas, Ipswich, propr. 1G39. 

Widow, Ipswich, commoner, 1041. 

see Brisco, 
Nathaniel, tanner, Watertown, a rich 
man; his barn burnt with corn, leather, etc. 
worth 200 li.. In 1042. [W.] Wrote a pam- 
phlet against supporting ministers by taxa- 
tion. Sold lands in Wat. Oct. 2, 1651. Ret. 
to Eng. whence he wrote a letter which pro- 
duced much excitement. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 
Vol. 1, 3d Series.] [W.] His wife was bur. 
20 (9) 1642. Ch. Nathaniel, Mary, (m. Thom- 
as Broughton,) John, Sarah, (m. William 


Anne, Dorchester, memb. chh. before 

Edward, Salem, 1046. Adm. chh. 6 (2) 
104.5. Ch. Hannah bapt. 12 (2) 1646, Edward 
bapt. 23 (2) 1648, Mary bapt. 12 (8) 1651, 
William (of bro. B.) bapt. 7 (6) 1666. 

Edward, Rehoboth, innkeeper, aged, 
made will 10 May, 1711; beq. to wife Sarah, 
cli. Edward, Samuel, William, Jonathan, 
Joseph, David, John, Ebenezer, and Sarah 
Jordan; son-in-law Samuel Day. 

James, Taunton, servant to Mr. Thom- 
as Farrell, renewed his contract 11 June, 

.Tob, Ipswich. He m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of Mr. George Phillips, q. v. She deposed in 
1054, ae. about 40 years. [Es. Files.] Dau. 
Elizabeth d. at Boston 27 (12) 1051. 

John, carpenter, miller, Newbury, 1037. 
Built a mill which he sold in 1644, and rem. 
to New Jersey. He m. Oct. 7, 1047, Rebecca, 
widow of Samuel Scullard; ch. John b. 19 

BISHOP, etc., cont. 

Sept. 1048, Rebecca b. 15 May, 1650, Han- 
nah b. 10 Dec. 1053, Elizabeth b. and d. 1055, 
.Jonathan b. 11 Jan. 1656, Noah b. 10 June, 
1058, David b. 26 Aug. 1600. 

Nathaniel, currier, Ipswich, propr. 1036- 
1639; rem. to Boston. Sold Ips. land 25 
May, 1643; adm. chh. 24 (12) 1643; frm. May, 
1645. He deposed to the will of Mary Drury 
28 Nov. 1682, ae. 75 years. Wife Alice; ch. 
Sarah b. (rec. at Boston,) 20 (1) 1634, (m. 18 
(7) 1054, Samuel Bucknell,) Ruth b. 14 (2) 
1039, (m. 15 (2) 1056, John Peirce,) Joseph 
b. 14 (5) 1042, Benjamin b. 31 (3) 1044, (bapt. 
at Bo.,) John b. 31 (11) 1640, Samuel d. 7 (1) 
1046, Hannah b. 11 (12) 1648, John bapt. 26 
(11) 1650, Rebecca b. 8 (2) 1052. The widow 
Alice m. 22 Nov. 1059, John Lewis. 

He made will 10 June, 1681, prob. 4 June, 
1687, before Andros. Dau. Ruth, (wife of 
William Fuller, of Boston, victualler,) and 
her children, Ruth, wife of Philip Catland, 
Hannah, wife of William Smith, and Rebec- 
ca Peirce; dau. Rebecca, wife of Adam Hol- 

Richard, Salem, propr. 1030; memb. 
chh. 1639. Constable 31 (10) 1644. [Es. 
Court] Wife Dulsabel deposed in 1654, ae. 
about 50 years. She d. 24 (6) 1658; he m. 
22 (5) 1660, Mary, widow of William Gault. 
[Contract in Es. Files XXIV, 64.] He 
admin, upon the est. of Richard King, June 
2, 1635, in behalf of his wife. [Ess. Court 

Nunc, will prob. March 29, 1675. Widow 
Mary, son Thomas and his son Richard; 
gr. ch. Mary Durlan; son Nathaniel; a son 
at Long Island. Power of attorney filed 
from John Bishop of South Hampton, L. I.; 
contract of marriage made by Richard Bish- 
op with Mary Gault 12 (5) 1600, filed. John 
Durlan, one of the adminrs. John Bligh de- 
posed, calling him father Bishop. The wid- 
ow Mary deposed, ae. about 64 yrs. 

Richard, Plymouth. He hired Nathl. 
Souther Jan. 5, 1640-1. He m. 5 Dee. 1644, 
Alice, widow of George Clark. 

Thomas, yeoman, Ipswich, propr. 1637. 
Sold land 20 (9) 1044, his wife consenting. 
His will dated Feb. 0, 1070, (endorsed by 
the witnesses Antipas Newman and Fran- 
cis Wainwright,) prob. 28 March, 1671, beq. 
to wife Margaret, sons Samuel, John, Thom- 


BISHOP, etc., cont. 

as, Job aud Nathaniel; to cousin Sarah B., 
now living with me; to bro. Paul B. of King- 
ston a hogshead of tobacco, to be sent over 
to him of the five that come to me from 
Virginia. Widow Margaret, exec, of the 
will of Thomas B., gave power of attorney 
24 Nov. 1673, to her son Thomas. The inv. 
of her est. was pres. by Samuel B. 29 March, 

Mr. Townsend, Salem, 163-1; frm. Sept. 
2, 1635. One of the commrs. of Salem Quar- 
terly Court at its first session, 27 (4) 1636. 
Deputy, town officer. Ch. Leah bapt. 10 (4) 
1637, John bapt. 31 (5) 1642. 

BITFIELD, see Bidfield. 


Thomas, Cambridge, propr. 163S. 
He d. Nov. 23, 1040. Will prob. in Gen. 
Court 7 (7) 1643. Wife Elizabeth, dau. Eliz- 
abeth; boy John Swan. 

William, Cambridge, propr. 1638. He 
d. 5 (8) [1640.] 


James, ae. 27, came in the Increase 
April 15, 1635. 

BIXBY, see Bigsby. 


John, with wife Susanna, adm. chh. 
Charlestown 4 (11) 1034-5, propr. 1635. Rem. 
to Salem, 1030; propr., juryman. One of the 
planters at Jeffreys Creek, 13 May, 1640. 
Ch. Lydia bapt. 25 (10) 1636, Lydia bapt. 3 
(4) 1638, a dau. bapt. 27 (9) 1640, Persis, [a 
dau.?] m. 29 (9) 1655, Robert FoUett. 
Admin, on his est. gr. (5) 1675. 

Miles, Sandwich, creditor of Wm. 
Swift, 1642, atba. 1643. 

Richard, residence not stated, frm. 
May, 1645. 


Mr. AValter, haberdasher, shop-keeper, 
planter, Roxbury, memb. chh. with wife 
Elizabeth about 1637. Rem. to Boston; frm. 
May 22, 1639. Sold land to William Cheney, 
and placed cows with him 30 (7) 1639. Ret. 

to London, Eng.; made his wife his attor- 
ney for sale of house, etc. 22 (1) 1640; she 
sold to Francis Lisle 10 (6) 1641, and gave 
power of attorney to Thomas Fowle to col- 
lect and forward to her all dues. He was 
attorney for Elizabeth Sutton, jointly with 
Lisle, 23 (5) 1041. [L.] 


Martha, maid-servant to our teacher, 
Jlr. John Cotton, adm. chh. Boston, 20 (5> 


John, Boston, sold land at Winnisimet 
Feb. 27, 1634. Frm. May 0, 1035. Rem. to 
Salem. Deputy 1036. An active worker for 
the improvement of the Indians. Wife Eliz- 
abeth memb. chh. 1038. They were dis- 
missed from the chh. to that of Hartford, 
Conn. 5 Oct. 1001, having meantime rem. 
about 1646, and resided there. Ch. Exercise 
bapt. 24 (11) 1630, (m. Aug. 24, 1060, Richard 
Raser.) Joseph b. S (11), bapt. 3 (12) 1638, 
Elizabeth b. (10) 1641, Benoni bapt. 14 (3> 
1(;13, Elizabeth b. 12 (0) 1644; all these given 
in by the parents. [Es. Files.] Ch. rec. at 
Boston: Solomon bapt. in Bo. 18 (8) 164C, 
Solomon bapt. 3 (7) 1648, ae. about 2 days, 
Mary bapt. 7 (7) 1651. 

He d. at Wethersfield, Conn. Aug. 23, 1683. 
Will, dated at Boston 10 Aug. 1671. [Mass. 
Not. Rec. Book, IV, 91.] Beq. to wife Eliz- 
abeth, sons John, Benony, and Solomon, 
daus. Elizabeth and Marie. [Reg. XXXVI, 

William, Boston, propi'. adjoining Wm. 
Davies 9 (8) 1645. 


Edward, Roxbury. 
He was bur,— a widower, — Nov. 3, 1637. 
His dau. Sarah was bur. May, 1638. The 
inv. of his est. was taken 25 (10) 1037, by 
John Stow, Isaac Heath, Joseph Weld, John 
Johnsone, Thomas Sams, William Parke and 
Sam m well Basse. 

Thomas, ae. 20, came in the Hopewell 
in Aug. 1035. 

Nunc, will on testimony of John and Mar- 
tha Mellowes, 30 Jan. 1073; wife to have her 
thirds of the estate, money being best for 


BLACKLEY, etc., coat. 

her because she was aged. Inv. presented 

Jan 1, 1G73, by wife Susanna. 


John, Siiudwich, propr. allowed to ex- 
ercise inhabitants in arms in 1039; atba. 


Elizabeth, ae. 22, came in the Bevis 
in May, 1C38. 

Rev. William subscribed toward the 
expense of returning Thomas Morton to 
England in 1G28. [Bradford's Letter Book, 
in Mass. Hist. Coll. 3.] A resident in Bos- 
ton before the coming of the Dorchester or 
Charlestown settlers. Was appointed one 
of the attorneys of the Council for N. E. 
to put Mr. John Oldham in possession of his 
grant and to transfer the Council's grant 
to Thomas Lewis, gent., and Capt. Richard 
Bonython; the document, signed by War- 
wicli and Gorges, was endorsed by the at- 
torneys June 28, 1631. He invited the Win- 
throp party to come to the Boston peninsula 
from Charlestown in the fall of 1030; which 
they were glad to do. Special reserves of 
land were made for him, and the sum of 
30 li. was raised for him by tax in 1634. He 
was adm. frm. May 18, 1631. He rem. to 
a section at the border of Mass. and R. I. 
colonies, "near Mr. Williams, but far from 
his opinions." [L., P. D.] 

He m. in Bo. 4 July, 1659, Sarah Stephson 
(Stephenson), widow. Plymouth Court 
granted 55 acres of land to her son John S. 
in fulfillment of marriage contract made at 
this time. She d. June 15, 1673. 

He d. in 1675. Inv. taken 28 May; admin. 
Plym. Court 27 Oct. 1675. Nathaniel Paine 
and Daniel Smith were app. guardians to 
his son John Blackstone. Library of 186 
volumes beside 3 Bibles; household goods 
and tools of husbandry; 200 acres of ground. 
Jlemorandum by the recorder: "This estate 
was destroyed and carried away with the 


Jeremy, ae. 18, came in the Truelove 
in Sept. 1635. Had acct. with George Bur- 
cham of Lincoln, Eng., in 1641. [L.] 


Michael, Sandwich, creditor of Wm. 
Swift in 1642; juror, 1648. Ch. Michael b. 1 
June, 1648. 


Rev. Christopher, planter, Scituate, 
bought the house and lands previously 
owned by Mr. John Lothrop, of Timothy 
Hatherly Nov. 23, 1640, and sold the same 
to Mr. Charles Chauneey 5 Oct. 1642. Is 
evidently the "Mr. Blackwood" who was 
invited to be the successor of Mr. Lothrop 
as pastor of the church, but who remained 
only a short time. 


Henry, Plymouth, servant to Elizabeth 
Watson, widow, transferred to 'ihomas 
Watson and by him to John Rogers Nov. 8, 
1638. Jlay be supposed to be 

Henry, brick-burner, Braintree, with 
wife Elizabeth memb. chh. Had accts. In 
1039. [L.] Rem. to Boston; he and wife 
rec'd to chh. 3 (6) 1651. Ch. Philip b. at 
Br. 24 (1) 1643, Benjamin bapt. 18 (0) 1650, 
Elizabeth b. Oct. 28, 1652, Martha b. Nov. 2, 
1655, Rebecca b. July 5, 1657, Joseph b. Sept. 
2, 1660. 

He d. July 28, 1662. Admin, gr. to the 
widow for herself and 7 children 12 (9) 1664. 
[Reg. XII, 48.] 


George, Gloucester, 1649, town officer. 
Rem. to Boxford. Wife Dorothy; ch. Re- 
becca b. Feb. 1641, Deborah b. 10 (9) ■, 

Prudence b. April 15, 1647, Elizabeth b. (3) 
1650, Mary b. Feb. 14, 1652, Thomas b. June 
9, 1658, Ruth b. Sept. 5, 1659. 

Will dated 17 Jan. 1697-8, prob. 1698; beq. 
to daus. Rebecca Ham, Mary Curtis, and 
Ruth Shaw; gr. ch. Deborah Kimball, De- 
borah Perry, Moses Tyler, whose mothers 
are deceased; to gr. ch. John Bams, and to 
wife Dorothy. After the death of the widow 
admin, was gr. to John Fames; inv. taken 
17 Feb. 1697-8. 

Richard, servant, came in the Confi- 
dence April 11, 1638, ae. 16. 

William, son of William, bapt. at Pit- 
minster, Eng., July 10, 1594, m. there Sept. 
27, 1617, Agnes Band, widow. Ch. bapt. at 
P.: John bapt. Aug. 30, 1618, Anne bapt. 


BLAKE, etc., cont. 

Aug. 30, 1018, (m. in Boston, Jacob Leager,) 
"William bapt. Sept. 6, 1620, James bapt. 
April 27, 1624. Edward, (place and date of 
birth unknown). 

He was one of the founders of Springflela 
in 1036. [Reg. XIII, 297.] Rem. to Dorches- 
ter; earliest rec. there Jan. 3, 1637. He and 
his wife were membs. chh., and he was adm. 
frm. March 14, 1038-9. Town and county 
clerlj, town officer. 

He d. Oct. 25, 1663. Will, dated 3 Sept. 
1661, prob. 28 Jan. 1663. Beq. 20 s. to the 
town for the repairing of the burying place. 
The remainder of his est. he gave one half 
to his wife and the other half to his 5 ch. 
The widow d. July 22, 1678. [See Increase 
Blake, his Ancestors and Descendants.] 



Joseph. Boston, d. (10) 1637. [His son] 
AVilliam, tailor, Boston, made will 27 (7) 
1652, and beq. to mother Ann, bro. John, 
sister Garlick's ch.; to his three ch.; to wife 
Hannah and her father James Everill. 
Widow Ann died [apparently at Woburn.] 
The inv. of her est. taken July 21, 1662, by 
Abraham and Jacob Barker, was presented 
by her son John B. 

Thomas, yeoman, from Penton, Hants, 
Eng., came from London in the Jonathan 
in 1639; settled at Braiutree. Bought lands 
in Boston and Charlestown of Mr. John Wil- 
son. Rem. to Char, in 1651. He m. in Eng. 

, -who died in Eng. He m. 2, widow 

Agnes (Bent) Barnes, who d. on the passage 

to N. E.; he m. 3, Mary . 

He d. 21 (3) 1654. Will dated 16 (3), prob. 
20 (4) 1654, beq. to wife Mary; ch. George, 
Thomas, Samuel, Nathaniel; gr. ch. Joseph; 
to the church of Maiden. He provided that 
Benjamin Tompson should be fitted for the 
University if his iiarents consent. [Reg. 
XVII, 156, and XXXII, 411.] Widow admin. 
3 (4) 1656. 


Bridget, Charlestown, widow of Wm. 
Bland late of Oxford, glover, gave a letter 
of attorney for collection of legacies in Eng. 
4 (9) 1646. [A.] 


John, came from Sutton Mansfield, co. 
Wilts, in the Confidence in 1638, as servant 
of Walter Hayne. Settled in Sudbury. 
Propr. 1639. He deposed to the will of Hugh 
Griffin in 1058, ae. about 50 years. Wife 
Mary; ch. Sarah b. 27 (11) 1042, Hannah b. 
7 (1) 1644, Joan b. (1) 1046, Lydia b. 28 (12) 
1047, Stephen b. 3 Dec. 1649. Wife Mary 
d. 4 (10) 1641, and he m. 2, March 10, 1642, 

Dorothie, widow of Wright. 

His will dated 21 Oct. 1687, prob. 23 Nov. 
folg., beq. to wife Dorothy, son Stephen, 
son (in-law) Jabesh Browne, son-in-law Ed- 
ward Wright, dau. Maynard, and to Mary, 
Elizabeth and James Thackson. 

John, Marblehead, 1043. 

Widow, Marblehead, taxed in 1638. 
Was she the "Ann" who was memb. chh. 
Salem 30 (4) 1643? 

William, Salem, Marblehead, 1643. 
Adm. chh. 14 (12) 1640. 


AVilliam, carpenter, Boston, 1639; adm. 
chh. 8 (8) 1642. Wife Phebe; dau. Phebe 
bapt. 21 (6) 1642, ae. about 5 days; Mary b. 
(5) 1645. Gen. Court allowed him to keep 
a cook's shop toward Roxbury in 1647. 

He d. June 15, 1662. His will beq. to wife, 
Phebe, son William, daus. Phebe and Mary; 
to bros. Ralph and John Blantine, the lat- 
ter of Upton upon Seavern in Worcester- 
shire, Eng. Owned shares in the Iron works 
at Taunton. 


Ann, ae. 27, came in the Susan and El- 
len in April, 1635. 


Ralph, tailor, Salisbury, propr. 1639; 
lie. to sell wine, 1645. Wife Elizabeth; ch. 
[Henry,] Mary b. 5 (1) 1641, (m. 1, Joseph 
Stowers, m. 2, Wm. Sterling,) Sarah d. 17 
(1) 1646, [Ralph.] 

He d. before 1650. His widow d. (6) 166T. 
Admin, gr. to Joseph Stowers 8 Oct. 

William, tailor, Boston, adm. Inhab. 
In 1646. 



Jobn, Cambridge, bur. 23 (2) 16-16. 


Rev. Richard, minister, from Wales. 
Came to Green's Harbor, Marshfleld in 16-10; 
rem. soon to Gloucester, of which he was 
one of the founders and pastor. He was 
prop. frm. Plym. Colony 1 March, 1610-1, 
but adm. frm. Mass. Colony Oct. 7, 1641. 
Rem. to New London, afterward to New 
Haven, Conn. Ret. to England via New- 
foundland in 1659. [W.] His associates at 
Mars, and Gloe. were "Mr. Hugh Prychard, 
Mr. Obadiah Bruen, John Sadler, Hugh 
Cauken and Walter Tybbot." [Plym. Col. 
Eec] Wife Mary; ch. Jeremiah b. July 20, 
1642, Ezekiel b. Nov. 11, 1643, Azarikam b. 
2 (11) 1646. 

He d. at Bristol, Eng. Will dated Wed. 
April 13, 1687, prob. July 26, 1687; ae. 72 
years and more; to be buried near his wife; 
beq. to sons-in-law Richard Bowes and dau. 
Margaret, his wife; Wadland and dau. Han- 
nah his wife; Henry Acourt and dau. Mar- 
garet his wife; sons Jeremiah, Nathaniel and 
Azrikam (with his wife Elizabeth;) dau.-in- 
law Martha B. and her dau. Anne. [Reg. 
LIII, 234, and LIV, 39.] 


Abraham, Barnstable, had accounts 
with John Cole in 1637; prop, for frm. 1 
June, 1641; atba. 1643. Town officer. Ch. 
Sarah b. Dec. 2, 1644, Joseph bapt. April 9, 
1048. His wife was bur. May 26, 1053, or 
May 16, 1651. He m. (date not given,) Han- 
nah, widow of John Barker; ch. Abraham 
b. about 16 Oct. 1654. She was bur. about 
16 March, 1658; he m. Jan. 4, 1658-9, Alice 
Derby, widow. 

He d. 7 Sept. 1083. 

He made will 17 April, 1682, prob. 5 March, 
1083-4; beq. to wife Alice, sons Joseph ana 
Abraham, dau. Sarah Orchyard and her 5 


George, Sandwich, propr. 1640. 

Nathaniel, Springfield, propr. 1646. He 
m. 20 (9) 1646, Katharine Chapin; ch. Sam- 
uel b. 7 (9) 1647, Margaret b. 12 (9) 1649, 
Mary b. 23 (7) 1051, Nathaniel b. 27 (1) 1653. 
He was bur. IS (9) 1654. His widow m. 
31 (4) 1655, Thomas Gilbert; he d. 5 June, 

BLISS, etc., cont. 

1602, and she m. Samuel Marshfleld. Mary, 
(m. 26 (9) 1646, Joseph Parsons,) Sarah, m. 
20 (5) 1659, John Scott,) and Hester, (ra. Dec. 
26, 1061, Edward Foster,) may be ch. oi 
Nathaniel. See Chapin. 

Thomas, Boston, propr. at Mt. Wol- 
laston 1039. Frm. May 18, 1642. Rem. to 
Rehoboth. Prop. frm. Plym. Colony 1645; 
town officer 1047. His will, 21 (0) 1647, 
names son Jonathan; eldest dau. wife of 
Thomas Williams; Mary, wife of Nathaniel 
Harmon, son-in-law Nicholas Ide, son Na- 
thaniel. Nicholas Hyde petitioned Court 7 
June, 1648, for a child's portion of the est. 
[Reg. IV, 282.] 


Thomas, inv. of his est. taken about 
1640 in Suff. Prob. records. 


Thomas, glover, ae. 30, with wife Su- 
san, ae. 37, and ch. Daniel, ae. 4, and Sam- 
uel, ae. 1%, came in the Increase April 8, 
1635. Settled at Cambridge. Propr. Frm. 
March 3, 1635-6. Wife Susan; ch. Daniel, 
Samuel, Susanna b. (4) 1637. 

He d. 7 (0) 1039. His will prob. (Suff.) 25 
(1) 1643, beq. to wife Susan, and the three 
ch. above named. [Reg. II, 186.] 


Edmund, planter, Watertown, 1038; had 
grant of 40 acres of land. Frm. May 22, 
1039. He deposed 2 (7) 1663, ae. about 75 
years. [Mdx. Files.] His wife Mary, ae. 40, 
and ch. Richard, ae. 11, came in the Francis 
of Ipswich, April 30, 1634. The son Richard 
d. in 1665; inv. on file. His wife d. May 29, 
1675; he. m. 2, Sept. 27, 1675, Ruth Parsons. 
He d. about 1681. Will dated 5 Dec. 1076, 
prob. 5 April, 1081, beq. all to his wife. 

Francis, Cambridge, frm. June 2, 1641. 
He was bur. 29 (7) 1646. Widow F'rances; 
the inv. of her est. was taken 7 (10) 1647, 
by John Bridge and Roger Bancroft. [Suff. 
Prob. Reg. YII, 170.] 

John, bur, in Cambridge April 23, 1646. 
[Genealogy, Reg. XLI, 298.] 


James, yeoman, sergeant. Concord, 
propr.; frm. June 2, 1641. One of the comrs. 


BLOOD, etc., cont. 

to lay out the Hough grant of 400 acres in 
1650. Com. to end small causes at Chelms- 
ford in 1G60. He deposed 30 (1) 16G0, ae. 
about 55 years, and requested a dispensation 
from training. [Mdx. Files.] Wife Ellen; 
ch. James, Mary, (m. Simon Davis). The 
wife d. Aug. 1, 1674. 

He d. Sept. 17, 1683. Inv. taken Oct. 7, 
1683; will dated June 18, 1680, prob. Dec. 
18, 1683, beq. to son James B.; to dau. Mary 
Davis and her husband, Simon, with their 
ch. James and Ebenezer. 

No evidence has been found by the writer 
to connect James with John and Robert. 

John, Lynn, witness m court ir. 1647. 
Rem. to Concord. Admin, of his est. gr. 27 
Sept. 1692 to his brother Robert B., Sen. 
[Court Rec] 

Robert, yeoman, planter, Lynn, before 
the court in 1047. Rem. to Concord. He 
sold, with John, May 1, 1649, the moietie of 
one tenement and half an oxe gang in Rud- 
diugtou in the county of Nottingham, Eng., 
to William Crafts of Lynn. [Es. De. 1, 24.] 

He m. 8 April, 1653, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Maj. Simon Willard; ch. Mary b. 4 March, 
1655, Elizabeth b. 14 June, 1656, Sarah b. 1 
Aug. 1658, Robert b. 20 Feb. 1659, Simon b. 
o July, 1662, d. April 2, 1692, Josiah b. 6 
April, 1064, John b. 29 Oct. 1666, d. Oct. 24, 
1689, Ellen b. 14 April, 1669, Samuel b. Oct. 
1671, James b. 3 Nov. 1673, Ebenezer b. 15 
Feb. 1676, Jonathan b. 1 (7) 1679. 

He d. Oct. 22, 1701. Admin, gr. to widow 
Hannah and son Jonathan. Division made 
Nov. 10 folg. to the widow; sons Josiah, 
Samuel, James and Jonathan B.; sons-in- 
law John Buttrick, husband of Mary; Sam- 
uel Buttrick, husband of Elizabeth; Daniel 
Colburn, husband of Sarah, and Ebenezer 
B., 7 years old, son of the eldest son Rob- 
ert B., Jr., dec. 


John, Newbury, 1637. 
He d. in 1639, and the Gen. Court, 3 March, 
1639-40, app. his son Thomas to admin, and 
to have house and grounds; the lame dau. 
to have the over-plus of goods not disposed 
of; will and inv. to be recorded. The son 
Thomas was a propr. in 1638, and had fam- 
ily. Rem. to Woodbridge, N. J. 

BLOOMFIELD, etc., cont. 

William, ae. 30, with wife Sarah, ae. 
2.5, and dau. Sarah, ae. 1, came in the Eliza- 
beth of Ipswich April 30, 1634. Frm. Sept. 
2, 1635. Propr., Cambridge. Sold house and 
lands before 1639. 


Thomas, Plymouth, who had been with 
the company in Holland, d. of an infectious 
fever in 1633. [B.] He wrote to Bradford 
from Leyden, Dec. 15, 1625, concerning Mr. 
Robinson's death. A son had d. since he 
left Plymouth; 2 children born since. [Mass. 
Hist. Coll. 3.] His widow Anna m. 17 Oct. 
1633, Henry Rowley. 

Thomas, (perhaps son of the above,) 
m. June 18, 1645, at Barnstable, Sarah Ewer. 
He was drowned at Nocett April 22, 1650. 
Admin, gr. 5 June, 1650, to his widow Sarah; 
she made over 5 11. to the ch. Sarah, whom 
she had by him. 


Goodman, Reading, propr. 1647. 

Johannah, maid servant to deacon Val- 
entine Hill; adm. cbh. 7 (7) 1644. "Now wife 
of one deacon Lovitt of Braintree." Dism. 
to Br. chh. 30 (1) 1645. 

Robert, Charlestown, 1634; frm. March 
4, 1634-5. With wife Susan adm. chh. Bos- 
ton from Charlestown 28 (10) 1644. Sold 
land at Concord, gr. to Samuel Stretton, 29 
(5) 1648. Dau. Mary m. Thomas Woodford. 
Wife Susanna d. in B. Jan. 20, 1659-60. 

Will, dated 27 (3) 1662, codicil 27 March, 
3665; prob. Feb. 2, 1665-6. Dau. Sarah, her 
husband Edward Ellis, and her ch. [?] 
whose names are Woodford; dau. Tosier and 
her ch. of whom the eldest is John Green; 
dau. Lovett of Braintree and her ch.; son- 
in-law Daniel Lovett; son-in-law Daniel 
Turin's ch. [Reg. XV.] 

Thomas, Boston, 1636. 

John, Barnstable, atba. 1643. 

John, cooper, Boston. Wife Tabitha, 
ch. Tabitha b. Feb. 12, 1654. Bought house 
and land Dec. 30, 1658. 

Will dated 9 Sept. 1675, prob. 2 days later, 
beq. to wife Tabitha and ch. John, Tabitha, 
Mary and Thomas. 


BLOWER, etc., cont. 

Mrs., part of her money 
Colonial treasurer 9 (7) 1639. 

Thomas, ae. 50, came in the Truelove 
in Sept., 1635. 

BLOYETT, see Blodget. 


Elizabeth, maid servant to Richard 
Bellingham, adm. chh. of Boston 22 (6) 1035. 

BOREMAN, BtJRMAN, (see also Bore- 
Thomas, carpenter, from London. Wife 
Luce; ch. b. in London. Employed to repair 
fort at Plymouth, 1635, Sandwich, 1638. He 
m. 2, at Barnstable March 3, 1644-5, or 
March, 1645-6, Hannah Annable. Cli. Han- 
nah b. May, 1046, Thomas b. Sept. 1648, 
Samuel b. July, 1651, Desire b. May, 1654, 
Mary b. JIarch, 1656, Mehitabel b. Sept. 
1658, Tristram b. Aug. 1661. 

Will, (Thomas Burman of Barnstable,) 
May 9, prob. June 4, 1663. Wife Hannah; 
ch. Thomas, Trustrum, Samuel, Hannah, De- 
sire, Mary, Mehitabel. Anthony Annibal 
and William Crocker adminrs. [Reg. VI, 

William, Boston, apprentice of Richard 
Gridley to 17 (8) 1639; then of William 
Townsend, then of Thomas Witherley, mar- 
iner, from 30 (11) 1639. [L.] Rem. to Cam- 
bridge. A memb. of the chh. with his wife 
Frances; ch. Moses, Rebecca, Andrew, 
Aaron, Frances, Martha, Mary and 'U'illiam, 
all bapt. at Camb.; Elizabeth bapt. Aug. 20, 
1660. [Mi.] He deposed 26 (6) 1672, ae. 57 
years. [Mdx. Files.] 

He d. 25 March, 1685, ae. 71. Inv. taken 
28 May folg.; was filed by the widow Fran- 


Edward, Taunton, atba. 1643. In court 
8 June, 1649. He m. in Boston 7 (7) 1053, 
Sarah, dau. of Miles Tarne; ch. Edward b. 
July 15, 1655, Sarah b. March 20, 1657, (m. 
March 25, 1680, Samuel Pitts,) Hannah b. 
March 9, 1660, Damaris b. Sept. 15. 1663, 
Elkanah (dau.) b. Dec. 15, 1665, Dorcas b. 
Jan. 20. 1666 .d. April 9, 1674, Esther b. 
April 15, 1669, Ruth b. Aug. 7, 1671, Deliv- 
erance b. Dec. 15, 1673. 

BOBBETT, cont. 
paid to He was slain by the Indians. Admin, gr. 
to widow Sarah 6 March, 1676-7; eldest son 
double portion; other ch. equal shares. 


Boniface, (residence not stated,) frm. 
May 6, 1635. 

Robert, [Lynn,] juryman at Salem in 
1030 and 1037. Of Sandwich in 1640; propr. 
and town officer; atba. 1643. Ch. Joseph b. 
April 3, 1651. ( 

Bridget, who m. Samuel Hinckley, and 
Mary, who m. Nov. 1659, John Crocker, Jr., 
may be connected with him. 


John, merchant, Charlestown, contract- 
ed 15 (10) 1646, to deliver lot of fish at the 
new found land the next fishing season, and 
wrote his bro. at Mr. James Kirk's to buy 
the fish. [A.] 


John, shoemaker, Boston. Wife Sarah 
adm. chh. 23 (1) 1644. Ch. John b. (6) 1645, 
Manoah b. 6 (1) 1646, Sarah bapt. 13 (3) 1049, 
Samuel bapt. 23 (1) 1651, Joseph b. 17 Oct. 
1653, Lydia b. 26 April, 1656. 

William, Watertown. 
ch. Rebecca b. 1643. 

Wife Rebecca; 


John, punished as accessory to a fel- 
ony, 28 Sept. 1030. 


Nathaniel, [Hampton,] was before 
Gen. Court, 2 May, 1649. Rem. to Exeter. 


Nicholas, Dorchester, adm. chh. 8 (1) 
1644. Frm. May 29, 1644. He was bell- 
ringer, and messenger for selectmen. Wife 
Elizabeth; ch. Thankful bapt. 4 (8) 1649, 
Elizabeth bapt. 18 (11) 1056, (m. Oct. 25, 
1670, Experience Willis,) John, (ae. 16 in 

He d. May 27, 1683. Nunc, will made 24 
Blay, prob. 20 Sept. folg., beq. to wife, son 
John and dau. Experience Willis. 

William, Newbury, propr. 1645. He m. 
16 Jan. 1654-5. Jane Bartlett; she d. fi Sept. 
1659. He m. 2, 22 Nov. 1659, Mary Denison; 


BOLTON, etc., cont. 

cb. Mary d. Dec. 0, 1656, William b. 27 May, 
1065, Eutli b. 1 Aug. 1667, Elizabeth b. 1672, 
d. 1674, Sarah b. 5 April, 1677, Hannah b. 
IS July, 167'J, Joseph b. 8 July, 1682. 

He d. 27 March, 1697. Will dated 15 Feb. 
1694-5, beq. to wife Mary, sons Joseph and 
Stephen, daus. Jane, Ruth, Elizabeth and 
Hannah. Son Stephen gave a bond 11 
March, 1696-7, to care for his father and 
mother the rest of their lives. 


John, yeoman, NevFbury, propr. 1642. 
Rem. to Rowley, and to Haverhill about 
1667. He m. 5 Aug. 1649, Hester Blalieley; 
eh. John b. 10 June, 1650, Thomas b. and d. 
1652, Joseph b. 14 April, 1653, Hester b. 25 
Sept. 1655, (m. Aquila Chase,) Mary b. 16 
Dec. 1657, Abigail b. 6 Nov. 1660, (m. Ezra 

He d. Dec. 3, 1674. Will dated Oct. 31, 
1674, prob. 13 April, 1675, beq. to wile Hes- 
ter; daus. Mary and Abigail B. and Hester 
Chase; to son Joseph B. The widow m. May 
5, 1675, John Williams. 

William, Watertown, 1631. Town offi- 
cer, deputy, and speaker of Gen. Court. He 
deposed 20 (10) 1081, ae. 55 yrs. He m. Feb. 
7, 1649, Sarah, dau. of Nathaniel Biscoe. 
She d. B'eb. 15, 1692-3; he m. in 1695, Eliz- 
abeth, widow of John Nevinson. Ch. Wil- 
liam b. Dec. 1, 1650, John b. Dec. 1652, Thom- 
as b. Dec. 23, 1654, Elizabeth b. Nov. 30, 
1656, (m. Nathaniel Barsham,) Nathaniel b. 
Jan. 19, 1058, Nathaniel b. Jan. 9, 1059, Sa- 
rah b. July 27, 1661, (m. Palgrave Welling- 
ton.) Jonas b. July 13, 1664, Mary, (m. Rich- 
ard Coolidge). 

He d. Dee. 14, 1095. Agreement made 23 
Jan. folg. between the sons William, Thom- 
as, Nathaniel and Jonas B., Nathaniel and 
Elizabeth Barsham and Richard and Mary 
Coolidge, for division of the estate. 


George, Plymouth, a suit of his arbi- 
trated in 1040; atba. 1643. Ch. Sarah b. ana 
d. in 1649, Sarah b. and d. 1650-1, Sarah b. 
Dec. 10, 1653. 


Marie, servant to Mr. John Cotton, 
adm. chh. Boston 3 (0) 1634. Dism. to the 

BONNER, cont. 

chh. of Dover 18 (0) 1044, now wife to Mr. 

Daniel Mawd, teacher of the chh. of D. 


Thomas, shoemaker, of Sandwich, 
Eng., came in the Hercules in March, 1634. 
Settled at Charlestown; propr. 1635; sold 
house and lands in 1037. Perhaps the sam« 

Thomas, Duxbury, prop. frm. 5 March, 
1038-9. Propr. 31 Aug. 1640; town officer. 
In Court, 1645. 

Will dated 2 Jan. 1688-9, prob. 1 May, 1693, 
beq. to wife Mary and son Thomas; est. to 
be divided between the children after the 
death of their mother. 


Matthew, Lynn, servant to Edmund 
Needham; called to court, 1647. 


John, ae. 28, with wife Joan, ae. 23, 
and ch. Matthew, ae. 5, and Elizabeth, ae. 
3, came in the Elizabeth and Ann in May, 
1635. Settled at Watertown; took oath of 
fidelity in 1052. 

BORDSALL, see Birchall. 

BOREBANCKE, see Buibanli, 

Joseph, ae. 24, servant to George Had- 
bourue, came in the Abigail in June, 1035. 

BOREMAN, see Boardman, 

Samuel, Ipswich, a letter to him from 
his mother Julian, dated at [....] ydon, Eng. 
5 Feb. 1041, addressed to him at Ips. proves 
his residence at that time. Mentions his 5 
sisters; father dead 2 years; bro. Christo- 
pher dare not take upon him so dangerous 
a voyage as that to New England, as Sam- 
uel had desired. 

He rem. to Wethersfield, Conn, where the 
letter has been preserved. [Genealogy.] 

Thomas, Ipswich, frm. March 4, 1634-5. 
App. gager by Gen. Court 27 Sept. 1642. 
Sold land 27 (10) 1647. He built a bridge, 
which was protected by Gen. Court 6 May, 
1657. He made a contract of marriage for 
his son Daniel with Hannah, dau. of Rich- 
ard Hutchinson, testified to 27 (9) 1003. 
With wife Margaret sold land Dec. 9, 1067. 


BOKEMAN, etc., cont. 
He testified to his signature, affixed to a 
document concerning the building of a mill 
at Ipswich in 1G35, 28 Feb. 1071, being a 
very aged man. 

The date of his death does not appear; but 
his widow Margaret made will in 1079, prob. 
March 30, 1080; beq. to kinsmen, Martha 
Low and Joanna Fellows; sons Daniel and 
Thomas B.; to Dinah, her son's maid. Inv. 
mentions Thomas Low. 

Thomas, Yarmouth, taxed in 1032; 
atba. 1043. 

BOSWELL, see Buswell, 

John, Boston, memb. chh. 1030-1; "dead 


Benjamin, planter, Hingham, deposed 
4 (4) 1089, ae. about 24, and Edward, or Ed- 
mund, one of the founders of Hull, may be 
presumed to be ch. of Edward, Sen., as well 
as Jonathan, tailor, propr. at Cambridge, 
1033, who deposed 4 (4; 1039, ae. 20, and Na- 
thaniel, of Hull, who joined with Benja- 
min 1 (7) 1040, in making a draft on Joseph 
B. of Coventry, Eng., shoemaker. [L.] 

Edward, embarked in 1034 with wife 
and children; he d. on the way and the Gen. 
Court voted to maintain the widow and her 
family. Voted 7 July, 103.5, that Mr. Henry 
Sewall should be paid for their transporta- 
tion by Jonathan and Benjamin B. and Wil- 
liam Buckland. The widow d. at Hingham 
May 18, 1048. 

Haniel, Ipswich, came in 1038 from 
Boston, Lincolnshire, in the service of John 
Whittingham. Juryman, 1048. He deposed 
in 1081, ae. 00 years. Petitioned in 1083 for 
the appointment of Abiel Mercier as 
admin, of the est. of Theo. Shatswell, q. v. 

His wife Abigail was one of the sisters of 
Thomas Scott who petitioned concerning his 
est. in 1084. [Es. Files.] 

His will, not dated, prob. Sept. 2.", 1083, 
beq. to wife and dans. Abigail and Elizabeth. 

John, frm. May 14, 1034. 

Zaehariah, or Zaccheus, Boston, memb. 
chh. 1030-1; frm. May 2.5, 1636. Wife Anne; 
ch. Restored bapt. 26 (6) 1038, Elizabeth b. 
24 (.5) 1040, (m. John Morse,) [see Suff. De. 
Ill, 528, and IV, 144a.] Samuel bapt. 12 (1) 

BOSWORTH, etc., cont. 

1040, ae. about days, Sarah b. and d. in 


He. d. 28 (5) 1055; and the widow m. 17 (8) 
1050, Thomas Cooper, of Rehoboth. His 
will, prob. 5 Oct. 1055, beq. to wife, to son 
Samuel and dau. Elizabeth. 


Bridget, ae. 32, came as a servant with 
John Baker, in 1037. 


William, Salem, memb. chh. 1636. He 
and his wife Anne were before the court for 
opposing infant baptism in 1042; were ex- 
communicated from the chh. Child James 
baptized 25 (10) 1030, Andrew bapt. 12 (6) 
1638, Peter bapt. 7 (4) 1640. 


Garratt, Jarrett, Jared, or Jerauld, Bos- 
ton, frm. May 6, 1035. He rem. to Rhode 
Island, for which the chh. excom. him 13 
(2) 1054. Sold land at Cambridge iu 1004, 
and at Boston in 1065. Wife Mary d. 30 (3) 
1644. Ch. Jerauld or Gerard b. and d. 1643, 
[Rox. Rec] Jarrett bapt. 7 (1) 1652. 

Henry, Scituate, memb. chh. Jan. 25, 
1634-5; frm. 7 Feb. 1630-7. He m. Sarahs 
, who was dism. from the chh. at Hing- 
ham and joined at S. Nov. 11, 1038. He 
rem. to Barnstable. Deputy, juror. Ch.: 
an infant bur. May 28, 1042, Ezra, (parent 
not given,) b. in Sandwich May 12, 1648. 

His widow Sarah's will, prob. in 1084, 
beq. to John Hamline and John Phinney, Jr. 

John, Salem, 1636, propr., memb. chh. 
5 (3) 1644; before the Gen. Court, 1049. Ch. 
John bapt. 18 (3) 1045, Deborah bapt. 27 (4) 
1047, Dorcas bapt. 26 (6) 1649. Propr. at 
Gloucester in 1050. Made contract with Ne- 
hemiah B. in 1039. [L.] Had business with 
Willoughby 8 (10) 1045. [A.] He was of 
Bermondsey, master of the Indevore of Cam- 

John, Marshfield, propr. 1643. He m. 
July 18, 1045, Ales Besbege; ch. Elizabeth 
b. 31 May, 1046, Thomas b. Oct. 22, 1647, 
Alice b. March 4, 1649, Anne b. Nov. 1651, 
Martha b. 4 April, 1653, Mary b. June 5, 
1600, Sarah b. Oct. 19, 1663. 

He was bur. 8 Dec. 1084. Inv. taken May 
12, 1686, after the death of the widow Alice; 


BOUBNE, etc., cont. 

the eldest dau. Elizabeth had died, leaving 
5 children; Thomas was only son and heir. 
John Mann was app. guardian to Joseph 
and Elizabeth Bent, who were to be main- 
tained out of the estate. 

Nehemiah, of White Chapel, Eng., 
white baker, had permission to travel to 
America April 10, 1638; came in the Confi- 
dence. Settled at Charlestown. Rem. to Dor- 
chester, where he and his wife Hannah were 
adm. chh. and their son Nehemiah was baiJt. 
14 (4) 1040, ae. 4 days; ch. Hannah b. 10 (9) 
1641 at Bo. They were rec'd to Bo. chh. 
in 1642. He was a debtor of Mrs. Elizabeth 
Poole of Westminster, Eng., 24 (0) 1646, 
called shipwright. Was about to build a 
ship of 250 tons, carrying 20 pieces of ordi- 
nance. May 8, 1646. [A.] 

He went to Eng. in 1646 and became maj- 
or of Col. Rainsborow's regiment in Crom- 
well's army. Ret. after good service. [W.] 
For notes on Eng. connections, see Reg. LI, 

Mr. Thomas, Plymouth, land gr. to his 
son Richard for him Jan. 2, 1636; frm. 7 Feb. 
1636-7. He rem. to Marshfield. Propr. 1643. 
Wife Elizabeth was bur. July 18, 1660, ae. 

He was bur. May 11, 1664, ae. 83. Will 
dated May 2, prob. June 9, 1664, made son 
John right heir and exec, and beq. to him, 
to daus. [Martha] Bradford, [Anne] Smith, 
[Margaret] Winslow and [Lydia] Tilden; to 
son [Nathaniel] Tilden; to John, Thomas, 
Joseph and Robert Waterman; and to Mr. 

William, laborer, Duxbury, in Court 5 
Nov., 1638. Rem. to Scituate. Ch. Lydia b. 
April, 1645. 


GriflSn, or Griffith, gent., Boston, adm. 
chh. with wife Margaret 6 (12) 1638. Was 
from Langenith, Glamorganshire; had a 
bond from Henry Bowen May 15, 1640. 
[SufC. De. I.] Propr. 1644-1652. Ch. Esther 
bapt. 10 (12) 1638, Abigail bapt. 18 (2) 1641, 
Peniel b. 10 (3) 1644, Deriah bapt. 11 (2) 1647, 
ae. about 6 days. He rem. to London, 
whence he deeded his Boston lands April 
17, 1669, to Isaac Addington, chirurgeon, 
who was contracting marriage with his dau. 
Elizabeth. Admin, gr. 3 Jan. 1676 to his 

BOWEN, etc., cont. 

son Henry. Division of his estate was made 
6 Nov. 1683, to sons Francis, William and 
Henry; to Mr. John Weld and the widow 
Child. See Reg. XLVII, 453. 

Obediah, Rehoboth, 1643-4. Ch. Obedi- 
ah b. Sept. 18, 1651, Mary b. Jan. 18, 1652, 
Sara b. Nov. 6, 1654, Samuel b. July 16, 1659, 
Joseph b. June 26, 1602, Thomas b. Aug. 3, 
1664, Hannah b. May 3, 1665, Lydia b. April 
23, 1G66, Marey b. March 18, 1672, Isaac b. 
Sept. 30, 1674. 

Will dated 11 Dec. 1708; grown ancient; 
prob. Oct. 14, 1710; beq. to sons Samuel and 
Joseph and dau. Hannah Broolcs; gr. ch. 
Aaron, Daniel and Nathan, sons of dec. 
son Obediah; four pewter platters, given to 
him when he was baptized, he beq. to four 
gr. daus. Katharine, Sarah, Alice and Eliz- 
abeth B.; some land, recorded in Reh. he 
gave to James and Hezekiah B.; also beq. 
to Lydia Mason. 

Richard, Rehoboth, town oflBcer, prop, 
frm. 4 June, 1645, adm. frm. 5 June, 1651. 
He m. 4 (1) 1646. Esther Sutton. 
,He was bur. Feb. 4, 1674. Will prob. 4 June, 
1675, beq. to wife Elizabeth, ch. William, 
Obediah, Richard, Alice Wheaton, Sarah 
Fuller and Ruth Leverieh. His widow was 
bur. in 1075. 

Robert, cutler, Boston, contract after 
marrying his second wife, 3 (1) 1630. [L.] 

Thomas, fisherman, Salem, Marble- 
head, deposed 26 (10) 1646, ae. 24 years; his 
wife Elizabeth confirmed the testimony 
which he gave. She deposed in Marcli, 1654, 
ae. 26 years. 

Admin, of his estate was gr. March 28, 
1705, to John Roades of Marb. who had mar- 
ried his oldest daughter. 

Edward, witnessed deeds in Boston In 

James, Lynn, propr., frm. March 14, 
1638-9. Mary, Lynn, before the court In 
1640, may have been his first wife. 

Will dated 22 (6) prob. 26 (9) 1651; wife 
Alice, ch. James, John and Sarah. 

John, propr. at Cambridge in 1638. 
Had beq. from Edward Skinner in 1644. 


BOUTWELL, etc., cont. 
Bought land iu 1648. Wife Margaret; ch. 
Mary b. Oct. 26, 1646, Margaret b. Jan. 4, 
1649-50, John b. 1652. 

He d. Aug. 30, 1676, ae. about 60. Inv. 
taken 23 Sept. folg. 

Leonard, before Gen. Court 2 (4) 1640. 

Thomas, memb. of the jury of the 
Quarter Court at Boston 2 (4) 1046, on the 
Hingham case. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 2-4.] 


William, merchant, Salem, had lawsuit 
in 1640; propr. 1642. Sold house and land 
in Sal. to Philip Cromwell 26 Aug. 1680. 
Elizabeth, adm. chh. 10 (3) 1640, was prob- 
ably his wife. Ch. Nathaniel bapt. 12 (12) 

The inv. of his est. was taken 12 Nov. 1681; 
a Latin Bible, forty other books, etc 


Mr. George, planter, Scituate, frm. 7 
March, 1636-7; town officer. Sold land in 
Sci. April 2, 1640. Rem. to Cambridge. AVife 
Barbarie d. March 25, 1644. He m. April 13, 
1649, Elizabeth Wortbington. Ch. Jerath- 
meel b. 1649. He was before the Court 31 
May, 1652, for voting when not a freeman 
of this Colony. Deeded land to son Benan- 
nuel in 1656. 

He d. 1656; in his will he beq. to wife; 
sons Benauuel, John and Jerathmeel, and 
daus. Patience and Silence. The widow m. 
Henry Bowtell. 

Matthew, d. 30 (11) 1644, at Cambridge. 


Mary, in Gen. Court 7 March, 1636-7. 


John, Roxbury, ruling elder; frm. May 
13, 1640. His wife Dorothy was buried 3 
(9) 1649. He m. April 2, 1649 [1650] Eliza- 
beth Heath; she d. July 6, 1655. Ch. Eliza- 
beth bapt. Feb. 3, 1650, Isaac bapt. April 
18, 1652, John bapt. June 27, 1653, Mary b. 
20 (2) 1655. 

Will dated Aug. 22, prob. Oct. 5, 1680. 
Wife Sarah to have what was promised at 
ber marriage, less payment already made 
to Daniel Smith of Rehoboth and others; 
daus. Elizabeth White, Mary Gardner; son 
John; Mr. John Eliot. The widow d. 2 Sept. 


John, Marshfield, propr. 1644. 

Nathaniel, gent., appl. frm. Oct. 19, 
1630. Propr. at Watertown, 1636. Rem. to 
Cambridge about 1650. Wife Anna; ch. 
B'raucis, Mary bur. Jan 1, 1037-8, Joanna 
bur. 20 (9) 1038, ae. 3 yrs., Dorcas bur. (12) 
1638, ae. 7 days, Nathaniel b. 6 (1) 1040, Jo- 
anna b. 20 (9) 1642, Dorcas, (m. Benjamin 
Blackleach). The wife Hannah, (Anna,) de- 
posed in 1678, ae. 63. 

He d. Jan. 26, 1681-2. Will dated 21 Oct. 
1679, prob. April 4, 1682, beq. to sons Fran- 
cis and Nathaniel, dan. Dorcas Marsh and 
gr. ch. Nathaniel and Benjamin Blackleach. 


William, Concord, frm. May 22, 1638. 
He was bur. 31 (.8) 1642. Will, (SufE. Prob.) 
dated 23 Oct. 1642, prob. 6 (1) 1643, beq. to 
the children of his sister Elizabeth New- 
man and to Richard Leton. 


Thomas, ae. 21, came in the Francis 
of Ipswich April 30, 1634. As the servant 
of Mr. Gilson, he joined the chh. of Scituate 
May 17, 1635. 

Thomas, planter, carter, Watertown, 
frm. May 26, 1647. Bought land in W. 16 
(9) 1644. Wife Frances. Ch. Thomas b. 26 
(7) 1639, Mary b. 15 (8) 1641, Rebecca b. Nov. 
1, 1043, Nathaniel. He rem. to Boston; sold 
land in 1651 and 1653. Ch. b. in Bo.: John 
bapt. 21 (2) 1650, Jonathan b. 20 (12) 1651, 
Sarah b. 12 Oct. 1654. The wife Frances 
d. March 17, 1658. He m. Nov. 3, 1658, Han- 
nah, widow of John Mosse, (Morse;) gave 
bond Oct. 18, 1661, for the bringing up of 
the ch., of John Morse, late of Medfield. He 
rem. to Medfleld about 16G2. 

His wife Hannah made will Oct. 3, prob. 
Oct. 26, 1676; beq. to the 8 ch. she had by 
her husband, Joseph Morse, dec, viz. Sam- 
uel, Joseph, Jeremiah, Hannah Flood, Sarah 
Lawrence, Dorcas Clarke, Elizabeth Law- 
rence, Mary Plimpton. 


Jarvis, or Gervaise, of Channington, 
Eng.. carpenter, came from Sandwich, Eng., 
before June 9, 1637. Settled at Charles- 
town. Propr. Rem. to New Haven, Conn. 



Thomas, ae. 20, came in the Defense in 
July, 1635, cert., from parish of Fenchurch, 
London, Eng. Settled at Watertown, cloth- 
worker, planter. Owned considerable land. 
He gave a trust deed for the benefit of his 
wife and ch. 26 (5) 1652; mentioned kinsman 
Richard Boyson, citizen and cloth-worker, 
London. Wife Sarah; ch. Elizabeth b. 21 
(7) 1640, (m. John Fisher of Medfield, who 
in his will beq. to her ch. her right in a leg- 
acie expected from their grandfather's uncle 
in Eng.;) Sarah b. 30 (7) 1642, Thomas b. 
Jan. 26, 1644-5. 

He d. in 1653; his widow m. John Chinery; 
est. divided in 1668. 


John, Sen., tailor, Rowley, propr. be- 
fore 1643. Deposed to Wm. Bellingham's 
will in 1662, ae. 48 years. He m. in 1643 El- 
len Pell of Boston, q. v.; ch. Joseph, John 
b. 17 (7) 1647, Caleb, Mercy b. 5 (10) 1651, 
(m. Josiah Clarke,) Hannah b. 26 (U 1654, 
(m. Nathaniel Warner,) Sarah b. 19 (2) 1658, 

He was bur. 18 Feb. 1670. Will prob. 28 
March, 1671. The widow m. 2, Maximilian 

William, tailor, Rowley, propr., frm. 
May 13, 1040. Schoolmaster. He deposed 
in 1662, ae. about 56 years. Wife Elizabeth; 
ch. John b. 19 (10) 1040, bur. March 26, 1665, 
Elizabeth b. 11 (10) 1642, (m. John Simmons,) 
Zachary b. 11 (8) 1644, bur. Aug. 4. 1660. 
Joshua b. 10 (6) 1646, Mary b. 23 (5,' 1648, 
(m. John Eastman,) Caleb b. 7 (2) 1050, Sa- 
rah b. 1 (10) 1652, bur. 28 (6) 1654. 
He d. 8 Dec. 1072. 


Joseph, tanner, Salem, propr. 1038. 
adm. chh. 7 (2) 1640; frm. May IS, 1642. Sola 
house and land in 1657. Ch. Hester bapt. 
21 (12) 1640, Eliza bapt. 6 (1) 1642, Joseph 
bapt. 31 (1) 1644. Benjamin bapt. 16 (3) 1647. 
His will dated 4 (91 1084, prob. Feb. 18, 
1C94-5, beq. to wife Ellennor, son Joseph, 

daus. Mary Southick, Hester [ ] and 

Elizabeth Hanson; to Joseph's eh. Joseph 
and Benjamin. 

Matthew, cloth-worker, Roxbury, frm. 
May 22, 1639. Rem. to Rowley. Deputy 
1042. Ret. to Eng.; res. at Leeds. Deposed 

BOYES, etc., cont. 

16 Jan., 1661, ae. about 50 years. [Reg. XLI. 
181.] Wife Elizabeth; ch. Samuel b. (7) 
1640, Hannah b. 10 (4) 1642, Matthew b. 23 

(1) 1644, Elizabeth b. 20 (3) 1040, Grace b. 
2 (4) 1648, Elkanab b. 25 (1) 1650, Mercy b. 
26 (2) 1650, (sic copia,) John b. 23 (5) 1651, 
Nathaniel b. 1 (7) 1653, Faith b. 28 (10) 1654. 

Thomas, Dedham, in Court 5 (1) 1638-9. 
Wife Ann; ch. Ruth b. 2 (5) 1043. 



Ann, an old woman, d. at Roxbury 
May 20, 1648. 

John, Watertown, 1640. Wife Eliza- 
beth; ch. Elizabeth b. 4 (9) 1640, John b. 12 

(2) 1642, Thomas b. 4 (3) 1643. 

He d. in 1654. The widow and ch. Adam 
Draper, David Cummine, Thomas and Sam- 
uel Braybrook petitioned the Court with re- 
ward to the est.; April 2, 1667. 

Richard, yeoman, Ipswich, testified in 
1659 that he had known a certain farm there 
15 years. Deposed in 1679, ae. about 67. 
Gave marriage portion to dau. Mehitabel 
and her husband John Downing 20 Oct. 1069, 
his wife Jone consenting. [Es. Files.] Rem. 
to Wenham. 

Will dated 17 July, prob. 23 Nov. 1681, beq. 
to wife, son and dau. Downing and their 
children; to the college and to his minister 
£ 6 apiece. 

William, Sandwich, propr. 1640. 


Thomas, Ipswich, propr. 1635. 


Peter, Braiutree, had land gr. for 12 
heads 24 (12) 1639-40; frm. May 10, 1643. 
Deputy and magistrate. He deposed May 
19, 1073, ae. 64 years. [Mdx. Files.] Wife 
Priscilla. He m. 2, Mary, widow of Nathan- 
iel Williams. Ch. on rec: John b. 30 (9) 
1641, Joseph b. 13 (8) 1642, d. 24 (11) 1660, 
Hannah d. 15 (4) 1057, Mary d. 12 (11) 1660. 
From the will of his son John. prob. Jan. 
30, 1667, we get these items: sister Upham, 
bro. Cooke, mother Williams' 5 ch.. bro. 
Twelves, bro. Nathaniel Renolds, bro. Na- 
thaniel Brackett, sister Sarah Brackett. 
[Reg. XV, 250.] 


BRACKETT, etc., cont. 

KicLard, Braintree, memb. Boston chh. 
1G31-2; dism. to Br. chh. 5 (10) 1G41; frm. 
May 25, 1G3G. Deacon, deputy, magistrate, 
captain. He deposed 2 July, 1GG8, ae. 56 
years. [SufE. Prob.] Wife Alice d. 3 Nov. 
1690, ae. 76. Ch. Hannah bapt. 4 (11) 1634, 
Peter and John bapt. 7 (3) 1637, Rachel bapt. 
3 (9) 1639, Mary b. 1 (12) 1641, Josiah b. 8 
(3) 1652. 

He d. March 3, 1690, ae. SO; [gr. St.] 
Will prob. Dec. 19, 1690, beq. to wife Alice, 
sons Jolin, Peter and James, sons-in-law 
Simon Crosby and Joseph Tompson, and 
their children; Elizabeth and Sarah, ch. or 
dec. son Josiah; son-in-law Joseph Crosby; 
daus. Hannah Blancher and Kachel Cros- 
by; gr. ch. Abigail Tompson, and Hannah, 
dau. of John B.; son James exec. Houses 
and lands at Braintree and Billerica. 

Thomas, Sen., Salem. Ch. Thomas 
bapt. 12 (10) 1645, Mary bapt. 4 (12) 1648, 
Joseph bapt. 15 (4) 1651. He admin, on est. 
of his son Thomas, 1 (5) 1668, for the bene- 
fit of himself and his now wife Alice. 


Thomas, Salisbury, propr. 1639, frm. 
May 13, 1640. Clerk of writs, 1641, deputy, 
1651: captain, judge, schoolmaster, recorder 
of Norfolk county. He m. Mary, dau. of 
John Perkins; ch. Wymond b. 1 (2) 1637, Ju- 
dith b. 2 (8) 1638, (m. Caleb Moody.) Thomas 
b. 28 (11) 1640, Mary b. 17 (1) 1642, (ra. John 
Stanyan,) Jane b. 11 (3) 1645, (m. Henry 
True,) Jacob b. 17 (4) 1647, William b. 15 (7) 
1649, d. 4 Dec. 1678, Elizabeth b. 7 (9) 1651, 
(m. John Buss,) .John b. 20 (2) 1654, d. 2* 
Nov. 1678. Ann b. 16 (2) 16.56. d. in 1659, 
Jabez b. 27 (4) 1658, d. 28 April, 1677. 

He d. March 16, 1694-5. His will dated 14 
Feb. 1693-4, prob. March 2G, 1095; aged and 
weak; beq. to gr. ch. Thomas and .Jacob B., 
who shall pay a sum to their aunt True ana 
give receipt to their bro. William about the 
admin, of their father's est. and pay their gr. 
mother an annuity; to daus. Mary Stanion 
and Jane True; to gr. ch. Elizabeth Buss; 
five pounds to the selectmen for the poor; 
wife Mary and dau. Judith Moody execs. 

His wife was tried in 1692 for witch- 
craft; was convicted but not executed. She 
d. Dec. 20. 1700. 

BRADE, BRAID, BROAD, see Breed, 


Alexander, Dorchester, propr. 1641. 
Wife Sarah. 

Will dated 16 (G) 1644, prob. 2 (8) 1645. 
Wife Sarah; bro. John B.'s children to in- 
herit the mansion house, lands, etc. after 
her; bro. Walter Merry to help her In man- 
aging her affairs; to Robert Stowton. [Reg. 
Ill, 82.] 

Robert, tailor, Boston, Inhabitant, 1639; 
adm. chh. 4 (5) 1640. Wife Martha; ch. 
Moses b. 2 (1) 1644, Martha b. 9 (9) 1645, d. 
13 Aug. 1661. Robert, who deposed in 1664, 
ae. 32, might have been a son. 

Will dated 16 Nov. 1677, prob. 28 Dec. 1680; 
wife Margaret, (refers to marriage contract,) 
ch. Moses, Martha, (wife of Peter Maverick). 

AVilliam, the distinguished governor of 
Plym. Colony and author of the remarkable 
history of its foundation, was the son ot 
William and Alice (Hanson,) Bradford, of 
Austerfleld, Eng., bapt. March 19, 1589-90. 
Resided at home till the Sci-ooby church, of 
which he was a member, removed to Hol- 
land, about 1607. He came to N. E. in the 
Mayflower, signed the Compact; and made 
his home at Plymouth. 

No man did more than he in work as well 
as care, in the secular and religious Ufe of 
the Colony. He wrote with his own hand 
a detailed history of the movement, from 
the time when the church was organized at 
Serooby until the year 1650. Into this he 
introduced numerous letters and lists of 
names which bring the life of the Colony 
before the reader in a very vivid way. The 
book was kept in the hands of his descend- 
ants until the year 1728, when his grand- 
son, Maj. John Bradford, lent it to Rev. 
Thomas Prince, of Boston, to be used in his 
preparation of a New England Chronology. 
.4.t some later time it was carried from Bos- 
ton to England, and placed in the library 
of the Pulham Palace. Thence it was 
brought, by the offices of of Hon. George F. 
Hoar and Hon. Thomas F. Bayard, lately 
Ambassador of the United States, and de- 
posited in the office of the Secretary of the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with ap- 
propriate ceremonies May 26, 1897. The 
State government has issued a very beauti- 
ful edition of the work, which is sold at the 
office of the Secretary at $1.00 a copy. 

In Leyden, Holland, specified as a fustian- 


BEADFOKD, cont. 

maker, he m. Nov. 8, 1G13, Dorothy May. 
She came with him to Plymouth, but d. be- 
fore landing, Dec. 7, IGliO. He m. 14 Aug., 
1623, Alice, dau. of Alexander Carpenter, 
b. at Wrentham, Eng., and widow of Con- 
stant Southworth; she survived him, and d. 
March 26, 1670-1, ae. about SO. Ch. John, 
left behind in 1020, came over later; ATilliam 
b. 17 June, 1624, Mercy b. before 1627, (m. 
Dec. 21, 1648, Benjamin Vermayes,) Josepn 
b. about 1630. 

He made nunc, will May 9, 1657; had given 
John and William tlieir portions of laud ana 
desired that Joseph's be equal to theirs. 
Gave to his wife Alice his stock In Kenne- 
beck trade; desired that the promises he had 
made to his ch. and others should be made 
good. He commended to the supervisors oi 
his est. some small books written by his 
own hand, to be improved as they shoula 
see meet. Mr. Thomas Prence, Capt. Thom- 
as Willett and Lieut. Thomas Southworth, 
supervisors. Prob. June 3, 1657. [Reg. IV, 
39, and V, 385.] The widow made will 29 
Dec. 1669, prob. 7 June, 1670; beq. to sister 
Mary Carpenter; to son Constant South- 
worth and to gr. ch. Elizabeth Howland, dau. 
of son Thomas S. dec; sons Joseph and Wil- 
liam B.; maid servant, Mary Smith; a book 
out of her late husband's library to friend, 
Mr. Thomas Prence. [See John Cooper.? 


Robert, Cambridge, propr. 163.'>. He 
pl.tced his dau. Hannah as an apprentice 
with Thomas Hawkins 12 (12) 1640. [L.] 
Wife Mary d. Sept., 1638. Second wife 
Vashti. Ch. Samuel b. 13 (12) 10.39, d. 6 (5) 
1642. Joseph b. (3) 1638, John b. 3 (10) 1645, 
Samuel b. and d. in 1648. 

Will prob. Oct. 29, 1659. Widow Vashti; 
ch. James, .John, Joseph, Mary (Gibbs,) and 
Hannah; son-in-law Ezekiel Morrell; bro. 
Isaac Morrell. [Reg. IX, 225.] 


Daniel, ae. 20, came in the Elizabeth 
April 8, 1635. Res. at Ipswich in 1649. Was 
one of those who ran out the bounds be- 
tween Ips. and Salem that year and in 1654. 
He was slain by the heathen 13 Aug. 1689; 
widow Mary admin. Sept. 30, 1690. 

John, Dorchester, propr. 1641, frm. May 

BRADLEY, cont. 

18, 1642. Wife Katharine; ch. Salathiel b. 
16 (1) 1641, d. 1 (3) 1642, Nathaniel, ae. 70 
yrs., d. July 26, 1701. 

John, Salem, 1636. 
He d. (4) 1642. Nunc, will, (SufC. prob.) 29 
(5) 1642. Deposition by Ursly Greenaway; 
he gave all to his wife except some of his 
clothes and tools to his bro.-in-law Wm. Al- 
len . Inv. taken 21 (4) 1642; lot on Cape Ann 
side and at Jeffreys Creek. [Reg. II, 185, and 
VII, 32.] 

Richard, shoemaker, Boston. He m. 
Anna (Hannah) widow of George Balden; 
she was adm. chh. 7 (3) 1648. Ch. John bapt. 
1 (2) 1649, ae. about 6 days, Anna b. 16 (10) 
1651, John bapt. 28 (10) 1651, Deliverance b. 
3 April, 1655. Son John, merchant ot ship 
Industry; his will prob. 6 Oct. 1676, by father 
Richard and wife Mary. 

He d. before Nov. 10, 1679, when inv. of 
his est. was taken; filed Nov. 13 by the wid- 
ow Hannah. 


John, husbandman, Lynn, sued Thom- 
as Willes for wages 29 (7) 1640. Rem. about 
that time. [L.] 


Humplirey, came in the Elizabeth in 
lt)34, ae. 40, with wife Bridget, ae. 30, and 
ch. Anna, ae. 9, John, ae. 3, Martha, ae. 2, 
and Mary, ae. 1. Later ch. Sarah and Re- 
becca. Settled at Ipswich; propr. 1635. 
Frm. May 6, 1635; deputy. The son John 
res. at Marblehead in 1657; the dau. Han- 
nah m. 1, Daniel Rolfe, and 2. Nicholas Holt; 
dau. JIartha m. William Beale; another dau. 
m. Nicholas Wallis. 

He d. before 1657. when the heirs receipted 
for their portions of his estate. 

Simon, gent., son of a minister in Lin- 
colnshire, [C. M.] b. at Hobling, Eng., in 
March, 1603; was one of the assts. of the 
Mass. Bay Co. in England in 1629. He came 
with governor Winthrop in 1630. With wife 
Anne joined the chh. at its organization. 
Rem. to Cambridge. Selectman in 1634; sec- 
retary of the Colony from 1630 till 1643. 
Asst., deputy governor and governor in suc- 
cessive years. Owned property at Ipswich 
in 1635. Resided at Andover. A man of 
discretion and fidelity. 



He ui. 1, Anne, dau. of Thomas Dudley, 
Esq., celebrated as the first poetess of N. E., 
who d. Sept. 16, 1072, ae. about 60 years. He 
ni. 2, Ann, dau. of Downing. Ch. Sam- 
uel, Dorothy, (m. June 1-1, 1654, Mr. Seaborn 
Cotton,) Simon, Dudley, John b. 22 July, 
1052, Hannah, (m. Andrew Wiggin,) Sarah, 
(m. Richard Hubbard,) Mercy, (m. Nathan- 
iel Wade). 

He d. at Salem March 27, 1097, ae. 94. His 
will, dated 23 Dee. 1089, and 27 Jan. 1092-3, 
prob. 2 April, 1697, beq. to wife Ann; to son 
Samuel, and his ch. Mercy, John, Simon and 
Anne; to the 3 ch. of dec. son Simon, Simon, 
John and Lucy; to son Dudley B. and each 
of his eh.; to son John, with entail to his 
ch.; to gr. ch. John Cotton, and to his 6 sis- 
ters, daus. of my dau. Dorothy; to son-in- 
law Andrew Wiggin, and his ch. by my dau. 
Hannah; to dau. Mercy and her husband, 
Mr. Nathaniel Wade, and to their ch.; to 
Mr. Samuel Willard. [Reg. I, 75, and VHI, 


Jijyee, sentenced April 1, 1033, to pay 
20 s. to Alexander Beck for promising him 
marriage without her friends' consent, and 
now refusing to perform the same. [Col. 


Edmund, or Edward, Ipswich, servant 
to Mr. Symonds, 1042. Propr., town officer. 


Richard, Salem, frm. May 14, 1034; 
juryman 1637. Rem. to Beverly. He de- 
posed 20 Jan. 1680, ae. 80 years, that he 
came to Salem with Endecott Sept. 1628. 
[Es. Court Piles; see Es. Inst. Coll. XIII.] 
Ellyn, [his wife,] memb. chh. before 1636. 
Hannah bapt. 1 (4) 1651. 

His will dated 14 (1) prob. (4) 1084, beq. to 
gr. ch. Benjamin and Ellen Patch and Eliz- 
abeth Biles with her son Richard; Richard 
P.; son John P.; dau. Elizabeth; Katharine 
Kline, sister to gr. son John B.; Jonathan 

William, planter, Charlestown, 1630; 
appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1030, adm. frm. March 4, 
1632-3. Town officer. Wife Anne adm. chh. 
5 (11) 1632. Wife Ales sold land with him 
in 1650. He sold house Nov. 1, 1639. He 

BRAKENBURY, etc., cont. 
res. at Maiden. Ch. Anne b. about 1628, 
[W.] m. Wm. Foster, [Mdx. De. II, 125.] 
Mary bapt. June 29, 1634, (m. John Ridge- 
way,) Samuel b. Feb. 10, 1645-6. 

He d. (6) 1668, ae. 66. Will dated 24 July, 
1667, prob. 21 (7) 1668, beq. to wife Alice, 
sou Samuel, daus. Anne Foster and Mary 
Ridgeway and their children; to cousin Rich- 
ard Bralienbury, son-in-law Wm. Foster, Mr. 
Michael Wigglesworth and Mr. Benj. Bun- 
ker. Wife Alice d. Dec. 28, 1670, ae. 70. 


William, gent., bought Powderhorne 
Hill, Boston, of Hari-y Vane, Esq., (2) 1638. 

BRANCH, see Baunsh, 

Peter, carpenter, late of Holden in 
Kent, d. and his will was prob. in Suffolk co., 
dated June 16, 1638. Son John, eleven years 
old, was apprenticed to Thomas Wiburne, 
late of Tenterden, Kent, to whom the es- 
tate was committed for eleven years. Beq. 
to the widow of Stephen Ingleden or their 
children. If John die within 11 years the 
est. to go to the churches of Concord and 
Scituate. [Reg. II, 183.] 

William, Springfield, propr. 1616, frm. 
April 13, 1648. He m. at Winsor, (rec. at 
Spr.) in 1043, Johan Farnam. She d. Oct. 12, 
1075. His [second] wife Katharine d. Aug. 
8, 1083. 
He d. Sept. 10, 1083. 


Mr. Benjamin, (residence not given,) 
appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1030. 

George, baker, Roxbury. frm. May 22, 
1650. He m. July 24, 1643, Martha Heath; 
he d. about Aug. 13, 1669; admin, gr. to his 
widow Martha; she d. Aug. 1, 1680,— old. 
[Reg. XLVIII, 325.] 


John, (residence not given,) frm. March 
4, 1634-5. 


William, Weymouth, propr. 
Will dated 31 (6) 1646, prob. 28 (8) 1647. 
Wife Mary; son Thomas, daus. Sarah, Mary, 
H.Tnnah; bro. William's eldest son. [Reg. 


BBANDON, etc., cont. 

A'll, 172.] Mary Branden, widow of Wm. 
B., late of Asbton Clinton, eo. Bucks, con- 
stituted Richard Baldwin of Milford, N. E., 
her attorney to ask of Wm. B. and Thomas 
B., sons of Thomas Branden of Putnam, eo. 
Herts, acct. of messuage and lands in Ash- 
ton Clinton, due to her and her son by virtue 
of her husband's will, 16 (9) 1647. [A.] 


Thomas, husbandman, ae. 40, came in 
the Abigail in July, 1635. Had beq. of 3 li. 
from Dennis Geere of Lynn, 10 Dee. 1635. 

Agnes, widow, Salem, 1637, may be 
his relict. 


Mr. John, Dorchester, propr., frm. Nov. 
6. 1632. He sold his property Sept. 2, 1637. 
Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 

BRAT, cont. 

Nathaniel, Thomas, Mary Kinge, Sarah, 
Hannah and Hester B.; to dau. Mary's chil- 


Edward, Dorchester, propr. July 20, 
1638; frm. May 22, 1639. A propr. and town 
officer at Lancaster in 1652. 

He d. at Dorch. 2 (9) 1662. Will, Oct. 30, 
1662; wife Isabel; eh. Robert, John, Mary, 
Elizabeth, and Susanna; dau. Blake's chil- 
dren. [Reg. IX, 338.] The widow m. 14 (10) 
1063, Anthony Fisher, Sen., who d. April 18, 
1671; she d. 22 (4) 1673. 


Mr. Thomas, had granted him from the 
Gen. Court 13 (9) 1644, 2 small guns from 
Winter Island by Salem, and a commission 
to capture any Turkish pirate. 


Edward, husbandman, Charlestown, 
mentioned in will of Nathaniel Sparhawk of 
Watertown in 1647. Resident, 1653. He d. 
3 May, 1689, ae. about 87. 

Will dated 11 May, 1683, prob. Oct. 1, 1689, 
beq. to wife, son Thomas and dau. Abigail. 


Austin, Charlestown, accidentally 
killed by Wm. Palmer. Inquest held Sept. 
28, 1630. 


John, Salem, propr. 1636. 


Osomant, Weymouth. 
Inv. of his est. presented 23 (12) 1648. 

Thomas, Yarmouth, punished by the 
Court 7 Dec. 1641. 

Thomas, ship-carpenter, Gloucester, 
propr. 1642. He deposed 30 (1) 1658. ae. 
about 54 years. He m. 3 (3) 1646, Marie Wil- 
son; ch. Mary b. Jan. 16, 1647, Thomas b. 
March 31, 1649, John b. May 14, 1651, Thom- 
as b. and d. in 16.53, Nathaniel b. June 21, 
1656, Thomas b. Jan. 19, 1658, Hannah b. 
March 21, 1662, Esther b. April 13, 1664. 

He d. Nov. 30, 1691; Mary Bray, the aged, 
a. 27 (1) 1707. Will dated 20 Nov. 1672, prob. 
29 March, 1692, beq. to wife Mary, ch. John, 


Allen, yeoman, Lynn, propr. 1638. An 
appraiser 9 (6) 1639. [L.] Ch. Miriam, Allen 
and John, whose mother d. before 1650. He 
dei)osed in 1671, ae. 70 years. He m. about 
KiSO Elizabeth, widow of William Knight. 
She was a witness to the will of Joseph How 
in 1650, and paid legacies of W. K. to his 
heirs in 1057. He deeded part of his est. 
to younger son John in 1655; refers to linen 
his mother left him, which is in possession 
of his sister Miriam. Deeds to son Allen B. 
and son-in-law William Meriam in 1666. 

Thomas, cooper, engaged by the Mass. 
Bay Co. in England, March 23, 1628, to go 
to N. E. 


Robert, Scituate, atba. 1643. 


Mr. William, Esquire, merchant, Bos- 
ton, adm. chh. (8) 1633. frm. May 14, 1634. 
Town officer, deputy, much in public busi- 
ness. Appointed to take charge of the 
House of Correction to be built at Boston 
Sept. 25, 1634. He rem. to Providence, R. I. 
before 10 (10) 1045. [A.] Wife Dorothie, 
adm. chh. 22 (1) 1635. His wife Martha 
joined him in a deed of land Feb. 16. 1666. 
Ch. Barnabas bapt. 24 (11) 1634, Mehetabel 
b. 28 Nov. 1652, Jaleham b. 15 Nov. 1655. 
His will, dated 19 Feb. 1673, was prob. af 


BBENTON, cont. 

Newport, also recorded at Plymouth; beq. 
to sons Jalileel, William, Ebenezer, daus. 
Sarah, Mehitabol and Abigail; sons-in-law 
Peleg Sanford and John Poole; to cousin 
Philip Sandy; to sister Christian Sandy; to 
sister Katharine Cooke's children; to gr. ch. 
John Poole; to negro servants, who are to 
be freed in 5 years; to Mr. Roger Williams 
and other friends. 


Isabel, Boston, memb. chh. 1G30-1; 
"gone to Salem." 

William, Duxbury, propr. 6 April, 1640, 
atba. 1643, frm. 2 June, 1646. Sold land 
Dec. 26, 1651. Rem. to Bridgewater; ruling 

Will dated 25 Nov., prob. 7 March, 1681, 
beq. to wife Margaret and ch. William, Ell- 
sha, Lydia and Ilannah. 


Daniel, husbandman, Roxbury, em- 
barljed June 22, 1032, frm. May 14, 1634. 
Ch. Nathaniel b. May 1, 1635, Sarah b. March 
8, 1638. 

He d. March 28, 1646. Will prob. 20 (3) 
1646. Wife Joanna; sons Daniel and Na- 
thaniel, daus. Ann, Joanna and Sarah. Ann, 
dau. of widow Bruer, d. March 13, 1658. The 
widow Joanna d. 7 Feb. 1688, ae. 87 years. 

John, Cambridge, propr. 1645. Wife 
Anne; ch. John b. 10 (8) 1642, Hannah b. Jan. 
18, 1644-5. 

Thomas, Ipswich, propr. 1639. 


Mr. William, son of William Brewster, 
receiver of Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, Eng. 
and bailiff of the manor house. He deposed 
at Leyden June 25, 1609, ae. 42 years; his 
wife being then 40 and his son Jonathan 16. 
Educated sometime at Cambridge in Latin 
and Greek; private secretary to Davison, 
sec. of State; appointed post-master at 
Scrooby; the Pilgrim Church met at his 
house generally, and he entertained them. 
Was a leader in the removal to Holland; one 
of those imprisoned at Boston, Lincolnshire. 
Ruling elder at Leyden. His printing press 
was a great help. He bore his part with this 
poor persecuted church above 36 years. He 
often preached and otherwise greatly helped 

BREWSTER, cont. 

the church. He came in the Mayflower; 
signed the Compact. With him came his 
wife Mary and 2 sons. Love and Wrestling; 
the rest of his ch. were left behind and came 
over afterward. Wrestling d. a young man. 
The daus. that came over were d. in 1650, 
but left sundry children. With him came 
also Richard More, a boy apprenticed to 
him, who lived at Plymouth, and a bro. of 
Richard who d. the first winter. [B.] He 
res. at Duxbury. His wife Mary d. aged, 
before 1627. "He had many children." [B.] 
His dau. Fear m. Isaac AUerton. Patience 
m. Thomas Prence. 

He d. April 10, 1644, ae. 80 years. Admin, 
gr. to his sons, Jonathan and Love June 5, 
1644. The inv. showed 63 Latin books and 
between 300 and 400 English books. [Reg. 
IV, 174, and LIII, 109.] 


Edmund, or Edward, ae. 23, came In 
the James in July in 1635. Settled at Lynn; 
blacksmith; frm. Sept. 7, 1639; propr. Rem. 
to Rowley; suit in court at Ipswich in 1641; 
propr. The Gen. Court 26 May, 1647, or- 
dered him to answer at Essex Court for 
neglect to further public service by delaying 
to shoe Mr. Symond's horse when he was 
about to come to Court. He deposed in 
1658, ae. about 46 years. [Es. Files.] Rem. 
to Ipswich; later to Topsfleld. Wife Alice; 
ch. Mehitabel b. 26 (1) 1641, Edward, Faith, 
(courted by Daniel Black in 1660; lawsuit). 
He d. .Tan. 13, 1684; his widow Mary d. 
Oct. 24, 1691. 

Edward, Roxbury, frm. May 2, 1639. 
Wife Mary; ch. Mary b. Nov. 18, 1637, Thom- 
as b. May 31, 1638. 

He d. 20 or 23 (10) 1683, ae. about 82 years. 
Will dated 5 Dec. 1677, prob. 27 (10) 1683. 
Dau. Mary; Edward and other eh. of dec. 
son John; John Gay, son of dau. Mary. 

Henry, Watertown, propr. 1636. 

John, yeoman, Cambridge, propr. 1632, 
frm. March, 4, 1634-5. Deputy, town officer, 
deacon. He m. Elizabeth, widow succes- 
sively of Roger Bancroft and Martin Saun- 
ders." Marriage contract 29 (9) 1658. [Mdx. 
De. II.] Ch. Matthew, Thomas, (who m. 

Dorcas , and left a dau. Dorcas). [Mi.] 

The widow m. Edward Taylor. [Endorse- 
ment on the Mar. Contr.] 


BRIDGE, etc., cont. 

Robert, Lynn, frm. June 2, 1641. Dep- 
uty, assistant. Special messenger of the 
Court to D'Aulnay in 1645. Capt. Bridges 
and wife were legatees of Capt. Eobert 
Keayne in 1C53. His wife Mary was a dau. 
of William Woodcocli of London, gr. dau. 
of Mrs. Mary Waslibome. [Es. Files 3, 5; 
Es. Inst. Coll. XVII, and W.] 

William, Watertown, propr. 1636; Bos- 
ton, 1043, Charlestown, 1643. Frm. May 26, 
1647. He kept the ferry, his bro. Peter 
Tufts helping him. Wife Mary, dau. of John 
Oldham, d. about 1646. He m. 2, Persis 
Peirce, who survived him and m. John Har- 
rison. She was adm. chh. 30 (9) 1643. Ch. 
Peter b. Jan. 1643-4, Rebecca b. and d. 1644, 
Samuel b. 19 (6) 1647, Mary, (m. John 
He d. about 1648. 


Henry, tanner, Dorchester, 1641, frm. 
May 10, 1643. He rem. to Boston; was adm. 
chh. a singleman 31 (1) 1644. Deacon. His 
wife Elizabeth gave letter of attorney 29 
(9) 1645, to Francis Lyle of Boston to collect 
56 li. due her from the est. of her father 
John Harding of Boreham in Essex, yeoman. 
Robert Harding a witness. H. B. gave let- 
ter of attorney 4 (6) 1646, for collection from 
his bro. Robert Bridgham of est. left by his 
father Henry B., late of Flotam in Suffollc. 
[A.] See Frary and Buttolph. Ch. John 
b. (7) 1045, Joseph 17 Jan. 1651, Benjamin b. 
4 May, 1654, Hopestill b. July 29, 1658, Na- 
thaniel b. S Dec. 1659, d. 1 June, 1600, Sam- 
uel bapt. 20 (11) 1660, Nathaniel b. April 2, 
1662, James b. May 12, 1664. [Henry bapt. 
10 (1) 1674, may have been a gr. ch.] 

Will dated 8 (9) 1670, prob. 13 (2) 1672; in v. 
fallen 31 (1) 1071. Wife and son Jonathan 
to carry on the tan yard and complete the 
instruction of sons Joseph, Benjamin, Sam- 
uel and James. Son John, already educated, 
to be joint exec, with his mother. Est. ap- 
praised at £3608.19. The widow Elizabeth 
made will, dated 2 Aug. prob. 5 Nov. 1672. 
Beq. to John, James, Jonathan and the 3 
other sons; to sister Hannah Buttall. 


James, Springfield, propr. 1643; town 
oflBcer. Rem. to Northampton; sealer of 
weights and measures, 1661. Ch. John b. 

BRIDGHAM, etc., cont. 

7 (5) 1045, Thomas b. 14 (11) 1647, Martha b. 
20 (9) 1649, Mary b. 5 (5) 1652. Wife Sarah 
d. 3 Aug. 166S. 

His will, unsigned, beq. to ch. John; Sarah 
Tilestoue and her son Cornelms; Martha, 
(wife of Samuel Dicliinson,) and gr. ch. 
Mary B. Admin, gr. March 29, 1676, to son 

John, Salem, propr. 1647. Wife Eliz- 
abeth memb. chh. 1 (7) 1050; ch. Mary bapt. 

8 (7) 1050. 

Will prob. (9) 1655; after settling Mr. Per- 
liius' claim, the rest to daughter. 


Tliomas, husbandman, of Faversham, 
Eng., came with his wife in the Hercules 
in March, 1634. Settled at Charlestown. 
Propr. 1634. Frm. March 3, 1635-6. Cooper. 
With wife Mildred sold house In 1659. He 
and his wife Thomasine adm. chh. 5 (10) 
1635. Ch. Thomas, Mary, (m. Henry Kem- 
ble,) Zachary bapt. 2 (0) 1639. Thomas de- 
posed 22 (4) 1653, ae. 24. [Mdx. Files.] 

He d. June 20, 1668. His widow d. March 
12, 1669. 



Sebastian, Cambridge, propr. 1638. 
Rem. to Rowley; propr. 1643. Lie. to sell 
wine 13 Nov. 1044; deputy, 1646. Wife Mary; 
ch. Sarah b. 12 (5) 1640, Elizabeth b. 7 (i) 
1643, Prudence b. 19 (1) 1646, Sebastian b. 
2 (5) 1048. 

Thomas, ae. 32, came in the Susan and 
EHen in April, 1635; res. at Cambridge and 
Watertown. Propr.; frm. April 18, 1637. 
Wife Mercy; ch. John b. 9 (1) 1044, Hannah 
b. 9 (1) 16.50. Town officer Camb. 1639. 

He d. at Camb. Dec. 8, 1653. Will, dated 
7 (10) 1653-4. Beq. to wife [Mercy], ch. 
Thomas, John, Mary, Hannah and Samuel. 
Prob. 3 (8) 1654. [Reg. XVII, 158.] 


Clement, felmonger, came to Plymouth 
in the Fortune in 1621. He was m. to .loane 
Allen by Mr. Thomas Stoughton of Dorches- 
ter, whom the Court fined for the act March 
1, 1630-1. Res. at Weymouth from 1630 or 
thereabouts. He deposed 29 Aug., 1638, that 
he was dwelling about 22 years ago in South- 


BBIGGS, etc., coat. 

wark with Samuel Latliam, felmongor; that 
Thomas Harlow was then dwelling with 
Robert Heeks at that place. Ch. Thomas 
b. 14 (4) 1633, Jonathan b. 14 (4) 1635, Davia 
b. 23 (6) 1640, Clement b. 1 (11) 1642. 

Will prob. 24 (8) 1650; wife; sons Thomas, 
Jonathan, Clement, David, Remember. Prob. 
by widow Elizabeth July 28, 1659. [Reg. II, 
144, VII, 233, and IX ,347.] The widow, 
in will dated 13 Nov. 1683, prob. Aug. 11, 
1691, beq. to gr. ch. Clement and son Re- 
member Brlggs. 

John, ae. 20, came in the Bles&ing in 
July, 1635. Watertown, propr. 1637. Sand- 
wich, propr. 1640. Wife Katharine; ch. Sam- 
uel and Sarah. 

Admin, on his est. June 1, 1641. [Reg. IV, 

Matthias, yeoman, Hingham, m. May 
9, 1648, Deborah, dau. of Matthew Gushing. 
She d. 25 Sept. 1700. 

He d. 24 Feb. 1696-7. Will dated 11 March, 
1686-7, beq. to wife Deborah, and to dau. 
Mary B. which I left in old England. 

Walter, Scituate, atba. 1643. 


Rev. Francis,, trained up under Mr. 
Davenport, came from Rayleigh, co. Essex, 
Eng. He was engaged by the Mass. Bay 
Co. 2 Feb. 1628-9. to come over to N. E. and 
preach to the Company's servants, to remain 
three years and be free to return at the end 
of that time. Transportation both ways, 
maintenance, and a salary of twenty pounds 
per annum to be provided. Similar arrange- 
ments were made with Messrs. Higginson 
and Skelton 8 April folg. They voted 
April. 1029, to give him 5 li. toward his loss 
of wages in Eng., and his charge being in 
London. He came over in the Lyon's Whelp, 
arriving May 11, 1G29. Preached to the set- 
tlers and workmen at Charlestown. [Char, 
town records.] Ret. to Eng. in 1630 in the 
Lyon in the summer of 1630. [Du.] He was 
the first person definitely engaged for cler- 
ical service in New England. He was a 
conformist; not agreeing with those that 
were for reformation, he returned for Eng- 
land. [Mor.] 

Henry. Boston, memb. ebh. 1630-1. Be- 
fore the Gen. Court 7 Nov. 1634, and 6 (1) 
l(>37-8. Rem. to Watertown; propr. 1642. 

BEIGHT, cont. 

Jan. 10, 1660, "aged about SO years," he 
deeded his "mansion place" in Wat. to Thom- 
as Hastings, the latter agreeing to care for 
him during the remainder of his life. [Mdx. 
De. II, 140.] Was assisted by the town in 
his age and sickness; d. Sept. 14, 1674, "aged 
100 years and upward." [Town rec] Inv. 
of his few effects was pres. 30 (11) 1674, by 
widd. Beers. 

Henry, Jr., Watertown, frm. May 6, 
1635. Town oflicer, deacon, surveyor of 
arms, com. of valuation, sergeant. He de- 
posed about 2 (2) 1661, ae. about 60 years. 
[Mdx. Files.] His sister Mrs. Elizabeth 
Dell, widow, of Bow, co. Middlesex, Eng., 
left to his ch. a legacy, which was receipted 
for July 20, 1658. [Suff. De. Ill, 286.] He 
m. Anna, dau. of Henry and Anna Goldstone. 
Ch. Anna bur. 28 (8) 1639, ae. 4 yrs., Abigail 
b. Oct. 12, 1637, (m. Elisha Odlin,) Mary b. 
23 (2) 1639, (m. Nathaniel Coolidge,) John b. 
14 (3) 1641, Hannah b. 17 (1) 1643, Elizabeth, 
Nathaniel b. 5 (3) 1647, Beriah b. 22 (7) 1649. 

He. d. Aug. or Oct. 9, 1686. [Mdx. rec. anfl 
S.] Will dated 25 Jan. 1680, ae. 78 years, 
codicil 29 Oct. 16S5, prob. Nov. 11, 1686. Sons 
John and Nathaniel, daus. Anna Ruggles, 
Elizabeth Hastings, Mary Coolidge, Abigail 
Awdley [Odlin,] and Beriah Fowle. Refers 
to father Goldstone. [See Bond's Hist. Wat. 
and Bright Genealogy.] 

One of the above is called "my uncle" 
by Edward Parks, q. v. 

Margaret, Mr. Holgraves' sister, had 
land assigned her in Salem in 1637, next to 
John Holgraves'. One of the first members 
of the church. 

Samuel, Boston, servant to John 
Sweete, adm. chh. 1 (7) 1644. Frm. May, 

Thomas, Watertown, "g.", mortgaged 
lands 30 (9) 1640. [L.] He sold house and 
10 acres of ground 17 (10) 1640. 

BKIGHTOIT, see Bright and Broughton, 

Thomas, ae. 31, came in the Truelove 
in Sept., 1635. 


John, Charlestown, inhab. 1636, adm. 
chh. 25 (1) 1638. He m. Mary Carter, who 
was adm. chh. 24 (8) 1639. Ch. Mary b. 24 
(5) 1640, John b. 2 (1) 1643. 


BRIMSMEADE, etc., cont. 
William, Dorchester. 
Will prob. 15 (3) 1648; ch. William, Alex- 
ander, Ebbett, Mary. [l^eg. Ill, 2G6, and IX, 

BISCO, see Bisco, 
William, tailor, Boston, 1639, adm. ehli. 
30 (11) 1640; frm. June 22, 1641. Wife Cice- 
ly adm. chh. 4 (5) 1641. His son Daniel (or 
Natlianiel) adm. ehli. IT (2) was drowned (3) 
1642. [W.] He had also sons Benjamin, 
Ezekiel, and Joseph. He and his wife were 
dism. to chh. of Milford 27 (6) 1648. 

William Brisco, Sen., his inventory was 
taken 13 June, 1667, and admin, of his est. 
gr. to his son Benjamin. 

Widow, sick at Winthrop's farm in 
3636. IW.] 


John, Salem, 1640. Rebecca, (Britt,) 
had child Ambross bapt. at Salem 30 (5) 


Richard, came in the Mayflower; signed 
the Compact; d. in Plymouth harbor Dec. 21, 


James, Weymouth, propr. He was 
punished for sympathy with Barnard and 
Lenthall, (12) 1638-9. A wrong done to him 
was acknowledged before the Gen. Court 2 
(4) 1640. He rem. to Woburn, 1640. He 
was executed for alleged crime in 1643. [W.] 
Ch. James, d. at Wob. May 3, 1655, Jane, 
[dau.?] m. at Wob. Feb. 1, 1659, Isaac Cole. 

BROAD, see Brade. 


Henry, yeoman, clothier, Concord; frm. 
March 14, 1638-9. Rem. to Woburn; taxed 
in 1649; bought land in 1650. Ch. Joseph 
b. 12 (2) 1641. Wife Susanna d. 15 Sept. 
1681; he m. 12 July, 1682, Annis Jaquith. 
He deposed 27 (10) 1658, ae. about 66 years. 
[Mdx. Files.] 

Will dated 18 July, 1682, prob. 20 (2) 1683, 
beq. to -wife Annes. as by marriage covenant; 
sons John, Timothy, and Isaac; souin-law 
John Mousall and dau. Sarah; to dau. Les- 

BROCK, etc., cont. 

tor; to Isaac, Henry and Miriam, ch. of son 
Isaac; to pastors Thomas Carter and Jabez 
Fox, and Lieut. Wm. Johnson. 

Henry, Dedham, propr. 1638, adm. chh. 
24 (lOi 1641. Bes. in Boston in 16.39. [L.] 
Wife Elizabeth adm. chh. 29 (1) 1640; ch. 
John adm. chh. 3 (2) 1640. Mary Brock m. 
5 (1) 1039, Henry Philips; Elizabeth Brock, 
adm. chh. 27 (8) 1643, m. 31 (8) 1644, Robert 

He d. in 1652. Will prob. Oct. 19, 1652; 
beq. to wife Elizabeth and ch. John, Eliza- 
beth and Anne. [Reg. IV, 288.] Richard 
Barber calls him son-in-law. 

Richard, caipenter, ae. 31, came in the 
Elizabeth and Ann April 27, 1635. 


Jane, widow, Rowley, propr. 1643, with 
sons Samuel and John. She was bur. 26 
Dec. 1668. 

John, Rowley, propr. 1650; town offi- 
cer. He m. 20 Sept. 1657, Sarah Woodman; 
ch. John b. 26 (5) 1658, Elizabeth b. 20 Nov. 

Will dated 30 Nov. 1665, prob. 25 Sept. 
1666, beq. to wife Sarah and daus. Sarah and 
Elizabeth; to John Stevens and maid ser- 
vant Mary Michill; father-in-law Archelaus 
Woodman and bro. Samuel B. overseers. 

Samuel, Rowley, propr. 1649; town offi- 
cer; captain. He deposed in 1665, ae. about 

35 years. He m. 18 (3) 1652, Hannah ; 

eh. Samuel b. 28 (9) 1653. Francis b. 26 (7) 
1655 ,bur. July 22, 1660, Hannah b. 28 March, 
1659, John bur. July 4, 1660, Sarah b. and d. 
1666, Sarah b. July 7, 1668, Jane b. Jan. 31, 
1670, Joseph b. Nov. 28, 1674. 

Admin, of his est. was gr. to his widow 
Hannah; she pres. inv. 26 Sept. 1676; court 
ordered division to be made to ch. Samuel, 
Joseph, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah. 


William, in Court 19 Sept. 1637. [See 
wills and notes on B. family in Reg. LII, 
264, and LIII, 9.] 

BROOKES, see Brock, 
Gilbert, ae. 14. came with William, tn 
the Blessing in July, 1635; as servant to Mr. 


BROOK, etc., cont. 

Wna. Vassell, Seituate, before Plym. Court 
5 March, 1U3S-9. Res. in Marshfield in 1C45. 
Constable. He rem. to Seituate, tlien to 
Reliobotb. He gave power of attorney 20 
March, 1094, to his son-in-law Robert Cross- 
man of Taunton, who sold his land in Sci. 
in 1099. Ch. Elizabeth and Sarah baiJt. at 
Sci. June 21, 1040, Mary bapt. July 15, 1049, 
Rachel bapt. July 7, 1650, Phebe bapt. Sept. 
5, 1052, Bathsheba bapt. April 8, 1055, Re- 
becca bapt. April 12, 1G57. 

He d. 13 June, 1095. Will dated June C. 
1095, being aged; prob. July 7, folg.: beq. 
to wife Sarah; to Zachariah Carpenter that 
lives with me; gr. ch. Bathsheba Walker and 
Broolj Thresher; to nine daughters, only Ra- 
chel's share to be given to my gr. son Ben- 
ony Wigen. Son-in-law Robert Grossman 
and William Manle execs. 

Richard, ae. 24, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. Propr. at Lynn in 1038; 
agreed to pay to Francis Godsome 9 (0) 1039. 
fL.] May be the same as 

Richard, gunsmith, Boston, bondsman 
of Wm. Day, exec, of the will of Jane Wood- 
cock, Aug. 10, 1666. 

Robert, of Maidstone, Eng., mercer, 
with Anne his wife and 7 ch., came in the 
Hercules in March, 1634. Res. at Marble- 
head. Had a grant of land between his old 
house and new Nov. 16, 1657. Margaret, 
widow of Robert B., and mother of .John B., 
m. 2, Captain George Corwin of Salem. Her 
first husband had a bro. John B. of London. 
[Es. Files, 4, 496.] 

Thomas, ae. 18, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. Settled at Watertown. 
Frra. Dec. 7, 1630. Rem. to Concord; con- 
stable 4 (10) 1638; deputy; captain. Signed 
inv. of Thos. Atkinson's est. in 1046. Wife 
Grace d. May 12, 1664. 

He d. May 21, 1667. Agreement between 
his heirs June 17, 1667; eldest son .Joshua 
Brooks, Capt. Timothy Wheeler, (husband 
of Mary B.,) Caleb and Gershom B. 

Thomas, before Salem court in 1036; 
d. at sea before 1639. [L.] 

William, ae. 20, came in the Blessing, 
in July, 1635. Settled at Salem, propr. 1039. 

William, Marshfield, atba. 1043; town 
oflScer, juryman 1046. He was father-In- 

BROOK, etc., cont. 

law to Joseph, son of John Wiston of Sci. 
6 March, 1005-6. Rem. to Seituate. Ch. 
Hannah bapt. Sept. 14, 1645, Nathaniel bapt. 
March 29, 1646, Mary bapt. Nov. 28, 1047, 
Sarah bapt. May 20, 1050, Miriam bapt. June 
0, 1052, Deborah bapt. March 18, 1054, Thom- 
as bapt. June 28. 1057, Johanna bapt. Oct. 
10, 1659. 

Will prob. 6 March, 1682-3, beq. to wife 
Susanna, sons Nathaniel and Thomas, daus. 
Hannah and Mary; wife's dau. Bathsheba, 
and gr. ch. Beriah. 


Roger, ae. 17, came in the Truelove in 
Sept., 1635. 


George, tailor, Boston, bought house 
and land of James Stokes, and sold it 6 
(7) 1642. 

Joan, ae. 13, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. 

Marie, ae. 10, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in April, 1635. 


Edmund, or Edward, Marshfield; had 
arbitration of a suit in Plym. Court, 1040. 
Atba. 1643. Was absent from town meeting 
23 Aug. 1052. 


Mr. Thomas, merchant, Watertown. 
Rem. to Boston. He deposed in 1058, ae. 
about 44 years. [Es. Files.] He referred in 
1646 to his bro. William res. in Bartholomew 
Lane, near the Royal Exchange, London. 
[Reg. XXXIX, S3.] He bought large tr.aets 
of land in Boston, Noddles Island, Quampe- 
gon and Kittery; erected mills, bakehouses, 
brewhouses. etc.; owned and operated ship- 
ping. Wife Mai-y, dau. of Nathaniel Brisco; 

ch. b. and d. in 1643, Elizabeth b. 15 (11) 

1645, (m. Jacob Fowle.) Mary b. 5 (5) 1651, 
Thomas b. May 26, 1653, d. 1 (7) 1654, Na- 
thaniel b. Dec. 5, 16.54, Thomas b. Dec. 23, 
1650, (became a gunmaker; d. in 1702; est. 
given to bro. Nathaniel and sisters Elizabeth 
Fowle and Abigail B.;) Hannah b. Dec. 28, 
1658. Sarah b. June 9, 1660, Patience b. April 
14. 1663, Abigail. 

He d. Nov. 12, 1700, ae. about 87 years. 




Abraham, Watertown, frm. Itlarch 6, 
1C31-2. Town officer, com. of Gen. Court. 
Wife Lydia; ch. Sarah, (m. George Parli- 

hurst, Jr..) Mary, (m. Lewis,) Lydia b. 

21 (1) 1632, (m. Wm. Lakin,) Jonathan b. 15 
(H) 1635, Hannah b. and d. in 1638, Abraham 
b. 6 (1) 1639. 

He d. in 1650. The widow m. Nov. 27, 
1650, Andrew Hodges of Ipswich. [Mdx. 
Files, 1670.] 

Christian, widow, Salisbury, propr. 
1640; d. 28 (10) 1641. 

Kev. Edmund, came with Leehford, 
[see letter of L. to him, dated 10 (10) 1638, 
in Note-Booli;] res. first at Plymouth. Rem. 
to Sudbury as minister; propr. 1639; frm. 
May 13, 1640. 

He d. 22 (4) 1678. [S.] Will dated 24 May, 
prob. 9 July, 1678. beq. to wife Anne; to his 
kinsman Samuel GofEe of Cambridge, whom 
he adopts as son and heir; to Harvard Col- 
lege £ 100, and to the town of Sudbury £ 50 
towards a school, after death of wife; to 
kinsmen John Browne of Bury St. Edmunds, 
CO. Suff. Eng. and Thomas Keade of Sud- 
bury; to man servant Richard Addams and 
maid servant Mary Plympton; to John Toll, 
James Whetcomb, Capt. John Greene and 
Thomas Walker. 

Edmund, servant to Wm. Colborne, 
adm. chh. Boston 22 (41 1634. He m. 14 (12) 
1653, Elizabeth Oklye; ch. Mary b. 15 Dec. 

He d. in Surinam about Michelmas, 1065. 
Admin, gr. to his wife 11 Oct., 1666. She d. 
and the 2 ch.'s grandmother, Mary, widow 
of Robert Boucier alias Garret, was made 
one of the trustees of his est. for the benefit 
of the ch., 2 Nov., 1666. [Reg. XV, 252, and 
XVI, 335.] 

Edward, Boston, propr. 1635-1649; frm. 
May 6, 1635. 

Edward, [Browne or Bourne,] Marsh- 
field, propr. 1643. 

Mr. Edward, or Edmund, Ipswich, 
propr. 1637. 

AVill, dated Feb. 9, 1659, prob. 27 (1) 1660. 
Sons Joseph and John; refers to a beq. given 
to dec. son Thomas by his aunt Watson In 
Eng.; bro. Bartholomew; wife Faith. The 
widow m. Daniel Warner; at her death she 

BROWN, etc., cont. 

beq. to these children, dau. Lydia and an- 
other dau. 

Francis, servant to John Alby, d. in 
Braintree (1) 1640. 

George, carpenter, came in the Mary 
and John March 24, 1633-4. Settled at New- 
bury. Propr. 1637; frm. May 13, 1640. 

He d. 1 Aug. 1642. Will dated May 26, 
1642, prob. March 28, 1643, beq. to wife, spe- 
cial bequest if she be with child; to bro. 
Richard B. of Newb.; to father and bro. 
Michael if they come over; nephews Mar- 
gery and Joshua; to Joseph, son of bro. Rich- 
ard, a share in mill at Salisbury. 

George, Salisbury; rem. to Haverhill; 
propr., town oflicer. Deposed before select- 
men Feb. 18, 1686-7, ae. about 60 years. Cap- 
tain. He m. at Salis. June 25, 1645, (Court 
copy,) Ann Eaton; she d. Dec. 16, 1683. He 
m. March 17, 1683-4, widow Hannah Hazen, 
who d. Feb., 1715. 

He d. Oct. 31, 1699, "ae. 76." Will prob. 
Nov. 6, 1699, beq. to wife; to her son Rich- 
ard Hazen; her dau. Sarah, wife of Daniel 
Wiccomb, Jr.; to his bro. Henry B. of Salis. 
and his bro. William B. and some of their 
ch. and gr. ch. 

Henry, shoemaker, Salisbury, propr. 
1843. Wife Abigail; ch. Nathaniel b. 30 (4) 
1642, Abigail b. 23 (12) 1643, (m. Samuel 
French,) Philip b. (10) 1646, Jonathan b. 
25 (9) 1646, (sic copia,) Abraham b. 1 (11) 
1649, Sarah b. 6 (10) 1654, (m. Andrew Gree- 
ley, Henry b. 8 (12) 1658. He and his wife 
Abigail deposed 11 (2) 1671, ae. about 56 

He d. Aug. 6, 1701; the widow d. Aug. 23, 

Henry, mariner, of Line House, eo. 
Middlesex, Eng., bought land in Boston in 
1648. Mortg. it to Edward Budd, carver, 
Jan. 4, 1668. 

Hugh, Salem, propr. 1636. He deposed 
5 (8) 1657, ae. 39 years. [Mdx. Files.] He 
was sent with others in a boat to Ipswich 
about 1629 to help the friendly Indians 
against warlike tribes. [Depos. of W. Dix- 
ey.] Rem. to Boston. Wife Sarah; ch. Job 
b. 29 March, 1651, Hugh b. and d. 1652, Sa- 
rah b. and d. 1653, Sarah d. 3 (2) 1654. 


Additions and Couuections, 1902. 

The work of Farmer, mentioned on page 3, 
was issued in 1829; that of Dr. Savage, was 
given to the public in 1862. 

Tlie first word of tlie quotation from Brad- 
ford on page G is " opprobriously." 

ABBOT, etc., Edward, Tauntou, atba. 1643; 
bound himself a covenant servant to Robert 
Nash, Boston, for 2 years, Jan. 15, IGoO. [A.] 

ADAMS, John of Concord [son of Henry, 
Sen., of Braintree?], had power of attorney 
25(10)1649 for collection of rents for John 
Shepheard of Braintree due upon lands lately 
in occupation of Jonathan Adams, living near 
Ballsbery, co. Somerset, Eng. [A.] 

Tho::ias, Chelmsford, d. July 20, 1688, se. 76. 
[Mdx. rec] 

ADDIS, William, Gloucester; town officer, 
1641. Ch. Millicent (m. William Southmeade), 
Anne, (m. at Boston 24(9)1652, Ambrose Dart). 

ADFORD, Henry; June 29, 1651, is the date 
of baptism of the children. 

ALBEE, Benjamin ; add children Hannah, bapt. 
16(6)1641, and Lydia, b. 14(2)1642. 

ALCOCK, Thomas, 
change 1634 to 1639. 

last line, first column. 

ALDEN; " Mr. John ."Vlden, the antient magi- 
strate of Plymouth, died Sept. 12, 1687." [S.] 

ALLEY, Philip, Salem, called to court in 1645, 
Add : Philip, ship-master, was lost at sea; his 

widow m. Pitts. Her nephew John Bundy 

petitioned May 31, 1671, for possession of her 
house and land, claiming that she had promised 
the same to him when he married his present 
wife with the advice and consent of his aunt 
and Mr. Alley, her first husband. [Mass. Arch. 
B, 15, 31.] 

AMEE, etc., John ; By ,wife Martha he had in 
Boston ch. John b. March 12, 1653, Martha b. 
Nov. 10, 1655, William b. March 27, 1057, 
Martha b. ^\'b. 29, 1659, Mary b. Oct. 10, 1661, 
Remembrance (son), b. March 18, 1664, Ruth 
b. June 24, 1666, Joseph b. Feb. 10, 1668, Ruth 
b. March 1, 1G70. John " Ame,"'shipwright, 
■with wife " Anne," mortg. house and land 3 
Dec. 1691 and gave deed of sale 13 Oct. 1693. 

ANDREW, ANDREWS, Samuel, died before 
Aug. 1, 14 Charles, when his widow reed, deed 
of 100 acres of land on the West side of Saco 
river in Maine, on which her husband formerly 
built a house, etc. ; confirmed by the selectmen 
of Saco 26(4)1654. [York Deeds.] She mar- 
ried Arthur Mackworth ; in a deed of laud to 
George Felt, Jr., (who had married her second 
husband's dan. Phillippe), she mentions her 
son James Andrews and her dan. Purchas. 
[Norf . CO. Rec. IV, 75,] She died in Boston la 
1676; beq. to daus. Purchas, Sarah, wife of 
Aliraham Adams, Rebecca wife of Nathaniel 
Whorfe and William Rogers (in turn), and a 
fourth daughter, name not given. 

ARMITAGE, Thomas, came with Richard 
Mather; settled at Plymouth; frm. 7 March, 
1636-7. Rem. to Sandwich; deputy. 

APPLETON, Samuel; note, his birth was in 

ARNOLD, Richard, Winnisiramet; he died, 
and admin, of his est. was gr. Sept. 3, 1633, to 
William Stitson. 

Thomas, " now suppo.sed to be in New Eng- 
land," mentioned in the will of his kinsman 
Richard Arnold, of London, goldsmith, as the 
son of William A. [Reg. XLVIII, 374.] 

ASEY, see Hasey. 

BAKER, Nathaniel, mentions children of his 
brother Nichulas. 

Nicholas: add child Elizabeth, b. Nov. 10, 
1644, (m. John Vinal). 

BALLARD, Mr. William, add children, Eliza- 
beth, (m. at Chelmsford Nov. 11, 1668, William 
Blunt), Lydia, (ra. 12(2)1674, Joseph Butter- 
field). He d. 10 July, 1689. 

BALCH, John; his son Freeborn testified in 
Piscatatpia court 19 Aug. 1657, aged 23 years. 

BARROW, see Burroughs. 

B.4.TEMAN, etc. John, sawyer, Boston, resi- 
dent, 1648. Wife Hannah adm. chh. 7 (3) 1648. 
Ch. John b. about (10) 1644, Hannah b. about 
(1) 1646, Elizabeth b. about (8) 1647, all bapt. 
14 (3) 1648 ; Sarah bapt. 7 (8) 1649, aj. about 
8 days, Sarah b. 6 (3) 1651 liacliel bapt. 1 (4) 
1651, Maryb. 1652, d. 1654, William b. 8 March, 
1655, Joseph b. 21 Aug. 1658, Mary b. Sept. 4, 

Read Introduction and Directions to Searchers. 

Additions and Corrections, 1902. 

JohnB., of Boston, now resident in Hingliam, 
made will Nov. 10, 1689, " being aged," prob. 
Sept. 16, 1690. Beq. to eldest son William and 
son Joseph if they appear in N. E. to receive 
it ; to four daus. Elizabeth Arnold, Sarah Eells, 
Rachel Holman and Mary .Joues; to gr. ch. 
Samuel and Hannah Holman. Sons-in-law Sam- 
uel Eells of Hing. andlsaac Jonesof Bo. execs. 

BATE, BATES, George; Joane Crocour de- 

BIBBLE, John; his wife Sibil, a dau. of John 
Tuicl^nell of Wedmore, co. Somerset, gave 
power of attorney 26 (7) 1650, to her bro. John 
T., of Wed., to collect legacy, left by her 
father. [A.] 

BLACKLEACH, John ; his wife was a dan. of 
Eobert Bacon, who lived sometime in Wap- 
ping, afterward near Cree church in London ; 
certificate of her health made 4 (5) 1649. [A.] 

BRASIER, etc., Edward, his wife Magdalen 
was adm. chh. Char. 9 (6) 1656; he was adm. 
29 (5) 1S58. Ch. Thomas bapt. 29 (2) 1660, 
Abigail b. 18 Dec. 1664. 

BROWN, BROWNE, Nicholas, mariner, sent 
power of attorney 24 (10) 1649 for collection 
of rents etc. at Moreton Underhill [Birtsmor- 
ton?] CO. Worcester. [A.] 

Thomas, husbandman, planter, Sudbury, one 
of the petitioners to whom the Gen. Court gave 
authority to begin that plantation 6 Sept. 1638. 
Rem. to Concord; bought land 20 (3) 1655, 9 
June, 1661, 3 (2) 1671,—" of Concord." Dau. 
Mary m. first William Woodhead, of Chelms- 
ford, whose conduct made it necessary for Mr. 
Browne to write two letters to the governor 
In Dec. 1670; he deposed at that time, aged 
about 61 years; his son Thomas, Jr , deposed 
at the same time, aged about 19 years. [Mdx. 
files.] Mary ra. second, John Gove of Cam- 
bridge. Thomas B., Sen. was a member of a 
committee to divide certain Concord property 
26 March, 1675 ; [Mdx. Deeds] ; but 20 Nov. 
1680, — "late of Concord, now of Cambridge," 
—he deeded his Concord lands to his son 
Thomas, Jr., and acknowledged the deed be- 
fore Randolph Dec. 6, 1687. He filed on March 
11, 1681-2, a list of lands which he had given 
to his son Boaz before the latter's marriage ; 

John Gove was one of the witnesses. The son 
Jabez, who remained in Sudbury until the 
founding of Stow, in which he joined with 
Boaz and others, deposed 6 (2)1669, aged about 
25 years ; he died in 1692 ; his widow and son 
Thomas had a letter from Gove, who called her 
"my sister Brown," and offered to sign their 
administration bond, Sept. 29, 1692. 

Thomas B., Sen.'s death is not recorded. 
Only one person of the name is mentioned in 
Camb. town and church records for this period ; 
fined for nominal ofi"ence with others 9 (12) 
1656; town officer 1660, 1663 and 1668; adm. 
chh. May 18, 1666,— children bapt. as stated in 
text. Having given lands to his older children, 
he willed his remaining property to his second 
wife and their children. 
BUNDY, John, see Alley. 
BULLARD, William, appoints " Sonnes Nath" 
Bullard & Moses Colliar executo'^ " of his will. 

BULLOCKE, Edward, was son of " Mr. Wil- 
liam B., late of Barkham in Barkshire." [Dep- 
osition of Elizabeth Clements 26 (5) 1649. A.] 

BURTON, Edward; the record given under 
Thomas B. belongs to Edward. Aug. 3, 1682, 
Samuel Johnson, glover, of Boston, for his 
wife Phoebe, second dau. of the late E. B. 
of Hingham, sold her portion in certain lands, 
referring to Hannah, her oldest sister, and 
Sarah the third dau. [Suff. De. VI, 323]. 

BUTLER, Stephen, Boston, proprietor 1648. 
Ch. of Stephen and Jane : Benjamin b. 2 Aug. 
1653, Benjamin b. 10 Feb. 1658, Isaac, b. Oct. 9, 
1661, Isaac b. May 29, 1664, James b. Aug. 2, 
1665, Isaac b. Aug. 10, 1667 ; Stephen and Tab- 
ithahad Stephen b. April 22, 1681. Stephen, 
blacksmith, died in 1717 ; his " mother Tabitha 
Butler" had certain articles that were her 
particular property reserved at the admin, of 
his estate. 

BUTTON, Mathias; erase from list of his 
children Thomas, Elizabeth, Mehetabel and 
Edward, who were transferred in the records 
from the family of his son-in-law Edward 
Yeomans. He sued John Godfrey 13 (2) 1659, 
for " the flreiug of his chimney, which caused 
the burning of my house and the death of my 
wife." [Es. Court files.] 

^g^ Read Introduction and Directions to Searchers. 

BROWN, etc., cont. 

Inv. of his est. presented 27 Jan. 1669-70. 
[Keg. XVIII, 325.] 

James, Boston, memb. chh. 1630, frm. 
Sept. 3, 1634. Wife Grace; ch. James b. (7) 

Will 9 (3) 1651. Beq. to wife Grace and 
son James; to tbe clih. of Boston of which 
be was a member; to the children of Thomas 
Stoclier of Rumney Marsh. 

James, Charlestown, propr. 1633, adm. 
chh. 10 (1) 1634, frm. May 25, 1636. Sold 
land in 1646. Wife Elizabeth adm. chh. 14 
(4) 1634; ch. John bapt. 1 (1) 1639, Mary bapt. 
3 (1) 1040. Elizabeth adm. chh. [bapt?] 31 
<5) 1641. 

James, a youth of about 17 yrs., from 
from Hampton, Eng., came in the James 
A-pril 5, 1635. 

James, glazier, Charlestown, frm. May 
17, 1G37. Hired Lovell's Island of the town 
In 1636. He rem. to Newbury; propr. 1637; 
town officer. Rem. to Salem. He deposed 

28 (10) 1658, ae. about 53 years. [Mdx. Piles.] 
He m. 1, Judith, dan. of Capt. .John Cutting. 
He m. 2, Sarah, sister of his first wife. 
She was ae. 53 in 1658. Ch. John b. 4 (11) 
1637-8, James b. in 1642, d. in 1643. James 
b. 19 (6) 1647, Nathaniel b. 21 (9) 165S, Sam- 
uel b. Jan. 14, 1G56-7, Hannah bapt. Sept. 
2, 1658, Abraham bapt. 14 (8) 1660, Mary b. 
May 25, 1663. Abigail b. Oct. 24, 166.5, Mar- 
tha b. Dec. 22, 1667. 

He d. at Salem Nov. 3, 1676. Will prob. 

29 (9) 1676; wife Sarah, bro. Nicholas Noyes; 
ch. John, James, Samuel, Abraham, Anna, 
Mary, Abigail, Martha, Sarah Beasly; to 
eldest son John est. left by Henry Bright of 
Watertown for money lent him many years 
ago; est. at Newbury left to wife by her 
father Cutting. 

Jarrard, servant to Wm. Oolborne, 
adm. chh. Boston 22 (4) 1634, with Edmund 

John, Salem, one of the Assts. of the 
Mass. Bay Co. In Eng. and one of the Coun- 
cil of Governor .John Endecott at the begin- 
ning of his term, April 17, 1629. He came 
in the Talbot; gave bond for return freight 
2S Sept., 1629, being sent back with his bro. 
Samuel for speeches and practice tending 
to mutiny and faction. See Samuel, below. 
[Reg. XXXV, 250; Suff. De. 1.] 

BROWN, etc., cont. 

John, ae. 40, came in the Elizabeth 
April 17, 1035. 


embarked June 22, 1632. Not 

John, tailor, ae. 27„ with servants 
Thomas Hart, ae. 24, and Mary Denny, ae. 
24, cert, from Baddow, Essex, came in the 
Desire in June, 1635. Not identified. 

Mr. John, gent. In his younger years, 
travelling in the low countries, he became 
acquainted with and took a good liking to 
the church at Ley den. [Mor.] Came there- 
fore to Plymouth; taxed in 1632; frm.; Asst.; 
one of the comrs. of the United Colonies. 
Rem. to Rehoboth before 1646. [See Sam- 
uel Eddy.] Town oflicer, deputy, magis- 
trate. Ret. to Eng. before 1659 [Letter of 
Thos. Mahew to J. Winthrop, Jr.] and be- 
came the steward of Sir Harry Vane. Came 
back to R. about 1661. John B. m. at Ply- 
mouth, 26 March, 1634, Phebe Harding. 
[Ply. Col. Rec] 

He d. in the spring of 1662. [Mor.] AVill, 
dated April 7, 1662. Dau. Mary, wife of 
Thomas Willett, gr. ch. Martha, wife of John 
Saffln, gr. ch. John Brown, son of John; gr. 
ch. Joseph, Nathaniel, Lydia and Hannah 
B.; son James and wife Dorothy execs. 
[Reg. VI, 94, and XXXVI, 368. The wid- 
ow d. at Swansey Jan. 27, 1673, in her 90th 
year. Her will dated 17 Dec. 1668, prob. 29 
March, 1674, beq. to dau. Mary Willett and 
her ch.; to Sarah, dau. of dau. Sarah Eliot, 
dec; to son James and daus.-in-law Lydia 
and Dorothy B. and their children. 

John, mariner, Salem, propr. and 
memb. chh. 1637; frm. May 2, 1638. Chosen 
ruling elder 1660. Wrecked on return from 
Virginia; lost vessel and goods, but arrived 
at Sal. in 1661. Had new ship built by Wil- 
liam Stephens. Ales (.ilice) presumed to be 
his wife. memb. chh. in 1637. Ch. Jonathan, 
(d. 1667; est. admin, by his father;) John 
bapt. 16 (7) 1638, Jacob and Samuel bapl. 
13 (1) 1641, John bapt. 1 (3) 1642, James bapt. 
17 (5) 1642, Joanna bapt. 9 (2) 1643, Eliza 
bapt. 23 (10) 1643, Eliza bapt. 14 (2) 1644, 
Nathaniel bapt. 28 (51 1644. 

His will dated 2 Jan. 1683, prob. 24 Nov. 
1684, beq. to gr. ch. John and Abiel B.; to 
4 ch. of his dec. son James B.; to son-in-law 
Samuel Gardner, Jr. and his wife. 


BROWN, etc., cont. 

John, weaver, Duxbuiy, 1641, pro- 
posed tor frm., but absent when action 
should have been taken 7 June, 1648. Broth- 
er of Peter. Bought land in Sandwich 31 
Jan. 1649. 

John, Watertown. Wife Dorothy; eh. 
Hannah b. 9 (7) 1634, Mary b. 24 (1) 1630. 
He was. bur. 20 (4) 1036, ae. 36. 

Lydia, ae. 16, from the Parish of Little 
Minories, came in the Abigail in June, 1035. 

Malachi, see Browning. 

Margery, Newbury, d. March 26, 1650-1. 

Nathaniel, Springfield. Ch. Nathaniel 
b. and d. 1049. 

Nicholas, mariner, Lynn, propr. 1038, 
com. of Gen. Court 13 May, 1040. Rem. to 
Reading; propr. 1644; town officer. He ana 
his wife and children were adm. from chh. 
of L. Ch. Edward b. Aug. 15, 1040, Joseph 
b. Dee. 10, 1647, Sarah b. June 6, 1650. 

He d. April 5, 1673. Will dated (1), prob. 
17 (4) 1673, beq. to ch. John, Josiah, Edward, 
Joseph, Cornelius and Elizabeth, and wlTe 

Peter, came in the Mayflower; signea 
the Compact; frm. 1633. Settled at Ply- 
mouth. Martha and Mary had divisions of 
cattle with him in 1627. See story of his 
getting lost. [Mou.] 

He d. before Oct. 10, 1633. Est. settled by 
Court Nov. 11, 1633. Admin, gr. to widow 
Mary. Children by divers wives. Dau. 
Mary had 15 li. put into the hands of her 
guardian John Done for 9 years; dau. Prls- 
cilla had 15 li. in the hands of her guardian, 
Wm. Gilson, for 12 years; the rest to the 
widow for the bringing up of the 2 ch. she 
had by Mr. Brown. Oct. 10, 1644, Mary, ae. 
17 years, chose her uncle, John B. of Dux- 
bury, guardian. Priscilla also chose him 
Oct. 28, 1645. She m. Wm. Clark. [Reg. 
XXXVIL 276.] 

Peter, Sudbury, propr. 1639. 

Mr. Richard, Watertown, 1630, frm. 
May 18, 1631. Town otEcer, deputy, comr., 
ruling elder. Rem. from eldership for main- 
taining that the Romish chh. was a true chh., 
and for holding other heretical opinions. He 
made complaint when the red cross was cut 
out of the ensign at Salem Nov. 5, 1634. He 

BROWN, etc., cont. 

rem. to Charlestown in 1657. He was ae. 

81 or 82 in 1657. 

AVill prob. March 20, 1661. Beq. to wife 
Elizabeth; servant Jonathan Simpson; to 
Phinehas Pratt; sons Richard and George 
B. in Eng. The widow m. Richard Jackson. 

Richard, came in the Mary and John in 
1633. Settled at Ipswich; sold the house he 
had built and rem. to Newbury before 1638. 
Propr. and town officer. Wife Edith d. 
April 12, 1647, and he m. 16 Feb., 1648, Eliz- 
abeth, widow of Giles Badger. Ch. Joseph, 
Joshua b. 10 April, 1642, Caleb b. 7 May, 
1645, Elizabeth b. 29 March, 1649, Richard 
b. 18 Feb. 1650-1, Edmund b. 17 July, 1654, 
Sarah b. 7 Sept. 3657, Mary b. 10 April, 1660. 
He d. 26 April, 1661. Will prob. June 24, 
1661. Wife; son Joseph dec; ch. Joshua, 
Richard, Edmund, Elizabeth, Sarah, and 
Mary (under aged and unmarried;) bro. 
George dec. Agreement made between John 
Badger and the Browne children 4 March, 

Robert, ae. 24, came in the Truelove 
in Sept., 1635; frm. May 2, 1649. Settled 
at Cambridge; memb. chh. He m. May 8, 
1649, Barbara Eden. 

He d. Nov. 23, 1690, ae. 70 years. Barbara 
d. Juue 1, 1693, ae. 80 years. [Gr. St.] 

Mr. Samuel, app. by the Mass. Bay 
Co. one of the Council of Governor John 
Endecott April 17, 1629. Was sent back 
with his bro. John within a few months, on 
charge of mutiny. One of them was a law- 
yer, the other a merchant. They gathered 
a company at simdry times and read the 
book of common prayer, and accused the 
governor and minister of being separatists, 
etc. [Mor.] 

Susan, ae. 20, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in May, 1635. 

Thomas, weaver, from Malford, Eng., 
came in the James in April, 1635, as ser- 
vant to Thomas Antram. Settled at New- 
bury. Wife Mary d. 2 June, 1655. Ch. Mary 
b. 1635— "first white child born in Newbury," 
[Coffin,] (m. 13 May, 1656, Peter Godfrey,) 
Francis, Isaac. His wife Mary was a dau. 
of Thomas Newhall, of Lynn. See his will. 
Probably the Thomas B. who was a com- 
moner at Ipswich, 1641. 
He d. 8 Jan. 1686. "A kind of will," de- 


BKOWN, etc., cont. 

fective in some points, was not reed, to 
probate Feb. 22, IGSO, but admin, of tlie 
est. was gr. to his son Francis. 

Thomas, Sudbury, propr. 1G40. The 
Gen. Court 7 (8) 1G40, granted him 200 acres 
of land for the 25 li. adventure of Mrs. Anne 
Harvyes. He seems to have rem. to Con- 
cord, where by wife Bridget he had ch. Boaz 
b. 14 (12) 1641, Mary b. 2G (1) 1G4C, Eliezer 
b. 5 (3) 1649. He is clearly the man who 
was adm. chh. Cambridge May 18, IGGG; had 
m. before 1G5S Martha, widow of Thomas 
Oldhaui; ch. Mehitabel bapt. June 2, 1661, 
Mary bapt. March 8, 1663, Ebenezer bapt. 
July 23, lG6o, Ichabod bapt. Sept. 9, 1666. 

Will dated Nov. 23, 1690, prob. in Jan. 
folg., beq. to wife Martha, dans. Mehitabel 
and Martha, and sons Ebenezer and Ichabod. 
The inv. shows house and land in Camb. 
and 300 acres at Worcester. 

William, Boston, with wife Thomasine, 
servants to Governor Winthrop, adm. chh. 
9 (11) 1633. 

William, soap-boiler, Boston, 1034; Sa- 
lem 1637. Perhaps a brief residence, from 
which he returned to Bo. Ch. Sarah bapt. 
11 (3) 1634. 

Will prob. Dec. 19, 1662. Wife Hannah 
exec; 12 pence apiece to his 6 children. A 
cow at Billerikey. 

