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From the Ewald Flligel Library 



ui i 









lTAf!T^ dHT 

I '1 


JioUiingin him — 

nui rtoih siifTpr 3 sco-vJitinyv. 


i 1 « 

• * ■ ■ • 

•* • •' • • ' ' • • 

INTRODUCTION ' ' •'** • V,.:\ :./ 



" Quoih he , (here wai a ship." 

Xais brief preface may begin like the tale of the Ancient 
Mariner, since it was on Bhipboard that the author acquired the 
very moderate degree of local knowledge and information , both 
of people and scenery , which he has endeavoured to embody in 
the romance of the Pirate. 

In the summer and autumn of 1814, the author was invited to 
join a party of Commissioners for the Northern Light-House 
Service , who proposed making a voyage round the coast of Scot- 
land, and through its various groups of islands, chiefly for the 
purpose of seeing the condition of the many light-honses under 
their direction, — edifices so important, whether regarding them 
as benevolent or political institutions. Amongtheeommissioners 
who\nanage this important public concern, the sheriff of each 
county of Scotland which borders on the sea , holds ex-ofScio a 
place at the Board. These gentlemen act in every respect gra> 
tuitously, but have the use of an armed yacht, well found and 
fitted np , when4iiey choose to visit the light-houses. An excel- 
lent engineer , Hr. Bobert Stevenson , is attached to the Board, to 
afford the benefit of his professional advice. The author accom- 
panied this expedition as a guest; for Selkirkshire, thoi^h it 
calls him Sheriff, has not, tike the kingdom of Bohemia in Cor- 
poral Trim's story, a seaport in its circuit, nor its magistrate , of 
course, anyplace at the Board of Commissioners, — acircum- 

Tht Piralt, 1 

stance of little conscqu^ace wfaere JiU were uid aid icitljDdk 
frieadSj brfd lo ifae j^ame^pce^ESsieD, -aiUj ^i^ipo^cd to accoiD' 
modale each olbcr ifi >evc['^ ppsj^I« tnaDber, 

The natnre-flMIie impiirliSni business whirh^'ag the principal 
■,plirprjsB pf.the'voyagej was conDccted with Ihc Jimu^CinCDt of 
AisKiDgltie Icaiimg objects of a traveller's cariosily; [orlh^ wild 
cape, (ir formidable shelve , which reiiuires to be marked out by a 
ligbt-housf!} ts geacrally at no great distacce from ihe most 
magDiQccni scM^nery of rocks, Ciues, and billows. Oar time, 
loo, was at our own disposal^ and, ft? most of us were frfsb 
water sailors, we could alnny Umc make a fair wiudout ofafDuI 
ooe^ and run before Ihe gale In qucst of some object al coriosiCy 
which lay under our lee. 

Wiih tbesc purposes of publlculililfandsomppersonalamase- 
mBat io ■view, we left ihc pnri ofLciih on IheSlitli Juljj ISI4, 
ran along the cast coast of Scotland, viewing its .diff'CrRnt curio- 
cities, ^lood over ta Zetland aad Orkney, where we wi^re some 
lime detained by tbe wonders of a country which disptayed so 
much that was new to us ; and, having seen what was curious in 
the TJUima Tiiiile of the ancients , whete the sun hardly thought 
it worth while lo go lo bed, since his cising was at this season so 
enrlj-^ we doubled the eslreme norlhero Icrrainaljon ofSctttlaud, 
and look a rapid survey of Ibe Hebrides, where we found many 
kind friends. There, that anp link eipedition might not waoi 
ihedignity of danger, we were favoared with n distant glimpse of 
whst was Said to be an AmerJcan ciuizer, and had opportunity to 
Consider what a pretty Ggure we shonld have maclB bad the v'(7yago 
cnd^d io our being carried captive to the United Stales. Aft^r 
vLSitlng the romantic sbi>rO£ ofMorven, and the vicinity of Oban, 
we madfi a run to ihe coast of Ireland , and visited the Giant's 
Causeway, that we might compare it witb Staffa, which wehnd 
surveyed in ourcouTEf*. A.tlengtb, about Ihe middle of Sepiem~ 
ber, weencled our voyage m tbe Clyde, Btihe portof GreenQck. 

And thus icrmiaated our pleasant tour, to which our equip- 
ment gave unusual facilities, as the ship's company could form a 
stfoii:| boat's crew, independent of those who niight be left on 
b«ard the\e&8eljwbicb p^rmUled h3 Ibe freedom to landwherever 


our cariosity carried ns. Let me add , Tbile review 
ment a sonny portion of my life, Uiat among the 
friends who performed this voyage together, some ol 
less of different tastes and pursaits, and remaiDin 
veeks on board a small vessel, there oever occurred 
dispute or disagreement, each seeming aoiioiis to su 
particular wishes to those of his frieads. By this m 
modatioD all the purposes of our little expedition w 
while for a time we might have adopted the lines ( 
, ningham's fine sea-song, 

'* The world ot waters was our home , 
And merry men were wa 1 " 

But sorrow mixes her memorials with the pu 
brances of pleasure. On returning from the voyaf 
proved so satisfactory, I found that fate had deprivei 
most unexpectedly of a lady, qualified to adorn ti 
which she held , and who had long admitted me to a 
friendship. The subsequent loss of one of those c< 
itaade up the party, and he the most intimate friend 
world, casts also its shade on recollections which, 
imbitterments, would be otherwise so satisfactory. 

I may here briefly observe, that my business in 
so far as I could be said to have auy, was to endeavou 
some localities which might be useful in the "Lord t 
a poem with which I was Uien threatening the public 
was afterwards printed without attaining remarha 
But as at the same timcj the anonymous novel of " Wt 
making its way to popularity, I already augured the ] 
a second effort in this department of literature, and 
in the wild islands of the Orkneys and Zetland, wb 
might he made In the highest degree iotereatiog, ; 
isles ever become the scene of a narrative of fictitiou 
learned the history of Gow the pirate from «d old sib; 
jectofNoteG, end of this volume,) whose principal 
was by a trade in favourable winds, wl^lch she sold 
at Stronmess. Nothing could be more interesting th 
ness and IwspitalUy of the gentleraeu of Zetland, whic 



the more dffi^cLing, as several of Ibem had beea friCDds aod C4f- 
respondeDts of mj Taiher. 

I was induced lo gu a generation or two farther back, lo Gnd 
mate rials from which t caighi trace tbc fcaiures of ihe utd yuf' 
wegifln Udaller, the ScoWish gciilry hyvjng in geoera,! occupied 
the place ofttaifiTiniiiive race, aod Ihcir laoguage ood pcculiaii- 
ties or Dianuer having enliicly iLiaappeared. Tht oal j diiTeience 
now 10 be obsen ed bcEwiii Ibe genlry of these inlands , and \hoBz 
ofScoiladi) in general, is^ that thewcallhand property is mon 
eqaally divided amoDg our more aorlhcrn couutryiuen , and thai 
there tiisis among the resident proprietors no men of very grtat 
■wealth, whose display of its lumrEcs might render the others 
discontented ^ith their own lot. From titc soiwe cause of general 
equality of furiuacs, and the cheapness of living, which is its 
natural coDsequcoce, I found the odjcersofa veteran regiment 
vha had maintained ihe garrison at lort Charlotte, in Lerwick, 
discomposed at the idea of being recalled from a country where 
their pay, howoer inadequate to the expenses of acajiiif]!, was 
fully aiiGr|(lalC to ihcir wants, fiuditwas siogular to bear natives 
tif merry England herself regretlijiij; their approacbiog departure 
fn^ffl ihb raclancholy isles of llie TUima Thule. 

Such are the trivial parlieulars attending lite origCD of that 
ptihlieatioD which look ])]acc several years later than Ihe agree- 
able journey in whi'ch it look its rise. 

The stateof manners which I have introducfid ia the romance, 
was necessarily in a great degree ijuagiuuryj though founded in 
aoUG measure on slight hints , which ^ sho^iDg what vafs, seemed 
lo give reasonable indication oS what must once hare been, Iha 
tone of Ihi! &oci cly in these sequestered but interesting islands . 

In one respect I was jii<iged sumewhae haslitj , perhaps, 'nhen 
the character of Pforna was pronounced hy the critii:s a mere copy 
of Meg Merrilecs. That I had fallen short of what ill wished and 
desired to express is unquestionable, otherwise my object could 
not ha\e been so widely mistaken', nar can I jet ihink thai iipy 
persim who will take the troulile of reading the Pirate with some 
altcniioD, can fail to trace in. Noma, — the victim of remorse 
and insapltv^ and the dupe of her own tmpopiure, Ler mind. 

1^3. la 

f ■ r— .-- — — 



his iD?n>{)ry a nolabie ciatnple (o all who sball in FuIdtc tale 
plralC5 00 ilicir owd authorJij. 

It is to be supposed^ fur tliP honour dF fiKORtiE Ihe First's 
GflvflrDmene, that the last circumstance, as well as the dales, and 
other p'&rticularB or Lti? coAiDtonly received story, ac-e inar^^urAie, 
since they will be found totally irreconcilable 'aiih ihc/ullo-ftins 
\eracit>ug narraLive, compiled rrom materials to wlijch he bimself 
alone has had accG&Sj hy 








ply J an fiiicienlEarl of the Orkotjs had elected tbis netU o[ 
land as Ite place for csLahlishing a raiMisii>ii-hini5e. It has been 
Icmg eQtireli- dcsericd , and the vestiges odIj can be discerneii 
■wiih difliculty ; for the loose sanii, borne «n the tempe&iuoHS 
gales qf those sCoroaj regions, iias overbkwa, and akimst bQried, 
ihe ruios of the buildings; but Id ibe ead of ibe seveolGeDlb 
century, a part of the Eorl'a man&ion was slill eoiire and habit- 
able. Unas arude bLiildiagflf rough stone, with nolliin^ about 
il 10 gratify tht! e;«, or tu eicilc the iuiag:in,atioDi a Lar^e old- 
(asliiDoed narrow bouse, wilh a very sleep r<iuf, covered with 
flags composed of gray aaudsltiiie, would perhaps convey th« best 
idea of ibe place lo a modern render. The windows -were few, 
very ^nial! in mze , and disiribuled up and down the building wiLh 
atl'Sr cDDtempt of regulariiy. Against the main structure had 
rested, in [ormcr limes, ccrtaju BnaallerCOmparlmCDtS of Ihe maQ- 
aion-bO'Use, contaiaiDg ofticcs, or subordinate apartmcnis, neces- 
sary for the Earl's retainers an<l menials, But these had becoxna 
ruinous ; aaii (lie rnf icrs had buen taken down for fi re-woad , or 
{at other purposes', ihe walls had i^iscu way ia many places^ 
and, to complete Ihn devastation, the sand had already drifted 
amongst the ruins, and fdled up what had been once Iho chambers 
tfcey caatQiaed, to the depth of two or three feet. 

Amid this desolation, the inhabitants of Jarlshof had eon- 
tfivedj fay constant labour aadi allcution, to keep in order a few 
roods of land , which had heen cnHllo^ed as fl garden , and which, 
iheltereii by the walls of Ibe huuse itself, from Ihe relentless 
Bea-talast, produced such vcgetaliles as the climate could bring 
forth. Of father as Ibe sea-gale would permit lo grow ; for these 
islands eiperience e\ca less uf the rigour of col d than is encoun- 
tered i>u the mainland of Scotland; bdC, unsheltered by a wall of 
some sort or other, it is scarce possible lo raise evea ihc most 
ordinary culinary vegetables; and as for shrubs or trees, thej 
are entirely out of tbie question, such ts the forcc: of Ibe sweeping 

Xt a short disiBDfe frum the mansloa, and near lo ihe sea- 
hcach, just where Ihc creek forms a sort aH imperfect harboar, 
in Mhich lay three or fourJishiog-boats, there were a few most 


wretched cottages for the Jababitaots and leDaots of the town- 
ship of Jarlshof ^ who held the whole district of the landlord opoa 
such termsas were ia those days usuallf graoted to persons of 
this description, and which, of course, were hard enough. The 
landlord himself resided upon an estate which he possessed in a 
more eligible situation, in a different part of the islanri", and 
seldom visited his possessions at Sumburgh-Head. He was an 
honest^plain Zetland gentleman, somewhat passionate, Uie neces- 
sary result of being Surrounded by dependents ; and somewhat 
over-convivial in his habits, the consequence, perhaps, of having 
too much tim« at his disposal ; but frank-tempered and generous 
to bis people, and kind and hospitable to strangers. He was 
descended also of an old and noble Norwegian family; a circum- 
stance which rendered him dearer to the lower orders, most of 
whom are of the same race; while Uie lairdsj or proprietors, are 
generally of Scottish extraotion, who, at that early period, were 
still considered as strangers and intruders. ' Magnus Troil, who 
' deduced his descent from the very Earl who was 'supposed to 
have founded Jarlshof, was peculiarily of this opinion. 

The present inhabitants of Jarlshof had experienced, on se- 
veral occasions, the kindness and good will of the proprietor of 
the territory. When Mr. Mertoun — such was the name of the 
present inhabitant of the old mansion — ■ first arrived in Zetland, 
some years before the story commences, he had been received at 
the house of Mr. Troil with that warm and cordial hospitality for 
which the islands are distinguished. No one asked him whence 
he came, where he was going, what was bis puipose in visiting 
so remote a corner of the empire, or what was likely to be the 
term of his stay. He arrived a perfect stranger, yet was instdntlj 
overppwered by a succession of invitations; and in each house 
which he visited, he found a home as long as be chose to accept 
ft, and lived as one of the family; unnoticed and unaoticing, 
until he thought proper to remove to some other dwelling. This 
apparent indiffereaee to the rank, character, and qualities of their 
guest, did not arise from apathy on the part of his kind hosts , for 
the islanders had their full share of natural curiosity; but their 
delicacy deemed it would be an infringement upon the laws of 


hospitality, to ask ipiestionswhfchtfaeir guest miglit bare foond 
it diffiealt or anpleasing to answer; and instead of endeavouring, 
asisDsaal in other countries, to vring out of Mr. Mertonn such 
eommuDicatioDs as he might find it agreeable to withhold, the 
considerate Zetlaaders contented themselves with eagerly gather- 
ing up such scraps of information as could be collected in the 
course of conversatioD. 

Bat the rock in an Arabian desert Is not more reluctant to 
afford water, than Mr. Basil Mertonn was niggard in imparling 
his conSdence, even incidentally; and certainly the politeness 
of the gentry of Thule was never put to a more severe test than 
vhen they felt that good-breeding enjoined them to abstain from 
ingniring into the situation of so mysterious a personage. 

A.1I that was actually known of him was easily summed np. 
Mr. Mertoun had come to Lerwick, then rising into some import 
lance, but not yet acknowledged as the principal town of the 
island, in a Dutch vessel, accompanied only by his son, a hand- 
some boy of about fourteen years old. His own age might exceed 
forty. The Dutch skipper introduced him to some of the very 
good friends with whom he used to barter gin and giQgeri)read for 
little Zetland bullocks, smoked geese, and stockings of lambs- 
wool; and although Meinheer could only sa^,- that '*Meinbeer 
Hertoun hah bay his bassage like one gentlemans, and hab given 
a Kreifzdollar beside to the crew," this introduction served lo 
establish the Dutchman's passenger in a respectable circle of 
acquaintances, which gradually enlarged, as it appeared that the 
stranger was a man of considerable acquirements. 

This discovery was made almost perforce; for Mertoun was 
as unwilling to speak opon general subjects , as upon his own 
affairs. Bnt he was sometimes led into discussions, which 
showed, as it were in spite of himself, the scholar and the man 
of the world; and, at other limes, as if in reqaiul of the hos- 
pitality which he experienced, he seemed to compel himself, 
against his fixed natnre , to enter into the society of those around 
him, especially when it' assumed the grave, melancholy, or 
satirical cast, which best suited the temper of his own mind. 
Upon such occasions, the Zetlanders were nniversally of opinion 


that be must have liad ao excellent education, neglected obly in 
cue strikiog particular j uamelf, Uiat Mr. Mertouo scarce kne\r 
the stem of a ship from the Mem ; and in the maaagement of a 
boat, a cow could not be more ignorant. It seemed astonishing 
' such gross ignorance of the most necessary art of life (in the Zet- 
land Isles at least) should subsist along with his accomplish- 
ments in other respects; but so it was. 

Unless called forth in the manner we have mentioned, the 
habits of Basil Mertoun were retired and gloomy. From load 
mirth he instantly fled ; and even the moderated cheeifnlness of 
a friendly party, had the invariable effect of throwing him into 
deeper dejection than even his usual demeanour indicated. 

Women are always particularly desirous of investigating 
mystery, and of alleviating melancholy, especially when these 
circumstances are united in a handsome man about the prime of 
life. Itis possible, therefore, that amongst the fair-haired and 
bine-eyed daughters of Thule this mysferious and pensive stran- 
ger might have found some one to take upon herself the task of 
consolation, had he shown any willingness to accept such kindly 
offices ; but, far from doing so , he seemed even to shun the pre- 
sence of Uie sex, to which in our distresses , whether of minJd or 
body, we generally apply for pity and comfort. 

To these peculiarities Mr. Mertoun added another, which was 
particularly disagreeable to his host and principal patron, Magnus 
Troil. This magnate of Zetland, descended 1^ the father's side, 
as we have already said, from an ancient Norwegian famfly by 
the marriage of its representative with a Danish lady, held the 
devout opinion that a cup of Geneva or Nantz was specific against 
all cares and afflictions whatever. These were remedies to which 
Mr. Mertoun never applied ; his drink was water, and water alone, 
and no persuasion or entreaties could induce htm to taste any 
stronger beverage than was afforded by the pare stream. Now 
this Magnus Troil could not tolerate ; it was a defiance to the 
ancient northern laws of conviviality, which , for his own part, he 
had so rigidly observed , tiiat although he was wont to assert that 
he had never in his life gone to bed drunk, (that is, in his own 
sense of the word,) it would have been impossibre to prove that 


he had ever resigoed himself lo ^luaibfr in a slaic of aclual and 
absoLuie sobrieiy. It may be Lherefore a^kcd, WbaL did this 
straager briog into society lo compensate the disjpleasure given 
by hisauslers aadabsteimoDsbabiCs? He hod, iti the Urst place, 
thaL inaDDei: and Seir-imporUace inh'ith mark 3 peiSOQ of somt 
coDsaqueoce ; and although it was conjedured Ibal he could not 
be rich, yd it was certainly koowa by his eipeD^Uore itaat neither 
was he absolute]]' poor. He had , besides , some powers of COD- 
tersalioa, whcD, as wc have alreaifl]' hinted, he chose to exert 
theai,aad hisciisanihropy or aversioD to IhebusiDess end inter- 
course flf ordinary life, was oftea eipressed in an antilhelical 
rannner, which often passed for wit, when faeltur was not to be 
had. Above all, Mr. M^rloun's secret seemed iispCQelrable, 
and his presence hid all the interest of a riddle, 'O'hich men 
lore: to tcad over QEid o^a, because the; canaol find out the 
meaning of it. 

XoiwiibsiaDdiag lh€sc recommendatione, Mertoun differed in 
SCI many inaterUI points from hi s host^ that after he had been Tor 
some time a guest at his principal resideoce , Magnus Troll was 
agreeably surpriaect whtin, one evening after they had sat two 
hours in ahaolulG silence, drinking brandy and water;, — tliai is,^ 
Magnus, drinking the alcohol, and Mertoun the element, — the' 
guest asked his host's pcrmiss^ion tfl occupy, as his tenant, this 
dese:ried maosion of Jarlshvf, at the citremUy of ttic territory 
called Qunrossncss , and situated just b^neiiih Sumburgh-Head. 
"Lshall be buDdsomcIy fid of btm," quoth Afagaus lo hints eir, 
''and his kill-jof visage will oc\er again slop the bottle in its 
roaad. His departure will ruin me In lemons, however, for his 
mere look was quite sufficient to sour a whole ocean a! pauch^" 

Vet the kind-heartedZeilandef gcaerously and disinterestedly 
remonstrated wtth Mr. Mturtnun on the solitude nod incouvtili- 
EQcies to which he was about to subject himself. ''There were 
scarcely," he said, " even the oiost necea&ary ariicl cs of fumitar@ 
in the old house — there was no society within many miles — for 
provisions, the prinicipal article of food would be sour sillocks, 
aud his only compaciy gulls and ganncls/' 

"My good ffiend/'cepliedMertDun, "if yDtlCDuldbtTe named 


a circnmsuoce which vonid render the residence more eligible 
to me than any other,- it is that there would be neither haman 
loiury nor hnman Society near the place of my retreat; a shelter 
from the weather for my own head, and for the boy's, is all I seek 
for. So name yoor rent, Mr/Troil, and let me be your tenant at 

"Rent?" answered the Zetlander; ''why, no great rent for an 
old house which no one has lived in since my mother's time — 
God rest her! — and as for shelter, the old walls are thick 
enough, and will bear many a bang yet. But, Heaven love you, 
Bfr. Hertonn, think what you are purposing. For one of us to 
live at Jarlshof , were a wild scheme enough; but yon, who are 
fhim another country, whether English, Scotch, or Irish, no 
one can tell — " 

"Nor does it greatly matter," saidMertonn, somewhat ab> 

<*Not a herring's scale," answered the Laird; ''only that I 
like you the better for being oo Scot , as I trust yon are not one. 
Hither they have come like the clack-geese — every chamberlain 
has brought over a flock of his own name , and his own hatching, 
for what I know, and here they roost for ever — catch them re-, 
turning to their own barren Highlands or Lowlands, when once 
they have lasted our Zetland beef, and seen our bonny vo€t and 
lochs. No, Srr," (here Magnus proceeded with great animation, 
sipping from time to time the half-diluted spirit, which at the 
same lime animated his resentment against the intruders, and 
enabled bim to endure the mortifying reflection which it sug- 
gested,) — "No, Sir, the ancient days and the genuine manners 
of these Islands are no more; for our ancient possessors, — our 
Fatersons, ourFeas, ourSchlagbrenners, our Thorbioms, have 
given {dace to Giffords, Scotts, Mouats, men whose names be- 
speak them or Iheir ancestors strangers to the soil which we the 
Trolls have inhabited long before the days of Turf-Einar, who 
first taught these Isles the mystery of barning peat for fuel , and 
who has been handed down to a grateful posterity by A name 
which records the discovery." 

This was a subject upon which the potentate of Jarlshof was 


QSUJiIT; verj diffuse^ ^nd Mertoun saw Uoi tiittr upon it wiih 
pleasure ^ heca use he knew ht sbould DOtbfl crited u^on lu cud- 
tribule 9Dy aid lo the c^iuvBrsatioi]^ and might tberefcre iDdulgt: 
his owa soturDiLiu buitiour whilt the Xorwe^ian Zetlaudfr de- 
claimed (Mi ibe change uf [im^s and iutiabitaai^, But just as 
MagDus had arrived at ibe mt^Iaacholy cuncLusiuu , how prubable 
It was, that Id iinolher century scarce a m^rA — ■ scarce even an 
Tire of laad , would he in the posseissi'aD of the. Norae iahabilaDt'S^ 
Ute Iru&UiialleTS* of Zetland »" he recullecled Ihc circumalnaces 
of his gue^l, aali slopped ^uddeulj short. "1 do not iij all this," 
be added,. interrupLiDg himself g '"^as if I were UDWiLliDg ibat you 
should setlle on my esule, Mr. MltIooo — But for Jiirlsbof — 
the place is a i* ild ooa — Coeae from wbtre you. will , i warracl 
jou^ilL Bay, like other LravcLkrS) you came iiaia abeitei; climate 
tbfto ours, for so $ay you all. And yet you Ihiuk of a retreat 
which the verjr natives run away from. Will you not take your 
gta&is?" — (This -was lo be considered as iDterjeclioDal,) — 
"ibeo here 'sto you." 

"iVj good Sir," aDswercd Mertouo, "I am iodiffeireDt to 
ciiiQQle; if there isbut airenutigh to 0,11 luyluogs, I caj-u Ufltif 
it be the breath uf Arabia or of Lapland^" 

"^ Air eQoug:h ytiu may have," answered Miiignus, *'iio Ucli of 
(hat — somewhiit liaoip, strangers alJego it to be, but we know a 
corrective for that — Uere 's to jou, Mr. Mcrtoun - — You must 
\\:ajnl(} (ioso, sndlo smok6 a pipe; and then, as you &a^, fou 
will lind theAJro/Z^dnadequai tu thatof Arahia. Bui bave you 
seen Jarttilton" 

The sttiang^er iatimittetl that he hud not. 

"Thea," replied Magnus, "you have no idea ftf your under- 
iJikitJg, If youlhinkita coraforiableraatisieadUke Ihis, with Oik 
hoQse silualedtiu Lhe^^id^oran iutand voc,** that brings ibe her- 
hugs up loyour dtjor,, you are luislakea, mybcitrl. At Jarlshuf 
jou will see ocfUgbt hut ii« wild W9>es tumblins on the bare 

' The Udallers arc ibe ti/iai!ial posss^sors orZedaoJ, v]i9 hold their 
posireswons mndvf ibo old Sorwegian law y insl«ad ol the feudil leourel 
inlroiluced among ihem from Scodaod, 

'" Sal i-waLer lake. 


rocks, and the Roost of Sambnrgh rnnnlng at therate of fifteen 
knots an hour." 

" ! shall see oothiog at least of the current of human passions," 
replied Mertonn. 

''Yon will hear nothing but the clanging and screaming of 
scarts, sheer-waters, and seagulls, from daybreak till sunset." 

''I will con^>o^nd, my friend," replied the stranger, "so that 
I do not hear the chattering of votnen^s toqgaes." 

'*Ah," said the Norman , '*that is because you hear just now 
my little Minna and Brenda singing in Uie garden with your Hor- 
dauDt. Now, I would rather listen to their little voices, than the 
skylark whidt I once beard In Caithness, or the nightingale that I 
have read of. — - What will the girls do for want of their playmate 

*'Tfaey will shift for thems«lTOS,'' answered Mertonn ; "younger 
or elder they will find playmates or dupes. — Bui the question is, 
Mr. Troil, will you let to me, as your tenant, this old mansioa of 

" Gladly, since you make it your option to live in a spot so de- 

"And as for the redt?" eoDtinaed Mertoan. 

"Thereni?" replied Magnus; "hum — why, you must have 
the bit of plarOie eruive* which tbey once called a garden, and a 
right in the seaUtold, and a sixpenny meri^ of land, that the tenants 
may fish for you; — eight lupundt^ of butter, and eight shillings 
sterling yearly , is not too much?" 

Mr. Mertonn agreed to terms so moderate, and from thence- 
forward resided chiefly at the solitary mansion which we have 
described in the beginning of this chapter, conforming not only 
vritbout complaint, but, as it seemed, with a sullen pleasure, to 
all the privations which so wild and desolate a situation neces- 
sarily imposed on its inhabitant. 

* See Mote A. Flantie Cruive. 

" A lispuad is about thirty pouDds English, and the valae is averaged 
by Dr. Edmooston at ten jihiUlngs sterling. 

The Pirate. 



'T is not alone Lbc scene — Ihr man , Ansrlnio , 
The mail flnds sympnthics In fhrjn wild WBittf* , 
Ami rfliighly iimnhlinpsfair, which fairer views 
And stuuoltier wavGJi deay brm. Ancient Drama. 

The few inliahitiinls of the toTvnship of JaTlshof had at Grst 
heard nitli alarm, \l\sii\ ptrs^cin of rank superior to Lhpfrown W6i 
come tu r«sii]e in the ruinous (f nniicnl, which they filill ea] led Ibe 
Castle. In those days (for the prpscni limes arc greatly ullcfed for 
the belter) tlie pres&nec of a superior, In such a situatiou, yfa% 
almost certain to be attended with addiljonal bardeDs and exnc' 
tions, for which, under nnc pretest or another, fenda] custrtms 
fiirDi&hed a Ihoasmid apologias. £j parh ofth^Bi! , a finri of the 
tenanls' hard-woo and precnTiaits profit? was diverted for the use 
of LheJT powerfnl tidgiii'bour and saperJor, the iack$^man, as he 
was called^ Bat the sub-tennnts speedily found: thnt do apprcs' 
sitin of thi& kind was to be spprebcnded at (he hands of Basil 
!Vferloan. His i>wn mcaeis, whether large nrs.nial], were nl least 
Ailly adequate to his expenses^ which, so far as regarded bis ha- 
bits of life, were of the most Triigal description. Ttte luinries of 
afcwboolts, and $nme philosophical inslrumenls, with nhirh he 
was supplied from London as occasion oifered, seemed to indicate 
A de^reo of wealth uuustial to these islands; bat, on the other 
band, the tabic und the accojunictdalLons at Jarlshof, did rtui ei- 
cetd what wss meiniained hy a Zeiland (irnprietor or the mo<;( In- 
feriop descripliciQ. 

The tenanls of the banilel troubled lhemsclvcs\cryliltieahout 
the (Quality of their superior , ii^ soon M tliOy found tliat tbei r si- 
(natioD was rather to he mended *han rendered worse by his pre- 
sence; and, once relieved from the apprehension of his tyra:n- 
mzirsg over th«n, tbey laid their heads together to make ibe ma$t 
of him by various petty tricks of overcharpe and estortion, which 
for n while the stranger submitted lo with ihe iuobL philosophic 
indifference. An incidenl, however, occurred, which put his 
eharacierina new light, and effectually cJiecked all futnrc elTiiDs 
at eitraragant iiupositioq. 

A dispute arose in the kUche^u of (he Castle belwiit an old 


gOTeroante, vho acted as bonsekeeper to Mr. MertouD, and 
Sveyo Erickson, as good a Zetlaoder as ever rowed a boat to 
tbe Aafi[/'fisbiDg-,* vbicb dispute, as is usual in sucb cases, was 
maiotained with such increasiag beat and vociferation as to 
reacbthe earsof tbemastflr, (asbe was called,) wbo, seclnded 
in a solitary tarret, was deeply employed in examining the con- 
teats of a new package of books from London, wfaicb, after long 
expectation, had fonnd its way to Hull , from thence by a wbaltog 
vessel to Lerwick, and so to Jarlshof. With more than the usual 
tbrfll of indication which indolent people always feel when 
roused- into action on some unpleasant occasion, Mertonn de- 
scended to the scene of contest, and so suddenly, peremptorily, 
and strictly, inquired Uie cause of dispute, that the parties, not^ 
withstanding every evasion which they attempted, became unable 
to disguise from him that their difference respected the several 
interests to which the honest goreniante, and no less honest 
fisherman , were respectively entitled , in an overcharge of about 
one hundred per cent on a bargain of rock-cod , purchased by the 
former from the latter, for the use of the family at Jarlshof. 

When this.was fairly ascertained and confessed, Mr. Mertonn 
stood looking upon the culprits with eyes in which the utmost 
scorn seemed to contend with awakening passion; "Hark yon, 
ye old hag," said he at length to the housekeeper, "avoid my 
house this instant! and know that I dismiss you, notforbeinga 
liar, athief, and an ungratefbl quean , — for these are qualities 
as proper to yon as your name of woman, — but for daring, 
jn my house, to scold above your breath. — And for you, you 
rascal , who suppo^ you may cheat a stranger as yon would 
^rncA**a whale, know that I am well acquainted with the rights 
which, by delegation from your master, Magnus Troil, I can 
exercise over you , it I will. Provoke me to a certain pitch , and 
you shall learn , to your cost, I can break your rest as easily as 
you can interrupt my leisure. I know tfae meaning of teat^ and 

* •■ <• The deep-sea flsbiag, in dlslinetfon to that which fs practised 
along shore. 

■* The operaiion ot slicing the blabber from the bones of the whale, 
is called, tcchaicaWy, flinching. 



waiile, AaAhawkhen, a-ad kagalnj'f and evtr; olher eiittClioii bj' 
which your lords i iu ancienl bdJ mudi^rn day?^ ha\e wrung ;f oar 
withers; nor i& there one of yon ih^i shall noi tuc ihe dajt that 
yuu cuii)d Dot be i:>ODlcat wttli rubbinji; me i)i mj nioDej, bnt 
masl also break in od tiiy leisure with your almcious uorlhcra 
rlamour, that rivals Id discord Hhe sciCAmiii'g of a flight of Jk.rctic 

Noihing better occurred lo Sw*yD , iu atiswer to this ■ohjurga- 
lioD, than the pre/crriDg a humbk request that his boauur would 
be pleased to keep tbii; cod-fi^h nilbouL paymont, and sa; do 
more afaimt the tnaitcr; bul by ihi^ time Mr.Mertoun hud woflted 
up hiS' passions iuio an ungovfm&bic rage . and wi th one band he 
threw the mooejatlhe Eishermrtn's Iioad, while with the other he 
pelicd hua ^>ut of the aparlmrnt mlh Jiis own Gsh^ which he 
linally lluog out of duor;} after hiii:]. 

There was so mucb of appallitig and tyrannic fury jq ehe 
stranger's maoner on this occasion. thatSweyn neither stopped 
tocoll>^ct ihc money nor take Lack his commodity, hut fled at a 
precipitate rate to the small hamlet, in tell his Hjomrodf s ihat i( 
they provoked MaslfrMeriouii anjlnrther, he would luro aa ab- 
solute Pate Stewart* on their hand^ and head and hang without 
either judgment or ineficy. 

HiihGr also came the discarded housekeeper^ lo cddsttUwriih 
her neighbours and kindred [fur she Loo wasatialtvcurihevillage) 
what she should do to regain the desirable siluatJon froia which 
sho had been so suddenly expelted. The old Ranzeliaar oF the 
Killage, who had the voice nii>st potential in the deliberations of 
(he town&hip ^ after henring what had happened y pronounced that 
Bweyn Erickson had ^oue loA farin raising the market iipi^n Mr. 
Mertoun ; and ihat whaler er pretext the tacksoian might assume 
for thus giving way to his auger, the real grievance mu^t have 
been the charging the rock 'Cod-IJsh at a peauy instead of a half- 
penny a-pound; lie therefore eihorled all the comniunity never 
to raise their fiiactiuoHJu futare beyond the proporiiouoftbree- 

" Affahjji^, probably, Pairipl Slewarl, Eart of Orliney, eseculpd for 
lyrsnqy aod oppresNJon praciiiji^J on the ijiliabilants ot ibese femoiti is- 
lanils y in the heginniag of the seveiltecnib tealury. 


peDceuponthesMlliDg, at which rate their master at the Castle 
couM Dot reasoaablf be expected to grumble, since, as he was 
disposed to do them do faarili, it was reasooable to think that, in 
a moderate way, he had no objeclioD to do them good. "And 
three upon twelve," said the experienced Ranzellaar, "is ade- 
cent and moderate profit, and will bring with it God's blessing 
and Saint Ronald's." 

Proceeding apon the iariff thns judiciously recommended to 
tfaem, the inhabitants of Jarlshof cheated Mertoun in fntnre only 
to the moderate extent of twenty-five per cent ; a rate to which all 
nabobs, army-contractors, speculators in the fands, and others, 
whom recent and rapid success has enabled to settle in the country 
upon a great scale, ought to submit, as very reasonable treat- 
ment at the hand of their rustic neighbours. Mertonn at least 
seemed of that opinion, for he gave himself no farther trouble 
upon the subject of his household expenses. 

The conscript fathers of Jarlshof, having settled their own 
matters, took next under their consideration the case of Swertha, 
the banished matron who had been expelled from the Castle, 
whom , as an experienced and useful ally, they were highly desi- 
rous to restore to her office of housekeeper, should that be found 
possible. But as tiieir wisdom here failed them, Swerthft in 
despair, had recourse to the good offices of HordanntMertonn, 
with whom she had acqaired some favour by her knowledge in old 
Norwegian ballads, and dismal tales concerning the Trows or 
Drows, (the dwarfs of the Scalds,} with whom superstitious eld 
had peopled many a lonely 6avern and brown dale ioDunrossness, 
as in every other district of Zetland. " Swertha ," said the youth, 
"I can do but little for you, but you may do something for your- 
self. My father's passion resembles the fury of those ancient 
champions, those Berserkars, you sing songs about." 

"A,y, ay, fish of my heart," replied the old woman, witb-a 
pathetic whine; "theBerserkarswere champions who lived before 
the blessed days of Saint Olave, and who used to run libemadmen 
on swords, and spears, and harpoons, and muskets, and snap 
them all into pieces, as a finner* would go through a herring-net,' 
* Finner, small irhale. 


andUicii^ wheaLbc fur; vent oft, ihey were a&veak and UQalaible 
us waler/"* 

*' Thai 'slhBV€ry thing, Swerlha," said Mordaaqt. "Nov, 
my father never likes to lliiok of his passioo afler it ia over, and 
is 80 mudi of a Berserkar, Ihai, leiluni be lic^ptrate ashe will 
to-day, he Till not eare about it lo-morruw. TJicrtforc, ho has 
□ot UUed up your place in (he housch^Ld at the Castle, and uuta 
raoxtlhful of warm food has been dressed there since youweoi 
uway, and out a morf'el of bread baked, but ve have livid |ust 
iipun whatever cold tiling came III huud. Now, Swerlha, IwilJ 
be your warrant, that if you fo boldly up io (he Castle, and enter 
Upon tlia discharge of your duties as usual ^ you will never bear a 
single word from him," 

Swcrthn ho^iinted at Lirsi lu obc> tliis bold cuunseK She said, 
■■' to her thickkiug;, Mr. Mertoun, wbi^n he was aii^ffy, Uckednioic 
like Q hcTid thiin sny Bvtscrkar ofthcni all; tbattbc lire Qashetl 
I'rom his eyes, acd ibe foam fli:w from hiS' lips;, and that it would 
be B plain tempting of ProideDce lo pat herself again ia such a 
\ en lure." 

JlUt, OQ the EnCourit^craeiLt which she received from the aod, 
she determined at lenglb once more to face tlie parent; and, 
dressing hdrself in li?r orduiary boUSehold Attire, for so Mor- 
daunt particularly rccommendled^ she slipped into the Castle;, and 
presently resuming the raiious and nuoieriLius Dccupations which 
devolved on her, seemed as deeply engaged in household cares as 
if she had never bceo cut of office' 

The Grst day of Eier return %a her duly, Swerlha made tid 
appeiirauee Id prcseDce of hrr master, but trustL'ti that, after his 
three days' diet on eold meal, ahutdisb, dipssedwiih the best 
uf ber sicnple skill , might introduce her favourably to hi^ recol- 
lection. When Mordauut hail reported that his father had taken 
no nolice of this chtange of die(^ and when she herstlf observed 
Ibat, ID passing and repassing him occasionally, her appearance 
produced no effect upon her singular- master, she began lo Ima- 
j{itte that the wliolo al^Tiir hud escaped Mr. Mertoun's roeniory, 
and was active in ber duty as u:^ub]. Neither wa» she convLaced 

■ Sei! Noti! D. Tfie ScnerktiTs. 


of the contrary ontil one daf , wben, happeoing somewhat to 
elevate her tone in.a dispute with the other maid-servant, her 
master, who at that time passed the place of contest, eyed her 
with a strong glaDce^aad pronounced the single word, Aememfrffr/ 
in a tone which taught Swerthattte government of her tongue for 
man; weeks after. 

If Mertoun was whimsical in hi^ mode of governing his house- 
hold, he seemed no less so in his plan of educating his son. He 
showed the youth but few symptoms of parental affection ; yet^ 
iu his ordinary 6tate of mind, the improvement of Mordaont's 
edacatiou >eemed to be the -utmost object of his life. . He had 
both books and informatioa sufficient to discharge the task of 
tutor in the ordinary branches of knowledge ; and in this capa* 
city was regular, calm, andstrict, not to say severe, in exacting 
from his pupil the attention necessary for his-profiting. But in 
the perusal of history, to which their attention was frequently 
turned, as well as in the study of classic authors, there often 
occurred facts or sentiments which produced an instant effect 
upon Mertoun's mind, and brought on him suddenly what 
Swertha, Sweyn, and even Hordauut, came to distinguish by the 
name of his dark hour. Hevas aware, in the usual case , ofits 
approach, and retreated to an inner apartment, into which^he 
never permitted even Mordaunt to enter. Here he would abide 
in seclusion for days, and even weeks, only coming out at uncer-r 
tain- times, to take such food as they had uken care to leave 
within his reach, which he used in wonderfully small quantities. 
A.t other times, and especially during the winter solstice, 
when almost every person spen<^ the gloomy time within doors 
in feasting and merriment, this unhappy man would wrap him- 
self in a dark-coloured sea-cloak, and wander out along the 
stormy beach, or upon the desqlate heath, indulging his own 
gloomy and Y'ayward reveries und^r the inclement sky, the rather 
that be was then most sure to wander unencountered and unob- 

As Mordaunt grew older, he learned to note the partimilar 
signs which preceded these fits of gloomy despondency, and to 
direct such precautions as might insure his unfortunate parent 


from itl-iim«d 

(which had ah 

the effect nt 


driving tttm to fury ,) while, atchBsaructinie, full provisi«o was 
made for bis sul>siBteD{:e. Moniiiuiil perceived that at such 
perioti^ the rnelsDcholy fit of his Tdllier was greatly prulunged, if 
be chanced to present himself to his e^jcs ^'hile the dark liour 
tvasTipan bim. Oui of respect, ihererorc, to his parent, as well 
as to indulge the love of active exercise and of amuaemeDl Datural 
to his period of Ilfe» Mordannl. used! vfteiD to absent himsBlf 
alLotjelbCr frum ihe mansion of Jarlshof, and even (rum the 
district, secure (hal his father^ if Lbe dark hour passed away Ja 
his absence , 'nould be Little iucliDedtoioquirc howhi^ sonhad 
dispoBcd ai his leisure, bo thai he was sure he had not watchgd 
his DWD weak momeDis ; that beiiig the subject on which he enter- 
taiued Lbe utmost jealousy. 

At 'Such times , tEierefore, all IIlc sources of amusemeDt which 
the country altordcd, were open tr> the younger Mertoun, who, 
in these intervals qS his education, had ao opporLuuiLy to give 
I'uUscopeta the energies of a botd, a^livti, and daring chaiactor. 
He was often engaged Mith the youth of (he hajnkt in Lhofle 
desperate sports, to Mhich the ''drcitdful trade of the samphire- 
gatherer" is like a walk upon level ground — often joined those 
Tiiiditight excurBioDs upoii the face of tht; giddy cliffs, lo seen re 
the eggs or the young of (he sea-fo\vl ; aad in these dariog ttdveja- 
tures displayed an address^ presence of mind, and activity, 
which, in one so young, and not a native of the counlrj, asto- 
Dish{>d lbe oldest fowlers^ * 

At other times, Mordaunt accompanied Sweyn and other 
fishermen in their long aud perilous e^pisditions to the distant and 
deep &S3, learning untter tbeir direction the management of the 
boat, in -which they e<|aalj or exceed , perhaps, any natives of 

• Fatal acciilents^, howpvcr, soniGircn^s Mpp«n. Wbei 1 vtsilpii the 
Fair Isle io 1314, a jioor lad of TaurLeen hait beenliiiled by a (all rram 
theTOBhsabioui Jt foftnigljl faefurc our arrival. The accidcnl tialipened 
allEkosi within jjight of his moLlier, who waa dating p«als aL na ^reat ilis- 
tance- The bfldy roll ioU) the sea , atiU •nas seen no more. Biit the \s~ 
landers account this an linnoiiralile mode ofdeailij and BS the cJiildT*" 
hpgin tfafi praciicc Of climbing very early, fewer accidents occur iban 
migtit he Bxpecied. 


the British empire. This exercise had diarms for MordaOBt, 
independently of the Bshing alone. 

At this time, the old Norwegian sagas -were mach remem- 
bered, and often rehearsed, by the fishennen, who still preserred 
among themselves the ancient Norse tongue, which was the 
speech of their forefathers. In the dark romance of those Scan- 
dinavian tales, lay much that was captivating to a yonthfal ear ; 
and the classic fables of antiquity were rivalled at least, if not 
excelled, in Mordannt's opinion, by the strange legends of Ber- 
serkars, of Sea-kings, of dwarfs, giants, and sorcerers, which 
he heard from the native Zetlanders. Often die scenes aronnd 
him were assigned as the locaUties of wild poems, which, half 
recited, half chanted by voices as hoarse, ifnotsoload, as the 
waves over which they floated , pointed oat the very bay on vrtiich 
they sailed as the scene of a bloody sea-fight; the scaree-seen 
heap of stones that bristled over the projectihg cape , as the don, 
or castle, of some potent earl or noted pirate; the distant and 
solitary gray stone on the Idnely moor, as marking the grave of a 
hero; the wild cavern, up which the sea rolled in heavy, broad, 
and nubroken billows , as the dwelling of some noted sorceress. * 

The ocean also had its mysteries, the effect of.which was'aided 
by the dim twilight, through which it was imperfectly seen for 
more than half the year. Its bottomless depths and secret caves 
contained, according to the account of Sweyn and others, skilled 
in legendary lore, sack wonders as modern navigators reject with 
disdain. In the quiet moonlight bay, where the waves came 
rippling to the shore, upon a bed of smooth sand intermingled, 
wi^ shells , the mermaid was still seen to glide along the waters 
by moonlight, and, mingling her voice with the sighing breeze, 
was often heard to sing of subterranean wonders, or to chant pro- 
phecies of future events. The kraken, that hugest of living things, 
was still supposed to cumber the recesses of the Northern Ocean ; 
and often, when some fog-bank covered Uie sea at a distance, the 
eye of the experienced boatman saw the horns of the monstrous 
leviathan welking and waving amidst the wreaths of mist, and 
bore away with all press of oar and sail , lest the sudden suction, 
* See Note G. Nori* Frugmenti^ 


occasioDad bjf ihe fiinking of tbe monstTous mass to Uie bottom. 
should drag wiiliiq ilie grasp of its niuliifarious f(?<!lers htsuwD 
frail skilT. The sca-soakc was also kuu^a, nhicU. arisiusoul. 
of tho depLli5 of ocean, str^icEici} to ih^ skies his eiioTnious D«ck, 
covcrr^d t^iiba inanelilkCtbaLof a war'burs«» sdJ with bi&bruail 
glitimnt' (^yos, raised inast-bcad high, looks out, asiiseeins, 
lor plupder or for \ic[itns. 

Many prodigious stories of these marioe monsters, and nf 
mauy others less kuowoi. weri^ littn uiijvi:rsallj^ received amoiig 
lh€ Zetlaoders, whosi: de&ceadaoti have not as jcl b; an; meams 
ahaudoaed raithiaihem.* 

Such Ic^i-'iids arc* indeed, ev^ry wberis currepi amftngat ih* 
vulgar i but the imngiDatioii is far moro pQweil'utty aJccted b; 
ibem QQ Ibe deep and daoE«rous sons of thi; north , amidst preci- 
pices and hcadlaods^ maoy hiiDdred feet to hui^ht^ — amiii 
pcrikas straits^ atid currents^ aadcddicSr— long suoken reefs 
of rock, over whicb the vivid ocean foamS and buil^, — durk 
cavcrDS, to whose extrciQilies oeither raaD nor skiff has ever ven- 
tured;, — lonely, and often UDinkabiled isles, — nod octn- 
sionally Ibe ruioB of aucient oorlhern fjistoessts, dimly E«eD by 
the fc>c:blc Light of the Arctic wiater^ Xu Mordaunt, who bad 
much of romaoce in bis dispositiimf ibesc supcrstiiimis formed 
a [iteasiog and iatercstiDg eierctse of the Jjuaginatioo, while, 
half doubting, ball inclined lo believe, he Li<>i£ued to ihe tiilcs 
ehiEted conceruing these wonders of nature, aud creoturcs of 
credulous belief, told in the rude but encr^eiie Uoguaj^'C uf Iho 
aucicDi Scalds. 

But there wanted doI softer and li^bteromuscnic^Dt, that might 
seem better suited lu Mordauut's n^e^ than the wild tales and 
rud« exercises which we have already mentioned. The season of 
wititer, when^ Crom tbc sbortDess of the daylight, labour beouues 
irapossibit, isio Zeiland ihc lime of revel, fcasiing, uthI merri- 
ment. Wbalever the Gsberman has bei'Dable lo acquire during 
EUmmfit, was cipended, and often wasted, in maintaining; the 
mirth and liaspiialiij Df his hearth during this period j while the 
landholders and ^ntlemen of tbe island ga\c double loose to 
• Sci: Mole D. Momitn oftAt fltotl/fem Sfa. 


their coDvivial aod hospitable dispositions, thronged their hooses 
with guests , and drove away the rigour of the season with jest, 
glee, andsoDg, thb danev, and the wine-cup. 

Amid the revels of this merry, thoi^ rigoroas season, no 
yoath added more spirit to the dance, or glee to the revel, than 
the young stranger; Mordaant Mertonn. When his father's 
state of mind permitted, or indeed required, his absence, he wan- 
dered from house to house a welcome guest wherever he come, 
and lent his willing voice to the soog, and his foot to the revel. 
A.hoat, or, if the weather, as was often the ease , permitted not 
that convenience, one ofthenumerons ponies, which, straying 
in hordes ahout the extensive moors, may be said to be at any 
man's command who can catch them, conveyed him from the 
mansion of one hospitable Zetlander to that of another. None ex- 
celled him in performing the warlike sword-dance, a species of 
amusemeat which had heen derived from the habits of the andent 
Norsemen. He could play upon the ^tM , and upon the common 
violin, the melaucholy and pathetic tunes pe collar to the conntiy ; 
and with great S[urit and - exeeutioD conld relieve their raoootonj 
with the livelier airs of the North of Seotlaod. When a party Mt 
forth as maskers, 4>r, as they are called in Scotland, guisards, to 
visit some neighbouring Laird, or rich t'daller, it augured welt 
of the expedition if Uordannt Hertoun cmild be prevailed upon 
to undertake the office of tkudUtf or leader of the band. Cpoa 
these occasions, full of fun and frolie, he led his retinue from 
house to house, hringing mirth where he went, and leaving regret 
when he departed. JHordaunt became thus generally known, and 
beloved as generally, through most of the hontet eompofiog the 
patriarchal community of the Main Isle ; but his visits were most 
frecpnently and most willingly paid at the mansion of his filhef's 
landlord and protector, Magnus TroiL 

It was not entirely the hearty and sincere welcome of the 
worthy old Magnate, nor the sense that be was in effect his 
father's paUvu, which oceasloaed these fr«|aeat visits. The 
baud of welcome was Indeed received as eagerly as it was sin- 
cerely given, while the ancient L'dallcr, raisfi^f himself in his 
huge chair, whereof the inside was lined with well-dressed seal- 


skicis, and iheouiside composed of masske oik , carved by the 
rude gra\ia§-tool of sooie Hamburgh carpenliTj shouled forth 
his wckcmue Id atone, which mighty in ancient limes^ have hailed 
the relurn of fojil, the highest reslival of ihe GiHhs. Thrre was 
metal yet more allracLive, andjounger h{!arls^ whflse welcome, 
iflesstiiud, was as sincere as Ihalof the i<olly Udaller. Dutitis 
matter vhich oa^lil uot la he discussed at the cufitLusioc of a - 


"Ob^ B«ssjBd] and Miry Gray, 

They were iva Ijonnie Josses ; 
Jte^o^ biggcd a liDu$e oa yon burn-braa, 

And tbeeJkJt II flwer wC rasbes. 
Fair Bessy ftdl I loood jestrpen. 

And ihnijKbt I ne'er couEd alter; 
Bui Mary Gray's iwa pawky ccn 

Have ^a^^'d my fancy raker." $caf x £!<nif , 

Wb have already mfialioQed MinDa and Jtrcnda, Ihe tlanghie rs 
of Magnus TroLJ. Their raollier had heen dead for many years^ 
and they wert now two heauiiful girls j. the eldest only eightecrij 
which might Jie a year or two younger than MftrdauoiMerioun, 
the soconJ about seven te*D. — They mere the joy oflheirfatlier's 
heait, and the liglii flf his old eyes; and although indulged to a 
device which might have endangered his comfort jinil iljcjr own, 
ihej- repaid his alfectiDn with a love, into which eveu bliai in- 
linlgence had QOl introduced slight rflgard, or feminine caprice. 
Tlie difference of their tempers and of iheir compleiions was sin- 
gularly striking, altliough combined, as is usual, with a f ertaiD 
degree of family resemblance. 

The mother of these luaidons had tecp a Scottish lady from 
the Highlands of Sultierland J the orphan of a nohle chief, who, 
driven Irom his own country during (he feuds of iJie scvTiilecntli 
century, had found shelter in those peaceful islands, which, 
amidst jjoverty and seclusion, were Ihus fat happy^ lliatthcyre- 
moini'd iinveieil by discord, and unslampd by civil broit. The 
father (his nanie was Saint Clair) prncd for histiMivc glen, his 
I'oudgl i/)werj his clansmen, and his fallcH authority, and died 
not long after his arrival id Zetland. The beamy of his orphan 


danghter, despite her ScottiflhliDeage;* melted the stout heart of 
Magnus Troil. He sued and was listened to, and she became 
his bride ; but dying in the fifth year of their union, left him to 
mourn his brief period of domestic happiness. 

From her mother, Minna inherited th? stately form and dark 
eyes, the raven loeks and finely-pencilled brows, which showed 
she was , on one side at least, a stranger to the blood of Thule. 
Her cheek, — • ' 

^' Oh call it fair , not pale ! " 

was so slightly and delicately tinged witii the rose, that many 
thought the lily had an undue proportion in her complexion. But 
in that predominance of the paler flower, there was nothing sickly 
or languid ; it was the true natural colour of health , and corre- 
sponded in a peculiar degree with features, which seemed calcu- 
lated to express a contemplative and high-mioded character. 
When Minna Troil heard a tale of wo or of injustice ,- it was then- 
her blood rushed to her cheeks, and showed plainly <how warm it 
beat, notwithstanding the generally serious, composed, and reti- 
ring disposition, which her countenaoce and demeanour seemed to 
exhibit. If strangers sometimes conceived that these fine features 
were clouded by melancholy, for which her age and situation 
could scarce have given occasion , they were soon satisfied , upon 
farther acquaintance, that the placid, mild quietude of her dispo- 
sition, and the mental energy of a character which was but little 
interested in ordinary and trivial occurrences, was the real cause 
of her gravity; and most men, when they knew that her melan- 
choly had no ground in real sorrow, and was only the aspiration 
of a soul bent on more important objects than those bywhich she 
was surrounded , might have wished her whatever could add. to 
her happiness, but could scarce have desired that, graceful as she 
was in her natural and unaffected seriousness, she should change 
that deportment for one more gay. In short, notwithstanding 
our wish to have avoided that hackneyed simile of an angel, we 
cannot avoid saying there was something in the serious beauty of 
her aspect, in the measured, yet graceful ease of her motious, in 
the music of her voice, and the serene purity of her eye, that 
seemed as if Minna Troil belonged natnrally to some higher and 


b«n«r sphere, and -vas onlj tbo chance nsiiant of a viovld thni 
■W^9^ Dol worth}' of her. 

Th& scaTc«ly less bcautifol , equally Intely* and equally inpo- 
iTHiBrcndn, w;i5 of n cnroj>tcx[ini as dilTe ring from her sislpr, as 
ihey (Jiffi^red id character, tjisle, and P5prp55)ioii. Hrrprofase 
locks were of thai paJj hnma which receives froRi Ihc pas&iog 
snnfaeom a lingo of g^Ed, bul djirkens apAto nhcn ihc ray hjii 
passed from iL Hereyc^ her moulh, (he beiiuUru) ro« ofteelh, 
^'hkh in her innocent yivaciiy were frcfiticnilf disclosed; the 
fresih], yet aot too bright glow nf a heallhr Campl>cti'an^ tiogrn^ a 
sbiD like Ihe drilled snow, spoke her gcnuiim ScandinaviaD 
descnnt, Afajryform, less tall thnn (hfll of Minna, bni: still mnre 
lifleljf moulded into syminetry — a careless, and almost childish 
lightaess of slop — titi eye iliai seemed to look on every object with 
pleasure, from a ntttural aud seronf] rlli>i>rrul[icssof dispofiitiou, 
attracted cieo luore geueral admiralion Ihan the cbjirms of her 
sisur, though perhaps thai which Miuoa did cxicite, might be of a 
more iate'nsc a& well us a more revcrentitil character 

Tbodjspo&iilons of these lovely sisters were not less diffcrenl 
Ihan their complexions. JnlhckinUly atTections, npither could 
be said to eitel the niher, so much were they attached to their 
father and to each other, Bul the cheerfulness of Brpntkimiicd 
ilselfwith che everyday business ofltfe^and seemed Jne!(hausLibIe 
in its profusion^ The leii& buoymil spiril of her sister ai>peaTed 
io bring to aociBly a contented tvish lo be interestiMi and pleased 
with what was fioiilg forward, but, was rather platidly carried 
along with the stream of mirlh atid pknsarc , than disposed lo »id 
its prfflgress by any efforts oi her own. She endured mirth, 
rather thaa cnjoyfid it; ajid Ihc; pleasures in which sbe most 
delighted, were those of a graicr and more s'llitary cast. The 
knowledge which is derived from books was beyond her reach. 
Zetland afforded few opportunities, in those days, of studying the 
lessons J bequeathed 

"Dy dead men lo their kind;" 
and Magnus Troll, such as we have described him, was U'tM n 
person within whose mansion the means of such knowledge were 
to bo acquired. But the book fii nature was before I^ianSj that 


noblest of volames, where we are ever called to wonder and to 
admire, even when we canoot understand. The plants ofthose 
wild regions, the shells on the shores, and the long list of 
feathered clans which haunt their cliffs and eyries, were as well 
known to Minna Troil as to the most eiperieaced fowlers. Her 
powers of observation were wonderftil , and little interrupted by 
other tones of feeling. The information which she acquired by 
habits of patient attention, was indelibly riveted in a naturally 
powerful memory. She had also a high feeli&g for the solitary and 
melancholy grandeur of the scenes in which she was placed. The 
ocean y in all its varied forms of sublimity and terror — the tre- 
mendous cUffs that resound to the ceaseless roar of the billows, 
and the clang of the sea-fowl, had for Mf una a charm in almost 
every state in which the changing seasons eihibited them. With 
the enthusiastic feelings proper to the romantic race from which 
her mother descended, the love of natural objects was to her a 
passion capable not only of occupying, but at times of agitMing, 
her mind. Scenes upon which her sister looked with a sense of 
transient awe or emotion , which vanished on her return from 
witnessing them, continued long to fill Minna's imagination, not 
only in solitude , and in the silence of the night, but in the hoars 
of society. So that sometimes when she sat like a beautiful 
statue , a present member of the domestic circle , her thoughts 
were far absent, wandering on the wild sea-shore, and among the 
yet wilder mountains of her native ides. And yet, when recalled 
to conversation, and mingling in it with interest, there were few 
to'whom her friends were more indebtedfor enhancing its enjoy- 
ments ; and although something in her manners claimed deference 
(notwithstanding her early youth) as well as affection, even her 
gay, lovely, aud amiable sister was not more generally beloved 
than the more retired and pensive Minna. 

iDdeed, the two lovely sisters were not only the delight of their 
friends, but the pride of those islands, where tiie inhabitants of a 
certain rank were blen^ j by the remoteness of their situation 
and the generalbs^^ll^bf dieir habits , into one friendly com- 
munity. A-yai^^^ing\pf>et and parcel-musician, who, after 
going through' va'i^s fortunes, had returned to end his days as 


he Could in his native islandf^, bid cnlrbTaied Uic daugbien of 
Magnus ina ijocra. which lie eolitlod NigKt and Day; and, ID his 
flcijcriptioEi ur Minna, might almost be Ihought to have aolici- 
[ialvd> though ODiy ID a rude outlioe, tbe eiquisUe liaefrofLord 

"Slie walks JQ Ije^tiilf, like ibe niebl 
Of cloudless climes and slarry Aliies ; 

And all Ibat 's best oT Aurlt aod briglit 
Mfwl in hiT aspi^cl ami lier cji's; 

Thus meUfinM to ihat tender tigbt 
Whicb lleavcji Id gaudy da} denies," 

Their father loved the maicteas both so welt, thai IE mtght be 
dilhcuU tosay^i'hich he lo'ved besl^ ssving that;, percbaDcc, be 
lihed his graver damsel belter ill the walk without doors, and hi9 
merry niaideD better by the fireside; that he more desired the 
socintj of Minna when ha was sad, and thai of Brenda when he 
was miribful; and, 'nhai was aearly the same: thiDg, preferred 
Mmna before doou, ^nd Drenda qfler the glo^s bad circulated in 
the evening. 

Bntitwas still more eilraordmary, thadheafTeclioiisof Mcr- 
dauDl Merloun seemed to hover with the s^ame impariialii]' as 
those of Ihelr falber belwiit the Iwo lovelji sisters. From hi» 
boyhfiod, as wc hare ELiJlJced, he had been a frequent inmate of 
the cesideocG ofMagiiiiisatBur^'h-WesfrA, aUhou^ii il Jay nearly 
LweQty miles distaat from Jarbhof. The impassable character of 
the countrj bctwiiz ihcsc places, eiti^odiiig qvbf hills covered 
with loose and qualting bog, and frequently inlcrsficted by the 
crcclEBorarmS'of Ibe seoj which indent (he inland on either side, 
a? well as by fresh wstiir i^trcanis and lakes, rendered ihe journey 
difficult, end even dangerous, in (he dark season; yet, as soon 
as the state of his father's mmd -warned him to absent himself, 
Mordflunt) ai every risJ;, and under every difScultj, was pretty 
sure lo be found the uett day at Burg^b-Westra, having achieved 
his JQurD^y ja less time than would bate beeij employed perbdps 
by the most active nativG. 

He was of course set down as a wooer of one of the daughters 
ofMagai»s, by the public of Zetland; and when the old UdaJlflr's 
great partiality to the youth Wfls considered, nobody doubled that 


he might aspire to the hand of either of those distinguished 
beauties, mth as large a share of islets, rodcy moorland , and 
shore-fishings, as might he the fittiog portion of a favoured child, 
and with the presomptive prospect of possessing half the domains 
of the ancient house of Troil, vhen 4heir present owner shonld 
be no more. This seemed.all a reasonable speculation, and, in 
theory at least, belter constructed than m^ny that are current 
through the world as unquestionable facts. Bat, alas! all that 
sharpness of observatiou which cofi\d be applied to the conduct 
of the parlies, failed (o determine the main point, to wliich of the 
yeung persons, namely, the attentions of Mordaunt were pecu- 
liarly devoted. He seemed, in general, to treat them as an 
affectionate and attached brother might have treated two sisters, 
so equally dear to him that a breath would have turned the scale of 
affection. Or if at any time, which often happened, the one maiden 
appeared the more especi^l-^hject of his attention, it seemed 
only to be because circumstances called her peculiar talents and 
disposition into more.particular and immediate exercise. 

Both the sisters were accomplished in ^e simple music of the 
north, and Mordaunt, who was their assistant, and sometimes 
their preceptor, when they w'ere practising this delightful art, 
might be now seen asslsliog Minna in the acquisition of those 
wild, solemn, and simple airs, to which scalds and harpers sung 
of old the deeds of heroes , and presently found equally active in 
teaching Brecda the more lively and complicated music, which 
ihejr father's affection caused to be brought from the English or 
Scottish capital for the use of his daughters. And while con- 
versing with them, Afordaunt, who mingled a strain of deep and 
ardent enthusiasm with the gay and ongovemable spirits of youth, 
was equally ready to eater into the wild and poetical visions of 
Minna, or into the lively and often humorous chat of her gayer 
sister. In short, so little did be seem to attach himself to either 
damsel exclusively, that he was sometin^es heard to say, that 
Minna never looked so lovely, as when her light-hearted sister 
had induced her, fertile time, to f6rget her habitual gravity ; or 
Brenda so interesting, as when she sat listening, a subdued and 
affected partaker of the deep pathos of her sister Minna. 

Tht Pirate. 3 


Tbe public of tht juainlard were, tlier*rnre. (" use tbc 
liunlcrs phrase , at fault in the if rnribcr eooclusiutiB , and could 
bm detf^^rmine, aricr long vacillating: belwiii llic mnidois, tlial 
the young: mna was [lositivcly io marry our of them , but h liicli iif 
(he ift'Ci coulil oulj"J)c (ielermined when hi&appMaching mnrrh*Hid» 
or the inleTrcTCTiceorsioul old MaguuSj lite fat htr, stmuld teach 
Master Mordannt Mertnun to know bis own mind. "li was B 
pKtlj thing, ipdced," thcj usually cuncludi-d^ *'llwt he, no 
qaii\e horn, anil passesaud of no visible munns iif sulistslenec 
(hat is kno^'D to any n^'e^ shoulA pTC^^umn ^hcsiMf! , or affect 
h^ have tlic power of scii;<:iio[i anti choice, beiwiit the two most 
diBtingaished beauties vt Zetland. If they were Magnus Troil, 
they woulfi ^ooD be ai the Luhchq of iha matitr" — niHt so fortfi. 
All whicli rcnifirks were unly whispered, f&r the li,istj di&po&ilion 
of the Uiialler had loo mucli tif llie old Morse fiTC about it 1o reildei 
il safe for any one lo bcromc uu unauihoriacd inlcnnpddler with 
his family afrnics ; and thus stood ihc relation of Alordauni Mer- 
toun 10 the laruily of Mr. Troil tif Burgh- Westra, wheu the 
folluwing iiicidi!Qis took place, 


Thia Js DO pilRxim's Enoirninp: — yon Rrgy mist 

Lic^a upon hill^ and dale, ani licldt and taresl, 

Like LliD dun wifiiink' o( a. ni'W-ii<j| jf wldn)*- ; 

And, tif my faith ^ allb^ittRh my lir,-\rl he antl, 

I "d rallicr iiear tbal widow wi^ep and 6i)i;b, 

And k-ll llie virtues ot tbie dear iJepartpd, 

Tban, vhen itic Cf i[i|icsi seads bj^s voir>? ohroed. 

BesubjrcL to ils rury. The Ihnbie Fitrptinfi- 

The spring far ad\anccd^ when, Jiftur a wi-ek spent in 
sport and festivity at Burgh-Wcstra, MortJaunl Mcrt<mn bade 
adieu to the fnmily, pleading the necessity of his return lo Jatls- 
hof. The proposal was combated bj the maidens, and more 
decidedly by Magnus hims^^'lf. He saw m occasion whaiever far 
Mordaunt redirniaglo Jarl?hof. If hisfaiher di-aireJ to see hira, 
which, bj the way. Mai^nus did not bclie\c, Mr. Mertoun had 
only to ibrow himself intw the stern of Swejn's hoDt, or betake 
hiaiself to a pony, if he lifced a land jonrney belter, ani he would 


see not only his son, but twenty folk besides, who woald be most 
happy to find that he bad not lost the use of his tongue entirely 
during his long solitsde; "attboagh I mast own," added the 
worthyUdaller, '* that when be lived among us, nobody ever made 
less, use-of it." 

Mordaunt acquJesced both in what respected his father's taci- 
turnity, and his dislike to general society ; but suggested , at the 
same time, that the Qrst circumstance rendered bis own imme-r 
diate return more necessary, as be was. the. usual channel of 
communication betwht his father aud others ; and that the second 
coiToborated the same necessity, since Mr. Mertoun's having no 
other society whatever, seemed a weighty reason why his son's 
should be restored to bim without toss of time. As to his father's 
coming to Burgh- Westra, '' they might as well," he said, " expect 
to see Snmburgh Cape come thither;" 

"And that would be a cumbrous guest," said Magnus, "fiat 
you will stop for our dinner to-day? There are the fannlies of 
Muness, Queudale, Thorslivoe, and I know notwho else, are 
expected; and, besides the thirty that were in house this blessed 
night, we shall hate as many more as chamber and bower, and 
bam and boatr-house, can furnish with beds, or with barley-straw, 
— and you will leave all this behind you! " 

"And the blithe dance at night," added Brepda, in a tone 
betwixt^ reproach and vexation; "and the young men from the 
Isle of Paba that are to danc^ the sword-dance , whom shall we 
find to match tbem, for the honour of the Main?" 

" There is many a merry dancer on the mainland , Brenda , " 
replied Mordaunt, "eveii if I should never rise on tiptoe^gain. 
And where good dancers are found, Brenda Troil will always 
find the best partner. I most trip it to-night through the Wastes 

"Do not say so, Mordaunt," said Minna, who daring this 
conversation, had been looking from the window something 
anxiously; ^* go not, to-day at least, through the Wastes ofDun- 

"And why not to-day, Minna," said Mordaunt, laughing, 
"any more than to-morrow.?" 




*' Obf the niflfniDi^ mist lies heavy upon yonder chain of islrs, 
Dor bas i i [^crmilii-d! us siace dny-bruak cvea a siciftle ^li mpse of 
Filful-head, the loftj cape ibat concladcayoin spkndid rangeof 
runuutalDs. The luwl ore wlDgmg their naj' lu ihe shore, and 
the sbclldrake siiems, ihraugb the migi, a& lat-ge as tbi! scirt. * 
Becj the very sfauerwalcrs aod booMes are mnkLpg to the clifTs tat 

"And Ihcy -will ride out a ^.ilc against a king's frigale/' said 
her father ; "iherc i& fuul weather when they cut and run." 

"■Stav, thiin, with us," aaiJ Minna to her friend; 'nhiisiyrm 
will be dreadful, yet it will be grand to see it from Hurgh-'We^lra, 
U we have nii friend eipused to its fury. See, ih« air is close and 
sultry » (hougb the Beaaou is y«C so early, au<t tbe day so calm, 
that not a ntudlestraw moves on the heath. Stay with a&, Mor- 
dauQt; the fitorin wbiicb these »igadanDoiiace will beadritadful 

'' Imust be gone the sooner/' vastbgcoQclusjoQofMordaum, 
whu could Dot deuy tbe slices » which had uol escaped biii owd 
quick iibserratioD, *'irthq storm he too fierce, 1 will abide for 
the night at Slourhui-gb." 

"■What!" said Magnus; "will you leaTe us for tbe new 
cbamberlalD's new Scotcb tacksman, wbo is to t^ach all ut^ Zet- 
t«Dd savages new ways? Take yourowagcle, mylsd, tfthat ie. 
the song you sing." 

'■'■Nay," saidHordaunl; '*'! bad only SAme curiosity to see tbe 
new impltifuen t^ he has hrcught." 

**Ay, ay, ferlies make fools faiu. t would IUlc to know if 
his new plough will bear agatast a Zetland rock?" answered 

'■* I must not pass Stourburgh on the journey," said Ibc youth, 
deferring to his patron's prejudice agaiosi iaao\aii<iD, "^if this 
boding weather briag ou tempest; but if it only break in raiu, 
as is (iitjst prubahJe, I am not likely to he melted ia tbe wetting/' 

' The eormorani; wjjich may be seen fretittenily dasliinf.' in vM 
(ilglii along ihfi rousis and tides ofZedand, and j ex more ofiendraftn up 
m ranks on sotac ledge ot rock, Uka a body of the Black Brunswicktirs in 
I81S. ' 


"It vill not soften into rainaloQe," saidMinoa; "see how 
ranch heavier the clouds fall every moment, and see these wea- 
ther-gnws that streak the lead-colonred mass with partial gleams 
of faded red and purple." 

"I see them all," saidMordaunt; "hut they only tell me I 
have no time to tarry here. Adieu, Minna; I will send yon the 
eagle's featbi^rs, if an eagle can be found on Fair-isle or Foulab. 
And fare thee well, my pretty Brendit, and keep a thought for 
me, should the Paha men dance ever so welt." 

'*Take care of yourself, since go you will," said both sisters, 

Old Magnus scolded them formally for supposing there was 
any danger to an active young fellow from a spring gale, whether 
by sea or land ; yet ended by giving his own caution also to Mor- 
daunt, advising him seriously to delay his journey , or at least to 
stop at Stoarburgh. *'F6r," said he, "second thoughts are 
best; and as this Sfottishman's howf lies right under your lee, 
why, take any port in a storm. But do not be assured to find the 
door on latch, let the storm blow ever so hard; there are such 
matters as bolts and bars in Scotland, though, thanks to Saint 
Ronald, they are unknown here, save that great lock «nthe old 
Castle of S.calloway, that all men run to see ~ maybe they make 
part of this man's improvements. But go, Mordaunt, since go 
yon Willi You should drink a stirrtfp-cup now , were yon three 
years older, but boys should never drink, excepting after dinner ; 
I will drink it for yon, that good customs may not be broken, or 
bad lack come of it. Here is your bonally, my lad." And so 
saying, he quaffed a rummer glass of brandy with as much impu- 
nity as if it had been spring water. Thus regretted and cautioned 
on alt hands, Mordaunt took leave of Ae hospitable household, 
and looking back at the comforts with which it was surrounded, 
and the dense smoke that rolled upwards from its chimneys, he 
first recollected the guestless and solitary desolation of Jarlshof, 
then compared with the sullen and moody melancholy of his 
father's temper the warm kindness of those whom he was leaving, 
and could not refrain from a sigh at the thoughts which forced 
themselves on his imagination. 


Tht signs of the tempest di[] not dishonour tbe predicli<^ns pf 
MiELQa. MurJaunt had not adTonccd three hours on his jourapj, 
before ihv wind, wbic^h had fa«ep s>a ileudly slil!, to Ihr: morfiinfr, 
began at Gist (h n'ail and sl^h , a» if boruoaniiig berorchanil the 
e^ils which it might perpftrair in itis I'ury, Itk^a ruadinanin iht 
gloomj' stBlf* urdej.i!(!Lion which prurcdi^f^ bis lit of \iiiLL*nc>« ; then 
(^radualLj increasing, Ihcgali^ iKj^^lpd, rdgcd, anttrutired, wiih 
the fuUfury of'an<inherii siursn, ti. was acconipaniied by showers 
iji rain miied ^»Hh hai], that (Inched with the most unrrlrniing 
rage against Ihi: hills and rucks hIiIi which tbr lra>clliT was 
surrounded, dislracJing liisaltention, in spite tiniisuiinosL eier- 
tlODS, acid rendprtnglt very diltinill lor him to k^-eji the direction 
«f bis jonruey in ii country whL'rfi there is neither load, nor even 
the sLightcsc trauk to dirful tlic ^Icps of the wanilrrur, and where 
be is ofLi^n interrupted bv bniijli^ us w't'll as 1{irg(^ piiiiLs ui water, 
lakes, and lagoons. All ihciie iiildnd waters were now lushed 
into sh{:ets uftumhlin;; foam , mudi ^if which, carried otT b; ihu 
fary of the whirlwind, wat» miiif^li-cj with the gale, and I rajjs ported 
far from tlii; ^d'avea or whii-h it had laiflj' made a pnrt; while the 
salt re(is.h of the drift which was [lelled against his face^ showed 
Mordauntthit the Apray uf the mure distant ocean, disturbed to 
fretJij by ehe stormi, was miogkd wilh that of the island lakea 
and streams^ 

A^midst this hldeotis combastfon of th« dements^ Mordaunt 
Atertoun slrirggled fonvard as one. to whom such i;lemcnlal war 
was familiar, and mIio regarded the esertJons which it required 
to withslaoid its fury, hnl ns a mark of resolution and manhood. 
He felt isQUf ashuppens usually to those who enduri: ^'rcal hard- 
ships. t|]at thf cicriion necessary to subdue thoni, is in itself a. 
liind nt elevatiag triumph. Tu ^qc and disliu^^uisb his path when 
I he cfliile W(!re driien from the hill, and the very fowls from the 
Urmantieat, was hul the stronger proof of his own superiority. 
'They shall not bear of me al Biir^b-Wesira," said be to him- 
selfj "^'os they hiGiard of old dtiiied Kinyan Ewciison's boat, (hat 
fouBdeted ht^twisi roadstead and key. J am more ni' a cragBman 
ibfin to mind tire or water, wave by sfia, or quagmirw by land.'* 
Thu* he struggled on, buffeting with the storm, supplying the 


want of the asual signs by which travellers directed their'pro- 
gress, -(for rock, monDtaiD, and headland, vfere shrouded ia mist 
and darkness,) by the instinctive sagacity with which long ac- 
quaintapce with these wilds had taaght him to mark every minute 
object, which conld s^rve in such circumstances to regulate his 
course. Thus, we repeat, he struggled onward, occasionally 
standing still, or even lying down, when the gust was most impe- 
tuous ; making way against it when it was somewhat lulled , by a 
rapid and bold advance even in its very current; or, when this 
was impossible, by a movement resembling that of a vessel 
working to windward by short tacks, but never yielding one inch 
of the way which he had fought so hard to gain. 

Yet, notwithstanding Mordauut's experience and resolution, 
his situation was^ sufficiently uncomfortable, and even pracarious ; 
not because his sailor's jacket and trowsers, the common dress of 
young men through these isles when oh a journey, were thoroughly 
wet, for that might have taken place within the same brief time, 
iu any ordinary day , in this watery climate; but the real danger 
was, that, notwithstanding his utmost exertions, h6 made very 
slow way through brooks that were sending their waters all 
aboard, through morasses drowned in double deluges of moisture, 
which rendered all ^be ordinary passes more than usually danger- 
ous, and repeatedly obliged the traveller to perform a considerable 
circuit, which in the usual case was unnecessary. Thus repeatedly 
bafQed notwithstanding his youth and strength, Mordaunt, after 
maintaining a dogged conflict with wind^ rain, and the fatigue of 
a prolonged journey, was truly happy, when, not without having 
been more than once mistaken iu his road, he at length foubd 
himself within sight of the house of Stourburgh , or Harfra ; for 
the names were indifferently given to the residence of Mr. Tripto- 
lemusYellowley, who was the cbosenmissionary of the Chamber- 
lain of Orkney and Zetland, a speculative person, who designed, 
through the medium of Triptolemus, to introduce into the Ultima 
ThuU of the Eomans a spirit of improvement, which at that early 
period was scarce known to existin Scotland itself. 

At length, and with much difticuUy, Mordaunt reached the 
house of this worthy agriculturist, the only refjuge from the releo'- 


Less storm vhich he cftuld ho]iPC to meet with far several luilfs; 
and going Biroigh? lo ihe door, wilh tbe inos-i umiflubiiog con- 
fldeocc of inslantadmLSStnnj he was notalitdc^orprised lu find 
U Dot merely Utched^ N^hich the weather nuighl etcy^e, but eYon 
bolted, a tbioi; vhich, as Magnus Troil has already intimated, 
vas almost uaknowti ia the ArchipeUgo. To knock , to call , and 
Qoally to baiter the door wilh staff and stones, were the natural 
resourcfls of the youth, who nas rendered «Uke impatjrnt hv the 
peliJDg of the s.t{iT[n, and by on countering sticb most uocipccied 
and UDUSual obstacles to instant admis^siou. As he wag. suffered, 
however, for many mitmtes to eihaugl bis impatience in DOk:«e 
anddamouri witliout receiving uny reply, we will fuplo} them 
in informiDg tbe reader who Triptolemus Yellowley was , and Low 
he came: by a name so sioj^ular. 

Old Jasper VeMowIey, the father of Trtptolemus, (though 
born at the footofRoscherry-Topping,) had been come oier by a 
Certain noble Scottish Eart, who, proving loo far north f)ir canny 
Yorkshire, had persuaded h\ia (o accept nf a farm in the Alearus, 
where. It is unnecessary lo add, he found ipaiiers very different 
friijfi] Vihiii he had eipocted. It ^as. in vain tbnt ihc s^loul farmer 
eetmanfuily to work, Icp counterbalance, by superior skill, thg 
inconveniences arising from a cold soil and a weeping climate. 
These might have been probably ovitrcome; bul bis neighbour^ 
hoQ'd lo the Crarapians eiposed him eternally to that species of 
Tisilalion f ram the plaidcd gentry who dwelt within their skirls^ 
which made young Nerval a warrior and a hero, bill ocily con- 
verted Jasper Yelluwley Jnio a poor man. This was, indeed, 
balanced in some sort by Ihe impression which his ruddy cheek 
and robust form bad the fortune tfl mak<; upon Mii^s Barbara 
CIinksca]e,daughieraf thenniquhile, and sister to Ihe then eiist- 
ing, ClJokscale of ihatllk- 

This was ihouglit a horrid and nnnataral union in the oelgh- 
bourhoodj cojisidcring that llie house of CILckscale had at least 
as great a share of Scotlfsh pride as of SGoWisli parsimony , and 
was amply cDdowed with both. ItulMjssBabie had her bandsom* 
fortune of two thousand marks at her r>nn disposal, was a woman 
of spirit who had been major and awijjtris, fas Ihc writer who 


drew UiG ci>ntMct assured bcT,) for foil Lwcntj jeara; BOBBefie:t 
consequences and commcDtarie^ Altke at JcGaDce, and wedde'd 
the hearty Yorkshire yeiaman, Herhronlierandi hcrmore vea]|hy 
kinsmen drewofin disgi)!>l. anil almost disrtwnedtbeir degraded 
relative. But the house of Cliuk&cale was ftlLlcd (like every oLber 
family t» Scotland ai the lime) to a set of relations who were not 
so Dice — Icoth ,ind siiteenlli cousins, wlin owt only aokriow- 
ledyei their kinswiiman Babie after her mnrriagp wiih V(?llniiley, 
but even ^findescendejJ lo eat beans ami bacon (iliu«gh Ihc laUer 
*ft!is then the ahamiDaiJoti uT the Scotch m much asi of ihe Jewsji 
with ber husband, &ad WQ<L)ld villiii^ly have cemented llic fnend- 
shi|) byburrowiuga little cash from him„ had not his good Imly 
(who understood trap as well as ai^jf woman in the Mearng> 
put a negative on (his advance to iDtimacy. Indeed she knew 
how to make y^uog Deilbelicbet^ old Dougald Darcsword, the 
Laird of Bundybrawl, and «lliersr pay Tir the hospiialiiy whicfi 
she did not think proper lo deny them, by re ititering them useful 
in hat negotiations ^'](h llie lighltinndcd lads heyntid the Cairn, 
viiQj finding Iheir late tibject of plunder was now allied to *'kcnd 
folks, and o^tnedby them at kirk and niarket," bfcnnie ^alislied, 
on auiudcrateycflirly composiiluD, to dosist from their depreda- 

This eminent suecefls recfiQciled Jasper lo ihedotninion whirh 
his wife began to assume ov^r him ; and V'hlch was much con- 
firmed by her proving to be — let me set — what is the pr*"lli est 
mode of eipressiug it? — lu the family way. On this orcasion, 
Mrs. Vellowlty had a remarkable drcatn , as is the usnal practice 
of leeming mothers previous to the birth of an illngtrirms off- 
spring. She "was a-dreamed," as her husband eipressed it, 
Ihalshe was safely delivered of a plough, drawn fcy threij yoke of 
Angus-shire oscn; and being a mighty in\esiigaior intii such 
porifiDls, she sat herself down with her gossips, to consi<l(-r what 
tlie tbing might mean. Honest Jasper rciUured, wilb much 
hesilalioo, to intimate h(s own opinion, ihat ibc vision had le- 
f erca<:e rather to things past than things future , and might have 
been occasioned by his wife's nerves having been a little startled 
by meeting iu ihc loan aboye the house his own great plough with 


the six oxpRj which were the pritic of bis heart, Bui ihe gond 
cummers* rnii^pd sufh a iiuc and cry apinst this eiposjiion, iliat 
JasperWiiii (a'lii to pui his lingers in hts <ear&] anUta ronoutof 
the aparlmcnl, 

"H<;iir I'fj him," said dd old wbigiaimit^re c{ir)ioe — '''bear to 
Jiiiiiy wi' hii» (j^^^ea^ (Ljt ari! »s an idol tu tiiin, even as Iht calf 
mf BetliBl! y^f t\a — it's nae iilcii;;h i>f thcQcsh iliaiihebciunj 
Idd-haim — fora lad it sail be — sail e'er Blrhiill<ii htlwiitn the 
stilts o' — it's the iplcugh of the spirit — and I trust niysi-ll lo spe 
inm ndg liic head o' bim iii a ^lu'pit; or^ what '$ bi!tlLT, utl a hiil- 

"Jiow Ihc deil'sin yoar whiggery," said the old IttdyGlcnpro- 
BiDg; "wad ye liau our cummer's bonny kd-bitrn wag the head 
ait his sbouthcrs tike ywur gotily Mess Jflnies Guthrie, thai ye 
bold sutii a rlflvnring about? — Xa na, he sal) walk a mair siccar 
path, and be a dajnly cgmlv — anil say M sliould livo to hv a 
biahop, what the waur wad ho be?" 

The giiuntkt thus f.iirly nung doTvaby one sibyl, was caught 
up by another, and the C()Qlr<jver5y between presbytery and 
PplseoplCy raged, ruarcd^ or rather scrcarn'ed„ a muad of cinnar- 
jnoti-nater sen'ing only like oil to the flame, till Jasper entered 
with the pl(iug!i°:stafr; and by the awe orbig presence, and the 
shame uf mi^bi^having "before the stranger mao," Itnposed 
some coiidilifiiis ai silence upon Ihe ttispulanls. 

I do not know whtlher it was inipatieiicc to giv* lo ihc Jigin a 
ticinsdcstmcd t(»smh bif^h and duubit'ul laics, or whether puor 
Dame Ycllowlcj was ralbcr frigblepcd at the hurly-burly -^^hich 
had taken ptace ill her presence , bui she ^'as lokeo suddenly ill ; 
andf CDotrary lo the J''Cjrmiil.i In such eases used and pnvvided, 
was soon reported to he ''a good deal vi or^e than was to be ei- 
pecled." She look the oppofliinity {Lavtug sliSl all her wils about 
herj 1*1 eilractffom her sympathetic husband two proiuises; first, 
thaihc would cbrisCcH ihc child, whose birih was like to cosi her 
so dear, hy a jjanie indicalive of the vision with which she had 
been favoured; and ne\t, Ihal he would educate him for th« 
ministry. The canny YorkstirtJiian, Ibiiikiug she had a goud 
• I. e. Gossips, 


litLe al preft«m to dictate iv sneh oiatlcrs, sabsrribed to all sht; 
required. A raimchild WBs flccurdinglif liorn undi-f these cnn- 
ilitioDS, bat the slate tiftlu- mother did noi ;H'rniil U<?r for maitj 
days to inquire hi>wfar thej liad brtio f ii3ii[jlied ivilh. When she 
was in aoiae degree cunvalesceoij she was irtfi^rmeil, that «isii 
wa» thought ill the child should be intmeilinlcly chrisULic<J, il bad 
received (he namfl of Triplolcnma; the turnte, who w-is a man 
of some classLcfil shill, c<iiiceiv)ug (hat this epithet contained a 
bdinlsnine anJ ctassicaL allusinti In the vistnaarjr jiloiiigb , with il» 
triple yokcof oien. Mrs. Ycllowky was not much tlciip;htint wiih 
the nianner in which her requi'Sl had bec^Q coiiiiilivil nilh; but 
grumbling being to us liiUe purjiosi; as in Ihi; celcbraipd case ul' 
Tristram Slinudy^shc u'eD^aldovu Gootent'edM'ilh (lie he^ithcnish 
naiiKu, oiiil ciideavijUTcd to counipractttie elfcfts Ltmi^^bi prDducc 
upon (Jie lasie an<J reelipgsol' the uominee, hysQcii an cdiicBiiim 
as Diijjbtput hill) jibiivn the: slii^'htcst Ihuu^ht of sacks, coulters, 
9iilli>, muulii-buards, O'r any thing connected with the senilt 
drudgery of the ploiig;h. 

Jasper, sage YorliShire man, smilfd slyly iu his &l«eve, con- 
cei>ia^ ibal young Tripj^ie was likely to pfuvc a chip of the old 
blocbj afid would ralbof take uilrt the jolly Yorkshire yenjiifln, 
than llic gentlt: bui &ome«haL o/^'Td hlotid ()fUn: house of Clink- 
scale. He r«marki?d Tith supprcS'Sed glee. Chat Ihc! tnu? yihicb 
best aasvvefed the puri|]Osa uf a lullaby was the '^'Ploughiuan's 
Whistle," and the first words ihe infant learned in stammer veri; 
the nnjni!A of Ihe oxen; mt>rc<jTt'r, ihiit the "hern,"' prefcrfed 
home-brewed ale to Scotch twopenny, and never quitted hold of 
Ihctankurd wtih (io much rcluclaU't.T as when iberc had been, by 
siioie maoceuvre ofiaspcr's own device < a douhl{! siralk of mall 
allowed lo th^ brewing!:, above that which was sanctioned by the 
moBl liil^cral tccipe oruhiih hisduma'shoasehold thrift admilteil. 
Besides this, when no i>llier inpoD^ could bc fsllen upon to divert 
an 'Uccasional Qt of squalling, his father ^b^crved that Trip could 
be always silenced by jingling a bridle at his ear- From all which 
symptoms he used t'O swear iR private, that the hoy would jiiave 
irue Yorkshire, and mother and mottier's kin would ha\e*mall 
share of hi/U. 


M'eaQwbile, and within a yearafler (he birth orTripiolemus, 
Mrs. Yellnwlej horc a daughter^ n^med after bersetr Barbara, 
-who, even in earliest inf^DCj;, i^ihibiied the pLDchcd nose and thin 
lips by which the Clinkscale family were disnioguished amongsi 
tiie inhabhants of the Mcftrns; and an hcr childboud advanced, 
the readiness with which she scitcd , and the lenacilj wherewith 
she detained, rhe playthings of Triptolemus, besides a desire tn 
bite, pioch, aud scratch, oti slight, or lia provocation, were all 
considered bj atleolive observers as proofs, that Miss Eabj 
would proTC "^'ber mother o^cr again." Malicious peuple did 
not Bttck lo say, that the acriraaay of the Cliokscale blood had 
not, OD this ijccasioti> hct^n cooled and sweeliined by ihat of Old 
Eaglaad ; that youDg S«ilbelicket was much abfrdt the house, and 
they could not but think it c>dd , that Mrs. Yellowlcy, who, as 
the whole world kaew, gave oothiug for ooihin^, should be so 
tincapiDidnly atitritive to heap the trcochcr, and ici fill tlic canp, 
of an idle bEackguard nc'er-do-weuL But when folk, had once 
looked upon tho austere and awfully virtuous counlcoanec ot 
Mrs. Yetlowley, they did full justice to her propriety of conduct 
and Deilhclickgt's delieacy of taste. 

M'eanijnic yfiiong Triplolemus, having received fiuch inslmc- 
tLoos as Ihc Curate could gtvd bioij [for though Dame Yellowley 
adhered to the persecuted remnant, her jolly husband, edified bf 
ihc black gown snd prayer-booh, sliLl coufurmed to ihe church as 
hy law established,) was, in due process of iLiue, sent lo Saint 
Andrews to prosecute his studies. He went, it is true,, butwiib 
aa eye turned back with sad remembrances on his lalher's plough, 
hi$ father's pancakes » and his fftLhcr's ale, for which the i^nutl 
beer of the college, commooly there termed "[horough-go- 
nimbk," furnished a poi>r substitute. Yet he advanced in his 
learning, being found, however, to show a particular favour to 
such authors of antiquity as had made the improvement of the 
soil the object of their researches. He endured the BucoElcs of 
Virgil — tbc Gi^orgic^ he bad by heart — but the ,^neid he could 
not away 'diLh; and he Tas particularly severe npon the cele- 
brated line ^tprcssing a charge of cavalry, because, as he under- 


sloodlhp wordpMfrcTBj* he opined Ihat the cimihalanls, in iheir 
inccDSuJeraifi fltdour, galloptd over n n^w-nianured plou^rhu'd 
litld. Ciitii, Ihi? Rum:iii Censrir, wa« hi& favourite nmongclassicttl 
hcriftsaod philosopheFs, nottni accouniof Ihti sirit-inpss of bis 
murals, bm because of hi& treatise, de lie Itiutica. He bad ever 
in hismciUth the phrase of Cicero, Jnm nemi?ipjn anfifpitnesCatoni. 
H*! tJiftu^ht well of PalladiuB, aQdolTercniius Varru , bulColu- 
iticllii was his pucket-compaDJoD. To itio^o atLcieat worthJdSi ho 
abided the more modern Tusser, Hartlibi and other wrilf r& vit 
rural et'onoinics, nvt forgetting the lucubraiiiins of ihe Shephcril 
1)1' Salisbury Plain ^ and suth ot tbc beiUr-inrunned Philoinaibs, 
v/ixtt, instead of loading their almauarks vtth \a\n predittionsor 
poUikal eveuis, pretended ti> sec wh&t stcds would grow and 
what woald not, and direct the aUfniJoQ of their reJvderBtoibiit 
course 4jf (Cultivation I'rom which the productjou of good crops 
may bi; safely predii^ti^tt; modest an^es, in Hat, «bo, careless 
uf Ihe rise and downfall of empires, content themselves wilh 
poiutiiiig out the lit seaSoUii tu r^np And sow, wilh A fair guess at 
tbv wcaiber wbicb each montii wilt be likely lo pros^eni i as , for 
ex&tnple, tbat if HGaven pl^ascs^ wC shall have snow iu January^ 
and the author will stake his reputation that luly proves, od the 
vk'bb>le^ A monlb of Sunshine. Naw, allhiiugbthe neclorcifSeiot 
Leonard's was greatly pleased, in general, with ibe quiet, la- 
bori'OuSt and studinu^ bent of Triptolemus Yellowley^ and 
deemed him» in so far, worthy «f a name of four syllables himing 
a Latin ternaination, yet hu relished not, by any means, his e&- 
clusi\e attention (o his favourite autfiots. It siivoured of the 
earth, he&aid, if QO'tofsomfithitig worse, tohave amaD'smind 
always grovelling in mould, stercorated or unstercoratcd ; aod ha 
pointed OUtf but In vain, history, and poetry, and divinity, as 
iBore elevating subjects of oceupation, Triptolemus Yellowley 
was obstinate Id his own coqrse- Of (he battle of Pbarsalia , he 
thought not as it oHected the freedom of the world ^ but dwell on 
the ricti crop which the Ematbiaa tii^lds wore liki-ly to produce 
ibe u^xx Season. In vernacular poetry, Triptolemus could scarce 
be prevailed upon to read a single coapletT excepting old Tusser, 
' Quadrupefiumque puii-em sonilu. quatit ungnla campUTn. 


as aforesaid, whosie Hamirt'd Poiiiis uf (itiod HusLamJry He had 
^j:iiI. bj hi-arf; and «xrc|iii[i!,' nl*t> Piers Ploughjnan's Vision, 
wliich, chanuftd wiih ihc UilC;, hi bouglit wilti auJiiy ffom a 
puekniao, liiu ofler readirjg liie iwi) firsi jmgcs, flun;jii idIo ihe 
lire as an iniviudciiL and misiifiiucd ptiUtical Libol. As ii> divinity, 
hi! suciitt]«d LJial mailer u[i by rcmiiuliug his inslruclors , Ihnt txj 
UbuUTlhe t:irtli and wia lir$ bri^ad wLlli tUe liii] of his boily and 
s^vealof bisbruw, 'nas ihcLoi ioiposeii upon falleo niiin; andfior 
his partf he wfl$ resolved lu ijigchar;ft:, lo ibi: be:*! of his abilities, 
utaek BO oLivtously iifrcc^sary to exLslenrv, lea\ing others to 5pe- 
oulate as much as they would, upon the niorc recondite niysleries 
of iheolf>;[,'j-. 

With a spirit SO much narrowed and limited to ihe coocorns 
of rural life, it muy be doubled wliplhrrthe profiricncy ^^fT^ip- 
loteinirsiQ li^arniag^ or the use be was like Lo make of his acqui- 
tuitions, wuuld Iia\G much graiitied Iha ambitious hope uf his 
alTecdonaiG moihen It is Iruej he eiprefsei iii> reluctance tti 
embrace the proft^ssiuu of a rler^ymou. which £>liilod well cnoUjih 
with the hnbituBl personal iadoleuce which soraclinu'S attaches 
to spQculaliYi! dispositians. Hcihad v]>ews, to spcab plnirily. (i 
ttish they were peculiar 1« himself,) of cullivaiiiitr the glel/e Rii 
days io the week, preaching on the seventh ivilh due reifLiIorily, 
and dlfiLug ViiUi gome I'al Trauklia or eounCry Jaird, v.ilh whom 
he c^iuld &[uu^e a pipe and drink a tacikard after dinner . and m\\ 
in secret conference ou (be cxhausLlesssubjeei, 

Quid facial Ijcuis spgelc;*- 
Kow, this plan, besideis that it Ltiiiicated dotliin^of tthatwasthen 
called the roul of tJit matter, icupljcd necessarily Ihe possessiifn 
of a maiiise; and the possessinij of;! nianse inferred eempJiau^e 
with the dociriiics of prelacy, and other enormilii'S of the lime. 
There was som^ question how far manse and glebe, stipend, bnih 
^ictualand rauiiej, might have outbalanced ih« .good lady's pre- 
dtspositioQ towards Presbytery,, but hi^r Keal was nut pat Ui bu 
severe a iriiil. Shi! died before her sod had completed his. sin- 
dies, ka-ving her afflicted spifuse just as discoiiaolale as nas lo be 
expected. The first act of old Jasper's undivided admini strati ou 
was to retail his sou from Saiut Andrews, Ili order to ohtain his 



assi&laacQ in his d4)[ncst]c iabours. And bere U mighl hjivc Le«ii 
supposed ibaL ourTHptoleDms, amnrnQncd >o carry in|i) prdCtice 
whdt he bad 50 fondly Etudieij in Iticiiry* must Ita^e bc^iit (u tis^c 
a sijuJk whlcb he would ba>r Ibfiughl livt'ly , likv a dw cnuriiin; 
upan a rliiM?r park. A.1as, mi^lakt^ii ihrtn^ltls, jilld di-TciUul hopi-s 

A laugbiDg philosopher, the DemocrituB of imr d»y, mice, in a 

moral lecture^ compared human life to a Ubie |)u'rced wi'lli i. 

number nf holes, eadi *}( wfurh ha<i a pin matir I'tAcUy lit Ul ii, 

but which pins boing &luck in hastily, anrl wilhiotU SL'lct^lion, 

chance lead.^ intviublji' hi Ihe mui^i n^vKwurd niistdkes. "For» 

how often d»i wc act," Lbc onilor polhi-lii'ully foncluiIcJ, — "how 

oflen, 1 siij', do wt see llie round inati sluck inl'i the Ibree cor- 

ner{?d hn)e<" This oew illusiraTinii of ib(^ vagaries ofrortunt: s«t 

**verj one pppsont into (■oqvuUJonfi i}f loughtcr, eiceiilinjj oOft fat 

aldcrntaa, whu accmed to makf: iiiv case his own, ond insisted no jpMiiiK mnUer, To toVc up ihesimJU^ bo-ftcvPF, 

which ts an picellent one , ills pliiin ihai TripttiUraus Yelluwky 

hud been shaken vaiat ihe; h^•^ ai luasi a hundred yenTR Co« soon. 

If he had i^Dtne on ihc sliige lit uur 'ii'An time, that is, ifhthad 

Hcmrisltcd al any lime wiUtin Ihi^sij tliirlj' or forij' years, he could 

ooi ba^ e missed lu havi? held the oltlcf of \ice-pr*!sideiil of some 

eiiiineBl agricultural sociclv, and l<i hnvL' Irausacltd n<ll the hiisl- 

. ncss tiiercof undtrlhe auspi'^'eB of some nobk- duke or lord, who, 

as Ihi? mailer might happen, either knew, or did ntti know, Ihe 

jdillE^rencc bctwiit a horse and a cart, and a carl-iioc»e. JIu 

rcfiuld not huvc missed surh prefcrraeul, for lit; was nicei-Jiogly 

[leaniE^d in all those parlirulitrs, which, being nf no cons i<qae nee 

Ein ai'.i\xa\ praciicf, gu, of course, » great way to caastilutelht* 

character of a connoisseur in atir nrl. but especially iaaKf>'^"'~ 

Lturr. Dili, alas! Tiiplulemus Vrllciwley bnd, as we already have 

hinted, comcioto the world ;ii least acpnliiri'fdo soon; Tor, in- 

' stc^'if of silting in qu arm-chair, v.ii\si a b^niiBicr in bis hand^ and 

a bumper of port hcl'ore htm, RtvUig forlh She loBSt^ ■ — ^*To 

bret:diag, io all itsbranche^^," his father planted bint betwiit the 

stilts flf a plough, and invited him la guide the oien, on whuse 

b*Buiies he would, in our day, hav* descanted, and whose rumps 


he WDuJd DDt hsie gaaded^ but have carved. Old Josper casa- 
ptained, thai allhough no ooa laLhed so well uf CiiicmoD and 
sjflveralj wheat and rape, fallow and Ifa, as bis learoed sod;, 
(whom he always celled ToJiinii!^,) vel^ "^daag il/'^ added the 
SeD>ecB, "noughlthriv'ss wi' uu — nought Uiriveswi' un ! " It was 
stUI T^DTse, nbeo Jsspe r^ hecomjs^ I'rai h ciiid unciealT wasobliged^ 
as bappBQcd m the course at a few years, gt-^dually to yield up 
the reins ol' goyeranieill to the acad? juica] Qeuphjiie, 

As if Aalure had meaul him a spite, be bad gol aoe af the 
dourest and most intractable fsrrjis in the Mearos, to Iry conclu^ 
sioiis witfaal, a place which seemed to yield every thiog but nliat 
Ihe agricaliurlsr warned; foriherp were |iienlj of thistles, whicli 
iQdicates dry knd; eind siure of fers, which Is said lo iritinkatiE! 
deep land; and nettles, which show where lime halb be«n ap- 
plied; and deep furrows in the must uolik'ely spots, which ID- 
tjmaled thai il had beea cultivated in former days by the Pegbts, 
as popular tradition bore. Therf was also enough uf stones to 
keep the groand warm , accordipg to the creed of some farmers, 
and great abundance of springs lo reodfrit cool and sappy» ac- 
cording to ihe. theory of others^ It was in >aip that^ actinjg aller- 
OBtely on these opmions, P'OorTriptolemiiS endeavioured to avail 
hLmsetf oflhe supposed eapabilitios oftbis soil. No kindof bailer 
that might he churoeiJ could be made to slick upon his own 
brcadj, any more than on ihal of poor Tusser, whose Hundred 
Points of GoodHusbaadry, so useful to others of his day, were 
nevertoitimself worth asinaay pennies." 

In fact, «xcepttDg an hundreid acres of inh^ld, lo which old 
Jasper bad early seen the Qfice^slLy oflimiltng his labours, there 
wasnol a corner oftbe farm fit for any thing but to break plouiih- 
graiih, and kill catile. And iben, as for the- part which was really 
tilled with some profit, the eipenseof the farminijeatnhlislimetit 
of Triptolemus^ and Lis dispoi^ition lu eiiiitrimeulr soon got rid 
of any good arising from (he cultiTQlioD of i(. "The carles and 

' Tbia is admlUed by ibc English agricuLLtimt; — 
'■'■ Hy muKjc sinf;^: has been Lhe plough , 

EnCanglecl wi[ti sttnn: cure amoaK; 
Tbc ^ not ^r^sL, ilifl pain enoumo , 

ll>alb made inc s'la^ AnolJuer iiiong." 





the cort-Bvers,^" he cunf'ess^il. wUfaisi^h, apeakmijof his rarni' 
sen'Antsand horses, "maki' it all, and the cnrk's ami i'arL-a^e» 
«At it all-" a ounclusion uhic^li niighl sum up tlie jfal-buok of 
inany a gentk-itjan-farrner. 

lUMLer^ woulJ have suon bucti bmught lo i cbse with Triplo- 
lemus la \be preset dey. He wuuld have gut a bank-credit, 
manaiHvred with wind-hUU, das^hed outuiMjn a l^rgescalc, and, 
soon hAve secb ttib crop at^d fltock se'ctuesiercd by ihi> Sh^rilT^ but 
io ibose days a mflu cuuld oot ruin hiiuself so eusD^. The whole 
ScutlJsh li^ndnlry Sluud ilpoo Lbe fiamie Iqv^I &&1 o( pOf f Ttj* &o thai 
It was eilrcmely diiitcuU to Had auj vaDlagc ground ;, hf rliinhiog 
up lu which a miio itiiijihi have ao opportunity of sctuatly hrc^ikiag 
hii< 111:0k with S'Cimii eclat. Tiiey wer« pretty much in th(! siiuaiiou 
ofpeoplis who^ being loceliy wiibout credit* may ipdei'd suffer 
rrum mdjgeiici:, but cancut posiiibly become hiinikrtipE. Jlesidcs, 
Qotnjlh&laudiDg tbe Tuilure ot"rripkjlc][]Us'» proji-cts, (here was 
lo he balanced ajjaiiist Ehe exp«iidi[urc wtiich they occasioni^d, 
all ihe isavings which Ihc eilreuie ucoofjiiiy of his si'^liT Barbnrji 
could eHect; and in truth her eierlioDs were wonderful. She 
rotfjhi lifl^c rcalJji'ed, if any uuc couJd, ibe idea of thr karft^d 
pbi)oauphi?r, whm protiouuccd that steCpithg wfls Q iincy^ aad 
taiiug but a hahil, aud whu dppcaKd lu iht; worLiI lo lia^e re- 
nounced botti^ uutit il was unbuppily diacovt-ri^d tb^it he had ao 
intrigue with ihe coi>k-maid of th« family, whfl irHlemni lied him 
for bis priTailous by giving him jinvoit eiilr^e lo ibc pmiiry , and 
lo a share uf her own couch, fiui nu such deceptions were prac- 
tised by Baiharu Yellowley, She was up early, and down late, 
and seemed, to her oveT-walchud 4ind over-caskcd maidccis, to 
he as wn/iPri/'e as (he cat herself, Tbeu, fur eaiiug, il appeared 
thai [he air was a banquet lohcr, aod sbe wuuLiI j'aiik have made 
ilso toher ruttoiie. Herbrolh'er, wbn, hesidns being Iax]' in bia 
person, was somewhat luiurlous in bis appetite, would williiiigly 
nuw and then have lasti;d a mouthful of aaim&l food , were ll but 
lo kniiw bow his gheep were [eduff; but a proposal to eat a child 
could not have startled Mistress Barbara more ; aad, being of a 
eompliaot and ensy dbposilion, Triplolemus reconciled hims^elf 
to the neceasitj^of a perpetual Leni, toobappy when he conld get 

Tfit PiruU. 4 


s, sprap oriiiillPTl'D his i>alcTi cakipi, ar fas they livifd flstthe banks 
of ileEsk) escape tlir clHily nflressity of efliing salmon, whether 
ID or out fll'scas'in, sir dars out of ihe spvpn. 

But jillbnuifh Mr&. Ujirliar^ bnici^ht Tiithfully to the jnini 
stock all saviii|^swJiiclihernwfijl powcrsof pi:finoiiiyaccomplit.Jied 
lu scrape logcther, afjd aUlujiii;h the duwrr ot iheir mnlhcr wai* 
, by dtgrees espcnrfed, nr nearly s<i, in aiding (hem upon eilrome 
occasions, the term at Urnph ajiyirtnchs-d when ii'seeraerf iirpos* 
sible ihaLibcy could suai^iin the conllict fiuy longer sgain^i Lhe 
evil 5<ar of Triplolemus, as he called it himsflt, or itic n^ilural 
result of his absurd speculations, as it was termed by others. 
Luckily at this iiad crisis, a gud jumpr?d down tci iheir relief out 
of araochine. In plain. EJiglish, ihe noble lord, TKbo ownei (heir 
fann, arrived aihis mansion-house in Iticir neiglilxiilrliooil, with 
his coach and; ^\\ and his^ ruaaiJig foolmcn, in the full splendour 
oflhc seventeenth CC'Dtury. 

This pCPS&Ti of quality was the boh of (he Dofaleman who had 
brougbl the ancient Jasper into Ihe country from Yorkshire j and 
faewa^, like his fiilher, a fanclirul and scheming man.* He had 
schemed wcH for himself, hnwever, amid the mutations of the 
timcj having obiainf d^ for a certain period of years, the adiBinis- 
trnljon of the remote isUnd-j of Orkney and Zetland , for payment 
ofa certain reef, wilh the right of makijig lhe mnst ot whaipver 
was Ihe ptopiSrly or revenue of the <^rown in these disfriets, tinder 
the title of Lord Chamberlaia. Sovij his lordship had become 
possessed with a notion^ in itself a \'cry ime one, that much 
might bo done to reader tbis grant avai]ji|i]e^ Hy improving the 
culture of the crown lands « both m Orkney and Zetland; and 
then, having some aL'cjuaintaiice wilb our friend Tripti>lemuS', he 
thought (rather less happily) thai be migbt prove a person cap- 
able of furtbcrJDg his sebemes/ He sent foi him to the grent 
Hall-bouse J and was so jnuch cdiRed by the way in which our 
friend laid down lhe law upon every given subject relating to rural 
ecotiomy, that he lost no lioie lo securing the co-operalion of "so 
valuable an assistant, the first step beiugto release him from bis 
prescDl unprofitable farm. 

* SeeTfotcE. Oevtrnment of ZttltiHd. 




The terms were .arranged much to the mind of THpiolcmus, 
vho hjid ftlrvaclj' hf'f'n laughtj by many years' fiperipDre^ a ftarh 
sorinrnctiun. iti.i( wjiimut imili?naluiiig ot doubting for a mo- 
nieot his own skill, it wijuld bi; quLlc ag well tbal alino^l all lh« 
Iroubie nnfi risk shoultj he at the tupcnsc of his emplover. In- 
deed, ihe hopes ni ad\uniai^f- whiili he huld nut to his patniD 
wert E*i consideralili!, that the Lord Chacnbtrlain dropped evirj 
idea of admiiiinja; bis dcjiendLUt into any share of the eipei-ttd 
profits; iot, rude m th{- arts of (ij^riciiliurc were in Sctvlland, 
they were far suptriir to thoTse lini>wn and praclised in (he r«- 
giunsof Thuli-. aiidTriptcilGmusTellowlry conceived himself to 
bfl possessed of a dcgtei! uf insight inlfl tliese myslerieB.fflt supe- 
rior tn w iiat was possessed or practised even in the Menrns. The 
iinprovciQent, Iherefore, which wastobc cipecteJ, would hear n 
double priipofiiua, ajid, the Lord thninberlain was to reap all the 
|)roGl, deducifng a liandsoitic salnry for his steward Yilloulej, 
logvlber \^i[h ibe aciM>ninindaliaa uf a hou^e and domestic farm, 
for the support of his family. Joy sei/ed the heart "f Mistress 
barborn. athearlng litis happy IcrminatioD of whatthri^Atened li:i 
he so \erj had an affair as iheir lease of Cnuldacres. 

*Mf we cannot/' s^hesnkd, "provide f<ir tiur own house, whea 
all is conniaj; iu, aad nothing t^oing out, surcljr weniust be wors^ 
Ibon infidels! " 

Triplolemus^asabusy man for some time, bolting aod puff- 
iDg, and eating and drinking in ever; rbaogehnusL', whilti he 
ordered and collected (ogelhcr proper implemcnls of agrijjuUore, 
to be used by (be natives of thesi> devoted islaiids, whose desli- 
Dieswere menaced with this formidable chaoge, Sii:i|,'ularti>ot& 
these would s^eem, if presented before a modern agriet]]turi)i sii" 
eiety ; but every thing is relative, JJ'ir coulil thf heavy rartlofld 
ot (imbcr, called the old Scots plough, seem less strange' i<i » 
SeotlLsh farmer of this present day, that) the corselets and raaqucs 
of the soldiers of Cortes raight seem to a regiment of our uwn 
army. Yet the Iqtier conquered >lexico, and undoubtedly the 
former would ha\e been a splendid improvenieni <iii the state of 
Bgricullure iu Thule. 

Wehaie dever been able loleirn'wby IriploltmuspreEtrred 


< > 


fitiag bis residence m ZelJaud^ tu becomtng an inlinbilanl of the 
Orkaej-s. Ferbaps hv thought the iababiLanis of xht latter Ar- 
chipulagiMhe murt: sintpU and docile uf tbe Iwu kindred tribes; 
or pf^rbaps he preferred Ibe sLtualloa uf tbe bouse and farni he 
himself "wa^ to occup]', {which was indeed a luUrable one, ) as 
prelerablc (o IhaL wbich be had it ia his puwerto have obtained 
upoD P^iiBUDa (50 ihe main island of tbe OrliDcys i« entitled. J 
A.t Harfra, or^ aS it was somelinies calleJ, Stourburgb, from 
tbe Tcmaina of a Pictish fort, which has almosl cluee to the 
mau&itiD-haus^^ the factor settled himself, iu tbe pUnrlude of 
bis aqlhorily ; delermined to hoDolir the DaiDfi he bore hy his Gi- 
ertionS;, id precept and esanojile^ to civilize Ihe Zetiaaders^ and 
improve (heir yery ■confimed knoYvkdgc in the priioary arts of hu- 
man life. 


The win4 blew keen frae nonb and eastt 

It blew u(ion Lhe Boor, 
Que' pur gaodmam lo our goodwite, 

" Gffi up aod bar ibe danr." 
" My band is ia my houinvite-skep , 

GotidiTtan^ as :jt; maj svn; 
I(U sbouldna be barr'i^ ihia buDdted jears, 

U 's no be barr^ foi nne!" Old Song. 

Wk can only hop« that (he geolle read er has not found the Ut- 
ter part oftbe la^t chapter {iitremcfy tedious; but, at any rate, 
his LiupalEeoce will scarce equal that of yoUng MnrdaUnt Mer- 
lotin, M'bo, while the ligbtniog caim? Hash after flaS'h, while the 
wind, veering and shitiiD^ fruEu point to point, blew with aill the 
furs' ■'f 'B burricaup, aad while the rain was dashed agaiosthim 
in deluges, stood hamicieriugj calling, and roaring ai the dli>or of 
tbe old Place of Harfra, impatient for admittaD<:c, fijid at a loss 
to eonceLve any position of eiisling circomstances, which coiiltF 
occasion the exclusion cpf a stranger, cspei^ially during sucb bor- 
ribk weather. At length, Hading bis ao>£e and vuciferatioa were 
nquully io vain, he -fell back so far from the front of the house, 
as WAS uecc^^ary to enable him lo rccoEiii'Ottre the chiraDeyS; 
and amidst "storoi aod shade," could discover, to the increase 
of his dismay, that though noon, then tbe dinner bour of these 


Inlands > wa^pnw near]; arrived, there was m sinnke (^rnceciliog 
from ihelurtQelsoflhc ventelo give any noteof pTcparaLionwiihin, 

Mordaunt's wrnlhrul Lnlpfltieilcc was tiow changed inlo aytn- 
pAlhj anil alsTm; Tor, «t> long accustomed to (lie ciubcmnL 
hospitality orthcZeiUnd islands, he vasimmcdiati'ly induced to 
suppose ^oiuesiriDgeand uaaccounUble disaster had beffillcin Itie 
famU;-, and forlhwinh set himself Id diaroverscune (ilacent whicli 
he could make forcible eniry, in ardtrlo ascertain the jiituation 
of the inraalfis , as much as tii obtain sheUer Trom lit »Li11 increa- 
sing ^lorrti. Hts prosmi aoiiciy «as , however, as much thruwn 
away as his tateclarrorou'iimporlllniliesrotadmilUinC'ehadbm-n. 
TriptoScmus aud his sister had heard ihn whuie aXnrni ^ilbout, 
and hnd already had a sharp dispute flo the propriety of tifiening 
the door. 

Mrs. Baby, as ve have described ber, was no willing tenderer 
of the rilps of hospilalily. Id tboir farm of Cauldacri?!^, lit the 
Mcarns, she had been Ihc dread ondabfiorrencFof alligaberlunzic 
men I and Ira\el1i[i(^ pacltini^n, gipsies, long rtnirmberrd bf^gurS, 
and so TorLh ; nor was there one at (hem so wilv , as she used tn 
boast, as iiould ever saj Ihey bad hiiard ihc clink orhcj'snerk. 
In Zetland, where the new selllers were yel slratt^ors to ihfl 
eitrfjTie honpsty and simplicilj uf all classes, suspipioii and fear 
joined with frugalilj in her desire lo eithide all wandering guesia 
or uncertain character; and the seeond of these rnuiives had its 
effect on Tripiolemus btmscif, who, though neither suspicions 
nor penurious^ knew good pccple were scarce, goad rarnicrs 
scarcer, and had a reasonable share arthat wisdom which tooks 
towards self-presc nation as the first law of nature. These hints 
may serve as a comm&ntary on the fottowing dialogue which look 
plaee hetwiit (he brother and sister. 

"Nr>w, good be gracious to us," said Tripli>]emas, as he sa! 
thumbing hia old school-copy of Virgil , " her« is a pnre day for 
the bear seed! — Well spoke the wiseManiuan — i'pw/m surgen- 
iibm — and then the grnaos of the mouolains, and the long- 
rrsnothding shares — but where 's thewctods, Baby? Icll me, F 
say^^ were we shall Bod the nemorum murmur ^ sister Baby, io 
these new scats of ours?" 


"What 's yoDr Toolish vilL?" said Babr, poppm^ her head 
frriiii out of a dirk rece!^s in lljfi kilfliDn^ when; afae. was bu^j 
jibuul some nQDiGlc^s deed of bouscwilern 

Har broltiier, who had addressed faiinself to hit marc rrom 
bablL Ibau iDlenlEoD^ no sooner saw ber bUak red nose, keen giaj 
eyi?^,wiib the sharp fealbTes thereuiiitricoLiriirmiii^, shaded by the 
flaps of the loose toy which dppoiidisd on each side of her eagiur 
face, thOD be belboughl hinnseli'Lliat bis query wus |jk«ly to lind 
little; dficeplaCion rrom her, and ibefeforc stuod aaoiber volli^y be- 
fore he wo'Ulft resume the topic. 

''I say, Mr. ¥e1lowlcy," s.ald sister Babjt coming into ihe 
middle of the room, ''what fur are f6 erring OD me^ atidme ib ihe 
midst of nij bousewife-sk«p'.' " 

■"Xay, for uolhing at all. Baby," ansn€:r'td TriptGkmuST 
"saving that I was saying ti} myself, liiat here we had tb« sea, and 
Ihe wind, and the raio, sufficient coough, but where 'a Ihe wood? 
where 's the wood, Buby, ausweriaie ihiit?" 

*'ThcwoQd?" answered Babj — *' Were I no lo take belter 
cere of the wood than vou^ brother, Iherc wuuld soon be uo 
mor^ wood about tbe town Lhan the barbcr'S' block Ihut 's on your 
own shoulders, Tripiolemvs. Ff ye be iblnkiog of the wreck- 
wood the callants brought ia yesterday, there was six ounces 
of it gaed to boil your pjirritch this morning; though, I Iro^', 
a carfifu' man wad have la'en draminock, if brcaWfusi he l>e- 
hoveJ to have, raiHer than waste baith meUilh and fuel in t)je 
same in Drain g." 

"'That is 10 say, Babyj" replied Triptolemusj who was some- 
what of a dry joker in his way, '* that whiia we have Are we are not 
to have food, and when we have fooil'we are noi to have Ore, ihese 
Jeiog loo great blessings to enjoy both in ihe same day. Goort 
luck, you do not propose we ahotild glanru with cold and starve 
wilh hunger rmtco c«7iif^xfif. But to tell you the Irillh, I could 
never away with raw oaimeal, slockeBcd with water, in all nay life. 
Call it draminocb, or crowdie, or just what je list, ray \ivGrs must 
thole fire and wfltpr." 

"The mnir gowk you/' said Baby; "cao ye not make your 
broso ou the Sunday , and 5up Ihi^m cauld on lh« Monday , since 


ye *re sae dainty? Mod; i» the fairer faee thao yoQrs that has 
licked the lip after such a cogfu'." 

"Mercy on us, sister!" said Triptolemas ; "at this rate, it's 
a finished field withme — I most unyoke the pleagh, and lie down 
to wait for the deadthraw. Here is that in this house vad hold all 
Zetland ia meal for a twelvemonth, and ye grudge a cogfu' of warm 
parritch to me, that has sic a chaise ! " 

"Whisht — hold your silly, clavering tongue/' said Baby, 
looking round with apprehension '— "ye are a wise man to speak 
of what is in the house, andafittingman to have the charge of it. 
— Hark, as I live by bread j Ihear a tapping at the outer yett!" 

"Go and open it then. Baby," said her brother, gladatany 
thing that promised to interrupt the dispute. 

"Go and openit, said he!" echoed Baby, half angry, half 
frightened, and half triumphant at the superiority ofher under- 
standing over that of her brother — "Go and open it, said you, 
indeed ! — is it to lend robbers a chance to take all that is in the 

"Bobbers!" echoed Triptolemus, in his turn; "there are no 
more robbers in this country than there are lambs at Yule. I tell 
you, as I have told yon an hundred times, there are no High- 
laodmen to harry us here. This is a land of and honesty. 
0/ortioiaH nimium !'" 

"And what good is Saint Rinian to do ye, Tolemus?" said 
his sister, mistaking the qnotation for a Catholic invocation. 
"Besides,, if therehe noHigblandmen, there may be as bad. I 
saw sai or seven as ill-looking chields gang past the Place yester- 
day, as ever came frac beyont Clochna-ben ; lll-fa'red tools they 
had in their haods^ whaaling knives they ca'ed them, but they. 
Looked- as like dirks and^vhinger8 as ae bit aim can look like 
anither. There is nae honest mea carry siccan tools." 

Here Uie knocking and,shoutsofMordauntwere very audible 
betwixt every swell of the horrible blast wfaidi was careering 
without. The brother and sister looked at each other in real 
perplexity and fear. "If they have heard of the siller," said 
Baby, her very nose changing with terror from red to blue, "we 
are bat gane folk!" 


''Who speaks oaw, when the; Bhonld Ijold (heir lon^ur?" 
said TripLo|()i(DU$. *' Ga Iq ihc sliot-winiiirw inslAnltj' , and, sec 
how raanj ibeic are of them^ while I load ihp old Sjmnish-hjir- 
relled (iuck-yun — go as if you werefileppiog on new-laid eggs." 

Baby crepl to Ihc window, and reported ihat she saw onij 
"one youoi^ chield^ clatteriog and roaring as giA he were dail. 
How many there mighl be out iif sight , slire could nnl say." 

'"Out or sight! — DfiDsense," said Triptolemus, laying 
nsidi ihe roiinrod «i(h which he was loading the piece , viLh a 
Iremhling liand. *' t Trill warrant Ihem out of sight and hearing 
bolh — this is some poor felUiiv Calched id the lempesL, wants 
ihe shelter of our rooCj and a |iu|e refreshment. Open the dour. 
Baby, it 's a Ctiristinn deed." 

" Hut is h a rhrisiian deeil of liim to come in ftt Ihe wind«w, 
then?" aaicljBahy^ sclLiDgup a jxiosl dakrul sbrlek, asMordaunt 
Merioun, who forced open one of the niDdow&j leaped down 
into the apartmcni, dripping with waierlikea river god. Trip- 
tolemu^i, in i^rest iribLilJiion^ preseiittd the gun which he had 
not yet loaded, w!]il£ (he intruder eitlaitned, ''Hold, hali — 
what Ihe devil mean you by keRpiug your doors bolted In weather 
like this, and leYelliog your gnn at tolk's heads a« yon would at 
a sealgh's?" 

"And who are you, Metid^ and what want you?" saidTHp- 
lolemus, low crjng the bull of his gun to ihe Qoor as he spoke, and 
Ao re'Covcring his arms. 

"What do I want!" saidMordaunl; "I wan* everything — 
I want meal,, drink, and (ire > a bed for the night „ and a shcKie 
for to-motrow morning to carry me to JarUliof. " 

"And ye said Iherc were Daecaterans or soruers here?" slid 
Baby to ihc agriculturist^ reproachfully. **Hcard ye ever a 
breekless loon Trae Lochaber tell his niind and his errand mair 
deftly? — Come, c&me, frieod," she added, aJdrfsgiu^ her- 
self to MordaaniT *' put up yonr pipes and gaOg your gate', this is 
the house of his Lordsbiip's factor ^ on d no place of reset for ihSg- 
£crs *r corners. " 

lUordaunt laughed in her face at the simplicity of the reqllfiS'l. 
"Leave huiU walls," be said, "and la such alerapeslastbiaV 


Wbal ()ike jnu mi; iftrl — a ^nniiH at a fcarl do you ihlnk I am^ 
iliat yijur clapping your hands and skirlin;^ at mi^ Eiku a m«d- 
wum«n , shciuIrL drivn me TroiD ihe shelter into Iht storm?" 

* ' And so j-(iU jiTiijiosR, joanp mnn,'* said Tripl*i!cmU5, gmvc- 
Ij, *Ho stay in my house, valeru nohru — Ihal is, whether we 
will or no?" 

"Will!" said Mordaunl; "wlial right havB you lo will aoy 
thing aboui it? Do you Doi hear the thunder? Di> you ooi hear 
the rain] Do you nol see the li|fhtDifig? And dq^ you not linow 
ttis is (he only faousp wllhin I wot not hnw niany mlLcs? Cnme. 
my gnoil inn&tfr and dame, this may be SroLlif h ji'sling, t>ut it 
rounds strange in Zetland ears. Vou have h't out the Qre> loo, 
and my leeth are dancing a jig in my head wilh cold; bo! I 'II 
900D put that lo rights." 

He seized the fire-tonj^s, raked together the embers irpon the 
hearth, broke up into life the gBthering peat, which the hflstess 
had calfulaled Bfaould have presiTvcd the ^^eedsoflire^ wilbout 
gi\'iDg Iheia fortb^ for many haurs; then casting his eye round, 
saw in a corner Ihc slock of drift-wood, whif h !tli&1rrs:S Baby had 
served forth bj ounces, and transferred Iwu or three lugs of it at 
oQcc lo the hennh, whith, cnuscioun of surh unwonted supply, 
began to transmit ro ilic chimney such a Ejnoke as. bad nol issued 
from liic Place of Hatfra for many a day. 

While their uniuviled guest was thus making himself at hcimet 
Dnby kept e^lgiog; and egging (he facivr to turn out the intruder. 
But for this undertaking, Tripiolemus Yellowley felt neitber 
courage nor leal^ nor did circumgtauci^s seem at all lo warrant 
the favourable conclusion of any fray into wfajch he might enter 
with the yOiJDg stranger. The sinewy limbs and gra'ceful form of 
Mordaunt M«rtDun were seen to great advantage in his ^implei 
sea-dress; and with his dark sparkling eye, tiuely formed bead, 
animated features, close curled dark hai r, and bold free looks, Ihe 
stranger roimcd a very strortg 'Cniitrasl with the biisl on whom he 
had intruded himself. Triptolcnius was a short, clamsy, dnfik- 
legged disciplf: of Ceres, whose bottle-nose, turned up and hand- 
somely roppered aitheeitremity, seemed to mtimate somcthuig 
of an occasional treaty with bacehus, U was like to b« no equal; 



mclla]' betwiil perscins of such unequal furin aod strcDgtK; aui 
the diSereacK bcLvriit hreaij' anil iilly year^ was nnlhiag in favour 
of Lhe weaker party^ Bctsidcii, Ifae luclur ytas an houest good- 
uatarad fellow aibuLlom^ ood beiog 90i)iit;aiislied ihaiLisguesi 
hid BO olher views ibain tliose of obtaioiDg refuge from the slorio, 
it would;, despite bis sisler's iasligaLiuDs, bavi: bteu bisks t Act 
to dvoy a booD so reasonable and ni^ccssary Iq a joulti whose Ul- 
terior was soprepossessirig. Hesiuod, Ihereforcj, consideringhow 
he could ojust gracefully gliile mloihe character onhe hospitable 
landlord, out of Uiat of ihe tlmrlish defender of bis domesiic 
castle, agaiast jio uuauLhori^cd iutrusioD, when Baby, who bad 
slood appalled at llic c&lreinc tamilianty of the stranger's addresi» 
jnd deoieanour, uow spoke up for herself. 

'^ My troth J lad," saiii she lo M^rdaunl, "ye are no blale, to 
ligbt OD al thai rate ^ and llie. bc&L of wood , loo — nane of your 
^hftrncy pcal^ , buLgood aik liaibtf, nae Icssaiauii gery^yel" 

'^ You €»mc ligblly by it, dame," said Afordauut, carelessly; 
"aud you should not grudge the lire whut the sea giv'cs you for 
DOibiog. Tbcsc good ribs of oak did tbeir last duty upon earlb 
aad oceau , when Ibey could bold no longer together under the 
brave hearts that juauocd Ihi: bark." 

"Aud that 's trui!, too," said the old voinan, soflenjn^^ — • 
^' Ibis maun be awsome weather by sea. Sit duwo and warm ye, 
since the £ii€ks arc a-low." 

^'Ay^ ay," saidTriplnlenius, "it is a pleasure to see siccan 
a bonny bleifze. I bavcna seen the like o't slace I leftCauld- 

'*^And shallaa see the tike fl't again in a hurry ," said Baby, 
"'' udIcss the huuse take lire , or there suld be a coal-hcugh found 

^'And wherefore shir>uld nut there be a conl-beugh found 
out?" said Ibc factor IriumphaQtly— "I say,, wherefore shouM 
not a coal'-heugti be fouad outiu Zetland as well as in Fife, cuw 
that IheChambeHaia has 2 far-sighted and discreet mau upon the 
spot to make the oeces^t^ary perquisitions? Tbey arc baitb fil&h- 
iog-slatioos, Iirow3" 

"1 tell yuu what it is, Tolemus Y cllowley," aoswered his sister. 


vho had pncCicaL reasons Lo fear her brother's opening upon noy 
ftlse accDlf "if you iiromisc my Li>r(i sue nion] (if ihe&e buauje- 
iVAUics we 11 DO bfi'weel balled bi-re bet'tire we are fuund out and 
UL a-lrolling ai^aio. If aoc was Id speak t« yuta about a gold 
iniDe, I ken weeL wlm wad pnimise he sLld hsvic torlu^al pieces 
clinkiDg in his pouch beturo the yearrtacd b^," 

"And why sulci I nul3*' saiil Trli»twlcinua — "maj be jour 
bead dots QQt know there is a laail in Orkney called Ophjr, or 
souieihing Yi^ry like it; and wherefore mighi not ScitornQn, the 
viseKifl);uf ihii JewSf ha\e s.fut tbitherhis shi[is and his scr^Qnls 
for four hundred and (ifly iakn:s? E trow lie knew btst where 
lo go Or Send J aad I hope y>ou believe in your Bible, BAby?" 

Baby tvas silencEd by an appeal ti>&{:rJpmre^ (loweverTmria 
propa«t aadoQlj ani^wered by an arilKulaxv hump fi of Jccrediuliiiy 
or scoia, while her briithcr wi^Qt ua addrcssiri|j Mordauat. — 
"'Yes, yuu shall all of you see what a change shalScoin imroducf, 
eveu into sucif aa unpropttious couatry an yuuis. Ve have nvl 
heard of copper^ I warraDt, or of iroa-slone, Id these islauds, 
neitbcr'j " Mordaunt said he bad heard there was ci>pper near the 
Cliffs (jfKooigsburgh. *'Ay, and a copper scu»i is found uullie 
Locli of Swan'a, tiio, young man. JtuL ihu youngest of you, 
doubtless , ihink& htinself a match for such ns I am." 

liaby, who during all thii; white hnd been closely and ac- 
furalely recoonoilriii^ the ynjutb's pt'rsou, now inliTposed in d 
manner by het brother totally uueipecied. "Yetjad mairnecd, 
Mr, Tel I owl ey, )o ^ive ibc ynuui^ man some dry clothes, and to see: 
about getUti^ something for him lo cut, than losil there bleeziug 
away with yottr lan^taleSf as if iho weather were noi windy eneuch 
i^itfaout your belp; and maybe Ih^ lad would drink some btaiidt 
ttT sicUke, if ye had the grace in ask him." 

Whilti Triptolemus looked asloDisbed at such a proposal, 
considering the quarter it came fruni, Mo^rdaunt aaswfred^ bu 
"should be very glad lo hai'c dry clothes, hut be{jg£il lo be ei- 
cuscd from drinking unlil he bad eaten sociiewhat." 

Triplolemus accordingly conducted him into duolber apart- 
raeitt. and accommodaling bini wilh a change uf drt^s, kflhim 
to liis arrangements., while be himself returned to ihe kitcbca. 



man into a house fs, (ha Lyon dure not bii hint jjo liy. ]Ii>we\er, 
since ih^rC 13 a man of qaalily anioogst [bojti , I will U'l hitu know 
whom hi? has l» d(i wUli . in n:ty person." TbcD advancing to tli<; 
donr^ he exclaimed, *^ Hern ttbi, Dave!" 

"■Adsuin" nnswerrtJ ih* youih , entering ihe apaTtmcnI. 

*'Hc.ii]1" Said the erudite Triplnlemus^, " not alkngether defi- 
cient it] hi^ huiDanilie^j I see. I will Iry him fsiiiier. — Can^t 
thduaugblof husbaQitr^, younggenllemaDr' 

"Trftth, Sir, ntfl I," answered Itlordnilnt; **I havf heeti 
Irained lo plaagh upon Ihe f^ea . and (o reap upon the crag." 

"Plough the sen!" said TrifitoUmus ; '"that "s a furrow re- 
qnires smalt harrawio^; and for your t]nr\o!>ton thj! >crag, I S'lip- 
pose you mean these sco'ivries » or whakvcr jou call them. It is 
i son of ingaihrring which iheBaniclmftn shmildslop byihe^aw; 
nothing more likply (o brt;ak an honest man's bones. I profe&s 
I CiLEinut gee Che pleasure men propose by dangling in a rupe's- 
endbetwiit oarLh and heaven. In my case, thad as lief Ibe ether 
end uf the rope were Tastcned to the glhhel; I should be sure oi 
not fallings alleasl." 

*'\ow, r would only fld*lseyoa1oJT7it/' replied Morrlauot. 
"Tru^ti me, the world has fe^^- grander sensations than when one 
is perched in mid-atr bctwei^n a hr^h-browcd eliff and a roaring 
DceaOf the rope by whirb you arc sustained seeming ^^earcre 
Eirongerttian a silken thread, and iJie slonc on which ynu have 
one foot steadied, ftfTordinf^ ^uch a br-eadlh as the kiltywake 
might rest upon — tofctfl aadknow alUhis, with ihe full cgnfi- 
deocc that your ayia agility ol lixob, and strength of head» can 
briD^you S3 'Safe off as if you had the wing of the ^'OS'^^hawk — this 
is indeed beioi^ aLmO!!tirbile|iendenl of the earLhyou Iread on!" 

Triptcl(?mu5 stared at this enthusiasticdescriptionoFan antnae- 
meol which had so Tew eharmS for him; and htS sister^ looking 
at ihc glanciog eye and elevated bearing of the young adrenlureTi 
answered, by ejoculaling, ''My certie, lad, but ye are a brave 

"A hraT« fihield?" returned Yellnwlcj, — "I say a brave 
^oose, to be □ichlering and Oeeing in the wind when he might 
abide upon ferra^Jiriitai but coEne^ here '& a goose Ihat is more 


to the purpnsc , wJien once U t» veil boHcd. Gel us tr^qehrrs 
aod Bal!. Baby — bul inlnilh ilwill prove saltpoougli — atasiy 
mnrsnl ir is; tiu( I ihicnh: ilic Zctlantirrs be (Hr only fnjk in thv. 
world that lliink of fuetnJn^' s.U{-h risks to rstch ge«se, and Ihen 
boilmg ilu'm when thrj-haic done." 

