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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project 
to make the world's books discoverable online. 

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject 
to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books 
are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. 

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the 
publisher to a library and finally to you. 

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at |http : //books . qooqle . com/ 

X;:V •rj^T^^ 



igitizedby VjOOQIC 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


G R A E C E 





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voLUMEN SEi5th«i>itJM \ r 
ciTiTATis li I B ^ Ti> Tn ; \C off T ilwlh y s 





igitizedby VjOOQIC 


Aa critica SBbfiidia, quibiu in pri^o toIuiiiuiib conciiiHiiido 
imn Bufn , kt hot seciindo novi noo dui • qnoqniB occa* 
pati liOiil accessit, aed vlronmi excdlenttam, qvl rd Utte- 
Mtlae Bowmignc et BaTiricoe pnUlce praesuat) boneflcio 
eontlgit, nt codlces BIonaceiiM» dnec a Bekketo et ab 
Antio priimun adblbitofl mihl Ipal denno confem liceret. 
Unus est idem iBe Monaeensb jBL cnfaH deoeiptlonen in 
praefatlone Tolnminia primi p. XXXm. dedi, lectionea per 
bMOBi TohuMn accandnm Bekkemm exliibnL Cni qvmn 
tniitam trlbnisBet Bekkems , vt Iksnd rara mmm omnibiia 
'praflSorrcik^ oxiitbnandna adUcet erat qnam accnratiaaime 
eom contnHffie, certe nihil de gfneve ^oinm^-.ifdais e(':aUa 
afferenda pntaiaet, in hoc InTecicnn 'flleiifld pnu^taiaae. 
Vcrmn raa aiiiw liabet Hand main^ «tr^:doclili«imna in 
Monacenat B. qnam in Vindobonenal dlii^entla ^^erafftn^ non 
nolnm ordiographica pro iiuitilntf rationo in prooemio ad 
comm af ilonM i eriiiea p. X. demonairala omirils aed etiam 
aSa panHo gcaTtom negtexit, aita tcI faba attuBt tcI manca. 
imninm ego, non qna totidem pnatenniiaionnm 
agerem Bekkernm, aed qnod notltti oodicii hand dn- 
hierTalde. memorabflia qno plenior eo gratior lectoribua fti- 
tnra Tidebatnr, hidicem ad qnalnor Uhffwi pvioiea perthien- 
tem hic i^poanL Ex luilna antem Tolominla Bbria tribna 
ea metgfAn gum in Bfonacenm et fai Vhidobonenai B. per- 


igitized by VjOOQ lC 



%&ifiM atqne ita compmtt , nt • Bekkero luiad inuiiui , qaam 
alia, quae non omiflit, commefliorari debnerint, tamen nb 
eo Tel omiBsa aont Tel non aatia accorate aifnjficata. 

L. L 

nidtmpog xoXiXBmVy ar^orq 

p.327.C(4,9.Bekk.) »?] ola. 
(Veo. C. Par. DK.) 
B (4, VT^diaifoM&^^l Bia- 
y<f^t(r^ (dut- 
voBio^at Ang. B.) 
p.3l8.B(d, 6)171^ a*] ^vB^ 

C (5, 14) m^oiSia^ahdQvl 

B (6, 12) el] int Tert. 

p.df9.A (6, 18) Svj^ioyreff] 0vy. 
B(7| 5) TOVYO ofvAov] 

C(7, 14) To'r« WoSev] ror 


(7f 16) y^rw«*] y^»«* 

(Item 335. A. 19, 4 

\ •.». ylvovtat^ H. 358. A. 

/: :•: : 48;45 \i96tf^,9». 

•••.|n.i40^ B.,iS9, 13 

• v\4iV.^>^^?»» y*»'o- 

.f*^<Dir' eC nH.'421. D. 

'l68,22y/irMf»Mk) Ad 
haiic . locam ia m. adr 
•criptom egt : xavxa 
>ia «c^l r6 pjgag lud 
fidXieta nsijl tcSv ^80- 
vmv T^g avvovolag &- 
vBv tijg Anpjf%iai pfl" 
ag: dfntijviftog , et in 
ima pagina : dqfiodtog 
i X9ovog 6 ^/ftire^g 

TCQog xavraxaQlfuxzu, 
o 3url ^, ktmv, TQi' 
jjTOfva vvv 
p.330. B(9, 6) dl dyajtm] if dy, 
C (9, 9) To «oX« ] TonoXv 
(Item 345. C. 39, 6. 
352. D. 53,5. m.380. 
C. 115, 4 ToitQmtoVf 
TL 373- D. 87, 10 »0- 
itQOTSQOVy B. 18 ro- 
j[i€TcrTOvro, 378. B. 96, 
7 rom^amnr, nL 403. 

C. 139,17raytov0<xa.) 
p. 331. A (10, 17) dtdlXotifa ] oct- 

raZoura (Par. DK. sec 

C(ll, 16) efi?] cr, addit4> 

int. yers. a m. s. 97 
D(12,l)M9a»MapfM] Al- 

temm a int. Tera. 
(12,2) hpriv] l9i7(Vat. 

BM. VeD. €. Yind. B. 

Par. DK. Amb. C. 

Ang. B.) 
B(12, 11) yiyvioaKBtg] yi- 

vd&HBtg (Item 347. D. 

43, 14 ytvdmuov,, m. 

402. B. 137, liSta- 

YtveianttVf mi. 426. 
. C. 178, 1 jtQOYivwnmv^ 

D. 10 ovyytvmmLitg.^ 

. p. 332. E (14, 9) tvfifioixBtv] AIU- 
rom f» int Ters. a m. a. 
(14^ 10) a;|r^0rog.l &- 
« (14, 11) vvps^TJjg.] 
(14, 12) 'Aga] &^ 
D(16,Q r<rUa] t&Ua 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

E D r T O R I S. 

(Hem 548. £. 45, 21 
cam Vindob. BDEF. 

steph. asdl C. 55« 1 

D. 81, 11 cnm Vind. 
3DF. Stoph. (r' JfiJUx 
rind. B.) 373. A. 86, 
8 cnm V1nd. BDF. 
Stepb.m.4l5.B. 160, 
20. Iin, 490. D. 167, 
7. 424. A. 173, 16. 
4t5. B. 175, 16. 434. 
A. 192,9.443. C.«10, 
p. 383. D (16, 4) t9n<fH^£ ;] ^i}- 
B(16, 11) fMfnl n m. pr. 

p. 834. B(16, 22) nnuxc^ai] ns^ 

(17, 1) ck wd] nal int. 

(17, 2) d<p9lBl^] tStpf 
. Ua 
p. 335. A (18 , 18) dl ijfiQov] d* 
ix. (Amb. C. Ang. B. 
B(19, 4) BXamotisvoi} 
— pewoi Int. rerB. 
(19, 5) difsz^v poet Tar- 
xop int.Ters. additom 
et eeqnens (6) skvijv 
xmv hntatv in m. n m, 
0. sdscriptam eet 
C(19, 12) rovz'] rotSfro 
(19, IQ dipinnovs] o^ 
dipbtxovg ro^ff /ti) e^ 
^ifrag hngtxijpi in m. 
(19, 17) tvXl^fidfjp] 

D(19tl8) 'iflU ilai^ya- 
top]dXX* d8.iABg.B.} 

B(20,8) ro2^ 8i fpOoig] 
— dl — int. vec». 

p.335.B(20,ll) &qtt,^] a^ ' 

(20,15) oMa, ^v] of,' 
•dditQ n m. «. «d^, ^v 
p.336. A(20, 21) ^ oi^ai] d* o^ 
B (21, 6) ruvr fbor] ra«- 
ra elL 
(21, 7) oiMri] othi Iri 
(Item 348. B. 45, 17.) 
(21, 10) 6 ^] 8r 
^tYidfUPog] ^ewyl 
p. 337. A (22, 22) 4 dxox^hoto] 
9 dnou^ivolOy in m. ^ 
B(23.4) l«,^.,a']1«^.j ■ 
xhroQa ] xicoa^ 
(Amb.C.— .Cf.hii- 
ine VoJ. p. 245, b.) 
(23,7) dxon^ivotxo] 
C(23,12) rovro iutlvip] 
xovx*^ hu 
(23, 16) "JXlo XI ovv, 
§917, xtA] dXX' 8x1 
ovv ifpii» iMel, ndflfttft 
n m. e. in m. pogite. 
P(24, 5) Oii%ovv] o^ 
(24, 6) fioi] int rm. 
p. 388. A (24, 17) 9^00^^] 9^»- 
nfeitf, n m. f. — «««0 
(25^ 3> rtlnrrof] retor- 
riii^ (item 342. D. 33» 
20. n. 361. B. $6, 2. 
'IIH. 425. C. 176, 2.) 

BiSB, 8) 1917,1}] M,hi- 
terpoiito wt. ren. n 
m. 0. 17 


(25, 17) d^KOiOir Blvai.] 

Eii6, 7) avxf ivfttpi^ov] 
<r9. ovf». 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



(«6, li) zi^ oiv] T(W- 
p. m A. (26, IQ tlMHP^^] Jte> 

IKMI «Hf». 

B(87»S) «^otfr^»] — 
tI — kt;. ¥6«. 

I>(«M) ^Tta] atra 
(«8,2) ^alt/^ov,] |J«X- 


non jc cn^' 

p. 340. B (29, 2) Jc^/tTO«ff ] Alte- 

mm t ini. Ters. a m. 

•• additim est 

D(30, 2) 8 iSa^a^rairE»,] 

cnm signo iateiTogandi. 

(30, 6) rorr ioTiv] tovt 


8(30, 14)^ Wi] aiy ee, 
Vk m. a m. 8. ooi 
vHv dii] v€v 9^ 

p.341.A(a0i,18) ««Wffi ^«^- 
Xifq (Item 344. C. 37, 
14. 348. B. 44, 17. 
m. 411. B. 153, 15. 
nil. 424. B. 175,2. 
BimilitQr ^imf^ieqeimm 
nU. 424. B. 173, 17. 
9uiKuvTbslSl' 407. D. 
147, 7. ffll. 429. B. 
188, 9. C. 16. 430. B. 
185,2. 433. A. 190,8. 
aiorflevTK 341. B. 32, 
II. 347. B. 42, 16. 
. nU. 425. C. 176, 5. 
wtwifxdg JH. 398. B. 
129, 15. ^eroTcrvra 
353.0.55,2. m. 406. 
E. 140, 15. /Eierivrovro 
m. 392. C. 119, 1. 
408. A. 147,20. 412. 

B. 155, 13. mi. 427. 
D. 179, 21.) 
p. 341. A (30, 19) Ivw^^oir] in m. 
a m. pr. 

(30, 22) ie^«0 I^ 
non l^. 
B<S1, 5) itor^ms] %ovi* 
QOg a m. pr. QUm IT. 
368. A. 77, 20. Binij' 
lilier 343. B. 36, 8 
ftiOx^Ti^i^ogj 348. B. 
44,15 Jmri^off, m. 
390. C. 115, 3 offov- 
roff, 393. D. 121, 3 
JMm€, 396. B. 127, 
2 dfUfwriQOV, 412. A. 
. 155,4 et mi. 425. C. 
176, 6 cAtoroff, 430. 
B. 185,7c^d9a«oad- 
di7, 439. B. 202, 4 
dno^owTui et443. C. 
209, 19 Molov a m. 
pr. icripta et a m. fl. 
^rrectaflvat) . 

N^al, aed^iDin mr- 
ticdo e «orr. 
fiUy«] Ita, sed initio 
es fiBe cerrecto. 

(31, 10) iftmo^ami, tt 
vi 9vvcuuu] avxoipdv' 
r» ihhwtiu a m. pr. 
C(31, 14) o4dy Sv] a 
m. 8. comma additmn. 
"A^tiv] &9nv cnm al- 
tero 9 int. Teni. prae- 
peeile, adflcripto In m. 

nafiowmv (hsQ, cnm v 
int. ▼«». poflt j[i ad- 
D(32, 7) in^r^ o^ corr. 
in acocKtn ntroqne. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

fi D I T O R I S. 


p. 341. £ (»• 10) adfMi» «JJNK» 

^tiiifu^ M|>. a ioter 
fft oi V ki priorL 

<d2» 15) f99f] ^v lAt. 
Ten» a m. », 

(O^S) ttifff ro £v|C9^ 

^] tt^. t^ «y^. 

B(a8, 3) 17 ofc£] ijin nu 

Ain, 0k iiabet. 

(33, 10) %«; ] laj«*. 

C(33»i7) Oi^5^a] o«- 

(33, 19) 01W liftr«rr«il 

D(34,:2) JM^orr*;] jcil- 
(34, 4) ? oi?z] ?? otfz 

yi/tai,] yovnjs ^t^ 
(34, 11) ovy l««rarr£i] 

^343.A(3i, 16) «e^«*otif««i] 
. ns(fiB6viinBi (Vmi, K 

iec fiekkO 
(35,1)^ W] ^, ti 
C (35, 18) i^flwy^erowrag] 
^iini(^Btovifra&y sop. «0 

B. 8. stlper oi 

(35, 19) « 0^«*] «• oif 

i>(a«, 5)^ *•]««• 

p.344.A(*3,l«) prtdijtfsi] M«- 
#i}tfiy (Sil»d47.B.44, 

1 ei 10. 897.D. 128^ 
15 al#i}> d^. A. 46, 
3» 4 jMe^»^ ^t dia- 
ipo^, 861. C. 50, 21 
dn^n^^ m.386.A. 
i07)7 et413.A. 156, 

I ««nr, 3M. D. 132, 9 
ma^aditly W. 419. 
1165^ S ihMlU>yif0i|, 423. 
A. 172,t6et432. C. 

m, 17lMi«ri9l7,430. 

a 186, 10 i^eMlir, 
431. C. 137, 13 iMi- 
ttdtfj et 440. D. 204, 
19 Mtffiii.) 
p,M4.C(d7, 13) 9iMo9vnig 
istlv] t9. ferisr 

D(37, 20) lair ifir.] iTi, 

mapk tt m e. 1, ^y. 
(38, 1) Mn^fup'] «eo- 

£(33,9) Wfii^] «Irc^l 

^itamti^.A. 38, 14 

eiIIIL408.D. 173,1.) 

p. a4& A (38, 13} oiMr M# ] WM 


3(30, 3) ^«n^ ftna- 

D<;aB»i6)iSfedsry«i] «afor' 

it. (Aig. B. Tat. Bi.) 

p.a46.A(40,8) ittfmivmiuv] %§- 

^lvmf^ 4 ou pr. 

(40, 12)T«^ eoir^d yA^ 

'(tf^toei , ift Bi. a B. «. 

B (40, 14)^0010] ^ovl<« 
G(44,6) a^lMvCti] dfi' 
loviti (kam II. 372. 
a 86v 7. ». 389. B. 
112, 17. 410. A. 151, 
iS. ilU. 48B. B. 181, 
7. AaaBw 196,9. 444. 
A* 211. 6.) 
(44» 8) tfi^rov] ai. 
D(41, 10)4yi«i«wl— «i — 
Int veM. 

/Eicoatr^iri^rDn) prio«] 
— *f^ — « (proiy) — a 

(41, 16) 9i$p9M] -w 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



Idm miiic Ti- 
te a Bckkero ngnlfi- 
cfttmny non anteoedens 
d^Miztu mum re- . 
oenti tribiitnni. 
p. »47. B (42, 15) imif;] ^lir; 

C(43,3) alax9^v vapofU- 
^ai ] aiazif6v9PO(U' 

D(43,9) dnoCoig] iii4>img, 
In m. a nu 8. olouf 


non ovfi. (Yat BM. 

Ven. BC. Vind. B. 

Par. K. sec Bekk. 

Amb. C. Ang. B.) 
B(44, 3) "Hkovcag] cfj 

«1)9 avvraiiv, in m. 
p.348.C(44, 20) oJvoi^] oun 

litnra in a 
D(45, 9) §aXXd9tta] §a- 

Idiftta (Ven. B. Par. 

K. lec. Bdck.) 
B(46,12) 19179] ^int. 

▼en. am.i. (I917 Par. 

K. Yat. M.) 
(45, 13) Sv$ povlsi] 8 

p, (Ven. C. Par.DK.) 
p.349.B(46,15) ijroZro prius] 

i)yo7) v6 9LttL pr. 
4^(46,90) iQad^T]&Qa 

(46,21) o«», 19)7] 09'» 

. D(^,12) Bl«r] c«aw,in 
m. a m. 8. eZnr 
B(47,16) 5*«^] «wrc^, 
e OHrr. SvneQ 
(47, 17) o^r«ff; 04lf- 
vag»] ovvog (a m. 8. 
.— rog); ovrflBff. 
(47,20) ^c{£toiyy9rleov 
l^cit^] pancti8 notata. 
p.350.D(49,ll)i;o^li7 0i^ 

p.d60. D (49, 12) ov^ & p^ ii. 
f6tg dQinu] ovlf fo, 
in m. a m. a. 5 , mr 
liys»^, antccorr^--^ff, 
^^^•Kcecnm Utnra poat 
B(49, 15) 8i 001] die^ 
a m. pr. 

p. 851. A (50, 7) imdifnsQ iorlv] 
k Motiv 

ddaUa,] ddaUat 
B(50, ll)soU<2ff a^] ». 


(50,12) oi%; t^] oi% 

(50,1^ l^ci] Hnic a 
m, 8. 8apencriptam est 
C (50, 20) iietVBVftg] intr- 

dvctvsvBtg] — ei — e 
(51, 2) liyB] UYOt 
D(51,10) S(fa, sl] &Qa$i 
B(51, 14) 8tolaow€u] o^ 
Btolcovtat in m. 
p. 852. C (52, 17) nQ&iat] tCQdiat 
iSZyi^ dlri^hg] diiv 


(52,20) fjaito^g] 17, 
a m« 8. 17 , av, 
Ifq rot] f»i} tt com fi^ 
tnra inter r et 1. 
D(53,9) fhst] Ita, non 
M r» (Ven. B. Amb. 
C. Ang. &) 

(53, 12) Bhat tmt^] 
elnwnff fop. a m. 8. 
vat t 

, B(53, 17) covra tovtmv 
(papkv] qw^^tBV tavta 
p.353.A(54| 1) roi^v^»] tovtm, 
Sn m. a m. 8. tovto 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

E D I T O R I S. 


o^T«;, ovvw. 

(54, 14) «^ o^] 

C (64, 20) r^« te^Sv dQ.] 

I>(66,3) ItfTAT»] iMtl 

(55. 6) hiBhov] Ixc/ri^y 
«ap. a m. «. 8 

(56.7) n a' irfri] 
ro'd' ij^r v6 

(55, 8) /, 1917] YB h 
S(56,10) ir^s] tti^ce 

(55, 14) ovristio^tfayiar] 

Ita, non {. 
p.d54.A(55,21) IvonreXet] 1«- 

otTsliJ , e oorr. — e? 
(66, 3) rol03«yd«de^i9] 

MXQtfUa kt HL 
B(56,7) «ei] a/£l 
(56,9)>af ^0«] fyo» 

o^ (Ang. B.) 
i56j 10) ^^fi^oo»] o^. 

T8loe «oUTsices «^afrov:^^ 

L. n. 

/IlcfrflMroff noUtsuSpi^ 
dewiQas <^ 

p.357.B(57, 9) §0^X81] po4lov 

C (58,8) VB oijrotf] rc 

(58, 7) rd nup^popta] r6, 

•ddilo Int yen. y, s. 

ot in 11.114x1 r^ «c^. 
(58, 8) i &%Xog] 6 &X- 

Xmg (non &XXagj qnod 

ne Bekkfnio qnideni 

I>(58»12)r^roir. iJUff r^ 

hi; *&] «^lroiri dX' 
P.85& A(58, 16) dC odrA] a«' 
V- it«m68, 19. 
B(59,l)aonp] aonorenU 
(69, 2) so^lifOiTiHtt] «o* 

Xffi^TMu ente oonr. 
(59, 4) tl^iatt^] ti 

(69, 7) iaaat] Ugm 
C(69,13) Xiyov6t9] Xi- 
yovCTjv^ iop. a nu s. 

]>(59, 19) iv 00^] Ite, 

non &v 60V 
B(60,9) imMv] hnUt 
dv (item 377. B. 94, 
10. m. 396. C. 1:26,7. 
411. C. 154, a 414. 
C. 169, 16.^ 
p.d59.A(6D, 14} ffvrcoir] iv^roJ^, 
non onf. , 
D (61^19) ^C79r«/r«]r» 
xnt. Tere. habet 
p. 860. B (6t, 19) im^i^ov] fo«, 
(62, 21) dvo] Hm (Vind. 
tmg dda(idvt$v6gy Sg] 
t&g^ a m. B.Sg, d.ot- 
roff, a m. 0. — re^g, 
dd, Sg 

C(63,5) (^xonrtmfrm] 
cbmrirrvroi ante e^ 

(63, 8) dwvV^oy] dia- 
9^ (Ven. C. Far. 
DK. aec Bekk. Ang. 
B(64, 8) Sidetacig; ^Sg-] 
Sidatactg ^9$, 
p.a61. A(64, 9) 8h, iStv] di ^, 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

P R A E F A T I O 

p,g6l.A<64,16) W««r ^tf] d. 

0(64^«)) d9d99U»] dv 

C<6S,7) «0»i7vAi6] ftoin- 

tio9 « m« pr. 
]>(65» 14) «vfol^] avmy 

(Par. M.) 
p. 36^. A (66, d) dpkaxw9vlsv&ii' 

ceriici] aMMxdiydev- 

^tfcraiy in m. dwa- 


pdXup, np. a m, 8. 
altero l 
(66, 16) ««e*y^yir«r^««] 
MBQiylvBO&ai^ 0op. y 
D(67,6) rt liyfiy] WXfi- 

B (67, 16) heeavovotp] i- 
2v'i] Zvan 
p.863. A (68, 1) i«l «i^w «^ oiJ- 
voi] &gMffXcoy ^' ov 


(68, 8) iy^-ova] «w^o- 

(68,4) yfii/vaiog] y«- 

vaio^ , sop. a m. s. 

altero v 
B(68,7) 9)if^fiiv] g^^^eia 

m. pr. 

Iiiooag] (lioag, 8up. 

a m. «. aitoro o 
(68,11) dfififtovos] d' 


#to«a^] ttovdm 
D(68,a>)«l^ hi] oRr 

B(69, 7) TO^ta] int.vcr». 

et In m. a m. s. e/- 

^iSfir. Ita enim illiid 

Tovra legi poletftt. 

p.a64.C(7a,7) Ai«&»^*l !■*« 
4i{ et » a m* t.^ aopcr- 
acriptam 0t in m. cl^ 
Nei^ffdvwpemtam eat. 
kd0xi\ Ita, noniMa 
li£flr(Par.A. VatBH. 
Ven.Ba i»b.C.ABg. 

(70, 9) iJXa^w] PX«- 
^tr , wp. « inter ^ 
et i. 

(70» 10) tfcvoo*, «J- 
^ofTT^ 09»oar ] mc 
tf^otfi ^^oirr, aap. 
mq eoqae n m. s. in 
£t mntato, aq>Utiv 

(70, 13) ^aaor Imrl 
iXadov i09*v 
B(71, 1) na^qmxA^) 

(71,3) ^/»a«oy] o/Mc- 
8o«r (Par. D. VatM.) 
p.^65.A(71, 16) 9ol6g vig^ noto 
vig , «op. a m. 8. 6 

hdvTov («. ^ovT^y Vat 
(71, 18) a%] a^ical 

C(72,8) afil] a^«l 

D (72, 16) o<rr« §idoao»€a 
_ lava-ayciyB.] bis 
ddnceps , sed ldt«nun 
exemplum linea dele- 
tom. Bt in i^ac altera 
acriptione fii) omiasom 

B(72, 20) ^xol oitot] 
wMv &S* ante corr. 
p.366. A(73, 4) #fo«iioi g^ yoo 
^htH] aAttoi fi. y. *•»- 
tai€ a m. pr. (Bmar 
litM 871. B. 84, 1 
n^^vtmig, 372. D. 
86 , 13 vtiievtmvtatg, 
376. C 90# «0 a^«- 



£ D I T O R I S. 


, m. 898. B. 

181, 1 tipmgf 4iaC. 

iS^i^ttmug, 416. B. 

163, 13 €d^^^algy 

niL 42L A. 168, 1 

itneag (priut) et 4f6. 
. B. 178, 18 dyvoovif' 

xmg a a. pr. erat) 
A(78^6)i«^o] erftfd- 

fMte a B« pr. 
B(73, 14) /Mpvovtf*.] #117- 

(78, 15) •^nwwtfiwijg] 
sv<^|[^9vnf9^ inp. a HL 

(78, 16) iRii<Md^] 

£(74, 15) UXm^oi] lc- 

f.a69.D(88,8) liim <M^.] 

(74, 18) MuMh] dn' 
ith^g CPnr. DK.) 
«M r ^«^ov] io 
■L a B. fl. liabet 
p.367. C (76, £1) ^6 dl &dMov] 

(76, 4) wkc^ ovrov] 

Mp. ttP« 

B(76, l5)«»'«n^«i7Vl **' 
' i7$, 18) €bl} o/el 
p.368. A(77, l)rWMros]ylttif- 
(77, 5) 4Mao«dvi}s] 81- 
WMt^ff, «up. a m. 
C(77, 18) tl ▼ Iovmt] W 

^369.B (7iVS) Mqtdvfm;] Ita, 
Bt»4 X9^aUtftt/if. 
C(79, 13) 9t&t^ &tttiW09] 

ttV. IC|II. 

D (79, 80) &Uo vt] M* Sti 

p.trO.A(88, 16) «MvfOf «oi] 
B(81,l) xttifdv] «0^ 

a »• pn 
€(81,7)«e^]s^v. ^ 
voi «ttU eorr. 
p.8M.A(8S,9) S7Ktt0t9]SntMf 
rino oorr. 
C(88,5)4»«« «i*o«l « 

(88,7) v^ ttikov] T. 


(88, 11) ti AUo] W^ 

B(88, 18)«l«vifTttff] tOd' 

vtjtUQ (Vat.Bli. y«L 

B. Far.K. McBekk.) 

p.37S. A(84,9) Iwodl] irof» a 

(84, 15) tA ttoXXtt] tu 
igoVjk (SfaBiltter ff« 
»if6ttif09 mL480.B. 
186, 6. 8ttt rttVTttin. 
897. & 128, 19.^l«i 
«lcSovor n. 389. C. 

106, 8. fttttt TttVTtt 

m. 898. A. 180, 8. 

fttta to9to BL 898. 

D. 180, 28 et 398. C. 

B(84,19) fuiicii^ogitd' 

t»s] fuii0twttg ftdtag 

(85, 6) Itfritt^ilvove] Ivr, 
(85, 7) AUtg vt] iaiag 

(85,10) «ifMMF] vifittv 
amito aa» fl. addHo. 
D (85, 14) M^Moovott^] 


(85, 15) Igpf?, xttf€ON.] 
o^WI via. 
B (86, 5) ipJliy/ittliWVOffv 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



uffphftmv %a\ n6lai' 
«N> fMcl futlt9va vmw 

XaVtff 90UiV9tWf S Uk 

p. 373. A (86, 7) uUvai] %U9m 

(86.11) t& dpoYuala] 
Ita» BOQ tdp. 

C (87» 7) «0VT09 mfo^dt^' 

<!£<] tovtQ nif. (Ven. 

C. Pto. DK. iecmidiiiii 


D(87, 15) tTjff ^/WT^«g] 

rigfff ij/Et^^as a m. pr. 
B(88,l) ie Jy] Itoam. 
pr, ig ov a m« •• 
p. 374.8(88, 12) 'H oJf] J7 ovir 
C(88,21) itfvlf^eJ] l<»l 
(89, 4) sa^i^^i] m^- 

B(89, 20) ^^, jfff] dr 

' (89,22) /av] y«5v 
p.375.A(90, 1) hutt^i^Hw] —v 
a m. •• tap. 
B(90, 16) ^^, 17] «/ij 
C (91, 2) 9V016. i^a/ysrm.] 

9vtftff tfaivtcau 
D(91, 5) J&yawevci] km^- 

. (91, 10)TavTfle.] *avTa; 
B(91,15) a^a, ^] £9' 

(91,17) ovi' oot] oi$v 
ov coi 

p.d76. B (92, 6) o^ff <IZ^dms] o^s 

(92, 8) dMcx^/yci] ^ia- 
• n^/i^sty ( dicMQlvuv 

Viiid. B.) 
(92, 9) cwiaBt] iwicot 
a m. pr. 

(92. 12) ta^tov;] tav- 

P.376.C (92, 16) 91^«»,] lU a 
. - m. pr. , ^voci a m. ~a. 
«Ira*;] e&a<.* 
D(93, 7) Ov' yi^^] 0« 

iv fMqt fim9oloyovV' 
tig] iv fiMai^v^' 
lojovvtie a m. pr. «/ 
fM^oloyovvr^e am.a. 
(panctb siib ftv^a po- 

(93, 8) mudtuiofuv'} lU 

a m. 8. Mai8i6ofuv a 

m. pr. 
B(93,14) cAKoSfr] lU a 

m. pr. e2i»cv a m. a. 
(93, 15) ^m^] dirriDv 

a m. pr. 
p.377. A(93, 17) ^cvaAttr] ^fv'- 

dctfisr (Voo. C. Par. 

DK. iec Bekk. Amb. 

(94,3) O^iuivv]o6noiv 
B(94, 10) ttUioe^cSM] 

ttXiuod^mM (Ven. C. 

Par. DK. cec. Bekk. 


(94, ll)^TOv'ff] €^ 

td$ a m. pr. 
B(95, 8) CiMw^ Yifaq>e^g] 

Hu int, ren. a m. t. 

iiiterpositom ett c{ 
(95, 13) d tinwv] o bL 

(95, 14) S qniat] Ita, vt 

▼ulgo, non 6^ 9). 

difacoi] d^6ai 
p.378.B(96,5) Ov'/»a] 0« f*A 


C (96, 12) ovrofc] 06- 
rov, in m. a m. oec. 

B(97, 8) cfritf] fi ttg k 
m. pr. 

g t zed brGoOgle 

E D I T O R I S. 


r. $79. A. (97, 12) Miwm] Mi- 

i^ 9 itt flL a ■. a« yiM 

(97,1S> T049UU] xo»r 


B(98,d.4) 9dkw9;-^t4' 

«9<ry/«ff;] afrtoy; — 

C(98,9) 6Uymv] dXfyov 

(98, 12) £U' ^Tra] £l- 
la &tta 
l>(98, 18) ofhAQo] dvctQ 
o (i^i^Amb.C. Vat. 

B(99.S) %an£pT9} »a- 
%£p^ pneposito int. 
▼era. a ■• s. xal (%»- 
«w VeB. B. Vind. B. 
p.88aB>(l<X>, 11) i^^a y<fi7ra] 
£^ y. « JD. pr. 
(100, 12) frori ^J To 

r^ fi^ a B. pr. 
(100, 15) «e^ «n^vov] 
n, €ei. 
B (101,1) eUiiofiow] ta. 
(Vai. B. Par. K. aec 
p.381. B(10l, 12) %d rov ^vov] 
t& — lat. Tara. a m. •• 
(101, 18) T€tdTy ] rov- 
va aBle oorr. 
* D(102, 12) fJUono^A^,] 


B(i03,9) CBfi^6v XiyHr] 
0. Xeysnp; 

(108^11) jriMyr'59]Ita, 
noB^JIsMtfra Sy (Amb. C. 
Ang. B. Vat BAf.) 

8(104, 14) MiiSe'ltfr«r] 

E (102, 21) |Mra|krUair] 
A(103, 4) iuaov0$] Ita, 

p.382.B(104,20) o^y Sva^] 
Hft a m. pr. o«r «. 
a m. s. 
p.388. A(10£s5) kmoiQ]u4' 
vo4s €nm litnra in spi- 
(105, 9) aMfq] a^. 
B (105, i3) Haidv'] natmw 
(105, 18) rdir nalda] 
wlda (Par. K.) 
C (106, 20) M aroias/^r] 
l^^i^to (imugaMa 
Ani». C.) 
(106,2) «a#<^<roir] m»»' 
otfoir (iimn mi. 487. 
C 198, *12.) 

rilos noUxBtmVf devtiQag: 

L. III. 

nidtmvos noUtuSVf 

p.886. A(107, rocavr' icrra] 
roiovra orra 
B(107, 9) ^te, ij] di i} 
(dr Amb. C.) 
(108, 2) ovrm ra] oC- 

rog td 
. (108, 4) oJV ii^iXiiM] 

oitB ei(p. 
C (108, 5) !E£alsi^^] 
Ita, npn iiaXB^mfuv 
.non iD ff. (Vind.B.) 
(108, 15) Vt^Nol] «^- 
p/; «al 

ndfinav] fedvfi/MOv 
(106, 17) «M»«0l^«itt] 
Ita, noii vsigviio^atf 
in oodioe ftoriptmn es- 
■o BekkMi racts A- 

■ Digit 



r R A E F A T I O 

entfMivJI, do Pttr. K. 
niyi diiit Bgo er- 
p. 386.^(106,90) voomaayUr 
9oM]ft6aaa Xhmov- 
p.d87.A(l09»l):7>««««ai] t^'- 
(109, f) §%onai] l|oy- 

*a9 a mu pr. 
(109, a)*'^»!^] Ita. 
B (109, 4) ma^irrjo6fU' 
te} «17 liirrl tov a/- 
fi^o/Bttr. Mal i; cS^i- 
muidoVf tUdp s «a- 
9a«vo^l»a# ^of^flrai in 
(109,11) &^/aO t4- 
C(109, 18) fcoairiop; 
Ai^la #^.] noiiffitiopt 
driXad^s (Iteni di/ila- 
^' 392. A. 118, 5. 
398. 0. 130,1. 412. B; 
155, 11. mL 428. A. 
181. 2,) 
P(110,2) kaSeos hti] 
Ita, noa — ^<rrw 
(110, 9 / lȣ/flrov] ye 

(lia, ^ oitr^g ititf] 

B (110, 9) "!lErsMor! S^ajial] 
^mara ff^a xol a m. 
pr. Pro «al m« aoc. 
X^ pofnit. 

(110, 10) JTTor] 8tb &9 
nt yind. I>. 
p. 388. A (110^18) «lw^]«aar- 
qA^ non nXaoQa 
»(110,20) fui9l dfttpoti' 

(111, 5) dflW/«l£oirf'] 

p.38a€(lll, le)"» fliddw} i 
«• aooontn. 
1>(111, S^ otft^] ti, non 

p.3^. A(112, 11) d* {9'] d'^^ 

(112, 12) nowt^opta] 
8(112, 18) ^^ ovjT] d* 

D (113, 10) dij^Mov^] 
Itn n m. pr. 
(113, 14) di; om^- 
ovvrjg iifa] dh c. &^ 
p. 390. A(tl4^€) ii^ maX&^] &^ 
(114,12) oraflr] St' €tp 
(114, 13) aaQmliiai] 
Ita, noB niXi^XsZm 
(Pyr. BK. aeo. BAli. 
B (114, 16) foitifdeMfl^] 

C(115,4) i»rf#^ jfri] Ita, 
(116, 6) otfar "AifHSs] 

(116, 7) M /E»a] oH ^ 
»(116, 8) mq^sB^]waq' 

B (115, 16) ^or^or] il^ 
oraoflr, in m. 017 af- 
orAM» « 

p.391.B(l]«, 11) nat^6ia^] 

C (116, 19) ip aihf] iw 
kantS (Ang; B. Vat. 

flrooif/iara] Ba, non 
vooijfuni ra (Par. 
ADK. Ten, G. Vlnd. 
Bl Vat BHM. Ang. 

(117,2) 0^pOM^]«^ok 
a B. pr. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

B D I T O R I S. 


«017»t7) Mv' '^aJor] 

(117, 18) fimt^g *»'] 

p.aeit. D(I19, 7) !lf« ovF] &Qa 

(11», 8) f«|ni«Mn7] 7*^0- 


B(119, 15) (^«oilvffai] 
p. m A (119, t0) /MElMta av«J 

B (113,7) m^^w.] 
(tt0^9) ^^;] W- 

D(l£l,8) Shiviv]^&pw 

S(ltl, 6> «f X9mu] ol 

«I Pm.ADK. Tiad. B. 
YatBBL V6ii.a Ang. 
p.d94. A (ttl, 18>oteao#»iioc«»9l 

(Itl, 19) «lira»] Ita. 
Bim, 4> £» «rrO Ita. 

(1«, 13) Sti ttpofiip] 
Ita a m. pr. 

B(123,7) ixtiBt^Z] hu' 

t^i^t (Viiid. B. Par. 

K. Tat. M.) 

p. 395. A (lt8» 15) /Hpiiffiara] jU- 

#ii7i«^^, a oonr. ^- 

Q(ltl» Ifl) Aw ^ &] &' 

&!,. a 9£ a: addito « 

ot itt n. porito paH 

^W&» (lt&l4> H^aO y/- 

*i7i«» «Hi litua in L 

p.89aD(lt6,l6) lA &9^]m 

Taifc *C. Par. DK.) 

C(lt8, 3) hmtimp] iwaw- 
fr/or a ». pn 
(188,4) ^iuffir]^. 

D(lt8, 9) movB^ $ig] 
«ffka^oy ffr 
(lt8,ll) Ai^mp] d- 
n^mr a ■• pr. (Aag. 
(It8,l^ «m^a^iirofj 
%Bit^«fUpo$: ' 
EinB^Vy^ApS^aSi^] rov 
mr «Mfl «^fNffOv 9i}olf 
ia »• a BL a. 
p. asa A(lt9, 10) rt «/^} «" «V 
«4(Aiif.B. VatM.) 
fivfor} ^foflr a la. 
C(188,t) n$^ ie^mp] rls 
1^^, a vu a. iiiUoi- 

(lao^T) £rra] £rr« 
B(18Q, 18) dm*6tmq;] «*- 

B (180, 17) JtQfut9Uu;]A' 

a» tntefpnictioiie. 

p.a9aA(i3i,4) :rWo»] ita. 

(PMr. DK. Mo. Bckk. 


Mifnfotrrrog a m. pr. 

S(13t, tSy tumip] aol- 


p.400.B(188,15)Myt] M/w, 
«t Bekkmo ortcnffit 
C(184^ 1) Mlr] r/dir 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


r R A K F A T I O 

> 400. 0(134,3) ^/tov$ €tf$' 

Tovg] ^. wSxav (Vat 


(134,6) 9tfv]i7 <^ 

(134,^ t6 t^s] Trf 

p.401. A(135, 10) MntoiT^eias] 

Htmwolag (Vat. BM. 

Par.DK. VeD.C.ViDd. 

B. Ang. B.) 
B(135, 17. 18) fiiJTsiv 

ter] /»ifr ly (Aog. B. 

Vat M.) 
C(136, 10) vy(ei(Xfr] ^/v'- 

B (136, 18) Sfiiuov^' 
^ipTvnf] dfuuovifyTi&Z 

(137.2) xoyaa-^s] Mxl 

p. 46t. A(137, 4. 6) Aa/7e2^, ^ 
«eo^c^ff;] XafieZv; — 

B (137, 17) «-««ir] 4^ai^fr 
C(137, 20) M^tiag] d^ 

ilsvd^WTfiTog ] iXsV' 
#<^ioriro9 a m. pr. 
D(138, 10) iffaafuoTa' 
TOP.] iffaa/ueiTOTOvtf 
(138,13) c/ fUvTot Tt 
noKot t6 o£fta ] ti 
fkhroi T% iqnj lunct 
Tiqv ^X^v iXlBlxst 
«cerii t6 aSfuif qaaa- 
qiie mediis linea no- 
p. 403. A (139, 1) dtfi^odlom] d- 
oi^ii ye] t o4Siy9 

(139.3) iif^v;] iqav: 
Bildd, S) ^ j^n futdi 
C(139, 19) wtvUu.] ««a- 

D(140,8.d) tfikrov— ai^- 

p.403. 8(140, If) 9vJUnoc] in 
(140, 14) ^t^ooijnov^] 

p.404.BK141,d) iUijamv] e£l. 
(Yen. C. Par. DK.) 
(141, 8) *a^' ^OfuJQov] 
o of^itfvc, ioirire^ in 
Ttjg noltxiag ^v 6 dvi^^ 
9i7yo!ff, vttvra ovadv 
Mfffuv^ rj fuig fut» 
^ouf6^a UuovTog 
Tdvd^bg* ovn §0cw 

&Qa TOVTO §ilTWVf 

fuoLtZva fA» htBofhUy 
TOVTa dl ftfi: m ima 
pagina a n. s. 
C(141,18> difMgy'] 6. 

D(141, 19) Ih^aKOoiav] 

ovifQaKOVOiav (Vind. 

B. Yat M.) 

(142, 6) iv^Zg] ^fir- 


ECl^ 10) 4yiButv;] ^yi- 


p.405.B(l42, 21) intatx^] ked- 
C (143, 10) SveKa, dyvomv] 
iv&uCf fud TOVTa OfU' 

XQ&V T8 KOI OvSkv 

dyvoavy aex mediii 
linea notatai. 

(143, 14) f Twmv] Ita. 

D(143,19) fuiX\ fyff] 
fuiXa iqnf 
p.406.A(144, 9) 9Cq6 vov] oi 
tov SmoK^flevovM^ 
oxolovs in m. 
B(144,17)«/BMa0] d- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



p. 406. B (145» IQ 9im9vtitw} sim- 

(145, 19) oStmitn^mS] 
p.407.B(l46,9) f^iud] Ita, 
Bon pkpyitffxai (Hr. 
B. Aab. C. Aag. B.) 
(146, 11) Sgy czBd6p] 
Sg 9%. «iao iiit«rp«i- 

C (146, 17) &l dut^dut^] 

(147,2) %ovracva«i{- 
funa ] ix9Ptag ^dfuc- 
D(147,6) c/bdvZap] iim- 
dtlUfp a m, pr. 
(147, 10) hfowa mStmp] 
R (147, 12) 0«^ 9rd;ia] 
ol^rf n; «oJU i 
p.406. A(147, 17) JMcir^lffi] fie. 
ycXao (Pto. DK.) 
(147, 19) ili|^] orfctt 
D(148, 19) ^a^x%i^Ua9%o\ 
(tgKogBt^hglPvo j ft m. 
«• — aansrfo 
p.409.C(150, 13) t&ipo^tf] 
D (150^ 17) i Tmetols] 
bi« dMiMept, «ed al* 

p.4iaA(151,9) dMOKxmf09€i;] 
(151, 14) |M7»,'l9»7.I 

B(151, 19) o^ S^] 
mrl o«;t «Sxe^ 

D(152,17)l9i7. T/W;] 
Jk^ : xIq ix$t€Mp toi 
Sioptogy tl 6\f qna- 
toor nediii iioea m- 
PLAToins Op. II. 

^4n.A(i5», &3) ♦nif;- 

ov a «. 

C(15S, 18) ifrrl . 

(154. 1) Uzmp] Ug^, 

(154.2) a4t6gmitop] 


olV» iHxl ipp^p a B. 

(154,5) mTrov] o^ni 

(Par. K. Amb. C.) 
(154, 10) i TOMwroc] 

itto§to9 9L B. pr. 
8(154, 12) «4£rra] £my- 

r«, non £«. 
(15^1$) ^o5m] 9^ 

Sptt (VatBHBl Teo. 

C. Par. DK. Yind. B. 


(154.18) iu^] lua 
m. i. imtvo a ». pr. 

(154.19) tppoQitoo^' 
roi»] ovp, 

p. 412. A ( 155 , 1 ) ittr^iWnmv] 
ittt^iotata a b. pr. 


C (155, 18) ylypoptm;] 

AHeniiDy int. ym. 

(155.20) ^viUnuiMira- 
Tovff] 90. 

D(156,2) 9>ilf»ir.] ^Otty:, 
(156, 6) roi>Mnrr/6v.] 
p. 413. A (156, 21) toig iM^'- 
«rovs] vovg OM. 
(157,5) 86tfig «tt^O 
9o{97 orf ^. a a. pr. 
C (157, 14) N^liTl^^fff] 
noXn^iptoig a m. pr. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



p.4i4.B(159t5) ^4SpSil]a8g 
i^ vvp (Am^ B.) 
(169, 6) da«wMtr] S6- ^ 

C(]5»|12) ^iynuxoV] 
ipotviMov a m. pr. 

D(lfi0,:4) &fi(Mn)^aviii' 
wn] tta .« v. t. *?/- 

P^- . 
p.415.B(16D,21) M^flTy^^O 
nccQmyyiXBi a m. pr. 
C(i61»5) 4ftvtf*tr] «lls 

(161, 80 bIs hMiWQUtp] 
$ig 9ii kc. 

P (161, 12) fihfz^Sv] i^ 
^ Sv 

vIbX^] tilotff, a m. 8. 
(161, 15) %ndB<i»w] 
p.416.B(162,l4) bUIv, dwl] 
bMv. ucci dvrl 
(lfe2, 18) bMv;] Blclv: 
C(162, tt) 9fovi icTiv] 

V (163, 16) ^^tBivcu] «e- 

(163,19) aMiy] lia. 

(163, 2i) r^ Toy «OX- 
icSy voiuafta yiyovB] 
ta r. ff. voiUafucva 

' yifovovB 

p. 417. A (164, 3) w av'r6irj rAir 
irvTdy, in m. a m. s. 
TcSv (ad adt6v perd- 
Ita, non tovg re ^. 


«Idicoyoc «o2tTe<oy, 

p. 419. (1S6, 3) d$'kcvto^g] Si 
int ▼». habet 
(165, 6) wA fiBydlag] 

p.4|a A(166, 4) o4iik ktalgaig] 
01^^ M^oic, qoorom 
pofltarins citiam Bekke- 
nu ez boo pariter at- 
qna ex Ang^. B. meo 
errore pnMtemusrisre- 
(166, 5) Sv «•*] Ita. 
non &v nov 
B(166, 12) o»rfflff eid.] 

ovtn evo. 
B(167, 18) &v9oi\Svcoi 
(167, 19) ysvD^^s alte- 
nim ia m. a m. •. lia» 
p. 421. A (166, 4) wA aS] %ai 
a&tol Intarpodto a m. 
•. ys^^ et iittera V et 
aeoonto pr«nonunii oor- 
(168,5) •//ihr oiv^- 
^ig fik(v] el oiv^ftBig 
pkVy priore, non, nt 
Bekkoniofefert, altero 

C(i68, 17) mv^M 4] 

D(169»5) ytjfvinai;] yt' 

B(169, 9) Miwi] Md- 
Iqv , e OQpr. dM^ 
(169, 12) Si^mtl] S- 
Kovti cQffl litnra fn- 
per t 

p.422. A(169, 17) 9qhg t^ vm- 
tBQtOftq^ } Miovvtog 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



ut Phr. VK. Fl<?r. U, 
qoibiu pMperain «oi- 

vsQicn^ tijbm. Bek- 
ktm Tm iivrpmia' 
mtiv xol v«a>T£^Mr/Aoy 
proMvrrojp ♦nbuit 
p.4«2,B(t70,3) «Voi;j J^aot; 
C (170, IQ XQinhxcloig 

(170, 17) doȣrff] do%ii 
a nu pr. 
p.4^.A (171, 12) hhuni^] 
Ita a m. pr. fhf ht. % 

(t71, 16) <;ei] a/el 
?otl oijxm , addito a 

(m,:9(9 o^F ^t'] oi^rc 

B(|i72, 7) irJlfiirJ a^ft; 
D(172. 21) nii «oUaLl 

Hii molX^s; a m. pr. 
£(173^ 6.7) yivrmnai'^ 

l»oif^Ofmi] ylyvontti 

— diotparai % nu pr, 
p.M4^A(173,ll) Ylyvoit'] yl- 

fvw* a n. pr. 
(173, 1S> J^o|^ e^;] 

A m. pr. etiam ante 

EJ comma erat. 
(173 , 14) qnftffiff fjffffi" 

fritl} 9ifoi«, ad^ioa 

m. «. #, fie. 

s«id)B^] tuudlag a 

m. pr. « 

D(t74, 15) «Iftj7] Ita. 
«Cm, 1) izBi;]hB^^ 
P.425.A (175, 8) ^ inBlvotg] 9 
M/yoiff ^at.BM.Fur. 
DK. sec Bekk.) 
Ct75, 12) 0iydg] aiy^g^ 
a m, ji, oi/ify 

p. 425. C (176, 1) ff/ioiov 8^] om. 

- iFoId* (ot? io fine 

ms^0 iMt) 
D (17^ 10) ntftactdCBwg] 

a» pQmpeadlo scriptam 

e«t, ^ .Mnraoraoog 

lc^ d^beat. 
(176,12) vo xoQajtav] 

p.426.Aa77, 3) o^ro^y« xa- 

Ifiiptng] ovtoi yBxa- 

Qiivtogp A m. 8. oH 

roi ye f a^i/mit 
(177, 4) «coixilors^a] 

notnuXmtBQQv a m. pr. 
(177, 5) Ki4 (2(1] )u4 

(177, S) zfitQlev] xdQUv 
oifn m. A m. s.hae€: 
maxiQ twa vvv gUiy- 
vaf rdxa %ai ov% d- 
B(n7, 13) xaQliv] xd' 
Qi^ eC 10 m. a m, a. 
baec: ovtmg ixti d 
fiiXtiap-e, uanvvQ^ dl 
%al fuiia roififovvtaig : 
((77, 15) f^ ^ia] fta- 
D(178, 7) dvdQstag] dv- 
(17iB, 8) itprj, vflijv] ifgffi ! 
P.427.C (179, 15) TtatQlqt] t6v 
dKolmva 91701, tov- 
tioti tiv ^iajov. in m. 
a m. 8. 
. (17^ 17) ofupaiov] 6(ir 
' fpalbv r$t yijg td 
nv&Efa (prfci. in m. a 
m. 8. 
(179, 19) oStng.] o^tm: 





(180,9) o«T«^ x^] 

(180, 10) oStmg. 'EM- 

(180, 11) w9b.] mdi; 
(180,lS)T'^«tll » fot« 
(180, 15) ev^fUwmf;] 
p. 428. A (181, 3) h ttir^] ip «iJ- 

B(181,9) d^lov.] dfilo' 

C(iai, 12) tavvnP, «UA 
rmrofrcKjf. ] rcfwrijv: 
c^U^ tenxaptMi.. (jar 
tnra postij) 

(181, 16) ^ rtw aUjyf'] 
^ rii^ £. (Ang. B.) 

(181, 16) ijvrwovv] i}y- 

(181, 17) y«»«r««J.] 
yeo^Dc^, a n. lec. 

B(182,9) OAtovf, l^^] 
0. I917 a m. pr. 
' P.4S9.A (182, 16) ^*'] x«i, «oii 
ijfr xirl 
(188, tO) 'Eifol yow ] I- 

(182, 21) dv89Bla] Ita. 
(183, 1) toiavtfj] tiav' 
ny Si; in. pr. 
B(183,6) otys&JJio$] ot 
yt &%lfi a m. pr. 
(188r7) tolap] Ita atro- 
^ C(183,12).c;ya^£torica- 
tccf ] Ita; et panllo 
poft (14) n^f' dvd^ziap 
D (184,1) cilov^d] dl- 
ilov^ff, a m. i. cS- 
' ilov^& 

P.429.B (184, 9) JHfo^t^aMtv- 
oag.] it^ofhQaX9V4a$:, 
(184» 10) hinHom.(Pv. 
p.490. B (186, S) M^J Ita, 
aed oorr. ia l 
(185, 5) 1^«] l^» 
(186,8) dpd9Bim^]dP' 
C (185, 9) dvd^Biop clfNxc] 

dvd^lop bL 
D (185, 21) ifioiyB] fyol 

8(186,4) {«w»f/a] Ita, 
noD 0. (Par. AK. fec. 
Bekk. Vat. BM. Tmd. 
B. Veii.C. Ang. B.) 
(186, 6) iyuQdtBm] iy 

mfdtia a m. pr. 
(186, 7) oific ol^a] ov% 

M (Vat. H.) 
(186, 10)ai}rovy£loiby] 

cnl. y. a B. pr. 
(186,11) %alflttanf]%al 
ifttov a m. pr. 
P.431.D (187, 18) TSymy'] h^B 
(187, 20) hu»viuA9] 

(187, 21) noptdiuut] 
B(188,9) n^^^M 
p.432.A(188, 14) z^fMtP ^] 

jrjanftaot ^ 

C(189, 6) «9 forwr] *5 

D (189, 90) o^M^ol] 01^ 
/cofTOfr «e^ ^auaooi- 
v^S tovto m piltir 
o^acy dXXd %sd mb^ 
sov J^BiovdmX^gtav- 
tm nda%ofi9Pf t6 ip 
r«2g W«^ izoptBg 
tn^ovfttPf inoiofP ti 
ioti' df i ^fdX m m 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

E D I T O R I S, 


T^..(}r*fUli;?) fori. 

ia iina pagina a ■. fl. 

yiif cimi finea siib 
(19(^12)e/sS] e/iSa 
■. pr. 

(190, tl) ifira^i/aff] ijr- 

C (191, 7) &««] £rra 
(191,8) jrri^] /ri^ 
/kw a B. pr. 

(191,17) f^.hfrn] 
fiaX* ivn (Vat. M.) 
B(191,21)*H] lta,iioii4 
p«434.A(192,5) ittoXoYolto.] 
onoXoyotvo ; 
(192» 8) TdlXfHmp^i tA 
B(192, IS) ftHoXafipdpm' 
01] Xa(tfid99V€$, a m. 

C(193, 1) %6Ui Mid] noU 

(193,4) Xiya^iiip] Xiyo- 

fJtBP ajB.^. (yeii.BC. 

Par. K Anib. C. Ang. 

B. Vat tt) 
(193, 6) rd lorvov ] th 

0(193,9) i]r«/, M] Ite, 

noii 909 (Par. AK. 

Vat BM. ToiL C; 

(193, 11) ttSog vovro] 


(Par. A. Yat BM. 
Ten. C. TM.B. Aag. 

inuuo edpi i] ana B- 
tnra poal ti 

(193^ 15) lw2ro] o». 

p. 485. A (194, 1) Tifia 5r m^' 
£UiiXa]T«^x' Sr sa- 
^ ^Ui|l« 

(194, 8) "Ofunop] 0«. 
a m. pr. 
Doa nal oil W £U' 


9iSg dt. (Yat BHM. 

Yon. C. Yiiid. B. Pkr. 

ItlaecBeUt Ai^^B.) 
D (195, 10) Vo^]ae' 

ovr fi B. pr. 
B(195, 14) «oUoft yer.] 

(195, 15) olbr oi] oior 

p.4d5.A (195, 18) S ms^} t6 
ni^ly ia ». a ». i. 
S (to yatBHM.yea. 
C. yind. B. Aah. C.) 
(195, «1) M84Ta]oi^, 
a m. 0. 8^, 6r. 
C(196, 14) alKor] Ita, 
flod covr. 

D (197,1) oStn; OStm.] 
yen. C. yiBd.B.Amb. 
C. Ang. B.) 

Yws. inp. 

(197,18) odSa^Utip] 
Itfrir om* 

y«, hnli^hn (Ang. 

p. 487. A (197, 17) fyi ya] Itn n 
m. pr. ifUfi a m. 1. 

B(198, 9) Sr ^ibi$] 2r 

om. O^ar. K.) 
D(198,19 crr«i]inm.a 

m. pr. 




P fl A E E A T I O 

p.437.D(198» tt) nliiHn^ i^f- 

(199, i) dhtm lerrl dlipa 
iQcil di^a iatlf dii^a. 

^49». A(199, 17) 6#tto4. Ttfaff] 

ovtof r. 

9(200,3) W ow] &9' 

D (200, 16) 'iH?'©!?] 5^', 
a n» i^ ir^, ov 
' oSt] O&i a m. pr. 
(WO, 19> 9«^**] 9«*i 
(p;499(A(fOO, 11) i<re/tr; Im] 
Itfrl ) xal Itfr} etc. ut 
Bdtktttts ea significa- 
vlti cmii ibtelTogatio-' 
iiM mutataeque perso- 
nte •igiM» post rov 
(201, 15) 0^^ M] Ita. 
» (901, 21) Sii^to^ ^^U/v 
(Par. A. Vat BM. 
Ved. C. Vind. B.) 
C(fQ24 11. 12) WBlvop] 

fi(208,21)o«ra>ff.] Ita. 
(903,5) «Mim<9 roi^9>] 
vaaKU%fko intenrogandi 
a JD. 8. addito. 
. . , (^, 6) Mtajoff Ixrdg,] 
Sio distuigiiit. 
p.440. A(203, i5) &Uo lv\ aUo 
roi^, in m. a m. sec. 
B(20^18) r^oi^rdy] Ita. 
(203,id) tt)4iro«ovrov;] 

. . (2Di, 22) IfLii mv] m 


• : ^»1) dtoawrf] Mow 

(«04,1) Mfi^] 0«, e 

. jQorr. ovf ^. 

D<204, 13) na4f' avz^] 

. (204^14) l9i7,loixe rov- 

r^] ifj^: iooLS trov, 
fi^, a m. 8. rco 
^p.440.D(ia)4, liS) Me/ro« r«] 
3ia< rot / 
(204, 15) larMov^ov^] 

(204, 19) «oae] ro«ro 
p. 441. A (205^ 11) toHro yc ^fy ] 

t^/ ak (Aiig.B.) 
(205,13) ^hioi} dll 
B(20A, 14) \di']^ia 
(d05, 15) 81 hj d* iv 

(Vtt M.) 

C (206, 4) d^oZoycirai] 

i»fioldy8irai, a m* 8. 

— ^iTtci 
(206, 5) otJrA «* ^] o. 

(2D«,6) l!(fa] laa 

(206.8) «r«rai;] cW; 

(206.9) wdS^] Ita. 
D(206, 10) ovro», ual 

tiUa] ovtmg. xai t 

(206.17) £ri xali7fi«?r] 
wtl dnt. (Vat BM. 
Par. K. sec. BdLk. 
ITud. B.> 

(296. 18) ^ ovV] ^ 

B(206,18)akaidffr£] a/- 
«ttidff r , t earr. / 
(206, 22) fCQOfiijd^iav] 
I ig^nfi^Mv (Vat BM. 

Vte. G. Vind. B. Par. 
(207, 1) vovrov ;] roif- 
• r#v; 
(D7y 2) dPlf/Ei^lDfra] £. 
(Vind. *B. Par.K. sec. 
p. 442. A (207 , 9) ' k/fUKXaoaai] 
. . «/«il. a m, pr. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

i: D I T O R I s. 


p. 4*t. B (^, 13) nid Sk^fisNvvrtf] 

%al om. (Pftr. K.) 

(207, 16) ^f^ff VB xal] 

^ va om. (PaaK. Viiid. 

R Tat AL) 

(i807, 18) M^H^] dp- 

Ita e iMm tAv loyanf 
ftrttfie iAto «orr. 
' (S08, 1) #i y< hslvip] 
<ti/ ht^imiy in m. a 

(fD8,S) ^ avt^] i€ti' 
zS , ttddiio h m, B. p 
posti . 

(S88,4) 6tW€^0«rT08] 

B (808, 17) liwfioXoyal. 
<f4KM] iiro^iloycSff^&a», 
in tn. a 111« 0. chr o/»o- 

(i08, 18) ««l TO»] «ol 
p. Md. A (209 , 1) d^«(al d^<2- 


(ft)9, 6) iMwA 8^iMwe] 

»arii2 ro^tf o^. 
(209, © 4f*'A«iitt] dfii' 

B (209, 10) 5««^«»;] 

(209, 11). aUo. "&*«] 
£Uo Irt: r£ 
E(210,18)5av] «alSr, 
in m. a m. s. ^ 
p. 444. A (210, 21) «ttoTV ov] r. 

?? . 

(211, 4) 9(of»eir a^]^. 
iqa^ e cnnr. a^ 
Mfmr] om. 
B(2il, 10) AovA£ii6ifr r^ 
rtv] dovUvsir. (e 
' corr* .-i) rc& d' ov 

' ^bvlatrM» com liaea 
•ab altero dovleveiy 
aate eorr. i 

p.444.B(211, 14) IWra fi^ 
ovi^ t^cfvfu ] ravns 
p^ «V, e ^sfsn, oivy 


C (21 i,tiyp6cov.]v60OP:, 
D(212,d) TdhT^]ti 
tw em« 
(212,6.9)iltt'£ao9.— ' 

4n* iUov;] 4^ £U 

' lovr: atrbbiq(ne| eootr. 


S(tl2, 12) o(Jr«l^] J^ro> .• 

p. 445. D (214, 1) diiX7iXv»a(uv] 

^iBli^iXfuv a m. pr. 

(214,2) ffi7«)^] e&dfr 

ant» eorr. 
(214,1) o«ra«rff]o«d' 

L- ¥. 

p. 449.B (216, 3) A] oi, in m. 
a m. pr. oV^ M. 
CX216, 3) 'Eftt] Imbet 

etiam 91 • 
D(216;i8>Ttf«e] nfjcl 
M. („«17 «ra Bfon.B.~ 
p.450.A(2l6,19)T^iaa] rJfUla 
V; M. Cvaaa^O 
(217, 2) r/6^J ria»!-' 
• rai V. (fatM.) 
itelfra] Tovrc^ Y. nt 
Pat.A.yatM. („rav- 

(217, 4) foov] Sc V. 

(Vat. M. et a m, pr. 


(217,7) iJfwftl i}f«2j 


C(218, 1) «Waif*ov] e^- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



Suiitm» M. (Vea. C. 
Par. DK. aec. Bekk.) 
p.45a P(218, 8) d»ov66(uwo$] 
Ita M.„a»oi$- 
€Ofih 90V MOD. B.^) 

(218, 10) 9unsvorto^ 
likp] itkv M. M. (Yen. 
B. « n. pr. Par.PK.) 
p.451. A (218, 17) 0« i»«ro9 mF- 
t6g, dm] p». y. 
qiiad Bekkenu oatoiH 
4leiia de litnra tacet 
(218, 18) tiPWMMood' 

fiewog] mr. V. 
(219, 2) ?o«ro] Topv* 
V. (Vat M.) 
. C (219, 11) Izoi] %8iM. 
D<220^ 2)9)vXcfm90»] ^v* 
l^ffTovOi BL (IW. D.) 
(220, 6) JCdi9$ ] »0iy4 
p.452. A(220, 15) YtXotajyiloia 
' M. (Vat B. Veo. C. 

Par. D.) 
B (221, 3) yeloZMT] yiloio^r 
(221, 5) aal ofa] on. 

(221,6) £/g] i<rM.corr. 
D (221,15) AcatBSmiiovioi] 
ltats8ot^iovloiQ\. (Vat. 
<221, 16) 9Mna tavta] 
r. «. M. („«. r.") 
.p.453.D(223, 15) -^to] dr V. 
(Ang. B. Yat M.) 
(223, 20) rif^] riira V. 
qnem margiid eadeni, 
qnae Vat M. adscrl- 
pta habere Bekkenia 
non oftendit. 

(224, 1) SnoQop] SnBi- 

^ V. 

p. 455. B (226, 16) 6 fihv] om.M. 
' a m. pr« (Par. DK.) 

p. 465. C (227,1) &m £trr«] &l- 
Xdvta V. i&W &tta 
Ang. B.) 
(227,3) i%hX.M V 
(Vat M.) 
D(227, 12) jfXor] Slm 
ilov M. qnod aignifi- 
caas Bekkeraa de oor- 

E (227, 18) M^ootd^psp] 
mffootdi^fisp T. sed 
ab eademmami — o^n 
< „«E90^c£Sa^ pr 
Find. B.«0 

Sh]d'y. (Vat. M.) 
(227, 19) •-lU'] J^' V. 
(Vat M.) 
p.456. A (228, 8) do^evBOtd^ i} 
ioXPi^viifc] uo^wi' 
otBQa ^ ioxvQots^ 
V. (VatBM. Veii.C.) 

B(228, 12) Td^ vSc dk 

(Ang. B.) 
(228,20) ^] 0«. V. 
(Vat BM. Par. K.) 

(229 , 5) nat8eia] nai- 

D(229,7) roiovde] roiov- 
rov V. (Vat M.) 
(229, 9) 6fio(ovg] Sfiol- 
os V. (Vat M.) 

rioroi V. 

P.457.B (230, 9) y^] ysXA ut 
▼idetnr, a m. pr. V. 
(Ven. a Vat M, et 
a m. pr. B.) 
(230,14) sV]ItaM. 
(Par. A. Vat B. Veo. 
C(230, 18) (idla]fuik' 
V, (Vat M.) 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

E D 1 T O R I S; 


^ 467.0(390, 21) ^] J, fai m 

a ». s. ^f M. 
£<S31, 18) miatoffi»] Ito 


kenu ttcito idM|iiit 
p.458.A(2%S)Ma^l^ Ib 

V. a m. j. deMmi. 

a B* pr. 
C(t3S,16) vetfgai] tov« 
r V. (Aag. B. Tat 
(i3t» 17) ^ifpovfi^rovff] /ftiyxff- 
^OfUpwg a ». 1. C>f>4* 
»£idofiivov€ Moii.B.*0 

I> (^33, 6) dQ^p4t9qtU] 9Qtr 

p4xi^ y. (yat M.) 
p.459. A (283, IQ ohi^] In y. 
Ktora «t inter « et i 
(233, 18) »] om. Y. 
(Vat B.) 

Mf^ovoi/flefg] Tuudo- 
noii^ M. ( ,,iMctdo- 
%oUtu Ven. C Par. 
DK. MoB. B. Ang. B. 
Vat H.**) 

> y. (yat M.) 
C (284, 12) itnQOP} Ut- 
vffap y.a (Vat 
(234, 18) %t9dvP9VH] 
noflhfvsosi» y. (yat 
D(235, 3) tfoyy^cotof] 
ylyvtcdtu V. („y^va- 
oa«A yat BM. yiad. 

B.««) OVJT^tr. M. 

p. 46D. A (236, 14) itoXif^ovg] mo- 
ktfdooo y. (^y%oU' 

B(236, 1) <Movm<9a] 
dip9ov9009(fa y. 

p.4$aB(286,7) Ma lieftfi] 

ywoNMMr idqne pm- 
ctifl drcnMaripta» y. 
C(286, 9) wf] M» M. 

D(287, 1) WQplhfttovit»' 
^tt] «^#nH^ovfio9« 
Bi. (YoLBUL yeiuC. 
Pte. DK.) 

dttwj M. a Biu pr. 

aovra^rovfi] ir^i «ol 
ittvttptootov «rov^ol. 

( „ %w9t9MlttMiPl IfMO- 

orov frovg'^) niwB 
uak Mopvfpuawwithovg 


p. 461. 0(288, 8) /]rsr. 

(288, 9) mhifuc] Ita M. 

corr. y^ vvtifttt ia ■. 

D(238, 17) vlilo] vMo 

y. (yat M.) 
B(239,8) vl^^og] aX^v 
y. (yat M.) 
p.462. A (239, 16) o^v] a^tit 
V. a m. pr. (Vat M.) 
B(239, 18) noii] lu M. 
(Vat BM. yeo. B. 
Ang. B. Fto. K. et a 
BL f. A.) 
0(240, 9) vet^d] votvuc 


D(240, 14) uaoa] port 
(240, 16) alyct] lUyi} 
M. a m. pr. 
B(24l,2) io9^o9iootat] 
cw. V. 
(241, 5) fHau»'] fia- 
p. 463. A (241 , 13) rovro]' rovr* 
y. (Vat M.) 

B(24l, 18) lm\ PMt »•' 




V«t B. Vind. B.") 

.C(t42,iO Satie] S ttg, 

iop. a a m. 8. raper 

: 9,M.Co zie Tat. H.) 

D(242, t4) gf^arrotTOff] 

s^vtomee M. ante 

' 'ECa43»l) 8] 9, in m. a 

m. ■• o, Bl. 
pu4S4. A(«43, 7) TOifTOir] tovtcd 
M. anle oorr. 
(243,8)'^^'] VM. 
B (243, 18) /ttieoff] vo>. 
V. (Vat M.) 
&^9n}ff] Iviraff M. ante 

(243,17) fM^X']icuxXaV. 

<243, 18) dpoXoy&v^] 

oftoXoyovfUw f qaod 

Bekkenai ez Ven. B* 

, Ang. B. Vat H« reoe- 

pit, eCiam M. oorr. ex- 


C(2i4,6) Mqw] Ita V. 

aed «ap. antii con'. a/ 

ihfdifmw Vat M.) 

B (244, 19) ixtfieUltf] hu- 

^IbUcqM. (Par. DK.) 

(244, 20) if^] l..i, 
aate corr.. iz^iy V. 
p.466Jl(24fi,7) d*] di y. 

(245, 8) t<d] tid M. 

(Ang. B.) 

C (245, 18) wudovQoqfla] 

MtudoxQwpm V. (Vat 

BM. Vea.C.Par.DK.) 

p:406.A(246,2O) oxs^ofifi^a] 

^MnMt(^/>^« V. ( Vat 

B(247, 13) ni^i, dqikricH] 

wu^L i^M V. 
B<248,11) t/s]&,e« 

io, Bi. 

p. 466. B (248, 12) «ia^l ] <ia^l 

p.467.A(248, 16) t^^ xixya^] 
Xfi^ xifytiq y. (Vat 
B(249,0 (^] fi^ M.a 
m. pr. 
(24^8) rf] ^, oab. a 
m. •• s^, M. 
G(249,14) 0*}^^ M. 
ntti] ... Nal y. (ijxal 
Vat M.) 
D(249, t8) £{09019] ffov- 

<utr V. (Vat M.) 
,7, V. („dio*") 
p. 468. A (250, 14) avv^g ] Ita 
et V. Qtmi. B.) 
(250kl7) <?p«] nJ^' V. 

(Vat M.) 
(250, 19) Bh] io M. 
B (251,9) ov^ilag] er^a- 

tlas M. 
B(252, 5) «U/offi] «Ae/- 
o«g V. (Par. K. Vat 
p. 469. A (252, 18) dai^ctv] m^- 
9ta^wf V. (Vat 
B(252,20) &r] om. V. 
C(253, 9) oiv] om. V. 
(Ven. B. Par. K. Vat 
(253, 11) MxijOoiOiv] vir- 

%1J6OVOU0 M. 

D (253, 15) i£«of Zero] <2m - 
^o M. 
p.470. B (254, 19) r^] in m. M. 
a m« I. nt yidetor. 
C(255,7) «'jai V. 
D(255| 10) ovroi] &f»M. 

(255,13) dlMtn9^9^^ 
iL V. 

igitized by VjOOQIC ♦ 

E I T O R I S. 


p.<S55, 18) iTol^] MlUkj, 
in OL a m. a« X^, AL 
(S5a, £) rfME^] cii<f9M^ 
p.471.A(fSe, 11) <»<To2«] Ita 
G(t97^ 8) «chri'] «crira 
(S57^ 9) t7 y^ito] poii- 
«ti» ddtfcto habet M. 
p.4^ A (158, 8) O^ ola^a] 
o4tot, ixk m. Tulg. a 
m. s. Mb ' * 
(t66, 4) ^(] punct aot. 

^^oyt»] l^vyoir. ri 
M. (Par. DK.) 
(868, 6) «ttvti vtTyyoS. 

iii m. Ii tti. 0. ovy M. 
- (258,8) tHyait Xoyor] 

^eir Afyeiy, e oorrr 

lif&v l4y$iv,M. CM' 

yee* a^o<r<«) 
(258,9) 1^8] X^fii^ 

B(258^ 14) ddaUop] ddm 

%kt M. (Vat B. Veo. 

C. Fbt. D.) 

a:oi V. 

0(251», 7) &*] rv4i V. 
(259, 13) W] fy»y« 
K(259, 18) o{^riD]Ita V. 
lll. non ovToq, 
(259, 21) dto|iolo'7i7tfat] 
ato/toXoy^tfcf» V. (Vat 
M.^ diccXoyrjiSiit M. 
^ ^ oorr. (ia m. Tnlg. a 

m. pr.) 
p.478.* (260, 1) ixH] Ita V. 
eed corr. in j^ci 
'€(260,20) «V]£4aM, 
a m.:pr. 

p.^a o(M, 1) fi«uui] fitfaoi 

etaan M. (Vind.B.) 
DCM, 6) ^itaro^ijWi] 
^OMroyiftfoM* M. 
(161« 11) f»4 «ore] 9in7 
«* V. (^^ Ta Vmd. 
B. Vat Bt«) 
E(261,12> %] r^oi V. 
(VAt M.) 
p. 474. A<961, 20)taRrnrafi/ro9ff] 

a m< l./piUtfi ^, M. 

. (261, 21) d9^w$Z] ipm- 

v^ V^ (Pte. DK. aec 

BeUE. et a m. a. A. 

Moi4 & Vat M.) 
B(262, 7) fiiUo/iir] fiil- 

lii tel fiiUi7 /iif, a 

Au aetf itiXXoi^, BL 

(262, 10) ywofUpmv] 
ywofikmp V. (Vat 
(tt2, 11) 9i^at] ifli. 
V. (Vett» B. Vat M.) 
C(26a,lf) V] M V. 
D(262,20) Irvott] hom 
- M. n m. pr. 
(262, 6) ^] om. V. 
(Ven.B. Pte.K. Mon. 
B. Vat M) 
|^47lkA(26a, 19) tifittvagz^' 
01] Itlb M. aed in m. 
a A.. pr. tl^irva^j^ovtfi 
^47aA (»65, 16) nopvaxov] 
B(M6«6!) ^«6] Imd 
V. M^ (Ang. B. Vat. 
C(2i6^11> idv t'] idv xs 
V. , 
(266« ll^ T9>] t6 M. 
(„rd pr Mon. bM) 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



TOt V. 
(ttts 14) di;] V y. 
1>(866, 18) ftdla] ftdX' 
y. (Anf. B. Yat. M.) 
(t6^19) yirMftfKorroff] 
yiyMKMwrts T. (Tat 
p.477. A(t67, la) TiuKM^ttf»] 
outwoTUftt BKa 
(SST^lQa']^) V. 
B(t(>7,18)«a] am.r. 
(967» 19) voMWTor] roi- 
ovvog, e oorr. toiov- 
TOy Bf. (voiovro YiBd. 
B. Yat BM.) 
D(t68»15)a'</g]a» cib 

(268,16) a^Mia^M 

V. (Vat HM.) 
B(269,2) o<;vo/ier] 4hftfo- 
f*» V. (Vat M.) 
p. 478.B (269, 20) ri( ye] t6 M. 
(Vat BM. Von. C. 
Viad. B. Par. DK. 
Ang. B.) 
Ti] om, M» 
(270,2) yi] rrf M. 
C(270, 9) Oi^a^c^] Ita 
M. (Par. A. Yen. B. 
Viad. B. Ang. B. Vat 
(270, 12) a'] dl V. 

D(270,17) 0«T€— 0«T6] 

0««^— ofc' V. (Vat 
(270, 19) S] ^ M. a m. 
pr. «vam...(„§ir*0 

8(271, 3) &«] ftr* V. 
(Vat M.) 
(271, 4) 9CQa€etyo^iO' 
|Mr] «^ootfyo^evo^ 


p.478.K(271,6)?]if V. 
p.47^ A (271, 8) ijyeirai] i^y^- 
TOi M. (Ven. B.) 
Tteihit] TOVTa V. 
(271» 9) dotahmg} mm. 
B(272, 1) h0nd€M9] Ut. 


TSfi Bf. 0,»al 9avTeg<^ 

(272,6) lM9i9ora^. 

Cciv ] ixttfi^OTa^/tefr 


(272, 7) o«T«] ofc^ V. 

(Vat M.) 
(272,8)o»oi] ff«ovBL 
(Par. DK.) 
D(272, 15) avT08 cUAi^i- 
9mg. Evifij%tt(uw,] Ite 
interpvngit BL 
B(273,2) n ai]Ita V. 
Bt noBTia' 
p. 480. (273, 11) KaXovvTfig) 
post ovWg V. (Vat 

L. VI. 

p.484. A(274^5) aoxci:] aoicor 

V. (Vat BBL ot a m. 

f. Ven. B.) 

B(274, 10) oi] c/ V. a 

m. pr. (Vat M.) 

(274,11) ov] ol V, a 

m. pr. (Vat BBL) 
H. et a m. pr. Ven. 
C(275,4) ^vlaica] ItaV. 
M. non T^v 9. (Par. 
ADK. VatBHBL Ven. 
C. Ang. B.) 
(276,5)'ir]^V. (Vat 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 

E D 1 T O R I S. 


p.484.C(S7S, ^ o#v] ojr ov U 

■oa fQ€t^h (Pto. 
AML lee. Bckk^ Va*. 
BHBf. Vm. BC.) 
D(«76, 13) ^/«1 «' V. 

(Vat. mr.) 

(275» 16) f»n^crl] fi^M 
H. a m. pr. 
P.485.B (276, 8) lud oti] imI 
om. M. (Yat BM. 
Vmd. B.) 
C(f76, 17) 9^1] ^^ff 
V. (Vat. M.) 
p.486.A(Sn,16) fi^Uvff] Ib M. 
S « n. I. «x^wssum 
OBt. (iiiXk^ Par. B.) 
C(278/14) «] 0«. V. 
(Vat B. Ten. C. Pkr. 
DK. Mod. &) 
. (278, 17) 9rJU«ff] sl^o^ 

M. a A. pr. 
(f78, 18) 9ii pro 91 
etiam V. (Par. A. Tat. 
BHM. Ven. B. Ang. 

d»ayiMfHim(a\ d- 
wuytuM&ifaBa^i M. 
(Vat BBl Vind. B. 
F^. IL) 

p.487. A (279, 14) hutwmg] htu- 
p6g V. (Vat M.) 
C(280, 8) izoxXBlopwail 
dMndilpopteu M« 
(|80, 9) T£l«vnSirre€] 

Ita V. („TS1CVTM- 

(280» 12) d' f /8] « cib 

V. d' e/ M. a ■. ^. 
(280, 18) rfe 00«] moa 

M. a iD» pr. 

Ila ellBM M. do HM 


p. 487. ■ (281,8) Myt] r V. 
(„ra om. Vrt. BM. 
p.488.ACni, 18) ifl^or'] man\. 
C (282»13) fOiSp th]MUtop 
d^ y. (VlatBM. Veo. 
BC. Bfoik B.) 
DCn2» 16) hrUo/i^cnwr] 
ovU. V. 

p.489. A(tta, 8) itu^a«] /Na' m. 

C(t84»7) Mnffiefo] «''— 

iat iren. a b. •• M. 
(284,11) piaTiOror]^- 

yiotor V. (Vat M.) 
0(284^13)700009^] Ita 

etiamlL (Far. ADK. 

000. Bekk. Ven. C. 

Vat H.) 
(284,16) ^l]r V. 
p.49a A(285, 9) whov] aitop 

V. (Vat BL) 
(285, 11) tcitfipumg] «f- 

tpwthg V. M. a A. pr. 


irvmg] ofrmffM. oS- 

vm V. (fyoSxmg Yiad. 

B. P^.DK. VatBl<«) 

C(286,l) «orc]«or' V. 

p. 492. A (288,15) iAp] fii) piu. 
«lii dranaMriptnm V. 

(288, 19) «rijf tToiHM- 
01(0 vamv] ^* tform 
^. V. („♦. «i^ fi. 
Viad. B. Vat Bl««) 

B(289, 7) {ifiaoyofr] ov'at 
V. ML 

B (290, 7) T^rotttti ol^Tt 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P R A E F A Tl O 

p.4»B(f9Qp 7) oiJa>l mSify. 
IH493.C(29l«d) a^of^foi] lU V. 
89A Qorr* u ot (xftlQBi 

(«Mt 15) "ft»*y'] fi»o«y« 
. .D(391, 18) 009^] tfo- 
9^ff M. 

^itAOtitf^ ML 

B (20£« 20) ip S%ccciv] 
pondu ab anteoeden- 
tabw ct • soquentibiis 
diiliiiguit M. 
(t92t ^l) f>i^] 9v^ 
«fOtfqTV^eui lineitsab 
alten» M. 
D(%9S, If) «ijr^rl hav- 
xiv M. 
p. 495. A (294, 8) iMM{f] poit rpo- 
9 {} M* 
(294, 18) dio^^op^l 
(p^QQd M. 
B (294, 90) ^] om. M. 
(yat BM. Ven. C. 
Vlnd.B« Pte. DK. sec. 

D(295,U) ^P] OR. V. 

(Vat. H.) 
(295, 12) t^ri^MMr] Ita 

V. M. nea vBpfiop 
(295^ 13) «f off ye] «^ (j^ 

« y. .(VAt M.) 

B(295, 18) PtepctwiUig] 
(itmmU^ y. 
p, 496. A (296, IGl) ITairtffftMCf oy] 
Ita e^kHa M. (Par. AD. 
Fai. BM. Ven. C. 
Vind. B;) 

pm^i M» Wf f 6»fMr4'^ 

. f«1»O**0 

p.'49&D(297« lA) v««(oy] roi- 

. . »<wM.. 
p4A97.A^S,iO Ib^llriy. 

0.(298, 19) tfvag] fyvm 

M. a n. pr. 
D(299,5) v/tw] i7/»erB 

. V. ei anjbe oerr. M. 
B (299, 12) dwHmliaei] 


(299, 17) Kol] puMtb 
not. M. 
p. 498. A (299, 19) x^^^ftdTqH 
%aUMa€^ov in au M. 


(Vat Bl) 
C (300 /14) ptowff^a*] 

fiu^tfaob^m M» ante 

. (800, 18) dvtixBlviiv ] 

fioie Bl in m. a m. a. 

iv praepomt. 
(800, £1) B^aaioitaxfiv] 

ttQia(dv09£ addit M. 

ponctia notatmi. (Vat 

B. Ven. a Vind. a 

Par. D.) 
D(d01, 2) mtiMitsv] mel' 

acfmv V. 

&Xlomgi m. V. (Vat 

(301,8) «otijtf»^] 

Ttot^ijaofisv y. 
(301, 4) y*]y8V. 
p. 499. A (301, 16) Ivvtetaiiivms] 


M.) SvwBtecfiiUvmg Bl 

ante corr. 

c(802, 10) a^i 8* M. 

(802, 14) Snioig] Sn^ g 


B(803,f) i^rr|habetetiam 
JM. dn .qne nno Bek- 

igitizea by VjOOQIC 

£ D I T O R I & 


^ieft.B <ao0,4) «MNriH h^ 

«ly V. fr«B. B.) 

•(904^17) dfjfiorw^fi] ^ 

funtKijg IL 

B (905,8)^"^] i^irH. 

p. 501. A (305, 6) 010«^] oZtf^aT. 

B(d05» It^ huniQCMit] 

Ita M . ut Ang. B. 

(305. 14) flw, o] «VTrf 
y. ir# To, in m. a m. 
«. 8, M. 0»av vd Plur. 
AD. Yat SH. Yao. 
C. Tind. B. Ang. B. 
o^r^ Par. K. Vat. M. 
«110 \en.B.MoD.B.'0 

c (305, 20) ffliff] «^ff y, 

5«r ante ffri omittit 
etiam V. (Par.A. Yat. 
BHBi yeQ. BC. Aiig. 
(306, 2) ducTBtafiLivavg] 
dumraiiiiipovg aafte 
oorr. M. {jy9utxna(U' 

(305, 3) l«2^ov/aey] Iso- 

vovfieif com «r» siiper 

«oM. (y^aivov/up^^ 

P.508.A (307, « Ti«] t(s V. M. 

(307, 6) Ttff] Tfe V. 

(307, 7) £i7Z»9<>^fieir] 

cvy. M. 

dl] ^ V. (Vat HM.) 
B (307, 10) ytvSfUPog] om. 
M* (y^yci^OiKayoff Mon. 

«i)?*rr ] ndvTtf y. 

. (307, 15) «4x1] Ita M. a 

m» pr. di» ft m. ik 

(307.15) w] ry. (re 
Par, ]>K. ^ B.) 


«16 miimm ▼• (Vai 

^50f.R (306t 13) ta] om. M. 

(Yft BM. Yea. C. 

yM. B. PiE. DK.) 
p.503* A(3O0^ 1) vomwt'] Touro- 


B (309, 4) lUfunjfuu] fU' 

livtjWf mp. am.iL 


"Omroc] Ita M. a m. 

pr. Supovi^y in m. o, 

ft n. f • Oy'^^^') 
C (309, 14) •foi] o&v« 

dt Tidetwr, a m. pr. 

M. (Par.ra.) 
P(aie^ 1) Mtl t>^avfti7€l WK^ 

(Mk M. • BL pr. 
p.504.A(310,19'H]4 y. 


l^iMr, ui m. a m. 8. 


2UI17] Ita M. a 

dXl^ a m. a. ( „^Uc^ 

Mon. B.**) 
C(311,3) oTi^] ItaM. 

•ed oorr. in « 
(311, 11) /Mcl'] luila 

(311» 13) v^Xom] Ita 

^ M.G,9wZiw^'0 
B(312,4)^'la]fua' V. 
(31t, 5) fi#}^Mrroir] fut' 
yu/tov V. 
p. 505. C (313, 12) nXdvfig] In m. 
a m. 8. M. 
D(818, IS) tov'tc{] TtfvTff 
^iSrl») nal uaXit] sucl 
p.506.A(3i4,9)y'] ya y. 

(^ 11) Iflmniir] lov- 
TMi y. «t Ang.B. yat 
II (^iMfmr'') 

Digitized by VjOOSI^ 


r R A E F A T I O 

11.506. 8(814, 17) ^«]9,9SBI. 
(314, fl) 1^17] Mi. V. 
(Vat. M.) 
C(315,5) Tt]Th y. 

dh dtvy m m. a m. •» 
h^f M. (^ijy d' ir«^ 
p.507. A (816» 10) /] MB. M. Qt 
P^. DK. \i^*') 
xd w] ti «^ y. ixdx' 
Anc. B. Yat HM.) 

B (316* 17) «^otfoyo^evo- 
ftnr] «^tf«yo9£v<{fie- 
fw BL (Pte. DK. aec. 

D(817,l4)«i;«9] o^To»^, 
a au a. — ^, RL OyOi^- 


B (817, 18) «9^]oM. V. 
(VaC BBI.) 

P.608.C (818, 17) «al ti2 oV' 

/»Sir«] %^6g Te O-^ir, 

lap. a m. s. xod rc^ 
§U et saper hoc 0^«- 

(318, 19) oro8^] olop&a 

(319, 2) /] ye M. 
E(319, 14) iutvoov] duc 
v6ov M. (y^diit roti^O 

p.509. A (819, 19) xccvx'] xavxa 
0(390,30) Sl]9^\.(yni. 

D(821,8) yirovff] yiros 
V. (M0Q.B.) 
(381,9) <^0tt9e/a] «W 
9ia M. („i{oa9£M^<) 
p.5iaA(ail, 19)TBy«y'] |y»ye 

0(888, 15) ^ave^r] 9>a- 
p9q6p V. (Ang. B. 

P.511.C (884, 10) •% MfuiHH^ 
o/<dpicpo« a M. 



L. m 

p, 514. B. C (386, 11. 387, 8) fe«- 

X/09] xoixlov Bf. 
P.515.A (387, 6) rafir] m m. a 
m. 8. habet BL 
(387, 7) *0/Eio/ovff] o/tot^6 

Bl (Par. D.) 
B (327, 15) ravra] rar- 
ra V. (ravra Par. A. 
Vat H.) 
C(388, 8) Bttftv6H xoid9B 
iVfkPcUpoi] tpvcei roia- 
^e sl iv/jLpcUvsi M. 
(yf(jpV6Sl xotttds ivfl' 
paLvst sl'') 
D(388,7) aMp dmslp'^ 
sl. av.j rap. p a, V. 
(328, 10) %a\ 84 »al] 

«al 8^ V. (Vat R) 
(388, 11) arayxo(oi] 
cef^ayxa^et, sap. ot, Y. 
(dvtxYndisi Mon. B.) 
B(388, 18) Mif] sidl 
p. 516. A (889,5) xa8v^^] «a- 
^OQmi rel — »r a m. 
pr. M. G,»a^o^'0 
C (389, 21) lovr^r] o^- 
rdf^ y. (Ang. B. Vat 
(330, 1) ro^s 8"] xovg 
91 y. 
D(380, 10) wxq' 0x117^] 
«o^axlif^ y. (Vat BL) 
p. 517. A(880, 21) Yilmx*] fHsna 
6 €onr. 91781 M. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

E D I T O R I S. 


p. 517. D(33t, 7) T& dp^^ttd] 

rd^i^qdn^ V. (Ang. 

p. 518. A (838, 18) xwirit 9\ xuv- 

xa] Ita V. corr. «wi- 

xa dl xanxa ante oorr. 