Mr. William, shop keeper, Salem, 1636; 
frm. May 2, 1649. He deposea regarding 
the fishing business of Lord Brookes, Sayes 
and Sir Uiebard Saltonstall, 23 (6) 164o. [A.] 
William, Esq. Salem, made will 12 March, 
1686-7, prob. at Boston Feb. 1687, beq. to 
sons William and Benjamin, dan. Winthrop 
and her 3 children; to cousin Francis B., 
wine cooper in London; to pastor, Mr. Hig- 
ginson; to the church; to the poor; to the 
school for the bringing up of poor scholars; 
to gr, ch. Sarah Deane; to cousin Thomas 
Smith; to Joseph Endecott and Wm. Red- 
furd. He d. 20 Jan. 1687, ae. 79. [Gr. at.] 

William, fisherman, ae. 26, with [wife] 
Mary, ae. 26, came in the Love in July, 1635. 
Settled at Cape Ann 1644. [L.] Adm. chh. 
Salem 27 (10) 1641. Gloucester, town officer, 
1C47. He m. July 15, 1646, Mary "Robeson," 
perhaps widow of Abraham Robinson of 

BROWN, etc., cont. 

Gloc. Ch.' Mary b. July 28, 1(>49, Mary bapt. 

28 (11) 1G56, James bapt. 2 (11) 1658. 

He d. May 3, 1662. Will prob. 25 (4) 1662; 
wife Mary; son-in-law Abraham Robinson 
under 21 years and dau. Mary Browne un- 
der 18 years. 

William, arrived June 22, 1639, appren- 
tice to Mr. Vincent Potter, who released him 
to Thomas Joy, carpenter, Sept. 24, 1639. 

William, Plymouth, 1644. Rem. to 
Eastham. He m. July 16, 1649, Mary Mur- 
cock. Ch. Mary b. May 14, 1G50, George b. 
Jan. 16, 1651, William b. April 1, 1654, Sam- 
uel b. March, 1655-6. 

Will 27 June, 1685, prob. 31 March, 1694, 
beq. to wife Marj% sons George, John, James 
and Samuel, and dau. Mercy. 

William, gentleman, Sudbury, propr. 
1(;39; frm. June 2, 1641. He petitioned the 
Gen. Court in 1649 for 200 acres of land 
due for 25 li. put into joint stock by his 
aunt Mrs. Ann Harvey, who authorized his 
application. Land laid out to him in Sud- 
bury. Sold land in 1G53. He m. 15 (9) 1641, 
"Mary Bisljy of Duxbury;" ch. Mary b. 18 
(3) 1643, Thomas b. 22 (3) 1645, Edmund b. 
27 (9) 1643 [8?], Susanna b. 4 (12) 1646. 

Will dated 20 May, prob. 25 Oct. 1676, beq. 
to his wife Mary his whole interest in the 
lands given to her by her father Beesbech 
at Hetcorne and Frittingden in co. Kent, 
Eng.; to sons Thomas, William, Edmund 
and Hopestill; to dau. Mary, wife of Benja- 
min Rice, and her son Ebenezer; to daus. 
Elizabeth and Sarah B.; to gr. ch. Mary, 
Thankful, Patience and Sarah B. 

William, planter, Salisbury, bro. of 
George and Henry, propr. 1639. Memb. 
chh. 1677. He m. about 1645 Elizabeth 
Murford. She became insane in connection 
with the witchcraft delusion, 1G61-1692. [Es. 
Files.] Ch. Mary b. 17 (4) 1647, (m. Thomas 
Hoyt,) William b. 24 (12) 1648, Ephraim b. 
24 (4) 1650, Martha b. 5 (5) 1654, Elizabeth 
b. 6 (6) 1656, (m. Samuel Clough,) Sarah b. 
12 (2) 1658, (m. Benjamin Brown). 
He d. Aug. 24, 1706. 


Thomas, planter, Braintree, sold land 
in 1640. [L.] Had accts. with Robert 
Keaine 22 (12) 1G46. [A.] 



JIalacby, geut., (called also Brown,) 
Watertown, propr. 1642. Signed as one of 
the appraisers of John Simson's estate (2) 
1G45. A letter of attorney was made 23 (10) 
1644 to him to receive an annuity of S li. 
a year, to be paid by the com. of Chelms- 
ford. He made Capt. Robert Harding of 
Boston his agent, 13 (S) 1047, to arrange 
with Mr. Thomas Browning of Mauldon in 
Essex, clerk, for reversion in Ratchford 
Hundred, Essex. [A.] 

He d. at Mr. Robert Scott's house in Bos- 
ton 27 (9) 1653. 

Thomas, Salem, 1636, frm. April IT, 

1637. Town officer. He deposed in 1(560, ae. 
about 73 years. Rem. to Topsfleld before 
1G61, aud was dism. 9 Nov. 1663, to join in 
the forming of a chh. tliere. Ch. Mary bapt. 
7 (11) 1637, Deborah bapt. 31 (11) 1646. 

He d. Feb. 1670. Will, dated Feb. 16, 1670, 
prob. 28 (4) 1671. Gr. son Thomas Towne, 
daus. Towne, Simons, Williams and Meaeh- 
am; wife exec. Joseph Williams and Isaac 
Meacham agreed on division of the est. 17 
(2) 1675. 


Obediah, of Shrewsbury, Eng.. draper, 
who had been a res. of Fiscataqua. sold June 
21, 1642, his share in that Patent which he 
had purchased of Richard Percyvall, draper, 
of Shrewsbury, May 4, 1640. [Mass. Arch.] 
Rem. to Plymouth; prop. frm. 1 March, 
1640-1, but did not remain. Settled at Glou- 
cester. Frm. May 19, 1042. Town officer, 
deputy, surveyor of the arms. Com. to end 
small causes. [See autograph in Es. Files I, 
17.] Rem. to New London, Conn. 


John, Sen., Scituate. 
He d. at Cohannack, (Taunton,) April 28, 

1638. Will prob. June 17, 163S. All to son 
John except a gift to Richard Paul. Inv. 
taken by Mrs. Elizabeth Poole, Mrs. Jane 
Poole, Wm. Scradding and Richard Paul. 
Mr. John Gilbert to take care of the portion 
of the son John. [Reg. IV, 36.] 

Stephen, Plymouth, 1638, Duxbury, 
atba. 1643. In Court in 1651. Frm. June 
6, 16.54. John Shaw, Jr., calls him bro-in- 
law. His dan. Abigail m. Lieut. John Bry- 
ant Nov. 23, 1665. [Reg. XXXV, 37.] 

BRYANT, etc., cent. 

Thomas, servant to Samuel Eedy, be- 
fore Plym. Court in 1632. Servant to Mr. 
Allerton, before Boston Court 14 (4) 1642. 


Christian, ae. 26, came in the Blessing 
in July, 1635. 

Isaac, blacksmith, Scituate, atba. 1643. 
Referred to in Plym. Col. Rec. in le.'iO and 

James, with his servant John Morfleld, 
came from Hingham, Eng. in 1638 and set- 
tied at Hingham. Propr., frm. May 22, 1039. 
He m. at Dorchester June 4, 1639, name of 

wife not known. Ch. bur. 13 June, 1640, 

James b. and d. 1642, Lydia bapt. Dec. 13, 
1643, James d. 24 April, 1646, Abiel bapt. 
April 26. 1646, Lydia d. 19 April, 1667. Ch. 
Lydia, left without father or mother, was 
a charge of Hingham some years. Ann Bate 
had care of her. [Arch. 105.] [See Roger 

William, plow-wright, ae. 50, and 
Roger, ae. 18, came in the Increase April 15, 
1635. Settled at Cambridge; res. in 1650. 

He d. Jan. 24, 1657-8, ae. about 73. Inv. 
filed April 3, 1658, by his son Roger, adminr. 


Marie, came in the Anne in 1623 to 
Plymouth; had lot adjoining that of Joseph 


Thomas, frm. May 6, 1635. Rem. to 
Windsor, Conn. 

William, carpenter, Hingham, (see 
Plaistow.) propr. 1635. [L.] Rem. to Reho- 
both. Ch. Benjamin b. July 2, 1640. He 
sold land in Hing. May 25, 1661. 

BUCKLEY, see Bulkley, 

William, shoemaker, Ipswich, 164S, 
endorsed bond of John Johnson in 1654. 


James, Sudbury, propr. 1640. 

Thomas, laborer, Boston, had grant 
from Gen. Court 3 March, 1639-40; adm. chh. 
4 (8) 1645, frm. May 6, 1646. Wife Joan 
ndm. from chh. of Scituate 4 (8) 1645. Had 


BUCKMASTER, etc., cont. 
land at Sudbury in 1039. Son Lawrence d. 
1645 or 104U; beq. to sister Elizabeth B.; 
Abigail Sherman; bro. Zachary B.; my fath- 
er; Thomas Spaule and his dau. Mary. 

He d. Sept. 28, 1G30. Will mentions wife 
Joanna, ch. Zachary, Thomas, Joseph, Ja- 
bez; daus. Elizabeth Spowell (and her two 
ch.), Mary Stevens, Dorcas Corben, and Sa- 
rah B. [Reg. VI, 3.53, and XIX, 37.] The 
widow m. Sept. 1, 1661, Edward Garfield, 
q. V. 


AVilliam, carpenter, Charlestown. men- 
tioned in inv. of Nathaniel Sparhawk in 
1647. Rem. to Maiden. He deposed 25 (7) 
1665, ae. about 03 years. [Mdx. Files.] He 
m. Sarah, dau. of Prudence Wilkinson; she 
petitioned 16 (8) 1602. [Mdx. Files.] Peti- 
tion concerning son John in 1641. [L.] Other 
ch. Mercle b. 14 (12) 1047, Sarah b. July, 
1050, William b. Aug., 1052, Mehetabel b. 
Aug., 1634, Edward b. (7) 1057, Samuel d. 
13 (7) 1658, Samuel b. Feb., 1059, (was ap- 
prenticed to John Atkinson, feltmaker, 3 
July, 1678). [Es. Files.] 
He d. March 28, 1679. 


Robert, Salem, 1638. Wife Thamesin; 
ch. Lydia b. 19 (12) 1646. [Es. Files.] 

Admin, gr. to widow Tamson 2 (10) 1669; 
deposition of Gertrude Pope. Petition or 
Robert Wilson, John Hill, Wm. Beanes anfl 
Jeremiah Neale, children and heirs of the 
deceased, Nov. 25, 1678, and deposition or 
his dau. Mary Neale, ae. about 30 yrs. Sons 
Caleb and Joshua referred to. The widow's 
■will, dated 10 May, prob. at Boston 13 June, 
16S8, beq. to daus. Sarah Beans, Lydia Lock- 
er, Mary Neele; to the ch. of dau. Margaret 
Smith; to gr. ch. Deborah Forster and her 
bro. Robert Willson; Exercise Pope, Da- 
maris Buffum, Sarah Darlin, Caleb and Tam- 
masin B., Lydia Lennard and her sister 
Elizabeth Beckett, Tammazen and Robert 
Beans, Elizabeth Kellam. Jeremiah Neele; 
and to sons .Joshua and Caleb. 


Edward, ae. 40. wife Rebecca, ae. 32, 
and dau. Sarah, ae. 4. came in the Francis 
of Ipswich April 30. 16.34. Settled at Rox- 
bury. Ch. Joseph b. June 6. 1040, an in- 

BUGBEE, etc., cont. 

fant b. and d. 1642. He was adm. chh., an 

old man, 20 (6) 1665. 

He d. 27 (11) 1668, ae. above 80. Will prob. 
30 Jan., 1668. Son Joseph dau. Sarah Cham- 
berlain and her ch. Mary and Rebecca C. 
Son-in-law Richard Chamberlaine exec. 
[Reg. XIX, 163.] 

Richard, Roxbury, frm. May 18, 1631. 
Wife Judith. 

He d. before 1042. His widow m. Robert 
Parker, q. v. 


George, Sandwich, propr. 1040, atba. 
1643, constable, 1645. 


John, Salem, propr., adm. chh. 21 (9) 
1640, frm. May 18, 1642. Ann, [wife,] adm. 
chh. 4 (2) 1641. 


Richard, bricklayer, planter, Boston; 
paid for work at the fort by Mr. Pynchon 
in 1632; adm. chh. 13 (2) 1634. Ch. John 
bapt. at Bo. 20 (2) 1634. 

He was dism. to chh. at the Falls of Pasch- 
cataqua 6 (11) 1038. Res. at Dover in 1640. 


Henry, ae. 19, cert, from St. Savior's, 
Southwark, Eng., named in list of the Eliz- 
abeth in April, 1035. 

Henry, ae. 25, came in the James in 
July, 1635. 

Thomas, ae. 25, came in the Hopewell 
in Sept., 1635. Rem. to Hartford, Conn. 

William, Cambridge. He deposed 7 
(8) 1650, ae. about 38 years, that in 1638 he 
was in the service of Capt. Cooke at his 
mill close by Major Gibbons' land. [Mdx. 
Files.] Wife Blyth; dau. Rebecca b. 22 (6) 

Will dated 21 May, prob. 12 Oct. 1687, beq. 
to wife; to sons John, Samuel and Elisha; 
daus. Rebecca and Mary. 


Rev. Peter, ae. 50, came in the Susan 
and Ellen in May. 1635, with John, ae. 15, 
Benjamin, ae. 11, and Daniel, ae. 9; Grace, 


BULKLEY, etc., cont. 

ae. 33, was enrolled in the list of the Eliz- 
abeth and Ann. Settled at Cambridge; 
householder 8 Feb. 1635. He was of an hon- 
orable family, a son of Edward B., D.D., 
and was b. at Woodhil (or Odel) in Bedford- 
shire, Jan. 31, 1082; grad. St. John's Coll. 
Cambridge; was silenced for non-conformity. 
His first wife was dan. of Mr. Thomas Al- 
len of Goldington; by her he had 9 sons and 
two daus.; 8 years after her death he m. a 
dau. of Sir Richard Chitwood, by whom he 
had 3 sons and one dau. He brought large 
wealth and did great good. Gave many 
boolis to the library of Harvard College. 
Wrote The Gospel Covenant. [C. M.] [See 
Reg. 42, 45 and 52, and Genealogy.] He 
hal leave Sept. 1, 1635, with about 12 more 
families, to begin a town at JXusketaquid, 
(Concord,) where he was pastor. Sous Ed- 
ward and Thomas also came here and had 
families. Ch. b. at C: Dorothie b. 2 (fi) 1040, 
Peter b. 12 (6) 1643. 

He d. 9 March, 1658-9. Will dated 14 
April, 1658, prob. 20 (4) 1G59; in his 76th 
year; beq. to wife; to sons Edward, Eliezer 
and Peter; to dau. Dorothy one hundred 
pounds iu England which came by the death 
of one of wife's sisters; to son .John in Eng. 
and son Joseph, res. not specified; to the 
widow of dec. son Thomas; to my lord Oli- 
ver St. John, Chief Justice of the Common 
pleas; to several individuals. [Reg. X, 167.] 


George, Watertown. He deposed 28 
(10) 1658, ae. about 50 years. [Mdx. Files.] 
His wife, Mergrett, d. 8 (12) 1639. He m. 2, 
lU-atrice Hall, (q. v.) Ch. Mary b. Feb. 12, 
1630-40, Jacob b. 6 (2) 1642, Jonathan b. July 
12, 1G47. Beatrice d. at Dedham 29 (3; 1652. 
He m. April 30, 1655, widow Mary Maple- 
He d. Jan. 14, 1688-9. 

John, Dedham, propr., 1638; adm. chh. 
with wife Magdelen 2 (5) 1639. Ch. Abi- 
gail b. 8 (8) 1641, Joseph b. 26 (2) 1643, Han- 
nah b. 1 (12) 1645, Michael b. 21 (1) 1648. 

Robert, Watertown, before 1639. 

"Robert Bullard, the husband of Anne 
Bullard, bur. 29 (4) 1639, 40 years old." The 
widow m. 2, Henry Thorp; she had grant 
of land in 1644. Ch. Benjamin, (m. in Ded- 
ham 5 (2) 1659, Martha, dau. of Thomas 


BULLARD, etc., cont. 

Pidge,) and two or more daughters. [See 


William,. Dodham, propr., 1638; with 
wife adm. chh. 13 (10) 1639. Rem. to 
Charlestown; propr. 

He d. at Dedh. 24 Dec. 1686, ae. about 85 
years. He made will July 5, 1679, codicil 22 
May ,1684, prob. at Boston 17 March, 1686-7. 
Beq. to wife Mary; daus. Mary and Eliza- 
beth; house and land at Dedham to son Na- 
thaniel; grand child William, son of Isaac, 

N. B. Some William B. was memb. chh. 
of Cambridge in 1658, with wife Mary, for- 
merly wife of Francis Grisold. [Mi.] 


Samuel, Dedham, 1639, propr. 23 (4) 
1640; frm. June 2, 1641. Rem. to Medfield; 
deacon. He m. 10 (6) 1641, Mary, dau. of 
Samuel Morse; she was adm. chh. 7 (4i 1646. 
Ch. Mary b. 20 (5) 1642, Samuel b. 19 (10) 
1G44, Elizabeth b. 3 (12) 1646, (m. Benjamin 

He d. Jan. 16, 1691-2; division of his est. 
was made .Tune 24, 1697, to sons Samuel and 
Joseph and the other heirs, viz. Mary Clarke, 
John Bullen, Elisha Bullen, the children of 
Elizabeth Wheelock. the children of 
Ephraim Bullen, children of Melatiali Fish- 
er; and Bethia Colburu. 

BULLFLO'WER, see Bellflower. 


Edward, husbandman, ae. 32, came in 
the Elizabeth April 17. 1635. 

Will, dated at Dorchester 25 (5) 1649. 

About to go to Eng. Beq. to wife and 

daughter-in-law Hannah Johnson. Prob. 

29 Jan., 1656. List of debts. [Reg. VI, 355.] 

Erasmus, Boston, 1632. 

Henry, husbandman, ae. 40, with wife 
Susan, ae. 42 and ch. Henry, ae. 8, Mary, 
ae. 6, and Thomas, ae. 2, cert, from the par- 
ish of St. Lawrence, Essex, Eng.. c.qnie in 
the Abigail in June. 163.5. Settled at 
Charlestown. propr., 1638. Rem. to Salem 
about 1644. His wife Susan d. about 2 Nov. 
1644. [Es Files.] 

He d. 27 (10) 1663. Will dated Dec. 21, 
1663, prob. 29 (4) 1664; wife Elizabeth, son 
Thomas, gr. ch. John and Elizabeth, ch. of 
his dec. son, Henry. 


Edward, came iu the Fortune in 1621 
to Plj'moutu. Settled at Marslifield, taxed 
in 1U32, atba. 1G43. Dusbury, propr., 1645. 
Took oath of fidelity iu 1057. CU. Sarah b. 
March 9, 1631, Elizabeth b. March 2'J, 1633, 
John b. June 2, 1636, Edward b. April 15, 
1638, Joseph b. Feb. 15, 1639-10, Isaac b. last 
of March, 1642, Jacob b. March 25, 1644, 
Hannah b. Ai>ril 3, 1646. 


Edward, frm. May 13, 1640. 

Thomas, brazier, pewterer, Roxbury. 
Rem. to Boston about 1644. Wife Susanna; 
ch. Anna b. June 20, 1639, Mary b. April 24, 
1642, Joseph bapt. in Bo. 24 (9) 1644, ae. 
about 7 days, [W.] Mercy bapt. 20 (11) 1649, 
ae. about 5 days, Joseph b. Oct. 21, 1653. 
His dau. Hannah m. April 18, 1659, Thomas 
Shearer; his son Thomas d. May 3, 1661. 
With wife Susanna was adm. chh. 30 (10) 
1660. Lydia, wife of Mr. John Miller of 
Yarmouth d. at his house Aug. 7, 1658. 

Will dated 25 May, prob. 4 Aug. 1677; son 
Jeremy, daus. Hannah, wife of Thomas 
Sherwood; Mary, wife of Ambrose Dawse, 
and Mary, wife of Samuel Bosworth; wife 


John, Plymouth, apprenticed to Griffin 
Mountague, carpenter, for 8 years from 
March 14, 1635, transferred to elder Wm. 
Brewster March, 1636-7. In Court 21 Aug. 
1637. Served 17 days against the Narragan- 
setts from 15 Aug., 1645. Rem. to Boston; 
thence to Taunton. Wife Martha; ch. Mar- 
tha b. in Boston Nov. 2, 1649, Mary b. 5 Oct., 
1G53, James b. 29 Sept. 1664, Patience d. 
March 27, 1655, Sarah b. 4 March, 1668, Sam- 
uel b. 4 Oct. 1670, John b. 6 Oct. 1077, Jo- 
seph b. 1 Jan. 1679, Edward b. 13 Aug. 1681. 
Wife Martha d. May 1, 1674; he m. 9 Jan. 
1076, Jane Gurney of Mendon. 

He made will in April. 1681;— Senior, ae. 
64 years; beq. to wife and son James; other 
children by this wife. 


George, Charlestown, frm. March 4, 
1634-5. Town officer. Gave marriage por- 
tion to his son John on his marriage with 
Hannah, dau. of Edward Mellows, dec. 4 
(3) 1061. His wife Goodith (Judith) was 
adm. chh. 17 (2) 1636; she d. 10 (8) 1648. He 

BUNKER, etc., cont. 

ni. 2, Margaret How. Her will prob. Dec. 
18, 1660, beq. to heirs of her first husband 
in Watertown. 

He d. at Maiden in 1664. Will prob. 4 (8) 
1664; sons Benjamin, Jonathan and John; 
and three daus. These were Mary, Martha 
and Elizabeth. [Wyman.] 


Edward, Hull, one of the first planters. 
May 20, 1642. Propr. 1657. He, widower, 
m. in Boston 20 (6j 1657, Elizabeth Mason. 
Will dated 14 April, prob. 20 (8^ 1673, beq. 
to cousin James Mason, now living with 
him; cousin Samuel Lee; wife Elizabeth; 
cousin Sarah Mason. 


Ann, [Boston?] her will presented for 
prob. 28 (11) 1640, in Gen. Court. 

Thomas, apprenticed himself 5 Nov., 
1644, to Phinehas Pratt for 8 yrs. 

BURBANK, see Borebancke, 

John, Rowley, propr., town officer, frm. 
May 13, 1640. First wife Ann; second wife 
Jemima; ch. John, ("little John," credited 
W'ith work on fencing in 1648,) Timothy b. 
18 (3) 1641, bur. July 14, 1600, Lydia b. 7 
(2) 1044, Caleb b. 19 (3) 1040, Mary b. 16 (3) 
1655, bur. July 12, 1060. 

He made will 5 April, 1681, prob. 10 April, 
1683; aged and decrepid; beq. to wife Geml- 
na; sons Caleb and John; gr. son Timothy, 
son of John; and dau. Lydia. The widow 
Jemima d. 24 March, 1692-3. 

Edward, came in the Anne in 1623 to 
Plymouth; lot assigned for 2 persons. Land 
formerly his referred to in 1648. Hem. to 
Lynn; propr. 1638. Rem. to Salem; frm. 31 
(1) 1640. [Es. Court.] 

George, of Lincoln, mercer, directed 
payment to be made to Edward B. of Lynn, 
N. E. 23 (2) 1641. [L.] 


George, shoemaker, tanner, Boston, 
adm. chh. 8 (11) 1036, frm. May 17, 1637. 
Wife Anne adm. chh. 6 (9) 1630. She sent 
power of attorney from Bristol, Eng.; to her 


BUKDEN, etc., cont. 

husband April 8, 1G52. Ch. Thomas b. and 
d. 1G3T, Elisha b. 4 (12) 163S, Ezekiel b. 28 
(1) 1641, Joseph and Benjamin b. and d. 1643, 
Hannah bapt. 4 (3) 1645, Elizabeth bapt. 28 
(9) 1647, ae. about 5 weeks, 4 days, Elisha 
bapt. S (5) 1650. 

Will dated 15 (8) 1652, prob. April 30, 1657; 
■wife and 2 ch. who may stay in England; 
father Soulsby; his bro. Timothy. Estate 
in Old and New Eng. 

BURDENDON, see Bedortha. 


Mr. George, Salem, 1634. Frm. Sept. 
2, 1635. Rem. to Dover, 1638. [W.] 


Giles, Ipswich, resident, 1648-1656. 
He d. before 1668, when his exec. Theo- 
philus Wilson confirmed the sale of some 

James, ae. 14, came in the Hopewell in 
April, 1635; settled at Boston. He m. 19 (8) 
1052, Lydia Meed. She was adm. chh. 14 
(5) 1661. Sara, adm. chh. 9 (4) 166]. 

Inv. of his est. pres. by wife Lydia 31 (11) 

John, Sen., Sandwich, 1638; made will 
14 Aug. 1700, prob. July 3, 1701; beq. to sons 
John, Thomas, Joseph, Samuel and Jacob; 
daus. Martha and 4 others. Son Thomas 
to have certain things till the death of his 
aunt Martha Severance; wife Mary. 

Richard, Sandwich, atba. 1643. 

Robert, Lynn, a witness in 1648. De- 
posed in 1657, ae. about 36 years. Good- 
wife, deposed in 1663, ae. about 45 years. 

Thomas, (Burg,) Sen., Duxbury, propr. 
1637, juryman 1642. Rem. to Sandwich, atba. 
1643; town officer, 1645; served against the 
Narragansetts in -1^45. Dau. Elizabeth m. 
Feb. 12, 1651, Ezra Perry; son Thomas, 
Sandwich, m. Nov. 8, 1648, Elizabeth Bas- 
sett. They were divorced 10 June, 1661, at 
her desire. 

Thomas, Sen. Sandwich, made will 4 
Oct. 1684, prob. 2 March, 1684-5; beq. to 
wife [Martha,] son Thomas B. ,of Rhode 

BURG, etc., cont. 

I&land, sous Jacob, John and Joseph; son 

Ezra Perry; gr. ch. Thomas, son of John. 


Master Burgh, a minister out of office 
at Dorchester, mentioned by Lechford in 
Plain Dealing in 1642. May refer to Rev. 
Jonathan Burr. 


Thomas, Boston, watchman, before the 
Court 3 Sept., 1639. Rem. to Rowley; propr. 
1649. He deposed in 1671, ae. about 58 years. 
He m. Martha, dau. of John Cheney of New- 
bury, widow of Anthony Sadler; she was 
bur. Jan. 24, 1658, and he m. Sarah, dau. 
of John Kelly. Ch. Hannah b. (1) 1G55, John 
b. 1656, d. 1657, Sarah b. 1658, d. 1660. Sarah 
b. 15 (12) 1660, Thomas b. 25 (10) 1663. 
He d. 1 June, 1701. 


Phebe, maid servant to Mr. John Cot- 
ton, adm. chh. Boston 31 (1) 1639. 

BURMAN, see Boardman. 


William, Pulling Point, Boston, jury- 
man, 1630. Hired one third of the weir at 
Menotomy in 1641. Wife Mary adm. chh. 
IJ (4) 1643; ch. Elizabeth bapt. 18 (4) 1643, 
John b. (8) 1644. The wife Mary d. 16 (9) 

1645; he m. 2, Sarah . 

His will dated 16 (2) 1660, prob. May 17, 
1661, beq. to wife Sarah, ch. John, Samuel 
and Sarah. [Reg. IX, 230, and X, 270.] 

Robert, Roxbury, propr. about 1640. 
Rem. to Reading: propr. 1652. Mortg. farm 
In 1655. Wife Ann d. at Read. April 27, 1681. 

He m. 2, Mary . Ch. an infant bur. at 

Rox.1642. Thomas, a father in 1664, Sarah b. 6 
(9) 1653. Robert B., Sen., with wife Mary, 
R. B., Jr. with wife Sarah, and Thomas B., 
all of Reading, and Isaac Bullard of Ded- 
ham, with wife Ann, deeded to Elias Park- 
man in 1668 all their interest in half of a 
farm in Salem, formerly in possession ol 
Isaac Burnap. dec. He deposed in his suit 


BTJBNAP, etc., cont. 

in court in 1053, ae. about 58 years. [Arch. 

38 B.] 

He a. Sept. 27, 1089. Will dated 15 Nov. 
1088, prob. Oct. 1, 1089, beq. to sous Tliomas 
and Robert; daus. Ann Goenes, [Jones,] and 
Sarah Browne; cousin Thomas B.; gr. ch. 
Joseph and Thomas, Sarah and Isaac Soutn- 


Margaret, Boston, servant to Mr. John 
Cotton, adm. chh. 27 (5) 1034. 

BURNHAM, BURNAM, sec Boardman, 

John, carpenter, Ipswich, propr.; served 
in the Peqiuot war and reed, pay from the 
town in 1039 and 1043. Reed, bequest from 
kinsman Robert Andrews. Sold house and 
lot 1 (4) 1648. Wife Mary deposed in 1670, 
ae. about 45 years; dau. Mary, at same time, 
ae. about 19. 

His will signed 31 Dec. 1703, prob. Jan. 
24 folg. beq. to sons John and Thomas; to 
•wife Elizabeth; ch. Joseph, Jacob, Jonathan, 
David, Abigail and Mary. Owned % of the 
brigendeen Swan. 

Robert, yeoman, Boston, sold house- 
lot in 1648. Bought land at Oyster River 
May 12, 1657. [Suff. De.] Wife Frances; 
ch. Robert b. 25 (7j 1647. Elizabeth b. 27 (8) 

Thomas, carpenter, Ipswich, propr. 
1047. Had land next to that of his brother 
in 1648. He deposed March 29, 1059, ae. 
about 40 years; called Simon Tuttle brother, 
and spoke of uncle John T. in England. His 
wife Mary, ae. 35, deposed concerning her 
mother, Mrs. T. at the same time. They 
testified 23 Jan. 1084, regarding the prom- 
ises made by Thomas Clarke to his son 
John C. at the time the latter was about to 
marry their daughter. 

His will dated 10 Jan. 1693-4, being aged 
and infirm; prob. 29 Sept. 1094; had formerly 
given to sons Thomas, John and James; 
gives to his six daus. Mary, Johanna h, Abi- 
gail, Ruth, Sarah and Hester what his wife 
had desired; residue to wife Mary. 


Benjamin, Cambridge, 1636. 

Jehu, Springfield, one of the founders 
in 1635-6. [Reg. XIII, 297.] Was paid £18 
for the carpenter work on the plantation 


BTJBB, etc., cont. 

house; signed the compact May 16, 1636. 

Measured land. Deputy. 

Mr. John, frm. May 18, 1631. 

Rev. Jonathan b. at Redgrave, Suft. 
about 1004; ministered at Horninger and 
Beckingshal; was silenced. Came to N. B. 
with wife and 3 children. [C. M.] Having 
been a minister in Eng., and of very good 
report there for piety and learning was In- 
vited to be asst. pastor at Dorchester 21 (10) 
1039. Was charged with teaching familism, 
«tc., and much discussion took place; he re- 
nounced his erroneous expressions in 1040. 

He d. Aug. 9, 1041. [Blake's Annals.] His 
widow Frances m. Mr. Richard Dummer, 
and was dism. to Rowley chh. 25 (7) 1664. 
Ch. Mary bapt. 23 (10) 1639. 

Rebecca, memb. chh. Dorchester 4 (12) 

Simon, farmer, Hingham. Wife Rose 
d. 24 (4) 1647; he m. 2, Nov. 28, 1648, Hester 

; she d. 3 Feb., 1692-3. Ch. Esther d. 20 

(10)' 1645, Hannah b. 7 (0) 1640, Henry d. 
14 (12) 1046, Simon and Hannah bapt. Feb. 
25, 1654-5, John b. Jan. 6, 1059, Jonathan b. 
June 13, 1005, d. in Canada Exped. 1090. 

He d. 7 Feb., 1091-2. Admin, gr. to son 


John, Charlestown, 1637. Clerk of 
market, ferryman. He was ae. 45 in 1662. 
[Mdx. Files.] Wife Mary adm. chh. wltn 
him 10 (2) 1642. He m. 2, Joanna Stower, 
(Jie. 47 in 1671;) who d. Dec. 25, 1080. CH. 
Mary bapt. 8 (3) 1041, (m. John Marshall,) 
Hannah b. 14 (10) 1043, (m. John French,) 
John, ae. 22 in 1608, Elizabeth, (m. Thomas 
Deane,) Nathaniel b. 1055, d. 1656, William 
b. June 10, 1657, Sarah b. 24 (11) 1658-9, (m. 
Wm. Johnson, Bethia bapt. 26 (S) 1661, 
Thomas b. May 26, 1663, Ruth b. Feb. 28. 
1664-5, (m. Ignatius White,) Joanna d. 16 (4) 

He d. 19 (8) 1685. Inv. filed by widow- 
Joanna 15 Dec. folg. Her inv. was taken 13 
<1) 1689-90. An agreement for division or 
the est. was made 2 May, 1694, by Mary 
Marshall, Hannah French, Elizabeth Poor, 
William, Bethiah and Thomas B., Sarati 
Johnson, Ruth White, and Susanna, dau. of 
John B. dee. 


George, Sen., Lynn, in Es. Court, 1G37; 
propr. 1638. 

Will, dated Oct. 18, 1053, prob. 21 (i) 16.j3; 
sons Francis, Jolin and George; Francis, 
child. Ann Burt, in her will calls Francis 
Burrill her brother. Anne Burrell, wido-sv, 
d. in Boston 3 Aug., 1659. 

[Note. In Boston, Eng., Jan. 12, 1620, 
George Burrell, of Boston, ae. 26, and Mary 
Cooper of Appley, ae. 20, were lie. to marry.] 

John, (Burules,) ae. 26, came in the 
Blessing in July, 1635. 

John, shoemaker, Roxbury, 1634. Wife 
Sarah; dau. Sarah b. in July, 1634. 

Will dated Aug. 3, 1654. Est. to be divided 
between his wife Sarah and dau. Sarah. 
Kichard Davis, who had m. the dau. Sarah, 
was app. admin, jointly with the widow 19 
Feb., 1656. [Beg. VI, 353.] 


Edward, Marshfield, propr. 1650. 

Jeremiah, Seituate, served against the 
Narragansetts in 1645. He m. May, 1G51, 

Hewes; ch. Jeremiah b. March 11, 1651- 

2, John b. Nov. 1653, Elizabeth b. March 5, 
1654-5. Mary b. Dec. 2, 1656. He lem. to 

He was drowned. Inquest. Admin, gr. 
Dec. 3, 1660, to his widow for herself and 

John, of Yarmouth, Eng., cooper, ae. 
28, and Anne his wife, ae. 40, passed exam, 
to go to Salem, N. E. May 10, 1637. Propr. 
14 (6) 1637; town officer. 

John, servant to Mr. John Haule, was 
before the Gen. Court 6 (7) 1638, for seducing 
others to his opinions; and J. H. gave bonas 
for him. In Court 1 Sept., 1640. 

Robert, Marblehead, propr. 1649. 

William, ae. 19, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. 

BURSALL, BURSELL, see Birchall, 

James, Yarmouth, atba. 1643, town 
officer, 1645. 

Admin, gr. 1 Nov., 1670, to widow Emmett, 
Enet or Euett, and Silas Saers. The 3 dans. 
to be joint heirs. 

John, Yarmouth, atba. 1643. 



Mr. John, Dorchester, propr.. frm. May 
18, 1631. Deputy. See acct. of his servant 
Thomas Lane in 1634. 

John, Sandwich, m. Mr. Hull's dau. 
about Nov. 28, 1639. [Sci. and Barns. Chh. 
Rec] Rem. to Barnstable; his wife adm. 

chh. July 22, 1643. Constable, 1645. Ch. - 

d. Jan 25, 1G40, Mary bapt. July 29, 1643, 
John b. and d. 1644, Johannah bapt. March 
1, 1645-6, Elizabeth bapt. March 21, 1049, 
John bapt. April 11, 1652. 

The inv. of his est. rend. Aug. 21. 1660, 
by John Smith and John Chipman. 


Edward, salter, shop-keeper, Charles- 
town. The Court ordered that he should keep 
Robert Way Aug. 5, 1634. He rec'd a legacie 
Oct. 24, 1653, from his uncle Thomas Burt, 
property at Darkin, co. Surrey, Eng. Car- 
ried on trade with the Barbadoes; dealt In 
sugar, etc. [Mdx. De. I, 136.] 

Henry, Springfield, town officer, 1642; 
frm. April 13, 1648. Clerk of the writs. 
One of the four men who conducted Sab- 
bath services in 1651, in absence of a min- 
ister. Wife Ulalia d. Aug. 19, 1690. Ch. 
Hannah b. April 28. 1641, (m. Dec. 24, 1657, 
John Bag,) a dau. b. 1643, Patience b. Aug. 
IS, 1645, (m. Oct. 7, 1667, John Bliss,) Mercy 
b. Sept. 27, 1647; sons named in admin, pa- 
pers Jonathan and Nathaniel. [Reg. 
XXXII, 302.] 

He d. April 31, 1662; had given part of 
bis est. to son Nathaniel; wished his wife to 
have the rest. 

Hugh, yeoman, ae. 35, with Ann, ae. 
32. Hugh. ae. 15, Edward, ae. 8. and Wm. 
Bassett, ae. 9, came in the Abigail in July, 
1635. Settled at Lynn. Propr. 1638. He 
deposed in 1661, ae. about 70 yrs.; had lived 
in Lynn about 25 yrs. He gave letter of 
attorney 19 (7) 1646, to receive of Susan, 
widow of Thomas Burt of Darkin, eo. Sur- 
rey .cordwinder, 20 li. as per his will, with 
annuities for 2 yrs., with legacies to Hugh, 
Jr., and Thomas B. [A.] The son Hugh d. 
in 1650, appointing his father overseer. 

He d. Nov. 2, 1661; will dated 7 Oct., prob. 
20 (9) 1061, gives to his son Edward all in- 
terest he has in housing or land in London 
or elsewhere in Eng., falling to him from 
his bro. John dec. Son William Bassett; gr. 

STJB.T, etc., cont. 

cli. Mary aud Sarah, daus. of his dee. son 
Hugh. His wife was exec. She d about 
1C73. Will dated 8 Jan. lUOi, prob. 20 (4) 
1073; beq. to Bassett ch., to Ellen, wife of 
Wni. aud Hannah Bartrom, to Lydia Bur- 
rill and to bro. Francis Burrill. 

Jaiues, Taunton. Town officer, 1045; 
juror. Guardian to Richard, son of his bro. 
Richard, late of Taunton, 20 Oct., 1617. 
Wife Anna d. Aug. 17, 1065. 

His will prob. 2 March, lOSO; aged and 
weak; beq. to eldest son James, son Thomas, 
dans. Hannah aud Rachel and H.'s eh. Ja- 
cob Hathney (or Hacliuey). 

John, ae. 29, came in the Defense in 
July, 1635. Settled at Springfield; taxed in 

Richard, Taunton, his death referred 
to in Plym. Col. Rec. 1047; child Richard 

Roger, Cambridge. Wife Susan; ch. 
Samuel b. (12) 1042. 


Boniface, Lynn, frm. May 6. 1635. 
Juryman, 1636; propr. 1038. Rem. to Read- 
ing about 1644. In Essex Court 1643. 

Old father Boniface Burton, aged 113 
years, d. 13 (4) 1609. [S.] Will, dated 21 Feb. 
1666-7, prob. (Suff.) 24 June, 1609. Wife 
Frances; niece, wife to Samuel Bennett, her 
husband and ch. [Reg. XX, 242.] The 
widow, of Boston, made will 11 Feb. 1009, 
prob. 17 April. 1679. Beq. to Mary aud Han- 
nab, daus. of Maj. Gen. John Leverett; to 
Sarah, wife of Hudson Leverett; to several 
other women; residue to be divided between 
Hannah and Rebecca Leverett, Rebecca 
Davenport and Sarah Addington. 

Edward, Charlestown, before the 
■Court Oct. 3, 1632, propr. 1033; rem. to Hing- 

John, Salem, 1636. Bought land In 
1649. He deposed in 1666, ae. about 58 

Will, (John, Sen.) dated 14 Oct. prob. 10 
Nov. 1084, beq. to sons John, Samuel and 
Isaac; dau. Hannah, wife of Wm. Osborne 
and her eh. Samuel O. and others. 

Richard, before Plymouth Court T 
June, 1648. 

BURTON, etc., cont. 

Thomas, grocer, of London, res. in Bos- 
ton in 1045 aud signed petition for the re- 
moval of restriction upon freemanship, in 
1045. [W.] His house at Strawberry Bank 
was sold by Wm. Brenton 4 (11) 1650. 

Thomas, Hingham, m. Margaret, dau. 
of John Ottis; ch. Hannah b. May 30, 1041, 
Phebe b. May 12, 1044, Sarah b. Dec, 1045, 
Ruth b. Aug. 24, 1040. d. Aufe. 17, 1047, Sa- 
rah b. May 13, 1649. 
His widow d. 21 Oct. 1670. 


Ales, before the Gen. Court 4 (10) 163S. 

Thomas, defendant in a suit in Salem 
court in 1040. Went to England that year. 
[Es. Court Ree.] 


Nicholas, weaver, ae. 50, with wife 
Bridget, ae. 53, and ch. Nicholas, John, Abra- 
ham and Sarah, of Norwich, Eng., passed 
exam. April 8, 1037, to go to Boston in N. E. 
and there inhabit. Settled at Watertown, 
propr., 1637, selectman. One of those who 
surveyed the line between Mass. an-i Plym. 
plantations in 1659. [Arch. Col. 23.] 

Will, dated July 25, 1057, son Abraham, 
sons-in-law William and John Grout, all in 
N. E. and son John in Eng. Dec. son Nich- 
olas; daus. Anne Nickerson and Katharine 
Savory and Sarah Grout. Books of Physic 
aud Divinity; and weaver's tools. The wid- 
ow Bridget deeded property to these ch.. 
May 14, 1059. In v. of her est. was pres- 
ented July 3, 1060. [Reg. VIII, 278, and X, 

William, presented to Gen. Court, for 
drunkenness, June 5, 1638, was found to 
have the falling sickness. 


James, ae. 28, came in the Christian 

March 16, 1634. 

Peter, smith, had lawsuit in Essex 

court in 1638. 


Randolph, or Reynold, Cambridge, 
propr. 1041. Mortg. land in 1644 and re- 
deemed It in 1657. 



Rutli, ae. 23, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635. 


Francis, carpenter, ae. 2G, came in the 
Planter in April, 1635, with Marie, ae. 26, 
and ch. Martha, ae. 1 yr. Settled at lioston. 
Adm. inhabitant, Salem, 1636. 

He d. at the Winthrop farm at Ten Hills 
2S (1) 1636. The widow Jlartha, adm. chh. 
3 (12) 163S. Her ch. Mary bapt 17 (12) 1038, 
(m. 3 (S) 1657, George Robinson). 

John, barber, glazier, came in the 
Hopewell in April, 1G35, ae. 21. Settled at 
Salem. Was paid for glazing windows of 
meeting house in 1637. Rem. to Boston. 
Wife Jane; ch. Dorothy b. 19 (12) 1651, Sarah 
1). 24 March, 1655, Elizabeth b. Aug., 1657, 
d. 17 (2) 1662, John b. 19 Jan., 1659, .Tane b. 
Dec. IS, 1662, William b. June 28, 1666. 

He d. about 5 Aug. 1667; admin, gr. to wid- 
ow Jane 11 (9) folg. Second admin, gr. 14 
Dec. 1685, to son John, now of full age, 
for himself, his surviving sister and the 
child of his dec. sister. The widow had rem. 
out of this jurisdiction. 


Thomas, merchant; witness to deed of 
Robert Nash Sept. 24, 1642. Accts. with 
Val. Hill 18 (12) 1645. Was of Kikatan in 
Tirginia in 1646. [A.] 

BtrSHOP. see Bishop, 

Richard, Plymouth, hired with Loye 
Brewster 3 Dec, 1638. Atba. 1643. 


Peter, before Gen. Court Sept. 6, 1636. 


Simon, Salem, 

a witness in court in 

Ensign William, Concord, frm. March 
14, 1638-9. Wife Ann d. Aug. 3, 1674. He 
m. 2, 24 Dec, 1674, Dorcas Jones; ch. Rich- 
ard b. 6 (.5) 1640, Ann b. 18 (12) 1641, (Hanna 
Busse m. Wm. Wheeler 30 Oct., 1659,) Na- 
thaniel b. 15 (1) 1646, Joseph b. 4 (3) 1649. 


Isaac, weaver, Salisbury, propr. 1639. 
Frm. Oct. 9, 1640. The Gen. Court allowed 
his removal to Hampton in 1039, but he re- 
turned. Frm. Oct. 9, 1640. Wife Margerite- 

d. 29 (7) 1642. He m. 2, Susanna , who 

d. March 21, 1676-7. Ch. William, Samuel,. 
Phebe, (m. John Gill,) Mary b. 29 (6) 1645, 
(m. Philip Brown,) Isaac b. 29 (5) 10.jO. 

He d. S July, 1683. Will dated April 9, 
IGSO, prob. Sept. 25, folg., beq. to son Wil- 
liam and his wife, dau. Sarah, son- in-law 
John Gill, husband of dau. Phebe, Philip^ 
Browne, (husband of dau. Mary,) and son 
Samuel B.; to the three ch. left by son Isaac^ 
and to gr. ch. Isaac, son of William. 

BUTCHER, see Garrett. 


Giles, husbandman from Marlborough,. 
Eng., came in the James, April 5, 1035. 

John, Newbury, frm. May 2, 1649. H& 
witnessed the will of Thos. Millard, 1653. 

Mr., Haverhill, propr., 1647. 

Nicholas, of Eastwell, Eng., yeoman» 
■with wife Joice, 3 ch. and 5 servants, came 
from Sandwich, Eng.. before June 9, 1637; 
settled at Dorchester; propr. before Sept. 10, 
1637. Frm. March -4. 1638-9. Gent.; town 
officer; sold land in Roxbury in 1652, hav- 
ing removed to Martha's Vineyard; gave 
power of attorney to son John in 1651, for 
sale of lands, etc. Son Henry was school- 
master at Dorch. in 1652 and proposed for 
minister at Uncatie in 1656. 

Richard, Cambridge, propr. 1633; frm.. 
May 14, 1634. Rem. to Hartford, Conn. 

Stephen, Boston, 1648. 

Thomas, laborer, Dusbury, In Court 
7 June, 1637. Rem. to Sandwich, propr.^ 
1640. Atba. 1643. Ch. (Patience b. Aug. 14, 
1648,) Dorothy b. Jan. 23, 1650. 

William, bro. to Richard, Cambridge, 
propr. 1035, frm. May 6, 1635. Rem. to 
Hartford and d. in 1048-9. Inv. brought in 
to Suff. Prob. by Increase Nowell. admin> 
about 1652. 

BTTTMAN, see Pickton. 
John, Boston, 1649. 



William, ae. 18, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1G35. [Perhaps he entered 
in one ship and then changed to the other.] 

William, an ostler, came in the Planter 
in April, 1G35, ae. 21. Settled at Concord, 
frm. May 26, 1647. Sergeant. Rem. to 
Chelmsford; was one of the com. to invite 
the pastor and church of Wenham to re- 
move to Chem. in 1654. [Wen. Chh. Rec] 
He deposed 28 (1) 1659, ae. about 43 years, 
as to a house bought by Matthew Allen. 
[Mdx. Files.] John Hastings calls him son- 
in-law. W'ife Mary; ch. Mary b. and d. 1648. 
Wife Sarah d. July 17, 1664. He m. 21 Feb., 
1667, Jane Gooduow. Ch. John b. 21 Sept. 
1653, Samuel b. 12 Jan., 1654, Edward b. and 
d. in 1656, Joseph b. 20 Dec, 1657, Sarah b. 
27 July, 1662, Mary b. June 17, 1664, d. April 
28, 1665. 

Will dated 1 March, 1687, ae. about 71 
years; prob. June 28, 1698; beq. to eldest son 
John a house he built in Stow; to sou Sam- 
uel lands at Concord; to dau. Sarah l?arritt; 
to the ch. of all three. Signed William But- 

Leonard, briclilayer, bricli-maker, Bos- 
ton. His wife Judith adm. chh. 23 (3,' 1641. 
Sold land at Muddy River 25 (5) 1643. Oct. 
22, 1652, he deeded land to secure the pay- 
ment of an annuity to the Free School of 
Boston. He deposed in the probate of MaJ. 
William Holmes of Scituate, ae. 41 years, 
June 1, 1654. 

Thomas, leather-dresser, glover, Bos- 
ton, adm. chh. 22 (7) 1639: frm. June 2, 1641. 
Came in the Abigail in May, 1635, ae. 32, 
with wife Anne, (Annis,) ae. 24. Settled at 
Boston. Anne adm. chh. 28 (7) 1639. Ch. 
Thomas b. 12 (6) 1637, John b. 28 (12) 1639, 
Abigail b. 18 (12) 1642, (m. Aug. 15, 1660, 
David Saywell,) Samuel bapt. 19 (5; 1646, 
Samuel bapt. 15 (6) 1647, Samuel bapt. 12 
(9) 1648, Mehetabel b. 20 (8) 1651. He signed 
bond with John and Elizabeth (Harding) 
Frarye concerning Harding est. discharged 
1 Oct., 1665. 

Will, dated 25 (3) 1667. Prob. 18 June, 1667. 
Wife Anna, sons Thomas and John, daus. 
Abigail and Mehetabel, kinsman John Par- 
ker, bro. Henry Bridgham. [Reg. XVI, 159.] 
The widow Anna, or Hannah, made will 17 

BUTTALL, etc., cent. 

Sept., prob. 10 Nov. 1680; beq. to son John 
Binglcy and his ch.; to the ch. of sou Thom- 
as, viz. Thomas, Marah, Abigail and Nicolas; 
to dau. Mehetabel Frost and her ch. Mehet- 
abel and Elizabeth. 


Benjamin, Charlestown, 1638. Frm. 
May 10, 1643. Rem. to Woburn, propr. 1640; 
later to Chelmsford. Ch. Nathaniel b. at 
Woburn 14 (12) 1642, Samuel b. May 17, 1647, 
Joseph b. Aug. 15, 1649. He m. 2, at Chelm. 
June 3, 1663, Hannah Whittemore. 

He d. March 2, 1688. Will dated 8 (3) 1677, 
prob. at Boston 7 June, 1688; beq. to sons 
Nathaniel, Samuel and Joseph; to Jonathan 
and Mary, ch. of his dec. son Jonathan; to 
Deborah, wife of Nathaniel. 

Samuel, Springfield, propr., mentioned 
in the Compact in 1636. 


Samuel, propr. at Weymouth before 
1651; frm. May 13, 1640. Taxed at Rehoboth, 
1643. Propr., 1645. 

Will, dated Oct. 13, 1684. Prob. March 
3, 1685. To cousins: Abraham B. of Rhode 
Island and his dau. Ann B.; John B. of 
Swansey, and his 2 sons Samuel and Ben- 
.1amin B.; Mary Mason, widow, of S., and her 
sons Noah and Samuel M. and William Hay- 
ward of Swansey. Mary m. Thomas Clif- 
ton, q. V. [Reg. XLI, 191.] 


John, miller, mylner, Boston, with 
wife Grace adm. chh. 22 (10) 1633; frm. May 
1-1, 1634. He deposed 6 (4) 1667, ae. about 
73 years. [Mdx. Files.] His wife d. 9 (1) 
1638. His second wife Joan adm. chh. 25 
(S) 1640. With wife Johanna sold land in 
B. Dee. 1, 1657. With wife Mary sold land 
20 March, 1670-1. Bapt. in Boston 22 (3) 
1670, Joseph and Mary of sister Simmons, 
now wife of John B. 

Will dated 5 Nov. prob. 22 Nov. 1681, beq. 
to the church of Boston for the purchase of 
cups; to wife Mary. 

Matthew, or Matthias, Boston. Wife 
Lettice. adm. chh. 26 (11) 1633, dau. Mary 
bapt. 23 (12) 1633, (m. at Haverhill Dec. 6, 
1052, Edward Yeomans.) son Daniel bapt. 22 
(12) 1634. He m. at Ipswich about 1639 
Joane, widow of John Thornton. [Ips. Rec] 


BUTTON, oont. 

Rem. to Haverhill about 1652. Wife Teagle 
or Tegell; ch. Hannah b. May 31, 1652, 
Daniel b. 10 April, 1654, d. about 25 (7) 1677, 
Samuel b. Sept. 1, 1655, Abigail b. 16 June, 
1656, Thomas b. Dec. 6, 1657, Mathias b. 17 
March, 1657-8, Elizabeth b. Jan. 10, 1659, 
Peter b. 17 July, 1660, Mehetabel b. Oct. 11, 
1661, Patience b. 1 June, d. 30 Oct. 1662, Ed- 
ward b. Feb. 6, 1663, Sarah, (m. 6 Jan. 1673, 
James Kingsbury). The wife Teagle d. Feb. 
4, 1662; he m. June 9, 1663, ElizabetOi 
Duston, who survived him and d. July 16, 
1690. He conveyed land for the benefit of 
his wife to his bro.-in-law George Wheeler 
11 (2) 1665. 

He d. Aug. 13, 1672. The inv. of bis est. 
was filed at Salisbury court 14 April. 1674, 
by Capt. Nath. Saltonstall, admin. 

Robert, Salem, memb. chh. 1641; rem. 
to Boston; frm. May 18, 1642. Ch. Samuel 
bapt. at S. 27 (1) 1642, Abigail bapt. 17 (11) 
1C43, Hannah from the chh. of Salem bapt. 
at Boston 21 (10) 1645, ae. about 5 days, Sa- 
rah, do, ae. about 6 days, bapt. 16 (11) 1647, 
Samuel, do., ae. about 4 days, bapt. 24 (12) 
1649, Hannah d. 20 (1) 1650. 

Will prob. 28 (11) 1650; wife Abigail; son 
Samuel, daus. Abigail, Hannah and Sarah. 
The inv. was presented by his widow, now 
wife of Edward Hutchinson 21 (11) 1650. 
[Reg. VII, 334.] 


Martha, Cambridge, propr. South Side 
Charles River 1636. [Court. Rec] 

Nicholas, ae. 33, with [wife] Martha, 
ae. 28, and [dau.] Grace, ae. 1, came in the 
James in July, 1635. 


Anthony, Salem, propr. 1636; cousin of 
William Vincent. Wife Elizabeth deposed in 

1661, ae. 38 years; ch. Anthony b. 6 (7) 1653, 
Samuel b. 14 (6) 1655, James b. 8 (6) 1659, d. 
15 (2) 1662, Thomas b. 24 (12) 1661, d. 20 (8) 

1662, Joseph b. 17 (5) 1663, Hannah b. 27 Jan. 

He d. in 1684. Will dated March 8, prob. 
29 July, 1684, beq. to wife Elizabeth; dau. 
Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Cools; sons John 
and Joseph B.; daus. Lydia, Mary and Sa- 
rah and their ch.; dau. Hannah unmarried. 
Ruth, the widow of Thomas Small had 
bro. John Buxton. 

BUXTON, cont. 

Thomas, Salem, 1638. 
Inv. 5 (4) 1654. 


George, husbandman, Salem, propr., 
adm. chh. 27 (7) 1640; ren. to Wenham. With 
wife Susanna sold land 1657. Rem. to 
Chelmsford; frm. May 18, 1642. Ch. Abra- 
ham bapt. at Sal. 14 (2) 1644. He adopted 
Mary, dau. of Mary Harsey, Dec. 16 (7) 1646. 
Will dated 10 March, prob. 15 (4) 1680, beq. 
to wife Susannah, son Abram and kins- 
woman Deborah Jaques. 

Nathaniel, ae. 14, came in the Blessing 
in July, 1635. Nathaniel, Marshfleld, wit- 
ness to deed in 1644. 

BYrOBD, (Pyford,) 

Peter, before Gen. Court in 1635. 


Henry, tanner, Sarum, ae. 20, with 
[sister] Mary, ae. 22, Thomas Reeves, ser- 
vant, and [bro.] John Byley, ae. 20, came 
in the Bevis In May, 1638. [Mary m. Samuel 
Dudley; John d. during 1638.] One of those 
the Court named as founders of Merrimack, 
(Salisbury,) 1638. He m. in Salisbury, Eng. 
Rebecca Swayne, who came to N. E. after 
him; ch. William bapt. 20 Aug. 1633, Rebec- 
ca bapt. 8 Dec. 1636, (m. 15 Dec. 1654, John 
Hale,) Henry bapt. 26 Aug. 1638. 

He d. before 1641. The widow m. 2, 3 
April, 1641, John Hall; m. 3, 22 July, 1650, 
William Worcester; m. 4, in 1663, Dep. Gov. 
Samuel Symonds. She d. 21 July, 1695. [See 
Batt and Byley Genealogy in Reg. LI and 


Nicholas, Weymouth, son-in-law of 
Abraham Shaw, and one of admins, of his 
est., appointed by the Gen. Court 29 (8) 1640. 
Witness to a deed of Kennebec property in 
1649. Rem. to Bridgewater. Petitioned 
Plymouth Court about taxation In 1668. 
Town ofiicer. 

Will dated 13 June, 1687, beq. to wife Su- 
sanna and bro. John Shaw of Wey.; ch. not 
specified. The widow, aged, made will 7 
Sept. 1698, prob. 18 Dec. 1699; beq. to son 
Nicholas, his wife Mary and ch. Nicholas 
and Mehetabel; to daus. Abigail Whitman, 
Deliverance Porter, Experience Willis and 
Susanna Edson; to gr. ch. Ebenezer Whit- 
man, Mary Liech and Mary Willis; gave 
freedom to negro Tom and her maid. 



Jobn, Dorchester, 1630. [See Col. Rec] 
One of the founders of Springfield; signed 
the Compact May 16, 1636. [Reg. XIII, 297.] 
Was paid f 11 for sawing the boards and 
making the locks and nails for the planta- 
tion house. Land-measurer. Ch. John b. 
12 (11) 1640. 


Bartholomew, Boston. 
Inv. presented by widow Mary June 16 
1665. [Keg. XIII, 156.] 


James, shipwright, from Northam, 
Devon, Eug. Res. in Boston, with wife Mar- 
garet mortg. house and land in Northam, 
Eng., formerly of his father, Christopher 
Cade, and his mother Mary Hopper; his wife 
had a life interest in property at Biddeford, 
Eng., Dec. 4, 1G38. [L.] [Reg. L, 505. J Prop, 
frm. of Plym. Colony, 1 Dec, 1640. His 
wife Margaret adm. chh. Boston 19 (1) 1643. 
Ch. Mary b. 4 (8) 1640. 

Nicholas, planter, Watertown, bought 
land and house in partnership with John 
Knapp 8 (10) 1645, and sold his share to him 
6 (1) 1650. Wife Judith, dau. of William 
Knapp; ch. John b. Jan. 15, 1G50, Judy b. Sept. 

2, 1653, James b. Aug. 28, 1655, Nicholas b. 
and d. in 1657, Daniel b. Nov. 27, 1659. He 
rem. to Groton. 


Christopher, Cambridge, propr., 1633. 
Bought land 23 (12) 1642. Wife Margery 
memb. chh. Ch. Jonathan b. 27 (1) 1640, Na- 
than b. 5 (6) 1642, Deborah b. 17 (11) 1644, 
Ruth b. 6 (10) 1647, (m. Marmaduke Johnson; 
made will 3 April, 1076, prob. April 13, 1677, 
beq. to bros. Jonathan and Nathaniel, and 
sisters Easter and Deborah Cane and oth- 
ers;) Esther. [Mi.] 
He d. Dec, 1653. Wife Margaret d. April 

3, 1687. 


Thomas, Watertows, frm. May 14, 
1634; rem. to Dedham, propr., 14 (7) 1637. 
Sold in 1638, and rem. to Sudbury, propr. 
1640. App. ensign and ordered to lead the 
company 27 Sept.. 1642. He d. 4 (11) 1642. 
His widow Sarah had gr. of land in 1645. 
She m. 2, 7 Nov. 1649, Philemon Whale. 



CALEM, see Kilham. 

Hugh, Plymouth, prop, for frm. 2 
March, 1640-1, but did not remain. Settled 
at Gloucester. Selectman. Frm. Mass. Col. 
Dec 27, 1642. Com. to end small causes. 
Wife Ann; ch. Deborah b. March 18, 1644, 
Rebecca d. 14 (1) 1651. 


John, Sen., Charlestown, 1637, adm. 
chh. 24 (8) 1639. Town officer, 1646. Rem. 
to Maiden. His wife Joanna d. at Maiden 
30 (11) 1660. 

He d. in 1677. John, of Charlestown, 
baker, [a son?] d. in 1697. 

Thomas, Faversham, Eng., husband- 
man, with wife Bennett and 3 ch. came from 
Sandwich, Eng., before June 9, 1637. Set- 
tled at Charlestown; frm. May 13, 1640. 
Tile-maker, baker. He deposed [about 
1663] ae. about 65 years. [Mdx. Files.] 
Lived near the ferry on Mystic side, 
(Maiden). Wife adm. chh. 16 (12) 1639. He 
m. 2, Joanna Shepardson who d. Jan. 30, 
1061. Ch. Thomas, John, Mary, Elizabeth 
bapt. 21 (12) 1640-1, (m. 1, Samuel Tiuglej-, 
2, Daniel Shepardson,) Mercy b. Nov. 7, 
1643, (m. 1, Samuel Lee, 2, John Allen). 

He d. May, 1676, ae. 79. Will dated 23 (9) 
1670, date of probate not recorded; beq. to 
sons Thomas and John; daus. Mary, Eliza- 
beth and Mercy; Thomas sole exec. 


Oliver, mariner, Watertown, propr., 
1642. He sent money by James Carie from 
Newfoundland 15 (9) 1647, to Sarali, wife 
of Henry Messinger. [A.] He m. in Boston 
Feb. 25, 1655, Judith Clocke, widow. She, 
as his widow, made will 7 April, 1681, prob. 
Aug. 14, 1084. Beq. to John Kneland, Sen., 
Ebenezer English, Jacob Gully; to Marah 
Hauckins and her five daus. named. 


Edward, Salem. The inv. of his est. 
was taken 15 Nov. 1646, by Wm. Ager and 
Peter Palfrey. 


Thomas, of AsUford, Eng., came in the 
Hercules in March, 1634. 

Clement, [what relation to Thomas?] 
res. at Strawberry Bank, (Portsmouth) he 
sold dwell-house and lands m Cliarles- 
town to Nicholas Davison April 13, 1647. 


John, Plymouth, came in the Fortune 
in 1621. 

William, Salem, propr. 1638; had a fish- 
ing lot. [Es. Files.] Daus. Rebecca, who 
deposed in 1658, ae. about 20 years, (m. Ben- 
jamin Woodrow,) and Ruth, (m. 1, Thomas 
Small, 2, William Sibley, of whose est. she 
was exec. 1691). 

He d. 1 (4) 1663. Will prob. 3 (5) 1663. 
Wife Beatrice, son John, daus. Rulh and 
Rebecca, and the latter's children, Joseph 
and Mary. Division made 29 July, 1684, 
after the death of the widow. 

Cornelius, cooper, Hingham, sold land 
in Hingham 3 (3) 1649; town officer, 1672. 
Wife Anna; ch. John bapt. July 7, 1652, An- 
na bapt. May 8, 1653, (m. July, 1679, Peter 
Barnes,) Mary bapt. Oct. 8, 1654, Cornelius 
bapt. Jan. 11, 1656, Elizabeth, Martha b. 
Oct. 7, 1665, Hannah b. June 29, 1669, (m. 
Stephen Stodder,) Hester b. Nov. 39, 1671, 
(m. Jan. 15, 1695, John Tower). Wife An- 
na d. 20 Dec, 1710. 

His daus. Ann Barns, Mary, Elizabeth, 
Sarah, Hannah and Hester C. petitioned 
Jan. 29, 1683, for the division of his estate, 
as he was unable to make a will in his last 
sickness, and agreed that their mother 
should have one seventh of the estate and 
20 s. a year from each of them. Stephen 
Stoddard, wheelwright, admin., rendered ac- 
count after the widow's death. 


Bernard, b. in Eng. in the year 1552, 
ni. on Monday in Whitsun week, 1596, Joan, 
dau. of Oliver Purchase, ("Purchis"). Ch. b. 
in Eng.: Ruth b. 7 Aug., 1600, Susanna b. 
11 April, 1602, d. 30 Nov., 1666, [believed by 
Stiles and others to have m. 1, Wm. Rock- 
well, and 2, Matthew Grant. Some discre- 
pancy in dates.] John b. 26 Jan., 1612; (He 
came to this country with his parents, m. 

CAPEN, etc., cent. 

I, Redegon, dau. of Nicholas Clap of Venn 
Ottery, Oct. 20, 1637, m. 2, 20 Sept., 1647, 
Mary, dau. of Samuel Bass of Braintree). 
The family came from Dorchester, Eug., 
about Feb. 26, 1632. [See quotation from the 
diary of W'm. Whitway in Dorch. Pope Fam- 
ily, p. 13.] [See old family record in Reg. 

II, 80.] Settled at Dorchester; propr., 5 
Aug., 1633, frm. May 25, 1636. 

He d. 8 Nov., 1638, ae. 76. Will dated Oct. 
0, 1638, prob. 19 Nov. 1652. Beq. to wife and 
son John. Makes his "brother dyer" one of 
the overseers of the estate. George Dyer 
deposed. The widow Joanna d. 26 March, 
1653, ae. 75 yrs. [See TJpsall.] 


Richard, Boston, frm. May 25, 1636-7. 
Was disarmed and banished with Hutchin- 
son adherents. One of the subscribers to 
the constitution of Providence Plantation 
who bought lands of the Indians in .March, 
1637-8. Brought from R. I. to Boston iu 
1643 with Gorton et als; tried for alleged 
heresy and confined at Roxbury. [W^.] 


John, Plymouth, land gr. 2 Oct., 1637. 
Allowed to be for himself and to take Ed- 
mund Weston as a partner 7 Oct., 1G39. He 
m. in June, 1644, Elizabeth . 


Mr. Edward, Rowley, propr., frm. May 
18, 1642. Deputy, 1643-4. Wife Ellen; ch. 
Edward b. 28 (8) 1639, Mary b. 2 (4) 1642, 
John, (who gave deed of land in 1661 which 
his father had previously sold). He left 
some est. in N. E. when he went out of the 
country, part of which his son John ob- 
tained; Christopher and Hannah Babbage 
and Jeremiah and Nehemiah Jewett rec'd 
power of admin, on behalf of the ch. of Han- 
nah, Mr. C.'s widow 29 (9) 1678. [Esses 


John, came to Plymouth in the Fortune 
in 1623; conveyed land with Wm. Tench be- 
fore 1630. 

.John, Roxbury, "came to New Eng- 
land in the year 1631." [E.] Wife Florence. 

John, Saugus, propr. at Sandwich 3 
April, 1637. Com. on division of lands 1640. 


CARLEY, see Kerley. 


Gilbert, petitioned the Gen. Court 13 
Nov. 1044, concerning tlie Dartmouth ship. 

Mrs. Margaret, widow, Dedham, rec'd 
to chh. 29 (10) 1650. 

Thomas, carpenter, Amesbury, Eng., 
came in the James April 5, 1035. 

Thomazin, ae. 35, came in the Susan 
and Ellen in April, 1635. 

William, carpenter, came in the Bevis 
in May, 1038. Settled at Weymouth. With 
him came his son William, William's wife 
Abigail, and 4 of their ch. under 10 yrs. of 
age. Settled at Rehoboth. Bought lands of 
Indians 30 (11) 1041. He was adm. frm. 
May 13, 1640. Constable, 1040; deputy, 1641. 
[Keg. IX, 52.] Ch. Hannah b. 3 (2) 1040, 
Abiah and Abraham b. 9 (2) 1043. 

Will dated 10 (10) 165S, prob. 21 April, 
1059, beq. to sons John, William, Joseph, 
Abiah and Samuel; daus. Hannah and Abi- 
gail; son John Titus. Wife exec. Large 
estate; many boolis. Widow Abigail's est. 
admin. 7 Sept. 1687, by son William. 


George, shipwright, Ipswich, propr. 
1G35; rem. to Salisbury; ferryman in 1041 at 
the island where he dwelleth, by permission 
ol' the court at Ipswich. Released his ap- 
prentice Thomas Coccrey about May, 1041. 
[L.] He and Lis sons carried on a large 
business in shipping, mills, etc. He m. Eliz- 
abeth ; James Oliver of Boston was his 

bro.-ln-law. Ch. Elizabeth, ae. about 6 years, 
bapt. at Boston 8 (7) 1650, (m. May 1, 1662, 
Mr. John Woodmansey,) George b. April 15, 
1044, Richard and William b. March ID, 
1646, James b. April 28, 1650, Mary b. Feb. 
24, 1051, (m. James Bailey,) Sarah b. Dec. 
17, 1054, (m. Thomas Baker,) John b. Nov. 
14, 1656. 

He d. April 4, 1682. Adjustment of his 
est. was made Sept. folg. Numerous papers 
on file, with accounts of the business. Wil- 
liam C, James Bayley, Thomas Baker and 
Thomas Putnam petitioned. The widow d. 
May 6, 1091. Will prob. June 30 folg. Men- 
tions sons George, William, John, Richard 
and James; daus. Mary Bayley, Sarah Baker 
and Anna Putnam; gr. ch. James Woodman- 

CARR, cont. 

Richard, ae. 29, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635. Settled at Salisbury. Elizabeth, 
widow of George, calls him brother of her 
husband in 1682. 

Robert, tailor, ae. 21, with Caleb, ae. 
11, came in the Elizabeth and Ann in May, 

CABRINGTON, see Cordington, 

Edward, turner, Charlestown, 1633. 
Frm. May 25, 1030. Rem. to Maiden. De- 
posed 24 Sept. 1653, ae. about 40. [Mdx. 
Files.] Ch. Elizabeth b. 11 (1) 1039, (m. 
Stephen Paine,) Mary, (m. Phinehas 
Sprague,) Sarah b. 9 (7) 1643. His wife Eliz- 
abeth, ae. 40 in 1658, d. 9 (7) 1084. [Second] 
wife Mary d. 9 (7) 1684. [Mdx. Rec] 

He d. 15 (7) 1684; beq. all to dau. Eliza- 
beth Paine, her husband and her ch. Ed- 
ward, and to gr. dau. Mary Sprague. 

Thomas, embarked June 22, 1632. 


John, Barnstable, in court with his 
wife Alls, 1 March, 1641. 

^Villiam, planter, Hingham, propr. 17 
July, 1037; rem. to Barnstable; frm. Nov. 2, 
1037; constable, 1639. In court 7 Dec. 1641. 
He m. at Sandwich about Nov. 28, 1643, 
"Mrs. Matthews syster of Yarmouth." Atba. 
1043. Ch. b. and d. May 7, 1641, 2 ch. b. and 
d. in 1049. 

His widow Sarah admin, on his estate 
Jan. 20, 1693-4. 


Joseph, son of and Elizabeth Car- 
ter, step-sou of Francis Kirby, skinner, of 
London, came 11 April, 1639, with letter of 
introduction to Gov. John Winthrop. Bought 
land at Newbury in 1640. Ret. to Eng. [Reg. 
XXXV, 373.] 

Joshua, Dorchester, frm. May 14, 1634, 
sold house and lands Sept. 15, 1037, and rem. 
to Windsor, Conn. [Reg. IX, 301.] Rem. 
to Deerfield. Admin, gr. to widow Mary 
March 27, 1077. 

Martha, ae. 27, came in the Hopewell 
April, 1635. 

Richard, carpenter, Boston ,contracted 
to cut wood in Nov., 1639. [L.] Wife Anne 


CAKTER, cont. 

had deed from her kinsman, John Gosmer, 
June 5, 1658. Ch. Mary b. 3 (5) 1641, brought 
suit in Gen. Court 22 May, 1651, against 
Mr. Charles Sanders for carrying his wife 
to Eng. without his consent. Sold house and 
land July 23, 1654. 

Robert, servant of William Mullens, 
came in the Mayflower to Plymouth; d. soon 
after arrival. 

Thomas, blacksmith, Charlestown, 
adm. chh. 8 (11) 1636, frm. March 9, 1636-7. 
Constable, 1640. [Wife] Hannah adm. chh. 
2 (7) 1639; [second] wife Mary adm. chh. 
4 (9) 1643; ch. Anna, b. 10 (1) bapt. 22 (1) 
1640, (m. William Green,) Elizabeth b. 22 (2) 
3642. bur. 12 (5) 1644. Son John deposed 4 
(2) 1660, ae. about 40 years; refers to bro. 
Wm. Green; Joseph, currier, propr. 1646, 
Samuel and Thomas petition 18 (8) 1659, 
about the est. of their bro. W. G. [Mdx. 

He made will 5 (3), inv. taken 25 (4) 1652; 
beq. to wife Mary; eldest son Thomas; other 
sons Samuel, Joseph and John; daus. Mary 
Brinsmead and Hannah Greene; gr. eh. [Ca- 
leb] and Joseph C, John , G. and John B. 
Inv. mentions the shop, tools, iron and steel, 
etc. Samuel, shoemaker, referred in 1672, 
to land he had deeded to his honored father, 
T. C. of Char, before his death, some years 
past. The son Thomas, attorney for his bro. 
Matthew Williams, sold land at Marblehead 
9 (10) 1662. 

Thomas, servant of George Giddings, 
came in the Planter in 1635. Settled at 
Salisbury; planter; propr. 1639. Wife Mary; 
ch. Mary b. Oct. 6, 1641, (m. Joseph Lancas- 
ter.) Martha b. Feb. 1645, Martha b. March, 
1647, Elizabeth b. April, 1649, John b. May 
IS, 1650, Abigail b. Feb. 1652, (m. Stephen 
Flanders,) Samuel b. Oct. 25, 1656, Sarah, 
(m. John Davis). 

His will dated Oct. 30, prob. Nov. 14, 1676, 
beq. to wife and to eh. John, Samuel, Mary, 
Martha, Elizabeth, Abigail and Sarah. [See 
Reg. XXXVI, 319.] 

Rev. Thomas, b. about 1608, as he de- 
posed 17 (10) 1662, came first to Dedham, 
where he was propr. 25 (2) 1637. Rem. to 
Watertown; frm. May 21. 1638. Became 
the first minister of the church of Woburn, 
ordained Nov. 22, 1642. [W.] Sold land in 
Cambridge 18 (6) 1643. Was a much hon- 


CARTER, cont. 

ored pastor, doing much to shape the char- 
acter of the growing town. Wife Mary; ch. 
Samuel b. 8 (6) 1640, Judith b. 15 (1) 1642, 
Theophilus b. 12 (4) 1645, d. 19 (12) 1649, 
Mary b. 13 (3) 1648, [Mdx. Files.] Thomas, 
Timothy. He deeded lands to his children 
before his death; referred to this in nunc, 
will, prob. Sept. 4, 1684. Beq. library to his 
eldest son Samuel; rest to be divided be- 
tween his three sons and his dau. Mary af- 
ter the death of his wife. 

He d. Sept. 5, 1684, "ae. 74." The sons 
Samuel, Thomas, and Timothy and their 
mother signed an agreement to abide by the 
will. The children of my brother Thomas 
Carter, who is now in New England, are 
mentioned in the will of James Carter of 
Hinderelay, Suffolk, Eng. 8 Sept. 1655. [Reg. 
XXXVI, 319.] 


Michael, carpenter, Ipswich, propr. 
1635; reed, pay for work at the bridge and 
for carriage for the gun in 1642. Constable 
in 1046. 

Will dated 16 (11) 1646, prob. 1647, beq. 
all to the care of his wife till son John Is 
21 years of age and dau. Mildred is 22 years 
old or married, when they shall receive their 


Bethia, Salem, made will May 2, prob. 
May, 1640; beq. to sister Elizabeth Capon 
in Walderswiek, Susses, Eng., Mary, wife 
of George Newton of Salem, John Jackson, 
Jr. of Exeter, Margaret, wife of John J. of 
Sal., Elizabeth Pellem and Elizabeth Nick- 


Mr. John, a worthy pioneer, a capable, 
self-sacrificing man; a native of England; 
he emigrated to Ley den, Holland. One of 
the deacons of the Pilgrim Church, sent to 
Eng. in 1617 to negotiate for an American 
home for the Colony; came in the Mayflower; 
signed the Compact in Cape Cod Bay Nov. 
1', 1620; after the signing he was chosen 
tht first governor of Plymouth Colony; 
served with ability, but d. of sun-stroke in 
April. 1621. His wife Katharine who came 
with him d. in June, 1621. No ch. mentioned 
in Plymouth documents. His man Roger 
White and a little boy, Jasper More, appren- 

CABVEE, cont. 

ticed to him, d. in the winter of 1620-1. His 
other man-servant, John Howland, and a 
boy, Wm. Latham, who came with him, 
lived here; [see theur names.] 

Richard, husbandman, ae. 60, of Sljrat- 
by, Eng., with wife Grace, ae. 40, ch. Eliz- 
abeth and Susanna, twins ae. 18, and ser- 
vants Isaac Hart, ae. 22, Thomas Flege, ae. 
21, Marable, (Mabel) Underwood, ae. 20, 
passed exam, to go to N. E. April 11, 1637. 
Settled at Watertown; yeoman. 

Will dated 18 Dec, 1638, prob. 9 (7) 1641. 
Beq. to wife Grace and daus. Elizabeth and 
Susanna. [Keg. II, 262.] 

Robert, planter, Marshfield, propr. 3 
Sept., 1638, atba. 1643; frm. 7 June, 1648. 
Juryman, town otficer. 

He was bur. in April, 1G80, "being 86 years 


.Tames, draper, merchant, Charlestown, 
adm. chh. 3 (3) 1647. Cleric of writs 1650. 
He gave bond for the delivery of sugar 
Dec. 21, 1652. His wife Eleanor was adm. 
chh. 30 (9) 1642. She d. Nov. 9, 1697, ae. 80. 
He d. Nov. 2, 1681, ae. 81. Will prob. April 
4, 1682; wife and 5 ch.; Mehetabel, (m. Wm. 
Welstead,) (John b. 29 (5) 1642, James b. and 
d in 1644,) Nathaniel b. 7 (1) 1645, Jonathan 
b. 15 (11) 1646, Elizabeth b. 23 (7) 1G48, and 
Joanna. [Wyman.] 

Nicholas, Salem, 1636. In court, 1037. 


Edward, Taunton, frm. Dec. 4, 1638; 
deputy, 1640. 


Thomas, Taunton, atba. 1643. Ch. Ste- 
phen b. Feb. 15, 1648, Thomas b. Feb. 22, 
1650, Peter b. Oct., 1652, Mary b. Aug., 1654, 
John b. July, 1656, Sarah b. Nov., 1658, Wil- 
liam b. Sept. 15, 1660, Samuel b. Jan. 26, 
1662, Elizabeth b. Jan. 10, 1664, Abigail b. 
Oct. 27, 1666, Esther b. June 4, 1669. 

Will dated 28 Sept. 1691, codicil 16 March, 
1696-7, inv. talien 30 March, prob. 14 Sept. 
1697, beq. to ch. Stephen, Thomas, Peter, 
John, William, Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Han- 
nah, Elizabeth, Abigail and Hester. Daniel 
Eamsdell was husband of Hannah. 


Mr. John, a creditor of Wm. Swift of 
Watertown, 1642. 

Robert, Ipswich, served in Pequot war; 
town voted him land in 1639, if demanded 
within a year. 

CATLIN, see Kirtland. 


John, Lynn, witness in court in 1647 
and 1650. 


William, Boston, 1644. Wife Mary; ch. 
Mary b. (10) 1644. 


Richard, shipwright, Saugus, 1636. 
[Col. Rec] Witness, Salem court, 1637. 
Law suit in 1641. [L.] See Sampson, John. 
Rem. to Sandwich. Propr. 3 April, 1637. 
He m. July 22, 1649, Katharine Presberry 
of S. 

He d. Nov. 27, 1661. Will dated 22 (9), 
prob. 27 (10) 1681, beq. to son-in-law Lode- 
wick Hawkse and his cosen Thomas, son 
of Moses Chadwell. 

Thomas, bro. of Richard, shipwright, 
Salem, 1636; of Lynn; propr. 1638. Rem. 
t(i Sandwich before 1645. Res. at Charles- 
town in 1670; ret. to Lynn. [See George Da- 
vis.] Abigail, wife of Thomas, of Charles- 
town, made will 8 June, prob. 19 June, 
1683; beq. to her husband; to sister Ann 
Pearson of Piscatag; to gr. son Joseph Goose 
and his sister Susanna Crosse; to sister 
Wheeler's daus.; refers to Joseph Goose's 
agreement, dated July 28, 1682. 

He d. 27 Feb. 1683. Will dated 25 Feb., 
inv. taken June 18, 1684, beq. to son Moses; 
to M.'s wife Sarah and son Thomas; to dau. 
Ruth Needham. 


Charles, Watertown, frm. May 18, 1631. 
Town officer, deputy. 

He d. April 10, 1682, ae. 86. Will dated 
June 30, 1681, beq. to wife Elizabeth, (who 
d. Feb. 22, 1684,) kinsmen Thomas and John 
Chadwick; to the eldest son of Thomas, and 
to Charles, eldest son of John. Jere. Nor- 
eross mentions "bro. Charles Chadwick." 


CHADWICK, cont. 

John, Sen., Maiden. Cli. Elizabeth b. 
April 1, 164S, John d. March 17, 1650. Sarah 
b. June 1, 1050, James b. April 15, 1653. 

His will dated 1 (10) 16S0, prob. April 5, 
1081, devised to sons John, James and Sam- 
uel and dau. Hannah; 3 daus. that are al- 
ready married. 


Matthew, ship-carpenter, Boston. Adm. 
chh. 7 (6) 1636. His wife Sarah adra. chh. 
21 (12) 1640. They were dism. to (place not 
stated,) 10 (6) 1655. [Rem. to Newbury?] 

Thomas, one of those the Gen. Court 
recognized as first planters of Hull, May 20, 
1642. Propr. 1657. Rem. to Swansey. 

He made his will 25 July, 1680, being of 
great age; beq. to sons Nathaniel and Jo- 
seph. Inv. taken 15 May, 1683. 


John, his wife before Gen. Court 4 
June, 1039. 


Philip, planter, Ipswich ,propr. 1636. 
Lieut. Rem. to Salisbury. Propr. 1639. 
AVas appointed by the Gen. Court to look 
after saltpetre breeding 27 Sept. 1642. He 
deposed in 1609, ae. about 52 years. Was 
referred to by his wife and others as Philip 
Watson Challis in some cases. He m. Mary, 
daii. of William Sargent; ch. Elizabeth, (m. 
1, John Hoyt, 2, John Blaisdell,) John b. July 
9, 1653, John b. June 26, 165-5, William d. 
Dec. 19, 1657, Philip Watson b. Dec. 19, 165S, 
William b. May 28, 1663, Lydia b. May 31, 
1665, (m. .Tohn Chase.) Mary b. Aug. 27. 1608, 
(m. Joseph Dow,) Hannah b. Sept. 20, 1075. 
He d. at Amesbury about 1681. Inv. pres- 
ented April 22, 1691. The widow d. Sept. 
2T, 1716. 



Abigail, bapt. at Dorchester 31 (1) 1644, 
her father being a memb. of the chh. of Con- 
cord but at present sojourning in D. 

Edmund, Woburn. Rem. to Chelms- 
ford before 1656, when he sold land at Bille- 
rica. Ch. Sarah b. Dec. IS, 1649, a dau. b. 
March 11, 1651-2. 

Edward, Roxbury, m. Jan. 4, 1640, 
Mary Turner. 

CHAMBERLAIN, etc., cont. 

Elizabeth, adm. chh. Charlestown 29 
(3) 1642. 

Henry, shoemaker, from Hingham, Eng., 
came in 1638 with his wife, his mother and 
2 ch. to Hingham. Propr., 1638, frm. March 
13, 1638-9. Propr. at Hull in 1657. Mrs. C. 
joined the chh. at Barnstable Oct. 6, 1644. 
Mrs. C. widow, sister of Mr. Israel Stough- 
ton, rec'd from Gen. Court a portion of Mr. 
Andrew's gift 14 May, 1645. Widow Chris- 
tian C. d. 19 April, 1659, ae. 81 years. 

Henry, blacksmith, Hingham, sold, 
Feb. 4, 1660, land gr. him by the town. 
Either he or his son Henry was town officer 
in Hull in 1670; son William town officer in 

He d. in 1674. Will dated Nov. S, 1673, 
prob. 29 July, 1674. Beq. to wife Jane, sons 
Henry and William, daus. Susan Carter, 
Ursley Cole, and Faith Patterson; gr. ch. 
John C. See Shelley, Sarah. 

Richard, Braintree; ch. Richard b. and 
d. 1042. May be the same as 

Richard, Sudbury, who made will Feb. 
12 ,1672, prob. 18 (4) 1673; beq. to wife what 
she brought at marriage, etc,; eldest son 
B('njamin; daus. Rebecca, Mehitabel, Eliza- 
beth Daniel, Mary Graives; son Joseph and 
gr. son Jolin Graives. 

Thomas, Woburn, taxed 1645: frm. 
May 20, 1644. Rem. to Chelmsford. 
Ch. Samuel b. Oct. 7, 1647, Mary b. 
Jan. 30, 1649. Hs m. at Chelmsford, 
Aug. 10, 1666, Sarah Proctor. He m. April 
16, 1674, Mary, widow of John Poulter and 
of Sergt. John Parker. She d. I'eb. 8, 1692-3, 
ae. 88. Her son John Poulter d. May 20, 
1C76; inv. mentions debts owing his mother 
Chamberlin and Mr. Samuel Whiting. 

William, Woburn, taxed in 1648. Rem. 
to Billerica in 1654. Ch. Timothy b. Aug. 
l,^, 1649, Isaac b. Oct. 1, 1650, John, [parent 
not stated,] d. March 3, 1652, Sarah b. May 
20, 1655, (m. John Shed,) Jacob b. Jan. 18, 
1657, Thomas b. Feb. 20, 1659, Edmond b. 
July 15, 1660, [1661?] Rebecca b. Feb. 25, 
1662, (m. Thomas Stearns.) Abraham b. Jan. 
6, 1664, Ann b. March 3, 1665-6. Clement b. 
May 30, 1669, Daniel b. Sept. 27, 1671. [See 
Shelley, Sarah.] 
He d. May 31, 1706, ae. about 86. 


CHALPIN, see Chapin. 


Amy, Boston, memb. chh., 1G31. 

Elizabeth, Boston, maid servant to 
Wm. Baulstone, adm. chh. 3 (6) 1634. 

Robert, ae. 13, came in the Hopewell, 
1635. Settled at Marsbfield; atba. 1G43. Ser- 
vant of Mr. Edward Winslow; propr. 1644. 
Kem. and died; partnership acct. in Court 7 
Aug., 1655. 

Thomas, planter, Scituate, 163S, frm. 
3 Dec, 1639; atba. 1643. Juror, town offi- 
cer, deputy. Widow Richarden C. of Sci. 
made will 18 Nov. 1672, prob. June, 1673. 
Beq. to Abigail, wife of her son Thomas 
Curtice, and to Elizabeth his dau.; confirmed 
to her son John Curtice the bequest made 
by her husband, of the house and land after 
her death. 


John, Cambridge, propr., 1635. Wife 
Joanna; ch. Mary, (m. Richardson, liv- 
ing at Woburn in 1658;) Sarah, John, (d. Feb. 
20, 1664;) all bapt in Camb. The widow m. 
2, Golden Moore. [Mi.] 

He d. about 1 (2) 1650, when permission 
was gr. for the sale of his house and land 
for the benefit of his widow, the wife of 
Golden Moore, and his children. 

Mr. Richard, Cambridge, propr. 1635, 
fnn. May 25, 1636. Ruling elder. Wife 
Jane. [Mi.] Ch. Esther, "living at Woburn in 
1G58; bapt. in England, aged about years 
when her father joined here." [Mi.] 
Mary b. (8) 1633, Samuel b. (7) 1035, Sarah b. 
(3) 1638, Mary b. (9) 1639, John b. 28 (3) 1041, 
Lydia, Daniel b. 9 (1) 1644. 

He d. Nov. 26, 1669. Will dated 30 June, 
prob. 21 Dec. 1669, beq. to wife Jane what 
she brought at marriage, etc.; to daus. Es- 
ther Converse, Mary French and Lydia C; 
to sons Samuel and Daniel; to Josiah Con- 
verse; to Harvard College 40 acres of land; 
to Daniel Gooliin, Jr., and Nathaniel Mitch- 


Edunmd, Plymouth, creditor of God- 
bert Godbertson, frm. 1633; res. at Duxbury 
lC3(!-7; constable; appraiser of est. of Wm. 

CHANDLER, etc., cent. 

Will dated May 3, prob. 4 June, 1662, be- 
ing old. Beq. to children Samuel, Benjamin, 
Joseph, Sarah, Ann, Mary and Ruth. 

John, shoemaker, Boston, frm. May 13, 
1640. He apprenticed his son John to Wil- 
liam Webb, baker, of Roxbury, 28 (11) 1640- 
1 [L.] This son was bur. in R. Dec. 13, 
1660. One of the com. app. by the Gen. 
Court 1 Oct. 1645, to lay out lots at Con- 
cord. Petitioner for the Nashaway planta- 
tion in 1645. Adm. inhabitant or Boston in 
1647. Ch. Hannah b. at Concord 28 (12) 

Nathaniel, Duxbury, atba. 1643. Served 
against the Narragansetts in 1645. 

Roger, Duxbury, taxed in 1632; frm. 
1633. Sold land in 1644. His dau. was in 
the service of Kenelm Winslow before May 
5, 1646. 

Samuel, Duxbury, taxed in 1632; in 

Court Oct. 2, 1637; atba. 1643. He m. at 

Dorchester, 21 (10) 1644, widow Sarah Davis. 

Inv. of his est. taken at Dux. 17 (9) 1683. 

William, householder, Roxbury, propr., 
frm. May 13, 1640. 

He was bur. 26 (11) 1641. His widow An- 
nis m. 2, July 2, 1643, John Dane, and 3, John 
Parmenter. The Gen. Court gave Dane the 
house and land 17 Oct., 1642, for his pay- 
ments on behalf of the wife and children. 
Ch. Thomas, William, Hannah, (m. George 
Abbot,) and Sarah, (m. William Cleaves,) 
were mentioned in the will of their mother. 
[See Parmenter.] Thomas deposed at Ips- 
wich, March 29, 1692, ae. 64 years; William 
at same time, ae. 56 years. 


John, collier, Lynn, gave letter of at- 
torney 4 (8) 1647, to his wife True C. of 
Bromley in Kent, to ask of John Waters, 
tailor ,of Chittington, Kent, an annuity of 
3 li. passed due by deed of gift of said True 
to the ch. of her former husband, etc. [A.] 

David, Springfield, frm. April 5, 1649. 
A dm. inhab. of Boston in 1658. He m. 29 
(6) 1654, Lydia Crump. Ch. Lydia b. 19 (4) 
1055, Caleb b. 2 (2) 1657. Sarah b. at Bo. 3 
March, bapt. 6 (1) 1659, Hannah b. Oct. 23, 


CHAPIN, etc., cont. 

1661, Ebenezer bapt. April 3, 1664, Jonathan 

b. Feb. 12, 1665, Union b. Dec. 26, 1669, Ruth 

bapt. 8 (10) 1672, (m. Jan. 26. 1698, Wm. 


Samuel, Springfield, frm. June 2, 1641; 
town ofiicer, 1643; deacon, 1649; employed 
to conduct service part of the time, 1656-7, 
when there was no minister in town. Com- 
missioner, 1651 and 1660. Ch. Japhet, Jo- 
siah, Catharine, , (m. Gilbert.) Han- 
nah b. 2 (10) 1644, (m. Sept. 27, 1666, John 
Hitchcock,) Henry d. April 29, 1668, Henry, 
Sarah, (m. 14 (2) 1647, Rowland Thomas). 

He d. 11 Nov. 1675. Will dated 4 (1) 1674, 
prob. 24 March, 1676, beq. to wife, son Henry 
and gr. son Thomas Gilbert. Son Japhet C. 
with his wife Abilene, deposed. The wid- 
ow Cicely d. Feb. 8, 1682; beq. to sons Henry 
C. of Spr. and Josiah C. of Braintree; daus. 
Catharine, wife of Samuel Marshfield, Sarah 
Thomas and Hannah Hitchcock; to Henry 
Gilbert, apprentice to John Hitchcock. Son 
Japhet C. exec. 


Rev. Clement, ae. 48, came in the Eliz- 
abeth and Ann in April, 1635. Settled at 
Cambridge; propr. and selectman Nov. 23, 
1635; frm. March 3, 1635-6. Deputy 1636. 
Rem. to Wethersfield, Conn., and sold house 
and lands in C. 30 (7) 1645. Ret. to Thet- 
ford, CO. Norfolk, Eng., and there d. in 1656. 
Will beq. to bro. Thomas C. of Bury St. 
Edmunds; mentioned kinsman Wm. Clarke 
of Roxbury, N. E. [Reg. XXXI, 413, and 
XXXVIII, 71.] 

Mr. Hugh, Rowley, propr., frm. May 
18, 1642. Wife Elizabeth; ch. John b. 26 (6) 
1643, Joseph b. 11 (12) 1646, Thomas b. 2 (7) 
1648, Jonatlian b. 10 (10) 1651. 

He was bur. 21 (1) 1653. Will dated 15 (1) 
1C54, prob. March 31, 1657; wife Elizabeth; 
eldest son John; three children mentioned in 
inventory. The widow Elizabeth m. 9 Dec. 
1656, Nicholas Jackson. 


Edward, miller, Ipswich, propr. 1643. 
He m. Dorothy, dau. of Mark Symonds. 
Gave house and land to son John 1 Sept. 

CHAPMAN, cont. 

1677; had son Nathaniel who m. a dau. of 

Andrew Peters; testified 30 April, 1678. 

Will dated 9, prob. 30 April, 1678, beq. to 
wife Dorothy, as per mar. conn-a-jt; to sons 
Symon, Nathaniel and Samuel; dau. Mary, 
wife of John Barry. 

Florence, widow, adm. chh. Boston 
from chh. of Braintree 4 (8) 1645. 

Henry, servant of Mr. Kean at Salem 
in 1641. [Es. Court Files.] Before Gen. 
Court for not obeying a press 2 (4) 1640. 

Jacob, Boston, brought suit in Es. 
court in 1636. Propr. 1642. 

John, Ipswich. Sold lumber Nov. 5, 
1633. [Col. Rec] Frm. May 14, 1634. 

Inv. of his est. taken 1 March, 1677-8; 
admin, gr. to widow Deborah. 

Ralph, ae. 20, cert, from St. Savior's, 
Southwark, Eng., came in the Elizabeth in 
April, 1635. Settled at Duxbury; bought 
land 8 Oct., 1639. Partner in ferry at Marsh- 
field 11 Jan., 1641. Propr. 1644. He m. 
Nov. 23, 1642, Lydia Wills; ch. Mary b. 31 
Oct. 1643, Sarah b. May 15, 1645, Isaac b. 
Aug. 4, 1647, dau. b. Oct. 5, 1649, son b. 1651. 
Sarah, John and Ralph bapt. Sept. 27, 1657. 

Will, dated Nov. 28, 1671, prob. June 4, 
1672, beq. to dau. Sarah and her husband 
Wm. Norcut, or Norkett; to younger son 
Ralph; to ch. Isaac, John and Mary. Testi- 
mony that his hands were so swelleil that 
he could not sign the will. [Reg. VII, 236.] 

Robert, Marshfield, atba. 1643. 

William, Hingham. 
Old Chapman d. Nov. 1639. Will dated 16 
Oct. 1639, prob. April 24, 1671. Beq. to dau. 
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Huett, and her 
son Ephraim; to his son John Chapman, then 
in England. 


George, ae. 20, came in the Christian 
March 16, 1634. 

Marie, Boston, servant to Mr. John Cot- 
ton, adm. chh. 31 (1) 1639. 

Mary, widow, adm. chh. 4 (8) 1645. 

Nathaniel, Boston, servant to Ather- 
ton Haulgh, adm. chh. 2 (8) 1634. frm. May 
22, 1639. 



John, Charlestown, propr. 1636. 
to New Haven. 

CHASE, etc., cont. 
Rem. 13 5Iay. Beq. to wife Mary and 2 sons, 
Benjamin and William. [Reg. V, 388.] 

William, Salem, Marbleliead, taxed In 
1637. Wife Sai-ali adm. chh. 6 (4) 1647. He 
sealed the meeting house in 1656-7. 

Will dated 31 Dec. 1672, prob. 27 (4) 1673; 
■wife Sarah; cousins Robert C. and Mary, 
present wife of James Dennis. The wid- 
ow's nunc, will prob. 29 (4) 1677, beq. to sis- 
ter Tryphena Geer, and her ch. Tryphena, 
John and Sarah Fairfield; to Robert Charles' 
2 daus. a legacy when he comes over for it; 
to goodmeu Goldsmith and Haggett; to 
Mary, wife of James Dennis and her ch. 
James, Mary, Amos and Agnes. 


Nicholas, Boston, servant to John My- 
1am, adm. chh. 10 (2) 1642. Frm. May, 1645. 
Wife Catharine adm. chh. 4 (8) 1645; ch. Eliz- 
abeth b. and d. 1645, Mary bapt. 3 (8) 1647, 
ae. about 5 days. 

He d. and the widow m. Richard Haugh- 
tou. She had permission from Gen. Court 
14 Oct. 1651, to sell the house which N. C. 
had owned, and admin, on the est. for the 
benefit of her 2 children. [Arch. 15 B.] 


Anthony, Boston, memb. chh. 1630-1. 

CHASE, CHASSE, see Shaw. 

Aquila, mariner, Hampton, 1640; rem. 
to Newbury; propr. 1646. He deposed in 
1666, ae. about 48 years. Wife Anne; ch. 
Sarah, (m. C. Annis,) Anne b. 6 July, 1647, 
(m. Thomas Barber,) Priscilla b. 14 March, 
1648, (m. Abel Merrill,) Mary b. 3 Feb. 1650, 
(m. John Stevens,) Aquila b. 27 Sept. 1652, 
Thomas b. 25 July, 1654, John b. 2 Nov. 1655, 
Elizabeth b. 13 Sept. 1657 ,Euth b. 18 March, 
1660, d. 30 May, 1676, Daniel b. 9 Dec. 1661, 
Moses b. 24 Dec. 1663. 

He d. Dec. 27, 1670. The widow m. June 
14, 1672, Daniel Mussiloway; she d. April 
21, 1687. 

William, planter, Roxbury, came with 
the first company, 1630, and went with a 
CO. who made a new plantation at Yarmouth. 
[E.] Appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1630. Town offi- 
cer. Served against the Narragansetts in 
1645. Mary, dau. of goodman Chase the 
elder bur. at Barnstable Oct. 28, 1652. 
Will, dated May 4, 1659, being aged; prob. 


Robert, weaver, from Spitalfields, Lon- 
don, Charlestown, 1645; town officer. Rem. 
to Woburn; taxed 1645; frm. May -^G, 1647. 
He was ae. 55 in 1663; he d. Sept. 2, 1672. 
Will dated Charlestown, Aug. 27, 1672, prob. 
March 14, 1672-3; beq. to wife Elizabeth; to 
Henry Streeter and wife, to Nathaniel 
Smith of Haverhill, to John Whittemore, to 
the child Benoni, living in his family, to 
widow Mary Nash; residue to kinsman Rob- 
ert C. in Eng. if he come for it within 3 
yrs., or to his children; otherwise to "any 
brothers children of his that shall come for 
it. If no one come for it, this residue after 
the wife's death to go to the deacons of the 
poore of the Towne." The widow Elizabeth 
d. 13 (8) 1678. 


Rev. Charles, "A great scliolar and a 
godly man, procured from Eng. in 1639 by 
them of Plymouth." [W.] He was b. in 
Hartfordshire in 1589; studied at Westmin- 
ster school; B. A. of Trinity college; became 
professor of Greek, preacher at Marston, 
afterward at Ware. Reproved for Puritanic 
teaching, he wrote a submission and after- 
ward renounced it. Came to N. E., arriv- 
ing a few days before Jan. 1, 1638. [C. M.] 
He acted as teacher of the chh. of Plymouth 
3 yrs.; rem. to Seituate. Contended for im- 
mersion of infants in baptism. Brought on 
great controversy in both churches. [W.J 
Changed his views about 1654, and was 
elected president of Harvard College, where 
he rendered distinguished service. He and 
his wife adm. chh. of Cambridge (1) 1656. 
Wife Catharine, a dau. of Robert Eyre, 
Esq. [C. M.], d. Jan. 24, 1667. [Gr. St.] 
Ch. Barnabas, Sarah, both adm. chh. Camb. 
Dec. 10, 1658; Hannah, Nathaniel, Elnathan, 
Israel, these four bapt. at Sci. Other 
ch. Isaac and Ichabod. John Holmes, 
a student and servant to Mr. C, in full com- 
munion with the chh. of Camb., dismissed 
to the chh. of Duxbury. [Mi.] 

He d. Feb. 19, 1671-2, ae. 82. [Gr. St.] 
[See wills of membs. of his family in Reg. 
XXXIX, 166.] 



Thomas, a witness at Salem in 1641. 


Margery, Boston, memb. chh. 1630-1. 


John, Newbury. Wife Alice; ch. Han- 
nah b. 7 Aug. 1G44, Lydia b. 12 Jan. 1047. 
[Es. Files.] 


Josias, Scituate, took oath of alle- 
giance 1 Feb., 1638. Constable, 1641-2. 


John, merchant, suit in Es. court in 
1640; res. at Boston, adm. chh. 4 (S) 1645, 
frm. May 10, 1648. An order drawn in his 
favor Sept. 8, 1640. [L.] He m. in Boston 
5 (1) 1C52, Ann, dau. of Mr. Simon Eires. 
Res. at Charlestown in 1664, at Bo. in 1670. 


William, blacksmith, Boston, with wife 
Anne adm. chh. 1630, juryman Nov. 0, 1630, 
fim. May 18, 1631. Dism. to Braintree 16 
(12) 1639. Rem. to chh. of Rehoboth 1643, 
letters of dism. gr. 9 (2) 1648. Frm. Plym. 
Col. 2 May, 1648. Town officer 1634, deputy 
1642. Ch. John bapt. 11 (9) 1632, Jabez bapt. 
3 (3) 1635, EUsha bapt. 4 (4) 1637, Joseph b. 
18 (5) 1640. 

Thomas, tailor, from Newcastle on 
Tyne, Eng., settled at Cambridge; frm. 
March 3, 1035-6. Inn-keeper 8 Sept., 1636. 
Deacon, steward of Harv. Coll.; town offi- 
cer 1646. He deposed 2 (3) 1660, ae. about 
50 years. [Mdx. Files.] Wife Isabel. 

He d. Aug. 18, 1671. Will dated 17 Aug. 
prob. 4 (8) 1071, beq. to Elizabeth Sparhawk; 
to the children of Mrs. Witchfleld, late of 
Windsor; to William Manning, Edmund An- 
gler, Benoni Eaton and Mr. Urian Oakes' ch. 


Bartholomew, shoemaker, Boston, frm. 

May 26. 1647; propr. Adm. chh. 31 (3) 1646. 

Will, dated Oct. 21, prob. Dec. 28, 1693. 

CHEEVER, etc., cent. 

beq. to wife Lydia, bro. Daniel, and his 
seven children, named; cousins Ezekiel C, 
schoolmaster, and Richard C. with his son 
Bartholomew; to cousins Elizabeth Har- 
wood, William and Samuel Barrett, Will. 
Twing, Benjamin Marsh; to Stephen Palmer 
that married bro. Daniel's dau. Elizabeth; 
to the ch. of cousin John Ballentine; to the 
poor of the old church. He left widow 
Lydia, sister of Wm. Barrett, but no ch. 
The widow's will was prob. March 14, 1701. 
[Reg. XXXVI, 305.] 

Daniel, husbandman, Cambridge. He 
deposed 7 (2) 1664, ae. about 43 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] Wife Esther, (Hester) memb. chh. 
[Mi.] Ch. Mary b. 14 (12) 1645, Lydia b. 26 
(9) 1647, James b. (rec. at Sudbury,) 7 Dec, 
1649, John bapt. July 31, 1659, Esther b. 
and d. 1600, Israel bapt. Jan. 26, 1661, Han- 
nah and Elizabeth b. and d. 1004, Elizabeth 
bapt. Aug. 0, 1665. 

He d. March, 1703-4. Will, dated April 
30, 1698, prob. June 21, 1704, refers to bro. 
Bartholomew C. of Boston, dec; beq. to son 
Israel, James, daus. Lydia Luxford, Eliza- 
beth Palmer and Hanuah. wife of William 
Barrett, sou-iu-law Joseph Champney. 

Ezekiel, the famous and worthy school- 
master, b. in London Jan. 25, 1014-5. He res. 
at Boston in 1037; New Haven, 1038; Ips- 
wich, 1050; Charlestown, Nov., 1001; Boston 
again Jan. 0, 1670. He petitioned Es. Court 
in 1675 respecting the est of Capt. Thomas 
Lowthrop, brother of his w^lfe. He m. 1, 

in 1638, Mary ; she d. at New Haven 

Jan. 20, 1649. He m. 2, Nov. 18, 1652, Ellen, 
sister of Capt. Thomas Lothrop of Beverly. 
She d. Sept. 10, 1706. Ch. Samuel, b. Sept. 
22, 1039, Mary bapt. 29 (9) 1640, (m. Capt. 
Wm. Lewis,) Ezekiel bapt. 12 (4) 1642, Eliz- 
abeth bapt. (21 1645, (m. Samuel Goldth- 
waite, Sarah bapt. 21 (7) 1040, Hannah bapt. 
2:. (4) 1648, Abigail b. Oct. 20, 1653, Ezekiel 
b. July 1, 1055, Nathaniel b. Juue 23, 1657, 
Tliomas b. Aug. 23, 1658, William b. and d. 
1064, Susanna, (m. June 5, 1693, Joseph Rus- 

He d. at Boston Aug. 21, 1708. [Reg. 
XXXIII, 104, and XXXVIII, 427, and XLl, 
65.] His will dated 16 Feb. 1705-6. prob. 
24 Aug. 1708, beq. to wife Ellen; to children 
Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth, Ezekiel, Thomas 
and Susanna; to grandson Ezekiel Russell. 


Lambert, Watertown; rem. to Dedham, 
1G36; frm. May, 1645. He deposed June 17, 

1073, ae. 80 years. [Mds. Files.] Wife 

adni. chli. D. Dee. 4, 1G40. He m. 2, 14 (3) 
1G58, Thomasine Hews; slie d. Jan. 2, 1GG9. 
Ch. Isaac, Jolin, Mary b. 24 (10) 1G50. 

He d. 30 (11) 1673-4. Will dated 17 (12) 
1673, prob. 4 (12) 1674, beq. to sons John 
and Isaac, dau. Mary, son-in-law Richard 
Ellice, dau.-in-law Ruth Ellice, widow; to 
the church of Dedham. 


John, came into the land in the year 
1635 . He brought 4 children Mary, Martha, 
John, Daniel. Sarah, his 5th ch. was b. in 
the last mo. of the year, 1G35, called Febru- 
ary. He res. at Roxbury; he rem. from our 
church to Newbury the end of the next sum- 
mer, 1636. Wife Martha. [E.] A prom- 
inent citizen of Newbury; town officer. Frm. 
May 17, 1637. He wrote his will 5 (4) 1666; 
(on file at Salem). 

He d. July 28, 1666; his wife d. about 1G84. 
Ch. Mary, (m. Sept. 3, 1645, Wm. Lawes,) 
Martha, (m. 1, Anthony Sadler, 2, Thomas 
Burkby.) John, Daniel, Sarah, (m. Dec. 23, 
1652, Joseph Plumer,) Peter b. at Newbury, 
1C38, Lydia b. at N. 1G40, (m. Nov. 12, 1657, 
John Kendriclj,) Hannah b. Nov. 10, 1642, 
(m. Nov. 16, 1659. Richard Smith, Jr.,) Na- 
thaniel b. at N. Jan. 12, 1644, Elizabeth b. 
at N. Jan. 12, 1647, (m. Stephen Cross). 

William, planter, Roxbury, bought 
house and 40 acres of ground for 102 li. of 
Nicho. and Rich. Parker 18 (5) 1639, and a 
bouse and 61% acres of Walter Blackbourne 
for 215 li. 30 (7) 1639, and contracted to keep 
6 cows for him on shares. [L.] He was 
adm. chh. 5 (1) 1664-5, frm. May 23, 1666. 
Town officer; one of the feoffees of the Free 
School. Wife Margaret; ch. Ellen, (m. 
March 20, 1642-3, Humphrey Johnson,) Mar- 
garet (m., as his 2d wife and the mother 
of all his ch.. Deacon Thomas Hastings,) 
Thomas, William, John b. Sept. 29, 1639, 
d. in 1671, Mehitabel b. June 1, 1643, (m. 
Thoma.s Wight, Jr.,) Joseph b. June G, 1647. 
He d. 2 (.5) 16G7 ,ae. 63 years. The wid- 
ow m. 2, Burge, who d. before March, 

CHENEY, cont. 

1070-80. She rem. to Boston; made will 
Sept. 23, 1086, d. 2 or 3 (5) 1680. 


William, baker, ae. 26, with Ursula, 
ae. 40, came in the Love in July, 1635. 


Roger, Ipswich, 1641. 


Leonard, Cambridge, propr. 1634; wife 
had grant of land which she sold in 1635. 
He rem. to Wethersfield, Conn. Wife Mary; 
ch. John b. Aug. 3, 1635; Dorcas b. Nov. 1, 
1637, (m. at Salem, Nov. 12, 1656, Rev. Sam- 
uel Whiting, Jr.,) Stephen b. March 3, 1639, 
Mary b. Jan. 15, 1641, Prudence b. Feb. 16, 
1043, (m. Thomas Russell,) Eunice b. June 
15, 1645, (m. Richard Sprague,) Mercy b. 
Feb. 14, 1047; (see her will, prob. 21 (10) 
1069, at Char.). 

He d. Dee. 11, 1648. His widow m. Rich- 
ard Russell, q. v. 


James, Taunton, atba. 1643. Rem. to 
Salem; adm. chh. 27 (2) 1651. Wife Mary, 
a witness in Es. court in 1645, adm. chh. 
Salem 14 (2) 1050; ch. John, James, Mary 
and Martha bapt. 21 (2) 1650, Sarah bapt. 
4 (3) 1651, William bapt. 15 (3) 1053, Eliza 
bapt 20 (1) 1654, Susanna bapt. 10 (3) 1657. 


Joseph, ae. 16, servant to Robert Lovell, 
husbandman, came from Weymouth, Eng. 
before March 20, 1635. 


Francis, yeoman, Dedham, propr. 1638, 
frm. May 13, 1040. Memb. Court valuation 
com., ensign, selectman, deputy. Wife Amy 
or Ann adm. chh. 29 (10) 1G40, d. 5 (10) 1649. 
Ho m. 11 (4) 1650, Sarah Sibble. Ch. Ann, 
(m. 3 (9) 1059, Stephen Paine,) Elizabeth b. 
26 (7) 1638, d. 23 (5) 1642, Bethshua b. 23 
(10) 1640, Easter b. 4 (9) 1643, John b. 19 
(2) 1640, Mary b. 10 (2) 1648. 

He d. 2 (8) 1658. Inv. presented by widow 
Sarah and Capt. Eleazer Lusher, Oct. 17, 
1658. The Court allowed her 350 li., includ- 


CHICKERING, etc., cont. 

ing 150 li. contracted for at her marriage. 

[Reg. IX, 346.] 

Henry, yeoman, Salem, propr. 1639; 
rem. to Dedham, adm. chh. with wife 29 
(11) 1640; frm. June 2, 1641. Deputy, deacon. 
Was In the ship to go to Bng., and excused 
from service as deputy 27 (8) 1047. 

He was bur. 22 (5) 1671, ae. 82 years. Will 
dated 23 (3) 1670, prob. 31 (6) 1671. Beq. to 
wife Ann; kinsman Nathaniel C, living with 
him; pastor John Allin; to the school and 
church of Dedham; to several individuals; 
to son, Mr. John Chickerin of Charlestown. 
See Mr. John Allin. Mary, Dedham, made 
over to John C, her cousin, son of Honry C. 
of D. in N. E., all her interest in a parcel 
of land belonging to the Manor of Benecar 
Hall In CO. Suffolk, 20 (9) 1646. [A.J 


Mr. , before Boston Court 7 (7) 

1641. [W.] 


Ephraim, Watertown, frm. May 18, 
1031. Town officer, deacon, deputy. 

He d. 13 (12) 1662-3, ae. 70. Will dated 
Nov. 10, 1662, prob. April 2, 1663, beq. to 
Ephraim, son of Benjamin C; to his cousin 
Wm. Bond, whom he app. co-exec, with his 
wife Elizabeth; to Richard and John C; to 
Mary Rowles, wife of John Parker; to ser- 
vant Davie; to Samuel Bush; beq. to her 
cousin William Bond, and made him exec, 
of her est; beq. also to his wife and to Wm. 
junior, John, Thomas, Elizabeth and Sarah 
B.; to Ric. Child's wife and eldest and second 
son; to Ric. Beeres and wife and others. 

Richard, Barnstable. Rem. to Yar- 
mouth. He m. Oct. 15, 1648, Mary Linnell, 
or Linnett. 

Robert, doctor, planter at Nashaway 
(Lancaster,) in 1644. One of those who pe- 
titioned for citizenship without church-mem- 
bership in 1646; had a bro.. Major of a regi- 
ment in Kent; a person of quality, and there- 
fore not punished as severely as others for 
expressions and demeanor deemed disre- 
spectful, but prosecuted repeatedly ana con- 
fined sometime in his house (in Boston). 
[W.] A stockholder in the Iron Works Co. 



Thomas, shoemaker. Sandwich, 1638, 
propr. 1640; rem. to Marshfleld; frm. 5 June', 
1644; town officer. 

Admin, gr. to widow Joane March 1, 1652- 
3. [Reg. V, 259.] The widow m. Thomas 
Doged, and they secured to her 4 daus. their 
shares of the father's est. 7 March, 1653. 


^\■alsingham, Marblehead, a witness in 
1647; owner of a swamp lot in 1649. With 
wife Mary he sold laud in M. to Francis 
Johnson 13 July, 1655. 


James, came in the Mayflower; signed 
the Compact. Res. at Plymouth. Brought 
with him his wife Mary, who d. within a 
few months after arrival. He brought dau. 
Mary, who m. John Winslow. Another dau. 
came over afterward, that was married. [B.] 
He d. Dec. 6, 1620. 


George, Salem, Marblehead, taxed in 
1638. Was appointed to receive money of 
John Lyon in 1638. [Court Files.] Witness 
in 1647. 

Admin, of his est. gr. 6 (1) 1653, to widow, 
Elizabeth. [Es. Files X, 11.] 


Edmund, ae. 20, came in the Hope- 
well in Sept. 1635. 


John, only son of Mr. Thomas Chip- 
man of Brinspittal, Dorsetshire, Eng., b. 
about 1614, came to Plymouth 1630-1, in ser- 
vice of his cousin Richard Darby, whose 
father was custodian of certain money due 
him from the est. of his father. See his 
declaration and the deposition of Ann Hos- 
kins in [Reg. IV, 23, and XXXV, 127.] He 
settled at Barnstable. He was adm. chh. 
Jan. 30, 1052; ruling elder, town officer, dep- 
uty. He m. Hope, dau. of John Howland, 
who was adm. chh. Aug. 7, 1050; she d. 8 
Jan. 16S3, ae. 54. [Gr. St.] Ch. Elizabeth b. 
June 24, 1C47, Elizabeth bapt. Aug. S, 1650, 
a ch. bur. Sept. 9, 1650, Hope bapt. Sept. 
5. 1652, Lydia b. Dec. 25, 1654, John b. and 
d. 1656-7, Hannah b. Jan. 14, 1658, John, 
Samuel b. April 15, 1672. 


Thomas, ae. 51, with wife Rebecca, ae. 
40, and ch. Isaac, ae. 10, and Henry, ae. 6, 
<;ert. by minister of Wapping, Eng , came 
in the Increase April, 1(535. He settled at 
Scituate; linen-weaver. Took oath of alle- 
giance 1 Feb. 1638. 

Will, dated Oct. 7, 1608, prob. June 4, 1C69. 
Beq. all to sons Isaac and Henry. [Keg. VII, 

CHTJBBTJCK, etc., cont. 

1G42, (m. Feb. 18, 1603, Thomas Lincoln, 

Jr.,) Deborah b. July 6, 1045, d. March, 1650, 

John b. Dec. 30, 1048. Wife Alice d. 20 Feb. 


He d. 9 Dec. 1676. Will prob. 27 Dee., 
1676., beq. to children Nathaniel, John, Sa- 
rah, (wife of Jeremy Fitch,) Rebecca, (wife 
of William Hersey,) Mary, (wife of Thomas 


Mary, ae. 24, cert, from St. Albons 
Herts, Eng., came in the Planter April 2, 


John, Ipswich, 1648; in court in 1650. 
Was living at Corporal Andrews' farm in 
1058. Sergeant. He deposed in 1000, ae. 
about 30 years, in 1004, ae. about 40, and 
in 1083, ae. about 58. [Essex Files.] Wife 
Anne; ch. John b. June 15, 1661, Margaret, 
(m. Abraham Fitts,) Samuel, Mary b. Aug. 
13, 1006, Thomas, Sarah, (m. John Burn- 
ham,) Joseph, Benjamin. 

He d. Dec. 4, 1695. Will dated 7 Dec. 1691; 
agreement made in place of the will 14 May, 
1C97. The widow d. Feb. 16, 1727, ae. up- 
wards of 90. [Genealogy.] 


Philip, Marblehead, witness in court 
in 1639. 


Thomas, carpenter, Boston, freed from 
the service of Samuel Maverick, and en- 
iJ.TSed to Wm. Gaylord of Dorchester 3 May, 
1C.31. [Col. Rec] Rem. about 1030 to Salem. 
In court, 1039. Rem. to Beverly. His son 
"S^ illiani was apprenticed 25 April, 1072, to 
Zaehery Herrick, carpenter. Sons Thomas, 
ae. 28, and John, ae. 24 or 25, deposed con- 
cerning William and their aged father and 
mother. [Es. Files.] He deposed in 1684, 
ae. about 75 years. 


Garret, Waiertown, contributed to the 
fort at Boston April 1, 1634; frm. May 2, 
1049. He deposed 17 (10) 1662, ae. about 51 
years. [Mds. Files.] Wife Sarah; ch. John 
b. 10 (1) 1637-8, Samuel b. 12 (4) 1640. Sarah 
b. 10 (1) 1642, Mary b. 15 (3) 1644, Jonathan 
b. 13 (10) 1646, David b. 1 (7) 1657. 

George, ae. 16, servant of Stephen 
Kent, came in the Confidenee April 24, 1638. 
Before Boston Court 7 Sei)t., 1643, and sent 
to Ipswich. 

Richard, carpenter, Boston, appl. frm. 
Oct. 19, 1630. Rem. to Weymouth, then to 
Plymouth before 1632. [B. in Reg. II, 243.] 
Volunteer for the Pequot War before 1637. 
Frm. 1033. Rem. to Charlestown. Bought 
one half of corn mill at Hingham Jan. 24, 
1053, and rem. thither. Town officer. He 
deposed 15 (11) 1656, ae. about 47 years. 
[Mdx. Files.] He m. Elizabeth, Uau. of 
Richard and Elizabeth Warren; she d. 4 
March, 1670. Ch. Elizabeth, (m. Caleb Ho- 
bart,) Joseph, Benjamin, Caleb, Navhaniel, 
Hannah, Abigail b. June 22, 1647, (m. Dec. 
19, 1666, Samuel Thaxter,) Charles, Richard, 
Sarah, (m. James Burross,) Mary d. 30 April, 
1602, Deborah bapt. March 22, 1050, (ui. John 
Iiish, Jr.). 

He d. at Dedham, (home of his son Caleb,) 
26 Dec, 1008. His will, dated 25 Doc. 1008, 
gave lands in Hing.. share in Iron Works at 
Taunton, etc., to wife Elizabeth; to son Jo- 
seph a double portion, on acct. of the lame- 
ness of bis hand. [Reg. XIX, 103.] 


Thomas, farmer, came with his wife 
in 1034 from Hingham, Eng. Settled at 
Charlestown. Wife Alice adm. chh. April 
3, 1635. He rem. to Hingham; propr. Sept., 
1635. Ch. Nathaniel bapt. 4 (3) 1635, Sarah 
bapt. Feb. 1637, (m. Sept. 25, 1657, Jeremiah 
Fitch.) .Tohn b. and d. 1639, Mary b. Oct. 13, 

John, Plymouth, atba. 1643. Frm. 5 
June, 1651. He m. 17 Dec, 1044, Hannah, 
dau. of Wm. Pontus; ch. Hannah b. Nov. 12, 
1649, (m. John Rogers,) Eleazer b. April 20, 
1052, Mary b. Aug. 1, 1654. 
He d. Jan. 1. 1602. Nunc, will prob. May 


CHUBCHHILL, etc., cont. 
3, 1UU2; sons Joseph, Eleazer, John, William 
to have estate, part now and the rest at his 
wife's death. Testimony of his liinswoman 
Abigail Clark, ae. 20 yrs. [Reg. VI, 94.] The 
widow, Hannah Churchill, Sen., m. 25 June, 
1G69, Giles Rickett. Her est. was distributed 
17 March, 1G91. 


Hugh, Lynn. Presented in Essex 
Court in 1043, for living 7 or 8 yrs. without 
his wife. 

Will, dated 4 (4) 1640, prob. 9 (5) 1G44; to 
Wm. Winter, his son Josias Hale, and dau. 
Emma Hale; to Edward Burt. 

John, embarked June 22, 1632. 


Richard, [Ipswich,] propr. 1637. 


Lionell, b. at Dedham, Eng., 15S0, son 
of Lionell C, clerk; came early to Ipswich; 
master of the Grammar School; frm. March 
13, 1638-9. Bought house and land m 1039. 

Town officer. He m. Rose ; ch. James 

bapt. in Dedham, Eng. Feb. 2, 1613-4, Mary 
bapt. do. Nov. 23, 1619. 

AVill dated 4 (7) 1044, prob. 7 (9) 1645, beq. 
to wife Rose and son James; to friend Jo- 
seph Mosse; to the poor of the chh. of Ips. 
Refers to dec. son Nathaniel. 


Edward, son of William, of Salcombe 
Regis, Eng., came about 1633 to Dorchester 
where his bro. Roger had already settled. 
Propr., town officer, frm. Dec. 7, 1636; dea- 
con. See Alderman. He m. 1, Prudence, 
dau. of Nicholas C. of Venn Ottery; he m. 
2, Susanna, [perhaps dau. of Wm. Cockerell, 
q. v.] Ch. Elizabeth b. about 1034, [Gr. St.] 
(m. elder James Blake.) Prudence b. 29 (10) 
1637, (m. at Dorch. in Feb. 1059-60. Simon 
Pock, [Hob.] ) Ezra b. 22 (3) 1640, Nehemi- 
ah bapt. 10 (8) 1646, Susanna bapt. 10 (10) 
1048, William bapt. 6 (5) 1651, Joseph bapt. 
13 (0) 10.54, Esther or Hester bapt. 3 (0> 1656, 
Abigail bapt. 1 (3), d. 8 (11) 1659, Joshua bapt 
12 (3) 1001, d. 22 (3) 1662, Jonathan b. and d. 

He d. Jan. 8, 1604. Will prob. Feb. 17, 
1664-5. Beq. to wife, sons Ezra and Nehe- 
miah, daus. Susanna and Esther; portions 

CLAP, etc., cout. 

of daus. to be equal with what they that 
are married have already received, that is 
f 30 apiece. Inv. showed house an.l lands- 
in Dorch. and Milton, 1-3 part of a house 
£ir Salem, etc. The widow Susanna d. June 
16, 1608. 

John, Dorchester, frm. 26 May, 1647. 
He d. July 24, 1655. Will prob. Aug. 30, 
1635; bros. Nicholas, Thomas, Amlirose and 
bro. Richard in Eng.; bro.-in-law Edward C; 
cousin John Capen, cousin Roger C; widow 
Jone; bequests to church and school. The 
land sold in 1835, realized a large sum. The 
widow m. 26 (4) 1656, John Ellis of Medfield; 
was dism. to that chh. 3 (2) 1664. 

Nicholas, sou of Nicholas of Venn Ot- 
tery, Devon, Eng., came to Dorchester about 

1033. Town officer, deacon. He m. 1, Sarah, 
dau. of William C. of Salcombe Regis; he m. 
2, Abigail, widow of Robert Sharp. She wit- 
nessed probate papers as "Abigail Clapp" 15 
Jan. 1656; also in 1605. He m. 3, Anna, wid- 
ow of John Anniball, of Ipswich before April 
15. 1667. [Ips. De.] Ch. Sarah b. 31 (10) 
1637, Nathaniel b. 15 (7l 1040, Ebenezcr bapt. 
17 (1) 1044, Hannah bapt. 20 (7) 1640, (m. 
Ebenezer Strong.) Noah b. 15 (5) 1007, "of 
hi!- 2d wife," says town record; but the moth- 
er was Anna, the third wife; Sarah b. Nov. 
22, bapt. 11 (10) 1070, (m. Joseph Mather. 

He d. Nov. 4, 1679, ae. about 67. Admin, 
of his est. was gr. 18 Dec. 1679, to his sons 
Nathaniel and Ebenezer; but, after their 
death, the trust was given to their brother 
Noah, 26 Nov. 1716. 

Capt. Roger, bro. of Edward, above, 
b. at Salcombe Regis, Eng. April 6, 1609, 
joined in the Church-Colony organized at 
Plymouth, Eng., in March. 1029; came in the 
Mary and John, arriving at Nantasket May 
30, 1030. Settled at Dorchester. Propr., town 
officer, frm. May 14, 1034. He was capt. of 
tliC militia, deputy, authorized to join per- 
sons in marriage, and app. Aug. 10, 1065, 
capt. of the Castle, where he continued 21 
ytars. Rem. to Boston in 1686. He m. Nov. 
0, 1633, Johanna, dau. of Mr. Thomas Ford, 
a fellow passenger in the Mary and John. 
She was b. in Dorchester, Eng., June 8, 1617, 
and d. in June, 1695. Ch. Samuel b. 11 (8> 

1034, AVilliam b. and d. in 1636, Eliz.ibeth b. 
22 (4) 1638, (m. Joseph Holmes,) Experience 
b. and d. in 1640, Waitstill b. 22 (8) 1041, d. 


CLAP, etc., cont. 

((!) I(i43, Preserved b. 23 (9) 1643, Experience 
biipt. Dec. 21, 1G45, Hopestill b. Nov. t!, IfiiT, 
Wait b. Marcli 17, 1G49, (m. Jonathan Simp- 
son.) Tlaanlis bapt. 25 (0) 1650, Desire b. Oct. 
17, 1052, Thomas b. April, 1655, d. in 1670, 
Unite b. 13 Oct., 1656, d. March 20, 1604, Sup- 
ply b. 30 (8) 1660, d. March 5, 1685-6. 

He d. Feb. 2, 1690-1; was bur. in the old 
burying place, now called King's Chapel 
Buryiug-ground. He left an autobiography, 
which has been printed, and constitutes one 
of the most valuable memorials of the found- 
ers of New England. His will dated Nov. 19, 
1690, beq. to his wife and surviving sons 
Samuel, Preserved, Hopestill and Desire, 
daus. Elizabeth and Wait, and cousins Ester 
Bissell and Constant Dewey. 

Thomas, bro. of Nicholas, above, came 
early. Settled at Weymouth; frm. March 
1.3, 1638-9. He rem. to Scituate; frm. Plym. 
Col. 5 June 1644. Town officer; deacon, dep- 
uty. Wife Abigail. Ch. Thomas b. March 
1.'. 1639. Increase, Samuel, Eleazer, Eliza- 
beth, (ni. Thomas King,) Prudence, John b. 

18 Oct. 1658, Abigail b. Jan. 29, 1659-00. 

He d. April 20, 1684, ae. 87 yrs. Will dated 

19 April, 1684, in the 87th year of my age, 
beq. to wife Abigail; eh. Thomas fof Ded- 
ham.) Samuel, Increase, Elizabeth (King,) 
Prudence, Abigail and Mary (Tilden;) gr. cb. 
Elizabeth. [See Clap Memorial, Dorchester 
Pope Family, and other works. The ances- 
try of Nicholas and Thomas Clap was dis- 
covered by Mr. J. Henry Lea.] 


John, before Gen. Court 30 (2) 1640; 
Christopher Grant gave bonds for him. 

see Clooke, 
Arthur, Hampton, frm. March 13, 1640. 
Rom. to Salem; adm. chh. 17 (8) 1041. Rem. 
to Boston; rec'd to chh. from chh. of H. 2 (10) 
1043, with wife Sarah. Propr., 1645. Ch. 
Sarah bapt. 17 (1) 1044. 

He d. . Admin gr. to widow Sarah 

on behalf of herself and her son Oct. 31, 
1065. [Reg. XVI, 233.] 

Barbary, a married woman, husband 
not named, tried in Es. court in 1639. 