*'Tobcsure," replied his sis1ct» (i( whs the only word Iftfj 
had agreed in that day>) "it would he jio unco thinfr tn bid nnj 
^dewirc in AnpuRor a' ihe Meiirns boll a goose, while ihire via% 
sic IhiDgs as spiEs in the world. — But vrhA *s this neislT' !>he 
added, looklag Inwards ths entrance wilh great iridlgnalion. 
"'Mycerti^, open doors, add dogs come ia — Abd wba opened 
the dour til hirn?" 

"I didto be s^ure," replied Mordauol; "yoD would not have 
a poor devil Bland beailion; jour deaf door-rheeks in weMher like 
this? — Here goes sojuethiDR, Ihough, to help the firc>" he 
added, drfiwtng nut tb«* sliding bar of oak wiUi which ihe door bad 
been secoTCd^ and throwing ii on the hearth, whence it was 
snatched by Dame Baby id gireal wrath ^ she exelaimiog at the 
same time, — 

'' It 's sca-horup Umber, 4s there's little else facre»and he dtttg* 
it about as if It were a fir^f log! — And who be you, an it please 
you?" she added, tumidg to the stranger, — "avery hallansbaker 
loon , as ever erossnd my twa em ! " 

*'I am ajagger, if it like your Indjship." replied ihenninriied 
guest, a stiiut^ %uli£ar Ifllle man, whn had indeed Ihe humble 
appearance of a pedlar, cMcd j'ag^er \\i these Islands — "ncKer 
trsYellcd in a wear day , or was more willing lo get lo harbourage, 
— Heaven be praised for fire aod hoilse-rotiin! " 

So i>ay]iTg^ be drewa sloni lo the fire^ and sat down withont 
farttier ceFcmony. Dame Baby stared "wild as gray gosshawk," 
and was meditaiing how to express her indignation in ^innething; 
warmer than words, for which the boiling pot seempd lo offer a 
comenienl hint, when nn old half starved ser>ing-woinau — the 
.■•Tronda already mentiancd — the sharer of Barbara's domestic 
fcare5,wh'U had h^eit as yet in some remo(« corner of the maosion, 
.now hobbled into the romn,and broke eul into exc:lafflAtiDDs which 
tljidicaLed setat new cause of alarm. 

"O muslerJ" aad ''O mistress!" were the otily »fiu&ds shti 
cuiildf>i;irsi>uie liine articulace, and thca ToMoned Ibem up wilh> 
^^Tbe best in the house — the best io the hosse — set a' un Iht: 
btMird , and a' will be liitte eneugh — There Is auld Korna of Fil- 
tut-head, the most fearful womad in all the ialcs!'" 

"Where tan she h^TC heeu watiJeriog?" said MordauQl^ nol 
wiihuui sitmii a^pateat sympathy ^»Uh the surprise, it Dot with 
4li£aUriiit ciJ* the old domestic; "^bm il is Dt'edlessla ask. — the 
worst! lim weather, the more likely is she lo be a traveller,*' 

"Wliainew trampep is this?" echoed the disiracieil Baby, 
whom ihequiuk«yuces9ion of gaests had drhco well-nigh craiy 
witt) vciatioii. "I 11 soon settle her waddi^ring, I sail warraal, 
it my lirolher has but the soul at a man in him , or II iheie be a 
pair ofjuugi'satScjilluwaif." 

"Thi: iron was aivi>-r forged oQ aijlhj ihat would bald her," 
said the old mikid servant. ''She comes — she comes — God's 
sake bpi'ok her fair aud caopy ^ or WC wUi have a Ta\clle(l hasp OH 
the yaro-wiudJes!" 

As she spoke, a wnman, tall enou^li almost ta touch the Icp or 
ibc dour with her cop, stepped into the room, sifjuiug ilie cross as 
tihe eaiered, and pr'on'ouii 1:111;^^ wiih a solemc voice, "The bleasiog 
of (rod and Saint Ronald on Ihe opeu duor, and ibeir broad 
nmiisoDi and mine upoci close-handed churU! " 

"And wha ere ye., that are see bauld wi' pur blessiug oDd 
bauniug io olhcr folk's bouses? What kiud of cimntry is this, 
that folk rannot gitquici tur aa bour, and serve HeavCD, aad keep 
their bit f^ear ihcj^itbcr, without guD^rel men and women comiug 
Itiiggitig and sorniog ane after another, ]ike a striog of wild- 

This speech the uaderstandmg reader will easily saddle on 
Mistress Baby, and what effects it might have produced ua the 
last sirftDger^cao only be mailer of conjeclnre; for the old S^urvant 
and Mordauut applied themselves at odcc ta the paiCy addressed^ 
lu order lo deprecate her resentrarut ; thd form'Cr speaking to her 
some words of Morse, in a tone of iniercession, aod Mordaunt 
saying ID Englig^h, **They arv straugerii, Noma, and kn^iw ooi 
yoor Dame i>r qualities; ihcy are unacquainted^ loo, with the woy^ 




or Ibis count rj , and therefore we mu&l bold them eicuscd for 
their lack tif hospitalitj/' 

"I lack no t)Ospi(jiliiy^yx)iLD>|^rnaQ,"^i<tTript<il«ffla^^'fflr/cr>it 
ntccvrretE disco — tbe gt»cs^e Uiat wa3 dcsliafd to rou$l iu the 
chimtH^y liU MiclLAelmaa^ iis hoilLog in the pui foe fiiu; bill 
if wc had tweiit)' geese ,1 1 fee ire arc like to fiad mouths to cit 
them every fcBlher — this must hi' amcDiIcd." 

'* >Vhal must be Aim^nded, sordid slflie?" said the :^lraDg^r 
I<<oma, turning at oticc upou him with an I'lrtphasis iliat made him 
atari — '* What rausi be amended? Btinjf hiUifit, ifihou wiji thy 
DGW-fanglcd cQuUer^t spades, aud harrows, a]ter thi' i nipt emeu is 
ofourrathcrs rromthe ploughshare 10 ihe mouse-trap; hut know 
thoQ nrt in the land thai was wOD i>E old hy the flatiM)~haired 
Keinpions of the Xorth, audleaveus ihcir hn^jpilality at Jen^t, lo 
show ive cumiG of what wai^ once noble and generous. I say to 
j-ou beware — whik Noma IogIis forth allbc mcasurpteas waters^ 
from tbc crest orFiiful-head, somcthtug is yet left that resembles 
power of defeDCi!. lithe men ofTbulc bsvc ceased to be cham- 
pions, snd to spread Ihc banqutt for the raii'o, the womenhavc 
pi>t TorgoUeo lh« arts that lifled them 0/ yore iolo qaoeas and 

The woman W'hO' prononnccd this sin^lar tirade, was as stri- 
king In appearance as eitravag^anlly luftj in facr pretensions and 
ID her language. She might vm]] have represented on the stage, 
aofaras^featureSjir'oi'Cf, anil stature were couccraed!, theBoBduca 
orBoadicea of the Britons, or the so||p Velleda, Aurinla, or any 
'>ther fated FytbotieS'Si who ever led lo haltll^ a tribe of tb? ancient 
Goths. Her features were high oiud well formed, and woald bav« 
been handsome ^ but for the ravages of lime anJ the effects of 
eiposnre to the severe wealher of her country. Ago , and perhaps 
sorrow, had qoeof^hcd, in some degree, the fire of a dark-blue eye, 
whose hue almost approaebeij to black, and bad sprinkled 9now 
OD such parts of ber li-esscs as had escaped from under her cap^, 
and were dishiiveUed by the rigour of the storm. Her upper gar- 
luenl, which dropped with water, wasofaeoarse daik-coloured 
slnfF, eallud wadmoal, tbeo much used in jJie Zetland islands, as 
also Ld Iceland and Norway. But as she threw ihis ctoak back 

The Pirate. 5 


K ^ 


from h«r Ahouldfitft, a shon jacket, of dark-blue velvet, siaiDped 
wilh flgureSj bcc4iroe Yialblei And Oii vest, whtch corrcspuadad to 
ilfWHof AAfimson colour, and embroidered wlLh CarDtshedsilvcr. 
Hit girdle was plated vHh silver arDDiaeuLs, cut inlo the shape 
of plani^uri al|jua — her blue apron was embroidered with similar 
duvicBH, and covered apeuicoaiofcrinisoD c]i>lh. Strong thick 
cadurini; ^lioes, vf the balf-dresscd leather of the country, vvtk 
liuil with strapid iJJie those orih« Btimaa buskins, <iv«r her scarlet 
BluckiiiijS. Blic wore in ber belt an ainbiguuub-loiikiDg weapon, 
which uiight pAssTor ^ sacrili{:ing knire ardaggrr, as ihc ituagi- 
UUtion of lllC spectator chosa ti> assign lu the wearer the cliurucler 
uf a pricst(!as or of a sorceresa. Id her hand she bt-ld a ^lafT, 
^q^uared on all Bide:!>, acid eiDgravcd with Kunic characters and 
Ugurcft, formiug one or thii^c ptkriable and perpeninl caleaddrs 
which word used among Uie ancitni oaiivcs of gc&DdinaH La , and 
which f to a aupcrstilious eye , might have passed fur a divinicig 

8uch wero the appearance^ features, aadalLtris orNorneof 
the Filful-huad, upuu whom many of ihc iuhabitauls of (he island 
looked with [fbservooco, many with fear, and almost allvsiih, a 
^ort of veneration. Li^m ftPi^amn clrcuiiis^taucts o( suspicioa, 
wuuld, in any oUicr part of Scotland, bave eipo^ed her to tb« 
JnvestlgjitiDauf those cruel inquisitors, who were then ufiea in- 
vcstfd Vrilh the delegated authijj-ity of the P|-i>y Council, for the 
pUTpO'Sie of persecuting, torturiugt and liaally consigning to the 
flames, those ulii> were accused «f witchcraft or sorcery. But 
superstitions of this pature pass through two stages ere they 
brconiti cutir(>ly obsolete. Thogg supposed to be possessed of 
sapcriialural powers. are ^eneHtedl in the eartierstages of socielj* 
As rf ligiou and knowled^i^e increase , thty are tirst ]]i.'ld Id hatred 
ftui] horror. Jiud are Gnailj- regarded iis impostors^ Scotland was 
ill the second state — the fear uf witchcraft was great , and the 
hatred against those suspccle^d of it jqieose. Zetland was as jet 
aliitk itorldbfiiself, where, among the lower and ruder classes, 
srt much of the ancU'Qi Dorthcra supersiilion reniaijied , as 
rhcrishcd ih« origiual veueralioD for those afFcetiug sypernaiural 
kuo'Rlcdgt, *uil power ov*r the elements , whieh made a consia- 




tuent part ot the ancient ScandinAvfan eretd. At le«s|. jf thi 
natives of Thuk AdmiiLtd that oaG class of inagicitn^ performed 
their r^ats by iheir alliance 'witU Halsii, ihey derOUlly believed 
ifaat others deall with spirits of adi[fer«jiitand less odious class — 
liie ancieDt tlwarfs, called, in Zetland, Trows, ur UrAns, Ihe 
modern fsiricSr and! so forlh.'Bg those wbo' were supposed to be la league with disem- 
bodied spirits, litis Xurna, descended froitli nnil ^ep^e&eDtali^a 
of, 4 famitj, whjcb had long prcLeaded Co siith gilts, ym so 
einineot, that the name assigned to her, ^hi'Ch signilie^uneof 
those fatal glslurs wliu wcavij the '%eh of human fate, hid been 
conferred in honour of h^r supernatural po^'eis. Thcnaiaeby 
which she had been actually chrisLcned was carefully conrealtd 
by herself and ber parents; for to its discorerj Ibcy supcrsU- 
tiously anneied sonic falal coasequcDCes. In those times, the 
diiubttinly occurred wlielher hei supposed powers were acquired 
by lawful means. In uur d»ya. It would hate been queiiiioned 
v^hellier she was an impostorj. wr whether liurimjiBiitaiion was so 
deeply impresscif with Ihc mysteries or her supposed art, that she 
might be 1h sojtii; ilegreo u believer in her owti pretensions to 
iiupernatural knoviledge. Certain it is, that sbo |ierforjued ber 
purl with Such undoubtiiig cauiidcnee , and such striking; dij^uil^i 
ufloGk and action, and cvineed, atthesanmlime^ such str«li|[th 
!»[■ language, and energy of purpose, that it would ha\e been dif- 
lit^ult for the grealcat scepliu In have doubled []i>q rcialily ot ber 
i^nthuaia^m, {hough be inlghiC ^mile at the pretensiutis to which it 
gate rise- 


U., hy jour flTt, you hite 

Put the wild «a[crs in this roar, allay ibeiti. Ttvipett. 

TuE storm bad somewliat relciicd its rigour just belore the 
eDlranceof .\orna, otherwise stie nius<tbave found ii impossible 
to travel duriug tlie (iiiretnity of its fury. But i^he had hardly 
added herseU SO tiiiei,pccludly (o the party whom chance had 
ossembUd At thei dwelling of Triptolemua Ycllowlej', when the 
lentpL'^t Suddenly resumed its former vebetnence, and raj^ed 


around ibe building wilh a fary which made (he inmates tnspn- 
sible to anv tiiiu;g except ihe risk that Ihe old oiaDstoa was about 
lo ial] ahovB iheir beads. 

Ali&lress B'Sby gave vent lo h«r fears iq loud eiclaaiJilioTis of 
*'The Lord guiiJIe uS — ihiB is surely Che last (jay — what kind >nf 
u ciiiiDtry of guisords aud gyrc-);arlines is ibis!- — -and j'ou,ye fool 
cade," she added, turning an her brother, (for all her passions 
had a iouch uf acidiLj' in them,) "to quit the bonny Mearas land 
to come here, where there is nacthijig but sturdy beggars nnd 
gaberlmizies wilhid aac's house, and Heaven's antger on ihi!<iui- 
side on 't!" « 

"I tclL you, sisligr Baby," anawerfd the insulted agriculturisi, 
''that all shall be reformed and aniendcd^ — eiceptini:;," he add- 
I'd, hetwiit his teelh^ ''^Ibc sraulding humours of an ili-aatured 
jaud y that can add hillerness to ihe very sliirni." 

The did domcslic and Hie pedlar meanwhile exhausted tbem- 
aekes in eiUrealies to Noma, of whii'h, uslhc-y were couched iti 
the Norse language , ihe master of the hou?e understood nothing. 

She listcnvc] to them with a hauj^hty and unmoved air. and 
replied at Jeiiylh aloud, and in Eng^li&h — '*! will not. What if 
ihJB house bestrewed in ruins before morning — where Tvould be 
Lhe world's want in the crazed prfljeClor, and! the niggardly ptnch- 
commons, hj which it is iahabiled? Thejwill needs come to 
reform Zetland customs, let them try bow they like a Zetland 
i^ioriD. — You ibai would not perish quit this house! " 

The pedlar sciiced on hEs little kihapsacb , and began haslitf to 
brace it on bi^ hacEc ;. (be old niald-servaiit cast her cloak about 
her ahouldfirs, and both seemed to he fu the act of leaving ibe 
bouse as fast as they c<)uld. 

TripiolemuB ¥ellowlijy, somewhat commoved by these ap- 
pearances, asked Mordaunt, y ith a voice, which falleTed with ap- 
prebensioU;^ whether he ihoughl there was jLoy, ihat iS| so very 
inUch danger? 

"1 cannot tell," answered tbe youtb, '*[ have scarce ever 
seen i^ucli D storm, ^orna can (ell us better than any one when it 
v> ill ahate ; for no one id these i&l4nds can judge (ff the weather 
like her." 




"And UtLj^taLllhouthinkesiN'orDacan do?" said (he sib;)U 
"lh«u sball know hurpi'wtrs aru not liuuiitleii within such a nar- 
row spare, lleanne^ MiinJaiini, fouih of a foreign tand, liut*if 
B friendly heart — Dost iJlou quit ibis duQined man^jon with tb«^« 
^who DOW prepare to leavt ill " 

''Idoinit — Iwillnoi, Noma," replied Mofdauni; "■Tldtow 
put your mulive For desiring ine to remove , ^nd I will riot le^vf. 
upon those darli threats, Ihe house in nhich I ha\e been kifiilly 
received in such a iern(iesl as ihis. K ihc owners ore unnccus- 
iomed to our practice of unlimited hospilolity, I am ibe more 
obliged to iheni that they have relaic^d their usages, and: 0]ienrd 
Iheir doo'rs in my huli^ilf." 

"He is a brave laJ/' said Mistress Baby, whose supcr5.lilious 
feclingi had been daunttd hy the threats !>f the suppn&eci sor- 
ceress, ainIwJm, amidst her eager, nnrrow, and repining dis- 
position, had» liLc all who possess inarked fh:irAi:lfir, soidl' 
sparks of higher feeling, which made her symiiatliize with gcner- 
<ju»»i?niinicn(s, thr>ug:h shf ihou;;lii it loo expensive (o enieriam 
Ihetn at her own cost — ■"Ho isabnt^fi lad," shp agnjn repeated, 
**aBd worthy of ten geese, if 1 hid them to boil for him, orfujsi 
either. I'U warrant him a gentleman's son^^nd ni> churl's bluud." 

"Hearme» youQg.Mordaualj" said Noma, "iicid dfpsrt from 
this house. Fate has high Tricws on you — you shall not remoin 
in this horel to be crushed amid its worthless ruios, with the 
relics or its more worlhkss inhabitaQts, whose life isa^ little tu 
the world as the vcgetjiiion of the house-leek » which now grows 
on (heir (hatf:h, and whieh shall soon be crushed amotigstlheir 
otai:gl*?d limbs." 

**l — I — I will go forlli/' said ¥ellowley» ^^ho, despite of 
his beariog himself scholarly and wisely.., was be^inniDg; to toe 
terrified [ur the issue of the ndventUTe; for the house was old, and 
tlie walls ro{:kcJ formiitably lo ihe blast. 

"I« what purpose?" said his sister. " I trust the Prmce of 
iJie power of lliu air has not yet such like power o\'er those that 
arc mad e iti God's image, that a good house should fall about our 
beads, becausfl arfl,ndy que«u" (here she darted a fleree glaiiL'c 



Bt thf Pyiboness) "should Jjajsi us Ttith her glamour, ds if ** 
'u e re sac taoBj dogs to crouch at h«r bt(9 Jitig ! " 

'*! was only wanlicg," said TriplolemuB^ ushamect wflii* mo- 
lion, "to look at the bear-braird, which must be sair kid ni' 
lliis ieiDpeS'l-, but if this boncst nonian like to bide wi' us, I think 
it were htU to lei us a" sit douD canny thegilher, till H 's norkiag 
weather again," 

*'Hoacstwoman!" echoedBabj- — "Foul w ^rlac klhief! —■ 
Aroiqiye, je limmtt!" she added, adidressing Norua direcdyi 
"oal orac] hottest bouse, at, shame fa' me^ but 1 'II lake the 
Ihiltle* Id you! " 

Noina cast ds her a look of supreme coplcmpl; iheu, step- 
ping lo the window, seemed eiig:aged in deep contemplation or tht 
lieaveusj ^\hile ilie old luaLd-sPrvAut, TrondA, drawing close to 
bcrmistr'css, implored, for Lhe sake of all itiat was dcartomaD 
lit wftitian, "Donoi jirt^voke Noma of Fitful-head! You ha^eno 
sic womaD on the mainland of Seotlaud — she cen ride one of 
theBe clouds ai> easily as naan cvtr rode on a sheliie." 

"I shall live to see her ride on lhe reck of a fat lar-batrfl," 
said Mistress Babj; "and that will be a lit pacing palfrey for 

Again Noma regarded (lie enraged Mrs, Baby Yellowlej wilb 
a look of that unutterable scorn whicli her haughiy features could 
so well cipress, and moving to (he wiiidflw which lookftd to the 
nortli-west, from which quarter (he gale seemed at present [o 
blow, she stood for some time with her arms crossed^ lookiiag out 
upon tbc Ifailcn-coloured sky, obscured as ii was by the thick 
drift, which, coming on in successive gus^ts of tempest, left ever 
and anon sad and dreary inlervala of eipectalion betwiil the 
dying and die reviving blast. 

Noma regarded ihis war of the elements asone to whom their 
strife was familiar; yet the stem serenity of her features had in 
it a cast of awe, and at the same lime of authority^ as the cabaljst 
may be supposed lo look upon the spirit he has evoked, and 

* The bseLle wilb whick ibc Scoiu'sh bniisenives used ta pGrform the 
(^^fiee ortbe modern mangle, by beating newly wasbed !ia£ii dd a smootb 
Atong for the purpose , called (he beeiling-jtoae. 



which t tliongh he knows how to subjecl him lo his spell , bfiars 
fitill All ai^pcci appalling to flesh und blciod. The aliendnnis stood 
hy in differcal altitudes, ftipresshe oC Iheir variious< feelings. 
Mordauut, though not inJtlTcTCiit to the risk in nvhtch t}i«y stood, 
«ns< mor^j furinus than alarjtlfid. Hc had beard urXorriA's alleged 
power over the eleiD^nls^ add now cificcled an opporlunit; uf 
judginff for himself of its. rFalily< Triplolemns Yullowley was 
cntirotuiilcd at what sccined tu bo far beyond the buund^ nf his 
philosophy; and, if the truth must bo spoken, the -wwrlhy agricul- 
turist was greAtly more rriKlitQiind than inquisitive. Hi» twister 
via,s Dn( in Che l^asl curious on the subject; but it was difficult lo 
sqif whelhtT aii^er or fear predominated in her sharp eyes and 
thin compressed tips, Ttie [icdiar and €]d Tronda, conQilent that 
the house would never full wbik the reduuhied \orna was bt~ 
Death its Tooti held themselves ready for a start the instant she 
should take her diepArlure. 

Having looked on the skj* for some lime in A Hicd altitude. 
And wilh (he most profoiiDd sikiice:, Noma at oiiee, yet with a 
slow and ekvaied gesture, eileiided her staff of bhck oak towards 
that part of the heavens ffom which the blast cnmc hardest, nnd 
in ihe midsl of its fury clunicd a \orwpgian inioi-alion^ Slill pre- 
served in ihe Island of Uisi, under the name of the Songoflhe 
Rfim-kennar, though sftme call it the Song ufiiie Tt-mpest. The 
following is ;( free translation, it being inipci.ssiblG to ri-nder lite- 
rally^ many of the elliptical and melaphoricail lerma of «iprc9slon, 
peculiar to the ancient Norlheni poetry : — 


'''Sifrn eagle or ihc farnarlb-w^sl, 

Tbau Lbat bearesi in thy ^rasp tbc ihunderboZt, 

Tbou tthose msIifnK piniaDs stirocPHii to EnRdnpsK, 

Thflu ihe Jestroyer cf herds ^ lb«u ihescollercr of navies, 

TtiCtti Ibc bri^akGr down of lowers ^ 

Amiilsi ibe scream ot thy fiige , 

Aniiilal Ihe rushing of thy finwar*! wioga,, 

Though thy scri^am be loud as ibe cry of a pprisbin^ na Ifon , 

Though the rushing®! Ihy wings Jie like the rOariflgor ICft thousand wiTfis^ 

Vcl bear, in tbine ire and Lhy haste^ 

Hear thou the voice of ihe Rpjm-Lcnnar- 


"'TI)*u baii jnpt the pinL'-lrets of Drontheim, 

Tbiir dark-grccn heads lie proslrale beside Ibeir uproaled slems ; 

Tbou tiasi met tbo rider oT (be qccqh , 

The inll, llie slrung bark of ihe tearless ro»er. 

And $he lias slrurk tn Ibuu Ihfl topsnll 

Tbal slie; had noL vcil'd to a ra^ii am^ada ; 

IhoM lisji ni>eL ihc to^er ibal bears iis cresl among <b.t Claude^ 

The baltlcd uia^^lvu lower of lhi> Jarl of former Aaj9^ 

And the cupe-slane of llio lurrpl 

U iVmii upon ilj hospilabLf be^irili \ 

Bui ihftu nm shall 5io&p , proud i-ouipelfer of clouds , 

WbcD Ibuu bc3rc5l ibi.^ voice of the Iteim-kfimar. 

" TbcPD are TCi-ses tbal can slop thp sla^ in ibe for«si, 

Ay, and when the dflrk-cohur li dog is opening ttrr his tracSt; 

Ibere urn verses can lAak^ ihe wild hawk pautie on bis wing, 

I.L)ie ihe falcon thai vean Ibe hood and Ibc jfiSSf'S-, 

And »hc knfiws ibe shTili whistle of tli« [owler. 

Thou who cansl mock ai the scream ■of Ibe drowning manner, 

And Ibc: crash or ihe lavaged forci^i, 

And Lb e groan ofthe overwhelmed crowds. 

When Lheclitirch baUi rallen in the mmiieniflf prayer, 

Tbfre are spunds which tboii also tnu^L li^i, 

When ibey arc cliainted by ihe volco o( tbe Reim-k^anar. 

^'Enfiugb o[ WD bast tbou wroufjbt on Ibe tboeaii, 
The widows wring ibcir hajiiLs on the beacb : 
Enough of wo ba£l Lb&ij wrougbl on (be £utid , 
Tiiu husbandman folds bis arras in despair; 
4>asc tboj the wavinij of (hy Ijialonj! , 
Let Lhe ocean rcpoie in hei dark &(r&]iglb; 
t^ea&'e ti;au the Ha'tbing ol ihine cje, 
Let Lbe ibundcrbolt ^Icep in thi: armoury of Odin ; 

Be iboij G(ill al my blddtnff, viewless raeer of (he north -western Heaven, 
Sleep Lhou at the voice «r Moina the Beim-kennar!" 

We have said, thai Mordaunl was naiuralljf roDdorromaDUc 
poetry ami romaulic siluaiiun; ills not th+^refure surprising ihai 
he li&tetied wUh inieri^sC to the wild Qddiess thus uiierrJ roihe 
■nildest wind of the compu^^, ■'□ a Iodc nf sutli dauntless cnlhu- 
siasra. But though he had hcarii so mucb of the Hmnc rhjitic 
and of thi- northern spell, in the counlry wtiorc hf had so \(>ns 
dwelt, he was not on ihisoccasioD so ci't-duious as to believe that 
th« tempeslj which had raged so lately, and wbicJi wasoowbe- 


giDDing to decline t ^'f^^ subdued bcTotc ihe chariueJ vaTit of 
\orns. Ceriaiu ii wiib, tliniUlie bkst bceiiicd pa^i^bg 4wny, arid 
ih<! apprelieiiiicd dao^er wa^ already' qvct; butii waiiunliiupro- 
bablu that this i&iiif: h^kd liuun Inr some ilmfi foreseen by ilio 
Fyihuness^ Ihmuith sign? of the wL'Other imp«rctiplib]e lo those 
who had Dfjl dMek kuj^ in tKi! ouDtq, or hjtd not hi:stnwcd oa 
the metei^rologlcal pbenuaiiCna Ihe aiituiiiju «f a strict and clii^e 
observer. Of Noma's ei-pcrieiico he had no doubt, ond that -ftent 
a far way lo eiplain vhalSieeinied sauptrcataral id ht^rdeuieaixmr. 
Yet still the nobEe cnuoleuQoce, half-shaded by dishevelled 
tresst^ ihcairof majosti M'ith wbicb, in a tone of iuenacc> as^ri] 
as of cornmaud, she addressed (he viflwlcsB spirit of Ihc U'rnpest, 
gave hini a slrOQg indinatioa lo believe in the nsccndenty i.>[ tliv 
occult oris over Ihe powers of nature ; f'or, if a womsn ever niov'vd 
oo earih to -whom such authority i>ver the la^'s of lb« universe 
ci]iild belon;^, Norua of Fitful-bead, judgtog from bearing, Ggavc. 
and fac«, was bom to that high di'stiny. 

The rust of *he coiB|]aQy were less slow in receiving convitiiwii. 
To Tronda and the jogger none vvas nect^^aafy, (hey had long 
he|it\ed in the full extent of Noma's authority over (be eleiufnta. 
But TriploleiQiJs and his sisier gazed at each other with m^ imiler- 
ing and alarraed loots, eSijjecially when the wind began perfiep- 
tibly lo decline, as wns remarkably vietble during the paust^s 
which NoruB made helwiu the strophes tif her ineaD(a(ii.n, A 
long SiJcDce followed the laat verse, until \uroa refiiimiid hat 
chant, but with a changed and mure soothing uioduLatiuo of voice 
and tun*. 

**EpKle or the f^f north-WD^t^rn waters n 

Tlinu haiiiC heard ihe voice of Ihc Ilpim-]>en&ar, 

Tiiini hiisl cicspil ih}' wide saWi ei ber biddibg;. 

And raided Uietii in paace by ihy i^iiie. 

Mjf blessing be on ihv rfiiirini; paih ! 

\V]i€ii thoii Etoopi^sE rmm Ibf place an fai^h , 

Soft be thj sJumbtTs in llie oaveftis ot tbe unkaown ocean , 

RG&t lill desliny slioll agiiiii nuiiiifyn Uieej 

Eagle otlbe norlb-wcsl, ibou hasi beard (be voice of tliu ItDiffl-kfanar!" 

'*^A pretty sang that would be (o keep the eom from sbakiu? 
in bAf'sC," whis^pcred the Agriculturist lo bjs sister; "we must 


speak her Tair, Baby'— she will raaj'bepartwilb Ibc secret for a 
bundrcd punda 8cnl5." 

"A.D Imcdred fules" beads!" replied Babj — "bid her Rt* 
marks of Tcady siller. I never kDowawitcli in my life but sbe 
was as poor as Job." 

Morno turnud lo'wardS' Ihem as if she bad guessed their 
thoag^hls ; i( may be thai »he did &o. Bhe passed them wilb a 
look »f the most sovereiga contempt, aad walking to the table 
on whjcb the preparaiinns for Mrs. Barbara's frugal meal were 
already disposed, she iilled a small woode^a quaigh from au 
vQrtben pitcher which contaised blaud^ a sobncid liquor raadi; 
oui of the serous part of the milk. Sbe broke a single mnrsel ffom 
a barley-cake^ aad having eateu aud drunk » relumed titwards 
ihfichuTlish hnsts. "I gi\e;ou nothanlis," she said, ''former 
refreshment;^ forjOU bid ib6 oot welcome toit^ and ihanks be- 
stowed on a cbqr) are like the dew of heaven on the cliffs of 
Foulab , where it finds uouglit that can be refreshed: by its influ- 
ences, I gtveyou DDlhaahs^" she said agalDy but drawicig from 
her pocket a leathern purse thai: seemed large and heavy, she 
added , " I pay you with what you will value more ihan the gcs- 
ijtude of tiie whole inhabitants orKailtland. Sayctot IhalN'Orna 
ofFilful-head hath eaten of your bread and drunk of yourcup, 
and ]i!:ftyoii sorrowing for the charge to which sh'^ haih put your 
house." So saying, she laid on th'C tabic a small piece ofantiqua 
gold coin, bearing (he rude and balf-defaced efOgies of some 
aDcleut northern king. 

triptolemus and his sister eiclaimed agnmsi tbis liberality 
wilbi.eheniencB; thelirstT protesting that he kept no public, and 
the other ciclfliipjDg, *'Is the Mrlinemad? Heard ye ever of ony 
of the gentle house of Cliokscale that gave meal for Billet?" 

"Orfor love either^' mudercd her brother; " hand to that, 

"What are ye whiitie-whamieiag about, ye gowk?" said his 
genik sister, who suspecied the tenor of his murmurs; "gielhe 
lady back her bopiiie-die fhere, and be blithe to he sae rid 
oa 't — it will be a sclute-slanc the mora, if not aomelbing 


The honest factor lifted the inanerto relum ii, fet could not 
hc9|i being struck when b« saw Ehe imprcssioti, >and his hand 
trembled as he baadeU it ta his sister. 

**ycs," snid tbe Pjihoue^Ks Again, jaifsherejidtho thonghifi 
of the astonished pair, "ynu have seen thai coin before — beware 
how yim nstt HI It thrives not with Ibe sordid or the mfan-Ho tiled 

— it was wOd wilh h on on rati) c dan^^r, and masl bt expended 
with honnurable 1iber.a]i1f- Tlic treasure vhlchliL-s ande^ra cold 
hearth will one day , like the hidden talent > bear witness againsi 
its avaricious possessors." 

This last vbscure intimation seemed to raise the alarm and 
the •wonder of Mrs. Baliy and her brother to the ullermosl. The 
latii?r tried lo stammer out something lilto on invication ta Noma 
to tarrj wtlh them ail nrjfbi, or at least to lake share of tha 
"'dinner," so he at Grst c^iFcd it; but looking at (bccampany^ 
and remembering the limilcd contents of the pot, he corrcelcd 
thepbrasc, and hoped she would take some part or ihc "sDAck, 
which would be aa the lable 6re n matt fmiUl loo&e ji picugb. " 

"I cat not bere — I sleep not here/' replied Noma— ** nay, 
I relieve you not only of my owd presence, but I will dismiss youi 
unwelcome (01 ests. ' — Mordaunt," she added, addressing jcung 
Mertoun, 'Mhe dark fit is past, and your father looks foi you 
Ibis evening," 

*<Doyou return fn thai direction?" said Mordauni. "Iwill 
but eat a morsel , and five you m; aid , good mother, on the road. 
The brooks must be out, and Ihc journey perilous." 

*'Out ways lie diJTereiit;" answered lh« Sibyl, "and Noma 
needs not jsortel arm to aid her on the way. I am sammoaed far 
to the east, by those who know well how to S]i]i}olh my passage. 

— For tbee, BryceSoailsfoot," she continued, speaking to the 
pedlar^, " speed tbee on to Sumburgh — the Boost will afford thee 
gsilaoi haF\esi; and worthy the gathering in. Mueh goodly^ 
ViArewitlercnowbc seeking anewowncr,and the careful skipper 
will sleep still enough in the deep haaf, and care not that hale 
and kiat are dashing agains* the shores/' 

"Na^ na, good mother," answered Snail&foei, "1 desire no 
man's life for ray private adrantage y and am just graleful for ihe 

\. - 


bltssing of Pnnittencc on mv sma" trade. But tjoublless one 
foao's loga is aaoiher's gnin : anr] as ihese siorms destroy a' ihiug 
un land, it is but Tair Ibey suli send us souielbtng by sua. SflC, 
taking th^ freedom, like yaur^cLK mother, (o borrow a lump ^r 
barley-bread, and n drauj^bt of bland, I will bid ^ooij dny, and 
thank yuu, lo Ibis gQjil getdlemai;] and lady, and c'cngo oumy 
way ti> Jarlehof, as you advise." 

"^Ay," replied Lhe Pjii_hooi?Bs, "where ibe slaugbleria, iho 
eagles wiH be galhcred; and where the wreck ls od the shore, 
the jagger is as busy lo purchase spoil as iht: shark to gor^t upon 
the dfad/* 

This i-cbuke, if it was inteQd«d for such, Gee^med above the 
coTnprehi?DsiDn of ib^ lrQ\'eUini; merchant , who . bent upOQ gaiu, 
assumed the knapsack and ellwand, and &sked Mordaiint, with 
the familiarity permitted in a wild coauiry, vbethcr he would not 
take eompany along wUb bjm? 

"I wait to eat sotuti dianer with Mr. Yollowley and Mrs. 
Baby," answered ihe youtbj ^^and will set forward in half an 

" Then I 'II just take taj piece in my hand," aaid the pedlar* 
AccQTdJngly he muttered ahenedicticpn, and, without more cere- 
mony, htlped himseir lo whfti, iu Mrs. Vaby'^ covetous eyes, 
appeared tu be two-thirds of the bread, took a long pull at the jug 
of bland, seized on a handful a£ the small Gsh catted sillocks, 
which iht domestic was just placing on Ihe board, and left tho 
room wiihoat farih^f comnonj. 

**My ccrlie," said the despoiled Mrs, Baby, "there b (ho 
chapman's drouth' and his hunger baiiit, as folk say! If Ihe 
laws againi^t vagrants be eiecutod this gate — It 's no that I wad 
shut the door a,gaias[ decent Ifilk^" she fiaidj looking to MordauDt, 
'''more c!>pecjally rn such Judgment-weather. But I see the goose 
ts dishedf pooribiog." 

This she spobQ Jn a tune of alTection for the smoked goose, 

' The chapman's drouib, (haMs, ibi^ pedlar's ihir$i, is proverbial in 
SrctlauH , because (liese pcfiesCrian trader!; were in ihe ase of modestly 
asking oalj for a drifflk «E water, when, iafact, ihey were desirous of 


which, though il had long b^^o ^n Inanimate inhabitaat of her 
chimoey , wa& far more inleresMDg tu Mrs. Uaby id Ihai winter 
ihnn v'ben it screamed amoa^sl thf clouds. Mordaunt laughed 
Jind look his seal^ then lurried tn look Tot \orna:) tul she bad 
f^Lidnd fr'Cmi ihe aparliupiii during ihe discussion wich ibp pedlir. 

*^I am glad she is gang, th^; dourcariinc," ^aidMi^' Bab;, 
^''thouyih she has left thai piece of gowd lo be; au cverlasliiig 
shaFue tu u&." 

"Whisht, Mistress, for the love of heaven*" said Tr^odn 
DrQQsdaughi«r; "wha kens where she mny be this moment? — 
we iff no swrp but she may hear us , though we canuui see her." 

Mi!iiirc?sDaby cast a startled eye around, and^ insianily re- 
covering hcr^fir, for she was naturBlly couragpnus a¥ "W^W a» 
vifilenl^ said, ''I bade her araint berore, and I bid her aroiat 
3|t;aLD, whether she sees Jiio or hears me, or wfieih^r she 's uwer 
the cairn aniiawa. *— And you, v* silly suraph," she said to poor 
Velbwley. "what do yu stand glowering ihere for? — You a 
SauQi Andrew's student! — yon studied lair and Latin humani- 
ties, as ye en' ihcni, and daunted wV the clavers of an auld randie 
wife! Say your best college fraro, man, and witch. ^r nae utlch, 
we '11 eat our dinner, and defy faer. And for Iho ialue of the 
gftwdeo piece, it shall ncverbf snid Ifiouchcd hur siller- I will 
gie it to StimG pi>or body — that is, I will test* upon it ei rdy 
death, and keep it for a purse-penny till that day comes, and 
that's no iistDg il in the way of »pcnding~sillcr. S.i^ y^nr best 
calkgt grace, man^ and lei us eat and drink in the meautim,e." 

" Ve bad niuckle belter say ati Qraamus tu Satnl Ronald , aad 
fling a saxpEDC* owet- your left shoulhcr, masicr," said Trornln-"" 

**Thal je may piek i; up, ye jaud," s.iid the implacable 
Mistress Baby; "it will be lang or ye win the w'cuth of it nnj 
other gate, — Sit dowD , TriplDleiiuis , and miodDa lh« wards of a 
daft wife." 

"Daft or wise," replied Tellowlej, very much disconcerted, 
*She kens mare than I would wish she kesuK It was awfu" lo 

' Teal upon Li, i. f. leave U in ray will; a modeof t>»towinKChAnl)t 
la wbtcb many axn paTtlal as vol) iis Clic^ ptaA ilamc ia the itiL 
•* See Note F. Saiat Rtinrtfd. 


see sic B wind Ta' ai the voice or flesh anil blood tike our&ells — 
and then yon al>uut the hflartb-staufl — I cauuot but ihink — " 

"^IfjK cdDnothuiUiijik/' said Airs. Uabj, vnr^ ssbarply, '^ai 
Least je cau haud yuttr tuikgU'S? " 

The Bgricullurisl made no reply, kul sale down lo th^jr scanty 
meal, and did Uii; honours of il with UnuSltal liearliness In his 
new guest^ the £rst of Ibe intruders who had ariLved, ^nd the 
last who left them. The hillocks spectdily disappeared, and iht; 
smoked ^uose, ^vtth ha appendages, loitk wing so elTettuaJlj, (ha,t 
Tri>ndai lo wboai the pDJlshing of llic hunes had b^etii destined] 
found the task aomcuplished, or nearly so, to her haod. After 
dinner, (be host produced bis bottle of brandy ; liul Mordauat, 
whose general hiibjis vmrn as subet nimost as those of his father, 
laid a very light tas upon this unusual mcrtion of liospiiality. 

During (he meal, ihey Iciirned so much of young Mordaunl, 
and of his father, thai- e'vcu Baby resisted his wish lo reassume 
his wet garments, and pressed him (at the risk of aneipeusive 
supper being added lo the charges of the day) to tftrry with tliem 
till the neil mofLiing;. But what .\oma bad said enciiecl ihe 
youth's wifih ti> reach homo, nor, howeier far the hospitality of 
Stflurbur^h was eitended iu his behalf, did the Eiou&e pregeulaiiy 
liafticulartemplations lo induce him lo remain there lu'Dger. He 
therefore accepted the loan of the factors cWihes, pninilHingio 
returathcm^ aod send forhis own; aad (uoka ci>it leavi; of bJs 
hostand Mistress Baby, the litter of whom, boweve^r affected by 
the loss of her goose, could not but (hink the cost well besto<gve'd 
(since it was to be expended at all) upon so handsome and chee r- 
ful & youib. 


She dot:s nn work hv halves , yon riiVrng OCean ; 

Jftinlipbitng' ihuKt ^hc 9lrnn);k», Iilt wild womb 

AfTord^ liif!inari.nerj whom sbe haili deaU od. 

Their dealb at oace, and sepuJcbre. Old Pfaif. 

THKRBwertiten "^laug Scots miles" betwh.(3lourbnrgh and 
Jarlshof; aud thoitgll Ihe pcdeslriao did not number all the 
impedtmeiits which crossed lam o' Sbaater's path, — fur, in<i 
country where tbere ar$ meilher hedges nor stotte enclosures, 




nature af ihe "'mouses ^.od ^i^tcrs" whichh. had i«cro.^in h 8 

celebrated retrc.irr^m Ayr. Neiih« wttch oar «''^''^'^';"3^ 
Hordau.1'3 path, hQw«ver, The kogih .f the d*y «as Mr dy 
considerable, .*nd he arrived s.fe »i Jarlshof by eleven I. ck 
at Dighi. All Tvas still and dark round the mansigo, nod it *as, 
„oi ILII he h«d «hi5lSed (vvlGc or ihrice beneath Sfvertb* s win- 
dow, ihal she replied to the signal. 

At the Crsl sound , Sw€ttha feil into an Agreeable dreora o[ a 
youns ,hale-Cshcr,*ho s.>me furty years since used lo make such 
rSrbcneath a.; *indu^ of her hot ; .t Uxc sc.ood, .U waked 
;. remember th«Johaoiereab«d5lcpl«ound among the froien 
waveiof Greenland fur ihi^ many a year, and that she Tvas Mr. 
M^rtoun's goveroajite al Jarbhof ; at the she aro^c and 
ftneued Ihe window. . , . 

"Whae is Ihat." she dcnianded, *'nl sic «i hour of the 

niShl'i ■' 

•'II is I," said the pnih, . , l j 

"AndwhatforcoiuenayeiD? The dgor 's cmUte lauh. :.«d 

ihere U a Baihcriog ptai od ihe kitchen Ore , and a spunk bes.dti 

il — ye can light your ain candle." 

"All well," replied MordauQt; " but I want to kcow bow ray 

"just in his ordinarj, gude gentleman— asking for you, 
MaLster MordauQt; ye are ower far and owcr laic m your walks, 
young geoUeman." ^ ^ ,w t- 

"Theu the dark hour has passed , Swerttia i 

^Ud troib has it, Maisler Moriauni/' answered the govcr- 
paote; "and your father is very reasooably good-nalured lor 
him, poor gentleman. I spake to him twice yesterday wilhoul 
his speaking first ; and the first tirafl he answered me as civil as 
yrju could do , and the oeist time he hade me no plagu* him ; arid 
(hvn, thought I, *hree times were aye caanj, so £ spake to hirn 
again for luck's-sake, and he called me a chutlcnng old de^ilj 
but it was quite and clean in a civil soitof »aj'." 


""Enoagb, enflqgh, Swcflbn, ' answere^I Mijidauol; "aod 
now gel lip, and iJtid nn! someihing to t-ai, for I bnve diucd bat 

"Then yon ha^e been M the new folk's al Stourbai^h; (or 
(here is no anoihtr house in a' the Isles bui they wad hae gi**n ye 
IhebfiSt share of the best ibcy hadj! Saw ye aught of Noraa of the 
Filful-head? She went lo Stourburgh ihia morning, and returned 
lu ihe town al night." 

"Returned! —then she is here? Haw could she travel three 
leagqts and better in so short a time?" 

"Wha kens how she travels?" ropiiedSwertha; ^'^bull heard 
her tell tbe Eanzelman wi' my ain lugs, Ibai she inlended that day 
to have gone on !« DuTgh-Westm, in speak with Minna Trull, bul 
she had seen that at Stourburgh, (indleod she said aiHarfra, for 
she never calls it by the other name of Slourlburgh ,) that senl bflr 
hack to our town. Bui gang your ways round* and ye Bhall hflre 
[ilenly of supper — ours Is nae loom panlry and still less a locked 
.1 ne, though my master be a straDgflr, and no just that light in the 
upper rjfe'giog, as the Kanzelman says." 

Miiniauflt walked round to the kitcben accordingly, where 
Swerlha's care speedily accomraodalfid hira with a plentiful, 
rhough conrse mcul, whieh iodenmilled Ilim for the scanly hospi- 
talliy he had eiperieneed at Si<^urburgh. 

In the morning, some feeltdf^s of fatigue made yonng Mencmn 
later than usual in leaving his bed", so that, contrary lo what 
■was the ordinary case, he found bis father m the apartment where 
ih*y eat, and which served ihem indeed for every comimion pur- 
pose* savcthalof a bedchamber or of a kitchen. The son greeted 
the father in mute reverf nee, and wailed until he should address 

"You were absent yesterday, Mordauni?" said his fallser, 
Mordnunt's absenee had lasled a. weet and more; but he had 
often observed that his (attEr ticvcr seemed to notice how liraiB 
passed during the period when he was affected with his sullen 
vapours. He assen led to what th c elder Mr^ Merloun bad said . 

''And you were at Burgh-Westra^ aslthiuk?" continued his 


"Ves, Sir," replied MordaunE. 

The elder Mertoun yta?. Lhen sili^nt For some lijiie , and paced 
tii« Qoorip deep siteDce , with an airorsomhcii^ p'OGcciion, 'which 
seemtdas if lie were ahitul ii> relajiae inlo his mfloiiy ii(. Sud- 
denly turning to his son » hfjwever, he ubse rve*J , iitlhe ion* of a 
query, *'MBgDUS Trfti) has two dauj^hters — lliey niu&i be tiov 
yoong 'women ; ihejare^ Ihoughihaiidsonie, ulVuiirse!" 

"Very geacrally, Sif," answered Munlaunt, ralhtr surprised 
lo hear hi 9 TqUicr rnaking any inquirietf about ihc ijtiii\iitua1s of 
a set which Wt tiiunWy ihuughi&o If^'lii ui', a surprise which vas 
much incri^aseij by the afit question^ put as ahrupily as Ibe 

'* Which ihiblt you iht handsomest?" 

'"I, Sir?" rt^plied his son wiUi some womder, but wlLhoul 
embarrass me ot — ''I really am no judK« — I ue\er eoosidered 
which was absciiutelj the haDdaomest, They are both very prelly 

'^'You evade my qaestioUf Mordaunt; perhaps f have somei 
nery particular reaisrtn fur my wish to bo acquaiuled wilh your 
lasic io ijijs matter, lam not Lscd la i^asle words for nft purposc. 
I ask yiiu again, which of Magnus Truil'a daughter* yuu rbink 
most handsome V 

"Really, Bir^" replied Hordauot — "but yoo ooljf jesl io 
asking aie such a ciuesiioa." 

**YouDgman," replied Merlouo, with eyes whtch began to roll 
and sparkle wiihijniiatieoco J "I netrer jest. I desire an aGswer 
to my queslion." 

"Then, upon my word, Sir," said Mordaunt, "itisnoeiomy 
power lo form a judgmenl bciwiiil the young ladies — they are 
both very pretty, but by ni> naeans like each other. Mlona is dark- 
haired, and imwc grave then her sister — more serious, but by do 
mean^eilhtrdull ■tr^uUen.'" 

"^Um," replied bis falherj "you bare bpcD gpfltelj bfOUghl 
up, and this Minoa, lsuppo:se, pleases you most?" 

*'\o, Shy really I ciiji gi-ve ber no prefercnpc over her sister 

Breuda, who is as igay as a lamb in a spring rnornin^ less tall 

than her sifter, but so wril furmed, and so excelJtfit a dancer " 

r/te firate. 



"That she is best qualified 1o smu<^c th^ young miin, vho has 
a dull home and s nioodj Falhor?" $ajd Mr. UlertoUa. 

Nothing in his father's conduct imd c\cr surpiiscd MordauDl 
80 much as Ibe ohslinacy wilh which ht ^eenicd to pursue a 
Iheine so ftircign to his general lr»in of thought 4, and liabits tif 
conversation; hul he conLenlcd himself Tilh ans^\entl|; once 
more, '^Ihat holh the young ladies 'nrrc highly iidmirablE, but 
he had Dcvcir thought of i^cm v>iilii (he vish In do cither injusUce^ 
by ranking her lower than lior sister ^ tlint others ^ouSd pro- 
bably decide between Ihcni, as they happened lo be parlial to a 
grave or a gjiy disposition, Of lo a dark or fair compleiion ; hut 
iLaL be could see no escellcnt qualify in the one that was not 
balanced by somethiag eijually caplivalinj: in the Dlher4." 

It is possible thai even th? coolness nilh nhteh Mofdaunl 
made Ibis cxplaniation might not have «alii^lied his Talher con- 
cemJDg the siihje^^i or invest fixation ; biit Swenha at Ihis ntomonl 
eolereil illh breakfjist, and the youth, notnilhslandiaghis lalfi 
supper, engii;^'ed in ib^t meal wiih iiQfllrA^'bich g^iisficd Mcrinun 
lho( ha held it matter of mQr« i^Tavc imporl&nce than itie Con- 
versation ivhicbi they had just bud, aad that he had nuthin^tmore 
10 say upon the SOhjeet esplanalory (kf the answers he had already 
given. He shaded bJs brow 'with his bund, and looked loug^ 
liiedlj upon the yoang man as be was buiiicd will] his morriiag 
mea]. There neither abslractioo nor a sense of being ob- 
ser^'ed in any of hismutioDs; Jtll nos frank , natural, and open, 

"He is fancy-free," muttered Merloun ti> himself — "so 
young, so lively, and so imaginative, so handsome fliid so at- 
Lractive in face and person, strange, Ihalathif; age, and in his 
circumstaui-es, be should have avoided thi; meghes whi'ch catch 
a(i the world beside!" 

Whcni the breakfa&t v^as over^ Ihe cider Mertoun, instead of 
pTOposiiigj as usual, that his son, i^hoawaiied his commaods, 
should betake biins«lf to one branch or othi:r of his sludiei^^ 
assumed his hat and staff, and desired Ihal MorJaunl should 
accompany hlnl to Ibe top of the cliff, called Snmbtlrgh-head, 
and from ihcnce look out upon (he state of the ocean , a^itoted &s 
it must still be by Ih€ lemptst of Ihe preceding d^iy. Mordaunt 



was 4l (ht age when young jheii wiltingly eichaoge sedcniary 
pijrsuit:^ for active eiercise^ and started ap witbaUcriCy to com- 
ply with bis faiher's req|ues.[; siai\ iitthe course of a fewmmutes. 
they were numiiiraff logeitti^r ilie liill^ whicb^ a^cendhig truxn the 
liiDiiisiidi; ill iL lung ^ steep » oad^irassy slope » sinks at once Truui 
the suniuiiL to ihv. sva in an sbmpt and trtmendous precipice. 

The day^waa delightful; there was just so much muliim in the 
■ir as to disturb ilie liiile tlttcf clouds whicli were scuUcred no 
Ibc boriroQ, and by iloaiiog ibem uccasifinally over ilie sun» lo 
cbequer ihe laAdscapt with that votiety oHii^ht sad shade which 
often gives Ho a bureanduEJCiicliused scene, for tbe time aikasklf 
a species uF cbarm npproachin;; to tlie varieties of a cultivated 
and planted Country. A Itiou^and Uilting bucs ol light and shade 
played f>vfr the expanse 'jif wild moiyri rocks, andinlel?, which, 
4s they climbed higb(;r and higher, spread 111 wide aad 'Aider 
circuit arouud Ibem^ 

Thi; elder Mcrlciuii ofl«b paused and Inolted arouDd upoa the 
scene, atid for some lime his son supposed that be haHed lu 
enjoy Its beauties; but a« they ascended still higher up the htlf, 
he remarked bis !shorleaed breath and his unccriain aad lollsorae 
step, nod became assured^ with some t'eelings of alarm, that 
his father's sirengtli was, fortheiDomoDt, exhausted, and that 
he found ihe ascent more toilsome and fatiguing thau usUflL To 
draw close lo hisside, aud offer hini in silmce the as^sistance ul 
his arm, was an act of youthful deference to advanced age, as 
-lA'cIl as of Glial reverence; and ^Icrt^iun seemed at ftr^t si> 10 
receive it, for he iQok iu stleoce the advantage of ibe aid thu« 
afforded hiio. 

It was but fur two or three minutes , however, thai the father 
availed himself of hi9 son's support. They had not ascended Htly 
yards lartber, ere be pushed! Mordaunt suddenly, ifnoirudoly, 
from htm; Bodf as if slun^ iulo eierlion by some sudden recol- 
lection » began to mount tlie acclivity with such long aud quick 
steps, tbaiMurdaunt, in his turn, was obliged to eiert himself 
to keep pace with him. JJe knew bis father's pemlianty of dis- 
position; be was aware from many slight circumstances t that he 
lov^d him not c> en while he tu^uk luiiicb pains with his t ducatiop, 



and Tt hil« tt sf^tjxi'cd to be the sole object of his care upon rarih. 
But the conviction Kad never been nioje strongly or mi>rp power- 
I'ully forced upou Siim Iban by the hhsiy churli&hne^i^ with which 
Merloun rejccLcd from ason that Asslsiiiacc , which mosC i-ld^rly 
men are willing lf> receive hota ycuthg wilh whum thi;y B.ft bul 
slij^hUf coonecledi , as a tribute vrhich, il is alike gracel'ul lo yif Id 
and pleasing to Teceivf. Mertouii, however^ did not i^eetn to 
perceive the elTeet which his miktndae«is bad jiroduced upon bis 
son's fei'Ungs^, He i^iau^ed Mfuu asurl of levul terrace 'nblchlhev 
bad nuW atlained, and adtlrcsacd his <^oa with an indilTerent 
lone, which secioed iuiionie degree aCcclcd. 

^' Since you have 8,(1 few itiifucfRicnis, Mordauiii, loTemain 
iu Iht^e 9'ild islands, I suppose you somelinics vfii>h to look a 
lillle more ahrftad intc tiUe world?" 

"By my word. Sir," replied Mordaunt, "1 canool say I ever 
have thought on such a subjecc.'^ 

"And why not, young mau?" deHiamJedhiefalher; "it were 
but natural, I tbink^ at pur agv. Xt vour ai^e, the fair and 
varied breadth of Britain coulij aoi gratify meg. niucb less the 
compass of ^ ^ea-girdlcd pcat-inoss." 

*■] have Dever thought ol leavtngZotldttd, Sir/' repliedlbe 
son. *M am happy here, and li^ive Iri ends, You yourself , Sir, 
would miss me, unless indeed — " 

*'Why, ihoiiwo«]dsi not persuade me." said his father, some- 
vhal hQBtily, "^ifaat you stay here, or desiru lu stay berQ, for the 
loitof me?" 

"WhyBhouWInol, Sir?" answered Mordaunt, mildly; "it 
is ray duly, and I hupe Iliaie hitherto performed it." 

**0!i, ay," repealed Merlouiij in the suiul- lime — "your 
duly— your duty. So it is the duty of ihe dog (o rollow llie groom 
that feeds him." 

"And does he not do so, Sir?" said MordauDt., 

"Ay," said bis father, turning bis bead a^iie; ^'bui be 
fawns only on ibose who CAiress bim." 

'^^l hope, Sir," replied Mordauul, '' I have not becD foantf 

"Say no more od 't — say d<i more on "i," said Merlouu, 


atfuplly, "we havp boili donq trioirgh by each other— *c must 
soian part — Let thnl be our comfint -- if unr separaiion should 
require ciitnrrtrl."" 

"T shall be rdady to obey jour wishes," saidMordaunt. not 
alfagetbi^r dis.plcasecl a[ %hat prornis^cd Jiim an QppQriunii) <i( 
looking farihcr abrnad iiilo the world. <'I presume it will be 
j-our pjefl^iirti tbai I coiiuncnce iny travels with a seasuo at the 

'^Whale-IJshing!" replied Mertoun; "Ihut were a mnJn 
iiidefld of seeing ihe world! but itwii speakcsi but as Ihou hast 
learned. Enough of this forthe present, Tellme where you bad 
sheller from the storm, yesterday 'i " 

"At Slourburnh, the house of the n^w factor from Scotland.'* 

"Apcdautic, fantastic, lisitinary schemer," saJd-Meriouo — 
"aod 'nhom saw you Iherel " 

'Hlis sister^ Sir," leplied Mordaunt, ''and old Nornji of the 

"What! the inisiress of the potent spelf," answered Mcrttmn, 
wilb a ^neer — ''she who can ehangc^ the v'uul by pullioj; her 
currh on aoc siiic* 9S King Ertck u&ed to ito by turning bis cap? 
Th« dame journeys far from home — how fares she? DoBS&hfl 
g^t rich by selling favourable ninJB to thuse 'nho are port- 
bound?" • 

"1 really do Qoi know. Sir," said Mordanoi, whomcerlain 
recolEectioDS prevented frotn freely rntfrlug ialci his father's 

"You thiuk the mailer tflo serious lo be jested with » or per- 
haps esteem her mprphariflise um Ifgbt to lie cared after/" con- 
tinued iVertuxjn, in the &ame sarcasijc tctifi^ wfajch vas lh« 
nearest )ip[>roa<;h he ever made to t^heerfulDie&s ; "but coo^idfc 
it more deeply. Every Ihing in the imivcrsfi is bought and sold, 
and why not winil, if the irierchani can Hint purchasers? The 
earth IS rented, from lis surface down to lis raosi central mines; 
— ihefire, aJul the means of feeding it, are currently bought ami 
sold; — Ihc wretches that sweep the boisterous oreanwiih their 
neU, piy ransom far Ihe privilege of being drowned in it, 
• SMNfltoG, Sffc of ttl.ult. 



What lille has the air to be cxeiApted from (he universal course 
of IrarGc? AU above the earth, under til's earth, and arnun^l 
ibc earth, has its price, Us sellers, ant) ils purctia&ers. In man j 
couiilrii3& tlii3 iiriPSlS will sell you a porlion of lioaven — in all 
couDtricB men arc willing Id buy, in cichangefarheallli, vcQJth, 
amd peace of conscience , a full allownnce of hell. Why shcuild 
not Noma pursue Hpt traffic?" 

"Naj-, 1 know no reason against it," replied Slordaunt-, "only 
I Tviah she would part wilh the commudily in smnllcr quaniiijics, 
YesiGrdav she was a wholesale dealer — whoever Ircaled if ilh 
her had too good a pennyworth." 

**It is even so," said the father, pausing ob the verge of Iho 
wild prQmoDtory which Ihey had attained , where the huge preci- 
pice EiDks abruptly down od the wide and tempestuous ocean, 
"and the effects are still \i9ible." 

The face of that lofty cape rs composed of the soft and crum- 
bling stone called sand-Hag, which gradually becomes decom- 
posed, and yields to Iha action of the atmosphere, and is split 
juti;} large ma^ses^f ihat hang loose upoo (he verge of the precipice^ 
aad, detached from tl by the fury of the tempCfttS, ofleji ils^cend^ 
with graat fary ijilo the veied abyss which lashes ib& foot of the 
rock. Numbers of these huge fragments lie strewed beneath (he 
rocks froiii whicb they have fallen j und amongst these the lide 
foams a[]d rages with a furj^ peculiar lo these latitudes^ 

At ttc period when Mertauri and his son looked from ihe 
verge of the precipice^ the wide sea still heaved and swelled wtlb 
the agitation of yesterday's storm, vvhich had been far (oo vitiJent 
Id its effeels on lhe ocean, to subside speedily. The tidr, therefore 
poured on the bcqdland wiLh p fury deafunJiiif to the ear, and 
dizzying to lhe eye, threatening inslaat deslrueiiou le whatever 
(nj^ht beat the time iDvolved in lis current. Thesight of .Nature, 
ill her Jdagnificence, or ia her beauty, or in bcr terrors, ha^ at all 
limes an overpowering interest, which even hahit cannotKrcalLy 
veaken ; and both falbcr iund son sat themselves down on lhe 
ctifftit look out upon that unbounded war of waters, nhich rolled 
in thetf wrath to the foot of the precipice. , 

At OQCE Mordatinlj whose eyes wore sharper, and probably his 



aUentioa rnvre oVerl, thin that of hii fither, starled up, «ncJ 
eicUimedr *^ God in Heaven! (here i» a vessel in Ibe Buo&t." 

Mertoua looked to the norlh-westwarJ, ond an ohjeti na* 
r/s/ble amid ihe rolling (itif. " SbeshoTisno sail," lie obserM:i] ^ 
aa<i iuimcdiately addett, nfler looking at ibe object ihruugb bis 
spyglass, ''Sbe is (JismastcJ, iad lies a ihter bulk upon Ihe 

'"And is drirtin^ on Ibe Samburgli-head," exclalnicd Mar- 
dautiE, struck vittl barror, ^'wilbuUt ibe sligbtest nteaii^ of 
vi'calbering the cape ! " 

'^Sht makes DO i-ffoTt," answered hiffiitfaer; *'she isprubabl;r 
deserted bj btr crew." 

"Andm&ucb a dfl^ osyesterdfly^/" replied MordiSHiH, ''when 
Ao open boat coald live were: she inaoQcd wiifa the besi men ever 
handled an oar — all niuslbavcpcrisiied." 

*'It is most prubable/'snid his father, wiih slern composure; 
''and cme clay, sooner f»t later, ^11 must bqiepeiisbeil. What 
siigaifies whetber Ihe Fowler^ 'tvliuni a>oiltijig escapes, eauglit ibem 
Up at one: swovp from yonder shattered dtck, or ^beiEicr iiit 
clutched liieni lodividuolly, as dinoce gave them to IiJs grasp? 
What 3igni(3>iiS it? — the deck, the baltle-JietJ, are scerce more 
fatal la us tban our (able aad our bed; and we ate saved froai 
the one ^ merely to drag out a hpariless and wearisurue eiistence, 
till we perish at the otber. Would Ibc hour -fterc cume— that 
iiQur nhicb reason would leacb us (o visli for> were it uul that 
aaiure bus Implimtcd ttie fear of it soslron^ljr 'nilbinu^l Vou 
wonder at sueb a reHeciion, because life is yut new to you. Ere 
you have attained my age, it will be the familiar compaaioa of 
your ihuughts." 

"Surtly, Sir," replied Mordownl!, "such dtSlasielo life if not 
the necessary consequence of advaated age?" 

"To all who hava sense to ustimite Ibal wbteh it ta really 
worth," said Mertoua. "Those wbft, like Magnus Troll, possess 
80 moch of the aniiual tmpufst! about them, as to derive pleasure 
from sensual gratification, may perhaps, like the animals, feel 
pleasure in mere eiislence," 

MordauQt tiked neither Ibc doclrioe aur the eiaoiplt. lie 



thought 1 man who discharged his dalits Icrwards othf rs as n ell 
as the good old t'dallcr, bad a better ri|i;hlioha^e the sun g^Jiiuo 
fair CD his SfUingf than lUat which Ete miglii derive from; mere 
insensibility, but he Icl the subject drop; /or lo dispute with 
his faiher^ had alwHTs the etteti orirdiatiag hita ; BitddgaiDhe 
arlvorlpd to the coaditioi] of the htccU. 

The bulk, ior it nas lilLlc belter, wa&now in the verymiditt uf 
the current, and drifling at a great rate lowards llie fool of the 
precipice^ upon whose Yergt they w«re placed. Yet it w&s a long 
while cro they had a distinct \iew t>f the objeci which ihej had 
at Orst seen m s black speck amongst Ihe waters , aiitl (btD, at Q 
nearer distance, likeawhalc^ t^hlch now scerctBhows iisback-Gn 
abo\ic the waveB , now throws lo liew iis larse black side. Now, 
liowever^ ibey rould more distinctly ubf^eni; tbc appearance of 
the ship, for the hjgc swellio); waves which Lore her forward to 
the shore, heaved her Blleroatoly high upon the surface^ and then 
plunged her into the trough or furrow of tbc sea. She seemed a 
Tfissel of two orihrfc hundred tons, Etled up for defence, for they 
eouJd see lier pi>rt-hoies. She had been dismasted prolabty in 
the gale of ihe preceding day, and lay waier-logg>?d on the waves, 
a, j>rej to their violence It appeared certain » that lie crew, 
finding themselves unable eitlJcr lo direct the vcsscrs course! , >or 
to relieve her hy pumping, Ijad lokui to their beats, and left her 
lo herfaic AM apprehensions uerc Iherpfore: unnecessary, so 
far as the iraniediate loss of human Htps was concerned i aodyell 
it was not without a feeling of hrohtbless awe that Mordaunt and 
his ffllher beheld tbi; tcsscI — that rare masterpiece by which 
human igeniu's aspires to surniounl tbe ^-aves, omd coDtendwilh 
the winds, upon the point of fallmg a prey to them. 

Onward she came, the large Llack hulk seDmin^larf^er ai€\ery 
fathom's Jcngth. Ske came (icofer, until she bestrode the auni- 
niil of one tremcnjous billow, which rolled oDwith her unbroken, 
till the wave and 1(5 burden were precipitated against Ibt! rock, 
nnd then the triumph of ihc olemertts over the work of human 
hands was at once conipleied. One wave, we ^ave said, made 
the wrecked vessel completdy manifest in hcrwhole bulk, as it 
raised her, and bore her en ward against the face of the precipice- 


fiitt vben tbit -wava receded frnm the f^ol of Ibe rock, ihp ship 
hfid ceased lo ciist; Bud the r«lfdng bUIiw only Imre buck s 
quanlil; orboams, pknlis, cuskB, Hcid ggmiljir ohjrr'lii, »hi<-h 
swept out to (he offing, l« bf hrnughi in ni^iiiii by Ihe neii »avf, 
aod again precipildted upon the raci<^oriltr niCk. 

It wa^ At Ihis moincnl ihai Mnninunt ronrfivi'd lie f-nv a innn 
floflling on flplonkor wftter-casli, ntiii'li, liritiftup ji^jtay frfim iTiti 
main curienl, Kf^trntcd nliOlK lo go nehurc upnn u small ^jiul of 
sand, \sliere the ^alcr vas t'halkiV' * and itti? wnv^s hrokc^ more 
AOiaothly. To see llifi dingfr, And ({) cxcluim, "ll<> lives, and 
may yet be sft^ed!" was ihp first impulse of ihc Tcutless Mor- 
ilauiit. The iiD\t was^ aftfr niifl rapid gUnrp fll Ihi! IroifNinhe 
cliff J to prccipiliili; hinr&elf — such scemr'ti ihc rapirfiiy of his 
movement — from thp ^er^c, dtid Iti CttmnlCiii'C, hj nifans of 5liglil 
(issurcSj prijjecltor>s, and rrpiiccs in iJii; rock, a desccni, "which, 
lo a speciQior, appeared Uiilc cl!^e ihan an aei. of absoliil? inftanity^ 
"^lop, I command yon, rash b^nv!" smid hi^ falbpr; " tEie 
attempt 13 dejilti. Slop, auci take ilie Bafn^r path to the Jefl/' 
llut MordGiJut "wa^ alrfoJj' completely rn^a^cii In his perilous 

"Why should I prfeTcnt him?" said his father, checking hts 
aii\iety ^'ilh Ihi! slern and utlff clinj^ philn'Snphy whiisc prim-iplcs 
he had adopted , " Shoutd he dit now, full of generous and high 
feeling, esgcr ill the CAuseuf huinHnit}., hnppy in Ibe exertion of 
bisonn eonsrious acLJvity and youtlirul slrcn^tli — i^hould he die 
now, will he not csr-ipe misanthropy* and remorse, iind n^^, and 
the con&ctdusnc&s ufdl^cayiDg powers, bolh ofbodyaiid mind? — 
I will not Ior>k tjpon ii, however — - I wtll not — ] cannol behold 
hlsyoutig lii^ht sd su^jdenly quenehed." 

He turned from Ihe precipice Afeurdingly , and hastening to 
the left for more than a quarter of a mile , he proceeded iDwards 
a riuo', Or clefl im Ihe ruok, C0nIiiLninfi;a path, called Eriek'sStep^^ 
neiibcr safc^ inrff'ed. jior easy, but (he only one by which the 
inhabltanlsof Jarlsliol' were voni, for any purpo^e^, lo seek ac- 
cess lo the fool of the ]ir4!cipice. 

But long ere Mcrlonn had reached (^vcn the upper end of the 
pass, bis adicDlurous and active soa had accompilshed his more 


desperaiQ eoicrprisc He liadbccu invato turned a&lAe trttm iha 
direcLliae of descent, by llic iDterieDLloD o( diMkullies vhich h<! 
bad not seen frotn above — hes roule became irnij more cir- 
cuitous^ but could not be inlerrupte^J. More Chsn Qnce^ l^rgi: 
fm^meats to which be was about lo Julrusl bis weight, ^UVG way 
betorebim, uadtbunderel down into the lonuGotciI octaD; and 
iu one or two iustauces, such detached pieces of rock rushed after 
him, 33 IC to bear biai headlong Ui their course. \ courageous 
heart, a (^(eady eye, a Icnuciuius baudr and a linn fuot, carried 
him through bis ilesperale attempt; afid ia the space uf seven 
iniaulfis, he stood at Ibe baitDin olf Ihe c\iiT, from the verge of 
which he bad actiieved hi^^ perilous descent. 

The placu which he dow occlipied was th? am^Ll projecting 
spot O'f stories, saiDd , and gravel, that eilended a Utile way into 
(he sea^ which na (he right hand lashed tlie v«ry bottom ot the 
precipice* and oa the left^ was SC^Irce di>id«!d from it by a small 
wavc--worn portion of beach that eitended as for as the foot of the 
rent in llie rocks eallcd Kriclc's Steps, by which Mordaunt's 
fathtr proposed to descend- 

WJien the vessel split and went lo pieces, all wais swallowed 
up iu the ocean f which had, after the first ihock, been AeenXo 
Hoat upoQ Ihe waves, exceptiug ^aij a few pieces uf wreck, ca^ks, 
chests, iiiid the like, which a 'Strong eddy, f&nucdby the retlut 
of|bewavC9, hadlande^ilj or at least grounded, upon the shallow 
where Murdrum now stood. Amoogst these,, his eager eye dis- 
covered the object that hacj at lir&t eagaged his alteulion, aod 
which now, seenatnigher diiitance > pioveif Cube in truth a mm, 
and iQ a most precarious slate. His arms weru still wrapt niili 
a close and convuisive grasp round the plank lo which he had 
cluDg hi the moment of th,o shuck , but seosc ami tLie power of 
motion were lied ; attd, from the situatioa ici which the pknk lay, 
pattjy grounded upon the beach ^ partly Qoaling in the &ea, there 
was every chance that it might be again washed oIF shore ^ ill 
which ease death was inevitable.. Just as he had made himself 
aware of (heae circuni^lances , Mordaunt beheld a hnge wave »d- 
vsDcrog, flud hasleocd to inlerpflse his aid ere it hursi, aware 
that Ihe reCus might probabl)' sweep away the sufferer. 



He Tusbed into ihe «Qrr, and Tasiened on the body , wMlb ihe 
same tcnucily, Iliough nudcr n diffcrcul impulse, *ilh th« irUero- 
wilh the liQiuiiil scijts hia prey. The strcnglh uf ihu rtiiriitg 
wavi- [irosfd *?icn slron^er than he hadtipcpled, and il was mrt 
wjlhout a i>iru5glc for his uwii life, .is wuli ■» for ihiit rif ihc 
slrangcr, thai Mordaurii rfsisieiE being 9mc|)t aH wiih iho "- 
ceding billow, when, ihuugh SD adroit STvimmer, the strength 
oC iii« lidt! must either Iiavi: djishcd him Agninsl the rocks, or 
hurried liim out In sea. He eIddJ his ground, however, atui ere 
aootheT siich liillow hmJ reinropiJ, he drtwup, upon the small 
ajipotdrj snnd, bnth ihebody oTtlic slrangcr, aqd llie plmik (o 
whkhbe cniiiinupd (Irmly nitacherl. But huw lu save andto re- 
call the mcana of cbbiog lif^ and slrenglh^ and how to Tfnio\e 
into a place of greater safely Ihe sufferer, who was incnpable of 
i^iving auyassisiancc towards hts own preservaliodj were ques- 
tions which Mordaunt asked biniseiriEajjrrlj , but in vain. 

He bokc^d lo the summit of the cliff od whleh he had leH Iifa 
father, utid shouted lo htni Tot hif^jissigtaoc^; but hts eye could 
not distinguish Uls Torni , ipind Uh >oice \sas only answered by the 
scrtam of the sea-^birds. He gased a^ain on the sitlTflrer. A 
drBS3 richly laeed , according iti the fashion of !lie times, line 
lioen, and rings upon hia lin^'crs, evinced he was a niJin nf supe- 
rior rank; and bis features showed youth and i-omt^lineRS, not- 
Wilbstanding ihey were pallid and di^llgured. Hu s^liM Eircalhed, 
but 50 feebly, ihiithis respirntion was almost impertcplible, and 
life seemed la keep such slight hold of his frame , Ibat llicrc n as 
every reason in fear it wuuld betume dlio|joiher cslitigai^hed 
unless it were speedily reinfurC'ed. To loosen the liandkerrbief 
from his nerk, toraisuhJin with his face towards the breeze, lo 
support bim with his arms, was all tbal Mordaitnt could do for 
his assistajicc, whilst he aniiousty looked for some one who 
might lend hts nid in dragging' the unforiunale to a more safe 

At this inumcpt he behel J a man advanciog sliJTvly and cau- 
tiously along Ihe beach. He was in hopes, a( first, it was bis 
father, but instantly recollecledlbatbe had not bad linjc lo come 
round bv tlie circuitous descent, to which he must necessarily 



ruffles, a si]\er compa&s, a silver-liilted swtird, and oilier \j|laabt« 
arii'Cles, vbich the pedlar ^ell knew li> be sucfi as slir ja tin 
iradc. He wiis haU-disposed loataitup, draw ilie sword, ivhich 
wa» a cut-aud'thrust, and ^'darratKn bailnilc," oiiSpeiiser s&fs, 
Taih{<rih.'iii quit Ills prize, orbrookinicrrupiiiiQ. Beioj^, though 
sbort, H ^LuuL square-niade liersoDoge, and not inui!h paM the 
prime of lift, having besides the bctlcr weapon, he iQigbi have 
given MordauQl more Iroubk than bis btncvoieni knight-errantry 

Already, as with vohemeacc he repealed his iDjunciions ihal 
Bryre shiiuld forbear his plunder, and cumi: lo Ihc a&^i&iance of 
tbe dpag man, ib^ peiLlar relorled wilh a \(\ice ol* dcGatice, 
^* Diana sweafj Sir ; dinna swcarj Sir — I will ein3 ur« no swearing 
in my presence; and il'j'ou lay a Qn^er aame., thai tini laking ittfl 
lawful spoil of ibc Egy[)ltans, I will gi1f^ ye a lesson ye sIluII 
remember from this day to Yule [ " 

MordaiiDL would speedilj have put the pedlar's courage to the 
test, but a voice behind him suddenly s^aid, "■' Forbear! " II wa^ 
the voice of Noma of ibe Fiiful-heed, who, during (he heat of 
their altercalioa, had approached them uDobsenied, '^' F<ii'beBrr' 
she repeflled; "and, Bryce* dif Ihou rentier Mariaunl the assist- 
ance he requires. IL sha]! mail thee nmre, and i I is 1 who say the 
word, tban allilialytiu cuultl earn lo-dayhesidcB." 

"X( is se'enleen hundred lini!n/'saidihejn;dlap,pivioga tweak 
(0 one of Ihi) shirts, ju that knowing inauaer with which inairons 
and judges ascertain the leiiurc of the loom ; — "i( 's ge'enicea 
hundred linen, aados sirflntjasan i( were dowlas. IVevertheless, 
nioLhet', jour bidding is to be done; and I would have done Mr. 
Mordflunt's bidding too," he added^ relasing from his note uf 
defiance into the deferential whioiug tone with which h« cajoled 
his customers, *' if he Lfldnti made Use «i" profane caihs, which 
made my \eryilesii grew, ond caused mo, insorafcsort, in forget 
myself." HiMJieu look a flask from his pocket, and approached 
the shipwrecked man. "It's ihe best of brandy," he saiil; "and 
if that doesna cure him, 1 ken nought thai will." So saying, he 
took a prelimiuary gulp himself, as if to show the quality of the 
liquor, and was about to put it to Lite mm's moulhj ■when. 


BuddcDly wUhhoUiing liin Iiand, he looked el Ni>riia — *'Viia > 
ensuTP mc a^Jiinsl all risk of evil from him , if I sm lo rcnJcr him ' 
my help? — Vc kert jtnirscll vihaLfulk say, mailier." 1 

Foralloiher qtiswct, Noma look Hit holtle fromlbc pftdlar't'l 
hand, find hfpnn to chafe the leniplfs and lliroai of tlic ship- 
wrecked man; direclingMordaunt how to hold his JiPad, su a* l« 
afford hioi the means of disgflrging ihe sca-watpr » hich Ik haii | 
SikaUoH'fd during his immersLdn. 

The pedlar koUedon inactive for o mompnt, and ihcn ?aid, 
"Tohesure, ihtre is not the same risk In helpinghim, nov* hfl 
js out of llie vBtpr, and Ijtn^ high and dry on llic beach; and. 19 
be sure, (lie principal danger is lo those ^lio (irsi touph him; and, 
to be sure , tt iS' a wurld's pily lo see bow llitsc rtngs are pindiinff ' 
Ihepuircreatorf's swalled lingers — Ihcj-'niakp his harrila&blu* 
as s pardon's back before boiling." So saying, heseiifd nncof 
ihe man's cold hands, \\hidl had jliSLj b j a iremulrkUS moliit'd^ 
indicdled ii\2 rrLurD of life, and hcgan his charilahlc Tork of 
removing; (hp rings, which seemed lobe of some >ftlue- 

*'As you hue TOtir life, foFbear," saidNoma, aiernly, *'nr 
1 will lay Ihat itti you wbidi eiidll Bpcil your travels through Ihe 

*'Now, for iticrcy's sake, mother^ say nac niair about il," said 
ihe pedlar, **and 1 "11 e'en do your pleasQfe Id ynur nin wnj! I 
did fed a rheumatize in my hack-spauld yCBtrccn ; end it wad he 
ti Sfttr Ihing for iJie like of me to he debarred my rjuict walk 
round ibe eounlry. Id Ihe \,ay of trade — m4kin|r the lion^^ 
penriy, and helping myself with wliai Providence sends on our 

"Peace J ibeo," said the "Bomon — "Peace, as Ihoa would^ 
not rue it; and lake 1lii:^m<in on tLy broad ^houldcre. His life is 
*if\fllue, and you will he reifardi'd." 

'*I halt luuekle need." said ihe pedlar, pensively lookioffat 
ihcltdltss chest, and ibc ixherjnallera which strewptt the sand ^ 
•' for he ]i3B corned tetweoa me and as muckle sprerfheric as wad 
hac made q man of me for (he rest of my life ; and imw it maun 
he here lill the neit lidc sw cep it a' doiin ihe Roost, afl^r Ihem 
t^at aught i(y«!fterdBy usorDj/ig." 


'TearDOt,"' said Pjof na , "il Billiconie to nuu's use. Sec, 
iLcrecoiue carrion-crows, of sctntsskceii ■sthmi; uwu." 

Slie spoke imly; For several Qf ibe people iiQta the bamlct or 
Jarlshof were now liasteninB olong tiie beach, lo have ilieir share 
iu tilt spoil. The pedlar bcbelU itvem approach nith a di:e(» 
groan. "Ayjay," heaald, "■' tin; folk of Jarlsliuf, ihejf will maltc 
clean wark; they are tend for that fJir and wide ; Ihpy wiima leav« 
the valuij ol' a rutlen rallLu; and wlioi 's waur, (here isua aoe u' 
thein has iiiensc or sense eneuRh to give thanks for ihe mercies 
vfheo Ihej' have ijullen Ltli.-ni. There IS the auld Roniclujan , .Veil 
Ronaldsuu^ thai ciruia walk a mile tu boor ihe mijjJsLer, but hi! 
will birple Lcj) irL« bears oia ship embajed." 

ft'oron:, hiiwevcTi seemed ta possess u>er hinl 6a CofStpletC 
AH ascendency , thiC he no( Longer hesitated to lake the mani 
who now |ave &troD|j syu)[)tunii^ ut reijviag eiisttnte, upon bii 
abuulJcr!?; dild, assisted by lilordauut, irudi^ed along ihe ^ea- 
btiach v'Lih his burdem^ without fefther remoDstrance. Urt hs 
wtts burne aS, the stranger pointed la the cbesl, nud attempted 
Iu mutter soiiieliiiD^, la wkjcb J^oroa replied, '^'Eoough. It shall 
ha secured." 

Advancitjy towards (lie passage called Erick's Steps, by ivhich 
Ihej' were to asiicud the clilfs, they wei the people frtira Jarlshot 
hasteuiinf ia ibe opposite direciioij. Man anil womaa, as they 
passed, reverently mad^ rotjm for Xorna , and saluted her — not 
■without an eiprcfision of fear upou some of their faces. Siie 
paBSL>d tliem a few paces, and Iheii turning bark, calltd aloud to 
the Bijflzcljuaa, who (llioujjl] tlie practice was mure ruinnion than 
Jegal} wA-s attentling the rei^t ot th^ hamlet upon tliii^ pluude rin^ 
espcditioD. *'Neil Rouoldson," she said, ''mark iny wurds. 
TUere stands yuiider a chtig^t, from which the Ud has becjt just 
priicd olT. Look it be brought down tu your own house at Jarls- 
hot, just as it DOW \s. Bvwar^ oi mo'^inij; or toucbint; the sllKhlei^t 
arlicle. fie were belter in his ^rave^ llial so much as looks at 
ibc contents. I speak not fur nought, nor in aught will I be 

'''Your pleasure shall be donei mother," said Roaaldsuu. 
"Iwarract^e will not break bulk) since sic is your bidding.' 

Pit behind thfi rest of the «llflgers , fallowed an old woman, 
lalUiiig to herself J and cuTsioghcrowQ decrepitude, which kept 
her the last of ihe parly , yet presaiog forward with all her miglit 
(o get her share of the spoil. 

Whfn they met her, Mordannt -was fts^Looisbed lo recogniie 
his fatJiBr's old housi:keeper. ''How now/' he said, "Swerlha, 
what make jousofar from home?" 

**Just e'tn daikering out to lof»k after ray aald master aod jour 
honour/' replied Swieriha, whD f«lt like a criiniiial caught in the 
manner; for on Qiore (>ccBaioDS than one, Mr, Mertuun had in- 
timjiicd ii'm hi^h dlsapprobalioa of ftucli fixcdrsiQus as she was at 
presem engaged in. 

Bui MordauDl was too luach eagagad with his owd Lhoughts 
to take much jioticc of her delioqufiDcyr '^'Have joa. seen my 
father?" he said. 

"And that I have ," replied Swcriha — "Thegude gentleiflaa 
was gaogJD^ to hirsel himsell douo Erick's Steps, wbilb would 
have been th« fudiagof him, that is In do way a cragaman. Bae 
I e'^ngat hirn wiled away hame — and J was jusi seeking yim thai 
you may gang after him to the hall-bouse, for, to ray thought, he 
is fai frae weel." 

"My faiheruiawell7"'saidMordaudt, rememberiDg Ihe fainl- 
ness he had ekhlbil^d at the commencemeut of that moraing'a 

"'Far frae weel >— far frae MTel." groaned om Bwertha, -with a 
piteous shake of the head — "whf(o o' the gills — white o' tiie 
gilts — and' him to think of oomJnii; down the riva ! *' 

"Heturn hanae, Mordaunt," saidXtiroa^ who wasligteuiogto 
what had passed. "I wit) see all that is necessary done for this 
man's relief, andyou will Rod him aiiheRaDXclman'g, when you 
list to inquire. ¥ou catiDoi help htm mure thau jou already have 

Mordauot felt this was true > Sndj commanding Sweriha to 
taWaw him ingtaolly , betook himself to the path homeward. 

Swertha babbled reluctantly after her young maater fa the 
same direction , uHttI she lost sight of him on bis enteriog ibe 
eleftoftberockj then instantly turned about, muttering to her- 

ThePiratr. ^ 

seir, "Ha^tehonio, in good sooth? — h^iste home, and lose the 
best chAQCe of getting a new rokelav auA flwCrlay Ihsl I ha\c hud 
these ten years? hy my certie, na — it's seldom sic rich godsends 
come oik our shore — no since the Jenny and James came ashore 
in King Charlie's lime/' 

So saying, ghe mended her pare as well as filie could;, ^nd, a 
willing mind making a mends for frail limbs, postfd on with won- 
derful despatch to put in for her share of the spoil. She soon 
reached the beach, where the Ruaielman, smfling his ovn 
pouches all the whik, wa« eihoriin^ ihe rest in |iarHhitigs fair, 
•lad be netghbourly, and to give ID the auld and hi^lpless a 
share of what was going, which, he cliaritablj remarked, would 
bring a blessing on the &hore, and send tbem '^mair wrecks eft* 
winter." * 


Mflwgs a lovely youlh, I giues^; 
Tte pafitlier in ibu wildflrness 

Wa? ni>l so fair as hn. 
And wben he cLdsp ld sport and plfty, 
No ^ctlpbin ever was fio ^bj, 

Upon Ih^ Iropic soa. WdhoShoKth. 

The Ifght foot of Itftirdaunl Merloito was not long oF benring 
him to Jfirfshof. He entered Ihe house hastily, for what he him- 
self had obE/^rvcd ihut mornictg, i^orrespondfd in sQme degree 
with Ihe ide^s which Swerlha's (ale was cal culated io eicite. He 
found his fathftfj however, in the inner apartment, reposing him= 
s^lfafier his fatigue; and his first question satisfied him thai Iht 
guod dame had practised a little imposition to get rid of (hem both. 

"'Where is this dying man, whom you have sa wisely ventured 
j'onrown neck tft relieve?" said the elder iHerlonn lo the younger. 

"Noma, Sir," replied Mordauni, *'hasUkeii him under her 
charge j she underslands such matters." 

"And is qnack as welE as wrtcb?" ssid the elder Mertoun, 
"With oil ray heart — it is a trouble saved. Bull hasted home, 
on Swerlha's hint, to look out for lint and bandages; for her 
speech was of broken bones." 

* Ste Note I. JfaiV »V#(** ere Wittier. 


' Mordaant kept silence, veil knovioghte f«ihervoul4notppr- 
severe in Mb iaquiries upoa sach a matter, aDil not nilLiog cither 
to prejudice the old governsnte, or to excite liis father lo one of 
those excesses of pasaio^.iDtovhich he vas apt to burst, when, 
coDtrary to his wont, he thoaght proper to correct the conduct of 
his domestic. 

Itvaslate in the day ere old Svertfaa retiiTncd Trom her ei- 
peditioD, heartily fatigaed, and bearing with her a buodle of some 
bulk, containing, it would seem , her share 'i>rth{: i^poiK Mor- 
daontinstantly sought her out, to charge her with the deceits she 
had practised on both his father and himself; but the accused 
matron lacked not her reply. 

"By her troth/' she said, "she thought it vas time to bid Mr. 
Mertoun gang hame and get bandages, when shg had setn, with 
herain twa een, Mordaunt ganging down the cliJTlikc a^ild-eal 
•^ it was to be thought broken bones would be ibe end, jind lucky 
if bandages wad do any good; — and, by her troth, she mighl 
weel tell Mordaunt his father was pnirly, and him looking sec 
ivhite in the gills, (whilk, she wad die upon il, was^ the r«ry word 
she used,) and it was e thing that couldna be denied by man at 
this very moment.". 

"But, Swertha," said Mordaunt, as soon as her clamorous 
defence gave him time to speak in reply, "how came you, (bat 
shoaldhavebeenbasy with your housewifery and your spinniDg, 
to be out this morning at Erich's Steps, in order to take all this 
unnecessary care of my father and me? — And what is lu tiiat 
bundle, Swertha? for I feir, Swertha, you have been transgressing 
the law, and have been out upon the wrecking system-" 

"Fair fa* your sonsy face, and the blessing at Baint Ranald 
upon you!" saidSwerdia, in a tone betwixt coaTiog and jpsiing; 
''would you keep a pnir body frae mending hrrsell^ and sae 
muckle gear lying on the loose sand for the jifiin;^?— Houi, 
Maister Mordaunt, a ship ashore is a sight to wile (he minister 
out of his very pu'pit in the middle of his preaching, muckle naair 
a puir auld ignorant wife frae her rock and her tow. And Utile did 
l^et for my day's wark — just some rags o' cambric things, aod a 


V ^ 


hit {ir tva of coorse clalth. And sic like — the slroDg and the 
heart}' g?l a' tbici^ in ibis warld.''' 

" Ves, Swertha/' replied MertouD, ''and ibal is rather hord, as 
yon musi ha\e your share of puniahmcot in world and the 
oeii, for robbing the poarmBriners." 

''Horn, catlaAi, wba wad puDisb ao auld ^ifclikenie for i 
vheen duds? — Folk speak cauckle black il 1 of Earl Putrick ; but 
he was a frccnd to the sbore, and mads vise laws aijaiuat odj 
body helping vessels that *ete Uke lo gang on ihc brcaktr^.* — , 
\Ddi the marinersj I have beard Brjce Jagger say, lose tbtir right 
frae ihe time keel touches &ADd ; ftftd, morcovc t, thi^y are dead aod 
(jane , poar souls — dead and gane ^ and care lillle abuul warld's 
wealth DOW — Nay, oae faair than ihe great Jarls and Sea-kiag^, 
in the Karse days, did ob^out Lbe treasures tbat lh(!r buried in the 
t'Omba and sepulchres auld lan^>!;yiK. Did I ever lell you the 
^aug, Mai^ter MDrdauat, how Obf Tryguarson ^arr'd bide fi\e 
gold crouns iQ the same grave inilh himr' 

** >"o,Sffertlia," saidMordaunt, who look pleasure in tormenl- 
ing Ihe cunning old plunderer— "You never lijld me thai; but I 
tell yoUt ihaL ih« stronger whom Xorua has taken dawji to Ike 
town, will be well enough (o-morrow, to ask where jou have 
bidden the goods thai you have stolea from the wreck." 

*' But whd will tell him a word about i!,hinnie?" saidBwerlha, 
looking sljly up in her jotiog master's lace ■— "The meir by 
token, sincel EQAun l^ll j«, that 1 have a bonny reniDant of silk 
mnang ihe lave, that will make a dainty waistcoat to joars«ll, the 
lir&l mcrry-makiflg ye gang to." 

Mordaunt could no loader furbear laughing al the cunoingwith 
which the old dame proposed lo bribe off bis evideoce by impart- 
ing a porttuii of herpluuder; and, desiring her Id get ready what 
provision she liad made for dinner, he returned to his lather, 
whom he fouod still sitting in the same place , and nearly in the 
^ame posture^ in which ke had kfc him. 

When thdr haslj and frugal meal was Gnished^ Mordaunl 
annauDced to his father his purpose of golDg down to the town, 
or hamlet , to look after the shipwrecked stJlor. 
' This was literaltj njv^' 


Ths cldgT Mcrloun assented wilh a aod. 

"He must be ill aceummmlnted Ihere, Sir," added bis sod — 
B bint Vi'hich onlv (ir^iduced anolber Dud of A3S«nl. "^He seemfitl^ 
from bis appcamncc," pursued Hordaurt, "(obe of verj gnud 
runk — nnd GdmlKiog thc9& poor peopk do ibgir Ihestto Tcccive 
him, in his present weak slate* yet — " 

"Ikaow whaiyim would sny," sacd bis father, iniermptiQK 
faim; ^'vCf jon tlimk, QUj^ht to do $i>m(^lhing inwarits sssislin^ 
him^ Go to him, litcu — iT he lacks innney, let him D^mt; thp 
sum, and he ^batl have ii^ but, for lodging (hc stranger Itere^ and 
holding intercourse viLh him, 1 neither can^ nor will dostin, 1 
have retired toifaii! farthest exU'cmity of the BriiiRh rslps, toavotil 
tiew friends, and ne« faces, and noUG such shall iDlrude ntt mi' 
either Ibeir boppiness (tr their miserj-. Wlien ji>u have fetmwn tin; 
world bAlfa scare of fCBTs lunger, your early rriends will havr. 
gi>en yuu reason to renieitiber tbem, aiid to avoid new ones for 
the rest of your life. Go then— why do jou stop? — ' rid thi! 
Country of the man — let mf sec no one about me but tbo&c vulgar 
countenances , the eslent and chariictpr of whose petty knavery I 
know, and can submiillo, as to an evil too trifling to rausc irrita- 
tion." Ho then threw bis purse to his sun, and signed to bim ta 
depart with all speed. 

Mordaujit was aa\ long before he reacHnd the >illagr. In LbL' 
dark abode of \c(l RoiiDldsonj the ItaDzelmau^ he fuand tbf^ 
stranger seated by the peai-flre^ upon the very i-hesl which had 
eiCLted the cupidity of the devout Dryce SnaiUfoot^ th>g pedlar. 
TfacRanzelruan binisclf was absent, dj>idjng, wilb all duejmpar' 
lialily, the spoMs of the wrecked vessel atngng^t the natives of Itif 
community ; lisleoing to and redressing their ciimplaints of ine- 
qualily; and (if the matter iri hanct bad out been, frombeginQlng 
lo end , utterly udjusI aad indiifeasiblej discharging the part of a 
vis^e and prudent magistrate, in all the details. Fur at this limt^ 
and probably until a jqut-b later period, the lower orders of the 
i&landers entertained an opinion, coinition lo hatbarians also in 
the same situation, Ibjit whatever was cast on their sfaores, 
became Iheir iodigpulabli; properly. 

Margery Bimbisteri the worthy spouse of the Raoielman, was 

!d the charge of the house, and introduced Mordaant to her guest, 
saying, with no great ceremony, ^'This is the young tacksman — 
You will maybe tell him your name, though you will not tell it to 
us. If it had not been for his four quarters , it 's but little yoa 
would have said toony body, sae lang as life lasted.". 

The stranger arose, and shook Mordaunt by the hand, obser- 
ving, be understood that he had been Uie means of saving his 
life and his chest. **The rest of the property," he said, ''is, I 
see, walking the plank ; for they are as busy as the devil in a gate 
of wind.** 

"And what was the use of your seamanship, then," said Mar- 
gery, ''that you CQuldna keep off the Sumburgh-head? It would 
have been lang ere Sumburgh-head had come to you." 

'^Leave us for a moment, good Margery Bimbister," said 
Mordaunt; ''I wish to have some private conversation with this 

'* Gentleman ! " saidMai^ery, wiUi an emphasis; "not but 
the man is well eoongh to look at," sheadded, again surveying 
him, "bulldoubt if there is mnckle of the gentleman abouthim." 

Mordaunt looked at the stranger, and was of a different 
opinion. He was rather above the fiddle size, and formed hand- 
somely as well as strongly. Mordaunfs intercourse with society 
was not extensive ; but he thought his new acquaintance, to a bold 
sunburnt handsome countenance, which seamed to have faced 
various climates , added the frank and open mannei^ of a sailor. 
He answered cheerfully the inquiries which Mordaunt made alter 
his hejdth ; and maintained that one night's rest would relieve 
him from all the effects of the disaster he had sustained. But he 
spoke with bitterness of the avarice and curiosity of the Ranzet- 
man and his spouse. 

"The chattering old woman," said the stranger, "has perse- 
cuted me the whole day for the name of the ship. I think she 
might be contented with the share she has had of it. I was the 
principal owner of the vessel that was lost yonder, and they have 
left me nothing but my wearing apparel. .Is there no magistrate 
or justice of the peace, in this wild country, that would lend a 
hand to help one when he is among the breakers? " 


Bfordaant mentioned Uagnus Troil » the priacipal proprietor, 
as well as the Fowd, or provincial judge, of the district, as the 
person from whom h6 was most likely to obtain redress ; and re- 
gretted that his own f oath , and his father's situation as a retired 
stranger , should put it out of their power to afford him the pro- 
tection he required. 

"Xay, for your part, ydu have done enough," said the sailw; 
**hut if I had five out of the forty brave fellows that are fishes' 
food by this time, the devil a man would I ask to do me the right 
that I could do for myself! *" 

"Forty hands!" said Mordannt-, '* you were well manned for 
the size of the ship." 

"Not so well as we needed to be. We mounted ten guns, 
besides chasers *, but our cruise on the main ha4 thinned ns of 
men, and lumbered us up with goods. Six of our guns were in 
ballast — Hands! if Ihad had enough of hands, we would never 
have miscarried so infernally. The people were knocked up with 
working the pumps , and so took to their boats , and left me with 
the vessel, to sink or svfim. But the dogs had their pay, and I 
can afford to pardon them — The boats swamped in the current 
— all were lost — and here am I." 

"You had come north about then, from the West Indies?" 
uld Mordaunt. 

"Ay, ay; the vessel was the Good Hope of Bristol, a letter of 
marque. She had fine luck down on theSpanish main, both with 
commerce and privateeriug, but the lack 's ended with her now. 
My name is Clement Cleveland, captain, and piirt owner, as 1 
said before — I am a Bristol man born — my father was well 
known on the Tollsell — old Clem Cleveland of the College- 

Mordaunt had no right to inquire farther, and yet it seemed to 
him as if his own mind was but half satisfied. There was an 
affectation of bluntness, a sort of defiance, in the manner ofVie 
stranger, for which circumstances afforded no occasion. Captain 
Cleveland h>d suffered injustice from the islanders, but from 
Mordaunt he had only received kindness and protection; jethQ 
teemed as if he involved all the neighbourhood in the wrong she 


complained of. Mordaunt ioolced down iDd was silent, daubtiog 
whelher it would be better lo lake his leave ^ or Lo piocred farihcr 
Iq his otters of assistances Cleveland seemed to guo&s at bis 
thoUgblS , for he intmcdialely added ^ in a conciliatiag nianuer, — 
''I am a plain man, Master Mertoun, for that I understand is 
your Dame; and I atii a ruined man lo boot, aod that does out 
meud otae'a good manners. But you ha\e done a kind and 
friendly jvartby me, and it may be I Ihink as much uF it as if I 
thanked youinore. And so before 1 leave this plat-e, I'll gl\e 
you my fowlingpiece ; she will put a huodred swan-shot Lhrough 
a Dutchman's cap at eighty paces — she will carry ball tuo — I 
bavi! hit a wild bull wilbiti a hiindrcd-aud-lifty yards — bull 
have two pieces that ar« as good, orhieiitr, so joa mny keep this 
for my Eake." 

*^XJiat wQnld be lo lake my share of the wreck/' answered 
Mordauni, laugbiu^. 

"No such matter," said Cleveland, nudoiDg a case which 
contained several guns and piBlo.l3 , — *' you see I have saved mj 
private flrm-ches(,a5 well as my clothes — (hat the tall old woman 
ID the dark rigging manag;ed for mt. And, b«lweeu ourselves, 
it is worth all I have lost-, for," he added, lowering his voice, 
and looking round, '''when I speak of hiditg reined inihe hearing 
of these land-sharks, I do not mean ruined sioch and blocks No, 
here is sometblDg will do more than shool sea-fowl." So saying, 
hfi pulled out a great a romuni (ion-pouch marked Swan-shot^ and 
showed Mordaunl; hai^tiiy, that it was full of Spanish pistoles 
and Poriagucs, (as the broad Portugal pieces tvere then called, j 
"No, no," he addedj wiihasmilej "I have ballast enough Id 
trim the vessel again; and now, will you lake the piece?" 

"Siritftyou arewillingto give itHie,"saidMordaui)t, laughing, 
"with all my heart. I whs just going to ask you, in my father's 
name," he added, showing his purse, "whether you wanted any 
of that same ballast." 

" Thaaks, but you see I hie provided — take my old acquaint- 
aoce > and muy she serve you as well as sbe has served me ; but 
jou will never makfi so good a voyage with her. You can shoot, 
I suppose?" 


"Tolerably well ," said Mordannt, admiring ihe piece, whitli 
WMa beaatiful SpaDishTbarrd gun, inlaid v'tih gold, small in 
tbe bore, abd of nnnsual length, such as is chiefly used Tor 
shooting sea-foirl, aadfor ball-practice. 

<' With slugs," continued the donor, *' never gun shot closer; 
and with single baU, you may kill a seal two hundred ^ard« at 
sea from the top of the highest peak of this irun-bouud coast of 
yours. But I tell you again , that the old rattier will never do you 
the service she has done me." 

"I shall not use her so deiteronsly, perhaps/' saidMordauat. 
"Umph! — perhaps not," replied CleT'f\andi *'but thai is 
not the question. What sayyou to shooting the man at the wheel. 
just as ire ran aboard of a Spaniard? So ibe Dun was laken 
aback,andire laid him athwart the hawse, and carried her cutlass 
in hand; and worth the while she m'as — stcutbrigantinc — El 
Santo Francisco — bound for Porto Bello, with gold aud ocgroes. 
That little bit of lead was worth twenty thousand pistoles." 
*'I have shot at no such gaihe as yet," said Mordauot. 
"Well, all in good time; we cannot weigh liJI Uic tide makeft. 
But you are a tight, handsome, active youn^ man. What Is to 
ail you to take a trip after some of this stulT?" laying his band 
on the bag of gold, 

"My father talks of my travelling soon/' replied Mordaunl, 
who, horn to bold men-of-wars-men in great respe^ct^ fell nat- 
tered by this invitation from one whoappearcdatburougb-bred 

"I respect him for the thought," said the Captain; *'aDdI 
will visit him before I weigh anchor. I ba\e a consort off tbc»e 
islands, and be cursed to her. She 'II find me out somewberi?, 
though she parted company in the bit of a squall, unless sbt is 
gone to Davy Jones too. — Well, she was belter found ihan we^ 
and not so deep loaded — she must have wcatliered it. Wc 'II 
have a hammock slung for you aboard, and make a sailor and a. 
man of yon in the same trip." 

''I sbonldlikeitwell enough," saidUordaunt, wbo eagerly 
longed to see more of the world than his looiely sliuatiaD had 
hitherto permitted ; "but then my father mu&i decide." 


"Tour father? pooh!" said Captain Clereland; — "butjou 
are very right," he added, checking himself; ^* Gad, I have lived 
so long at sea, that I caonot think any body has a right to think 
except the captain and the master. But you are very right. X 
will go up to the old geatleman this iostant, and speak to htm 
myself. He lives in that haodsome, modern-looking buUdiog, 
I sappose, that I see a quarter of a mile off?" 

*'In that old half-ruined house," saldMordannt, <'he does 
indeed live i but he will see no visiters." 

"Then yon must drive the point yourself, for I can't slay in 
this latitude. Since your father is no magistrate, I must go to 
see this same Magnus — how call yon him? — who is not justice 
of peace, but something else that will do the turn as well. These 
fellows have got two or three things that I must and will have 
back — let them keep the rest and be d — d to them. Will you 
give me a letter to him , just by way of commission ? " 

*'It is scarce needful," said Mordaunt. **It is enough that 
yOD are shipwrecked, and need his help; — but yet I may as 
well furnish you with a letter of introdoctioD." 

''There," said the sailor, producing a writing-case from his 
chest, ''are your writing-tools. — Meantime, since bulk has 
been broken, I will nail down the hatches, and make sure of the 

While Mordaunt, accordingly, was engaged in writing to 
M^nus Troll a letter, setting forth the circumstances in which 
Captain Cleveland had been thrown upon their coast, the Captain, 
having Brst selected and laid aside some wearing apparel and 
necessaries enough to fill a Jinapsack , took in hand hammer and 
nails, employed himself in securing the lid of his sea-chest, fay 
fastening it down in a workman-like manner, and then added 
the corroborating security of a cord, twisted and knotted with 
nantical deiterity. '<J[ leave this in your charge," hesaid, "all 
exceptthls," showing the bag of gold , " and these," pointing ta 
a cutlass and pistols, "which may prevent all farther risk of my 
parUng company with my Portagues." 

"You will find no occasion for iveapons in this country, Cap-> 
tain Cleveland," replied Mordaunt; "a child might travel with a 


purse of gold from Sumburgh-bead to the Scavr of Unst, and no 
soul would injure him." 

"And that's pretty boldly said, young gentleman, considering 
what is going on vithont doors at this moment." 

"Oh," replied Mordannt, a little confused, ''whatcomes oa 
land with the tide, they reckon their lawful property. One 
would think they had studied under Sir Arthegal, who pro- 

*For equal right in eqbal things doth itaod. 
And what the mighty sea hath ooce possess'd , 

And plucked quite from all possessors' hands , 
Or else by wrecks that wretches have distreas'd. 

He may dispose, by his resistless might. 
As tbiags at raadom left , to whom he list.' " 

" I shall think the better of plays and ballads as long as I live, 
for these very words ," said Captain Cleveland ; "andyetlhave 
loved them well enough in my day. ' But this is good doctrine, 
a6d more men than ona may trim their sails to such a breeze. 
What the sea sends is ours, that 's sure enough. However, in 
case that your good folks should think the land as well as the sea 
may present them with waiffs and strays , I will make bold to 
take my cutlass and pistols. — Will you cause my chest to bs 
secured in your own house till you hear from me , and use yout 
influence to procure me a guide to show me the way, andtocarrj 
my kit?" 

"Willyougoby seaorland?" saidMordaant, lureply. 

<'By sea!" exclaimed Cleveland. "What — in one of thesft 
cockleshells , and a cracked cockleshell, to boot? No, no — 
land, land, unless I knew my crew, my vessel, And my 

They parted accordingly. Captain Cleveland being supplied 
with a guide to conduct him to Burgh-Westra, and his chest 
being carefully removed to the mansion-house at Jarlshof. 

V . 



Tbis is a senile Leader, and a pmdf^nt. 

He 's, no Auiclyciu , to blear f«ur «ye , 

Wi tb quips or worJdly gauijs and ^amesiSDieiieu ; 

E{it seasons all tii^ filiuenng fnercbandisfl 

Wilh wbolcsome doclrincs sxiilfd lt> the use, 

As men inuce gooje with sage and tmseniary. Old Plaif. 

On the subaequeot xtnyrnins, Mordaani, \a aoswet to his father's 
inquiries J began lo give him some accuuni or ihe shipwrecked 
mariner, whom he had rescued from ibe waves, flul be bad nat 
proCiSeded far !□ recapHulHliDg ihe pifticuUrs which Clevelttod 
"had coronmnicated, when Mr. Meitoun's looks became diatuibcd 
*— be arose hastily j and, after pacing twic* or thrice across the 
rooiB, he retired into ihe inner chamber ti> which bn uBuali j con- 
fined him&cU', while under the iDlluence of his menial malady. 
Id iht evening he re-appeared, without an j traces of his disorder; 
but ii may bfi ?asl1|' suppofed that his sod aroid'ed recurring to 
the sabject witich had affected him. 

MordaantMerloun was thus left without aBsislincc, to form at 
Lis leisure hi<i ■own opinion reSpe-cLing the new acquaintance 
which the sea had sent him; and, upan the whole, bo was him- 
self surprised to find the result less favfturable to the stranger 
than he could well account for. There seemed to Mordaunt to be 
B surt of repelling influence about the man. True, he wa» a haii'd- 
■someman, of a frank and prepoasessiog manner, but there 
an assumption of superiority about him, which Mtirdaunl did 
ni>t quite so much like. Allbough he was so keen a sportsman 
as ta be deliigliied with his acqaisition of the Spactsh-barrelled 
gan, and accordingly mounted and dismounted it with great in- 
terest, paying the ulmo'St attention to Ihe most minute parts 
about the lock aDdornannents^ yelhewas, upon the whole, io- 
cUned to have some scruples about the mode in which he bail ao- 
quired it. 

"Ishould nothaveaci'eptcdit," bethought; "perhapsCap- 
tain Cleveland might give it me asasortDfpayment for the triOing 
service E did him; nnd yet it would have been churlish ti} refuse 
it ID the way it was offered. I wish he bad looked more like a 
man whom one would have chosen to be obliged to." 


J 09 

But a aaccCBsful doy's shooliog reconciled bim lo his guu. 
aDil he became assured, jjjke rao»t youriiK sportsmen in sioiilur 
circumBlaDces, Ihatall other pJ«cos were but pop-gUD& in com- 
pArlsi>iii. But iheti , to be (loomed to shout gul h and smIs, vbea 
there were FreDchmeo andSpaniards to be come at -^ when there 
were ships in be boariled, and stGcrsmen t» be marked olT, 
seemed buL a dull and conteinpiible deeliny. His Fattier faad 
mcniLUELed hl» leaving thgse it^laodE, and tin other modtiflfoccu- 
patitin occurred to bis iueiperiencej sa've that at the sea ^ ivilb 
^'hich he had been conversant From bh iufancy. His ambltiO'D 
had foriD^lLf aimed do hiii^her than at sharing the fatigues and 
dangers of a Greenland fibbing oxpcdiinm; for it was in that 
scene that the Zetlanders laid most of Ihcir perilous advcatur^a. 
But war was again ragiugf the liisi«ry of Sir Francis Drake^ Cap- 
tain Morgan, and Dtber bold adventurers, an accoant of vhose 
exploits he had purchased From Bryce Snailsrool. bad made much 
impreBSion an, his miDd, aod the offer of Captain Cleveland Id 
lake him to sea, rrcqucnlly r^curr^d li> him,allhiiugh the pleasure 
of such a project was somewhat damped by a diiubl, vbelhrr, in 
the lung run, he should nut find mtuy^ objections, to his pFopoSfi'd 
L-urninander. Thu:ii much he aJreadj aaw , that he was'^pinioan- 
tivc, and uiit^bl pmbahly prove arbilrarj-i and that, since even 
kindness wa& miaj^led with an. assumpiinn of saper-ioriij', his oc- 
casional displeasure might Cantaio. a great deal more oF that dis- 
aijreeable ingredient than could be palatable lo those whii sailed 
udder him. And yet, after coutilLDg nil risks, could his father's 
coaseutbuLbe obtained^ with what pleasure > he tliQUght, would 
he embark in quest of oew scenes and strange ndveniures, in 
which he proposed lu himself ti> achieris such deeds as should be 
the theme of many a (ale lo ihe lovelf sislcrs of Bur^jh-Westra — 
(ales at which Minna should weep and Bren^ta should smile, aud 
both should marvel! And lhi$ was to be (he reward of his labours 
audhisdatigorf); ht the hearth of Mn^usTroil had a magnetic 
iiifluence uver his thc^ughls, and however rhc^y juight (rji\eriie 
amid his daj-dreams, it wa^ the point where IheyfinaLfy sellled. 
There were times when Alfirduunt ihoughl of meotioniDg to 
his father Ifee conversali'On he had held with Cojilain Cleveland, 

V _ 


wi" tbe stranger cftptnia ihat 'a living ihere — him that was ashore 
UD Sum burgh-head tbe toLher day, — less daffing served him 

-'Daflingl dancing cvfrj nigbt!" saidMordauDt^ not parti- 
cularly well satisfied — <*Whom does Coplain Ckvelaad dAnce 

■'Onjbody he likes, Itancy," said the jagger-, "atonyrale, 
he gars a' body yonder dance after his iiddle. But I ken lilile 
about ii, for I am no (ree in conscience lu luok upon ihae fling- 
ing faacies. Folk sbould mind that life is made but of rotien 

"1 fancj thai it is to keep them in mind of tbal wholesome 
truth, that you deal ia suth lender warts, Bryce," replied 
MordauQl^ dissatisfied as Wl^ll with ihe tenor at the replf, as with 
the affected scruploi of the respondent 

" That 's BB mnckle as lo say, thai I suld hae minded: yon was 
afliiiget and a fiddler yoursell, MaislerMordauQi> but I am ao 
auld man, and maun uohurdcn my conscience. But ye will be 
ior the dance, I sail warraDt, thai'.'! tohe ai Bargh-Westra, on 
John's Evto, {Saanl Soba&f as Iht blinded creaiureB ca' him,) 
and uae doubt ye will be for some ^arldly hraws — hose, waist- 
coals, or sic like? I hae pieces Xrae Danders " — With that 
he plaeed his movable warehouse on Ihe lable^ and began lo 
uolock it. 

" Dance !" repeated Mord a uol — "Danee on Si* John's Eiieo? 
— Were you desired to bid melo it, Bryce?" 

"\a — but ye ken weeleneughye wad he welc«ine, bidden, 
or no biddeu. This captain — how-ca"-ye-him — is to be skuJIer, 
as they ca't — theOrstof Ibegapg, like." 

"The dervil take himT' said MordaunI, in impatient sur- 

"A* in ffude time," replied tbe jagger; "hurry uo man's 
cattle — the devil will hae bis due » 1 warrant ye, oritwinnabe 
forlackof seekingn But it's true I 'm Idling you, for a' ye stare 
like a -wild-cfll ; and this same Captaiu, — l-wai-na-hJ9-name — 
ftought aoe of Ihe very waistcoats that I am gauginij lo show ye -^ 
purple, wf a gowd binding, and bonnily braidered^ and I have 


B piece for you, the o«ighbour of it, wi' a green graod ■, aodirye 
jneaa to atteek youTseU up beside htm , ye mauoe'eobayit^ for 
it 's gowd that glaotes in Uie lasses een Qow-a-days. See — look 
till 't," he added f displayiog the pattern in various points of 
view-, ^'IooIl till tY through the light, and till the light through 
it — loi" the grain , and agaitiMt the grain — it shows ony gate — 
cam f rae Antwerp a' the gate — four dollars is the price ; and yon 
captain was sae weel pleased that he flacig down a twenty shilling 
Jacobus, and bade roe keep the change and be d — d ! — poor silly 
profane creature, I pity him." 

Without inquiring whether the pedlar bestowed his com- 
passion on theworldly imprndence or the religious deficiencies of 
Captain Cleveland, Mordaiiottamed from him, folded his arms, 
and paced the apartmenl , mutterfog to himself, '* Not asked — A 
stranger to be king of the fea«t ! " -^ Words which he repeated so 
earaestly , that firyce caught a part of their import. 

"As for asking, I am almaist baold to say, that ye will be 
asked, MaisterMordaunt." 

*'Didthey mpationmy name, then?" said Mordaunt. 

'*l canaa precees^ly say that," saidBryce Snailsfoot; "but 
ye needna turn away your head "sae sourly, like a seaigh when he 
leaves the shore; for, do you see, I heard distinctly that a' the 
revellers about are to be there ; and is 't to be thought they would 
leave out you, an auld keod freend, and the lightest foot at sic 
frolics, (Heaven send you a better praise in His ain gude time ! ) 
that ever flang at a fiddle-squeak, between this and Unst? Sae 
I consider ye altogether the same as invited — and ye, bad best 
provide yourself wi' a waistcoat, for brave and brisk will every 
man be that's there — the Lord pity them i" 

He thus continued to follow with his green glazen eyes the 
motions of young HordauntMertoun, who was pacing the room 
in a very pensive manner, which the jagger probably misinter- 
preted, as he thought, likeClaudio, thatif amanis sad, it must 
needs be because he lacks money. Bryce, therefore, after another 
pause, thus accosted him. " Ye needna be sad about the flatter, 
Maister Mordaunt; for although Igotthe just price of the article 
from the captain-inan, fet I maun deal freendly wi' you, as a fcend 

TAe Pirate. g 


want some napery sune — for it "s do to b« ihougbt wc can spJn. 
ami ihe like, as if ihere wasamistress inihe bouse; andiaewe 
nipke najii; al hame-'* 

"Ajid ihat "s what I ca* vnlklng by the word," said »lie jagger, 
" ' Oo ujiti) those that buy aad sell ;" Ibere *s muckle profit in that 


''There is » pleasure in dealing wi' a distrret man, that t-an 
inuke VTolit of ony tiling," said Sweriha ; " mid ouw thill I take 
auwUier luok nt tl'wit datl callant's wiistcoaC piece, I think it is 
honestly worth four dollars." 

CHAl*TEfi X. 

1 have posiesseft (lie reffiilaliod (pf ihc wcalbcT apd ihu di>lrit>iilion 
or Ihe seaions. The sun b&s lisliDed (a mv dicUlcs , and passed friKn 
tropic lo iropic bj my (direction; Ibe cloufli, al iny ccinmand, have 
poureJ forth their waters. flAiiULAs. 

Any sudden cause for aQiiousand niflTtifving refl«rtiftiJ, which, 
in advanced age, occasions sullen and pensive inactivity, stimu- 
lates youth to eager and at-iive eieriiwo ; as if , !ik<: tht* hurt deer, 
thej endeavonrf d to drown the paio i>f (he shaft bj the rapidily ol 
raotioD . WiieQ Mimlaunt caught up his gun . and rushed out of 
the houBB of Jarlstiof, he walked im wiih gfcal acthity over waste 
acd "wildj without anj delenuiaed |nir()csi', etccpt that ttl esca- 
ping, ifpossible.frara the SBMni>f bis own irritation, His pride 
was effftctuallj mortilied hy the rtiporl cf the japyer , whu It coin- 
cided exa^^tly with some doubts be had been led to entennit], by 
the long and unkind silence of his friends at Burjih-Westra. 

If the fortunes of Ca:sar had doomed biiUjas the poet suggests, 

to bavB bBeo 

■' Dul the be^l wnistier on the ptea ," 

it is nevertheless tube presumpd, thata roilfrom a ri\al, in that 
rustic eiertisi!, would have niurtitied biiii a& much as a defeat 
from a competitor, when !ic was^truggliflgfor ihe empery of the 
world. Aad even soMordaunt Mertoun, dcjiraded in his own eyes 
from the height whieh be bad a.>i:enpied as the chief amongst the 
ycutb of the island, felt veied and irriiaied, as wt!I as bumbled. 
The two beautiful sisters, also, whose ismiles all were so desiruus 


of acquiFing, viih wbom he had liv^d an terms uTsuch fimiliar 
^ilTcctiiiu, ibal^ N>ii1h the same ease and innocence, ihero was un- 
cQiisciiiusly miiud iL6]|{i(le uFilpeiier lhnu)|;ti andcHncd tcnilerctss 
than charncleriies fratfrnol Io\e, — Uicy also sppnipd l(i have for- 
guUet) bijn. He coald not be i||tDoranl, llialf in thi@ universal 
opiDlQia afaW DuDrD$S[)i.':»s, nay, uf tbe whole Mainland, he RLt|;hl 
have Jiad every cbjLuce of beinii; (be favoiiFcdlo^erorfiLher;. and 
now At oDcc, and wiiliout any failure on his pari, be vas become 
So liLlle til (heni,lh>it he had lost even the coQSCfjuenefc oi'an ordi- 
nary acquQintaiire. Tbe old Udaller, too, whose be^rly and sir- 
cere icbara<:ier shuuld hav^iadc him more constant in hisfriend- 
ships, ticemed lo have been as lickle as liis dau^^hUrs , &nA pvur 
Mardaunl had al once lost Ihc smi!e& of ill's fair, and ihc fa\our 
of ihe powerful. These were uncomfortabEe tdllL'rtioraS, and he 
doubled his pace, that be might oulslcip Ibem if possible. 

WiLhi>ui leiacU}' reHetllng: u^od Ihi; ronle which he. pursued, 
Mordautit waJllcd briskly on through a counlry where neilher 
hedge, wall, [unr edclosuri! of any kind, jnlerrupls the steps of ibe 
watjilcrcr, until be reached a>ery sn!iiapy§piii,wbeT(-",embosu!i]fd 
aniCrn^ Sleep beathy hilU, which sunk suddenly doi^n on the >f rge 
of the water. Lay one of those small fresh-water lake^t which Afi' 
common in ihc Zetland isles, whose outlets lorm ihe s^junH'S «f 
the small brooks and rivulels by which the country is wale-red^ 
and serrK to drive the little mills which manufaclure iheir 

It was a mild summer day; the beanis nf the sun, as isniti 
UHCiHomoniin Zetland, were moderated and shaded by a silvery 
haze, which tilled the almospbere, and, dealToyiDi^ the strongs cna- 
trast of light and shade » gave even Eo ni>u'n the sober Ihery of Ibe 
evening iwilijiht. The Hiile lake, not iliiee*qaariers of a mile in 
dreuil, lay iti profound qui'Cl; it<i surface undlmphd, save when 
one of the numerous waicrfowl, wliich glided on ilssurrace,di¥Pd 
for an iti-Slonl tjitdcr it, Tim ifcplb of tlie water gave the whchle (hat 
eerulean tint of bluish ^reen^ which occasioned its being railed 
the Green Loch ; and at present, it formed so perfect a mirvat to. 
tbc bleak hilla by vlijcb it was surrounded, and which lay 
rejected in iia JiostMti, ibatil wasdilJicaltto distioguisb the waier 

V - 


from the land :; nay, in ihc shadowy uncertainly iwiraaiontd by !he 
ihio haze , a slranfCiT could scarce have been sensible ihol a sli<*et 
of TrakT lay bcFurc him. A acenc of myre cthmplrie soliiude, 
ha^iii:^ all iM |ierii1iarUies hcighicoed bj' the extreme ^crcDily oF 
the T'ealhcr, th^ {luicl gr^v compaaed lone of Um almu^phere, ftiid 
ilie perfect f^ileticc <if ihfi clemeols, could hariLv be iniagEoed, 
Tbe very aquatic birds, whu rrequented the spot in (^rfol: niim- 
bets, Forbore tbtijru^ual ni|i;ht and screams^ and Hoalfid m pro- 
i'ound traiiquilltty upOD 1b& silent 'water. 

WJtbGUt lakiri}^ any delcrmtDed aim — without having any 
dclermiiicd pijr|ioae — without alnAst thioking wh&l lie was 
ahout, iltordauiit presented his fuwIiDgpieec, and (ired arruss the 
lake- The lar^e s<ivan-shut dini[)Li!d its surface like a partial 
shower nfitail ^ th^ hills tuokup the ooi'seof the rcporl, aodrc' 
pealed it ag^ain, and jij^ain , and again, to all Iheir c<^hui's; the 
water-fowl took (diving in eddying and coui'used vhecl, answer- 
ing the echoes mth a thousand varying sorcams, from the deep 
note of the swabjc, or swarlbflck, to the qiierulflus cry of the 
tirrackc and kittiewake. 

Mordaunt liioked hi a. moment on Ihc Hamorous crowd with 
a feelijiig of resenimcril, which iie fell disposed at the moracni 
to applf to aJl naturs, and nil her objects, animate or inanimalc, 
howfever little cuacerned with tbc cause of bis interDal morlifi- 

■'Ayj ay," he said, "wheel, dive, scream, and clamour as you 
willj and all bcvau&e you bavc seea a strange sight, acd heard an 
unusual sound. Th«re ig many one like you in this round world. 
Bui you, iti least, f<ha]| b-arn," he added, n^ he reloaded bis 
gun, '"that strange sights and stronge sounds,, ay, aud Strang;^ 
acquai!alance& lo buol, have somelimes a litllc sbadc of danger 
Cflimeciftd w ilh them. — Uul why should I wreak my own vtsa- 
tioo on ifieae harmless spa-gulls?" he subjoined, filler a mfH 
mcni's pause ; "Iheybavt: nmtliinglo do witb the friends that have 
forguileii mc. — I loved them all su well, — attdto be so soon 
given up for (he first stranger whom chance threw on the coast! " 

As he stondrestlng^ upon his gua, and abandoning bis mind 
to the Course of these unpleasant rcUcctious, his meditations 


-vere uaeipetlcdiyhilerrapledb; some one louchingfais shoulder. 
He kuked aruumi, and saw.XoTDa of ihc FJlful-hcud, wrapped 
Id hit dark and airipl.e maotle. She had! $een hirn from ibp bruw 
or the bill, aad had descended to Lhe tike, through a bidbU ravine 
vrhicli coDCi'aled her, uDtil she caaiie with nuiscU'SS step io i^lofif! 
to him ihut he turned roitnd 411 her touch. 

MoTdamit McrtouTi was by naXmt neither liniorous nor credu- 
Li»us^ and a Course of readlDg lAOre leiteosiire than usual had , in 
somefle^ree, rortiGed his inind a^Ainst the jitLnclis of super&ll- 
tiuu; but he 'nould ha^e been aa aciual prodi^, if, liviug ui 
Zellaud in ihet^ud of the seventeenth centurj, hti had possessed 
Ihe phil'j&ophy wh ich did nui eiist in Scutlapd generally , unli] at 
least iwu ^eupratious ]aler. He dimhtcd in liis own mind ihe ei- 
lenl} Daj, the very eiisience, Qr>'orne'3 isupernatural adributee, 
"H-hich was a high Jli^lii of incrcduUty in the country where tbcj 
werG lini><Crsall]r received ; bul^lill his incredulity went uo farlbier 
Ihan doubts. She was unquestionably ao eitraurdmury woinan, 
gifted ^^\ ith an ener^ii' aboi c others , HCti \ig upon uiiMives pecaliar 
to herselfjiaDd appareotly indepL'nderU ol'merc earthly coDsidera- ■ 
tioflS. Impressed with ihe^e id^ns, which be had jinhih>cd from 
hisjflulh, il was not wilhuiiL somelbjng like alarm, ihathebei- 
belid ihii mysleriouE remain E^tntidin;; on a smtdL'n »o eiuse beside 
him^ and luuking upon him with such sad and severe eyes, as 
those ^ith which the Fatal Virgins, whii, accnrding to. northern 
raylhology, were cnlled the falkyrutr, or "Choosers of the 
Slain," were supposed to regard the youog champions whom 
tbey sQlecleii tti s^haic the banquet i>fOdia^ 

11 was, IndeeiJ, reckoned unlucky. In say the least, 10 meet 
wilhNoroB suddenly alone, and in a place remote from wilnesses; 
and she waS' supposed, on such occasions, lo ba\e been usually 
a prtjpheless iOf evtl, as well fisanomeD of misfortune, to those 
who bftd such a renconlrc. There were few or nunc of the is- 
landers, however familiarised lA^itb her ofcasioudt appenrauce in 
society, that would noihaxe trembled to meet her on the solitary 
banks of the Greeu Loch, 

"Ihringj'ou no e\jJ, MordauolMertouo," shesnid, reading 

\ - 


perhaps somelhib^tif lhj& superfiliiiAus fueling in tbi? looks of Ibe 
young man. '"Evil from me you npvcr fiiK nnti nvvcr will." 

''Xor do I fear floy/* SQid Mordaunt, cscriinj^ himself to 
ttirciw aside an apprcheosian vhiirli he felL to be unmanly, ^' Why 
should I, niotli^r? You have been ncr my friend." 

"Vei, Mordauni, iliou art niutyrmir rtgioti; buito none of 
ZEiUodblood, no, pol ei'cn to UiO'se wim siL arouod (hp hearth- 
sLoiie orMagnus Tfoi), Ltio noblt descendants uf the aorieni Jarls 
of Ocktiey, am J more a well-wisher, than I am Ui Ihre, thou 
kind and brave^hearted boj'. Whco I hung around thy otck thai 
girted chain, vihEch all in ogr i^k» Umtw was 'nroughl by no 
earttilj ardsi, but by *he Drows,' in the secret recesses of iheir 
caveros,, thou wcri then Li4t fifteen years nld ; yet Ihy font had 
been on the Maidcn-skerrie of North moven, known before but to 
the webbed sole of the 6* art hack;, and ibj skiff had been in the 
deepest cavera of Brinnasiir, whtrc the Uqf-^h'* had before 
slumbered io duk obscurity. Thi^refore t gaic Ihce that noble 
gift; and well thou kuowcsL, tl]3t sIticb thai duy, every (<yc ill 
tticse isles has looked on thee as a son, or as a brother, endowed 
beyond other youths, Jiod the favoured of those whose hour of 
power is when (he night meet* wilh ihe day." 

"Alas! motlKT," said jMordaunl, "yourklod glfl may have 
given me favouf, tui it has col been nhlc to keep it for me, or I 
have not been able lu keep itfor mygclf, — What inatiersit? I 
ihill lesfniosetag liltlebyoihEfsas ihcy do by me, My father 
says that 1 shall stion leave these islands, and therefore. Mother 
Nortiaj I will feturn to you your fairy giftj that it may bring more 
lasting luek to some other than it has (lime to me." 

"Despise not llie gilt of the nemieless race/' said \ornn, 
frowning ; then suddenly ehangtHg her lone of displeasure to Ihat 
of mournful solemnity, sJic added, — *' Despise ihi^m not, but, 
Mordauot^ court Ihem not! Sii down on [hat ^raj slonc — 
thouart (hesonuf my adoptiottj an J I will doff, asfnrasl may, 

■ SceWolflK. TheOroBJi. 

Thp larfer seal, or spa-calr, which sppks (he most _5o ilia ry r«;esses 
tiir lis alnJe. S^p Db, Edjionstoik's 'leflunri, vol. ri., p. 2^1. 


those atbibMteftthatBeTermefrbmtliecomiiionmassDrimmaDiC]', 
aa6 speak with you as a parent with a child." 

There was a tremulous tone of grief which mlDi^leil with the 
loftiness of her language and carriage, and was calculated 1:0 
excite sympathy, as well as to attract attention. Mordaunt sai 
down on the rock which she pointed out, a fragmeot wbicb, with 
many others that lay scattered around, had b«en iDro bj some 
vinter storm from the precipice at the foot of which it lay, upon 
the very verge of the water. Noriia took her own seat on a st«ii€ 
at about three feet distance, adjusted her mantle so that little 
more than ber forehead, her eyes, and a,sio^l>c luckuf ber gray 
hair, were seen from Joeneath the shade of her dark wadraaaL 
cloak, and then proceeded in a tone in ifhich il){;iriiagmary con- 
sequence and importance so often assumed by lunacy, seemed to 
contend against the deep workings of some eKtraordinary and 
deeplyrrooted mental affliction. 

" I was not always," sfaesaid, "thotwhichinaw am. Iwas 
Dot always the wise, the powerful, tfae commanding, before whom, 
the young stand abashed, and the old nucovcr their gray heads. 
There was a time when my appearance did nai silence mirth, 
when I sympathized with human passion, aod had m]r own share 
in human joy or sorrow. It was a time of h^'lplc^sness — it-n^? 
a time of folly — it was a time of idle and unfruitrul lao^hlcr — it 
was a time of causeless and senseless tears ; —and yet, with its 
follies, and its sorrows, and its weaknesses, y,iiai would Xoroa of 
Fitful-head give to be again the unmarked and happy mai'den 
that she was in her early days! Hear me, MordaunL, and bear 
with mo; for you hear me utter complainlni which have oever 
sounded in mortal ears, and which in morul cari^ btialt n^vcr 
sound again. I will be what I ought," she conlinued, starting up 
and. extending her lean and withered arm, *-the queen and prii^ 
tectress of these wild and neglected isles, — I qill be lier wh^ise 
foot the wave wets not, save by her permission; ay. ev^n though 
its rage be at its wildest madness — whose mbc the whirl^iad 
respects, when it rends the house-rigging from the roor-iree. 
Bear me,witness, Afordaunt Mertoun , — yon heard ray words at 


wi' the sirAhget captain tbat 's ItTiDg tberc — him that wh a»liArc 
oia SuioIiDrgh-bead ihe Loiher daj» — Iv&s dafQcg ser\eil bim 

"'Daffing! daociog every^nlgMr' SAidMordtautr no I parti- 
cutarlj veil sntiaficd — "^Wbom does CsptiJii GleYcland d^cce 

"Ony body he likes, I fancy ," saidihejagger; "alonytMe, 
be gars a' bod|^ rouder dance after his tiddle. But I keo litlle 
abuut a , tat I Am no free in fiiiiscicDCC to look upaa thae tiittg- 
ing fqacies. Folk Bhoald mind thai life h made but of rotteit 

''I fancy ihat il is tg keep them id mind i>f tbat vbolesi>nic 
truth, that you deal in such tender wares, Bryce," replied 
Mordaunt , dissalishvd %b^ well wfcb (he tenor of (he repEy, as wUh 
the affected scruples ofthe rtspondeot^ 

^^'Thai '5 as muckle as to say, that I suld hae minded yoo vas 
a [liog&r aoda Uddler yoursell, MaisterMordauat', bailaioan 
auld maOj and mauD unburden my cfjuscieoce. Batyewill be 
fur Lh« dauce, I sail warronl, )hat 's to be alBurgh-Westra, od 
Jiiha's Eveu, [Satmt Joha'^j a$ the bliuded creatures ca" him,) 
ajiiJnae doubt ye vLlJ be for$QrQ>& warldly braws-^bose, walst- 
coa!3. Of sic like? I bac pieces frac Flanders" — With thai 
be placed his morable warehouse ou Ihe table, and begaa to 
unlock it. 

' ' Dance ! " repeated Mordaunt — " Dane? on SL Jobn'sEveQ 3 
— Were YOU desired to bid me to it, Bryce?" 

"?f4 — bat ye ken weel eneugh ye wad be ■welcome, bidden^ 
flr no bidden. This captain— how-ca'-ye-hira — is to he skudler, 
asihcj ea'l^ the first of the gang, lite," 

'^ThB d«vii lake him!" said Mordaunt, ia unpatient sur- 

"A' ia gude time," replied the jag^er; "hurry no mao's 
'■allle — Ihe devil will hae his due, I warrant ye, oritwinQabe 
Tor lack of seeking. But it 's Imol 'm telliogyou, for a' jpigtare 
like a wild-cat \ and this same Captain, ~- I-wat-na-his-name — 
bought anc ofthe Tcry waistcoats that I am ganging ti> show ye — 
porple, wi' a gowd blading, and bonnily hroidered^ and I have 


a piece for you, the ncigfabour of it, ¥(i' agreeii (jrund; aadiri-f: 
mean to slreek ^outsell up beside him , ye mauo e'en buy it, for 
it 's gowd that glaoies ia the lasses ten Dow-a-da;<s. See ^ look 
till 't," he added, displaying the pattern in various poiols of 
view, "look till it through the light, aod liL) tht lii^tit (hroiigh 
it ~-u>i' the graio, and a^auul the grain — - ii shows oay gate — 
cam frae Aotwerp a' the gate ~r four dollars is ibe price ; and yon 
captain was sae, weel pleased that he fltng down a twenty shilling 
Jacobus, and bade me keep the change and bt; d^d ! — poor silly 
profane creature , I pity him." 

Without inquiring whether the- pedlar bestoni^d his com- 
passion nn the worldly imprudence or the religious defkieocies of 
Captain Cleveland , Mordaunt'tamed from him , folded b Js arms, 
and paced the apartment, muUerfngtohlmst^lf, "Not asked — A 
stranger to be king of thefeast!"-^ Words^bicb herepeatedso 
earnestly ^ that Bryce caught a part of their inj^ort. 