Qt Tat BH. Vcn. C. 

i„xa^& 9h xavxa 

Vind. B.**) 

dpaXoYl&xmg Y. 
B (333, 2) Matftcviaiop] 


net. B. Vnt H.) 
(333,7) xaSxa] xavx 

V. (Vat H.) 
p.5l9.B(836,ft)yTyi V. 

G (335, 12) a9iNi«»ail 

Ita V. Md Initb oom 

iiipmMtai Ftjc. DK. 

Mod. B.) 
p. 520. B (336, 18) htltfHif] kxil- 

9H9 V. 

x<p] x£ aate corr. V. 
(336, 19) 4pXp] liiav 
V. (Ven.B.) 
C(337, 4) «^«0^»] 5^«- 
^oi nt iddetar, ante 
corr. V. (Vat. H.) 
(337, 6) valSv xa] %. 

ye M« • 
(337,7) o^«ffv.]ovro» 
<? V M. 
D(837, 11) Ja*] flJ«« V. 
(337, 18) «^Mf] — « 
int. Ters. a in. ■. V. 
p.5tl.A(338,7) taaw] lacivY, 
B(338, 12) ^/tf] 9i* V. 

D(dd9,9)lvfOiD] Ivoo; a 
in. pr. M. 

&ttiof'^ futv^nti^ V. 


p.52t A(889, 20) Ixtln?] lat/ a 
BL pr« M. 
(340, 4) xmv iSyitv] xm 
Xoym a B. pr. M. 
C(d40, 18) iv vtfpahd^] 
Iln V. vt Pter. ADK. 
Vat. BHM. Ven. C 
Mon. B. Ang.B. (^^tig 
B(341, 14) dr $1] BiY. 
(Par. DK. Vat. H.) 
P.5S3.A (341, 18)3"] 91 Y. 


M. (9iimv9 Ang. B.) 

B (342,9) 9a$v6tuva] tpa$^ 

vofufht a B* pr. M. 
C(842, 15) WQOOKianov- 

ca] ntanovca BL 
D(d48,l) naWnr 7«] 
Pto hia M. mtI a ■• 
•• 2n fina Taraoa pod- 
taai liabei. („3Md xav- 
(343, 2) iAv X*] idv x^ 
p.584.A(348, 16) xoxaypivti] X9 
xaxayiiivri , e oorr. X9 
xaypMVii , Bli. 
B(344, 3) aixal] aixa 
M. a m. pr. (^^aixai**) 
(344, 4) V] «9« V. 
C(344,17) lel<»t«i]Itn 
M. (Ven. B. F^. DK. 
«ec Bekk.) 
xit 91 V. 
(345, 4) Tcoxi^] 9r<^ 
X9QOV Bl (Vind. B. et 
a m. pr. Ven. B.) 
p.525. A(345, 17) ^] f M. a a. 
pr. nt vidiBtnr. (^Par. 
K. aec Bel±.) 
D(847,3) d^i»paig] ct^i- 
d^/wdt» a m. s. Bf. („«?- 


igitized by VjOOQ lC 


r R A E F A T I O 

{».58&B(347,dQl) ^] Ila Bl 

lUHi fii^v (Par.A. Vftt 


C(d48, 12) enB^t&fiO^a] 

OMilfafiUya M* 
D (848» 19) o^rov] ovrov 
M. non ictUTOv y qaod 
Bekkerns ei etreKquis 
praeter Par. ADK. Ven. 
C. tribnit. 
(848, 21) loytaiuSv] Ita 
M. nt Par. ADK. aec 
> Bekk. Yat BM. 0,^0- 
p. 627. B(350, 4) uaXXix^lBi] Ita 
M. ntPar.ADK. Ang. 
B.yBt.M. i,,iucXU6tn 
D (350» 17) 90%vi] douBiQ 
a m. pr. M 
p. St8. B (862, 21) farln ] fietlot 

p. 529. A (853,^ 8) dywmfmg ] dyB- 
wSg a m. pr. M. 
B (853, 11) navttfuiv^d' 
poi] nitTtcfutv^dtfuM. 
(853, 12) voijcii] Ita 
M. ut Vind. B. corr. 
Par. K. sec. Bekk. 
Ang.B. („roi}o6w") 
C(853,21) yif? iv ^a- 
Xdvnj] 9aL ^ h y^ 

D(354, 13) W;to*] iv- 

^PI ^« (Vat* M.) 

B (354, 17) xaUiOTtf] xaX- 

if ra a m. pr. M. 

p.53aB (355, 10) 'E^l yovv] 

ifiov/ ovv M. 


C{855,21) o^Twcl] oi5' 
zmoLv M. 

(356, 1) Mff} «^7 

rap. 17 , y . {ffirf Ang. 

B. Vata) 
p.58aB(855, 12) udvta ravr«] 

r. «. M. (,^. r.^ 
p.5dl.B (857, 7) wXkovuov] «o- 

Xo^Mi' M. 
C (357, 15) «^totfisr] oyia- 

tfiv V. (Par. K. sec. 

(357,19.20) yJy«ntro- 

biqiie V. 
D(358,5) «^oo^T «^o- 

olftoid M. 
B(358, 8) Jla] 91' V. 

(Ang. B. Vat H.) 
(358, 9) '^U'] dUd V. 
P.532.A (358, 18) mifalvH] Ito 

M. nt Ang. B. nonca- 

ffiuvBXf qnod ^ cam 

reliqnia tribnit Bekke- 

B(858, 20) <t6ti] wStij, 

r^ ia m. n m. 8. ad- 

dito, M* (,|.ttvr^ r^ 

Ven. B. Mon. B.«) 
C(359, 12) lt«] Ict M. 
^359, 15) qponrorarov] 

Ita M. (Pw. ADK. sec 

Bekk. Vea. BC. Vind. 

B. Vat. HM.) 
p.5^B<861, 2) ysmfiitqUtv] 

YBmfHi^lag M. (Vat . 

BHM Ven. C. Par. 

DK. sec Bekk.) 
C(361, 10) «v'r^v n)F] 

ti^v om. M. 
D(361 , 13) cvfi9BQUitya' 

yetg] Of^e^Meymfou^ 

(361, 19) 17] 0». M. 

(Vat BHBL Ven. C. 

rmd. B. Par. DK.) 
B(861,19)«^9i otc^V^iff] 

«a^iojMfiffV. (Par.K. 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 

E D I T O R I S. 


p.5a3. B (a61, ao) oip] «y y. 

p.534.A(d62,4) a*] d^ y. 

0(863, 7) &KiMffaa«^c^- 
t^e^y] Ixiiccrrada^a- 
wZv y. 
p. 535. B (364, 8) |?l<Hnf9oi 9] ^mi- 
tfv^o^fi y. «t a B* s. 
M. nt yeD.B. Par.K. 
sec Bekk. yai. M. 
§lMv^a^g a bu pr. M. 
(864^15) dii] Itay. ot 
Par. A. Ang, B. ^at 
H. („ai«) 
D(365,4) ttldh'\ t&ir\. 
(yat M.) 
(365, 6) di&] om. y. 

(yat. H.) 
(365, 8] fu^oMOPi] fur- 
aonoveZ V. 
B(365,ll) 9]^a] 
p.536. C (366, 15) ^l'] dla M. 
p. 537. A (367, 18) iym^niov] iy- 
KQixiog M. 
C(368,7) 7Cttt9ilif]naaia 
(368, 8) fnnnextiov] ovp- 


(368, 14) ixMonovvta] 
inuniovnovvta Bl 

sh y. 

p. 587. D (368, 16) toihogg] to^- 
totg a a. a. M. (yat 

B. yen. C. PUr. K.) 
(368, 17) nqmt^fftptv] 

omL, M. 
B(369,6) (idUo^](^' 
p.538.B(369,21) ^i)] «f- M. a 
m. pr. (yatBM. yeo. 

C. Par. DK.) 

(370» 1) dvOva^] dv^ 
M. a ai. pr. 
D (370, 14) »8^i] ntUh 
p. 539.^(371, Vt) tquoMvtom- 
tag] tffutHOvtovoBtgM. 


B (372,1) iUnfimot] Ita 
M. nt Par. ADK. yat 
BHBiyflD.C. yiiid.B. 


B (372, 21) fifiS^ (ifidhU. 

p. 540. E (374, 15) tovTip] todto 

y. (yat BH. yea.B.) 

(874, 16) 9taon»vm^' 

oanftat] diaOKtvmQii- 

oovtat y. et a iB. pr. 

M. (yeo. B. yat M.) 

P.541.B (375, 4) yivono] ytjvoin 

ro, a 01. i. ylyvotto^ 


Haec qoi coiiaider^ et tlla comparet^ qaae ad L. V. 
p. 44». D. 4fiO. D. 4&Y. A. 46S. B. 407. B. 466. A. 478. A. 
477. A. VI. 484. A. C. 485. A. 480. D. 41». C. D. bis, 
406. B. 501. A. 505. 6. E: 506. A. 509. C. E. bis, 511. D. 
E. VII. 5ir C. 518. A. B. C. D. 510. B. E. 5!^. D. 520. D. 
528. A. bis, E. 520. B. D. 5S4. C. 5S7. D. 5S8. A. occa- 
aione dala Aotavimiia, hod temere in praefatioiie vohimiiua 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


priml optatmii wMa iuteUljat, vt omiiibas a Bekkero coUatis 
codicibiis aliquando retractatio adliibeatur. Interim conaenaiuii 
Vlndoboaensi et Monacenai cum soia utrique afBnibus inter- 
cedentem pauUo certiua nunc nec minimam partem ortfao- 
graphicorum istornm ope declaratnm laetemur, Bekkerum 
▼ero teneamua ne iis quidem in locia, quos aliter ac Tuig^o 
acribendosezistimaYerit, omnium suorum librorum Teram 
«bique rel habmsse vei lectoribus impertirisse notitiam, 
quod quum aUbi, tum L. V. p. MO. B. (24S, 18) VL501. B. 
(865, 12) Vn. 5S2. A. (856, IS) apparet; eundem praecon- 
cepta opinione ductum nonnuUa, quae codices a Tul^ta 
lectione-discrepantia haberent, ut falsa et futilia praeterisse^ 
contra diyersam dusdem generis, quam ipse probaret, co- 
dicum scripturam diUgientius sigmficasse eaque ratione effe- 
cisse, ut eUsio e. c. et Uttera S non fere eadem, ut res est, 
sed multo firmiore, quam Iiiatiis et Uttera a^ auctoritate niti 
viderentur; tertio in mauus secundae siguificatiQne parum 
constanter versatum ab ea profecta saepe sUentio praetermi- 
sisse et tamen nonnunquam simpUciter quasi a manu prima 
et sine uUa Utura aut emendatione posita codicibus tribuisse, 
cuius rei exemplo sunt loci L. V. p. 458. C. (282, 17) et 
468. C. («42, 2) cum 414. B. (262, 1) et 4TO. D. (210, 10) 
coUati ; denique ansam praebuisse suspidoni, ne confusis vei 
ipsius yd typothetae errore sigUs ad aUum nonnuUa codicem 
rdata, in aUo reperta ab eo sint, ut quum L. VII. p. 581. 
C. (857, 15) aviamv, 583. E. (861^ 10) neQlaxefpig in Par. K. 
scripta perhibet , de Vind. B. in quo eadem suut, tacet, 
qua ez re, quum Bipontini contra de Par. K. taceant, dubi- 
tatiouem oririnecesse est, an Parisiensis Ubri signum (K) 
pro 0, quo Vindobonensem denotat, insdus et inritus ez- 
hibuerit Quae onuiia caute utendum BelLkeri commentariis 
esse docent' 




Aller Sf oflacensifii littera C a me aipiificatiia, aiiai Aq- ^- 
gualaDiia , Bvitc Inter Monacenaea nmero CCCCLXIQLX. 
dhartaeeaa eat, secuii XV. , qnadrataa, foiiia D. nnlta 
et Ttoia , qnae Hardiiaa in Aretini SjrmboHs VoL VIIL 
a. HDCCCVIL p. 667 — 6W. recensmt, iu eisqne Flatonia 
ex Pamenide, TnaeO) Menexeno et HenoDe portiaalaa, 
tnm integmm de Legibas ISbram qaintnm et foL S19 — St6. 
Chilnlia aeptiinam cam paiie decimi priQie^ i|aod Hardtiam 
fa^t, asqae ad avd-gwniviov p. 004. C. cootineng. Proxiiiie 
accedit ad Vind. B^ et Vat H. eandemqne eam Irfa hcanam 
a p. 6a4L E. ad p. 628. C. pertinentem babet. Eins lectio- 
nea primam in aecanda editione propoanit Astiaa, aed minna 
acciffate, qnodnostraB comparanti patebit, excerptaa, in- 
anper ^othetae erroribaa, qaibaa ezemplar Aatianamaca- 
tet, maltia modia depraTataa. 

De reliqm'a libris mana scriptia dno milii monenda tant, 
in Vindobonenaia B. varietate referenda^ qnoniam diiigentins 
in liac parte^ qoam In prima acriptaa eat, etiam apiritaa et 
accentas rationem habitani) et Florentiiiis codidbos temere 
a StaUbanmio i snbscriptom in datiris et aliis Yerbomm.for- 
mia esse tribntam, qaod ipse alicabi plemmqae in eia omja- 
sum fatetor. 

Ad ediiionea a me adbibitas accessit Stallbaaiiiii se- 
cnnda, cains indez hic est: platohis dialooos selegtos 


HDCccxxx. Eins adnotationibna qnantnm ad criticen conferre 
rideretor usas snm, errorea paacoa aotaTi, discrepantiam 
lectionis omnem indicaTL 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


^od addam nunc nilul est, ntei p. 74^ b. 8 nrgmchi 
nomen peiperam pro jRfto#M poaitnm eme', ^t loeum Basiiii 
p. 180, a. 19 breyina inato commemoratnm eiua opemm T. HL 
p.tS. B. ed. Paris. in epiatola ad Candidiannm exstare atqne 
ita habere: dkka to tov llXdtavog, iv xBifMV^ xtd tdlfi 
(X^tV ^^* ^^^' ^^ '^- 10 ^Qceyiiitw olov vu6 talju 
tivX uaqftsQ^ {v%6 Tsixo^ ty uoQtZQW Vat CoiaL et Eog. 
ntjerqne) duo6tdg oviwbg ^oQvfiov ti^ ifvxv^ dfmtdf^ 

Vratialayiae d. xn. m. ApriL a» nneccxxxi. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

n A A T £i N O 2 


AoroE nEMnTOs. 

^^Ayu^^ fihr tolvw t^v xotmnrf» nohiv va %ni «oiUHSteph. 
xhlav xal o(^d^v xaAco, xal avdQa totovrov* xaxag '^IIq' 
Tcrg crAAa^ xal ^iiaQvtifitvdg j slsrip oi^n/ ^(^, «^t ra 
srJAccn^ dioix7J6Big xal xbqI Idimav in^z^S XQiitov xa- 

IjMcriptio ; nXnvmvoc xoU" 
xHmWy . jBT. Lob. Viod. J>. noXtr 
TMtwv Xoyos ithmTog. VIimL B. 
jE. Vind. B. ^f Vind. F. nU- 
xcopoe ««JUrsMvir ni/iTnti BAoa. 
B. Flor. U. nifmtog Flor. E. 
fiifiL L Flor. V. noUxBtmv 1} 
«£^1 diiuxiov Xoyog nifinxog. 
Flor. AC. et praepoiito IIAA' 
TSlNO£ Aid. Bas. ab. nOAI' 
Stepb. K Befckenu et Stall|>aiH 
miiw in prima ed. 
440 *Aya^] 'Aya^ov Vind. D. 
zopovxov] thv toiovxov Far. 
A. Bekkems, Astius in tertia» 
StaUbaimiiiiB ia secniida editioaey 
vt aUera hwQS membri pars om- 
gia exaeqaetor priori et Socrates 
Tirom ipsom pariter atque dvita- 
tem snperiori 'flerBuwe «xhibitiuii 
di^to moDstret : ^a^ijv (nolw) 
%aX£ x^v xo$avx7iv noXiv %al 
fcfva^oy) avd(fa xov xoiovtov 
(ard^a). At omiMo artiGulo 
^emkibet dosmodi Tinim bomim 
86 dioere oatendit item, ut ipfam 
ijlam ciTitatem : dya^v KciXm 
xriy xoutvxipf noXiv %al (dya- 
^ov nccXm) aviga totovtov, Cai 
mntatioiii fortacna ideo feotaa» 

Platohis Op. II. 

qnod plnres eio^modi viroa in ci- 
yitate illa fore ndebat (■imilea 
aiiis de caoMis flBictos Vol. 1« 
pa<. 59, b. 299, b. 406, b. aq. 
notavi) , h. l. ordlnis qnoque Ter- 
bomm mnlatlo oomoiieta et per- 
spicmtaUs caoMa avd^a praepo- 
sitnm est. Qnae qnnm ita smt, 
articnlnm solitario nnins qnamTia 
optimi oodids testimonio non sa- 
tia firmatum existimo. NemM 
abest suspicio, qnin ez L. VAi. 
p. 543. C. nbi haec Socratis yer* 
ba a Giaucone repetaatar, huc 

7jfta(fX7ffUvas] ijfMX(fX7j(tiagAld. 

noXeaiv] dvitatu ipnnM Ftc. 

^2^6 xQonov xixTfirtfxstn)y] 
i^, X. %axae%smj ' Flor. T. dMci- 
plsnam Fic qnem Astius in sec. 
ed. non debebat propterea ^vjpi^s 
non legisse suspicari, mnlto Tero 
miaos id Tocabnlnm nt snperra* 
canenm „qnnm xQonog iam mo* 
res et io^iiinm 40nificety iiand 
dnbie glossema'* proonntiare. Fi- 
dnom aaepe TidiaMU ex nma pia- 
Ea facere, alitn bina «t terna m 
nnnm contrabecei Piato autem 
non sine ratione 4iiplioem ciTita- 
tcm significaturna, qnnm alteram 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 


ta6%$v^9 lif tittaQ6i 9CWi]Qlas tX8B6iv ol}6ag. Ilolag 
' diq tatitag; I99. JTol lym filv ya tag iq>B^g iQay^ Sg 
B ^ot iq)cUvovto Siui6tai IS ^AifAcDv iietafialvBiv' 6 8h 
IIoXifiaQxog {oihuqov yaQ axotipio tov 'Adsiiiovtov 
xa^i]6to) iutBlvag tijv XBiQa ual lafioiuvog tov tiiattov 
avw^BV avtoii xaQa tov iiioV ixBtviv te HQOOijyayBto 
nal UQOtBlvag iavtov ilByBv Sxta «Q067tBKvq>mg ^ Av 
Skko filv ovilv nat^K0v6aitBV 9 todB M* dqfij6opBv oiv^ 

sra ezternam drca hominQiii m- 
cietates moderandas Tersari de- 
monatrasset, alteri seu internae 
aiumom animiqne habitum conili- 
. tneiidum assignat. Atqae illud 
«e^l neqae ad %cnt&g wl ^fuxQ' 
tfjftivttg referendura, quo Mat- 
tUae gramm. p. 1178. ▼. 3. retu- 
lity neqiia com paiticipio oiaaB 
oonstniendum , sed ita inteHigen- 
dum est, ut reliquarum civitatum 
ipsarum obiectom, quod yocant, 
duplez dedniat. 

T4vttt^6i] via^fa^t Par. D. 
Flor. T. 

tor^tffg] ra^rf;^ Ald. Bas. t. 

fi^] om. Vind. D. 

fa] flia Ang. B. Flor. R. ^Xa^ 
]m m. a. m. s. ijia, Vlnd. F. 

iipalvovvo] itj^liftto th Vind. 

AuMTrvf] fuaata Vind. D. ct 
AM prima e<Utio t; pograpld , «t 
▼idetnr , errore. 
n ^i dXX^liov] iialXijXwv YM. 

futafalvsiv] dependere Fic 

iffiatghv — «aO^oro ] Haec 
▼erba, quibgs Astiufl, Belckenis 
0t Staitbaumios pro parentheseos 
signls lineas transversas circura- 
dederunt, Fldnas ita interpreta^ 
tar : paulo entm a me remotior 
erat ^fnom jidimttHtu»^ Adimanfi 
pott tergum «erfeiis, qaomm po- 
steriora superaddered<bebat,qaia 
genltlvum a «omparativo regi pu- 
tans sensum imperfectum t§a% in- 
tdligebat. Regitor vero ab ad- 
▼orbio, et Poiemarehus pauUo re- 
modor ab Adimanto, qaam reli- 
qul a sais vidiiis , ▼« longias, 
1 colloqulam re- 

cniirebat, sedisse ideoqae protcn- 
aisse manum eumque propius ad 
se admovisse dicitur. Bzempla 

ritivi multa hab^ Pausania^ 
I. c i, 3: tols 'dfcani(fatov 
lifUvog. Alia ostendit fiKebeiia ia 
indioe. Astias et Schleiermadie- 
rus Fldni additamento abstinentes 
et tamen genitlvam a comparati- 
vo rcpetentes incertum relinquiiBtY 
a quonam loco magis remotus Po- 
lemarchus sederit, quam Adiman- 
tos. Sed sive is Socratis locos 
sive medius drculi sedentium (cf. 
L. 1. p. diS. C.) fingatar , cur 
propterea manum protenderit et 
Adimantum attraicent, non apM» 
ret, idsi secandam eom sedlsM 
stataatar, quod ipsam osteDdi n 
seriptore debebat lilaqae a nobis 
inlta ratione , quam GrovlvB, 
Francagaliicus interpres, etlLlmi- 
karus nostras iam piidem inie- 
rant, simnl ostenditiir. •— Veca- 
buli dnaniQa primam ayllalMfli 
Vind. F. inter versus habet. 

eSfiovl voftov Par. K. Mc 

firrcr] Sitta Vind. D. 

x^ooxSKv^mff ] nif onje KmpAg 
Vind. B. Par. K. sec Bd±. Vat. 
H. Flor. ACT. 

mv] ^v Vind. F. Par. D. 

^ tt] Sti Par. K. 

yel 7* Vind. B. Flor. AC. 

fidUata] fidUat Vind. F» 
Aitf. B. 

aqytitn ] dtpletat com t flopm 
m Vlnd. B. 

li] om. Vind. F. tf^/ ia nmrg. 
a m. pr. ah, Mmi. B. 

^Ett iyd etnov* tl fuiXtettt;]C 

igitrzed by VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS tlB. V. 449 

d^lm; lAy i d' og. "Eu ipo thtop* %l iiLal$0tm; '^of- C 
ffdviniif ^fu/w iouue^ If^, xael %Vioq cUoy ov w Hi* 
%iatov IxxiUnm xoS X&yovy tim p^ Ml^g , ml Aj(t 
6$9» ohfi^ai dmdv a6ti qmvlmgf mg M(fa Mfl fW9»- ^ 
xmv Ta «tfl natim mvrl A^Aov, 5n xom) «li yttm 

fortaMe Ven. B. de qno Bekke- 
HM Boii DUicis, qmm deMon. B* 
qui tamen ftt. cum reliqais exhir 
beC, qoieqoam memoriee prodidit, 
lee^onem ab Aitfo in pnma edi» 
tiotie ex Par. K. Vea. C. reoo* 
ptam, in ■eomida et tertia nunn» 
abiectam neqoe fltallbamio pr^ 
batam merito tenint BcULorat. 
Nam qnod ante Afltiom legeba* 
tnr, St$ <Br«. ab. 8, rO h^ 
iheoTf xi ptuUtxa; id oommate 
rel oolo a proximia separatnB, 
« St^ 

babet eliu, qnod dl- 
xerat Adimantoa) q«am miror 
placQisaeBcUelermachero. (INo^l 
sprocb er, «ea iak gemgt hmlUf 
tooo 4loeA.) Haad moito meSaa 
eat,'^aod Astias poflea praetdUt, 
"Ori, ift^ shtoVf ri f&dUaw; 
aot qood dodltfltaBbawnloit "Ovi 
iymy Blnuf, xifuili^ta; qooram 
privo ob praopoaltiHi contra con- 
eoetadinem pronomen, posteiiai 
ob inaoitatam, qoam oeimm fmt, 
el&prfn, atramqiae eb omiiiam in 
r e o p o nrto oe pamoaiam ori imPJI^ 
bandum eot. Hanc enim in Plii* 
tone poat ori ci i*9P^ solere oon 
fruitim obflenraTit £U»iisterha8ias 
ad Ladanom T. lU. p. 43. lj«bm. 
Nec ■nrom id, «nt ratio in ob» 
flc«ro. Oenf. Hoomveenii dootr. 
part. pag. 597. SehQto. 178f . et 
^«•e oiki doeai k indice Grae- 
dtatlo fiibolaram Aeoopiearam 
Lipe. 1810. li ^oeab^ /w. Hie 
o«ro codieam aaetoritae leedoMm 
beum praebeotiam dabitirtienia 
niUl relioqait. Qnld Ir» ^al» 

%09 oignificet, sUtam IntelleKeila, 
ai primo rcap onio aatia iiditliim 
aHqaem neqae repetita aa^ilias 
IndigeBtem q««eitloiie oir«^» iyti 
bIko9 ^centem fimoiii. "firi, ■! 
Bostrnm iioc&. tmnwr, Latlnoc«m 
etiam (PlaaU MoeteU. H. t, 4di 
droifmifplce etlam. iU. ▼• 90 1 scd 
tn eHmmne imlMi?) eontimutiiK 
nem indicat iimillqtta modo le|^ 
t«r L. VL p.508. C: nmg; i^^ 
hs 9M^i fUH. S09. Ain^ a- 
%o9a aihov lr« i a wu 4« H. Pro- 
ta«. p. dlO. C: »«l fn ^ /rt* 
|s7pi70tf tfiJOvf «iBfiS^ 0« iiwoif 

Tmy wKtmv sTirac. et d o ob m X#* 
Bophwrtb lems «b Hwdorfto «I» 
li^ -> nammi Mo. 4imd «mh 

'.iM^aOvr^] tpiimaasiib» 
aeripsit JMtkenw. dmoff^a^mfim 
Viod. D. 

iliirir} eok MoB. B* et a m. pr. 

ov Toj cmrroy super priori tyr- 
laba oif a m. i. adscrlpto, Vind. 
P. 01^ rd otf» Ang. B. 

dUX»ii9] dUlf^oig Por. D. 

oiTjO^vai] otu Von. B. et int 
Wi. Vat. B. o«m «ditii anteBdc- 

ovr^] avtS Vlnd. F, 

tii tpHma] ti tSv ^piXmm Par. 
K. Flor. T. AitiBi In aec. et ler> 
tb et StaMmMrfai. Cf. VoL L 
p. 348. el notaidil Rrot p.7€7. 
b e o4 yii^ imimg wotma wit t^ 
Xmtr -^ q«o looo BiiUom videtar 

] i^ Lob. VM. B. Vat 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


d' 89. iliJt to o^fSg Tomo S6m$q tiUa loYOv dfiUM, 
%lg 6 tgiMog t^ notmmfUag* moXlol yiff Sv ykvowtOM 
D fi^ oiSv ^uiQig oynvn &v Xfyng. 6g ^fUig %ilui mgi- 
fkivofiw Miiovol oi um iivfioXl^otMm umHoMOilag xb 
niQif n&g ncudomoi^&ovtaif jcal y^voiUvovg nmg ^ift^ 
^rovOft, %al oiaiv tavxfiv ^v Uy%ig xotvmvUtv yvPOixmv 
T8 aeA naUmv' iiiya yaQ u o^fifda q>tQ€iV %al olov 
itg Mokitdafv OQ^mg ij ft^ OQttmg yiyvoiiBvov. vvv ovtf, 
hmdii aJiXTig ixilaiifiavxi MoXLXtlag^ mqIv tavta txavmg 

dXl&] 'AWt Steph. 

raUixl r' uUa Vind. EF. 
tuXlm ViBd. BD. Mon. B. ediU 
■Bte BekkttTM. 

loyov dilgtu] 9. L Vbd. F. 
Attc. B. Flor. R. 

3v]am. Lob. Vmd. BD. Vat 
BM. — Ab omiubiu bis modLi di- 
T«os et alMDM a PlatoDw dvi- 
tato ia eat, qaen Clemeos Alez. 
StnNB. L. III. pa^. 514. statuit, 
qoo looo Carpocratem arfoit tov 
nxdtmvog m^ftatfinoivat h xf 
JIoUTiltf q>afiivov Tioivotg flvai 
rclff ywahias nctvtfov , noivotg 
^v xag n(f6 xov y«/uov ic»v at" 
ttSo^ lulldvttnf^ %aJOdn$il mx^ 
t6 ^iav^v «otvoir tmv ^B»iti- 
IND9. q>dcxovtog^ vov nqoxawa" 
Xafiovtog dh Katfr^ Hderov 
fXra» «al ovs iti xoivilv vijv yt- 
yaiitlfiivTjv. Mem L. VI. p.751. 
Barlpidom a Piatone hanc oom- 
mmiionem aooepiMe et probassa 
fignificat: nXazmvog rc h no- 
liTfl^ BlnovToq xoivctg slvai v&g 
ywalxas ISm^inLdriq iv rUfant" 
ctXdip yf^dfpsi' xoiy^v yot^ %lv 
&^a xa\ (f. 9cr) ywaixkXov Xi^ 
. j;og. 

c^] om. Vlttd. B. Flor. C. 
D n$(fiiUvoftsv 1 ntifUiUvofUfv 
Mon. B. Fior. U. 

lunioOiiiotof^at] lunicd^vesoftat 
cma «i nper cs Ven. C. fivri' 
^vai Lob. Vind. B. Mon. B. 
Vat. BM. Par. DK. Flor. U. non 
Titbse. Cf. Lobeck. ad Phryn. 
p. 751. cntaa tamen in exemplia 
tftcns L. im. p. 442. Bt xiv Siv 
oiH olrfiifvai proptw 
09 BnMM ap tni vHwinr. 

Tc] om. Vind. F. Ang. B. Flor. 

ni^C] ntql Ald. Bai. ab. Com- 
ma poit niqt delevit StaUban- 
mtna, quaai quae seqmintar noo 
epezegesin , sed snpplemenlaua 
proximomm oontineant. 

i^^hpovct ] dioJd^ffi^ovci Vmt. 

oXtrv] oXmg Flor. T. 

yoQ tt] yd(f xi olfMt xotvm- 
vla. xai (liya xi Par. K. sec 
Bip. Secundnm Bekkenm noa 
hoc looo, sed snpra post nai^o^ 
notlag inserta liabet olfuct xoi" 
vmvla ^ xal fUya xs olofuvolj 
quod Tix credibile. 

o^d^a] oio ol6iu»a Vind. 
B. (in fiiie et Initio >erans.) 

noUxtUtv] xiiv noX, Vind. B. 
Vat a Fior. ACT. 

n fi^ 6^Ai\ o». Vind. B. 

intXaftfidvfi] intXaitfidvu Aati- 
na, Bekkenis et StaUbaumius. 

noiv] n^v dtv Vmd. B. VatM. 

To oe] Ita Lob. Vind..D. ct 
onm y soper o F. ro de Par. K. 
sec. Bip. x69s sec Bdtk. «17 oh 
Mon. B. x6 ch Vind. BB. cnm 

xttvxa] xovxo Par. K. 450 

ndvxa] om. Flor. T. post o»tf- 
ns^ habent Ub. Vind. D. Vat. 
BM. Ven. C. ante SiiXSm Vind. 
B. Mon. B. Par. DK. Flor. U. 
Nam quod StaUbaumios in prima 
ed. navxa in Par. K. Flor. U. 
nott dtiXOji£ ooUocatmn acribit» 
hand dubie typothetae acoeptnm 
refereodum, quamquam in 
dn 4le ea re tacet. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


fiq fnaniim, flTfiv Sp taSxm Mdvta S^q tiUa tiU* 450 
d^. Aal 2fii tolwp, & rXauxmv ^nj9 aoipoipip t^ 
^qpov tam/g tt/^M. j^fUlUf i^ 6 SQa&pfutj[/>g^ jwte 
t€tvta dsioyiiiva ^iiiv ytffft»{8 , m 2kiaQat$g. Olov , i$tr 
d'- 1^^ ,• ilQydoaof^a ixiiafiofuvol ^ov. SdOf^ loy^otr 
xaitv m6n$Q 2| apx^ff «it^cira mbqI tijg noXitUaf* 

tgf iatfot Tathra ibrodf|a/i£i/o$ mg toxB l(^^9q. £ 

TiliUa] T* SUa Pkr. K. aec. 

Bip. Viiid. £R rofZla Yind. BD. 
Mon. B. Stepb. 

o riumuov 19)17 ] m yL h 
Lob. Vat. M. Igm 01 yX. Vind.B. 
6 yA. ftw Vind. F. 

Tttvxfjc] ofR. Par. K- 

T^m] T^cra» Lob. Vat. M. 
Vlnd. B. et cnm t raper or« B. 

TOtrTal Tovra Par. A. Vmd. 
B. Vat. M. Qoum oonseoavs o- 
nuiiam satis deciaratafl sit Torbfa 
ua4fi et ijfuv circonipoaitis, rei 
ipsina, in.^Qa ooasentiant, deda- 
rati* magis conrenire Tidetar, 
praejiertim (|aum Tcnmjg praeoeo- 
serit. Etiam p. 455. C. Tcnixit 
perperara pro TOVTa Par« A. ex* 

dc^jEuVa] Tc^ dkd. Lob. Vind. 
B. Vat. M. 

Biqydaa^B] tlqfYucaa&at cara 
t miper at. Vind. £. tli^dck^i 
Anff. B. 

imXafioftBvol fMV.] Huc spe- 
etare yidetor gloosa Antiattidstae 
p, 93, 23; insXdpno ftev - ov- 
Tmff iinovtOQ nidviovog JToiU- 
zBlag TQiz(p. Qoamqaam etiam 
L. IL p. 360. D. voucvTTjg i^ov- 
olag imXaBoiisvog et Lib. VI. 
pag. 490. I>. ooT intXapofjkivoVy 
sed boo mne i^enitiTo, legitur. 
I^ro poncto Bas. ab. interrogandi, 
Bekkeraa et fikaUbaomiaa ezda- 
mandi notara posaenmt , qaae 
npilor illa, sed ne ipsa qaidem 
neceasaria et aactoritate destitata 

otfotr] 0« Lob. Vind,B. etante 
oorr. D. VaL M. et a m. pr. B. 
01« a m. s. Vlnd. D. oV Vat. B. 

16yov] UyHv VM. 
Xoyov Fior. U. 

move^] om. Par. K. 
Xns habent Lob. Viad. BD. 


ik ^9xni] ii^wi^ ^*^- K* ^^ 

Bip. Lob. Vind. B. 

lUTf tTsl «iTS» TS Flor. AC. 

noUniag-] Hic.||aoq«e Bek- 
keras et StaHbaamias exdaraari 
iabent la Bm. ab.. eoama est - 

17VJ ^v BttB. b. 

9itltilv^g] diilv^ag Vind. 

lyors] lym Lob. Vmd. BD. 
Vat BM. Flor. T. 

laooi] lU Par. A. Vmd. B. 
Ven. C. An«. B. Vat R iTlor. 
omnes. 4^8000« Vtnd. F. idan 
Vind. D. Mon. B. idcei TeUqid 
oodiees cnm editis ante Bekkeram. 
Tenet id Astias, non.sine ratio- 
ne , sed adversante iibroram Mr 

TOVTa] om. Vmd. D. In Vind. 
B. ponctam seqaitar. 

i4&7j4hi] Ita Par. A. Lob. Vind. 
DBi>\ Mon. a Vat BH. Ven.C. 
B&s. b. Reliquos codices soos 
Bekkems i^^i^ babere deaion- 
strat, qaod est in Vind. B. Ald. 
Bas. a. Bteph. et, si SuUbaomii 
silentiam non fallit, in omnibas 
Floreotinis. Id Stalibaamias in 
prima editione AsUi exemplo et 
Heindorfii auotoriute ad Gerg. 
$. 36. atromqae a Teteribas a- 
gnosd statoentis idqoe a Boutltto 
ez Phaborino et Btymologico ▼• 
i4ii(hi omidtam esse docentis re- 
tiiiadt, in seeaada itera, at Astios 
ia tertia, cora attm a Bekkero 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


B iii^$ MpciMulovvrfff ouj^ ftfM, Stfov lap&p iiynv bt^U- 
ifew Sp SqSv iffo ntKQ^Ka to«<» f*^ maQd^i moIAp oxAov. 
(n8i;^lf og, 6 0Qtt6vfLaxog* XQv6oxoii6ovta£ oXu tovdtB 
pvp Iv^ddi itpii^aif alX ofi l6fmv daov^opipovg; NAf 
bUcov^ ffsrp(aiv yn» MixQOV 8i y\ {909, d HmnQotBgy 
6 mavnmivt toMmtav Hyiov duovHv olog 6 filog vovv 

;.vi. p.497. 

rr iine Tuf«tate L. 
D. 504. B. Leg. Ll IIIL 
p. 722. B. E. VI. 774. D. 782. D.. 

m c. vn. 800. a. 802. d. 

804. B. 809. B. (qaos looos Rn- 
ckertosad Sympos. p» 117. Iim&- 
Mtt.) VIIH. 873. B. 874. A. 
porro nno Lob. dta«entieDte Potit 
p. tfff. A. 274. D, 275. A. 282. 
C. 284. B. 23^ B. et, qoo loco 
Baaebios qaoqee peMltinui bre- 
Ttm ezUbet» 270. A. laem Ba- 
sebiuf soIiM iiii^v legit Leg* 
L. L p. 626. D. ot Anff. B. Cr^- 
tia pag. 109. D. «U m Monac. 
DXIIIL i^^v^ aeriptiifli est. 
Hipp. ma!. p. 802. B. tres tan* 
tum codioes «t Qnderngioti« qm 
ooliati snnt, tnlgatam ^^17^ 
tton tuentor (Voo. BD. Vind. A.) 
Panno^ttres d» sed ne In qai* 
demsuffideiitos, advorsanturPiiii. 
p. 83. B. (Coisl. Ven. D. Par. 
BCF. et Int. Tors. Lob.) Gor^ 
I. c 0. 460. D. (Vat. A. Par. 
BV. Ven. D. Vind. AK. Bodleta- 
mis Routhii, Ausustanus etMoer^ 
maamainis,) etPhaedon. p. 92. D. 

gat A. Ven. D. Vmd. AB. Lob. 
»av. Amb. B. et int. Tors. 
Ctarlc.) Borum Tero loooram, crai* 
bos Heindorfius nitebatar, miilas 
satis firmus repertos est. Nam 
Leg. L. IL p. 664. D. i^^if^- 
ottp Beickeras omniom suoram 
oonsensa Tidorl debet restitaiBse, 

Snm in eomm. crit. nii nisi Ste* 
anom adnotaTerlt i^i^hfww 
exhibere. Polit. p. 258. B. i^* 
^017 secondum piarimos in iio- 
qae optimum Clarlc. scripsit, re- 
nragantibas Ven. D. a m. pr. 
Vind. A. Pbr. EF. Lob. Zitt. ot 
qnatoor Plor. Theaet. p. 168. B. 
Iden ex Coiai. Ven. A. ot int 

Tors. B« Par. BGFH. exyboil, 

800 UBO loco Clarlcianos cum ro- 
r|Uis iy sed sine accentu , ut du- 
biis In scriptaris solet, prao oe 
fiart. Kostro deoiqae loco nb 
■tra parte codices stent non o^ 
scarura est Praotoroa Symp. 
p. 193. B. et Pol. p. 303. C. il- 
6i&n Bekkeros secandum Clark. 
CoisL Vat. AL. et Int. Tors. N. 
Ven. B. et Int Tors. B. Vind. A. 
Par. DK. et int Tora. B. Ang. C. 
Flor. AC. illud, hoo secundiim 
Clark. Vat A. Ven. C. Par. B. 
hoc estt optimos libros oorrexit 
Receatioribos igitnr et labenti 
Graedtati roHnquenda haec indi* 
oatiri .forma , qoae minqaam ad 
reliqaos modos transisse' Tidetiir, 
corte a Piatoae abiadicanda, et 
a Lobeckio dissentiendum, qol nd 
Phryn. p. 447.^ Platonem popola* 
rem consuetodinem secutum i^- 
^i^ dixisse crodit Corrigendos 
quoquoButtmanni calcnlns gramm. 
II. p. 121« AoimI roro oam Ibr- 
mam in molioribus Platonis libris 
reperiri perhibentis, cui nlmts 
tnbuit Sofflmems in indicio de 
Btailbaamiana seloctorum dialo- 
gonim editkme , criticae biUio- 
thocBo a. 1829. parto soc. p. 557. 

i^fttta] rifuU Lob. Vind. B. 
Fk>r. AC. Bas. b. 

do^ir] ifihv Vat B. Vhid. B.B 
^ Phrynichns Bekk. p. 37, 22t 
i^fibq fultaccSv nal ^(djvog fU" 
lia^mv &(upm Somfuu Idem 
p. 64k 4i 6fiiijvog lud i^ft^g* 
huhf^ov 96%iiiov* Ojpi^yo^ d^ 
vav sifflili metaphorm <fictom ost 
MeooD. pag. 72. A. ifdovSv L. 
VUn. p. ^4. D. 60fpUig Grmt 
p. 401. B. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS UB. V. 460 » 

umv fovoA smI v^96 Widv hi ovtmv^ t^g h t^ ii^ 
%aiv zQWip ytyvofdviig ysvi^dg %$ mal uaiitlagy ^ i^ 
bumovmtini dotUi $lva^ M^df ovv cb«Sy, tlva tifimav 

BDB, Vat. BM. 

Tl di; — Aiovaofiiirovg ;"] 
laadat Hanoeratio in xifVfsaxoslv 
(ho<D eaim leiiiiaa e cod. VratwL 
pro yolgato xqvcoxouop rcatitu- 
«ndoin) ubi poftqQam loeum Dt- 
narchi h r^i ntna TMiov ro- 
tolit ^xdUv 9ttQ AioflvTiv dnO' 
«pojTi{oft8 nttff^ tovvip diyXov' 
uvi x^ooioBhf ifmv^mfeVf «U' 
oi^ t6 it^onulfuvov «vt6 «^aw- 
^ %doxitv, ad qvem giosM 

Ifizici rhet. Mtkk. p. 316, 3. per- 
V iadp^avB vi 

XQVOoxoeiv _. 

itfri' naqoqUa iv ^^u XtyofU- 
vri dvxl vov inoqvevoiv,') haec 
addit: nixofivai t^ naffoifU^ %ai 
nxdvmv iv nifornp IloUxhla^ 
Xiymv' TL dai^; (haec doo oak 
eod. Vratittl.) ri S' o^y 6 Gfa» 
m^^a^ofi (^v d* otfoff S(f. id.]> 
X^coxoMiv ofci (z<i;;voozoo6 <6 
id.) vovods vvv iv&dde atpljfiai^ 
dix oii loymv dnovoo(iivovg; 
(^dnovaofuvog. id.) DiJiarchi lo- 
OMtt aob TQigato HarpocratioDifl 
leaunate repetit Suidas, deinde 
Platoiiici mendenma facit imper- 
fectam: %ixifriv€U 61 TJ noffOir 
(lUf. %alIRdT€tP' xi lai ij (f og. 
d ^^«(rv/iaKOC X9^^^^^^' (^^ 
ed. Bas. 1544.) tom ori^em et 
mgnificationem preverbii explicat 
ia eoinqae, qni frBatra aosccpto 
Ubore ma^m spe excadisset, oh 
B\ mov a^^ozoijoeiy dici conr 
mievuee docet. Nostro tamen 
looo x^tnro^ofiy ia potina did 
videtar, qni rebns Tania atolte 
openm dat. — Pro ^^of oijeoif- 
r«0 in Veo. C. Ang. B. Vat. H. 
FU>r. ACV. rpvoo;(e9;tfayraffy pro 
iv^9e in Lob. Viad. BD. Vat 
Bm iwetv^af pro a^^iz^oi m 
Viadi F. d^ix^ae y pro XSfeev \a 

Vat. H. Baii. h. Ufw scriptai 

JVal, slnov] bia deiaceps habet 
Vind. E. xai tlnov Par. K. 

Mirifov'] ftivQiOV Pw. A. Ald. 
Bas. ab. Steph. taoentibus de 
Par. K. Bipontiais. Veram le- 
ctionem Astiaa iam in jprima edi- 
tione ex Ficino restituit 

d£] om. Vind B. ^ 

eoiovrmy] rdv ovrm Vind. F. 
a m. pr. 

VfWvl VVV BOS. b. TOij? vovv 

Vind. K. 
dnondfiffg] dndnetf^ Mml B. 

i] i^ Vind.F. Bai.ab. ervind. 
K. et int. Ters. a m. s. F. Ang. 
B. Vat. H. Flor. ACRTV. ii tibi 
videiwr Flc. 

dtstic&Tl ai«{i^ai Vind. B. 

ijfiiy] ^fUDtr Steph. tacentibos i 
Blp. noftrit ctisfoiIioiM Flc. 

niQi xall xal nsQl Vind. D. 
Ang. B. wd niQl Vind. F. 

%al TQOtprjg viatv ixi Svtatv] 
fmaeoo nvtriendonm ruerorvm 
raiio Fjc. Miiii ffenidms r^o- 
fpijg at proximi iraSoMr et ywai- 
%mv ad praepositioaem neol per- 
tinere et a noaune %otvmvla pen- 
dere yidetur. Itaqne oomma post 
iaxai (Stephanus etiam oolon po- 
suit^ sustou, poat ott«w autem 
positum ab Aldo et Stephano re- 

noiSelag] nat/del Vind. K. 

^i«o«raiTaTi7 doxf i] d. L Lob. 
Vind. B. Vat. M. 

ovv] av Par. A. Vat H. Flor. 

T^o^roy] om. Vind. & Non 
male. Sica^irt: tig 17 %OLvmvLa^ 
Atque hanc ipaam con 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


P L A T O N I S 

Y9tai^ i%i6tol% av, %a\ d iti fUUitfvtc yivoftvo, cis 

D ttQl^t «¥ SI7 tttVtttj xA tttVtH ttXt6til69tttl. 8i& diiMti 

Snvog tig ttvtmv ttttt$69a&9 fiij $vxij doxy cfyat 6 lAyogt 
cl iplis itttiQB. Mijdhff ^ d* og, OHvw ovtB f&Q ayvm- 
fiovsg ovtM ttML6tOi oure ffvOvot ol axcvOop^vot. Kal 
fyd dmv (9 ttgi0tBf ^ nov fiovkoinBvog fts itttQttttttf- 

o £v^acfU)4'] CD svdaificov Mon. 
B. Ven. C. Phr. DK. scc. Bekk. 
«! s49aliiov Lob. Vind. BDF. 
Vat. BM. Cf. Vol. I. p. 333, b. 
inf. In Vind. E. Qtnunqoe omU- 
Mim et spttdum triom drciter lit- 
teranim ▼acanm refiotnm esL 

duXOcMT* KoH&g] iU^tlp. nol' 
lit Vind. D« 

iXBi] Hoc StaUbanmios in se* 
cunda ed. commate diatinxit a fle- 
quentibiis, non sine ratione. 
ter enim liaec diota sant, qnam 
ii Irt yaff (JkaXlov nollag dni,- 
Ctlag tm tciv Ifis^ooOey lege- 
retor. Verum tamen ipsa vert>o- 
mm collocatio per ae ambiguita- 
tem tollit. 

xal] %ctv'Vi, K. sec. Belck. 

dg] Bi ag Flor. T. 

Swara] 9vvavai Vind. F. 

liyEveu] Uytizai Par. K. sec. 
Bekk. . 

dntetoXi^ «fy,] QuomKarl, quod 
aequitnr, proximo iili ante yk^ 
respondeaty et verbi dnuvoixo 
idem, qnod alterios i^anonfoerori 
snbiectum ait, non diversomiUod 
a aubiecto Terborum i%Uy liye- 
rafy yivoito et sfij, cnm Ban- 
leenaibos et Astio comma poUoa, 
qvam coLon cum Stephano, Bek- 
I^ero et Stallbaumio poat civ po- 
nendom exiatimavi. Aldoa nollam 
omnino diatinctionem fecit. 

oti /idXicta] StifUtJMfta Lob. 
ottfidLcta Vind. F. Steph. ri 
(idUata Stalibaumius 111 aec. ed. 
Cf. Vol. I. p. XXXXVIII. 

dg] xfil dg Vat BM. Lob. 
Viiid. BD. Flor. T. 

ravra, nal tavtji dmctijoB' 

Ttti] Hanc Stephani et Bekkeri 
interponctionem Stallbaiunius. in 
aecunda ed. aententiae repognara 
noii antumasaet, ai ipaam rem, 
de qua pcrraadcri neqoeat, dntr 
ntBJMcu did poaae repataTiaaet 
Qua interpretatione adhibita koc 
qnoque tn partt^ ^nae ad prae* 
alantiam atjne utilitatem apectct, 
eia, quae dicenda aint, fidem non 
liabitnm iri Socratea demonatrat» 
Altera interponctio raora ncd 
tavty, dnustnastai, quam ipae 
ox Aldina et Baaileenaibua repe- 
tiit, non aolnm membromm ae- 
qoabilitatem torbat, sed etiam 
tautologiam infert , oui fniatra 
mcdericonatuaeatl^^idnus^ utni» 
optiMa Mta itiit et fiioiiiodo, dtir 
bitabkur, — Pro dntatijCBtat. 
Par. K. aec Bip. dntctijcstSy 
aec. Bekk. dntctifcttt (qnod ty^ 
potiictae tribno) eidbibet In Vir. 
D. item dntctijcitf^ aed aapor- 
acripto roi, in Vat. B. ceinonf- 
oerai cnm a auper at lc^tar. 
d»]d^ Ald. Bas. a. D 

e4pl] 6<p^ Vind. P. votmm 
quodditm et JkUo Fic 

Soitn] SoKoi Ven. B. donBi 
Lob. Vind. BDEF. Vat B. Ven. 
C. Par. DK. aec Bekk. Flar. 
ACRUV. Itaqne pauci remancnt 
conionctivi aaacrtores iiqnepamm 
validi, Ans . B. Vat UM. et Fior. 
T. Nam Par. A. exhibet ille qui- 
dem doKij f aed correotiu, qnod 
testaiur BelLkema, et Mon. B. 
quodBckkeras neglexit, — » item 
manui accnndae debet. Nihilo 
minuii, qnum nnum de trilKii 
praeaentia modia redpi oodioes 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


ffvimm iifsig; "Bymyf i^ IJSp «o<rw^ 4^ 6* ifd^ 
umvmtfjlop tMsig. mi0uvav%os fA» yiQ Ifiov Ipol M^ 
9m a iiy»f utJimg s^ev iq M^afitidki* iv fdg 9999I- E 
liofts T9 9ud ipUo^ mQl %mv (uyUltnm %$ mI 9<2mr 
Tffiqd^ «{dora iU}U»y ietpaiig xai f^affaiio^y imMvoA^ 
M ih Mk£i}Towta afM Tovy Hyovg soaMm, o tf 
^f0 4(0 y ^ofiBQOv n mI tf^oJUpdvy o£ %i yiigna 
6q>Xiiv* acc^Mcov yaq tovto ys' aUid ^i} tf^^idfl; %^g 451 
oli^defa^ ov fLOVov avx6$y aili tmX %ovg fpliovg 

iabeant , oooiuictiviu recipieiidu 
«st» hoc MDfo: ^fMMi «ercory «e, 
m eipeftere ea eofwr, lonere et 
MUe faeere videar, Conf. Her- 
muuuie ftd Medeam p. 354; ed. 
Idpe. 1822. IndiGKtiyas enin, de 
quo ■cU.Q ^gna obeenr«vit Gra- 
eenis in Speciiiime adverserionun 
iD Platonie eaniionee p. 36. fenci 
propterea neqoit, qvod.^ dicere 
Soaratee nondiui oeepit ideoque 
Doc dabitare, an temere dicere 
vMeatnr, nec» ne baec alioram 
de ipeo epiiiio eity metnere po- 
teet Optatiiiw aatem, si parti* 
culam civ additam haberet ^ vi^ 
fliM non foret: nne ea probari 
noii mag^s po^^» oiiam Leg. 
L. L p. 635. B; se«l dl %n^ 
novxmv w^g nunuivsvnitfai ^- 
9£mg fifrl pimr ts b&j futUov *id 
MfOf}vmv, nbi qnod Boeckbine et 
Aetina e conieetora reposeemnty 
fl, Bekkerus e Par. A. restitnit. 
q>a£l om. Vind. B. Viit. M. 
. ovvifMrsg] Lex. Bekk. p^'S29f 

ifictms, Xfyarcai Sl noffa HXa- 
Tmvf dyvioftaptg oi dftaJ^sig». por- 
ios gloMematie poeteriorem par- 
tem ad nostmm locmn pertinere 
alterum eiusdem lezid docet 
p. 334, 8: dypdfMVig- ol xmuy- 
yvmftopovvTBg, ^ IRdvmv lHh h 
IIokiTBUf dyvmfiovag imj xo^g 
yMeocir fifri txovzug^ dXl dvB9ir 
0nf/aofr«fi. — tn^olos Flc 

Svwoi] dvovooi ViBd.F. Flor. 

ol ] om* Mon. B. int vecs. 
Vind. F. 

dMOVCOfUPOi] lU^ MoD. B. a 


«] ye Par. DK. 

olvw] om. Vind. B. Fic. 

m. pr. sed a B 
if] 5 ^d. F. 


tuotwovtog ftkv yd!^] fikw om. 
Vind. DR. Mon. B. Par. DK. et 
a m. pr. Ven. B. I^ ampBus 
StaUbaumium sospieor e Fknr. T. 
adnotare vofarisse, qoem «<«rs«^ 
ovtag yd^.eASboro scriiRt. 

sljrey ^*] fin Men. B. Fler.U. 
Par. K. sec Bip. Bekkeros ta»* 
tom 17 in Par. D. et ia Men. B. 
emisMim rerert. 

mtt^fOfiv^lec ] M^ttfioOvioOeei 
Mon. B. Flor. U. 

h yc^^ — SfpXttv 451. A.] lao- 
dat Stobaeos s. L p. 24. Sed in 
Trinc omissa sunt. 

ts %al ipiXmv] o«k fitob. tsimiI g 
ov fpavXmiv Mon. B. Flor. U. 

dcfpaXkg] dxocfpaXkg Vind. B. 

^a^i^aXiw] Ita Stob. cod. A. 
et ed. Gaisf. ^a^oaXiov Gesn. 

to^g] tovg tu Vind. B. 

S] om. Vat. B. 
ct] o^ ro« ^nd. BB. Men. 
B. Par. K. Vat M. Fkir. U. 

dipXMlv] Sie com Stobaeo seri- 451 
bendom putavi pro Tolg. o^lsfr. 
(Viod. F. «qacer.) Gso^ Botl- 
manni gramm. U. p. 204. et Mal- 
tlunei gramm. p. 479. 

e^oaci^] ctpaXiiic Vind. F. a 
m. pr. 

oV pAVOV avthg y dXXa ] em. 
Vind. B. deletb qnatoer cireiter 

tpUovg] &lXovg Vind. F. Fler. 
R. cnlus in maigine tpUovg nd- 
scriptom est. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



A^|i«ia^« iJUr^ 9^9 wv fiUcrvov afMcpv^fut it»otM5(ai9457 
fci^o^ 9)0via j^svitfdai, ^ ilsarMDfra icaJUiv t< xol <iy«* 
My «a* iiatmlmv vofUimp «i^ ww o otWo mvihitfw* 
§m Xiv9%nf$imv h ix^oig nfuttov, ^ 9U4II* Afti 
B av fM aoQa^sl. KtA 6 rXavnmv yiXi^ag ^AjJ, 10 JSbh 

Vlnd. BDB. in quo cvv inter Ter- 
mM legitur. {ivpexunduBvos Par. 
iL.iec. Bekk. 

dci ^fpdXlBad^ai] aq>, d. Lob. 
Vmd BD. Vat. BM. 

9t%€cimv vofilfimv] Ita Par. ADK. 
Vind. F. Mon. B. Ven. G. Ang. 
B. Vat H. vofiifuov xol Suutimf 
Vind. BD. 9nudwv wd vo(Ufuov 
foli(|oi codtces (qnamquam de Fio- 
continis Stailbauniii aiientinm eo 
BO^ auapecium eat, quod etiam 
Pariaienaia K. lectionem iam a 
Bipontinb indicatam oommemorare 
neglezit) cnm editionibua omnibua. 
Quum aermonis, in qoem ingredl 
Socrates dubitat , argumentum ad 
iMtitutom qnoddam in dyitatem 
recipiendnm spectet , caoMam dn* 
bitatioau hanc dieere potnit» quod 
graTiasime peccare putet, quicun- 
que de pulchria, bonia et iuatia 
imititntia falsa dooeat, hoc est, 
pro pulchris venditet , qnae tur- 
pia sint, pro bonia maia, pro 
rnatis ininata comroendet. Ac vo^ 
fufia aaepo anbatantivi loco eaao 
et adiecdra recipere docnit Hein- 
dorfius ad Sophist. §. 32. cui 
Astins ad Leg. L. L p. 636. B. 
artiGnli praeteroiissionem , quao 
itto Legnm looo neoessaiia ost, 
obiieoro non debebat. Nam m, 
■t eKemplo utar ab Heindorfio 
prolato, tyrannica instititta cuifr' 
cta r€[ vuocewixA v6fufut dicoro 
lioet, quod Astius ooncodit, qoid- 
ni unum eorum recte tvffctwiiK^v 
pojfufufv dicatnrf Profocto non 
Minns, quam ab Boripide Snppl. 
19. sepulturam negantes v6fiifi^ 
dviiovTtg ^Mv mcuntor. Ita- 
paritor atque lingnao 

ritatem seentns sum. Fatoor 
autem i^rayiorem et angustio- 
rem mihi sententiam Tideri, si 
non solum de uistitntis, sod da 
quiboslibet rebos honeslu adoo* 
qne de ipso honesto Socmtes 
rraudem capitalera pronontiet, et 
qnoniam id, quod rationi eoneeii- 
tanenm et tale ^, nt iegiboa 
sandri mereat, vofufutv appieUari 
potest, nt VoL I. p. 374. sq. H* 
dimns, Tulgatam lectionem per se 
magis ptolwbilem alterique non vt 
Torae, sed ut propins ad ▼emni 
aocedenti a me rfostpositam eeae, 
quum Platonem aytttrtmva %aXmv 
T§ %ai dya/ftmv %ai vofUfuw vti^ 
soripsissei ^iwaUav ex glossemnte 
accessisse sospioor. — FicfaRMt 
91« €irca conttitaitJONet lio komo» 
stis et 60NW siittMfiie /allit. Ne 
is qnidom «ol iegit, sed vofUfimiv 
a rdiquis geniti^ separarit eos- 
que ab illo regi statait , qne in 
re hand dnbie ftlsos est. 

ai^ Toero] «s^l rooro onm 
pnncto ante ic^l Ald. Bas. ah. 
Steph. (Flor. R.) lam in 
ed.Astius rectam ' 
secondnm Par. K. exhibuit. uiifu 
tovt' Lob. Vind. BD. Vat. M. 

TUvdwB^Hv] uivdwsvu Vliid. 
D. luvdwaUi» Aid. 

Mlttov] in marg. Lob. 

morc] Sats Bas. b. 

9v] ov% €v Mon. B. Flor. U. B 
Astius in sec et tert. ed. BeidLe- 
ms et Stallbaumitts. 

Fic. ouo duoe Astius in ^ 
ed. tttf pro ev de^, na^fnf^Bi 
intactom relinqoeiis, e quo na^ 
^oftv^ov faoere debebeit N^- 
tionem Comarins ed. p. 99. ad- 
dendam oiteBdent, eniw Mi- 

GlaMOO , me ooniolers 





d^tfii¥ 48 S6MBQ qfdpov ml^uQov hlvai nu\ fi^ am- 
%Hhm 9fM£y* itkka 9a^^6mg iUfi. jiXld fuvm, sZsti^ 
Mdir^ff y% nal buS^ 6 a^s^slgn 6g 6 viiiog lifu* tlnd^ 
di y», ilbuQ imiy %i¥%ai§. Aif% iohvPf i^, Tovrotr 
y Svioa. Myuv dy, iqniv fytiy XP9 dvimahv ai vdm^ 
S mot% lamg Hu igpaj^ lAftw. ta%a Sk oStmg itv i^C 

chmi Stephaniis in aimot. jp. 21. 
ita probabat, iit haec pro iroiiice 
dfelu aecipi poMe «ntint. ^Vel 
aote ti pooenda eat negativa par- 
ticala w%y yel haec ut ironice 
dicfea mmt aecipieiida.«« Non ne 
Ingit, qoid bic ironiae alienum 

a^MMoeret» ai •tatim initio Socra- 
iM^ 9i yi pk% %a^cc(w%€l Glan* 
ooni reeponderet. Sic L. IUL 
p.^43S. C. idem sig peevlop yB 
av ^fifuc ifiaumiDiucfASP siae 
offeneione ironiee disit, et taaien 
expoeita* camay cnr difficiiie flla 
quaeetie^efeet, ealmoere vix po-« 
t n i o i et Mre slg qfoilop «vmiiftr 
fm ifiaiBmtmitafUVy qoin abeorde 
ioqai Tiffu eeset. & enim -vie 
est ooninnctioids loorc, «t effiecti 
eaupeotationem moTeat, qnod A 
cooetra, atqne ree le habet, ennii- 
Uatnr, non iam iroaice, sed ab« 
sooe ^ci Tidetor. Hic Tero Toci 
ue prononttationi aliqnid tritee»- 
doai est, qoa abi qncrnla et ad 
lamentantis SM>dvm ieriter inflexa 
nsnm Socratem finxeris, non ml- 
Bos haec ferenda et probanda in- 
telligesy qnam Genaanica dm gieh^i 
mir aUo einen schonen TroH ! S»« 

mol nenniliil ridionli accedere et 

CUaoeonem noa temera lisisse 


M^a^eodsl] ita Lob. Vmd. 

BDfiL et cnm 17 snper n F. Ven. 

B. Par. D. Anr. B. Vat. HM. 

Flor. ACV. xaQoefivd^ Mon. B. 

mm^fivd^ Ald. Bas. ab. Steeh. 
. yBldcaq] nXdoac Vind. F. • 

m. pr. em. Flc. 
'AU*] em, Leb. Vmd.BI>. Vat 

&s] cov Vat. R 
nal^a^dp] nul «tt0>. Plv. A. 

Vat. H. Flor. TV. L e. 
anis le oetafi caedhy ut et liber 
(a evipa^ neqne nekit frmn4ie mt- 
eter ub, Sed ipsnm iiiod fdi^ dttet- 
xmva Blvai ab altero %aOa(f6v 
Blvai , si hoc a fp6vov separatnr, 
nlhil.iam differt, nt ea separa- 
tione I^Mta Tiz simplici %al, ne- 
d«m dnpUci locns eit. C^Hitra 
Tnlgatae lectlonis sensos hic est) 
■bsoIoMMS ie , ut vtlnti eaeiie 
(qnoniam etn» erimim» mentionem 
feeieii) nwons nofM noWt firmm^' 
die mnetor sw. Qoae senteatia 
Tora et perspicoa Wdetar. HjM 
Fldaos Mgerity ez eias interpro- 
tatioiie non satis apparet: o&sol- 
oeans te oeliit o^ lioinieMlie , el 
tnflORlem tti ^e deeeptloRe pro- 
miiiiiaMniiM» Li Vind. B. seqnens 
«oL post elirsa inter Torols legi- 

Ang. B. 

xal ktBl 6 ] nal om. Vat. B. 
Vkid. F. 

?] yso 
ndvOdie] ndvOade Ald. Bas. 

nai i inBi 
Flor. R. 
di yB] vs om. Par. K. et Astina. 

ab. ndvftddB Steph. 
xoivov] rov Alnd. F. Ane. B. 
di) 1 91 Par. A. Vat. H. Flor. 

& «ort] Ita con plerisque Vind. 
F. c^ trdrs Ang. B. Flor. RT. 
qnod Bekkeras et poet BelLkerum 
Astins «t StaUbanndos reoepemnt. 
Ferri posset xoxBj si certns in 
onperioribns Iocqs esset, qoo So- 
crates haec deioceps exponi de- 
buisse dioeret Atqni pcterent et 
libro tertio, ubi de odncaiione 
onstednni , et panlio pest* initinm 
qnarti» nbi de munere eomm 
senno esset, insereiida Inisso Ti- 
deri. Itaqno 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



fhSg %o»9' fom iififiuo^ df&fux mteimlug duauQav^ 
z6 fvvmauiiov av MBQmlvHVf aXXas v< ual htui^ 46 
ofkm XQanalfl. dv&Qci»Oig y&Q ^tJtft xtd MUt§v^i6w 
«ff Vf^ ii^n^oiiBv^ %in\l(i^ doHav wix Ux £Uf 
io^^ MaldmrxB mI fwaixiSv ^ut^6tg m xal x^sfo, ^ 
9tat bulv^ Tfv oQii^ lov6tVf ipmBQ %o xQmav oSp- 
Iiij6aiisv. hcBXBiQiiaaiuv di %ov mg dyiX^g qwXmcag rovg 
D SvdQag xa&iOtdvai tip hiym, NaL ^AkoXov^cjiuv tolvw 
xal t^ ybfB6iv xal tQotpi^v naQaxXfjClav dxodidovtBg^ 
xal 6xoxSiisv, bI tjiitv xqbxbi^ tj ov. IJdg; {qnj. ^Ai<* 
tdg t^fiXBlag tcSv q>vXdxaiv xvvSv xotBQa ^pipvXdttuv 
ol6[U&a daZv axbq av ol a^^BVBg gwXdtta^i, xal |vy- 

tare debebat Ficiow. Neqae yero 
serio hanc rerum dispositioiieai 
vitaperare eziatiniandiu estSocra- 
tefi, nedofli id, quod continno ad- 
dit (rdza 61 etc) cum Schluer- 
machero non ad eiu« eKcn«atio- 
nem, sed ad reprehensionem per- 
tinere statnendum. 
C h<>^] om. Vind. B. ixBi Mon. 
B. ^ 

dvBifstov] ro dvd, Steph. (Flor. 
V.) et Astioa. 

d^afia] dQayfia Ven. B. Re- 
spezit hnc Produs in Cir. p. 419, 

ni^aXi] Xifo%aXti Vlnd. F. 
et cum fi soper si £. Astiua, Bek- 
kerus et Stallbaumiufl. 

mvai] wvaH Vind. F. a m. pr. 

l#r'J lu P*r. A. Vind. DBF. 
Ven. B. Vat. H. Flor. ACRTV. 
eft Fic Eatai reliqm oodioea 
editique ante Bekkemm. For- 
tawe iat item foturum est, quod 
tempus et ad iovaw pauUo ac- 
oommodatiQS et ad proxima haad 
minoB aptum praesente Tidetur. 
Quamquam praoiena quoqne recte 

v6 XQmzftv] xoffQmvov Lob. 
Vind. BD. ^ 

diffiiiaaiiiv] oiffiTJaaftav Vind* 
F. a m. pr. 

Tio^undvai] nai&Mtdvai Vind. 

Xdyip.] Xdy^; editi ante Bek- 
kemm cum Lob. 8ed qoantulum 
dobitatioiua hoc looo 

dnm eaaet, latb 

partionla «oti. Li Vind. D. poat 

sequens Nal aignum interrogandi 


^ftlv] vfUv Lob. Vind. B. D 
Vat M. 

aro^il n(fi»oi Vat B. 

""SldB'] idsu Vind. B. detoto 
post proximum I917 puncte. 

vdg drjXelag — natcL xwoxoL 
452. A.] laudat Galeoas de Hipp. 
et Plat decr. L. VIUL T. V. 
p. 735. Ktthn. 

hf\ om. Vat. B. 

a^^mff] oQvngj e oorr. clf^ 
VB^j Vind. D. 

f^Xdxxaiat] fpvXdxxovatv Par. 
D. Aid. Baa. a. tpoXdtxovai Mon. 
B. Baa. b. qivXdttmaiv (Fior. 
ACU.) StepL et Aatii prima et 
sec. ed. 

xiXXa] xa dXXa Gal. r dUa 
Vind. B. taXXa Vind. BDF. Mon. 
B. Steph. 

xoivj] xoivag Par. K. 

oixovQBiv] quoH d€ 
servare Fic. 

ddwdtovg] ad foi 
impotenteB Fio. 

thv] x^v Mon. B. t6 , sap. Vf 
Vind. D. 

Kotvv] Miivfl Vind. B. Moo. 

sXi^y] JtXijv xalg (ikv Fior. T. 
Galeni ed. Bas. T. L pag. 331. 
Astius in prima et tertfa, Stali- 
baomius in seconda editione. Ste- 
phajMUi •nnot p. 21: 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



Quv Mov fig udwatovg iia ro«F tmv^^xvXaxMV tixov 
tB mI tQogi^Vf tovg Sk novuv ts xaH na6av buiUl%MV 
Sxsiv mbqI ta Molfivuti Kow^j Iqp^, uavta* mI^ m^ 
do^EVBCtiQOig xpojfieda, tolg di t&g l6xvQotiQOig' Olov t E 
ovVy Iqnjv iym^ i«l ta atnd %Q^6&al tivi {109» av 
l$ij tqv avtriv tQotpijv ts ual naidslav dnodidSg; Oix 
oUv tz. El aQa talg ywaiS^v jsrl tavtd xQffi6fL9%a 
xal tolg dvdQaaif tavtd %al iiSavxiov aitdg, Nal. 452 
Mov6i%7i ft€v kulvoig tB %al fV(iva6tiX'^ iSoihj' NaL 
K(d talg ywail^^v aQa tovtm td tixva xal td x^qI tov 
MokBiiov djKodoxiov xai xQ^Otiov xatd tadtd. Elxog !£ 

pQto rais fikv ante t&g dtt^fvs* 

criifaigs ot seqattar rots 91 ante 
mq ^oxv^OT^i^oifi/* Cf.Bernhardy 
de syntaxi lin^ae Graerae p. 309. 
nbi inter aiia ezempla nnam cx 
Ariatoteie allatam est, quale de- 
nderabat Stallbanmios, cum ge- 
neris diTersitateconiunctuffl. 8ed 
nostro loco codicum lecdo ezem- 
plonim anxilio non eget, neque 
tatQ fihf per ellipan omiigum, 
aed v€tlg ^Ulaig utpote ex ipsa 
fententia et ex adiectWo dc^^B- 
v9&KBQaig fadle inteUigendnm nen 
ennntiatnm est. 

aa^BvBCviifatg] dcrevMtiQaig 
Viad. D. 
17 61] i^ Vind. F. Ang. B. GaL 
'^ Slv] i&v Gal. 

T^oqnfy re Mal naiSslav] X€Ur 
, de/ov « %al TQOtprjv Flor. T. 
ofoy vs] otv6 Vind. E. 
vyvaiilv ] ywai^l Lob. 
. STtll om. Bas. b. 

TcetiTor] vct avva GaL Bas. b. 
zavva Vind. F. aed prior accen- 
tns a m. s. additas est. Eodem 
modo pauHo post. 

xal] om. Lob. Vind. BD. 
dvdQccai] dvdodotv Vind. E. 
TovTa] vd avvd Gal. 
avvds.] a^vdg; Ald. Sieph. 
Beldcerus et Stallbaamius , quod 
non tam sensni , quam confonna- 
tioni Terborum syllogismi spedem 
prae se fereritium repog^t. 

452 vs] om, Vind. E. VatH. Flor. 

CTV. Gal. Enclitica ad fiovmi) navot tuvtd.] xaTaravTa. Vind. 

pertinens propterea huc reiecta 
yidetar, quod particutae fthv ne- 
que praeponi neqne snbioncl com- 
mode posset, et ut ixilvotg so- 
num acdperet. Cf. Lcg. L. Xn^ 
p. 966. A: Ti dl dti ; «e^ xa- 
lov V8 ual dyaO^ov teevvdv vov- 
vo Sicevoovfu^a; tig x6ll' iavt 
ftovov Snaavov vovvmv y vovg 
avXanag i^ftiv yvmavdov, ^ %al 
Snmg hf tc xal oTtri; KX. £%*' 
66v Hotx ii dvdyxrjg Bit» %al 
onmg %v dtavoilabat, nbi nost- 
foaita encfitica %v iniBgnius nt. 

ido^, ] idflod^. Bas. ab. ido- 
^; Astius et iidem, qui supra 
wovdg ; Intemogationi obstat /mv, 
Latino atpti non mnlto debilius, 
de quo cf. Vol. L p. 310. 

Nai] int Ters. Vind. £. 

yvpfititl'»] yvvatf), Lob. 

ToiiTo] TOtfotiTm Vat. H. tih 
aovv<p Flor. AC. 

T4A1 vd Vind. BD. Vat M. 
Par.^K. sec. Bekk. 

vBxva xal vd m^l ] vi. .. xol 
T& nd .,, Vind. D. 

asro^oTiof] dnodoviov TcGaL 
dnodoviov; Steph. In reliquia 
editionibas fere oomma additum 
est, sine neoessitate, praesertim 
qnum haec z^0iffy quam xot^ 
TovTa &dendam didt, dirersa 
dt ab illa in superioribus pesita, 
quae inl vavvd fieri didtar. Hic 
eodem flM»do Aafreniias mnfieres 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



Sv ^alvotxo MoUia JtBgt ti 9vp kfyofi&fa^ d n^iJivm 
i Afysvoi. Kai iiaXaj l^i^. Ti, i^ i' lydt yMXovita- 
«oy autiv OQJig; ^ i^Jia ^ on yvfivdg tdg ywaXaag h 

F. xardrtt^T(f;Bekkera8ei9ta]l* 
bamiiu cam BAftileensibus et Ste* 
pliano. Mibi hiiius dicti coafor- 
inatio eadem, q«ae illiiia Ei &^ 
— ofivds. Tidetnr. 

BD. Vat Bl 

] l L Ub. Viiid. 

"lamg' — fpdoyv/ivaataat ; B.] 
laodat Busebiiu praep. er. L. 
Xlil. p. 413. 

i&og] B£ai^6g Eweb. 

ytloZal yiloM Mon. B. VatR 
Veii.C. Par.D. Ald. Baa.a. Bek- 
kenu et AatiaB in sec et tert 
ed. Quum de haius nomima ao- 

[ mmauitici diTeraa praed- 
pUiBt diiqnoy ut flcholiaata Ari- 
ftophania Raa. 6. et Moeria, At- 
tioe yiloiop, mlgo yiXolop aine 
fjtenlficationia diserimiaey qaod 
limaeiu qooqne G6. nen 
agnoacere videtnr, dietam esse 
doceant, alii iiqae longe phiriml 
discrimen fnciant et yiZoioy (etiam 
ygloibv Philopenas apiid Busta- 
thivm in II. T. UI. p. 116, 36. 
Lips. et auotor lend CMslin. 
p. 470.) landl, altemm conrido 
affine, ut Thomas Mag. et Sai- 
das, vd contra, nt AmmoninSy 
Btymoloffas et Phaborinus sta- 
iaant, i3ii denique yslorov antf- 
miioribus Attlds, ytXoiov recen- 
tioribus, nt Aelius Dionysins ap. 
Bostath. in It. T. I. p. 167, 19. 
assicnent, .mimm^ non est, st fi- 
branos item in diversa aUre ▼!- 
demas; ^omm aactoritatem se- 
qirf editon eo ma|;i8 arbitrarinm 
^e ddiet, qnod ipsos pro aifil- 
trio eam rem adidnistrasse ^eit 
•eriptores aooentns nuUos fedsse 
canstat. ItaqoeBddceras suo iore 
•sus id praetalit, auod plarium 
testlmottinm grammatieorvm et ipsa 
ratio atque analogia nomimun 
Sfitoiog^y ttoiitog alionunqne Pia- 

tonis aetati Tindicare Tfderefnr. 
Neque reprehendendom pato, qaod 
idem aUbi, ut L. UI. p. 392. D. 
403. E.Phaedr. p. 229. B. 236. 
D. 257. C. 260. B. C. 274. 
C. et saepius properfBpomenoo 
omnium, ut yidetur, co^com oon- 
seosu munitam tmiuit Q,iieflMd- 
modum enim alia iUa aetate, certe 
Platonis in codicibus, variari i4- 
demus, ita hnius nominis pronon- 
taationem minc antiquiorein , nmic 
Tolgarem ipsi scrip^ori placoisM 
Tel secnndum signiftcatioiiem a1- 
temtram ab eo praelatam fiusse 
opinari lioet. S^ hoc ipsum ad 
codices redire nos lubet; qal 
qoum plerisque^ in lods ysXotop 
eadem constantia , qna Ofiotov, 
ezhibeant, hoc quoque looo ma^ 
iorem eoram partem in lisqne 
optimum seqni totias foerit 

ai^l] fcttpd; Lob. Viod. BD. et 
raper tol«. a ol s. F. Vat BM. 

v&] v6 Vmd. D. 
vvv] pvv d^ Euseb. 
e/] 5 Vind. F. 

VQdletai*] n^dl^B Vind. BL 
Vat M. vtKifoi^htai Mon. B. 
Bekkeras. Sed non ita Socrates 
molta ridicola risum iri sospica- 
tor, ai ista sic peracta foerint, 
sed si posthac peragantur. For- 
mam autem mediam , quae ipsa 
librario offensloni fuisse Tidetury 
satis taentor item siogularla pXA- 
^ovtcu et t(ftipBaJ^ai aliaaue a 
Buttmanno gramm. II. p. 54. ool- 
lata. Eodem pertinet i^irpovtat 
L. n. pag. 376. C. et a^ovtfu 
L. V. p. 458. D. De indicatiTO 
cf. Lob«ddus ad Phiyn. p. 721t 

i] ^ Vind. F. et ante eoir.IX 
Boseb. st oganfMr «ei lUeaftfar 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



VQV tag viag^ dXld xtA ^df] tdg MQM^flvtiQag, £6iuq tovg 
yiQwtag iv totg yvftva6toig, otav ^dol auil fi^ ^Aeis tiff 
oi^tv ofUBff f^iloyvffya6tm6$i ATi} tovjiKa, l9>q* y$koto9 

Uyitai] liytve Vmd. B. Vat. 

Tl] Tl ^ Easeb. 

diila d^] drjlccdrj Lob. Vind. 
BDBP. Mon. B. (Florentini omn.) 
Eiueb. oditH]«e aate Asdon. ^17^ 
Xa d^ scribendum em Stephanus 
annot. D. 21. aotea docniBse mo- 
net. Id factom ab eo est annot. 
p. 13. ubi pro ^ d^ht 9^ Svi 
loterdiun jf dijlov iij o» iegi 
obserTat. Cf. Vol. I. p. 164. de 
▼erbis 9iilop Sti dicte. FiciaiDa 
^ ihjla $^y Sti yvjtvas vas 
ywahuxg an qma nudtu femimaM 
coiMpecftcnif sis interpretatna a 
aignificatione fomilae iJlioa abav^ 

yvfipctg rag] yvfivaatctg Vlnd. 

9calal<ST(faBg] naXi^t^Oig Tmd. 

yvfn^aioiiivag] yvfnmtofitiratg 
Ven. B. 

B dn&] dW Eoseb. 

tl n/hj] ^. n. Ven. B. Boseb. 
editia ante BddLemm. ef 


rc^tfjom. Bnseb. 

^oU Ita Vind. BD. Ven.BC. 
Vat. HM. Flor. ACTV. et Efiseb. 
^«a<Ml reliqiii codices cam Ald. 
Basil. ab. Stephan. Ast Qmna 
graoMnatidTeteree lioc nomen ex- 
plicantea Aasqnam dapfids scri- 

Starae, qnalem in aliiSy Tcflnt in 
'(fvXBlv (cf. Vol I. p. 103.) fto- 
tave aolent, mendonem fiidant^ 
uno modo ab antiqnia scriptam 
accepisse Tidentar. flcribant au- 
tam Ipai plenunque ^€&g, Vlde 
achoKastas ad Hom. II. VIIIL 
503. Etymoiogum pag. 706, 47. 
acboliastea Aristoph. Plnt. 266. 
Heaydiium secuBdum eod. Schow. 

in hnhis supplera. p. 681. Ti* 
maeum lea. p. 228. Phryniolmm 
Belck. pag« 32, 4. quorum nulli 
6v6a6g memorabile Tisam. Aift 
Qvcoog scribnnt , at Enstalhioa 
ad D. 1. c (n. 283, 32. 284, f6. 
Lips.) sed dupUcatae c rationem 
non reddunt. lam Tero aatis ooor 
stat librarios tnm hoc tum aiiia 
consonis iterandis saepins peccas- 
se, qaam omittendis (cf. VoL L 
1. c. et p. .283.) atqae inprimls 
Tocales spede andpites , natara 
longas istiaa modi erroribas occa- 
sionem ^cdisse. Itaqae ^iTtfd^ 
antiquos pronantiasse et scripjrfsse 
probabite est, non fvcadgy quod 
oostro Joco in optimo codlca ex- 
atare didtar. Sed Hm. pag. 7i. 
C. idem codex cnm tribus idila 
BeUceri et une Vindobonensi 
praestantissimo ^v6hv exidbetp 
quod aiionim quoque scriptorum 
co^ces mdlorea nabere solent. . 
Conf. qoos laudarit Passorias in 
lexico. Ceteram RuhnlcenB oon- 
iectaram ad Tlm. I^. l.c. mm- 
amticnm et nostro et Tlmad loco 
^i%v6g pro ^adg legisse su^- 
cantis codioes non oo^brmant. 

%al liif 'qMg xi^v S^tv] veter^ 
nosigue Fic 

tptXoyvftvaerdici] Ita Viod. if. 
correctas in or. wtXoyvfLvae^^ei 
Vind. D. Par. DK. sec Bekker. 
Buaeb. Ald, Bas. ab. fptXoyvftva- 
ctSetv Bekkerus. 

FW. R. Ai/l* 

Vhid. F. Ane. A 
Bekkema. 9td AMu 

yBXotov] ytXoiov Lob. yiXotov 
Mon. B. Ald. Bas. a. BdEkema 
«I Asthis in sec. et tert ed. 
r^oJov flteph. Budnscidam ab 
Aldo positam reTOcans, quamDar 
aiieenses recte inSnuerant. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



yaQ Sv Sg f$ ip ttp %aQB6tmt ^Mnfi/q. OvnoWj ^ 
d' iymf hciluBQ €iQfL^6€^it¥ XifuVf o^ fpofhftiov ti 
tSv xaQiivtmv 6x6ii(imaf o6a xai ola av dwoMV dq 
t^ tohovtnv iiBtafioXfjv yBVoiihiiv ual mqI td yvfwi^ 

C 6ia %a\ n%Ql fiovdtx^v %a\ ov% lla%i6ta 7CIq\ t^v t&v 
onXmv 6%i6iv %a\ Innmv 6%iq6bis. 'O^og, ii^fi, Uytig, 
^AXi hcBlitSQ^liyHV ^Q^afLt^Uf xoQBVtiov XQog to tQa- 
XV tov v6(toVf dBffiBiol ZB tovtmv fL^ ta avt<Sv TtQat- 
tBiVy dXXa ^ftovdaf^uv^ %a\ vjtonv^6a6iVf oti ov nolvg 

' XQOVog f ii ov tolg "EkXij^iv id6%u al6%Qa Blvai xal yB- 
Xola ShcBQ vvv tolg «oXXoig tcSv faQ^aQmVf yvfwovg 

yf] / Lob. Viiia. BDB. qnod 
BflKkenis qaoqoe in saU inTeniMe 
adeoqae reaDere TolaiMe Tidetar, 
Vat. B. a m. pr. y' omit- 

tere anootaTerit, non yc. Qaain- 
qnam ex eo, qaod hanc yarieta- 
tem ante illad ol* ex Ang. B. al~ 
latnm posait, aliad quid ab eius 
operifl hic peccatnm mupicari li- 

Ktuftcvmxt] nuQowt Par. Su 

ipavslri] iparfjvai Lob. Vind. 
B. Vat M. 

(po§rjTiov] ^OQfitiov iidem. 

lud ota] om. Mon. B. nal oV 
Bekkeras et' A«tiaB in tertia ed. 

c/s] l<y Mon. B. correctai. 

y^voiUvjvv] yw. 5v- Mon. B. 
Fior. U. B^keras et Stallbaa- 
mias in prima ed. qaod, qaia 
matatio simpliciter et sine condi- 
tione facta poaitar, ferri non 

n%ifl fiovoi%iiv] ffs^l om» Vind. 
- SnXasv] o%lmv Bas. b. 

o%ioiv] xqriaw Vind. B, 

oji^ffafi.] ozXij<retff Vat. BM. 
liob. Vind. B. Ven. C. 6xnctus; 
Aitias, Bekkenis et Stallbaamias, 
non sine ambigaitate et aliter, 
qaam Glaaco yidetar inteUezisse. 

'^U'] aXk* Ald. Steph. 

vc^J xo^i yind. D. 

avxmv] av, ' -^*^ 
AU. Bas. ab; 

vnofiviioaoiv ] vnofMfijiAaM 
Viod. F. a m. pr. 

Su o^] oS « ovv Vind. F. 

Lob. Vud. DF. 

i£ ov] iiov Vmd. B. 

Y$loia] yiXoia Lob. Vat B. 
Ven. C. Par. D. Bekkeros et 
Astias in sec et tert. ed. 

ane<f] aicnsQ Par. K. seoond. 

roZg] om, Vind. B. Ang. B. 
Vat. Bt. Flor. ACRTV. 

yvfivovs] yvfivaOTokg Lob. yv> 
ftvo^g Todg Vind. BD. Vat M. 

nQoSTot]nQaTa Mon. B. ngm^ 
Tov Ven.C. Par.DK. (Flor.UV.) 
editi ante Bekkemm. 

Aa%Bliain6vio£\ loKsdaiuovlotg r> 
Lob. Vind. BF. Vat. M. Par. K. 
sec. Bio. 

roigj om. Vind. B. 

ndvra Tovra ] Ita Par. A. 
Vind. DEF. Ven.B. Ang.B. VaL 
H. Flor. ACRTV. t. n. Mon. B. 
cam reliqais codidbas e^tisqae 
ante Bekkerom. 

cvyKaXvTeTBtv] |. Vind. F. 

navta t& roiavra] rd: ro<. n. 
Vmd. BD. Vat. M. 

Tolgl om. Mon. B. Flor. U. 
Par. K. sec. Bekk. 

yelolov] yiXoiov Bekkenis et 
Astius in sec. et tert. ed. item 
pauUo post 

roifi] T^g Ald. 