Bray, Dorchester, 1634. 


CLARK, etc., cont. 

Christopher, Boston, 1647. He went 
to England and returned, "ae. 38," passenger 
in the Speedwell May 30, 1656. He deposed 
3 (2) 1660, ae. 42 years. [Mdx. Piles.] Went 
to Barbadoes in 1650. [Arch. 15 B.] His 
wife Rebekah adm. chh. 25 (10) 1047; ch. Su- 
sanna, ae. about 8 days, bapt. 23 (2) 1648, 
Dorothie, ae. about 14 days, bapt. 20 - (11) 
1649, John b. 3 (12) 1651, Peter b. 14 June, 
1653, Rebecca b. 4 May, 1657, Christopher 
bapt. 19 (12) 1659, Daniel b. Feb. 10, 1661, 
d. 10 March, 1662, Elizabeth b. Aug. 4, 1603. 

Daniel, Ipswich, propr. 1034; before 
Gen. Court 4 (7) 1639; [L.] case referred to 
Ipswich Court. Rem. to Topsfield. Wife 
Damaris; ch. Mary b. 1 Nov. 1643, Elizabeth 
b. 10 Nov. 1047, Dority b. 10 Jan. 1049, Sarah 
b. 31 Jan. 1051, Samuel b. 5 Dec. 1663, Daniel 
d. 17 Jan. 1660. 

Will dated Jan. 10, 1088, prob. 25 (2; 1090, 
beq. to sons John, Daniel and Humphrey; 
gr. ch. John Hewlett; to son Home's ch.; to 
all my daus.; to son Samuel C. in England. 

Dennis, husbandman, of Dertford, co. 
Kent, Eug. hearing that his wife Anna was 
dead, betook himself to the company of Olave 
Peddington and had two children by her. 
Learning that Anna was still living, he made 
a written dismissal of Anna and declaration 
of adherence to Olave March 12, 1642, in 
presence of John Winthrop et als. [Suff. 
Prob. I, 31. [ 

Edward or Edmund, Sandwich, propr. 
1640, atba. 1643. 

Frances, Boston, maid servant to Mr. 
John Wilson, adm. chh. 1 (1) 1640. Now 
wife of one Mr. John Rayner, teacher of the 
chh. of Plymouth, dism. to Plym. chh. 18 (7) 

George, Plymouth, 1637, atba. 1643. 
Propr. He m. 22 Jan. 1638-9, AUis Martin. 

He d. in 1644 and the widow m. Richard 
Bishop. She took the life of her dau. Mar- 
tha Clarke, 4 yrs.old, July 22, 1648; was sen- 
tenced to death Oct. 4, 1648. The Court, 6 
May, 1648, authorized .John Churchil to dis- 
pose of the house and land that was .Tohn 
Clarke's for the benefit of his dau. Abigail 

Hugh, Watertown; he rem. to Roxbury. 
Wife Elizabeth; eh. John b. 13 (8) 1641, Uii- 

CLABE, etc., cont. 

ah b. 5 (4) 1644, Elizabeth b. 31 (11) 1647. 
He deposed in 16S1, ae. about G8. His wife 
d. 11 Dec. 1692. 
He d. July 20, 1693. 

James, Boston, propr. at Braiutree, 24 
(12) 1639, of lot for 2 heads. Resided at Mud- 
dy River. Wife Jone, 1035. [Gen. Court 
Rec] He m. in Roxbury Elizabeth Wright; 
cL. Elizabeth and Mary bapt. Jan. S, 1645, 
Martha bapt. April 25, 1648, Bannah bapt. 
Dec. 23, 1649, James bapt. April 11, 1652, 
Samuel b. 9 (2) 1654. "My son James, now 
in N. E.," had beq. from John Clarke alias 
Kingman of Wells, Eng., yeoman, in will 
dated 24 Aug. 1646. [Reg. LI, 115.] 

His will dated Sept. 11, 1667, was prob. 
7 Jan. 1674. Beq. to wife and children, 
James, Samuel, John and Aaron. Cousin 
Peter Aspinwall, James Pemerton and son- 
in-law Walter Morse overseers. 

Jeremy, agent of Wm. Coddington, 23 
(4) 1642, to transact business in Mass. [SufC. 
De. I, 28.] 

John, late citizen and chirurgeon of 
London in 1640, exec, of the est. of Anne 
Ward, late of Stratford, Es. [L.] Signed iny. 
of Wm. Hanbury in 1049. Settled at Newbury, 
frm. May 22, 1638. Propr.; town officer; ex- 
empt from taxes on account of pursuing his 
calling in town. Sold Newbury property 
1 (10) 1651. Rem. to Boston. Deputy. The 
Gen. Court gave him a patent on his inven- 
tion for sawing wood and warming rooms 
with little cost. The stoves he invented 
marlied an era in N. E. history. He deposed 
as to being consulted professionally 6 May, 
1662, ae. about 63. [Arch. 15 B.] Ch. John 
bapt. 8 (12) 1651; Jemina, (m. 6 (9) 1656, Mr. 
Robert Drue). 

He d. in 1664. Will prob. Nov. 2.^, 1664; 
wife Martha, son John, dau. Jemimah Drew 
and her ch. John and Elizabeth. His widow 
d. 19 Sept. 1680, ae. 85. [S.] [See traditions 
and history in Reg. XXXIH, 19 and 226.] 

John, ae. 22, came in the Elizabeth of 
Ipswich April 30, 1634. 

John, Boston, memb. chh. 1031-2, frm. 
Nov. 6, 1632. Mr. John had lot at Braintree 
19 (12) 1637, for 10 heads. 

John, Cambridge, propr. 1633, frm. May 
6. 1635. Agreed to build a weir, 1635-6. 

CLABE, etc., cont. 

John, Springfield, had leave to burn 
tar in 1646. Town officer. He m. 2, (1) 1646- 
7, Elizabeth Stebbins; ch. John b. 6 (1) 1647, 
Sarah b. 27 (lOl 1649, Elizabeth b. 26 (10) 
1651, Lydia bur. 1 (11) 1654. 

Will dated Sept. 15, prob. Sept. 30, 1684, 
beq. to wife; son John; daus. Sarah Barnard 
and Mary Morgan. Son-in-law David Mor- 
gan deposed. 

Jonas, or Jonah, mariner, Cambridge, 
propr., ruling elder. Appointed 13 Oct. 1654, 
v.'itli Samuel Andrew, to talie observations 
at the northerly bounds of Mass. Plantation. 
Wife Sarah was bur. 20 (12) 1649, and he m. 
30 (5) 1650, Elizabeth — . Ch. Thomas b. 2 (10) 
1642, d. 20 (3) 1049, Sarah b. 15 (7) 164-4, Jonas 
b 4 (7) 1646, Mary d. 15 (9) 1649, Elizabeth 
Thomas, Timothy, Samuel bapt. Nov. 6, 1659, 
Abigail bapt. May 4, 1662. [Mi.] The wife 
Elizabeth d. 25 March, 1673, ae. 41 years. 
[Gr. St.] 

He d. Jan. 11, 1699, ae. 80. Will dated 19 
Dec. 1699, prob. April 22, 1700, beq. to wife 
Elizabeth, sons Jonas, Timothy, Thomas, Jo- 
seph and Samuel; to daus. Susanna and Abi- 
gail; to dau. Bonner's 3 ch.; to dau. [dilia- 
loon] and dau. Green; to Dorcas and Jonas 
Green; to son Timothy's son Samuel. Land 
in Camb., Groton and Dunstable. 

Joseph, Dorchester, 1634; frm. March 
4, 1634-5. 

Goodman Clarke, the carpenter, had 
land at Dorch. Neck, adj. Thos. Makepeace, 
in 1649. 

Joseph, Dedham, propr. 28 (7) 1640. 
Rem. to Medfield. Frm. May IS, 1653. Wife 
Alice; ch. Joseph b. 27 (5) 1642, Benjamin b. 
9 (12) 1643, Daniel b. 29 (7) 1647, Mary b. 12 
(]) 1649, Sarah b. 20 (12) 1650. 

Martha, widow, 85 years old, d. [at 
Cambridge?] Sept. 19, 1680. [S.] 

Mary, came in the Hopewell In Sept. 

Mr. C, Mariner, Boston, ordered to 
clear the highway by his cellar 27 (6) 1649. 
[Town Rec] 

Nicholas, Cambridge, propr. 1634. 

Richard, came in the Mayflower; signed 
the Compact; res. at Plymouth; but d. soon 
after arriving. [B.] 


CLABK, etc., cont. 

Richard. Plymouth, servant to Mr. 
Richard Derby, transferred to Mr. Atwood 
1 Oct. 1638. 

Richard, Rowley, propr. 1G43; town offi- 
cer. He m. (6) 1643, Alice ; ch. Judah b. 

5 (4) 1044, bur. July 28, 1660, Hester b. 10 
(S; 164.5, Mary b. 22 (10) 1648, John b. 26 (1) 
1050. Martha b. 10 (1) [1652.] 

Will dated 7 Feb. 1073, prob. 31 March, 
1074, beq. to son John and dau. Ester Hob- 
liinson. Inv. takeu 22 Feb. 1673. 

Rowland, Dedham, propr. 11 (6) 1637. 

He d. 2 (12) 1638. Mary C, widow, adm. 
ehh. 1 (2) 1042, d. 22 (3) 1042. 

Priscilla, who m. Nathainiel Colborn, 
Mary or Martha, who m. Benjamin Smith, 
and Elizabeth, who m. George Barber, were 
also in Ded. about 1039. 

Thomas, came la 1623 to Plymouth; 
frw. 1633. Volunteered for the Pequot war 
in 1037. Town officer. 

Contracted marriage 20 Jan. 10C4, with wid- 
ow Alice Nicolls of Boston; her est. reserved 
for herself and her son John Nicolls, etc. 
She made will, after marriage. May 5, 1071, 
prob. 17 (4) 1671. Beg. to husband; to son 
John N.; to sisters Hannah Hollet, Elizabeth 
Welch ,and Susanna Hide; to bro. William 
He d. March 24, 1697, ae. 98 years. [Gr. St.] 

Thomas, late of Plymouth, witnesses 
a receipt of money paid to Richard Dole of 
Newbury in 1669. [Es. Files.] 

Thomas, merchant, shop-keeper, Dor- 
chester; frm. 1038-9. Propr.; rem. to Bos- 
ton about 1643; town officer, deputy, cap- 
tain. Signed inv. of John Hill in 1646. Wife 
Elizabeth; eh. Mehitabel b. 18 (2) 1640, bapt. 
19 (2) 1640; her father being absent in Eng- 
land, Mr. Stoughton announced her name; 
Elizabeth b. 22 (3) 1642, (m. 28 May, 1661, 
Mr. John Freake,) Submit bapt. at Bo. 20 
(6) 1646, ae. about 1 day: Submit, ae. about 
14 days, bapt. 4 (1) 1649, Benjamin b. 4 May, 

Thomas, locksmith, blacksmith, Bos- 
ton, had land at Braintree 27 (11) 1639. for 8 
heads. Wife - — ■; ch. Cornelius b. (10) 1639, 
Jacob b. (3) 1642, Deborah bapt. 9 (4) 1644, 
ae. about 6 days, Rachel b. 6 (o) 1646, Thom- 
as bapt. 22 (6) 1647, ae. about 4 days, Thom- 

CLABK, etc., cont. 

as bapt. 17 (10) 1648, ae. about 5 days, Thom- 
as bapt. 20 (8) 1650. 

Thomas, residence not stated, deposed 
regarding the case of Robert Knight in 1655, 
ae, about 48 years. 

Thomas, Sen. tanner, Ipswich, propr. 
1634; frm. June 2, 1641. One of those who 
surveyed land up the Merrimac, to whom 
the Gen. Court voted payment June, 1039. 

Thomas, Ipswich, carpenter, gave land 
in Ips. Dec. 18, 1671, to his son Thomas, of 
same town, tailor. 

Thomas, yeoman, Reading, propr. 1647; 
town officer; adm. chh. in 1602. He deposed 
in 1058, ae. about 40 years. [Es. Files 4, 12.] 
Wife Else d. June 28, 1658; son Thomas d. 
Nov. 1, 1073. 
He d. Sept. 12, 1093; inv. filed. 

Thurston, ae. 44, wuth Faith, ae. 15, 
came in the Francis of Ipswich April 30, 
1630. Settled at Plymouth. CaUed also 
Tristram, Trustrum. Propr. 1636. Dau. Faith 
m. Edward Dotey. Son Thurston atba. 1643. 
He d. about Dec. 10, 1001, of cold and ex- 
posure. Inquest. Admin, gr. to widow Faith 
4 March, 1661. Her est. was divided June 
1, 1663, between her dau. Faith Dotey and 
her sons Henry and Thurston Clarke. 

William, Roxbury, frm. May 18, 1031, 
juryman, 3 May, 1031. Mr. William C, of 
Roxbury, N. E., mentioned in the will of 
Clement Chaplaine in 1050; q. v. 

Mr. William, one of the first to plant 
at Agawam, (Ipswich,) April 1, 1033, [Col. 
Rec] Had land assigned him Eastward of 
Labour in vane, southward of the town, Nov. 
1034. Rem. to Salem, 1037; vintner. Part 
of his land fell within the limits of Lynn; 
for which he had another grant 13 (12) 1042. 
Dwelling between Linn and Ipswich, he had 
liberty from the Gen. Court to entertain pas- 
sengers & cattle, 2 June, 1041. Ch. Bethiah 
bapt. at Salem 20 (6) 1638, Susanna bapt. 12 
(1) 1642-3, Deborah bapt. 6 (6) 1645. 

Admin, gr. to widow Katharine (5) 1647. 
Eldest son; another son and a m. dau. by a 
former wife; 4 younger (minor) children. The 
Gen. Court lie. the widow to keep the inn 
and sell wine, if she provide a fit man that 
is godly for the business. 


CLABK, etc., cont. 

William, came in the Mary and John 
March 24, 1633. 

William, Dorchester, memb. chh. about 
1636, with wife Sarah. Propr.; witnessed 
inv. of John Pratt in 1647. He was dism. 28 
(2) 1661, to join in forming chh. at North- 
ampton; wife Sarah and son Nathaniel dism. 
later. Ch. Sarah b. 21 (4) 1638, Jonathan b. 
1 (8) 1639, Nathaniel z. 27 (11) 1641, Experi- 
ence (dau.) b. 30 (1) 1643, Increase bapt. 1 
(1) 1646, Samuel bapt. 23 (8) 1653, William 
b. 3 (5) 1656, Sarah bapt. 20 (1) 1658-9. Sarah, 
wife of W. C, d. at North. 6 Sept. 1675; Sa- 
rah, wife of Lieut. W. C, d. May 18, 1688. 
Lieut. W. C. d. at North. July 10, 1690; will 
dated 10 July, prob. 30 Sept. 1690; beq. 
to sons .Tohn, Samuel and William and daus. 
Rebecca and Sarah; to Mary and Sarah, daus. 
of son Nathaniel. 

William, weaver, ae. 27, with wife Mar- 
garet, ae. 21, came in the Plain Joan in 1635; 
settled at Watertown; frm. May 22, 1639. 
He rem. to Woburn. Propr. 1651. He de- 
posed 6 (2) 1664, ae. about 69 years. [Mds. 
Files.] Ch. Mary b. 10 (10) 1640, (m. Nov. or 
Dec. 27, 1655, Wm. Loclie,) Elizabeth b. 26 
(9) 1642, (m. Dec. 28, 1659, George Brush,) 
Hannah b. 13 (12) 1645, (m. Joseph Buckmin- 

ster,) Lydia, (m. Frlssell). 

He d. March 15, 1682. Will dated 10 (10) 
1681, prob. April 4, 1682; weaver; striclcen 
in years;beq. to wife; to gr. ch. .John Locke, 
"who hath bin a liver with me many years;" 
to my three daughters; to the two daus. of 
my dau. Lidia; dau. frissell, dau. Brush, son 
George Brush, son William Locke. Margery 
d. Oct. 11, 1694. 

William, Yarmouth, took oath of alle- 
giance and was sworn constable 7 Oct., 
1639; frm. 6 June, 1654. 

He d. Dec. 7, 1688. Nunc, will prob. 28 
(12) 1068-9; all to Joseph Benjamin, his son, 
who pres. inv. of the est. [Reg. VI, 178.] 

William, Duxbury. He served against 
the Narragansetts 15 Aug., 1645. Had deed 
of land in D. March 6, 1649, from his kins- 
man Wm. Collier. 

Will dated Jan. 3, prob. June 8, 1687; wife 
Martha; William Bonney, whom he had 
brought up. The latter renounced his claim 
Aug. 7, 1688 rather than remain with the 
widow. [Gen. Adv. I, 17.] 


John, Watertown. He deposed July 
10, 1672, ae. 00 years. [Mdx. Files.] He m. 
5 (12) 1643, Sarah Cassell; ch. Sarah b. 4 (8) 
1647, (m. Dec. 13, 1667, John Perry,) Gershom 
b 7 (7) 1650. 


Jonas, Wenham, 1643. 
Thomas, Scituate, plaintiff in a suit 
before Gen. Court 29 (8) 1640; atba. 1643. 


Richard, carpenter, wheelwright, ae. 
34, of Sutton, Bedfordshire, made agreement 
12 March, 1628-9. to go to Mass. for the 
Company, to work at his trade, taking with 
him his wife and one dau.. his bro. Barnaby, 
ae. 23 yrs., and his sister 14 yrs. old. Came 
to Salem. [Suff De. I, XVI.] 


George, carpenter, Plymouth, had leave 
to build house April 3, 1637. Sold 1 Sept. 
1638. He m. 20 Sept., 1638, Abigail . 

George, Dedham, m. 26 (11) 16i8, Mar- 
tha Ward. 


John, Boston, servant to Jacob Eliot, 
adm. chh. 18 (5) 1640. 

Augustine, painter, of Redding, Eng., 
came in the James April 5, 1635. Settled at 
Dorchester. Propr., planter, frm. May 25, 
1036. He employed John Tinker to sell for 
him property at Wockiugton, Berks, Oct. 18, 
1038. [L.] Wife Elizabeth. 

Will dated 31 Jan. 1671, prob. 31 (S) 1674. 
Beq. to son Samuel his house and lands in 
Boston, to wife Elizabeth house and lands 
in Dorch. with the moveable est.; to dau. 
Elizabeth Sumner and her children Hannah, 
William, Sarah, Experience, Ebenezer, De- 
liverance and Clement. 

Mr. Robert, Haverhill. Deputy and 
com., 1647. Allowed by Salisbury Court to 
sell wine at H. in 1653. See Dummer. 

He d. 29 Sept. 1658. Will dated Sept. 6, 
prob. 12 (8) 16.58, beq. to wife; sons Job, 
John, Abraham and Daniel; sons [in law] 
Moses Pingrin, Abraham Monill and John 


CLEMENT, etc., cont. 

Osgood; to my children's children that are 

In New England; to Mr. Ward, our minister. 

Another son Robert is mentioned under 


William, Cambridge, propr. on South 
side of Charles River in 1636. [Col. Rec] 
He petitioned the Gen. Court for a divorce 
from his wife May, 1656. The wife Susan 
desired same. [Mds. Files.] 

The inv. of his est. talien 15 (12) 1660-70, 
was filed 21 (4) 1070, by Samuel Hide and 
John Jackson. 


Jloses, Woburn, propr. 1649. He m. 
26 (7) 1648, Ann Winn; ch. Moses b. Sept. 1, 
1651, Hannah b. Aug. 4, 1653, Aaron b. Jan. 
10, 1654, Samuel b. June 9, 1657, Miriam b. 
July 10, 1657, Joanna b. Sept. 19, 1661, d. 
March 12, 1667, Edward b. May 20, ]0G4, Jo- 
siah b. Feb. 26, 1666, Isaac b. May 11, 1669, 
Joanna b. April 5, 1670, Enoch b. Aug. 1, 
1671. [Genealogy.] 


Joan, ae. 
Sept., 1635. 

16, came in the Hopewell in 


George, glover, servant to Mr. Thomas 
Buttall, Boston, adm. ehh. 18 (1) 1643. En- 
gaged by the town as a drummer for train- 
ing-days and watches 27 (9) 1643. Wife ; 

cb. John, bapt. 10 (3) 1646. 

John, Salisbury, propr. 1640, rem. 


Marie, ae. 25, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. 

John, ae. 22, came in the Elizabeth 
April 11, 1635. 

John, Boston, having served his mas- 
ter 4 yrs., had a lot gr. him by the Gen. 
Court, 13 March, 1638-9. 

John, and Jone, at Charlestown, adm. 
chh. 21 (1) 1C52. Elizabeth and Mary adm. 
chh. 9 (6) 1656. 

John, tailor, Watertown, frm. May 18, 
1642. Bought land in 1650. With wife Su- 
san sold land in 1655. 

John, house carpenter, Salisbury, propr. 
1039. Frm. May 18, 1642. He deposed in 
1691, ae. 77 years. Wife Jane d. Jan. 16, 
1679; he m. Jan. 15, 1686, Martha Cilley or 
Sibley. Ch. Elizabeth b. Dec. 16, 1642, (m. 

Home,) Mary b. July 30, 1644, Sarah b. 

June 28, 1646, (m. Daniel MerrUl,) John b. 
March 9, 1648, Thomas b. May 29, 1651, Mar- 
tha b. March 22, 1654, (m. Cornelius Page,) 
Samuel b. Feb. 20, 1656-7. 

He d. July 26, 1691. Will prob. Nov. 3 folg. 
Beq. to now wife Martha; sons John, Sam- 
uel and Thomas; son-in-law Daniel Merrill; 
daus. Elizabeth Home and Sarah Merrill; 
the children of dau. Martha, wife of Cornel- 
ius Page, late of Andover, and other gr. ch. 

Richard, tailor, Plymouth, taxed in 
1633, frm. 1034, propr. Volunteer for Pequot 
War 1637. Before Gen. Court 1 Sept., 1040. 

William, Watertown, propr. 1645. 
William, [Sen. or Jun.?] briclilayer, Charles- 
town, sold land in 1656; adm. chh. 25 (6) 
1661. Ch. Benjamin bapt. 30 (1) 1662. 

Will dated 24 Oct. prob. 17 Jan. 1684, beq. 
to wife Mary, sons William, John and Sam- 
uel, and dau. Mary. 


Thomas, Weymouth, frm. June 2, 1641. 
Mr. James Parker was authorized by Gen. 
Court 28 (11) 1640, to m. Thomas Clifton and 
Mary Butterworth. Rem. to Rehoboth 1643. 
Juror, 1647; prop.; frm. 7 June, 1648. 


John, mariner, Watertown, propr. 1638; 
took oath of fidelity 1652. He rem. to 
Charlestown before 1656, when he sold land 
at Wat. Wife Abigail; ch. John b. Aug. 26, 
1038, Peter b. 27 (3) 1039, Nathaniel b. 6 (1) 
1042. Second wife Jane; ch. Martha b. Oct. 
13, 1659. 


Jonah, frm. May 26, 1647. 

COACHMAN, see Cushman. 



Thomas, Lynn, 1646. Bought land in 
1649. His wife was presented in Essex court 
in 1046 for interrupting Mr. Cobbett's preach- 
ing on Infant Baptism. 


Henry, Plymouth, taxed in 1632, frm. 
1633. He rem. to Scituate; with wife Pa- 
tience joined in the org. of the chh. Jan. 20, 
1634-5. Rem. to Barnstable, propr. 2 Jan. 
1038-9. Deacon, ruling elder. His wife d. 
May 4, 1648; and he m. 2, Sarah, dau. of 
Samuel Hinckle.v, Dec. 12, 1649. Ch. b. at 
Plymouth, recorded at Barnstable: John b. 
7 June, 1032, James b. 14 Jan. 1634; b. at 
Scituate: Mary b. 24 March, 1637, bapt. 26 
March, 1637, Hannah bapt. Oct. 5, 1039, Pa- 
tience bapt. at Barnstable March 13, 1641, 
Gershom bapt. Jan. 12, 1644, Eleazer bapt. 
April 2, 1648, Mehetabel bapt. Sept. 7, 1651, 
bur. March 8, 1652, Samuel b. Oct. 12, 1654, 
Sarah b. and d. 1058, Jonathan b. Apr. 10, 
1660, Sarah b. 10 March, 1602-3, Henry b. 
3 Sept. 1067, Ephraim b. 11 Sept. 1671. 

He made will 4 April, 1678, prob. 3 June, 
1679; beq. to wife Sarah; sons James, John, 
Gershom, Eliezer, Samuel, Jonathan and 
Henry; to daus. Mary, Hannah and Patience. 


James, ae. 23, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in April, 1635. 

Rev. Thomas, b. at Newbury, 1608; 
studied at Oxford; came in 1637 to Lynn; 
[C. M.] associate minister with Rev. Sam- 
uel Whiting; frm. May 2, 1638; letter to Gov. 
Winthrop 13 (1) 1643. Wrote several boolis, 
of which his Practical Discourse on Prayer, 
pub. in 1657, is best linown. Rem. to Ips- 
wich not long after 1655. 

He d. in 1685. His will, neither dated nor 
witnessed, was proved Nov. 22, 1085. In 
his cramped chirography it cari-ies a copious 
creed and essay on life, showing his fine 
habits of mind and heart. Was drawing nigh 
to 75th [or 73d] year; 3 children and 2 grand 
ch. had died; he beq. to wife Elizabeth; re- 
fers to her ch. and gr. ch.; to son Belcher 
whose wife d. about a year and a half ago; 
and his ch. Samuel, whose wife d. about a 
year and a half ago; Elizabeth and [Bethia 
or] Bettris B.; to sons Samuel, Thomas and 
John C. [Es. Files 45, 30.] Had a quantity 
of malt, a farm of 500 acres near Haverhill; 
bouse and land at Lynn, etc. 

COBHAM, alias Cobbitt, 

Josiah, Webster, clothier, Salisbury, 
propr. 1639. Must be considered the 
Josiah, ae. 21, who came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in April, 1635. Settled at Cam- 
bridge; householder 8 Feb. 1635. Hingham; 
propr. 1037; frm. Oct. 7, 1640. He 
m. Mary, dau. of Richard Hatfield, 
q. V. Sold land in 1042; rem. to Ips- 
wich. Bought house and land at Boston 
March 7, 1658-9. Returned to Ips. He de- 
posed in 1691, ae. about 70 years. Wife 
Mary; ch. Mary b. 25 (6) 1640, Josiah b. 12 
(2) 1642, Martha b. 3 (5) 1643, Moses b. 3 (9) 
1645, Sarah b. 25 (6) 1646, Joshua b. 15 (1) 
1648, Marah b. 21 (3) 1652, Ruth b. at Bos- 
ton Aug. 6, 1657. 


William, fisherman, Hingham, propr. 
1637; litigation in 1639. [L.] Presumably 
the same as William, admin, of whose est. 
was had at Essex Court, 11 (10) 1661. [Wife] 
Elizabeth; admin, of her est. 28 (4) 
1064; Edward Clap, Francis Collins and 
Andrew Wood were appointed admins.; 
the est. was to be divided between them af- 
ter all just debts were paid, [which may in- 
dicate that their wives were her daughters.] 


Thomas, Salisbury, released from ap- 
prenticeship to George Carr, shipwright, 
April 12, 1641. [L.] 


Oliver, Salisbury, app. Michael Powell 
his attorney to obtain houses and lands in 
Framlingham in Suffolk, and to require acct. 
of his grandfather Robert MerUant oi Way- 
bread, 5 (10) 1646. [A.] 

Philip, apprentice to Capt. Wm, Couz- 
ens to learn the misterie of mariners, was 
transferred at Dorchester 24 (4) 1649, to John 
Gill, of Boston, mariner. [Suff. De.] 


William, mariner, of Southold, co. Suf- 
folk, Eng., ae. 28, with wife Christen, ae. 
26, 2 children and 2 servants, passed exam, 
to go to New Eng. May 15, 1637. Came to 
Hingham; propr. Ret. to Eng. Oct. 3, 1642, 
and sent power of attorney to his son Wil- 
liam March 25, 1657 to sell est. at H. [Hob.] 
[Suff De.] Had land next to his father-in- 


COCKERHAM, etc., cont. 
law Kiobard Eybrooke in 1037. [Hing. Rec] 
Ch. Martha bapt. Aug. 19, 1038, Jonathan 
bapt. April 5, 1040, Mary bapt. Feb. 2, 1642. 


Helen, maid servant of Mr. John Wil- 
son, adm. chh. 6 (9) 1041. 


Mr. William, gent., of Boston, Eng., re- 
fused to contribute to the Royal Loan 9 
March, 1020. [Reg. XXXVI, 138.] One of 
the assts. of the Mass. Bay Co. in Eng. 
March 18, 1029-30. Came to Boston, N. E., soon 
after. Memb. chh. 1030, frm. May 25, 1030. 
Asst. and town officer. Favored Mrs. Hutch- 
inson, and was banished in 1038. Rem. to 
Newport, R. I.; sold Boston and Braintree 
property in 1639. John Beachampe calls him 
bro. in a letter to Wm. Paddy in 1049. [Free- 
man Genealogy, 23.] His first wife d. at 
Bo., N. E., in July, 1030. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 
3.] Wife Mary adm. chh. 1032-3; ch. Mary 
bapt. 2 (1) 1034, Bedaiah bapt. 1 (3) 1636. 


Robert, mariner, Salem, had .5 acres of 
land and 5 for his mother 12 (5) 1637; town 
officer. Lawsuit, 1037. Rem. to Salisbury; 
propr. 1039. Salem voted 30 (7) 1047 to au- 
thorize the sale of the barque he goes in, the 
profits belonging in part to the town. Rem. 
about 1050 to Hartford, Conn. Ch. Benja- 
min bapt. at Salem Nov. 14, 1041, James b. 
April 15, 1044, at Salisbury. See Quodnam. 


Christopher, Marblehead. He m. Mary, 
dan. of John Bennett, q. v. 

Admin. (9) 1600; ch. Mary, [Jane!] ae. 5, 
and Christopher, ae. 3. Dau. Joane m. Jo- 
seph Bubier. The widow contracted mar- 
riage with Elias White of Marblehead in 
1061. [Es. De. II, 31.] She afterward m. 
Richard Downing. 


Stockdale, Roxbury. He and his wife 
rec'd beq. from Elizabeth Hobbert in 1643. 

CORDINGTON, etc., cont. 
His wife Hannah, an ancient woman, was 
bur. July 20, 1044. He bought land at Hamp- 
ton in 1048, and rem. thither. 

He d. in 1050; admin, gr. to his eldest son 
John; who, residing in Boston, sold the 
Hampton land 15 (2) 1650. 


Jane, ae. 30, came in the Susan and El- 
leu in April, 1635. 

Robert, ae. 38, with wife Anne, ae. 43, 
John, ae. 8, Robert, ae. 7, and Benjamin, ae. 
5, came in the Francis of Ipswich April 30, 
1634. Frm. Sept. 3, 1634. 

Matthew, fisherman, Gloucester, in 
court (10) 1047, propr. 1051. He m. 15 June, 
1647, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Wakeley; 

[he m. 2, about 1057, Mary .] Ch. John 

b. last of June, 1049, Sarah b. 14 (1) 1051, 
JIary b. 15 (3) 1653, Abigail b. "of Matthew 
and Mary, his wife," June 5, 1658, Matthew 
b. and d. 1600. 


Mary, maid servant to Mr. Fowle, Bos- 
ton, adm. chh. 20 (0) 1044. 

Mr. Tristram, planter, came about 1042 
to Haverhill; a witness to the Indian deed 
15 Nov. 1042; propr. 1042-X047; rem. to New- 
bury. Kept an ordinary. Rem. about 1054 
to Salisbury. Joined with other Sails, men 
in 1059 in buying land at Nantucket island 
and rem. thither in 1000. First magistrate 
of the island, and a capable officer. Wife 
Dionis [Stevens.] Ch. Peter, Tristram, (de- 
posed in 1070, ae. about 44 years,) Elizabeth, 
(m. Stephen Greenleaf,) James, John d. at 
Hav. Oct. 30, 1642, Deborah b. and d. 1642, 
Mary b. Feb. 20, 1645, (m. Nathaniel Star- 
buck,) John b. Oct. 13 or 80, 1647, Stephen 
b. at Newb. May 11, 1652. 

He d. Oct. 2 or 3, 1681. Admin, gr. 29 
Nov. folg. to sons James, John and Stephen. 
See Genealogy, which shows descent from 
the. C. family of Brixham, Devonshire, Eng. 


Henry, Taunton, atba. 1643, Barnstabl*, 
took oath of fidelity 5 June, 1644. Wife Abi- 
gail; ch. Thomas bapt. March 2, 1039, bur. 
Jan. 26, 1058, John bapt. Feb. 12, 1642, Mary 
b. and d. 1645, Henry bapt. Oct. 12, 1646. 
He d. in Eng. about 16 June, 1649. Inv. 


COGAN, etc., cont. 

rendered by his widow Oct. 29, 1649. The 

widow m. 2, John Fennye. [Reg. IV, 284.] 

John, merchant; his mother Elinor d. in 
Tiverton, Devon, Eng., before Aug. 7, 1639. 
He sent power of attorney to Exeter, Eng., 
7 (6) 1639, for collection of aught due to him. 
his wife or children from the est. of Ignatius 
Jordan of Exeter, Eng. [L.] He came to 
Dorchester about 1633. Prm. Nov. 5, 1633. 
Rem. to Boston and set up the first shop 
in town March 4, 1633-4. [W.] Wife Abi- 
gail memb. chh. Dorch.; ch. Abigail 
bapt. Second [?] wife Anne was adm. chh. 
Boston 27 (5) 1634. Ch. Annah bapt. 6 (9) 
1036, Lydia b. 15 (1) 1639, Mary bapt. 30 
(3) 1641, John bapt. 8 (3) 1642, Joshua b. Dec. 
15, 1652, bapt. as Calib Dec. 20, 1652; Sarah 
b. Dec. 25, 1657, d. 12 (1) 1658. His dau. 
Mary m. 1, John Woodie, 2, Thomas Robin- 
son; Elizabeth m. Joseph Rocke. His wife 
Maru or Anne d. 14 (11) 1651. He m. 10 (1) 
1651-2, Mrs. Martha, widow of Gov. John 

He d. April 27, 1658. Will prob. Aug. 3, 
1658. Beq. to wife Martha, daus. Rocke and 
Robinson, and son Caleb. The widow d. 
about 24 Oct., 1660. [Reg. IX, 36, X, 175, 
and XXXI, 106.] 

Thomas, Barnstable, atba. 1643. 
He d. March 4, 1653. Inv. pres. by widow 
Joane 23 March folg. 


John, merchant, embarked June 22, 
1632; settled first at Roxbury; rem. to Bos- 
ton. Adm. chh. with wife Marie and ser- 
vant Anne Shelley from chh. of Rox. 20 (2) 

1034. Frm. March 3, 1635-6. Deputy. Sym- 
pathized with Mr. Wheelwright and Mrs. 
Hutchinson in 1037, and was exiled to Rhode 
Island. Ch. Hannanell, (dau.) bapt. 3 (3) 

1035, Wayte bapt. 11 (7) 1036, Bedaiah bapt. 
SO (5) 1636. 


Mr. John, came in the Angel Gabriel, 
and was wrecked at Pemaquid 15 Aug., 1635. 
Settled at Ipswich; propr. 1635. Deeded 
house and lands at Chebacco Falls 2 (11) 
1051, to son-in-law Cornelius Waldo. Ch. 
John, William, Mary, wife of Godfrey Armi- 

tage of Boston, and • , wife of Cornelius 

Waldo. Abraham Wellman of Lynn gave re- 

COGGSWELL, etc., cont. 
ceipt to bros. John and Samuel C. in 1672. 
[See letter of John, Jr., in Reg. XV, 177.] 
The inv. of his est. taken 27 Dec. 1669, was 
filed 29 March folg. 

Mary, Boston, maid servant lo Mr. 
Richard Bellingham, adm. chh. 29 (6) 1647. 

COINTEE, (see Winter,) 

Christopher, Scituate, adm. chh. Dec. 
24, 1637. 

COIT, COYT, see Goit, 

John, Marblehead, sold houses and 
lands 9 Feb. 1647; Juryman, 1651. His bro. 
Solomon C. mentioned. Wife Mary; ch. 
(John C, the younger,) Abigail b. 3 (2) 1657, 
Nathaniel b. 13 (2) 1659. 

Inventory of his estate filed with those 
dated 1003. [Es. Files.] The widow m. 3 (8) 
1667, John Fitch. John C. d. 15 April, 1675. 

COKE, see Cooke, 

John, ae. 27, servant to Henry Collins, 
starch-maker, came in the Abigail in 1635. 

Marie, ae. 14, came in the Hopewell In 
April, 1635. 


Richard, fined by the Gen. Court 3 
March, 1634-5, for enticing certain servants 
to run away to the Dutch plantation. 

Robert, came in the Mary and John In 
l(i33. At Newbury, 1637; yeoman. Before 
Ipswich court, 1641. Propr., town officer. 
Wife Catharine d. 2 May, 1678. Ch. Joseph 
b. 6 Oct. 1640, Sarah b. 24 Nov. 1643, (m. 
James Smith,) Hannah b. June 9, 1644, Ben- 
jamin b. 30 June, 1650. 

Will dated 20 Sept. 1678, prob. 29 March, 
1081, beq. to sons Joseph and Benjamin; 
daus. Hannah Lunt and Sarah Smith; son- 
iu-law .Tames Smith; kinsmen Joshua and 
Caleb Moody. 


Nathaniel, Dedham, propr., 1037. Adm. 
chh. 29 (11) 1640, frm. June 21, 1641. Town 
Officer. He m. 25 (5) 1639, Priscilla Clarke; 
she was adm. chh. 23 (8) 1040. Ch. Sarah 
b 15 (2) 1640, Rebecca b. 17 (12) 1642, Nathan- 
iel b. 3 (1) 1644, Priscilla b. 1 (2) 1646, (m. 


COLBORN, etc., cont. 

12 Nov. 10U8, Joseph Morse;) John b. 29 (5) 
1648, Mary b. 21 (11) 1650, Hannah b. 20 (11) 
1652, Samuel b. 25 (11) 1651, Deborah b. 28 
(11) 1656, Benjamin b. 21 (7) 1G59, Joseph b. 
1 (10) 1662. 

Nathaniel, Sen., d. May 11, 1691. Will 
prob. April 26, 1692 ,beq. to wife Priscilla, 
sons Nathaniel, John, Samuel, Joseph and 
Benjamin; daus. Sarah Partridge, Rebecca 
Pratt, Priscilla Morse, Hannah Alderidge; 
to Deborah and Joseph, ch. of son-in-law Jo- 
seph Wight and my dec. dau. Deborah, Pris- 
cilla d. Aug. 12, 1692. 

Robert, Ipswich, resident, 1648. He 
deposed in 1668, ae. about 60 years; wife 
Alice the same. 
He d. May 2, 1685. 

William; William Coleburn of Brent- 
wood paid £ 25 into the stock of the Mass. 
Bay Co.; receipt dated 8 May, 1629. He pe- 
titioned in 1658 for a proper grant of land 
therefor, and reed. 300 acres. [Arch. 100.] 
Boston, appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1630, adm frm. 
May 18, 1631. Town officer many terms. 

Will prob. 29 (8) 1662. Wife Margery; dau. 
Sarah Pierce and her dau. Sarah Colpit; dau. 
Mary Turand and her 5 ch. which she had 
by George Barrell, viz. James, William, John, 
Mary and Hannah; dau. Elizabeth Paine. 
[Reg. XI, 174.] 


Anthony, Boston, 1633. Frm. May 14, 
1634. Propr. at Cambridge 1633; sold before 
1640. Rem. to Salisbury about 1640. He 
was dism. from Boston chh. to chh. of Salis. 
5 (5) 1646. Ch. John bapt. 8 (7) 1633, Sarah, 
(m. Orlando Bagley,) Samuel, (deposed in 
1692, ae. about 53 years,) Rebecca b. March 
11, 1643, (m. John Williams,) Mary b Sept. 
19, 1647, (m. Wm. Sargent, Jr.,) Thomas. 

He d. Feb. 11, 1660; inv. and division of 
est. in 1662-3. The widow m. William Whit- 
tred; d. July 8, 1689, or thereabout. Her est. 
was admin, by son Samuel. List of ch. and 
gr. ch. [Es. Files, 38, 89.] 


Edward, planter, Salem ,1637. Rem. 
to Dover, N. H. Deposed 8 April, 1673. about 
gifts of Mr. Bachiler to Chr. Hussey and 
wife, ae. 56 years. He contracted Nov. 5, 

COLCOBD, etc., cont. 

1G39, to deliver clapboards at Pascatt Rivers 
Mouth. [L.] He deposed 17 (9) 1669, ae. 
about 54 years. 

See Page, Robert. 


Thomas, miller, Lynn, frm. May 14, 
1634. Propr., juryman. He deposed in 
1662, about Mr. Humphrey's mill at L., which 
lie tended 2 or 3 years; never liept a better 
mill in England. Was then ae. about 60 
years. Ch. Thomas, Clement, (ae. about 37 
yrs. in 1662,) Martha, wife of Richard Whit- 
ney, ment. by son Thomas, [Elizabeth, wife 
ol John] Symonds. He admin, on the est. 
of his son Thomas 24 (4) 1673. 

He d. April 8, 1675, ae. about 86 years. 
AYill, dated March 14, 1674-5, beq. to wife 
Joannah, son Clement C, gr. eh. Samuel 
Symonds, bro. and friend Mr. Henry Rhodes. 
The son Thomas also referred to cousin Sara 


Clement, ae. 30, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. Served with Mr. Rob- 
ert Keayne in the business of tailor in 1639. 

Daniel, tailor, Yarmouth, atba. 1643. 
P'rm. 5 June, 1644. Had accts. with Thomas 
Hawkins for Mr. Pollington of London 23 
(8) 1640. [A.] He rem. to Eastham; sold 
land at Marshfleld June 8, 1649. Wife Ruth; 
ch. Mary b. March 10, 1658, William b. Sept. 
1."., 16G3. The wife Ruth d. Dec. 15, 1694, 
at. 66. 

He d. Dec. 20, 1694. Admin, gr. if, Jan. 
folg. to son Israel, at the request of his bros. 
and sisters. Agreement made between the 
children, John, Timothy, Israel, James, Wil- 
liam, Daniel and Thomas, Daniel and 
his wife Hephzibah, .John Young and his 
wife Ruth, Joshua Hopkins and his wife 
Mary, and Medad Atwood and his wife 

Henry, Sandwich, atba. 1643. 

Isaac, carpenter, of Sandwich, Eng., 
with wife Joan and 2 childi"en, came in the 
Hercules in March, 1634. Settled at Charles- 
town; frm. March 14, 1638-9. He deposed 2 
(4) 1665, ae. about 58 years. [Mdx. Files.] 
Ch. Abraham b. 3 (8) 1636, Jacob b. 16 (5) 
1641, Elizabeth b. 26 (7) 1643. His widow 


COLE, etc., cont. 

deposed S (6) 1674, ae. about 74 years; sons- 
in-law Samuel Bloghead and John Nutter 
petitioned concerning his estate. [Mdx. 

James, shoemaker, inn-keeper, Ply- 
mouth, taxed in 1633, frm. 1633. Propr., 
town officer. Kept the famous tavern; lived 
en the side of the hill which still bears his 
name. Wife Mary; ch. James b. before 1027, 
Hugh b. before 1627, (both atba. 1643). He 
sold to his son Hugh of Swansey, shipwright, 
land at Saeonnet "granted to the old ser- 
vants, whereof I am one." 

Job, Plymouth, 1G34, Marshfield. 1638, 
Yarmouth later. Prop. frm. 5 March, 1638-9. 
He m. May 15, 1634, Rebecca Collier. 

John, Plymouth. 
His will was prob. in 1637 or 1638. He beq. 
t& bros. Job, and Daniel C; to sister Re- 
becca; to Eliza Collyer; to each of Master 
Collier's men, viz. Edward, Joseph, Arthur, 
Ralph and John. Money paid goodwife Pad- 
dock for the child. [Reg. IV, 35.] 

John, settled at Boston. Before the 
Court Nov. 3, 1635. Wife Joan; ch. Sarah 
b. 15 (11) 1641, John b. 17 (9) 1643. 

John, ae. 40, came in the Confidence 
April 11, 1638. Settled at Salisbury; -weaver; 
liropr. 1639. Dau. Elizabeth m. William Carr. 
He d. in 1682. Admin, gr. to Maj. Robert 
Pike, who, in deed of 1703, refers to him as 
his uncle. 

Margaret, a maid servant, Dedham, 
adm. chh. (3) 1639, was dism. in 1648 to the 
clih. of Watertown, having m. a bro. of that 
chh. named Dow. 

Rice, or Ryse, Charlestown, memb. Bos- 
ton chh. 1630; frm. April 1, 1633, propr. Char. 
1G34. Wife Arrold; ch. Robert, (d. about 
1660,) John, James, Mary, (m. Richard Low- 
den,) Elizabeth, (m. Thomas Pierce). 

He d. 15 (3) 1646. Will dated (3) 1646, prob. 
April 1, 1662. To wife, sons Robert, John 
and James, and 2 daus. Richard Lowden 
and Thomas Peirce of Woburn, who m. the 
daus. aslved for a division of the estate, the 
eldest and youngest sons having d. without 
heirs, leaving only one son. The widow, Ar- 
rold, wrote from Charlestown Aug. 28, 1655, 
to her son and dau. Jenks and dau. Ruth 
Coles, giving love of "your bro. John Cole 

COLE, etc., cont. 

and bros. and sisters Peirce and Lowden. 
She wrote 16 (10) 1661 to dau. Ruth Mood, 
referring to Ruth's former husband. Henry 
Mudd of Stepney, Eng., mariner, and Ruth his 
wife, gave power of attorney to John Smith 
of Charlestown 16 (— ) 1661. [Mdx. Files.] 
Her will dated 20 (10) prob. 26 (10) 1662, beq. 
to son John C, .sons Lowden and Perce and 
their ch.; bro. Solomon Phipps. 

Robert, Roxbury, came with the first 
company. [E.] 

Robert, [Boston?] punished by the 
Court in 1033. [W.] 

Robert, Salem, 1637. Propr., 1038. Ann 
adm. chh. Sal. 1 (7) 1650. 

Robert, Patuxet, with others, came un- 
der Mass. Jurisdiction 28 (8) 1642. [SufC. De.] 

Mr. Samuel, confectioner, comfit-maker, 
inn-holder, Boston. Memb. chh. with wife 
Anne 1630-1. JIarch 4, 1633-4 he set up the 
first house for common entertainment in Bos- 
ton. [W.] His wife d.; he m. 2, Margaret, 
dau. of Isaac Greene, of Mersey, co. Essex, 
before 30 (7) 1647. [A.] He conveyed land 
in B. March 18, 1665-6, to Samuel, son of 
Wm. Royall, of Casco Bay, who had m. fCebee 
Greene, dau. of said Margaret. He made 
deed of gift Oct. 26, 1653, to Edmund Jack- 
son and his dau. Mary, and to their ch. Ell- 
sha and Elizabeth, Oct. 6, 1666. Refers to 
gr. son Isaac Grose. He m. third, Oct. 16, 
1660, Anne, widow of Robert Keayne. 

Will, dated Dec. 21, 1666, prob. Feb. 13, 
1666-7. To dau. Elizabeth, wife of Edward 
Weeden; to dau. Mary's eh. by Edmund Jack- 
son, Elisha and Elizabeth; to gr. ch. Sarah 
Scenter and her husband John S.; to son 
John C.'s ch., the eldest of whom is Samuel; 
to gr. ch. Samuel Royal; to his old servant 
Elizabeth Ward. [Reg. XV, 249.] 

Thomas, came in the Mary and John 
March 26, 1033-4. Settled at Salem. Propr. 
1649. The following seems to refer to him: 
Bapt. at Navestock, Essex, Eng., Dec. 15, 
1039, .John, gr. ch. of Thomas Coale. ae. 3 
yrs. which came out of N. E. [Reg. XXXI, 
324.] His widow Anne made will I Nov. 
1079, prob. 2 (5) 1680; beq. to sons Abraham 
and John C. 

William, yeoman, gent., planter, Wey- 
mouth, late of Sutton in the parish of CheTT 


COLE, etc., cent. 

Magna, Eng., and his wife Elizabeth, dau. 
of Francis Doughty, of Bristol, merchant, 
sued for the recovery of her inheritance 18 
(8) 162G, and July 29, 1G39. [L.] Mrs. Eliz- 
abeth Cole was allowed a bill of review by 
Gen. Court 29 May, 1644. She, a widow, pe- 
titioned the court 1 (4) 1647. [Arch. 38 B.] 
Suit with her bro. Mr. Francis Doughty of 
New Eng. and sister Bridget D. of Eng. 


Anne, of Watertown, spinster, ae. 16, 
■with her guardian, Samuel Hosier, sent let- 
ter of attorney to collect legacy of her dec. 
father, Wm. Coleman, saymaljer, late of 
Colchester, Eng. 8 (6) 1G39. [L.] 

Edward, [Boston.] He m. at East- 
ham Oct. 27, 1048, Margaret Lumbard. [Scit- 
iiate chh. Eec] Ch. b. at Boston, Elizabeth 
L. 28 (11) 1051, Mary b. 12 Sept. 1653, d. 6 (7) 
1657, Martha b. 8 Aug., 1G55, James b. 31, 
Jan., 1656. 

Inv. talien 28 Sept. 1691; widow Margaret 

John, shoemaker, Charlestown, propr. 
1C37; perhaps a son of the following: 

Joseph, shoemaker, of Sandwich, Eng., 
with wife Sarah and 4 children, came from 
S. before June 9, 1637. Res. first at Charles- 
town; rem. in 1638 to Hingham, then to Scit- 
uate. Took oath of allegiance 1 Feb. 1638. 
Will dated 30 (4) prob. March 4, 1074, beq. 
to wife Sarah, eh. Joseph, Zachariah , Thom- 
as , Sarah, Abiah, Hannah and Mary. 

Thomas, husbandman, Newbury; in 
partnership with Sir R. Saltonstall et als., 
keeping cattle, in 1035. Frm. May 17, 163T. 
Town officer. Rem. to Hampton, and later 
to Nantucket. He deposed Aug. 14, 1662, 
ae. 60 years. Wife Susanna d. 17 Nov. 1650. 
He m. 11 .July, 1651, Mary, widow of Ed- 
mund Johnson, with whom he sold land in 
Hampton in 1052. Ch. b. at Newbury: Ben- 
jamin b. 1 May, 1040, drowned Oct. 1, 1650, 
Joseph b. 2 Dec. 1642, Isaac b. 20 Feb. 1046. 
Susanna, [his child?] d. 2 Jan. 1643. 

Thomas, gave a letter of attorney 3 (8) 
1640, concerning a house at [Esstum?] co. 
Worcester, and a legacie from John Cole- 
man of Cotherstock, co. Northampton, car- 
penter. [A.] 

COLEMAN, etc., cont. 

Thomas, Wethersfield, Conn. 1639; dep- 
uty. Rem. to Hadley, propr. 

Will dated 29 Sept. 1074, prob. 29 March, 
1670, beq. to wife; sons John and Noah; dau. 
Deborah; dau., the wife of Philip Davis; 
dau. Tratt's children; to son-in-law Thomas 
Wells my part of a house at Eversham, Eng.; 
to his son John now dwelling with me. The 
widow Frances made will, prob. March 26, 
167S; beq. to son John Wells, daus. Mary 
and Deborah Wells; dau. Gilbert and son 
Jonathan G., and to gr. ch. 

Isaac, house-carpenter, Boston, 1636. 
Propr. He was adm. chh. 5 (12) 1642; frm. 
May 10, 1G43; wife Margaret adm. chh. 22 
(2) 1043. He served Mr. Abraham Mellows 
March 4, 1634-5; was employed by the gov- 
ernment in making gun-carriages. He m. 
22 (11) 1651, Margery Page. 

Peter, Scituate, sold land due him for 
service in 1639; propr. 1G40, atba. 1643, town 
officer 1650. 

Will made 16 Jan. 1683, prob. 4 June, 1684, 
beq. to wife that now is— Mary; to Peter, 
John, Phebe and William Blackmore; to 
cousins Mary. Martha and Elizabeth, daus. 
of Anthony Collamore; to man, Wm. Clift; 
cousin Anthony C. exec. 


Sarah, Dorchester, memb. chh. before 


Richard, tailor, Dorchester, frm. March 
4. 1G32-3. Deputy, 1636. Sergeant in Pequot 
War. In Indian trade monopoly 1641. [L.] 
Traded at the Eastward. [W.] Wife Joanna 
d. 5 (6) 1640. Wife Thomasin had eh. Ex- 
perience b. 29 (7) 1641, Dependance b. 5 (5) 
1043. He rem. to Boston. Deposed 20 (10) 
1070, ae. about 67 years. [Mds. Files.] 

He was bur. July 9, 1G86. [S.] Will dated 
23 April, prob. 26 Aug. 1880, beq. to wife 
Thomezen; to dau. Experience Miles, and 
her son Richard; to dau. Bethiah C; grand- 
sons Richard and Samuel C; to dau. Eliza- 
beth, wife of Richard Hall, of Dorchester, 
her 3 daus. and her four sons Samuel, Rich- 


COLLICOTT, etc., cont. 
ard, Jonathan and Joseph. Lands near Dun- 
stable and on the western side of the Ken- 
nebec river, above Abbacadussett's point, 
i;i Boston, etc. Refers to sister Moleford's 
house in Bo. 


John, Hull, propr. at the founding of 
the town 2 May, 1642. 

John, Watertown, took oath of fidelity 
in 1652. Deposed in April, 1657, ae. 25; wife 
Hannah ae. 20. Rem. to Sudbury. 

Thomas, Hingham, propr. 1635; Hull 
1642; propr. 1657; frm. May 6, 1646. 

He d. G (2) 1647, ae. 71. [Hob.] Will prob. 
29 (8) 1647; wife Susan, ch. Moses, Thomas 
and Susan. [Reg. VII, 173, and X, 88.] The 
widow d. 10 Dee. 1667. 

Mr. William, one of the Adventurers 
to New Plimoth in Eng. 15 Nov. 1026; his 
brew-house in London mentioned in 1631; 
was agent of Mr. James Shirly. [B.] One 
of the "old comers," Plymouth, taxed in 
1632, frm. 1633. Visited Boston with Gov. 
Bradford in 1634 to consult with authori- 
ties about the Hocliing affair. [W.] One 
of the referees in adjusting partnership busi- 
ness between the English and Plymouth 
proprietors in 1641. [B.] 

Rebecca m. May 15, 1634, Job Cole; 
Sarah m. the same day. Love Brewster; Ma- 
17 m. April 1, 1636, Gov. Thomas Prence; 
Elizabeth m. 2, Nov. 1637, Constant South- 


Christopher, shoemaker, Boston, 1639. 
Rem. to Braintree. Gave letter of attorney 
15 (10) 1645, for the collection of money 
from Justinian Pearce of Plymouth, co. 
Devon, due to his wife, Jane Groope. [A.] 

Edward, merchant, gent., Cambridge, 
propr. 1636; frm. May 13, 1640. Town offi- 
cer, deacon. He and his children were leg- 
atees in the will of Daniel Collins of Lon- 
don in 1643. [B. and W.] Was of Medford 
in 1056. [Mdx. De. II.] He deposed 29 (2) 
1660, ae. about 57 years. [Mdx. Files.] Was 
brought up by godly parents; father died and 
he was placed in a gentleman's house. Af- 
terward spent a year with old Mr. Rogers 
Of Wethersfield. Was apprenticed in a 


COLLIN'S, etc., cont. 

worthy family. Later went to Dedham, Eng. 
His wife relates that her father was care- 
ful in catechising her; at 19 began to seek 
the Lord for herself. Came to N. E. with 
her husband and child. [Rel.] He was at- 
torney for Mrs. Elizabeth Poole of West- 
minster, Eng., 24 (9) 1646. [A.] He had a 
tripartite agreement with Richard Glover 
and Rebecca his wife and Thomas Andrewes 
and Damaris his wife, of London; and they 
sent 300 li. worth of cattle for the Craddock 
farm at Medford; Thomas Bridges and Ed- 
ward Jack.son of Cambridge, and Thomas 
Pierce and Edward Converse of Charles- 
town were appraisers, 12 Oct. 1647. [A.] 
Wife Martha; eh. Daniel, "living at Koning- 
berg in Prussia in 1658, about 9 years old 
when his parents joined here;" [Mi.] John, 
"minister of God's word at Edinburgh in 
Scotland," [Mi.] Samuel, "living in Scot- 
land," 1658, [Mi.] Sybil, ("m. Mr. John 
Whyting, preacher at Salem," in 1658,i [Mi.] 
Martha b. (7) 1639, Nathaniel b. 7 (1) 1642, 
Abigail b. 20 (7) 1644, Edward. 

He d. 9 April, 1689, ae. about 86; will dated 
20 Aug. 1083, and April 0, 1689, prob. 17 (10) 
1U89; beq. to wife Martha; she to distribute 
at her discretion to children and gr. ch. 

Henry, starch-maker, ae. 29, with wife 
Ann, ae. 30, ch. Henry, ae. 5, Johu, ae. 3, 
and Margery, ae. 2, and servants Joshua 
Griffith, ae. 25, Hugh Alley, ae. 27, Mary 
Roote, ae. 15, John Coke, ae. 27, and George 
Burdin, ae. 24, came in the Abigail iu June. 
1635, cert, from the parish of Stepney, Eng. 
Ho settled at Lynn. Frm. March 9, 1636-7. 
Town officer. 

Will dated 10 Feb. 1686, ae. about 82 years, 
prob. 31 March, 1687, beq. to wife; to son- 
in-law Johnson, sons Henry, Joseph and Ben- 
jamin, daus. Margery, Hannah and Eliza- 
beth; refers to son John, dec. 

John, shoemaker, Boston, 1639; adm. 
chh. 4 (2) 1646. Wife Susan; ch. John, 
Thomas b. 15 (8) 1645, Susanna, ae. about 
3 yrs., 12 days, bapt. 5 (2) 1645, (m. 25 March, 
1062, Thomas Walker). 

He d. 29 May, 1670; admin, gr. to Gideon 
Allen . Inv. mentions shoemaker's stock and 
tools and 3 apprentices, etc. 

John, Salem, 1642. Rem. to Glouces- 
ter; town officer 1647. He deposed 30 (1) 
1658, ae. about 54 years. Wife Joane; ch. 

COLLINS, etc., cont. 

James b. Sept. IG, 1643, Marie b. March 8, 

1646, Anna b. Sept. 26, 1649. 

He d. March 25, 1675. Will dated Aug. 
25, 1674, prob. April 21, 1675, beq. to wife 
Joane, sons John and James, and daus. Anna 
and Mary; to gr. dau. Mary Slampe. His 
daus. Mary, (with her husband James Da- 
vis,) and Anna, petitioned for another admin, 
after the death of their bro. John. The wid- 
ow ret. to Salem church. 

Rev. William, son-in-law of Mrs. Ann 
Hutchinson; preached some time at Barba- 
does and did some good. Rem. to Newport. 
Was before Boston Court on religious mat- 
ters in 1641. Was killed by the Indians at 
X. in 1643. [Col. Rec. and W.] 


William, Boston, adm. chh. with wife 
Anne and her dau. Sarah Morrice, (8) 1633. 
Frm. March 4, 1633-4. 


George, Hartford. Rem. to Springfield; 
propr. 1645; one of the chief citizens and 
officers of the plantation. Deputy, com. for 
laying out new plantations. Quarter Master 
of the Hampshire county troop; did import- 
ant service in King Philip's War. Wife 
Deborah d. Sept. 5, 1689; he m. March 1, 
1692, Lydia Wright, widow, successively, of 
Lawrence Bliss, John Norton and John 
Lamb; she d. Dec. 17, 1699. Ch. Isaac b. 
Nov. 21, 1646, Ephraim b. April 9, 1648, Mary 
b. Sept. 22, 1649, (m. Oct. 30, 1678, Samuel 
Barnard,) Thomas b. May 1, 1651, Sarah b. 
Feb. 24, 1652, (m. Oct. 30, 1678, Samuel 
Graves,) Deborah b. Jan. 25, 1654, (m. Dec. 
28, 1676, Nathaniel Bliss,) Hepzibah b. Jan. 
7, 1656, John b. April 8, 1659, Benjamin b. 
May 26, 1661. 

He d. Feb. 13, 1699. [Reg. XXXIII, 202.] 
Will dated 2 April, 1699, prob. Jan. 11, 1699- 
1700, beq. to his four sons Isaac, Ephraim, 
Thomas and John and to their male heirs; 
to their three sisters, my daughters; to Re- 
becca, Samuel and Joseph, the children of 
dau. Sarah, deceased; to John's dau. Abigail. 
Isaac and Ephraim execs. 


Edward, wheelwright, Dedham, propr. 
28 (9) 1637. He m. 19 (7) 1638, Anne EUice; 
ch. John b. 15 (2) 1640, Joshua b. 12 (11) 
1642, Samuel b. 9 (11) 1643. 


John, laborer, Roxbury, rec'd from that 
chh. to chh. of Boston, 25 (7) 1642, his wife 
Susan adm. chh. 25 (12) 1642. Frm. Sept. 3, 
1634. John, "of Boston, clothier," gave letter 
of attorney for recovery of "his title to cer- 
tain lands to him descending," etc., 20 (10) 
1645. [A.] 

"Susanna, widow of the long since de- 
parted John Compton," beq. her est. to her 
little gr. ch., Joseph Brisco; prob. Nov. 12, 
1664. [Reg. XIII, 153.] 


Jolm, indentured servant of Henry 
Russell of Weymouth in 1639. 


Christopher, Plymouth, came in 1623. 
Juryman at Charlestown Nov. 9, 1630. 

Roger, son of Richard and Agnes, b. 
at Budleigh, Eng., bapt. 9 April, 1592, came, 
it is said, to Plymouth about 1622; rem. to 
Nantasket. Was recommended by friends 
In Eng. to the Western Adventurers as a 
successor to Mr. Thomas Gardner, (q. v.,) 
at the Cape Ann colony, and took charge 
there in 1625. [Hub.] On the failure of 
the colony at the end of a year he, with oth- 
ers, rem. to Naumkeag, which was later 
called Salem. He appl. for frm. 19 Oct. 1630. 
Adm. frm. 18 May, 1631. Town officer, 
deputy. Wife Sarah memb. chh. before 

1636. Ch. Roger, ("first born child in 
Salem," reed, a grant of 20 acres 
of land 21 (11) 1639,) Exercise bapt. 24 (10) 

1637, Lot, Sarah, Mary and others. 

Will dated 1 (1) 1677, ae. about 85 years; 
prob. 25 (9) 1679, beq. to son Exercise and 
his children; son Lot and his ten ch.; dau. 
Sarah and her ch.; dau. Mary Dodge and 
her 5 ch.; to Adoniram Veren; to Hannah V. 
and her 2 ch.; to cousin Mary, wife to Hiller 
v.; to the daus. of cousin Jane Mason, In- 
cluding a share for the ch. of Love Stevens; 
to gr. ch. Rebecca C. and to Mary Leech. 
Capt. Roger Clap to pay a debt to the dau. 
of a Mrs. Pitts, living at Culliton in Devon; 
son Exercise to account for cattle left in his 
hands by Mr. Dudeny in Eng. for the benefit 
of his nephew Richard C. See Genealogy; 
but note statements here, carefully mada 



Anuanias, glassman, Salem; propr., 
memb. chh., had additional land near his 
house in 1039. [See SoutUwick and Holmes.] 
Ch. Lewis bapt. 30 (2) 1643, Jacob and Eliz- 
abeth bapt. 29 (1) 1649. Snsan adm. chh. 7 
(12) 1050. 

Note.— Capt. John C, who d. at Southold, 
Long Island, 6 April, 1G94, in 64th year, is 
said in S. rec. to have been b. in Notting- 
hamshire, Eng. [Es. Inst. Coll. XXXI.] 


Henry, Dorchester, memb. chh. about 
1636; frm. May 29, 1644. Elizabeth, memb. 
chh. before 1639. Ch. Susanna, of wife Su- 
sanna ,b. 15 and bapt. 29 (1) 1643-4. He and 
his wife were dism. to join in the forming 
of a chh. at Northampton, 28 (2) and 1 (7) 

He d. at N. Sept. 14, 1673. [Reg. Ill, 176.] 
Will dated 29 (5) 1609, prob. March 31, 1674, 
beq. to wife Susan; to her 2 gr. sons John 
and Henry Webb; to dau. Susan; to War- 
ham, son of Mr. Eliezer Mather, his pastor; 
to the town of Northampton for a free 
school. The widow d. Nov. 19, 1675. She 
beq. to son-in-law John Webb, his wife Su- 
san and their children. 


James, Braintree, 1640. Ch. Joshua b. 
(2) 1640, d. (10) 1642, Patience and Experi- 
ence b. (6) 1042, James d. (10) 1642. 


Thomas, Boston, 1638. With wife Mary 
sold house and land July 7, 1645. 


William, came in the Fortune in 1621; 
settled at Plymouth. 


Allen, Salem, propr. 1039; rem. to 
Woburn. Frm. May 29, 1044. Taxed in 
1645. Wife Elizabeth; ch. Zechariah b. Oct. 
11, 1042, Elizabeth b. March 7, 1045, d. Aug. 
2 ,1661, Sarah b. July 11, 1647, Joseph b. 
May 31, 1049, Jlary b. and d. 1651, Theo- 
philus b. and d. 1652, Samuel b. Sept. 20, 
1653, Mary b. Nov. 26, 1055, Hannah b. 
March 13, 1060, (m. Nathaniel Pierce). The 
wife Elizabeth deposed 7 (8) 1668, ae. about 
50 years. [Mdx. Files.] 

CONVERSE, etc., cent. 

He d. April 19, 1679. WiU dated 14 April, 
prob. 17 (4) 1679, beq. to wife Elizabeth; to 
the 2 children of dec. son Zechariah; to the 
ch. of dau. Hannah Pierce; to son Samuel 
and daus. Sarah and Mary. The widow d. 
Aug. 9, 1691. [See Genealogy in Eeg. L, 

Edward, Charlestown, memb. chh. 
with wife Sarah, 1630, and of the re-organ- 
ized chh. of Char., 1632. Frm. 18 May, 1631. 
Set up a ferry between Boston and Char. 
June 14, 1631. Juryman, 1030. Rem. to 
Woburn; propr. 1640. Deacon, town officer. 
He deposed 24 (1) 1661-2, ae. about 73 years. 
[Mdx. De. 11, 197.] Wife Sarah d. Jan. 14, 
1662, and he m. 2, Joanna, widow of Ralph 
Sprague, who d. Feb. 24, 1670; (beq. to dau. 
Mary Edmunds and her dau. Mary; to sons 
Phineas, John, Richard and Samuel S., and 
to P.'s dau. Mary.) Ch. Samuel bapt. 12 (1) 
1637, Josiah, (deposed 4 (2) 1660, ae. 41 
years,) James, (depos. same time, ae. 39,) 
Mary, (m. Simon Tompson). 
He d. Aug. 10, 1003. 


Aaron, Dorchester, 1634; frm. May 6, 
1035. Rem. to Windsor, Conn.; rem. before 
1063 to Northampton; rem. to Westfleld; 
keeper of the ordinary there in 1073. Major. 
Mary, [his wife?] memb. chh. of Dorch. 
about 1036. He m. 2, Joanna Denslow, who 
d. April, 1676; m. 3, Elizabeth Nash, who 
d. Sept. 1687; he m. 4, Rebecca Smith, who 
d. 6 April, 1701. Ch. Nathaniel, Joanna b. 
5 Aug. 1638, Aaron bapt. 21 Feb. 1640-1, Mir- 
iam bapt. 12 March, 1642, Moses bapt. 16 
Nov. 1045, Samuel bapt. 2 Nov. 1650, Eliza- 
beth bapt. 7 Aug. 1653, Noah bapt. 14 June, 
He d. 5 Sept. 1690. 

Francis, came in the Mayflower; signed 
the Compact. He brought with him his son 
John. His wife Hester, a Walloon, a memb. 
chh. came in the Anne in 1623 with other 
of his children. [B.] Settled at Plymouth. 
Frm. 1033. Ch. named at the Division of 
cattle in 1627: John, Jacob, James, Hester, 
and Mary. 

He d. April 7, 1063. Will, dated 7 (10) 1659, 
prob. 5 June, 1633; wife Hester and son 
John execs, and heirs. [Reg. VI, 95.] 


COOK, etc., cont. 

Col. George, gent., Cambridge, frm. 
March 3, 1635-6. He and his bro. Joseph 
came in the Defense July 4, 163.5, registered 
as the servants of Roger Harlakenden; but 
bought property on their arrival, and occu- 
pied prominent stations in town and col- 
ony. Made contract Dec. 1, 1643, with Dr. 
Samuel Reade of Starford, Eng.; mortg. 
house at Camb. to S. Symonds of Ipswich. 
[Ips. De.] He ret. to Eng. and took part 
on the Parliamentary side in the Revolution. 
He d. in Ireland, and admin, on his est. 
was made here 4 (8) 16.52. In 1690 John 
Quick, of London, husband of his dau. Eliz- 
abeth, gave power of attorney for the col- 
lection of est. in N. E. Wife Alice; ch. b. 
in Cambridge, Elizabeth b. and d. 1640, 
Thomas b. and d. 1642, Mary b. 15 (6) 1646. 

Henry, butcher, Salem, propr., 1638. 
Mortg. house and land in 1649. He m. in 
June, 1639, Judith Birdsale. Ch. Isaac b. 
S (2) 1640, Samuel b. 30 (7) 1641, Judith b. 
15 (7) 1643, (m. John Pudney,) Rachel b. 25 
<7) 1645, (m. Elisha Ivebed,) John b. 6 (7) 
1647, Mary b. 15 (7) 1650, (m. Robert Moul- 
ton,) Martha b. 15 (7) 1650, Henry b. 30 (10) 
1652, Eliza b. and d. 16.54, Hannah b. in Sept. 
1658, (m. Daniel Cannady). 

He d. 25 Dec. or 14 (11) 1061. Admin. 26 
(4) 1662. Widow Judith d. about (9) 1689. 
Inv of her est. taken Nov. 23, 1689. 

John, ae. 17, a servant, came in the 
Abigail in 1635. Settled at Salem; propr. 
1636: frm. May 18, 1642; in court, 1639; ser- 
vant of Mr. Clark. Adm. chh. 21 (1) 1640; 
his wife adm. chh. 8 (7) 1040; ch. Sarah bapt. 
19 (7) 1640, Eliza bapt. 16 (3) 1641, Mary 
bapt. 22 (8) 1643. 

Joseph, gent., older bro. of George, 
above, came with him. Settled at Cam- 
bridge. Frm. March 3, 1635-6. Deputy, 
town officer; had charge of the military af- 
tei his bro. ret. to Eng. He was a son of 
Thomas Cooke, of Great Yealdham, co. Es- 
sex, Eng., and made his bro. Thomas C. of 
Wormingfold his attorney, Nov. 5, 1639. [L.] 
He ret. to Eng.; deeded Cambridge lands 
from Stannaway, Essex. Wife Elizabeth; 
■ch. Joseph b. 27 (10) 1643, Elizabeth b. 16 
(1) 1044-5, Mary b. 30 (11) 1646, Grace b. 9 
<10) 1648, Grace b. 1 (3) 16.50, "Ruth bapt. 
at Camb." [Mi.] [See Epps.] 

COOK, etc., cont. 

Josias, yeoman, Plymouth, taxed in 
1633, frm. 3 Jan. 1636; atba. 1643. He rem. 
to Eastham; propr. He m. 16 Sept. 1635, 
Elizabeth, widow of Stephen Dean. Had 
gr. of land for the Dean children 3 Sept. 
1638. A dau. d. July 24, 1650. 

Will dated 22 Sept., ae. about 63 years; 
prob. 29 Oct. 1673; beq. to wife Elizabeth, 
son Josias, sons-in-law Joseph Harding and 
Wm. Twining, dau. Bethia H., gr. ch. Jo- 
seph and Maziah H., gr. ch. Anna Shore; to 
gr. son Stephen T. a lot that was his gr. 
father Dean's; dau. Merriam Deane; gr. ch. 
Josias and Richard C. Widow Elizabeth's 
inv. was taken May 3, 1687. 

Moses, plaintiff in a suit in Ipswich 
court in 1642. 

Philip, Cambridge, propr., 1646; frm. 
May 26, 1647. He m. Mary, dau. of Barna- 
bas Lampson; ch. Mary, Samuel, Hannah, 
Sarah, Philip bapt. May 5, 1661, John bapt. 
Aug. 30, 1663. [Mi.] 

Will, dated July IS, 1066, prob. April 2, 
1067; wife Mary; eldest son Samuel; ch. to 
be placed in families of friends and rela- 
tives if his wife approve: John, ae. 3, to 
his sister Singletary of Haverhill; Philip, ae. 
5, to Richard Eccles; Hannah, ae. 9, to John 
Cooper; all to be brought up in Christian 
nurture and some honest employment; to 
kinsman Philip Eastman. 

Margaret, Boston, memb. chh. 1630-1. 

Rachel; she petitioned the Gen. Court, 
after the death of her husband, 23 May, 

Richard, tailor, Boston, adm. chh. 28 
(6) 1034, frm. March 4, 1634-5. Lieut. He 
deposed in 1658, ae. about 48 years. [Es. 
Files.] Owned lands in partnership with 
Arthur Perry in 1638. [L.] His wife Eliza- 
beth rec'd 3 li. from the town of Boston 29 
(8) 1660, for her services in curing the Span- 
ish captives. Ch. Elhanan b. and d. 1636, 
Elisha b. 16 (7) 1637, Elkanah b. 14 (2) 1641, 
Joseph b. 1 (3) 1642, d. July 2, 1663, Benja- 
min b. (6) 1644, bur. (3) 1645, Elizabeth bapt. 
25 (4) 1648, ae. about 5 weeks and 6 days, 
Mary bapt. 23 (4) 1650. 

Will prob. 25 (10) 1073; wife Elizabeth, son 
Elisha, kinsman John C. and kinswoman 
Eleanor C; Millicent, wife of Andrew Neale; 


COOK, etc., cont. 

to the College at Cambridge; to the children 

of his bros. William and Walter C. in Eng. 

Richard, yeoman, Charlestown, Maiden, 
propr. Lawsuit in Salem Court in 1640. His 
wife Frances, widow of Isaac Wheeler, de- 
posed 5 (8) 1052, ae. 44, that she came in 
the same ship with Thomas Blanchard [the 
Jonathan] in 1639. [Mdx. Files.] 

He d. 14 (8) 1658. Will dated 5 (7) prob. 
Dec. 28, 1658. Wife Frances and her ch. 
Isaac, Thomas, Elizabeth and Sarah Wheel- 
er, and his dau. Mary C. The widow m. 5 
(7) 1659, Thomas Greene, Sen. 

Robert, apothecary, Charlestown, 1638; 
frm. June 2, 1641. Had an acct. with Eliz- 
abeth, widow of Henry Poole of Westmin- 
ster 24 (9) 1646. [A.] The Gen. Court gr. 
him 800 acres of land 7 (8) 1640, in regard 
of his father's 100 li. adventured in the com- 
mon stock. The father, Mr. Edward Cooke, 
Asst. subscribed 50 li. as a loan to the Com- 
pany at a meeting in London 17 June, 1629. 
Sent letter by his son to Gov. Winthrop in 
1638. Wife Sarah; ch. Samuel b. 10 (6) 1644. 

Roger, Marshfield, propr. 1643; served 
against the Narragansetts in 1645. The 
Court paid the expenses of his sickness and 
burial 7 March, 1647-8. 

Mr. Samuel, gent., from Ireland, in- 
vited to Dedliam 26 (3) and made propr. 6 
(5) 1640. See Smyth, John. 

Susanna, Boston, now wife of one John 
Jenkins of Sandwich, dism. to that ehh. 26 
(1) 1648. 

Thomas, mariner, Watertown. 
He d. in Boston (12) 1645. Inv. May 16, 
164C. [Reg. VII, 34.] 

Thomas, Salem. He and his family 
■were at the house of Nathaniel Stow of Ips- 
wich in 1649. [Ips. Files.] 

Inv. filed by Wm. Bartholomew and Wm. 
Varney, Essex Prob., (7) 1650. 

Walter, AVeymouth, 1643; frm. May 18, 
1653. Rem. to Mendon, propr. 1663. 

Will prob. Jan. 18, 1694-5; wife Katharine, 
eldest son John, other ch. Nicholas, Han- 
nah, Samuel and Experience. 


Benjamin, Springfield, propr. 1645; 
town oflicer many terms. Wife Sarah; ch. 

COOLEY, etc., cont. 

[perhaps Abelenah, (m. 22 July, 1664, Japhet 
Chapin,) ] Bethia b. Sept. 16, 1643, (m. Dec. 
5, 1664, Henry Chapin,) Obediah b. Sept. 27, 
1640, Eliakin b. Jan. 8, 1648, Daniel b. May 
2, 1651, Sarah b. Feb. 27, 1653, (m. Jan. 5, 
1679, Jonathan Morgan,) Benjamin b. Sept. 
1, 1656, Mary b. June 22, 1659, (m. April 21, 
1687, Thomas Terry,) Joseph b. March 6, 

He d. Aug. 17; his wife d. Aug. 23, 1684. 
His will and inv. filed Sept. 30 folg. and 
agreement for division accepted. [Reg. 
XXXIV, 266.] 

John, Ipswich, propr. 1638. 
Inv. taken 14 (1) filed 28 (1) 1654. 

William, before Gen. Court Nov 5, 


Mr. John, gent, Plymouth, frm. 1633, 
also adm. frm. 5 June 1644. He m. Sarah, 
dau. of Godbert Godbertson, q. v.; conveyed 
lands 24 Jan. 1633-4, which were her mar- 
riage portion. William Spooner paid certain 
debts of his in 1642, and had charge of his 
children in 1648. 


Henry, fisherman, Salem, propr. 1635. 
Mortg. land, 1648. Rem. to Marblehead; 
propr. 1649. 

Admin. Essex Prob. gr. to widow for her- 
self and children 2 (10) 1669. She deeded 
land in 1670 to dau. Susanna and her hus- 
band Francis Grant. 


John, Watertown, frm. May 25, 1636, 
town oSicer, deputy. Wife Mary; ch. Ste- 
phen b. 28 (8) 1039, Obediah b. 15 (2) 1642, 
Jonathan b. 10 (1) 1645. 

He d. May 7, 1091, ae. 88. Will dated Nov. 
19, 1681, prob. June 16, 1691, names wife 
Mary, ch. John, Stephen, Simon, Nathaniel, 
and Jonathan; gr. daus. Sarah and Mary 
Mixer. The widow d. Aug. 22, 1691, ae. 88. 


Anthony, with wife and 4 sons, 4 daus. 
and 4 servants, came from Hingham, Eng., 
and settled at Hingham. [C] Propr. 1635. 
Ch. Sarah, (m. Oct. 1648, Wm. Woodcock,) 
Rebeckah bapt. May 20, 1640, d. at Boston 


COOPER, etc., cont. 

22 Dee. 1643, Nathaniel bapt. March 2G, 1G43. 
Inv. taken Feb. 26, 1635. 

Benjamin, husbandman, ae. 50, of 
Bramton, Suff., Eng., with wife Elizabeth, 
ae. 48, and ch. Lawrence, Mary, Rebecca, 
Benjamin; Francis Fillmingbam, his son-in- 
law, ae. 32, his sister, ae. 48, and servants 
John Kilin and Philemon Dickerson, passed 
exam, to go to Salem, N. E. May 10, 1637. 
Settled at Salem. 

Admin. SufC. Prob. 27 (7) 1637; son Law- 
rence, dan. Rebecca; and [sister?] Ester 
Cooper. [Reg. VII, 29.] Claim filed by Fil- 
mingham, approved by Gov. Bndecott. Re- 
becca, ae. 15, was in Gov. E.'s family. [Mass. 
Hist. Coll. 4-6.] 

Elizabeth, ae. 24, came in the Planter 
in April, 1635, cert, from Sudbury, co. Suf- 
folk, Eng. C'harlestown, adm. chh. 9 (10) 

Humility, cousin to Edward Tillie, and 
his wife, came in the Mayflower to Plymouth. 
Ret. to Eng. after 1627, and d. there. [B.] 

John, ae. 41, with wife Wibroe, ae. 42, 
and ch. Mary, ae. 13, John, ae. 10, Thomas, 
ae. 7, and Martha, ae. 5, from Olney, Bucks, 
Eng., came in the Hopewell April, 1635. Set- 
tled at Lynn; frm. Dec. 8, 1636; juryman, 
1037. Rem. to Southampton, Long Island, 
at the beginning of that plantation in 1639- 
40. His dau. Martha m. Ellis Cooke, carpen- 
ter, of S. 

John, planter, Scituate, frm. 1634; m. 
Nov. 27, 1634, Priscilla Wright. Rem. to 
Barnstable; deputy, deacon. 

Will dated 28 Dec. 1676, prob. 25 Feb. 1683, 
beq. to wife Priscilla; after her death to the 
church of Barnstable, the surviving chil- 
dren of his sister Alice Bradford, and Lydia 

John, Weymouth, sojourning at house 
of Mr. Henry Waltham. 

He d., and inv. of his est. was rendered 
June 9, 1653; will prob. Oct. 21, 1653. To 
Hazilpenah Willeockes now dwelling with 
Mr. W.; to friend Thomas Dyer, whom he 
makes exec. [Reg. V, 303.] 

John, son by former marriage of Lydia, 
wife of Gregory Stone ,b. in 1618, came to 
Cambridge about 1636. Yeoman; propr., 
deacon, town officer. He m. Anna, dau. of 

COOPER, etc., cont. 

Nathaniel Sparhawk; ch. Anna b. 16 ^9) 1642 
or 1643, Mary b. 11 (7) 1645, Samuel. John. 
Nathaniel bapt. May 8, 1659, Lydia b. April 
13, 1665, Hannah bapt. Dec. 29, 1667. [Mi.] 
He d. Aug. 22, 1691, ae. 73. Admin, of 
his est. gr. to his son Samuel, who g.ave 
bond May 1, 1693. 

Mrs. Cooper, memb. Dorchester chU. 
in 1639. 

Peter, ae. 28, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. Settled at Rowley; 
propr. Wife Emm or Amy; ch. Mary b. 2 
(4) 1641, Samuel b. 8 (12) 1646, Deborah b. 
30 (6) 1650, Sarah b. 14 (6) 1652. 

He was bur. Jan. 15, 1057. Will dated 3 
Jan. 1667, prob. 31 March, 1668; beq. to wife 
Emm, ch. Samuel, Mary, Deborah and Sara, 
and to the ch. of dau. Mary How. The wid- 
ow was bur. April 18, 1689. 

Thomas, Watertown. 
He was bur. 20 (4) 1637-8, ae. 80 yrs. 

Thomas, his wife, 2 ch., 2 servants and 

2 other persons came from Hingham, Eng., 
to Hingham, N. E. in 1638; frm. March 13. 
1638-9. Signature, "Thomas Coop." [Hing. 
Rec] He rem. to Rehoboth 1643; prop. frm. 
Plym. Col. 4 June, 1645; town offiecr. Was 
attorney for Mrs. Anne Palsgrave to March 
17, 1656. Son Thomas. 

Thomas, carpenter, Windsor, Conn., 
bought land at Springfield Jan. 27, 1642; 
town officer, 1644. Employed to build meet- 
ing house Feb. 28, 1644. Signature in Town 
rec. Ch. Timothy b. 26 (2) 1644, Thomas b. 

3 (5) 1646, Elizabeth b. 23 (12) 1648, Mary b. 
15 (8) 1651, John b. 12 (2) 1654, Rebecca b. 
15 (3) 1657, John b. 19 (3) 1659. 

Lieut. Thomas C. was killed by the Indians 
Oct. 5, 1675. His widow Sarah pres. inv. 
and admin. March 28, 1676; was allowed 
the estate till son John was 21 years old. 

Thomas, son of Henry C. of Little 
Bowden, Northampton, Eng., appr. to Leon- 
ard Buttolph, bricklayer, of Boston, 29 (6) 
1639. [L.] May be the same as Thomas, of 
Boston, plasterer, who bought house and 
land Feb. 24, 1658. [See Matthew Smith.] 

Timothy, Lynn, propr. 1638. Court com. 
13 May, 1040. Rem. to Reading; propr. 1647. 
He and his ch. now in N. E. are named in 


COOPER, etc., cont. 
the will of his bro. John C. of Western Hall, 
21 Xov. 1G54. [Reg. XXXI, 413.] 

He was slain by the Indians at Groton 2 
March, 1675-G. Inv. on file. 

Thomas, ae. 18, came in the Christian 
March 16, 1G34. 


James, frm. May 13, 1640. 


William, ae. 20, with Richard, ae. 24, 
came In the Blessing in July, 1635. 

William, shoemalier, Boston, adm. chh. 
4 (5) 1640, propr., frm. June 2, 1641. Wife 
Judith adm. chh. 24 (11) 1640. Ch. Johanna 
adm. chh. 20 (3) 1644, Naomi bapt. 5 (5) 
1640, Jonathan b. 23 (6) 1640, Rebecca b. 6 
(3) 1641, Ruth b. 24 (9) 1643, Lydia bapt. 
3 (5) 1646, ae. about 3 days. 

Will dated 31 Oct. 1662, prob. 15 March, 
1669-70; wife Goodeth, dau. Tewxsbery, sons 
David and Jonathan, daus. Ruth and Lidia; 
gr. ch. William, Thomas, John and Mary 
Harvey, John and Sarah Atwood, Samuel 
and Sarah Norden. [Reg. XLVIII, 459.] 


John, Watertown; he d., and inv. of 
his goods and est. was talien 14 (3) 1644, 
testified by Robert Nichols. 


Giles, Salem, watchman, 1647. [Es. 
Court rec] Brought suit 26 (12) 1050. He 
deposed 17 (4) 1672, ae. about 55 years. Wife 
Margaret; ch. Deliverance b. 5 (6) 1658. He 
m. 2, Mary, who "was bought out of a Lon- 
don ship in Virginia by the father of Caleb 
More; who testified to this and to her good 
character when she was accused in 1678." 
[Es. Files.] 
She d. Aug. 27, 1684, ae. 63 years. [Gr. st.] 


Elijah, master of arts, schoolmaster, 
Cambridge, frm. May, 1645. He m. Barbara, 
dau. of and Elizabeth Cutter; ch. Re- 
becca b. 14 (6) 1644, Hephzibah and Ammi- 
Ruhamah also baptized here. [Mi.] 
He d. Feb. 25, 1686-7. 


George, farmer, Haverhill, propr. 1645; 
town oflicer. He m. 26 Oct. 1645, Joanna, 
dau. of Thomas Davis; ch. Mary b. Sept. 28, 
1646, (m. William Neff; she was captured 
by the Indians with Mrs. Hannah Duston 
in 1097;) John b. March 4, 1647-8, Johannah 
b. April 28, 1650, (m. Joseph Hucliins,) Mar- 
tha b. Jan. 2, 1652, (m. Samuel Ladd,) De- 
borah b. June 6, 1055, (m. Thomas Eastman,) 
Ann b. Nov. 8, 1657, (m. John Robie,) Hul- 
dah b. Nov. 18, 1661, (m. Samuel Kingsbury,) 
Sarah b. Feb. 23, 1663, (m. Joseph Ayer). 

He d. Oct. 19, 1686. Will dated Oct. 18, 
prob. 23 Nov. 1680, beq. to son John, daus. 
Mary Neff, Johana Hucliins, Deborah Es- 
man, Martha Lad, dau. Roby and Sarah Cor- 
ly, and to his wife Johanah. 


Daniel, sawyer, fisherman; Wm. Pierce, 
mariner, had power of attorney to collect 
money from him, Nov. 14, 1639. [L.] 

Thomas, inn-holder, Boston, 1638. Sold 
lands in B. and Braintree Feb. 13, 1639. 
With wife Mary sold land July 7, 1645. 
Rem. to Gloucester; propr. 1649. 


Samuel, Salem, 1638, frm. June 2, 1641. 
An acre of land granted him for sowing 
hemp in 1641. Rem. to Wenham. Wife adm. 
chh. 5 (2) 1040; she was probably the Eliz- 
abeth Corning who was a witness to the 
will of Jane Comins in 1044. Ch. Remem- 
ber bapt. 3 (3) 1640, Samuel bapt. 14 (1) 1040- 
1, Eliza bapt. 4 (4) 1643. 


Richard, Weymouth. His wife Kath- 
arine before Gen. Court Aug. 5, 1634. He 
rem. to Acomenticus; was drowned there in 


William, with wife Joanne, adm. chh. 
Roxbury in 1033. Genealogy in Reg. XLIX, 



John, ae. 33, and Mary, ae. 33, came 
in the Susan and Ellen in April, 1C35. 


George, merchant, captain, Salem, 
propr. 1638. Town officer many years. He 
deposed 8 (5) 1667, ae. about 56 years. De- 
posed 27 (4) 1682, ae. about 70 years; came 
to the town near 44 years before. He m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. John Herbert, some- 
time mayor of Northampton, Eng. and wid- 
ow of John White, by whom she had daus. 
Mary, (m. Samuel Andrews,) and Elizabeth, 
(m. Samuel Gardner). She d. 15 (7) 1668. 

He m. 22 (7) 1669, Elizabeth, dau. of 

Winslow, and widow of Robert Brooks. 
Mrs. C, b. and bapt. in Plymouth, was reed, 
to chh. of Sal. in 1672. Ch. John, "eldest 
son," Jonathan bapt. 17 (11) 1640, Abigail 
bapt. 30 (9) 1643, Hannah bapt. 4 (11) 1645, 
Eliza bapt. 2 (5) 1648, Penelope b. 7 (6) 1670, 
(m. 19 Feb. 1684-5, Josiah Walcott,) Susan- 
nah, "youngest daughter." 

Admin, of bis est. (4) 1685. The property, 
which had grown from the 400 pounds 
brought him by the widow White, was ap- 
praised at nearly 6000 li. Distribution was 
made to the widow, son Jonathan, the ch. 
of dec. son John, dau. Susanna, Josiah Wal- 
cott for his wife, James Russell for his 
wife, and to the widow for the other chil- 
dren. Samuel Gardner filed claims for por- 
tion due his wife. [Es. Files 44, 86-97; Es. 
Inst. Coll. IV, 169.] John Shatswell of Ips- 
wich, in his will in 1646, mentions his "broth- 
er Curwln." 


David, Salem, Marblehead, constable, 
1644; juryman, 1658. Grace, [his wife?] 
adm. chh. 18 (4) 1643. He and his dau. Cur- 
tis, with others, removing to Southold, L. I., 
had letters of dismission from the church 
granted 20 (6) 1065. 


William, carpenter. Concord, 1642. 
Rem. to Lynn, and rem. about 1654 to Bos- 
ton. Ch. Sarah b. in Cone. 24 (1) 1642, Phe- 
be b. in Cone. 10 (2) [1642?]. Abigail, dau. 
of Mrs. Costone, of the chh. of Lynn, bapt. 
in Bo. 28 (11) 1654. 

William, laborer, Duxbury, before the 
Court in 1037 and 1638. Servant of William 


Robert, tailor, Salem, propr. 1636. Frm. 
May 6, 1635. Had lands for shop etc. at 
Gloucester; sold house and land in 1664. 
Johane, [wife?] one of the first membs. chh. 
of Salem; ch. a son bapt. 28 (11) 1637, Beth- 
sua bapt. 24 (1) 1639, Mary bapt. 19 (7) 1640, 
Peter bapt. 1 (3) 1642, Obediah bapt. 10 (7) 
1643, John bapt. 11 (3) 1645. 


William, a servant, ae. 12, came in the 
Confidence April 11, 1638. Settled at New- 
bury. He m. Sarah — , who reed, legacy 
in 1664 from John Rolfe for herself and two 
children, Sarah and Ann C. She survived 
him and m. 2, John Hale. Ch. Sarah b. 
May 5, 1662, (m. William Titeomb.j Ann b. 
July 12, 1663, Susanna or Joanna b. Aug. 
7, 1665, William b. Nov. 23, 1668. 
He d. April 30, 1668; in v. Sept. 29, 1608. 


Rev. John, son of Roland C, Esq., b. 
in Derby, Eng., Dec. 4, 1585, grad. Emanuel 
Coll., Cambridge. He was vicar of the par- 
ish of Boston, Eng., from 1626 till 1633. De- 
clining to conform to some of the ceremonies 
then prescribed, he was reproved and fined. 
He went to Southampton in 1629 to see Mr. 
William Coddington and other friends and 
parishioners sail for N. E., and charged 
them to take advice of them of Plymouth 
and do nothing to offend them. [B.] He 
wrote Herbert Pelham Oct. 3, 1630, send- 
ing 3 pieces of gold to buy a hogshead of 
meal, etc. to send Mr. Coddington in N. E. 
[Mass. Hist Coll. V, 1.] He came in the 
Griffin, arriving Sept. 4, 1633. Was installed 
teacher of the chh. of Boston Oct. 17, 1633. 
He wielded a powerful influence for good, 
leaning to the side of Scriptural liberty rath- 
er tlian to that of severe restriction. He m. 
first Elizabeth Horrocks. He m. second in 
Boston, Eng., Mrs. Sarah Story, widow, who 
came with him to N. E., (whose dau. Eliza- 
beth Story adm. chh. 24 (1) 1639, m. Went- 
worth Day q. v.) She survived him and m. 


COTTON, cont. 

2G (6) 1656, Mr. Richard Mather of Dorches- 
ter. She d. May 27, 1676, ae. 75. Ch. Sea- 
born, b. 12 (6j 1633, Sarah b. 12 (7) 1635, Eliz- 
abeth b. 9 (10) 1637, John b. 15 (1) 1639, Maria 
b. 16 (12) 1641, Rowland bapt. 24 (10) 1644, 
about 6 days old. 

He d. in office 23 (10) 1652. Will dated 30 
(9) prob. 27 (11) 1652. Beq. to son Seaborne 
"that south part of his house which Sir 
Henry Vane built while he sojourned with 
me, and gave by deed to Seaborne;" books 
to be divided between sons Seaborne and 
John; to two daus. Elizabeth and Mary; to 
wife his house and garden in the market 
place of Boston in Lincolnshire and moneys 
in the hands of his bro. Coney, his sister 
Mary C. or their son John C, together with 
property in Boston, N. E.; to grandchild Bet- 
ty Day; to cousin Henry Smith, living with 
him, cousin John Angier, kinswoman Mar- 
tha Mellowes and maid Elizabeth Clark; a 
silver tunn to the church of Boston, to be 
used among other Communion plate; beq. to 
Harvard College, and the free school of Bos- 
ton in case his family return to England. 

William, butcher, Gloucester, propr. 
1642; settled at Boston; adm. chh. 15 (3) 
1647, frm. May 26, 1647. Sergt. He deposed 
in Essex Court in 1661, ae. 43. He and his 
wife Ann witnessed the will of Thomas 
Millard of Newbury in 1653. Wife Anne; 
ch. William b. 31 (3) 1646; Mary, ae. about 
5 yrs. 5 months, and John, ae. about 3 yrs. 
5 months, both bapt. with William 16 (3) 
1647; Sarah b. IS (1) 164S, d. Jan. 22, 1663, 
William bapt. 23 (12) 1650, d. 29 (6^ 1652, 
Rebecca b. Dec. 30, 1652, William bapt. 4 
(12) 1654, Thomas bapt. 18 (11) 1656, Han- 
nah b. Sept. 4, 1660, Benjamin b. March 18, 
1665. Mary m. March 7, 1659, John Matson. 


William, shoemaker, ae. 26, came in 
the Elizabeth and Ann in May, 1635; settled 
at Boston; frm. May 25, 1636. Inn-holder, 
victualer. Wife Joan adm. chh. 12 (3) 1639. 
William and Hercules Cesser were members 
of the Scottish Charitable Society of Boston, 
1658-1065; perhaps this William and Arche- 
laus. Bought land at Chelmsford 10 Nov. 
1664. He deposed June 16, 1663, ae. about 
56 years. [Mdx. Files.] Ch. Deliverance b. 
4 (1) 1638, Joannah b. 9 (12) 1639, John b. 
3 (3) 1642; [Archelaus, husbandman, Lan- 

COTJESEB, etc., cont. 

caster, who sold land in B. 16 July, 1664, 

was he a son?] 

Will dated 16 April, prob. 29 Sept. 1673. 
Beq. to wife Johanna, dau.-in-law Margaret 
C. and son John C. 


George, husbandman, from Marlbor- 
ough, Eng., came in the James April 5, 1635. 

Isaac, locksmith, Rowley, witness in 
court in 1649; with wife Elizabeth sold land 
in Rowley, Feb. 1651. With wife Ann sold 
land in Haverhill 4 Jan. 1657. Rem. to Bos- 
ton. Sold land at Ipswich Feb. 1656; ch. 
Sarah b. 31 Aug. 1656. Wife Elizabeth d. 
14 (10) 1656. He m. in 1657 Ann Hunt, for- 
merly wife of John Edwards. Rebecca, of 
Isaac, and R. C. b. April 2, 1660. 


Cesora, ae. 15, came in the Abigail in 
July ,1635. Ezra, doubtless the person reg- 
istered thus, settled at Plymouth; atba. 1643. 


James, Boston, had grant of land at 
Braintree for 4 heads 24 (12) 1639^0. Wife 
Mary; ch. Mary b. 7 (3) 1647. 

John, Boston, witness to a deed 3 Oct. 


John, Ipswich, propr. 1(535; sold before 


Mr. William, Lynn, propr., 1638. Rem. 
to Reading. Deputy, town officer, deacon. 
Deposed 7 (8) 1652, ae. about 54 years, and 
27 (7) 1672, ae. 69 years. [Mdx. Files.] Wife 
Elizabeth d. Oct. 9, 1659; wife Joannah d. 
May, 1666; reed, from chh. of Lynn 16 (4) 
1666. Wife Alse [Alice] named in will. Ch. 
Matthias b. 30 May, 1641, Bethiah b. 17 (2) 

He d. Nov. 10, 1687. Will dated 12 Feb. 
1C84, prob. 17 (10) 1689, beq. to wife Alse; 
sun Polly; dau. Hannah Polly's 7 ch.: to gr. 
oh. Bethiah Carter, Rebecca and Mary Cow- 
dery; to son Nathaniel C, and to gr. ch. Na- 
thaniel C; mentions marriage of gr. ch. Na- 
thaniel to Elizabeth Parker. 



John, Boston, mortgaged house and 
lands 8 (12) 1G4A. Sold land at Nashaway, 
(Lancaster,) 5 (8) 1647. He m. Mary, widow 
ol William Davis, q. v. 


William, "of New England, carpenter," 
gave bond for £ 10 Nov. IG, 1037, for his and 
his wife's passage; sued June 26, 1657. [Mdx. 


John, Ipswich, 1641. 

COX, see also Cock, 

Moses, Ipswich and Hampton before 
19 (7) 1640. [L.] 


Matthew, came from Boston, Eng. 
with his bro. Richard as a servant to John 
Whittingham. As a barber, servant to Mr. 
Atherton Haulgh, Boston, was adm. chh. 1 
(11) 1641. Rem. to Wenham. Deposed In 
1654, ae. about 33 years. [Es. Files 3, 4.] 
He m. 29 (6) 1654, Elizabeth Roberts. 

Richard, Salisbury, propr. 1650. Rem. 
to Boston. Ch. Caleb b. Aug. 15, 1666. 

Mr. Thomas, mariner, son of Rowland 
C. of Wapping, Eng., settled at Charlestown, 
1636. Frm. May 13, 1640. Deputy, town 
ofl5cer. His mother Katharine, dau. of Rob- 
ert Myles, yeoman, of Sutton, Eng., m. 1, 
Thomas Grey, of Harwich, Eng., and had 
dau. Parnell, who m. Increase Nowell; she 
m. 2, Dec. 23, 1610, Rowland Coytmore. He 
d. and she came to Charlestown; was. adm. 
chh. 7 (7) 1638; d. Nov. 29, 1659. She beq. to 
the ch. of her daus. Tyng, Nowell, and 
Graves; to gr. dau. Sarah Williams; to dea- 
con Robert Hale; to Margaret Hutchinson, 
to Rev. Mr. Symes, pastor chh. of Char. 
He m. at Wapping June 24, 1635, Martha, 
dau. of Capt. Wm. Rainsborough ; ch. Kath- 
arine b. and d. in 1C3G, Thomas bapt. 26 (12) 
1641, William b. and d. 1643-4. 

Capt. Coytmore made his will 25 (6) 1642, 
bound forth to sea. He was drowned in the 
wreck of Capt. Hawkin's ship 27 (10) 1644; 
a right, godly man and an expert seaman. 

[W.] The widow m. 2, Gov. John Winthrop 
and 3, John Cogan. No ch. that grew up. 

[Reg. XXXIV, 258.] 


John, appl. frm. Oct. 9, 1630. 


John, joiner, Boston, propr., 1637. Sold 
land Sept. 25, 1654. Wife Alice; ch. John b. 
25 (3) 1639, Deliverance b. and d. 1643. 

The widow Alice m. 11 (12) 1656, Joshua 


Gilbert, planter, Cambridge, propr. 
1635; frm. Dee. 7, 1636. Bought house and 
land in 1646. His first wife related (about 
1046) that when young her brother sent for 
her to come to London; that she came to 
N. E. with husband and child. Their house 
was burnt. [Rel.] He m. 2, June 17, 1656, 
Elizabeth Coolidge. 

He d. .Tan. 2, 1671-2, leaving est. to his 
wife and to Joseph and Sarah, the ch of his 
son Benjamin. His widow m. Richard Rob- 


John, came in the Mayflower, signed 
the Compact, settled at Plymouth. He d. in 
1621. With him came his son John who d. 
about 1626. [B.] 


Isabel, ae. 30, came in the Rebecca in 
April, 1035. 

Matthew, citizen and skinner of Lon- 
don, governor of the Mass. Bay Co. in Eng., 
prior to Mr. John Winthrop's election. Had 
a large plantation at Medford, mentioned 
in colonial records 28 Sept., 1630. Was fined 
7 Nov. 1632, for his men's absence from 
training divers times, which gives some 
evidence that he had recently been or was 
then in Massachusetts. Letters from Lon- 
don to Gov. Winthrop, 1636-9. 

He made will at London 9 Nov. 1640, 
probated in Charlestown 12 Feb. 1642, giv- 
ing the following bequests among others: 
to the poor in Broadstreet where I served 
my apprenticeship; to the poor of St. Swith- 
ers where I dwelled: to wife Rebecca, dau. 
Damaris, brother Samuel O. and his sons 
Samuel and Matthew; to bro. and sister 
Sawyer. The widow m. 2, Richard Glover 
of London; they, as execs, of his will, gave 
power of attorney Feb. 12, 1645, to Nicholas 
Davison to settle all the N. E. affairs of 
the Cradock estate. [A.] She m. 3, Benja- 

CKADOCK, etc., cont. 

min WUitchcott. The Gen. Court considered 
her claims 13 May, 1648. His dau. Damaris 
m. Thomas Andrews, citizen and leather 
seller of London, and she and her mother 
sold the Medford estate to Edward Collins 
In 1652. [Mdx. De. II, 302.] 


Griffin, or Griffith, Roxbury, came In 
1630; frm. May 18, 1631; deputy, lieut. Wife 
Alice d. 26 (1) 1673, ae. 73. Ch. Hannah, (m. 
Nathaniel Wilson,) John b. July 10. 1630, 
Mary b. Oct. 10, 1032, Abigail b. March 8, 
1034, Samuel b. Dec. 12, 1637, Moses b. April 
28, 1641. 

Will dated 18 May, 1689, prob. Dec. 9, 
1690, beq. to wife Dorcas, son Moses, son- 
in-law Nathaniel Wilson, (and his wife Han- 
nah,) and Edward Adams (with wife Abi- 
gail;) son Samuel exec, and residuary lega- 
tee. The widow Dorcas d. 30 Dec. 1697. 


Mary, Roxbury, m. Dee. 4, 1639, Thom- 
as Stone. 


Elizabeth, Dorchester, memb. ebb. 1641. 


John, Boston, propr., 1635. Perhaps 
the J. C. who bought land in Hampton in 
1058, and had deed of land 5 May, 1659, from 
Richard Swain for love and brotherly affec- 
tion. Sons Benjamin and Thomas, dau. 
Lydia. [Norf. De., 1665.] 


Heury, Plymouth, ree'd pay from 
Raplh Smith and Edmund Tilson 3 May, 

John, Boston appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1630, 
adm. frm. March 4, 1633-4. 

He d. in 1639. and his bro. Richard, of 
Woodbridge, co. Suff., Eng., made his bro.- 
in-law Thomas M.Tn-et attorney for sale of 
property beq. to him, April 16, 1642. 


Morgan, servant of Henry Waltham at 
Weymouth in 1640. [L.] 


Mr., came in 1634; he was drowned, 
with bro. and servant in Charles river, Aug. 
12, 1634. The Court app. commrs. Oct. 6, 
1634, to take Inv. of his est. 

CRIBB, see Crips, 

Benjamin, punished for stealing pigs in 
Dorchester March 22, 1630-1. 

John, ae. 30, came in tlie Christian 
March 16, 1634. 


Benjamin, mason, W^atertown, propr., 
1636, frm. May 4, 1646. He deposed 7 (8) 
1656, ae. about 45 years, tbat he was servant 
to Maj. Gibbons 25 years agone. [Mdx. 
Files.] Wife Bridget; ch. Elizabeth b. Jan. 
8. 1636-7, Mary b. 20 (3) 1638, Jonathan b. 29 
(11) 1639, Eleazer b. 14 (11) 1641, Mehitabel 
b. 21 (11) 1645, [Zachariah.] His Tvife d. and 
he m. 2. Jonna Longley, who d. at Charles- 
town April 8, 1698, ae. 79. In her will she 
mentioned daus. Mai'y Leman, Sarah Rand 
and Lydia Nutting; gr. daus. Anna Law- 
rence, Lydia and Elizabeth Longley, Sarah 
Nutting, Mary and Elizabeth Shaddock; gr. 
son Wm. Longley; 3 children in captivity. 

George, husbandman, planter, Ply- 
mouth. Rem. to Eastham. He gave letter of 
attorney to his bro. Robert C. of Southwark, 
Eng., mariner, to take po.ssession for him of 
a legacy from his uncle, George C, land situ- 
ated at Word, near Sandwich, co. Kent, 19 (1) 
1640-1. [L.] He made the same bro. of St. 
Talwins in Southwark attorney for collection 
of legacy beq. by George C. late of Black- 
wall. Middlesex, shipwright, 22 (7) 1647. [A.] 
Will dated 8 June, 1682, prob. 31 Oct. folg., 
beq. to wife Hephzibah and two minor chil- 
dren; mentions bro. Israel Cobb, and Samuel 
Berry (whom he had formerly looked upon 
as his own.) 

Mr.; the Court app. commrs. chiefly of 
Watertown, c- the inv. and distrib. of his 
est. Jan. 29, 1631-2. 


Richard, blacksmith, Boston, 1639, 
propr., adm. chh. 24 (2) 1642, frm. May 18, 
1642. He m. 1. Alice, widow of Wm. Dyne- 
ley; contract made Aug. 15, 1639, [Suff. De. 
11, 105.] She d. 26 (1) 1645. He m. 2. Jane 


CE.ITCHLEY, etc., cont. 
— ; slie was adm. chh. 27 (9) 1647. Ch. Sam- 
uel b. 25 (10) 1040, Joseph b. 3 (3) 1643, bur. 
IG (6) 1645, Jane b. 15 (1) 1647, Elizabeth b. 
Nov. 28, 1653, Mary b. Jan, 18, 1655, Mary 
bapt. 2 (1) 1656, John b. Feb. 10, 1657, d. Sept. 
25, 1658, Richard bapt. 6 (3) 1667, Rebecca, 
(of Richard and Elizabeth), b. March 1, 1674. 
Admin, of his est. gr. 10 (7) 1675 to his 
widow Elizabeth. 


Francis, Barnstable, atba. 1643; served 
against the Narragansetts in 1645. He ree'd 
from Plym. Court 2 March, 1646-7, lie. to m. 
Mary Gaunt, kinswoman to Mr. Coggin of 
Bar. Rem. to Marshfleld. Dau. Sarah m. 
20 Jan. 1676, Thomas Macumber. 

Francis, Marshfleld, d. about 1700. He 
wrote his will Sept. 1700; beq. to wife Mary, 
son Jonathan, dau. Sarah Maeumbei-, gr. ch. 
Daniel, Mary, Sarah, Ruth, Abigail and 
Mercy C. and UrsSUa M. 

John, Scituato, toolv oath of allegiance 
1 Feb., 1638; rem. to Barnstable; atba. 1643; 
frm. 4 June, 1650. Juror, Iteeper of ordinary. 
Will dated Feb. 10, 1G58; prob. 4 June, 1669, 
beq. to wife Jone; after her death to his bro. 
William C.'s ch. John, Job. Samuel, Josias, 
Eliezer, and Joseph; liinsman Job C. 

William, planter, Scituate, memb. chh. 
Dec. 25, 1636. Took oath of allegiance Feb. 
1, 1638. Rem. to Barnstable, propr., town 
officer; deacon. He deposed to the will of 
Dolor Davis in 1672, ae. about 65 years. 
Wife AUce. Ch. John b. May 11, 1637, Eliza- 
beth b. Dec. 22, 1639, d. May, 1658, bur. May, 
1658, Samuel b. July 3, 1642, Job b. March 
9, 1644, Josiah bapt. Sept. 19, 1647, Eleazer b. 
July 21, 1650, Joseph b. 1654. 

Will dated 6 Sept. prob. 19 Oct. 1692, beq. 
to wife Patience, ch. John, Josian, Eliazer, 
Joseph, and certain of their children. 


William, yeoman, Lynn, propr. 1638. He 
deposed in 1682, ae. abopt 70 years. 

Will dated 5 March, 1688-9, prob. 26 (9) 
1689. Wife; son Thomas Ivory, dau. Sarah 
Ohadwell, cousins, eldest ch. of Peter, Na- 
thaniel and William Frottingham, sometime 
of Charlestown; Jonathan, son of James 
Thomson of Oburn, Hannah, dau. of Wm. 
Frottingham; dau. Ruth Bailey; wife's daus. 

CROFT, etc., cont. 

Sarah Chadwell and Lois Burrill; son-in-law 
John BurriU exec. His wife Ann deposed in 
1667, ae. about 60 years. She made will 25 
June, 1675, with his consent; mentions form- 
er husband Ivory, son Thomas Ivory, father 
South, dau. Sarah Chadwell, son Theophilus 
Baylye and wife, John Burrill, Sarah Far- 
rington alias Potter. Prob. 26 (9) 1689. 


Samuel, [Boston,] will prob. at court in 
Boston 2 (4) 1646, beq. all to Samuel Bitfield. 

see Cramwell, 
GUes, propr. 1637. His wife Alice d. 
14 June, 1648; he m. Sept. 1648, Alice Wise- 
man; she d. June, 1669. 
He d. 25 Feb. 1672. 

Peter, Salem, 1643. 

Philip, butcher, Salem, propr. 1647; 
town officer. He deposed 30 (9) 1664, ae. 
aboui 50 years. Frm. May 3, 1665. He m. 
[2.] Dorothy, widow of Allen Keniston; 
marriage covenant 10 (2) 1649. [Es. De. 1, 7.] 
IShe deposed in 1662, ae. about 57 years. 

She d. Sept. 27, 1673, ae. 67 years He m. 
3, Jlary — , who d. 14 Nov. 1683, ae. 72 He d. 
3 March, 1693, ae. 83. [Gr St.] 

Samuel (residence not stated,) frm. 
Sept. 3, 1634. 

Thomas, Newbury. He and his wife 
died in 1635. 

Thomas, [son of above?] Newbury, 
propr. 1643. He was one of the patentees of 
Hampton in 1638. He deposed in 1660, ae. 
about 43 years. 

Thomas, mariner, Boston, 1636. Mas- 
ter of Ship Separation 26 (4) 1646. [A.] 
Went in a man of war and captured several 
Spanish vessels with great riches; stirred 
Plymouth and Boston on his return. [W.] 
He d. in 1649. See particulars in Bradford. 
Will prob. 26 (8) 1649; wife Anne exec; dau. 
Elizabeth under 21,; goodwife Sherman, 
goodwife Spaule; to the town of Boston my 
six bells; refers to the ship Anne. [Reg. Ill, 
268.] The dau. Elizabeth m. 18 Aug., 1659, 
Richard Price. The widow m. 2. Robert 
Knight; after his death she m. John. Joyliffe. 

CKOSBY, see Pilsbury, 

Constance, widow, Rowley, propr. 1643 
or earlier, petitioned Ipswicli Court 4 (3) 
1674, on behalf of her gr. dau. Sarali Long- 
home. In connection with this child we 
learn that Thomas, below, was a son of Con- 
stante, as well as Mary who m. Nicholas 
Longhorne. Anthony, chirurgeon, a propr. 
in R. later with wife Prudence, may have 
been a son. 
She was bur. 25 Jan. 1683-4. 

Simon, husbandman, ae. 26, with wife 
Anne ae. 25, and ch. Thomas 8 weeks old, 
came in the Susan and Ellen in April, 1635. 
Settled at Cambridge. Propr. February 8, 
1635; town officer, frm. March 3, 1635-6. Ch. 
b. in Cambridge; Simon b. (6) 1637, Joseph b. 
(12) 1639. 

He d. Sept., 1639, ae. 31. Inv. of his est. 
taken 15 (9) 1645, by John Bridge and Rich- 
ard Jackson. Widow Ann yielded to the 3 
sons, Thomas, Simon and Joseph certain por- 
tions 22 (7) 1645. She m. 2, Rev. Wm. Tomp- 
son of Braintree, who gave his consent to the 
arrangement. [Arch. 15 B.] 

Thomas. Sen., Cambridge, had mort- 
gage for money lent 16 (2) 1640. Propr. Re- 
siding at Rowley sold Camb. lands in 1649 
and 1657. 

He was bur. at R. 6 May, 1661; his widow 
Jane was bur. 2 May, 1662. 


Robert, Dedham, townsman, 1642; be- 
fore Gen. Court 10 May 1642. Had liberty to 
erect a water-mill in 1652 but declined. He 
m. 25 (3) 16.52, Sarah Kingsbury. Ch. John 
b. March 16, 1654, Mary b. July 16, 1655, 
Robert b. Aug. 3, 1657, Joseph b. April 25, 
1659, Nathaniel b. Aug. 7, 1660, Eleazer b. 
March 16, 1663, d. Oct. 26, 1667, EUzabeth b. 
May 2, 1665, Samuel b. July 25, 1667, Mercy 
b. March 20, 1669, Thomas b. Oct. 6, 1671, 
Susanna b. Feb. 14 1672. He rem. to Taun- 

Admin, of his est. was gr. 26 Nov. 1692, to 
John C. and John Thrasher. The est. was di- 
vided 25 July, 1696, to his ch. John, Robert, 
Sarah (Woodward,) Mary (Gould,) Elizabeth 
(Hayward,) Samuel and Mercy (Thresher;) 
to the ch. of son Joseph, dec. 


Henry, carpenter, ae. 20, came in the 
Increase April 15, 1635. 

CBOSS, etc., cont. 

John, Watertown. Wife Mary; ch. 
Mary b. 10 (3) 1641. 

He was bur. 15 (7) 1640. The widow m. 
Robert Sanderson. [Mdx. De. VIII, 147.] 

John, ae. 50, with wife Anne, ae. 38, 
came in the Elizabeth of Ipswich April 30, 
1634. Settled at Ipswich; propr. 1635; frm. 
Sept. 6, 1639. His servant Clement Manning's 
case was before the Court in 1638. He was 
one of the proprs. of Hampton in 1638, but 
remained at Ips. Deputy, survveyor of the 
arms. Pledged ten shillings a year to the 
support of the free school 6 (10) 1650. Dau. 
Hannah b. in April, 1636, m. Thomas Ham- 
mond. [Testimony of Wm. English, Mdx. 
FUes, 1658.] Her will, dated 19 March, 
16.56-7, beq. to her mother Hannah C. one 
sixth part of the rents of a fai'm in Ips.; to 
her son Thomas Hammond; to John Sherman 
and his ch. and to John Lithermore. 

He d. about Jan. 18, 1650-1, last date in his 
will, which was prob. 25 (1) 1651; beq. to 
wife Anne and dau. Hannah; conditional be- 
quest to Ipswich Free School. [See Piles.] 
The widow d. in Watertown, Nov. 13, 1669; 
inv. of her est, filed 21 (4) 1670; the reversion 
of an old house and orchard mentioned. 

Margaret, widow, Boston, adm. chh. 6 
(11) 1638. Rem. to Rowley. Mentioned in 
will of Robert Hunter in 1647 and in that of 
Wm. Belliingham in 1650. 

Robert, Ipswich, propr. 1635. Served 
in the Pequot war. His case referred to Ips. 
Court by Gen. Court 1 (10) 1640. His dau. 
m. William Nelson; son Stephen deposed in 
1663, ae. 16% years; son Robert, at same 
time, ae. about 21 years. Dau. Martha m. 
William Dirkee in 1664. He deeded land 13 
(11) 1674, to son Stephen and his wife Eliza- 
beth, to be given them at his death. 


Mr. John, Charlestown, 1635. His wife 
had come the year before and bought a 
house of Mr. AVm. Jennings on her arrival. 
[Char. Rec] Copy of list of his possessions 
in Char. (4) 1638, in Mdx. Files, 11. Town 
officer. He rem. to Yarmouth; took oath of 
allegiance to Plym. Col. Rec. Dec. 18, 1638; 
frm. and magistrate 2 June. 1640. Sold a 
farm in Dorchester to Thomas Makepeace 
before 1641. [L.] Wife Elishua adm. chh. 
Char. 4 (11) 1634-5; ch. Moyses (Moses,) bapt. 


CKOW, etc., cont. 

24 (4) 1637. [John, propr. at Billerica, 1654, 
and Ylverton or Elverton, propr. at Yar- 
moutb, have been conjectured to be sons.] 

William, Plymouth, atba. 1643. Land 
allowed him 1 June, 1663, in respect of his 
uncle Mr. John Atwood dec. 

He d. Jan. 1683-4, ae. about 55 years. [Gr. 
St.] Will dated 2 (11) prob. 6 (1) 1683, beq. 
to his brethren iu Coventry, Samuel, Robert 
and Thomas Crow and John and Mary Har- 
bert; to Ebenezer Spooner and Ephraim 
Thomas; remainder to wife Hannah. 


James, juryman. Gen. Court, 28 Sept., 


Samuel, wine cooper, Boston, d. about 
(3) 1646; James Waker was recommended by 
Mr. E'dw. Winslow to Gov. Winthrop for the 
administration of the est. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 


Capt. John, Chai-lestown, 1639; rem. to 
Boston in 1644. Adm. chh. with wife and 
adult ch. John and Eliazbeth 27 (9) 1659. Re- 
sided some time at Hartford, but ret. to Bos- 

He d. Jan. 23, 1662-3. Will prob. Jan. 27, 
1662; wife Elizabeth, son John and dau. 
Mary, minors. [Reg. XI, 338.] The widow 
m. Richard Ely; at her request a deed of 
porperty in Eng. to Henry CuUicke of Milton, 
Eng., was recorded dn Boston in 1665. 
George Fenwick of Worminghurst, co. Essex, 
Eng., Esq. in his will, dated 10 March, 1656, 
beq. all his property in N. E. to his sister Gul- 
lick and her children; also 50 li, to her, 10 li. 
to bro. C, and a sum to each of their chil- 
dren. [Reg. XXXVni, 199.] The dau. 
Elizabeth, when about to marry Benjamin 
Batten of Boston, merchant, rec'd. from him 
23 Oct. 1671, security for her 2-3 share in the 
rents of houses and lands in Essex co. Eng., 
the other third belonging to her mother 
Elizabeth Ely. [Suff. De. VII, 285.] 


Richard, Boston, 1640. 
Inv. of his est. (pei"Sonal) taken by Simon 
Rogers and Richard Gridley 29 (2) 1640. 
[Reg. XXX, 80.] 


James , Salter, gent., Scituate, frm. 1634. 
Rem. to Barnstable but returned after a few 
years. Stood for fair dealing toward the 
Quakers, and was much opposed for this by 
other magistrates; was deputy, Asst., Maj. 
General, com. of United Colonies; agent for 
the Colony in England and deputy governor 
in 1681. Wrote letters of historical impor- 
tanc one to Dr. Stoughton of Aldermanbury 
in 1634, describes the state of affairs here; 
calls Rev. Zechariah Symmes cousin; refers 
to his uncles, apparently in N. E.; one of 
whom. Uncle Thomas, is about to be married 
to a widow that has means and 5 children; 
sends messages to bros. and sisters. Wife — 
joined the chh, with him Jan. 18, 1634; ch. 
James bapt. ilay 3, 1635, Mary bapt. July 23, 
1637, Jonathan b. and d. 1638, Israel bapt. 
April 18, 1641, Joannah bapt. March 25, 1643, 
a child b. and d. 1644. 

WiU made 15 Sept. 1681, prob. 7 July, 1682, 
beq. to sons James, Israel and Jonathan; dau. 
Mary's 4 children, Israel, Robert, James and 
Mary Wheteombe; dau. Hannah Jones. 



William, Salem, 1636, propr.; brought 
suit in court in 1637. His widow Jane or 
Jone's will was prob. 10 (5) 1644, inv. rend. 
-14 (11) 1646; beq. to son John; gr. ch. Mary 
and Joannah Bourn; to the church and Mr. 
Norrice; to goodman Cornish and others. 


JIatthias, Matthew, Ipswich, propr. 


Isaac, Watertown, propr. 1636. 

Isaac, husbandman, Ipswich, propr. 
1636 and onward. Frm. May 18, 1642. Rem. 
to Topsfield before 1660. Deeded land to son 
Isaac 16 July, 1663. He deposed in 1665, ae. 
about 65 years. Ch. a son d. at Tops. 28 July, 
1660, a son b. and d. 1662. 

Will dated 8 (3) prob. 14 (4) 1677, beq. to 
sons Isaac and John, son-in-law John Jewett; 
gr. ch. Isaac, son of Isaac. 

Richard, millwright, Salisbury, propr. 
1641. Taxed, 1650; town officer, etc. He de- 
posed 12 (2) 1664, ae. about 47 years; was 
servant to Mr. Francis Dove at the time land 
was laid out to him. Built a saw-mill in 1656. 
Wife Ann joined in a deed in 1653;. d. after 

CTJKEIEB, cont. 

1067. He m. 2. Joanna Pindar, widow of 
Valentine Rowell and Wm. Sargent. She d. 
Oct. 1690. Cli. Samuel, Hannah, m. Samuel 
Foot,) Thomas. Hannah joined with Sarah, 
widow of Philip Rowell 20 (4) 1601, in peti- 
tioning for a settlement of the estates of 
Kichard and Joannah Gunier, dec. 


Deodatus, jDlanter, Braintree, bought 
land in 1040. [L.] Wife Rebecca; ch. Solo- 
mon b. 8 June, 1043, Ruth b. 8 (11) 1647. Re- 
becca, [widow?] m. 8 (4) 1648, Joseph Ar- 

George, servant to Mr. John Cotton, 
adm. chh. Boston 4 (0) 1639; frm. May 13, 

Henry, gent., ae. 27, came in the Eliz- 
abeth and Ann in 1635. Settled at Water- 
town; propr. 1636. Rem. to Sudbury; propr. 
1030. Wife Jlary; ch. Ephraim b. 31 (1) 1642. 

He d., and inv. of bis est. was taken 27 
Sept. 1078. "The housing and barn were 
burnt in the Indian warre time before his 
death." Filed by Joseph C. The widow 
Mary d. 3 (10) 1682. 

Joan Parker of St. Saviour's, South- 
wark, Eng. in her will dated 24 Aug. 1074, 
beq. a silver tankard and 6 silver spoons to 
her bro. Henry Curtis of Sundbury in N. E.; 
and to his wife and 3 sons, Ephraim, John 
and Joseph, with him, 20 s. apiece. [Reg. 
XXXII, 337.] 

Richard, Scituate, atba. 1643; town 
officer 1050. [See Chambers.] Ch. Anna b. 
12 May, 1049, Elizabeth b. 12 Jan. 1651, John 
b. 9 Dec. 1653, Jlary b. 9 Jan. 1655, Martha 
b. 15 March, 1657, Thomas b. 18 March, 1659, 
Deborah b. 16 April, 1661, Sarah b. 20 July, 

Will dated 20 Oct. 1692, prob. Dec. 10, 1693, 
beq. to son John, who is to care for him and 
his wife Lydia the rest of their lives; son 
Thomas; daus. Hannah, Elizabeth Brooks, 
Mary Badcock and Sarah. 

Richard, Salem, a witness in court in 
1645. Ch. Caleb b. 24 (7) 1646, bapt. with 
Sarah 21 (2) 1050, Samuel b. 1 (2) bapt. IS 
(3) 1051, Richard b. 14 (12) bapt. 20 (12) 1652, 
Sarah b. 19 (1) bapt. 15 (2) 1055, Hannah b. 
10 (7) bapt. 28 (11) 1650, John b. and d. 1059, 
John b. and d. 1660, Mary b. 11 (12) 1662. 

CURTIS, etc., cont. 

Richard, cordwinder, Dorchester, 
propr.; town officer. Rem. to Milton, but 
came back in 1667. Wife Elizabeth d. 28 

(3) 1657; he m. 25 (7) 1657, Sarah, widow of 
John Strange. Ch. Elizabeth b. 17 (5) 1643, 
Isaac b. 17 (4) 1658, Joseph b. 4 (7) 1661. 

William, from Nasing, Eng., came to 
Roxbury in 1632, bringing 4 cliildren, 
Thomas, Mary, John and Philip; his eldest 
son William came the year before, but died 
in 1634. [E.] Wife Sarah, sister to Rev. 
John Eliot, was bapt. 13 Jan. 1599-1600. He 
was propr.; frm. March 4, 1632-3. He con- 
veyed lands to his son Isaac Feb. It, 1669, 
on condition that he care for the father and 
mother the rest of their lives. Ch. rec. in 
Rox. Isaac b. July 22, 1041, Thomas d. 26 

(4) 1050. 

He d. Dec. 8, 1672, ae. 80; the widow d. 
March 26 or 28, 1673, ae. 73. 

Zaccheus, of Downton, Eng., came in 
the James April 5, 1635. Settled at Salem; 
bought house near Brooksby, Marljlehead; 
had grant of land 1646. See Corwithen. At 
Topsfield, wife Mary; ch. Mary d. 31 Dec. 
1674, Mary d. Oct. 21, 1683, Zaccheus d. 7 
Nov. 1083. 

CURWIN, see Corwin. 


Matthew, from Hingham, Eng., came 
in 1038 to Hingham, N. E. with wife, 4 sons 
and 1 dau., and his wife's sister, Frances 
Recroft, widow. Town officer, deacon. Wife 
Nazaretli, (said by the family historian to 
have been a dau. of Henry Pitcher;) ch. Dan- 
iel bapt. April 20, 1619, Jeremiah bapt. July 
21, 1621, Matthew bapt. April 5, 1623, De- 
borah bapt. Feb. 17, 1024-5, (m. Mathias 
Briggs,) John. 

He d. Sept. 30, 1060, ae. 71 yrs. His heirs, 
Daniel, Matthew, John and Jeremiah C. and 
I»ratthias Briggs made agreement for a di- 
vision of the est. to themselves and their 
mother Nov. 15, 1060. [Reg. IV, 88, and X, 
173.] The widow d. Jan., 1081-2, ae. 96 

Theophilus, bro. of Matthew, came 
from Hingham, Eng., to Hingham, N. E. in 
10.38 [?]. 
He d. March 24, 1678-9, ae. nearly 100 yrs. 

CTTRWITHEN, see Corwithen. 


Robert, wool-carder, of Canterbury, 
Eng., m. at Leyden, Holland, June 3, 1617, 
Mary, widow of Thomas Chingleton of Sand- 
wich, Eng. He was associated with Wm. 
Brewster as agent of the Leyden chh. in 
negotiations for removal. He came in the 
Fortune to Plymouth in 1621. See letters 
and details in Bradford. Though not or- 
dained he did service as a preacher some- 
times; and is regarded as the author of the 
sermon entitled The Danger of Self-love and 
the Sweetness of True Friendship, preached 
at Plymouth 9 Dee. 1621. He ret. to Eng. 
on business of the colony, and d. tliere in 

Son Thomas came with him; became 
an important man here in church and colony. 

James, planter, Scituate. 
In his will dated April 25, prob. May 24, 
1648, he beq. to his cousins John Twisden 
of Georgiana in co. of Devon, province of 
Mayne, and Mr. John Fernside of Duxbury; 
to Wm. Witherell of Scituate. 