"As for asking, I am almaist banld to say , that ye will be 
asked, MaisterMordaunt." 

" Did they mention my name, then?" &a\d Murdaunt- 

'M canna preceesfly say that," said Bryce SnailsJ^tiut; "^but 
ye needna turn away your head "sae sourly, liliF a seaigh wlienhe 
leaves the shore; for, do yon see, 1 heard iJisiinctly that a' the 
revellers about are to be there; and fs'ttobeihoughKhcy would 
leave out you, an auld kend freend, and thi: lij^htest fout at stc 
frolics, (Heaven send you a better praise ioJi is uin gudeiiiue!) 
that ever flang at a fiddle-squeak, between ihis and Unst? Sae 
I consider>ye altogether the same as invited — and ye .bad best 
provide yourself wi' a waistcoat, for brave and brisk will every 
man be that 's there — the Lord pityihem^ " 

He thus continued to follow with his green gUzeu eyes (be 
motions of young UordauDt Alertoun , w|io wis pacing the ruom 
in a very pensive manner, which the jagger probably misinter- 
preted, as he thought, likeCtaudio, thatif a iiian i^ sad, it most 
needs be because he lacks money. Bryce, thiTt-rore, after soother 
pause, thus accosted him. " Ye oeedna be asd abo j( the qialter, 
Maister Mordaunt ; for although I got the just price oi tb^ article 
from the captain-inao, yet I maun deal freeudiy wi' youj aa a kend 

The Pirate. ^ 


Harfra — jon eav (be tempesl sink before tbem^ Speak, bear 
me witness !" 

To have Conlradicted her ja this slraia of htgh-[uned eDlbu- 
siasm, would havt been cruet and unavailing, e\«ii hodMordaunl 
been mOrC decidedly convinced ihai] he wa>>T ifigt an in'SBne 
woman, nul one of supernaiura] power, stood before bim. 

"1 heard you sing," he replied, "aoi I saw the tempest 

** Abate!" eiclaimed Noma, striking llifi ground impalicotly 
with her staff of black oak; "^'ihou speakest it bul half — it sunk 
at ouce — sunk Id shorter space than the thitd (hat ta hushed to 
silence by the nurse, — Enough, jou kn'owmy power — but you 
lioow pot — rnona! mim knows doI, and never shnlil koow, the 
price which I paid to allain it. No, Mordaunt, ncv^r for the 
widest eway thnt llic ancient Norsemen boasliid, when their ban* 
Dera waved victDtiou?^ Iroiu llergea to Pa]«stiDC — utver^ for alL 
ihotthe rouDd wfl'ld C'TmlaitiS', dfi thou barter thy peace uf miud 
for such grealDfiss as Noma's." She resumed her seat upon the 
rock, drew the mnnlLe over her face, rested her head up era her 
hand§ , and by Lh^ convulsive moitvn whieh agitateil bar bosO'iu, 
appeared lo be weeping bitterly. 

"^'Good rS'ornti," said MordaunI, and paused^ scarce knowing 
what (0 say (hat might console tJic unhappy woman — ^'Qood 
?forna," he again resumed, '■'if there he aughi in your itiiind that 
Irouhles it, were you not best to go (o (he worliij minister dl 
UnurossDessI Men soy you have not for many years been in a 
Christian congrcgalEon — thoit caontit be wi-ll, or right. You are 
yourself well Jujown as a bcaler ef bodi ly disease ; bat when (he 
mind is sick, we should draw tu the Physician of our souls." 

^foreia had rais«d her p<;rsoii slnvvty frniu the stooping posCure 
in whitli shesat; but alicflgth she started up OD her feet, Ihrew 
back her mantle, eiipiiidcd her arm, and while her lip foamed^ 
and her eye sparkleJj exclaimed in a tone resembling a scream, 
— ^*Me did you Efflak — tnt did you bid seek out a priest! — 
Would you kill the good man with horror? — Me in a Christian 
congregation! ^ Would you have (he roof to fall on Ifae sackless 
assemblyj and mingle iheif blood witb tbeif w'or&bip? I — 1 6e4:k 



to Ihe {EoodPhTsiciaD! — Would jou have ibe fiend claini hisprfv 
"penly before IjcnJ and roanT' 

Tbe ciireme agitalioD ur Lbe unbapp; Speaker calurally led 
Mordaunt Id Ihp conclusion, wliicli va.'a geurraUy ndopled ant] 
dccrediled in that saperstiliuus couctrj' and period. ^* Wrr (ched 
woman/' he said, 'MfindcKid (tLOuhasi lenj^u^d ihyseirwjib ihe 
Puitviers of evil, why should yuu nol seek ewn yet lor repKUlance? 
Bui do as thou tfilt, I caii^ut. dure nol, &s a Cbrisliaa, abide 
Lutii^er wltb you; and lake attain your giil" be said^ offering 
buck Ibe chain, **guod 4:aii ue^e^ comeof it, if iadiced evil bath 
nuicome already." 

■^^Be B(illi and hear mp, thou foolish boy," said Norna, calmly, 
as if she bad been restored lo reusnn by the alarm aud horror 
which she perctivei iji Mordatint's coiSDtcnaiice; '"*henr me, I 
say. I nm uLut of ihose v-ha hg^e leagued [hemsplves witk the 
Kutiniy uOlaEibtud, ur derive skill or power frnm his minLslry. 
And alihuiigh (Ijt' uQcarlhly powers were propi listed by a saert- 
Ijct which hiliiiaa tungui: can oocr ulltr, ycC, God know^, iD| 
guilt ill that olTt:rin||i; was dd more Ihun (hal cf Ihe blind man nhu 
falls from the precipice ahich he could DCLlber see nor shuD. Oh. 
leave me not — shiiu itie rttit — m this hour of weakness! Re- 
main with mr till ibc teniptaiion be i*a9sed, (ir i will plunge my- 
self into that lake, and rjd luysclf at once of my power and ray 

Murdaum, who iiad always looked up (o Ihis singular woman 
with a sort of affection ^ occasioacd no doulit by the early Viad- 
uess and distioclioR which she bad shown to him, was readily 
induced (o resume bis scut, and listen to what !i;he had farther to 
say , in hopes that she would gradually ovcrt^ome Ibe violence of 
her agitation. It was not long ere she seemed to have gained the 
victory htr coinpanjoo eipucted, for she addressed him i& her 
usual steady and aulhoritalive iiianuor. 

"It was not yfniysfilf, JtfoTdauul, that I purposed to speak, 
when I beheld you ffom the summit of yonder t^ray ruck, and 
came dowu the path to meet with you. My fortunes are fiied be- 
yondchange, belt for weal or for wo. For nijself I have ceased 
tu fael much; but for those whom ah« loves, Nornaof the Fitful- 


head has atiJl Ifaoae feelioga which link her to her kind. Hark 
me. There is an eagle, the noblest that bailds in these airy 
precipices , and into that ease's nest there has crept an adder —» 
wilt thou lead thy aid to crash the reptile , and to save the noble 
brood of the lord of. the north sk^ ? " 

"Youmust speak more piain!y> iVorna/' said Mordannt, 'Mf 
yon would have me understand or answer you. I am no gnessec 
of riddles," 

''In plain language, Uiea, yon know well the family of Burgh- 
Westra ~~ the lovely danghters of the generous old Udaller, 
Magnus Troil, — Minna and Brenda, I mean? You know theDi> 
and you love them? " 

"I have known them, mother," replied Mordannt, -*'andl 
have loved them — none knows it better than yourself." 

V To know them once/' said Noma, emphatically, "is to 
know them always. To love them once , is to love them for ever." 

'*To have loved them once, is to wish, them well for ever," 
replied the yoath; "but it is nothing more. To be plain with 
you. Noma, tbe family at Bu^-Westra have of* late totally 
neglected me. But show me the means of serving them, I will 
convince you how much I have remembered old kindness, bow 
little I resent late coldness." 

" It is well spoken , and I will put your purpose to the proof," 
replied Noma. "Magnus Troil has taken a serpent into his 
bosom — his. lovely daughters are delivered up to the machina- 
tions of a Villain." 

*'Yoa mean the stranger, Qeveland?" said Mordaunt. 

"Tbe stranger who so calls himself," replied Noma — "the 
same whom we fouilid flung ashore, like a waste heap of sea-weed, 
at the foot of the Snmburgh-cape. I felt that within me, that 
would have prompted me to let him lie till the tide floated him off, 
as it had Qoated him on shore. I repent me I gave not way to it." 

"But," said Mordaunt, " I cannot repent that I did my duty 
as a Christian man. And what right have I to wish otherwise? If 
Minna, Brenda, Magnus, and the rest, like that stranger better 
than me, I have no title to be offended; nay, I might well be 
laughed at for bringing myself into comparison." 


"It is well , and I trnst they merit thy unselfish friendship." 

"But I cannot perceive/' saidMordaunt, ** in what you can 
propose that I should serve them. I lure Imt just learned by 
Bryee the jaf^er, that this Captain Cleveland is all in all with the 
ladies at Boi^h-Westra , and with ^e Udaller himself. I would 
like ill to intrude myself where I am not welcome , or to place my 
home-bred merit in comparison with Captain Cleveland's. He 
can tell them of battles , when I can only spe^ of birds' nests — 
can speak of shootiof Frenchmen » when I can only teli of shoot- 
ing seals — he wears gay clothes* and bears a brave counte- 
nance; I am plainly dressed^ and plainly nurtured. Such gay 
gallants as he can noose the hearts of those he lives with, as the 
fowler nooses the goUlemot with his rod and lioe." 

"You do wrong to yourself," replied Noma, "wr^ng to your- 
self , and greater wrong to Minna and Brenda: And trust not 
the reports ofBcyce — he is like the greedy chaffer-whale, that 
will change hts course and dive for the most petty coin which a 
fisher can cast at him. Certain it is, that if yon have beeb 
lessened in the opinion of Uagnus Troil, that sordid fellow hath 
had some share in it. But let him count his vsmtage , for my eye 
*is upon him." 

"And why, mother," said Mordauat, *^do you not tell to 
Magnus what you have told to me? " 

"Because," replied Noma, "they who waxwise in their own 
conceit must be taught a bitter lessonby experience. It was but 
yesterday that! spoke with Magnus, and what was his reply? — 
^Good Noma, you grow old.' And this was spoken by one 
bounden to me by so many and such close ties — by the descen- 
dant of the ancient Norse earls ~ this was from Magnus Troil to 
me ; and it was eaid in behalf of one, whom the sea flung forth as 
wreck-weed! Since he despisf;s the counsel of the aged, he shall 
be taught by that of the young ; and well that he is not left to his 
own folly. Go, therefore, to Burgh-Westra, as usual upon the 
Baptist's festival." 

"I have had no invitation," said Mordaunt; "I am not 
wanted, not wished for, notthou^tof — perhaps I shaU not be 


acknovlf'dged if I go thlttier^ aod yet, motbfrf to conFess tti« 
iruUi. lliflhurl had Ilionghtlogo." 

'Mtwasa good Ihoughl* and to be chprislicd/' replied Norna; 
"ve seek otir Iriciids wheD ihey are sick in tiealih, whj nol when 
they are sick in riiind, and surfeited with pnvspcirity? Donotfail 
(^ go — it may lie, ■#& shall miiei there. Meflnwhile our roads 
lie diiTerent, Farewell, and sprat not of this nie«lfnj/' 

They parted, anri Monlnuiit remaitipd standing by the lake, 
vitb bis eyes fiicd on Noma, until her laH dark f^irm bepame 
invl^ihJB among (hu -winilin^s of the \alley down which she wan- 
dered, and Mordouiii reiuroed to his father's mansion, deter- 
mined fo follow counsel which coiacidud so welt wilU his own 


AU Jour ancient customs , 

And liHi^-dirscEnd€d iisai^tri. I "11 cbnnfA 
Ye shall nol val. nor drinh, not- s\}fnk^ noi move, 
Thinti , l0"Ctk. or wAlk, as ye wore wunl Lo do. 
£vcn vqnr niarriaec-liciljs hliall knoi* mnULii'ii ; 
The tuidc shall hrtvu Hie sin fk, Ihp Rrnom tlie wall; 
For all old prartirc will I Lurti ni»J ctiB:ng?^ 
Atid icall it refornialEQn — mnrry. wjLJ I ! 

'2' ii Even that tPf 'r« at Ottiit. 

The festal dny approached, and still no invitaiiffln arrived far 
that guest, witbi>ut whom, but n litilc space since « no feast could 
have been held in the island; whiEe. on the other band, such 
rquiTis as reached thfirti on everj' side spoke highly of the favour 
which Captain Cleveland fliyoyed in she family of (he old Ldaller 
ipf Burgh" Westra. Swertha and the &ld RanEtlman shook Ihcir 
heads Dt these mulatcoiis, and remiadt^d Mordaunt,, by niiiiiy a 
half-hint and innuendo, that be had incurred this eclipse by 
being so imprudently aeiivc to secure the safety of the stranger, 
■ftheu he lay at the incrcy of the next Wive beneath the cJiffs of 
Sam burgh- head. " Jt is best to let saut wat^r lake its gate," said 
Swerlha ; " tuck never carue of crossing it." 

*'^lu irolhj" said theRanzolman, "they arc wise folks that 
let wave and -wiiby bawd their aia — luck ne*ef came of a half- 
drowned man, or a half-haagtdl ane either. Who was'i shot 


Will Patenon off the Nosa? — th« Dntehmin ihat he »av^cl twrn 
sinking, Itrov. Tolliagadroiraingman a ptoDkoratow,, may 
foe the part of a Christian ; bat I aay, keep bunis afl bini , iF jit 
wad live and thrive free'frae hia danger." 

*'Ye are a vise man, Ranzelman, and a worthy ," echoed 
Swertha, with a groan, ^^and kenhowand^rhaulohclpa peigh- 
bour, as weel as ooy man that ever drew a nei/' 

"In troth, I have seen length of da]f 8 ," answered the Ranz«l- 
man, "and I have heard what the aald folk s^^iid to each other 
anent sic matters; and naeman in Zetland shnll gc» farther itian I 
will in anj Christian service to a man on &vm Inind ; Iml if he cr; 
'Help!' out of the saut waves , that 's another slury.' 

"And yet, to think of this lad Cleveland stlandint^ in our 
Maister Mordqant's light," said Swertha^ "and with Magpus 
Troil,that thoaghthim the flower of the island but onWhiisuoclay 
last, and Magnns, too, that 's both held (when he '& fresh, honest 
man) the wisest and wealthiest of Zetland ! " 

"He canna win by it," said the BanzelpiJin, wiih a look of 
the deepest sagacity. "There '» whiles, Sweriba, that the wisest 
of us (as I am sure I humbly confess myseli mtt to be) jtjay be 
little better than gulls, and can no more win h^ tJoing de^ds of 
folly than I can step over Sumbargh-head. U ba^ been ni:^ own 
case once or twice in my life. But we shall f^vv. ^'unn ti^bst ill is 
to come of all this, for good there cannot come.' 

And Swertha answered, with the same lone of prophetic 
wisdom, "Na,na, gude cannevercoiqeon it, aodthMisower 
truly said." 

These doleful predictions, repeated from tinii^ ti> time^ had 
some effect upon Mordaunt. He did not indeid sappose, that 
the charitable action of relieving a drowning man bad ^nbjected 
him, as a necessary and fatal consequence, to tbe unpteasatit 
circamstaoces in which he was placed ; yet he felt as if asoflof 
spell were drawn around him, of which he neilh{;r uudersiood the 
nature nor the extent; — that some power, in sborlj beyond bis 
own control, was acting upon his destiny, and, ai it seemed^ wiih 
no friendly influence. His curiosity, as welt a.s his anxiety , was 
highly excited, and he continued determined, at all events, to 


make bis appesraoce at Iht approurhiug rusLi^al, when hfl was 
impriJHsed wilb tbc belief ib&i SI)Iaetbing^JJD€um^l(Ml was ii^l^-b- 
sarjly lo take place, vbicb should detcrniia^i^bis future vi«ws and 
profipecls in life. 

As the elder Mcfiouji was at this lime in his ordinary slate vi 
health, iibecaoie ceceasary tliat his 5on shuulil Jniimaie to him 
hiSi inteadc^cl! visit to Burgh-Westra. He didsa; and his faihpr 
desired to know ihe especiel ri.'a30D of his goin}? ibiiLL-r nl this 
partiirular lime. 

"liisa time of iDerry-makiog," replied the youth, ''and all 
the country are assembled." 

*'.4dd you are dihubtlcss impalieDt to add aaalher fool iD the 
BUQiber. — Go — bm heware how you walk in the path which 
you are about to tread — a fall from the cliffs of Foula were not 
mure fatal/' 

'^'Maj 1 ask the reason of your caution, Sirl" replied Moi^ 
daunt, breaking through the reserve whith ordinarily subsisted 
betwhi hjm and his singular parent. 

■*MagausTroil," said i!ie elder Meriouo, "has two daufiblcrs 
— j«u are of the age when men look upon such gauds with eyes 
uf affection, thai [hey uiay afterwards learn 10 curse the day IhKt 
Jjrfil opened Ibeir eyes ajion heaten! I bid you beware of Ibem; 
for, as sure as that death and sin came into the vg rid by womau, 
so &ure are their soft words, and softer looks, (he utter destruction 
and rulnaf atl whopntfatlh in lhi;ni," 

Mordouni bad sometimes obB^erved his. father's marked dislike 
to tin; remole sei, but hod never before heard him j^iive vent lo 
it in terms s.o dclermmed and precise. He replied, thai tbe 
daughleis of Magnus Troil were no more lo him than aay other 
fi?jnaJcs in the Islands; **lhcy were even tf less impmriance," he 
said, "for they bad brok«D off their frieadship with hlio, wilhoul 
assigniog^aitiy can^e." 

■'And you go toseekUie renewal of il?'* answered his father- 
'''' Silly math, that hast ouce escape'd the laper wiiliout singeing 
thy wingSj are you not contented with the safe obscurity at these 
wilds, but juuBt hasten back to (he flam^ , which is sure alleagih 
to consume ihec? But why should I waste arguments ia dc- 


tcrriag thee from thy ineTltable fate? — tio where ihy deslia; 
calls thee." 

On the succeediag day, irhich was the eve of the ^nal resllval, 
■HordauDt set forth on his road to Burgfa-Westra, pondering alter- 
nately on the iDJunctioos of Noma— on the oiuiiiuus wtirds of his 
£ither — od the inaaspicions aagnries of Swenha aad the Rao- 
xelman of Jarlsbof — and not without eipetieociBg that gloom 
with vUdi so many concurring ciroamstaaces of ill omen eodk- 
bined to oppress bis mind. 

'^Itbodes rae but^cotd reception alBargh-Weslra," &aid he; 
*<but ray stay shall be the shorter, i will but fmd out whether 
they have been deceived hy this seafariog stranger, or whether 
they have acted out of pure caprice of temper, aod love of change 
of compaqy. Iflhe first be the case, I willvindicaCe my charac- 
ter, and let Captain ClevelaDd look to himself; — if the laller, 
why, then, good-night to Burgh- Westra aud all its ioniaies." 

As he mentally meditated tliis last alteniitive, hurt pride, 
and a return of fondness for those to whom he supposed he was 
bidding farewell for ever, brought a tear into his eje, which he 
dashed off hastily and indignaatly, as, mendiog hi s pace, hi; con- 
tinued on his journey. 

The weather being now serene and undisturbed , Murdauoi 
made his way with an ease that formed a striking; couirast lo the 
difficulties which he had encountered when be last LrBvelled the 
same route ; yet there was a less pleasing subject fur cooiparison 
within his own mind. 

"Hy breast," he said to himself, "was then ag&io&t ihe 
wind, but my heart within was serene and happy. I would I 
had now th^same careless feelings, were the:y lo he bought fay 
battling with the severest storm that ever blew across Ihese lonely 

With such thoughts, he arrived about dodo at Harfra, the 
habitation, as the reader may remember, of tke ingeaiousUr. 
Yellowley. Our traveller had, upon the present occasion, taken 
care to be quite independent of the niggardly ho^pitaliiy of this 
mansion, which was now become infamouis on that account 
through the whole island, by bringing with bioi, in h'l^ small 

The PiraU. % 


kDap&ack, ^uch pT'orision& us migfal have suFHced for a lDn|i;er 
jtmrQiej. In courli^sy, bow'tvcr, ur rfllJier, perhaps., (.o gel rLiI (jf 
his ovtn dlsquieLiDg Ibaut^hls , Mordount did aot fail to call at liie 
mQD^irjD, vvliir.h he found Jn singular commotion. Triploleuius 
himself, tnyeslCid with a |iHir of large jac)(-boDls, went cialleriag 
up and dowD stairs^ sertamiog out i^ueslioDS to bis sislcr and his 
serving-woman Tronda, who re|)lied with shriller aad more rom- 
plicaled screeches. At length, Mrs. Baby herself mnde her 
appeitriiDce, her vcnerabli; porsoci n^ndiiod <with what wn9 ihen 
eal1>ed A Joseph, an ample garFncnti whji;h had once been .jtrrccnji 
but D'^Tv , betwixt stains and patches , had become like, ib^ vesture 
of tbe patriarchwhoae name il bor« — agarmenL of divers colours. 
A Blepple-crowned bat, the piir^hase of some liiiiB-past moment, 
in which vanity had gat the hotter of sr.arice, with d fGath^F which 
had stiittd OS much wind and roio ns if it bad been part of a 
searaew's wlog, maile up her eqaipmcjit, save that in hcrhanil 
sbe hcltt a stLvcr-mounCed ^biptil'iiattque fashion, Thit^ iilLire, 
as well as an air of di^tcnnined hustle io the pai( and appearance 
orMrs. Barbara Ydlowley, seemed to bespeak that she was pre- 
pared to lake a Journey, andcariid not, aslhe sayittg^oes, 'nfao 
knew that sucb was her determination. 

She was tbr first that obsen'cd Mordfluut an his arrival, and 
she greeted him with a dejrree ofmingliid enifltioti. "Bc^nod lo 
us!" she eicJaimed, "if hcTc is not the canty fallant ihal wears 
yon thing abicjul his Q(!ck, and thai snapped up our gOf'&c as light 
as if ilbad been a sncdje-lavrock!" The admiration «nbe gold 
chain, whiah had formerly made so deep an impression on her 
mind, was marked in the first part of her speech , the^ recollection 
of the untimely fate of the smoked goo&e was commemorated i» 
the sectmd clause, "^Iwill lay (he burden of my life," she in- 
stSDlIy added J " that he is ganging our gate/' 

"lamboundfarBurgh-Weslra, Mrs. Yellowiey," saidMor- 

"And blithe will we be of yourcompaoyj^ahe added — ■''it's 
earljday to eat; but if jou liked a barley scone and a drink nf 
bland— naihelcss, il is ilJ Ira^eilitig on a full stomach, besides 


qaelling jour appetite for the feast that h biding you this dny; 
for all aort of prpdigality there will doubtless be." 

Mordauat produced his ovD stores, and» eipUinipg thalhe 
did not love to be burdensome to them od ihi<^ second >occa»itin, 
invited them to partake of the provisions lii; had to offer. Poor 
Triptolemns, who seldom saw half so good a dinner rs his gue^fs 
luncheon, threw himself upon the good chesr^ like Saocho on the 
scam of Camacbo's kettle, and even the lady herscir couli) not 
resist the temptation , though she gave way to >l with mor« mode- 
ration, and with something like a sense ui shame. *'Shc had 
let the Gre out," sbe said, ''for itwasa pity wagiimg fuel insu 
cold a country, and so she had not thougLi ut gciiling aoy thin;^ 
ready, a^ they were to set out so soop ; and so she coulil not but 
say, that the young geotlemau's naiket looked v«ry good ; and 
besides, she had some curiosity to see whether the folks in that 
CQuntry cured their beef in the same way Ihry did in the north of 
Scotland." Under which combined considerations. Dame Baby 
made a hearty experiment on the refreshments whiob Ihua unex- 
pectedly presented themselves. 

When their extemporary repast was finished, lh{! factor be- 
came solicitous to take the road ; and now Mc rdauiil discovered, 
that the alacrity with which be had been received by Mistress Beby 
was not altogether disinterested. Neither !^he nor the learned 
Triptolemus felt much disposed to commit themselves t^ ihi< ' 
wilds of Zetland , without the assistance of q guide ; and although 
they could have commanded the assistance of one of their own 
tabouring folks , yet the cautions agriculiurisi observed, that it 
would be losing at least one day's work; and his sister inuliipHed 
his apprehensions by echoing back, "One day's work 1 —ye may 
weel say twenty — for, set ane of their nQS(^5 vithju ihc smell of 
afcail-pot, and their lugs within the sound ofaGddle, aud^bit^tie 
them back if ye cant" 

Now the fortunate arrival of Mordauni, in the very nick of 
time» not to mention the good cheer which lie brought v^ith him> 
made him as welcome as anyone could possibly be to a tbrcsbold, 
which, on all ordinaryoccasioas,abborredtlii! passage of a guest; 
nor was Mr. Yellovley altogether insensible of (he pleasure he 


praipi^^d Lim9i;1f in iJetHlting his plana of intproveiiienl \q his 
fouci!^ compaQtoiL^ and eojoying, what hi^ falR seldom asBlgDed 
hiju — Uie compan; of a paiient and admi ring listener. 

As tlie faciur and bis sister were lo prosecute ifceir journey on 
horseback, it oalif reinaLn(;ii Lo mount tlieir guide and comipaDian ; 
a, ihiog easily accomplished, where there ure sucli numbers of 
s.haggy, loDg-baeked^ shorL-lefjgfd ponies, running <M upon 
iUe exlcxisive maors, nbicti are the tummon pastlirage Tor the 
i'allle uf e\ery township J where shellies, ^eesej svine, goals, 
sheep, lad little Zetland cows, ar(^ turned nut promiscuously, and 
ortcn JD uumberB which can oblatn but precarious subsistence 
from the niggard vegetation. There ts, indeed, a rightofindivU 
dual prap'ert;;' iu I'^U these stitnial!), wbii^h ari: branded or latlOfied 
b^ffiach Owner with his o'vm peculiar mark^ but ^AhGci any pas- 
senger has QCcas.ional use for a potiv, he never sernples to la j hold 
of the Gist which he can calcti, puis on a haHer, and, having rode 
him as far as he Gods convenienl, lurns the ttctiual lnu^c to find 
his way back ag:ain a^ he best can-^ a matter in which tbe ponies 
are sufficiently sagacious. 

Although ihiB general eiercise of prop«rtj vas efle of the 
enorroilieswhicli in due time the factor intended to abolish > jet, 
like a wise man, he scrupled not, in the meantime, to avail him- 
self of 50 general a practicfl, which,' he condeseended to allow, 
wasparilcuEarly coaveDienl for Iho^se who (as chanced to he his 
own present case) had no ponies of their own on which thair 
ueighbotirs could retaliate r Three sheliieg, therefore, were pro* 
cur«d frQin the hilJ— -Jittle shagged animals, mure resembling 
wild bears than any thing of the horse tribe , yet possessed of no 
small degree of strength and spirit, and able to ejidure as much 
fatigue and indiffere at usage as any creatures in the world. 

Two of these horses were already provided and fully accoutred 
for the journey. One ctf them, destined to bear the fair person 
of Mistrtss Baby, was decorated with a huge side-saddle of ve- 
n«rabfe antiquity — amass,, asitwcre, of cu&hioo and padding, 
from whi i;h depended, on all sides, a housing of ancient tapestry, 
whicli having heflu originally intended for a horse of ordinary 
Bite, covered up the diminutive palfrey over which i( wafe spread. 



from the ears to the tail, and rrom the shoulder to the fetlock, 
lesYing nothing visible but its head, tvhich loolied fiercely am 
from these enfoielrnenis, like Ihelieraldie represenlfliion of ilimn 
loobiO'g out of a bush. Mordaunt i^allAnily Hflcd up ihe fiif 
Mistress Yellmwley, and, at Ihe eipensc of very slight «itrtion, 
placed her upon the summit nf her riiouTHninnus saddle. It is 
probjiblfi. that, on reeling herself thus squired and atirindedupon. 
and ciperieDcingtbe lon^ nnwonteil (.ocisciousuiiss that she was 
Attlccd in her best arrnif . some ihoutthl^ dqwuifd upon Mistrc^s^ 
Baby's miod, '<h'hich cbccliered for an iustant those habiiiml ideiL!i 
about thrift, ttint formed the daily aDil all-i^ngtoseing uccupaiiiin 
orherSDuh She glanced her eye upon her fadeil Jopoph, and on 
th« long housings ofhersaddtL-, as she observed^ «itb a smile^ lo 
Mordaunt^ that "(raveilirig wa^ a pleasant thing jn fine weather 
and agreeable company, U," she added, jgllancing; a look ata plnev 
whtre thl^ embroidery Wilis somewhat frayed and tattered^ "itwu 
not sae wasteru! to ane's horse-furniture/' 

Meanwhile;, hi;r brother stepped sinutly to his ste(^d i and as 
he chose, nolTJlh^tanding ihe serenity of the weatherj lo (brow a 
long red cEoak over hts other garments, his pony was even mtue 
completely enveloped in drapery ihan that of his sister. It hap- 
pened, moreover, to be an animal of a. high and oanlumacious 
spirit, bou7i>eing and curvetting; cii^easionally under ihe wctghl of 
TriptoldmuSj with a vivacity vhieli, nolwilhslanding hisYorkshire 
descent^ raLhcf deranged bim in th>e saddle; gambols x^Kich, a» 
the palfrey itself was not risible, except apon ihc strictest irtspec- 
lion, had, at a litilcdistaure, an efteet as if they nverethe volnn- 
tsjy movejnenis of the cloaked cavalier, without the assistance of 
aay other legs than tlifise with wliieh nature had provided him -. 
aad, to any who had viencdTriptolemus under sach a persuasion. 
Ihti gravity, and even digtre5&^ announced rn his ooanlenatice, 
must have made a ridi<:ulous contrast to the vivacioas caprioles 
with which he piaffed along the moor. 

Mordannt kept up with this worthy coaple, mounted^ according 
to the simplieity of Ihc time acml Cntinlry, on ihc: flrst and readiest 
pony which ihej had been able to press Into the service, with no 
other acconliement of any kind than the baiter which served lo 


gnidehlru; wbil^ Mr. Ycllawkj, &eef;ig with pleasure his guide 
thus readily provided with a steed, privately rcsodved^ Uial ihils 
mde custom of helping trnvetlers lo horsns , withoiit leave of the 
proprietor, should not be abated id Zetland, tinlil Ue C&iae to pos- 
sess ft bcrd of poDtcs belonging; id property to biinadf, and ci- 
poSed to sulTer in iht way of relalialioD. 

But to other uses or abuse's of the country;, Triplotemus Yel- 
lowley shDW(!d hltns^-lDessiiiUranl. Long and wearisome were 
the diiscourscs be htid -f/hh Itiordauut, or (lo speali much mare 
correctly) the luraiigues which he iuHi^tcd upon himj, coucerotng 
Uic cbjingeb vhich his <iv^a advent in lliege tslcS viHE about lo 
occasioiu UnskiiScii as he was jn llu; niodeto arts by whii-h an 
estate ma; be improved to such a high degree that il shall allo- 
gethcr slip through the proprietor's fingers > Trlplokmus had &t 
least the zeal, if not the kDowli?ii{;c, of a vbolefi^ricullural society 
in his own person; por m^as he surpassed hy any cmc *ho has 
followed him, in lliiit noble spirit which scorns to balance profit 
agaiQSt outlay, but bolds the glory of effecting a great charge oa 
the face of tbe land, to be, like-virtue, in a great degree its own 

Nft pari of the wild and montitBinoHS region over which Mor- 
dmint guided hiiD, hul what su^^csle^d lo hie acliive imaginQlion 
some achefljc of injprovcnieut aiml ftUerntion. He would rnaWe a 
road thro u^h yoJi scarce passahlE glen, where at present nolhiog 
but the sure-fouifld t reaiures on which Uirj wurc mounted could 
Irrad ivilh any safety. He would substitute better houses for the 
skeoes, 'or sheds built 4)f dry stones, in whi^:!! the inhabitants cured 
or manufactured their tish — ibey should brew good ele instead of 
blacd^ — they should |i]antifure&ts where tree never grew, ftftd! find 
mines of treasure where a Danish skillingwas accuuuteda coin 
of amoM respectable deaominalioTt, All these mutations, with 
many others, did ific worthy facti^r resolve upon, speabiDgat the 
same time with the uiiiiost conlideoce of the ■cuunteQunce and 
as&islance which he was lo reeeirc from the higher classes, aod 
pspecially from Mannus Troil. 

"I will ijM|iart some of my ideas lo Ibc poor man," he said, 
"before we arc Ibulh luauy hours older; aod you will mark how 



grate Tul be will be to llic instructor who brings him knowledge, 
which is better than wealth." 

*'l woald iiothavr jou build loo BtTODgly on Ibni," sflW Mor- 
dannt, fry way of^ caution^ '^MiignusTruil's boat is kittle lu trim 
— he likes his ti%ji way, atl^Uiis C(HUilry-Ufiy^, and yoa vill 45 
9oon tfiflcli ycjur shellic to dive iike »s*nlgh, as brinp Magnus lo 
tdke A SciitliBh fashifni in the place tif a iNorse cme — and yel , if 
he is steady tci his old custijios, be may pecliAps be a$ changeable 
as anothpr in his ftld rriendships/' 

*'IIens, luinepte!" isaid the !4L-bolnri>r Saint A.D(trew9, ^'steady 
or UtlStcndy, vhul can it matter? — am nrtt I here in puinl oFlrust^ 
and in point uf power? and shall which harbnrnusnp- 
pellaihe this Magnus Truil still i!alls bimsi'lf, presume to inra' 
'sare judgment and weigh reasr>Q^ with rae^ vhu rcprf^i^nl the futl 
dignity ot'lheChaicibeHiim of thit islands ofOrkney and J!ctland?" 

"Still," said Mr»Tdaunt, "'I wnuld ad\ise yoii iiri^l to advance 
loo rashly upon im prpjucliccs. Magnus Troil , rroni the hour of 
his bird) to this day, never saw a j^reaier mnn than himself, and 
ilis ilifiicult ((> bridle ati old horst! for tbc first linic. BeBidcs, he 
has at no time in btslifc been a putieni lislfncr to long: c&pla- 
nftlions, 90 it is poB&ihIu Ihat be may q,uarrel wilh your proposed 
reformatioQ, before you can convince him ol'its advantages." 

"Jiaw mean youj jdun^mati?" said the fat^tftr. '^'Is there 
one ?'ho dwells in these islands, who is so 'Mrelchtidly blind as not 
to be Sensible of ihcir deplorable di^r<^ct$f Can n man," he added, 
rising into enthusiasm as he spoke, "or even a beast, look al that 
thing there T which ihey have the impudence to call a rorn-niillt'' 
without trembling lo think that coro should be inimsiEd to «Hi:h 
a miserable luoleDiiLnary? Tfae wrelebes are obliged to have ai 
least fifty in each parisli, ea^^h trundling away upon its paltry 
mill-slane , under the ihatch i>r a roof no bigger than a bec-skep, 
instead of a noble and seemly barftn's mill , of which you would 
hear the clack through the kail I country ^ and that caeU the Pieol 
throughlJie mill-tye, by fnrpitsata time!" 

"Ay, ay,bioiher»" said hrs sister, "that's spoken like jour 
-wise sell. The mair rest (he mair honour — that "s yoar word 
* Sfls hfllc L. Zetland Com- mill, 


GTermair- Can il ao creep into your wi&c ]i«ad, man, (hat ilka 
bod;j §rlnil$ ihdr aiit nieicfu' »{ mea\ in lh.i'6 cniinLrj, willioul 
plauiujji^liicuisells abuutbaroij's mills j andltiirls, aitd suckeci, 
and the like trndc? How moay a time tiave I hcariJ you bcll-the- 
Cal wilb duLd Edie ^'elhcrSlaae, (ke miller ai Grindli'burn, and 
m' bLa very kuarc too, about in-tuwn and out-Iowo iculturcs — 
lock^ Ijowpea, and knuvesbip^ and a' Ihe lave o'C; and qott 
naelhiDg les.s4ill ser\e yuu than Lii bring; id thevery same fashery 
DD a wheCD puLr bodi>L'S, Ibai big ilk ane a mill lor themselves, 
ale aa it is?" 

*'DinDa tell me of gowpen end knaveship!" eiclaimed Ibe 
IndigQaut agriculturist; "better pay ibe half of the ^rist to the 
miller, l4) hViH ihe rest grund in a Cbrisliaa maoDer^ than put 
good grain iota a bairo's wbicUgig. Look at il for momeDt, Baby 
— Bide siilU ye cursed imp!" Tbis tnierjtciion was applied lo 
hispuay, wlikh bcganto bo eitremetjf impaiieat, wbile its rider 
ifilcrrupii!d bis jourQey, to poiot out all ihe wvak ptiintsofihe 
Zetland Mill — "Lowkatil, I say — il'sjustone degree better 
than a Uand-quern — h ha^ ncithei wheel liof irindle — neither 
cog nor happer — Bide still, there's a cantiy beast — it cajina 
grind a bkkerfu' of meat io a quarter of an hour, and that iajI] be 
mafr like a mash for faorse tlun B niellith fur man's us^e — Where- 
fore — Bide still, J say— wliercforo — wherefore — The deil 's 
inlhe beast, and nao good, lltriDk!" 

As he uttered ihe last words, the shcUy, which liad praoced 
aod cuneited for some time with much impatience , ai length got 
its head betwixL its legs, and at once canLed its rider into the linle 
rivuletj ■whicli served: to drive the depreciated eiiigiiii; lit: was sur- 
veying; llicQ emancipating itself from Ihe folds o) the cloak, lied 
back towards its ouu wild>ert)esg, neighing in scorn, and! fliugiDg 
out its heels at every live yards. 

Laughing heartily at his disaster, Mordaunt helped Ihe old 
man to arise; while fais srsier sarcasLicuUy consraiuialed bitu au 
having faJleQ rather into ilic shallows of a Zetland rtvnlei than the 
depths of a Scoiiish rnill-pond. Disdaining la reply to this sarcasna, 
Tripioiemus, so soon as he had recovered his lags, sh.iketi his 
'ears, and fonud that the f^ilds of his doak had saved bun from 


being much wn id Ihe scanty 6tr«ainlH, ciclaimed al«ud, "t will 
have cDsscrs fram Lanarkshire — brood marcs from Ayrshire — 
I will nol bav« nni; 41I' lbes<3 cursed abortioD;^ Irft ■)□ ihe if^Uads. 
to break hoaesl folk's accks — I %a}, Bab j , I will rid the land of 

'^'^¥>e had better wring your iin cloak ^ Tripiolemus," an- 
swered Baby. 

Mardaunt meanwhile was cmploifed iit c;Jll{liing anolhcr ponj, 
rrom a berd which Ktr^y**d at some distinct ; and , having nuide u 
halterout of t^ii-^ited rashes, hi> seated the dismayed agriculturist 
ia safety t||)nn a more 4{aiet, ihougli less active Steed, than thflt 
which he had at first bestrode. 

OutMr. Yellowley's fall had operated a^ a considerable seda- 
tive upon hi!f!!i])irltg, and, for Itie full spafe 4jf five miles travel, 
hosaidscarft 4 vord* leaving full course to ihemelanchcly «spi- 
ratious nod laml;ntation^ which his sislerBaby bestowed i>n the 
old bridle, wliicli the pony had carried oiTia its flight, aad'^'hich, 
she observed, alter having lasted for eighteen years come Mur- 
linmaa, might nuw be considered sf^ a CtiStawuy thing- Finding 
she hud thus the field to hcrseir, the old lady lanchcd Tnrth inlft 11 
lecture upoD eronttinj, according Ifl her own idea oPthai virlue, 
whilst si-rmed to include a system of privstionSf «hi{-h, (hough 
ohserifEd with ihe ?ti]e purpose oj" sa>ing motiejf, niighl, if un- 
dcrtaken upon oth>er |)rincipleg, have ranked high in the history 
of a religious aacctic, 

She was but little interrupted by Mordnitnt, «ho, conscious 
he was now onthcevcofapproachiiiff Bnri(h-WestTa, employeJ 
himself rather in |he lask nf aniicipattng the nature of the recep- 
tion he Tv^as about to me«l ^-lih (here frflm two beautiful youag 
women, than with the prosing of an old one, however wisely she 
might prove that small-heer was more wholesome ihnn strong ale, 
and thai if her brother had bruised his ankle-bone in bis tumble, 
cnmfrey and butter was better to bring htm ran thd again , (hsn all 
the doctor's drugs in the world. 

But nuw the dreary moorlandJB, over which their path bad 
httherta lain, were eiehanged for a more pleasant prospect^ 
opening on a salt-water lake, or arm of the sea, which ran up far 


inland, and was sarronndcd by flat and fcrlilegruuiid^ producing 
KEops better Ihfln the eijierienced eye of Triplnltmus Yullowley 
bail as yet witnessed in Zetland^ In Ihp oiidsl of tliis freshen 
stooil the raaQsiun vS Burg:li-Westrai, streoncJ irom the north and 
east by a ridge of ht;aLliy bill's which lay bebiml it, and coiam.and- 
iug an in Itri! sling prospect ol the lake and ils parenlocEen, as 
^ell as lh« islands, and nior>e iLUianl niountains. From the 
mansion itiielf, as well as from almost every cottage in the adja- 
cent bamlet^ aroac such a rich cloud of vapuury smoke* as showed, 
that the prpparatitms for the fesii\al -were not coutined to the 
principal rei^idcuce of Magnus bimself , but eitteoded Uiraugh the 
ivhole vicmn^ti. 

"My certie/' said Mrs. Baby YeUo-w ley, "anewad think (he 
haill town was on iiffi! Th« very hill-siile smells of their waste- 
fulness, and a hungry httartwad i^carcc SifX better kitchen* to 
a barley scone , than just to waft it in (he rc{;k that 's rising out 
ofyOD lumg." 


— " tbou hasi ilcscrrbed 

A htil rrieoii 4:'aolin);. Ev«irnotc, LuciUUSt 

Wbc^n loYC begins (tj sichcD and decs;, 

It iiselb an finforil^ed cen^mony. 

Tbeia are uo irielu in plain anil Gimple faiib. 

Jutiai CvttT^ 

If the smeJl whlcia was wafted from the chimneys of Burgh- 
Wcslra up io the barren bills by which the miinsion was sur- 
rounded, cuuldj as Mistress Barbara tipincd, have refreshed 
the huDgry, the noise M'hich proceeded from (hence might have 
ffiv^in hcarmg to the deaf. It vi as a medley of ail sounds , and all 
connected With joIJity and kiJid welcome. Kar were the sights 
asg4cia(ed with tbcni k&s antmating. 

Troops of friends wore so^n in the act of arriving — iheir dis- 
persed ponies flying lu the moors to every direetion, lo recov'Er 
(heir owrj pastures ia the best way they could ; — such, as we 
Jiave already said, being (he asual mode af discharging the ca- 

' Wtai is Bflt by wav of relish (o dry bread, is called kileften in Scol- 
Imd, a^cboesB, dried 'flsfi» or tlie (iM relishing raoraels. 



Tfllry which bad been levied lor 4 day's service. Ala 9m»ll but 
conunodiou^ haiboar, connected with itic bouse aud faamlet, 
those vLSiiG)-9 were landing Trom ihuir boaifi, vho, living in 
dislanl i^^l^nds, aadalung the const, had prcferreil makiDg ihetr 
jourucy by sea, Mnrdnunl nnd his ctitupaotmis might seecscb 
party pausing IVeiqucntly lo grei^L each oLher^ aiiil sirodjag on 
successively Id Ihe house^ whose ever open gate rcceiV'Cd them 
ulternaltty in such numbers, IhaL it 'secined Ihe eitcnl i>r the 
maii>iiun, though suiled to ihQ opuLuucu and h<>spila1ily ^if the 
owner, was scarce » on (hisuccasLon, sulRvicnt fur Uie gu<:s1s. 

Among the coafuSEd sounds of mirth and welcfime which 
JiroBC at the entrance of eftch new company, Mniird^unt thim(i;hl he 
could distinguish the loud liiugh and hc.trty emlutntirtn t*i the Hire 
of the mansiud) and began to fci-l jn<ire deeply than bcTorc, iho 
amious doubt, whether that cordial rer-cpiUm. which was dt»tri- 
buied so freely to all otiiers , ^ould bu on ttiU orcajkinn citetided 
Li> him. \& tlif^y cam« (mi, they heard the \oluntary gcrapings 
and bravura cIFusious of lh{!: gullant fiddlers, who itjipaliently 
flung already from their bows (hose sountts wjlh which (hey were 
to anixnatf! the eYPning. The clnmnur of the cook\s a:isiatanl£. 
and the loud scoliiing tones of the cook hiniseU ,^ ware also lo bfi 
beard — Sounds of dissouaitce al any other linitj, but which, 
Babitued with iilliers, nud by ccrtaiti happy assotiations, foim 
n« disagreeable part at Ihe full chorus which always precedes t 
rural feast. 

Meatiwiiilc, the guests adYflnced^eachrjlloftheir own Choitghis. 
Mordaunt's we have already oolked^ Baby was wrapt up in Ifao 
melancholy grief and surpriise cicilcd by the postilive conviclioD, 
that so much victuals had be^u cootied at once as were necessary 
10 feed all the motilbs which were elamouring arouud her — aa 
enormity of eipeni^^e, which, though ghe was no WAy <!uuceraed In 
beanngiC, affected her nerves, as the beholding a massacre would 
touch those of the most i]idiiTerc'Dtspe'CtalQr,ii.owe\crwe11 assured 
^ij* bis o^vn personal safely. She sickcucd^ in short, at Ihe sight of 
BO much eilravagQDce, like Abyssinian Bfuce., whcp he saw the 
luckless miuj>lTel5 of Gondar backed to pieties tiy the order of Ra& 
Mkhadf As for her brother, ihey being now anlYed vbcre the 


rude artit ^oUqu^ iDstniments nf Zeiland ngriculture Li^ scattered 
ia the usual coDfusion of a Sfoiiish bariv-jaTiJ, his ihoug>iis wtre 
SloDce engrossed in tiii? rienciencic^nfrhe <ine-stillpci plough — nf 
iht twiicar, wiLb which they digpcais-^ of lh« fledges, an wbrch 
they transpoTl coinmodiliea — of nil nnd every thicig, in short, in 
whtch the u&d^s of ihe Hlands dJlTered fr«m those ef the main- 
land orScotlftiKiL The siptitcidheSB imperfect inMiumenils stirred 
ihc blood of Triptolemus Yellowlcy, as that of ih* bold warrior 
rises at seeing the: Arms »tid in^i^^niJi of Ihe enemr he. ift about t« 
coinbni; and, faithfulito hishigh empcisp, he i*ii"iui{hilc5s ofthe 
hunger which hi^ journey hiid occasioned , although about lo he 
satisBed by «uch a dinn<^r as rarely fell to hi& lot , Ihan upon thfr 
task which he hnd UDdcrtahcn, of tivilizing^ the rnanTi>i:r3^ ani] 
iiUpTovingthe Cultivation, of Zetland. 

^■Jacta es£alr.a," h(! miiKeicd lo himself; ^'ihis verf day shalf 
prove whether tti{: Zellanders are itorLhy <st our labours, or 
whether thfirminrJs arc as incapable of cultivation as thi;irpeat- 
lUDsses. Yet let U5 be ciiuiLou%,.and watrh the soft time of speech. 
I feel , b; my dwq eiperiisoce, thai it were best to let the hody , in 
its present stale, lake \hf placd of the mind. A. mouthful of 
that same roast-bccf, which smells so deUcately, will form an 
apt iniroduction lo my grand plan for improiiog the breed of 
stuck h" 

Bf this time the visiters had reached the low hut amidi' front 
of Magnus Troil's residence, which seeiued of various dates, with 
Jafge and ill-ini.'jgjned Additions, hastily atli-ipled lo the original 
building, a& the increasing estate, or enlarged fain ily, ofsucecs- 
sivc proprielora. appeared to eai;h to demand. Beneath a low, 
hroadi and large porch, supported by two huge carved posts, once 
the head-ornajnents of vcsiiels which had fcmnd shipwreek npon 
Ihecflast, stnod Magnus himself, intent on the liospilablc- toil of 
rEcefving and welcoming the numerous guests who successively 
approached. His strong portly figure wn^ M'ell adnpted to the 
dress which he wore — a blue coat of an antique cut, lined i^'itb 
scarlet, and laced and looped with ^old down tho seams and 
but loo -hole 5, and along (he ample cuffs. Strong and masculine 
Ieatur«g, rendered rgddy and hrowo by frequent eiposure ta 


i^cvere weather — a qubntiiy of mofri v«afrabl« sUv«r heir, wtueh 
felj In unshorn profusiyn from under his golJ-laced hat, lud 
was cardessly lied with a ribbon behind, expressed nl once his 
advanced agi- , his hasiy, yel well-cunditioncd temper, aod hib 
robust Cd'Hi^Uiiilion. A'^our Iravii^UeTS itpproiiched him, a shadt 
ofdisijieasure seemed to cross his brow, aud La iDlcrruptforAa 
instaot the boui^st nad ht^arty burtit of hilarity witt) which be hid 
been iui tbe act of j^roeling ati priur nrmals. When be ny- 
proached Trt[)t(i1emu& Vtlhi'WLey , h>e drew himsvlf up, bo as Id 
mix, as it Vicra, some share ul the stately iraportaoc'e of th^ 
opaleai UdiiUer with the welcO'ttie aiForded by the fruok and 
hospitable tuadlard. 

^'Vou are ivelcomcj Mr. VeUovley/'^ was his address to IhtL 
factor; "you are welcome toWcetra — the wind has blown yvit 
*a h rough coast, and we thai are the iuiiv4>9 nitisl be kind to yoii 
as ve can. This, I believe, is jfour sister — Mistress Barbara 
Yellowley, pt^rniit am the honour of n neighbourly salute." — 
And so saying, wilh a daring and scir-devoted courtesy, which 
would (iod DO '^[[ua] In nur degencrale days , he actually ventured 
to salute the witheredcheek of the spinsLrcss^who related Munuch 
of her ustxal peevishness of eijiri^gsiun, as lo recciiie the courlicsy 
with soinethmg wbji-b approached ti> a srnik'. ffe then looked full 
atMordguulMerluun, and, i^ithout ufferiDg bis haiid> SALd, ju a 
iDD/G somewhat broken by suppressed agilaiioD) "Youtaoarc 
welcome, MaSlOrMordaUnL." 

'*Did I Dot Ihiok ni, " suld Mordaunt, naturally offended by the 
eolduess of his bost's manner, * ' I had not been here — aad U is 
Dot yet too lale to luTa back." 

"Youngman," replied Magnus, '*yau know better than jbosi, 
that from these doors no man can turn^witbciul tin offence (fj their 
(iv-ni^r. I pmy yoiij disturb not my guests by your ill-iiqried 
scruples. When Magnus Troil says welcome, all aro welcome 
who are within hearing of his voice, and it is an indifferent loud 
one. ^ Walk on, my worthy^ guesis^ andletoBScc^bat cheer my 
lasses can make ynu within doors." 

So s8yiD|^^ And taking care to make bis manner so general to 
the whole party, that Mocdatmt should not be able to approprtale 


any pjirtictiUr|HiTtionftf the -wekome to himself, nor yeilocom-' 
plain of being cxclutlpd from all shatt in tij the Udallcr ushered 
the guests into hia hoiasC; whert" two large oalrr rooms, whifh, 
rtnlhc present occasinn , served (he purpose nf a modern saloon, 
were already crowded with gupsts of every descripiifju. 

The furnilure was stlfficieiilly sinLphc, and had n chftracler 
peculiar lo the situaifoa oF Ihesi: stormy islands. Mo|^imsTroil 
was, indeed, like mn&t of the higher clAfS of Zelland pTaprie(crs>n 
friend In the dislressed trflveller. whether by seg f»r laud, and hid 
repeatedly e^erltd his whole authority in prolEciing ihi? propErty ■ 
and persons of ship wrerliCdraarirers; y^l si)froi[tieDl were wrecks 
DpOD that tFemendous cQasl, and so many uQappropriaied articles 
were coostiintly flung ashoFP, that ihe inlprior of ihB house bore 
snrScienl witness ti> the ravages nf the ocetin, and lo iheeiercise 
of those rights which the lawyers term Flotsome andJetsnme. The 
thairft]. whicb were arranged around the walls, wcrcsuch asare 
used io cabins , and man]' of them were oF foR-ij^ri CHnDstrncltou ^ 
the mirrors anit cabioeis, which were placed against she walls for 
ornament or comeniencCj had, it wasptaio from ihcir rorm, been 
constructed f«r ship-board, and ope or twp of the latter were of 
sirange aad unknown wood. Even the pariiliDn which separated 
the two apartments, seemed ronsiructed out of (he bulk-heads ot 
some large- YCS'Sel, clamsily adapted (o the £crvi<:e which it ai pre- 
sent perFormCd, by the labour of some native joiner. To a stranger, 
these evident marks and tolccns of human rniser)' mighty atlbe 
first glflnce, form a contrast with the scene ai mirth with which 
they were uow fissociatcd ; but the assodalJoa was so familiar (t> 
tbe naiiveSj that it did not for a moment inlerrupl Ibe course of 
their glee, 

To (he Yfmnger part of these revellers the presence of Mor- 
dauQl was like a fresh charm of enjoyment. All came around 
himtomarvtil at hisabsenccjaud all. by th«ir repeated inquiries, 
plainly showed that Ihiy conceived it had been entirely Tohintary 
oa bfs side. The youih felt that this general acceptation relieved 
his aoiieiy on o*e painful point. Whatever prejudice the family 
nrbufgh-Westra might have adopted respecting him, it must be 
of a private nature, and at least he had not the additional paio of 



QndiDg llinL he wab dtpref iaicd in the «fe& of society «t large ; and 
his viitilii^niion. when hiifufTmil uppiiriunity lo make one, would 
aul require lu he 'eileniki] hi':yimil ihc rircli^ n{ a, sini^\e ramily. 
Tht$iirqs^.rHnfioliDg; Itinu^li liis Itenrt stilt rbrubb^d «jlii nii\kty 
at tha ibought of mcettDg wilb his estraD^eU, but still b^luvi-il 
fri'Cnds. Lnying the <!iru!^c of his abgeurc on bis father's Slate 
of hcaUh I he raadt bis way through the variAus i^roups of frieatls 
andgupsts, each nf whom spcmed willing to deiaCu hini as Ioiik 
Ai possible, and baving, by preacnllng the'in lo one orlwo f.iqiilies 
of coasequcticc, gol rid tjf his iravclliu^ companlnns, who al 
titat Sliick last as burs ^ he reached Qt length the door nf a small 
aparliiicnl. vhich, oppninii; Ironi cmcijflhQ large eitpriurroc^ms 
we havemi.^ntiO'ncd. Minna and Brcnda bar) been permitted lo tit 
up after Ih'fir own ta>-ti:, Riiti lo rail Ibi'ir peruliar propprty. 

MordaQDt had contributed uo smalt share of the invr^nlion and 
mecbanica] fiEcutlon employcil in lilting up thr!4 favouriti' apart- 
misntj and in di^pusingils ornaniCF>l3>- IL was, lndec<ii during his 
last residence alBurgh-Wdstrn, as freelo his enlrance and occu- 
paitan, as to its proper mistresses. But now, so much wf re timps 
allorcd, that he remained with his Uugcr^n the latch, uncertain 
whether hn tiliuuld lake lhi> Trrcdom lo draw it, until Brenda'H 
TOice prnniimcict-d the words^ "Come ia, then," inlbetoncof 
one who is interrupted by an unwrkome disturber, who i& to be 
heard and dc^^pat<':hed with all thp «pced pos^sjbh'. 

At this^ ^igtisl McctdUD enlercd the fanciful cabiitet of the 
sisters^ which by the addition of niotiy ornaments, indudiii^ 
some ftTticie^ of considerable value, had been lilted up I'^r the 
approaching festival. Thedaughiers of Maj^nus, at the moment 
»f Mordaunt's eatrancc, w cre seated in dcpp consullalifin with thB 
alrHnger.Clevelaod; and with a little slight-mBile oid mutt, whose 
e;«r>etAined all the vivacity of Spirit, which had siippnricd him 
under the thousand \i>ci9^situdes of a cban^cfal aD<i preearicpua 
life;, and which, nccoaapanyinghi/n in his old age, rendered his 
gray hairs k'ss awfully reverend perhaps, but not less beloTed, 
ihanwould a more grave and less imaginative expression of eoun- 
tenance and character. There was even a pcoelraiing shrrwdDess 
' jningled in the louk^f curiustly^ with which, qs he stepped lor ob 


aluhl my dear MH^rdaunt Merlaun, silver is silvet* snd ^Ai«a 
not dim by use — aad pester ts pewter, and grows tbe longer 
ihe dallcr. Il is doC for poor Claud Hatcro to Dame hijnaelf iti 
the samt? tweheiiionlh with the iniranrtal John Dr^fden. Tru^ it 
is, as I may hu>'c lold you before , that 1 have saeu that great 
mauy nay, I have beeo jn the Wits' CofFeeliQUse, asitwasLhtn 
called y and hod once a pinch out of his owa very snaff-boi. I 
must hav« lold you all hav/ it happened, but herfl is Captain 
Clereland wlia pever hi^ard it. ^^ 1 lodged, you mii^t know, in 
Ru&selSlreet — I qaestiou not but you know Ruai^el Street, Co- 
vcul Garden, Captain Cleveland?" 

" 1 ihould kuow its latitude pnitty well , Mr. Halcro," said the 
Captain, smiling-, ^' but I believe you mcniioii'ed (hp cifcumstiince 
yesterday, aad besides we have Uic Jay's duty in hand — jou 
must play us this son^ whicb w t: arc to study," 

" Il will Bdt serve the lura now/' said Hakro, *'wii must think 
of something thnt will lake m our dear Mordaunl, the firsi voice 
in the island, wbeihi^r forii part or solo. I will never hti be v-ill 
touch a string to you, urnlcs!) Mordaunt lUiirtauiL is to help us out. 
^ What say you, ixij fairest Night? —what think you, my sweet 
DanaorDay?" he added , oddressiDg the yi*ung womeOj upon 
ii'hoin, ais we hare said elsewhere, be had long before besluwcd 
these allegorical names. 

"Mr. AlordaudtMeriouD," saidMintia, "has come too late 
lobe i»r our band uu this occasion — it ia our misrortune, bat it 
cannot be helped/' 

"How? what?" SflidHalcto, hastily — "too tale — and you 
have practised tflgether all your lives? lake my word, my bonny 
lassci^, that old tuacs are sweetest^ aud old friends Bure&i. Mr. 
Cleveland has a line bass, that must be nllcwed; but I would 
have you jrusi for the first eiffci tit «rie of tbe twenty line airs 
yi>u can sing where Mordaunt's tenor joLnsso well with yuuf own 
witchfify — here is my lovely Day approves the change in her 

'*¥ou were never in yotir life more mistaken, father Hatcroi," 
said Brenda, her cheeks again reddeniflg, more with displeasure, 
it seemed, Uiaa with shame. 


" Nay, but hov is thia?" siid the old man, pausing, and laok- 
I'ag at Uiflm alteraatet;. *'What have we gol here? — n cloudy 
night and a red morniDg? — that betokens rough weather. -^ 
What meaos all this, yonag women? — where Ues the olTeoce? — 
In me, I fear; for the blaoie is always laid apcia the oldest when 
yoBDg folks like yon go by the ears." 

"The blame is not with yon, father HAlcro/' snld Minnfi, 
rising, and taking her sister by the arm, **\i indeed (here be 
blame any where." 

<^ I should fear then, Minna," saidHordaunl, endvavnaring 
to soften his tone into one of indifferent pleasantry, ''that ihu 
oew comer has brought the offence along with him." 

"When no offence is taken," replied Mimia , «Uh h«r usual 
gravity, " it matters not by whom such may huvc b«en offered." 

" Is it possible, Minna ! " eiclalmed Mordaunt, '^ and Is it you 
who speak thus to me? — And you too,-Bfenda, can you tno juifge 
so harshly of me, yet without permitting me oat nnomeuE of honest 
and frank explanation?" 

<** Those who should knoK^best," answered Brfnda, fnatow 
batdecisive tone of voice, "have told us their pleasure, nnd it 
mast be done. — Sister, I think we have staid too lutig here , and 
shall be wanted elsewhere. — Mr. Mertoun wiEl excuse us on ro 
busy a day." 

The sisters linked their arms together. Hiikr'n in vain en- 
deavoured to stop them, making, at the same time h, athcatncal 
gesture, and exclaiming, 

**Now, Day and Night, bnt this ia wondrous slTan^e I" 

Then turned to MordauQtMertoun, andadd«d — "The skirls are 
possessed with the spirit of mutability, showing, &^ uttr masicr 
Spenser well saith, that 

'Among all livins ereatorps , more or leue , 
Change tlill doth reign, and keep the greater ivaj.' 

Captain Cleveland," hecontioued, "knowyoaany thingthathas 
happened to put these two javeniie Graees out of i unc? " 

"He will lose his re<^onhig," answered Cleveland, "ihal 
spends lime in inquiring why the wind shifts a [joint, or why a 


woman changes hermlDd. Were I Mr. MoHiunl, I vouJd not 
ask the proud wenches acaiherquesiion iiin 5.uicha subject." 

'*It is & frieDilly advice^ Captain Clevelsitd," replied Mor- 
dauDL^ "^^aad I vill Dot hold it the lefts so that it has b^eu given 
unasked. Allow iflc to Imiuife if ynii are yuarsclf as indifferent 
10 the opiDioa oFraurremaile friends, asit setnis you would iia'^e 
me lobe?'" 

"Who, I?" said Ihe Cafitain , with aa air of frank indif- 
ference, *' 1 never ihuuglil Iwif r upon such a subject. 1 octit &aw 
a wihiTjaa wUrlh tliliikin^ IwiCc aUuul after ihe aaihor was a-penk 
— UD shore il is aoolher thing; and 1 will lau^h^ i^'ig) danci?. and 
make love, if they like il^, with twenty ;^i rls, wer« (hey but ha If so 
pretty &% those who hare \e(l n&, nod make thenn heartily welcome 
to cliftDge the Ir course in the sound of a boatswain's whistle. It 
will be mlds but I wear a<i fast as they can." 

A palieut is seldom pleased with that stirt of con&olation 
which IS founded on lluldiag; ]l;t3'>t^ ^^^ malaiiy cf which he com- 
plains^ and Mordaunt fell disposfii (o he offended with Captain 
Cleveland^ bcih for lakin^ notice tif bis emhorra^smenl, and 
inirudinguiiDn him his own opinion; and he replipd, therefore^ 
somewhat sharply, "that Captain Cleveland's seotiments were 
only suited to su<:l) iii; bad the art id hi^cumt univi-r^al favuuriics 
wherever chance happened to (brow l&eiD, and who could uol lose 
in one place mure than iheir merit was sure to gain for ihem i» 
a u other." 

This WHS spoken ironically; but there was, lo confess the 
trulih a superior kiiuwiedfjc of the world, and a consciousness of 
eiternal merit al least, about the man, which rendorud his itifer- 
ferfnce doubly disagrcesblp . As Sir Lucias O'Trigger sajs, there 
was an air of success about Captain Cleveland which was mighty 
pravokixfcg. Youngj handsome, and well assured, his air of nau- 
tical hi uBtncss sat naLumlly and easily u}ion liim, and was perhaps 
parficutarly well fltted to thi? simple manners of the remote coun- 
try la wbich he found himself; and where, even in the best fami- 
lies, a t'reaier degree of irtfineraeBl might haie reucieredhis con- 
versation rather less ncceptable. He was toutenledj in the pres^ent 
iastaoct, to smile ^od-humouredly at (he obvious disconlent of 


MnrddUQLMerloun, aadr«plied, "You are anfifry viih me, mj 
tJ;uod fliiTld i but you cannnl ntnke me dn^ry with you. Tlie fijr 
hands of ah thepreliy wurnen 1 ever saw in my life vmuld nevrr 
have (jstied roe up oul oS dht Ronst or Sumbiirph. Su , praj , iJo 
not quarrel wilh Die; for here i& Mr. Ilalcro witness thul I have 
siruck bolh jjick and tnpstiil, nud should you fire a broadside ifltij 
me, cannot tc [urn a single *ht)t." 

"Aj, ay." said Halt^tfl, " pu inusi bp rriMids with Capiain 
Cleveland, Mf^rdnanl. Never quarrel wUh your Tricnd, because 
a, woman is whiinstcal. Why, mau^ if they kept one humour, 
how Ihe devil ci^uld wo iriakt: 9i> many snn^s oti ihrni as wc do? 
Even old IJr^den himself, gtonous old Joba, coulil have said 
little nboui a gifl that was always of one miml — -is wt'H write 
Vtirses upon a itijll-poad. 'It if. your lideS and jOur rousts, atnil 
your currents and eddies, thatcouic and go, and ebb and floTf, 
<by Jfea\en! I run inlu rhyme when I sti mneh ns ihinli upon 
liiem,) that sintEe one day, rage tlii^ oejt. Hatter and di^vonr, 
delight and ruin us, and so forth — it is ibesc IhAt ^tv? (he r«al 
Mul of poetry. Did yon ncvflr hear my Adieu lo the Lass of 
Northraavi-n — that was poor Bet Stimbister, whom I call Mary 
for the sound's sake, as 1 rail myself llacon after my great an- 
cestor Hacon Goldernund , or Haco ftith ihji guidon mouth, wh<» 
came to the island with HflroJdHarfaijer, and was his chief Scald? 
^ WelJj hue where was 17 — Oh, ay — pour Bet Slimbister, she 
(iind partly soinB Ocbt) was the cause of my leaviiij; thn ji^les t\( 
Hialtlaiiil, (belter so cal]{-d ihao ShetLind, ur Zeiktid Qveiij n-Qii 
taking to the broad wortJ. J ha\i> hacJ a. tran>p of it sinee that 
lime— t have baUlcd my way tliioufj'l] ilie wi>rld, Captain, as a 
Riut) i>f rauld may, that has t) )i;i:tii liead^ a Iii(ht purse, and n henrl 
as light as Ihejii botb — foughtmyway, and poidmyway — that 
is, either with money or wit — have seen Uin^s changed and 
d«pt)ged, as you woald (urn a tenant otit flf a scaihoid — knewa|[ 
the witsof ihe age* and especially the glorious John Dryden — 

what man in the islands can say as miich. barring lyintf? I had 

a pi uch oat of his on n suuff-bui -^ 1 will [ell you how I came by 
sucli proraotioD," 

"BulUiesoDg, Mr.Halcro," 3aid Captain CUveland. 


"The sung?" answered Halcro, seising tha Caplain by ihe 
huiLon , — for he was TOO much aGCUStomed to have his audience 
L'scflpe from hiiD during reciiairop, uoi lo put in praciice all the 
usual means of prevenliiMij-- "Theswngl Why I gave a copy 
ur it, with jifleen others, to Ibe imrnort!!! John. Vou shull hear 
It — you shall hear Ibem alt, if you will but sUod still a moment ; 
and you tuo, mj dear boy, MordauntMenoun^l have scarce hoard 
a word from yoDE-iaiouLh ihtse sit mooihS;, and now you are mti- 
nitig awny from tne," So &ayin^r ht Bccitrcd him with bis olher 

"Nay, DOW he has got ub both in tO'W," snid Ihe seaman^ 
^uhcrcis nottiiDgfor it but hearing him out, though be spins as 
tough a yarn as over ao old man-of-war' s-tnan twisted oa the 
watch at midBigbtr" 

"iXay, now, be silBOt, be silent, andletoneofus spiiabat 
once," said the pad, imperstively; while Cleveland and Mor- 
daunt^ lookioff at each othur w jih a ludicrous expression of rcsig- 
uatiou l4i ihi^ir fale, wailed in f^ubmissioo for the well-tnown and 
iucvjiabic tak. '^1 will i^ll you all about il," eonlinuetl Halcro. 
" 1 was knocked about the WQrIdllJkc olhef yonng fellows, doing 
this, that, and t'other, for a livelihood^ for, thank God, I could 
turn my band lo any thing — but loi ing i^li]] Ihe Muses as much 
as if the ungratcfuJjades had found mt, like so many bSuckheads, 
ill my own coach-aod-sliH Howorer, 7 held out till my cousin, old 
Lawrence Lioldeuer, died, and left rnc the bit of an island pu- 
dei; although, bytheway, CultmqEindie was as near la him as I 
•was; bui Lawretjcc loved wit, though he had little of his own. 
Well, he left me tb^kwee bit island — iti^a;^ barren as Parnassus 
itself. WhatifceD? — I havfl n penny to spend, a peJiny lokeep 
my purse ^ a peDny lo give to Ihe puor^ — ay, and a bed and a 
bottle for a friend, as^ou shati know, bojs, if I'ou will g<i back 
with me wfaen this merrimcpt is over. — But where was I in my 

"^car port, I hope," answered Cleveland; but Halcro was 
too determmed a narrator to be interrupted by the brnadest 

"Oh, ay," he resumed, with the seir-salisfied aJrofonewbo 


has recoTcred the thread of a story, "I was in my old lodgiQ^s 
in £uise1 Street, witb &ld licnothj' Tbimbletbwaiie^ iheMister 
FashioneTi itien the best-known man ebfiui town, lie made fD^ 
all the mis, iui fur (be dull boubics of fortune bcsidrs, and made 
the: uue jiay fur ihe other. He ncvtr denied a itiil credit save in 
jest, or for Ihe saltt ot ^^llia^ a repAtiei ] and be was 10 corres- 
pondeace with alL Ihai was worth kDOwing obouttowD. He had 
leLlers front Crowne,. aU'dTate) and Prior, and TomBrotvo , add 
all Ihe famous rellowsbf the time » with Buch pellets of wit, that 
th ers was aa reading them wiihout Inughiag ready tn die , and all 
CQdiog with craving a farther term fnr payment." 

'* 1 should have thoiif ht (he tailor would have found Ibat jest 
rather serious," said Mordaant. 

"Not a bit — net a bit," replied his eulogist, "TitnThirable- 
tbwaile (be wo» a Cumberland-ma a by bir(b) had the soul of a 
pri:ice — ay, Jind died with the fortune of one ; for wo betide the 
custard-gorged aldermau that came under Tim's goose after he 
hftd gat one >uf those letters — e^d , he vm sure lo pay (ha kain t 
Why, Thtmhiethwaitc was thought to be (be nrt^iDul af tittle 
Tom Bibber, w glorious John's comedy of the Wild Goliant; 
and I know ttaat b<; ba» trusted, ay, and lent John money to 
boot out of hjs own pocket, at a. lime wbcn oil his iiuf; court 
friends blew cold enough. He trusted me too, and I bavc been 
two months on the score at a time for my opjier rdom. T>n be 
sure, I was obliging in bJ!4 Way— not that I eML'tly coijld shape 
or Bew, nor would that have been decorous for a geademaa of 
good descent; bull — eh, eh — I drew bills — summed up Ihe 
boots — " 

"Carried home the clothes of ih$ wits and Aldermen, and got 
lodging for your labQur," tnl^rnipied Cleveland. 

" No, no — damo it, no," replied Ffalcro ; " no sncb Ihlng — 
— YOU put me out in m j story ■ — where was I) " 

"Nay^ (he deiil help yon to the latitude," said the Captaia, 
ettricating bis button from the gripe of the unmerciful bard's 
liagef and tltnmb, "fori have no time to lake au obsBi-vation."' 
So sayiogi be bolted from the room. 

**A silly, ill-bred, eonceiledfgol/' said Halcrtf, looting after 


him; ^'wllb as Utile manners as wil in his empty coxcomb. 1 
wonder what Magnus ;ind [h{<RP sillj wcnchga can See in him — 
he tells auchdamnnlile lQag-«'inded stories, ton, about his advcn- 
tnrcs and sea-fightg — ^•^■<ie^ f^econd wofcl a lip, I donht not. 
Mordaunt, ray^ dear buy , take etampli? hj that man ^-^ (hat iS;, 
lake naromg by him — never tell long stories about yourself, 
¥011 are somclimes given to lalb too much about your own 
EiiploilBon crags and skerries, aod the like, wJikh otily breaks 
coDversation , and prcvcacs other folk from being b^ard. Xow [ 
see you aiD impatlenl lo hear onl what I was Basing — Slop, 
whereabouts was I ? " 

"I fear wp must put it off, Mr. Halcn), until attfr dinner," 
said Mordaunt, who also meditated his escape, Ihouh'h desirouB 
of effecting it with more delicacy towards his old acquaintance 
than Captflio Cleveland had thought it necessary lo use 

'''Nay, my di!^ar bay," ^aid HaLcro, SPeing himself abiiul 10 be 
utterly deserted, '-do not ytm leave mc too - — never lake so bad 
an eiamplc as to set ligbl by old acquainlaricc, Mordau»i:. I have 
wandered many a weary step in roy dny; bnl ihry were always 
lightened nhco I could got hold of Ihe arm of an old friend like 

So sfljmg^ hj; quilted Ihe youth's coal, and, sliding his hand 
gently under his arm, grappled him more clTeclltaUy ; to which 
Mordaunt isjbmitlfld, a litllc moved l)y the port's ohsenalion 
upon ihe unkindness of old acquaintances , under which he him- 
self was an iinmediat*! sufferer. But when Halero ren4!wcd his 
fofjnidflhle quesli'on, ** Whereabouts was I?" Mordaunl, prefer- 
ring his poetry io his prose, reminded him of the sung which he 
said he had writjcn upon Ills firai leaviiig Zetland, — a socg to 
*hith, ttidced^ tJie inquirer was no slrangpr, hut which, as tt 
must be new to the reader, we ^hal] here itiscrl as a favonrahle 
specimen of iliig poetical powers of this tuneful desceodaol of 
Hai:» the (lolden-raoulhed; for, in (he opinion of many lolcrablc 
jnd$C9, bcheMa respectable rank among the imlitfiris <if madri* 
g4ts of (he period^ and was as well qualllicd jo give immurtalily 
to his IV'ancics of (he hills or dales , as many a s^tillc sonnelteer 
of wit and pleasure abont town. He was something ofa musician 



alAa, ind on Ui« prcseot ocCdsion seized npon « sort of Inip, and, 
quilling his vicLLiii^ prepared tbe iustruincDt Tor au accumpani- 
mcDi, speakiDg a\l the wMIc thai lie might ]os^« no L'mc. 

''I learued ihir luto^," ]l6 said, '^'from iJir suniB man wbn 
taught honest Shadwcil — ^ plump Tom, as Llit-^ used to call him 

— Somewhat roughly treated by tht glorious JollD.yod r^OiCiober 

— Mord,4HJnt, jou remember — 

'-M^ihintLq I see the nuw Arion mi\ . 

The liiie siill Lri^iiitiilins undeTiieath lb; nail ; 

At lb; Well sbarj'cn'd Ibiimb, from stlgro C4 slioFti 

Tbe trebles squeak f»r ffar, the hasscj roar.' 

Come, I am indiffereolly iii tunc oow — wlial was Ll to be? — aj, 
I HHieraber — nay, The LassfifNortbmaTcn ia the ditty ■ — pooi 
BeLSiimbister! I have cal](>d her Mary la the verses. Betsy do«s 
well Tor an Eniflish song; bat. Mary I& more natural here." So 
saying, after a short prcludtj, heaaog, with a tolerable voke (od 
9€inetB$tc« tbcri}llowiag>er&es: 



'* FArevell lo*v(jJ3 ^ 

GraK Hillawifjke, tarcwell! 
T» the calm?! of ihj havpo^ 

The siortnt oO llij felJ — 
To eacti breeze ibat >[!an varf 

The mood ot ihy mairi) 
And lolbfc, honny Alarj! 

Wo meet nsi again- 

"Farewell Ibc wild ferry, 

Wbioh Hacrnn could brave, 
Wbun the pcaiks at Lbc Skoir; 

Were while In Ihe wave. 
TberG 'i a maid may look aver 

These wilii waves in raltt ^ 
For ibe sUiH of hf r lover — 

He comes nM Again. 

" Tbe *ows llioii bast brole , 
On Ihp wild ctirrenU (ling ibem ; 

On (bo quicksand and ri^fMC 
Let Lbe inert]iaiil>eA5 s^ns tbem. 


Wev sweetnesi ihey '11 giTC her 

BeiwiJdering GiFfliii; 
Bui ihcri! 'a one wbo will never 

Brieve lhi;iii agaia. 

*^0h W€rG there an islaiid ^ 

Tbougb ever so Mild, 
Tt'here woman couU stail«^ aod 

Tio man be beguiled — 
Too tempLing a snare 

To poor morUls were given, 
Anil iho hope wouM rixihetet 

TbaL atiould anchor on heaved 1 ' 

'^'t gee ]fou are sofleoed, mj Sonng friend," eald Halcro, 
vbeD he had Soisbed lii& soog ; "' so are most who hear that same 
diity. Words and music boib minQ own; and wiihonL saylQg 
iDtxch <if tL@ ^'it oi it , tbere is a sort of eti ^- eh - — simplicitj audi 
irutb about il^ which gets^ Us way to mosl folk's hearl. Even jour 
fflihcr f aiiDfll resist it — and he bas a heart as itnpencirable to 
pQetry and song as. Apollo himsdf could draw aa arrow agaissl. 
Bui theo he has had suniu ill luck in bis lime wilb tbe wameulolk, 
3B is pUlu from his tiwing them such b HrKdee. — Ay, ay, there 
the charm lies -^ none of us but has fell ibe same sore in our da;. 
Bill come, my dcarboyj they are musleriag ialhehalU mcp and 
womea both ^- plagues as they are , ^ve shauld get an ill without 
them — b at before we go , only mark the Ust ti^ra — 

'And 4be hcrpc would 6k ther«,' — 

that 18, in the supposed jslaod-^ a place which neither was uor 
will be -^ 

'TbalAbould aocliuT on Ueaven,' 

Now yflu eee, my good young man, Ihere are here none of your 
heathenish rants, which Rochester, Etheridge, and these wild 
fellows, used to siring together* A par&on might sing the song, 
and his clerk bear Ihe burdeo ^^ but there is the co-founded bell 
— we must go now — but never mind — we 'II get into a quiet 
corner at night, and I '11 tell you all about it." 

niUPTER X!ir. 

Full in Iht miJsl lln? palisliM lable ihtnei , 
And Lilt l^rigfal jjolileta, Tii;h wilb iteaerDU^ winei; 
Now ^ach partakies llic Ti^asl , thie< vine pri<|iarei , 
PuiLioiis tbe fond, onil i^acb tLie porlioii atiares; 
Nor Ull Ihe rjige of ihirsi aod huagtr ctaseJ » 
To Ibe higli bost Bpproafib'd tbe sagaciDUd guest. 

Thb bospiuible prrtfusiuQ ofMa^nuslroirs badnt, the number 
uf guests vho [easteti !□ Ihe halt, the iducIi gr«atifr number tif 
retainers, aiteodjinls, humble Trinids^ and domestics of e<^er^ 
poS'Sibl^ description, wbo revtUed ttiltioui, uUhLhc AmUiiude of 
(he still poorer, and less honnured flssiBiaots, who eamc from 
eT^ry haiulelor tuwnship wiibiii twealy mihs roundj to sbnre the 
byurtty of the rauniflcent Udallcr, were &ucb as aliogeiher asio- 
nished Triptolemus Yellowleji and made liim internally doubt 
wt](!t]ier it would be prudeot ia him at tbis time, aad amid tbe 
Tull glow of his hospitality » Ui propose 1o the host who presided 
over such u ^pieoflid bouquet, a titdicai change iQ the wholn 
cuaiomS aad usages of his coucitr^. 

True, the sagamus Trlpiulcmns Telt conscious that be pos- 
sessed in his owQ pi^rsop wisdom lor superior to thai (*f oU the 
as&embkdreAalers^ to say DoLbiogof the landlord, against whose 
prudeuce Ibe verj' euealoihis bospluHty rormed, in Ycliowley's^ 
opinion, sailcieni evidence. But jet the Amphitryon w lib whom 
one dioeft, holds, for the lime at least, an ioiluence over the 
niiQdsofhiis most distinguished guests; atid if the dinner be in 
gi>odstjle, aud Ui« wine^of the ri|j;ht>qualLty, it is humbliu^to 
see that ntillher art nor wisdom, scarci; estcrnalrotik it^cif, can 
ds&utuc their natural and wonted superiority over the distributer 
of these good thiogSj uatil coffee has bccu brDught in. Tripto- 
lemxis fell the lull weight of ibis temporary gupi?riority, jret ht 
■vm desiroQs to do sometbiDg that might viodLcate the vaunts he 
had made to hia sister and bis fellaw-traveller, and he stole a 
look at ih^m from time to time, to mark wbeiher he was not 
staking in their esteem from postpootng his protnised lecture do 
the L'UOrmilies of Zetland. 

But Mrs. Barbara was busily engaged in noting and register- 


ing ili« wASie idcarred in sui-h an ealeruiatueni ^s she hail 
probaliljr ncvtr berore loakcd upon, and in atimiring the host's 
indilTereilcc to, and tbd quests' ab^olule iicgligCDC'e uf, those 
rules of civililj in which her joulb had bee« brnught up. The 
feasters desired lo be helped from a dish which was uabrDLen^ 
acd might bare iigured at stipper, with as much freedom as if it 
bad ondergooe the ravages ol half-a-dozen guesU [ and no one 
seemed to care — the lojidlord hiiti&elf Icm oC all -^ whtthet 
those dishes unly were consumed^ which, frciiu their tiatnre, aero 
iucapable of re-appearauce, or wheihertheas&aultw^s exiendtd 
to the subsilantiaL rounds of beef, pasties, and&Tiforlb, whkh, 
by the rules ijf guud housewifery, were dcstineil ii> stand Iwo 
aUacks, and which, therefore, according In Mrs. Barbara's ideits 
of politenese, ought not to ha\e bctn aooihilalcd by ibe gue&lS 
upon ili€ first tjnset, but spared, lilie Oulis in the cave of Poly- 
phemus, to bt dovoiir«il Uie last, tost in the medilaiioni lo 
which these breaches of convivial discipliDegave rise, a ad in th« 
contemplstioD of an ideal larder of cold meat wbich she could 
have saved out of ibe wreck of roast, boiled, aud baked, suflicient 
lo have supplied her cupboard for at least a twetveuiontfa, Afr&. 
Barbara cared very little wheiber or not her brother supported in 
its eiteot tho diiaracter which he bad calcjlated upou asinumtng. 
Alordaunt iVlertDDD also was cojiversiint with far oihcr 
thoughts, than lliuse which regarded Ihe proposed reformer of 
Zetland enoriaities. fjjs seal was belwut Iwa blithe maidens of 
Thule, who, not taking $cotp that he had upon other occa^ioos 
gl^en preference to the daughters of tlie UdaJler, w^re gUd of 
the chance whrch assigned lo (hern the alleDtions of Stt distin- 
guished a gaflant, who, as heiflg their squire at the fea3t J might 
in all probability becoine their parlrieriD the aubspquent daQce. 
Bat, whilst rendering to his I'air neighbours all tlie usual aiicn- 
tJous wbJcb society r<;quiri!d, Mordaunc kept up a covert, but ac- 
curate and close obsenation, upon his estranged friondis^ MiuDu 
And Breads. The Udalter hijusclf had a share of bis attentiou ; 
but ia hj'm lie could remark n&lhjugi eicept the usual tone of 
hearty and somewhat boistiirous hospilalily, with which he was 
accustomed to omtuitte the baji^itei upoii ail sqcIi occasipus of 


general festivity. Bat in the differing mieo of the tfi-a mqid^Ds 
there wis mncb more room for piinfiil remark- 

Captaio Cleveland sat betwixt the sisters , was Bedulooa ia hi^i 
attentioDS to both, and Mordaant was so placed, tbai be cuuld 
observe all, and hear a great deal, of whatpasseU beiweeD Ihtm, 
But Cleveland's pecaliar regard seemed devoted to the elder 
sister. Of this the younger was perhaps con^^nnu^, Tur more 
than opce her eye glanced towards Mordaant, and, bs be ihougbt, 
with someUiing la it which resembled regret for the inter ruption 
of their intercoarse, aada sadremembraneenf former aud more 
friendly times; while Minna was exclasively engrussed, bj the 
atleotioDsof her neighbour; andthatitshoultlbesi), filled Mor- 
daant with surprise and resentment. 

Miana, the serious, the prudent, the reserved, wbosa coiiotc^ 
nance and manners indicated so much elevaltoa oFcharacter — 
Minna, thelover of solitude, andof thosepath? urkoowledge in 
which mm walk best without company — the enemy of light 
mirth, the friend of musing melancholy, and thf; freqaenterof 
fountain-heads and pathless glens — she whose character seem- 
ed, in short, the very reverse of that which mf^htbe cflpli'*aied 
by the bold, coarse, and daring gallantry of such a man as Ibis 
Captain Cleveland, gave, nevertheless, her eyeani ear lohlm, 
as he sat beside her at table, with an interest nod a graciousness 
of attention, which, toMordaunt, who well knew how to judge 
of her feelings by her manner, intimated a degree ot the bigbrst 
favour. He observed this, and his heart rose agaia&t (he favourite 
by whom he had been thus superseded, as well a& against Minna' ti 
indiscreet departure from her owu character. 

"What is there about the man," he aaid tkithiQ himself, 
"more than the bold and daring assumption of importaocc «hich 
is derived from success in petty enterprises ^ and the cLcrcise of 
petty despotism over a ship's crew? — His very language is more 
professional than is used by the superior offiC't:[-s of th« Briti^b 
navy; and the wit which has excited so many smiles, seems lo 
me such asMinnawouId not formerly have endured foraDinstaDt. 
Even Brenda seems less taken with his gallautry than Mlnoa, 
whom it should have suited so little." 



MordauDi was doubly mislflken ia these bii an^ry speculatioas. 
lo the flr^L place, wilh da ej« vhirh was, in some resp^cia, rhat 
ufariTal:,he cricjciscd far loo severely the maDners and behaiiour 
of Captain Clevelaod. They were unpolished, ceTtainly; which 
WAS of the less ConseqQ^nce in a £011 nLry inhabited bjSoplAin andl 
simple a race a» (he ancient Zellanders, On the other tiand^ there 
was an open, naval frankness in CleveEatid's bearing — idach na- 
tural shvewdoess — some approprialfi humoar — an undoobiing 
cooQdeuce in himself — aud Ihal enterprising hardihood '^f dispa- 
atlinn^ which, without any other reComiDendable quality, very 
often leads to succe&s wilh the fair sei. DutMordaunt was farther 
mistaki^n , in supposing ihnt Cleveland was lili^Iy to be disagree- 
able 10 Minna Troii , on Ai!caunt of the opposition of iheir charac- 
ters in so many material paftJrutars. Had his kDowledge of the 
World be^n a little m^iTe ^itenaivQ^ he might have observed, Ihnt 
as tiaiona are flflen formed betwiil couptcR di:ITerin(|; io rom- 
plcuon aadstalurfi, iheyiake plaice still more frcqueaiiyhphviit 
persons totally differing in feelings, in taste, in pursnits, and 
in understanding; and il wnuld not be saying, perhaps, ton 
Tiiuch, to aver, that two-thirds of the marriiigesaroDod us have 
been contracted betwiil persons, who, judging a jiriori, we 
should havig Ihougbt had scarce any charmfi for each other. 

A moral and primary cause inighl be easily asfslgned f'or ^hese 
anomalies , in th« wise dispcusatidBs of Providence , Ibat (he gn- 
neralbalflnceof wjt, wisdom, and amiable qualities of aSI kirjds* 
should be bept up through soci>^y at large. For, wbaEat^'orld 
were il,, if the wise were ti> intermarry only with lite wise, the 
learned with the learned;, Ihe amiable with the amiablej nny. rven 
ihe handsome with the handsome? and, is it not evident, that the 
degraded castes of the foolish, the ignaront, |hc bruiaU and the 
deformed, (comprehending, by the way, far ihe greater porticm 
»J" maatfndj must, when coodcmned to eiclusive intercourse 
with each otiiiir, become gradually as much brulaliied in person 
and disposition as so many ouraog-oniaugs? When^ (hereforej 
we see Ihe "gentle joined to the rude," we may lamieni the fate 
«f the sufferiog individual ^ but we must not the less admire the 
mysterious dispog[£ion of that wise Providence which thus ba- 


lances ihe moral gaod md erit of life; — ythith secures Tor a 
family, unhappy In ihe diBpofiLiioQS of one parent, a share or 
better ami sweeter blo»d, tranamittcil from the olhei , and pre- 
serves lo ilie DfTsprin^ ihe aETcciiodntc Care and protection of At 
least one of those IruiTi whum it is [lolurally due. Witbuuttbv 
frequent occurreiicc of such alLiancc^ anil uiiioos — mts-sort^d 
as thej &eenL at lirst sight — ihc world could hoi be that Tor whicli 
Eteraal Wladcm has desigaeJ il ' — a place uf miied good and 
evil — a place of trial at i>nce, and of suffering . where even Ihc 
worst ills are checkered with sometiiio^ lh;il rtudiir'S ibein tolera- 
ble Id humble and paticut minds, aud where tbe best blessings 
Carry with \hv-m o necessary alloy orimbittering dcrpredalioti. 

When , indeed , we look a little cliiscr on the causes of those 
unt^xpectcdand iU-suiiml aiLacbnients, we hax; ocra&ion lo ac- 
knowledge <■ Lhat the means by which Ihey are produced do not 
infer that einnplcic departure Troin, or inconsistency with, the 
cliBirflcteri>f the parlies, which we rni^ht espect wbeu ih« result 
alone is cuntemplnted. The wise purposKS whieJi Providence 
appears to have hud in view , by pernuiiinj^ such ioterniiiture or 
dispositions, tetnpers, and uoderstamding^, in the married slslc, 
ava ntrl accomplished by any n]y!>teri<iU9 impulse by whieh, iu 
cuntiatliciion ld Uie ordiuary luws of ualure, m;;ii or women are 
urged to an union wlLb (hose whom the wcrld sec to be unsuilable 
Lo them' The freedom of \^ill is permiltcdlo us in thuoccuTreDCBS 
of ordinary life, as in our moral conduct; and io Ihefurmeras 
well as the latter case, is oj'leu the jneans of misguiding those 
who possess it. Thus it usually bappens, more especially to the 
eutbustasiic and Imaginative, Lbat, havinn; forinetl a plcliire of 
admiration in their owtt mind, they too ofteu deceive ibemselvuf* 
by some faint rescmblonce in socie eiislia^ being, whom their 
fancy as speedily as ^ratutioDsly , iiivcsLs \sitb all the aitributea 
necessary to complete the beatt ideal uf iiLcnUii perfection. No 
one perhaps , even la the happiest marriage , wi th an object really 
beloved, ever discovered by eiperience all the qualities he ei- 
pecled to possess; hut hi fur too many cases, he fields be has 
praeiised a much higher degree of menial decf<piIoD, and has 


erected his ^iry casite offeliciLy upnn sumb raiubow, wliich owed 
its yevf {xi'Steucc: only lo the peculiar •itaUi ufthe aimosplief e. 

Thus, Mchidaunt, if ^cttcE acquaJDteii witl) lire, and with the 
Ruurse oi liiini'UQ Ihiags, would have b«cn little siirprii^ed that 
sqcIl a m&D as Cleveland, haadsome, bold, and aDimated^ ^a 
man wha hid obviuiislj' li\ed ia danger, and who spoke or it »fi 
sporl, should have b^cn invcatcij, by q girl orMiiioa's fnncifal 
chiiracter, with an eit<Mi^ivi! share of thiise ({uali Lies, whit:!], in 
herftciiie iiBagioalioQ, were heJd l" liH up ihc inxtJinplishraenls 
of a heroic rharacter. The pliiii bSuniness of his manntT, if 
remote from courtesj, apfeareJ at least as widely differeol rinra 
deceit; and, uulashiuned as be seemed b; furnis, he hud enuugh 
baLb of natural s^enst, aud nalural goud-brcedtog, lo ailpport the 
deluslcin he had created, at least as far as Externals were coa- 
cemed^ It is scarce occcssary to add^ that these obsorv&tiujts 
applyfciclusivdylQU'hat arc eilltd love-matches; f&r when eilhar 
parLj' Ri their attachment upon liie substantial camfvrts of a ren- 
tal, ora juloturej they cannot be disappuinted in thcacquiiii^iliDD, 
alihuugh they may bo cra^Ely so in their over- estimation of the 
happiness ic was lo afford, or in haviog toa sli^blly anticipated 
the disadvantages with which it wflslobe aUeadcd. 

Htinaii ^ certain parliotity tot the dark Bejiuly ythom wt have 

describipdj we have willingly dedicated this digression, in order 

toaceDunl fur si line of coDducl which we allow to seem absolutely 

banaturat to s\ich a tiftfratlve as the present, though the most 

cffjnmoD evexit iDfifdiaory life, namely, in Minna's appearing lu 

have over-estiinated the i^sie, talent, and ability of a handsonae 

joiuiB maji, who was dedicating to her bis whole time and odtn- 

liun , and ^hose homage rendered her the envy of alinosl all the 

other y&uQfr women ofthat numerous party. Perbapg if oorfair 

readers will take the trouble to consult their own bosoms^ they 

will be disposed to allow, thai: the disiitiguisbed good tasie eihi- 

bitcd by any individual, who, when his alteutiooB would be ngre«- 

able to a whole eircte of rivals, selects one as their ludi^idual 

*>bjfict, entitles him, on the footing of reciprocity, ifoo no other, 

to a lars* share of ihatindividiiars favourable, ood even partial. 


estepm . At 4ny rale , if the cbaiactpr sii«ll , after all , be deemed 
iaconsi&tenC and unuolural, it coaccriis uatus^ 'nho Tf^cord ihe 
fjictsas we fiQd Ihcm, and pretend do privilege forbrinf^ingd^iser 
to DUture th<isc inci[]cnl6 whicb may aeuin to diverge Iruni il; or 
for reductDg tu cunslsteDci; tliat iihisI incarsisiCJit 41J oil creii'l«<l 
iliingij, — Ihe heart of abeauLifnl aod admifed lumak. 

Necessity, which teaches aIL thn liberal arl», can render ti^ 
aho adapts Id dissimuUtuui; end Mordaunt, Ihuugh a nuvice, 
railed nflt to pruGL in her schoul. It WHS mrinlfest, ihiit, in uritrr lu 
observe the demciiinur of ihu^e 00 whom hi^ attcrnilun was fined, 
he uiust needs put cuostraiat on his o^n , a»d oppear, at least, so 
much enfjaged with Ihe damsels betwiit whom be sol, thatBILHiin 
and Brt^oda shoulil suppose him inflifferent to what was pas^ioj^ 
aruund bim. The rvady checrfutofss q[ Maddie nml CInra Groot- 
!!Gliar&, who wore esli^emerj con^ideirAble fortunes in the isJaad, 
and wtTfl at this mDuieni too happy in fek-liug thfmsi4>p& sealed 
sunienhoC beyoDcl Ibe sphere ofviticilaucc inHutnred by their auul, 
the igood oM Ladj Glowrowrum, met and r«<{jited tltt oUt-niptt^ 
'^liichMordauni made tu be livc-Jy and entcriaiaiD(i;; and tiicywere 
soon engaged in a jfay cooveraation . to which , a« usual an such 
occasions, (he gentleman tontributtd wit, or what Ti'^ssrs lor 
audi , niid the ladies their prompt lailKlller and ] ibergl applause. 
But;^ amidst ihL^seeniiogmirJh, Murdauai Tuiled D<jt, froni lime 
totijDe, as covei'llj as he might ^ to observe the tiunductorihi- 
two daughters or Magnus; and sUtl it appear«d as if Ihe elder, 
wrapt Up Id the coDvi^rsatioQ of Cleveland, did not castawaja 
ihought on Lbe rest of company; and as if Brenda, more op«Dlf 
as she conceived his aiieutiuu withdrawn from h«r, looJied nitb 
an expressi'un both aniious and melancholy towards the group of 
which he hiniielf [nnned a pari. He was tnucb moved by the dif« 
fidence, as well as the [rouble, which her looks seemed to convey, 
and tacitly formed the resuluiJHjii of seeking a more full eiplans- 
liun Willi her in the course of the evening. Noma, he remem- 
bered, had slated that these twu amiablH; young wumca were in 
danger, the nniur* of which she left noetplained, bui which he 
suepecled to arise out of their mistaking the character of this 
daring and alt-engrnssiag stranger} and be secretly resolved, 

The Pirate. j^ 


that, IfpoEsiblej, he wouE J be the m«Biis of detecting Cleveland, 
aod of saving bis early friends. 

Ab he re\'otved these lh<iijghlS,hiB atleDlioQ to tbeMissGroal- 
setlcrs ^laduQlly ditulDlsttcd , and perhaps he migbl aUogclbDr 
hive forgoUcD ibc ncceBgity of llis ajipi^ariug nn uiiiDLerpsted 
spectator of what was paasiag , bad iiol the signnll been gJvtQ for 
ihe ladies retiring from Ub]c. Minna, ^fiib o native gracu^ and 
somewhat gf siateliness in her rnnnner, bcjit her h^ad (o (be corn- 
pan; in g^eDcral , viih h kiudcr and taore parLtcatar vipressbtt as 
hcrcje rtachedCleveUnd* Brepda.with the blash which aEiendtd 
heralighlest persDnat «w!rtionwhenaiposed to the eyes of others, 
hurTied through ihe samn departing salutation with an cmbar- 
lassmctii whicb almost iiniounled to awk^ardQCss^ but which her 
yOUtb &nd tiiEl'idily rcnds;red at oacc natural and interesting. 
Again Sfordaunt thougiit that h^r eye distinguished liim amidst 
the numerous cnnipany. For the tirsl liitie he venlared lo en- 
counter and iG return the glance ; and the cojisdytisness thai he 
hud done so doubled the ^luw of Brcnda'ii i^oUDlrtiance, wliilo 
somelhing rcsomblioig displeasure was blended with hcremotion. 

When tbc ladies had reLircd, the men betook themselves to 
tht deep and serious drinking, wbjcJij according to the fa^liifln of 
Ihe times,, preceded the ocning eierctsc of the dance. Old 
Magnus himBelij, by preoepl aod esample, exhorted iliem '*tu 
malie the best use of Iheir (imej since (he ladies woudJ soon snm- 
niou (beiu to sJiake th^irfcet." At tbe same time giving tht; signal 
lo 9 gray-headed domestic, who stood behind him in (he dress of 
a Uantzic skipper, and who added to many Qthcr occupations that 
olbutkr, *'Eric SfflmbeslEf," he said, "has Ihe good silip (he 
Jolly Mrriner of Canton, gol her cargo on board?" 

"^CJiobeful loaded," answered the Ganymede uf Burgh- 
WfSlra, "wilJi good iXantz, Jamaica sugar, Portugal lemon;;, 
nut lo men Lion nutmeg and (oast,^ and valcr tolieu in fyeni the 
Sheliicoal spring." 

Lond and toii^ laii^licd th« g^uests at Ibis staled and regular 
jcsttetwiit ibe UdaJIcr andbisbnlJer, which always served as a 
iircface to iLt! iniroduction of a punch bowi of entirmous siie^ the 
gift of the Cii|rtaiii of one of the Hououralilc Easllndia company's 


vessels, which, bound Crom China bomcvard^ had beeu driM-n 
north-about by slrtss of wealher ialo Ler4 tck-bdj', imd huiJ Itiere 
coiilri\eJ to gelridofpart olllie cargo, "wilhout^L-ry acrupuhiuBlj 
reck«Dint^ Torihe King^s duller. 

)Inf;riu^ Truil, ba\m^ been a larga cuslomer, besides flttier- 
wisc oblii^ing Captain Coolie, had bucu rcinun crated, i>n thi^ ile- 
Iifirture i>t' Lb{i ship, 'with Lhis spUadid \cbidc li] cun^ivialrly , at 
the TLTy st^ht tif which, as flld Erit Si-ambcsipr bcul ujidpr ii* 
-weighty a murmur ot flpj^Uuse ranibrou^bthe cotupAiiy, Thu 
good uLd ii>a&ts dedicated lo the prosperity »i Zotland , 'nt; re thru 
houeured with flowing bumpers. "■ Death to ihe head ihatutiver 
wears bair ! " vas a s{;nlimenl qualTcd tu the success ii[ ihc thh- 
lag^ iiB proposed by the suiiuroua voice of thu lJdaU«r. Claud 
H^lcro proposed wilh general appjauisc , '*The bealih of lUvir 
wurthy lajidmaster^ tJiQ sweet sister meal-niiSEreiaSeS', heallhto 
man. death to fish) and growth to the prirduce of lh« k<^"'^"iI* ' 
The same recurring senlinical was proposed more ilonciii.'^ly bj » 
whiieheaded compeer of Magnus Troil, in the words, "God opi-n 
the mouth of Ibt^ray fjsh, and kctp hifi hand about (be com I"' 

Full opporlunily was affurded lo all Lohimour Ihi'sc IptiTt^lluii; 
lottsts. Those nearest the capaciuusMedilcrraneanul |iunch, were 
accommodated by lh« Udal]erwiih their porttoos^ dispensed in 
tiogc rllraiIaie^^5laBsea by bis own hospitable hand, ■fthJJsE (licy who 
sat at a |p;rcater distance repteiiish!;d their cups by mirans of a Hch 
sitveinagoa, lacetiously culled the Piinjacs: -J whicb, Iilled oeca- 
sioually at the howl, served lo dispense lis liijiiid truasures to thi; 
more rtimote parts ai tho table, and uccasiuacd mauy rij^hi merry 
jifsla on its frequeat vopgos. Tlie commerce of the Zetkuders 
witft foreign veiaseU, ami humewoird-buiuid West Eadiamcu, hail 
early served to iatroduce anroug thein the general use ut the 
}^'^cnerDu&hc\'crage, witli which the Jolly Mariner of Canton was 
loaded ; nur was (here a jnan in the archjpuJago of Tbule niorii 
^killiidLD combiaing its rich iugredienis, than old Eric Scambcsi^r, 
who iiidecii was li,ni>wn far and wide Jhrough the i&lcs, hy thi! 
namcof the Punch-maker, after the lashton of the ancient Xor- 
wi!§ians, who conferrtid obBoIIo (be Walkur, and other herots 
* SseUihhKrl»Dcaii\glvon at thsZuxhtvUsUadSi p. 13u. 



nni because, praised be Heaven, (here ore neither hnilifr^ nr>r 
shepiff-officErs lo tflkc a prior fellow by the ncirk, and bccausu 
there are m* prisons loput him inl<) when they have i»iu: so, yei, 
let me toll j'ua, thai such a liimb-libc Torbearanee as ihat of my 
poor, dear, d«<;C!ased landlord, Thirablelhwattp, is truly uncora- 
moD v^ilhiD ih,e London bith of morLalitT, t could lell you of snch 
things ihiiL liavc happened i-vert fi> myself, as vit\l as olhers, with 
these CurS^^d London JradpsniPii^ as would make Vflur hair sland 
•>D etucl. — DutwhAtthc dciil has put old Magnus ioCo such note? 
]i e shouts dSi if he were trying his voice og^ain^t a north-west ^ak'^ 
r>f wind," 

Loud indeed was the mar or tho old irtlallef, as, warn nut of 
patience by the sehcmcs of impr<iveraent which the faciflr was 
now undaunledlv pressing upon his cionsideralinti, he answered 
iiim, tin wsc art OssiflQSC phrase,) lite a wave upon a rock. 

"Trees, Sir Factor — lalk oal lo me af Irccs! 1 cnrc not 
though ihere nevi^r hi; one on the island, tali ecinagh lo bang a 
ciiicorab «pun. We will haie no trees but those that rise in our 
havens — (he good lirces that have yards for boughs, and standing 
rigjjing for leaves." 

" But louchlng Ihe draining of the lake of Braebasler, whereof 
IspokcloyoUj Master Magnus Troll," apgwereiJ (he peraevering 
agriciiUun'st, "whilk I opine would he of so much catisequence, 
there are tft« ways, — down the Linklaler glen, or by the Seal- 
niesier burn. Pifow, having taken the level of hoth — " 

" Th*re is a third way. Master Yeltowley," answered the land- 

*' I profess lean see nonej" repliedTripiolemus, with as much 
g(>od faiih as a jober could desire in the subject of his wii, "in 
respect Idat the hill called Braebasler on the eoolh, and are high 
bank va tbe norlhj orwhilk 1 cannot carry Ihe name rightly in my 
liead — " 

"Dojjol tell 119 ofhillsandbankSj Master Ytllowky —there 
is a Ihird way of draining the loch, and ilis the only way iliaisliall 
he Iri>d in my day. You say my Lord ChamberlaJJi and 1 arc the 
juint proprietors — so ?ie it — lot each of us start an equal pro- 
portioDof bra.tnly, lime-juice, and sugar, inip the loch — a sllip's 


cargo or [wo will do the ji>b — let Us Jis&embLf All tbcjuttf L'dAllcrd 
Qfihi: cuuntry, aad m tvcjily-four liQiirs juu shoU&ec dr;^ ground 
whore ihe loch of Hracbaster now is. " 

A lou4[ laugh of appbuisc, wbirh for a time ociuallf silfuccd 
Triplolenius, nUeoded a jested icry well suited to time and place 

— a jully luasl was giitn — a merry sim^ was sung — the Ship 
unloaded her swepis — ihc PinnarK mad^i ils jjenia) ruutidi^ — ihc 
duct bctwiit MngDus oad Iciptiilemus, which had allracted the 
fltteniioo nrihic uhcii>ti cump^ny from its supeiior vehcnii'nOF, now 
uni-e more sunk, and merged inta Ihe general huniof Uieconvi>iiil 
table, and iho po^i llalcro again resameJ his usurped posscBsion 
of tb(> ear of Mordaunl Merloun. 

^'Whereabouts was I?" hesaidt with a t»nc which Mprsssed 
to hi^ wenry Listener more ploinlr Ihao wor^ti Cduld, iH)'^ much 
of hia deeutlory talf; yet rcinnined to be lotd. " Ohj I remember 

— we were just ailh? door of liie WHs' Coffeelmusc — it wbs set 
upbjone- — " 

"A'ay, btit^ my dear Mn&ier Halcro," said his hearer, some- 
whaL inipadtiDll]', "1 niu desirous to hear of your meetiug with 

■■'What, with glorious JohR"? — Irue — oj' — vhera *as I? 
At the Wiis" Cofftjchoase—- Well, in at the door wo got — the 
wallers, and ^u fc^rth, ^(<iring at nic; for as t{] Thimblcihwalle, 
honest fellow, his was a well-knuwn face. — 1 can tell jou a aiory 
rthoullhat^ — " 

"Xay, baiJohn Dfyden?" said Mordaunl, in a tone which 
deprecated farlltcr digressii>D. 

"Ajj av, glorious John — vher>9wssl1 — Well* as «e stood 
close by Ibf bar, wherf; une fellow sal griadiuj; oif culTee, it\d 
anolhef palling' up lobaeco into penny parcels — a pipe and a dish 
cost just a ptimj — then aad there il wbs that J had Ihs first peep 
ofJiiin, One Dennis sal near him j who^" 

".Nay^ but John Dryden — what like was he?" dsTuanded 

'^LikB alillle fat old man, with his own gray hair, and in a 
full-trimmed black suit, that sat cloffe as o gluie, HiiDeslThim- 
hlelhwoite let no one but himself shape, for glorious Jghn, and he 



had a slashing hand At ft al^'^ve, I promise fan — But there lsn« 
geltijig a mnulhful of commoD spnsc spoken here — d — n that 
Scolchman , he and old Magnn!^ are it it a^ain ! " 

[t W45 very Ime^ and allEinugh the imcrruplioD did not 
reaetrJile a (bundpr-clnp, tf> vhirJi (hf former stentorian eicla- 
lUAtion oflJie Ucliiiltr might liove hrcn likcnrd, it \t'as a clase and 
clamorous dispute, mninuined by question, .inswer^ rclnrt^ 
and repftrlec, as cluseljr huddled u[)i>a cacli ^Lhcr as the sounds 
which AQQouncerram adisiaQceaclose and stistsined Greof mas- 

"Hear resRod Sir?" soidtheUdallpr-, "ivp will hear reason, 
and spenk reason too ^ and if reason fall shori^ we shall Itove 
rhyme to hoot. — Ha, my Liiilp Hi end Hakrol " 

TJiough cul ufT in ihe inidd1« of his best 'Stoiy, (if thftl could 
be said Id hove a middle whicli had ncith>E:r betjinningnor end,) 
the bard bristled up at the summons, like a corps of li^ht in- 
fantry, when ordered up to the support of IhegrpnadifirSj looked 
smart, slappiid the labU with his hand, and denoted his be- 
einniug: readiness (o back hts hoE;pttiible landjoril , as becomes a 
weli-enttrlaincd guest. Triplckmus was a iillle daunted at this 
teinforcement of hisadiersiiry ; he paused, liken cautious gcue- 
rftl, ID the sweeping attack which he had cnramenecd on ihc pe- 
culiar usages uf Zclland, And spt^ke not again until the Udaller 
poked him with (he insulting query, ''Where is your reasi>n now. 
Master Vellowley^ ibat jou were dcafeuiiig me with a moment 

"Be hii! patient, worthySir," replied Lhe agricullurisl;, '^whal 
flu earth can you or any other man say in defence of that thing 
you coll a plough, to this blinded country? Why, even the 
savage HighlandAnen^ in Caithness ond Saihcrlaud, can make 
more voriij and belter, ■with their gascromh, on*hatc\er they 
call tl." 

"But what aifs you at it, Sir?" said the Udnllor; *'fel me 
hear your objections to it. It tills our I&ud , and what would ye 

"It hath but one handle or stilt," replied Triplolemus, 

"And ittio Ikfi devil," said tJie poet, aintmg at something 



smart, "woald viab lo need o pair «f stilts ^ if becftumuigeto 
wflik -with a grngli! une?" 

*''OrH'll ipf/" said Magnus Trtiil, *' how it irerc possible for 
Prei[ of Lup»ess, tliat Iriiat one nrm by his fall Trom the crag iif 
N^ekbrciJkati, 1o miiDiijje a plough with twn handles 'J" 

" The harness is of raw seal-skio ," said Tfiplolcjnas. 

"It will fift^e dressed Ifuthtr." aiiswKriCcl MayimsTroi]. 

'*ll is drawn by four wrelrhed bull^j^^'ks." said ihe agri- 
cuhurist, '^that arc yoked brca&t-fasbioni andtwa 'ftonien mufil 
follow this tinhappy inslmmeDl, and conipUtfc the furruvs with 4 
couple of shovels." 

"DrinW about, Masler T«IImwIl7," salJ Ihe tidaller; "and^ 
as yftu say in Scollaad^ 'iipver Fnsh yotif thurab/ Our cattle are 
too higb-splriled to lei one go bofure IbenChCT; ourmeo are lou 
geutlo apd well-nUrltlred to take: tlic wrtrking-flcld without the 
Women's company; our ploughs till our land — our laud hears us 
bartey; we brew our ale, eat njur hrcatl, and make strBng«r8 
welcome 1o their shar{! of it. Here 's lo yim, Master yejlowley/* 

This was 3aid iu a tone mi^arii lo he decisive of the queslion; 
and, eccorifkngly, Dalcco whispered to Mordauut, "That has 
seltleil (he matiFT, and nnuw we will ^H 'on wiih glorious Joha. — 
There he sat in his suit nf rull-tiimniid bUck \ two years due was 
the bill, n^ mine honest landlnrJ ^lleTwarfji^ luld mv, — and such 
an eyp in his head! — nofieof ^our hurniag, blighCinfn^ falcfin 
eye», which we poets arc apt lo muke a rout atiouit, — l>Ut a suft^ 
full , thoughtful y yei penelraling glance — never saw the like of it 
inmylife, unle?^ it were little Stephen EJeancogg's, the fiddler, 
atPapastflw, who — " 

'^.\ay, but John Dryden?" safdMordauut, who^ forwaDlof 
better niriosemcnl , had begun lo Uke n sort nf pleasure in keep- 
ing the old gen1]i>man lo his iiarraliTe , as men herd a rcsttvo 
Bhe{!p , when they wish lu >ca(ch him. He returned lo hi^ themt^ 
wtlh his usual phrast of *'Ay^ true — glorious John — Well, Sir, 
heca&tliLS eye, such as T hate ilescrihed it, on my landlord, and 
'Honest Tim," &aid he, 'what hasi thou gol here?' and all the 
wlis, and lorda, and gentlemen, thai used to crowd round him, 
Uke the wenches round a pedlar at a fair, ihey ntade wnj foru^, 



and up vfQ camf to (he rircsidf!, wlifirc hi! had his own c&ldbLt&hcd 
diair, — I lia\i; Iicard iL was carried lo Uie balcoay in Sununcr, 
hat i( was by the Urt^^jdc '«'hi!a I saw it, — so up came Tim 
Thimblethwoite, through the: midS't tif them, ns bold asalioD. 
:ind I followed with s stnJltl parcel UTkdcr niy arm, wbich 1 hid 
taken up partly to oblige my landlurd, as Ifae shop porter waa 
iml ED the way , and p^rllj' ihiit 1 might b^ Ihoit^ht Co have som£- 
ihlng In do tliL-re, for {fioci arc to ihink (hcri; was nu adiaitlance at 
ihe Wits' for sirangeis who had do business there. — ^I have heard 
tliat Sir Charles Sedlej aaid a gotid thing about that — " 

'* Nay but you forgftt gtorions John ," said Mordauo(. 

■*Ay, glorious you may well call hiDi. They talk of their 
Blackmor?, and Shadwell, and such like, — not fit to tin the 
lalchelB of John's shoes — 'Well/ he said io my laodlardy 'what 
have you gnt there?" and he, bowin^^ Iwerrant^ hiwcrthanhp 
would to a duke, said he hud made bold to coroe aod show him 
ihe stuff which Lady KHzabcth bad chose for her night-gowti. — 
' And ^bich of your geese js that, Tim ^ who has got ii tucked 
under his wiug?' ' — 'Hc J9 an Orkney goose i if tt please you^ 
Mr. Drydeu/ satd Tim, who had wit ii( will, 'and he hath 
brtmghtyou a copy of verses for your honour to look at/ — 'Is 
he ajnphibious?" said g^Joiious John, taking the paper, — and 
niethought 1 could ralher have faced a baltery of cannon than Uiu. 
crackle ii ^a\e as it opened, though he did not speat in a way to 
dash i>nie neither; — and then he looked at the verses, and he 
was pleased to say, in a very encouraging way indeed , with a sort 
ufgoi>d-hunioured smile onhisface, and certainly for a fa» elderly 
genlleoiaiij — for 1 would Qot compare it to Minna's smile, or 
ilreuda's, — he had the pleasafltestsmile I e\crsaw,— '>Vhy» 
Tim.' he said, 'this goose of yours will provt a swan on tmr 
hand.^/ With that be amiled a little, and tbcy alUaughed^ and 
none louder than those who stood too far off to hcarihe jest; for 
^Tery one knew when he smiled there was something worth laugh- 
ing aif and so took it upon trust; and the word passed through 
among thfljouDg Templars, and the wits, and the smarts, and 
there was nothing hut question on qnesticffl who we were; and 
one French feUow was trjiog to lell them it was only Wonsieur 


TimTliimblclhwftitcj bat he m«de soch work with h]« Dumblc- 
InliC^ aud TimbLetate, ihni 1 thought bis ciiilaniitirju wuuld bnve 
lasted — ■' 

"As \oag as your own story^*' thought MorJaunl ; but the nur- 
ralivc WHS at IcDgth tiiially cut short, by ihu strong and {[ecid^iJ 
voice of the Udaller. 

"Iwill hear no lUbre on it, Hr.Faetort" he eiclaLoied. 

"A^L leAst let mc say Something nbout the breed 4)f hnrs^es/' 
said Yellowky, \a rather a fry-mercj lone of loicc. "¥oar 
bors«s, mj dear Sir, resemble cats Iq sjzej and llg«rs la de- 

^"^ For their size/' said Magnus ^ "they nre the easitrforusio 
gel utr aod on ihcm — [qs Triptolemus eipcrieuccd this momiiLg, 
thDUght Mordjjunt 1o himst^If] — and, as fur their devilry, letnu 
oDe mount tbcm thai cjiniiot manage them." 

A Iwingi! or &elf-tonv(ctiini, ah the part of the agriculiurisij 
jircvented him from reply. He dartijd a dt-precalory glance ol 
Ildord«UDl, as ir for (hi' pur|>>r>s(! or impluring secrecy fespcctlng 
his tumble, and the Udallcr, «bi>saw bts advantage, although lie 
Has not awarf: of ihi': tau^a , pur&ued it wirl) tbi; hii^b a.aA slem 
tunu proper tu oue who had all his lil'e been tiaBCCUStamed lo meet 
with, and unapt In endure, nppositioD, 

*'By the blood of Saint Maffdus ihi: Mariyr," be said, "bnl 
yyuarc a fine fellow, M.isitr FiirtorYelluwleyl You come to us 
from a ^tringo laud, und«rManding nHihFr our law&., nor our 
inaoncrB^ uor our language, and you pruposBioheconti! {^av«riior 
oflhe country, and that wc slHJUld all bo your slaves!" 

'^'My pupils^ wurthySir, my pupils!" siiid Vellowley, "ond 
Ihal unlj fur jour own proper advaiilage/' 

' ' Wc are too old to go lo school," said the Zcdand^r. " I tell 
you ccce more, wc will aowauit reap our^rain as our fathers did 
' — "U'e ^ill eat what God sends us, with <»ur doars op^zn lo Ibe 
stranger, evcc astbcirswereop^n. If there is aughl impcrfccl 
in our prsctlce, we will amend it in time and season; but the 
btessisd Uapliet's holiday was made for light hearis^ and quick 
heels. He thai speaks a word more of rcasi>n, asyoucallil, tir 
asy thing that looks ilke it, sball swallo'kA a pint of 3ca-wa(er — 


he shall, hylhishand! — aod so Gl] up the goodl ship, ihc Jollj^ 
MAriner of Conton. once more, fur the borieJitol (tifise Chat will 
stick by her; and l«l llie resi have a nm|f wILh ihe liijdiers, vha 
have been summouiiig 115 this hour, Ivtill warrant every wench 
is on tiptne by (bis time. Cnnie, Mr. Vellriwley, no unkindacss, 
mao — why, maoj thou fcelest tbc roDing of Lhe JtiHy MBTJper 
still" — (for, in tmlh, honKst Tiiptuli<?inus showed a liUlc un- 
^teadioeBS of motion, bs he roge to attend hi^ host) — "'^ but never 
mind, we shall have Ihee Gad thy land-kgs ti> rcet it witb yonder 
bonny belles. CniDc along, Tripu<lemus — hi wegrapple thea 
fast, lesithou (tjjj, old Triplolemus — ha, ha, ha!" 

S^n saying, Ihc portly though weatherbvaten hulk uf the Udaller 
sailed D^ like a man-of-wqi that had braved a huiidlred gales, 
having his guest in tow like a recent prize. Tb« greater part of 
the revellers followed their leadc^r with loud jubilCG, nlihough 
lher« wi're several stanch to|icr9, who,, taking the optiun loft ibem 
bj the UdaJkr, remaiutd behind Ui rclicvf the Jolly Mariuerofa 
fresh cargo* amidst maoy a pledge to the health of their absent 
latidlord, and tDtheprosperiiy of hiaroof-trce, with w hats oerer 
other wishes of kiDidaess^ could be devised, as an apology for 
another pint-humpcr of noble puDch, 

The rest soon thronged the dancing-rOom, an apartmcQl which 
partook of the simplicity of (he time and of the country. Drawing- 
rooms and saloons were thtrit unknown in ScoilaQd, save in the 
houses of the nobility, and of course absolutely s.o in Zetland; 
but a long, low, atiomaJous s^tare-nuodi, sometimes used for tbo 
depQsitatJun ormcrchandisej sometimes for putting aside lumber, 
and a thousand mker purposes, was welt huown tu a)l the youth of 
Duorossness, and of ma riy a district besides, ns the scent of thi: 
merry fJance, which was sustained wild so much glee when 
Mflgnus Troil gave his frfqueat feasts. 

Th<! first appearance of this ball-room mighi have shocked a 
fashionable party^ assembled for the qundrille orthe waftz. Low 
as wc hfive siaJed the npartmeiii to be, it was hut imperfectly jllu- 
mjnaipif by |;in,pg^ candles, ship-lanterns, and n vflficty of other 
candBhiira, which served to (iirow a dusky light upon the Qoor, 
and apon the heaps of mcrcbaudiBe aod misceSlanetms ariicles. 



vhich were piled around; some of Iheto stores for tlae winter; 
stmie, goods dfslincil for I'sp'iriBtititi; some, Ihc iribule of Nep- 
tune » pnid at (he eipeoae i>t shipwrecked vessels, wh^se owiViert 
wtre UDknown; some, articles of barter received by the pro- 
prietor, who, litemostflthera fttihe pi:Ti<id, was aoroewhnlofi 
merchftnt ai w>i?)l as a Inndholder, In nxchangi^ for the flsh, and 
(iihur articles, the produce ftf his csiai*. A,ll thpsu, *iih ihc 
i-hests, boses, cjisks,t&c., which cuntiiitied Ihem, bud been drawn 
Hside, and pikd ode above the other, in order lo give rtiom for 
Iht dancers, who^ li^ht and lively us if Ihcy had occupied thp 
most Bpltitidid saloon i n the parish of Si. Jamefi's , cxceiiled (heir 
national dances with cqiial grace «»d activilj'- 

The group of uld men who lonhed on , bore no iuconsiderabte 
regcnihloDfii to a parly of Aged trilling, Diigngi'd in beholding ihc 
spons of the sea-nyiuphs; so hard a Look hnd most ttf thtm ac' 
quired by tontending witli the etcmeiiis, and so murh diil th« 
shaggy bair and beards, which many of Ihcm cultivated aHer the 
Ancient Norwegian fashion, give their heads the eharacter of 
iheae sapposet] nuttvcs of the deep, Tfie young ptoplfi, oa the 
other baud, were uncommonly handsome, tall, well-miide^ and 
shapely; the men with long fair hair, and, until hrokco by the 
weather, B frijsh rudily (ioniplenion, which, in the females, was 
softened Lnto a blooni i>f infinite dolicney. ThcJr raiural good car 
for music; qualified iheni lo second lo the nimost the eicrtiotis of 
3 hand, whi>sc slrains were by no mettn^ contemptible; v<hi\e 
the elders, who ^tood nround, or sat (juiel upon the uld sei- 
chests, which served for chairs, criticised the dancers, as the; 
cujnpared their eieeution with their own eierttcMis in former daj's ; 
or, warmed by the cup and flagon, which contioQed to eJrcu]al« 
among thtm, snapped Iheir lingers, and beat time with tbelr feet 
lo the rou&ic 

Morddunt looked upon this scene of universal mirth with the 
paiDful fbcoUectiorL, Ihat he, thrust aside from hi&pre-cminenef, 
no longer exercised tbc important duties of chief of the dancers, 
orofficeof leader of ih^rc^els, whieb bad been assigned to ibft 
stranger Cleveland. Aniious, bowe\er, lo suppress the feelings 
oftis own disappointment, whieh be felt it was Dcitber wise tc 


emcriain nor nianlj iKP display^ lie approatbcti his tide imy^h- 
Ifvuis, ifl whom he had hfco so accEpiablw ot lable, wilh ih« 
purpose or inviiing oae oC thcra to t)«came his pantier in ihe 
dance. But the awfully aocicjit old lady , ev^n Iho Lady Glawr- 
owrum, wbi> had only tolerated the cmberance of her nieces' 
ininb darmg ilie lime of dinner, because her siinaiifmTciidereiJ 
it then Jiiipng&ihle for her to Lolerfcre, vas not disposed to permit 
the ep}ireh«tidcd renewal of Ihe intimacy implied in Mertoan's 
lti\lllltioil. She tfaergFnre toukupnn ber^elt', in Xhc name of her 
twonieccS; t>'Iio sal poutiog beside her in displeased silence, to 
ittroriai lUordftunt, after ibdnkiji^ him for bis civility, Lhat the 
hands of her nieces were engaged for thai evening; and;^ as hb 
coDtinaed to 'watch the party at a little distance, he had an oppDr-< 
tanilj of being eonviniied that the all(]ged en^af^ement was a mere 
aipology to .get rid of him , when he saw the (wd goad-huniourvd 
sisicrs join tbe dance under the nuspic^s of ibe neii yonu;!^ men 
who asked ttteir hands, lucenscti at so marked a slight ^ and 
unwilliiig to ciposebim^elf to another, Mordaunt MeitouD drew 
back from the circle ofdanccrs^ bhrouded himaclF nnumgst the 
mass^orinferiorpersuns whi> crowded inLi>th{: bottom of llie dojii 
as Spectators, and there, concealed tram the ob&ervoiion of others, 
digosted his own morlificaJion as well a? he couiil— thaiis la say, 
very ill ~ and with all the phil«isophj of his age — that is iosay, 
-witii iioQf! at all. 


A torcb tor mt'— lei watiLooji. li^ht of Irnart^ 
Ttclde the USeJoii^ ruihcs wiih Ihoir tiecl^; 
For I am proverb'd wjlb a grandsirc tibrase — 
I 'IJ be a caiiclle>.hi)t!i«r^ Giiit took on. 

Rointo 'ifiil Juliet. 

Thb you(h, Says the moralist Johnson, *arcs. i)ot for the boy's 
hobhy-liurse, nor the man for the youth's mislrL-ss; and therufuri: 
the distress of Mordaunt lUerioun, when cicluded from (he 
merry dance, may seem trifling to many of my readers, whu 
would, Deverlheless, think they did well to 3>c angry if deposed 
from (heir Rsual place in an assembly of a dilferetit kind. Therii 
lacked uatamusemeul, however, for Ihose whom ibe dance did 


□otsnit, or who were not happy enongh to find partners to their 
liking. Halero, novcompletely in his element, had assembled 
round him an audience, . to whom he was declaiming his poetry 
with all the enthasiasm of glorioas John himself, and receiving 
in return the usual degree ot applause allowed to minstrels who 
recite their own rhymes — so long at least ^s the author is within 
hearing of the criticism. Halcro's poetry might indeed have 
interested the antiquary as well as the admirer of the Muses, for 
several of his pieces were translations or imitations from the 
Scaldic sagas, which continued to be sung by the fishermen of 
these islands even until a very late period ; insomuch , that when 
Gray's poems first found their way to Orkney, the old people 
recognized at once , in the ode of the ''Fatal Sisters," the Runic 
rhymes whi(^ had amused or terrified their infancy under the 
title of the ''Magicians," and which the fishers of North Ronald- 
shaw, and otiier remote isles, used still to sing when asked for a 
Norse ditty. * 

toun stood near the door of the apartment , and in the outer ring 
of the little circle formed around old Halero, while the hard 
chanted to a low, wild, monotonous air, varied only by the 
efforts of the singer to give interest and emphasis to particalar 
passages , the following imitation of a Northern war-song : 


Tbe sun is rising dimly red , 

The wind is wailing low and dread , 

From his cliff the eagle sallies, 

Leaves the «oir bis darksome vaUsys ; 

In the mist the ravens hover, 

Peep tbe wiid-dogs from tbe cover. 

Screaming, croaking, baying, yelling, 

£acb Iq his wild accents telling, 

" SooD we feast on dead and dying, * 

Fair-balr'd Harold's Qag is flying." 

Many a crest in air is streaming. 
Many a helmet darkly gleaming, 

• See Note C Norit Fragmtnti. 


nrati; an arm thn jiq iiprpurs , 
Dnom'd lo licw th^^ wochI of spears. 
All along itje cruwJed ranks . 
HoTiica nL'Jtfli anti Jinn[}ur clanks; 
Cbiefs ore sliouUDg, clarions rlDgfaft 
Louder tiliU the bard is siniEing , 
"■(Jaiiifr, fiiiiijoent — naibiir, borsemeo + 
To Ibu Eldid , }'e vatiaiiL >'ordi;[[ieii ! 

"Bait ye nm forfoftii nr slujnher, 
View Jiat vaaLd^e^ counL nul number ; 
Jolly r(?apeM, [orward sliJL; 
Gran Lbe r-rop on v&le. or hill ^ 
Tliick orecfllwt-'iJ, siifT or lilhe, 
U Hball down before ihe scyLbt. 
Fnivard milh ychTirKicklies hriithl. 
Heap Lbe liArvt'^E at tbt H^tit — 
Onward, foiitnii^nt — onward, hoTsemen, 
To the ohari^e, *ft> ^alL^ni A'oTSE^men ! 

''''Fatal CbonseTB of lbe Slaughter, 

O'er you 'hihvere Odin's daughter; 

Kmar (be trboice' sbu &pTi:in\s Lmfore ;e ^ — 

Victor;, And wcakh, and i;1»ry; 

Or olit Valballa'a roaring: bail , 

Hi!r evpr-circlin^ niMd and ile, 

Wbere for elprnity unil« ■ 

The joys of 'wassail and dT Fl^bl. 

HeBdIong Forward, real and horsemen, 

Charge and r»ght, and die like Norsempnl" 

"The poor uiih^nppj bHinded henlheos!" said Triptolemus, 
viib a sigh deep enuu^h Tor agrtian; "Lhey »peab uf tlicJreLerDa! 
tjups iti ale, and I question if Ibey kend how (o manage a eroft 
land of grain!" 

*' The cleverer fellows they, oeigbbcmr Vellowlcyj." answered 
ihepoet, "if they made ak without tarley." 

"Barley! — alatk-a-iJay!"' ^tpli^;d the more accurnte agfi- 
cullurisl, "who ever heard of harl«y in Ihese parts? Bear, my 
4Jeflrest friend, bear is all they have, and wondermeni itis to me 
■hal Lhey ever&ee as aMu of it, Yi^ sea rt the laod witb abil IbiEi^ 
ye ca' a plewgh =■ ye mfght as 'weel give it a ritt with the teeih of 
a reddiDg-kajaie, Oil, lo see th€ sock, and iht beel, and the 
sole-clout of a real steady Scoitish pleugh, with a chieid like ^ 
SurnpsoH between the stilts ^ laying a weight ou Ibem wimld keep 


down amonatain; twa stately owscn, and a^ many brondbrcasicd 
bone in the traces , going throagfa s>uil sad till ^ and li^a^ing n fur 
in the ground would carry-offvaur likea cauBpyed syver! Tbeif 
that have seen a sight like thai, ha\c seen ^omeihing lo crack 
about in another sort, than those iinhappi ouldwarld Clones of 
war and slaughter, of which the IqDil ha$ geen even but loo micklc, 
for a' your singiag and soughiTig awia in |jraise of such blood- 
thirsty doings, Master Claud Half ro." 

"It is a heresy," said theanimfiipd kiiih poet, bridling and 
drawing himself up, as if the ^tiulc defeQce cf itic Orcadian 
Archipelago rested on his single arm — '^ It is a heresy so much 
as to name one's native conntry, if a mac is oal prepared when 
and how to defend himself — ay, and to Annoy another. The tiine 
has been, that if we made not goodjilc and aquavila?, we knew 
well enough where tofind that which was rearl^made lu our hand; 
but now the descendants of &«»-bings, and Champions, and 
Berserkars, are become as Incapiiblc of usinf^ their swords, as if 
they were so many women. Ye raaY praise thtm tov a strong pull 
^ an oar, or a sure foot on a a y ; h lit n\tai else f nuld glorious 
John himself say of ye, my good Hialllanders, that any man 
would listen to?" 

"Spoken like an angel, mosi. nnblc poet," said Cleveland, 
who, during an interral of the dance, sLooil near Lh« party in 
which this conversation was held. '*Thi? old i-hnnipion& yon 
talked to us aboat yesternight, were the men Co make a harp ring 
— gallant fellows , that were friends lo the sea, and enemies lo 
all that sailed on it. l^eir ships, I suppose, were clumsy 
enough ; bat if it is true that they went upon the accuatit as far as 
the Levant, I scarce believe that ever belter fellows unlouaed a 

"Ay," replied Halcro, ''there yon spoke thf m right. In those 
days none could call their life and means of tmngiheirown, un- 
less they dwelt twenty miles out of sight of ihe blue sea r Why, 
they had public prayers put op in every church in Europe, for 
deliverance from the ire of the Nrprthmen. In France and Eng- 
land, ay, .aad in Scotland too, lura^ hi^h as they hold ibeir 
head now a-days, there was not a bay or a haven, but jt wasffetr 

Tie Pirate. jj 


to our furefathers than to the poor devils of Dalices ; and now we 
caonut , forsooih , so much as grow our own barley withom Scot- 
tish b'elp"—(hcTfi hedarled a sarcastic glance alllie faclnr) — "I 
would I »aw the lime wc were to TQcasare arms wblh them again! " 
"Spoken like ahero once more," said t;iei|(ElaDd, 
"Ah!" continued the UlUe bnrdj, "1 would il were possible 
to sec our barks, unre the wiiieT-dragODS of the world, gwiniming 
■with the black rovea slandari waving al the topmast, ainii ihcir 
decks glimmering with arms, instead of tettig; hf^aped tip with 
Btockflsh — winning with our ferle&s bands wbal iht; niggard soil 
denies — paying back all old scorn and miuicrn injury ^ reaping 
where we never sowgd, and FeUing what we never planted ■ — 
living and laughing through the world, and smiling whet) v^i wero 
SumniuDed to quit it I" 

So spoki; Claud Holcro, in no serious, or at least most certain- 
ly iu DO sober mood, liis bt-Ain (never thv most stable) whiizing 
unJer the influeDce of fifly wcll-rementbered safaSj besides five 
liumpers of tisquebaugfa and brandy ; nnd Clevctaud, hniwcen jest 
and earD€sL, ctappc^d him uu (h« shoalder, and again repeated, 
" Spoken like a hero ! " 

'^Spoken like a fuol, ] think," said Majgous. Troil, whose 
attention bad been also atlracled by the voheiuence of the link 
bard — "where would you cruize upun^ oragaiaslwhom? — we 
are all subjects of one realm, I trow, and I would hnYc you to 
remember, Lhat your voyage may hrios wp at Execution-dock. — 
I like not the Scots — no offence, Mr. Vellowlcy — that is, I 
would like them well enough if they would slay quiet in their own 
land, and leave us at peace wiih liur own peopte, and manners, 
and fashions; and if they would bul abide there (ill I went lo 
barry them like « mad old Derscrkar, I would leave them in peaCig 
till the day pf judHraenl. With what the sea sends us, and the 
land lends us, as the proverb says, atii a act tif honest neigh- 
hourly folks lo help us to consume it, bo help me Saint Magtius, 
as I ihitik we are even but loo bappy!" , ,■ . „ . 

_ "I know what war] s," said an old man, "andl wouJdAS soon 
sail through Suinburgh-roost in a coctle-sliflila'or in « worse 
Ictom, asl would venture tbere again." ,y .:-; ■ 


^'And^ pra;, wliAt wnrs knew your vAtnur? " said Ualcro, «h4, 
though Torbearing io coDtr^diet his i^Ddlord Trom a sense of 
respect, HAS not a whit iDcliuud lo abanduu hb nrjjuineul ({i anj* 
iDcaucr auihiirily. 