Xoyoig ] Ita , sap. Xoy^ot^, 
Vind. F. 

rovro] rovroti Ven. C. 

or» iidraiog — rov dyaO^v» 
B.] laudat Stobaeas sem. L 
g. 24. 

i|y€»rai] om. Vind. B.. 

n ] ora. Par. K. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



&wSQa/S ogStf^ai. xal or< ^qxovxq tSv fvftva6Uȴ n^fm' 
xoi ftiy KQ^ng^ huvca Aa^atfL&vioij iS^ xc^tom D 
a&tilo^g xavta tavta a0fupiftv, ilj ov% oX%i; "By^t. 
^AXX btBidfjj ofyaiy iQfo^otg aimvov vo ajrodvaddm 
tov 6vyxakv7etBtv navta ta toiama l^cm^, xal to iv 
totg 6g>9alfi0^ 9^ yBkoiov ^s^^ti vxo tov iv totg 16- 
yoig (ifiw^^ivtog oqI^xov, koI taSm lre4i/|crfo, oti 
fuitaiog Sg yBlotov aXlo ri ^ttaif i^ to xaxov, aal S 
yBlmonoutv inixBiQWv nQog aXXftv tivi oi^iv dnofiXl- 
n€9v 6g yBXolov, ^ tijv tov aq^ovog re ua\ xaxoi;» i} E 
6noviai^i nQog aXXov tiva dnonov tftffiifuvog^ fj tiv 

ysXmxfmoutv ] ytXovoTeotBl» 
Vind. P. Stob. Trinc. 
ffQ6s3 fig Stob. 
rivcb] tivav V«i. C. 

^ anov9diH] Hanc lectiofieiD 
8 Bekkero fleoQndiim Par. A. 
qaippe oiuas discrepantfam ia 
oomiBentariis nailam prodidarit^ 
exhibitam tentit, quia um ex 
omoibaa in . reiiqtiis iibrfis ezatan- 
tibus aenBnm probabilem efficit 
et oumnodo reuqnae ortae nnt 
magis perspicQum reddSt. SdU- 
cet obUtterata particula ^ deesse 
aUqiiid apparebat, quod ez ae- 
quentilNis supplendam Tisom, qvum 
ipgnm sQpplementum ad superiora 
relatnm mancom esse inteUigQre- 
tur , novo ab aUis i^lossemate wor 
ctum est. Sic tnplex codicum 
exstitit lectio, mtovddisif omisso 
^ , tn Lob. Vmd. B. Vat. BM. 
Ven. B. Ald. Bas. ab. reperta^ 
xcrl xetXov ui ^fcov^dtn in Vkid. 
DSF. Ven. C. Par. DK. Aog. B. 
Vat.H. Flor. ACTV. et Stobaea» 
ciniis tma Oesnen editio St^ pro 
av babet, deniqae %ccl 01; xalev 
av , in Mon. B. et Flor. U. in- 
Tenta; ^uarum mediam l^dnas 
aecutus', ^ dirersa ab idterpo- 
latore, qui natXov ad oko%^ re^ 
tnBsBe Tidetor, sententia interpre^ 
tatus aut IwmsUm qvieqium ct. 
sftiilto dimm eagtimai^ P^Sv^» 
aUo resj^denB pro ^r^o^ aiXov 
rtv& an^bv^ miadfiBvog posuit. 
Qabdad Bostnmi lectioiiem attl- 

Platonis Op. II. 

net, 97 9xou9dt/ii intemiptam 
participi6 d iTCixttomv constru- 
ctionem pronominis 6e cum Terbo 
fimto cenCinUat et ad sententtam 
reprebensiooe caret, sed eo ipso^ 
quod omissum -oratioiiis corsam 
repetere nos iubet, molestlam 
ereat et naturaJem quasi incesaum 
sermonls turbaf. Itaijue praestare 
lateor Stephaidaiiam fj fmovdd- 
C^cv , fluam ipse aimot. pag. t\. 
pro Titiosa pnorum oxovddtlit 
secundum Fldnum reposuisae o- 
stendit, quam a StaUbanmio hi 
sec. ed. mamfesto errore depra- 
▼ntam dici mlror , praesertim 
qaum eondem -in prima Tldeam 
infinitimm non solum in tezta re- 
Uquisse, sed etiam in aimotatione 
recte expUcuisse et, quo debebat, 
ad hit%itQmv retoHsse. Neone 
prorsus destitata ea lectio ow- 
com auctoritate videtar: teste 
Stallbanmio in Plor. R. «oi mr- 
Xo9 av aieovddtetv perscriptom 
M. Sed unum hunc -et aperte 
glossemate inquiaatum optime et 
saltem toierabilem lectlonematqae 
pnram offerentl anteponere teme- 
rarinm existimo. Beklcenidi se- 
outas est in tertla ed. Astius, 
Stallbaamias in prima xoi ai 
<Mov8dtHv,' In altera %€A cetf 
awevddiH t^^L 

vQOi^Big Stob. 

^0d(ievog ] _ ivat^adfACvog 

VM. R Ftor. 
Steb. csiAi Bi 

C. atrfidptevov 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



%oS dfm^ov. IlavtaMMi inhf oJvf Iqp^* W oiv od 

mgiStop (ihp tovto mql twtdhf avo^loy^tioVy d dvwa^ 

tiLf ^ oVf nal iotiov Jtftfi6fiiitij6iV9 dt$ tig qnlomal" 

6f$»p Blt9 OMOvSaanMog i»UiH afi(pi6fifiit^6av^ x6t$ifav 

453 iwatit ipv6ig 17 dv^giOMlvii, iq ^Xsca, rg tov a^fispog 

yivovg xoivov^6ai dg aM€evta td fpytf» ^ ov4* $lg St% 

. ^ elg ta {uv ota ts^ dg dh td ov, xal tovto i^ td 

MBnl tdv moIbimqv MotiQBiiv ictlv; aQ ovx ovtiog uv xoilr 

lA6ta tig ioxofiBvog mg to duog nal ndlki6ta tBlBvt^^ 

6BiBf Uoiv YBj t^. BovlBiOvv^ iftf 9' iyiOf ^(iBig «^dg 

^ltSg ojitovg ^ig tm^ aiJicBV df^ft6fiiitif6iOfLBVf tva fif 

B ifftlfiM ta tw iti^ov Xoyov Mohogn^ai; OHdiVf Igpq, 

9NoXiiBi. AiywfLBfP 9^ vmQ afStiSv, Sti^ m Zmttfotig %b 

dya^av.] dyaJM; Lob. Viiia. 

Uo'] fi^' Vind. P. 

ovv] Mn. Par. D. 

vovTO] Tovtov Aag.B. et anto 
corr. Viiid. P. 

€ait»v] Ita Astiat ia priaM 
ed. ez Pac K. sec. Bip. Bekke- 
ms ex VeD. B. Mon. B. Ang. B. 
StaUbMuniDs ex Flor. RU. edi- 
derunt. Hie aocedit Vind. B. et 
int. Ten . F. oai in ipso Tena 
ain reliquia eo^bns editioDibwK 
n«e Aetio anterioribQi adv6v ex-* 
hibet. ^ , 

'. dvoiioXoppsiov] S» of». Viad. 

ipdoaaUfimv] Hoc ab Astio 
iaM in piiiaa ed. Mcnndam aeho- 
liasUn Atticos iU ^ue teeta»- 
ten pro ▼olgato ^ilomdyfmv r^ 
oeptan, deinde in Par. A. Viad* 

B. Vat. B. Flor. ACV. inTentfun 
et a Lobeckio ad Phiyn. p. 241. 
piebatam cnm Bekkero^ et Stait- 
banmio tenendiim putaTi. Btiam 
Vep. C. 0, aed eaperBcripto y, 
et Vat B. laper y ezbibet et 

' in Vind. F. y a correctoris mantt 
iiiatom ett. Similiter Crat. p. 406. 

C. meliores libri in iisqae Lob« 
ifiXoncclcfiovtg halient» qood re- 
stitnit Bekkerofl. 8ed Hatliyd. 
p. £78. C pro Talftto vuu^ai 
ia CUrk. Lob.. aliisqae Qen Mt* 
temnendia legitar aaliau qpilo- 


xafyfutvog Hm. Od.XX]n. 134» 
extra controTenriam poBltnm est. 

4&ilBi] i»iloi Veo.B. Flor.T. 

dvO^anivfi^ Pollax II. 5: Kol 
dv^ffnmBla tixv¥i, ag Bovn^i" 
9tft f (an L. 11. c. 50. abi in ■!•• 
stris «^icibtts dvO^^nhia tpivaiq 
cstY) xol dv^^QMiimi tpvoig, dg 

yivovg] y. tpiicBi Mbo.B. tlor.^SS 

Btg ^] elBv Iv Vlnd. B. 

otuvB] old v$ Lob. Vind.BiEF. 
Ald. Bas. ab. o&x ts Moo. & 

dl vit] ra tk Lob. Vind. BD. 
Vat. M. Conf. Bemhardy synt 
p. 310. 

x^v] rd cmn V int T«r». Viad. 

sror^ier} «or^m Vind. D. 

udlUata] recfe Fle. item paai- 
lo post 

dg] tfg Ang. B. Vhid. F. 

ttlivt^0Bu] nXiVTijetisv Bek- 

ys] / Vlnd. P. Ang. B. 

jBofl/Acft ovv -^ craPoloycMe»; 
C.] laadat GaleMis T. Y. p.786. 
fiovUi ete. Viad. & 

^liag] '^iUcg Vind. B. 

Wgitized by VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB. ▼• 453 

iS(ioloyt&0 <£np Mme ^vdftv Snd^ta^ Spu %v ti «vcov 
WQttmw. 'tifioh»yii6iifUi^f otfM' mmg fOQ ov; "iiirfv 
omr &mg ov MapMelv 9iafpi^ fVt^ 4a»9Q6gtif¥ ^6m; 
JJag i* ov iutfpiQZ^; Owtoiv £Uo wai In^v IjmctI^ 
s^d^ffti MQO^axtsi» vo x«a t^ cnSwtii ^pv4u^} 2Y 
fi^o; IZcS^ ovv 01% afiaiftiivBti v€v Mm tavmvtla vfw 
avtoig XtyttSj 4pa0xovTBg av tovg, SviQog U(d tdg yv- 
vahiag dsiv td aitit MQottuv^ nlsiatov sfa|0^^<vi|if 
^0iv Ixovtag^^^ittg ti, & tavii&^u^ XQog taiht omo^ 
XorBl69Mi; 'Slg iilIv iiuUpvijgf i^, oi? maw i^^iov' . 
diia Cov ds^tsopal ts xa\ Uoftai xal tov Mq yftOv 

sec. Bekk. Vat H. Vlor* ACV. 
CS«1. Btoa. P. m fk\d. Bm. al>. 

Mqov] iraiifov Vind. B. 
. TtoXiO^rittJ «oJUo^mSm» €ral. 

D Igp97 ] om* V!nd. E. 

Aiym(isv] XiyofLtv Vlnd. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. Par. K. «ecmd. 
Bekk. Od. Buk X^id ft^ Ven. 
R Viaa. B. Vit H, Flor, ACV. 
dicam Fic 

x9] m^ MoD. B» 

^el] a^y.a a. s. «4dilo noito 
et «^ieracripte tyfiobo oi^» VlodL 
P. ^io<r Flor. R. ^iof Ang. B. 
OM^ Vind. D. 

^lOw] ^9 Lob. ^.BR. et» 
Mp. il , - D. Flor. AC Bml ». 
^Mg Bao. b. 

SlXovg] &Ums YwA. D. M^ 
nim.eetiB hac oenteallio {Mnpi- 
adtate Heiiadiiin apeo. /crit. io 
Piat. 1803. p. 119. aHovg per^ 
mwiiii dicere et mdXXjleit Mt 
t an dnm pfoaaaiiare potaiaee»yeii 
«ntio amMffapM reirtavia in 

■a» aefi rafota&nt 
ioriaai aldidit^ don 

■crlliH lUili^S 


imtmideimg] xutoitnjtimghtk, 
Viad. BDBV*. Ven. R a At. pr. 

Vi^L jqi nw. Acarrv. cki. 

AUint] oUiim GaL faK/{;efa 
r« Vind. F. 

dfudanTtt] ipoUfthg Viad. 
W. Ajig. E Vat a «al. 

^or] ook Leb. VM. BD. Vat 

«^Ta^] iv^. Vwd. D. AU. 
Ba^k ab. 

o2^1 %j0$ti Viad. B. Flar. 
ACR, eai. Fic 

d*] 0«. Gel. 

iwl imfoo] «al oflk Viiid. MB. 
Vat. H. Fbr. T. Fla. 

ttvrovj a^. Vind. D. Moo. B. 
Iftvroo tob. VM. B. Val BBff. 

diuxfftw9m] dftoQtdvHm etm 
$ aaper a» VUid. B. 

wir] frvrl Gal. 

vfuv] fiiiXv Hor. AC. 

ov] os. Fic« 

srUAtfroy] 90i.Vuid.B. Vat.M. 
i^olde Fic 

^i] oai. Par.Dit Mon.B. Tlor. 
U. AU. Baa. a. 9tepb. Astlvs in 
ptriimt ed. t^ Viad. JBF. qoemad- 
modiun Fidmia legit: ^meMme, 
p «iir(/ice vtr, quid od itta vro 
nottra irfmmone rupondea^f . 

yiygt' 1 rav^ra Viiid. PEF. 
Fior. ACV, 

Ija^rl ^l^^f»^ ▼W. B. 

nalt^tl.aa*om. Wa.^^^»- 
Vlnd. B. 


Digrtized by WiOOQlC 


P L A T O N I S 

)i6yoP9 Q0ug «ori i6nvy l^^^vc^tfm. Tadt idrly, 1^1458 
d' iy&9 fll riavncDv , ml aAla «oXAct Toiavra, a iya 
D «aAa* «(^oopiov iq>ofiovjinpf ti xal Smow &mi69(u vot» 
voiiov , roi; jte^^I «71/ rfiiv T^vimj^v xcel stalSmv xnjkfnf 
xirl t^qnjv^ Oii fia rov ^^ 1 {)p9} * ov yaQ evxolm ioi' 
%iv* Ov yaQt bIuov. dkka d^ cod' ixw av rl tig dg 
^oXvp^ti^Qav fiiHQav ifisgi^f^^ av ts dg t6 itiyuttov fU-" 
layog fd^ov^ Ofung yB v%l oviiv ^zov. Ildvv (ikv ovv. 

Tcoti icrny] Ita Lob. Vinil. 
BDB. Mon. B. nat icrlv \iu&. 
F. Aid. Bas. a. 8teph. Ast. nov 
i^ti B«B. b. ntv' isviP Bekkenit 
/•t,3tfLUbattmiui, taoeotes. Coitf. 
Vol. I. p. 327, 8.^ 

iiffirivBvaai,] evfirivBvacti Vind. 

iavlv] laziv Vind. F. 

«roLLa] permvHta Fic. 
D ^^9^ Triv\ Tvv om. Vind. fi. 
et a m. pr. F. Vat. H. (Vind. F. 
int. Teri. a m. sec. habet.) 

Ov] ov Lob. Vind. BDBF. 
(«ti soient ante ^) Ald. ov Bas. 
ab. OVf Astius in secnnda edit. 
hanc negationem eodem, quo al- 
teram ante ya^, referens^ qna 
ratione hoo ipsnm y&Q ineptum 
et tota ora^ iuato ▼ehemeotior 
fit Sed enin noki afiparet, quid 
tandem neg et Glauoo. Negat vero 
Mem , qDod Socrates^ qni in pro- 
ximo canssis demonstratis tergi- 
▼arsatlonem soam non ininstam 
neque temerariam fiusse ostende- 
rat. Itaqne Glauco meliora iani 
edoctus et Botratem immerito ob 
cunctationem reprehensnm agtio- 
soens MUumef per /6vem, inqnit, 
temere tu et iine caustd kane rem 
' tractare dubitaba*i ,haud enim 
faciU» videtur. Nobis simili bre- 
▼itate dicere licet Nein , netn f 
die Saehe hat ihre Schwierigkei* 
tcn^ Stallbaumius in sec. ed. Ot? 
u& Tov Jllbc, itprj, ovx BwtoXtp 
soixBv scribendom coniedt. 

Ang. B. 

61* Ub. 
Vat. M; 

Vind. BDF. 

1917*] iiprj^ Aatina, Bekkeras, 

avVol^] BvnoXmg Vind. F. 
Mon. B. Ang. B. 

cJ^M ©WVind. E. 

&v ri] idv Ven. B. Bas. b. 
iitv xi Vind. B. 

v,oXvii,§ri^qav] PoUux VII. 138 : 
xoXvpiJ^av' dtp ov wd %oXvftr- 
fiijd^av 6 nXdzatv. 

Iiiyiarov] fiiaov Vind. B. Vat. 

nilayog fUaov,] nilutg fi. 
Vind.B. niXayog, fiiaov Vind. & 
Eodem modo Fidnus : sive pro- 
fundum in pelagus, nihUonuaua 
^qua tfi mcdia natat. 

vf r) el Vind. F. 
:Tiv]tt Ven. C. Baa. b. riva 
Lob. Vind. BDB. viva Tmd, P. 

iXnlSovtag] iXar/govrcg Par.K. 

i^jiag] In Lob. et Vat.M. mar- 
gini adscripta h. L lant uad^ Sv , 
t^o^ov %oA dqiMva thv pirfitv^ 
fivaXov' lud^aQiatiiv , eiaqne ia 
Vat. M. praescriptnm est ueifit^ 
vovy de quo ^xi VoL I. p. 80, 
b. et p. 436, a. Badem \^d.B. 
in margine habet, sed ad daZ- 
tf^tva, non ad liuag reiate. 

4xola89lv] asoA<e|?fiv (Flor. 
T. Par. K. sec. Bip.) Ald. Bas. 
ab. Steoh. Astius in prima et 
tttrtia ed. eu»eeptarum iMaomht' 
nmifua Fle. v«ola^v vei lEra- 
la^iv conieoerat Hensteilianiui 
ad LadaBi dial. mar. & abl idaai 
delphia primnm aycda/Sov, tam 
4nola§ikv didtur, et vsrolof^elr 
maile se ostendaratHenadiBS apeo. 
p. 31. Bod^ ▼ert>o In nairar- 
tione de Arione oaaa est Heea- 
dotos L. L c. 24: t6v d^ M- 
tpiva Xiyovdn vnoXapdvta i^evBt- 
%ai i%i TalvoQov. Jfifc aptel Ae*- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS tlB. V- 453 


ww Xofov, $ro* 8sXq)tvd uv ilnltovtag if^a^ vsoAa- 
pBtv aVy fj riva akXfiv Sxoqov CamiQlav. 'Soorcv, l^if. £ 
9iQ9 i^^ ijv d'« iy&f iav «9 svQmfiBv n^i|o9ov. ofco- 
Aofovfuv y&Q d^ aUifiv tpfv6iv aUo dilv kcmiitvniv^ 
yvvoMog di xal avdQog Skhpf dvat' tag ih allag qni-^ 
0ug tm avtd q^apLBv vvv itlv lnittfitv6a$. tavtd ^m 
aawfiyofmw^ Koiitiy y$, !Ef fBWtUa, ^ i' iy^^ i 

lianom H. A. H. 6. VI. 15. Vni. 
3. XII. 45. sinilia de delphiiribus 
referentem aliquoties leg;itur vno- 
vrix^uu cJ9roXor/}£fir,(^uedA«tias 
if^oruM, qiiid in oodiabas ewet, 
restituit, coi significationem „se- 
cum anferendi ideoque periculo 
eripien^ lioc looo egregie qna- 
druitem'* in comm. tribnit, aa- 
ferre non aliter significare yide- 
tor, msk iit ad totnm qnoddam 
respidatnr , cuias ex partlbiu 
nna plaresire anferantor. 

Sv] om, Yind. E. 

a«o^oir] B^noQov Par. K. S- 
mtQov Vmd. B. otcvHam Fic. 
Aatiaa in cemm. „incertam h. e. 
inexspectatam salotem^ dicit, ift 
tertia ed. TaTam interpretatnr,* 
qnorom nihil satisfecit. «^o^oir 
fsanrjQittv eam inteUigo, qoae 
Ininana ope ooncifiari nequit, ut 
SatOQOV ^fta L. II. p. 378. A. 
item passive didtor; eine imm- 
derftnre Rettung, qnemadmodum 
Schleiermadienis interpretatns est. 

aanrjqlav.1 aanfrjQlav; Bas. aK. 
Astias, Beklcerns et Stallbaamtos. 
Id Tero Socrates interrofare non 
poterat, an ant delphm , ant 
aliad ndrabile rememnm ipsis 
sperandnm atque ita ad salutem 
oontendendam esset. 
£ <^i(fe drl] qp. de Yat M. ctr- 
eumstoice o6secro Fic. An kgit 

nfioXoYovfitv Y&Q Sv] Pro dfi. 
Par. A. Lob. Vind. F. Ven. C: 
Ang. B. Vat. H. ofioloyovfiev 
habent, (Lob. et Ven. C. cnm a 
snper o) quod, quia alteimn de 
▼irilis mulieorisque natoFae discri- 
miae in Sttperioribos sennonibas 

oonoessam nondom' Ant{ adniftf 
potnisse Tidetor. Tamen propter 
vvv ad tpafikv additnm, et qnod 
accusatio ad npagnantlam sapr« 
Goncessomm ac noti pladti per- 
tinet, discrimen antem Tiroram 
et mnlienim nollo tempore non 
oonoedendnm Tideri potest, im~ 
perfectum tene&dam pntavi. — « 
^ in Lob. Vihd. BB. Vat. BftL 
omissam est — Ficinas jiUonia 
Hofin, Catnoaaima» prafoeto in- 
tcrpretatiis nesdo qoid aapltao 
lA suo codice invenit. 

detv] 8tt Ane. B. Flor. R. et 
a m. pr. ut Tidetur, Vlnd. F. 
Certe deiv correctus exhibet. 

x^Q 9^] 8\ FScimis omisit. 

tavza TjfiMV Kon^yo^slvs;} in 
hoc iUi nos occtAtant. Flc. Legit 
igitur T. 17. %aT7jyQQttxat. ut scri- 
ptum est in Vind. F. Flor. RT. 
idque non inepte, qoum Socrates 
adyersarios iam dimisisse, Glan- 
oonis autem personae minus con- 
▼enire Tideatur pro eis respon- 
dere, quod secundam Talgatam 
lectionem fadt. Nam illad Ko^, 
fu8^ ye non cum Schleiermachero 
oocrati sibimet ipsi, queroadmo- 
dum supra, pro eis respondenti 
tribuendum esse Terba ^v 8' iyA 
docent, quibus suum sermonem - 
<Ustinguit. Sed mhil obstat, quo 
minus Socratem primum eadem 
illa, quam paullo ante ingressus 
erat quamque maximi fadebat, 
dialogi Tia adTersarios dooere vo- 
loisse, moX| qnum -Glauconem re- 
pugnantiae spede incitatum^ prom* 
ptius pro eis respondere vidisset, 
uiterim illos dimisisse et oratio- 
nem ad ipsum Glauoonem 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


454 nitaktU0 9 fj iihmiug t^g ipni^fwijg tipfif9* Tl d^; 

ifadxtuw «ttl ob0&a< oox V(s«t^9 iU^ itaXiy969ut9 
dUt to fM^ dvpa69m^ mm Mri tuu/foifLWoito isy6fH- 
pot kai&nom$iVf aUiA %ni vbto th ovOfM dmnuv toS 
Im/^knog t^ hmvtimowy S(fiii, oA iudLiKVfp sfog «U- 
i^tapg yfdfiwo^ "Both yi^ <i}, Ig^, «fi MiUovb 
. tovwo «0 «MiAof * illiUc fiiafi^ xol ^d^ ijfiafi «owo ftlMi 
B Iv T9 MOQivti; IIwtamMi fAv oiv^ ip d' fyot* iciv- 
imaiofmf yoSv Saavttg avuXaytag &nraOtei,* iMgi Ti 
fi^ t^ iti^r^ ^^iv 8ti ov tmv uAt&v i$t butiiiBv^ 
fmimv tvy%avuVf niw aviQUmg ts otA igiMt^amg moA 
td ovofM 9i6nofLiVf &r<0X6^fi8<^a 9h wi9' 6in}oA(fy tt 

^fn vw«m ciM p6teit| don- 
iigliiiil iutamgaidi aOp^ 
, ouod libtarivi Mob. 0. «( 
•iilorei prioMU appomdl 
mm^of^m eo Mn 
opoi habet 


«d ito^ Lob. Vittd. 
noii nmle. * 

yjemtftla] yii>»oy« Lob. Viod.P. 
■*••. ab. 



drtUoyutnQ tipnif.] d, titVnQ ; 
Bai. ab.— Polhiic II. 190: — xol 

iJg IUdmv. 6 

il^ctilovfCietia . 
9 ' ttoro g «al 

moUol] penmM Fic. 

I^nr] hip^^itBiv Yat. B. 

01^ ^Mel^itr^) ] oi. ySnd. F. int 
ten. habet praeacripto n m. aec 
nomine, niii £iIlor, y^a^. 

OB^l aoVMg] nsol nolXa 
Vind. D. om. Lob. Vuid« B. Vat. 

liliag] iq/utg Mon. B. ' 

x§hu] nivtZ Vind. F. tBiva 
Mon. B. a m. pr. 

•uvdiwifv^o^ — IZimritflEtttf» 
/ti^ oiv. 456. &J landat GakmQi 
T, V. p. 7^7 — 741. 

yolw ] ovft^ Mon. B. Par. K. 
iec MsJL Flor. U. Gal. 

ILSgi] om. hth. Vind. B. 

fu) ti^^ cn^y 9001P] Uect 
omnei oodioei praetar Ven.B» ot 
GnlcDai qnMfne fnij omittant Mi 
Fkiniii C*Nrttir« emlim) in Mm 
negationem inyenerit, tamen ne- 
oeiiaria et ab omniboi editoribiu 
000 atallbanmio in frima edilione 
exoepto merito aervata Oit. Nom 
oidem natnrae ne ioititntienem 
qnidem eandem oonTenire» hoo 
erat illnd, ^od in nomen («011 
•dim) nnioe intenti, diTenilatii 
imna genera non onrantei, 6§d" 
nnVf ieelari (/«H Mlea) ao 
iibimet ipiii obilcere aigniiHlmr. 
Bandem Tero natnram non eodem 

Biie nouiM 
ipii oontenderaat neqne ab adiia 
alfirmatum impoonaTeranty ideo- 
qne eam ietttentiamneqvenemino 
tenni iectari neqoe ^ ii oaii ^td^ 
%Bii» cam Fidno yweovi interpre- 
tetnry impngnare dloi poterant» 
Itaqne fi'^ abeiie neqmt: x6 ■»• 
nns necesiarinm ot fortaiie oiim 
errore pro puij reccptmn oit. Ce- 
teram poit ipdciv^ ijtto hK» la 
Ald. plene interpangitar , i%09 
ien la%b9 aubattdieodam itaiUut 
C. F. de ^Qenport in Nmmemoa 
mdmoiref io VueMmie reyrfi 
deff teienecB ei keUm-UOfm de 
Brme^. T. L 1820. pag. 158. 
•emei fediie 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITA8 LIB. V. 454 

tl tOpov dQitoiu»a ritB^ ou %a iaLm^wvfmm alkg 
9>v#u £Ua» vjf Sk otrvf %A mkd dmMioimf. 06 y«9 
^f lf>9f iM9a%i4iafm»a. TmroQto^^ JmoPf iU^uw C 

ytitfiff 9Mdaji(i5v aud «ofi^iiv Md ovj 9 hwmla^ smeI 
htudav SftoloymnBv ivhtvxlav bIvm^ iav q>€t3UatQol tev- - 
TorofUDtfiy f^ ifv aoft^tagy idv d* ai Mfi^fa», fiq 
Tov^ jrlpot^. JMoroy fiM' iPv d^f, I97. l^pa xoi^ 
oUo %L^ $Uov iywf ysUiov, q on ti%B ov mavtOQ 
t^ autf^ aai t^ Mqov gniotv iti»ift9»a, dUL* bulvo 
to ddog t^g diXoMiCBdg ta Ttal ofu^td^smg ftdvov iqfv^ D 
IdttoftiVj ti mQog ovTii tilvov tit ixmjdevftatai olov 

«ccm] «ttw %9 Yiiid. E. 

OmL Bam. h. 1. et pftiitt* poit. 
91"} MR. Lob. ybd. B. VatM. 

iw'a'] 6d' vkd. js. 

^«nTovy, WJ Smjovv vt Ald. 
d«i7o«^yr£ Lob. Vind. D. Bu. ab. 
fai; ovv Tt> Yind. F. d^oco^ivt 
Tind. B. 6mjTiovv Vmd. B. Vat. 
M. oTicvv xi Gal. 

ari^ofi rl xtivw] qfnornm ro- 
^pMentef Flc 

oS^ft^/ifl^a] 6qii6fL^^ Lob. 
Vind. F. VaA. BH. 

or£] oik GaL 

fiU«] otf» anteponmit Ang. B. 
Flor. ft. et a m. aee. int Ters. 
▼ind. F. 

i7t^Ldot/i£v\ i%£dl6ofi^BM.h> 

06 yic^ oiv] o^yaifovv Lob. 

[^ Totydqroi] votyd^fti Vind. B. 
Ceteni» Fic 

fpatoatQmv'] 9. lurl Bas. b. 

v/ofMfKtmvl nmi^ Vind. F. a m. 


o^r 1}] o^r^ Lob. Vind. BD. 
it. BM. Flor. T. 

«KVfrorofMBOi ]^ aorja facidw* 
caleeoi(ii« coi|^la0nt Flc 


6fkolojfAfk»\ d/Aoloy^itev Ba«, 

riXoroir] niotov BeUteni et 
Btallbaomiaa. Item in pievlmo. 
€»: ad p. 452. A. 

iiivr' ctyl /cfa^ wSv Vlnd. F. 
GaL fUv t 3v edidonea aate 
latu «econdam. Con£ VoL L 
P. 177, a. 

T^v Mfcnr] vi^v om. V«i. B. 

/idvor] i&v u6vov Vind. F. 
odiror ov Vind. DB. Vat. H. 
Flor. ACV. 

iiffvXitnOiUv ] i^Xattmpnv J} 
Vind. F. ante corr. 

v6 9^6g €tvr£t zfZvov x^ httf 
xtidevfuxxa] Sio inoorxvpte baec 
tantum in Mon. B. Flor. U. i^pnd 
Galenom et in libru editia legon- 
tar. hk eodicibag refiqna xtlvov 
xoL m xtlvovxa conflnxenuit et 
x6t, pro x6 scriptom est, exoepto 
tamen Ven. B. qui «6 et xklvov 
•ervavit, sed pro xu imx7i6sv' 
funa oaxm imtijdsvpaf ceteram 
▼iUofam reliquoaim lectioiiem ia 
mar^^ appositam ezhibet. Prae- 
terea pro avxit in Yind. F. Ang. 
B. Par. DK. aec. Bekk. avxh ex- 
itat. x6 xHvov eliam sdioUaates 
le|;!t. sed parom asta per x6 
ktixiidtiov expGcat Fidnns : fMcie 
(spedes) od tpsa sailcm «Iii4»a 

igitised by VjOOQIC 



Uetffwop ithf ^ latQtxov tiqv ifVfqv Bvta xifv uvv^ 
ffvCiv i%uv iUyofav* ij avx at&; "Efmyt. ^lmtQUciv Sh 
jcoi t&uovkniv &Xlfiv$ IIuvtm$ nov. Ovxoiv^ ^ i* iyA^ 
' »id to twv dviQfSv fuil xo t(Sv yvvuitnv yivog iav fiiir 
f^oifg 'dxvtivxi/vd ^ aXXo imtiidsvita dux^fiQov (palvytai^ 
tovta dij ^pifO0fi9v iKatlgqt tslv aTtoiidovM* idv 81 av- 

lav(ftM6t pkp %al tttTffmhv t^ 
i^rqv SvToc] Haec qiiof{ae m 
optimis GbrLi, quos sequi sole- 
IMU, levkeroorrapta non nbi iA 
Mon. B. Flor. U. iU, ut edidi- 
miu , leguntor: in Par. ADK. 
Vmd. EF. Ven. C. Asig. B. Vat. 
H. Flor. ACRTV. et Gal. Baa. 
scriptam est luTQiniv (ikv xal 
iarfftMTJv vfjv ^vifjv ovxay in 
Lob. Vind. B. et a m. pr. D. 
Ven. B. Vat M. iat^a^ ftkv 
t^v ilnfx^v Svta tertio qnarto- 
que Tocabulo omisso, quod utrum- 
qae Vind. D. ip quo iaviftxov 
fanem et /ikv initium versus facit, 
ita in margine bositum habet , ut 
Uer(ii%6v nal iat^iitijv p^ vijv 
iffvplv owa deinceps exhibere 
Tideatur; denique in Vat. B. iot- 
t^69 (ikv r^y 't^* l;i;o«rva 
ezatare Bekkenia ost^dit Qua- 
mm omnium lectionum nuUain 
probabilem esse apparet. Longe 
aliter comparata lila est,. quam 
editiones ante Bekkerum et Ga- 
lenus .K&hnii habent: j€CV(fUi6v 
^ xofl iav(fiKijV xiiv '^j^v 
Jxovva , ^uam , st per codices U- 
cuisset, libenter retinuissem, ut- 
pote ad significandum discrimen 
illud exiguum, quod inter duos 
f adem natura praeditos atque pro 
exemplo huiDS ipsius aequalitatis 
proponendos intercedere potest, 
aptissimam , siquidem iav(fi%6v 
e«m interpretait Ucet, qui arti 
medioae, ouam exercet, idoneam 
indolem haoet , iat(ftKiiv tiiv i^- 
tjiiv J^xovva vero eum, qui tali 
fiigenio est, quamTiji artem non 
exerceat. I^ed idem inter iav^i- 
%6v et i€cv(ftx6v vi^ ^x^v owa 
discrimen statui posse i^detur, 
non quo iav(fi7t6g alia sui parte, 
quam animo , aptus ad artem me- 

dicam sit, aut oon quolib«t utio 
vitae genere occupatus esse pos- 
sit; sed tamen quum iotv(ft»6v 
appeUari aUquem andimns, medi- 
cum fere laudari putamns, non 
fabrum aliumve artincem desdibi ; 
quum vero oomponi cum eo ia~ 
VQMQV v^v ^vx^ijv of^a vide- 
mus, lioc ipso ad^tamento mo- 
nemur, ut hunc nofimst ingenio 
et natura, alterum etiam facto 
et actione idoneum praedicari ata- 
tuamus. 8ic optimorum codioiua 
lectionem una secundum Mon. B. 
Flor. 0. mutata littera servari 

I~»osse oenseo. Belckerus pauUo 
ongius progressus Ficini aucto- 
ritate mediema (et hominem Aa- 
6entem animuai mediciane atudiim 
optum) interpretantis iav(f6v fikv 
%al iav^fMov vffv ipvx^v Swig 
edidit, quem in utraque editione 
tacitus, quasi ietv(f6v in omnibus 
codidbus editionibusque legereiUir, 
secutus est StaUbaumius et in 
tertia sua Astius. iav(f6v ~haud 
dubie talem intelUgebat Bekke- 
rus, qualem Thrasymachus Ubro 
primo praetexuit, v6v vfp d%Qt(itl 
loy^ iavQOV Swa^ nou qui vul- 
co dicuntur, quos nnnime sempec 
laxQi%ov9 viiv 'fpvf^v esse satis 
constat. Nec non~ concedendum 
est vero medico foturo maxtme 
opus esse natura eadem, qua qui 
praeditus est , iccv(ft%6s vr^v <^tf> 
2171' dicatur. Sed Platonem, de 
hoc si cogitaret, nuUa eius rei 
significatione facta velut de mul- 
tis unum appeUandum enm cen- 
soisse parum verisimile videtur; 
ne(|ue vero . d€inde iav(ftx6v dh 
dlxisset , • si iav(f6v (uv praece^ 
deret Ficinum autem- non opti- 
fflo codice in his quidem Hbris 
usum quum saepe aiibi, tum 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CITITAS LIB. V. 454 tt 

t6 ih £4^ 6%miB$»i o^ihxiitm ^iftfofMV (utXXov ima^ E 
iiiujl^aiy liSd spo$ o i}^g Uyof^^v 9 dia^fiQU yvwi 
iviQog , aiX h& obfCoiu^a dsiv ta avta i^itffimi$tv 
tovg tB tpvlaxag iqi»S^ %td tdg ywalxag avtmv. KA 
6Q9&g9 Jlffi. Owtovv pxtd tovto xsltvoiuv tov 

Vol. I. p. 80, a. L 9. 10. depre^ 
heodiimu, et tamea hoc kico ya- 
riandae oratioiiis caoua potias, 
Min qQod itet^ acriptoiii vi- 
ocaroty medicum posuiMe credid^ 

huv iliyoftep] iLHz- Vind.D. 

di] ttv Lob. Vind. BB. Vat. 
M. 9i ys Vind. F. Ane. B. Flor. 
R. Gal. 

SU«iv;l lU lH>b. Vind. B. 
aXXfpf. TelK|iii*mei eom editia an- 
te Bekkemm. 

dwdQwv'} dvSqSv 'rs Par. K. 
aec Bip. 

t6,] om. Flor.T. tl Aidv Bas. a. 

fivog] Vulgo eomma apponont. 

fihv) om. Vind. F. Ang. B. 
Flor. R. Grynaeas pro ee Tide- 
t«r fwf legendom oenmriase, qtnppe 
qni Ficini interpretationi n aA 
ortem oiUquam aut aUnd Hiidiitni 
tnter ae dijformit in hnnc niodnm 
a ae refictae n ia orte aUqua Mt 
otvdio HikH inter se diferant ed. 
Baa. 1539. pag. 591. in mar^e 
adscripserit Sic legendum videtmr^ 
fiumquam aUter Aabet esemplair 
Graeemn. Scilicet huniQiO cam 
Ficino «tri^e inteipretatafl id- 
qne pro amlMilbue aocipiens, qaom 
sit utrtvM aea ollertttn*, non po- 
terat non offendere. 

Tovro d^ 91700^6^ — tpttlfPVi'' 
wi] om. Vind. B. Vat. M. „In- 
Tenitar alia lectio, in qoa eat di) 
pvo /U17, [immo /»^ pro d^] et 
interrogationia nota poat okoB^t 
9^ai. Fic. tamen lectionem no- 
stram videtar agnoyiMe, nisi qaod 
et ipae interro^ttve legtt: Tertit 
enim, Nonne et genus Tiroram 
mvlienimqae genns, si in arte 
aKqiia ant «tadio nihii inter ae 
differant, lioc ntriqie asflignan» 
dom esfle dicemoflf *^ Steph. an- 

Bot. p. SL MemgatMa 
eflt in Bas. ab. fled itri pro d^ 
flcribendam coniecerat Comariafl 
ed. p. 99. eodem flio in Tocafbold 
htmiifip aberrana et interroga- 
tionem oam Fidno statuens, at 
ex hac eiafl interpretatione ap- 
paret: Noime, infdom ego, eftM 
otrorwn el miiltennii remi«, «tcMl 
ortem olt^vam ont mUnd etudimm^ 
inter ee diveremn videatm-y hoe 
mtriqne aftriftners oportere wiego- 
frimtifl? Simal iHud notabile, qiiod 
Btephanofl intetpolatite a Giy- 
naeo Fidnam pio genoino Imboit^ 
— Pro d^ Vind. BBF. Ang. B. 
Vat. A FkMT. ACRTV. et Gale- 
nnfl d* exhibent, qood reoepit 
StaUbramiafl. Pro rovr^ in Vind. 
D. TOVTO leeitur. 

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floper nltima Lob. 

t£ to] t6 Tffi Bafl. b. 

91] 6' Vat. H. Gal. 

9ia<piifBi] duKpi^oi Ang. B. 
duupiifetv Flor. T. In Vind. F. 
y a m. 8. floper si flcriptora. 

i^liiv] i^fUDV Gal. 

aMv.] Ita Lob. Vind. B. 
Gal. Ald. Steph. non cevtnv; 
qaemadmodam Baa. ab. et recen- 
nor^s flcribimt, qaod neqve ad 
ambitum et partium conformatio- 
nem haiufl dictionifl neqae ad ini- 
tiiBD reflponsionifl ita aptam ride- 

60^409] iq^ng y Vmd. £F. 
Ven. B. Ang. B. Flor. ACR. 
Gal. Stallbanmiafl. 

fqjt? ] itpriv Gal. 

^eror Tovro] /Etsrarovro Ald. 
Bafl. ab. 

. xiXsvofu»] xiXsvmiisv Ven. B. 
Vind. B. 9,MaluB neXsvcofUv.^* 
StaUbanmiafl in flec. ed. Carf 
Socrates postqnam dixerat quod 




455 td ipavtta Afywva taSto uM iM&xup ^fMrtf» m^S Wwk 
xiffpniv i} %l imnf 4<vfMK xmv m^l m^Umq mtntf iMVfv 
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^lMOiov yovp. Ta%a tolvm av oxbq <ft) oUfov s^f» 
ifov SXtyigf cbo» av tud &lAag, on iv fAv t^ ^caQa- 
nit^ faavmg timtSv ov fadiov , Uu^oBilftc^hq^ Sk ov- 
iiv %aXmi/v. EXaoi ydq av. BovXu ovv iuift^a toii 
B tA toun&ta dvuXifovtog axolovWi&mh i}fuv , iav nmg 
ifuSg bntvtp iv8$ili6ii^a , Su ov8h ietiv hcitijiBviut 
tinov fwaini MQog d$oUii6iv M63iBmgi Hdw r$* ''Wt dy^ 
^ijCofLSv 9CQ6g avtov, ixoxQlvov. aQa ovtmg iXsytg xov 

iid. B. MoD. B. Flor. TU. 

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MBC repraetenUto tonpore iUo 
ponUo onie foteni ftdTmarinm 
ulnd ndignnl, rognt Praetoroa 
Maaiuw minuf fntnro eonTenit. 

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455 v^ M". Vlnd. BIX Vot. HAL 

<^Z] o^Vy (^^ f<Bre eolent li- 
bmrii) flopencripto t, Par. D. 

lUJUl ^U' Vind. DEF. Ang. B. 
Vat H. Flor. ACR. Gal. 

M^o^;} dpd^g, GraL eiAld. 

JUuiiop yovir.] jdbutiip / ovf^. 

ro/yvirl om. Fic. 

oliyoir] tiilrf» GaL 

Vind. F. 

Sl'} om. Par. D. 

dBmfu»a] dioit^a Vind. F. 
Flor. AC. 

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fd kmte nohiM oppomt Fic tov 
ra vo». ch^ciiyoyTOfi (juti GaL 
(•— funi GaLBaik) 

1}. Par. K. Mon. B. Flor. U. «« 
•nrtt «oftftt prnottol attoMlalfue 
n hulvm] huZvo GaL 

Miii<ifu»a 1 IraEtfa^ftC^a 
Tnd. E. CC VoL L p. 384, b. 

dioUnoiv] dioUufiv Bas. a. 

'm bil — flfUa fiioH. C.] 
laadat Btobneua ecL phya. p.722. 
Heer. Pro A^i in eo erai Mi;, 
qnod HeeraiiQa ootnidt 

Baa. ab. ce^ 


a^a] aoa Aid. 
Ang. B. Vind. F. GaL In Bns. 
ab. Stnpb. oonunate n pmeoednn- 
tiboa distinctam est 

ev^] Ix^virVind. B. 

dl ] d' Vind. F. Ang. B. Flnr. 
R. 8tob. 

d fikv] om. Par. DK. et a m. 
pr. Mon. B. qni ntmmiine n m. 
8. int rera. additnm habet. Hein- 
dorfio ad Boph. S« 7a nnina Pnr. 
K. anctoritaa ad expnngendnm 
floflioem ▼idebater, qnia iUiaa 
l^retinm aefllimare. amidnm poton- 

ltap9'dvo&] fuev^dvu Lobu 
Vmd. B£. Vat BM. Ven. B. «I, 
snp. o&f Flor. T. Optativna in 
omtione obliqna iegitimua, iv ^ 
antem, qnod Fidnni ex 00 fno4 
interpretator » ita inteiUgendom 
ert^ ut Ij. L p. 34a E: huXtr 
«ovcn^ff y^&ff ijMtijfMi£ 6 df/kao- 
tdvmv dfiafftdvUy iv tfr omt 
ioti hjfuovifvd^. hoc tantom dia— 
crimine, qnoa yu pronominia m- 
latim non ad pmecedentutt aed 
ad feqnentia pertinet, nt pro iv 
i noitm ioco dici potoiaad^ 
ipanm Tero plane reapondeat I*- 
tmo onateMit. 

osd f^^da^] daofQOXlila^ 
Vind. F. 

hcl nold] Ite Lob. huaoH 
reliqin mei onm editionibna anto 

tvxAv] tvxiv Vat H. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


f^lag vi fMn#<iyoi, i dh %alm£g; ml i (Up ^bo fif^" 
Ifllmg fuA^mg iml mli fvfmtfo^ «K; otS t^^sw^ i A 

Cmto; iuA t^ phf tu %o6 ^dfuctos bummg ixffftoit^ 
dunfolf^ t^ tt hm^toltoi i^ SUm &9ta h6t)m^ ^ tuv^ 
»9 o^ wip o^9>tnjf %iiig hutOm 9uA sdv fiq «tpifiM; 
OUAg, ^ r Sg, £Ua9>^M. OM n ofo m^ «vAvi^ 
«ow fi«il8ViS|iwoVy ip ^ oi mavia tavta ti tmp avdgmp 
)4yo€ ittf^tfdi^tfff tz$if ^ ti td¥ ywammv; 4 p a a fol o - 
jmfisv tJ9 tt ^mnm^ Uyovtig %al t^ tSw %o%imofP 

P^'} M ^ rmd.F. ^ 
Flor. R. G«l. Stob. Fidmui pco 
liu ^QlMtaMr pcnilo port obUettcf- 

nr ponons baec qaomodo tcS l«l 

accDrate qaacaDrit. 

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r; i^snyie^oil 4nn^mZ Lok VU. 
^m*. Vat. M: Flor. £. imiqiwoin 

vo 1 on. MoD. B. 

«] «' Vmd. F. Oal. Stob. 

ivorvioiro] ^mrTMWTo» Vlnd* 
B. Tat. M. 

Jf'] «00 Vmd. BF. Flor. E* 

&%Xtt £tto1 aUo ofTTtt Vind. 
D. JflJU^T» Lob. Vmd. BF. &iX 
6t€a AaE.B. Flor.R. GaL Stob. 

IotIv} lottir YmL F. 

ols ] o/ Fftor. T. f/fi Atob. 

Ald. Bai. aK diUiiundt Fio. 

(H9cl«] o^^ Fte. T. 

O2o0« Tt — ciVir 9i^ofit. 456. 
B.] kndat BosobiaB oraep» er. 
L. Xn. p. 357. Pro o2oOa AU. 
Baa. ab. ^jwOa bobcnt In Lob. 
otdlKs vi otc. logitar. 

•vy] om. Fio. 

^} t)«' liob. Vbd. BD. Vi^ 
M. BoMk o«d «09 Flor. T. 

mhrrc Toiro] myftt t«nM 
Por. A. Fltr. ACT. omnAi eo- 
dem ¥%c 

Td] kkU T6tt. a a. 0. Vud. F. 

9ia9 9Q i¥tmg] ol 

Ko. _„ 

loodone mvra T«n(TA , 

qoebator, coaianetanu 

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ttaa^olovAfiev] fMWOoloyoi^ 
Lob. Vmd. B. Mon. B. Vat. BM. 
Von. B a m. a. Fbr. U. GaL 

To] ^ GaL 

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mwh€»p\ Tiflmoof Iok. p.ttOs 
«fflMera* «^^ifMtm aEl«ETfa aol 
tocTcb aol ae^e^. B iodem 
Tmrbia atantor ochoBaoteo Plato- 
ida et Porpbyiii de abiC L. VL 
€. 16. p. 129. Bboer. et, qaoo 
Kiihnbeidoo B|pufioaTit, rbotiai 
et Baidao: tantnm «Xoaovirna 
pro miftfiata praebcnit. Bo eo 
feocre» qnod la lacrio ofi creb a - 
tar, in priaib coolorcodac ort 
Polybii kcoc L. VL c 25, 7. 
abi scatam ▼otac eqoitam Bmaa- 
norom cimile imMW dicitar Toiii 
dfupahutolg mottapotgf colg iml 
titg Ov€lag kriu^fiiwmg. IdBm 
flenac contra mentem Fliutonic k 
L simuficatam itataiifo videtar 
Proctaa comm. ia^ CIy. p. 419: 
xal yci^ it> toHg oaoXoyoMi^oce 
%tvmi ywoiauloig fyyoig l^^ofM- 
vioriifo^ dv^if hM^joij^aMg^ 
mg iv tip fftfatvnmt^ mg iv x^ 

oolaoiovfyflr, wg iv 
vomouiv. Miu %aL lOoc jjMoa 
iMaif r6 'Attmhvj mr dfoo 


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It^oVf mULot oaT ol aPONMrro- 
moioky fHfMN^^a* ritg q^ttg 
titg mlmtto4oag 8oa toJg ^ootg 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



ts kal hfnuidtw S^eQttmlav , hf olg dif ti^ iaufi io 
D ywaixAov yhog dvMf ov %al Haxwy$Xa4t6T€ct6v i0%i 
navtC9V ^cifiwQv; 'AXij^^f l^j Ufiig, oti Miv 
xQatHtai iv SxadiVj wg ixog ihctiVy to yivog tov fir 
vovg. ywalasg pdvtoi xoUial MokXAf dvdQav fiaXtlovg 
dg nokXa' to ii olov ^x^ 6g 6v HyBtg. Ovdhv &Qa 
iatlv, d iplXSi Iscitafdnifia tSv tcoXiv 8toi%oyvtmv yv- 
vanAg di6i$ yw^, oid* ivdQog dtou av^Qj dXX^ q^lag 

« min eniai placentanun pistrioes 
non comparasset com naturae yi- 
riboB diis animalia et plantas 
Tebit totideoi sacrifieia dtereati* 
bw atque ex gremio terrae emit- 

vB ] om. Vind. D. 

dii] det, Mip. if, Vind. F. 

ov ] oiS idem. 

%ai] int rers. Yind. B. 

naTayBXccaTOTavdv] Primam syl- 
Ud>am Vind. F. int. vetg.^ habet. 
J) iart^ nmnmv^ ietlv mdvzmv 
Flor. T. itfri ndfknolv GaL £iu. 

itffHy Xiym] 1. f. GaL 

noiv xffaxuxai] «oXvx^orei* 
TOtt GaL %al noX^h %^. Biis. 
' h] ^ Vind. £. 

noUjal] om. Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat. BM. 

$1] d' GaL 

oXov] olov iXov cnm linea 
transversa snb iXov, qnod si^um 
delendi est, Mon. B. 

&ifa i<rTly] &. iovtv Viod. F. 
iativ &Qa Gal. 

eS tplXsl om. Vind. £. 

oild'] ovdl Gal. ovd' av £as. 
dXX' Vind. £. 

/tt^l om. Vind. D. 

dl dVTiQ] ^ dvrif GaL et sta- 
tim post d dcO-BVBatiifov, 
E ^H] fi Vmd. £F. £us. rl Gal, 

ovv] yovv Viiid. £• om. Fic. 

ndvTa] TOVTa Gal. 

9f^ooror|o/ciey ] 9ioo0ra£fOjU€v 
Lob. Vat B. Ven. C. et ante 
correctionem ab eadem tamen 
mana fiMtam Vind. B. 

yweuMi] yvvatil .Flor. T. 

ai]a' Lob. Viod. B. Vat. Bl 

K(A] m. AU. Bas. ab. Steph. 
n «al Gal. Kuhn. A% Flc %ai 
Astius in prima ed. ex Par. K. 
et Galeno restituit. £Uam £n- 
sebius cum oodicibas omnibaa hs- 

'AU'] a^' Lob. Vind. B. Vat. 

ywij] ywaixi Par. K. second. 

rv/ivaarix^ d' apa o^, otfdU56 
noXsfuxil , 17 dl dn6X$ftog «al 
01I ipiXofVfivaatiMi] ;] Ita Par. A. 
Vat. H. Fior. ACV. et >lnd. BP. 
nisi quod hi duo ov post nal 
omittunt et Sl. pro 8' exhibent, 
0t Vind. fi. hctnoXepuxf^ pro 9to- 
XsiuTtijf alter pro acuto in ap« 
drcuiiiflexnm e correctione habet. 
Proxime accedunt Flor. R. et Bo- 
sebius : yvfiva6Tt%il Sh &Qa (Flor. 
R. dga;) o^8l (Flor. R. cum 
Kttl int. rers.^ noXsfitxjj' rj 8h 
dn, %al ov (id Flor. R. omittit) 
fptkoyvf»>vaati%i/i ; PauUo longiosy 
sed ita, ut ad hanc, partem re- 
ferendi sint, abeunt Ang. B. et 
Galenus: yvftvaattv^ d* aoa (81 
&Q* f) Gal. ) %ai noXBfuxq etc. 
Reliqui codices %ai initio ante 
yvfi^aOTotH addunt , cetera vel 
ita, ut Par. A. exhibent, quo in 
namero sunt Lob. Vind. BD. 
(prior oum signo interrogandi post 
ov) Ven. C. Par. D. Vat HM. 
et Ven. B. Vat. B. qui duo insu- 
per 17 post yvfLvaaTfnii insenint, 
▼el cum Ang. B. pro ov, ovdi 
sabstitount xcd, at Par. K. Moo. 
B. Flor. TU. qaoram secnndus 
0t quartus etiam d' omittont et 
pro ^tXoyvfMivaatiaiKii ui iine yv- 
fuwotiw^ habent. Ad Flor. T. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


%mv fup fiBtixB^ ywif IstST^dmfiaTmr funa tfi^w, mi^ 
xmv Sk dvi^f lul mS0l ii ad^wigtpQov fin^ mviQog. E 
JJdvv yn. ^H ovv dvdga^i mdvtd spotfsa{ofW9, fwa^ 
xl dh ovdiv; Kal M$; 'jiU' fovi faQ^ blfiaiy 6g ^ 
^ofLWi %a\ yw^ latQmTii ii d* ovj nal fiov^m^y ^ V 
afiOv6og 9>vO<i. Tl fiijv; rvfiva^uwif i' aga 00 , ovih 
459MoiefUMiqj q ii dmoJisiiog «al w tpiiofvpva^tmii ; Ol/ua 466 

fmcta Yidetar Fldiii interpretatio 8 
■Et Ma qmUem ad exerciiaiionm 
gfmamticoB H rem miUiarem 
framipia^ idia vtro ad Aoee §»• 
efrto. Leetienem Yeneti B. re- 
prheeenlaTit AldiM eam additah- 
nenfco, quod ia eiiMdem eo^kia 
aerf^e a aana reeent& seriptiiii 
est:.jral yvfimaotm^ 17 d' &^ 
ov. oiJdh noUfux^, 17 Sh asrolc- 
fiog %al ov qfiXoyvfivaifTiim ; 17 
d' aga a4. Nec atiter BcfiJeen- 
eee, qaanim prior in additamento 
clf^, poeterior of^' et antea tpvlO' 
YviivdpTiwj exhibet, aot Steplia- 
nuSy qui tantum Terba commo- 
diua interpuniit. Sed in margine 
hanc coniectnram proposuit: /or. 
Tucl av Yu^vacrtxh , rt d* a^a 
oS ; ovofi noXifuxrj , 17 Sh dno- 
iBfios; *ttl ov qfiXoYVfivaariyc^y 
1} S* &^a ov; ui ov in frioriku* 
lociff mt pro N&ane, atque in an^ 
notatione paff. 21. haeo moaait: 
^Alia huiue iod affertar lectio. 
ouae habet, %al yvfwticovtiai* 17 

Imoty %ai ov tpiXoyvfi/vaotMif ; 
Olfkat J^mys, T( 8d ; ,ipMcoq)6^ 
T8 %al ^fi0Bi9ijg; 97 S^y fuoo- 
cotpog «tfl a^pLOs; Sed qoae- 
dasi m noitra editione meiiua 
•cripta esse fidentors ideojrae 
fevtassis ez daeboa lectlonftae 
iadeBda aoa fovat, <{aae aatem 
ibi margfaii adacripai aunt ex oon- 
uubi 01I priere leeo eat 
8ed hibeotioal^ 
qoam niodi& ottidi, ee^ 
qaer, in priore parte, at dica* 
tnr , iMrl yvft/vwrmij , imbaiodi 
hel yvv^: neo Ter6 yvfmuTue^ 
\9olefimHff enl 

eontrk qaae nec alt «oIc/mki), 
eed oontrk dnSlfftog, oee^j^opMt- 
OTix^, aire ^doytp/ueormin/. (nam 
Iwc in Ulios si«iilficatione ntitnr) 
Sed in aitero meflibro minim^ ne- 
ecsse videlar aHam €fium qaae i» 
hne editioae est qonerere Terbo- 
riim coUooatioacm.^^ AHam iilam, 
dioit, leedonem Cemadas 
tfonioctara propoensrat ecL 
p. 99. eamque, qaatanas fi^tmho- 
ne probabatar, in primam enlttet 
nem reoepit Astias | in aitera se* 
eotas est Parisiensen K. Bekke? 
ras et StaUbaumios seeandnm 
Men. B. Flor. U. scripseruntXsd 
yofMrivonici) &^a %al mltfuaif^y 
1} 81 dxoXtfiog %al 01$ yvftyaev** 
«17; aaX lectioni oemmendandae 
StaDbauimus in sec ed.' hanc ne- 
salficere crediditi ,^c hane 
ex eodd. persanaTit Bek- 
ker. Valfo erati Kal yvpuwatt- 
am, ij 8' &^a ov. oMk noXefu- 
107 * 17 d^ ^6lifi6g wt^ o4 91X0- 
yi^maotma^, ifj 81 &qa ovy OU 
fMi lymyt %,- 1. L ' Lonfom esl 
sin«a]ss reoeneere eedieam hdkm- 
nee: itaqae moneve laTol codibef 
Monac et Flor. pT, fewwn suppe- 
ditasse scriptaramy qnibasana ee* 
teri codices alii aliis in partlhns 
consentinnt. Pre^UepfivaerMuf^ 
quod nnnc recte in yvfivaotnaj 
■otatnm est^ Ast. legendhsm cen- 
tet mtXoyvftmmifg j ut VII,- i& 
Vm, 4.«« Bdlieet in tertia.ed. 
Astita deleta secandom Bekke* 
mm pmrtlcida 8 'h^ oetesis Piuf* 
K. soriptnraln tennit, 9<Xoyv- 
fiaa(m%i^ autem sin ^tXo y vi n w 
o^g matandam eenieeit. 8ed«^ 
ot ob -hee ordiar » qnimndmsfcin' 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


fymfB. H di; fpd60iHp6g t$ nml fuO^lto^og; ml 

Md^, 4 <' &9vfu>g; "Batt fuA rmf^r. 'V^tw S^ $uA 

, ^JUoMfff yw^f ^ i* 06* ii ov touwtfpf smI ti5v ih^ 

dfiw, «nfy fpvUaMaVy ^6iv lftiU|afiite; ToioMigv 

a{( qn^iMit^ niUmgj %i^ o6a A^^tatiifa igf Ioxoqo^ 

tioa iOtL <Mv9tai> KtA ywtuKsg oQa ^at toiomm 

B toig to^ofkotg JevdQdOw ixlmniai ^woiOBip tB mtA Ov/i'- 

^lattBiPf iaaiMiQ dolv txaval ati ivyyw^ avtoSg 

f^qpMirigfMol ft diontiir» qd. 

tptXa^l€» otc prbpcMi iea ido^ 
Bci, tta ^UoyvfUPaonia) «a ■»- 
lier ^tar, calw iiMlolei tafii 
cft, «t ^OoyvfiMxotiair fiuiio 
■ inoe r o ci fi aL Bt poterit konin 
coliatkMie ^ptlacowtMg^ ^od 8te- 
pluuMw siae teiOiiMMde eziiibait, 
seiiBeiderai preioripiit, oerte t** 
leralNie Tideri. In prioriboi vevo 
milla oesiia eet , food ab opti- 


lectioDeB lioe ipimn 

«Utoiti xlBi; 17 /cihr ^Uooo^n^O^ 

1} Bl futfooo^oe; icd 

leelioM «icedatBr. Ad 
HM, od iiiincwi idicoiw eiic 
BCiti foid ig^ 

lemifM ao« tdoacaoi oppoiilMK 
M kmkore diootwrf Ne^ce «m 
ralWw Imcc ita cniuitiaiitiir, 
fttadoqcidoM lioc ianui adTcr* 
iarii, ^ ad coitodian iaapt ai 
Mlieno c«e conteadcreat , vd 
anxiM Mcatari daati qaoit il 
prini coBcedant» poiteriai ae* 
ceat, iiUaiet ipooi repagnare l^- 
-lad eff« negatioai caniniMtaA ar- 

di} 9id FW. T. 

«ol imtUwpoo) poit itvpH 
Oal. aaeai ordanai Tcrlioraoi 
Aatini «1 ioc. ed. anpleiaadaoi, 
in «eilia «j A pro mI icriben- 
daai eiaiet aueaadandiaa FVi- 
MM interpretatari ida noa el «aa 

L Scilioet poit ^pao- 
ioppUatar jwtifi ot 

f eli 

«o^ xo 

9tmdio9a • 
tar el ab ea 

d*] 9h Boi. GaL 

&OvfMog; "Ean] &0vfi6g dori; 
Vind. F. Boi. 

^ d'l ^8' VwA. B. Ald. Bas. 
ab. (AJd. Bai. ab. etiaia io inp»- 
rioribQi ^8* afiowiog com Vind. 
F. babeot, et Ald. in proxtmla 
^8* S^fiogj abi Bai. ab.5 8' 
exbibeat) 4 8\ e eorr. ^ d^, 
Vlnd. P. 

•fi.] a^; Vind. B. Stepk Ait. 
pr. et ice. 

4] ^ Vind. & VAid. Steph. 

aal] oaL Blc 

IEia£{<^M*tt] <eclae4H^ Viad. 
B. /sije^M^* Aid. Bao. a« — 
V. L. IL p. 37& G. 

4 flrdn}] xal 1} ovn) Vind. B. 

sii)y oaa doO^onowioail ivgv- 
Qowioa iatL] In hio Par. A. 4 
oad&, Vind. B. Vat. H. Flor. 
AGV. doOmfBOzi^ et doga^f- 
oaty liob. rmd. BF. Vat. BM. 
Ven. C ootirjrapa <boc etian 
Bai. ab.) at ^^yo^Mfa babenti 
(pro Vea. a ioipioor Vini B. 
Bekltenim iigaiftoaM malaiiia.) 
Viad.B. vlfl» iaa aa»$viaziQmg 
aoi hfBOQoaiQoo imi vam a aa* 
anpanHiiA^ ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



iaifoiatia tmiq aakaXg ^490^; Ti ovw. "Htu^fO» i^ 
dg m MifotiQa nBQ^pi^iiWoi unL ^jfioioyoviuv jn^ mo^ 
^pv49i¥ dvttt xoSq xmv fpvlttumv Twocjl povettufv to nmL 
yvfiyatfvucqy dModtdovat. IlavtiMaoi fiiv ovv* Oia 
UQU Uvvaxa ya ovSk ^i%aiq ofioia ivofftodcYOVfiav, knt^ C 
fUQ aaxa apv6w ItU^mav xov voimv* dUia td vvv MOQd 
xavta ftiyvoiitva MOQa ^pv^iv furUov, §^ Iomm, ylfvi^' 
%au iBouuv. Oiaovv ^ bUMifig ^iiiv qy^ bI iwatd f$ 

cxblbet. GaleniM legit %^9 Sca 

i} i/Av dad-svBtfv^ffa , o 8 hzv- 

0^9o6g Iffti. .BoMlita vatm 

nlilw 06tp d^fOBPtmrioa , i} 61 

i^XV^ioa iatL Hinc ABtius in 

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p. 24.^ Goettl. v4% if oMj mt- 

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em. Vind. B. Vtt 

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rcii^] £. rc xod £ofc^. Yind. P. 
Aaf . B. Flor. IL «lillbanmian 
c. r. «. £vfiqp. Bns. c. t. n. ^- 
XdttHv GaL 

crdTo7ff] at9n}y Vuid. B. Tat 
H. Flor. AC. 

Tit d'] T^ Sl Mon. B. 

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in responsione. 

daodoxia ] AaoSotiov Leb. 
Vind. B. Vat. B. Vcn. BC. Pkur. 
K. dnoMotia Vlad. P. 

fp4ctci\ qnictoiv BekkerDS. In 
Vind. B. baec cnm seqnentibns 
oontinnantor: tpvotci tit tt^td; 
■ n^ott^a^ %^6tt^ Par. K. 

ntififpBQOiupoi^l Dnas primas 
syllabas Vind. B. int Tcrs. ha- 

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9v%aXi ^fiOMx] nre imidarim 
tmmntmHtim Fie. Jlnle scfaelia- 
stes: Tcb ^i) ««#ipcoirTce. loriy^^ 

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Vat H. Fler. AC. 

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iTat. H. FlcB^ i o v m iJ k 

rirl^em. Lob. Viad. BD. Yat 
BM. Par. K. 

iwatd y«] Swavd ct BTor.T. 
dnemadmodnm BcklLems scrilieiH 
dnm ooidedt Qnnm posse ilhid 
iicm iam 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


»«l fiUitt^ta XiyoiiiBP} ^Hv ydQ. Kal 8tt finr 6^ dvwa- 
tJ^9 dimfioXoYTitai; Nal. '^On ih i^ fiilttatai t6 ftota 
twto iBl dioiioloyfi^^ijviH; ^ijXov. Ovxow fgQog ys %i 
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D noii^6ei: naidBta, SXXij is ywai»agj aXXioq tt %ai tijv 
avtriv tpvOiP xai^XafiovOa; Ovx aXXij. Iliaig ovv ^Big 
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7UiQa.6%avtm tov fLev dfiBlvm avi^a^ tov ik jplgm. ^ 
ftdvtag ifiolovg fjyy; Ovia^ag. ^Bv ovv ty acoJUiy ^v 
ipxl^oiiBVy x6tBQov oUi ^iitv dfLBivovg oviQag H^BiQyd- 
0&ai tov^ q>vXaxagj tvxovtag ^g iiiiM^ofiBV seaiiBCag, 17 
«ovi; exvtotoiiovg^ ty oxvtiuy MaiiBV&ivtag; FbXoIov^ 


/ftbrl^om. Vat. H. . 

dn ] Lacuna est m Vind. D. 

Srj] om. Lob. Vind. BD. 


t6 fincL vovvo] to[iSTOtTovro 
Vind. B. Mon. B. to fiezccvovxo 
AJd. Ba«. ab. 

n^og] %ml 91069 Vind. BD. 

&lk7i] &U Vind. B. 

lifitv] om. Vind. D. 

natdBia] na^SLa Vind. BF. 

aXXm] dW tSs Vind. F. a 
m. pr. In margine xal (idXusta 
O avT^v] ocvrov Flor. T. 

naQalaPovsa] nf^oaXa^ovca 
Lob. Vat. M. Vind. B. et, sup. 
nsqty D. na^alcaiovaa Ane. B. 

TOiovdB] totovTOV Lob. vind. 
B. Vat. M. 

OBavtm] tfcfvtrtt Vind. F. Ang. 
B. Fior. R; 

ndv9ag] ndvtmq hm^. B. Fior^ 
R. letf sup. affy Vind. F. ndvt*- 
av Vat IL Flor. AC. ndvtag 
3v Wiot. T. ^ 

ofd^lovg] ofiotmg Lob* Vind«Bb 
Vat M* 

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noTSQOv] noTs^ovg Moa. B. 
Flor. U. Stallbaumius 9 qui post 
i^stqydaOai comma iedt. 

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^ne yQ axvti*^ , FioK..T.. . . • . 

itpfl] Ita Vind. F. Md ou»« 
snper 17. 

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• noXitmv] noXitaimv Flor. T. 

iloXv jb] ndvv ys Bas. b.E 
In Vind. D. HoXv ys — fiiltir^ 
itttu; omissa sant. Ficinns pro- 
xinia nonne et reUqumvm dDium 
kiopHmi? interpretatos pro JTo- 
Xv yB Et reUquorvm poeoit 


al] om. Vat H. 

fiiXtustai] BiXtt><noi Vind. B. 

Kai tovtOy Hfniy noXv.] Falde 

tt] rij Vind. B. Vat U. ti rn 
Vind. D. fitiam Fior. ACB. t^ 
noXn cxhibent, sed utrum oaits- 
SO) aa serraio tt^ StallbaMiaii 
ium dedannrit 

n6XBi] noXimg Vat B. 

iyyiyvBCOca,] iyylv. Mon. B. 
(Flor. U.j Ald. Bas. ab. SteplL 

ivti] iotw Bekkena. 

dl] d^ cum editis ante Bekr 
fcenui Vind. B. Vat M. et for^^ 
tasse a.m. pr. Ven.B. qnem Bek^ 
iLeros correotnm Hk exhibere di'- 
dt ^^ ex FloDentkionmi va» A. 
Stallbaamnu nnmitatit, ut reli^l 
qninque i^i^ habere ▼itentmr.- 
Bipontioi qnoqne de Par. K. to- 

na^ayiyvofiBvai] om. Fic. 

noUt] noUv Ang. B. Flor. R.467 
MXs(Dff.Vat.B< . 

iti»Bfisv.] iti^Bpav Ald.. itir . 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB. V. 457 tt 

l^» ifmr^g. Mav%uvm^ Igoi^v. xt ii; %m 6Xkmv so- 
Xix6v wSx ovtot. SffKfxoi; IJolv yt. Tl M; crl ywcSM^ £ 
Toy ywaixmv ovx aixat l6ovxai fiiJixt^at; KeA xovxo, 
iq)^ f nolv. "B^xt di xi noXu ofLBivov , ^ ywaUtag x$ 
xal SvdQag Ag dQt6xovg lyytyvBS^at; Oin iaxu Tovxo 
ih ftowttxij xs xal yvitvacxtxij ^aQaytfvoitsvatf dg ^iui$ 
dt^l^oiitv, axBQya6ovxai; Ilcig d* ov; Ov ftovov oQa 457 
ivvaxoVf Alkd xal aQtdxov xoXBt vofLtfLom hUtSfUv* 
Ovxpg. *j4xodvx6ov dtj xatg xov tpvXdx&v ywaiHStv^ btst- 
xsQ aQsx^ dvzl tftaxtmv dfLq>ti6ovxatf xal xotvan^iav 
noUftov xs xal x^g allijg qwXax^g xijg xsqI rqv xoXtVy 
xal otix akXa TtQomsov * xovxmv d' mxiSv xd iXu^QoxsQm 

#8fisv ; Bekkenis et StanbttUDnifl ; 
cui initiiiiii dictaoiiis repagnare ti- 

'Axodwiov — alcxQ&i^. B.] ex- 
eorpsit Stoba^ns seroh XXXXJ. 
pag. 256. 'Anodatiov etc Ald. 
Bas. a. 

hulnsff] htBtSijntQ Lob.Viiid. 
m>. Vat. M. Bas. b. 

dftgtiiiSowect] h&vaovtai Lob. 
Vind. BD. Vat. BM. et scboUa- 
stea, qin diupticwrm vt Tariaiii 
ledaonein affert. Item margo 
Lob. 79 dfMpiieowai. Hoc aatem 
mediam est, non passiTum, qnod 
atatait Matthiae gramm. p. 780. 

noiwtovTjTiop ] %oivmvfjrimv 
Baa. b. 

fpvlmniq] tp. %al Stob. cod. B. 
eiifftoiiia atque tutela F!c 

aXltt] aho Stob. almd Flc. 

d' ] Sl Vind. EF. Flor. CTV. 

cn^wr ] ^womv Flor. A. 

HatpQ&eBQct] ilatpQmvBQU Bek- 
kems ex coniectara, qaam seqai- 
tar in tert. ed. Aslaas. Cboero- 
boscas Bekkeri anecd. p. 1287. 
de bis mdiectivis ita praedpit: ti 
dh ixovaiv &fpa>vov 6fioia>g xifd 
dfiBTap6Xov, 6itolmg rotg fta- 

T" nttQaXriyoftivotg tpvXdrTOvgt 
6 %al iv xolg avptQittxoZg 
Kcrl iv totg vntq^eemoig. otov 
Xdyvog Xayvottifog Xayvotatogy 
&itoog dxQotsifog dnifotatogy iifv* 
^ifOg iifv^QotBifog i^v9f6tcct0Sf 

PiiAToms Op. II. 

iXatpifh^ iXatpif6v$0if9 iXa^^Tct^ 
tog. iatiov oh , Stt aihct , cpfifd 
Oij To i^y^QOttQog %al iXacpQ^^ 
vBoog %ak tvtsmrog svtt%v6t§Qog 
xirl 9voxotftog ivoaotft^TSOoq^ 
xaifd totg 'A9fjvaiotg %al dtik 
tov eSy dg xaQvt tm KvQtixiSn 
iv'Eitdfifi' (S79. Poni.) xatd^o 
Q^avoviriQ tvte%v&ndrfjv ih aL 
Hanc aaotoritatem non snfVicere 
ad redpiendam eontra oo^omi m 
recte statait Bottmannas grarnm. 
II. p. 410. in dnblm Tero scii- 
ptora otendnm ea neqne enm 
Schaefero melet. p. 9. « a 
oratione abiodicandimi 
Itaqne iftftstifiDtatog Lef . L. XI. 
p. 9S6. A. non immerfto Bekke- 
nu secondM Ven. B. Vat C. si 
m m. pr. Par. A. reoe^t', qiiam- 
qnam ne StaUbaandos qnidem re- 
prehendendas est, qm centra 
Vossianam et FlorentSnoa Tulga- 
tnm o mntare nolnerit. Neqoa 
iQV^Qntatov Bpin. 987. C. a 
Bekkero et StaUbanado editam 
aactoritate caret, si Par. A. et 
Vat C. a m. pr. id cxhibent. 
Minvs tntmn est dttjpfnttQot 
Leg. III. 679. D. a m. pr. in 
Par. A. scriptam et a Bekkero 
reoeptum, et ififtBvifmtata Leg. 
IL 674. C. ex depraTata Par. A. 
Voss. Pal. C. scriptara iftftstiftm' 
tavaf qaam Vat. C. \bUx ver- 
sos habet, a Bckkero Ihctam et 
a StalttMimnio secnndmn Flor. A. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


«ais fwgi&.¥, 17 tOK dvdif&tH' iotiov 9id «^ «ov 
yiitws ««»kamv. 6. 9i yslav «v^f i*l ywM»«fe V^ 
B vm& X9V §$bel«fov Spem yvfivaioiUvais «tti,^ coci 
y*lo/ov 6oq(Cas Sqkimv xanuov ovthv oUtv, ms louccv» 
V ^ yeifi o«4' 0» «««ffcet. xoiUUtfTa {'i^^ ^9 tovco 
Kol Aiyerm mI l«li$nw» , ou to fuv efi^fiov «o^, 



in qne « snp«r <{ mdflcriiitem le- 
Yitur, praelatinn. Nullo vero mo- 
lo ififikTQmzaTa et nixQoitaxov 
Mobandiit qnomii ilhi^ infra 
474. D. hoc Epiat VII. 336. 
Bekkems ut nostro loco kla- 
^^^mBftf et Tim. 56. B. ilorqD^ o^ 
xazov ex coniectiira exhibuit, 
quam StallbaumiuB in altero se- 
i^ ert, qwim infra b. VIIl. 
p. 569. C. «MCf or«nyv neuter 
eomm attie(i«Farit. Idem fSkaU* 
lmani«a in ed. aec. Qekkeram 
brevem ▼ecate in huMiimodl fqr^ 
nia per totnm Platoaem expulitfle^ 
tnid«M BttttmaDtti aanotationenk 
anpra indlcatam non le^ Btiam. 
dtw^QTOtw infiNt p. 459. E. Leg. 
. V. 730. E. et mmilia intacta re- 
liqiit Bekkmnw. 

ij -<^ ywmS^'] om. Vat. B. 
Verba ^ coiff uvS(fd4A neque Fv- 
dwia ex^easit ne<|ae acriptor 
nijii per iieglicentiam admdlt» 
quBi non va ilatp^6vsoaf aed 
IXoMOvsifa dixiBset. Pro av^ 
d^affl Soviov. StobaevB dvd(fdiuv 
dicoioviQV habeU 

d dl ysXmv — yEJ4 B. ] lau- 
dant BuBebiQS praep. ey. L. XUh 
p. 413. et Theodoretiu Therap. 
U. Vlin. p. 937. hao praefatione 
QBBB : MW«afi ^«9 x«i^ wg, y^ 
vMtnag, ov (lovov vag, viast 
dlla lud vug. ysyTKfOKvicig yv" 
fivdtB6&at,y Blva ysXSwag vovg 
VH(O0dia^otuvav£, i^v, vpcoXa- 



ivl yvfiiva^g ytnNvi|ll om. Vind* 
B» (caim loco. in Bekkeri comw 
perperai» VatB. signiAcatuB eat.) 

Vat M. L r. «afe yw. Tmd. IK 

Vat H. BoBeb. Theod. 

dvdt^] avs #i) marge P^. A» B 
Becundum Faehsium Cars d^ ye 
A.<< BekkeruB.) EuBeb. Theod. 
oaiuB «x cod»AafnBti«e antiqmi»^ 
re SylburgiuB d^ recepit, quod 
▼ulgo deerat. Sed in ood. UrBiiu 
dvsX^ erat* 

.ro» ysXolov] Sid t. y. Thood. 
eXfOepto. God. Uraini. dtcm ridicw- 
liM^ «itfM Flc. Apud Stobaeosa 
Bean. LXXVin. p. 465. Pindar- 
ruB hoc in phyBiologoB dixiBoe 
t^ditur : tov« fpv^toXoyovvTce^ 
i<p7j nivBaQog dTsXij oofpLoc^ 
vM^nov ^ktsw, Idem Boeckhiiia 
T. IL p. 10. inter apophtbegjData 
Pindari e codioe Vratwl. retuUtj 
T0V6 ^MlayovvTag Iquj arali^ 
oofplag Sf^nHv %a(fw6v, et eiBBp* 
dem tomi parte altera p« 669. in- 
genioBe hoc cum altero Pindari f ra- 

r»to a Platone Theaet ^ 173. 
Bervato coniunxit. Sed qoodr 
priori loco Schneideri ceniectii- 
ram oofpLag e noBtro eiicieBtia. 
adtam didt, non mag^ ei asBen- 
tier, quam Stallbanmio» aui in 
ed. Boc Tov ysXoLov ex glOMe* 
mate additom. rwBpicatpr. tw^ov 
conpUtg Plato fractttm Ba^entiae 
didt, quem ciBor iate qoaai dd 
arbore Bapietitiae Buae deeerper^ 
h. e. Bapientia Bua ioiPemflBe sihi' 
Tidetnr, eundemqne r/ov y^o/otf 
vfiiifschiv appellat utpote in lidt* 
culo poflituiii et cidendi. materiaia 
ia BeconUnentem: die Wmhnl^ 
frvfihi d$s luchfifUch». 

dfimv] di^BEo/ies^or Theod; 
excqito cod. UrBioi, quemadmo^ 
d«m Attioo a^ud Euael^tQm pcacfib 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


to il fiXafitffov ataxQov* llwtmtu6t fchr oSir. ToiSto 
fuv talvw Sr S^xeQ xtffia ipminv iiufmiynv «w yt^ 
vaaeslov iUqv v6hov Uyovt$gf £0t9'fui munitMaai «1« 
taiOvd^^air u%b9ti£g, mq 6hl xoa^ advta butifisvav 
tovg ts tfvlaaag ^jkm; mI xaq ^XaMliag^ dUa «q tor C 
loyov aMv adt^ 6fkoloyilt%m , 6g dwatd t9 xal d-- 

«T. li. XV. p. 405. ft>'rta8S« hrnic 
loau rejipicieBti o i£ mrrigftf m 
d<xorco<n;vi2$ ^ov %a^6v vijg ««- 
Suifiovkcg 9fftn6fttvog didtor. 

oiJ^krfovW AstiDS in i€C ed. 
RiMly. 'tlieod. excepto miD Und- 
ni oodice, in qao ovdhf^ et ai- 
tero, hi qao o^ erat. «iMrd^, 
matp. 01I, Yind. P. 

wg loMUv] am. Fie. 

y£A^] yciUoi Lob. Vert« C. Tat 
M: et a m. pr. B. y£>U» etiam 
Vmd. B. a m. pr. habniMe Tide* 
tnr; oerte dr in eo a eorrecdone 
est ev7tTtn6v xqltov n^ctiaov 
rdfP hiTuiv naxgo Lob* 

o^d' oxi\ o48i t1 Stob. Trinc 
ovlfh rl Stob. Gesn. Gaisf. (o^d* 
Sri margo Gesn.) 

TiaJiXasva — Tlavtdieuct pikv 
oiv'.] exeerMit Stobaeds etiam 
serm. I. p. 24. atqne ibl' ttiXXi* 
^ov in ed: Tritfc. ef Gesn. %dU 
XmO: Tero rA cod. A. et in ed] 
Gnisfordli, aernt; autem XXfXXf. 
udXUov in ood. A. fidliatcc ita 
oed..B.- legitar* Fk&we- pcb eo 
•ctle diriit. 

«5)1 om: Vat. a. 

iailcia^] liimrt Aiut. B. 
FJer. &. et a m« pr.. Vind.F. qti 
qoartaa» sjrUabam a m» a^ iatr 
vcu. prae&paitam habet. dieeA^ 
{crm Vind. E. Vet H. BUr* 

tf6 /B^] prin» Int! Terg. Vlnd. 

di€apBvyBifv] enatoMe Fic 

ai^t] Ha Bekkerua secmidnm 
Par. A.. Vat. B. Ven. BC. pro 

mol scripait, aec aHter Lob. 
M0B.B. et niii fiOWr \imd.J>EF. 
Sed Vind. B. cnm editia ante 
Bekkemm et StaUbanmio in aee; 
ed. M9I exlabet , ened , qnvm 
YWttiKsiov sonnm habeat, minua 
aptum Tidetnr. Cont Bnttiftnmtl 
gramm. n. p. 801. 

liyowBg} Xifovtt Viod. B. 

ftdvral advra^ Lob. Vind. H. 
Vat. M. 
xbI int. yera. Vind. ]>. 
an^T^J a4. Lob. Vind. BDP. 

ifiotoyaa^at] Ita PaK A. Vmd. 
BP. et int rem. D. Ven. B. An|;. 
B. Vat. H. Flor. ACRTV. tifto^ 
Xoycltf^ai Vat. B. tifAol&m^in 
Tmd. D. cnm rdiania codidlma 
editlonAbuaqae onfnDaa. Ettaiil 
P&r. A. o}- snpef d et frf snper et 
habet, et Fldnae perfectum le* 
git : jamto wtro nkimtt orotio no- 
ttra eoMontdt^ quod videlicet et 
ponibiHaet utilni ferreti- nec non 
neceasadum foret, «i aenaiM ia 
easet , qnem ScMeiermacbema 
offten^': soniiem* dan die Rkdo 
gewrswrmatien flbr tidk «etfrif 
Zeto^tit abgetep katj dt^j^ 
md^nthee wm nuisinthewvorirugt» 
Verum teetinMfRi rf^fieatla a 
y^^oftolofBta^at ahena etaen- 
aw hic est, aeil quodammodo aiW 
eonstet «ermo notter et vere tum 
poneiUa fieti^ tum uMter Jteri 
^/yirmare vidtatur. Itaque praef- 
aens aptiarinrani est Cf. L. IIII. 

E, 434. B: %Sv fckr 6ftoloy^at, 
eg. V. 746. C : rd dfioloyoii'' 
ft&fov €tiix6 avvqi. Infinitivua 
antem non a tpcifuVf vt StaH- 
baumius antanat, sed ab Sart 
pendet, qntun dXXii negationi sit 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 


q>iXtfia.XiyBt; Kal yiala^ Sgpq, ov eynMQov %vfta dia* 
q>svy$ig. (ti^esig ySy ^ d* fydf ov (liya oiHro iZvai, 
otav x6 [Uta tovvo fd^^. Aiys di^, I5w, Iqpi^. Tov- 
t^y ^ 6' lyid, SxBtai v6iAog xol toig i(iXQ06^BVf toig 
aklotg^ 6g iyipfiaiy odc lYg; Tag ywatnag tavtag 
t0v dvSgwv tovtnv xavtmv %d6ag slvai xoivagt Idlf 
D 6b [ifidBvl iiitids(ilav 6VV01XSIV 9' xal tot)g naldag ot; xoi- 
vovg, xffl fij^ts 9/ovia iicyovov sldivat tovavtov ^i^rs 
naida yovta. iToAt), 19)179 Tovro inslvov /fstSov srpog 
a%t6zlav x«l rov dvvaToi; ^ri^i peal tov ci^eA/fCot;. OiJk 
olfLai^ fjiv d' iy&i xsqI ys tov ci(psli(iov dfiq^io^titsir' 
69ai aVf iSg ov itiyi6tov dyat^ov xoivag iiiv tdg ywat^ 

liyBi;] Xiyti. oo^oes mei cQm 
editis ante Bekkerum, qaod yer- 
bo tpmfuv non conveoit. 

fidla] (lolV Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. 

ttpri y 01$ ] ignj. Ov Ald. Brnnt 
fortaase qnibuA ^leaioa post Im 
interpungendom videatur, ut nal 
f/MXa interrogationi qtmfuv re- 
•pondeat, seqnentia caoMam af- 
firmationia contineant. Sed haec 
iuto Tehementins ita adiict pnto 
ideoque ical /EMxXa cam Suupev* 
ysis iungere malo. 

efu»(f6v] (u%q6v Vind. D. 

8ia(psvYSis] evoiUti Flc 

^csis] tp^csig Baa. ab. 

ye] ofR. Vat B. d^ Yind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. SUdlbaumius 
in aec ed. aibi 6i ys fcribendum 
▼ideii bia docuit, cauasam ne ae- 
mel qmdem a igiuficaTit 

ro fiFta rovxo ] vofiStavovro 
Lob. Vind. BD. v6 om. Vat B. 

tda] ag fda Ven. B. Mon.B. 
Flor. U. Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. 
Ast pr. et aec Stallb. pr. ut 
videam Fic quemadmodum etiam 
ffolom tSm interpretandum erat 
Gf. Schaeferus ad Bb«ium p.764. 
et Bemhardy <ynt p. 397- 

Tovvqt — Hoivovs 91 vovg naX- 
Sag D.l excerpsit Stobaeos serm. 
XXXXl. p. 255. et priora uaque 

md nat8a yovia Eusebias praep. 
er. L. Xnr. p. 414. Pro Tovvqt 
Vind. fi. vovvmv habet. 

fjv] (o, in marg. a m. a. ijvf 
Mon. B. 

xal voZg] %al vov Vind. K. 
Flor. AC. 

volg] TMtl voXg Vind. D. Por. 
K. sec. Beklc. 

SXXoiff] dlXoig Stob. Trinc. 
dU.olg Gean. 

Sds. TLg;] : 681 vlg Vind. Kl 
Edam Vind. F. post oSs inter- 
punctionem omittt Pro o8s Sto» 
baei codicea et ed. THnc Gesn. 
eSds habent, quod Gaisfordius so- 
cundum yulgatam noatram cor- 

Tiig ywaUag — natSa yovia* 
p.] Theodoretus Lib. Vmi. p. 939. 
ita exhibet: 'Avd(fmv vovvmv d- 
ndwmv ndaag stvai ywaXnag 
notvag y idUjC {idlav ood. Uivini) 
Sh fHffisfUa» fATiisvl fpvoiMsXv 
ntti vwg veatiag av noivo^g, «ol 
fiijvs yovia hiyovov stSivai v69 
avvov fcalda , (hoc cod. Urs. 
Fior. B. et duo recentiores S7I- 
burgii oouttant) fuqvs naSSa na- 
vioa vov aiSvov (naX^ag omismi 
ti^us sequentibas iidem) yoi^ia. 