CUTHBEETSON, see Godbertson. 


James, Watertown, propr. 1636. Propr. 
at Lancaster in 1645. Res. at Cambridge 
Farms (Lexington) afterward. Wife Ann; 
ch. James b. 6 (9) 1635, Hannah b. 26 (5) 1638, 
Elizabeth b. in 1639, d. in 1644, Mary b. 21 
(9) 1643. The wife Anna was bur. 30 (7) 
1644. He m. 9 (1) 1645, Mary, widow of 
Thomas King; ch. Elizabeth b. 20 (5) 1646. 
He d. May 17, 1694, ae. about 88. Will, 
dated Nov. 24, 1684, at Cambridge Farms, 
ae. 78, was prob. Aug. 20, 1694. He men- 
tions ch. and gr. ch. of his wife formerly 
wife of Thomas King, viz. James, Thomas, 
John, .John Collar, Richard Parli's wife, John 
Parmenter's wife, Sarah Waite, Mary John- 
son, Hannah Winter, Joanna, wife of Phil- 
ip Russell, Jemimah, Samuel, Phebe. 

.John, Hingham, propr. 1636. 
He d. P'eb. 1638. His widow Mary m. sec- 
ond Thomas Huitt; ch. Thomas, who rem. 
to Charlestown. He gave a receipt 19 July, 
1676, to the selectmen of Hingham for pay- 

CTJTLEB, etc., cent. 

ment made to him for the care of his moth- 
er, Mary Huitt. 

Richard, frm. .June 2, 1641. 

Robert, Charlestown, adm. chh. 6 (9) 
1G37, frm. May 2, 1638; deacon; town officer. 
The Gen. Court assumed the bills for his 
sicliuess 25 Oct. 1636. Ch. Nathaniel bapt. 
8 (9) 1640. 

He d. March 7, 1664-5. Will dated 1 May, 
1064, prob. 20 (4) 1665, beq. to wife Rebecca, 
sons John and Nathaniel, dan. Rebecca, wife 
of Abraham Arrington, dau. Hannah, wife 
of Matthew Griffin, shop, tools of his trade, 
unwrought iron, share in ship Dolphin, etc. 
Note.— Stephen Fosdicli, in his will in 1663, 
mentions "a falling ax that goodman Cutler 
made me." His wife Rebecca d. 18 (1) 1677. 
Her will dated 25 July, 1676, prob. April 3, 
1678, beq. to the same and to gr. children. 

Will, residence not stated, frm. April 
18, 1637. 


Elizabeth, Cambridge; she related 
that she did not remember her fath- 
er; mother placed her with a godly family 
at Newcastle (Eng.); had the ministry of 
Mr. Rodwell. Afterward her husband was 
taken away; she desired to come to N. E. 
[Rel.] She seems to have followed her sons, 
William and Richard, to this country. Lived 
in Cambridge with dau. Barbara, wife of 
Elijah Corlett. She made will Feb. 16, 1662- 
3, ae. about 87 years. 

Richard, cooper, Cambridge, 1641, son 

of and Elizabeth. Parents brought him 

up in the fear of the Lord. Though he had 
no opposition of heart against them he came 
to N. E. [Rel.] Frm. June 2, 1641. Men- 
tioned as a res. in 1646. Wife Elizabeth d. 
March 5, 16G2, ae. about 42 years. [Gr. St.] 
Ch. Elizabeth, Samuel, William b. 22 (12) 
164S-9, Ephraim, Gershom, Mark,— all b. and 
bapt. at Camb.; he m. 2, widow Embsden, 
(who was adm. chh. Oct. 21, 1661, having litr 
ch. Isaac and Jacob E. bapt. Nov. 3, 1661;) 
ch. Nathaniel bapt. Jan. 10, 1663, Rebecca 
bapt. Oct. 8, 1665, Hephzlbah bapt. Dec. 1, 
1667, (dec.) [Mi.] He d. 10 June, 1693, ae. 
about 72. [Gr. St.] 

William, wine cooper, Cambridge, 
propr., town officer, 1639. Rem. to Oharles- 


CXTTTER, cont. 

town. Town officer, 1646. Ret. to England, 
to Newcastle on Tine. Gave power of attor- 
ney 12 (11) 1G53, to Edward Goff and others. 
Gave another in 1674 to his brother R. C. of 
Camb., his friend Elijah Corlett of Camb. 
master of arts, and his friend Hugh Atliin- 
son of the co. of Westmoreland, Eng. for 
sale of property in Char. 


Mr. John, Sen., gent., mariner. Water- 
town, propr. 1636. Res. at Newbury in 1638; 
propr., town officer. Rem. to Charlestown,' 
■where he bought house and land in 1648. 
Was master of ship Advent of Boston 19 
(8) 1647. [A.] Made many voyages to and 
from Eng. Sold his lands in Newbury to 
John Hull June 20, 1651. Ch. Judith and 
Sarah, who m. successively James Brown, 
q. v.; Mary, who m. Nicholas Noyes. 

He d. at Newbury Nov. 20, 1659. His wid- 
ow m. John Miller, and with him sold to 
their son-in-law Nicholas Noyes land for- 
merly belonging to Stephen Dummer; which 
tract Dummer sold to Capt. Cutting, another 
document tells us. [To. Rec] 

Richard, wheelwright, came in the 
Elizabeth April 30, 1634, ae. 11. Settled 
at Watertown; bought house and land 16 
(11) 1646. Wife Sarah; ch. James b. Jan. 

26, 1G57-8, b. Sept. 2, 1661, Lydia b. Sept. 

1, 1666. 

He d. March 21, 1695-6, an aged man; will 
beq. to sons Zachariah and James, daus. Su- 
san Nucum and Lydia Spring, gr. ch. John 
Cutting and Elizabeth Barnard. 

William, ae. 20, came in the Elizabeth 
of Ipswich April 30, 1634. Was agent of 
Ferdiuando Adams to convey land in 1651. 


Robert, servant to Mr. Joseph Hull, 
tame from Weymouth, Eng., March 20, 1635. 

DAGGETT, see Doggett. 
DAKIN, see Deacon. 


William, butcher, Charlestown, 1630, 
adm. Boston chh. 1631-2, frm. April 1, 1633. 
Was one of the attorneys of Mrs. Palsgrave 
before March 17. 1656. Wife Dorothy, adm. 

DADT, etc., cont. 

chh. 31 (6) 1633; she d. March 8, 1670-1. Ch. 
■\Villiam, Benjamin bapt. 24 (1) 1635 Na- 
thaniel bapt. 22 (11) 1636, Zachariah b 16 
(3) 1644, Abigail. 

He d. April 10, 1682, ae. 77. [Gr. St.] Will 
dated 3 Feb. 16S1, prob. June 20, 1682 beq 
to wife Martha and to her ch. by former hus- 
band; to son William and dau. Abigail. 




Samuel, son of Robert of Stolie Abbot 
Dorsetshire, Eng., bapt. Feb. 5, 1608, came 
to Marblehead about 1642; propr., town offi- 
cer. Son Joseph, ae. 40 in 1669, was also 
propr. early. 

He m. 2, Aug. 1, 1654, Mai-y, dau. of Rob- 
ert EI well; ch. William b. Aug. 17, 1656, 
Samuel b. July 9, 165S, Mary b. 26 March,' 
1602, Richard b. April IS, 1665, Sarah b. Dec! 
24, 1607, John b. 2 (7) 1671. 

He d. 22 July, 1683. Inv. of his est. filed 
by widow Mary 25 Sept. folg. Division was 
made to the eldest son Joseph; sons Rich- 
ard, William and John; daus. Mary, widow 
of James Gardner, and her son Richard Dal- 
liber; Sarah D.; Mary, wife of Richard Bab- 
son, and to son Richard Deilie; who receipted 
for their portions at various dates, 1684- 

Tristram, bro. of Samuel, bapt. at 
Stoiie Abbot 28 May, 1598, came to Salem 
before 1641. In fishing business at Marble- 
head and Gloucester. He returned to St. 
Ab., whence he wrote April 20, 1648, to John 
Balch and Wm. Woodberi-y of Sal. concern- 
ing his account with Wm. Vinson, Osman 
Dooch and John Stoodly; referred also to 
John Whitt and goodman Merry, and to 
Robert Elwell and his wife. Aslis for the 
date of the death of his wife from the rec- 
ord; gave power of attorney to his bro. 
Samuel D. of Marb. for collection of money 
from John Whitt of Wenomen, [Wenham.] 

He came again to Mass. He m. 1, Mary 

• , who d. here 3 July, 1044. He m. 2, at 

St. Ab. Aug. 31, 1657, Sarah Peavie. 

He d. at Gloe. 3 July, 1604. [Reg. VI, 251, 
XXXI, 312. and XXXII, 95.] 


Philemon, linen weaver, ae. 45, with 
wife Hannah, ae. 35, and ch. Samuel, ae. 
""■;, came in the Increase, April 15, 1635. A 


DALTON, etc., cont. 

pioneer at Dedham, 1636. Rem to Hampton; 
had authority to perform marriages 14 May, 
1645. Rem. to Ipswich. He d. in June, 1662. 

Rev. Timothy, entered St. John's coll., 
Cambridge, Eng. Sept. 17, 1610, was or- 
dained 19 June, 1614; vicar of Woolverstone, 
CO. Suff. JIarch 8, 1615; suspended by the 
bishop in April, 1636. Came hither soon 
after and settled at Watertown. Rem. to 
Dedham; adm. propr. 18 (5) 1637; frm. Sept. 
7. 1637. Was one of the party sent by Ded. 
under permission of Gen. Court in 1638 to 
observe the southerly part of the patent. He 
contracted to saw 400 planks for a bridge, 
1637. Sold his rights at Ded. in 1639. Rem. 
to Hampton, where he was elected "teach- 
er" of the chh. June 2, 1639. He served 
with ability; opinions differ with regard 
to the issues which rose between him and 
Mr. Bachiler, "pastor" of the same chh. He 
gave certain lands to his kinsman Eman- 
uel Hilliard, seaman, Jasper Blake, seaman, 
and to Nathaniel Bachiler, 10 (8) 1657. Wife 
Ruth; eh. Samuel bapt. at Woolv. 12 March, 
1617, bur. same day, Deborah bapt. 3 June, 
1619, bur. 19 May, 1624, Timothie bapt. 10 
Nov. 1622, Ruth bur. 28 Aug. 1624-5. 

He d. in 1601, ae. about 84 years. [Hampt. 
rec] Beq. his est. to wife; to brother Phil- 
emon and his son Samuel. 

The widow Ruth made, 22 March, 
1663-4, to Nathaniel Bachiler, a deed 
of certain lands, conditioned on his 
providing for her in specified particulars till 
her death, and then paying legacies to De- 
borah, wife of John Smith; Elizabeth, wife 
of Joseph Merrie; Phebe, wife of Joseph Ar- 
nall; Joseph and George Parkers (Park- 
hurst;) Mary, wife of Thomas Carter of 
Woburn; Timothy and Benjamin Hilliard; 
Elizabeth Hilliard, dau. of Elizabeth Mer- 
rie; Abigail Ambross, dau. of the wife of 
John Severans; Mary, wife of AVilliam Fi- 
field; Walter Roper and Hannah Willix. In 
her will, dated 8 (10) 1655, prob. 12 May, 
1666, she beq. to her cozens, Nathaniel 
Batcheller and his wife Deborah; John 
Smith, Jr.; Mary, wife to Mr. Thos. Carter 
of W.; Samuel Dalton (for his son Timothie,) 
and Deborah Smithe. 

ING, see Eaton, 
George, Scituate, atba. 1643. 

DAMON, etc., cont. 

John, planter, Scituate, 1644. He m. 
June 16, 1644, Katharine, dau. of Henry Mer- 
ritt of Sci.; ch. Deborah b. April 25, 1645, 
John b. Nov. 3, 1647, Zechariah b. and d. 
1649, Mary b. July, 1651, Daniel b. Feb. 1652. 
He m. [2,] 15 Jan. 1659, Martha, dau. of 
Arthur Howland; ch. Experience b. 17 April, 
1662, Silence b. 2 Jan. 1663, Ebenezer b. 11 
Jan. 1665, Margaret b. 20 July, 1670. 

Inv. of his est. was taken 23 Oct. 1676; 
widow Martha and son Daniel deposed. A 
later agreement gave a share to son Zachary. 

John, Reading, frm. May, 1645, propr. 
1653; town officer. [Wife] Abigail memb. 
chh. 1648. Ch. John d. Jan. 14, 1651, John 
b. March 18, 1652, Abigail b. Aug. 26, 1654, 
Samuel b. June 23, 1656, Joseph b. Sept. 28, 


Richard, planter, Cambridge, propr. be- 
fore 1650. Wife Anne; ch. Anne, Jacob, Jo- 
seph and Abigail, all bapt. in Camb. before 
1658; Benjamin bapt. April 8, 1060, Eliz- 
abeth bapt. April 27, 1602, Daniel bapt. April 
3, 1664. [Mi.] 

He d. April 2, 1090. Inv. filed. No will 


Mr. John, [Boston] one of the petition- 
ers for civil rights to be granted to non- 
church-members, in 1645; for this he was 
brought before the Court; discharged 10 
May, 1648. [W.] [Col. Rec] 

DANE, DEAN, see Deane, 

John, tailor, of Berkhamstead, and 
Bishops Stortford, Eng., came to Roxbury. 
Frm. June 2, 1641. In Court 1 (4) 1641. His 
wife died. He m. July 2, 1643, Annis, wid- 
ow of Wm. Chandler. He rem. to Ipswich; 
propr. 1635; but ret. to Roxbury after some 
yrs, leaving his son John at Ips. He d. 14 
(7) 1658. His will names wife Annice, sons 
John and Francis, and dau. Elizabeth How. 
Son John, ("Sen.,") deposed at Ips. Jan. 10, 
1677, ae. upwards of 60 years; Francis de- 
posed in 1673, ae. above 57 years. [Mdx. 

Thomas, carpenter, ae. 32, came 
in the Elizabeth and Ann in May, 
1635; settled at Concord. Wife Elizabeth; 


DANE, etc., cont. 

cli. a dau. b. 24 (12) 1642, Hannah b. 13 (1) 
1645, Elizabeth b. 25 (10) 1648, d. 20 (4) 1649. 
His wife Mildred d. Sept. 15, 1673. 

He d. Feb. 5, 1675. Will prob. June 24, 
1676, beq. to son Joseph, daus. Sarah Heald, 
Mary Pellett and Hannah Page. 


John, his action against Richard Derby 
in Plymouth court in 1639. 


Mr. Nicholas, yeoman, came in 1634 
from Framlingham, Eng. [C. M.] Settled 
at Cambridge; propr. and selectman Nov. 
23, 1635; frm. March 3, 1635-6. Town 
officer, deputy. A citizen of excellent 
qualities and efficiency. Wife Elizabeth d. in 
Eng. in 1629. Oh. Martha, (m. Rielwird 
EEeneh. and- sold land with, him inherited 
feoni h«- father in 1664^) Elizabeth, (m. An- 
drew Belcher, Thomas, (asst., deputy-govern- 
or, judge,) Anna, (m. Matthew Bridge,) 
Lydia, (m. William Beamans,), Samuel, (b. 
about 1627, became a celebrated minister, 
colleague of Rev. John Eliot at Roxbury; he 
d. 19 (9) 1674;) Jonathan, (became very prom- 
inent In colonial affairs; laid out and sur- 
veyed many tracts of land; deposed in ±677, 
ae. about 50 years.) [Es. Files.] 

He d. (2) 1038. [See Hist. Billerica, Re- 
ports to Meetings of Danforth Family, etc.] 


Mrs. Alice, Salem, 103G. Lawsuit in 
1638. See Beggarly. 

Elizabeth, ae. 2 yrs. came in the In- 
crease April 15, 1635; the name follows the 
family of Samuel Morse. 

Robert, husbandman, Watertown, 
propr.; rem. to Cambridge 1G36; frm. March 
14, 1638-9. Town officer. Deposed 26 (4) 
1652, ae. 60 years and upwards. [Mdx. Files.] 
Wife Elizabeth d. Oct. 2. 1643; he m. May 2, 
1654, Reana, widow of Wm. Andrew. Oh. 
Mary b. 2 (7) 1642, Thomas bur. 6 (9) 1644. 

He d. July 6, 1655. Will, dated 3 July, 
prob. Oct. 2, 1655. Wife Reana to have the 
est. he rec'd with her and additional. 5 chil- 
dren; eldest dau. Elizabeth now wife of 
Thomas Fanning; sons Samuel and Joseph, 
daus. Sarah and Mary; cousin Anna Newco- 

DANIEL, etc., cont. 

men. [Reg. XXX, 459.] The widow m. Ed- 
mund Frost. 

William, inn-keeper, Dorchester, propr. 
1646. Rem. to Milton. He m. Katharine, 
dau. of John Grenaway; ch. John bapt. 6 (6) 
1648, Mary bapt. 7 (5) 1650, Susanna bapt. 18 
(8) 1646, (m. John Kingsley;) Mary bapt. 10 
(3) 1C53, Hannah bapt. 22 (2) 1655, (m. Ben- 
jamin Badcock,) Samuel bapt. 24 (2) 1659. 

Will dated 2 July, prob. 28 Sept. 1678. 
Beq. to wife Katharine, sons John and Sam- 
uel, daus. Hannah Badcock, son-in-law John 
Kinsley, grandchildren Susanna Kinsley and 
Silence [Woods]. Shop and blacksmith's 
tools to son Samuel. 


Robert, frm. May 10, 1643. 


John, Weymouth, before Gen. Court 3 
March, 1639-40. 


Edward, referred to in the will of 
Agnes, widow of Augustine D. of Bisley, co. 
Surrey, dated 21 May, prob. 18 June. 1650. 
[Reg. XXXIX, 66.] Res. at Weymouth; 
rem. to Boston. He m. in Boston Jan. 25. 
1659, Susanna Hooke. 

Will dated 4 Jan. prob. 13 Jan. 1623 4, beq. 
to wife Rebecca, sons Jonathan and Samuel, 
daus. Sarah Cob, Jane and Ruth Derby; Jane 
to have silver spoons which her mother left. 

John, son of Christopher D. of Sturtle 
near Bridport, co. Dorset, Eng., came to Ply- 
mouth. Propr. 6 Aug., 1637. Appl. frm. 6 
March, 1637-8. Rem. to Yarmouth. Town 
officer. Ch. a son b. 28 Feb. 1647, Matthew 
b. Feb. 8, 1649. 

He d. before 5 March, 1655-6, whea admin, 
was gr. to his widow. After the death of 
Nicholas Niearson in 1682 the Court ordered 
that the land on Monk's Hill in Plymouth 
should be divided between widows Blush 
and widow Niearson who had rec'd nothing 
of her father John Darby, deceased, before. 

Mr. Richard, gent., bro. of the forego- 
ing, came to Plymouth about 1630, propr., 
juryman. Brought with him his kinsman 
John Chipman, q. v. [Reg. IV, 23, and 
XXXV, 127.] 


DARLING, see Dorlon. 


Penelope, ae. 29, came in the Defense 
in July, 1635, as maid-servant to Robert 
Keaine. She was adm. chh. Boston 24 (2) 


John, passed exam, to go to Salem, N. 
E. May 11, 1637. 


Robert, Sudbury, propr. 1639. Wife 
Esther; ch. Mary b. 10 (3) 1642. 

Will dated 16 (11) 1661, prob. AprU 1, 1662, 
beq. to dau. Elizabeth Noice land in Nor- 
ehurch, co. Hartford, Eng., and in Sudbury, 
to her daus. Elizabeth, Mary and Dorothy; to 
dau. Mary D. 

DASSETT, see Dossett. 


Josiah, Charlestown, 1639; wife Lydia, 
ae. 26 years. [L.] Bought house and land 
at Medford April 26, 1641. Rem. to Read- 
ing; propr. 1647. He deposed 21 (1) 1669, ae. 
66 years. [Mdx. Files.] Cb. Hannah b. 15 (7) 
1645, MaiT b. 1648, d. 1649, Mary b. Nov. 8, 
1650, Sarah b. Sept. 25, 1653, Josiah b. May 
14, 1056. 
He d. Jan. 16, 1671. 


Thomas. Salem, propr.. 1638; frm. June 

2. 1641. Mary adm. chh. 21 (1) 1640-1; ch. 
Mary bapt. 18 (5) 1641, Bethiah bapt, 30 (9) 

Rev. John, b. at Coventry, Eng., in 1597, 
grad, at Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, A. B. 
1615, A. M. and B. D. 1625; curate of St. 
Stephens, London. Went to Holland in 1633. 
Came to Boston in the Hector June 27, 1637. 
Settled at New Haven, Conn.; minister 1638- 
1667. Ret. to Boston, and was installed pas- 
tor of the First church Dec. 9, 1667. A hard 
student and a great preacher. [C. M.] 

He d. March 15, 1669-70. His son John 
admin. 1 (7) 1670. 

Richard, Salem, propr., lieut.;frm. Sept. 

3, 1634. Chosen by the Gen. Court May 14, 
1634, ensign to Capt. Trask. Rem. to Boston 
about 1643. He deposed in Salem Court 30 

DAVENPORT, etc., cent. 
(9) 1604, ae. about 58 years. Captain, deputy. 
He was the third commander of the fort on 
Castle Island, Boston Harbor. He was killed 
by lightning at the Island in July, 1665. 
Admin, gr. 30 Oct., 1665 to Wm. Stoughton, 
Nathaniel Davenport and Stephen Minot, at 
request of widow and her sons. [Reg. XVI, 
233.] Wife Elizabeth one of the first mem- 
bers of the chh. Ch. Experience bapt. 27 (6) 
1637, John bapt. 19 (7) 1641, Samuel bapt. at 
B. 5 (5) 1G46, Sarah bapt. 30 (7) 1649, WilUam 
b. May 11, 1656. Robert Hathorne of Bray, 
Eng.. in a letter to his bro. Wm. H. in 1653, 
sends love to his bro. and sister Daveniwrt. 

Thomas, Dorchester, adm. chh. 20 (9) 
1640, frm. May 18. 1042. Wife Mary adm. 
chh. 8 (1) 1644. Ch. Sarah b. 28 (10) 1643, 
Thomas bapt. 2 (1) 1645, Mary bapt. 21 (11) 
1648, Anna bapt. 29 (10) 1050, Charles bapt. 
7 (9) 1652. Abigail bapt. 8 (5) 1655, Mehitabel 
b. 14 (12) 1656, Jonathan b. 6 (1) 1658-9, Eben- 
ezer b. 26 (2) 1661, John b. 20 (8) 1664. 

He d. Nov. 9, 1685. His will, dated July 
24, 1083, being aged, gave homestead to son 
John after the death of his wife. The widow 
d. Oct. 4, 1691. Genealogy. [Reg. XXXIII, 


Barnabas, from Tewksbury, Eng., ae. 
36, came in the Blessing in July, 1635. Set- 
tled at Charlestown. Was in the employ of 
the brothers John and Wm. Woodcoci^; made 
several .iourneys to Conn., etc. Law suit in 
1640-1 for payment of his salary. Refers to 
his father, James D. and his bro. Reade in 
Eng. [L.] He deposed 4 (2) 1659, ae. about 
60 years. [Mdx. Files.] Elizabeth, [his 
wife?] adm. chh. Char. 8 (11) 1635. 
He d. Nov. 27, 1685, ae. about 86 years. 

Christopher, bondsman for John Davies 
before Gen. Court 13 Dec, 1636. 

Dolor, carpenter, Cambridge, propr. 
1635. He rem. to Duxbury. Propr. frm. 
[Plym. Col.] 5 March, 1638-9, adm. frm. 2 
June, 1646. He and his wife were dism, 
from the chh. of Duxbury and joined that at 
Barnstable Aug. 27, 1648, whither he re- 
moved. Rem. to Concord. 

He made will 13 Sept. 1672, prob. 2 July, 
1673. Sons Symon and Samuel already had 
portions; wife Joanna; eldest son John; son- 
in-law Lewis and Mary his wife; dau. Ruth 


DAVIS, etc., cont. 

Hall; to the poor of the town where he may 
die. Refers to his sons Symon and Samuel 
as residing at Concord, and his having gone 
thither at the charges of Roger Chandeler. 

George, blacksmith, Boston, adm. chh. 
20 (G) 1644; frm. May 1645. Wife Barbara 
adm. chh. 22 (6) 1647. Ch. Samuel b. 17 Oct., 
1651, John b. 3 June, 1652. 

Will prob. April 25, 1655; to wife Barbara, 
sons Samuel and John. [Reg. V, 306, and 
IX, .35.] The widow m. 14 (11) 1655, John 
Brimblecombe, who gave bonds for the pay- 
ment of the children's portions July 26, 1656. 
She afterward m. — Chadwell; her est. was 
admin, on 4 April, 1665, by Daniel Turrell 
and John Baker. 

George, Salem, 1641. [Court Files.] 
Rem. to Reading; propr. 1644. Frm. May 26, 
1647. Ch. Hannah b. May 31, 1648, Sarah b. 
Oct. 1, 1651, Elizabeth b. Jan. 16, 1654, Mary 
b. Jan. 6, 1657, John b. July 20, 1660, d. Nov. 
4, 1660, Susanna b. May 11, 1662. 

Will, dated Dec. 7, 1664, prob. Sept. 30, 
1667. About to sail for Cape Fear, (where 
he d.); wife and son Benjamin, execs.; to son 
Joseph what he has in the ship and the weav- 
ers' loom; 5 daus. under age; bro. Wm. Clark 
of Lynn, one of the overseers. [SufC. Prob.; 
Reg. XVI.] 

He d. July 14, 1667. 

Isaac, Salem, 1636. Made a pair of 
stocks. He was ordered to be sent home to 
his wife in Eng., 15 June, 1637. and money 
raised for his passage. 

James, Plymouth, propr. 6 Feb. 1636. 

James, Braintree. Wife Mary; ch. 
Mary b. 7 (3) 1647. 

James, Sen., Haverhill, propr. and pur- 
chaser of land in 1646. Town officer. He de- 
posed 14 (2) 16(53, ae. about 00 years. Ex- 
cused by Hampton Court from training on 
account of his age in 1650. His sons James, 
Jr., and Johni were also proprs.; other ch. 
Judith, (m. Samuel Gile,) Ephraim, Samuel, 
Sarah, (m. John Page). 

His wife Sissilla d. May 28, 1673; he d. ae. 
about 96 years, Jan. 29, 1078. Will March 17, 
1675, codicil July 22, 1678, prob. 1680. Sons 
John, Ephraim, Samuel and James; dau. 
Sarah Page; gr. ch. James, son of John, 
Stephen and Ephraim, sons of Ephraim; 
James, son of Samuel Glide. 

DAVIS, etc., cont. 

James, seaman, Boston, adm. chh. 7 (7) 
1634, frm. March 4, 1634-5. Wife Joanna 
adm. chh. 6 (9) 1641; ch. Jacob b. 11 (5) 1639, 
Josebeth b. 20 (6) 1642, John d. 13 (9) 1653. 

He d. Oct 17, 1661; admin, gr. to his wife 
Johanna 25 (11) 1661. John Wing, who m. 
one of the daus. of the said Wm. (sic,) re- 
signed his claim. 

Jenkin, joiner, Lynn, servant to Mr. 
Humfrey, frm. March 9, 1636-7. Juryman 
1637, propr. 1638. Was punished for crime 
In 1642. The membs. of the chh. of Lynn pe- 
titioned the Gen. Court on his behalf Nov. 
13, 1644. [Col. Rec, W. and Arch. 10, 26.] 
Mortg. house and land in 1661. 

John, (Davy,) joiner, ae. 29, came in the 
Increase in April, 1635. Settled at Boston; 
frm. May 25, 1636; disarmed with others who 
favored Mrs. Hutchinson in 1637; propr. gave 
a bond 28 (5) 1640. Contracted to build a 
house for William Rix 31 Aug. 1640. Mr. 
John Davy, olarke, of Kenninghall, co. Nor- 
folk, Eng., referred to in another document 
by Rix may be a connection. [L.] 

John, Watertown; one of the petitioners 
for Lancaster, but not a settler there. [Arch. 
Eccl. I.] Wife Mary; ch. Mary b. 20 (1) 1642. 
The widow Mary d. and Ephraim Child 
and Richard Davis were app. adminrs. June 
19, 1656. 

John, Ipswich, shoemaker, herdsman, 
before the Gen. Court 4 (10) 1638. Propr.; 
had additional land in 1651. Sold land at 
Jabaque, (Chebacco,) Ips. in 1648. John, 
Salisbury, ae. about 52 years, deposed 14 (2) 

A John D. d. at Topsfield 24 Dec. 1672. 

Will dated May 16, 1672, prob. 25 March, 
1673; gave Msts of debts and credits; beq. to 
his master and his family and others. 

John, planter, Newbuiy, an early set- 
tler. Wife Blnor; ch. Mary b. 6 Oct. 1642, 
John b. 15 Jan. 1644, Zachary b. 22 Feb. 
1646, Jeremiah b. 21 June, 1648, Mary b. 12 
Aug., 1650, Cornelius b. 15 AprU, 1653, 
Ephraim b. 29 Sept. 1655. 

He d. 12 Nov. 1675. Nunc. Will and inv. 
filed Sept. 26, 1676. Son John to have 4 
pounds; rest to remain in wife's hands for 
life, she paying 12 d. to each son and dau.; 
rest to them at her death. 


DAVIS, etc., cont. 

John* [Barnstable.] Brought goods 
from Weymouth to Sandwich in his boat for 
Michael Turner in 1637; did not deliver them 
at once because T. placed no signal to show 
the mouth of the harbor. [Court case.] He 
m. at Nocett March 15, 1648-9, Hannah Lin- 
nett or Linnell; ch. John b. at Barnstable 
Jan. 1649, Samuel b. Dec. 1651, Hannah and 
Mary b. Jan. 3, 1653, Joseph and Benjamin 
b. June 1656, Simon b. July 1658, Dolor b. 
Oct. 1660. 

Will of J. D. Sen. of Barnstable dated 10 
May, 1701, prob. April 9, 1703, beq. to sons 
John, Samuel, Benjamin, Dollor, Timothy 
and Jabez; daus. Mary Hincldey ,Ruth Linel; 
dau. Hannah Jones' five ch:; gr. dau. Mary 

Margaret, ae. 32, with John, ae. 9, 
Marie, ae. 4, and Elizabeth, ae. 1, came in the 
Elizabeth April 17, 1635. Margery, a widow, 
at bro. Burdens, Boston, adm. chh. 15 (1) 
1645. " Now wife of Charles Grist of Brain- 
tree," dism. to Br. 7 (3) 1648. 

Nathaniel, came in the Hercules April 
16, 1634. 

Nicholas, ae. 40, Sarah, ae. 48, Joseph, 
ae. 13, with Wm. Locli, ae. 6, cert, from Step- 
ney parish, came in the Planter March 22, 
1634. Res. at Charlestown; rem. to Woburn, 
1640. Wife Sarah d. 24 (3) 1643. He m. July 
12, 1643, Elizabeth Isaac. 

Nicholas, died; admin, of his est. in Plym. 
Col. given by Mass. Gen. Court to John 
Wales of Boston; Inv. filed at Plym. 13 (5) 

Philip, ae. 12, servant to John Ilsbey, 
came in the Confidence April 11, 1638. 
Philip, servant to John Cooke from 20 April, 
1638, for 11 yrs. 2 months, from the first day 
of his arrival in N. E., was ti-ansferred Jan. 
5, 1640-1, to Henry Samson. 

Robert, ae. 30, with Margaret, came in 
the Confidence April 24, 1638, as servants to 
Peter Noyes. He settled at Sudbury. Wife 
Bridgsft; ch. Sarah b. 10 (2) 1646. 

He d. 19 July, 1655; his will dated 17 July, 
prob. 2 (8) 1655, beq. to wife Bridget; dau. 
Sarah, under 21; bro. John D.; sister Margar- 
et Bennett; apprentice Joseph Newton; to 
bro. Henry Lolier; 10 s to Mr. Hunt. [Reg. 

*This may be the son of Dolor. 


DAVIS, etc., cont. 

XIX, 43.] The widow m. Dec. 26, 1655, 

Thomas King. 

Robert, Barnstable, 1645. Ch. Deborah 
b. Jan. 1645, Mary b. May 1648, Andrew b. 
May 1650, John b. March 1, 1652, Robert b. 
Aug. 1654, Josias b. Sept. 1656, Hannah b. 
Sept. 1658, Sarah b. Oct. 1660. 

Will dated 14 April, 1688, prob. June 29, 
1693, beq. to wife Ann; sons Joseph, Josiah, 
Robert and Andrew; daus. Deborah Geere, 
Sarah and Mary Davis and Hannah Dexter. 

Samuel, Rumney Marsh, Boston. He 
was rec'd to chh. Boston 31 (3) 1646, from 
chh. of Watertown. Wife Anna adm. chh. 17 
(2) 1646; ch. Susanna b. May 4, 1646, Mary 
bapt. 31 (3) 1646, ae. about 26 days, Susanna 
bapt. 28 (3) 1648, ae. about 3 days, Priscilla 
b. Aug. 3, 1650, Samuel b. at Braintree 22 (1) 
1653, Sarah d. at Br. 29 (6) 1658, William d. 
21 (7) 1657, Mary b. May 21, 1660, Sarah b. 
Sept. 11, 1661, Mary b. March 21, 1663, Eliza- 
beth b. Oct. 6, 1664, Esther b. Jan. 19, 1665, 
Rebecca b. July 9, 1667, Nathaniel b. Nov. 
26, 1669. 

Will dated 2 May, prob. 4 July, 1672. Wife 
Anna; ch. Hannah Griggs, Abigail and Mary 
Townsend, PrisciUa (lately married,) and 

Susan, ae. 16, came in the Blessing in 
July, 1635. 

Thomas, sawyer, from Marlborough, 
Eug., came in the James April 5, 1635. Set- 
tled at Newbury. Frm. June 2, 1641. He 
deposed in 1662, ae. about 60 years. Rem. to 
Haverhill; mason, propr. 1646; town officer. 
He m. in England Christian — ; [Hav. rec] 
she d. April 7, 1668. His dau. Joanna m. 
George Corliss. His son Joseph d. Sept. 15, 

Thomas himself d. July 27, 1683. Admin, 
gr. Oct 30 to Wm. Neffe; another admin, gr. 
in 1728 to his gr. gr. son John Corliss of 

Tobias, Roxbury, 1646. Wife Sarah 
was bur. Feb. 15, 1648. He m. Dec. 13, 1649, 
Bridget Kinman. Ch. Sarah b. Feb. 10, 1646, 
John b. April 17, 1651, Tobias b. June 10, 
1653, Isaac b. 7 (10) 1655. 

He d. April 25, 1690. Will dated 9 June, 
1684, prob. 14 July, 1690, beq. to wife; dau. 
Sarah Stephens and her ch. Sarah, John, 

DAVIS, etc., cont. 

Joseph, Mary, Hannah and Timothy; to son 

John and dau. Abigail. 

William, smith, Boston, 1635. Wife 
Mary; ch. Abigail b. 31 (8) 1635, d. 24 (12) 

1639, Thomas b. 15 (1) 1636, d. (5) 1638, Aaron 
b. 20 (5) 1638, d. 32 (8) 1639, John d. 20 (1) 

1640, Trine (son,) b. 10 (6) 1640, Mary b. 3 (8) 

He died in 1644; the \ridow m. 2. John 
Cowdall, who sold house and land which had 
been Davies' 8 (12) 1644. His son William 
petitioned the Gen. 0)urt for the portions 
due to him and his bros. and sisters; refen-ed 
to a deed of Cowdall and his mother. [Arch. 
15 B.] 

William, gunsmith, Boston, sold laud 
in Bo. 27 (4) 1646. [Book of Poss.] Captain. 
He contracited at Springfield 31 (8) and m. at 
Bo. 6 (10) 1644, Margaret, dau. of Mr. John 
Pynchon. [Spr. and Bo. ree.] She d. 3 (5) 
1653; he m. 2. HuUlah, dau. of Rev. Zech. 
Symmes; after her death he m. Sarah — . Ch. 
Thomas b. 3 (7) 1645, Anna bapt, 5 (7) 1647, 
ae. about 8 days, Benjamin bapt, 19 (6) 1649, 
ae. about 2 days, Ephralm bapt. 18 (3) 1651, 
d .2 (6) 1652, William b. June 25, 1653, Sarah 
bapt. 3 (7) 1654, Joanna b. Aug. 16, 1655, 
Eliza'beth bapt. 26 (6) 1655, Mary b. Dec. 3, 
1656, Rebecca b. A ug. 3, 1658, Huldah b. Dec. 
21, 1659, Ruth bapt. 17 (12) 1660, Ruth b. 
Feb. 12, 1662, Deborah b. April 13, 1665, 
Margaret b. Nov. 13, 1667. 

He made will 17 May, prob. 26 May, 1676; 
beq. to wife Sarah; ch. Thomas, Benjamin, 
William, John. Elizabeth, Maria, Rebecca, 
Huldah, Ruth, Margarita and Hannah. The 
ch. he had by former wife Huldah to have 
what comes from the est. of her parents, Mr. 
Zechariah and Mrs. Sarah Symmes; his 
mother Elizabeth Davis is to be paid £ 4 per 
annum; beq. to bros. and sisters Brock, Sav- 
age, Willis, Prout, Usher and William 
Symmes; to mother ffarmer and sister Wy- 
man, etc. 

William, apothecai*y, Boston, adm. chh. 
28 (5) 1644, frm. May, 1645. Bought land in 
1648. [Book of Poss.] Appears to the writ- 
er to be William, merchant, late of Boston, 
now of Barbadoes, who, with wife Mary, 
sold land in Bo. 12 April, 1658. [Suff. De. 


N. B. William, Sen., and William, Jun., 
who are designated as propr.s in the Bk. of 
Pos. may be the two latter; descriptions of 

DAVIS, etc., cont. 

lands are not clear. A WiUiam D. was of 
Roxbury and Muddy River at a later period. 
He d. 18 (10) 1678, ae. 66 years. 


Nicholas, merchant, agent for Mr. Mat- 
thew Craddock, res. in Charlestown in 1639. 
Res. at Medford in 1642. [Mdx. De. I.] He 
ret. to Bug. and came again, ae. 45, in the 
Speedwell, May 30, 1656. He m. Joanna 
Miller; she was adm. chh. 14 (1) 1652. 

Will dated 26 March, 1655, prob. 11 (5) 
1604, beq. to wife Joan ,son Daniel and dau. 
Sarah; to bro. John D., whereabouts un- 
known; to sister Mary Hodges alias Ander- 
son, wife to John A., and their children; to 
ch. of bro. Jeremy D. dec, who married and 
lived at Lin in old Eng.; to nephews Em and 
Joan Rash. One fourth part of the estate 
to the town of Charlestown, if wife and chil- 
dren die before inheriting it. She m. 2, Rich- 
ard Kent, [Jr.] and, ae. about 65 years, sold 
land Jlr. D. had owned, June 21, 1678. 

The widow m. Richard Kent, Jr. 


John, Boston. See Davis, John, above. 


John, before Gen, Court Sept. 6, 1631. 

John, Boston. Will dated 13 Jan. 1682, 
prob. IS (9) 1684. Wife Mary and children. 

William, ae. 15, came in the Planter 
April 0, 1635; res. at Braintree. Frm. May 
6, 1646. Rem. to Boston. Wife Susanna; 
ch. Ambrose b. In Br. 24 (5) 1642, Joanna 
bapt. 2 (4) 1650, Susan bapt. 17 (8) 1652, Wil- 
liam b. 8 March, 1655, Johanna bapt. 2 (6) 
1657, d. 14 Jan. 1659, Jonathan b. Nov. 3, 

William, a mason, a good man, full of 
days, d. March 24, 1703-4. [S.] 


Priscilla, maid servant to Mr. Thomas 
Oliver, Boston, adm. chh. 14 (2) 1639. She 
was dism. 22 (9) 1640, as the wife of John 
Rogers, to chh. of Watertown. 


Henry, laborer, Boston, 1640, adm. chh. 
16 (3) 1641, frm. June 2, 1641. Prosecuted 
by Gen. Court. [W.] 



AntLouy, Gloucester, propr. before 
1645. He signed the mill agreement in 1664, 
and deposed about the matter in 1695, ae. 
about 80 years. [Bs. Deeds 39, 138.] Wife 
Susan; ch. John b. 28 (2) 1657, Ezekiel b. 
March 12, 1659, Ezekiel b. 19, (3) 1662, Na- 
thaniel b. 9 (7) 1665, Elizabeth b. 2 (2) 1667, 
Samuel b. 25 (12) 1669, Joseph b. 4 (2| 1672. 
The bond of his admin. Ezekiel D. was 
signed May 13, 1708. 

Hannah, ae. 20, came in the Elizabeth 
and .\nn in May, 1635. 

John, Watertown, propr. 1642. 

Ralph, mason, Dedham, townsman 1 
(11) 1644, frm. May, 1645. Beat the drum 
for meetings. He m. 12 (8) 1647, Susan Fair- 
bank; she d. 8 (5) 1659; and he m. 15 (9) 1659, 
Abigail Ruggles; ch. Elizabeth b. and d. in 
1648, Mary b. 9 (9) 1049, Susan b. 1652, John 
b. 15 (2) 1654, Abigail b. 22 (2) 1661. 

Inv. of his est. taken 10 (11) filed 1 (12) 
1677, includes mason's tools. In his will, 
dated Sept. 12, prob. Feb. 1, 1677, he beq. to 
wife Abigail, ch. John, Ralph, Mary, (wife 
of John Payn,) and Abigail. Tools and 
drum to Ralph; citterne to Abigail; one of 
his swords to son-in-law John Ruggles. 

Robert, propr. 1634; ae. 30, came in 
the Hopewell in April, 1635; settled at Cam- 
bridge; frm. May 6, 1635. 
He d. in 1648. 

Robert, ae. 30, came in the Elizabeth of 
Ipswich April 30, 1637, with wife Mary, ae. 
28; frm. June 2, 1641. Settled at Ipswich; 
res. before 1641; brickmaker, town officer. 

Will dated 11 Aug., prob. 25 Sept. 1683, 
beq. to son John, referring to his marriage 
with Sarah Pengry; to son James, and daus. 
Hannah Lord and Sarah Fiske. 

Stephen, printer, locksmith, Cambridge, 
propr. 1030. 

He sot up his press in March, 1638-9, at 
the charge of Mr. Glover who d. on the way 
hither. Printed 1st the freeman's oath, next 
an almanac, then the Bay Psalm Book. [W.] 
Deposed April 6, 1656, ae. 62 yrs. Was one 
of the petitioners for a plantation at Nash- 
away (Lancaster) in 1648; had much land 
and was active in the affairs of the planta- 
tion, but did not remove thither. [Mdx. 
Files, 1662.] Wife Rebecca, widow of 

DAY, etc., cent. 

Boardman and mother of William B., came 

to N. E. with him; she d. Oct. 17, 16.58. Ch. 

Stephen d. 1 (10) 1639, Matthew d. 10 (3) 


He d. before Jan. 27, 1068, when the inv. 
of his est. was taken, which was filed by 
William Boardman. 

Thomas, Lynn, a witness in 1647. 
Inv. of his est. taken 9 (4) 1670, and admin, 
gr. to his widow Mary. 

Wentworth, gent, a singleman, Boston, 
adm. chh. 12 (7) 1040. Propr. 26 (2) 1641, 
had land at Lynn about 1651. He m. Eliza- 
beth, dau. of — and Sarah Story; her father 
d. in Eng. and her mother became the sec- 
ond wife of Rev. John Cotton, with whom 
she came to N. B. Ch. Elizabeth bapt. 26 
(7) 1641, ae. about 4 days, Wentworth bapt. 
13 (6) 1643, ae. about 6 days. 


John, ae. 28, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635, with wife Alice, ae. 30. Settled 
at Lynn; propr. 1638; blacksmith. Witness 
in Es. Court in 1646. He deposed in 1662, 
ae. about 60. [Es. Files.] Wife Alice d. 27 
(5) 1657, and he m. 2, 25 (10) 1657, Elizabeth, 
widow of John Pickering. Rem. to Boston. 
Sold land in Lynn 5 April, 1670. 


John, Plymouth, found dead In Feb. 
1035-6. Property delivered by John How- 
land 2 July, 1640, to Daniel Salmon of Sau- 
gus for Richard Fi-aucis als. Deacon of 
Barnestone, co. Leicester, Eng., bro. of the 
deceased. [Plym. Col. Rec. XIII.] 

DEANE, see Dane, 

John, Taunton, frm. Plym. Col. Dec. 
4, 1638. 

Will prob. June 7, 1660; about 00 yrs. old. 
Wife Alice; ch. John, Thomas, Israel, Isaac, 
Nathaniel, and Elizabeth; bro. Walter D. 
[Reg. V, 388.] 

Stephen, came in the Fortune in 1621 
to Plymouth. Had liberty to set up a mill 
to beat corn in 1632; afterward a grinding- 
mill. Frm. 1633. Bought house and land 
in 1633. He m. about 1627 Elizabeth, dau. 
of widow Alary Ring. 
He d. Sept. 1634. Admin. Oct. 2, 1634; ch. 


SEANE, cont. 

Elizabeth, Miriam and Susanna. The widow 
ni. Josias Coolje, and res. at Eastham. [Reg. 
Ill, 378.] 

Rachel, ae. 31, came in the Planter, 
April, 1635. 

Walter, bro. of John, tanner, Taunton, 
frm. Plym. Col. Dec. 4, 1638. Town officer. 
Walter D. with wife Eleanor joined in a 
deed Aug. 20, 1693. [Reg. Ill, 375.] 


Capt. George, mariner, Salem, propr. 
1638. Boston 1645. Wife Abigail; ch. John 
b. (8) 1045, Samuel b. 31 (6) 1647, Joseph b. 
Feb. 1649, Benjamin b. 27 (2) 1652. 

Will prob. Aug. 26, 1655. Beq. to sons; to 
bro. Ralph Dell; to bro. Mr. Richard Bara- 
chew of Hacliney, near London. Esses 
Prob. [Reg. V, 443, and VIII, 77.] The wid- 
ow m. 8 (9) 1655, John Hanniford. 


Philip, Salem, before the Gen. Court 
6 March, 1637-8. 


Samuel, Braintree. He m. in 1647 
Bethia, dau. of Gregory Baxter; ch. Bethia 
b. 6 (6) 1649, Mary b. 16 (11) 1652, Hannah 
b. 14 (12) 1654, Sarah b. and d. 1657, Eliza- 
beth b. 12 (7) 1670. The wife Bethia d. 11 
(3) 1649; he m. 5 (9) 1651, Mary Ray; she 
d. 5 (1) 1657. He m. 9 (10) 1657, Mary Nu- 

He d. 23 (8) 1671; admin, gr. 13 (1) 1671-2, 
to widow Mary. She m. 27 (2) 1675, George 

DEEKES, see Dix. 


Thomas, merchant, Boston, witness to 
a document 27 (9) 1645. Had acct. with 
Airs. Elizabeth Poole of Westminster, Eng. 
24 (9) 1640. [A.] 


Philip, b. of French parents, [Wins.,] 
came to Plymouth from Ley den in the For- 
tune in 1621. Had lands assigned March, 
1623; frm. 1633. Rem. to Duxbury; planter. 
He deposed 21 (4) 1641, ae. about 36 yrs. 
[L.] He volunteered for the Pequot War 
in 1637. He m. Dec. 19, 1634, Hester Dews- 
bery. He m. 2, Mary, dau. of William Pon- 
tus aud widow of James Glasse; conveyed 
lands in 1664. 

Nunc, will testified to 22 Aug. 1681, prob. 
7 July, 1682. Sons Philip, Thomas, John 
and Samuel, (only son to the relict;) daus. 
Jane aud Rebecca. 


William, Boston, servant to Wm. 
Brenton, adm. chh. 23 (1) 1634. Propr. 14 
(10) 1635. 

Will prob. Jan. 31, 1653; wife Ann; son 
Obediah in Eng.; kinswoman Mary Powell. 
[Reg. V, 302.] 


Jude, servant to Thomas Jones, came 
in the Confidence April 11, 1638. 


Edward, Boston, servant to Wm. 
Hutchinson, adm. chh. 29 (3) 1636; frm. 
April 17, 1637. Wife Sarah adm. 22 (7) 1639. 

Edmund, Boston. Wife Sarah; ch. 
Sarah bapt. 9 (6) 1640, Mary b. 27 (4) 1642, 
Martha b. 1 (3) 1644, John b. 18 (12) 1645, 
Joseph b. 13 (4) 1648, Benjamin bapt. 22 (7) 

Mary, ae. 24, servant to John Brown, 
came from Baddow, Essex, in June, 1639, 
in the Desire. 

Robert, carpenter, planter, Yarmouth, 
brought suit in Court 2 March, 1G40-1. Prop., 
frm. 4 June, 1650. Town officer. Juror. 
Ch. a son d. 1649, Mary b. Sept. 19, 1649. 

William, shoemaker, Scituate; frm. 
Mass. March 9, 1637; bought land 24 March, 
1038. Settled the affairs of his son Wil- 
liam who had gone to Eng. in 1642. 

Will, dated Feb. 16, 1649, prob. 5 March, 
1656, beq. to son-in-law Wm. Parker and Ju- 
dith his wife, my daughter; to Remember, 
Dependance and Experience Leichfield. 
[Reg. V. 335.] j 



Mr. William, Roxbury, frm. July 3, 1632. 
He was b. at Bisliop's Stortford, co. Hert- 
ford, Eng.; m. Nov. 7, 1603, Margaret 
[Chandler?] Monck. Ch. John, Daniel bapt. 
Oct. 18, 1612, Edward bapt. Nov. 3, 1616, 
George bapt. Dec. 20. 1620. He brought 3 
children to N. E., all sons, Daniel, Edward 
and George. Daniel m. at Newtowne and 
was joyned to the church there. He after- 
wards moved to the chh. at Ipswich. [E.] 
These sons became very prominent citizens 
of the colony. He was chosen by the Court 
constable of Roxbury Nov. 5, 1633. Author- 
ized to press men for the building of a 
bridge 27 (8) 1647. Deputy. He signed the 
inv. of Joseph Weld in 1046. 

He was bur. Jan. 25, 16.53. Hi.s wife Mar- 
garet was bur. Feb., 1645. His son, Maj. 
Gen. Daniel, left a sketch of the family his- 
tory which is given in Reg. XLVI, and a 
pedigree is printed in same vol. 


Mary, came as a servant, ae. 24, with 
John Brown, tailor, in 1635. 


Nicholas, Dorchester, frm. March 4, 
1632-3. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. Died 8 
March, 1666, ae. 90 years. Old wido. D. d. 
14 Aug. 1669. 


Francis, Salem, frm. May 14, 1634; 
propr. 1638. 

Admin, of his goods granted by Gen. 
Court 5 (1) 1638-9, to Edmund Audeley. 


Hugh, millwright, Hingham; gave a 
bond June 24, 1641. [L.] 

DERBY, see Darby. 


Anne, ae. 24, came in the Elizabeth of 
Ipswich April 30, 1634. Maid servant to 
Wm. Coddington, adm. chh. Boston 2 (9) 

Barnabas, Boston, adm. chh. 1632-3, 
frm. May 25, 1636; dism. to chh. of Brain- 
tree 24 (3) 1640. Propr. 1648. Propr. at 

DERIFALL, etc., cent. 

Lynn before 1655. [SufC. De. II, 267.] His 
wife Elizabeth d. at Br. 10 Sept. 1679; he d. 
Feb. 2, 1080. 

Will dated 28 Jan. prob. 24 Feb. 16S0, beq. 
to kinsman Samuel Spencer all his est. in 
consideration of his taking care of him the 
rest of his life; with small legacies to Sam- 
uel's bros. Obediah and Thomas S. 

DESALLENOVA, see Salinovas. 


Isaac, husbandman, ae. 18, of EU-Tis- 
ley. CO. Cambridge, came in the Hopewell in 
April, 1035. Settled at [Lynn.] Suit in Es. 
Court in 1638. Before Gen. Court 5 (1) 
1638-9. [See Eng. Gl. by H. F. Waters in 
Reg. XLI, 353.] 

Peter, Roxbury. He made Jonathan 
Pope of Rox. his attorney to receive wages 
due him from Griffith Bowen 28 (10) 1647. 

Thomas, residence not given. Admin, 
gr. by the Court Sept. 3, 1633, to Mr. John 


Walter, Plymouth, in Court 2 Oct. 1037; 
brought suit, 1640. 

W'illiam. Braintree. Rem. to Rehoboth; 
propr. 1643. Ch. John b. and d. 1643. 


John, fisherman, Salem, Marblehead. 
Deposed Dec. 24, 1694, ae. about 80. that he 
came from old England to Sal. about 1630 
and had lived there and at Marb. ever since. 
[Es. Court Rec] Servant of Joseph Dalli- 
ber in 1042. Had suit with Valentine Hill 
of Boston regarding his service in fishing at 
Monhegan about 1049. [Es. Files.] Wife 
Ann deposed in 1067, ae. about 46 years. 


Thomas, tailor, Boston. He bought 
house, onsett and garden in B. May 15, 1648. 
One of the founders of the Scottish Chari- 
table Society; member 1657-1065. 

Admin, was gr. 15 Dee. 1694, to his son 
Sampson D., cooper. 



Edward, planter, a singleman, adm. 
chh. Boston, 22 (1) 1645; frm. May 1645. Res. 
at Muddy River. Wife Mary; ch. Mary bapt. 
25 (12) 1648, ae. about 4 days, Elizabeth 
bapt. 20 (2) 1651, (m. Joseph Weld,) Martha 
b. March 13, 1653, (m. John Ruggles.) Han- 
nah b. Dec. 13, 1654, (m. John Ruggles,) De- 
borah bapt. 17 (3) 1657, John bapt. 26 (4) 
1659, Sarah b. June 19, 1662, (m. Joseph Grif- 

He was bur. 23 (7) 1685, ae. 64. Will prob. 
27 Oct. 1685. Beq. his est. to wife Mary, 
sons John, Edward and Thomas. 

Margaret, ae. 9, came in the Abigail 
in July, 1635. 


Thomas, Dorchester, frm. May 14, 
1634. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. His son 
Thomas m. 1 (4) 1648, Constance Hawes. 
See Clap, Roger. 


Andrew, Dedham, adm. chh. 19 (2) 1646, 
frm. May 6, 1646. Wife Lydia d. 13 (8) 1651. 
He m. 10 (9) 1652, An Donstall. Ch. John 
b. 16 (12) 1649, John b. and d. 1651, Andrew 
b. 26 (11) 1655, Jonathan b. April 3, 1663, 
Deborah b. 1 (8) 1G68. 

He d. 16 (7) 1677. Will dated 8 (7) prob. 
30 (8) 1677; wife Ann; eldest son Andrew, 
youngest son Jonathan; eldest dau. Lydia; 
other daus. Anne and Deborah. 

DEXTER, cent. 

vision that Thomas should pay money to his 
daus. Mary and Frances. [L.] Mary m. 
John Frend, q. v. Rem. to Sandwich. Ar- 
bitrated a difference with alderman Hooke 
of Bristol, Eng. 30 (4) 1648. [A.] Rem. to 

He d., and admin, was granted t) Feb. 
1676, to Capt. James Oliver and the son, 
Thomas D., Jr. Land at Lynn, debts at 
Barnstable, etc. 


Abraham, Dorchester. Rem. to Boston. 
Rem. to Southfield, (Suffield,) Conn. [See 
Allen, Henry.] Wife Lydia; ch. John b. 7 (5) 
bapt. at Bo. 16 (5) 1648, John bapt. 25 (6) 

Jolm, Springfield, propr. 1641. Ch. 
Zachary b. 4 (2) 1644, Elizabeth b. 11 (11) 
1645, Sarah b. 26 (1) 1647. 

He d. in 1646. The widow m. 2 (9) 1647, 
WilUam Grave of Standford. [Spr. rec] 

Robert, Dorchester, propr., frm. May 
6, 1635. Bailiff, 1638-1640. His son Thomas, 
to whom a house lot was gr. 17 Dec. 1635, on 
condition of his building within a year, is ap- 
parently the Thomas, husbandman, ae. 22, 
who, w^ith Frances, "soror;" ae. 24, came 
from Weymouth, Eng., before March 20, 
1635. Settled at Dorchester, propr., frm. 
May 17, 1637. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 


Roger, Salem, called to court 3 (4) 1645. 


Francis, ae. 13, came in the Planter 
April 6, 1635. 

Richard, planter, Boston, 1641. He 
rem. to Charlestown. He deposed 27 (6) 
1666, ae. about 68 years. [Mdx. Files.] Wife 
Bridget; ch. Sarah b. 1 (9) 1644, (m. about 
1666, Edmund Pinson,) Elizabeth. 

Thomas, farmer, Lynn, in Court for 
battery on Capt. Endicott 3 May, 1631. He 
bought Nahant of an Indian about 1632, but 
the town claimed prior ownership. [Es. 
Files 29, 144.] Mortgaged his farm of 800 
acres and his fishing weir at Lynn in 1640 
and 1642. Gave property at Sandwich to 
son Thomas in Oct. 24, 1638, with the pro- 


Thomas, tailor, Dorchester, frm. March 
14, 1638-9. Wife Ellen; ch. Abraham, Isaac 
b. (9) 1637, John bapt. 29 (7) 1644, Sarah b. 
at Maiden, Oct. 1653, Thomas b. do. Aug. 

He d. 3 (11) 1657. Inv. of his est, filed and 
admin, gr. to the widow 25 (11) 1657. Prop- 
erty at Dorch. aud Boston. His widow m. 
John Bullard of Medfield before 1663. 

Philemon, tanner, servant to Benjamin 
Cooper of Branton, Eng., passed exam, to 
come to Salem, N. E. May 10, 1637. Propr. 
1638. Had land granted for tan pits, etc., in 
1639 Frm. June 2, 1641. Adm. chh. 7 (12) 
1640, Mary adm. chh. 30 (2) 1648. Ch. Mary 
bapt. 20 (1) 1641-2, Thomas bapt. 10 (1) 1643- 


DICKEBSON, etc., cont. 

4, EUz. laapt. 28 (4) 1646, Peter bapt. 9 (5) 

1648. Legatee of Edwai-d Skinner in 1641. 

Thomas, before Gen. Court 1639 and 
1640. Rowley, propr. Wife Jennet; Ch. 
James b. 6 (7) 1640, Mary b. 27 (7) 1042, 
Sarali b. Oct. 18, 1644, Mercy b. (8) 1646, 
Martba b. 9 (12) 1648, Thomas b. 26 (8) 1655, 
bur. 30 Marel], 1659. He was bur. 29 (1) 1662. 
Will daited 8 March, 1661, prob. 17 April, 
1662, beq. to wife Jennet, son James daus. 
Sarah and three other daug'hters. 

Rachel, came May 10, 1637, with her 
grandmother, Margaret Neave of Great Yar- 
mouth, Eng., widow. 

Rebecca, maid servant to Richard Bel- 
lingham, .adm. chh. Boston 2 (3) 1634. 

John, planter, Salisbury, propr. 1639, 
He m. 1 Mary — , who d. April 16, 1647; 2, 
Ann living in 1664; 3. April 14, 1681, Alice 
who survived him and m. William Allen 
Ch. Mary b. March 12, 1639-40, John b. Oct, 
20, 1642. 

He d. Dee. 30, 1683. 

Will prob. 1684. Mentions wife and her gr. 
ch. Samuel Adams; son John D. and dan. 
Mary Roe; to dau.-in-Iaw Mary Pressie the 
greait chest that was her mother's. 

William, Cambridge, res. in 1633, [Col. 
Rec.] propr. 1641; frm. May 18, 1642. Wife 
Jane; ch. Mary b. 10 (6) 1644, Lydia, Abigail 
b. 10 (1) 1647, Mary bur. 21 (5) 1648, Hannah, 
John. The wife d. Dec. 4, 1689, ae. about 73. 
[Gr. St.] 
He d. Aug. 5, 1692, ae. 78. [Gr. St.] 

DILL, see Dell. 


Edward, Lynn; witness at Salem Court 
in 1637; joined in the founding of Sandwich; 
propr. 3 April, 1637. Wife Ursula d. Feb. 
9, 1656. 

WiU, May 1, 1666, prob. 5 June, 1667; was 
in the form of a deed of gift to his two sons 
Henry and John; property in his hands 
whose owners, specified, res. in Biteswell 
and other pliaces in Lancashire, Eng. [Reg. 
VII, 225.] 

John, Boston, memb. chh. 1630-1, jury- 
man 1631, Ipswich, propr. 1634. 

He d. before 6 Sept., 1636, when the Court 
app. adminrs. Wife Sarah d. soon. Her will 
dated 14 July, 1636, prob. at Es. Court, :. . (10) 
1636, [original, with sundry papers, in Arch. 
15 B.]; beq. to her only child Sarah D.; to 
her mother Thomasine Caly, bros. Abraham 
and Jacob C, sisters Bull and Bast, wives 
of John Bull and John Base, Rebecca and 
Emme C, all in England; to her pastor, Mr. 
Ward; to Richard Saltonstall and Samuel 
Appleton and their wives, committing her 
child and estate to their care. [Es. Ant. 1.] 


Rev. Thomas, Barnstable, frm., and de- 
puty, 1639. Lieut, and drill-master, 1643. 
Ord. teaching elder of the chh. Aug. 7, 1650. 
Wife — ; ch. Timothy bapt. Jan. 12, 1639, bur. 
June 17, 1640, twin infants bur. March 18, 
1640-1, Mehetabel bapt. April 18, 1642, Shu- 
bael bapt. Sept. 15, 1644. 

Nunc, will prob. 4 June, 1658. Left all to 
his wife, for the children were liers as well 
as his. 


John, mariner. Sandwich, took oath of 
allegiance 12 Feb. 1638-9. 


Richard, servant to Mr. Saltonstall, 
punished for misdemeanor Nov. 9, 1630. 

DIKE, see Diz, 


John, Salem or Lynn, in court in 1648; 
he and his man witnesses at court in 1649. 


William, barber, Boston, adm. chh. 10 
(11) 1635, frm. April 17, 1637. Wife Alice; 
ch. John, Thomas b. 9 (11) 1635, d. 15 (11) 
1654, Abigail b. (10) 1637, Fathergone b. 25 
(10) 1638. 

He died, and the widow m. second about 
Aug. 15, 1639, Richard Gritchley. 



Mr. Henry, Watertown, i)roi)r. 1G36, 
also propr, at Dedham. Rem. to Roxbury. 
Referred to as Doctor Dengham in Mdx. De. 
X, 52. He m. in April, 1G41, Elizabetli Al- 
He d. 10 (8) 1645. 


John, smith, Sandwich, of military age 
4 Dec, 1638, frm. 5 June 1644, town officer. 
Rem. to Marshfield. Deputy. 

Admiu. of his est. gr. March 18, 1689-90; 
distribution made to son Jacob, daus. Sarah, 
wife of Wm. Ford and H.annah. wife of 
Josiah Keane. and to gr. son Joseph D. 


William, cooper, Boston, adm. chh. 23 

(I) 1657, frm. May G, 1657, town officer. Wife 
iMartha; ch. John b. (3) 1644, Martha b. 10 

(II) 1G48, Mary b. 24 (7) 1651, Sar.ah b. 7 
Jan. 1657, John, Adam, William, Martha and 
Maiy bapt. 5 (2) 16.57, and Sarah bapt. 10 (11) 
folg. ; Thomas b. and d. 1660, Joseph b. Nov. 
21, 1661, Jonathan bapt. 24 (9) 1661. 

He d. 26 (3) 1675; and admin, was gr. to his 
eldest sons John and Adam in behalf of their 
mother; they joined with others in testif.ring 
that their father wished his est. to stand for 
his wife's maintenance, and be divided after 
her death. The wife Martha d. Aug. 7, 1696. 


Mr. Thomas, Boston, before Gen. Court 
in 1(341, res. 1()44. Wife Anne; ch. Jone b. 
and d. 1644, Posthumus b. (6) 1645. 
He was bur. 24 (2) 1645. 


Aflthony, master of a vessel, Salem, 
had grant of land In 1636 for a home and for 
fishing trade. Was in business along the 
coast in 1632, etc., with Francis Johnson, q. 
V. Captured by the pirate Bull, he refused 
to act as pilot for him. [W.] He was cast 
away upon the head of Cape Cod in 1639. 
rC] The widow's land is mentioned in a 
deed 25 (5) 1639. She m. 2. Nathaniel Pick- 

Edward, Charlestown, memb. chh. 
1630; rem. to Watertown; frm. March 4, 1634- 
5. Town officer. Wife Jane; ch. Abigail b. 
2 (3) 1637, Mary b. 2 (3) 1639, John b. 4 (7) 
1640, Rebecca b. 18 (12) 1641. 

DIX, etc., cent. 

He d. July 9, 1660. Will mention,s wife, 
and a bond given her for certain estate of 
hers; son John; dau. Abigail, wife to Thomas 
Parks; alludes to two other daus. The 
widow Susanna brought suit for dowry 
against Sergt. John Wincoll and John Dis 
April 2, 1661. She petitioned 18 (10) 1660, ae. 
between 60 and 70 years; youngest child 
about 16 years old. [Mdx. Files.] 

Ralph, fisherman, Ipswich, was paid by 
the town in 1643 for service against the In- 
dians. Propr. 1658. Had a bond for pay- 
ment of money from Wm. White 2 Oct. 1(547. 
Perhaps Ester, who was rec"d. to the church 
of Reading, with her children, from the chh. 
of Ips. 30 (8) 1665, may be of this family. 

Samuel, .joiner, ae. 43, of Norwich, 
Eng., with wife Joane, ae. .38, ch. Priscilla 
and Abigail, and servants Wm. Storey, ae. 
23. and Daniel Lindsey, ae. IS, passed exam. 
April 8, 1637 to go to Boston in N. E. to re- 
side. But no record of them here. Widow, 
Ipswich, propr. 1639, may be the widow of 
Anthony, of Salem. 


Thomas, Salem, 1637; rem. to Marble- 
head. Kept the feiTy at Darby Fort side in 
1644. Ensign. His wife adm. chh. 17 (7) 
1643. Ch. Thomas bapt. 18 (4) 1643, Mary 
bapt. 12 (11) 1(344, John bapt. 13 (10) 1646, 
Abigail bapt. 1 (8) 1648, Thomas bapt. 29 (11) 
1653, Margaret bapt. 16 (1) 16.5.5-6, John bapt. 
26 (2) 1657, Samuel bapt. 20 (1) 1662-3. 

Will dated 28 Feb. 1680, prob. at Boston 31 
Aug. 1686, beq. to son-in-law Gabriel Hol- 
man; sons Thomas, john, and Samuel; wife 
Mary and dans. Mary Holman, Abigail 
Smith. Remember White and Hannah Bow- 

William, Salem, propr. frm. May 14, 
1634. Before the court for taking too high 
wages 27 (7) 1636. Sergeant. Authorized to 
keep a "horse boat ferry" 11 (10) 1639. Rem. 
to Beverly. [Wife] Anne memb. chh. before 
1636. Ch. Abigail bapt. 25 (10) 1636, Anna 
bapt. 17 (4) 1638, John bapt. 19 (10) 1639, 
Eliza bapt. 3 (8) 1641, Sarah bapt. 2 (5) 1643. 
He deposed to the inv. of the est. of his son 
Samuel Dixer at Boston, Jan. 30, 1661. His 
dau. Elizabeth Stone was adm. to full com. 
in Salem chh. 20 (6) 1665. and had 4 ch. He 
deposed 16 Feb. 1680, ae. about 73 years; 


DIXEY, etc., cont. 

came to Salem in June, 1629. [Es. Files.] 

[Es. Inst. Coll. XIII.] 

His will dated 21 Feb. 1684, prob. 24 June, 
1690, beq. to 5 daus., Mary Woodberry, Han- 
nah Judldn, Abigail Stone and Elizabeth 
Morgan; gr. eh. Elizabeth and Sarah D.; 
sons-in-law Samuel Morgan, Edmund Gale, 
Jonathan Stone and John Stone; other gr. ch. 

SOBER, see Dover, 


Capt., set forth from Boston in a ship 
of 80 tons, double manned to trade at the 
eastward 19 (1) 1646; captured by D'Aulnay. 

Charles. He mortg. his interest in the 
barque Charles 6 (9) 1649. 


George, mariner, Boston, 1647. Sold 
land in Cambridge in 1650. "Wife Mary adm. 
chh. 15 (3) 1647; ch. Patience bapt. 16 (3) 
1647, ae. about 1 yr., 35 days, Isaac b. 3 (7) 
1651, Mary b. and d. 1653, Elizabeth b. 5 
April, 1657, Mehetabel b. May 25, 1660. 

He d. in Eng. ; the Court gave the widow 
an allowance out of the est. for herself and 
the 4 children, July 23, 1663. [Reg. XII, 155.] 

James, ae. 16, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635. 

John, residence not given. He was to 
receive payment from Chr. Lawson for Rob- 
ert Saltonstall, May 15, 1648. 


Richard, Salem. Adm. chh. 5 (3) 1644. 
Ch. Richard and Sarah bapt. 3 (5) 1644, Eliz- 
abeth adm. chh. 20 (2) 1645. Elizabeth adm. 
chh. 28 (12) 1057. He rem. to Wenham; 
propr. in 1644, Beverly. 

Will, dated 14 |9) 1670, inv. June 27, 1671; 
wife Edith, ch. John, Richard, Samuel, Ed- 
ward, Joseph, Mary HerricU, and Sarah; bro. 
Wm. D., Sen.; bro. Michael D. in Eng. to pay 
rent for land he occupies. The widow 
Edith, in will dated Feb. 14, 1677, gave her 
est. to daus. Mary (wife of Ziichary) Herrick, 
Sarah, (wife of Peter) Woodbury, and their 
children; and to sons Edward and others. 

William, husbandman, a passenger in 
the Lyon's Whelp In 1629 to Salem; recom- 

DODGE, etc., cont. 

mended l)y the Mass. Bay Co. to Gov. Ende- 
cotit to have charge of a team of horses. He 
bought 200 acres of land in Salem bounds 28 
(7) 1644. Ch. John bapt. 25 (10) 1636, 
William bapt. 19 (7) 1640, Hannah bapt. 24 
(5) 1642. 


John, Watertown, appl. frm. Oct. 19, 
1630, adm. frm. May 18, 1631. Propr. Rem. 
to Rehoboth and then to Martha's Vineyard. 
Propr., frm. and deputy. He m. at Reh. 23 
(9) 1651, Ann Sutton. He made will May 13, 
1673; beq. to wife; to sons John, Joseph and 
Thomas; daus. Elizabeth and Hephzibah. 
Lands chiefly at "Martins Vineyard." Friend 
Isaac Robinson and son-in-law John Eedy 
overseers of his est. on the islands. 

Thomas, ae. 30, servant to Thomas 
OUiver of Norwich, Eng., passed exam, to 
go to N. E. May 13. 1637. Settled at Concord. 
Rem. to Weymouth. Planter, town otficer. 
Rem. to Marshfleld; selectman. His wife d. 
at Cone. 23 (6) 1642. He m. 2. [Elizabeth] 
the widow of William Fry of Weymouth, and 
held tie lands of her daus. till their majority. 
He m. 3. Joane, widow of Thomas Chilling- 
worth, q. v. She w^as bur. Sept. 4, 1684. Ch. 
Rebecca b. at Mars. July 29, 1655. 

He d. Aug. 18, 1692. Beq. to sons John and 
Samuel; to dan. Sarah Sherman's ch. Pru- 
dence, Sarah and Susanna ; to dauis. Hannah 
Blancher and Rebecca Wilder and their 
children. See Genealogy. 


Richard, merchant, Newbury. He gave 
a release of a mortg. of Thomas Davis 22 
Sept. 1673. [Norf. rec] He deposed in 1676, 
ae. about .52 years. He m. 3 May, 1647, Han- 
nah, dan. of widow Rolfe; she d. 16 Nov. 
1678.. He m. 4. March, 1679, Hannah, 
widow of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank; she d. 
Sept. 6, 1690. He m. — Patience Walker. 
Oh. John b. 10 Aug. 1648, Richard b. 6 Sept. 
1650, Anna b. and d. 16.53, Benjamin b. 14 
June 16.54, Joseph b. 5 Aug. 1657, WilUam b. 
11 April, 1060, Henry b. 9 March, 1663, d. 
Sept. 13. 1690, Hannah b. 23 Oct. 1665. Ap- 
phia b. 7 Dec. 1668, Abner b. 8 March, 1672. 
Admin. 30 July, 1705. Genealogy, [Reg. 
XXXVril. 74.] 

DO LIBER, see Dalliber. 


DOLING, see Merry. 
IX)LTON, see Doten. 


Mr. John, yeoman Plymouth, frm. and 
Asst. 1632-3, deacon 1633. Rem. to Eastham; 
townsman 1655. 

John, ae. 16, who came in the Truelove in 
Sept. 1635; Lydia. m. 11 Sept. 1645, Samuel 
Hicks, probably his children. 

He made will 18 ^ay, 1,678, ae. 88 years; 
prob. May 31, 1687; beq. to wife, sons John, 
Daniel and Ephraim, dau, Abigail; "all my 
eons and and daughters"; gr. dau. Margaret 
Hide [or Hix]. The inv. says he d. 21 Feb. 
1685, ae. about 100 years. Abigail deposed 
29 May, 1686. 

DONN, see Dunn. 


Anthony, Windsor, Conn. 1644, rem. to 
Springfield; propr. about 1649. Town officer. 
Wife Sarah bur. 9 (9) 1649. Ch. John b. at 
W. 5 Nov. 1644, Sarah b. 12 (8) 1653, Hester 
b. 25 (8) 1656, d. 17 Nov. 1662 His [second] 
wife Martha d. 17 Dec. 1662. His son-in-law 
Samuel Kiehwell was bur. 9 (4) 1651. 

He d. Aug. 28, 1683. Inv. pres. Sept. 25, 
1683, by son John. Agreement made between 
sons John and James, gr. ch. Benjamin, dau. 
Mary, wife of John Harmon, dau. Sarah, 
wife of Joseph Stebbins, and dau.-in-law 
Martha, wife of Abel Wright, who claimed 
something for what her mother, the relict of 
Samuel Kitcherell, once of Hartford, brought 
to the late Anthony D. 


George, yeoman, farmer, Salem, Lynn 
and Marblehead, 1647. Witness in John Ha- 
thorne case, with wife Kate, in 1657. He de- 
posed in 1670, ae. about 50 years; in 1681, ae. 
about 66. Wife Katharine, dau. of Richard 
Gridley, living at the Eastward, mentioned 
in his will in 1674. She was a witness to the 
will of Robert Hawes in 1641. 

He d. at Salem; inv. taken 13 Sept. 1693, 
will dated 12 April, prob. Oct. 9, 1693; beq. to 
wife Katharine, sons Jeames, John, Daniel, 
Thomas. Benjamin and Henry; daus. Han- 
nah, Sarah and Margaret. 



One D., an honest man, was drowned 
in Boston Bay, Nov. 21, 1634. [W.] 


Thomas, Ipswich, propr. 1634; rem. to 
Topsfleld. Frm. March 4, 1634-5. Wife Ellen 
d. 27 Feb. 1667-8. Ch. John d. 16 (11) 1661-2, 
Daniel d. Aug. 10, 1673. 

He d. 25 April, 1670. Will dated 24 April, 
prob. 3 May, 1670, beq. to sons Thomas and 
Ephraim, and cousin Daniel Bradley. 


John, yeoman, locksmith, Boston, propr. 
1639; rem. to Braintree. Frm. May 13, 1640. 
Signed petition about meadows in 1646. 
[Arch. 45.] He and son John, as execs, of the 
will of Mary Minot of Boston, sold land to 
his dau. Comfort D. 20 March, 1676. Ch. 
Jospeb bur. at Br. (10) 1642. 

He d. about April, 1677; beq. all to son John 
and dau. Comfort. 

DORYFALL, see Derifall. 


Edward, planter, of London, servant to 
Stephen Hopkins, came in the Mayflower; 
signed the Compact: res. at Plymouth. Frm. 
1633. He m. [second] Jan. 6, 1634, Faith, 
dau. of Thurston Clarke. "By second wife 
he hath seven children living in 1650." [B.] 
Ch. Edward, John, Thomas. Samuel, Desire, 
EUzabeth, Mary, I.saac b. Feb. 8, 1647^ 
Joseph b. 30 April, 1651. 

He d. Aug. 23, 1655. Will dated May 20, 
prob. Nov. 21, 1655; to wife and son Edward. 
The widow Faith m. March 14, 1666, John 
Philips of Plymouth. See Oenealogy. 


John, son of Edward Andrew's wife, 
came from Eng. as an apprentice of Mr. Tay- 
lor; was passed over to the care of Mr Leth- 
erbee, who employed him in a bark to Bos- 
ton. Allowed to remain with his mother 19 
(8) 1637. [W.] 


Mr. Francis, planter, from Bristol, 
Eng., at Dorchester 29 (5) 1639. [L.] Wrote 
Gov. Winthrop in Aug. 1640 from Taunton. 
Seems to be the minister who opposed the 
gathering of the church before 1642; he 

DOUGHTY, etc., cont. 
was obliged to leave the country with wife 
and children, and went to Aquithneck [L., P. 
D.] [Mass. Hist. Coll. %.] Before Plym. 
Court 2 March, 1640-1. Was out of the coun- 
try when his suit against his sister Mrs. 
Elizabeth Oole was acted on by Gen. Court 
11 Nov. 1647. 

James, Scituate; highway surveyor 
1662; juryman, 1676. He m. 16 April, 1649, 
Lydia, dau .of Humphrey Turner. Ch. Mary 
b. 23 June, 1650, James b. 21 Feb. 1651, 
Elizabeth b. 5 Nov. 1654, Lydia b. 14 Feb. 
1658, Sarah b. 2 April, 1662, Samuel b. 29 
Sept. 1664, Robert b. 14 Feb. 1667, Susanna 
b. 15 Feb. 1670. 


Marie, ae. 24, servant to James Hosmer, 
came in the Elizabeth April 9, 1635. 


Henry, Boston, townsman, 30 (1) 1646. 
Propr. 1650, frm. May 6, 1657. Ch. Anne, (m. 
1 Sept., 1660, Eliphalet Het.) 

He d. about 17 May, 1667. Will dated 9 
Feb. 1662, was prob. 31 July, 1667. 100 li. 
to the widow Judith; the rest to be divided 
between the 3 children, a double portion to 
the eldest son. Wife and son John admin. 
Land at Cape Fear to gr. Ch. Samuel Het. 
[Reg. XVI, 227.] The widow Judith made 
will 30 Jan. 1679-80, prob. April 29, 1680; beq. 
to gr. eh. Samuel, John, Thomas, Hannah 
and Mary Hltt. 

William, cooper, Boston, adm. inhab. 31 
(6) 1640. Adm. ehh. with wife Anne 7 (1) 
1646. Also propr. at Ipswich, 1641. Bought 
land at Ips. in 1652. Ch. rec. at Boston: 
Elizabeth b. 26 (6) 1641, Sarah b. 8 (2) 1643. 
William b. 1 (2) 1645. 
See Joan Drake. 


Matthew, placed as a servant with 
John Blaekleach of Salem for 4 yrs., June 1, 
1640 [L.] Oh. (of sister Dove,) Hannah and 
Elizabeth bapt. 10 (7) 1654, Dorcas (of Mat- 
thew D.) bapt. 5 (8) 1656, Bethiah bapt. 30 (3) 
1658, Daniel bapt. 3 (9) 1661, Deborah bapt. 
20 (3) 1666, Matthew bapt. 10 (3) 1668. 


John, Springfield, propr. 1643-1664. 


Mr. Francis, gent., Salisbury, propr. 
1640, commoner, 1650. Ret. to Eng.; was of 
Salisbury, Eng. in 1664, when Robert Pike 
was his attorney. His son Peter sold the 
father's rights at Sails., N. E. in 1674. 

Henry, husbandman, of Ormsby, Eng., 
ae. 29, with wife Joane, ae. 30, 4 ch. and 
servant Anne Maning, ae. 17, passed exam, 
to go to N. E. April 11, 1637. Settled at 
Watertown; frm. May 2, 1638. Rem. to 
Hampton; deputy, 1655. Gave land 3 (8) 
1649 to Thomas Nudd, son of his former 
wife. Wife Jone, bur. 20 (4) 1640. He m. 
about 1642 Margaret Cole, q. v. Ch. Henry, 
(deposed in 1669, ae. about 35,) Thomas d. 
at Wat., bur. July 10, 1641, Joseph b. 20 (1) 
1638, Daniel b. 22 (7) 1641, Mary b. 14 (7) 

1643, Thomas b. at Hampton April 28, 1653, 
Jeremiah b. Sept. 6, 1657, and Hannah. 

He d. April 25, 1659. Will dated 16 (2) 
prob. 4 (8 )1659, beq. to wife Margarftt, sons 
Henry, Joseph, Daniel, Thomas, Jeremie; 
daus. Mary and Hannah. 

Thomas, Newbury, frm. June 22, 1642. 
He bought land and house in 1648. Rem. 
to Haverhill. Wife Phebe; ch. rec. at N.: 
Stephen b. 29 March, 1642, Mary b. 26 April, 

1644, Martha b. 1 June, 1648. 

He d. 31 May, 1654. Will dated 2!) May, 
1654, prob. 8 (2) 1056, beq. to wife Phebe; 
sons John, Thomas, Stephen, Mary and Mar- 
tha, all under 21 years. 


William, servant, before Gen. Court 
in 1635. Settled at Boston; merchant; had 
large estate. He m. Hannah, dau. of Mr. 
Samuel Appleton. They sold to her bro. 
Samuel and sister Judith in 1676, her share 
in the est. of her gr. fa. Wm. Paine. [Ips. 
De. IV, 62.] Admin, of his est. granted 6 
April, 1693, to Penn Townsend and others. 


John, Braintree, before Gen. Court 2 
(4) 1640. Wife Dorothy; ch. John b. and 
d. 1644, Joseph b. 30 (2) 1045, Mary bapt. 
in Boston 2 (11) 1647, ae. 10 days, Mercie 
b. 1 (7) 1652, Dorothy d. 18 (1) 1657 8, Ben- 
jamin b. 14 (8) 1659. 



Mr. Emanuel, gent., son of George 
Downing, gent, bapt. at Ipswich, Eng, 12 
Aug., 1.585, a lawyer till 1638, in London" 
came to Salem; frm. Marcli 14, 1638-9. Dep- 
uty and influential citizen. Had large farm 
at Groton. His house was burned 6 (2) 1645. 
[W.] Had grant of land near Dovei-, N. H. 
Ret. to Eng. and came again, [then perhaps 
ret. permanently.] He m. at Groton, Eng 
10 April, 1622, Lucy, dau. of Adam Win- 
throp, Esq., and sister of Gov. John Win- 
throp, bapt. 27 Jan. 1601. His son George, 
about 20 yrs. of age, grad. Harv. Coll. 1642,' 
went in a ship to instruct the seamen! 
Preached at various places on the way to 
Eng., and was there called to be a preacher 
in Fairfax's army. [W.] His dau. Ann m. 
Lieut. Joseph Gardner. Mary, kinswoman to 
Gov. John Winthrop adm. chh. Boston (9) 
1633 . Lucy D., the younger, adm. chh Sa- 
lem 4 (2) 1647. Ch. recorded here: John 
bapt. 1 (1) 1640, Dorcas bapt. 7 (12) 1640, 
Theophilus bapt. 8 (7) 1644. 

Mr. James, Salem, before Ess. court 
in 1639. 

Theophilus, Salem, called to court, 1647. 
Wife Ellen. Oh. Benjamin bapt. 17 (11) 


Francis, tanner, one of George Bur- 
den's family, Boston, adm. chh. 20 (4) 1640; 
frm. June 2, 1641. Inhab. 30 (10) 1639. Con- 
stable. Wife Katharine adm. chh. 10 (4) 
1643. He was dism. to Char. chh. 25 (3) 1651 
Ch. Elizabeth b. 20 (6) 1642, (m. 16 Oct., 1659, 
Samuel Miles,) Mary bapt. 21 (2) 1644, ae! 
about 6 days, Hannah b. 7 (11) 1645, Sarah 
bapt. 7 (9) 1647, ae. about 6 days, 
Lydia bapt. 26 (3) 1650, d. 6 (8) 1651, 
Deborah b. 1 (ii) 1651, Naomi b. 26 
Oct., 1653, d. 14 (7) 1654, Lydia b. 10 (1) 
1655, Sarah b. 2 (4) 1657 ,Mary b. 30 (11) 
1658, Naomi bapt. 6 (12) 1658-9. 

Will dated 13 Dec, prob. 23 Dec. 1680; 
son-in-law John Hill and dau. Mary, his 
wife; sons-in-law Matthew Ingram, Mat- 
thew Collins and Preserved Collicott; daus. 
Lydia Ingram, Naomi Collins, Deborah Col- 
licott, Sarah Dunell and Hannah Homer. 

Lawrence, carpenter, planter, Boston, 
adm. chh. 22 (1) 1645, frm. May 26, 1647. 
Rem. to Charlestown; propr. 1647; adm. chh. 

DOWSE, etc., cent. 

21 (1) 1052. Wife Margery; ch. John b. (8) 
1C44. bur. (6) 1645. Samuel ae. about 2 yrs 
3 weeks, and John, ae. about 22 weeks, bapt 
23 (1) 1G46, Elizabeth b. 15 (1) 1647 

Will dated 25 Dec. 1691, prob. 21 Nov. 1692 
beq. to wife Margery, sons Samuel, Joseph 
Benjamin. Nathaniel. Jonathan and Eleazer- 
married daus. Elizabeth and Mary. 


Joan, widow, Boston, adm. chh 3 flj) 
1634. ■ ^ ' 

Will prob. 5 (10) 1637; beq. to John Nott 
to her sister Duglas, to her nephew rest 
of goods in N. E. to Samuel Bellingham All 
goods in Eng. to her 2 sisters there. Made 
her mr. (i. e. master,) executor. 

John, [Dorchester,] appl. for frm. Oct. 
19. 1G30. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. He was 
bur. 18 Aug. 1659. [Wife] Elizabeth adm. 
chh. Dorch. 19 (4) 1640. 

"Old widow Drake d. at Windsor, Oct. 
7, 1681, at 100th year of age, having lived 
a widow 22 years." [Reg. XXXVI, 83.] 


Cleare, ae. 30, came in the Francis of 
Ipswich April 30, 1634. 


Nicholas, Salem, 1636. 

Roger, Concord, frm. March 14, 1638-9. 
He deposed 21 (1) 1658-9, ae. about 68 years. 
Son Adam. [Mdx. Files.] He m. 2, Mai-y, 
widow of Nathaniel Hadlock. Ch. Lydia b' 
11 (9) 1641. 


Henry, Marshfield, atba. 1643. 
He was found dead 4 Dec. 1651, and the 
town app. Kenelm Winslow to admin, on 
their behalf. Inv. taken Dec. 12, 1651 [Reg 
IV, 319.] 


John, Rowley, propr. 1642. He deposed 
in 1668, ae. about 61 years. Wife Mary; ch. 
Jlary b. 23 (2) 1642. bur. Nov. 27, 1659, Sam! 
uel b. 10 (12) 1643, Jonathan b. 8 (11) 1646, 
bur. 10 (10) 1659, Elizabeth b. March 10, 
16.50, John, Jr. was a father in 1663. 

He was bur. April 19, 1672. Will dated 5 
March, prob. 



Vincou, (Vincent,) Ilingham, propr. 
1630. Cb. John bapt. April, 1641. Rem. to 
Boston. Bought, with Thomas Hammond, 
in 1655, a farm at Muddy River; deed 30 
Aug. 1658. 

His will dated Nov. 29, 1677. prob. Jan. 
30 folg., beq. to son Vincent; to son John 
and his wife Mary and their children; to 
Rozman Druce. 


Nicholas, Charlestown, constable, 1646. 

Philip, potter, ae. 39, with wife Eliza- 
beth, ae. 32, and ch. Edward, ae. 13, and 
John, ae. 8, came in the Abigail in July, 1635. 
Settled at Charlestown; frm. May 17, 1637. 
Wife Elizabeth adm. chh. 6 (2) 1G38. Town 
officer, 1646. 

He d. 23 (4) 1647, beq. his est. to his wife 
Elizabeth and sons Edward and John, and 
apprentice, John Gouldsmith. Refers to his 
bro. James. [Reg. VII, 169.] 


Robert, tailor, Salem, frm. May 6, 1635. 
Juryman. 1637. Propr. at Lynn in 1638. He 
deposed on the Dexter case in 1657, ae. 
about 65 years. Wife Phebe; ch. Robert, 
Phebe b. about 1634, Ruth, (m. Robert Pot- 
He d. April 3, 1680. 

Robert, ae. 8. came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635, apparently with the family of 
Thomas Nore. Seems to be the R. D. a 
Scotchman, executed for murder in 1675. 


George, ae. 19, came in the Abigail 
in July, 1635. 

Hugh, carpenter, Sudbury, propr. 1641; 
rem. to Boston, adm. chh. 16 (2) 1654, frm. 
May 3, 1654. Town otHeer. Wife Lydia adm. 
chh. 12 (1) 1648; ch. John b. at Sud. 2 (3) 
1646, bapt. at Bo. 19 (1) 1649. They sold 
land in B. Nov. 16. 1660. Mrs. Mary, (wheth- 
er Hugh's dan. or some other,) made nunc, 
will in 1680, beq. all to her cousin Samuel 

Will dated 1 Nov. 1687, prob. 30 July, 1689, 
beq. to Mary, widow of his son .Tohn, the est. 
of which he h.nd been executor, for herself 
and her children; to sister Lydia Hawkins; 

DRURY, etc., cont. 

to sons Thomas; refers to dec. wife Lydia 
and to dau. Mary. Appoints his friend Hen- 
ry Allen and brother Henry Rice executors, 
with his bro. Edward Rice alternate in case 
of the death of either. 


Mr., before Gen. Court in Boston in 
1641. [W.] 


William, Gloucester, propr. 1649. 


Mr. Thomas, gent.. Esquire, son of 
Capt. Roger D., b. at Northampton, Eng.; 
a clerk to his mother's kinsman Judge Nich- 
ols; a capt. in the Low Countries; steward 
to the Earl of Lincoln; resident some time 
at Boston, Eng. One of the projectors of 
and later an undertaker in the Mass. Bay 
Co., 1 (10) 1629. Asst. March 18, and Dep- 
uty Governor March 23, 1629-30, at the last 
Court held iu England. Came in the Arbella 
to Salem, then to Charlestown, in company 
with Gov. Winthrop. Was gov., dep. gov., 
or Asst. every year of his life thereafter. One 
of the 4 first signers of the covenant of the 
first chh. organized at Charlestown in July, 
1630, which rem. to Boston, a few months 
later . Serg. Maj. Gen., 1644. Res. succes- 
sively, at Charlestown, Cambridge and Rox- 
bury. Built a house in Ipswich in 1635, but 
sold it to Mr. Hubbard. A man of large abil- 
ity and noble character. Was in full accord 
with Gov. Winthrop iu maintaining the 
domination of the estab. chh. (of New Eng- 
land) over civil and ecclesiastical affairs, 
after the English fashion. He m. in Eng. 
Dorothy — , "a gentlewoman whose extrac- 
tion and estate were considerable." [C. M.] 
She was bur. Dec. 27, 1643; he m. April 4, 
1644, Katharine (Deighton,) widow of Sam- 
uel Hagborue, who after his death m. Mr. 
John Allen, pastor at Dedham. Ch. Samuel, 
Anne, (m. Simon Bradstreet,) Patience, (m. 
IS Oct. 1632. Daniel Denison,) Sarah, (m. 1, 
Benjamin Keayne, m. 2, Nicholas Pacy,) 
Mercy, (m. Mr. John AVoodbridge,) Deborah 
b. 27 Feb. 1644-5, Joseph b. Sept. 23, 1647, 
Paul bapt. Sept. 8, 1650. 

He was bur. July 31, 1653, ae. 76. Will 
dated 26 April, 16.52, with additions 13 April, 
May 28 and July 8, 1653, prob. Aug. 15, 1653; 


DUDLEY, cont. 

desired to be buried near the grave of his 
first wife; beq. to all his children by both 
wives and to grand children Thomas and 
John D. whom he had brought up; son Jo- 
seph to have a double portion of the Rox- 
bury lands, Paul and Deborah single por- 
tions of same; to the ch. of daus. Bradstreet, 
Denison and Woodbridge; to dau. Sarah 
Pacy; to his wife the remaining time of 
servant John Ranken; to the poor. Gene- 


Henry, ae. 35, came in the Defense In 
July, 1635. 


John, ae. 
April 11, 1635. 

20, came in the Elizabeth 


Mr. Richard, gent., arrived in the 
Whale 26 May, 1632, [W.] and settled at 
Roxbury. Frm. May 25, 1632. Built a wa- 
ter-mill in 1633. Rem. to Ipswich; res. af- 
terward at Newbury. Went, back to Eng. 
and ret. in the Bevis in May, 1638, ae. 40, 
with Alice, ae. 35, Thomas, ae. 19, Joane, 
ae. 19, .Tane, ae. 10, Dorothy, ae. 6, Richard, 
ae. 4, and Thomas, ae. 2, and Stephen, hus- 
Tsandman, ae. 9; these were his broth- 
ers and members of their families. 
The ages were not correctly stated. 
Town ofBcer, deputy. He m. first, Mary — ; 
Tie m. second, Frances, wid. of Mr. Jonathan 
Burr; she d. 19 Nov. 1682. Ch. b. at New- 
bury: Shubael b. Feb. 17, 1635-6, Jeremiah 
b. 14 Sept. 1645, Hannah b. 7 Nov. 1647, 
Richard b. 13 Jan. 1650, William b. 18 Jan. 
1659. His son Nathaniel was drowned; in- 
quest 23 (7) 1658. [Es. Files.] He d. 14 Dee. 

His will, dated 23 April, 1679, prob. April 
1, 1680; wife Frances; dau. -in-law Elizabeth 
Paine; son Richard. The widow's est. was 
divided June 30, 1085, between her sons Shu- 
"bael, Jeremiah and Richard D. 

Stephen, bro. of Mr. Richard, young- 
est son of Thomas Pyldrym alias Dummer, 
was adm. to Middlestreet and Hole farms in 
Bishopstoke, Hants, on the surrender of his 
father, 24 Sept. 1625. These he surrendered 
22 Feb. 1637-8, to his sons Stephen and 
Thomas. He came in the Bevis in May, 


DUMMER, cont. 

1638, with wife Alice; ch. Mehitabel b. at 
Newbury 1 Jan. 1639-40, Jane, Dorothy, 
Richard, and Thomas. The dau. Jane m. 25 
March, 1646, Henry Sewall, Jr. He ret. to 
Eng. before 1648. [See letter to Henrv Short 
in Ips. De. in, 256.] 
He d. at Bishopstoke 6 Sept., 1670. 

Thomas, gent., of Chicknell, in North 
Stoneham, co. Hants, seems to be the per- 
son who came in the Bevis in May, 1638, 
with dau. Joane ,ae. 19, (who afterward m. 
Mr. Thomas Nelson of Rowley as his sec- 
ond wife). Res. at Newbury. Frm. May 13, 
1640. Propr. also at Salisbury. Ret. to Eng. 
Will prob. 9 Nov. 1650 at London. Wife; 
eldest dau. Joane Nelson and her ch. Sam- 
uel and Mary N.; dau. Margaret Clements 
and her ch. now in N. E.; other ch. Thomas, 
Susan, Hester, Jane, and Mary, all under 
21. Margaret m. Dec. 25, 1644, Job Clem- 
ents of Haverhill. [See Reg. XXXIV, 390, 
and XXXV, 254, 269, and 321.] 

KIN, DUNCUM, see Dunkin, 
Mr. Nathaniel, merchant, Dorchester, 
one of the original church-colony who came 
in 1C30; [Bl.] frm. May 6, 1635; one of the 
7 signers of the second chh. covenant in 
1636; selectman, auditor, deputy. He rem. 
to Boston; with wife was rec'd to chh. 7 (1) 
1046. "Learned in Latin and French; a very 
good accountant." [J.] Wife Elizabeth; ch. 
Peter and Nathaniel. "My son Nathaniel 
D. and his children" are legatees in will of 
Ignatius Jurdaine, of Exeter, Eng. March 1, 
1635; the sons Peter and Nathaniel, in that 
of Elizabeth J. of the same, in 1633. [Reg. 
XLIX, 493.] 

The inv. of his est. was filed 26 Jan. 1068, 
by James Trowbridge, admin. 


John, Plymouth, banished by the Court 
4 June, 1639. 


John, weaver, Plymouth, frm. 1633, 
deacon, deputy, town officer. 

He d. March 2, 1668-9, ae. about 80. Will 
dated Jan. 25, 1668, beq. to sons John, Bena- 
jah and Daniel; son-in-law Stephen Wood; 
to the rest of my children that are not desig- 
nated in this my last will twelve pence 

DUNHAM, cont. 

apiece if they demand it; to wife Abigail. 

[Reg. VII, 178.] 

Samuel, who was in Plymouth, atba. 
1643, prop. frm. 1 June 1647, and Joseph, ae. 
about 41, deposed 3 March, 1677, ae. about 
51 years, that their father gave certain lands 
to their bro.-in-Iaw-Benajah Pratt. 

Thomas, Plymouth, atba. 1G43, prop, 
frm. June 1, 1647. 


Thomas, ae. 2.5, came in the Defense 
In July, 1635. Settled at — ; frm. May 26, 


Robert, Reading, propr. 1644; town 

Edward and Elizabeth, Salem, membs. 
chh. 1639. "Removed." 

Samuel, Reading, propr. 1644. Wife 
Ann. Ch. Samuel b. Oct. 15, 1647, Hannah 
b. Feb. 24, 1649, Nathaniel b. Jan. 16, 1655, 
Elizabeth b. March 25, 1658, Sarah b. March 
28, 1660, Mary b. March 5, 1661-2, Ruth b 
April 4, 1664. 

He d. Nov. 7, 1683. His will, prob. (12) 
1684, beq. to sons Samuel, John and Nathan- 
iel; daus. Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary 
and Ruth; gr. son Samuel; refers to land 
which Thomas had to use. John was to 
maintain father and mother the rest of their 

Est. settled by son John. The account 
mentions payments to Hannah, Sarah, Na- 
thaniel and Samuel D.; refers to death of 
his father, and to that of his mother in July, 


Samuel, see Col. Rec. 1 (10) 1640. 


Rev. Henry, Cambridge, propr., frm. 
June 2, 1641. He was president of Harvard 
College, 1640-1654. He leased Mr. Hum- 
phrey's mill at Lynn to Francis Ingalls in 
1647. [Es. Files Till, 75-8.] "An able pro- 
ficient in Hebrew, Greeli and Latin lan- 
guages, an Orthodox Preacher of the truths 
of Christ." [J.] Became an Anabaptist. 
Rem. to Scituate. Was one of the revisers 
of the Bay Psalm Book. [C. M.] His wife 

DUNSTER, cont. 

Elizabeth d. 23 (6) 1643. He m. 2, Elizabeth, 
widow of Mr. Jose Glover. Ch. David b. 
16 (3) 1645, Dorothy b. 29 (11) 1647. 

He d. about 1659. Will dated 18 Feb. 
1658, prob. June 21, 1659, beq. to wife; to 
sons David and Jonathan; to dau. Elizabeth, 
who is to be brought up by "my sister Mrs. 
Hills of Mauldon," or "my sister Williard of 
Concord," in case of her mother's death; to 
Mr. Chauncey, Mr. Mitchell, elder Frost; to 
cousin Bowers with her ch. ; to cousin Faith 
Dunster; to sister Hills and to all her ch. 
born in this country; to sister Willard and 
all her ch.; to maid, Mary Russell. 


Mr. William, Boston, adm. chh. 7 (7) 
1644. A witness to the will of Lawrence 
Sethiek at Shelter Island in 1660. 


Hugh, came in the Bevis in May, 1638. 

Thomas, Charlestown, propr. adjoin- 
ing Ralph Hall in 1648. 


Osmond, Osment, or Osman, mariner, 
Gloucester, sold property at Bridport, Eng., 
18 (5) 1639, and arranged for the coming of 
his wife Grace and son Robert at an early 
day. [L.] Had lawsuit in Salem court in 
1641. He deposed in 1663, ae. about 60 
years. His wife Grace, in 1664, ae. about 
50. Ch. Robert, (who deposed in 1658, ae. 
about 35,) Samuel, Hezekiah b. March 29, 
1646, Alice, (m. — Meacham, of Ipswich,) 
Esther, (m. Samuel Elwell,) Mary, (m. Jo- 
seph Elwell,) Grace, (m. Christopher Hodgs- 

He d. in Nov. 1684. Admin, gr. to the wid- 
ow and son Robert. The widow Grace d. 
Oct. 10, 1694. Will prob. March 28, 1704. 


John; he was before the Gen. Court 
29 (8) 1640. 

Thomas, Woburn; he deposed in 1658, 
ae. 39 years. Ch. Thomas, ae. 19. and Mary, 
ae. 17, in 1667. [Mdx. Files.] Ch. Mary b. 
14 (9) 165 [0], Susanna b. 27 (12) 1653. 



Johu, yeoman, Watertown, propr. 1635; 
rem. to Dedham; pioneer; frm. March 13, 
1038-9. Town officer. Bought one half of a 
water-mill 8 (G) 1642. Wife Hannah adm. 
ehh. 9 (11) 1639. She d. 5 (7) 1656; ho m. 20 
(11) 1657, Elizabeth, widow successively of 
Thomas Thaxter and Wm. Ripley. She d. 
July 17, 1060. 

He d. 24 (11) 1000. Will prob. March 5, 
1660-1; wife Elizabeth; son Timothy, daus. 
Hannah Whiting, Mary Philips, and Sarah 
Reynolds. Sons-in-law Nathaniel Whiting, 
Henrj' Philips and Nathaniel Reynolds. 
[Reg. X, 204, and XXXI, 178.] 

Timothy, Sen., Dedham, propr. 28 (0) 
1638, having part of the lot of his bro. John. 
Adm. chh. 30 (6) 1640. Corporal, town offi- 
cer. He rem. to Medfleld. He m. 11 (9) 
1651, Sarah Penman, who d. in 1052; he m. 
3 (3) 1653, Sarah Powell. Ch. b. 6 
(2) 1657, d. 9 (12) 16.59, John b. 31 (3) 1001, 
Sarah b. 25 June 1664, Josiah b. 14 (8) 1665, 
and Nathaniel b. 20 (9) 1666. Samuel b. 2 
Dec. 1608, Josiah b. 8 Feb. 1070, Seth b. 29 
(5) 1073, Anna b. 12 (0) 1075, Henry b. 19 
(10) 1070. The wife Sarah d. 27 June 1664. 
He m. 9 (11) 1004, Anna Flint. She d. 15 (8) 

His will dated March 3, prob. March 15, 
1670-7; ae. about 07 years; beq. to wife Dor- 
cas, and sons Timothy and John. 


(Jeorge, planter, Dorchester, juryman, 
1630; frm. May IS, 1031. One of the attor- 
neys for Thomas Purchase May 31, 1041. 

Will dated 31 Dec. 1071, prob. 2 Aug. 1072; 
beq. to daus. Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Tris- 
cott, Mary, wife of Wm. Pond; to son-in-law 
James White of Dorch. his looms for weav- 

John, ae. 28, came in the Christian 
March 10. 1634. 

Admiu. of the est. of John Dyer of Bos- 
ton, ironmonger, was gr. 11 June, 1695, to 
Lis widow Elizabeth and son John; division 
made to them and to ch. Benjamin, Joseph, 
Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah 9 March, 1698. 

Thomas, cloth-worker, Weymouth, frm. 
May 29, 1644. Lie. inn-keeper; deputy; dea- 
con; town officer. He m. 2, Elizabeth, wid- 
ow successively of Abraham Harding and 

DYER, etc., cont. 

John Frary, Jr. Ch. Mary b. 3 (5) 1641, John 

b. 10 (5) 1643. 

Will dated 3 Nov. prob. 13 Nov. 1676, beq. 
to wife f 50 and the estate of her former 
husband (at Medfield;) to sons Joseph, John, 
and other children: to his gr. children; to 
pastor, Mr. Samuel Torrey, and to the 
church of Weymouth. The widow Eliza- 
beth, in will dated 20 Nov. prob. 31 Jan. 
1678, beq. to her sons Abraham and John 
Harding, dau. Elizabeth Adams, dau. Pru- 
dence, son Joseph Dyer, and grand children. 

William, mylner, (miller) Boston, adm. 
chh. with wife Marie 13 (lOl 1035; frm. 
March 3, 1035-0. He and his wife sympa- 
thized with Mrs. Hutchinson in 1638. [W.J 
Ch. Samuel b. 20 (10) 1035. 

He d. in Dorchester 18 (4) 1672, in 93d 


Mary, Charlestown, adm. chh. 7 (8) 
1039. She m. Samuel, son of Henry Adams, 
of Braintree. They gave letter of attorney 
22 (S) 1046, to .John Doe, Salter at the Tonne 
in Wood St. London, for the collection of 
legacy from her father Emanuel E., late of 
London, haberdasher; later she sent for leg- 
acies from her gr. mother Elizabeth, her sis- 
ter Hannah and her bro. Samuel E. [A.] 


John, planter, Dorchester, frm. May 14, 
1634. Sold house and land 28 (8) 1640. Bond 
given to John lies concerning parties at 
Barnstable, Eng., in 1039, and to John Eels 
in 1641, show the identity of the man. [L.] 
He rem. to Windsor, Conn, about 1636; his 
son Samuel was bapt. at Dorch. 3 (3) 1640, 
"by communion of ehhs. his father being 
a memb. of the chh. at Windsor." 

John, bee-hive maker. Newbury. The 
Gen. Court sought to arrange for a suitable 
location for him 14 May, 1045. 
He d. Nov. 25, 1653, ae. 78. 

Richard, carpenter, Charlestown, 1638. 

He d. 29 (8) 1»)39. leaving an unsigned will; 
inv. rendered Nov. 29, 1639. Beq. to bro. 
John and to John Keene in Eng.; to his 
aunt for her pains and love; to cousins 
Thomas and Daniel Harris, and to Anne, 
.Tohn and Abigail Maverick; to William, An- 


EALE, etc., cont. 

thony and John Harris; to goodwife Green- 
land; the rest to his 3 bros. and sister. 

Samuel, Ipswich, servant of Mr. Natha. 
Rogers; went to Virginia in 1G39. [Mass. 
Hist. Coll. 4-G.] 

EAMES, AMES, see also Ames, 

Anthony, Charlestown, propr. 1634; 
rem. to Hingham; propr.; frm. March 9, 
1636-7. Assisted in laying out the line be- 
tween Mass. Bay and Plymouth, patents. 
Petition, 2 (4) 1G41. [L.] Town officer, de- 
puty, captain; serious contention in Hing. 
and before the Court when he was chosen, 
rw.] Wife Margery, adm. Chsn. chh. 13 (7) 
1635. Son Marli bought house and land with 
him in Marshfleld 10 Dec. 1651. Dau. Mar- 
gery m. Oct. 20, 1653, John Jacob. [Was 
John, who d. 29 Nov. 1641, his child?] He 
was called "Ames" in Marshfleld records 
1652; signatures as witnesses to will of John 
Rogers, copied by clerli of probate as Eames. 
Michael Peirse refers to father Eames, and 
calls Mark his brother. See Samuel Ward. 

Thomas, brickmaker, Dedham, propr., 
1640. Rem. to Medford. Deposed in 1651, 
ae. about 34 years. Wife Margaret adm. 
chh. 28 (11) 1641. [Reg. XXXII, 408.] 


Robert, a passenger in the Hercules in 
April, 1634. 

EAST, etc., cent. 

"Father East" d. March 17, was bur. March 
19, 1686-7, said to be 94 years old. [S.] 

Jeffrey, Salem, propr. 1636; brought 
suit in court in 1639 to recover pay for his 
service and for a boat. In court 12 (5) 1642. 
Sold 30 acres of land at Mackerel Cove for 
30s. 6 Oct. 1651; went "out of this jurisdic- 
tion" so that his acknowledgment of the deed 
could not be recorded a month later, as Wil- 
liam Dixie testified. Isaac, cooper, bought 
land in Salem, 1653, and in Topsfield, 1673; 
had son Jeffrey. Joseph, Salem, propr. 1639, 
rem. to Topsfield, weaver, constable. Both 
these may have been sons of Jeffrey. 

Roger, Yarmouth, mentioned in inv. of 
Nath. Sparhawk of Wat. in 1647. 


Joseph. Cambridge, propr. 1634; frm. 
March 4, 1634-5. Sold in 1639. 

Mr. Nicholas, tanner, came in the Mary 
and John March 26, 1633-4. Settled at Ips- 
wich; frm. Sept. 3, 1634. Deputy. Had lib- 
erty, Nov. 1634, to build a mill and weir. 
Testimony concerning his business in Ips. 
De. 1, 38. Rem. to Charlestown. Shared in 
the Hutchinson movement, and was banished 
to Newport in 1638. He m. second, widow 
Christian Beecher. 
He d. Aug. 15, 1675, ae. 82. 

Thomas, Newbury, d. Nov. 24, 1650. 


Mrs. Katharine, widow, Dorchester, 
memb. chh. before 1639; gave letter of at- 
torney for collection of money due her in 
Eng. 27 (7) 10.39. [L.] Rec'd to chh. of 
Boston 27 (9) 1642. 

Francis, carpenter, Boston, adm. chh. 
11 (10) 1636; frm. April 17, 1637. [See Ded- 
ham chh. rec. 1638.] Wife Mary; ch. Sam- 
uel b. 11 (1) 1639, Mary b. 25 (1) 1642. Eliza- 
beth b. 1 (9) 1644, David b. 20 (11) 1646, 
Sarah bapt. 11 (9) 1649, ae. about 2 days, 
Daniel b. 21 Sept. 1652, Rebecca b. 22 July, 
1656, Hannah b. Sept. 4, 1658, d. 15 June, 


Roger, ae. 25, servant to .John Sanders 
of Lanford, Wilts., Eng., came in the Confid- 
ence April 11, 1638. House carpenter. Set- 
tled at Salisbury; propr. 1639. Wife Sarah; 
eh. John b. March 9, 1640, Nathaniel b. May 
18, 1643, Philip b. Dec. 30, 1644, Thomas b. 
Nov. 11, 1646, Timothy b. Nov. 29, 1648, 
Joseph b. Jan. 8, 1650, Benjamin b. Feb. 12, 
1652, Sarah b. Sept. 25, 1655, (m. 1, Joseph 
French, 2. Solomon Shepherd,) Samuel b. 
Nov. 20, 1657. Ruth b. March 21, 1660. He 
deposed 11 (2) 1671, ae. about 60 years. Sarah 
deposed same day, ae. about 50. 

He d. Dec. 16, 1694; will dated June 26, 
1691. prob. March 27, 1695. Widow Sarah d. 
March 11, 1697-8. 


Edward, mariner, bought land in 1649. 
Widow, Salem, adm. chh. 21 (4) 1640. Good- 
wife — adm. chh. 29 (10) 1640. Inv. of his 
est. taken 22 June, 1666; admin, gr. to wid- 
ow Hester. Ch. Elizabeth ae. 14, Sarah ae. 
12, Hannah ae. 10, Esther ae. 7 and Edward 
ae. 4. Widow Esther made will 22 July, 
1698, prob. June 31, 1708; beq. to gr. ch. 
Elizabeth Carle, Benjamin, Edward and 
Estwick Bush, and remainder to dau. Eliz- 
abeth Bush. 

EATON, [see Heaton,] 

Francis, carpenter, came in the May- 
flower; signed the Compact; res. at Ply- 
mouth. Frm. 1633. Wife Sarah came with 
him, with ch. Samuel, and infant; Rachel b. 
before 1627; Benjamin apprenticed 11 Feb. 

1635, for 14 yrs., including 2 yrs. school, to 
Bridget Fuller, widow; Samuel appr. for 7 
yrs. Aug. 13, 1636, to John Cooke, Jr. The 
wife Sarah d. and he m. 2, Christian — . 

He d. and admin, was gr. to Thomas 
Prence and John Done Nov. 25, 1633. LKeg. 
IV, 34, and Col. Rec] 

Jonas, Reading, 1647; propr., town 
ofBcer; wife memb. chh. with him in 1648. 
Ch. Mary b. 8 (12) 1643, John b. 10 (7) 1645, 
Jonas b. and d. 24 (7) 1648, [Mdx. De. I.] 
Joshua b. 4 (10) 1653. 

He d. Feb. 24, 1673; will prob. 7 (2) 1674; 
beq. to wife Grace, sons John, James, Joseph, 
Joshua and Jonathan, and dau. Mary. 

John, Watertown, propr., frm. May 25, 

1636. Rem. to Dedham; propr. 1637; town 
oflBcer. Wife Abigail, ae. 35, with Mary, ae. 
4, and Thomas, ae. 1, and Jane Dammant, ae. 
9, came in the Elizabeth and Ann in April, 
1635. Other ch. Abigail b. 6 (11) 1639, (m. 10 
(9) 1659, Robert Mason,) Jacob b. 8 (4) 1642, 
d. 20 (1) 1646. The son Thomas d. 10 (7) 1649; 
the dau. Mary m. John Mason. Mrs. Eaton 
had ch. Jane and John Dammant by former 
marriage, who were rec'd to chh. of Dedh. 
1640 and 1645. 

He d. 10 (9) 1658. WiU prob. 16 (10) 1658, 
beq. to wife Abigail; ch. John, Mary and 
Abigail; to John Dammant of Redding; to 
John Plimpton of Medfield; to kinsman Ed- 
ward Hodson. 

John, Sen., cooper, Salisbury, propr. 
1639-1646. Rem. to Haverhill; propr. 1648; 

EATON, cent. 

town otHcer. With wife Martha sold land 
20 (2) 1655. Ch. John, (deposed in 1060, ae. 
about 40 years,) Ann, (m. George Brown,) 
Elizabeth, (m. James Davis,) Thomas, Ruth, 
(m. Samuel Ingalls,) Hester. His wife Ann 
d. Feb. 5, 1660; he m. Nov. 20, 1661, Phebe, 
widow of Thomas Dow. 
He d. Oct. 29, 1668; will prob. April 13, 1669, 
beq. to present wife; to sons John and 
Thomas; to daus. Brown, Davis and Ingalls; 
to gr. ch. Thomas, (son of John) and 
Thomas, (son of Thomas,) E'., Hester and 
John Davis and John Ingalls. Widow Phebe 
d. Nov. 3, 1672. Inv. of her est, filed 25 Dec. 

Nathaniel, bro. of Mr. Theophilus, b. 
about 1609, came to Cambridge about 1637; 
propr., frm. June 9, 1638. Became first mas- 
ter of the school which grew into Harvard 
College. A grant of land was made to him by 
the town of Camb. 2 (2) 1638, with this 
memorandum: "The two acres & two-thirds 
above mentioned to the Professor is to the 
Common use forever for a publicke scoole or 
Colledgc. And to the use of mr. Nath Eaton 
as long as he shall be Imployed in that 
worke." Was tried by the Court 4 (7) 1639, 
on the charge of cruelty to his usher Mr. 
Nathaniel Briscoe, and to many of his pu- 
pils. He fied to New Hampshire; was sent 
back, afterward escaped to Virginia, leav- 
ing great debts, ill repute. As he had been 
initiated among the Jesuits, he took it upon 
him to be a minister there. His wife and 
ch. were drowned on a voyage thither. He 
afterward mar. a dau. of Mr. Thomas 
Graves of Va., formerly of Dorchester, and 
deserted her. [W.] He officiated at North- 
ampton, Va., in 1642-3. and d. about 1646. 
[Reg. XL, 294.] 

Benoni, son of Mr. Nathan Eaton, 
whose mother died a member of the chh. of 
Camb., was in the family of Thomas Cheese- 
holme and under his care in 1658. [Mi.] Inv. 
of his est. taken April 3, 1691, was filed by 
his widow Rachel. 

Mr. Theophilus, son of Mr. Richard Eat- 
on, clerk, (whose will may be seen in Reg. 
XXXVIII, 29,) a merchant of London of fair 
estate and great esteem for religion, and wis- 
dom in outward affairs, [W.] arrived at Bos- 
ton in June, 1637. Rem. very soon to Conn., 
where he was governor and a person of very 
great importance. See many sketches. 


EATON, cont. 

William, husbandman, of Staple, Eng., 
witli wife Martha, 3 children and 1 servant, 
came from Sandwich, Eng., before June 9, 
1637. Settled at Watertowu; propr. 1642. 
He deposed in 1658, ae. about 54 years, and 
[his son] John, ae. about 22 years. Rem. to 
Reading; propr. 1644; town officer. He and 
his wife and 5 children were legatees in the 
will of the wife's sister, Margaret, widow of 
Edmund Lane of London, 3 Sept., 1662. [Reg. 
XXXVII, 378.] Oh. Daniel b. 20 (11) 1638, 
Mary b. 8 (2) 1643. He deposed in 1667, ae. 
about 60 years. [Es. files.] 

He, d. at Read. May 13, 1673. His will 
dated 26 (7) 1672, prob. June 11, 1673, beq. to 
wife Martha, sons John and Daniel, dau. 
Mary, sons-in-law Thomas Browne and 
Francis Moore. [See Oldham.] The widow 
in her will, 24 Nov. 1675, prob. 21 (4i 1681, 
beq. to the same. 


Samuel, Salem, propr., memb. chh. 1636. 
He deposed 12 (9) 1666, ae. about 52. Wife 
Katharine adm. chh. 23 (5) 1648; ch. Samuel, 
Moses, and Mary bapt. 6 (6) 1648, Rebecca 
bapt. 23 (1) 1650-1, Sarah bapt. 15 (4) 1656, 
William bapt. 9 (6) 1668. He m. Katharine, 
dau. of James Smith of Marblehead, who 
mentions in his will in 1661, herself and her 
ch. Mary, Rebecca, Moses, Hannah, James 
and Sarah. He d-eposed in 1601, ae. 50 years. 

Thomas, Salem, frm. May 14, 1634. Res. 
in 1642. [Essex Court files.] 


Richard, weaver, Cambridge. "Our 
bro. Jackson's man; brought up many years 
in Popery." [Rel.] He deposed in 1654, ae. 
about 40 years. Bought house and land in 
1646. Frm. May 18, 1642. Wife Mary d. 
Aug. 23, 1675, and he m. 2, June 4, 1677, Su- 
sanna Carter. Ch. of Richard and Mary 
b. and bapt. in Camb.; Mary, Hannah and 
Martha. [Ml.] 

He d. before March 10, 1696-7, when his 
est. was sold by his dau. 


Barbara, Cambridge, m. in 1649, Rob- 
ert Brown. 


Edmund, Scituate, propr., 1637; took 
oath of allegiance 1 Feb. 1638; frm. 1 June 


John, son of Rev. William Eddy of 
Crainbrook, Eng.; came to Plymouth in the 
Handmaid, arriving Oct. 29, 1630. Rem. to- 
Watertown; [see Bradford's letter, Reg. II, 
244.] "A godly man, now and then a little 
distempered." [W.] Frm. Sept. 3, 1634. 
Town officer. He desired to be excused from 
training 15 (10) 1673, ae. 77 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] Wife Amy; ch. Pilgrim b. 25 (6) 1634,. 
John b. 16 (12) 1636, Benjamin bur. in 1639, 
Samuel b. 30 (7) 1640, Abigail b. 11 (8) 1643. 
He m. 2. Joanna — , who d. Aug. 25 , 1683, ae. 

He d. Oct. 12, 1684, ae. 90. Will dated 11 
Jan. 1677, prob. Dec. 16, 1684; beq. to sons^ 
Samuel and John, sons-in-law John Miriam 
and Thomas Orton; and daus. Mary Orton, 
Sarah Miriam, Pilgrim Steadman, and Ruth 
Gardner; wife to have according to their con- 

Robert, ae. 25, came in the Hopewell in- 
Sept., 1635. 

Samuel, Plymouth, taxed 1632; frm. 
1633; atba. 1643. Land grant 1636. Placed his 
son John, (7 yrs. old Dec. 25, 1644,) appr. with 
Francis Goulder, April 3, 1645, and "having 
many children and many wants," placed son 
Zechery (7 yrs. old) with Mr. John Browne 
of Rehoboth, 2 March, 1646-7. Wife Eliza- 
beth; ch. rec: Hannah b. June 23, 1647. 

— , of Boxted, came to Plymouth in Nov. 
1639. [W.] This may be Samuel, returning 
from a visit to England. 


William, carpenter or wheelwright, 
came in the Lyon's Whelp to Salem, 1629^ 
[Suff. De. I. XVI.] 

EDGE, see Hedge. 


John, Boston, memb. chh. 1630, frn». 
May 18, 1631. 

Walter, (Gualter,) Concord, 1639, frm. 

May 22, 1638; constable, 1640. Rem. to 

Charlestown. Adm. chh. 21 (1) 1652, with 

wife Dorothy; she d. Sept. 11, 1671. He de- 


EDMUNDS, cont. 

posed about 1GG2 that he served apprentice- 
ship in England at selling strong waters, and 
desired relief from the prohibitory Act. 
[Mdx. Files.] Ch. Joshua, Mary, Daniel, 
John b. 2 (5) 1640. 

He d. July 13, 1667. Will dated 30 (3), prob. 
Sept. 27, 1667, beq. to wife Dorothy, sons 
Joshua, Daniel and John, dau. Potter of Con- 

William, Lynn, propr. ; frm. May 6, 
1635. His wife in Court June 5, 1638. He 
deposed in 1659, ae. about 42 years. He m. 
in Boston 1 (7) 1662, Ann Martin, widow; his 
dau. Mary m., same date and place, Joseph 

Inv. of his est. talten 8 Sept. 1693; admin, 
gr. to son John; division made Oct. 8, 1694, 
to ch. John, Joseph and Samuel E., and Mary 


Thomas, ae. 47, came in the Elizabeth 
and Jane in April, 1635. Boston, He m. 16 
(7) 1651, Elizabeth Ferman. Fined for vot- 
ing though not a freeman 18 May, 1652. 
Bondsman for William Salter, as inhab., 


Samuel, Salem, propr. 1639. May be 
Samuel of Bridgewater, who made will 15 
Jan. 1688-9, prob. Sept. 20, 1692; having 
formerly deeded lands to children, now beq. 
to sons Samuel, Joseph and Josiah; to wife 
Susanna; to daus. Susanna, Sarah, Mary 
and Bethiah. 


Alexander, Springfield, propr. 1643; 
town officer. He m. 28 (2) 1642, Sarah Searle, 
widow. Ch. Samuel b. 7 (1) 1642-3, Hanna b. 
18 (12) 1644, Joseph b. 8 (1) 1647, Mary b. 20 
(11) 1649, Benjamin b. 24 (4) 1652, Sarah b. 
21 (9) 1654. 

WiU dated 30 Aug., inv. taken 24 Oct. 1690. 
Beq. to sons Samuel, Benjamin and 
Nathaniel, daus. Mar.v Field and Elizabeth 
Claris; to Sarah North, and John and Samuel 
Davis; wife to be well cared for. 

Edmond, servant to Henry Feake of 
Sandwich, transferred to John Barnes 25 
Sept., 1639. 


EDWARDS, cont. 

Edward, Plymouth, bought house and 
lands 31 Dec. 1642, to be paid for in money, 
stockings, shoes, or other merchantable com- 

Henry, bondsman. Gen. Court, 29 (8) 

John, apprenticed 24 Jan. 1638-9, to Ed- 
mond Chandler of Duxbury, for 5 years. 

John, blacksmith, Charlestown, con- 
tract to learn gunsmithery 17 (7) 1640. [L.] 
Witness to indenture of Stephen Day of Cam- 
bridge, 16 (2) 1640. 

His house and goods given by Gen. Court, 
27 Sept., 1642, to (his partner) Harman Gar- 
rett and his heirs. 

Matthew, Reading; before Gen. Court 3 
(7) 1039; propr. 

He d. 22 (10) 1683. He made will 18 Dec. 
1683, prob. April 1, 1684; beq. to wife Mary; 
dau. Mary Polly and her ch.; daus. Tabitha, 
Sarah, Abigail and Elizabeth; son Matthew 
E.; farm on the other side of Ipswich river; 
to Nicholas Lun; hay and grass at certain 
places; debt to Capt. Walker for land; cousin 
Thomas Bancroft joint exec, with the wife. 
The son Matthew made will 30 July, 1689, 
and beq. to bro. John Polly, the sisters men- 
tioned above, and other persons. 

Nathaniel, merchant, Boston, adm. in- 
hab. 1647. Legatee and admin, of est. of 
Nathaniel Smyth, 1651. [Gen Court.] 

He d. 2 (11) 1653. Admin, gr. to Joseph 
Hills. Inv. taken 3 Feb. 1653-4. recorded 
with accounts of J. H. and Thos. Broughton. 

Rice or Reece, joiner, Salem, propr. 
1642. In court as of Wenham in 1647. His 
wife Joan adm. chh. Boston 9 (3) 1647. He 
deposed in 1680, ae. about 65 years. 

Robert, ae. 22, came in the Hopewell la 
Sept., 1635. Settled at Concord; frm. May 18, 
1642. Wife Christian; dau. Sarah b. and d. 
in 1640; dau. Christian b. 15 (1) 1645. 

Nunc, will made before Goo. Heaward and 
Wm. Wood, prob. 2 (1) 1647, beq. all to his 
wife. Inv. taken 8 (10) 1646. 

Thomas, shoemaker. Salem, propr. 1637; 
frm. Feb. 28, 1642-3. Constable 25 (1) 1G44. 
[Es. Court.] His wife Elizabeth sold land in 
1649. Ch. Abr. "son of Edwards of Water- 
town," bapt. at Salem 19 (6) 1638, Jon, "son 

EDWARDS, cont. 

of sister Edwards," bapt. 2 (4) 1639, Joseph, 

do. bapt. 22 (3) 1642, Joshua bapt. 18 (4) 1643. 

William, Lynn. Dealt in bees, 1G41. [Es. 
Court rec] Before the court in 1648. 


Bigot, Dorchester, frm. May 18, 1631. 
Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 


Mr. Simon, ae. 48, physician, came iu 
the Increase, April 15, 1635, with wife Dor- 
othy, ae. 38, and ch. Marie, ae. 15, Thomas, 
ae. 13, Simon, ae. 11, Rebecca, ae. 9, Chris- 
tian, ae. 7, Anna, ae. 5, Benjamin, ae. 3, and 
Sarah, ae. 3 months. Settled at Watertown; 
propr. 1636; frm. April 17, 1637. Deputy. He 
rem. to Boston; rec'd ehh. 17 (2) 1647. His 
wife Dorothy d. 11 (6) 1650; he m. 2. Martha 
— . Oh. Jonathan b. 20 (1) 1637, Dorothy b. 
4 (41 1640, Maria b. 26 (1) 1652; Ann m. John 
Chpcljley; John b. Feb. 19, 1653, John Whit- 
tingham, his son-in-law, d. 7 (9) 16.53, Judith 
Whittingham, dau.-in-law, d. 27 (1) 1656. 
He d. Nov. 10, 1658. Will prob. March 4, 
1658-9. Beq. to wife Martha, to 2 youngest 
children, John and Maria, to eldest son Thom- 
as and his dau. Dorothy; the rest of I'.is chil- 
dren having had their portions. In the will of 
Wm. Paine other children are named, Ben- 
jamin, Rebecca, Christian. The widow 
Martha d. July 13, 1687. 


John, Lynn, propr., 1638. Rem. to Ded- 
ham; propr. 22 (12) 1641. Lot sold before 6 
(12) 1642. He sold a new built mill at Lynn 
16 (7) 1643. Mortg. half of a mill at Reading 
June 27, 1046. Wife — ; ch. Abigail b. 13, 
bapt. 19 (7) 1641; John d. 1641. 


Robert, servant to Mr. Nicholas Sym- 
pkins, transferred for 3 yrs. 25 May, 1639, to 
Mr. Thomas Prenee. Plymouth, atba. 1643. 
Rem. to Yarmouth. He m. Oct. 1649, Eliza- 
beth Nickarson; ch. Nicholas b. Aug. 18, 1650. 
Inv. of his est. 18 Jan. 1682; some land giv- 
en to the wife by her father Wm. Nickarson, 
Sen. ; eldest son to have a double portion. 

Samuel, Medford, resident before 1651 
[Mdx. Files.] Deposed in 1652, ae. about 
32 years. Cambridge, before Gen. Court Nov. 

ELDRED, etc., cont. 

22, 1659; deposed Ess. Court 1661, res. at 
Rumney Marsh. AVife Elizabeth; ch. Eliza- 
beth b. 26 (8) 1642. Samuel b. 26 (8) 1644, 
Mary b. 15 (4) 1646, Thomas b. 8 (7) 1648. 