**I was |tressed," answered ih« old Triton, "losenc andw 
Monlmg^e, wLen he came h«r« about Uie slitccn bund^rerl and 
fifty-one, soci carried aporlof us off, willje nilt yc, logftimr 
ihroa*s cut io the wilds of SlraihoaiLTu*^ 1 stiiill never fifrget 
it — we had been hard put to it for victuals — what wuuld I have 
given fi>r a lunclieoii of Bargh-Weairabecr — ay, or a mcssuf 
sour ^illock^? — When oar HighlftQiimi:ti brought in a daiiity 
drnye of kyjges, much cercrnony thnre va^ not, for wf sbut^ anit 
felled, aad Itayc-d, andrciasted, aait hroileid, as it came lo evM^ry 
ntau's hand; till, just as our heafds were at the grcaslosl. <kc 
heard — God preserve us — a irauip of horsi^, then iwa ftr three 
drappitigshdls, — theacamca full galvo, • — and then ^ when the 
officers were crying «n us (oslaud^snd maistof us lookin|j; which 
way we might run away, dowti ifaey broke, horsu and foot, wiib 
old John Urry, ^jf Hurry," or whatever lliej call him — he hur- 
ried us that day , and worried us to boot — and wc be^^an lo fall 
AS thick a& Lhe btut^ that we were felling five miaiilus bi^rore." 

** Ami MutiCrose ," said the soft voice of the graceful Minna ; 
"what became of Montrosp, or how looked he?" 

■••Like a lion with the hunters bcfcifc hiro," aoswcredtheold 
gentlrinaD; "but I looked D0tlwii;e his way, for my own lay right 
over the hill." 

^' And so you left him?" saidMinna, inatom »rihe docpest 

**lt wnsnoffluUormine, Mialress Mtnoa/' answered Ihe old 
man, somcwhfli out of ■countenance; "but I was ih^re with no 
choice of my uwd; and, besides, what good could I have dime? 
— all Ihe test were ninniiif like sheep^ and why sboold I have 
staid 3" 

"You might hare died w'ilh him," saidMiuna. 

*'And lived with him to all eternity^ in iuimortal Tetscl" 
added Claud JIalcro. 

• S*cJIoleM. MantrofM. " SecKotuN- Sir Jotrt Vrrjf. 


"I Ih&rtk fou, Mistress Minna," replied Ihe plaiD-dealing 
Zetlindcr; ■"and I ihank you, my flJd fricpd Clnudi — but 1 
■would, rathpT drink both your healths in ttiis gocid hkter of Die, 
like a living man as I am , than iliat you should be making songs 
iQ my honour, for haVing died forty or fifiy years agone. But 
what sigoifl*;d it, — run or figJit, 'twas all otit;— -they look Mup- 
tTose, poor fellow, for all his doughty deeds, and they took me 
ihat did DO doughty fieeds at all; and they hanged him, pour man, 
and as for me^ — " 

" I trust in Heaven they Dogged and pickSed yon ," said Cleve- 
land, worn out of patience with ibi; dull narrative of the peaceful 
Zellundcr's poUroonerjj oC which he seemed so wondraus little 

"Flog horses, and pickle beef," said Magnus; "why, you 
have Dot the vanity to think, thai^ nitli all your quarlcrdei* 
airs, you -will ma,ke poor old neighliour Haaf^en ashamtd ihal he 
TTSSnoikillcd some scores of years since? You have looked on 
death yourself, my doughty young fiicnd, but it was with the 
eyes of n yonng man who wishes to h« thought of; but we are a 
peaceful people, — peaceful, iluLis, jis lon^ as any one should 
be peaceful, and Ihat is till some one has the impudence lo wrong 
U5, or our neighbours; and Ihfln, per]|ji|)s, they may not find 
our northern blood much tooler in our veins than was that Cif the. 
old ScandiEavians thai gave us our names and lineage- — Get ye 
akn^, get ye along to the swoTd-daace,' (hat the strunpers that 
arc amongst us may see tliatour hands and our weapons aire not 
altogether unacquainted even yel." 

A dozen rullasses, selected hastily from an old arm-chesl, 
and whose rusted hue bespoke ht>w seldom they leftihe shEath, 
armed the same nunibtr of younsZetlaoders, with wh^im mingled 
sii maidens, led by Mirma Troil ; and the minstrelsy inslaotSy 
comraeaced a tunc appropriate to the ancient Norwfgian war- 
dance, lie evdutions of which are perhaps still practised In those 
remtHe islands. 

The first moveraeni was graceful and nisjcslic* the youths 
holding their swords iTccij and without much gesture j but the 

• See Note 0. TAe SmoTd-Danee. 


lUQc. and lite rurrcspnnttiDf motions fif the donccrs, b^ranie 
gradually mure and mom rapid, — ihfy clashed (litir sworils 
lugelJicr, in rnvnti^urcd time, with a spirit which g&ve the eierriAc 
4 dangerous appearaace in tbe eye or lEtc f.^Gi-talur, though the 
Grmitc^s, juslicfii aarf accuracy, with wbicll Che dancers kept 
lime with Ihi! stroke or llifiir weapons^ did, intrulh. (insure iu 
safety. The must singular pa n of the eihibf tiun was the courage 
exhibited by tbe fejnnle perf«rmera , vihu now, sumiunded by the 
swordsmen, seemed like ihcSabine luaideua id the hands nrihcir 
Romao lavcrs; ni>w, m'i)\lng under the .grch. of skel which the 
youRU men had fomieiJ, by crosaing Iheir weapons over iJie heads 
oFllieir fair partners, resbmbted thf; band nf AtnazDus w1i«d 
they first. joined in Ibc PyrrtiJc dance wilh the (■fjn<jT^«rs ofTLc- 
seus. But by far the most striking and apjiropriale Bguee was 
that of Minna Troll, whom Halcro hud long since entitled thfi 
■Qureo of Swords, arid who, iiuteed, moirCd nmidsl tht swords- 
men with au air, lutLioh seemed lo hold all thiMlrawn blatter as 
Ihf! proper uccompani meats of her person, andlbe implements of 
her pleasure. And wh>dn th'C mazes of the dance herameniora 
irilricnte, *ben the close and conltnucms clash "f ilif weapons 
mado %an\z of her cumpunioas shrink, arid sIkiw ^i^iis of Tear., 
lierchct!k, her Up, and hert-ye, sccm^jd rullirr to announce, 
Ihal, at the moment yhen Hie weapons llasheii fastest, ami rung 
sbarpriBi around her^ she was most compU'lcly ni'lf-possosaed, 
and in her own eti^meul. Last vf all, when the niuslc had ceased^ 
and she remained for an instant upon »lic nf>c)r by herselT, iislhi: 
rnle of the dance r?(]uired, (he tiiword^mcn and maidcii'^, wbu 
departed from^ around Iicr^ se^meit the giuards and the Iruin of 
some princess, who, dismissed by her sigDal, were leaving h^r 
fOir n lime to solitude. Her own look and altUudf.-, wrapped, n9 
she probably was, in some vision of thi; imiiginatlon,f:orraspond(!tl 
admirably wiih ihe ideal dignity which ihe spcciatoTS ascribed 
to her; bn!, almost immeiliately recollecting herself, she blushed, 
as if conscLnus she hod Lfien, though but for an ifislani, Ibe 
object of undivided attcDtioDj, and gave her hand gracefully lo 
Clevelandj who, though he had notjoiacd inihe dauce^ assumed 
the duty of couduciing her lo her seat. 


As ihey passed, Mordaunt Mcrioun might obsenc Ihai Cleve- 
iJind whispered into Minna's car, and Oial h<:r liriof lejily was 
acconipfliiied vi\lh pvon mure discomposure (if cuunli?nnncc than 
slifr had moEirested wlicn en(.<jmBlering ihc gaze of llie whole 
assembly. Morilaunl's suspirioTis were strijogly awakened by 
what tit; observed, for he knew Minna's i^haractor well, nod with 
what equanimity aod indilTercnre she was in ihe uuslom of 
recchiog the usual eaninUmenls aod gallaDirh-s with which bet 
beautj' and her siiuaiinni rtiidcrcd her sullicitfllly familiar. 

"Can it be possible she really Imes this slranger?" was the 
uoplcasani ihiniglii ih;n insiaotly sIkH across Mordaunt's mindj 
^"AfldiE she does, wluii is in> ioierestiji the mailer?" was the 
secijnd; and wlrich was ciuickly fdltiw(!d by Iherefletiion, thai 
though he claimed no iiilcrest at any lime but as a friiend, and 
though ibai inlcrrst was mm ^ithdriiwn, he ftasslillj jaconsi- 
dcratiiiu of their former iotlrnacy , entiiled hoili to be sorry and 
angry at her fur ihrowiflg away her alTeclions on om- he judged 
unworthj-of her. In this proci^ss of rcasortidg, iiis probahle thai 
a liUle ruonitied vanity, or some indescribable shiidc of selfish 
regr«l, mighl bcendcavounxig lo assume the disguise of tJisititer- 
estfid generosity; but ihi-r* is so mach of base alloy in our verj 
b<!s( funassislcfl) ilioughis, Ihal il is oiclancbtily work lu niLirise 
loo closely lie mulives of our most worLhy actions; ai least ire 
would reroramEiid (0 everyone lolptihose of his ueigilibtiurs pass 
carrent, bowpver narrowly he may emmine the purity of hbywn. 
Tho swoni-duntc was succeeded by various other specimens of 
the same eiercise, and by songs, lo which lljc singcrsleul their 
whole soul, while ibe audieuce were sure, as occastou offered, to 
UDit« io somr farnurilG chorus. It is upon such occasions thai 
music, ihoug^h of a sin^pEe and ercn rude cbaracleT;, finds its na- 
tural empire over the gencrows bosom, and produces that strong 
excilemcjitwliich cannot he allaincd by the raostlcanied coBipo- 
sitions of the first inaslers. v-liifh are i-aviare to the fommoii ear, 
although, doubtless, ihcj alTard a delighl, utquisite in its kiud, to 
those whose uaiural capacitj and cducaiion have enabled them to 
comprehend and relish those difflcull and compUcaccd corabina- 
lioos of harmony. 


It WS'S about midnighl wtiuti a knO'Cking »l Ulfi door of the 
mansioD, viLlh Ihesoundof ibef^/feAod ihnLangspift, AtiDomiccd, 
by tlteir {jiiklLiig chime, (he arriMil of ttvsh itycIIlts , Id whoiu, 
accuniiDg to the hobpituklc cu&tum of ihc cuuatrj^j the aparliociLis 
WQr« io&iaDilif thrown opeo. 


iHy mind rtiisgiiea. 

Some i!iiTi^f*[iipiiic*, ye! hanging fn ibc hIutj, 

Sball IhELltI)' bL'^in bis fearricl d&ia 

Willir CtLis niifbt'j revels. Acmifa twdJuUet, 

Thb ne* comers were,, atcorditig lo the frtqueui cu^iiom of 
such frolicktrg <il1 ci>er the warld, disguised jn u burt ai inasi^uiiig 
buhitSy aad designed lo represent the Tritoas and Mermaids with 
^hom aacieat tradition aad popular belief hare pfuplcd the 
noribern seas. The former, call^id hj Zi'tJonders oflbat lime, 
Sibonpeilins, wi'^re rcpr^sculcd bjyouiigiiicn ^rolcsqucly bubiled, 
wilb false hajf) aad beurdia made vf Hat ^ aDiJ chapLel); i;i>ini»iscd 
of 8i'a-wur«mleiwovcn \^illi shells, and olbcrmn line pruductionti, 
with wiii'ch also verEi dcC'oralt'd Ibeir ligbi-bl^J^ ov |j;rciMiisb 
miiintlfis of wadrDoaU ropcaicdlif bet'orc-munlioncd. Tbcy bad 
£3h-spears,aud olburembleni!^ of their assunicii quali1y.amii[i[$'5t 
which (he classical iast« tif Claud Hakro, by wlium tlit masque 
w&s arranged, had rb'Ut for-folt^n the canch-^hclls, ntiicb wtrQ 
stoutly and hoarsely winded, itaax time to lim^, by au^ orlwu 
of the aqUiitic deltiea^ Va ibe great annoyance of all -who sLudd 
[jear th^m. 

The Nereids andWaier-jiyraphs who aitended on this flcca- 
iion,. displayeJ, as usual , u ItllliC more t^sle aiLil ornameul (hpn 
was ta be seen amongst their male altcodants. Fantaslic gai- 
Bjcttls of green silk, and other maicrials of superior cost ami 
fashion, had been contrived, so aa (o imiialo their idea of the 
iohabitanl;^ of iIig waters, and, at the s^ame limL', to !«how the shape 
and featurCB of the fair wearers to the best advanlagfl. The 
bracelets aail shells, which adorned the deck, arms, and ankles 
ofthe pretty Mermaidens, were, in some cases, intermiied with 
reai pearls; and the a]ipeareance, upon the whole, was such as 


mighi havft done no discrcilil Ifl the court of Amphitrite, espc 
cialiy when the loQg bright loctis, blue eyes, fair toniplfiions, 
and plensing iealiires of Ite maidens cjf Thulc, were taken into 
consideratioQ. We du out iadectJ pi-elcnd lu aver, ihiit aoj- of 
ih^se secmingMcPinaids had an accuratcij irnitated (he real siren, 
as comtoenlaltirs have supp'OSed those aUcxidant oq Clenpatra did> 
who, adopting iht fish's train onheiropigioal, wereable^ nevcr- 
ihclesB, to make ih^ir "^benils," or " ends," (said cotimjentaiofB 
caotiot leH which,) "ndfrnjugs."* lodeed, iiad th^y not left 
Uielr eitreniiticii in Ihuir natural slate, it would have been icnpos- 
sible for the Zellaod sirens lo have executed Ihe very prt<tty 
daoct, wjiti which Ihcy rewarded the company (or the ready 
admissiod which had been ^ranlod to them. 

Il wasscoD discovered thai these rnasquf^rs were no strangiers. 
but a pari of th^ guests, who, stealing uut a little time before, had 
thus disguised themselves> in urdeno give variety to the mirth of 
ihcevepiDg. The muse of Claud Hakrcj, always active on such 
Ctfeasions, had supplied them with an appropriate aong, of which 
we may give the loIlGwiiigspecirocD. The snog was alleroale Iig- 
iwwiaJVcrcid orMermuid, aud a Mermaa or Triton ~ the males 
aDd fentales an eilher part formitiir a semi-cliorus, which ac- 
companied and bore liurdeo lo the principal singer. 



FffiJiDinsdeepheneaih (he wave* 

Stri'n^jjiK beads of glLslering pe&rl, 
Sinking ihti achtpvemenls hravH 

or maay an oJd norwR(,naii I'Jirl; 
Dweilia^ wbere Ihe lempL-si's raving 

Falls as iifflnupon our ear, 
As ibv si{;b of lover, cravfiji^ 

Pity Trom bis lady dt-ar, 
CbiJdrenof wild Thulc, wa. 
From Ihe di:ep caves of tin; ti«a , 
As ihGjark springs fjora ihcleaf 
HiLher codie:, to share |yt>ui ^lee. 

' ^^f orae admirahle discujajon on this passage. In theVariorom 




Fr«nirFiring[ of the wacef-bdfir. 

That t){iiiiiidi'd ini ili« wavps w^ri* fanmin;, 
Wnicliini; ihc inrant leiiiprsl'^ court*', 

4'ba&in^ Ibo sea-annke in liis niarnin^; 
Frnin winding chsrife-tioics on ibe Hlietl, 

Whi^n itt; hui^e' while *nd siinrni-Bih rtwel. 
Or tolling shroudless Eeameb'ii Itnell, 

Wbeti i1l« winds and waves are crue^l ; 
Chiidrea of wild ThiiJi:, «« 
Havi; ptougti'd such furrows on the apa, 
A.:! Iho steer rlrawfl on ihn li'a , 
Aiid hilbee w« comfl to share your ffiee, 



We beard you iti our iwilighi mien, 

A bundr>(>d lalham drop b*low, 
Foi' notes ^jC Jos' can pierce tb? wavt's. 

Thdldrnwn each sound of war and no. 
Tha^e ivhff dnell bi'iLcalh ihc sea 

Love ihe sons ni Tliiilc wHI ; 
ThUiii, 10 aid yourniirlh, brinfc np 

Dance^ and^onpt 4 niL mounding: Shell. 
ChUdren of dark Tbule. know, 
TtiD^e who dwell li>>' IbaaT ani voc, 
Where yuur ilnrtnif ^'hallnps rn*\ 
floine la aJiare Lite ta6Li\ eltow- 

Tha Gnal chorus was borne by the 'whole to[cps , etcepling 
iLose carrjihfc*^ the conch-shells, -who had been IratDPd lu blow 
Ihein ID a Sort <if rurie actompanimi^iit, whicli hAtI a good efftfl. 
The poetry, as well as ihe performance of the masquers, received 
grcal applause from all wbn preieadcd to be judges of aiich mat- 
ters; butflbo>eall, fTomTri[>tolcnms YcUuwIej, who^j his ear 
hailing caught Lhe ogri cultural sounds of plough atid furrow, aai 
his brain heiag so well driinchcd, llinC k coald i*n]y conslrllc Lb« 
ivordB Jq (he if most lileral acccpUtion, declared rouDdly, and 
ciillrd Mardaunl 1u bear witness, that, llbough il wfis^ a liliaine ta 
waBlB so much good tint as went to form the Trilon':3 beards and 
periwigs^ Uie song coniaincd ihe only words of comman sfose 
which he had h«ard all that Inpg dav. 



But Mordflanl h&d no lime to answer tbt appeal, being en- 
flBged in attendinji ^iil» the ulroo^t vigilance lo the moUoiiS of 
one of tliP feraaly misiiuers , who had giveo bim a privete signal 
as Ibcy untercJ , which indQced ULm, ihougb uDccrtain wh« she 
might prove lo b«, m c\ppct sohh: comniuuicDliou frum h*r of 
iniporiaoce. The siren who had so boldly touchs^d his arm , and 
had Qccompanied the g«sliir« ^Hh an ^iprcssioo of qe which 
bcMiokt his atlenljon, was disguised wiih a good deal more care 
Ihaa her sisler-masqutra, her manile beiiig loose, and wide 
cocmgh to CQocefll her shape compkicly, aud her face hidden be- 
neath a silk inasque. He obaerve-l lliat she gradually detached 
herself from the rest of the raastiucrs, and al length placed hCE- 
sdf, as if for the ad^gntagt of the air, uoar the dour o( a chambeT 
fl-hich remained opLMi, looked eanicsllv at hira again, flod ihen, 
taking an ypporiuniiy when iha altcutiiHi of llie company was Biisd 
TipoQihe rtsl of her party, she left the aparimcTit. 

Morduitot did not hesiUU instanlly to Jullow his mysterious 
guide, for such we may lerm ibc masquer, as she paused to let 
hiro see the direction she was about to t.ikr, and then walked 
swtftlv (owards Ihc stare of the voe, or salt-water late, now lying 
full before iheiij,il5 small summeF-wav^s glistening and rippling 
under the influence of a hruad moonlight^ which, added to tha 
strong twiJi|?ht of thosa regions durioR Ihc suHUiier solstice, left 
no reason la regret the ahseoce of the sun, til* path of whoae 
settiug was sJiJl visible on the waTCBof the west, while Ihc honioo 
on Iha east side was already bcginotng tt^ ^Uiomet with the lights 
of dawn, 

Mordaonl had'lhcrctorc no difficulty in keeping sight oi his 
disguised guide, as she tripped iL over heighlanii hollow to the 
sea-side, and, winding among the rocks, led the way lo ttie spot 
where his own labours, during the time of his former intimacy at 
Burgh-Wesira, had conslrucled a shcKcred and solitary seal, 
•where Ihe daughters of Ma&nus were aceustomfid lo spend, when 
theweaUjerwassuilable, a good deal of iheir time Here, Ihen^ 
was t(r he ihe ]>laci; of esplaaation; for Ihe masquer sfopped, and, 
flfteramomeufshesiiation, sat dowri onlhe rustic settle. But, 
from the lips i>f whom was be to receive it? Xoroaliad flrstoc- 


curred !o bim; but facr tall ^'dtc and slow mnjctttic step were 
entirely different frotn Ihv ^izu: and gHiltif rhft more fniry-rnrmed 
sirien, wlm liaJ prcccfled him wilJi 85 light n iri|» as iT she had 
been a real Ncruid, who, having ceniiiiufr] luu late upon the 
shore, nas , under (lui (irend nf Amphitrilo's displ ensure, hasieo- 
ingin fpgain hernoiive t'lcmunr. Since it t*os qoI .Noma, il could 
be only^ Ike lliought, firendn , who lltui; i^iti^lrd him out; 2Dd 
wheo she hod sealed herself upnn Ihr^bcurh, rtniii (oken I lie mask 
from her face, Bnmda it ai-cordrnKlj' proved to be. Mortlaunl 
had terlainly done nothing to make him drrad her presence; «nU 
yet, sueh is the influence of Mshfulness (uer the inganuous joulh 
ofhoih«e\cs^ that he experienced oil ihfi oitiharr.assmc]]t of one 
who finds himself uneipcrfedly placed before a person wh« is 
justly olTcndeJ with him. Brenda felt na le^s emhurrassmf^nl; 
but Ai she had cnurled ihia inlrrriew, and uns !if:nsilde tt must 
be a brief one^ she was compelled, in spite of herself, to ticgio 
Ihc conyers^ltoTt. 

*'>IordaunL^" she said, with a h'TsiljiEitif; \-olce ; tbcn cor- 
recting hersiilf, shcproccedcd — ^'Tou must bs sorpris^d, Mr. 
Merltmii, that I shnuld liaveiakcn this «ncomrt](>[i frc'i^doTO." 

"U was not till this nioniitig, Brcnila/' replied Mordauntt 
'' that onij mark uf friendship nr iutimicy frfim y^u or from ynur 
sister Could have surpri&td inc» I am far more asUmish^d that 
you should shun me without reason fnrso many hours » than tliQt 
you should now allow me an ifttervi^nr. In ihenaiue of He(i>eci, 
Srendn , in whut har6 1 ofi'ended yon? or why qrc we on Ihese ao- 
usual terms?" 

"May it not he enough lo say," replied Brcuda, looking down- 
ward, "■thfllilis my father's pleasure?" 

*'\o, It is not enough," returupd Merloun. "Tour fathfr 
cannot have so iiuddcniy altered his whole thoughts of nie, -ind 
bisi*hole acliojis tr^wardg me, without acting under the intlnencc 
of ^ome strong delusion. I A!f.k ynu biitio eiplnin of what nature 
it i!>; for I will be contented lo he lower iu jour esteem ihaaihe 
meanest hind in thes^: isbiid^^, if I Cannot show that his change of 
opiotuii is only grounded upon some infaijious deception, or some 
eilraoidmarv mistake." 


^* II maybe so>" said BrentJa — "l hope it i^ bo — thaiT do 
hope it is so , my desire Ui aee you thus in private may well prove 
(0 jou. Bui it 13 difficult — in short ii is impossible for me to 
eiplaiii to yoii ihe tausc of ray father's resentment, \orna lias 
spokcD with him coDceroiinii; it hoMly, and [ fear thny fiarled to 
displensure ; auJ youwcli tnow no light malli^r could cause that." 
"I have observBd," said Hordauni, *' that youT father is most 
atlCDti\e lo Norna's couosel, and mure. tompUisanl «i her jieculi- 
acilies Ihao to ihose of olh^;^s — Ihisl lifive obsetTSid, Uniqi|;h lio 
is no willing btliever Id the snpurnatural (ludlllica to'^hichihe 
Uys claim." 

"They are related distantly," nnsweredRreBda, "and vcre 
friends io youth — aay, as I Imve heard, it was once supposed 
ihcy wouSd have heeo married; but Nivroa's peculiarities showfld 
themselves. Immcilbiely im hifir fatJier's d^ftth, and there wasfln 
end of ihflt maiter, if *vcf there was any thing in it. But ills 
eerl^i™ my father regards her Tijih much inleiest; aod it is, I 
fear, a sign how deeply his prejudices rflspecting you must 
ba rooted, since they have in some de;ffreie qqaireled on your 

'■Now J, blessings upon you, Breoda.^ tliot yiiu have tailed 
them prejutiices," aatd Mertouo warmly, atid hastily — "a 
thousanid ble&sings mi you ! You ivcrc ever geulle-hcarted — yflu 
could not have raaitiiajned even the showof unkindncss long." 

'*J!t was indeed but a show," said Ercnda, sollpniug gradually 
into the famittar lone in which they had cooYer&fid from infancy; 
"t could never think, Mordaunt, — nt'ver. that is, seriously 
believe , thotyou could say aught Unkind of Minna or of mc" 

^'Aod who dares to say I h»\e1" said Murdaunt. giving way 
to the nalurJil impetuosity of Ills dispi>siticn — "Who dares to 
say tttatl have, and ventures at the same time (o hope that I will 
Suffer Lis tongue to remain in safely beiwiii his jaws? By Saint 
MaffDUS the Marlyt;, I will feed Ihe hawks with il!" 

"Way, now," said Brcnda. "your anger only (errtties me, 
and win force me to leave you/' 

"Leave me," saldhe^ "without telling either the calumny, 
or the oame of the villainous calumniator!" 


'<Oh; there Are more than oar," answered Brenda, *'tbdi ha\t 
p'OSsessed my fathtr with an ojtifiion — wliicli I ciQiiut mjsclf tell 
you — but ihcr(! are uiuri: Ihaii one who say — " 

'* Were the J hundreds^ Breada, I will do uo less to Ihcm ihsu 
I have snid ■ — Sarred Slqrljr! ■ — ■ lo uccu&c ipc of s|ieaking nv- 
kiDdl]- oi'ihuse whom I must re^poctcd and v<ilu4?d anilr-r Heaven 
— - 1 wilt hack lo ibc Bpartmenl this insinnt, onij yopr fnllier slmll 
do me right before all the world." 

"Duiiotgn, forthe ln\i> of Heii\i>n! " saidBrenda; '^do not 
go J as jDU would oiol render me lbs most uolidppx wretch in 

"Tell me then, atleASi, ir I guess aright," said Mordaunl, 
^*whcn 1 name ibis CUveUtid roronevribose whoha\e slKodcred 

''No, no," said Brenda, vehemeotly, "yon ran from one 
?rror into on^ithur more dangerous. Vou say jau arc mj* Triead; 
— 1 am willing to be yours : — be slill for a muTQcnt, and hear 
what I hiive to s^iy; — our ioter^iew has UiU-4 but 1^)0 lon^ 
already, Qud every additJunal moment brings addiltan^l danger 
with it." 

"Tcllme, then/'' said Mertoun, mtich soflieiied by the poor 
girl's extreme apprehensiwu and dlglress, "what it is (bat you 
require of me; and believe mc, it is impossible for yuu to ask 
aught thai I "will QUt do my very ultermosl to comjily wilh," 

"Well, ihen — this Captain," said Brenda, *' iliis Cleve- 
land — " 

"I knew it, by Heaven!" said Mordauni; '^my mind assnr^ed 
me that thai fellow WG5, in one way or other, at the bottom of all 
this mischief and misunderstanding." 

"If you cannot be silentj and patient, for an instaut," implied 
Breada^, '*! must instantly quit you; what I itiennt lo soy hnd 
no rrlmlun (o you, but to an<tllier, — iimneword, tomyisistyr 
Minna. Ihaveootbtng: to say concerning her dislike to yuu, hut 
aa aniions talc ti» tell cdricerning his aiteniion to her/' 

"It is obvious, stitking, and marked/' saidMordaunt; '<aad, 
unless my eyes deceive mc, it is received as welcome^ if, indeed, 
it is not reimned*" 


"That IS the very canse of my Fear," saidBrenda. *'!, loo, 
was struck with ttie' citcmal oppcarancc, fraok maniicrs, aod 
romantic co[i\prsaliciD of lllJs luaQ/' 

"His appearance!" said llordaunt; "he is stout and wcll- 
featnrtd cnougli, to be sure ; bnl, as old Sinclair of Quea Jalc said 
10 the Spanish admiral , ' Farcie on bis TDct ! I have seen many 
a fairer hang on Itc Bannigh-moor/ — From hh maancrs, he 
might be cD^itain of a. privjitepr; and by his conversation, the 
tfum|icti:r lo his own puppel^how? Cop he Rpealis ot lilUe else 
Ihan his own ciploils." 

"Touareinisiiiken," answered Brenda; "hesptaksbuttoo 
well DTI all that he hns seen and learned ; besides , he has really 
been in many disiani couatries, and m many gallant aclions, and 
he can tell ihcm with as much spirit as modesty, ¥ou would think 
joti saw Ihe dash and heard the report of the guns. Ajnd he has 
other lopes of talking loo — ahtiul ihe dylighiral Irccs and Truits 
of distant dimales; and how the pefiplevenr no dress, through 
the whole year, half so wann us our summer gowns, and, indeed, 
put on little cieept eambrie and iuusHD'" 

"Upon ray wordj Brenda, hc does se*ra to understand the 
business of amusing yoang ladies ," replitd Mordqutit. 

"He does indcedV' saidBreuda, with great simplicity. "I 
assure you (hat, ai lir&*, I liked him belter than Miniiii dii3; and 
yet, though she is so much cleverer than I am, I know more of the 
world Ihan she does; Tor I have ^een mtre of cities, having been 
once at Kirkftall^ fcesicfes that, I was Ihricc at Lerwick, when 
Ihe Dutch ships were ihere, and SO I should not he Tcry easily 
deceived in people." 

"And praj*, Bfenda," saidM^rioun, "what was it that made 
you think less favourahly of this young fellow^who stems to be so 

"Why," said IJrendo. after a moment's rpDection, "alfirsi 

he was much livelier; arjd the stories he told were haI quite so 

melaucholyj or so terrible; anJ he laughed and danced more." 

"And, perhaps, allhallimC:, danced oftener with Brenda than 

wiih her sister? *' added Mordauot 

*'Xo — r am not sure of ihal," said Brenda; "^d yet, la 


sp^ak plain , I could liave no suf^picioo or liim at all nhilc he was. 
attending quile i^ttuiillf to us bolh^ for you know that liicu bn 
ftoultl have been tiii more Ui us lli^u yourgeU', MnrJaunt Mviifiun, 
or young Swilr,l^lor^ or any (Jllier young mat! in llic islands/' 

'"BuMiiliyi ilieii," said Mordiiuol, '"'sL'Tiuld ynn nut see him^ 
with ijuticnce, liectimn ^scqitamtud -ftiih your staler?^ He is 
wc'illlij i or itiCms to bc Sit al \eas\. You suy bi- is accumplisbcd 
and pli;aeai]t; — what else would jou desire in a b\er for 

*-'MurdtiUDi, jrou fi>rgctwho wf arc," said ihc maideo, as$it- 
miDgsn air ol'c«)B&eqncTice,'n'hich %nt as ^ncefully upon hcrsim- 
p1i(!ity, as diii lJi« difri;rt!nt liinc \n wlikh slic hod i^iiokcn hiUKrto. 
"This is a Utile wr^rld uf ours, ibis Zcd/iiid, iufcriiir, ptirhaps, In 
soil and ^lUninU' to other p^iris of ih« t-arili, ul \v.n%t s» sirangcri^ 
say; buL il is ODr own lillle nnrld, and we, Ihe liaugblcrs of 
Maguu5 TrnJl. hold a ^^m rank in it. Jt wouid, I think, litlle 
hecoine us,nho are dtsrcnded froiii Sea-kings and Jnrls, In throw 
ourselvus away upon a stranger, who nonies to our co.isit like the 
eider-dui'k in spring, frooi wc know ooi wbetR'e, aud inay leave 
it in autumn, lo go we know nol where." 

"'And who may ne'erthe]«si^ cnlicc a Zetland goldco-cyc ta ai- 
cainpany llts migration," said Mcrloun, 

*' I will heap nutbing light, on such a suhjert," ricpHcd Brcnda, 
indignawlly- "^Mintia, Uim myscIf. is Ihe daughter of Magnus 
Troll, libe friend of strangers^ bjt llieFfllberof Hiallland. He 
gives thein the bospiialify ibcy need; hut let not the projdest 
of ihfm ibink that Uii.']' can, ai their pleasure, ally with his 

She said thiB iu a lone oT cDTisidersble vsrmLli^ whieb she 
insFanlly soPtencd, as she added, ^'.No, Murilaunl, do iKil suppose 
that Minna Troil is capable of so far forgetting what sbe owes to 
her father and her father's blo£>d, as to think of marrying thi^ 
Cleveland ; but she may lend ao ear ut him so long as to destroy 
her future hnppintss. Sli« has that sort of miind, into which same 
leelliigs sink deeply ; — you remember how Ulla SiorlsoB U5ed to 
go, day hy day, lo the top oFVossdalp-head,io look for her loircr's 
ship ihat was never to return? When 1 Ihiok of her slow Bi«pj het 


pale chtck, her eye tbal grtw dimmer and dimiuer, like the Iditip 
thai is hulf eilitiguUhed for lack of uil ^ — when I remember (he 
fluUeredloob, of stimeihinglikehcp*, wjlh which she ascended 
tJie tliU at morutiig, Qod l]i{! deep dead despair which sal on hiir 
forcUend when she reiuroed, — when I ihinkflaaSl Ihis, can you 
wonder that. I fear for Aliuna, whuse hfinrt H rormed to enteitain, 
with such deep-rootod Gdelily, aoy iCtectioa that may be iviplantfid 
in It?" 

'^ I do Dot ponder," said Mordaunt, eagerlj' sympeihizin^ wilh 
the poor girl; for> besides the tremukus eipression of her voice, 
Ihc light ciimld almoisl show him the tear which trembled to her 
eye , a9 she (Irew thu picture to which her f^ncy had ngsimilated 
her sisler, — ''I do not wgoder that you shimld feel and fear 
whatever ihe purest laffeclion can dictate^ and If yi>u can but 
p<imt out la nje in whul 1 con serve yoai sisterly love, you shull 
tiod nic AS ready 10 venture mj' life, if DiecegSftrj, as I have been 
to go oui on (he iTUg *<i gel you the eggs cf the gnillemot ; and, 
believe mc, tliat whatever has been told lo your father or yOqrsell',. 
of my emeirtfliniog the slightest Ihoug^his flf disrespect or unklnd- 
aes9 7 is as false as a fietid could (levise." 

"'I belie*e H," said DrendajgiviDp; him her hand; "I believe 
it, and my bosom is lighter, now I have renewed my coaDdence 
in so old J friend. How you cap aid as, Iknownot; batitWAS 
by the flrfviee, I maysoy by tliecommanils, ofNoroa, tfantlhave 
ventured to make ihi& rommmticaUoD; and I almost wonder/' 
shcadded, as !<fac looked aixiund Jicr, "that 1 hare bad courage 
to carry me ihroagh it. At present you Rdow all that I can tell 
you ol the risk in which my sister slanils. Look after this Clcve- 
lafid — beware how you quarrel wilh him, since you must so 
sorely come Jjy the worst witli an ciperieoced soldier/' 

"I Ao not eiaclty understand," said ibe yonth, "how that 
shuuldso sureJy be. This J know, that with Iho gf>od limbs and 
good heart ifeal (iod hath given me , »y, and with a good cause (o 
boot — I am little afraid ol any quarrel which Cleveland can fix 
upoa me." 

'TheD, if not for your own sak&, for Minna's sake," said 
Brenda — t*for my lather's — for mine — for all our sakes^ avoid 


any strife m\h hi m , liut be couicqud to walcb him , and , IS pos- 
sible, 1>o<ilisi;i>ve:r whnhe is, oad what life his inteutiouB towards 
us. JJchusiiLlkeJ of goingtoOrknuy, lo iaqnire after the con- 
sort with whom htsaikiii but day gfitr day, and wefk a tier week 
passes, and he goes doI; aiid^liilo iio ke^'p>^ niy falhi't coiupSD] 
vM\r the hultlc^an^ Iclla.^liiina rnitiautic slf}ri«5uf foreign proplr, 
and Uislaal wfflcs, in ^vild and Unknown regioiis, (he lime glides 
HDf and the stranger, of whom wi? know nothing cicepl ihnt he {$ 
OQ^:, beconi{!s gradually closer and more luscpaTuhly inliiuale Jo 
our sticietY. — And now , farewell. Noma hiipes to make your 
peace with my falhci:, and entreats vou not to leave Burgh- Westra 
lo-niorrow, however cold he and inyf^istcr jnavappi^Ar triwardsi 
von. [loo," she said , sirf^tchini^ her hand I'oward^ liim, ^'niust 
wear 11 face of cold TrieDdship as towards an unwelcome 'visiter, 
but aL heiirL wl' ate still Brenda and Mordaujil. And qow Separile 
quicklj-, for we muiit not be seen together." 

Shi! strctcbi^d her hand lo him, but withdrew it in some slight 
cunf ueioo :, laughing and bluiihing, wticu, by s natural inapulse, 
lie wd£ about to [iri^^s it to hh lip^. He imdea^uurcd for a momeDt 
Itj dtHaio her, fur the iDterview had fur him a dpgree of fasciaa- 
lion, which, as ofleD as he had befurc beta aton^ with Brcnda, 
he had never experienced. But she. eilricnted hvn^clf From 
hjni, and again si^nin^ . in adi^u , and pointing lOUt iu llim a paih 
different from that which sha was herself about to lake , tripped 
lowards the house, and was eood hidden from his view by the 

MordaunI stood ^azlog after her in a state of miad, to which, 
as jel» he had been a stranger. The dubious ocutral ground 
between love and friendS'hip may be long and safiijy trodden. 
ujiLiI be who slaTidiT. upon il is suddenly called upon to r>i?r:ogniie 
iLe aulhority of the on* or (be oihft powtr; and then it most Fre- 
quenlly happens, thai the pari)' who for ytarS Supposed hi maetr 
iinly lo be a friend, Gods himself at nnretrauafDrmed into a lover. 
That such a change inMordauni's feelings should lake place from 
Ihisdale, although he himself was unable txarlly to distinguish 
its DBture, was lo be eipecled. He found himself at oact received^ 
with the most unsuspicious fraokoess, into the Loulideace of a 

The Pirate. J3 


beautiful and rascLflaling joung -womaD, by whom he had, so 
short a iim« bdori', imagined hlmscK despised and diaJiked; 
and , if anj thing could uiqUe a chflngc, in ilself so surprising and 
soiileasing, yd inorL' intovicalioR, il was the guileless undopcn- 
h«nrted siiin>liciiy uf Urenda , that cost un cnchaDimcnt ovec 
every thing which she didi or said. The scene, too, might hn\e 
had Us cHccl, (hough thei-p was little occasion for iu aid. But a 
fair face louks yet TiiifLT under ibe li^hi nf the raofla^ and n sweel 
voice sounds yel s^eelcr amimg the whispering sounds of a sum- 
mer night. Mordaunl, iherefcrc, who had by this lime relumed 
to the housi;, was diS|iosed to li&l«n willi unusual italience and 
rotnplaceacy to the euthuaiasiic declamatiiiii pronuuncctl upon 
moon-light by Claud Hulcro, whose ecsiosie* had been awakened 
an. the subject by a short turn id ihc opeit air, undcrlaken U> 
qualify the vapaurs of ihp good liqutir, which he had not spareii 
during the te&iival. 

"Thcsmi, triyboy;" he said, "is uvcrj wrelcbcd labourers 
day-lftnlern— it comes glariag yunder, out of ih* east, to sumnum 
up a nhole world io labour and to misery; whereas Ihc merry 
init^lJi: lil^hts all (i£ us lu tnjrth and Io love." 

'*And to madness, or she ismucLbtlicd," said Itfordaunl, 
hy way of saying gomelhing. 

"Let it bi! 30," answered Hfllcro, "so she does not lurra us 
itnelancholy-mad. — My d4'flr young friend, thu folks of thispaiiis- 
laking world are far (oo anxious abuut possessing all ihcirwits, 
or having llj«ni, astheysayi abounhcm. At least ! know I have 
been often caNed half-wilted, and lam sun; I ha>e gone through 
ihe woria as wcl! as if I had double iIje quaolity. But siop — 
where was J? Oh, touching and uanccrning the moon —why, 
man , slifi is iLc very soul of love and poetry. I question if (here 
was evera true lover iu esistcncewhohadaolgo! atleastas far as 
* ihou," in a sonnet in litir praise." 

"The moon," said the factor, wbo W8S now bcginmng to 

speak very llijck, "ripens corn, ai least the old folk said so— and 

she fills nuts also, whifk is of less matter— jpafg-e nucss, pueri." 

"A fine, a line," said the Udailcr, who was now in his alliludes ; 

" the factor spcakB Greek — by the bones of my holy namc&akf. 



SnintMAgDUS., he ^hfill drink off Ihe yanl full of {luneJi, anU-!:» 
he gives us a song on the spot ! " 

**Toii nniii:liwnlcr drowned tbeiiiil[er,"answeT'EdTriplok'iiius. 
'"My braiti has moTfl need oi draining than of being drenched 
with more liquor." 

*'Sini,fj then," said llie despiHic landlord, <' for no one shall 
speak auj- other language here, sn^e hoaesi Norse, jnlJy Butclt, 
orDanske, or bniad Srr}ls, ai ihi.- least of i(. So, Eric SrJim- 
besler, products the yavtl^ .iiid lill it to the brim, jis a ohnr(i;« 
for demurrage." 

Ett! tbe vessel couhl reach Ihe AgricuEturiat, he, seeing it under 
w«y, flnd steering lownrtTs him hy siiort lacks, ^for Scambe&lcr 
hinietell' w^s by this Uiue uol over stead; in his coiirsej made a. 
desperate etTort, and hef^'diilu chant, or rather lo ernnk forth, a. 
Yorkshire haireSt-hionie bullad, wilieh his father used to sing 
when he tvas a little niellow\ and ^hich veot to the tune of **Hty 
Dr>bbiD, away nlLh wagnron." The rueful uspeel of the singer, 
and the desperately diaconlant tones cf his \oiee, formed so 
delightfal a contrast viih the jollity of the words and tuae, ibat 
ttuiiesiTriptuIemus alTurded the game sort of ajnusemeat which a 
reveller might inve, by appearing rm a feslival-day in Iheholyitny 
rxpat of bis grandfalhcr. The }t»i i^imcludcd iht; evpnitig, for 
even the mighty iiud strong-headed Maffuus himself tiad con- 
fessed tbe influence of the sleepy god. 'the guests wceu nH as 
thej^ best might, eaeh to his separate crib and restin^i pinee, and 
in a sboet time the mnnsion, ^'hich was of late so noisy, was 
bushed into perfect silcueti. 


Thi"y mun their hont'i , anit all IhL' youti^ men Bnn , 
Vidi vihataucvcrmiKhl tlie inonNVerK harm; 
Pikes, liDlherils, !i\>Hi>, nnii 4l<irl5^ Liiai iraund afar, 
Thii tudls «f pence, anil liii[iU-menl5 of war, 
Kuw va-i ihfi tinii' for ii;;<irou_-; \aii to show 
Wlial !ovc or honnur could iricilc liiOTp lo; — 
A pooiLly iheaire, where rocks art' round 
With TeveTC-oil age naA lovuly la^^e;^ ctoi^^'il- 

Bnlt/e iif tht Summer /j/<tntfi. 

Tns niorniog « hj ch succeeds such a feast as tbnl ni Hagnus 

Troil , usually lacks a litLle of the ttsl whkh seasoned the revt-ls 




of the precf^ding day, as Ihc fashionable reader msy hnve nb- 
i^erved at a piubllc brpakfasl during ihc race-week m A Counlry 
luv>it; fur, in whal iti called the best ^uitietj^, ih^Be lingering 
moments are usually mani by ilie cnmpaoyi each apart in their 
owu drcssing-rounis. AlBurgh-Wosira, ii will readily be be- 
lieved, Di> such space for relLr^nK^nl wa'B alTorded ', and the lasses, 
with (heir poltT checks, the eider dauieB, willi manj' a wink and 
jfdwcijwere cumpelUd ia meet witb (heir moJe companioDsihead- 
acUs 9nd all] just Ihree hours aFler Ibey kad parted from each 

Eric Scambcster had done all (hat iDon could do It) Silpplj' the 
full means of diverting the enciui of the morning Eni'ttl. The 
board groaned with rounds of hung beef, made after thi^ fashiun 
of ZetUnii — vilh pasties — nilh baked meals — wilb fii^h, 
dressed aad cured in every possible maciner; nay, vitb the 
fortrign delicacies of tea, coffee, and c!hi>co!aier for. iiawehave 
already bud uccasioii lo remark, (he sltuiition of these islands 
rnade them cady acquainled with various artirles of furrign 
luiury, which were, itsyci, bat Ijiile known in Scotland, ^hi-re, 
at a much later period than that we write of, one pounii i)f grren 
lea was dressed like cabbage, and another converted into a vcge* 
table saacfl for salt beef^ by the iguoraoce cif the gijod hutlSG- 
wJve^ lo whom they had been sent as rare presents. 

Besides these preparations, the lahle exhibited whatever 
mighty potions were resorted to by io'fjr vivanx, under (he; face- 
liuus narnfe oi' a "hair of the dog tb,it bit you," There was the 
potent Iriati l/squehaugb — rigbOaoiz — geaiiine Sehiedamm — 
Aquavits from Caithness — and golden VVas^ser from Hamburgh; 
ihere wa& rum of formidable aiitiituiiy, and cordials from the 
Lefward IsJaads. After ihc^e details, it were needless lo men- 
lion the stout home-brewed ale — the GermaD mum, and 
Schwartz beer — and stilt more would it be beneath olir dignity 
lo dwell upon the innumerable sorts of putiage nod flommery, 
together with tbe bland, and various preparations of jnillt, fur 
those who preferred thinner potations. 

.Vi> wonder that ihe sight of so much good cheer nwakened (he 
Appetite and raised tbe spirits of tbe fatigued revellers. The 


young men begun jmmediaielj' (o seek oui th^ir partners wt thp 
preceding evcnitJi^t and to rtQCw ibe small lalk which had dmen 
th« ni^hl so merrily away i while MngEius. wilh his stout old 
\orse kindrpdj i-Qcouraged, fcy precppl and esauiple, thusc itf 
elder da-ji and graver mood, lo i sub^lanlial AirlalitWi »ilh Ihe 
good things beffire Ihem, Still, h<j-never^ Ihcre was Ji km^ prriud 
to be (itled up hcfGt-e dinner; fur the rnosi prolrnctei) hrctAkt'a^t 
canuat well last above an hour; and il was Ui be reared thai CLainl 
Halcro inciJitaLcd the orcufhalian of tbis vacnnt m^immg uit]i m 
foriuidablc recitaliciD ui his own verses, besides IcMing, al jIe^ IuU 
lengthj Lh« wbule history <]f his introduction to glnritmii Julin 
Dryden. Dui I'tiriUDe r«lieved ihc gue&is ol' Uurgh-WesLra Troiii 
thig ifit^Qtened inllicllon , by Bcndini^ tlicm means of amusciucut 
pecutiarljr saiUi to thuir taste and habits. 

Mnsl of the guests were Using their toothpicks, same were 
beginDinglo talk of what was lo be done tim^ when» with haste 
in his step, tire in his eye, and & harpoon iti his band, Eric 
Si-ainbesler canic lo aji«uut)c:e lo ihc company, that ihfire was a 
whale DO shore, or ofiarly £0, at (he throat of the roc. Then 
you migbi have seen such a joyous, boisterous, and univerHl 
bugile, as only the love of sport, so deeply implanted iu »ut 
nature , ean possibly inspi re. A set of country squires » ttboul It> 
beat for Ihe Urst woodcocks of the season, vere n comparison as 
petty , tn respeet to the ^lat, as in regard lo Ihe imporUuce of Che 
object; th>e baitue, upoca a stron;; cmet in Eiirick Forest, for the 
dosiraclion of the foxeE; ihe insurrection of ih« sporuniea of 
the Lennox, ^hen one of Ihi! Duke's de>er gets out from Inch- 
Mirran i nay, ihe joyous rally of the fox-chase iisell , witbollits 
blilhc accompaniments of hound and bom, faEl inHnitely short of 
the anijriaiion with which the gallfiut sons of Thule set blTio er^- 
eountcr the irionster, <nhon]i the sea had sent for their amascracnt 
al so opportune a conjunelure. 

The rauUifarious islores of Burgh-Wcslra were rummaged 
hastily for atl sort» of arms, vhich could be used on such an 
uecasioTi. liarpaons, swords, pikes, and halberds, fell lo the lot 
ofg^ome; others conleQted theniselfcs wiih haj-forks, spits, and 
whatever else could he fouod, that was al once Inogand sharp. 

V - 


Thus haatii^ equipped, one division^ undef tht commaod of Cap- 
lain Cleveland, hast&ned lo man the bMis whkli lay in the little 
Jiaven^ while Uie rest of the party humedby Undloihe scene 

P<iof Triptolfeitsius Ti'iB ioietmptpd in n plan, which lie, lotj, 
had formed ogainsi the patienco of the Zetlandcrs, and which 
\vastohav« consisted in aledufc upon the .-igricultnre, and the 
capabilities ot llie cnunlry, by this sudden hubbub, whieh put an 
lind at onte lo Halcru'ii ptveirj, and lo Ilia uo less forniidable 
prose. It may be easily imagined, that he toDk very Ulile 
inieresi in llie sport "wbich was so suddenly subsliluled for his 
lucuhrationa , and he would mi even have ieigoed lo have looked 
upon she active scent whicli Mas about lo take place, had he nvi 
been siimulatfid thereunto by the eihorlaliona fif Mistress Baby. 
" Pit yoursell forward, luan," said ihat provideni person, "pit 
youTsell fvirward — wha kens where a blesslog niay light? — they 
say that a' men share and share equals-aqoals in the crealure'd 
utiie, and a ptol o't wad be worth siUer, to light Iho craiie in 
the laag dark nights that they speak of. Pit yoursell forward, 
man — there "a a graip Lo ye — fainl heart never wan fair lady — 
wba kens Imt what, wheu it 's fresh, it may cat weel eaeuab, and 
spare buUer?" 

What zeal was added to Triplojemus's motions, by ihi? pro- 
spect of eating fresh train-oil, inslead flf butler, we know not; 
but, as better might hoI he, Iie; brandished the rurftt implement 
(a slable-fork) with which he was armed » and went down to 
wage battle with Ihc whale. 

The situalion in which the enemy's ill-fate had plated him, 
was parllcalarly favourable lo (he. enlerprise of the islandeh^. 
A tide of unusual height bad carried (he animal over a large bat 
uf sand, into the TUie! or creek in which ho was now lying. So 
Sdon as he found the water ebbing, he became sensibk of his 
danger, and had maJe desperate efforts to get oiec the shallow 
water, where the waves broke oa the bar; but hitherto he had 
rather injured than mcndod Ms condition, havinjr got himaell' 
partly aground, and lyinp therefore parlicuJarlj- exposed to the 
meditated atuck. At tills moment the enemy cajne down upon 


him. The front ranks crmHjsledof Ihc joungami hflrJy^ armprf 
in the raiscellonfjous nianncTwe have described ; wiik-.lo wilness 
and aiiimjite tlicirt^tlorCs, Ihe yoDQg wumen, and the eldfrlj- per- 
sons of boili seiFS, look Lhcir place ARioag the rock^, wlitch over- 
hung the scene of qciIod^ 

As ihi hrmxs hiLd 10 i\(t\ih\(f a \in\o hvadlaiiil f utp they upcncil 
llif muytli tif ihe voe^ thi>sc wIuj came hy land to ihv shores of 
thti Inlet, had time to mukc tttt: utcessar)'fei!i>t]i]i>is3flrjces up^n 
Ihtj force and ijitualioii Hjf Ihe enemy^ on ■whom tbcy were about 
lu commi-ncc a simultaneous attar khy land nnd seji. 

This duly, [he sroul-hearti'il and eipi!Ticnc«d general , iorsu 
the Udaller mj^lti Ll- termed, would i)tlru:»i Ut no eyes but bis 
own ; and^ ind^ied, his cidernal ap]icaranct!, and bia ia^i cuuduci, 
reiidt^red biin alike rjualilied for the i-oniiiiand wiiirJi be enjuycd. 
His gold'-kced bal vas cichungii'd for a hoarskin cap. ills suit ul 
t)lile broadcloili, i^ith its scarlet lining, snd loo[)^, aud ffugfi ul 
bullion^ bitil given {dnce lo a red flannel jacket, wiltt bullous ol 
black burn, Qv?rw Licit h^ wore a 9eal-:^kiii sbirLi^iiriiiiisly seauied 
and plailed uo llje bosuri], sue!) iis Jid:' used by ibe lisquimaui, 
and EOimeliines by (bc^ tlre^ldaad vthale-li^buns. S^i-a~br>i)l^ of ii 
fannidabLc »iz« cuoipleiled his dr(.'!i!>, nnc} in bis hand be beld a 
large vlialiug-kQife, which b(! brandished, a5 if irapaticnl !u 
employ it in the uperaliuu ol^pijiching ibe huge animul which la; 
hKri>re (heiE], — Lhat U, tbe act or separaiJng ii& llesh fram lis 
bopca. Upon L'losor t<][nnLLnation, buwi!%er^ be MAS U'bLiged lo 
cotifess, that ilifl spurt to which he had <;onducied his friends, 
hofve^er much it corresponded wiib llic raagtiilJccnt scale of his 
hospilality, was liktfly lo be allended with llsowapecaliardaDgers 
and dirficulties. 

The animal, upwards tifsiily T^et in leaglh, was lyingperfecily 
sllll, in a deep part of ibc vuc into whicb it had weltered, and 
whereit seemed Ifi await the return of tide, of which it was firo- 
bablv assured by insiinti. A council of eiperienced barpooners 
was instuntly called^ and it was agreed that an clTort should he 
made to ooose tb>i; (ail of this torpid le\ iathan , by cnstiog a cabL' 
aroupd it,, \q he made fast by eocbors ii> ilie shore, and thus to 
Ei'Ciirc against bis {^^capc, tn cas^e the tide should make before 


iLey vieee ablft lo dcspalch him. Thri-e bonis were licslincd (o 
this delicate piect: of service, one of which (he Ldallcr himself 
proposed 10 command, nbile Cleveland aud Mcrloun were lo 
direct the iwo others. This being decided , they i^al down od Ibo 
strand, wuiiing with impatience untili ihc naval part (jf the force 
shoulJ arrive in ihevoe. H was during this ioterval, that Tri(>- 
toli-musYellowlej, after measuring with liis ejes Iha Mtniiirdi-' 
narj size of Ihe whal e, iilisunf^d , liiat ia bis poor mind, " A watO' 
with siiowsea, orivilb siity owsen either, ifihej were the owsca, ] 
4>f the couDtrf, could not drag siccan a liugc creature from the 
water, where it was now lying, lotbeisea-bEacb." 

Trilling as this remark may seem to the T«ad*r, it was con- 
nected with a sutjflci. which always fired the blood of the old 
Udallcr, who, glancing cpon Triptolemus a quick and stern lookjfl 
asked him whiil the dpvilit signlBcd, auiijiostng a hundred oieai 
could not drag (he whak upon the bcafh'.' Mr. Yellowley, though 
DDl much liking ihti time with which llbe qqestioo was put, felt 
that his dignity and his profiH compelled him lo answer as foj- 
Juws: — "Nay, Sir— youfcoow yourscll. Master Magnus Troii, 
and every one kncws ihat knows any thing , that whales of siMan 
size as may not be masierfuliy dragged on shore by the instru- 
inentnlily of one wain with siiowsen, are the right ami properly 
of the Admiral J w do is at Itiis time the sarne noble lord who i3, 
itiorfi'iOTer, Chamberlain of these isles." 

"And I (dl you, iHfr. Triptolemus Yellowtey," said (he 
L'duller, "as I would tell pur master if he -werp here, thalevciy 
man who risks bis Jiffi to bring that iis\i asliore, shall ha>c an 
equal share and pariilEun, according to our ancient and loveable 
Norse cu&ioni and wont; nay, if there is so nmch as a womao 
Iflotrng on, that wilt but lauch the cable, she will be partner 
with UE ; ay, and more than at! that, if she will but say there 
is a reasoD for it, we will assign a porlioa to tbe baba that is 

The strict principle of equity, which dictated this lastarrange- 
jnenl, occasioneJ laughter amaog the men, and some slight Con- 
fusion amoag the women. The factor, howevfirj thought It sham* 



ta be so easily dauiilpd. " Suum cutque fril/uito," ^jiidhei "^I 
will fttaarl fur my bird's Hfntit And mj iiwn." 

"Will you?" replied Majfnug; "Ihtiiij by *he Martyr's bones, 
jou Bhall bate no low of partition but tliAt ofGad inndSaintOUvi-. 
which vC' had beiore «ilbier factfjr. ur treasuriir, or chambf-rlAia 
was heard of! — ^ All shall sharp thai lend a hand, and neTcr 
a oni; else. Sit you. Muster Factor, shall be bu^y a6 well as 
other I'olk, end think yours.eir llinky to «hare like other folk. 
Jump into that boat, " (for the bonis had by this Cinie pulled 
round Lite headland,) "flnd you, my lads, make way for the 
factor in the sicrn-sheets — he shall be the hrst man this blessed 
day that shall strike the lish." 

The loud authoritative voice ^ and the habil of absolute Com- 
mand iaferreij in thin liJaller's whole manner, together with thp 
conscious want r^r favourers and hackers amnD|;6t llie re^lofthc 
cooapany, rendered K diflicult for Triptolctnus to evade com- 
phaucc , althfiugh he U'as thus about to be placed in a ^iiualion 
equally novel artd perrious. Hewassiill, howevijrj hcsitaiiflg, 
and attempiing an ei^pl^iiatiitn , with n voice in which anger was 
qualiii«d by fear, and both lhiii)lydisguii»«d under an attempt lo 
b* jocular, and In rtprescnt thn whole as a jest, when he heard 
the voice aS Baby Tnaunderinp in bis ear , — " Wad he li>se bis 
share of the ulzie, and (he lang Zetland winter cromtng on, -when 
the lightest day in Decenjber is not 90 clear as a raooitless night 
in the Mearns?" 

This domRsiicinsiifjatiDD, in addition lo those nffnarof ilie 
Mailer, and shame to seem less courageous than others, su 
inllanied the agrieulturisl's spirits, that tie nhiok bis grnip aloft, 
and entered the biiat with the air (tf Neptuuc himself » carrying on 
high hi& trident. 

Th« thr^B boats destined for this pcrJIooa senice, now ap- 
proached the dark mass, which lay like an islet in ih^- deepest 
part of the\oe, atid sufrcir(>d them to appi-oachwitlKiui showing; 
any sign of aninin'^Cion- Silently, and willi such precautioo av. 
theeitrcme deticary of (he operation required > the inlvrpidad- 
-^entarers, after the failurfr of tbcir first attempt, and ih« ev- 
pendiiiire of considerabte iJnie, succeeded in casting a cable 


ari>uticItliebodyT)ftbe(f)rpidrnonsler, and in carryiog Hie ends 
iifit ashfire, whEii anliuiidfcd hands werfi jn^iaQtlj employed in 
securiug ihera. Dut ere iliis was accompUshed, the tide began Uj 
mato lasL, and tho UdalSor informed liiii assistants, thai tilhep 
ihefisbmuslhe killed, or at least greally wuutidtid ere ihe daptti 
uf water on ihe bar was sufficiciitto lloal him; or that he was not 
unlikely lo escape from i heir joint [ji-onscss, 

*■ Wherefar*," ^aidlii;, "ftc must set loworii, and the Tactwr 
shall hav* the honour to mnke ihe firsi thr«jw." 

Thf; valiant TripLolemus taught the wurd ; and it is oeceBsaty 
lo say thai the pnllence of the -fthnle, in &uir<.Ting himself Id be 
iiijostd without resistance, had ahawd bis lerrifrs, and very 
imich kwiired thiC creaiurt- Lu bis oplaion. He pnitestcd the 
tlsh had no more wil, and scarcely more acti\ilif, than a black 
snail; aad, influeoceiiby this unilue conlemplof the adversary, 
bewailed neither fur aforthtr signal^ nor a bE^ittr weapon, riora 
more suitnble poBJljon, bul, rising in his CKcrgy, hurled h'l^ graip 
with all his force against the unf^iriTioaie moostct'. The hoat-^ 
had ni>l J el retreated IVom him lu iLe dialiincf necessary to en- 
sure safely, when this iojudicious commcnccmeul nf the war 
took plUCI!. 

Magnus Troil, who hai only jested with the factor, and had 
reserved thi; lanching the llrst spear against ihc whale to sonic 
much luore skilful bandj tad just lime tif usclatm, "Mind your- 
selves, tads, or we are all swiimpud!" when (he m&nster, roused at 
once from inacii^ilj by ihii? blow of the fa^;lt^^'s rnlssile, blew, with 
a ni>isfi rese^lhllD^^ the tipiosion of a sieam-eugiuc> a huge 
shower uf water i mo the air, anil ni the same time began tn lash the 
waves with its lail in oery (Jircdion, The boat in which Magnus 
presided received ihe shower of brine which the aolraal spouiwl 
aloft; and ihe adventurous TriptiilftuuB, who bad a full share of 
the immersion, wag so mucJt astonished and terrified hy the con- 
sequences of his ovvu valorous de«d, that be luiiibicd backwarifs 
amoDgsl Ihe feet of the juiople, who, tuo busy to attend to htm. 
were actively engaged in getting the boal into shoal water, out of 
the whale's reach. Here he lay for ts<nne oiinuies, trampled on 
by ihe feet of the boatratn, uulil ibej lay ou ibeir oars lo baJe, 



wlteTt Ihc tidAllcr orJercd thpm tci pull lo shnrr, atid land lhi» 
spare haat] , who had commenced ihd ti»hin|^ so inau^picidudl;. 

While Ibis vio^ OoiDg, Ihc aihcr boats bad nlso pulled o|T In 
f^sFer iljstance, aud now, Froni lhi_<9e as WL'U a!> fTom llio sLorc^ Ihi; 
unforiuDate naiivc of ibc deep was ovfriAtaolmed by all liJnits »[' 
missiles, — harpoiiDs and s|ie!irs tew ogainst bim on all jiides — 
guns were fired, ncid v.ich various means of aniioysiicf pU>cd 
^Thictl ci^uld excite him to cihaust his slrenijlh in useless r^ige- 
AVlien the animnl found Ihnt be Viiis locked in by shAlhw^un all 
:?iiles, aod became auQ&ible, at (he same time, of the strtihi oi 
ibc cable od his body, the convulsive cffurts which he made Ki 
escape, nccompanit^d uillt sounds rescinbLiDg deep and loud 
f;roan^ would , have mtived th r compassion oi all but a prncli^cd 
whale-li^her. Tte repi^atied showierg vihich he spuulcd JLilotbe 
air begnn now to be niinglcd viitb blnud ^ and the waves which 
surr4.iundcd bim assumed ibi! eame criiDsou appearance. Mean- 
lime the aticmpia of (be assailants were redoubled; bmMnrdanni 
Mflrloun and cievdafid, in pntiicuUr, txprtetl themselves to the 
uttermost, cunlendiny «<ho should display Ainat courage in ap- 
proa4:liiint;thc mauslcr, so treiuendous in ils agonies, and should 
indict Ihc moal deep and deadly wounds upoii its huge bulk. 

Tilt: eonlesl seemed at Usjt prellj well i>ver; for nlthouf^h, Ihr 
ntiiinal rooibmcd from lime lo (inie lo make fronllc exertions fur 
lihcrLy, yet its sireTigtli.ippeared «o much eihousted, that, even 
with thfi assistani^Q of Ibn tide, whicli had nuw riSrco <:i>d«Jd'CrAbty, 
U was thongfit it coulrf scarcely cxirieate ilscU, 

Magnus gave the s%aal to venture nearer to the whale, calling 
ual at lh€ ^anve timi^, *'C]ose in^ lads, she i^ not half so mad now 
— The Fuclor may loak fur a winter's oil fur Che two tatups at 
Harfra — Pull dose in, Iflds." 

Ere his orders cauld be obeyed » the olhe:r iwoi boats had 
aalicipaied his purpose; and Mordauul Mertouo, eager Ut 
distinguish himself above CtevelaQtl, hod ftith the whole strength 
be possessed, plunged a half-pike Ibto the body of the aninidl. 
But the leviathan, like a notion whose resources* appear lolally 
eihansted by previous losses and calamities, collected his whole 
remaJoiDg force for an effort, which proved at once desperate 


V - 


and successfal. The wound, last recei\cd, had probably reached 
through his eilcrnal defences of blubhcr, and atlaincd some very 
sensiiiveparLof Ihe sysl-emi for hr roared aloud, as he aenito ihe 
5ky a miiLi^kil i^beet nrhrinc Jind blood, aad snapping the slroog 
cable like a t^ig, overset M?ri<mo'& boal wiih a blow of his lail,, 
ahui himself, by a mighiy tPT'irl^ o\erthebaT, upon Vihifih iha 
tide bad now risien cobsiderably , and mud'C (»ut io aea> carrfiog 
with him a whole grove of the i mjnUineQls which had been planled 
in his body, and leaving behind him ^ oDthewalerfi, a dark red 
trace of his course' 

"There goes to sea jour rruisc ofoii, Master Yellowlcy," 
said MagnuS;, ''and }i>u must consuint uiullon suel, or go to 
bed in tfai; darlc." 

"^'Operamelofewnptrdidi," raultered Triplolemus; "bnl if 
ihey catch me wbale-li&liiog agaio^ I fvill coitsenl thai Lhe fish 
shall swallow me as he did Jfjjiah." 

*'Dut where is Murd-iunl Hurl oqji all this wbilp?" csclairaed 
Glaud HalcTo; and it was infelaulty perceived that Ihe youibij who 
had been stunned when hlii brt«( was slori;, wa^uoable to swim 
111 shore is the oLhersQilors did, aj]d na'w floated seosele&s upon 
(he waves. 

WiC have noticed ihe strange and inhuman prejudice j which 
rendered the Zellandrrs of thalticriod Muwilling to assist those 
whom they saw in theadof tirowning, though that is Ihe calamity 
to which theialandersare mostfrcfluenily eiposed. Three men, 
however, soared aboi« this supersiiiioo. The first was Claud 
Hulcro, who thr^w himself from a small rock headlong into the 
waves, forgetting, as he himself afterwards stated, thaihceould 
not swim., and, ifposseissed of the harp of Arian^had no dolphias 
in attendance. Tlie lirsL pltin^e which the poet made in deep 
water, remioding hijti ftf Ihesedefleieticics, he was fain to cling 
to (he rork from whieh he bad dived, and was at length glad to 
regain the shore , at Ihe eipense »f a dacking. 

Ma^nqs Troil, whose honest heart forgot his late caolness 
towards JWocdaunt, flhen he saw the youth's danger, would 
instanitj have brought him more effectual assistance, but Eric 
Scambcster held him fast. 


"Hout, Sir — hout/' picldiined thai fAiiliTuI aitendani ^^ 
^'Captain Cli-veland has a grip of Mr, Mordjiiiiit — jual Ipi tliQ 
t« a slraogers help ith. oLher , and staud by (hi! upsliot, The Lij^ht ' 
of ihe couniry is out Lu he quenched for ihc likr of ihera. Bide : 
siill, Sir. 1 SB]' — Bredncss Voeisnot Ji boni of puDch^ Ibatij 
man cao be Ushcd out tti libp a toast with A loD.g sp'ooit." 

This sage remonstrance ^«oulll have beeo allogetberlnsl upuq 
MasdUS, bad he not obBen'ed thai Cleveland bad i» (acl jumprd 
uut of tke l)Dat, uiid swaoi to Mertvun's a^e^iij^taDCfi , outl was 
keeping hixni sdoai till Ibe buai caine to Ihe alO t^f both. As swn 
as tli« immediate danger which called $o loudly fDra<i!vLSLancenns 
thus endtd, ibe honest L'dAllrr''s tLe:»irc ta reiider Aiil terminalf^d 
alaa ; and recollcctiji^ the caus« of ofTence which hc bad. or 
thought he had, against Mordaurit Mcrt'Uun, be shook o[T bis 
butler's hold, and lurniDg round Hc»rafully from the bearb 
called Erie an old fool for &uppo»il*i5 that he cartd wbtlhcr the 
young felioic sank or swam. 

Siill, however. JuiLicI bis assumed indiffer^ni'.e Magnus could 
not help peepiug over Ibe beads of ibe circle, which, *iurniundinf 
Mordauat as ^oon a$ he vi4s brougbC on shore, Here chirilabljr 
enjplojed in endeavoHurin^ lu tecall him tt> life; and be "Was not 
able it) attain the api)cara;tc(! of absolute unconcrrn. until Oic 
Youi)^^ mnn sat up on the beach, and showed plainly that (he 
actidf^nt had been atieoded with ui> inalrri^l cnnsf [[tienCea. It 
was then first that, ciir!?ing the assistants for not givini^ the lad n 
glass of brandy, iie wallied BuHenly swaj, is if totally uncon- 
cerned jo his fate. 

The women, alivays accurats in obsening (hetell-lale eitm- 
tioDs of each ^ilicr,, failed not lo remark, that when tUft sisters 
of Burgh- Wesira saw Mwrdaunl immet&cd in Ihewnies, Minna 
ifrevi as pale aS death, while fireuda uttered successive bhricks 
olterror. But though there were some nods, wituks, audhints 
that auld acquaiutance were not easily fuTgol, it yia^i, on ibe 
whole, candidl7 admitted, that less than such marks of interest 
could scarce have been eipected, \vheQ they saw the companiuu 
i>f their enrijr youth m tbe act of perishing before their eyes. 
Whatever interest Mordgu^rs coaditioa excited while it 


seemed perUous, began to abate «s he recovere4 himself; and 
when his seoses were fully restored, only Claud Halcro, with 
two or three others, werestacdiDgbyhlm. About ted pacesoff 
stood Cleveland ~ his hair and clothes dropping water, and his 
features wearing so peculiar an eipressioD, as immediately to 
arrest the attention of Mordaunt. There was a suppressed smile 
onhischeek, end a look of pride in his eye, that implied libera- 
tion from a painful restraint, and something resembling gratiGed 
scorn. Claud Halcro hastened to intimate to Mordaunt, that he 
owed his Ufa to Cleveland ; ahd the youth, rising from the ground, 
and losing all other feelings in those of gratitude, stepped forward 
wiA his hand stretched out, to offer his warmest thanks to his 
preserver. Bat he stopped short in surprise, as Cleveland, 
retreating 4 pace or two, folded his arms on his breast, and 
declined to* accept his proffered hand. He drew back in turn, and 
gazed with astonishment at the ungracious manner, and almost 
insulting look, with which Cleveland, who had formerly rather 
expressed a frank cordiality , or at least openness of bearing, 
now, after having thus rendered him a most important service, 
chose to receive his thanks. 

"Itisenough," said Cleveland, observing his surprise, "and 
it is unnecessary to say more about it. I have paid back my debt, 
and we are now equal." 

'^You are mme than equal with me, Captain Cleveland," 
answered Mertoun, "because you endangered your life to do for 
me what I did for you without the slightest risk ; — besides ," be 
added, trying to give the discourse a more pleasant turn, "I have 
your rifle-gUn to boot." 

"Cowards only count danger for any ppint of the game," said 

Cleveland. "Danger has been my consort for life, and sailed 

■ with me OQ a thousand worse voyages ; — and for rifles , I have 

enough of my own , and you may see, w&en, you will , which can 

use them best." 

There was something in the tone with which this was said, 
that struck Mordaunt strongly ; it was michlng malicho, as Ham- 
letsays, and meant mischief. Cleveland saw his surprise, came 
close up to him , and spoke in aiow tone of voice : " Hark ye. 


mj yoHBg brother, — there isa castom amongst us gentlemen of 
fortune, that when we follow the same chase, and take the wind 
out of each odier's sails, we think sixty yards of the sea-beach, 
and a brace of riOes, are no bad way of makiog onr odds even." 

"I do not understand yon. Captain Cleveland," said Mor- 

'' I do Dot suppose you do , — I did not suppose yon would," 
said the Captain ; and , turning on his heel , with a smile that ' 
resembled a sneer, Mordannt saw him mingle with the guests, 
and very soon beheld himatthesideof Mihaa, who was talking 
to him with animated features , that seemed to thank him for his 
gallant and generous conduct. 

"If it were not for Brenda," thought Mordaunt, ** I almost 
wish he had left me in the voe , for no one seems to care whether 
I am alive or dead. — Two rifles and sixty yards of sea-beach — 
is that what he points at? — It may come , — but not on the day 
he has saved my life with risk of his own." 

While he was thus musiug , Eric Scambester was whisperiog 
toHalcro, **If these two lads- do not do each other a mischief, 
there is no faith in freits. Master Mordannt saves Cleveland, — 
well. — Cleveland, in requital, has turned all the sunshine of 
Burgh-Westra to his own side of the house ; and think what it is 
10 lose favour in such a house as this , where the punch-kettle is 
never allowed to cool ! Well , now that Cleveland in his turn has 
been such a fool as to fish Mordaunt out of the Voe, see if he does 
not give him sour siUocks for stock-fish." 

*<Pshaw, pshaw!" replied the poet, "that is all old women's 
fancies, myfriendEric; for what says gloriousDryden — sainted 

John; — 

' The yellow gall Ihat in your bosom floats , 
Engenders all these melaacboly thoughts.* " 

"SaintJoho, or Saint James either, may be mistaken in the 
matter," saidEric; "for Ithiokneitherof themlivedinZetland. 
I only say, that if there is faith in old saws, these two lads will 
do each other a mischief; and if they do , I trust it will light on 
Mordaunt Mertoun." 

"And why, Eric Scambester,'^ saidHalcro, hastily and an- 


^tHy, *'sbould yea wish ill to tbfit poor jouug man, UiaLia«urih 

lifij of the other?" 

^'Lk\ *very ooc rooae Ihe ford as he finds it," replied Eric; 

*' Master Mttrdaunt h M lor wan walcr, like his olii dog-fish ol 

arotlicri now Cflyiain Clevclaud, d'^escs, takes his gUsH, like 

aa hoaeS'l tellu'sv anil a gcutleman." 

"Rightly ruaaoned, and in ihiueown dhision/' said Hnicro ; 

and breaking off Iheir tonversaliou , luuk his way back tu Burgh- 
Westra, (fj which the guests ot Magnus were uow relurumg, dis- 
cussing OS they wen», wiLti much aoimatiun, the ■vaHim* iocideDls 
of their attack upon the whalt; , and not a little scaudaliied tbai it 
should ba\e baffled all their exertions- 

" I hope Cflptaiu Donderdrechl of the Eintrachl ftf Eotterdam 
-will never hear of it," aaid Magnus; "he would s^ear, douuer 
■Dd hlilien , we were (luljT Qt to fisb Dounders." ' 


And helter-sketlerliave I rode la tbei:, 
And lidinftidci lbnab':T and lU'Sky j«ys, 
And golden Limi:s^ antl happj' news fif prJC4?. 

Jncient Piito!. 

Fdrtdn£, who seems at tiin«s Lo bear a conscience, i]wedthe 
husfijidbk' UilalJer some amends, atid accordingly r^paict to 
Burgh-Wi^'Stra Ihe disappoiDimunt oecasidoed b^ the unsuccess- 
ful whal«-(jsbtng, by sending lhither,H on the evening oJ" the day 
in which that incjidflnt happened, no less a person than ihejaggur, 
L>r travelling UieriChantj as he Styled himsoir^ Bryce SuatlsFnot 
why arriied tu great porap, himsclj' ou one pony, and his 
pack of goods, swelled to ucarlj" double ila usual siie, furming 
the burden of aooiherj f^bicb was kd by o bare-headed barc- 

As Bryce aDnouiicetl himself Ihe bearer of important news^ he 
ytas introduced in ihc dimng-aparlmcnt, where {for that primi- 
ii>-e agei was uo respecter of persons) he wa3 permitlcd to sit 
duMDaiG side-tabile, and amply supplied with provbions and 

* The contest uboui the wliale will remind the poetical rcAiler or 
Waller's Battle of (he Siriiimer Islands. 


gnod Uquor; whik tlie au^pKive hospUflliiy tif Magnus, permitted 
no qucisiions to bt put to him^ aDlil, bis bungeramd (tilr^t itp^ 
pitased^ he nimouacpil, yitih ihe s«iisr of impi>r1flnci; aiiichied 
rti distant irovels, thai he had just ye^slerrlny arrived aCLerwicL 
frum&lrkw.lll, lb>e (;a].^iLaL oi'Orkni^y , atid i^>ui]lil hav(! been fafr« 
yeslerdnv, but il blew hard uff the Fiiful-liead. 

"■Vt'c had 00 wind htfi;," suiU Magnus. 

"There is &ionK-hc»i!ylnis nut been sleeiiing, then/' aaid Ihc 
pedlar, "and bernaiucbugins wiih N', but Heaven is above all." 

^< But the iiew&fromOrkQfy, Brycc, iASleadorcroAking about 
fl capful ol wind?" 

''Such Dews," T'^plivd Brycc , "as has. not been heard tliis 
tbirty jears — not Sllicc Cromwell's time/' 

'*Ihcre is not another Rcviilulittn, is thcri??" saidllakro; 
"King James lias not dora? back ^ as hlithc as King Charlie did, 

"It 'a news," replied ihc pedlar, *'lhat ate worib twenty 
kings, and kingdoms to boot of iheiii; for what gnod did (hti 
cvoluiiims ever idu asl and I ilari?£ay.we hs>i-^S(;cii a do2vn, ;grcat 
and sma'/' 

"'Are anj tndiameD come north ab^iut?" said Magnufi.Tri)i1. 

■'Yi? are aifarerlho mark;, Fowdj" said the jaggef; " but il Is 
nae Indiamaii, bitt a galL^nt armed vessel > chok^ful of merchan- 
dise^ (hat Ehej part 'witb su easy that a deeenl man like mjBcU 
can afford lo give the country the bei^i peno^T^orLhs vou ever 
5av \ and that y^iu will saj", when 1 open Ihnt pack, for 1 ctiuiil to 
carry it back anoLber sort lighter ihaii when I brought it here." 

'^Ayay, Bryce," said iho UdidliT, ''jou must have haJ good 
bargains if you sell cheap; but what ship was it?" 

"Cannot justlj say — I spoke tii nobodj but (he captain, who 
was a discreet man; but she had been down oq the Spanish 
Mala, for she has silks at)d«a(ir)f^, and tobacco, I warraut pu, 
aud wine, and uo lack of sugar,, and bonnT-valtie!« batih of $il>er 
and goviii , and a bonnie dredging of gold dust into Ibe bargaia." 

"What like was she 3" saiid Cleveland j wbfl seemed to giv* 
much aUeuLjoD, 

"A stout sbip," ^aid ike itinerant laerchaot^ "schO'Oiliier- 
77m PiTfiit. u 



figged, sails like 8 dolpliin, theysaj, catiles Iwelw guar* and 
is pierced for twcDty." 

"=Diilyouhearihei:aplaiD's najtiel" said Cleveland, speak- 
iog rather lower tliaQ his tisual tctne, 

"1 j\isl ca'd him the Caplaio," replied Bryce BDailsfool; "for 
I make it a rule never lo ask qaesUons of ihtm I deal with in 
the way of trade; for there is maDyan hojiese captain, teusiug 
jour pardon , Capuin Cleveland , iha( does not car* lo have his 
name lacked li* his Eiilc j bdiI as long as vt ken what bargains 
we are making, what signilies it wha we are making ih^ra wfj 
ye ten?" 

"Brjcc Snaiisfoot is a caulEoas mao," said the Odaller, laugh- 
ing; *fhe knows a fool may ask more questions ihan awiseman 
cares to answer." 

"I have dealt with the fair traders in my day" repIledSjiails- 
foot, "afld I ken nae asc in blurting braid uni with a men's 
name at every muaaent -, but 1 'ivill uphold this gealleman to be a 
gallant eommiinder — ay, and a kind one (oo; for e\ery ocii» i>F 
bis crew IS as brave iji .ipprfrel as himself nearlj — the >efy f&re- 
masl-nien have their silken scarfs i I havi* seen many a Indy 
wearawarse, and think herscli nac siua' driak^and for siller 
buWons, andlmckle:s» and the Ia\e of sic vanities , (here is nae 
end of (hem." 

"IdiolsJ" hiultered Cleveland between his leeib^ and then 
added, **I suppose Hey are often ashore, to shuw nil their 
bravery *o the lassas of Kirkwall 3" 

"Ne'er a bit of Ibal are ihty. The Caplain will scarce !et 
ihem slir ashore without the boatswain go in the boat— as roujjh 
a tarpaulin as evur swab'd a deck — and you may as weel cflicli 
a cat without her claws, as bim without his cuilass and bis 
double brace of pistols about him ; .every man stands as much ia 
awe of him as uf the comffloudcr liijusell." 

"Tbal must be Hawkins, or the devil," said Cleveland. 

"Aweel, Captain/' replied tbejagger, **be he thetanewrlhe 
tilher, or a wee bit o'bailh, mind it is jou Ihat givehimthe6e 
□ames^ and not me/' ' 


**Why, Captain Cle'seland," said the Udiller, '^lliis maj 
prove the Tcry cunsorl jou spuke of." 

"They must have haU some guod luck then," said Cle^elandj 
*' to put them in belter plight ihan when I Left thcxa. — Did Ihey 
apeak of hnviag lost lh«ir consort, pedlar?" 

*' la troth did Ihty," saidBtryce; "Ihatis, they said some- 
thiog about a partoer thathBdj^uotdowDto Davie Junes id these 

"^'Aiid did yea tell them ?hal pu kaew of hei3" aaid the 
f dalJer. 

''And wha tbe deevil wad haebe«D the fale, theD»" saldtbe 
pedlar, " that I said say sa«? When they kc^nd what came at ihe 
shipf the n^it qitti^tiun. wad have been abaul the cu<rgo^ — and ye 
^ad not have bad mc bring down ui armed v'csEel on Ihc coast, lu 
harrie the poor folk about a. whcen rags of duda that the sea fluai; 
upuu their sliures^?" 

''fieBideswlLULmtglilhavL-beeiifnunit tn ^our own pack, you 
scoundrel!" saidMagnusTroil; an obstnalion which prflductd 
a loud taugb. The [fdaller could tiui liclp jomio^ in tlie hilarity 
wbkli applauded his jest; but iastaudy coirtposiD^ his cijunle- 
nance, he said, in au uDusuuily grave tune, ' ' Yau may laugh, my 
Friends; but this is a nialiir which brings both a curse aad a 
shame oq the cauutry; and till wu: leaTD ii> regard the rights of 
them that EulFei by the winds and w-aves, we sliallde^ene tobe 
oppressed and bog-dddeD, ss we iinve been and are, by Ibe 
superior strength of the strangers who rule us >" 

XbecompaDy hung their heads^ at the rebate of Magnus Tmil. 
Perhaps some, even of the belter class, might be conscieoce- 
!«truck aa their own account; and all of them were sensible that 
the appetite for plunder ^ uo the part nf the tenants and inferiors, 
wa9 not al all limes res^trained with sufficient strictness. But 
Cleveland made answer ^aily, '"If these bune^t fello'ws be my 
comratlies, I will answer for tkcm (liatlliey will oever traubic (be 
country about a parcel of chests, hammocks, and such trumpery, 
that the Boost may bave washed ashore out of my poor $loap. 
What signiQes ti> Ihem whether the trash wentloBryceSnaitsfoot, 
or 10 the bottom, orKuhcdeul? Sounbuckle tbypack, Bryce, 



Aod &1104 the ladies tbj cargo, and perbitps we may see somclbiDg 
thAt wi]1p1eIll!^c dirin," 

'^''Ii cauTi4)t bi; hts consort," saidfireAda, in a whisper lo her 
sister; "he would liayu shown murejoynt their appearance." 

**It must be ihe vessel," answered Minna; "1 saw his eye 
glisten at the thought of hewing again united tu the partner of his 

"Perhaps it Rllsieniftd," said her sis.ler, slillapari. •'^atthe 
thought or leaving Zetland; it is. diflicull to guess the th'Ou^ht of 
the heart from the glance of the eye." 

^'Judge not^ at least, Unkindly or a friend's thought^" s<aid 
Minna; '^ and then, Brcnda,, ifyou aremlslaken, the fault rests 
not with you." 

During this, dialogue , Bryce SinailBfoot W9S busied in uneoil- 
ing Ibe caTcfully arran,^ed cordagi! oi his pack, whifihanionnted 
to six good yards of dressed sealskin, furiously complicated acd 
aecnred by all manner or knots and buckk-s. He was cansider- 
ably ioteTFupicd in the task by the lldaller and others, who 
pressed hini with questions respecting the stranger vessel- 

"Were the flflicers often ashioie? and how were ihey received 
by Ihe people ofliirk'nall?" said Magnus Troiln, 

•^'Eicellt'Dtly well, " answered Bryce Snailsfooi; '^and the 
Captain :jOd one or twouftiB men hod been ataome orthevanilies 
and dauces whieli wcxii forward in (he town ; but there had been 
snme word about customs, or king's duliics, or llie likcii aod sorne 
f>r tlie higher folk, that look upim them] as magistrates, or the 
tike, had bad words with iheCaplain, and he refused tt) satisfy 
iJiem; and then it is like he was more roldly looked on, and he 
spoke ot carrying (he ship round to Stromness, or (ha Laaghope, 
for she Jay under the guns of the haltery at Kirkwall. But he" 
(Brycej "(howghl she wad bide atitirkwall till the sunimer-fflir 
was over, for all that." 

"Tie Orkney gcoiry," said Magnus Trotl^ "are always in a 
hurry (o draw the Scotch collar lighter round their own necks. Is 
it not eouugli that we must jiay scat and wattle, which were all 
the puhlic dries under our old Nwrs* government; hul must ihey 
come over us with king's dues aod customs besides? 11 is Ike 


(lAft at an hi)t)«si r»an lu resist Lhese things. I haTfl done so all 
mf lil'e, aud will liu si> lo lhi> eoil i^fil." 

There was a load jubilee and ^huut of npplauEie ainun^ ibe 
guests, w1j*j were (soith.^ of ihvm a[ leas.1) b'plUT pleased Willi 
MagnusTroirs latiladiiiiirlain pTinciples with ri!»p^cl lo (lit; public 
revRiiue, (fthich were eilremely oatufal in Ihose living' io so s*^ 
eluded a s.iiu«ijoQ, aadi subjected t^u niany nJclttional eiacLions,) 
than tlicy had bl^c□ with ihe ri^imruf bis jadgmt'Dt on tbi' subject 
i;l' wrcckec] goods. But Mjuda's ineiperienred Tr^lia^s carried 
lier Tarllier thoD her father, whik sbc wbisporcd lo Brenda, not 
unheard fay Cleveland, that lh« lame spirit nf lliu OrcedianEt had 
inisStd every cbamce which late incidents hnd givto them t<j 
umaocipate Lhcst; islands from the Scottish yokt. 

*MVhy,"' she said, "should we Di>t, under s& many changes as 
late tinnrsbave inlmdHced, hnvB seiMd the iipporlunjly tu shake 
off an alli'giancc which is not justly due from us, and to ri'ium 
to tbf! prolccllon ofDeDmark, our parent counlry? Why should 
we fet heeiiate lo do ihi-;, buttbRi ibe gentry or Orboey ha^e 
mixed faniilius and friendship so onu^h with uur imadiTSi thftt 
they have btcorne dead to the throb of the heroic Nflrse blond, 
which they derived frojii ihcif aocestflrs?" 

The latter part (jI this patriotic speech happcncc] to rt^ach Ibe 
astunisbed enrs of our friend Triptolcmu^, who, baviog a sincere 
dirvutiuri fcr the Protestant sueccseJoQ, and the B^vulutton as 
eslaiilished, was surprised into the fjaculalion, *'As the old cock 
croM s the young cock learns — hen I should say, mifilressi, and I 
crave ymt pardoo if t say any thio^ amiss io either gender. 
Hat it is A happy touniry where the failier declares against the 
king's ^usUims, aud the dAUgUtcr against the king's crown; and, 
in uij' judgment, it can cod ia Dacibing but trees and tows." 

" Trees are scarce among u&," saidMagous; "and forropes, 
we need tbem for our nggin:g, and cannot spare tbein to be shirt 

'"Aod whoever," said the Caplaio, ^'takes umbcagc at what 
ifijs youag lady says, had belter keep his ears and lou^ue for a 
&afer empleyment lh:in suet] an adventure^." 

"Ay, ay," stddTriptol^mus, *'^it help^ the matter much to 

V ^ 


sptak truths , wbHk are as un-w eleome to a proud stomach as wet 
dovpr lo a co-w's, in a land wbefe lads are ready to draw the 
whitil* if a lassie but loflks awry. But what manners are to be 
eipected in a conolry Tvherp folk call a pleogh-sork a markiH " 

"Hwkye, Master YeUowley," said ihcCaplain, smiling, "I 
hope mj manners are hwl ami>Tig iliose aljuses which jou come 
hither to f c form 5 ao j eiyeTiment on them may be dangerous." 

''is well as difBcult," saidTpjptokmus, dryly; "but fear 
nothmg, CoplaiD Cleveland, Jrom my re moos tro decs. My 
labnurtj regard ihe men and ihiapjs of Ihc earth, and not the 
men and things of the sea, — yoa are not of my element" 

"Lee u& be friends, then, old clod-compeller," said Ihc 

*' Clod-compcller!" said the agriculturist, bcthinliinghimself 
of Che lore of his earlier days ;; " Clod- com p ell cr j/to cloud-copi- 
peller, Ntipiltjyi^irct Ztvi; — GrtBCum est, — in which iroyage 
came you bf that phrase 1 " 

"I hive traTelkd Looks as well a& seas in my day," said lie 
Captain i "but my last voyages have been of a sort to make me 
forget my early eruizes through classic knowledge. — BuUoiae 
here, Brjce — hast cast off the lashmg? — Come all hands , and 
let us see if h& has aught in liis cargo Otat is worth looking 

Wilh a proud, and, at the same time, awiljsmile, did the 
crafty pedlar display a collection of wares far superiur to those ^ 
which usually fiHeJ his packages, and, in particular, some stuffs 
and embroideries, of such beauty and curiosity, friaged, flowered, 
and worked, with en ch art and magnificence, upoo foreign and 
arabesque patternSj that Ihe sfght might have dazzled a far more 
brilliaot company than the simple race of Thule. All beheld 
aad admired, wbil* Mistress Baby Yellowley, holding up her 
hands protested it was a sin ■even to look upon such citravagaoce, 
and worse than murder so moch as lo ask the price of ihcm. 

Others, howei^er, were more courageous i and the prices de- 
manded by the merchant, if they wef* not, as h« himself declnredy 
Eomething just more than nothing — short only of an ahsoluse 
free giftof his wares, were nevertheless so moderate, aatoshow 


thai he tijBselF must bavc made an easy acquisitian of ihe pttods, 
mdBini: bv t]i« "ic (It which be offered o part with ihem. 
Accordiflcly , the cheapness of ihe BciicI ea created a rapid sole ; 
roT in Zciland, as vdl as elsewhere, wise folk buy m^r* ftora 
tbe pniiential desire lo secure a good bnrgaiii, itan from mj 
renl occasion for ihc purcliase. The Lady Glowrowrom bought 
seven peiiicoat* and iwnWe sioniachtrs on this sole pnncipJe* 
and oihcr maltms preseot rivalled her in this Bagacious specn^s 
of economy. The UdaVU-r was also a considcrahlc purchaser; 
but the principal cuaioraer for whatever could plua&e the eye o1 
beauty, vsas the gollani Captain Cleveland, who rummiged the 
iagKer'3 stores in selccLinK i»reseots for the lailies of the party, m 
which llinna and BrendaTroil *ere e&pecially remembered. 

'^Ifear,- said Magnus Troil, *' thai Hie yfruagwotnen are lo 
consider these pretty presenU as keepsakes, and that all this 
liberality is only « sure sign we are snun lo lose y»u? ' 

This quesiioti seemed to embarrass him to whom U was put. 
"I scarce koow," hesaid, with some hesiUlitm, ^^whelber 
Ihis vessel is my consort or no — I must take n trip to Kirkwall lo 
make sure of that matter , and then I hope lo return U) Duniofls- 
Dces to bid you all farewell." ^ 

" In that case," said ihe€dallcr, after a morneni s paase> I 
ihiuk I may carry you thither. I should be at the Kirkwall fair, 
lo settle with the mcTchants 1 have cousigDed my fish to, and I 
have otied promised Minna nudBreoda that they should seethe 
fair Perhaps also jour consort, or (hese strangers, whoeret Oiey 
be, may haie some merchandise that will suit me. I love to see 
my rigging-loft well stocked with goods, almost as mach as to see 
it full of dancers. We will go ti» Orkney in my owo brig, aodi 

canofferyouahammaekj ify&uwill."" 

The offersecmedsoacceptablctoClevelnnd, thai, aaerpoariDg 

himself fQith in thanks, he seemed determined lo mark bis joy bj 
eihflQsling liryce Sb ail sf oofs treasures in liberaiMy to the com- 
pany. The contents of a purse of gold verc transferred xo the 
iaggcr, with n facility and iodJITerenee on the pari of its former 
ownerwhich argued either ibe greatest profasion, or conscious- 
ness of superior and Ifteibaustible wcallii; so that Baby whia- 


pered <o h^r broiliEr, ihat, ''if he could afford lo fliag ft*ay 
money at ibis rate j Ihe lad h^d made a beUer Vftyage id a br<ilicti 
skip, IJ191! all Lhe skippers of Dundee bad made in ChcLr baill ^nes 
for a iwelve-moulli past." 

BuLiUg angry feeling in ^hich she mode ihisremarkwo^ much 
mollified, when Cleveland, wlm&e object it seemed that evening tu 
be, to buy golden opioioDa of all surls of men, appifoached her 
with a garment somewhat resemlillng in shape the Scollish plaid, 
buiwuveu of asDTlofwtK)! so soft, that it felt t» the louchas If it 
were composed of cidtr-down. "This," he said, "was a part of 
a Spanish lady's dress calUd a. mantilla^ as it would exactly iit 
the siz« of Mrs.Dahj Vello-ftlcyj aud was very well sailed for the 
fogs of the climate of Zetland , he enlrealed her to wear it for his 
sate." The lady, with as much condescending sweeiness as her 
COUEleoance was able to esprfi&S, not ooly CODSeoted to reC*ivt! 
this mark of gallactry, but permiUcd the dooor 10 arraD^e the 
maQtilla upon her priijocling BQd bony shoulder-blades, whefe, 
sajj Claud Halcn», "ilhunj^, for all the world, a&if ithaclbeen 
sireiched betwixt a couple of cloak-pics." 

Whilu ill eCaplflio was perforraiog fhis piece of coartesy, ninch 
10 ihe enleriainment of the compfloy, which, it may be presumed, 
was his principal object from the heginnitig, MordaHniMerloun 
made purchase of a,small goMeu chaplct, v-lLh the private ioteo- 
linn of presenting ii to Breuda, when he should Qod an opportu- 
oity. The price was (tscd, and the article laid aside. Cland 
Halcro gleo showed same desire of possessinga silver bos, of an- 
tique shape, for depositing tobacco, which he was (n the habit of 
using in considerable quantity. But the bard S'eldom had citrrent 
CHID iDprojupiiiude, and, indeed, iobis wandering way of life, 
hail little eccasion for any; and Bryce, on the other hand, his 
hflYing ii«en hitherto a ready-money trade, protested, that his 
very raoderalo profits upon such rare aijd choice aflicles, WJuld 
not allow of liis affording credit lo the purt^haBer. Mordauot 
gathered ihe import of this cimversation from Uie mode iu T^bich 
they whispered log^^lher, while the bjrd seemed ti> advance a 
wishful linger towards the box iu ijuestiou , and the cautious ped- 
Jar detained it witli the weight ot his nhole liaud, aisiffcchad 




been arnldl U wnuld literally ruoke iiself wings, ODd lly into Claud 
Halcru'Sr pocbe!, MiirJamil .McrlouH fll ihis nminL-iU, d'tsiruMB 
to gcatity Au old acqudinlancc, UliJI tbc prifc of tUi* hm on ibi; 
UbLe, aad said lii; would uot pcniiU Master Ilntcru tu j^iurchase 
Ihat but, a^ be bad setlled Id tiis own juiad la xuakc! bim a pre- 
sent of ii. 

"I caniKti think of rolibimg jou, my deBryounRfrieoti.*' said 
ihe pMl ; '* but llie Irulli ia , Ittat that same bot does remind rn« 
i« trail tjL'^ly of (jliirioii^ Jnbn's, i^ut iir'nbicb I had iKc honour to 
t-'ikc a piuch at llm Wiis' ColTtPhfmse, for which I UildIi more 
hj^hlj of mj right-hand finger and ihumb than any other part ni' 
mibody; ouLy you mu^t allow mf to pay you back Lbc price whieii 
mjr Urkaster stock-iish emup tu markiit." 

-'SclllctbaEas j'oulike betwiit you," saidibe jagger> taking 
up Murdauilt'a moneys '*tiie boi is bnughl anil sold." 

"And how dare you sell ovprag;ain," HiaidCaplaio Clevflflnd) 
snddeniv interferiDg, '* what you' have «old tome?" 

AH wprc surprised at this inlerjiictioQ, wiiich was hastily 
made J as Cleveland, having tuined from Mistress Baby, bad 
become suddenly, and^ as it itcpiued^ not without (-nifiliorj, 
awar* what nrlidcs Brycc Si^nailBlfiot was now disposinn; of. To 
this short nai fierce quesluin, the jaK^rr, afraid lo ^rontradifila 
custoiniir (if his description, answi^red only by slummpriui^, thai: 
Ihe "Liord bnewhemcaninafl r>(r#ncie/' 

"How, Sir! noofTenci:?" said the acamanj "and diaposc 
of my prfiperly?" CilPndin^ his hand at tb'C Siime lime to ihe bu^ 
and chapkl;. "restore Ihi" young gentleman's monyv, aQllleani 
lo keep your courst on Ihe meridian of bonesty." 

Th«jaggFr, cimiuaeti and reluctant, puDcd out his leather n 
puucSj to rt'pay to MordaUnt ihp money he had just deposited in 
it:;, but the youth was mjt ti> bu so satisfied. 

"The arlirksj" he said, "were bnnght and srdd — ihesi: 
were your o*Q words* Brycc Snajlsfoot, in Master lialcro's 
heariu^; and I wiUsufTerueitheryou'aor any other tu deprive tue 
uf nij property." 

'■'^Yow property, \ouDg man?" said Cleyeiand; "It is 


miDC, — I Spoke lo Bryce Ecspceliog Ihero an inetant before I 
tnmed from the table.'" 

"I — I — I had not just heard disIiDClIy/' saidBrj'Ce, cvi- 
dendjr uDwilliog la oO'end cUlicr porty. 

"Come, come," saittlbe Udaller, "we *itl haK no quar- 
relling about baubles; ae shall be summoned pfeseDlly to the 
rigging-loft," — so he used lo call the ojiartraenl used as a ball- 
room, — "and ift-e must all go id good humiior. The ihiDgs shall 
remain "with Brycc fijr to-ui^ht, and] lo-inorrow I wJU myself 
settle whom they shall hBloag lo." 

The U«'s of the Udalkr in bis own house were absolale as 
those of the Meiles. Tho two younii men, regarding^ eaeh 
othcf 'nUh looks of aullen displeasure, drew off in different di- 

It is seldom that the second day ofaprolongcd resiL\al eqnaU 
Ihefirst. The spirits, as well a^ihe limbs, oie jaded, and un- 
equal to the renewed eipendllure of animation and exertioji,-, 
and the dance aL Durgh-W'e^lra wivs sustained with much less 
mirlb than on the nroc(^iiin)| evomin^' It was yet an hour fram 
midnight, vhcn £>CJfi the rcluclant Magnus Troil, afler regret- 
ting the degeneracy of the times, and wishing he oould transfuse 
iDti> the mo'dern Hialttanders &oaii of the vigour whi ch still ani- 
maied hi^ own frame , found himself corapelled lo gi\e Ibe signal 
for geiLcral relreot. 

Just as this t{]ok pli]ce, Halcro, leading MorditunC Merloun a 
little aside, said he had a message lo him from Captain Cleveland. 

"A message!" said Mordaunt, his heart beating somewhat 
thick as he spoke — "A challenge, I suppose?" 

■"^A choIlcDge!" repeated Hakro; **who ever heard pf a 
challenge in onr quiet islands? i)a you tliink that I look like a 
carrier of challenges, aiod to yon of all ju«n living? — I am none 
of (hose fighting fools, as glorious John calls ihem; and it was 
not quite a message I had lo deliver — only ihusfar, — this Cap- 
lain Cleveland, 1 find, hath set liis heart upOD having Ihese ar- 
ticles you looked at/' 

"Heshail not have (hem, Isweartoyott," replied Mordaunt 



*'Nay, hal hear me/ saidHalcro; **it setmB that, bj line 
niarks or ornts thai are upou Ihcnt, he koons Ihal Ihty «cre 
iarnierly hLs properlj. Nuw» were jou tJ> give nn; ihe btJi, 
as yon promised, I fairly tell you, I should givr the niaiiback 
bis ow n." 

'^* Aud Brenda might do the Hke /' ihou^ht Mordount lr> bim- 
ficU, &ad inslanily replii^d otoud, "I hav« thou^hi bn\n of iU 
ray Iriend. Captain Cleveland shall have Ihc toys he &tis such 
store by y bat iliBoaonc sok' cnndilion." 

"'Nay, you will spoil all uilli yourcduditiuns," saidHalcto; 
*'f<>r, a^ glorious John SiSyS, cundi Lions fire bul —" 

"Hcarmc, I say, wiih patience, — My coodiUwn is, that 
he keeps the toys in eichangc for ihe riflc-gua I accepted from 
him, whicli will leave uoahligatiou betwevn us ou tiiher EJde." 

" I see where yrm would be — ihU h Sebaslimn and 0flra» all 
over. Well» ^^'^^^^ Ic* the jagger know he is lo deliver the 
things lo ClevelitTU — I Ihink h« is mad to ha¥e (hem — audi 
will let Ctevelaud know the condilioDS^ auDCicd, olheiwise houest 
Bryce mtght come by twopaymejilf* iastead of one; and I bejievt! 
his conscience would not cholte opun it." 

Wilh these words, Halcro went to se«k out Cleveland, while 
Mordaiunl, observing Suailsfoot, who, tiA a sort of privJIcgcd 
person, had thrust himself into th« crowd ai the boilflm of the 
dancing-room, went up to him, and gave btm directions (o de- 
liver ihi! disputed arlicica to Clevclflud as sooa as he hud bo u^p- 

"¥e are in the right, Maistcr Mordaunt," said the jagger; 
^'ye flre a prudent and a sensible led — a calm answer turuelh 
away wralh — and jnyscll, I salt be willing to please ynu in ouy 
ipiflitig matters in ray sma' way; for, holweea the L'daller of 
Burgh- We stra and C^ptaiQ Cleveland, a man is, as it were, 
alweea ibc d^il and the deep s^o; and It was likcibattheltdallej'i 
in the end, would have takes your part in ibe dispute, for he is 
a man that lores' justice/' 

" Which apparently you eare vflrj litdc about. Master Snails- 
fool^" said Mordauatj "otherwise there could have been no dis- 


pule whalsoevcr, the riglil being so clearly on m^ side, if you 
had pleased to hear wiloL'ss according lo Ibe diclMes of Irulli." 

*'MaiaterMordauiit," said ibe jaggcr, "I must owh tliere 
waSj as it were, a cokuring or shadow of jusiice ou your side; 
bul liea, the justice thai I iiicddle with, i* only juslice in the 
way i)f trade, lo hive nn ellwaod o( due lengthy if ii he uoisome- 
tLing worn ouLisilb lenuing oo itia my laog aDdp^tinful journejs, 
aud Ui buy and sell hy just Tvcigbt aud mtasurc, tvteiity-f&ur 
minrks tothcHspUDd; huti have uothiDg ly do, lodojuslicebe- 
twisL mail aui map , like a Fowd or a Lawright-man at a lawtiog 
lang Syne." 

*' No one asked you to do so, but only to gi\e tvideuce aecord- 
ing to your conscieace," replied Murdaunt, cii>l greatly pleased 
either wilb tlie part the jflgger had acted during Ihe dispule, or 
Ihe couslruclioD which he Be>em«d lo put on his own motives for 
yieldmg up the point. 

B-dl Bryce Snailsfoot wanted not bis answer ^ "My cun- 
science," he s-aid, "Maisler Murdaunt, is as tender as tiny mao's 
in my degree J bul she is aomelhttig of a tiHior&ome nalurc, can- 
Dol abide angry folk, and can never speak ab&ve her breath, when 
there ia au^ht of a fray goiag forward. Indeed, she batb at all 
lim^s a Small and low voice." 

' ' Which yon are not rancli in (Jbe habit of listening to ," said 

''There is that on your ain breast that pr*T€S the contrary," 
said Bryce resolutely. 

"Id my breast?" saldMtirdauOl, somcwhal angrily, — ''what 
know I of jou?'* 

*^1 said on your breflsl, Maislcr MordaQnt, and not in il. I am 
sure nae eye that looks on that wai^teoftt upon your own gallant 
brisket, hut wil! say, thai the mcrcliaut who sold such a piece for 
four dollars had jusL'ce and conscience, and a kind heart lo u 
customer to (he boot of a' ( hat ; eae yc shouldna te sae ihiawnri 
wi' me for haviujf spared the breath of my moulh in a fooFs 

"Khrawarl!" said MordflUDi; "pooh, you silly man! Ihava 
DO rjuarrel with jou." 


"I »m glad of it," said: tbe travelling mtrchaDl; "I vill 
quarrel with do raaa, with my will — least of all wiih an (t\d 
cttsiomer; and if yftu vill -wulk by my advice, you will <iijiirrel 
none with Caplaiu Clerctaad. ITi; h like qvv ol' yon cultors and 
slashers that biiY« come iaio Kirknall, ihai iliink as Uulfi of 
slicing a nian , as we do of nincliing a Vphaie — it 's iheir trade t» 
figlnl^ and they live by it J and (hey lave the advantogt of tbo like 
ofy>uu, thai only take it up at your own hund, and ici tbe way cl' 
pastime, when yoithae uothjug bcit4!r lo do." 

T]l« compaoy had: now almost a]] disper^^dj and Ufardauutt 
laughing at the jaggcr'scaulioD, bade him good-aight, and went 
tci bis own place uf rcpuse, whii!h had hi-en nssigoed lu him by 
Erie Scamhester, (whci acted the parttif ehaiuh^^rlain qs well as 
butler,) in a small room or ralheTCloset,iiioDeof theoul-hoases, 
iurnislmd for tbe occasion with the hammock of a sailor. 


I p»s9 lihe ni^bc from Uiid lo Itnd, 

1 havo jtranijnr powir i>f ispeech; 
So 3i>Dii a<; v'er bin tacv I sve , 
I know [lie Tnan ihat miisl liear mf , 

Tu btm my lale t teach. 

C(ii.KBti>CR'fl Hime of iht Ancient JVarintr. 

The daughters of Magnus Tmil shared the same bed^ in a 
ehamher whieh hurl t)€en llial of ttieir parents before the d<?«th of 
tbetr inolheT. Magnus, wh^ su^ered grievously under lh.i( dis- 
pensation 6f Providence t had berome dis^sled witb the apart- 
menl. The nuptial chamhcp was ahaadoned to the pledges of his 
bereaved affection, of whom the eldest was at ihat period only 
IVmr years old , or (hereabouts ; and , having been their nursery in 
infancy, eontinucd^ though now irickeiE and adorned according to 
the best fa&hioo of the islands , and the taste of the lovely sisters 
themselves, to be their sleep tng-ruomj or,iii the oldNorse diakct, 
Iheir bfiwer. 

U had been for many yiiars Ibe scene of the most intimate 
confidPBfe, if thai could he e-alled confldeneej where, in truth, 
there was noihlng to be conflded; where neither sister had a 


secret; and where erery ihftught that had birth in£he bosom of 
theoDCt was, wilhout either htsitalion ordtiiibt,coDB(led tothe 
other >as spontaneously as it had arisen. But, since ClfiVEland 
abode ia ili; inausion ofBurgh-Weslra^ eBchoflhe lovely sisters 
bad enlQrtQiaed thoughts whicli are boI Ugbily or t^asily com- 
iQunicaied, unless she who listens to tbeni has previously ^sstired 
herself thai ilie confidence will be kindly received. Minna bad 
noticed , what other and less interested obser\ers had been un- 
able lo perceive, that Cleveland j namely, held a bwerraukici 
Brenda'ft ui^iiiion Ihao in lier own', and BTCoda, on her side, 
thought ibflt Minna had hastily and uuj us tly joined in the preja- 
(iices which had been eicitedl against Mordaunt Mertoun in the 
mind of ilieit father. Each was sensible that she was uo longer 
th« same !o hci sister', and this conviction was a painful addition 
iQ other painral apprehenskns which they supposed ihey had to 
struggle with. Their manner toward each other was* in outward 
appearances, and in all the little cares by which afftction can be 
eipressfid, e^en more assiduously liiod than before, asifhoib, 
conscious that their iRterual reserve was a breach of their 
sisterly union, strove to atoae fur it by double assiduity in those 
external marks of affection , which, al other limes, i*h en there 
was nothing to hide, might he omitted without infi^rring any con- 

On the night referred to in particular, the sisters fell more 
especially the deeay of the conGdence which used to exist betwist 
them. The proposed voyage lo Kirkwall j and that ai the time of 
the fair, when persons of evAry degree in these islands repair 
thither, either for business or anmseraent, was likely tl>be an 
important incident in Jives usually so simple and uniform as 
theirs; and a fpw months flj^o, Minna and Brenda would have 
been awake half ihe nigiil, anticipating, ixi their talk with each 
other, all that was likeiy ti> happen on so momentous an occasion. 
But now the subject was just mentioned , and suffered to drop , as 
if the topic was like! j to produce adtlTerence beiwiitthenij orlo 
call forth a more open display of ibcir several opinions than 
either was willing to make to the other. 

Vet fitt*h was ihcir natural flpenoess anci gentleness of dispo- 

sitioQi, thfllfiachsisicr imputecl to herself ihe faullihiiitherL* wis 
aught likf c5lran^L'itieij[ eiistiDg between tbem; aocl when, 
havipg flDished ibcir devuiinjos anil (iciuken Uiemselv^a to ttaeir 
cufumu^ii couch, the; folded each other in ihelr arms, Atid et- 
cJtanged a sisterly big:4, anU a sisterly ifoud-ni^hl, ihej seemed 
mutually to ask parduD, and to exchange forgiveness, altiiough 
neithi^r aald a wuril of i:ij7(>Eice, eithor ^ifTi^rcd qt received j uod 
both vere Soon plunged in Uial light and yei profuiiDd repuj^e, 
%'hich is only cDjoycdvbco sleep sioksdowit on the cycsofjuutJi 
and innociCDcc. 

Od the night 10 which the story relates, both sisters wero 
visited by drcsms, which, though varied by ibn moods and habits 
■»l' the sleepers* bore yel a slreagc general resemblance to eai-h 

Minna drfrAmtd ttai^hi; was in aneof Iheniastlon^lyrecegses 
ortbc beach, chilled Swartdsicr, whe:r« iht. inecsaani operalion 
of ihe waves, indepling a calcareous rock, ho9 formed 4 deep 
/laiittTi which, itt the laB!gv.a\s.t of the ii^lnnd, means a sub- 
terranean ca\ei'ii;, ialii which the tide ebb^ ami fl^iws,. Many ul' 
these run to an extra ordinary and uiiasccrlained d>epth under 
(jround^aDdari: Ihu secure rclri^at uf coriuurants and sedls^'^hicil 
it is tieilticr <;aay nor safe to purguig to their citrcmc rcee&ses. 
AriioDgst these, this hmlier of Swartaster was acctfunled peculiarly 
inaccessible, aud shunocd h<')tli by fo^lt'rs and by seamen, -on 
account oC sharp sn^l i!i^ and lurnto^^s in the cave itself j as well as 
the sunken racks which rendered it very dongcraus for skills or 
btiats to Jiitvance far into it, especially if there was the usual swell 
of an island (idc. From the durk-browed mouih of this ca\ern, 
it aeemtid to Minna, in her dteani, that shu buheid a mermaid 
issue , not iu the classical dress oi a N'creid , as in Claud Halcro's 
mask ufttic preceding evening, but with comb aqd glass in tiuad, 
accordJDg^ to popular belief, and lathing the waves with thai 
lung scalj train, which^ in the traditions of the country, forms 
SQ trigbtful a contrji5t vkith the fairface, Long iresses, and dis- 
played hosom, of a huijiiui and eartbljr female, of surpassing 
bcauly. She seemed to bk'ckou to Miana, while bet wild notes 


rang sadly in h^r «Dr, and ileaouoced^ io prophelic sounds, ca^ 

The vision afBrpodo waa of a different dgscHplioD^ifet equally 
melanebuly. She sat, as she thought j in her ra>4]UT[[e huwei', 
sarrouQd^d by her faiher and a parly of his most beloved fd«Dds, 
amongst mhom Mordaunt Meriouu was goi ftirgoHen. She was 
required lo sing; and she strove ti> enlertaiD them with aliyelj 
dilij, in which she was ucKouaied emiDenily successful, aud 
^liich she suag with such simplej yet natural hmntiUT, as seldom 
lailed to produce shouts or laughter and applause, while^ Ml who 
could, or who could not ^ing, w«re irresistibly compelled to lead 
their voices to lh@ chorus. But, on this occasiou, il seemed: as 
U h«r owu voice reCust^daU its usual duty, and as tf, whil^shp 
felt hersKlf unable lo eiprcss Ih'e words of (he wtll-knowD air , it 
assumed, in her owa despite^ the deep ton^s and wild aud me- 
lancholy notes of Noma of FiLful-head ^ tor ibe purpose of chant- 
ing some wild Hu^tc rhyme ^ resembling: those sung by the 
beatbeo priests of old, wbeu the vit-tim (loo often human) was 
bouud to the fatal allar of Odin «r i>f Thur. 

At len^b the two sisters at ouce started from sleep^ and^ 
uttering a l«w scream of fear ^ clasped themselves in each other's 
arms. For their fancy had not altogether played (hem false; the 
souods, which had suggiesled their dre&ETjs, were real, and sung 
within their aparJnient. They knew the voice well, iudeed, and 
yet, knowing lo whojm itbcJoti^ed, their surprise and fear were 
scarce tliti Iiiss, wheo they saw the well-known Korna of riiful- 
h^adj seatedhy the chimney of ihc aparimenlj wbjcli, during the 
summer season, conlaiued aDiron janip well trimmed, and, in 
winler, a fire nf wood or of lurf. 

Sim was wrapped in her long aoil ample .garment of wadmaal, 
and moved her body skwl)' to and fro over the pate Qame of ibe 
lamp, as she Sung lines to tl]e fioEIt^wing purport^ i a a slow, ^ad, 
almost an uoearlhJy aecfnl; 

"For leagues aloog ibe wnterj way. 

Througti i^rcilTiinri jtri-'ani mv course baa been; 
Ttie billows Jinow rny Runic tay, 

And smogth their orrsLs to srl<[-Dt p^eeo. 


" The billnwj know my Hunk Iny , — 

Tbe i;"!'^ prows Miiooih » Ihf slrcam is bUII ; 

bal tiiiniAn bi^irU. more *iJO Itiaii Ihrj, 
Know ^lui ihc rult; uf wnjwaril will. 

"One buur is nidDiC, in all Ihti >^ar. 

To lull my woes , — and one aIo.n€ ^ 
Wlien fleams ibis ntSftic lamp , L is herd — 

Wbtiii dies cbe aijiiUc li^hi, 't i& gone. 

^^Dsughtcrs ornorlherh Maf^nuis, ball! 

Tbe lamp is lit, ihc fljmi' is clear,— 
To jou, I ^anie 1u lell mj Lulu, 

Awake, atist^ my Mk lahevr!" 

Noma was wetl knuwo to ih« d^ugbiers of Troll, but it was 
Dol wiihciut cinoliiMi, {illhuugb varied b^ Ihcir rcepei^Uve diaposi- 
ijoDB, thai ittey belield her 50 un(:!Lpected1j<\ and at such ao hour. 
Their flpiniuDB wiifa respect in the sujicrTifltural atlribuies tti 
which 5he pretended;, were esir^^mtlj diffyrenl. 

AfinDfl, wilb nn unusual iulensilj of inia]i;iDitio[i, Althou^b 
superior iu Ulent lu her sister, va.s niuct; apt In listen to, atld 
delight in, Bv^ry laic ai woodcTj and vA& at a)) (imcs more nillmg 
l4 admit impTessii>as 'which gave her fancj* scupe and eicrcise, 
■nilhciul mJQuIely e&aminiag tbetrrenlil}"' Brcuda, on tbc other 
band, had, in.her^nielj', a slight propensity to satire » ajidwas 
ol'tcn tempted lu laujjb at [he very i^ircEinistaDceS' upon -which 
Minna fnuaded her itnaginative dreams; aod, jik^ all who love 
the ludicrous, she did not readily suGer herself to be impused 
upou, lit overawed, by pompous pretePsioQS of any tind wbat- 
f'Ycr. But, as her oerves were weaker and more irritable Utan 
those of her sister, she orien paid imoEuTitjiry hwnifige, by ber 
fears, to ideas which her reason disowntd j and hence, Claud 
llalcro used to say^ in rercn^nce to ma.a'j of the traditionary 
supersliiiyos around Biirgh-Weslra, that Minna believed them 
without treiriJiling, anO iliai Rrenda trembled without believing 
Ihem. In our own muri' uulighteiied days^ iher^ are. f«w whose 
utidoubti»g mind and nalivc courage have not Tell Miona'B high- 
-nrougbi lone nf euihusfasm; and perhaps still Tewcr, «ho have 
not, at (jQe time or otliLT, fott, likeSrepda, ibeimen'tts confess 
the idGitgncie of terrors which ihetr reason disowned and d«fipiscd. 

The Pirate. \ 5 


Under the power of such different fMlin^s, Minna, when the 
first moment of surpTise was over, prepared to s^iriMg from her 
bed, ami go to grtcl Noma, -wbg^ she doubled not, had come on 
some errand fraught with fflle-, while Brenda, who only beheld 
inhera womanparlioillj deranged in her underataDdin^, and who 
yel, from the eiiravagaDCft of her claims, regarded her as an uu- 
defined obieel ofawe, or Tfllher Iciror, detained her sister by art 
eager and terrified grasp, while she whispcrod in her cor an 
aniious. cnlrpatjf that she vould call for a&st^ance. But the stml 
of Minna was tao higbtj wTouglil up by the crisis at whirh ber 
faU seemed (o have amied, to fiermil her to follon' the diclalKS 
of her lister's fears \ jind, eilricating herself frpm Brenda's hold, 
she hastily tlirev on a loose nighlguwD, aod, stepping hoLdly 
aeross^ the aparlment, -nhi'lc hi^r heart ihrobhcii raihtrwithi high 
cxcitemeat than with fear, sh^ thus addressed her siogttUr 


"Xoroa, if yoar mission regards us, as your words seem to 
eipress, there is one of us, at least, who viill receive its import 
■willi Tflverenccj but without fear." 

**A^orna» dear IVorna," said the Iremnloits voice af Brcnda, — 
who, feeling no safely in the bed after lUinua quitted it, h^d 
folldwed her, as fug'itives crowd into the rear of an advancing 
army, because they dare aot remain behind, and who now stood 
half concealed by her sister, and holding fast by (he skirts rtf her 
gowDj — '*Norna, dear:\ornaj" said she, "whatever you arc to 
say, let it he Lo-morroTi'. 1 will call EuphannFea, tlie house- 
keeper, fltqd she will find you a bed for the nigtit." 

**?fobed for meV said their nocturnal visiter; "ooclosinffof 
the ej^esforme? They have watched as shelf Bn<£ stack appeared 
and disappeared belw Jit Burgh-Westra and Ortucy — they hnv« 
seen the Man of H«y sink into the sea , and (he Peak of Heugcliff 
arise from it, and yc( (hey have not tasted of slumber^ nor must 
they slambernow Jill iny task isfiuded. Sit dowrt, then, Minna, 
aqdthou, silly Ircmbli?]-, sitdawn, while I trim my lamp—Don 
your cluthes, for the (ale is long, and eie 'I is done, ye will ahiTcr 
wilh worse than cold." 

•■'for Heaven's sake^ ihen,|iiititofftill daylight, dearPforoal" 


saidBreiida; "the dawn caDnotbefardislfir)!^ and iryou are lo 
tell us of aDf thing frigbiful, letilbe by dajlit;hl, andDutbyCfac 
dim glimmer of that blue lamp !" 

''Patieoce^ fool!" said their uDiovited ^niesL ^^Xotbjday- 
light should Noroa tell a tale that might blal (he sun out of 
heaveD, sod blightthe hopes of the hundred huals itiatuill leave 
this shore ere dood, to commence their. deep-sea tishjng, — ay, 
and of the hundred families that will await (heir return. The 
demon , wbom the sounds will not fail to awiikcn , must shake hi 9 
dark wings over a shipless and a boatless sea, , as he rushes from 
his mouDtain to drink the accents of horror he loves ao well in 
listen to." 

"Have pity on Breoda's fears, good Noma," said the tlder 
sister, "and at least postpone this frightful communicatioD Id 
another place and hour." 

"Maiden, no!" replied PTorna, sterntj-; ''^it mast be told 
while that lamp yet burns. Mine is no da}]j;;;bt (jIc — bj that 
lamp it must be told, whreh is framed out nf the gjbbet-iroDs of 
the cruel Lord of Wodensvoe, who murdered his brother; and 
has for its nouri&hment — but be that nameless — CDuugh that its 
food never came either from the fish or .rromilic fruit! — See^ 
it waxes dim and dimmer, nor must my tale last longer than its 
flame endureth. Sit ye down there, while I sitlvcre opposice to 
you , and place the lamp betwixt us ; for wiiliiu thu »[)here of its 
light the demon dares not venture." 

The sisters obeyed, Minna casting a slow, awestruck, yet 
determined look all around, as if to see thcBcing, '»lio, Qccording 
tothedoubtfnl words of Noma, hovered in (heirn^igltbuurbood ; 
while Brenda's fears were miiigled with somfi sliarG both of atii^er 
and of impatience. Noma paid no attention lo either » but b e:^iiti 
her story in the following words : — 

"Ye know, my daughters, that your blood is alJiedtomine, 
bat in «bat degree ye know not; for there was earCy hostility 
foetwixt your grandsire and him who had the misfortune to call 
me daughter. — Let me term him by his Christian name of 
Erland, for that which marks our-relatiou I Ante not bestow. 
Your grandsire Olave was the brother of Ertaiid. But when the 



wideUdal pflSaessions oflheir faiherRftireTroii, ihp most rich 
and well esialed of auy who deB^^endeil front the old Norse slock, 
m-re divided bi;iwiit iht- brothers, the Fowd gave loErlfnul his 
father's lands iuOrliTiey, and resencd forOlnve those of Hiall- j 
laud. Discord arose belneco the brdhreTi ^ for Erland hf Id that J 
he was wronged; and when the Lawiing,* wiih the Baddmen ; 
aodLawri^ht xni'n, coDljrmcd the division, he went in wrath to j 
Orkaey, cursing HinUland aod ils inhahitfluls — cursing his I 
brother ai}(! i]is blood. 

"But the lii\e of the rock and of the mouotaui siiU wrought 
.jiiErland's mi [id, and he fixed his dwelling not od ifce soft hills 
(jfOphir, or the green pluliis of Graraeacy, but iu the wild and 
moanlainous IsU of Hoj» whose summit rises to the sky likt iht 
clilTs t»rFoulahaiidorFeroe.** He knew,— that unliapiiyErland, 
— T^hattver of legendary lore Seali and Bard had left behind 
them i and to teach me that knowledge, whidiwa)^ to cost us both 
so dear, was the thief occapatioo of hia old iigc. I learuetl to 
visit each lonply harrow — paeh lofty cairn— to tell its apjiri>priale 
lale, and lo soothe with rhymes in his praise the spirit of ihc stern 
warritjrwlio dwell within. I knew where ibesacrilices were made 
i>f yore to Thor and lo Odin — on what slooes the blood of the 
victims Qowed — wlicre stood the dark-browed priest — whi-re 
the crested chiefs :t ^bo consulted the will of ihe idol— where llic 
more dislnnt erowii uf inferior worshippers, who looked wu iri 
awe or in terror. The places most shuancd by the timid peasants 
had no terrors for me; 1 dared walk in the fairy cinde, and sleep 
by the magic spring. 

"Bui, for mymisforluQB, I was chieQy fond to linger abont 
the Dwarfie Stone, a& it is called, a relic of anliquiiy, wli'ch 
siratigers look on with curioBity, and ihe natives with awe. U is q 
huge fragment of ft rock, which lies in a broken and rude uallcy, 

' TbeLawlinffwosilmComilis, or Supreme Court, of the Cfiunlry, 
being retaiiK-d boih in Orkney and Zetland, and presenling, 1Q Ihnir 
coDSLiLulion. Ibe rude origin of a parUament. 

" And from whicd bill of Hoy, at midiumroer, ihe sun may be seen, 
iiisjfaid, al midnight. So sap liie geographer Bleau, allhowRti, aCMrd- 
ijig In Dr. Wallace, iL c^nnol lie Lhe triii! t)ody of the Sui] which ts *i5tble, 
hut onlj ils imnyi: refracieii iJliroush sume watery cloud upoil Xhf^ horuon. 


laU otsionftsandp'c^pi&es, in the recesses onhc Ward-hill of 
Hoy. The Inside of the rock has two couches, h'CWD bf do eaiihty 
hand, and having a small passage between itiem. The Juorway 
is now open to the weather; but beside it lies alarg^stome.^hicb, 
adapted to grooves , still visihle in the entram^e , once bad served 
to open and tO'Close this extraordinapfdweUiii!;, w1]ii:h Troltil, a , 
dwarf famous in the northern Sagas, is said to have framed fur 
his own favourite residence. The Jonely shepherd avoids the 
place, for at sunrise , high noon , or sunset, the misshapen forin 
of the necromantic owner may sometimes still be seen siillni: b; 
the Dwarfie Stone.* I feared not the appariiion, for, Itllnna. my 
heart was as bold, and my handwa^ as innoc^Dt, as yours. In 
my childish courage , I was even but too presumptuous, and the 
thirst after things unattainable led me, like our |friiiii(i^e moihir, 
to desire increase of knowledge, even by pruliibiiEtd mean^. I 
longed to possess the power pf the Volusps and divining wunten 
of our ancient race; to wield, like them, command ovurrhe ele- 
ments; and to summon the ghosts of deceag>(!d heroes from ihi-ir 
caverns, that they might recite their daring deeds, and impart ik 
me their hidden treasures. Often when watching by the Dwarfie 
Stone , with mine eyes fiied on the Ward-hill , which rises abov'^ 
that gloomy valley, I have distinguished , amou)^ ihe dark ruck::, 
that wonderful carbuncle,** which gleams ruiidy us a TuTnace to 
them who view it from beneath , but has ever become invisible to 
Mm whose daring foot has scaled the precipices from which it 
darts its splendour. My vain and youthful hosom bumcd to jn~ 
vestigate these and an hundred other mysteries » whicii the Ssgas 
that I perused, or learned from Erland, rather indicaicd than 
explained; and in my daring mood, I called on the Lord of (he 
Dwarfie Stone to aid me in attaining knowledge inaccessible to 
mere mortals." 

"Ajid the evilspiritheard your summons?" said Minna, bee 
blood curdling as she listened. 

"Hush," said Noma, lowering her voicej "vex him not with 
reproach — ■ he is with us — he hears us even now/" 

' SeeNot&P. The Dwarfie Stone. 

" See Note Q. CarbuneteontheiymTd-hUl 




Lrejida sUrii-d from her seat. ~ "I will to Eupbane Fen's 
chamber," she said, "and leave you, MiDTia and Noma, to finish 
Your stories flf hubgobUns and nf dwarfs at your own leisure*, I 
tare not for them ai any time, bul I will not eodarelhem at mid- 
nijiiht, and by this pale lamplight." 

She wasaccordiBglyin theact ofleavingllmroom, ■whed her 

sister deiaioed her. 

"Is this the courage," she said, "of her, thai disbuli^Tfes 
whatever Ihc history of our fathers (ells us of superoalural pr<>- 
digj? What ^orna has to tell ooncern&lhe fate, perhaps , of our 
father and his house i — if I can listen in ii^ irusiing that God uod 
my innocence will protect mc from all thai is maligflant, jtiUi 
Brenda, who believe not in sach influenM, have surely no cause 
10 iremtle. Credit me, that forthd guillless there ts no fear." 

"There may be uo dangerj" said Brenil4i> unable to suppress 
her namral Iutq for buinour, '' bui as ihe old jest book says, (here 
is miich fear. Hoi^ctver, Minna, I will stay with you;— tJie 
rathtr," sheadded, inawhisper, *' that I am loath to leave jou 
iilDite with this frightful woman , and that 1 have n darh staircase 
and long passage hctT^isl^ud Euphaoe Fea, else I would have 
her tiCFe ere 1 were flu: mluules older." 

^'Call nu one hither, maiden, upan peril of thy life," said 
NoTtia, "ani!l iniermpt not my tak again; for it cannot and moBt 
not be told aflcr that chflrnied light has ceased to bum." 

"AndJthankJIeaven," said Brenda to herself, '' thai ihc oil 
burns low in the cruize ! 1 am sorely tempted lo Icod It a puff, 
but then Nnma would be alone with us in the dark, ami that 
Tt'ould be worse," 

So saying, she submitted to her fate, and sat down, deter- 
mined to lisJen v((h all the equanimity which she could com- 
niand lo Ihe rematoiug jiart of Noma's tale, which went on as 
follows: — 

"11 happened on a hot summer day, and juei about the hour 
ofuoon," continued Pforna , <*a5 I sal bythe DwarffeStORC, with 
my flj'cs filed on ihe Ward-hill, •whence the mysterious ande\er- 
buroing carbuncle sheti iis rjys more briuhily than usual, and 
repined in mv heart al Ihe restricted bounds of human know- 




ledge, thatatleogthl could Dothelp exclaiming, mihe words of 

'Dwellersof ihemouatain, rise, ' * 

Trolld tbe powerful, HaimS the wisel - i 

Te who Uught weak woman's tongue 

Words that sway the wise and strong, — 

Te who taught weak woman's hand <^ - 

Bow to wield the magic wend , * 

And wake the gales on Fouiah's.slcep , 

Or lull wild Sumburgh's waves to sleep I — 

Still are ye yetV — Not yours the power 

Ye knew in Odin's mightier hour. 

Wha^are ye now but empty names , 

Powerful Trolld, sagacious Halms, 

That, lightly spoken, lightly heard , 

Float on the air like IbisUe's beard?" 

"I had scarce uttered these vords," prqceitded ^Toma, "ere 
the Bky^ which had been till then unusually clcaij grew &o sud- 
denly dark around me, that it seemed more like niidnfghiihaii 
DooD. A siojgle flash of lightniDg showed mc at once the de^ulatc 
landscape of heath, morass, mountain, and precipice, which 
lay around ; a single clap of thunder wakeoeU ail the echoes of tht; 
Ward-hill, which continued so long to repeal the sound, that it 
seemed some rock, rent by the thunderbfjlt frotn the summit, 
was rolling over cliff and precipice into the vul luy. 1 mmedieitely 
after, fell d burst of rain so violent, thai I was fain to shun ji$ 
pelting, by creeping into the interior of the mysterious stone. 

"I seated myself OD the larger stone c^juch, which is cui at 
the farther end of thecavity,and withmy eyes liied on the smaller 
bed, wearied myself with conjectures respecting the oc-igm and 
purpose of my singular place of refuge. Had it been really (he 
work of that powerful Trolld, to whom the poetry of the Scalds 
referred it? Or was it the tomb of some ScandinavLao chief, 
interred with his arms and his wealth, perhaps also with his im- 
molated wife, that what he loved best iu life might not in death 
be divided from him? Or was it the abode of penance, chosen by 
some devoted anchorite of later days ? Of the idle work of some 
wandering mechanic, whomchance, and whim, and leisure, bad 
thrust upon such an undertaking? I tell you the thougtits IhaE: 



tii«D floated tlirough my brain, thai ye may knov that what ensued 
■was oat the vision of a (irejuiiictd or prqmssesseii imafiinalioD, 
but an apparitiou, as certaiu as ilia as awful. 

^'Slet'p had gradually cropt on me > amidst mj lucubrations, 
whea 1 *as starlled from mj sianibers by a second dap at thun- 
der; and, wheel awoke, I saw, throygh the dim light which »he 
up^er aperture a d milled , the unshapely and inatincL form of 
TroJld the Avari, scaled «i|ipoBite te me on ihfi lesser couch, which 
his square and misshapen hulk seemed absolulcW lo fill up. Iwas 
startled, but not affrigbledi far the blood of tin; auri^Qlrftce of 
Lochlio was warm inmjvflins. He spoke ^ and his words wiire 
of Norse, so old, that few, save my father, or I mvaelf, could have 
compreheuded tliL'ir import, — &ucb lattguagc as was spoken in 
these islands ere Ola\e planted the cross ou the ruins of hea- 
thenism, H5S meaning was dark also and obsi'l)re,likc that which 
thcPagatipriesis were wool (odcIivetjiDtlie name of iheif idols, to 
the tribes lhatassemblGduitlie//erff(l/'«?^J.- Thiswas the import,— 

'A lliousand wiulers dark have flow*, 

Since o"cr ihe ibreshoU of my Slone 

A ¥ftUre9S pas.s'4 , my [lowcr lo own, 


Of tb« tiiansinn of TrolM , 

Itlaiil^a b^oghtjf of hcarl, 
Who hast hilhUT iircswmed*, — 
L'ji^ifEed. uni]D(ini'(Jf 

Thf>i] shah nat depart; 
The power (b(iii d&cL cov(?t 

O'er it^mpesL anil wave, 
ShnI] be thine, iho" f-royd maiden, 

By beach and by cave, — 
By alaci" and bj itefry,'" Its naiipt andby voe,f+ 
By Biriif and hy wicL.J and by ln!l3er§i andgio. 55! 

• Or consBcrafRil moonlain^ osed by ths ScandjnatraU priests for ihe 
pur/ioaes ot Ibeir idol-worship. 

*- Staci, A precipitous rocti rising out of ihe sea. 

•" SkefTi/. A flat iriaulaled rock. Jiol suhjeci lo Ihi* overflowing of 
thusea. + Nnup. A fo«ni)-heaileil etnmenri'. 

tt rof. A cTGck, or inlet of the sea. fit ^ir. An open Bea-bt;ach. 

i Wirk, An open bay. 

U HrJifcT. A ca»«rrt into whicli l!ie lido flows. 