OM. Stob. cod. A. 

igitized by ViiOOQ lC 



xag dvat, uotvaig il twg %ml8agf iba^ oUv vs* iUi* 
oZfftai mqI tov 9l dwatov ij /ii; xX$lotii¥ ifMpt^fi^itffiiV 
yspi^ai^ IlBfl ifitpotUfmf» ^ ^ d* og^ sd ftila av ap^ E 
^P/fpnfttLfi. Aifugj ^ d* iyaj Xoymv etietaOiV* iy^ 
d' ^[Mjv in fstov hiQOu dnodQa6$69aL ^ %X 6o$ doUmv 
m^iXifiov dvaij XoiMov dl iij fUM ioioltai M9qI tov du- 
vatov xttl ffif. *Alk* oin Haf^Bg, 'i d* Sg, dmodtiQd'' 
Mmv* diJL* dfitpotiQmv niQt didov ioyov. ^Tipixtiov, 
ijv d' iyoy ilxTifv. toOovdi lUvtot xdQtffalfiot' SaOov lU 
ioQTtdoaty S^SUQ ot d^ol vfv iidvoiav $lt&9m6iv fami- 459 
&9at vtp iavtwv, otai' ftovoi MQivennat. aal yaQ ot 
ftotovtol xoVf xqIv ^VQiiVf tlva tQonov iotat tt cSv 

iSla] t9ta Siob. ood.A. Trinc 
IdUp Gesn. 
> fiTidtfUop] fnfj dl fUup Mon. B. 
Stob. Trinc. 

awowBlv] £vy. An^. B. 

yovdalyoviag Aog. B.' Stob. 
ood. A. Trinc. 

htvovov] post Bldivai Stob. 

avTOv] av. Lob. Vind. DF. 
Ald. Bas. ab. 

yovia] yoviag Vind. EF. Flor. 

xov mfpiXlfiov] xov om. Stob. 

Ov% — d<pMftov^ om. Vind. 
BF. VaU M. Pof t Ow Stephanui 
oomrom poauit 

Sv] om. Lob. rind. B. Vat 

dg] om. Vind. £. 

zag] OM. Vind. BD. 

TOVffl om. iideni. 

«n ofii. Lob. Vind. B. Vat 
. BM. 

dwarhv] ddvvatov Vind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. 

nUlcttr»] Hnic Vhid. F. Ang. 
B^ et int yera. a a. a. Mon. B. 

3u; addunt. 

P «^l om. Vind. B. 

ILuXa\jMX' Vind. DE. Vat.H. 
Flor. ACTV. SUUbaumios. 

ovataoiv] ItaLob. Vind. BDBF. 
Mon. B. Flor. ACRTUV. {vtfra- 
9iv «^fci. (««rmommi) coniptri»- 
tMMm FSc quod fupra modum 

auxit Schlmemachonii: Dot jit 
Ja etne Aotte oon Aedcfi , die Ai 
mtr akk&ndigvil Vid. Stephani 
thcy. I. 1794. D. 

dxodqdctcOai] (hcodtfdaaoOat 
Ven. B. Flor. R. 

TOCovSe] t6 66v Vat. H. 

Xd^iaal fMi] rdQicaloifi Vind. 
F.^ a m. pr. xa9t0a//ii Vind. B. 
Xaotoov /Ltot Par. K. 

ia96v] %al I. Ang.B. Flor. R. 
laoa^ Vind. D. 

lo^raoat 1 meo arbitraiu cro»- 458 
$ari Fic. Idem in sequentibua 
Itfrtaff^at vtp' havTmv erattari 
st ip$i» aatia craMo interpreta- 
tua cst. 

di^ol] d((y%toL Vlnd. D. a m. 

BieiO^aoiv] $im^$cav Lob. Vind. 
B. Vat. BM. Et Vind. D. $cav 
super otfifr habet. 

loTtaff^ai] ior. Vind. D. 

«09£Vo>VTai] «o^cvoyTtti Vlnd, 
E. Flor. R. Bas. b. 

Tiva] Tiva Lob. 

Ti] om. Par. DK. aecund. Kp. 
Mon. B. Flor. U. Stallbaumiu«| 
quem et Mquens aincuiaiia 8 et 
rea ipaa deterrerc deb^t, quo 
minua tam dubiae fidei codioea 
aeqocrctur. Unum enim quoddam 
otioaa mena ex eia, quae in Totia 
habet, aecum vohrarc, ezornara» 
paratna ponere iolat. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


pfipoi wbqI %ov dvtfutov «al fii}, t^imsg log wtiinpv 
^ai S ^vlowtaif ^Sji %a loma imatwv6v %A pdr 
4fOv6t i8tf£ii^af , sia iQa6ov6i ywofnivov , AqvAw mI 
B £Ui»0 ift^y lu ofyoti^ imovw%%q, ^j^ ovv xd 
«ilr^^ fMcilAay^fUU nol i%BUfa pim bu^vfLsS mwfMJk' 
^Ok %A v6vtQOV bti6^a6»aiy ^ iwat^^ wv Sk m 
Swaitmv ovtmv 9a\$ 6ztiiiofm , Sv ftoi xoQlxig , tuk 
3Kxtd^v6iiV avtd ol a4^ovtB§ ftyvofiBvv , aal Sre %tah 
tofv ivfupoQiitat S» dfi %Qtt%tiiina t^ ta %6k» uA xotg 

lud ^^ ] In Vind. B. fiij a m. 
B. deletum. 

. vjcaQxov'} Stcctq%(nf Lob. et a 
m. pr. Vina. BF^ Post hoc qaod 
legitur Blvoi y U non dubitav| 
com Bekker9 ez Pajr. AD. Viiid. 
P. Ven. C. Ang. B. Vat. tt 
Flpr. jLCRTV. redpere. la Vind. 
E. eias looo est ijotj , ia reliquii 
et in editionibia* praeter Pekke- 
lUmim onpi^in esl^ jet, si vnaQ- 
%9v fligoificatione vulgari pro tv 
acdpitur, omitti f!eS>et. Bed .quum 
vaiQ^v etiam certo (»dem, non 
deefte signiftcet, qpo 0ensu jSo- 
cTites Phaedon. p. 78. A. ravra 
n««r ^i) vnoii^^^i dicil;, recte iJU 
^oc, at sit res cupjta, tamquam 
certom et Indabiuni ponentes ^iv 
rsff <og vnaQXov bIvcu S PotSIov- 
xfn dionntur. Simul apparet sf- 
V1U fiEicile supervacaneum, miniroe 
vero explicatiottis ^tia adden- 
dnm Tideri librariis potiusse. 

fiovlovrtti] p^vXaiovtai Pmt. 
K. sec Blp. 

9ucTUTtovin] diaUMvtovCiLoh, 
Vind. B. Vat Ql. 

8^d0ovn] dfdctovci Viod. D. 

Vind. E. 
a m. 86C 

ywvidvom ] . 
Y»ofihifv Ang. B. ol 
Fior. RT. 

qu9 ita torpwatvm mmmmm Fic 
Pro d(fy6v Mon. B. Par. DK. 

iec. Bakk., il^i' habemt, Wkft, 

U. iS^yTTtr habere dicatHr. 

iK^Zva] hutvo Mpn, B. Flor.B 
U. ditcepfatsofiem iUam F&c 

cSroi^cdio^at] dvmlaflin^ai 
Vat H. Flor. ACV. dvafllafii' 
aO-at Vind, B. 

ifj Ita Par. A. Leb. Vind. 
BDF. Vat BHM. Vcn. BC. Ang. 
B. Flor. ACRV. qnibus in sec. 
ed. Stallbaumius Flor. T. addit 
e/ raliqiii cum editis ante Bek- 
kerum, qaem Stallbaumias in sec 
ed. ideseruit, qqia non qna ra- 
tione res fieri possit potissimum 
dnl>itetBr , sed an omiuno fieri 
pofldt Sed posae attqnid fieil 
nand atiter demonstratnr, nisi ot 
Bodufl, qno fieri possit, osteoda- 
tnr. Itaque oodidbus obtempeo 
rare licet Fldnns aitcran secn- 
tofl eflt: pomibiHane i§tm ttsl an 

dvvatd ] dvvatat IHnd. F. 
Ang. B. 

imi^ofuu] axi^tofun FIde. R. 

ItOi] (U Vind. .D. 

noQljig] Hunc accentum codi- 
cefl a me in^ecti omnes sex ha- 
bent cum emtis ante Bekkenim, 
qni tadte flcripsit na^i^t, Cf. 
Vol. L p. 305, b. flq. et L. VII. 
p. 520. A. In Vind. D. flnper 
nltvna oi^ legitur. 

tPHfpoodTot' 1 fpufBBQmtmf 
Vind. F. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB. V. 458 «9 

S^, %al 6ninH, Olfm tolvw, ^ d* fydy OictQ tooi^- 
460 Tfl» ot SoxovtBg Siioi tovtov tov ovo fuxtog o7 tB totf- C 
tmg kcbtovQO& Kttra Muva, tov^ /ihr idcJli}^e«v «000; 
ril kutentoiiBva, tovg il iirira|sit; va fihr avroi)^ nn- 
^^i^ivovg toig voftoig^ tA M Mtl fk^Mfftivovgy B6u iv 
htBtvoig iMitQii^fiBV. Etxogy Igpif. jS^ /ilv tolvw^ ^ 
V hfA-i 6 vofM%itffg, adtoXef m6MSQ tovg avdQag i^i^ 
kB^ag , ovxa xal tdg ywahcag lnki^ag MaQadmOug 

Te] Mi. Par. A. Val H. Flor. 
TV. ^l, fnp. t, Vat B. 

TcrvT«] In Ald. ante lioc nulla 
<fi«tliictio, poat id comniay in Bas. 
ab. utrimque punctiim ^mtufli, 
deinde Ih^fdo. Mriptom, in Ste- 
phan. Ast. pr. «ec. post ipvle^ 
Goinmate inciJBum est. Jt^ro Ttsi- 
Qaeofictl Par.K. sec. Bip. iu^d^ 
COfuxl habeL 

nQ^Tfifm ] nif&tt(fOp Par. K. 
Ang. B. Flor. RT. 

naifhiq] ^«Qlfjg Steph. Aat. pr. 

o7 Tc] it rs Stallbaunm sec. 

nuti T^Tff] iunat€tvw€t Lob. 
Viiid. F. In Baa. ab. noa post, 
sed ante haec oramna poaitam, ia 
Ald. ntroqiie loco omiMam. 

TOi^C *^I '^o^S *' Lob. VmA 
BF. Ang. B. Vat M. Flor. R. 

avvovQ fcei^ofUvovg Totff ^6-- 
|M»tg] ii¥t6g 7t€i^ofiivovt zo^i 
v6uov£ Vind. F. avTOi^ «ec^o- 
fiipovg T0C9 vifiott Par. K. qnod 
Aatina praeennie Fidiio (iptU fO- 
rmU» legilnu) in aec. ed. reoe» 
pitf non postoknte, ut ipae ut, 
•ed tameopemittente aeiiflu, qaia 
imitatio ad yolnntatem et ooiui<* 
lium legislatoris, non ad ipsas le- 
ges dangitar. At nihilo minus 
yerum est ccvt ovs, quod in ter- 
tia ed. restknit Nonirolla enim 
sic Imperant cMtodes, at Ipsi le" 
l^iM pareoat, aciUoet ea omma, 
quae a legibos is^perare iabentar. 

xal] ij cam pnnctis sapeme 
hiscriptis Vind. F. om. Ang. B. 
Flor. RT. 

(uiiovfiivovgl Ita Bion. B. a 
m. pr. fi^ naivofUpovg a a. s. 
Post fufuyviiivovg oomma iod, 
quia seqaentia per appositionem 
addita snnt, ot L. L p. 334. D: 
nolioig&Qti, to ITolifuxjfZf, gv/i- 
fi^ffitoctf 8001 dutfutffrmuan ttSv 
avQ^djcafVf Hixatov nvtu to^g 
fihf ipllovg BXdntttv' icovffQol 
yccQ tfVTOi^ff Bul - Tovc d* iz^^vig 

ifut^i^c^inv'] inttdit^itev Vlnd. 
D. Cf. L. IIU. p. 425. A. sqq. 

Elxig — Utiv. D.] laudant 
lEosebiiis praep. ey. L. XUL 

t4l4 et Theodoretos Therapw 
VUIL p. 939. Sed hic dae 
Srjaia omittit et pro 2v secno- 
um Flor. B. cod. Unrini et ed. 
Sylb. Elg legit. 

0*] on. Theod. Sylb. 

vofu^Oitrig 1 Hoie qaoqoe «obh 
ma, quod Aldus et Stephauas ne 
seqoenti quidem avtoZg apposoe» 
rant, apponendom putayi, qao 
masis avtoig ad iidiiag et na- 
QoSdntg pertinere inteHigerettar. 

iiiliiag] inXiiug Vat. B. dm. 
Ven. B. Euseb. Theod. Ald. Bas. 
a. StepL Ast pr. 

naoadtiifHg\ naffadtitfBt Theod. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


%a»66w Mv T6 6fU>9VBt9' ot dhf StB ohUmQ %$ mI fp^ 
Cltia noivy iiovtsQf Idlf H ovdsvog ovdlv toioiito stt- 
D xtfuUvoVy ofLW dii iaovtmf Offtov de dvaiiBfnyiUvGiv iui 
iv yvftvaCloi^ xal iv vg aXXy tQoq>y v%* dvayxtig^ olfMh 
t^g il/ufvtov a^ovtiu xgog t^v aliajimv i/JJ^v. ^ ovx dvay- 
Ttaid 601 SoxA ^HVi Ov femiittQixalg yey ^ d* og^ diX 
iQmuuus dvdyxaiSf dt xiv8wsvov6iv ixUvmv dQmvxBQat 
dvai ^Qog to mI^hv te xal ikxuv t6v moIvv iUciv. 
KoX lidXa, dmv. diid iiBtd dij tavtaf cJ rXavxmVf 

iutl^wf9v] wlV 09OV Vind. F. 
Mon. B. (recentioFes.) 

dfto^eifi] coMtmilet Udtr\ te 
ingmtio Fic. 

StB} at% 9fi Theod. 

tvcgltui] ipwfltuc cmn o sa- 
per jr Vind. F. 

«oiff ] noivct Lob.Vind.BDEF. 
Mon. B. Vat B. Ven. BC. Par. 
DK. «ec. Bekk. Ang. B. Flor. 
ACRTUV. Eoseb. Tlieod. S>lb. 
Bas. b. StallbMmias. Utnmi Fi- 
cinna legerit , iitpoie oeiief ei 
eomeMattofief eoMmtmet hakm* 
le« interpretatas , inoertum est. 
noivff n non in optimo codioe 
exstaret» ad seqaena /9^ accom- 
modatom a libranis yiden posset: 
nanc ab ipao Platone ad eritan- 
dam taatologiae spedem, qoam 
tpwltta %otp& habere necesse 
est, et at conunanio ad aedes 
qaoqoe pertinere inteUigeretar^ 
potias, qaam %otv& positum vi- 
detnr. Qaamqaam posse hoc ad 
ohUag pariter atqae ad fvaaltta 
referri et codicam aactoritate 
praevalere non nego. 

oii9ev6g] om, Par. K. et a 
m« pr. Ven. B. post widlv ponit 
Flor. T. 

roiovro] rotovroit Lob. Vat. 
B. TOiovrosr Vind. BD. Ven. B. 
Par. K. Vat. M. Flor. T. Buseb. 

, xixtfifiivov ] uexttjfifvot Par. 
DK. (proprjiMi oero niftit talJiim) 
possirfeiitcs Fic 

6(tov] ovftov Vind. B. 

9^ ieovtai] 9h lcovtai Vind. 
E. Theod. cod. Urs. 9&lioovtat 
Par. K. sec. Beklc. 

ilLov 91] %al oftov di) Theod. D 
d/iov 9* cod. Urs. 

ttvofisfuyfUvmv ] dfi^fuyiUvmv 
Vind. E. 

olfuu] int Ters. Lob. 

iftA^^ov] ifupvtov imJd^fjtiag 
Theod. ifjup. oUovofUag cod. Urs. 

ofSot^ai] aviovtcct Theod. co- 
^ces duo recentiores Sylb. et 
Flor. B. Cf. ad p. 452. A. 

il oiS%] ^ oii %al Vmd. B. 

r<] om. Vat. B. — PhitarGhas 
Lycarg. p. 48. C: ^v fikv ovv 
««l tavta xaQOfffiffTtiit vc^dg 
ydfiov. Uya 9h tdg fcoftndg vwv 
na^ivmv ^ %al tdg dno9vcBvs 
%a\ to^g dydtvag iv o^ipet tiSv 
viav dyofiivatv ov yBmfimft%atg. 
dXX' lifaitt%atg , mg ffffctfv o 
IRdttoVf dvdynatg, qaem locam 
indicantAstias. Similiter nostmm, 
at videtar, respidens Proelas in 
Tim. p. 101: tccvta ft^ oiv xd 
vola yimftet^natg dvdy%atg^ ^fnf- 
dv, dxo9e9fiYfiiva %sia^m, Ce- 
teram nesdo, an Glaaconi hiMc 
respondenti poitae aliooias locas 
sit obTsrsatas. 

oS] a Lob. Vmd. B. Vat M. 

%tv9wtvovatv] OM. Fic (fitste 
mnZto aarior ett qmtm iUmJ) 

9(ftfivt£^€u] 9QiftvteQa iidem» 
qoi a habent 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ovw S^iop iv su8aiii6vmp m61u ov^ ia6av0iv ol «9- 
Zot^sg. OtJ yig dluaiovy Sgnf. ^lov «ij, Sre faf&ovs 
TO ^a Tovro.flrouftfo/iev b^ov^ nlg twaiMw Sti ^«1*- 
iftp«- bI$v d' Sv UqoI o£ ni^^ckatoi. navtdxd6i piv 
ow. ^ nmgtovv i^ dtpBXiiUitatot loovtai; tats fioi Xi- 459 
ya, a> rXavimv • o^tf ya'^ <fov iv ty olxl^ xal nvvag 
^Wni^iacovi?^ ual t£v r^vvalmv 6ifvl»mv fuiXa ^vzyovg- 
«9' o^^ i Mf6g ^iog^ ngoci^ppiag ti toig tovtotv 

vs] am. Theod. ezceptiA codi- 
WOB Syttmrgii daobaf reoentio- 
xibos, ex qmbuB ille particalam 

noHv ] Koli^v Bas. b. 

iWT& «^l dij ziL dii Yiad. B. 
d^ /iBra Yat B. Veo. B. cam 
editis anto Bekkomm et Astio in 
tert. ed. dij contioaatioaem indi- 
caos lurad raro praepositioiMaa 
inter et pronomea yel nomen po- 
niter ita» ot haic poaderit non- 
niifii addat Phaedon.87.B: n^dt 
9^ Tovvo Todi hslmte^ a vt 
^m. 98. Bi axb 9ii «'flevfta- 
ffttj^^ JivaHfBy ilxidog tfxo- 
fnjv tpBqofUivog. Non mnlto aii- 
ter 102. B: J«eI avvt^ ravva 
twtvmeiiOri — t6 dij fura tav- 
ra iJQmvay si ^ etc. 

(liYwa^at] yvfivovc^at Vat 
BH. Vind. ED. Flor. ACV. hi 
qoataor cam Tulgato in margine. 
ienudari (inter $€) Flc. 

£ ^] om. Vind. D. 

9ii] d^Mon. B. FW. U. 

ya(iovg] ^yaftovg Vat. B. 

vo fttta Tovro] TOftetatovvo 
Lob. Vind. BDB. v^ fttvavovvo 
Bfoo. B. Aid. Baa. ab. 

vonjtfoftev] notijftBv Vind. B. 

Uffovg] Haec lingalonun com 
plorU>as ooanabia Produs in Tim. 
p.^ 16. repetit iit vmv fwovtnmv 
loyanf %al vmv iv avo^^nvotg 
l»yof»kfmv Uifmf ydfuov. olg%al 
o nxdvanf Big ^vvafHV ii 6fioimv 
(f. ifyiftomv) 9»ifl voig noUvag 

%al vovg viBv9e ydftovg U(fovg 
ydftovg nqo^oQBVCB, Hunc 1<h 
cum Astiaa in^cayit et insuper 
Thenust. Orat. XXI. pag. 248. 
Hard. conferri iossit, uIh inter 
alia liaec ex nostro loco iiaad 
aptisnme transtaU legantur: sM 
nov vftiSv iv vaZg oiniatg noX- 
Xol ftkv tnnot , noXlol dl nvvBg^ 
%al iv votg dyQOtg ys av fioSv 
VB^ nal n(fo§dvmv dyiXat, ovav 
ow fiovlfjaO'8 ii avvmv vinvs- 
9&at vftiv ftoaxovg vs dd(fovg 
Hal nmlovg yewalovg %al oimi- 
Xmua ^«vrtxa, n6vB(fov i£ 
anavxmv oftolmg yBwdvB , fj 
nqoOvfiBia^s oTt udXtava hi 
vmvd(fiaTmv; iyA fUv ydg vftag * 
6(fm vov V8 Znnov iisvdiovvag 

Svi fidXiCva} ovtftaXt^va Vind. 
F. ovtftdXiava Steph. o vt ftdXi- 
cva Stallb. in sec ed. at solet. 

mtpBXqtmvavot] mtptXtftovavot 
Vind. E. Item paoilo post 

oiv Bij ] om. Pic. 459 

iaowat;] iaowat, Mon. B. 
Ald. Steph. Ast, pr. sec. 

oi%l^] Ita Vmd. B. sed com 
Utoim ante L 


e^qswixovg'} 9rjqBwi%dg Par. 
«9'] &q' Flor. T. iqa \uuL 

J nqog Jtbg] om. Fic. 
ri] om. Vind. F. Flor. R. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


fifung tB tuA MttdcxoUoiSi T6 mSonf; Bfti^ IJpwrcw 
fw mvtmm tovtafp^ xmtaaf Svtmp yevpalmVf ig* oi$k 
del X9,v^ xtA fiyvovtm Sfi^tot; El6t. Hotiifov <9vv ii 
«jnevMV ifioimg j^wfcg^ jj «^o^vyft^ ot$ ptiXUhm bt 
B t£v aQl6tmvi *Em tmv a^t^tmv. Tl i*; kx tav vmtk- 
tmiv^ ^ fa Tfliy fafoitatmv^, i|f j| dxfLCt^ovtw Sti pA- 
Jii4ta; '£| aaiucl6vtmv. KcA iAv fi^ ^m yew&tMi 
molLv 601 ffg jfliQov i6i49ai to ft tOv ofvl^mv ad 
«0 tmv mfvmv yivogs "Efmy, f^* Tl il Znamfv obi, 

Tfi 1 0». Lob. Vlnd. B. Vat B. 
nbi nwns mgnom perperam pro 
Vindobonensl , cnias mentionem 
omSsit, Bekkenu posoit. 

naiSanoiUag} nat$<moUa Viod. 
EF. Par. K. aec. Bip. 90180- 
TfoUai Ven. C. Par. DK. aecnnd. 
Bekk. Ang. a Vat H. natdo- 
MoUttQ Baa. ab. fuudoKoUa Mon. 
B. Plof. ACRTUV. Stalib. in pr. 
•d. generationem Fic ooi tamen 
ydfioig qnoqae flinffnian coitmm 
reddidU. Polinz UL 14: ma- 
Tm9 9ik «1)9 nat/6ojcoUav wai 
%aidoyovLav wal tfOiSov^lop 

n noiov; l9>i7*] Vnlgo T6 
noiovf itpvi; 

aizmv rovrmy] aix^ tovto 
Par. K. 

ElaL]Elalv, Bekkenis. 

l£ dndvtfov'] i^andvzmv Vind. 

n^oOvfi^ ] nQo6vfiBt Astins, 
Bekkeras et StaUbaamiQS. 

^Ek zmv d(flCTC9v,] om, Vind» 
F. Anf^. B. 
B Ti S';] Ti d* Ald. Baa. ab. 
Ti d\ Stepb. Ast. pr. sec. 

yBoaitdviov] yBqatotdtmv Lob. 
Vind. B. Vat. M. 

^ diquttovtmv ] c|(^iqMr^<^y- 
T(oy Lob. b. 1. et m aequentibna 
iterum, nbi Vmd. F. i^aiifMioV' 
^mv babet. 

i&v] €lv Vuid. K Vat H. 
Blor. AGT. 

C6t] om. Fic. 

ijye» Astiua, Bekkema et Stali- 

TStoov] itiowv Vind. B. Vai 

M. 7 

To T£ rwvl « r6 riDv Tiad. 
D. tmv r£ Lob. Vind. B. Vat 

oifviJ^atv] eaman Fic 

Mol ro ] mtI I«ob. ViAd. B. 
Vat. BM. 

%wdv] a»km Fic 

91] dai Par. A. 

•j^t] om. Vind. B. Vat M. 
ofi7 Baa. ab. 

^J gf« Par. A. ^ Lob. VlBd. 
BDF. Aflt sec 

9117] 9m Vind.F. 

«/i^' itv] f^ t'^v Moii. B. 
fUv t Stv editi ante Bekkemi. 

^ S' ogl om. Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. 

Sxpaiv €^1^«»] ehai om. Moo. 
B. Flor. U. Fic ,,V]d«tar obm- 
dare Btvai.^* Steph. in marg. quem 
contra A«tiu8 duabua e atracturit 
conflatam esBe orationem atatoit 
cum Matthiaeo gramm. p. 1303. 
qnibus ita assentior, ut yerbum 
Blvai ex altera aaaumptam pto- 

Sterea cenaeam, mt'ow6difa ad 
hi potiua, qoam ad aTt^fnv ra- 
feratur, articnlum autem ad do* 
%6vt«9v additum eac eadem llia 
altera structura repetendom piH 
tem. Sciiicet iHud a^ddea «^^ 
BbI ax^atv dif%6vtwv non aolnm 
oalde peritis nobis opui est mtt' 
rJttrali6iif , sed etiam wddo inr 
di^emiM perJtM ma^tfraKkit t^ 
fmficare poterat, ideoque a 8<h 
erate, ne peritas ma^atratoa de* 
tideffare Tideretar, quibtti ^ 
endis ipM lam Bamm 

dadiaaet, ita 

ttt «•- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


^(ie €fai(^9 flig «(^ir 6^piiifa ijiuv iu a%(fmp wlvm %im 
a4f%ivtm/Vf dm$Q fuA M»ql to tmv av^fdMmv ybog 
iMwf hm^ 'jtiU pkv iij Ix», in* diltt tl ii; C 
'^Ot^ maywqioitoitf fpf d' ifA^ fpaQfUato»^ MuUoig (^ 

iSiiE^iitHf' ijyotificte jAw «Srirtr i^ i^ oiA 

mmbn$ vaUk parHm 
ctl iHM uibigiiitafaB 
dicat. iJiUv MUMe vidfitar 
Benhvdy synt <p. 36^ bne lo- 
cnn uter «os iienrMM» qpu iiA- 
jiitivM exlria BeorMitatMi. ei per 
MraetfVMiem adiecUua kebeuA, 
qvalift iit ikiii^. Med. i400x ^^- 
A^ JE^fifli mofuoMe naiidmv i 
9dlM$ 9fom s tv{iat&txu Fbt 
Sat^yd. f. m. Dt «^ |K^ IijAv, 
M^pflPf mmQdBtiffm, m ^&oruc4^ 

imi^imm %mr «^ev^cvriiuDir lo«- 
ywr Afo^f roiovroy. et Kpneph. 
▲ub. ¥. 4, 9t xi Tipmr ^eijos* 
«^e XQiitaefttti; ^ooraB exe»- 
priMiue ec tertinoi , <|eo<- 
iMubept ed ideM 
qnod TerU fimti lUaB 

hec wMtre eoHupeoi non debebaat. 
Neqno okM iAe Platonis loeni 
tnto adhibetiir, quia otmv ex 
Roiitbii oDMeotium prefectom eaii 
oodiGea oW leei inbeBt IVoiter 
fraeterea boe j^roiprinw et neado 
an 8ing;a]are babet, qnod diTer» 
90m verbi eenatnieM raitioiii n- 
gmficatioini qnoqoe diTerjdtaa attr 
qnn eoniwicta est, qnae ipsa 
flftnvteFee «triQaqne adbibendae 
et aJteri aiterfni inaecteBdae eaDi- 
sa ezetitit; qnam ob rem iUm$ di* 
edonii, eHam si ioceadnm Bon- 
tbiom cnm Hqnadie, Hmndorfio et 
Bekl^OTo scribatur, tamen eHa et 
fadJior ralio iit. Ce(enii|i qna^ 
Stailbanmins in sec ed. p. 54. 

HmoI p.aa. 1>. 

f/tHtmp ^ — oiTK ^oto diSr md' 
9tp wQocdmnmf qnao simiBa no- 
elris vidsti possaat, fpmnltims ab 
fsise VI peadet , non a vertio 
Sthff coins cnm o£i#0<u coni— 
«ti sifmfieaiio corta est «t gani 

fifxep] tt Vind. X. e&e, e 
corr. Mif Ymd. F. 

Mtd] om. Vind. E. 

tisavTmgl mmfavtmt Vtnd. F. 

h^' dXU] i^n- '^a AkL 

lag^] Arrpmo Vat. Bf. «t d 
m. pr. Vifid. B. 

l^iXo««Dv] i^ilowm VM. 
BD. Vat. M. Flor. TV. MI69- 
^mv com ovoi snper ivvm Lob. 
^Panlo ante adscripsi marglni, 
▼ideri rednndare Blvai (et mmo 
«erte, qnnm satis sit, i}pi9 Stl 
&itifC9V zmv ^d^fxowrmm f «t dieU 
tor ^e? ftoi xovtov fto diofua 
tovtov) sed Idc qnoqoe de eo- 
dem iapiiitiro radaadante ndmo- 
nere debneram: qanm satis dk 
d£i»p3Cf ir , absqoe slvau Nisi 
forte patemns non iiantulv sed 
igopKi; Flatonem scripsiseei nam 
post igapv^ ( ant iia^ , sl ita 
petias soribendam tst) apte *ad- 
deretor ilvai. Venim et pie ^o- 
Uvtmv scribendam videtnr M' 
lovoi. nisi dicamas non ad nrae- 
oedens tmfia» referri , sed mtei- 
iigendnm tue omfuxciv dv&^» 
nmm i^Xovtmv duUvjf ^moaiov' 
uv: sed ila smipeisse Piatenem 
minas mibi fit Terisimile.** Btepb, 
annot. p. Sl. Bandem conieota- 
nm mw^ni adievits i»ilyov4Mf. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I S 

diff f6fL9¥ Sti Avi^BiatiifQv dsi to£ UitQov. ^AXfj^^' 
HJid mq66 tl XiyBig; itQdg rads/^v d' iy(6' ^vxv^ta 
ifsiiiu %al VQ iuaty xtvdwfVBi ^(liv dsij^at/v xQ^6&iu 
D ^ovff &QX<ovtag hc' o^&U^^ t(Sv aQXOiitvwv. Sfpa^sv di 
nov iv q>aQfLdxov Msi navta td toiavta %Qi^6iiia slvau 
Kal dQ^tSg ys^ lq»fi. *Ev toig ydiiOig tolvw udi %air 
dostoiUcig loitcfi ro 6q9ov itovto ylyvs6ttu ov» iJLdxi6tov. 
Umg dii;^\j^si luVf slxov^ i» tiSv siitoJioytifUvaiv vov^ 
^.^Ztfvov^ taig dQlotaig 6vyylyvso9m ciff nlMtdMg^ 


Nequa dubinB act, qidii ceniti- 
yuM nec Baaealini eeneria iit oe- 
que a ifdfucct peodeat. Biiniiiie 
irero matandoB, sed pro absolnto 
liabendaa atque ab eadem senno- 
nb mobilitate repetendos est, qaa 
inpra p. 458. D. dvaiufuyfihatv 
pro nominatiTO, Leg. L. VIIQ. 
p. 855. k, in Terbu nautl Sh 
ualyiveif iav tpvym<si rct na- 
tif^a rjOijy xXios tacm xal 16- 
yog ivTuiog Xtyofisvog , ms tv 
tB Tud avdQelag sig dyaO-ov i% 
xencov dtanB<psvy6T<Dv hoc eztre- 
mom pro dativo, alibi idem ge- 
nitiyoji pro accusativo ponitur. 
Non magifl opaa est altera Ste- 
phani coniectura, quam Astios in 
tert. ed. saam fedt, qaam in ae- 
cnnda vulgatom slvat reote ez- 

ipavXoTB^ov ] fpccvXoriQiov com 
or snper mv Vind, F. 

^^] d^ot Flor. T. 

titfiBv ] crifisv Vind. F. 

lccTifOv.] iixvQOv, ^ yo^Qi Ang. 
B. Flor. RT. 

«tfdff Ti ] tl no6g tavTa 
Vind. D. 

nivdwBVBi] KivdwevHv Vind. 
B. Vat M. Ald. Bas. ab. 

dsijcaiv] deno» Lob. Vind.BD. 
Vat M. 

Xifija&m} om. Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. 

h^ d^taXBlif] in<o^8X»U^ Ald. 
Bai. ab. 

iv tpa^fMttunf Btdei] pAonmict 
MedidfiiieftM loco Fic V. L. III. 
p. 389. B. 

ye] y Vmd. F. Flor. RT. 
Iden Bekkemfl in Vat M. aliove 

oodiee inve&iue Tideter. Scribit 
enim in commentariias „y' em. 
Vat M.'' et in textu ye habet 

ioixs t6] ioixsv Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat BM. tonts xal to Ang. B. 

ylyvec^at} ylvsc^ai Mon. B. 
yevioO^at editi ante Bekkernii. 
^Omnino opos eat particula ov 
poiit yevio&atf ut yBvia^ai av 
acdpiatur pro yevifaBa^ai. qoam- 
Tifl Ficinufl interpretetur Fieri, 
perinde acii legiflflet ylveit^^au^- 
Steph. annot. p. 21. Qui m\ oo- 
diccfl praefleni liabere sdiiet, 
haud dubie eo oontentoi dfl> noa 
doiideraiiot Sdlicet mAgnam par- 
tem ilioram mendaaonun, qoae 
probayeraAt, looom in noptiii et 
lil>eronim procreationiboi habere 
Socratei eziitimat; coioi verba 
recte interpretatur Bchleierma* 
cheroi : Bei den Hochzoitem mtm 
und der Kindereneufntng eeheint 
diee riehtige gar nidu m g^eriii- 
gem Maaee «onmJbomneii. 

iXaiuSTOvA iXd%usTov; Bii. b. 

dfMloyfifdvaiiv] OfioXopifUpaf 
Vmd. fi. 

ftvyylyvBO^ai] yiyvBO^ai Lob. 
Vind. B. ylvBoetu, Vat M. et a 
m. pr. B. (a m. i. praepositio- 
nem liabere yidelor.) avyylvsctai 
Vind. 1>K. Mon. B. ediU ante 

tmv fii^] Pro taiv ^nd. F. a 
m. pr. t6v babebat 

hiyova] tyyova Ven. C. Vind. 
DF. Cf. VoL I. p. 131. 

^Uu] fUlXoi Lob. Vmd. BD& E 
Vat. H. Flor. AC. fMUt^ iop. 
Oi. Ven. B. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITA8 LIB. V. 460 

tovg di (pmiotatwg taig fpavlotatMg toifhavtloVf ml 
tdSv iikp ta Ixyova tQiq>Hv^ tAv Sk ^ri^ d fdkkii t& E 
nolijLViOV oti dxQotatov $lvai' xal tavta navta yiyvO" 
fiivu iMv^avBw xXiiv avtovg tovg &Q%ovtag , c2 cv 9 
aftXni tav gwAaxcDV on fuHuSta a6ta6la6tog i&tai. *Oq^ 
^otatfc, Sqn/. Ovxovv di^ ioQtal tivsg vofii^stfitlai 
l6ovtai,, Iv alg {i;va$0fi8v tag tt vvmtpag xal tovg Wf^ 
fplovg^ xal ^6lavy xal vpiv^i noifjtioi toig i^iiBtiQoig 
MOiiitatg fCQBXovtsg toig yiyvofUvoig yifkoig' to tluMtz ^ 

duQoteevov'] „Qaanyu c^x^o'- 
tcevov a^osoere Tideatiir Flci- 
DU8, qoi interpretatiir, Si armen- 
tom fntiinim sit ezcdlentignmiim : 
saspectam tamen habeo: et Te- 
reor ne pro ttM^aidTorov ant 
d^KQcnotazov irrepserit Dicit 
certe pauio post , itmQ niXXsL 
%tt^aif6v tb yhog ttSv (pvXdntav 
icBts^cu.** Steph. annot p. 21. 
8ed ilJo loco (p. 460. C.) non- 
nisi de exdodenda prole dete* 
riore, hic vero etiam de procn- 
randa optima aermo est, qaae si 
rite aaccrescat, non solnm inte- 
gram ant inoontaminatnm , aed 
omnhio perfectSssimniti grecem 
fieri necesse sit. Itaque amphore 
hic nomine ntitur. Cf. snpra Bs 
OipodQa antqmv, et Leg. L. V. 
p. 730. £ : %al tdv giiv fiBtadi-' 
iovta dg dnqotatov xif^ ttfiav. 
Lncian. T. VII. paff. 236. Lehm. 
tovtov insivov tov dxq6tcct0V 
h ndCff %tt%la Xiyofitvov. 

ftdvtu] „Non dnMto^ qnin sori- 
bendnm mt ndvtag.** Steph. an» 
not. p. 21. Cni Astias ne hoc 
qiddem concedere debebat, Fici- 
nnm ita leg^sse Tideri. Is enim 
haec Iwbet: ei hoeo omnta, «iKm 
aganiwr^ ab ouudhm praeierqaam 
a prineip&m» igaorari. 

lav^dvBiv] XoftpdvHv Vlnd. F. 

'O^otata] 6QMtcera Vind. 

vofU)$mftku ] vofuidttrjtal 
Vat. B. Iegi6iif liei^noto (ersnt) 

havtcu] om. Lob. Vind. BDEF. 
Mon. B. Vat. BHM. Ven. C. 
Par. DK. Ang. B. Flor. ACRTUV. 
StaUbaiiiiiins. Utiqne mimm, md 
in tot codidbns verbam exddent, 
sed magis eUam mimm, qui d»- 
siderari a tibrarns et, si deside- 
raretnr , Ihtamm potias, quam 
praesens necessarinm rideri po» 
taerit. Qoamqiiam 00 adhihiio 
non solam ^leniorem oradonem 
fieriy sed etiam dnbitationem do 
tempore toUi apparet Itaque si 
Bon in optimo codice, ant ai in 
eo nno legeretar , qaamris per so 
probabile, tamen rcMnpiendnm non 
pntarem, accedente Tero ei alte^ 
rins Veneti et Fidni anotoritata 
facere non poUu , qnin tenerem* 

Ovo/af,] Vnlgo oomma deest 

ijfABtiqoig] ifuziqoig Lob. 

xqiixovtBg] X(^9x6vt8g idem, 

ydfioig*] ydfioig ; Bekkeras, 450 
Astias in tert. ed. et Stallban- 
mius. Edem in fine Terbomm So- 
cratis ylyvfftai ; scribnnt. Utrum- 
qne non ineptum, sed mhms 
aptnm ridetnr. Piimom Gionoo 
non ita respondet; ddnde qnod 
bcerti Socratis oratio Imbet, id 
tempore ftitnro, qno ntitnr, satis 
dgnificatnm est; deniqne initio, 
81 o^ovv di^ pro lom ifitar ao- 
dpiendmn est, affirmatio mas)« 
oonrenit Itaqae liic colon tenui 
qnod Astios in prhna et seconda 
ed. pro poncto prioram posnit, 
in fine cnm omiubas Beklioco a»- 
torioribns pnnctnm fed. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


fMMzm Sm6mtm6i td^ cnkw £^8fioV tSr iifigmp^ 
%Q9q x^XifUfvg «8 ««A v64o%rg xal nivta ta totmOta 
Aia^otoxovvtBS'^ xcA jv^s fkffikri ^fuv ^ ^Aig xatA ^ 
imatov fLijtB ^fivii^A flfVTjtai, ^Og^iSg i I91}. Kl^got 
<9 vtvfg^ oifLOif «(H/^io$ nofiipol, Sozb tov fpavXov 
huSvov tdti&o^p h/f ixa&tfig ewtfiBmg ^^m^* i^ 
B ^9 taog a^vta^ Ka\ f^aka^ t^. Kal tolg oyB^ig 
yi mv v6v vhov iv fuAifup ij SXXo^i nov yifa iotiov 
xal a^la akla te xal ag>f^ove6tiQa ^ i^ov^la r^g tmv 
fwaucmv ^yKOifuj^eog^ Zva xtd SfM fLtta 7CQog>d6emg 


jfld] xal inl Vind. D. Ezem* 
pla dictionis noutv itcl xivij quae 
StaUbanndufl in prbmpta non ba- 
bebat, KunotliQfi soppeditat ad 
WeUmm IH. b. p. 235. 

iMMfftfofuy] nonf atDfUv Ldb. 
kng. ft. florb R. 

fidXiataJ udXXiara Vind. B. 

mX^ftovs] Ita Par. A. Yen. 
BC. Viod. EF. Angi R Vat H. 
Fl«r. ACRTV. nmUfUovg nUqvi 
eodioet e^m airt» Bckkenuk 
fto9let Fic 

T8l Hoc in eisdem, si a Ven. 
C. discesseris, fibris perscriptnm, 
qni noXifd^vs exhibent , in reli- 
quu autem et Yulfo omiMum re- 
cte Stallbaunnus in sec. ed. re- 
cepit Qoi dnm qnatttor tantam 
Bekkeri codicea aectttom ^ ease 
ostendit, ipse snarum Tanarnm 
lectionum, u quibus tc ex quin- 
que Florentiius cetuHt , olnitua 

«ttl nthta] om. Vind. B. 

f^oZQ, — aftix^a 
maif — nactta Fic 
p. 428. C. 

d^lH ¥m. K. aecind; B«Uk 
A:i«. Bj 

V] «9* Blor. AC. 

y^] r^Lob. Vat M. a^ Mon. 
B. Par. SK. aeo. Bekk. Flor. 

: cf.^.iiiL 

vimv] yovimv Flor. T. 

^ aXXo^l «ov] om. b. L Ftor. 

yiQcc ]. yi^aff Ang. B. yi^a no- 
minativom esse sequens nomiaad.- 
Tiis dtp^ovBaxif^a 'A i^ovda do- 
cet, ooi per enallagen, qoalis 
Phaedon.^ p. 107. B.^ in ▼eibis 
rdg yB vnoOiasLS, rorg vQoiva^ 
%al sl nioxal vftlv aleiv , Sfua^ 
intaytBnxiai aatpiaxs^ov sine 06- 
fensione fit ,. post accusatiTam 
inferendo hic qiiidem nihii era^ 
quod oGcasionem dare posset. laoi 
Tero non Sotiov , sed doria di* 
cendnm fuisse ▼idetur. Sed idoB 
numems, qni Teri>o- com nantra 
plnralis constrocto legitimus et^ 
hic ad Yerbale transfertur, qnod 
omnino ab adiectiromm mata!inli« 
tate remotom est Cf- Scphist; 
p. 223. B: fj vizvfjg otiumxif 
Hijfff — yfyvofdvTi j9^^a^«^o«^ 
VBav f a>s vvv Xoyog iqpXv evf^ 
§alvsif aotp^ix^. Crat 410. Ci 
al f^v dn aoai 'Avtauaxl a>fi %6> 
vccXaibv Qffxiov. 

JdXef] a^toc ihtiov 9* enl- 
t^ Atii B. i9Xa l^^^tXo^f 
nov doxlov 9' edvo^ Flor. T. 
aiUa tb] et aUa permuUa Eic 
dipd^dvBatioa ] dtp9oviaxBQa 
L^.. Vind. B* et a m. pr. F. 
dtpQ^ovmtiQa Mon. B. Flor.' U. 

{«yxoifM^mr] 9vyiu Vind. F. 

m^ nUl&tOii] piifre») qattm ef 
altis Fic 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB. V. 460 « 

flSg nlH^0^ vmv^ nmtdmv i» xAf mtoiinnf ^tuiQminmu 

Xapifiuvov0€Ci ai hd taihav i^ifniuvltu i^xmk UtB a«K 
df^ dta ywmxSv sXw c^^oi»^ - uoiVtA ^hv fug mm 
wd in^^ ywui4i V£ »»l «vi^^i. NuL Td fuv <9 C 
tmv dya^mv, doHiSf XafiovHau d^ tov 0^m6v olaov0^ 
xaQa tivag tQotpovg xtoglg olnov^ag iv ttvi t^iQB^ t^g 
nokswgf ta 81 tSv x^Hf^^^^t aol Idv ti tSv itiQ€^ 
wdmiQOV ylYWftat^ iv dao^Qijtq^ ta xal dthjXqf lueta'^ 
XQv^ov0^v ig XQinBL. Mmsq idilUt I99, %a»UQovtd 
fivog tcSv qrvXdxahf E6B69ai. (hixovv xtA tQotp^ 64^ 


dtl^ om. Fle. 

dfnp&TBffct] Ra Pitr. A. IjoK 
Vlnd. BNSF. Vat BHM. Ven. 
BG. et, qaod StallbaumiQS in aec. 
ed. aaspicatiir, Plorentini, de qv&- 
bna in prinia non magis, qnam 
de ipsa lectione eiiucrae yarietate 
Terbam feett. Mon. B. et rellqui 
oo^cea Bekkeri cnm edttiofflboa 
ante Bekkernm dfupoTtQai ha- 
bent. Cf. Crat. p. 416. C. 

f^v] om. Lob. Vind. BDF. 
Mon. B. Vat. BM. Ven. C. Par. 
DK. sec. Bekk. Ajof.B. Flor.RU. 
Habet affirmandi Tim , ut p. ^59^ 
D. post dtl, L. m. p. 412. C. 


po8t oti, post ot2 p. 390. D. 

xal ci(fia^} om. Vind. D. 
vaaimv^ sed punctis circamdatum, 
Vind. B. %cu al a^^al Ven. B. 
Vind. B. Vat R Flor. ACV. 
StaUb. in pr. ed. 

aifdi^dat.] opdQactv. Bekkenu» 
dvaifaai; Ald. Baa. ab. adtioet 
onnfirmari banc fluam, opiaioaam 
Socrates a Glancone capiena uk^ 
stitnfcum oraUoQia cnrsiunr aabUa 
inbibnit^ id. qpod Bakk«rn» signo: 
aposicipeais post df^^Qvs^ vmI^ 
cavit, sad nihii». ndans a«m «t. 
sibi certan pronnnkiat, Racta: 
igitor Stephaiini iaterrog^ndi uk 
tam snstnJit. 
Q sig vov ^6v] sf^ rmy. «nj-* 
aoy Mon. B. Flor* U. k. e.. in 
«liqiiaiB dofflnm, qaao^stabvli ia* 

star sit; qnam qnum fn supertcH 
nbus conunemoratam non Tideret 
anctor fllius reoenrionis, artica- 
lum ineptum putabat. Bed eam 
Socrates in hac remm cQnstStn- 
Hone haud' secus paratam ponit, 
qnam stBbulam in rilia, et Telut 
praesentem designat ardcolo. erj- 
nhg secnndum Thnaenm p. 23a 
inavhg est vqiyZ^ ^^ potins 
Qifvptf nifiBxofUvij, quae giossa 
ma^s ad Theaet. p. 174. B. quam 
ad nostrmn locom apta est. Prae* 
ter notam Ruhnkenii cf. Bekkeii 
anecd. p. 183, 5. In Vlnd. B; 
eomma post oipt^ poritonu 

v^o^o^fi^} vQ^ipag Vfaid. F. 
Ani. B. FJor. B. Camna a Ata* 
phuio et noentioifbus additwn 
susluJi, quia ttiUa Uc apjpomtia 

zwt] M* Mon» B. aaU oarM^ 

«MKinifOF] d:ifim^QQ0f rap*^ 
Vind. F. 

yifffnsiu.] yimiuu Vind, Wn 
Vat. M. et, Tulgata sec. Bip- sa 
margiae addito, Par. K. 

hi dno4^Tip %s %ai dhjhp] 
m ahdiUi loci$ Ela 

f^iXisi] i^Xloi, Par. AJ>. Vud. 
PBF. Ven. C. Mon. B. Vat, & 
Flor. ACUV. Ald. OptatiTo non 
■«9» hifi ioonsrv. %«w P« 459. 

iqftf ] Fidnus lepssa noa Tide- 
tur, quippe qul Saorati haec ooa- 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


%ie, oroy 6xaifyi0$, nS4m fLtfiav^ fifixvimykivoij mbs 
D ft^itpila %o avv^g aMh^tta^y %al aXXag ydla Ixwi^ 
iuMOQliovt9g^ Idv f»^ avtal luaval &0i, xal avtmv rov- 
xaiv imfLAr^^ovtaiy onmg idtQiov xqovov ^Aatfomm, 
ifQvnvlag il %al tov akkov mvov tlt9aig te koL Tf o- 

hcifiBXijaovvai] Ne hoc quidem 
cmniBate, qnod^ tii1|^ appomint, 
a seqaeiitibtts diveUendun visnm. 

arpibv] ctxov Viiid. B. 

CTca^mai] Timaie«8 pag. S34: 
cxa^nw . 0tta^avTO(U^ vw6 
4^UfpBag %al dBOfiivrj hmiflaBcig 
Ttvog. Quae expUcatio mirum est 
lum ad huBc locum spectat. Cer- 
te reliqnorum, quoa Rnhnkenina 
indicayit, aui omnes indicaMe 
▼idetar, num conyenit. An igitur 
cva^aocu le^tl Btiam acholia- 
ates Ulis Terbis est uaus; roivg 
giaovovg wX^QSig lj^ov<ri yala- 
xtog xal osapaTTOyrcTi vx6 f^U- 
^BOfg SiovTal xe xov ixKQMjvcu 

naacev firfravrjv (i,rixay(6fi^oi\ 
procttronfet FSc 
I ttvtiig] avtijg Lob. 

ydXa] om. Lob. Vind. B. Yat 
BM. Ven: C. Par. DK. 

hacooiiovTBg ] oxo^/{;oyre6 
Vind. F. 

avval] Ita Par. A. Vind. B. 
ipHte mafre»^ quarum hoc pro- 
piium est et naturale. Vulgo 
vvvaiy et ita Flcinus: hae, Per 
f e satis id commodum, fed magis 
iflo^ad captum librariorum. 

mai,] aai. Steph. dai' Aftiuf 
in \jT. et 'sec ed. mai ; Bekkerus, 
Astiuf in tert. et Stallb. qui ea« 
dem ddnde in fine periodi nota 
vtentef Inc saHem omittere eam 
debebant. Sed praecedens Socra- 
tis ^ctio pariter atqne insequens 
et huius ipsius progressus et ar- 
gumentnm et qnae Glauco dicit 
Ha oomparata sunt, nt nentro 
loco ponenda Tideatur. 

%al a-SvSv vovvmv ^iri/ieXif- 
cowai] ^ovidebunt ^que Fic. 

oirmg] cum tribns sequentibus 
Ycarbis om. Vind. F. 

Z90V0V] tolovy Tolgato in mar- 

^ne adscripto, Par. D. x^ovw 
Bas. ab. 

Qiildaatw€u\ dTfXuaowailAk» 
Vind. BE. Vat. BM. Ven. B. 
Ang. B.^Flor. RT. Astias in sec 
et tert. ed. Bekkenis et Stallb. 
in sec Qaod L. niL p. 4S9.D. 
oodidbus, L. IIL p. 403. B. re- 
latae ad ovva^g particnlae ideo- 
que adTerbii potius, qaam oon- 
innctionis Ti praeditae tribnimus, 
ut Sfcatg diiivtu, ona^g do£c» 
scribentes ooniunctiTo praeferre- 
mus futomm, id hoe loco exter- 
nis internisqoe rationibus hand 
ita cogentibus fjBciendam non pn- 
taTi. Attioos primi quoque aori- 
sti ooniunctiTum cnm oxiog con- 
struzisfie ezempla a grammatids 
GoUecta et a Bernhardyo synt 
p. 402. sq. indicata docent; ne- 
qne dubitandi ratio est , qaio 
quod in Terbis, quorum aoristos 
pauHo longiufi a futuro distaret, 
sine soloecinmo fieri poterat, idem 
in reliquis fecerint et quoties res, 
ad quam oonsiUum et Toluntas 
perUneret, et ipsa Toluntas po- 
tiufi fiignificanda, quam eins rri 
tempufi ante oculos ponendnm es- 
set, coniunctiTum aoristi poiius, 
quam fiiturum usurpaTerint. Hoc 
enira discrimen pro utriusque tem- 
poris et modi potestate statuere, 
oeterum in singulis locis codicnm 
ante omnia, deinde relianaiimi 
remm rationem habere deoemus. 
Veluti hoc nostro conianctiTum 
ideo quoque praelatum ezistimare 
licet, ut sequens futnnun «o^a- 
Maovat cnm intfi,BXiiaowai oon- 
iongendnm, non ad Sicmg refe- 
rendum esse intelligeretur , et nt 
terminationi» nimia similitodo eri" 
taretur; quamqnam id per se !e- 
Tius et aidTersus codices nalfins 
momenti esse apparet Praetefea 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


mmioxoilag taig xmv gfvldaafv ywai^ IlQimtu yaq^ 
^ d' lyA. x6 i* hptiiig ddkttwfLsv S «(^odv^ovfiado. 
i^pafitsv yetQ i^ 2| aafuiiovtmv duv ta bcyava rtyv^ 
a9ai. ^AXi^. ^A^ oiv 6oi iwioxBl (ittQiog XQ^9 E 
oM^^g ta S%o0w 9tfi jwainAf wviQl ii ta tQumovta; 

€. et int Ten.& Pir.DK. FW. 
TU. StalibMniiiu m ^nam ed 
»QO^^ifU»a Vind. F. Amg. JB. 
Flor. R. Stob. ifmd nbi noB di*- 

■otebilifl oft 

tetigit Bernhaidy L c. p. '344. 
pro ono Antbttidfta p. 99, }3. 
fflldiuv ez fibro tertio GiTitatif, 
in qoo non legitar, afEBrens aot»- 
▼nm in nao eodice inTemMo Tid^ 
tor, nisri forte 'Attidatanim prme- 
oopto , i|no8 Lobeckioa ad Phryn. 
p. 468. de matribos ^lc^^cir, 
non <a^Xa{;so^c» praedicandnm 
docoiaae ooteo^t , bono Ipsum 
Platonia lomn oppooait et iia in- 
telli^ 'voluit, nt ri ^latttp 
d^iovaiVy ov' ^Xdts^cu X^uv 
acripsisset; id qaod alteram eias 
elosMm: ^ldisi' dvtl t&S dl- 

9^». comparanti maeis yeririmilo 
fit. De iuctoKtibu» nic ari, non 
de IaGtORti6it«, Terba cc^oir vov^ 
znv demonstrant. 

dyQvnvUcq\ tt^TMWixifi Vat.H. 
dy^vwpiaig Flor. AGTV. 

t6v aXXov ndvov] t&v &%Xnv 
Vat. H. Flor. V. perp»- 

vlT^mg ] Titig TMaig Aag, B. 
Flor. R. TiT^alg Par. A. et a 
m. pr. Vind. F. BelckenM, Astina 
•in tert ed. et Stollb. Cf. Vol. I. 
p. 56, a. 

v«] ye Vind.F. Ang.B. Flor.R. 

T^Mpoig ] T^o^s Vind. ES. 
Haa Fidnas cnm iitis coniang«BS 
aot Latinae lingnae inopia com* 
pnlsns tantom iwtricj^ posait. 

«OpCK^OlOOVOi.] vcuQodmoovciv. 
• Bekkeros. tnipcrnAiml Fic 

Tatg] r^g, sop. ai, Vind. F. 

yoycri|/.] ywcuiiv, BeUcems. 

^p^g] iy' ^ff Ald. Bas. ab. 
r6 d' ^eS^ff— lud wifoviJM^g. 
pag. 461. A. exoerpsit Stobaeas 
seim. CXV. p. 594. 

o] a>,,sap. Tolgato, Ven. B^ 

vM^ftoiifU^a} xifofm^odfi^ 
^a Lflk Moa B. VatBM. Veo. 

plicere idem fitallb. in soc ed. 
domonstrairit. Vnlgato loctio von, 
et n Fidno non male ezpllcala 

Bocrateo magno com stadlo ot 
cnpidltate banc rem OKponit, ot 
ipse p. 468. A^ confitetor. «^o** 
&v(uto^ta pkramqne cam Terbi^ 
sod interdom com pronominibas 
oenstnntar. Vid. Hdiidoifias ad 
Lts. S' 11- Oi. Xenopb. Cyiopw 
Vl. 1, 19: MdvT$g dviurdfigvot 
ovfiiM^!o&vfi^i€d-ai TttvT* I^Mr- 
ffccy. Apol. 0ocr. $. 9 : iy» raw- 
vcr ovok ni^odvfufitofim. 

^ ] ^4 4 , ci a m. s. saper 
ri porito, Vind. P. 

^oKfi. Vind. F. ig om. Stob. 

Seiv] om. Lob. Vind. B. Vat 

pLATOHn Op. n. 

Uhf^.l Aldas et 
perperam Iioc com proximo yiyvt^ 
oOvi continaant. tn Lob. Moo. 
B. Bas. b. pancto interporito so<- 
paratom, sed matatoe penonao 
aidido , qaod in oodid|»as pleris- 
oae daobas panctb (:) in edl- 
tiottibas (^jnamqaam in Ald. Bas^ 
ab. non abique) Bttera nmiasoala 
fiori solet, destitntam est. Dno 
poncta habent Par. A. Vind. 
Bi>SF. Ven. Ba Vat. B. main- 
sciriam 8tob. Bas. a. Astii seoon- 
da et reoentiores. Neqne Fid- 
ttam yera ^Kminetio fiigit 

iwdoMt] tf^ioni Flor. AU. E 
et a m. pr. Mon. B 

^Aio^ir] Bbtooi Vind.BF. Flor. 
ACRTV. Stob. 

In;] Iri Bas. ab. 

y^atmi} ywaitl Flor. T. 


igitizecfby GoOglC 


nkodnu? Fic Sed totius loci in- 
terpcetaiionMi FiciiiiBn&ai adMri- 
paiy quo magifl enni liberius hic 
versatnm et sententiam univer- 
aam, non alngiiia Torba reddere 
oonatum esse intelligatur. So. 
An non Uki fuofiie viiieftir mo- 
rfemlwii Mhillj rofroftt lempM 
otfte mmMtri qtAdem hmmo w^ti- 
II, «tro Mle» trimmia? Glam, 
Qmh Aorv» moAit? So. Ut «t- 
Mieel nNiIier • vigtdmo aetelM 
«mio MeipteM fuqmo ad qmadraf 
gammium pariait wr auUat^ potl- 
faam aeaiimimam mu eana$ vir 
gorem trmmmarii^ anmot oUUati 
trifinta^ imdo m»fM ad anmaM 
MmjpM el finiifiM^iila procreel* 
In hm omiof MaUeel frl^piita haad 
dnbie perepicuitatif gratia et ee- 
GUidum flMtttem Platoaia a ee ad- 
iedt, Terba vj noXsi ut super- 
Tacanea praeter aGriptoni men- 
tem ominty Glaueonifl autem in- 
terrogationem taiem fedty qna- 
lem Miperioribna atqne insequen- 
tibufl oonvenire exiitimaret» ver- 
bonnn ipfonim rationem non lia- 
buit. Qnae quomodo mihi intel- 
Bgenda Tideantur, Vol. I. p. 174, 
a. lignifiGaTi. Qnnm enim Socra- 
tei nplttffi lempiw flori$ mulieri 
nciimwm» Tiro tricesimnm aeta- 
tia anmim eeee dixtseet, Glauco 
non quod omnino nesciret, quid 
Socratea sibi vdiety sed aocnra- 
tiorem eius rei expositionem de- 
sidenns qnaerit, ad quaenam a 
mnfieribus et>iria praestanda re« 
•piciens aptnm eis iilnd potissi- 
■nm tempns dicat. Cni Socra- 
tes fflulien ad lioc aptum esse 
respondet, ut tfi pii6<iciim paiiendi 
Wlio inde facto ad quadragesi- 
mnm anmun usqne eo nMinero 
fnngatnr, Tiro autem, nt maxi- 
me procliTi ▼itae spatio decurso 
indidem ][»ublice generare indpiat 
et per Yieinti «^uinqne annos deiiH 
ceps offido satisfiMlat. To.«ou>y 

nn alibi, tum p. 4S9. A. eo- 
modo uberiori explicaationi 
elidendae imervire vidilMHit ne- 

qne accnsatiTi ant geutiTi onm 
eo conimicti caussam dicere mifai 
i^necesiariuA piito. Noa minM 
perspicunm Tidetur hac demnm 
mterpretatione adhibita et arti- 
cnli ad thoaw htj et m^uauMnm 
appositi, cnius idem nsus est 
Tun. p. 21. A: fyy^g ^(hj rma 
ivsviptowa htmVf et infiiuttT»- 
ram xiMXHv et y&mf^v BatioiMm 
ooastare. I>eniqne sic oonsentn- 
neum haberans, quod Leg. L.IIII. 
p. 721. A. B. et VL 786. B. do 
tempore matrimmiii Tiris ineondi 
praescribitur; cni quod repugnnre 
Tidetur praescriptnm VI. 772. D« 
ita coHciiiari potest, si a quiJBto 
et Ticesimo aetatis anno drcnfli- 
spicere nxorem iuTCBis lubeatnr. 
Verba eaim snnt haeo: on6%n xt^ 
ovv nai onrpfiMia xmv niws xol 
§t%oai ysyovormv irfj mummv 
%al anonovfisvoe vn' aXXmv mo- 
va vovv keew^ tuxI nginovxa 
Ug TuUSmv nowmvLuv nai yiv^ 
9iv i^eviffptivat ntateve^j yw 
fk%Ltm ft^v nag iwbs %6v nkvxt 
mal^rqidxowa htAv %h Sk TtQd- 
nov «al t6 c^/M>irrov m^ ^^ 
trjTtiv j n^mzov inanov6atmm 
Aliter de nostro ioco statnit 
Schleiermachemsy enius inteipra- 
Utio haec 'est: DtZnfcl ifir dat 
mmn amch dio reekie Zeii der 
voUen Krqfi , antammg Jahre fir 
die F\ram vmd dreimig Jakre fSr 
dea Manm? -^ ^6er moldke? — 
Dam die FVam mii dem «mw 
afg:ileii /nftre a^flamgemd bia amm 
vierzigetem dem Staai jjnbdhre^ 
der Mmmn aber die &ii dec 
growlea iSldrfce im La^fem «frer- 
gekn Iswse, und vom da mt dem 
Staai eraemge bie mvm fur^ vnd 
funfzig$ten Jabre, ScUicet «179 
oiwaTTiv ikfOfiov dn^i^ proprie 
dictam autnowt et qma Tiginti 
iUis et tri^ota annis non temypua 
ineundi, sed spatium obenndi m^ 
trimonii defiwtum a Soovte pur 
tat, Timm supra Tiginti quiiM|na 
aniuM natora TuJfo ad euraora 
tardioran Tisum statttore oogitur, 
nt n qm oorura dnnlnxat» qpA 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB.V. 460 •! 

461 fftiyg ixi $tko6UtUtog fdxfi vmciepcntovf oltfdag tlmup 

TsletadiBif, pon Tictoriae caiuM 
cnnrerent, mimis iam Talere car- 
reod» . ^ceretnr , emii itatiin 
omoefl Ti^unta qoiii^e aniiia ma- 
iorem ewe inteliezerint ideoq^ne 
Socrati pro illo aetatia anno hana 
debilitatemnommareKaierit Qnod 
etiam ai credibile CMet , tamea 
non hic erat tali detigBationi lo^ 
cns , idai forte ob id ipanm, qnod 
conrai mimia idonei forent, ad 
miptiaa idoneos Tiaoa crodimaa. 
Ac Toreor eqmdem, no iOa inter- 
proUtio imllo alio fimdameato ni- 
tatnr, niai Terbis rd: noTit av*- 
Tmv ita intellectis, vt primo 
aspecto iateUii^Bda yidentar: qiil- 
nam swnt M mHnfi ni«l»eriS| 
tri^fits vin ammf «{iiibaa ita r»- 
apmideri par erat, nt inidam et 
finia certo demonstraretar; qnod 
qiHDii in priore parto propriia 
rerbis factnm esset, idem in al- 
tera ScUeiermaciierns desiderasso 
eamqne ob rem metaphoricam iP 
loram -rerboram sensnm param 
aptnm iadicasse Tidetar. Oerte 
ipaa primae iareBtatls oompara- 
tio cmn prima sta£i parte, qoam 
oelerriBae emetvi oorsores soieaty 
nolla ratioM improbari hoc looa 
poteat, qi^ppo qoao canssam si- 
gaifioet, enr eam aetatis partem 
tranaactaEm esse oporteat, prioa- 
aaam liberia procrean^s op^ 
oetar. Nam ritae mifirij srre floa 
di^loK est, prootl vel mota ooo- 
cHari honM. Tel oonstitisso cor- 
poro et mente oogitatar. Hanc 
PlaAo duftf^p 6mfttct6g vs %al 
o^09i(oc<og, illam vf^v ^ t vvaifjp 
egoftov iitfK^v appellat, qaa ri- 
gente ae farTente nmiime taKa 
esae solet rir, qoalem Leg.L.YI* 
p. 775. et alibi hi naptais req^ 
rit, coi consentit Ariatoteles Po- 
fit. L. m c. 14. p. f 51. Goettt 
Ad rem igitar aptiaMma est oonn 
panti^ Neqao vero ■omiinnB 
et Torboram a cuifricido ad ri- 
. taa translatorom insolena est 
oawK Sic wifmtitw filov et ti-* 
40^ piov trapcl dfcimt ^ qoonim 
ad Bnrip. 

Hippol. 86. paXfUa Xvxtf^w 

fiov legimus Medeae y. 1240. 
drs. ad senoctatcn per?«iira il« 

incerto poetae dicitac apad la- 
oobsiom aaim« in aothol. VoLID, 
p. 3. p. 651. Alia codem perti- 
nentia coUegit Dissenins ad Pind. 
BoeckL p. 404. Qood «cnni lo* 
qaendi non ita issargera supra- 
pedestria orationia ct Platonicae 
modom aibitrar, at prapteran 
▼crim intd&v r^ i tv i d iifP 
iqofiav dnfiijv na^ ex poltn 
aliqno petita cenaeam, qnae Stali^ 
baomli opinio est, qai in raliqaia 
com Sdueieraiachera facit, sed 
iUa non preprie dicta afnosrit. ' 

rwaaii — nBvtWKaintmfKOV* 
xaitovg] iaadant Baaobios praep. 
er. L. Xin. p. 415. et Thoodo^ 
ratM Therap. L. Ylin. >. 941. 

fikv] Sh vavta Ursini eod* 

c/aotfe^idoff} Ita Par. A. Aag. 
B. YatH. %iM6uti»og rmd.B#. 
Flor. ACY. Stob. et a m. pn 
yen.B. «Aioott^idog Bns.Theod. 
claotfiridof Astiaa in seranda ed, 
c/xotf orer/dos • rettqoi codices et 
ediiiooes. ^imBOL proeoepto Attl- 
dataram de non mntanla inime* 
niiuBi in eomporitia termioationo, 
de qao Hbittairias paf . 47^ ed. 
Stnrz. ct Lobechias ad Phrjrn. 
p. 407. cooferendi, codex opti^ 
mas com assecfia snia (Tat. R 
Vind. B.) et com dnobos direr- 
sae Ihmiliae adscriptis ( Aog, B, 
Tind. F.) soffira^tar, parara non 
dabitari. De aecenta antsni,Mem 
prneter mnmiaticoa mbdo stgoi- 
Bcatos Choeroboacas apad Mt* 
kenon ioocd. p. 1375. ab Attida 
ita paaitam tradit , ncoasativaa 
Hitifv Leg. U Vn. p. 794. C. 
in omnibas lOnris exstana dnbita^ 
tioaera iraKam reiinifait Ab axf* 
tano eohn hiintta fieri debniasefe. 
Bt Aristoph. Lys. 64& dcairff 
ettoi Bekkeros edidit. qid hoo 
looo praeter consoetDdinaia ^ 
gatae tenax foit et I 





t^ miltt , «1^1 il y hcBiiav t^ otiftitfiv iQOfMiv 
axfi'^ naQy^ to «aro xavtov yevvav t^ noXei^ (iB%(^ 
461 XBVtBxaLnsvtrixovtttBtovg. *J(iq>otiQC)v yovv , ^fpfj^ avvq 
oxfi)} emiiatog te %a\ q^vi^eemg. Ovxovv iav tB mqb- 
6§vtBQog tovtanf iav ts vBdtBQog tmv Blg ro xowov 
rivvii0Bav a^at, ovtB o6iov ovtB Slxaiov q^i^^iQ^v %o 

AMtianqa» m tertia ed« tenaces 

iiiZQ'' rsrTaQOHOPvaiTtdogl osn. 
Lob. riiid.B. Yat M. Theod. 
in qno tamea ab Urauio soppleta 
fut. AoceDtom nominis Tidgo in 

rmltima positom aecundmn Par. 
rmd. F. Yat B. Ang. B. qni 
TtvTOifaiLOPTohiSos hab^ et Bn- 
aebinm retraxi. rt pro tftf in Par. 
A. Vind. DBF. Vat BH. Vcn. 
BC. An«. B. Flor. ACRV. acri- 
ptnm et a Bekkero restitatum 
cst. Astioa in sec. ed. zBoaaQa- 
uovTOVztdog scripserat, in tertia 
Bckkero obtemperamt. 

dh]^ Theod. 

dQOfwv ] ^BifOHOp EoB, Bafl. ab. 

difOIMJP Stob. Cod. A. iQCCflOVTl 

Uraini codez Theod. 

t6 d%6 TovTOv] Haec in nmim 
oontrahunt Vind. BDB. in duo 
Mon. B. 

nevTSJMUfuvTrpDOPTaiTOvg] Co- 
dicea mei et editionea ante Bek- 
kerum hoc in plura divicum ha- 
bcnt, Mon.B. cum Flor.U. itivn 
xai mvT7j%0CT0v hovg, Lob. 
Vind. BD. Bua. et tacendbna de 
Par. K. Bipontinia editiones niv- 
V8 »ol leamntovTaiTOvg (Aatu 
aec. nivTB wu niVTrpiovTovTOvg) 
Vind. BF. Stob. cod. B. et unus 
Ursini oodex Theod. nivrs %id 
nBVTtpiovTaBTOvg, In aJteroUr- 
sini codice erat nivTS xcrl ntv- 
TfiMVTairov. Bekkerus praeter 
snpra positam Monaoensis libri 
discrepantiam nihil nisi ntvT&uu- 
novTrputvtaBTOvg ez Vat; M. a£- 
fert, qnod ipsnm in Theodoreto 
▼ulgatom est Neqne Stalibau- 
mtus reliquorum Florentinorum 
mentaoBem fadt, ut hi quoque 
divisioiiem haud dubie vitiosam 
hnben videantnr. 

UpupoTiifw] Ficinns ad 0O-461 
futtog et tpifovijeemg retnlime 
ideoque non expressinse Tidetar: 
ProfeUo m iU aetmiibus vignr 
animi eorporitqtte ^onsiHii» 

yovv ] ovv Lob. Vind. BD. 
Vat BM. 

dfifi^n] i) ax^ Lob. V]nd.BD. 

TiSv Big t6 KOivot' ysvv^mv] 
Blg ro Hoivov yBwi^OBtDg Vind. 
BD. Vat. M. et a m. pr. Lob. 
Big TO %oiv6v YBwrioBayv e corr. 
IpefieratMnem tn comflnamt Fic 

<ptjisofisv ] &i]COfiBv Vind. B. 
Vat. H. Flor. ACTV. iprjoofisr 
cuui ^ super q»j Viud. £>. Vea. 
B. Cf. ad B. 

q>iTvovTog ] ipvTlovTog Vind. 
B. tpiTQOvTog Vat. H. tpvvovrog 
Vind. F. (pvovTog Ang. B. FJor. 
T. In Vind. D. a m. pr. Tujga- 
tum erat, sed a m. s. ^^vmioi^ 
Tog scriptum est, quod Astius ia 
pr. ed. exhibiiit, in tertia itemy 
nisi fallor, exhibere yolens typo- 
thetae culpa qnfTBvowBg dedit, 
fortasse offensus Tcriio poedco, 
qnod tamen Lefr. L.VIHI. p.879. 
D. (tpnvaat xal TBxBivy sinenota 
intactum reiiqnit. GenitiTus pen- 
det ab dfid(/Trf(ia, 

0$] Huic ia Vat. B. a m. sec 
d' additnm. 

av] i&v Vlnd. B. 

Idd^] Mon. B. a m. 8. p inter 
ultmiam et penultimam litteram 
snperscriptum habet. 

yswijcBTai] Ita Par. A. Vind. 
DF. Vat BH. Ven. BC* Flor. 
ACRTV. Vulgo yBvrfOBta^ quod 
quum ita demum aptam sit, ai 
nascendi si^nificatione accipifl^* 
alteram lectionem a codidbus fir- 
mioremy quae idem significsti 
praetoli. Si non latnerit foetoa 
praeter legem sasceptas, ne ia 

igitized by VjOOQIC ' 


yBWii^stxi ovx VM ^6imv ovd' vffo mix&v yv^, Sg 
iq> ixi€to$g toig yi^otg svlovta^ %uX Uq$uu %al UqOs 
xal ^idpatuCa ^ soAi^ j£ aya»av aiihtvovg xal l{ dfp^ 
U^nv ^AtfMti^ovg aA tovg iuyivovg yfyv$6»ui, alX B 
vxo 67t6tov futa diiv^g axgaelag yiyovcig. ^OQi^mg^ 

hicein quidem edetar, «ed antea 
opprimetur, qiientadmodiiin infra 
C. de alio eenere praecipitor; bi 
latnerity edetnr qnidem, sed in- ' 
fausto omioe, quippe non inter 
sacri/icia satujs. Utrum Ficintis 
legerity non apparet, quiun ver- 
biun participio tpvg ianxerit et 
pro duobus unum wietur parum 
accurate posuerit. 

ovx] ovK Ba». b. 

qyvg, ccg] yvffas Vind. F. Ven. 
C. tpijaccg, «up. (pv6ag, Par. K. 
tpTjaccg cum v snp, rj et int vera. 
addito fpvg super vacuo spatio 
Vat B. qjvcag Sg Par. A. ^v- 
cdg ag Vind. D (yui^ato io mar- 
fiine adscripto) B. Vat. H. Flor. 

iq>'] om Alnd. D (in margine 
babet.) E. Flor. ACV. et a m. 
pr. Ven. B. „pro y^ habet Par. 
A." Bckk. 

. hidaTOi/s] Huic Vat. B. a m. 
a. yaff additum habet. 

ligsim] Upeia Ang. B. Vtt. 
M. editi ante Astium. 

I£ mtpsXlfMov] iiwqt. Vind. F. 
ii a<p€X7Jfimp Vind. fi. 

asl] om. Fic. 

ylyvsfs^ai] ylv86&cu Mon. B. 
(Fior. U.) editioiieB' ante Aatinm, 
taceatibiu Bip. 
]g dx^aaUcg] d%^ccrlag Vind* F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. Bekkenui et in 
tert. ed. AstiuB. dit^axslag Lob. 
Vind. BD. Mon. B. Vat. BHM. 
Par. DK. Flor. ACTUV. Stall- 
baumimi. tiicoiiftffentia Fic. fi^ 
editionum ante Bekkerum 8cri- 
ptnram auctoritate Par. A. Ven. 
BC. Vind. B. restitniy quia dis- 
solnta. impiidengque iicentia, de 
qua bic sermo est, nomtne ^x^a- 
csmg et temperamenti' contrariiim 
«emiiqintft aptiadne a«tari vide- 

batur. «affd ti fi^ €vynmtQdc9ai 
8. avyv£)iB{fda^at (%SKS(^cia^aiy 
quod Lehmanoufl Luciani T. VIII. 
p. 206. pro vulgato nsnsifda^eu 
ex editione qnadam Basileensi re- 
petiit, vitiosiim est) dictam ax^ce- 
aCav lexicographi veteres, Hesy- 
cliius, Suidas, Bekkerianua anecd. 
p. 366, 1). et Phaborinus agno- 
scunt, cognatamque ry ditoXaaUf 
et tamen diveraam faannt Suidas 
et Phaborinus, qui etiam adiecti- 
vum diiLffdaiog inde derivatnm no- 
runt. Atque hos non sni aevi 
consnetudine deceptos vetaribna 
afifinxisse aliqnfd, qnod eii Inan- 
ditum esset, fidem fiuannt codi* 
ces et editiones Demosthenis et 
Aeschinis consensn dn^faalav ex- 
hibentes Olynth. IL p. 22. €. 18. 
Bekk. (^xiiv xaO^ lifiiQav ax^oe- 
aiav xov §iov xol fii&rjv xal 
no^dcnuafiovg oii dwdfisvog wi- 

ShiVj nbi vel ^i^; vocabuhun 
e mntatione cogitare vetat) ia 
Aristog. II. p. 103. §. 25. (c^e»f- 
asxs yd(f t^v ft^ l9ccifccPOf$iav] 
vd r^g futviag %al xtjg dx^aaicef 
Tud x^g xlsoveiUcgy tovg dh xa 
xijg (pifov^asci>g %al acMpifoavvijg 
nal ioLcuoavvTfg iffya dutnQctx- 
xofiivovg) in Tnnarch. pag. 281. 
S; 95. (if al §deXvQd cpvaig xal 
dvoaiog fjxovxov dsl xmv av- 
xmv insO^fisi xcfl xctd^ vnsifBo' 
X^^v dxQccalag ixsifov itp* hxSQm 
ikixayfJM inixeexxs} ut de An« 
stotelis et recentiorQm locis una 
com iUis a Lobeckio ad Phr^B. 
p. 525. allatis taceam. Qnod an- 
tem Phrymchus app. aoph. p. 20. 
(Bekk. anecd. p. 21, 21.) dti^- 
aia damnat et d%4fctxia did ii»- ^ 
bet , non ad hoc nostrum , cnius 
a longum est, s^ ad altenim a 
nifath» perperam ei «ontra i 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



yiwmnanf fi^ Ovpioiavtog Sgxovtog Ssmjtt» xmv iw 
^Xucla ywat%a¥* wo&op yaQ xal aviyyvov wtl dvUgov 
f^Oojisv' 'mtov xtuia rg nolu %a%vOtiva^. ^OQ%6taxa, 
t^. "Otav dl df, olfia^j o? ts ywabug K«l ol SviQMg 

logiftm dnctam pertinet , qno nsns 
Mt M. Argentariiu epifr. 161 
p. 245. T. II. Anthol. lacobs. 
aXXogf iKslnderjg yroBzai d%ifa- 
clri£f qnod neqne aim Stephano 
in thes. et Wyttenbachio anim. 
in Plut I. p. 209. per aynoopen 
factam ez ax^cm^o/a , neque cum 
Poppone prol. in Thuc^ I. p. 243. 
Thucydidi alilsque probis scripto- 
ribna Teiut synonymum dnQccvBlas 

Sotius, qnam d%QazLa uBurpatum 
ixerim. duQaxCoL mlhi ab axoa- 
vtiM non aliter , quam BV6£pla 
ab BvciBsia et mtpBlla ab tdfpi- 
iBuCf ie qno Vol. I. p. 20, b. 
dixiy differre Tidetur, et f}8ov<Sv 
dKqatla Tim. p. 86. P. Tul^ta 
et oodicum tantnm non omninm 
lectio Tera» dt^avlas v£v nqd- 
ismv Gorg. p^ 525. A. secnndum 
potiorea libros a Bekkero in or- 
dinem reoeDtnm est. Qni si no-> 
stro looo idem ezhiberent, eqni- 
dem seqni non dubitassem. 

twv] am. Par. K. 

ewiifitevtog ] £iw. Ven. B. 
Tat. H. Flor, AC. Bekkenu et 
StaUbanmins. Cf. YoL I. p. 42,b. 
44, b. 95, b. 233, a. 

dviyyvov] imoeUum Fic 

utd dvie^pv] 0». Mon. B. 

^iftfo/Mirl Ita Par. A( Vat H. 
rmd. R. Flor. ACTV. aisereflnM 
Fic. 0iJ60(uv cnm «p soper ^ 
Vind. D. Ven. B. Oijaofi^ r^qoi 
oodices editiqne ante Bekkemui, 
qnod ad yerba 6 ttvr^g Sh vofiog 
respicienti alicni fortasse praefe- 
rendnm ndetar. Sed haec ipsa 
▼erba iUo spectant, qnod supra 
dictnm est, ovtc Seiov ovtB di" 
umnov p^^oft9v t6 dfuiiftfiiiay h. 

e. peccaliim non leve , sofl fad- 
nu9 impium et. itutuivm eue dt- 
cemus; qnod qtii dicit, haud dn- 
bie grayissime de fadnore pro- 
niwtiat et omnibus eo interoScit. 
lam nostro loco similiter de alio 
facinore statuendum Socrates ait, 
eittsqne iudidi rationein reddit: 
flpttnum eium et epanioUorum ae 
eacrorum henefteio orhatum civi" 
tati fiUum ab oo eshiberi diee- 
mve. luTat Mc ad praestanUam 
codicis Parisiensis quam digitnm 
intendere, cnhis a Testigiis aber- 
rantes eosdem in eodem Terbo 
librarios supra a yero aberraates 
habuimus, quos hoc looo cnm eo 
Temm Tidemns tenuisse. 

v^ nolB^] r^s n6XB€9g^ sup. 
Tulgato, Par. K. om. Fic. 


'O^otata] Je^orttra Tind. 
itprj — dipijcoftap] owu Vat B. 

'*Orar — • l^iiUooi 1 dtairfi Bnse- 
binspraep. er. L. aHI. p. 415. 
et Theodoretns Therap. L.VIIII. 
p. 941. hoc prooemio nsns: rd: 
oh h^^g ov yihotogj dXl& Kcrl 
4hfV^eiV ^Imk xoeI «vp6ff tov 
nayndUivg dvaliouovvog vofiovg. 
liyBi ya^ vavta* "Otav 9\ i& 
yvvaixBg o? rs av9pBg vov etc 
qnomm ad extrema Ursinns liaiic 
▼arietatem adnotarit: yw. lud ol 
&vdQBg. ^ avd^es rov. 

hi^ci] ipiiBci Bas. b. 

irq^oo^] fpilcofiBv Ald. Bas. 
ab. et codices omnes nnofortaloo 
excepto Flor. U. qnein Stallbaa- 
mins discrepare a Stephano nott 
ostendit Btiam Fioimis dieemmi. 
Veram iectiomni ab Bosehio et 

agitized by VjOOQIC 


%al fifrpl xol Ytttg vov thfymkftwif %mI lud Yae^ ivo C 
m*9^% «d )mi«£xa$ «v, xX^ vUl %aX sravpl «ol xoiq 
xovtotv sZs Yo «Kw wA ixL %6 &im , nai xavta y ^Sii 

llieodoreto lemittm Sttohmui 
tscffto et iooertiim otmm de ooii- 
iectura^ an ex illii refltituit 

«ovl on. Yen. B. yind. E. 
Yat. H. mog duo Tlieod. codi- 
ees Sjflbiir^ ow»s Uruiii liber. 

ilsv^iQOvg avvovg] €c4, iL 
Teii. B. In Yat B. Sh a m. fl, 

9wytY9S0&ai] ioyyLyv. Theo^- 
tPYYiv, Yiod. B, cum y inter « 
et y flapencripto et Urflioi codes 
Theod. ^vyyU: Mon. B. JSiueb. 
Ald. Bafl. ab. Steph. iyyiYvec^m 
Yind. F. yhic^su Yat. B. 

9] Ita Par. A. Lob. 
BDF. Yen. C. Ang. B. 

Bi:^!^. Yen. C. Ang. B. Fkir. 
RTY. Yat. M. et a m. pr. B. 
»6 Mon. B. Par. DK. Fior. U. 
Theod. o yat.>H. Fknr. AC. et 
margo yiod.1>. ^yen.B. yind.B. 
Bnfleb. Ficiniifl et editionefl omnefl. 
Bfaacnfiomn 9J item ut proximum 
wixo^g ad utmmque fleznm rela- 
tnm ferri adeoque praeferri poflfle 
▼idetnry ne mulierum mentioaem 
iaitio periodi pamm apte factam 
fltatuere oogamur ; ezGeptionifl an- 
tem priorem partem ad rirofl spe- 
ctare per se appAret, neque fli- 
CBBficalionem eomm poat «l^y 
.doflidero. myyt^so^ai ad mulie- 
refl noii numifl, qaaon ad lirofl 
qnadrat et a Polluce y. 92. fline 
diflcrimine cum aliifl utrique sexui 
oommuiubnfl Terbifl refertur. Usufl 
tamen ririe potiflflimum aflflignarit : 
de mnliere unum tantum locnm in 
promptn habeo, Aotonini Uber. 
c. 41. p. 179. Teuch. de Cephalo 
-Procrin tentante per hoflpitem, 
1/ avv^ avyyhfoivo. 8ed ipflum 
pnunniBtieonim filenthim et yerbi 

Oirigo ac fliguficatio eztmplifl nt 
non indigflamofl fadt. 

i^iloiat] H^flMt yiBd.F. Idtf* 
Xmoiv Mooi B. a m. pr. 

alijv] Miflv yiod. B. 

yvvahiag] tag ywahtag yen. C 
B. yind. BF. Ang. B. Fh>r. ACRT. 
e&ti ante BeUcemm, miam 
nem Asthifl hi tert. ed. ten 

debebat, qnum in floperioribufl ^ 
.teaniflflet et avto^g ad floiofl rirta 
retuliflflet. Nobie Toro, qni m^-' 
roi^^ ntroflqve doflignam fltatutfi- 
mvfl, hic qooqne optimiim oodl- 
eem fleqai et ywahiaq pro Scov 
avzSv ywaiiUq %Uw aocipera 


r. R. 

OBk yind. F. Ang. B. 


roJffl rftig Lob. yind. 
yat HM. In yiod. F. o 
litara flcriptam. 

xo4xaiv] Ita Par. A. 
DBF. Ang. B. yat. H. 
ACRTy. eomnilem Fic. 
rofotfrflMr reliqui com editifl 
BeULemm et Astio in tert. qoo- 
qoe ed. qood ita defendi poteat, 
ut eofl flignificare statuatnr,. ^ai, 
qoom fim patraflro ipfli non flinty 
flecundum infra dicta infltar eo-* 
rum haberi debeant Sed altemm 
hoc loco maglfl penpicuum et ta« 
men «usdem flignificationifl ^ ai 
requiratur, capaz est. 

xh avm] xm iv<o yiod. B. 

/] yi Lob. yind. BD. y^9 
Par. K. floc. Befclu 


M P L A T O N I S 

nipta dimt^Xiv6aiuipoi s^JhffMTtf&ttt fUiheta fLhp ft^f 

di tt fiiiaiita^, oStm tMva^^ 6s ov» ovCtig tQo^^gt^ 
toiovtip. Kal taita fiiv /, f^f» fmQUog iiy^a$' m- 
D tiQas di aoL tvyatiQag aai a vvv dti tkBf^^ %Sg dia-- 
yvd^ovtM dXlijXavi Ovdafimgj ^ d' lya' dlV ia^ ^g 
av i^fftifog tig avtAv vvftq>log yivtjtai^f fMt iKslvifv dfi- 
aattp fiijvl aal ifid6fitp dij S av yivnftai hyova^ tavta 
navta fCQoOiQH ta fAv a^^Bva vtBlgy td 61 d^Aca dti- 
yatigtigj acal ixBiva ixslvov xatiQa^ aal oGtm i^td 

9utMliV6dfi$90i — totovrqf, ] 
laadant fiosebiiu et Theodoretiu 
L c 

xffaOvfLBla^ai] Sylbucgiiu ad 

Theod. nQOfMjO^sUfO-ai aptiui ceor 

, aebat Soiet enim fere stadtiiiii, 

Sood ▼eri>o xifodvfiBto&ai aigoi- 
cator, ad effidendimiy non, ut 
hic, ad evitandum et cavendum 
tendere ideoque Terbo ipsi infinl- 
tiTtu sine ne^tione coniungi. Sed 
nihil obatare Yidetnr, mio minns, 
nt iO-ileiv /lij %ax6v Blvat et si- 
milia dicuntur, ita et sr^odv^Ci- 
O^^at iii^ iwpiQHv did potneritt 
tltfdJoM opcram dore, ttt ii« ^- 

fihr] o». Theod. 
ini Ubro erat. 