William, Yarmouth. Wife Ann; suit to 
protect in 1645. Ch. Ann b. Dec. 1648, Sarah 
b. Oct. 10, 1650. 

William Lumpkin of Y. in his will dated 
23 July, 1668, beq. to gr. ch. Elisha and 
Bethia Eldred. Are they ch. of William and 
Ann? [Genealogy in Reg. LI, 46.] 


John, mariner, Salem; called to Court 1 
March, 1630-1. Drew bill of exchange In 1639. 


Francis, son of Bennett and Lettice B., 
of Widford and Nasing, Eng., came as a 
planter to Braintree; frm. June 2, 1641. Be- 
came schoolmaster to the Indians under his 
bro. about 1650. [Reg. XXXVI, 292.] With 
wife Mary sold land in Br. May 4, 1662. Ch. 
Mary b. 27 (11) 1640, John b. 17 (2) 1650, 
Hannah b. 11 (8) 1651, (m. 6 (3) 1670, Stephen 
Willis,) Abigail b. 12 (11) 1658. 

Inv. taken 29 Oct., pres. 13 Nov. 1677, by 
widow Mary. He beq. to his wife Mary; 
to daus. Rachel Poulter and Hannah Wil- 
lis, and to Stephen Willis. Dec. dau. Mary 

Jacob, son of Bennet and Lettice E., 
'bapt. 21 Sept 1606, came early to Boston; 
deacon, ruUng elder; frm. March 6, 1631-2. 
Wife Margery; ch. Jacob b. 16 (10) 1632, John 
b. 28 (10) 1634, Hannah b. 29 (11) 1636, [see 
W. vol. 2, p. 202.] (m. Theophilus Frary 4 (4) 
1653,) Abigail b. 7 (2) 1639, Susanna b. 22 (5) 
1641, Mehetabel b. (2) 1645, (m. Seth Perry,) 
Sarah bapt. 5 (10) 1647, Asaph b. 25 (8) 1651, 
and bapt. 2 (9) 1651, after his father's death. 
Will prob. Nov. 20, 1651; the widow's will 
prob. 9 May, 1661. He beq. to wife, son 
Jacob and dau. Hannah; other ch. to have 
portions at majority or marriage. [Reg. IV, 
53, X, 362, and XXX, 206.] 

Rev. John, son of Bennet and Lettice 
(Aggar) Eliot, was bapt. at Widford, Eng., 
5 Aug. 1604. [See wills of the father and 
otliers in Reg. XLVII, 397 et seg.] 

"The Apostle to the Indians" came to N. E. 
Nov. 2, 1631; acting pastor of the Boston ehh. 


ELIOT, etc., cont. 

in absence of Mr. Wilson; ord. over chh. of 
Eoxbury in Oct. 1632; frm. May 6, 1631-2. In 
addition to a faithful performance of his pa- 
rochial duties he found time for a thorough 
study of the lan^age of the Indians of 
Massachusetts, so as to translate the Bible 
and other boolis into it; and achieved a great 
■work in the conversion and education of 
many individuals. See many notices. 

He m. in Rox. in 1632, Anne Mumford; she 
d. 22 March, 1686. Ch. Hannah b. Sept. 17, 
1633, John b. Aug. 3, 1636, Joseph bapt. Dec. 
20, 1638, Samuel bapt. Jan. 27, 1641, Aaron 
bapt. Feb. 19, 1643, d. 18 (9) 1655, Benjamin 
bapt. Feb. 29, 1646. 

He d. May 20, 1690, in his 86th year. 

Philip, son of Bennet and Lattice E., 
bapt. 25 April, 1602, came early to Roxbury; 
deacon. His wife, ae. 30, and ch.: Marie, ae. 
13, Elizabeth, ae. 8, Sarah, ae. 6, Lydia, ae. 
4, and Philip, ae. 2, came in the Hopewell in 
April, 1635. 

He d. 22 or 24 (8) 1657. Will prob. Feb. 11, 
1657. Wife Elizabeth, son Aldis and dau. 
Sarah Aldis; gr. ch. Henry Withington; dau. 
Lydia. [Reg. VIII, 281.] The est. of the 
.widow was divided to her sons-in-law John 
Aldis, John Smith, of Dedham, and Rich. 
Withington of Dorchester, Feb. 2, 1660. 

William, came in the Hercules April 
16, 1634. "One Eliot of Ipswich" got lost in 
Nov. 1634. [W.] In Salem Court in 1660. 

ELLENWOOD, etc., cont. 
Mary b. 3 (2), bapt. 5 (4) 1664, Elizabeth b. 
27 June, 1666, Sarah bapt. 7 (6) 1666, Benja- 
min b. 1 (2) 1668, David b. 6 July, 1670. 

His will dated Jan. 7, 1673, prob. 3 (5) 
1674, beq. to wife Helen and ch. Ralph, John, 
Joseph, Benjamin, David, Mary and Eliza- 
beth. The widow Eleanor deposed. 


Nicholas, Dorchester, in Court 4 (4) 
1639; propr. Feb. 2, 1646. [George Allen of 
Boston, son of Daniel and gr. son of Nich- 
olas A. of Dorch. beq. in 1718 a small farm 
which had belonged to said gr. fa. N. A. 
This shows the double spelling of the name.] 

He deposed in 1656, ae. about 40 years. 
[Arch. 38 B.] He m. first Martha — ; she 
d. Sept. 17, 1660; he m. 2, July 3, 1663, 
Mary, widow of Robert Pond, Jr. They sold 
the Pond est. Oct. 5, 1665. Ch. Ann b. 3 (11) 

Will dated Nov. 16, 1667, prob. May 29, 
1668. Wife Mary, eldest son Daniel, his oth- 
er children; Martha and Mary Pond, his 
wife's daus. [Reg. XIX, 36.] Daniel admin, 
on the estate of his bro. Benjamin 11 Jan. 



Salem, member chh. before 


Henry, tailor, Boston, adm. chh. 9 (9) 
1634, frm. May 6, 1635. With wife Mary 
dism. to chh. of Exeter 3 (1) 1639. 

Will dated 27 April, 1667, prob. 13 (2) 
1669, "very aged;" beq. to sons Gershom and 

Thomas, before the Court Aug. 5, 1634. 


Ralph, planter, ae. 28, came in 
the Truelove in Sept. 1635. Settled 
at Salem; rem. to Beverly; suit In 
Court, settled by arbitration, 1638. He de- 
posed in 10G9, ae. about 60. Adm. chh. 
21 (1) 1647; goodwife adm. chh. 13 (6) 1648. 
He m. 14 (1) 16.55, Ellen Lyn. Ch. Josiah 
bapt. 26 (3) 1644, Stephen bapt. 16 (1) 1656, 
Ralph bapt. 26 (2) 1657, Ralph b. 18 March, 
1658, John b. 2 (5) 1659, Joseph b. 12 (3) 1662, 


Henry, before Gen. Court 20 (3) 1640. 


John, Watertown; wife Margaret; ch. 
Elizabeth b. 2 (12) 1633, John b. 12 (4) 1635- 
6, Anne b. 12 (5) 1638, Samuel and Martha 
b. and d. in 1640, Sarah b. 22 (10) 1643. Sold 
land, buildings and privileges 8 (3) 1646. 

[Samuel?], Salem, witness at court in 


Richard, Braintree; wife Thomasin; 
ch. Mary b. 15 (G) 1646, Hannah b. 24 (5) 
1648, John b. 26 (6) 1650, Sarah b. 10 (4) 1652, 
Thomasin b. 1 (1) 1655, Experience (dau.) b. 
6 (2) 1657, Richard b. 7 (2) 1642. 



Arthur, juryman, Gen. Court, Sept. 28, 


Elizabeth, ae. 16, came in the Abigail 
in July, 1035. 

Goodwife, Lynn, before the Court In 
1647 for living 8 years from her husband. 

John, Dedham, pioneer 1636, adm. chh. 
17 (5) 1640, frm. June 2, 1641. He m. 10 (9) 
1641, Susan Lumber; eh. John b. 26 (2) 1646. 
Rem. to Medfleld. He m. 2, 20 (4) 1656, Joane, 
widow of John Clap of Dorchester. 

Will dated Sept. 24, 1690, prob. June 24, 
1697; beq. to wife Jone; to eldest son John; 
to daus. Susanna Evins and Hannah Rocliet 
articles that belonged to their mother, his 
first wife; to sons Joseph and Eleazer. 

John, Sandwich, atba. 1643. Lieut. 
He m. Elizabeth, [dau. of Edmund Free- 
man;] in Court June 4, 1645. Ch. (parent 
not given) Bennett b. 27 Feb. 1048, Mordicai 
(of John) b. March 24, 1050, Joel b. March 
20, 1654, Matthias b. June 2, 1657. 

Inv. of his est. taken 23 May, 1077, pres. 
by his widow Elizabeth. 

Mary, had deed of house in Boston 2 
(1) 1645, from Maj. Gen. Gibbons. She after- 
ward m. — Scarlet. 

Lieut. Richard, wheelwright, Dedham, 
adm. chh. 5 (11) 1643. He m. 19 (7) 1650, 
Elizabeth French; ch. Elizabeth b. 23 (5) 
1651, Sarah b. 23 (11) 1052, Mary b. 3 (12) 
1654, John b. 31 (11) 1656, Anna b. 15 (1) 
1659, Rebecca b. 30 (2) 1661, Eliezer b. Jan. 
10, 1663, Joseph b. Oct. 1666, Abigail b. July 
5, 1609. 

He d. Oct. 21, 1094. Admin, gr. to his 
widow Elizabeth and son John 27 Dec. 1694. 

Roger, weaver, Yarmouth, suit in court, 
1641; atba. 1643; lie. by Gen. Court 12 (9) 
1644, to m. Jane Lisham. Ch. John b. Dec. 
1, 1648, bapt. at Barnstable April 15, 1649. 
He rem. to Boston; adm. inhab. In 1653. 
Bought house in Charlestown 25 (10) 1657. 
Nunc, will beq. all to his wife; this, with 
the inv. of his est., was filed 24 (1) 1668-9, 
by widow "Ales Elce." 

William, see Allis. 


Thomas, Rowley, propr. 1643. His first 
wife d. and he m. 2, Abigail, widow of 

ELITHORP, etc., cent. 
Thomas Sumner. Ch. Nathaniel, (deposed 
in 1686, ae. about 55 years,) (m. Dec. 16, 
1657, Mary, dau. of Nicholas Batt,) John b. 
18 (3) 1643, Mary, (m. 12 (8) 1655, Henry Ey- 
ley,) Abigail, (m. Joseph Pickworth). 

He d. about April, 1654. The Gen. Court 
adm. his will 3 May, 1654, but it does not 
apipear. The widow m. 3, Thomas Jones; 
she joined with son Nathl. and daus. Mary 
Ryley and Abigail Pickworth 6 April, 1668, 
In appointing son John attorney for business 
at Rowley. [Es. Files XVIII and XXXI.] 

ELLSLEY, see Ilsley. 


Edward, embarked June 22, 1632. Set- 
tled at Cambridge, propr. 1635. Sold land 
before 1638. 


Ralph, (Radolphus) planter, Scituate, 
came in the Planter in April, 1035; atba. 1643. 
Gave bond to John Floyd Oct. 2, 1656, for 
money lent and paid for passage. He m. 25 
Dec. 1644, Kateren Whitcombe. Ch. Sarah 
b. Sept. 29, 1645. See will of Sarah Elmes, 
widow of Southwark, co. Surrey, dated 25 
Aug. 1053, prob. 20 April, 1054; son Radul- 
phus Elmes now in parts beyond the seas; 
sons Jonathan and Henry Elmes. [Reg. XL, 
306.] Ch. Sarah b. Sept. 29, 1645, Mary b. 
June 9, 1648, Joanna b. Mar. 28, 1651, Han- 
nah b. Dec. 25, 1053, John b. July 6, 1655, 
Joseph b. March 16, 1658, Waitstill b. Feb. 
9, 1660, Jonathan b. 27 Sept. 1603, Rodul- 
phus b. 27 May, 1608. 

ELSLY, ELTTSLEY, see Ilsey. 


John, Salem, suffered shipwreck In 
Boston Bay 20 July, 1631, with two of Mr. 
Craddock's fishermen. [W.] 


Robert, Dorchester, propr. Sept. 1, 
1634; frm. at Boston May 13, 1640; at Es. 
Court 30 (4) 1640. His wife had legacy 
from a bro. residing at Stoke Abbot, Dor- 
setshire, Eng., about 1648. [See Tristram 
Dalliber.] He sold before June 8, 1640, and 
rem. to Salem; adm. chh. 19 (12) 1642, and 
soon after to Gloucester. Town officer, comr. 
to end small causes. He m. 1, Joan — , who 


ELWELL, etc., cont. 

d. March 31, 1675. He m. 2, May 29, 1676, 
Alice, widow of Robert Leacli, who had d. 
about (5) 1674. She d. April 10, 1691; she 
beq. her est. to her 5 daus., of whom Alice 
Bennett was one, and her 2 sons Samuel and 
Robert Leach. 

Ch. Samuel, (deposed in 1694, ae. 60 years,) 
2 children bapt. at Sal. 28 (6) 1639, John 
bapt. 23 (11) 1039-40, Isaac bapt. 27 (12) 
1641, Josiah, Joseph, (who deposed March 
28, 1064, ae. 16 years next May,) Sara b. and 
d. in 1051, Sarah b. May 12, 1052, d. Aug. 
26, 1655, Thomas b. Nov. 12, 1654. 
bapt. 22 (2) 1055, Jacob b. June 10, 1657, d. 
May 21, 1058, Richard bapt. April 11, 1658, 
Mary, (m. Samuel Dalliber). 

He d. in May or June, 1683. Will, dated 
15 May, prob. 20 June, 1683. [See The El- 
well Family.] 



Edward, servant of John Scobell, car- 
penter, of Boston, in 1640. [L.] 

One Ely, a seaman, came in the May- 
llower, hired to stay in the country a year; 
when the time was out he ret. [B.] 

Nathaniel, Cambridge, propr. 1034; 
frm. May 0, 103.5. Rem. to Conn, where he 
held several important offices. 


John, came in the Abigail in July, 1635, 
at the age of 20 years. Settled at Scltuate; 
yeoman, planter. Before the Gen. Court 
Jan. 3, 1630. Sold land in 1636 and 1639. 
Won a case in court 3 March, 1039-40. 

He m. at Duxbury, July 19, 1638, Barbara, 
dau. of Mr. John Lothrop. / 


Thomas, baker, yeoman, Ipswich, 
propr. 1638; selectman, 1646. Conveyed his 
farm to his son John, for a yearly rental 
etc. during the lives of himself and his 
wife Elizabeth; many specifications. [Ips. 
De. I, 63.] 

His will dated 31 May, 1653, prob. Jan. 
4, 1660, beq. to sons Joseph, John and Na- 
thaniel, daus. Elizabeth Fuller, and Susan- 
na E.; to son James, if he shall come over 
into this country; to wife Elizabeth, whom 
he malies exec. 



Anthony, carpenter, of Romsey, came 
in the James in April, 1035. Settled at New- 
bury, 1037. Selectman, 1048. Rem to Do- 
ver and Kittery. 

George, doctor, Salem, 1036. One of 
the appraisers of John Thome's est. in 1046. 
The town agreed with him in 1647 about 
curing goody Lamberte. He deposed in 
1662, ae. about 53 years. Wife Mary adm. 
chh. 1 (9) 1648. She d. about (9) 1673. 
He d. 20 Feb. 1686-7. 

John, carpenter, from Romsey, Eng., 
came in the James in 1035. Settled at New- 
bury. Prm. June 2, 1641. Town officer; 
liept the ordinary. His wife d. and he m. 
2, Mary, widow of John Webster. Ch. 
Eleanor, (m. John Bayley.) Anne, (m. James 
Ordway,) John, Ebenezer, dau. b. 16 Sept. 
1648, (m. John Hoag,) Jonathan b. J3 May, 
1652, Hannah, (m. Michael Emerson). 

He d. 3 Nov. 1683. Will dated May 12, 
prob. Nov. 27, 1683, in his 83d year; beq. to 
wife Mary, dau. Ebenezer Hoag, son Jon- 
athan, gr. ch. Mary Emerson, to his six chil- 
dren; sons John E. and Abraham Merrill 
overseers. The widow Mary d. April 28, 
1694. Will dated Aug. 1, 1693, prob. June 
1, 1696, beq. to son Jonathan E.; to Israel's 
four daughters; to John Webster's son Isra- 
el; to daus. [Simons;] Abigail Merrill, Johan- 
nah — and Hannah Emerson; to son Ste- 
phen W. 


Thomas, cordwainer, Boston, adm. in- 
habitant in 1647. With wife Martha adm. 
chh. 18 (11) 1051; frm. May 26, 16.52. 

He d. May 11, 1664. Will: Wife Martha; 
ch. Obediah, Samuel, Hannah Crab, Eliza- 
beth HincliSman, Benjamin; kinswoman 
Martha Winsor; gr. ch. Thomas, son of 
Obediah, and Samuel Crab. The wiJow 
made will March 30, 1666, prob. Feo. 18, 
1666-7; beq. to ch. Obediah, Samuel, Joseph, 
Benjamin, Alice; gr. ch. Thomas, ?>Iartha, 
Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth, and Samuel Crab; 
to kinswomen Martha and Hannah Winsor; 
son John Hincksman. [Reg. XII, 346.] 

Edward, servant of John Scobell, car- 
penter, of Boston, in 1040. [L.] 

Edward "Eymons," Haverhill, deposed 
in 1663, ae. 40 years. 




Mr. John; he arrived at Salem Sept. 
6, 1628. He was chosen "Governor of the 
Plantation in the Mattachusetts Bay for the 
yeare following from the time he shall take 
his oath," by the Governor and Company in 
Loudon, 30 April, 1C29. He held the office 
until the arrival of Mr. John Winthrop, who 
had been chosen governor of the Company 
and also of the Plantation, in June, 1630. 
He took the oath of Asst. 7 Sept. 1630; was 
again elected governor March 26, 1G49. Was 
captain of militia, magistrate and one of 
the most important statesmen of the Colony. 
He rem. to Boston in 1655. He calls Roger 
Ludlow "my brother" in a letter to Gov. 
Winthrop in 1644. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 4-6.] 
He m. tirst Anna Gouer, who came over in 
1628 and d. in 1629. She was a "cousin" of 
Gov. Matthew Craddock; see his letter in 
Mass. Hist. Coll. 2-8. He m. second, Aug. 
18, 1630, [W.] Elizabeth Gibson of Cam- 
bridge, Eng., member of the chh. before 
1636. Ch. John and Zerubabel. 

His will, dated 2 (3) 1659, presented but 
disallowed by the Court, mentions his farm 
at Salem which he had bought 4 (8) 1648, of 
Henry Chickering of Dedham; 2 farms on 
Ipswich River, bought respectively of Capts. 
Trask and Hawthorne. 


Nathaniel, servant of John Cogan, Bos- 
ton, ae. about 18 yrs., deposed Aug. 8, 1639. 


John, Plymouth, found drowned abont 
June 5, 1638. 

Maudit, (also called Madett, Maud, 
Maudie, Madot,) fuller, from Marlborough, 
Eng., came in the .Tames April 5, 1635. Set- 
tled at Boston: propr. 1638. Adm. chh. "la- 
borer," 5 (7) 1640. He deposed March 20, 
1678-9, ae. about 70 years. [Supr. Court 
Rec] Wife .loan adm. chh. 2 (10) 1643; ch. 
Hannah b. 2 (1) 1638-9, (m. 2 (5) 1657, Sam- 
uel Clement,) Mary bapt. 17 (9) 1644, ae. 
about 4 days. Samuel bapt. 7 (1) 1647, ae. 
about 9 days, (m. at Hingham Feb. 21, 
1672-3, Mary, dan. of Nathaniel and Martha 
His Will dated 1 (10) 1684, prob. 18 .July. 

ENGLISH, etc., cont. 

1685, beq. to son Samuel, dau. -in-law Mary, 

and gr. ch. Madet, Samuel and Nathaniel. 

Thomas, mariner, came in the May- 
flower to Plymouth, hired to go master of 
a shalop here; d. before the ship ret. [B.] 

Sergt. William, cordwainer, Ipswich, 
propr. 1637; selectman; frm. Sept. 21, 1642. 
Rem. to Boston. Adm. townsman in 1652. 
Deputy. With wife Sara adm. chh. 15 (1) 

Will dated 4 May, prob. 15 June, 1682, 
beq. to wife Mary, and to Sarah, dau. of 
Joshua and Sarah Windsor. Signed, Wil- 
liam Inglish. 

Bernard, husbandman. Pulling Point, 
Boston, bought land of James Bill in 1645, 
and rec'd deed July 6, 1666. He deposed 21 
(4) 1664, ["Ingle,"] ae. about 57 years. [Mdx. 


James, Cambridge, propr. 1634; frm. 
March 4, 1634-5. 

Thomas, planter, Scituate, 1638, prop. 
frm., 5 March, 1638-9; atba. 1643; deacon in 
1653. He m. 17 Jan. 1638, Eliza, dau. of 
widow Martha Wilder; ch. Hannah bapt. 
July 6, 1640. 

Will, dated July 16, 1663, prob. 9 June, 
1664. Wife Elizabeth; ch. John, Hannah 
and Sarah; wife's sister's dau. Sarah Under- 
wood, not yet 15 yrs. old; to dau. Hannah's 
Son, Thomas Shepherd. [Reg. VI, 185.] 


Mr. Daniel, gent., Ipswich, witness of 
a deed in 1641; propr.; town officer. Attor- 
ney for his cousin Joseph Cooke of Cam- 
bridge in a suit in 1658. [Es. Court files IT, 
114.] He resided in London in 1621, when 
his wife reed, a beq. from her mother's 
father Thomas Cooke, yeoman, of Peb- 
mershe, Essex. [Reg. XLVII, 128.] He m. 
Martha, dau. of Mr. Edmund Read, of Wick- 
ford, CO. Essex, Eng.; she survived him and 
m. Deputy governor Samuel Symonds. Ch. 
Daniel, deposed in 1675, ae. about 50 years; 
Elizabeth, ae. 13, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635; named in the will of her grand- 
father Reade in 1623; a dau. m. Peter Dun- 
can of Gloucester. [Es. De. 1662.] 



Abraham, blacksmith, son of widow 
Ann, below, Cambridge, 1646. He deposed 
April 17, 1673, ae. about 53 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] He m. Rebecca, dau. of Robert Cut- 
ler of Charlestown; ch. Rebecca, Hannah, 
Sarah, Mary bapt. Jan. 13, 1660, Abraham 
bapt. Nov. 8, 1663. [Mi.] 

He d. May 9, 1677, ae. 55 years. [Gr. St.] 
Admin, gr. to widow Rebecca. 

Ann, widow, formerly of Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne; res. in Charlestown. [See Sill.] 
She was b. near Newcastle; the Lord gave 
her a good husband, but he died. [Rel.] 
She d. Dec. 25, 1653, ae. 77. [Gr. St.] Ch. 
Abraham, Rebecca, (m. John Watson). [Mi.] 

Thomas, Salem; rem. to Lynn; mortg. 
house at Salem 10 (5) 1643. Res. at Charles- 
town, sold farm in C. 27 (9) 1649. 

ESTIE, see East. 

EVANS, etc., cent. 

Henry, husbandman, Boston, adm. chh. 
IS (4) 1643, frm. May, 1645. Wife Amy rec'd 
from chh. of Roxbury 23 (1) 1644. 

He was drowned about March 1, 1666-7. 
Inv. of his est. filed in Mdx. court. 

Richard, Dorchester, 1040; frm. May 
10, 1643. Wife Mary. 

Admin, gr. 11 (12) 1661, to eldest son Rich- 
ard, for himself and bros. and sisters. 

Thomas, [Plymouth.] He d. Jan. 27, 
1634. Inv. filed at Plymouth. [Reg. IV, 35.] 
The court ordered that his debts be paid and 
the remainder be kept for his widow accord- 
ing to his will. 

William, Dorchester, 1640. [L.] Wife 
Agnes a witness in 1640. 

William, Gloucester, town officer, 1647. 

William. Taunton, atba. 1643. 
Inv. of his est. taken 15 Sept. 1071, pres. 
by Anna Evance 17 June, 1672. 


Robert, had an acct. with Gen. Court 
5 (1) 1039. [Arch. 100.] 


William, Newbury, propr. about 1638, 
as John Emery deposed at Salisbury April 
9, 1079. He was one of the first planters 
at Hampton 6 (7) 1638. Deputy. See East- 

EITE, see Ewell, and Ewer, 

Henry, ordered to leave Plymouth Col- 
ony bounds with his family 4 Dec. 1638. 
Propr. at Sandwich 16 April, 1640. 


Mr. David, merchant, Boston. Ch. Na- 
thaniel bapt. 20 (3) 1050, David d. 2 (9) 1053, 
Elizabeth b. 10 Aug. 1055, David b. 2 Feb. 
1658, Martha d. 8 (7) 1058, Jonathan b. April 
3, 1663. 

He d. 27 July, 1063. Will, dated June 30, 
1663; wife Mary; ch. David, Jonathan, Mary, 
Elizabeth; bro. John Clark. [Reg. XI, 344.] 

Elizabeth, of Bridgend, Glamorgan- 
shire, articled as a servant with John Wheel- 
wright, minister, 5 (5) 1639. [L.] 


Sylvester, baker, Boston, 1643. Rem. 
to Gloucester; his wife Susan, who had 
joined the chh. 19 (1) 1643, being dism. to 
join the chh. of Gloe. 12 (3) 1044. Town 
officer. The wife, ae. .50 years, testified be- 
fore her husband and Wm. Vinson 30 (1) 
1657, on the W. Brown case. She d. 7 (7) 
1659. He m. 6 (7) 1662, Bridget Parkman. 
Ch. Joseph bapt. in Boston, 23 (1) 1643, ae. 
about 1 year and 9 months. 

He d. Jan 4. 1689. Admin, of his est. was 
gr. to son Joseph, who filed at Boston 7 
March. 1688-9, an inv. of the est., taken 9 
Jan. previous. 


Richard, (Everitt,) Springfield, a wit- 
ness of the deed from the Indians in 1630; 
was the "chapman" of part of Henry Greg- 
ory's land, Jan. 24, 1038; propr. of other 
lands in 1046. Town officer. He m. 29 (4) 
1043, Mary Winch. 

Richard, farrier, Cambridge; propr.; 
pioneer at Dedham, 1036. He mortg. land 
in Camb. March 10, 1638-9. [L.] Frm. May 
6, 1646. Wife JIary adm. chh. with him 
6 (1) 1640; ch. Mary b. 28 (7) 1638, (m. (9) 
1662, James Maeharoy,) Samuel b. 31 (1) 10.39, 
Snrah b. and d. 1041, James b. 14 (1) 1043, 


EVEBED, cont. 

Sarah b. 12 (4) 1644, Abigail b. 1647, Israel 
b. 14 (5) 1651, Ruth b. 14 (11) 1653, Jedidiah 
b. 11 (5) 1656. 

He d. 3 (5) 1682. Will dated 12 (3) 1680, 
prob. 25 July, 1682, beq. to wife Mary; sons 
Jedidiah, John and Samuel; daus. Abi- 
gail Puffer and Ruth; James, Daniel and 
Mary, ch. of dee. dau. Mary and James 
Mackerwithy; gr. ch. Sarah Fisher. 

EVEBED, alias WEBB, 

John, husbandman, from Marlborough, 
Eng., came in the James April 5, 1635; mer- 
chant, Boston, m. Mary, widow of Thomas 
Fairweather in 1639. [L.] Memb. chh. 1639. 
Bought land in D. March 8, 1657. Called 
Ensign John Webb in an agreement 25 
March, 1658. Owned a farm near Chelms- 
ford and bought a neighboring island 9 (9) 
1659. He deposed 20 (4) 1659, ae. about 46 
years. [Mdx. Files.] He bought of the In- 
dians 15 (6) 1666, the tract called Drawcutt 
or Aiigamtoocooke, upon Mynomack or Mer- 
rimack. [Norf. De. II.] 

He was drowned while whaling 17 (8) 
1668. [D.] Admin, gr. Dec. 15, 1668, to wid- 
ow Mary, on petition of Thomas Hiuksman. 
[Mdx. Files.] His autograph will dated at 
Drawcutt upon Merrimack, formerly of Bos- 
ton, 10 Feb. 1665, prob. at Cambridge 13 (9) 
1668, beq. to wife Mary; to the church of 
Boston; to the pastor of the chh. of Clielms- 
ford; to bro. William Dinsdale of Bo.; to 
servants Henry Nelson, Hugh Stone, Samuel 
Mercer alias Watts, John Bennet, Peter 
Eaghteliagh and Elizabeth Kilbourne; to 
cousins John, Robert, Thomas, Peter and 
Nathaniel Eayres, of Haverhill, and the 
wife of John [U]sleby and any other of that 
family; to the eldest son of John Bishop, 
late of Newbury, now of Nantucket. 

Stephen, husbandman, came with John, 
above, in 1635. Was a servant of Lt. Wm. 
Phillips; died 18 Sept. 1659. 


James, leather-dresser, shoemaker, Bos- 
ton, adm. chh. with wife Elizabeth 20 (5) 
1634; frm. Sept. 3, 1634. Town officer. He 
and Richard Woody hired Bird island of the 
town 2 (2) 1658, for 60 years at 12 d. or a 
bushell of salt per annum. Allowance made 
to him and his dau. Manninge of 140 li. In 
rate pay in 1680 in consideration of their 
houses being blown up to stop the great 

EVEBILL, cont. 

fire. Ch. Ezekiel bapt. 15 (3) 1636, Coneniah 
bapt. 4 (9) 1638, Elizabeth bapt. 3 (8; 1641, 
ae. 3 days. Abiel, who ra. 6 (5) 1655, Eliz- 
abeth, dau. of Lieut. Wm. Philips of Boston 
and d. in 1660,— was he another child? 

His will dated 11 Dec. prob. 2 Feb. 1682, 
beq. to wife Mary the est. she brought at 
marriage and more; to daus. Hannah Man- 
ning and Elizabeth Grant; to gr. ch. James 
Manning and Elizabeth Adkins; to the old 


John, Concord, frm. March, 1637-8. Ch. 
John b. 29 (12) 1639, Judah b. 27 (8) 1642. 


Henry, shoemaker, of Sandwich, Eng., 
came in the Hercules in March, 1634. Set- 
tled at Scituate; adm. chh. April 3, 1636. Vol- 
unteered for Pequot War in 1637. Rem. to 
Barnstable. Took oath of allegiance Feb. 
1, 1638-9. Prop. frm. June 1, 1644; frm. 
3 June, 1657. He m. at Green's Harbor Nov. 
22, 1638, Sarah, dau. of Anthony Anniball; 
ch. John bapt. March 9, 1639, Bbenezer bapt. 
Feb. 12, 1642, Sarah bapt. Sept. 14, 1645, 
Hannah b. June 22, 1649, Gershom b. Nov. 
14, 1650, Abiah b. Sept. 27, 1653 .Ichabod b. 
June, 1659, Deborah b. June 4, 1663, Bethlah 
d. May 8, 16G9. 

He made will 16 Aug. 1681, being aged; 
prob. 13 March, 1688-9; beq. to wife Sarah; 
refers to a legacy given to dau. Hannah by 
Goody Woodfield; mentions that his house 
was burned by the Indians; beq. to sons 
Gershom and Ichabod, daus. Sarah [North- 
ey,] Hannah, Eunice and Deborah. 


Thomas, tailor, ae. 40, with wife Sarah, 
ae. 28, and ch. Elizabeth, ae. 4, and Thom- 
as, ae. 114, came iu the James in June, 1635. 
Settled at Charlestown; he and his wife 
adm. chh. 8 (11) 1635. Town officer, 1636. 

He d. in 1638. Anthony Dyaper of Lon- 
don and Andrew Blake of Strowde, Kent, 
Eng., were empowered lo collect money due 
him Oct. 31, 1638. [L.] Admin, gr. to the 
widow Sarah 4 (10) 1638. She m. 2, Thomas, 
son of Mr. John Lothrop of Barnstable. 
There the ch. Elizabeth d. April 9, 1641. 


EWSTEAD, [see Husted,] 

Richard, wheelwright, sent over to 
Salem by Mass. Bay Co. in 1639. 

EYBROOKE, see Ibrook. 


Richard, Springfield, propr. 1646-1672. 
He m. 4 (9) 1651, Hannah Reeves; ch. Mary 
b. 1 (1) 1652, John b. last of (1) 1655, Lydia 
b. 4 (9) 1657, Abigail b. 20 (3) 1660. 


Joseph, cooper, ae. 26, came in the Eliz- 
abeth and Ann in Apr. 1635. Settled at Bos- 
ton, propr. He ret. to London and sold 
land and house in Bo. 7 (6) 1639. [L.] 


Elizabeth, ae. 16, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in May, 1635. 

"Jon" [John or Jonathan] was one of 
the creditors of the est. of Thomas Dill of 
Marblehead in 1668. 

FACE, see Veazie. 


Jonathan, Dedham, propr. 23 (1) 1636- 
7, adm. chh. 14 (6) 1646. Town officer. Wife 
Grace; ch. John, George, Jonas, Jonathan; 
Mary adm. chh. 11 (10) 1640 ,(m. 1, Michael 
Metcalf, 2, Christopher Smith,) Susan, (m. 
12 (8) 1647, Ralph Day). 

He d. 5 Dec. 1668; his will prob. Jan. 26, 
folg., mentions all the above-named and 
some of their children. The widow d. 28 
(10) 1673. [Reg. XIX, 32.] See will of 
George Fairbanke of Sowerby in Halifax, 
Eng., dated May 28, 1650. [Reg. VII, 303.] 

Richard, Boston, adm. chh. (8) 1633, 
frm. May 14, 1634. He had leave to sell his 
shop to Saunders, a book-binder, 7 (6) 1637. 
He was appointed by Gen. Court 5 (9; 1639, 
to have charge of all letters to and from 
Eng., voluntarily brought to his house. He 
made exchange of land 1 (2) 1652. Wife 
Elizabeth adm. chh. with him; ch. Con- 
stance bapt. 10 (11) 1635, (m. 30 (1) 1653, 
Samuel Mattoeke,) Zaccheus bapt. 8 (10) 
1639, d. 10 (9) 1653. 


Daniel, a half Dutchman, b. about 
1601; Salem. Rem. to Boston. A convicted 
criminal in 1641. [W.] Wife Sarah; ch. Mary 
bur. (5) 1639, Elizabeth b. 30 (8) 1640, (m. 
22 (8) 1657, Joseph Sowther,) Mary b. 7 (5) 
1643, (m. 20 Aug. 1660, John Parker,) John 
b. Oct. 28, 1600, Daniel b. Sept. 18, 1662, 
Sarah b. Feb. 19, 1664, Abigail b. Feb. 22, 
1673, Elizabeth b. March 1, 1674, Abigail 
b. Nov. 6, 1677, Daniel (of Daniel and Ruth) 
b. Dec. 1, 1680. 

John, Charlestown, propr. 1638. Ree'd 
money from the town in 16.56. 

John, Salem, propr. 1G38; frm. May 
13, 1640. He rem. to Wenham. Wife Eliz- 
abeth adm. chh. 13 (4) 1641; ch. Walter b. 
about 1636, John bapt. 27 (4) 1641, Benjamin 
bapt. 27 (4) 1646. 

He d. 22 (10) 1646. Will dated 11 (10) 1646, 
prob. at Ipswich 3 (5) 1647, (copy in Mdx. 
Files.) To wife Elizabeth; to sons Walter, 
ae. 8 years, and Benjamin, ae. 2 years; cous- 
in Matthew Edward's land within my farm 
had from Salem; Henry Bartholomew and 
Robert Hawes of Salem, supervisors of will. 
The widow m. 2, Peter Palfrey, who gave 
bonds to pay the portions of the three chil- 
dren, Walter, John and Benjamin. [Es. Files 
VI, 119 and X, 49.] Walter sued Peter Pal- 
frey 22 (7) 1660, for witholding the estate. 
[Mdx. Files.] 


Bartholomew, ae. 16, came in the 
Planter in April, 1635. 


Thomas, Yarmouth, frm. 7 Sept. 1641, 
atba. 1043; juryman, deputy. 


Gabriel, Boston, propr.; sold 2 (5) 1639, 
and rem. to Plymouth. Frm. 1 Sept. 1640; 
atba. 1043. 

He d. Dec. 28, 1667, ae. SO. Will, dated 
Oct. 14, prob. Feb. 1667; wife Katharine, 
bro. Robert Finney, gr. ch. Jonathan F.; 
Sarah, dau. of John Wood. [Reg. VII, 177.] 
The widow Katharine d. 7 June, 1673. Her 
will was prob. 7 July, 1676. She beq. to her 
son John Fallowell's wife and children; to 
gr. ch. Jonathan and Hannah, wife of Jo- 


PALLOWELI,, etc., cont. 
seph Bartlett; to ber sister Anne Kinge and 
her cb. Samuel, Joseph and Isaac Kinge and 
Hannah May. Bro. Robert Finney. 

William, [perhaps a son of Giibriel,] 
Plymouth, bought house and land July 5, 
163G. He m. 16 May, 1640, Martha Beal. 

Martha [his widow?] m. June 29, 1649, 
Samuel Dunham. 

FANE, [also called Vaine and Vane,] 

Henry, turner, Boston, before the 
Court 13 (1) 1638, and in 1644. With wife 
Elizabeth sold house and land in B. Jan. 
6, 1659. He deposed 30 (4) 1657, ae. about 
72 years, regarding Dexter's ownership of 
Nahant. [Es. Files XXIX, 143.] 


George, [clothier,] Woburn, taxed in 
1645. One of the incorporators of Billerica 
in 1654. He m. April 9, 1641, Christian 
Births; ch. James b. and d. 1643, Caleb b. 
April 1, 1645, Mary b. Feb. 27, 1646, Samuel 
b. March, 1654, Mehitabel b. April, 1656. 
He d. Dec. 27, 1693. 

John, joiner, Dorchester, 1638; frm. 
May 13, 1040. Rem. to Boston; bought shop 
and land about 1647. Town ofBcer. Wife 
Elizabeth; son John d. 26 (6) 1652. He m. 
7 (2) 1654, Susanna, dau. of Thomas Arnold 
of Watertown; ch. John b. May, 1655, dau. 
Elizabeth m. 6 (6) 1657, Joshua Carwithy; 
Joanna b. 3 (1) 1644, (m. 7 (11) 1657, James 
English;) Jonathan b. 13 Nov. 1659, Hannah 
b. 9 (9) 1642, David b. Oct. 30, 1662, Eliza- 
beth b. Nov. 11, 1667, Thomas b. Sept. 17, 

Ralph, barber, ae. 32, with Alice, ae. 
28, Mary, ae. 7, Thomas, ae. 4, and Ralph, 
ae. 2, came in the James in July, 1638. 
Settled at Ipswich, propr. 1639; rem. to 
Andover. He (or the son Ralph) m. Oct. 26, 
1657 or 1658, Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas and 
Elizabeth Holt. Thomas, who deposed in 
1657, ae. about 24 years, m. at Andover 8 
July, 1660, Elizabeth Gibbons. Ralph, Jr. 
deposed in 1667, ae. about 30 years. [Es. 



Joseph, cooper, Dorchester, frm. March 
13, 1638-9; propr. Wife Elizabeth d.; he m. 
2, Mary — . Ch. Hannah bapt. 30 (10) 1638, 
Mary bapt. 1638-9, Rebecca bapt. 5 (11) 
1639, Ruth bapt. 10 (4) 1642, (m. Mr. Puffer,) 
Samuel bapt. 27 (8) 1644, Samuel bapt. 30 
^3) 1647. 

Will prob. Feb. 1, 1659; wife Mary and her 
sons by former husband, Joseph and Thom- 
as Long; sons Joseph and Samuel; daus. 
Elizabeth, wife of John Mansfield, Ester; 
Mary, wife of Abraham Ripley; gr. son Jo- 
seph Peck, son of Simon Peck, who m. with 
ray dau. Hannah, now dec; dau. Rebecca. 

George, Salem, frm. May 6, 1635. Had 
gr. of land at Lynn in 1638. He deposed on 
the Dexter case in 1657, ae. about 63 years. 
He m. 16 (11) 1643, Ann Whitmore; she de- 
posed in 1658, ae. about 40 years. Ch. Mary 
b. Jan. 6, 1644, Martha b. Feb. 25, [1646,] 
Phebe b. May, [1650.] [Essex Court lists.] 
He d. 24 Oct. 1662. [Es. Files 41, 114.] 
The widow Elizabeth deposed 2 June, 1684; 
had lived 54 years in Lynn on a tract given 
to her husband George Farr by the towns- 
men of Lynn. 

George, Ipswich, 1643, herd-keeper 
1647; famous killer of foxes. 


John, carpenter, with wife and ch. 
came from Hingham, Eng. and settled at 
Hingham in 1635; propr. 1636. Wife Frances 
d. Jan. 28, 1688. Ch. Mary, (m. 1, Samuel 
Slowell, 2, Joshua Beal,) John bapt. June 
C, 1639, Remember bapt. Aug. 1642, (m. 
Henry Ward,) Hannah bapt. April 9, 1648, 
(m. Nathaniel Foulsham,) Nathan bapt. Sept. 
17, 1654. 

He d. 7 July, 1687; will prob. Aug. 17, 
1087. Mentions all the ch. except Hannah; 
also gr. ch. John Garret, Frances and Na- 
thaniel Ward. [Reg. VI, 315.] 

Thomas, husbandman, Boston, son of 
Thomas F., of or near Burnley in Lane; 
husb. gave letter of attorney 2 (11) 1645, to 
his bro. Henry F., mariner, to sell or lease, 
etc. [A.] 


Edmund, [or Edward,] ae. 47, with 
wife Elizabeth, ae. 49, and ch. Sarah, ae. 14, 
Matthew, ae. 12, John, ae. 11, Eliza, ae. 8, 
from OIney, Bucl^s, Eng., came in the Hope- 
well April 1, 1635. Settled at Lynn; miller; 
propr. 1638; mentioned in in v. of Abraham 
Belknap in 1643. He deposed in 1661, ae. 
about 74 years. Son John rem. to South- 
ampton, L. I. He deeded land to son Mat- 
thew in 1666. 

He d. 20 (11) 1670. His will dated 12 Aug. 
1067, prob. 28 March, 1671, beq. to wife Eliz- 
abeth his land and corn mill for her life; 
to sons Matthew and Edward, son Robert 
Terry, dau. Elizabeth Fuller. 

John, gave bonds for Isaac Deesbro be- 
fore Gen. Court 3 (10) 1639. Settled at Ded- 
ham, townsman 1 (11) 1646. Wife Mary; 
ch. Mary b. 5 (2) 1650. 

Admin, gr. July 28, 1676, to his widow 
Mary and son ,Iohn. Distribution was made 
3 July, 1704, after her decease, to other chil- 
dren, viz. Nathaniel, Daniel and Benjamin 
Parrington, Sarah Witherley, Abigail Hoad- 
ley; and to Mary Kenney, dau. of Mary Far- 
rlngton, another child, and John Atibot, in 
right of his mother, sometime Hannah Far- 
rington, another child. 


Henry, Concord, 1640. Rem. to Chelms- 
ford. Ch. John, (ae. 50 in 1685,) Joseph b. 
26 (12) 1640, Mary, Elizabeth, Olive, (m. at 
Chelmsford Oct. 30, 1668, Benjamin Spauld- 

Will dated 12 July, in v. taken 5 Aug. 1670, 
beq. to wife Ollife, son John, Joseph, daus. 
Mary Bates, Ollife Spalding and Elizabeth 

Mr. Thomas, Taunton, atba. 1643. 
Made a contract with his servant James 
Bishop June 11, 16.39. [Plym. Col. Rec] 


Edmund, or Edward, Andover; licensed 
to sell wine, 1648. He m. at Salem Feb. 4, 
1647, Dorothy Robinson. Ch. John b. 16 
May, 1654, Hanna b. May, 1658. The wife 
Dorothy d. 27 Dec. 1668. 

FAULKNER, etc., cont. 
[Reg. XXXIX, 70.] Elizabeth, dau. o( 
Francis and Abigail F. d. at Andover 17 
Aug. 1678. 


John, Plymouth, came in 1623: frm. 
1633, propr. Ch. Elizabeth b. March 23, 
1647, d. March 3, 1649, Mercy b. April 10, 
1651, Joseph b. May 14, 1653. 

He d. Nov. 29, 1654. [Plym. Col. Rec] 
Inv. taken Dec. 15, 1653. [Reg. V, 259.] His 
heir apparent, Thomas Faunce, was recog- 
nized by Plym. Court 29 Oct., 1668. 

Manasseh, yeoman, came in 1623 to 
Plymouth; propr. 


Barnabas, came with Rev. Richard 
Mather in the James from Bristol, Eng., 
May 23, 1635. Settled at Dorchester. Wife 
Dinah d. 27 (7) 1642, leaving son Eleazer b. 
18 (7) 1642. By second wife Grace Negoose, 
who was dism. from chh. Boston to Dorch. 
10 (1) 1644, he had Abigail, bapt. 30 (.5) 1644. 
He rem. to Boston; was rec'd to chh. 7 (1) 

He d. 13 (10) 1654. Will prob. In Feb. folg. 
Wife Grace; son Eleazer to be kept at school 
with Mr. Cheever at Ipswich one year; etc. 
[Reg. V, 305, and IX, 135, Col. Rec] His 
widow m. John Johnson, q. v. 


Mr. John, gent., Ipswich, propr. 1634, 
frm. Sept. 2, 1635. Sold land 10 Oct. 1650. 
Rem. to Haverhill. Ch. Elizabeth, (m. Dec. 
8, 1652, Robert Clement). Luke F., stationer, 
London, in 1665-6 beq. to Mrs. Elizabeth 
Clement, living near Boston, N. E., eldest 
dau. of my bro. Mr. John Fawne, and to her 
son Fawne Clement. [Reg. 1894.] "Robert 
Clements, of Haverhill in Norfolk, N. E., 
successor to Mr. Fawne, the father to the 
wife of said Robert," had deed of land in 
Ipswich May 18, 1674. 


Francis Fawconer of Kingscleare, 
Hants, gent., beq. to my bro. Edmond Faw- 
coner that is living in N. E. 200 li., in his 
will dated 1 Sept. 1662, prob. 21 May, 1663. 1638. 


Thomas, brought suit in Es. court in 


Thomas, Boston, propr. 
Inv. of his est. taken by Wm. Colborn and 
John Odlin 8 (11) 1038. included house and 
lands and personal effects. See Goodhue. 


Ileni-y, Saugus, Lynn, frm. May 14, 
1634. Juryman, 1G36. He rem. to Sand- 
wich; had land grant 3 April, 1637. Appl. 
frm. 4 June, 1639. Elizabeth, m. March 24, 
1650, John Dillingham. 

Robert, gent., son of James Feke of 
London, goldsmith, came to Watertown; 
frm. May 18, 1631. Town officer, deputy, 
lieut. He arranged for the sale of patri- 
mony for himself and sister Judith Palmer, 
and bro. Tobias F., ae. 17, in 1639. [L.] He 
m. Elizabeth (Fones,) widow of Henry Win- 

He d. Feb. 1, 1660 or 1662. Admin, gr. 
Feb. 18, 1602-3. 


Hannah, servant to Nathaniel Spar- 
hawk, Cambridge, d. 11 (1) 1649. 

FELCH, etc., cent. 

lippe, land bounded by that of her dau. Pur- 
chas and that of her son James Andrews. 
[Norf. CO. rec. IV, 75.] He removed to 
Maiden, where he petitioned Gov. Andros 
in vain for assistance in 1688. The town 
aided him and his wife, 1681-1692. Wife 
Elizabeth, dau. of widow Prudence Wilkin- 
son: adm. chh. Char. 19 (11) 1639. Ch. Eliz- 
abeth, (m. (9) 1655, William Leraby,) George, 
Mary, these three bapt. 26 (11) 1639; Mary, 
(m. (2) 16G0, James Nichols,) Moyses, bapt. 
20 (10) 1640. 

He d. in 1693; the widow d. in 1694. Gene- 

Henry, Gloucester, propr.; rem. to 
Reading; propr. 1644; sold Gloc. land before 
1649. Town officer. Son Henry also a 
propr. in 1647. 

He made will 4 July, 1670, prob. 27 (7) 
folg. Beq. to wife; sons Henry Felch and 
Samuel [....] ton; to each of his gr. ch. 
His dau. Alary and her husband John Wl- 
borne deeded land 2 (6) 1671, to her mother 
Elizabeth F., widow. 


John, servant to Matthew Hawk, came 
in 1638 from Cambridge Eng. and settled 
at Hingham; propr. 1635, frm. May 26, 1652. 
Selectman, deacon. Wife Margaret; ch. 
John, Israel bapt. Sept. 1644, Mary bapt. 
April 18, 1647, (m. James Hersey,) Sarah 
bapt. July 29, 1649, (m. Benjamin Lincoln.) 
He d. 14 May, 1665. Will prob. June 16, 
1665, beq. all to wife and ch. [Reg. XIII, 

FEASIE, see Veazie. 

FEBAR, see Faber. 


George, mason, Charlestown, 1633, re- 
sided at Mystic Side, 1640. He deposed 20 
(11) 1654, ae. about 40 years. He removed 
about 1640 to Casco Bay, settling at Great 
Cove; was one of the founders of North 
Tarmouth, District of Maine. He made an 
agreement with his son George on the day 
of the latter's marriage, (9) 1662, to pay him 
£ 40. See also deed of Jane, widow of Arthur 
Mackworth, gent., of Falmouth, conveying 
to George Felt, husband of her dau. Phil- 



Samuel, planter, weaver, Salisbury, 
propr. 1639; frm. May, 1645. Wife Ann d. 
Dec. 5, 1684. Ch. Samuel b. Jan. 13, 1646, 
Hannah b. Sept. 15, 1648, (m. Nathaniel 
Brown). He deposed Nov. 11, 1679, ae. 
about 60 years. 

He d. March 6, 1697-8. Admin, of his est. 
June 30, 1698. 

William, shoemaker, ae. 24, certified 
from St. Albons, Herts., came in the Planter 
April 2, 1635. Settled at Ipswich; propr.; 
herdsman, 1639; hu.sbandman. He deposed 
in 1659, ae. about 50. 

Will dated Nov. 29, 1676, prob. March 27, 
1677, beq. to wife; sons Isaac, Ephraim, Sam- 
uel and Joseph; daus. Mary, Elizabeth, Abi- 
gail and Sarah. 


Francis, came in 1637 to Salem; propr, 
1637. Adm. chh. 16 (4) 1650. He m. Fran- 
ces, dau. of Benjamin Cooper, who brought 
them over at his own charge. [Endecott; 
Mass. Hist. Coll. 4-6.] Ch. Mary, E'rances, 
Rebecca and John bapt. 7 (6) 1650. 


Benjamin, turner, Salem, propr. 1636, 
frm. 22 May, 1639. Constable; his shop men- 
tioned in a deed in 1647. He deposed In 
1668, ae. about 64 years; his wife Mary 
Oepos. in 1661, ae. about 35 years. Bought 
a house and land of Mr. Peter's attorney in 
1659. Ch. John bapt. 26 (10) 1639, Remem- 
ber bapt. 28 (3) 1643, Benjamin bapt. 18 (11) 
1645. [Col. Rec. 29 (5) 1641.] 

He d. in 1688. [See wills of supposed re- 
lations in Yarmouth, Eng. in Reg. LII.] 

Nathaniel, Salem, son of widow Ellen, 
(who was adm. ehh. before 1636,) had land 
assigned with her in 1636. He deposed 12 
(9) 1666, ae. about 50 years. Adm. ehh. 13 
(6) 1648. Wife Mary; ch. John bapt. 30 (7) 
1648, Ruth bapt. 29 (8) 1648, Mary bapt. 
6 (2) 1651, Elizabeth b. 18 March, 1652, bapt. 
1 (3) 1653, Nathaniel b. 15 (6) bapt. 28 (8) 
1655, Mary b. 15 (11) 1657, bapt. 30 (3) 165S, 
Hannah bapt. 20 (4) 1663, Susanna bapt. 29 
(1) 1665. 

He d. July 30, 1705; will prob. May, 1706, 
beq. to ch. John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Ruth 
and Hannah. 


Benjamin, Dorchester, propr. 1637. 

Richard, (Fen or Fennye,) ae. 27, came 
in the Planter April 7, 1635. 

Robert, Salem. His wife Deborah adm. 
c-hh. 13 (4) 1641. Ch., a dan., bapt. 4 (5) 1641. 
Rem. to Boston about 1644. He placed his 
son Robert Twogood with Thomas Marsh- 
field in 1040. He m. 1, Deborah — ; he m. 
2, 26 (4) 1654, Mary, widow of Capt. Thom- 
as Hawkins. Ch. Robert bapt. in Bo. 16 
(4) 1644, Deborah b. 15 (11) 1645, Elizabeth 
bapt. 26 (10) 1647. 

He ret. to London and d. before June, 
1657, when his widow bought land in Bos- 
ton, which she sold to George Munjoy. She 
m. 3, 27 Feb. 1661, Henry Shrimpton. 


FENNER, see Fenn and Venner, 

Rebecca, ae. 25, came in the Truelove 
in Sept. 1635. 



Eliza, ae. 35, came in the Defense in 
July, 1635. 

George, Esq., of Gray's Inn, London, 
came with wife to Boston in 1636. Went to 
Conn, in company with Rev. Hugh Peter (4) 
1036. Jlrs. Mary P. went from Bo. to Salem 
with Jlrs. P. 13 (9) 1646. He ret. to Eng.; was 
made a colonel and gov. of Tinmouth Castle 
in 1648. [W.] His will dated 10 March, 
1646, prob. 27 April, 1657, mentions dau. 
Elizabeth exec; wife Katharine; father-in- 
law Mr. Clavering, and his wife Mrs. Doro- 
thy C; bro. Claudius; sisters Ledgard ana 
Cullicli; bro. Cullicli; nephew Thomas Led- 
gard, niece Clifton; niece Rootflower's boy; 
daus. Elizabeth and Dorothy; their uncle Ed- 
ward Apsley, Esq. All his est. in N. E. to 
sister Cullick and her ch., beside liberal 
money legacies. [Reg. XXXVIH, 199.] 

FERGOOSE, see Vergoose. 

Abigail, Salem, adm. ehh. 19 (7) 1640. 

Benjamin, Salem, adm. ehh. 6 (1) 1641- 
2. Boston, frm. May 18, 1642. Rem. to Ply- 
mouth. Bought house and garden in Ply- 
mouth 11 July, 1649. He m. Dec. 21, 1648, 
Mercy, dau. of Gov. Wm. Bradford. 

Mark, Salem, 1638; frm. May 13, 1640. 
Alice, widow, Salem, propr. and memb. ehh. 
Rem. to Boston; she d. 9 (12) 1655. Will 
prob. Feb. 8, 1656; beq. to sister Joan Towne, 
to daus. Sarah Langdon, Ester Estick, 
Susan Goose, and Abigail Hutchinson; gr. 
eh. Susan Goose; son-in-law Mr. Edward 
Hutchinson. Est. in Salem and Boston. 
Jonathan Negus [Negoose,[ a witness. 


Mr. John, Boston and Duxbury. Suit 
rs. Bonney in Plym. Court, 1045. He de- 
posed to the will of John Paybody in 1667. 
Wife Elizabeth; ch. .Tacob b. 28 (5) 1642, 
Mary b. 8 (7) 1646. Hannah b. 8 (3) 1650, 
Lydia b. 3 April, 1653. Abigail bapt. 10 (2) 
1653, Elizabeth b. and d. 1658, Ruth b. Aug. 
20, 1061, Sarah bapt. 24 (2) 1664. 

Will prob. at Boston 24 Feb. 1693-4, beq. 
to wife Elizabeth and son Jacob and each 
of the daus. now living. 


Jeffrey, frm. May 6, 1G35. 

John, glover, Cambridge, propr. before 
1G3G. Came to N. E. with his father's eon- 
sent. [Rel.] Town officer. Frm. June 2, 
1641. He and his wife Jane membs. of the 
chh. in 1G58. [Mi.] 

He d. Dec. 21, 1G66. Nunc, will prob. 
April 2, 16G7; beq. to his wife and his kins- 
man Nicholas F. Aid to be given to Hope 
Atherton if he came again to the college. 
His widow d. Jan. 13, 1G82, ae. 80. 

The widow, in her will dated Dec. 20, 1682, 
prob. 31 (1) 1G84, beq. her whole estate to 
her cousin Nicholas Fessenden, he to pay 
legacies to cousin Hannah Sewall and her 
children, to sister More and other individ- 
uals. Judge Samuel Sewall in his diary 
calls Nicholas cousin, and mentions visiting 
"Aunt F. with her ch. John, Mary, Elizabeth 
and Jane at Canterbury, Eng. in 1688-9. 


Alexander, cordwinder, Salem, propr., 
16-42. His wife adm. chh. 1 (9) 1648. He 
sold house and land in 1652. 

Darby, an Irishman, resident of Mar- 
blehead, 1637. Climbed the White Hill In 
1642. [W.] Rem. to Dover. 

Mrs. Mary, widow, Boston, adm. chh. 

25 (10) 1647. 

Robert, tailor, Boston, adm. chh. 14 
<2) 1644, frm. May 29, 1644. Came from 
Yealing, Eng. in the James in April, 1635. 
Allowed to keep a cook's shop in 1652. Wife 
Mary adm. chh. 26 (9) 1648; ch. John bapt. 

26 (3) 1644, Robert b. 30 (9) 1647, William 
bapt. 17 (1) 1650, Thomas b. 1 (10) 1G51, 
Thomas b. 28 Nov. 1652, Robert b. 11 Sept. 
1653, John b. June, 1656, Elizabeth b. June 
17, 1658, Sarah b. Oct. 20, 1660, d. 30 Sept. 
1661. Daniel b. Sept. 6, 1662, Sarah b. March 
25, 1665. 

Admin, gr. to widow JIary 30 (5) 1675. 


William, came in the Hercules April 
11, 1634. Settled at Hampton. Deposed 9 
March, 1669, ae. about 55 years. 

FILBRICK, see PMlbrick, 

Robert, Ipswich, reed, land in 1639 for 
service in the Pequot War. 

FILBERT, see Philbert. 


Walter, Dorchester, propr., frm. May 
14, 1634. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 


Abraham, frm. Sept. 3, 1634. 

Arthur, witnessed a deed of Sir R. Sal- 
tonstall March 2, 1629. [Arch. 100, 1.] 

Daniel, Watertown, frm. May 18, 1631. 
On a committee of Gen. Court in 1631. Rem. 
to Wethersfield, Conn. 

John, Watertown; his wigwam and 
goods burned in Sept., 1630. Propr. 1636. 
Rem. to Conn. 

Samuel, Roxbury, frm. May 14, 1634. 
His wife Katharine in Court 4 (7) 1638, for 
speaking against magistrates, etc. He m. 
Dec. 13, 1654, Judith Potter. 

He d. 27 (11) 1673; old sister Finch d. 10 
(8) 1683. 

His will dated 10 Nov. prob. 26 Feb. 1673, 
beq. to the Free School of Roxbury; to the 
College; to wife's cousin Mary Fressell or 
to her children; to wife Judith; to Hannan, 
wife of John Mayo. 

John, Plymouth, propr. 2 Dec. 1639; 
frm. 20 Aug. 1644. He rem. to Barnstable; 
joined the chh. Aug. 29. His wife Chris- 
tian d. Sept. 9, 1649; he m. at Bar. July 9, 
or June 10, 1650, Abigail, widow of Henry 
Cogan; she was bur. May 7, 1053. He reed, 
a letter, dated at Burdport [Bridport] 10 
April, 1654, from his father-in-law Tho. 
Bishop, asking him to send to him Abigail 
Coggan, his grand child, to Weymouth to 
his dau. Mrs. Sarah Lydds in Milcomb; 
wishes him to care for the other gr. ch. 
Thomas and Henry Coggan. [Ply. Rec. of 
Deeds, Vol. 2, folio 135.] He m. 26 June, 
1G54, Elizabeth Bayley of Bar.; ch. John, 

14 years old, (b. 24 Dec. 1638, at Plymouth,) 
was bapt. at Bar. July 31, 1653, Jonathan 
b. 14 Aug. 1655, Robert b. 13 Aug. 1656, Han- 
nah b. 2 Sept. 1657, Elizabeth b. 15 March, 
1658-9, Josiah b. 11 Jan. 1660, Jeremiah b. 

15 Aug. 1662, Joshua b. Dec. 1665. Mother 


FINNEY, etc., cont. 

Finney d. at Plymouth April 22, 1650, ae. 
upwards of SO. [Mother of John and Rob- 

Robert, bro. of John, planter, Ply- 
mouth, propr. Dec. 2, 1G39; town officer; 
deacon. He m. 1 Sept. 1641, Phebe Ripley. 
He d. Jan. 7, 1687-8, ae. 80 years. [Chh. 
Rec] Will dated 20 May, 1686, prob. at 
Plymouth 14 March, 1687; on file at Boston. 
Beq. to wife Phebe; to liinsmen Robert and 
Josiah F. of Ply.; to John F., Jr. of Barn- 
stable, son of bro. John; to Charity May; 
to Hannah, wife of Ephraim Morton, Jr. 


Mr. Giles, apothecary, from Sudbury, 
Eng., came to Boston; adm. chh. 1632-3. Frm. 
March 4, 1633-4. Chosen deacon Oc*:. 10, 
1633; town officer 1 (7) 1634. 

He d. before 6 (S) 1634, when his successor 
in office was chosen. [For English connec- 
tions see E. and W. and Reg. XXXVni, 72.] 
Wife Martha Dogget. [D. Genealogy.] 

Giles, [son of the above?] settled at 
Ipswich. Ret. to Eng. and became a preach- 
er and writer. [C. M.] 

John, came in 1030; settled at Water- 
town. His wigwam was burnt Nov. 10, 
1630. Frm. May 18, 1631. He seems to 
have ret. to Eng. and to be the person, ae. 
46, who came in the Elizabeth of Ipswicrj 
April 30, 1634. Propr., deacon, selectman 

Josiah, Boston, servant to John Win- 
throp, adm. chh. 6 (4) 1640. 

Thomas, merchant, Ipswich, propr. 
1635; bought and sold land in 1647. 

Inv. of his est. 10 (2) 1648. and admin, gr. 
to the widow Sarah. 


Gabriel, fisherman, Exeter, gave let- 
ter of attorney Aug. 3, 1639, for collection 
of money at Thorsthrop and Alford, co. Lin- 
coln, Eng. [L.] Wife Elizabeth; ch. Deborah 
bapt. at Boston 11 (10) 1642, ae. about 8 
days, Abel b. 15 (10) 1644, Elizabeth bapt. 
4 (8) 1646, ae. about 5 days. 

John, Sandwich, propr. 1640; atba. 
1643. He and Jonathan F. drew a bill on 
their father, which was protested 17 May, 
1643. [A.] Wife Cecilia; ch. Nathaniel, (par- 

FISH, cont. 

entage not stated,) b. at S. Nov. 27, 1648, 
Caleb b. and d. 1649. 

He d., and admin, was gr. to the widow 
Lydia 3 May, 1664; the inv. was taken IS 
Nov. 1663. 

Jonathan, bro. of John, above, Sand- 
wich, propr. 1640, atba. 1643. With wife 
Mary, called to testify in court 20 Aug. 1644. 
Ch. Nathaniel b. Dec. 18, 1650. 

Nathaniel, Sandwich, propr. 1640. Ch. 
John b. April 13, 1651, Samuel b. Aug. 10, 
1668; d. and beq. £ 8 to his aged father 2 
Feb. 1691-2. Inv. of the est. of Nathaniel, 
Sen. taken 14 March, 1693-4. Widow Lydia 
and her bro. John Miller of Yarmouth 
admin.; engagement before marriage to pay 
her as much as he had with her, about £ 66. 


Anthony, Sen., Dedham, propr. 18 (5) 
1637. Deputy. He m. in Dorchester 14 (9) 
1663, Isabel, widow of Edward Breck. 

He d. April 18, 1671, in his 80th year. 
Admin, and division 26 (5) 1671. Sons 
Daniel, Nathaniel and Cornelius F. and 
Daniel Morse; dau. Joane, (widow of An- 
thony F., who had d. a year before). At some 
previous time, not given with the document, 
Daniel, Anthony, Nathaniel and Cornelius F. 
gave bond to their mother, to pay her ten 
pounds per year at 2 li. 10 s. the quarter of 
the yeare, in payment to her just content, 
dureing her naturall life. [Ded. Rec] The 
widow d. June 21, 1673. Will dated 20 Sept. 
1671, prob. 3 (5) 1673, beq. to Abigail, dau. 
of her dau. Turner; sons-in-law Turner and 
Samuel Paul; to every one of her gr. ch.; to 
son John Breck, son Samuel Rigby; rest to 
her 5 daus.: son-in-law Thomas Holman to 
pay dau. Susanna 3 pounds toward wedding 

Joshua, Dedham, was allowed, 1 (11) 
1637, to enter on the priveleges offered by 
the town to a smith, on behalf of his father, 
who is expected next summer; but must va- 
cate if he come not in time to suit the town. 
The privileges were granted 28 (6) 1038, to 
Edward Kempe. Joshua, a servant, was 
adm. chh. (6) 1639. He (or his father) made 
a plot of ground in Braintree for the Iron 
Works Co. and the town 16 (9) 1647. Lieut. 
He m. 15 (1) 1643, Mary Aldis; she d. 3 (7) 
1653. He m. 2, 16 (12) 1653-4, Lydia Oliver. 


FISHEB, cont. 

Cb. JIary b. 23 (1) 1644, Joshua b. 30 (8) 
1645, Abigail b. 29 (12) 1648, Joshua b. 9 
(11) 1050, John b. 18 (12) 1651. 

Admin, and division by agreement Nov. 
23, 1672, sons-in-law Thomas Clap, John 
Holton and Daniel Fisher joining with the 
sons Joshua, John and Vigilant. The wid- 
ow Lydia made will 29 (1) 1680, prob. 24 
May, 1683. Son Vigilance, daus. Mary Clap, 
— Burroughs, Abigail Houghton and Ke- 
becca Fisher; cousins Mary Clap and Jone 
Fisher; bro. Deacon Aldis, Mr. Adams of 
Ded., Mr. and Mrs. Man of Milton. 

Joshua, Sen., smith, Dedham, adm. 
townsman, 1648; special grant of land 21 
(7) 1650. He rem. to Medfield. Wife Anne; 
ch. Lieut. Joshua and John. He and his 
wife deed land and furnishings at M. to 
their son John, when about to marry Eliz- 
abeth, dau. of the late Thomas Boyleston, 
of Watertown, April 5, 1658. John's will 
gives important family items. [Reg. XIX, 

Will dated 2 May, prob. 19 (9) 1674. Beq. 
to wife; dau. Mary, wife of Thomas Battle, 
and each of her children; gr. ch. Joshua 
Fisher; gr. ch. Mary, wife to Thos. Clap; 
gr. ch. Abigail, wife of John Houghton; gr. 
ch. John, son of Joshua Fisher; gr. ch. Han- 
nah Burro wes; gr. ch. John, son of John 
Fisher; his sister Elizabeth and bro. Jona- 
than; to gr. ch. Vigilance, son of Joshua 
Fisher. Cousin Daniel F. of Dedham and 
gr. ch. Joshua F. execs. 

The widow Anne, in will dated 8 April, 
1675, prob. 1 Feb. 1676-7, beq. to dau. Bat- 
tle, grand children John and Joshua, sons 
of her late son Lieut. Joshua P., and to 
John and Elizabeth, ch. of her late son John 

.John, Dedham, propr. 13 (5) 1037; d. 
15 (5) 1637. His widow Elizabeth, adm. chh. 
21 (6) 1640, d. 31 (11) 1651. Her small est. 
was admin. 10 (12) 1655, by Henry Chicker- 
ing and Anthony Fisher. [Reg. VII, 58.] 

Thomas, carpenter, Cambridge, propr. 
of house and land, 1634; frm. March 4, 1634- 
5. Rem. to Dedham; adm. propr. 18 (5) 

He d. 10 (6) 1638. The town gave to his 
widow 40 shillings toward the bargain tie 
had made in building the meeting-house, 25 
(1) 1639. She paid to the attorney of Elisha 

FISHER, cont. 

Bridges, 4 (7) 1639, a legacy left by her hus- 
band for his dau. Sarah, wife of John Black- 
ston. [L.] She had leave from Gen. Court 

13 May, 1640, to admin, her husband's est., 
and to sell half of her lot for the bringing 
up of her children. 


David, wheelwright, Cambridge, Water- 
town; frm. March 16, 1637-8. Town officer, 
juror. He deposed April 1, 1672, ae. about 
49 years. [Mdx. Files.] Wife Lydia d. and 
he m. 2, Seaborne — after 1648; ch. Lydia b. 
29 (2) 1647, Sarah bur. 8 (3) 1647, David b. 
1 (7) 1648, d. 20 (7) 1049, David b. 15 (2) 1650, 
Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah bapt. Nov. 27, 

1659. [Mi.] 

He d. about 1662. Will dated Sept. 10, 

1660, prob. Jan. 22, 1662, beq. to dau. Fitch 
and son David. 

James, Salem, adm. chh. 2 (5) 1641; 
frm. May 18, 1642. Rem. to Newbury; 
thence to Wenham. Reed, to chh. of W. 
from that of N. in 1644. Rem. to Haverhill; 
propr. 1646. Rem. to Groton. He m. Han- 
nah Pike; [Hav. Rec] ch. James b Aug. 
8, 1649, John b. Dec. 10, 1651, Ann b. and d. 
1054, Tliomas b. June 23, 1655, Ann b. Feb. 
11, 1656, Samuel b. Nov. 1, 1658. 
He d. at Groton 4 July, 1689; will dated 

14 June, 1689, prob. at Cambridge; beq. to 
sons James, John, Samuel and Thomas, and 
dau. Hannah. 

Rev. John, planter, minister, physician, 
b. at St. James, co. Suffolk, Eng., eldest of 
four children, all of whom afterward came 
to N. E. with him in 1637. Grad. at Cam- 
bridge. Preached three years at Salem; frm. 
Nov. 2, 1637. Brought letter of recommen- 
dation to Gov. Winthrop 19 April, 1637. 
[Mass. H. Coll. 4-0.] He made an agree- 
ment, ratified by Gen. Court 4 Sept. 1038, 
with his bro. William F., concerning est. 
and land. He ret. 200 li. of the est. to W. 
and became «ole propr. of the land. Wil- 
liam agreed to leave 100 li. to John in case 
he should die unmarried under 24 years of 
age. Rem. to Wenham; gave land for the 
meetinghouse 2 (1) 1042. Town officer; min- 
ister. About 1050 he rem. to Chelmsford, 
where he was pastor until his death. His 
wife d. Feb. 14, 1671, and he m. again. [C. 


FISKE, cont. 

He d. Jan. 14, 1G76. Will dated 8 June, 
prob. 22 Feb. 1G76, beq. to wife Elizabeth, 
son Jobn and his wife Lydia, daus. Sarah, 
wife of John Farwell, and Anna; younger 
son Moses; to William, eldest son of my bro. 
William, late of Wen.; to his widow and 
their other children. His eh. reed, legacies 
from the est. of their uncle John Clarlse, 
physician, of Newport, R. I. 

Nathan, Sen., Watertown, frm. May 
10, 1642. He bought land 10 (7) 1643. Wife 
Susan; ch. Nathan b. 17 (8) 1642, John b. 
25 (6) 1647, David b. 29 (2) 1650, Nathaniel 
b. 12 (5) 1653. 

He d. June 21, 1676. His sister, Martha 
tJnderwood, deposed. Will dated 19 June, 
prob. 10 July, 1676. beq. to sons Nathan, 
John, David and Nathaniel, and dau. Sarah 
Gale. Beside the above-named children, he 
mentioned dau. Sarah. 

Phinehas, Salem, frm. May 18, 1642. 
He rem. to Wenham. Mentioned in town 
rec. 21 (1) 1642; town officer. Son John adm. 
chh. 21 (11) 1648. 

He d. 7 (2) 1673. Will prob. 26 (4) 1673; 
sons John and Thomas; nephew Samuel F.; 
Mara F. 

William, bro. of John, above, Salem, 
frm. May 18, 1642. Lie. by Gen Court to 
sell wine, 13 Nov. 1644. Deputy. Rem. to 
Wenham. Constable 26 (12) 1643. [Es. 
Court.] Wife Bridget; ch. William bapt. 
4 (4) 1643, Joseph bapt. 21 (3) 1648. 
He d. about 1654. Inv. taken 16 (7) 1654. 


James, tailor, ae. 30, with wife Abi- 
gail, ae. 24, and John, ae. 14, came in the 
Defence in July, 1635. Settled at Boston. 
Adm. chh. with wife 27 (10) 1635. Ch. Eliz- 
abeth bapt. 15 (3) 1636, (m. John Parker, 
mariner, and sold land, April 27, 1659, which 
had belonged to James and Richard Fitch, 
and which was beq. to her by Richard). 

Richard, Boston, propr. 1635. 
He d. before 1659. 

Zeehariah, or Zachary, Salem, frm. 
Sept. 7, 1638. Propr. at Lynn in 1638, and 
at Reading from 1644. He and his wife 
rec'd to R. chh. from that of L. before 1648. 
He deposed 2 (2) 1661, ae. about 70 years; 
son Joseph at same time, ae. about 23. [Mdx. 


FITCH, etc., cont. 

Files.] Ch. Jeremy, propr., at Reading In 
1647, Samuel b. at Lynn, (rec. at R.) March 
6, 1644, Zeehariah d. June 20, 1647. 

He d. June 9, 1662. Will dated 10 (1) prob. 
June 17, 1662, beq. to wife Mary, sons Jo- 
seph, Samuel, Benjamin, Jeremiah and 
Thomas; dau. Sarah and her husband John 


Peter, came in the Champion in 1639. 
Was drowned at Boston. Inquest 3 (8) 1639. 
Inv. of goods rendered. 


Lieut., one of the colony at Mt. Wol- 
laston about 1623. Left in charge by Ras- 
dell, was ejected by Morton. Ret. to Eng. 


Richard, planter, bro. of Robert, New- 
bury, propr. 1637. He. m. 8 Oct. 1654, Sara 
Ordway; she d. 24 April, 1668. 

He d. 2 Dee. 1672. In his will, prob. 
March 25, 1673, he beq. to bro.-in-law James 
Ordway; his sister Travisse's dau.; kinsman 
Abraham F. and his ch., Abraham and daus, 
all under age. Abraham, in a deed, calls 
Richard his uncle. 

Robert, planter, propr. at Salisbury in 
1639; rem. to Ipswich about 1652. He m. 
Grace, sister of Mr. Robert Lord. Son Abra- 
ham. They gave testimony 22 (10) 1664, as 
to the promise made by Simon Thompson 
desiring their son Abraham who married his 
daughter to come to Ipswich and reside. 
His cousin Isaiah Wood, son-in-law of Si- 
mon Tompson, also testified. 

He d. May 9, 1665. Will dated Jan. 
5, 1663, prob. June 26, 1665; beq. to 
wife Grace the goods and est. left 
to her by her mother, to dispose of 
among her kindred; son Abraham F. to have 
land at Salisbury which he purchased of his 
bro. Wm. Barnes, and other est.; wife to 
have remainder for life. Grace app. her 
bro. Robert Tounsend of Ipsw. her attor- 
ney in a suit vs. Samuel Gove, June 17, 
1667. [Reg. XIII, 112, and XXXI, 323.] 
The widow Grace d. April 25, 1684. 

Goodman Fitts, tailor, Charlestown, 
had liberty to set up a salt pan in 1637. 
[Town Rec] 

Additions and Cokrkctions, 1902. 

CARTER, Richard ; insert " lie " in second 
line, page 90, after 1641. 

CHAMBERLAIN, etc., Tliomas; his wife 
"Mary" sold Land in 1658. [Mdx. Deeds.] 

William, planter; his wife Rebecca joined 
him in a deed of land 26 Oct. 1668. 

CHENEY, William; second column, first and 
second lines should read : 

1679-80. She rem. to Boston ; d. 2 or 3 (5) 
1686; will prob. Sept. 23, 1686. 

CHESTER, Leonard, " armiger," [£;rave- 
stone]. "The Cliester arms" mentioned in ■ 
the will of his widow. See Russell below. 

CLEMENT, etc., Mr. RoI)ert, resident in An- 
dover, 1642; his dan. "Mary Osgood alias 
Clemence," deposed 19 July, 1695, aged 58 
years; was of Coventry, co. Warwicl^, before 
1652. |Es. De. X, 190; Reg. XIII, 272.] 

COBBET, Rev. Thomas, died Nov. 5, 1685. 

COLBORN, William; change "George" to 
John " Barrel!." 

COLLIER, Tliomas, with wife Jane, dau. of 
— Curtes, late of Reading, co. Berks., consti- 
tuted her bro. John Curtes attorney 21 (10) 
1649 for collection of legacy left by her grand- 
mother, Jane Alexander, of R. [A.] 

COLLINS, Christopher, perhaps identical with 
the " shoemaljer" who bought land at Scarbo- 
rough, Maine, 10 Jan. 1659. His son Timothy 
removed to Newbury, and Dec. 28, 1680, sold 
land at " Blew Point," (. e. Scarborough, de- 
rived from his father Christopher Collins. 

COOK, Walter; children recorded : Ebenezer 
b. May 30, 1656, Walter b. Sept. 10, 1657, 
Nicholas b. Feb. 9, 1659; "a dau. of Walter 
and Experience Cook" b. Nov. 9, 1602. Hannah 
m. James Albee; E.xperience ra. Peter Adams. 

CURTIS, Richard ; insert after Mary Badcock 
another daughter, mentioned in his will, 
namely " Martha Clarke." 

DALLIBER, etc., Tristram ; add : See also the 
will of Robert Dalyber of Stoke Abbott, yeo- 
man, dated 20 March, 1632, prob. 27 May, 1633 ; 
be beq. to sons Robert, Tristram, Samuel and 
Joseph; daus. Mary, Sarah and Rebecca ; sons 
in law Walter Burt and Jolin Lesty ; and to 
"wife." [Reg. XLVIII, 128.] 

DANE, John; his son John wrote a n.arrativc 
of his eai-ly life, which, with family pedigree, 
Is given in Reg. VIII, 147-156. 

DANFORTH, Nicholas; erase " Martha," etc. 
from list of children, as she bought land of 
Thomas Danfortli which /te had " inherited," 

DARBY, DERBY, Edward ; add children Mary 
b. Dec. 29, 1660, Priscilla b. Jane 20, 1672, 
John and Sarah bapt. 8 (10) 1672. Is the tes- 
tator the same as the foregoing? Date of will 
should be 1723. 

DARLOE, Penelope, specified as a maidservant 
to Robert Keaine when admitted to the Church. 

D ARVILL, DEVEL, Robert ; " Robert Davoll, 
of Sudbury, N. E.," made Henry Rice of Lon- 
don his attorney 19 (8) 1650, to collect dues on 
lands called the Harrots in the parish of [Nor- 
church] alias Barkhamsted in Hertfordshire. 

DAVIS, DA VIES, etc., James, Hampton; it 
was the son James who deposed 14 (2) 1663, 
ss. aljout 60 years. 

William, Roxbnry, propr. 1043. Wife Eliza- 
beth adm. chh., and children John, Samuel and 
Joseph bapt 8 (11) 1649 ; she was buried May 
4, 1658; he mar. Oct. 21, 1658, Alice Thorpe, 
(perhaps widow of John, of Plymouth) ; she 
was adm. chh. Rox. 7 (4) 1663; died 24 (12) 
1067. He mar. third, Jane-, who was adm. 
chh. 8 (4) 1673; he was adm. chh. "to full 
communion," 20 (2) 1673. Children, John b. 
Oct. 1, 1643, Samuel b. Feb. 21, 1644, William 
and Elizabeth bapt. 14 (4) 1663, Mathew bapt. 
24 (11) 1663, Jonathan b. Feb. 7, 1666, Mary, 
Jane, Rachel b. Aug. 26, 1672, — these three 
bapt. 18 (3) 1673; Benjamin bapt. 7 (4) 1674, 
Ichabod b. April 1, 1678, Ebenezer b. April 9, 
1678, William b. Jan. 3, 1679-80, Sarah b. July 
20, 1681, Isaac b. April 18, 1683, Rachel (m. 
Josiah Goddard). 

He died 9 Dec. 1683; [Probate papers] ; will 
dated Dec. 6, prob. Dec. 28, 1683; beq. to wife 
(called Jane in the papers); to his "three 
eldest sons, John, Samuel and Joseph"; to 
sons Matthew and Jonathan, when they come 
to age; to dau. Elizabeth a trunk that was her 
mother's and a bill of 12 pounds. His age is 
given as 66 years; land specified in Rox. and 

(168— a) 
^*" Read Introduction and Directions to Searchers. 

Additions and Corrections, 1902. 

DEACON, alias FRANCIS, John, of Lynn, bad 
accounts with Gifford in 1G53 etc. [Es. files]. 
Is probably the man who came in IGiJo ; con- 
stable. Juryman, sergeant. 

DEACON, DEAKIN, etc. " One Dakin and 

his wife dwelling Meadford coming from 
Cambridge where they had spent their Sab- 
bath," she narrowly escaped drowning while 
fording the river ; was saved by their dog. 
[VV.] Richard Francis, Cambridge, lived in 
"Meadford" 20 Dec. 1GG5, when he and "Ales" 
Lis wife sold land. He d. at Camb. "an an- 
tient and goodman indeed," — ce. 80 years." [S. 
tind Mdx. Uec] 

DENNIS, William, in his will speaks of son in 
law " William Peakes" not Parker. 

DUNCAN, Nathaniel, mar. at Exeter, Eng., 
Elizabeth Jordon ; license dated .Jan. 3, lUlG-T. 

DYER, George, his wife Abigail was a member 
of the church in earliest list— before 1G39. 
Query : did she die and did he mar. as a sec- 
ond wife Martha, formerly wife of Edward 
AVhite, and mother of James W. whom he 
calls in his will " son in law " ? 

EAGLESFIELD, Mary, her mother was Sus- 
anna, dan. of Thomas and Katharine (Myles) 
Grey, of Harwich, Eng. [L.] See Coytmore. 

EATON, Francis; read " child Samuel, an in- 
fant," etc. 

ELIOT, etc. " Philip Elliott, of Nasing, co. 
Essex, husbandman, bachelor, aged about 22, 
and Elizal)eth Sybthorpe, spinster, maiden, 
aged about 23, daughter of Robert Sybthorpe, 
deceased," were licensed to marry by the bishop 
Of London Oct. 20, 1624, her widowed mother 
consenting. [Printed Rec] 

FARNHAM, Ralph; came in the year 1G35 ; his 
son Ralph mar. Elizabeth Holt. The father d. 
8 Jan. 1G32-3; inv. filed March 29, 1C93. 

FALCONER, FAULKNER, etc., Edmund; he 
made Wm. Twiss, of .-Vudovor, his attorney, 
2 (6) 1G50, to collect legacy from the estate of 
bis father Richard Falconer, late of Kings- 
cleare, co. Hampshire. [A.] 

FITCH, Richard, see Reg. XVI., 8G7. 

GETCHELL, Samuel, cli. Samuel b. 8 Feb- 

GLOVER, Rev. Josse, came from Sutton, co. 
Essex, Eng. ; his windmill at Lynn was sold by 
trustees for the benefit of his children 22 (3) 
1645. [Suff. De. I, 77.] 

GOOKIN, Daniel, at his death was " aged 75 
years." [Co. rec] 

GOULD, Samuel, Haverhill, propr. 1650. 

GREENOUGH, William, Boston, made will 
July 24, 1678; beq. to wife; to dau. Elizabeth 
land next that of " brother Cooke " ; land where 
kinsman William Greenougli lives; and land 
bounded by that of " couzen Sumner " ; to dau. 
Mary G. and to "couzen William Greenough." 
I'rob. 18 Feb. by Mrs. Elizabeth G., who, as 
" Prout, l.ate Greenough," filed inv. 22 May, 
1G86; as such she also reed, property from the 
estate of "her father, Nicholas Upshall." It 
was the nephew William who mar. Ruth Swift 
and later mar. Elizabeth, dau. of elder Rains- 
ford, whose records became intertwined with 
those of the pioneer. Children Mary, Anna, 
Luke, William, John, Samuel and Consider 
were of the younger mau, who died Aug. 6, 

HAIT, HETT, HITT, etc., Thomas, of Hull, 
late of Stockingham, co. Lincoln, Eng., sent 
power of attorney thither 10 (7) 1647, for col- 
lection of rents. [A.] 
HALL, Edmund, should be HULL. 
IIASEY, HALSEY, ASEY, etc., William, add 
child Joseph, baptized as "of Wm. Asey's 
wife," 28(4)1657. William Hasey mar. second, 
Judith, widow of Jonathan Poole ; she survived 
him and mar. afterwards Lieut. Robert Gould, 
of Hull, and there died in 1704. [See deed of 
Judith, in possession of heirs of the late Robert 
Gould.] The Judith mentioned in article' on 
page 217 is the dau. of Richard Jacobs and 
wife of William H., Jr., on whose estate she 
admin, in 1695. 

HARBOUR, John; see article on Benj. Scott 
for marriage of the widow, 

HEARD, HERD, etc., Luke, may be the son of 
Edmund Herd, weaver, of Claxton, Eng., who 
beq. his best loom and other things to his eldest 
son Luke, at 21 years of age, in his will of Nov 
20, 1626. [Reg. LI., 423.] 
HILL, HILLS, Joseph; his wife Helen, not 
Rose, was sister of Mr. Henry Dunster. 

Zebulon deposed Feb. 7, 1684-5, se. about 64 
years. [Es. De. IX, 8.J 

HILTON, William, Junior, is the Newbury 
resident, we judge; not William, Senior, who 
made his home at Piscataqua river. 

HOLT, Nicholas, "dish-turner," with wife 
Martha, sold land to his second son Henry 15 
Dee. 1681. Henry m. Feb. 24, 1669, Sarah, dau. 
of William Ballard. 

HULL, Rev. Joseph, removed to York, Me. and 
was settled as their minister in 1643. [W.] He 
and Roger Garde measured land for Mr. God- 
frey 5 May, 1644; his wife Agnes witnessed a 
deed with him in 1645. [York Deeds.] 
HUTCHINSON, Edward, not " William," was 
husband of Susanna and father of William. 

^=" Read Introduction and Directions to Searchers. 

FFITZPEN, see Phippen. 


Mr. Edward, came from Nottingham- 
shire, Eng.; settled at Seituate; propr. 1636, 
adm. chh. May 14, 1637, frm. 4 Sept. 1638. 
He rem. to Barnstable in 1639; juryman, 
1641. Sold house and lands 1 June. 1649. 
He m. May 10, 1637, Elizabeth Blossom, who 
was adm. chh. Aug. 27, 1643. Ch. Nathaniel 
b. and d. 1640, Nathaniel b. about 1642, (m. 
Mary, dau. of Joseph HoUey,) Mary b. Oct. 
6, 1644, Hannah bapt. April 23, 1648, Han 
nah b. April, 1649, Mary bapt. June 2, 1650, 
Mary b. May, 1651, John bapt. Jan. 2, 1652, 
John b. Oct. 7, 1653, Joseph b. March 1, 
1656, Thomas b. Aug. 16, 1659, Hope b. April 
2, 1661. 

He removed to New Jersey about 1669. 
A descendant, Mr. H. C. F. Randolph, of 
New York city, has secured evidence regard- 
ing the English connections of the pioneer. 
N. B. The obnoxious Sir Edward Randolph, 
who came to N. E. In 1676 and returned with 
Gov. Andros, is a totally different person. 


Cotton, yeoman, Boston, adm. chh., la- 
borer, 5 (11) 1633; frm. May 13, 1640. Propr. 
"Wife Jane; ch. Deborah bur. 1642, Deborah 
b. 5 (8) 1644. 

Will prob. Aug. 5, 1658. Wife Jane: son 
Samuel. [Reg. VII, 353.] 


Thomas, Braintree, frm. May 13, 1640. 
Wife — ; ch. Elizabeth b. 7 (3) 1640, Thomas 
b. 3 (5) 1643. 


Thomas, ae. 21, came in April, 1637, as 
servant of Richard Carver. Settled at 
Watertown; yeoman, lieut., propr., town 
officer. He petitioned 4 (2) 1659, concern- 
ing the loss of his left eye by 
a gun. [Mdx. Piles.] Wife Mary deposed 
in 1657, ae. about 38 years; ch. Gershom 
b. April 16, 1641, John b. June 14, 1043, 
Bartholomew b. Feb. 23, 1614, Thomas b. 
April 28. 1645, Michael b. March 23, 1650-1, 
Eleazer b. May 14, 1653, Elizabeth b. 22 (1) 
1654-5, JIary b. Jan. 14, 1657, Rebecca b. 5 
(7) 1660, Benjamin b. June 25, 1602, Allen 
b. May 16, 1665. 
He d. Feb. 6, 1697-8. Will dated 5 March, 

FLAGG, etc., cent. 

1697, prob. Feb. 16, 1697-8, beq. to wife Mary, 
sons Michael, Thomas, Eleazer, Allen and 
Benjamin, daus. Mai-y and Elizabeth Bige- 
low and Rebecca Cooke; to gr. ch. John F., 
and the heirs of dec. son Gershom. The 
widow's will, prob. April 21, 1703, names ch. 
Mary and Elizabeth Bigelow, Rebecca Cook, 
and Benjamin F. 


Stephen, planter, Salisbury, propr. 
1646-1677. He m. Jane — , who d. Nov. 19, 

1683. Ch. Mary d. May 4, 1650, Stephen b. 
March 8, 1646-7, Mary b. May 7, 1650, Philip 
b. July 14, 1652, Sarah b. Nov. 5, 1654, Na- 
omi b. Dec. 15, 1656, John b. Feb. 11, 1658-9. 

He d. June 27, 1684; will prob. Sept. 30, 

1684. He beq. to eldest son Stephen; to 
daus. Mary and Naomi F. and Sarah New- 
hall; to gr. ch. Thomas F.; rest to be divided 
between sons Philip and John. 


Thomas, Yarmouth, atba. 1643; propr. 


Thomas, with a son, came in the For- 
tune to Plymouth in 1621. Goodwife F. 
came in the Anne in 1623. All had lands 


Abraham, husbandman, ae. 40, came in 
the Increase, April 15, 1635. 

John, maulster, Watertown, 1647. Town 
officer. He bought land in 1651. Wife Anne; 
ch. Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah b. at 
Wat. 1 (7) 1639, (m. John Barnard, Jr..) John 
b. at Wat. 25 (1) 1642. Several of these ch. 
residing in Eng. sold their shares in the 
Wat. property at various dates. [Mdx. 

He d. June 4, 1657; the inv. of his est. 
■was filed the 24th by the widow, who d. Nov. 
11, folg. His will prob. 30 (10) 1658. Beq. 
to 3 children, viz. Thomas F., Elizabeth 
Neall and Mary Ruttriffe. [Mdx. Files.] 
Her will dated 4 (9) 1657, beq. to her dau. 
Sarah Barnard and her son John Fleming. 



Edward, "cutler," Boston, adm. inhab. 
24 (12) 1639; adm. chh. 18 (5) 1640, frm. Oct. 
12, 1640. Propr. Sold bouse and shop Sept. 
9, 1654. Wife Mai-y adm. chh. 8 (8) 1642. 
He returned to England; became a minister; 
came back again and d. here. 

Edward F., now of Badgeden, co. of 
Gloucester, "clerke;" will, dated Feb. 20, 
1659, prob. in Boston 12 Feb., 1666; admin, 
gr. to his widow Mai-y. Beq. to her a tene- 
ment in Gloe. within the precincts of the 
college, near the Little Cloisters, which is 
to be rented to Mr. James Forbes and his 
associates at 40 shillings per annum as long 
as they wish it for a place of worship; after 
her death this is to go to his sister Elizabeth 
Hooper; cousin Margaret Ellis. Goods and 
est. also in Boston, N. E. Mrs. Mary D. de- 
posed. Inv. mentions nails, elephant's teeth 
and other goods in the shop. [Reg. XVI, 

Moses, (Moyses,) came in the May- 
flower, signed the Compact; pes. at Ply- 
mouth; d. soon after arriving. [B.] 

Robert, Concord, app. by Gen. Court 
constable, 2 Nov. 1637. Rem. to Chelms- 
ford; joined with William F. and others in 
1654 in Inviting Mr. John Fiske and the 
"Wenham church to remove to C. 

He made will 4 Feb. 1672, ae. about four 
score years; commits his wife to the care 
of his son Francis and his wife; beq. to sons 
Francis, William and Samuel. Inv. taken 
12 May, 1677. 

Rose, widow, Boston, adm. chh. 10 
(4) 1643. 

William, Concord. Wife Rachel d. and 
he m. 2, 7 (9) 1645, Lydia Bats; ch. Joshua 
b. 10 (2) [1645], — , daughter, b. 30 (1) 1647. 
[Mds. tr.] 


Rev. Henry, came to N. E. in 1635; 
adm. chh. Boston 15 (9) 1635; frm. May 25, 
1636; was dism. to ye gathering of a chh. 
at Mt. WoUaston, (Braintree,) 11 (6) 1639, 
and was ord. teacher in comijany with Mr. 
Wm. Tompson, pastor. He m. Margery, dau. 
of Charles Hoar, Jr., of Gloucester, Eng. 
Ch. Dorothy b. 11 (5) 1642, Annah b. 7 (11) 
1643, (Hanua m. 15 (9) 1662, John Dassitt,) 
Josiah b. 24 (6) 1645, Margaret b. 20 (4) 1647, 


FLINT, cont. 

d. 29 (6j 1648, Joanna b. 18 (12) 1648, (m. 30 

(10) 1669, Noah Newman,) David b. 11 (11) 

1651, d. 29 (1) 1652, Seth b. 2 (2) 1653, Ruth 
b. 31 (11) 1654, Cotton and John b. 16 (7) d. 
20 (9) 1656. 

He d. April 27, 1668. Will, dated 24 (11) 

1652, prob. 2 July, 1668. Wife Margery; 
sons Josiah and Seth; daughters. The wid- 
ow d. March 10, 1686-7. [S.] [Reg. IX, 151, 
XVIII, 327, and LIII, 92.] 

John, [Marblehead,] a witness at Es. 
court in 1639. 

Mr. Thomas, bro. of Henry, Boston, 
1637; frm. March, 1637-8; rem. to Concord. 
Deputy. Wife Abigail; ch. Ephraim b. 14 

(11) 1641. 

He d. Oct. 8, 1653, ae. 50. Will, dated 21 
(10) 1651, left children to care of wife with 
counsel of Mr. Bulkley, teacher of chh. 
Cone; his bro. Mr. Henry F., teacher of chh. 
Braintree; Capt. Simon Willard, and his 
uncle William Wood of Cone. [Reg. XVI, 
72.] The widow d. Dee. IS, 1689, ae. 82. 

William, Salem, with wife Alice and 
child. 3 (9) 1045; propr., overseer of fences 
and highways; juryman. He deposed In 
1661, ae. about 58 years. 

Will prob. Essex Court 27 (4) 1673; wife 
Alice; dau. Alice m. Henry Bullock, Jr. [Es. 
De. I, 39;] sons Thomas and Edward F.; 
son Joshua Ward, son Joshua; to John Ha- 
thorne; the court also gave a portion to son 
John Pickering. Widow Alice deposed in 
1677, ae. about 70 years. 


Joseph, baker, ae. 45, with wife Jane, 
ae. 35, and ch. Elizabeth, ae. 9, Obediah, ae. 
4, and Joseph, ae. 6 mos., came in the Abi- 
gail in July, 1635. Settled at Dorchester. 
Rem. to Lynn; propr. 1638. [Flood or Floyd] 
Juryman, 1639. In court for opposition to 
infant baptism in 1646. 

Mr., Lynn, propr. in 1638. 

Richard, Boston, propr. Wife Lydia; 
ch. Lydia b. in 1643. 

He d.; the widow m. June 9, 1654, Joseph 
Gridley. Admin, was gr. to him on the 
est. of Flood 8 (7) 1662, for his wife and her 
4 ch. [Reg. XII, 50.] 


John, citizen and haberdasher of Lon- 
don; his wife Anne gave power of attorney 
28 (6) 1640, for the care and maintenance 
of their son Thomas, apprenticed to Arthur 
Howland of Duxbury, planter. [L.] He 
came to N. E. and res. at Scltuate. Gave 
letters of attorney 4 (9) 1C46, for collections 
in Eng. Released his servant Jane Duglas 
2e Oct. 1647. [A.] Rem. to Boston; sold 
house and land Nov. 28, 1G55. 


John, tailor, Duxbury, in Court .5 Aug. 
1636; propr.; atba. 1643. Rem. to Bridge- 

Nunc, will July 31, 1662. Wife; two eldest 
sons John and Edward; dau. Mary. His 
bro. Experience Michell to help the wife 
and children. The son John died and his 
portion went to his bros. Edward and Wil- 
liam; so George Allin of Sandwich wrote 
Exp. Michell. [Plym. Prob.] 


James, Gloucester, a witness in 1648. 

Ralph, Plymouth, gent., taxed 1632, 
frm. 1683. Was. ae. about 40 yrs. in 1640; 
testified that he saw specialties delivered to 
John Stratton at Dedham, Essex, Eng. Dec, 
1631. [L.] Rem. to Salem. Secretary of 
Court 27 (10) 1636. Frm. Mass. Sept. 3, 1634; 
propr.; town officer. A town clerii was chos- 
en to take his place in 1647. 

He applied to Gen. Court 1 (3) 1652, for 
permission to open "An office of Addresses," 
or medium of communication between em- 
ployers and servants, sellers and buyers, etc. 
Letter in Arch. 105. Susanna, his wife, was a 
member of the chh. before 1636. Ch. Eze- 
kiel bapt. 1 (2) 1638, David bapt. 15 (1) 1640. 
Susan, Salem, gave release to Richard 
Gibb, of London, refiner, 13 (8) 1647. [A.] 
Son John, with consent of his mother, sold 
land in 1648. 

Ralph, of London, skinner, bought land 
and warehouses in Boston near his own 
property, in 1656. John of Barnstable, Eng., 
merchant, sold land at Salem, N. E., in pos- 
session of his father Ralph F., in 1665. [Es. 


John, husbandman, ae. 21, came in the 
Increase April 15, 1635. 


John, proposed for a propr. at Ded- 
ham, 1638. 

Peter, Martin's Vineyard, witness of a 
document Oct. 14, 1647. 


John, with wife and 2 servants, came 
from Old Hiugham in 1638 and settled at 
Hiugham. Propr., town officer; had liberty 
to erect saw-mill. Sold prop, in 1659, and 
rem. to Exeter. He m. in Eng. Mary, dau. 
of Edward Gilman, (who also came to Hing.). 
Ch. John; Samuel bapt. Oct. 11, 1641, Na- 
thaniel bapt. June 2, 1644, Israel bapt. Sept. 
1644, Peter bapt. April 8, 1649, Mary bapt. 
April 13, 1651, (m. George Marsh,) Ei)hraim 
bapt. Feb. 25, 1654-5. 
He d. 27 Dec. 1681. 


Henry, Dorchester, propr. 1635; frm. 
May 6, 1635. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 

FOORTH, see Ford. 


Joshua, citizen and iron-monger, of 
London, from 1645 onward did a large 
amount of business in N. E.; was a member 
of the Iron Works Co.; res. in Boston in 
1653 . Later at Roxbury, and Providence. 

Will, Suff. Prob. Oct. 31, 1655. Wife and 
Children. Inv. of est. at Bo. Nov. 15, 1655. 
[Reg. V, 444, and IX, 137.] 

Nathaniel, [Salem?] frm. Sept. 3, 1634. 
Rem. to Wethersfield, Conn. [Reg. IX, 272.] 

Pasco, Salem, 1636. Adm. chh. 14 (9) 
1652, and 8 ch. were baptized, viz. John, 
Malachi, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, Isaac, 
Pasca and Abigail. 

He d. 28 (9) 1670; will dated 21 Sept. 1670; 
aged and weak; prob. 30 (4) 1671; sons Isaac, 
William and Pasco, daus. Elizabeth, Birtch, 
Mary and Abigail F. 


Barbara, ae. 16, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. 

John, ae. 30, servant to Henry King- 
man, came from Weymouth, Eng. before 
March 20, 1635. 

Peter, see Sims. 


FORD, etc., cont. 

Roger, (Foorth,) Cambridge, d. 24 (2) 

Thomas, from Dorchester, Eng., came 
In the Mary and John in 1630 to Dorchester. 
Frm. May 18, 1631. He rem. about 1635 to 
Windsor, Conn.; extensive land-holder; dep- 
uty. Rem. aboxit 1672 to Northampton. Wil:e 
— d. 18 April, 1643; he m. 2, Mrs. Ann Scott, 
who joined him in deed 23 Aug. 1672. Ch. 
Johannah b. June 8, 1617, (m. Capt. Roger 
Clap,) Abigail, (m. John Strong,) Mary, (m. 
Aaron Cooke,) Hepzibah, (m. 1, Richard Ly- 
man, Jr., 2, John Marsh). 

He d. 9 Nov. 1676. The Inv. of his est. 
was pres. Jan. 10, 1676, by his son in-law 
John Strong, to whom admin, was granted 
jointly with Preserved Clapp and goodwife 

Widow, came in the Fortune to Ply- 
mouth, and had 4 lots in 1623. Her ch. John 
and Martha had shares in cattle in 1627. 
Martha m. Wm. Nelson. 

AVilliam, miller, Duxbury, atba. 1643; 
bought land 13 June, 1645; frm. 3 June, 1652. 
He deposed (to R. Chapman's will,) Oct. 30, 
1671, ae. 67 yrs. Rem. to Marshfield. 

He was bur. Sept. 18, 1676. Will dated 
12 Sept. 1676, ae. about 72 years; beq. to 
wife Anna, sons William and Michael, daus. 
Margaret and Millicent, gr. ch. John Foard, 
William and John Carver. 


Robert, gent., a witness to the will of 
Robert Hunt of Sudbury in 1640. Rem. to 
Southampton, [L. I. or Eng.?] and sold Sud- 
bury lands in 1643; acknowledged in 1654. 
[Mdx. De. II, 65.] 

Lechford calls him "a minister out of 
office" in 1642. [L., P. D.] 


John, ae. 14, came in the Hopewell in 
Sept. 1035. 


Stephen, carpenter, Charlestown, inhab. 
1635; frm. Sept. 7, 1638. Deposed 22 (4) 1653, 
ae. 70 years. [Mdx. Files.] Thomas, [his 
ch.?] d. 21 (4) 1650. [Mdx. Rec] Mary, adm. 
ehh. 4 (10) 1652. 
He d. May 21, 1664. He left a widow. 

FOSDICKE, etc., cont. 

lame and infirm, ae. about 75 years, who 
was m. to him a maid about 1624, and took 
care of his six children by former wife. 
[Deposition of his "brother" John Witherall, 
Mdx. Files.] Will dated 23 Feb. 1663, prob. 
21 (4) 1664, beq. to wife; to daus. Hannah, 
wife of James Barrett and Martha, wife 
of Richard Holding, and to their children; 
to dan. Marah, wife of Thomas Webb; to 
son John F. and to the two sons of my son 
Thomas F. deceased. 


Andrew, Gloucester, constable 1646. 
[Es. Files.] Rem. to Andover. Wife Ann; 
ch. Mary b. 9 July, 1652. 

He d. 7 May, 1685, "ae. 106 years." His 
will dated 18 April, 1685, prob. 30 June folg.; 
"very aged;" beq. to wife Ann, sons An- 
drew and Abraham, and daus. Sarah and 
Mary; dau. Hannah had already reed, her 

Christopher, husbandman, ae. 32, with 
wife Frances, ae. 25, and ch. Rebecca, ae. 
5, Nathaniel, ae. 2, and John, ae. 1, came in 
the Abigail in July, 1635. Settled at Lynn; 
propr. 1638. Lawsuit, 1637. Sold house and 
land 10 (1) 1645. He gave letters of attor- 
ney 9 (1) 1645-6, to Daniel King of Lynn, 
woolen draper, to collect legacy due his wife 
Frances from her mother Alice Stevens, late 
of Ewill in Surrey. [A.] 

Edward, Scituate, 1632, frm. Jan. 3, 
1636; atba. 1643. One of the founders of 
chh., Jan. 16, 1634. He rem. to Barnstable 
in 1G3S-9. He m. April 8, 1635, Lettice Hand- 
ford. Ch. Timothy bapt. March 7, 1635, 
bur. Dec. 5, 1637, Timothy bapt. April 22, 

Will, dated Nov. 24, 1643, prob. 20 Aug., 
1644; wife Lettice, son Timothy, father Rich- 
ard Sillis, bro. Isaac Robinson. [Reg. IV, 

Hopestill, ae. 14, [19?] embarked on 
the Elizabeth 17 April, 1635, with his moth- 
er, the widow Patience, ae. 40. She was a 
dau. of widow Rachel Biggs. Settled at 
Dorchester. Both were adm. chh. before 
1039. He was propr.; captain. He made an 
agreement May 10, 1646, with the sons of 
John Stowe about inheritance from their 
uncles Smallhope and John Bigg; lands in 
Cranbrook, Kent, Eng., and vicinity. [SuflC. 


FOSTEE, etc., cont. 

De. aud A.] He m. Mary, dau. of James 
Bate; ch. Thankful bapt. 27 (10) 1640, (m. 
John Baker,) Hopestill bapt. 10 (1) 1644, Pa- 
tience bapt. 16 (6) 1640, (m. Thomas Brown,) 
John bapt. 10 (10) 1648, James b. April 13, 
1051, Elisha bapt. 24 (6) 1653, Mary bapt. 
10 (12) 1055, (m. 1, Ephraim Sale, 2, Samuel 
Ward,) Comfort b. 28 (7) 1658, Standfast 
b. 13 (9) 1060, Richard b. and d. 1663. 

He d. Oct. 15, 1676. AVill dated 19 July, 
prob. Nov. 2, 1676, beq. to wife Mary; to son 
Hopestill and gr. ch. Hopestill; to sons John, 
James, Elisha, Comfort and Standfast; daus. 
Thankful Baker, Patience Brown, Mary (un- 
married); to pastor Flint; to the free school; 
to the military company. His widow d. Jan. 
5, 1703, ae. S3 yrs. [Reg. LII, 194.] 

John, Salem, 1649. Deposed in 1670, 
ae. about 52 years. Conveyed land to son 
John in 1674. Wife Martha, dau. of Ralph 
Tompkins, deposed in 1670, ae. about 34 
years. Ch. Mary bapt. 24 (1) 1649-50, Sam- 
uel bapt. 7 (1) 1652, John bapt. 3 (4) 1655, 
Benjamin, Jonathan and David bapt. 21 (5) 

Reginald, or Reynold, Sen., husband- 
man, Ipswich, bought of John Tuttell, 26 
Sept. 1038, a house and lands. [Ipsw. Rec] 
Had charge of the town herd of cattle on 
South side of the river in 1643; work may 
be done by his son Abraham. Town officer. 
With wife Sarah sold land 2 Aug. 1076. 

His will dated 30 April, 1680, prob. 9 
June, 1681, inv. taken 30 May, 1681, beq. 
to wife Sarah what she brought at marriage, 
and other things; to sons Abraham, Renold, 
Isaac, William and Jacob; to daus. Sarah, 
wife of William Story, and Mary, wife of 
Francis Paybody; to gr. ch. Hannah Story. 
The son Abraham d. 15 Jan. 1710-11, ae. 
about 90. 

Richard, Plymouth, 1640. Served 
against the Narragansetts from 15 Aug., 
1645. He m. 10 Sept. 1651, Mary Bartlett; 
ch. Mary b. March 8, 1652. 

Samuel, sergeant, Wareham, frm. May 
22, 1650. Rem. to Chelmsford. 

Thomas, cannonier, passenger in the 
Hercules in April, 1634. Settled at Boston. 
Gunner at the Castle in 1639. Adm. chh. 
26 (1) 1642, frm. May 18, 1642. 

FOSTER, etc., cont. 

Thomas, son of Mr. Thomas Foster, 
minister; gave letter of attorney in Boston 
to his bro. Richard F. of Ipswich, Eng., 
shipmaster, July 29, 1639. Gave letter of at- 
torney concerning the inheritance of his 
wife Abigail, dau. of Matthew Wines, of 
Ipswich, CO. Suffolk, Eng., 19 (1) 1640-1. 

Thomas, Weymouth, frm. May 26, 
1647. Ch. Thomas b. 18 (6) 1040, John b. 
7 (8) 1642. [Mr. Thomas, mentioned in town 
records of Roxbury 18 (1) 1655, adm. chh. 18 
(4) 1665, rem. to Dorchester, is likely to be 
this son.] 

William, planter, came in the Her- 
cules in April, 1634. Settled at Ipswich; 
propr. 1634. Took an apprentice 21 (4) 1639. 
[L.] He and his son William were taken 
prisoners at Sally and delivered after 18 
months in 1673. [Rox. chh. rec] 

William, captain, Charlestown, adm. 
chh. 15 (6) 1652, Anne adm. 23 (7) 1652. Ch. 
Anna bapt. 5 (7) 1058, Richard bapt. 16 (6) 
1663. Elizabeth Hailes, of Stepney, Eng., in 
her will, 28 Sept., 1664, beq. to her cousin 
Wm. Foster, of N. E. [Reg. XXXVIII, 422.] 


Thomas, ae. 22, came in the Christian 
March 16, 1634. 

FOWNELL, see Furnell. 


Edward, ae. 28, came in the Abigail 
in July, 1035. 


Ann, ae. 25, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. 

George, tanner. Concord, frm. March 
14, 1638-9. Surveyor of the arms for C. 22 
May, 1639. Rem. to Charlestown. Wife 
Mary; ch. Mary b. 24 (9) 1640, Peter b. 2 
(10) 1041, James b. 12 (1) 1642, Mary b. 9 
(12) 1044. A son Jacob, tailor, Boston, in 
will dated 14 Dec. prob. 17 Dec. 1678, beq. 
to bros. John, Peter, Isaac, James 
and Abraham Fowle, to cousins Samuel and 
Mary Rugels, to Richard Hincksman, Henry 


POWLE, etc., cont. 

Philips and Thomas Skinner; his father Geo. 

Fowle, executor. 

George's will dated 11 March, 1681-2, prob. 
Oct. 3, 1G82, beq. to sons John, Peter, Abra- 
ham, Isaac, James, and to the ch. of son 

Thomas, gent., armiger, merchant, 

1639. [L.] Settled at Boston; adm. chh. 25 
(1) 1643. Wife Margaret adm. chh. 31 (11) 

1640. Ch. Elizabeth b. 14 (1) 1639, John b. 
1 (5) 1041, Margaret b. 13 (2) 1643, Marie 
bapt. 16 (2) 1643, ae. about 4 days, James 
bapt. 8 (10) 1644, ae. about 5 days, Martha 
bapt. 25 (8) 1646, ae. about 7 days. 

He was one of the petitioners for citizen- 
ship of non-church members in 1645. [W.] 
Shipping accts. 5 (7) 1045. Calls Vincent 
Potter bro.-in-Iaw. [A.] 


Philip, came in the Mary and John 
March 24, 1033. Settled at Ipswich; propr. 
1634; cloth- worker. Frm. Sept. 3, 1634. [See 
Sweetser.] He deposed 28 Feb. 1671, ae. above 
80 years. He m. 1, Mary — , who d. Aug. 
30, 1659; he m. 2, Mary, widow of George 
Norton; contract 27 Feb. 1659. Ch. Mar- 
garet, (m. Christopher Osgood,) Mary, (m. 
Wm. Chandler,) Samuel, Hester, (m. 1, Jath- 
nell Bird, 2, Ezra Rolfe, 3. Robert Collins,) 
Joseph, Thomas. He adopted his son Jo- 
seph's son Philip, and deeded hous-j and 
land to him 23 Dec. 1668. 

He d. June 24, 1679; admin, gr. to gr. son 
Philip F.. Sept. 1679. 

Kiehard, Salem, in Court in 1641. 


Daniel. Hingham, propr. 1636. 
ness of a deed in Boston in 1648. 


John, ae. 35, with Richard, ae. 15, came 
In the Abigail in July, 1635. 

Thomas, Concord, servant to Mr. 
Cradock, was punished by Gen. Court S 
March, 1030-1, for suggesting that the Court 
had taken bribes in the Bratcher case. 
Propr.; frm. March, 1637-8. Rem. to Cam- 
bridge. Town officer. His wife Rebecca d. 
11 (3) 1647; he m. May 24, 1050, Ellen, wid- 
ow of Percival Greene; she d. May 27, 16S2, 
ae. 82. [Gr. st.] He m. April 24, 1683, Eliz- 
abeth, widow of Charles Chadwick; she d. 


FOX, etc., cont. 

Feb. 22, 1084-5. He m. Dec. 10, 1085, Re- 
becca, widow of Nicholas Wyeth. Ch. Ja 
bez. bapt. at Concord; in minority when 
his father joined the chh. of Camb. [Mi.], 
[Thomas, m. 13 (10) 1647, Hannah Brooks ] 
He d. April 25, 1693, ae. 85. 


Richard, tailor. [Boston,] frm. 18 May, 
1631. Rem. to Plymouth; rem. to Scituate, 
being dism. to join in forming the chh. 
Jan. 16, 1034-5. Had probably been a memb. 
of the chh. in London, of which Mr. John 
Lothrop was pastor. [See Scituate chh. Ree. 
in Reg. IX.] He rem. to Barnstable in 1638- 
9. He m. first in Eng. and had child John, 
atba. 1643, who came here and d. Sept. 21, 
1646. He m. second. Aune Shelley, who had 
been a maid servant to Mr. John Coggeshall 
of Rox. and Bo. and a memb. of the chh. 
in both places. [Rox. and Bo. chh. Reel 
She was rec'd to Sci. chh. June 14, 1635, 
Ch. Mary bapt. Aug. 30, 1635, (m. Jan. 8 
16.54, Hugh Cole, of Plym.,) Martha bapt 
April 22, 1638, Ruth bapt. April 4, 1041. 

Will, dated April 7, prob. June 3, 1668 
sous-in-law Samuel Bacon, Hugh Cole, and 
William Nelson, husband of his dau. Ruth 
beq. to the chh., for the poor. A payment 
to be made to Mr. Adams, woolen draper, 
who did dwell at the lower end of Gratious 
St. iu London. [Reg. VII, 179.] 


Richard, brickmaker, Cambridge, 
propr., frm. May 13, 1640. Wife Alice; ch. 
Stephen b. 7 (12 1 1044. Sarah b. 4 (10) 1646, 
John b. 4 (11) 1649. 

He d. March 24, 1680-7, ae about 81 years. 
[Gr. St.] Admin, of his est. gr. to widow 
Alice April 5, 1687. 

FRANCIS, alias DEACON, see Deacon. 


Martha, Boston, m. 24 (8) 1650, William 
Phillips, Jr. 

William, blacksmith, came in the Mary 
and John March 20, 1633-4. Settled at Ips- 
wich. Rem. to Newbury, theuce to Boston. 
Adm. chh. 30 (11) 1640. Town officer. De- 
posed 1 (12) lt!."«2. ae. about 45 years, relative 
to Wm. Ting's gift of land to his cousin 

TRANKLIN, etc., cont. 

John Francklin. [Book of Pos. 43.] He pe- 
titioned Parliament 6 July, 1G55, for a posi- 
tion, in view of his losses within the terri- 
tories of Portugal, etc. It was favorably re- 
ported. He m. before April 2, 1641, Alice, 
dau. of Robert Andrews, q. v.; he m. 2, Phe- 
be — . Ch. Elizabeth b. in Bo. 3 (S) 1638, 
(m. 6 (8) 1656, George May,) Ebenezer d. 24 
(8) 1C44, Eliezer b. and d. 1645. 

He d. in London. His est. was admin, in 
Boston July 28, 1658. The widow m. Augus- 
tin Lyndon; with whom she deeded one half 
of the houses and lands of the Franklin est. 
to George and Elizabeth May 2 June, 1660. 
[Reg. XXXVIII, 384.] 

William, farmer, Newbury, 1638; rem. 
to Muddy River, Boston. He was executed 
in 1644 for the murder of his servant boy 
Nathaniel Sewall. Wife Joanna; ch. John 
b. 14 (5) 1642, Benjamin b. 12 (8) 1643, 
(cooper, Boston, had mortg. of land IC Aug. 
1677, from John Wampos alias White). 
[Mdx. De. VI, 84.] [Rox. Rec. and W.] 


George, wheelwright, Lynn, propr. 
1638. Wife Elizabeth; ch. Elizabeth b. 30 
March, 1641, Hanna b. Nov. 1642, d. 16 Nov. 
1662, Eunice b. (10) 1644, Samuel b. 7 (1) 
1645, Deborah b. Aug. 1648, Ruth b. April, 

He d. 9 (10) 1663. Admin. 29 (4) 1664; wife 
Elizabeth, one son and four daus. 



John, cordwinder, Dedham, propr., 
frm. March 13, 1638-9. Rem. to Medfield 
about 1052. Wife Prudence; eh. John, Theo- 
philus, Isaac b. 29 (10) 1638, Eliezer b. 14 
(12) 1639, d. 1652, Samuel b. 27 (8) 1641, d. 

Will dated 11 (4) 1675; in old age; beq. to 
wife Prudence, sons Theophilus, Eleazer, 
son Sampson, gr. ch. Hannah Walker, dau. 
of son Theophilus F.; apprentice Abigail 
Buckmaster. His widow m. Thos. Dyer. 


Thomas, [Boston.] Inv. of his est. 
pres. by Robert Hull and James Johnson, 3 
(3) 1648. [Reg. VII, 175.] 


FREAKE, see Feake. 


William, ae. 40, with wife Mary, ae. 
33, ch. Mary, ae. 7, Sarah, ae. 2, and John 
Aldburgh, ae. 14, came in the Francis of 
Ipswich April 30, 1634. Settled at Boston; 
frm. Sept. 3, 1634. Was banished for up- 
holding Mrs. Hutchinson in 1637, and was 
one of the founders of Rhode Island and 
Providence plantation. 


Anthony, ae. 22, came in the Hopewell 
in Sept., 1635. 

Edmund, husbandman, ae. 45, Thom- 
as, ae. 24, Edmund or Edward, hus- 
bandman, ae. 34, Elizabeth, ae. 35, Alice, ae. 
17, Edward, ae. 15, Elizabeth, ae. 12, and 
John, ae. 8, came in the Abigail in July, 
1635. Making allowance for errors in age 
and the probable repetition of names, this 
record applies to Mr. Edmund F. and his 
family. He settled first at Saugus; rem. to 
Sandwich. [Plym. Col. Rec. I, 57.] Sold 
lands at Scituate 10 March, 1642, on behalf 
of his brother-in-law Mr. John Beauehamp, 
one of the adventurers of the Plymouth 
Colony. Frm. 7 Feb. 1G36-7. Assistant. 
His dau. Alice m. William Paddy; Elizabeth 
m. John Ellis, and Mary m. Edward Perry. 
His wife Elizabeth d. Feb. 14, 1675. 

Will dated 21 June, prob. 2 Nov. 1682; 
made his three sons, Edmond and John Free- 
man and Edward Perrey execs. Beq. to them; 
to gr. sons Matthias Ellis and Thomas Pad- 
dy: to dau. Elizabeth Ellis. Genealogy. 

John, husbandman, ae. 35, with Sycilie, 
ae. 4, Marie, ae. 50, John, ae. 9, came in the 
Abigail in July. 163.5. He settled at Sud- 
bury; propr. 1639. Wife Elizabeth; ch. Jo- 
seph b. 29 (1) 1645, James b. and d. 1647. 
Elizabeth Freeman, [his widow?] m. 13 
Nov., 1049, Josiah Haine. 

Mr. Samuel, gent., from Mawlyn, co. 
Kent, Eng.; had deed of English property 
July 22, 1640. [L.] His son Henry, gave let- 
ter of attorney 12 (10) 1046, for collection of 
legacy from his grandmother, Priscilla F. 
of Blackfriars in London, dec. [A.] His 
house in Watertown was burned Feb. 11, 
1630. [W.] Wife Apphia; ch. Samuel b. 
May 11, 1638. 


Anne and Frances, kinswomen of Wm. 
Hutchinson, adm. chh. Boston 9 (9) and 28 
(10) 1634. 

Elizabeth, late of Alford, co. Lincoln, 
now of Boston, N. E., spinster, dau. of Rich- 
ard F. late of Horneastle, co. Lincoln, wool- 
en draper, dec, gave letter of attorney Oct. 
26, 1640, for collection of legacies left by 
her grandparents Robert and Mary F. [L.] 


Dorcas, maid servant to Mr. John Win- 
throp, adm. chh. Boston 10 (6) 1634; m. 
Christopher Peake of Roxbury. 

Edward, tailor, Ipswich, propr. 1637. 
Rem. to Salisbury; propr. 1640; town officer. 
Wife Ann; ch. Joseph, John, Samuel, Han- 

He d. Dec. 28, 1674. Will dated April 10, 
1673, prob. April 13, 1675, of great age. beq. to 
Edward and Symond, sons of his son Jo- 
seph; to John, eldest son of his son John; 
to Samuel, eldest son of his son Samuel; to 
the new born son of his son John; to dau. 
Philbrick, and her sons John While and 
William P.; to son Joseph's dau. Anne; son 
John's daus. Abigail and Hannah; to his 
,wife Anne, whom he appoints exec. The 
widow d. March 9, 1682-3; in v. April 10, 1683. 

John, Boston, had land gr. at Braintree 
for 5 heads 24 (12) 1639-40. Adm. chh. of 
Dorchester 27 (11) 1642; frm. May 29, 1644. 
Wife Grace; ch. John b. 28 (12) 1640, John 
bapt. 12 (12) 1642, Thomas bapt. 2 (5) 1643. 
Other ch. recorded at Br. : Dependanee, (son,) 
b. 7 (1) 1648, Temperance, (dau.) b. 30 (1) 
1051, William b. 31 (1) 1653, Elizabeth b. 29 
(7) 1655, Samuel b. 22 (12) 1659. Wife Grace 
d. 29 Feb. 1680, ae. 59 yrs. [Gr. St.] He 
m. 2, 8 July, 1683, Eleanor, widow of Wm. 

He d. 6 Aug. 1692, ae. 80 yrs. Division of 
the est. was made to his eldest son John, to 
Dependanee, Thomas, Samuel, William, (son 
of William F., dec.;) to Temperance, wife of 
John Bowditch, to Elizabeth Wheelock of 
Mendon; and the ch. of Mary Lamb, dec. 
[Reg. XII, 353.] 

John, Cambridge, propr. 1637. He and 
his wife Sarah membs. chh. and their ch. 
all bapt. at Camb. Dau. Sarah dism. to chh. 
of Billerica May 16, 1664. [Mi.] Wife Joan- 

FRENCH, cent. 

na [Mdx. Rec] bur. 20 (11) 1645; ch. Sarah 
b. (8) 1637, Joseph b. 4 (2) 1640, Nathaniel b. 
7 (4) 1643. 
He was bur. 16 (12) 1645. 

Stephen, Dorchester, propr., frm. May 
14, 1634. Deputy. Rem. to Weymouth. 
App. one of the aids to Magistrates for Court 
matters 6 (7) 1038. Town officer, 1645. 

Will dated 17 March, prob. 29 July, 1679; 
beq. to chh. of Wey.; to sister Mary Ran- 
dall; to gr. sons Stephen, and Samuel, and 
gr. daus. Mary, Hannah and Elizabeth; to 
son Stephen. Land lately sold to bro. Searle. 

Thomas, Boston, memb. chh. 1631, frm. 
Nov. 6, 1632. He was dism. to Ipswich 27 
(11) 1638. Wife Alice: ch. Mary bapt. 23 (7) 
1632, Mary bapt. 2 (1) 1634. 

Admin, gr. by Gen. Court 5 (9) 1639, to his 
widow. She was dism. from the Boston 
chh. 16 (4) 1644, being now the wife of 
Thomas Hewlett. 

\\'illiam, tailor, Cambridge, propr. 1035- 
6. Confirmed as lieut. 26 May, 1647. Dep- 
uty. Rem. to Billerica. His wife Elizabeth, 
ae. 30, with Francis, ae. 10, Elizabeth, ae. 6, 
Marie, ae. 2%, and John, ae. 5 mos. came 
in the Defence, July, 1635. John was bapt. 
by Mr. Hooker in Camb. [Mi.] Other ch. 
Sarah b. (1) 1638, Jacob b. 16 (11) 1630, Han- 
nah b. 1041, d. 1642, Hannah, (m. John Brac- 
ket,) Samuel b. 1645, d. 1646, [Samuel,] Mary 
b. April 3, 1670, Sarah b. Oct. 29, 1671, Abi- 
gail b. April 14, 1673, d. 1674, Hannah b. 
Jan. 25, 1676. The wife Elizabeth d. March 
31, 1068, and he m. Mary, widow of John 
Stearns, May 6, 1669. 

He d. Nov. 20, 1681, ae. 77. His widow 
III. June 29, 1687, Isaac Mixer. His est. was 
divided 6 (10) 1687, between the widow and 
the three daus. Mary, (now Sharp;) Sarah 
and Hannah French. The instrument was 
acknowledged Aug. 26, 1722, by Sarah Cros- 
bey, Mary, wife of Nathl. Dunckley, and 
Hannah, wife of John Child. 


Mr. John, Salem, 1638, propr. He m. 
in Oct. 1639, Mary, dau. of Thomas Dexter. 
Account in Lechford's Note Book. Propr. 
at Sandwich, 1640. Sold land in Sal. in 1652 
to Edward Prescott of London. 
Will dated 1 (11) 1655, prob. 27 (1) 1656; 


TKIEND, etc., cont. 

sons Samuel and James, daus. Elizabeth 

Pecker, Bethia and Hester. 

John, carpenter, Boston, 1639. Bought 
land 1 (6) 1641, deeds made to his wife 
Mary. She was adm. chh., a widow, 8 (8) 


John, one of the men with John How- 
land of Plymouth in the Kennebec afCair in 
April, 1634. 


Edmund, Cambridge, frm. March 3, 
1635-6; propr. 1636. Ruling elder. Wife 
Thomasine, "Thomas-Anne;" [Mi.] eh. John, 
"baptized in England," [Mi.] Thomas b. (1) 
1637, Samuel b. (12) 1638, Joseph b. 13 (11) 
1639, James b. 9 (2) 1643, Mary b. 24 (5) 1645, 
Ephraim, Thomas, Sarah. The wife Thom- 
asine d., and he m. before 1669, Reana Dan- 
iel, widow successively of — James, 
Wm. Andrew and Robert Daniel. [Mdx. De. 
Ill, 364.] 

He d. July 12, 1672. Will dated 16 April, 
"stricken in years;" prob. Oct. 1, folg. He 
beq. to wife Reana; to sons Ephraim, Thom- 
as, John and Joseph; to his two daus. Sarah 
and Mary; to Jacob French and his wife, 
and the ch. of Golden More; to Harvard Col- 
lege and to Mr. Alcock's son there. The inv. 
of the est. of the widow was taken 3 (11) 


William, Charlestown, propr. 1630; 
appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1630, adm. frm. March 
6, 1631-2. Wife Anne also a memb. Boston 
chh. 1630; both joined in the organization 
of the Chasn. chh. in 1632. Ch. Bethia b. 
7 (12) 1630, John b. 10 (6) 1633, Elizabeth b. 
15 (1) 1635, Peter bapt. 15 (2) 1636, Mary 
bapt. 18 (2) 1638, Nathaniel bapt. 16 (2) 1640, 
Stephen bapt. 11 (9) 1641, Hannah b. 29 (11) 
1642, Joseph b. and d. in 1645. 

He d. IS (8) 1651. Inv. of lands, farming 
effects and household goods. [See Croft] 
The widow d. July 28, 1674, ae. 67. 


George, husbandman, weaver, Wey- 
mouth, 1640; frm. May 7, 1651. He deposed 
5 March, 1673-4, ae. about 58 yrs., that he 

FRY, etc., cont. 

was from Combe St. Nicholas, Eng., and 
came thence to Wey. in 1640; that he knew 
Wm. Torrey and his son Samuel there and 
ever since. [Suff. De. VIII, 392.] Will dated 
6 July, prob. 30 Nov. 1676. Beq. to dau.-in- 
law Mary Smith, wife to James S., Sen.; 
daus. Ruth Torrey; Naomy Yeale and Mathl- 
ah Reed. 