SSi Gio. A deep raviDiB which admits ibQiCS- 



Anita pi«n '**^^* sbore vhicb Ihe nortbem wind* iaaw, ^, .' ^- 

knAVVie no'lhern tides lave. 
«ui rtwunh vWs sbaU-be given thee , tbou liexppralcl J brave , 
1 doom \bee ihal never the gift tbou shalt bavi; , 
T\U iIqou letYe tby lire's giver 
Ot the gilt which he gaye.' , • • 

**I answered him in nearly the samesLr.iin; Tdt Ebe spirit of 

the ancient Scalds of our race was upon mCy Jind^ farfc'Oiti Tearing 

the phaDtom, with whom I sat cooped witbia so narrow a ^pac«, 

I felt the impulse of that high courage whirh thrust tb>e nocicDt 

ChampioDS andDruidesses tipon contests with tbe inviisiljle world, 

when they thought that the earth no longer contained enemies 

worthy to he subdued by them. Therefort? ilid I ?iD6war bim 

thus : — 

'Darkare thy words, andsever^, 

Thou dweller in the stone ^ 
But trembling and rear ... , 

To berare unknciwn, ,'^- . il . 

Who bath souftbl thoe here , " '"'(.■ 

' Id thy dwelling lone. ■• J ' '. ■ 

Come what comes soever, *, .' 

The worst I can endure ; 
Life is but a short fever, 

And Death is the cure.* 

' "The Demon scowled at me, as if at once incensed and over- 
awed; and then,. coiling himself up inaihrckiind sulphureous 
vapour, he disappeared from his place. I ilitt not, tilt Lhai 
moment, feel the influence of fright, but then it seized me. I 
rushed the open air, where the tempest h ^d [inssed away, anil' 
all was pure and sereoe. After a moment's bri>atfaless. pause ^ I 
hasted home, musing by the way on the %'ords of the phaDloin, 
which I could not, as often happens, recall so disliactly to me- 
mory at the lime , as I have been since able tci do. 

"It may seem strange that stich ao apparition should, in iiin«, 
have glided from my mind, like a vision of the night — but so it 
was. I brought myself to believe it the work uffnacy — Iihuught 
I had lived too much in solitude, and had gj^cn waj too much lo 
the feelings inspired by my favourite studies, t Abandoned them 
for a time, and I mixed with the jouth of my age. i was upon a. 



\isilal£irXwaIlTvheD IleAraed lo know yourfdlher, whombusi-' 
ni^ss bad bmugbi ihiihcr. Ho onsilv foitnd acccs^^ lu the relaiiuo 
Willi vftiom 1 lived, whet wasaaiious to cumpuse, ilposisible, ihi' 
IctLct which divided aur families. Your fattier, makJcDS, lias l>eeD 
ra(]]«r hardened than changed by years — he bad Ihe same raanlj 
fornii, Lbe sjimcold Norse Iranlincss of manner and of heart, the 
suDG upright couragfi and hi>nesty of di£rp{i&ii]on, wiib more of the 
g;^nite Ingeuumisness qP youth, an ea^tr de&Jre to please, a wil- 
lingness to be pleased, and a vivacity ot spirits whk'b survives 
not our €arly years. But though he tvas thus worthy of love» 
and ihoU;gh Erland wrote to nie, authorizin;^ his atiachnieot, ibere 
was aUDtber— a ^trUDgerj Miutin, a ^110) Slmnger — fuUufaitis 
uoknown to us, and grace^i which iu Uit pUio manners of your 
father were unknown. Yes, he walkfdj indeed , among us lite a 
being of another and oi a superior race. — Ye loot on mc as if it 
wfire sltange 4hal I should have had atlractiuasforsuchal'uver', 
but I present nothing that can rcmiad jfou that Acirna of th^ 
Filful-head was ouce admired aad loved as lllla Troll — the 
change betwiit the animalvd body and the corpse afti^F dpcease, 
is scarce more awful und absuEute tbau 1 have sustained, while 1 
yet linger on earth. LflOk OH lUC, maidcniS — loot on mc Ly this 
glimmering light — Can yc believe that these haggard and 
wcother-wastcit features — these eyes, which have been almost 
conveFied to stone, by looting upon sights of (error— these locks, 
that^ mingled with gray, now stream out, Uie shattered pt'iuious 
of a sinking vessel — thai these , and she to vi Iiorn llicy belong, 
could flnce be the objects of fond affcciioD? — But the waning 
lamp sinks fast^ and let it ^ink nhilc I Icll my iufsmy. — We 
loved in sccrcl, we jnet in secret, lill I gave the last proof of fatal 
and of guilty pasftiotl!— And now beam out, thou magic glimmer 
— shine out a liltle spatt:, thou ilanie so powerful even in ihy 
feebleness — bid him who hovers near us, keep his dark pinions 
aloof from the circle thou d^ist illnrainatc — live but a link till ihe 
w'orsL he told, and then sink wheo thou will into daibnesa^ as 
black as my guilt am] &i>rrow ! " 

While she spoke thus, she drew logeiher Ihe remaining nutri- 
ment of ihe lamp, and trimmed its decaying Dame; then again. 


viUi a hnlloiv voice, und to brohfiiseiitcaeca, pursued her oar- 

*^ I must wQBlc little lime id wordis. My love was dEscoTered , 
Lut DOL nij' guill. Erldnd cami; in Pornonu jn anj^cr, and tran&H. 
|ioried me lo imr soliljiry dwelling m Hoy. He Cuiuniandcd tne 
1t> see piy lover no more, and Id rtceive Maguus, in whcrm he 
was willjiig Lt) rurgiit: liiL' rjITcuccs ii[ liis fattier, as my lulurc 
husbund. Alas'. I no lunger di^SiCr^fd his aUackmeat^—iDy only 
■wish was iij esoapu from my faihpr's dwelling, to concenl my 
shame in my lover's arms.. Let me do him justice — he T*a5 failh- 
liil — loo, loo faiihful — hh perfidy -would haie bereft roc of my 
i>cn5es; but the fatal coDsequcDces orhlsUiidiiy havedoae me ji 
tenfold injury.*" 

She pauBi-d, and Ibeo resumed, vHh llie wild lone nf insdiiUy, 
''Ml has tnadc iiic the pontrfiil and Ihe despairing Sovereign of 
tlie Seas aiiJ Winds! " 

Slie pau!^{-il a secO'Uil tlmr after Ihis wfld eidamation » and 
resamcd licr narrative in a ehofl' inimposcd niamner. 

"My li>ver came in sutret to Jloy, to concert nmssures for my 
flighij and I afcrced to meet liim* that tic might (ii the limo *heft 
■lis vessel should come ii^Lu tbe Sound. Heft ibe bausc at mid- 
night. " 

Here ehc a|ipeared to ^asp with agony, and went on with her 
lale by hrokcu mid interrupted sentences. "I left the house at 
midnight — 1 had to |pas^ my fnther's doot^ und [ percei\ed it 
was open — I thought he watehcd us» and, llltnt liie sound of my 
steps nji gill out brcalc his sluinbers, I cl^tsed Ihi; I'alal dotir — A 
light and trivial aclioni — but, tiud io Heaven 1 nvhat where tbfi 
CflnaequcQCes! — At morn, the room uns full of sufTocalJAji; 
\apour — my father was deadn — dead ihrnLyli mj act — dead 
through my disobedience — dead through inj infjiniy!! All thai 
iulluws is mist and darltness ■ — achiK'ing, siifTucitiug, ^liJltog 
mig't ffiQvelopeE all that t said and did, all that was &aid and 
done, uuil I beeamc assured that my doom wus nccomplishedt 
and T«alHd forth the calm And terrible being you now behold 
ine — (be Queen of the Elements — the sharer irn the power i>f 
ibcsc beings to whom man ^nd hJ5 pa&siun^ give sucb sport as the 


lertures of the dng-fish afford the fisherman, when he pierces 
his eyes wiih LhoniS;, and lurns liim onCB more into his Dative 
cleraejilj (o eraversc the wevcs in blioitness atui igony.' No. 
maidtris, she whom yuu see hnftire ynuis impai^sive to the follies 
of which pur minds are (he sport, I am she ihat havf: made the 
offerjjjg — 1 am she that l}fireaved the giutr of the gift of life 
whi^h he gave me — the dark sayiughns been JQleTpreted by ray 
deedj and 1 am takea from humonHy, to be somethiflg pre- 
eminently powerful, pre-cniincdlljr wrclchfi'iil " 

As she spoke thus, ilie tight, which had btfu loDg quivering, 
leaped hif^h for s.n iu&tant, and seemed aboui t« expire, vh^n 
Xoro^, ioterrupting herself J said hastily, "No more now- — he 
comes — he comes. — Enough ihat ye know me, andthetightl 
ha\e (cj advise and command you. — Approach now, pr<iud Spi- 
rit! if thou wilt/' 

So paying, she cttingutf^hed ihe lamp, a»d passed oat of 
the apartment with her usual loftiness of step, asUioDa could 
obscne from its measured cadctice- 


Is all die cnunsol ihat we Iwo have shared — 
Tiic sisters" voTis,, tho hours lUm we have spent, 
'■A'bcu w^ liav€^ cbii) (he liaiS'iy^rnoled Limo ' 

For parling us — Oh , aniJ it> aU torgol? 

MiitiummeT'flighri Dream, 

Tire atteBlion of Minna was powerfully arrested by thfs talc af 
terror, whicli accorded with and cipliiocd many broken hints 
respecting JTorcB, wliirh shp had benrdrronihpr father and other 
near relations, audi shfl was for a lime so lost in surprise, nut 
nnmingled with horror, tlial she did Rot evun aiicmpi to speak lo 
her sister Brenda. When, at leoglh, she railed h'Sir by hername, 
siie received no answer^, and, on louehingher hauil, she ftiutidl it 
cold as ice. Alarmed lo the uttermost, she threw open the lattice 
and the ^■in^ow-shutlers, and admitted at oDce (he frue air and 
the pale glitumer of the hyperborena summer ai^ht. VShe then 

* This crU(?Lty m pmctiBfid bjr fame fishers, out of a vindictivo haired 
{0 TtiesH? ravenous liabcs. 


became aeosible that her sister was in a »woon. Ail thoughts coji- 
cenuDg Noma, her frightfal tale, aud htr nij'giKrioiia cojitie'C- 
tion with the invisible world, at onne vaniahcd from Minna's 
thonghts, and she hastily ran to the aparimcni or the oLiJ house- 
keeper, to summon her aid, without renecUog for a mument 
what sights she might eocoUnter in ihe Long dark passages which 
she had totraverse. 

The old woman hastened loB/enda's as»iatitiice, and instanllj' 
applied such remedies as her experience suggested; but ihe poor 
girl's nervous system had been so mucb apt.-ttt^d itj ihe horrible 
tale she had just heard, that, when recnvercd Trom b^r swoan^ her 
utmost endeavours to compose her mind ci>uli not prevent htr 
falling into a hysterical fit of some duraiton. Tbis also was sub- 
dued by the expeiiehce of old Euphaui; Fea ;, who wa^ well versed 
in all the simple pharmacy used by the natives ofZelland, and 
who, after administering a compusin^ draught, disiilled from 
simples and wild ilowers* at leoglb saw her patient resigned ta 
sleep. Minna stretched herself beside her slater, kisfl(>d her 
chirek, and courted slumber in fa^r turn; but the raorf &hc in- 
voked it, the farther it seemed tc fly from her eyelids \ and If at 
times she was disposed to sink Ifito repose, the voice or ibe io- 
volautary parricide seemed again to sound in ber tma, aod 
startled her into consciousness. 

The early morning hour -at which they were acrui^tomed to 
rise, found the state of the sisters difTcredi ftoto. nhat might have 
been expected. A sound sleep had rv^torcd the spirit of Brenda's 
lightsome eye and the rose on her laughiag cbf-ek ; the transient 
iadisposition of the preceding night having left as little trouble 
on ber look, as the faotastic terrors of Xorna's tale had bcea 
able to impress on her imaginatiou. Tbe looks of Minna, on the 
contrary, weremelancholy, downcast^ and apparenlly eihausled 
by watchiug and anxiety. They said at dir&t lillle to each otber;^ 
as if afraid of touching a subject so fraught vUb t^moHoo as [be 
scene of the preceding night. It was not until (hey had per- 
formed together their devotions, as usual, that Brenda, while 
lacing Minna's boddice, (for they rendered the sen ices of tbe 
toilet to each other reciprocally,) becami! aware af the paleness of 


licr sifiter's IcoEcs; and hsvin); asccrtntti<?J, bj a glance at the 
mirror, ihai herowndid not wear ihi; same dcjcUionj&hc kissetl 
Midtia's rhcck, and said alTeciionaLely, "^Cliiud MAlcrov^ss right, 
lay deares:! sister , wheu bis poetical folly gave us these Dames of 
Aiglii and Day." 

"And wherefore should you say so now?" said Minna. 
"Because we csch are bravest in the season thai we take our 
same from; I was fngliiened well-nigh lo deaths by hearmg 
thcvse things laU nighty ^vhich you endured wirh courageous llrm- 
uess; aadnow^ when iiisbroad light, I ican Ihint of ihcjn with 
composure, wttilfi jon look as pale as a spirit wbo is stirprised hy 

*'You Bie lucky, Brenda," said her sister, gravely, **w!io can 
so soon forge* such a tale of wonder and of liorrflr-" 

"The horror," saidBrenda, *'is Bfverti> beforgollen, un- 
less one could hope that the UDforluQate woman's eidted tma- 
ginatjoQ, which shows itself so active in conjuring up apparitions, 
may have: Hied on her an ixnaginary crinie-" 

"You believe nothing, ihetj," said Minna^ "of her interview 
at the DwQrfie Stoi!]>e, that wondruus jilace, of which 50 many 
tales aft! told, and which, for so many R^niuries, has been re- 
verenced as the work of a demou , aod as his abode?" 

"Ebelieve," saidBrenda, "(hat out unhappy relative is qo 
impostor, ^ and (herefore I believe thai she was at the Dwarfie 
£tone during a thuniler-stornt, thaE she ^uught shelter in it, and 
thai, during a swoon, or during sleep perhaps, somc! dream 
visited ber, concerned with the popular traditions willi which 
she was so toqversaat ; but t cannot easily b elieve more." 

"And jet the evfint," said Minna, '* corresponded to the dark 
intimations of Ibt vision. " 

"Pardon me," said Brcnda, *'I rather think the dream would 
DfiTCr havt been put into shape, or perhaps remembered at all, 
hut for Ijpe cvem. She told us herself she had nearlj' forgot ths^ 
TJsion, till after her father's dreadful dcaih, — and who shall 
warranihowDjuch of what she (hen supposed herself to reraem™ 
ber was not iJbe creation of her own fancy, disiardered as ii 
naiurafJy was by thp horrid accidenll Had she realt| seen 


and Conversed with a npcrujuaolic dwarf, she was likt'ly to 
remember the coovoraaUoD bog enough — al least I am Bare I 

"Brcnfla," rcpliwl Minna, " joii have heard ihe guodminislcr 
of (he Cros^-fcirk say, that human vi&doni was worse ihau folly, 
whrn il was upplicJ \o injsieriesbpyotid itsfojiiprchensiitn; ami 
ihat, if we believed no more than wc could nodcrstand, we 
slioulii resist tlie evfdcnt^c uf our scTt'ses, whictt ^fre^cntetl u^, 
at every luriij cifcumsiaoces as curtaiu as itiey were uninielli' 

"Ton arc lOi> learned yoursctf, sistor," answered Drenda, "to 
nefd Ihc {js^isltiiici' of tfii* good uiini^li^t of Cro&s-Eirk ; bul I 
liituk liis doclriae only related to the mj^terles oT our religifiu, 
which it is our duty (o rccuivc wlUiuul itivestigalion or diiubt — 
bu| in tbiDgs occumnf{ in common life, ns God bas hcslowfd 
reason upon us, wc cannot act *rotit^ inempltiyingii. Butpu, 
my dear Miojia, bav« a uariEi«r fancy than mine, atid arc wilting 
to receive ail those woQderful stories for truth , berntise yon love 
to think ofsnrcerFTS, and dwarfs, and water-^pirils, and would 
like much ta have a little 1rr>w, r>r fains as the Scutch call them, 
with a ^Tccn, coal, and a (lairof win^sai^ brillinnt as the huesfif 
ihe starling's nevk , specially to attend on you." 

*'U would spare you al lea&t (be trouble of lacing my bod- 
dice/' said Minna, "and of lacing it wroni^, too; for in the lieAt 
of youE argunteut yi>u have missed two cyekt-halcg. " 

"That error shall be presently mended," saidJJrenda; **aml 
then, as ojic of our friends mi^ht say, I will haul tiji;ht and belay 
— biit you draw your breath so deeply, that it will bt: a ilifllciili 

"I only sighed/' anidMinnn, in some eoDfusion , *'to ibink 
how soon you can IriHe with and ridicule \ha misfununtis of this 
ettraordiaary woman." 

"1 do not ridicuie them, God knows ! " replied Brett'da, s&ine^ 
whataagrily; "itisyou, Miuoa, who turn all I say in trulh and 
kindness, to somcthia^ liarsli or wicked. 1 ItKik on .Noma as a 
'woman of very eilraafdijiary abilities, which are very often re- 
conciled with Q strong cast fii insanity; attdlwnsidcr her as belter 



skilled in ibt signs of the weather Iban aq; «omaii id Zellaad, 
Bui that she lias Bijy pDwerftvcrthe elements, loo nwre believe, 
th.iD I do ia llie nursery Slunes of Kin^;; Erick, wbu could make 
lliL* wind blow trotti ihe p<iiTilli(! sel his cap la/' 

Minua, somewhat nettled mih the obsliaalc iocredulily of her 
sisler, replied shatplfj "And yet, Brcnda, lliis woman — batf- 
mad woman, anij tbe veriest impostor — is ihe person bywhora 
yuu choose to be advised in the matter neit pur own heart at this 
momeal ! " 

'*! do not know what you mean/' said Brenda^ 4;o]ounng 
deeply, and sbiFting to get away rrom her sister. But US sh^ was 
nov uiTdcrguiuj^ tLe cen^nLony of being laced in her luru, her 
S'ifter bad the naeans of holding her lasi by the sHkeQ string witli 
which she nne faateoiug the boddice, and, lopping her oii ihi: 
neck^ whlcb eKpress^ed, by Us sudden writhe, and sudden chaoge 
tu a. sciiHet bu« , as much peltisti codIubIoq as i^he had d{;sire lo 
jiroroke, sbc added, nioie mildly, '* Is it not strange, Brenda, 
ibat, used a« ve have been by Ihe slraQgtr Mordauni; MctLouq, 
whoB£ assurance has brought him uDinviled ti> a liouse where his 
presence is an unflccepiable, you shoutd^titl luuk or think othiiu 
with fa\our? Surely, thai you do so should hn a prworiti you, 
liiat there are such things as &]>«llstnihe country, and that you 
yourself labour under Ihcm. It is not for nuughl that MordaUut 
wears a chaiit of elJla gold -^ look to it^ Breada^ aQd ht wise in 

"I have n^ithing lo do With Mordaunt MleTtouDj" answired 
BremJa^ hastily, ^'mor do J know or care tthat he or any other 
young maa ^ears about bis neck. I could see all tbe gold cbain^ 
of all the bailies ofEdJDburgh, IhatLady Glowrowrnm speaks so 
much of, without ralliugia fancy with one of the wearers. '^^ Anit 
hai^tog tbus complied wiUt ihe fcDidle rule of pleading^noi fjuilty 
in general to such an Judictrcienl, she immediately resumed, in a 
different toa«, "'Buif tosay llie (rulh, Minna, I ihitih ycm, and 
ffU of you, have judged far too hastily about (his youog friend of 
ours, who has been so long oar most intimalc companion. Mind, 
Mardaunt MertouQ is no more to rae than he is lo you — whif best* 
know how tittle difference be made betwixt us; and tlmi, chain 



orno chain, helived vithusllke abrolherwith two dialers; and 
jet joq can tarn him off at once , because a wandenti^ 9.«emajT, 
of whom we know DoUiiDg, aoda pcddlingjagger, wltoiu we ««ll 
know to be a thief, a cheat, and a liar^ apeak vurds and carry 
tales in his disfavour ! I do notbi^li^vehc! Rversaidhe could have 
his choice of either of us, and only nailed to see which was lo 
have Burgh-W^stra and BrfednesB Voe — 1 do nol believe he ever 
spoke such a word, or harbonrecl such a tbougbt,a8 that of making 
a choice between us." 

**Ferhaps," said Minna, coldlf, ^'yon ma; have badteason 
to know that his choice was already iJctt^rmmed," 

- "I will not endure this!"' f^aid Brcuda, giving way tfr her 
natural vivacity, and springii^ frum b^twepn her sister's hands ; 
then turning round and facing her, while her glowing cheek wis 
rivalled in. the deepness of its crimson , hy as much of her neck 
and bosom as tb« upper partof ihe half-laced hoddicfi permiLied 
to be visible, — "Even from you, Minna," she said, "1 will not 
endure this ! Yon know that all my Life I have spoken the iTuih, 
and that I love the truth ; and 1 tell you , that Mordaunl Mertoun 
never in his life made distijictioD betwiti you and me, until — " 

Here some feeling of consciousness slopped her i^Eiort, aiid 
her sister replied, with a smile, ^Toti] wAen, Rrentla? Meihiuks^ 
your love of truth seems choked with the SKittence you were 
bringing out." 

"Until you ceased to do him ttie justice be deserves," said 
Brenda, firmly, "since I must speak out. I have little doubt 
that he will not long throw away his CriendSihtp on you, who hold 
it so lightly." 

"Be it 80," said Minni(;-"you ire secure from my rivalry, 
either in his love or friendship. But bclbink you better, Brenda 
— this is no scaqdal of Clevelacd's — Cleveland is incapable of 
slander — no falsehood of Bryce Sniailsfool — not one of our 
friends or acquaintance but says it has been the common talk 
of the island, that the daughters of Magnus Troil werepaiienlly 
awaiting the choice of the nameless and blrtbless stranger,. Mor- 
dauntMertonn. — Is it fitting tliLiLiht^ should be said of ug, the 
descendants of a Norwegian Jarl, aud the daughters of the tirei 

Tkt Pirate. Ig 


Udnller in Zetland? or, would it be moJesi or maidenly to sub- 
mit lu it unreseotedj were we ihe meaofts.! las&es thai e\er liftiid 
J inilk^pakir' 

"-Thii toQgues or Tools ar« do reproach/' replied Brenda, 
warmlf; "I will ncvtr quit my^ own (l]i>uughtii of au iuuo'Cer^l 
I'riipDd for ilie gos^sip of the island, wbich cud put the worst 
meftoing of\ lilB moiit ionocent acltani^." 

'''Hvar buL wliat ourfrieadssa;^," repeated Minua; ''hear but 
the Liidy GlowTQWTum; hear but Muddle and Clara Groal5>£Llar." 

"]f I were lo hear Lady GlowTowrum," saidBreuda^ steadily, 
"^I should listen to Ibt; worst tomguc in Zetland; and a:^ fur 
Maddie and Clar4 Groals^tlar, they vtvre hotb bliliie enough to 
get MordauQt to sit bct'iti Itt Lhem at dinner the day before ycistcr- 
iltty f 89 you might haw obaerved yuurscl f, but ibat your ear wa^ 
belter engaged." 

"Your eyes, at least, hove be«D but iDdJlTerently eogagod, 
Brcnda," relorted the eldtir sister, ^'sance they were fiied on a 
joung mao^ wbou] all the world bui yourself l)«lie\es fo have 
talked of us -ttith ijie mivst insolent presumption; andeycnifhe 
be innocently charged, Lady GkwrmwTUiD sajs it is umnaidenly 
and bold of you even to loolc in the direcUon wben- be &its, know- 
jog il must corjCnn such reports." 

"I will look nhicb way I please/' »aidBr«nda, growiogsiill 
warmer; ^'Lady Olowrowrum ahiU neither rule my thoughts, 
nor my words, nor luy i^jcs. 1 bold !l|lor<Jaunt M^rtoun to be. 
innocent, — I will look at him as such, — I viiti speak of him as 
such ; and if I did not speak to bim also , snd betrave to hint as 
usual, it is iu cjJ>L'dieoce lo niy father, and not for what Lady 
Glowrowrum , and all her nieces , had she twenty instead of two, 
could ihiukj wink, nod, or tattle, about the matter ihal concerns 
them not." 

"Alas! Brenda/' answered Minna, with calniriess, "this 
vivacity is more than js required for (he defence of the ciiaraeier 
of a laere friend ! =- Beware — He who ruined Xorna's peace for 
flver, Mas a strflDger, admiUed to her afflictions against the will 

^'He was a stranger j" replied Breflde, vith enipha,sis, *'not 


onl; in birth, but in niftimers. 8he bnd noibecn bcot] up wiib 
2iim from her youth, — she had nut knuwn ihi; genileDtss^ thei 
frankness, of his disposition, by an iQlimacjr o( many years. He 
was indeed a stronger, in character, temper, birili, man tiers, and 
niorals, — some wandering adveoiurcrj, perhaps, ^tliom c hance or 
tempest had thrown apon the islaod&t and who hiiuw ho« to mask 
a false heart with a frank brow". My ginud sisicr, take hoiuc Y<mr 
own warning. There are other strangers alEurKh^Wc&lra besides 
this poor Mordaont Mertoun." 

Minna seemed for a moment o\er\i helmed with ihe rapidity 
with which her sister' retorted hi-j ^uspiciou and her cauiion. 
But her natural loftiness of disposUton enabled her lo reply with 
assumed composure. 

''Were I to treat you, Brendn, with the want orconBdeoee 
you show towards me , I might reply, that Cleveland is do more 
to me than Mordftunt was ; or than vuungSwarasler, or Lawrence 
Ericson, or any other favourite gui;!jt of mj father's, now is. But 
I scorn to deceive you, or to disguise my thoughts, — 1 tore 
Clement Cleveland." 

** Do not say so, my dearest sister," said Drcndo, ahandoniog 
at once the air of acrimony wiili -nlikh the cnnversation had 
been latterly conducted, and throw i r\g licr amis rDiti^iil her sister's 
neck, with looks, and with a tone , oHhe most earnest affection, 
— ''do not say so, I implore you^ I will rctnouuce Mordaunt 
Mertoon, — I will swear never to epcak lo him again ; but Ao not 
repeat that yon love this Cleveland ! " 

"And why should I not repeat," said.Vinna, disengaging her- 
self gently from her sister's gra^iii ''3 ^enUmctit in which I 
glory? The boldness, thestrengtljand etierigy, of his character, 
to which command is natural, and r«^r unknown, — these very 
properties, which alarm yon for niy tiappiuess, are the qua- 
lities which ensure it. Remember, Brenda, iliat when your 
foot loved the calm smooth sea-bcii^^b of ihenummer sea, miae 
ever delighted in the summit of the precipice, wben the waves are 
in fury." 

"And it is even thatwhi(;h I drtiad," said Br«mla ; "ilis even 
that adventurous disposition which &aw is ur^i^g you to the 



briok of & precipice niare^ dnnger^ius than evef was washed by a 
sjiTiDg'Ude* This man J — do iioL frown, 1 will say no slaoJer of 
hini], — bui is be Dot, even in your awo partial judi^ment, stLTD 
JiDd overbeiriag'f accuslotncd, a^ yuu sty, lo coinmeod ^ but, for 
that verj rcasDD, commuitding wberc he has no right to da so, 
and leading whom it would rno&t bccumr him to fallow? mshidg 
oa danger ^ ralber for its own sake, Ihau for auy uther object? 
JluiI can you tbiak of being yoked with a unrU so uo&eltled aod 
stormy, wliose lif^: ha* hitherto been led in acencs of death and 
jititil, and whu, cveti while sittiag by your side » caDoot disguise 
his impatience again to engage Id theral A lover, meiliiDks, 
should love his mistress better than his own life; bulyoursj my 
dear lUiaaa, loves' b>sr l^ss than the pli^ASure of iaflictiug death 
■un others," 

*'And it is even forthall tove biiu," said Minna. ^'laiQA 
d*iighi$r of [he flM dames of JVorwayj who could send ibuir 
lovers lo baillfl with a smile j, and slay thfnij with Ibcir own 
bands, if tbcv returned with dishononr. My lover must!icorn 
the mockeries b^ which our de^Tcid>cd race strive for dlstiDClton, 
or must practise them only in sport, anil la tarnesl of nobler 
dangers. No whale-striking , fcird-ncsti fig favourite for me; my 
lover must he a Bea-king, or what else modern times may give 
thai draws near to thai lofiy character." 

'''Alas, my sister!" saidBrtnda, "it is now thai I must io 
earnest begiti to believe the force of spells and at charms. Yon 
remember Uic Spanish (itory which you took from me long since, 
because I said, ia your admiration of the chivalry of the olden 
limes of Scuadinavia, you rivalled the extravagance of the bero. 
Ah, Minna! your eolour show's that your conscience ehflcks you, 
and remiQcEs you of tbe book I mean? — is it more wise, think 
Tou, lo mistake a windmill for a giant, or Ihccommatider ofa 
paltry corsair for a Kiempe , or a ¥!-kiag ! " 

Minna did indeed colour with aager at ibis insinuation,^ of 
whieh, perhaps, she felt in some degree the Iruth. 

"You have 4 righl," she said* '-lo josultme because pa are 
possessed tif my scerel." 

Brtiuda's sofi heart could act reiBist this charge of onkindDcsa; 


ahc flidjared her siiiter tn pardoD her, and the natural genlleDcss 
ofMiiina's feelia^s could not resist her futreaties, 

'^ We are uohnppy ," she said , 99 sbe dried biir sistci's tents, 
*' that wQ caDDDl see wiih the same eyes ^ let us ooL ruake rach 
other more s» by mutual insnlt and udkindtiess. You have my 
secret — It wi!l nf>t, perhajus^ langbeone, for my faiher shall 
have the coulidcncc la which he is entitled, so soon as certain 
circumaiances will pcrniit me to "iTfir i!. Meamime, I repeal, 
you have my secret, anil I mure than suspect Ibat I have yours in 
eichan^c , ihimgh jou Fofuse to (in.n it." 

"HoTv, Minna! " saidBrenda; "would you have me atkoow- 
ledge for any one such feelings as yuu alludfr m r ere he has said 
the least wortl ihai could justify such a confession?" 

"Surely nnt; but a hidden lire may be dtslinguished by heat 
as well as flame." 

"You understand these sfgns, Minna/' said BrePiia, hanging 
dawn her head, and in vain endeavouring lo suppress the tempta- 
tion to repartee ^hich her sister's remark offered; "but I can 
(tnly say, that, if ever I l&ve at all, it shall not he until I have 
been asked la do ao Otlc« or twice at least, which has not yet 
chanced to lue- But do not let us renew our quarrel > and rather 
let us think why Noma 5hi>uld have told us that horrible tale, and 
U> what she eipcctn it should lead." 

"Il must have been as a caution," replied Minna — '*a 
caulioD which our situatioa, aod» f will not deny it» which min« 
in particular, might sccin la her lo cal] for; — but 1 am alilia 
strong is my owniQDOceuce, and in the honour of Cleveland." 

Breoda would fain liavc replied « that she did ncft confide so 
ohsolutely in the latter security ag in the first; — hut lahe was 
firudent, ond, forheariog to awake the former painful discussion, 
only replied, "It is slrange that \oroa should have said noihitig 
more of her lover. Burtly he could not desert her in the 
extremity of misery to Tvhich he had reduced her?" 

"There may he agonies of distress," said Minna, after a pause, 
*'m which ihu mind i5 so mucli jarred, that it censes lo he 
responsive even to the feelings which have most engrossed it; — 


her sorrow for licr lover may Jmve been swallowed tip in horror 
jiuil i]i>s|Mir." 

"Or he may have fli'ii from theislandSy io Tear of our father's 
veagflBince/' said Drtioda- 

"If for fear, or faintiiL'SS of heart," said Minna, looking 
upwards, *'Lc was capable of flying from Ifie ruin which he had 
occaaiiini'd; I Lrusi he has ioog ere ihiisuslaincdthepiiDlslimpnt 
which Heaven reserves forthcmosl base and rfaslarily of IrailOfS 
aod of cowards. — Come, sisler, we are ere (his eipECted atlhe 
br'Cakfusi board." 

And ihoy wcnl ihilhcr, ariEiinarja^ wilh much more of cDofi- 
d«ncc ihnn had lately subsisted hetftcen thcmi the little quarrel 
which had takoil place having scncd the purpose of u bourasque, 
or sudden squall, which dispels mists itud vapours, aud leaves 
fair weather behind it. 

On iheir waj lo the breakfast apartment, tbey agreed thai it 
was unnecessary, and might he imprudent, to cO'ftmiuBii'Ciltil t<> 
their father the drcumslance of the nocturnal visits or to let him 
observe that thej' ni>w knew more than formerly of ih^ melaa- 
ciioly histDry of .Vorna. 

But tost to roe. f(VT ever kslilioseioya, 
■ft'Lioli TBasoD Ecatters. and whicJi lime destroys. 
No mtn-e llic midnigbL /airy iTSin I view, 
Al\ in ihc merry moonliglil iipj>)jti|; dew. 
Even Ihe last iiofte^hig flcLlon of ihp hram , 
Tlie ch(ir>cAyard gJiasL^ is now ai rest again. 

Tfif Libratij. 

The moral bard, from ftdoni we borrow Ihe niotlo of this 
ciiapier, hns touched a (heme with which most readers hsve some 
feelings that vlbralfi unconsciously. Superstition, when not 
arrayed in her full liurrors^ hutlayinj^ a i^ciitle hand only i>n her 
suptjiianl's head, had charms which wc fflil n<\i to re;^rel, even in 
*hose stages of society frtun which licr ioflucnce is wclI-nigh 
lianished by the lij^ht of reason and generaleducatfon. At leas*, 
in more iKUorani periods, her system of ideol terrors had some- 
thing in them intercsiirtg to minds which had few means ftf 



exclle]i3«nl. This is more especially Itue or Ulus« lighter inodi- 
(icatiuDB lit supLT^iiiiuU'^ fuelings api.1 pracUcvs which minf^leia 
llic amusemculsuf the rudur n^HS, unildre, like llir huguries of 
Hallow-t'eii in Scolliiiiid , nionsidcmd parllj- as matler of mcm- 
meiiLj partly os sad mid prophelEc earnest. And, withsimiUr 
fceltngf, pticjpie even of lolcrahlfi educaiion hftvt, in our limes^ 
sougitt ihccclLof a fortufic-lcller, upnn 3 [rijiic, as it ts termed, 
anil yet unl qlwuys^ in a dispo^Jtimi abai>]utcly si'cpUcal luwards 
the responses iliev rf ecive. 

Wlii'n rlic sisii!rs of Bupfh-Wesira arrived tn ihc aparitnflm 
deslineii for a brcakfasl, o^ ample ;isibat«liJch wclia\e tlescribed 
on thi; iirec'ediii;^ muniiug, and had ucdcrgone a jot-uLar rehukc 
froui IheUdaller i'or Uuir late atlcndaTtcc^ they lijundlhe com- 
pany, most of whom had oin'ady breakfasted, engaged in an 
ancieut Xanvegian custoiu, of the cboTaclfir which tie bave just 

It %ecm!« to baic been burrowt^d from [ho^e pocms of the 
Scalds^ in whicb cbamplons and bprdincsarc 90 inrten riipresentcd: 
as seeliiR^ lo know ihdr dei^tiny from some sorceress or pro~ 
pheics3, who, us in the le^-end called by CFray (he Descent of 
Odin, awakens by the Uircti of KuniL rhyme iJi« imwitiing fevealer 
oi the dooju of fate, find cuiiipels t'rum ber auswers, often of 
dubious import^ but- wbitli were llten believed ta express Some 
shadow of the events of fuluFity^ 

A.n old gitiyl, Euphane Fi-ia, tho housekeeper w« ba^e already 
mentioned, was inijCallcd in tfae recess >Qf a large window^ stu- 
diously darkened by bearskins and other mis^C(?lianeiius drapery, 
so as [0 ijLvi! it snmetbixij; llic iippiearance of a Laplander's huE, 
aqd aceomniodated^ like a conresaional chair » with an aperture* 
which pcTiiTttlted the person within to hizar with cage whatuvef 
quc&tioua iihould be put, (hough not lo see (he querist. He^re 
seated, ihe volaspa, or sibyl, was to listen to the rhjihmji'all 
inquiries wbicb should be made to her, and relurit an 'Cxtenipo- 
rantouB answer. The drapery was supposed to prevent her from 
seeing by what iiidisidualB she was consulted, and ihe iotended 
or aecideula] reference which Llie answer giveo utlder such cir- 
cumstances bore to (he situalian of Ibe penon bj vfaom ibe 




question was a&k^d, o/len furnished food for laughleF, aod 
sometiaiflSj as it happened, Tor more serious re (If cti on. The 
Bibyl was usually chosen from her pussessinff ihe laleat of (rapro- 
^isaticiniulhc Norse poetry, no unusual accompHshment, where 
Ibe minds of matiy ware stored wiili uld verses, and where Ihe 
rules of metrical composiliini are uacomraonlj simple. The 
quesUons were also put in rcr&e ; but as this power of extemptt- 
rancous composilioOj thuugli common, could not be supposed 
uuhersal, «he medium of an inltrpreter might be used by any 
qufirisi, which interpreter j holding the consulter of the orade 
by the handj and standing by the place from which ih€ oraclca 
wtte issued, had the task of rendering into verse the subject 
of inqui ry- 

On the present occasion, Claud Halcro was summiined, by 
ihe universal voice, lo perform the part of iniErprelnrj and, after 
shaking his. head, and muUeriniu ^ome apology for decay of me- 
mory and poclioal powers , contradicled at once by his own con- 
scious smile of conGdcace and by the general shout of (he com- 
pany , the light-hearted old man came forward to play bis pari in 
the proposed entertainment. 

But just as it wJis about to coaimeDce, the arraogemetlt of 
parts was singularly altered, Noroa of the Filful-hcad, whom 
every one citcpUog the two sisters believed to be at the distance 
of many miles, suddenly; and wiihoui greeting, entered the 
apartmonl, walk*d laajeslically up to th€ bearskin tahcrnacle, 
and sigO'Cd to (he female wbu was there seated to abdicate her 
sauciuarj. The old woman came iorih, shaking her head, and 
looking like oae overwhelmed with fear; nor> indeed, wtrt 
tb^re many ja the company who saw with absolute composure the 
sudden appearance of a person, so well known and so gene- 
raJly dreaded as Xorna. 

She paused a mo<mcnt at the entrance^ of the lent; and, as 
she raised the skin which forioed the entrance , she looked up to 
the north, as if iajpluring from thai quarter a train of inspiration ■, 
then signirig Id Ibe surprised guests that they might approach in 
succqssioo Ihe shrine in which shc was about to iuslal! herself> 
she entered the lent, and was shrouded from Ihcir flight. 


Bat this vas a different sport from *hj.t the Cftrnpaa, bad 
mediuted, and to most of them seemed to prestfit s^ mBch 
more of earnest than of game, that there was no alacriij shown 
to consult the oracle. The character aod prciensians of Noroa 
seemed, to. almost all present, too serious for tht part ivhU-lisbB 
had assumed; themen whispered to each oiln^t, and the »cm;eD 
according to Claud Halcro, realized the desctipUoii of glurioua 
JohnOr^deo, — 

**Witb horror shuddering, on a heap they ran." 

The pause was interrupted bj the lond Toanly rflic« ot ihf 
Udaller. ''Why does the game stand still, mymosters^ Arc 
you afraid because my kinswoman is to pla^ our i^ulu^pa. u i& 
kindly done in her, to do for us what uooe in iLe i^es. can ^^ g^ 
veil; and we will not baulk our sport for it, but ratber go «o ihe 

There was still a pause io the company, and Magr^os Troil 
added, "It shall never be said that my kinswomau sal in hec 
bower unhalsed, as if she were some of the old muunlain-ijiati- 
tesses, and all from faint heart. I will speak (ir^t myself; but 
the rhyme comes worse from my tongae than when 1 tviia a score 
of years younger. — Claud Halcro , you must stand by me." 
'■ Hand in hand they approached the shrine ol' ihe supposed 
sibyl, and after a moment's consultation togqiber, Halcro thu:^ 
expressed the query of his friend and patron. \ow, the Ijd^l- 
Icr, like many persons of consequence in Zetland, who, as&jr 
Robert Sibbald has testified for them, bad bef^'uu thus early to 
apply both to commerce and navigation, was concerned to 6unte 
eitent in the whale-fishery of the season, and the bnrd had been 
directed to pat into his halting verse an Inquiry cancerniDg its 

Gladd Halcro. 
" Mother darksome, Mother dtead - 
Dweller on the Fitful-head, 
Thou canst see what deeds are doae 
Under Ihe never-setting aun. T . 

Look through aleet, and look ihroueh frgst, 
Look ta Greeoland's caves and coast, — 



'By the iceberg ii a sail 
Chasing of Ibe swarthy whale; 
Mother doublful, Uother dread, 
Tell us, has the good ship sped?" 

The j,«sl seemed to tarn to earnest, as all, beading their 
heads around, listeoed to the voice of Noroa, who, without a 
inoiueiil's hesilalion, answered from the recesses of the tent ia 
whioh she waseoclosed: — 


"The tbcitigfat of the aged is ever on gear, — 
Ufi tii» Habing, his furrow, his flock, aadliis steer; 
Bui thrive may his fishing, flock, furrow, and herd, 
Whil'? Ike aged for anguish shall tear his gray beard." 

There wa^ a momentary pause, daring which Triplolemas 
bad tinae to wlii&per, "If ten witches and as many warlocks were 
iDsweuril^ 1 will never believe that a decent man will either fash 
his beard or himself about any thing, so long as stock and crop 
goes as ii should do." 

But the vciice from within the tent resumed its low monoto- 
nous CoDe Lif recitation, and, ioterrapting farther commentarj', 
proceeded as follows : — 


''^ The ship , well-laden as bark need be , 
• h'lQs di^ep iD the furrow of the Iceland sea ; — 
^ Thp breeze from Zetland blows fair and soft, 

And ^aiiy the garland ' is fluttering aloft; 
ScveD good fishes have spouted their last, 
And Ibei'r jaw-bones are hanging lo yard and mast; ** 
Twnore TorLerwick, and two for Kirkwall, — 
Anij ibreoforBurgh-Westra, the choicest of all." 

"Now ihe powers above look down and protect as!" said 
BryceSnailsfoot; "for it is mair than woman's wit that has spaed 
out tFiai ferlv. I saw them at North Rooaldshaw, that had .seen 
ib>e f^ood bark^ the Olave of Lerwick, that our worthy patron bas 

' Th« garland is ao'arttficlal coronet, composed of ribbons by those 
young women v, ho take an Interest in a whaling vessel or her crew : it is 
Blways displayed front the rigging , and preserved with great care during 
the voyage. 

*" 7bs hesL DiJ exudes from the jaw-bones of the whale, which, for 
the purpose of collecting it, are suspended to the masts of the vessel. 



such a great share ia that she maybe called bis own id a manoer, 
and they had broomed * the ship, and, as sure as (htre are s[ar5 
in heaven, she answered them for seven fish, exact as Noma has 
telled OS in her rhyme." 

"Umph — seven fish exactly? and you brarJ )tat\{>rihRnn- 
aldshaw?" said Captain Cleveland, '*and 1 suppose told 11 as a 
good piece of news when yen came hither?" 

"Itnever crossed my tongue, Captain," answericd the pedlar; 
**I have kend mony chapmen, travelling morchaDts, and such 
like, neglect their goods to carry clashes and clavcrs up and down, 
from one coUntry-side to another; but that is no iraitlc of mine. 
I dinna believe 1 have mentioned the Olave'B having made up ber 
cargo to three folks since I crossed to Dunroif'i^ness." 

'*Bat if one of those three had spoken tlu: ncvi over again, 
and it is two to one that such a thing happened , the old lad^f pro- 
phesies upon velvet." 

Such was the speech of Cleveland, addressed to M.igDUS Trolly 
and heard without any applause. The Udallcr's respecl for hi^ 
country extended to its superstitions, and so did ibc iaiercst 
which he took in his unfoptunate kinswoman. If lie nevtr ren- 
dered a precise assent td her high supernatural pretensioos, he 
was not at least desirous of hearing them disputed by others. 

"Noma," he said, "his cousin," (an emphasis on llie word.l 
"held no communication with BryceSnailsfi>oi, «rbjs acquaint- 
ances. He did not pretend to explain how she came bj her in- 
formation ■, but he had always remarked thai Scotsmen , and 
indeed strangers in general, when they ca.m^ to Zetland, were 
ready to find reasons for things which remained suflicienlly ob- 
scure to those whose ancestors bad dwelt there for ag&s." 

Captain Cleveland took the hint, and bowed, without attempt- 
ing to defend his own scepticism. 

"And now forward, my brave hearts," gaidiheUdaller; "and 
may all have as good tidings as I have ! Three whales cannot but 
yield — let m& think how many hogsheads — -" 

* There is established among whalers a sort of l{^l>egrapbic siEinaU 
in which a certain number ornioUons, made with a broom, eipre&s \a 
any other vessel the namber of &ih which they hav« caught. 


There ■was so oLvious reiuctaoce on ihepnrt ufthe^esUto 
be the neit in consullLDf; Llic orui;le of the lefll. 

"Glide news are welcome lo some folks., if ihey came ffac the 
deil himsell," said Mistress Balij Tellowlejr, addressing ibe Lady 
Glowrowriim, — foE 4 sirailnrily of disposition in some respects 
had made a sort of ialimacy heiwiit Ihem -^ "but I think, mj 
leddy, that this bas aur raickle of rank wiichccafl in it lo have ihe 
countenance of douce Christian folks like you and me, my leddy*" 

"There may be someihiug in what jou say.mydanie/'tieplied 
ihe good Ladjf Gkwrowruni', "but we Hialilanders are Ott jusi 
like other folks; and this woman, if she be a -ftiich. hein^ the 
Fold's friend, and sear kinswoman, ic will he ill laen if we haena 
OUT fortunes spaed like a' the rest of Ihem; nnd saft fflj nieces 
may e'en step forward io ihtir luru and oae harm done.. Thej 
will hselitite to repent, ye ken, ia the course; of naiure, iflhere 
be ony thing wrang iQ it. Mistress Yellawley." 

While others remained under similar uncertainty and appr*-* 
heipsion, Hulcro, who Saw by the knittiDg of the old Udaller's 
brows^ and by a certain impalient shnffie of his right foot j like 
the moticm of a man who with dlflicuUy refraios tram sLatnpiojf, 
that his paiieacc began to wai rather ihiD, gallantly declared, that 
he liimaelf would, in hisowo persoOj aod not as a pr&curalor for 
others, put the next query to the; Pythoness. He paused a miniilo 
— collected bis rhymes, aod thus addressed her. 

Claud ttAi-CBa. 

"^'Uoiber diyutitrul, Mtilher dneail , 

Dweller or Lbi^ Fiirul-bedd. 

Thou hast coori'd toil iiian> a rhjiue , 

Thai lives upon lb« surge^F time!: 

Tell me^ shall my tsys he sung, 

LiJie tiacon'.s i:>r Ihe ^oLdeit lon(;ue, 
f^ang aficr ir^lcro's ili?3(l and goneV 
Or. shall HiuIlaniJl'i^ miiisir«] own 
One note m ri val glorioiis Jobn f " 

The voice of the sibyl immediately replied tnm her sanctuary, 


"TbeinranMnvpsiheTatcle'ig AOtse; 
Ag«^ doublucbildaood, batb iutoys; 


Bui different far lti« dctcint rinffs , 
As &lrik?j a dilTer^nl tiJDd ibeslringi' 
tlie easle tnounis ibi; [iMar sky — 
Ttie Imht^r-^oo^e, unskiH'd Ia fly. 
Mu»t be contcnC to glide along^ 
Where B«al anil Nen-doK list bis long." 

Halcro bit his lip, shmggeil his should^ rs» and t)ic!ii, iostantlf 
recovi^rinj his good-tumour, and tiic ready, lhou{|;h sicvcnl]' 
powf r of e^tCDiporaD coys' cmnpo&iLiiPii, with which long habit had 
iavestedhin), he K^'laiittj' nfjoined, 

Cl&tii> Halcaq, 
"Bp mine Ihe ImbLT-gaoi? to|>lay^ 
Anil bdunl Itme die and jil^ntbayi — 
The a rcUer's aim so ehall 1 shun — 
So i^hnM I 'scapi? the levelL'd gun — 
ConLen[ my verge's lunFlfss jingif!, 
Wilb Tbulg's founding tides Cd tninffkj 
While, Id Lbe ear (if wonilpFln^ wi;bt^ 
Upvn tb« di9tnni tiL'qdland's li«i«be, 
Sntien'il hj murmur of ihi! spa , 
The ruiJd aoiiudj sL-eni like harraDayl " 

As the liUle bard stepped buck, with an ilgrlgiii, and Mlisfied 
air, general applause fulluwed the spirited maiiacr in which he 
hAd acquiesced in tbs dofim which levelled him with sn Imber- 
goose. But his resigned ajnd courageous sahmfssioa did not 
pven yet encourage noj other person to c<cuisiill the redoubted 

"The coward fwols!" said the IMjijler. "Are you too afraid, 
Captain ClcTclaQd, lo 9pc*k io an aid woman? — Ask ber any 
thing^ask her whether the twelve giuo-slDop aLKirkwalIb« ;fnur 
consort or DO," 

Cleveiaod looked at Minoa , and probably CODCeiviDg that site 
walcbl^d witli aniiely bis anSw^ir lo ber father's qriieslion , he 
callecied himscir, after n moment's hesitation. 

'^l never vns afraid of man orwotnan. • — Master llalcro, tou 
h&ve heard the queslioD which our hou desires' nie lo ask — put 
it iti my name, and in yfiarowD^vay — I pretend to as liiilc skill 
Id poetry as 1 do in witchcraft/' 

HalcrodidAot wail tube iiiviteijtide?, but, grasping Captain 





Clev«knd's hund in hi?, acwrding lo the form which the gnniE 
pW5cribi:d, he put the (juprj which the Udallec had dicEaied lo 
(he slrangec in Ihe fallowing words : — 

Ci.Acn H.iLCB,o. 

"MolherdouliLfut, llotlier dread, 

Dweller or llic Fil,^U^hGad , 

A gallaftt bark rrom Tai uhroad , 

Saint Wapnu^i liDLh h*;T in l|is roail, 

Wilh guns. an<] firelocks nol a tew — 

A sillipn Aiiii a aCarJet crew, 

Deep siorpicl with prfcious mcrcliJindiae, 

or ROld . and goods of rar? device 

WbaL inEervsl lia^h &ur cninracii- b«1d 

In b*rk and crew , iti goods and goJd V " 

There was a pause of uBUSual duraitoii ere the uracle w^iuld 
TEiurn any ans-wer; and wbco shu replied » il was in a lower^ 
though an equally decidfid lone, wilh ihul which she had hitherto 
employed : — 

"Goldisniddj^ fair, and free, 

Iltofid is crimson, and dark in set; ^ 

I lookM out «[i Saint Magims Day , 

And 1 saw a falcon Ihal siructt her prey, — 

A ggtibcl ot flesh in her beak she bore, 

And talons and singles are dripping with gore; 

Lei trim ibaL asks afler tbem lonli on bh band . 

And it ibere is blood uti 't , he 's erne ot their band." 

Cleveland smiled scorDfuHy , and held out Im hand^ — " Few 
nten have been od ihe SptiDish main as often as I have, without 
having Lad lo do wi(h the Guarda Castas once and again-, but 
ihert Dcver was aught Like a stain on my hand that a w*t lowd 
would not wipe away." 

The Udaller added his voici; polential— "There is nevfr 
peace wilh Spaniards bejond the Line, — I have heard CaptaiQ 
TragPTrdecL and honpsi old Cuinmndore HuniPiElaer say so a 
hundred limps,, and they have both beiin down in the Bay of 
Honduras, and all rhercabouts. — I hale all Spaniards, since ihey 
cnmc iiere and reft the Fair Isle men or their vivfers ia 1558. * 

" The Admiral of the Spanish Armada was wrecked on the Fftii Isle, 
haJC-way hetwiii the Orkney and Zeiland ArobiiH-lago. Tiie Unite of Me- 


1 have beard my grapdrathcr speak of it; iinl (betp is aa «EJ 
Duich hisiLor; sorncwlicrc About ilic Iihiisc, lliat shows ubat 
wwrk ilii'y made in ihc Low Cuuutries long Muce. Th^.■^^■ t» 
ntitber merrj' m>r [ailli in lla-m." 

"True-— Irae, ray old friend," said Clevclnnd; "Ihcy areas 
j&alaus (ii ttiFJr Indian po^^ession^ as an old ninn of bis young 
bride; and if ihej' can calcb yoii al disud^anla^ej, lh*f mines Tur 
your Life is. Ihe word, — and so wo iigbl lb em with our colours 
itAiled to the mast." 

"Thai is the was>" sliouted Uie L'daller; "Ihe old Britlah 
jack sbould ucmit down. ^Vtion 1 tbinli. of iUti wmdea walls, I 
almoEt thiuk iTij-sL'lf an Enylishnian, only it would be bL■{;omin^ 
loo like my ScolllsU neighbours ; — but come, no ofencc lo any 
here, igcntlcmea — alt aic J" fiends, and all are ■wclcume.— Cunii", 
Ari^nda, go i>n with (he play — do you speat next, yuu ba\e 
IV'yrse rhymes ettouj^h^ we all know," 

'"Bui none thai <^uit the garni? wc play at, fathier," saidBreoda, 
drawing back. 

*'^?i'onscnse!" said her father, pushing h*r onward, while 
Hakro seijsed ori her rt'luctnnt haud; "neier li!l misliiced 
modesty mar honest tiiirih — Bpeak CorDreuda, Halcm — ir is 
your Trade to inlcrprel maidens' thonj^hls," 

The pdd bowcrl to the beauitful youn^ woman, with tliedevo- 
lioD of a poet and the gallBJiiry of a traveller, and having, in a 
whisper, reminded hor Iliat ^hc was id no way ref^pii'Uitible for 
the nonsense he was about to spfah, he paused, looked upward, 
simpered AS if he had eaiighl a sudden idea, and at length setoff 
in the following verses : , 

'^Malbcr doubltol, M^iihi^r dread — 
Dweller of lli« Fkful-beaiJ ^ 
WpU ibou know'st it Is tby lAiSk 
To lell ffbai beauty will o^t ask; — 

dina Sidooia lauded , wilh some it bis people, and pillaKcd ibe ijlaridefi 
«r tbeJr wmter siuTP's. Tbc^c slramgi^rs afe r^^membcred as tiai'ini; ro- 
loaiR^ni on the isianij , bj toR'c^ aud on bad lentil wilb Ibr Jababilanb, 
lill sprins rciurnad ^ when iJuey effeclcii thtir escape. 


Tben Bleesi Lh; wdtiIs in win? and milk, 
And vc^re a diaom of gold and silk, — 
For we would kriow. shall llrendfl prove 
In love, untl liappy in ber love¥" 

Tli« prophetess replied almost impiediateif From behiad bcr 
ctirUin : — 

"^Unlouch'd by Lave, ibc losidcn's breast 
Is like ibe snaw oq Rooa's cresu 
High s#3le<i In ihe midiliLc ^kj'^ 
la brigbl ^and barren )>'«)rity ; 
D.11L by tbH sunbeami getillf itiss'd , 
Scarce by ibe t^azioK sys '^ ^^ min'A y 
£re dcwii Ike IodibIt valley &l?alinB , 
Fresh ^^ass and gtoTrlh its course revGoLiU^, 
II cbeer^ the D.«ck, rcvif es the flower ^ 
And d^cks some bappy abepherd's bu'Wer>" 

"A comfortable docjlrinei, and mosl justly spoken," said the 
Udaller^ stiziug the blushiDg Brenda, as she vns tntleavciuring 
to C'BCape — '* Never Ihink sEiame for ihe malterj my girL To 
be the mistress of some honest juaD's honsc, and the means of 
m«uttaLning some old Piorse Dame, making neighbunrB bappj, 
ibe poor easf , snd relieving strangers, is Ihe oiost creditable 
Itit A j'OUag wcinan ca_n look to, and I heartily wisb it to all 
here. Conie^ ?bo speaks netl? — good husbands are goiag — 
Maddie Gro^laetUir — my pretty Claira, come and have your 

The Lady Olowrowrani shook her head, and '^ could uol," she 
SBJdj "allogijlher approve — " 

"Enough said — caoughsai^/" replied Magnus; "oocom- 
fulsitin; bul the play shall go on till we are lired of it. Here, 
Minna — I have gal you at command. Stand forlh , my girl — 
there are plenty of thicks' to be ashamed of besides uld-fashioned 
and innoccni pleasantry. — Come; I will speak for you myself — 
though I am ooi snre I can Temeraber rhyme enough lor it." 

Thi^rfi was a slight colour which passed mpidlv over Minoa's 
face, but she instantly regaia^d her composure, and stood ercci 
by her fafher, as one superior (0 any little jest to which ber situa- 
tioa might give rise. 



Her father, attersome rubbing of his brovi., and oihirtniethii- 
nical efforts to assist his memory, at length rei. uvered ^ Fr5,c aufli- 
cieot to pat the followlDg query,, though in lG<is gallmii slraios 
than those of Halcro : — 

Maghds Troil. • 

"Atotbcr, speak, and do not tarty, 
Here '9 a maiden fain would marrj. , i~ 

Stiall she marry, ay or DOtV 
It she marry, whal's her lol?" 

A deep sigh was uttered within the tabernacle of the sooth- 
sayer, as if she compassionated the subject of the dioom mhich 
she was obliged to pronounce. She.theo, as usual , returofid ber 
response: — 

' Norma. 
-■"Unlouch'dbylofe, ihe maiden's breasi ' *^ 

Ij like (he snow on Rona's cresl; 
■ So pure, so Tree from earthly dje . , , ' 

It seems T whilst leaning on the ^ky. 
Part of the heaven (o which 't is nj^h ; 
But passion, like the wild March rain. 
May soil the wreath with many a !>i<iin. 
We gaie — the lovely vision's gone — 
A torrent fills the bed of stone, • '**' 

That, hurrying to destntctlon's sbcck, , ■ ' ■ ■ 

Leaps headlong from the lofiy rock." 

The Udaller heard this reply with high resealmenl. "By the 
bones of the Martyr," he said, his brave tillage bi^coming sud- 
denly ruddy, ^*thisisai] abuse of courtesy 1 and, were it any but 
yourself that had classed my daughter's nsme and ihe word 
destruction together, they had better have left the wordunspobeti. 
But, come forth of the tent, thou old galdragon," ' he added, with 
a smile — *'I should have known that thon rnnst not long joy in 
any thing that smacks of mirth , God help thic ! " His sumnioii!; 
received no answer; and, after waiting a moment^ he agaiii 
addressed her — **Nay, never be sullen with me, kinswuman, 
though Idid speak a. hasty word — thouknowi^^t I bear malice to 
no one; least of all to thee -:- so come forth, and let us shukc 
hands.' — Thou mightst have foretold the w te* ck ni niy ship and 
boats, or a bad herring-Bshery , and I should have said never n 

* OaldraKinna — the Norse fora sOrCffcSi. 
ThePiratt. 17 



word; tiilMinnflorBrciida. yon know, «r« things which touch 
me TiisKr. Bui come out, Btakehandf, and there ki there he 

"" Nflrl^a returned no answer whalevpr to his rppealed ipvoca- 
tions, and the compauy began to look upot, i-ach other w.lh saine 
surprise, wh.n the Udalkr, raising Ihe skin ,hich covErriiht 
entrance of the tent, discovered thai the iiitenor was ompty. The 
wonder was now general, and not unmiied ^ilh fear; lor ii 
faeenied imnossLblc thmXorna ccmid have,in anj mantieir, escaped 
Iram the lahcraacl.^ in whkh she ivas ftncloscd, »iihoi»L having 
been djsr^o.^ted by the con,pany. Gone , howfiver, she «as , and 
the Udaller, arier a momeni's consideraUon, dropl me skin- 
curlflin aaain overihc entrance ot the tent, 

"My frknds/- he said, with a cUeerfnl counlenance, wc 
hfl>c !oog kno^'D mj- kinswoman, and thai her ways are Mtihe 
those of the .ordinary folks of (his world- . Bui she means well by 
HialiUnd, and hath the l-ve of a Bister for me, and for my 
tou^e; and no rucsI of mine ne^da either to fear cj.l, orta akc 
«ffenc; , at h.r hand. 1 have little doubt she will he wUh us at 

dinoer-linie." , ,. „ i <ce^^ 

"Aow, TleavT-n forbid!" said Mrs. TIahy ^ellowley - Jm, 
mygQcIeLeddyGlowrowrum, lo icU your kddjship IhMruth, I 
Jikena cummers that can cornc and gao like a glance cf Ihcsun, 
flr the whisk of n whirUiuii/' 

"Speak [:>«er. .peak lower," safd the Ladj- Glowtoffrum, 
"and he thankful that yon carlin hasna tQ-cn the housfi-sidc away 
wi" her. Tht like of her have played warsc pranks, and so lias 
§hc liersell, site i& the st)'™'' lied on." 

Similar murmurs ran through the rest of the <^orapany, uoiil 
ihe UdalSer uplilted his slflniorian and impcrfliivc viHce to pm 
lhemiosi3cn.:e, and invited, «r rather commanded, ihe ntlcnd- 
ance of his guests to behold the boats set i^ff for the MaJ or 

deep-sea lishiug, , -j .r j i. i 

^' The wind has heen high sinre sunrise, hesaid, and faa^l 

kept the boats in She hay; but now it was favoarabic, und Ihe^ 
would sail immediately." . 

This Buddeo alteratioD of ibe weallier nccflsioned sundry nods 


and winks amongst the guests, who were nvl Endi&pnsed to t^i^n- 
nect it with Noroa's sudden disappearance^ tiutvtthnui giving 
T-ent to observations which could pot but be disai^remshle in their 
host, they followed his stately step' to the siiorc , >i^ the herd of 
deer follows the leading stag, with all ntanDer o( rcspccirul ob- 

Tbere was a laughing devil in bis sneer . 
That raised emoiions botbof rage and r«AT} 
And where hie frovn of haired darkly THt , 
Hope wiih«ring fled — and Heroy sigh'd farewcH. 

7^/re CoTiair, Coalo I. 

The ling or white fishery is the principal cmploymcnc of the 
natives of Zetland, and was formerly that U|Kjn N^hich the gcnir; 
chiefly depended for their income , and the piit>r for their subs^is- 
tence. The fishing season is therefore, like the harresl of an 
agricultural couotry, the busiest and most inijioriaDt, as well a& 
the most animating, period of the year. 

The fishermen of each district assemble at pari! cuIht siaUons. 
with ^heir boats and crews , and erect upoD thf shore small huts, 
composed of shingle , and covered with turf , for tiieir temporary 
lodging, and skeos, or drying houses, for iIle fi&h; so that (he 
lonely beach at once assumes the appearance nf on Indian lown. 
The banks to which they repair for the Haaf Ushiag, are often 
many miles distant from the station where itie lish is dried; Sfi 
that they are always twenty or thirty hour^ absent, frequently 
longer; and under nnfavonrahle circumstances of wind and (ide* 
they remain at sea, with a very small stock of pro\isioDs, ami In 
a boat of a construction which seems eitrenii-ly slender, for iwi 
or three days, and are sometimes heard of no more. The de- 
parture of the fishers, therefore, on this occupation, basiojt.i 
character of danger and of suffering, whicli rcnderii it dignified, 
and the anxiety of the females who remain on the heai-ih, waicbing 
the departure of the lessening boat, or anxiously looking out for 
its return, gives pathos to the scene.** 

* See Note R. Fortune-UlUng Rhymat. 
•* See Note S. Zetland Fiikermtn. 




The sreiic^ )1]{<r9f<irp, vas id busjf and aniious nDiiimLinn, 
when Ihc lidaller and his IVlcnds appeared oa the br^ch. The 
various crews oT ahoui Ehirty l»<mt^, amouQtiiig each lo from 
ihree *o five or sii irien. mctc tatiD^ leave of th€ir wiyos and 
female relatives, adJ jutupiDg on board ihcirlotif^.Vom'ay'SkiQ's, 
-wh«rp Iheir jiues and tackii^ ]ay rt^adj ^to^ed. Magnus v/As not 
an idle spectator of ihc scone; he ^^cni TrDui noe plarelo luifiltier, 
iD>QilJrin^ )Dlo ihc E'Xalt of iheir [irovisiuas tor the voyage, and 
ttkcir [ireparalions for ihi; fiiihing ^- now und theo , wilti a roug'h 
Dutch or Norse oath^ abus^in^ Ihern for blockheads, for(|;oingti> 
$ea wilh their bQats ijidilTerfally fnund, hoi nlway;* 'ending bj 
ordering from his owd slDre^ b gallon of gin, a lispund L>f irieal, 
or some similar esseolial addition to their sea-stores. Thr hardy 
sailors, OD r«tcivjii(^ such favour?., eipressed their Ihaaks in the 
brief gtuff manner whi*h Iheir landlord best approved;, but the 
wrimpn vi^rv tnurr clumorous in !tieir gratiiude, which Maj^n&s 
was ttficn obliged lo silence by cursing all female tongaes from 
Eve's downwards. 

Al length all wert on huArd and ready , the sails "w^re hoisled> 
the signal for departure giveHi the rower:^ began to pull, and all 
slaited frntn ihe shflte, In strong emulallon to get iirsl lo the 
fishing ground, am] (nj have their lines set befor,e the rest; an 
eiploit to which no little consequence was ailached by the boat's 
crew who should be happy enough lo perform it- 
While they were yet within hearing of the shorp, ihty 
fhajited an ancient Norse ditty^ apprupriaie to (be occasion^ of 
which Claud Hal^ro hod eiecuttid the follawiug Jileral (raus- 
latiOD ; ■ — 

**Fareweli, merrj' tnaidens, lo ^song and lo latiiib ■ 
For Ibe brave lads &r Wesira arc hound lo liie Haul j 
And we mu.n havo labour, and hunger, nnd pAin. 
Ere wc daoci? wiib tbe maids of Dunrossoesj again. 

*' For now, in our !rJm lioats ftf Noroway doal , 

We miiat ti'anci; nn ibe wavL's^ wllb the por^nis? and seal; 

Ttie breeze It, shall pipe, so it pipe liol loe biylh, 

A&d ibe (Hull bi^ our^ongstre^is whencVr she flits by- 

"Siagou, mjbravfbird, while we follow, likelhec, 

Bybaph, sbost, and quicksand, Ihe swarms at the s^a^ 


And when iwenly-score Hshes are sLraJning our linp. 
Sing louder , brave bird , for tbef r suoiIn bbaU be ibine- 
'^We 'II sing while we bait, and we 'II sing whc^ii we haul. 
For the deeps of the Haaf have enouif b Tor an all ; 
There is torsk forlhe gentle, andtk^^e (ht ihp '^ark, 
And there 'a wealth for bold Hagous, ilic son of the esTl- 
^'Huzza! my brave comrades, give way for ibfl HaaT^ 
We shall sooner come back to the fiance gnd ibc lau^k ; 
For life without mirth is ai lamp wiilinui oil ; 
Then , mirth and long life to the boltl Magnus Troll ! " 

The nide words of the song were soon drowned jn Ibe ripple 
of the waves, bat the tune Contioued loog (o mingle with the 
sooDd of wind and sea, and the boats were like so many bkrk 
specks OD the surface of the oceao, dLcnifiishiDg; by degrees as 
they bore far and farther seaward; wbile the ear rouLd; dislin- 
gnish touches of the human voice, almost diowned amid that of 
the elemeots. 

The fishermeo's wives looked their la^l: after the parting sails, 
aod were now departing slowly, Vith d^iwncasl and aniioas look?, 
towards the huts in which they were (o make Jirrangemf^nis I'ot 
prepariog and dryiog the fish, with which ihey hoped to :scc iheir 
husbands and friends return deeply Iddcn. Ui:rc and there ati 
old sibyl displayed the superior impurtnnuc of her ciperien{:e, by 
predicting, from the appearance of the •iiniosphere, ihattheMtiDd 
would be fair or foal, while otl^ers recommended a vu« )o ihr 
Kirk of St. Ninians , for the safety of their men anil boats , (an 
ancient Catholic snperstition, not y«i nhnlly jibotislmd,) aod 
others, but in a low and timorous tone, regretted to Ihejr com- 
panions, that Noma of Fitful-head had been suffered to depart in 
discontent that morning from Burgh- WeBtia, "and, ofalldays 
in (he year, that they suld have contrived lo give her displeGsnre 
on the first day of the. white-6shing ! " 

The gentry, guests of Magnus Troil:. bq\ipg whiled avt^y as 
much time as conld be so disposed of, in viewing the YiltU arma- 
ment set sail, and in conversing witb ihc poor w&mcn who had 
seen their friends embark in it, beg;m now to scp>irale into 
various groups and parties, which strolled in different directions, 
as fancy led them, to enjoy what may he called the clair-obscure 



of a Zetland sammerdBy, which, though wiihoot ilie briniaut 
sDDshinc that cheers other cuunlries (luring llie Cue seaBun, has 
A mild aod [^leasing chsracler of il^ oviu , thai solXciiE while it 
sxddeiDS landscapes^ whicli^ in IhcirowD loDcIy, hart;, und inooo- 
loDons Cane, have sumethiog in them slero a^ \'vdi as barren. 

In une ufibe loneliegi rcci^AscB of ibe Coast, ^'here a dccp in- 
denture of (.he r&cks gave »ht tide ftcccss to 1bc cavtm, or, as it is 
called, lheW(?/^er, ol'Swarlasler, MiDila Ttrtil was walking with 
Captaia Cleveland. They had probably cbo&en thai watkt as 
belflg little Uable to inlerruption itam olhers; for, as the force of 
the tide rendered Ihe place unfit, either f«jr Ushiog or sailitigj ai> II 
■wasnol the ordinary resort of walki:rSf on accouniof its, being llie 
sapposed bflbilalion ot o Merraaid, a race which Norwegian 
Bupergiitiun covesl^ wilh magical, as we'll as mischievous quali- 
ties. Here, therefore, Miona wandered wilb Iher lover. 

\ small sfiol [if milk-white gaoid, that stretched beneath one 
of the precipices which walled iu the Cfeck on cither side, afforded 
ihein space fomdryjlirm, atid pfeusaat walk of about an hivndrcd 
yards, lermiaa^ed atone estremity by a dark stretch of the bay, 
which, scarce timchedhj the wind, seemed almnsias sraooth as 
glass, and wbich was seen from between twu bifty rocks, tlic jail's 
of the creek, or indeJiitire, thai approached each other aboye, as 
if they wished lo meet over the dark tide thai separated ibein. 
The other end of their pfooienade was closed bTalorty andnlraost 
unscaleablc precipite, tliu abode nf hundreds of sea-fowl of 
different kiDiils;, in the boltum of whirh the huge helyer, or sea- 
cave^ ifseff yawned, as if for lh.e purpuse of !^wal(llwiDg up tbe 
advancing tide, which it sepiued to rec(;ive into an abyss ofim- 
measuralile depth and cxtcot. The entrance to this di&mal cavern 
consisted nfrt in a stn^^e arch, as usual, but was divided jntu 
two, by a bugi; pillar of rtalural rock, whichj rising out oflhe 
sea, and eiiending^ to the top oflhe cavern, seemed to lend its 
support irtihero&f^fliicilhus formed o double portal toihciielyer, 
i>fi whieli (he fisberilien and peasants had besluwed the rude name 
of Use Devil's Nostrils. lo Ibis wild seene, lunely and undis- 
turbed but by the dang of tht sea-fowl, Cleveland hod already 
mel with Minna Troll more thao once; for with her it wa^ a 



favourite «alk, as Ihe objects ^'hicb U presented Agreed peculiarly 
wilh the kve uf l)ie wild, the ineknuhtjl]', flud thfc woudcrfuL 
BuC aciw Lhe con\ersation in wtitch she vaii L'arO'ffl)' eDgagmd, 
was Buch as entircL;f to withdraw licr aticDiion, as well as that of 
her compaoiuu, from tlie acvncij around them. 

■i^You cannot deyj it," she said, "you have given way lo 
feelings r^cspi^c^im^ this yuun^' man^ wliicti indicate prejudice aad 
Tiolciice, — tht' prejudice unifmrited, asfaras jou are concemt'd 
at least, and tilt-' \iolencc e^iually imprudent and unjustiilatile " 

"I should ha?e ibr}u>^hl," rc'plledCleveiQQd, '"that the service 
Ireadwed him ycsicrdaj nii(^lit hijvu frctd mc from sachBcliarge. 
I do not Ealb of my «na rlaki foe I have lived io daDger* and 
love it; ii is not every one, howevier, would have vcotared so 
near the furiotls animal lo save one with whom they hadnu con- 

*'lt la not every one, indeed, who coaXA have saved him," 
answered JVliaoa,' gravely; "but (>very one whuhas courat^e and 
^{■iierasity waulil have ftttcmplcd it. The giddy-brained Claud 
Tlatcri) would have done as much as you, haJ his sirength been 
equal to his courage, — my father woold have donCi as much, 
thwugh having &uch just cause uf resentment against the yuung 
man, for his^ vain mil braj^gait abuse of our hospitality. Do nul> 
Uierefore, bonst ofyour ej;piloitlonintn:h, ray good friend , lest 
you shoald make mc think that it required loo (jreal aa elt'orl. 
I know yuu love ant Mordaunt Merloun, though you exposed 
jour own life to save his." 

"Willyou allow nothing, then," said Cleveland, ^'Eor the long 
misery 1 was made to endure from the common and prevailing 
report, that this beardless bird-hunter stood betwiit me and 
-ffbati on earlh coveted most — iht aTections ofMioDa TrGJl?" 

He spoke in a taue at ouce impassioned aad iuainuailQ^^ and 
his whole language and manner seemed lo express a grace and 
filflgance, which formed the most Striking contrast with the bpeech 
and gesture of the unpolished E'eamcu, which he usually aQTecled 
at eihibited. But his apology was unsalisfactory to MtQQa. 

"¥ou have bnown," she said, "perhaps loo aoon, snd too 
well, how little you had to fear, — if fou indeed feared, — that 


MerlouR, «r any other, Iia4 interest ^-ilh nimna Trail. — Xay, 
Irtice lu ihflgjj^s and prulc&iarions ; I would atCfpl iL as Ihe bci^t 
prnuf ufgratnide^ Oiatyuu would he reconciled with Ibis youth, 
ur at least avoid everj quarrel with hira." 

"ThflS we &l]iLiuldb(! friends, Minna, is impossiblej" replied 
Cleveland; '*e\eQ the love I benr you, the most priwcrfu! cmo- 
tJDD tbst tiiy lieart ^Mir knew , claunut work lliat inirac)e>" 

" And why, Iprajjou?" saEdMinoa* *• there Uiiv*: been no 
evil ufQces between you, but rather >lu eichangc of iputiial 
serviCES; why t-'^n you mjt be friends? — I have ntnoy rirasuos 
to wish it," 

'^ Acid cau you^thea, forget the slights which he has cast upon 
Brenda, nod onyoursi^lf, and on your father's houge'j" 

*'l Can forgive them all," said Miuna; — "can yuu nut say so 
mtlch;, nhnui have in truth received no oS'cnce?" 

Cleveland looked down, and paused for an instant-, Ihejt 
raised his head, and replied, "I might easily deceive you, Minna, 
and premise you what my soul tclU me is an impusaibilLty ; but I 
am forced to use too much deceit with others , and with you 1 will 
use none. I cannot be friend to this young man; — there is a 
natural dislike— an instinctive aversian — something like a prin- 
ciple gf repulsion in our muluo! nature » which makes us odious 
to each other. Ask himself — he will tell yua he has the same 
antipathy against me. The obligation be conferred on ms was a 
bridle to niy reseotment; but I v^as so ^'dlled by the rc^tiaini, 
(hat I could have gnawed the curb rill uiy lips were bloody." 

" Vou have worn what you are wont to call your iron mask so 
long, ihat yijur fcanircs/" replied Minna, ^*rulaiji the impres- 
sions of its rigidity ^ven whea it is removed." 

"You dome injustice, ftliiinn," replied her lover, "and you 
are angry with mc because I deal with you plainly And bonestljv 
Plainly and hoDflsily, however, will 1 saj, that I cannot be Mer- 
touD's friend, but it shall be his own fault, not mine, if I am 
ever his enemy, I seek d ot to injure him ; but do not ask njfi lo 
love him^ And of (his remain salisGi'd, that it would be vain 
even if l could do so ; for as sure as I attempted any advances 
towards his contideqce, so sure would I be to giwaken his disgust. 



and suspicion. Leave qs to tbe exercise of our natural reelings, 
which, as they will unquestionably keep us as Far t^epai-aie a» 
possible, are most likely to prevent any possible JAlerfcrenC'e 
with each other. — Does this satisfy^ou?" 

"it must," saidMioDa, "since you tell me iherp ti no re- 
medy. — And now tell me why you looked so grab's when you 
heard of your consort's arrival, — for Uiat it is her I have mo 
doubt, — ID the port of Kirkwall?" . 

''I fear," replied Cleveland, "the coni^equenccs of that 
vesBel'sarrival.with her crew, ascomprehendiDg the ruin of my 
fondest hopes. I had made some progress in yuur falbcr's favuur^ 
and, with time, might have niade more, w]i{:o hither cume 
Hawkins and the rest to blight my prospects Tor ever. I told yon 
oif what terms we parted. I then commanded a vessel brarer and 
better found than their own, with a crew whi>, at my slightest 
nod, would have faced fiends armed with their u wn Gery element ; 
but I now stand alone, a single man, destitute of all means to 
overawe or to restrain them; and they will soon ^how so plainly 
the ungovernable license <of their habits and disposliioDs, ihiif themselves and to me will in all probability be tbe conse- 

"Do not fear it," said Minna; ."my father can uever he so 
tmjust as to hold you llqble for the offences of otli crs>' ' 

«<But-what will Magnus Troil say to my own demerits, fair 
Minna?" said Cleveland, smiling. - 

"Hy father is a ZeUander, or rather a Norwegian/' siiid 
Minna, "one of an oppressed race^ who will not cure whether 
you fought against the Spaniards, Who are the tyrBi]r& ur the Xew 
World, or against the Datch and English , who hove succeeded (o 
their nsnrped dominions. His own ancestors supported and 
exercised the freedom of the se» in those gallsQl barks ^ wLo&e 
pennons were the dread of all Europe. " 

" I fear, nevertheless," said Cleveland, "ih%t ihcdesccndBD! 
of an ancientSea-King vrill scarce acknowledge a fltlingacquaint- 
ance in a' tnodero rover. I have^ot disguised from you that I 
have reason to dread the English- laws ; aud xMa^nus, though ? 
great enemy to taxes, imposts, scat, wattlCj and so forth, has no 


idpa ftf IfliUuiIfi upon poials of a mor? generfil characler', — he 
^Moull^ willingly reeve a rope lo iht jard-arm for (he beoeSt of 
an unForiaDale bucanier." 

"DuiiiK suppose so/' said Minna; "he bimsetf snffers Wu 
much oppreKsitm from the lyrailiiU'jil laws of our proud D(iij,'h- 
hours of Scotland. 1 Irusl he will sood be able to rise in resisU 
acce against Ihein. The enemy ^ such I vdlt call them — are 
myv dj-vided amocpst themselves, aod every vessel ffiini iheil 
iioasi briugs iDlelligence of I'rRsh commfiiiotis — the Highlflnds 
against the lowlands — thu "Williaoiites against (he Jacobites — 
(he Whigs against the Tories, antl, to sum^ the whbl*, Ihe kiDgdom 
of EngUod agaiosl that of Scullaod. What is Ihere, a& Cland 
Halcro well hinted, iii prevent our availing ourselves of the 
quarrdiJ of Ihese robbers, lo assert the iadepeadeDce uf which 
we are deprived?" 

"To hoist the raven standard on the Caslle of ScaUoway/' 
said Cleveland, iti iniilfltioo of her tone aoi mauoer, "andpro- 
cUim your faltier Earl Magnus Ihe First ! " 

"Ear! Magnus the SDvenlb, if tl please yon," replied Minoa i^ 
"forsiiof bis ancesiors have wflrn, or were entitled to wear, the 
corouet before him. -- You laugh at mj ardour, — bui whal is 
thereto prevent aH (his?" . 

"Nothing wUi prevent it/' replied Ckveland, "because it 
will never be attempted — Any tbing might prcvetil it, that is 
equal in strength to Ihe loDg-boal of a British man-of-war." 

"You treat us with scorov Sir," replied Minna; "yet yfturself 
should know what a few resolved men maj perform/"' 

"But they must be armei!, Minna," replied Clcveliind, "and 
williog lo place (heir lives upon nach desperate adventure- — 
Think not of such visiuns. Deomark has been cut doM-n into a 
second-rate kingdooi, incapf^blvof eichanginga single broadside 
with Eugland^ Norway is a siJtrving ivilderiiess; anJ, in these 
islands, ihe lifve of independence has teen suppressed hj a (ong 
lerm of subjetUuii , or shows itself but In a lew muttered growls 
oYerihe bowl and bottle. — - Artd, were your men as wiUitig war- 
riors as their adceeiora , what could the uuaruied crews of a few 
fishing-boats do against (he British navy? — Think no more o/ it, 


sweet Minna — it is a dream j. and I muot l^rm ii&o, ihongh it 
mafees your eve so hriylil, and yaar step 5i> noble/' 

"It is^inUccdadrcAtn! " said Midh^i, looking down, "anih 
111 becomes a daughter of HiaUland to luok ur tti' move like a free- 
womon -=■ Our eye should be on the ^rofind , and our step sluw 
and reluciaat, as tlial of one who obeys & tas^kmai^ter." 

"There are laniis," said Cleveland, "in which itie eje maj 
took bright upoo groyes of the palm and the cuco'a, and y/here the 
loot may m'Dve light as a ^f^ulh^y nnder sail, over fields t;ar]iele(l 
wllh flowers, and savinnuahs surroutiiled by aromatic thicbets^ 
aacf where subjection is unknown, ctceiii that ot'lhe brave to the 
bravest^ and r>r ii]| lo the must bi?nulirul." 

Minna pansed a moment «re £<iie replied, and then answersd, 
">"o, Cleveland. Myowurude c^iimlrj has charrafi furine, even 
degolate as you ibink it , and depressed as it surely i»> which no 
other land cm earth can offer to me. I endenvour in vain lo re- 
preSfiUt to itiyselfrbosd visions ol' trees, and ot'grovea, 'which my 
eye never 5av!\ hut my ima^inatloji can conceive no sr^'ht in 
natQirc more subliniie than thest* waveS;, when agitated by a Blurm, 
Drmore bfiautjful, than nhen ihey come, as Ihey tifiw do, rolling 
in cfilm iranqniJUtj lo the shore. Nol the laireEl scone in a foreign 
land, — not the brighteyc iiunhiiam that tvcr shone uputi the 
richest landscape, woiitd win my Lhon^htS for s moment from 
thai tofly rock» misty hJll^ and vrtde-rolliag oci^an, Hialtknd is 
the land of my dticcasL-d ancttstor^j and of my living father; and 
Id Hialtlaod will t live and die." 

*'Then InHiallland," answered CkvelaDJ, "will I too lire 
and die. I will nut go loKirkwall, — I wilt not make my eiistenfc 
koowu lo my comrades, from whom it were else bard forme lo 
escape. Your father loves me, Minna; who knows whether long 
attention, atiiioUS care, might not bring him to receive me intu 
his family? Who woyld regard the leo^h of a loyage Ihalwas 
certain to lerintHate iu happiness? " 

'^Dreamnot of such an issue," said Minna; "it is impossible. 
While you |(ve ia my ialher's hduse — while you receive his ns- 
sistancc, and shari: his labJe, y>a ^-ill lind him Ifae g^cncrous 
frieudj audthehcnrtyho^tj hut touch bim on what coacerns bis 




name and family, and the fraak-bearied Uiallerwill alart up he- 
Tine JDU Ihe haughty aitj proud descenduntyf a ^^)^wei;iaIl Jftr], 
Sec you, — a caomenfs suspicion hns fatiea on Morriaunt Mer- 
loud, ami he has banished from hia favuur liie joulh whom he so 
litely loved as^asoo, Xo nnc must alljf uilh his house tbatisnuL 
oj' uniaJDled norlbem descent. " 

"Aud miiie may ht so, for aughl that is bnowD tome upon 
liie salTijuct," said Cleir'eland. 

"How!" saidMinna; "have joa flay reason to belieTB yottt- 
aelf of Norse desceni?" 

•*I bavfi toldjou before," replied Cleveland^ " thai ray familj 
is toiolly unknown tt> me. I sp«Qt my tarliest days upon a soli- 
tary plaulftiioH in the litile island ofToriugaT under the charge of 
nay father, Ihea a diirerenl person from what he afterwards be- 
camic. We were ]ilundcred by Ibe SpaniaidSi and reduced lo 
such eilremiiy of poverty, thai my father, id desperalioD, audio, 
thirst of revenge, t(^ok up arms, and having become a chief of a 
little band, who were in ilie snmc circunistaaces, became a bu- 
canitr. Its it is called, aud cruized against Spain, with rarious 
vicissitudes of good: and bad fortune, uDtil, while he inHirfered lo 
check some violence of his (;oua|ian|on&, he fell by their baods — 
DO nncommoii fate among the captains of these rovers. But 
whence my father came, or what was the jdace of his birth, 1 
know not J fair Minna, nor have I «ver had a curjous thoug^ht on 
the subject," 

"He was aBrfton, ai least, your unfortunato father?" said 

"I have no doubt of flj" said Cleveland ; "his name, which I 
have rendered too formiiiable io he openly spiikeo^ is an English 
one:; and his acquaiDtauce with the Eng^iish language, and uven 
with Edgliiih literature, tojethcf with the pains whii-h he took, 
in bettor dayS;, lo le.ich me hath, plainly spoke him to be an 
Enslisbinan, If (hi: rude bearing which I display towards others 
IS not the genu/ne character of my mtad and manoers, it is to ray 
fatlicr, Minna, thatl owe any share of belter Iboughts and prin- 
erples, whichmnyFfJidcr me worthy, in some small degree^ of 
your notice and spprobntioo. And yet it sometimes seems t» me. 



that I have t^vo differetit characters ; fori cannot hring myself to 
believe, that I, vho nov walk this lone ii«iich with the lovel)' 
Minoa Troil, and am permittedto speak to her of ihc pn&sion 
which I have cherished, have ever been itip danng leader of the 
bold baDd whose name was as terrible as a turnadu. " 

** Yon had not been permitted," said Minna, '^loase that bold 
language towards the dangbter of Magnus TroiL, had you A^f bccQ 
the br&ve and undannted leader, who, with sn smsll mean^i, bas 
made his name so formidable. If; heart iis Uhe that of a maiden 
of the aocient da^s , and is to be won , notby fairwords, but by 
gallant deeds." 

"Alas! that heart," said CleTelaml ; ''and what is it that I 
may do — what is it that man can do , to win in ii iht inicrFSt 
which I desire?" 

"Rejoin your friends -» pursue your fortunes — leave Ihe rest 
to destiny," said Minna. "Should you roturD, the leader of a 
gallant fleet, who can tell ^i^hat may befall?" 

"And what shall assure me, that, when I rctuTO ^ if return I 
ever shall — I may not find Minna Troll a bri4«ora f^pouse? -^ 
P(o, Minna, I will not trust to destiny the only {ibj^ct worth at- 
taining, which my stormy voyage in life has yet offeree] ipe- " 

"Hear me," said Minna. "Iwill hiud niysct/io yon, if you 
dare accept such an engagement, by Uie promise of Odin,* the 
mo^t sacred of our northern rites which are yet praclLsed among 
us, that i will never favour another, until you resigo the pretfo- 
sioDs which I have given to you. — 'Will that satisfy yvu? < — fur 
more I cannot — more I will not give." 

"Then with that," said Cleveland, after a momfni'e^aflsc, 
"I must perforce be satisfied; ■ — hut rem ember » it Lsyi>Drsetr 
that throw me back upon a inode of life M'Inch the laws of Britain 
denounce as criminal, and which the violent passions ot iho 
daring men by whom it is pursued, have rendered infamous."' 

"But I," saidMinna, " am saperior to such prejudices- In 

warring with England, I see their laws in do other light than &s 

ifyoa were engaged with an enE;my, who, iofulncssofpifid^ and 

power, has declared he will give his ani^^oDistno quarter. A 

* See Note T. Frotmie of Otiin. 





bjavcman will uot fight Ihe worso for Ihis; — a»dt for Ihc mao- 
nersflf fourcoxjirades J so that Ihey do not infect ycnir own j why 
sbould their tvil r«|>arC allaclt to yuur', 

CltTelaftd gazed aihtf as she spokp, with a degree of wonder- 
in; admiraiion, inwhi<:ii, atlhe samtiltmc, Lbere turked a smile 

"Icwuldnot," he sai^, "hi!T€ bclicvcil, thai such highconrage 
could hove been ftnuid united with such ignorance of the world, 
as, Ihfi world is now viir:ldcd. For aif miinncrs, they who best 
knew ino will ri>aditj' allow, that I have done my best, attbdrisk 
of iuy popularitj-'p and of my life itself, Iq miligste the ferDcilj 
<if my luattis; but bow can yoD teach humanily to tnca buroiog 
with vengeance against the world by whom they are pro&cribed, 
nrtear-h thifiiL (emperance and moderation in enjoying the plea- 
sures -wllich chance lJiraw& ici their -ftay,, to vary a. life which 
wflold he otherwise one constant scene ef pcrO and hardship? — 
Btii this promise, Minna — this {irnmise ;, whicb is all lamto 
receive in guerdon for my faithful attacbment — let me at least 
lose no time in cliaimiag^thit," 

"Ilmastnotbe rendered hettj, but in Kirkwall. — We musi 
invoke, to witness the engagement, the Spirit which prtsldea 
over (htancieat circle of Stconis. But perhaps you feario name 
ihcaocieBtFaihe'r of the SUicitoo, IheBev^e, the Terrible?" 

Cleveland smiled. 

'^Do me the justice to ihlak, lovely Minna, that I am liule 
^lUhjecL to fear real causes of terror; and for those mhicb art 
visionary, Ihaveno sympathy whatever/' 

"Youbelicvenoiinibem, then," Said Minnn, "and are so 
far better saited lo he Breuda^s lover than mine." 

"I will be]ie*/c,"TepliedCleveland, *4d whatever you believe. 
The whole inhabilanls of that Valhalla^ about which you converse 
hurnucb wilh that Addling, rhyming fool Claud Halcro— all thtse 
&lial] become living and existing chiogs tDDvc credulity. But, 
Minna, do nol ask mc (4 fear any of Chejn." 

"Fear! no ^ — not loyVtfj- them, surely," replied the maiden; 
*'fnr, not before Thor or Odin, when they approached in the ful- 
ness of ihcir lerrorsj did the heroes of my dauntless race yield 


oni fbol in relrnat. Nor do I owa them as DeiUes — a beller 
faiih prcrenis bo foul an trror. But, w our own cwncepiitJii, they 
are powerful spiriis for good orcvit. Aod when jou hty&at tmiui 
fear Ihem, bciliink you thai you defy aa enemy of i kind you 
have tiQverycLeDCDunler?d/' 

'^Not iu Ihese nc^rthcrn lalilud'CSi" ssid ihe luver, with u 
smiley "inhere hitbcrin 1 tiavc seen bulau^els; but I bavL* facci], 
JD my lime, the domuns of lli!: £(]|uinociiIal Lhh:. which we 
rinera soppose to be as powerful, aodnsmflligDiant, as Ih^ose nf 
the North." 

''Have jou, Ihcn, wilnessed those wonders thai are beyond 
the Yl^ibU world*?" said Miniiii, with sotne degree cfawf. 

CLevelaod composed htscouDtcDazicc, and replied, — "^'A short 
while bcfrire my fflihier's dualh, Icahii;, ihouf^h ih^'mery ynucg, 
into the coDnnand of a stoop, tujnned willi thirty as desperate 
fKllows as ever handled a mitskei. We cruiied for a long white 
with bad saccess^iakioi^ nothing but wreiched smoll-craft, whifh 
were destiaed lu cateh turtle, or Otherwise lauded w jt]i cnarae and 
worlhlesE trumpery. I bad mucli ado to pr«\eTit nij rumrade^ 
from avenging upon the crews of those baubling shalhtps the dis- 
appomtiuenl which they had occaaianed to us. At luugll). we 
grew daspeiale, aiid made n descent aa a village, where we were 
told we shauld intercept the mules of a cerlain Spanish governor 
ladeU wilh treasure. We euceceded in carryiDg Ihi! place;; but 
while I endeaYoured to sa\e the iuliabitants from the fury of my 
followers, the muleiecrs, with their preeious cargo, escaped 
iula the neighbQuriug woods. This filled up the measure of my 
unpopularily. Mypeoplej who had been long discontented, be- 
uamc openly mutinous. I was deposed from my command, in 
siijernu council, and condemucd, as havirig too little luck and ton 
much humanity fur tiic profession [ had undertaken, to be mil- 
ruoned,* nstbe phrase goes, on one of (hose liltk sandy, bushy 
islets 1 which arc called, in ihi! Wc&i lDdic]<i , keys, andwhirh 
are frcqueDted unlyhy turtle and hy sea-fowl. Many i>f them are 
snppased to be haunted — some by the demons worshipped by 

' T» nariion a seaman, sj^nined lo ibandoii jji ni qd a desa)al« roatl 
Of island — a piece of crufliy often pracUsed by Pirates and Bnccaoieis- 


Uie eld [(ihabiianiB — sump by Cnclques and others, whom (he 
Spaniards bad put lo death by roriure, lo compel them to discoTer 
therr hjdtien treasurfs, atid nthcrs bv the various spectres in 
which saitors of all naiji.ns have implicit hUh.' My pljic« of 
bflinshmEfli, colJed Coftin^kej, aboutiw*. kagues a ml a hn I fin 
the souih-east of Bermudiis, was eo iiifamous as the resart of 
these supernatural itihabifanls, ihni I believe the wcallh of 
Meiico would not have pcfsunded (he bravcsi «f (he Bcoiindrek 
who p«l me ashore there, lo have spent an hour on the islM alone, 
t;vea.nbrftflddfljlij;htj and when (hey rowed off, ihey pdled for 
the sloop hke men that dared, not cast iheir eyes behind them. 
AndilifrMiiejlflftme, to subsist as I might, on a speck of ud- 
produtuve sand, surrounded by the bounJIess AllnnUc, and 
haunled. ns they supposed, by malignant demons,'' 

*^Andwhat was ii]fl consequence?" said Minna , eagerly. - 
"I supported life," said the advealiirer, "at the espcuse of 
sueh sea^fowl, aptly tailed boobies, asw*re silly eoough to let 
me api^roach so near as ti. knock tb era down with a stick; and 
hy means of mnle-eggs, when these cnrnplaisaut birds became 
belter acquainted with the disposition of thfl human 
species, and more shy of cour&e of my advances." 

"' ^h*^i*^^ demons of whom you spoke?" — comimjed Minna. 
1 had my secret apprehensions upon their account." said 
Cleveland: "In open daylight, or in abEoluie darkness", I did 
not gready appreheml their approach ; but In the misiv dawn of 
ihemoromg or w&en evening wn3 about to fall, I saw, for the 
iirsi week of ray abode on Ihc key, many a dim and undefined 
spectre, now reBombliug a Spaniard, with his capa wrapped 
apoUDd bim, and bis hlr^e sombrero, as large a& an umbritJa, 
upon iHs head, _ now a Dutch sailor, with his rougli cap and 
irunh-ftose, - and now an Indian Cacique, with bis fealh^rv 
crown and long lancc of cane." " 

had 'hteJ^fZh'V^^'' "'''*■ "" ""^""^ •■*'" *^^ «4ti^aUi\ in the navy, sad 
lo LroTish ,h^ . ,?hr"? '\"^^"«r-' ^^J"""^"^" i° «h. We.i Indies, used 

"o L« Uipnirh ' L ^^""^^'^r<^o"i''-k<'>, Iho seamen posHfvely r.mJ 
rornlliin* ^I"''*' ""'' ^^'"'' °'^ '^^^'^y evening wlule Llicy were eauacpd in 
to«.pleL,Q« ihe Wflteriaj of tfr. y«6el , re4urni.g tLc folJo^in, ^LlJl 



"■ Did fou not approach and address tfaem 1 " said MIdds. 

**I always approached them," replied the seaman; '^'bni, — 
1 grieve to disappoint your expectations, my fair friend, — when- 
erer i drew near them , the phantom changed into a hush, or a 
piece of driftwood, or a Svreatb of mist, or some such cause of 
deception, until at last I was taught by experieDce lo cheat myself 
no longer with snch visions , and continued b sQlitary inhabiiact 
of CofGn-keyj as little alarmed by visionary terrors , a^ I ever was 
in the great cabin of a stont vessel, with a ecore of companions 
around me." 

"You have cheated me into listening to a tale of nothing," 
said Minna ; " but how long did you continue on tbe li^laad? " 

"Fourweeksofwri^hed existence," said Cleieland, ^'whca 
I was relieved by the crew of a vessel which Ciiiiie tfiitlier a-tur- 
tliog. Yet my miserable seclusion was not entirely usek^s lo me ; 
for on that ^ot of barren sandlfoufid, orrathc^r forged, ibeiron 
mask, which has since been my chief security af,'aiiisc trea'Son, or 
mutiny of my followers. It was there X formed the resolution to 
seem -no softer hearted, nor better instructed — □O' more hu- 
* mane, and no more scrupulous, than those M^ith whom foriune 
had leagued me. I thought over my former sLury, and saw that 
seeming diore brave , skilful, and enterprizing than others, bad 
gained me command and respect, and (hat seemir^g more gently 
nurtured, and more civilized than they, had in.nlc th>em envy and 
hate me as a being of another species. I barf-iiued ^tiith myself, 
then, that since I could not lay aside my suprriority of intellect 
and education, 1 wouUl do my best to disguise, and to sink in 
the rude seaman, all appearanoq of better feeling and better ac- 
complishments. I foresaw then what has sini.'!! happenei^', that^ 
under the appearance of daring obduracy, i should acquire 
such a habitual commaod over my followers., that I mij^ht usa 
it for the insurance of disoipllne, and for relicvinj^ tha dis- 
tresses of tbe wretches who fell under our power, T saw, in 
short, that, to attain authority, I must assume tbe csteroal 
semblance, at least, of those 6ver whom it was in he eiercised. 
The tidings of my father's fate, while it excited me to wralh 
and to revenge , confirmed the resolution I had adopteiT. He also 

The PiraU. j^ 





had fftllen a vtciim to his superiority of roind , morals, snd nian- 
DcrSi ahinc lh"St whiim he ■fnitDnandpJ. Tiiey wcr*; vnnt to 
call liim the Gentleman; and, uaquesiiGiiuLlj-, they itoughi he 
waited SflEiK! faMiiirabIc i^pporlUDity to recmi-ile himijeU, i->^t- 
haps at their eipi?Q9>D, to (hose {;iisiiiig Tormsof socicly hi^hiibita 
seemed hcsl tct suil WJlh, and, e\tn Iherefore^lhi-y mitrilLTed hira. 
Ndluru and justice alike called on me for rpteng'P. t was soon at 
the head uf n nuw body ot adveutiirsTS. wlin are su mimflrous in 
those islands. 1 sought Qot after those by whom I liad been my- 
self inaioutied, biU after Ibc wretches who had LclMjed my 
falhtr; and imi them [ look a rtvt-Dg^ sn severe, that it was of 
itself sufiiciciit i<j sLBm[i me with the character of that inesorable 
fer€Cily which 1 was desiroiis lobe tliuugHlto possess, and whict, 
purhaps, was gTfldiiaUy creeping en my nalural disposition in 
actual earnest My manner, spcecli, and conduct, uecmed so 
totally thun^wl , that those ^o forraetlj knew me wero disposed 
to ascribe th<! alU'raLjon lo my iotercourso vtitli the demons wbo 
haunted the sands of Coflin-key; nay, ihere were some, super- 
stilioua enough lu believe, that I had actually formed a league 
Willi Ihcm." 

'*! tremble to hear the rcsir' said MicnQ-, "did yuu uoi 
bijicome the monster uf courage mid cruelly whose characler you 

"iri ha\e escaped heiag^o, it is tu von, Minda/' replied 
Cleveland, '-ihat line wonder must b« ascribed. It Is true, 1 
have always ■ctid*:a\ourcii to dislinyi'sii myself raiher by acts of 
advpalunms vatimr, thaa by scheiQCS of revenge or *if plunder, 
and that at length I could save lives by a rude jesl, aiid some- 
times , by ilie cicess of the measures which I myself proposed, 
could iiidu.ce those under me to intercede i n favour uf prisoners ; 
so thai the seeming severity of my character has better sened the 
cause of humanity, Ihan had I appeared li Erectly devuU'tl to it." 

He itCased, and^ as ."^linua replied not n word, hotl] remained 
siknt for a J (tile space , whew Clevelaod again resumed the dis- 
course : — 

"Vou arc silent," hesaid, <*MJssTroil, and I have injured 
myself in your opiaion by the frankness with which I have laid 


m; character beCore you. Imaytrnl; say, ihat luj aatural dt&- 
positioD has beeo controlled, but not alterocl, by ihe uiiiowaTd 
circamstances in which I am placed." 

*'I amuDcertain," saidMiooa, after a momfnl's considera^ 
tion, " whether you had been thus candid » bad you not known [ 
should soon see yoar comrades, and discolor, from ihcir con- 
versation and their manners, what yon wouid oliiGTwtse t;Udly 
have concealed." 

**Youdo me injuslicei Minna, cruel injusUci?. Frum the in- 
stant that you lioew me to be a sailor of fortune , en adventurer, 
abuccanierj or, if you will have the broad word, antUTe, what 
h^d you to eipect less than what I have told you ? " 

"Youspeaii too truly," saidMioiur — '*(i]l this 1 in jj^'bl have 
anticipated, and I know not'hov I should have cxpci^lcd lL i^llicr- 
vise. But it seemed to me that a war on the cruel and supersti- 
tions Spaniards had in it something e&nobliiii^ — somi'thingihat 
refined the fierce employment to which you have Just nrjw i^^ivea 
its true and dreaded name. I thought that the independent nar- 
riorsof the Western Ocean, raised up, as it were, to punish the 
wrongs of so many murdered and plundered tribi-s, must have 
had something of gallant elevation, like that iif the J^ous of ihe 
North, whose long galleys avenged on so many cuji^ts the t^ppres- 
sions of degenerate Borne. This I thought, and this I dreamed 
-^ I grieve that I am awakened and updeceived. Yh I blame you 
not for the erring of my own fancy. — Farc^i;]! ; we must now 

"Say atleast," said Cleveland, •*thatyou donolboldtnein 
horror for having told you the truth." 

*'I must have lime for reflection," said Minna, "'time lo 
weigh what yon have said, ere I cah fuUy undtTSEand my own 
feelings. Thus much, however, I can say even now, ihiii he who 
pursues the wicked purpose of plunder, --by means nl'bload and 
craelty, and who most veil his remains of natural remorse onder 
an affectation of superior profligacy , isnoi, and caiiLiotbe, the 
lover whom Minna Jroil eipected to find in Clevel aod ; and if she 
still love him, it mast be as a penitent, and utit as a hero." 

So saying, she eitricated herself from hie grasp, (for he still 



cndcavonred w demin her,) makitig an [mperative sij^n to him Id 
forbear from foUowmg her. — "Slie i& gone," satd Clfrvpland, 
lookiog after her; '^\vilc[ and fanciful as she is, I eifcclcd dd(. 
this. — She startled noLat the name of my perilous CuurSG of life, 
yet seeru^ totally uiipreparcd Tor the {:vil which must necessarily 
attend it; apd so all tlin; imcritlha>c giiined by my re^emblaQCe 
to a Norse CbiJmpiou ^ ut Riu^ uf the S>ea , is to be lost at oncp, 
because a gang ol' pirates do Qotpfovc tobe a chQirof saJDls. 1 
would that Bdckmn, [Jawlfins, and the rest, had been at ihe 
bottoin i>f ibe Race uf PorlloQd -^ I would the Pentland Frith had 
swejit them. l(i hell ralher Ihau to Orkney! I *iJI aol, however, 
(jqtt the chase i>f this aogel (nr all that these fiends cun do. I will 
^ImusltoOrtij'ay before theUJailermiikesbis voyage (hither— 
our tne<;liDg might alarm even his blunt understanding, althougli, 
Ibaak Heaven, m this wild couDtry, nicn know the nature of onr 
trade only by hearsay, through out honest friends Ihf DuCch, wfao 
take care never l« speak very ill of those they make money by, — 
Well, if furLune would but Stand nay friend with thi^ beaaliful 
enthiisiasL, I w^mld pursue her wheel no farther at scu^ but set 
myself (Ii>wn amongst these rocks, as happy as if they vcre so 
fnatiy proves Qf bADaniifi and palmettoes." 

With these, and such thoughts^ half rolling in his toSiOni , half 
expressed iu indisliuct bints and murmurs, the pirate Clcvelaed 
re Ittroed to the mansion of Burgh-Weslra. 

Ths're was slaking ot hanijs , aDd :«orrDW of heart. 
For ihe tuaur was approacbiii^ when merry Trtlks musi pari; 
Si> «c CalPd for our borscs, and ask'd for our way. 
While the jolff old landlord said^ ""^NoLhiag 's Lo pity." 

JUitipaC, a Poem. ' 

We do not dncll upon Ite festivities of the day, which had 
nothing in them to interest the reader particularly. The ta,b|e 
gronned under the usual plenty, which was disposed of by the 
guests with the usual appetite — the bowl of punch yfa» fjlied and 
emptied with the same ctlerily as usual — the men quaffed, aad 
Uie women laughed — Claud Halcrn rhymed, puDQedj and praised 


John Dryden — the Udaller bumpered ard sung choruses — and 
theeTenidgconcladed, as usual, in the Uiggins-Mt, as it was 
Magnus TroU's pleasure to term the dancing aE>artmeiiL 

It ^as theu and there tjbat CleveltTid, approaching Magnus 
vhere he sat betwixt his two daughters, iniiiuated his jpifntion 
«f going to Kirkwall ia a small brig, which Bryce Snailsruul, who 
had disposed of his goods with nnprfcedenied: ccleritjr, had 
freighted thither, to procure a supply. 

Magnus heard the sudden proposal of his ^u«si with ^urprise^ 
not unmingled with displeasure, and demanded sharply or CIgtc- 
Jand, how long it was since he had lenimcd to prefer Bryce 
Soailsfoot's company to his own? Cleveland answered;, with his 
usual bluoiness of manner, that time aail liiie izirried for no one, 
and that he had his own particular renson^ for msliiEij; bis trip 
to JBLirkwall sooner than the Udaller propnsed to set sai( — lh4Lt ho 
hoped to meet with him and his daughters at ihe peal fair, which 
was now closely approaching, and might pcibapa Ond it possible 
to return to Zetland along with them. 

While he spoke this, Brenda kept her e;e as much upon her 
sister as it was possible to do, without eiciiiRg general obsena- 
tion. She remarked, that Minna's pale check became yci paler 
while CleTelaud spoke, and that she seemed, b; compressing 
her lips, and slightly knitting her brows , to be in (be set of re- 
pressing the effects of strong interior cnioiicm. Bui she spoke 
not; and when Cleveland, having bidden aHJeu to the Udaller, 
approached to salute her, as was then the cuslom, she reeled 
his farewell without trusting herself to ailejnpt a reply. 

Breada had her own trial approaching; for Mordsuot Her- 
toun, oDce so much loved by her father, was now in (he act of 
making his cold parting from him, without recciviog a siagle 
look of friendly regard. There was, indeed, sarcasm iti the 
tone with which Magnus wished the youth a giiod journey, and 
recommended to him, if he met a bonnv lass by ihe way, not to 
dream that she was in love, because she. chanced to jest with 
him. Mertoun coloured at what he felt as au insult, though it 
was but half fntelligihle to him ; but he remembeied Brenda, aad 
suppressed every feeling of reseutment. He proceeded to^ lake 

■1 , 


hie leave of the sisters. Minna, whose hwrivas conaid^rabfy 
soA'Pned lywards him. received his farewt-ll with some degree of 
loteresi; bm Breoda's grief was so xistlde in ihc kindrjcss oFlicr 
mnnner, and tKi; niir>ii>(iiren1iich ^dtljertd in bcrcjc, thatil^a^ 
noticed! even by Hi« Udall^r, who i>icl.aimcd, haUatigrily, *'Why, 
dy, lass, itjat may hdri^lii (^neugh. t>(ir he wa^ an old acquainl- 
aoce; bulmindt I have na will Iha! he remain nnc." 

Mefiom), who wits slriwly leading iht apart[Di!nt, half over- 
heard thi« dii^paruging obj^ervaiion, and hnll' turned rnutidto re- 
sent it, nut Jf\'\i piirpnS'e riil<^d liini when ht snw UialfiTCn^a bad 
been obliged to have reeoufsc to her handkerchief to hide her 
emotion, nnd the sense ihat it was eifited by his departure, 
obliieralfd every thought ol'her father's utjliinduess. He retired 
— the nlhbr gue^t$ I'oStii'W'itd his >ei.ajti|}le; ELikd ra.iny r>f them, 
like Cleveland and himsi'ir, inok their Itave over-nighl, withihe 
intention ctf commeiiciug their homeward journey on ihi; suc- 
ceeding mornLn;. 

Thui night, the muiua! sunov of Mirms anit Bremta, if tt 
could not wholly remftve the f^scn'e which had eslrsiifcfld iht 
sisters from each other. »i least melted all its frozen and un- 
kindly syinptonis. Tliey wcp( in path Other's arms; anil (hough 
neilhur spoke, yel each hci'ame dearer In llifl othfr; because they 
felt that the ^rief which called forth IhesE! drops, hnd a source 
ComEnon lo them both. 

Uis probable.thit IhonghBreuda's tears were raostrtbnndant, 
the grief of Minna was mt>st deeply scaled- for, Ion|* after the 
joangei had sohhed hprself asleep^ like aohild, up^nn her sister's 
bosom, Minna lay awake > watching the diubious twilight, while 
tear after tear slowly gathered in ber eye, and found a current 
down her cheek » as soon ns It became lflolieoi7 iu be supported 
by her long blai:k silken eyelashes. As she lay. hewitdered 
among the sorrowful thoughts which supplied these tears, ^hc 
was surprised lo disliuguishf beneath iJie window, the sounds of 
musie. At iirst she stipposed it wns Some frenk of Cland Halcro, 
whosB fantastic humour ^oTtieliioes indulged itself in surh sere- 
nades- But it was not the gue of the old minstrel . bwt the gui tar, 
(hat sbe tcird; aa instrument which none in (he island knew 


how lo toucb except Cleveland, wbo hnd leanied^ in bis loter^ 
course wilh Ihc Soulti Amrriraa SpuniardB, ro play on it with 
superior ciecution. Perhaps it *as in these climBles also ihat 
he imi5 learned the song, -whicli, |li<iugh he now Sutig il under 
the window of b nmideu of Thule , had ccrlainly never be«n coni- 
posed for the native ol' a climate s<^ northerly and so severe, since 
it spfike (if productions of Lbe earth and skies vSiich arc there un- 


'"Love wnkcB and Tflcpi 

While nesuly sleu'fiS', 
O Tor MmsIf'^ soUpj^I numbers. 

To prooipl a ih^me . 

Fur Heuuly'5 dream. 
Eon as itie piUow or Jner sLumbeEf I 


" Tlirough gj-ovH of palm 

Sigh gales oTbiilni. 
Wirs-fiios &n Ikc Air ire whcHing; 

While Lbrough Iha ^Iodiu 

Coaies sufl l^rrfumej 
Th« disloni heAs of ODvers revemliD?. 

^'O wnke aod iiic^ 

Nn drpflm can give 
A (hadow'd bU», the real eicfillLng-r 

No longer Bleep, 

Frum Lattice peep, 
An<\ list the laic ihai Love fs itlUfig!'" 

The voice of Cle'^claiid was deep, rich, and manly, and ac- 
corded well with ihc Sp.aDi^li air, lo which ihc words, probiably 
a trnnslatiuD frain the sami! language^ had been adapted. His 
invocaiioo would QOiprobabI)' hiive been fruitless, could Minna 
have arisen withoqi awakening her sifter. But that wa:^ impos- 
fiiblii; for BrendA, ^li«, as we have already mentioned, had wept 
bitterly before she had sunk into repose, nflw lay wiih her face 
on her sister's Dtck, and one iirin sireiched around ber, in the 
alllLude oCachtid which lus cried itseir^sleep in ih« larm^ oF its 
nurse. It waig impossible forjtfinpato esiricalcherself from her 
grasp wiLboutawakiag her^ aod ah« could ni}t, Iherefori^, eiecuie 


bet hasty purpose, of donoruf bi^r gown, And np^proAcfaln^ Ihe 
vrndow to speak wilti Cleveland, who, she had noiioiihi, had 
rtsorleii to itiia CtiQljrhance to procure an inlcTview. ThCfCSlrflint 
vas sufllcieEiUy proiuking, f^ir it was more than probable that her 
lover came ti» Lake his Idsiraff^wp]]; but thai Brenda, inimical us 
sh« seemed to be of lute inwards CLevetuDii, should awnke and 
wjlneasii, wns aihaughtnottDbe eudurcd. 

There was q short piiuse , in which Midha enttea^nure J mDre 
tiian unce, with as much genllene'ss as po^sibte, la unclasp 
Brenda's arm from herneck; but v^henevershe attempted il, (he 
slumbcrc-r muttered some lillle pettish sound, like a child dts- 
liirb^din iIb sleep, which sufScienllj showed ttial perseverance 
in the attempt -would awaken her Tull^. 

To lirr ^reaL vBXiition, therefore, Minna was compelled to 
reiuain sLiH and silent; when her Lover, as if determined upon 
gaining hci car b^ music of another strain, smsg the foMowiDg 
fragnteDt of a sea-ditty : — 

"Farewdll Farewell; The voice Y'Oi) hear, 

Kas l$fi its IbsL son lt>ne villi jou, — 
lis ncil must juln llic spanard cheer , 

And sbout anionic Ihi: shuulm|{ crew. 
^' The accents whicli I scarce cooJiil fofm 

B^oeaib jour frowii'ji CDJilrollirg check, 
Mu.6i give Uifl word , aDiove ^he Sturm , 

To cm the Tuast, and cluar lli« vrt'cic. 
'"Thiiliuiid ejel dsred noL raise, — 

The Tifliiil ihal sbcKik wln'o pre^s'd to lhiii«, 
Must point ilm f;iins upon llie chasc, — 

Majl bid tbe dcitdly cultashS shine. 

"To all I love, or hope, or tear, — 

JIonouT, orO'WD, alDo^adit^u! 
To all ihat hte has soft and dear, 

Farewell! savfi fticmory aTyou!" • 

Ho iVii9 Bgaln aileat; aDd afjain she, to whom the serenade 
was addressed, strove in vain to arise without rousing her sisler. 
II was impossible;^ and she had nolbhijj before her but tba 
unhappy thought that Cleveland was taking leave to his desola- 

• I c^QDnot suppress ihe pride ot leaving, liist ihcse lines iswa btcti 
bcamifitljy se\ lo origina] music, by Mm. Artwripiil, of Derbyshire. 


tjon, wilhouL a single glance J or a single word, tie, loo^ whose 
temper was sf) Grrv, yel wbu «ubjccLcit liis violeal mitud with 
&uch s.eduluu^ adeiittion to tier wMl , — cquIiI s1il> but bcie sioten 
a nioiii«ut tu say adieu — lo cautioa hiin agaiosL new quarrels 
wjlh M^rloun — lu implore him tu delarh himself from iftch 
comrades as he bad described , — coulJ she but have done this, 
who could say what effvvi such [larLiiig udmonilions miglil have 
had Upon iiis^ cbaractfi — i^v , upoQ th« ruCurt- errnis r>f his life? 

Tantalized by sui:h Ih^u^ihis, Minna vos abnui to moke 
Aflolller and decisive effort, >s'hcn she heard viiiccs bencalh the 
M-'indow, aadilioughl !?he could dislinguiBli that Lhc;r were Ihuso 
of ClcveEand and Mertoun. sp'eaklngio a ^liurp tniic, which, at 
ihf samp time, sieeitiud €QUt loudly silppmsscd, »£ if the £[ieii1iers 
feared bciog overheard. Alarm now i«iH|j;lcd wiih hi^i former 
de&ir>c Id ri^e I'roai bed , and i^he accumplisbcd at orjcc the par- 
pose whjrh she bad so ottcn stiempted in vain. Breoda's arm 
was unloosed from her sister's nccl^, without the sleeper recei- 
ving more alarm than provoked two at ihrce unintelligible mur- 
inursi while, with ertuni speed Jind silence, Minna put on some 
pari oilier dress. v,ilh Ihe inteotion to sit'aHot!]fl window. But» 
ere she could necomplisti ihi^. lite sound r!<r ihe vAices wilhoiil 
■ft'fls eichangcd for that ofblows and struggling, which Icrminaled 
suddenly bj a deep gronn^ 

Terrified at this last signal ofmischief, Minna Rpmng lo the 
window, and cudeavourcd lo open itj for the persons were so 
close under Ibc vnlls of the house that she could not see them, 
save by putting berhcnd out of the casement. The iron hasp 
was siilf and ru9'i«d, and, as geuerjilly happens^ Ihfi haste with 
which she laboured to undo it an]y rendered the task mure difQ- 
culi. When it was aecoiuplished, and Miuna bail eagflrly thrust 
her body half nut at the casement, those who bail crfiUed the 
sounds which aUrmed her were become invisible, eicepling that 
she saw a shadow cross the moonlight, the substance of which 
must hate been in Ibe act of turning a corner, -which concealed 
it from her ^ight. Tli« shadow moved slowly, and seemed that 
of a man who suppoTled another upon his shoulders ; nc indica- 
tion which put the clifflu to MiDJia'B tigony of mind. The win- 

'^ . - 


dew W9& noi above eight feet Trom the ground , and she bcsilaled 
not to throw lierSclf from il tiaslily, had topilrftUe the obj|f:cL'Vi'hlch 
had fliciled ber terror. 

Bill vbeu she f.atas la the corner of Ihe bnildiagfi frDOl wihtch 
the shadow seejijcd to ha\e been projecleilj she discovured 
itoChitig which C4iulil poiot out ibe ^ay thai the fii^ureliad g'lue; 
and, ariiT a momifDl'B ei)D!^idpraliaii , became BL<D!§Jl>Je liiJit all 
attenipl^ at pursuit would be alike ^'ild aod fruitless. Iteaides 
fl!l the projections uiid cect-sses of the uiQuy-angUd mansioD, and 
its numerous offices ^- besirlps the \3ri0us ccLtai^, sture-bftuses, 
stables, artrl so dmh^ wlii'Ch defied h<!r solitary search, there vras 
a range of !cw rocks, slrclelnug down [o (he haven , and which 
were, in fact, a coiitinuatiun of the rid^-e which furmcd its picT. 
Thfse rocks had manj indt-iUurts, hnllows, aod favcrns, into any 
one of whkh Ibc figure to which the sh,idow beloDKed luighL have 
re.iired with his fatal burden; for fatal ^ lalie fi-ared, it was most 
likely to proie. 

A moriHiiii'Bretlpciion, as wc have said, cfinvinced Miana nf 
Ihe iM^ ii[ farther pursuit. Her neil ihuu^bl was Lo alurm the 
familyi bat what tale hud she to tell, aad afvkhom was that tale 
lo be laid I ■ — On the other hgnd, the woundfd man — if iniiecd 
he^ere wDutided — ahis. if indeed he were: Dotmoriilly wouudicd, 
— migbt nut be past the reach of assisiance; and, witli this idea, 
she was ahout tn raise her voicfij when &he was inierirupted by 
that of Claud Halcrn, who was returning apparCDlfy fj'om the 
baven, and siugin^. inhii? mnnner, a hcrap ofsn old N'orbediit!') 
which might run thus in EjigUsh: — 

•'■AnA ymt stiall dt^al the fiinerol dole; 

Ay, deal ii, motber luitic. 
To wears borij, and 10 heary soul » 

The viUim bread and Ibe witic. 
"And you shuU deal my horses oTj^rldB; 

A;, dealtbein, mnlbcr nriin'i:'; 
And you $kaH deal m^ lanil^ so vHi^ 

And deal my ca^df ^ nia?. 
*' Km deul not vengeance for [be dped , 

A»d Usui noL for Ih^; cHme; 
Tbc bod) to Us |^lai?f^, and l!ie soul tg HesTen's gintce, 
And the rest in God's own lime." 


The «lngulqT adnpUitan of these rhymes (o lh« sUaalion in 
nrhLch sbe fi>iiDd litrself, seemed tu Miuna like a warning from 
Henven. W<' arc speakinRiira Uud uC omens and supcistiii'ins, 
and perbiips will scarce be uDd erst and by those whose limii^d 
iinoginiilion caaDiiL cuncoWc liow strongly the^e (ijitraic upon Ihc 
huuiaa mind during a eerlain priigress i»f sucitly- A line or 
Virgil, lurned up casually, wa^ rpreiv'cd in the sievenLecnih cen- 
tiiry^ and in the cnurl of England,* hb- an inlimaliim tif fatut^ 
evL-als; and no wdnilerLholH ninidon of (he dislani and wild \s\q& 
of Zetland 9houl<i have considered as an iajtiO'Tlion from flcavcn^ 
verses w hitli liapptiniid lu cori\ej a sense nnobgous (o herpresent 

"I will he sjleol," she mulfered, — "I will seal my lips — 

^The hddj' lo Us place, and Ib'C.' ^oal Id HeaveD'5 ^ace^ 
And ibe fPsi in tiod's iwn lime. '" 

"Who speaks there!" said Claud Halcro, in some alarm; for 
he iiiid not, in his Iravelsi in forcfsfn par(s, benn ab!e by tiny 
means lo ridiiiraseiroriiis native superstiiiflcs, lolhecondiiioD 
tv wfikh fear and horror had reduced her, Mmna y-n'i at first 
unable to reply; and Hak'ro, (iiting hi^ (^yes^ upon ibfi feiQai^ 
Tfhile ligure, -which he sjitc indistinclly, (for she stood in the 
shadnw of the house, aad the morning wa» Ihii^k and misty,) 
began coi conjure her m Buaucictii rhyme -which occurred lo hina 
as suited fur the occa'sion, anil uhich had in its gibboriiih a wild 
and unearlhly saund » whitih may be tost iu the ensuing traasla- 
liOQ: — 

Saint HaBnus control iheD , ibjtt martyr of tr<Ma$:oQ ; 
Saint Etonaa rebuke thee, with rbyitii' and willi reason; 
By Iho mass of giijnl MartilJ, the mi^ht of Saint Mflry, 
Be thou gone , or Ehy weird jshiili he wortic if tboa Itjrj I 

If of good, go hencR and ballow tbet, — 

It of itU ]<;t tliG eartli Jiwallow Ihep, — 

If iliou'rloralr. let the gray mis I fold ihee — 

If of varib , let ihc: swurl mine bold thoo^^ — 

IfaPiiic, seek tby ring, — 

ICsNixii;, ^eek Lbj spring; — 

• The ce^lcbralcd Snrtcs Virgitiana; werip Tt's&iled (o by Cbailes h 
aod his courliers, as a mode of prjing iot* futurilj. 

If on middle fi^arlh Ihnii 'it been 

SIsto of sorrow, s^harac, aad sin, 

nasL ^at Ibe br^-'nd nftoil and sIhfD, 

And dr«6'd thflftt»hi«h men call life, 
Begone Lo iby slanet fur iby coTGn is scant ol (been 
Tbcworin, Ihy play-felliDit, wjjjls for (be wanl o[ Ibeo^ — 
Hence, bou^elc^s ghosti IcL Ibe tarih hida ihi-e, 
Till Miph^plshull bl'i* Ibelflasl, sec IbaC iIicpb ibou bide Ibeel — ^ 
PhaEilom, D^lirnco! iiihc thl^ CrO!>5 iur a inken, 
IlenCe j^ass lill llallawniassi — mj sgicll is spoken-" 

^'IL Cs I, Halcro," rnuUfircd Minna, Jti a lone so Ibin and low, 
thai ii mighi have passed for ihc faini reply of ihe etfojured 

"Touf — yon I" said Halcro, his lone of alarm chnngingto 
o&e of eitrerac surprise r "by ihm moeolii^lii, which is waning, 
and so it is! — Who could have ihoughl to find jou, my mo^t 
ioTCly \ight, waaili-^ring abroad jii J'our oytn clement'! — llui J'Oti 
saw them, I reckon, a9 well aa Vi — bold enough in jou to follow 
Uieni^ though." 

'■iSaw whom? — follow whom?" saidMinnaj hopingiopin 
some information outhc sobjcctof herftnrsatidher aniicty. 

"The corpsc-lighis which danced at the havco," KpUed 
Halcro; "|hcyb»de nogood, f promise you — you wot well what 
the old rhf me mjs — 

' Wbere corpse-llghl 

Dancer bri^lir , 

Pe it ijii)' nr Di^hf . 

Be il bj-liKiil ur tiark, 

Tbere shall corpse lie stiff and starV. 

I wcntfaaLTasfaraii the ha^en tn look aflr.r thetn, bat they had 
vanished. I Ihiakl s^aw a bont put off, howcier, — some one 
bound fortheHaaf, t suppose,— [ would iwe had good ne'as of 
tidsfishiog — there wasNornii left us io anger, — and ihen these 
corpse-lights! — Well, God help Itie while! I am an old mpn, 
and canhutwisli that all were well over. — But how now, ray 
pretty MipQa3 tears in jour eyes! — And, now thai I see you in 
the fair iDooniight, barefooted, loo, by SniotMiigQiis! — Were 
there no stockings of Zetland wool soft cnuugh for lhes« pretty 
feet and aaklcE, that glaoci! so while in the mooobeani? •'— What, 


Bilent ! — angry, ptrhjips," hfl ladded, in a more sf rioua Iooe» '* at 
injuoDB«DSe? For shame, Hillif maideo! — Reint-'mber 1 flm oUl 
enough to be ycmr father, auH have dIwbjs loved y«u as mjcljiltl." 

"I am Ddlangry," »aid Minna, constraining herself io speak 
- — "hut heard you aolhtng? — snw jim nolhilnj'? — Thej must 
lijive passed you." 

"Thfty?" said Claud Halcro; "whfll mean you by they? — is 
itihe voTpse-lights? — No, Ihtj didnotpa^sby me. but I think 
tbcy have passed by you ^ and blighted yon with their inlluence, 
for yoTi ar* as psie as a spiifllTe. — Comej ciiimC, Minna," be 
added^ lupeuing a side-door of ibe dwellings 'Uhtnae nn^jnligfat 
walks are liller I'or uld po^l^ than for young maiiiens. —And so 
lightly cliid nn you are ! Matiien , you ahouiil take care how joq 
give yourself to Ihe breezes nr a ZoLlaiid night, for (hey bring 
Riorv sleet than odnurs upon ibojr wings- — But, maiden, go in; 
for, as glorious John siijs^ — iir, 05 he does no! say — for t can- 
not remember how (n's verse chimes — but^ as I say myself, in a 
pretty poem, wrilleii when my mnse was in her tecjia, — 

Mrrnsffrtil maiden ne>r sbnuld Tine, 
TIJil Ibe SrsL beam lingre tbe sbieR : 
Silk-frini^'ed ejeJIds siiLI sLauLd close', 
Till ll^c sun. ha.i Linsd tbu ruse; 
Maidien'ii lool we should not view, 
Mark'd with tiny |it'i!i on ilfW, 
Till the apeiiing Dowcrcls spread 
Carpel meei for beaut j's iread — 

Slay, what comes ncit? — let me see." 

When the spirit of recitation suiiod *m Claud Halcro, he 
forgot tiiDc and place, and might have kept his companion in Ihfi 
cold air for half an b£>uf, §i>ing poetical reasons why she O'Ughl to 
have been in bed. But &bc fnlcrrupled him by the quesiion, 
earnestly pronouneed,^ yet in a luice whjcli was scarcely arlifu- 
late, holding Halcro, at the same tiroCi with a trrmbling anil 
convulsive grasp , as if to support hef&«lf from fallin^n , — " Saw 
you no nne in the boat which put tu sea but now?" 

"Nonsense^" replied Haltiro; "how could I see any one, 
when li^ht and ilislancc only enabled m« to Iidow that it was a 
boat, and not a grmnpusV 



whith drifted to leeward, shone full Ihrongh tlif Ulticej when 
MinDa fifsl started from the profound sleep into v'hkh fatigue 
and mcfital cKbaitsiiouhad lulled her, and raising ttcrs^^lf on her 
arnii began tu rtcall cicnta, which iifier (hi* interval of profound 
Fflpoae^ seemtd aimcfst lo resejubie thu baseless Yisions of the 
nigbt. She almost doubted if isbatshc recalled of terror, pre- 
vious to her staHlofe from her bed^ was ooiindeed the fiction of 
a dream ^ suggested, perhaps, bj some esternal stmnde- 

*' I will scB ClauiJ Halcro ijistaotly," she said ; ** he may know 
someihing of these strange noises, as he was siimng at the 

With ihat she sprang from bed, hut bardly stood upright on 
(Hie floor, ere her sister eiclaimed, " Gracious Heaveal Minna, 
what ails yourfooi — your aotle?" 

She looked dowo, and saw with surprise, which amnuiiled 
to aguny, thai both her feet, but pnpticularlyoneof them, was 
stained with dark crimson, resembling the colour ofdried blood. 

Without altempiiti^ lo aoswer Brenda, she rushed to the win- 
dow, arid cast a desptiraie look oo the grass beneath, for there 
she koE^w she must have cr>Dtracted the fatal stain. But the rain, 
whieh had fallen there in treble quantity, ^^ well from the hea- 
vens, as from the eavos of the house, had washed owaj' thai 
guilty witness, if indeed such had ever eiisied- All was fresh 
and fair, and ihe blades of grass, overchari^ed and heol with 
rain-drops, glittered lihe diannjods in the bri^'ht morniug sun. 

While Miooa stared upon Ihc spangled verdure, with her full 
dark eyes li^cd and enlarged to cireles by the JTitensiiy of h*r 
(error, Brenda was hanging ob<.mt her, andwiih maayan eager 
inquiry , presseti to know whether or how she bad hurt hifrself? 

"A piece of glnas cat ibrou^jb ray shoe," said-Minaa, 
beihinkiug herself ihat some excuse was necessary to her sister; 
" I scarce felt it at the ti toe. " 

"And yet see how it has bled," said her sistcF. **Sweel 
Minna," sheadded, approaching her with a welted towel, "let 
me wipe the blood off — the hurt may be worse than you 
think of." 

But as she approached, Minna, wto saw no other way of pre- 

veDtiog discovery ihul ihn blood wiLh whicli she was etaineil hjid 
D«vor Aowcd in ber o^u veins, barshly and hnstilf repelled ifae 
prolTeirBd kindness. Poor Brpndn, untoD^OJous til' »ny t>[Frni;e 
which ^lic had given Ig her sjsti^r , drev hacV two iir ihrtc pieces 
on tiudiiLig' her service tbus unkindly refusL^d, &Dd stood gazing 
gl IHiana wilb lofihs in which tlierc nas nivre {if surprise and 
jaorlified affection than of resentment^ bat which had ye Lsom«- 
tliiog also or oalurftl disLpleftsure . 

"Sister^*' said sli*, "I l^n)ughtwe hacl agreed buUflstpight, 
that hefipen to us wbat might, we ^uuld at least Eine each other." 

"Much may happieii betwixi night and niorning," answered 
Minna , in words ralbiT wrenctied Irom her by tti^r situalif^n, than 
fluivinij furlb the voluntary inierfirctcr^ of her thoughts. 

'^Mjcti luiay lUdced hitve hap^ieo^d in a night bo slormy," 
MBwcreit Brenda; "for see where the very watl around Eu- 
phnop's plaol-a-cruEve has Lecti tiluwii down; hut ncithi^r wind, 
nor rain 1 moraugbC elst;, «an COO'I our affection, Minna.'* 

**But thai may chance," replied MioDa, '^wbich may «od- 
vertitinio — " 

The rest of the sentence she tnutCered in a tone AO iAilistinct, 
tbat il fduld nut be apprehended ; white, at the same lijnc;^ she 
washed Lhe biood-siniDs from her t'C'Cl and leflatikle. Brcnda, 
«!ia &litl reruatued looking on at sonii; distance , endeavourad in 
vain (0 assume soiue tone which might re-E&lablisb kindntisfi and 
cflolidcDcc: bctwiil lhi;m. 

"You wi^rc right/' sha said;, '*Minna, to saffet do one to 
help you t'y dress ao sioiplc a scratch — standiog where I do , it 
is scarce \isihte." 

"The most cruel Ti'OQDda," replied Minnaj "are those which 
malic BO outward show — Are y^u sure you see it at aEI?" 

"Oh, yesi" replied Brenda, franiing her answer as she 
thought wculd hest please her sister; "I see a very slight 
scratch; nay, quw jfiudraw on the Blocking^ I can see nothing." 

"You do indeed see D&thing," answered Miuna, somewhat 
wildly; "hut the time will soop come that all — ^ay, all — will be 
seen and known." 

So saying, she hastily completed bcrdress, and led the way 

The Pirute, If) 


to breakfast, ■where she assumed her place amoDg&i ihc ^esls ; 

but Viilh a couultoancc so iiale and hagfarti, ami manners and 

speech so altered and su bewildered , that iL esciicd the aUeolioc 

of ilic ifthole company , and the uimosl aniiety on the part of hcf 

falher Magnus Troil. Many nod various were the con|ectures of 

Ihe gue&ls, concerning a di5 tempera lure which seL'mod raiher 

mental than corporeal. Stime hlnicd that (he maiden hail betti 

struck \sUh an evil eye, and something lliey muttered about Noma 

.il ihe Fitful-head-, some talked al the departure of Captain 

Cleveland, andmnrraured, "itwasashamc for a youDg lady to 

take on so after a landlouper, of ^hora m um knew any thing;" 

and this coDienipluoufe cpitbtl Vos in particular hcstowed on thft 

Captain bj Mistress Bahy Yellowlej , while she was in the act of 

wrappiog round her old skinny nect the very handsopi* owerlay 

(as she called it) wherewith the said Caplaio had presented ber. 

The old Lady Glowmwrum had a system flf licr own, »htch she 

hinted to Mistress VolJowley, after thanking God that her own 

conncctioo w iih the Burgh-Weslra ramily was hy ihe lass's mo- 

Iher, who was acnnnyS'C'jtswoffian, like herselif. 

"For, as to tJicseTreils, you see, Dame Yellowley, for as 
Jifgh as ihe^ hold ihcir heads, they say (hat ken," (winking snga- 
ciously,) '^'ihatlhereisahce in (heir bonnet; — thalXorna, as 
ihej call her, for it snot her right name nciihfif, is atwhileslar 
beside bcr right mind j, — and ihey that kett the cause, saytliis 
Fowd was some gaie or otlier linked in with it, for lie will never 
heai an ill word tifher. Bui 1 was in Scotland then, or I mighl 
have fcend lim real cause, as v,tsl us «*ticr folk. At ony rate 
there is akind cf wildness in ihe bluod. Ye ken very w eel ilaft 
folk dinna bide 1o bu cuntradiclcd ; nnd I 'U say that for thpFowd 
— hclikcsio be cimifadicted as ill as coy man ini^etlajidl- But 
it shall never be said that I said onj ill nf ihe house ibailamsae 
nearly Connected wi*. Only yo will mind, dame, il is through 
the Siactairs Uul >se arc akin, nut through ihe TruJls, — and the 
Sinclairs arc keud far and wide for a wi&c ^eneratioti, dame. — 
But I see there is ihi slirrup-ciip coming rouud." 