8ed in Ur- 

(nid* slg] (lij 9' sig Mon. B. 
Ald. (itjdBlg Vittd. F. fiti9' bI 
Vind. B. fi^ Big Buseb. Theod. 
probantibufl Astio in sec. Stall- 
banmio in pr. ed. Atque Astiua 
etiam in tertia fi^ sibi magis pla- 
oere ostendit, Stallbaiunius Toro 
in sec. nihii de eo didt. fiijd^y 
ne ffttidemy satis Tulgare et h. 1. 
inpnmls aptom est ob iUad fM^- 
uista fiiv» 

xvrjua] Id cnm reliqnis Mon. 
B. sed correctusy et in marmne 
y(f xvrjfia a m, pr. exhibet. ita- 
que ante oorrectionem aliud ha- 
buisse necesse est, quod mmc 
reoognosd nequit 

fufdi yB%v] Ita Par. A. iirjdi 
y* %v Vuid. B. Vat. H. Flor. 

ACTV. fifidy retiqui oo^oes, 
Busebins, Theod. et editiones. 
Quum' et mafinitudo cantionis h« 
1. satis apte siflnificari et ftriSkv 
fadie ex firjSi vb if, hoc vero 
ex iilo yi% orin potnisse Tidea- 
tur, Attioos autem inter omnea 
constet oi^dl ilg et firj9h eTg ubi 
neg^tio angenda esset usurpasse, 
optimam <»dieem pro interpolato 
aoiicere non sustinui, quamTis 
alterum paiticnlae ye inter firj9l 
et stg intn^ositse exemplum £ni- 
atra quaesivi. Nam quod Scbnei- 
derus Vmariensis Sophocli Oed. 
Tyr. 276. unpertirit , oif^s / elg 
9vvcui^ dvijQf id soioecnm est. 
8ed quum non solum fnrjSh^ sed 
etiam %v subiid sibi enditicaa 
ys patiatur, interposita ea non 
magis offendor, quam particnla 
flly, quae saepe istnm locum ob- 
%i] tig Ang.B. Flor.IL Theod. 

ti^ivai] intiO-ivat Bnseb. edi- 
taque ante BeiLlcerum. 

XiyBteu' ncctii^ag] liyttai,na- 
tiffag editi ante Astium. In Aid. 
tamen ncct, minuscula scriptnm. 

^vyati^ag xal fi vvv 9^ fX«- 
yBg] niatre$ et eeieri eo^ati^ 
ouos memordbaa Fic. Pro llByBg 
Vind. B. ilBBg habet. 

dip*] ig)' Lob. Vind. B. VaL D 

l/7ddAt^] hfi96nrj iidem. 

' yinjta*] r^oiiro Flor. T. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITA» LIB. V. 461 


Tovroiv hywa xtMmv %alimg^ xcd hutXva ai hiUvovg 
xoMxcvg xS'Ua\ trfiag^ ta 6* i¥ hulvip %m iQivqi fs^ 
ywAfa^ h ^ al ^iQBg aal ot xatiQig aAtwv iyiwnvj 
ddsXtpag ra sial aisiqwvgy Sat$9 S vuv d^ liUyofisv, E 
aJJLiilmv fi^ S«80da** ad$3iq>mg Sk »al ddBJUf^ag 8m6n 
6 vofiog Cwofxuvy idv 6 aJL^Qog tavvg {tifUK/hry, »al 
9 nv»la XQO^avaiQi. '0Q%6taxay ^ d' og. 'H fthv 8^ 
M0W€9vla,, (i rXava&v^ avttf t$ xai toutvttj ywauuSv 
T8 xai maUim tolg ^Xa^l Co^ t^g noXimg- 6g dl ata^ 
fiJM} «a. ty aXky noXitei^ xai fua$Q^ fiiXtl6tii9 8tl 8^ 

«icr^l vMq Lob. Vmd. BD. 
Yat M. 

d^] om. Lob. poftt diflea Tind. 




^Ua^ ^ltia Tma. F. 
R. dijlcua Bas. ab. 

ai}] ojR. yind. F. Aog. 
Flor. R. 

IxbTpu av] kuXvot tev Ang. B. 
hisivov av Par.A. y«i.C. Ymd. 
F. Yat H. Fbr. AC. in quo re- 
teris acriptnrae EKEINAT tc^ 
atiginni oerneromihiTideor. hiBii^ 
ai Parmen. p. 154. B. ex CoiBUn. 
Bekkenu recepit. 

njaigl Itn Par. A. Vind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. tlOag Yind. E. 
ri^ae cnm z snper ^ Yen. C. 
tn^itg Vat. H. xMag refiqni 
cmn editionibns ante Bekkemm. 
rri^aq Astimi in tert. ed. «jnem- 
admodum apnd graramaticos fere 
lemtnr. Timaena p. 256 : Tif^* 
§uLfL(i7i, Bekkeri dinSv onomast. 
aneod. p. 19S, 33: nfa^i?* na- 
vQ6g i} (EMTT^^c W^^> ^ /*«/*- 
^y TiaXovM, cf. lex. ib. p. 309» 
29. TH^H, aota, Vu memini le- 
gere in Boeckhu •Inscript. YoL I. 
p. 685. n. 1449, 8. et p. 915. 
n. 558, b. a^ Ittde kcmjOy^ ij 
fiiifnj^ v^g fidfifK^y Bekkeriiez. 
anecd. p. 254, 10. et alibi. Cf. 
quos Vol. I. p. 56 y a. de altero 
mc ante Bekkemm Tulgato disse- 
TflKtes laudavi, qni aooentnm in- 
stabilem esse doeie&t. Itaqne noii- 
est quad codid repngoatar. 

a'] dh yiad. F. 

ai fmri^g %al ol xatiQig a4' « 
rioyl 01 TuniQig %al ai /m^^^ss 
a6. Lob. yat. B. et a m. s. yes. 
B. ol naziffzg %al (tfgviQtg o^. 
yind. 6D. yat. M. patres tpso* 
riMi malrcsfiie Fic Non sine 
ratione PJato et snpra B. et hio 
matres ^riori loco posnis^ ride- 
tnr«. quippe quarom ex aetate 
potius, quam ex patrum, utrum 
sorores et fratres necne essen^ 
diiodicari deberet 

o] om. Bas. b. 

nliJQog] x17iq6v Lob. yiAd.B. E 
yat. M. 

fpftnlmtj] ov^. Mon.B. fPar. 
DK. Ang.B. yatHM. Fior.ty.) 
Ald. Bas. ab. 8teph. 

, 9tQ06ctvcaifn]xQ06avBif^ yind. 
B. Fior. ACET. n^oacevatifiX 
yind. F. 

'Oe^OTcrra] 6(f9ekata yind. 

'•ff idv ^ — xaXa. 465. EJ 
excerpsit Stobacus serm. XXXXl. 

255. fkf^^. cuius tamen in co- 
^ice A. pnora usque ad yMUoza^ 
Mcpri, 462. A. desunt. 

avtTf rc %al] om. Fic. 

o>g dh] om. Lob. yind. B. Vat. 
BM. ddB rmd. F. yen. C. Par. 
BK. secund. Bekk. Stob. (00;^^ 
margo Gesn. unde Gi^sfordius 
rooepit.) tog d^ yind. E. 

Btlti^] §ilti0ty 8tob. Gosfl. 
Ald. Bas. ab. 

dsX] d' ei rmd. F. 





t6 jutJt twto fisfiaid^»^^ ^cmoa tov lafov. f w6g 

462 muSfMfi OStm v^ ^la^ q d' og. ^Aq* ow ovx f'< 

^Z^ *4ff 6iioh>yla£t iQl69a^ W^ avtovgf ti MOtB vo 

' f^iCtov dya&iv ^oftay dauv slg %63iimg fMrrateevyv, 

^ oJ dcfr tfroxa£o^vov rov vofio^itiiv ti)&iv€t& tavg vo- 

/tovgf xal tl iiiyiatov aaabv^ dta iMiawh(^aa%a^y oQa 

a vvv dij diijl&oiisVf Blg fAv to tov dya&ov Ixitag^iuv 

aQiMttiif rcpf 6h tov aauov avaQfbOOtUi Ilavtmv fu^ 

ilctffft, l^. "jExofiev ovv n iiuiw aaaov %okti^ ^ inur 

B vo^ S av avt^ diaox^ xol ffoigf moiicig dvtl fuag; ^ 

v6 fuvit rovro] temquuii ninna 
«thibcQt Lob. Yiiid. BDB« tam- 
qum dao Mon. B. Ald. Bas. ab. 
t6 fuvctrov Yind. F. 

«OMDfftcir ] noiov(iBv Yind. F. 
a m. pr. editiones aate Bekkeruni, 
taoontibus Bip. (oa qM} ago- 
flMt? Fic 

462 Ovro] oil rd 

litura Tind. 

n B* off] wn, Vlnd. F. Anff. B. 

/^^tfO-ffi] Ita Mon. B. Stob. 
Trinc Gesn. I^cod^at Lob. Yind. 
BDBF. Stob. Gaisford. editiones 
aate BekkeruBL 

Itoiiev] ofR. Par. K. sfj^ojasir 
rind. B. Flor. ACR. In Tmd. 
F. ix^fu^ com litura in prima 

ov] o^ Vind. F. Pan D. * 
mirgo Par. D. 

dBl] dil Vat. H. Flor. AC. et 
a nu pr. Yind. B. Idem et oro^f^a^ 
iogiivov pro moxtcioiJLBvov GaiB- 
fordius iu .Stob. cod, A. ieffi te- 
fltatnr, cni haec priora^ deesse 
dizerat. Itaque ad codicem B. 
utrumque referendum videtur. 

%al vC] nal vi Stob, Trinc. 

a^a] &Qa Yiad. F. Stob, Trinc. 
Ald. Bas. ab. In Stob. Gesn. 
Gaisf. Ald. Steph. Ast pr.etsec 
signo interrogandi, in Stob.Trinc 
Bfkkeri et prima Stalibaumii ed. 
nulia interponctione a prozimo 
iMtaniipao&cu distinctum est. 

fi] Ante hoe Stob. TriBc Bek- 
keri» StaUb. prima et Aslii tertia 
«d. oomma hAbant. 

^] om. Lob. yiBd« BD. Vst. 
BM. Stob. 

f^vos] sr<9off Flor. T. ozvag 
Stob. cod. B. 

d^fUwBi] d^iiowBiv Yat. H* 
Flor, A. 

vt?] vn Lob. v6 Yind. DEF. 
Mon, B. Ang. B. Vat. R Stob. 

dvaQfioifvtl] Pollnx IIII. 58: 
Koi v6 vov Jllciviovog, dvaQ- 
fioovtlv. Cf. Soph. p. 959. A. 
261. B. Ly. UIL 718. B. 

rt] vl Tud. F. Stob. rd 8tob. 
cod. A. 

noXsi] noXmg Par. K. Baa. b. 

i; ineZvo] om. Fmd. B. Vat 
M. 9 om. Vind. D. 

ctv] om, Par. K. soc Bip. 

advrjv] m^n) Lob. Vat. M. et 
a m. pr. Vind. B. 

not^] Ita Lob. rmd. BDB. 
Mon, B. Ven. B. Vat. M. Fler. 
CTU. et a m. s. Par. A, MOtel 
rmd, F. Vat BH. Ven. C. Psr. 
K. Ang. B. Flor. ARV. Stob. 
(Gaisf. iroiji) soioc: Par. D. AJd. 
Baa. ab. Steph. Ast pr. Idcm 
Astios in sec indicatimm omisso 
ctv praeferebat, in tertia Bekke- 
rvm secutas est. 

o civ] o dii Stob. Sed o «sIB 
God. A. 

iwdv] Iwdsi Par. A. Lob. 
rind, B. Vat BH. Veo. C. Flor. 
ACV. Stob. ^9^ Vind, F, 

sMtl — ivvdtl] bis deinceps 
legnntur in Vind. B. 

novn] Ita Lob. Vind. BDB. 
Moa. B. Vat BM. Vea. B. Par. 
K. Ang. B. FkMr« RU. at a m. s. 




fiBilap if0»Aw tov o «r £ordg «6 uai «oif |ilm; (Mii 
ixo^. OvHovv 9^ fiiv i}dot^ff ts %al Ivwfig noivmpia 
ipvdUf Svttv Sfi fiHi0ta ^dvtsg ot Molitta tmv avtav 
yvyvofkkvmv t% nuxi i%oXXv(Uvmv xaQaMhfilwg %alQ0^ 
%al kvxmvtai; navtana^i fftiv o^, l<^. *& M yt tioip 
yo«ot^ov ldl996$g fialvB^ , Smv ol pthv mQiai^^ , o( 
di MSQtxaQ^g flyviovtai IxX tolg avtotg %a9^iia6i t^g c 
Molsmg t8 nal tav iv t^ m6Xu; Tl S* ov; ^Aq oiv I» 
toviz Yo toiivds ytyvitaif otav fi^ Sfia ^iyyovtM iv 
ty xoIh ta toidia 4il^^9 ^ ^^ ^M^ ^ ^^ ^^ 

Par. A. 9touZ Tmd. F. Ven. C. 
Yat. H. Flor. ACV. Stob. poM 
(Pto. D. Flor. T.) Ald. Bm. ab. 
Stcph. Art. pr. — . Aiutotoles Po- 
fit L. H. c 1. Mf . 28. Goettl. 

SM dii Sv4xsif9iag aXlug ts «ol- 
S t6 ndvzmp tlvtu ticg yvvair 
nag notvctg^ lud d$' ^v ahlav 

tpri^l S9iV VSVOfMQ^TfjO^M TOV 

Xif6nov vovvov 6 .SoMc^cm;^, op 
ipalvnai ovftfiatvov in vmv lo- 
ymv. itt, H nifog v6 Tilog, S 
ipfiOi ty noUt dsiv vnd^stv, 
mg (ikv effijrcu vvv^ dBvvazov^ 
MS dh dii dislslv^ omdlv ^u»* 
fMTrtt». Hym dh xo fUav dvai 
tifv m6li» n&oavy «s aifwovov 
oxi ftdluna' lafnddvst ydif xav^ 
njv vnoO^satv 6 SmHQdttig, 

&vvd€l) ^deZ Bi Vat. B. 

oxt ftalioxal itdUesa Stoh. 
€od. B. orc ftaUna Bas. b. 

noltxai] noUxat Lob. Viiid. 
F. Moik B. 8tob. (noa Gauf.) 

Ivnmvtai] Xvxmvxai 8tdbaeii0 

Idlmoig] Antiattidata Bekkeri 
aaecd. p. 100» 21 : iSlmoig - nid' 
xmv xexdifxt^ IloXixntmv, qaod 
hnc pertinet. Cf. dXXolmotg et 
oftoimotg n. 454. C. 

Sxav] 1r Yind. F. prima ayl- 
laba deleta. 

yiyvmvxat] ylyvovxat Yuid. F. 
yvfvmovuuvxat 8tob. Trine. . 

nafhjfucct ] fu^futot Stob. 
C T»ff] «o3^ Yind. F. 

xi] ofli. Yat H. Poft noUi 
ftdnnt. 8od hv* 


tniae proiimae. 

T/ d' 0^:1 xi fiiivs Vind. D. 

Jq'] &Q JmA. F. Blon.B. 
(qoi in gnperioribns qnoane aBF- 
qnoties &o exlnbet pro a^ ) Fk>r. 
RU. ^tob. Trinc Gcio. AM. Baii 
b. "J^' Bm». a. Sx koo maem-^ 
Fic. Idcin Btephanns aonot. |^ 2L 
in alia iata, ovani tandeai wm- 
niaae didt, bania Jod ioctione po» 
sitnm fniMo oatcndit, non dif nt 
sit interrogatio. fikiUoet apnd 
Comarinmy cnins eelogia iltam 
lectionem debebat , pao. 774. 
£f expreBsnm est, sed a^' to- 
husse Coraarinm ex eina inter- 
pretatione apparet: Nvmfuid e» 

xoiovSbJ xoiovxov 8tob. eod.'Ai 
xd roMcds ^ijfuttaf xd rs ifk^v 
%ai] bts deinoeps scripta snnt in 
Yind. F. Pro xd 8tob. cod. B. 
xj habet, r£ m Yind. DB. Ven. 
Bw Yat a Flor. AC. deest R»- 
spezerunt bnc Plvtarcfans et laa^ 
Wchns, lods ab AsUo et 8tali- 
banmio landatis, Phitardras mor. 
p. 140. D: 6 nxdxmv mclv sv* 
daifwva xai ftaita^iav uvat no- 
^9 ^^ lf ''^ ^f^^ *^ <Mnc iftpv 
nmota tp^eyyofkivaiv dnovovou 
484. B: fniXtaxa fikv «i- d IZUc- 
xmv noQ^VBt xotg noUxaig x6 
ift6v iicBUfsiv %al x6 ovn iftdv. 
767. D: d d' &v "EQmg inm^- 
ijm «al &unvevofi^ nQmtov fiv 
mt x^g Ulmtmvtm^g. noXomg x6 
i^v ovx H^ *»^ ^6 odn iftdVk 
Tnmhiidmi de Titn Pjrthnfr n. M. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


il$6v;'Mmi «c^l %ov iUotflov xatd taitdi Kofudf pip 
ovv. *Ev jrm d^ xoXsi. %lBi6tot inl t6 ccvxo xata 
tavttt toOto Uyov6i t6 Ifiov jtol v6 ov» iftov^ €cvtti 
oQi^tu iiouMtfU} Ilokv ys, Kal ^ug d^ byyvtata ivog 
avttQ$imiV Ixu ; -olov otav uov ^fuSv daxtvHg tov tck^- 
y% f 7ui6a ^ niivavta, ij aata vo ^fta MQog vqv ifv^ 

L167. ed. KieML dffxil toivw 
l dauuoavmj^ fi^v v6 7iot$f6v 
%al teov %al v6 lyyvvdvon kvog 
cmfutvo^ TUti ' fucc^ ^fvx^£ ^fut- 
gra^fiv ndwag %al inl v6 avv6 
v6 ifidv ^pO^iyysa^at xal v6 dl- 
X6v(ftov, otfvc^ d^ %al nxdvanv 
fiaMv fcaQ& vmv Ilv^cpyoifalanf 
. avfifut^ifBi. 

vavvd] rovra Lob. yind. BF. 

Kofu9^ — vwSvol] om. Lob. 
rmd. B. Mon. B. Par. DK. Ven. 
C. yat.BM. Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. 

3ai qaxoMk in margine nihil nisi 
vav ante XdyoHfi deesse et Fi- 
dnnm hunc locom aiiter legiMe 
videri monaissety in adnotaUone, 
ttt snpra ostendi, Comarii sap- 
plementam tamquam aliam lectio- 
nem atoae eaDdnBm, qaa osas sit 
Ficinns,'apppsiut: Kal fidXa ys. 
'Ev ifrm ovv noXsi ol nXsZavoi 
nif6s V€cvv6 %ma vavvd, Id 
sapplementam Astius, qnam pri- 
mom hos libros ederet, ob Fidni 
«ooDsensom (^Olau, Valda, So, In 
qmMinque if^tur eivitate com- 
phuimi ad iian teeandumeadem) 
. pro genoino habens recepit; in 
seconda editione adhibito Stobaeo, 
qai locam integram servavit, Cor- 
naiiam non codice, sed Ficino 
duoe nsam intelligens ipse Sto-> 
baeum ita secntas est, ut pro dh. 
quod in eo erat, ovvy pro aol 
avv6 , qaemadmodum idem 

habet, 7^6 g vavv6 cum Coma- 
rio scriberet et cum eodem arti- 
oahmi ad nUZavoi adderet; in 
tertia denique, quum quae Belc- 
kerus afiter quam Stobaens ez- 
hibuisset, qua auctoritate niteren- 
tur, nesoirety ovv c«m d;^, quod 
Stoi>aei eod. A. praebebat, com* 
motaTitf aed 9^^ temdi et rov- 

v6i ut magjs Atdcom fierrt, lit- 
tera v auzit , neque articnhua 
ante nXBiavot abiecit Beklceri 
lectio ex Par. A. Yen. B. Ang. B. 
Vat H. petita eadem in Vind. 
DBF. est, nisi quod hic initio 
%OfiTj6rj , Vind. D. ^««roarro ««- 
vavawa habet, et in Florentinis 
omnibus, quibus in sec ed. Stall- 
banmius singulatnn enomeratia 
meotionem eorum adiicit, qoae 
Stobaeos discrepantia Jutbet» (]uum 
in prima hoc tantum ostendisset: 
„oodices nostri et Stobaeus lo- 
com plenum exhibent.^' nXelavoi 
articulum non recipit, quuni So- 
crates aoo id dicat, eam dvita- 
tem optirae oonstitntam esse, in 
qua maximae civium parti oom- 
munia ista sint, sed ut quaeque 
plurimos habeat communiter ista 
pronuntiantes , ita optime ooosti- 
tutam videri. inl cum accnsatiTO, 
quod lamblichi rerbis oonfirmari 
Stailbaumius obsenrayit, mihi ali- 
ter, quani huic, qui tiiem epe- 
etantea ioteliigit, interpretandum 
videtur. Nam iliud spec^iire, ou- 
ius obiectnm solet per inl com 
accas. significari , cum consilio 
et efficiendi conatu coniunctom 
est, veiuti quum Aristoteles Po' 
lit L. YII. c. 13. pag. 247, 21. 
Goettl. legislatorem propterea, 
ori %Qcevsiv {joierjaev inl v6 vmv 
niXag ai^uvy laudandtmi negat; 
quod autem proprie didtor «pe- 
ctare^ §Xinstv. ut possit accn- 
sativo iunctam inl haoere, quo- 
niam idem est, quod ofifut cpi- 
ifstv y tamen plemmque datiTO 
iunotam habet, neque vero per 
ellipsin reticeri ita poterat^ ut 
XiyHV vt inl vi is diceretur, qui 
conspecta re verbum aliqnod de 
ea praedicaiet. Bqnideni Xiy&iv 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



mhy j ^tfdcrd xb %a\ xa^a a(ia iwi^lyffiB p^i^^g soyif. 
6ccvtog oXijf %al oSto d^ Uyoiuv^ Of» 6 av^poMKog tov 
ddmvXov cilyBl' xal «^l aXXov otovow tav tov Ai^ 
^qcSmov 6 avxog Xoyog^ xbqI ts Xvxfig Movovvtog f^ 
Qovg ual mbqI i^iov^g ^at^ovtog. ^O avtog yoQ^ l^* 

v6 ifkdv hgl rd cnho eodemmo- 
do intelligo^ qno tpifBiv ovofue, 
q>i^Biv VI y inl v6 dv, inl v6 
M^ 09 Soph. p. 237. C. D. di- 
ctiim eflt, iiqtpeUaHonem m« no- 
mm meum in eandem rem eon- 
ferre^ qnod loqneiidi cemis a 
Stephano in alia einsdem loci 
parte inconmlte qnidem reqiUri- 
tnm neooio qao iore Heindorfina 
-oranino ut inanditom reproboTerit. 
Sano inl vovvov vov nalda U- 
ym v6 ifniv dvrias MNwty et da^- 
timm etiam no«tkt> loco derido- 
rana Wyttenbacbinfl a Slallhan- 
n|io oommemomtBfl oonmiunem di- 
cendi naum fleqnebatnr; sed ali- 
qnid tribnendinn est interporitia 
Torbifl, quae dum pronnntiantiir 
loqnentia pariter atque audientia 
annnna alio oonTenns nonniUI 
diacrepana a prinia Terbum, mo- 
do ne proximis repngnety non 
tam faatidioM recnsat, qnam lo- 
ctor facere amat. Similiter lam- 
blichnm iTcl v6 avv6 v6 i(i6v 
tp^iyyec&ai dudsso statuo, in 
coius Terbis genitiTnm praeferenti 
KOstero Kjesslingins iui v6 a4v6 
eimul significare obiicit, auod sic 
simpliciter dictmn non probo. Ce-* 
terum pro railra Stob. Trinc. 
vavva exhibet. 

Xiyovei,^ X^mei Par. ADK. 
cum editb ante Astii sec. quod 
Cornario offensioni non fiiit. ^i) 
liyoKtt Mon. B. Stallbamnins in 
ntraqne editione de hoc looo ta- 

ifihv] ifLov vs Ven. B. 

ovn] om, Ten. C. et a m. or. 
Par. D. 

9soiM^keu] dunuZveu Bas. b. 

fvig] Bt vts Vi*d. Da Yata 
Flor. ACT. Stob. cod. A. 

olov Svav} forro fMofieM Fie. 
Ante Iwec signum interrcypmdi 
posui motns Terbis Glaucoms in- 
&a D. to^ro, S i^enag, 

T01I ] o». Yen. B. Yiiid. B. 
nov Lob. Yind. BF. Yat. BM. 
Flor. R. et, ut Tidetnr, Stob. 
cod. A. Nam quod in Gusfordii 
editione haec nota: ,»rov] %ov 
cod. A.** ad »ov post oray ro- 
lata est, quum ibi non solnm 
Gaisfordius, sed etiam Trinca- 
Tellus et Gesnems nov ediderint, 
erroro factnm Tidetur. 

9f vena] hoI yind« F. Ang; B. * 
Fior. R. 

vBvafiivTi] vivayftivtj Vat B. 
Ven. B. Ykd. E. Stob. ood. B. 

e/ff] om. Vind. D. 

iv oor^l in ipea mtimo Fie. J) 
Bodem niodo Schkiermacbems et 
Stallbanmins. Mfld cr^r^ ad «oi- 
vmvlcev referendmn Tidetnr. 

^oOsvo] fie&fjv6 Vwd. F. 

naea] post aaa Mon.B. Flar. 

gwjfXyiyifs] xtfl £wf. Ven. C. 
ivinjXye Vmd. B. ewijiyTjet Stob. 

novijeawog] eroaloavvog Vat. 
H. Flor. ACV. 

liyonev] Xiymfuv Ald. Baa. ab. 

d j o». Vpnd. D. 

dlysl] dhyii Mon. B. a m. pr; 

MSifl alXov ovovovv ] de mut^ 
ots aUa parte et paseiene Fle. 
'— ovvovovv Lob. Vat. B. — 
orov ovv Vind. F. 

vmv] ro» Ald. Bas. ak 

d adv^g Xoyog] 6 a4v6g tn- 
Xoyog Vind.BF. Ven. B. Ang.B. 
Flor. CR. Ald. Bas. ab. 6 e^v6g 
ys X. Steph. Ast pr. d dm^Xoyog 
Stob. cod. A. 

fii^ow] fi^off Baa. ab. 

igitized by VjOOQLC 


naX taSwo, S ifwvjig^ tov row^av lyyitmta ^ SfiOM 
xoXvtwofAmi noixq oUm- *Evog 6^^ .ol(uc$f 9f€c6xovtog 
vmv MohtiSv otiovv ^ iyaltov iy %anov i/ xoioiivifi %iUg 
E l^akiOza %% ^ifOii iatn^ tlvai %6 Ma6%ov w\ ^ £oyi^ 
0%iq69tat axaOa q ioXhmviOnai. ^AvayKfiy JUffif t^Y^ 
Bvvofiov. "SlQa av df]t ^ d' iym^ imavihm i^fuv Isl 
t^v i/fisripov xoXiv %al ta tov Xoyov Ofiokoyijiuata Oxo- 
MtXv iv avty^ sl ovri) iialiOt' ^ei , slrs 9tai &lkfi tvg 
463 ItdXlov. Ovxoirv XQ^y ^W' ^ ^^» iotiitiv ftov xoi 
iv taig aXXaig noXsOiV anovtig ts xal dijfiog, ioti il 
xal iv avt^; "EOti. IloXltag phf d^ ft&vttg ovtoi iX- 
X^Xoffg %Q06BQ0v6i; IIAg d* ov; *AXXa UQog x^ xoXi- 

fyjfvxaxa\ fyywdra Par. K. 

i}] fl rind. F. Stob. cod. B. 

^6g] Hic Socratu semionem 
ezelpere editorei ante Bekkemm 
iii|;it, Fidnum non item. 

d^ ] om. Fic 
E tpijM] ^9Bt Stob. 6en. Bm. 

v6 nd^xop] eiMi, gia iib qf- 
JUiiw Fic. 

«ol ^ 1 9 om. Par. DK. Mon. 
B. (Flor. ACTUy.) Ald. Baa. a. 
Steph. Aat. pr. 

^nni^Oiiaftm] iftfv, Lab. Yiiid. 
EHF. ivpMO. Baa. ab. 

ivlXvwfcitm] iwXva. Vind. 
F. {vUiyivif^'tftraiFlQr.T.8tob. 
cad. A. 

"AvdYwn — z^ > ^9^«1 «»• 
Sfeob. cad. A. 

vs] r Vind. F. Ab^. B. 

ISlfa ] i^ An|. B. 

offvij] UVX71 Mon. B. Stob. 
Trinc eiMtoti Me {eomotvitmt} 
Fic «Mi eit en yo f i ni m—. 
Gf. L. VIL p. 5i6. B. 

fMrilMr'1 ■■ ■!■■ mttrfflie. ^- 
U^u Lob. rmd. BBF. Stob. 

ovn; ItfTi] ovv itfvA Ald. Baa. 
463 ab. De amgulari cL Vel.Lp.122. 

«ovl 0«. Lob. Vind.BD. Vat 

xoAfltfiir] «oUtfi Tind. B. «<(- 
W rc Lob. Vat B. Ven. C 

Hk] vm. rmd. D. 

w^vj] a^tatg Bai. 1>. ttnhn 
Trnd. F. Ang. B. Flor. AB. {ki 

wm locnm Floraitennun 
Tarietatem pertinere perpefaHM|«e 
aStallbaumio in V. L. ad proxima 
iv tft^rtf poat cvoxtlv adacriptam 
eaae ez Stobael mentioiM, <|acra 
oomitem eia adiimxit, et ex Vind. 
et Ang. oonaenmi oolligo.) Sfeob» 
(ffi/r^ mari^ Gean.) iata Fic 
m^vfl oun icfeu pionantiatam eo- 
gitari neoease eat, confera ac ReH 
aigiua Coniectan. p. 96. aqq. fieri 
poaae atatnebat; qnem hic looni 
niprat et ain^ bidc Bx aw- 
Mv Sgu noXtmv (UiXtvta iw «4- 
Tjf fvfmpmviivwmv, 

'Eavi.] "]E0Tiy. Bekkmi. 

9uxvt§9] advxu^ MoB. B. Fler. 
ovroi] om. Flor. T. 

%Q06i^avci; ] nifoceQovM; 

ro> ] x6 Ang. B. Vat EL ^ 
xoUxas] xoXlxag bIvcu Flor. 

T. referente in aec od. Stali- 

tC] S xt Vlnd. D. xl %ttl Stob. 
God. A. ed. Gaiif. 

6 h] oiv Vlnd. B. Id ioip- 
cor ez ovv ortnm « coi iimile 
xovxl Soph. p. 264. B. xovvsl 
Tun. p. 25. D. legitor. 

voi^ &infOvxa9 ] oflk Sfeah. 
Trioc Gem. (Gkiiafardini hahet 
iine Bota.) 


CIVITAS LIB. V. 463 <■ 

t»g %l 6 i¥ tmg SiXaig i^i$og tmg &ni^^ «^ote)^ 
q9vh; 'E¥ fikr taig mlXttig 8B6xitagf Iv il tttig dq|io^ 
XQmtwnhfatg avxo tovrofia tovtOy ag/nfijnag* Tl i^ i 
hf ty ^f^Q^ iwog; ngog tm noXltag ti tovg aQX9^ 
tag ^6tv bIv€»; Zmtijgag t9 %al intaovQOvgy fyq. Tl B 
d' ovtoitov B^iAOv; Mui&odotag t9 aal tQotpiag. Ot 
d* iv taig aXlaig aQxovtsg tovg diifLOvg ; jJovioVg ^ S^ 
Tl d' ot aQ%ovtag all^lovg; SwaQXpvtag^ S^. 3K d* o( 
i^ldtBQOi; Sv^fpvkoicag. "ExBtg ovv dxtiv tmv aQXov- 
tmv iv talg akkaig moXsOtv d tlg tivu ixu MQoOututv 
tcSv ^waQXpvtaiv tov ithf t&g olxiiov, tov ds 6g dXXo^ 
ieitQiov^ Kal soAAoi;; ys. Ovxovv tov ft€v' obulov dg 

who ] mvvh Bu. b. mn* c«n 
dnobiu seqnentibiis Flc. 
• To^vofuc] o». Yind. F. Ang. 
B. Flor. R. po0t rovro Stob. 

Tovro] tovv JLob. Yind. B. 
Yftt. M. rovro ro^g Yimd. F. 
Ang. B. 

n y] Tl ScU. Stob. Trinc 

9^l*og] drjfiog tovg &^xovtag 
Stob. cod. A. 

r^] ro Stob. Trinc. 

%oUzitg\ «. hlvui, FloT. T. 

^Oiv] mtnetipabit Fic. 

lianii^dg] omr^^de Yen. B. 

B Ol a'] oX ai Vbid. F. Stob. 
Otd' Bas. b. om. Lob. rind. B. 
Vat BM. Ven. C. %al Pftr. DK. 
Mon. B. Flor. U. Ald. Baf. a. 
Stepb. Ast pr. 

Si^ovTig] Sh Lob. Yiad. B. 
Yat BM. oi of^ovreff Pkur. Iffi. 
MoB. B. Fbr. U. editi ante A^t. 

rovff diuiov^] om. Lob. Yiiid. 
B. Yat. BM. 

^ovlovg] xo^g 8. Yind. B. 

S^] 001. Lob. Yiiid. B. Yat 

i^Uiflovg] dUolXovg Moo. B. 

SBiwuoxovvag \ ovv, Ylad^ B. 
Flor. ACTY. 

itpTj] om. Yat. B. 

Tl 6* ol ifiUvBQOi; laivfupv- 
Xaiiag.] om. Stob. ,vl d' ifft. |. 
^miMo oi) Yind. 0. vl d' ol 
lUuifot; ifvfup. Yjiid.E.*-M|EH9»* 

«tiam FWr. AOTY. -^ tlw^X. 
rind. F. 

^Exetff] h^i Par. K. 

If ratff ] riov h raZg Yind. F. 
Mon. B. Flor. RU. Bekkerni; a 
qao discefflioneai non feciMeiD, 
n Temm eaMl, qnod in eoiMn. 
demonstrat, muqnam «e, niri in 
Yat. HM. tmv omiMnm inveniMe. 
At omittitar etiam in Ylnd. B. 
e^scpie aDte Bekkenm omnibaa, 
emitHtor m Lob. Yind.DB. Flor. 
ACTY. StaK BM|me a BipoiitMu» 
ez Par. K. affertnr. Itaque ma- 
gnam de Par. AD. Yat B. Yen« 
BC. sospicionem iniici neccMe 
eat, qnae ai tamen ininita et va- 
na rit, eqnidem non repaipmboy 
qpo minua tmv locnm obtineat: 
necesMria qtiSdem repetitio arti- 
coli non ma^a est, qnam L. IIT. 
p. 387. E. in yerbis rovff ^pif- 
vovg t£v .ivofU[9t<Sv dvd^v^ 
a«l CritoB. 47. A. tctg d6iecg tdv 
dvOffionanff qno nteoque loco A- 
milia lectionis varietai ezitat. 
StaUbavmiiu et iq tert. ed. Aadna 
cnm Bekkero facinnt. 

h^^l h^*^ y^^ B. I^oi Flor, 

t6v dl — otnstov] 0«, Yind. 
B. t6v d' ete. Yiiid. D. Ang. B. 
Yat H. Steb. ti8v 8' eto. Yiadw 

Ktti] om. Ya*. B. 

ohiiov] poot <Dg Yiiid.F. Aa^. 
B. Cf. Bnnlialr^ jjnt p. 160. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC • 



C iavtav vofUtei xb %ci ktyUf tov d' alXitQtw 6g avx 
i€tvtov; Ovta. Tl ds ot xagd 6ol tfivkatesg; fo&* 86tig 
' avtfSv l^oi av tmv ^fupvXaumv voiU6ai tiva ^ ngo^Bir- 
suiv ag aJiXotQiov; Ovdaiiwgt i(f>ij' xavtl yaQf 6 av 
ivtvyxivy tig^ ij wg adtiutp^ ij &g aStXfpif ^ dg natQl 
^ 6g iMitQl ^ vtsi ij iSh^yatQl ij tovt&v ixyivoig ^ xqo^ 
yovoig vofUH hftvy%avB%v. KaXXi6tay ^ d' iydf Xt- 
ytig* dXX' hi xol tods dxi' motBQOV autoig td ovd- 

vofUin T9 Nttl XiyBi] vofUioi 
t6 7ud Jliyoi Lob. VB 0». Yind. 
E. Yat H. Flor. ACT. et a m. 
pr. yen. B. 

Q t69 6*] Tdv dl rmd. F. 

hawov ; ] lovrotf. editi ' ante 

OiTra».] Ovtmg. Bekkenu. oo- 
riD ys. Stob. Gesn. (cod. BN.) 

Tl 81] r/ dal Par. A. xl d' 
ykd. F. Ang. B. Stob. 

nuQCi tfol] nuQoi coi Steph. 
Ast. pr. 

oori^] S Tig Yat H. et com 
4 anper r Yind. B. Mon. B. in 
^pio tf a m. a. snperaeriptum. 

mg] om. Anc. B. Stob. Geso. 
(cod. BN.) 

Sv] om. Mon. B. 

ivTvyxavv ] ivTvy%dvoi Lob. 

. Vind. BDBi. Yat. BM, Ven. B. 

Stob. Trinc. et cum vri snper 

vot Par. K. Optati?nj Titiosiia 

non est 

Tiff] om, Yind. F. Ang. B. 
Stob. cod. A. Trinc Craisf. t%£ 
2ir Mon. B. Flor. U. . 

if log ddBXtpi] offl. yind. B. 
^0)6 dSslfp^ Vind. F. Ficinua 
neqne hoc. mg neqne sequentinm 
nllum reddidit. 

9 mg «orr^l] ^ om. yind. D. 

9 dg ftrjT^l] mg om. Lob. 
Yind. BDF.- Vat BM. Ven. C. 
Par. DK. Ann:. B. Fior. R. 

4 vUl] n mg vUt Ym. B. 
' Ang. B. yat. M. Fior. T. Stob. 
Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. Ast 

4 4hfy€eT(fl ] rj mg OtKyor^l 
Fior. T. Stob. cod. B. 

Tovvmv hiyovoig rj ycQoyovoig] 
rcD roiircoy iinyovm ^ ngoyovw 
Vind. B. Pro i%y6votg Stobaens 
iyyovoiGf sed margo Gesn. ixy. 
habet; ij nQoy6vot£ om. Ang. B. 
Stob. cod. B. 

vofust] xofusl Stob. Trinc. 

' KdlUoTa] (idXtCTa Lob; Vind. 
B. Vat BM. et a m. pr. Ven. C. 

d}X Irt — fidXmzay igytj, 464. 
A.] om, Stob. cod. A. 

aioToZg] hcevTotg Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat BM. 

fi6vov — ov6fiaTa D.] ofln. 
Vind. B. 

oinsZa] oiMlov Stob. cod. B. 
tnropinqua familiaria Flc. Conf. 
Vol. I. p.260, a. et Polit p.276. 
B : firioBfUav Blvai Tizvtiv iv 
i^fiZv a^iav. TOVTOV tov d^^c^i^ 
xov TCQOCifijfiaTog. 

xalj om. Vind. D. - 

%avd] Tud Stob. ood. N. Tcinc. J) 

rcBifi tb] Cornarins offensns, 
nisi fallor, eo, quod in se^en- 
tibns non inveniret altemm lUnd, 
quod secundum rs exspectasset, 
ns^l rc Tovg aXXovg ante haec 
«xcidisse statnebat p. 100. Fisch. 
cni temere assensns est Stephm- 
nns adnot p. 21: „Bcribendnm 
est potius ez yet nB^i rs rovff 
&XXovg Kot nB(fl TO^g nteri^agJ* 
et in sec. ed. Astins nsifi tb TO^g 
aXXovg rud To^g nari^ag in ipso 
teztn exbibens, in conunentario 
antem lemmati cs prima ipsina 
editlone petito nsf^ yt vo^g m- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB. V. 463 «5 

litna ftovov olxBia vofio^st^igj ij xal tetg srpo^H^ ara- 
6ag xata ta Svoftata XQattHVy %t^ tt tovg uazkQoq^ J} 
o6a vopLog %bqI xatigas aldovg tB »iQi uai xifi8B(iovlag 
xal tov vxi^Ttoo^ dBiv Blvai tSv yovimv^ ij fiijtB MQog 
^Bmv gii^B XQog av^Qmxav atitip SfiHVOv i696taiy mg 
ovts o6ia ovtB dlxaia XQattovtog av^ bI aiXa XQottoh 
^ tavta; avtal 6oi^ ^ aJilai qf^lMti i^ iacavtmv vmv 
xolitmv v[iviJ6ov6iv Bv9vg iuqI ta tmv jcaldmv Jita xal 

riQoq Dil alind, vaA Stobteiim 
xs pro ys habere gabscribens. 
In tertia tandein in Tnlgata ac- 
quievit. Cf. Vol. I. p. 167, a, 
Qiiamanam h. 1. ne omiMam qui- 
dem altemm iUud, tantom paaU 
lisper «tilatnm et ih fine sermonis 
pointnm est: %st\ «t^l xmv «I- 
hov {pyyeviSv, 

vofios] 6 voftog Yind. F. Aag, 
B. Flor. JR. 

9f€tTiQag] xaTifffz Stob. Trinc 
Hic lociu obversatus videtur au- 
ctori scholii Yictoriani ad Hom. 
H. XXini. 371 ! %(A TrUttmv 
liotvag tlvai ro:g YWfuX%ag Ixi- 
Iwcsvy onmg ol yiffovt^ ag 
xariQfg xifimvTai, 

T€ 1 f&£ Bafl. b. 

acBffi xccl] xsifl Yind. E. 

Tuxl Tov] %al t6 Lob. Yiad. 
BDfiF. Mon. B. Par. D. Ang. B. 
Yat. HM. Flor. ACRTUV. quod 
nefcio an ex eodem fonte floze- 
rity ex qno Comarium snpra oon- 
iecturam hauriMe ridimus. Sed 
ob id ipaum reprobandum est r^, 
ne obedieatia er^ parentes pa- 
tribus oppom et altemm illorum 
dici Tideatnr, mrca quae Tersari 
debeat pietas. Nam qnominus ad 
voiioQ^irncetg hoc referatnr, Te 
post ^eQl impedit 

dttv] dBi Vind. B. 

yoviatv] yovalcav idem. 

cefSrt^ &(Utvov] ovtcdi^ c^^- 
voveg Stob. Sed in niargine 
Gesn. Tulgatum eoutat , qnod 
Gaisfordiiis recepit. 

Scta oixB diitaia] 9. ovtB S, 

Platohis Op. H. 

jti^aTrovTpg] xffdtTOvragYvB^. 
F. Flor. RT. et aate corr. Moo. 
B. Pluralem Ficinus anoque et 
hic et panllo post adhibnit: ut- 
pole igm nofve mmeim netpte imr 
9ta a^ant , n eontra feeerint. 

TOVTa;] Tovra. Ald. Steph. 
qni etiam supra C. post eM taa- 
tum comma posiiit. 

aiToC] avtai YfKLC. Par.DK. 
Taf. H. Flor. CT. cnm editioai- 
bns ante Astii sec. qai SCobaeo 
dnoe asns est. 17 aircu kng, B. 
17 avTif Flor. R. f afh^ yind. 

tfo«] om. Ang. B. m hae tua 
etottnle Fic. 

ik dndvrmv] iiax. Vind. F. 

vfnviieovoiv] om. Vea. B. a m. 
pr. Non opns est, nt vftviiiv 
intransitrro sensn, nedvm passiTU, 
positnm statnamns. ^ftai illae 
omnimn cx ore ciTmm prodenntes 
canere dicnntnr. Cf. Leg. L. Xf. 
p. 927. A : metmiiiv tb Tnriff &X- 
latg ^ fpijftatg Z9^ *<^^ ^ 
TOiavTa ovT» noHaZ^t %ai 4w6' 
ioa naXcuatg aSeaigy manvetv 
9 av lud ToTg vouod^srovet 
tav^' ovrng ixetv, Neqae Tero 
Gritiae locns p. 118. hs vA Sh 
ne^l avT6v 0917 ti^s vfivitTO 
nUjQog %a!l fiiie^og %al uaXXog 
aro^ ndvxa ta vvv tmta W^ 
vivaty oains ritiosa lectfoM VfipBi 
t6 nX. Astins in sec ed. ad mh 
itmm iUnstrapdum nsus fioerat, 
iterum proferri debebat a Stall* 

ne^ va] n$(fl tc ViBd.D. nBffi 
TS Tct Lob. Vind. B. Vat. M. 

t£v] om* Vat. H. 


igitized by VjOOQ lC 

m PLAToms 

mtQl matiQOVj ovg av 9akolg tig iko^ifvp, jmkI suqI 

E tip aXXanf ivyytvmvf Avtaij tiptj' y«Aoi6v ya j w «f^, 

$1 avw ioymv ohuia ovonata 8td tmv 6toiiatmv fiovov 

ffiiyyoivto, IlaCwv oQa nolBav pLaXiCta h am^ |vfft- 

'qrtDv^6ovM Mg tivog ^ bv ij icaxcig nQottovtog o 

vw iii liUyo^av to ^ijf^a, to oti to IfwJv bv XQottH^ 

. ij Sn tA iiiov fca»(Sg. 'Ahfik6tata^ ^ d' o?. Oraow 

464 iiKtiL tovtov tov dd^^fiaTog tt %aX ^i^fiftrog Ig^aftfiv |tiM- 

%oXov^tlv tag t8 ijdovag xal tag Xvnag xotvj; Kal oq- 

&wg ye iq^aiiev. OvKoifv (id]U0ta tov avtotl xoivanni^ 

6ov(Siv j^lilv ol Ttokltai, dij iitov 6vofLa6ov6i, tovtov 

n$Ql] adoenuB Fic iicsi alte- 

Tiff] em. Stob. 

ivyysvmv; ] ^vyyevwv. AM. 
E ya^] oiit. Vlnd. D. 

&v$v i(fv<ov ] nn€ nfflci^ V\c, 

oAccicr ivofuna] 6v, ohu Ang. 
B. Stob. 6v. olxslv Vind. F. 

fiovov] (lovmv Par. K. seoand. 
Bekk. 0111. Lob. Vind. BJ>. Vat. 
BM. Fior. T. 

fidUcta] om. Vind. B. VatM. 

^(ttpavi]Covoiv} Huic ia Flor. 
R. ol «oXirai aupenicnptaiD. «fie 
•re clciiMi^i omietFic. aubru- 

9Q<itvovtog] nQaceovtog Pur. 
K. aec Bip. Vulgo commate koo, 
in Ald. ettStepb. etiam colo a 
aeQuentibua aeparator. 

$] ijy in marg. a m. aee. o, 
Bfon. B. 

vvv] paat d^ YinL D. 

iliYOfuv] JJrofHv Vat. H. 
ilor. ACTv. et a m. pr. Ven.B. 

ifjfiai t6 ] t6 om. hob. Vind, 
B. Par. K. «ec Bekk. Vat M. 
Stob. Trinc 

Sti-^ 4] oai. Viad. F. Sti 
etiam Leb. Vin4 B. Vai. M. 

'Aliiticvava] dL ^v Vind. F. 
An«. B. dL ai Steb. Trine, 
Vigrm lo^uori» Fic 
4^ Tcce Xvnag]v&g oei. Stob. 

Kal] e«. Yen* B. a m. pr. 

ys] fu Stob. cod. A* sad ia 
iu L defioere <Udni ««L 

Tov ovrov xoiyaNnjtfoveiiO ^ 
eo tfieieeai eomimiiueiifteiii Ficibl 
quaai rovrov lefiisset tov avtoiB 
%oivmvtiv 8. ro ovrA «oiy^ I- 
Xsw ne pleonastice dictum Tidee- 
tar, rov avzov cum fidUava 
contungeodum est: iUud , fuerf 
fneum appeUahuntf maxime idem 
omnibv» commune crit. 

ilfuv o2 nroZirai] ol itoX. if. 
Vind. F. Ang. B. Flor. R. Stob. 

S9roX£tQri Lob. Vind. F. Mon. B. 
Itob.^ TrSnc. Gesn. Baa. b.) 

^iiov] Ififtoi^oy Vind. F. 

ot^o/iceeovei] ovofidiovct Stob. 
Gesn. Gaisf. Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. 
Codices 6vofidcov6t, aed Ven.B. 
cum ^ auper o. 

Tovrov] rovVm Flor. U. et 
ante corr. Mon. B. 

d^] d^ Flor. RT. Stob. TriM 

vc] c^ Stob. Trinc ei». oed. 

fidXi4tta] om. Fic. 

votvmviav — fidXtma] ouu 
Vmd. E. 

F£ovei;] l|oveiy; Bekkeraaei 
pauUo poat ^vilafiv; In editia 
•nte Bekkeram i^ov^i. et aepni 
poat SvofL. ubi Bekkeraa et SleUf- 
baumius interrogandi aignem fe- 
cerunt item punctum erat. F£ov- 
01 ; etiam Stob. Trinc babei. 

*A^'] &^' Vind. F. Blon. B. 

ij «»y ywMicmy va] tmp yt^ 
ffammv Vind. F. Aog. B. Fler. 

noli ] ndw Stob. 

fikv'} poat ovv Baa. b. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ia xoivmHfovvtsg ovtm dy lihttig ts uai tfdoyif^ fucAttfv* 
Mivmvlav Siov^i; IIolv ys. Vfp otfo vovroy vitUL «^'g 
VQ Sily nataotim fj t&v ywunuSv tB tr«l MUmv 
notvmvla tots f/fiX^L; Ilokv fAv oiv fioJUom, i^ 
^AXXd ^v fiiyi6t6v ys xoXbi avto «ifiaAo}^OafUfr ofm^ B 
e6v, axuadiovtsg $i otxovfiirqv fcoXiv 0mfLat$ MQog 
ftiQOg ai;rotF Xvnfjs tB sripi aai ijdovijg 6g Sisu KA 
iffimg f/y Mipij^ ^(AokoyiJ6aii$v. TMf ^wfi^tov aga aym^ 
dov Tjf noX^i altla ^fitv nifpavta$ i^ Mtvmvla tcig ia$^ 
xovQOig tmv tB nalimv xal tmv ywainmv. Kal yLak\ 
lifH* ^^ 9^^ ^h ^ "i^oi^ «^oo^ y% mf»oloyovii9V. 

ye] lU Par. A. Vind.KF. Ven. 
B. Ang. B. Vat. R W©r. ACRTU V. 
Stob. TS retiqul ciun e^ombM 
«iite Afttii sec • 
B «dl«t] n; xoIh Par. K. ird- 
lcff Vat. B. a m. or. nolsaip a 
m. B, 7»6lsmg Baa. bl 

ff^off jidifog ceJtovl Jt(fdg ri 
^ ov'. Lob. V3nd. BD. Vat M. 
ff^ff fii(ff] a4, Ven. B. Mtni Wn- 
gtiiit ]>ttr<iditt tiila (etr«a «ei»- 
ptatem et tfoterem quootio tnodo 
commimicaatM) Fic. nqhg t\i(f^ 
4Kilrov Aatiua ia seconda acripsit, 
qoeai Bekkems tacens et Stall- 
baiuaina nalio ^orentinoraffl auf- 
fragante aequiintiir. QaiUB ntruin- 
Tia jpectmD ait et ad ^apicnita- 
tem aibil referat, ut enudem cor- 
poria, qaod mddo dictum eat, 
iiott aihla eaioepiaHi r^ paytera 
aigiilfictfi meneamar, primom «o- 
dicom consenaio, deinde oratioida 
finrma resi^denda eat 0i sSfut 
sobiectam, ant pronomen poat 
§X£i yel ita locatam eaaet, ot ne- 
cesfario ab eo terbo afficeRtur 
et cnm dativa aciiiavi conluni^ 
non amplios posset, nibil obsta- 
ret, quo oubiis TefieriTum prae- 
lerretar: mg aafw a^f&g fUifog 
avTOv l^xjti^ yel odfuxti y iig 
ix^t XQog fiiqog teitov. Propias 
enim haec loqaendi forma ad il- 
lam aoeederet, ^niae refleidvim 
re<(airit: omfia dnwXsct iiipog 
avTOv. 8ed nt ananc Terba faa- 
bentf noDam offeiiidonem «coipi' 

mos, qnam eam rem, qaaa anl- 
mo loquentis obiectam neque per 
' se coDstantem ex caso obttuao 
agnovimus , (<riD^aTi) porro de- 
monstrari ab eo audimas. 
ivxtjg] Xvnag ante ooir. MoiL 

9^4^$] 9UQl Yiad. B. 

/'] YB Stob. 

mfioXoyrjaofisv] oft. Bas. a. 

nifpawcu] nitpvtiep Stob. cod. 
BN. Trfnc. Gesn. (niaayzai 
cod. A. Gaisf.) 

x4iif ta acaidw «ol «mr yv- 
9at»£¥ 1 ««liemm /lliorMaime 
ric In Ven. B. Vind. S. Vat a 
Fler. ACV. rt post «aldtov po- 
situm, in Stob. cod. A. omissum 

fidX'] fidXa Lob. Vind. BDR 

fihf] fiijvMUk» 

Tolg] iv ToZg Veii. B. 

ye] om. Vind. D. Par.K. Stob. 
Ast sec (Stob. ood. A. et Gaisf. 
habeot ye.) 

6^oXofi^fM ] oaoXoyOMie« 
Vind. DBF. Ven.B. Ang.B. Vat 
H. Stob. cod. A. et dorr. Mon. 
B. (ante corr. eifi,) Praesens Fl- 
cinus qaoque legtti olfai H s«« 
'Ptri&nba$ A«eo CfMOfUHili idqae 
Bekkerasy Astios io tert et Statt- 
l>aamias et in Stobaeo Gaisfor- 
dios recepenmt Imperfectum ad 
illod tempus pertinet, quo pri- 
mom bao oommaidene epas (bto- 
roai este«de0at S^crates reiiq«o»- 
qoe asei«tf««lis habaegati, JUlIlI. 


igitized by VjOOQ lC 



Sq^ttfisp y&Q nov ovts olxlag^ toytoig Idlag deTv elvai 
C ovtB fijv ovTS Tt xt^fta^ aXka xaQa tdiv akiAS»v tQog>tjv 
XafLpavovtag fiL6&6v v^$ qtvXax^^g xoivy xdvtag avaXU 
6%BiVf %l ftiAAoav ovtiQg tfvkaxtg elvai. 'OQt^cig ^ I99. 
^Jq ovv 0VX9 oxBQ Aiyo, td tt xqo^^w slQrjiUva xcA 
ta vvv iByofiBva fn fMXkov dxiQydiatai avtovg dXfi' 
tivovg q>v3Laxag xai xoul (i^ dia6x^v t^ xoUv to 
ifiov Svofid^ovtag j$ij to avto^ dXV aJilov oiUo, xov 
filv Big iijv iavtov oliUav Sixovta ot& av ivvipua %(b^ 

pag. 423. ocCr. seqae tom^nilnl, 
, qnod non cnm prias dicds (L. III. 

L416. D.) consentiret, posta- 
le affirmans simul id praesti- 
tnm docet, quod p. 461. E. re- 
qaisiveranty ati esset haec coro- 
manio hcofUvifi vy aXXi; noXir- 

Idlag] idlag Stob. (non cod. 
A. Gaisf.) olxelag Vkid. BD. 

deTv] deZ Lob. Vind. BD. Vat 

Ti] om. Vind.F. Ang.B. Flor. 
R. Stob. 

) lapLBdvovTOg 1 XccftBavowtg 
Vmd. B. Vat. H. Fbr. AGTV. 

dvaXLcmBiv ] dv — Vind. D. 
nt. vers. a m. s. scriptam habet 

fUXXotsv] fiiXXoifUv Vind. F. 

owag] o^Tto Par. K. Flor.T. 

'^9'] &9' Vind. F. 

Xey6//Leva ] XeXsyfiiva Stob. 

itt ftalXov] nuuntM Fic 
a^to^g] h€tvto4g Vind. D. 

dXrid-ivoig] post qyvXoKug Vat. 
fi^] oi Veo. B. 
t6 ifidv] Tttvvtiv Stob. Trinc 

ovofjtdiovrag] Svoftd^ovreg Vat. 
H. Flor. ATV. 

dU'] dXX& Vind. F. 

&XXav] &XXOV Lob. Tiad. BD. 
Vat M. In Mon. B. altemn X 
Int yara. a m. «. •criptiim. 

&XXo] aXXa Vata crUoFUir. 

Tov fiikv] t6 f/^v Ven. C. Viiid. 
D. Ald. Bas. ab. 

knnov ] ot^Tov Vind. F. Flor. 
A. Stob. 
&v] tSv Stob. cod. A. Trinc 

dvvijTai] diivcncu Stob. ood. 

't6v Sl] t6 91 Vind. D. 

hriQctv] halifav Vat M. la 
Vind. BD. tU super i poBitom, 
sed in B. oorrectaone del^m. 

xal ywaZxd ] oti y. Stob. 

kriQovg] sc. SvofidtovTag, In 
Mon. B. Fior. U. xal haUfovg^ 
auod non reprehendere debebat 
Stalibaamias, qoi hos accosatiToa 
ab iXxovTa pendere stataeret 

ifinoiovvTag] sc. r^ n6Xii, 

Tov olxelov] 01S vov oL Stob. 
ood. AN. Trioc tov oIkIov Vind. 

itd t6 avTo] iniToawb Vind. 
BD. iid T0«vTiy grayi et lenl 
deletis, Mon. B. 

SfionaO-BZglSfUHonadtZg Ab^ 
in sec scripsity in tert-M-ibeii- 
dom conieat, coi hic non esae 
locnm Stallbaamias docidt. ofiouh- 
vae^Big etiam in Stobaei ed. 
Gaisf. legitar sine nota. 

Blvat,;] nlvm. Ald. Steph. qiu 
in saperioribns praeter necessita- 
tem post &XXOy ovaav et idlag 
interrogandi signiim fecit. 

Kofudi] wfudij Stob. nofiij^s) 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB. V. 464 . » , 

qIq tov SiXanf xtii^atAai, vov 81 tlg t^v iennoC iti- 
Qttv ov6aVj Tial ywalxd %t naX xaldag MQOvgj ^iovag J) 
TB xal aXyridovag ifixoLovvtag Idliav ovt&v Idlag^ iXX 
ivl ddyfucTi Tov oIxbIov xigt ixl to avto tdvovtag 
%avtag tlg to dwatov ofioxa^tig Xvxrig ts xal '^dovijg 
Blva^; Kofkidy (Jihf ovVy lipfj. Tl 8b; 8lxai ts xal iy- 
xl^[iata XQog dkXijkovg ovx oliii^Btai 1$ avtov, 6g 
Ixog bIxbZv j 8i€t to fifi8iv Uiov ixtij^f^ai xXtjv to 
cAna^ %a 8* aXXa xbtvd ; o^bv 8^ vxdQX» xoitoig 

Vmd, F. KofuSfi Ald. Bai. a. 


Ven. B. 

Iqml 0». y 

Tl 9in ri dal; Par.A. Stob. 
Trinc. ti a^ dii ; Lob. Vind. BD. 
Vat. BL vi 9i; al 8tob. ood. A. 

dl*ai'i 8i*ri Vind. F. Ane. B. 
Contra Aristotelea PoHt. L. n. 
c«2. p.d7,dO. Goettl. ^TtXif/Htta 
di wtl dUttt nal oca iXla tecTg 
nolBM 47cd^Bi» qnfifl wmCj 
xdv^*' i$xdifi€i Tud vovtoig. 

I£ aiivmv] iiavvmv Vind. F. 
olxqcetai ii avxmv Ficinaa per 
oenabuni interpreiatiis est. 

dq Mnog ilnBlv] omnet {eimr 
troverriae aceuBationetque muluae^ 
Fic. tiitelv — ^nd^u om. Vind. 

tmdhv} ftiqdevl Val B. fMffdiva 
Ven. B. (FW. C.) Stallbaaoiiaa 
in aec cam editioniboa ante Bek- 
keram. fiTfdiva fnjSy Bekkeroa, 
Astiaa in tert et Stallbaomios in 
pr. ed. quandoqmdem nee pro- 
prwm quiequamj praeter eorpye^ 
/babcMt, religifa oero commiinta? 
Fic Bqoidem non Tideo, (^aid 
in codioam tantom non omniom 
et Stobaei lecdone reprehendi 
poMit, si orvTOVff ad IxT^od-ai 
eX'proximo avrwv repetator, id 
qaoa seqaentia xol 9' &lXa %oir 
va m nunofl flag^tant* certe oonH 

hLTfio^ai] xtKrTJo^ai Vind. D. 
Par. K. sec. Bekk. Flor.T. Stob. 
iidem fere, qm infra p. 469. D. 
eodem modo a rolgata diicrepant. 
8«d L. VI. 505. B. ODiis -^--*~ 

Par. K. second. Bekk. et Menon. 
'p. 97. B. nollaa ▼alfEatom ktxii' 
o^ai nen agnoscit. Neqoe Pro- 
^& P*& 340. D. aot BSpp. mia. 
p. 375. A. 0. per codiccs dolyi- 
tare licet, qain l»rijtfdaft vcrom 
sit. Btiam Phil. p. 58. D. recte 
id a Bekkero ex Clark. Vat A. 
Ven. C. quibus Lob. accedit, re- 
stitutom Tidetor. Sed Theaet. 
p. 19S. D. obi de renatione do- 
piice agitur, Platofitm saripsisse 
i} (i^v xqIv im^o^cu vov «ncr^- 
o^tfi ivBxa mihi Lobeckios et 
Schaeferus ad Phryn. pag. 762. 
persoadere nendom potoeronty 
perlabentiqae accidit , qoom io 
Lob. olrobiqoe KSXT^o^ai exar»- 
tom Yiderem. Idem liber prae- 
staotissimus p. 199. A. obi Bek* 
keras secundum Clark. Vat^A. 
Ven. C. o ^iv vig^ invffvai, fiij 
KBTtiijc^ai a9vvax6v ipafiev stvai 
edidit, valgatam itintffvai, toetiir. 
Omnino rarior apod Atticos forma 
legitima est, quam secnndum Bu- 
stathii adnotationem ad B. T. 11. 
p. S7t, 30. Lips. (t^ 9h i%vijci^a$ 
jfwifiov icvi fud a^v6 «ai 'Jo»- 
9m6v 9k dito^lffiiwog vov ov^ 
^mtrov vfjg <0d|i7O€o»g) exspectarl 
poterat Aeschyli onom locom ex 
Prometh. 792. (o^' invfifUvai) 
Thomas Bfa^ster pro excmplo 
posoit , coi aiteroffl ex yeteribas 
praeter Platonem qoi addiderit 
non invenio. 

v& 9'] vit 91 Vmd. F. Stob. 

S^ev] v699v Vat. H. Flor. V. 

^l «I Stob. Trinc 



n P L A T O N I S 

E &6w6i&Mi9 ilva$ o6a ys iict zpvfulrov ^ xaUkav xol 
it^^mv Hv^Ckv &v9Q«moi ^tMiatovC^; iloU^ iviyiaij 
hny d%filka%9au KaX f»i)^ oiJds ^^al&v f% QvS' aUlag 
tlxM dwalmg av $Uv Iv avxoig. ^kiii f&W yoQ ^kixms 
J^vv$0&M uaJLov ual 8lxa$6v xw 9i}tfof«av» avay^n^ 
60iiat(pv inHi9lelqi u»htm. 'O^&cS^, ?9»2« Ka\ yaQ 

465 %68b iQ»6v Si^ij iv d' ly(6, ovros 6 vohqs* $Imw %l^ 

d6ta9w&toi9 ] d0tttOiaatov 
Vmd. P. 

otfcel odttr Vind. B. fftfoi Vat. 
V V^] 7^ 9^ ^*' P- Ang. B. 
'^ nod] Ita Par. A. Vlnd. F. Ang. 
B. Vat H. Flor. ACRTV. ^ re- 
Hqui oodiceSy StobaciUy edUi anto 
- Bokkoram eft Ficinas. 

{vyyei^afv] 0^^^. Vind. Bl. 

idem. jrrif tfCA Vat. H. 

ffR&^oMroi] dv^omwug Stob* 
ood. A. 

ovc¥£<y£ooai;] Ita Lob. Vind« 
B« ot «Dto oom MoD.B« etttetd^ 
(ovoi. reiiqw oiun Moii. B. oois 
rocto editiBquo ante Bekkerumi 
qoi «00 more v addidit* qood h« 
1* MoQ. B. Uoea treMTena snper 
» «gnifloatim kabet. 

dtdytnX post Iqp» Vind. F. 
Anc. B. Flor. R. Stob. 

aTtrjXXdfO-cci, Kal] dmjHdr^oeif 
«ol Ald. chn^Uax^tff. %al Steph. 

JnonLugd.) Kal — dttgidcBt 465« 
L. om. Stob. cod. A. 

Qiff ainlag] ofn, F!o« o^dl oL 
gtob» Tim«ea« lex. p. 15: a^ 
niav iffiifHag d!^. qnae gloosa 
etiam ad li. UII. p. 425. D. ei 
HQonalloa alioa a Eabnkenie ind^ 
«atoi loooa pevtiBot AUter acb»* 
Uaitea «4 b. 1. 

$bm$] om. Vi«d. tK 

9tKatmg] dtxals Viud. B. 

bUv] om. Lob. Vind. B. Vat. 

Iv] h^tUr.T.^ 

duyvBa&at} duvvaad^at Ven. 

. B. Flor. O. Tn Vind. D. verbum 

poat nalbv podtum, aed inseri- 

ptla litteria ff a ToIgatiK ordo 
reatitutus est. 
q>ij6oiitv] ^aofiev Stc^. 

dvdyxriv] Ita Par. A. Vind. 
BF. et int. vers. D. Kaa-B. Vat. 
a Flor. ACETUV. Stob« dvdrtj! 
reUqoi codicea editioaesqae ante 
AatU seG. idvdy%ti Lob. Mon, & 
Ald. Bas. ab.> 

itC9(iBl$la] Ita, Tol adscripto i 
UmiihXilat) ¥01 omiatfo (Iffii»^ 
Ula) Par. A. Ven. C. Vind. F. 
e( iat. Tors. D, Ai^. B. Vat H. 
hct^Ut» Viad. B. kctfiBXBla^ 
Mon. B. Par. DK. Stob. Stall- 
baumiua in sec. ed. intn^Xsiav 
Vlnd. D. cum reliqais codicibes, 
Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. Ast. LecUo- 
nam nostram eaAdemque Bekkeri 
et in prima ed. Stalibaumii noa 
nwle interpretatos est Fioinna: 
iutandU eorporilnu necesritaiem 
imjpofiontst k e. totelam eocpo^ 
rom neoeasariam esse dedaraoiteaL 
Quod ipai tntelao necessitaji ponl 
dUcatar« qnae re Tora iniangitur 
hominibis , qoi sese toeri iuben- 
tor, insoleatias fortassis, sed non 
tale Tidetar, «t ivuftBXfla teneci 
oeqoeat. Admota ad totelam ne- 
cessitate fit, ot non ampHus ar-* 
bitrio singolorom relicta » sed 
ommbus iv dvdyttj^ sit, qoo mo^ 
do loeotos est Lyslas ia Andoo, 
p. 207. $. 8. Bekk. vv^ oivv- 
(uv iv dvdyKjf iatl fiovXspaa-* 
sEfrtt» n$Ql avvov, 

tiJd^ivtsg] Q^ivtBg Lob. Vind. 
BB. Vat BM. Veo. B. 

i<n] ante oorr. ^m, 
rmd, a In Ald. ooama, in 
aiepii. pattotum ndoos appositBBi. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



iml luliovg &v Ibi 6xi6s^. Ilavv ^v ovv. Jl^ctf^vri- 
9^ ^ipf vsmxiQwv %ivxmv &q%%w ri xal %oXii%iv xqo6* 
tBtiiista^ jd^kov. Ka\ (i^ oti y% vMmxBffog Mp€6fivx^ 
QOPy ttv fii} Sifxovtsg XQ06xaxxm6w, ovxs aUo fiidt^ 
09m iMix^iQijoBi mxh ovxs tvxxHVj mg to Blnog. olfiai 
d' oiidi aXkmg iuiid^u* buevm yoQ vo fpvlmB 7ualLvovt§p 

Vmd. B. Vmt. H. Mor. ACTV. 
ToSt 7« Vind. D. 
465 fz^i] ignf Par. DK. 

sr nov ] cfiroi Vind. F. Ang. B. 
$rntQ Vind. B. 

tm ] T«S Vind. F. et «ato oorr. 
Mon. B. o Vtnd. B. xt Lob. 
Vind. B. Vnt. BM. yt Von. B. 
AkL Bas. ab. Stopb. 

np] y&Q Stob. Tiinc Gtsn. 
ya margo Geso. (tp cod. BNI 

htl fuitovg] in maiore» ma^ 
iorumpe (tranaibit aeditiones) F!c, 

irraosiff] ororOf^ Stob. (Gakf. 
«K Platone czdaBig rooepit.) 

($^v] (ilv Stob. (exeeptaTrino. 
qnae $pq9 babet) oan c^itis anto 

Beklcemin, taoentibns Bip. quippe 

Flc. Cf. B. et L. IIT. p.410.B, 

vBondQmv] Sri vs. Aog. B. 

neivtmv] ndvrfj Stob. cod. B. 
rivm; Trinc 

Kal ff^v] Comtat praeterea 
Flc Repetebat igitur o^^lov io- 
deqne pendere ori stataebat. Con- 
tra Astius ort in 6 matandum 
oenset, idaiie Stallbauniius in sec 
nnico sibi placere demonstrat, 
qoia non sine magna molestia Srj- 
Xov animo repMatnr. Sciticet 
vorba %al fi^v ori yc ita inter 
se copulata et cvm oa contentione 
dBcta sant, ot iili supplemento 
locas non reliiiqoatar. Minimo 
vero articnlos, quo alter oompa- 
rativas caiot, oHitra codioes in- 
tndoodosy sed eig vb sinbg por 
aiMophithon pro tinog ieti aod« 
piondui oft Similes looos ipso 
Stal^wimiiis attnlit ad Pldleb. 

20, D. abi dorior ioconseqneotia 
est: rodf ys f^ijv, eig o^uu^ 
ntpi avtov ttvaynmoxetvom uv€U 

n^sclivxBifov] n(f6g nff. Vind. 
B. Vat H. Flor. ACV. nQSVfiv* 
xi^cn Vind. F. 

aqxo/vxsg] oX &ifXOvtsg Viiid. 
B. Mon. B., Flor. U. Bekkenis, 
Astias in t/vtt. ed. et StalU»a»- 
mios. At Tarii sont in dvitala 
magistratos, neqae scmper ooraiK 
dem nedom omniom est» talo 
qqid mandaro iunioribos. 

&XXo] SXla Vind. DB. alX»v 
Stob. ood.N. Trinc aJUm^ Mon. 
B. Par. DK. An^. B. Flor. RU. 
Stob. cod. B. Gesn. Gmsf. edi- 
tiones anto Bckkenim* ook Fie. 

Ixi^jrei^ijffsi ] I«i2£i^0ii Vind. 
B. imxsufvoot Lob. Vat. B. 

eig ro tinog] in anom conion- 
git Vind. B. 

dn dlLoh. Vind. BDF. Stob. 

o^dh] ovd* Flor. ACUV. Stob. 
$1 8\ Par. D. 

allmg] aXXog Lob. Vind. BD: 
(hic cum ov super off) B. Vat 
B. (sup. to) H. Ven. C Par.DK. 
secund. Bekk. Fior. ACUV. Ald. 
Bas. ab. 

lnav(6 ] l*av& Vind. D. (sup« 
cd) B. Ang. B. Vat. H. flor. 
ACTV. ot marfo H. Inavd ra 
Par. K. 

zA 9>oX«%c] t» ^tfZsaia Mcn. 
B. tS t^Xtou Ang. B. Flor. 
ACTV. ta (fnfXantMm Vind. B. 

iuolvo9Tf J nmXvov t§ Ald. 
simlootrrfg '^nd. F. NoXvorriu 
Vat.H. Flor. ACV. Stob. ood.A. 
loWca Vind. E. nmXvfMa Asg. 
B. Fkir. T. ot mcio tL 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



B dlog tB nci alimg' MAg fiiv 6g yovi&v fii^ iixts- 
tffroi €2^ovtfa» diog di %6 tip na^iovti tovg alkovq 
^ofif^uVf tovg liBv 6g vlkgt tovgd^ &gadBXipovgy %ovg 
dh &g MttiQog. SviiflatvBi yaQ ovxagy I997. Ilavtax^ 8^ 
Ik tav vofUDV BlQ^vfjv MQog dlkijloug ol ovdQBg aiov6i; 
IloUii^ yc Tovtmv fcijy iv iavvoig (ii^ 0ta6iafi6vtmv 
Qvihv duvoVf iiij wotB ^ aKkq %6)j^ nQog Tovirovg f 

o/Mc ff^p] wd cU. a. Ang. B. 
VUr. R. (ad hunc enioi nota in 
V. L. StalllMiafliii yitiose expretsa 
XX. pertinere Tidetur.) fUv (o- 
miMo aidng) Vind. F. Stob. 
G«Mu (cod. BN.) 

n Bf(fyov6€[] eZifYOvca Stobaeos 

diog dl t6 v^ 7cdc%ovti toitg 
&lXovg pofffinlv] Astias in aec. 
ed. fn} poet rh inflerendnm cen^ 
M et rd porfi^v fea r^ fir^ 
Boffiitv abtfoiate positom Btatiut 
ita, at obieetom timoris conti- 
neat StaUbanmias t6 ponO-siv 
ab ipso nomine diog 01C regi pa- 
tatf at apud Demosthenera V17- 
pcUovg a ti^vdvai t£ ipoptn et 
dno^Tolovg a rcOvaat t^ dieu 
Deniqoe Bemhardy s^nt. p. 355. 
t6 — poriO-Biv simplicem apposi- 
tionem didt, qaafis sit L. VlIII. 
p. 590. E. in yerblB 17 Tmv »al- 
Bpv dox^y t6 fi^ iqiv iXBvOi- 
ifovg bKoi. Quid n t6 ad diog 
potiaif quam ad BorjO^Btv refe- 
ramoSy at sensus idem sit, ac si 
dictum esset &Bog dh to r^g t&v 
ulXmv Bovf^Btag t^ ndaxovri, 
diog iini Tovg aHovg fioTjO-tXv 
quin recte dicatur, nemo ambi- 
git: qaidni etiam ro rovg aX- 
lovgt porfiBlv diog dicere liceat ? 

dl mg KariQag]- B' dg %at. 
Vind. F. Ang. B. 
. ^vfiBalvBi,] evfifi. Vind. R 

itprj] %xBiv Vind. B. Aiig. B. 
Flor. RT. ^n Flor. AC. ' 

TlavTarfi] wfVTa%ov Par. K. 

6ii] S(fa Ven. B. em. Lob. 
Vind. B. Vat BM. 

&iovci] Ite Vmd. E. Flor. 
ACV. &iovaiv Bekltenui secondum 

Par. A. Ven. BC. Vat H. acri- 
psisse demonstrat. Apud Ste* 
Daeum est av^ovciy leii in ood. 

A. a(fiovci. Kditiones anteBek- 
kerom cam reliqoia codkiboB «t 
Stob. marg. Gesn. S^ovoi habent 
Ad interponctionem, qoae in Vind. 

B. Stob. Trinc Gesn. nulia est, 
aeqaentiom caoMa flignum intttr- 
rogandi a BelLkero etStalibaaaiio 
poaitum poncto reliqoonim prae- 

JToUify] iToXvv Vind. B. 

firjv] fUv Vind. B. Vat fL 
Stob. cod. B. fifjv y sup. ^, Vind. 
D. auUm Fic. Quod fcrvidiu««ule 
lioc Socratea affirmat » indicio 
est , proximom illod , ex quo hec 
Goncladit , non slne interrogatione 
ab eo pronontiatam fniase. 

^ &XXri it6Ug] xol aXXri 3r« 
Vmd. BD. Vat. M. dvUa» aUa 
vtl Flc ot ^ pro tf leg^sse tI- 

dn^Xovg] SXXovg Lob. Vat 
BM. Vind. B. et, yulg. in mar- 
gine -addito , D. 

dixocraTijiFi^ ] ^vyoaTanjaBi 
Vind.^ F. 

Ov yotif ovv] ovyaQOvv Loh. 
Vind. BD. ov yaQ ovv Vind. F. 

yB ft-rjv] ycLQ d^ Stob. cod. A. 

dnifinBiav] drcffinButVy Mon. {\ 
B. Ald. Bas. ab. 

%al] om. Par. K. 

civ] tI &v idem. 

%oXaxBiag] %oXa%lag Vind. E. 
Flor. R. 

nhrfTBg] Hoc Astius in sec 
ed. ante %oXa%Biag posuit, magia 
etiam probaturus, si post tcxovat 
rdiciatnr; in tertia soo ioco re- 
liqoit, sed delendom lodicaTit; 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



«^og dXl^lovs d^xixfvmij^y. (H yd(f ovv. Td ys fii}v 
^iiiKQOttcTa tiSv xanav di ixQbiBucv mvm xol iUyciv, i 
mf dxiikXceyiUvoi av bIbvj otolaxBlag ts %Xov6latVf «i- 
vfftag, dxoglag vs xal dXyfidovag 86ag iv 9taidotQoq)l^ 
xal xQijfLati^iiolg iia tQoqti^ olKStSv dvayxalav X&iov- 
Ci, td ficy 9av%il6iiwoh , td il i^aQvo^fASvoij td 91 
Mdvtmg MOQi^dfiwoi difiwo» xaQa ywaixdg tB xa\ 

cA wMealMos StaHbaoiniiis lo 
«lnui«e ed. andiiioa cnrcmiidedit 
BnimTero «ecto nomiiie yel len- 
gins reaioto diqaid ad peripicid- 
tatem, peat elsv Tero posito etiam 
ad ▼eritatcm aententiae desidera- 
tnr. Nam ^nm mala iato pi»- 
riUa omnia ex panpertate rednn- 
dent, n, cfm espertea eonim di- 
cantnr, iwn tani^ri^^Hii p«iq»ere8 
expertea fincti did poMont. Qoid 
qaod omiiino panperea in hia ca- 
ato^as non magia, qaaro dJWtes 
reperiantor. Itaque xhtitdg non 
loeo moTendnm » aed - oommate, 
qaemadmodam Aatioa in pr. ed. 
leGit, a 9lav€lm9 separandum et 
ita expiicandom , ot ez yertNa 
tlp dinillayiAipoi, av tUv aop- 
plementnm rtroctorae ooa^nihB, 
aed aententaae ^rersae petatar, 
yelut atg ivozoi civ bUv^ fnitos 
adidatiamkHB ohnoxii forent panr 
pereB. Similem breriioqoentiam 
babent illa L. im. pag. 430.^ A: 
xot ^fifuna xavva dsiva owa 
haiXvieiv , 17 re 17^0^1} , %aw6g 
XaUar^alov duvovi^ ovoa tov- 
xo dQav %ai uovlagy Ivxfj xa 
%al ^^og nal htiSvfUa, «oy- 
zbg mXov ^(iptecvog, Supple- 
mentnm aotem, qoale nostro loco, 
adiiibendom est Sothyphr. p. 14. 
B: tpQikcov dij fMi, xlg 1} coqp^- 
Xeca xoXg ^Boig xvyxavBi ovaa 
dxo vSv dmQatVf mv na^ i^amv 
lafipdvovaiv ; a fihv y&Q dtcoa" 
6ty navxl dijXov, qooram in ez- 
tremis post dtSoact neoesse est 
ijxig vovxnv ij wpileut xoZg 
dvO^Qeonotg wyxdvH ovaa se- 
cnndum praecedentia solNtadias. 
— FidLoas xolcnulag xe nXov- 
aUofv^ xivijteg ita interpratetos 

est: tMoHomoi eerte a&eront, 
^hue adeermie divitee Inopet «fi 

dxoQlag teleelUieitmdimee item 
indigewtium Flc. xe em. Stob. 

dlyriSovag] dXyriB^og Bleii. 
B. qaod ad ezpediendam nomina- 
tivi nivfixig difficoltatem excogi- 
tatnm oerte leniiis Astiano reme- 
dinm, ceternm eandem ob caoa- 
sam et ob piuraieffl, qoi seqai- 
tnry improbandom est 

natBoxQOipia] Ita Par. A. Yind. 
DBF. Alon. B. Aaf . B. Vat. IL 
Flor. ACRTCJV. Stob. eod. A. 
Trinc Bdci&enis et Stallbaomiaa 
in pr. ed. naUioxQocpia com atg 
soper a Veo. B. «aidoT^oq)i»« 
Lob. Vind. B. Vat. BM. Ven. C. 
Par. DK. naido^QOtpUug Stob. 
Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. Astios et 
Stallbaamios in sec. ed. Iiac ad- 
dita dedaratione, nomeram pla- 
ralem sibi onice plaoerc (jm) 
JiUu uutriendU Fic 

^^juarta/Eiotffl apifutvMpMtg 
Par. K. sec BeU. 

Btd v^oqn^y] dtorpoq^v Lob. 
Vind. BDBF. 

ohatmv] httvmv Par. K. sec. 
Bekk. doflicslJGonim seroonimfiie 

Baveiiofkwoi] Bavitofkevoi Vind. 
B. daveitofiivov Vind. F. 

xa dh] xot d' Vind. EF. Ang< 
B. Vat. H. Stob. 

iia^fvovfievoi'] iiaQxovfUvot 
Stob. cod. A. Trinc. eimvovfie' 
voi Vind. B. i^aQvovfiivov Vind. 

ndvxmg] ndvxmv Vmd. B. 
. ^^ifievoi] om, Stob. ood. A. 
S^pomml proeterea Fic. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



oUitagj tnfHBvuv %aQa9iwtBgy Z6a ts, A fpUm^ ^l ov- 
xa %a\ ola %i6%ov6ij i^ia XB dij aal dyBw^ «al ov» 
D ai^ liyHV. ^ijXa yaQ^ Sqnjf wil %vq>iA. Jlavrmr %9 
d^ tovtmv d%a3daiovtai ti^ovcl %b %ov fuwaQ^^tov 
^loVy ov ot^^OXvfiXiovlnav t£6i^ , iiMKaQioiteQov, 11^', 
^id 6iil%q6v xov (liQog Bviatiiovliovtai iusivoi cdv tov- 
TOiff vnaQXBi. ^ %B yaQ t&viB vlati %aXXU»Vy ^ % i».%ov 
ifjfLO^lov %Qoq>^ %BkBmtiQa. vlxqv %b yaQ vi%m6i ^fMra-463 

otnhag ] ywecinag Vin4. D. 

vccftuvHV nuQadovzBg] xa^a« 
M6vt$g xofusvBiv Stob.xod. A. 

ota] O0a Lob« Vind. B. Vat. 
BM. Ven. C. Par. DK. Bas. b. 

d^Xd XB d^] Ita Par. A. Vind. 
D. Ang.B. VatH. Flor.ACRTV. 
B«kkoru8. 6^ld te Vind. EP. 
V«u C. Pnr. D. Stob. Ssildf 
aop. d^Xa, X9 Par« K. dnld ra 
refiqui oodicesy margo Vind. D. 
Aid. Baa. ab. Steph. Aat. pr. et 
aec dsild tb 6ij Aatius in tert 
ed. 0t StaUbaunuiis. et ^a per 
«« cuique patent Fic Duabua de 
cauaaia Socra£ea'iata enameranda 
negaty quod et per se pateant» 
et qnod panim decora sint Qua-« 
lum priori Glauco ita aaaentitur, 
nt nomen aSocrate pronuntiatum 
repetere yideatur : 8-^la ydg, 
Sed aliquanto maius firmamentum 
noatrae lectionia eat particuia d^ 
prodenter omiasa ab iia librariia, 
quibua poeticom quidem, aed ne- 
acio an ob id ipaum ab boc loco 
alienum et haud dubie sequenti 
dyevvij offidena nomen iBtX& pla- 
oeret. Cuiua particulae ea eat 
via, ut nominis adhibiti rationem 
et aignifioatioaem^ apertam omnt- 
bus et exlra dubium positam ar- 
guat; quod utrumque in dijla 
GonTonire, ab aitero abhorrere 

dyewij ] dyev^ Vind. D* Fior. 

I9»] d^ Vind. F. Ang. B. 

Jlawmv %8] ndvT99v %hy nuUa 
poat xvwlf interpunctione factay 
Ald. ndvxaitB Stob. cod. B. Trinc. 
xdvtmv 6h Vind. D. (sup. te) E. 
Flffir. ACTV. Stob. ood. A. Bai. 

ab. ndvtmv ^ Vat. H. 
Stob. Gean. 

d^] 61 Stob. cod. B. 

iri9ovcC\ ifjtcvcl Stob. cod. A. 
innjcovci Par. K. Antiatt. Bekk. 
an. p. 97, 28: iijwr mdtmv 
UoUtuLag ht,t^^ ov tvBstu^ 
Phryn. Pora. £iftf«i' dvtl roir 
S^tfcrai. qood huc apeetare vide- 

«] 9ij Vat. a 

ftaxaQtctov] luoMQictov Vind. 
F. 6ea«ivstma Fic 

ov o\] olov Vind. F. Ang. B. 
Flor. JiU 

'OXvitJJtwvlwai ] oXviuuovdiuu 
Lob. Vind. BBF. Mon. B. Stob. 
Trinc. Gesn. 6Xvfmiovi%ai editi. 

^w C(kiai4f6v] Sia ^fwnQotB^ 
q6v Ang. B. Flor. ART. di' Sg 
fUMiQ6thq6v Vind. F. 

fvdtufiovitovtai ] Bvdaiftovl^ 
torug Stob. Trinc 

vJtdQXBt] vndQxoi Ald. Baa. ab» 

^ t] ntB Vind. F. 

tov] om. Vind. D. 

tQoapifi] tQvtpff Stob. ood. A. 

tBlimtBQa] Hic defidt Stob. 
Trinc ^ 

yoQ] om, Lob. Vind.Bff Mob. 
B. Vat. BM. Ven. C. Par. DK. 