John, wheelwright, of Basing, Eng. 
with wife and 3 ch., came in the Bevis in 
May, 1638. Settled at Newbury, propr. 1638. 
Rem. to Salisbui-y, where he was propr. in 
1639; thence to Andover. Wife Anne; ch. 
John, James b. 5 Feb. 1652, Sara d. 5 March, 
1661-2, Elizabeth. The wife Anne d. 22 Oct. 

He d. 9 Nov. 1693, ae. 92 years, 7 months. 
His will dated 16 March, 1685-6, prob. Dec. 
5, 1693, beq. to eldest son John; sons Ben- 
jamin, Samuel and James; dau. Elizabeth 
Stiles. Signed John Frie. 

Richard, Dorchester, propr. 1634. 

William, Weymouth, one of the "pas- 
sengers" to whom land was assigned in 
1636,-12 acres for 2 persons. [See Hull, Jo- 
seph.] Wife [Elizabeth,] probably dau. of 
Jonas Humphrey of Dorchester; ch. Eliza- 
beth b. 20 (10) 1639, (m. Nathan Fiske, Jr.,) 
Mary b. 9 (11) 1641, (m. Thomas Pierce of 

He d. Oct. 6, 1642, [or was buried Oct. 26, 
1642,] leaving nunc. will. Beq. to his wife, 
daus. Elizabeth and Mary; to Thomas Har- 
ris, Thomas Rawlens, and John Meggs, his 
3 sisters' youngest children. The widow m. 
Thomas Dogget. [Reg. XXXIX, 230.] 


James, Cambridge. Wife Katharine d. 
July 28, 1640. 

Elizabeth, Gloucester, propr. 1645; the 
Gen. Court, 13 Nov. 1644, annulled her mar- 
riage with John Richardson, who was 
proved to be a bigamist. She was living in 
1668, deaf and in ill health. [Essex Arch.] 

Frances, [a man?] Salem, one of the 
appraisers of the est. of Wm. Gouge in 1646. 

Thomas, Salem, propr. 1639. Mr. Fryer 
was one of the "eight men" of Gloucester 
in 1642. 



Ann, widow, ae. 79; will prob. at Sa- 
lem 25 (4) 1662. Son Richard Leach; Bethia 
Farrow, John and Sarah Leach. 

Edward, came in the Mayflower; 
signed the Compact. Res. at Plymouth. He 
and his wife who came with him d. in 1621. 
Their son Samuel, who also came, survived 
and res. in Plymouth. 

Edward, Charlestown, before Gen. 
Court 3 (7) 1639. 

Giles, prop, for propr. at Dedham, 1638. 
Rem. to Hampton. Near liinsman of Doc- 
tor Matthew, of Barnstable in 1673. [See 

Giles, weaver, Hampton, son of Roger, 
of Topcraft, eo. Norf. Eng., yeoman. His 
only sister Susanna, wife of Tho. Thurton of 
Croydon, co. Surrey, tobacconist, applied for 
Inheritance of his estate in London 5 April, 
1677. [Norf. Co. Rec. Lib. Ill, folio 63.] 

John, joiner, Boston, bought land at 
Lynn 9 (6) 1639, to be paid for by Edward 
Fuller of Olney, Bucks. [L.] See will of 
Edward, John's father, prob. 20 Sept. 1656. 
[Reg. L, 533.] He testified at Salem 25 (2) 
1651, ae. 30 years, concerning his bro. Dex- 
ter's sale of Lady Moody's farm. 

John, came in the Abigail in May, 1035, 
with William F. Settled at Ipswich, 1637; 
rem. to Salisbury, but ret. about 1648 to 
Ips. Wife Elizabeth; ch. John, James, Wil- 
liam, Thomas, Nathaniel, Joseph, Susanna, 
Elizabeth, Sarah. 

He d. June 4, 1666; will prob. Sept. 25, 1666. 
His will not dated, prob. 25 Sept. 1666, beq. 
to wife; to ch. James, William, John, Su- 
sanna, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nathaniel, Jo- 
seph and Sarah; another ch. expected. Their 
gr. father had lately given them portions. 
James, exec; and he is to have a double 
portion of any est. that may be recovered in 

John, farmer, maltster, Cambridge, 
propr. 1644. He deposed 16 (3) 1656, ae. 
about 40 years. [Mdx. Files.] 

He d. Feb. 1697-8, ae. 87. Will dated 30 
Jan. 1695-6, prob. Feb. 28, 1607-8, beq. to 
wife Elizabeth; ch. John, Jonathan, Joshua, 
Jeremiah, Bethia Bond; Jonathan Hide, son 
of dau. Elizabeth H., dec; also to gr. ch. 
Mary Brown, Elizabeth and Hannah Hides. 


FULLER, cent. 

Matthew, planter, Plymouth; captain. 
Rem. to Seituate; rec'd to chh. Nov. 7, 1636, 
by letter from Plym. chh. Propr., sergeant, 
prop. frm. 7 Sept. 1642. Rem. to Barnsta- 
ble. Physician. He, or his son Matthew, 
m. April 8, 1635, Jane, dau. of Mr. John 

Will dated 25 July, prob. 30 Oct. 1678, gave 
to wife Frances; to gr. ch. Shubael, son of 
Ralph Jones; son John; Thomas, Jabez, Tim- 
othy, Matthias and Samuel, sons of his dee. 
son Samuel; da us. Mary, wife of Ralph 
Jones; Elizabeth, wife of Moses Rowley; 
and Anne, wife of son Samuel; to Bethiah, 
wife of his son John; to gr. ch. Sarah Row- 
ley, Jedidiah Jones, and all the rest. To 
Robert Marshall, the Scotchman. 

Robert, Salem, 1639; question whether 
he was to remove in 1643. [Town Rec] 

Robert, Dorchester, 1640. Rem. to 
Dedham. He and his wife rec'd to chh. from 
Dorch. chh. 19 (11) 1648. Wife Ann; ch. 
Jonathan b. 15 (6) 1643, Benoni b. 16 (4) 
1646, d. 5 (7) 1647, Sarah b. 21 (7) 1647, John 
b. 26 (9) 1649, Mary b. 1 (1) 1653. His wife 
d. 4 (5) 1646. He m. 2, Sarah — ; she d. 2 
(4) 1686. 

He d. Dec. 14, 1688. Will prob. 28 April, 
1690, beq. to gr. ch. John and Prudence 
Ranger; to son Jonathan F. and dau. Mary 

Samuel, physician, also say-maker, m. 
1, in Eng. Elsie Glascock; m. 2, at Leyden, 
Holland, April 30, 1613, Agnes, dau. of Alex- 
ander Carpenter of Wrentham, Eng.; m. 3, 
in L. May 27, 1617, Bridget Lee. Came in 
the Mayflower, signed the Compact. Set- 
tled at Plymouth. Deacon, frm. 1633; an 
important citizen of Plymouth; aided the 
settlers at the B.ay on their arrival in 1630. 
See his letters about these settlers at Bos- 
ton and Dorchester to Bradford. [Mass. Hist. 
Coll. 3.] His wife and child came after- 
ward; another ch. born here. [B.] 

He d. in 1633, of an infectious fever, after 
he had much helped others. [B.] Will prob. 
July 30, 1638, mentions son Samuel, dau. 
Mercy, bro. W^m. Wright and his wife Pris- 
cilla; sister Alice Bradford. Refers to chil- 
dren, Sarah Converse and Elizabeth Cowles, 
committed to his care, the latter, at Charles- 
town, to be returned to her parents. His 
cosen Samuel is to remove from the estate. 

rULLER, cont. 

Servants Thomas Symons and Robert 
Cowles. To the church, to Wm. Brewster, 
Mrs. Heeks and others. [Reg. IV, 33.] [The 
widow] Bridget Fuller b. 30 Sept. 1641, 
Henry Sirkman. 

Samuel, nephew of Doctor Samuel, 
was with his uncle at Plymouth before 1638; 
rem. to Barnstable. [Is he not son of Ed- 
ward above?] Ch. Thomas b. 18 May, 
1650, Sarah b. 14 Dec. 1654, a child b. and 
d. 1658. 

Thomas, [smith,] Woburn. propr. 1640. 
He m. 1, June 13, 1643, Elizabeth Tidd; he 
m. 2, Aug. 25, 1684, Sarah Wyman. He m. 
3, Hannah — , whose daus., wives of James 
Proctor, Aaron Cleveland and John Wilson, 
agreed to care for her in 1697. [Wob. Rec] 
Ch. Thomas b. 22 or 30 (2) 1644, Elizabeth 
b. Sept. 12, 1645, Ruth 1). May 17, 1648, De- 
borah b. May 12, 1650, John b. March 1, 1652- 
3, Jacob b. May 14, 1655, Joseph b. Aug. 8 
1058, Benjamin b. April 15, 1660, Samuel b, 
May 9, 1662. 

He made will 9 June, prob. July 4, 1698 
beq. to daus. Dean, Ruth Wilkins, Deborah 
Shaw, sons Thomas, Jacob and Benjamin F 
gr. ch. David Richardson, Ruth Wheeler and 
Rethia Fuller. Genealogy. 

Thomas, Dedham, propr. Nov. 25, 1642. 
Ralph Fuller of Wortwell, Norfolk, linen 
weaver, in will dated 23 Oct. 1645, beq. to 
John, son of his son Thomas F., now in New 
England. [Reg. LII, 241.] He m. 22 (9) 

1643, Hannah Flower; ch. John b. and d. 

1644, John b. about 1645, Elizabeth b. 1 (2) 
1648, Hannah b. 9 (9) 1650, Thomas b. 26 
<12) 1652, Mary b, 25 (1) 1655, Samuel b. 25 
(2) 1657, Sarah b. 3 (7) 1659, Thomas b. 23 
June, 1662, Hannah Fuller d. April 11. 1672. 

Will dated 24 Sept. prob. 13 Nov. 1690; 
"aged;" beq. to wife Hannah, sons John and 
Thomas, daus. Elizabeth Meadcalfe, Mary 
Fisher and Sarah Day. 

William, ae. 2.5, wih John, ae. 15, came 
in the Abigail in May, 1635. Settled at Ips- 
wich; propr. 1635; sold house and land in 
1630. App. gunsmith by Gen. Court 17 May, 
1637. Frm. June 2, 1641. He kept the mill 
lu 1639. [Col Rec] Rem. to Concord Per- 
haps he is the W. F., locksmith, who bought 
land at Hampton 9 (12) 1647. Wife Eliza- 
beth d. 24 (5) 1642. Ch. Hannah b. 8 (6) 


John, miller or millwright, Cambridge, 
1638, propr.; frm. May, 1645. Bought share 
in a tide mill in 1650. He sold land in 1654, 
which he had received from the estate of 
Col. George Cooke for the education of his 
daughter. Rem. to Charlestown. "Friends 
dying, he was left under the care of his 
father-in-law;" apprenticed at 12 years of 
age. Went to Hartfordtown, (Eng.) to live 
with a carpenter; married. [Rel.] Wife 
Mary; ch. Sarah b. (6) 1638. He deposed at 
Salem in 1664, ae. about 57 years. 

He d. March 19, 1673, ae. 65. Will dated 
30 (7) 1663, prob. 1 (2) 1673, beq. all to his 
wife Mary for her life, and then to be at 
her disposing. Widow Mary d. Jan. 25, 
1696, ae. 84. 

Strong, soap-boiler, ship-carpenter, Bos- 
ton; adm. chh. 18 (1) 1643; frm. May 10, 
1643. Wife Eleanor; ch. Elizabeth b. 7 (3) 
1643, Mary bapt. 10 (6) 1645, ae. about 8 
days, Joanna b. 20 (12) 1646, John bapt. 20 
(6) 1648, ae. about 5 days, Samuel bapt. 14 
(2) 1650, Mary bapt. 1 (4) 1651, Susanna b. 
and d. 1652, John b. 28 June, 1653. 

The widow Eleanor m. in 1659, Michael 


John, bought house and home lot in 
Weymouth 28 (7) 1640. Rem. to Medfield 
about 1651. 
He d. Feb. 21, 1676. 


John, Boston, memb. Chh. 16.30-1, frm. 
March 4, 1633-4. One of the first to plant at 
Agawam (Ipswich,) April 1, 1633. [Col. Rec] 
Dsm. from Boston chh. to that of Ips. 10 (7) 
1643. Town officer; member of com. on al- 
lotments. With wife [Amee] sold land in 
Ips. 21 (12) 1653. He deposed in 1659, ae. 
about 50 years, and in 1662, ae. about 58. 
Rem. to Bradford; town officer. He m. 1, 
Anna or Amee, — , who d. in June, 1658; he 
m. 2, in Nov. 1658, Sarah — . Ch. Jonathan, 
Josiah, Benjamin, Samuel, Daniel, Nathani- 
el, Thomas. Having promised his son Ben^ 
jamin, on his marriage to Prudence, dau. of 
Thomas Leaver, of Rowley, a certain gift of 
land, he deeded it to Benj.'s son John 12 
Dec. 1672. 
He d. March 24, 1672-3. Will prob. next 


GAGE, etc., cont. 

day. Beq. to wife Sarah, five sons and one 
gr. son. The widow d. July 7, 1681; her est. 
was given by the Court to her 3 daus., the 
wives of Wm. Smith, John French and Sam- 
uel Buswell. 

Thomas, Yarmouth, debtor of Robert 
Button in 1G50; took oath of fidelity, 1657. 
He m. Joane, dau. of Wm. Knight of Salem, 
and gave a release in 1655 to his mother-in- 
law Elizabeth K., now wife of Allen Breed, 
for his wife's patrimony. [Es. Files.] His 
son, ae. a year and a half, was drowned in a 
well in 1650; inquest. Other ch. John, Wil- 
iam and Henry, who d. in the war of 1675- 
6; Thomas, Benjamin and Moses. [Geneal- 
ogy in Reg. LIII, 201.] Rem. to Harwich. 
In his will, dated 30 June, prob. 19 July, 
1695, he beq. to sons Benjamin and Moses. 


Mr. Humphrey, Dorchester, one of the 
first company, 1630, propr., res. in 1633. Wife 
Anne; ch. Joseph b. in 1633. 

John, mariner, fisherman, a trader 
along the coast; res. at Boston. Paid in 
1632 by Mr. Pynchon for carrying a letter. 
Adm. chh. 5 (11) 1633. Aided the troops en- 
gaged in the Pequot War in 1637. [B.] [W.] 
Propr. at Gloucester before 1650. Wife 
Christobell, adm. chh. 24 (4) 1634. 

He d. (11) 1649. His will, dated 20 Dec, 
was prob. 9 (12) 1649-50. He gave 40 s. 
towards building the new meeting-house; to 
wife; son John and his wife Hannah; sons 
Samuel and Nathaniel; dau. Joane Joy 
and her sons John and Joseph J. The 
widow d. 27 (7) 1655. Her will was prob. 
Oct. 31, 1655. [Reg. V, 444, and VII, 209 and 


William, surgeon, came in the pay of 
the Mass. Bay government in July, 1630. Set- 
tled at Charlestown. Memb. chh. and a 

He d. Sept. 20, 1630. His son John rec'd 
from the est. of Gax. Winthrop in 1(349 a 
debt formerly due the father. 


John, Salem, [Manchester,] 1(336; law- 
suit, 1637. 

Will dated 22 May, 1683, ae. about 78 
years; prob. 3 March, 1683-4. Sons-in-law 
Wm. Hoare, Gilacrus Ross and John Giles; 
dau. Elizabeth Giles; gr. eh. Sarah Ross, 
Mary Johnson and Elizabeth Trask. 

GAILDTHAIT, see Goldthwaight. 


Edmund, Cambridge. 
He d. 29 (5) 1642. 

John, servant to John Button, Boston, 
adm. chh 3 (6) 1634. 
"Died soon." 

Richard, yeoman, Watertown, propr. 
1642. Wife Mary; ch. Sarah b. 8 (7) 1641. 

He d. 22 March, 1679. Will prob. April 1, 
1679. To wife; to sons Abraham and John, 
and daus. Mary Flagg and Sarah Garfield, 
and to Abraham's eldest children, Abraham 
and Richard. 


Henry, Lynn, propr. 1638. Frm. March 
14, 1638. 

Jane, Lynn; in v. taken 14 (11) 1644. 


George, Lynn, was in possession of 
lands belonging to Thomas Hampton of 
Sandwich in 1637, as stated in Hampton's 


Robert, planter, embarked March 7, 
1631-2; came to Roxbury. He brought 
with him his dau. Mary, who was a maid 
servant in Pynchon's family, "a very graci- 
ous maiden;" she d. with the small pox in 
1633. His son Robert came also, bringing 
wife Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Mayo of 
Town Marroling, co. Kent, and her son John 
Mayo. [See Lechford; Rox. chh. Rec; Reg. 
XII, 274.] 

Robert Gamblin was bur. at Concord 7 (7) 

William, a witness to Winthrop and 
Dudley's Indian deed 28 (8) 1642; land at 



William, servant to Angell HoUard of 
Weymouth in 1641, then to John Crabtree. 


Thomas, before Gen. Court 2 May, 


Judith, ae. 26, came in the Francis of 
Ipswich April 30, 1634. Judith, maid servant 
to John Cogge^hall, adm. chh. Boston 7 (7) 
1634; now wife of Robert Shelley, dism. to 
Barnstable 14 (5) 1644. 

Thomas, Duxbury, atba. 1643, ppopr. 
1642. Rem. to Bridgewater. 

Will, dated June 19, 1655. Prob. by widow 
Sarah 7 Aug., 1655. Beq. to wife and bro. 
Matthew G. [Reg. V, 261.] 


Roger, merchant, of the island of Fay- 
all, now res. in N. E., was to receive goods 
on behalf of Abraham Shurt, as by the bond 
of Manning and Trerese, 13 May 1643. [A.] 


Sir Christopher, knighted at Jerusalem, 
came to Mass. in 1631. Made much trouble 
for the authorities. [B. and W.] See numer- 
ous sketches. 

Lyon, ae. 36, with wife Mary, ae. 34, 
and Elizabeth Coles, their maid servant 
came in the Batcheler, arriving Nov. 28, 
1635. Was an expert engineer, sent by the 
Lords Say and Seal to begin a fort at the 
mouth of the Connecticut River. But Mr. 
Winthrop had sent a bark vdth carpenters 
and other workmen 4 days before, to take 
possession of the spot. [W.] He volunteered 
to help in the laying out and building of the 
fortification upon Fort Hill in Boston 23 (11) 
1635-6. [Town Bee] 

He rem. to Conn., where lie became a very 
valuable citizen. 

Nathaniel, mercbant, Boston. He 
bought of Capt. Thomas Lake 2 (9) 1649, 
several shares In the Swampscott and Dover 

Ricliard, came in the Mayflower to 
Plymouth; became a seaman. Ret. to Eng- 
land. [B.] 

Edmund, or Edward, ae. 25, came In 
the James in July, 1635. Settled at Cam- 
bridge; propr. Rem. to Ipswich; propr. 1635; 
frm. Oct. 7, 1640. Was rewarded by order 
of the Gen. Court in 1645 for making salt- 
petre. Mrs. Margaret, [his wife?] memb. 
chh. at Salem in 1639; testified 28 March, 
1648, about goods transferred at Ipswich. 
[Ips. De. 1, 38.] 

John, Plymouth, servant to Kenelm 
Winslow, was transferred to George Ken- 
riek in 1635. Propr. 2 Nov. 1640. Settled at 
Hingham. Propr. 1656. Wife Mary; ch. 
John bapt. at H. July 17, 1652, Francis bapt. 
March 31, 1653, Mary bapt. Nov. 19, 1654, 
(m. Nathan Farrow,) Samuel bapt. March 23, 
1655-6, Deborah bapt. July 5, 1657, James 
baipt. Feb. 4, 1659-60, Stephen bapt. Aug. 14, 
1662, Thomas bapt. June 5, 1664, Benjamin 
bapt. April 7, 1666, Christian bapt. June 3, 
1668, (m. Joseph Dunbar.) 

He d. 24 Nov. 1668. Inv. filed 28 April, 

Richard, yeoman, not the son of 
Thomas of Salem,] Woburn, propr. 1648. He 
deposed in 1658, ae. about 39 years. Bought 
lands of Thos Broughton in 1658. Rem. to 
Charlestown. Bought land in 1676. He m, 
Oct. 18, 1651, Anna Blanchard. Ch. John b. 
Aug. 14, 1652, Anna b. Jan. 17, 1654, Benja- 
min b. Dec. 26, 1656, Henry b. Feb. 12, 1657, 
Esther b. Oct. 15, 1659, Ruth b. April, 1661. 
He gave security 5 (2) 1053, to pay £ 108 to 
the 2 children his wife had by her former 

He d. May 29, 1698, ae. 79 years. Will 
dated March 15, 1696-7, prob. June 6, 1698, 
beq. to only son Henry; to his son John; to 
the ch. of daus. Hannah Coddington. Ruth 
Gjiison, (Ruth and Anna); daus. Hester, Abi- 
gail, Rebecca and Mehitabel; gr. sons Ben- 
jamin Johnson, son to dau. Hester, John 
Whitmore, son to dau. Rebecca, John Con- 
nett, son of dau. Mehitabel, Richard and 
Simon Thompson, sons of dau. Abigail; Maj. 
William Johnson and pastor, Mr. Jabez Fox. 

Thomas, householder, Roxbury, was 
buried in Nov. 1638. His widow, "aged sis- 
ter" G., d. 7 (8) 1658. Children, Thomas, (m. 
July 4, 1641, Lucy Smith,) Peter, (came, ae. 
18, in the Elizabeth, April 17, 1635; m. May 
9, 1646, Rebecca Crooke; they made Michael 


GARDNEK, etc., cont. 

Powell their attorney, 12 (10) 1646, to receive 
a legacy from her father Roger Crooke, of 
Hammersmith, tailor, dec.) [A.] Botn 
Thomas and Peter had families. 

Thomas, husbandman, came from Wey- 
mouth, Dorsetshire, in the spring of 1623-4 
as superintendent of the planting of the col- 
ony sent out by The Western Adventurers of 
Dorchester, Eng. He spent the foliowiug 
summer and winter at €ape Ana, having 13 
men under him. He was succeeded at the 
close of the year by Roger Conant, who also 
held office only one year, when the undertali- 
ing was abandoned. He settled at Salem, 
to which Conant and others had removed in 
1626; appears in the earliest records extant, 
as proprietor. Juryman 27 (7) 1630; frm! 
May 17, 1637; town officer; deputy to Gen. 
Court. He deeded land 6 Dec. 1671. ac- 
knowledged 13 (1) 1672-3. First wife's name 
unknown, (unless she be the Margaret, men- 
tioned above with Edmund.) He m. after 15 
(3) 1642, Damaris, widow of — Shattuck, 
who was prominent among the Quakers of 
the town. She d. 28 (9) 1674. Ch. Thomas, 
George, (a father in 1644.) Richard, Samuel, 
(b. about 1()27, per depos.) .Toseph, John, 
Sarah, (m. — Baleh,) Seeth b. 25 (10) 1636, (m. 
— Grafton,) Miriam, (m. John Hill); Joseph 
Pope calls George, Richard and Joseph 

He d. 29 (10) 1674. Will, dated Dec. 7, 
1668, prob. March 29, 1675, beq. to wife, 
whom he calls the "mother in law" (step- 
mother,) of his son Thomas; to sons Thomas, 
Thomas of Salem, Woburn, propr. 1648. He 
George, Richard, Samuel, Joseph and John; 
to daus. Sarah Balch, Seeth Grafton and 
Miriam Hill, with the two daus. of the lat- 
ter, namely Miriam and Susanna. [See The 
Planter's Plea, by Rev. John White, in 
Young's Chronicles and Hubbard.] Geneal- 
ogy in preparation by Frank Augustine 
Gardner, M. D. 


Edward, Watertown, propr. frm. May 
6, 1635. Wife Rebecca; ch. Joseph b. 11 (7) 
1637, Rebecca b. 10 (1) 1640, Abigail b. June 
29, 1646. Older children, Samuel and Ed- 
ward were proprs. In Wat. His wife d. April 
16, 1661, ae. about 55 years; he m. Joanna, 
widow of Thomas Buckmaster, and con- 
veyed, with her, 25 (4) 1663, land to her son 
Joseph B. 


GARFIELD, etc., cont. 

He d. June 14, 1672, [ae. about 97 years.] 
Will dated 30 Dec. 1668, prob. 11 (5) 1072, 
beq. to sons Samuel, Joseph and Benjamin; 
daus. Rebecca Mixter and Abigail G.; gr. ch. 
Sarah Parkhurst, and Sarah and Ephraim 
G., and to his wife. The widow made will 
S (1), prob. SufC. Aug. 17, 1676. Beq. to her 
three daus. Marie, Dorcas and Sarah, her 
dau.-in-law Elizabeth Spowell, her grand- 
child Johanna Lawrence and her son Jabez 
Buckmaster. [See hypothetical pedigree in 
Reg. XXXVII, 253.] 


Garvas or Jarvis, gent, Salem, 1634; 
propr. 1635; memb. chh. 1630; frm. at Salem 
13 (1) 1639. He sold a buff coat for Mr. Gar- 
diner in 1636 to Gov. Winthrop, q. v. His 
dau., Mrs. Ann Turland, is referred to in Sal. 
Ree. He sold house and land 26 (7) 1655 


Peter, mariner, Charlestown, propr. 
1637; Boston, 1638. [L.] Wife Joan; ch. 
Mary b. in 1654. 


Joseph, called to Es. Court in 1639; ser- 
vant of Moses Maverick at Marblehead, 


Herman, gunsmith, Charlestown, made 
agreement 17 (7) 1640, with John Edwards, 
blacksmith, to take him as partner. [L.] 
Rem. to Concord; propr. Jan. 20, 1643. One 
of the founders of Lancaster; named in an 
order of the Gen. Court regarding L. in 1653. 
Res. in Boston about 1659. [Suff. De. IH, 
388.] The .same name used by the sachem of 
the Nan-agansetts in 1661. [lb. 483.] 

Hugh, Charlestown, inhabitant 1629-30. 

James, mariner, Charlestown, with 
wife Deborai adm. chh. 7 (7) 1638; frm. June 
6, 1639. Ch. Mary b. 4 (3) 1638, Priscilla b. 28 
(4) 1640, James b. (0) 1643, James b. 4 (6) 

He was lost at sea Nov., 1657. The widow 
sold the est. March 30, 1663. 

Richard, shoemaker, Boston, memb. 
chh. 1630, appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1630. Ch. Han- 
nati d. (12) 1632. 

He d. 28 Dec, 1630. [Deposition of James 
Hawkins; Suff. De. Ill, 344.] 

GABRETT, etc., cont. 

Mr. Richard, Scituate, before the Court 
5 March, 1638-9; atba. 1643. Umpire in a 
land suit in 1G50. Oh. Joseph b. 10 March, 
1648-9, John b. 25 Nov. 1651, Mary b. 5 Nov. 

Mr. Richard, Boston, d. 29 March, 1662; 
inv. filed 29 July folg. Admin, gr. to widow 


Robert, Boston, 1643. Wife Mary; ch. 
John b. 2 (4) 1643. 

His will, dated Nov. 27, 1660, was prob. 15 
Aug. 1G68. On a voyage to Barbadoes; beq. 
to wife Mary for herself and his four ch. 
John. Robert, Mary and Sarah. His widow 
was one of the ti-ustees of the est. of Ed- 
mund Browne 2 Nov., 1666, being grand- 
mother to his 2 eh. [Reg. XVI, 335.] 


Arthur, Roxbury, fi-m. March 14, 1638- 
9. Ch. Samuel b. Sept. 22, 1638. 

He d. Dec. 17, 1666, ae. 67 years. Will 
dated Nov. 18, 1664, prob. Jan. 30, 1666. Wife 
Frances; sons William, Nathaniel and Sam- 
uel. [Reg. XV, 248.] 


Edward, ship carpenter, Salem, propr. 
1636. Bought house and land in 16.59. Wife 
Sarah, Salem, memb. chh. 16.39. Ch. "of Ed- 
ward," Samuel and Preserved bapt. 7 (6) 
1639, Daniel bapt. 10 (8) 1640, Sarah bapt. 14 
(3) 1643, Hannah bapt. 1 (1) 1645-6, Edward 
bapt. 30 (2) 1648. 


John, planter, Salem, Marblehead, 
propr. 1637; town requested him to cut off his 
long hair. He deposed in 1669, ae. about 53 
years. Constable in 1657. [His wife.] Wy- 
boro or Thribrough deposed in 1G70, ae. 
about 50 years. She d. 11 Oct. 1684. 

Richard, Marblehead, taxed in 1637. 

Samuel, planter, Salem, 1637. Rem. to 
Hampton; sold land and house there 3 (17) 
1648. Rem. to Salisbury; commoner, propr. 
1650. Wife Dorcas d. Jan. 12, 1684. Ch. 
Susanna, (m. Joseph Norton,) Priscilla b. 
Feb. 26, 1648, (m. Solomon Rainsford,) Sam- 

He made will April 2, 1684, prob. Oct. 6, 



Stephen, with wife and 2 ch. from 
Hing'ham, Eng., came in 1638 to Hingham. 
Frm. May 14, 1656. Rem. to Cambridge 
about 1652; spent a few yrs. at Lancaster; 
Wife Ann; ch. Elizabeth, (m. in Hing. Johu 
Lassell,) Mary, (m. John Maynard,) Stephen, 
Simon, Thomas, Isaac, Rebceca bapt. at 
Hing. May 3, 1646, d. Jan. 1650. 

His will, dated 9 (4) prob. 24 (9) 1662, beq. 
to wife; sons Simon, Stephen and Thomas, 
daus. Elizabeth, and Mary Mayner. Eliza- 
beth Bradstare to abide with his wife. The 
widow m. 2, Richard Woodward; she d.— 
'■Hannah G., widow"— Feb. 5, 1682; made 
will 18 April, 1682, prob. 9 (2) 16»3; beq. to 
dan. Elizabeth Lazell; gr. ch. Mary, dau. of 
John Maynard, sons Stephen, Simon and 
Thomas G. "My last husband's name was 
Woodward, but I generally went by the 
name of Gates." 


Adam, Salem. Sold house frame, cellar 
and li acre of land 11 (2) 1644. 


Thomas, miller, Dorchester, Braintree, 

He d. before June 24, 1663. Admin, of his 
est. gr. 28 Oct. 1663, to his widow Prudence 
and only son Jonathan. Division agreed up- 
on by them before the Court 30 (8) 1669. 
Daus. Prudence and Mary; the wife Pru- 
dence Is called Jonathan's "mother-in-law."^ 


William, cordwainer, singleman, ae. 29, 
of Yarmouth, Eng., passed exam. May 11, 
1637, to go to N. E. Settled at Salem; propr. 
1638; adm. chh. 1639. Before the court in 
1642 for speaking against the rule and the 
church. Ch. Deborah and Sarah bapt. 10 (7> 

He d. 1 (2) 1659. Inv. April 22, 1660; chil- 
dren mentioned, Rebecca ae. 19, Deborah, 
ae. 15, Sarah, ae. 13. The dau. Rebecca m. 
11 (9) 1663, John BIy, [Bligh.] The Widow 
m. 2, Richard Bishop. 


Peter, Sandwich, 1638, propr. atba. 

Lydia, [his widow?] made will 28 (10) 1691, 
prob. April 26, 1692; beq. to sons Israel, Han- 
naniah and Zacbariah; dau. Lydia; gr. ch. 

GAUNT, cont. 

Mercy Hixe, Mary Thirston, James and John 
Easton and Deborah; to the meeting called 
quackers, for the service of the truth. 


John, Watertown, before 1635; rem. to 
Dedham in 1636. Frm. May 6, 1635. Town 
officer. Wife Joanna adm. chh. 25 (5) 1639. 
John Balducke, her son by former husband, 
was bapt. 8 (6) 1639. Ch. (of John and Joan- 
na Gay,) Samuel b. 10 (1) 1639, Hezekiah b. 3 
(5) 1640, Nathaniel b. 11 (11) 1642, Joanna b. 
23 (1) 1644, (m. John Ware,) Eliezer b. 25 
(4) 1647, Abiel (m. Daniel Hawes,) and Jud- 
ith b. 23 (2) 1649, (m. John Ware,) John b. 
(3) 1651, Jonathan b. 1 (6) 1653, Hannah b. 16 
(8) 1656. Elizabeth, who m. Richard Martin 
at Salem, in 1660, is said to have been a dau. 
He d. March 4, 1688; will prob. Dec. 17, 
1689. [Genealogy in Reg. XXXIII, 45.] 

Thomas, before Salem Court for defam- 
ing a man in 1636. 


Wiliam, planter, Dorchester, believed to 
have been one of the original chh. colony 
who came in the Mary and John in 1629-30, 
and one of the first deacons. Signed earliest 
land grants with the minister and Wm. Rock- 
well. Juryman Nov. 9, 1630. Town officer, 

Re rem. about 1636 to Windsor, Conn. As 
agent of Mr. and Mrs. Warham, he leased 
lands in 1639. [L.] Deputy many terms. His 
wife d. 20 June, 1657. 

He d. 20 July, 1673, ae. 88. 


Dennis, ae. 30, with wife Elizabeth, ae. 
22, and ch. Elizabeth, ae. 3, Sarah, ae. 2, 
came in the Abigail in June, 1635. Settled at 
Saugus. His will, dated Dec. 10, 1635, prob. 
Aug. 6, 1637, rec. in Boston and London, beq. 
to wife and daus.; to cousin Ann Pankhurst; 
to Elizabeth Tuesley; Roger Carver of Brid- 
hemson and John Russell of Lewes in Sus- 
sex, to be overseers of his est. in Eng. Beq. 
out of the est. in N. E. to Thomas Topper, 
Thomas Braines, Thomas Launder, Benjam- 
in Nye, and Thomas Grenvill; made provision 
for the ret. of his family to Eng. The residue 
to be bestowed on the plantations within the 
province of Mass. Bay. John Winthrop, 

GEARE, etc., cont. 

Sen., and others execs for N. E. The colony 

rec'd 300 li. [Reg. XXXVII, 239.] 

WUliam, Salem, 1638; frm. June 2, 1641. 
Rem. to Wenham before 1644. Wife Try- 
phena also memb. of chh. Ch. Samuel bapt. 

14 (1) 1640-1, Mary bapt. 14 (3) 1643, John 
bapt. 23 (4) 1644, Ephraim bapt. 17 (2) 1647. 

Widow Triphena, admin, of his est., sold 
land 15 May, 1676. 

GEARNER, see Gardner, 


John, worsted weaver, of Norwich, 
Eng., with wife Sarah, ae. 25, and ch. Lediah, 
Hannah and John, and servants Wm. Walk- 
er and — Burges, ae. 26 years, passed exam. 
May 11, 1637, to go to Salem, N. E. Propr. 
1637, frm. March, 1637-8. Inn-keeper, vint- 
ner. With now wife Katharine, he deeded 
lands to his son John, mariner, and his son- 
in-law Nicholas Potter, Sen., blacksmith in 
1661. Mary, Salem, memb. chh. 1637. Ch. 
Bartholomew bapt. 14 (4) 1640, Eleazer bapt. 

15 (3) 1642, Sarah bapt. 23 (4) 1644. 

He d. Aug. 5, 1688. Will prob. Dec. 12, 
1688, rec. at Boston. To dau.-in-law Rebecca 
Putnam; to Bethiah [Rebecca] dau. of Jos- 
eph Hutchinson; to the ch. of dau. Mary Pot- 
ter; to son Bartholomew and his wife and 
ch.; ch. of son Eleazer G.; to dau. Susanna 
and ch. she had by son John G. dec. [Gene- 
alogy in Es. Inst. OoU. XVI.] 

GELX, see Giles. 

GENERY, see Chenery. 

GENNISON, see Jennison. 



John, Watertown, an early settler. Wife 
— , who d. about 1638; ch. Robert and Susan. 
He m. 2, Anne or Hannah, widow of Henry 
Goldstone. She deposed in 1654, ae. about 64 
years. [Arch. 38 B.] 

He d. before June 29, 1647, when the 
widow admin, on his est. She d. April 26, 
1670, ae. 79. The inv. mentions debts he 
owed to his son Robert and dau. Susan. 
[Reg. VIII, 57.] 


GEOKGE, etc., cont. 

John, apprenticed to Mr. John Win- 
throp for 8 yrs. before Gen. Court 2 (1) 16-10- 
1, may have been a son of the above, and the 
person who beq. to his daus. Elizabeth 
Glasier, Martha Row, Ruth, Hannah and 
Mary, and son John G. 

Nicholas, Dorchester, 1641; frm. May 
23, 1666. Wife Elizabeth adm. chh. 1641; ch. 
Elizabeth bapt. 9 (1) 1641, (m. Samuel Rigby,) 
John bapt. 30 (3) 1643, Mary bapt. 21 (10) 
1645, (m. James Bird.) Joshua b. about 1648, 
Nicholas. The son Nicholas d. in Guinea 
about 1666, ace. to testimony of Giles Young 
July 18, 1672, when admin, of his est. was gr. 
to his widow Abigail, with Nicholas, Sen., 
and John Greenland sureties. 

His will was prob. 27 (2) 1675. Beq. to 
wife Elizabeth and to grandson Nicholas, 
now living with him; children all disposed of 
in marriage. 

Peter, oatmeal malier, Braintree, with 
'Mary his wife, dau. of John Rowneing of 
Hunden, co. Suff., dee. gave letter of attorney 
19 (9) 1647, for coll. of dues from the ests. of 
her father and Symon Ray, her former hus- 
band. [A.] Ch. Susan b. (12) 1642, John d. 
2 (9) 1653. He bought land in Br. in partner- 
ship with Henry Neale 14 (5) 1648. Rem. to 
Block Island. Sold land in Br. 5 July. 1670. 

GETCHELIi, see Gatchell. 


William, merchant, gent., [Ipsw. De. I, 
81, Es. De. 1, 5.] Newbury. Oapt, comr. of 
Court, town oflScer. He rem. to Boston. He 
m. 17 April, 1645, Joanna, dau. of Mrs. Eliza- 
beth GoodaU and widow of Johu Oliver. [See 
Lowell.] She d. 14 June, 1677. Oh. John 
b. "12 Feb. 1645," [Sal. rec], 15 May, 1646. 
[Newb. rec] Abigail b. 10 May, 1647, Wil- 
liam b. 6 June, 1648, Joseph b. 23 March, 
1649, Benjamin b. 13 Jan. 1651, Elizabeth b. 
2 Sept. 1654, ..loses b. 9 May, 1656, Mary b. 
April 1, 1658, (m. John, son of Richard Dole; 
marriage portion 3 May, 1676;) Anna b. 18 
Oct. 1660, Judith b. 10 Sept. 1662. 

He d. at Salem 9 Aug. 1687, "b. Aug. 19, 
1620;" [Sal. to. rec] Will dated 16 July, 1687, 
prob. 5 Dee. folg., beq. to his former wife's 
dau. Mrs. Mary Appleton; to sons John, Jo- 
seph and Benjamin; to William, Bethiah and 

GERRISH, cont. 

Parson, ch. of his dec. son William; son 
Moses Greenleafe and dau. Elizabeth, his 
wife; dau. Mary Dole. His widow Ann, dau. 
and exec, of Richard Parlcer, of Boston, 
gent., made will 2 Feb. prob. at Bo. 21 March, 
1687-8; beq. to dau. Ann Jones and her bro. 
Ephraim Manning; to gr. dau. Ann Sandys. 
Her death was Feb. 7, 1687-8. [S.] 


Edward, merchant, Boston, memb. chh. 
1630-1, frm. May 18, 1631. Deputy, Major 
General. An important citizen. Res. at 
Charlestown sometime. Wife Margaret 
memb. chh. 1631. Ch. Jerusha b. 5 (8) 1631, 
Jotham b. 6 (8) 1633, Edward bapt. 3 (1) 1635, 
Edward bapt. 26 (1) 1637, Metsathlel bapt. 7 
(8) 16.38, John b. 30 (1) 1641. 

He d. 9 (10) 1654. Inv. 15 (10) 1654. The 
widow ret. to Eng., and d. at Plymouth, co. 
Devon. Admin, gr. 28 Feb. 1656 to her dau. 
Jerusha, wife of Oapt. Thomas Rea. Inv. 
filed in Boston 16 (10) 1658. [Reg. VIII, 275. 
IX, 346, and XXXVIII, 426.] 


Giles, Dorchester, propr. 1633, frm. 
March 4, 1634-5. Rem. to Windsor, Oonn. Oh. 
Gregory, Jacob, Samuel, Benjamin and 

He was bur. 21 May, 1641. Widow Kathar- 
ine d. 24 Oct. 1660. 

Henry, servant of Edmund Hubbard, 
Sen., came from Hingham, Eng., in 1633; res. 
at Oharlestown a short time and rem. to 
Hingham. Mary adm. chh. Charlestown 23 
(7) 1652. 

He d. July 6, 1676. Will dated 15 June, 
prob. 31 Oct. 1676, beq. to the ch. of Samuel 
Stowell, Sen. 

Thomas, Sandwich, atba. 1643, propr. . 
Ch. John b. Sept 12, 1634, Thomas b. March 
23, 1036, Samuel b. 22 June, 1649, Sarah t). 
April 11, 1652, Job and Bethiah b. April 15, 
1655, Mary b. Aug. 12, 1657, Samuel b. June 
23, [1659]. 

Division of his est. was made April 14, 
1693, between sons John, Thomas and Sam- 
uel: providing for their mother's mainten- 



Christopher, chandler, Dorchester, 
probably of the first company, appl. frm. Oct. 
19, 1030. Rem. to Boston in 1648; partner of 
David Selleck in the soap business. [Suff. De. 
II, 111.] Wife Marie. 

Will undated, prob. 12 (1) 1674, beq. to cou- 
sin Hopestill Foster, Jr., and sister F.; cousin 
Thomas Dampford; Samuel and Clement 
Maxfield; cousin Williams; David Jones of 
Dorch.; Mr. Mather and Mr. Mayo; bro. Ed- 
ward Sealle; Garratt Ingraham's wife Re- 
becca Seale; Gibson Farr that lives with his 
gr. fa. Pelton; James Priest; goodman Bark- 
er that rings the bell; William Ingraham; 
Alice and Epbraim Serle; Ebenezer Williams, 
beside what I have done for him since he came 
from Jamaica; the Second church of Boston, 
at the North End; Samuel Bed well; cousins 
John, Elizabeth and Mercy Foster; cousin 
Joseph Alsop, Jr.; bro. James Brett and his 
son Samuel; bro. William Lane; sister Snell- 
ing; sister Mansfield; sister Preston and sis- 
ter Ingraham; Mr. Houlsworth, a bro. of our 
church; John Withinton's wife; to the poor. 

Join, Cambridge, 1634; frm. May 17, 
1637. Wife Rebecca; ch. John, fd. Oct. 15, 
1679, ae. 48 years. [Gr. st.]) Rebeeca, (m. 
Charles Steams, ["now joined to the chh. of 
Watertown," Mi. in 16.58.]) Mary b. (1) 1637, 
(m. John Buggies,) Martha b. (2) 1639 (m. 
Jacob Newell,) Samuel b. 28 (8) 1644. Wife 
Rebecca was bur. at Roxbury Dec. 1, 1061. 
and he m. July 24, 1662, Joanna, widow of 
Henry Prentice. 

He d. in 1094, ae. 93. [Genealogy, Reg. 
XXXVII, 388.] 


George, husbandman, ae. 25, with Jane, 
ae. 20, and servants Thomas Carter, Michael 
Willmson, and Elizabeth Morrison, cert, 
from St. Albans, Herts, Eng., came in the 
Planter April 2, 1635. Settled at Ipswich; 
propr.; frm. Sept. 7, 1638. Memb Court 
valuation com. 13 May, 1640; deputy, town 
officer. Gave land to son Samuel 30 Blarch, 
1675. He deposed March 29, 1659, ae. about 
40 years; called Simon Tuttle bro.; his son 
Thomas was then 23 and John ae. 20. 

Admin, gr. to his widow Jane 27 (4) 1676. 
[Es. Inst. Coll. Ill, 184, Reg. XXXVI, 319.] 
Agreement made by his sons Thomas, John, 
James and Samuel 26 Sept. 1676. 

GIGGLES, see Jiggles. 


Humphrey, husbandman, Ipswich; paid 
in 1643 for service against the Indians. 
Bought land toward Wenham in 1650. Taxed 
at Wenham in 1655. He deposed in 1654, 
ae. about 38 years?. [Mdx. Files.] 

Will, dated 14 (12) 1657, prob. March 30, 
1058; beq. to wife Elizabeth, son John, and 
dau. Elizabeth; to Abigail and 3 other daus. 
who were under age; to Peter Harvie, Rich- 
ard Palmer, Richard Comer, Moses Eb- 
berne. The 4 minor daus. petitioned that 
their husbands be app. adminrs. Jan. 1657-8. 
Evidence was given 27 (4) 1066, that the 
dau. Hannah had rec'd her portion. 

John. Dorchester, a grave, honest gen- 
tleman; his son was arrested for drunken- 
ness in 1036. [W.] He rem. to Taunton; 
frm. Plym. Col. 4 Dec. 1638. Propr., town 

Will, dated Slay 31, 1654, prob. June 3, 
1657; to wife Winnifred, ch. Gyles, Joseph, 
Thomas, John, Mary Norcrosse, and her 
dau. Mary; to wife's gr. ch. Elizabeth Peslee. 
[Reg. V, 338.] 

Nicholas, Watertown, ill-used by his 
master, Christopher Grant, who was before 
Gen. Court 28 (11) 1640. 



Arthur, ship-carpenter, Dorchester, 
1639. Frm. June 2, 1641. Rem. to Boston. 
Rec'd to chh. 27 (9| 1642. Wife Agnes; ch. 
John b. 16 (9) 1639, Thomas b. (8) 1644, Na- 
thaniel bapt. 11 (2) 1647, d. 2 (7) 1652; dau. 
Frances m. 17 (8) 1656, Henry Boyen. 

Admin, gr. to John Sweete for the chil- 
dren. The acct. rendered 19 March, 1656, 
mentions eldest son John, son Thomas gone 
to Eng., dau. Frances Gill and others. [Reg. 
IX, 228, and XXXI, 102.] 

Isabel, memb. chh. Dorchester, 1639. 

John, mariner, Dorchester, memb. chh. 
20 (9) 1640, with goodwife Gill, name not 
given. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Wil- 
liam Ware; ch. Rebecca bapt. 7 (5) 
1050. He m. Ann — . His dau. the wife 
of Joseph Belcher was dism. to Braintree 
chh. 6 (7) 1674. John adm. chh. 21 (7) 1662. 


GILL, cont. 

Widow Gill at liberty 13 Sept., 1680, to get 
trees from the common lands for the repara- 
tion of her mill. [Suff. De. VI, 158.] Wm. 
Ware beq. to his gr. ch. Obediah and Eliz- 
abeth Gill in 1G58. The widow Ann's will 
dated 10 July, 1083, prob. 31 July, beq. to 
gr. ch. Ann, wife of Rowland Storey, and 
Joseph, Rebecca, Patience, Mary and Gill, 
ch. of dec. son-in-law, Joseph Belcher of 
Milton; to my bro. Roger Billing, Sen. 

John, husbandman, Salisbury, propr., 
bought laud 1640; commoner, 1050. He and 
his wife membs. chh. Wife Phebe joined 
him in a deed of land 26 Dec. 1659. Ch. Eliz- 
abeth b. Jan. 8, 1645, (m. MoiTis Tucker,) 
John b. Oct. 15, 1047, Phebe b. Jan. 6, 1649, 
(m. Isaac Morrill,) Samuel b. Jan. 5, 1051, 
Sarah b. June 27, 1654, Moses b. Dec. 26, 
1656, Benjamin b. 1662, Isaac b. April 24, 

He d. Dec. 1, 1690; will prob. March 31, 

Thomas, Hingham, propr. 1635, town 
officer. Wife Hannah, dau. of John Otis, 
d. 25 Jan. 1075-6. Ch. Mary bapt. Jan. 1643- 
4, (m. John Beale, Jr.,) Sarah, twin of the 
above, (ra. John Langlee,) Hannah bapt. Nov. 
10, 1645, (m. Samuel Clap,) Elizabeth bapt. 
June, 1647, (m. Samuel Stodder,) Thomas 
b. March 8, 1648-9, John bapt. April 8, 1651, 
d. May 23, 1659, Deborah bapt. May 8, 1653, 
(m. Josiah Lane,) Samuel bapt. Dec. 10, 1055, 
Nathaniel b. and d. 1657, John b. and d. 1660, 
Rachel bapt. Oct. 3, 1001, (m. Samuel Stow- 
He d. 24 Feb. 1704-5, ae. about 89 yrs. 


Benjamin, shipwright, Boston, adm. 
chh. 20 (8) 1634, frm. May 0, 1035. He 
bought Y2 of ship Charitie April 8. 1052. 
Either he or his son of the same name was 
master of the ship Charles in Boston, 1005. 
[Suff. De. V, 09.] He deposed in 1653, ae. 
about 45 years. [Es. Files.] His wife Ann 
(Hannah) with son Benjamin, 1 yr. old, 
came in the Abigail in July, 1035. Was adm. 
ckh. Boston 3 (11) 1035. Ch. Benjamin b. 
1634, Zachary b. 30 (7) 1030, Hannah b. and 
d. 1038, Hannah b. (11) 1039, Elizabeth b. 
(11) 1041, Joseph bapt. 13 (8) 1044, ae. about 
9 days, Elisha bapt. 21 (3) 1048, ae. about 
8 days. 
Admin, of his est. gr. 19 June, 1671, to 

GILLAM, cont. 

sons Benjamin and Joseph. The widow's 
will, dated 23 Feb. 1673, prob. 31 July, 1674, 
beq. to sons B. and J. and dau. Hannah, 
wife of Richard Sharp; gives to H. the care 
and education of the two motherless chil- 
dren of her dau. Gwinn. 

Robert, mariner, Boston, 1637. 


Edward, apprentice boy of John Young, 
in court in 1640. 

Edward, or Edmund, Salem, propr., 
memb. chh. 1030. Wife Bridget adm. chh. 

26 (9) 1648. Ch. Mehitabel bapt. 2 (2) 1636, 
Remember bapt. 20 (11) 1638, Eleazer bapt. 

27 (9) 1640, John b. 15 (2) 1645, [father's cer- 
tificate in Es. files,] bapt. 11 (3) 1645. 

The widow Bridget's will, dated 14 (11) 
1668, prob. 30 (9) 1680, beq. to sons Samuel 
and Thomas Very; to sons Eleazer and John 
Giles; to Slary, wife of Thomas Cutler of 
Reading. [Es. Files XXXIV, 84.] 

William, frm. May 14, 1634. 


Jonathan, Dorchester, propr., frm. May 
6, 1635. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 

Matthew, came in the Mary and John 
March '26, 1633-4. Was servant of George 
Williams of Salem, till his 7 years expired 
30 June, 1641. In court (4l 1646. [Es. Court 

Nathaniel, [Dorchester,] frm. May 14, 
1634. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 


Edward, yeoman, wih his wife, 3 sons, 
2 daus., and 3 servants came to Hingham in 
1638. Propr., frm. March 13, 1038-9. He 
sold his est. in Hingham Oct. 1, 1052, having 
rem. to Ipswich, where he was a selectman 
in 1649. Settled later at Exeter, as did sev- 
eral of his children. Wife Mary; ch. Mary, 
(m. John Foulsham,) Edward, Moses, Lydia, 
(m. Jan. 19, 1644-5, Daniel Gushing,) Sarah, 
(m. John Leavitt,) John. 

He d. before 10 (2) 1055, when adrcin. of 
his est. was gr. to his widow Mary, the sons 
and sons-in-law consenting. [Genealogy 
claims connection with the family of Gas- 
ton, Eng.] See Smith, Richard. 



John, Lynn. Owner of cattle in 1638. 
[W.] Constable. 28 (4) 1643, [Es. Court;] 
in court in 1648. His wife Kose, as his at- 
torney, sold land in 1661. 

Will dated 20 Feb. 1672, prob. 27 (4) 1673; 
wife; ch. John, Mary and Sarah and others; 
perhaps another. Widow Sarah deposed to 
the inventory. 


Anthony, brought several suits in Ply- 
mouth in 1641. 


Ann. ae. 34, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in 1635. 

Mr. William, Scituate; frm. and asst. 
1632-3. Memb. chh. at its org. in 1634. 
Owned a wind-mill. Was one of those who 
undertooli to cut a passage from Greene's 
Harbor to the bay in 1633. Propr. at Barn- 
stable in 1639, but did not remove. 

He d. Feb. 1, 1639. Will, dated Jan. 26, 
prob. 3 March, 1639-40. Wife Frances; no 
children; beq. to John and Hannah Dam- 
mon, the ch. of his sister, and to Daniel 
Romeball. [Reg. IV, 36, and Plym. Col. Rec] 

GIMSON, see Jlmpson. 


Thomas, Ipswich, propr. 1639; land 
sold by widow Katharine at a later time. 

N. B. Part of the grant seems identical 
with one made to Thomas Silver. Perhaps 
error of a colonial copyist of record. 


John, tailor, Taunton, atba. 1643, rem. 
to Dorchester about 1644; propr.; frm. May 
6, 1646. Rem. to Lynn, then to Salem. Was 
a partner of Bray Williins. 

Will, dated April 10, 1685, ae. about 70 
yrs., prob. March 24, 1686, gave land to John 
Wilkins; beq. to his 3 sisters Elizabeth 
Baile, Mary and Abigail Wilkins; to Bray 
Wilkins' 4 children; to Samuel's children; 
to Thomas, Henry and Benjamin Wilkins' 
children; to the ch. of leadday knickels (Lyd- 
ia Nichols,) and Margaret knit (Knight;) to 
the chh. of Dorch.; to Mr. Loson, minister 
of Salem village. [Reg. XL, 256.] 

GINKINS, see Jenkins. 

GINNER, see Jenner. 


James, Dedham, adm. chh. 19 (2) 1646. 


Richard, mariner, Cambridge, propr. 

His land was sold in 1637 for the benefit 
of his creditors; only 4 shillings rem. to the 
widow 4 (4) 1639. [Gen. Court Rec] 


Amos, ae. 16, came in the Increase, 
April 15, 1635. 


Henry, apprentice to Giles Rickard of 
Plymouth, who brought suit at Salem 
against Henry Phelps for his appearance 
23 (4) 1645. 

James, servant to Henry Barnes of 
Barnstable, was transferred, 13 Feb. 1639, 
to Manasseh Kempton. Settled at Scituate; 
atba. 1643. Rem. to Duxbury. He m. 31 
Oct. 1645, Mary, dau. of Wm. Pontus; ch. 
Hannah b. June 2, 1647, Wybra b. Aug. 9, 
1649, Hannah b. 24 Dec. 1651. 

He was drowned Sept. 3, 1652. Admin, 
gr. to his widow Mary; she m. 2, Philip 

Amey, see Richard Willis. 

Roger, servant to John Crocker of Scit- 
uate, 1639-40, transferred to John Whet- 


Richard, Sudbury, propr. 1640. 


Charles, embarked for N. E. June 22, 
]632. Settled at Salem. Propr., ship-car- 
penter, 1638; adm. chh. 10 (3) 1640. Con- 
stable for Gloucester 31 (10) 1644. [Es. 
Court.] Elizabeth adm. chh. 23 (3) 1641; ch. 
Eliza bapt. 13 (3) 1640, Mary bapt. 24 (2) 
1642, Samuel b. June 20, 1644, wife Eliza- 
beth d. 6 (1) 1647. He m. 12 (11) 1649, Esther 
Saunders, widow. 

Henry, ae. 24, came in the Elizabeth of 
Ipswich, April 30, 1634. Settled at Dedham. 
Adm. townsman 2 (11) 1642. Rem. about 
1652 to Medfield. 


GLOVER, etc., cont. 

Admin, gr. to his widow Abigail Sept. 13, 

Mr. John, gent, son of Thomas G. of 
Rainhill, Lancaster, Eng., came to Dorches- 
ter. He and his wife Anne joined the chh. 
soon after the re-organization in 1636. He 
carried on extensive operations in farming 
and tanning. Town officer, deputy. He 
rem. to Boston about 1652. Conveyed Eng- 
lish est. to son Thomas. [SufE. De. I. 333.] 
Was called tanner in bond of Fowle and 
Hill, 14 (8) 1647. [A.] 

Will prob. Feb. 9, 1653. Sons Thomas, 
Nathaniel, Habbakuk, John and Pelatiah. 

Rev. Jose or Josse, of London, who had 
been much interested in the settlement of 
Massachusetts, died on the way hither in 
1638. Brought a printing press. See Day. 
He made will at London, 16 May, 1638, 
about to sail beyond the seas; prob. 22 Dee. 
1638. Est. to wife for life; then to ch. Rog- 
er, John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Priscilla; to ser- 
vant John Steadman; to sister Collins. Land 
In parishes of Durand and Stone, co. Kent. 
[Mdx. Files.] [Reg. XXXVIII, 72.] The 
widow Elizabeth sold land at Cambridge 
17 (7) 1639, and reed, money from the execs. 
[L.] She m. 2, Mr. Henry Dunster, pres. 
of Harv. Coll. [Reg. XXX, 27, 136.] Suit 
brought 28 (1) 1655, by John Appleton 
and Priscilla, his wife, dau. of Mr. 
G. [Mdx. Files.] [See Humphrey, John.] 
Dau. Elizabeth m. Adam Winthrop. [Mdx. 
Court Rec. I, 103.] 

Mr. Ralph, appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1630. 
Admin, of his est. gr. by Gen. Court, July 
2, 1633, to Mr. Mahewe. 

Stephen, Gloucester, propr. 1649. He 
m. [?]7 (8) 1663, Ruth Stevens, who, with 
her infant, d. in Aug. 1664. 
He d. 10 Sept. 1686. 

GOAD, see Gott, 

Abigail, Salem, adm. chh. 8 (7) 1640. 

Thomas, ae. 15, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635. 


John, ae. 16, came in the Hopewell In 
April, 1635. 

GOBE, see Gove. 


Thomas, Charlestown, propr.; town 
officer; with wife Alice adm. chh. 30 (6) 1634; 
frm. Sept. 3, 1634. Owned land at Cam- 
bridge in 1G51. Rem. to Concord. Ch. John 
deposed 20 (4) 1654, ae. about 25 years, and 
Thomas, ae. about 2'"', [Mdx. Files.] Mary 
bapt. 27 (12) 1635, Sarah bapt. 27 (3) 1638. 

Will dated 30 (9) prob. 29 (10) 1657, beq. 
to wife Ales, and to his 3 sons and 3 daus.; 
eldest son now in England; son Thomas' 2 
sons, Thomas and Stephen. 


Godbert, or Cuthbert, a Dutchman, who 
came over to Plymouth in 1623 from Leyden, 
Holland, in full communion with the Eng- 
lish Pilgrims. [Wins.] Had lands assigned 
in 1623. Frm. 1633. Wife Sarah or Zarah, 
a sister of Isaac Allerton, and son Samuel 
came with him. The latter was appr. April 
1, 1634, to Richard Higgins, tailor, for 7 

He d. in 1633, and she d. soon after. Inv. 
rend. Oct. 23, 1633. Admin, of both ests. 
gr. to Wm. Bradford 25 Nov. 1633. [Keg. XT, 
34.] Lands were confirmed by the Court 3 
Aug.. 1640, to John Combe, gent., and Phine- 
has Pratt, which Godbertson formerly gave 
to them at marriage with his daus. 


William, servant of Comfort Starr, ot 
Duxbury, in court 3 Aug. 1640. 


Francis, carpenter, Duxbury, land 
grant, 1638, laid out 28 Oct., 1640, atba. 1643. 
Referred to in inv. of John Hill of Boston 
in 1646. Rem. to Marshfield. Rem. to 

Will made Oct. 29, 1666; calls himself "an 
aged inhabitant of the town;" prob. July 30, 
1669: wife Elizabeth, dau. Elizabeth Carye, 
son-iu law John Carye, grandchildren John 
and Elizabeth; servants John Pitcher and 
Richard Ginnings, a minor. Goods at Prov- 
idence and Bridgewater. 

.Tohn, came in the Mary and John 
March 24, 1638. Res. at Newbury, servant 
to John Spencer, as he deposed March 28, 
1647. [Ips. De. I, 38.] Rem. to Andover; hus- 
bandman; lawsuit in Es. Court (7) 1648. Ac- 
cused of witchcraft March 1, 1659. De- 
posed in 1661, ae. about 50 years. 


GODFREY, cont. 

Joseph, gave bond to James Astwood 
Aug. 24, 1G47, for money to be paid in Eng- 
land. [A.] 

William, husbandman, Watertown, 
frm. May 13, 1640. As guardian to John, his 
Sonne, and Sarah, his late wife, he made 
Mr. Antoine Lawrence of London, linen 
draper, at the Boar's Head in Gracious 
street, his attorney 22 (4) 1648, to asis of the 
execs, of the will of Mrs. Key of Wooborne 
In Bedfordshire a legacy of 10 li. beq. to 
John. [A.] Rem. to Hampton; bought land 
there 3 (7) 1648; sold Wat. land in 1653. 
Deacon. [Second] wife Margaret; ch. .John, 
Isaac b. 15 (2) 1639, Sarah b. 15 (3) 1642. 

He d. March 25, 1671. Will dated 2 (8) 
1667, prob. 11 (2) 1671; beq. to wife Mar- 
gerle, sons John and Isaac, son-in-law Web- 
ster, and dans. Sarah and Deborah. His 
widow m., Sept. 14, 1671, John Merrian, 


Francis, Lj-nn, propr. 1638. 


Edward or Edmund, Cambridge, also 
propr. at Watertown; frm. May 25, 1636. 
Deputy, town officer, 1636. With wife Mar- 
garet sold land to Thomas Woolson, planter, 
of Camb. 23 (10) 16.53. He m. 1, Joyce — ; 
she d. Nov. 1639. He m. 2, Margaret; ch. 
Samuel bapt. in England; about 7 y.?ars old 
when his father joined chh. of Camb. [Mi.]; 
he deposed in 1655, ae. about 27 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] Lydia, Deborah b. 15 (10) 1639, Han- 
nah b. 23 (li 1643, Nathaniel b. 23 (6) 1643, 
Abia b. 1 (2) 1646, Mary bur. 23 (2) 1646. 

He d. Dee. 26, 1658. Will dated 2 April, 
1657, mentions wife Margaret; son S:imuel 
and his mother-in-law, widow Barnard; 
daus. Lydia, Deborah, Anna and Abia; wife's 
mother Isabella Williinson; gr. ch. Anna 
Goffe and .Tohn, Lydia and Jonathan Sprago. 
The widow ui. Dec, 1662, John Witchfield, 
of Windsor, Conn. She d. in Camb. in 1669; 
her will mentions sister Jane, wife of Ed- 
ward Winship. 

Eliza, ae. 26, came in the .Tames in 
July, 1635. 

John, Newbury, propr. 1638. 
He d. Dec. 9. 1641. Will dated Dec. 4, 
1641, entered on Ipswich record. Beq. to 

GOFFE, etc., cont. 

wife Amy and 2 ch. Susan and Hanna, un- 
der IS years of age. Inv. taken Dec. 16, 1641. 

Samuel, petitioned the Gen. Court 22 
(3) 1639 .that land might be assigned to him- 
self and his father, Thomas Gough of Lon- 
don, merchant. [L.] 


— , his house in Boston was adjacent 
to Thomas Joy's in 1649. 


John, apprentice of Philip Drinlier in 

Richard, Salem, in Court 5 (5) 1643. 
Had grant of land at Wenham 23 (4) 1644. 
Wife Mary adm. chh. 31 (3) 1648; ch. Mary 
bapt. 15 (8) 1648, Sarah bapt. 14 (5) 1650. 

Thomas, Salem, propr. 1643; took 
George Harris, apprentice. Witness in 
court, 1645. 


Henry, ae. 43, with wife Anna, ae. 45, 
and daus. Anna, ae. 18, and Mary, ae. 15, 
came in the Elizabeth of Ipswich, April 30, 
1634. Settled at Watertown; propr. 1636. 
Was excused by the Court from training 
Nov. 7, 1634, on account of his age. The 
dau. Anna m. Dea. Henry Bright; Mary m. 
Lieut. Joshua Hewes of Roxbury. 

He was bur. 25 (5) 16.38. The widow m. 
2, John George; and after his death pre- 
sented the inv. of the est. left by Mr. Gold- 
stone, 29 (4) 1647. 


Thomas, cooper, Salem, carried a suit 
against Mr. Pelham June 14, 1631. Frm. 
May 14, 1634. Propr. 1636; town officer. 
Clerk of the market, 1656-7. First wife 
[Elizabeth;] second wife Rachel, dau. of 
Lawrence Leach, widow of John Sibley. Ch. 
Samuel bapt. 20 (6) 1637, IMehitabel bapt. 27 
^2) 1640. Eliza bapt. 20 (9) 1642. 

His will dated 5 March, prob. 3 April, 1683, 
beq. to wife Rachel, son Samuel and son-in- 
law John King; to Joseph Sibley. 



George, Havei-hill, 1648, Salisbury, 
planter, bought house In 1648; propr. 1649; 
juryman, town officer. He m. Martha, dau. 
of the wife of Joseph Moyse; she survived 
blm and m. 2, Maj. Robert Pil£e; in deeds 
he refers to her father-in-law Joseph Moys, 
sister Martha Greeley, and cousin Ephralm 
Winsley, Jr. 
He d. April 12, 1684. 

GOLT, see Gault. 


Robert, Salem, propr. 1637; had land 
by his father Holgrave. Frm. Dec. 27, 1642. 
Mentioned with wife Lydia in 1648; witness 
to a deed in 1647. Ch. John bapt. 3 (S) 1641, 
Patience bapt. 28 (3) 1643, Lydia bapt. 6 
(2) 1645, Magdalen bapt. 17 (11) 1646, Eliza 
bapt. 19 (9) 1648, Deborah bapt. 16 (2) 1652, 
Sarah bapt. 4 (4) 1654. 

He may be the Mr. G. of Newbury, who 
was before Gen. Court 4 (4) 1639. 

William. Lynn, propr. 1638. 
Inv. of his est. talien 28 (8) 1645; admin, 
gr. to widow Ann for herself and 3 small 
ch. 30 (4) 1646. 

Note.— John Gooch, who took oath of fidel- 
ity at Wells, July 4, 1653, beq. to his son 
James, 7 May, 1667, a house in Slymbridge, 
Eng. [Reg. XXXIX, 184.] 


Thomas, ae. 24, came in the Bevis in 
May, 1635. 

Richard, memb. jury at Boston in 1646 
on the Hingham case. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 


Elizabeth, of Newbury, late of Yar- 
mouth, Eng., d. S April, 1647; admin, of her 
est. gr. March 27, 1648, and re-affirmed by 
Gen. Court 31 May, 1652, to her sons-in-law 
Abraham Toppan and John Lowle. Her 
dau. Susanna m. Abraham Toppan, Eliza- 
beth m. John Lowle, and Joanna m. 1, John 
Oliver, and 2, Wm. Gerrish. [See Lowell.] 

Richard, planter, turner, Newbury, 
1638. Salisbuiy, propr. 1639. Wife Dorothy 
d. Jan. 27, 1664. Ch. Ann, (m. William Al- 
len:) Richard; Elizabeth m. John Smith. [Es. 
De. I, 39.] 

GOODALE, etc., cont. 

He d. in 1666; will dated June 7 and Sept. 
8, prob. Oct. 9, 1666. Beq. to son Richard, 
of Boston, and dau. Ann, wife of Will. AUin, 
of Salis.; to gr. dau. Hubbard, and to Cor- 
nelius Conner, formerly his servant. "Breth- 
ren" Edward French, Philip Challis and 
Richard Wells overseers. 

Robert, ae. 30, with wife Katharine, 
ae. 28, and ch. Abraham, ae. 2, and Isaac, 
ae. 6 mos., came in the Elizabeth of Ipswich. 
Settled at Salem; farmer, planter, propr. 
1636. In court in 1645. A child "of sister 
Goodell" bapt. 31 (3) 1640, Jacob "of Robert" 
bapt. 2 (11) 1641, Hannah bapt. 6 (6) 1645. 
He deeded land in 1668 to his dau. Hannah 
Killum. [Es. Files.] With wife Margaret 
sold land adjoining. 

Will dated 12 Oct. 1682, prob. 27 June, 
1683; "aged;" beq. to wife, dau. Elizabeth 
Benuett, gr. ch. John Smith. Widow Mar- 
garet deposed. 


Edmund, husbandman, a,e. 27, from 
Dunhead, Wilts., Eng., with his wife Anne 
and sons John and Thomas under 4 yrs. of 
age, with servant Richard Sanger, ae. 18, 
came in the Confidence April 11, 1638. Set- 
tled at Sudbury, propr. 1639, frm. May 13, 
1640. Town officer, deputy. Lieut. 1 (2) 1651. 
[Mds. Files.] Ch. Hannah b. 28 (9) 1639, 
Sarah b. 17 (1) 1642, Joseph b. 19 (5) 1645. 
Capt. Edmund d. April 5, 1688. 

John, husbandman, ae. 42, with wife 
Jane and daus. Lydia and Jane came from 
Semley, Wilts., in the Confidence April 11, 
1638. Settled at Sudbury; propr. 1639. 

He d. 28 March 1654. Will dated 2 (1) prob. 
5 (3) 1654. Wife Jane; dau. Jane Wight, son- 
in-law Andrew Dunning; Abigail, dau. of his 
bro. Thomas G.; son-in-law Henry Wight of 
Dedham. [Reg. XIX. 43.] The widow made 
will July 7, 1662, prob. Oct. 2, 1666; beq. to 
gr. eh. John, son of Henry Wait, and Jane 
his wife, living at Dedliam. and to their other 
ch. Joseph, Daniel Benjamin and a child, 
name not known. 

Thomas, ae. 30, with wife Jane, son 
Thomas, ae. 1 yr. and sister Ursula, came 
from Shasbury, Eng., in the Confidence 
April 11, 1638. He settled at Sudbur.v, propr. 
1639; selectman, 1639, etc. Rem. to Marlbor- 
ough. Ch. Mary b. 25 (6) 1640, Abigail b. 11 


GOODENOW, etc., cont. 
(1) 1C42, Susanna b. 20 (11) 1643, Sarah d. 7 
April 1654, Samuel b. 26 (12) 1645, Susanna 
b. 21 (10) 1647, Elizabeth d. 28 (10) 1653. The 
sister Ursula d. at S. 23 (2) 1653. 

He d. in 1666. Will dated Sept. 29, prob. 
24 (8) 1666, beq. to daus. Susanna and Jane, 
loveing yoak fellow Joane, son Samuel and 
all his gr. children; bros. John Rudduck, Ed- 
mund G. and old bro. Ward overseers. 


Edmund, Ipswich, one of the men app. 
by Gen. Court 27 Sept. 1642, to look after the 
breeding of salti>etre. 


Nicholas, clothworker, ae. 60, with wife 
Jane, ae. 48, came in the James in July in 
1635. As no further record of him appears 
it may be supposed that he d. soon and that 
Jane was the "widow" G. who was reproved 
for not coming to the meeting In 1647. 

William, weaver, yeoman, merchant, 
Ipswich, propr. 1(535, frm. Dec. 7, 1636. Dea- 
con. Bought the commonage of John New- 
man 1 (2) 1649. Bought land of Nathl. 
Brownie April 1, 1673. He deposed 6 Jan. 
1679, ae. 67 years, in favor of the formation 
of second (Chebacco) church. [Arch. Eccl. 
1.] Wife Mary made will ace. to marriage 
contract 8 June, 1682, bequeathing her est. to 
Benjamin and Mary, 2 of the ch. of her son 
John Fayerweather of Boston. Made deed 
of gift to son William with consent of his 
now wife Bethia, May 1, 1686. 


John, came in the Mayflower, signed 
the Compact, res. at Plymouth, d. soon after 
arrival, probaly from exposure when lost in 
Jan. 1620-1. [Mou.] 

Richard, Cambridge, propr. 1633; frm. 
May 14, 1634; brought suit in Plymouth 
Court 4 March, 1638-9. Rem. to Hartford. 
Either he or a son of the same name m. at H. 
8 Dec. 1659, Mary Terry and rem.»to Hadley. 
Admin, of his est. gr. at Northampton court 
Sept. 26, 1676, to widow Mary and to her cou- 
sin Ensign Cooke. Her account specifies 
land at Hadley given to her husband by her 
father Stephen Terry; sons John, Richard, 
Thomas; daus. Mary and Elizabeth. 

Thomas, a creditor of Thomas Watsnn 
of Duxbury in 1639. [L.] 


John, tailor, Watertown, propr. 1(336; 
rem. to Boston. Adm. chh. 29 (11) 1641; frm. 
May IS, 1642. Wife Prudence adm. chh. 10 
(4) 1643; ch. Joseph b. 1 (8) 1642. 

William, Watertown, propr. 1636. Wife 
Margaret; ch. Jeremy b. 6 (1) 1637, Joseph b. 
29 (7) 1639, apprenticed 8 May, 1645, by 
widow Margaret to Samuel Thatcher. [Mdx. 
De. I, 188.], Benjamin b. 11 (2) 1642. 

He d. and inv. of his est. was taken April 3, 
1647. [Reg. VIII, 57.] The widow m. John 
Hull of Newbury; she d. Feb. 3. 1682. Will 
dated Aug. 4, prob. 10 April, 1683, beq. to 
sons Jeremiah, Joseph and Benjamin; gr. son 
Benjamin G.; to dau. Mary Woodman; gr. ch. 
Mary Emry and Elizabeth Woodman. 


Roger. Barnstable, 1641; atba. 1643; 
adm. chh. July 28, 1644. Juror. 

He m. Dec. 1641, Alice Layton; she was 
adm. dih. Dec. 31, 1643. Ch. Nathaniel b. 
Oct. 6. 1642, (d. before 3 May, 1670, when his 
est. was settled,) John b. June 15, 1645, Mary 
b. July, 1647, Benjamin b. May 6, 1650, (d. 
and beq. his est. in 1677,) Ruth b. AprU 10, 
1652, Ebenezer b. Dec, 1655, Elizabeth b. 
May, 1658. 

The widow Alice made will 10 Jan. 1688, 
prob. 4 Sept. 1689; beq. to ch. John, Ebenez- 
er, Ruth (Davis,) and Elizabeth; dau.-in-law 
Lydia and gr. ch. Benjamin. 

Anne, ae. 18, servant of Abraham Top- 
pan, came from Yarmouth, Eng., May 10, 
1637, to Newbury. 

Edward, lighterman, laborer, Boston, 
1640; adm. chh. 26 (1) 1642; frm. May 18, 
1642. Land transfers in 1&14, 1668, etc. Wife 
Elizabeth; ch. Elizabeth b. Nov. 5, 1676, (m. 
May 11, 1693, Samuel Gardner,) Edward b. 
April 9, 1678. 

Edward, of Boston, boatman, made will 5 
Dec. 1693, being aged; prob. 3 Jan. 1694-5; 
beq. to wife Elizabeth and dau. Elizabeth, 
wife of Samuel Gardner. Bro. John Cleasby 
and Samuel Jackson overseers. 

Susanna, Salem, memb. chh. 1637. 

Mr. William, embarked June 22, 1632; 
came to Cambridge. Propr. 1633; frm. Nov. 

GOODWIN, etc., cont. 

6, 1C32. Elder of the church. His dau. men- 
tioned by Winthrop, vol. I, 142. He rem. to 


Maj. Daniel, a Kentish soldier, mi- 
grated to Virginia with his father, Mr. Daniel 
G.; was attracted to New England by the in- 
fluence of Rev. William Tompson and the 
others who visited Va. in 1643. He came to 
Boston the next year; was adm. chh. May 26, 
and made frm. May 29. Resided first at 
Roxbury; rem. to Cambridge in 1648. Was 
deputy, speaker of the Gen. Court, 
Asst., and com. on many important 
matters. A great patron of the work of 
Rev. John Eliot for the Indians, and a warm 
friend of theirs, though a sturdy soldier in 
the inevitable wars. Wrote several works of 
value. Wife Mary adm. Bo. ohh. 7 (7) 1644; 
she deposed to the will of Mr. John Willett 
in 1663. ae. about 45 years. She d., and he 
m. 2, Hannah — , who d. Oct. 29, 1688, ae. 48 
years. [Gr St.] Ch. Mary and Elizabeth, 
"bapt. eleswhere, not full 6 years old wlien 
their parents joined this church," [Mi.] 
Elizabeth bapt. at Rox. March 14, 1644, Han- 
nah b. and d. 1647, Daniel bur. 3 (7) 1649, 
Daniel b. 12 (5) 1650. Other ch. named in will. 
He d. March 19, 1686-7. His striking will, 
filed at Boston, beq. to wife Hannah the est. 
which was hers before marriage; to ch. 
Daniel, Samuel, Nathaniel; to Elizabeth Bat- 
ter; to John Eliot, her son by her first mar- 
riage, and to her other ch.; to wife's son 
Thomas and daus. Hannah Gookin and Mary 
Savage. The dau. Mary m. Edmund Batter; 
[did she d. and he m. afterward her sister 


John, Boston, servant to Richard Tut- 
tle, d. (10) 1638. 

GOOSE, [see also Negoose,] 

William, Boston, trustee for John Wal- 
llngton of London, turner, to receive money 
1 (8) 1645. Goody Goose adm. chh. Boston 24 
(2) 1659. Ch. John bapt. at Salem 14 (2) 1644. 
In Salem Court 29 (4) 1664, the inv. of the 
est. of Mary, widow of Wm. G. was pres.: he 
had d. many yrs. before, intestate; the widow 
was distracted, and the town had borne the 


Edmond, ae. 18, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. 


Mr. John, Roxbury, frm. April 18, 1637. 
He sent letter of attorney 23 (10) 1644, to Jo- 
seph Browne of Southampton, malster, to 
prove the will of his father and to execute It 
for him. [A.] He bought land at Salisbury, 
the deed of which was made to his widow 
Rodah 20 Aug., 1658. Wife Rose, (Rhoda,) 
deposed May 19, 1655, ae. 45; [Suff. De. II.] 
Ch. Jo'hn "b. in Englan<3, May 23, 1634," Obe- 
diah b. June 27, 1636, d. May 12, 1646, Abigail 
[Hanna] b. Aug. 5, 1641, d. April 13, 1642, 
Abigail bapt. May 7, 1643, Hannah bapt. 18 
(3) 1645, Obediah bapt. 25 (1) 1648. The son 
John seems to be the master of the Mayflow- 
er, who deposed at Boston 25 (9) 1665, ae. 31 

He d. 4 June, 1657. Will prob. July 30, 1657; 
wife Rosa; 5 ch.: John, Samuel, Abigail and 
Hannah Gore, and Mary Mylame [?] The 
widow m. 2, John Remington; conveyed lands 
March 22, 1662; she m. 3, Edward Porter. 
[Reg. VIII, 382, XXXI, 104 and 177.] 

Richard, ae. 17, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in April, 1635. Settled at Roxbury; 
frm. May 29, 1644. He m. Nov. 30, 1639, 
Phebe Hewes. Ch. Hannah b. June 1641, 
John and Hannah bapt. 1 (5) 1643, Mary b. 
June 23, 1644, Phebe b. March 12, 1645-6, 
Joseph b. Sept. 21, 1647, Sarah bapt. March 
25, 1649, Joseph b. April 8, 1651, Lydia b. 
Feb. 20, 1652, Benjamin b. and d. 1654. 
He d. 29 Sept. 1683. 

John, Plymouth, Duxbury. Frm. 4 June 
1650. Had land gr. in Plym. 18 Dec. 1638; 
was partner with John Rogers at Duxbury in 
1638-9. [L.] Built a bridge over South riv- 
er with Joseph Beadle in 1650-1. He deposed 
4 (1) 1674-5, ae. about 53 yrs. Was captain of 
a company for defence against the Indians 
4 Oct. 1675. He m. Desire, dau. of John 
Howland. Oh. Desire b. at Plym. April 2, 
1644, (m. at Bar. 7 Oct. 1661, John Hawes,> 
Temperance b. at Marshfield May 5, 1646, 
Elizabeth b. 2 April, 1&48, James b. 28 April 
1650, John b. 20 Feb. 1651, Joseph b. at Yar- 
mouth 16 Feb. 1653, Jabez b. 3 Aug. 1656, 
Mercy b. 20 Jan. 1658, Lydia b. 11 Nov. 1661. 


GOBHAM, etc., cont. 

He d. at Swansey 5 Feb. 1675. Admin, gr. 
to widow and sons James and John, March 
1675-6; rights of younger ch. to be guarded. 
Division made to the widow Desire and ch. 
James, John, Jabez, Mercye, Lydia, Hannah 
and Shubael; £ 50 laid aside for the education 
of S. Admin, bond signed 9 March, 1075. 
[Plym. Scrap Book.] The widow d., and 
Inv. of her est. was taken 3 Aug. 1683. [Gen- 

Ralph, Plymouth, had land gr. 2 Oct. 
1637. In Court 4 June, 1G39. He rem. to 

GORNELL, see Gurnell and Cornell. 

GOBNET, see Gurney. 


John, Roxbury, 1636; frm. May 19, 1639. 
Wife Mary adm. chh. about 1640; ch. Mary d. 
Aug. 1636, Mary b. June 21, 1641, Sarah bapt. 
21 (11) 1643, Hannah bapt. 5 (1) 1646, a dau. 
d. (9) 1646, Mary bapt. 7 (3) 1648, Alice bapt. 
March 8, 1651-2, EUzabeth b. and d. 1654, 
John bapt. 24 (12) 165.5, drowned 15 (4) 1668, 
Abraham bapt. 8 (3) 1659. 

Will dated 17 June, prob. Oct. 19, 1676, beq. 
to wife Alice, son Abraham, daus. Sarah, 
Mary and "cales" [Alice.] 

Samuel, of Ivondon, clothier, came to 
Boston before 1636; res. in Plymouth in 1637; 
volunteered for the Pequot War. Put himself 
in conflict with the authorities of both colo- 
nies and caused and suffered much trouble. 
Was banished to R. I. in 1638. Went to Eng. 
in 1646, and obtained satisfactory documents 
from Parliament which protected him from 
further interference. [B., W., and Col. Recs.] 
Wife — ; ch. Samuel, John, Benjamin, Maher, 
Sarah, Anna, Elizabeth, Sussanna. 

Thomas, Plymouth Colony, volunteer 
for the Pequot War in 1637. 


John, Watertown, propr.; frm. May 18, 
1631. Wife Sarah; ch. Joseph bur. 10 (3) 
1631, Elizabeth bur. 25 (10) 1641, Phebe, not 
recorded, sole surviving child. 

He was bur. Feb. 15, 1643-4. Inv. 14 (3) 
1644. The wido-w m. 2, Robert Nichols, who 
joned with her in a deed 14 (10) 1644. They 
rem. to Southampton, L. I. 



Henry, Boston, memb. chh. 1630, with 
wife Mary. 


Mr. Charles, Salem, deacon; deputy, 
1G34-5; propr. 1636. He wrote to Gov. Brad- 
ford July 30, 1629, an account of the ordina- 
tion of Messrs. Skelton and Higginson. [B.] 

Rem. to Wenham about 1651. Com. to end 
small causes in 1654. He and his wife and 
son Charles were dism. from Salem chh. to 
that of Wen. Dec. 10, 1663. Sarah, [dau. of 
Charles?] was adopted by Capt. Thomas 
Lathrop after the death of her mother, his 
wife's "cousin." Ch. Deborah bapt. 12 (12) 
1636, Charles bapt. 2 (4) 1639, Daniel bapt. 28 
(4) 1646. 

He d. 15 (11) 1667. The widow deposed in 
1667, ae. about 66 years. 


Thomas, glover, petitioned the Gen. 
Court in 1645. 


Edward, ae. 22, came in the Elizabeth 
April 9, 1635. Settled at Hingham; paiPmaii- 
er. Had land grant at Boston in 1657. Wife 
Margaret; ch. Hannah b. March 12, 1643. (m. 
Samuel Hobart,) Sara;h b. in 1648, Sarah 
bapt. Nov. 29, 1658, (m. Nov. 29, 1675, Arthur 
Cain.) The wife d. 6 Feb. 1682. 
He d. 16 Feb. 1684-5. 

Francis, Boston, a watchman, before 
the Court 3 (7) 1639. 

Francis, Duxbury, atba. 1643. 

Francis, Braintree; wife Rose; ch. Martha 
b. 18 (12) 1649, Mary b. 23 (10) 1651. Martha 
b. 15 (8) 1654, John b. 2 (6) 1657, Samuel b. 
12 (6) 1658. 

Goodman, Reading, propr. 1650. 

Jarvis, shoemaker, ae. 30, came in the 
Elizabeth in April, 1635. Settled at Hingham; 
propr. 1(536. Rem. to Boston. Wife Mary 
memb. chh. of Hing.; eh. John bapt. at Bo. 
30 (6) 1646. ae. about 33 days, Joseph bapt. 
25 (1) 1649-50. 
He d. 27 (3) 1656; admin, gr. 4 July folg. 

Jeremiah, Weymouth, propr. before 
1644; rem. to Rhode Island. Attorney for 
Wm. Coddington in 1640, and for Henry Sau- 
dis in 1646. [Suff. De. and A.] 

■GOULD, etc., cont. 

John, husbandman, ae. 25, with wife 
Grace, ae. 25, cert, from Towcester, co. 
Northampton, Eng., came in the Defense in 
July, 1G35. He may be the 

GOULD, etc., cont. 

Perlvins,) Mary, (m. John Reddington,) Mar- 
tha, (m. John Newmareh.) [So stated by the 
Genealogy of the Family.] 

John, carpenter. Charlestown, fnu. May GOULDER, GOOLE, 

2, 1638. Wife Mary adm. chh 8 (11) 1636; 
she d. at Ten Hills Farm, Char. 14 (3) 1647. 
[W.] With wife Joane he sold land at Mal- 
<ien in 1658. He deposed in 16.58. ae. about 47 
_years. Ch. John b. 1646, d. 1647, John b. 
14 (3) 1647. 

He d. March 21, 1690-1. vVill dated 3 Jan. 
1688, prob. 19 June, 1691, beq. to sons John 
-and Daniel Gould and John Birbin; to gr. son 
Thomas G. 

Nathan, in New England, legatee of his 
mother, Judith, of Watford, Eng., widow, by 
her will prob. 3 Sept. 1650; had rec'd. beq. 
from his bro. Zaecheus G. [Reg. XLIX, 267.] 
He was propr. at Salisbury, 1652. Wife Eliza- 
beth: ch. Mary b. June 24, 1661, Elizabeth b. 
April 4, 1664, Samuel b. Feb. 3, 1667-8, Jo- 
seph b. Aug. 28, 1670, Hannah b. May 13, 

He made will Dec. 12, 1692, prob. Sept. 27, 
1693: wife Elizabeth. 

Thomas, Charlestown, adm. chh. with 
wife Hannah 7 (4) 1640. He dei>osed 6 (2) 
1652, ae. about 45 years. [Mdx. Piles.] Seth 
Sweetser calls him brother. Ch. Hannah 
bapt. 11 (2) 1641, Jacob b. (rec. at Cam- 
Ijridge,) Sept. 16, 1643. He was opposed to 
the baptism of infants, and came under the 
discipline of the church in consequence; was 
expelled, and became the leader in the forma- 
tion of the Anti-pedo-baptist (since called 
Baptist) church of Boston about 1665. 

His will prob. 30 April, 1674, beq. to wife 
Mary, son Samuel, daus. Mary Skinner, Me- 
hetable — , Mary Bunlier, Abigail Shapley 
and Hannah Gold; son Nathaniel Hay ward 
and his 2 children; gr. ch. Mary Sliinner, 
Thomas G., the 2 ch. of Mary Bunker and the 
2 ch. of Abigail Shapley. 

Zaecheus, husbandman, Lynn, headed a 
petition that husbandmen be excused from 
training in seedtime and harvest; dated 7 (8) 
1640. [L.] Rem. to Ipswich; sold land at 
Weymouth which had belonged to Jeremy 
Gould 26 (9) 1644. Rem. to Topsfield. He 
•deposed in 1661, ae. about 72 years. His wife 
Phebe d. 20 (9) 1663. Ch. [Phebe, (m. Thomas 

Francis, Plymouth, 
1643; frm. 4 June, 1650. 
16 March, 1650. 
He d. May 17, 1664. 

propr. 1638, atba. 
Wife Katharine d. 


John, punished for felony 28 Sept. 1630. 


John, Charlestown; frm. May 22, 1638. 
Adm. chh. Char 3 (3) 1647. Bought house 
and land 29 Sept. 1647. 

Will 22 (11) 1647. Wife, sons John and Ed- 
ward; dau. Mary to be adopted, with his 
wife's full consent by Ralph Mousall and his 
wife, to whom he gives a silver poiTinger 
and 5 li. Legacies to be paid out of the brass 
in the house or that which is to come out of 
Eng. by Mr. James Allen. Edward deposed 
in 1667, ae. about 28 years. [Norf. files.] 
[Reg. YT.I, 170.] The widow m. 2, John 
Mansfield, who joined her in paying the sons 
their portions 5 Dec. 1655. [Char. Rec] 

Obediah, before Gen. Court 1 Oct., 
and Essex in 1646. 


GOYT, GOYTE, GOIT, see Coit, 

John, Dorchester propr. 1632; land gr. 
to others in 1634, if he come not over the next 
summer. John, perhaps the same, Salem, 
Marblehead, 1640. [Es. Court rec] Mary 
adm. chh. 18 (4) 1643. Ch. Joseph and Mary 
bapt. 30 (5) 1643, Mary bapt. 17 (1) 1643-4. 
Admin. Ess. Court, (1) 1663. 


Robert. Dedham. a man servant, adm. 
chh. (5) 1639: propr. Dec. 23, 1640. Rem. to 
Wenham before 1651. He m. 31 (8) 1644, 
Elizabeth Brock; ch. John b. 13 (9) 1645, 
Elizabeth bapt. (2) 1647, Hannah bapt 21 (12) 

Robert, Wenham, 
Court 23 May, 1650. 

petitioned the Gen. 



Joseph, mariner, Salem, 1636. Master 
of the bark Endeavor in 1641. [L.] Made a 
successful voyage to Pemaquid and Boston 
in 1639. [W.] Goodwife Grafton desired of 
the town a lot for her mother at the end of 
her husband's lot in 1637. [See Scarlet.] Ch. 
Joseph bapt 24 (11) 1636, John bapt. 28 (2) 
1639, Nathaniel bapt. 24 (2) 1642. 

Two imperfect wills were set aside, and 
distribution made by consent of heirs as fol- 
lows: to Bethia Goodhue, John Grafton, John 
Gardner (for his ch. by wife Priseilla,) the 
two sons of Joseph, Jr., dec.; the three daus. 
of Nathaniel; to Mary Meade, William and 
Edmund Herfleld, Robert Kitchin and his 
three sisters, Mary Fox, Elizabeth Colyer 
and Samuel Gardner, Jr. 
Joshua, Salem, 1649. 


Samuel, pewterer, Boston 163S; ac- 
counts with him in 1640. [L.] Bondsman for 
John Hogg in Gen. Court 28 (11) 1640, adm, 
chh. 26 (1) 1642 ;frm. May 18, 1642. Lot gr. 
him at Braintree in 1639. Wife Frances; ch. 
Mai-y b. 27 (2) 1639, bapt. 27 (1) 1642, ae. 
about 3 yrs. 

Thomas, Charlestown. 
ine; cOi. Susan b. 8 (5) 1643. 

Wife Kathar- 

Bryan, Salem, propr. 1637. 

Launcelot, Ipswich, res. 1648; rem. to 
Newbury. Leased farm of Stephen Kent. 
[Es. files 3, 98.] He m. 4 Jan. 1653-4, Joanna, 
dau. of Robert Adams; eh. John b. 15 Jan. 
1655, George b. 28 Nov. 1658, Elizabeth b. 13 
March, 1662, Dorothy b. 15 Feb. 1663, a dau. 
b. May 15, 1666, Samuel b. Aug. 2, 1668, 
Abraham b. 17 April, 1673. 

Thomas, Scituate. His son Thomas 
was executed in 1642. [W. and Plym. Col. 

He d., and admin, was gr. 3 Jan. 1642-3, to 
Timothy Hatherly and Edmund E'ddenden 
on behalf of his wife and Children and to pay 
debts. Widow Grace d. in 1648; will dated 
Nov. 24, 1648; son John, under age; dau. 
Elizabeth. Witnessed by Time. Hatherly. 
[Reg. IV, 283.] 


Christopher, glazier, Watertown, propr. 
1634. Deposed 6 (2) 1658, ae. 48 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] Wife Mary; ch. Abigail b. 6 (12> 
1634, Joshua b. 11 (4) 1637, Caleb b. 8 (7) 
1639, Benjamin b. 6 (7) 1641, Sarah b. 1 (12) 
1642-3, Joseph b. 28 (7) 1646, Mary, Mercy,. 
Christopher b. 1649. 

He d. Sept. 6, 1685; admin, to sons Christo- 
pher, Caleb and Joseph; the daus. Sarah 
Seaverns and Mary Smith deposed, after th& 
death of their mother, Jan. 19, 1691-2. 

Matthew, b. in England, Oct. 27, 1601, 
came to Dorchester, probably one of the orig- 
inal church-colony that came in the Mary 
and John in 1629-30; frm. May 18, 1631. He 
rem. to Windsor, Conn., in 1035-6; was clerk 
of the chh. there. Ancestor of President 
Ulysses S. Grant. He m. 1, Priseilla—, Nov. 
16, 1625; she d. April 27, 1644, ae. 43 yrs. 2 
mos.; he m. 2, May 29, 1645, Susanna, dau. of 
Bernard Capen, and widow of William Rock- 
well, who was b. April 5, 1602; she d. Nov. 14, 
1664. Ch. Priseilla b. Sept. 14, 1626, Samuel 
b. Nov. 12, 1631, Tahan b. Feb. 3, 1633, John 
b. April 30, 1642. [From his own rec.. See- 
Stjles' Windsor.] 
He d. 16 Dec. 1681. 

Seth or Zeth, embarked June 22, 1632. 
Settled at Cambridge; propr. 1034. 

Thomas, came from England in same 
ship with Samuel, son of Wm. Stickney, i. e. 
before 1638, as S S. deposed at Salem Prob. 
Court 20 July, 1698. Jane, widow, Rowley, 
propr. 1643. Ch. John, Hannah, (m. — 
Brown,) Frances, (m. — Keyes,) Ann, (m. 11 
(4) 1658, Robert Emerson). 


William, Yarmouth, atba. 1643. 


John, cow-leech, householder, [See Es. 
Inst. Coll. XXXI.] Roxbury, a goodly bro. of 
the chh.. arrived (3) 1633; he brought 5 ch.: 
John, Samuel, Jonathan, Sarah and Mary; 
his wife quickly d. and he m. Dec, 1635, Jud- 
ith [Alward.] [E.] He arranged Nov. 23,. 
1638, for collection of rents upon his dau. 
Sarali's legacy from Thomas Finch of Hert- 
ford, Eng., from his sister Lydia Ford of Nas- 
ing, Eng., [L.] See will of Anne G., widow,, 
of St. Botolph without Algate, dated 10 Feb. 


OBAVES, etc., cont. 

1675. [Reg. L., 423.] Cb. Hannah b. in Rox. 

Sept. 8, 1636. 

He d. 4 (9) 1644. Will, dated Nov. 1, 1644. 
Beq. to cli. John, Samuel, Jonathan, Hanna 
and Mary; the latter to have the bed her 
grandmother now lieth upon; if wife live 5 
yrs. after the death of my mother, she shall 
pay 6 li. to my dau. Hannah. "Old mother 
Graves, of fourscore yeares," was bur. Feb. 
24, 1644-5. The son John d. in 1645, and 
beq. 26 (9) 1645, to bros. Samuel and Jona- 
than; sisters Sara, Hanna and Mary, and his 

Richard, husbandman, ae. 33, came in 
the Abigail in JiUy, 1635. Settled at Salem, 
propr. 1637; fisherman. His wife adm. chh. 
23 (6) 1640; 3 children bapt. 14 (1) 1640-1, 
Joseph bapt. 16 (8) 1642, Benjamin and Eliza- 
beth bapt. 6 (6) 1645, Mary bapt. 26 (2) 1648, 
Richard bapt. 6 (8) 1650, Hannah bapt 15 (6) 
1652, Deliverance bapt. 16 (5) 1654, Joan, ae. 
30, and Mary, ae. 26, who came in the Hope- 
well in Sept., 1635, may have been his wife 
and dau.; the ages of passengers being very 
carelessly recorded. 

Samuel, Plymouth, sold house July 4, 


Samuel, hatter, Ipswich, propr. 1635, 
<goodman,) bought house and land 1 Dec. 
1'654, rented land, 1660. 

Mr. Thomas, gent., of Gravesend, co. 
Kent, an expert in mines, minerals, fortifica- 
tions and surveys, made a written agreement 
with the Mass. Bay Co. in Eng., March 5, 
1628, for transportation of himself, his wife, 
5 children, a boy and a maid servant; was 
app. a memb. of Gov. Endecott's Council, 
and came with him to Salem. Rem. to 
Oharlestown; laid out the town before the 
coming of Winthrop. Frm. May 18, 1631. 
One of the com. to lay out the town of Wo- 
burn in 1640, and one of the first town offi- 
cers there. 

Mr. Thomas, sea-captain, b. June 6, 
1605 at Ratcliffe, near London, res. at 
Oharlestown in 1638. Adm. chh. with wife 7 
(8) 1639. Made report concerning stormy 
weather in the Downs 12 (4) 1644. Had 
charge of ship Tryall 3 (10) 1645. [A.] Rear- 

He m. Katharine Gray; she d. 21 (12) 1681, 
ae. above 76. Oh. Rebecca adm. chh. 9 (5) 

GRAVES, etc., cont. 

1648, John, Thomas adm. chh. 17 (7) 1665, 
Susanna adm. chh. 17 .(2) 1664, Nathaniel 
bapt. 5 (9) 1639, Joseph b. 13 (2) 1645. 

He d. 31 (5) 1653. His will dated 13 June. 
1652, was prob. 1 (10) 1653; he liad left it in 
the care of his bro. Abram G.; was presented 
to the Court by the widow. Beq. to wife 
Katharine; ch. Rebecca, John, Thomas, Na- 
thaniel, Susanna and Joseph. His inv. 
shows l-5th part of a house at Ham, near 
London, in England; a share in the ship 

called Trades-Increase, etc. 
"Mr. Thomas Graves, a member of 
Dorchester, and a very understanding 
man, would needs leave the church, 
and go to Virginia against all coun- 
sel, etc. He and his wife and divers of Iiis 
children died, and his whole family was 
ruined about a year after. Only one daugh- 
ter escaped, who, being left a maid with a 
good estate, married after to that apostate, 
Nathaniel Eaton, who, having spent all she 
had, fled away, and left her miserable, 1646." 

William, ae. 12, came with John Up- 
ham, husbandman, from Weymouth, Eng., 
before March 20, 1635. Perhaps the person 
who res. at Dover In 1659. 


Edward, yeoman, Plymouth, 1646, propr. 
1650. Became very wealthy and was an ac- 
tive and useful citizen. He m. 1 Jan. 16, 
1650-1, Mary Winslow; m. 2, Dec. 12, 1667, 
Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Lettice. Ch. 
Desire b. 6 Nov. 1651, (m. 10 Jan. 
1671, Nathaniel Southworth,) Mary b. 
18, Sept. 1653, Elizabeth b. 11 Feb. 165[5], 
iSarah b. 12 Aug. 1659, John b. 1 Oct. 1661, 
Edward b. 31 Jan. 1666, Susanna b. 15 Oct., 
1668, (m. John CvDlie.) Other ch. mentioned 
in probate rec: Hannah, Thomas, Rebecca, 
Lydia and Samuel. 

27 Oct. 1680, "Edward Gray, yeoman," sold 
his one-thirtieth share in Taunton lands; 
his widow Dorothy and son John receipted 
lor the purchase-money 12 Oct. 1682. fPlym. 
Scrap Boolf.] He d. 30 June, 1681. [Gr. St.] 
One third of his corn was given to his chil- 
dren by first wife, the rest to the widow and 
the children he had by her. Her account 
was allowed 5 March, 1684-5. [Plym. Col. 
Rec. vol. VI, 149.] The widow m. 2, Nath- 


GRAY, etc., cont. 

aniel Clarke, and sought divorce from him 

June 2, 1686. [Col. Rec. VI.] 

Henry, tailor, citizen and merchant of 
Ix)ndon, came to Boston; propr. 1637. Ar- 
ranged for marriage in 1639. [L.] 

Katharine, before (Jen. Court Aug. 5, 

John, planter, of Boston, N. E. with his 
wife Elizabeth sold a house and lot in Lynn 
1 (6) 1639. [L.] "My bro. John Grey of New 
England" had beq. in will of William G., of 
London, citizen and merchant tailor, dated 
1 Sept. 1657. [Reg. XLII, 72.] Mr. John, 
Yarmouth, before Gen. Court March 1, 1641, 
and 3 Mareh, 1645-6. Lands granted about 
1642; atba. 1643. Ch. Benjamin b. Dec. 1648, 
William b. Oct. 5, 1650. 

Inv. of his est. taken 10 Feb. 1674; widow 

Robert, iSalem, had liberty to come and 
dwell in Ipswicli in 1646; but he did not re- 
move. Wife Elizabeth, adm. chh. 16 (4) 1650. 
Ch. Eliza, bapt. 9 (1) 1650-1, Joseph, 
bapt. 9 (3) 1652, Bethiah bapt. 11 (4) 1654, 
Thomas bapt. 11 (3) 1656, Robert bapt. 23 (3) 
1658, Hannah bapt. 26 (4) 1659. 

Thomas, Plymouth, servant of Mr. John 
Atwood, transferred 16 May, 1639, to Job 
Cole, who had paid his passage. 
He d. Nov. 29, 1652. [Plym. Col. Rec] 

Thomas, fisherman, Salem, Marblehead. 
Before Gen. Court Sept. 28, 1630, and 1638; 
before Es. Court in 1642. 

Widow. Salem, 1637. 


Nathaniel, Boston, 
adm. chlh. 2 (6) 1640. 

"a singleman," 


Andrew, blacksmith, Salisbury, propr. 
1643; constable. Rem. to HaverhiU; one of 
the owners of a mill in 1665. He deposed 
9 (2) 1672, ae. about 52 years. Wife Mary; 
ch. Phillip b. Sept. 21, 1644, Andrew b. Dec. 
10, 1646, Mary b. July 16, 1649,( m. Ephraim 
Winsley,) Joseph b. Feb. 5, 1651, Benjamin 
b. Dec. 9, 1654, Westwood b. March 29, 1659. 
He d. June 30, 1697; admin, gr. to son 
Philip May 20, 1703. Widow Mary d. Dec. 
24, 1703. [See Goldwyer.] 



Bartholomew, Cambridge, propr. 1634; 
frm. May 14, 1634. Wife Elizabeth; ch. 
[Samuel,] Nathaniel, [Sarah.] 

He d. before 1642. His widow Elizabeth d. 
Oct. 28. 1677, ae. 88, "after a widowhood of 
about 40 years." Will dated 8 (4) 1672, prob. 
Nov. 20, 1677, beq. to son Nathaniel her 
whole est. for his long care of her. 

Rev. Henry, scholar, minister, Ipswich, 
frm. May 13, 1642; was paid in 1643 for ser- 
vice against the Indians. Was invited to be 
minister at Martin's Vineyard in 1643, but 
went not. Was ordained pastor at Reading 
5 (9) 1645. [W.] Mrs. G. memb. ehh. Read. 
He d. in May, 1648. 

Henry, propr. Watertown, 1642. He 
deposed in 1652, ae. about 30 years. [Arch. 
38 B.] Perhaps he is the Henry, millwright, 
who res. at Hampton in 1652, and sold land 

James, Charlestown, adm. chh. 7 (12) 
1G46. frm. May 26, 1647. Rem. to Maiden. 

He d. March 29, 1687. Will dated 2 Sept. 
1682, prob. 5 May, 1687, beq. to wife Eliza- 
beth and sons John and James. 

John, with wife Perseverance, ch. John, 
Jacob, Abigail, Joseph, and maid, Sarah 
Johns, embarked for New England April 12, 
1632. Settled at Charlestown. Adm. chh. 
with wife 29 (1) 1633; frm. May 18, 1642. 
Ruling elder, town clerk. Signed inv. of 
Abram Hawkins in 1647. Mary bapt. (2> 
1634. Jacob deposed in 1657, ae. 36. 

He d. April 22, 1658, ae. 65; will dated 21 
(2) prob. 15 (4) 1658, beq. to wife Joane; ch. 
John, Jacob and Mary. Refers to wife's 
est. before marriage with him. 

John. ae. 27, with Dorcas, ae. 15, came 
in the Francis of Ipswich April 30, 163.5. 

Joihn, surgeon, came in the James- 
April 5, 1635. 

Jotn, Sandwich, atba. 1643. 
He was bur. April 4, 1660; will dated 28 
Feb. 1659, prob. June 7, 1660, beq. to his sis- 
ter and her children; James Skiff e. Sen., 
exec, and residuary legatee. 

John, Roxbury, d. at Daniel Brewer's 
house; the Court appointed D. B. adminr. 4 
(10) 1638, debts paid to several persons; he 
had worked at Castle Island. 

GBEEN, etc., cont. 

Joseph. Plymouth, arbitration of cer- 
tain business 2 Nov. 1640; atba. 1643. 

Perclval, husbandman, ae. 32, with wife 
Ellen, ae. 32, came In the Susan and Ellen in 
April, 1635. Settled at Cambridge; frm. 
March 3, 1635-6. Mrs. G. told in the chh. 
that she was born of godly parents; father 
suffered imprisonment, and was taken away 
while she was young. [Rel.] Ch. John b. 
(4) 1636, Elizabeth b. (2) 1639. 

He d. 25 (10) 1639. The widow m. 2, 
Thomas Fox who arranged for the est. of Mr. 
G. to pass to her and her children, 24 (3) 1650. 

Ralph, Boston, child John b. 22 (10) 
1642. Ralph, Maiden, eh. — , b. Jan. 1653. 

Rebecca, Maiden, widow; the inv. of the 
est. filed 4 (1) 1674-5 by Thomas NeweU on 
behalf of his wife and the other children. 

Samuel, Cambridge, propr. 1634, frm. 
March 3, 1635-6. Doorkeeper of the Gen. 
Court in 1644. Wife Jane; ch. Elizabeth b. 
16 (2) 1640, Sarah b. 7 (8) 1642, Lydia b. 23 (1) 
1644-5, Lydia b. 13 (2) 1646, Samuel b. 6 (1) 
1647, Joseph b. 7 (9) 1649. 

Solomon, apprenticed to John Crabtree, 
joiner, for 7 years, and to remain 1 year as a 
journeyman, 12 (6) 1639. Agreement made 
by Elizabeth Leger, widow of John Greene 
of Hadley in Suffolk. Eng., clothier. BQs 
sister Mary G. was placed at the same time 
with William Hudson, fisherman. [L.] See 
Leager, Jacob. 

Thomas, ae. 15, cert, from St. Albons, 
Herts., Eng., came in the Planter, April 2, 
16.S5. Same name and age given in the Hope- 
well later in the same month. Probably the 
same person, and he the son of the folg. 

Thomas, Sen., Maiden, lived at Lady 
Moody's farm at Lynn about 1640; depos. 16 

(6) 1662, ae. about 62 years. [Mdx. Files.] 
His wife Elizabeth d. (6) 1658, and he m. 5 

(7) 1659, Frances, widow of Richard Cooke. 
Ch. rec: at Mai.: Dorcas b. May 1, 1653, John 
b. Jan. 26, 1658. 

He d. Dec. 19. 1667. Will dated 12 Nov., 
prob. 15 Jan. 1667, beq. to eldest son Thomas; 
to sons John, William, Henry and Samuel; 
daus. Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Martha and 
Dorcas, and to his wife. 

William, Charlestown, adm. chh. 8 (5) 
1643, frm. May 29, 1644. Rem. to Wobum, 

GREEN, etc., cont. 

propr. 1640. He m. Johannah, dau. of Mr. 
Thomas Carter, sister of Mrs. John Tuttle of 
Ipswich; she deposed in 1659, ae. 59 years. 
[Es. Files.] Ch. Mary b. 20 (11) 1644, Han- 
nah b. Feb. 7, 1646, John b. Oct. 11, 1649. 

He d. 7 (1) 1653-4. Wdl dated 6 (11) prob. 
4 (2) 1654, beq. tO' wife Hannah; to eldest son 
John a double portion and what his gr. fath- 
er had beq. to him; other sons and daus. to 
share alike; wife exec. Bro. John C. and 
iCapt. Edward Johnson overseers. [Reg. 
XVI, 74.] 


Samuel, weaver, ae. 27, of Norwich, 
Eng., with wife Barbara, ae. 35, and servant, 
John Teed, ae. 19, passed exam. May 12, 
1637, to go to N. E. Reed, inhabitant and 
propr. at Salem 14 (6) 1637. Rem. to Ips- 
wich. His wife d. and he m. Susan, widow 
of Humphrey Wyth or Wise, with whom 
he sold land 4 March, 1638. Was one of 
those licensed by the Court 6 (7) 1638, to be- 
gin the plantation at Hampton. Rem. to 


Edmund, dyer, gent., Newbury, frm. 
March 13, 1638-9. Kept a house of enter- 
tainment in 1639. Com. of the Gen. Court 
to end small businesses in 1642. Captain. 
Rem. to Boston; his dyehouse located by the 
spring 30 (5) 1655. His wife Sarah d. Jan. 
IS, 1662-3. He m. 2, Sarah, widow of Wil- 
liam Hills, q. V. Ch. Enoch, Judith, (m. 1, 
Henry Somerby, m. 2, Tristram Coffin, Jr.,) 
Stephen, Elizabeth, (m. 1, Giles Badger, m. 
2, Richard Browne,) Daniel d. Dec. 5, 1654, 
Sarah, (m. William Hilton,) [John.] 

His will dated 22 Dec. 1668, prob. 12 (2) 
1671, beq. to son Stephen; daus. Elizabeth 
Browne, widow, and Judith Coffin; to gr. 
ch. Elizabeth Hilton and Enoch G.; to 
Enoch's eldest son James. Cousin Thomas 
Moon, mariner, overseer; sons Stephen G. 
and Tristram Coffin execs. Refers to Wil- 
liam, Ignatius and James Hill, his wife's 
sons, and to f 50 apiece beq. to them by their 


John, carpenter, Charlestown, propr. 
on Mystic Side in 1638. Deposition. [L.] 
Gen. Court gr. him leave to plant on a five 
acre lot, 7 Oct. 1640. Town officer. He 



deposed 29 (10) 1057, ae. about 50 years, and 
17 (-1) 1662, ae. about 60. [Mdx. Files.] 
Wife Lydia; cii. John b. 16 (8) 1641. 

Will dated 1 May, 1685, prob. 27 March, 
1691, beq. to wife Lydia, sons John and Dan- 
iel, dau. Abigail Ireland and Daniel's dau. 


Mary, Sandwich, memb. chh. before 
1644, in. Capt. Bezaleel Peyton and rem. to 

William, mariner, brother of the above, 
deposed 23 July, 1678, ae. about 51 years, 
relative to her property. Came to Boston, 
<perhaps from Sandwich,) about 1650; m. 
July 4, 1652, Elizabeth, dau. of Micholas Up- 
sall. Had deed of land from him April 7, 
1660, and sold it in 1674. Captain. Ch. Wil- 
liam b. April 12, 1C56, d. (6) 1657, William 
b. 1658, d. 1659, Israel b. and d. 1660. He 
m. 2, Oct. 10, 1660, Ruth, dau. of Thomas 
Swift; ch. Samuel b. and d. 1661, Mary b. 
Nov. 28, 1662, Dorothy b. March 16, 1663, 
Elizabeth b. Nov. 30, 1664, Anna b. May 20, 
1665, Lulie b. Feb. 10, 1667, William b. Feb. 
20, 1070, John b. Feb. 17, 1672, Samuel b. 
Aug. 31, 1676, Consider b. March 7, 1677. 
He d. Aug. 6, 1693. 

GREENSLADE, see Averitt. 


Mr. Stephen, Boston, censured by Gen. 
Court 9 March, 1636-7, for criticising the 
ministers; appealed to the king 3 (6) 1637. 
[W.] Contracted for purchase of clapboards 
Nov. 5, 1639. 


John, Duxbury, propr. 1638. May be 
the same as John, Weymouth, whose est. 
was admin. 30 Nov. 1692, by John Taylor. 
[See will of William G. of Nottingham, 
gent., in Reg. XLVXI.] 

Henry, Springfield, res. 1640, propr. 
Made request through his son Judah, March 
14, 1642, for leave to sell land. The town 
bought it. 


John, millwright, Dorchester, probably 
came in the Mary and John in 1629-30; appl. 
frm. Oct. 19, 1630; frm. May IS, 1631. Town 
officer. Wife Mary; ch. Ann. (m. Robert 
Pierce,) Elizabeth, (m. — Allen,) Ursula, ae. 
32, came in the Elizabeth in April, 1635, (m. 
Hugh Batten,) Susanna, (m. Nathaniel 
Wales,) Katharine, (m. William Daniels,) 
Mary, (m. Thomas Millett). He deeded his 
lands to his daus. Ursula, Ann, and Katharine 
in 1651 and 1052, providing for contingent 
payments to be made to his daus. Elizabeth 
Allen (and her children,) and Susanna Wales 
(and her children if she have any). 

He d. soon after making these deeds; his 
wife d. Jan. 23, 1658. [Reg. IX, 348, and 
XXXII, 55.] 

Richard, Salem, Marblehead, propr. 9 
(S) 1637. 

GRESHOLD, see Griswold. 


Richard, brick-maker, bricklayer, Bos- 
ton, 1631. Propr.; frm. April 1, 1634. Town 
officer. Sympathized with the Hutchinson 
party, and was disarmed as many others 
were. He deposed July 2, 1660, ae. about 
59 years. 

Wife Grace adm. chh. 29 (10) 1633. Ch. 
Joseph, deposed 29 (7) 1663, ae. about 35 
years. [Mdx. Files.] [Katharine, (m. George 
Dorlon,) ] Mary b. 14 (2) 1632, Sarah b. 14 

(2) 1634, Hannah b. 10 (2) 1636, (m. 16 (7) 
1657, Edward Davis,) Returne b. 14 (1) 1637- 
8, (m. 9 (2) 1656, John Davis,) Believe b. 1 

(3) 1640, Tremble b. 14 (1) 1642-3. 

His will, dated 19 (8) was prob. (9) 1674. 
Wife Grace; dau. Dorlum that lives at the 
Eastward; the ch. [Hannah,] of his dec. 
son Tremble; gr. ch. Mary and Believe G. 
Had given lands to some of his ch. before. 
The widow d. soon. In her inv. taken 3 
June, 1675, a house is mentioned that Roger 
Billing is to have. 

Thomas, Windsor, Conn. 1639; served 
in Pequot war and reed, bounty lands. Rem. 
to Northampton. 


Thomas rec'd beq. from Dennis Geere Hugh, Sudbury, propr. 1039; town mar- 

of Lynn in 1635. shall and clerk of the writs; frm. May, 1645. 


GEIFFIN, etc., cont. 

Wife Elizabeth; ch. Abigail b. 3 (9) 1640, 
Sarah b. 20 (9) 1G42, Shemuel b. 9 (11) 1644, 
Jonathan b. 22 June, 1647. 

He d. 21 June, 1656. Will dated 6 (1) prob. 
16 Dec. 1656, beq. to wife Elizabeth, sons 
Shemuel and Jonathan, and daus. Abigail 
and Sarah. 

Humphrey, butcher, Ipswich, came to 
the place in 1639. His application for a lot 
was refused at first "because the town was 
full," but he bought a house and lot of Dan- 
iel Denison 19 Jan. 1641; afterward had 
grants of land as other proprs. Town offi- 
cer. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert An- 
drews, who beq. to her sons John and two 
others not named, whom we Ijnow to have 
been Nathaniel and Samuel. They had daus. 
Lydia and Elizabeth, the latter m. Edward 
Deare. He deposed 18 Dec. 1658. ae. about 
53 years; his son John depos. in 1659, ae. 
about 24. 

The inv. of his est. was presented in court 
25 March, 1662. The widow m. 2, Hugh 
Sherratt, q. v. 

Richard, Concord, frm. March, 1637-8. 
Deputy and comr. of Court 1639. He de- 
posed 21 (1) 1658-9, ae. about 67 years, about 
a house, bought by Matthew Allen. He m. 
10 Dec. 1660, Mary Haward or Harrod, wid- 

He d. 5 April, 1661. Will dated 19 (1) 1061, 
ae. about 70 years, prob. June 25, 1661; beq. 
to wife ifary; to kinsman Matthew G. of 
Charlestown; to Christopher Wooly. Admin, 
gr. to widow for herself and children. Sec- 
ond admin, and bond by his son Joseph G. 
of Boston, tailor, 26 March, 1680. 

Thomas, Boston, part owner of wharf 
property in 1639. [L.] 

He d. at Roxbury; inv. July 18, 1661. Let- 
ter of Thomas Parke of southertowne to his 
bro. Wm. Parke at Rox., asking his help 
in settling the est. of G. for the benefit of 
creditors. [Re^. X, 350, and XXXI, 176.] 


Henry, Cambridge, d. 12 (9) 1639. 

Joshua, ae. 25, servant to Henry Col- 
lins, starch-maker, came in the Abigail in 
June, 1635, cert, from the parish of Step- 
ney, Eng. 


Charles, Braintree, before 1648, frm. 
May 7, 1651. He m. Margery Davis, widow, 
of Boston, who was dism. to chh. of Br. 7 
(3) 1648. 

He d. 9 (9) 1663. Will prob. 12 Nov. 1663; 
wife Margery, son-in-law Wm. Owen, son 
David G., and bros. John and William G. 
in Eng. [Reg. XII, 273.] The widow d. 13 
(7) 1669. 


George, of Landen, co. Bucks, Eng., 
ae. 42, with wife Alice, ae. 32, and ch. Thom- 
as, ae. 15, William, ae. 14, Elizabeth, ae. 10, 
Mary, ae. 6, and James, ae. 2, came in the 
Hopewell April 1, 1635. Settled at Bos- 
ton. Propr. 1635. Ch. b. in Bo.: Elizabeth 
b. 14 (31 1636, d. (3) 1040. Sarah b. 15 (3) 
1637, William bur. (10) 1638. 

He d. June 23, 1660. Will dated 4 (5) 1655, 
prob. 3 Aug. 1660. Wife; son James, daus. 
Anne Jones, Mary Brooks, Sarah King. The 
widow Alice d. July 19, 1662. Admin, of 
her will granted to her son-in-law Robert 
Lattimore in right of his wife Anne and to 
Roger Burgis in right of his wife Sarah; the 
son James having been absent many years, 
and supposed to be dead, the Court divided 
the est. to the daus. Sept. 6, 1665. [Reg. IX, 
343, anr XII, 48.] 

Humphrey, Braintree, made Isaac 
Martin of Hingham his attorney 2 (10) 1646, 
to collect of Wm. Griggs of Cavendish in 
Suff. 5 li., a legacy from Thomas G. of Sud- 
bury, Sufif., tallow-chandler. [A.] He m. 
1 (9) 1655, widow Grizzell Jewell. 

Inv. of his est. taken 18 (6) 1057, and 
admin, gr. to his widow Grizzell. She m. 
Henry Kibbe, of Dorchester. 

John, Watertown, propr. 1636. He m. 
at Roxbury Nov. 11, 1652. Mary, dau. of Wil- 
liam Pattin. Ch. John bapt. Aug. 10, 1653. 
He d. 23 Jan. 1691-2. 

Thomas, householder, Roxbury. Wife 
Mary bur. Nov. 29, 1639; he m. Aug. 26, 1640, 
Mary Green. His dau., ae. about 12 yrs., 
d. in 1645. 

He d. May 23, 1640. [E.] Inv. taken 25 
(3) 1646. The widow m. Jasper Rawlings. 

William, Boston, Rumney Marsh. 
Wife Rachel; ch. William b. April 2, 1640, 
Sarah b. Oct. 6, 1642, Rachel b. Oct. 13, 1644, 


GRIGGS, cont. 

Isaac b. Oct. 5, 1646, Elizabeth b. Oct. 3, 
1G48, Jacob b. Nov. 30, 1658, (all bapt. in 
Boston July 31, 1659;) Hannah b. March 12, 
1660, Rebecca b. April 3, 1662, Mam bapt. 
18 (3) 1662. 

GKIUES, see Grame and Gryme. 

Margaret, widow, Boston, d. 20 (11) 
1649; inv. filed 7 (12) 1649, by Thomas Clarke 
and Edmund Eddenden. 


Alice, servant, appr. to Isaac AUerton 
for 5 yrs. Nov. 24, 1633; left here by Mr. 
John Graunt, master of the — . [Plym. Col. 



Charlestown, resident in 



Francis, Cambridge, drummer, had 
land grant in 1636. Propr. also at Charles- 
town; frm. May, 1645. Bought house and 
lands in Cambridge March 16, 1651. Wife 
Mary; ch. Mary b. 28 (8) 1639, Hannah b. 
1642 and d. 1643, Hannah b. March 4, 1644-5. 
He d. Oct. 2, 1652. Nunc, will prob. Mdx. 
court 1 (2) 1653, on testimony of his wife. 
Beq. all to his two daughters. [Mdx. Files.] 
His widow m. 2, Wm. Bullard, [Mi.] and 
at her decease the daus. Elizabeth, (wife 
of .Tonah Palmer of Rehoboth,) and Hannah, 
received their portions. [Mdx. De. I, 168.] 


Simon, Salem, 1650. 

GROOM, see Gorham, 

Mr. Samuel, mariner, Salisbury, propr. 
16.50. Ret. to Eng. and from London, 20 
Aug. 1658, gave power of attorney to Phillip 
Worlidg of Boram, Esses, yeoman, to sell 
his lands in Salis.; this was done by Thos. 
Bradbury as attorney for Daniel Pierce of 
Newbury, whom W. made Ms attorney for 
the purpose. 


Edmund, a sea-faring man, Boston, 
propr. 1630, adm. chh. 22 (1) 1645, with wife 
Katharine. Ch. Isaac b. 1 (8) 1642, Susanna 
b. (6) 1644, both bapt. 23 (1) 1645; Hannah 
bapt. 15 (6) 1647, ae. about 3 days, Lydia 
bapt. 10 (1) 1650, ae. about 4 days, Mary b. 
9 Sept. 1652, John b. 21 April, 1655. 

Will prob. 3 May, 1655, beq. to wife, son 
Isaac, dau. Susanna and 3 other children. 

Isaac, brewer, husbandman, Boston, 
adm. chh. 17 (2) 1636. He was dism. to Ex- 
eter chh. with the Wheelwright party 6 (11) 
1638. Ret. to Boston. 

Will prob. 5 (4) 1649; wife; ch. Edmund, 
Clement and Matthew G.; gr. ch. Isaac, 
Hannah and Susanna G.; Mr. John Cotton, 
Mr. Philemon Pormort, et als. [Reg. VII, 
228.] The son Matthew deposed May 19, 
1655, ae. about 25 yrs. The widow Ann 
m. 15 (6) 1658, Samuel Sheere, of Dedham. 

Joseph, of Plymouth, servant of John 
Winslow, transferred 28 July, 1640, to John 

William, Yarmouth; question raised in 
Plym. Court in 1645 as to his maintenance. 


John, yeoman, Watertown, propr. 1642. 
Rem. to Sudbury and later to Cambridge. 
Frm. May 3, 1665. Deposed 6 (2) 1652, ae. 
about 37 years. [Mdx. Files.] 

Petition, signed by neighbors, at Sudbury, 
Oct. 7, 1662, that he be allowed to "practice 
the mistery of chirurgery." [Mdx. Files.] 
Wife Mary d. about 1641, and he m. 2, Sa- 
rah, dau. of Nicholas Busbey, who rec'd a 
tract of land in Wat. May 26, 1660, from 
her father's est.; they then res. at Sudbury. 
Ch. b. in Wat.: John b. 8 (6) 1641, Sarah b. 
11 (10) 1643, Joseph b. at S. 21 July, 1649, 
Abigail b. 14 Oct. 1655, Mary b. at Sud. Aug. 
1, 1661. 

He d. July 25, 1697. Will prob. Aug. 16, 
1697. Sons John. .Jonathan and Joseph; son- 
in-law John Livermore; dau. Susanna; dau. 
Abigail Curtis, wife of Joseph; dau. Mary 
Knap, wife of Thomas, dau. Elizabeth's 5 
children by Samuel Allen. Son-in-law, John 
Woodward, husband of Susanna, mentioned 

in the inv. 

The widow Sarah d. 25 April, 



Edward, entertained to serve at the 
Fort (Boston) from 24 July, 1636, at 10 li. 
per annum. [W.] 

Edward, sailmaker, Boston; is he the 
same as the foregoing? 

Will dated 22 Sept. prob. Dec. 16, 1686, beq. 
to dau. Mary, wife of William Hirst of Sa- 
lem, gr. son Groves Hirst, wife Elizabeth, 
residue to grandchildren. 


Edmund, Salem, propr. 1636. He de- 
posed in 1660, ae. about 60 years. Testified 
in 1678 that he worlied on Mr. Endecott's 
farm about 45 years before. [Wife] Margar- 
et adm. chh. 3 (3) 1646; ch. Naomi, Mary and 
Lydia bapt. 17 (3) 1646, Deborah bapt. 26 
(1) 1648. 

Inv. of his est. taken 2 Aug. 1682; admin, 
gr. to son Nehemiah. 

John, Charlestown, 1640; Rumney 
Marsh, 1656. Rem. to Maiden. Wife Eliz- 
abeth; ch. John b. 18 (12) 1640, Elizabeth b. 
1 (7) 1642, Lydia b. 28 (2) 1644. 

John d. at Maiden Feb. 19, 1673-4, [See 
Atwood.] Elizabeth d. March, 1673-4. Note 
also the folg. : John, ae. about 80 years, 
made will before Aaron Way, James Bill 
and Wm. Ireland of Boston 1 Sept. prob. 
16 Dec. 16S6. Beq. to dau. Elizabeth gencks 
[Jenks;] gr. son Paul; grand children; grand 
dau. Lydia Moral, now wife of Joseph 

Ould goodwife Grover adm. chh. 
Charlestown 30 (9) 1643. 

Samuel, ae. 16, came in the Truelove 
in Sept. 1635. 

Thomas, Charlestown, rem. to ilalden. 
AYife Elizabeth; cb. Lazarus b. 5 (2) 1642, 
Elizabeth b. at Maiden Dec. 27, 1652, Grace 
d. 3 (3) 1658. 

He d. 28 (8) 1661. The inv. of his est. 
was filed Dec. 17, 1661, by his widow Eliz- 
abeth and son Lazarus. Admin, on the est. 
of John, ae. 17 years, and his sister Eliza- 
beth, was gr. 16 (4) 1674, to their bro. Laz- 


Thomas, sailor, Boston, servant to Mr. 
James Smith, shipmaster, adm. chh. 12 (8) 


Thomas, leather-dresser, Boston, with 
wife Anne adm. chh. 1632-3; frm. March 4, 
1633-4. He drew on his father-in-law, Jef- 
frey Salter, of Kiugslynne, co. Norfolk, tan- 
ner, Sept. 1, 1640. [L.] He conveyed land 
at Muddy River 31 (3) 1652, to Margery, 
widow of Jacob Eliot, for the use of her chil- 
dren. Wife Anne; ch. Abiah b. and d. 1637, 
John b. (6) bapt. 2 (7) 1038, Samuel b. 5 (10) 
1641, John b. and d. 1644, Elizabeth bapt. 
30 (4) 1644, ae. about 6 days, Heman b. 21 
(12) 1645, d. 29 (7) 1647. 


Elizabeth, an ancient maid, Boston, 
adm. chh. 15 (7) 1639. 


John, Dedham, adm. chh. 17 (5) 1640, 
propr.; frm. May 10, 1643. He m. 24 (4) 1645, 
Elizabeth Crooke; she d. 31 Aug. 1669; ch. 
John b. 22 (6) 1646, Samuel b. 7 (9) 1647, John 
b. 29 (9) 1649, Eliezer b. 30 (9) 1653, Eben- 
ezer b. 21 (10) 1657, d. 21 (2) 1661, Elizabeth 
b. 18 (11) 1660, Benjamin b. 25 May, 1664. 

Will dated 3 Oct. prob. 3 Nov. 1682, beq. 
to his three children Samuel, John and Eliz- 

Samuel, Haverhill, propr.; town offi- 
cer; frm. May 18, 1642. He m. Sept. 1, 1647, 
Judith Davis; she d. May, 1667. Ch. Samuel 
b. Aug. 30, 1648, Judith b. April 5, 1650, John 
b. Dec. 8, 1652, Hannah b. Oct. 12, 1654, Sa- 
rah b. 1 March, 1657-8, James b. Aug. 27, 
3060, Ephraim b. March 21, 1661-2. 