"I wonders" said Mistress Baby to her hrolbcr, as soon as 
Uie Lady Cluwrowrum luroiid fiom her, " what gars (bat mufltlo 


vlfe dame, dame, dame, that gate at me? She might Wcd the 
blade of the Cliokscales is as gude as od; Glovrowmm's amang 

The guests, meanwhile, vere fast taking their departure, 
scarcely noticed by Magnus, wh6 was so maefa engrossed with 
Minna's indisposition, that, contrary to his hospitable wont, 
he suffered them to go away ansaluted. And thus concluded, 
amidst anxiety and illness, the festival of Saint lohn, as celebrated 
on that season at the house of Bargh-Westra; adding another 
caution to that of the Emperor of Ethiopia, — with how little 
ftecurity man can reckon up(Hi the days which he destines to 


Bot Oia Hd evil vbicb doth ber latest , 
Doth course of D«tanl cause far exceed, 
And boused is within her bolLow brest, 
That eitherseetDs some cursed wltcb's deed, 
Or eVill sprigbt tbat id ber dotb such tormeat breed. 

Fairjf CtKwn. BoakiU. CmaU III. 

Th8 term had now elapsed, by several days » whenMordaunt 
Mettoun, as he had promised at his departure, should have re- 
tamed to his father's abode at Jarlshof, but there were no tidings 
ofhisarrlval. Such delay might, at another time, have excited 
little curiosity, and no anxiety; forold Swertha, who took upon 
her the office of thinking and conjecturing for the little house- 
hold, wonid have concluded that he had remained behind the 
other guests upon some party of sport or pleasure. Btu she knew 
thatMordaunt had not been lately in favour with Magnus Troil; 
she knew that he proposed his stay at Buigh-Westra should be a 
short one, npoo account of his father's healthy to whom, notwith- 
standing the litUe encouragement which his filial piety received, 
he paid uniform attention. Swertha luiew all this, and she 
became anxioiu. She watched the looks of her mast^, the elder 
Mertonn; but, wrapt In dark and stern uniformity of composure, 
'hisGonnienance, like tbe surface of a midnight lake, enabled no 
one to penetrate into what vas beneath. His studies, his solitary 
meals, his lonely walks, succeeded each other in unvaried roia- 


liitn^ and Beamed nEidli Slurbs d fay the least ihoughi abant Mat- 
dauut's absence. 

A.I lengtli such repfttts re&chcd Swertba's car, from \ariDUS 
quarters t tliiat she bi:ranic iDially unahk ti^cimccalfacr aniicly, 
and ri.>&a1v(}d, ai ihe risk of pru\uhHig lur masicr Into fury, or 
perhaps ihat of losing Iter place ill bis hdURiehuld, lo furcu ujion 
his lioiiei: (he doubts which afdiclcd her own mind. Morduunl's 
fcood-huniQur and goodlypcrsun tnusl Indeed hnw. modr do ^maU 
itn|iression on ibe wUheried and scllish hearl of the puur old wa- 
mau, to induce her to take u course so difspcrate, and from tvhioh 
her friend Ittt: haiizehnan eQd«aM.tiit''eiI in xbld lo doler ber. Still, 
howevfr, cunscious ihat a miscarriage Id Ihc matter, would, 
like the lo^s ofTrinculii'B bolllc jn the brj^rs^f-^ixil , be atlended 
oolonljf with dishonour, but\Titb infiiiile loss, sbe delennioed lo 
procircd on her high eiii|irizc ^itb as tnneh liamioa as w&s con- 
shtenl with the attempt. 

Wc bave already mentioned, that It seemed a part ofttie very 
Tliltiirc of this reserved and unsocral being, at least since hi^ 
roireat in|o the utlcf solitude of Jarlshuf, to endure no one to 
&i4ir[ a subject of fonvcrsaiionj or to put any question lo him, 
that drd not arise out of urgont and pressijig em^irgflQcy, Swertha 
was seosfble, tlni^refiire, ibai^ hi onler to open (he discourse 
favourably vhich she prapused to hold irilh her master, she muai 
coillrive thai it efaoutd originate with himself. 

To accomplish this pnqmse, while busied in preparing the 
ijible for Mr. Mertoua's simple and solitary diuiiiir-'nkeal, sbe for- 
mady ad»rned (he board with two covers insioad of oQc^and 
made aJl bor other preparations as if he was to have a guest or 
companiun qI dinner. 

The artifice succeeded; forMerloun, on coming from his 
study, noscMUhersflw the table thus arrgngifdj ibanheasEiedSwer- 
ilm. who, wailing tbe effect of hicr slmugcm as a lishgr watches 
bis ground-bails, was liddlingup and down the room, "Whether 
Mordaunt was not returned from Burgb-WestrA? " 

Thi?^ question was the cue for Swertha. and she aiis.wered in a 
voice of sorrowful amiely^ halfreiilj halfalTecied, "ZVa^fiifl! — 
nae ^ic divot had dunted at their door. It wad be blithe news 



indf 6d to keD that young Maister Mordauot, puir dear bsirn, were 
safe at haue." 

"And, if he be not athome, why shoald yon lay a eover for 
him, yea dotiag fool? " replied Mertoun, in a tone well calCQlated 
to stop the old woman's proceedings. But she replied, boldly, 
'*That, indeed, soinefoody should take thought aboutMaisterMor- 
daunt; a' that she could do was to have seat and plate ready for 
him whfeu he came. Bat she thought the dear hair had been 
ower lang awa ; and, if she mauo speak out, she had her i&a fears 
when and wheUier he might evei' come hame." 

"Your fears!" replied Mertoun , his eyes flashing as they 
usually did when his hour of ungovernable passion approached'; 
"do you speak'of your idle fears to me, who know that all of your 
sex, that is not fickleness, andfoUy^ and self-conceit, and self- 
will, is a handle ofidiotieaffears, vapours, and tremors? What 
are your fears to me, you foolish old hag?" 

It is an admirable quality in womankind, that, when a breach 
of the laws of natural afi'ection comes under their observation, the 
whole sex is in arms. Leta rumour arise ina street of a parent, 
that has misused a child, or a child that has insulted a parent, — 
1 say nothing of the case of husband and wife , where the iilterest 
may be accoiibted for in sympathy, — and all the women within 
heariag will take animated and decided part with the sufferer. 
Swertha, notwithstanding her greed and avarice, had her share 
of the generous feeling which does so much honoar to her sex, 
and was, on this occasion', so much carried on by its impulse, 
that she confronted her master, and upbraided him with his hard- 
hearted indifference, with a boldness at which she herself was 

" To be sore it wasoa her that suld foe fearing for her yonng 
maister, Maister Mordaunt, even although he was, as she might 
«reel say, the very sea-calf of her heart; but ony oUier father, but 
his honour bimsell, wad have had speerings made after the poor 
lad , and biva gane (his eight days trom Bargh-Westra , and nae- 
body kend when or where he had gane. There wasna a bairn in 
the howff but was maining for him ; for he made ill their bits of 
boats with his knif^ ; there wadna be a dry eye in the parish , if 


Qught worse than veal shoutd berall him, — na, nc ane , vulesa it 
miglii be his honour's aid-" 

McrtouQ had b^eii much struck.^ and even aUencedt hy the 
tQSoleDtvDlubililjf of bis iosur^Gnt housekeeper-, bui, atibelaat 
sarca^nij he iinyiO'^cd od ber silence ia her lurn nilh a,ri audibli; 
vMce, atcompauied wiih ouq of the loust terrilic glances which 
his dark eye and alern fcafurea could ejpress. Dut Swcriha, ■ftho, 
as she nfierwards acquainted Ibe Ilanzelmaii^ was wundiirlully 
supported during the whole scene, would, not be coiilf oiled by the 
iMud vutce and rcracioas look of ber musttir, but pri^ceeded ia Ibe 
same lone as before, 

"His honour," sbe^ald^ "had made an uocowark because 
a vheen bits of ki9Ls ibd duds, tbat nnebody had use for, had 
Itcen gathered on Ihe beach by the poor bodies of the (ownsbip ; 
aud here was Uie bravest lad in the couutrf lost, tad castawav, 
as it were, before blieen, jindnae ane askiog what waa corned' 

••^Whai shoLttdcome of him bill gnotj^^ you old fool," anfiw^rcd 
Mr. Hf orraon, " as far, at leasi, as there caa be good in any of (be 
follies he spends his time in?" 

This was spoken rather in a scornful than an angry tone, and 
Swerihajwho had gutijitu the spirit of the dialogu*, was resolved 
Dol to let JL drop, nov ibat Ihe fire of her opponenl seemed lo 

"Oay, to be sure I am an auTdfule, — but IfMaister Mor- 
dauni should have settled doivn in the Roost, as roair than ae boat 
Las beenlosi in thai wearifu' squall the ollief morning — by good 
luckit was sbort asll wftsshorp, or nnelhing could bav« li^edin 
it— or if he wercdrowaed in a loeh coming hame on foot, or if 
be were tJlled by miss ol" foaling oq a craig — ibe baill island 
keoij how venluresorae he was — who,'" saidSweriha, "witlbc 
the auld fulc then?" And she added a palhctic ejaculation, that 
'"God vould protect tbe poormotbcrle^f bitirn ! for if be had had 
a mother, there -would have been search made aflci him before 

This last sarcasm affected Merloiin pnvierfttllyi, — his jaw qui- 
vered , his face (jrew pale, and he muUered to Swertha lo go intb 




his itudf, (where she was acarcelj ever permitted to uiter,) and 
fetch him a bvtile which stood there. 

"O ho!" quoth Svertha to herself, as she hastened on the 
commission , " my master luiows where to find a cup of comfort _^^^ 
to qualify his water with iq>on lifting occasions." 

There if9& Indeed a case of such bottles as w«e usually em- 
ployed to hold strong waters , bat the dust and cobwebs in which 
they were enveloped showtfd that they had not been touched for 
many years. With some difBculty Sitertba eitr&cted the cork of 
one of them, by the help of a fork — for corkscrew was there none 
atJarlshoC — and having ascertained by smell, and, in case of 
anymistake, by a moderate mouthful, that it contained whole- 
some Barbadoes-watera, she carried it into the room, whereher 
master still continued to struggle witb his faintness. She then 
began to pour a small quantity into the nearest cup that she c6nld 
Qnd, wisely judging, that> upon a person so much unaccustoibed 
to the use of spirituous liquors, a little might produce a strong- 
effect. Bat the patient signed to her impatiently to filUhe cup, 
which'mlght hold more than the third nf ah English pint-measure, 
up to the very brim , and swallowed it down without hesitation. 

"Now the saunts above have a care on us!" said Swertha; 
"he will be drunk asweel as mad, and wha is to guide him then, 
I wonder? " 

But Meitoun's breath and colour returned, without the sligbt- 
est symptom of intoxication; on the contrary, Swertha afterwards 
reported, that, "A.lthoagfa she had always had a firm opinion in 
favour of a dram, yet she never saw one wock such miracles — he 
spoke mair like a man of the middle world, than she had ever 
heard him do since she had entered bis service." 

"Swertha," hesaid, " you are right in this matter, and I vras 
wrong. Go down to the Ranzelman directly, tell iiim to come 
and speak with me, without an instant's delay, and bring me spe- 
cial word what boats and people he can command ; I will employ 
them all in the search , and they shall be plentifully rewarded;" 

Stimulated hy the spur which maketh the old woman prover- 
bially to trot, Swertha posted down to the hamlet, with all the 
speed of threescore , rejoicing that her sympatheUo feelings were 


likely to achieve lh«ir own rew;&ril , ba>ing given rifle to A qtiPsL 
which projTQJseil lo be so liicr.3t]ve, and in ilic profits whereof she 
tras <icl€I[iiiiiC(l to have her share, i^houliii^ oui as she went, and 
long before &he ^ol wilhjn heariog, the Dam«5 nf Niel BonaldsoQj 
SwejB Erickson, and ihc other frieods anil confedprates whoTtere 
interested in her mlssioD- To say ULfl 4rulh, milwiihstaniling 
that ihe good dnrae really felt a deep Enferest in Mordaiinl Mer~ 
tc>un , and ^as menUU; iruuhlGd «a accouiit of bis absence, per- 
haps few things would have disappointed licrmore (ban if he had 
at this moment started up in hct path safe and Eonnd, and 
rendered uoinecessdr]', by hi& Appearance, the expense and thtt 
budlk of staTchiug iifter him. 

Soon did Sweriha accomplisli herbu&ine^^ in the village, and 
adjust with the ^enaior^ uf iha township her o^rn lillle share or 
per cenlfflgc upon Ihe profits likely lo accrue od her mission? and 
specdiif did sbe return lo Jarl-^hof , with Mel Ronaldson by her 
side, Birhooiinghixnlo the best of her skill in all tbepecallarjties 
of bcrinasief. 

'*Al>oon a' things,*' she Raid, "flevcT make him wait for an 
answer ; and speak louil and distinct a& if ytiu were hatlin}? a boat, 
— for he Jowna bide io saj the same thing twice o-vcr; and if he 
asks about distance, ye maj- make leagues for miks, for he kens 
naethmg sboilt the face of l?ie ezirlh that be lives upon; and if he 
speak of stjier, ye may ash dollars for sbillingSj for he mincts 
them nae jmair than sclatc-alaneE." 

Thus luiorcdj .\iei Ronaldson was introduced into iho pre- 
gence of Mertflun, but was utterly conFouniied to find that he 
could DDl act upon Ihe sjsteoQ of deception whifih had been pro- 
jected. — When he attempted, by some eiBggeratton of distance 
anii peril, to enhance the hire of the boats and of thenii-n, (for 
ibe search was to be by sea and laud J he found liimself al otice 
cut short by Mertotui, who sihowed not only the must perfect 
knowledge of the Country, but i>f distances^ tides, current5,and 
all belonging to (be navigation of tbo&e seas, although these were 
topics with which he had hitherto appeared to be Ictally unac- 
quainted. The Eanzelman, therefore, Irembled when they came 
to speak of (he recompense to be afforded fo^r their eierlions in the 


search ; for it iras not more unlikel; that Mertoan should be as 
well iDformed of whatvas just and proper upon this head as upon 
others; andNiel remembered the storm of his fury, vhen, atan 
early period after he had settled at Jarlshof, he drove Swertha and 
Sveya Ericksou from bis presence. As, hovever, he stood hesi- 
ttfit^ betwixt the opposite fears of asliing too much or too little, 
MertouD stopped his mouth , and ended his uncertainty, by pro- 
mising him a recompense beyond vfaat he dared have ventured to 
ask, with an additioual gratuity,- in case they returned with the 
pleasing intelligence that bis son was safe. 

When this great point was settled, JViel Roualdson, like a man 
of conscience, began to consider earnestly the various places 
There search should he made after the young man ; and having 
nndertaken faithfully that the inquiry should be prosecuted at all 
the houses of the gentry, both in this and the neigbboaring it- 
lands, he added, that, ^'after all, if his honour would not be 
angry, there was ane not far off, that, if aoy body dared speer her 
a question , and if she liked to answer it, could tell more about 
Maister Mordaunt than any body else could. — Ye wilbkeQ wba I 
mean, Swertha? Her that was down at the haven this morning." 
Thus he concluded, addressing himself wiUi a mysterious look 
to the housekeeper, which she answered with a nod and a wink. 

''How mean you?" said Mertouu; "speak out, short and 
open — whom do you speak of? " 

"It is Noma of the Fitful-head," said Swertha, "that t^e 
Banzelman is thinking about ; for she has gone up to Saint Bin- 
gan's Kirk this morning on business of her own." 

"And what can this person know of my son? " said Mertoun ; 
"she is, I believe, a wandering madwoman, or impostor." 

"If she wanders," said Swertha, "it is fornae lack of means 
at hame , and that is weel known — : plenty of a' thing has she of 
htt Bin, forby that the Fowd himsell would let her want naething." 

"But what is that to my son?" saidMertoun, impatiently. 

"Idinnaken — she took unco pleasure in Maister Mordaunt 
from the time she first saw him, and raony a braw thing she gave 
him at ae time or another, forby the gowd chain that hangs about 
his bonny craig — folk say it is of fairy gold — I keoaa what gold 


it ie , but Brjrce SQaHsroot says , tti^t ibe vatue viU moaaL to an 
Ijuuilred piiUDds £ng1isb , and that is nae deaf outs.'* 

"Go, RonflJdsnn,'" saiii Merloua, ^*or else send some one, 
to seek Ibis iftfliiian uut — if you Ihink thert; be a chaoce of her 
knowing ftiiif thing of nly sun." 

"Sha kcDS aHbing that happens in thae islands," said Kiel 
a(nialdson,"^'Biiickle stumer Lhao othcf folk, and that is Heaven's 
iTnih. But as lo going (0 the kirk, .iribc kirkjardi, lospeer alter 
her, ihfere is not a man in Zellond will d« it, for meed or lor 
niunej — and thai 's Heaven's irulb as weel as the oiher." 

" Cowardly, supei-stitjcms fools ! " said Merloun.— "Bui give 
mc my cloak, Swertha.— Thia woman has been at BuTgh-Wesira 
— she la r^'lated lo Troll's family — &he may know ^omeihiug of 
Mordtttinl's absence and its cause — I vill sefik her myself — 
She is allhe Cross-kirk, you say 3" 

'*No, not al ihe Cr&ss-kirk, bni at the anld Ritk of Salm 
flingan's — H'sado\vicliit, and far free being canny; and if your 
honour," added Swertha, "wad walk by my rule, I wad wall 
until she tfamc back, and qo trouble her when she may bemair 
busied wi' the dead, fur oiiy ihing [hat we ken , than she is -wl' Ihe 
living. The like of her carena to have other folk's ten oii them 
■when they are, gude sain us! doln^ their ain particular tttms." 
Merioun made no answer, tut throwing liis cloak loosely 
arouDttfcim, (for the day was misty, with passing showers,) aod 
Iftaviilg the decayed mansion of Jarhhof, he walked at a pace 
much fester than was usual with hiioi, laking Ihfl dirc4:tion of Ihe 
ruinous church » whiclistood, ashe well knew, within three « 
louT miles of his dwetltn;^. 

Tb>g naiizeJman andSwerlba stood fazing after him io silence^ 
until he was fairly out uf car-shoi, when, looking scriouatj' on 
uach other, acd shaking their sagacious heads iu the same boding 
degree of vibration, (hey uttered iheir remarks Jn the same breath, 
"Foois are aye fle«t and fain," saiJ Swertha. 
"Kej- folk run fast," added the Jftanzelman-, "and the thing 
that we are born I o, we cannot win bjr. — I have kndwn them that 
tried U) stop folk ihat wftre fey. You have heo rd of Helen Ember- 
sou of Camsey, how she slopped all lije boles and windows about 


tbe hoase, that ber gndeman might not see daylight, and rise to 
the Haaf-fishiDg, because she feared fonl weather; and how the 
boat he should have sailed in -was lost in the Roost ; and hovr she 
came back, rejoicing in her gudeman's safety — but ne'er may 
care , for there she fpund him drowned in his own masking-fat, 
vithin the wa's of his ain biggin; and moreover — " - 

But here Swertfaa reminded tbe Ranzelman that he mast go 
dovn to the haven to get off the 6s)iing-boats ; " For both that my 
heart is sair for the bonny lad, and that I am fear'd l^e castupof 
his aio'ftccord before you are at sea ; and, as I have often told ye, 
my master may lead, buthewiuDa drive; andif yedo notdohis 
bidding, and get out to sea, tho never a bodle of boat-hire will 
ye see." 

"Weel, weel, good dame," said the Ranzelman , "ve will 
lonch as fast as we can ; and by good luck, neither Clavson's boat, 
nor Peter Grot's , is out to the Haaf this morning, for a rabbit ran 
across the path as they were going oo boards and they came back 
likiB vise men, keuDing they wad be ealled ta other wark this day. 
And a marvel it is to think, Svertha, how few real judicious men 
are left in this land. There is our great Udaller is weel eneugh 
when he is fresh, but he makes ower mony voyages io his ship 
and hip yawl to be lang sae; and now, they say, his daughter. 
Mistress Minna, is sair out of sorts. — Then there is iNoma kens 
mackle mair than other folk, but wise woman ye cannot call her. 
Our tacksman here , Malster Mertoun , his wit is sprung ia tbe 
bowsprit, I doubt — his son is a daft gowk; and I ken few of 
consequence hereabouts — eicepting always myself, and maybe 
you, Swertha — but what may, in some sense or other, be called 

"Thatmaybe, Niel Ronaldspn," said the dame ; ^'butifyoa 
do not hasten the faster to the shore, you will lose tide; and, as 
I said to my master some short time syne , whf will be the fute 



1 dOi 1ov« Uesc anciiTRL tuins — 

Wfi never ircad Upon tl>pm but tb 501 

Our Tool upon some rcvoroad hislorj ; 

And, queNUnnless, litre, in Ibis opi;a court, 

(Wbicln now lies nakeil la t,hc> injuries 

0( sLormy wealber.) somfi men lip inlerT'd , 

Lovf^cl the Ctiurcli so wtsU, and ifa've so largely to il, 

Tliey ihou^hi it sh&uld h'lYf ranopieij llieir bones 
Till dooinidayi — but nil ihine;^ have thcJr rnnl — 
Churches and eilies, whiich havi? ilis^ases litic to men^ 
Ifiu^i bt\c like death wliit'h *e have. tturhen af Malfy, 

TflEruinuuschuirhof SamlXiuiati ]]ail, iailstime, enjoyctl 
great celebTity'r for Ibat miglity system of BontBD iiUperslilioD^ 
which spread ils roots over all Eupopig j ha(i not failed to fiUend 
them evca lo this r^in'Oie archipelagic^ aod Zetland bad, in the 
Catholic times, itcrsaiula, Jiershrhics, and hcrnelics, which, 
Ibough little known tlsfwheri!;, attracted the homage, audcom- 
man^ded llm ohsfirvaace, of the simple inhabitants of Thule^ 
Their devotion lo this church of SoffnlNiataQ, or, ashewnapro- 
vmcially termed. Saint Ringan, sitofttqd, as the ediUce was^ close 
to the sca-beaehj aod seniujjf m maoj' polots, as a laoilEiiark to 
Iheirboais, ■was particularly ohstinate, and was connected flilh. 
50 mucii superstitious cerernooial nad credulity j Ibat the re- 
formed clergy thought it best, by an order of Jhe Church Courts, 
to prohibit aJ] sptritufll service within its walls, as lending I9 
foster Ibe rooted faitth of the simple and rude people around in 
SQini-^?orshtp, and oilier erroncoug doctrines of the Romish 

After the chi^rcb t^f Saint Moiau had been, thus dennunced as 
a seat of idolatry, and desecrated of course, Ihe public worsliip 
wns transferred ti* atiflther church; and the roof, with its lead 
and its rafters, {laviog been stripped from the little rude oltlGtilhic 
building, it was left in thewilJeroesslo the mercy of the elcnmnts. 
The fury of the uncootrolJed winds, yi\i\ch howled along an ex- 
posed space, rtisemblingihatwihichwe have described oijarlshof, 
verj soon choUed up nave and aisle, and, on Itii? north-west 
side, which was chiefly tsposed to the wind, hid the outside walls 



more than half vay np with mounds of drifted sand, over which 
the gable-ends of the fauildiDg, with the little belfrey, which was 
built above its eastern angle, arose in raj^ed and shattered na- 
kedness of ruin. 

Tet, deserted as it was, the Kirk of Saint Ringan still re- 
tained some semblance of the ancient homage formerly reodercd 
there. The rude and ignorant fishermen of Donrossness ob- 
served a practice, of which they themselves had well-nigh for- 
gotten the origin, and from which the Protestant Clergy in vain 
endeavoured to deter them. When their boats were in extreme 
peril, itwas common amongst them to propose to vow an otmiow, 
as they termed it, that is, an alms, to SaintRingan; and when 
the danger was over, they never failed to absolve themselves of 
their vow, by eoming singly and secretly to the old church, and 
putting off their shoes and stockings at the entrance of the church- 
yard, walking thrice around the ruins, observingthatthey didso 
in the course of the siin. When the circuit was accomplished for 
the third time, the votary dropped his offering j usually a small 
silver coin , through the mullions of a lanceolated window, which 
opened into a side aisle , and then retired, avoiding carefully to 
look behind him till he was beyond the precincts which had once 
been hallowed ground ; for itwas believed that the skeleton of the 
saint received the offering in his bony hand , and showed his 
ghastly death's head at the window into which it was thrown. 

Indeed, the scene was rendered more appalling to weak and 
ignorant minds, because the same stormy and eddying winds, 
which, on the one side of the church, threatened to bury the ruins 
with sand, and had, in fact, heaped it up in huge quantities, so as 
almost to hide the side-wall with its btittresses, seemed Id other 
places bent on uncovering the graves of those who had been laid 
io their long rest on the south-eastern quarter; and, after an un- 
usually hard gale , thecofGns, and sometimes the very corpses, 
of those who had been interred without the usual cerements, were 
discovered, in a ghastly manner, to the eyes of the living. 

It was to this desolated place of worship that the elder Mer- 
toan now proceeded, though without any of (hose religious or 
superstitious purposes with which the church ofSaintRingan was 

usuqlly approached. He was toMly wiLhout the superBlitiou^ 
fears of ihe CoudIi'J'> — "fly* from ihe sequCSlfirect auil sullen 
manner iu which he lived, withdrawiDg himself from hupian si}- 
riety even whea assembled for vt'orship , il was ll]« general opi- 
nioD that he erred on the more falal side, andbtlicved rrtthcrioo 
liitle than too much of ihal which the Church receives and eopiDS 
to Christians, 

As he eoL«rtd the lilLte bay y on the shaK , aod alm^ist od the 
beach of which the ruins arc situfliied, he could not help pausing 
fur on instant, and hccomini; seu^ibLc ihal the scene, as ralculaled 
to Operate on humsii feelingSj had been setedt'Ed with much judg- 
mfinl as the silc of a religious house. — In front Lay the sea, into 
vihich two htadlaiids, which formed the mtremitica ofihebayi 
projected their gigantic cause wajrs of dark and sable rocks, on the 
I edges of whicti lh« guUa, scuuries, aad other sea-^o^^l , appeared 
like Dakes of snow; while, upon the lowcf ranges of ibe cliff, 
stood whole Jiacs of cormtirajitSi drawn up alongside of eaeh 
olher, like soldiers ■□ llicir haltlc array^^ and other Ihinglhing 
•ivas there none to set. The sea , allhough not in a icmpesHlous 
siaie> was dfslurbcd enough lo rush ort these capes wiih a sound 
lite disiani thunder, and (he billows, whieh rose in shecls of 
foam half-way u[] these sahle rocks, formed a contrast of coluur- 
ing eguaily striking and awful. 

Beiwiit Ihe eiircmidesjorcapes, of these projecting htatllauds, 
ihere riiJIed, on Iheday when Mertoun \isiied the sccue, a deep 
and dense aggregaiioB of clouiTSj thruugh which do human eye 
touldpeDclrale, and which, bounding the vision, and excluding 
all \iew of the distant ocean, rendered it no unapt representation 
nf the sea in the vision of Miria, whfi'se eitenl was concealed by 
vapours, and cIolkJs, and storms. The ground rising steeply from, 
the sea-beach^ permitting no view into the toteriof of the country, 
appeared asceneof irreiriPTable barrenness^ where scrubby and 
stun(ed heath, intermixed with the loag bent, or coarse grass^ 
which first covers saiidy soils^ were the only vegetables Ibat 
rould be seen. Upon a nntural elevalion, which rose flbo\e 
Ihe heach In the very boilom of the bay^ and rceedcd a lillle 
from the sea, so as to be without reach of the waicSj arose the; 



btlf-baried min vhich ire have already described , surrooadcd 
by a wasted, haU-ruinons, and mouldering wall, which, 
breached in several places, served still to divide the precinos 
of the cemfetery. The mariners who were driven by accident 
iato this solitary bay, pretended tiiat the church was occasioDally 
observed to be full of lights, and, from that circumstance, were 
used to prophesy shipwrecks and deaths by sea. 

As Mertoun approached near to the chapel, be adopted, 
insensibly, and perhdpswi^out much premeditation, measures 
to avoid being himself seen , until he came close under the walls 
of the burial-ground, which he approached, as it chanced, on 
that side where the sand was blowing Sfom the graves, in the 
manner we have described. 

Here, looking through one of the gaps in bewail, which 
time had made, he beheld the person whom he sought,' occupied 
in a manner which assorted well widi the ideas popularly enter- 
tained of her character, but which was otherwise sufficiently 

She was employed beside a rude monument, on one side of 
which was represented the rough outline of a cavalier, or knight, 
onhorseback, while, ontheother, appeared a shield , with the 
armorial bearings so defaced as not to be intelligible; which 
escutcheon was suspended by one angle, contrary to the modern 
custom, which usually places them straight and upright. At the 
foot of this pillarwas believed to repose, as Mertoun had formerly 
heard, the bones of Bibolt Troil , one of the remote, ancestors of 
Magnus, and a man renowned for deeds of valorous emprise in 
the fifteenth century. From the grave of this warrior Noma of 
the FitHil-head seemed busied in shovelling the sand, an easy 
task where it was so light and loose ; so that it seemed plain that 
she would shortly complete what the rude winds had begun, and 
make bare the bones which lay there interred. As she laboured, 
she muttered her magic song; for without the Runic rhyme no. 
form of northern superstition was ever performed. We have 
perhaps preserved too many examples of these incantations ; but 
we cannot help aUemptiog to translate that which follows : — 


" Chflmpioii , fampd for Karlite loll , 
Aniiioiisilenl. BihollTrwiU 
Sanely anil iluJU and pebblj slwttM, 
Arfl leading bare thj fiianl bones. 
Wtn dafpd louch Ihe nild-bear's altio 

\« sluiiibcr'il on wliile life wof in? ^ 

A wuTiian now, or habc, inay come 

And cast Uifc covecine <rom thy l&mb, 

"\'Elbeiiol«ralbt!il, Ctiitt, aoit blight 
Mine eyes or ears wilh sound or sight! 
I tome not, with unhailow'dlreBd, 
To mk^ itie sJumbcrs of ibe dead j 
0? lav ihy giant relics barE ; 
Pul What I stPli ibou *ell caDsl spare. 

B(j ii lo my liond allow'd 

to sheer a morb'a wei^bl rram thy sbroud ; 

Yet leave LhE« sheeted lead QnOUgb 

To ibielil lliy bones from weather rough. 

" See , 1 d raw my mngic kllile — 

He¥er while than weTL in UTa 

Laid'sl ihau !>till for sJoih or Cear, 

When point and fAf;r: were glittering nur; 

See , tbc cereraeriLs. now I never — 

WakiGiinow, or sleep for ever! 

Thou wilt not wnici' Ihp detd is done!! — 

The priie 1 s*ughi is fairly won, 

" Thanks, Ribolt, thanks, — for this the sea 

Shall imociib iw rufflfld crest for lK*fl, -^ 

And wbiJe afar its billovrs foam, 

Subside to pence near llitioltl tonib, 

Thanks, Biboli, tbauks — for ihii the might 

Of wild winds rngins at their height. 

When to thy plac^; t>{ slumber oigb. 

Shall icofl^n t« a lullaby. 

^'Sbi:, the daniEi of doubt and dreadf 

^Torna of the Fitrul-heail , 

Hiptly im her oftn despite — 

Kiscrabk in her mighi; 

la despair and. frenzy great, — 

In hpr grefltness desolate; 

Wisral, wickedest who lives, 

Well t:ai) keep ibe word she gives!" 

While Noroa chauied the first part of this rhyme, she com" 
plelcd the task of layin j bare a pari of the leadijn cufSo of the 


aocieot warrior, and severed from it, with mneh eantion and 
apparent awe, a portion of the metal. She theo reTereotiall; 
threw back the sand npon the cofSa ; and bj the time ehe had 
finished her song, no trace remained that the secrets of the se- 
pulchre bad been violated. 

Hertoun remained gazing on her from behind the diarchfard 
wall dnriag the whole ceremony, not from any impression of 
veneratioDforfaerorfaer employmeot, but because he conceived 
that to interrupt a madwomaa io her act of madness , was not the 
best way to obtain from her such intelligence as she might have to 
impart. Meanwhile he had full time to consider her figure, al- 
though her face was obscured by ber dishevelled hair, and by the 
hood of her dark mantle, which permitted no more to be visible 
than a Druidess would probably have exhibited at the celebration 
of her mystical rites. Mertbuo had often heard of Noma before; 
nay , it is most probable that he might have seeo her repeatedly, 
for she had been inthe vicinity of Jarlsbof more than once since 
bis residence there. But the absurd stories which vere io circu- 
lation respecting her, preveuted his paying suy attention to a 
person whom he regarded as either an impostor or a madwoman, 
or a compound of both. Yet, now that his attention was, by 
circumstances, involuntarily fixed npoo her person and deport- 
ment, he could not help acknowletging to himself that she was 
either a complete enthusiast, or rehearsed her part so admirably, 
that no Pythoness of ancient time could have excelled her. The 
dignity and solemnity of her. gesture, — the sonorous, yet im- 
pressive tone of voice with which she addressed the departed 
spirit whose mortal relics she ventured to disturb, were such as 
failed not to make an impression upon him, careless and indiffer- 
ent as he generally appeared to all that went on around him. 
But no sooner was her singular occupation terminated, than, 
entering the churchyard with some difficulty, by clambering over 
(he disjointed ruins of the wall , he made Noma aware of his pre- 
sence. Far from starting, or expressing the least surprise at his 
appearance in a place so solitary, she said, in a tone that seemed 
to intimate that he had been expected ,. *^So t^ yon have sought 
me at last?" 
Tha PiraU. 2O 


'"And foimd ^fuii," replti^d M<?rLoun, judging he would best 
iD:|rodui!:ie Ihe inquiries lie had to luakc^ hy asBuniiiig a louc which 
corresponded in b&i: own, 

"^Yes!" she ceitliedj " found me you have, and in the |)].icc 
where all meo muslmeet— omid the tnbernaclfs of the di-ad." 

**Here we must, indeed, meet ai lasi," replii^d Moriiiuii, 
glancinji his eyes en (he desulale scene around, whert' head- 
atones ^ half covered with saud, and others, from which tht: 
Slime wind had stripped ^^^ ^'^''^ **" which they n-eti-d, i;o>eTC!d 
with inscriptions, and sculpturc^d with the cmhlnms ortnortality, 
w ere Ihc must c<uj^]mcuods ol>]ecls , — " here , as in (he huu^e at 
deuth, all men loust inieel at length ; and happy^ Itto&e that come 
soonest 1i> the quiet baveit." 

**He. that dares defiire this haven j" saictXorna, "must have 
steered a steady course in the voya^t; of life. I ddre nut hope for 
such quiet harbour. Darcst thou expect It? or has tfau isuurse 
thou hasL kepi ileserved it?" 

"It manors not to my present purpose," replied Merloun ; 
**[ iiave tLP ask yuu what tidings you know of my sonMordauni 

'*A father," rcplietl the sibjl, "asks of a stranger vhm 
ijdin(^s she has i>f his bob ! How shoulil 1 know aught of him? 
the cormorant says ant lo thi inailard, Wh*fC is my hroodV" 

**Lay aside ibis useless nffeclation of mystery," said Mer- 
toun ; ^'wKh the vulgar nnd ignorant tl has itselfccl, bul upon 
me it is ihrawn away. The ptople tifJarlshorhaic lold rae that 
you do knuw, or way know, something uf Mordaunt Mcrtoun, 
who tias not returned home fram the fe^iivol of Saiui John's, held 
in the ho'iise of your relative, Magnus Troil, Oivie nie such in- 
formatiiin, if jnileeJ yc have it (o givt ; and it shall be recom- 
pensed, jl'thfi means of recompense are in mj power." 

*' The wide r&und tif earth," replied Noma, "holds nothing 
tliat I would call a recfrnipense for the slij^htcsl word that 1 throw 
away upou a living car. Bul for thj son, iJ' thou wouldgt see him 
in life, repair to ilje approaching Fair of Hlrkwatl, in Orkney." 
"And whcrefitro Ihtther?" said Merloun; "I know be had 
no purpose ID that ilirectioa.'' 


. " We drive on the slresm of fate/' answered Noma, "widiout 
oar or rudder. You had no purpose tbis morning of visitiaf; the 
Kirk of Saint Ringan, yet you are here; — yon bad no porpoae 
but a minute beoce of being at KirkWall, and yet you will go 

"Mot unless the caase is more distinctly explaitied to me. I. 
am no believer, dame, in those who assert yonr supernatural 

"Yon shall believe in them ere we part," said Noma. "As 
yet you know but little of me, nor shall you know more. But I 
know enough of yon, and could convince you with one word Uiat 
I do so." 

*< Convince me, then," saidMertoun; ^'for unless I am so 
convinced, there is little chance of my following your counsel." 

*'Uark, tben/' said Noma, ''what I have to say dn your 
son's score , else what I shall say to you on yonr own will banish 
every other thought from your memory. You shall go to the ap- 
proaching Fair at Kirkwall; and, on the fifth day of the Fair, 
70U shall walk, at the hour of noon, in the outer aisle of the 
Cathedral of Saint Magnns, and there yon shall meet a person 
who will give you tidings of yonr son." 

<*You must speak more distinctly, dame," returned Hertoun, 
scornfully, "if yon hope that I should follow yonr counsel. I 
have been fooled in my time by women , but never so grossly as 
you seem willing to gull me." 

"Hearken then!" said the old woman. "The wonlwhichi 
speak shall touch the nearest secret of thy life, and thrill thee 
through nerve and bone." 

So saying, she whispered a word into Mertoun's ear, the 
effect of which seemed almost magical. He remained 6xed and . 
Burtionless with surprise , as, waving her aim slowly aloft, with 
an air of superiority and triumph, Noma glided from him, turned 
round a corner of the ruins , and was soon oat of sight. 

lUertoon offered not to follow, or to trace her. " We fly from 
oar fate in vain ! " he said, as he began to recover himself; and 
, turning , he left behind him the desolate rnins with their ceme- 
tery. As he looked back from the very last point at which the 



cburcb wnsTlsible^ be saw the Qgur« of Xoroa^ mufQed ia &er 
mfloile, slandjQg on tht very sqdioiU of ihc ruin^^d uiwct, nod 
stretching out Ui Ihe sca-briM;ie soiaelhing ^hith resembled a 
white pciition. Of flag. A. fcelidg i>f horror, similar to that ei- 
cilcd by her Llit words, agiiin ihrilled Ihrnu^'h hisboiscnia, and 
he hastened oQwariiswiihnn^onteil speed, uDlilhu had left the 
church of SaiaiNiQian, with its bay of saod, farbehiod him. 

Upon his arrival at Jarlshof^ the allCTaitim in his countenance 
was so gfeai, thai Swcrihn ci>iijectiired be was ahoul to fall into 
(in* of Uiose Ots of deep melanchul j which slae termed his dark 

"And what belter could b« «pecied," Uiiouehe Swerlha, 
"when he mast needs gfi visit Noma of the Fi*ful-h«iidj -when 
&he was in thi! haunted Kirk of Saint Hingao's? " 

Bat -ftithout testifying any other symptoms of on alienaied 
mind, than thrti of tJccp and sullen deJBctioi:], her master ac- 
quainted her with bis fnlenlion to go to the Fflir ofKirliwall, — i 
ihrng 50 contrary lo his usual habiis, that ih« housekeeper well- 
nigh refused to credit her ears. Shortly after, he heard, with ap- 
parent indiiTereDC*, the accounts returned by the different per- 
sons who had hcea seat nuL in quest of Mordaunt, by sea and 
land, who al[ of thepi returned without any tidings. The equani- 
mity with which McrtoUJi heard (he icport of iheirliail success^ 
convini-ed SwfrJha still njore firmly that in his interiiiiaw with 
Noma, that issue had been predicted lo him by »he siliyl whom he 
had consulted. 

The iflw nshrp were yet more surprised, when their tacksman, 
Mr.MerlouDjais if on some sudden rcsoluiioo, made preparaticms 
to YJsit Kirkwall during IheFair^allhuu^h he had hitherlo avoided 
gedulowsly alJ such places of public resort. Sweriha puaiied her- 
self a good dflaljWithout being able K pcnetraie this mystery; aitd 
vexed herself still more conC'erning the fate of her younji; master. 
But her eanfiern was luuch softened by the deposit of a sum of 
money^ seeAiiag, however moderate in itself, a treasure in her 
eyes, whiclnier master put into her hands, acquamting her,at the 
same time, that he had taken his passage for Kirkwatl, in a small 
bark belonging tu the proprieiar of ihe island of ATousa. 




' Hae langer she wepl, — her tears Tere a' spent, — 
Despair it was Come , and she thought it content; 
She thought it content, but her cbeeltit grew pale. 
And she droop'd , like a lily broke down by the hail. 

Continuation of Auld Robin Oray. * 

Thb condition of Minna much resembled that of the village 
heroine in Lady Ann Lindsay's beaalifal ballad. Her natural 
firmness of mind prevented her from sinking under the pressure 
of the horrible secret, which haunted her while awake, and was 
yet more tormenting during her broken and hurried slumbers. 
There is no grief so dreadful as that which we dare ootcommoni- 
cafe, andin which we can neither ask nor desire sympathy, and 
when to this is added the burden of a guilty mystery to an inntv- 
cent bosom, there is littlewonder thatMinnia's health should have 
sunk under the burden. 

To the friends around, her habits and manners, nay, her 
temper, seemed altered to such an extraordinary degree, that it 
is no wonder that some should have ascribed the change to witch- 
craft, and some to incipient madness. She became unable to bear 
the solitude in which she formerly delighted to spend her time ; 
yet when she hurried into society, itwaswithout either joining in, 
or attending to , what passed. Generally she appeared wrapped 
in sad,- and even sullen abstraction, until her attention was sud- 
denly roused by some casual mention of the name of Cleveland, 
OTofMordauntMertoun, at which she started, with the horror of 
one who sees the lighted match applied to a charged mine, and. 
ei|^cts to be instantly involved in the effects of the explosion. 
And when she observed that the discovery was not yet made, it 
was so far from being a consolation, that she almost wished the 
worst was known rather than endure the continued agonies of 

■ It is worth while saying, that this motto , and the ascription of the 
beautiful ballad from which it is taken to the Right Honourable Lady 
Ana Lindsay, occasioned the ingenious authoress's acknovledgmenl of 
thebaljiad, of which the Editor, by her permission, publjsbed a small 
impreHioD, inscribed to the Bannatyne Club. 


Her coDducl to^frards her sisler was so variable, yet uni formly 
so pamful hi \iv liiml-fiC'Brifd Bronila, ihai it seemed to all 
jirailnd , oni: of ihc sirOOgest fealUrC-5 of Sicr malady. SomclimcS 
Miniid was imjicllcril tii serk her sislor's ■company, ns if by the 
cunsciouSDess ibul tbcy YCre cummoD suiTeieTS by a misfortune 
tiT which she hcrs'cif aloni: cotild graSp llic extent; noil then sud- 
denly llie reeling <jf the injury vfaiuh U^cndahddTel^ei^:ed through 
the sup>[iosed Dgcnc<f of CIcvclanil, mode her unoblc to hear her 
tiri;s(-uc>e, aiid silII \f!^s to endure the 4!oiisulatioj]iAh)ch lier sister, 
mistoltingihe nalureof herrualadj, vamlj emleai.oufed loadmi- 
iilBHer. Frcquenily, ahoj did it hsppeiif lliai, while Brcndu was 
impluriiig ht^r sisler to take cQmi'ort, she ineautiou&ly Couchdd 
UpoD soDiQ subj>eet which thrilled iu the v(!rv Ceulre of her soul; 
so thal» uDabk io conceal her ugony , Alinoa would rush hasti1]r 
front tbe aparLiucoL. A]] these dilTercnt, moods, thou^Ii they loo 
much resemhled, in one who knew not theirreal source, the ca- 
prices ofuDklnd eslranj^emflnt, Brenda endured with such pre- 
vailing ajid uiirufJIed gcntletiess of disyinsttion, tliot Minna was 
Ircqueutjy moved lo shed Hoods of tears upon hef ocek; and, per- 
haps, Ihc nioineDts io whicli &hc did so, though Juihittered by the 
recnIlectioD ihaL her fatal siiCrel coneemcd tlie deslpuctioo of 
Brenda's happiness as well as her own, were stilJ, softeocd aa 
[hey were by si&lerly aiTcclion, llie most eodurabla moments of 
this most miserable period of her liJc. 

TJje efTecisof [he alternations of moping melaucLoJy, fearful 
agitatiuDj and bursts of nervous feeling, were soon\isihle on Ihe 
poor young woman's face and person. She became pa[e and 
emncialed; her eye lost the steady quiet look of happiness and 
innocejace, find was aUamaiely dim and Mild, as she *as acted 
upon by ageiteral feeling of her own dislr^siiful condition, or by 
some quicker and inore poignaat sense of agony. Her very fea- 
tures seemed to chanfjf!, and btcome sharp and eager, and her 
voice, which, in its ordinary lonfls, was iow and placid, now 
somettraes sunk in j/idistisicl rauflenngs, and sometimes was 
rais-ed heyonJ the naturai key, in hasty and abrupt ciclamatiops. 
When in coaipaoy with others, slie was sullenly silunt, and, 
when she ventured into solitude, was observed (lor it was oqw 


thought very proper to watch her on sach occasions) to speak 
mach to herself. 

The pharmacy of the islands Was in vain resorted to by Minna's 
aniioos father. Sages of both sexes , who knew the virtues of 
every herb which drinks the dew, and augmented these \irtues 
by words of might, used while they prepared and applied the me- 
dicineSjwere attended with aobeneBt; andMagnus,iQ the utmost 
anxiety, was at last induced to have recourse to the advice of his 
kinsvoman,Xorna of the Fitful-head, although, owing to circum- 
stances, noticed in the course of the story, there was at this time 
some estrangement between them. His Grst application was in 
vain. — Xoraa was then at her usual place of residence, upon the 
sea-coast, near the headland From which she usually took her 
designation; but, although Eric Scambester himself brought die 
message, she refused positively to see him or to return any answer. 

Magnus was angry at the slight put upon his messenger and 
message, but his anxiety on Minna's account, as well as the re- 
spect which he had for Noma's real misfortunes and imputed 
wisdom and power, prevented him from indulging, on the present 
occasion, his usual irritability of dispositipn. On Uiecontrary, 
he determined to make an application to his kinswoman in his 
own person. He kept- his purpose, however, to himself, and 
only desired his daughters to be in readiness t^attend him upon 
a visit to a relation whom he had not seen for some time, and di- 
rected them, at the same time, to carry some provisions along 
with them, as the journey was distant, and they might perhaps 
find their friend unprovided. 

Unaccustomed to ask explanations of his pleasure, and hoping 
that exercise and the amusement of such an exeursion might be 
of service to her sister, Brenda, upon whom all household and 
family charges now devolved , caused the uece'ssary preparations 
to be made for the expedition; and on the next morning, tbey 
were engaged in tracing the long and tedious coarse of beach and 
of moorland, which,, only- varied by occasional patches of oats 
and barley , where a little ground had been selected for cultiva- 
tion , divided Burgh-Westra from the north-westera extremity of 
theMainlaod, (as the principal island is called,) which terminates 


iAth« cape called FiKal-bead, as the savlVvf stern poiaf endfl 
in Lhe cape of Sutuburgti. 

Ott they Tvent, through wild and ovct wold, the Udaller be- 
siridiug asiroDg, square-^mnds', well-baffcUed palfrey, ofNor- 
wegian breed, soinc^hai laller, andyeiaR jiout, as tiie ordinary 
ponies itfUie caunirj", while Minna aod Breoda, faTned, anK^ngsi 
other accomplisbroents,^ for iheir horsemftoship, rode two of 
iho'se hardy animals, 'wbicb, bred oad leared wiih more pains 
than is usuiilly bellowed , showed, bolh by the neatness of their 
form and their actixiLj'f ttialtherace, so muchand so careleBsly 
□ eglgetcd, is copabk orhein:giinprCM::d into t)i;suly without losing 
any thing of lis spirit or yiguuT. Th^jrwere attended by two ser- 
vants on horseback, and two on foot, secure that the last circum- 
staoce would be no dcSav to ihcir loumejj because a great part ef 
the way wus so rUfged, or so marsh;, that the ttflrses could «Eil]' 
mo\e ata footpacfi j and that|> whcoEVLT Ihcy met with any con- 
Riderablc tract of hard and oven grtiundj ihcy had only lo borrow 
from the nearest Iierd of ponies the use of a couple for (he accom- 
modation of these pedestrians. 

The journey was g melancholy one> and liltHe conversation 
passed, eieept wfien the UdaJler, pressed by ioipoiience and 
vciaiion, urged his pony io a quick pace, sqcJ again, recollecting 
Minnw's weak stale of health, slackened lo a walk, and reilerafed 
inguirics how she fell herself, andwhclher Ihe fatigue was riol too 
much for her. A* noon the party halted ^ and partook of some 
refreshment, fur whicbihey had made ample provisiurt, beside a 
pleasant spring,, the purencss of whose waters, Uoivever, did not 
suit ihe Udaller's palate, unMl qualified by a liheral addrijoti of 
rlght.Nautz. After he had a second, yea, and a ihrrd lime, filled 
a large silver travclliDg-cup , embossed with a German Cupid 
smoliing a pipe, aad a German Bacehus emptying his flask down 
Ihe Ibroat of a bear, he began lo becoiae more talkallve than v?- 
ifltjop had perraitied liim to be during the carlj part of tLeir jour- 
ney^ and thus addressed his daughrers; — 

'*Weli^ childfen^ we are within n league or two of Xorna's 
dwelling, and we shall soon see how ijjc old spell-muttcrerwill 
receive us." 


Miaiu interrapted hcrCatliervithafaint eielimation, -whilo 
Breoda, surprised to a great degree , eiclaimed, 'Msitthento 
Noma that ve are to make this visit? — Heaven forbid ! " 

"And -wherefore should Heaven forbid?" said the Udaller, 
knitting his brows; "wherefore, I woald gladly knpw, should 
Heaven forbid ni% to visit mf kinswoman, whose skill may be of 
use to your sister, if any womaninZetland} or man either, can 
be of service to her? — You are a fool, Brenda, —your sister has 
more sense. — Cheer up , Minna ! — thou wert ever wont to like 
her songs and stories, and used to hang about her neck, when 
little Brenda cried and ran from her like ft Spanish merchantman 
from a Butch caper." * 

''I wish she may not frighten me as mneh to-day, faUier," 
replied Brenda, desirous of indulging Uinna in her taciturnity, 
tad at the same time to amuse her father by sustaining the con- 
versation; "I have heard so much of her dwelling, thatlamra- 
Iher alarmed at the thought of going thttre uninvited." 

"Thou art a fool," ^aid Magnus, "to think that a visit from 
her kinsfolks can ever come amiss to a kind, hearty, Hialtlaod 
heart, like my cousin Noroa's. — And, now I think on't, 1 wili be 
sworn that is the reason why she would not receive Eric Scam- 
bester? — It is many a long day since I have seen her chimney 
smoke , and I have never carried you thither — She hath indeed 
some right to call me unkind. But I will tell her the truth ~ and 
thatis, that though such be the fashion, I do not think it is fair 
or hooest to eat up the substance of lone women-folks, as we do 
that of our brother Udallera, when we roll aboatfrom house to 
house in the winter season, until we gaUier like a snowball, and 
eat up all wherever we come." 

" There is no fear of our putting Noma to any distress jusi 
now," replied Brenda, "for I have ample provision of every thing 
tiiat we can possibly need — fish, and bacon , and salted mutton, 
uul dried geese — more than we-conld eat in a week, besides 
enoughof liquor for you, father." 

"Right, right, my ^rl!" said the Udaller; "a well-found 

* A light-armed vessel of the seventeenlh centory, adapted forpri- 
valaeriog , and mach uwd hy the Dutch; 


ship. makes a merry vojage — so we shall only wanl the kindness 
(irNortia'srooi, and a liUle bedding Coryuu; tot, tis Lo m^stir, 
my sea-cloak^ and huncst dry bonrds of Norway deal, fiuiL me 
bi:4L«r ihnn yoiir elder-do'AD ruslnoDs and aiaUrcsses. Sa Lhst 
Nyrna ?ili have- ttip pleasure ufsteiog UBiirilhoulhaviiPg a s Liver's 
wijrth of Inwlile," 

"I ^ish^bc may thiakit aplcastire, Sir," replied DrcTida. 
" Whj, ■wbatUin^S llic girl lueaii, in ihe Qamt ol' the Murlyr?" 
replied Maynus Tnjil; ''dost ihou thiflk flay kinswomiin is a 
hernhftn , » liu will u«i reinice li> sei! her own flesh aud blood ? — 
1 would I were as sure ol a gftod year's fisliiPBl — iNo, qo ! I onlj 
fenr we ma J Gad her fruni liome At {jreseftt, for she is often a 
wanderer j aodallwilh Lhinkin^ over much oavhalcan never he 

Minna sigbed deeply as her falter spoke, and the udaller went 

on: — 

"Dost thou sigt at thai, mj- girl? —why, 't is the fault of half 
ibo world — let ii pever be thine own , Minnn." 

Another suppressed sigh iaiimal^d thai the catilkn came too 

"I helieve you areafVaidormycou*.rn as well as Brciidn is," 
said Ihe UdalJcr, yazJojfua lit-r ji.ilp countT'riain:f; *'ifso. speak 
llio wunJ, .md Re vifll rclurn batik again as if wu had the wind on 
our quarter, and wore ranning llftfeo knots, by ihe Ime." 

"Do, for Heaveti's sake, sister, let us return!" said Breiadat 
imploringly; "you know— you rcmt-niber — jou must be well 
aware that >orna can do nought to help yim." 

"II is but luo true," ssiJUinna, itl a subdued voicfl; ''but 
1 know nol — she may answer a question — a question that ouly 
the miserable dare ask of the miserable-" 

"Nay> niy kinswoman is co miser," answered the Udaller, 
who otily heard (he heginniflg of ihe wortt; "a jfood income she 
has, both in Orkney and here, auii numy a fair Ijspyjid of butter 
is paifl to her. Dm the poor hfl\c the best share iifitj and sharat! 
iflll liie ZeilnnJer who liefjriiifges lliem; the rest she spends, £ 
wot nut how, tn h{!r journeys ihrougti Ihc islands. Buiyomvill 
laugh to see her house, and .\i«k Struniplcr, whora sJi« calls 


Pacolel — maDy folks think Nick is the devil ; but he is flesh and 
blood, like aay of us — bis father lived in Grcmsay. — I shall be 
glad to see Nick agaiOk" 

While the Udatlerthns ran on, Brenda, who, in reconapense 
for a less portion of imagination than her sister, was gifted with 
sound common sense, vas debating vith herself the probable 
effeet of this visit od her sister's health. She came finally to the 
resolution of speaking with her father aside upon the first occasion 
which their jonmey should afford. To him she determined to 
communicate the whole particulars of their nocturnal interview 
with Noma, — to which, among other agitating causes, she at- 
tributed the depression ofMinna's spirits, — and then make him- 
self the judge whether he ought to persist in his visit to a person 
60 singular, and expose his daughter to all the shock which her 
nerves might possibly receive from the interview. 

Just as she had arrived at this conclusion, her father, dashing 
the crumbs from his laced waistcoat with ohe hand, and receiving 
with the other a fourth cup of brandy and water, drank devoutly 
to the success of their voyage , and ordered all to be in readiness 
to set forvt^ard. Whilst they were saddling their ponies, Brenda, 
with some difficulty, contrived to make her father understand she 
wished to speak with him in private — no small surprise to the 
honest Udaller, -who, though secret as the grave in the very few 
things where he considered secrecy as of importance, was so far 
from j[iractisiog mystery in general, that his most important affairs 
were often discussed by him openly in presence of his whole fa- 
mily, servants included. 

But far greater was his astonishment, when, remaining pur- 
posely with his daughter Brenda, a little in the wake, as he termed 
It, ofthe other riders, he heard thewboleaccount of Noma's visit 
lo Burgh- Westra , and ofthe communication with which she had 
then astounded his daughters. For a long time he could utter no- 
thing but interjections, and ended with a thousand curses on his 
kinswomaa's folly in telling his daughters such a history of horror. 

"I have often heard," said the Udaller, "that she was quite 
mad, with all her wisdom, and all her knowledge ofthe seasons; 
and, bythebonesof my namesake, the Martyr, I begin now to 


bclicre it most assureiily I I know no more ho-w to sleer than if I 
had lost my compass. Had I koowp this before we set out, t Ihick 
I bad rEmaiQedathomft? butnow Ihatwofcave eoffle so far, and 

"EipeciBuSj falherr' aaidBrerida; "hoT? can that be pos- 
sible 1 " 

•'Why, that I know not — but she ihai can tell howl>i€wiad 
is loblyw,'caD leil which way we are designing lo fide. She musi 
notbepTovoked-,— perhaps she ha& done my ramil;f this ill for 
Ihe words 1 had with her about that lad MordiiUiUMcrloun, and 
ilso, 5tn! can undo it Again ; ~ aad SI) she shflU, or 1 will know 
the cause wherefore- But 1 will try fair words first. "' 

Finding it thus seLiI eii ihal they wcm lo go forward , Brenda 
eodca^oupcd ueii to learn fnnc htr faiher whether Xonia's tale 
was fouoded in reality. Hq shook hjs hftati, groanod bitterlj, 
and , in a feiv wfltris, ackoowlcdgei that the whole, so far as con- 
cerned her intrigue with a stranger, and her father's death, of 
which she h^came tiie accidental and most innocent cause, was a 
matter ofsadaai indisputable truth, 'tFoi: her infant," he said, 
"he could never, by nny means, learn what became of it." 

^^Herinranli" eiclairaed Breuda; ' = she spoke oot a word of 
her infant!" 

"Thealwish my tongue had been blisiercd/'said theUdallcr, 
"when f (old you ofit! — lscL' that, young aod old, a raau has 
no better chance of keeping' a secret from you women, than an eel 
to keep himself in bis holii when he i^ sniggled with a loop of 
horae-huir — sooner or Inter the lisherteazes himonlofhis hole, 
when he has ancc the noosc round his neck," 

*'Btit ihemfan*, my father/' eaidBriSnda, still ioBisling on 

the particulars of this eilraordinary story jf " wliaibucame of it 3" 

"Carried oJl', I fancy, by the blackguard Vaughan," answered 

Iha Udaller, with a grut!" accent, which jtlaiQly betokened tinw 

weary he was ofihi^ subject. 

"By VaughanV" said Brenda, "the lover of poor Noma, 
doubtless! — what sort of man was be, father?" 

"Why^ much like other men, I fancy," answered the 
Udallcf ; "I never saw him in my life. — He kepi company with 


the Scottish famUies at Kirkyall ; and I -with the good old Norse 
fo)k — Ahi if Noma had dwelt alvaya amongst her o-wd kin^aud 
not kept corapan; with her Scottish acqaaiatance, she would have 
knovD nothing ofVaiighan, and things might have been otherwise 
— But theo I should have koown nothing of your blessed mother, 
Brenda — and that/' he said, his large blue eyes shiotog with t 
tear, *' would have saved me a short joy and a long sorrow." 

"Norna could but ill have supplied my mother's place to yon, 
father, as a companion and a friend — thatis, judging from all I 
have heard," said Brenda, with some hesitation. Bat Hsgnns, 
softened by recollections of his beloved wife , answered her with 
more indulgence than she expected. 

"I would have been content," he said, "to have wedded 
Noma at that time. It would have been the soldering of an old 
quarrel — the healing of an old sore. All our blood relations 
wished it, and, situated as I was, especially not having seen your 
blessed mother, I had little will to oppose their counsels. Yoa 
most not judge of Noma or of me by such an appearance as we 
now present to you — She was yonng and beautiful, and I game- 
some as a Highland buck, and little caring what haven I made 
•for, having, as I thought, more than one under my lee. But 
Noma preferred this man Yaughan, and , as i told yon before, it 
was, perhaps, the best kindness she could have done to me." 

"Ah, poor kinswoman ! " said Brenda. "But believe yon, 
father, in the high powers which she claims — in the mysterious 
vision of the dwarf — in the — " 

She was interrapted in these questions by Magnus, to whom 
they were obviously displeasing. 

"I believe, Brenda," he said, "according to the belief of my 
forefathers — I pretend not to be a wiser man than they were in 
their time, — and they all believed Uiat, in cases of great worldly 
distress. Providence opened the eyes of the mind, and afforded 
the sufferers a vision of fhttirity. It was hut atrimmingofthe 
boat, with reverence," — here he touched his hat rerereiUiaHy ; 
"and, after all the shifting of ballast, poor Noma is as heavily 
loaded in the bows as ever was an Orkneyman's yawl at the di^ 
fishing — the has more than affliction enough on board to balance 


nhalevcr giris &he moy Lav? had in the naidsl of li«r calamily. 
Xhey are as painful to her, fioorsoul, as a crowD uf ihorns ^ould 
be tD her brows, thuugli it wpre Ibtz bndgt oTlIil' ciupirfi ofUen- 
mark. Aad do polygu, Brcufln, ^eek to be wl^l^^ ibaD your Ta- 
Ihers. Yoiir sisLer Miupa, before sbe uasso ill» bad as much 
rtiveronce for whalcxcr Tvas produced in Norse, as if it bud been 
in CbePupc'sbulL, vih'\ch is aU^Tilleti lu pure Latin." 

^'PcttrlVuriiial" rtpealisd Brenda-, ^'and her child — wag it 
never recovered "J " 

"What do I kimjwfif her child?" said lUtiL'dtiller, more gruffly 
ihan before, "■Mc^epitlint^hp -ft^sverj iH, both before and after 
13!« birth^ though wc keplhcf asmttry as wc cduld wilh jiipe and 
harp, aod so forth \ — the child had come before its time Into this 
bustling world, so ii is likely it has beeo king; dead. — Bui you 
know DDlbing of all these matters, Breodu; so get along for a 
foolish girl ^ and ask no more questions abaut what it does not 
becomr. yflu lo inf^qire into," 

So saying , the Udaller gave his siurdy lillte palfrey the spur, 
and cantering forward over rough and sraooih, while Ihe pony's 
accuracy and lirmness of step put all difflculiics of the path ai se- 
uare defiance , he planed himself soon by itic side ofthc melan- 
choly I|rItnD2, and permitleJ her sister to have tm farlhec sliare iu 
his conversation than as it was addressed to liifrajoijilly. She 
could but cojiifort herself niih the hope, thai, a5niit]na'9 disease 
appeared to havn its seat in (he iitiagination, the remedies r*- 
coinmeoded by Noma might have some chance of being effectualj 
since, tu all probability, they would be addressed to the same 

Tbeif way had hithertO' held chiefly over moss anrl mour , va- 
riftd Qccosiooaily by ihc necessity of makfng a circtiil around the 
li«adsof [hosefoDglfflgooiia, called vi>es, whifh run up lolo and 
indent Uie couDtry in such a manner, that, though th't: fllaiulatid 
of Zetlaod may be Ibtrly miles ftr more in length, there is, per- 
haps, no part of vi which is jnore than three triiles distant from 
ilie salt water. BuHhey hadnyw approaeLod ihenorth-westera 
eilremily of the iste, "aud travelled al&Dg the lop cf an iramflnse 


ridge or rocks, -which had for ages withstood the rage of the 
Northern Occaq , aad of all the winds by which it is buffeted. 

At length exclaimed Magnus to his ddoghters, *'Tbere is 
Noma's dwelliagl — Lookup, Miaoa, my love; for if this does 
not make you laugh, nothing will. • — Saw yon ever any thing but 
an osprey that would have made such a nest for herself as that 
is? — By my namesake's bones, there is not the like of it that 
living thing ever dwelt in, (having no wings and the use of 
leason,) unless it chanced to be the Frawa-Stack off Papa, where 
the King's daughter of Norway was shut up to keep her from 
her lovers — and all to little purpose, if the tale be true;* for, 
maidens, I would have you to wot ^at it is bard to keep flai 
from the lowe."** 

CHAPTER xxvir. 

Thrice from the cavern's darksome womb 

Her groaning voice arose ; 
And come, my (laughter, fearless come , 

And rea.rless tell iby woes! Hbiklb. 

Tbb dwelling of Noma , though none but a native of Zetland, 
familiar, during his whole life, with every variety of rock-scenery, 
could have seen any thing ludicrous iu this situation, was not 
unaptly compared by Magnus Troil to the eyry of the osprey, or 
sea-eagle. It was very small, and had been fabricated out of 
one of those dens which are called Burghs and Picts-bouses in 
Zetland, and Duns on the mainland of Scotland and the Hebrides, 
and which seem to be the first effort at architecture — the con- 
necting link betwixt a fox's hole in a cairn of loose stones , and 
an attempt to construct a human habitation out of the same mate- 
rials, without the use of limeor cement of any kind, — without 
any timber, so far as can be seen from their remains, — without 
any knowledge of the arch or of the stair. Such as they are, 
however, the numerous remains of these dwellings, for there is 

* TbeFraw-Staci, or Haiden-Soek, an inaccessible dilT, dtrided 
b; a narrow gulf from the island of Papa, has on the summit some nifas. 
concorojog which there Is a legend similar to that of Dana& 
•' loot, flame. 


oDC found oQ ever; headU ad, isltt, orpoiDlof vantagQ, which 
CDold alTord the iiihubilJiaiB addiiiacal R]>eaDs of defence, tend to 
prove ibai ihe remote people by whom tli«sc Burghs were ci>xi- 
siTucLed, were a numerous race, and thsi the islands baiJ then a 
much greater populaliiia, than, fEom uLber circumsLaoceB » «e 
might have been l{;d Ui aiULCipale. 

The Bur^b oi whiiHi w« at present speak had beta altered and 
repaired at a later period , prohalily by some pcity despot, or sea- 
rfl\eT, vho, teinpiEiibjthc seturityofthe situaltuii, whiclioecu- 
picd the "^s'holc of a projijciiuf point of rock, and was divided 
from the mainland b; a real or chasm of some ilrplh, had hqijt 
gome addJtiMPs Lo it in the radeBl sivLe of Gothic defea&ive 
architeeluff, — had plastered the inside with IJmc and clay, and 
broken out windi>vv^ for the admission or !i^ht and air; and, 
fiually, tj roofuig ilorefj and dividing it into stories, hy meant 
of beams of wfccU-ffood, had convened ihc whole into 8 (<iwcr, 
rflsembliag a pyramid icaJ dovecot, forni^d by a double wall, siill 
containiog withia ii3 tbickacss iliai set of circular gallerifs, or 
coacenCric riogs , ivhich '\s proper In all the furls of iJus primitive 
GxiqsFriictioD,, and irhich seem to have ctin&tiiuted the on!) shelter 
which ihcy were origiaally qualified la afford lo their shivering 

This singular habitation, built out of the laose stones whiah 
Jay Bcatler'sd aroumj, and eipe^sed forages to the vicissitudes of 
the elemeoiS) wasasgray, weatherbeateo, and wasted, as ihe 
rock on which it was founded, and from which iteould not easiEf 
he distiDguished, so complctctj did it resemble in colour^ and &u 
little did iL tiiO'er In regularity of shape from t a piuDacic ur fragf- 
jneul of (he clilT. 

Minna's babililal inditTcrence lo all Ibat of Inte had passed 
around her, was for a raomeDt suspended by the sight of an 
abode, whjcli, al another and happier period of her Jife, would 
have iittracfcd at once her curiosity and her wonder. Even now 
she seemed to feel intieresi as shegazed upon this singular retreat, 
aad recollected it was ibat of c>eriaiii misery and probable 
insaolty, connected, as Its inhabitant asserted, ^nd Minna's faiLh 

* See Note H. The Pictith Burgh. 


admitted, with power over the elements, and the eapicitj of 
intercourse vitfa the invisible world. 

"Oar kinswoman," she muttered, '* has chosen her dwelling 
well, with nb more of earth than a sea-fowi might rest upon, and 
all around sightless tempests and raging waves. Despair and 
magical power could not have a fitter residence." 

Brenda, on the other hand, shuddered when she looked oo the 
dwelling to which they were advancing, by a difScuU, dangeroas, 
and precjtrious path, which sometimes, to her great terror, ap- 
proached to the verge of the precipice ; so that, Zetlander as she 
was, and confident, as she had reason to be, io the steadiness and 
sagacity of the sure-footed pony, she eoidd scarce suppress an 
ioclinaUon to giddiness, especially at one point, when, being fore- 
most of the party, and taming a sharp angle of the rock, her 
feet, as they projected from the aide of the pony, hung for an 
instant sheer over the ledge of the precipice, so that there was- 
Dotfaing save empty space betwixt the sole of her shoe, and the 
whitefoamofthevexed ocean, whichdashed, howled, andfoamed, 
five hundred feet below. What would have driven a maiden of 
another country into delirium, gave her but a momentary uneasi- 
ness, which was instantly lost in the hope that the impression 
which the scene appeared to make on her sister's imagination 
might be favourable to her cure. 

She could not help looking back to see how Minna shotdd.pass 
the point of peril, which she herself had just rounded ; and conld 
hear the strong voice of the Udaller, ihongh to him such rough 
paths were familiar as the smooth sea-beach, call, in a tone of 
some anxiety, "Take Jieed, jarto,"* as Minna, with an uger 
look, dropped her bridle , and stretched forward her arms , and 
even her body, over the precipice, in the attitude of the wild 
swan, when, balancing itaelf, and spreading its broad pinions, it 
prepares to lanch from the cliff on the bosom of Ae wiods. 
Brenda felt, at that instant, a pangofuontterabletertor^ which 
left a strong impression on her nerves, even when tdieved , as it 
instantly was , by her sister recovering herself aiod sittlog upright 
on ber saddle , the opportunity and temptation (if she felt it) 
* Jarta, mj dear. 
3'A« Firnta. 21 


Passing away, as the quiei steady animal which supported her 
rounded the pvojeciing angle > and lumed Us pnliciit aud ftFm 
step from ilie vi^rge nyf ihc precipice. 

Thej ouw aUained a rnore lernl and open Bpace of groniid. 

being Ihe flat lop ai an isthmus i«r projpciinjf rfjck, itftrrowing 

again loAvards a point, where U was termiimird by the chasm 

which separaled Ihe siliflll peak, nr stack, occupied hj Noma's 

habllalicpii, from ihe main ridgi- of clKT etid prcdpiee. This 

uaiural [esse, wMeh seemed La have been the worii of some coa- 

YUlsioQ of nalure, wa&dtievT ^ark, and irregnlflr, narrower 

towards ihc hoUiHnj whicli could noi be liisliiictljr seen ^ and 

■ftidcsi at lop, having the apiicarance as if ihat pnrt of the clifT 

occupied by Ihe buiiding had been half rent anay from Ihc 

isnhmus which ii terminated ^ — 80 idea favoured by (lie angle at 

wljicli it seemed to recede from the load, ami leaa InwHrdaihe 

6i?a, wiib the building which crooned itr 

This angle of projection T^as sinionsiderable, \hM if required 
recollection to dispel llic idea that the ri>ck , so min:h removed 
frflni the perpendicular, was about tu precipilalc itself scawarti, 
ividi its ulii tower: and a timorous person would have been afraid 
fij put foot upon it, ksi an addition of wciglii, so inconsiderable 
fls that of Ihe human tody, sliould hasico a cotaslrophc* which 
Beetned at every insisnt impending. 

Without iroubling himself about each fanlasics. ibplldatlcr 
rode towards ibe lower, and there c3ismounliR:j nlong with hh 
daughters, ga\e the ponies in charge to one of iheii domestics, 
with directions lo dr&tucnmberthcni of their burdens, and turn 
Ubem flut for rtst aind refreshmcnl upan the nearest heafh. This 
done, ihey approached Ihe gate , which seemed formerly to have 
btsen connpfiled with the land by a rude dcawbridgG, some of the 
apparatus of w hich was still visible. But the rest had been long 
demolisbed, and was replacrd by a stationary fooibridgc, formed 
of barrel-slaves covered with turf, very narrow auil ledgeless, 
aad supported liy a sort q( arch, constrnclcd out a P the jaw-bonts 
of ibe whale- Along this "brigg of dread" the Udaller stepped 
Willi his usual portly majesty of stride, -nhich threatciied its 
dcmclilion and hi^ own at tbe same tlme^ bis daughters imde 


more lightly and more safely after him, aDd the whole party 
stood before the lov aod rugged portal of Noma's habitation. 

*^ If she sfaoald be abroad after all," said Magnus, as he plied 
the black oaken door with repeated blovs; — ''bat if so, wevill 
at least lie by a day for her return, and make Nick Stmmpfer 
pay the demurrage in bland and brandy." 

As he spoke, the door opened, and displayed, to the alarm of 
Brenda, and the sorprise of Minna herself, a sqnare-made dwarf j 
about four feet five inches high , with a head of most portentous 
size, and features correspondent — namely, a huge mouth, a 
tremendous nose, with large black nostrils, which seemed to 
have been slit upwards, blubber lips of an unconscionable size, 
and huge wall-eyes, with which he leered, sneered, grinned, and 
goggled on the Udaller as an old acquaintance , without uttering 
a single word. The young women could hardly persuade them- 
selres that they did not see before their eyes the very demon 
Trolld, who made such a distinguished flgnre In Noma's legend. 
Their father went on addressing this uncouth apparition in terms 
of such condescending friendship as the better sort apply to their 
inferiors, when they wish, for any immediate purpose, to conci- 
liate or eoai them, — a tone, by the by, which generally con- 
tains, in its very familiarity, as mncfa offence as the more direct 
assumption of distance and superiority. 

"Ha, Nick! honestNick!" said the Udaller, "here youare, 
lively and lovely as Saint Nicholas your namesake, when he is 
carved with an aie for the headpiece of a Dutch dogger. How 
dost thou do, Nick, orPacolet, if you like that better? Nicholas, 
here are my two daughters , nearly as handsome as thyself tbon 

Nick grinned, and did a clumsy obeisance by way of courtesy, 
but kept his broad misshapen person firmly placed in the door- 

"Daughters," continued the Udaller, who seemed to have his 
reasons for speaking this Cerberus fair , at least according to his 
own notions of propitiation, — "this isNickStrnmpfer, maidens, 
whom his mistress calls Pacolet, being a light-limbed dwarf, as 
yon see, like him that wont to fly about, like & Seottrie , on bis 

21 • 


wooden hubhyhurse, in the aid storjf'book ol* ^alentiae and 
Orson, ihatyou, Minna, used to read whiUl jon wfre a chitdi. I 
assure jfou lie con kvep liis mi'stress's counsel, and never t»id one 
uf her secrets In his life — ha, ha, ha*" 

The ugly dwarf grinned i^a limes wider than before, and 
showed the nieaniji^ «f the UdaSler*^ ji^sl, br Openi[iig his \m- 
mcnsc)aw3, and Ihroning buck his bcAd, soast'O dii^covcr, that, 
in Ihe immenBc cavity of his moulli, there ouLy remained the 
small sbrivcUcd remnant of a (O'liguut capolile, perKnp;^., «f as- 
sisting liini iaswAll'ii'winghis fond^ but uji equal tuihc fnrmation 
of articulate $oundl9> Whether this had been curtailed by 
cruelty, or injured by disease, il was impossible lo guess, but 
that (he unfortunate being had not beeq origionllj dumb, *fls 
evident from hi-s rclaining the sen^c ly! ht'iariog- Having made 
this horfible exhibition^ he repaid 1b« Udaller's mirth with a 
Ioud» horrid, and discordant laugh, which bad soEnclhitig in it 
the mori; hideous thqt his mirth sE^eined lo he eiclted by his own 
misery^ The sisters lool;ed on each othvt to silence and feir, 
and ^yen the Udallerappeafod discocicencd. 

"And bow DOW?" he proceeded «fler a minute's pause. 
"'Wh^D didst Ihoa fnksh Utst throat of thine, that is about the 
width of the PenitandFriJh^ with a cup of brandy? Ha, Jiick! 
I have that with me which is sound stuff, boyj hat" 

The dwarf bent his beetle-brows, shook his misshapen head, 
aud mjide a quicti ghiirp inilication, throwing his right hand up 
to lij's Blioulder with ihc thumb puinled backwards. 

"What! my kio&vaiaan ," said the: ITdaller, comprehending 
the signal, "will he angry? TVell, shalt have a llask to earoasc 
when Ehfi in (ram home j old acquaintance \ — lipa and throALft 
m,fly swallow thou^ ihey diunot Speak." 
Pacolci grinned a grim absent. 

"And now/' said the Udaller, '* stand ou( of the way, Pacolet, 
and let me carry my daughters to see their kinswoman. By (he 
bones of Saint MagnujJj it shall be a good turn in thy way— nay, 
neTCfshake thy head, man; for if iby mistress beat boDiej see 
herwG will." 

the dwarf agaia intimated the impossibility of their bein^ 


admitted, partly by signs, partly by mumblidf; some ancouth 
and most disagreeable sounds, and tbe Udaller's mood began to 

^'Tittle tattle, man!" said be; "troabie not me vitii tby 
gibberish, but stand oat of tbe vity, and tbe blame, if there be 
any , shall rest with me." 

So saying , Magnus Troil laid bis sturdy hand upon the collar 
of the recusant dwarfs jacket of blue wadmail, and, with a 
strong, but not a violent grasp, removed bim from the doorway, 
pushed bim gently aside and entered, followed by his two 
daughters, whom a sense of apprehension, arising out of all' 
which they saw and heard, kept very close to him. A. crooked 
.and dusky passage through which Magnus led the way, was 
dimly enlightened by a shot-hole, commnnicatiDg with the in- 
terior of the building, and -originally intended, doubtless, la 
command the entranee by a h^but or colrerin. As they ap^ 
pfoaehed nearer ,%>r they walked &lowly and with hesitation, the 
light, imperfect as it was, was suddenly obscured; and, on 
looking upward to discern the cause , Brenda was startled to ob- 
serve the pale and obseorely-seen countenance of Noma gaung 
downward upon them, without speaking a word. There was 
nothing extraordinary in this, as the mistress of the mansion 
might be naturally enough looking out to see what guests were 
thus suddenly and anceremonioasly intruding themselves on ber 
presence. Still, however, the natural paleness of her features, 
exaggerated by the light in which they ^ere at present exhibited, 
— the immovable sternness of her look, which showed neither 
kindness nor courtesy of civil reception , ~~ her dead silence, and 
the singular appearance of every thing about her dwelling, aug- 
mented tbe dismay whicbBrenda had already conceived. Magnus 
Troil and Minna had walked slowly forward, without observing 
the apparition Of their singular hostess. 



Ttic wilrt ihco rai&fd hi^r fillbcr'd iirnl, 

Ancli -wavai bet fiAtiA an high, 
And T *hile she apoke Lliu luutiet'd charm , ' 

Dark lighlmii)^ liU'd her eye, HI piKLII.. 

*'Th[3 shfluliJ be thesialr," said tbeUiEaller, bluoderlDg id 
Die dark againal some sLeps of irregular ascent — '^Tkis ^tiould 
be the stair, unless my iDsmory greatly fail me; ay, and LliervJ 
sbcsiia," hcaddcil, pousiDg ui a h<iir-€peiidoor, '^* wiib alLber| 
tackle about iter as usual, and as busy, doubtless, as LliB devil 
ia a gale of wind." 

As be made tbis irreveTcnt compariSuD , be entered , Tullowed- 
by fai^ daugbters, the darkened aparlmenl in which >orDa WcIS . 
seated, axtjidsi a confused collection of books of various Ian- 
gtiagc^, parcLoifjni scrolls, labiels aud stones, i ascribed with the 
straighf andan,ju!ar characters of tlie Runic alphabet j and simi- 
lar ariicles, nliich ih« vulgarmig'ht have cun^tted nitfa the ei- 
tircisc of iheforbtdifeii arts. There were also lying in the <:hani- 
ber, or hung over the rude and ill-coQlri>cd chijnoey, an old 
shirlofmail, with !lie headpiece^ battle-ane, and lanci:, which 
had once beFongcd to it; and on a shelf were disposed, in great 
order, several of (hose curious slooeaies, fHarmed of green §fa- 
Dilc, which are ofiea found in these islands » where Ihey are 
Cfllltid ihunderboUs by the common people » who usunlly preserve 
them as a charm c>f security agaiust (he effects of lightoiog. 
There was, moreovier, to be seen arpid (he strange collectiou, a 
aioQe sacriGciai knife, used perhaps for iinniolatiug buniiia 
viclinis, and db€ qt Lwu of the brazen impliemeitts tailed Cells, 
Ihe purpose of which has trtiubled the repase uf so many anli- 
quaries. A variety of other articles, some of which had neither 
aamu nor were capable <if description, lay in coafusiun about 
the apartEneot; and in aue corner, oq b quantitj' of withered sea- 
weed , reposed what seemed, at lirsl ^iew , to be a large unshapeiy 
uog, hut, when aecn more closely, proved to be a i^me. scat) 
which il had been IVorna'sarnuspiiientto domesticate. 

This uncouth favourite bristled up in its coriii;r, upon the 
arrival of so many strangers, with aji alertness similar to Ihat 

■ 327 

ubicU aUnestT^"^ dog would have displayed dil q similar oecs- 
BioQ-, bvii^oioa remaioed motioDless, seatL-d behind a tableuf 
rough graaite, propped up by misshapen ieel of the some male- 
rial, which, besides the old book vith ^hich she gecm^d lu hn 
busied, sastaiaed a cake of the coarse DiirlcavcjiedbreJiii^ ihrpa 
parts oatmeal, and one the savdust of lir. wiiirh isusedby Ihc 
poor peasants of Norway, beside which st&odajar of water. 

Uagaus Troil remained a minute in silenci! gazin^^ upon his 
kinswoman, while the singularity of her mansion inspired Greoda 
with much fear, and changed, though liui for a dinnifnC, \h^ 
melancholy and abstracted mood of MiDna^ into a rerlitig af 
interest not unmixed with awe. The silciici' wasinterru^itedby 
Ibe Udaller, who, unwilling on the one iiand ti> gi\i! Iiis kini^- 
woman offence ^ and desirous on the other to sbow Ihait lie was 
not daunted by a reception so singular, opened iht conversation 
thus: — 

"I give you gofld e'en, cousin Noma-- my daughters and I 
have come far to see you." 

Noma raised her eyes from her Tolume , looked full st her vi- 
siters, then let them quietly sit down on the leaf fr lib which she 
seemed to be engaged. 

"Nay, cousin," said Magnus, "taka your flwti time — our 
business with you can wait your leisure, ■~- See here^ ]\linnd, 
what a fair prospect here is of the eape, scarce a quarter of a 
mile off! you may see the billows breaking on it topmast high. 
Our kinswoman has got a prettyseal, too — Here, seatchie, my 
man, whew, whew!" 

The seal took no farther notice of the L'daller's advaDces in 
acquaintance, than by uttering a low growl. 

"Heisnotso well trained," continued the Udaller, affecting 
an air of ease and unconcern, "as Peter Mac Haw's, ilie old 
piper of Stornoway, who bad a seal that Hipped its tail to Ihe 
tune of Caberfae, and acknowledge no other whatever. * — Well, 

* The Hacraws vere followers of the MacKcnii^s, wbt)5Q chitf has 
the nameof Caberfae, orBuckshead, rrora the cirF^€fl borne' on his 
standards. Uoquestionably the worthy piper UAinei^ the seal oa the 
same principle of respect to the clao-term which 1 have beard ba» becv 



cousin," he concludei], obsi^rving that iXoroa closed her baafa, 
"ire ^ou goLDg Lo give us a welcome at last, or omsi we f;o 
farlbcr ihau dtir blmid-rclaUon'^ liouse ici seek onn, and Llmt 
wbcn tbe c^tinnig is wearini^ Ule apace?" 

"Ye dull auil hard-ticart^il gcnf;raiioii , as d«iif as tlic adder 
to ihe \oice of ibe charmer," iiii5w<'red Xurria , aildrcsaing lll>ein, 
"why Come je to me? You havf sli[^liii?d every warning I could 
give o( Uie cumiug harm, and now that it hath come uftouyoii, 
]fc seek idy counsel wheo it can avail you noiliicig." 

"Look you, kinswomAn," said ihc Udaller, with hLs usual 
rrSDkaesSi and b^ldneS'S uf maDTier and ac^eoit, " I must DRi^d!; 
letl yiiu that your co'urlesy is something of ihc coarsest and (he 
cnJdest, 1 caonot say that I ever saw an addi^r, in regard ihCTe 
are uone in these paris^^ but (iiuclLiag my ovn (hoii^hlsorvthat 
suctl a thiiif^ may be, it cannot be Lctmcd a suilshlf comparisoQ 
lo mc <ir to my dangliters, and ihat [ would haie yi>u to know, 
for old acquamldoci^, aail certain other reasons, 1 do not leave 
your house upno ihc instant; but as 1 came hither iu all kindness 
and civilitji, so I ppay you to receiTE me wiLh Lhe like, tiiherwiae 
we wilt depart, and ledve shame on your inhospiiuble ihrusliuld." 
'' How i ■' said Noma , "dare you use such bold language in 
the house of one from whuro all men — from whiim rou your- 
self ^ come to solicit counsel and aid? Thej who speak to Ihc 
Reiflokenriar, mnar loner their \oice ti> her before whom wtuiis 
and waTCs hush boifi hJasl and billow." 

"Blast and billow may hush ihemselTPfi if Ihey will," replied 
the peremptory Udaller^ ''but thai will not 1, I speak in tbe 
boufe o/my friend as in my own, anil strike sail lonoiie." 

"And hope ye^" said Xorna, "bj this rndeoegs. to comp«t 
me to answer to your interrogatories? " 

"Kinswoman," repJiud Magnus Troil, "I know not so much 
as you of the old Nors« sagas ;; but Ibis I know ^ that -when ketn- 
pies were wont, long sinife , lo seek the habttations of the galt- 
dra^ons and spaewomeia , ihey canifi wlUi their aies on lh«ir 

latagbl loilngj, vbo, unuseil to ^ny olli«rair, dance alter their fajb^on 
lo tbe tunc of Cabcrrac. 


&h«alden, «ad their good swords drawn ia Ihcir huids^ and 
eomyeUed tbe power whom they iovoked lo listen to and to 
aasverthem, ay, were it Odin himseir." 

"Kinsman/' saidNoma, arising {number seat, and coming 
forward, "thou bast spoken weU» and in ^oo4 timt for thjrseir 
and thy daughters; for badst tfaon turned Ircm my ttireshotd 
without extorting in answer, uoming's sun had never agata 
shone apon yon. The spirits who serve me are jealous , and will 
not be employed in angfat that may beneli t humaDitj' , unkss Uteir 
serrice is commanded by the nndannled iiDporiiiDiij- of the brare 
and the free. And now speak, what wauldsi Lhou tia>e of me?" 

"My daughter's health," replied Maguus, "which na re- 
medies have been able to restore." 

"Thy daughter's health?" answered ^'orna^ "and what is 
the maiden's ailinent?" 

"The physician," saidTroil, "must laatne ibe disease. All 
thai I can tell thee of it is — " 

"Be silent," said Norna, intermpting him, " I know all then 
cansttellBie, and moretban thou thys<pirknowi?si. Sit down, all 
of yon — and thou, maiden," she said, addressing Minna, "sit 
> thou in that chair," pointing to the pUcc she had just icfi, "once 
the seat of Giervada, at whose voice Ihi^ stars hid their beams, 
and the moon herself grew pale." 

Minna moved with slow and tremalous step towards the rade 
seat thas indicated to her. It was composed ors^iane, formed 
into some semblance of a chair by the rough and unskilful hand 
of Some ancient Gothic artist. 

Brenda, creeping as close as possible to her father, seated 
herself along with him upon a bench at some distaoccffom Mi d na, 
and kept her eyes, with a mixture of Tear, pi(y, and anxrety, 
closely fixed upon her. It would be difnciill altogether to decipher 
the emotions by which this amiable and iiffL-ciionale girl wo:» agi- 
tated at the moment. Deficient in her sister's predomiaaliog 
quality of high imagination, and little credulous, of course, to 
the marvellous, she could not entertain S'Ome vague and mdefinite 
fears on her own account, concerning the nature of th« seeue 
which was soon to lake place. But thei^e were in a manner swal- 

lowed up in her appreliensions od Ibe score of her sisicr, who, 
with a Iranie So much weakened, spirits $u much exhausted^ and 
a mind so susceplbblu pf Lbe impreasioas which all around her was 
calculated to exclie , now sat peasively resjgued to ihe agi^ncy of 
ooe, whose ircatnieni; might produce the most baaeful eiTects 
upon such a siibjecl. 

Itirendii guzcd at .Minna, who sal in that rndc chiair of dark 
stone , her finely formed shape and limbs making the StroDge&t 
cnnirast with lis poDderous nnd irreg;ular angles, her cli^ek aod 
lips as pale as crliiy, and her Cy&s turned upward^ and lighted vith 
the miiilure of resignation and excited eDthusiasiu, which he- 
loD^cd lo hi!r disease and her cbiSraciRr. The youagcr sister then 
looked Qn >foma, who muttered Iq Lersftlfio a low ruunotonous 
manner^ as, gliding; frocti one place lo anotliier] she c^illceled 
different articles, wbtch she placed one bj one on the table- And 
lasjlj, Brenilaloobud aniiouslylo her father, mgaiher, ifpos- 
sih![>, from his coimtODBuc^, whether he entertained ao^ part of 
ber own fears for the consequences of the scene which was lu 
ensufi, coDsideriin}; the state of Minna's health and spirits* But 
JMagnas Trail sermed lo have no such npprekcosions; he viewed 
with stern composure Xortia's preparaitons, and appeared tu wiiil 
the eYentwirh *hfl compognre of one, who, couJiding in the skill 
of a medical arlfst, eses him preparing lo enter upon some im- 
portant and painful opcralioo, lo the issue of which he is inter- 
ested by friendship or by aifeclion, 

Nornft, meanwiiile, wenttinward with her preparati&flSj until 
she bad placed ou the stone table a variciy t>f misceHaneous arli- 
cl€9, and among ihc rest, a srwall challng-dish full of charcoal, 
acrucible, and a p[ecc of Ihin sheet-lead. She Ibeti spoke aloud 
— "It is well Ihall was aware of your cominghilher^ay, long 
before you yourself had resolved it— how should I else have been 
prepared for that which is now to be done? — Maiden," she cun- 
Linmed, addressio^ Minna < "where lies thy paini" 

The patient answered^ by pressinshurfaaud to the left sida of 

"Evenso," replied Vorna, "Bven so — 't is the site of Tieai 
or wo — And you» hef father and her sister, think ool this the 


idle speech ol (m© wbo talks by guess — if I cao tell the ill, it may 
be tta&tl sbaWbe able to render that iess severe , which may nolj 
by any aid, be wholly amended. — Thelieert — ay, tim heart — 
touch that, and the eye grows dim, (he pulse fail^, the who^lti- 
some stream of our blood is choked and iniublcil , our limbs de- 
cay like sapless sea-weed io a summer's sua ^ ftur better liews of 
eiisteace are past and gone ; what remaLns is the droam ot lost 
happiness, or the fear of inevitable «>il> but the litiimkeanar 
mnst to her work — well it is that I ha^ c prepared Uke means. " 

She threw off her long dark-colourrd msTiilc, and stood b^fflre 
them in her short jacket of light-blue ^ iidmsal « vUk its skirt i:>r 
the same stuff, fancifully embroidered with black \«li«c[, and 
bound at the waist with a chain or girdle ur&ilvtir, furmsd into 
singular devices. Norba neit uodiil ihe fILlei wbjcti bouad ber 
grizzled hair, and shaking her head "Mildly, c^JU^ed it tu fall: Id 
dishevelled abundance over her face aud aTuund bet ehouldera^ 
so as almost entirely to bide her features. She (hen placed a 
small crucible on the chaOng-disfa already mentioned!, — dropped 
a few drops from a vial on the charcoal below, — pointed Cowards 
it her wrinkled forefinger, which she had previously moistened 
vith liquid from another small bottle, and HaiiJ with a dgep voice, 
"Fire, do thy duty;" — and the wonl!) t^ere na sooner spohen, 
than, probably by some chemical com l>i [lalifln of which the spec- 
tators were not aware , the charcoal which tvas under the crucible 
became slowly ignited ; while Noma, as if ixiipntii^nL of the delay, 
threw hastily back her disordered tresses, and , while her features 
reQecled the sparkles and red light of ihc lire, and hei- eyes 
flashed from amongst ber hair like those of » wildaaimal from its 
cover, blew fiercely till the 'whole was in an inLcnscglow. She 
paused a moment from her toil, and muttering that thi> elemental 
spirit must be thanked, recited, in her usual moDolooous, yet 
wild mode of chanting, the following \ecsc3; — 

*'Tboaao needful, yetfodTEBd, ' 

Witb cloud; crest, and wiag ot n6 ; 
Thou, without whose genial brealh 
The North would sleep th« ili?ep of death ; 
' Who deign'st (0 warm the colugD hc^rlb , 
Tet hurrst proud paUcea 10 earth , — 


Which rurm and Tuk Itif' world of ODES, 
■With my rhjum of Rtiaic , 1 
Thack ihee Tor thy agency," 

She LheD severed a porlioo from the small mass of she«L-1ead 
vhlth lay ui[)aii the lable, and, ^lai:i[i;j jL in llie crucible, sub- 
jected il to the 4ictioD of ibc Itghled charcoal, aad} as il melted, 
she sung,— 

"QldReimkennaT, loihy art 

Holder HoFlba »enils hi-T pari ; 

She. wUuiit gTacii*us brtumy gives 

Needful food tor all ibal liv«?». 

From ibe dc^p mine o! ihn nnriti, 

Gsme Ibe mvaLic mclal Tflrth , 

DoDui'd Dintdildi^joinlcd slonet^ 

Long to t'BTs A L':hampion'g bsiies^ 

Dietiitiuiuei] my cb-irm^ la aid — 

Woiber Earib^ m^ chanbs arc paid-" 

She then poared out some ^vatcr I'ram the jar loto a large eup, 
or goblet, and sang once more, ais she slowlj stirred it rouoti 
with the end of her staff: — 

"Gjrdle ofour islands dear, 
Element of Water, lit-ar! 
Tbou whose, power can averwhelm 
Br»Iieil mounds and ruin'd realm 

Or the lowly liL-igrdD strand j 
Atl thy (jerccst rage tan Ecv«r 
Ol our "foil 3 rurinFii; se*pr 

From our rnck-defended Uitd; 
Plijr llien :gcntly Lhou thy pari, 
To assist old Noma's aru" 

She then, with a pair flf pincers, rtmnved the crucible fiom 
the cbalin^-di&h, arid poured the leod , now enlirely melted^ jolo 
the bowl of water, rcpcaljn^r at the same lifue , — 

^'Elemcnls^ pooh otbi^r <(rff€ting. 
Gifts and powers nilond your rcieicting!^^ 

The melted lead, spattprioK ^sitfell iulollie water, formed, 
of Course, Ihe usual combination of irregular forms which is fa- 
miliar to all who in childhood have made the eipcrinicQt, and 
I'rcnQ which, according lo our childish faocj, we may have se- 
lected portions bearing isome resemblaDde to donieslic articles - — 


the toolft ot m«e^anic3, or the like. Norna seemed to busy herself 
ia some sacb researches , for she eximined the mass of lead vHix 
scrapulous atteatioo, and detached it into different portLcDs^ 
irithout apparently beiog able to 6Dd a fragment in theformwhich 
she desired.. 

A.t length she again muttered, rather as speaking to her^eU 
than to her gnests , "He, the Viewless, will not be omitted! , — 
hewill have his tribute even in the work towhich he gives nothiiiig. 
— Stern compellerof the cloads, thou shalt also hear the \oicc 
of the Reimkenoar." 

Thus speaking, Noma once more threw the lead into the cru- 
cible, where, hissing and spattering as the wet metal touched th« 
sides of the red-hot vessel, it was soon again reduced into a slain 
of fusion. The sibyl meantime turned to a comer of the apart^ 
ment, and openiag suddenly a window which looked to the Dorih- 
'west, letin the fitful radiance of the sun, now lying almost level 
upon a great mass of red clouds, which, boding future tempest, 
occupied the edge of the horizon, and seemed to brood over thi; 
billows of the boundless sea. Turning to this quarter, from which 
a low hollow moaning breeze then blew. Noma addressed the Spirit 
of the Winds, In tones which seemed to resemble his own: — 

"TboD, Ihat over billows dark 

Safely sead'st the fisher'a bark,"- ' 
Giving him a path and motion 
Tfarough the wilderness of ocean; 
Thou, thai when the billows brave ye, 
O'er the shelves canst drive the navy, — 
Did'sl thou chafe as one neglected , 
' While thy brethren were respected IT 
To appease thee, see, I tear 
This full grasp of griizled hair; 
on thy breath hath through it sung, 
Soriening to my magic tongue, — 
Now, 't is thine to bid it fly 
Through the wide expanse of sky, 
'Mid the countless swarms to sail 
Of wild-fowl wiieeltng on thy gale; 
Take thy portion and rejoice, — . > ^ 

Spirit, Lbou hasl beard my voice!" 

Noma accompanied these words with the Miiou which ihc-j 


described, tearing d bandful nf hair wilh Yob^mcnce from hfit 
head, anij sU'ewingiLiipon thcTviud as. she contiDucd her recsla- ] 
tioD. Sbe ihotisbul (he eascmi^nl, atirl again tnvulved Ihc chfim,'' 
ber in ihe dubinus tvilight , which best suited her character and 
DccupnliuLi. The mcllcd kadi 'was once more ecnplied jnto Ihej 
walcr^ aud Ihc varitnus wlLirasiciil ronrurmiilioDS whir:h it reC'Cived.'] 
from the operaiioa wprc eisiuined with great care by Ihe ^ihyirj 
whoatlengUi seemed to intimate, by voice aod gesture, that her 1 
spell hnd been succcksTuI. She B«lecl«iJ frotii the ruB'ed metal & 
piece about the size tif a small nut, bearing in shape a close re- 
semblance to that or tb« liutnaa btarl^ and appro'^chlDg Minaa, 
agaiD spoke in song:, — 

^^ Siie Yiho sits, hy liaunled well ^ 
Is MibjecL to Ihc Fiiiic's ^pell; 
She ^hn w^lks on lonply beach , 

Shp who wolks round rinjorfreeDt 
OfTends the petiTi'^li Fair}' Queen; 
And sbi; who lak'ts rest in llic DwnrGe's cave, 
A weary wef rU of wo sball have. 

"BjTing, hjsprjngi bycavi^. Iijshorcv 
Minna Troil bsn brQved all ibii and more; 
And yel halh !ho rooi of her snfrow Hrtd ill 
A ^Durci: that 's Diore deep And qioru myElical still." 

Minna, whose flltetilion hadhecQlfltlerljsflroclhiiig;disliirbed 
hy reilecljons on her owo secret sorrww, novt' suddenly recftded 
Uf Jind looked eagerly on Norria ns if she eipcctr^d lo learn Trotii 
her rhymes something of deep iolercsl. The Dorthcrii sibyl, 
mcanwhilcj proceeded to pierce lbepie<:e of lead, M'hich bore the 
iorm of a hcarl, acid tu lixin iLapi>E;ceef gold wire, by which it 
mighi be aiittched to a cbaio or necklace. She ihi-o jnocecdcd 
in her rhyme, — 

'^Thou art wilhia a d«TiiOTl'9 hold , 

IUi>re wise than HAii]ia,'nii>re Strang than Troll4; 

tia siren sin^s so sweel as he. — 

No fay springs liglil^ron llic tea; 

Nd elfiji power halli balf ib^ mrt 

To Soothe, to move, lo wrin^ the hcarl, — 

Lite-blood fTom the chEcli lo drain, 

Drench iku eye , and dfy ite vein. 


MMden , ere we farther go , 
Dost tbou note me , ay, or do P '' 

MionarepUcdin the same rhythmical niannpr, whicll , in jest 
and earoest, Tvas frequeotly ased by the aDciuDlScaodinavians, — 

"Imarklhee, mj mother, both word , loolt, and sign; 
Spoali on with the riddle — (o read ii hv mine." 

"Now, Heaven and every saiut be praised^" said Magous: 
**they are the Grst words to the purfiose which she haih ^pukcc 
these many days." 

"And they are the last which she shall speak for maoj^ a 
moQlh," said Noma, incensed atthelDterrupiinn, " Ifytiu ag^siin 
break the progress of my spell. Turn your faces to tic woiU, and 
look not hitherward again, uDderpeQaltyofniyscYtrcdisiilcasure. 
You, Magnus Troil, from hard-hearted audai'^iiy of spirit, and 
you, Brenda, from vanton and idle disbi'ljef in iliiiL vhirh ii 
beyond your bounded comprehension, Hrc uiiMnrihy io look od 
this mystic work ; and theglanceof your cyt'S; iiiiniflos >^iih, and 
weakens the spell ; for the powers cannol hrook distrust." 

Unaccustomed to he addressed in a lone so percnip'tDi'y, 
Magnus would have made somo angry reply i but rcdceting that 
the health of Minna was at stake, and cunsiiicriD^lhat sbe whu 
spoke was a woman of many sorrows, he suppressed liis .ingcr, 
bowed his head, shrugged his Bboulders, agiiuniQd the prescribed 
posture, averting his head from .the tabic, and iiirn[ng towards 
the wall. Brenda did the same, on receiving a sign from her 
father, and both remained profoundly silent- 

Noma then adressed Minna once more, — 

'^ Mark me ! for the word I speak 

Shall bring the colour lo thy cheek- 

This leaden heart , so light of cost , ~ ' 

The symbol of a treasure lost. 

Thou shalt wear in hope and in peace, 

That the cause of yoursickness and scrrow ma^ cease, 

When crimson foot meets crnnson hand 

In the Martyr's Aisle , and iriOrkDEy-land." 

Minna coloured deeply at the last coup] el, inli mall tig, ftsshe 
failed not to interpret it, that Noma was coirtpUtely acquainted 
with the secret cause of her sorrow. The same conviction led 




tfae maideD lo hope in tbe [aroarable issue, vhich the aibjl 
secmeJ lu proplicsj'- ; and not venturing to express her retlJitigs 
in oin; rDflnoer more inLelli^iblt, sha pressed Nnrna'a wiihered 
hand wiih all ihc wannih of affection, first lo her breesi aodi 
■hen labcrbo&Dni bedcNting it at the ^ameiioie with her Lcars. 

With moreof humao fu^litig Ihan she usually eibibiled^NoiriB 
eiUicated her hand Iruiii the grasp of the pour girl ,, -^'tiDsc tears 
BOW llimed freely, and then, with more icjiderness of manner 
ihaa she had yet sbowo, she knotted (he leadea henrttoa chain 
oCgotd, and buH^ it around Minna's neck, siD^iag^ as she per- 
furmed Ibal Insl branch of »he spell, — 

"■&e patient, hepaUerii, (or Piiienci^ haili power 

To ward us in dani;er, like niBUlle in shower; 

A fairy gift yn» bpsi may hold 

In a cbain of fairy gold ; 

The chain and [he gift are each a true tokCd , 

ThaL not wiibonL warrant old ?4Drna haiti ^poben; 

But iLf neurral unil dparcsL nrnsi novtM beholJ ihQin , 

Till lime slial! accDRipnuh ihi? iruiha I liave told ibem.' 

The lerses bsing toncbded, Noma carEfuHy arraoged the 
chain around her palienl'a neck sa as lo hid« it la her bosom, 
and thus ended the spel! — a spell wbich, at the moment I record 
Lhe^e ilicHcDls, it is kaown^ hqs been Iq(cI j praclJsed ID Zetland, 
^^be^c any decline of health J without apparent cause, i^iinputed 
hf tbe Jower orders to a demon havtn^j ^.tolen ths heart Trom the . 
body of the patient, and where ltii> experiment of supplying the 
deprivfliiflji by a leaden one, prepared In thie manner described, 
Itas been resorted lo v'ltbia these few years. Jn a melaphorical 
sense, the; disease may be considered a^ a general one ■□ alt 
parts of (he worhl ; but, ss this simple and original remedy is 
peculiar to the isles of Thale, it were unpardonable not to pre^ 
Berve it at length, in a narrative connected with Scoitiab aaliqui- 
ties. ' 

* Tbe 6]ig\\s dcsrribcd in this ebapler are Jiot altogclber im3Si"°ry- 
Bj This mode of pouring lead ittla water, and scleftiog Ihc patl wbifii 
rbancea Co assume a rfsemblancc Lo Ihe human heart, which mnet he 
worn by ihp patient artMind her or his nfCk , (be Sflge persons af Ztdand 
pratend lo cure the falal disorder called Iha loss of a bean. 




07 apota oft itec [aiij giUs, llicir virtue would be lusl — a bL-lief 
^o common. 1$ \o be received inio the supc^r^itilioTis of all nations. 
Lastlj, uQbuUoniflg ibe collar which she had just fnsicoeil, she 
showed her a link of ihe gold chnin , which Slinna ioslanlly re- 
cognized aS thai rormcrlii' given by \orna toMordauntMirioun* 
This Bueided lu itiiiinntE he was yet alive, nnU undijr >'irmi's 
proiections and &hc gazed uo her wiih the most eager curiosity. 
But ihe sibyl itii^iosed her linser on her lips in lufccn »f silence^ 
and 4 sccuad time iD\4)lved ihechiiio in those folds whirh modestly 
auiI closely veiicd one of Lb c most beauiifikl , QS well jis od« of the 
kindest, bosoms io the world. 

XorQfl then esiinguislicd ihe li^^liied chflroal, snd as the water 
hissed upon ih>e glowing cnihtrs^ eommDndedMngnusanilDrenda 
to look around, and Uchold her task accomplished. 


rHAPTER xxrx. 

See yoniSer woman , wlioni our swiiins revere , 

Ani] dread in secret, wliilt lli"-y lake h^r ^^ouucfll 

When swetilicariishaLJ be kind, or wliifn crtisa fliime shall di«; 

Where liirlis ihc Itiit'T *lio stole tlie siImt lantanJ , 

And how Iho ppstilcnt iiiiirram maj' be i^ureil. — 

Thij sa^e udvlser ^s uiad , slirli matl ^ my friRnil ; 

Vet. in her msdnesa, bath ihfi art atid cunning 

To n'jrin^ foob' sccri?L3 from (ticir idimusl LoKOuis, 

ADd pay iuijuircrs wiLii tLc coin ibi'y gave her. OldPtftg. 

It aeemedas ifNoroahad indeed [aU ri{;htlo cinltn lite f^Tali- 
tude of Ihc Udallcf for (be improved condition of his daughter's 
health. Sbe once tnore threw open the window, and Rliona, 
drying her eyes ^od advaueiog wiili ufTcctionalc conQdence, Ihrew 
herself on htr falher^s neck^ and asked his forgiveness for the 
Iruubte she had of late occasioned lu him. ItisnciDecessary lo 
ddd, that this was at onc>e granted, with a taU, though rough 
burst of palcrDal tenderness, and as many close embraces as if 
his child had been jasl rescued iVom the jaws of death. When 
Magnus had dismissed Minna fioni his arms, (o throw herself 
jaia (hose of her sister, and vxpresa loher, ralber by kisses and 
tears than in words, the ifgrei sbe entertained fiir her late vay- 
TAe Pirate. %2 

I- I 


ward condQcl, IheCdallertboaglil proper^ in the meanlinie, to 
pay bii ihauks to tlicir hostess , whose ^liill Itnil proved sa ufGca- 
cious. But scarce bad he Cfjiiie tmC wilHi, "."Huich rfspecled 
binswoinaD, I am but a plain ulU Norseman," ^-^henshc ioter- 
ntpled biEu , by pressing her Gngcr on her lips, 

*'Thcre are Ihosc around us," sbu&aid, ''wlio mu&ihear no 
morlal \oicc , uilucss no sacriQce (o moital feelings — iheirc are 
times whtiii llicy mutiny eren again&t nic, Itieir sovertigo inia- 
trcsSj bi;causc [ arq still sliruudoJ in lh(* flrs^li uf huiuaniiy. 
Fear, therefore, andbesitenl. I, wtiQSf! deeds have raised me 
from lUi: low-shdlcrcd valley of life, whero dwtU its social wants 
and coromon Ghiirities — I, whfi hoie bcroft the Giver of Ibe 
GifL yihich he gave, anil stand alone on a cUIT of immeasuiQlile 
heij|hL» detached fmn:] rarlh , save from (lie small porliun that 
supports my miserable Ircad, ^ I alone nni iiMo cope wtthlhese 
sullen males. Fear not, therefore^ but yet be not too bold , aad 
Ictlliia night to you he one of fasting und nfpraycF." 

Jf (he IJdaller had not, before (he cemmcnecmcot of the 
opcralidn^ hcea disposed lo dispute the couijoands urihe sibyl, it 
maybe well belloveii ?iewas les« eo fiOTC, that it Iliad lerminalfd to 
all appearance so ft^riunalely. So he sat down in silence^ and 
seized upofl a volume which kv near him as a *urt of llesperale 
effort lu divert enuui, forojinu oilier occasion had .Magnus been 
Jinuwn to have rerfnirsc to a hook for that purpose. [1 chanced | 
to be a hook much to his mind, being the well known work of 
Olau5Ma5nufi,U[)on Ite maiiriiTs of the aiicient>'orllii'rn naliaas. ' 
The book is uulm-kily in ihe Latin lanj^^uajje, anil ihe Dans ke or ' 
Dutch were, eiiber of Ihem, much more fitmiliar to the Udaller. 
But I hen it ivas llie iine edition published in 15J5', which con lains 
reprcscptatioiisurihcwar-chariotSj fishj iig cjpf oils, warlike eier- 
ciscs, and domestic emplovmcuts of the Scandinavians, executed 
in copperplates; and thus Ihc information which Ihework retused 
irj the undersiajiding, was addressed to the eye, which, as is well 
kuovvn both to old aDii youogj answers ihu purpose of amuseineal \ 
as wellj if not belter. 

Meanwhile the two sisters ^ pressed as close to each nihcrns 
two flowers on the same slalk, sat wllh their arms reciprocally 

passed o\M each other's shoulder, as Ef ihej fcartd some new and 
ontorcseen tausc of coldness was abnut lo spparalc iHcm, and 
intenuyi lUe ai&lei-likc harraonj which had been bui jusi 
rcBtorcd- KoritR siit ofposJle lo Ihem, sotiictiiocs rp\ulvitig ihe 
largt parchment volume with whicli they bqd found hur employ i:(t 
at their CDlrancc^ and sometimes gazing on tbc sisters, viltid 
Giod look, in which an iiitcrc!;t of s. kind unusually tender, 
seemed ocoas.ioaali^ to disturb tho stem and r]gurou»si^lcmiiicy 
ai hpr countenance. All wJis still aud silent ns death, Jindthc 
snbsiJing emotions of Breoda not jct permitted her X'y 
woudcr W'hi^thiT thi! rcmaiaing hours €f Lhc evening were lo be 
paS5cd iiu the same manner, vhen the scene of IranquitUty wus 
suddenly interrupted by the entrance of ihe dwarf Pacoki, or, as 
the Udallcr cMai him, Nicholas Slrurnpffir. 

J^orna darti^id an angry j^Iance on the intruder, who seemed lo 
deprecate her resctitment bj holding up his hands and uttering a 
babbling pound, then instiintly resortihi^,' lu bis usual mudc of 
convcrsaiion, he expressed himself by a variety nf signs ninde 
rnpidHupnn his Tinkers, and asfopidly answered bjhisniistress^ 
su that the young women , who had never heard of $i)ch &n itl^ 
and now saw it prnclised hy two beings so singular, almost con- 
ceived their mutunl intelligence the work of enchantment. Whea 
ihey had ceased Iheirinlcreourse, SVorna luriicd to Magnus Trnil 
with much haughtiness, and said, '"Kow, my kinsman! have ^nu 
so far forgot yonrSi^tf, as to bring earthly food into the house of 
IheHeijuhenuar, and make preparations in Ihc dwelling of Power 
and of Despair, for refection, and wassail, and revelry? — Spcak 
not- — uniswer dot," she Bald; ''the duratichn of the cure whiell 
was wrought e\'en now^ depends on your silence an(t'>bediene« — 
bandy but a single look or word Mith nic , and the ^Mir condition 
of that maiden shall be worse than the lirst!" 

This threat was au dTcclDal charm upon the tongue uf iho 
UcSallcr, though he longed lo indulge it in vindication of his 

"Follow mc, allofjon/' sftidNwrua, striding to the door of 
\ht apartmeol, ^'and see Lhot no ouq looks backwards — wc 


C ^ 



IsAve not this aparlment empty, thougb we» the cliildreu of 
iTn>fiAlity, be removed from ii," 

£h« wtut cut, 30(1 ttic Udallet siftiod to his daughiers lo 
follo'Wt and lo obey hcT iiijuflcUi>ns. The ■sibyl moved swifter 
than her gucS'ls do^ntbe tudcdtsceiu, fsucli U might rathur be 
termedt Ihao a proper siairca?Cj) which led lo the loweraparl- 
meot. Magnus aod his dnughiers , wheo ihoy eutcr«d ihe charo- 
bor, found iheir omd allendoEits aghast al the presence BQdpro- 
i!ccdings of IVonifl of the Fiiful-head. 

They bad bc«ii prcuously employed in urranging tbe provi- 
sions which Lhty Utid brought qIout^ ^iLb ibein, so as to present a 
coaiforlahlc coLd rucal, as sdoq a!i the appetite til Ihc Udallrit, 
\vhich was as regular as the retain of lidc, should induce him to 
desire Some refrushmeut^ and now they Sloud ^larin^ Id fear and 
aeirprisCj vhilc Xuraai seizing upon uuc article after anolher, 
and well supported by the zealous activity ofPacokl, flung their 
whole prepJiralioDs out of the ludc apcrlurc nhich e{.'r\od tot a 
windoiff, and over the cliff, from wbich the ajicii-nl Burgh arose, 
intfl the ocean, which raged aud loaraed bt-iaiiih. fi/ds, (dried 
bccffj hams, and pietled pork, Uew aficr each other into cjripty 
space, smoked get-se were rosiorcd lo the air, and cured Usb Ifr 
ihf sua, (heir native elements indeed, bwt which they %n:fc ntf 
looger i^apalih; of iraversiog; and the dtvaslatlon proceeded so 
rajtidJy. that the Uilaller could scarce secure from the wreck his 
sil\«r drlukhig eilp; while the large leathern Uask of brandy, 
which was desiineti to supply his fflvourife beverage, was sunt lo 
follow the resl of the supper, by ihiC hands of PacoEet, who re- 
garded, at Kjic same lime, ihe disappoioted Udiiller with a 
inaliduus grin, as if, nniwithstaudifig his oTfn oaturaL taste 
fof the Itijuofj, lie enjoyed (he di&appoiulmcni and surprise of 
Magnus Truil sljll niurt tLan he ^\<iuld havo relished sharing 
his {injoyjneuL 

The destruction of the brandy flask cihausted the patience of 
MagauSj who roared out, in a tone of no small displeasure, 
"Why, kinswoman^ ibis i& wasteful madness— where, and 
ouwhat, would you have us sup?" 

''^ Where jou will/' answered Noma, *'and on what you 


iHxW — ^Tii. Tkcyi in my dwelling, and nol nn ihe Tood with which 
you have profaned it. Vei my spirLl no inare, but bpgoiie everj 
oaa of jttul You hme been here too long I'orniygood, perhaps 
fwr joUrowD." 

"How, kittswumdn ," saidMagnuSj "wnuld you moke rmi- 
caste or us at this limi^ of night, when even a Scoichmnn would 
not lorn a Eirangcr from (he door?^ — Delhinkyou^ danie, tl is 
shame od fiiiT liocagc fur ever , if this squall of yours shouli ftircu 
Qs (a BJip cables ^ and go (o ^ea 50 scanlily provided." 

"Be silenl, and depart ," saitl Norwa; "kt it suffice you 
bare pi that Tor which you came< I have no harbourage for 
roivWal guests, 110 pnjTisitJO iti relieve humao wanls. There is 
beneath the cliff, abcuch oflhe rine&tgnud, n streiim of w&ter as 
pure as the well of Hildinguiej and tho rocks bear dulse as 
wholeSGune as that of Guiodin ; and well yoii wotj lliat the well 
of Kildinguie and the dubc of Guiodin will cure all maladies 
savcBlaick Death."" 

'^Aud well I wot," Bftid the Udfllkr, "Ihftt I would eal Mr' 
mpl-ed sca-^ced^ lilic a starliQ^, or salted seal's flesh, like the 
men of Burrarortl], or wtlk^;^ buckles, and lanipits, like the 
poorgneaksol'Slroraai, raiher than break wheal brcnd and drink 
red wine in a house where it is begrudged me. -= And yet," ha 
said, checking himself J "I am wrong, very wrong, my cousin, 
lo speak thug, to you, and I should rather thauk. yuit for Vihal you 
have done, than upbraid you for following jour own wuys. But 
I see you arc impaiiciit — wo uill be all under way presenlly, — 
And you, ye knaves," addressing his servants, "that were in 
auch hurry wllh your scnice before it mas laotcd, gel out of 
doors wJth you presently, and manage lo cafch Ihc ponies ; fori 
Bee-^eniusl mnka for another harbour to-night, if we would not 
sleep with an empty staitiach, and du a hard bed." 

The domestics of .Magnus , already sufficiently alarmed at ihi 
\iolenee of Noma's conductj scarce waited the imperious cora- 
naad of their master to evacuate her dwelling with all despatch ; 
and Ihe Udallcr, with a daujjhter on each arm, was in the art of 
following them, wheu iVoroa said emphatiiHlly, ''Stopl" They 
* SoaLlta«tjiaye asOrbiey piaierb. 



nbrrrr!} and again turacd lOT^ards her. Sli€ held out ber hand 
Id Magnus, which ihi; pla{:a1ilc L'diiUcT iiistanffy fuliled in his 
own niu|iik palm. 

'^Magnus," she said, "yie pari by necessity, b«|j I IruBl, 
cot ill angPF?" 

"Surely not, cousin," said the wattn-hcaricdUdallpr, wdl- 
iiigh siaramcring in his boslv diBckraaiion of all UDkiminesa „ — 
*' assuredly Dfti. 1 nevtr bi'ur ill-'will tu any one, much 
less lo one of iny lawji blood, And vlio has pLl(>tcd am with her 
tidvice through man'j a rough tide , as 1 would pilot a boat hctwixt 
Snonai and Stroma, ihrougb all the waws, wdls, aDd swckhks 

"Enuughj" sniil Noma, "aud ncpw rarewell. M«lh &nch a 
blessing as I dare bestow — not » word ninrc ! SliiidcQS," she 
judded, "drawnear, aDdlclme tiss yourhrows." 

Th(! sibyl was obeyed by Mliinit with awe, and by Bronda ftilll 

fear; tlm ont ovenuaslored by (he warmth of her imayiualion, 

IhB other by the nalurol lioifdity of her conslilution. IVnrna 

rhcD dismissed them j aud in Iwominules afterwards lliey found 

Ihcniselies hcyoinj the bridge, and standii^g npon the rocky pllit- 

t'itrm in fruni of ilie ancient Piciish Biirghj which it was the 

pleasure of tiiFs sequeslercdl fertiale to iDbabit. The night, fur it 

w'QS now follfji, V9S unusually serene. A bright iwilighl, which 

ylimmcred far over ihc surface of the sea, supplied the brief 

absence of the snmmer's sun; and ihcwa^es seemed lo sleep 

under its inJTueticc, ^n faint and slumberous was iLe souridl with 

which aue eftcr anolber rolled on and burst agaioal the fool of 

the clilTon which Ihey stood. lu Jronlof (hem slaod the rugged 

fortress, stemifig, in (he uniform prayness of Ihc atmospheres as 

flgedj as shapeless, and as juassiie, as Ihe rock on which it was 

founded. There was ueilhf^r sight nor sound that indioted 

huiuan habilalion, save thai from one rude shul-hole glimmered, 

the flame of ihc leeblc lamb by which the sibyl was probably 

pursuing her mystical and tiocturnai studies, shooiinir upon the 

IwilijUi , in which it was soon lost and confounded, a single line 

of liiij light ; bearing Hic same proportion lo that of the atmos- 

jihere, as the aged vforaan aad her eurf* lite sole iuhabilaats 


ot ihal descri, did to ibe solUudu wilh whicli thej wrm suf- 

For se\i;rii\ miouUs, the parly, thus sudjcoly end uqci- 
pecietHy cipcUti^ I'roiii Ihu shelter where they liad reckoned upyn 
gprnding tbc Dijjlit, stood iu silence, each wrapt tii (heir own so^ 
paratc rcQe^Iions. JHiunA, lier IhoughlB Died UD the mystical 
consolatiun wliicli she liaii reccivud, in vain endeaiourcd to fs- 
iraci rru[]i the words of Korna a more dis^liDct and intelligible 
nieaDfijg; aud ih« Udallci' had not yet recovered hi&stir{)ri5C at 
Ihe eilrusiyQ to which hs had b>een thus wl)i>Ti5<ically suhjcL'ted, 
under clrcumslniLcee^ Ui9l piohibiled him [rom rcseoting 49 an 
insult, ticolmciil, which^ in iill ullier rcsper-ls, was 50 shocking to 
lilt; geoi^l hospitality of his nature;, Ibat he ^lill Mi like ode dis-^ 
poBcd lobe angry, il he hut knew how to set about it. Brcndrt 
was tlie lirsl who brought mailers to a poiitl, by asking whither 
lUcy were to go, end how they were to spend ihc iitght? Thf 
question, wliicb was aslicd in a tunc, that , amidst ii& simpliciiy, 
h;id somclbiiig dcrlurous iii it, eulirdy flitiiij^cd llic iriiin. of her 
father's ideas; and ihf unespecteii porpletiiy oi' their sitgalion 
now ilrikin^ him iu a comic point oi' vii-w, ho lamgl'ii^d liLI bis 
very eyes rao o\ct, whilt every rock around hliu rung, and tlio 
sUefiipg scB-fow] were alarlled from ihtir repose, l)i the loud, 
lieariy eiplosio/is of his uUslfepcroufi'hiliiriiy. 

The Udnller's daughiers , cagcirly represcoiiog 10 their falhcr 
the risk {irdispkasin^ Xoma hy this imlimitcd inclulyeuce of his 
mirth, united Ihoir elloris to drag him to a farther distant-e f rum 
her [Iwetling. Mai^nns^, yielding to thfir strength » v'hieb^ feeble 
as it WHS, bis owu lit of liiugliLer rendered biiu incapable oi're- 
siiititig, snlTcrc'd hinn^oll to bf pulled to a considerable dfijlaacc 
Trom tbe Burgh , and ibi'n c^^caping Troiu (heir hands , and &i1lir>; 
dowa, or rather sulTcring hjniscir to drop, upon a lar^o siona 
which lay oon^tnienlly hy ibe wayside 1 he ligaia lauj^hed so lung 
atid lustily, that his teted and Jtmious daughters became afraid 
that there vtaa samcihing more ihJta nalural In these repeated 

At lenjilh his mirth ciliausied bolfa ilsElf and ibcVdaller's 
strength. He groaned hcayilj^ wiped his eyes, nod. said, not 




-wiibouL feeling Some destrc iD renew his obslrcp^crous cachimia- 
lioii, *'^^>w, by the boocs of Saim MagauB, my ancestor and 
naoicsabc, une would Imagioeliiatbeia^turiiiMl uul of dours^ at 
this lime of iiigUi, was notblDg Ehoil ol' an absolutely ciqui&ile 
jeStj for I have shaken my sides at it till ihey itched. Tbere we 
sat, made SDug for the nigtil, and 1 made as sure of a good supper 
and a can qs ever I had been uf cither, — and bcre wc arc aU 
taken aback; and iheo poorBreoda's doleful voice, ami melaa- 
chuly qa«5ijGii, of, *What ts to be dune, and where are we to 
sleep?' Id good faith, unless one of those knaves, who must 
needs ioirapnl the poor woraQQ fay ihcJr trencher- work befoire it 
va^ wauled, can make aineDdls by telling us of some soug port 
under our lee, we have no other course for it but to steer through 
tbc (wtligbt on ihu b>CBrlug of Durgb-Weslrn, and rough it out as 
well a.^ we can liy Ibe ytay, 1 am sorry but for you, girls; for 
maoj a cvn'iic have I ht;co upon vihcQ we were on shorter allow- 
ilnce than we are lik« lo have now. — 1 would I iiad hut secured 
a morsel for you, auit a drop formy^eil j and thifn there had been 
but UUle ti> Cturnplaia of." 

Both sisters hastened lo a&stire tbcUdalkr that they felCnol 
the least occAsit>u for food. 

"Why, that is vi'dl^" said Magnus: '^aod so being the case, 
1 will uoi C{jmplaii) of my own appetiii^, though it is sharper than 
conreoteni. And the rascal, ISicbolas Slrumpfcr, — wtiuta leer 
(be villaiu gave me as he started the good Saaiz into iht sali- 
waler! He grinned J the knave, like a Sful on askeiry, — Had it 
notb^eiQ lor vejinj,' my poor kiitsworoanSorna, I would have seui 
bis luisbegotleobody, and misshapen jolterhead, aricrniy bonny 
&ASkt as sure as Suint Mognus lies al iBLirkwall!" 

By this time the servants relurneii with the ponies, which they 
bad very soon coui^ht — these &cnsi])le animals findiiiif nothing so 
■ciptivaling In ihc pasiur^s where lUej' bad been sulTeicd to sli'oy, 
as JDcIined them to resist Ihc invflatiun again to subject them- 
selves to saddle and bridle. The prospecls of the party were 
also c<insidcral>ly improved by learning thai the conleals of Ihcif 
sumpier-ponies' burden bad uot heen tnlirely exhausted, — a 
smalJ ba&kot having forlnualeiy escaped the rage ef Noma and 




Pacolet, by the rapidity- wjt& wluch one of the servants had 
caught ap and removed it. The same domestic, an alert and 
ready-witled feilow, had observed upon the beach, not above 
three miles distant from the Burgb, and about a quarter of a 
mile off their straight path, 9 deserted 5Aio, or fisherman's hut, 
and suggested that they should occupy it for the rest of the night, 
in order that the poqies might he refreshed, and the young ladies 
spend the night under cover from the raw evening air. 

When we are delivered from great and serious dangers,' our 
mood is, or ought to be, grave, in proportion td the peril we 
have escaped, and the gratitude due to protecting Providence. 
Bu.tfew things raise the spirits more naturally, or more harmr 
lessly, than when means of extrication front any of the Lesser 
embarraasmentsr of life are suddenly presented tons; and sQch 
was the case in th« present instance. The Vdaller, relieved ^m 
the apprebensionsfor.trisdaaghters suffering from fatigue, and 
himself from too much appetite an^ too lilUe food, carolled Norse 
ditties, as he spurred Bergen through the twilight, with as much 
glee and gallantry as if the night-ride had- been entirely a matter 
of his own free choice, firenda lent ber voice to some of his 
choruses, which were echoed in ruder notes by the servants, 
who, ia that simple state of society, were not considered as guilty 
of any breach of respect' by mingling their voices with the song. 
Minna, Indeed,, was as yet unequal to such an effort; but she 
compelled herself to assume some share in the general hilarity 
of the- meeting; and, contrary to her conduct since the fatal 
morning which concluded the FesUval of Saint John, she seemed 
to take her usual iotei'cst in what was going on around her, and 
answered with kindness and readiness the repeated inquiries 
coneerniag her health, with which- the Udaller every now and 
then interrupted bis carol. And thus they proceeded by night , a 
happier party by far than they had been when they traced the 
same route on the preceding morning, making light of the diffi- 
culties of the way, and promising themselves shelter and a com- 
fortable night's rest in the deserted but which they were now 
about to approach, and which they expected to find in a state of 
darkness and solitude. 


But ilvas lhelul4f theUdaLler ihal da; to be deceived more 
tlLon once \a l\h calculatiotts. 

"And which waj Ik's this cabin of yonrg , Laurie?" said the 
Udallcr, addressjiug lh« iDtelligcnt domestic uf whom wt! just 

" Yonder U stiould be/' ^aid Laurenc* Scholey, *'al the head 
oC ibf \>ue — but^ liy my faith, if itbetbc place, there arc f^llt 
ihcro before us — God atid Sainl Ronan send ihat ihey be cftirnj- 

En truih tbore^'asa light m tlie deserted but, strong: enough 
to glimmer through everv cIlIqU of the shinglos ami wreck-wood 
of which it was 'COii^iraetcd , and to ghc the ivhoLe cahio the 
appizBrsdce of a smithy ^een by night. The uniyerSiiS supersiitiun 
of the Zeilandcrs seized upon Hajruiis and bjs escort. 
"They arolrowa/' said^iue voice. 
"Tbcy are witches," niiirniuied ari^plher- 
"They are mermaids/' muttered a third; "only hear their 
mid sinking!" 

All stopped; and, iq eOfect, sbmo notes of ran sic were au- 
dible, which JJiejida, wiili a vuice that quivered a little, butjel 
had alum ofinrcb ridiCtikiD its luoe, proaouoc^'d to be the souod 

"f'fddle orflprid," said the Udaller, vhoj if he believed Ip 
such niglilly apparicions us had struck terror into his rcliuue^ 
ccrtaiDiv fi>arc«i ihcin tmi — " fiddle ov fieod , nuay the devil fetch 
me if a vvttch cheats me out of supper tn-nigbl, for the second 
lime I" 

So saying, he dismounted, clenched his triiEiy iriincheon in 
bis hand, aud Advanced (onards the hut, followed by Laurence 
alaae ; the rest of his retJnuc contirtuing stalionarf on the heaett, 
beside his daugbterii (mtt his ponies. 



What bo , my jovial mates I come on ! we 'U frolic It 
Like fairiea Trisking in the merry moonsliine , 
Seen by tbecurtalfriar, who, from some christeQing 
Or'some blithe bridal, hies belated cell-ward — 
He starts, and changes his bold bottle swagger 
To churcbtnan's pace prore»sional , and , ransacking 
.His treapherous memory for some boly hymn,. 
Finds but the roundel of the midnigbt catch. Oid Plaff, 

The stride of the Udaller relaied nothing of its length or of 
Its firamess as be approached the glimmeHng cabin, from which 
he DOW heard distinctly the sound of the fiddle. Bat, if still 
.long and firm , bis steps succeeded each other rather more slevly 
than usual; for, lilie a cautious, though ahrave general, Magnus 
was willing to reconnoitre his enemy before assBiling him. The 
trusty Laurence Schotey, who kept close behind his master; now 
whispered into his ear, "So helpme^ Sir, aslbelieve that the 
gbaist, if ghaist itbe, that plays so bravely on the fiddle, mast 
be the ghaistofMaisterCIaudHalcro, orhis wraith at least; for 
never was bow drawn across thairm which brought oat thegude 
auld spring of 'Fair and Lucky,' so like his ain." 

Magnus was himself much of the same opinion ; for he knew 
the blithe minstrelsy of the spirited little old man, and liailed 
the hut with a hearty hilloah, which was immediately replied to 
by the cheery note of his ancient messmate , and Halcro himself 
presently made his appearance on the beach. 

The Udaller now signed to bis retinae to come vp, while be 
asked his ftiend, after a kind greeting and much shaking of 
hands, "How the devil became to sH tbere, playing old taaes 
in so desolate a place, like an owl whooping to the moon?" 

"And tell me rather, Fowd," said Claud Halcro, *'how 
yon came to be within bearing of me? ay, by my word, and with 
your bonny daughters, too? — Jarto Mipna and Jarto Brenda, 
I bid you welcome to these yellow sands — and there, shaka 
hands, as glorious John, or some other body, says, npon the 
same occasion. And bow came you here like two fair swans, 
making day ont of twilight, and turning all you step upon to 


'^You shall know all about ibflm presenily," anawtred, 
Magiis ; "but what nicssinaies have yuu goi in ihc hat with you? 
I think I hear some one speaking." 

"Xone," replied Clnudi Hrtlcro, "but thai poor creature, 
the Factor, and my impnf abuy Tiilcs. I — ^buicoraclQ — come 
In — here yttu will find US stfjTving in iiomftyrt — not samuch as 
A mouthful ftfsnur sillocks lo be liad for love or money." 

"Thai may be in A small part hplpeJ," said the Udallei; 
'■•for thongh Ihe beet of yiir supper is gone o'ver the Fitful Crags 
to the Seakhies and the Jog-Qsh, yet we. have got somclhiDgiD 
the kit still. — Here, Laurie, bring up (he I'l/tfa." 

"Jokiil, Ja&ul!"* was Laurence'<i JDyfiil answer; and fee 
hftS'tcEicd Tor (he basket. 

"By the bicker of Saiol Maj^tiuS;,"*" BatdHakro, ''and llie 
burliest bishop that ever quaffed it for luck's sakf, there is do 
iiniing your locker empty, Magtiust Ibelievc sincerely thai ere 
a friend wanted, yon could, liKe old Luggie ibo warlock j d^h 
npi boited and roasted out of the i}qo1 of Kibstcr." *** 

"You arc wrong there, Jario Claud," said Magnus Irollj 
"fori far frooihelpiDg me to a supper, the fou! fumd, 1 believe, 
hfts carried off great part uf mine this blessed e\eniuig; but you 
are welcome to share and share flf what is left." This was said 
wbile the parly entcrcil the buU 

Here, iD a cabin rihiclii smf-Hed striiagly of dried fish, and 
■whose sides and roof were jet-black with Boioke, they found the 
unhappy Trtptolenius Yellonley seated beside a Rti mAtln of 
driofi sea-weed T miD^lcd with some peats and wreck-wood; bis 
sole compaDioD a [jaft-footeJ, yellow-hatred Zetland hny, who 
acle^I occaiiionalty as a kind nf page to Claud Hakro, bearing his 
fiddle ou his shoulders, saddling his pony, and rendering biia 
ainitlar duties of kindly observance. The d,isconsa)ate agricul- 

' Jokttf^ yts, Sir; a Norse axprossioji, sHll in common use. 
'* Thu BiclipT of Sainl !ffa^r\m, a vessel of enormous dimenslans, 
Was prt'servedl at Kirliwall, aod prpscnled to eacb ElshH^p of ihe Orkneys^ 
If tlio new incumbpni vsa nblr to i^uaffil out at one draugbL, wtiicli was 
a Msli for ricrpults orltojie Mhor otDan^eBKiT the omen bodtcl a ero(J 
oriinusual ferLiliiy. 
'" See NoSeS. LNsgit- 


turist) for such his visage betokened him, displayed litfle sar- 
prise, and less aoimafion, at the arrival of theUdaller and his 
companions, until, after the parly had drawn close to the fire, 
(a neighbourhood which the dampness of the night air rendered 
far from disagreeable,) the pannier was opened, and a tolerable 
supply of harley-bread and hang-beef, besides a Oask of brandy, 
(no doubt smaller than that which the relentless hand of f acolet 
had emptied into the ocean,) gave assurances of a tolerable sup- 
per. Then, Indeed, the worthy Factor grinned, chuckled, 
rubbed his hands, and inquired a^er all friends at Burgh- 

When they had all partaken of this needful refreshment, the 
Vdaller repeated his inquiries of Halcro , and more particularly 
of the Factor, bow they came to be nestled in such a remote cor- 
ner at such an hour of night. 