^vftfjtdoyig] ivvandoffg Stob. 
cod.'A. ivfindoig Mon. B. a m« 

ctnrjQiav -^ noXsmg B*] ^ 
deinoepa acripta aunt in Vind. F. 
Pro oattfjQiav Stob. ood. A. cm* 
TBtQeof habet. 

ootov] Saov Flor. R. Vind. D. 
et in prima aoriptione F. 

fiiog] pi^ aop. a^ Stob. eod. 

dafadaovtai] ^otdoMrimStob. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



tf9$ xifg jUXsmg ^mriQlaVj tQoq>y ts %al tolg olAofg 
MS6iVy o6ov ^log dutaif avtol ta %al MaidBg avaioiv- 
tai utd yiga 8B%ovtai xoQa t^g a^ttSv %6Ua^ t^ytig E 
TS xal tslavtij6avtts ta^ijg af^ag lUtixovCi. Kai fMcAtt, 
i^ft9 %aXd* Miiivit6ai ovv ^ ^i/ d* iyo, oii iv tolg 
9q669bv oix olSa otov loyog ^fiiv iMiMlri^sVf otk tovg 
q>^iaMas otiac Bvdaliwvag Mowviuv^ olg i&^ ndvta liuv 466 
td tiSv MoUtiSv oviiv Hiouv; ijiuig di nov efjcofuv, 

cod. A. TiauMna lex. p. 80: aFor* 
dijcQt^* raivictg iniPalBlv. 
E avTSv] Itk Yind. B. et cor- 
rectus lA spirita ^on* B* crvTtov 
Lob. Vind. PBP. Stob. Gesiu 
Ald. Bas. «b. Stepbu avtiig Par. 
K. soc Bip. AbL pr. (ofr) ^a 

ndimg] voUwf Siob. Gosn. 

tmvtig T$] Jta Par« AD. Lob. 
Vin4. BDEF. Mon. B. Ven. C. 
AD«.a Vat.HM. Flor.AGRTUV. 
Bekkenia, Af tias in tert, et Stall^ 
baumies ia pr. ed. Reliqui oodi* 
cee (Vat. B. Ven. B. Par. K. d« 
qoibne oerte Bipontini et Bekke* 
nu taoent) «Utiqiie t9 com Sto<- 
baeo oniittant, atque Stallbaa* 
miiim ia sec. ed. timor incessit, 
ne Tiyis sepnltnra paretnr. Sed 
altemm.participium com sao ad- 
ditamento baud secus, qnam prias 
ad yiffa dixovwai referendam 
iisqne verbis sommuB sententiae 
compreheosam esse Tel Giaaconis 
respoBsom dooet. Itaqoe Socra- 
tes et viTOS iUos et mortoos prae- 
■dis a ciTibvs sais affici demoa-* 
straturas ttffteiuahtr^ inquit* et 
vivi pracnMM ct morliu' eoodi^aae 
fepvltarae fMTtic^ ./Suta. 

taanjg} raqi^g d' Viad. D. 

ullag] d^la cnm litura ia fiae 
Vind. F. afitf Lob. Vmd. B. et 
margo D. Vat BM. Ven. C. Par, 
DK. sec Bekk. a|»'«ff Ang; B. , 

jurtfiotfss.] imitovu»* Bekke* 

oaXa] mond Vmd. F. ncMg 
Stob. cod. A. 

9ff6^^] IIMOO0&W Vuid. E. 
Respicit initiaffl JU« iill. 
466 «010«^] Ita Par. A. Vind. 

D^sup. o;) B. Tat. H. Flor. 
ACTV. noiol(UV reliqui codices 
et editiones omnes; quod quam 
per se nm^sis legitimam, tom se- 
qneati liouv nmfis accoiuDoda- 
tam est. Sed indicativum satis 
constat in hoc loquendi^ genere 
freqnentari ita, ut optativum tcI 
sobsequeotem babeat Tel aniece* 
deatem» quo qossi tenperameato 
scriptores yidentor simul naturali 
sermonis ngori repraesentsndirnm 
rernm capido morem gerere et 
obliqaae orationis speciem serraro 
Toluisse. Sic L.^ IIII. p. 420. C : 
f/ i}/MC€ dv^^ukvrag y^dtpovzag 
S(^ociOoiv xiq hphyh Xiymvy ort 
oti- roi^ «aUioroig zov ipiov rck 
aailuFra q^^jMma Tioooxi^^af» • 
ol yaQ 6q>^alfM>lj %aXlictov 6v^ 
ovx o^tqbI^ ivaiaiXififiivoi uTbv^ 
dXXd liiXavi. Contra L.I. p.337. 
A : tud TctVT iytA iSij ts xal 

tovTOig MQOvXeyov. ort o^ asro- 
Ttoivw^cu (likv ov% id^tX^aoig^ 
UQmvtvcoto dl %al ndvTa lutX^ 
Xov ffMffootffy ^ daonffivoM^ ti 
tig xi cs iQmt^. pro quo atiqoi 
ipoiro soripserunt. Multa otrios- 

Se aiodi exempia significavit 
ittluae gramm. p. 1081. noo-* 
noUa Bemhardy synt. pag. 389. 
onum nostro sbniie Sta&baumius 
ia sec ed. CiT. L. VL p. 49a D. 
lam quum ferri posse indicatiTom 
mdla dubitatio esset, eU^ prae- 
Cerii debere tisus est pnmum 
propter oodices» quorum qm opta- 
tiTom eadiibenty non solum omni- 
M ioferioram ordinam, sed etiam 
in seqoeatibas drca eandem rem 
dissidentes eoqoe magis suspectae 
fidd sont, qi|i intotiTom ofTe- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ou rovto iikVf bX «ov naQoMbttoiy d6av9ig tfxc^ofis&o, 
vvv dl %ovg filv qwkaxag ^kaxag MOiovfiBVf X7[v Sk 
xoXiv cig olot t* ilfuv svda^iiovB6tatfiv y iXV ovx dg 
iv Uhfog dxopXiftovtBg hv avty tovto BvdaifLOv jtXat- 
xoiinBv; Minvfifiai, Iq^t^. H ovv; vvv i^ftiv 6 t£v ^i- 
novQOtv filogy bIxbq tov ys tmv ^OkviixiovLxav stokv tB 
B TcaXUfOV xal dfiBlvav q)alvBtav, fiif xti xatd %6v t£v 
^xvtotofuov q)alvBtai filov 1j tivofv SUmv dfiiiiovQyiSp 
q tov T<DV fBWQyiSv} Ov {lOi doxBty liffi. ^Alkd fibnoii 
o ys $tal kxBL ilByov, dlxaiov xcrl ivtavtta BhcslVf Zti 

nmt, neqne alibi aic interpolali 
esse soient et seqaenUa eo modo 
scripta liabent, ut corrigentem 
grammatici manom experd non 
^deantor; deinde, quod horum 
libromm dnctn talis optatiyi et 
indicativi per vices sucoeMio pro- 
dit, quae liberiorem sermonem 
deoeat neqne tamen nollam regn- 
lam sequator. Scilicet eomm Ter- 
borum, quae interposita et quasi 
tertio gradu a praesentia remota 
snnt, ommum modus optativus 

ftsp^ miiquomm , qnae ab ori 
pendent, mdicativus, praeter ex-. 
tremumy (nXdwoifiBp) quod for- 
ma iegitima indutnm excusatione 
non eget. 

ols] ii oh Vind. B. 

Iroia^;] Signum interrogandi 
Bekkerus posuit Item post srXar- 


di nov 1 Ita Par. ADK. sec 
BeUc. Lob. Vmd.'BDF. Mon. B. 
Vat. BHM. Ven. C. Flor. UV. 
9h Vind. B. (Ven. B. Ang. B. 
Flor.^CRT.) Ald. Bas.ab. Steph. 

af nov] Bhcov Lob. 

s/aavdi^] nlq tei^ig Mon. B. 

9%tffp6(ul&a ] hcusnt^^oiiBfka 
Vind. BD. Vat M. ihLS^mfu^a 
Vai H. 9wipolii^a Vind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. quod ex conie- 
ctura ab Astio in sec. ed. posi-> 
tnm et oommendatum a Belucero 
in oomm. Staiibaumins in pr. ed. 

«ofovfter] Ita Par. A. V]nd.B. 

et int Tm. D. Vat H. Flor. 
ACTV. Mtwniv Ven. B. Bas. b. 
,,Bx yet noiSfUV affertnr: sed 
legendnm itidem fuerit irX^frro»- 
fisv pro nldvtotfiiv/^ Stepban. 
annot p. 21. noimnBv Vlnd. D. 
cum reuquis oodicibns et editio- 

elfiiv] Ita Par. A. Veo. C 
Vat H. Flor. ACTV. et margo 
Vind. D. ^fuv Vind. B. c/ fUv 
Vind. F. Par. D. BCrjnBv Bion. B. 
Flor. U. icfj^v Vind. D. cum ro* 
liquis codicibns editisqne anta 

&S8aifioveevdTrjv , 1 e^Haifio - 
fsctdTTiv ' Ald. Steph. Pendet a 

e^dcu^ov] Th ei^atfiov Par. 
ADK. Flor. V. editiones ante Bek- 
kemm; quae lectio teneri poto- 
rat, si nonnuili eomm codicain, 
qui optimum sequi soient, assen- 
sum praebuissent mendique suspi- 
cionem e proximo yocabulo sub- 
orti remoTissent Id genns homi- 
num, quod prae ceteris beatmn 
est, praestantiae caussa rd bv- 
datfiov dici poterat Conf. Leg. 
L. V. p. 730. D : 6 dh %al gny- 
xoZa£<oy eig dvvafuv roi^ &9' 
%ovaiv 6 fifya^ dvij^ iv nol^t 
%ai tHbios ovTog dv€t/o^ivd6d'» 
vi%fitp6oog doBT^, Aeschyl. Sept 
283: avTfj^irag ixd^QoZoi t6v 
fiiyctv TQonov. Btiam Fidnns 
articulom iuTenisse yidetnr, qni 
Terba dll* ov% — ntdTvot^ 
ita interpretatns eat: iiegiic ad 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



il oikag 6 qnilai hfixuQ^^^u $vial(mp yLfv96%ai^ &6x% 
fn^Ss ipvlai ilvatf ftqd' aQici^s^ avttp ptog ovxm fii- 
XQios xcu fii^Mog xaif 6g ^qiiBts q>a(ikVf aQiaxogt aXX 
dvoTpog XB xal ^BtQaxiddrig do^a iii«B6ov6a cvdacfio- 
vlag xiQi o^fiijtfa avxov did dvvai/iiv hd x6 axavxa xd O 
hv x-Q xoXst olxBiov69ai, yv&6Bxai, xov 'H6iodov on x^ 
ovxi ^v 60(p6g Xiyeav «Xiov bIvoI xag ^fit6v navx6g* 
'£fiol piivt lq)ij, ^nfiovX^ XQnifiBvog fiBVBt Ixl xovxtp 
xfp fitq^. £vYxa>Qstg aQa, 17V 6* iya, xi^v tSv ywa^ 
%Sv xoiVQwtav xolg dv8Qd6tv, ^ 8tBXnXv9aiisv^ xa^ 

wam quandam etus poriem, teii 
ad totam retpicienttB btatitudi- 
nem Ulam exquirere» 

Miiivrjfiai.^ iiifivricai Vat. H. 

Tl ovv;] om. Fic. In etUtio- 
nibus ante Bekkernai Tl ovv vvv 
etc •fline distinctione scriptuin, 
dande post BI06 ijiAId. punctain, 
in Bas. ab. si^om interro^tionii 
poaitum, quod Steplianas et in 
sec. Astius ante fifj tnj fecemnt. 

vvv} post muv Vind. DE. Ven. 
B. Vat. H. Flor. ACTV. 

6 ] o Bas. b. 

ffffs^] Ita Par. A. Vind. BF. 
et int rers. D. Ang. B. Vat. H. 
Flor. RTV; quando Fic. on$o 
Ven. C. SensQ Par. K. Fior. 17. 
Bas. ab. ScnBQ Vind. D. et reli- 
i|ai codioes, Ald. Steph. et re- 
centiores. Sed in Lob. m^ int. 
Ton. est. 

tov] zov Flor. U. vovro Vind. 
F. oivog Vind. B. om. Pwr. K. 

yc] post tav Par. K. 

OlvfMSiovutmv} 6lvfimovlju»p 
Vbid.DEF. Fior. ACRTV. dAvfi- 
^uovLxmv editi. 

vb] yB Vind. F. Ang. B. Flor. 
R. v8 fud Vind. B. Ven. B. Vat 
H. Flor. ACTV. ys %al Stall- 

fiif — fpatvstfu B.] om, Vind. 

mi] roi Ang. B. Flor. R. jrba- 
ius ^ enim signom pro nota Flor. 
T. in Stallbaanui V. L. reponeo- 
dum videtnr.) voi Ven. B. Vat. 
H. Flor. ACTV. Bt Viod. D^ 
Oi imper 97 habet 

t6v] om. Vind. D. 

4 Tdr] 5 Par. K. 9 t6 Vind. 

iXeyov] iXiyoniv Vind. F. Ang. 
B. Flor. AR. 

xal ivrav^a] udvtcev^a Lob. 
Vind. B. Vat BM. Belikems et 
in tert. Astius. Confer Vol. L 
p. Lvij. sq. 

si] om. Vind. D. et a m. pr. 
Ven. B. 

fwydM fi^ Flor. T. non Flc 

firid'] iifj 81 Bas. ab. 

i^gcitfsi] aoniori Ven. B. Vat 

ipafilv] Ita Par.A. Vind.DEF. 
Ang. B. Vat. H. Flor. ACRTV. 
OMcriMais FIg. hpofisv lefiqai «t 
editiones ante Beickenim. 

«U'] dlX^ Vind. F. 

ual lUiQcmmSfis] posi doi/u 
Flor. T. 

niQi.oQfiijcBil %bqL oQp/ijm 
Vind. B.^ niQi oQu^in Vind. D. 
7nQiOQfiiJ6si Lob. Vat M. ot etiam 
Fidnas legisse videtar > teil i msh> 
na et puerUi» esorta ftUmtaiU» 
opinio rtmiat eum, 

avT^frJ tcvTiiv Vind. DB. Blor. 

ohutovc^cu] o^tovod^cu Lob. 

T^ of^il TaovTi Vind. D^. 
om. Vat U. — Locsas Hesiodl 
est "Eoy. 40. 

ivfApovXqji] avfip, Mon. B. Par. 
DK. Flor. RU. Ald. Bas. ab. 

fia^£i] fUvBi Vind. F. ^iiyoi 
An^. B. 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I S 

dslecg t$ «rlpt xol 9Cat9ciiv nal ^Xan^ tSp akXanf no- 
liixSVj %ata th nbhv pzvoii6ag tlg 7c6Xi(i6v ts lov6ag 
xal l^q)vXdvniv 8siv xal fpv9iiQtvitv S6mQ %6vag 
D xal navta n&vttj xavd td dvvazov^ xowmvsZVf %a\ tav- 
ta nQattov6ag ta tB fiiXti6ta nQa^siv xal ov naQci 
^i^iv t^v Toi; fHjXsog nQog to &^$sv ^ y nsq^vxatov 
nQog aUiiqX& xoivavsiv; JSvyxmQtS, tfpri. Ovxovvy ^v 
d* iymf ixstvo lotnov dtsksot^atj sl aQa xal h dv&Qio- 
noig dvvatovj S6nsQ iv aXXoig idotgy tajivqv 7171^x0^- 
vwvlopv iyysvi^tatj xal onri 6wat6v; "Eq^drjgy itpijj sU 
nmv ^ iiisXXov vnoXijilfs69at. IIsqI iikv yaQ t&v Iv tm 

ftfld ntd^cn'] Astins In tert 
utd delendam censetprobante in 
iec. Stallbanmio et Ficinnm quo- 
qne alind qnid hic legisse snspi- 
cante. Nodnm in scirpo. 

naUwVy] yeoXiTmv; Stepha- 
nni, Belckems et Stallbaninias. 
Sed qnae aequnntnr epezegeai 

dslv] 9sX, snp. ijf Lob. Vat 
M. dij Vind. BF. An«. B. Flci- 
Bua haec inde a wxtd t< xoXiv 
liberins reddidit : ne una cnm tw^ 
ri$ in pace guhement » tfi bello 
foiUteni, ouitadiant tfno. ' 

xvvug] uvva Par. K» 

xdvrri] xdwjj Bekkerns, Asti- 
na in tert. et Stallbanmins , nt 
aolent. Gf. Vol. I. p. lxi. 

%oiv(oviTv , ] xoivaivEtv ; Ste- 
phanoa et recentiorea. 

nal tavta — %oi,voiViXv ;] om. 
Lob. Vind. B. Vat BM. 

riiv roH ^'Xsog] to^ Ot^IIco^ 
Par. K. 

i] i Vind. F. ^ Vlnd. D. 
^ Suiflo] mriXmv Ven. B. 

Jhyxtoqm] ^w%mq& Flor. T. 

£fncB^\ msns^ xal Lob. Vind. 
BD. Mon. B. Vat. BM. Ven. B. 
Par. DK. Flor. U. et Stallbanm. 
indnctns ab Heindorfio ad Phae- 
don. p. 64. C. hnnc constantem 
prope Graecomm nsnm affirman- 
te. Non ramm est altemm xal 
nd nostram sensnm sine necessi- 
tate additnmy aed Plato saephts 

etiam omittere solet. En tria ex 
nno Phaedone exempla: p.87. B: 
tbLOvos y&Q zivog , dg iotxs, 
ndym mam^ Sififilttg dio[taL 
pag. 88. B: ^drs^ov xdmlvog, 
ScnBq vi^g, 9>i}s, EvdrjXog n 
iyivsvo dx^^ofiwog, ^ o^. p. lOOL 
C: oxSnBi dijy hprj, ror ^i^g 
inBlvoig, idv coi fiwBowj cStsrn^ 

^} ? rind- F. «/ rmd. E. Vat 
H. Flor. ACT. 8 Ven.B. Baa. b. 
Steph. Ast. (««tt'ci|i«wti\) miod 
'tfo hiterrogaturMt «riun.) Fio. 
slamv supplere iicet tl taif^ 
t^y ut Gkiuco ab eadem parte 
aermonem se excipere alqne ia 
^andem dirigere Tolnisse dioit» 
auam Socratea praeoccnpaTerii 
Cf. L. L p.338. D: rovvy vxo- 
laiApdvm^ i ctv %caLovQyii0atg 
ftaXicta r09 Xayov. 

yciq ] om. Fic. 

tmv} oVL Vat H. Batns»- 
t^ ] om* Par. K* 

iqttjv] iq»i Lob. Vind. B. VatE 

noXcftfjaovci, ] noXc(gifoov<av. 

"Oti Kotv^ etQcttcvcovteu] flU' 
Iita6imt profetto communtter, tam 
marcs quam feminae Rc; — «ot- 
v^ — yind. F. — ctQatCvovfitt 
Ven.B. — cxQOtsii^vci Vind. tt 
Ror. C. 

XQdg ys] om. flc' 






9VoAlfft^9 offiff», fyffl^, dijlov Sp tQomov Mltfnjtfotitfi. E 
HiSg^ ^ d' 8g. ''Oti noivy 6tQatmkovt$ii xal MQog fB 
flf|ovOfr Tw ftalSmv $lg rov %6Ji9ftov 86oi adQolj W 
S6x$Q ol «m; aAilov djffiiovpT^aiy t^nSvtai tavta^ a ts- 
A«fli^iyrff$ diiftfet di^fitovpTeiV' «^og dfc r^ t^i^ dtaxo^ 
vBiv xal vttiiQttHv navta td ttBQl tov ttoliiiov ««l de- 467 
Qattitfsiv ttattQag ts %al piijtiQag. fj ov» ^0^6ai ta 
kbqI tag tixvag^ olov tovg tdiv %tQaf$imv ttaldagy ofs 
ttokvv XQovov diaxovovvteg ^MQOvOi ttQlv itttteOf^mi 
tov ttBQaiiivnv} KcA fulXa. ^H ovv ixBtvoig ittiiiiiiaf^ 
Qov ttaidevriov, iq tolg ^pvkaii tovg avrav inttBiQla t9 

eig} Ix, e oorr. 1«, Mon. B. 

adffol] ddQol Tiiia. BDB. dv 
dQ^ot Mon. B. Flor. U. 

Tr'] &a Fi«r. 0. 

oi] om. YincL W. 

9nfU09^ymr] 9fjfu09ifjol heh, 
Vmd. BD. Vat. BM. ren. B. 
BaB. b. 

tavTu] patnm tuorum opera 

dfffiUfVi^iXv *] Attras ex prae- 
gresso TiM3t coniiinctioneiii movB 
repetl inbMif, n qua secpieates 
intinitivi peodennty pro oolo oohh 
. ma poiniH( qnae ratio neqae ad 
Butandam interpiinctionein Talet/ 

rtamen cavendam erat, ne 
Mvslv ot 4mf^mtif ad ^e^ 
991 refemntiir , neqne varo omm^ 
no probabilii eit, qtram oMuiliom 
potios, qvam effiBctom hoe looo 
algnifieaMnm esaet Contra 9taH- 
banmini infinliif oa per gentts qnod- 
dam attrac6onia e proximo ^ 
tMVdfttir orifflMm dnoere ata^ 
taeos nildlo mma oolon feHonity 
pro qno oorama fticere debml, 
fte praiimiim ilind exlfnam aut 
lonllam ad aeqncBtia Hm ImbalMe 
videretQr» BBgo InfiDitiwsi 99f^ 
fu^Oyi^ boa tantiim effeciMn 
Mbltror, «t, qaom ad prioiem 
€onrflfi ptttmn imtteaBdam Tptt 
vsm .oonlBnetiYO adbibH»m esa^ 
•d poiteriorem infinitiTW wm 
aHiMi ab «a 

t»one qnaal per ^Am aroefaeretar, 
•ed ntpote eadem praeditni raa 
•ponte sese offerret. SciHoet 

etianMi nnllni interceiiiiaet inftiii^ 
tiTOi, tamen idem rignificaret, 
quod &iovcirf Zpu duaio9m6ty 
qua de re ef. Matthlae mramm. 
p. 1040. c. ICaqae de daaboi l^ 
quendi forronlli rem effidendam 
pariter deiignandbui iJtera con- 
lunctionem 7va onm eoninnctiTO ' 
liabena nt mag^i peripicna ia 
priori parte poiita, altcra iolo 
infinidTo nteni in poiteriori r»- 
cepta eit, qnnm interieclnm (hj- 
fuov^stv UMitaiidi fermonii o&- 
caiionem praeboiiiet. ^nilo an- 
tem interiore et' iynfactico nexn 
inter ihjfuovffYitv et dunovBfv 
obtinente oolon aptioi esie com- 
mate apparet. 

ttif6g th } nal ttQhg Loi», Yind. 
BP. Yat. M« et a m. i. B. 

^] ^ Flor. y. et eorr. Mon. B. 467 
(a m. pr. ^) 

^ ri6€u] ijo^oai Vind. F. 
v€i] tovg Far« K. aec. fiip, 

riBd. BD. Vat. rf. 
otov] ol Fmd. B. 

»6vop] zqivmv Bai. a. 
^€a>^ovo«],/8nf ealei patroi ijp^ 

^H\ ^ liob. Yind. BDB. 
aoxmv] mF. Lefr. Vind. BDF. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



%at 9iif %mv MQO^fpt6vxmi KcnayiXa6tov (Uvv chr, 
IfpH, hXri. jiild itigv xal lAaffZtal ye xSv ffiov dtaf^- 

B Qovt&g xaQovteyv mv av tl%]j. "E^tiv ovtm. xlvdwog 
dif & SciTtQotBg, ov ^iiiKQog OipaXu6w^ oLa 8^ Iv so- 
Xki/i^ ipiXAy XQog iavtotg 9taZSag oMoliCavtag %ot^6ai 
ual tiiv aXXf^v noXvv advvaxov ^vaXafieiv. 'AXtfiijr ^v 
d* lyo, Xiysig. aXXd 6v XQiStov (ihv iqyy itaQa0ic9va- 
0tiov to ii^ xote UivdvvBv6at; OvdafiiSg. TL 8'; bImov 
%iv8wBvtioVf ovx iv 9 fieXtlovg ioovta^ 9catoQ9ovvtBg; 

C jJ^Xov 8^, ^AXXa Ciickqov oXbc 8caq)iQBiv %a\ ov» a|ioy 
niv8vvov &BayQBiv ^ iiij ta nBQl tov noXBiiov staUtag 

KcttayiXantov] xatayiXaavog 
Yat. B. yeo. C. Par. K. leciiiid. 

liivx* av] (i^ tiv Mon. B. 
fiiv X av editi anie Aflt. «ec 
Cf. Yol. L p. 177, a. 
- »al] om, BaB. b. 

(kaxklxai\ firdxBxal Vind. F. 
■ Aiiff. B. Flor. R. pugnat Fic 

^mov} ^9>oy Ald. Bas. ab. nt 
interduiD. Cf. Yol. L pl 60^ b. 
Q wv] mv Yind. F. 

ovxm,] ovxag, Bekkema. 

xlvdwog] tvdwog Yind. F. 
Klv8wog Steph. 

ciuKQog] iu%o6£ Lob. Yind. 
BDB. Fior. ACTY. Par. K. sec 
Bip. nam BeiLkenu de eo non 
ma^is, quam de Yindobonensi aut 
alio fluonira ullo significationem 
dedit. Itaqne Tereory ut Taieata 
lectio flatiB tnta dU Cf. Yol L 

€q>alBUtv] wpaXXttciv Tind. B. 
cq>alovaiv cnm si snper ov Yind. 
D. CfpdXlovciv Lob. Yind. B. 
Yat M. 

d^] om. Lob. rmd. B. Yat. 

9eaZ8ag] xal xo^g natSag Ang. 
B. Flor. RT. 

nQfSxov] fortan iwprimU Fic. 

Ii^v] om. Vind. B. /il Mon.B. 
a m. pr. 

'nm V7^^ Mon.B. AstiuB, Bek- 
keruii et Stalibaumiujs. 

fnij noxB] iiijnoxe Ald. (Conf. 
p. 473. D.) ii^dh notB Ba8.'b. 
pafiixoxB Yen. B. 


7uv8wBvcttt; ] 7Up8wBvcai» 
ediii ante Astiuoi. 

Tl d*; Bt nov] xl 9^. nov 
Ven. B. xl drjnov Vind. E. Vat. 
H. Flor.ACV. xl^ st nov Flor. 
T. xl d' V novy subflcripto a m. 
s. £i snb ij^, Mon. B. Ti 9' ^ 
nov editiones ante BeUcemm. 

fielxiovg] fielximg Ald. Bas. 

dfj. *AXX&] 8il , alXk Ald. 

otu] etfj Vind. D. ( 

xol] om. Vind. B. Ven. C. 
Par. DK. Vat. H. Flor. AC. 

&iiov] aiiog Fler. AC. 

UKPdvvov] iivdwov Par. 
sec. Bip. 

naldag ] xovg nat8€tg Lob. 
•Vind. BD. Vat. BM. Ven. B. 
Flor. RU. Ald. Bas. ab. Stepb. 
Ast li. e. eos pnerotf qui — vel 
Mostroa pwroe; quoram neatnim 
ineptum. Sed remoto articido 
Socrates plurimum referre didt^ 
Qt qui adulti bellioosi fntnri sint, 
iam pueri res bellicas spectent; 
id quod non minus aptom Tidetnr. ' 
Schoiiastes utnim articnhim leee- 
rit, aa non le^erit, ex scfaouo, 
quaie Bekicems et Ruhnkenios 
edidemnt , perspici neqnitt 
vovg ovxog' ^^. 10 jiaifjcafi 
fjvsl ov% elvai idytcxov %iQ8og 
xh xovg fUXXovxag yanjcBC^ai 
rRnhnken, yBwtjcecOai) nalBag 
ipMBtifonoXiuovg /unrcK X9^^ 
afJxonxBlv ij (lij xi srs^ 9ro'ls- 
IMv; cxB^bv di x6 ^OftitKfix^ 
noQOipQdi^' nQax* il^ii^v chf 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



la TmLB. 

tten 8|i|'BM.b. 

B. Pic 

04»ov9] drwi Tov 01^2 •»««€> 
wva^ 4mwMw. (Bekk. i^voii^ 
w) iGhobaft4«« qvMt otwovr 
kgiMOt «i poft ^ d' ^« ploao 

91909 o Xifuq. TovKO |iiv JlSpa AM^aiflov , AMf^ovs 
jrol^o Tovg M£S«)g softfiiry «yo^^nniiMtffkKft A' «v* 
vofti? o^oiUftairy mI sMKJUSff l|sft. ^ yi^; NmL Omww^ 
^ d* hfA^ %^w pAv crvtAr ol xm^^gf S6a jfv > y 
«oft^ o^ dfue^ug Itforfocft, dUiUi ywfftoirftiiol mv ^*f«- 
tumvy S6m %9 %al fii} iirftx^vdwoft ; fZndg» Ifpq. £fc D 
p^ Soa tag aiwOiVy dg H tJig aviafi^savtai. 'Og»mg. 
Kal aQiovtig yi MoVf ^v i^ fyii, ov to^g ipavlotatovg 
avtolg kci^ii6ov4iVf diJia tovg iitMHQlf t9 m1 liXud^ 
ttutvovg ^tftivag t$ %al naUtayoywg tlvaL llQkm 

itmtpiy 9t9a9ii6iA6P99 uMpoiOy 
£vq>o^^o€. (U. XYL 811.) Ib 
qioilHui 9M(i:d«6 A pott fLttii f/^- 
ww traiMtii&erM» nobisoiua faoMo- 
ftott fchoUiotMi hobobU, fi OBfto 
^Xkomaq pojiaftor, articaiafli Uio- 
tar, ood alteniai to^^ poat uair 
dag mIo oBiiiiMO «ta^MadM oit; 
giD JoooBi aaoiD obtineat , vovg 
»ai8ag noUfuxovgf oaiiMis tovg 
(vd^ttty legiMo ot naidag ado- 
iMoeotef tiitellexiiso ^detnr. At- 
qoe hoc nMraa probabile ez eo, 
qood fiiiphorbi meBtioiiein iniidt, 
qnod aiMttl indicio est« ▼. 810. 
enm »«l y&Q ^ - ntna fpmwag 
hlHOOt' f^C9» dq>* tnnw9. non 
etun Ariftarcbo aal ya^ d^ zoxb 
etci legiMe. 

avd^ag nolefUMOvg ] miUtm 

Ov% — ^ yd^;] 0». YjJid. D. 
et, nt ▼idetnr, n, <|uo ofiM oft 
anctor scholii ad prozuno foqnenf 
Ovwovv 'adfcripti. 

dXia^ aXXa Yind. F. a m. pr. 

diasptQu] diamiQiiv Yen. B. 
Vind. B. Vat. H. Fior. ACTV. 
referre Fic j|m in snpmoribM 
Num parum kttermoe cenfM po^ 
snit. t 

liyecff. TooTo] l/yf«ff, roifro 

volifuyu] pMt ro^g aeudag 
Ven. B, Vind.^ B. 

jr^otf^^l^ttO^cri] n(fO(t9ix^^d- 
c&ai, Ub. rud. B. Vat. BM. 

d'] dh, Moo. B. 

xalj ^ %al Lob. 9} xol Vat.M. 

Platonis Op. II. 

in qnibn^ 

interpwudsfot . . 
etom est in Baf. ab. „ ^_ 
eUam Ilifatov maiosonla ifliti 
csitat. Qiaod ntromqne ita d»- 
mnm tolerabile Tideri potemt 
achoUiitao« sl inperWra ilta 09% 
— 97 yd^; in ffo codioe. aon in- 

avtSv] poit oi nati^ig Lob. 
Viod. BD. Vat, BM. 

fMi^o»iKoi ] ynmiMioi Vat B. 

on^fMDr] or^oTMMf Vind.BF. ' 
Anff.B. Flor. aX. (^im m) 
I dMrmlM» Mifl» qaJtoi 
Mil o yicM lirto.) Fic 

oottft] oooft Vind.F. cnm Btnra 
kk aitero o. 

igKftUo^c^;]i«f3c/«>^oi.Ald. ] 
Bai. ab. Bteph. qood ot ipMim 
Ism pqteoL 

Eig] J^ rud. D. s int. Toif. 

ioa] i9 rind.B. 

SlovMrl Sgootfftv Vind. B. et 
ants corr. J>. Vat, M. et cum a 
foper f Lob. 

8i^lid^'ooirriul evlafiffiifoov- 
voi Lob. Vind. BD. Vat. M. (ad 
Olio) m»a«m^ Fic. 

iwtoig] av. Fior. T. 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 

"* r L A T o 

*«« »^9 zav WQoctixoviav; A 
,' Vwci, acpos £at»rois tki 

>uv8vvov &Baff^Xv ^ ti^ za 7^ 

fr * 
Val ^'^^}^^^^ ] xtfray£lK<Ji:OS ?e:: 

«OttXr^ /V*^»S Loh. Viad. 
%■ n.™ -B^*^1-V. P.r. K. .«c. 
iBOir,'^ ^•*-^fer¥ts oe eo nao 

««scJit, Itaam» ^*'** sjgmficatioa«tii 
P- ^^7 *^«^ ^rt, Cf. Vot 1. 



IIimL B. 


ITAS LIB..V; 46d 

ovxa yag Tialh^fa %B ttaiSwtai %i 
mm aeq>aki6tma^ «r t% Hq^ ^m^i^tnm-' 
,vi/os6^o>i/ fjy^iopmw ix6pi¥^ *0Q9m^ 

kiyaw. H dh ^7, iboy, 9a mBQ^^ 
.««^ BKtiov 601 %ovg 6MfaMuitag mQ€£ 

•* ^'^imt^ m . «.Aplicatio pcr 

K. Nec aliter 

'^'<e reflre- 

hacc in- 

, cumqum 


. Vind. F. 
• vSteph. 
c» conr. all^, 
\. Ang:. B. 
maiib. sec.) 
•• tta Fic. 
-•( iia^. b. 

Viij.l 1>F. 
. ;r. *Of&tL3!; 

■:. C\\ VuJ. J, 

St} \nL irers, hn- 

ACV, qticnl rcrcepit 

■•|iii> initiUA idlc^iii 

eft detemieruiifc, 

^lHg. 155, de chiijia 

Lq Itac re anctari' 

KUiit , tnm riuod 

t44rreaif <?qT Sccra- 

|li|MCc;e digressionem 

\ uTeetn «xordiendaoi 

^ec nlhil trilxiendtim 

oratiftni Tjdebalur, 

ttuittt erraverit PkiiU' 

^aebmanmim anerd» JL 


- Ari^a- 
; Ht Lys. 

m. Ar. 13d. A£k TfiS* Be^k 
W 9al oi^ tfrig; At. 1615. 1674:. 
vl dai tpd(fs^g; Acb. 730. eC ai- 
■ilU 4iiiM caffrt» cpue a pe^ 
tica ficentui iMirive BcceMitttte 
repetite tenMriani tit^ taaieB 
Platonis ui dialogU fatendun etl 
•cailcea aaepiBS iUi ifBfiiattBa fa- 
▼ere^ qaaai advcRiarL Tlin. p. IB. 

A. rBlgataBiTl iai «^091(9; quar 
tBer «autiuB libri, Par. ▲« YaT. 

B. MoB. B. Flor^ U. tanitw-, ra^ 
liqoi OBBMf ti Sk rthibcat FaiiUo 
firaiior Crat. p. 383. B. item ti4- 
fata lectiB TiSaiXttM^TUiht^ 

^betur, aoi BMBor pary co^iem 
^ hibeiit. Cricofi. p, 4^. C. fi 
M dif; DBBiere et pnir^taii^ 
lilmniia coHBiieadBlBr, «ttaaieBy 
qoBBi seqttBtar .tl 44 i aiteirBB^ 
qaod in X:V.. circHei' codicijbii 
esEctBt , prarfaaeBriBiB fidotwr. 
Ma^ ctk^ iBBisrta> baae* iHHjt, 
.qBBC fic^kcrBi «xiubiiitt Tbeaet. 
p. ItO. R e t/ M awpm n^a- 
r<^f p^>204t,Bi9i Sid 64 ; 
<itm. f, 409« A: ^ dml n 0^ 
^; pw 4Sa Dt tI M S^ Toi^i 
vt BBioi daoraiBVB epdioaiB ^bIb 
BMtlHto Bathyphr. pu 14. A..A«ib1. 
p. f4. & PBroMl^ jf». 131. JS. «it 
BHbi tsnaiD^ 

iMiiofrl ixTioifUKViBd.SFB. 
qticn BdLkecBi bbb cm Par. A. 
Yat. BHM. ¥eB. BC et Ang. B. 
^Bfi^ey «diibeea tradcai bc ia.rc:- 
liqiiii qiiideai apiii to i iwtioBiiB 
MiBiiie Tidetar. mnriow Sloiu B. 
^BF. DK. FJor. AGUV. Ald. »ni. 
b; Steph.» fVB^ .n^PMuiB 
miUtiim m md m imncem et oil- 
«^miiAoieet. Fic i2«r^o^ seBiB 
OBiBreAOB dixecim, quwn et re- 
geoM i<. institaeBdi et ofCBdi i. 
vifaQdi ooitf oatftMictt. babene pocr 
iit, qoaiB ntrainqae habet 




P L A T O N I 8 

fiQ. 'AUA fttff pija^fu», mA Mufd diiw «oUc mJU 
XoIq iii iyi9^t0, Xal (H&lff. Ugivg tolvw %et roMcvca^ 
i ^iXsy MBfovy %f^ mtu&La &vta «t^dvj^y SV &v tt Uf 
E seEt^t^i aflro9>nf)wdi. Jlciff Jli}ir6«^ ; l^. '.fiiil «ovf 
Fmotig, i^ d* J}^> ivafftfia&tiw tig $rwta«ov$, aicd 

sft^a do$ay] «a^ado|air Tin^. 

^rrf^ovyj nsQOvv Ang. B. lu- 
Banos in laudem Constantii p. 14. 
«A. Sehftef. «MrMiRa 6 yM^«ltoff 
if{(iooe I7Xaro>v olorFl «rc^ 
To7( mttol (r^ «o^ m«rfi(oSpBn- 

tmtovg aycxybrra(WvttenlNichite 
■mk^t dvcedipta) &yti$f Hg (id 
SohaeffcrBS ex margino 6p. inpo 
Tnfgato <og Baadento Wyttenbc*- 
diio recepit) vAg fM%tf( 4^mAg 
i^ofn^povg Sv ovK iig (unt^v 
ihanftat&g izQVi^ tuevaotnpCBL, 
.f/] rraYiml. F. 

0^] dioi Lob. VM. B. Yal. 

ff€t<$/KeM>#] «trtf^iMWM Vtt. B. 
Yen. G. Yind. F. Conf. Yol. J. 
p. 132, b. 

cJiEocpi^yfOOf.] dxoipeOymeiP* 
Yind. F. Flor. R. Bekkei^tui. 
£ ^(dajCO-^affJItaseenndiimliiob. 
Vind. B. et int. Tera. D. YeD. B. 
■yat. BM. Fk»r. RT. «t int. rmu 
An£. B. com Bas. b. «t Asili mo. 
acnpsi pro Maioftipovgf qnod 
'Ahg. B. et reliqm oodlcea exce- 
ptis yind. D. et Mom B. et edt- 
tiones Ald; Baa. 9. Stepb. Ast. 
pr. exMibent, dnodqiM^ SiephamiB 
annot. p. 25. (ad L. VII. p.SSf. 
A.) et Sdiediaami U L p. 19. 
fntstra tnetuTy qnaai nopdam edo»- 
ctos, aed edocendos deiiMii* oqoi- 
Ittndi artem et ob id ip^iRltt, ut 
doceahtnr, ad belli spectaciilmn 
^ in equis dud pueros rabeat 80^ 
crfltea. Ita enim iiiterpretatur : 
/om tnd€ a prffflo fweHtia tbU€lr- 
di tmnt in equit: diteendiqtie im 
eqiuB ad MH tpMoeaUm , «I eo» 

egidiare «IbeoMtii» Qood 
a Socratia mento pariter atqie 
ab ipsa re abhorreat, dtda^ofti- 
yo^cnon nHter nisi tramipoflila 
ptMt l%%ivup particoia xal tole^ 
rari posae apparet; cni ratioDi 
praeter codicum auctoritatem Imm 
obatat^ quod» quo oonailio eqwi 
Miponendos statoeret) Socvates 
shie oauflsa doceret, qntlefl «jffb- 
otos et qnid edoctosad beUam 
dnd Tellet, quod «agis dfteto 
opnserat, non demonfltrarrt. fiot 
i^^Oar rdeeto Moy OAy tag • oe- 
<»n^ opdinis «odiolbus rMdpi, 
longius sane iMud ab opdmonim 
yestigiis remotum, sed taBM» ms 
indi<£> et sigrfifiontioBe Tero pixH 
ximum et inter eO, qnae oowees 
ImbOnt, maxime pitibabile. Niam 
didaz^ifofiipovg, quod Vind. D. 
cum ^ag foper tfaoflipovg ets- 
faibetf ventm yideri neqiiits dU^a- 
%afiipovg , qnod in Mon. B. a 
raanu secnnda, nt tidetiir, e 6^ 
da^ofiipovg €actum Bekk^ma, 
'Stallbaumiiis et in tert ed. Astius 
praetulerunt, eo displicet, qood 
praeter. exflpettatioaem et tOmero 
mntata accosatiTi potesfnte pro 
paeroitim descripilone, qnaleB fliift 
m bellum ducendi, magistPBnni 
negotium describit, quo fnncios 
esse oporteat, prinsqiiam eoB iUo 
^icant. Neqne' ^crewbile esC ^#- 
ikeiafiipgwg tion solnm in dcda- 
-jfiipvag, sed in Ma^^iUp^ 
oorrigen^ cansaa mutatnm esse: 
lUqoe casn ielt eitofe boe^ opti- 
mos irrepsisse dicendum erit, & 
dida^afiipovg pro g^ino ha- 
beatnr. Milii yero eAkum iodo- 
lera et varietatem considoninti 
adraodnm Tcrinmile fit Platonem 
SBdidaiofLipovg sdripsissey coius 
forman iniolantiMrifl «t dopraTatio 

igitizedby VjOOQIC . 


xttl mivtmtaifmw. otmo yoQ xiilL^fa %t %%tta^vxu^ %i 

%m ft€v<i «Q§6§v%i(faku iffiymfmw btop^v^ 'Q^ftofi 
£9>i7, iMOi dMBi^ Uyuv. Tl il iif^ sUop^ m mbq^^ 
xov x6l^Lovi uig intiov 6oi ^ovg 6%Q€Mimt€ig mQO£ 

Sidccx^iwttg et didaxSiiaofiivovg 
aeqae procliTis ent JVec aliter 
Ficuraa, iomerito ftrtiMe repre- 
bemitfl L c a ttaplmo, haee in- 
terpretator : Eipntare eoMucMtift 
j»nmit oft «milt |Nur< , ciiwym 
ftoe iltVUoeriiil^ cfwa a4 «fecifl» 
eiiliim belli ^nteaciif • 

V rMMl ^(fc«»9 VM. F. 
i^' TnTgmWy Vind. BD. Stepb. 

dXl* OT»] flfUo, e coir. dXXdy 
Yfnd. F. c!XU Fior. ft. Ane. B. 
<;U' S re Bai. a. (StaUb. cec.) 

o9vm yctff } «f oiie ito Fic. 

ndXAs^] ftttli6vd Baa. b. 

re] off». Far. K. «ec. Befck. 

itihiSv} ad. Lob. Viad. HF. 
Ald. Bas. ab« 

dhi] diot Lob. Yat BM. «t 
com 37 aaper ot YiiML B. 

'O^&mgj itmf iwi] 'Oo^o^ 
l^ ftot AU. Ba«. ib. Bekkenu 
et Bt^baumina in pr. *0(f^£g 
{itprjy lAol Steph. 'OeMff, iqnu 
^l AM. pr« «t ««c C£. YoL L 
p. 85, b. 
468 Ti dh 8^] —' 9rj int rers. ba- 
«Mt Yiiid. ]>« ^ Htal i^ P«r. A. 
Vat H. Flor. ACV. qtM>d reeeplt 
BekkonuL fif« qvo miniia idem 
facerom qniim ea detexraemiil^ 
qime VoL I. pe|r. i55. de dubia 
optimi codios -in hao ve antari- 
4ate exposiln ««nt, tam qnod 
caaofam non rldecem, d«r ftecr^ 
tea noTam himcce digreasiQnem 
maiori com affectu «xordiendam 
putayerit Nec nihil tribaendom 
continoatae orationi Tidebatur, 
Quamquani enin erraTerit PUnu- 
dea apnd Bachmannum anecd. JL 
81. in proaa «r ati aw a foc«i«bA vi 
Sal nomoai ante iotevpiNiotionen 
locmn concedena, iniom Aristo- 
n«p« ti M 40i(; lit Lya. 

%3$. At. 13d. A£k 708« Bekk 
tI Sal o^ ifrig; At. 1615. 167^. 
xl Sal ipdQS^g; Ach. 730. et ai- 
wmM ^koMB^ ccMtct, q«ae « p«^ 
tica Bcentin oMtriTe neceMitate 
HBpetitfe teBunariom lit^ tameB 
Platonia ui dialocia fateiiduai ec^ 
■««dlcea «aepina ifi jf«t««H«« f a- 
T«re, qoam adTCRaarL Tim. p. 18. 

A. Tolgatam W Sal voo^p^; quar 
toer tautom libri» Par. A< VaT. 

B. Mon. B. Flor« U. taaiitar, i*- 
Uqoi oomec ti Sk ethibfat F«iiUo 
firmior Crat. p. 883. B. item t]D^ 
fot« iectio t£ Sal £mMQmtU9 W 
•betur, mi mmog pars t^^wm 
«^ habent. Criton, p, 4^». C. %i 
Sal dif; nomer« et proritoii^ 
librorom coonie«fUit«r, «ttweo, 
qtMm sequator .ti 4d ; «itefooiy 
qood in Xy.. circiiei' codicikMa 
«x«l«t , praefaoimdom fidotwr. 
Maglf etli^ iMortft' booc' «HHjt, 
.qoae fi«|ck«nn «xhiboltc Tbeoot 
p. itO, BtviSaH owrA n^a- 
*^iaa; pof. 204t, Bs «/ Sid S4 ; 
<kmt. 9,409. At^ Sml n «^ 
^; pw 4£3. I>e xi Si^ ^^ vQSHi; 
vt ooioa daoroioTO opdioom du«|o 
mtttaito fiolhyphr. pu 14. A«.A|i«l. 
p. f4, & ParnMl. p. 131. JS. cit 
oiibi t«eoam« 

limiofrl l)c«ioifUb.Vi«d.JEPFB. 
«fuo» BAkgrt o«« cum P«r. A. 
tat. BHM. V««. BC. et Ang. BL 
hmiov «Kfaibeeo iradeoa m i«.r«:- 
liqoia qoidem «piii to i ioatioomo 
Aah^iBte Tidetir. ^^oi^ ^lkHi. B< 
^or. BlLFJor.AOUV. Ald» »m. 
Oi Steph. A«» qMo%mrvmidi^ 
«MlMki» et «li tt i0wicmm et md- 
mrmmhame». Fic jicoi«# teato 
0Br«r«4»n dixeom, quom «t r«- 
gsBdi t«. initiitaeBdi et «i«odi t. 
vifoiidl^ wg«iic«rtaii«m.habepe potr 
•it, qoam otramqoe habet 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



u6fc4g tB wA Tovc 9oJi»(Uavg; «9' if^mg /m Ktnatpaln- 
tm» ij ov; My% l^f y moV Sv. Aitmv fiivy bImov^ %ov )u- 
%ivta ti^iv fl omlft asofittkdvta ^ ti tmv towitatv soiif- 
^avta diM aJmfv OQa ov dfiiuov(fy6v tiva ihl xa^iCvavia 
^ yB0ify6v; Tlaw fuv ovv. Tov Sk f^iSvta $lg cov^xo^ 
isfUovg aXSvta ig* ov daifBav 6iiovai tolg friilovtfi 
B Xin69€u tg aygtf, Zu Sv fiovXofvtM; Kofitdy ys. Tov 
dh aQi6tev6€evtd t% %ai sviofUfMj^avta ov ugmtov fuv 

dfmyif. Sed codicani caoita v&- 
qae praeferaodaa ett ^riofr, 
qood kad^B in •ec ei: Baik b. 

frtrtrov^l Lob. Vind. BD. 
B. av. Yiad. RF. Ald« Bas. ab. 
Bteph. Aft. pr. quod ad priorem 
Kectionu duviov iiignifiratiiiaaBi 
non ineptnm erat . 

ttQ'] o^a Yind. B. &^ Yind. 

mt' &rl lU Fwr. K. Vind.B. 
Flor. AC. Bekkerus. noi Sv Par. 
A. Vat.H. mi &v Flor.T. noUof 
Tind. F. notav Lob. Vind. BD. 
nt BM. Yeo. C. Par. D. noia 
Ten. B. Anc. B. Flor. R. «oSor 
Bfan. B. Flor. UV. cun editioni- 
boa praetar Bekkerianam. qmir 
fum? Fic (ouifM aiyc.) noVS» 
breriter dictom accipio pra nola 
ihr Hvxa rk «e^l xbv n6Ufiop 
6(f^iSg ixnv Xiym» S/v ad nola 
pertinet et ranim itlanim condt- 
ttonem, qoia incertam erat, qoa- 
lii Socrati placeret, incertam et 
fortoitam poait. Simili brerilo* 
qoentia Sopbodee Philoct. 568: 
nif6g nolov Sv vovS* whhg 66f 
ivc^B^g inXii; Cf. Hermaonos 
de particola dp L. UII. cap. 4b 
pag. 11248. iq. et L. I. cap. 9. 
p. 11196. ad cakem thcaaori Ste- 
phaniani ab Anglii editi. 

A6x»v ] tt^6v Leb. Yind. 
BDBF. Yen. B. Par. K. aecnnd. 
Bekk. Ans.B. Yat Hll. nrfrifror 
eM , md — oife trmnmiUUndmm 
Fic Ineft in woxmv aifnificatio 
priorii ez duoboi, qoae oKponen^ 
da ioicipit Socntei, qoemadmo- 
dom ipei inter aoie agere debeant 

xdliv] xiiv Ta£i# Flor. T.^ 
XL xmv TO«o«vmvl roiofrra u 
Yind. BD. 

%waiv] udTtiuiv Yind. B. Ti- 
maeoi iex. p. 152: uoKtj' 17 xo- 
%Uc , ag nidvfi lud ii&hi. obi d 
Rohnkenioi, a qoo laodatoi Bo- 
itothioi ad D. lUlL 623. hoim 
■ignificatiooii, qoae noitra loeo 
obtinet, oittm magii comffloaen 
exiitiffiaiie yidetar, dnm icribit: 
%dx7i ycKf ov (tovov 17 xmt/a va- 
xa xovg nsifl lUdxtaveiy dXlit vd 
17 duUa. Sed nentra PJatooi pr»- 
pria. Cf. praeter locoi a Rubo- 
kenio allatoi Burip. BeUerapk 
apod Stob. ierm. X. pag. 127. 
AeichyL Sept^ 192. 

3Qa] &oa Tind. F. Ald. Bas. 
ab. Aq' Lob. Vind. BD. Vat M. 

derj di) Yind. F. 

utt^taxdvai] xa^oxdvatTvBA. 
E. Flor. C. xa^ufxavat Vind. F. 

Y9mify6v] yew^mv Vat B. i 
m. pr. 

Btg] §6 Mon. B. com Kton. 
ah (hostihus) Fic. 

xovg] om. Ven. B. 
noXsfUovgl noXaulov Per. D* 
dXovxa dfl dL d^' Vind. F. 

^ e^iXovai] yiXovct Vind. B. Fi- 
cinoi hoc perperam cum dioQB&v 
Stdovat conitraeni Terbum a m 
adiecit: etiam grati* reddere vo- 
leniibne reUnguendumn 

Koptii] ^oinfin Viad. F. B 

y«. Thv] yt, t^t Ald. 

vn6] M Par. K. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



46ibd etQmUitQ vai rdh MfQattuofAmfP i^UQUKtm» t$ 
xal naldmv h (Uqh vwo hdotay dmtfr €oi jgi^ai #r«. 
9€evm»^i; ^ cv; ''BitotrB. Tl di; ddiim^^oi; Ad 
tovto. *jiUid t6d% olputif ijv d' i}^, oduht do» SomA 
To noiov; T6 ^il^6al tB «al ^fj^^ai ^Mo ha&tov. 
nivtmvj iqniy itaXi^a' %al nQo^f^inU f tm vdfi^ 
fmg Sv hl tavwig Jhi vijs ^tQotdas* nal fi^Aayl itBl- C 
vai dxaQvii(^^a& ov ay fiovXiirai ^iiBiv tva ml idv 

fiivwv Yen. B. a m. pr. 

tfOiJ 0Hf SUp. 01, Moo. B. 

9VHpifPiD9iiPM ] OTHpmpnOij- 
pat Vind. F. 

Tl 9^;-^ xi ^at; Par. A. Vat 
H. Flor. ACV. qaod si a prima 
maoa sine correctione perscri- 
ptum est ia Par. recipiendum pu- 
to, nt cam rei gravitate yocis in- 
tentio creviMe si^ificetnr. In 
Ald. Bas. ab. Tl dl df£. »ine in- 
terpnncUone legitor. 

df£ia>^«rfltt] ds^ucO^vui Lob. 
Vind. F. Vat. B. Ven. C. J|i«- 
^vat YQ Par. A. secnnd. Bekk. 
iiiaa^vtu idem in margine aee. 

Tdd%] rdd' editi ante Bekke- 

ovnivi] ovx hi Vind. DB. 
Bion. B. 

tpiUjcai XB xtfl] eai. Mon. B. 
FojMe qni tptXeiv kac de re dici 
nolient, AntiatticiaU Bekk. doeet 
p. 115, 22. et apnd Valcken. ad 
Araraon. p. 137. ed. Lips. milsiv 
qpceol BbXv liytiv x6 %€na '^- 
Xn^ y xatatpiUlv 91 md nvoai v6 
did xov tfrofMeroc. 

OTQccxBlag ] oxQOxlag , raper- 
scripto et rorstta deleto bi^ Mon. 
B. axQOTucg Par. ADK. Ven. B. 
VatH. Flor. ACT. Ald. Bai^. ab. 
qaod ▼itiom etiam Timaei iexicon 
p. S39. inTasit, nbi cf. Rnhnk»- 

C xffl /iftdtvl] Ita Par. ADK. aec. 
Bekk. Lob. Vind. BF. Vat. BM. 

Aflg; B. Mbo. B. Fler. U. RtSh 
qoi com Ald. Baa. ab. Steph. 
Aatio et in nr. ed. StaUbaumio 
emiaennit nal^ qood om inteUir 
gerent ita pomtQm eaeei nt Glan- 
00 legem noc capite anfondam 
rratare Tideatnr. 8imiliter 8h 
post prooemium initio lefii ipmm 
mdem anacofaitki fert 
Leg. L. VinL p.^ 854. D: xf 

d* Sv ItQoovXmv lfiip(^f — h- 
piflO^xn. lofinitinMi iieiviu pro 
imperatiTo aecipere lieet, oomma- 
tia autem ioeo, qnod Tulgo pott 
tPQOXBlag facanntf colon ponen- 
dum idemqne sifnum post iptXBiv 
tenendum fuit, ^i Astius efc re- 
oentiores comma feoerunt. 8ic 
sensus hic est: fwn etiom fioovm 
iei^* c^pvl tit Aiftus espedttionM 
tempus adiieios et ne en» Ifcenl 
mBgare , «t ^uem osculnrt velit, 
O&ram Aristotelem, Lucianum, 
Maximum et Piutarchum hnc re- 
spexisse monens Astius de Ajri- 
stotele erravit, si eundem eius 
locum (nam numeros typotheta 
▼itiayit) in mente habuity quem 
VoL L p. 274, b. retnli. Pseu- 
doplatarchi locus est p. 11. B: 
xo di} xov IHuxmvog cxovS^ kaeI 
XaQisvTiCfi^ (lEfuyfiivov ov na- 
oaXBimiov, i^lvcu yo^^ (pfict 
OBiv xolg dQicxtvcaciv ov ai^ 
BovXmvxtu xmv naXtov ipiXiieai, 
Lucianus (T. m. p. 110. Lehm.) 
et Mazimus (dissert. XXIIU. 4.) 
Socratem hnius legis ailctorem 
perhibentes Platonis sententiam, 
noa vdba^ relerunt 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


ii1iloi£f «c^ «^toei^ tiDlr totojkmp noXXiiag xaga tot)s 
Skkwq ioovtai, lif 8fi «Aat^Ofr i^ tov xoioiitov jU 
pmvtaif 8%(frit^$ fjffi^ ElnofiBv fAg, I99. 'Jlklit p^ 

D 0<9o& a)»a9o{. )cftl yc^ '^O^i^^o^ t^v st^Sowcftifcfittyra fo t^ 
noXi(im vcitQiOiV Alavta Itpri iir^txhoOi ysgalQSO^aty 

09$ TOVtfV D{|(8^ O^tet^ tt/EI^ "Ufi IjfiiSvti %B wl «l^- 

iQtlq^, i& ^S ^iia t(p tLiia09a$ xal ti^v loxvv av^ijnu, 
*OQi^tmtai ifi^ nnOpfiB^a aQa^ ^v 8' iyid , tavtiyB 


td^pmta] t* i&tattut TM* 

Tftt. H. tf^Mrrcfo^ Vind. B. FWr. 
ACT. r() ^of«t£f^ Ven. S. 

^oir roiO«r(inr] fta VelK B. fl«d 
««pencrit>tis 0« W. 
6c tov roio^rovj eir M$ Fie« 
ylyMAnrtfi] y/7rbl(^( Vlnd. B* 
'iiac2 /Eii7V--avS^€i. D.] IM- 
dat Hermogenes Ot idtto L. II. 
p. 406. «d. L«nr. inter «xjeiapta 
«opairitoie^ff ra»9 9roti7|(i(fra)r. 

^jtt);^] Ad hoc Moo. B. in 
infeiiore teargine a n. pr. flcripta 
kabc^ Wc, quae ita, ot tbi eza* 
rata sant, subied. Kod ^fnv ^ 

ycr^ff ^vta , 9 nmq WBUfofi^it 
rdv Sv$0a jEi^ olddvatg p^vtu 

(£ic^t#ov- p&XXov pkv o^v ^dlah' 
¥a eidoftBV xdprijv f 17 fth tov ipt" 

totg rofo2Sirde|) rov^ ifoi&vvovg 
Jl^rmog. ejiffmc^ (itt^er) Pic. 
vatims est ifecutritta generis pon^ 
dcna IRe « rif^ry «t ad seqoen- 
& tefA^diA, tpiod fSbf^isse vi* 
d^tor Benthard)1Mi aynt. p. 94. 
non fefellit SehleTefnaacheram. 

Soot dyaOxU] xhn. Fic. 

U Atai^a] om. llloo. B. Plor.U. 

Far. BK. *aiite vmroiotv «xMbet 

Plor. T. port fqpiy Lob. Vind. B. 

Vat BM. post ytf^aiqtoOai Her- 

mogenia ed. Laur* ted oodex Reh- 
difieranns post vmTOMiv. 

igml om. Vind. D. Lecns Ho- 
men eat IL VE. 321. 

^ifiv&iiBCOt] diTjvBx^sci Lob. 
Vlnd. K. Flor. ACV. Et in Mon. 
B» prias <t int. vers. est. dirjvi- 
uiot Vat. B. BirjvEKiaiSi Ven. B. 
Vat. H. Flor. T. Animi caussa 
FratioikgalB La POloniare inter- 
preitationem hnias leci apponere 
ptac8lt:>tftorpoft^ntf loa ^imiet 
dte«et oiiaMriMle* en tWomplbe. 

vavvriv] votaikriv Hermogen. 
cod. R«hd. 

oiTielav] om. Vind. B. VatM. 
jMOt oictav Hermoit 
'^ ^Mwl] ^/J. ViiS. P. 

^l n^] «£^e idem. 

'O^otwra 1 6ff0^eeta iden. 

Icpi^. iTfcoo^^a] Ikpti mmo- 
ftBO^ Vind. B. 

«(?«] <?oa Lob. Vind. B* &q 
Tind. B. 

tccvra] rovri^ 8teph. qnett er- 
tbrtm ex male int^ed;o feibo 
4K€iird^£^a pr^f^tom Astios ia 
sec correxit. 

rovff aya^ovffl os. Vind. E. 

KaO-ooov] «a^O^ oooy Mon. B. 

yw di}] dw w» Lob. VatB. 
Flor. T. In Vind. B. dn intver». 
est. Of. Vol. L p 318. 

vtiijjaofiev] vtn7Joa}(iBv Tm^^- 
et ante corr. F. 

fd^atg] Sdifag Ald. V. B. VBI. 

igitized by VjOOQ-IC 



Hi^voig ml ^ig yvv djlj Uiyoi$w «i#9tfomv » noig dh 

£§ia %tf 'ui»fv aCnnfm tovg iiya%ovg aviQog t$ aal 
ffwafxag, KaXltataf £917 ^ iiyHg* Ehiv* tdiv <tt i^ 
catodt4xv6vtmv imk CtQatBlag og av avioiUfit^^ag uAai^ 
tif^9 iQ ov sfQmov yklv ^60f^BV tov XKf^afiv 'j^ivqpg 
elvm; navtmf ys itaXuita. 'JlV ov fMio^a 'Hcd- 
dq^f ijtuddv tivsg tov toMvtov yivovg tsXBVtijOo^iVf 
tig aQa ot phf iaC^iovig dyvol ixixf^ovtoi tsJii^ovOiVf 469 
^JSadtlol, dXa^lxaKOif qyukcmBg ^uqCwov av6Qii*(av '^ Jltir- 

Stefkh. Ast. iec 

nlsloig] Mldimg Ymd. B. Par, 
K. Yat. M. 

SsmdscaM^] SMadsaa^vit yiad. 
D. la JUob. |>rios int. ym 

ravg] «m. Lob, Yind. B. 

Tat^ Sh ^y — n^eSffi; 4691 
B.] iaadat BaMbina nraeA. «r. 
L. xm. p. 387. Pnora aaqva 
Bd.nammp ye fidlM^ tainqiiam 
ex decimo CiTitatifl libro refeft 
Theodorettti Theiap. Ub. ¥111.- 
p. 914. Sch. Eadem sine yarie» 
t«te cadnbet ClemeiM Alex« StroiD. 
JL. UU. p. 571, S. Pott. Tmv 
ah ihj etc. Ald. 8tepb. Ast. pr. 
sec Idem in tcrt. pest Etep 
eomma fedt. 

Par. A. Vat. H. Flor. ACTY. 
huavqtmaq Vind.F. hil (in nno 
Urnm ood. hi) 4tffafslcag Theo- 

Tslsvni^] TsXivrncoi Lob. 

d9l 5^' Tind. F. 

^cofUiP] poat slptu Tbeodor. 

ndwcw] ft&p Bnseb. 

ys] om. Tbeod. exoepto uno 
Ilrsiai oodice. 

'AW 0«' — phf avv. 469. AJ 
Jandat Hemogenee I. ad C. citi^ 
.to. Mmde Huiodo fide QdhiUia 
aseeremm etc Fic. 

'Hoiodm,] 'HeioSip; fitepban. 
Loeni Beiiodi eit 'Soy. m. de 

qno conf. Bnttmamii M^tiiologiie 

voi. n. p. 22. 

hutiav — T€lcvn{ao»0iv ] om. 
Par. DK. Mpo. B. Fbr. U. 

Tov zotQVTOv] tov 091. Hcr- 

/U^a] doa HenMf . cod. Bebd. 

pij ]f Ba/s. a. qoae com Ald. 469 
Bae. b. haec omnia aine disda- 
.ctione ut prosam scripta habet. 
X)ontra dtc^hanos et recentiores 
duo Torsas quasi in editione po#- 
tae fecerent. Cf. Vol.I. p. 130, a. 

TsXiO-ovew] TsliO^toaiv Vind. B. 
naliovTiu Hermog^ cod. RehiL 
4|vo Terbo Pkto Crat p. 397. J^ 
in eodem Hesiodi Tersn est nsn^ 
;9ed apnd Theodoretum p. 91^. 
in illo Cratyli loco optimns BfV- 
burgii codex totnm yersum ita 
exbS>et, nt apod Hesiodom legi- 
tur: Tol /ikv ScUfiovii sla^ /im$ 
^dlov 9id fiovldg. 

fiSQoisav] O^mjTmv HennogeQ* 
cod. Rehd, et Plato< in Cratylo, 
.«t co^ftces Hesiodi. A^oe liaec 

aoidem discrepantia levior et qu»- 
s memoriter redtanteoi de^: 
Sllod grarios, qood, qunm Ho- 
«iodjus hoc altero ^ersa 'EaOXoly 
i%iX06vioi, ^laiU9 OvtitAv dv- 
JO(^iuo/v natnram, sedem, munos 
daemoaum siogolis singnla nond* 
jiibns significasset , Socrates ei 
tria ad nat^ram eorum spectaotia 
«Syiroly lt0lol, dX e j im nLot tri- 
hiiit) enios aitfatiDnis 0e« em e a - 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



Xin ''^S diufioWovg t% ical 9siovg til^km fuA ^m Ai«- 
9)0^9 o£frfi> mls«iyq7 ^^ofMv» j| Sif iSnn^^f 3t ^ oo 
fftUXofmf; JCal sop Xoucw d^ tKf6po/p 6g daiftiwmift 
B o{h;a> •spoM^Ofiir «f acol sc^oOiwvi^Offtttr avMoif m^ 
&^K«Si taiti dl tavta yofiftovfifiy, 8tay tig yiio^ ^ twi 
akkfp tQiatp tdiBvtiqOg tmv Stfoi av dio^sifovtmg iv tf 
fitq^ dfa9ol %Qi»w6i; Jl%au>v fOVVf S99. It dt; MQog 
rofig MoltfUovg mg xonjOovM qffttv ol ^^f^otftMaft ; To 

dAtioiiu ftmdaineiitttai in Cratyb 
iactiim« indolet auteai et ooofi- 
lina etiucaa et flimile ilU eflt, 
qao eiasdem poStae fobalam de 
anreo geoere sopra L. UL p. 415. 
miitatam ▼idimna. Attter hae de 
re Buttmaonns L c. p. 24. lo no- 
ta indicayit Cetemm hnc refe- 
renda sont Prodi yerba T. II. 
p. 200. Goos. ovva> yao, olfnUf 
lud 6 h UoltxtUf Staic^cevrjg ScU- 
ftovae indXi^B Tovg e^ fiefiiano' 
tag xcd ig dfuivm l^iiv fura- 
erarvag %cA voffov ayteitBQOP, 
icilicet ita, nt Kcrrdr 0|^tf<y dor^o- 
vag diceret, propier timiUtudinem* 

dpOomiemv — tov O^bov] o«. 
Lob. Yiod. B. Vat. BM. Yeo. G. 
Par. DK. Mon. B. Flor. U. Poot 
dvO-QWtnp editi aiite Bekkeram 
panctom habent 

nag] itv nag Yen. C. ^ artog 
refiqui , qni prozima iUa omit- 

' tivi dta«p6^ip] ^itthHM imigni' 
kua ptaiodpuo doeorare Fic 

ovta>] n ovt» Mon. B. Flor. 

twSrjg] taiftrjv Bnaeb. 

i] ^ Yind. F. ^ i Lob. rind. 
B. Vat M. 

^v iiiiynvKi] hutvog iirjjnXr 
vai Mon. B. Flor. U. (nam quod 
in aec ed. Stallbanmitta &v insZ- 
^9 ifiTyijtiu in Mon.B. Flor. U. 
scriptnm tradit, properanti eKci- 
dit) Pro sicno ioterrogaodi edi- 
tionet aote Bclckerianam punctom 

Ti^Hfft^dict-fB.] laudatTheo- 
doretas 1. c. et inde a rdv loi- 

m6v Cynllas adv. Infian. VI. 
p. 204b B. atqae in illimi editio- 
nibaa et codicibus praeter nnum 
Urnni cum Platonicis conaentien- 
tem priora ita leguntur: Ti 64; 
(ric etiam Uraini liber et inter 
noitroa Vind. B.) 0«' ftiUofUv 
tov lotnov %q6vov dg Saifiwag 
ytvovotag ovtm O-sifaMSvetv re 
(id Ura. ood. o«.) itai flp^omnr- 
vetv avvav vdg Oiptag-^ 

datftdvw] Matfkovmv Vind. 
BB. Vat. HM. Flor. AC. dalfko- 
vag YVfov6vag Buaeb. dcUfunftcg 
fifovovag vtOPBiSvag CyrilL 

0^^a%ev60fuv] ^eQceMgvcmfter 
Par. A. 

ril yc Mon. B. Par. DK. aec. 

nQOOxwiiooftav] «^otfmmfo»- 
fuv Par. A. Vind. B. in qua ie- 
ctiooe oeque aoriatas ad vefba 
vov Xotn&v ZQovov, oeqiw cen- 
iuodiTaa ad ioteirogatioiiem aptns 

»n*»9;] 9ii%ag. Ald. Bas. ab.B 
Btepb. Oijnagr Ast sec tert 
ans4 et ipsom probaii potest, 
dummodo in finesermonis sigBUi 
interrogandi fiat 

vadvd] lU Vind. D. Ang. B. 
«t, nt aSt in ntraqne ed. Stall- 
baumius, Flor. A€RTV. Rel»iai 
codices ^aidem omnes et editi 
ante Astu sec veevva habent vd 
a6vi Bnseb. Theod. (vavva onos 
Ursini cod. vavvff lunt) Cjr. 
secundnm quos Astias aocentiiB 

dll di} Cyr. 

TttvraJ va6vd Ven. B. TOOff 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS HB. V. 469 8» 

mioy iij ; IlQntop^ MQtattfdutfiev^iQi iomi dhuuw 
""Ellfpmg "EUipfldag n6lHg iviQ€atodli%69m, n 1^^ ^AJlg 
bntginBin^ natA t6 ivpato¥ %al tavto Id^civ, Totf *£l- 
lilviMv fivovg 98^<«09a», iilafiovi^iivovg t^ vni tAp C 
petQ^QWv dovldavi ''OiAp «ai Mwl» l^» duupiQH ti 
^p$Us6»a$. MtiSk "Ekkipfa 6Qa Sovlop h(t^09ai fiijf « 
avtovg toig ,t9 aXkoig '^kXffiw ovta fpfifiovXBVBiv; 
niw pAv ovv, S^' fMlJiov y av ovv oHt» UQdg tovg 
fiaQfioQOvg tQistoivtOf imnSv d' anU%0¥Vto. Tl ii-, 

Par. K. aibiL B. FW. U. editi 
Aatii. MC Mk TlMod. 

oxav] Kttl Stov Flor.T.Theod. 
(in quo Syiburg^iaa xal uncinii 
inciasit) AsUub in soc. et Stall- 

tivi uVm'] hvioqi Ttvl Cyr. 

ztl€wiJ4fn ] Tslsvvijm Lob. 
Flor. T. Ald. Bfts. ab. 
Sv] am. Lob. Vind. B. 

u^iS'm0i;'} K^iJd^sUv. Tind. B. 
uQiOmctv ; Bekkenis. %qiJ&£cu 
priorefl et Aatios in tert. contra 
atqne Glauco respondet. 

TL di;] TL SaL; Par. A. Bek- 
kems. Cf. Yol. I. pag. 155 , b. 
TL dl cam comiaate poct «oiU- 
fU€Vs Ald. Baa. ab. 

xd(fi] Tolgo coouna additom 
est (in Ald. panctnm) qnod ad 
perspicuitatem non inatile, sed 
graminatica ratione destitutam cum 
Astio in pr: et sec. ed« austuli. 

&ll^] Ita Par. A. Twd. BF. 
Veii. C. Par. D. Mon. B. Tat. H. 
FWr. ACUV. &llriv Par. K. 5A- 
loig Ang. B. Flor. RT. margo 
Par. D. StaUbaomins. aUo Bas. 
b. &XXto Baa.a. &lXip Ald. Steph. 
Afltiaa com relimfl oodidbafl. (tm 
pcHm ifi «e^ve) «6 aUi» (fieri 
mtid penmttma) Fic. Qoom 
Ckaeeofl , qai Graeeafl cifitalefl 
flervitoti adiicere Tetantar, non 
flio^iilarefl 9 fled civitatifl Tmcolo 
et ipflofl oonflociatofl oogitari ne» 
ceflflo flity recte eifl aUam eiofto- 
Um opponi nemo non inteiliget 

«orc? T^ 8vp€tg6v] ae pro olrt- 
hm obttemi Fic 

*JSUi7ytxov] hXXtvaiov Yind. K. 

ivla6oviUpov9] avladoviUvoig 
Vind. F. 

Stamiffsi] duupiQSiv Vat. B. 

q^iLoBcOcu, Mfjlfi] q>iLdtoOaty 
mfjdh Steph. Mrjdi — d%i%oivxo 
laudat Buflebiofl praep. er. L. XII. 
p. 358. 

hnfjc&ai\ hitiioacdm Hnd. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. AR. lUKtijc^w 
Vind. D. Ven. B. Par. K. flec 
Bekk. Fior. T. Bufleb. Gf. ad 

p. 464. D. 

EvfAJ^ovXe^cMr] Ita Par. A. Lob. 
Vind. BDEF. Vat. BHM. Ven. 
BC. Anff.B. (W^. Mon. B. (Par. 
WL) Ald. Bafl. ab. Stepfaan. et 
Stalfbaumiufl de Florentinifl et de 
Bekkevo tacenfl. In flecunda ta* 
men ed. ^rum flubtiliter fleafliim 
Jtuiufl loa ioterpretanfl pro xolg 
XB &iXo$s '^XifCiv ovta Spiifiov- 
IsvBiv flimpliciter fiijxB tovg &lr 
hjvg dici potoiflfle flcrilMt — Si- 
gnum interrogandi ab editionibufl 
aate Bddcerum abeflt. 

ItaliXov] fadUuB mc forUuc 

f ctv] yd^ Vind.F. ante corr. 
fihf Eufleb. 

oiv] om. Lob. Vind. BDB. 
Ven. B. Par. K. Vat HM. Flor. 

laifroy] hctvtm Vind. F. 

d'] dh Boflob. 

di;] daL; Par. A. Bekkerufl. 
dh dne interpunctione Ald. Bafl. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


bnidav Vixii^MiVj ^ uaUig i%st; ij 01$ 0Qe^>iM/v fiAv 
D t6is daloiis SiH fifj nQOi tdu iMx6n9vov UvM, Ss ti 
tiSV tBovtmv tQcSvtast S^c^ ^^ ^^^ ts^vmta uvmti^ 
t^6€, sroAAa ti ijdfi ^tQOtin^da dia tifv v4Hcm?i!7V a^ 
nay^.tifHiXBto; Kal ^iiXa. ^Av^Asv^bqov 81 01} ioua 
%al ^XoxQfjpiatov vbxqov 6vX^Vf x«l ywaixslag ts xak 
6pLiHQag duevolag td noXifnov vofkl^uv to 6afuc itovts^ 
drcioro^ axonvoftivov tov I^qov^ X9Xoim6tog dl jo hco^ 
E XifiSi; ij otei ti Sidg>OQOV iQ^v tovg tovto xoiowtag 

mcoXsvBiv] to (m. Flar. T. 

fftna^m/p] vmtn^cavcw Bloii. B. 

^] ^ Yiiid. F. Mon. B. om. 
Anc. B. 

h^t;} ix^i, Ald. StepL Ast. 
^. iz^ Bb8. ab. Ajit sec. 

3 ov 1 ? ovx 7J Veo. B. Yat. 
H. ^ ot;f} Flor. ACRTV. on- 
nofi? an Fic. ^ ol;. ^ Vind. PB. 
^ o^. I«ob. Viud. BF. Ald. 17 ov ; 
Moa. B. et reliquae editiones ante 
Bekkenim^ qni tacite falMin in- 
terpiinctionem suBtulit tacitosque 
«uiseclas Astium in tert. .et Stall- 
baumiom nactiu egt. 

h^i] %ov Mon. B. om. Lob. 
Vind. B. Vat BM. 

€Q9f] tSp Ald. B«s. ab. pr» 
ffOLo StqihaniLi . t^ in tcxta po* 
nenfl in annota^one p. 21. dnbi- 
tat » an rtj ponendom rit. tov 00- 
dioee ▼eram «Me deeent, to tan- 
tom in Fier. R. «t, ut Tidetwv 
in Ang. B. exstat, qnem Bekke** 
rne In comm. rd in hoc vanNi 
nmittere oatendit. 

D ^4 ^s Vind.D. (r sopenicripta 

oron' ytSQl tov tsOvsmta «0- 
atdtwti] --^mvmiiwiCi Ven. C. 
' I tnter eadavera volntoiftwr 

Sh] dlS^ VatH. 

njv rotorvriTv difna^tpf'] 
rapiendi eu^pidiMe Fie. 

asroXfiro] dxdXtfto Mon. B. 
'48igman intarregandi a Bekkero 

!4ireX€v^6^oy — Sta%m%vilB$9; 

E.] habet Stobanos aenn. CXXnn. 
p. 620. 

ts] om. Stob. Trinc Gesn. 
(Gaief. ex cod. AB. recepit) 

o/ttx^as ] Cfii%ifds Yind. F. 
Bas. b. 

ro TCoXifuov] ro om. editi ante 

^ rt] r/ Vind. F. Mon. B. Stob. 

duxfpOQOv] Stdtpofctv Par. K. 
gec Bip. Siatpsi^ov Ang. B. ^ta- 
^iqov Fjlgr. R.^ 

xwcDf'] xott^cSv Stob. Trinc £ 

0^(1 om: Vind. D; Stob» cod. 
A. Truc 

BdVuov^aq] ^al&vtJ&g Par. A. 
Bekkeras, Aatiua in tert etStall- 
banmina in sec ed. qnod, ai de 
percttssig canibna sermp eat, prae- 
rerendom, ceteroqiiin unius codi- 
cig licet optimi testimonio non «a- 
tis tutiun cenaeo. Videtur autem 
Socrates non de percussis tantiun, 
sed de omnibua canibiu omnino 
•cogitasse eevomqne itonc consoe^ 
tadinem dicere, ut in iapideg, qwi- 
bng percnari finefint , aaeviant» 
iacientem ipamn nerainem ag|pce- 
^diantor. Nant ita dcmnm gimiKea 
.per omnia Us iUi eunt, qm mor- 
inos apoliant , viria non soknn il- 
^s, sed qnibnstibetn 
non audent, qnos •ob id 
'parvo et amli^ni a 
<tos didt Itaqne fnntBwiA St»- 
baei queqne et Ficuii snctorstnte 
mnmtnm temi tenimdnmgne 
Aristoteiia loeo Rhetor. L. 
c 4. ezistiino, nbi de > 






fmai foo fi«X3Lovtog iw% uxtopivm; <hi8l 6fL%MQov^ Ign). 
^Eaxiwf &fa tig vm6Qo6rMag ^A tAg t£v ivaiQi6tmv 
^mH0X'66Hgt ^Eatiov lihto^^ ^rj, v^ Jla. Odn [iijv 
xov XQog ta IsQa td oxXa ol^OfLSV mg dva^6ovttgj 
MUmg ta timl td vmv 'EXltjvmVf idv ti ^fiiv iiiXji tifg 
XQog tovg alXovg ^EXiaivag wvotag ' ftaXXov dl xal gx»- 470 
^ffiofi^y jiij ti fiUB6pM y nQog Uqov vit touevta dxo 
tSv oUihtmv <piQ£iVf idv fiig u di^ 6 9tQg aXXo Xiy^. 
*OQ»itatai ig^. Tt ii$ j^g ts tfLi]6€&g t^ 'EXXfjvix^ 

nU (ehSpog) «ra in proia 
tKHie d&Mereii8 hoe exemphon 
cemiiianorat : ofoy ro lir t^ IToili- 
rUif ry IILara»^;, oxi el ro'^ 
v^hwBositag OKvXevoiTTEc ioiiKtx&i 
^olg xwUfiots , a toiffg Xl^ovq 
9tbgpu twv PtcXX6vri»p ovz dmo- 
peva, queui locom StaUbcraranis 
lii n0to laadam aecandutii nonnal- 
toa pal6vTmv tfcribit Ceternm 
t|aod Toapii coniectaram emend. 
in Snid. p. 349. Lips. pro xotg 
liO^ois 2<<^oE(f'Ov<'^ Beci u i da m 
€Kiidae locom rovg UO^ovg n^Qir 
Xotlvovoi scribentis codicea non 
conflnnanmt , neqne mlrom eat 
Heqne dtolendnm. 

xydX tcmofiBvtJU.'} om. Stobaeas 

%al Tccs viSv dvcu^iffsav Sta- 
%alvoscs] vietoriae namque ofr- 
•tmf Fic. qaem 8tephami8 in an- 
not. p. 21. Tere indicat non aliad 
legisse, sed Platonis sensum as- 
secutiim non esse. In Yat H. 
Flor. AV. anper TUoXvasig BCii- 
ptom tflt OKvXtvastg, Signum in- 
terrogandi Bekkero debetar, qnem 
Astioa seqm nohnt. 
f 9» ] poBt v^ dfta Viad. BD. 
Mog vd tf ^a] <n tenmhcm Fic 
p%] aillQ Ffor. ACT. (lit- 
Xtt Par. K. «ec J&p. Lob. Flor. 
U. • 

rvog"] om. Par. X. 
470 itSlXov 91 mAI miaitt^ t^ero 
Fic. . ^ 

fpoPnCQit^a] Ita Par. AK. 
Vat BH. Flor. ACTV. fopfj9fi' 
c6fis9a reliqni com editu, qaod 

non nunns probum, sed ob codl- 
ces ptflthabendnm erat, ni vSq^tr 
tin^oovTat L. I. pae. 343. B. 
tvXapri^oovxat L. lU. p. 410. 

A. et haina libri pag. 467. D. 
dx^so&i/iosxat L. X. p. 603. 8. 
et ipsnm tpo§rfi^ooiuLt Apol. p. 29. 

B. qnod nescio qnam ob rem Bek- 
kems ex paucis codidbns pro 
Tuigato^o/^ifoo/Mrtrecepit. Qoaiii- 
qnam nostro loco partim meomm 
hbroram ratio, partim qnod Bek- 
kerus Tnlgatam mtactam rdiqnit, 
nonnilul dubitationis de Par. A. 
et Vat. BH. inncere potest. Ce- 
terum in contrariam qnoque par- 
tem fibrarii nonnunquam errarunt, 
nt Phaedon. p. 115. C. nbi iroo- 
«ti^^iTCOiRC^cir, et S^rBip. p. 194. 
B. ubi O-oifvpfjJ^cea&ai, teneii- 
(dmn videtor. 

i] ^ Vind. F. 

Uif^] x4 L Mon. B. Flor. U. 

rd voitedta] vavxa M». VM. 
B. Vat BM. 

ip4fBi¥j (fifv Vind. B. fffiffrj 
Vat M. 

Uy^. X)f^mta] Hystt Sq- 
Mttvta YiBd. F. 

n Sij] m M; Pmt. A. Bak- 

7l ^ 8UI 

sine inlerpwetiQne 
Ald. Bas. ab. «t in sec ed. StalT- 
banmius , qni post iftn^amg^ «l- 

Snum interrogandi fecit, ubi in 
)i8 et in reliquis comma est 
Mihi xB irtter yijg et xfnjaiiog in- 
terpositum et haufl duhie ad se- 
quentia spectans eoruiiique jno- 
vens exspectationem artiori boruin 
genitiTorum et proximomm tl 91; 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


. ual olmmv i/at9^0H9g Mot6v tl 6ov dod^ov^iv ot 6tQa- 
tuStiu XQog tovg MoJLsf^lovg} Sov^ I99, doiav dMoqHttr- 
voiUvov ^dimg av dKOv6€Ufu. 'EimI fAv tolvw, i/v 

B d* iytif doKsS tovtmv ftfidittQa Momv^ dlXa rov hxi' 

innctiirfte obgtare eoeqne 
cnm inferioribiLi illis ^oX6v zi 
00« dQcicovcMf coniiuigere Tide- 
tnr. Atque eodem modo Socrates 
p. 469. B. et C t/ di ; nsurpa- 
Tit. Ficimis Tl 9i; — nolsfUovg; 
• ita inteqMretatua eat: An iui mai- 
ie» Graecarum^ quibu$cum pugna- 
kmt, agroB depopuJUdnuUur ae 
domoB ineemdent? 

TS Tfiijcsms] rBTiiiicBmg Mon. 
B. Ald. Bm. ab. te xal rfojcsios 
Yiiid. E. Vat H. Flor. ACV. 
<)uod Stephanus annot pag. 21. 
ni^i addendum exiatimaty eiu« 
pra^ositioniB haud raro conmen- 
oium fieri constat. Cf. Matthiae 
gramm. p. 650. 

T^g] otn. Lob. Vind. B. Vat 

oliuSv] oiwSv Vind. B. 

dnoipcuvofUvov] dnoqtalvofuv 
oS Vind. F. 

pkv]om. rmd. D. Vat R 
Flor. TV. 

doKst] oOT. Flor. T. io%Big 
Viad. B. Fiof. AC. 
n fi^qditBifa] y^^ fi7iri(fa margo 
^" Flor. A. 

dipai^Blc&ai^] Bz Ald. Bas. 
ab. comma revocavi, quod Ste- 
phanus et recentiores in punctum 
mntaTerunt Sententta sua decla- 
rata Socrates sine magno inter^ 
▼aUo se ad rationem eius redden- 
dam paratnm ostendit 

tfoi] csi Mon. B. a UL, pr. 

^alvBvcU fiOi> — dXXot(flov «o- 
Uftog.] excerpsit Stobaeus serm. 
XXXXL ]>. 258. Sed in editione 
Trinc omissa sunt. 

rcevra — stvai dvol om. Vind. 
^ B. Post ravta Ven. B. Vind.B. 
Vat H. Flor. ACTV. et a m. s. 
Par. A. cum Stobaeo editisque 
ante Bekkerum articulum td ad- 
diderunt, quo scilicet pronomen 
istud carerp non posse Tideretur. 

Neqne nen f enri aliqao medo poe- 
sit Sed eo deleto yerborum con- 
structio haec ests (pcdvBtcU p4n 
tavtaf nolefiogrs wd ctcufigy 
ScTtsff xtfl ovofutistai dvo 6v6- 
fjuma^ ovtcn xol slvcu di$o, quae 
fadliorem interpretationemhalMant, 
quam iila: (palvstal fioi tavta 
td 6v6fiata y n6lsfi6g ts ml 
ctdcig y cScnsQ %al ovofutisTm 
dvo , ovriD «al slvcu 9vo. Quam- 
quam concedendum est proxime 
sequens ovta ita conqjaraitum tI- 
deri, ut ad tctvta td 6v6iuttcc 
potius, quam ad tavta refeni 
debeat Sed quoniam noXsfiog 9^ 
ctdcigy quae per 'tcevta signifi,- 
cantur, tam nomina, quam res 
sunt, iilnd Svta eatenus refeni 
ad ea potest et debet, quatenus 
nomina sunt Sic codicum aucto- 
ritatem retinere licet 

dvolv] ^dvslv Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. Bekkerus et in tect ed. 
Astius; vereor, ut satis re explo- 
rata. hvolv a Platone pariter at- 
que ab reliquis illius aetatis scri- 
ptoribus pro legitima genitiri et 
datiyi forma usurpatom esse mul- 
torum locorum ciarta et varietatis 
expers scriptura testatnr. Eorum 
partem Ruckertus ad Synq». p. 113. 
mdicayit, quos hic repetere aliis- 
ye addendis augere inutile pntaTi. 
Contra paud reperiiuitar, qiiibua 
dvstv non dicam omnium, sea me- 
lioruin librorum auctoritate ita 
commendetur, ut a Platone pro- 
fectum rideatur. Tales sunt Symp. 
p. 192. B. penult ubi Ciark. Coisl. 
Vat A. Vuid. A. Ang. C. Ven. B. 
ht dvsTv stg ysvicO^cu exhibent 
Ib. p. 211. C: dno dvsiv inl 
ndvtay quae Tulgata eademque 
optimorum, quamvis non plurimo- 
rum libromm lectio est Leg. 
L. I. p. 638. E: (l^) a>y»; 
C^Tjtovvta vfuv noXsct dvslv tf 
loytp duefuixoit &v. Ita Par. A. 

> Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB. V. 470 • M 

Xiym; lUw y9. ^aivntd i$ov, S^mg xol dvofia(tvm 
dvo tavta ovofiaira, xoXsfi^g tB acol 6ta6igj o^m «al 
alvai dtio, ovra ixl 8volv tivoiv iia^OQfdv. JJym Sk 

Vat CM. Yind. C. Ricard. B. 
Fior. AMW. YoM. Ibid. L. YL 
p. 754. E : (rlfiTjfia) dviZv fivalVf 
iecniMhun Par. A. VhL CM. Ang, 
B.Flor.A. Ald. LoTan. Ib. p. 774. 
D. ubi eadem rerba in Par. A. 
Yat CM. Flor. A. kgiiiitiir, ga- 
pergcripta tainen in Yat C. ^ 
phthongo ot. Ib. L. TIU. p. 846. 
C: e^ Isrl 9tfitv %tx' ifp' ^6- 
0oir (maaculino) lecundiim Par. A. 
Yat. CM. Pal. C. Ricard. B. Flor. 
ACMW. Ckf. L. Yin. p. 546. Cs 
(^dtafiizQtav) o^^Toiy dh dvBlv 
aecnndum Par. A. Yen. C. Flor. 
C. Tim. p. 79. D: 9ptZv dh vuX/v 
du^oSoof oveoiv aecnndnm tmti- 
mum Yind. CCCXXXYH. Lob. 
Flor. BL. Par. 8Y. Amb. B. Yat 
M. Buthyd. p. 306. A: h ^uXv 
%a%olv aecandmn CHark. Flor. B. 
et fortaaae ib. pauUo ante /x dvelv 
«ya^ocjr flecundom Yat B. Flor. 
B. Paullo frequentiorea ii loci 
funt, quibua ita ut noatro fiecuadi 
tertiiqae orduua codices BvnXv ba* 
benty quod fortasse pro maiori 
eomm yel immero yel pretio hic 
illic contra optimoa redpiendum 
esaet , d grammatici id ant magia 
Atticum aut nominatim Platoni 
mitatam tradidiMent, aut denique 
ita commendaMeat, nt anffidente 
ratione et lectione niMm aecuti 
▼iderentor doctrinam. Sed hn^ ^ni 
optime de hac re praeoq^it» lexu» 
rhetorici anctor apud Buatathhim 
ad II. T. IL pag. 333, 8. 15. 17. 
Lips. nihii aliud tradidit , nin Al^ 
tieoa mlsrdtmi Ihtlv pro Svolv 
diziBae, apud yeteres roro id in- 
yeniri, ewe tamen a Thucydide 
uaarpatnm, et reociitiorea oantra 
analogiam dnalis ita scribere. Ne* 
mia Phrynichaa Ed. p. £10. Lob. 
ovbXv alterfi praefart, tantamiiro* 
}mm ewe didt, et nmnl eos re- 
prehendit, qui pro datiyo vtantor, 
qvum godtiTUi iit; oni praeoepto 

iB flchoKia Yiteberg. ad Burip. 
Hec. 45. repetito PUtonu locaa 
Leg. L. I. flupra significatiifl re- 
pugnat. Artioribufl etiam fiinhai 
non magifl piobabiliter naam dufl 
circumflcribit grammaticafl aBach- 
maiino editufl aneod. T. II. p.d72, 
2. 9vtiv dlra tov a^^ov fivtr 
x^ff htayofilvrjg did tradena. De^ 
nique Heraclides apud Bufltatiunm 
ad Od. T. IL p. 257, 35. 9viiv 
recentisfliuufl Attidfl proprium, cer- 
te Platoid alieiinm censaiflfle Tide- 
tur, dum docet vovg 'Amnovg tfiv 
0( dUp^ovyo9 slg n)v u aeta- 
MoulVj vo dvoZv Hyovrag ovbIv, 
ual t6 ofiioi olkfli, nal to noZog 
vfBiog. Nnlla igitnr canflfla efl^ 
cnr nofltro Jooo PlatDiiem Svt9v 
flcripfliflfle fltataamofl eamqve for* 
mam ei aninfl adeo aut paaoomm 
Bon optimorum oodicom gratia im- 
pertiunnfl , quod Bekkema ple- 
rumque fecit. Cf* Criton. p. 5t. 

A. 162, 16. (ubi Btallbamniua da 
codidbufl ▼ehementer frisnfl eflt) 
Gorg. 473. D. 59, 7. 481. D. 77, 
19. (qao looo ihthf Bekkero eo 
magii flaflpectnra eflse debebat, 
qiM^ in glossemate itaratiim nde« 
ret) 493. D. 101, 13. Theael 
187. B. 271, 5. (nbi Stallbaamhifl 
9volv tenenfl parum aibi constitit) 
Crat 418. D. 75, 21. (vbi idem 
▼ulgatam in nnllo oodioe praetor 
Far. B. et Zittar. exfltsntcsn recte 
dcflemk.) Symp. 192. B. 4. 408, 
12. (ubi Bekkerus falso in Claxk. 
^flSirlegipeihibet) PkaedoaulOl. 

B. 93, 10. 102. D. 96, 15. CSt. 
YHn. 587. B. Tim. 53. C. 66^ 
19. 56. B. 73, 5. 63. C. 86, 14. 
Axioch. 366. C. 509, 33. Parm. 

142. B. 36, 1. qno loco Bekkenifl 
GoniQnctis Yen. A. Par. L tribuit, 
qnod singolis ib. 129. A. 8, 6L 

143. D.^ 37, 19. 38, 1. 4. et 
Ambrofliano CiT, L 351. B. coil^ 
cedendam mm patant Baadem 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

M P L A T O N I S 

M dvOf vo fiikp otxtSov Mffl tvyyevigf ^ 'k iXXoTQn&w 
%ul d&mov. &rl lA» ovv t^ vov oIxbIov . i%^QCf^ 6taik9 
H&Kk^tm^ hti Se t^ tav aXiotQlov mlaiMg. Kal w- 
dtv ^\ l9>9, Sxo tQOMv liyug* "Oqu di} Tcmi d tadt 

C nQog tQOTCov Xiy&. (pijfil yctQ to luv 'EXkrp^ixov yivog 
avto avt^ olxBiov dvca, xal ivyyBvig^ tip di paQfioQi^ 
%S o^tlov TB »al dU6tQu>v. KaXwg yB'j Iq^ij' TSXXti^ 
vag .^BV aQa fiaQfiaQOi^ xal fiaQfiaQovg "^Ekkfj^L xoX^ 
fiBiv (iaxoiikvovg ts tpij60(iBv xal xoXsfLlovg ^i^Bv Bivai^ 
HaX xoXhfLov Tfi/ ijjiQav tavtt^v xAQriot/* "EXXijvag dl 
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vaVf i/o^iv d* iv t<p ioiovttp t^ 'EXXada xal 6ta6id* 

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fUVf £939» 6vy%aQS ovrc» vof^liuv. 21z6x& di^, Jkw, 

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pe Yel. L p* m #ed PhryMcU 
•eotaatieni dedatiTO fostaeflifl hand 
menieDdaiii dioitt 

eOveZw] PoUax IIL 55 : vd «I 
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dl avvfp ndtQtjvcu» Harpocratiot 
ithfilog * *Iaido9 ^ r^ »ar<i JSTtfflt* 
TOttUovff (i«»fi to«i ilXX^rple69 «{fi 

/k0ir. (p. 629. B: rdir d^f2dv zB 
mul i^o9w ^oUfiop,} Photitig: 
Mrtibff- tiUoytmjgy idtfogy dX' 
lot^iog, 'I^tog fud IRarmv, Gf* 
Preiag. p. 316. C. 

ovt^j om, yen. B. Tind» BB. 
Men. B. Tlit H. et ia sec. edit 
MJlbaiimiiU, (piod haud dubie «k 
gloMeviate ortum sit. Temepi. 

rf cov otiulov] r^ Mon. B. tai>- 
'tm ia margine et^ «t lidetur) a 
ol. fl. fai^et 

o^iw] 6^66 VM. F. An«. B* 
Yat H. 

y'] yfl Ldb. Tinfl. BBF. itor. 


flf«o Todanw] aaror^^ov Bai. 

ab. Cf. Ba«ti«fl ad Gregor. p.ill. 

Kflci sl] nctl Tind. F» e/ wtA 

MoB. B. Ang. B. Nal, e/ Aflthta 

itt pr. et £ltallbaum]iu in gec* ed. 

' Of. Vel. L p. 134, h. 

C lA^iaov] Tf<(fm Paz^ B. 

flwird] 0«* M6n.B. 

avt^] flnr. Viod. F. 

y«] / Ang. B. 

^olBfutnr puixofiivovg] Ita MoB. 
B. fled fluperscriptis p a. fiax^f^ 
vovg noUfiBlv Vind. F. Ang. B. 
Flor. R. et laargo A. qven ver- 
bonim ordtti^m flcriptor non qnod 
flroJlc/*€tv juiK)i;o|[iiyo«g plane ia 
«aam notienem coteat, qneiaad» 
modnin Btallhamniufl fltatoit, flod 
ideo fanpnibaflfle ndetnr, quod nofli 
tantom pagnantefl, aed omni tem** 
pere nolm^ovg ^cbi Gfaeco» «t 
barfoarofl significare veilet 

^cofisv] poflt nal Par. K. 

^olBfdovgj ^lifimfg Tind. F. 

troio^] Ua Par. A, Loh. Tind. 
DBF. Tat BR Ten. Ba Ana. 
B. Flor. ACRTT. Bekkerni ot% 
tert Afl<infl« trocovrov relhfime 
«on reltqnifl eedicibafl «ditioiiea. 

qy6€et fkkp] poflt ^tlokfg Tat 

MNTf Sp] vb^ com Mtm in fiafB 
Tind. F. 

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t^j om. ViBd. F« Ang. B. W^ 

Loh. Tind. B. T«t BM. 

wyiwrf] |»yf. Tind. DBF. 
Tm B. Aag. 6. Tat H. Flor. 
ACAT. ^t reoeiKioMi M. 


igitized by VjOOQ lC 

CIVITA8 LIB. V; 470 •» 

St$ y rgf ¥W ofioAoyoirfilffV ^«^9^7 Smov £p u tom6- 
TOif fhnjttti^ xttl 8uaitf%6kig, iup buttdQoi iumiom 
TJfH/o^y dyfQvg %al obUug l§iaU9eQS4iVj m$ «iUfftiok 
dyg TB So9i%l 1} OriOiff tlvctVi xnl ovdhwfo^ avtdhf ^iilo* 
a6M8$g' ou YotQ &v noth i%ol(tmv %iiv tQoipov tB suii 
(npkoa mlQBW ' dila lUtQiov dvcu tovg naQXovg a^pm^ 
465qh0^m totg KQi(tov6i tm nQotoviUvatv , xtd diovoat- E 
09«i ^ig d^akXetyti^ofiivmv %iA 06% aA noleftit66vt€»v* 
Ilold yoQt l^^ ijfiBgmtiQOfV avt^ 17 iiapoHC iaUvi^ 
Tt 81 ^i %fnv' ^ 4H> wolw okUt^ oh 'EXXvf^ 
i§tm; ^Bi / avv^^ f^.. Ovnovv «ai a^tAol tB m1 
9fM^i SMvfCKi; £qf68Qa yz, 'JUi ov i^iklU,7iv$g; oM 
ol%Blav f^ 'Ekla8a '^yiq^ovtai, ov8l aoivav^OovOiV iv^ 
9MQ o£ aiUoi (8<^; Ka\ 6fp68Qa yB. QvuoSv tipfttQog 

ovzm vofilistv] ivtm voftiiBtip 
MoA. B. om, t^ic, (f Jaa m Ui ifr tqui- 
JSko^» 8i}] oid€9^? Vie, 
h T^ vvv — 9ta9vp noUg] im 
aeditioaa cioitate Fie» 

dfioloyotfihfi'] o^iioXoytmfiivri 
Ykt H. dfiovyfirivn emn 1» super 
6 et int. vers. addito tj post y 
rmd. D.' 

roio^tinf] Ita Pkvr. A. Ven. B. 
Yind. B. Vat H. P!or. ACV. 
TOiovTo reliqni cam editis atite 

hidtsifoi] hiuti(fOig TJsid. fi. 

t^^otrit^l Wxi^(0(Tty idem. 

dg} om, idem. Bit anacolathonl 

aXiin^djjg } c!Xir. Yind. B» 
TioMieiiBlejb p. 23: ^;UnMMBa£6' 
«^^nsAov ^ sAoFOf'. oui} irc^f 
1} tMvrj xftl 17 lifM^^a; An in'' 
Umt ueuCram hee Woo inTcaitl -€& 
retiqvl loei m Rnhdkenio laudatii 
qoi plm de kac voce ad «ohoEa 
dictania erat 9 et qnoa citaTit 
Wenudorfioa ad Himer. p. 13a 
pernletosa Fuk irano «Bpia. 
Mote] sor Yind. F. Ang. Bw 
pitqunf iUnui •iittt etfe /•• 
etmn ptitareal Iic. Similite^ Ste» 
phanaa annot. p. 21. ijyovwo Tei 
spofMdov aat aliad eiiudeai siAiii- 
fteatioiiii Terlwm dee«M patamit 

Mibi infinitifaa ad pnegreism 
So)Ui rafnrfiidM Tidetnn 

t»pnif€ttovpivmp] oUantm Fi«i £ 

duiXXoffi^opdpmp ] SmXXap^- 
oopipm Yen. B* a m. pr. 

Hohp] noUffiy ift mar^pi a n* 
a. %v , Mon. B. pr^cdo Fic 

yo^] om. Yind. D. 

^fii^wvtf^iM] ij y8y >r ^g« Yind. 

UdP7]g. Ti dl 81I;] om. Fic. 
oiiUisig] PoiUbttg Par. K. ■aa. 

!EUi7ylff ] eUv^ctf rnd. F« 

Itfrai.} om. Fic. 

y'] ye Vind. F. 

1977 ] l^m^ Viad* I>. 

$/M(^i] jf^^oi ViAi»F. Ang. 
B. . 

&ovrai] oM. f1& .In Vilid. B. 
nalla inUrfpuictio., in AkL pnm- 
ttam ML. 

^Akl' o4] «tfitre— .Fi«u 

^iXhn^ig ] 9»a^ct Fmd. 

o^d^] oi;'d' llnd. .F. Ang. Bw 
Flor. R. neinp^-^. Fic. 

oliisiav ] 6hilttv "f ea. B. 
' ivHs^] SaitSQ Vind. BD. tit 

oi orXXoc] oX om. Veo. O. Bar. ^ 
DK. Vind. F. Mon. B. Aiig. B. 
Fior« U« editi ante Bekkecttm. 

KaX] oai.Vat.a 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


471 wiglSlXtpMig Aue^ofttif, dg oUtdmgf mdkrnr ^r^i^^ 
tai xal ovih i¥0^a6av6i m61»(mv; Oi yoQ* K^A os 
dHMayffioiuPOi SQa dmUovtai; Iliw fikp oiv. Bv- 
ft9¥dg i^ 6€9^pifov$ov0iv , ofSa hA iovlda wolaiovug 
oii^ U oH^gqfy OOHpQovuttal ovtBg^ ov MoXiiitou OS- 
r»g, iqni. (hid* &Qa t^v 'EXlada '^nvBg Svt€g se&* 
povdiv oiiih olxij^Big ifLXQ^OovOiv ovdh oiioXayij^ovM 
h i»a6tfi xoXh %avtag i%iftQovg avtolg slwavj wA Su- 
dQag %al ywamag atd xaitagf iXX* oUyovg aA ix^QOfig 

' B tovg altlovg t^g duupoQog^ nal dut tavta xavta olm 
t^ Y^ toBXflOovOi xbIqbiv aiitmvy ^ qUXmv wv woX- 
i/iSp, ovtB oliUag ivatQiMBiVf aXXa yijffi tovtov m«(- 

toi^] om. Flor. T. 
471 o/m/ov(] oIxbLw YvoA. D. 

ivoiLacovct] Svof^Sovci Yiiid* 
F. ante oorr. 

$ikp mg Sii tfo^^orovoiv Yind. F. 
9mp^o9ovct9 etiuii Ald. Bos. a. 
habent. fia itm^ wentOKtia et 
iemporato animo rem agmt Fic 

dovXeia] dovlBlaif Viiid. BF. 
Tat M. 

^ SX4^ — xoUfuoi] kco- 
li^Qa — noUfuot Yind. F. ino- ' 
Ufuoif oiniMM inedii»9 Ang. B. 
In AM. Bae. alh Stepb. comma 
poet dli^oqt omiMom et pest «o- 
idtovTig poeitem eet 
. coHpifOVMTal} om. Fie. 

ot^ volifuoi.] mg wS «. Yind. 
B. Vat H. Flor. AC. , 

Offfvolg] Ita Mon. B. Flor. T. 
mbi Fic om. Lob. Yind. B. Vat 
BM. Ven. B. ec^ovg Ven. C. Par. 
IMK. aivotg Vind.DEF. (Par.A. 
Ang. B. Vat H. Flor. ACRUY.) 
oom editie; qvod, qnnm proxime 
•eqiiena bIvoi oogitationem rererti 
ad verbam djuoXoyifoovOisr iubeati 
minoa i^tom Tidetnr. 

dil] om. Lob. Tind. B. Mon. 
B. Vat BM. Ven. C. Par. DK. 
Flor. U. oilmodum Fic 

B duupoQ&g] dmip&oifag Vind.F. 
Tat H. Idem ^diibere Tideotar 
Flor. ACT. e qnibas Stallbaamiua 
duupo^g pro yaria kctione af- 

fert Tul^maionmiiiterpanctm- 
ncm addont 

dut xavxa 1 Suttavxa Tin^ 

xfiv] om. Lob. rind. BD. Tat 

i»tJ4wvoi] i^tlifcowfuf Bm. 
ab. i^iXovOi Ten. B. Tind. & 
Tat H. Fior. ACT. 

oitUag] oinBlag AJd. Baa. ab. 

liiZQt ov] lU Par. A. Tind. F. 
Ten. C. Par. D. Ang. B. Mon.B. 
Flor. RU. ftizQig Lob. Tind. BD. 
Tat M. fiizQ'^ ov reliqni et edi- 
tionea ante BeldLerum. 

dvoixioiv] dv^ Tind. D. a m- 
0. int Tors. habet avaixLmg^ qood 
docto cuidam yiro in mentem ve- 
nlme Stallbaamius narrat, noa 
optimae notae ▼ocabulum et tix e 
codidbua redpiendum , nednm e 
eoniectura ▼uligatae, qvae nihil 
offenrionis halMt, aolNrtataendnin 
▼idetar. Cetemm nesdo an bac 
reapezerit Procloa T. IH. pag.62. 
Cona. Std xavxa «ocl d Iv liohr 
xsloL £o9%QdT7ig diMl dvvofUf 

iXiHV XTfV MOXlV XOOaVVffVf octf 

%iii avxr^v %al xovg yslxovag ao- 
xfjg ddiKOVfUvovg vn ' dW/jXB^ 
dvvdctm omtHVj mg xov noXtp*- 
%ov xiXovg ovxog xov daudov 
%ai ov T^f vbarig o^6\ xijg Xa^ 
Qoytxyjfiag ovSl aViOv xtvog toi- 


dhfovvxmiv] dXyovvxsg Bia- b. 
Btiam I^ob. Ten. B. ff aoper av 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 

CIVITA8 LIB. V. 471 

f^t hn^ dfMaoyo aom Mr Sfo^ toih Im m dm^ trWg 

«ovg iS^ wr ot leu^ sfdg «Uflovff. 2Ufa%itv ft) 
imA vovrotf s^ wfiov toig ^ia^ft» fi^« /i^ T^oiir C 
fnrM ot«<«ff ^fundsfcmu; M|i«r» if)9, imI 4:*^^ yt tm^ 
iiig fovrff «a iMii tJi Mfo^tm. mJAm fmf /tm imaig, d 
IkixQtttigy ior ttg Ooi tJt tomOtm butfbtfi Uyuw, ot^ 
dimm pfinflihi9m»m S hv t^ sftf ^ar mm^mtifmfog 
matta tmvta ilf^aff, vd 6g dvrcm) o^ijf ^ sroAitttci 
fmk»my Mil «(v« ffomr M«i Hvmct^. imA ovi yt» al 

ilMMsprMttfvl- Stephmi , BakkM, 

rit» ylwn, firf i ltw r to e — i»» miiis ei in lert A«tei ceM fec*- 

MM dedtfwUf jntvntihwt ommm iwife» 

MlMMf* Si^dficiter anlem n^ aUsflovi.] «lJU|uUvii, m(I ««^ 
' f. Man. B. FUum < 

nira et nd pnoMi ndigmoogno. Iric niii|nid falMpelnfiet Mni^ 

tnr. flnrftnroi Milm Ito «immIm omo 

/4ir] ^ o^ nid. F. An^ «Mefo , nl mmo GfMrf eonlni 

B. Flor. R. ChmeeM i|f eatf imiI. 

aer^] Oi} yind. H. TVMiwir ~«U2o- ai «oeneit 

ipitwtiovg 1 lUsp«i Men. B. BtobnoM eerM. XXXXL p. ite. 

W. U. qoem dnm BtnUbnnmiM 8ed Trine. endml. 

FUr. U. qoem 

in pr. ed. pro w^ hfus^rlavgwh neel] om. Rc 

lU. hnbcro aitTOVff iXJttiwag xo4$ votff ^lat^l wtg 9Xlff9$ Men. 

itXhfl&9gt sed rovro7 xMiptiw B. comoMto non peotpeetto, 
ai7 Yo2;?7&U97tfi fnftt^ tripfioem natepoeito^ Bendem intgipnnctle 
Ynriotntem, qoao prenns endem nem in BeUuri odit i enem typo- 

bMoD.B.oiJtnt, penieramlmno diolM , opiner , onkw Hlatam 

unon ki iDcnm ceinocft, ntqno ki Jletina b toit. ot BteUboMiu ki 

aoc pro d§hf MQog ri^g iim- ntmqno adaeiTemnt 
tUng Menacenaem ot Fkirentkmm oorM rt] wSrd y» Lek. VinA C 

9q69 T0V9 "EXXnPog Toiig dlXn- BMB. Yen. B. Yat. HM. Flor.^ 
Xo«6f lud troovo: rtO»|iM ezlu» ACTY. Boa. k. 

bero dooMt enorem non oorrodti 7«^] em. Btob. ced. A. 
aed nmit "BU^of otiam Fki- fiM] em. Yuid. 8. 
nnt lofliteTidetnr, qm 99x» — xig got} o» #oi Ang. B. Fler. 

«^oi^ftilhci Ua etm GraeaU B. riii Yind. F. 

pMynnnliftnt rqm y n B n d n m Infeer- kuxQiwg} kut^imm Tat B» 

protntttt ett Lob. 6ux^hm Flor« Y. htn^ 

TOi)ffi}/MriiOOi1roi}ffoakBat.b. stfto Yen. C 

Mon. B. anta conr. «^009)^^1- Yat H. et, tnp. iO, Fler. T. 

odeu. e corr. nt Akl. Bat. ab. Aft- fnrifieoOtti 8tob. cod. A. 

qno itn taepe ki itto codico pnn^ tovtcI ante «ccyrcr Lob. Ykid. 

ctomm, qnao perttnao matUio- B. Tat M. vd vomomi Vea. C. 

aem kidkanit, dtemm eratmn cot yt] om. Flor. T. 

Platobu Of. n. G 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


6dov9ig M lud ciHrjMriodwfff mSwa tA^^pmm im- 

• «nprfivoftto, ffoi »«l iy Tgf o^v w|i^ rfn mxi &i»o9Mr 
IsftTa^fiiiw, 9>oj}ioir rt fiyfMx mlg ijfi^ois fu^ fX suni 
9ig Amfuii fio^$lag yipouo , o2l\ Asi voiirg sawir 

«kv , oiBUiQ t' tt leqtioiitibiii s«x 
TOcibuB , Ahg. B. 

efir ] •r« Fl»r. GL 

i2yc0Oi2 «(^Xetj ayoOi} «oXic 
Yind. BD. In Lob. et Yat M. 17 
Mp«r ^ etig Mper ^t adieriptiiin. 
dfa»« k&l89g Tet B. 

j yhoiTo ] OM. Stob. cod. iL 
Bi Meii. a pmictie «nit notete. 
Ficniiui h. K «on dMto eddensi 
deinde iym Jjym oimtleBe eenenni 
nen mele reddidit Atqne etiani 
InGraeeie ▼erbaai, ^o Sri ye 
eAc spectent , mibi ndn, «t Aenn 
et Stallbauinio , omiMum , eed per 
nnaorinllion mntnfcnn ndetnr, pro 
dfioXojm rtl alio sinnlle eignifioa- 
tionie illato ^^<* t V"^ qnom db 
praepontom iym niliii amplioa. 
qnam inpplementiun 'verbomm S 
ov na^tAihtetg eshibnro et per 
oopwlain eis eoninnctnm eeee d^ 

Aun in centva posltb solet oarftti^ 
in loenm rtM oftoloym avceessit 
Similiter Latine si dicas t ntm fit* 

\ imrum Oiee, nty ftnee si estlilertt 
rm pttfrtfene/erain, et oMtaiif tn 
qua extHteritf onmia hona con- 
Itnfiml, '«tlnm jfmm improotpr^ 
niflHt, effo ndioe , enpectatieni 
vetbb ^ruBis nmtan cut tre umm 
eiiico atcnnquo saliifi|ciat itnqiM 
demma poet ma^tdkl-MH^ > recen- 
tieribns omissnm reaiitnL Stall^ 
banmiQs in sec ed. terbn S «1} 
w^edc/sfir fy^ Jiif* iipeb tnM- 
^rsis ab reliqnn nretione aepan^ 

_ ▼it 

D ^jroMrro ] fiaz^o Vind. B. 
Yatfl. Flor. A€TV. Stob. Oesn. 
Ald. Bas. ab. 

tf}ti TmiLV. ntBL 
dnoldxsw 1 dxoUtut^ Yind. 

Yty9t90Mftig] fivdotu Lnb. 
Yind. BD. Mon. B. (Flor JkCTUY.) 
Stob. Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. taccn- 
Hbvs Bip. V. nd p. 47S. A. on- 

rs] Ofli.yind. D. 
^oeept^r] Ita Per. A. Vind. & 
Vat BL Flor. ACRTV. Slob^ced. 
A. iiroeo^oif ff Ang. B. icEvmls 
reliqui codices, Stob. Gean. «t 
aditisiiCeBeiiKeinm, qnos aeqni- 
tor Mattluae gramm. p. 770l MBhi 
accQsatiyus qcfeun ob codices pmo- 
tnm nd yiyM>dnotrrfg 
«t per ae exqoieitior 
fidetir. Gonf. BBmhardjr ajvt. 

dibiSj^o^q} 9tlf9t Vind. F. 
oDrrevo^o " 

1 «roflrreoomn 
Vuid. B. Vnt il. Fior. AC 

wtOTi] o^r^Ald.Bas.ab. 

5nM^etr] int yera. Vinl. F. 

sntrennTyti^ot^} HSnrsmrmimn 
Mem. huvitUYftiwom fiien. B. 

ip6pm9] VimL F. « int Tein. 
additum habot tp6fiov Fud. a 
Flor. E. 

«or^] «DT^ yiod^ F. 

Tmot^- spBsrcjj ] nr* r. Ang. & 
Flor. R. . • . .> m ram (ex oMend. 
TOi^rO Vind^ F. 

afiaxoi] afiaxov Vind. F. 

ofxo^] ohoff idem. 

ys] re Lob. Vind. BF. Vnt 
BM. Ven. C. Pnr. DK. .Hon. B. 
Ffor. RU. 

el aMTfais^irsrai] flnon St epl m 
nns, qni in tsKta oam prlsnhna 70 iMte pMi dfot- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


o6a av dn uvxolg^ S^m' aXX' wg ifiov ^iioliffowtog E 
ndvxa tavxa Sti if^f Sv^ nal SlXa y$ pvpto, tt fhom 
9 Molimtta aOni, pupdt^ mislm «9I avt^g Uy9p dUa 
tovto avt6 ^ auifcSiiBt^a ^ii&g aStoi^g fft^HVf dg 
dtMvmov jnd i dwatov^ %it 4' aJHa %alQUv Im^* 
*Eiatq>viig yt tfi), ^ 6* lf6 ^ Scmq sroraf pofii^ 472 
ioQUf^ kA tiv loyov |iov, mH ov mvy$9f06Mug 

Ib «mMt p. ^l. nandk gua por 
paTanthenn poiHa •cdpeee» qna 

VMU 0i«9 flNaif flMM 

dra»d ttb c2 dWettter _ 
MB »M «oidiittgitw. A4 

epoden Terba he com 

MHiti ^Qmf g^a dy tAi «^ceJb 
<Sf 4ii9«i •Am» , a maaiAaim9a$, 
«M qaeaiam beUi mailie pneeee^ 
Mt, ofiuM primni loeaM eMB pei^ 
)ie aoeepit. 

■iwMiletiM iedieeffe^ et peelie ib^ 

t471. D* y t y>MMio»rH i» Flor. 
e wi p te M oMe 1trtit*n.tft, Bek- 
kenu nfiJifMrtier in iiee re feit 
«ec «KtOT, Mfll per gfwriMif die- 
ewMentiee iiwefnniM pteetenBMh 
«■M in fib.eo4ioiMeyiU«d e#t«- 
4it» Bt We a|M»^ leee 4e Yiiid. B. 
Mml K FU.E. tecMie Yetict- 
Me B* yir. Ubcrt Ibrtiilte pnt-' 
dldit. JSIatftMr iMeiiMb p. 71« B. 

p «cMra vcwncl Ite Per.A.Leli. 

^ Vuid. BF. Ymu C. Anff. B. Yet 
IL Flor. B. oflk Per^ USL BIml 
S. «rvrtf tuiptm reliqM eediete 

vil ofli. Per. K. aeo. Btkk. 
J} Mn. YlMLDIi. Vet H. Flee. 

elSnr] «oMrveir M^ B. FIm. 

ttiko] Met iB^ Vind. F. Anf^ 
B. Flor. iL a#Toi Pfer. K. eee. 

472 iSMMo} poil wum^ooftiHf Lokw 
yind. B. Vet BM. Hfrwn (kmm^ 

ooyyirrfiimpl yiwrfiMnig, pne» 
porito a 10. e. ody Vet B. oi iyy i* 
9iinmgUoa,B. #oyyiyn»ei^Vat 
H. ivyfVjfvdmm^ Aitioe. «oyyt* 
yirflj<n»if Bekk«nu et StelllMiiH 

codiees oainee com Stepkene el 

(&2li 17^f«|gatMay«fee!^0Xiper 
oon faiMo do- 
ia qpia^va 
— _ -»_- - — — aepMHa opae 
retet loM qnaM ipee ttl>iqae Tf^r 
yF iaaew aBribet, eoM eeriptnreia 
videri polMl MilteM in neo.aMniinB 
naailMilir eMreteM ioMK 
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MM pfaeleriil elPeriria»- 
«•M A. eiMnir yiYvoim kftberp 
ad Or. L. L p. m B^ adnoterit 
Qnod qpMM M re M ren d ny pater^' 
jotf ppmola mfrfai y iyr ii Mi Pfcclr 
' I aen Mmaf ofotrov«r'> 

Inre igitar» * 

Ite ril, oaflMte lieriiil, ni^td> 
«MdaM CSIerUeaae interdnM» Ji^ 
Meneii. L e^ Pkaedea. p^ff^A» 
116. C. 8. 82. J>, lOO^P. (luf 
ieebai ia loeif eHere y mifanm' 
pfco) tammm «ibibel , idea in 
Bar. A. BonaMi|DaM le|^ i4ooMM 
par oodOoff noa abiqae nee fua- 
pbcitfr, al yiwosm^^ reiiciepdaM 


igitized by VjOOQ lC 


^ ytyvmmm 
reelras et Attids vsarpatoiii dicit, 
•Iteiiini «t fBaviv ««Miif «I «rti- 
qwiii «t Homero frewimtato» «tft- 
tiiit ad IL T. in. pag. 327, 32. 

«0 ywd€iuw ol /i^ vOTBQW 'Av- 
rixol fi£r(2 Kcrl ^€vr^^ ydfifut 
yiypmmuiv ^pachy mg luA 6 «lo- 
|iMOff dijlo^y Ko^a «ol ro y/^e- 
4i&9i ylYveci^ai. "Ofifjifos uhnoi 
difxttiiuii*^ dyvoel tuA hf d^ 
mailp x6 devvc^ ydfuuu ht^ d^ 
ifMg chc^^c^ov ro v»y Satt- 
p09 , ti SMtl nf^flMf^^^ ro ro^ 
^OfL^^. Moetii ■aCem Attkbte, 
mn y^Tmrati ilrriMis > yhvtai 
miipraM»» dld obeeryat, de el- 
ndli inter yiyMlomi et ytMJtfiM» 
iBtereedente dlecrimiAe teeel. !>«- 
alqae ad ratieiiem q«od attiiiei» 
tera haad dnbie- aieritoqiie a Val- 
ckoiario ad Bnripw PlMien. ld96L 
probata est Heradidie doetrina 
npod BttrtatUnm ad Od. T. IL 
p. 25, 6. sqq. pvioria v In yiyp^ 
fuu et ywvmmM Ofigmcm ab n^ 
lero dnplieato repntentla nllenim* 
qne proinde Beocmaiinm et priid- 
dmm statnentifls et tnmen hoe 

nltemm y tempMie pingrefsn ia 
vtroone Terbo pnnHatim toI en- 
phoniaie ffratla Tel oriffads ignom» 
aone oblitterari noeptnm 

testimodo Piato ylpofum imnqaam, 
ynptimim interdnm, sed raro scri- 
psisse oensendns «st. ^tnibns tn- 
men in locis seripseriti Bel^keri 
cnlpa faetnm est, nt diindicari 
nondvm possltt nostro, qnamquam 
Tat H. altemm y babeat ^ qunm 
seac mei totidemqne Piorentini et 
Yal B. et secnndnm Blpentinomm 
Par. K. et editmnes an- 
id ondttaat , eerte non te- 
mem idem ferisse argiir* 

tfrpirmiMifiir^ ] Eknc ab L 
Casp. Orellio in epist. crit. Conr. 
Omlffi Msmnoni nddita p. 334. «K 
coniectara pmpositam , a Stnll- 
baamio in pr. ed. probatam, in se- 

erocrrevofU^f» , qnae in 
oodidbas exstat, a mann antiqnn 
in Tkid. F. mdiscriplnm hidns li- 
bri anctoritate ad ipsins probdbi- 
litatemacoedente alteri pmeferen- 
dssn pntari qnamqnam et Ipsi to- 
knbilL Petemt enim SecmfeM 
i^ram in describenda m militnri 
pNMitnm enm ipsins malitiae labo- 

nutiiL^!!?^«y tionibns |i!^^ 
eelet, sibi negntamf ml dnm^nn 
bdli cansaa peregm abeaset, m- 
ennrienem in saos ilnes factam ie- 
▼d deiaticntionis 
nen habitam delere^ 

qneoMido Fidnns mnpomvepipf 
inteipretatns cst mOUime Ukwi 
km» Imm 4^ftm9. Veram eeqnan- 

tm doeent 

igitur de eerto qnedam scrlptom 
qaaeritnr, ntram mterem an m- 
eentiorem oonsnetndinem secntns pi 
esse TideatAr, d eodioes satis Te- 
tnsd fideqne dlgni fnpersnnt, ad 
eos rem mdim appamt; 

d^fmm. veram eeqn 
ant eoram, qnae msltle 
inwid ant csndonari debeani, al- 
hli enm de se oonfiterit cnetfti 
iMMtt et Hmori sno ignosoendnm 
lUsseiUdt, on B&i6rms ^9« m- 
990V9 z§ «al idtioinutv omtm 
mapadoiop Uyuv loyow. Qnan 
itn oompnrntn,snnt, nt explicntM- 
aem yiM . mpmyyevoo^m osnti- 
nere Tideantnr. Cf. VnlckeaariBS 
animadr. nd Anunon. L. II. c. 13. 
nbi Insdns huins lod kiter p retem 
lectionis nostme patrennm 
: adeo emnin^ nnae de wm 

orif;lne , significatione , usn, 
primis de dus peipetnn et tanti 
Bon nbiyis facta cnm altem 0rf«- 
TBViO^ai peimntatione dispotnt^ 
httc ee n y e n in nt ^ Aslms tfcf s- 
^fOfUpqi ceniidebnt, qnod ad si- 
gnificationem non mnltnm diffiBri, 
nd matatienis fi^litatem cnm illo 
non CDmparandum estn 

oif« oia&a] ovnoty in mmy. 
▼nlgata n m. s. ndacriptB, llien. 

eet in 


9vo] hm Vea. & Tkid. INi. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ante Bekkeram dvm, qHam for- 
maa a TetoribM grMMMitlcif Fl- 
fldieio «d WeU. n. p. 155*-.l58. 
et Stnnio ad Maitt. p. 46. com- 
meoiomtb ciiie dabila&we Atticia 
eoneeMui, a 0aweao et leoeiH 
tioriboa, qooe Mattliiae gcamm. 
p. 262. eframcrtty poteram potia- 
Moom Koctoiitate et metri oecea* 
aitate negatam Platonia oodieec 
ringolarM tcI bini iiomnmqiiam, 
ploiM ot potiorM peroaods in lo- 
da neic naqiiam» nici fallor , aon 
diMcnticntibM qnibMdam mimmo 
maiia ezbibenty at fere abiadican- 
da ab eo yideator. Nam Phaedr. 
pai^ 237. D. ut ab cia initiQm fa- 
ciam , in qnibM dv4» mlffatam 
erat, dvm vufi U%op iSia ex 
XX. Bekkerianic taotnm trea, Vat 
A. Veo. C. Par. £. tnentar, reli- 
om oui Lob. Goth. Mon. Stob. 
ivo Imbent » at 

•it« qnod StaflbaumiM de Floren- 
tinis signifiGat. inano C. 9vOy \n 
rcHqva aeoc 9vm legi, taoien wA 

tuendnm de Symp. p. 178. B. nbi 
Svo Tovrm a Bekkero eecandom 
XII. inter XYIL repoatam et in 
Lob. et 2^ repertnm a StaUbon- 
mio ox noUo Florentinorum ant 
YindoboneMlam aUatam oit Bt 
Bpif t. yn. p. 333. D. inter noTom 
Bekkeri codioM nnna Vlnd. B. ez 
oiunqae Florentiiiia doo dSslipfi 
ivm com StephanOt reliqai dvo 
hal>ent. Non magia ▼nkratiim dtio 
aniM Tel pancornm cuaMMiono 
dnbinm fien poteat his lodai 
Symp. ISaD: Iffel dl di) ivm 
Utdp Par. K. Ib. 9vm vA ^ecc 
Par. DK. Apol. 20. A: domvl^e 
Por. D. yind. B. Ifipp. ouil. 801. 
Dt 01^ ya^ tlg iciikif, dXXd dvm 
Par. e. GoTff. 481. D: dvm tvu 
Par. y. Soph. 228. Bs dtrm »«- 
M/Bitfre yen. A. Phaedon. 60. B: 
Mm ort^ yen. a CIt. II. 860. 
B : dvm rounfrm dmnvUm yind. 
B. Par. DK. lU. 391. C: m^- 
funt 9^ Viod. B. 411. B: Mm 
vi|»a yted^ B1&. Wht. T. IHL 

439. B: 9vm ipXm d^Mm aOm 
Vat M. Polit 265. A: dvm xtii 
oM Lob. lom paoci Mpenont 
eecnodnm oodicec mafis vel dvhii 
▼el contrariam ia partem indiiian- 
tM: Tim. 31i B: ^m dl pAm 
iocandnm y^ B. yen. C. Vbd, 
A. et enpcrscripto ^lroFlor. BC. 
et int Ters. Par. SY. Lob. Mo 

— secandam reliqMS, Par. A. 
Vind. F. CCCXXXVn. otc qiil 

Sraevaient Soph. 254 D : xm y9 
vm scc Clark. Coial. Veo. AB, 
Vind. A. Par. CFH. ^ ^'o sec. 
Vat A. Ven. CD. Par. BB. Lob. 
(Flor.) PhUeb. 53. D: linov dif 
xtv% dvm sec. Clark. CoisL Ven. 
AD. Par. BCFH. — dvo secand. 
Vat A. Ven. BC. Par. B. Anc. 
a Lob. (Flor.) PoUt 269. Bi 
dvm za^l ^Bm sec CoisL Ven* 
BD. yiod. A. Par. BCFH. Lob. 
(qni Tiph priow looo ponit.) ^oo 

— sec Clark. Vat A. Ven. AC. 
Par. B. (Flor.) Postremo Hip- 
paroh. 228. B. nbi Bekkeras yul- 
gatam dvo ante tmniyqumLOTZi 
quod taoien etiam in Lob. leig^ar» 
infirma Borberiiu et Pal. B. an- 
ctoritate contra Oark. Coisl. Vat 

A. Veo. BCD. Par.BCEFG. Aog. 
C. StaUbaomiM ▼ero taceos de 
Clark. pariter atque de VIL Flor. 
onoqae Vind. toiuit Hic sane 
dt'4D scribendam orat Sed nostro 
loco, qoamYia a oodidbM mnlto 
firmiua dvm primo aspecto ride- 
tur« non fnistra Veo. B. et Vind. 

B. Vat H. ab optimo» qnem iUe 
in mnltis , hi in plerisqae seqaan- 
tur, discesstoBem fecenmt» qaom 
idem Par. A. L. VL P; 509. D. 
bter omnes anos dvm ttvtm sJvag 
MlubcM hnlM rei aibiter non in- 
eermptas appareat Bt Vaticani 
qaidem dissensio suspecta oo esso 
potest, quod L. IIL p. 393. A. 
m ▼erra Uomerico UtffBlSa 81 
udUcta 8vo cum Amb. C. ha- 
bett in Vind. et Ven. nnlla eioa- 
modi saspido cadit Deniqne aK- 
qoid tribnendom erat Vtndobo- 
nenai D. di^ersi senoris Kbro. 




&vyYv6iAfiv Sisig^ 8u dicotmg Sga Sxvow ra xaL iit- 
dolzBiP aSxm MafiSoiov XiyM X6yoP t9 xsl fxiXHQHV 
iia6MomiS»f. "Chip ov, £9^, touma ffJUto iiyygf igr- 
B TO^ Jl^p^0\l i^ 'qfkSv §Cf6g t6 pi} fiteeftr, x^ dwem| 
' ytfVB^ai fftfrq ^ soJUrala. aiUa iUy« awl [lij dMXQtPB. 
<y&tovv, ^v d' iym^ xqAvov pAv t68t IQ^ ivafmfi^ 
im, SrA ij^Hg lifiovvxhg iixaioifvv^v olov i6xv xal adi- 
tUov iBVQO ijtoiM^» Xfij- dXXit tltoHto; i^. Otidiv. 

DK. Mon. B. felor. U. qnfydvtt 
marso Far. D. hwvyAftu i^d« 
D. Ai^i^yom Bu. b. 

tQutviUag] totMfUcig Vind. B. 
. &dytig*] ixciytig; Mon. B. i- 
adyttg, recwtloref. 

9CCW ffvyyvnfitiP ] sf. yt ^vyy» 
Vitid. D. »im7)mfti79 , 00 m 
tt. a tt. s. Mldito, Dfon. B. 

Sxvnvv tB%al] ott. FSo. 

ldedo/M«9l iSedoUtiv Flor. V. 
idsSolnti Afttnf in lec. et terC 
Bekkenu et Stallbamiuai. * Sci!i- 
oet Par. A. Ven. C. in nUima 
oorrectl sont Confer Vol. I. 
p. XXXXII. iq. 

tiystp liyov) Ita Psr. ADK. 
Lob. Vind. B. Vat BM. Ven. C. 
liyM liysiv ante t)orr. nt Tide- 
tnr, Blbn. B. l6yov Xiynv idenk 
Conectof cutt reliqnis oadicibaa 
editiaqne ante BeKkemm, qnoi 
In pr. ed. Btallbanmivs aecntna 
in aec. intitnsy nt ex eini adno* 
tatione colligitnr, desemit. FV 
dnna pro yerbis Xiynv tn vxA 
ixtx$i(ftltv diaoHoittiv nnnm m- 
gredi posnit. 

Xiy^]Jiiyei£ Lob. Vind. BF. 
MoD. B. Flor. A€V. Aid. Bas. 

AstinSy BcUremSf Staflbanmins. 
InVijftd. D. • secnndae syllabae 
't oorr. aoocsslt 
V] M Vlnd. V. 

11 9iMiv] Xiytv Lob. Vind. B. 
" Vat BM. «tyo Veo.B. 

^fiypee^] yiyvnai Vind. B. 

Ven. B. Vat H. Flar. ACTV. 

fi09ttu Vind. D. 

%ai] om. Pir. K. 

Oii%ovv] Ad boc in m. Mon. 

B. a m. pr. cnro tSv ivtvtvta 
X6ymvuix(fi tiXovgt^g f pifilov 
dvecyy&iv SXov adscriptom eat, 

re Torba Indicinm de hains pnr* 
arjgnmento^ ad summam iotivs 
opeiis ^ravissuno contlnere Tiden- 
tnr, st qnidem dvtcyyiov pro d- 
vupuetov aocipere licet 

vods x^^] lU Par. A. Vind. 
DB. Ven.B. VatH.Fior.AGTV. 
Bekkems et in tert ed. Astias. 
Bidi)*^ %9i praepoiitntt iia^eat 

trito^vttg] iritovvtt Vat H. 

dii9U4w1 ddiiUa Vat B. Voil 

C. Par, D. Mon. B, AJd. Basi a. 

Ilitofav,] ^fuv; Astins inpr. 
«t sec BeUceras et Btallbanmins; 
qnod ad sef|nentn minns aptnm 
videtnr. Nam interragatos Olaa^ 
CO9 aa boc primnm r^ntandnm 
esset» ant sliie dnbitatione n^pote 
re perpensa affirmare, ant sibi 
non liqnere, (jno llla intemgatio 
spectaret 9 Tespondere debebats 
iaffirmadti assentive et tamen, cnr 
tnnc potissidram iOnd m^eDdvm 
oftMt, aihbigere poterat 

. Xq^' aZU H Tolfroi £g^. 
Oddiv. dlX'] 0^1 dXX^ tovvo 
iqP9 o^d^i^f dXl' Viod. F. «Htt 
Jitua post tqm. X^n. 'AX^ etc 
a^plL In ^d. &. t^ an»- 
onm , in Plar. A* / ad vevto nd- 
ieotam et a Bekkevo rooeptntt, 
II Stallbannio proptem rapadii- 
itttt est^ ouod Bnsquaa la iiac 
rormul» adAtnm r^>mitor. Coa- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

Ciy.ITAS IIB. V. 47t 


%ip 9lnmy»p ditci^oimv p^ifihf dslv «vr^g Ixilmig ita^i^ 
9W^^ «xAJUJ Mwwpi %Qwv9ov tivai, dof iioato^vv^ C 
iavlv; 9 afomi^oiuv, Idv Sn iyyvtat^m avv^g 9 uak 
mUi6ta vmv «AAov b^kniq ftmpititi OvtmQf t^- iya^ 
Mi^0fL9V. noQaisl^luaiog Sga 2rauK» jv i* ifA^ kt' 
vov^fv. a^ «6 ihnaH>^vvfjv oUv ^», aa\ Afiga tiv 
toUm^ Hmmdv^ 9I yivomj. aal olog, av cfq y$v6fiavog^ 
Uid aivxlMif mJ aal %6v aiixmtaxov, tva dg ixslvovf 

ferri hibet Goig. 448. E. 497. B. 
et Gharm. 164. A. qaofl ipjios lo- 
CO8 Heindorfins cnm hoc nortro 
comparaTerat et per eUipsin Tcibi 
diccq>4(fUy qiiod Cir. I. 349. A* 
in p\ena dictione exstet, expli- 
caodos ^ocaerat ad locum Cliar- 
midae $. 25. 'Mihi, qnemadmo- 
dnm in vl uoi rovto Schaefero 
ad Lamb. Bosium pa^. 598. e^ 
qnem ifl JandaTft , l^lckenario. 
ita in hae dictione et in rimiu 
xC tovro; Hipp. mai. p. 293. A. 
▼erbnm sabstantivam tnbandien- 
dnm Tidetnr: fiudftoo est? fuofii 
otm habet? gutrf siM imlf ? Ne- 
qne Tero canssam -video, qna6 
ye in> tafi interrogatione pronomi- 
Di addi minua paliatnr y qnam in 



ovdih tovt6 / ix^tg Btnsiv — ; 
qnem utmmqne locnm Bekkerns 
ita secnndum codice» constitaii 
Itaqne non qno lingaae nsni par- 
ticnla repngnet» omtttendam pn- 
lo y sed qnod piinime necessaria 
h. 1. et nnras fibri anctoritate pa- 
rnm tnta est, praesertim quum 
L. m. p. 395. A. etiam minna 
piobabiliter in eodem codice item 
uno addlta legatar. Cf. L. ynl. 
p. 654. B. 

iavi] om. Lob. Viad. Bf). Va^ 
BM. Itfvi Viod. F. 

Joal &^a Lob. Vind. BP. Fbr. 
ACRTV. Ald. Bas, ab. et a m. 
pr. Vind. 0. Mon. B. 

delv^ 0m* Piur. K. 

1« iiMtttMi Fio. 

Flor. T. 

^yyvTara 1 post aiirng Lob. P 
Vlnd. BD. Vat M^ - ^ 

Ifn} -] Maioreni iBtoq^uictioiien 
Bekkcms pMnit. In pnoribas Mit 
a»Ua ant inlDQff enit. 

itrivoviuv] imrov/MV Lob. Vjad. 
BDF. VatBH. Ven. C. Ptir. DK. 
sec. Bekk. Ang. B. Mon. B. Flor. 

avT6] Ita Mon. B. a m. pr. 
uvrqv a m. s. 

ditiatociivriv ] iftMnooi&vn Par. 
K. sec. Bekk. 

otov iM] stvm Vind. D.. 

v%Ximg] Id OK Par. A. Viad. 
BF. An«. B. Vat. U. Floc 
ACRTV. acoessit, m reliqais et 
Hi edit«oaib«8 anta Bekkenua de- 

UyhotTo] Bekkems «z ^qb^ 
iaotnra i yivo^ro scripsit Astiiii»- 
qne m tert et Stalibaimniian aa- 
aeclas aaetas est Nescio, qnid 
10 vulgata ouminm libronim ie- 
tetioiie eos offenderit» qnae mihi 
Aon soOieitaada yidetnr. ViraiB 
pefifeote iostHia qnaesitari ea co»- 
4itUme rem sascapcffaiit|.s» fieri 
ei exsistare talvi passet Qnif 
anim qoaerat, qnod esse aoo posse 
irtatuatf Utnui recte an secos 
illud poneient, tnm quidom par 
rom coraTerant Sed ma mCJoiio 
;rir instos efficeretnr, i yitmwo^ 
mom, qnaeiiTinuit 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



D mfhmf if^lofuv^ S^ dt» bulwo$g 8xt ofmitcnog y^ «qpr 

hf ^faBoAstCttfMr» 69 dupmut xmim ylf¥969m. TaSwo 
fAVf i)P9t Hn^U iUjrfi^. <Xu iv wv qcftfr n i]^ 
•or {«fpi^pw ^M» off Sv ffdflMxg sof^dfiffMe* olor 
A^ 4f 4 MiXJMtog &vttQmcogf tml xiirM afg td ftmfk- 

Vmd. P. Ald. Bat. ab. 

Lob. VmiL BD. Vat 

D ««] 

iMJirnff ] It% Par. ADK. Lob. 
Viiid. BS*. VmL B. Vw. C FWr. 
ACV. AkL Bm. «b. hflpot^ rdi- 
^[■i oodioes cam Btophaiio ot ro- 
conlioribiio. Bl ia Lob. mtg mh 
por ^f odacr^tmii oit SfiOtog, 
al Ladoonim «Mnlit, com |ooi- 
tifo coaotnii poaae qiram ratio et 
aaalogia ponoadety tum gram* 
matioonim toatmionia dooeat Pri- 
acaaiuui T. II. pag. 182. KrehL 
BU fplloo mvxov %al ai^ 
tff Sfiotogf %fOOii%mPf 

tltrosy OvyytP^Qy dSilai^ 
ovQ %al vct oftoitf. No$ 
fttofM aMlii tHJM el m, §fj^ 
iilt, eognaliitt Ao^pet» «eeetMi- 
rlnty polrMlitel an»ilf0. Iii<pii* 
boa «vao Aldina «t eioa •aaoclao 
poet Eftom addita kabent S(kO9O0 
Bifd 00» Mrl o/Mwg Tov «ar^^ff, 
oorom altormn ■cecio an ex fikn 
pbodia Aiaco 546. potitmn aitt 
cf m2, yhoio nttt^q i^tvxiovo- 
Dotj vcb d' £U' o/aoiog. Acco- 
dtt Thonm» Mag. p. 649. ot qoi 
«1(1 ovptdfH^O acnpeit BokkoEl 
anood. p. 161« 1. qni d/KOtdronrog 
datiro innotmn ex Bomoethenia 
or. ia Androt {. 8S. Bokk. oS^ 
rena htnd dnbio alterina conatni- 
ctionit gnama ot memor fcii. 
fiEempla qoidcm ram amii et 
quao citan eolcnt nec lectionla 
omnia noc interDrctationia aatia 
ccrtae» Tolat Herodoti loco a 

lUma landato L. IIL c 87. aU 
do Gabirovam atatoia aermo eet» 
Tbomaa Moti Sh aol r«vra ofuna 
xov ^Htpalotov com parte codi- 
cnm noftroram logit, alii iiqne 
potiorea totc& poet JfiOMx inae* 
mnt, qaod ^iamai oniaaam a 
acriptom foerit, nihilo imnna M- 
nitivaa non ab adiecti¥0, aea a 
repetendo ex aoperioribaa atatoa- 
ram noinine reci Tidetnr. Xeaoph. 
Anab. L. IIIL c 1. $• 17. mm 
if nooila 6fiola tpvy^g Mvoto 
toZg imtodwpvXait mlgato lectioi 
aod in duobaa optimia codicibu 
awy» pm wvyng acriptam cet 
Ariatei£. Pac 519. (531.) qncm 
locam nna oam XenophontooBem- 
bardy tynt p. 140. hnc retatity 
(mv ovv Sftotov %al yvXlov n^ 
xtmti%ov; toI intorpoaitam ntcl 
indicat yvXlov pendem a Torbo 
tcvel ez antecodentibaa olov dl 
nvtt£ y dg f}M %atot t^g ^a^lr 
ag* yXv%vtatoVf Soju^ dotoa- 
xiUtQ %aX ftvoov facile aaciacen- 
do.^ Unna oat adhac extm dnbi- 
tationcm poaitaa Aeltani locaa ab 
Oudendorpio ad Thomam adhibi- 
taa H. A. L. VHI. c 1. eztr. 
thtOQag oftolovo huUvov xidvcf 
t9m%A oL coioa tamen acriptoria 
anctoritaa non ea eat, qna Pla« 
tonici lod acriptam dabia coafir- 
mari poaait Sod analogia reipi- 
denda et codicom dignitaa et ipaa 
ffenitiTi difficnltaa , qoi poat prma 
hulvotg libmriia fiicile cnm hoc 
penantandoa, coatn eina in lo- 
cum do oomectnra aaba6taeadaa 
aemini Tideri polemt Hia do 
canaaii i%£lvrig m ordinem recepL 
Tv'] Tva Lob. Vmd. BF. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


farfo&m voi«ero» £f^; Mft zi(' oi^ h^f Hn* ^ 
ow; 01$ «al ^fMiip, 9af<^f MaQiiwffm imowvfM» l&f$f E 
i}«9^S s<(1mv€; i7Arv f9. ^BviAv ti o^ oIm ^fUig ii 
iir^9 taikw Swma^ Hw fii} h^V^ amodw^oi, mg 9^ ' 
Mrvoy oum JM(iUr ofangdtti, iff ttijwo; Orf d^rtt» t^tt* 

Oft«] o{)m SttpL CSr. p. 894» 13. • floei «c^ 

CVr. JL 

ofoir] oltfir Viiid.B. olorHtMk 
B. Flor.U. et editioiM aato Bck- 
kenun et la pv. StaUbaimnns coi 
diogantiiir Tidebolar. Noutmm 
maocoHno i i mctia iaelegana non 
dixeriniy aod nilii ^pioqiie oiov 
wuMOB placere fiiteor, qnia prao* 
eodit wce^fidtiyfuic f ad qnod ro- 
fiBrri non poteat ot Jum refo- 
rendnm ▼IMwr. Sed^HU^ aer- 
rari nentmm inbent Terte Bek« 
kema in' oomin. 0^0« nni Stepha- 
no, cni tamen Monaoenaem ad- 
dere dd>ebat fiqnido olbr ezbfr- 
beatem, asnenafit, ofoir a Bi- 
pontiiuui toL Par. K. i^ Btallban- 
mio «z Flor. ACRTV. enetatom, 
n me in Lob. Vind. BJW. inTon- 
tnm eat 

eri|] ij Ven. B. Vind. B. Val. 

d] or, iiq>. fitofa, Vind. F. 

frrl Ita Par. AK. «ec Bekk. 
Ven. C. Vind. SF. Ang. B. Vat 
H. Fbr. ACRTV. ixop. e conr. 
fymvt Vind. D. Mzoi niiqai cnm 
oditia ante Beklunmi. 

tifiodBiiiu] Ita Par. A. Ven. 
B. Vind. E. Vat H. Flor. ACV. 
(non RT. ut in lec. ed. Stallban- 
miaa raam i^iiina priorem adnota- 
tionem pervertena didt) hudBt' 
i«ci rdiqni codicea et editioBea 

lyoi/] lyaiya Lob. Viad. BF. 

^afAp] om. Fic. — Pioclna in 

oAr] om.Baa.b. 


•9] noit Uftw Mon. B. Flor. 
U. Biekkema; f^ak «pnim Tnlfar- 
tnm Torboram ordinem reliqnia 
oadicnina ima cnm Btephano com- 
mnnem o§ao non ngnificaTerit. 
aheram in plnrSnia reperiiae Tel 
repertnm a io credidiiio ▼idetuv 
qnoi nngnlatim indicare toI no- 

fcerit Tol Bon potnerit. Nam 
laceniem, qnamni magid enm 
faeeret, refiquii onunbiii ab eo 
pradatom, aut iniolMitiorem il- 
lam adTori^ii coUocationem adeo 
pidcbram ei i^eam^ciie tiz cro- 
dlbiio eit 

oMjattt] oinl^ai Viad. E. o/- 
$ulO€u Baa. aii. 

l^ ^ — 9iifioel^. 473. BO 
CKoerpiit Btobaeoi ioim. XXXXl. 
p. 2^. Sed in cod. A; prioim 
neqno ad %at€cuX40H9 478. G. 
deannt, TrincaTelfaia dno prima 
(Td fi^y et poiteriora indo a 
jrtl^lmq ti 473. D. et Gcinema 
CKtrema a Terbia doMo di ib. 

ovTo] oSxm^ Vind.D. Par. K. 
aec Bip. Flor. T. Aatini, Bek- 
koraa et StaUbannuna. C£. Vol. L 
p. 396, a. 

BmX Pte. K. aecnad. Bekk. 

poit itl, aon poit %a^ ooanna 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

m PLATOViS. . 

Tify toutvtiip JMd$ti$v %a mka iui^t^liytfia^ Ta siomi j 

m^S^ iHbm^ ^croy iliq9f/ais i^MfO^ai^, ncty si m} 
c^ d0)(«i; uUm 0v soripov OfM>Ao}^ ovfiofl^ j ov; 
'O^oj^fli» figpq. TovTO fAv .H M9 oMoyu^ |is» oI« 

dMf piyvpps¥a d^Qtpalvm * o^U' iw olU « y»^difM#a 
- 9VQBlVy mg dv iyyvtata ttSv dQf^^kvm noUg 6U^6hUf 

fpdvoL ^fMTff i^9W^ivaii 6q iwatit tavta ylyvBattaif 
B £ ^ iaitattUQ. ^ o^ dyamij^^ tovtmv tvyjiivmv; 

ovptctatiXT ] uinKnwt yiiid. 
B. dvmtAvTBg Bm. b. ^vwettop 
% M. yiad. BD. Vat M. dvr(X^ 
ri»r«v« Stob. Siqierlativiu ft* 
cnlUten» qoim relatiyfOA dkmit» 

e^l Pre eo iaciiaa eit ia Yiad^ 

dfOi|Koi4>yi7tfa» ] Su^Xdppm 
Tiiid* DB. Stob^ dto^oXey^tfa» 
Lob. Vind. a Vat M. nurg» 
GeMk Ald. Bas. eb. $$i d^oJUi-* 
yij^tfa* Viad. F. dunliyrjcui Moa. 
B. oorr. (Yulgatam in marg. a qi« 
pr. adacriptam habet) o^Xoyri' 
ecu Ang. B. 
!^^*] 5o' Vind. F. 

474 «?] 4 otob. (4 jaaigo Otao. 

*'* CaW.) 

(-*-r» e oorr.) Viod. B. 

Aigccoff] poat iittop Vind. B. 

doKii] lU Vtn. C. Vind. F« 
Meo. a Flor. R. et in secStall- 
baniiiiia. do^toi: Vea. B. Bekk»- 
nis, Aatiaa in tert. et St^Ubaa^ 
m^ns in pr. 9o%fi Par. A. seid cor- 
rectos, reliqtd codices oom Ald. 
Ba^. ab. Steph. Ast pr. et omis-. 
ao in antecedentibvs cr aec Qonm 
coninnctiTnm ab ipsia codicibns 
paniti finnnm eise «fparaatyaon 
est, quod h. 1. in eo eicasand# 
0| a aol^Msiimi BMcnla pnrgaodo 
Uhmmas: iniHHlnt»ia in hoc di- 
cendi genere et • Platonis wnfu^ 

na aKennm nltro fa^enpr. BeA 
de retiqiiis modis, qni solent cuna 
partica&s yuSiv ei constmi, indica- 
tivas, qui o$m qoosdam ab Uoc 
placito dissentieates sigoificafc» 
optatiro tantom fieri posse, nt 
dissentiat aliquis, dedaranti oo> 
dicnm caiusa praeferendus ecat, 
noo qnotfpl ipsi aoconunodatiar 
aisflt 9 yffmadmodom Staiibaa- 
mins f tatiiii. Sv qnomodo expli^ 
candom videatar, Vol. I. p. 294, 
b. osteadi; de iodicativo cf. ibid. 
p. 90« b. (^tatiTum iofra habcs 
p. 477. A. coninnctiTum L. VIIIL 
p. 679. D. oodices tenent 
. cv] om, Par. DK. Mon. a 
Fior. U. 

novBQor] npotBQOv Lob. Vind. 
B. Vat BM. Ven. C. Par. K. et 
• m. pr. D. Stob. Trinc 

6(ioloYBi9 ovtmg,] ofnoloytigf 
oStmg; Mon. B. 

Tovto] toytm Vind. B. zwS* 
fq^ Stob. (vovro m» Gesn.) 

dvd'^!;^ fLB] ' dvctyiiat/B fn} 
Vind. B. 

ota] S rmd. D. 

dsi^] liM, Par, A. rind. DBF. 
Ven. B. Mon. B, Ang. B. Vat H. 
Stob. Tcinc Bekkenis. dfl Lob. 
Viod. B, Vat BM. Ven. G. Par. 
DK. sec Bekk. Stob. Geso. Ald. 
B9$. ab. di) Stpb. Gaisf. Steph. 
Asttns et StaHbaaminB , qni io 
prim ak qnnm a iloraaliais li- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



^h^ fAv r^ 3» iyamvv^. X«l y»f ^, ifV^ Ti » 
di^ ftmA %ov%0 , $kg foMti, «if oifiita tipBBiv t$ mi a$uh^ 
8Hxvv$m$9 tl sofw vv¥ iutMm^ iv tmi^ moiM^ m^intua^ 
di 8 Qvx o6t«s olTtavvimii mI tlvog S$f eiinnqMa^ov 
fMtafialdvxog Uj&oi tlg tovtov rov tQotcov tijg xoXmlag 
niXigy l»dJU0va iihf hog^ d 81 fi^, 8viMf, nl ii fi^ 
8t% iXtytfttmv tdv iQi)8p6v xal ^fnvQOtJmov tijv Mm- 
fiiv. IIavtaMa6c [ikv .ovv, Ifpqi ^Evog i»iv tolvvVf ^ C 
^ hydy fsm^aXovtog 8oxovf^ poi fyiiv 8Bt^ Sicpo* 
taxioot ai/, o^ fUvtoi OiuxQofi y$ ovds ffdlovt ^wa" 
tov 8L Itvog} ifpf. *Bii a:dt8 8iiy ^ 8* iymf df^h 

brift aihil a Steplmio 
aUaUnn Tidereti noa tcoMre d\ 
to m fn aia iMeiiDa lectioaBm retiH 
iit et retiimit, iii secanda TeriN 
qiBiia didicueet^ qiud Bekkeriam 
liaberent, liieiitio ifti diffider% 
nea itemm «ioe dubitatioBe omiiH 
Imu aex FloreDtmif dij aArignaic^ 
nedam Veoetum B. qoem BeUco- 
nu 4ilv oxhibere docet y oonitem 
eio adiimocre debebat Ceterom 
di^ fern potoifse, ri per oodioea 
iioeret, ia ^ronpto eit; oed dBi^ 
nibilo detcrHio et ob anacohitbiiio 
opecTem post ai^ceyaocti motntwm 
a Stepfaaao videtiir. Non palfl^ 
qoad ad boc attinot, Ficimtf i •• 
mo co|^af tgitufj «1» fnaUa oor- 
hU haee figuraxnmm» » taJUa 
fHt digito mdieare d^eam. 

$VQshf) o». yiad. D. 
Stob. Tnnc 

o/xi}<Fetc] ol%fj$BUP Yind. F. 

^dvai] (pavm .Viad. DF. lA" 
cet infinitinmi bonc com illo 8£iv 
ad i»4 ^dpiais referre ita, nt 
inlTQBvs Tel •imile qnid fubaii*' 
diator; qood ri placet, post airo- 
i^mhBw coBuaa pro oom ponen- 
dam.oft. Maiim tamen cnm Stali» 
baamio pro iaqMcatm «eclpflro. 

it^w^hat] Ji$iQ^iHivM VhmL 
B S^] $m. Lob. Fmd. ]a;iE. Vai 
BM. Ven. B. $tob. 

iyid 1 iytoye Stob. 

Ti il a^ fueit covMlk viwm 
contracta ezhibet Vind. B. t6 9h 

Ail fimteovto VindbDF. Moii*B* 
Aid. Baf. ab. 

bjttta te wl dno9Buamvai} 
deelarare Fic «s em. Par. K. — 
d%o$eiMvvvM Vlnd. BDF. Ali 

di' S) M Vlad. BF. fW. 

f$$tafial6vTog] fmafiaXloptog 
Par. K. foc Bip. 

{hOoi} llOri liob. Vlnd. BD. 
Vat BM. Ven.C. Par.DK. Moo. 
B. Fior. T. Stob. Trinc 

dUylateMi] 6Xty6^tatv Flor. T. 
a m. pr. dliffoctdtv Lob, Viod* 
B. Vat. B. VoB. G. Par. K. foe. 

fyMii^r«frf»r] Mi^onvrfMrViBd. 
B. Vat. M. 

(Utafial6at$s1 futafiall6vto$ C 
Vea. C. jistafialiovt^ Vea. B. 
VimL £. Vat H. 

'ioaovftiv'} dox^f^iaJSd, Baf. 
ak Steoh. Btob. margo Ckfn. 
Venm lectioiiem Aftiuf ia pr. eat 
VoB. C. Par. K. reftitoU. 

#iOi] oai. Vind. B. Vat. M. 

^teteaciooi] futanti/eot iidom 
et Par« D. 

afHw$9v] luamoa Btob. 

91 Tivpg) $itivo$ Tuti. F, 

ai6t6 ] 'Cevtdi idem et Jing, B. 

^]^om. Ub. Vbid. B0. Vat 
BM. Flar^ T. r Vind. F. Aof. 
B. Flor. R. 

^V^'] i^ FWr. R. 

Oiu.] Biiu VlBd. F, f^ MOB. 
B. a m. pr. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



il tml lUXlsi fiintt «f utspfdg SdmsQ wSfM imyAmv 
MtA c(M% KtttmiXv0up. ^atomu 8h S fLiXln iir$i/if. Ai^ 
fB^ ifff^ ^Eaif fi^i i}y d' Ifo), q o£ ^Ai(tfo9>Oft /tetfi- 

9 n 1 fftrdi Stob. Trilie. 

mp^0jfm^iifup] Ita ViiML F. 
Abc. B. Flor. R. nQocundiojiBv 
i^ob. nooBai€tto(UP Plkr. ADK. 
Lob. ViBd. B. Vat BBL Voo. C. 
MoB. B. Flor. U. Bokkenu. «a- 
oBi%diofiB9 yen. B. Vind. DB. 
Vat H. Fkv. ACTY. Stob. nnr- 
co Gofn. Ald. Bm. ab. Stqihaii. 
Aatiiu et StaUbamniiii. Demqao 
^sffojpuitofuv BekkeniB in oomm. 
legendnm ftatoit; ctii Stallban- 
minf mhil niA Symp. p. 216. C. 
^ Gorg. p. 493. C. vbi ancmco- 
tom pariter omL»am sit, et Bntt- 
mannnm cramm. L p. 328. obie- 
cit» de aftera lectionif Ulinfl par^ 
te, Ctti oodices ma^, quamvul- 
catae farere yideret, flententiam 
nfre snperaedBt Bfihi Terbam 
%(fOBt»dteiP hoic loco conTenire 
non ridetiir, qunm ea ligidficatio, 

ri utiqQe aptom esset, 8i pro 
Tf nfQOO^sv Binutofnv aocipi 
poaset, ab eo aUena, ea Tero, 
quam potett hal>ere, ut eompa- 
radonem antea, quam res ipM 
apptndMet , factam demonstret 
(Im vormu vergUiehemf qnemad- 
modum ScUeiermacherufl intefpre- 
tatus est) hic quidem inutilli rit. 
Nam eo ipao loco, quo priimim 
%h fifyiavov xttl ji^eeXeiroraroir 
v^g TffoivfUtcg commonorabatur, 
p. 472. A. fluctus iUo tam pnn- 
pfaiqaus erat, ut caussa non es- 
set, ^od eadguum temporis spa- 
tium mter comparationem et rei 
iiwius repraesentationem interpo- 
sitom peculiaii rerbo eoque ra- 
rissimo in memoriam rerocaretur. 
lam ri xffotiMdtoftew Tera scri- 
ptnra non est, tamen Torae pro- 
xima habenda et inter reRquas 
Mcundnm eam riectio institaenda 
est Itaqne v^oo^tofup elegi, 
qnod qnain facile in KQOun, abi- 
ra potoerity Basthia nd ' Gfogo- 

rium p. 712. demoiuitrarit De 
angmento dnbiiim bob eat, qnia 
Plato id interdum oiniserit Certe 
Sjnm. t c. wtuaoa^ Phaedr. 
pag. 248. A. aHa^iOwfi , Polit 
p. 260. £. tindtofiBv in omniboSy 
Gorg. L c. diajataeB idoue sa- 
pencripto il in nno Par. W. lo- 
gitur. Sed propterea non nbiqae 
absdnuisse censendus ent eo, oimkI 
grammatici magno ooiiaensa Atti- 
eom perhibent Cf. Moeris eias- 
aue tnterpretes p. 182. et scho- 
liastes Inonysii Bekkori anecd. 
p. 804, 30. Neque Stallbaumios 
Leg. L. Vlin. p. 857. C. unns 
Flor. A. salfragio ancfpitl (nam» 
snperscriptum habet) afiatos Bdc- 
kerum sequi dnbitaTit, qai «sqr- 
ndoafiBv et d^tfpidtofiBv ex Ang. 
B. et Yat C. in quo item aiqier- 
scriptom est si ,- pro dnBix. quad 
Par. A. ntrobiane correctiu exhi- 
bety^reposait Btiam Tim. p. 791 
D. o Sij %dl nifoejptdtofiBP Tf 
rov m^^Tov «2%»ceri secnndnii 
optimi libri manum primam a 
Bekkero editum est, qaod rina 
Utnra scriptum in Vind. F. he 

wSfueri'] apjfian Stob. (w- 
fkott m. Gean.) 

d'] om. Par. K. 

fiillBC\ fUlXoi ymd. BD. Bto. 

yilmrl rs] YiXmg vi Ttg Uom, 
B. Flor. U. StaUbaamnis. Etkm 
Astius hic haerit et ad coniccta- 
ram prohpsns est Socrates, 
quum idf qnod > iinUni dicendiiA 
eraty cnm fluctn comparaTisset, 
qui aqua salsa perfandere et sob- 
mergere nautas solet, niUlo huh 
■nadictaransnprofitetnryi ' 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

C1VITA8 LIB. ▼•^TS m 

fam Titet, ot varilu 
tioBM eT«Qta comprobetiir et di- 
ctum ilhid promu fluctns m mo- 
qaocam oomparaMet, in m 
•oerbo et igiwmi- 
lecte K- 

I flM|M€Ory 110 ^P" 

dmnU pmku» okimlwr. led hMd 
dobie Tnlgetam I 

«do£(a] i2T«(/i»ir S(db. (ijdo- 
{i^ m. Gem.) <tdo{(a(Lob.) Uoa. 
B. FUnt. U. SteittMiimke. 

MrroiUvotir] iuiv«Mmp Stob* 

91] M Tiod. BD. Par. K. fec 

'Sc^y] ic^r d^ Lob. Vind. DF. 
Vot BM. Yen. C. Par. DK. Jkn^ 
B. Flor. R. Mv «4 Vind. B. Mon. 
B. Flor. U. Hoc noMt^lhttw 
ilhid M« IZlccYOvov, 

^ Ub. di- 

rntnm, onoa Aatin* ad ii. L et 
Rahnlronmo ad RntiL Lnp. p. tU 
■q. indicanmt. Addo Alcmonm 
iaag. c 33. p. 1S2, 1. Fiach. 

fiaciX9^<sm6w ] fimiXiwi — 
Stob. ood. A. et achoyaatea Ari- 
8ti«a p. 266. Fromm. kul lUi- 
tmm tffitfy Steof §a6Uivm6i9 ol 
ipUocofpoiy ^ BaCiXitg 9}Uo#o- 
9^tfM» y r J«' BvdoifMPiictt» x€tg 
moXsig. Btiam Fic&naa domkmm- 
tmr poanit, qnnm ait rogo9 fmeH 
JkerM. Sic Pttiaan. L 11, a 
JTv^Aof fittOiXofSoagf et Hmdo» 
tna I, 14 iVy^ft nroanvcvtfirffy 
ei FUto panllo poat ^ilotf o^if^o* 
tfi, et L. im. p. 42L D. mXov- 
t4t0£ z^owtf Ariftaph. Phit 
569. slovr^aarvrt ffy Thnc n. 4t. 
nXavt^^^f f^ PlMMdr. 831. 

D. oi 

T. n. p. 528. KAhn. y^oriiVaaifg 
r^( c?yO^«oo , Lyaiaa adr. 8im. 
$. 43. Brem. ktBi9otP fiXviop 
$p^omiomU9 , Plato CSr. 0IL 
44a D. &^imTu arvrdr arvrov, 
Hend. i c i«e^ ra i;f^. 

XoXq — ^U0009f|'0M« D.X Mk 

«(^Xeotr] «^lM» Stob. Trine. D 

daaUara] Itn oodioaa oawaa 
etiam Par. A. Yan. a aad hi in 
nltiBda iittaria eorrecti, nno nina 
BelKkema ftOiX^q ab Aatio k 
aec ez coniectnra poaitnm edidit 
Idem fedt in aec Stallhanmina 
oodicnm dnomm iliomm, nt aibi 
riana eat« nnctoritate. Y. YoL L 
p. 157. a p. XXXXU. aq. 

irvr] poat Xayd^o» Flor. T. 

xal dvrcSorai] om.8tob.Triiic 
ante leyJficyoi Stob. Gesn. 

^tXocofp^omci] tpiXoootpijoovoi 
MoD. B. jpiXocofpijotoaiv Stob. 
caina ed. Tiinc. h. I. deficere an- 
pra oatendi. Neqne Geanertia pro- 
xime aeqnenda yvriolmg — oiro- 
vXBio^mciv habet (tpiXacotpi^om' 
Ci Gaiaf.) Praeter mentem Fla- 
tonia lustinna M. ApoL I. p. 54. 
C. poatolationem extendit: Im 
ycf^ 7C0V %al riff rc»r vtaXaimVf 
av ^ij ol Sfffowsg ipiXocomnctM 
%al oi dQxofiBvoi , o^x ar tfi| 
roff 7e6XtiS BvdtupLOvijctu. 

ra] «mu Lab. Vkd. BD. Vat. 

rav'r3y] rovr<t Ten. B. Vind. 
B. Flor. ACT. Stob. ood. A. 

tvtmcicvl iviimicH Tm^ F. 
a(, anp* if, Fiir. R. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC • 



E Wft jKi^ ^8 %f6nQ^ <^y x% Ug tA ivwmw mkI tpmg 
^Uov ld\if fjv vvv l6yqf dul^lii^aftsv. dUia toiko Itfnv, 
o Ifiol soiliM Savov hni9fi6i Xifuv, iQmvt^.^ ng nvko 
'noQd dS^av jq&^tferai. xoXbxov yctQ liBih/, Sn ovk Sv 

J46eig] tfdci^ Yind. B. 
\ i^ceyicijff} Mi. Stob. ood. A. 
v. Lob. i^av. Viiid. DF. 
««d*lM«#«i«i|rl d%wut^4atmot 
Stob. cod. A. FldMu liaec uute 
a TM dl vvv ita interpFotatar : 
ne^ (fuod inific ^) a dit7er«# 
duo ikaec tractenttir tn^eiiiw. At 
vmvam Uc oit: iiMi najrima pore 
jmgmd&fwBn , imie inme od oil»* 
ralfiijii •epnratiMt oo olloro ocoo* 
Auil , «eceotario ofr tilrooM ej^ei»- 

iMPoAa] ante %tm£v Plor. T. 
orcnfla Ald. Bas. ab. Pl«tarcl»s 
Nmaa p.73. D : ha^g i^veyxt 
naQaiHyfta ncd Tfl^^iov r$g 
17XcRro»yi3cn( 9011^9 , fjv vcvSQog 
i%el99g owe ^7019 fqovoig ys- 

«o>UT£^6y off fi(ff xoxcoy navXa 
9ud Xvcig dvd^Qc&Ttoig ^ly i% 
uafog Tvpig Q^Biag tlg vaiSvb dMr- 
voiff (pilooo^tfi paoiXtxijv ovfinB' 
covcav dvvafuv iy%ifaT7J %al 
VMEffii^iov vijg %caUag v^v d^S' 
tiiv wnacv^cai. Idem compar. 
Demoith. et Cioer. p. 887^ B. de 
Ciceroae: inaf^vvQifiw a/ia vf 
IRdvnvt jfMWSvo/iivqf navXdv 
f^HV xttMOV^ vdg noXsig^ ovav 
tig taiivb dvvccfiig ts iisyaXrj nal 
^(fovr}Oig & vivog tvpjg XQ^' 
on^C dnavnjitjl usv& otxaioifv' 
Vfjg. Utmmque Jocum indicant ' 
Aathu. Quod Plutarchns fortvnae 
merttaoMi fodt, ad Epiot. Plat. 
yil. p. 326. A. referendnm Tid»^ 
tKri,'Xif€iv ra ^vayvdcQffv inair 
vtSv ti^v igd^v q>i.Xocoipiav, cig 
I» rievvfjg levi vd vs noUvvaSL 
9iiiiam^l vk tiv i&ustdv ndv^ 
ta luaUfsZv * 'ttaMi# oiv- wi iii« 
%uv tct dv^QC&niva y^> 9t(fip 

^1^96 vAv ydoooyo u r c o n i d^ 
4Hig ys val dhff&Ag yivog nig A^ 
fkg sU^ xkg «olcrioae, iq xi 
xmv dvvcMivtff6vtmv iv ralg «o- 
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m qUXs rXcnfKC9v] om. Stob. 
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noXseiv Stsh. Min. <qQi k. L 
deficit) et editionee ante Bdcke- 

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c^. A. Gaisf. 

61] y Vind. B. Vat H. 

yivst,] yivst. Ald. Steph. 

ovei7j ai^t^ ViBd. F. Ad^. B. 
Flor. R. ' 

ft^ nots] fjt^s Btob. cod. A 
Oaiaf. a4ff ts Lob. tfyvfj tk ViiidL 
B. ipvfi th Vat. M. ft^ntPts AUL 
Bae. «b^ Sloph. A»t Bed eit «e 
iM^iHMi 9 non niM^MMi. Oimv. 
p. 467. Bi v6 foj nots nivdweB-^ 
tatt «I ne «n^itam perkmimt ••- 

cpvfl ^s] ^ffnftt Ald^ Baa. nb. 
9V17 vs Lob. Par. K. eec Bekk. 
cpSfftat Vind. F. Ab^. B. Fbr. 
T. 9f^Si ts Vmd. B. Vat M. 

e^el ^Steb. cod. A. Gakf. E 

nhf] »01 Lob. Vind. B. Vot 

'^v] ftsA Btob. cod. A. OakC 
^ 44 Vind. fi. 

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Vat BM.' Ven. C. Par. DK. aee. 

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& naQcad^csv Stob, eod. A. 

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placet qnae «ffntnr leotio, talt' 
n6v y&if vpsi»stv Stt -o^tt ^ ote.«* 
Stepb. amwt p. 21. Ba foit Cofv- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



Xafioiftits €n bii^(p faxgkvxwp 8«ilov, •cm^ JMtr iT i iy 4 , 
yot;^ tig ^WffceOiii ipjifttfofiivov^* od^ff i( M ^twi4 «f? 
Aoyvp KiA ln^^R, vcp <i^ft T#ta&V*fiM( ^iiocif <AH}0. 

naiii coniectara ecL p. 100. Fi- 
diii • ^ ^ 

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CDfttitt €nin«0 oodicOT «be mtione 
Afltiiif «e in Me. ed. fitaUUnodw 

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Bohim TC^ ^vo fominmo haberi ei 
dto eMUte mocipi toto ponet, 
•oAinm- praetarri deberet Nu» de 
mm j qaae profxinM dicta est «oU^ 
TUa\ &lUi inteiligl neqoit, oed 
Mferaidvm ad HlaBi «st, ia qaa 
phlloaopln f«|peat» qped ipeni 
eb intoiieoftani Mnt owbofl» me»- 
tionem panllb darliM videtor; Ad- 
de L. Vl. p. 500. B. 

Ald. «^dextfiifoeicf^ Yat. H. Flor. 
ACT. «t, yQ iFidMEto, Ven. Bw 
et, tn narg. avdai^ioinfoMOf^ 
Vind. i>. t^^oiM Vind. B. 
Sg] oa». Vind, P. 

1 • JUZm B0C. «KailD. pr. MpfpAl^ 

«r. e oarr. — «rg, Vmd. pL 
l«< if ] M ol VlMd. Bi>. AldL 

Baa. ab. Aaliaa In Me. et tafti 
ot StaUbanmiiB, qoem- 
H^rammatid praeeipiiiiit 

>« qoam pfkeporitio^ 
Sad b. I, r«a aUter babet^ 
^ pimoaa nidla diMtiitia 
el pronemen nlya peir»- 
aplcnitite etiam iib«Me poBfit. 

W] om. YiDd, B. Vat H. 
Flir. AC. 

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: ^oyeirff.] ^/^imr«0. BOi. b. ' 
474 f^fmf^g] f^^tm^9p Vat. ft 
Hor. A€. 

dMrrMOi^^oit] Ita Pir. A* 
LebJ VM. BDF. Ven, C VaH 
HiL Flar. AOirr. anMiiM* 


roffy deleto a >■..••. priore fif 
.lfOn..B.> #ia»er|gy |a> ai u g reQqoi 
oodicee et editi ante Astiom, oei 
in seo. T«Bm do Mniedara edi- 
dit. Eadem in eedem Terbe dia- 
crepantia eet L. VI. p. 501. C 
nbi baec rcDetimtur. Flcinaa 
Imc «t prmaio OeA^ fmpglan 
U fQduTBB poaait t 

iifyiX0Oftivavg ] i^tiemfUifopg 
Ven. C. 
. ovg bI (lij ] otg elfLi Vind. & 

diiws^ duvvn Vind. B0. Mon» 

B. Par. DK^ aec. B^k. et A. 

acd correctua, Vat M. Flor. TCJV. 

duwfl, aup. 17 ^ Lob. dfivvjj 

Vind. F. ^ui/yg Ald. Baa. a. 

d(iw8Tt Yind. B. duvvHg Ang, 
B. r- . -^ 

iic<pet;^i] Ita Vind. P. Flor. 
B. ^x^ev^n, anp. si, Lob. Ix- 
a>cv'£i; Vmd. BDB. Mon. B. Ald. 
ewptvifi Baa. ab. Stepb. 

tfi offr#] roM^ Vind. PB. 

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Vind. B. Md^ttipata^itm Vind. 
F. r* ^uiiApievg Ald. en aWBe 
error gloaaam Meaychii #«j:i^|M^ 
V09 « ^bdmxmp p^rit Tbnainui 
ler. p. £61 : xa»d^' xX^mt^ 
CoMr, «M^aNr, dittMff«Nr.' 1M . 
iM Rahaimilaa, qid hec et aitero 
Platonia loco Hipp. mai p. S0a 
A. abl amdialn rmMtfmaM 4i)si- 
ilH', algnifliifto;alil n l t u—i iia «an* 
feiTi iubet acboiiaaten. Bed nO> 
il^ i^:bilia iiMt, «Itirt •dMri- 
ptom eat 'MM^u^ loidbii/ief, 
gla«i{«ci , ' qoibaa iuetnmmi ad- 
drnii S^n «t Fliotlw V 1^4»^ 

Uy%l Bae^chiaa. CT. PloManni 
ad Moer. p. 806. «t BchMJdarni 
•d AiyM; BMIt VB. li^ «. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



Oiuovv 0i fMM, ^ S' Ifit, w^MN^ flliiog; JUUig /^ 
l|P9» iyifli «oimr. iXlm tol 0$ ^ nfMdm, ill* afnn 
pA olg ivv«fuu* tvpafuu ih sivolf «• wkL t^ iTMyimg* 
. B iUvfO»«i, imbI Sms ffv £Uov vov ^^lfofifoy Mi ou- 
«^yo/fi^. oU' fllff Ijfliv TOiovcov ^ofAov mi^ mi€ 

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%lav MOQixu. dvaiyxaiap aSv fioi doam, sl fiiiUofiiv «y 

ffp d' ifd] poil voiy««9 Par. 

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dUd Ton <;u<^ Tiris Ykd. F. 
dW dtoh Ang. B. 

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B wKmtM^oimv] Atouotm^um 
^ Lob. Viiid. a Vat BM. 

V*1 i} Viii4. B. 

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ool 0. Fior. Aa 

MOifizet] Ita Von. C Vat H. 
Flor. ACv. 9«pim Lob. «nr^^ 
«7 Vind. BDBF. Vat BM. Ven. 
B. Aog. B. Flor. RT. et corre- 
ctaB Par. A. noifixBtg Par. DK« 
Moo. B. Flor. U. cmii oditi« anto 

oiv] OM. FSc 

iiillofUv] (Uno^d Moo. B. « 
B^ •ec fft^iUUf (Tel (UXhi) foj « 
m. pr. 

9*17] xoi Vat B. om. Flc 

Ix^evleoOai ] lii^«f|atf^ai 
Flor. AC. 

liyovgH] Ihomug VaL Hp 
li/o^ Vlad. F. 