He d. Feb. 21, 1683. Will dated 16 Feb. 
1083, prob. March 21 folg., beq. to ch. John, 
Samuel, Ephraim, Sarah, and gr. ch. Judith 
Page; had given portion to Thomas Clough 
upon marriage with daughter. 


Anthony, yeoman, Dorchester, bought 
land 15 (11) 1644. Bought 14 interest in the 
Hutchinson farm in 1650. Res. in Milton; 
frm. May 23, 1666. 

He d. Nov. 28, 1706, ae. 87. [Gr. st.J [Reg. 
VII, 89.] Will dated 20 Jan. 1703, prob. 23 
Dec. 1706, beq. to wife Elinor, as by agree- 
ment; to sons Samuel, Jonathan, Nathaniel; 
daus. Hannah Tucker, Lydia Leonard, Eli- 
za G. and Mary Atherton. 



Ralph, Boston, adm. inhab. 28 (1) 1642. 


Jasper, ae. 29, with Ann, ae. 25, came 
in the Defense in July, 1G35. Settled at Rox- 
bury. Propr.; frm. May 25, 1636. 

Thomas, Dorchester, 1634, frm. May 
6, 1635. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 


Hugh, vintuer. Boston, servant to Rich- 
ard Bellingham, adm. chh. 22 (1) 163.'5. Frm. 
May 25, 1636. He rec'd 20 li. of Mr. John 
Bewford of Middlesex, gent., 7 (11) 1644. 
[A.] Sold his house called the King's Arms, 
and brew houses, etc., April 7, 1651. His 
wife Elizabeth d. 25 (11) 1645; he m. 2, Sa- 
rah, widow of Henry Lynne, who was adm. 
chh. 15 (3) 1647. Ch. Sarah b. 14 (12) 1637, 
Elizabeth b. 25 (2) 1640. Deborah b. (S) 1642, 
Hester bapt. 20 (12) 1647, Joseph b. 31 (1) 
1649, Elihu b. 12 (12) 1649. 

He d. before 1660. [SufC. De. HI, 481.] 
His widow m. — Mitchell; petitioned Gen. 
Court for adjustment of matters connected 
with H. G.'s est. 30 May, 1663; in letter to 
Capt. Davenport 26 (3) 1660, she says he 
"ma.v ask need money of my father Tilly." 
See Tilly, Wm. 

GUNLITHE, see Condlifife. 

John, Dorchester, memb. chh. about 
1637, frm. May 10, 1643, town officer. He had 
John, (son of Sampson) Mason, dwelling 
then with liim, bapt. 23 (7) 1660, ae. 4 yrs. 

He d. July 30, 1675, ae. 64. His will dated 
19 (11) 1674-5, prob. 19 Aug., 1675, beq. to 
wife; to bros. Richard and George G., sister 
Clements, cousin Jonas Prisse in Eng. if they 
come here; to Robert Prisse if he remain in 
N. E.; to several individuals; to the school; 
£ 40 to be kept as a stock to be loaned to a 
poor, honest and godly tradesman, to help set 
him up; he to return it, and the fund to be 
loaned again. His widow Jane m. 2, John 
Burge; she d. April 4. 1678, ae. 78. Will beq. 
3 li. to the chh. to buy Communion cups; rest 
of her est. to John Mason, or, in event of his 
death, to the poor of the town. [Reg. XL, 


Lester, ae. 
in Sept. 1635. 

13, came in the Truelove 


Reuben, Salem, suit at Ipswich, 1641. 
He deposed in 1665, ae. about 60 years. Wife 
Ellen; ch. John b. 12 (8) 1646, Reuben b. 6 
(11) 1650. His two eldest children were 
placed, by order of the town 18 (8) 1647, the 
girl with Philip Venn, the boy with Robert 

GURGEFIELD, see Bennett. 


John, Sen., tailor, Braintree. [N. B. He 
is called John Cheny, Sen., in the printed 
records of Braintree, by a typogi'aphical er- 
ror.] Was an apprentice of John Newgate, 
29 (7) 1636, ae. 21 years; had 3 years longer 
to serve. [W.] Signed a petition about the 
meadows in 1646. [Arch. 45.] Sold land in 
Br. 12 Feb. 1661. His wife d. 20 (7) 1661, 
and he m. 12 (9) 1661, Grizzell, widow of 
Henry Kibbee. 

He d. in 1662-3; inv. March 16, 1663. [Reg. 
Xn, 53.] 

GUTCH, see Gouch. 


Walter, husbandman, ae. 34, came in 
the Abigail in July, 1635. 



John, Lynn, contracted for a boat in 
May, 1640. [L.] 

Nicholas, carpenter, ae. 50, came in the 
Confidence April 11, 1638, with wife Jane ae. 
30, dau. Mary and servants Joseph Taintor 
and — , from Upton Gray, Southampton, 
Eng. Settled at Watertown. Frm. May 22, 
1638. Deacon. 

He d. July 6, 1649. Inv. taken Oct., 17 
folg. The Court gr. admin, to the widow 
Jane Oct. 14, 1651. Oh. Mary m. Henry Cur- 
tis and res. at Sudbury. Another dau. m. 
Joseph Taintor. The widow beq. her est. 
Aug. 16, 1666, to these daus. and their hus- 
bands and children, making her gr. son 
Ephraim Curtice exec. 



William, residence not specified, frm. 
May 14, 1634. 


John, before Boston Court 10 May, 

Mary. Charlestown, adm. chh. 7 (12) 

Thomas, Boston, witness to deed of 
John Lee in 1G47. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Benjamin Gillam; ch. Thomas b. Nov. 3, 
1661, Elizabeth b. Oct. 16, 1668. S(he d. before 
16 Jan. 1669; [inv. in Suflf. De. V, 30.] 


James, Dedham; by one record he was 
bur. (9) 1646; by another he d. 29 (9) 1647. 


Bridget, Boston, memb. chh. 1631-2. 


Elizabeth, servant of Mr. Wm. Brew- 
ster, Plymouth, 21 Aug. 1637. [Col. Rec] 


William, fisherman, Salem, propr. 1636. 


A servant in Salem, about 18 years of 
age, executed for crime in 1641. [W.] 

Jabez, Lynn, gave bond to Susanna, 
dau. of Adam Hawkes, for money now in the 
hands of Boniface Bui'ton, 5 (9) 1644. Testi- 
fied in Court in 1647. Was to have a legacy 
paid him by the admin, of Thos. Leverett in 
case of the death of John Hackett. 

Jabez, Taunton, 1654. [Is he the Lynn 
man?] Oh. John b. 26 Dee. 1654, Jabez b. 12 
Sept. 1656, Mary b. 9 Jan. 1659, Sarah b. 13 
July, 1661, Samuel b. 29 July, 1664, Ha[ . . . . ] 
b. 25 Jan. 1666. 


John, ae. 18, came in the Increase April 
15, 1635. 

HADAWAY, see Hathaway. 


George glover, ae. 43, with wife Anne, 
ae. 46, ch. Rebecca, ae. 10, and Anna, ae. 4, 
and servants Joseph Borebancke, ae. 24, and 
Joane Jordan, ae. 16, came in the Abigail in 
June, 1635, cert, from the parish of Stepney, 
Eng. See George Hauborne, of Hampton, 
N. H. 


Ferman, Duxbm'y, atba. 1643; action in 
his behalf in Plym. Court in 1650. Rem. to 
Charlestown. He m. at Boston 5 (3) 1657, 
Elizabeth — . Ch. Samuel b. Dec. 15, 1657, 
Samuel b. 27 (12) 1658. 

Jarrett, Jared, Garret or Gerhard, tail- 
or, planter, Boston, memb. c'hh. 1630-1, frm. 
May 14, 1034. Propr. Cambridge 1033. Rem. 
to Salisbury; dismissed to the chh. of Sails, 
fi-om that of Boston with wife Margaret 11 
(8) 1640. Propr., town officer. He deposed 
14 (2) 1668, ae. about 60 years. Wife d. March 
20, 1672-3. Ch. Mary, (m. Henry Blesdall,) 
Sarah b. Jan. 15, 1639, (m. 1, Edmund Eliot, 
m. 2, Samuel Younglove.) 

His will, dated 20 Jan. 1686-7, prob. March 
20, 1689-90, beq. to son-in-law Henry Blais- 
dell; gr. sons John Eliot, Ebenezer, Henry 
and Ralph Blaisdell and Mary Rawlins; to 
Elizabeth, wife of John Huntington; to daus. 
Mary and Sarah. 

Katharine, Cambridge, propr. 1639. 


George, planter, yeoman, Ipswich, 
propr. before 1639. Rem. about 1655 to Row- 
ley. He conveyed property 9 June, 1670, to 
wife Deborah, and made contract with her 
relative to What She brought with her at 
marriage. Ret. to Ipswich. Ch. [John, 
Samuel, Martha, Abigail,] Elizabeth d. at 
Topsfleld 2 March, 1660-1, and Abigail d. 12 
Sept. 1662. 


Nathaniel, Charlestown, adm. chh. 10 
(7) 1644, frm. May 6, 1646. Had care of the 
sweeping of chimneys in the town in 1648. 
Was one of the incorporators of Lancaster, 
1653. Wife Mary adm. chh. of Char. 30 (9) 
1643; ch. Mary b. 31 (3) 1641, Nathaniel b. 5 
(4) 1643. 

He d. before 1667, when the widow, who 
had m. Roger Draper, sold land in Char. 



Richard, currier, ae. 54, with wife 
Martha, ae. 42, ch. Marie, ae. 17, Sarah ae. 
14, Martha, ae. 8, Rachel, ae. 6, and Ruth. ae. 
3, cert, from Sudbury co. Suff. Eng., came in 
the Planter, April 10, 1035. Settled at Ips- 
wich; propr. 1635. 

He d. about 1639; beq. his est. in equal por- 
tions to the daughters above named. Rachel 
and Ruth chose their bro. Richard Coy guar- 
dian 8 April, 1652. [Reg. Ill, 156.] See peti- 
tion of Josiah Cobbet and wife Mary, and 
John Ilsley and wife Sarah, April 29, 1068. 
[Mass. Arch. XV, 115,] and deposition of 
Simon Tompson, [Ips. De. II, 61.] 

His widow was made a commoner in 1641. 
She d. at Wenham 22 (12) 1667. Richard 
Coy and his wife Martha sold her share in 
the estate 15 June, 1668. 


Nathan, servant to John Tuttell, ae. 16, 
cert, from St. Albons, Herts., Eng., came In 
the Planter April 2, 1635. 


Samuel, Roxbury, propr. He m. Kath- 
arine, dau. of John Deighton of Gloucester, 
Eng., bapt. Jan. 16, 1614, named in her fath- 
ers will in 1640. [Reg. XLV, 303.] Ch. 
Elizabeth "b. in England" May 7, 1635, Sam- 
uel b. Jan. 20, 1637, John b. March 26, 1640, 
Hannah b. Jan. 5, 1642. 

He was bur. Dec. 27, 1642. Will dated 19 
Jan. prob. 8 (1) 1642-3. Beq. to eldest dau. 
Elizabeth articles her grandfather left her; 
to bro. Abraham H.; to bro. Lugg; to maid 
Alice and man Nathaniel, wife, son Samuel, 
son John, younger dau.; to the free school 
of Rox. The widow m. 2, Gov. Thomas Dud- 
lej' and 3, Rev. James Allen, q. v. 


William, Watertown. He m. March 20, 
1645, Mary Bemis. Ch. Mary b. Dec. 25, 
1645, Ruhama and Samuel b. Nov. 20, 1647, 
Hannah b. Nov. 21, 1641, Sarah b. Sept. 1 
1651, [Susanna,] William b. Feb. 12, 1058, Re- 
becca b. Oct. 28, 1661, [Abigail, Mehetabel.] 
He d. Jan. 10, 1683-4. His widow Mary, 
an aged woman d. Dec. 1695. 

HAILSTONE, see Halston, 

William, [tailor,] Taunton, frm. 5 June 
1644. Juryman. 


Henry, Salem, 1642, frm. May 11, 1670. 
Rem. to Wenham. 

Will dated 12 (12) 1676; ae. about 83 years; 
beq. to ch. Henry, Moses, Mary, Deliverance 
and Hannah. Prob. 26 March, 1678. 


Edmund, Springfield, propr. 1646. Ch. 
Ruth b. 27 (2) 1647. He was bur. about that 
time, and his widow m. 29 (4) 1048, George 
Lancton of Wethersfield, Conn. 

John, Esquire. When young was un- 
der Mr. Dod's ministry; later in Essex, under 
Mr. Rogers. [Rel.] Was a gentleman of great 
estate. [W.] Came in tihe Griffin Sept. 4, 
1633; settled at Cambridge; adm. frm. May 
14, 1634. Selectman 3 Feb. 1634. Was 
chosen Asst. of the colony in 1634, and gov- 
ernor 3 (6) 1635. Rem. .soon after to Conn., 
where he was gov. several terms, and rend- 
ered large service to that colony. [Reg. XVI, 
167; many notices.] 

Mark, Boston, 1647. Wife Mary; ch. 
Elizabeth bapt. 10 (8) 1647, ae. about 5 days, 
Mehetabel bapt. 7 (9) 1652, John bapt. 10 (7) 

Richard, husbandman, Salem, was 
bondsman for Daniel Hutchins before Gen. 
Court 20 (3) 1640. With William Haines, sold 
their two-thirds part of a farm in Salem 29 
(4) 1648. 

Ralph, Salem, petitioned Gen. Court in 

Robert, a witness to a deed in Boston 
in 1648. 

Sarah, Salem, adm. chh. 4 (1) 1649. 

Walter, linen weaver, ae. 55, from Sut- 
ton Mandifield, co. Wilts., came in the Con- 
fidence in 1638 with wife Eliza; sons under 16 
years of age, Thomas, John and Josias; dans. 
Suff ranee and Mary; and servants John 
Blandford, John Riddet and Richard Biddle- 
come. Settled at Sudbury. Selectman, 1639. 
Com. to end small, 1645. Deputy, 
1641. A Thomas H. d. at Sud. 28 July, 1640. 
He d., 14 Feb. 1664. Will dated 25 May 
1659, codicil March 4, 1603-4, prob. April 4, 
1665, beq. to wife Elizabeth; sons Thomas. 
John and Josiah; son-in-law Thomas Noyes; 
to son-in-law Roger Gourd and my dau., ."lis 


HAINES, etc., cont. 

wife, a tenement in Shaston, Dorsetstiire, 
Eng. See will of Alice H., perhaps mother 
of AValter, in Reg. XXXIX, 263. 

William, husbandman, Salem, 1644, 
adm. chli. 14 (9) 1647. He gave a letter of at- 
torney 25 (9) 1647, to Thomas Haynes, mer- 
chant, London, for collection at Danes Halle, 
Bedfordshire. [A.] He mortg. land in 1647; 
discharged the mortg. in 1660. See Richard, 


Simeon, Scit.uate, adm. chh. with wife 
April 19, 1638. His brother, the smith, had 
a house there in 16.36. [Lo. in Reg. IX.] 
See Tilden. 

Thomas, cooper, planter, Hingham, 
1633; propr. 1635; frm. Sept. 14, 1642. Resid- 
ing at Cambridge, sold property before 1638. 
At Rehoboth, 1643; frm. Plym. Col. 4 June, 
1645. Of Boston, 1639 to 1649. He deposed 
Oct. 1, 1661, ae. about 50 years. [Mdx. 
Files.] He m. Ann — ; she d. Nov. 30, 1688, 
ae. about 75 years. [Mdx. Files.] Oh. rec. 
in Boston; Eliphalet bapt. 26 (9) 1639, Mehet- 
abel bapt. 23 (2) 1648, Mary bapt. 15 (5) 1649; 
eh. rec. at Maiden, Israel b. March, 1652-3. 

John, [Lynn,] lawsuit in Es. Court, 

Robert, carpenter, Charlestown, inhab. 
and memb. chh. 1630, frm. May 14, 16.34. 
Deacon, town officer, ensign. Res. at Maiden. 
Wife Jone; ch. John b. 3 (4) 1636, adm. chh. 
22 (6) 1658, became minister at Beverly. [See 
Reg. XIII, 315;] Mary b. 17 (3) 1639, Zechari- 
as b. 3 (2) 1041. d. 1643, Samuel b. 9 (2) 1644. 
Joanna, Zechary. 

He d. 16 (5) 1659. Will dated 26 (4) 1G47, 
prob. Oct. 4, 1659, beq. to wife; to minor chil- 
dren John. Samuel, Mary and Joanna. [Mdx. 
Files.] In the inv. the widow mentions that 
her dau. Mary Wilson reed, part of her por- 
tion at marriage. The widow m. 2, Richard 
Jacob. Her sons John Hale and Edward 
Wilson reed, a deed from her in 1669. 

Sarah, ae. 11, came in the Truelove in 
Sept, 1635. 

HALE, etc., cont. 

Thomas, Roxbury, frm. May 14, 1634. 
He m. about (12) 1639, Jane Lord. He rem. 
to Hartford, Conn. 

Thomas, glover, leather dresser, Salem, 
frm. Sept. 7, 1634. Sergeant. Sold land in 
1658-9. He deposed in 1660, ae. 50 years. 

Thomas, son of Thomas H. of Watton 
at Stone, Herts, bapt. 15 June, 1606, came in 
the Hector from London, 10 May, 1637, bear- 
ing a letter from his mother's brc, Francis 
Kirby to Gov. John Winthrop. Settled at 
Newbury. Sold land in N. in 1640; [rec. at 
Ipswich.] Boug'ht land at Haverhill in 1646; 
town officer. With wife Thomasine sold 
land at Salem in 1667. [Thomas HaUe de- 
posed 27 (9) 1671, ae. about 67 years.] Wife 
Thomasine; ch. Thomas bapt. at Watton 
Nov. 18, 1633, John bapt. do. April 19, 1635. 
[Reg. XXXV, 367.] 

He d. 21 Dec. 1682; the widow d. 30 Jan. 

William, planter, [Charlestown,] gave 
security for Francis Willoughby July 22, 
1640. [L.] Wife Sarah before the Court 7 
Sept., 1641. 

William, Marshfield, one of the arbitra- 
tors of the case of John Cogan et als. June 2, 
1635; atba. 1643, propr. 1644. Served against 
the Narragansetts in 1645. 


Thomas, ae. 20, came in the Christian 
March 10, 1634. 

Hale and Hawley, 
Bettrice, Boston, maid servant of Jacob 
Eliot, adm. chh. 20 (4) 1640; now wife of one 
George Bullward of Watertown, dism. to 
that chh. 17 (9) 1644. 

Edmund, gent., Boston, bondsman July 
25, 1640. [L.] 

Edward, Plymouth, propr. 1637; ser- 
vant to Francis Doughty of Taunton in 1640- 
1; sold house and land in 1642. Rem. to Dux- 
bury; atba. 1643; served against the Narra- 
gansetts 1645. Rem. before 1652. [Plym. 
Col. Rec] Wife Hester; ch. John b. at 
Braintree 23 (11) 1650, Hester b. 23 (8) 1654, 

Will dated at Rehoboth Nov. 23, 1670; inv. 


HALL, etc., cont. 

Marcyii 6, 1670-1; wife Esther, son John; 

[Reg. VII, 236.] 

Edward, late of Henborough, Eng., car- 
penter, son of Francis Hall, yeoman, now of 
Duxbury, N. E., a certiflcate of his health 
made July 15, 1640. [L.] 

Edward, carpenter, Lynn, servant to 
Mr. Friend, in Court in 1637, had bequest 
from Robert Keayne in 1653. Ch. ["Hale" 
in Salem rec] Joseph b. 3 (5) 1646, Ephraim 
b. 8 (7) 1648, Sarah b. (6) 1651, Elizabeth b. 
30 (2) 1054, Rebecca b. 30 (2) 1657. Edward 
gave letter of attorney 12 (10) 1646 to receive 
legacies from est. of his father Edward H. of 
Amsbury in Gloucestershire; Eleanor H. of 
Hill and John Moore of Stapleton in the 
same county to give acquittance. [A.] 

He d. middle of June, 1669. Will undated, 
prob. 28 Sept. 1609; beq. to wife Sarah, sons 
Joseph and Ephraim, and daus. Sarah, Eliza- 
beth, Rebecca and Martha. 

Edward, Cambridge, frm. May 2, 1638. 
Was in the congi-egation of Mr. Glover, of 
Mr. Tenner and afterward of Mr. Shepard at 
Heddon, Northumberland, Eng. [Rel.] Wife 
Margaret, memb. chh., d. Dec. 7, 1666, and he 
m. .Tune 18, 1067, Mary Rayner. 

He d. Oct. 20, 1680, ae. 73. Will dated 30 
Jan. 1078, prob. April 5, 1081, beq. to wife 
Mary, who may dispose of the est. to his re- 
lations and kindred as she shall judge best. 

George, lands assigned at Dusbury be- 
fore 1639, not occupied. Taunton atba., 1643, 
town officer 1645. 

Will dated 26 Oct. prob. 1 March, 1669. 
AVife Mary, sons John, Samuel and Joseph; 
daus. Charity and Sarah; 40 s. to chh. of 
Taunton to buy cups with; to William Evens. 
[Reg. VII, 180.] 

John, Charlestown, memb. chh. 1630, 
frm. May 14, 1634. Wife Joanna adm. chh. 
6 (2) 1638; ch. John bapt. 13 (3) 1638, Samuel 
(son of widow Jone) bapt. 24 (12) 1639-40. 
He d. about (10) 1639. 

John, Charlestown, frm. May 0, 1635. 
Rem. to Nashaway. [Mdx. Files. 1651.] 
Wife Elizabeth; ch. Shebar bapt. 9 (11) 1639, 
John b. 21 (7) 1645, Elizabeth b. 4 (7) 1647, 
Elizabeth b. 2 (9) 1648. 

John, Sanguis, Salem, 1637; frm. May 
13, 1640. 

HALL, etc., cont. 

John, Salisbury, propr. 1641; selectman. 
He m. April 3, 1641, Rebecca, widow of 
Henry Biley, q. v. After his death in 1647 
she m. Mr. Wm. Worcester and later Dep. 
gov. Samuel Symonds. She .sold house left 
by Mr Hall 10 May, 1648. [Co]^ Rec] Ch. 
John b. March 18, 1641-2. He rem. to Eng., 
and wrote to his mother, Mrs. Symonds, let- 
ters which are on file. [Reg. 1893.] 

John, Barnstable, atba. 1(543. Rem. to 
Yarmouth. Ch. Joseph bapt. July 3, 1642, 
Benjamin b. and d. 1644, Gershom bapt. 
March 5, 1647, William bapt. June 8, 1651, 
Benjamin bapt. May 29. 1653. 

Will dated 15 July, 1694, prob Aug. 25, 1696, 
beq. to sons Samuel. Joseph, William, Ben- 
jamin, Elisha, John, Nathaniel, and Ger- 

Mr. Nathaniel, Dorchester, propr. (1) 

Ralph, pipe stave maker, Charlestown. 
Sold land with wife Mary, 1648. She may be 
the widow Mary, memb. chh. of Cambridge 
before 1658; her ch. were all adult at the 
time of her joining; two of them, John and 
Susanna, since joined to the chh. of Concord. 

Richard, Dorchester, memb. chh. 1()44. 
Lieut. Ch. Martha b. 12 (6) 1648. (m. Sept. 
18, 1674, Ebenezer WilUams,) Samuel b. 1 
(1) 1651, Elizabeth b. 20 (10) 1653, Jonathan 
b. 8 (2) 1659, Experience b. 30 (11) 1661. 

He d. June 23, 1691; his widow d. Oct. 8, 

Samuel, of Canterbury, Eng., yeoman, 
with wife .Toan and 3 servants, came from 
Sandwich. Eng., before June 9, 1637. 

Samuel, gent., Ipswich, before Gen. 
Court Oct. 13, 1634; propr. 1636. Rem. to Sal- 
isbuiy; propr. 1639; deputy 1655. Treasurer 
of Norf. CO. Sold land in 1657. [Arch. 15 
B.]. He ret. to England. 

H d. at Laugford, Essex, in 1680, leaving a 
Widow Sarah but no child. Will dated Nov. 
13, 1679. prob. Jan. 25, 1680; beq. to those 
who had lost by the great fire in Boston and 
by Indian wars in the colony. He also beq. 
to the poor of Newbury, Hampton and Ames- 
bury. Mr. John Hall of Islington, near Lon- 
don, exec. The latter .sent an order to his 
mother, Mrs. Rebecca Symonds of Ips., who 


SALL, etc., cont. 

gave a sum to widow Susanna Ayres, a great 
sufferer by the Indian wars; for which her 
son Thomas A. gave receipt Oct. 19, 1682. 
[Ips. De. IV, 473.] 

Thomas, Cambridge, propr. 1645. Wife 
Isabel; ch. Hannah b. 4 (1) 1648. Elizabeth, 
•(second) wife of Thomas H., memb. chh. 
Camb., and her eh. Mary, Hannah and Lydia 
all bapt. in this chh. before 1658. [Mi.] 

Admin, of his est. was gi\ to Israel Mead 
And Ephraim Cutter; inv. taken Oct. 5, 1691. 


Andrew, ae. 28, servant to Richard 
"Wade, cooper, of Simstuly, (sic.,) came from 
Weymouth, Eng., before March 20, 1635. Set- 
tled at Dorchester; propr. 1638. Kem. to 
Yarmouth; propr. 6 May, 1639. He gave a 
cow to the poor of the town in 1643. School- 
master in 1646. [A.] Ch. Dorcas bapt. at 
Barnstable June 1, 1646, Jonathan b. 20 Nov. 
1647, John b. 11 Dec. 1650, Hannah, (m. 1 
July, 1656, John Hadaway of Bar.) 

His will dated 14 March, 1682, prob. 31 
May, 1684, beq. to wife Ann, ch. Jonathan, 
John, Ruhannah (Bourne,) Abigail (Aldin), 
and Mehetabel; to gr. ch. Timothy, Hannah, 
Hezeliiah, Eliezer and John Bourne, and to 
the ch. of Abigail Aldin. The widow made 
will 3 June, 1684, prob. 20 June 1694; beq. to 
dans. Mehitabel Dexter, Ruhannah Bourne 
and Abigail Aldin; and to gr. ch. John 

Samuel, Yarmouth, atba. 1643. He was 
drowned at Nocett April 22, 1650. Admin, of 
his est. was gr. 5 June folg. to Thomas 
Howes and Samuel Mayo. 

John, planter, Scituate, atba. 1643. 
HALLOWAY, see Holloway. 


George, blaclismith, Dorcbester. Rem. 
to Boston about 1642. Frm. May, 1645. Wife 
Elizabeth rec'd with him to chh. of B. 23 (1) 
1644; ch. Mehetabel bapt. in Bo. 1 (11) 1642, 
ae. about 13 days, d. Oct., 1643, Joseph b. 3 
(10) 1044, Hannah bapt. 10 (11) 1646. ae. 
about 4 days, Elizabeth bapt. 11 (1) 1649. ae. 
about 10 days, Sarah b. and d. 1650-1, Ben- 
jamin b. 18 Sept. 1652. Wife Joane joined him 
in a deed Nov. 24, 1654. They were divorced 

HALSALL, etc., cont. 

and she (called Joan Swan) m. again. [Arch. 

Dom. 9.] See Swan, Henry. 

John, ae. 24, came in the Elizabeth and 
Ann in May, 1635. 

Thomas, Lynn, propr. 1638. Rem. to 
Southampton, L. I.? 

William, planter, Boston, inhab. 1646, 
dism. from Boston chh. to that of Lynn, be- 
ing to dwell there for a season, 5 (10) 1647, 
with wife Sarah. Ret. to Boston; res. at Pull- 
ing Point. Wife Sarah; ch. Asa b. Jan. 1, 
1654, Joseph b. May 29, 1657. See Hasey, 


Nathan, Concord, frm. June 2, 1641. 
Wife Isabel d. 15 (1) 1041. 

Inv. of his est. talsen 5 (12) 1043; it shows 
boolis, £ 16, 17, 6; "Pothecarie ware" f 3. 

Susanna, Charlestown, adm. chh. S (11) 
1635. She d. at Watertown July 5, 1669; beq. 
her estate and debts due her to her sister 
Grace, wife of Michael Berstow, and other 
persons; will dated Jan. 11, 1667, prob. 9 (8) 

William, Concord, see Bayley. 
He d. 27 (5) 1645. Will prob. 13 (4) 1646; 
to bro. Henry and sister Edna; 15 li. to poor 
of the town, to be laid out in a cow. [Reg. 
VIII, 177.] 


William, carpenter, Watertown, propr. 
1642, bought land in Charlestown , and in 
Cambridge, 1645; frm. May 7, 1651. Rem. to 
Billerica in 1656, and to Woburn in 1679. 
Wife Sarah, (widow of Hubbard, who had 
ch. James, Sarah and Thomas H.;) ch. Jacob 
and Rebecca b. and bapt. in Camb. [Mi.] 


James. Sen., Barnstable, propr. frm. 1 
March 1641-2, atba. 1643, town officer. Ch. 
Bartholomew bapt. April 24, 1642, John bapt. 
June 30, 1644, an infant bur. Dec. 2, 1646, 
Sarah bapt. Nov. 7. 1047, Eleazer bapt. 
March 17, 1649, Israel bapt. June 25, 1652, 
Israel b. 25 June, 1655. 

Will dated 23 Jan. 1683, prob. Oct, 22, 1690, 
beq. to wife Anne, and eh. Bartholomew, 
Hannah, John, Sarah, Eleazer and Israel. 



Edward, Cambridge, was bur. 24 (— ) 


Benjamin, Salem, servant of Joseph 
Hardy, in Court in 1640; man of same name 
at Yarmouth, atba. 1643. Mary, Yarmouth, 
[wife of Benjamin?] before Plym. Court, 

Frances, maid servant to Thomas Lev- 
erett, Boston, adm. ehh. (9) 1633. 

Martha, maid servant to Mr. Edward 
Hutchinson, Boston, adm. chh. 15 (6) 1641. 

Philip, widow, Boston, memb. chh., 
1631-2. May be the "widow," propr. at 
Lynn, 1638. She m. Robert Harding, q. v. 

Thomas, planter, Hingham, propr., frm. 
March 9, 1636-7. Sold house and lands March 
28, 1651, the deed being endorsed by his wife 
Elizabeth 14 (3) 1656. Bought land at Muddy 
River, Boston, in partnership with Vincent 
Drewse. Rem. to Cambridge. 

He d. 30 Sept. 1675. Will, undated and un- 
finished, on file; aged; beq. to wife Elizabeth, 
whom he appoints exec; to daus. Elizabeth 
Woodward and Sarah Stedman; to Sarah and 
Elizabeth, daus. of the latter; to sons 
Thomas and Nathaniel. .■ 

William, from Lavenliam, Eng., came 
before 1635 to Watertown; frm. May, 25, 
1636. Propr. ; town officer. Became surety for 
a debt in England of his son William, who d. 
in 1636. [Letter of Robert Ryece to Gov. 
Winthrop.] He gave letter of attorney 22 (9) 
1647, to his son Thomas, to obtain possession 
of lands at Lavenham, which were the pos- 
session of his mother, Rose Steward. [A.] 
Elizabeth, ae. 47, Elizabeth, ae. 15, Sarah, ae. 
10, and John, ae. 7, came in the Francis of 
Ipswich, April 30, 1634. Elizabeth, called by 
Rev. John Lothrop "my sister," was reed, by 
him to the chh. of Scituate April 14, 1636, 
having a dismission from the ehh. of Wat.; 
which seems to be the dau. Elizabeth, m. 
about that time to Samuel House. 

He d. Oct. 8, 1662. Will dated July 1, 1062. 
ae. about 90 years, beq. to wife; son John; 
the 4 children of dec. dau. Elizabeth House; 
dau. Sarah Smith and her son Adam; dau. 
Barnes; gr. son Thomas, son of dec. son 
Thomas. [See Cross, John.] The widow d. 
Sept. 14, 1674, ae. about 90. 

HAMBRO, see Hanbury. 


James, bought dwelling house and land 
at Salem in 1650. 

Thomas, Sandwich. 
Will, dated March, 1637, prob. 5 March, 
1638-9, inv. 4 Sept. 1638. Beq. to wife; to- 
Mr. Leverich and his wife; to Wm. Harlow 
and others. [Reg. IV, 36.] Land and gooda 
at Saugus alias Lynn in hands of George 
Galloway, etc. 

Daniel, ae. 29, came in the Planter 
April 6, 1635. 

Luke, residence not stated, before Gen. 
Court 1637. 

Peter, Sandwich, atba. 1643. In Court 
5 June, 1644. 

Mr. William, merchant, Plymouth^ 
prop. frm. 7 March, 1642-3. He rem. to Bos- 
ton about 1648. He m. at Plymouth 28 Sept. 
1641, Hannah, dau. of Nathaniel Souther; 
ch. William bapt. at Bo. 11 (12) 1648, ae. 
about 6 days. 

Nunc, will 12 (12) 1649; beq. all to wife,. 
trusting his children to her care. The In- 
ventory refers to a question about a farm 
at Joanes River betwixt him and his bro. 
John; money to come at the death of old 
Mrs. H. in Eng. [Reg. VII, 231.] The wid- 
ow allowed two thirds of the estate to the 
4 children; refers to her sister Stroude la 
London. Hannah m. in Bo. 24 (8) 1656, 
Francis Johnson. 


John, ijlanter, Scituate, 1638, propr. 
Rem. to Duxbury, 1640. 

Elizabeth m. 19 Sept. 1657, Daniel Hicka 
of Sci. 

His will dated 4 Dec. 1676, prob. 1 March, 
1676-7, beq. to wife Hannah, eldest sou John, 
sons Joseph and Isaac. 


Elizabeth, Charlestown, adm. ehh. 23 
(7) 1640. 

Nathaniel, Cambridge, propr. 1634. 
Wife Joanna; ch. Mary b. (9) 1634, Sarah b. 


HANCOCK, cont. 

(1) 1G30, Nathaniel b. 18 (10) 1639, John b. 
in 1641, d. 1643, Elizabeth b. 1 (1) 1644, Lyd- 
ia b. 5 (2) 1646. 
He d. about 1648. 


John, Boston, servant to Mr. John Wil- 
son, adm. chh. 13 (5) 1634, yeoman, planter; 
frm. May 17, 1637. Rem. to Braintree in 
1640 and to Roxbuiy in 1644. [Boston chh. 
Ree.] He m. April 2, 1644, Elizabeth Perry. 
Wife Elizabeth adm. chh. 18 (6) 1639; eh. 
John b. 15 (5) 1641, Thomas b. Oct. 1645, 
Hannah b. in 1647, d. in 1648, Hannah b. 
and d. 1649, Peter bapt. 6 (5) 1651, John d. 
2 (2) 1654, Elizabeth d. 9 (4) 1668. 
He d. Feb. 21, 1683. 

John, Ipswich, propr. and resident 1638. 


Mark, smith, nailer, Boston, 1645. Wife 
Mary adm. chh. 17 (2) 1647; ch. Mary b. 1645, 
d. 1646, Mehitabel b. Oct 21, 1652, John b. 
Sept. 10, 1654. 

He made will July 15, 1661, bound on a 
voyage to Barbadoes; prob. June 17, 1664. 
Beq. to dau. Mehitabel articles left for her 
by her dec. mother; to son John; to kinsman 
Joseph Dill and his mother Abigail Hanni- 
ford; to Samuel and Benjamin Dill; 5 li. 
toward the building of a school house at the 
North end of the town. [Reg. XIII, 9.] 


Henry, servant, ae. 23, came in the Con- 
fidence April 11, 1638. 

HANNADOWNE, see Amadown. 

Egglin, ae. 46, with dans. Margaret, ae. 
16, and Elizabeth, ae. 14, came in the Planter 
in April, 1635. She was adm. chh. Scituate 
Nov. 21, 1635, with the memorandum "Mr. 
Hatherly's sister." She m. Dee. 15, 1637, Mr. 
Richard Sealis: rec'd gift of land in Sei. from 
Mr. Hatherly 3 March, 1640. 

John, mariner, Boston. Wife Hannah 
adm. chh. 11 (2) 1647, d. 16 (6) 1653; he m. 
8 (9) 1655, Abigail, widow of George Dill, 
sister of Mark Hands; ch. Samuel b. 1 (3) 
1645, Samuel bapt. 18 (2) 1647, ae. about 36 


HANNIFORD, etc., cont. 
weeks, John bapt. 7 (11) 1648, ae. about 12 
days, Hannah bapt. 5 (11) 1650, Sarah b. 
Aug. 8, 1656, Abigail b. March 8, 1660. 

Will prob. April 15, 1661; beq to wife, chil- 
dren, father-in-law John Button, sister Mary 
French, sister Rose Morrish. [Reg. XIII, 

Nathaniel, (Handforth,) of London, 
haberdasher, bought house and land in Lynn 
6 Sept. 1638; constable 10 (5) 1645. [Es. 
Court.] He deposed in 1665, ae. 50 years 
and upward. 

Thomas, Scituate, atba. 1643. 


William, Dorchester, propr. 1635. Sold 
10 Sept. 1637, and rem. to Windsor, Conn.; 
thence to Northampton. Ch. at W.: Abigail 
b. 22 Nov. 1640, Joanna b. 24 July, 1642, Eliz- 
abeth b. 24 April, 1645, Mary b. 5 April, 1640. 
He d. June 1, 1677. Widow Honor d. at 
Westfieid in 1680. [Reg. XL, 253.] [See 

HARBIE, see Harvey. 


John, Boston, land granted him at 
Braintree 24 (12) 1639, for 3 heads. His son 
John joined him in a deed of land in 1657; 
his wife Hannah conveying her right of 
He d. 1 (4) 1675; the widow d. 6 (3) 1677. 


Richard, Braintree, frm. May 10, 1648. 
Dau. Lydia m. April 1, 1651, Martin Saun- 
ders, Jr. 

He d. 27 (10) 1657. Will prob. Oct. 6, 
1664; beq. to wife Elizabeth; refers to John 
Hardier and his wife. The widow d. 4 (7> 
1664; beq. to her only child and her gr. child, 
Elizabeth Saunders; beq. to John and Jo- 
seph Kent, and to Joseph Kent's 3 daus. 
[Reg. XIII, 12, and XXXI, 105.] 


Abraham, glover, planter, Boston, 
Braintree, Medfield; frm. May, 1645. He 
gave letter of attorney 28 (6) 1640, for the 
collection of legacy left by his father John 
Harding of Boram, co. Essex, Eng., hus- 
bandman, dec, from Agnes Greene of Tarl- 

HARDING, cont. 

ing, Essex, the widow and exec, of his 

father. [L.] [See Bridgham.] 

Will prob. April 24, 1655; wife Elizabeth, 
son John and other ch. [Reg. IX, 35.] The 
widow m. 2, John Frary, Jr., and 3, Thomas 
Dyer. Thomas Buttolph signed prob. bond, 
and petitioned Court with herself, her hus- 
band and her son John Harding, (then 21 
yrs. of age,) Oct. 1, 16G5, for distribution of 
the est. John became guardian of bis sis- 
ter Elizabeth and the other 2 children. [Reg. 
XVI, 160.] 

Elizabeth, ae. 12, came in the Abigail 
in May, 1635; as maid servant of Capt. Ed- 
ward Gibbons, Boston, she was adm. chh. 17 
<12) 1G43. 

George, Salem, called to court in 10-17. 

John, Salem, [compare with John 
Hardy,] frm. May 13, 1640. Bought land at 
Gloucester in 1652. Town officer 1654. He 
m. 22 (2) 1652, widow Tibbit. 

John, Weymouth, selectman, 1643. 
Admin, on his est. was gr. 2 Nov. 1682, to 
his son-in-law John Whitmarsh, house- 

Widow Martha, Plymouth, taxed 1632. 
She d., leaving 1 son in the custody of Mr. 
Done. Inv. Oct. 8, 1633. [Reg. IV, 34.] 
John, of Duxbury, atba. in 1643, may be this 
son. Phebe, who m. John Brown in 1634, 
and Winyfride, who m. Thomas Whiton In 

1639, are not accounted for. 

Robert, merchant, captain, Boston, 
frm. May 18, 1631. Was in partnership with 
Robert Scott sometime. Res. at Newport In 

1640. [L.] [See Bridgham.] Was paid for 
services by Gen. Court in 1645. Ret. to Eng.; 
sold the house he had built in Boston Oct. 
1, 1651. He m. Philip Hammond, widow, 
who was disciplined by the chh. of Bo. for 
lier defense of Mrs. Hutchinson 1 (7) 1639. 


John, Lynn, witness at court in 1647. 

HARDY, see Harding and Hart, 

John, fisherman, Salem, frm. Sept. 3, 
1634. A vessel of his was wreclied in 1641; 
the "wrack" referred to in Gen. Court rec- 
ords. He desired land about Bass River for 
bis son Joseph in 1643. Goodwife, adm. chh. 

HARDY, cont. 

14 (2) 1650. His dau. Elizabeth Haskell was 

reed, to full communion in the chh. 22 (II) 


His will, signed 30 (1) prob. 30 (4) 1652. 
beq. to wife Elizabeth; dau. Elizabeth Has- 
kell, with her husband Roger H. and their 

4 ch., John, William, Mark and Elizabeth; 
son Joseph and his dau. Elizabeth; gave the 
time of his apprentice, Thomas Varney, to 
R. Haskell; the boy's parents may buy the 
rest of the term. The widow made will 7 
(6) 1654, prob. 11 (9) folg.; beq. to the same 

Thomas, one of the first to plant at 
Ipswich, April 1, 1633. [Col. Rec] Propr. 
Presumably the same as Thomas, Haverhill, 
who gave laud 1 July, 1670, to dau. Mary, 
wife of Samuel Currier. 

He made will at Merrimack Village, near 
Haverhill, (Bradford,) 4 March, 1671-2, with 
postscript Dec. 12, 1677, when he was ae. 
about 72 years; prob. March 7, 1677-8; beq. 
to wife; sons Thomas, John, Joseph, Jacob 
and William; son-in-law William Hutchins; 
dau. Mary and her children. 


Anthony, yeoman, Boston, servant to 
Thomas Leverett, adm. chh. (9) 1633, frm. 
May 25, 1636. Fropr. He deposed in 1657, 
ae. about 48 years, concerning the receipt of 
iron at Edw. Hutchinson's warehouse. Wife 
Mary adm. chh. 21 (1) 1641; ch. John bapt. 
14 (2) 1639, Mary bapt. 17 (8 1 1641. ae. about 

5 days, John bapt. 30 (2) 1643, ae. about 10 
days, Sarah b. 30 (7) 1646, Mercy bapt. 12 
(6) 1649, ae. about 10 days, Elizabeth bapt. 
7 (1) 1652. 

John, Scituate, volunteer for the Pe- 
quot war, 1637. Before the Court 2 June, 
1640. Land confirmed to him 7 Nov. 1643. 
Partner in land with Peter Collymer in 1642. 

William, Lynn, propr. 1638. In court 
for withdrawing from baptizing of infants, 
1646. He deposed 17 (5) 1659, ae. about 65 
years. His son William rem. to Southamp- 
ton, L. I.; deposed before N. Y. olBcials, 16 
May. 1641, that he was b. in Cincenshier, 
[Lincolnshire?] and was ae. about 24 years. 


Richard, Salem, before Gen. Court IT 
Oct. 1643. 



Iliebard, Esq., Cambridge, propr. 1638. 

Roger, Esquire, gent., b. in Brlescolne, 
CO. Essex, Eng., came in the Defense July 3, 
1635. with wife Elizabeth, ae. 18, sister Ma- 
bel H., ae. 21, and servants, Anne Wood, ae. 
23, Samuel Shepherd, ae. 22, Joseph Cocke, 
ae. 27, George Coclse, ae. 25, (see Cooke,) 
William French, ae. 30, and his wife Eliza, 
ae. 32. Robert — , and Sarah Simes, ae. 30. 
Settled at Cambridge. Propr.; town officer. 
Ch. Elizabeth b. (10) 1636, Margaret b. (7) 

He d. Nov. 17. 1638, ae. 27. Will engrossed 
Dec. 3, 1639, [L.] beq. to wife Elizabeth, 
dau. Elizabeth, bro. Richard H., bro. John 
Haynes, sister Neville, cousin Sarah; to his 
pastor, Mr. Shepherd; to the poor of the 
chh.; to the library, etc. [Reg. II, 181.] His 
widow m. 2, Herbert Pelham, Esq. 


William, cooper. Sandwich, prop. frm. 
5 March, 1638-9; frm. 6 June, 1654, propr. . 
Rem. to Plymouth. Sergeant. He m. Dec. 
20, 1649, Rebecca Bartlett; ch. William b. 
and d. 1650, Samuel b. 27 Jan. 1652, Rebecca 
b. 12 June, 165.5, William b. 2 June, 1657. 
He m. 2, July 15, 1658, Mary Faunce; ch. 
Mary b. 19 (. .) 16.59, Repentance b. 22 Nov. 
1660, John b. 19 Oct., 1662, Nathaniel b. 30 
Sept. 1664. His wife Mary d. Oct. 4, 1664; 
he m. Jan. 20, 1665, Mary Shelley; ch. Han- 
nah b. 28 Oct. 1666, Bathshua b. 21 April, 
1607, Joanna b. 24 March, 1069, Mehitabel 
b. 4 Oct., 1672, Judith b. 2 Aug. 1676. 

His est. settled Sept. IS, 1691; division 
made to four sons, Samuel. William, Nathan- 
iel and Benjamin, and to his seven daugh- 
ters not named. The widow made oath to 
the inv. at home, on account of her weak- 

HARM AN, etc., cent. 

23, 1671, d. 13 Nov. 1673, Sarah b. Feb. 1, 


Nunc, will made 4 March, 1660, beq. all 
to his wife. 

John, son of Edmund Harmon, of Lon- 
don, tailor, acknowledged himself appi'entice 
of Francis Cooke of New Plymouth for 7 
years from Oct. 1, 1636. Atba. 1643. Served 
17 days against the Narragansetts from 15 
Aug., 1645. 
John d. 16 (1) 1661. 

Widow, had grant of land at Lynn in 



Edward, tailor, Salem, 1638; adm. chh. 
1 (8) 1643; took Jeremiah, son of William and 
Alice Chichester, as an apprentice 31 (6) 
1658. Wife Scicillea or Cicely, memb. chh. 
1639; joined him in deed in 1657. Edward, 
Jr., adm. chh. 3 (3) 1645. Ch. Jonathan 
bapt. 17 (9) 1650, Eunice bapt. 3 (7) 1654. 

Edward. Ipswich, about 1650. Rem. 
to Gloucester; testified in 1656 to the stand- 
ing of certain line trees before the year 1652. 
He deposed in 1677, ae. above 50 years. Wife 
Sarah; ch. Elizabeth, (m. 27 (7) 1676, Thomas 
Prince, Jr.,) Edward b. about 1650, as he 
deposed in 1727; Andrew b. 13 (11) 1658, d. 
March 4, 1683, Ann b. 2 March, 1660, John 
b. Aug. 7, 1663, Thomas b. 8 (7) 1665, d. April 
26, 1683, Joseph b. 18 (6) 1668, Sarah b. 30 
July, 1670, d. 3 (7) 1672, Benjamin b. 11 (7) 

Admin, on his est. was gr. to the widow 
and son Edward; they sold land in 1694. 


Francis, ae. 43, John, ae. 12, and Sa- 
rah, ae. 10, came in the Love in July, 1635. 


William, lawsuits in Salem Court in 

John, Springfield, propr.; taxed in 1644; HARRIMAN, 

town officer. Ch. Sarah b. 24 (11) 1644, Jo- 
seph b. 4 (11) 1646. Elizabeth b. 1649, d. 7 
(4) 1652, Mary b. 12 (9) 1651, Nathaniel b. 
13 (1) 1654, Ebenezer b. 12 (6) 1657, d. 7 (1) 
1660, Sarah b. Oct. 14, 1649, Mary b. Oct. 

Leonard, Rowley, propr. about 1648. 
Wife Margaret. 

He d. 6 May, 1691. Will prob. 29 Sept. 
1691, beq. to sons Matthew and Jonathan; 
daus. Hannah Boynton and Mary H. 


Ed-ward, Charlestown, adm. clib. 3 (3) 

Joseph, servant to Capt. Keane. Lynn, 
lawsuit in 1641. 

Richard, lime-bumer, Charlestown, 
inhab. 1643; frm. May 26, 1647. Wife Eliz- 
abeth adm. chh. 9 (10) 1643; ch. Mary, (m. 
Seabred Taylor,) Elizabeth b. 15 (1) 1643, 
(m. Wm. Vine). 
He d. in 1659; admin, gr. to the selectmen. 

Robert, Watertown, propr. 1642; took 
oath of fidelity in 1652; frm. May 27. 1663. 
Town officer; mill-owner. Hem. Oct. 1, [1647,] 
Susan George; ch. Susan b. Aug. 18, 1649, John 
b. Aug. 24, 1651, Robert b. 31 (6) 1653, George 
b. Nov. 24, 1655, Daniel b. Nov. 1, 1657, Jo- 
seph b. Dec. 28, 1659. The wife d. July 6, 

He d. May 11, 1707, ae. 91. Will names 
sons John, Daniel, Benjamin, Samuel, Thom- 
as, Edward: daus. Susanna Beers, Mary Be- 
mis, Sarah Winship; Joanna Ward, late wife 
of his son Joseph, and her son Joseph. 


Anthony, Ipswich, res. 1648. Referred 
to in the will of Richard Eels in 1639. 

Arthur, (called also Harrison,) Dux- 
bury, atba. 1643. Propr. 1 June, 1640. He 
res. at Boston. 

Will dated 17 March, 1673, prob. 7 July, 
1674, beq. to eldest son Isaac, son Samuel 
and dau. Mary; rest to wife who was to 
care for the other children. The son Samuel 
d. in 1678, and beq. to his wife Hannah, his 
bro. Isaac, sisters Martha Snell and — 
Wincbcorne, and their children. 

George, Salem, propr. 1636. His house 
by the Cove, the common landing place of 
the North river. [Es. Court rec] 

George, a child about 8 years of age, 
apprenticed (11) 1643, for 12 years to Thom- 
as Goldsmith to learn his trade. [To. rec] 

Jane, ae. 28, came in the Christian 
March 16, 1634; settled at Scituate; adm. 
chh. June 21, 1635. 

John, mariner, Rowley, propr. 1643; 
frm. May 26, 1647. Bought land of Daniel 
H. of R., carpenter, (artificer, wheelwright,) 

HARRIS, etc., cont. 

5 Aug. 1652. Wife Bridget bur. Aug. 4, 1672; 
ch. John b. 8 (8) 1649. He consented 28 June, 
1680, to the prob. of the will of his "last 
wife." [Ips. De. IV, 345.] His ch. Elizabeth, 
Nathaniel, John and Mary reed, bequests 
from Mr. Nathaniel Rogers, who calls him 
cousin. Made deeds of gift to sons Nathan- 
iel and Timothy in 1680 and 1682. 

He d., aged, Feb. 15, 1G94. Will dated 8 
Jan. 1691-2, prob. 27 March, 1695, beq. to 
wife Alice, referring to their marriage con- 
tract; to son Nathaniel and his sou John; 
sons John and Timothy; dau. Mary Allen. 

Joseph, Salem, 1643. 

Joshua, apprenticed for 5 years to 
Thomas Weston, Nov. 5, 1633. In Gen. 

Parnel, of Bow, London, came in the 
Hercules in March, 1634. 

Richard, gent., Cambridge, sold house 
6 (1) 1642, which had belonged to John 
He d. Aug. 29, 1644. 

Robert, Roxbury; the Gen. Court freed 
him from his master 10 (10) 1641. Propr.; 
frm. May 22, 1650. He bought land at Mud- 
dy River 9 Feb., 1659. He m. Jan. 24, 1642, 
Elizabeth Boffee or Boughey, who had bros. 
Bold, Timothy and Thomas, and sisters 
Katharine Thorpe, Hannah Wilding, Mary 
Roe, and Priscilla Bruce. [Reg. V, 307, and 
XXXIX, 331.] Ch. Elizabeth b. Nov. 9, 
1644, John bapt. 8 (6) 1647, Timothy bapt. 
14 (5) 1650, Daniel b. May 14, 1652, Priscilla 
bapt. 19 (8) 1653. 

Thomas, Roxbury, servant to John 
Johnson, d. 2 (7) 1040. See Frye, William. 

Thomas, fisherman, seaman, Ipswich, 
served agaiust the Indians and was paid by 
the town in 1643; propr. at Rowley 1643; 
sold land in R. in 1643, giving deed with 
wife Martha 22 (12) 1654. He m. Nov. 15, 

1647, Martha Lake; ch. Thomas b. Aug. 8, 

1648, Martha b. 8 Jan. 1650, John b. 7 Jan. 
1652, Elizabeth b. Feb. 8, 1654, Margaret b. 
6 Aug. 1657, Mary b. last Jan. 1659, William 
b. 12 Dec. 1664. He deposed in 165S, ae. 40 

Will dated 16 July, prob. Sept. 14, 1687; 
beq. to Wife Martha, sons John, William 


HABBIS, etc., cont. 

and Ebenezer. Refers to oldest son who d. 

beyond the sea. 

Walter, embarked March 6, 1631, came 
to Plymouth upon an engagement with Mr. 
John Atwood of London, under command 
of Mr. John Done of Plym. for 5 years; was 
transferred to Henry Howland April S, 1633. 

Walter, of Dorchester, frm. June 2, 1641, 
signed the inv. of John Pope in 1649. 

William, Charlestown, Rowley, propr. 
1643. Wife Eedy, or Edee, adm. chh. 
Charlestown 30 (9) 1642; ch. b. at Rowley 1 
(5) 1645. Amy adm. chh. Charlestown 9 (6) 


Arthur, (called also Harris, q. v.) 

Rev. Edward, Boston, adm. inhab. in 
1645. Wife Eleanor; ch. Joseph b. 20 (3) 
1646; John bapt. 21 (3) 1648, his father being 
pastor of the church at Virginia; Elizabeth 
bapt. 28 (8) 1649, ae. about 7 days. 

John, gent, an attachment granted for 
him by Gen. Court 4 (10) 1638. 

John, rope-maker, cordish maker, Salis- 
bury, propr. 1639, frm. June 2, 1641. Sold 
lands in Salis. to Ralph Blasdale 25 (1) 1643. 
Rem. to Boston. Rec'd to chh. from S. with 
wife Grace 17 (12) 1643. One of the attor- 
neys of John Hodges, citizen and cooper of 
London in 1647. [Norf. rec] Ch. John b. 2 (2) 
1652, Elizabeth b. 2 Aug. 1653, Eliashib bapt. 
18 (1) 1655, Anna b. 21 (10) 1656, Bethiah b. 
Sept. 7, 1658, Ebenezer b. May 31, 1660, Abra- 
ham b. Sept. 3, 1661, Rebecca b. Feb. 2, 1662, 
d. July 25, 1663, Isaac b. June 18, 1664. He 
m. 2, Persis, widow of Wm. Bridges, who 
was adm. chh. as his wife, 9 (2) 16.54; she 
d. March 7, 1682-3. He d. Dec. 11, 1684. 

Richard, Charlestown, witness to a 
deed in 1647. 


Winnifred, adm. chh. Charlestown 12 
(12) 1636. 


Christopher, Wenham, 1643. 
Court files.] 


HART, HEART, compare with Hardy, 

Edmund, or Edward, Dorchester, 
propr. 1632; frm. May 14, 1635. Weymouth, 
propr. 1636. Ch. Martha b. 12 (8) 1640. 

Isaac, yeoman, Watertown, before 
Gen. Court 30 (5) 1640; propr. 1642. Sold 
land in 1656. Rem. to Lynn, afterward to 
Reading. Propr. 1047. Wife Elizabeth 
niemb. chh. R. 1648; petitioned Mdx. Court 
with him in 1656. Ch. Elizabeth b. Dec. 11, 
1651, Samuel b. Feb. 9, 1656, (m. 20 Jan. 
1073, Mary Witterige; he d. 25 June, 1683. 
He, ae. about 40, aud she, ae. about 35, de- 
posed in 1658. [Es. files.] 

His will dated Feb. 6, 1097, prob. Feb. 19, 
1699, beq. to wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas, 
John, Samuel aud Adam, and dans. Eliza- 
beth Wenborn and Dabra (Deborah) Proctor. 

John, embarked March 7, 1631. 

John, shoemaker, ae. 40, with Mary, 
ae. 31, came in the James in July, 1635. Set- 
tled at Salem, Marblehead; propr. 1636; 
Mary memb. chh. 1637; he was adm. chh. 
1638. Witness at Court 1645. 

Admin, gr. to widow Florence 26 (4) 1656. 
Inv. 14 (1) 1655-6. Edward Flint, Jeremiah 
Neale, Joseph Morgan and John Trasli gave 
power of attorney 1 March, 1672-3, to their 
bro.-in-law Jonathan Hart, to act for them 
as husbands of the daughters of the late 
John and Florence Hart of Marblehead. [See 
also Es. files XVIII, 58.] 

Nicholas, Taunton, atba. 1643. [See 

Stephen, Cambridge, propr. 1633; frm. 
May 14, 1634. Propr. Sold in 1635. Rem. 
to Conn. 

Thomas, ae. 24, servant to John 
Browne, tailor, cert, from Baddow, Essex, 
came in the Desire in June, 1635. Settled 
at Ipswich; propr. 1639; town officer. 


William, Plymouth, Duxbury, atba. 


Thomas, Reading, propr., frm. May 10, 
1648. Deposed 3 (2) 1654, ae. about 40 years. 
[Mdx. Files.] Wife Susanna d. March 18, 
1659-60. He m. Hannah — , who was reed, 
from the chh. of Ipswich 6 (2) 1663; she d. 



July 20, 1073. Ch. Thomas b. Oct. 30, 1C4G, 
Thomas b. 30 (7) 1648, [Mdx. De. I.] John 
b. May G, 1650, Joseph b. July 2, 1652. Jona- 
than b. Aug. 20, 1656, Susanna b. March 2, 
1659, Timothy b. Feb. 3, 1661, Mary b. Aug. 
19, 1672. 

He d. about 18 May, 1683, when inv. of 
his est. was taken. Will dated 26 Oct. 1681, 
prob. 19 June, 1683, beq. to sons Benjamin 
and Thomas, dau. Susannah and wife Sarah. 


William, Concord, frm. May IS. 1642. 
Wife Jasan, Jassin, or Jezan, deposed 11 (3) 
1675, ae. 67 years, concerning the will of 
her dau. Sarah Parker, widow. Ch. John 
b. 23 (12) 1640, Samuel b. 26 (1) 1645, Mar- 
tha b. 25 (2) 1049, Sarah, (m. — Parker; made 
nunc, will, as above; beq. to her children 
and to her sister, wife of Jonathan Hill, of 
Billeriea; in v. mentions her youngest son 
John P.). 


VARD COLLEGE, was bapt. at Southwark, 
CO. Surrey, Eng., Nov. 29, 1607, son of Robert 
Harvard, (name sometimes spelt Harvie, 
Harvye, Haverede, Harwar and Haward,) 
citizen and butcher; and of his wife Kath- 
arine Rogers, a native of Stratford on Avon. 
The father was bur. Aug. 24, 1625; his wid- 
ow m. 10 Jan. 1625-6, Jobu Elletson, citizen 
and cooper, who d. in June, 1626; she m. 28 
May, 1627, Richard Yearwood, citizen and 
grocer, who d. in Sept. or Oct., 1632. The 
wills of these persons, of the father of Mrs. 
Harvard, and of Thomas, bro. of John, dis- 
covered and collated by Mr. Henry F. 
Waters, are presented in the Register for 
July, 1885. 

Mr. Harvard was matriculated at Eman- 
uel Coll., Cambridge, 7 July, 1631, A. B. in 
1632 and A. M. in 1635. He married Anne, 
dau. of Mr. John Sadler, vicar of Patcham, 
CO. Sussex, b. Aug. 24, 1014. 

He sold some of his lands 16 Feb. 1636-7, 
and sailed for N. E. soon after. He settled 
at Charlestown, where he was adm. a towns- 
man 6 (6) 1637, a special vote giving him 
"promise of such accommodations as best 
we can." He and his wife were adm. chh. 
6 (9) 1637. As the pastor, Mr. Thomas 
James, had recently gone away, Mr. Harv- 
ard officiated in his place, in conjunction 

HARVARD, cont. 

with the teacher, Mr. Symmes, though his 
ill-health forbade his being installed. John- 
son speaks highly of his preaching. The 
town chose him a memb. of a com. to con- 
sider something tending towards a body of 
laws 26 April, 1638. 

The Gen. Court had voted to establish 
a college at Newetowne, (Cambridge;) and 
he, being one of the teaching elders of a 
neighboring church, must have felt the 
needs and realized the importance of the 
infant institution. He d. of consumption 
Sept. 14, 1038; and left to the college at 
Cambridge one half of his estate, a sum 
amounting to 700 11. [S.] In consideration 
of this gift the Gen. Court ordered 13 March, 
163S-9, that " the college formerly agreed 
upon to bee built at Cambridg shalbee called 
Harvard Colledge." 

He left no issue. The widow married 
early in 1039 Mr. Thomas Allen, who was 
installed shortly after as colleague pastor 
at Charlestown. The Court granted to him 
500 acres of land 6 June, 1639, "in regard 
of Mr. Harvard's gift." They returned to 
England about 16.50. 


Joseph, husbandman, of Gamscolne, 
Essex, Eng., died on the voyage to this 
country. Bequeathed his estate to be lent 
to poor christians in these plantations for 
two years; then to be returned to his bro. 
John Harvie of Wethersfield, Eng. and his 
sister goodwife Burke in Eng. Dated June 
20, 1638; inv. in Boston Court 4 June, 1639, 
4S li., 2 s., 9yo d. 

Richard, ae. 22, with Ann, ae. 22, cert, 
from St. Albans, Eng., came in the Planter 
April 2, 1635. Settled at Salem; tailor, 
propr. 1638. Adm. chh. 5 Oct. 1601. Ch. 
Anna, Eliz. and John bapt. 8 (10) 1001, dau. 
Jehodan bapt. 13 (5) 1002, Abigail bapt. 
(9) 1004. Bro. and sister Harvey were 
dism. with others to Southold, L. I., 20 (6) 

Richard, Concord. Twin daughters b. 
and d. (9) 1639; wife Margaret d. 2 (10) 1039. 

Thomas, yeoman, Taunton, atba. 1043; 
deposed 8 Nov. 1638, ae. about 21 years. 

William, tanner, Taunton, 1639. Rem. 
to Boston. He m. 2 April, 1639, Joane Huck- 


HARVEY, etc., cont. 

er of Coliannett; she was adm. with him to 
the ehh. of Boston in 1643. His [second] 
wife, Martha, was adm. chh. 16 (2) 1654. 
Ch. Abigail b. 25 (2) 1640, Thomas b. 13 (10) 
1641, Experience, dau., b. 4 (1) 1644, Joseph 
b 8 (10) 1645, William b. 27 Aug. 1651, 
Thomas b. 16 Aug. 1652, John b. 5 Feb 1654, 
Mary bapt. 2 (6) 1657. 

He d. Aug. 15, 1658. Admin, gr. to widow 
Martha for herself and 4 young ch. April 28, 
1659. [Reg. IX, 346.] The widow m. 10 
Nov. 1659, Henry Tewxbery. 


Emm, Salem, deposed Jan. 28, 1701-2, 
ae. about 71 years, that she lived with 
Thomas Flint from 1649 to 1653. 

George, house-carpenter, Boston, 1636. 
Wife Jane adm. chh. 25 (12) 1642; dism. to 
chh. at Pequot 26 (8) 1651. Ch. John b. 4 
(5) 1639, Deliverance d. (12) 1640, Joanna b. 
10 (10) 1642, bapt. with John 5 (1) 1643. 

Henry, Boston, 1630, herdsman; appl. 
frm. Oct. 19, 1630, adm. frm. March 4, 1632- 
3. Wife Elizabeth adm. chh. 1632. Ch. John 
bapt. 3 (4) 1632. [W.] Rem. to Charlestown; 
herdsman, 1632. [Wife] Winnifred adm. 
chh. 12 (12) 1636. 
Inv. presented in Gen. Court 5 (10) 1637. 

Henry, shoemaker, Salem, 1638, frm. 
Feb. 28, 1642-3. Constable. Goodwife adm. 
chh. 31 (11) 1640. 

Nunc, will prob. 29 (4) 1664; est. to go to 
wife for her life, then to his kinswoman 
Jane, wife of Richard Flinders, last to his 
wife's dau. Elizabeth, wife of Matthew Nix- 
on; £4 "to the church, to help the poor in 
bearing the charge of the Lord's supper." 
Prob. acct. (9) 1671. The widow Elizabeth 
sold certain lands 1 Nov. 1669. [Es. files.] 

Mr. John, tailor, merchant, Boston, 
adm. chh. 25 (10) 1647, frm. May 22, 1649. 
Referee in Burt and Rayner acct. in 1655. 
[Suff. De. II, 170.] Deposed in Gitford case 
in 1653, ae. about 27 years. [Es. files.] Ch. 
Elizabeth bapt. 17 (1) 1650, Hezekiah b. 
April 27, 1653, d. 25 (4) 1654. 

Francis, Boston, memb. chh. 1630-1. 
"D. soon." 

John, Rowley, propr. 1643. He m. Joan 
Anter, q. v.; ch. Mary b. 9 (10) 1648, Nathan- 
iel b. 20 (7) 1656. Rem. to Haverhill. He 
deposed in 1663, ae. about 40 years. With 
wife Joanna he sold land in Bradford to 
David H. of Bradford, 4 Jan. 1674. 

He d. Dec. 23, 1690, ae. about 70 years. 
Will dated 17 Aug. 1689, prob. 31 March, 
1691, beq. to wife; sons Samuel, John and 
Nathaniel, and dau. Mary. The widow d., 
aged, July 17, 1698. 

Robert, Rowley, propr., memb. grand 
jury 1641. Rem. to Bradford. He m. 23 
(10) 1639, Anna — ; ch. Anna b. 1 (2) 1641, 
Mercy b. (8) 1642, Samuel b. 20 (12) 1645, 
Mary b. 14 (2) 1646, Abraham b. 23 
(3) 1648, Deliverance b. 25 (1) 1651, 
Elizabeth b. Jan. 15, 1652, both d. 14 (5) 1654, 
Robert b. 7 (9) 1657, Gershom b. Jan. 31, 

He d. 27 Aug. 1674. Will dated 25 Oct. 
1673, prob. 29 Sept. 1674, beq. to wife Anna, 
sons David, Abraham, Robert and Gershom, 
daus. Deliverance and Marey [or Mercy] ; to 
minister Symmes and to the town. 

HASEY, HESYE, HACY, see Halsall, 

William, yeoman. Pulling Point, Boston. 
Rem. to Rumney Marsh. Wife Sarah adm. 
chh. 9 (1) 1650; ch. Elizabeth, Sarah and 
Hester bapt. 23 (1) 1651, William b. lii Sept. 
1652, Susanna b. May 30, 1660, Martha bapt. 
24 (2) 1664. 

Admin, of his est. gr. to widow Judith 4 
July, 1695. She had letter of dismission 
from Ipswich to Bo. chh. 12 (9) 1675. [Mass. 
Hist Coll. 4-8.] 

Hester «r Esther, b. 20 March, 16.50-1, m. 
11 Jan., 1672, Henry Green of Maiden. [See 
her own account of her family in Reg. LIV, 


Roger, planter, Salem, 1636. He de- 
posed in 1664, ae. about 50 years. His wife 
Elizabeth was a dau. of John Hardy, who 
beq. to her and her 4 ch. John, William, 
Mark and Elizabeth in 1652. 

He d. In 1667; will dated 27 May, prob. 
20 (4) 1667; wife Elizabeth; ch. Mark, Wil- 


HASKELL, etc., cont. 

liam, John, Roger, Josiah, Samuel, Eliza- 
beth, Hannah and Sarah; bros. William and 
Mark H.; sister Jone; son-in-law Wm. Dodge; 
father in law John Stone. The widow m. 
2, Edward Berry of Salem, weaver. [Es. 
flies XIX, 47, Es. De. Ill, 45.] The bro. 
Mark may be he who was in court in 1652 
for wearing broad lace, and in 1G61 called 
to account for the ketch Francis and Hanna. 

William, husbandman, Gloucester, 
propr. 1645. He deposed in 1672, ae. about 
55 years. He m. Nov. 6, 1643, Mary, dau. 
of Walter Tybbott; ch. William b. Aug. 26, 
1644, Joseph b. June 2, 1646, Benjamin, (ae. 
92 in 1741,) Ruth, (m. Nehemiah Grover,) 
Mary, (m. Wm. Dodge,) Mark b. April 8, 
1658, Sarah b. June 28, 1660, (m. Jacob 

The wife Mary d. Aug. 16, and he d. Aug. 
20. 1693. Will prob. Sept. 4, 1C93, mentions 
all these ch. and Mark and William, ch. of 
his son William, dec. [Hist. Gloucester.] 
[See Genealogy in Es. In. Coll. XXXI.] 


John, before Gen. Court 6 (10) 1638. 


Thomas, ship carpenter, Boston, adm. 
chh. 22 (3) 1636, frm. May 25, 1636. Ch. Han- 
nah bapt. 10 (7) 1637. 


John, Ipswich, propr. 1635, frm. March 
9, 1636-7. 

John, Sickunke, (Rehoboth,) lawsuit, 
1641, summoned to Plymouth 2 Aug. 1642, 
to own jurisdiction; lands at R. confirmed 
to him 6 June, 1649. Prosecuted for attend- 
ing house meetings Oct. 2, 1650. 

He made will 17 (7) 1651, prob. 2 March, 
1651-2; beq. to any of liis kindred who may 
demand it 12 pence; to Wm. Howell; to John 
Clarke of Rhode Island; to Nathaniel Bis- 
coe of Watertown. All the rest to the pro- 
curing of liberty for the churches and peo- 
ple of God. 

Richard, Cambridge, frm. May 26, 1647. 
He deposed 17 (10) 1662, ae. about 40 years. 
[Mdx. Files.] Wife Joanna or Jane; ch. 
Elizabeth b. 20 (7) 1643, Joseph b. 20 (7) 1645, 
Hester b. 6 (10) 1646-7, Annah, (of Richard 
and Anna,) b. Oct. 6, 1669. 

HASSEN, see Hazen. 


John, tanner, Braintree, frm. May 10, 
1643. Rem. to Cambridge; propr. 1648; rec'd 
to chh. Feb. 16.56. [Mi.] Ch. Elizabeth b. 
at Br. 2 (5) 1643. His wife d. and he m. 2, 
Anne, widow of John Meane. Ch. Walter, 
Samuel, (bapt. in England,) John, Seaborne 
and Elizabeth. [Mi.] 

He d. Dec. 2, 1657. Will, dated July 26, 
1057, mentions wife Anne, sons Wal- 
ter, Samuel and John, dau. Elizabeth, dau.- 
in-law Mary Meane, son-in-law Wm. But- 
tricke. The widow Ann d. 25 (1) 1606, ae. 
about 60. The inv. of her est. was filed by 
son Walter April 3, 1666. Walter and Sam- 
uel, who had married her two daughters, 
agreed on division of the est. with Joha 
Hastings and Elizabeth Billings. 

Thomas, ae. 29, with wife Susan, ae. 
34, came in the Elizabeth of Ipswich April 
30, 1634. Settled at Watertown: frm. May 
6, 1635. Yeoman, selectman, deacon, towa 
clerk, deputy. Non-resident propr. at Ded- 
ham, 1636. Signed inv. of Wm. Goodrich 
in 1647. His wife d. Feb. 2, 1650; ho m. 2, 
Margaret, dau. of Wm. Cheney, of Roxbury. 
Ch. Thomas b. July 1, 1652, John b. March 
1, 1653-4, William b. Aug. 8, 1655, Joseph b. 
Sept. 12, 1657, Benjamin b. Aug. 9, 1659, 
Nathaniel b. Sept. 25, 1661, Hephzibah b. 
,Tan. 31, 1663-4, (m. Deacon Wm. Bond,) Sam- 
uel b. March 12, 1665-6. 

Will dated 12 March, 1082, prob. 7 (7) 1685, 
beq. to wife Margaret life use of all in her 
possession; to sons Thomas, John, Joseph, 
Benjamin, Nathaniel and Samuel; to dau. 
Hephzibah Bond and to two daus. of son 


John, yeoman, Scituate, endorsed a 
bond Jan. 3, 1636. 

Jonathan, Plymouth, before Plym. and 
Gen. Courts in 1640. Sent to Lieut. Daven- 
port at Salem in 1642. Afterward placed in 
care of Stephen Hopkins. He served against 
the Narragansetts in 1645. Hired land of 
Indians in 1651. Res. at Barnstable. He 
m. 11 April, 1647, Sarah Rowley; ch. Mary 
b. 14 July, 1648, Thomas b. 1 Jan. 1649, Jon- 
athan b. 17 May, 1652, Joseph b. 7 March, 
1054, Benjamin b. 7 Sept. 1655, Nathaniel 


HATCH, cont. 

b. 5 June, 1657, Samuel b. 7 Oct. 1G59, Moses 
b. 4 March, 1662, Sarah b. 21 March, 1664, 
In his will, dated 15 Sept. 1705, he beq 
to all these sons but Nathaniel and to daus 
Mary Weeks, Sarah Wing and Mary Row 
ley, wife of Nathan R. Lydia, sister of Jon 
athan, before Court 1641-2. 

Thomas, Dorchester, propr., frm. May 
14, 1634. Sold house and lands, except his 
commons in the Neck, Oct. 31, 1639. 

Thomas, Yarmouth, propr., frm. 7 Jan. 

Th6mas, Barnstable, atba. 1C43. Rem. 
to Scituate. 

He d. before June 14, 1646, when ch. Han- 
na was bapt. Inv. presented by widow 
Grace May 27, 1661. Working tools, timber, 
an instrument called a violin, etc. [Reg. "V, 

The widow of Thomas Hatch of Scituate 
had lived there 4 or 5 years in 1659, though 
married to John Spring of Watertown. 
[Plym. Col. Rec] Daniel Pryor had ch. 
Daniel bapt. at Second chh. Sci. July 6, 1656, 
"grand child to our sister Spring." 

William, merchant, of Sandwich. Eng., 
with wife Jane, 5 children and 6 servants, 
came in the Hercules in March, 1634. Set- 
tled at Sandwich. Ret. to Eng. and came 
again, a joint undertaker in the Castle in 
1638. [L.] Planter; frm. Jan. 5, 1635-6. 
Lieut., 1643; elder. 

He d. at Scituate Nov. 6, 1651. Will dated 
Nov. 5, 1651; wife Jane; daus. Jane Lovell, 
and Ann Torrey; gr. ch. John Lovell, James, 
W^illiam. Joseph and Damaris Torrey; sons 
Walter and William, execs. fReg. IV, 320.] 
The widow m. 31 March, 1653, Thomas King. 


William, before Boston Court 7 Oct., 
1641. Executed. 


Arthur, Marshfield, atba. 1643. Ply- 
mouth. 1646. He m. 20 Nov. 1652, Sarah 
Cooke of Plym.; ch. John b. 17 Sept.. 1653, 
Arthur b. 28 Feb., 1655. 

Arthur. Dartmouth, made will 9 Feb. 1709- 
10, prob. Feb. 6, 1710-11; beq. to sons John, 
Thomas and Jonathan, daus. Mary Ham- 

HATHAWAY, etc., cent. 

mond, Lydia Sisson and Hannah Cadman; 

to wife Sarah. 

John, ae. 18, came in the Blessing in 
July, 1035. Before Gen. Court 6 June, 1637. 
Res. at Taunton, 1649. Before Plym. Court 
for lending a gun to an Indian. Res. at 
Barnstable 16.56. Ch. John b. 16 Aug. 1658, 
Hannah b. May 1662, Edward b. 10 Feb. 

1663. He rem. to Yarmouth. 

Will dated 3 Aug. 1089, prob. Feb. 15, 1696- 
7; beq. to wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas, John, 
Gideon and Edward; daus. by a former wife; 
wife to bestow on her two daus. 

Nicholas, Braintree, had land grant for 
4 heads 24 (12) 1639-40. 

Susan, ae. 34, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1035. 


Timothy, felt maker, merchant, gentle- 
man, from the parish «f St. Olaves, 
Southwark, London, [see Irish, John,] 
came in the Anne in 1023, [Mor.] 
but returned the folg. winter; came 
again in the Friendship, about the middle of 
the summer of 1630, [B.] to Plymouth. Was 
one of the leading partners in Plymouth Col- 
ony. Returned to England, and came again 
In the William and Francis June 5, 1632. Set- 
tled at Scituate. Frm. Jan. 5, 1634-5. He 
and his wife joined the (Church Jan. 11, 1634, 
and his sister, Egglin Handford, joined Nov. 
21, 16.35. He was an active and influential 
citizen, an offlcer in town, Asst. and treasur- 
er of the Colony, and com. of the United Col- 
onies. He did not consent to the persecution 
of Quakers, .and was left off the bench in 
consequence. He m. 2, Lydia, widow of 
Nathl. Tilden. Deeded land, etc., in 1666 to 
Joseph Tilden, conditioned on life-care of 
himself and wife. 
He d. Oct. 24, 1666. Will dated Dec. 20, 

1664, prob. Oct. 30, 1666, beq. to wife Lydia; 
Edward Jenkins, his wife and ch.: Nicholas 
Wade, wife and ch.; Susanna, wife of Wil- 
liam Brooks and her ch.; Timothy and Eliza- 
beth Foster; Mr. Thomas Hanford; Fear 
Robinson, now wife of Samuel Baker, and 
the other three ch. of Isaac Robinson, John, 
Isaac and Mercy; wife's ch. Lydia Garratt, 
and her four ch.; the wife of Wm. Bassett; 
the widow Preble; George Sutton, his wife 
and ch.; to Lydia and Thomas Lapham; 


HATHERLY, cont. 

Stephen Tildeu; servant Thomas Savory; Mr. 
Nicholas Baker; Lydia, dau. of Wm. Hatch; 
friend Joseph TiMen, exec. [W., B., Cud- 
worth, etc.] 

HAtJLGH, see Hough. 

HATILTON, see Holton, 

William, ae. 23, came in the Francis of 
Ipswich April 30, 1634. 


John, Salem, memb. chh. 1637. Rem. 
to Maiden; Gen. Court licensed him to keep 
the ordinary. Rem. to Lynn. He deposed 
in 1665, ae. about 42 years. A brother of 
Major William. Wife Sarah; ch. Sarah bapt. 
2 (4) 1644, John bapt. 14 (8) 1646, Priscilla 
bai>t. 22 (5) 1649. 

Will dated 19 Oct. 1676, prob. 27 (4) 1677, 
beq. to wife Sarah; ch. Ebenezer, Priscilla 
Shore, (and her dau. of same name,) Marah, 
Phebe, and Nathaniel. 

Mr. William, Dorchester, propr. and 
frm. May 14, 1634; town officer. Rem. to 
Salem In 1636, he and his wife being adm. to 
the chh. in 1637. Major, town officer, deputy, 
Asst., com. of United Colonies. One of the 
most' sagacious and efficient of the colonial 
leaders. He deposed in court at Salem 2 (10) 
1658, ae. about 51 years. Had letters from 
his bro. Robert H. of Bray, Eng., April 1, 
1653, with message to bro. John H. [Reg- 
XII, 295.] His wife Anna was called "sis- 
ter"' by Mrs. Lydia Banks; but in what way 
meant does not appear. 

A list of his children, in his own hand, has 
come down, being entered in a volume which 
he owned. [Es. Inst. Col. Ill, 66.] Ch. Sarah 
b. 11(1) 1634-5, Eleazer b. 1 (6) 1637, Nathan- 
iel b. 11 (6) 1639, John b. 4 (6) 1641, (John 
bapt. 8 (5) 1644,) Anna b. 12 (10) 1643, Wil- 
liam b. 1 (2) 1645, (William bapt. 8 (2) 1646.) 
Elizabeth b. 22 (.5) 1649, (Mary bapt. 1 (3) 
1G53.) Those in parenthesis are taken from 
Salem records. His dau. Mrs. Helwis was 
reed, to full com. in the chh. in 1661. 

He d. in 1681. Will dated 17 Feb. 1679-80. 
inv. taken 10 June, 1681. Wife Ann exec; 
beq. to her, to William, Samuel and Abigail, 
ch. of dec. son Eleazer; son John; Sarah, 
widow of dec. son William; gr. ch.Jervice 
Helwyde, land at Groton if he come over 
from "Urop" to enjoy it; dau. Sarah Coak- 
er's two eldest sons by her husband Coaker; 
to the rest of his Sons John H. and 
Israel Porter execs. 


Richard, Lynn, 1645. Wife Susanna, 
dau. of Thomas Newhall, who names her 
and her ch. in his will. He deposed in Prob. 
court in 1691, ae. "4 years. Recjrd in Book 
II, "copied out of the old book." Ch. Hannah 
b. 22 (12) 1645, Mary b. 12 (1) 1647, Joseph b. 
22 (12) 1649, Richard b. 25 (3) 1651, Susanna 
b. 24 (2) 1653, Sarah b. 4 (4) 1655, John b. 10 
(10) 1656, Martha b. 1658, d. 1659, Samuel b. 
and d. 1660, Jonathan b. 1660, d. 1662, Nath- 
aniel b. 30 July, 1664, Moses b. 20 May, 1667. 
The wife Susanna d. 7 Feb. 1682. 

He made will 21 May, 1701; aged; beq. to 
sons John, Nathaniel and Moses; gr. ch. Jo- 
seph, son of son Richard, dec; dau. Hannah 
Goodell; son-in-law John Tarbox; dau. Sarah 
Whitney; gr. ch. [Westol] Cogswell, Han- 
nah Parker, Hannah Goodell and the ch. of 
son Moses. 

and Hall, 
John, Charlestown, with wife Bethiah, 
dism. from Boston chh. 14 (8) 1632, and 
joined that of Char. 

Jonathan, Charlestown, propr. 1635. 

Richard, residence not stated, frm. May 
29, 1644. 

Samuel, Charlestown, died before 16 
(— ) 1637, when the inv. of his est. was pre- 
sented, taken by Raphe Sprage and Raphe 
Mousell. It included house and land at My- 
stic side; land in England which was part of 
his wife's "ioynter." 

Thomas, Roxbury. Wife Emm, bur. 
Nov. 29. 1651; he m. Feb. 2, 1651-2, Dorothy 
(Harbittle,) widow of Thomas Lamb; ch. 
Thomas bapt. Oct. 8 or 16, 1651, Joseph bapt. 
30 (11) 1652, bur. Nov. 3, 1653, Joseph b. 4 (7) 
16.54, Elizabeth bapt. 29 (4) 1656, Dorothy 
bapt. 20 (4) 1658. 

He was slain at Sudbury April 21, 1676. 
Widow Dorothy d. Jan. 28, 1697-8. 



Eflmuud, of London, Eng., came in the 
James April 5, 1635. Plymoutli, propr. 2 Oct. 
1637. Rem. to Duxbur.v; frm. .5 June, 1644. 
Town oiBeer. Sold lands at Marshfleld in 
1649 and rem. to Yarmoutb. 

Will signed 5 May, 1692, being aged; prob. 
July 20, 1693; beq. to son John and his wife 
Desire; to gr. ch. Joseph, Desire, Jabez, Ed- 
mund, Ebenezer, Isaac and Benjamin 
Hawes, Elizabeth Doged and Mary Baron; 
gr. ch. Experience; to gr. gr. children; to 
John Hathaway. 

Edward, Dedham, 1648. He was em- 
ployed to plaster the meeting-house in 1648. 
He m. 15 (2) 1648, Eliony Lumber; ch. Lydla 
b. 26 (11) 1648, Mary b. 4 (9) 1650, Daniel b. 
10 (12) 1651, Hannah b. 1 (12) 1654, John b. 17 
(10) 1656, Nathaniel b. 14 (6) 1060, Abigail b. 
2 (8) 1662, Joseph b. 9 Aug. 1664, Deborah b. 
1 Sept. 1666. 

He d. June 28, 1686. WUl prob. 17 Dec. 
1689, beq. to wife Eliony, ch. Daniel, John, 
Nathaniel, Joseph, Lydia Gay, Hannah Ma- 
son, Abigail Vales and Deborah Pond. 

Richard, ae. 29, with Ann, ae. 26, and 
ch. Anna, ae. 2% and Obediah, ae. 6 mos., 
came in the Ti-uelove in Sept., 1(535. Settled 
at Dorchester, propr.; frm. May 2, 1638. 
Other ch. rec. in Dorch., Constance, (m. 1 (4) 
1663, Thomas Dewey,) son Eleazer. 

Admin, gr. on his est. 27 (11) 1656. [Reg. 
XI, 342.] 

Robert, a soap-boiler, ae. 19, came in 
the Elizabeth and Ann in April, 1635. Set- 
tled at Roxbury. Rem. to Salem. His mill 
referred to in 1648. [Es. files.] Rem. to 
Wenham; propr. 1(J54. His wife Frances 
made nunc, will June 12, prob. Essex Court, 
Sept. 10, 1645; beq. to sons Robert and Ma- 
thew Edwards, to the young ch. Thomas she 
had by Robert Hawes; to Alice, dau. of Rob- 
ert Hawes; to her sister Ellen [Hiler] in 
Eng.; to Katharine Dorlon and Sarah Bart- 
lett, the two maids that kept her in her sick- 
ness; four pounds to a child in old England. 
He d. 29 (10) 1666, ae. about 84. Will prob. 
Jan. 18, 1666-7; sons Thomas and John 
Hawes; dau. Mary; wife; son Humphrey 
Barrett, exec; bro. John Pierpont and friend 
Edward Dennison, OTerseers. 


Adam, Charlestown, 1634; rem. (o 

HAWK, etc., cent. 

Lynn; propr. 1638. He deposed in 1658, ae. 
about 50 years; his son-in-law Thomas 
Hutchinson dep. in same case. [Es. Files, 
IV, 12.] Wife Anne adm. chh. 21 (9) 1634; 
she d. 4 (10) 1069. He m. June, 1670, Sarah 
Hooper. Ch. Sarah b. June 2, 1671. 

He d. 13 (1) 1671. Division of his est. was 
made 27 March, 1672, between the widow 
Sarah, son John, dau. Sarah (under 18 
years); to Wm. Coggswell for his wife; to 
I'rances, Samuel, Thomas and Edward 
Hutchinson; to Elizabeth Hart, and to 
Moses, son of John H. 

Isaac, Lynn, called to court 29 (10) 

John, [Dorchester?] frm. Sept. 3, 1634. 
Rem. to Windsor, Conn., thence about 1660 
to Hadley. Ch. John b. 13 Aug. 1643, Na- 
thaniel bapt. 16 Feb. 1644, Elizabeth bapt. 
10 Jan. 1640, (m. Joseph Gillett,) Ann bapt. 
1 Oct. 1648, Isaac bapt. Aug. 1650, Slary b. 
May 23, 1652, Joanna b. Feb. 8, 1653, Eleazer 
b. 20 Dec. 1655, Sarah b. 29 Sept. 165 T, Ger- 
shom b. 12 April, 1659. 

He was bur. .Tune 30, 1662. His widow 
Elizabeth m. — Hinsdale, after whose death 
she returned to the Hawks homestead; her 
sons Eliezer and (4ershom Hawks had por- 
tions assigned Sept. 27, 1681. 

Matthew, with wife and servant John 
Fearing, came from Cambridge, Eng., and 
settled at Hingham, 1638. Frm. May 18, 
1642. Town officer, schoolmaster. Ch. Eliz- 
abeth bapt. July 14, 1639, (m. Stephen Lin- 
coln,) Sarah bapt. Aug. 1, 1641, (m. John 
Gushing, I Bethiah bapt. Jan. 21, 1643, (m. 
Beu.iamin Stetson,) Mary bapt. Aug. 2, 1646, 
(m. Benjamin Loriug,) Deborah bapt. March 
22, 1651, (m. John Briggs.) Hannah bapt. 
July 22, 1655, (m. Peter Gushing). His wife 
Margaret d. 18 March, 1683. 
He d. 11 Dec. 1684, ae. 74 years. 

Samuel, before Gen. Court 28 (11) 1640. 


Abraham, Charlestown, ae. about 28 
years, deposed to the list of goods of his 
master, Thomas Rucke, July 19, 1639. [L.] 
Adm. chh. 30 (9) 1643; propr.; frm. May, 
1645. Town officer. Elizabeth adm. chh. 
13 (2) 1643. 
He d. 6 (11) 1647. Inv. of his est. presented 


HAWKINS, cont. 

by widow Elizabeth IS (1) 1G48-9; working 

tools, house, land, etc. 

George, ship-wright, Boston, attorney 
of George Richardson, of Wapping, mariner. 
May 1, 1641. 

James, bricklayer, Boston, before the 
Court 4 Aug. 1635, for taking too high wages. 
Had land grant at Braiutree 19 (12) 1637, 
for 4 heads. Sold dwelling-house in Bo. 5 
(9) 1638. He deposed 1 (12) 1659, ae. about 
56 years, tliat he saw and read in 1636 an 
indenture of Thomas Muut with his master, 
Ricliard Garritt. He deeded land 31 Jan. 
1667, to his son-in-law Bartholomew Thread- 
needle. Wife Mary; ch. Susan b. 13 (12) 

1645, Peleg b. 9 (1) 1648, James b. .luly 3, 
1652, James b. March 18, 1653, Sarah b. 
March 18, 1656, Elihu b. Sept. 22, 1658, James, 
Elizabeth and Sarah bapt. 29 (2) 1667. 

Will dated 25 June. 1669. prob. 30 April, 
1670. Wife Mary; son .Tames; 5 daus., 
Mary, Ruth, Damaris. Elizabeth and Sarah; 
to 10 gr. ch. a Bible apiece. [Reg. XLVIII, 

Job, ae. 15, came in the Planter April 
10, 1635, cert, from Sudbury, Eng. Res. at 
Boston. Wife Frances; ch. Martha b. 26 (1) 

1646, Job b. x\pril 20, 1658. 

Mary, probably of one of these fami- 
lies, m. in Boston 21 (9) 1654, John Aylett. 

Richard. No evidence of his residence 
here. His wife Jane was forbidden by Gen. 
Court, 12 March. 1637-8, to meddle in sur- 
gery, phisick or religion except with the 
elders, for satisfaction. Her .sons James, 
Job and Thomas petitioned the Court in 1650 
that she might be allowed to live in this 
jurisdiction; but were denied. She was, 
however, allowed to come to Boston on her 
way to England, 23 May, 1655. 

Thomas, carpenter, captain, shipwright, 
of White Chapel, had permission to travel to 
America May 8, 1632. He res. first at Dor- 
chester, then at Charlestown, (propr. 1636,) 
and afterward at Boston. Engaged exten- 
sively in shipbuilding and commerce. Built 
ship Seafort, of 400 tons, at Boston, and 
sailed in her 23 (9) 1644 for Spain; there she 
was wrecked, and 19 persons drowned. He 
was wrecked at the same place in another 
ship 2 (12) 1645. His wife Mary was with 

HAWKINS, cont. 

him in the Dorchester chh.; ch. Sarah bapt. 

24 (1) 1638-9, (m. 4 (11) 1653, Robert Breck, 
merchant, of Galway, Ireland,) Abigail bapt. 
1642, (m. May 13, 1660, Samuel Moore). His 
son Thomas sold land about 1666. 

He d. on the ret. voyage of his ship from 
Eng. in 1648. Inv. filed 2G July, 16.54. Est. 
divided between his wife, son Thomas and 
4 daus. [W.] The widow m. 2, Robert 
Fenne before 29 (8) 1657. 

John, Boston, memb. chh. 1631-2; d. 
soon after. 

Richard, ae. 15, came in the Susan and 
Ellen in April, 1635. 

Robert, husbandman, ae. 25, with wife 
Mary, ae. 25. came in the Elizabeth and Ann 
in April, 1635. Settled at Charlestown. Frm. 
May 25, 1636. He was adm. chh. 17 (2) 1636. 
His wife Mary adm. chh. 8 (11) 1635. Ch. 
Eleazer bapt. 25 (10) 1636, Zachary bapt. 

25 (8) 1639, Joseph bapt. 3 (2) 1641. 
Robert H. d. 11 (7) 1704. [S.] 

Thomas, baker, Boston, propr. 1636. 
Purchaser 28 (4) 1645. Wife Hannah adm. 
chh. 15 (6) 1641; she d. 27 (3) 1644. He m. 
2, Rebecca — ; ch. Abraham b. in 1637, bapt. 
ae. 4 years, 22 (6) 1641, Thomas b. 1 (11) 
1636-7, Hannah and Job b. 20 (11) 1640, Hope 
b. 2 (2) 1643, Hannah b. 1644, (m. June 7, 
1661, Edward Howard,) Mehetabel b. Jan. 
27, 1656, Richard b. Feb. 20, 1659, Ephraim 
b. April 5, 1064, Ephraim b. Oct. 15, 1065, 
Melatiah b. Nov. 12, 1666. 

Timothy, weaver, Watertown, had 
grant of trees from Cambridge to pay for 
timber he used about John French's house, 
13 (1) 1647-8; Ijought land in 1651. 
Inv. of his est. taken 27 Sept. 1651. 


Nathaniel, Lynn, appraiser of est. of 
Jane Gaines in 1644. 

Thomas, ae. 23, came in the Christian 
March 16, 1634. Settled at Salisbury; plant- 
er; propr. 1640. Ch. Mary 1). April 22, 1641, 
(m. Onesiphorus Page, I Susanna d. Nov. 17, 

He d. Nov. 8, 1642; inv. Oct. 8, 1651. Wid- 
ow Mary was propr. 1650. She m. 2. Bel- 
shazzer Willix. 


Samuel, lawsuit in Essex Court in 1641. 


James, Charlestown, adm. chh. 13 (7) 
1635; frm. March 9, 1636-7. Ferryman. Wife 
Elizabeth; eh. James b. 13 (12) 1637, John 
b. 26 (10) 1639, Ruhamah b. 18 (9) 1641, Eliz- 
abeth, Joshua, Mercy, Thomas. 

The inv. of his est. talcen Dee. 12, 1667, 
■was filed by his wife Elizabeth; that of John, 
[his son?] was taken 3 Dec. 1675. 

John, Dorchester, propr. 1632, frm. 
May 14, 1634. Before Gen. Court and ac- 
quitted 6 June, 1639. Rem. to Braintree. 
Gen. Court assisted him in the care of a 
distracted child 1647-1653. Wife Susanna; 
ch. Jonathan b. 19 (3) 1640, Hannah b. 7 (2) 
1642, Ebenezer b. 7 (12) 1645, Nehemiah b. 
14 (12) 1647. Samuel and John, Jr., of Brain- 
tree, may have been older sons. 

Will dated 31 Oct. 1678, prob. 2(i July, 
1682, beq. to wife Susanna, sons Ebenezer, 
Joseph, Nehemiah and John, dau. Hannah 
and the ch. of dec. son Samuel. Joseph to 
be maintained. 


HAYLE, see HAIiE. 


George, "Heward." Concord, frm. 
March 1637-8. One of the appraisers of the 
estate of Wm. Halsted 10 (10) 164.5. Wife 
Mary; ch. John b. 20 (10) 1640, Joseph b. 26 

(1) 1643, Sarah b. 19 (1) 1645, Hannah b. 22 

(2) 1647, Simon b. 22 (11) 1648, George b. 2 
July, 1654. 

He was drowned March 29, 1671, while 
Tielping Wm. Frizzell over the river in a ca- 
noe. His estate was divided between his 
widow Mary and his children John, Joseph 
Simeon, George, Elizabeth Wheeler, Sarah 
Prescott and Hannah Farrar. Joshua Wheel- 
er, John Prescott and Jacob Farrar signed, 
Sept. 23, 1671. [Mdx. Files.] 

Henry, ae. 7, came with John Barnard 
in 1634-5. 

James, tailor, came in the Planter in 
1635, ae. 22 years. Cert, from Stepney par- 
ish. Settled at Charlestown in 1636. Rem. 

HAYWARD, etc., cent, 
to Woburn; propr. 1642. Ch. Rebecca b. 4 
(10) 1641, d. 4 (10) 1642. Brought suit in Ips- 
wich Court in 1642. 

He d. 20 (9) 1642. [The widow] Judith, 
Woburn, m. Jan. 18, 1643, William Simonds. 

John, ae. 22, cert, from Stepney parish, 
Eng., came, in the Planter March 22, 1634. 
John, Concord, m. 17 Aug., 1656, Rebecca 
Atkinson ; ch. Rebecca b. and d. 1657, John b. 
5 April, 1661, Persis b. 24 April, 1664, Benonl 
b. and d. 1665. The wife Rebecca d. Aug. 5, 
1665. He m. Nov. 30, 1665, Sarah Simond; 
ch. Sarah b. Aug. 30, 1666. 

John, Watertown, frm. May 14, 1634-5, 
ae. 43. Propr. 1636. Constable 1638. Rem. 
to Dedham; rec'd to chh. 19 (11) 1644 from 
chh. of Wat. Will dated at Charlestown, 
July 31, 1672, ae. 79 years; prob. 19 (12) 1672; 
beq. to Thomas and Samuel Aldredge, Sarah 
and Esther Judson, Henry During; to Geo. 
Westbrook; to Andrew During's 5 ch., to Mr. 
Samuell Phillips of Rowley, his 5 Ch.; to the 
Colledge at Cambridge a house at Wat.; rest 
of est. at Ded., Wat, and elsewhere to wife 
and Samuel Phillips, whom he made execrs. 
The widow d. at Dedham 23 (2) 1684. She 
beq. to eldest son Thomas Aldridge and his 
dau. Mary; son Samuel Aldridge; dau. Sarah 
Woodcock, (wife of John); gr. dau. Sarah 
(Westbrook) Woodcock; dau. Esther Kings- 
bury, (wife of Eleazer.) 

John, Plymouth. Volunteer for Pequot 
War 7 June, 1637. Duxbury, atba. 1643. Rem. 
to Bridgewater; ensign, 1664. Ch. Sarah b. 
at Plymouth 20 Aug. 1647. Elizabeth, [a 
dau.?] m. John Ames. 

Nicholas, fisherman, Salem, propr. 1642. 
[Called also Howard.] 

Will dated Jan. 6, 1682. "aged;" prob. 10 
April, 1683; beq. to sons Nathaniel and the 
ch. of dec. son Nehemiah; to Nathl's sons 
Nathaniel and Nicholas; dau. -in-law Hannah 
Judkins; to gr. ch. Samuel, Elizabeth, Abigail 
and Sarah, J. and Hannah H.; to Annah 
Sargent and Rose H. 

Richard, (Awards) from Bedfordshire, 
Eng., sent over with his family to Salem in 
1629, by Mass. Bay Co. [Suff. De. I. xvi.] 
Boston, had grant of house-plot 19 (12) 1637- 

Robert, Scituate, atba. 1643. 


HAYWARD, etc., cont. 

Samuel, ae. 22, came in the Elizabeth 
April 11, 1635; settled at Boston; carpenter. 
Wife Isabel; ch. James b. 16 (10) 1645. 

Samuel, Sen., Charlestown, frm. May 
2, 1649. Rem. to Maiden. Wife Sarah adm. 
chh. 9 (5) 1648. Ch. Samuel b. 4 (3) 1646, Han- 
nah, Martha b. 15 (11) 1652-3, Mary b. Aug. 
1654, Sarah b. Feb. 1655-6, Elizabeth b. Sept. 
25, 1658, Richard bapt. 22 (5) 1660, Deborah 
bapt. 6 (5) 1062, Nathaniel, Abigail, Jonathan. 

Will dated 5 (1) 1680-1, prob. 20 (4) 1681, 
beq. to sons Samuel, Nathaniel and Jona- 
than; dau. Hannah's ch.; remaining daus. 
Martha, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Deborah 
and Abigail. 

Widow Elizabeth d. May 12, 1686. Her 
will dated 11 (3) 1686, prob. 5 May, 1687, 
beq. to dau. Abigail her share in the est. of 
her first husband Oalis; to the wife of Sam- 
uel Haward. 

Thomas, tailor, of Aylesford, Eng., with 
wife Susannah and 5 children, came in the 
Hercules in March 1634. Settled at Cam- 
bridge; propr. 1635-6. Rem. to Duxbury, 
propr. and purchaser 5 Nov. 1638. In Court 
1644. Frm. 1 June, 1647. Rem. to Bridge- 

Will dated June 29, 1678; yeoman, Sen.; 
beq. to sons Elisha and Joseph and gr. ch. 

William, Charlestown, propr. 1637; rem. 
to Braintree, deputy, 1641. Bought land in 
1648. Signed his name "William Haywood," 
as witness to deed of James Everill in 1654. 
Ch. Huldah, (m. 14 (11) 1652, Ferdinando 
Thayer,) Jonathan, (m. 6 (3) 1663, Sarah 

He was drowned 10 (3) 1659. Admin, gr. 14 
June 1659, to widow Margery for herself and 
children. [Reg. IX, 346.] The widow d. 18 
(5) 1676. Admin, of her est. gr. 1 Aug. 1676, 
to her son Jonathan. 




Edward, Rowley, propr. about 1646. 
Town officer. Wife Elizabeth was bur. 
Sept. 18, 1049. He m. 2, in March, 1649- 
50, Hannah, dau. of Thomas Grant; cli. Eliz- 

HAZEN, etc., cont. 

abeth b. March 8, 1050-1, (m. Nathaniel Har- 
ris.) Hannah b. Sept. 1653, (m. William Gib- 
son,) John b. Sept. 22, 1655, Thomas b. Feb. 
20, 1057-8, Edward b. Sept. 10, 1060, Isabell 
b. July 21, 1662, (m. John Wood,) Priscilla 
b. Nov. 25, 1664, (m. Jeremiah Pearson,) Ed- 
ney b. .Tune 20, 1667, (m. Timothy Perkins,) 
Richard b. Aug. 6, 1669, Hephzibah b. Dec. 
22. 1671. Sarah b. Aug. 22, 1673, (m. Daniel 
Wicom, Jr.). 

He was bur. July 12, 1683; his widow m. 
2, George Browne of Haverhill; she d. In 
Feb., 1715. [Genealogy in Reg. XXXIIl, 


John, Concord, frm. June 2, 1641. He 
rem. to Roxbury, then to Cambridge. Wife 
Dorothy; ch. Dorcas b. 22 (3) 1645, d. 1 (3) 
1650, Gershom b. 23 (1) 1647, Dorothy b. 16 
(8) 1649, Israel b. 30 July, 1660. 

He d. 24 May, 1662. Autograph will dated 
19 April, prob. 16 June, 1662, beq. to wife 
Dorothy, ch. John, Timothy and Hannah, 
and five younger. 

also HALE, 
Edward, merchant, res. not given. Gave 

bond to Wm. Pester of Salem Sept. 2, 1638; 

action against him Nov. 5, 1639. [L.] 

Richard, ae. 22, came in the Christian 
March 16, 1634. 

Robert, Watertown, propr., 1648. 

William, Roxbury, frm. May, 1645. 
Endorsed a bond of J. Scarborough 15 (11) 
1645. Signed as witness to will of John 
Graves in 1045. Rem. to Lynn and then to 
Cambridge before 1658. His wife and in- 
fant ch. d. 8 (9) 1649. Second wife Grace, dau. 
of Miles Ives. Ch. Hannah bapt. 7 (5) 1644, 
Samuel b. and d. in 1046, Elizabeth b. 9 (9) 
bapt. 14 (9) 1647, Sarah bapt. 2 (12) 1050. 
William bapt. 11 (5) 1652, Grace b. and bapt. 
at Camb.; Nathaniel bapt. Feb. 6, 1658, Mar- 
tha bapt. Sept. 9, 1660. 

He d. Nov. 28, 1683, ae. 70. Inv. taken 28 
March folg., and admin, gr. to Daniel 


John, tailor, having served with Mr. 
Win. Hutchinson for divers years was adm. 
iuhab. of Boston in 1039. Adm. ehh. wltli 
wife Mary 7 (5) 1639. She deposed in 1662, 
ae. about 40 years. [Arch. 15 B.] He was 
to receive 40 s. from Mr. John Beauford 23 
(10) 1644. Had accts. with Thomas Foot- 
man of Gorgeana 5 (2) 1648. [A.] Ch. John 
bapt. 18 (0) 1639, Hannah bapt. 20 (7) 1640, 
John bapt. 17 (5) 1642, ae. about 4 days, Jo- 
seph b. 10 (7) 1644, Mary bapt. 8 (9( 1646, 
ae. about 7 days, Benjamin bapt. 27 (6) 1648, 
ae. about 7 days, Mary bapt. 20 (8) 1650, Ben- 
jamin bapt. Nov. 2S, 1652, Samuel b. March 
14, 1655, Jacob (of Ann and John) bapt. 18 
(1) 1655, Mehetabel (of John and Mary) b. 
Dee. 21, 1657, Mehetabel (of Ann) bapt. 27 
(10) 1657. 

John Hurd, Sen., d. Sept. 23, 1690. Will 
prob. Oct. 2, 1090, beq. to wife Mary; sons 
John and Jacob; gr. dan. Elizabeth, dan. of 
Benjamin, dec; dau. Hannah Cowell; Ja- 
cob's son Jacob. 

Lulie, linen-weaver, Newbury, propr. 
1638. Salem, frm. Sept. 6, 1639. Rem. to 
Salisbury; propr. 1640. Rem. to Ipswich; d. 
in 1647. Ch. John b. Feb. 4, d. Feb. 25, 1643; 
John b. March 6, 1644-5, Edmund. 

Nunc, will prob. 28 (7) 1647; wife Sarah, 
sons John and Edmund. 

At the request of the ch.'s grandfather 
John Wyatt, Joseph Bigsby, intending mar- 
riage to the widow, and about removing 
from this jurisdiction, gave bonds with her 
15 (10) 1647, for maintenance of the ch.; their 
gr. father Wyatt to advise. Sarah was to 
receive land at Asington, co. Suff., Eng., af- 
ter her mother's death, if not entailed. 

William, Plymouth, came in the Ann 
in 1623. 


Benjamin, Lynn, accused of wit'e-beat- 
ing in 1647. 



Bartholomew, Newbury. Rem. to Hav- 
erhill; propr. 1646; town officer. He deposed 
in 1057, ae. about 41 years. Deeded land 12 
March, 1668-9, to his sons John, Joseph and 


HEATH, cont. 

Josias H. He m. Hannah Moyce; ch. b. at 
Newb.: John b. 15 Aug. 1643, at Hav. Josh- 
ua b. and d. 1047, Hannah b. May 7, 1648, 
d. Nov. 9, 1668, Josiah b. Sept. 4, 1651, Eliz- 
abeth b. and d. 1054, Benjamin b. 1056, d. 
1057, Elizabeth b. 1658, d. 1059. Wife Han- 
nah d. July 19, 1677. 
He d. Jan. 15, 1681. Inv. March 28, 1682. 

Isaac, harms maker, (armourer?) ae. 50,. 

Elizabeth, ae. 40, Martha, ae. 30, and Eliza- 
beth, ae. 5, came in the Hopewell in Sept., 
1635. Settled at Roxbury; frm. May 25, 1636. 
Ruling elder, town officer, deputy. His dau. 
Elizabeth m. John Bowles, and d. 7 (5) 1655. 
He was bur. 23 (11) 1660. Will prob. 2 days 
later. To wife; son; cousin Martha Brand; 
kinsman Edward Morrice; Mary Mory. The 
widow Elizabeth d. 14 (11) 1664. Her will 
mentions sister Burnett and her son Isaac 
B.; Jacob Newell's wife; Isaac Johnson's 
dau. that he had by Hannah Heath; cousin. 
Gary, the old man; goodmen Frysell that 
m. goodman Buskett's dau.; cousin Capt. 
Johnson, and sister Waterman. [Reg. X, 
65, and XIII, 150.] 

William, embarked June 22, 1632, came 
to Roxbury; frm. March 4, 1632-3. Court 
com. and deputy in 1634; householder. 

He d. 29 (3) 16-52. His will mentions wife, 
sons Isaac and Peleg, dans. Mary Spere, 
and Hannah Tenne, and bro. Elder Heath. 
[Reg. IV, 287.] The widow was bur. 15 (10> 

HEATON, called also EATON, 

Nathaniel, mercer, Boston, propr. Adm. 
chh. with wife Elizabeth 2 (9) 1034. Had 
accts. in 1639 with Lechford. Frm. May 25, 
1636. Ch. Eleazer b. 22 (7), bapt. 2 (8) 1636, 
Nathaniel b. 31 (6) bapt. 1 (7) 1639, Elizabeth 
b. 13 (8) bapt. 8 (8) 1639. 

The widow m. 2, Joseph Pell, and 3, John 
Minor. Jabesh "Eaton" and Mary who m. 
John Gilbert 5 (3) 1653, seemed to be older 
ch. The widow conveys her right of dower 
in certain land May 13, 1600. Nathaniel and 
Elizabeth petitioned Feb. 1. 1604, for a di- 
vision of the est., which was allowed. [Beg. 
XIII, 338.] Inv. mentions something which 
had been given to Cornelius Fisher's wife 

Robert, Salem, bricklayer, adm. chh. 
with wife Joanna May 3, 1646. Bought land 
in 1659. Rem. to Beverly. Ch. Marie b. 
Nov. 27, 1641, (m. Nicholas Snelling.) John 
b. Jan. 24, 1642-3, Sarah b. and d. 1644, Jo- 
seph and Robert bapt. May 7, 1648, Johan- 
na b. Feb| 23, 1651, (m. John Swanton,) Eliz- 
abeth b. May 6, 1653, Abigail b. May 6, 1655, 
(m. Thomas Blackford of Beverly,) Samuel 
b. June 20, 1658. 

He d. May 7, 1684; will prob. 24 June, 1684, 
beq. to wife and children. The widow d. 
1696. [Genealogy in Reg. LI, 316.] 


John, Braintree. Ch. John b. 3 (10) 


William, gent., capt, brought a suit in 
Es. Court in 1637. Settled at Sandwich; sold 
the time of his servant Robert Wicksen Nov. 
8, 1638. Propr. 1640. Frm. 5 June, 1651. 
Town officer. He rem. to Yarmouth. Ch. 
Elizabeth b. 21 May 1647, (m. Jan. 4, 1665, 
Jonathan Barnes of Plym.,) Mary b. 1048. 
Will dated June 30, i^rob. 11 Aug. 1670. 
Wife Blanch; ch. Abraham, Elisha, AVilliam, 
John, Elemuel, Sarah Matthews, Elizabeth 
Barnes, Mary Sturges and Marcye; sister 
Brookes to have a livelyhood among his chil- 
dren so long as she continues a widow. [Reg. 
VII, 235.] 

William, Taunton, frm. Mass. Col. May 
14, 1639. 

He d. April 2, 1054. Wife Mary, (dau. of 
Henry Andrews,) sons John and Henry. 
[Reg. T, 261.] The widow m. 2. Peter 
Pitts, and deeded her part of the estate to 
her sons, her husband endorsing the bond, 
15 March, 1654. 

HEDSALL, see Edsall. 


Henry, transferred by permission of 
Gen. Court from the service of Mr. Jonathan 
Wade of Ipswich to that of John Johnson, 
1 (10) 1040. 

Samuel, Ipswich, res. 1648. 

Thomas, planter, Scituate, propr. 1637; 
took oath of allegiance 1 Feb. 1638; atba. 
1643. Juryman; town otficer. His son 
Thomas was his partner in a suit at law in 
1653. Dau. Sarah m. 6 Jan. 1651, Thomas 

His will dated 14 Feb. 1682, inv. taken 
3 May, 1683, beq. to son Thomas; gr. sons 
Thomas and John; daus. Elizabeth James, 
Sarah Turner, Mary Bryant and Deborah 
Ticknor; Isabel Witherell, sometime wife to 
son Samuel, now wife to Samuel W.; gr. ch. 
Benjamin and Elizabeth Bryant. Philip, son 
of Francis James of Hingham, and Joseph 
Studson. Lands at Waldern in Old Eng- 
land, against Waldern Down towards Herf- 
fields, and a house at Tenterden in Kent, 
to son Thomas. 


Francis, residence not stated, frm. 
May 6, 1646. 

Ralph, a man-servant, Roxbury, frm. 
Sept. 3, 1634. Memb. chh. 1633. [E.] Propr. 
He m. July 5, 1634, Elizabeth Hewes; she 
d. Feb. 4, 1084, ae. 82. Ch. Marah b. and 
d. 1635, Samuel b. June, 1636, Ruth b. Sept. 
21, 1638, John b. April 27, 1641, Joshua b. 
April 9, 1643, Mary b. April 7, 1644, Elizabeth 
b. May 31, 1645, Mary b. April 7, 1647. 

He d. June 1, 1078. Will dated 4 May, 1677, 
prob. 11 July, 1678, beq. to wife Elizabeth; 
sons John, Samuel, Joseway; dau. Elizabeth 


Daniel, planter, Haverhill, propr. 1645; 
sold land in Hampton 8 (8) 1649; town offi- 
cer. He deeded land 25 March, 1602, for his 
seven eldest ch. (specified,) in trust to his 
bros.-in-law John and Robert Pike. He m. 
Dorothie, dau. of John Pike, Sen. She d. 
June 5, 1059. He m. 2, Mary Stockbridge. 
Ch. Daniel, Hannah b. June 4, 1645, John b. 
May 23, 1048, Jotham b. March 21, 1049-50, 
Jabez b. Dec. 3, 1051, Israel b. Nov. 11, 1653, 
Dorothie b. May 31, 1059, Sarah b. Aug. 8, 
1661, Abraham b. Aug. 2, 1063, d. Dec. 1, 
1690, Deborah b. Nov. 25, 1666. 


Robert, shipwright, Boston, son of 
Thomas, of Southold. Eng., mariner, sold est. 
In Eng. to his father-in-law Henry Har- 
wood 1 (1) 1640-1. [L.] 


Peter, Boston; wife Margaret; ch. Mary 
b. 21 (1) 10.39, John b. 22 (12) 1012. 

George, glover, Charlestown, frm. May 
25, 1630. Bell-ringer. 1657. Wife Hannah 
adm. chh. (2) 1038; eh. Eebecca, Hannah, 

He d. Feb. 9, 1665-6. Will dated 27 (6) 
1665, no date of prob., beq. to son Wright, 
he to pay to each of the ch. viz. Richard, 
John, and Abigail W.; son Ludkin to secure 
to his wife what I gave her on her marriage 
to her first husband; to Sara and Rebecca 
Sally. Aaron Ludkin was his partner in 
his trade. 


.Tohn, shoemaker, ae. 23, cert, from 
Northampton. Eng., came in the Abigail in 
June, 1635. Settled at Salem; propr. 1637, 
frm. June 2, 1641. The Gen. Court gr. him 
land Oct. 7, 1640, on account of the £50 
adventure of John Harris. Was one of the 
appraisers of the est. of John Thorne in 1646. 
Mary, [his wife?] adm. chh. 1039. Ch. Mary 
bapt. 29 (1) 1040, John bapt. 15 (8) 1643. 

He rem. to Southold, L. I.; sold Salem land 
in 1656. [Es. De.] 


Nathaniel, Braintree, frm. May 10, 
1643. Ch. Nathaniel b. 8 (12) 1640, Mary b. 
15 (12) 1642. 

HERMITAGE, see Armitage. 


George, residence not stated, before 
■Gen. Court 2 (4) 1640. 

Is this the man "Hern" associated with the 
Hutchinsons at Newport, who taught that 
women have no souls, etc., in 1638, according 
to Winthrop? 

Matthew, Hingham, propr. 1635; ret. 
-to Eng. before 1640. [L.] 


Henry, yeoman, Salem, propr. 1635, 
frm. May 18, 1031. Rem. to Wenham, and 
later to Beverly. Wife Edith memb. chh. 
before 1636. Ch. Zeehariah bapt. 25 (10) 
1636, a son bapt. 11 (12) 1037, Henry bapt. 
16 (11) 1039, Joseph bapt. 6 (0) 1645, Eliza 
bapt. 4 (5) 1647, John bapt. 26 (3) 1650, Lyd- 
ia and Joseph, of — H., bapt. 20 (7) 1666. 

Inv. of his est. taken 15 March, 1070-1, pre- 
sented by son Henry; land, books, etc. The 
widow Edith deposed 28 (9) 1072, ae. about 
00 years, that her father Hugh Laskin sold 
land before he went away about 25 years 

William, of Boston in 1640. [I.] 


James, Cambridge, propr. Rem. to 
Dedham; propr. 19 (5) 1639. 

Thomas, Dedham, adm. townsman 
1643, frm. May 3, 1654. He m. 15 (2) 1650, 
Mary, dau. of Robert Pierce of Dorchester; 
he and his wife rec'd from Dorch. chh. 19 
(S) 1651. Ch. Mary b. and d. 1051, Thomas 
b. 13 (5) 1054, James b. 5 (9) 1056, Sarah b. 
14 (11) 1058, Deborah b. 10 Oct. 10e(>, Mar- 
tha b. 11 July, 1068, Thomas b. 28 April, 

He d. 27 (6) 1684. Will dated 18 (2) 1673, 
prob. 7 Nov. 1084, beq. to wife Mary, and 
to children at her discretion. 


William, husbandman, Hingham, propr. 
1030, frm. March, 1037-8. Court com. of val- 
uation, 1640; town officer. Dau. Elizabeth 
m. Moses Oilman; Judith m. Humphrey Wil- 

He d. March 24, 1658. Will mentions wife 
Elizabeth; ch. William, John, James, Fran- 
ces, Elizalieth, Judith; gr. ch. John Croade 
and William Hersie. Cousin John Farring- 
ton, Thomas Marsh and son-in-law Richard 
Croade, overseers. [Reg. VIII, 354] The 
widow's will, dated 26 Aug. 1670, prob. 25 
(8) 1071, beq. to ch. William, John, .Tames, 
Frances Croade, Judith Wilson and Eliza- 
beth Oilman. 

HEWARD, see Haward, 

John, in Court 7 April, 1635. 


HARSAY, see Winsley, 
Christopher, Salem, 1643. Rem. to 
Wenham. Ch. Mary bapt (3) 1646. 

Mary, widow, d. 2 (7) 1646; admin. 29 (10) 


Robert, Concord, propr., rem. to 
Charlestown; mortg. house in Cone. 20 (11) 
1640. Called into Essex Court 1643: had 
lived many years from his wife. Brought 
suits in Norf. court in 1648. 

HEWES, HUGHS, HUES, see Huse, 
Abel, frm. May 18, 1642. 

John, Scituate, taxed in 1632; appl. 
frm. 6 March, 1637-8; atba. 1643. Wife 
Jone. [Plym. Col. Ree. 1634.] 

Will dated 6 Feb. 1671, prob. 22 Feb. 1674, 
beq. to wife Joanna, son James H. and son- 
in-law Jeremiah Hatch. 

John, Watertown, propr. 1642. 

Joshua, iron-monger, merchant, Rox- 
bury, came about (7) of the year 1G33; his 
wife (Mary), dau. of [Henry] Gouldstone, 
came the next summer to Watertown, where 
she joined the chh.; they were m. Oct. [8] 
1634. [E.] Propr., town officer, deputy. 
He rem. to Wiekford in the Narragansett 
country, whence he gave deeds relating to 
the est. of Joshua Foote 14 Nov. 166.5. He 
res. in Boston 1645-1657. His wife Mary d. 
in Bo. 23 (6) 1655; and he m. 11 (12) 1650, 
Alice, dau. of John Crabtree. Ch. Joshua 
b. and d. 1639, Mary b. Dec. 29, 1641, Joshua 
b. May 25, 1644, Hannah b. 28 Oct. 1057. 


Humphrey, Duxbury, took oath of 
fidelity 3 Jan. 163G. 

James, Plymouth, juryman, 1636. 

Nicholas, Boston. Ch. Zebulon b. (11) 

Robert, punished by the Court March 
6, 1632-3. 

Thomas, tailor, Hingham, propr., frm. 
26 May, 1047. He deposed June 15, 1603, ae. 
about 54 years, upon marriage of his dau. 
Elizabeth with Thomas Hubert. [Mdx. 
Files.] Wife Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Chap- 

HEWETT, etc., cont. 

man, (who. beq. to her in 1639,) d. 22 May,. 
1649. He m. 2, Mary, widow of John Cut- 
ler. Ch. Ephraim bapt. July, 1639, Jary bapt. 
May 2, 1640, John bapt. July IS, 1041, James 
bapt. March 12, 1642-3, Elizabeth b. and d. 
1643, Thomas bapt. May 12, 1644, Elizabeth 
bapt. March 3, 1644-5, Timothy bapt. Feb. 
21, 1640-7. 

He d. 24 May, 1070, ae. about 01 years. 
Inv. taken 12 Aug. 1070, and admin, gr. to 
son Ephraim. The est. reed, from Wm. 
Chapman is mentioned. The widow was 
living with her son Thomas at Charlestown 
in 1674. [Town Rec] 


Lewis, Charlestown, propr. 1036; be- 
fore Gen. Court 3 (10) 1639. Rem. to Salis- 
bury; propr. 1640. 

Matthew, came in the Hercules in 
April, 1634. 

Mr.. Salem; resided at Saugus; de- 
sired land at Marblehead in 1636. 


Robert, husbandman, ae. 40, came from 
Weymouth, Eng., before March 20, 1635. 
Settled at Braintree; propr. 1639. 

HIBBABD, see Hebbert. 


Mr. William, gent., Boston, came in the 
Mary and John March 26, 1033-4; frm. May 
13, 1640. Asst., deputy, town officer, agent 
for the Colony in England, etc. Was adm. 
to the chh. with wife Anne 28 (7) 1039. The 
church gave him general letters of introduc- 
tion and recommendation to churches in 
Eng. 25 (5) 1041. He rendered most import- 
ant service to the Colony in Parliament, in. 
connection with Messrs. Peter and Weld in 
1641 and 1642. Made public expression of 
his gratitude to God for remarkable preser- 
vation and prosperity, on his return. [W.] 

He d. July 23, 1654. 

His widow was adjudged a witch, and ex- 
ecuted in 1056. Her will, prob. July 2. 1056, 
beq. to her sons John, Joseph and Jonathaa 
Moore; to cousin Mark Cooe. [Reg. VI, 283.1 




David, Boston, a servant, before the 
Court 1 (4) 1G41. Wife Catharine; ch. Cath- 
arine b. 2 June, 1654, Solomon and David b. 
and d. in 1661. 

HIDE, see HYDE, 


Peter, servant to Anthony Thatcher, 
of Saruui, tailor, came in the James, April 
5, 1635. 


1629, to Salem, where he did important, 
though brief work, as teacher of the church. 
"A good man, full of faith and full of work." 
[C. M.] 

He d. in Aug. 1630. His widow rem. to 
Charlestown, then to New Haven, Conn. 
She d. in 1640. Ch. John, Francis, Timothy, 
Theophilus, Samuel, Anne, Mary, Charles, 
Neophytus. [Reg. VI, 105.] [Es. Inst. Coll. 
V, 33.] [See Lord, William.] 


Alexander, Duxbury, took oath of fidel- 
ity 3 Jan. 1636. 

Alexander, Salem, 1637. 

Richard, Eastham, propr. 1650 or ear- 
lier. He m. Oct. 1651, Mary Yates; ch. Mai-y 
b. Sept. 1652, Eliakim b. Oct. 20, 1654, Jedal- 
ah b. March, 1656, Ezra b. June, 1658, Thom- 
as b. Jan. 1661, Lydia b. July, 1664. 

John, Dedham, pioneer, 1636; sold land 
in 1639. 

John, Hampton, mortg. house and land 
to secure delivery of pipe staves 22 (1) 1643- 
4. [Ipswich rec] 

Will dated May 31, prob. Oct. 11. 1670; 
ae. about 61 years; beq. to wife Bridget and 
son John. The widow m. 2, John Clifford, 
q. V. 

Richard, tailor, Plymouth, taxed in 
1632; frm. 1634; atba. 1643. Took Samuel 
Godbertson apprentice in 1634. He m. Dec. 
11, 1634, Lydia Chandler; he m. 2, Mary, 
widow of John Yates; ch. .Jonathan b. July, 
1637, Benjamin b. July, 1640, Mary b. 27 
Sept. 1652, Eliakim b. 20 Oct. 1654, William 
b. 15 Dec. 1655, Jedidiah b. 5 March, 1656. 

Thomas, Plymouth, apprenticed for S 
years, Jan. 1, 1633-4, to John Jenney. Rem. 
to Barnstable. He m. at Nocett, Nov. 3, 
1648, [Rose,] widow [of Hugh] Tillye. 


Rev. P''rancis, one of the first ministers 
of the chh. of Salem, b. in 1657, grad. at 
Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, Eng., A.B. 1609, 
A.M. 1613; preached at Claybrook in Leices- 
ter. Was sought by the Mass. Bay Com- 
pany 23 March, 1628-9, for service in New 
England. Came in the Talbot, June 29, 


Richard, Cambridge, frm. May 10, 
1643; town officer, 1645. Rem. to Woburn. 
One of the founders of Chelmsford; had a 
special granb of 150 acres of land in 1663 on 
account of having lost his right hand. His 
son James, ae. 20, deposed concerning his 
father's corn, 30 (7) 1651. [Mdx. Files.] 
He d. in 1688, ae. 83. [Reg. XI, 7.] 


Abraham, carpenter, Charlestown, adm. 
chh. 3 (4) 1639; frm. May 13, 1640. Town 
officer. Sold house 1646. Rem. to Maiden. 
Deposed 2 (8) 1660, ae. about 45 years; re- 
ferred to father Robert Longe of Charles- 
town. [Mdx. Files.] Wife Sarah; ch. Ruth 
b. 2 (4) 1640, Isaac b. 29 (8) 1641, Abraham 
b. 1 (8) 1643, Sarah b. 19 (6) 1647, d. Oct. 
1649, Sarah b. in Maiden Oct. 1649, Mary b. 
9 May, 1652, Jacob b. (1) 1656-7. 

He d. Feb. 13, 1669-70. Inv. filed 5 (2) 
1670, by widow Sarah. 

Bartholomew, mentioned in Col. Rec. 
3 Nov. 1630. 

Elizabeth, widow, Bo.ston, adm. chh. 
5 (3) 1639. 

Hercules, Scituate, [see William 
Hatch,] served 13 days against the Narra- 
gansetts in 1645. 

John, Dorchester, propr. 1633. Wife 
Frances adm. chh. before 1639; ch. Samuel 
bapt. in 1638, Samuel b. in 1640, Jonathan 
bapt. 12 (5) 1640, Hannah b. in 1641, Mercy 
b. 8 (11) 1642, [Ebenezer] bapt. 15 (12) 1645, 
ilartha bapt. 20 (6) 1648, Mehitabel bapt. 
18 (12) 1650, Mary m. 12 (2) 1656, Thomas 
Breeke, Ruth m. 19 (5) 1654, Roger Willis, 
Rebecca adm. chh. 11 (7) 1664. 


HILL, etc., cont. 

He d. 31 (3) 1664. Will prob. 30 (4) 1664, 
beq. to wife Frances, sons John and Samuel 
acd dau. Mary; at his wife's death the est. 
to be divided to the "nine youngest children," 
or so many as may survive. A son-in-law 
of the wiaow came from Boggerstow to so- 
journ at her house 12 (4) 1665. She m. 2, 
Jonas Austin, and rem. to Taunton, being 
dism. from the chh. 28 (4) 1074. She d. at 
Dorch. Nov. 18, 1676. 

John, blacksmith, Boston, adm. chh. 
with wife Margaret (51 1641; frm. May 18, 
1642. One of the founders of Lancaster ac- 
cepted by Gen. Court in 1645. 

He d. July 21, 1646. [Col. Rec] Inventory 
filed 11 Nov. 1646. [Reg. VII, 35.] 

John, carpenter, Boston, bond, 14 (6) 
1639. [L.] Frm. May 6, 1646. 

John, merchant, Boston, adm. chh. 15 
(3) 1647. 

John; he rem. to Newbury; the Gen. 
Court confirmed his sale of land at Water- 
town 15 May, 1654. 

John, wheelwright, Salem, propr. 1649, 
1658, etc. He m. 1, Miriam, dau. of Thomas 
Gardner, Sen.; m. 2, Lydia BufCum 26 (6) 
1664. Ch. Miriam b. 24 (1) 1658, Susanna b. 
31 (5) 1660, Lydia b. March 30, 1666. Eliza- 
beth b. Dec. 15, 1007, John b. 22 (11) 1670, 
Robert b. 11 (9) 1676. 

His will dated 29 Sept. prob. 30 Nov. 1680, 
beq. to ch. Miriam, Susan, Lydia, Elizabeth, 
John and Robert. 

John, Plymouth, rem. before 1631; see 
letter of Bradford in Reg. II, 244. 