"Maister Magnus Troil," said Triptolemus, when a second 
cup had given him spirits to tell his tale of wo, "I would not 
have you think that it is a little thing that disturbs me. I come 
of that grain that takes a sair wind to shake it. I have seen many 
a Martinmas and many a Whitsunday in my day, whilk are the 
times peculiarly grievous to those of my craft, and I could aye 
bide the bang ; but I think I am like to be dung ower a' thegither 
in this damned country of yours — Gude forgie me for swearing 
— but evil communication corrupteth good manners." 

''Now, Heaven'guide us-," said the Udaller, "what is the 
matter with the man? Why, man, if you will put your plough 
into new land , you must look to have it hank on a stone now and 
then — Tou must set us an eiampleof patience, seeing you come 
here for our improvement." 

"And the deil was in my feet when I did so," said the Fac- 
tor; "I had better have set myself to improve the cairn on 

"But what is it, after all," said theUdaller, "that has be- 
fallen yon? — what is it that you complain of? " 

"Of every thing that has chanced to me since I landed on this 
island, which I believe w^ accursed at the very creation," said 
the agriculturist, "and, assigned as a fitting station for sorners. 


ihlcves, whores, (1 be^ the lodies' pardon,) witeheSj bitches, 
and all evil gpirils!" 

"By my fnilh^ n ^joodly calalogue ! " saul Magnus; "fliid 
tlierc has been Ihc day, thai if I haJ heard jangiv*; ouMhc half 
or ii, I should have tiieiitd improver myscirj and havt tried to 
amend jour manners wiili a cudgel." 

"Bear with rae," said ihcFaclor, ">faislerFowd, firlrtais- 
icrUdalltr, or wbal«vPr else Ihey may call \ou, and as yftu are 
strong be pitiful, anil consider the luckless lai ofynjr inctiicri- 
cQccd person wh(^ Uglil5 upon this earthly poradisc of yours. Hu 
asks fordridk, Ihcj briii^liimsour whey — no disparagcnicnl t» 
j'our brandy, Fowd, nhich is tiicelleat — Yuu ask for meat, 
and lEiey bring you sour slllocks thai Salan might choke upon — 
Yuu call your labourers together, aud hid them vork ; it proves 
Saint AJagnus's day, or SainL Ronan's day, or some infernal 
SflJDt Or other's — or else, perhaps, they liave i^omc out of bed 
with Iht- ■ftxong; foul foremost, or Ihej hiivc sepn an owl, or s 
rabbit has crussed Ihcir paLb, or ihi^y havedronmedof a roasted 
horse — in short, nothing is to he done — Give Uiem a sparfe^^ 
and tbcj TFork as if Jt hurued Iheii' Ongers; but set (hero to 
daucing, and st^e when they Mill lire of fuDking and flinging! " 

"Ami whj should they, poor bodies ,*' said CUud Halcro, 
"as long as Ihere are good fiddlers to play to them?" 

'*Ay, ay," spid TriploJemus shaking his bead, "yon are a 
proper p'erson to upholil them in sucfi a humour. Well, to pro- 
ceed : — Z till a piece of jfly best ground ; down conioB a sturdy 
beggar that naolB a kail^arc), or a pliinl-a-rruive, ob you eall il, 
and h^ f\hp^ dois'n an enclosure in the middle of my bit shot of 
corti, as lightly as if he Tias hatth laird and lenanl; audgoiusfty 
hjniwha liheB, ihi^rphe dibhles in bis kail-p1anis^ I sH duwn 
10 my sorrowful dinner, thicking to have peace and riuietness 
ihere atleasti when in connis one, iwo, three, four, or half-a-. 
doicn of skeipittg long lads, from sonic foolery or anilher, 
niisca" me for barring jny ain door against them, and eat up the 
host half flf what my sisl^r's providente — and she is not over 
bountiful — has alloU'Cd for iny dioricr! Thpn entefs a witch, 
wiih an cHwaad in her hand, and $be tajsca the nind or lays it. 


whichever she likes, majors up and dewa m; house as if she 
vas mislress of it, and I am bounden to thank Heaven if she 
carries not the broadside of it avray with her I " 

"Siill," saidtheFowd, *'this is no answer to my question — 
how the foul flcnd I come to Ijod ypu at moorings here?" 

**Have patience, worthy Sir," replied the afQieted Factor, 
*' and listen to what! have to say, for I fancy it will he as well to 
tell you the whole matter. Ifou mast know, I once thought that 
I had gotten a small godsend, that might have made alt these 
matters easier." 

"How! a godsend! Do you mean a wreck. Master Factor? " 
exclaimed Magnus ; " shame upop you , that should have set ex- 
ample to others!" 

*' It was no wreck," said the Factor ; ^'butifyoumustneeds 
know, it chanced that as I raised an heartfastane in one of the old 
chambers at Slourburgh , (for my sister ir minded that there is 
little use in niair lire-places about a house than .one, and I 
wanted the stane to knock bear upon,), when, what should I 
light on but a horn full of old coins, silver the maist feck of them, 
but wi' a bit sprinkling of gold among theqi too. * Weel, I 
thought this was a dainty windfa', and so thought Baby, and we 
were the mair willing to put up with a place where there were 
siccan braw nest eggs — and we slade down the -stane c.annily 
over the horn, which seemed to m« to be the very cornucopia, or 
horii of ahandaoce; and for farther security. Baby wad visit the 
room maybe twenty times in the day, and mysell at an orra tjme, 
(0 the boot of a' that." 

"On my word, and a very pretty amusement," said Claud 
Halcro, "to look over a horn of one's own siller. Iquestionif 
glorious John Dryden ever enjoyed such a pastime in his life — I 
am very sure I never did." 

"Yes, but you forget, Jarto Claud," said the Udaller, "that 
the Factor was only counting over the money for my Lord the 
Chamberlain. As he is so keen for his Lordship's rights in 
whales and wrecks, he would not surely foi^et him in treasure- 

See Note Y. Antique Coini found in Zttland. 


'*A-hem! n-beni! a-hp— he— lieml" ejaculttl€dTriptoleraas» 
seized al the moment with an aMkward Gt of couf^^nn^j — "^° 
doubt, my Lurd's right in the matter yiauld liavt: been con- 
sidered, bein^ in the liand of one, thgugh I say it, as juai as 
can he found in Apgus-sliire, let alone the Mearns. tint roHfk 
what happened of late ! Oqi> daj', as I w eot up lo see tbal all 
ITiB safe and snug , and just Iv couut <iiiil the s hare Ihat should 
hBTC-becQ his LoTdshi]p"s — for surely the labourer, asoD'P may 
cnlt (he Qoder^ is worlhj-df his hire — naj, some Itaraed men 
say, itiat when the finder inpymt of trust aud in point of powpr, 
represtnielh therfopiiVius, or lord supertor, he takeih the -whole ; 
but lei Itflt pass, as a kiltlc que&lioti iit apifci/us juris, as wc 
wool lo say al Sainl Andrews — Well, sir and Iftdies, when I 
'went lo the upper chnmber, what aboiilil I see but an ug^ODif, 
ill'Sbnpcd;, and most uucoulh d^arf, tbat waaled but hoof& and 
boms to have made an uiler devil of iiim , couniing over iho vecj 
hornlul of sjller! I am no liniorous man,, Mflster Fowd, but, 
judging Ihal I should proceed with caution in bucIi a matter — 
for I bad reason to ln^lifvc that there was devilrj" in it — I 
accosted him in Latin, (whilb it ts maist beC'Oiiiing to speak to 
aught whilk lakclh upon it as a goblin,} and conjured him in 
fiomine, and so forth, with such words as my poor learning 
could furnish of a suddeiitj, vhilll, to say truth, were not so 
many, nor altugciher so purely laiineeied as juigtit have been, 
had I not boon fcn' years at college, and many at Ihc piciigh. 
Well, Sirs, be slarlod al first, as one th-ot hpareih that which 
he expects not; but preseotlj recoiering binaself, he wawls «□ 
mo with bis gray ee:lL, Uke a wild-cat, and opeos his mouth, 
whilk fosemhled Ibc month of an oY?n, for (he del) a tongue ho 
had in it, (bat I couid spy, and took upon his ugly self allogolher 
the air and bearing of a bull-dog, whtlk I hitve seen loosed at a 
/air upon a Doad staig; * whereupon ] was soxaetliins daiiolfld, 
and withdrew inyselr to call upon sisierBaliy> who fcnrs neither 
dag nor devil, vrhco there is in questioD ihc little penny siller. 
Aud truly she raise lo the fray as I bae eeau tim LiodSayS^ and 
Ogrlvies bribtie up, -when Donald MacDounocb, or the likc^ 
* Voun; unbroken bars«. 


made a surt down frae ihe Highlaods on the braes of Islay. But 
an anld useless ctfrlfne, called Tronda Dronsdaughler, (they 
might can her D^oae Si^sell of ber^ without farther addition,) 
flung herself fight in itiy sister's gate, and yelloched and sliirled, 
Uiat you would have thought her a whole generation of hounds { 
whereupon I jntfged it best to make ae yoking of it, and stop the 
pleugh until I gdt ttiy sister's assistance. Whllk when I had 
done, and we mounted the st^ir to the apartment in which the 
said dwarf, devil, or other apparition, was to be seen, dwarf, 
bora, and siller, were as clean. gane as if the cat hfid fickit the 
place where I saw them." ' . 

HereTrlptoIemns paused in his extraordinary narration, while 
the rest 6fthe party looked upon each other in surprise, and the 
Udaller mattered to tlaud Halcro — ''By all tokens, this must 
have been either the devil or Nicholas Strumpfer ; and, if it were 
him, he Is more of a goblin than e'er Igave him credit for, and 
shall be apt'to rate bim as snchiii future." Then, addressing 
theFaeto'r, he inquli'ed — ''S'i\f ye noqgbt bow this dwarf of 
yours parted company? " 

'* A.S I shall answer 11,'no;'* replied Triptolemus, with a cau- 
tious looV around him, as if daunted by the recolleQtion; "oeither 
I,noTBaby, who had her 'frits more about her, not havi^ig seen 
this unseemly visioti, could perceive any way by whilk he made 
evasion.' Only Trondtt said she saw bim flee forth of the window 
of the west ro^indei of the auld house, upon f dragon, as sha 
averred. Bat, as Ihie dfagon is held a fabulous animal, Isuld 
pronounce her averment to rest upon deceptio vism." 

"But, inffywe notask farther," saidBrenda,'sUmalated ify 
euriosfty to know as ifauidh of her" cousin Noma's family as vras 
possible, *'hotir ill this operated upon Itfasler Te'Itowley, so as to 
occasion his being in this place at so unseasonable an hour?" 

"S^aftonable It must be, Mi^ressBrenda, since it brought 
OS Into y6ur sweet company," answered Claud Halcro, whose 
mereuifal brain far outstripped the slow conceptions of the agri- 
eultorist, and who' became anpatlent of being so long silent. 
"To say the tratb, it was It Mistress Brenda, who ree&mmended 
to our friend the Factor, whose house I chanced to call at just 
TMs Piratt. 23 


after Iliig< nilsciiaDcc, (fliirl v^hcre, by llie wny, owing di^ubLless to 
ihe hurry of llipir S[]iriC«, 1 was liul poorlj rcfeivedj) (o mnko a 
visit loouf Chiherfrii-inl anFjiftil-Ki^jul, -welliocigiDg from cerlrtin 
jioiiUs of the slor;^, a1 which my olhcr and mure parlicolor IVicitd 
Ihan eilher (looltHig at ^luf^nus) mwy chance tu furm a guess, that 
Ihcy wl]G break a hra<J arr ihc hcs.1 to God a ivlastiM. And as out 
TricuO Ihc Faci^^r scrupled traTuHiiig oubor&cback, — in respcel 
ofsfxiie tumbles from out ponies^ " 

"Whkh are ijicafEiuie de\ils," said Triptolemus, aloud, 
inuUering uoder his breathy "lik^ e^e^y Hvc thing Ihat I bave 
round in Zetland." 

"Well, Fovfd ," conlinued HnltTo, "I underlook lo ■carry 
him toFilful-bead in my Utile boat, Tvhich Giles and I can ma- 
nage as if it were aa Adirnral's harge rull fnanncii ; and Magler 
Tri|]Iijl(!mns Y(.'t)bnle;f iiSiTI Cl'II yon h.BVi aeaman-like I piluled 
}iini to Ihe little havcu, \^tLhill a quarLet of a mile of Noma's 

" I n-i^^h to Heaven you bad brought me as eafc back a^aia," 
said tbc Factor. 

* ' Wh J, lo be sure," replied tbe ra,iQSlrel , "I atBj, as glorious 
Jobo eays, — 

■^A listiBg ["ilol in eitrcniiiVj 

PJc<a$!-d Willi Mill? danger when Ihe waves go liigh , 

1 seek ihe slt^mi — but , fur a calm udGI , 

Will steer too near Lbc sandE ^ Lo show my vrh.'" 

*'I showed little ^it in iolrusling Diysclflo your charge/' said 
Tripiulemus; "andjouslrll less \*hcu you upset the boat at the 
iLroal uf Ihe VM, as you call il, whei] twn Ihe poor bairn, that 
was mairthan half drowned, lold jou tbal you were carrying loo 
HQuch sail^ and then ye wad fasten the rape lo the Jhi slick oq 
the boat-side, that je miijhtlinve lime to pliiy on ihc fiddle," 

''What!" said tbc Udillcrj "nialie fasi ihc ghcets to the 
thwart? a iJiosl uoseasotiabic practice, ClauJ Halcro." 

"And sae came of ti," replied the agricullurist; "for the 
neisl blast (and wc arc never lang wJlhout amc in these parts) 
vhomled us hi a Kudewife would whomic a bowie, and ne'er a 
Ihiisg wad JHaislcr Halcro save bat his fiddle. The puir bairn 


swam out like a water-spaniel, and Iswattered hard for my life, 
wi' the help of aoe of die oars, and here we are, comfortless 
creatares, that, till a good wind blew you here, had naethiag 
to eat but a mouthful of IVorway rusk, that has mair sawdust 
than ryemeal iu it, and tastes liker turpentine than ony thing 

" I thought we heard you Tcry merry ," said Brenda , " as we - 
came along the beach." 

"Ye heard a fiddle. Mistress Breoda," said the Factor; 
"and maybe ye may think there c4n be nae dearth, miss, where 
that is skirling. But then it was Maister Claud Halero's 6ddle, 
whilk, I am apt to think, wad skirl at his father's deathbed, or 
at his ain , sae lang as his fingers could pinch the thairm. And 
it was nae sma ' aggravation to my misfortune to have him bum- 
ming a' sorts of springs, — Norse and Scots, Highland and 
Lawland, English and Italian, in my lug, as if nothing had 
happened that was amiss^ and we all in such stress and per- 

"Why, I told yea sorrow would neyer right the boat. Fac- 
tor," said the thoughtless minstrel, "and I did my best to make 
you merry; if I failed, it was neither my fault nor my fiddle's. 
I have drawn the bow across it before glorious John Dryden 

"I will hear no stories about glorious John Dryden," an- 
swered the Udaller, who dreaded Halcro's narratives as much as 
Triptolemus did his music, — "I will hearnoughtof him, but 
one story to everythree bowls of punch, — it is oar old paction, 
you know. But tell me, instead, what said Noma to you about 
your errand?" ■ 

"Ay, there was anither fine upshot," said Master Yel- 
lowley. " She wadna look at us , or listen to us ; only she bo- 
thered oar acquaintance. Master Halcro here, who thought he 
could have sae mqch to say wi' her, with about a score of 
questions about your family and household estate, Master 
Magnus Troil; and when she had gotten a' she wanted out of 
him, I thought she wad hae dung him ower the craig, like an 
empty peaood." 



•* Aj*t| tvT yuTirsein " eaitl the Odaller. 

" She vfadoa Usleu lo my sLnry, nor hear sae much ns a word 
that I had to say," answered Triplolcmus; "and sac much lor 
Ihem ibai setkiu witches anilfanijljariipirUsr' 

"You needed nol to ha\c had recourse lo PCwaa'a wisdom, 
Master Ffflclor/* said Minaa, nol unwillJug, perhaps, to stop his 
railiDg against the friend who had so lutdy rendered her stnice; 
*'lbe youngest child in Orkney cuuLit have luld you, that fairy 
trcftsures , if thej are nol wisely employed for the good of OtherSj 
m well as of those lo nhom they arc iju})urlcdj, do do! dwell long 
with their possessors. " 

'*¥ourtmiuble servant lo command, Mistress Minoie," said 
Trjplolemus-, ''^'1 thozik ye for (he bini^ — and I am bltthetbat 
you haVe gftiieo your wits ^ — I beg: pardon, I meunt your health 
— into the barn-yari agalo. For the treasure, 1 neither used 
nor abused it, — th*y that live in lUe house witlx nj sister Baby 
wad tiud it bard to do either ! — and as for speaking af it, whilk; 
liioj- say mucklo oiTctlds them whom we to Sciillaud call Good 
Weighboursj and you call Draws, the faceof (heauld Norse kings 
on the cclns themselves, might have spobcn as much aboutii as 
everl did." 

''The Factor," satd Claud Halcro, not un^vllling to seize the 
opporluaily of revenging hjrnselfou Triptolcmus, far disgracing 
his seamanship and disparaging his music> — "The Factor was 
so scrupulous, as to ktep ihe ibiu^* quiet lmgei from his master, 
the Lord Chamberlain; but, nuw that lhe matter has ts'en Wind, 
be is likerj to have to account to his master for that 'which is no 
koger in his possessiou ; for the Lord Chamberlain will be in no 
hurry, J think, to believe the story of thL- dwarl'. \eitherdftl 
thiak" (winking to iln! Udaller) "ihatNoFoa gave credit to d 
word of so odd a story; auil I dare say that was the reason thai 
she received us^ I musl needs say, in a very dry manner. [ 
rnlher think she knew thai TrJptolcmus, our friend here, had 
found some other hiding-hole for the monEy, and that the story 
of the gfihliji was all his own invention. For my part, I will 
never believe (here was such a dwarf to he seen as the creature 
Blaster Yeilowlcy describes, until 1 set my own eyes on him." 


"Then yon may do so at this moment/' said theFaclor; "for, 
by — , " (he mattered a deep asseveration as he spmng on his 
feet in great horrorO "there the treatare is! " 

All tnnied their eyes in the direction in which he pointed, and 
stM the hideous misshapen figare of Pacolet, with his eyes Gxed 
and glaring at them through the smobe. He had stolen upon 
their cooversatioa unperceived^ until the Fai^r's eye lighted 
upon him in the manner we have described. There, was some- 
thing sd ghastly in bis sadden and unexpected appearance, that 
even the Udall^r, to whom his form was familiar, couid.nothelp 
starting. Neither pleased with^ himself for having testified this 
degree of emotion, bowever slight, nor with the dwarf who bad 
giyen cause to it, Magnus asked him sharply, wbat was his busi- 
ness there? Pa colet replied by producing a letter, which he 
gave to ^e Udaller, uttering a sound resembling the word 
SkQgh,* . 

"That is the HighlaodmaQ's language," said theUdaller— 
"didstthoulearn that, Nicholas, when yon lost your own?" 

Pacolet nodded, and signed to him to ,read his letter. 

. " That is no such easy matter by fire-light, my good friend ," 
replied theUdaller; "but it may concern Minna, and we most 

Brenda offered her assistance, but the Udaller answered, "No, 
no, my girl, — Noma's letters must be these they are 
written to. Give the linave, Strumpfcr, a drop of brandy the 
while, though he liHle deserves it at my hands, considering the 
grin with which he sent the good Nantz down the crag this 
momiog, as il it had been as much ditch-water." 

"^ill yon be this honest gentleman's cup-bearer — his 
Ganymede, friend Yellowley , or shaU I?" said Claud Halcro 
aside to the Factor-, while Magnus Troil, having carefully wiped 
his spectacles f which he produced from a large copper case, had 
disposed them on his nose, and was studying' the epistle of 
Noma. > 

"I would not touch him, or go near him, for all the Carse of 
Gowrie," said the Factor, whose fears were by no means entirely 
* In Gaelic, tiere. 


reiDovf^d, thfiugh ht saw that the dwarf vai T^^'eiv^il a^ a frca- 
lure of flesh anJ blood Uy Oik resl nf llie cunipany ; "bul I praj 
■you to ask him what he has done wilhnij' horn ofoins?" 

Th<.> Jwarr, ^ho heard the quRStioit, ihrrw hack his heail, ami 
displayed his «n<jriiii>U'S ihruat , pioinUng to iliftiltii hi^ linger.. 

'*Nay, if he hns swallovmd ihein, there is no more t«"fae 
said,'* rpplied Ihe l-'at-lor*, "'uftlj I hope he "ftill ihrrs* OD ihem 
Its B cuwou wetcldvcr. Hci§ daiiio\<irr)a'8 spTvant ii 'slike, — 
such mi\n, SQch tnislrt-ssl UuH if lli<_-fl and wilcl]i;riirL arc logo 
mipunishedl in this Lind, my Lord must find anoilier Tacinr; (or I 
ha\e been uBtd lo live in a couTiirj' where men's worldlj gear 
wu% kipepitfrom infang and ouiran:f; (hid, as y^- ell us their immor- 
Ul BDuls from the claws of the d«iL and his cuiumers — sain and 
saTe us ! " 

The o^ncuhnrlst was pprh.ip^j iHc less reser*eil in eipressing 
his compJfiiuls, (Ijal lljf! I'dalicr was for iJjfi present out of hear- 
ing, having drawn Claud HJtlcru ttparl into analhcr comer of the 

"And tell me," saidhe, "friond Halcro, wlioS errand look 
iJiee to Surnburgh, since I reckon ii wfts SMfec ihe mere pleasure 
of sailing in pariiii-rship wMh ;fon<Ier liarDacle?" 

"Ill fflilh, I-owd." suiilthehnni, '^and if jou 'wiU have tha 
truth , I went lu spi;ak (o \orna on your affairs," 

^*0n my aJTuirs!" replied the Udallcr; "on what affairs ^yi 

"Just touching your daughter's healib. I heard thaiNoroa 
refused your message, and would not see Eric Scambrster. 
Now, Bfltd I lt» myself, I have scarec joyed in meat, or drlnk^ 
«riinjiiic, fir nujj;hl else, since Jarto Minna hss hcen !;o ill; and 
I may say, litu'rally as well as ligorativtly, that my day and night 
have been mad*! sorroviiul to me. In sin.rt, I (hoiighl I might 
hare some more inlcr^isl with old Norjun than anotiieri as sealds 
and wise women were always at'counted soiuethin^ akin; qnd I 
urtJurlook ihn journoy wilh ilje hope to he of some use Ig my old 
friiMnl and hia loveJj daughter/* 

"And ii wds most kindly done of^rou, ^ooid warm-beai'ted 
said llie Udaller, shaking him warmly bj the faaod, — 



"I ever said you showed the good old Norse heart amoqgst all (h; 
fiddliogADd thy folly. — Tut, tnao, never wioce for the maUer, 
but be blithe that thy heart is better than thy head. Well, — and 
I warrant you got DO answer from Norna?". 

** None to purpose," replied Claud Halcro ; ^'but she held me 
close to question about Minna's illness, too,—: and 1 told her 
how I bad met her abroad the other, morning in no very good 
weather, aod how her sister Brenda said she bad hurl her foot ; 
— in short, J told her all and every thing I knew." 

. "And something more besides, it would seem," said the 
Udaller; '*for I, at least, never iieard before that Mioua had 
faurt herself." 

"'Oh, ascratchl a mere scratch I" said ^e old man; ''but 
I was startled about it — terriBed lest it had been the bite of a 
dog, <ir some hurt frppi aTenomoua thing. I told all to Noma 

"And what," answered the lldallei^*did she say, in the 
way of reply?" 

"She bade me begone about my business, and told me that 
theissue would be known at the Kirkwall Fair ; and said just the 
like to this noodle of a Factor — it was all that either of us got for 
our labour," said Halcro. 

"That is strange," saidHagnus. "My kinswoman writes me 
in this letter not to fail going thither with my daughters. This 
Fair runs strongly io her head ; — one would think she intended 
to lead the market , and yet she has aotbing to buy or to sell there 
that I know of. And so you <ame away as wise as you went, and 
swamped your boat at the mouth of thevof?" 

"Why, how could I help it? " saidtbepoet. "Xhadsetthe 
boy. to steer, and as the flaw came suddenly off shore, I could 
not let go the tack and play on the Bddle at the same time. Bat 
it is all well enough, — salt-water never harmed Zetlander, so as 
he could get out of it; and, as Heaven would have it, we were 
within man's depth of the shore, and-chancing to find this skio> 
we should have done well enough , with s^ielter and fire, and are 
mach better than well with your good cheer and good company. 
Bat it wears late, and Night andjlay must be both as sleepy as 


oldMidDight cack make ihem. There is sn inner crib bcre, vbere 
Lhe iisbcrs slept, ^ Bomc^'hat fra^rdril wilb the smtiM of their 
fish , but (hal is whulesiiQi^' They sbdil bestow lUcmse hc^ th&re, 
vUh ihi! heljn of what cloaks j(ou have, aod then we will Uave ci'Se 
Cup of bratidy, and one slave <]f ^loriuu^ John, or ^aonic little 
tTille of roy owDj and £.0 sleep as suuod a^ dabblers." 

*^Two glasses of brandy, if you pleiists," said the UdaWtr, 
"if our stD[-i;&do doI run dry; but oot a smgle Stavfi of glorious 
Jobn ) or uf any uiic else lu-Di^ht." 

And this being arrangi^d and cMeeulcd agreeably tn the 
peremptory plcasurt of the Udaller, tlie vhuk- party consigned 
tbcinsuhcs to slumber for (he night, and oa tttc neit day departed 
for their scvtmt hjbiCatioDs, €laud Halcro having previ>oas]f 
arranged with the Udallcr ihAl he « uuld accoDipaoy bim and his 
daughters on their proposed visit l>u Kirkwall. 


"By Ibis b^nd, lba» tUink'sl fiiu as far in th^ dfvil's boot as Ihou 
and FaliSLafT, Tor olidlorucy aaii fitritisLcncj'. Li;t the end Ir;^ ittc man .4- 
AlbeiL ] could Il-U to Ebf 1: , (8S la u^e U pkases nit! , Tor TauLl ot a belter, 
to Call ray friend,) I could be ^ad, anil sad iotlcEd lDi>." 

ItenTj/ If. I'urt 2tt. 

Wfi must Duw chAagctbie scene frflmZctlan)! to Orkuey, and 
request our readers to accompany tis In the ruios of an cltj^iUil, 
though ancient structure, oalicd ibc t-arl's Palace. These re- 
maius, thou;;h inuch dilapiduieil] sUM >?&lbI iu ibe Deig:hbourhood 
of iJit massive and >eiicrablc jiilCj which .Norwegian devotioo 
dedicated to Sain[ Magnus ih4; Martyr, and, being coaiiguous lu 
the Bishop's Palacfj which is also ruinous ^ the plucr is impres- 
sive, as uxbibitiDg vestiges of the luutiitions both ia Church and 
Slate which have affected OrkoL-y, as well as tuanlries more 
eipojicd to such cohyuIsIods. Several part? uf thrse tuiofous 
buildingis niigbt be selc4!«.'d (under suilabk mniiifit^^u lions) as Ihe 
inci'Cle] of a Gothic tivaoi^itizi, p^o^ided architects would be COD- 
leuted ralbor to iiuitstewbat is really bcQulirul in that Species of 
building, [haij lo make a medley of the caprices of (be order^ 
coDfoundiufj; tbemililary, e4^clesiastical, and domestic stales of 


all ages at random, vith addiliooal fantasies and combinatiuis of 
their own device, " alt formed oot of the builder's brain." 

The Earl's Palace forms three sides of an oblong sq[uare , and 
has, even in its rains, the air of an elegant yet massive stractare, 
uniting, as was usual in the residence of feudal princes, the 
character of a palace and of a casUe. A great banqu%ting-hall, 
communicating with several lai^e roiinds, or projecting turret- 
rooms, and having at either end an immense chimney, testifies 
the ancient Northern hospitality of the £arls of Orkney, and com- 
municates, almost in the modern fashion, with a gallery, or with- 
drawing-room , of corresponding dimensions, and having, like 
the hall, its projecting turrets. The lordly ball itself is lighted 
by a 6ne Gothic windov of shafted stone at one end, and is en- 
tered by a spacious and elegant staircase, consisting of three 
flights of stone steps. The exterior ornaments and proportions 
of the ancient building are also very handsome; but, being to- 
tally unprotected, this remnant of the pomp and grandeur of 
Earls, who assumed the license as well as the dignity of petty 
sovereigns, is now fast crumbling to, decay, and has suffered 
considerably since the date of our story. ' 

With folded arms and downcast looks, the pirate Cleveland 
was pacing slowly the ruined hall which we have just described; 
a place of retirement which he had probably chosen becaase it 
was distant from pablic resort. His dress was considerably 
altered from that which he usually wore in Zetland , lind seemed 
a sort of uniform , richly laced, and eihibiting no small quantity 
of embroidery; a hat with a plume, and a small sword very 
handsomely mounted, then the constant companion of everyone 
who assumed the rank of a gentleman , showed his pretensions to 
that character. But if his exterior was so far improved, it 
leemed to be otherwise with his health and spirits. He was 
pale, and had lost both the fire of his eye and the vivacity of his 
step, and his whole appearance indtcated melancholy of mind, or 
snifering of body, or a combination of both evils. 

As Cleveland thus paced these ancient ruins, a young man, 

of a light and slender form , whose showy dress seemed to have 

' been studied with care, yet ekhibited more extrtvagance than 


judgment or (aslc, \yhose manner wns 9 jaoiy JtCTeclstloD of Iho 
free and easy rake of the ficrioii , anil Ihc cipressloo of nhosa 
counlcnanci' was^Uvplj, with a casl of effrontery, Iripyed ufj ihaT 
stairease, eotpretllhc hall, and presented himself lo C:lievelanidij(| 
who merely nodivd lu him, and )ialling his hat deGpcr wee hiftl 
broils, resumed Ills solllary and discoDlcnictl prftn:5cnflde. 

The str^Qger adjusted! bis dwd )iat» nodded j» return^ too'k 
snuff) with the nir of a jr^tit maitre y from a richly thascJ golJ 
bos, offered it ro Cleveland as ht passed^ and being repulbcd 
rather culdljj, replaced 4he boi in his pocket, fuldcil his arms in 
bis (uin, and stood looking viih Gicd at1<?iitiiiiti on his tnotjuns 
whwsc suliiudc he had interrupted. At length Cleveland sioppod 
shflrt, as it irapatieisl of being longer the suhjf!Ct O'f l]js obscr- 
Yaliotl, and said abruptly, "Why can I ni>t bp left alone for half 
an hoiiT, and ti hat the devil is IL that you want? " 

"I iiiii g!a{I you spoke first," unswi;red the stranger, care- 
lessly; "I was determined lu know whelheryflu were Clcrueat 
Cle\(rLa![id, of Clcvehind's ghrjst, and they say ghosts ncrertaliC 
the first word, eu i i\f,\vt ^Qi it duwn fiiryoUri^olJ in life and liniti ; 
aod here is a line old hurly-bousc you bave found out for an owl 
to hide lurnself iu at midday, or a ghof>t to revisit Ibc j].-jle 
glJmpSCS of the moon, as the divine Shskspeart saySi." 

''Well, weJlj" answered Cleveland, abfnplly, "your jest 
Is made , and now let 119 haie your earnest." 

"Iu earnest, then, C<]pi'ain Cleveland," replitjd hi^ com- 
panion, '*I think you know me tar your PrieQiJ." 

"I am cocitcst to suppose so," said Ctcr eland. 

"It is more than supposition," rcplii^d the young (nan', ^'I 
have provtd it — proretl it both licre and elsewhere." 

"Wellj welt," answered Cleveland, '*I admit yon have 
befliifl!waj& a friendly fullow — and whatthcnl" 

"Well, well— and what (hen?" replied (he other; "tbta 
is but afcricf way of ehnnkiiipfolk. Lookyim* Captain^ here is 
Bensiin, Bnrlowe, I^ick fleieher, and a few others of U9 who 
wished you well, hove kept your olii ctiiurade Captain GofTe in 
these seas upon tbc look-out far you, ythca be and Jla^kiuStOad 


the greater part of the ship's compaay, vonld Cain hare been 
down on the Spanish Main » and at the old trade." 

'*And I wish to God that yoii had all gone aboafyonr busi- 
ness," said Cleveland , "and left me to my fate." 

*' Which would have been to be informed against and hanged. 
Captain, the Grst time that any of these Dutch or English rascals, 
whom you have lightened of their cargoes , came to set their eyes 
upon you ; and no place more likely to meet with seafaring men, 
than in these Islands. And here, to screen you from such a risk, 
we have been wasting our precious time, till folk are grown very 
peery; and when we have no more goods or money to spend 
amongst them , the fellows will be for grabbing the ship." 

**Well, then, why do you not sail off without me?" said 
Cleveland — "There has been fair partition, and all have had 
their share — let all do as they like. . I have lost my ship, and 
having been once a Captain, I will not go to sea under com- 
mand of Goffe or any other man. Besides, you know well 
enough that both Hawkins and he bear me ill-will for keeping 
tiiem from sinking the Spanish brig, with the poor devils of 
negroes on board." , , 

"Why what the foul Gend is the matter with thee?" said his 
companion: ^'Are you Clement Cleveland, our own old true- 
hearted Clem of the Cleugb, and do you talk of being afraid of 
Hawkins and Goffe, and a score of such fellows, when you have 
myself, and Barlowe, and Dick Fletcher at your back? When 
was it we deserted you, either in council or in fight, that you 
should be afraid of our flinching now? And as for serving under 
Goffe, I hope it is no new thing for gentlemen of fortune who are 
going on the account, to change a Captain now and then? Let 
us alone for that, — Captain you shall be; for death rock me 
asleep if X serve under that fellow Goffe, who is as very a blood- 
hound as ever sucked bitch! No, no, I thank you — my 
Captain must have a little of the gentleman about him, howso- 
ever. Besides, yon know, it v^as yon who 6rst dipped my hands 
In the dirty water, and turned tne from a stroller by land, to a 
rover by sea." 


"Alas, poorBante!" &Aii Cleveland, *'fou o«r« me little 
IhAbks Tor ilint Venice." 

"That is as you take it," replied Buoce; "Formxpartlsee 
no harm in kvy in$ cnnirlbutiun^ on lite puljUc ciiber one way or 
I'oiher. Bui I wish jou-wfluld forget thai name ftfBuoce, and 
call me AUamoiil, as 1 have often desired you la do. I hope a 
gCDilccidii of the i^ovin^ trade has as gi>od a right to have an alias 
as a stroll PF aiid 1 neifer stepped on tbe boards but what I was 
Altamcnl at the least." 

*'Wc!l, then, Jaek Allamonlj" replied Cleveland, "since 
Altamont in ilie word — " 

**Te5, butj Capjaip^ Jack is no( the word), though Al(a- 
moQibe so. Jack Aliamont — why, 't is a velvet coal with paper 
lace — Lei it be Frederick, Captain; Fredcrkk Altamont is all 
ofa piece." 

"Frederick be it, llico, with all mj henrl," said Cleveland; 
"and pray tell nic, whicll of jour names Will sound best allbe 
head of the Last Spcfch, Confession , and Dying W^Drd^ of 
John Bunco, alias Frederick Allamoni, who was this morning 
hanged at Execiition-doct, for tin crirre of Piracy upon the 

"Faith, I canntK answer that question^ without another can 
of grog. Captain ; so if you will go down wiih mc io fiet Hal- 
dana's on the quay, I will besiow Bom's tliought on Ihe matter, 
with the help of a rigbt pipe of Trinlriado. We will ha\f ihc gal- 
lon bowl Ulled wilb Ihe best stufT you crcr lasted, aud 1 know 
some smart wenches who wiUhclp us lo drnin it. Jlut you shake 
your head ~ you 'le not i' the icinJ— Well, then, Iwill stsiy 
wlihyimj for by this hand, Clem, you shift mc not off. Only I 
wilt ferrcl you out of ibis hurrow <if old stones, and carry you 
ifltosnrshijic and lair air. — Where shall we gat" 

"Where you wiJl," sard ClcTcland, "so that yuu keep out of 
the waf of ourown rascals^ and allolbers-" 

"Whjj then," replied BuQce, '*you aiid I will go up to the 
Hill of WkiifDrtf^ whieb ovcdooks the town, and walk logeUier 
OS graiely and honestly as a pair of well- employed atlorneyE," 


As they proceeded to letve tfae ruinous castle, Bunce, taraJng 
back to look at it, thus addressed his compaDloo: 

"Hark ye. Captain, dost thou know who last inhabited this 
old cockloft?" 
' '*An Earl of the Orkneys, theysay," replied Cleveland. 

*'And are you avised what death he died of?" said Bunce; 
"for I have heard that it was of atight neck-collar — ahempen 
fever, or the like." 

''The people here do say," replied Cleveland, "that his 
Lordship, some hundred years ago, had the mishap to be- 
come acqaainted with the nature of a loop and a leap in the 

"Why, la ye there now!" said Bunce; "there was some 
credit in being hanged in those days, and in such worshipful 
company. And what might his lordship have done to deserve 
such promotion?" 

"Plundered the liege subjects, theysay," replied Clevelan.d ; 
"slain and wounded them, fired upon his U«gesty's flag, and so 

" Near akin to a gentleman rover , then ," said Bunce, making 
a theatricalbow towards the old building; "and, therefore, my 
most potent, grave, and reverend Signier Earl , I crave leave to 
call you my loving cousin, and bid you most heartily adieu. I 
leave yon in the good company of rats and mice, and so forth, and 
I carry with me an honest gentleman , who, having of late had bo 
more heart than a mouse, is now desirous to run away from his 
profession and friends like a rat, and would therefore be a most 
fitting denizen of yourEarlship's palace." 

"I would advise' you not to speak so loud, my good friend 
Frederick Altamout, or John Bunce," said Cleveland; '.'when 
you were on the stage, you might safely rant as loud as you 
listed; but, in your present profession, of which yon are so fond> 
every man speaks under correction of the yard-arm, and a run- 
ning noose." 

The comrades left the little town of Kirkwall in silence, and 
ascended the Hill of Whitford, which raises its brow of dark 
heath, uninterrupted by enclosures, or culTivatiou of any kind, to 


ihc northward of Ihe KncifntllurghorSainlMagDUS^ ThepEain, 
at Ihefool c^^l^le IliU wasfilready occupied by numbers of persons 
who were ■engaged iii making preparalions ff»r (he lair of Sainl 
0]Ib, to be ticld upon Iht CJiSuLag ila]', anil v, bich riirnis a geoeral 
rtndpivous (u .ill llic tirlybbuuriiiy islauds of Orhiioy, and is even 
frEfiucnled by nmny [iiTSions from tiie more distant archipelago 
of Zetland. Il is, io (lie words of the Pruclanialion, "a free 
Mcrcat njid I'air, boLdcn al the good Burgh of Kirkwall od the 
third 4if August, bciii;;^ Saint Olla's day," and ctiutitjulng lor fin 
indtliiiiie i^paci? thiTPiirt^r, eitendiiifj from three days to a week, 
and upwards. The fair is of grfat antiquity, and de^il^cs its 
name from (Jlaus, Olan-, Ollaw, the c^-Icbrnttd Slouarcli of 
Pi'orway, who, raihcr by the edge of his sw^rd than any milder 
argument^ inlrodut-ed Cbrisliaiiity ioio those isles, and >sas re- 
spected as tlic patron of Kirkwall sf>mc time before hesJjaroJ (hat 
hoQoar with Kaint Magnus the Jlanyr. 

It was net part of Cltvclaod's purpose Eo mitiglc in (be busy 
scene which wes here going on; end, turuiog Ihoir louli'lc the 
Icfi, they s&ou aspcjidcd into undisturbed suliiude^ save where 
the grouse, more plfifitifu] in Orkney^ perhaps, than in imj 
other part of the Itrilish (Juminions, rose in co\cy, and went tilT 
before thirm.* ifaving coniiuued (o usrend lilt they liail well- 
nigh reached tbe sunimK of the corneal hill, boih lutocd 
routtd, as viUh ooe coDsent, to look aland admire ibc prl:^spccl 

The lively bqstJe which oitcndcd bcirwecn the foot of ilie hill 
and the towo, gave life and raripiy to ibnt part of the scene-, 
thcu was seen the town ilaelf, out of whit'h arose, like a great 
mass, superior in proportion as, it seemed to the whole bur^h^ 
(he flncieoi Calhcdrul nf Saiol Magnus, of the heaviest order of 
Gothic architcLture, but grand, solemn, aodseatcly, the work 
of a dislaot age^ and of a powerful hand, Theqtfay, with the 
shipping, lent addilJoaaE vivacil;^ to the scene i and not only the 

* It Is very curious Lhat ibe grausn , plenl; in Orkney as ibe tciL de- 
clares, jJioirtd be lolally uiiknftwp in Ibp nfliglibourinB ari^hipelago of 
ZLMlanil, vhicti i* only atouC silljf inil&s dislincc, with the Fail Ulfi ti 
a. Hep belwcED. 


whole beautiful b^y, which lies betwiit the promoDtories ^f 
iDgaoess aod Quanterness, at the bottom of which Kirkwall is 
situated, but all the sea, so far as visible, aud in particular 
the whole strait betwixt the islaod of Shapinsha and that called 
Pomona, or the Maialaod, was covered and enliveued by a 
variety of boats and small vessels, freighted from distant 
Islands to convey passengers or merchandise to (he Fair of Saint 

Having attained the point by which (his fair and busy prospect 
was most completely commanded, eachof (he strangers, in sea- 
man fashion, had recourse to his spy-glass, to assist the naked 
eye in considering the bay of Kirkwall, and the nnmeroas vessels 
by which it was traversed. But the attention of the two com- 
panions seemed to be arrested by different objects. That of 
Bunce, or Attamont, as he chose to call himself, was riveted 
to the armed sloop, where, conspicuous by her square rigging 
and length of beam, with the Eoglisb jack and pennon, which 
they -had the precaution to keep flying, she lay among the 
merchant vessels, as distinguished from them by the trim 
neatness of her appearance, as a trained soldier amongst a crowd 
of clowns. 

''Yonder she lies," said Buoce; *' I wish to God she was in 
the bay of Honduras — you Captain, on the quarter-deck, I your 
lieutenant, and Fleldier quarter-master, and Itfty stout fellows 
under us — I should not wish to see these blasted heaths and 
rocks again for a while ! — And Captain you shall soon be. The 
old brute Goffe gets drunk as a lord every day, swaggers, and 
shoots, and cuts, amongthe crew; and, besides, he has quar- 
reled with the people here so damnably , that they will scarce let 
water or provisions go on board of us, and we expect an open 
breach every day." 

As BuDce received no answer, be turned short round on his 
companion , and , perceiving his attention otherwise engaged, ex- 
claimed , — " What the devil is the matter with you ? or what can 
you see in all that trumpery small-craft, which is only loaded 
with stock-Qsh, and ling, and smoked geese, and tubs of butter 
that is worse than uUow? — the caii^es of the whole lumped 


logeihcr-nnuld nolbfi worth ilic (l^sti of a pislDL — -No, qo^ give 
me such a ctiase iia v^e mi^ht see from the masl-head ofif Ihe 
island of Trioidado. VoiiF Dun , rolling as. deep Sd Ihe water as 
agrQiapua, iJee(i-1oadi;i] wilhrucn, sugar^ aod bales of tobacco, 
and all Ibe r^si ingots, muidnres, aod gold duBt; then set all 
sail, clear tbe deck^ Slaod lo qitnrtera, up with llie Jolly 
IlQgeT* — we near her — we make her out to be well manniid and 
armed — "' 

*' TwBDiy guns on Ij cr lower duck ," said Clevelaod, 
"Forty, ifj'ouwill," retorted Biioce^ "and we bav€ bntien 
tuouDted — never raiad. The Don blazes awsy^ never mind 
yd, my brave lads — ruo bfralongsidc, and ctn board TVitb yoa 
"^to work with your greaadoes^ your cutlasses, poleax^s, and 
pistols — The Don cries Aliscricordia, and wc sbaie tiic cargo 
wilbont CO /i'cenciOj SBiffnior.'' 

" By tny faith ," said Ckvekad , " Iboa lakesl eo kindly lo ihe 
trade » thai all tbe world may sea Ibal do honest man was spoiled 
when you were made a pirate. But you ^batl not prevail on mo 
lo go farther in the dovit's road with you i for you know yourself 
that v.hai is got over bis back h spent^you wolhow. In a 
week, or a mootL at must, ilie rum and tihc sugar are out, ibe 
Laics of tobacco Lave become ismokq , tbe moidores , ingots , and 
gold dq^l have got oat of our hands, into those of ibt quiel, 
honest, cojiscifiniious folks, wiio dwell at Pi>ri-Boyal and else- 
where — wink bjird on our trade as long as we have mitney, but 
not a jot beyond. Thee tro hare cold looks, and it may be u hint 
is given to ibe iud^e Marshal ; for, when oar pockets arc worib 
nothiug, our honest friends, rather (hiin want, will makti uiooey 
upon our haads. Then comes a bigh gallows and a sli>[irlh;]|[er, 
and &o dies the Grenlleman Rover. I tell thee, I will leave this 
trade; and, when I turn my glass from one of these barks and 
boats to another^ tbcrc is not the wufsI of Ihum whit-b I would 
Qol row for life, rather than continue to he whal 1 have been. 
Tlicse poor men make the sea a ireaos of hooeatlivelUiood anil 
friendly communicflilioa beiweeti shore and sbore , fi>r Lbe mutual 

' Th« piralespave Ibis name (o Kite Jjlack Hag, which, with many 
borj-Jbli^ devices to eabancc its terrors, was Ibcir favourite en$igR. 


beaefit.of the inhabitaots; bat we h^ve made it a road to the 
niia of others, and to our own destruction here and in eternity. — 
I am determined to turn honest man, and use this life oo longer! " 

*'And vheie will your houesty take up its abode, UUplease 
you?" said Bunce. — "You ha\e brolceu the laws of every nation, 
and the hand of the law will detect and crash you wherever you 
may take refuge. — Cleveland, 1 speak to yoa more seriously than 
I am wont to do. I have had my reflections, too, and they have 
been bad enough , though they have lasted but a few minutes, to 
spoil me weeks of jovialty. . Rut here is the jnatter, — what can 
we do but go on as we have done, unless we have a direct pur- 
pose of adorning the yard-arm?" 

"We may claim the benefit of the proclamation to those of 
OUT sort who come in and surrender," said Cleveland., 

** Cmph ! " answered his companion, dryty ; " the date ofthat 
day of grace has been for some time over, and they may take the 
penalty or grant the pardon at their pleasure. Were I you, I 
would not put my neck in such a venture." 

"Why, others have been admitted but lately to favour, and 
why should not I?" said Cleveland. ^ 

"Ay," replied his associate, "Harry Glashy and some odiers 
have been spared-, but Glasby did what was called good service, 
in betraying bis comrades, and retaking the Jolly Fortune; and 
that I think you would scorn, even to be 'revenged of the brute 
Goffe yonder." 

" I would die a thousand times sooner," said Cleveland. 
. "I will besworo forit," saidBance; '*and the others were 
forecastle fellows — petty larceny rogues , scarce worth the hemp 
it would have cost to hang them. But your pamc has stood too 
high amon^t the gentlemen of fortune for you to get ofT so easily. 
Tou are the prime buck of the herd, and will be marked accord- 

"And whyso,Iprayyoa?" saidCIevelaad; "youknowwell 
enough my aim, Jack." 

"Frederick, if you please," saidfiunce. 

"The devil take your folly! — PriUiee keep thy wit, and let 
us be grave for a moment/* 

Th€ Piratt. 24 


"For a ranraenl— be it so," said Bain!e ; "but I feel tit 
spirit of AUaitioBl ciiraing faSl Upon mt j — I haTe been a gmVB 
tnnD for ten minuter atieady." 

"Be 80 ihen for a liltk longer," said ClciclJinJ; **I know, 
J{ick 4 thai you renhj love iiifi; and, since we have copiie tlius fjir 
inihistalk, I wilHrusiyniu entirelj. \owtellttie, why should 
1 be refused itic beDefit rjT this grji:iuus procLamniiion,? I havfr 
bivrne n rough oiitsid?, as Iboa knu'^ci^ii bu.^ in lime of aeed, 
I can shcpw the numbi^r 4jf liv'ts wbichl hai'C been the meAnsoF 
saving, the properly vslitcll I bave restored to tbo$o who uWDed 
it.whca, without my inierccsEioD, it would have btren waotoaly 
dcstrojed, lu shurt, Huucej IcansliuW' — " 

''Thai you were «s gealle a thief as Hobin Hood himself/'' 
saidBuDCe; *'tind, for that reasOD, I, FlelclK^r, ondlhcbetlct 
sort amoDg us^ love you, as out! who saves ttie chaT^ctcr o(' us 
licnllemca RoYurs rrom utler rcprobatiou. — Well, suppose your 
pardon made oul^ what are you to do next? — wliat class in 
society will receive you? ^ with whom will you associale? Old 
Draki], in Quoen Bess's ilitic, muld plunder Pern and Meiico 
wfihout a line of commission loshtiw for [t, and, blessed be h^r 
memory! he was knighted fur it on his return. A.nd there was 
Hal Morgflii, the Welshman, nearer our time, in (he days of 
merry King Cttiirles, brought all his getting^ home, had bis 
estate and his «annlry-house, and who but he? But (hat is all 
C»ded now — once a piratp, and an outcast ftirever, Thti poor 
devil may go and live, shimned and despised by every oc«, in 
some obscure seapPit, with sncb pari o.f Lis guilly earnipgs as 
conriicrs aud clerks leave him— for pardons do not pass the 
seals for nwthifjg ; — aod , when he lakes his walk aloDg (he pier, 
if n stranger flslis, who is ihe d own -S no king, swarihy. raolanchf)Iy 
man, ftir whom all make way, as If he brought the plague id bis 
person, the answtr shall be, thai is such a one, Ihe pardon^ri 
pirate !^\o honest man will speak to binij no woiqgb of repute 
wtll give htm her haiid.*' 

" Your picture is tori lilghly coloured , Jack j," said CIeveland» 
suddenly interrupting his friend i 'Mliere arevoiiicn — there is 



one at least, ihat-woald be trae to ber lover, even if he were what 
TOO have described." 

BuDce was silexit for a moment, aod looked Bxedlj at his 
frieod. "B^mysoul!" he said, at leogth, '*I begin to thiok 
myself a coojarer. Ualikelj as it all was, I could act help su- 
BpectiDg from the beginning that there was a girl in the case. 
Why, this is worse than Prince Yolsclas ia love , ha ! ha ! ha ! " 

"Laughas you will," said Cleveland , "itistrue; — there is 
a maiden vbo is contented to love me, pirate as I am; and I will 
fairly own to yon. Jack, that, though I have often at tinies 
detested our roving life, «nd myself for following it, yetldoubt 
if I could have foand resolntioa to make the break which I have 
now resolved on, but for her sake." 

"Why, then, God-a-mercy!".repliedBunce, "there is bo 
speaking sense to a madman ; and Iotq in one of your trade, 
Captain, is little better than lunacy. The girl must be a rare 
creatuFe, for a wise man to risk hanging for her. But, harkye^ 
may she not be a little touched, as well as yourself? ~ and is it 
not sympathy that has done it? She cannot be one of our ordinary 
cockatrices , but a girl of conduct and character." 

" Both are as nndoubted as that she is the most beautiful and 
bewitching creature whom the eye ever opened upon ," ' answered 

"And she loves thee, knowing thee, most irable Captain, to 
be a commander among those gentlemen of fortune, whom the 
vulgar call pirates?" 

" Even so '^^ I am assured of it," said Cleveland. 

"Why, then," answered Bunce, "she is either mad in 
good earnest, as I said before, or she does not koov what a 
pirate ia." 

"Yon are right in the lastpoint," replied Cleveland. "She 
has been bred in such remote simplicity, and utter ignorance of 
irhat is evilj that she compares our occupation with that of the 
old Norsemen , who swept sea and haven vrith their victorious 
galleys, established colonies, con^ered countries, and took the 
name of Sea Kings." 

"Anda better one itis than thatolpirate^ and comes much 



tolhe same purpiysEj I dare say," saidBunce. **Bot llus must 
be a metiled wcnrh^ — svhy did vou Dot bring her aboard? mt- 
thiaks it was pily tu baulk hcrfamc]'." 

"Auddi>you ihiak," said Clnvckiid, "ihat I coutd so utterly 
play ili« pari of a fallen spirit as to avail mjsell of hti enihu- ' 
siastlc trror^ and bring an angi'l uf beauty and InnoceDce 
acquainted w itb sui::}| a beSl as eiislb on board of yuilder infernal 
tbip Iff ours? — ^IlKllyuu, rajfrieutl, thai, weru dllnij former duiibied in wei|j;lit aad iii iiye^ bucIi a villainy would bose 
(luiglari^d nqtl oulwcj^'hod ibL^mul]." 

"WhyjihcD, Captain Clcvelaod," said bis eonfldanlj "mt- 
Ihiabs it was but a foot's pure lo come bllher At all. The news 
juiu^l one day have gone abroad , Ihat ihe celebralod pirale Cap- 
laii) Ckvelaod, with his goo^d sloop the Beveu^e, had been lost 
un the MaiQluiid of ZeUaud, and all hands pcrishvd; so yuu 
would have ri'nuincd hid both froDi friend and uoe^tdv, nnd nii^ht 
have married )oiir pretty Zetiandar, and converted your sauh and 
scurf iulo fishing-nets, aiid jfour cutlass into a harpoon, and 
sViepiihc sfas for fish instead of florins." 

^' Andsol tiiid di^lerinLtiGd," aaid the Captain; "butaJag- 
ig«r, B9they rotl ihtimbere, like a meddlings peddlin^c thief as 
Le ia, brou|(hi down intelligence to Zctlaai of your lying here, 
and I MAS fain ro set off» io see if you were Ihe consent of whom 
I had lold ibem, long before I ihougbt of leaving Ihe roving 

"Aj," saidBunce, ** and so far you judged welt. For, as 
you bad heard of oitrbejn^ at Kirkwall, so w>c should have soon 
learoedthat you were at Zetland; aod some of us for friendship, 
some for batredj, and some for fear of your playing Harry Glasby 
upOD us, would have cotae davia for lite purpose of getting yuu 
into our company agaio." 

''X suspected as much," s^id the Cnpiain, **aftd tbercf^re 
was lain to decline the courteous offer of afrienJ, who prftpiOsed 
to bffag me here about this lime. Besides, Jack, 1 reoollected, 
thatf as you say, my pardon will not pass the 'Seals without 
*oun,cy, juj own was waiing low — no wonder » thou knowest I 
was uever a churl of ii — And so — " 


"And so you came for your 8liare oflbeoobs?'' replied bis 
friend — " It was wisely done ; and we shared honourably — so 
far Goffe has acted np to articles, it must he 'allowed. ' But keep 
your purpose of leaving him close in your breast, for I dread bis 
playing you some dog's trick or other; for he certainly thought 
himself sure of your share, andwillhardlyfo^ve your coming 
alive to disappoint him." 

" I fear him not," said Cleveland, "and he knows that well. 
I would I were as well clear of the coosequenoes of having been 
bis comrade , as I hold myself to be of all those which may attend 
his ill-will. Anothernnhappy-iob I may be troubled with — I 
hurt a young fellow, who has been mypl^gue for some time, in 
an unhappy brawl that chanced the morning I left Zetland." 

"Ishedead?" askedBif^ce: "Itisamoreseriousquestion 
here, than it would be on the Grand Caimains or the Bahama 
Isles, where a brace or two of fellows may be shot in a morning, 
and no more heard of, or asked about them, than if tbey were so 
many wood-pigeons. But here it may be otherwise ; so I hope 
you have not made your friend immortal." ' 

"Ihopenot," said the Captain, *<though my anger has been 
fatal to those who have given me less provocation. To say the 
truth, I was sorry for the lad notwithstanding, and especially as 
I was forced to leave him in mad keeping." 

"Ut mad keeping?" saldBunce; ''why, what means that?" 

"You shall hear," replied his friend, "In the first place, you 
Are to know, this young man came silddenly onme white Iwas 
trying to gain Minna's ear, for a private interview before I set 
sail, that I might explain my purpose to her. Now, to be broken 
in on by the accursed rudeness of this young fellow at such a 
moment — " 

"The interruption deserved death," saidBunce, "by all the 
laws of love and honour ! " 

"A truce with your ends of plays. Jack, and listen one mo- 
ment. — The brisk youth thought proper to retort, when I com- 
manded him to be gone. I am not, thouknowest, very patient, 
and enforced my commands with a hlow, which he returned as 
roundly. We struggled, till I became desirous that we should 


pari al any rale, tt-liicH I could only cfTccIty a slrfikc of jny po- 
iiiard, which, aLTonliuij Imjld usp^ I have, ihou kiiowest, always 
abuut nif. I had scarce done this \sJii!d I rcpeiiicd^ biii there was 
no lime to lltink of anf Ibiog ^iive egicope and coDcealtuent;, for, if 
the hous<; ro^c ou luc , I was lost ; as the Gery old quid , who is 
Iieni! of the Inmilj, would havff dfinc justice oq me hild I beeu his 
brother, I took (he body hastily on my shnulders lo curry it down 
lu the sea-shore , wjih the purposi- i>f lUrowiog it intu a Hva , as 
they mU ibem, orchnam of grcnt depth, wlierc U would havo been 
Hong enough jii being dlscioered. This dime, 1 intended lo jum|» 
into Ibe bnal ishi<::bi I bad lying rcadjj and sel aati Tor EirkM.nll. 
But, as [ u.fts walkJD^ husttiv towards the bcuch wild tiiy burden. 
The poor jouDg fellow groaoied, and so apprized me thiitthe woacd 
had not hccn iostaDlly fotai. J was hj^ this time aeHcoDCcaled 
aniongsi the rockB, and, nirfruni desiring (d i!0]t]plei{! my crime, 
1 laid the young nrnn on the (^fjilitil, uod was domg what I C'ould 
Id stanch the btoud, wlieti ^uddc^ilj an old woman stood b'Cforc 
jne. She was a person whom I liad frfquenlK seen while io Zet- 
land, and to whom ihey ascribe the cliara(:tcr of aaurccress, or, 
flS (bp: Negroes Siiy, art Ohi wotiian. Slie ileniuiidf^d the wounded 
man of me, ai:d I was loo mucL pressed for time lo hesitate ifi 
complying with her request. Miirc she was aboul lo sny lo nie, 
when we lieard ilic voice of n silly tpLd roan, belonging to the family, 
sLJi^inff al Botni! ili^Cflucc. She then pressed her linger on her lip 
as a sign of secrecy, whislicd very hjWiaiid a shop<jlpss, defurmed 
brute ofadnarfcnmini^tij iter assistance, they carried the \YO'Unded 
iiiau intti one of the cmcrns with ubicb the plnce abi^uads, anil I 
(jot to my bo^t and (o $eu with alt expedition. IfiHal old hag be, as 
Ihey say, conoecied with the King of the Air, she favoured me 
thai morning with a lurtl of her calJjng; for not eyea the West 
Indian (ornodoes,, which we ha\e weathered logether, madt a 
wilder racket (hau the squall that dro\c tue so far out of our 
course, ihal, without a pocket-compass, which I chanced to 
Jiftve ahiJUE me , I sliould never have recovered the Fair Isle, fur 
which ytti run, and where I found a brig which brought rjae lo this 
place. Dut i whether the old woman meant mc weul or wo j here 


ve came at length in safety from the eea, and herelremato id 
doubts and difficulties ))f more kinds than one." 

"Oh, the devil take the Sambui^h-head," said Bonce, "or 
whatever the; call the rock' that jon knocked our clever little 
Bevenge against!" 

"Do not say / knoeked her on the rock/' said Cleveland ; 
"have I not told yon fiHy times , if the covrards had not taken to 
their boat, though I shoved them the danger, and told them they 
vrould all be swamped, which happened the instant the; cast off 
the painter, ^e would have been afloat at this moment? Had 
they stood by me and the ship, their lives would have been saved ; 
had I gone with them, mine would have been lost; who can say 
which is for the best? " 

"Well," replied his friend, "I know your case now, and 
can the better help and advise. I will be true to you, Clement, 
as the Made to the hilt; but I cannot think that you should leave 
us. As the old Scottish song says, 'Wae 's my heart that we 
should sunder ! ' — But come , you will aboard with us to-day, 
at any rate?" 

**I have no other place of Tefoge,'" said Cleveland with a 

He then once more ran his eyes over the bay, directed bis 
spy-glass upon several of the vessels which traversed its surface, 
in hopes, doubtless, of discerning the vessel of Magnus Troil, 
and then followed his companion down the bill in'silence. 


I stiive like to the vessel in the tide-way, 

Wbicb , lacking Uvouring breeze , bath aot Ibe power 

To stem the powerrul cnrreat. — , 

Resolving daily to Torsake my vices', 

Habits, strong circumstance, rehew'd temptatioD. 

Sweep me to sea again. -- heavenly breath . 

:RI) tbou my sails , and aid the feeble vessel , 

Wbicti ne'er can reach the blessed port without tbee! 

'T it Odds uhtn Event nwf. 

Clbybland, with his friend Bunce , descended the hill for a 
time in silence, until at length the laUer renewed their con- 


"You have taken Ihis fellow's wound mure on jour mn- 
scierice llian you need, Capiain — t have known you do more* 
and think hssan'l." 

"Sol im such slight prmocalion, Jafk," repli<^d Cievcland, 
^^'Besides, tlb^: luU savud my \ih; and, say lliatl rcquiLcd kiia 
itie favour, sUH ^e should not have met utisucli evil terms-, but 
J trust that he may receive aid jrom Ilial woman, -who tas ccr- 
i:;iiiily strange skill in simples." 

''And over simpleta]i<^ , Captain ," sat J his friend, '* ■□ 
which class I muEl c:'{;n put }'0u down ^ if you Ibinkmurc oq tliis 
^uhjecl. Thatynu. should he madi^ a fool ofby a young wa'iiiil!, 
why, it is many an boinest man's rase; — liiii Lu puzilcyourpaie 
about the mummeries of an old&nc, is far It'Ogreal afftJlf to in- 
dulge a friend in. Talk lo me of yourMlcna, since you so call 
her» as much as jfou will; but you have no liMc la trouble your 
laithful sijqi re-errant with your old mumping iiiogidan. And 
nfjw here wc are oncc more amongst the booilis and icn,ts> which 
ihese good folk are pitching — let us look, and see whether wc 
may not flnd some fan and frolic amongst Ihem, In merry Eng- 
land, noift', you would have seen, on such an occasion, two or 
Ihrce band^ of strollers, as iriiiny firc-ca!ers and Conjurers, as 
man;^ shows of nUd beasts^ but, ami>agsl these giava folks, 
iberc is nothing but vhat savours nf business unci of commo- 
dity — no, nat so much as a single squall from my merry gossip 
Punrli and bi% rib Joan. 

As Bunce thus spoke , Cleveland cast his eyes on some very 
gay cloiheB, which, with other arlides, hung out upon one of 
the booths, that had a good deal more of ornament and cilerinr 
decoration (han the rest. There was in front a small sign of 
icaavass painted, announcing (he varicJy of goods which the 
owner of the booth, Bryce Snaiisfoot, bad on sale, and the 
reasonable prices at ^hich he proposed to offer them to the 
imblic. For the farther graiiticniioia of ihc spcctaiorj the sign 
bnre on the opposite side an emblematic tle\ice, resembling our 
first parents tn iljeinegutable fe'iTiaenls, with (his legend — 

*' PooT sinners nbom tbp snakti deceives , 
Au fiiin 10 tuwr Llirm nidi lea^ es- 


Zetland bath no leares, 't is tnie, 

Because lh«t trees are none, or few; 

Bat we bave flax and uits of v(oo',' 

For linen clotfa and wadmaal blue; 

And «6 btTe many of foreign knacks 
- Of Gner waft tban woo' or flax. 

Te gallanty Lambmas lads , * appear. 

And bring your Lamlbnias sisters here, 
' Bryoe Soailsfoot spares not cost or oare , 

To pleasure every gentle pair." 
While Cleveland was perasiog these goodlf rhymes, which 
brought to his miad Claud Hslcro, to whom,, as the poet laareat 
of the island, ready, with fais talent alike in the service of the 
great and small, they probably awed their origin, the worthy 
proprietor of the booth, having cast his eye upon him, began 
with hasty and trembling hand to remove some of the garments, 
which, as the sale did not commence till the ensuiog day, he had 
exposed either for the purpose of airing them, or to excite the ad- 
miration of the spectators. 

"By my word. Captain,", whispered Bnnce to Cleveland, 
*'yoa must ha^e bad that fellow under your clutches one day, and 
he remembers one gripe of your taloos and fears another. See 
bow fast he is packing bis wares oat of sight, so soon as he set 
eyes on yon ! '' 

"J7i« wares!" said Cleveland, on looking more attentively at 
bis proceedings: "By Heaven, they are my clothes which I left 
In a chest at Jarlshof when the Revenge was lost there — Why, 
Bryce Snailsfoot, thou thief, dog, and villain, what means 
this? Have you not made enough of us by cheap buying and 
dear selliog, that you have seized on my trunk and wearing 

Bryce Snailsfoot, who probably woold otherwise not have 
been willing to ««« his friend the Captain, was now, by the viva- 
city of his attack, obliged to pay atteation to him. He 6rst 

* It was aoeiently a custom of Saint OUa's Fair a Kirkwall * that tbo 
young people of (be lower cl^s, and of either £ex, associated in pairs 
for the period of the Fair, during which Ibe couple were termed Lamb- 
mas brother and sister. It is easy to conceive that the etclusivo fami- 
liarity arising out of this custom was liable to abuse, the rather that it is 
said little seaadal was attached to the iadiscretions which it oceasioDed. 


whispered lo hfs linle rout-pjige, by whom, as we have already 
nuLJced, h« nu^ tisuullj' slLcuded, "Rua to the taf^u-councU- 
bousc, jurUi,! {iDii tell \ki; provusl nud boilies tliey maun S'Cnd 
BOin* ofllicir oilicers speedilj-j, ri>r her* is like lu be wild wark in 
Ike fair." 

So bqving said, anil having seconded bis CDmni^nds by a push 
uQ the shaultter of his messenger, which sent biiu spiDDing out of 
the shop as last ns hscLs could CQrry tiim, Bryce SDailsfoot turned 
to his flid acquainlADCC, 4md, ivith Xhal ampllliL-ntioD of words and 
exiLggeralioD of mtinQer, which in HcollaQd is called ^^^makinga 
phrase," he ejaeulaltid — "The Lord be gnde to us! lln! wurihj 
Caplalu Cleveknd, thai: vrn were iiU su griev>e:d about, relumed 
to relieve our Leans again! Wat have my cheeks heen for youj" 
ih&re Urjce i^iped bis eyes,) "^^nd bUlbe am I now to $ee ^ou re- 
stored tu your sorrowing frieDiJs!" 

"Mj sorrowing Tricnds, jou rascal!" &ald Cleveland; **^I will 
givii you L{!lter cause for sorrow ihao eier you had ot) my 
accouDt , ir ytm do not lell me inslanlly where jou stole all my 

*'Slole]" ejflculaied Bme, casting up his eyes; "now the 
Powers be guile lo us! — ihe poor gentleman has tost his reason 
in tLat weary gale of wind." 

'*Why, JOU iastilcnt raseol!" said Cleycland, grasping ihe 
caoc which he carried^ "do you think (o bamboo?:k mc with your 
Jmpudeac'E? As you would have n wbule head on your shoulders, 
andyourbuaea in A\^bole gkin, nne minutu longer, tell ms where 
the devil jqu stifJc my wearing apparel?" 

Bryee SnaiLsrcfol ejaculated ouce more a repetition of the word 
**Stole ! P(ow Heaven be guda lo us ! " but at Ihe sanifl time, con- 
scious that the Captain was likely to be sudden in cicf^utioo, cast 
ttQ auiiuQs iDob to the town, to see Ibe lolieriug aid orihe dviJ 
power advance to bis rtjseuc. 

"[ insist ud aa insiaDt aoswer," said Ike Captiun^ f<ilh 
upraised weapon, ''l^^ else I will beat you lo a mummy, aud 
throw ou*alI your frippery upon Ihecoiamoo-" 

Mcaunhile, :t(aslcr John BtiucC;, who coQStdcred (he whole 
affair as an entellent good j«stj aud not the worse yne ihal it 




made ClevelaDd angry, seized hold of the Captain's arm, and, 
without any idea of ultimately preventing him from executing his 
threats , interfered just so much as was necessary to protract a 
discussion so amusing. 

"Nay, let the honest'man speak," he said, "messmate; he 
has as fine a cozening face as evef stood on a knavish pair of 
shoulders,, and his are the trae flourishes of eloquence, hi the 
course of which men snip the cloth an inch too short. Now, I 
wish you to consider that you are both of a trade, — he measures 
bales by the yard, and you by the sword, — and so I will not have 
him chopped up till he has had a fair chase." 

"You are 'a foot!" said Clevelaild; endeavouring to shake 
bis friend off. — "Let me go! for, by Heaven, I will be foul 
of him! " 

"Hold him fast/' said the pedlar, "gooddear merry gentle- ' 
man, hold him fast ! " 

"XheA say something for yourself," saidBuuce; "nseyour 
gob-boi, man; patter away, or, bymysonl, I will let him loose 
on you!" . 

" He says I stole these goods," said Bryce, who now saw him- 
self run so close, thatpleading to the charge became inevitable. 
"Now, how could I steal them, when they are mine by fair and 

"Purqhase! you beggarly vagrant!" said Clevelaod; "from 
whom did you dare to buy my clothes? or'who had the impudence 
to sell them?" 

"Just that worthy professor Mrs. Swertha, the housekeeper 
atJarlshof, who acted as your executor," said the pedlar; "aod 
a grieved heart she had." 

"And so she was resolved to make a heavy pocketxif it, I sup- 
pose," sakl the Captain ; "but how did she dare to sell the things 
left in her charge?" 

"Why, she acted all for the best, good woman!" said the 
pedlar, anxious to protract the discussion until the arrival of 
succours; "and, if you will but hear reason, I am ready to ac- 
count with you for the chest and all that it holds." 

"Speak out, then, aod let us have none of thy damnable 


eTasiona/' said Caplam ClevdanJ; '^if yoa abow tTcr so Utile 
purpose or beiig somewJial honest Tof once in Ihy life, I will not 
heal thee." 

''' Wby, you see, noble €iiptatii,"saic] ihc pedlar, — a.ndlbi?D 
muKered lo himstilf, '''plagul^ on PulC Paterson's cripple knee, 
Ihcy lAill be waiLting for him, hirpUng useless bodyT' thenre- 
siimedaloud — "Thecountpy, jieace, is in great perpleiity, — 
great perpleiily, indeed, ^ miieh perjileuly, truly. There wnS 
your hoDEmriiiLssLng^ thai was 1o\tid bv great and small — clean 
missing — BO wheie to be heard of — a last mao — uiuquhile — 
dead — defunct!" 

'^You eball Had mg olive to your cost, yoa scooadrel ! " said 
the irritated Captain. 

"Weel, buttakepftUence.^ye vill not hear a body speak," 
said Ihe Jaggcr. — ''Then there was the lad Mordannt Mer- 
lon n — " 

*'Har' Mid the Captain , "whalofhimT" 
"Cannot be heard of," said the pedlar; "clean and clear liut, 
— a gone youth; — fallen, it islhnughij from the craiginln ibe 
spa — he wa5 aye veonurous. I have tiad deelings with liim for 
furs dnd fufliheps.fthilk he swapped againsl powder and shot, and 
the like; atid now be has vara out from among as — ckan 
rdrrcd — ntlerij vanished, like the last puff of an auld wire"* 
inbacco pipe." 

"But ivbatis al] tbisio ihe' Captain's clolh€S,my dear friend?" 
said Bunce; '*! must presently belt you myself unless you come 
to the point." 

"Weel, weel, — patience, pallesce/'said Bryce, vavinghts 
hand; "you^ill get a]] lime poongb. We^l, (here arc two f^^lts 
gatiBf as I said , fopbye the distress at Burgb-Wcstta abctut Mis- 
tress Minna's sad Bilmeot — " 

^'Brfng not Aer info your bufftfonery, sirrah /'said Clereland, 
in a lone of anger, not so [iMtd, but far deeper and moreconcen- 
Iraled than be had hjiherto n^ied; "for, If you name her wiib 
less than rercreacf;^ I i^rll crop ijie ears out of your head, and 
make you swallow them on the spot ! " 

"He» be^ he!" faintly laughed the Jaggcr; "Ihat ven a 


pleasant jesll yon are pleased to be wfttjr. Bat-, lossy naethtng 
oi fiurgta-Westra, there is the carle at Jarlshof, he that -was the 
anld MertouD, Mordaunt's father, whom men thought as fast 
boand to the place be dwelt in as the Sumburgh-heBd itsell , Dae- 
tbing monn serve him but be is lost as weel as the lave about 
whom I have spoken. And there 's Magnus Troll (wl* favour be 
.he named) taking horse; and there is pleasBDt Maister Cl^iud 
Halcro taking boat, whilk he steers worst of any man in Zetlaoil, 
his head nmning on rambling rhymes ;. and the Factor body is nn 
the stir — the Scots Factor, — him that i? aye speakiog of dike^ 
and delving, and sachunproGtablewark, which has oaething^'^ 
mercbaadise . in ft, and-be is on the lang trot, too; so that ye 
might ^ajj upon a manner^ the tae half of the Mainland of 
Zetland is lost, and the other iftmuiing to and fro seeking it — 
llwfu' times!" 

Captain Cleveland had s«bdned his passion, and listened lu 
this tirade of the worthy man of merchandise, with impatieucti 
indeed , yet not witfaont the hope of hearing something that mig^t 
concern him. But his companion ^as now become impatient in 
his tarn: — "The clothes!" heexclaimed, "theclothes, the 
clothes, the clothes!" accompanying each repetition of xke, 
^ords with a flourish of his cane, the dexterity of which con^ 
sisted in coming mighty near the J^ger's ears without actually 
touching them. 

The Jagger, shrinking from each of these deinonstratiorj:?, 
coatinaed to exclaim j "Nay, Sir— good Sir — worthy Sir — 
for the clothes -^ I found the worthy dame in great distress on 
,accoant of her old maister, and on account of her yourt^ 
mafster, and on account of worQiy Captain Cleveland; and b^:- 
cause of the distress of the worthy Fowd's fatmly, and the trouble 
of the great Fowd himself, — and because of the Factor, and i ii 
respect of Claad Halcro, and on other acconnte aad respects . 
Also w« mingled oar sorrows and oar tears with a bottle, ui^ 
the holy text bath U, andcalledintheBanielmaatoonrcounciL, 
a worthy man, M^l Ron^dson by name , who hath a good repu- 
tation." . ' 

Here another floarlsfa of the cine came so very near thai it 




panlf touched hi:? cgt. The Ja^gi^r st;irteil baok , end ihe tnitl] . 
or {hal which he ilesircii sliuuld bi!. considered as. Such, boUdd 
from him wiLhoul more cLrcumlocutioD; as a cark, after much 
linncoeS'Siir^f buzzing and fizzing, springs Forth from a boUle of 
spruce Leer. 

"In brief, ^hat ihfi clL-il mair would you have of it? — (be 
woman soLJ mc llio ki^i of idoihos — they me mine bj purchase^ 
ajndthalis «hat 1 will live and die up^in." 

^•In oilienfords," said Cleveland , "this greedy old hag had 
the im^ud^nco 10 sfM vfiat was dodg of hers ; add ji>u, hoii«st 
Bryce Snailsfoot, hait (he assurance to be the purchaser?" 

^*0u dear, CaplfiiD," said tbc conscieuiiaue pedlar, "wbat 
wBd je bac bad twu poor folk to do? There was yuursell gane 
ibat aught tbe things, and Mai&ier Murdauul was gaoe that had 
tltiMU in kiiepiag , and the Lhings were hut damply put up , "when 
they were rotting vtilh molhond mould, and — " 

"And so tbij nld (hiet Siilt! th^im, and you bought thsm, I 
supposes just to keep ihem from ^poiLlag?" suid Clevelaadi, 

"Wcel tlicu," Said thfl merehoDl, *'I 'm tbiaklDg, iMiblc 
Captain, ihat' bejustibc gate of it." 

"Well [hen, hfLrti yc, you impudent scoundrol," said the 
Captain. "I donotwish todirtj my Gngers willi you, Drtomake 
any disturbance io ihis placig — " 

*'fiood reason for that. Captain — aha'." said Ihe Jaggar, 

"I '^ill break your bones if jou speak another word," replied 
ClevEland, "T^ike jioiite ~ I o^kt you fair terms — give me 
back the black Icatlicrn pockol-book wJib ttie lock upon it, and 
thi3 purse witJi the doubjooris, Tvilk some few of the clothes I 
want, amj kcupltte rest iu (he devil's oamc!" 

" Doubloons ! ! ! " ■ — eiclaimcd thft Jaggcr , with aa eixltalion 
of Toice intended to indicate ihe utmost ciiremiij <if surprise, ■ — 
'* What do I ken of douSi loons? my dealing was fgr doublets, and 
ruii for doublcions — If there were douJj loons in (he kist, dcubl- 
Icss Swcrtha will have liera in safe iiOfpiag for your honour — 
Ihfl dflfojh -nauldjia harm Ihe gulii, ye ken." 

**GivE me hack ms pocket-book qud my gocfds, yflu rascally 


ihier}" said Cleveland , " or withoat a word more I will beat your 
2)>raiD9 oull" 

The wily Jagger, casting eye around him, saw that succuur 
was near, in the shape of a party of of Gcers, sixinnumber; for 
several rencontres with the crew of the pirate had tanghl the 
magistrates of Kirkwall to strengthen their police parties when 
these strangers were in qaestion. 

"Ye had better keep the thief to suit yoursell, honoured 
Captain," said the Jagger, imboldened by the approach of the 
civil power; '^forwha kens how a* these line goods and bonny- 
dies were come by? " 

This was uttered with such provoking slybess of look ami 
tone , that Clevelaod made no farther delay, but seizing upon the 
Jagger by the collar, dragged hini^over his temporary, counter^ 
which was, with all the goods displayed thereon, overset in ihi; 
scuffle ; and,, holding him with one hand, inflicted on t^im with 
the other a severe beating with bis. cane. All this was done %\i 
suddenly and with such energy, that Bryce Snailsfoot, though 
rather a stout man, was totally surprised by the vivacity of the 
attack, and made scarce any other effort at extricating himself 
than by roaring for assistance tike a bull-calf. The 'Moiteriuf^ 
aid" having at length come up, the ofGcets made an effort to seize 
on Cleveland, and by their united exertions succeeded in com- 
pelling him to qnit hold of the pedlar, in order to defend himself 
from their assult. This he did with iDtinit& strength, resolution, 
and dexterity, being at the same time well sanded by his friend 
Jack Bunce , who had seen with glee the drubbing sustained by 
the pedlar, and now combated tightly to save bis companion from 
the consequences. But, as there had been for some time a grow- 
ing fend between the townspeople and the crew of the Rover, the 
. former provoked by the ^insolent deportment of the seamen , had 
resolved to stand by each other, and to aid the civil power upon 
such occasions of riot as should occur in future; and so maa^ 
assistants came up to the rescue of the coQstables, that Cleveland, 
after fighting most manfully, was at length brought to the groumt 
and made prisoner. Uis,more fortifqate companion had escaped 


fl ' 


h^ speed of foDl, 05 soon as he saw Ihat the da^ ujiisl needs be 

The prouJ heart of Clevelandi which, excnin jtsperrersion, 
hud ID ii9 TeclJogs somelhicgof uriginal nuhknesS; wnslJlie to 
burst, wh«n he felt tlmscirburnc dowD ia this ucworthy brawl- 
dragged iatu iLe tuwti as a prisuntri und hurried tbrou^^h the 
streets towards the CouQcil-housc, where ibo luagi&l rales of the 
bUTghwcrc them sealed in {oudcI]. Th« jsrubability of imprisoo- 
cngDi, whh all its CQDseiiU'ences, rushed also upon li[s mind, and 
he cursed a hiiadred limes thi: I'ully ^>hich had not rather sub- 
miticd lo Ihe pedlar's koaverif, than involved him in so perilous 
an embarrassmcDt. 

Butj just ns they approached the door of the Councll-honsc, 
■vfhicli is situated in the middle of the little tuym, the foce of 
matters was suddenly changed b/ a. ni-w and unexpected tnci- 

BaQCftjWhohad dtsigned, by hisprefipiiuterelreal, to serve 
OS well his friend as liimself, had hied hiio lo the hcven^ where 
(Ij't boat of the Roverwas then Ifiog, >iud called the cockswain 
mid boat's crew t» tie assislaoce of Cleveland. They now ap- 
peared OD the scene — ticrcc dfrsperadoes,as became their caUiiig, 
with fcatufes bmazed bj^ the tropical stm under whicli they had 
pursued it. They rushed at once amongst the crowd, hyiiv^ 
ahvui Ihem with Iheir srrelcbers^ and, forcing their way up to 
Cleveland, speedily delivered him from the hands of ibe officers, 
who were toUlly unprepared to resist an allack so furious and so 
sudtieoj and carnflJ(hiio offiotriunjpl) towards the quay, — two 
or three of their number rocin>]; about from lime lo tiJUQ to kee|> 
back tbe cnjwd, whose efforts to recover iha prisoner were tlie 
l^ss liolenl, that most of the seameo were armed with pistols and 
cDtlasses, as well a& with Che less lethal wes|>on5 which alone 
they had as yet m^de use of. 

They gained their boat IP safety, and jumped into ii, carrying 
along with them Cleveland^ ti> whom circumstancei seemed tu 
oiTurno othtrrefuge, and pushed off for tlieir vessel, singiogia 
chorus lo iheir oars an old diti j , of wlucb the natives of Kirkwall 
could oaly hear the first stanza ; 


"Robin Bover 

fiaidts his crew, 
*l]p witb Uieblickflag, 
Down wiib ihe blue' — 
^ fire on the maia-top, 

Fire on (be bow, 
Fire on (he (luu-deck, , 
^ I ^ Fire down below!'" 

The wild cboras of their voices was beard loog after tbt; intelligible.— Afid thus was the pirate Cleve- 
land again thrown almost involuDlarily amoDgst those desperale 
associates, from whom he had so ofteo resolved to detach hint- 


PareotaUove 1 my friend, has power o'arwudom. 

And is the charm, which, like Ihe falconer's lure, . ,, 

Can bring from Heaven the highest sparing spirUf.— 

80, when famed Prosper doff'd hts magic robfc,' 

It was Miranda pluck'd it from bU ihouldera. 0/4 Plag. 

Our wanderlQg Darratfve mast now returA to Mordaunt Mer- 
toiiD. — We l«ft hhn in the perilom condition of one who hA» 
received a severe wound , and we now Sad him In the situation of 
a convalesceftt^— pale, indeed/ and feeble, from the loss of 
much blood, and the effects of a fever which had followed theia^ 
jury, but so far fortunate, that the weapon /having glatiCed On 
the ribs, had onijr occasioned a great eSbaitfn of blood, wlihouc 
touching any vital part, and was iiew l^ell-afgh hiealed ; so eftt-' 
cacious were the vulnerary plants and salves Vith whitih it had 
beentreaCedbythesagelfoniaofFitbil-head. '' 

The matroQ and her patient now sat together in a dwelling to 
a remote island. He had been transported, during his illness, 
and ere he had perfect Cbo^ef ousa«SS , fiMt to her singular habi- 
tation near Fitful-headj and thence to her present abode, bj;one 
of the fishing-boats in the station of Bor^-Westra; For such 
was the command pos'sessed by Ki>nia tivcr the snpwstiti'oas 
character of her coautrymen , that.she never failed to find faithful 
agents to execute her commaods, whatever these happened lu 
be; and, as her orders were generally given Hnderipjanctious of 

Th* pirate, 25 



the slrictesl secrccj^:, mtn reciprocally womlcred al occurrenccE, 
vbich hail iil fuel haca i»ruiiu>i:'til by llic^ir o^n agnncv, and ihat of 
ibcir neiyhfroars, and in-wJiiclij liad Uicy <:(jmmuiiicaled Irecly 
Willi cadi olluT, no siiacli>w of tlic iniirvellrtus wrjulil hove rc- 

Murdaurii was now se3le3 by ib^ Sre, in flo apartmenl iTidifTc- 
rcntly vieW furnished, having a hook id bis hand, wLiicfa he 
looked u[9"on fruni lime lo lime with i>ignB of i'iitiul <ind im- 
pu1lEnc<? i fevlinifs which at Icuglh :So far overcvnie hfm , ihal^ 
fliaging ilie vuiluine on the table, he tiiec] his cyi's on the Be^y 
and assumed ihc altiludb of one who is eogag^d in unpleasanL 

KornQ:, >vi)o sal oppusile to liim^ and app{;ared busy in the 
cofuposiliQii of some ijru^ ur unguenlj aDiiously left her seal, 
;(Dd, ;ip]»ron>ehing Moniaunl., felt liis jxilse, mailing al (he SAine 
lime the most affccUiunaiE iaquirica whether he fell anjsuiiden 
pain, aad uhert! it yt^i ^i^aled- Tbc maQuei' in which M'lirdaitpt 
replied to these eanicsi inciuirics, alihough worded so as lo ex- 
press |j;rttlilude for her kimtnoss, wliile he disclaimed any feci iug 
of ijidiepositionj did not seem io give satisfaction io the Pj- 

"Ungrateful boy!" she said, "for whom I have done so 
much- j'ouwhom I haic rescued, by my power and skill, from 
the very gales of dealh,— are jou already Sfl -weary of mi- thai 
you caonol refruiD from showing how desirous you arc to spend, 
al fl distance from Die, the very fifst intflligent days ^f the life 
uhich Lhai« rpsti>red ynu?" 

*'you du me injusljce, my kind preserv*rj." replied Mor- 
duiiRt; '*I amuol lired ofyour societj} hail have dulieswhich 
reeaJ! rae to ordinary life." 

"Dulles!"* repealed Norjia; "and wbat duties can or ougbl 
lo interfere wiih the gratitude which you owe lo me? =- Duites ! 
Your thuu^hls are oa Ihe use of your gun^ or oq clatnbcriQg 
amoDgihe rocks io questof sca-fowL For these ejicrciges your 
stmngih doth nul yet Hi you; and jti these arc tbc duties ta 
which you are so a^iiious to returnJ " 

*'Not so, jny good and Had mistress," said Mordaunt. — 


"To name one duty, out of many, which makes me seek to leave 
you, now that my strength permits, let me mention that of a son 
to his father." 

*«To your father!" saidNorna, with a laugh that had some- 
IhiDg in it almost frantic. "Oh! you know not how we can, in 
these islands, at once cancel such duties! And, for your father," 
she ddded, proceeding more calmly, "what has he done for you 
to deserve the regard and duty you speak of? — Is he not ibe 
same, who, as you have long since told me, leftyoufor so many 
years poorly nourished among strangers, without inquiring 
whetheryou were ali\e ordead, and only sending, from time tn 
time, supplies in such fashion as men relieve the leprous wreich 
to -whom they fling alms from a distance? And, in these later 
years, when he had made you the companion of his misery, hi^ 
has been, by s(arts your pedagogue, by starts your tormentor, 
butnever, MordaUnt, nevei; your father." 

''Something of tenth there is in what you say," replied Mor- 
daunt: "My father is not fond; but he is, and has ever been, 
effectively kind. Men'have not their affections in their power; 
and it is a child's duty to he grateful for the benefits Irhicb he 
receives, even when coldly bestowed. My father has conferriid 
instruction on me, andlam convinced he lo\es me. He is un- 
fortunate; and, even ifhe loved me not — " 

"And he does no( love you," saidNorntt, hastily; 'Whenever 
loved anything, or anyone, save himself. He isniifortuiiaie, 
butfrellare his misfortunes deserred. — OMordaunt, youh^ve 
one parent only, — one parent, who loves you as the drops of the 

"I know I have but one parent," replied Mordaunt; "my 
mother has been long dea^. — But yourvords contradict encli 

"They do not — they do not," said Noma, in a paroxysm 
ttf the deepest feeling; "you have but one parent, Yoor un- 
happy mothef is not dead — I would to God that she were', —hut 
ghe is not dead. Thy mother is the only parent that loves tbt!e ; 
audi— I, Mordaunt," throwing herselfoa his neck, "amthat 
most unhappy — yet most happy mother." 



She clcjBffd him iti a strict and coniuUne embrace^ and 
the Gr$l, perhaps, which she had shed fur many years , burst i 
tiirrents as she stilLibcd on bis neck. Ascocishcd al what he hi-ard, 
foU, ADidsaw, — mtivtd by ihe excess of her agiiaiioD;, yetdjs- 
ptiscd to ascribe ihis hurst of passion to iDsauity, _ IMgrd^unt 
\amiy C[ideu>ourcd lo traoquiUize Iht mind of this ectraardijiary 

"Uagrateful boy!" sbesaidj '^whabut a mother would have 
watched over ihee as I have watched? From Lhe iQ&iaDt I saw 
Ihv father, when he LlI(1« thuught by whom hi.' Vr'as ubserved, a 
Bpace DOW maoy years back, I kucw him well; a.nd, under his 
charge, I saw yuu, Ihi'n a '^Iripliog, — while Xfllure, spealting 
luud in ray bosuon^ assared me, thuu werL btofid of mj blo'udj, 
and bone of my bone. Think hoTr often you ha\e wondered to 
gef^mc, when least eipected, in yoqr ptac«s of pastime and re- 
sort! Think how often my eye has watched you on the glMy pre- 
cipices, and muttered iho^e charjns whieh suMuc lhe evil de- 
moos, who show theraseUeslo the climber oii the giddiest [loint 
of his path, and force him, l>u ^juii his hold! Did I nut hang 
around (by neck, in pledge of thy safely, that chain of gold, 
»hich »n Elilu Ring g;ave to the founder of our racf? Would I 
have given that dear giH to any but to the son Df my hosojn? — 
Mordauotj my powf^r has done that fur thee that a mere luortal 
mother wQvild dread to (hinic uf. I have conjured the Alcnnaid 
at miditi^^ht that thy bark ntighi be prui^perous gd ihi^ tlaaf! 1 
bait husiieii' the winds, and navies have flapped their empty sails 
againi^t the mast in inactivity, thai you might safeJy indulge your 
tipurt upon the crags f" 

i>Ii>rdaunt, perceiving that she iiDsgroiviD^ yel wilder in her 
talk, emdeavoured to frame an answer which should be at once 
jadut^cnt, soothing^ and calculated to allay the rising warmth of 


"'Dear JVorna," h(* said, "I have indeed many reasons lo cali 

youruufher, who have bestowed so many benelits ujmii me; and 

from me jou shall c^e^ receive the affect ioQOud duly of a child. 

Bui the chain you mentioned, it has vanished from my nuek — I 

have not sci'n ii since the rulliaD slabbed mc." 

tears, 1 
irgt in 1 



*'\lfts\ and can yoatfalDkof itatlhismonieat?" saidNorna^ 
ID a 8orro^tu\ accent. ■ — "But be it so; — and know, it was I 
took il Trom thy neck, and tied it around the neck of her who is 
dearest to you; in token that the union betwixt you, which has 
been the only earthly wish which I. have bad the power to form, 
shall yet, even yet, be accomplished — ay, although heli should 
open to fbrbid the baons ! " 

"Alas!" said Mordauot, with a sigh, "you remember not 
the difference betwiit our situation — her father is wealthy, and 
of ancient birth." 

"Not more wealthy than will be the heir of Noma ofFilful- 
head," answered (he Pythoness — " not of belter or more aucient 
blood than that which flows in thy veins, derived from thy 
mother, the descendant of the same Jarls and Sea-kings from 
whom Magnus boasts his origin. — Ordoslthou think, like the 
pedant and fanatic strangers who have come amongst us, that 
thy blood is dishonoured because my union with thy father did 
not receive the sanction of a priest? -~ Enow, that we were 
wedded after the ancient manner of the Norse — our hands were 
clasped within the circle of Odin,* with such deep vows of eternal 
fidelity, as even the laws of these usurping Scots would have 
sanctioned as equivalent to a blessing before the altar.' To the 
offspring of sucha union, Magnus has nought to object. It was 
weak — it was criminal on my part, but it conveyed no infamy to 
the birth of my son." 

The composed and collected manner in which Norua argued 
these points began to impose upon Mordaunt an incipient belief 
in the truth of what she said; and, indeed, she added so many 
circumstances, satisfactorily and rationally connected with each 
other, as seemed to confute the notion that her story was alto- 
gether the delusion' of that insanity which sometimes showed 
ftseU in her speech and actions. A thousand confused ideas 
rushed upon him, when he supposed it possible that the un- 
happy person before him might actually have a right to claim 
from bim the respect and affection due to a parent from a son. 
He could only surmount them by turning his mind to a different, 
* See an explanation of this prooaise , Note T. 



and scarce less iateresUnf; topic, resolving williia htmscirtD take 
time ftprfaribeTiiCKjuir^ anJ malure cousiilcration, ere he Hlhcr 
rejected or adinillcil Ihe rlaiiii which Noma prerprrcd aptm his 
iffeccion find duly. His bccief^eit-tss, alleasi, i^h? undoubtedly 
wna, and he u^iuld not rrr iti p^iyiiig hi'r, as such, the respect 
and atlenCiuii iSue fpura a sou tn a mnlhf r^ and si> fnr, there- 
fore, he niigtil gtalLfy Noma wilbout olhcrniS'e slaadJOj^ cvm- 

"\nd do you then really tliijik, my mother, — since bo yoH 
bid me term jou," — said MordaQnt, ''ihatihe proud Miignus 
Trcillmay, by any iuducemoul, be prevailcil upon to relinquish 
the nngry reelings which bic has of late adopted towards me » and 

to [icnuii mj aililrtsses lo bis daughter Rreiida 7" 

"DrendflT" r^jpealed Soma — " who talks of Brftnda? — it 

is ^fMiiinJi Ihull s[iuke to ym." 

"But it was of BrcniJa that I thought/* replied Motdaunl, 

"of her (hu» I now thick J and of bet alone that £ wHl ever 


"Impossible, mysonl'" replieJ Noma, '-Vim cannot be bo 
dull of heart, so pimr of spirit » aa to prefer tht: idle mirlb and 
hou5e\»ife simpjiciiy of the joHni^i^r sislerj to the di^ep feeling 
JiJid high mind of the nobte-spirit«dalJiaiia? Who would stoop 
10 ^iFitlifrlliclovly viiilet, that might haie ihfi rose for stretchiug 
oudjis hand?" 

**Soi»e Uiinfc, the lowliest Ilowcrs are the sweetest," replied 
MorduunC, "atici In that faith will I live aoddiil." 

"VouiTarenoll*!! me so!" answered Xorna^ fiercely; then^ 
instaitfly chanying hfr turi^, and talking hfs band in the most af- 
feclfonale manner, she proceeded: — ''You must not ^ you will 
oat tell njc so, niy (Icjirsiin — you wjl] not Ijreaka nJOthcr's heart 
in the very lirst hour in ttbj{:h she has cmbriU'cd her chljd! — 
Nay, do not answer, but linar mo. You must ived Minna — I 
have bound aniujid bur iiEcIt a faljil anmlel. on which tho happi- 
ness ofbodi dejiends. The labours of myli'c hare for years had 
this direction. Thus il nmst be, aoii iicit otherwise — Minna 
must be the bride of my son ! "" 


"Balls not Brendu equally near, eqaally dear to you?" 
replied MoidauDt. 

<'As near ID blood /'said Noma, "balQotso dear, ao, nol 
half so dear, in affection. Minna's mild, yet high and con- 
templative spirit, readers her a compaoioo meet for one j whose 
ways, like mine, are beyond the ordinary piaths of this world. 
Brenda i^ a. thing of common and ordinary life, an idle laugher 
and scoffer, who would level art with ignorance, and reduce 
power to weakness, by disbelieving and turning into ridicule 
whatever is beyond the grasp of her shallow intellect." 

**She is, indeed," answered Mordaunt, "neither snpersii- 
tious Dor enthusiastic, . and I love her the belter for it. Remembc r 
also, my mother, that she returns my affeciion, and that Minn a, 
if she loves any one, loves the stranger Cleveland." 

"She does not — she dares not," answered Noma, "nor 
dares he pursue her farther. I told bim, when Qrst he came to 
Burgh-Westra, that [destined her for you." 

"And to that rash annunciation," said Mordaunt, "T owe 
this man's persevering enmity — my ttound, and well-nigh the 
loss of my life. See, my motherj to what point your intrigues 
have already conducted us, and j in Heaven's name, proseeuie 
them no farther I" 

It seemed as if this reproach struck Noma with the force, at 
once, and vivacity of lightning; for she strnck her forehead with 
her hand, and seemed about to drop from her seat. ~ Mordaunt, 
greatly shocked, hastened to catch her iit his arms , and,tbough 
scarce knowing what to say, attewpted to utter some inooh«reui 
eipressLons. . . l- 

^'Spareme» Heaven, spare me!" were the Grstwopds which 
she muttered; '*do not let my crime be avenged by bis means! — 
Yes, young man," she said, after a pause, "you have dared 
to teltwhat I dared not tell myself. Tauhave.pressedtbat.upon 
me, which, if it be truth, I cannot believe, and yet continue 
to live ! " 

Mordaunt in vain endeavoured toi interrupt her with proteeia- 
tions of his ignorance how he had offended or grieved her, ami 
of his extreme regret that be had uninteotionally done either. 


She proceeded, nliile ber voice irembled. wjldlft wtLh vcbe- 

*' Yes ! you bave louched on tbal dark suspicion which poisons 
tUe fiinsciiiusEiess of my pow«rj-^ the sole bonn which was given 
uii)^ ill exchange for innociince and for peace of miad ! Your v«ice 
joins Ibal of Ihe demon vhich. eveu whilr lh« elements oonlcss 
roe their uiistressi^ whisp«r§ to me. 'Norna, this is hut dctu- 
sioD ■ — your power rests bul in Ihfl iillc belief of the i^noranlj 
supported by a tbousund p'[;Lly urllKcuH of your iiwn.^ — Tiiis IS 
whfll Brcnda says — \liifs Lb whal you wfluld say j and false, scan- 
doloui^ly false, as ii is, there arc rehcllinus thoughts in Lbis 
wild brain iif mine," (touching her foruhcdd with her linger as 
she sp'oke,) *^Lbal; likfi an iusurrecdinn in an in\ailcd c^xtntryi 
arise lu tatie pari agaiuSt the distregsfd go>erei[in.' — Spac'e rtiCi 
my sou!" sbecoiiUnued, ina>oi€c of suppHcQiionj "spare mc! — 
Ibc sovereignly ol which your werds tivuiild deprive m^, ■$ no 
enviable eiallatioo. Few wfiuld cotoL to rule over gibbering, 
gho^l!^, and howling >\tnds, aj^id ragtng currents, !i|ly thnmc is 
a cloud, iny sceptre a meleor^ my realm is only peopled with 
fantasifs^ but I must cither fteese lo he, nr eontinuc lo he the 
mlgbiicslaa^cll as the mosl miserable of beings!"" 

'*0o noi speak ihiis mournfully, my dear and unhappy bene- 
factress ," said Alordaunt much affLtlcd; "I will lliinfi <jf your 
power whaip'tcr you Mould haie nie heliwe. Btil, for your 
own sake, view the matter oiJicrwise,, Tarn y*)urihi>U;fj[li(? frorn 
such ngitfldrif! and mystical stuiiies — frt>m Siich wild sufijeets 
of cotlLempitJlion, inlo anelber Hnii a bplicr chaimcK Life will 
again have charms, acd religion will hare c^imfoi'Ls fur you. " 

She lijjtiened to him with some composure , as iJ' she neighed 
hh counsel^ and desired [o be ^uiiied by)t; but,. aBheecidcd, 
she shooik her head and cs<;lainieil — 

"It canoot be. 1 mu&t remain ibe drctfdt'd — the mystical — 
the Iteinikconar — the conlrolEec of titc vUmenlST nr I inust be 
no nnire! J have no alternative, no middle stalion. My post 
niusi bo high i>n yoo lofty liendbind, ivhere titvcr sinod human 
foot Ea^c miaE — or I nmsi sleep atihe totlfim of the unfathom- 

* See Kole Z- Charitcter s/ yornn. 



ableocwn, its white bWovs boomtDg over 1117 senseUsfl corpse. 
TJie paFricide shall Dever also be deDoaoced as the impostor [ " 
**The pairloidel" -echoed MdrdaDDt, stepping back id hoiror. 
<'Ye8, my aoni" aasivered Noma, vith asterD composure, 
even moffr frightful than her foraaer impetQositf , **iritfaifi tbcse 
fatal walls my father met his death by my means. lo yfliider 
chamber was he f quod a livid and lifeless ooqjse. Beware -of filial 
dis<d3e4iflDce , for sueh are its fraits ! " 

So Bayiog, she arose aod left the apartment, where Mordauiiit 
remained alone to meditate at leisure upon the extraordinary 
conamunication which be bad received. He himself had been 
taught by his lather a disbelief in the ordinary soperslitions or 
Zetland; and he now saw that Xorna, however ingenious in 
duping others, coald not altogether impose on herself. Thi^ was 
a strong circumstance infavour of her sanity ofintellect; but on 
the other hand, her imputing to herself the gnilt of parricide 
seemed sa wild and improbable^ a«, in Mordannt's opinion^ to 
throw mhcfa doubt upon her other assertioos. 

He had leisure enough to make up hJs mind on these parti- 
culars, for DO one approached the solitary dwelling, of which 
Norha, her dwarf^ and. he himself, were the sole inhabitants^ 
The Hoy island in which it stood is rude, bold, and lofty, i>nn- 
sisting entirely of three hills — or rather one huge mounrain 
divided into three summits, with the chasms, rents,^aod vullc]-!;, 
which descend from its summit (o the- sea, while its crest 
rising to great height, and shivered into rocks which seem 
almost inaccessible, intercepts the mists as they drive from 
the Atlantic, and, often obscured from the human eye, forjns 
the dark and unmolested retreat of hawks, eagles, aDdotherbirds 
of prey. * 

The soil of the island is wet, mossy, cold, and unprodacLivf , 
presenting a steril and desolate appearance, excepting where 
the sides of small rivulets, or mountain ravines, are. fringed 
with dwarf bushes of birch, hazel, and wild currant, some of 
them so tall as to be denominated trees, in thai bleak and bare 

. * See Note AA. Birrii of prey. - ■ 


But ihe view of ihe sea-'beacb, which wbs MordauDt's fa- 
vouriit; walk, when his con^aleaceat siniu LitKan to pprmjihjnt 
tft take eiLTcIsc, U^il clianns whi^h curnpcusaicd Ihe wild ap- 
pvarance^f Ih'e interior. A broail and b'eauiirul sohdi], ar strait, 
divider Ihis Innvly hiliI niouulainous i^lund ri'i>it] Pamozia, and 
in ihe ci'iitru !>f lliat sound I'ms, like a Ijiblet- coniposed of 
emcmld, the hcauLilul and verdant Utile islaaJ ofUrieiiLiiay. Oti 
the dislaoL MuiiilaniJ! is sci'n the town or vJlU^ti cifSiromness, the 
eicellcuce uf whuse haven is generally eviuciid by n cimsidi^rnltle 
Dumber af shipping in the road-sltad, and. from the bay girowin^ 
Darrowcr, auil leseenini; as it reced'fs, runs inland inlo Puiioinii, 
where its tide iilU the Que sh(.-et of water called the Loch of 

Oh ihi« hcacbMwTdiiiitit was Tvont Eft wander for hours, wllhi 
in e\i itoi iri-seni^ible lu the beautius uf tiiti y'tKV , Ibiitigh his 
llii>iigbl3 were agilatfd VritJi Ihi; most embarrassing raediifltions 
on his uwn silualinil. He was resolved Iti \ta\t: (lir Island aa 
soon as the c^iabli^hmenL of his hifaltli sh<]u]d pcniiii him to 
irftTi']; yd gralitude lu .Noroa, yf whnim be was at li'ast the 
■dopted, if noi the ccaI •suzif would noL .illuw him tu depart 
without her pcniiis^iua, even if he cmild nhlaiti raciins of coii- 
ycysate^ ofMhith he saw liiilc possihility. It was only hy iiti- 
porlutjily thai hcj citorCcd from bis bo^lcsi^ a iirouiisc, (hat, if he 
would conscut to rt-yulale his motJous acfortiinif tn her difi^c- 
litwiBt she would convey him to the cnjiital iff the Orkney 
IaI^di^s, whea the approachiDjf fair of Saloi 011a aJujuld lake 
pjAC« there. 

JIark lu the' insult Idiid, Uic. Iiilirr sneer, 
Tht-f3i'rre'il)teaiaiiis*<.-rins lo llie brutal jeer; 
O^tlii) lly liJie |>iis[til-iilioU, ami vcri^rt'TuI words 
Cfa^h wilh pacti oltier lilco eflnlllcting swords. — 
'itw r>iilj>b?r':i i^irarrrl Ijy syicb sovaHs ii shown ^ 
And inic nieii bfive s^me cliURce to ||:ain Ihcir nwn. 

When Cleveland, borne off in iriunipli from his assailants in 
Kirkwall, found himself once niort oa board the pirate vessel. 



his arHt&V irsa hniUA ^rKh hearty dieers by a considMabl? part 
ofthecrev, who rushed to shake haods wilbfaira, and offer iheir 
coDgratulations od his retard; for the situatioD of a Bncunitr 
CaptaiD raised him very little aboirethe level vilh the lowt-st of 
his crew, \rho/ in all social iatercoarse, claimed Ihepmile^^ of 
being his equal; 

When his factioa, for so these clamoroas friends DiF^ht be 
termed, had eipressed their own greetings, they hurried Cleve- 
land forward to the stern, where Goffe, their present cominander, 
was seated on a guo, listening ia a sullen and discontculcd 
manner to the shout which announced Cleveland's welcome. Ifa 
was a raan betwiit forty and firty, rather under the middlr six*, 
hut so very strongly made, that his crew used to compare him ts 
a sixty-four cut down, Bleck-haircd, bull-neck«d, and beetle- 
browed, his clumsy strength and ferocious eoantenanci^ ciin- 
trasled strongly with the manly figure and open coootenanre of 
Cleveland , in which even the practice of bis atrocious prorcEi&iqa 
had not been able to eradicate a natural grace of motion and ge- 
nerosity of expression. The two piratical Captains looked upon 
each other for some time in silence, while the partisans of each 
gathered around him. The elder part of the (jrew were the prin- 
cipal adherents of Goffe, whilctb'e young fellows, amongst -nhum 
Jack' Eunce was a principal leader and agitator, were in generqt 
attached to Cleveland. 

At length Goffe broke silence. '''Ton are weleome abct^ird, 
Captain Cleveland. — Smash my taffrail! I suppose you Uiink 
yourself commodore yet! but that was over, byG — , when you 
lost your ship, and bed — d!" 

And here, once for all, we may take notice, that it wa^ (he 
gracious custom of his commander to mix his words and unihs in 
nearly equal proportions, which he was wont to call lAof^'/j^' his 
discourse. As we delight not, however, -in the dischai^e oJ such 
artillery, we shall only indicate by a space like this ^ the plaecs 
in which these expletives occurred; ahdthus, ifthe reader will 
pardon a very poor pun , we will reduce Captain Goffe's volley of 
sharp-shoL into an explosion of blank cartridges. To his insiuu- 
ations that he was come on board to assume the chief commanti • 


Cleveland teplicd , thai he neiilicr desired ^ nor would accept anif 
such [irDmiiitidri , buL wnulil only ask CaplaJu VtuSe for a cast of 
(he lioat, to put him astore in «ine of the other islands, as fee had 
no wish eUher tocommQnd GdITc, orlorcm&iD in a vessel under 
his orders.. 

*'And why nul underniy orders, Lrolher?" dpoiaoded Goffe, 

very aas[f rely; **~~^^ — arc you loo good a man, with 

your chcese-toastcr atK] yuiiir gib lltpre, loBcneuiider my 

orders, anil hi; d^d lo you , where there are so many geuLlemea 
that arL' elcli*r ^inil belter sfiameiv than vourstir?" 

**I w'ltidcr wtiich of these capital SL-ann-n it was," said Cleve- 
l.iiid, coolly, 'Mhal laid ihe ship uoder Ihc iirc of yon sjs-Hiun 
battery, that cowld blow herijui tif ihe waier^ il^ ilii-j had a mind, 
hrforc ^ou could either cut or slip? Elder and better saibra 
than I ina^ like lo scr^e under &ueh a lubber, but I beg to be 
eicused Tor my ownshnre. Captain — that's all t have got lo tell 

**By G— , I ibink you Brc holh rand!" said Hiiwkins the 
botttswain — "q nifielijig with sword and pisfol maybe devilish 
good f^iii in its nay« when no better is to be had ^ but who the 
^Iciil ihat had comrnoji sen&e, amongst a set oT gentlemen in our 
condilkn , wftuld fall a-iTuarrcIing with each other, lo let these 
d«rk-winged, web-fooled islanders have n chance *ti knockmg ua 
all upon (he head!" 

"Well saiJ^ old /lawkins!" said Derrick ihe quarter-master, 
who was An ofljcer of ^ery r-iifRsiderahle imporfance among these 
rovers; "I S3y, if the Imo cniilains won't agree (o live together 
(piJetly, aud club br3(h heart biuI head lii defend ihcies&el, "frhy, 
d — n ra<!, depose lb em bolJi, sayl, and ebooae anolherln (heir 
stead! " 

"Mflfljiing yourself, I suppose. Master Quaricr-Mflslerr' 
said Jdik Dunce; "but (Ml ctfck ivon't ri^h\. He Ihal ia to 
<^ommarid i,'eji£lejneri, sLfluld be a geniJeman himself, Ithiak; 
and 1 give my v«1e for Capliiili Cleielanii, fis ppiriled ami as 
gentleman-like a maa fls erer daflad (he worlrf aside, and, bid it 

"Whaif joK call foarself fl g(fo[Ieiilaii,l warran I !"' rcloftcd 


Detrick*, "-why — your eyesf a tailor would make a better out 
of the wont suit of rags io your strolling wardrobe! — It is a 
shame for meu of spirit to have such a Jack-a-daDdy scarecrow 
on board ! " 

Jack Bonce was so incensed at these base comparisons, that, 
without more ado, he laid his band on his sword. The carpenter, 
however, and boatswaia, interfered, the former brandishing his^ 
broad axe , and swearing he would put the skull of the first who 
should strike a blow past clontiog, aod the latter reminding 
Ihem, that, by their articles , allquarreling, striking, or more 
especially fighting on board, was strictly prohibited; and that;^ 
if any gentlemao bad a quarrel to settle, they were to go ashore, 
and decide it with cutlass and pistol in presence of two of their 

*' I have no qnarrel with any one , ! " said Goffe , sul- 
lenly ; "Captain Cleveland has wandered about among the islands 

here, amasing himself , — ! and we have wasted oar lime 

and projperty in waiting for him,when-we might have been adding 
twenty or thirty thousand dollars to the stock-purse. However, 

if it pieases the rest of the gentlemen-adventurers, — \ 

why, I shall not grumble about it." 

''I propose," said the boatswain, "that there.should be ■ 
geaeral council called in the great cabin , according to our arti- 
cles, that we may consider what course we are to hold in this 

A general assent followed the boatswaiQ's proposal ; for every 
one found his own account in these general councils, in which 
each of the rovers had a free vote. By far the greater part of the 
crew only valued this franchise, as it allowed them, upon such 
solemn occasions, an unlimited quantity of liquor — a right 
which they failed not to exercise to the uttermost, by way of aiding 
their ddiberations. But a few amongst the adventurers, who 
united some degree of judgment wiUi the daring and profligate 
character of their profession, were wont, at such periods, lo 
limit themselves within the bounds of comparative sobriety , and 
by these, under the apparent formof a vote of the general eonncil, 
aU things ol moment relating to the voyage and undertakings oi 



ihe pirated were in facl t^demiiipd. The TtsX oFiIib rrew, wlipn 
Iheif Tecov?rcd fr'im iJu-ir iuioijealifin. were easily persuaiied (hat 
tli« rcsivluliua ^adoplpit bad beta Ibe kgiUitiAlc etT^irl o{ Iht; cuin- 
biaDtl ntsdoEJi ul Ibc whtilc senate. 

Upon Ihe pceserit occasion the debauch hmi pro<;o(?dei UDlil 
the gTcnter |iarl of Ihp crew«, as usual, liispUyiiig incbria^ 
LioLi in all its m€8t brutal und disgraceful i^faapcs — ^i^cnring^ 
ciupt]' auil ui]inoitnki)i; oalhs — renting lb? ino^i horrid impre^ 
caLioDS in ihc mere ^aitly uf ih(!ir b'enrl — 'Siiiging songs ^ the 
ribaldry oi' nbicb was only i![]ua11ii!d by iboir jirofaiu-ncss-, and, 
frnim the middle of Ibis cnrililr IlpIU tht two caplain^, ti^^gttber 
with uiii:- or lwi> i^rtheir principal odhcrenls^, a» aha the cfirprnlfr 
and boalswHin, v^^^ aS^ayis look a lead on such Qccasiuns, had 
drav^^a togtibpr inlu a t>3nil<'iiioniuin^ or priiy cnutiril of their 
oiAE]^ to cua&iiL)>er ^b:il yras li> be done; lor, 4S iht baais^ain 
inelmpborically obsened, ihcy vm ia a narrow' cbaniiel, and 
behoved lo keep sounding th« lidc-'Aay. 

"VVhea tbey hf^au ihcjr cimsullalitins, ihfl friends of GaflTfl 
remarked, !« their jtrral displeasure, ihfll hchiid no! obscned 
the wholesome rule to Vibrch WF have just Alluded ; but ihut, la 
'eiadcayouringlodrowubisiuorlJIifftliDnat the sadden appearance 
ofClevdand, and ilic re^^cpii^m {lotiici ^siib from the crew, the 
elder Coptdju htui rjol bepn able to do ^o vkilhuui overflowing his 
reason ai the same ijjnc. Hia naiural sullen laciturnity bad pre- 
vented this from being obsiprved unjit (he council be^an ils deli- 
boralions, i*ben it proied impossible Itthide it. 

TJie Urn person who spoke was Cleveland, who said,, so 

(at from vi'ihmj^ the cummODd of ihe vei^sel, be il^sireii no favoar 

at any oae's band, csfept lo lamf him upon some islnnd or holm 

at a distance from Kij-knall, and l^a^« bim lo sbiri Tor himself. 

The boatswain remonsiratf d sironifly apainst tbis rus&lation. 

"The lads," hesnidj "all knew Cleveland, and cwuld trust bis 

seamanship, us welt as his courage ; hesidcs, be never I i-i ih e grog 

getifuitf Uppermost, and nas always in proper trim, either ti> sail 

the ship, or lo f\gbt (he ship, whereby she was never without some 

one (0 keep her toursp wheo he was on hoard- — And as for the 

noble CaptaiB Gtiffe," contiaued ihe mediatorj *'heis assloat a 


heart as ever broke biscuit, and that I will uphold him ; bnt theo, 
when he has bis grog aboard — I speak to his face — he is so d — A 
fuDoy with his oraoks aDd his jests, that there is do living with 
him. You all remember how nigh he had run the ship od that 
cursed Horse of Copiusha , as tiiey call it, just by waj of frolic ; 
and theu you know how he fired off his pistol under the table, 
vheu we were at tke great oouacil, aod shot Jack Jeokius in the 
kD«0, aod cost the poor devil bts leg, with his pleasantry." * 

*' Jack Jeukins was not a chip the worse," said the carpenter ; 
" I took the leg off with my saw as well as any lob>olly~boy in the 
laod could have done — heated my broad aie, and seared the 
stump — ay>hy-~<! and made ajury-Ieg that he shambles about 
vitfa as well as ever he did — for Jack could never cut a feather." ** 

" You are a clever fellow, carpeoterj" replied the boatswain, 
"a d-~d clever fellow! but I had rather you tried yoar saw and 
red-hot axe npoB the ship's knee-timbers than on mine, sink me ! 
— But that here is not the case -^ The question is, if we shall part 
with Captain Cleveland here, who is a man of thought and action, 
vhereby it is my belief it would be heaving the pilot overboard 
when the gale is blowing on alee-^ore.' And,. I must say, it is 
not the part of a true heart to leave bis mates^ who have been here 
waiting for him till they have missed stays. Oar water is well- 
nigh out, and we have janketed till provisiims.are low with us. 
We cannot sail without provisions -<- we cannot getprovisioqs 
without the good-will of the Kirkwall folks. If we remain here 
longer^ the Halcyon frigate will be down upon as — she was seen 
off Peterhead two days since, — and we shall hang up at the yard- 
arm to be sun-dried. Now , Captain Cleveland will get us out of 
the hobble, if any can. He oan play the gentleman with llMse 
Kirkwall folks, and kilows how to deal with them on fair terns, 
and foul, too, if there be occasion for-it." 

* Tbis was really an exploit oT the celebrated Avery the pirate , who 
suddenly, and without provocation, fired bfs pistols Under the table 
where he sal drinking with his naesamstesv wounded one uwn Mverety, 
and thought the matter a good jest. What is still more eitraoidinary, bis 
crew regarded it in the same light. 

** A ship going fast through the sea is sai*d to ciit a featheri alludinK 
to the ripple which she throws off from bir bows. 


"Aad 30 you. would turn baoest CaplaiD GolTc a-grazing, 
wrjuld ye?" isii aa old weHltiGrbealfiD pirate, who had but cne 
eye; '-^wbniLhoiigh bs bos bis huaiours^ and iiiaite ray eye duwse 
the glim in bis I'ancits ind frolics, he t^ fl» bunesL a man as ever 
walked a quaricr-deck, I'lir All thai; and d — u me but I staod by 
bin) sti luDg as t'otber lantern is lit ! " 

•■ Wliy, you would iiui bear me out," aaidHawkias; ^^ajdhb 
might as well talk to so many ue^jcrs! — 1 tell you, I propose 
thai Cleveland shall imlv be Captain from one, posi meridiam, (o 
live a. m., durlu^f wliic-htimu Uoffe is bUaya drunk." 

The Caplain uf whtim he last spoke gavosufficicnlproof of (he 
truth uf hi^ wi^rcEs, by ullL'rlag ao inarltcuUte growl, and al- 
It'iiiHUog lo present a pistui at the raediaioi Uawkius- 

"Why, bokyenow!" said Derrick, ''ihcrc is all the sense 
hi? bas , to gel druQt oq council day ^ like oxtc or tlicsc poor siEly 
fellows! " 

"\y," saidBunce, "druolc as Davy's s«w, in the face of the 
lield, ihefray, andihc seoQie!" 

"lluL, uiiverUieldss^" conlmued Derrick, ^'Hvill d^ver do 
to ba\e Iwu capiaiiislu ihi! ^ame day. J ihink «eek about might 
Euit J>Eli*r— and kl CJevfJaod take the first taro." 

"There are as good here as iiny of ihem," said Jlaivkins; 
"howsornderer^ I ohj«cL itolhinK lo Captald ClevelAod, and I 
tbiokbe may help us into deep water aswi'lE as nanthcr." 

''Ay," excblm«d Buocf , '' aacl a better H^re be will luokc al 
bringing these Kirkwalltrs lo order ihap his sober predecessor! 
— - So Cai]itain Cli^velAQd for ever! " 

'^Stop^ gentlemen," s<iid Cleveland, whahad hitberti] beco 
silent; "'1 haps yoD will not choose me Cflplaia without my owti 
COD se nil" 

•^'Ay, by the blue vault of heaven will WB," said BUPCB, '*if 
it hcpro bon.0 pnlfiica .' " 

''But hear me, atleastj" said Cleveland — *'I do coos<jhI to 
take c-^jnimaod of the vessel, since you ^ish it, and because I sec 
you will ilj get out of the scrape without me," 

"WIjy, then, 1 say, Cleveland for evtr, again!" shouleJ 



"«e quiet, prUhee, dearBonce! — htmest Altamonrl" sqjd 
Clevelatid. -•- ^*IoDd«rUkk%he bnsfdessonHttscoDditioii; that, 
wfaenlhavegot the'ship«le&r6drorhervbjage, with pro^ii^iiini?, 
and so fortb , you ifill be coateot la restore Captain GolTc; lu the 
eommand,' as 1 Mid before, aod put me ashore some where, to 
shift for myfte)! — Yon> will tfaea be sore It'is ^mpossil)]!! T can 
betray you, Sloce I willrenuia wHhyouto the last mom^iiL." 

**Ay<, and «f[er the list mointfDt, too, bylhebltii: v.iuU! or 
I misttkethemaUier," muttered Bobceto himseir. 

The matter tres now put to^the Votte ; aud so'cdtt&dent were the 
orev'iD Cleveland's sopertor addrees and mmagemeDi, that (he 
tenp9raiy deposition ofGoffe feQnd little re'sistance even ainufig 
his own partisans, vho reasonably euinigh obsei'ved; "}Jc might 
al lease have kept soher to to»k after hlSD«b buftltfes's — Ken 
lethiiBfnH'itte rights again himself Deitmorafag,' if lii- «i||." 
- Bufc whfio the Heit moririBg came, the^ draffken pnrC of the 
crewj beiag iofomied of the issue of the delibenltions of the 
council, to which tbey were vtrtnally held M^ h4Ve assenieif, 
slkowed such* supeiierseaseof Clevelaud's Aierlts, th:i( GolTe. 
smlky aud malffcoDUiitM he Iras; judged it wfsesi for Ihi; present 
to suppress bis feelings of . r««eDtiiKBt until a saKr'tiptHiriunU? 
for suffering them to explode, and to submit ttfthedegradaiioa 

Cleveland, onhts part, -rdsolved to take Updb'hW,-vi(h spirit 
and wiUi«tit loss jirf lime, the'taskof ettmtafiDghl^ Chip's coiti- 
pany fiton tbeirfMrilous sHiullon;' Pof Ihis^^Orpo^^ he. (irdered 
theboat, with the purpose ofgotsig tfsho^eln penr«(m, carryfdg 
wjlbhim iwalve-Df the 8tolHet«aitdh>eBtttiehM<i)re'£bip's com- 
pany, all very hiaDdsomely appoibMd, tf<^r'the<Meeea&^ of Ibeir 
nefarious professioahadietnbledtbe piratefl^toflsstiine ntarl; as 
gay dresses as t^irolficere,) and^ above tili, each man being 
safGeiently aroMd with fwdass ^ad pistols^ add-seVernI having 
pole-axes and ponikrdS; i ■ ' 

ae^eland'Jiiin»ell;w«»'g»llant|f atUred'tnablttfr-coai, lined 
with crimson :8llk, and'iriced wHh i^old very* rftthly, crlmsou 
damask wusileoat and breecheCaveltfel'OatpV'rfchry'enibrQidered, 
with a whiteiealbcc, wMk «4Ht stockings,' and rtkl-heekd gtaoc?, 

T/it Pirate. 36 


wJiitih wei-c ihc eilrcnifty of fiopry auioog ilic ^allunlsiif ilic day. 
Mc bjid a goli] chain socral liiues folded rouud. Ki« neck, ivhlch 
susUiaed o whistle O'f the ^amc nietnJ, the c^iisi^n of his authority. 
Above ulL, he ware a di-coralion peculiar to llinec dating dcjjrt- 
da[(irs, vihUf besides aii{% or prrhsfi-j two , bnicc of pistols al 
(heir bell, h^d usually twuadililimiat brace, ijftlic fiQCSt nnninl- 
in^ and worVmAnship, suspended over their 'Shoulders in n surL 
oi' sliu^ or scarf gf crinisoo rihbun. The hiU and mounting of 
the Cnplain's s^wurd Corresponded in vfllue lo llie rest of his sp- 
potnlDK^DtS', and his Dalural good mien was so veil adapl^d to 
ib'C whole cquipm{;n( , Ihal , «Eien la* appeared on itcek, he was 
received witli a general shouL by the crew, who, 49 in other po- 
pular saciciies , judged Ji great deul by the eye. 

Cleveland lutilt wiLli titm in the houl, <irin>n)jS( olhers, his pr[>- 
deucs?oriii office^ G-offf , who was also very nclilydressi'd, bui 
will}, not having the od^uTitage of such .111 exterior as Clcvclaikd's^ 
looked like n boorish clown io the dress of a cnurlkr, or rather 
like a vul^ai-l'aced foolpad decked in ihe spoils of some one 
vhciit he has murdered, and wliiise clflini I0 the prnporty of his 
parniejiis is rendered doublfnl in the ■eyes of all who look upon 
him, by Ihc niiiiurt of jiwkwardnoshs , remorse > cruelly, and 
ijiS.oJeHCBj, Tvhifh clouds his counlt-naure. Cle\plaud prohably 
chose (0 lake Goffc ashore with him, to pfcvpnt hi*, Iiavinfi; any 
opportQuity, during li is n]jsencie, to delxiucti the erew ffom ibeir 
allcgiaucc. Ill this gaisc (hey left the ship,, and, siripiii^ lu iheir 
oflTs, while iJifi (vatcr foamed higher aithe chorus, soon reached 
the quay of Kirliwnll. 

The comnland of tlifl vessel was in llic nnennliniP intrusted lo 
Bnnce, upon wlicise allegiance ClcyeLind knew that he might 
perfecliy depend, and, in a private couversaiion with hi'm of 
5oaie length, he gave him directions bow to act in such emer- 
gencies as might occur. 

These arrangements being made, and Bunee ha^im^ been 
repeaitL-dly charged io sliind upon lifs ^nardalilie af|;A)]isl the sii- 
hprenlsorcioITie arid any ailc/upl from the slmro, the boat put off. 
As slit; approached tiic hnrbonr, Cleieland displayed a white tlag, 
and Could observe tibai their appearaneg seeaied to occasion a 


good deal of bvstle and alarm. People vere seen ruDnlag to.aad 
fro, and some of them appeared to be getling under arms. Tbe 
batterir^''^ manned hastily, and the English colours displayed. 
These were alarming symptoms, the rather thai Cleveland knew, 
that, though there were no artillerymen in Kirkwall, yet there 
were many sailors perfectly competent to the management of 
gceatguns, and willing eqough to undertake such service in case 
of need. - 

Noting these hostile preparations wilb.a heedful eye, but suf- 
fering nothing like doubtor anxiety to appear on his countenance, 
Cleveland ran the boat right for the quay, on which several peo- 
ple, armed with muskets, rifles, and fowling-pieces, and others 
with half-pikes and whaliog-knives, were now assembled, as if 
to oppose his landing. Apparently, however, they had not posi- 
tively determined what measures they were to' pursue; for, when 
the boat reached the quay, those immediately opposite bore back, 
and suffered Cleveland and his party to leap ashore without hin- 
derance. They immediately drew up on the quay, except two, 
%ho, as their Captain had commanded, remained in the boat, 
which they put off to a little distance; a roanceuvre which, while 
U placed, the boat (the only one belonging to the sloop) out of 
danger of being^seized, indicated a sort of careless confidence, 
in Cleveland and his parly, which was calculated to inlimitade 
their opponents. 

The Kirkwallers, however^ showed the oldXorthern blood, 
put a manly face upon the matter, and stood upon the quay, with 
their arms shouldered, directly opposite to the rovers, and 
blocking up against them the street which leads to the town, 

. Cleveland was the first who spoke, as the parties stood thiis 
looking upon each other.— V How is this, gentlemen burghers?" 
he said; " are you Orkney folks turned Highlandmen, that you 
are all tiuder arms so early this morning; or haye you manned 
the quay to give me the honour of a salute , upon taking the com- 
mand of my ship?" . 

The burghers looked on each other, and one of them replied 
to Cleveland — •' We do not know who you are ; it was that other 
man," pointing to Goffe, "who used to come ashore as Captain." 



''Tbat oLhcr g^ntlcinaa is mj luate, and coinmaDda in mj 
absence/^ said Clovclacd ; — '"buLnliiil rs Ibal lo Lhe purposti? 
I wish lo speak with yuur Lord Major, or whatever jou call 

"The PtovusI is siLting in coiinQil wilb Ihe Mflgislrates," 
answered the spu^kcsraaa. 

'■So much the better," replied Cleveland. — "Where do 
iheirWorsbips nmet!" 

*'Iii ihc Cfluncil-house," answered the other. 
•'Then m-ike waj tor us, gentlemen, if you please, for nii3r 
people Arid [ are going there." 

Thtre was a whisper amot*^ Ihe lowDs-people*, but several 
vtit unresolved upoQ eii^agiug tQ a desperate, and pcrhafis ftD 
unnecessary cooI1j«1, with desperate nifn; and (he more delcr- 
niiaed ciiizeos rormed i!ic hasty rf^ncctiou that ihc strangers 
might be more cagily niaslcrud iu (he house, at perliaps in the 
narrow ^iracEs which they had to traverse^ than wheu they stood 
drawn up and prepared for haille upon the quay. They suGTured 
Uiem, therefore, lo proeeed urirDCilfSled; and Cleveland j moving 
very slciwly , kccpiDg his pccjple close logetber^ Buffering do one 
ta press upon the Hants of his little detacfamcnt, aod making 
four mcu, who constituted his rcar-,g^uard , turn round and face 
to the fear from lime to lioic J lemlered it, by bis cauiton, a very 
dant^crous (asL lo make auy alleuipl upon them. 

In (his maiiQcrthey astended the narrow sirctl, and reached 
Ibc Ci^uncil-house^ where the Magislrjitcs were actually silting, 
as the citizen had informed Cltveland. Here the iahabJtants 
began (o press forward, with Ihe purpose of mingling with the 
pirates, and availing iheuiiselves of ihe crowd iu Ihe narrow 
entrance, to secure &9 many as th«y eauliT, wiUtotit allowing Ihem 
room for the free nse of their weap&ns. But this also had Cleve- 
land foreseen^ aiid, ere enleriog the couacil-roomj, he caused 
the fntrajicc 4ti be cleared andsecuredj cammaodiEig fuur ofhi& 
men lo face down the street, and as many to confront the crowi. 
who were rh?ustiiig leach other from above. The burghers re- 
coiled back from the ferociousj swarlKy, and suabural coun'^ 
it'uancca, as well as the levclJ«d drms, of these deaperadfles> 


and CleTeUnd, with the rest ofliis party, edtered tite couDcil- 
room, where the Magistrates were silting in couacil, with very 
little attendance. These gentlemen were thus separated effec- 
tually from the citizens, who looked to them for order?, and 
were perhaps more completely at the mercy of ClevelaDd , than 
he, with his little haadful of men, could be said to be at that of 
the miiltitude by whom they w6re surrounded. 

The Magistrates seemed sensible of their danger; for they 
looked upon each other In some confasibn, when Cleveland thus 
addressed them : — 

"Good morrow, gentlemen, — I hope there is do unkindness 
betwiit us. I am come to talk with you aboiit getting supplies 
for my ship yonder in the roadstead — we caunot sail without 

** Your ship, &ir?" said the Provost, who was a mad of sense 
and spirit, — "how do we know that you are her Captaiu^" 

''Look at me," said Cleveland, /'and you will, I thin)i, 
scarce ask the question again."" 

The Magistrate looked at him , and accordingly did not think 
proper to pursue that part of the ^nqdiry^ but proceeded to say 
— "And, if jou are her Captain, whence comes she, and where 
is she bound for? You look too much like a man-of-war's man 
to be master of a trader, and we know that ^ou do not belong to 
the British navy." 

"There are more men-of-w^r on the sea than sail under the 
British flag," replfed Cleveland; "but say that I were com- 
mander of A free-trader here, willing to exchange tobacco, 
brandy, gin, and suchlike, for cured ffsh and hides, why, Ido 
not think I deserve so very bad usage from the merchants of 
Kirkwall as to deny me provisions for my money?" 

"Look you,' Captain," said the Town-clerk, ^* it is' not that 
we are so very strait-laced neither — for, when gentlemen of your 
cloth come this way, itisasweel, as Itanld the Provost, jostto 
do a$ the collier did when he met the devil, — and that is, to havG 
naething to say to them, if they have naethibg to say to. us j — 
and there is the gentleman," pointing to Goffe, "that was Cap- 
tain before you, and may be Captain after you,"— ^("The cuckold 


speaks truth iothiit,'" muucrcd GoDre,! — "he knows veil how 
hands g 11) eEy we fnlerlained him, lill he and hia uipd loob upon 
(hem to ruD through Chclovtn like hellicat devils. — I see one of 
them there ! — thai was IHp very fellow that slopped my secvAnt-' 
vench on the etreet, as she carried llie lantern home before me, 
tod insulted hcrhcTure tny Tacc!" 

" Ifii (ileasi; )(mrTi(i]>1c Mayorship's h(Mti>ur and glnry," said 
Derrick, ibe hWo-w al whum ih^ Town- clerk pointcil, "il was 
not f that breughl-Lo the bit of a (fitnlvr ihat curried the kntero in 
the poftp — il was quiic a iliffereiit sort of apcrBun." 
"Whrcwasitj tlnin j Str?" said the Provost. 
"'Why, pScasQ youp mnjesty's worship," said DcTricls, 
making gevcrul geahou~3i and describing as nearly ns he could,, 
the eiteriftr of lUc worthy Magistrate himself, ^'he was an elilerly 
geotleinan, — Dulirh-bmilt, rounii inthe Elcrti, with a while wig 
and a red nose— very like yuur miijestyj IthioU;" ilicn, itirjiiog 
to a comrade, ii« added » "Jack, doo'l jou think Iha fellow that 
wanted to \lH% the prelty girl wtlh the lantern I'olhiir night, was 
very like his worship?" 

^'lij G^, Toil Derrick," answered the parly appealed to, 
"I believe it is the very inan!" 