Joseph, (Hills,) Sen., woolen draper, 
from Maiden, co. Essex, Eng., deposed 30 
July, 1039, that he came in the Susan and 
Ellen in 1038, as an undertalier, $. e. stocli- 
holder). [L.] Settled at Charlestown; adm. 
inhabitant in 1636; res. in the part which 
became Maiden. Adm. chh. with wife Rose, 
(sister of Mr. Henry Dunster,) 2 (12) 1639; 
frm. May, 1645. Deputy. He deposed 16 
(10) 1662, ae. about 60. Joseph, Jr., deposed 
same day, ae. about 32. [Mdx. Files.] His 
note-boolc, containing business memoranda 
from 1627 down, is in the possession of the 
N. E. Hist Gen. Society. His wife Rose d. 
March 24, 1650. He m. June 24, 1651, 


HILL, etc., cont. 

Hannah, widow of Edward Mellows; he 
petitioned the Court, with her uncle, 
Mr. Peter Bull^eley, and reed, authority- 
to sell est. for the benefit of her children, 27 
May, 1652. After her death he m. (11) 1655, 
Helen Atkinson, who d. Jan. 6, 1663, and he 
m. Aune, widow of Henry Lunt, of Newbury, 
8 March, 1665. She deposed in 1671, ae^ 
about 50 years. Ch. Gershom b. 27 (5) 1639, 
Mehetabel b. 1 (11) 1040, d. July, 1653, John 
d. June 28, 1652, Samuel b. July, 1052, Na- 
thaniel b. and d. in 1053-4, Deborah b. (1) 
1656-7, d. Oct. 1, 1662, Abigail b. (8) 1058, 
d. Oct. 9, 1662, Abigail b. in Boston Jan. 5, 

He d. at Newbury 5 Feb. 1686-7, or 1687-8. 
Will prob. March 14, 1687-8, beq. to wife 
Anne; eh. Samuel, Wayte, Gershom, Eliza- 
beth, Hannah; ch. of his dec. son Joseph; 
gr. ch. Hannah and Elizabeth Blanchard, 
Hannah Winton and Samuel Green; to Re- 
becca Newhall; son-in-law Abiel Long and 
son Samuel execrs. 

Ralph, yeoman, Plymouth, 1638; sold 
land 10 Sept. 1043. Rem. to Woburn, propr. 
1043, frm. 26 May, 1647. Town officer. One 
of the incorporators of Billerica in 1654. 
Gave land for a burying place. He m. at 
Plymouth, 21 Dec. 1038, Margaret, wido^ 
of Roger Toothaker; ch. Jonathan b. at Wob. 
April 20, 1646. 

He d. 29 April, 1663. Will dated 18 Nov. 
1662, prob. 12 (9) 1663, beq. to wife Mar- 
garet; ch. Ralph, Martha, Rebecca, Nathan- 
iel and Jonathan; gr. ch. Mary Littlefield 
and Elizabeth Hill; son-in-law Roger Tooth- 
aker. The widow Margaret d. 22 (9) 1683, 
ae. 88. 

Richard, cooper, Charlestown, propr. 

Robert, servant to Mr. Craddock, ae. 
20, came in the Defence in July, 1635. 

Tobias, and wife, [Lynn,] lawsuit in 
Es. Court, 1040. 

Thomas, Roxbury, a servant in Mr. 
John Eliot's family, came in 1633; d. about 
(12) 1634; faithful, prudent, good. [E.] 

Mr. Thomas, Plymouth, frm. 7 March. 
1030-7. Propr. 1638. Sold house and gar- 
den, 1640. 

Valentine, merchant, Boston, adm. chh. 

HILL, etc., cont. 

12 {4) 1G3G, fi-m. May 13, 1G40. Propr., town 
officer, deacon. Was chief owner of a large 
wliarf property. Bought lands at Oyster 
Eiver, (Dover,) before 1049; rem. thither. 
Wife Frances d. 17 (12) 1044 or 5; he m. 2, 
Mary —, who was adm. chh. 15 (3) 1647. Ch. 
Hannah b. 17 (1) 1U3S, (m. Jan. 24, 1659, An- 
tipas Boyce,) John b. and d. in 1040. Eliza- 
beth b. 12 (10) 1641, d. 9 (2) 1643, Joseph 
and Benjamin b. and d. in 1644, Josei>h bapt. 
26 (5) 1646, ae. about S days, John bapt. 22 
(6) 1647, ae. about 3 days, Samuel bapt. 10 
(10) 1648, ae. about 2 days, Mary bapt. 30 
(10 » 1649, ae. about 1 day, Elizabeth bapt. 
25 (3) 16.J1. 

He d. before Aug. 3, 1603, when the widow 
made her friend Mr. Joseph Hill of Maiden 
her attorney for certain business. 

Jlr. William, merchant, Dorchester, one 
of the first company; [Bl.] frm. Nov. 5, 1633. 
He sold his property July 20, 1638. 

William, embarked March 7, 1631; came 
to Roxbury in 1632, a man-servant. Frm. 
May 14, 1634. He m. Phillis, dau. of Richard 
Lyman, and rem. to Hartford, Conn. [E.] 
Wife Sarah; ch. AVilliam, Ignatius and James 
were legatees of his sister, Mary Goodwyn, 
widow, of Lyme Regis, Dorset, Eng. in will, 
31 March, 1665. [Reg. XXXIX, 79.] His wid- 
ow m. 2, Edmund Greenleaf of Boston, q. v. 

William, wheelwright, ae. 70, came In 
the James in July, 1635. 

Zebulon, cooper, Gloucester, propr. 
1649; having formerly lived in Bristol, Eng., 
he deposed at Salem 27 (7) 1052, concerning 
Thomas AA'athing. His wife Elizabeth was 
dismissed from the chh. of Salem to that 
of Saybrook, Conn, in 1662. Ch. John b. 2 
(4) 1659, Philip b. 24 (10) 1662, Zebulon b. 

5 (4) [ ], Elizabeth b. 1 (12) 1604, Abigail 

b. 24 (7) 1670, Sara b. 22 June, 1675. 

Will dated 29 March, 1699, prob. 11 March, 
1699. Refers to the will of dec. son Zebulon; 
beq. to son Philip, daus. Elizabeth Murston, 
Abigail Allen, Sarah Morgan; to gr. ch. Ben- 
jamin and Elizabeth Ashby. 

Anthony, Hingham, propr. 1639. 

Hugh, residence unknown, frm. Sept. 
3, 1634. 

HILLIARD, etc., cont. 

William, ae. 23, carpenter, came In the 
Elizabeth and Ann in May, 1635. Settled 
at Duxbury; before the Court 12 March, 
1638-9. Juryman 1638; atba. 1643. Ownea 
a mill with George Pollerd in 1640. Propr. 

William, Boston. Rem. to Hingham. 
Wife Hester; ch. Hester or Esther b. 25 (1) 
1642, (m. at Hingham Jan. 9, 1057, JosepH 
Bate,) Mary bapt. 7 (4) 1644, (m. at H. Aug. 
14, 1664, John Farrow, Jr.,) William bapt. 
with the others at Hing. March 25, 1655. 


EUner, ae. 33, came in the Abigail In 
July, 1635. 


William, came in the Fortune to Ply- 
mouth, Nov. 1621; his wife and children 
came in the Anne in 1023. Lands assignea 
them in 1623. [Plym. Col. Rec] Rem. to 
Newbury; in acct. with the est. of Joseph 
Avery in 1635. [Col. Rec] Frm. May 19, 
1042. Deputy, 1642-3. Rem. to New Hamp- 
shire. Ch. Sarah b. June, 1641, Charles b. 
July, 1643, Ann b. 12 Feb. 1648, Elizabetn 
b. 6 Nov. 1650, William b. 28 June, 1653. 


Samuel, from Tenterden, co. Kent, 
came in the Hercules in March, 1634. Set- 
tled at Scituate. Frm. 7 Feb. 1636-7. Rem. 
to Barnstable in 1038-9. Juror, town officer. 
His wife Sarah came with him; was adm. 
chh. Aug. 30, 1635; they brought four chil- 
dren: Thomas, (who became governor of 
Plymouth Colony,) Susanna, (m. Rev. John 
Smith,) Sarah, (m. Henry Cobb,) and Mary; 
other ch. b. here were Elizabeth bapt. Sept. 
6, 1635, (m. 15 July, 1()57, Elisha Parker,) 
Samuel bapt. 24 July, 1042, John bapt. 26 
May, 1644. His wife d. Aug. IS, 1056; he m. 
Dec, 1057, Bridget Bodfish. 

He d. Oct. 31, 1002; will dated 8 Oct. 1002, 
prob. 4 March, 1062-3, beq. to wife Bridget, 
sons Samuel, John and Thomas, daus. Su- 
sannah, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth, and to 
his grandchildren. [Reg. VI, 95.] 


Margaret, before Gen. Court 3 (10) 
1639; her husband gave bonds. 


Elizabeth, a maid servant, came in 
1633 to Rosbury; memb. chh.; m. Alexanaer 
Beck, and was reed, to chh. of Boston 27 (9) 

James, Salem, memb. chh. 25 (2) 1G3T, 
frm. March, 1637-8. Sold land in Marble- 
head in 1649. Rem. to Southold, L. I. Wife 
Mary; ch. .John bapt. 28 (6) 1639, James bapt. 
2 (6) 1641, Benjamin bapt. 26 (6) 1643, Mary 
bapt. 19 (2) 1646, James bapt. 27 (12) 1647, 
Jonathan and Sarah bapt. 11 (4) 1648, Thom- 
as bapt. 4 (3) 1651. 

Will, dated 1 March, 1652, inv. dated IS 
i9) 1655, beq. to wife Mary; to eldest son 
John his tools and a double portion; other 
children not specified. [Reg. XXXVII, 161.] 

Margery, maid servant to John Under- 
bill, adm. chh. Boston 29 (10) 1633. 


Robert, Dedham, propr. 1637, memb. 
■chh. 1638. Town officer. Rem. to Medfleld. 
Mortg. land in 1656. He and his wife Ann 
conveyed lands in M. to Jeremiah Taulie, 
•citizen and cloth-worker of London, Aug. 20, 
1663, as security for the payment of certain 
sums. Wife Ann adm. chh. 2 (4) 1639; ch. 
Barnabas b. 13 (9) 1639, Gamaliel b. 5 (1) 
1642, Mary b. 14 (12) 1643, Experience, son, 
b. 27 (11) 1645, John b. 27 (11) 1647, Ephraim 
■b. 26 (7) 1650. 

He rem. to Hadley and later to Deerfleld, 
where he and his sons Barnabas, John and 
Samuel were slain by Indians. Inv. of his 
est. taken Oct. 22, 1676; Ephraim was surety 
for the widow Elizabeth. 


Teague, Charlestown, resident in 1034. 


Richard, residence not given, was be- 
fore Gen. Court Aug. 5, 1634. 

Matthew, ae. 25, came in the Susan 
and Ellen in April, 1635. Settled at Water- 
town; propr. 1636. Had a grant of land in 
payment for his care of the dry herd Sept. 
16, 1639. Rem. to New Haven, Conn. 

Edward, a singleman. adm. chh. Boston 
3 (6) 1634; frm. March 4, 1634-5. 


Richard, Boston; gave bond with Isaac 
Walker for the security of the ship Begin- 
ning; cleared by Henry Parks 27 Oct. 1651. 
Wife Mary; ch. Timothy b. 2 May, 1649, 
Mary b. Dec. 1054, Richard b. 20 Jan. 1056, 
d. July 27, 1058, Elizabeth b. July 25, 1659, 
Thomas b. Feb. 23, 1661, Elizabeth and 
Thomas bapt. 10 Oct. 1064, Rebecca b. March 
20, 1005, Timothy bapt. 25 (4) 1665. 

Robert, felmonger, from Southwark, 
CO Surrey, Eng., came in the Fortune In 
1021 to Plymouth. Drew lots for himself, 
his wife and two children in 1623. (See 
Clement Briggs.) Frm. 1633. At the di- 
vision of Cattle in 1627 he had wife Mar- 
garet, ch. Samuel, Ephraim, Lydia and Phe- 

He d. March 24, 1647. Will dated May 
28, 1645, prob. May 15, 1648, beq. to wife 
Margaret, sons Samuel and Ephraim, gr. 
son John Bangs; to John Watson and other 
persons. The widow made will July 8, 1665, 
giving her est. to son Samuel, dau.-in-law 
Lydia, gr. ch. John Bangs; to the son of her 
son Ephraim, now dec; to the son of George 
Watson, husband of her dec. dau. Phebe. 
[Reg. 11, 244, IV, 282, and VI, 187.] 

Thomas, Marblehead, a proprietor in 
1649. [Rem. to] Scituate. 

Will dated Jan. 10, 1652, prob. Oct. 3, 1653. 
Wife Margaret, sons Zachariah, Daniel and 
Samuel. The widow being unable to come 
to Plymouth to prove the will, on account of 
her age and weakness, the Court ordered 
that her deposition be taken at home. [Reg. 
V, 200, and Plym. Col Rec] 


Joanna, widow of Mr. Charles Hoar, 
brewer, of the city of Gloucester, Eng., came 
to N. E. about 1042. Her dau. Margery m. 
Mr. Henry Flint, who was the assoc. min- 
ister of the chh. of Braintree, and there she 
made her home. She brought with her sons 
John, Daniel and Leonard, and dau, Joan- 
na, b. about 1625. (m. at Br. 26 (5) 1648, Ed- 
mund Quinsey, Jr.) A son Thomas was 
mentioned in her husband's will, who seems 


HOAB, etc., cont. 

to have rem. in Eng. She d. 21 (10) 1661. 

[See Genealogy in Reg. LIII.] 

Daniel, son of the above, came to Bos- 
ton; in partnership with Richard Cooke, 
reed, mortg. of land in Bo. 26 (10) 1650. His 
bro. John conducted a suit for him against 
Cooke, 1065; he then res. in Hull, Eng. He 
calls Richard Cooke cousin, iu letter dated 
April 20, 1663. [Mdx. Files.] [SufC. De. IV, 
317, and Col. Rec] 

Hezekiah, Taunton, atba. 1643; town 
officer. Ch. Jlercy b. Jan. 1654, Nathaniel 
b. JIareh, 1656, Sarah b. 1 April, 1058, Eliz- 
abeth b. 26 May, 1660, Edward b. 25 Sept. 
1663, Lydia b. 24 March, 1665, Hezekiah b. 
10 Nov. 166S, Mary b. 22 Sept. 1669. 

John, son of Charles and Joanna, b. 
about 1623, settled at Scituate; atba. 1643; 
juryman, 1646; prop. frm. 5 June, 1651. Law- 
yer, farmer, propr. Sold land in 1659, and 
rem. to Concord. Remonstrated to the Court 
about 1665, that he could not obtain justice 
for his bro.'s interests which he was repre- 
senting; and was disbarred temporarily from 
pleading auy case except his own. He ren- 
dered ever memorable service in protection 
of the praying Indians, and in obtaining the 
deliverance of captives held by hostile In- 
dians in 1675, in consideration of which he 
reed, a grant of land in 16S2. Ch. Elizabeth, 
(m. Dec. 23, 1675, Jonathan Preseott,) Mary, 
(m. Oct. 21, 1668, Benjamin Graves,) Dan- 
iel b. 1650. 

He d. April 2, 1704. His wife Alice d. 
June 5, 1690. 

Rev. Leonard, son of Charles and 
Joanna, b. at Gloucester, Eng. about 1032, 
came to N. E. about 1642. Was grad. at 
Harvard College in 1650; became its third 
president, constituted 10 (10) 1672. [S.] He 
m. Bridget, dau. of Lord John and Alicia 
Lisle. Ch. Bridget b. March 13, 1673, (m. 
Mr. Thomas Cotton; res. at Shoreditch, Lon- 
don, in 1695, her mother then dwelling with 

He d. in Boston 28 Nov., and was bur. at 
Braintree 6 Dec. 1675, ae. 45 years. Will 
dated 25 Oct. 1675; beq. to dau. Bridget and 
wife; to bros. Daniel and John Hoar, sisters 
Flint and Quinsey; cousins Josiah Flint and 
Noah Newman. To be interred at Brain- 
tree. The widow m. Hezekiah Usher. She 
d. May 25, 1723. [Reg. IX, 154, and 377.] 

HOAB, etc., cont. 

Richard, Yarmouth, frm. 7 Sept. 1641; 
atba. 1643; propr.; elder; com. for Court 
business; schoolmaster. 



John, apparently of Dorchester, arrest- 
ed for selling beaver skins he found, 20 (3) 
1637. [W.] Murdered by John Williams 
about (7) 1637. 


John, ae. 13, (sic) husbandman, came 
from Weymouth, Eng. before March 20, 1635. 
The son of widow Hoble was presented in 
Plym. Court 2 March, 1640-1. John d. at 
Springfield 24 (2) 1644. 


Maurice, Newbury, before Ipswich 
court in 1642; witness in 1663. 

Thomas, Salem, a witness in court In 
1048. He deposed in 1679, ae. 54 years, con- 
cerning matters at Wenham in 1651. 


William, Rowley, reed, bequest from 
Wm. Belliugham in 1650; propr.; selectman 
1052. He m. 12 (9) 1652, Ann, dau. of Hum- 
phrey Raynor. 

He was bur. 17 July, 1059. His wife, as 
adm. of his estate, confirmed in 1601 a deed 
of land he had formerly sold; and sold a lot 
which had been her father's. She sold oth- 
er land in 1682. 

In the admin, of the est. of John Hobson 
in 1684 reference is made to his father and 
mother and bro. and sister Hobson. 

George, Cambridge, propr. 1636, frm. 
March, 1637-8. Town officer. Returned to 
Newcastle on Tyne, Eng. before 1652; gave 
power of attorney for sale of Camb. prop- 
erty, etc. [Mdx. De. II.] Wife Jane; ch. 
Joseph b. 28 (10) 1639, Luke b. 6 (2) 1644, 
Anna b. 30 (7) 1645, Abiah b. 3 (2) 1648. 


HODGES, see Hodsden, Hedges and Miller, 
Andrew, husbandman, Ipswich, propr. 
1639; frm. June 2, 1641. 

Will dated Oct. 11, 1665, prob. 27 (1) 1666. 
Wife and her gr. child; cousin Giles Bird- 
ley, and others; to the poor of the town; to 
the college at Cambridge. 

John, mariner, Charlestown, inhabitant, 

1633. He gave letter of attorney 23 (6) 1645, 
for business at Bermuda. [A.] 

Wife Mary survived him and m. John An- 
derson, q. V. 

John, cooper, Salisbury, propr. 1639. 
AVas of London, Eng. in 1647, when his land 
was sold by John Harrison, agent. 

Nicholas, (Miller alias Hodges,) Ply- 
mouth, served against the Narragansetts 
from 15 Aug. 1645. [See Hosdone.] 

Admin, of his est. was gr. to Wm. Hos- 
kins. Sen. 6 Feb. 1665. Will dated Oct. 24, 
1665, beq. to Peter Reife, John and Wm., 
Jr. Hoskins, to Mary Cobb, Daniel Ramsden 
and Hannah Reife. [Reg. VI, 187.] 

William, Taunton, atba. 1643. [See 
will of Anthony Silpin of Barnstable, Plym. 
Prob. lib. II, p. 6.] 

Richard, witness to a deed in Boston, 
17 (8) 1645. 

Mr. William, planter, Plymouth, frm. 

1634, juryman 1636. Propr. He m. Nov. 
2, 1636, Sarah Cushman. He m. 21 Dec. 
1638, Ann Hyues. Rem. to Ipswich about 
1641. He deposed Sept. 29, 1691, ae. about 
69 years; had occupied beach privileges fifty 
years. Placed his dau. Sarah with Thomas 
and Winnifride Whitney 2 Jan. 1643, to re- 
main till 20 years of age. Wife Ann de- 
posed 2 March, 1641; had lived before mar- 
riage at the house of Mr. Derby, father of 
John and Richard D. Ch. — b. 30 Nov. 1647, 
Samuel b. 8 Aug. 1654. 


John, residence not given, before the 
Court in 1637. 

Richard, tailor, Boston, propr. 1639. 
Adm. chh. with wife .Toan 18 (6) 1639; frm. 
May 13, 1640. Ch. Joseph b. (10) 1636, bapt. 
25 (6) 1039, Mary bapt. 22 (5) 1641, ae. about 
6 days, John b. 4 (1) 1643, Mary b. 3 (11) 1646. 


Nathaniel, took oath of freemanship 
May 10, 1643. 

William, husbandman, ae. 40, with 
wife Winnifred, ae. 35, and children Han- 
nali, ae. 8, Jeremy, ae. 6, Mary, ae. 4, Sarah, 
ae. 2, and Abraham, ae. 3 months, and Alice 
Ashby. servant, cert, from the parish of All 
Saints, Northampton, Eng., came in the 
Desire in June, 1635. 


Grace, one of John Sampford's family, 
adm. chh. Boston 16 (6) 1635. 

William, servant to William White, 
came in the Mayflower to Plymouth; died 
soon after landing. [B.] 


Arthur, before Gen. Court Aug. 7, 1635, 
for taking too high wages. 


John, Sen., yeoman, Weymouth, frm. 
May 13, 1640. Bought % of a house, 
land and mill in W. 10 (10) 1656. 
Bouglit the other half of the heirs 
of Thomas Gatlive in 1668-9. With 
wife Elizabeth sold property in 1669. John, 
Jr., being one of the witnesses. A com. 
was chosen by the town, 22 Jan. 1674, to 
confer with him about the mill. Deputy, 
1651. His [first] wife Sarah d. 14 (11) 1643. 

Richard, Dorchester, propr., signed 
agreement 2 (12) 1646. [Town Rec] Frm. 
May 10, 1648. Ch. Abigail bapt. 21 (3) 1648, 
Mary bapt. 17 (1) 1050, John, (m. 24 (9) 1663, 
Elizabeth Hemeuway). 

Thomas, ae. 34, of Broadway, Eng., 
with wife Jane, ae. 34, ch. John, ae. 11, 
Thomas, ae. 10, Anne, ae. 5, and Elizabeth, 
ae. 1, came from Weymouth, Eng. before 
March 20, 1635. Settled at Weymouth. 
Memb. of com. to lay out way from Br. to 
Dorchester, 1640. Frm. May, 1645. Town 
oflicer, 1648. Of Dorchester, planter, bought 
land beyond Neponset 31 (6) 1649. 

Inv. of his est. taken 10 March, pres. 26 
April, 1677, by son, Capt. John H. Will 
dated 31 (12) 1668, prob. April 24, 1677, beq. 
to wife Jane, sons John, William and Thom- 
as, daus. Anne Rennolds, Elizabeth Hatch 
and Jane Drake, gr. ch. John, Peter and Wil- 
liam H. 



Thomas, Dorchester, propr., frni. May 
14, 1034. He sold his property Aug. 12, 1635, 
and rem. to Windsor, Conn. 

May 26, 164". 

residence not stated, frm. 



Justinian, ae. 23, came in the Francis 
of Ipswich April 30, 1635. Settled at Water- 
town. Frm. May 6, 1657. Rem. to Cam- 
bridge; carpenter. He deposed in 1679, ae. 
about 06 years. Ch. Ebenezer (of Justinian 
and Mary) b. at Woburn May 11, 1090. 

He d. in 1691. Will dated 12 Aug. prob. 
Oct. 6, 1691, beq. to wife Mary; ch. Samuel, 
John, Isaac, Joseph and three daus. The 
exec. Isaac Amsden and the dau. Mary were 
appointed guardians in 1098 for the daus. 
Grace and Elizabeth. 

Randall, residence in Mass. not stated. 
He was brought from Rhode Island to Bos- 
ton to be tried b.v the Gen. Court with Gor- 
ten et als. in 1043; imprisoned at Salem. 
Obtained protection from Parliament in 
1646. [W.] 

Richard, ae. 28, came in the Francis 
of Ipswich April 30, 1634. Settled at Water- 
town. Rem. to Woburn; propr. 1658. Rem 
to Groton. Deposed Dec. 1658, ae. about 
50 years. Wife Martha; ch. Stephen b. 19 
(5) 1642, Martha b. 15 (11) 1645, John b. 
March 17, 1049-50. His wife d. Dec. 6, 1681. 
He d. at Groton March 1, 1696, aged. In- 
firm and a widower. 


Nathaniel, Dorchester, 
about 1636. 

memb. ehh. 


William, ae. 25, tanner, came in the 
Elizabeth, April 18, 1635. Settled at Ips- 
wich. The Gen. Court admitted him to have 
a lot, (place not stated,) 2 Nov. 1637. Sold 
10 April, 1639; propr. at Salisbury. Rem. 
to Haverhill; propr. 1650. Wife Isabel; ch. 
b. at Salis.: Sarah b. 1640, d. 1641, Mary b. 
and d. 1641, Rebecca b. June 20, 1643, (m. 
Richard Margin, of Dover,) William b. 
March 15, 1647, Sarah b. Dec. 26, 1650, d. 
Jan. 4, 1651, Mehitabel b. April 14, 1654, d. 
June 13, 1657, Mary b. Dec. 24, 1656. 



Mr. John, fisherman, mariner, Salem, 
frm. Nov. 5, 1633. Deputy; town officer. 
Before Gen. Court 4 (10) 1638. Inn-keeper 
1639. Elizabeth his wife one of the first 
members of the chh. Ch. Joshua, a propr. 
in 1635; Lydia, memb. chh. 1039. Ch. Eliza 
bapt. 1 (9) 1640, (m. Robert Gooch). 


Christopher, lighterman, taxed at Wo- 
burn in 1045; rem. to Boston, res. 1647; 
bought house in 1052. Wife Ann; ch. John 
b. Feb. 6, 1647, Bridget b. March 14, 1649, 
Joanna b. 1650, and d. in 1652, Elizabeth 
b. Feb. 17, 1654. 

Will dated 3 Feb. 1700-1, prob. 29 March, 
1705, beq. to wife Ann and dau. Hannah 
Senter; had given portions to children; son- 
in-law John Tuder of New York mentioned. 

John, ferryman, Dorchester, frm. Dec. 
6, 1636. Made voyages to the Eastward; 
gave testimony in Court in 1635 concerning 
Wonnerton. Owner of the bark Endeavor. 
Town officer. Wife Judith; ch. Thomas, 
John, Nathaniel bapt. 30 (10) 1638, Deliv- 
erance bapt. 21 (1) 1041, Prudence bapt. 25 
(3) 1045, Relief bapt. 10 (3) 1050. 

Will dated 10 (10) 1651; bound for Virginia; 
beq. to wife half of his est. exc. the island 
of Munings Moone, which he gave to his 
eldest son John in addition to a double share 
in the rest of the est.; the other half to be 
divided among the children. Prob. 16 Sept. 
1652. [L.] [Reg. IV, 287.] 

Thomas, Yarmouth, "still a member 
of a separated church in Old England," had 
his child Thomas bapt. at Barnstable May 
9, 1041. 

He made will Oct. 1, 1086, prob. 31 May, 
1687; beq. to ch. Thomas, Mary, (wife of 
John Whilding,) Elizabeth, (wife of Samuel 
Hall.) and Deborah. 


Angell, shoemaker, ae. 21, with his wife 
Katharine, ae. 22, embarked from Wey- 
mouth, Eug. before March 20, 1035. Settled 
at Weymouth; frm. March 3, 1035-0; propr. 
1043. Rem. to Boston. Wife Katharine; ch. 
Hannah b. 8 (8) 1035, (m. 23 (5) 1652, Wm. 
Ballentine,) Elizabeth b. (5) 1638, Thomas 
b. and d. in 1641, [George?] Hephzibah b. 
10 (0) 1042, Thomas b. 8 (8), bapt. 10 (9) 1044, 
Sarah b. 5 (1) 1046, John bapt. 27 (3) 1649, 

HOLLABD, etc., cont. 

Mary bapt. 14 (7) 1641, Joanna b. and d. in 


He d. in Boston last of June, 1670. Inv. 
pros, by widow Catharine 28 (5) 1671. The 
est. owed to Mr. Thos. Hollard in England. 
The widow m. 2, John XJpham. 



Joseph, Dorchester, 1634. Rem. to 
Sandwich, atba. 1643. 

His est. .was divided in May, 1665, and 
these ch. receipted for their portions: Joseph 
Holley, Jr., Mary, wife of Nathaniel Fits- 
randall, Sarah, wife of Joseph Allen, Experi- 
ence Holley, and Hopestill, wife of Samuel 

Samuel, Cambridge, propr. 1639. [Wife] 
Elizabeth, ae. 30, came in the Blessing in 
July, 1C35. 

Will, dated Oct. 22, 1643, mentions wife 
and son, without giving names. [Reg. II, 
385, and XXX, 81.] The son John sold his 
share 4 Oct. 1645. [Camb. Propr. rec] His 
widow Elizabeth m. John Kendall. 


Richard, laborer, Boston, adm. chh. 3 
(1) 1639; frm. May 22, 1639. Wife Anne adm. 
chh. 10 (1) 1639. Her will made 7 Dec. 1081, 
prob. 24 Aug. 1682, beq. to Madame Brad- 
street; Mr. John Cotton of Plymouth and his 
wife; goodwife Rust; the wife of Roger Bur- 
gis; rest to cousins Abraham and Mary 


Richard, ae. 40, with Susan, ae. 30, 
Christian Hunter, ae. 20, Elizabeth Hunter, 
ae. 18, Thomas Hunter, ae. 14, Wm. Hollings- 
worth, ae. 7, Richard, ae. 4, Elizabeth, ae. 3, 
and Susan, ae. 2, came In the Blessing in 
July, 1035. Res. at Salem. Shipwright, [L.] 
built the ship Sara in 1641. His son Rich- 
ard testified in 1673 that his father arrived 
about 40 years ago with a family of 12 and 
a good est., and was first builder of vessels. 
[Mass. Arch. LIX, 127.] Susan, adm. chh. 
20 (5) 1651. 

He d. in 1654. Inv. taken 26 (3), filed 25 
(4) 1654. He gave land to his sons William 

HOLLINSWORTH, etc., cont. 

and Richard and dau. Susanna. [Deposition 

of his son-in-law Richard Moore.] His dau. 

Katharine m. John Gedney, Jr. [Es. De. 1, 



John, ae. 21, came in the Elizabeth and 
Ann in April, 1635. Of Boston, tailor. In 
1656. [SufC. De. II, 333.] 

Joseph, millwright. Sandwich, ae. 
about 35 yrs. in 1640. [L.] Mortgaged house 
and lands in 1639, released 2 (1) 1640. Wife 
Rose called to testify in Court 20 Aug. 1644. 
Inv. rendered Dee. 4, 1647. [Reg. IV, 282.] 
The widow m. 19 May, 1648, Wm. Newland. 

Thomas, Plymouth, soldier in the Pe- 
quot war in 1637. In court at Plym. and 
Boston in 1638. 

Timothy, Taunton, atba. 1643. 

William, tailor, mercer, Taunton, atba. 
1643. Rem. to Boston, sold house and lands 
at Taun. 6 (12) 1650; bought house and land 
in Bo. 28 (4) 1650. He deposed Sept. 6, 1658, 
ae. 72 years. He admin, on the estates of 
his sons Joseph, John and Symeon H., long 
since deceased, in 1662. [Arch. 15 B.] Wife 
Mary; eh. Timothy, Elisha, Malachi, Nehe- 
miah and Esther, bapt. at Dorchester 7 (2) 
1650, JIary b. in Bo. April 2, 1653. He was 
dism. from Dorch. chh. to that of Boston 6 
(11) 1060. 

Will dated 9 May, 1664, prob. April 6, 1065, 
beq. to wife Elizabeth and ch. mentioned 
above, excepting Mary, his est. in old and 
New England. [Reg. XIII, 156.] Her will 
dated 23 Aug. 1679, prob. 15 July, 1680, beq. 
to son-in-law Timothy H. of Taunton land 
wh. had belonged to her husband William 
H.; to son-in-law Samuel H. and his wife 
Jane; to Mary, wife of son Elisha H.; to son 
Mallachy H. of Taunton. 

William, servant to William Bassett, 
Marshfield, 1637, [Plym. Col. Rec] atba. 
1643, frm. 5 June, 1644. 

Admin, gr. March 1, 1652-3, to widow 
Grace; she m. 2, 6 July, 1654, John Phillips, 
who secured to her 2 daus. their shares of 
their father's est. She was killed by light- 
ning; was buried June 24, 1666. The dau. 
Grace m. in Nov. 1666, Josiah Read. 



John, Weymouth, deputy and frm. May 
10, 1643. Town officer, 1648. 


Edward, Plymouth, came in the Anne 
in 1623; probably returned to Eng. and was 
the Edward who embarked June 22, 1632, 
for N. E. Sold house, land and shallop Jan. 
10, 1633-4, and received land at Scituate in 
part payment. Volunteer for the Pequot war 
in 1037. He m. before 1645 Amey Glasse, 
widow of Richard Willis, q. v. 

John, gent, Dorchester, propr., town 
officer, ensign. Was authorized to receive a 
payment for the Gen. Court Oct. 3, 1632. As- 
sociated with Simon Willard and Richard 
Collicot in monopoly of Indian trade in 1641. 
IL.] Gave power of attorney 17 (9) 1647, to 
Thomas Bishop of Bredport, co. Dorset, for 
collection of rents of Barwick farm in par- 
ish of Swyer, co. Dorset, by virtue of the 
will of his father Morgan Holman. [A.] 
Wife Anna adm. ehh. 4 (9) 1039, d. 1 (10) 
1639. He m. 2, — . Ch. John b. 23 (12) 163T, 
Thomas b. 6 (6) 1641, Abigail bapt. 20 (10) 
1642, Anna bapt. 29 (7) 1044, Samuel bapt. 
6 (10) 1646, Patience bapt. 28 (11) 1648, Mary. 
He d. about 1652. Will, dated 10 (4) 1052, 
proved April 7, 1053, gave est. to wife and 
ch. named above; wife exec, brethren Rich- 
ard Collicot and Wm. Robinson overseers. 

William, Cambridge, propr. before 

He d. Jan. 18, 1052-3, ae. 59. The widow 
Winnifred d. Oct. 16, 1671, ae. 74. Inv. of 
her est. filed 20 Dec. 1671. Oh. [Hannah], 
Jeremiah Mary, [Sarah], Abraham, [Isaac], 
[Seeth]. The dau. Mary d. in 1673; admin, 
gr. to her brothers Jeremiah and Abram H. 
18 Dec. 1673. 


Ezekiel, entertained to serve at Castle 
Island for a year at 10 li. per annum. [Col. 
Rec] Settled at Dedham, 1636; sold in 1637. 
Rem. to Salem. Censured by the Court 
March, 1637, for non-attendance at meetings 
of the church, and for influencing others. 
Rem. to Newport; re-baptized Mrs. Scott. 


Christopher, residence not stated, be- 
fore Gen. Court 17 Oct. 1643. 

Deborah, Salem, asked for grant of 
land 6 (1) 1636; not granted because it was 
not thought becoming for a maid to have 
solitary habitation. Memb. chh. 1637. 

George, householder, Roxbury, frm. 
May 22, 1639. His wife Deborah was bur. 
Feb. 5, 1041. He m. — . Ch. Nathaniel b. 
Feb. 1, 1039, Deborah b. and d. in 1641, a 
ch. bur. Oct. 30, 1642, Sarah bapt. 7 (11) 1643, 
Deborah bapt. 9 (9) 1645, d. 29 (7) 1646. 

He was bur. Dec. 18, 1645. Will prob. 30 
(11) 1651; wife; eldest son Joseph, other ch. 
The widow d. 6 (11) 1662. [Reg. VII, 30.1 

Margery, Boston, adm. chh. 1630. 

John, gent., Plymouth, taxed in 1632, 
frm. 1034; messenger of the Court In 1638. 
Mrs. Sarah, d. Aug. 18, 1650. 
He d. Oct. 13, 1667. 

John, see Chauncey. 

Obediah, glassman, Salem, propr. 1638 
and 1639. Constable 1042. [See Conckling 
and Southwick.] Katharine memb. chh. 
1639. Ch. Martha bapt. 3 (3) 1640, Samuel 
bapt. 20 (1) 1641-2, Obediah bapt. 9 (4) 1644. 

Obediah, Rehoboth, prop. frm. 7 June, 
1648. Suit vs. Mr. Samuel Newman, 1650. 

Richard, millwright, Rowley, town offi- 
cer. He deposed at Ipswich March 29, 1692, 
ae. about 88 years; worked for Mr. Thomas 
Nelson in building dam, grist-mill and saw- 
mill, and in making the stones for said grist- 
mill, in Rowley about 50 years ago. Wife 

Will dated 15 July, 1695, prob. 13 Jan. 
folg.; aged; beq. to dau. Elizabeth, her bus- 
band John Pearl and their ch. Alice, Ed- 
mund, Timothy, Mary and John. Mentions 
her former husband John Knight, of Kettlo 

Robert, husbandman, Cambridge, 
propr. before 1636. Relates that after 20 
years of age he removed from his father's 
house to Northumberland. Bought cattle. 
Came to N. E. His wife lost her mother 
wlien young; her mother-in-law had many 
children. She lived with the vicar of the 
place; heard much said against Puritans. 
[Rel.] Wife Jane; ch. Dorcas b. (6) 1638, a. 


HOLMES, etc. cont. 

1G42, John b. (4) 1(339, [Joseph,] Elizabeth b. 
2 (1) 1644, Mehetabel b. and d. 1645, Sarah 
b. 13 (9) 1640, Ephraim b. 1647, d. 1648, [Sam- 
uel.] Wife Jane d. Oct. 28, 1653. 

He d. in 1663. Will dated 20 (3), inv. taken 
13 (4) 1663; beq. to sons John and Joseph and 
dau. Elizabeth. 

William, major, Plymouth, frm. 1633; 
leader of the Plymouth colony forces in the 
Pequot War 1637. He ret. to Eng. and 
served the king and Parliament; camj again 
in 1649. Had relatives in Eng. and Antigua. 
He d. at Boston Nov. 12, 1649. Will names 
Margaret and Mary, daus. of dee. bro. Thom- 
as H., res. in the island of Antego, and his 
widow Margaret Webb, and her daus. Ra- 
chel and Bathsheba, now living in London; 
the widow and two last named to have the 
farm if they come to N. E. Kinsman, Job 
Hawkins, of Boston. [Reg. V, 386, and VII, 

William, Scituate, 1636; Marshfield. 
Prosecuted Dinah Silvester for calling his 
wife a witch; D. S. retracted May 9, 1661. 
He was bur. 9 (9) 1678, ae. 86; widow Eliz- 
abeth bur. Feb. 17, 1689, in 86th year of her 
age. He beq. his est. to his wife and ch. 
Israel, Isaac, Josiah, Abraham, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Sarah and Rebecca. 


Nicholas, tanner, from Romsey, Eng., 
came in the James April 5, 1635. Settled at 
Newbury; husbandman, propr., town officer. 
Rem. to Andover; sold Newb. property 14 
Nov. 1652. He deposed 11 (2) 1671, ae. about 
63 years. Wife Elizabeth d. and he m. 12 
or 20 June, 1658, Hannah, dau. of Humphrey 
Bradstreet, and widow of Daniel Rolfe 
(Rofe); she d. 20 June, 1065, and he m. 21 
May, 1660, Martha, widow of Roger Pres- 
ton. Ch. Elizabeth b. March 30, 1630, Mary 
b. Oct. 6, 1638, (m. 5 July, 1657, Thomaa 
Johnson,) Sarah b. June 2, 1640, Samuel b. 
6 Oct. 1641, Henry, (a father in 1070,) James, 
(a father in 1679,) Nicholas, (a father in 
1680,) Priscilla b. and d. 1653, Rebecca b. 
14 Nov. 1662, John b. 11 Jan. 1603. 
He d. 30 Jan. 1685. 


Robert, slater, Boston, adm. chh. 9 (1) 
1634, frm. May 14, 1034. Wife Anne adm. 


HOLTON, etc., cont. 

chh. 10 (11) 1035; ch. James bapt. 5 (S) 1634, 

Jabez bapt. 2 (2) 1637. 

Joseph, servant to Richard Ingersoll 
before 1044, Salem; deposed in 1669, ae. 
about 48 years. Wife Sara; ch. on record: 
Joseph bapt. 15 (3) 1053, Benjamin b. 14 (12) 
1057, Henry bapt. 24 (3) 1063, James bapt 
20 (3) 1006. 

Will dated 24 May, 1703, prob. 27 June, 
1705, beq. to sons Henry, John, Joseph, 
James; daus. Elizabeth Buxton and Sarali 
Needham; gr. ch. Benjamin H. 

Rev. Edward, Lynn, frm. March 14, 
1038-9. Had power from Gen. Court 13 
March, 1638-9, to manage the lands of Lord 
Brooke. Was one of the adventurers in the 
Piscataqua plantation; sold his share to Rob- 
ert Saltonstall Oct. 25, 1044. He was deputy 
for Springfield in 1050, though not resident 
there; but because his son Elizur was one 
of its chief citizens. 

He d. at Rumney Marsh May 4, 1660. Will 
dated 25 Dec. 1058, prob. June 25, 1660. Only 
son Elizur; sons-in-law George Keyser, — 
Prenam, — Andrews, — Tuttle; dau. Han- 
nah Keasur, dau. Martin; kinswoman Mary 
Mansfield; kinsman Thomas Morris of New- 
ham; cousin Davis. 



William, Cambridge. Wife Winnlfred; 
ch. Elizabeth b. 19 (3) 1644. 


William, Plymouth, made agreement 
with Thomas Prence for 7 years from 24 
June, 1033; was freed 28 Feb., 1639, and took 
land of Mr. P. to plant on shares. Land 
granted to him 1 June, 1641. 


John, weaver and planter, from Hal- 
stead, Essex, Eng., res. at Cambridge, N. E. 
20 (8) 1038, leased property in H. [L.] Res. 
at Lynn; took as an apprentice Abraham, 
son of widow Tilton of L., 5 Dee. 1053. Ret. 
to Eng., and sent word to his wife Elizabeth 
to deliver him to his mother (widow Tilton;) 
the latter had meantime m. Roger Shaw of 

HOOD, cont. 

Hampton and bad died; and Elizabeth de- 
livered the boy to his bro. Peter T. of Conn. 
This act she revoked 10 Nov. 1055, on learn- 
ing that Hampton Court bad assigned the 
lad to Shaw. [Norf. De. I, 10.3.] Leased 
property in H., in possession of his mother 
Anne and her (second) husband, Thomas 
Beard. See will of bis father, John H. in 
Reg. L., 423. [L.] He rem. to Lynn. Sold 
14 (C) 1654, to William Crofts of L., yeoman, 
3 tenements in Halstead, etc., 40 shillings to 
be paid to each of John's sisters, according 
to the will of their father. [Ess. De.] 


Charles, Lynn, a witness in court In 

John, servant to Isaac AUerton, came 
in the Mayflower to Plymouth; d. soon after 
arrival. [B.] 

Mr. William, merchant, Salisbury, frm. 
Oct. 12, 1640. Had interests at Agamenticus 
in 1640. [L.] Came to N. E. about 1634. 
[W.] Sold land to Samuel Bennett March 
15, 1049, referring to his father Humphrey 
and his uncle William Hoolie. Humphrey 
was of Bristol, Eng. in 1040. [A.] Ch. Jacot) 
b. at Salisbury Sept. 15, 1040; William. 

He d. before 4 (8) 1653, when admin, of bis 
est. was gr. to bis widow Elinor; she peti- 
tioned Gen. Court 23 May, 1655, for right to 
sell lands at the Eastward belonging to her 
first husband Capt. Norton; granted. She 
also received power to manage the est. of 
her late husband Wm. Hoolie for herself 
and youngest son, but not to sell. 

Rev. William, minister, ordained at 
Taunton "by master BisboiJ a schoolmaster 
and one Parker a husbandman." [L., P.D.] 
A sermon of his July 23, 1640 entitled "New 
England's Teares for Old England's Feares." 
[J., lutrod.] Rem. to New Haven. 


Kev. Thomas, b. at Marfield, Leicester- 
shire about 1586; fellow of Emanuel Col., 
Cambridge; assistant to Mr. Mitchell, the in- 
cumbent of Chelmsford, Essex, about 1620; 
kept school at Little Baddow, having Mr. 
John Eliot (afterward of our Koxbury.) for 
a tutor. Spent some time in Holland. [C. M.] 
Came in the Griffin, with Cotton and Stone 
Sept. 4, 1033; was ordained pastor at Newe- 


HOOKER, cont. 

towne (Cambridge) Oct. 11, 1633; frm. May 
14, 1634. He rem. with part of the church 
to Hartford, Conn, about May 31, 1030. [W.] 
He d. at H. July 7, 1047, ae. 01. His will 
named wife Susanna, ch. John, Samuel, Sa- 
rah and Joanna and Mary dec. A sister m. 
Jlr. George Alcoek. 


William, ae. 18, came in the James in 
July, 1635. Settled at Reading, 1044; frm. 
May 10, 1048. Wife Elizabeth also memb. 
chh. of R.; ch. Mary b. Nov. 1047, James b. 
and d. 1049, Sarah b. Dee. 7, 1650, Ruth b. 
April 15, 1652, d. 15 (2) 1053, William b. Nov. 
3, 1658, Hannah b. March 31, 1602, Eliza- 
beth b. Aug. 20, 1005, Thomas b. April 2, 
1668, John b. July 5, 1670. 

He d. Dec. 5, 1678. Will dated 5 Aug. 1678, 
prob. 17 (4) 1679, beq. to wife and 6 children 
that are unmarried. Son William adult. 
Bro. Capt. Marshall and cousin Ensign Ban- 
craft overseers. 

HOOPER, alias POTTLE, alias WARR, 

Abraham, Plymouth, in Court Oct. 2, 


Sarah, Salem, adm. chh. 8 (7) 1040, m. 
Thomas Maey. 


John, Cambridge, propr. 103 i, frm. 
March 4, 1634-5. He rem. to Hartford In 
1636; d. in 1654. Ch. Stephen and Bethiah. 
The widow Jane m. 2, Nathaniel Ward of 

"Jlr., a merchant of London, of fair 
estate and of great esteem for religion and 
wisdom in outward affairs," came to Boston 
in June, 1637. [W.] 

Richard, Watertown, for selling gun 
and ammunition to Indians, was sentenced 
to be whipped and branded on the cheek, 
Sept. 4, 1032. 

Mr. Stephen, gent., of London, came 
in the Mayflower; signed the Compact; set- 
tled at Plymouth. Frm. and asst. 1632-3. 
Volunteer for the Pequot War, 1637. He 
brought with him his wife Elizabeth, son 
Giles, and dan. Constanta, (ch. of a former 
wife,) and Damaris and Oceanus (b. at sea,) 

HOPKINS, cont. 

by this wife. [B.] Oh. Caleb and Deborah 
also drew shares in the cattle in 1627. 

He d. in 10i4. Will, dated June 6, prob. 
Aug. 20, 1644. Sous Giles and Caleb; daus. 
Constance, (wife of Nicholas Snow,) De- 
borah, Damaris, Ruth and Elizabeth; to Ste- 
phen, son of Giles. Est. divided May 19, 
1647. The widow Elizabeth's est. was admin. 
Oct. 6, 1659. Agreement made between An- 
drew Ring, Jacob Cooke and Gyles Hopliins 
regarding the estate. [Reg. IV, 281, and V, 


Michael, Boston, servant to Jacob Eli- 
ot, adm. chh. 6 (11) 1C3S, frm. May 13, 1640. 
He was dism. "to the gathering of a church 
at Rowley," 24 (9) 1639. Wife Ann deposed 
March 30, 1675-6, ae. 60 years. Ch. Jona- 
than b. and d. 1641, Jonathan b. 9 (2) 1643, 
Jeremy b. 26 (1) 1645, John b. 7 (11) 1646, 
Caleb b. 19 (12) 1G48. 

He was bur. Feb. 28, 1648. Inv. filed 29 
(7) 1657. The widow m. afterward John 
Trumble, aud later Richard Swan. She made 
her will 4 July, 167S, prob. 24 Sept. 1678. Beq. 
to sons Caleb, John and Jonathan Hoplcln- 
son, and others. [Reg. XXXI, 115.] 


Stephen, weaver, planter, Dorchester, 
1646. [See John Pope.] Res. on Thompson'.^ 
Island in 1059, and had mortg. of land in 
Boston. Bought house and lands at Rox- 
bury May 13, 1653. He deposed 30 Oct. 16G6, 
ae. about 40 years; helped to run the line 
from the top of the Blue Hills southward 
about 1642, and had run other lines. [Arch. 
30.] Ch. Thomas b. 21 (1) 1655, Opportunity 
b. Nov. 15, 1657. 

He d. Nov. 1, 1677. Will prob. 9 May, 1678; 
beq. to wife Hannah; to sons John, Thomas, 
Joseph and Benjamin; dan. Opportunity; 
son Seaver and dau. Hannah; son-in-law 
Richard Butt. 


George, servant to Wm. Deune, Boston, 
in Court 4 (7) 1638. 

John, carpenter, Salem, propr. on a 
court com. in 1638; deacon. Wife Ann 
memb. chh. before 1636; wife Frances adm. 
chh. 30 (1) 1656. She joined In a deed in 1659. 
He deposed in 1662, ae. about 60 years. Ch. 

HOBNE, etc., cont. 

Recompense bapt. 25 (10) 1636, Simon bapt. 
28 (8) 1649, Benjamin bapt. 25 (12) 1654, Ann 
bapt. 22 (1) 1657, Jonathan bapt. 1 (6) 1658. 
His will dated 8 Oct. 1679, being agi^d; 
codicil 27 Feb. 1683-1, prob. Nov. 25, 1684; 
beq. to sons John, Symond, Joseph and Ben 
jamin; daus. Elizabeth Gardner. Jehoadan 
Harvey, Mary Smith and Ann Felton. 


William, Dorchester, propr. 1633, frm. 
April 1, 1634. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 


Barnabas, balier, Ipswich, sold land 12 
(1) 1641. 

Thomas, Springfield, a witness of the 
Indian deed in 1636; propr., taxed in 1638. 

He d. in 1640. His widow Mary was ex- 
amined Oct. 9, 1640, for selling her husband's 
piece to the Indians. She made marriage 
contract with Robert Ashley Aug. 7, 1641, 
reserving the rights of her son, Jarmy [Jer- 
emiah.] 3 years old, and her other son, an 
infant. [Reg. XXXIII, 310.] 

Walter, Plymouth, juryman 5 June, 


Samuel, planter, Watertown, frm. May 
18, 1631; propr., town ofBcer. He was guar- 
dian of Anne, dau. of Wm. Coleman of Col- 
chester, Eng., 8 (6) 1639. [L.] He m. [2,] 
Oct. 13, 1657, Ursula, widow of Stephen 
Streeter of Charlestown. 

He d. July 29, 1665. In his will dated July 
28, he beq. to Charles Stearns; to bro.'s son 
in Eng.; to his sister aud Mrs. Front; to the 
church and pastor; to son Holland's ch., Jo- 
seph and Sarah; to wife Ursula's children; 
residue to wife, and after her death to Ste- 
phen Payne and his children; to my broth- 
er's sou in England, and to my sister if she 
be living. The widow m. William Robin- 
son of Dorchester, and sold her Wat. prop- 
erty June 27, 1671. 

John, Dorchester, juryman Nov. 9, 
1030; frm. May 18, 1631, propr. Rem. to 
Wiudsor, Conn. John, adm. frm. May 14, 
1G34. aud Thomas, frm. May 6, 1635, may 
be sons. [See Hist. Windsor.] 



James, ae. 30, came in the Christian 
March 16, 1634. 



James, clothier, ae. 28, came in the 
Elizabeth April 9, 1635, with wife Ann, ae. 
27, ch. Marie, ae. 2 years, and Ann, ae. 3 
mos., and servants Marie Dounard, ae. 24, 
and Marie Martin, ae. 19. Settled at Cam- 
bridge; sold land before 1638; rem. to Con- 
cord. Frm. May 17, 1637. Wife Mary bur. 
11 (3) 1641; second wife Alice; ch. Mary b. 
1639, d. 1642, Stephen b. 27 (9) 1642, Hannah, 
b. 16 (6) 1644, Mary b. 14 (2) 16—. James, 
Jr., was slain in the engagement with the 
Indians at Sudbury 21 (2) 1676. His wife 
-Elinne," d. 3 March, 1604-5. 

James H., Sen., d. Feb. 7, 1685. 

Thomas, Cambridge, propr. 1633-1642; 
frm. May 6, 1635. Town officer. Rem. to 


Jeremiah, tanner, Dorchester, propr. 
before 1639. Adm. chh. with wife 4 (12) 
1639; frm. May 13, 1640. He rem. to Bos- 
ton. Town officer. Deputy. He deposed 
Jan. 29, 1664-5, ae. about 49 years. [Arch. 
15 B.] Wife Esther (Hester;) ch. Mary b. 
18 (1) 1640, bapt. at Dorch. 14 (1) 1641, (m. 
22 (4) 1657, Nathaniel Greene,) Jeremy b. 
and d. 1643, Mehetabel bapt. 30 (4) 1644, ae. 
about 7 days, William bapt. 1 (5) 1649, ae. 
about 3 days, Hannah bapt. 19 (3) 1650, Jere- 
miah b. and d. 1651, Jeremiah b. 26 Nov. 
1652, Sarah b. 10 March, 1653, Elizabeth, (m. 
9 (9) 1653, John Endecott, Jr.,) Sarah bapt. 
12 (1) 1654, John b. 27 Oct. 1655, d. 2 (5) 
1657, Nathaniel b. July 24, 1658, Richard b. 
Dec. 10, 1660. 

Will dated 7 April, 1070, prob. 3 March, 
1670-1; beq. to wife Esther life use of houses, 
lands, tanyards, etc., entrusting to her care 
his two youngest children Nathaniel and 
Rachel; to ch. Elizabeth, wife to Mr. James 
Allen, Esther, wife to Samuel Wheelwright, 
Mary, wife to Nathaniel Greene, Nathaniel 
and Rachel H.; to Mr. John Westgate of 
Harliston, co. Norfolk, Eng., who had charge 
of his business in Eng. The widow Esther 

HOUCHIN, etc., cent. 

deeded land 24 June, 1070. She d. July 2, 


Daniel, deposed before Gen. Court in 
1640 about 2 children in his charge on the 


Atherton, geut., a prominent citizen of 
Boston, Lincolnshire, Eng., one of those who 
refused the Royal Loan in 1626, a parishioner 
of Mr. John Cotton, having borne with him 
the burdens of non-conformity, accompanied 
him to N. E. in 1633. Res. first at Cambridge, 
but was a citizen of Boston. Adm. chh. 
with wife Elizabeth (9) 1033. Deputy, town 
officer. Was a man of great strength of 
character. Had grant of land, 130 acres. In 
Grave's Neclj, between Oyster Bank bay 
and Gibbons' creek, where he had house, 
etc., in 1635. Had also a farm at Braintree. 
His wife Elizabeth d. 14 (8) 1643; his sec- 
ond wife Susanna was adm. chh. 4 (2) 1646. 
The inv. of her est. was filed 29 (3) 1051. His 
son Samuel, b. about 1021, adm. Boston chh. 
12 (8) 1044, was a pupil of Mr. Nathaniel 
Eaton at Cambridge in 1639. [L.] 
He d. Sept. 11, 1650. 

William, house carpenter, Gloucester, 
town officer 1650. He m. Oct. 28, 1045, Sa- 
rah, dau. of Hugh Calkin; ch. Hanna b. July 
31, 1646, Abiah (a son) b. Sept. 15, 1048, Sa- 
ray b. 23 (1) 1651. 


Henry, Salem, appointed to supply the 
place of Mr. Sharpe as ruling elder in ease 
of absence or sickness, in 1629. [SufC. De. 
XVIII.] He d. the first winter. [C. M.] 

John, ae. 4 years, came in the Abigail 
in June, 1635, cert, from Eaton Bray, co. 
Bedford, Eng. He seems to be the John, 
of Dedham, who m. Beatrix — , and had ch. 
Robert b. 28 (1) 1659, Mary b. 22 March, 1661- 
2; rem. to Lancaster, and there had Beatrix 
b. 3 (10) 1665, (m. Sept. 20, 1683, John Pope,) 
Benjamin b. 25 (3) 1668, Sarah b. 30 (5) 1672. 
Will dated 8 April, 1684, prob. June 17 
folg., beq. to wife Beatrix and ch. John, Rob- 
ert, Jonas, Benjamin, Mary and Sarah. April 
4, 1721, after the death of the widow, di- 
vision was agreed upon by John, Robert, 
Jonas, John Harris and Beatrix Pope. 


HOUHTON, etc., cont. 

William, butcber, ae. 22, came in the 
Increase April 15, 1G35. Settled at Boston. 
Ch. Sarah bapt. C (2) 1G51, 


Samuel, ship-carpenter, Scituate, 
memb. chh. Jan. 10, 1034, frm. 1634. He 
rem. to Cambridge; sold land at Sei. 13 Nov. 
1643. Rem. to Barnstable; 18 (9) 1(J45, he 
gave letter of attorney to Hez. Usher to col- 
lect 20 li. left him by Thomas — . [A.] He 
ret. to Sci. AA^ife Elizabeth; ch. Elizabeth 
bapt. Oct. 23, 1636, Sarah bapt. Aug. 1, 1641, 
John b. at Camb. 6 (10) 1642, d. 22 (2) 1664, 
John bapt. at Bar. May 18, 1645. 

He d. in 1661. Inv. of his est. taken at 
request of his ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 
Sept. 12, 1661. [Reg. VI, 95.] Elizabeth m. 
1 Jan. 1661-2, John Sutten. 


Daniel, planter, Ipswich, propr. 1636. 
He m. Abigail, dau. of Robert Andrews 
about 1642. Ch. Daniel, John, Thomas, 
James, Joseph, Nathaniel, Abigail, Priscilla. 
Letter to Essex Prob. Court, vol. 2, page 244, 
dated Sept. 27, 1683, names wife and 6 sons 
and 1 dau., her children. All the sons ex- 
cept James then living. [Reg. XXXVI, 195.] 

Daniel, Sen. d. May 29, 1695. Will 
dated 18 March, 1601-2, aged "seventy thre 
gointo seventy fower," boq. to sons Daniel, 
John, Thomas, Joseph and Nathaniel; gr. ch. 
Daniel, son of dec. son James; daus. Pris- 
cilla, wife of John Aires, and Abigail, wife 
of Thomas Hodgliins. The son-in-law John 
Ayre.s deposed in 1693, ae. about 44 years. 


Abraham, Roxbury, about 1636, frm. 
May 17, 1637, propr. Ch. Elizabeth, memb. 
chh. 1644, Sarah, Isaac b. June 24, 1639, De- 
borah b. Sept. 2, 1641, Israel b. July 7, 1644, 
Abram bapt. Sept. 25, 1653, Hester, (m. 1, 
Henry Mason, 2, John Sears,) Isaac bapt. 30 
(1) 1656. His wife d. 7 (10) 1645, and he m. 

His will dated 26 May, prob. 2 Nov. 1676, 
beq. to ch. Abraham, Israel, Isaac, Hester 
Mason and Deborah; to the ch. of dau. Eliz- 
abeth; to dau. Sarah's ch. Joseph, Isaac and 


HOW, etc., cont. 

Daniel, Saugus, (Lynn,) lieut, ordered 
by Gov. Vane to command and train his 
company 16 (4) 1636. [W.] Frm. May 14, 
1634, propr., deputy, town officer. Comr. of 
Es. Court in 1637. 

[Ephraim and Joseph, sons of somebody 
in Lynn, probably of Daniel, proprs. in 1638.] 

Edmund, Plymouth Court, requested 
land 1 April, 1039. 

Edward, AVatertown, 1633. [Court Rec.] 
Frm. May 14, 1634. Ruling elder, town offi- 
cer, deputy. 

He d. 24 (4) 1644. Will prob. next day. 
Beq. to Nathaniel Treadway; Anne, wife of 
John Stonne of Sudbury; and Mary and 
Elizabeth Knowles; residue to wife. Wid- 
ow Margaret m. 2, George Bunker; in her 
will, prob. Dec. 19, 1660, she gave to her 
sister Mary Rogers, and her [ch.] John and 
Elizabeth, of Boxstead, Eug.; to John Stone, 
of Sudbury, and to Nathaniel Treadway of 
Wat. Daus. Suffrana, wife of N. Tread- 
way, and Anna, wife of J. Stone. [Reg. Ill, 
77, and VII, 60.] 

Edward, husbandman, ae. 60, with 
Elizabeth, ae. 50, Jeremy, ae. 21, Sarah, ae. 
12, Ephraim, ae. 9, Isaac, ae. 7, and William, 
ae. 6, came in the Truelove in Sept., 1035. 
Settled at Lynn; frm. Dec. 8, 1036, propr. 
1G38; deputy. 

He d. suddenly at Boston (2) 1639. Admin, 
gr. to his widow Elizabeth 22 May, 1639. 
The widow had a claim upon Mr.s. Philips 
on belialf of children; seems to refer to Sam- 
uel and Elizabeth Philips, gr. ch. of Richard 
Sergeant. [Col. Rec. 1644 and 1045.] 

James, Roxbury, frm. May 17, 1637, 
propr. Wife also, name not recorded, memb. 
chh. about 1635. Rem. to Salem; resident 
in 1648. Rem. to Ipswich. James, Sen., Ips- 
wich, memb. jury in 1641. He deposed in 
1605, ae. about 61 years. 

John, Sudbury, frm. May 13, 1640. 
Town officer 1657. He petitioned 30 (7) 1062, 
to be excused from training because he was 
aged, thick of hearing, and maintained 3 
soldiers in his family. [Mdx. Files.] Wife 
Slary; ch. John b. 24 (6) 1640, Samuel b. 20 
(8) 1042, Mary b. 1646, d. 1647, Mary b. IS 
(11) 1653, Isaac b. 8 (6) 1648. 

He d. 2S (3) 1680. Will dated 24 May, prob. 
15 June, 1680, beq. to wife; ch. Samuel, 

HOW, etc., cont. 

Isaac, Josiab, Thomas, Eleazer, Sarah Ward, 

Mary Witherby; gr. cli. John, son of John. 

Mr. Thomas, (Howes,) planter, Tar- 
mouth, took oath of allegiance IS Dec. 1G38, 
prop. frm. 3 Sept. 1639; propr.; com. of di- 
vision 1G39. 

Will, dated Sept. 26, prob. Oct. 1, 1665. 
Wife Mary; sons Joseph, Thomas, Jeremy; 
gr. ch. Samuel to be taught the trade of a 
cooper by [his father] Thomas. [Reg. VI, 


Nathaniel, Dorchester, adm. chh. 28 
(12) 1641; frm. May 10, 1G43. Rem. to Sa- 
lem. Ch. Eliza bapt. 26 (6) 1666. 

Robert, Dorchester, propr., 1639; frm. 
Feb. 1652. Town ofBcer. He rem. to Bos- 
ton about 1668. Wife Mary; ch. Bethiah 
bapt. 16 (12) 1639, Nathaniel bapt. 6 (12) 
1641, Jonathan bapt. 25 (4) 1643, Hannah 
bapt. (12) 1643, (m. Samuel Minot,) John 
bapt. 4 (11) 1645, Abiel bapt. 8 (6) 1647, and 
Sarah bapt. 20 (5) 1651. 

His will dated 28 May, prob. 29 Jan. 1683, 
beq. to wife Mary, son Jonathan and other 
children. The widow Mary made will 2 
July, prob. 19 July, 1683; beq. to son-in-law 
Wm. Clarlie of Bo.; daus. Bethiah Messen- 
ger, Hannah Minot, Mary Jones and Tem- 
perance Smith; Samuel Bass; gr. ch. John, 
Amee and Mary; the ch. of my son Jeremiah 
H. ; rest to sou Jonathan H.. 

Samuel, tailor, Braintree, had lands 
19 (12) 1637, for 3 heads. See Hayward, 

William, Salem, and Wenham; rem. to 
Topsfield. Signed— William Howard— as 
witness to the inventory of Samuel Smith 
in 1642. Frm. 13 (3) 1640. He deposed in 
1661, ae. about 52 years. Rose adm. chh. Sa- 
lem 10 (3) 1640, Nathaniel, son of sister H., 
bapt. 13 (9) 1642. 

William, Ipswich, sold land 11 (8) 1649. 
Signed bill against Wm. Payne in 1649. [Es. 

William, Hampton, propr. 1650; lieut., 
deputy, 1644. 

HOWARD, etc., cont. 

William, Boston, attorney for R. Bel- 
liugham and deputy marshall general in an 
action in Es. court in 1666; deposed, ae. 57 


Mr. Edward, gent., late of Marsh Gib- 
bon, Bucks, 1638; settled at Lynn; propr. 
1638; frm. March 14, 1638-9; juryman, 1639. 
He gave letter of attorney in 1640 for the 
collection of annuity and the sale of lands 
and tenements in Watton Underwood, Bucks. 
He rem. about 1641 to Southampton, L. 1. 

Thomas, brick-layer, Marshfield, in co. 
with Robert Barker and others bought land, 
ferry and boat 11 Jan. 1641. 

He d. at Boston. Will declared on his 
death-bed June 8, 1647, forwarded by Mr. 
Aspinwall to Plymouth Prob. court. Est. 
to be equally divided between his wife and 
2 sons; kinsman Job Lane, exec; Edmond 
Weston to have charge till Lane ret. from 
Eng. Inv. filed May 31, 1648; admin, gr. 
7 June ,1648. [Reg. IV, 282.] [See Daniel 
Cole.] Job Lane, having returned, refused 
in writing 19 Oct. 1647, to accept the exec- 
ship of the will of his uncle. 


Robert, cutler, Boston, adm. chh. 13 
(4) 1641, frm. May 18, 1642. Wife Elizabeth 
adm. chh. 17 (2) 1642; ch. John b. (4) 1643, 
Israel bapt. 14 (6) 1642, ae. about 7 days. 

The widow d. 27 (7) 1653; inv. taken 6 (8) 
1653, by Richard Truesdell. [Reg. VII, 338.] 


Arthur, planter, yeoman, Duxbury, 
propr. 1640; see some of his accounts in 
1640. [L.] Prop, for frm. 1 March, 1641-2. 
Brought suit 5 Nov. 1044, for goods brought 
from Eng. for him by the wife of Robert 
Mendam. Hem. to Marshfield. 

He d. Oct. 30, 1675. Will prob. 7 March 
folg., beq. to wife Margaret; son Arthur; 
gr. ch. Assadiah Smith and his 3 bros.; daus. 
Mary Williamson, Martha Daman and Eliz- 
abeth Low; gr. ch. Mary Walker and Tim- 
othy Williamson. The widow Margaret 
was bur. Oct. 23, 1683. Her will prob. 5 
March, 1683-4, beq. to gr. son John Walker; 
to Ebenezer, Thomas and Arthur, ch. of her 
son Arthur, whom she made exec. 


HOWLAND, cont. 

Henry, yeoman, Duxbury, taxed in 
1632, frm. 1633, atba. 1643; town officer. 

His will dated 28 (9), prob. 8 March, 1670, 
beq. to wife Mary; cIi. Zoeth, Joseph, John, 
Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary and Abigail. 
The widow made will 3 May, 1674, prob. 26 
same month; beq. to sons named above and 
to daus. Abigail Young, Mary Cudworth, 
Sarah Dennis and Elizabeth Allin. 

John, came in the Mayflower, as ser- 
vant (or steward) of Mr. John Carver. Signed 
the Compact; took an active part in the 
early explorations. Settled at Plymouth. 
Town officer; a partner in the Trading Com- 
pany of the Colony; Asst. or deputy almost 
continually. Prominent in the church, so 
that he "assisted in the imposition of hands" 
upon Rev. John Cotton, Jr. when he was or- 
dained pastor 30 (6) 1669. He m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of John Tillie. [B.] Ch. John b. Feb. 
24, 1626, [S.] Desire, (also named at the di- 
vision of cattle in 1627: she m. John Gorum,) 
Hope, (b. about 1630, [Gr. st.]; m. John Chip- 
man,) Deborah ,(m. 4 Jan. 1648, John Smith, 
Jr. of Plym.,) Elizabeth, (m. 13 Sept. 1649, 
Ephraim Hiclis,) Ruth, (m. 17 Nov. 1664, 
Thomas Cushmau). Others named in will. 

He d. Feb. 23, 1672-3; "a profitable instru- 
ment of good; the last man that was left of 
those that came over in the ship called the 
May Flower that arrived at Plymouth." 
[Plym. Col. Ree. VII, 34.] He made will 
29 May, prob. 6 March, 1672. Grown aged; 
beq. to wife Elizabeth his house in Rocliey 
Nook in the town of Plymouth, and made 
her residuary legatee; beq. to sons John, 
Jabez, Isaac, Joseph; to daus. Desire Gorum, 
Hope Chipman, Elizabeth Dickerson, Lydia 
Browne, Hannah Bosworth and Ruth Cush- 
man; to gr. ch. Elizabeth, dau. of his son 
John. Signed and sealed, (but only copies 
of Plym. wills extant). The widow d. 21 (12) 
1687, ae. SO. [Swansey rec] Her will dated 
17 Dec. 1686, aged 79 years; beq. to sons 
named by her husband, and daus. Lydia, 
Elizabeth and Hannah; to gr. ch. Elizabeth 
Bursley, Nathaniel Howland, James, Jabez 
and Dorothy Browne, and Desire Gorum. 
Son-in-law James Browne and son Jabez 

Genealogy and sketches. 


Thomas, carpenter, [Ips. rec], Boston, 

HOWLETT, cent. 

memb. chh. 1630-1; frm. March 4, 1633-4. 
One of the first planters at Agawam, (Ips- 
wich,) April 1, 1633. [Col. Rec] "Having 
lived sundry years at Ips.," he was dism. to 
that chh. 10 (7) 1643. [Bo. chh. rec] Dep- 
uty, ensign, deacon. He deposed in 1658, ae. 
about 52 years. He m. about 1644 Alice, 
widow of Thomas French. He m. 2 or 3, 
Rebecca, widow of Thomas Smith. 

Will dated 4 Nov. 1677, prob. 24 Sept. 1678, 
beq. to wife Rebecca what she brought with 
her and other items; to son Samuel and daus. 
Sarah Comings and Mary Perly; to Alice 
Comings; to Mary, dau. of his son John, or 
to his wife; to son Thomas' wife and ch.; 
rest to son William. The widow d. 1 Nov. 
1680. and her est. was given to her two sons 
James and John Smith. 



John, appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1630. [See 
Holman.] Rem. to Topsfield; selectman, 


Peter, ae. 31, and wife Ellen, ae. 39, 
cert, to come to N. E. March 11, 1634. Cap- 
tain: his est. in SufC. Prob. Court 13 (10) 1652. 
Owner of ship Brocke, etc. [Reg. VIII, 59.] 


John, planter, Salisbury, propr. 1639; 
owned land also at Ipswich in 1641 and at 
Haverhill in 1650, but resided at Sails, in 
the section which became Amesbury. Wife 
Frances d. Feb. 23, 1642-3; he m. 2, Frances 
— ; ch. Frances, (m. 1, John Colby, 2, John 
Barnard,) John; Thomas and Gregory b. Jan. 
1. 1640-1, Elizabeth b. Feb. 23, 1642, Sarah 
b. Jan. 10, d. Feb. 26, 1644-5, aiary b. Feb. 
20, 1645-6, (m. Christopher B.artlett,) Joseph 
b. and d. 1648, Joseph b. and d. 1649, Marah 
b. and d. 1653, Naomi b. Jan. 23, 1654, (m. 
John Lovejoy,) Dorothy b. April 13, 1656, 
Mehitable b. Oct. 25, 1664. 

He d. Feb. 28, 1687-8; admin, of his est. 
gr. Jlay 8, 1697. 

Simon, Charlestown, propr. 1630; rem. 
to Dorchester; propr.; frm. May 18, 1631. 
Rem. to Windsor, Conn. 



Ann, Dedham, m. 8 (5) 1638, Wm. Bar- 


Antbony, Dedham. He m. 14 (2) 1648, 
Sarah Bacon; ch. Jobn b. 14 (2) 1649, Abra- 
ham b. and d. 1650. Sarah d. 1652. 

Mr. Benjamin, "artist," Charlestown, 
adm. chh. with wife Alice 30 (6) 1633, frm. 
Sept. 3, 1634. Wrote Roger Williams in 1637 
about finding a place there. Accompanied 
the surveying party who laid out the town 
of Woburn. [To. rec] He (or one of the 
name) wrote from London 25 (12) 1644, to 
Gov. Winthrop; good voyage and favorable 
acceptance b.y many gentlemen through W.'s 
influence. Had not yet made trial before 
artists of bis invention concerning longitude. 
[Mass. Hist. Coll. 3-1.] 

Ch. Benjamin bapt. 30 (1) 1634, Elizabeth 
b. 4 (2) 1630, Thomas b. 31 (3) bapt. 24 (4) 
1639, Hannah b. 16 (10) 1641. 

Elizabeth, widow, Boston, d. 6 (11) 
1643. Her will dated 29 (10) 1643, was prob. 
(Suff.) 4 (7) 1644. Ch. Hannah and Benja- 
min Hobert execs.; other ch. Richard, Sarah 
and Rachel. Money to be paid to Stoctdell 
and Hannah Carrington. Signed Elizabeth 

Edmund, Sen., (wrote his name Hub- 
bard and Hubberd,) from Hingham, Eng., 
came in 1633 with his wife, son Joshua, dans. 
Rebecca and Sarah, and servant Henry 
Gibbs. Settled at Charlestown. Was adm. 
chh. 19 (6) 1633, with son Edmund and his 
wife Elizabeth. Benjamin and Alice his 
wife, and Joshua and his sister Rebecca, 
were also adm. chh. within a few days. 
Frm. March 4, 1633-4. Constable March 3, 
1634. He rem. to Hingham. Deputy. 
He m. 1, in Eng., Margaret [Dewey]; she d. 
and he m. 2, Oct. 10, 1634, Sarah, widow 
of Mr. John Lyford. Ch. Nazareth, (m. John 
Beal,) Edmund, Peter. 

(The latter. Rev. Peter, grad. Magdalen 
Coll., Cambridge, 1625, minister at Hingham 
44 years; kept a careful diary of baptisms, 
admissions to chh. and local items of great 
historical value; — wrote his name Bobart; 
but records: "March 8, 1646, father Hub- 
beard dyed; June 23, 1649, mother Hobart 
dyed.") Other ch. of Edmund: Thomas, Re- 
becca, Sarah, Joshua. [See Hist. Hingham, 

HUBBARD, etc., cont. 

James, Lynn, accused of opposing the 
baptism of infants; was called before Gen. 
Court and acquitted 1 (10) 1640. In Essex 
Court 29 (4) 1643. Rem. to Long Island and 
sold house and land at Charlestown, 27 (8> 

James, Watertown. Wife Sarah; ch. 
Thomas b. 10 (6) 1633, James, Sarah, (m. 
— Champney). [Mi.] 

He d. 26 (11) 1638, ae. 30 years; his will in 
Court at Boston 10 (10) 1641. His widow m. 
William Hamlet. 

Joseph, Newbury, propr. 1637. 

Robert, a witness to a deed of Hill and 
Leverett of Boston, 1649. 

Samuel, Springfield, frm. March 4, 
1634-5; town officer; kept the ordinary, 1640. 
Ch. Ruth b. 10 (2) 1640, Rachel b. 7 (1) 1642- 
3, Bethiah b. 29 (10) 1646. 

William, appl. frm. Oct. 19, 1630; prob- 
ably ret. to Eng., and was the 

William, husbandman, ae. 40, who came 
with Judith, ae. 25, Mary, ae. 20, Martha, ae. 
22, John, ae. 15, William, ae. 13, Nathaniel, 
ae. 6, and Richard, ae. 4, who came in the 
Defense in July, 1635. Settled at Ipswich. 
Propr.; bought house and land of Thomas 
Dudley in 1635; frm. May 2, 1638; member 
of the Particular Court of Ips. 1639; had 
grant of land from the Gen. Court on the 
North side of Quochecho river, which he 
sold Oct. 15, 1656, to Capt. Thomas Wiggin 
of Quomscooke. Gent; wife Judith signed 
with him. He rem. to Boston. Sold land to 
son Richard 24 June, 1662. 

He made will 8 June, prob. 19 Aug. 1670; 
beq. to son William lands at Tendring Hun- 
dred, Eng. and at Ipswich, N. E.; referred 
to lands already given to sons Richard and 
William; gave more to the latter. 

Rev. William, the son here mentioned, 
was grad. at Harvard coll. 1642; pastor at 
Wenham, 1643, at Ipswich, 1656; wrote a 
History of New England, of standard value. 

William, ae. 35, Thomas, ae. 10, and 
John, ae. 10, came in the Elizabeth and Ann 
in April, 1635. Mary, ae. 24, came in the 
Hopewell in Sept. 1635. Grant of land made 
to Mr. Hubbard for his family upon condi- 
tions referred to 12 (3) 1643, by the town of 



Thomas, planter, Barnstable, atba. 
1643, frm. 3 June, 1652; town officer. He 
m. in 1042, Mary Wells of Bar. She was 
bur. 28 July, 1G48, and he m. at Nocett Nov. 
3, 1G48, Rose Hellier, als. widow Tillye. Ch. 
Lydia b. and d. 1G44, Mary b. 29 March, 1646, 
Elizabeth bapt. Feb. 27, 1647, bur. 8 Dee. 
1648, John bapt. Aug. 5, 1649, Thomas bapt. 
April 27, 1651, Hannah bapt. Oct. 16, 1653, 
Joseph b. 21 Feb. 1655. 

He was cast away 9 Nov. 1679, in 62nd 
year; son Joseph lost with him. Inv. of his 
est. taken 10 Feb. 1679; agreement made 14 
March folg. between the widow Rose, son 
Thomas, Hope, relict of eldest son John, 
and her five daughters, Samuel Stores and 
Mary his wife, James Gorham and Han- 
nah his wife, aud Jabez Serjeant, in full 
of legacy given him by his grandfather, the 
said Thomas H. 

HUDD, see HOOD, 

Marie, maid servant to Mr. John Win- 
throp, Sen., adm. chh. Boston 28 (6) 1634. 


James, laborer, Boston, propr. 1641. 
Wife Anne adm. chh. 3 (2) 1642; eh. Lydia 
b. 27 (2) 1643, Deborah bapt. 20 (8) 1644, 
James b. 25 (6) 1646, Lydia b. 15 (1) 1648. 
He m. 3 (12) 1652, Rebecca, dau. of Wm. 
Browne of Bo.; ch. John b. and d. 1653. The 
wife Rebecca d. 14 (9) 1653. He m. Mary — , 
who was adm. chh. 17 (1) 1661; ch. John b. 
and d. 1654, Mary b. July 27, 1656, Lazarus 
b. Oct. 22, 1658, Bethiah and Abigail b. Dec. 
13, 1059, Samuel b. March 23, 1661, Maiy 
bapt. 28 (2) 1061. Ebenezer b. March 4, 1662, 
Elizabeth bapt. 6 (9) 1664, Eleazer b. June 
19, 1668. 

John, household servant to Mr. Hum- 
phrey, Salem, 1642. Punished in 1649 by 
Gen. Court. Rem to Manchester; sold house. 
He deposed in 1670 ,ae. 57 years, Mary, ae. 
about 50, and Samuel, ae. about 21. 

John, husbandman, Duxbury. 
Will, dated Nov. 20, 1683, prob. Sept. 12, 
168S; wife Anne; daus. Hannah Turner, 
Rhoda Palmer, Elizabeth Vicory, Abigail 
Stetson; son Japhet Turner. [Gen. Adv. I, 


Mary, widow, Boston, adm. chh. 19 (11) 


HUDSON, cent. 

Nicholas, residence not stated, frm. 
March 9, 1636-7. 

Ralph, woollen draper, ae. 42, with 
wife Marie, ae. 42, and ch. Hannah, ae. 14, 
John, ae. 12, Elizabeth, ae. 5, came in the 
Susan and Ellen in April, 1035. Settled 
at Cambridge; householder 8 Feb. 1635. 
Rem. to Boston; adm. chh. 17 (2) 1636, frm. 
May 25, 1036. 

Will prob. 20 (9) 1651, names dau. Hannah 
who m. Capt. John Leverett; bro. John Hud- 
sou; wife's sister, the wife of Mr. Peacock. 
[Reg. IV, 54.] 

Thomas, Lynn, propr. in 1638. Sold 
lands 22 (10) 1045. 

William, baker, Boston, memb. chh. 
1030, frm. May 18, 1631. Went to Eng. in 
1645; became ensign of a foot company in 
Col. Rainsborow's regiment. Returned after 
good service. [W.] Went again to Chat- 
ham, CO. Kent, Eng.; gave power of attor- 
ney concerning property in Boston to his 
sons William H., inn-holder, and Francis H., 
fisherman, both of B. April 29, 1656. Wife 
Susan adm. chh. 1630-1; ch. Nathaniel b. 30 
(11) 1633, Richard d. 26 (8) 1641, Hannah, (m. 
Oct. 10. 1061, Benjamin Richards). 



rarnoll, Lynn; fine for selling strong 
water without lie. remitted 15 Oct. 1050. 

William, of "New Medows," sold ani- 
mals and farm produce Aug. 13, 1643, to 
Richard Barker; witness, John Hughes. [Es. 
Court files.] Of Lynn, 1640; refused to pay 
toward maintenance of ministry. [Es. flies.] 


John, merchant, Boston, signed inv. of 
Wm. Hanbury in 1049. 

HUIT, see also HEWETT, 

Ephraim, residence not stated. His 
widow Isabel sold a 100 li. share in the 
patents of Piscataqua and Swamseot Sept. 
22, 1047. [Suff. De. I, 90.] She seems to be 
referred to on the same page as Mrs. Isabel 
Willett, Q. V. 


William; rem. to Windsor, Conn.; 
thence about 1654 to Hartford; thence rem. 
to Northampton. 


Mr. George, Dorchester, one of the first 
company 1030, [Blalie.] Frm. March 4, 1032- 
3. Town officer, deputy. Rem. to Windsor, 

John, Dorchester, propr., frm. Aug. 7, 
1G32. [Perhaps this name was a clerical 
error for Hill.] 

Rev. Joseph, (called Hall in passenger 
list,) of Somerset, a minister, ae. 40, with wife 
Agnes, ae. 25, ch. Joane, ae. 15, Joseph, ae. 
13, Tristram, ae. 11, Elizabeth, ae. 7, Tem- 
perance, ae. 9, Grissell, ae. 5, Dorothy, ae. 
3; and servants Judith French, ae. 20, John 
Wood, ae. 20, and Robert Dabyn, ae. 28, 
came from W^eymouth, Eng., March 20, 1035. 
He was allowed by the Gen. Court 5 (8) 1035, 
to sit down at Wessaguscus, after called 
Weymouth, and 21 families with him. Prm. 
Sept. 2, 1035. He rem. to Hingham. One 
of the com. to assist magistrates 6 (7) 1038; 
deputy. "Gave his farewell sermon May 
5, 1039." [Hob.] Rem. to Barnstable. Frm. 
and deputy Plym. Col. 1039. Rem. to Yar- 
mouth and became pastor of the chh. Ch. 
Benjamin bapt. at Hing. March 24, 1039, 
Naomi bapt. in 1039, Ruth bapt. May 9, 1641, 
Sarah d. in 1047. 

Richard, cai-penter, Boston, frm. April 
1, 1634. 

Robert, blaclismith, chandler, Boston, 
adm. chh. 29 (3) 1630, frm. March 9, 1036-7. 
He gave to his son John, when 21 years of 
age and about to marry, a house and lands 
in Boston and elsewhere, reserving life use 
for himself. Referred to in Suffolk deeds 
III, 300. This son became the celebrated 
mint-master. Son Edward was commander 
of Rhode Island forces against the Dutch in 
1053. [Es. Piles 2, 95-102.] Wife Elizabeth 
adm. chh. 23 (4) 1639. 

Will dated 20 (3) 1657; son John, son Ed- 
mund Quinney and his son John; son Rich- 
ard Storer; son Edward H. Admin, gr. Feb. 
12, 1666, to John, only surviving son. [Reg. 
XV, 322.] 

Samuel ae. 25, came in the Elizabeth 
and Ann in May 1635. 


— , residence not stated, frm. May 22, 


George, tanner, Boston, adm. chh. 22 
(3) 1636, frm. May 17, 1637. Wife Anne adm. 
chh. 3 (1) 1639. 

He d. (4) 1640. He beq. to wife Anne; son 
Nathaniel to be servant 5 years to James 
.Tohnson, who was made his guardian; land 
in Boston and Braintree. Nathaniel signed 
the agreement. [Reg. VII, 31.] The widow 
m. 16 (10) 1051, Wm. Philpot. 

HUNNIWELL, see Honywell. 


Mr. John, Esquire, a magistrate, had 
grant of land at Saugus 6 March 1632-3. 
Frm. May 25, 1636. Had sad experiences 
in regard to some of his ch. in 1641. [W.] 
He brought into this country an est. of 2,000 
li.; was a very useful ruler. [W.] App. by 
Gen. Court 2 June 1641, sergeant major gen- 

He d. poor In 1653. Admin, gr. to his son 
Joseph 13 (10) 1661. The Court gave him a 
grant of 300 acres which he sold June 25, 
1664. Litigation over the farm in 1662 in Es. 
Court; important documents. Ch. Theo- 
philus bapt. 24 (11) 1636, Thomas bapt. 26 (6) 

1638, Joseph bapt. 5 (2) 1640, Lydia bapt. 25 
(2) 1041, Dorcas b. about 1632, Sarah b. 
about 1634. 

"July," 1634. Mr. Humphrey and the 
lady Susan, his wife, one of the Earl of Lin- 
coln's sisters, arrived at Boston, bringing 
military supplies, 16 heifers given by Mr. 
Richard Andrews to the plantaton, one for 
each of the ministers and the rest to the 
poor; etc., and mesages from people of qual- 
ity who desired to come over." [W.] 

Jonas, from Wendover, Eng., where he 
had been a constable, [Family Papers,] 
came to Dorchester about 1637. Memb. chh. 

1639, frm. May 13, 1640. Propr.; son James 
propr. 1646. Wife Frances memb. chh. 1639. 
Ch. Sarah bur. (7) 1038. The wife d. and he 
m. 2, Jane (Clap), widow of George Weeks; 
she d. 2 (6) 1068. 

He d. March 19, 1661-2; will dated March 
12, prob. April 17, 1662. Copy in possession 
of descendants. Beq. to wife; to sons James 


HUMPHREY, etc., cont. 
and Jonas; to dau. Susanna, wife to Nich- 
olas White; to gr. child Elizabeth Frie a 
chest that was her grandmother's. [See Wil- 
liam Fry.] 


Edmund, or Edward, Cambridge, 
propr. 1634; sold house and land in 1636-7. 
Rem. to Duxbury; land grant Oct. 2, 1637, 
atba. 1643. Town officer. 

Inv. taken 20 March, 1656, filed 24 (8) 1657. 
[Reg. V, 386.] 

Enoch, from Titenden in the parish of 
Lee, Eng., [Mass. Arch. 120, 16,] Wey- 
mouth; 1640; town officer, 1651. In Court 1 
(2) 1641. Wife Dorothie, widow of — Barlj- 
er; she survived him, and m. John King. In 
her will, dated 14 (4) 1652, prob. 21 (8) 1652, 
she beq. to dau. Sarah Hunt, referred to 
Ephraim H., and to ch. Joseph and Ruth 
Earlier and Susanna Heath. Ch. Sarah b. 4 
(5) 1040. 

He d. before 1647, when Dorothy's lands 
are mentioned in deeds of abutting tracts. 
Admin, gr. to son Ephraim 18 (9) 1652; [Reg. 
V, 239.] The son Ephraim, blacksmith, Wey- 
mouth, gave letter of attorney 5 (10) 1646, 
for collection of property in Beaconsfield, 
Bucks, formerly of John Hunt of Winch- 
more Hill in Agmondsham parish. [A.] 

Mary, Salem, adm. chh. 21 (1) 1640-1. 

Peter, lieut, Rehoboth, 1643; prop, 
frm. 4 June, 1645., adm. frm. 5 June, 1651; 
town officer. He m. Dec. 14, 1646, Elizabeth 
Smith; ch. Sarah b. Jan. 21, 1046-7, Judah b. 
April 21, 1648, Peter b. June 14, 1650, Enoch 
b. Feb. 28, 1652, Elizabeth b. March 1, 1654, 
John b. Oct. 15, 1656, Mary b. June 15, 1658, 
Ephraim b. March 31, 1661, Tabitha b. Sept. 
14, 1663, Daniel b. Feb. 14, 1665, Benjamin 
b. Sept. 29, 1668, Nath. b. Dec. 31, 1670, d. 
Aug. 28, 1671. Peter, Morah and Tabitha 
bur. 1676. He was bur. Oct. 21, 1692. 

Will dated 19 June, 1689, prob. 26 Dec. 
1692; beq. to sons Enoch, John, Ephraim, 
Benjamin; dau. Judith Williams and her 
sons Nathaniel and Thomas Cooper; gr. ch. 
Ann Paine and Sarah Pecke; sons-in-law 
Samuel Peck and James Willett. Certain 
land he had of father Bowen. 

Robert, yeoman, Charlestown, inhabi- 
tant 1638; rem. to Sudbury. Propr. 1640. 
Will dated 2 Oct. 1640; wife Susanna exec. 

HUNT, cont. 

for herself and the [three] minor childreB; 
friends Sedgwick and Lyne of Char, over- 
seers. The widow d., and inv. of her est. 
was filed 24 (9) 1642. [Reg. VII, 32, and 
XXX, 80.] 

William, Concord, rem. to Marlborough; 
frm. June 2, 1641. Witness to will of Wm. 
Bowstred of Concord, 23 Oct. 1642. 

He signed his will Oct. 23, 1667, date of 
probate not given; beq. to wife Mary, and 
sons Samuel, Nehemiah and Isaac, and dau. 
Elizabeth Barnes. 


Robert, Rowley, propr., frm. Oct. 7, 

He was bur. 5 (6) 1647. Will dated 5 (6) 
prob. 28 (7) 1647, beq. to wife Mary; to 
Thomas Birkby his shop gear, etc.; to cer- 
tain poor of the chh.; to Abel Langley, con- 
ditionally; otherwise to the church. 


John, Dedham, propr. 28 (6) 1638, frm. 
March 13, 1638-9. Wife Esther adm. chh. 
April 24, 1639; ch. Samuel b. 22 (5) 1640, 
Nathaniel bapt. 24 (10) 1043, Mary adm. chh. 
30 (2) 1643. 

Will dated 15 Dec. 1684, prob. 26 March, 
1691; affirms bequests made by wife Hester 
in her will Jan. 4, 1675; refers to his bro. 
Francis Seaborne; beq. to son Samuel, liv- 
ing in Charlestown; to ch. John, Mary Buck- 
ner, (widow in Boston,) and to her dau. 
Mary White; to son-in-law Robert Ware, in 
right of his first wife Margaret; to dau. Hes- 
ter Fisher; to son-in-law John Peck of Reho- 
both, in right for his eldest dau. Hester, of 
his first wife Elizabeth. 


Margaret, widow, Roxbury, came in 
1633; brought children with her. [E.] 

William, planter, Salibsury, 1643, 
propr. 1650. He and his wife Joannah ex- 
changed land in Sails, with John Bayley of 
Newbui-y and Elnor his wife 1 (10) 1652. Ch. 
John b. Aug. 1643, James d. Feb. 5, 1646, 
Mary b. July 8, 1648, (m. Joshua Goldsmith.) 
He d. about 1689. 



John, Lyun, in court, 1650. 

HURD, see Heard. 


James, planter, Plymoutb, taxed in 
1632, frm. 1G33, propr. 1038. His dau. Mary 
m. Oct. 16, 1657, Jonatlian Dunliam. 

Will dated Dec. 10, prob. 2 March, 1657; 
wife Gartend, [Gertrude;] gr. eh. John, 
Gershom, James, Eleazer, Hannah and Pa- 
tience Oobb, and Mary Dunham. [Reg. V, 
386.] The widow Gartheren d. before 
March 30, 1670, when the iuv. of her est. 
was taken. 

Margerite, Gharlestown, adm. chh. 30 
(9) 1642. 

William, Sandwich; had a suit in 
court in 1637. He m. 17 March 1639, Kath- 
arine Thlckston. 

Admin, gr. to the widow 1 June, 1641. 
[Plym. Col. Rec] 

HUSE, see Hewes, 

Abel, Newbury, propr., frm. May 18, 

1642. He deposed in 1666, aged about 64 
years. Wife Eleanor d. 1 March, 1663; he 
m. 25 May, 1663, Mary Sears. Ch. Ruth b. 
25 Feb. 1663-4, Abel b. 19 Feb. 1664, Thomas 
b. 9 Aug. 1666, William b. Oct. 12, 1667, 
Sarah b. Dec. 8, 1668, John b. 20 June, 1670, 
Amy b. 8 Sept. 1673, d. May 12, 1675, Eben- 
ezer, a dau., b. 10 Aug. 1675. 

He d. 29 March, 1690. Will dated 7 March, 
prob. Sept. 30, 1690; to wife Mary that which 
was her former husband's, etc.; sons Abel, 
Thomas, William, John; daus. Ruth Browne, 
Sarah and Ebenezer H. 


Christopher, Saugus, 1632, frm. May 
14, 1634. Rem. to Newbury; propr. 16.37. 
One of the first planters at Hampton, G 
Sept., 16.38. He m. 1, Theodate, dau. of Rev. 
Stephen Bachiler, who gave to them his cat- 
tle, goods and debts on his return to Eng. 
[Deposition of Colcord in 1672.] 

Robert, carpenter, Duxbury, atba. 

1643. Sold houes, lands, etc., to Mr. Ralph 
Partrich 10 (7) 1654. 

Inv. taken by Ensign John Haward Oct. 
30, 1667. [Reg. VII, 177.] 

HUTCHINS, HUCHENS, see Hochens, 

John, Newbuiy, brought suit in Ips- 
wich Court in 1642. Rem. to Haverhill. 
Gave house and land at Newb. to wife 
Frances, and cattle to dau. Elizabeth and 
son William, 23 Nov. 1654. Conveyed land 
to son Joseph 29 April, 1661. Ch. recorded: 
Joseph b. 15 Nov. 1640, John b. Oct. 10, 1641, 
Benjamin b. 15 May, 164[4], Love b. 16 July 

He d. Feb. 6, ]685. Will prob. March 30, 
1686, beq. to wife Frances; sons William, 
Joseph, Benjamin and Samuel; daus. Eliza- 
beth Ayres and Love Sherburne. The 
widow d. April 5, 1694, and beq. her est. to 
several of these children. 


lOdward. son of Edward and Susanna, 
of Alford, CO. Lincoln, Eng., came to Boston 
about 1633, adm. chh. (8) 1633, frm 
March 4, 1633-4. Town officer. He 
deposed 25 March, 1658, ae. about 
56 years. Possessed considerable wealth 
and transacted a large amount of business. 
Acted sometimes for bro. Richard H., iron- 
monger, of London. Was involved in the 
troubles which grew out of the preaching of 
his bro. William's wife and his bro.-in-law, 
Mr. John Wheelwright in 1637 and 1638; 
and rem. to Newport. Ret. to Eng. Wife 
Sarah adm. chh. 18 (10) 1633; ch. John bapt. 
31 (6) 1634, Ichabod bapt. 3 (7) 1637. 

George, Charlestown, propr.; memb. 
chh. 1630, frm. April 1, 1634. Town officer. 
Wife Margaret; ch. Nathaniel bapt. 9 (8) 

He d. Dec. 11, 1660. Will prob. 18 (10) 
1660, beq. to wife; son Nathaniel; apprentice 
boy Eleazer White. Brother John Penticost 
and Thomas Lynde overseers. 

John, carpenter, ae. 30, came in the 
Bevis in May, 1638. 

Richard, yeoman, Salem, propr. 1636; 
adm. chh. 4 (2) 1647. Bought a farm in 1648 
aud sold half of it to Nathaniel Putnam in 
1651. [Es. De. and Piles.] He deposed 11 
Feb. 1681-2, ae. about 80 years. Wife Alice 
memb. chh. before 1636. He m. 2, Oct. 
1668, Susanna, widow of Samuel Archard; 
she d. Nov. 26, 1674. He m. 3, Sarah, widow 
of .Tames Standish. Ch. Abigail bapt. 25 (10) 
1636, Hannah bapt. 20 (11) 1638, John b. in 



May, [Es. Files,] bapt. 2 (5) 1643, (had a 

deed of part of his father's est. in 1006.) 

WiU dated 19 June, 1679, prob. 26 (7) 1682; 
wife to be made comfortable for one of her 
age by son Joseph; to have what she had 
when they married if she wish to remove; 
he beq. to son-in-law Anthony Ashby and 
dau. Abigail, his wife; son-in-law Daniel 
Boardmau and dau. Hannah, his wife; sons- 
in-law Nathaniel Putnam, Thomas Hale and 
James Hadlocli; gr. eh. Bethia Hutchinson 
and Sarah Hadloeli; servant, Black Peter; 
son Joseph exec. [Genealogy in Es. Inst. 
Coll. IX.] 

Samuel, bro. of Edward, above, settled 
at Lynn; propr. before 1638. He deposed in 
1658, ae. about 40 years. 

Will dated 17 April, prob. IG July, 1667, 
gave beq. to the son Samuel and six daus. of 
his sister Wheelwright and other relatives, 
but did not mention wife or child. 

Susanna, widow of WlH»ja, of Alford, 
Eng., came to N. E. in company with her 
son-in-law Mr. John Wheelwright and his 
wife Marie, her dau., in 1636. Was adm. to 
Boston chh. 12 (4) 1036. She rem. with 
them to Exeter; was dism. from Bo. chh. 3 
(1) 1639. 

William, eldest son of WiUiasQ and 
Susanna, of Alford, Eng., came to Boston in 
1034, bringing his wife, Anne, dau. of Fran- 
cis and Bridget (Dryden) Marbury, b. at Al- 
ford 20 July, 1691; who was destined to talie 
a very significant part in the affairs of the 
new country. She made numerous addresses 
or sermons on religious subjects in a very 
e'arnest spirit, but presented a number of 
doctrines quite out of harmony with those 
held by the churches of New England; gath- 
ered about her a large number of men, as 
well as women; placed the ministers and 
officials of the colony in a position or embar- 
rassment and opposition to herself; and 
drew down on herself and her brother-in- 
law, Mr. John Wheelwright, a s-torm of per- 
secution. She was banished to Rhode 
Island, but not there relieved from pursuit 
of the Mass. authorities. To this was added 
the affliction of Indian atrocities; and she 
was killed by the savages in Sept., 1643. 
Her husband was a business man of large 
ability: and no fault was found with him ex- 
cept for hs sympathy and aid to his wife, 


whom he nobly supported, however his 
views may have differed from those she 

Children: Edward.bapt. 28 May, 1613, Sus- 
anna bapt. Sept. 4, 1614, bur. Sept. 8, 1630, 
Richai-d bapt. 8 Dec. 1615, Faith bapt 14 
Aug. 1017, (m. Capt. Thomas Savage.) 
Bridget bapt 15 Jan. 1018-9, Elizabeth bapt. 
15 Feb. 1021-2, bur. Oct. 4, 10.30, William 
bapt. 22 Jan. 1023. Samuel bapt. 17 Dec. 
1624, Anne bapt. 5 May, 1626, Mary bapt. 22 
Feb. 1627-8. William bapt. 28 Sept 1631, 
Susanna bapt. 15 Nov. 1633, Zuriel b. in Bos- 
ton 13 (1) 1030. Of these Richard, Francis, 
Bridget and Faith were adm. chh. Boston in 
1034. Edward, Jr., a singleman, was adm. 
chh. 10 (0) 1034. 


Richard, ae. 15, came in the Hopewell 
in Sept. 1635. Settled at Ipswich; propr., 
1039. Was paid in 1043 for service against 
the Indians. Bought land 20 Nov. 1045. 


George, ship carpenter, mariner, Bos- 
ton, 1642. Wife Anne adm. chh. 14 (4) 1645; 
ch. Mary b. 3 (6) 1042, Timothy b. fO) 1044; 
both bapt. 15 (4) 1645. 

He d. in 1045. The widow m. Daniel Weld 
of Braintree. 

John, tailor, from Marlborough, 
came in the James, April, 1635. 


.Tonathan, Cambridge, joined with his 
bro. Samuel in the purchase of land in 1647. 
Rec'd to full communion in the chh. with 
wife Mary Jan. 8, 1001. He deposed 2 (1) 
1673. ae. 47 years. Ch. 
.John and Elizabeth bapt. 
liam bapt. [....] 

Jonathan, Samuel, 
in Feb. 1601, Wil- 

Nitfholas, Rehoboth, see Ide. 

Richard, carpenter, Salem, 1042. Sold 
house and land in 1659. He deposed in 
1674, about 00 years old. Ch. Isaac 
bapt. 17 (5) 1642, Rebecca bapt 31 (1) 1644, 
Ephraim bapt. 12 (2) 1040, Mary bapt. 2 (11) 
1047, Hannah bapt. 7 (2) 1050, Richard bapt. 
(4) 1652, dau. Christian bapt. 20 (6) 1654. 

Samuel, planter, Cambridge, came in 
the Jonathan in 1639. as he deposed in 1652. 
Settled at Cambridge. Propr.; frm. May 2, 


TP A ■vroi 

HYDE, etc., cont. 

1649. Deacon. Wife Temperance; ch. Sam- 
uel, Joshua, b. 12 (1) 1642, Job, Sarah b. 19 
(3) 1644, Elizabeth. [Reg. XXXII, 409.] 

He d. Sept. 14, 1689, ae. about 80. Will 
dated 10 July. prob. Oct. 1, 1689, beq. to 
■wife; sou Samuel and sou-in-law Samuel 
Woolson; gr. ch. Samuel, John and Sarah H. 
Bro. Jonathan H. one of the overseers. 

HYEICKE, see Herrick. 


Richard. Hingham, propr. 1635, in con- 
nection with William Cockraine, Sen., his 
son-in-law. Before Gen. Court 5 (1) 1638-9. 
Ch. Rebecca, (m. Mr. Peter Hobart, widower, 
and d. 7 (7) 1693, ae. 72 years,) Ellen, (m. at 
Cambridge, March, 1638, Capt. Joshua Ho- 
bart,) Margaret, (m. at Charlestown, Feb. 13, 
1638-9, John Tower of Hing.). [Hob.] 
He d. Nov. 14, 1651. 

Robert, who, at Southold, Eng., March 
25, 1657, witnessed a deed of Wm. Cock- 
raine, [Suff. De. I, 62,] may be supposed to 
be a relation of the above. 


Nicholas, Rehoboth, propr. 1645, frm. 7 
June, 1648. He petitioned the Court in 1648 
for a child's portion of the est. of Thomas 
Bliss, who called him son-in-law. Wife Mary 
bur. Sept. 9, 1690. Ch. Nathaniel b. Nov. 11, 
1647, Mary b. Dec. 10, 1649, John b. Dec. 
1652, Nicholas b. Nov. 1654, Martha b. Oct. 
1656, Elizabeth b. April 6, 1658, Timothy 
b. Oct. 1660, Dorothy b. May 11, 1062, Pa- 
tience b. May 25, 1664, Experience b. Oct. 
He was bur. Oct. 18, 1690. 

ILES, see EELS, 

John, shoemaker, came in the Confi- 
dence April 11, 1638, with wife Barbara, ae. 
20, and a servant. Settled at Salisbury; bar- 
ber; propr. 1639; frm. Sept. 6, 1639. He de- 
posed in 1660, ae. about 50 years. His wife 
Barbara d., and he m. 2, Sarah, dau. of Rich- 
ard HafEeld, q. v. Wife Sarah, who signed 

ILSLIE, etc., cont. 

deed in 1652, d. Aug. 3, 1673. Ch. John b. 
March, 1642, Sarah b. Aug. 31, 1644, (m. 
Philip Greeley.) Ruth b. March 6, 1647, d. 
May 2, 1650, Jonathan b. Nov. 2, 1052. 

He d. Dec. 10, 1683; inv. pres. March 25, 

William, shoemaker, ae. 26, came In 
the Confidence April 11, 1638. Settled at 
Newbury; propr., juryman. One of the wit- 
nesses to the will of John Cheney 5 (4) 1666. 
Wife Barbara. Ch. Mary, (m. Samuel 
Moore.) Elisha, John b. 11 Sept. 1641, Wil- 
liam b. 23 Feb. 1647, Joseph b. 3 Oct. 1649, 
Isaac b. 23 June, 1652, Sara b. 8 Aug. 1655, 
(m. Samuel Hale,) a son b. and d. 1658. 

He d. July 22. 1681; will daied Feb. 26, 
1679, prob. July 28, 1681, beq. to wife Bar- 
bary, sons John, Joseph, Isaac, Elisha and 
William; to Samuel Moores, husband of 
Mary, and Samuel Hale, husband of Sarah 
I. ; to the wife and ch. of son John. 


Edmund, (Edward,) Lynn, propr., 1638. 
In court (4) 1640. 

His death was caused by a defect in Lynn 
bridge, for which a jury was called by Gen. 
Court 18 Oct. 1648, at the request of bis son 
Robert. Will dated Aug. 28, prob. 14 (9) 
1648; wife Ann; ch. Robert, John, Samuel, 
Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, Faith, (wife to An- 
drew Allen.) Sarah, (wife to Wm. Bitnar;) 
bro. Francis Ingalls; son-in-law Francis 
Dane. Leaves Katharine Skippee with his 
wife. To John 3 acres of land he hath in 

Francis, tanner, Lynn, propr. 1638. His 
account with John Humphrey about pur- 
chase of farm, 1648-1656, in Es. files VHl, 
75. He deposed 26 (9) 1662, ae. about 60 
years. Rem. to Boston. 

Will dated 10 Aug. prob. 1 Nov. 1672, beq. 
to wife Mary and son Joseph Belknap; resi- 
due to Elizabeth Farnam of Andover, after 
wife's death. 


Thomas, Scituate. Ch. Sarah b. 21 Jan. 
1647, Sarah bapt. March 2, 1656. 




Richard, from Bedfordshire, Eng., sent 
over to Salem with his family by the Mass. 
Bay Co. in 1629. [SufC. De. I, xvi.] Propr. 
Maintained a ferry over North river in 1G36. 
Wife Anne memb. chh. before 163G. Ch. 
John b. middle of (7) 1644. [Es. files.] 

Will prob. Jan. 2, 1644-5; wife Ann, sons 
George, John, and Nathaniel; sons-in-law 
Richard Pettingell, (husband of Joanna,) and 
William Haines; dau. Alice Walcott and 
youngest dau. Bathsheba. The widow m. 2, 
John Knight of Newbury. [Es. files XIV, 


John, sawyer, Boston, singleman, adm. 
chh. 6 (9) 1641; frm. May 18, 1642. Bought 
house and lot Jan. 26, 1651. Wife Ruth; ch. 
John b. and d. 1649, John bapt. 15 (7) 1650, 
John b. 10 July, 1653, John b. 2 (8), bapt. 
as William 7 (8), d. as John 15 (10) 1655; 
Ebenezer b. 13 Dec, 1656, Peter b. 8 March, 
1658, Peter bapt. 13 (1) 1659. 


Edward, ae. 18, came in the Blessing 
in July, 1635. Settled at Salem; propr. 1638, 
swine-keeper 1640. 

Richard, Rehoboth, propr. 1645. 


Edward, Braintree. 

Ch. John b. 18 (7) 


Samuel, carpenter, ae. 32, with wife 
Marie, ae. 30, and ch. Martha, ae. 1%, came 
in the Increase April 15, 1635. 

William, yeoman, Dorchester, 1648; 
frm. May 22, 1650. He was dism. to the new 
chh. in Boston 3 (12) 1660. Ch. Rebecca 
bapt. 10 (1) 1649, Rebecca bapt. 20 (8) 1650, 
Ann bapt. 13 (12) 1652, William bapt. 16 (10) 


Edward, ae. 32, came in the Abigail in 
July, 1635, with Elizabeth, ae. 27. Settled at 
Lynn; propr. 1638. He deposed in 1663, ae. 
about 62 years. 

He d. Dec. 1675. Will dated Oct. 26, 1674, 
prob. 27 (4) 1676; wife Alice, sons Samuel 
and Benjamin; daus. Elizabeth and Ruth. 



John, of the parish of Clisdon, co. Som- 
erset, laborer, was indentured to Timothy 
Hatherly of the parish of St. Olaves in 
Southwark, co. Surrey, as a servant, to go 
to Plymouth in N. E. April 10, 1629. Wit- 
ness, Robert Winsor, Jr. [SufE. co. files; Reg. 
XXXIX, 28.] Settled at Duxbury. Inher- 
ited land of Henry Wallis. Volunteer for 
the Pequot War, 1637. Land grant 5 
March, 1643. Atba. 1643. 


Edward, Salisbury, took oath of fidel- 
ity in 1645. 

Matthew, servant to William Colbom, 
Boston, adm. chh. 20 (2) 1634. Propr. 1637. 
Kept an ordinary in 1653. Wife Anne; ch. 
Elizabeth b. 15 (2) 1631, John b. 16 (7) 1638, 
Elizabeth bapt. 18 (2) 1641, Thomas bapt. 3 
(12) 1642, ae. 18 days, Thomas b. 18 (4) 1643. 
Rebecca b. 26 (12) 1644, Matthias bapt. 14 
(1) 1647, ae. about 6 days, Edward bapt. 11 
(12) 1648, ae. about 3 days, Samuel bapt. 24 
(9) 1650, Ann bapt. 8 (12) 1651, Anne b. 6 
June, d. 26 June, 1654, William d. 1 (9) 1654, 
Katharine b. 1 June, 1655. Matthew d. 13 (3) 

He d. in 1661. Will prob. Jan. 30, 1661; 
sons John, Thomas, Samuel, daus. Eliza- 
beth and Rebecca. [Reg. XII, 36.] 


Robert, carpenter, Salem, propr. 1636. 
Lawsuit, 1641. Ann, his wife, deposed In 
case of Margaret Pease in 1645. Rem. to 
Manchester. Sold house and land in 1651. 


Joseph, Cambridge, propr., frm. March 
9, 1636-7; town officer, 1638. Deputy. Re- 
becca, ae. 36, [perhaps his wife,] came in 
the Elizabeth of Ipswich April 30, 1634. 
He d. 11 (3) 1642. 


Thomas, Sudbury, frm. May 13, 1640. 
Town officer, 1643. 


Michael, in Es. Court in 1639; before 
Gen. Court 3 March, 1639-40. 



Miles, Watertown, propr. 1630. [Not 
unlikely he is the man enrolled as Mathias 
Ives, frm. May 25, 1638.] He sold house 
and land in Newton village in 1039. See 
•will of John Ive of Naylonde, co. Suffolk, 
Eng., prob. 17 June, 1019; beq. to son Miles 
and his children. [Reg. XXXVIII, 416.] 
Wife Martha; ch. Sarah b. 11 (8) 1639, Mary 
b. 10 (5) 1041, Hannah b. 9 (3) 1643. 

He d. Aug. 20, 1084, ae. 70. [Mdx. rec] 
Will mentions son-in-law John Polly; son- 
in-law Luse Allen, and his ch. Abel and 
Sarah; gr. child Nathaniel Healy; Mary Al- 
len and Martha Healy; sister Grace Ireland; 
son James Hubbard. 


James, Braintree. 
He d. March 3, 1053-4; beq. to his children 
and to his bro.'s son John Ivey. [Reg. VIII, 
128 w.] 

John, Newbury; the only record is the 
birth of his son John b. Nov. 6, 1643. 


William, Lynn, propr. 1038; lawsuit, 
1639. Petitioned the Gen. Court in 1645 
regarding his long absence on military ser- 

Inv. of his est. taken 26 (1) 1053, filed at 
Ipswich, showed carpenters' tools, etc. 

Edmund, glazier, Boston, adm. chh. 31 
(6) 1034, frm. May 6, 1635. Paid a bill to 
Robert Tainton, merchant, of London, In 
1659. [Suff. De. Ill, 330.] Wife Susan, dan. 
of Henry Pease; ch. Samuel b. 19 (2) 1040, 
Susanna b. and d. 1043, Susan b. and d. 1044, 
Hannah b. 12 (9) 1045, Susan b. 16 (11) 1048, 
Mehetabel b. 15 Feb. 1053, Marah b. 15 June, 
1055, Ruth b. Aug. 4, 1058, Mehetabel and 
Mary bapt. 8 (2) 1600. 

Will dated Dec. 23, 1672, prob. 29 Sept. 
1081; about to take a voyage to sea; beq. to 
wife, to daus. Mehetabel and Mary; to son 
Samuel. The widow, in her will dated 14 
March, 1686-7, beq. her est. to dau. Mary 


James, Newbury. Ch. Mary b. 1644, 
Sarah b. 18 Jan. 1647, Hester b. 12 Sept. 
1651, James b. 22 June, 1655, Joanna b. 14 
June, 1057, Richard b. Feb. 6, 1659. 
He d. 30 Dec. 1694. 


Edmund, shoemaker, Boston, adm. chh. 
15 (9) 1635, frm. May 25, 1036. Wife Mar- 
tha d. 12 (9) 1052; he m. 7 (11) 1652, Mary 
Gawdren, widow, dau. of Samuel Cole; she 
d. 18 Jan. [Feb.] 1058-9. He m. 27 Oct. 1659- 
60, Elizabeth Pilkenton. Ch. Hannah b. 1 
(1) 1030-7, John b. 20 (8) 1038, Thomas b. 1 
(1) 1040-1, Samuel b. 27 (4) 1643, Jeremiah 
b. (5) 1045, Mary bapt. 17 (2) 1047, Isaac b. 
22 (9) 1651, Edmund b. 30 (8) 1654, Elizabeth 
b. 11 Feb. 1050, Elisha b. 12 Feb. 1058. Sarah 
b. Sept. 24, 1000, Martha b. Feb. 11, 1001-2, 
Susanna b. Dec. 2, 1663, Susanna b. Sept. 19, 
1600, Edmund b. Oct. 5, 1668. Samuel Cole 
gave land to his gr. ch. Elisha and Elizabeth 
J. 6 Oct. 1606. 

Will, dated 2 May, prob. 28 July, 1675. 
Beq. to wife Elizabeth and ch. Samuel, Jere- 
miah, Hannah, (wife of John Andrews,) Sa- 
rah, Martha, Susanna, Edmund and Mary. 
The widow Elizabeth m. Wm. Beal, Sen., of 
Marblehead, and d. 5 Nov. 1083. 

Edward, gent., Cambridge, frm. May, 
1045. Propr. Deputy. Witness to deed and 
appraiser of the est. of Samuel Holly in 
1043. Bought land in 1650. Wife — d. and 
he m. 14 (1) 1048-9, Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Newgate and widow of John Oliver; they 
sold laud in Boston June 2, 1660. Ch. Jona- 
than, Hannah, Rebecca, Sebiss, Frances d. 
5 (8) 1649, Sarah b. in Camb. 5 (11) 1649. 
bapt. in Boston 21 (2) 1050, Edward, Lydia, 
Elizabeth, Hannah, Ruth. 

He d. June 17, 1681, ae. 79; will dated 11 
June, prob. 26 Aug. folg., beq. to wife; sons 
Edward, Jonathan and Sebiss; daus. Ruth 
J., Hannah Ward, Rebecca Prentice, Lydia 
Fuller, Sarah Hobart, and Hannah Wilson; 
gr. ch. and great gr. eh. to the number of 
36; sons-in-law John and Thomas OUver and 
dau.-in-law Elizabeth Wiswall; to the Col- 
lege; to the use of the ministry; to friend 
Capt. Thomas Prentice; sons-in-law Joseph 
Fuller, John Prentice, Nathaniel Wilson, 
John Ward. Neheniiah Hubart. His widow 
d. Sept. 30, 1709, ae. 92. Her will mentions 


JACKSON, cont, 

dau. Elizabeth Boud in addition to persons 

named in her husband's will. 

Henry, planter, ae. 29, came in the Eliz- 
abeth and Ann in April, 1()35. Settled at 
Watertown; gave letter of attorney to Ed- 
ward How of Wat. to receive debts in N. E. 
26 (7) 1639. [L.] 

John, fisherman, ae. -10, with Margaret, 
ae. 36, and John, ae. 2, came in the Blessing 
In July, 1635. Settled at Cambridge, propr., 
deacon. Ch. Caleb b. and d. 12 (10) 1645, 
Anna b. 8 (1) 1647, Abigail b. 4 (6) 1648. 

The inv. of his est. taken 30 Jan. 1674, was 
filed April 6, 1675. Agreement made 20 Dec. 
1076, between the widow Margaret, James 
Trowbridge, Noah Wiswall, Samuel Trues- 
dall, Dauiel Preston and Elijah Ivendricli, 
who had married daughters of the deceased, 
his son Abram and daus. Deliverance and 
Sarah, for the partition of the estate. 

John, wholesale man In Burchen Lane, 
ae. 30, came in the Defense in July, 1635. 
Settled at Salem. Memb. chh. with wife 
Margaret, 1639. Frm. June 2, 1641. Sold 
lumber to go to Conn. June 2, 1644. 

Will dated 31 (1) prob. (4) 1655; wife Mary; 
son John J.; Margaret Nouel. 

John, Ipswich, propr. 1635. 

Inv. of his goods and est. 18 (7) 1648. 
Admin, gr. to widow Katharine: one son 
and 5 daus., all under 21 years; her husiana 
to be possessed of the est., bring up the chil- 
dren, and pay them their portions when due. 

Evidently she had married again before she 
settled the estate, but we do not find record 
of it. 

John, his house burned in 1636. [W.] 

John, carpenter, Boston, frm. May 10, 
1043. Wife Abigail adm. chh. 12 (7) 1640. 
She d. and he m. 14 (9) 1057, Jane, dau. of 
Evan Thomas. Ch. of John and Abigail: 
Sarah b. 15 (6) 1639. Abigail b. 24 (6) 1641, 
John b. 26 (4) 1643, Hannah b. 2 (5) 1045, 
Peter bapt. 12 (7) 1647, d. 5 (9) 1653, Mary 
bapt. 4 (9) 1649, ae. about 6 days, Benjamin 
bapt. 23 (12) 1650, d. 11 (9) 1653, Mary bapt. 
25 Oct., 1652. Sarnh bapt. 31 Oct., 1652; ch. 
of John and Jane: John b. and d. 1658, John 
b. Feb. 24, 1662. He deposed to admin, of 
Thomas Millard in 1669-70, ae. about 60 
years; Abigail deposed, ae. same. 

JACKSON, cont., 

Will dated 10 Dec. prob. 29 Jan. 1672. Wife 
Abigail, son John, dau. Sara Eustace: young- 
est dau. Mary; working tools to grand child 
John Eustace. 

Manus, Charlestown, propr. 1640. Wife 
Rebecca; ch. Rebecca b. 25 (10) 1643. 

Richard, yeoman, Cambridge, propr. 

1636. Town officer, deputy. Wife Isabell 
d. Feb. 12, 1661; he m. 2, Elizabeth, widow 
of Richard Browne of Charlestown; she d. 
Jan. 11, 1676-7. 

He made will 22 June, 1672, ae. about 90 
years; prob. Oct. 10, 1672. Beq. to wife 
Elizabeth what she had by former husband 
R. B.; to the church of Camb.; to Richard 
Eccles; kinswoman Sarah Childs; Samuel 
Platts; after his wife wife's decease certain 
items to kinsman John J. The widow Eliz- 
abeth, in will dated 14 (4; 1676. prob. 6 (1) 
1677, beq. to the ch. of her husband's kins- 
woman Mary Eccles, dec; to Sarah, wife of 
Joseph Childs, and to his kinsman John J.; 
to dau. Wakefield; to Sarah, wife of John 
J.; to Richard and Martha Eccles; to John 
and Jonathan Simpson. Refers to former 
husband Mr. Wm. Browne. 

Samuel, yeoman, a bondsman in Court 
Jan. 3, 1036. Scituate; adm. chh. Feb. 25, 

1637. Rem. to Barnstable; prop. frm. 1 June, 
1641, atba. 1643. Ret. to Sci. in 1646. Town 
officer. Attorney for Thomas Bell 20 (6) 
1647. [A.] His wife d. March 4 or 5 1638. 
He m. Nov. 20, 1639, Hester, dau. of Richard 
Sillis. Ch. Anna bapt. March 25, 1638, sev- 
eral years old; Bethiah bapt. March 14, 1640. 
Hester bapt. Feb. 5, 1642, Samuel bapt. (7) 
1646, Jonathan b. 7 May, 1647. 

Will dated 28 Aug. prob. Oct. 30, 1682, beq. 
to wife and son Jonathan. 

Nicholas, Rowley, m. (5) 1646, Sarah 
Reilly: m. 2, 9 Dec. 1656, Elizabeth, widow 
of Hugh Chapman, who petitioned Gen. 
Court regarding H. C.'s est. 6 (2) 1657. [Arch. 
B, 2.] 

Thomas, Plymouth, executed in 1638 
for complicity in the robbery and murder 
of an Indian. 

William, Rowley, propr. 1039. Wife 
.Toane bur. Nov. 20. 16S0; ch. Mary b. 8 (12) 
1639, Deborah b. 24 (11) 1G44. 
Will dated 6 Dec. 1680, being aged and 


JACKSON, cont, 

decrepid; prob. 4 (3) 1G81. Wife had lately 
died. He beq. to only son John what he 
promised him on his marriage with bro. 
Poore's dau., and to bis son John that be had 
by Elizabeth, bis late wife; to eldest dau. 
Elizabeth How; to dau. Mary Foster; to son 
John Thrumble and dau. Deborah, his wife. 


Nicholas, husbandman, came from old 
Hingham in 1(!.33 with his wife and 2 chil- 
dren and their cousin Thomas Lincoln, weav- 
er, and settled at Hingham. He owned a 
homestall at Watertown, but sold it before 
103G. Kept an ordinary in H. in 1040. Comr., 
deputy, town officer. Wife Mary; ch. John 
b. about 1630, Elizabeth, (m. 1, Dee. 4, 164S, 
John, son of Thomas Thaxter, m. 2, March 
23, 1690-1, Daniel Gushing: she d. 24 Nov. 
1725, ae. 93 years;) Mary, (m. John Otis, Jr.,) 
Sarah, (m. Matthew Cushing, Jr.,) Hannah 
bapt. Feb. 23, 1039, (m. Thomas Loring,) Jo- 
siah b. and d. 1642, Deborah bapt. Nov. 6, 
1643, (m. Nathaniel Thomas,) Joseph bapt. 
May 10, 1646. 

He d. 5 (4) 16.57. Will provided for the 
whole family. [Reg. VIII, 280.] The widow 
m. 2, March 10, 1659, John Beal; she d. 15 
June, 1681. 

Richard, j^eoman, came in the Mary 
and John March 24, 1633; settled at Ipswich; 
frm. May 6, 1635. Town officer. He m. 1, 
Martha, dau. of Samuel Appleton. He m. 
2, .Johanna, widow of Robert Hale of 
Charlestown; contract 6 Oct. 1662. [Mdx. 
Files.] Sou Richard's will dated 8 .Tune, 
prob. 26 Sept. 1676, beq. to bi'os. Thomas, 
John, Joseph and Nathaniel; sisters Martha 
and Judith. Desires his "two uncle Apple- 
tons" to be overseers. Samuel Appleton 
was a witness, and John A. one of the ap- 


Edmund, planter, Watertown, appl. 
frm. Oct. 19, 1630. Propr., town officer. [Hi* 
widow] Reana entered into marriage con- 
tract with Wm. Andrew of Cambridge 11 
(6) 1640. [Mdx. De. Ill, 7.] 

Erasmus, Salem. Marblehead, 1637. 
Lawsuit, 1039. He deposed in 1654, ae. 49, 
and his wife Jane, ae. 53. 

Admin, of his est. June 26, 1660. Ch. Eras- 
mus J. and Hester, wife of Richard Road, 

JAMES, cent., 

made agreement for division of the est. of 

their mother Jane J. 30 (4) 1669. 

Gardey, or Gaudy, husbandman, 
Charlestown. Adm. chh. 15 (3) 1641, frm. 
May 18, 1642. Anna adm. chh. 28 (11) 1641. 
He deposed 17 (4) 1654, ae. about 50 years. 
[Mdx. Files.]. Rem. to Boston and was 
adm. inhab. in 1657. Ret. to Winfarthing, 
CO. Norfolk, E'ng., for a short time, but came 
again in 1661. 

Will dated Dec. 26, prob. Jan. 31, 1083. 
Beq. his house and land In Winowfarthing 
to Benjamin Smith and John Curtis, after 
life use by his wife; beq. to several other 
persons and to the church of Boston. 

Francis, with wife and 2 servants, 
Thomas Sucldin and Richard Baxter, came 
from Hingham, Eng., in 10.38 and settled at 
Hingham; propr.; frm. May 10, 1043. His 
house was burned in May, 1047. 

He d. 27 Dec. 1647. Francis, Hingham, 
est. admin, by widow Elizabeth 5 May, 1685; 
9 shares in first and third divisions at Cony- 
hasset, 1 planting lot at Planting HiU. 1 acre 
fresh meadow bought of Thomas Minor, 9 
acres of commons, etc. She admin. July 
12, 1688, on the est. of her son Philip. 

Philip, with wife, 4 children and 2 ser- 
vants, William Pitts and Edward Mitchell, 
came from Hingham, Eng., and settled in 
Hingham in 16.38. He d. soon after he came. 
Widow [Jane] m. Feb. 14, 1640, George Rus- 
sell. [Hob.] 

Ralph, Plymouth, m. 17 April, 1650, 
Mary Puller. 

Rosamond, Marblehead, taxed in 1638. 

Thomas, tailor. [Boston,] was blown 
up in the ship Mary Rose in Boston Harbor 
July 27, 1040. [L.] 

Rev. Thomas, b. about 1563. [Hub.] 
came about 1631 to Charlestown. With 
wife Elizabeth adm. chh. Boston 1&31-2; 
frm. Nov. 0, 1632. He was ordained minis- 
ter of the church of Charlestown, Nov. 2, 
1632. Ch. John b. at Char., bapt. 9 (11) 1032, 
Thomas became minister at Easthampton, 
L. I., in 1651. A council of churches 
met at Chsn. to consider differences be- 
tween Mr. James and the church 11 (1) 16.35- 
6, which supported certain crticisms which 
had been made regarding his melancholy and 


JAMES, cont., 

jealous disposition; and, in accordance with 

its advice, he removed during the succeeding 


He went to New Haven, Conn.; had land 
grant in 1G39. Visited Virginia with Tomp- 
son ^and Kn'owles in 16-42; ret. to New Hav- 
en, And went back to England about 1648; 
became minister of Needham Market, co. 
Suffolk; there he died. 

Will dated 5 i' eb. 1682, prob. 13 Feb. 1683, 
beq. all books, household effects and clothes 
which could be sent, to son Thomas James 
of Easthampton, Long Island in New Eng- 
land. In case Thomas be not living est. to 
be divided between grandchildren or great- 
grandchildren. Beq. to individuals; 10 li. 
for the binding out of 3 poor widows' sons. 
[Reg. LI, 422.] 

Thomas, Salem, gave letter of attorney 
27 (6) 1645 to Thomas Burges of Charles- 
town to recover a debt of Francis Spicer of 
Eckton, Northamptonshire, and to sell land 
in Earles Barton in same co. [A.] This may- 
be the 

Thomas, Lancaster, who made will 13 
(1), prob. 12 (3) 1660; beq. to cousins Lydia, 
Mary, Hannah, Christopher and John 
Lewis; to wife's mother in England, if liv- 
ing, his housing and land in Eng. 

William, Salem, appl. frm. Oct. 19, 
1630. With wife Elizabeth before Salem 
Court 27 (7) 1636. 

William, embarked for N. E'. June 22, 

William, mercer, of Boston, N. E., son 
of Albon James, late citizen and mercer of 
London, gave letter of attorney to his uncle 
George Strange, gent., to sell land left him 
by his uncle, William James, 9 (8) 1640. [L.] 


Abraham, Charlestown, adm. chh. 9 
(10) 1643, frm. May 14, 1656. Anna adm. 
chh. 13 (2) 1643. Ch. Abraham b. 19 (10) 
1644, Mary b. 3 (9) 1646. These children 
reed, a legacy from their mother's father, 
James Jordan of Dedham, in 1655. 

WiU dated 16 (9) 1675, prob. Decfl. 19, 1676, 
beq. to wife Hannah or Anna, son Abram 
and daus. Lydia, Sarah and Deborah. 

JAQTJES, etc., cont. 

Henry, carpenter, Newbury, 1648. He 
deposed in 1663, ae. about 44 years. He m. 
8 Oct. 1648, Anne Knight; ch. Henry b. 30 
July, 1648, Mary b. 1651, d. 23 Oct. 1653, 
[Richard,] S