" This is ijisofpncc wljirh we tan make you rppenl of, gtntle- 
raeu!" said the Alii^'istfatc, justly liriialed at ilirir effrontery; 
"you. havn heliaNeil in [his tuwOj as if you were in an Indian 
villagfl Hi Madagascar- Vou yourself. Captain » if capliiln you be, 
w^re at the head cjf another riot, no longer sioice lEian yc^lerttny. 
We wii] give you no proTisionslill we knowbetlerwlioni we are 
supplying. And do not ilmik to bully u&; when I shake this 
hflodkerehief out at ttiC wiodow, which is at my elbow, yourship 
goes (0 the bottom. Bemcmbcr she lies under the guns ofonr 

"Audhowmany of these guns arc honeycontbedj, Mr. Mayor?" 
said C^eicland. Ue put the (|Ucslion by cbanee; but instantly 
perceiied, fram a sort of confusion which the Provost in \aiti 
eudeavDured tohfdc, that tli« artillery of KtrkwaH was not in Lbe 
best order, "Come, come, .Mr. Mayer," he sftid, ''huUyingwill 
go down Tiviih as as lilile as with you. Votir guns yonder will do 



mare harm to the poor old sailors who art; to worktbem, than to 
our sloop -, and if we briDg a broadside to bear od the tovn , why, 
your wives' crockery will be io some danger. Aod then to talk 
to us of seamen being a little frolicsome ashore, whyj when are 
they otherwise? You have the Greealaad whalers playing the 
devil among you every now and then; and the very Dntchmen 
cut capers in the streets of Kirkwall , like porpoises before a gale 
of wind. I am told you are a man of sense, and I am sure you 
and I could settle this matter io the course of a five-minutes' 
palaver." ^ 

. "Well, Sir," said the Provost, "I will hear what you have Io 
-say, if you will walk this way." 

Cleveland accordingly followed him into a small interior apart- 
ment, and, when there, addressed the Provost thus: "I will lay 
aside my pistols. Sir, if you arc afraid of them." 

"D — n yourpistols!" answered the Provost, "Ihaveserred 
the King, and fear the smell of powder as little a's you do!" 

"So much the better," said creveland, *'for you will hear me 
the more coolly. -^ Xov, Sir, let us be what perhaps you suspect 
us, or let us be any thing else , what, in the name of Heaven , can 
you get by keeping us here, but blows and bloodshed? for 
which, believe me, we are much better provided than you can 
pretend, to be. The point is a plain one — you are desirous to be 
rid of us — we are desitous to be gone. Let us'haTC the means 
of departure, and we leave you instantly." 

"Look ye. Captain," said the Provost — "I thirst forno man's 
blood. You are a pretty fellow, as therewere many among the 
buccanjers in my time — but there is no harm in wishing you a 
better trade. You should have the stores and welcome, for your 
money, so you would make these Seas clear of you. Bntthen, 
here lies the rub. The Halcyon frigate is expected here in 
these parts immediately; when she hears of yon she will beat 
you; for there is nothing the white lapelle {ovCs faettet than a 
rover — you are seldom withoQta'' cargo of dollars. Well, he 
comes down, gels you under hts stern -7-'* 

"Blows us into the air, if you pleaisV' said Cleveland; 

" Nay, that must be as yoji please. Captain," said the Provost ; 



**i)uUbcD, vhii is to come at ibe goodiowa ofKirk«all, that has 
bctri farkirig aD(! J^ccliDg wilh Uj« King'^ enetnLes? The burgh 
<ftt(t be l^iil uudi'T a ri>ur]d t'itie, Had il aiay he ib&t the Pronost 
miiyuol conje olFso ensily." 

^'Wcll, iht'ii," sjiid Cltvebnd , "I sec where yoor piuch lies. 
NVw, suppose lba,t I run ruuud Lbi^ isUoid of yuitrs, siid get inlo 
tb(7 rijati^it^ad si Slruinucss? Wo cuuld ^?t what v/c want put' 
unbuard Ibere, \shbDu1 kirkwall m ibc'Frtn^sl seeinin;; 1o Suva 
iLQy hjiDcl in il; or, if it ^buuld bi^ uvur qui^'Stiijncd, your uanLofi' 
fflrce, ant! our suptriiiT slrt-iiglli, will make a hufjii'ient apulogjr/' 

•*Tbat maybe," said llii; Pro%uM* *'but if I sufffryuu luleaie 
your prciscnL sifiiiufi, uud ^i) i:l^Kv,bvT^, I iiiu&l bave same 
setiuity ibal T(ju will uu(doliarm lu ihc counlrj," 

"And wc," said Ck\ eland, " mast lja*,e S'hho security oo our 
side, IhnL ^ou will nut detain us, bv dribblijijj ttitdur liiiiic till. 
Ihe Halcyoii; is on ibc Ctjast. Now, 1 am myself periecllj willing 
10 fionliiiuc Oil shf>r« as d liosiagc, oti tbe u^ie side, provided you 
>A'ili give mi: your yiovd tiol to belray me, {inii seiiil bduic magis- 
irate, or person of consequence, abciard llbe sloop> where hfs 
saftty will be a^'uaranlcc for iniQC-." 

Tlie PrG^bst shook bis bead, ^nd inlimalcd it Vi-ould be dtrO- 
cull lO' find D person tvtlliiiy liipbici:: bimsfli a^ii ho^la^^e in such a 
perilous ccndpIioD; liuLsaiii bu would propusc Ibc arranijcmcat to 
such of [be coDDCfi B6 wer« flUo beirus^i>ed wijb a mailer uf&uth 
weight . 


" I hh my poor plougb la go ploughing (lie ieep ! " 

When Ibc PrRvoglaud Cleveland baJ lelurned into ttn; puldic 
coimcir-ruDjn, the rociner retired a second liiue with siicli ul bis 
breLhrcn as be ihou^hi proper lo advieeTviih; and, while iJii-j 
weric engaged in discussing Clei eland's [imposal, t'cJriBhnienls 
wcj-e ofTcjed to him auciJiis peo[df. Ilu-sr thf rapiuiii pcrmiltcd 
bi's people to parCake of, but wilti tbi! gr'^StCi^L pretaulio/i: against 
fuf-pris;il , one jtarly relieving iho guatd, ■whilst the ollicra were 
at tberrlooiJ, 



lie fcimielf, in the vneanirhtlc; walked ap and dovD the apart- 
ment, and coDverscd upon {ndiff^redt Subjects with thosepresent, 
like a person qnite at.lils ease. 

Amongst these iadividuels he saw, somewhat to his surprise, 
Triptolemas Yellowlef , who, chattcing to be at Kirkwalf, had 
beep summoned bj the Magistrates, as represeDtatfre, in a certain 
degree, of the Lord Chamberlain, to attend conncil on this occa- 
sion. Ctei'eland immediately i*enewed the acquaintance which he 
had formod with theagriculturist at Burgh-Westra , and asked 
him bis present Orknef. 

"Just to look after some of my Htde plans. Captain Cleveland, 
I am weary of flghting with wild beasts at Ephesos yonder, and 
Ijustcam ower to see how my orehard was thriving, whilk I had 
planted four or fire miles from Kirkwall, it may be a year bygane, 
and how the bees were thriving, whereof I had imported nine 
skeps, for, the improvement of the country, and for the tdrning 
of the heather-rbloom into wai and honey." 

"And they thrive, I hope?" said Cleveland, who^ however 
little interested in the matter, sustained the conversation, as if 
to break the chilly and embarrassed silence which hung upon (he 
companf assembled; 

"Thrive! '* replied Triptolemus ; "they thrite like evjry thing 
else In, this country, and that is the backward way," , 

"Wantofcare, Isoppose?" saidCleveland. 

V'Tbe contrary. Sir, quite and clean the contrary," replied 
the Factor; "they died ofowermuckle care, like Lucky Christie's 
chickens. — I asked to see the skeps, and cunning an.d jpyful 
did the fallow look who w*as to have taken care of thenl — ' Had 
there been ony body in charge but mysell,' he said, *ye might 
have seen the skeps, or whatever you ca' them; but there wad 
hae been as mony solan-geeseas flees in them, if ithadna been 
for my four quarters; for I watched them so closely, that I saw 
them a* creeping out at the little boles on^ sunny morning , and if 
I had not stopped the leak on the instant with a bit clay, the deil 
a bee , or flee , or whatever they are , would have been left in the 
skeps, as yfe ca' them 1 * — Inaword,Sir, he had clagged up the 
hives, as if the puir^hings had had the pestilence , and my bees 


wen «8 dMd u i! thej luul been smcaked — aod so ends my 

Ii9pe, generandi gloria meiiit, asYirgiliushathit." 

"There, is an end of your mead, then/' replied Cleveland ; 
"hut what is your chance of cider? — How does the orchard 

"O Captain! this same Solomon of the Orcadian Ophir — I 
am sure no man need to send hither to fetch either talents of gold 
or talents of sense? — I say> this wise man had watered the 
young apple-troes, in his great tenderness » with hot water, and 
they are perished, root and branch ! But what avails grieving? — 
and I wish you would tell me, instead, what is all the din that 
these good folks are making about pirates? and what for are all 
tfiese ilMooking men, that are armed like so monyflighlandmen, 
assembled in the judgment-chamber? — for I am just come from 
the other side of the island, and I have heard nothing distinct 
about it. — .And, now I look atyouyoursell, Captain, Ithiuk 
you have mair of these foolish pislolels about you than should 
sufGce ao honest man in quiet times." 

^' And so 1 think, too," said the pacilic Triton, oldHaagen, 
who had heen an unwilling follower of the daring Montrose; ''if 
you had been in the Glen of Eddtrachyllis, when we were sae sair 
worriedJ)y Sir John Worry—?" 

"You have forgot the whole matter, neighbour H^agen," 
said the Factor; "Sir John Urry was on your side and was ta'en 
■with Montrose ; by the same token^, he lost his head." 

"Did he?" said the Triton. -^"I believe you may be right; 
for he changed sides mair than ancc-and wha kens whilk he died 
tor? — But always. he was there , an'd so was I ; — a fight there 
was, and I never wish to see another!" 

The entrance of the Provost here intern^>ted their desultory 
conversation. — " We have determined," he said, "Captain, that 
your ship shall go round to Stromness, or Scalpa-flow, to take in 
sliores, in ordjer that there may be no more-quarrels between llie 
I'air folks and your seamen. And as you wish to stay on shore 
to ^ee the Fair, we intend to send a respectable gentleman on 
board your vessel to pilot her round the Mainland , as the naviga- 
tion is but ticklish.". 


f^' "Sfdkca like a qriiet aad'seosfble msgistnite, ikr. Mayor/' 

said Cleveland^ "and no otherwise thaD ad I etpeetetf. — And 
n^^ what gentleman is to honour our qnarter-deck during m; ab- 

w* sence?" 

"We have fixed that, too, Captain Cleveland," said the Pro- 
pbii' vost ]*' you may be sare we were each more desirous theA angthet 

iof.' to go upon so pleasant a voyage , audio such good company, but 

ijti- being Fair time, most of us.have soraeaffairs in hand — I myself, 

;r,i in respect of my Oflice, cannot be well spared— the eldeslBailie's 

joj!- wife is lying-in — the Treasurer does not agree with the sea — 

Wti two Bailies have the gout-i— the other two are absent from town- 

mi and the other Ofteeo members of council are all engaged oo par- 

dd ticular business." 

tit "All that I can tell you. Air Mayor," said Cleveland, raising 

is* his voice, "is, thatlexpect — " 

li "X moment'^ patience, ff you please. Captain," said the 

^ Provost, interrupting him — "So that we have come to the reso- 

lution that our worthy Mr. Triptolemus YeOowley, who is Factor 
1^ to the Lord Chamberlain of these islands, sfaalf, in respect of his 

^ ofGcial situation, lie preferred to the honour and pleasure' of ac- 

tf companying you." 

"Me!" said the astonished Triptolemus; "T?hat the devil 
V shonld I do going on your voyages? -^ my business is on dry 

I'a land!" 

' "The gentlemen want'a pilot," said the Provost, whispering 
jt; tohim, "and there is noevitingto givethem one." 

li "Do they wanttogobumpon shore, theot" said the Factor 

il • — " how the devil should T pilot them, that never touched rudder 

In my life?" 

y "Hush! — hush! — be silent!" said the Pr6vo8t; "!f the 

t people of this town heard ye say such a word, yonrulility; and 

I respect, and rank, and every thing else, is clean gone ! -^ No man 

I is any thing with us island folks, unless he c^n hand, reef,' and 

steer. «- Besides, it is but a mere form; and we will send old 

Pate Sinclair to help yon. You vrill have nothing to do but' to eat, 

drink, and be merry all day." 

"Eat and drink!" said the Factor, not able to' coniprehead 

eiardy wby Ihrs pic^:e of duty was pressed upon him 5r> hasiily, 
and yet not very cnpable tif rPSisling or etliicating himself from 
Iho tftils of the mare knuwingPnivost — *'Eot nod drink? — that 
is JlU vcTy wull ; hml. (o spnaktrnlli, the sea ilofs nolagrei^ wilh 
mp flftj more thnin uilli l hi; Treasurer; and I ha\p always a belter 
appfelile forcadng and drinhing ashfirr." 

"Hu^liI liusli! hush!" ojainsaid IhcVrovosi^ iufliiuuder 
tCln<^ of earnest cipflslulalion ^ "iftuiilil you ncttiAllj ruin your 
character out onil tmll ■— A Ffldnr of the Higit Chiiniberlaia 
of the Islc^ 41 r Orkney and Zcilnnd, and not like the &«3] — 
yovi might as well 5<iy jou are A Highlander^ and do not like 

•'"Son mUfil setUe it somehow , gentlemen," said Captain 
Cleveland; *'iits lime wc were under weii^li. — Mr. Triptolemua 
Tellowley, are we to be honoured with your company?" 

*^I am sure, €flp(flin Cleveland," stammered the Fuclnr, "I 
■would have no objecltfin to gn any wherewith yon — only — " 

" He haa no (fbjeclirm ," said (he Provos! , catehina at the 11 rst 
limh iif the sentence, without owBiting the coiiclnsion. 
**He IiasnnfthJMrtfon/' friftil the Treasurer, 
"Hchiis no objeclioni" sung out liic whnh- four Dailies (oge- 
tbcr; and (he iineen Coi]n>ei]1ors, all calchii^g up the sotne phrase 
ofngsenr, repealed it in chortiS, ■Ailh (he atldilioos of — '"jood 
man" ■^- '*pQhlie ppirited" — "honimrnhlfl gcnlleman" — 
''burjjh etcrjiaHy ohlrgerl" — '"where "^'ilj you find! such a worlhy 
Factor?" and sd forth. 

Astonished bd4I confused at tlie prfliaes with which he was 

overwhelmed on nil sides, and in no shape understandins ike 

nafure of (he (ransaelion (hat was goln^^Torward, the aBloundcd 

I'litd overwhelmed afrrictilluri^t brranic tnropaJjfe »»f resistin;; (he 

part of the Kirkwall Curiius thus itisitlifjHsly forrcd itpcn kiiri, 

and was (lelivorcd up by Cipiain Cltteliind tohfs party j with ihe 

5lrrrips( injunctions (o (reat him wifh hono^ur and ailciiliflrr. 

GoflTR and his companions began nrpw to leaiJ him ofT, nmid thu 

applauses of the whole meeting, aHcr the nianncr in which (he 

victim of ancient days was garlanded nnd grcek'd liy shoutft, 

when consigned lo the priests, for the purp&sc of beiug led to 


the aUar, and knocked OB the bead, a sacrifiu for the common 
weal. It was while they thas cooducted, and in a numner forced 
him out of the Council- chamber, that poor Triptolemns, mnnh 
alarmed at Goding that Clevelaod, iu whom he had some con- 
fidence, was to remaia behind the party, tried, wheajusigolug; 
out at the door, the effect of one retnonetrating bellow. — " Nay, 
but Provost! t Captain! — Bailies! — Treasurer I- — Coandl- 
lors! -r- if Captain Cleveland does not go aboard to -protect me, it 
is use bargain, and^o I will not, unless I am trailed with cart- 

His protest was, however, drowned in the unanimous chorus 
of the Magistrates and Councillors, returning him thanks for 
his public spirit — wishing him a good voyage — and praying lo 
Heaven, for his happy and speedy return. Stunned and o\er- 
wfaelmed, and thinking, if tie had a^y distinct thoughts at all, 
that remonstrance was vain, where friends and strangers seemt>d 
alike determined to carry the point against him, Triptolemuia, 
without farther resistance, suffered himself lo be conducted intu 
the street, where-^the pirate's boat's crew, assembling around 
him, began to move slowly towards the quay, many of Ihe towns- 
folk following out of curiosity, but without any attempt at intpr- 
ference or annoyance; for the pacific compromise -which the 
dexterity of the first Magistrate had achieved, was unaqimou^ljr 
approved of as a much belter settlement of the disputes betwixt 
them and the strangers, than. might have been attained by the 
dubious issue of an appeal to arms. 

Meanwhile, as they went slowly along, Triptolenm^ had lime 
to study the appearance^ countenance, and dress of those iaiu 
whose hands he had been thus delivered, and began lo imagiac 
that be read in their looks, not only the general, etpression ot a 
desperate character, but some sinister iotantions directed pan i- 
cularly towards himself. He was alarmed by the truculeniJooks 
ofGoffe, in particular, who, hoidingbis arm with a gripe wtiich 
resembled in delicacy of touch the compression of a smith's vice, , 
cast on hiuji from the outer corner of hU. eye obU^ue glances,, 
like those which the eagle throws upon the prey which she ha» 
clutched, ere yet she pni^cee#>aft it is technically cft^ed, to plfiniii 


il. Al ledgth Yellnfrley'^ fears got so far Ihe better of his pru- 
dence, ihjil he fairly o&ked his tvrrilJt; cfinilU'Clor, in a surl uf 
cryiug wUtsper, "Arejuu Eoing lu murder me. Captain, io the 
face of ihc laws bajih of God md man ? " 

"Hull! juur peai^t^ , if you are wi^e/' soidGofTct who had his 
own reasons fur de^irin^ to incrt^sc Ihe pnoic uf hi& cAplivc; 
**-v6 have ntut murdcn-d a man Lliese three muDlbs, anil wh; 
should ^bu put US in itiiiid ofitV" 

^^ You are huLjftl^ipg, I hupe, good wortbj' Captain,*' repSicd 
Triptoknius. "IhLs ia worse than 'filches, dwarfs, dirking of 
Whiilcs, aniJ cU'Wpinii^ of cubleiJT put all logelher! — this is 40 
awaj'-garging crop, with a I'dij^eancc ! — What good, iaHeaven'a 
uamc, would murderiD^me do to you?" 

" Wfi niighl havi; some plejisuris in it, at LeasU" said Gutfe. — 
"Look Ihest! fellows in the face» ond si!c if you seaopvomong 
Ihcmthat nuulil nm raiher hill a man ilian let ita)onp?^Ilutwe 
will speak more uf liut when yoif hsv« first had a Lasle uf the 
bilbi>i!s — unl!*5s,ini]i'Ed,you cjimedjwo with a handsome round 
handful of Chili boards' fiir jour ransom."' 

"As 1 ^hall live by bread. Captain, " answered ibe Facior, 
"that misbegoLl>eD dw^rf li&s earned aS tiie vhaLe hortiful of 

"A cal-and-oipc-eaJJs wiUmakc yon Bod it again," sairlGoffe, 
gruffly; "Hugging jiid pichling i& an cici-llent r?i:ipc lo briog 
a ntaa's wealth iuln bis mind — IwisLijig a bowalnng roand 
bis skull itil I Jus eyes start a Ultle, is a very :(jood remembrancef 

^*Cj»ploin," peplied Yellowky, stonily, '*I aavetio mimey — 
seldom can improvers have. — We turn pasture lodltage, and 
barley iiito aiiSj and hcotlief into grcenswafd, and (be poor 
yarphoy as ibe hcni^hied Creatures here call Ih^it ppal-faogs, 
into ibaidle grass^land; hitt we seldom oiakc any 'hing of it that 
eomcs hack lo our aln pouch, — - The cnrlc& and Ihc <;ari-avers 
nmke i( olU aud (he carles and the carl-avers eat il all, sod the 
deil clink doun with it!" 

*' WcJI, well/' Bald Goffe, "if you be rcaUj a poer fellflw, 
* Ctfrnmontj' c^Iletl, by landi^nien, Spanish dollars. 



as yon'preteady I 'H'fitand year lHr!eiid';*^'(lieBvioeiiDiag his 
head so as to reach the ear of the Factor, who stood on tiptoe 
whh anxiety, he said, "If you love 'yoar life , dc> not enter the 
boat with us/' 

<'But how am I lo get «w«y frem you , whileyoa hold roe sv 
fasthy the arm,, that 1 could not get oiEItthe whole year's crop 
of Scotland depe&ded on it?" 

"Harkyej you gudgeon," saMGoffe* "just wheoyou tome 
to the water's edge, abd when the feUaws are jumpingin and 
taking tb^ir oars, slue yonrsell round suddenly to the lar- 
board — I will let go your arm — and-theB enl and run for 
your life!" 

Triptolemus did as be was desired j Goffe's wlllitig hand re- 
laxed the grasp as he had promised, the agricultutisi trundled off 
like a footbalUhat has just received a strongim^ulse from the 
foot of onedf ^e players, and, with celerity which surprised 
himself as well as all beholders, fled through the fown-of Kirk- 
wall. Nay, such was the Impetus of his retreat, that, as if the 
grasp of the pirate was still open to pounce opoil him, benevpr 
stopped 1)11 he had travtn^ed Ae whole town, and attained the 
open cobntry on the other side- they whd had seen him that 
day — his hat and wig lost in the sadden effort he hadm^de-to 
belt fol!^ra^d , his cravat awry^ sod his waistcoat -nnbottOAed, — 
■nd who had an opportunity of comparing his round spherical 
form and short legs wHh the portentous Bi^eed at which he scoured 
through the street, niigfat well say, that if Fury ministers arms, 
Fear confers wings. His very mode of running seemed to be ihac 
peculiar to hifi fleecy care', for, Kke a ratii in the midst of bis 
race , he ever afid anon encouraged himself by a great bouncing 
attempt at a leap , though there were lio obstacles in^ his way. 

There was no pursuit Sfier the agrieultarfst; and though a 
musket or t#o were presented, forthe purpose of sending a leaden 
messenger after him, yet Goffe turning peace-maker for once in 
his life , so exaggerated the dangers that would attend a breach of 
the truce with the people of Kiriiwall , that he prevailed upon the 
boat's crew to forbiear atiy active hostilities, and to puH'off for 
their vessel with aUdtspateh. - ' 


Tbelmrpiherfl, *h« rcgflrdcci Hit escapfl of Triptolemus asi 
triumph en ihcirsHiP, ga,e th* boni three che,^Ts. hv wavof a*, 
.Qsulung far«weJl; ,hi!e ihe, ,m. the oihcr La«d;. 
1 L '"'^ Kr.jql aniieiy rrs^ptafn^theprobahle coDSf.jueBces oH 
Jhts breach .>f4imde5 between U,en> and the pirates ; ami, couitf^ 
ihcT hnv« scutJ «p«n lA* fxi^Kivc very pmotelj. itjslend r^fcom- 
phnicntmg tin. mHIi a ci^if f,asl i^ honour ,>ribe agililj which he 
disphjed. It ,s hk.Iy ifc.y niiftht ha.e dd.'Tcr.d .h« mnawar 
hosta^*. oiie« more into the haoils of his foetncn. But it «a5 iiB-- 
poBSible(r,B^i (heir raeeiujblidyto such jinaci of sblcn.e, md 

h^^^ef«re Ihey cnuiefiied themselves with doseW wui.-hi,ig Clevc- 
iBDd, ^liom ihcy deiernihjeil lo make responsible foratir apurcs- 
sioa whK'h nWghi be attcmpleil by (he pirores. CIcvdaDj, nti 
ins pan, CKiiy conjectufed that itie motive which Cgffehadfor 
Bullermghi3hoslam:to escape, was H, leavL' him answerable for 
nl cousequeuces, and, vtiyw^ more on the a(la<:hmeiir and in- 

ell.gcr,c. «/ his friend and adhcreDt, FredErick Altamonl, alias 
Jack Uiruce, than on any (hing else, eipecle^f ihi^ result wUh ctrn- 
r./. . k'"""{' *■'"' •^''*'''«i^"-^'^s, though thpymmirm.d 
bV n!,^l" ,'k .i"'i"^ P'*'"'^ i^ti'^^ied tlifiy would regulate 

c^mirr^'L'" '^'"^^"^ ^' '"^ "^"' ^'^^^^"' '^ "^ '-«-' 

on IL^'T T: o7r"* *i"i"ul same reason that he reckuued 
adhJr f ?*'"''^ of Bunce- for no so.ncr did thaltru^ty 

taeehra.ou„d by the Ule Captain, jnorderthit, Cte^.hmd 

m.Hhl h.«d apon to rcs«m. the command of the vessel. * 

Bonr-f L r ^" "^^ J><>fltswam shall mUs brsniarfc." said L ^7^:?"^'^ f'J^'^l'er; -or eh. I am ..itemed to 

qmt.henam«ofAna,non(, ond be calM J.cK, or Jack 
Bunco, ,f you i^ke ,t better, t^ (he end <,/thc cbapter." 
Availing hf mself accordingly of a son of nnulkal el. 


bilboes, vithotit any hostage to answer Tot his stihij; aod suc- 
ceeded so far, that, besides exeilipg a good deal of discontent 
against Goffe, he brought the crew to the resolution of seizing 
the first vessel of a tolerable appearance, and declaring that the 
ship, crew, and cargo, should be dedlt with according to the 
usage which Grereland should receive on shore. It was judged 
at the same time proper to try the faith of the Orcadians, by re- 
moving from the roadstead of Kirkwall, and going round to'that 
of Stromness, where, acoordiDg to Uie treaty betwlu Provost 
Torfe and Captain Cleveland^ they were to viclual their sloop. 
They resolved, in the meantime, tofntmstthe command ofthe 
vessel to a couucil, consisting of Goffe, the boatswain, and 
Bunce himself, uutil Cleveland should be in a situation to resume 
his command. 

These resolutions having been proposed aad acceded to, they 
weighed anchor, and got Aeir eloop under sail , without eipe- 
rienciag any opposition' or aofuoyaDce from the battery, which 
relieved them »f one important apprehensioD iocideatal totheir 

Clap OD more sail , pursue , up with your fights , ' 
. Give fire — Bbe is ray priie, or ocean «4ieliii them all! 

- SaaK*PBAiU. ' 

Avert handsome brig, which, with several othfer vessels, was 
the property of Magnus Troil, the great ZeHand Ddaller, hadYe- 
ceived on board tbatMsg^Date himself, his two lovely daughters, 
and the facetious Claud Halcro, wha, for friendship's sake 
chiefly , and the love of Jaeauty proper to his poetical calling , at- 
tended them on their journey from Shetland to the capital of Ork- 
ney, to which Noma bad referred them , as the place where her 
mystical oracles should at length receive a satisfactory ex- 

They passed, at a di5tance,me tremendoas cliffs of the lonely 
spot of earth called the Fair Isle, which, at an equal distance 
from either archipelago, lies in the sea which divides Orkney 
from Zetland ; and at length, after some baffling winds, made the 

The Pirate. <27 


SurL or Sonda. Off Ihe headland &o u»tatd, they became la- 
\ulved in a strong curreal, well kniFwn, by tliose fiha frequent . 
these seas, as the Roo^t of ihc Start, ^hich carried them coo- 
sidurably oal of their course, and, joined to an adverse niDd, 
forced them to keep oti ihc cji^l side of the island of SlTonsa^j 
and, UnaVly , compelled ibem tu 1l& b^ for lUe nigbt in Fapft . 
Sound, since ibe aa^igeHoQ in dark or Lhick veaiber, amongU | 
so [Qaoy lov islands, i!i,ueilherp)easaDi nor safe. 

Qa lhl^ ensuing morning ihey resumed LA'Cir vojiftg^ andet J 
more favourable auspices; attd coqaiinj^ along ihe island of | 
Stroiisa, \vbosc Hat, \erdaDl, and comparativcl; ferlik shores, 
formed a strong ronlrast to the dUn bills atid dark dilF^ t>ribeir j 
own islauds, tiiey doubled the cape called the Lamb-head, aqA 1 
stood away (or KirkwoU. 

They had scarce opened tlie beiiutifu] bay beLwiit Foniona 
aad SbapiusLa, and the sisters were admiring the massive church 
ol Saint Magnus, as il was lirst seen to rise from amongst the 
inferior buildings of Kirknall, n^heD Ibeej'FS of Magnus, and! oE 
Claud llalcro, were altracled by on object which (hey thought 
more intoresllng. This was an armed iloop, willi her soils setj, 
I which badjusUeft Ihe anchorage irt the bay, and was running be- 
fore the wi/id|)y Tihich Ike brig orthcUdaller was bceiingin. 

"A tiglit (Jiiitg ilial, by my ancestors' bones!" said the old 
Udaller; '^but I cannoL makcouior whaicouDiry, as she sbons 
□0 coluurs. Spanish built, I should (hink her." 

**A}., ay," said Claud Ualcro, "sbc has all the look of il. She 
runs before the wind that ne must bailie wJth, which is the 
wojilcd wiiy of iheTi'orld, Asgloriuus Julm says, — 

' Wilh Toomy dock , arJ gunj; yf migli ly ^CrcngLb , 
Wboiio luw-Uid Jdoulhs cneb mouniln^ billow lavcc» 

Depp in her drauglil and warlike in her lejifflh -, 
Sbe seems a ^ca-wa&p DyEog on the waves.'" 

Bretida CDuld uoi Jict|p telling Halcro^ when he bed! Epotited 
this stanza wilb great enlhustaso^; " (hat though (he descrlplmn 
was Enorc like a iirsi-raie ih,an qsIoo|), yet Lbc simile of tkc sea-* 
wasp served but indiiTErenily lor either." 

"A sea-wasp?" said Magnus, lookiug with some surprise, as 


the sloop, sbiftittg her course, saddenly bore down od them; 
"Egad, I vish she may not show us presently that she has a 
sting ! " 

What the Udaller said in jest, was fulfilled in earnest-, fur, 
without hoisting coloars, orhailiag, two shots were discharged 
from the sloop, one of which ran dipping and dancing upon the 
water, jnst ahead of the Zetlander's hows, while the other went 
through his main^ai). 

Magnus caught ap a speakiog-trampet, and hailed the sloop, 
to demand what she was , and what was the meaning of this an- 
provoked aggression. He was only answered by the stem com- 
mand, — " Down top-satis instantly , and lay your main-sail to 
the mast — yon shall see who we are presently." 

There were no means witbinthereachof possibility by which 
obedience coald be evaded, where it would Instantly have benn 
enforced by a broadside*, and, with much fear on the part of the 
sisters and Claud Halcro , mixed with anger and astonishment on 
that of the Udaller, the brig lay-to to await the commands of the 

The sloop immediately lowered a boat, with six armed hand?, 
commanded by lack Bunce , which rowed directly for their prize. 
As they approached her, Claud Halcro whispered to the VdalleT, 
— "Uwhat wehear ofbuccaniers be true, these men, with their 
silk scarfs and vests, have the very cut of them." 

"My daughters! my daughters !"mutteredMagnus to himself, 
with such an agony as only a father could feel, — "Go down be- 
low, and hide yourselves, girls, while I — " 

He threw down his speaking-trumpet, and seized on a hanil!- 
spike, while his daughters, more afraid of the consequences ft' 
his fiery temper to himself than of any thing else, hung round 
him, -and begged him to make no resistance. Claud Halcro 
united his entreaties, adding, "It were best pacify the felloTv^ 
with fair words. They might," he said , "be Dunkirkers , or in- 
solent man-of-war's-men en a frolic." 

"Xo, no," answered Magnus, "it is the sloop which the Jagger 
told us of. But I win take your advice — I will have paticnre 
for these girls' sakes ; yel — " 



He had no lime lo pont'liidt! llie senience, fur Dunce jumped 
on board ^vilh Jii? [laily, aad dra^Aing liis calld&s, tlruck il upoD 
the coiiiLvmiioE-i^ddi-r, and dpclared llie ship vias ibcirs. 

'*Bv \shiil warrant ot aulliurUy do you stup us od tbe lifgh 
stas?'" said Magnus. 

"Here are ball' a dotea ofwafrani^," s-^idBuDce-. showing 
tte pisLulsMhichworo huu^ round him, accordjn^ to a pirale- 
fashion alrcady-mtDliiUiiid , "tilioose whifh jou liliGj old gtntle- 
nian, niii you sUal! liave the perusal tifiipreseatly," 

"Thaiisio saj-j yiiu iuifcudlo rob usT" said 5Iagnus,-^"So 
le ii^ we hare nu meaofl lo help il — Duly be ciiil to the women, 
flud take vslinl you please from thcTesseL There is not much, 
but I \i'ill and can niakc il ivorth luore^ if ^oU use US well." 

'* Civil ly the M'omim!" said FlelfLer> who liadalsu come o a 
lioard with the gang — *' when were we elije than etvll to them? 
by, and kuul tn tuot'/ — Luc^kliere, Jai:k Dunce ! — <Ahat a Lrim- 
goiog tiiljc lluiig Lerc is! — By G— ^ slue shall make a; cruize wiiLli 
usj come of olii Siiuerctoes vvhai wili!" 

Ht! seized upon the terrified Jtroodu with ode hand, andiosu- 
IcHtly fiulied bacSi wJlh lh« other llie hood of the Diuntleiu whict 
she had niiifiled herself. 

"Help, I'atb^rl —help, Minmr' exclaimed Ihe afrighled 
girl, uncojistiouS) o( the momcm, that they were unolile ti> 
reuder ht-r assisiacce. 

Alaguus again uplifted llie handspikCt butBunce slopped his 
hand, — "AinsLj ratheiT' ha said, ''cr you will make a bad 
Toyagc of it presently ^ — Aodyuu, FlelcLi-r, kl go ihe girl ! " 
"And, d — ti me! why sbimtd llethergo?" suiii f lelcher. 
"Bet'flusG I tujiimand you, Dick," sfiid the other, "arid 
because I 'Il make it u quarrel else. — And now let aie know, 
beauties, is there one of jou hears that queer heaihcu oaitc of 
Minna J forwhit'h I have a certain surlofregard?" 

"GaJlantSir! " saidJIatcrUj "uaqut-siiimably It is because 
Toti [jave some poetry tu your heart." 

"1 have had enough o/il in my mouth ia my lime," answered 
Munue; "but that day is by, uld gcDilemau — liowe^er, I shall 
sf^tjn Kud out whielt oS Ifaese girls is Mlnjia. — Throw baek your 



mafflin^ from your faces ,~ and don't be afraid , my Liodamiras ; 
DO one here shall meddle with you to dp yon wrong. Oq my sou), 
iwo pretty -wenches ! — I wish I were at sea in an egg-shell , ami 
a rock under my lee-bow, if I would wish a better Icaguerlai^Fi 
than the worst of them! — Hark you, my girls; which of y*iii 
would like to swing in a rover's. hammock? —you should have 
gold for the gathering!" 

- The terriGed maidens cluiig close together, aod grew pale ot 
the bold and familiar language of the desperate libertine. 

"Pfay, don't be frightened," said be; "no one shall sflr\e 
under Hie noble Altamont but by her own free choice — there i s 
no pressing amongst gentlemen of fortune. And do not look su 
shy upon me neither, as if I spoke of what you never thought iti 
before. One of-you, at least, has heard of Captain Cleveland, 
tbe Rover." 

Brenda grew still paler, but the blood moauted at once in 
Minna's cheeks, on hearing the name of her lover thus unex- 
pectedly introduced; for the scene was in itself so confounding, 
that the idea of the vessel's being the consort of which Cleveland 
had spoken at Burgh- Westra , had occurred to no one save Ihi; 

"I see how it is," saidBance, with a familiar nod, "am! I 
will hold my course accordingly. — You need not br afraid of any 
injury, father," he added, addressing Magnus familiarly; "ami 
though I hare made many a pretty girl pay tribute in my time, j ct 
yours shall go ashore without either wrong or ransom." 

"If yon willassure-me of that," said Magnus, "yon are as 
welcome to the brig and cargo, as ever I made man welcome to 
a can of punch." 

"And it is no bad thing that same can of punch," saidBance, 
"if we had any one that could mix it well." 

"I will do it," said Claud Halcro, "with any man that ever 
squeezed lemon — Eric Scambester, the punch-maker of BnrgTi- 
Westra, being alone excepted." 

"And yon are within a grapnel's length of him, too," said 
tbe Udaller. — "Go down below, my girls," he added, "and 
send up the rare old man , aad^lhe punch-bowl." 


"The p^mich-bowl!" said Fletcher; "I saxi ^^e bncltet» 
d — n mc ! — Talk of bowk in the cabin of a pulirj mErrhantiiiBn, 
bul Tioi lo genilempn-strollers — rovers, I would saj," cor- 
iccling him&ulf , as be obseived (hat Bunce looked sour ai ibe 

"Andlgajj ih^Si; liropretlf girU sballatay ondetrk, and HI 1 
my c&n," said Bunce-, ^'I deserve some atteDdance, at Uast, 
for all nty gtDcroBilj." 

•fAnd ibey sbMl DU mine, loo," said Fletcher — "they shall 
fi!l it to (he brim I — and I will have a kiss for every drop Ihej 
spill — brchil me ifl woti't ! " 

"Mlliyj ihpnj 1 tell yon, jou shari'l!" said Bance-, "for 
I 'l\ be d — d if any one shnll kiss AlirtDO but one, and that 's 
aeilher yttunor I; aodhcr uilicr liiik' bit ufa consorl shall 'scape 
r»r cympany; — (here are plenlyyf wilting wenches In Oftncjj-— 
And so, DOW I think on it, these girls shall go duwD belu^i, and 
boH ihcaiselvfls ijiio ilie cabin; and we shall have [he punch up 
hereoiLikck, alfrpspo^ as the old )!;i;i]llcman proposes." 

"Why, Jnck, Jwlsh piiknew your own mind," saidFlcicher; 
"I havtj beeit your messmate these (wo jcars, and I love you; 
aQd yet flay me Jike a m\<X btiltock, if you have not ag many 
humours .19 sx moDbey! — And what shall we haie io make a 
little fuoof, since you have sent the girls dowO below?" 

**Whyj we will have Master Punch-maker here/' anewfred 
BancB, *'[u giViC us toasts, and sing us songs. — And, in the 
meaiKi/ue, j-on thrre, stand hj sheeis and tacks, and gnt her 
under way! — and you, sleersnuan, as you would keep yoilr 
hraifls in your skull, keep her under Ihe siern of the sloop. — 
If you atleinpt to play us ujij' trick, I will scuMie yoflr sconce as 
ifit werean old calabosh!" 

TJ^c vessel was accordingly got unJerwDT, and moved slowly 
on in (be wake of fhc sloop, wbioh, as had b-cea previously agteed 
upon, held her cojrse doL Io return (o the Bay ofJiirkwoll, btit 
for an eieellent roadslead called logancssBay, forra*d hy a pro- 
montory which Mtends to the eastward two or three miles from 
iJje Orcadian metropolis, and where ibfi Tesscls might cunve- 
nicnily lie at anchor, whils thfl rftters aifliittainc,d ouy coicraui]!- 


cation vith the MaglstTfttes whieb the new state of things seemed 
to require.' 

Meantime Claod Halero had eierted his atmost talents In 
compoandiDg a bucketful of punch for the use of the pirates, 
which they drank out of large cans; the ordinary seamen, as 
well as Bunce and Fletcher , who acted as ofScerSj dipping theni 
into the bucket with very little ceremony, as tbey came and went 
upon their duty, llagnus, who wis partionlarly apprehensive 
that liquor might awaken the brutal passions of these despera- 
does, was yet so much astonished at the quantities which he saw 
them drink, without producing any nisible effect npon their rea- 
son, that he could not help- expressing his surprise to Saxtta 
himself, who, wild as he was, yetappearedby far the most cicil 
and conversable of his party, andwbomhewas, perhaps, desi- 
rous to- coQciliate, by a compliment of which all boon top«rs 
know the value. 

<<Bones of SafntMagnns ! " said (he Udaller, " I used to think 
I took offmy can like a gentleman; bat to see your men swallow. 
Captain, one would think their stomachs were as bottomless es 
the hole of LaifelUn Foula , which I have sounded myself with a 
line of a hundred fathoms. By my soul, Ae Bicker of Saint 
Magnus were but a sip to them </' 

"In our way of life. Sir," answered Bunce, "there is no 
stint till duty calls, or the puncheon is drunk oat." 

"By my word, Sir," said Claud Halero, "I believe there is 
not one of your^teople but could drink out the mickle bicker of 
Scarpa , which was always offered to the Bishop of Orkney brim- 
ful of the best bummock that everwas brewed."* 

"If drinking could make them bishops," said Bunce, "I 
should have a reverend crew of them; but, asthey have no other 
clerical qoalitles about them, I do not propose that they shall g«t 
drunk toHlay ; so we will cat oar drink with a song."* 

"And I 'II sing it, by — !" said or swore Dick Fletcher, and 
Instantly struck up the old ditty — 

"Itwasaship, and a ship orfarhe, 

Lancfa^d off the'stocks , boaod for ihe main , ~ .• • 

VLiqaor brewed for a ChrLtmas treat. 


With a.n bnndrcd And Briy brisk young men, 
All pick'd and irhojieii C\<ii^ oiiCr" 

"t irould 'aO'QDer ha kecl-hatileil tbaii hear that song over 
again," gatdBuni^c; ^' and cODfounll juUrlaQlerD jaws, you caa 
squeeze noliiing else out *if tiicm I " 

"Bj-^^" said Fletcher, "I wiSl singmy song, whether you 
like il or dl>^" aud again he suojj, with Ihc *lihletul (ooe of b 
uarLli-casier whistling ihrougb sheet and sbrauds, — 

"Caplsin G\^a was our captain's iiAiue; 
A very gaLlaQl and brisk vBung man ; 
As bflld a sailor as c'gi nvnl lo &sa , 
And we were bound for High Uarbary." 

"Itell yfluagain," snidBuncc, "we will have none of joar 
screech-owl nnj^ic here; afld I '11 be d — d if you ahaU sit here 
and make that iDfeTiial umat ! " 

'^Wby, ihen, I '11 tell you what," said Fletcher, gelling 
up, "I "11 sing when I walkabaul, and I hope there is no harm 
iuthatj Ja<;kBuDce." And so ^ getliugnp froiQ h[s seat^ he be- 
jrau tu walk-up aud dowti Ihe sloop, croaking out his long and 
disastrous hallad. 

"You see howl tnimage Ihera," said Dunce * wilh asmile of 
self-applause — "allow that fellow Iwo strides on hisijwn way, 
aud you make a mulinoerofhini furlif^i. But 1 tie him strict np^ 
and he follows me 35 kladly as a fowkr's sjjanie! afior he has got 
a good Ifeating. — Aud ttow yaur toast nad your song^ Sir," 
addressing Ualcro ^ ''or ralher j'uur soog without your iHLiael. I 
have gjit a toast for myself, fii^re is suecess ici all roving blades, 
^nd confusion to all h'Onc-stnicn! " 

*'l should be sorry to driak that loasl, If I could help it," 
said Magnus Troll. 

"What! you reckon yourself one of ihB honest folks, I war- 
raul5" said Iluiice. — *'Tell me your trade, and I "II tell you 
whatl IbinkofJC. As for the punch-makbr hgre , Ikncwhimai 
lirst glance to !jo a tailor, who has, therefore, no jiiorp pr^ten- 
einus to be ho^^?s(, than he has not to he mangy. But you are some 
High-Uulcii skipper, 1 warrant me, that trampks on the crosa 
when be is in Japan, and denies his retjgioa for a day's gain." 


"No," replied the Udaller, "I ama^enUeoMDof Zetland." 

"Oh, what!" retorted the satirical Mr. Bunce^ "you Are 
come from the happ; climate where giD is a groat a-bott)e, and 
where there is daylight for ever?" . 

"At your service. Captain," said the Udalier, suppressing 
with much paia some di&positidQ to resent, these jests on hi? 
country, althoo^ under every risk, and at all disadvantage. 

"At my service!" said Bunce -^ "Ay, if thgre was a rope 
stretched from the wreck to the beach, yon woald be at my 
service to cat the hawser, make Jloatsome and Jtttome of ship 
and cargo, and well if you did not give me » rap on the head 
with the back of the cutty-axe; and you call yourself honeEt? 
But never mind — here goes the aforesaid toast — and do you 
sing me a song, Mr Fashioner; and lo^ it be as good as your 

Halcro, iatenully praying for the powers of a newTimotheus. 
to tarn his strain and check his auditor's pride, as glorious 
John had it, began a heart-^oolhing ditty with the following 
lines :*^ 

"Maidens rresh as fairest rose, ,' - ._. 

Listen to this lay oT mine." 

^'I will hear nothing of maidens or roses," saidBance; "ii 
pots me in mind what sort of a cargo we have got on hoard; and, 
by — , I will be true to my mesBmate and my captain as long as I 
can! — And now I think on't, I 'II have jio. more punch either^ 
that last cup made innovation, and I am not to play Cassio to- 
night — and if I drink not, nobody else shall." 

So saying, he manfully kicked overthcbucket, which, not- 
withstanding the repeated appli(;aliqns madeto it, wasstill half 
full, got up from bis seat, shook himself a little to >righ(s, as he 
expressed it, cocked his hat, and, walking the quarter deck witli 
an air of dignity, gave, by word and signal, the orders for 
bringing the ships to anchor, wl\ichwere readily obeyed by b6lh, 
Goffe being then, in. all probability, past any rational state o I 

The Udaller , in the meantime , condoled with Halcro on their 
silaation. "It is bad enough," said the tough old Norseman -, 




"for tliBse are rank rogurs — and yet,, nfrt ilnoi Tor the girls, 
I filifluld Dot fear iliein. That joung vapouring fellow > fiho 
seemft to commaiQil, is not such ■ bom devil as be niighi have 

*'He has queer humours, though," said Halcro; "and I wish 
we -were loose Frora him. To kick dowo a baeUet hair full ofthe 
best puncb ofr was mode^ and [ucut me^buit jd iLi^ swc^clesL 
6DDg I evFTVi'role, — 1 promise j'ou, Idonittkaaw whathemaf 
do ii«it — il Is nctl tloQT to madDCf^," 

Meainvhilc, iKb ship^ being brought lo aiifhnr, tho' valiant 
LieutCDant Buncc coiLledupoD Fletcher, and, resmniDg his seat 
bj his unuiilin^ passengers, hi? tuld Iheni they shnnld see wbat 
me^^age he v>as about to send to the witttiEs cir&irkwall, as they 
were sDineibiD j conceroed in tt. "^Jt shall mo in Dick's name/' 
li(; said, *'as well as in iDiDe. I lo>e to give (he poor y&ung 
felkw a lUlIc coonteiiBDCe now aad then — daa'llj Dick, f<iu 
d— d alupidaiss?" 

"Wby.y^s, JafkBuiite," said Hick, "F can't say bat as you 
do — only jou are alwuys huElocking ona about soraelbiilg or 
other, loo^but, howsomd'i'ver, d*yc see — *' 

"Enough said — belay your j>iw, Dirk," said Bance, and 
proceeded lo wrfie bis epislle, which, beiog read akud, proved 
to be of the fulJowrng Icoor: "for (he Mayor and Aldermen of 
Kirkvall — GcJiilemao, As, contrary tu your gimd faith gi¥€n, 
you have uoi sent us on board a hostage for (he safety of our 
Captain remaloing on short! at yDUrri;[]U<;st, these come to tell 
you, we are doI ibus lo be trfflcd wrib. We have already iD our 
possession, a brig, witha family of dislincljon, jtsownersaod 
passen^gers; and as you deal with our Captaio, sowillwcdcaj 
wiih them in every respect. And as ibis is (he first, ao assure 
yourselves it shall not b« the last damage wliitbwe will do lo joar 
to'tMi and trade, if you do not send an. board our Captain and 
aapply as iviih stores according to treaty. 

"Given OQ board (he brig Mergoosc of Durgh-'Westra, lyinj 
in Inganess Bay, Witness our imnds, coramaDdeFSofthe For- 
tune's Favonriie, and gentlemen advtniurers." 

He then subscribed bimselfFrederickAllainoni, and handed 




th« kUei toYlelcheT, viho read the said Bubscription with much 
difiicuUy', viid, Oidiiniriiig ihe aound of jivery rnucli, snore he 
WQuld have a ucw name himself, and the rather that FU'ichfr 
was ihe most crabbed word to spcll DDd toiiBter, he believed, 
ID the whole diclioDary. He subscriifaQd hipiseir accr^rding^l^j 
TiiDOlht Tugmuuon. 

" Will youjiot add a few lines to the coicombs?" saidBunce, 
addressing Magnus. 

"'XoH/' returned: ihe udalleFt stobborn in his. ideas of righi 
and wrong, even in so furmidabte aa emergency. "The Magis- 
tra[e& of Kirkwall know ihcirdmj, and w ere I ihcy — " But 
here the rcco.Uection that bis daughters were at the mercy 
«f these ruffians, blanked the bold visage of Magnus Troil, 
and checked the deljauce wiLicb wag just about to is&ue from his 

"D — n me," said Bunce, who easily conjectured what was 
passing tn (lie minrt of hig prisoner — "thai pause woald have 
lold well on the stage— -it would have brought down pit, boi, and 
fallfiry, egad, as Baycs has it." 

"I will heap nothing ufBajcs/' said Claud Halcro, (himself 
a little clcTaied,) "it is an iinpudeot satire on glorious Joha; 
but he liekled Buckingham off for it — 

^In Ihc QtsI rank ot Ihese did Zimri stand ; 
A nail Jo V4iri{»ua — ' " 

"Hoid j-fvur peace!" said Bunce, drowning the voice of ihe 
admirer of Drydeo in louder and more vehement asseveration, 
*Mbe RehearBQl is the bcsl farce ever was written — and 1 11 make 
him kiss the gunner's daughter thai denies it. D — nme, I was 
the best Prince PrettymaD ever walkcii the boards — 

' Somcllmej a Gsiber'a son , sometimes a prince.' 

BuL let as to business. — Flark ye, old gcnEkmati," (to Magnus,) 
*'you have a sort of sulkiness about you ^ furwhieh some of my 
profession would cut your ears out of yonr head, and broil them 
for j^our dinner with red pepper, I have known GofTc do so to 
fl poor devil; for looking sour and dangerous when he saw his 
&Iaop go (0 Bavy Jones's locker with his only son on board. Bttt 


I'm a spirit of aiifttber sort; apci jr you or the ladles are ill used, 
it. shall be ihc Kirkwall iic-otitc's fault, and not mine, .atid that's 
fair; Dad so you hiiil belter let ihuni knnw your conditioin, and 
your circumsliioces , audsoforili, — and Lhiit's fair , loo." 

Ma^iiius, itius cihoricd, fwk up ih@ pea, and attempted lo 
vrrile; but hCs bigh spirit »o sirugj^ltd vith tiis palernalan&icty, 
titat his hand refused its yfljcc "I ctmnot help it," he said, 
afifE one or two illi:yib|o ai((!in[iis to wriLe — "1 cannot fonn « 
lelter,, if ailourlircs depcadc J upon it." 

Ail [f he ct>ii)d nut, wiih his utmost cITorcs. bo Bappress ibfl 
cucL\uli>Uc amotions nhich he ciperieuccd, but that lliey agitated 
hi^ whole IVJimi:. Tiie vttlloU' \vhii:h biinda toihe tonipcst, often 
Fscapiis hHter Ih^n lim oak whiiih resists it; KodM, in great cu- 
lamilieB, il sometimes happens » that li>»ht and frivokms spirits 
recover their eluallcily oiid j«r^;seflce of miud SooiiPf than lliose of 
a loftier character. In the presetit case Claud llalcro was for- 
tuuaiidy^ ahli; to perform the task which the ticf per feelings of hi» 
fritod oDd patrf^n rprusit'd- He look thC! pen, and, in as faw 
words as possilflo, eipkined the silnatmn Id which ihej were 
placed, aud the cruel risis to whidi liiey wer« exposed.^ in- 
sEaUtiLiu^ at (lie same liiue^ aa deticately as tiL- cuuid tipreas, it, 
Ihfltj to tbe magistrates of Ihe couolry^ the life and honour of its 
citizens should hu a dearer object than even Ihe apprelienslonor 
punishment of the ^uilly; taking care, however, to quolify the 
last expression as much as iiossiblcj for Icar of giving umbrage 
to the pjiraies. 

BuuC'C read oirer ihe kit^i', wlii-ch r&rtUDal«ly rncl bis appro^ 
batioDi aait, on seeing !hu name ofCiaudHalcin attlie botlom, 
hi: ciclaimcd, in i^rfai surprise, and with more eaer^ette eiprcs- 
sions of flBstTtiralion than wc i-Iiofjse l*i record — "Why, jou are 
the: liUle fellow thai playpd Ihe fiddle lo old Manager Gadabout's 
company^ at Hogs Norton, thu litiit sed&on I <?onie out there! I 
tiiouijht I knew your catchword of glorious John." 

At another time (his recognition might not have been vcrj 
graleful to Halcro's minstrel pride; but as matters stood with 
hia], the discovery of a golden mine could not have made him 
more happy, ifo [usfautly r^cmepib^red the very hopefia] young 


ppTforineT who came oui ioDouSebaslUn, ond judlcivusly added, 
*hat the muse of glorious John had ncier rp€eive4l such eicellenl 
support during the time ihat he was first (he migbl have added, 
and only) violin lo Mr. Gadabout's oimpany- 

'MVIIiy> yes," said Bunce, "Ibclleveyou arerighl^I Ibinh 
I rJiiglii Imve shnken ihes<;ene aswellasBofUliorBeiicTtonpfthcr. 
IJul I was ilestined to figure on other hoards ," (siriUing It is fool 
upon tlic deck,) ''and I believe I must slick by Ihcm, lilLlfind 
nu boBnl at allto su|[)port me. But now , old acquaintance, Iwilt 
do sHraetbing fur you — slue ywursclf (his way a bit — I would 
liflvc j'OQ solus." They leaneit over Ihe lalTriiil, while Jlujire 
vfthii^pered witb mure seriousiicBS ihan he usually shOHCd, ^'I am 
sijrry for this honest old heart of Norway pine — blight me if I 
am not^aodfor i!ie daughtprs, too — brides, I have nij own 
rtsBflns Tor hel'rlcndijij^ one oflhcm. I cau br a. wild I'ellow with 
a villiDg lasa of the gaine; but to such deceLiiand innuc^ CFoa- 
lures^d — n me, I am Scipio ai ISumaniin, anfl Aleiander in 
the lent of Darius. You remember how I loucb off AlewmicrJ" 
(here he started into heroics,:) * 

"■Tbufl from Ihp grave 1 rise lo save rny Iavb^ 
Ali {|thw ^aUT svorils, wiih wtng.'q oflipiblnlng move. 
When L rush on, sure tirmc wiJI dare; iti sM) — 
"V is bcaulv cnlU, and gli>ry stioviia ihc waj." 

Claud Halcro failed nut to bestow the ntcessarj' commenda- 
tions OR his d'Sclamation,. declaring that, in his opinion as en 
honest mau, be had always thought Mr. Altpmuot's giving ihal 
speech far superior in tone auii ieDcriJ^y to fiellcrlofi' 

fiunce, or ALLamont, wrung his hand l>eudcrliy. "Ab, you 
(lailer me, tnj [[ear friend," he 3aid ; ''^yct, why had uot the 
public some of your judgment ! ^— I sijuuliiJ not then bare been at 
this pass. Heaven knovs, my dear Mr. Halcro — H^eav^n knows 
with what jileasurc I cuuld keep you on board with me, just that 
I might ba\ e one friend uho loves as much to hear , as I do to re- 
cite, the cboicest pieces o( our Jiue&l dramatic authors. The tnoS't 
of us arehea&lB^and, for the Kirkwall hostage yoader, be uses 
me, egad, as I use Fleicher, I think, and huffs mft the more, 
the more I do fur him. But how delightful would il he io a tropic 


night, wtien the sbip was hUDgtDg' qh the breeie] with a broad 
and steady sail,, Tur me to rehearse Akiuadcr, with ^au for injjr 
pit, boi, ond gallery! Naj, (.furjou are a fiillowerofllie niuses^ 
as I rtmembtr,) who kaows but yi>u and I might be the means of 
inspiring, like Orpheus and Earydite, a pure laaie into our 
cuEupanions, and suflening Ibtir manaecB, while wc eicilcd 
thtir beUttE (ccliiigs?" 

This Yiai spoken witli ao mudi unction, thai Claud Halcru 
bcgau to be afraid he had both n)a(lc: the actual \iUDcb over 
putCQl] and miieil too many ben inching ingredients til Ihc cup of 
flattery wliich he had admiciisleTed; aad liial^ under Ibe influ- 
ence of both potions, the scnlimenlal pirate tni^ht delaiii hiut 
by farc€ 1 incKtif to realize Che scenes which hi$ im agination pre- 
sented. TbecoDJuDcture waSj, however, too delicalGtoa'dniit of 
any aciirc clTorl OD Halcro's partu, to redeem tils blunder, and 
iberef"^ he (faly rtturned tho tender pftssure of his friend's 
hand, and mieicd the inltfjcctiou '''^alas!" iu ae pathetic a lone 
as h« could. 

Bunce i mmedlalcly resitm ed : " ¥oa are right, my friend, these 
are but yain yisions of felicily, and it rcniBiDS but for the unhappy 
AlinmoDt lo serve »be friend to whom lie is now to bid farewelL 
1 have determined to put you and the two girls ashore, with 
Fletcher for your proltcfiairf and bo call op the young wocaeo, 
and let Ificm be ^une btrure lh{- devil ^el fihoard of me^ or uf 
some one else. You will carry my Icltor to ihc magistrates , and 
gecoad it VrJih your own eloquence, and .i^surt! tlieni, itdat ifihey 
hurt but one hftir olClevcIaud's head; there will be the devil lo 
pjiy, and no pilch hot." 

Believed at heart by (his uneipccled lerminaliou orBuoce's 
harangue, Halcro desfcnded the companion liidiicr two steps at a 
lime, and knocking at the cabindoorj could scarce find intelli- 
gible langaage enougli to say his errand. The sisters hearing 
with tjripvpeelcd joy, that Ilicy were lo be set asliurc, muffled 
ihcnisches in ibeir tfoaks, and, when ihcy Icunicd thai the boat 
was hoisted out, came hastily oji deck, where itey were npprizeil, 
for the first lime J (o their great horrar, that their father was stllJ 
to remain onboard of the pirate. 


"We will remain with him at every risk," said MioDa — <'we 
may be of some assistance to liimj were it but for ao instant — 
we will live and die with hijn ! " . ' 

"We shall aid him more sorely," said Brenda, who com- 
prehended the natnre of their situation better than Minna, '"^by 
interesting the people of Kirkwall to grant these gentlemen's 

"Spoken like an angel of sense and beauty/' said Bunce^ 
*' and now away with you ; for, d — n me , If this is not like having 
a lighted linatock in the powder-room — if you speak another 
word more, confooud meifi know how I shall bring myself iQ 
part with you!" 

"Go, in God's name, my daughters," said Magnus. "I am 
in God's hand; aodwhen you are gone I shall care little for my- 
self — and I shall think and say, as long as I live, thatthisgood 
gentleman deserves a, better trade,. — Go — go — away wJib 
yon ! " — for they yet lingered in unwillingn,^s to leave him. 

"Stay not to kiss," saidBunce, "for fear I be tempted to ask 
my share. Into the boat with you — yet stop an instant." He: 
drew the three captives apart — "Fletcher," said he, **wi]l 
answer for the rest of the felloVs, and will see you safe off the 
sea-beach. But how to answer for Fletcher, I know not, eicejii 
by trusting Mr. Halcro with this little guarantee." 

He offered the minstrel a small double-barrelled pistol^ 
which, he said, was loaded with a brace of balls. Minna obseri'ed 
Halcro's hand tremble as he stretched it out to take theweapou. 
"Give it to me. Sir," she said ,^ taking it from the outlaw; "and 
trust to me for defending my sister and myself." 

"Bravo, bravo!" shouted BuDce. "There spoke a wench 
worthy of Cleveland, the King of Rovers !\' 

"Cleveland! ".repeatedMinoa, "do you then know that Clevc' 
land, whom you have twice named?" 

"Know him! Is there a man alive," said Bunee, "that knows 
better than I do the best and stoutest fellow ever stepped betwiit 
stem and stern? When he is out of the bilboes, as please Heaven 
he shall soon be, I reckon to see you come on board of us, and 
reign the queen of every sea we sail over. — You have got the 



Hlile guardian, I suppose jou ItDflw tiflw ta use it. If Fletcher 
beboves ilUujoiiit you need i>iily draw op Ibis piece of iron wiUi 
^louc IbiiHlb, &<i— and if iie pcTSrsls, il is ijul crookiug your 
preitj forLlirigerlbus, wnd I shall lost ibe most duUfu] rnessmalc 
that ever man had— ibougb, d — nthe dof, be will deaene bis 
di!iith if he liisobejs my ordcTS. Andoow, ihto iho boat — but 
Btaj, one kiss lor CiGiclniid's SJilie." 

Bretida> JDdiiatUyleirur, cudured bis courtesy, butMlnna, 
sleppingbQCkwilli disdain, offered tier hand. Bunce laughed, 
bulliisscdj with a theatrical air, the lair baud wliich she eiltndcJ 
as a ransom for her lips, and at length ihe sisters and Hokro 
were [)la<:ed la the buai, wliich roweil (iff uoder Fleiclier's com- 

Dance stund on (he (|iiaricr-deck, soliloquiilng ofler the 
maatier of hts origiiial prnfessioo. "Were ibis told ai Puri- 
Royajnow, or at the isle i>f Providence > or in Ihi; Petils Guavcs, 
I wonder wliauli^ywtnijd sayof rae! Wbi', that I was a good- 
nalured milksop— ^ Jack-a-knl — an ass. — Well, Id ibcm. 
I have doDC enough of bad to think abaui ii; i! is worth while 
doing one good acUuUy if it were but for the rarity of the thing, 
and to put one in goodhumour wilii ooeseU'." Then turniogto 
Magnas Troitj be proceoded — "Bj — these arc bonarobas. 
lliese dguf^btersofpiirs. The eMesi would make herfortuueou 
Ihe London boards. What a dashing attitude the wench had with 
har, as she seized ihe pistol ! — d^n me, ihat [ouch would have 
broBght the house down ! What a Hoialaua the jade would haye 
made I " (for, in his oratory, Bunce, Itke Sancho's gossi p, Thomas 
Cecial, wag apt to use Iba most energetic word which came to 
band, without accurately considering its propriety.) "J would 
give my share of the neil prize lo bear her spout — 

*An-Ay, begone, and Kive a vLiilmn'J rOtilBT 
Or I will blow yoli up liU* dusi- — AvuunlJ 
Madness bul meanly rnprcseuLs my ragC 

And then, again, that Utile, syftj shy, tiiarful trembler, forStaiira, 

to hear her reciltr — 

''HespF^aE;^ the kindest words, and loolLssuch Ibings, 
Vows with juch passion , swears wflti st> much |,'rac* , 
Thm "i is a kind of UcavCfl H> be delu Jed by iif fU- ' 


WhatapUjveiEffghlhave raoup! — Iwas aiieastnottoihimk 
of it before I seat them ofif — I lo be Alexaoder — Claud Halcro, 
Lysimachus — this old geDtlemaD laigbt have made a Clytus , far 
a piDch. I vas an idiot not to thinW of it ! " 

There was much in this effosioo vhich might Jisve displeased: 
theUdolter; but, to speak truth, he paidno attention to it. Hi^ 
eye, and, finally, his spy-glass, was employed in watching itie 
returirofjiis daughters lo the shore. He saw them land oo ihc 
beach, and, accompanied by Halero, and another man, (Fletcher, 
doubtless,) he saw them ascend the acclivity, and proceed upi>D 
the road to Kirkwall, and he could even distinguish that Miuna^ 
as if considering herself as the guardian of the party, walked a 
little aloof from the rest, on the watch, as it seemed, agaiji^si 
surprise, and ready to act as occasion should require. Atlen^lh, 
^s theUdaller was just about to lose &ight of them, he had the 
eujuisite satisfaction to see the party halt, and the pirate haic 
th9m> after a epace just long enough for a civil farewell, and 
proceed slowly ba,ck, on his return lo the beach. Blessing the 
Great Being who had thus relieved him from the most agonizing 
fears which a father can feel, the worthy IJdaller, from tiiat 
instant, stood resigned to his own fate , whatever that might be. 


Over tbe mountains snd-under Ibe waves, 
Uver Ihe TouDlains aitd under the graves j 
Over floods thai are deepest, 

Which Neptune obey, 
Over rocks tttqt are steepest,' 
Love will Sad out the way. Old Svng. 

The parting of Fletcher from Claud Malcro and the sisters o( 
Burgh- Westra , on tbe spot where it took place, was partly occa- 
sioned by a small party of armed men being seen at a distance in 
~ the act of advancing from Kirkwall, an apparition hidden from 
the Udaller's spy-glass by the swell of the ground, but ijuiLe 
visible to the pirate, whom it dcterniined to consult his ovn 
safely by a speedy return to his boat. He was just turning avt ay, 
when Minna occasioned the short delay which her father biid 

Tht Pirate. 28 


'"Slop," she salt]; **I commanil jou ! — TuU your lEnder 

from me» Ihal vrU(il.e\cr tbc aogwer iiiay be fruiu KirkwuU, Ue 

sbiill carry his vessel, iiiivcrlhukss, rouotl m siroaiiniys; and, 

b«ipg auchorcd Lbcc-e, let him stuU a buui xslinre f^ir Ctt[iilaia 

CleTClaad -when he sliallseeasiiiuke on the Tiriilgc of Broisgar." 

Flctclier bod tboughi, like his niessmate Itunce, iii' a^ktn^ a 

ki&Sr 3l Icasij fur the Lniulih; uCei^cii'rLiing lliesi! heauiiruL yijuii^ 

'Wiimen; aiid, perhaps^ ni^ither (be terror of the >it|)[>roachi»g 

£irkv>u1l mcD, nor oI'Miouaii wenpuD, might bavi> prciuDied his 

being i[i:ii)leiii. Bui ilie name (>r his CapUiDt and, silLl mure, 

thi: imapjiallcd, digaiiied, nijd 'fuuiDiaiidiDg manner a f Mi ana 

Tcnil , wcrawcd liirru JIb made a s(?a bow , ^- promised Lu keep 

asharploiik-'out, aad, returoiDgto hlsbuat, went on board vtUl 


As Hskro fmd (he sisters ndvaoced Lavvards iht periy ntium 
ihey Saw on the iiirkwall road^ anil viho, (,in ihcir part, tiad 
halted as If (oohsene Iheitii, Brcuda, relietcd fruuillje fears uf 
I'leCcher'a pr^scQce, which had hUberlirj kept h'er sikjit, cl- 
dairjiiid, *'ft)ercifiil Heavea! — Minott, in what JhqiIs have w6 
left our dear father?'" 

"Id the liaadsof brMeiin:nj"5aidMlQDn, steadily — "1 feac 
oot for him." 

■"As bravf as jou pleast^" s^ijd Claud Mfllcru, ''bui very 
dangemus rojiiies for al! rhat.— I liiiow [hai fellow Aliamuut, m 
he balls biiusclf, Ihuufjh that is not his right nuuii! u^ilhcr, as 
deboshed a dog aa ever maiic a bam riiig w'lh hlotjd aud Llacik 
\cr5C'. lie bl^j^au wiiti IfarnHcl], and eiefy budy lh<jught be 
"A'fiuJd end viidi ihe goHuws , l^ke tJie Ififit sccue la Venice Pre- 

"II rafldcrs not," saidMirtJift — "the wilder the wav«s, ibe 
mftfe powcrrul is rlie voice thai ruks th^im. The name alcioe of 
Clcvelaud ruled the mood uf the JjiTcesiamiuoesHlicui." 

"I am sorry forClpveliirnl," said Brcnda, '*if such are bis 
compaaiuns, — h\x\. I earc lillle for him in comparison lo my 

"Reserve your conipassioa for Ihose who need it," said 
Aliona, '* end fear aoiiilog for our father. — Gcd knows, e^ery 


fiitver hair on his head is to me wot-th the treasure of an nnsnnned 
mine; buti know that he is safe while in yonder vessel, and I 
know that he will be sood safe on shore." 

"I would I could see it," said Claud Halcro; "bat I fear the 
Kirkwall people , supposing Cleveland to be such as I dread , will 
not dare to excfaangt! hfm against the Udaller. The Scots have 
very severe'laws sgainst theft-boot, as (bey call it." 

*'Bdt who are those on the road before us?" said Brenda:; 
" and why do they halt there so jealously? " 

"They are a patrol 6f the militia," answered Halcro. "Glo- 
rious John touches them off a little sharply, — buttben John was 
a Jacobite, — 

'Moulbs without bands, maintain'd al vast expense, 
In peace a charge, in war a weak defence; 
. ' Sloqt ^flce a-mosth , ibey march , a blustering band , 
And ever, but in time 6f oeed , at band.' 

I fancy they halt^ just now, taking us, as ih^y saw us on (he 
brow of the bill, for a party of the sloop's men, and now they 
can distiDgnisb that yon wear petticoats, they are moving on 

They came on accordingly, and proved to he^ as Ctaud Halcro 
had suggested, a patrol sent' out to watch ibe motious of the 
pirates , and to prevent their attempting descents to damag« the 
country. ■ 

They heartily congratulated Claud Halcro, who was well 
known to more than one of them, upon his escape from captivity ; 
and the commander of the party, while offering every assistance 
to the ladies, could not help coodoling with them on the circum- 
stances in which their father stood , hinting, though in a delicate 
and doubtful manner, the diffieulties which might be in the way 
of bis liberation. 

When they arrived at Kirkwall, and obtained an audience of 
the Provost, and one or two of the Magistrates, these difSculties 
were more plainly insisted upon. — "The Halcyon frigate is upon 
the coast," said the Provost; "she was seen off Duncansbay- 
head; and, though I have the deepest respect for Mr. Troil of 
Burgh- Westra, yet 1 shall be ooswerableto law if I release from 


pTLSOij (he Cnplaio of Lhis suspiclotiS vussel, on aizciiunt n|' Ihf 
Siifely ai any iQcitvlduul uhu may be unhappily ea^aogered bv 
hilj (leteuiiuci. Tbi^ lU&ti is qow kuuwD lo he the hfarl and aoql 
of ihese buccanlers, unil ani I nt liberty lu send hiiu abuaid^ that 
he Diay pluniltr ihu country, f>e perhnps go tight the iLiDg'sship^ 
^-lar he has impudetice etitmgh lof aiij thing," 

"Courage enoagh toe anything, you mean, Mr. PrOTOSlt" s«id 
Miinia, UQuble ti> restrain her disjileasure. 

*'Wfjy, jou may call tt as ytiii please, MissTruil," saifl llic 
worthy llagistrale; *'bat, in my opinion, that sort of caur&ge 
which proposes tu light sing^ly agDioaliwo, is little better Ihan a 
kind of practical [iiipudeBce." 

"Buiour faiher?" said Breoda, in a tone of the most earnest 
«atrealy — ■"our fiitlicr — (he ftiefld, I may say the fiiihepj of his 
country — lu whom so many look for kiitftuess, and sii itianv for 
actual supjx^rl — whoEe loss 'would be iht extiQclion ol b ]>eacc!iQ 
ID a siorm — will you indeed weij^h (he risk wiiicli hi? runs, 
a^aia^t such a trlQing thing aa letting an uDl'ortUfiatc man from 
prisot), lo geek his unhappy fate elsewhere?" 

"3Iiss Brenda is right," s^aid Claud llalcm; "I am for let-a- 
bt' fur lel-a-be^ as the boys say; and never fasti about a warraot 
of liberation, Provos^t, but just lake a fool's counsel, and leL the 
gaatlTDRD of (he jail forget to draw his bolt on the wicket, or 
l«ave a chink of a nitjdun' up&cr, or the like, and wfi shall be rid 
of (he rovicr, and have the one best hauesl fellow in Orkney 
or ZetUnd oii the lee-sidc f)f a bowl of punch with us in five 

The Provost replied in aearly the same terms as before, thai 
ha bad the highest respect for Mr. Magtius Trot) of Durgh- 
Wesira, but thait be could nut suffer his consideration Tor any 
individual however respectable, lo jnlerfert! with Ihi! discharge 
fifhis duly. 

Minna then nddr>e99cd her sisEer in a tfttut o^i calm and sar- 
castic displeasure. — *' You forget," she said, "Brecda, that jou 
arc talking of (he sBfcty of a poorinsignilkaut UJalLi^rof ZetHaod. 
It) nn less a person than the Chief MagiS'trate of the nielropolis of 
Orkney — can you fiiptcl no great a person lo coudtscend to such 


a trifling subject of consideratioD? It will hi time enoagfa fi^T 
the Provott to think of complying with the terms sent {a 
him — for comply with Ihem at length be both must and will 
— when the Church of Saint. Magnus is beat down about his 

"Yoapiay be angry with me, my pretty young lady," said the 
good-humoured Prorost Torfe, "but I cannot be offended willi 
you. The Church of SalntMagnufl has stood many a day, and, 
I think, will outlive both you and me, much more yonder pack 
of linhanged dogs. And besides that your father is half an 
Orfcheymao, and has both estate and friends amongns, I would, 
I give you my word, do as much for aZetlander in distress as I 
would for any one, eieeptfng one of oar own native Kirkwaller^^ 
who are doubtless to be preferred. And if you Irill take up your 
lodgings here with my wife and myself, we will endeavour to 
showyottj" continued he, ^Hbat yon are as welcome in Kirkwall, 
as ever you could be in Lvrwiek or Scalloway." 

Minna deigned no reply to this good-humoured invitation, 
but Brenda declined it in civil terms, pleading the necessity of 
taking Dp their abode with a wealthy widow of Kirkwall, a reU' 
tibn, who already expected them. 

Halcro made another attempt to move the Provost, butfouDil 
bim Ineiorable. — *'Tbe Collector of the Customs had already 
threatened," be said, "to inform against biib for entering into 
treaty, or, as he called it, packing and peeling with those stran- 
gers, even when it seemed the only means of preventing a bloody 
affray. in the town; and, should be now forego the advantage 
afforded by the imprisonment of Cleveland and the escape of ihi: 
Factor, he might incur something worse than' censure." Tht; 
burden of the whole was, '.' that he was sorry for the Cdaller , iic 
I was sorry even for the lad Cleveland, who had some sparks of 
honour about him*, but his duty was imperious, and must be 
obeyed." The Provost then precluded farriier argnnjent, by ob- 
serving, that another affair from Zetland called for his immediaii: 
attention. A gentleman named Mertoun, residing at Jarlsbaf, 
had made complaint against Snailsfoot the Jagger, for having 
assisted a domestic of bis in embezzling some valuable articles 


which had been deposited iii hi& costodj-, and he Va^ ahoultn 
taki^ exnininuUim on ilic &ub)(?ci, and cause Iheni to b« ru^iorcd 
to Mr. MerUiun^ wba -was (Lccouuiahle lor Ib&m to tliu ri^bt 

In all this iufonuJilii^n, tlicre was Dothiit^ wbicti scpmod id- 
tcreslinj! Lg ihe sisters (Jicfpliiipihe word, IUtIiihiii, wIiithwTui 
Jihe a dagi^er ly Uie hean ol Mimii*, wlitn s-ln- n-cwUccied ilie 
circumM unci's imJt-r ^titili Miinlauut MerLiiiiti had ilisniipeariyd, 
and which, »iUi an L'niolioDless [lainful, Ihyilgh slill ui.t"a me)an- 
chul) iiaiun-,cBlk^d o L^int blu&b JiilollcGnila's^ctioek^iiari a slight 
de[free of muislure iiilu hf;r eyp. !iul U was soon e^idtul Ihat 
i1k! lUagisiraie spoke mHcfMordauTil, buiof hts lather; ;iTid ihe 
daugbCer&otAliigrjus, liule inicresied in bistleUiil, luuklcavc of 
U)cPri}v<>5ll<igo (oiliL'irowu lodjiin^s. 

Wbcu ilicy urriveil ai ihojr r^laiiuu's , Aliniia made it ber bu- 
siness la IcarA, b^ such iuqiiiries^ hs ahc ivtiild make vilbi^al cv- 
ciUiig suspicion, what was the sjiuiilinn of llie urTiforiunQle Cleve- 
land^ which sh\i £uun dii^ruvcrod lu hi; cicct!dJii;,Oy prciiuriims^ 
The Fj-u^osC had uul, indeed, coiiiiiiitu-d him to c\ose Clisloily, nS 
CJaud HiiJcru had auLlcipuLed, recollecting, prrhiips. tbit; favour- 
Jihlc circumstances under ^hicb he liad surrendered hioaself, and 
Jualh, till the mouicol of thi' l.t&t []eccs5J1;f ■, aliugelher lo hrcak 
faith '^Jth him. But iilihuu^h left HjipareniSv at large^ he yeasi 
slricllj wJilched by |icrsiins well ariced and appoJuled for lb e 
fiurjjose, who baii directions to detain hjin by lurce, il ho at- 
t{.'ii]plcd to jta^s ccrtdiu aurruw prGi:inci£ which were allotted lo 
Liiii. He ^'Ds riuBrLcreJ jm q strong rirum "aithin what is c&llcd 
ilie Ktiig's CustlUj and si tiighl hi» chamber door was locked on 
the oulsidc, and a sitl'hcieiiL guard iduuiittd to present his£Scapo. 
lie iber^fore eoJGyed oxjiy the de^Tce c>nibcrly ■whirli lliw cat, iu 
hur cruel sport, is aomelfmes pleased lo ptriult ti> ibe mouse 
"hhich she has icluiched^ and yet, &uchw;is the terror of ihe re- 
sDurces^^ Uie 4:imrag:'B, and ferocity of the pirate Ciipiaiii, that the 
I'roTo&t Was htamcd by iho Colle{:tur, and. mauji oiIllt sage 
citizens of li.irk'wall , Tur permitting hini ii> be ut large upoQ any 


It iiuy he well helievBdj Ihat, under such circuinstanccSj 


Cleveland bad no desire to seek any ^lace of public resntt, 
' conscious that he vas the object o( a mixed reeling of rnrioailjr 
and terror.' Hi^ favoitfite place of nercise, therefore, ^asibe 
eiternal aisles of the Cathedral of Saint Ma^nns, of which lbs 
eastern end alone is fitted up for public 'worship. 'This ^otcimn 
old edifice » himng' escaped the rarage which attended ihc hrst 
coDvulsions of the Reformation j still retains some appearance oF 
episcopal dignity. This plaee of worship is separated by n ^( rci^a 
from the nave aod western limb of the eross, and the nhfilc is 
preSened in a state of cleanliness Add deeency, ifhichini^l!.i be 
-well proposed as an example to the proud piles of Weaimmsier 
andSt. Paul'Sr - 

It was in this eiterior part of the Cathedral that CtevclAnd 
iras permitted to valk, Uie rather that bis guards, by waictiing 
the single open entrance, had the means,- with very tlule incon- 
venience to themsehee, of preventing any possible ati^^mpi at 
escape. The pl^ee itself -was well suited to bis melauclM)!^ cir- 
cnmstanees. The lofty and vaulted roof rises npoa ranges of 
8axon pillars, of massive size, four of which, still larger Ih an 
the rest J once supported the lofty spire, which, lon;,^ since 
destroyed by aecident, has been rebuilt upon a disprnportiaued 
and truDcated plan. The light is admitted at the' easicni end 
through a lofty, well-proportioned, abd rlchly^jroameniedGiPihic 
window, and the pavement is covered with inscriptions, indif- 
ferent languages, distinguishing the graves of noble Orcailtans, 
who have at different times been deposited within \\i>i gscr«d 

Here walked Cleveland , musing over the events of a misspent 
life, which, it seehied probable, might bebrongbtto a^iulent 
aod shameKit close, white be was ^et in the prime of youth. — 
"With these dead," besaid, looking dn the pavement, "slialll 
soon be nunlbered — but no holy man witt speak a bl(:s$i]i^ ; no 
friendly hand register an inscription; no proad desciMidant 
. sculpture armoriai bearings over the grave of the piratii? Cleie- 
land. My whitening bones will awing in the gtbbet-^iroi]S, im 
some wild beach or lonely cape , that will be esteemed fatal and 
accursed for my sake. The old mariner', as be passes the S'' 


will shake his head, and tell ol mv tiame Jitid uction^, as n ivnrniing 
to his youiigercoinrndes. — But, Mirjnd! ^linaa! — what will be 
»hy tb«ii.uj;hts wljcti ihe news reacbcs Ihee'i — Would loGiirl Die 
(idijjjjs were ilniwned in ihv dctpesl whirlpoul betwistKirkwnll 
aodDurgh-Wii^sirfl^ ere ihey came tohcr eart — anduh! would 
to Ueavi^Q that we had never mei, since frc nevfr can ma-n 
agaial " 

He lifted up his eyes as hit spoks, and Minna Troilstood be- 
fure bim. H'Cr fa4:e whs pale , mid ber iuir di^bevelkd; but her 
lunk was cuinposed ajid firm, with ils usual eipressLcinorbr^It- 
iniridcil raelancbaly. She was sttti shrouded in the lark's mnnt)e 
Vr'tticli shfl hitd ast<urriL>d oik loiLving the vessi^l. Cleveland'^ lirst 
emotion WD3 Qsiobi^biucnl; his ncit >ivas joy, not iinmiied niih 
awe. He would ha>e ciclalioeJ — be would ha\e ilirowu bimsclf 
at be? feet — bttt she imposed at rmce silence i"id composure on 
him, by raising her Jiii<ger, and staying, in a low iiul tominanding 
accent J — "IjIhj cauliuus — we are wbserYCcli — ihere are men 
without = ihoj' Itt me enter with difliLuIty. 1 dare not remaio 
long — they would (hink — ibey might helieT* — Oh , Cleteland ! 
I havubaiardeii every tliin^^ to save yoH!" 

**To save me? — Alas! poor Minna!" answered Cleveland, 
"iih siive me is iuipossihle. -^ Enough that I boiYe aeeo you once 
more* were it but to say , for evfir farewell !" • 

■'We must J indeed, say farcweH /' saidMrnna; **fi>rraie( 
and your guilt, have divided us ioe ever. ■ — ClevelaDd, 1 baic 
Eoen yi>ur assuciaies — need I tell yoii more — need I say, thai I 
know now wha( a pirate isT' 

"VfmhuvebeeQ in the rufCaEs' power?" said ClevetaQdjTvilh 
a starlof agoDy ^ — "Did ihey presume — " 

"^Ckveland," replied Miona, '^ they presumed nothfog — your 
name was a spell over Lhejo. By the pover ol" that spell over 
Lticse rerui-iuus handilli, and bj' that alone, 1 wos reminded of (he 
qualities I once tboug^ht my Cbtvuland's. ! " 

"Ves," said ClcvelamJ, proudly, *' my tiarac has nod shall 
have power over them, \vhcji Ihey are at the wildesl i and, had 
thfiy harmed you by oo6 rude word, Ihey should have found — 
Vet wliat da I ravo about ^ I am a prisoner ! " 


" Voa fihaU be bo no longer," said Midoa — " Vonr lafetjr -^ 
thcBafeif o( my dear father — all demand year instant Tree- 
dom. I have formed a scheme for yoar liberty^ which, boldl^y 
executed, cannot fail. The light is fading without ~ mnfllfl 
yourself in my cloak y «nd yon -will eAsily pass the guards— I 
have given them the means of carousing, and they are deeply 
engaged. Haste to the X<och of Stenois, and hide yourself till 
day dawns; then make a smoke on the point, where the- land, 
stretching into the lake on each side, divides it nearly in two at 
the Bridge of Broisgar. Vobrves^el, which lies not far distant, 
will send a boat ashore. — Do not hesitate an instant." 

"But you,' Minna! — Should this wild scheme succeed," 
said Cleveland, "'what is to become of you?" 

"For my share io your escape," answered the maiden, "the 
honesty of my o^n iotentioa will vindicate me in the sight of 
Heaven; and the safely of my father, whose fate depends on 
yours, will be my excuse to man." - . 

In a few words, she gftve him the history of their capture, and 
its consequences; Cleveland cast np his eyes and raised his 
bands to Heaven, in thankfulness for the escape of the sisters 
from his evil companions , and then hastily added , — : " But you 
are right, Minna; I must fly at all rates — for your father's sake 
Imustfly. — Here, then, we part — yet not, I trust, for ever." 

"For ever!" answered a voice,- that sounded as from ase- 
pulchral vault. 

They started, looked around them, and then gazed on each 
other. It seemed as If the echoes of the building had returned 
Cleveland's last words, but the pronunciation was too emphati- 
cally accented. 

"Yes, for ever!" said N<)rna of the Fitful-head, stepping 
forwardfrom behidd one of the massive Saton pillars which sup- 
port the roof of the C'thedral. .'"Here meet the crimson foot and 
the crimson hand. Well for both that the wound is healed 
wheuce that crimson was derived r— well for both, but best f6r 
him whd shed it. — Here, then, you meet — and meet for the 
last time!" 

"Xotso,"' said Cleveland, asif about to take Mintia's baud; 


'''to separate me Trom Minna, while 1 liuve life, must l»e the 
work of h^rseU aLoiiie/' 

"A^way!" said Ncjma, stepping tfilwinl l!iem , "away with 
such itHe fiillyl — Nouriisli no vain dreams ol fulure nieelings — 
you ^an hero, aod you pari for ever. The hawk pairs nol with 
llicilov*^; guill malches n»t iftilh iDDOCencv, ■ — MintiaTrfijl, ;ou 
look fur the last time un this told ami erimmal inoa — Cle\eUad, 
you bfhold Minna Tiir Hie Inst time!" 

"And dream vou," sniil Cleveland, indignantly^ "ihalvour 
mummery imposes on mc , and ihal I am amung (he. Tuols lliat see 
more Ihan trifli in yourprelended nrl'f" 

"Fwrhcarj Cleveland, ftirbear!'* saidMinnfls, herherediliry 
avt of XornQ augmenicd l>y the circumslnnfe of her suddca 
pppcaraucB, — "Oh, forbearl — she is powerful — &be is hut 
too poweriul. — And tht you, O ^'citcbi, remember my falher's 
safety is liukedwiih Cleveland's," 

"^And it is well for Cleveland ihatldorcmcmherit/' J-epIi<:d 
tJie Pythuneas--*' and Ihal, for ihe sake of one, I am hcie to aid 
lioih. You, with your childish purpose, of passing one of his 
bulk and Btaiure under the disguise of a few paliry folds of wad- 
maal — what would your device have procured him InU instant 
rcslraini ftiih holt and sbflckla? — Iv^il] savotiira^I will place 
hirti in security on board his hark. Eutlulliim renounce these 
shores fofRver, and carry elsewhere the terrors of hig &ab!« Dagj 
aud Ijis yet blacker uame; for if the &uq cise& twice, atid finds 
him still at anchor, his bload be un his own head. — Ay, look Ift 
each other ~ loot ihe last look that I permit to frail aHeciiGn, — 
and say, if you ca/i say it, rarencll for e\cr." 

"Ohey her," suimmtfcd Minna; "remonsLrnle not, but 
obey her." 

Cleveland, grasping her htttid, and kissiii^ it ardently, said, 
l>ijL ao luw that :^he only could }ii:ar tl, "Farewell, Mloua, but 
nfiifor e^er." 

"And imVf maiden, begoue," saidiytvroa, "nud leave the 
rest to the ReimfeeuHar." 

"Oneword morc>" saidMiDiia» "and I obey you. TcU me 



but if I htve cauglit aright your meaoiDg — ts Mordauat HerlouD 
Mfe aod recovered? " 

"Recovered} and safe," saidNoroa-, ^'else vo to the hand 
tiiat shed his blood I " 

Minoa slowlf sought the door of the Cathedral, and turnrd 
back from time to time to look at the shadowy form of ^'orua, and 
the stately and military Ggure of Cleveland, as they stood together 
ia the deepeoing gloom of the aacicDt CathedraL Wheo slic 
looked back a second time, Ihey were in motion, and Cleveland 
followed the matron, as, wilh a slow ai^d solemn step, she glided 
towards one of the side aisles. When Minoa looked back a tliinl 
time their figures were no longer visible. She collected herstlf, 
and walked onto the eastern door by which she had entered, siid 
listened for an instant to the guard, who talked togedier oa tlie 

"The Zetland girl stays a long time with this pirate felloi^." 
said one. "I wish they have not more to speak about than the 
ransom of her father." 

"Ay, truly," answered anothei'j "the wenches will have more 
sympathy with a handsome young pirate , than an old bed-riddeo 

Their discourse was here iotermpted by her of whom ihcy 
were speaking; and, as if taken in the maqner, they pulled i>ff 
their hats, made their awkward obeisances, and looked not a 
IHtle embarrassed and confused. 

Minna returned to the house where she lodged, much affected^ 
yet, on the whole, pleased with the result of her eipedilion,w]iirh 
seemed to put her father out of dagger , and assured her at orcc 
of the escape of Cleveland, and of of young Mordauni. 
She hastened to communicate both pieces of intelligence to 
Brenda , who joined her io thankfulness to Heaven , and was her- 
self welUnigh persuaded to believe in Noma's supernatural prt- 
tensioos, so much was she pleased with the manner in which ili cy 
had been employed. Some lime was spent in exchanging- their 
inutaal coogratQlattons , and mingling tears of hope, nfiied wiifa 
apprehension; wheo, At a late hoar in the evening, they were 
interrupted by ClaadUaIcro,,who, full of a fidgeting sort of jm- 



porlanre, noluDiniDgl^^d wilb ffar, fome lo acquainl ibrm , that 
th^ pTJ^uner, Cli^M^laint^ had {Wf^appvaroA froni ihfi Catlicdral, 
in wiiii:ti he bad been pcrniitlcd lo walk, and Ihat (he l:'rn\u5ti 
faaviDg; litcn iiirormcJ tlial Miiiti^ was accesisnry lo his (light* 
was coming, in n mighlj' quaDiIarifi lu make uiqutry idIq (lie 

AYhcn ihc warthy Magistrate arrived, Mtnna did not conceal 
from him hcT own wish that (Jle\ eland shuuld make his e^cjipe, 
as ih^ (inly incans whii-h f^Iic saw ol' rrdf^cmin^ her ralheTfrom 
innnlu^nt dAn^lT. Bui thai she had any uclual accession to bis 
flight, she pcisiiiv«]j denied; md staiEfd, '"ihHl she bad parted 
from Clevelaml in the Calh^Jral, more ihan two h^jura sioce, and 
Ih^i lefi him in cumpan; wilK a third person, whose oanie she 
did not Ciinci>i\'fl h«r&i?If abliged to fniumunicale." 

"It is nol neeiJJulj Miss Aliuna Troil, ' answered Prnvosi; 
Torre ;^ '■^fuFj altliough no persoD but this Captain CLcvela^id and 
yourself waft seen to cnitTlho Kirk wfSHinlM.iKTiHS ihis day, we 
bADw well enough your cnuisin, tiLd UllaTmil. whom yo'jZet- 
landers call Noma of Fitful-head, has hocn cruizinj^ up and 
duwD, UpoD sea and land, and ttir, for what I knaw^ In boats 
and on ponies, and it may he on brnomsilcks ; and htre has been 
hcF iiinib Droff, too, comioi^flud guing^, and plnyinj? Ihespy on 
every one— and a g^ftod spy he is. It»r he can hear every thitiy, 
and Iclls DOtfaing agaijt , unl>ca:S to his m!s<trPSS. And we kuow, 
besides J 1bat sbc can enter the Kirk when all ibc doors arc fast, 
and has been seen iherc mor« iban ouce^ Gud save us Trom the 
Gv'i[ Od£^! — and so, without fnrt]|{-rqiti!s(ions asked » I fun elude 
it was old Nort>a whom ym Iclt in the Kirk with this slashing 
blade ^atid;, if so, they may cfiirli tbcm again th.iitnn. — I can- 
nol but say , however, pretty M i«trc5S Minna , that you Zetl and 
frilJca seem lo Torget both l.iw ajid gnt^pel , when you \isi! the belp 
of witchcraft in fetch delinqucnia out of a legal prison; and the 
leasiibatjoi!, nr ycmir cousin, or your father, can do, is to use 
inflacntip wilh this wild fellow lo go away us siiou as possible, 
wilhouL hurling the lown nr trade, imd then there will he littlo 
barm in what has ehanced ; f(jr> Heaven know^s I did nut seek 
ihe poor lad's life, so I could get my hnnd^ free uf him wilhont 


blame; and far \es8 didl wisfa, that, tbrough his imprisonimni, any 
barm stioald come to worthy Magnus Troll of Burgb-Westra.'' 

"I see where the shoe pinches you, Mr. Provost," said Claud 
HalcTO , " aad-I am sore I can answer for my friend Mr. Troil , a» 
well as for mj-seir, that ve will say and do all inourpowerwiih 
this man, Captain Cleveland, to make him leave the coa^t 

**AndI," said Minna, "am so convioced thatwbat you re^ 
commend is best for all parties, that my sister and I will set ulT 
early to-morrow morning to the House of Stennis, if Mr. Halcio 
will give us bis escort, to receive my father when, he comes 
ashore, that we may acquaint, him with yodr wish, and to use 
every influence tolbdace this unhappy man to leave the country ." 

Provost Torfe looked upon her with some surprise. " It la not 
every young womao »" be said, "would wish to move eight miles 
nearerto a band of pirates." 

"We run oo risk," said Claud Halcro, interferiog. "The 
house of Btennis is -strong; and my cousin, whom (t belongs lu, 
has men and arms within it. The young ladies are as safe thcrQ 
as in Kirkwall ; and much good may-arise from an early commu- 
nication between Magnus Troil and his daughters. And faapjiy 
am I to see , that in your case , my good old friend , — as glorious 

John says,— 

^Arter much debate , 

The man prevails above the magistrate.'" 

The Provost smiled, nodded his he^d, and indicated, as fAr 
as be thought he could dp so with decency , bow happy he sheuld 
be if the Fortune's Favourite, and her disorderly crew, ^ould 
leave Orkney without farther interference, or violence on eitlier 
side. He could not authorize their being supplied from the shorL-^ 
he said; but, either for fear or favour, they were certain to get 
provisions at Stromnees. ■ This pacific magistrate then took IcJive 
of Halcro and the two ladie», whoproposed, the nextmorQinK^ 
' to transfer their residence tathe House of Stennis, situated upon 
the banks of the salt-water lake of the samename, and ab^iut 
four miles by water from the Road of Stromoess, where the 
Rover's vessel was lying. ..^ 





It was one branch of ihc vnrioys arts by which Xorna endea- 
voured loniniiilaiD her prcteosuins ti>su])ernaiiirul poncr^, Ihat 
Bbe lUddc bersflf familiarly aail practically ar-quaiuiL-d ^ith all 
the secret passes mid rvciisses, whither nalural or artilidal, 
«'hicb sbe cchutd bear of , vhciberb;;' (mtliilciuurHjtlifrnisCi and 
was, by sudi kitPwktlHC ofceu eoshkiJ (a perlorrri f^ats which 
vetc oLhl'^^<l isc unat'omnlable. Thus, when she escoped Iruin 
the lahtniuelu ill Burgli-WesLra^ it vas by a sliding board •i\hic(i 
crtvcred a secri:l passage io Ihc wall^ known Id doqc but herself 
and AItjj|;nus, wbD, she was m(;li assured, wuuld oat botr-iy her. 
The proTusiou, alsn^ wUh vhi'-'b she Uvlshed a^ousidiTahle in- 
come, oibcr\vL9c ol' Dti use lu her, enabled her to procure the 
earHesC inielltg«Dre rc^pccliiig ^tiaimtr &hc diesiri^d to kouw, 
aad , at ihc •samt time , to secure all other d^^tsiADCf loecrssary lo 
cnrnf her plans tcito elTecL Clevelaad, upnn the prescDt riccasifiii, 
bad reasfin I'll ailuLirt; both her sagacity and her resources. 

Lpon herflpplyinga Utile fori!tble pressure, ii door which was 
conccahd under sonic rich wooden sculpture in the stTCCii which 
divides the eastern able from ihi- ri-s( <jf the Calhtdra], opened^ 
aQcl disclosed a dark narrow winding pas$B(;i:i, iniu which she 
eolftredj lelling Cleveland, in a whimper. IoRjUow, nnrl be surt 
he shut the door behind hiiti« He obeyed, and followtd herin 
darkness and silence, sonii'limi'S descendJugstcp^, of (hn num- 
ber ur«hich &he always apprized him,si>ii]Cliincaasrendingj and 
often Inrnidg at shurt angles. Thn air wa^ more free (hau he 
could have expected < the p^issage bein^i; Teniitated at diirnfeat 
parts by unseen Dndingcuiijusly contrived .'■piniclcs, which fi^m- 
munieated with the open air. Atleiij^th iheir lu'ii^ cuursc! ciiiled, 
bj IN'oriia drawing aBJd{! a slidin-; p.inel , which, opening llchiRd a 
woodcD, or boi.-I)cdv as it is called iziScuCland, admitted Ihem 
iQto an aaricQt, but very mfiJin sp<irtmeu!r having a lallieed 
window, a Did a t^foiued root. The furnitmre was much dilapidated; 
audits only ornnmL-nl&wierD, on ihc ooe side of the vnU, ft g^r- 


land of faded ribbons, 8ucta,as are nstd to decorate whale- 
vessels-, aad, on the other, a(f escutcheon, bearing an Earl's 
arms and coronet, surrounded with the usual emblems of mor~ 
laliLy. The mattock and spade » which lay in one corner , together 
with the appearaoo« of an old man, who, in a ru9ty black coat, 
and slouched hat, sat reading by a table, announced that they 
were in the habitation of the church-beadle, orseiton, and in the 
presence of that respectable Cnnctionary. 

When his attention wa» attracted by the noise of the sliding 
panel, be arose, and, testifying much respect, but no sarprise, 
took bis shadowy bat fron^ his thin gray locks, and stood un- 
covered in the presence of Noma within air of profound hu- 

''Be faithful," said Noma to the old man , *<and beware you 
show not any liviDg mortal the secret path to the Sanctaary." 

The old man bowed, in token of obedtence and of thanks, for 
she put money ia bis hand as sbespoke. With a faltering voice, 
he npressed his hope that she would rememberhis son, who waa 
on the Greenland yoyage, that he might return fortunate and 
safe, as he had done last year^ when ha brought back the garland, 
pointingtoibat upon the wall. ' - 

' "My cauldron shall boil, and my rhyme shall be said, in hfs 
behalf," answered Noraa. "Walts Pacolet without with tbc 

The old Suton assented, and the Pythoness, commanding 
Cleveland to follow tie<^, went through a back door of the apari- 
ment into a small garden, corresponding, in its dftsolate appear- 
ance, to the habitation Ihey had just quitted. The low and broken 
wall easily permitted them to pass into another and larger garden « 
though not much better kept, and a gate, which was upon the 
latch, let them into a long and winding lane, through which, 
Noma having whispered to her companion that it was the only 
dangerous place on their road , they walked with a hasty pace. It 
was now nearly dai1( , and the inhabitants of the ^oor dwellings, 
on either hani, bad betaken themselves to their houses. They 
saw only one woman, who was looking from her door, but blessed 
herself, and retired into her house with precipttatioD, wh^o she 


hav the Uil fi;giirc of Xaroa slalk pasL bcr « iili io»g strides. Tlie 
lan£ C0Qd(l<;t«d Ihein inlu [he rouuiry, vlierc Ihv dumb dw^rf 
waited willi ttiree horaea, enscuuced bdiiu il tbc wall oi' a d eserled 
sb«il. On one ofllicse Nurna iuslaally si^adid hersilf, Cle^i^lacicl 
inouiiltd auolhtr^ and, Xallowed tiy F^iculi.'! on ihe ihird, ibej 
moved sbarplj^ oa iht-ouijli the iJarkaess; the Ai:ti%f: and sjiirilcd 
aaiinaLs 4u which tlic; rode being al abided riithcr laller ihan 
(boae r^idred inZelLiind. 

ATuir mnrelhou aa hour'a smart riding, ta which Norna acted 
36 guidig, tJioy &tu|i]i'!^d buf^irc a huvcl. sq Hiicrly ili'soUteiii aju- 
pearaiicc, thai it rcscjubled rathei a oattlc-shcd ihun a. cotla^f« 

'*fkre you musl remain till dawo, when joiirsignal can be 
suKQ from jouriessel," said Portia, consJiinvng; thi^ hor&ealothe 
cnre of Pacukt^ and teuUing llie way iuiu ilie wretched hovel, 
-wliicti sJic iircsenl]; illunaiuatcd bj lightia^ Ibc small iron lamp 
wllii:li she usually carried aliin^ with licr. ""It ih a pvi>r," she 
said> "but a safe place of refuse; for were we pursued hither, 
Hmh earth would j-awn and admit us iolo its recesses (rr ytiu were 
taken. lor know, Ibal this ground is aacrell Ii> Iks Gods of old. 
Valhalla. — And now say, man of miBchief and of blood, are 
you friend ur I'uc l« iN'orna, Lhi! sole pt-jeatess aS th^se disowaed 

'*How is H possible fur me lo Ije your UDeniy?" ftaid CIetc- 
land. — ''Curnnion pratiiude — " 

"ComujiPti fitnliiudt-," said iNornn, inlefrupting him, "isa 
coranQion word — and words are Uie t-ommon pay «htcb Tools 
accept at ibe Jiaada of knaves; but Noma inuai be requited by 
actions — by sa£ritle«s," 

"Well, mother, name yoar retjuesl," 

"That you never seakio see Minna Troll again, aod tliatyou 
Jeavc Ibis coasr in tfrerity-four hours," answered Noma. 

"It is itrtpossible," said the Captain; "I cannot be soon 
enough Found in the sea-stores which ttc sloop must liave." 

'"You can* I will take care you are fully supplied-, and Caith- 
ne^i» and Ike HekrideE are not far distant — ' pu can depart if you 

"Anil why should 1/* said Cleveland, "'if I ■will not?" 


"Because jour staj endangers others," saidNoroa, "and wiU 
prove your own destrucUoD. Hear me vith alteDtion. From 
the first moment I saw you lying senseless do the sand beneatti 
the cliffs of Sumburgh/I read that in your countenance vhich 
linked yon Trlth me, and those who vere dear to me ; but whether 
for good or evil^ was hidden from mine eyes. I aided in saving' 
yourlife, to preserving your property. I aided in doing so, the 
very youth whom-yoa have crossed in his dearest afTectioDS — 
crossed by tale-bearing dnd slander." 

"/slanderMerioua!" exclaimed the Captain. "By Heaven, 
I scarce mentioned his name at Burgh- Westra , if it is that which 
you mean. The peddling fellow Bryce, meaning, I believe, to 
be my friend, because he found something could be made by me, 
did, I have sinoe heard, carry tattle, or truth, I know not which, 
to the old man , which was con6rmed by the report of the whole 
island. Bat, for me, I'Bcarce thoughtof himasarival; else, T 
had taken a more honourable way to rid myself of him." 

"Was the point of your double-edged knife, directed to the 
bosom of en unarmed man, intended to carve out that mo ri^ 
honourable way?" saidNorna, sternly. 

Clevela/id was conscience-struck , and remained silent for an 
iDStant, «rehe replied, "There, indeed, I was wroDg; buthr 
is, I thank Heaven, recovered^ aod welcome to an hoBonrablo 

"Cleveland," said the Pythoness, "no! The fiend who em- 
ploys you as his impleineDtis powerful j bat-witli me h» shall not 
strive. You are of that temperament which thedft-k Influenws 
desire as the tools of iheir ageoey; bold, bauglity, aiHl un- 
daunted, uDrestraioed by principle, and having (raisin its r»om 
a vild sense of iadomil^le pride , which such men oall honour. 
Such yott are, and as such your course throogfc'Hfe'has been— 
onward and unrestramed , bloody ,aud tempestuous. By mc, 
however, itshall becontrdlled," she concluded , sl»etchiig out 
her staff, as if in the attitude of delennmed aulhori^ , — " ay, 
even altboogh the demon who presides over it sliould even now 
arise in bis terrors." . . 

Cleveland laughed scornfully. "Good mother," he said, 
ThePiraU. 29 


"reacn'fi sucb languagi; for ihe rude s&ilor Uiat implores you to 
bcslDW him Xnlrviitidf or the poor Dshcrman I hat asks success to 
his^ nets and Uaus. I have been long iuacces^^ihtc bolh In Tenr anit 
(i> supprstittori. Call forth your demun, if you comntiirid one, and 
plarc liitii before mc. The man ihat has sped years m compafiy 
«iih incarnate dfivils, can scarce drcud the presence of u disem- 
bodied fiend." 

This was said wiih a careless and desperate biitflrness <jf spi- 
ril, -which proiediyftpowcrrully eocrgfliccxeii forlhc delusions 
<rif \orna'B in^niiily ; aad LL was w ilh a holism nnd Iremulons luicc 
Ihatshe asked Cleveland — "For^hai, then, do yoahold me, IT 
yrm deny ihe pi>werUiat I have boughl so deorly?" 

" ¥t>u have wisdom, moJher," said Cleveland ; "aileastyou 
liave art , and art is power. 1 hald you for one -who know s Imw lo 
stiver upon the cuircnltif evcnls, bull denj your power to change 
its course. Do not, therefore, waste words irt rjuoLing terrors for 
-ftliicb 1 have no feeliDgj but tell me at once, wherefore yqo wotild 
have rae depart?" 

"Because I will have you See Minna no more," answered 
Noroa — "Because Minna is the destined bride of him whvcn 
men call MordaaniMeriotm — Because ifyoudc^pari Doin1|)iTa 
twenty- Tour honrs, utter desirnetion awaits you. In ihege pLiiin 
words there is no melBphysical delasiurt — Answer me as 

"In as plain wordsj then," answered Cleveland , ''I will noi 
leave these islands — not, qC least, tilt 1 have seen .Minna Troll ; 
and ncvcr shall your Murdauiit possess herTiihilc I Ijie-" 

"Hcorhioj!" said Noma — "hear a mortal man spurn at tlie 
means of prolonging his lire!— hear a sinHil — a most sinful 
being, refuse thp lime \»hich fate yet affords fanepentanee, and 
for the salvalion of fln immorlal soul I — Behold him liow h* 
stands ereel, bold and coEifidonl in liis youthful stren(;lh and 
Courage' Myeyes, unused loiears — eyco my eyes, whicb have 
BO JJllle Clause lo weep rorbini, areblindeil'nilb sorrow^ to ibink 
li'hac so fair a form will be ere ittc eecondsuu set!" 

"Mother," said Ckveliind, (irnilyj yet With some touch of 
sori-ijw iQ bis voice, "I in part understood your Ihreals, You 

45 1 

know more-than ve do of the course of the Hilcyon — perhap)^ 
have the means (for I acknowledge you have shown vonderfjl 
skill of combioatiOD in such aGTalfs) of directing her cruize our 
way. Be it so, — I will not depart from niy purpose for that risk- 
If the {rigate comes hither, we have still our shoal water to trust 
to-, aud I think they will scarce cut us oat vitfa boats > as it v>g 
were a Spanish xebeck. I am therefore resolved I will hoist ooc« 
more th^flag .under which I have cruized, avail ourselves of the 
thousand chances which have helped us in greater odds , and, at 
the worst, fight the vessel to the very last ; and, when mortal man 
can do no more, itisbutsDappiog a pistol in the powder-room, 
and, as we have-lived, so will ve die." 

There wag a dead pause as Cleveland ended ; and it was broken 
by bis resuiaiQ0, in « softer tone—- "You have heard my answer, 
mother; letAis debate, it no farther j but part in peace. IwouUl 
willingly leave .ypa.a remembrwice* that yon may not forget n 
poor fellow to whom your services have been useful, and who 
parts with you in no unkindness, however unfriendly you are in 
his dearest interests. — Nay f do not shun to accept such'a trifle." 
he said, forcing uponNorna the little silver enchased box whicJt 
had been once ihe subject of strife betwixt Kertoun aud bini ; 
"itisQot for the sake of the metal, which I know you value not, 
but simply as a memorial that you have met him of whom raany 
a strange tale will hereafter be told in the seas which he hifi 

*'I accept your gift," said Noroa, "in tokenthat, iflbavc 
io aught been accessary to your fate, it was as the involuntary 
and grieving agent of other powers. Well did you say we direct 
not the current of the events which hurry us forward, and render 
our utmost effortsnuavailing; even as the wells of Tuftiloe* can 
wheel the stoutest vessel round and round, ia despite of either 

* Aioeff, in the tcnguage of (hose seas, deAotes one of Iha vfairl- 
pools, or circular eddies, vbicb vheel and boil with astonishing streagtb. 
and arevery dangcroas. Hence Ibe dislincUon, in old Enghsh, beiwixt 
wellt and loaoes, the laller signtfjing the direct onwaj-d course of Ihii 
tide, and (he former the smooth, glassy, oily- looking whirlpools, vbvse 
strengib seems lo ibe eye almost irresistible. 

29* J 



soil Drsiocr.igc. — Pacolct!" she eiclnimcd, m a Lu^udec vuk-e,. 
" vhatj h'l! PflculeiV 

A. br^-e Muuc» whicU \a.y al llie side of thewaUof ihehoYel, 
fctl as Bbo s^bkc^ and to Clcvclaud'^ ^urjiriBu, ifnoL somcwitat 
III bi-i fear, llm nii&slia^icn furin of Ilic dworfwas S0(!]|, like fiome 
ovcrgi'Ditn reptile, cilricaling hiaiselfouLofa subccrrancan \fas- 
ssgif llie cntrailCf to nhkb the slunc hiid ciivftiid. 

Soma, at* if iuipressed bj >vtat ClcreSanil had ^aid ou tlie 
subject of lier swpcnialuralprtlctisiioiis, was so Jar frem ¥Jidea- 
vimring lu avail bbrSeU of tbis Oyipormuily 1u earcrrcc tbt-m ^ liiat 
£be husleucd lo eipSeiH the phcnonienoii lit: bail witHeas^d. 

"Sucli iiassogiis," she said* ''lu wliich the potronccs arc 
cnreCuUy cimcealed, «re frcqwi;niSy fouad ititbcge iaiauds — ibe 
pldces of relreal of ibe aneieui inbabitanis, wibijr« ibpj sought 
rcruge rrcfmlbc rage t^flbc Ni>rmaiis, Itic pirates oflbal d£iy. U 
TTis ihat jou might a\ejl yourself of Ibis, in t-nse of necd^ llial 1 
brougbi you bilbcr. Should yois observe sijiiis Dfpursuit, vou 
may cilbcr lurk in the bowels of the carilL until it has passed by, 
uf escape, if jou will, through the fjirJher Dntrancie E«ar Ibe 
lute, by vihichPacoIet eoiered but now. — And now fire^Bell ! 
Tbiuk on ^bat I lioie said; tor as surv. as you now tnuvc and 
breathe & liiitig in»i], sn 9ur«:ly is yuur duoai fiied and sviiled, 
unless, vitbiii ruur-aiiil-iwenty botirs, you have doubled Uic 

"^Farewelljinoiher!" said Clevelaud, as she departed, bend- 
ing a look upuu biiu, in s\liith, as he ciruld perccivi; by the lomp, 
aorro'ff was mingled with displtasuri?. 

The iJiLorview, which thus cundudcJ, left a strong effect 
even upon (he lutnd ^rCLfevcland^ accustomed as he was to iiu- 
minent ilon^vrs and (o bair-brca<J(h cscBpcs. He iu vaJlt ftl- 
leDiplfid lo etaakc off the impression loft by the words of Noma, 
which he fp]t Ihc more powtTfuI, hi'^cause ihey mpic fn a great 
Jiitiasure dJiL'stml ol'her wonted rnvsticul loiit , which he con- 
letuned, A thousand jime^ he regrelt(.<[l that be had from (Ime (o 
lime dt^layed the ri;soIutii>D, Vihi>L-h he had long adoplcd, to quit 
bis dreaJful and dangerous trade; and as often he firnilj de- 
termined, that, could he but see Minna Troil once more, were 



it but for a last farewell, ke vould leave the sloop, as soon as 
his comrades were extricated from their periloDS siluatioD, en- 
deaTour to obtain the benefit of the Kiag's pardon, and dis- 
tlaguisfa faimsclf , if possible, in some more hononrable course 
of warfare. 

This resohrtiAD^ to wkich he again and again pledged himself, 
bad at length a sedative effect on bis mental perturbation , and, 
wrapt in his cloak , beenjayed, for a time, that imperfect reposm 
which exhaasted aatme demands as her tribote, even from those 
who are situated «n the vergeof the most imminent danger. But, 
how far Boever'the guiUfraftj^'Salisfy his own mind, andstapify 
the feelings' of remorse, by sucb a conditional repentance, M'<t 
may well- qaestiMv whether it is not, in the sight of Heaven, 
rather a pveswnptuous agf^avatiooj than an expialfon of his 
sins. . ' 

When Gleveland awokey the gray dawn was already mingling 
with the twilight of an Orcadian night. He found himself on ibe 
verge «f a beaalifnl sheet of water, which, elo«e by the place 
where he had rested, was nearly divided by two tongues of land 
that approach each other from the opposing sides of the lake, and 
are in some degree united by the Bridge of Broisgar, a lon<; 
causeway, contsining openings to permit the flow and reflux of 
the tide. Behind him, and fronting to the bridge, stood thjit 
' remarkable semicircle of huge upright stones , which has no rival 
ia Britain, excepting the inimitable monument at Stonebengt;. 
These immense blocks of stone, jill of theft above twelve feet, 
and several being even fonrteen or fifteen feet in height, stood 
aronnd the pi rale in the gray light of the dawning, like the phan- 
tom forms of antediluvian gianis, who, shrouded in the habili- 
ments of the dead, canM to revisit, by this pale light, theearth 
wbich-theyhadplaguedby their oppression andpollnled by their- 
sins, till they brought down upon it the vengeance of long-suf- 
fering Heaven.* . 

Cleveland was less interested by this singular monument of 
antiquity than by the distant view of Stromaess, which he could 
as. yet scarce discover. He lost no time in striking a light, by 
* See Note BB, The Standing Stontt of Sttnnit. 


ihe assislance of one ofhis pistols, mid some wet ferusupiilied 
him wiih fueE surffciiiul lo make the appointed signal. It bad 
beon coroeslly walched fur on board the sloops Tor (loffe's iacd- 
l>aciiy bpcam* daily mnre tippsrent; and t^nc" !iis most steady 
adtieiriils agreed lliat ii would be besi to submit lo CleieUnd's 
command till ihpy goi back lo lUc W«si Indies. 

BuDcc^ T^ho CATtie with ih<- bo-it iij hrm^ oIThis favotirile com- 
maniFiT, danced, i:u.r^«d, shuuLedt anil fipouled farjoy^ \^lifn 
liu saw him ynte more at frc t-dom. '^'^Tliey liaii fllrcady," he s.iiJ, 
'^m&ti!? s»mi! progress in vtcluflllin^ Ihii slonp^ and Lbcymiglit 
liitvc mad« iTiKrc, but fnr (hat drunken old awub GolTc, yho 
minded nolhtngbul splicing llu- tnain-bTacc." 

The boiit'9 crew ? cic inspired m i(h lbe same cnlfiosiBSin, mid 
rowed so hard, ihat, JtHthotigb thi! tide was n^ain&t [bciin, onii the 
air of wind faili;d . tUi'y suoii pl:ic4;d Cloifland niicu mure oil llis 
quarLcr-dcck of Ihe vessel vihicli it vfss his misforlanc to cociq^ 

The Oral exorcise of ihGCaplaiii's power was !o make known 
luM^lsausTroil llial be was at full frt'eduin to depart- — 111 at lie 
was wiUiii^ lo make hinn anj coLiipensalion in his povi^r, for the 
interruplioD of his \ojage lo Kirkwall; aiitl (hat Cjiplain Cleve- 
land was ilesiroud^ if agreeable to Mr. Truil, io pav liis respects 
lu hiin on board li\s bri;g — llianli hini for fiirnier ria>oiir&, and 
apalflgiKe for ihe eircumslaai^es allundinghi^ delenlfou. 

To Buncc,, as Ibc most cnilized of tlic crcw^ Ckncland 
had Intrusted ihis messaj;;!^^ tike old pliLin-defllingiriTaHer made 
ihe folluwirig answer; "-'Tdi ytiur Captain that I should be glad 
to Ihiuk he bad never st^iiiped any one upon tlic high sea, save 
such ns have suffered as liiilc as I haie. Say, loo, thai if wc are 
lo Continue friends, wi! 9hall be most so al a distance i forllike 
ibf sound of bis canJiun balls aslitlU- hy sea, as he would like tbc 
U'hislLe of a bullet by laud from my rinc-giin, Say, in a worJ, 
thai 1 BtTt sorry I was [ufslakL'n in him, and that he wciuld have 
done belter to have reserved for (he Spaniard the usage he is 
hestowingon bis etmnlrjmen." 

"And so That i^ your messag^e, old Suapcholerick?" safd 
Dunce — "i\ow slap my -vitolB if 1 Iiavc not a miud to do your 


errand for jon over the left shoulder, and teach yoa more respi:>pt 
for gentlemen of (ottane I But I won't, and chiefly for ibe soke 
of your two pretty venches, not to mention my old friend Claud 
Halcro, the very visage of whom brought back all the old dnyg. uf 
scene-shifting and candle snuffing. So good morrow (o you. 
Gaffer Seal's-cap, and all is said that need poss between us." 

No sooner did the boat put off with the pirates, who li?ri ilie 
brig, and now leturned to their own vessel, than. Magnus, in 
order to avoid reposing unnecessary confidence in the honour of 
these gentlemen of fortune, as they called themselves^ gut his 
brig under way; and, the wind coming favourably rouad, and 
increasing as the sun rose, he crowded all sail for Scatpii-f]owi 
intending there to disembark and go by land to ILirkwall, uhero 
be expected to meet bis daughters and his friend Claud Halcio- 


Now, Emma , now the last reflection make , 
What thou wouldst follow, what ibou must Torsake. 
By our ill-omeo'd stars and adverse Heaven, 
Mo middle object to tbj choice ii givea. 

Htnry and Emma. 

The sun was high in heaven; the boats were busily feitliing 
pff from the shi^re the promised supply of pro\isions and -n Jiicr, 
which, as many fishing skiffs were employed in the service:, were 
got on board with unexpected speed, and stQwed awa^ tiy (be 
crew of. the sloop, with equal despatch. All worked wilJi (jood 
will; for all, save. Cleveland himself, were weary of a coast, 
where every moment increased their danger, and where, which 
they esteemed a worse misfortune, therje was no booty to bi; won. 
Bunce and Derrick took the immediate direction of thig duty, 
while Cleveland, walking the deck alone, an.d in silence, outy 
interfered from time to time, to give some order wUirb cir- 
cumstances required, and then relapsed into his own sad rig- 

There are two sorts of men whom situations of guilt, aud ter- 
ror, and. commotion, bring forward as prominent agents. Tlie 
first are spirits so naturally moulded and fitted for deeds of bor- 


ror, that the^ Btnib forlh from ih'eir lurEiing-placc<! like actual 
demflns, li> workin iheii njiiiieelrriKiiit, ;is tiic hideous a]ii>ari" 
liDn of the Bearded M&n caini; forlU Sit Versaillfs, an ihe meoio- 
rable 5th Octohcri i'i^^r ^^'^ deliglilPd ciieculiuner of the victiois 
delivered up to bun by a btoodthirsly rubble. But Cleveland be- 
lunged tu ihe secocd class or these unfurtunaicbeiag^r wbaare 
iDvolved in evil rather hy iho coocurrence fifiiiternal circurn- 
staocfts Ihaa by natural inclioatioQj beiogj indeed, <inc in 'nhom 
Itis Qrst engaging in ihis laM Less mode of lik, as (he roHower of 
his father, pay^ perhaps, evec hi:^ pursuiog it as his fnlhier's 
avcDger, carried uittsi Itsomethingof inltigaLidD andapotogy;^ — 
one also who ofLeu considered his guilt)' i^ituotion with horror, 
and had insdi! rtpeaUdj though inelTetlual ^IForiB, lo escapis 
front lit. 

Sucit ihouflils of remorse were QffW niHingialiis mifid, and 
he may be forgiven, if rccolleclions of ftliiiaa mingled with and 
aided them. Kv looked around, loo, onbismatcs, and, pro- 
fligate and hardened as he knew tliom Lo hs, hetiuuld not think 
gf llieir paying the penally of his obstinacy. "We shall he. ready 
to sail with itic ebb tiile," hi; said ti> himself— "why should I 
endanger iIjese men, l>j deiainiag iJiom [ill the hour of danger, 
predicted by ihat singular woman, shflll arrive? Her inLelLi- 
gence, howsoever acquircif, has bc^n always straugcly aecuraie ; 
and her Warning wa& ai^ solemn as if a mother were to appiiie an 
erring son uf his crimes, and of bis approaching puiiisbmcnt. 
Besides J what chancB is there thai I can again see Minna? Bhc 
is ai KIrknall, douttlcss, and to hold my course tliiibor nould 
he to steer right upon the roeks. Xo, I will nolenilaQgcrdieso 
pflor fellows — I will sail wiih the ebb lide. On tfte ilesolalc 
Hehridest or on the nchrth-wcst coast of Ireland^ I will leave ihe 
YOSScI, and return hither in gome disguise ^ — jel^ why should I 
rcLurn, since it will perhaps tc only to see Mmna (he hrideof 
Mordauut? IVo — let the vessel sail wtih this ebb tide wiihoul 
me. I will abide and lake my fate." 

His meditations were here interrupted by Jack Uunce, who, 
hailLu^ him noble captaiti, &ai<i they were ready lo sail whCQ ho 



"When you please. Bonce-, for I shall hare the command 
with you, and go ashore at Stromness/' said ClevelaDd.' 

" You shall do Qo such matter, byHeaven ! " answered Buncp. 
''The command with me, tralyl and how the de\il am I to get 
the crew to obey me? Why , even Dick Fletcher rides rusty oa 
me now and then. You knowwellenoughthat, without you, we 
shall be all at each other's throats id half aa hour; and, if you 
desert us, what a rope's end does it signify whether we are 
destroyed by the king's cruizers , or by each other? Come , come, 
noble Captain, there ar« black-eyed girls enough in the world, 
but, where will you find so tight a sea-boat as the little Favourite 
here , manaedas she is with a set of tearing lads, 
' Fit to disurb the peace of all the world , 
Anil rule it when 'I is wildest?'" 

"You are a precious fool, JackBunce," said Clevelaud, half 
aogry, and, in despite of himself, half diverted by the false tonea 
and exaggerated gesture of the stagerstruck pirate. 

"It may be so, noble Captaio," answered Buoce, "and it 
may be that I have my comrades in my fojiy. Here are you, now, 
going to play All f(#Love, and the World well Lost, and yet you 
canoot bear a harmless bounce in blank verse — Well, I can talk 
prose for the matter, for I have news enough to tell — and strange 
news, too — ay, and stirring news to boot." 

" Well , prithee deliver them (to speak thy own cantj like a 
man of this, world." 

"The Stromness Gsbera will accept nothing for Aeir pro- 
-visioDS and trouble," said Bunce — *'there is a wonder for 
you!" . - 

"And for what reason, Ipray?" said Cleveland ; "itisthe 
iirst time I have ever heard of cash being refused at a sett-port." 

"True — they commonly lay the charges on as thick asif they 
were caulking. But here is the matter. The owner of the brig 
yonder, the father of your fair Imoinda, stands paymaster, by 
way of thanks for the civility with which we treated his daughters, 
and that we may not meat our due, as he calls it, on these 

"It is like the frank-hearted old Udaller!" said Cleveland ', 


**\iui is he then atSlnimncssl I iliou^hL he wa§ to have crossed 
Utc i^lQiid for Kirksv.all." 

"He did so purpose," said Bunce ; *'bul more Fulks tJiac 
King Dui;caa change lite coura^: of ibcir ^o^iikc. He was m> 
euontr asliorp tbati he was mal wiib liy n middling qIJ witch of 
Ihese parts, who bflS her finger in «vcrf man's picj, and by her 
L'oun&cL he cliangeci iii» purjiiide ufiJoinj^Lo Kirkwall , and lies al 
authoir for the pcesetit in ptider white house, thai you may see 
iffitli your ^l^^s U|i ibe lukp ynndcr. I iim luld Ihe old woman 
cluliheJ also lo pnj- far (Iip sloop's &Iotcs. Wlij she should shell 
out ibfi buanls^ I cRtini>l cijnceivc an idea^ eicept Ihat slie is said lo 
be a v<ilih„ auiJ may befriend us as so tnaiiy dolls." 

"fiul who lold you all lliis?" said Clfvclandj -willitml nsing 
h is spf -glass , or scemimij su much inlercslfd in llle n cws as his 
Comrade had eiprclt'tJ. 

'*Wlty," rvplied Buncc, '*! made n trip ashore this niorniog 
tu Ihu >il]age» andhad acat) with All ulit Acquaialanre, vi.hohQd 
been scnl by MahLci Troil tu look after iiiallLTi)^ find I tisbcd it 
all out of him, and niorc, too, than I am dciifDUS of telling yoUj 
nohle Captain/* 

"And who is j-Qur jnielligcncer?" said Cleveland", "hashe 
g(^t no name?" 

**Whj, he is fill old, Middling, Toppish acquaintance of mine, 
called IJci]i;r<i, if you must kuoTV," baid Dunce. 

'^Halcru!" echoed Cleveland, his eyes sparkling 'willi Sllf- 
prise — "Claud Halero? —why he'sveQl ashort at Ja^ancss vilh 
Minna aod her sister — Where are they?" 

"Whj;, ihat is ju^i what I did ni>t Bnnt to tell yoUf" replied 
(he eonftiiani — "yel hang me ill can help it, fori caijni>l baulk 
a h'ne sitnation, — Thai siart had a (ini: eJTeci — Oh, ay, and Iho 
&py-gla&s is turned on the Htiuse ulStennisnoM?/ — Well, yonder 
Ihej arc, it must he cunresscd ^IndiiTcrently wEU{^ua;rdi;d, toa. 
Some ofthe old witch's peopll; an- come over from that mountain 
Of an island — Moy, bs they call it; and the old gentleman has 
got Boxne fellows under arms himself. Utit whut of all thai, nabk 
Captain! — give j«u but iLa word and we snap up llie wenches 



to-night — clap them ander hatches — mso the eapstera by- day- 
break — up top-saiU — and sail with the morniDg tide." 

*' You sicken ma with yourTillaiay/' said Clev«land, turniu^ 
away from him. 

"Umph! — \ilUiay, and sicken you!" saidBunce — "A'ow, 
pray y what have I said bat what has been done a ihoasand times 
by gentlemen of fortune like ourselves?'' 

''Mention it not again," said Cleveland; then took a luni 
along the deck, in deep meditation, and, coming hack to Bance, 
took him by the hand, and said, '*dack, i will see her once 

*' With all my heart," saidBunce, sullenly. 

" OnCe more will I see her, and it may be to abjure at her feet 
this curstid trade, and expiate ray offences — " 

"At the gallows!" said Bunce, completing the senlencf! — 
"With all my heart! — confess and be hanged is a most revercod 

"Nay — but, dear Jack!" said Cleveland. ^i» 

"Dear Jack!" answered Bunce, in the same sullen tone — 
"a dear sight you have been to dear Jack. But hold your oym 
course — I have done with caring for you for ever — I should buL 
sicken you with my villainous counsels." 

"Now must I soothe this silly fellow as if he werea spuilcU 
child," said Clevelaad, speaking at Bunce, but not to blm; 
"and yet he has sense enough, and bravery enough, too; and one 
would think , kindness enough to know that men don't pick UipI r 
words during a gale of wind." 

"Why, that's true, Clement," saidBunce, "and there Is 
my hand upon it -^ And, now I think upon 't, you shall haxc 
your last interview, for it 's oat of my line to prevent a parting 
Bcene; and what sigaiQes a tide — we can sail by to-morrow's 
ebb as well as by this." 

Cleveland sighed, for Noma's prediction rushed on his minil \ 
bat the opportunity .of a last meeting with Minna was too tienipi- 
fng to be resigned either fbr presentiment or prediction. 

"I will go presently ashore to the place where they all are," 
said Baace -, " and the payment of these stor;es shall serve me for 



MlniiJt Vi'iih Lh{! dcileriLy uf a valet de chainbre." 

"Dut they havii flrmi-cJ mpn — jou mfty he in dfloger," said 

" Noi a whit ^- inat a whit," rflplifld Biince. " I protflcted (he 
wcQches when they wcr^ in niy power; I warraQt (ticir father will 
neither wrong me, imr sepino wronged." 

"You Siiy tTue," said ClevelanJ , "ills not in hisnalure. I 
will iDstnnfly »riic it iitite lo Miuua." A.nd he ran duwo to the 
cabin fur ihai [lurpwsfl , wheri" he wHSlcd inucli jiappr, ore, with 
alrciTihliU;^han(i, andlbrobbijn^h^art, he Qclii<£\cd sucti a letter 
as he bopi.-d inighi pre>ail on Minjua to permit him « farewell 
meeting on ibe succeeding morning'. 

Ki? ailhereni, Bunci!, in ih^.' mraji\vhil(^, eougLt out Fletcher, 
of who^G i^uppurt to seciiEid any luoliuin nhnlcvcr, beaccuunled 
himself pL'rfvcKy sure; and followuJ by this Ifusly satellilc, he 
inlrudci himsolf un (he aw.rul prescocc of Ilonkins the bwal- 
swain, and DeriLck the quarter-Jiiasler, i^hu \vcrc regaling them- 
selves wiiba cnn of ruiiibi*. alter tlic fatiguing; duty of ihi; dny. 

"Here comes lie caii tcilus,"" said Derrick. — "9o, Master 
LieitleDanl, forso we must call yuu now, Iiblnli, lelusbavea 
peep inly your counsels— Wheu wilUhe Biich(»c be a-trip?" 

"When it pleases Hcavfu, AJasier Quarter- Master," ■bd- 
swprcd Buncp, "for I know no more ihan the stern-post." 

"\Miy, tf—:n my buttons/" saidDtrrick, *'do we not weigh 
thisliae?" '., 

"Or to-niorrtiw's lidv, at farthest?" said the Boatswain — 
"Wjy, what ha\e wi: been slaving tlie who.le convpnny fur, to get 
all these stores aboard? " 

"GenlJiCraciij" saidBuncej ^'youarc toknoiwihat CnpiJ has 
'laid nurCapiaii) on board, carried the vessctj and nulled down 
his wils under halchcs," 

"What sort yf |i1ay-s(iifF is oil (his?" said the Boatswain, 
grultTy. ''If youha^eaay thing lo (ell us, say ilinawordi like 
a man." 

*'Howsomdevcr," said Flelcherj "I always think Jack Dunce 
speaks like a man, and arts like a man too — and su, d' ycsee— " 


"Hold your peaee, dear Dick, best of bullybacks, beeiknt," 
said BuDce — "Geatlemen, in one -wordj the Captain is in 

"Wby, DOW, ooly ihiokorthat!" said the Boatswain; "not 
but that I haTe been in love as often as any man, -when the shi^ 
was laid up." 

"Well, but," continued BUnce, "Captain Cleveland is iu 
love — Yes — ' Princ* Yolscius is in love ; and , though that 's 
the cue for laughing on the stage, it is no laughing matter here. 
He eipects to meet the girl to-morrow, for the last titai;; and 
that, we all linow, leads to another meeting, and another, nod 
so on till the Halcyon is down on us, and then we may louk fui' 
more kicks than halfpence." 

"By — /' said the Boatswain , with a sounding oath, <^uc '11 
ha^'^e a mutiny, and not allow him to go ashore, —eh. Derrick?" 

"And the best way, too," said Derrick. 

"What d' ye think of it. Jack Bunce?" said Fletcher, in 
whose ears this counsel sounded very sagely, but who still beot 
a wistiul look upon his companion. 

*^Why, look ye, gentlemen," said Bunce, *T will muUny 
none , and stap my vitals if any of you shall ! " 

"Why, then I won't, for one," said Fletcher; "but wliat 
are we to do, since howsomdever — " 

■ "Stopper your jaw, Dick, will you?" said Bunce. — "?fow. 
Boatswain, I am partly of your mind, thatthe Csptainmu-^lbe 
brought to reason by a little wholesome force. Butyou all know 
he has the spirit of a Hon, and will do nothing unless he in 
allowed to hold on his own course. Well, I 'II go ashore and 
make this appointment. The girl comes to the rendezvous in (be 
morning, and the Captain goes ashore — we take a good h^iii's^ 
crew with ua, to row against tide and current, and' we will be 
ready at the signal, to jump ashore andbringoffthe Captain cind 
the girl, whether they will or no. The pet-child will not quarrel 
with us, since we bring off his whirligig alongst with him-, and 
if he is still fractious, why, we will weigh anchor without his 
orders, and let him come to his senses at leisure, andkunwhi<i 
friends another time." 


"Why this has a face wilfi ti, Masicr Derrick," said Haw- 

"Jack Bunce is olftays rifjht," said Flelclief, "ho^somd- 
cvcr» lUc Captain Mill sliobt gome <ir us, Ihaf. is certain." 

"Holft yourjaw, Dick." saidBuucp; '*itray, who Ihedevil 
cares, do you iliiiik, "(vliclherytniarc shot orhoiiged?"' 

*'Why, it diin't inurli argufy fi»r the maiter of iliai," rpplifld 
Dick; ''huwsnmdeicr— " 

^'Be quiet, I ti;!] you," said his iitcinrabli; ypnlriiTk, **and 
hi*ar jue out. — ^ Wi; \iill take hrm atunanarc^, su lliJit tiii shall 
nL>ith«r hove ti/ni; to tisc t^uHass noi pops ; aiid I mys?!!', Tor the 
dciir Love I IfCir tiim, will he Ihc lirsl to lay Itini on his hdck. 
There is a ake lighl-gojng bit of a pinttiicc, thai Is a consort uf 
IhjB chase vi Ihc Captain's, ^ if I have an opforiuniiy, I 'U 
snap hoc up on my nwQ BPCouDt."^ 

''Ves,yes," said Derrick, "let you alonc for keeping on the 
lofrk-oul for your own comforis." 

'*Fuidj, nay," saidBuiice, "loolf snatcb atlhem when they 
come fairly in my v'G}\ or are purchased by dint of itiy own wit; 
and none of you ciiuld have falLoo on ^liichaplan a^ this. We 
sliall have the Caplainxtiih u;;, Jjciid, h<iiid. and hcn;ri, andalU 
besides utiakiu^ a scciie Jit iu Jjnisli u cunlcdy. So I will gu ashore 
1(1 make Ihe jppoinl merit, and (lu you [ioS!$e$s sortu! of Ihi? ^eulltf- 
mcD who arc still sober, nad Hi to be Irusiod , with the knowledge 
oJ'otir intciilionjj." 

BuQcej, with his frieod Fletcher, departed accordingly, and 
tliti two veteran pirates n-jnaioed looking at each oilier in siknce, 
ijiiiil the Bodt&wain spoke At la$i. ''^Ulowmc, Derri(.'k, ifllike 
Ihege twa dalTatia/iditly young fellows; Ihcy are uiil the true 
breed. WIlJj lln'j lire no more like tli* rovers I have kno*n, 
IhaQ this sloop i& lu a. fii'st-rale. Whv, Ihtrc was old Sharps that 
read prayers LohiK sliip'scompany every Sunday ^^ v>hat viouldbi! 
have Baid to have heard it proposed lo bring two wenches on 

"And wlist would Cough ohlHlackBedrd have j>aid,'' answered 
his cumpaniun, "jf they hnd eipeclcd to keep Ihem to Ihc^m- 
Belvcs? They desene to he made to walk the plank for their 


impudence; or to be tied back to back and set a-dWiog, aad I 
care not how soon." 

"Ay» but who is to command the ship » then?" said