Tolimn» 9«flNM] poat d£&r 
^ofdir Flor. T. r. wAvfu ideoi 
am Vind. DF. A14.Baa.ab. 

yoyo^m ] yivofUpmp Lobk 
riod. BD. Vat BM. 

fwoM] om. Lobw Vind. BD« 
Obie ift Bu babot) Voo. B. Yat 

^ «roiai] lU Par. A. Vind.F. 
Vat B. VoB. C. Aof. B. Flor. 
EV. Bddcoma et in tert Aflioo. 
iv mA^mb Vlnd. B. Vat M. Jr 
Moliftmf ez enMad. -<-», Lob. 
h t§ MiXu reliqiil oadioca «t 

edliianteBekkeraia,qnoa StaB- 
baoBiiua oiiio ratione aeqaitnr. 

oicoXovOeSr vt t^ liyovf U v^ ] 
99d dMtatSkM HUo okttmionn 

fff}] pott i^nf Lob. Vind. BF. 
Tat M. Am. B. Flor. R. 

««ds] vdTf Ylai. B. Flor. C. 

^i^ixQ] Ite Vind. F. AM. 
Steph. taocntlbBf de Par. K. Be 
pontlnia. dfMiyhni Lob. Vin4 
BDB. MoB. B. Baa. ab. Aat. pi; 
ot aecuMl. dfiij yi vtff Bekkeraf. 
4iqEif|y^ Aft tert «M^in^ Statt- 
bMUBiaf. Timaenf In. paa* 29: 
dfiffyiwn* M yf ^9009», ? 4Im- 
oooy. Bnidaf el iexicoa Bekktfi 
aneod. pag. 387, 16: dfmfYitai' 
immeihi%ovB, %uO' iviovv. aijrt- 
r€u 61 %al afiMgfimm% «iel dud' 
Ow. Moerif pag. 50: dofrjfimjh 
*Awttmg. dftmtyinmg , £XiU^i- 
SMSff. Thomaf pa^ 40: 4w^ 
ndXXMv^ 9 dfmoyiamg* Sfiloi da 

Jiaec f BffidBnt ad ▼nl(atuB ho-. 
nuB fcribeodonmi coBfBOtBdiBaa 
doBOBftraiidam, a ipm difoedeBf 
Bekkonif boo looo de oodkibBB 
in VatB. Ven.C.VIad. 

B. Par. K. dftnyi^ l^ mm^ 
qoafl qni ib rellqBif BfB aolBm 
BfpmnifMd etbm okcaadleGnm 

«t'in tria dirifioBem kieMrit 
Atqni ParifioBfflm A. ad Lea. V. 
786. B. p. 890» 4. oflaBdfitiW 
yitni folere exbibera, et fic vbU 

Ke in Anc. B. fcriplmn offo ad 
«. VIIO. 861. d jp. 185^ 1. 
tefltatar. Similiter c$ifli o y A Bmc 
in Par. A. Vat C. effo fdora ad 
Leg. L 64L B. p. i)18, 6. deda- 
nt ItaoBo qBCBMMhBodBm Fdit 
p. 278. D. df«S yiwa et Pralac. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



vvm diulhilmv ycyo^4w»v Mvfitml ng mfsvifgt^m Mu- 
mriifLWPog^ Srir x^ ^iv «potff^ ^fv6u Smna%ml *t 
ip^^ofpUig «^j^ovsvm t' ip%&ku^ tmg d\allo9g pijvt C 
Saen9»a$ d»olov9uv xb t(^ fjyctufthnp* "Hfm Sv dq, 
^i 6iftiB09>tti. "m if^y crftoJtM#9^V IM^ tflo, iitp 
avxo afLfjyiMfi [xopmg l{9}^fl{ffttda. "jfyB^ Iqp^. ^m- 

p. 323 G. et Ptttedr. p. tSS. C. 
cifuSg yi nmg scri^lt, et in com- 
ment. ad Polit scriptafam Veneti 
A. et Par. BCP. dftvjr^y td 
Protag. Coisllntftnl, Vat B. VeH. 
BD. Ang. C. Pal. B. «fMDcytfmg 
tamquam snae fdndamentom com- 
memoTarit, ad Ptiaedniia antem 
Ckrkiamun, CoiaL Vat. A. V«a. 
A. Par. BCDFH. aspenmi, nil 
amplins, de^Me adnotaTit, qn^ 
qiiMlem loco ClarldamK aecDBd^ 
Craidbrdkim ui»m9Yinmg exbibel^ 
ita koc noatro reliqmM VII. omM- 
ces in apirita aecam faoere, de 
accentn et dirialone nihtl i)|;nifi- 
care yolait. Quid qmxi Leg. V. 
736. A. paijr 388, 17. in comm. 
Stephano «^Miig tribnit, a qno 
ipae aecondam Ven. B. Vat. C. 
Anfr. B. disoedens c^fMig (yi xog) 
scripoerity ^oum Btephanoa illo 
iooo non mimis, qnam in refi- 
j|ntf , dfitagyimog in anmn Toca- 
btdon coninncta habeat. lamqaod 
ad spiritnm attinet, optimis codi- 
dbtia repnfnaAdi catisaam non iii- 
veni, etfli lonicam t^ Doricum 
AMOSf qtiod pronominia indefi- 
ntti Tim Imbere dicitnr, a qno 
grammatid illa repetnnt , fere 
abiqtie d(i6q scribi solet, et d(jL6' 
^ti^ Tnfgo Homeri Od. I. 10. d- 
Hffyionj apnd liociamim Lexiph. 
T. V. p. 178. Lehm. et dfo»^ 
nmg apad Lyaiam in Agor. §. 7. 
et Ariatoph. Tlieflmoph* ^^9, ^am 
,a Bekkero editom est 8ed 
Acham. 583. Bekkera teate co- 
dex RaTennas aaperam habet, non* 
lenem, quera LiTemhErina (615.^ 
vidit, et apnd Boatathkmi in Od. 
Vol. I. p. 8 , 32. aqq. Lipa, 
nmplicia enm leni icrfpte 

PLAToms Op. n. 

eomporita com nq>ero icribmitnr, et 
in flchollo ad Leg. VIL 798. B. 
qnod RahBk«nfu0 ad Tlm. p. fl6L 
•edidit, wania aaperam habent 
Qnem ai qoifl ab altero AMOZ^ 
quod 'fliUttqoq eat , perperam in 
liOG traoalatam fltatoat, non mi- 
naa probablliter lenem, qtiemilhid 
in Homeridfl carminibofl prae ao 
iort, cnm hoc^ oonHatuleatam Td 
diflcriminifl caoflfla iaTentam % 


fltatni P*iM 
at In hoc igitnr Bekkemm tcI 
potitifl eodicM fleqnor. 8ed dhi- 
rioni primom obfltat, qnod dpdgy 
dpijy dfko^tm neqoo apnd Fbto- 
nem neqne, ri ab extremo aemel 
apnd Homenim ezfltante diflceflae- 
rifl, alibl oflqnam aeorsam dictn 
inveinimtiir. Nam- fframmatioofl» 
Bnfltathiom L c. Apolioninm Bek* 
keri aneod. 566, 3. 5. aBofl do 
origine oomporitomm diflpntantea 
fllmpticibafl nti neoeflse arat Dein- 
de m hac parto aeqae • atqne hi 
priora codioefl respidendi sant} 
qnl etfli nonnonqnam dnplicem 
acoentom Imporitam habent, tit 
Ciarkianas Protag. 331. D. 8. 
(dfmtyimn) et fortiflflo V^n 
APy. Vat B. Thn. 52. C. nbl 
in optimo Vmd. d(M6$ yi nmg le- 
gitnr, plenunone ipso Bdtkoro 
teste nmim exhil^ent IKe Clar- 
kxannfl Phaedri 1. c et 8oph. 
p. 259. p. nbi Btnihanufl cum 
Aldo dpfrjjyitefi , Bekkeros tacens, 
nt Leg. V. 739. C. et paullo poflt 
haec nostn D. cS^^ yi njj dedlt. 
De » noB floiMNiripto t. VoL I. 
p. LXI. 

I|i7yi70tt/»£^<r] «^t6 i^. Vlnd. 
E. l^nyfMfif^^ Vind. F. 
"4^9] tf ViiiA. ¥. &y9dij Vea. 


igitized by VjOOQ lC 



Unta^, wi » lik» q>Uoihtu buivmff %o ik ^, «aia 
J) fip maw y« Iwo». 'liiA^i, «&»•'» fa*««v» » -Tliw- 


B. Vliid. B. Aac. a YatH. 
(Flor. A€»tTV.) Ald. Bm. «b. 
ateph. A«t et ift iNr. MOlb. 
I^. 'Aitaiufufiimutv ] itfoi dp. 

^ r] ^p d9 Lob. 

tiUaUfttf d$t] ipiMp. ti M 
Par. A. titX^, «i M AM. B«i» 

mv] «aira Yiad. F. «t a m. 
«. Flor. Au 

'ifmvufiri^^Miir] 'Aif€tit$iiimnmui9 

1^)17] ro/«rv«r Lob. rwd. B. 

loiM]*{oi«€y Viod. F« Fkr. 

a»] ai) Vmd. F. 

hvtm] In Moo. B. altemm v 
a nL c. int. Ton. adieotan. 

"^U^i] <iU' J Vind. F. dH! 
\iq Par. D. «Uof luarfo Par. D, 
Aid. Bas. 0. 

Ufmxt%^] qiialiB .Glanoo etiaBi 
L. m. p. 402. B. appamie. 

nawtg ol h $S(f^] Pltttardnia 
Mor. p. 44. F: ol yovv ivS^ 
9dweB9 Sg ^wf 6 lUMttMf^ 
dfvriYhni ^omvov^i xhv iqfatuUv 
»al IsvnovB f^v ^smv widetg a* 

%ai Tov yQvit6v fiaaUixov . %ci 
t6v Ciuov hU%aQ4»y zov ^b td- 
X^v vimoQitoasvog fuUxifoyv 
daadtsvai Ttid ayoM^. Idean ib. 
p. 56. C: iSg aov %al IUdviDV 
omoi t6v iQaatfjv uoleoia xwv 
tQtafiiviov ovta r6v fih otfLhv 
%aUlv laLtaifiv , xhv A yqmabv 
$actXi%6vy (paffilifunov coi. Lob.) 
fiilavag di dvStfinovg^ lsv%ovg 
dl ^KDv nai9ag. z6 dh fuU%Qow 
ohog iffostov a^foaao&ifiM $lvta 
^mouoifitiofUvov Mol $v%4l»g tpi" 

qovtot ti^v dz^dtfita. Cf. Wyt- 
tonbaoh. animi. T. I. p. 388. vbi 
LacretiniAy Hocatium, TibiiilnBi, 
Aristaoaetiim, Philootratara etLI- 
baniium bunc Platon» locom re- 
qMXiiio ostendit. In margbe 
Mon. B. baec adscripta ^ sant: 
^oti^aj;», ro naodSiyfM 8 ^^* 
M, <D a^iatBt 

tov ipiXonatBa vai itfmttwov] 
fmaromm mMtortm Fic 

dfufyivni] in codicibna mm ct 
111 editionibiui proriiu oadem va- 
xaetatey qua inpra C soriptBii 

$d%vovoi] 9d%ovol Vind. R. 

aotake ] aois«iFM idew.. Xn ae- 
qnontiboa qaod mlgo post vaXavg 
poiitum eit iuterrogandi iignaiB, 
cnm Aitio in ioc. ed. poit «««- 
dag elvat poiui» ubi reliqni eo- 
lon vel panctnm babent 

lUfiog] PoUux IL 73: ^ivog 
dh cxnfkoxay f(jya6gt inLy^vnog^ 
ov %aX §aoiXutov t^^ovtcu ' mfi6g 
dhf ov filfirapty vpfUiovtu. IlXd' 
tm ik %ti mfwn^omatov dnsv 
inl tnnov. icilioet Phaedr. p. 253b 
B. ubi edam inlydvnog de eam 
praeitantiori didtiir. Noitmm mh 
cum meuuMriter a PoUuoe landari 
atqqe ita Bv%a4ftv pro inl%aQiv 
ortum Tideri Kubniui obiOCTarit. 
Tcunen uiinim» ii etiam iCffipto* 
rii oblitui eiti 

Dfi. Ven.B. VatH.Flor.ACTv! 
laudatur Fic. 

vfuBy] i^ftmv Par. J>K. aecan- 
dnm Bip. 

t6] om. Vind. B. 

dii ] oiR. Vind. BDB. Mon. B. 
Ven. B. Par. K, Vat. M. Flor. 
TU. Aal. pc StaUb. pr. Omiait 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



If «mK^ if^r^ 9im^w6t «i srirl «fPifctv 

M #£iffv fudiag tlvai; ft$li%ldfwg dh moI vodEvofOi ^Cp 

etiam Aristaenetai, qni Epist I. 
18. p. d&, BoiM. hmic Ukmdi Ita 
in nmm nsmn conyertlt: «flrl 6 
iUp vtg TiBv vimVf St$ tfcft^ff, 

vtvtat * 70ti d\ t6 yqyicbv pMiXtf 
%bv itpTig' Tov (cod. Yind. t6^ 
d^ d(ce f»€Oov (ita ood, itiaov edo. 
ante Abreflch.) rovTi»» i^tg ifi- 
fttT^Tara (eod. et edd. iftfith' 
T^oTTiTay qaod BoIm. ex Pauwii 
ooniectiira oorrexit) J^€tir* /ai- 
XoMirff dl «^y^iNO^ff &voftai»t9* 

vofMt Tivog ttiUov «0^^ crrctiy 
4} TovIv6vTog tfoi^ «tfdw varom* 
^iiofiAfov T» xorl ^^^ovrog evre* 
tfmg rfjv «lx9<$ri7Ta , el fiAvov Ld 
m^a «^oo jf ; lua kvl Xoy^ «ooof 
ir^o^(re<€ ^v^omv^j; «cel arcioorc 
^mclrff iheetp^tyYfl , i»«rf d»d 
^iiU^^rffoff ^i^my dnofijaisiv 
rSv dvO^o^vrmv iv S^if , <mm^ 
ro^g ^ilo£v0vg dfftSfuv navTm 
otvov htl vtdmjg xQO^dnng d^ 

9tit fii^ov ] dtafiicov VM. 

i^ir^ororra ] ivfuv^mTiXTa 
Yind. F. ififistffmTata Bekkenu 
ct in tert Astnia. Cf. ad p. 457. 

A. Vindoboneofif auctoritas in alui 
ninime apemenda in boc eo le- 
rior eft, qaod etiam i^mTmu 
nbique exhibet 

l fuUxXdgo^'] Ita y^Pwt. A. 
0n margine, gecnndmn FaebaHua) 
et idiofiaitea ad I*. Yl. p^ 485. 

B. (fpiXorlfuav wal iifmuM»v\ Svt 
iXsfBVy Sti TifiTTna^x^ci» ol 
<ptl6T*fiO$ vtoXld%tgy «ttt ol le^- 
riNoi cvfindoxovTBg fuXif^Ud^fovg 

xaXovci TOvg €ox(fOi$g,) ^tUx^^ 
^ Flor. y. qnem llMlr 0l|riilwii- 
mina in ieqnentibQa a Stepliaao 
diMrepare non monnerit, tamcn 
piobd^ile ei( ema Mod: B. mm- 
aentire , «d Tciba ft^Xtjfimifomg 
^ ipacTOv ia Par. fiK. prwnmi 
omlaia bmo in wodaB aaMte: 
vd 9h ffXlxXm^ xlvog aXXm 
voivofia o&$ 9hmm i) l^^aororL 
Ipae Par. A. et Miiqni oodms 
eoDcepto yiad. D. in <jno fmXof- 
fmXovg lcdtnr» c«m Ald. Boiu 
ab. Stepb.^ f»»lmfx^9vvg mbM- 
bent, qood qaia blanditianna ni>> 
Idl habttv hanH dabi« ri^ 
tioiom in ^tXtiiXt&oovg mvtaadom 
«Me primiia ttatmt Larobinoi ad 
Horat Sat. L S, 38L dthido 8t»^ 
phanoa anMit. p» 21. Utlcraram 
ridnHate et Theecriti looa metaa 
Id. X. 26: Sioftf6%a x^tBoott, 
Soffov uaXioPTl w ndarvsgu 
'Jowdvy dXiditetoonv * ^ di 
ft&vog fti»Xixlm^. Atqim it^ 
Aitfam n pr^ et tert BeklBcnii 
«t BtallbaiBmiai acrmieruiit A»- 
tea Stephanai fuitxQ^ovg tcI 
fuUx^ov ooaieeerat ^ qa 

allcn «t in thaMoro Tam. IL 
p. 378. Jt- alawl oam Lambiiiia^ 
M pMpoiitnm et Flaiarihi k>«» 
poatoffiori ci mm cada t ttm a Ste» 
pimno redpieiidam ■etwiraat 
BoecUnmi hi Blfak pa«. 139« et 
Aithu in iec. praeter Plataroham 
Lacretii anoteritate aai , qiri 
L. Iin. T. llSi. in^oem roca- 
balorom ab amantabna ad exte« 
naanda amatarom Titia adhibito* 
mm ita orditar: JV^r« f»»Xi^ 
Voog cct, loHmmda ct fooUA 
'uoof»og* Idem ■a a i oit Iaoah> 






r L A T Q N 1 S 

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t$ >sMd sixaQdg pi^wtoe ^ oi(povfva, Utv htl £^ i; 
475 ml M Aojpif» «otfag «foym^iff #po^M^(fi09^ t$ %al m- 
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vAv iqemnm»^ oxi ovtm MoiovOif 6vyxi»QS tov io^^Qv 
fi{ Tl d*; ijv i* iy§i' tOvg q^ilolvovs ov ta avti 
tavta Moiovvtag OQJig* ledvta olvov iiu naOijg XQOtpa^ 
Osmg a6xaio[Uvovg; Kal iidXa. Kal [i^v q>iXotliiovg ys, 
fig ty^luUf Ha^OQ^g^ 8ti av fii) OtQatfiy^oat dvvamaif 

das ad PUloftnti Ic* L4s rpcf- 
iq^« futQMuov oif lemthv otf d* Iv 

luletQag wfiinpy omv %6 xmv 
fitUxQ6m9 &9%09y ovg ktafPtH 
4 Tov 'AQltvmpog. qaem et ipim 
BOB aliter atque Pkterchnm fttr 
Itxi^ovs Platoma in rerbif legisoe 
dicM. At ■initte recentem ab 
Imiiu kct lectiene PhiJofltratnm 
illa oKaraMe patet, «piippe qm 
fortitucliiiis et paiaeitrae spedem 
kk fleeilM oelere nroMtii laoda- 
tam hic patafent, q«ae potim 
MgrM tribvitnr. Neqoe Tero Pia- 
twGhiic, Dam lAcratiMi non vi- 
deo qna rationa BoedchiM saa 
•d Platonia normMi oompoaaiMe 
atetaerit, qoam inter decemChrae- 
ca, qaae addit, nallam Jiinc re- 
flity aed ne Pintarcbaf 
de. acripto Hdetar Piato- 
Bloa retaliiM, at pro lectionia 
tcate citari ponit. Maoif id de 
Ariftaeneto credibye, cmuf fitltr 
X^vovg aeqoe facile in fuUzle»' 
^ovff atqoe in ^i^^oovff mntar 
Terif. Sed at Platanhas in co- 
dice foo fuXtxQoovg legerit, ni* 
bile fflinM ez noftrif fifiL^^W^ovf 
eft. Nam illud no- 
nihil a mlgari fermone dif- 
erepanf , neqae forma neqae si- 
gttincatione itaie erat, ut ftatim 
amatorif figmentam agnofoendum 
did poflfet; hoc utique miram et 
ad pallorif daloedinem indicandam 
exoogitatam ab aliqno, coiM pal- 
Kdae detiGiae cffent, videri de- 
Aooedit, qood fttXaYxl»' 

qovg mnlto fadliuf ez boc, qoam 
ez illo oriri potnit. 

Sl 1 rf dh Viod. F. 

otst] Efn Vind. D. 

rlvog] Ita Bfon. B. Fior. U. 
Bekkeruf et in pr. StaUbaoiinaa. 
rtvog Lob. Vind. BDBF. (Flor. 
ACRTV.) Ald. Bff. ab. Steph. 
Af t. et in fec. 6taUb. qaod scci- 
ptor fi ponendum pataret, potiM 

Kft &Uov (▼. ad L. YI. p, 498. 
) pofituruf erat, librarii ▼ere 
propter anteeedens otst interro- 
gatiTO praeferre poterent. Cf. 
L VUIL p. 573* A. Etiam Fi- 
dnof vivog l^t, qui verba ftt- 
UxUi^ovg — Soqi ^; fic reddi- 
dtt: poliifiifm cnitem oiioiefceiitMi 
^fiiit iii|»|ieiiiimt , «tt omotor tpw 
iiamiieiit giiodammoiley et temt- 
paUidi appeUaUomo wi epMit 
paiiorem faeiU fortm 7 

mx^otfixa] mx^ofnji^a AJd. i^ 
X^oxrjra Bm. b. 

xdoag] poft TCifotpdastg Vind. 
F. Flor. R. 

nqotpaalisaOi] n^owaaltBcOal 
Vind. F. et, sup. e, E. 

otirio 9roioi;oc1 noiovaw o^ro475 
Par. K. 

Tl d';] tl ^a/Par. A. t/ 9f 
Vind. EF. W 8i Flor. ACRTV. 
Signum interrogandi , qnod Baf. 
ab. pMt ^tXoIvovg^ SteehanM 
et Bekkeruf poft OQJig habent, 
cnm Stallb. fec hic potiof pe- 
nendam neqoe tamen cum eodem 
di scribenoim patari. 

^y »'] iftr Par. K. aec Bip. 
Flor. U. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



x%fmvtK$, fimd 6fik$%ifotiQaH^ ical ipavl^^fmv t^ulfuivo^ 
«femDtfiy, A^ olmg tiii^ intfh^fifjttA om^. JEofiidf 
f$hv ow. Tcvto 9fj 9>f*&(, ^ §111' iif 8v S» stMff kn^ 
WfftijTiNoy Ii9»c9f»nr, jrai^o^ tov Movs to4tov^^iuv 
bii%v^tlvi TJ Tov phfy tov dh o0; Ilwtig^ l^. Otf-« 
«oti^ xal t6v ^ooopov 6oq^ing if^ooitev teidvfiirvi)ir 
shui. 01; «^^ fikr, r^^ d* ovj iXXA »i9fig} ^Ahj^ TAv 
&Qa %bqI td fia^^fiata dv6jflQalvovta^ UiAmg t$ moL C 
viov Svta Ttal iiiptm loyov Sx^vtaf tl v« XQifitov nak 


ftowvvrag 1 noiovvta Lob. 
Ywt: M. 

0^^6*1 o(^$C» Ba«. ab. StaHb. 

Kal fidla. ] 0«. Yiiid. D. 

opilor/f^ovs ] ocIoT^o»^ Viad. 
B. Vat H. Flor. AC. 

yf] om. Vliid. F. Aog. B. 
Flor. R. 

Y^ffroce^ovOi] t^invdQXOV^ 
Vmd. F. yolpUiai Mon. B. k 
oOQtexta, iod iii m. a m. pr. r^i- 
zvaffxov<ft habet, qoemadmodum 
Timaei lex. p. 260. r^nvg' ffiv- 
2ajg (ifQog zqltov ^ et in Harpo^ 
crationis cod. Vratigl. itom rptTVff 
^rt tb tifltov (idQog t^g (pvl^g 
ocriptam eoc Contra tQittvg, 
tQittvoQXOt 10 lexico Belclieri 
anecd. p. 306, 24. 25. et in sdio« 
fio ad h. I. loffitur. Cetemm ap- 
poftte, nisi faUor, ad mores bto- 
rum acriptor etiam tertium ab 
imperatore ^dum eia, oi amplio- 
rem conseoui necineanty oafncero 
significat. Valesio tamen ad Har- 
pocrat. p. 399. Lips. pro or^a- 
njy^otu melias ^Xa^iJjoac d&- 
ctoras fuisso videbatar. 

fUt^pvdov] iiBiiovmg .AJd. 

tifLdSvtai] tifiaa&ai Lob. Vind, 
BF. Vat BM. Veo. C. Mon. B. 
Par. Dl Flor. U. Ald. Bas. a. et, 
sop. tivtatf Ao£* B. tiftSfim 
Bas. b. De Flor. CT. Stallbau- 
mlus i^hil mgnificaTit) lollqaos 
tres coffl Stopfaaiio oooientiro 

vnb — dyanmoiv'] ftoiioron «i 
ignMWm» esigmttt Ffe. 

SXmg] ol^ VcB. C. 

ttfojg] om, Flor. C. 

int&vfajtal] ImXhffvqtiot Vind. 

KofudgJ KOfuS^ idoai. 

Tovto] om. Vind. B. xal tov» 
xo Ang. B. Flor. RT. 

9^] om. Vind. B. Flor. C. do 
Vind. F. ief^ Ang. B. 

tpdO^t] <pa^i Mon. B. Vind. D. 
tpa^i Vind. F. waOl Lob. Cf. 
Vol. L-p. 407, b. 

fnj'] fnf; Ald. Bao. ab. fbfo- 
herit Aoe, «1 non? Flc 

a^'] aQU Vijid. BF. 

Sv] dv Ven. C. soo. Bokk. oS 
Mon. B. ot e oorr. Flor. U. o#9 
Par. DK. Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. 
qui in m. Svy in annotat. p. 22. 
ovv ov scribondom ooniedt. ov 
Astins loa in pr. seoaadttH Voa. 
C. dedit 

tufog] ttvu MoD. B. ot o corr. 
Flor. U. 

futvthg tov sfdovg tovtov] 
om. Fic. In Flor. T. Totirov 
post i%t^fuhf pos)Cam ost. 

cotpiag qnjooptsv intSvf^Titnv ] 
9. 0. L Yind. F. Ang. B. Flor. 
R. 0. i. 9. Vind. D. 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



) Msi^om MOVtH fyOif$ dOKOV^ Vlfi HaM^fittP%UV»V 

tffiicofiev — lOtfffe^] am. Yind. 

^iXo/EMvO^] y^Ofwfre&r Pfer.K. 
Mc Bekk. 

per ei Vio4. B. 

«eo^v] Ita hoc looo Ald. non 
ondsto, nt pleramqiio* i «obicri- 
pto. Caiiu clanim Testigiaiii in 
plarimonu» oodiciMa fcr^pivni di- 
waiv pro diamtv a Belikero 
ad «opliMt. t26. B. p. 146, 18. 
commemorata supentes «s, qofte 
Vol. l I». LVUL notoYi, addon- 

oa^] <r«Wov Vind. B. Vat. 

^^a^ffffoi^] In Vind. D. 17 «1- 
'per poaitam. 

«1)^] M Vind. R o*. Flor. T. 
. rovroi(^*]d'o*- Vma. D. 

ipilxfl] Ivdlifmg Flor. T. 

tpijeofisv] difflOjMT Vind, F. 
A«g. B. 1Pl9r. R, --*• Ad banc io- 
fOBi mpaxiflse Platarchum in 
Ck. p. 861. E. AfUaa moniut. 
ISiaa. verba 4e Cioerone faaoc 
tfHiti yv^svos ^\ mamif i 
Wiihm^ di^ol T^ ffiXoftM»^ juA 
tpiX6co<pov wvaiVy olog i^xaiB-* 
0^ai nav fiadi^ xal fi^ndBv Xd- 
fov iifiA vtatdtiag dtqtainv sl- 
' dogf if^ti nmg vtQoOvii^TBQOv 

rf] i Vind. P. 

«oUoi} «oXv Vat a Flor. 
D oot] om. Fic. 

of re] ifftfte Ald. Bas. ab. 8te- 
plian. Correxit in pr. Aatioa ae^ 
• ftr. K. V«. C. 

Mdvttg] «ocyrl Vind. B. 


%€nafMev^dvBi9 ] futv^vstv 
Ven. B. quod ad dbpotatioBen 
aptios, aed a Teritate afiflDom. 
Cf. Lu VIL p. 689. B. 

ag /1 JW' Vat. tt j3fi a' 
Flor. ACV. d>g ovg 8a y Anfr 
B. ovg 9sl FioT, T. et margo R. 
nt StaObaaaloa in ^r.demonatrat; 
qood maffia Terisimile, qnam qaod 
Ib aec sh, mg oig ^«j: in ilBs 

touxfitifv] zi^v toutirfiv ViaiL 

«e^il^^Ofrftl ku^iovei Moo. 
B. Flor. U, 

iMtro; ft6lsiQ] wvii ndfMS 
Fmd. JB. «1 wr66 Fk. Veram noa 
AtAieb solis orbana et laralia 
eraiit Dionraia. Cf. J>g. L. I> 
p. '637. A. B. 

KcSfiag] nolsig Vlnd. B. 

rovrovg — fpiXo^^sdftOvug. B.] 
laadaot Clemens Alex. Strom. 
L. I. p. 373. Cyrillus adr.Iulian. 
r. p. 179. B. TheodorctBS The- 
rap. L. I. p. 7Q3. Schalz. 

nivta^ Md] Sitmtmg xd^ tovg 
Theodor. t^g Aslios lA sec^ r»- 
cepit . 

. &lXovg\ alXwv Vind. EF. Ang. 
B. Flor. K. 

rotoifr<ov] om. Vtod, 15. 

ttvoSv] tivag Vmd. B. Vat 
M. et , sup. Sv , Lob. Vhid. D- 

Had^ttM^g] Ha Lob. V|nd«B*E 
et a m. pr. Par. A. Vat M. fuf' 
OnifiatiMovg (Par. A. Vat. M* * 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


4ff!mfig tUw Sg ff Ip ^Oodo^pofg tM^ur dt m^ fim 
Hyovg mI touaiuiv iimQifi^ iuAvttg ofh w i%ilouip 
l>i&«iVy S^mQ ih «mfUfMOtoMmg w dxa imuo600n 
wmwtmv xo^Af «yitiovtfi %oig ^omocloi^ o6t$ tmv m^ 
«roB&Usir ovrs viiv wnr aMJyMf^ iisoJUiflfO|ft9vot. to^sovf? 
ovr moptag mhI allovg touivtmp tivAf i^tl^iuoig fuA E 
tovg Yov t9ipn}iQtmv ^ko^o^opg f^ojK^o) (Micrffio^ 
i&UijoftQhvg fAv yftjtooo y oig,' IWg A tUq^fttovg^ 

m. s.) reHqm oodKcef, CI«B.Cyr. 
Thood. «t AIA Bm. ab. Stepli. 

AsL pr. . /MxOijrMO^^S Stepbwius 
in m. adscripserat , sed in anoot. 
|k 23. de altero toierabi&u mb- 
tit: y,Si BiendD carot baec acri- 
ptura, dicendam erit fuxOrj/iccvi', 
novg OM aiOi esa^ qoani fia^fhf- 
tixavg, quoB nimirain et tpilofta- 
Ociff Tidetur appellare. Sic an- 
ten i^mT¥]§uni>i6g afltBa no» a- 
liud qnam iifomftut^g' st^ficare 
▼idimna/^ Id pcrtioet ad locam 
CratyU p. 398. B. ubi auum in 
oontextn pro cornipfo JqotmoI 
gecandum Comarium iqmtrjfieni' 
xoi poauicaet, in aanot. pag. 15. 
an potiii^ iQcarrivixol Bcnb^idam 
fueritydnbitat^ quamdobitationem 
codict^ GOB&rmarunt. Quamquam 
nio loco tQmTfjfucTixol f IqwA ia 
daKkiano repertom' Tidetury non 
ma^rig TitioBum e«t, quam dtTjyir- 
fMxrixol apud Arutotelem EtL 
Nic L. Ilf. 10, 2. ubi ZeUioa 
dajytitiTio^g acripsit, quandoqui- 
dem termo «t io iii, fn^ Miii- 

isterrorollaniftiif, iiorroliiml- 
ta «It Mfeat. flimUiier fta^tf- 
tixol y qaum nl diacaaidae ratta 
non habetar, fMx^rffJLcnmQl dict 
potemnt. neqoe reprehendendam 
puto Stallbaamium , qui Sopbist.. 
p. 219. C. optimis codidbufl fia- 
d^fiattKov (^sl9os ttxvmv) pro 
fiadrjtitiov praebentibus '▼it|gft- 
tam secundom eoB mataverit. Ubi 

• obiectl r. r«i, coi qni» di- 
Vel .deditic yel Idoococ 
MC» cigmAcfllio oer Mittf«m troC 
' aiio modo aooedit, mi foroor «t 

fuc^futttx6g recte dicatn^ qaip- 
pe qaod oMectam ([^cceOiffioro) 
etiam per ae aolom iodicet Ptu- 
tarchuB quidem Mor. p. $13. D. 
ita locntaaTidetor: oHo^o^crfo* 
rMDTixol %oliftmv e/tfl 9ufYi'if^'^, 
taioL Sed diTjYi^fiata magi* in- 
oerti geoeric et definitione ind^ 
gentia cunty qaam fut^fiectaf 
neqne cecandam PJutarcfaam de 
flatonic cermooe ctatoi fiolekt. 
Uaqae fta^ffttno^g praetnli. 

TO^g ] om. Clem. excepto Boch 
cchelii codiee. 

Tfltv] om, Cyr. 

tixr^dQlmv] Vind^ JL q iot. 
Terc habet. ^ toig tmr rcjpw 
dfflmv 9}UotfeVeve hino petiit 
Athcnaenc^ leoo ad icRrfi^taf /- 
iovoiv p. 479. C. aigmficolo. 

97ifco/*ey — fptXoc6^tg] om* 
Cyr. Pro maofuv yfaid.R Fler. 
R. Clem. Thood. Oi^^co^^ Ang. 
B. Flor. T. et margo &• cfaKia^ 
fkiv exhibent^ 

filv] om. MoA. 
r. M. 

B. nor. 
Bekk. Thaod. 



tpiXoco^ig] 5pUotfC9oof Viod. 

. T9^g Sk — ^do0B<ifiova$,] 
itemm isine aiiptQria nomme lau- 
dat Ctemens Ia V. pag. 654, 1. 
Idem L. h e^ Theod. tovs 9 
initio habet. 


i£U}Ovr^g] iiJt9f^rpMg '\m^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


ipiio9ia/u>vit£. Kal tovt^ fdn^ fk <99» i^^mg'. iJJbi 

, f% aXlw 6k di oliMU ofioloyqtfiiv fio« v6 sotpvAs. .Ti 
%oio¥; 'fibuidq iotiv hfoptlov mtliv viajg^^ dvo a»- 
476 ffli a2ir«i. ilcis 2' o^; Oraovv famdi} 4vo, «al Sv &»•- 
^l JCol cowo. JKal m^ HiMmUm fml ceikov aal ofs- 
9ov fcal xaMiJ «;al mdvtmv fiit/ eUoiv «ijpi 6 «^09 
l&fi^'^ (Btvti idp tv SxodfOfr dfoi^ ty tt «Sy.spaSMMr 
ml 6ofuitaiv %al dXXijXoiv »oiV€9vl^ %avta%ov tpavta^i- 
ftsva 9oXXa q>alvB69ai ixa6tov. 0Q9msj iqnj^ XfyBis- 
TavtQ tolvwt ^ d^ iy^%. iuMQtSj. %iB>Qlg piv ovg v6v 
i^ Vitytg ^tXo^sdinovig ts %al ^iXovixiifovg xal %QaxTt' 
3 %ovgj xal ito(flg av %sqI mv 6 Xofogt ovg ^iovovg av 
ttg d^diSg mQo6$l%oi ^tXo66q>ovg> nSg^ ^Wj ^^^9 
01 lUv %oVy ^sr d' iy&, ^iXiimot %aL 9tXo9sa(iovsg 

Iqm] poit tlvas Vind. D. poft 
liyBig Lob. ViAd. B. Vat. BM. 
Clemeiui L. V. ^doao^ov^ ad- 

livBig] om. Cyr. 

ivd%ih] o». idem. 

WlloftBOMOVaff — ^v d' Ivd^ 1 
0«. Vind. B. 

vovvo] voig Vat. EL . 
'} va Ub. Vind. B. 
Mlaita Vat. H. aitf 
Flor, ACV. 

&Uov] &llav rind. E. Vat. 
a nor, ACTV. 

iatt/v] Uituf Lob. 

Noldy aAf2;^£] xalm alcxqm 
Vlnd. B. Vat. H. nalm aiaxQbv 
Ang. B. aicii^ %aXbv Flor. RT. 
titfv» fMmmi Flc. 
. dvo] do' YumL F. dvm Fior^ 

avtA ] afitS Vind. B. 

476 Blvai.] bIvoi; Vind. B. 

kxdtB^ov; JCal tovto. JTal] 
Ixarc^oir, xal rofroir xal Ald, 
Ixata^ov^ Jtalro^roo. JTal Bas. 
a. kitdtBffOv, Kak rovro. JTal 
Steph. Prioa %al om. VSnd. F. 
Ang. B. Pro rovro. Kal Vind. 
F. rovro xol babet. 

«f^il «fi^i d)) Lob. Vind. BF. 
Vat. BM. Ven. C. 

Stf] om. Vind. BF. Vnt. H. 
Flor. ACR. po8t Sxaoroy ponit 
Ang. B. "^ '^ 

. rj^] Ita Vind. D. a n. s. rd • 
■• pr. 

fcavtaxov] In Ven. B. ij sn- 
per ov adscriptom. «olJlaro« Lob. 
Vlnd. BD. Vat M. 

Tciirjy — A^yfitff j B.] om. Vlnd. 

(pUoO^BaiiOvdg] ipilo^8d(iOvig 
Vind. P. 

«R^oxrixov^] «^ovroio^s idem. 
Flcinua boa tres ita deooripoit; 
omiwMW md videndum^ mvdimdum 
mUaqvM iraHandtu. 

%qo6£lyeoi] nifOOBlfnj Vind. B.B 
Ven. B. Yat. M. «goCBlitv Flor. 

9rov] 9roi Qnos Tel plnrea Bek- 
keri, qnomm aignificationem omi- 

t^v ipvctv] t6v vovv Lob. 
Vind. BD. V«t BM. Par. DK. 
Mon. B. Flor. U. Baa. bb «t oir* 
vecti Ven. BC. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



xal xopta m iu wOv miovtm^ ikiiuovffyo^^^a, avtw 
Sa tw mAov a^ivmtog uitdv ij d$Avoia tijv ^w 
UOv ta aal dni6ao%a$. ^» r^Q oSv 4ij, I9H7, 06^ 
«•«• 01 dl 9i^ ix' eeuto 1:0 xalov dvvatol Uvai tt %a\ 
op^%a»' avto iga ov OxdvMi Sv aUv; Kal pbiXa. C 
'O ovv uaXa >»v ngdyitieta vofUiw, ofkd dl %iUiog 
WW vof$tipnf ^fVd, &v tig ^ai ixl ti^v fvS^ a^ 
tov, iwaiitrog Sm^^m^ ovag ij llMaQ doa^ 60$ ftfv; 
Mdxa iL «o wsHfmttuf iga ov toia iotfv, Uv t* iv 
vnv^ tig iav ts iyinroQflSg td oiioiov ttp fi^ ff^iov, 
alA' avto nf^ dvmi 4 ioixsv; 'ByA fwv w, ^ 6' og, 
^atfiv iv8iQ(6tt$t/v ,tiv Towvrov. Tl 8ii S tavavtla 
xovrov '^YOv^iwog ti ti avto aakw xal dwaiuvog 
xa&OQuv xal avtd xccl td bislvov nBtixovta xal ovxb D 
ta fietixovta avto oSts adto td iistixovta ^yovftavog^ 

Umg9r9 Fk. « oiik Vind. I>. ~ 
acndtsc^ai Vind. E. 

^ aM] inaov6 Vuid.F. i^ 
a^vo Mon. B, 

xaO' a^tb] na^' lcwrd Lob. 
Vind. BD. Mon. B. Ang, B. Vat. 
M. xaO-Eovzo Vind. F. 

OQa) S^a Lob. Viad. F. Flor. 
Mavioi ] Priag 1 Moa. B. iat 


8 7^0^^, 

dir] om. Loh. Vind. BD. Mon. 
B. Par. DK. Vat M. 

C 9Up] bvw Ald. ots9 Bm. ab. 

avv6 9^1 xdXXog] a4vo 91 ndX" 

Xog Vind. B. 

inl vriv yv&^iv a-^rot?] „Po«- 
innt haec rerba vel praecedentl- 
bus vel seqnentibns ionei, eodem 
' ' manente sensa." Steph. annot. 
p. 22. At ipsa verborum collo- 
catio indicat, utrfs iangenda sint. 

VMO^ doiuX] S9€t(fdO£ Xst Vllld. 


94] igHut Fic ISk fbe lotflr- 
pwMtiona Aid. Bas. ab. 

SQa] uQa Vind. F. Flor. ACV. 

iccv vj idv v8 Lob. Vind. 
BDEF. Flor. ACBT. 

ritf] icvlv Par. DK. 

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oow. f? iyQ. Vind. 
^og ^nd. F. 

vm /lij] x^ ^^ cam pnnctis sub 
v6 Moo. B. fiij v6 Par. K. 

j}ywTail liyBtvat Vind. BP. 

£] S Vat. H. 

^(D yovv] lyfl} y* ovtr Vind, 
BF. iyay/ ovv Ub. Mnd. BD. 
Mon. B. (Florentini^ cum editis 
tote Beklcenim, qm tacito *Eyn 
yovv scripsit Cf. Yol. L p. 30. 

v6v] v6 Par. K. sec. Bekk. 

9i] 9' Vind. BD. 9\ sme in- 
ter^unctione Aid. Bas. ab. 
^ fiyov/iBvos vi vt avv6 TtaXov] 
fjyovutvog. vl avvoxaX6v Vind. 
BD. (hic avv6 xa)l6y.) ve omit- 
tit etiam Vat M. et txvvonaXov 
pro uno exhibet Vind. F. (9«! 
conlra i^ectu$ e$t) inteUigit^ 
^dd ip9um pvlchrum flc 

«al o^rs — ilyo4utwog] om. D 
Vlnd.B. fttfl anto o^re om. Vind. 
DE. V«t H. Flw. AC. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

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diSfiKV «»ff 9oifiiiovtoe; n&ifv ffiv ovir. 2Y owy Up 
^pw xtcksjf^Uvjj oivoe y Sp qmiiBP do^diuv , diX ov y»- 
yvm^wiiPf nal dfMtp^apiifra y dg oiix dX^^ iiyofuw; 

"7^^ d^, Olfiittii %L iQOvpav x^og uikiv. i} ^otUti iim 
mlrv%avmiM»a mag^ avtov, Hifamg^ mg d n oUwr 

aS «al ot^ffl «K* IV. 
fMaa] jicfX' Lri>. Vbd. BDF. 
Aiig. B. Yat. M. Fior. R. 

Yiffd. B. yiTvcpoxomc Ylnd. B. 
Yat M. yivmaxoresg cum o su- 
p«r e> YinA. D. 

)PVfo^i^] Ita Yind. F. a m. pr. 
yvmatv Ang. B. Flor. T. et a m. 
ree. Yindf. F. 

Tov 61] vov$e Yind. F. 

doidiovTog ] doiavTQg Yind. 


Ti owrl MM. Fic. 

XtAmfttiv^ ZaXttvjBV^ odki «ito 
Bdkkemm, qui praeMna ex Par» 
ADK. Yat. B. Vwl C. Yind. B. 
Mon. B. An^B. reititeit. Idem 
e^t in Vind. DF. Fior. RU. «a- 
XenalvHv habent Lob. Yat; M. 
Xal87ir,v7j Yind. B. et, ut vide- 
tur, Yen, B. Yat. H. de qaibaB 
BdikeniM nihii oitendit, cum Fior* 

yiyvcSaneivl yiv, Yind. DB. 
Flor. ACTV. 

ov% dXrj^] oJx alltog Baa; 
b. ov naZcig Lob. Yat. M. Yind. 
BD. (htc dlrj&Mg in m.) 

l^oiisv;] Yiifgo comma fa- 
ciuAtt quasi iUud Ti ovv etiam 
ad aequentia pertineat. 

Uoiiivl E^ofiiv Ald. ^ 

E Tud nsCOsuf ijffiiuc lni%qv%T6- 

(iBvoi] 'BeMtmque et hUmde per^ 

mMdeiimus Fic. In Yind. F. ij- 

QSfia scriptum est Cf. YoL L 

. pu850«hu 

. m^ah^i } vyialvoi Yind. Bl>. 

7^idi}] ^ •«. Par.K. . 

^r^vm] omosuo^ Lob. YML 
BD. (hic cu Tuk. iJit. Tora.) 
Mon. B. Vat BM. Flor. U. oito- 
srooi^ Ytti. C. Par. DK. 

^ ^ovXci 1 flt 01« Fic. 

vnfvd^ava^fbsd-a] nw^avofu^a 
Von. B. 

q>06vog] q>06vmg Vind. B. 

aU' &afiBvoi Sv fdoifiev bISo- 
va Ti] $ed groittm erst noMi el 
^pfum «fltre &'^ci <l, quid ■BJot, 
noolfae Fic. 

i}^#] «ttcy Bas. ab. 

e/9cl] Bhis Vind. D. Ift ViBd. 
B. poat ttxh commat poat rode 
yero ut in Ald. Baa. ab. nuUa 
ihterponctio eat. 

d yiyvtoOTuov] 6 yiv. '^d.DB. 
oi; Lob. Yind. B. Moik B. Vat 
BM. Yen. C. Par. DK. Flor. U 

ytyvwmui] yiv, Yind. DB. Bftn. 
B. Par. K. aec. Bip. {yiypdmai 
aec. BeldL) Aid. Baa^ ab. yt^pm- 
dKBtv^ Lob. Vind. B. Yat BM. 
ytyvmaTtoiv cum si auper altero 
» Ven. C. Par. D. Vulevtnm 
taotur Proelss in Chr. p. 4H^ !|4: 
i«Bi9^ d^ aQxofi^og tw m^ 
avvmv aKsmiarog 9vo nenolritai 
iQOfvijaBtg . &^t6v t» 4tal vb^I 
zovzmv (pavai. v^v (ikv ovwqo^ 
viQav^ votavvrjv nBnolrjvat^, bI 
TCag 6 ytyvtoawDV vl ' ytyvdavLBi^ 
^ ovdiv, dvxitfaatg ya^ vo vlg 
xod ro oild^clff, dgvb ndg wA 
%6 oti s«9. Jua^v Ay Sn yi- 
yvmanBt vl nag 6 ytyvdaTuav , i^- 
^ttfOB ndJuv ^BVvi^av' ifmn- 
atVy bI 6 vl ytyMianmm Si> yfyvm-* 
a%Uy iq ittti M^^fo- oSg ^lW^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIG 


«*• oU' jjfiiv 0{si wiit' i f^fwi^wm fifyi^htM tI, ^ 

ovj "Ov 7t(5g yAg Sv ii^ 8v yl xi yvm^tlris 'Inavwg 477 
Quv Tovm Ixofifv, »«nr d MUwmx^ Mojroljpiaf, 2u Tik 
fAv mmmXmg Sv mwtdimg yiHo&cw^ pi} ^t^ M pffiapff 
nivt^ ayvm6tQVi ^IxavmvaMa. EUv' $1 iA d^ 91 avcoif 
ilUf mg dval rt «al ^ sftffl», oil finra{d o^ «ioito 
w flXiMQkvmg Svtog $uA tav ov nS^V ovtogi Jla* 

tav ftv, wtA t^ ojiih» imI %i fu^ 

ytyvmmumv f Sv ^/i^ oir /wvaK 
Mu.. ta^TOP ya(f ilfv wavva ifm^ 
x^v «ol U i vl ynfvdvm» yyjfvm-' 
vum vly 9 ovdiv * lu ^ m' 

^ft] |»o2 Bas. bb 

yiyvfftoiuift] yn'. Yiiid« DJB. Moo. 
B. Aid. Biuk ob. 01^ yoyraiiMM 
Ub. rind. B* Yat M. . 

Sr] o9 Baa. ft. 

9i% Iv, l.ob. Twd. B. YAt. M. 
o^ 5iri Viiid. D. 
477 £f /^] or xi Viad. E. 0« ytf 
Aki. Bm. «. 
O0y] itir Vkd. >D. mi* Fk» 

Ci p. 473. A. ei ^iMo M adno- 
turi. Seiipun lod ndiiimo obMM" 4ocl«f»Tit SksUoifm^ 
fberaft: Aatiw oi SteUbaiMH 
Gaeci fuonwt. 

flOcowqm 1 fdjwva%^ V«L B» 
Vat. H. Flor. ACV. 

muykoi^] mmmomiitv Voo. B» 
Par. K. «ofu Bip. tfvoM^ Viod^ 
B. et oim ol^ saper 4» D. 

^wmnsXm^ yvmmt^l mavtAmt 
o». Viiid.E. 

imfiaiii ] fuiJ^flW Viod. F. 

ayvmmeov;] ajvmotov. editii 
ante AaUi mo. 

*Iiutvmt€ita] Ummowmtm 
B. Ald, Baa. aK 

Ehv] om. Fk. 

h^] %w Baa. b« 

Sv %imtQ — Jtftr«t«.] 0«. 
Viad. B. 

cLUNfAMOtf] Ita. Ywiu BDF. 
Sloa. B. AJd. BHmomovg Par.K. 
aeo. Bekk. BHmfmmg Lob. Bm. 
ab. Siepb* et rocenliorea, ivftiV 

riBeKkems do aapeio inVui^ 
Mon. B. b. L «t p. 47flL D. 
K. 479. D. VXJU. 549. a ot io 
Mm^ B. (Ub. Viad. F.) rim. 
p. 46. B. ooMpioBo taoeiio ne ro* 
fiqnorum qoidefli oo&uin baoto- 
Haa rataoMM in hia poaterioffibva 
Kbrii Tidetnf babniote. AtiU qv^ 
do» babnit et Byjnp. p. 211. B. 
cUfliOM^ w plonKinet PbaediiL 
p. 66. Au 1. «Uiv^cr in Pax. I. 
Ib. f. g»oifiirly in Ckriuana» 
PUIob. p. 53. A. et^59. C. itea 
in CoiaL aoriptaa caao ndnotavit, 
qnSHia omnibva licb orinm Lob* 
fli altero Phaodonia Fior. L aflpo> 
nuB babet M Lob. ninetaKna^ 
Piwodon. 81. Bl tilmQm^, fiynpb 
lai. G. Mm^g, Pbikb. 29; 
B. ^eUin^is^ eafaiboty nrinun» ai 
aolnfl et ab oMubnfl , qnoa in hH 
tfalofpa nHdto qnam m Cinftntn 
praestantior liber ompitao ImboM 
flolet, dMeHctim, ^piod Bckkeri 
flfc BtaHbanmii f ilcntiQ nondam 
oredn. Tamon» ne qttfd diMimn- 
lent Pbnodon. p. 67. A. etinm ia 
Ub, et Tim. p. 45. B. in Viod. 
CCCXXXVIL tOmQmh logiftwEV 
ut Tolgo Aaoch. p. S7a C. Kor 
nopb. Cym. VIIJ. 5, 14. IMbm. 
IL4I, 3. Adatot 4a«nima L.IIL 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



B 4' a dpiyM^ hd ^7 Smt^ hcl t^ ftavoSi) ^ tavu§ 
tvnaira ov TOiOtiTOff,* /ZKytF /ikr wv. ^A^ o^ JUfo- 

p. 51, 87. SyU». et e^Uii^cireJVai 
•pad eaiidw de numdo cap. 5. 
pag. 15 i 2. Atque usitatam ali- 
^ando hBDG pronontiationem fiiia- 
•e oampoattum av^iXiaL^iia&tu 
docet, quod ex Syneaio dtavit 
Matlhael Lect. Mosq. H. 79. a 
Creuxero ad Plotinum de pulchro 
p. ^^, laudatua et Schneideraa 
m lexioo. At nihilominaB simplex 
aapirari potuit, • 'at elAcitr et alia 
Bottmanno gramm. I. p. 76. et 
In addendifl commeniorata , qwH 
rom in «ompoaitii aaperi rmtio ne 
ab Attids quidem habetar. lam 
jnam origo nominis , qao ante 
Platonem et Xenophontem qai 
usos sit nen invenio, aatia pro- 
babiliter ab ^Tkti repetator, qua 
de re cf. Btym. p. 898, 56. qoem 
locam E&clcertua ad Symp. p. 5^ 
adhibaijb, et Rahnkeniafl ad Tim, 
pag. 864. sUix^ifTCDff non minos 
Terom videtnr, quam eUif«cflMr 
Vol. L p. 197. et 27a Neqne 
fli cam Guyet* et Valckenario, 
cmibafl StaUbaomiofl ad Phaedon. 
p. 58. (Bibl Gr. VoL L aect. IL) 
aflflentltar, a velocMio derivare 
mafifl, at proprie Yolnbiti a^^- 
tione flecretnm aAqne adeo cnbra 
^ poigatam flignificare fltataatnr, 
aflpenim repudiare eogarifl. Nam 
aUelW Atticifl non inaflitatam faiflfle 
oonfltat. V. Battmanni Lexilognfl 
11. p. 157. 19. qnem merito se* 
ontufl est In tertta lezid editione 
PaflflOTinfl in ^tkim^ recte idM 
iMfltro nooiini atrnmqae flpiritam 

fii^day&^] jtt^^orjEt^ Tind. F. 

i%l ^\v } il in\ p)^ Mon. B. 
Elor. U. Stallbaamiafl , omiflfla in 
aeqaentibafl poflt x^ /Mrarg^ par- 
tioala M,- quam reiiqaorum qao* 
Qoe codieom para maadma, Par. 
ADK/ fleo. Bip. Lob. Vind. EF. 
Ven. C. Flor. ACV. Vat HM. et 
a^ tt^ ptv B. «■ittant, aUi. Aag. 

. F. I 

B. Fbr. 

a m. pr. Vlnd. F. ante x^ fiev«- 
|v ponunt, alii denique, Vind. 
BD. in «pa mntatam habeot, vt 
dnoram tantam, Ven. B. et Flor. 
T. et antiquarum editiomun an- 
ctorltate niti ladeatur. Nam ne 
fldnufl quidem Sk expreisit: 
ctrca tii, mioii ett, cognitio tjMa 
oertafiir? tgiioratto e» neceflsttale 
eirca M ^uoii non eil. ctrni nie- 
dtam tfltomm meilmm ^votiiiam 
tttoeiiigmMliim , tcjentiom tnter H 
ignormiiiQm^ fli quid hMdtammdi 
reperitur. Tamen haec qoeqae 
anctoritafl multo petior llla, col 
Stallbaumiofl parait, ideoqae le- 
ctio valgata, qaam fleoiel ab eifl, 

2aofl fleqoi flolemufl, ixididbafl 
ifloedere cogamur, illl qn^mdfl 
per fle probabili praefereiida. Com- 
memor&to illo inter id, qaod ett, 
et qaod non eat, interpoflito So- 
crates medium ei -qaoddam loter 
fldentiam et iiuid^ndam attnba- 
tnrafl an igitur^ inqoit, tta 9$ 
rei kabet : extremie qnidem ertre- 
ma , et , 91101I ett , tcteRtta, ^ooii 
iioii ett, fieoettnrto tntetefitto ot- 
fltrnamia erot, oieiito eero om- 
mHO Inter utramque quaerendmm 
eH ? qaornm poflterhifl , qaooiam 
priore effidebatar, tamqoam al- 
teram eiafl partem aflert et por- 
ticola fikp initio priorifl innexa 
qaasi praenuntiat Qoam portl- 
colam non poflae ad ^ poflt dyvn- 
cla referri et aiterum d\ poat al> 
terum knX leqnirere non oonten- 
derim: immo Tiilgatam lectlonem 
et eam, qnae in Vlnd. F. Ang. 
B. Flor. R. exfltat, tali opinloni 
acceptam referendam Tideri poflfle 
flentio ; Tenim parl oerte iave ii- 
cet Bi pro interpolatohabere; at- 
que id , qood haod doble in hac 
periodo exddit, poflt jaevorltr po- 
tiofl, qoam poflt ovootiffr exddifl- 
80 Taria iibrarlorom «irea iUaoi 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


fAm VI Aolcir ^vmi lUg yitQ oH;. XE^TSfOv- «U^ M- 
vofuv bu^ns^il «9V mtajv; 'AUinv* *Eai ikLf Spa 

luv iaaxioa Tqv aiiTqfg. Ofrog* (himfip iai^t^n ftiv 


IMuten tontoBina perfaadciit, qai 
si oullam ibi lacunam invenisseDt, 
non illuc potiMimum alii aliud 
•npolemeiiti caiuMi eonMaMot. 

ijv] ^v Vind. F. a ro. pr. 

*'] d\ Lob. Vind. BD. 

IS dv^mg] adv. Lob. Igttr. 
Vind. BF. /£ avayxi? Yind. B. 

M fi^] Ita Par. A. Lob. Vind. 
fiF. Vat. BM. Ven. C. Aag. B. 
Flor. R. Refiqui oodioea oun 
editionibua t^ interpositum ba- 
bant, <|aod non magia neoeasa- 
rjnm « qiiam paulio anto in Terbia 
(tr^ dv d\ jirjdafi^j post t6 fi^ 
Mavt§Xmg (v. 

iwi] Swra Flor. R, 

T^ 1 rd Vind. B. 

TOffrc»] Ita Par. AK. Lob. 
Vind. JB. Vat BHM. Ven. BC. 
Mon. B. Flor.ACTUV. Ald. Baa. 
ab. TOi^Tiov Vind. BDF. Flor. R. 
et» ut Tid«tnr« Par. D. Ang. B. 
ena Ficuio» Btepbano et Aado. 

Til om. Ang. B. 

»«1] 0«. Lob. Viad. BD. Vat 

Ts] Mi. Vind. BD. 

Ti] post ov babent Ang. & 
Fior. R. Viod. F. iaque x£ et 
int Ters. a m. s. additun. 

tvyzccv$$] Tvyzdvot Viad. BD. 
Par. K. sec Bekk. 

TO»o«Toy] TOur0TO Lob. Vind. 
BD. Vat BM. voiovtogy doleto 
per iineam directam g , Moa. B. 
Signnm interTDgaadi Beklttrus po- 



W ] V Vmd. F. 

liyofuv] post T« idem otFlor. 

aUfiv -i- T179 uikffv] emidm 
-«- ilivsrsom flc 

luttoL Ti)v dvvafuv huniQat^v 
aiitjjg] Vulgo antn Astii seonnd. 
legebatur %at€t t^v ait^ dtrra- 
MVf ^ fiatk vfiv oMjv dvvofuv 
hiatiifa ti^ ait^gy qne— dmo- 
dm Mriptiai ett ia YlaL B. 

Vat H. (Flor. ACRTV.) 
que a Ficino: vel 
teniiam eandem^ vel 
eamdtm mtraqvf mn ip 
tiam. Asttus in Par: K. et Bf«s. 
b. quatnor priora, in hac ettam 
qnintom ^ et antrpcaultinMMi hta-' 
tdifa omitti Tidens Kard t^v <rv- 
T^v Bvvafiiv hLati^fa t^v crvrijff 
edidit» qnam scriptnram Bekfca- 
rus et Stallbattmins Par. A. Mon. 
B. Flor. U. auctoritate firmatam 
tonaerant Rocte hand dnlno, 
qood ad piiora, Astius locam 
oonstitnity et Terba «OTd; t^v ad^ 
vijv 9i$vafuv «tiam in reliquis ao- 
Tcm codidbas , qn ^ retiiif nt 
(Ven. B. haeo omma omtsit) d^ 
snnt , sed ^omodo potentia otri* 
nsTis propna emdem did et tijv 
avtijv dvvafuv scribi a Platone 
potuerit , neque Atotius docait na- 
qne aiins , opinor , docebit. Per- 
oppwtone igitnr aocidity qnod 
avt^v a Vind. F. abest, qnod 
etlam de coniectnra delciidum erat, 
otpote ex Tetere glossenmte, qoa- 
le Tolgata aato Astium exhibfr- 
baty SQpemtes. Foerant enim 
qoi male repetita nMDinxs /«um/* 
fifj tittera extrema et responsione 
Glauoonis indacti his ycrbis fj 
fuetit T^v dvvafiiv huxtiQa t^ 
«vdjfg altenm mlerrag^alMntf 
partem contineri statnentes prio- 
rem snoplendam polaMiit atqoe 
ita iHKTa tijv (levtTjv Ifvvafiiv im 
amxpno pest intitijfaf interpo» 
larent, onde aikfi^v etiam in eei 
eedices innntgraTit, qni i? non re- 
oeperont Unas autem itte, qtn 
ab hoc errore immonis inaiunt 
nen solom ^ com plerlsqne, sea 
etiam wd post ij inter Tcrsn^ 
additom habety qned in locom tI- 
tiosi ^ anbstitttendnm alicei p^ 
terat inderi. Cetemm pro mr 
pnst huttiga Lob. Vind. BDb 
Vat BM. t^g, pna 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A.T0 1f IS 

tk ik fco« ioM9t mQQVS^ dvaptaiop ihm &uUfi»€». 

C IMg; ^^ofMP 8v9afii$g dvut yivog « %iv SvtmPf alls 
df nml fjftOg 9vpip^a & iwiyLM»m^ vml SXko mdv 8r$- 
%BQ Sp dvvijtaii olov Xfyio Sti^ nal dxoi^ rav iwo' 
ftH»v dvai , d &(^ ftav^Avsig o ^vlofuu iiy$iv x6 dh 
dog. ^Jlla itav9dvw^ iqnj. "AxovCov d^ o fiot q^alvsr- 
%m M^ ofkmv. iwdfung yag iym ovvs tiva XQ^ 
6qS ovxe Ox^fia ovts ti tSv toiovtmv^ olov ua\ aUuav 
MoUmvy XQog a dMofiUxmv Bvia iiOQl^ofiai %aQ* ifuxv- 

D t^i td filv alXa sIvm^ td di aUia' iwdfLtmg i* dg 
hmvo f^Avov f^Xkcm^ Itp & tk loti %a\ o dmq^etai^ 
%aX tavxxi Ixd^zfiv avtav ivvafLiV ixdlB^af xa\ tijv 
pikv Isl r^ avt^ t^ayfiivijv ual t6 avto «M^j^Sofrf* 

Vind. BDF. Pw. K. tec Bip. et 
a m. m*. Mon. B. com Ald. Bas. 
•b. ttitijg exlttlMnt 

O^rmg.] Ita Vind. DP. Flor. 
RT. ReUqui nMt et Plorcntxni 
cDm editis ante Bekkeram o9vm. 
Bekkeni», nt selet, tncet. 

&ruiTiffii7] inttvffMiig editiftate 
Ait. se& tanentibtti de Fto. K^ 

M] In Vuid. F. e& «nper l 

y9m¥€u] conmnte a . 
tilMie com Stalib» ■ocl diftiffid* 
Ct p. 478. A« 

Im] i«r» Vind. D. ^ 

Jdi] adi Vmd. F. ^di Bm. 

ig^^vBffow] ^q&xfsv Par. K. se^ 
enndnm Bekkenmi. 

12»^;] eine interpvMlioM Vind. 

r^oc n] r^ ^ ^^* & 

Vat. H. Flor. ACTV. 

& 999UfiB»a] OTB. Lob. Vlnd. 
BF. Vat. BM. Vea. C. Par. DK* 
Mon. B. Flor. U. 

SxM^] Vnlgo in trin dSridl- 

Hvftfttai] Mnftfxu Ald. Bdii. 
nk Stepb. dfffmuu* AstiaB pr; 
•ec d^irjtoi, Bekkenit, Ast. tert. 
«t StaUb. qnoram nihil ad 91/00- 
am aoMBi vidoliit. 

o fifwXofua liyBtm rh Bl9oq] 
quod Umur Fic. Super Mog in 
Vind. F. n^y idiw» tdziiv , in 
Fior. R. ^yofM/ riiv ISietP crdc^i 
et panllo poft fuper dwd^mg 
in ntroque ^yow iSiag' xetvtfp 
yiiff wxXbI SvvfXfUff le|;ltnr. — 
Proelna in Clr. p. 417, 16: iv- 
vdiiBmg yoQ WMf o^re tff6av 
ovre o^fMx o^y. Idem p. 425, 
189 (hvdiiMBq yd^ 4p9fc^ foixB 
cxfipa fujti tffmfut 6ffav. 

of TC cz^fM] otti ti 9%, Vlnd. 
. JIL 

fAxB ] xi oi Bas. b. 

otov] oZmv Ijob» Vat BH. Vtm. 
BC Par.DK. sec. Bekk. Ang.B. 
Fior. TUV. 

dnoBXixmv] eUnmv Ven. B. 
Vind. B. Vat H. Flor. ACTT. 

d' Big] dl Big Lob. Vind.BDF. 

ti ioxt] xB lori Vind. F. Bek- 
keras, Ast tert et Btallb. 8ed 
praepositionis maior hio tIs est» 
qnam Teibi. 

T^ a^Tttl Ita Ptur. A. Vipd. 
BD. Vat BBM. Ven. C. xi erv- 
x6 cnm reliquis editisqae ante 
Bekkeram Lob. sed vtriqne d so- 
perMripto m. 

xBtayf^ivyfv } XBtftuiffTfV, Vrad. 
B. Yat M. Flor. AGV. In VmA. 
D. y fait. irers. est 

ical x6 vix6 dm^ aC iBit U vrpf] 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS Llft T. 478 


ymtoifhjip iXlqm. xL il ^ ; mig Mif ig* Qutmg , l^. 

T«^ov iiiy«fUi/ xwa qrgg shmi avtijv, ij $lg xl yw^g 
xl^^^i Elg «09Ta> i^i ua/^v fs iwi^smv 6^^«fiayf- E 
4tMhtiv. Ti 8i} ioi^p %is 'dvwiuWf i| dq SJJko tUog . 
d><00^; Ovdofimgf l^* m yitQ iola^ iwafatm^ o4% 
«Uo^f « ijf ioia i&dv. *AXU fikv «9 iUrov y% mQoxo- 
ffov mfLolioyug ^i^ td aM dvai ini^ii^v ts ueA Jo^ 
iftV' Umg yag aVf l^» «o y9 avafLa^f[xov^ x^ fi^ 
dvafiaftijup tmov moti ng vovv limv ti^slij ; KaXmgf 
ipf d' lyoi. xal irikoVf ou tttf^w hc^axr^yLiiig A6|a ofto- 478 
hyjfAta% ii^lv. "Ettgov. *Efp ixiQ^ aqa ittQ&v ti iv- 
vapifitq ktatiqa avtmv «iqnntw, ^Avayntfq* *Emii^t^yai fUv 

MB. Lob. Yind. B« Tat M. 

B\ inl\ d' inl Yind BDB. 
Vat HM. 

dicsQyaj^ouiprjp'} a%£(fyaisofii' 
vtfv Vind. F. a m. pr. 

alhiv^l aXJjy» Lob. ante corr. 

Tivttl riva^ Ald. Tivos Bas. a. 

<Wff J 9>5tf Vind. F. Cf. VoL I. 
p. 42, a. 

^^4*1 Hi^S^^iiin^ lectori fa- 
oessere non deb^t, qaum et alibi 
talis eins pleonasmus inveniatur.'* 
Stepb. annot. p. 22. Cf. Hein- 
dorfiaa ad Gorg. §. 84. auam- 
qiiam illonim locomm ratfo eo 
mrersa ab nostro est, qnod no- 
men longiua a pronomine remo- 
tom liabent Itaoue post inixfvq- 
fof» paalU»er aiibBiitendam. 

th tl\ cfc %i Lob. Viad. B. 
^ xX Ald. Baa. ab, Stcfih. qui 
proinde cfc xl y^o^ aUo requr 
i^ebat I. c on ta g^emit^iltiiii re- 
fml Flc 

tl»Tig\ vid^g Vind. F. 

Eig] zt Ub. Vind. B. VatM. 
E Tovro] xovt* Vind. D. (hic 
ynlcatam in m. habet) E. Vat 
H. Flor. ACTV. 

«t^^iD^mtfrorrqy ] Mon. B. al- 
tenuB o int rerg. a m. a. habet 

ii] iul Fmr. A. ih dao inter- 
pvictione Viad. BD. Ald« Ba«. 

Port ai^^ttir Ter» Vmd. D. 
Ald, BO0. ab. com S4«- 
phano comma habent. 

otxofup} O^Vo^ar Vind. BD. 
Vat M. («R aUMd qmddam mm) 
4i6emm$? Fic 

m] 0, sop. o, Vind. D. 

iaTh, 'Aih ] l<rrW, dMt Ald. . 
Similiter panllo peot dd{av, siiff 

ollyov] 6Uym Mofe. B. iSl/y^ 
Flor. U. 

ye] T8 Jjoh. Vind. B. Vat.M. 

mfiol6yHs] tifioXoyBlg Baa« b. 

vf fiil dvofumviJT^ vievvop] 
om. Ang. B. Ficinua inverso or- 
dine quodfaUi potmt €t {Modfioii 

9roril om. Lob. Vind. B. Vat 

KaXmgy ^v ^ iym. xal S^lov] 
Glau. Optime quidem. So, Com- 
otat ita^ Fic. sec Bekkenun. 
Iii Veneta 1517. omnia Socratii 
ut debent, aasicnaiitar. 
. iniav^fait 9(4u] idi» hcmxif- 4ff8 
fufg Ven. B. Vind. B. (FJor. C.) 
«diti ant» Bekknmm. 

6/ioAoy07cai ] o/MXofijTa» Bas» 

«oa} ofli. Lab. Vind. B. Vat 

"Enmtiifi^ fiAr] ioin^iB^ 
Vkid. D» 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



yi Mw bA t^ 5^9 to Sw yvSv» ig h^; Nef.468 
^o£a ikj 9MKfi£V, Ihid^Bw; NaL ^H tmptivy Sxsf bur- 
^W^ y^yvotfaesi; stal i6t€c^ ypc96t6v t8 ^tddo^^tiv to 
ttvro; ij advvittov; *Advvaxov, ly)^, hc zmv dpioJbof^ 
lkiv0w* ^%9Q Ix Sik^ allifi ivvaiiig xl^ma, dwdfUis 
B i^ diup6ts(ial htov, do^a t% %a\ imotijfifif aUi^ H 
htathqay oiff ^a^lv* i% tovtav iij ovu iyxcoi^u }fvm6tov 
ml ioia€t6v tavtov dvai. Ovnovv d ro ov fVKoetov^ 
aJHo ti dv ioia6t6Vf ij to ov df]; "JXXo* ^Jq oiv vo 
fii} ov doidi»; V ddvvatov $ud doidoa^ to ye luj ov; 
iwou ii^ ovx 6 do^dijoav bA tI ipiQBi t^v d^^av; ^ 


yi] yd(f Par. K. 

txBi] ixfl Bas. a« 

^o£a] Ita Par. A. et a m. pr. 
D. Lob. Viod. BDEF. Vat 
BHM. Veii.B. Aiig.B. Flor.ACT. 
66ia9 reliqai eoa edittoiiibua an- 
te Bekkenmi. 

«pcefthv] om, Fic (opimo oiilem 
opinari.} Aate Bekkeroiii Gommata 
neceMario aberant : di ffitxfutf 
'H] ^ Vuid. F. 

offs^^ a>«»89 Par. D, a m. pr. 

yififanrmi] yiv, Vind. D. Mmk 
B. Ald. Bmi. ab. Steph. yiyino- 
0xny Vind. F. 

jj d^vvaxov] «fld dd. Vat B. 

*A94v0Btov]om. Ang. B. 

I9I7 y ^] JtPy fjiK Ald. 

m/toXoyi^/uii^ov] ofioXoyTjfiivav 
Yind. B. Bekkenia, Ast. tert. et 
Stallb. commate hoc a sequenti- 
bus diatinguunt, quae tamen epex- 
egealn continent. 

dwdfuig] dvvafug ~Vmd. E, 
et ante corr. F. 

iiftov] iiJu Lob. Vind.Bi Vat, 
- M. 

B «ff guiefiiv] Ita Par. A. Vind. 
PB.^Vat. H. Fiw. ACTV. Vul- 
go mg itpcLfisVy qood Viad. D. iii 
mmmne et reliqui libri habent 
et Ficiniu iegit: til ett dichim. 
Pneteritom magia ad iUnd ixzmv 
dfkoloyrffkivmv accommodatum t»« 
detar; aed ha«d dubie etiam tom 
in ea seoteiitia erant, cai.rci ri- 

gnificandae praeaeiu iQa^yit. Cf. 
p. 466. B. ubi res paallo eriden- 
tior et Bckkerua codioem optimnm 
aequi non veritus eat. 
d^ j aiilem Flc 

ravvhv — SoiaGrhv] om. Vind. 
F. Pro tttvxov Lob. ro avrd, 
Vind.BD.Vat.B.Td ot/rd habenfc. 

av] om. Lob. Vat BM. po«t 
dv ponit Vind. B. 

£^17;] itrj ^ Vind. F. eaf H- 
eendum? Fic. 
V] &9 Vind. F. 

ovv ] ovx oiv Vat. H. ovhovp 
Vind. K. 

do^dSEi] do|o>fa Ald. 

xal] om, Fic. 

ro 7£ ] ye om, Lob. Vind. BF. 
Mon. B. Vat. BM. Vcd. C. Par. 
DK. Ang. B. Flor. RU, 

i«l rl] ini MoB. B. Isr/ vi ra- 
liqui mei et editi. 

otog zs] otov T8 Vind, DKF. 
Mon. B. Ven. C. Par. DK. Ang. 
B. Vat H. Flor. ACRTUV. 
Asliafl et Stallbaumius. pouihUe 
e$t Fio. Non causaa videtar» cur 
negligentius locutoiii Socmtem ata- 

doid^Biv fikvy io^d^v] Bf^' 
iBi f/ivy BoidlBt, Vind. D. 

yi xi] xi XI Mon. B. 

doidtsi] post d do^dSe^ Ven. 
a Viad. A. Fbr, C. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



'AU h ft n «>|ii{te ^ iom^i W. 'Aikd pijp fii) 
&¥ fB o^ fir^i, lUA ftifMy iQH^eai 90 mto^myopoi* C 
om. Jlifiirt]! fB. JM) om fi^ Hfvmmh if Mfmifi M- 
tofop, Hvti 9h fpi^tp. 'OifMsy f^: CNfci Apn ^ 
odii ft^ Sp ioiitiu 06 fmQ. . Ofcv Sfa SfPOtm mSto 
fvmoig M|« mv «%. <M« hmiv* ^A^ oAv htxos W- 
tm» Ut\9^ vmB^tttm&v&m ^ fvOnm 4a^piipdf ij iyvomv * 
a6afp%Uf; OviitSQa. WiA' ^«a, ^ d* iyA^ fvw09ms 
pAv 60i ffabvtu» a^ mxatmUm ttQ O V ^ dfVoUts ih ^pm- 
votsfov; Kal moXv ya, l^q. ^Evtpg. jt apktpoip a&tai,\ D 

pi^l h — fi^n^] MB. Anff. Ik 

Pro ov Lob. 89 habet 
de»ov4»' ] 6^dwat* YM. F. 

;j JlKyv y«.] %uvvyB, Lob. la 
Ald. Bu. ab. conima pro punct^ 


^i/ir] ^^ Viiid. K «wiiefliFle. 
pavQo capidiM mc vt valdo 
ad ren pertincM pmiflM» imc^t 
ipM^ mmeiB amiMBtaUo ieoMM 
o^ iqa ^ od^^ fn) 8# ^o|«tM 
priM el liee Wce peiii labebal. 

i£ avayxijcl cfai^. Lob. J£ay. 
rind. BDF. 

dxidoiuv] dmoddtopiP flor. 

yao. 09rt1 ycSoy ovrs Ald. 

mr^ff ] post TOifr«Mr Par. -K* 

IffThr,] CoAma StainMMuaiufl lo 
aec posuit. 

09mp9pftif «— ^^pa^] &u^ 
bIpcU'^ d6€uptla Viod^F; 9kapii^ 
9su$^ dcdtpBut Par. DK. ViimL 
K. Vat H. (Florenlini) cum ed»* 
tb ante Aata lec. qni FScino dn- 
ce ▼enmi reftitnit Cf. L. VL 
p. 509. ]>. 

OidiTsqal Ita Pkr. A. Lob. 
Vind. BDBF. Moo. B. Ten. B. 
A^. B. Vat HM. Ald. Bas. ab. 
OvdBviQa cvm reliqoifl St^h. et 

i^]£^Ud^ Vittd. BM*. 
Platosis Op. IL 

yMrfyMO»] Ka Plr. A. ViaA. 
1k Vot H. Blor. V. 
BlM. it Flev. m 
MKqni el edMbaee 
vmtL €t p. 479. D. • 

f«] / Vlnd. F. AV' ^ 

%;«Tdff] Ita Par. A. Vind. D& 
Ven. B. Ang- B. Vat H. Flor. 
ACRTV. M9 Lob. Vind. BF. 
Ven. C. Par. DK. secnnd. Bekk. 
Vat. M. hf Vat B. a m. s. kf 
(lictp Mon. B. FLor. U. qiiam le* 
ctionem ani olim arffumcnfomni 
oi et codicton auctoritatc Teraif 
demonstratnrM erat, oeMor Je- 
nenfir Schatau (1808. N. 70. 
p. 556.) ab Aado citAtof , jm^o- 
misfo non «tetit El Ald. Bas. 
ab. Steph« Ast. pr. tt Ast. sec 
cum oommate post hpr^ ntGlan* 
conia senno continnetar. Confer 
VoLI. p. 417, 
; «;] di Vind. S. / Ast, sec 

^olvi ^p^ pmia» mm D 
ante Bekkerunt et. StaiibamHiM 
in pr. M Fler* A£»JV. fisrce^ 
pMt dptpcJBv serfve* osteadit In 
sec. idmn de Flor. ACRV. et da 
Par. A. Vetf. a Ang. B. VatH. 
praedicetf^qnes libros BeU^ems 
satis perspicne cnm reliqniii omni- 
b^ ^Eierc^ igMrare declaraTit 
StephanM in margiM fj 9% 10 
annot p. 22. rl 94; pro s/ d' 

legi poise antnmabaty 
zat^ sannm esseC 
MSroi; Nali] 

qnin p9^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

•cnSmdui^ 4^ . W «igiUfioetnr 
* lunernt post d^o|a iDteiTogatio- 
nb Mta ponfttnr.*' Steph. annot. 
p. 22. Bam notim poraennt Bas. 
dki nec proMa nriei^ mt» fnim- 
f«Hi «enohMieni affirMtin «ont 
gmk. M «9« he« lone Mi 
Mn i^eteil.. -«- PMMlni in IUia 
p. 76, 5. a Anei uah «fei; «^ 
^ «vrfldu^ (4 «<««) ^^ oifo« 

41^9 Sloyog. ii4 xal iv JToXi- 

xit^ fLiaov ceiHjv ^v 9^^«^ X£- 

^mv' yvm^^g iki^vteto ^uX 


' Tovtotv — tpuvBti^'^ om. Vlnd. 

'^oMfi 96ia (6lQr.UV.) ed» 
ante Bettenim. 

Xofudi ] %o(uS^ Yina. P-. 

' pv fej 0^^« Mi' '• 

' TOiDvtoi^ 1 xinovvo Lob.' Vind. 

eiUnQiifmsl Ita t«ob. Vlnd, 
BDBF. JVIon. B. Al^. feiX Ba«. 
ab. et seqaentei, tacentlbni de 
O Ite. 1. jak V. f« p. 477. A. 

' flMMOff] Jt«*rtld^0 iten.. 

'owo9>} £mo. Aid.iroe«| 
Baa. ab. flte^h. 

t>4fTfi ^oei^^i^ olft8'^oii»v] 
eU¥^ hel whf ayr. Ldb- Vind. B. 
Vat. M. ' 

T&] TCDt Lob, 
It. M. 

.«m^bi#] TornN^ Vind.A m^ 
T«v Mon. B. e m. F- 

8 ] if Mon. B. a m. pr. ?y a 
m. 8. 

niwmftai — fo«it , ri K.] 
0«. hdb. VM. a Yat BBL 

d4ldlVett.a E 

ajM(«oiT'ii«^T m 

.low]foi«Hr Vind. F. 

BUiHQtvh] ItaLob.Vind.BDF. 
MoD. B. Ald. bIL Vlnd. B. Bas. 
ab. Steph. et recentiorea, nt en- 
pra IK 

tva -m iffd<Miryo9€ve»i»nr] Mfln. 
B. hi» deiiieepe «nripta, acd anb 
naorihna pnneto hebet. erf.ei «le* 
k«pn«eat,«p«uiAae qMdammff 
rHo^ wiiiittiylmne ¥i»> TOBam iater- 
punctionpm aeoutoa, quae Schlei- 
ermacherute non fefellit Vafce 
non poat fpavf^ aed post Btvat 
^«y n>n >a jGaBiMil nmcno vnritatia 
detrimento. Cf. p7479. D. Vind 
F. nttobkuie conifflahabet. Pro 
Zva m Lob. Vlnd. a Vat. BL fo* 

^offk»] tpa^v Vipd. D. 
.»fe]Jm. BHoiw T*. . 



nQoaayo^9(i;Bv] n^^ayopsv- 
O^ey '^lnd. B. ' . 

ohc^iff] Snpoiffi Flor. V. Tn 
Vipid. F. ifnpoii «un tajimitn 
ecriptom eal tta^ at aai«n ab 
«fafetoi. di£Eirat^ QbnL VoL L 
pw 2di. aq. 

<^«adidlfitf(] i^oluldmrind. 
H. = 

i?] 1}^ Vind. B. Ald. Bea. ab. 

OvT<^.] QvTco^. BeldLeroa ct 
AatiQa in tart Idem ^t in Vind. 


Ityita iiot, (pifaaf xttl ctaro- 
%Qivia9to i ZQV^^^s] percotUabor 
eicm l^cinna, qni patulo poat^ 
ter of «» elvbfiamy ! '^^ 

igitized bV VjOOQIC 


mtJti td fmiiki imodMmm, ^ «^ mStmt; OStm. Tai^. 
tm» ai AroMifiJHBv luylim fmtf n^f ^^ Ai>«tn4 
^*^ ^ X^9^> ig «iti fihf wdiwMmi likm %mA «i^ 419 
tm niUiimg pgfi^Um ^ifOiCut idpk^ mmti, mimt 

mente i€riptorii mimme abeman* 
Sdlieet qyijgm hic noa^ ut aHbi 
et ut infr» -^tfOfMi^ pett o S^ 
iftB^ ipn aUoqnio insertum Mm 
aid fonMm Terbomm^ aed »d ar- 
ffamentDm et sententiam referen- 
Ottn esM «t «> intelHgifair) ^od 
l«r^<» «^ dmmcifii^ie^my «on AJ^ 
ftdnoxolvov drcoihpMitiii IMM^ 
^ib«8 IbaDiif oompelluu bomm 
Tirom Socrates neccMario nti dt» 
bebat, poteratane hic locoi mi 

^ oppo^tam qaibidam eSoAdem yerbi 
>i >* mm L. TSL p. 41^. A. Mn- 
ilraadam adUberi. IlaiiM •Socnh 
tea hi$ padtU od dJeeiniiMi wM^ 
fm4 roapoiuleadbiM €xtiiuiut mm h. 
o. pereontatttrMB «eae^ didt iUom. 
quem primum desoribit Terbit o 
Xifij0T6$ eta luqQe a^ iaXltt fft- 
tevy deinde ot ptaeientem, qpa* 
lem iam hic fingit, allbqaitar ex 
' • doMiptloiie pMito InletvoKandi 
«Mrdto: to4tm W^ •#}} , 3 4- 
^ivrt ela. bi qnuKia yk^ nihfl 
ofiodilgaiicat, niil -me hada 
eoatinaationem ge im a u ia laiDr ii^ 
choatif «eqna aBo apectet, jdti ad 
haec noetra tefhm jioif ipif^my 
nal dnomftviaJ^j qaae cnf»- 
mieallam habeire perpenua Ae^ 
Bchleiermadierat , noTam a Ter- 
bla meiXct $h tA mXi «tMMtmm 
tot tlatnent, dlhll •amina parti- 
culam fikv faler $t6t6 et luyld^ 
interiectam. — Pro dmw ( f%pim^ 
Xiebb «broafiv^M babet. 

479 Sg avxh] oe af^th^ e corr. 
wi^niy rh VIm. F. mtdg Bat. 

MK i^wo"fmtf ele» ^ 
petUbeipaf. tt. «rfM~VWL II. 
riiie aeemitn et iiiea kfea ^Mla 

p. 476. <X «dre ^ mMog. * 

Mi^] fm«»FI«k 

it^ei) W«e# Leb. te«M. 
«0«. Bekk. Yat BL «ev YM. B^ 

niEUevg} inri fnlUevtf Bat. k 
- 4n9mil fM^ VW. F. Btai. 
B. W Q^ Fler. ACRUT. ^yir- 
««» Far. DK. aee. Bekk^ • 

^tl ^] Fartiaeiaw la^y r^ 
•tln'arieve eedicnm paite «h&^ 
«am «ir Pair. A. Yhid. im. Y^ 
B. Tat. BL Fler. ACV. ■eripW 
dn ptttaT«« q«i» repelila Mmd- 
miA^iater id, qaed e«ieiil« ne- 
gat et qeatta Jtaft«]| «tee, Men*. 
<;edeiitii mcnificatio minime ab 
Ikoe loeo «Bena neqne alio laode 
eommodiai Ikeltada, co^commi^ 

._ « praelenBii- 

^ 'pwr^l«a » libnma, qp4 

eam taparillmia enttiaiaMPt» pre** 
fectam, qoam interpolatioiiem afibl 
Baa«, ttl t. TI. p< 492. A. tamel 
elMftmi, fh«taB anl calami «r- 
i«r«m «meie «idohatav. Bmm^ 
^ Herati fi^ a PavriKe ad 
ChaiW. t. 999. «q. et p. 54S. 
Lipt* oMlalli 110« «l«r, 
^ftiM e e m^ y» 

■ iiDn 

«. 478. O. dMtr ftitTf Hmd«lL 
L. n «. 101« hmtio^ idp^ pae^ 
tin ite Oompai«(llt , «1- «Mqa* 

not „ui qoodam Teteri fibro" 

fiuh futta retpmideiA MiTol «»- 
^ittieam i^ eogitetieiie adden- 
dml, «t Le«. L. T. p. 785. D. 
ittti «d^ /u}r rf^4l«vO« f^ m 
^. Lwer. Phaeg. p. 57. «Ktr. 
Bdck. l&»e(lb. de ««aii*. 18, 10. 
neqae alterom neatro 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


fo |ieM|«^'«ev «knir.ixj^ifoilaf ic«l tolM«fl>}9^ 

•ap8i«odiii|| <f^> qoa siipUfieetor 
Iuiie:'ttt pmlt d<^{a iDterrogatio- 
■U Mta ponfttnr.*' Steph. aimot. 
p. 22. Bam notam pofmraBt Bai. 

f«om MMlaii^iii attriifttM «mt 
mit. M 4XA« ho« loo* iMfl 

nHi p»tei^' -«^ PMMlQi in IUia 
p. 7&, 5. a diiei luxl cifei; #1» 
i}^ avroAuff r^ d<il£flA Uy^ o^M 

Swtm^ ivtnp • ^ i^ df<ydt7a«fi <2- 

nl»q SXoyog. ii^ %oci iv JloXi- 

vtLf fticov iir^v ^v toiaP U- 

fmv yvidc^g ixmivttto xal 


^rovxoiv — ^oyc/^J om. Vind. 

'^ofial 1} d6la (Blor. UV.) edHi 
ante Bettemm. 

XofuM] uo/uSh yiiid. P. 
'ovfe]o^tMAia. '. 
' rowvtov J rO(OT7ro Lob* Viiid. 
W>. Vat BSI. 

fUixfj^co^ ] lia Lab. Tmd. 
BDKF. Mon, TL AM. t/^. Ba^. 
ab. et itqiicntta ^ t^icentTbnd de 
< ^ BMn. 1, Bip. V. a<f p. 477. A, 
«aj M, FJdr, T. 
' MmtftBg] nayTtlmg Idan 
• otvog^J ovto^ Aid 

^^' odr ^yp^ L^ 

Vafc M. 

soviotp] umxmv yi&d.B. g m m» 
f«y SlllQn. B. «k m« pr. 

o ] ^ Mon. B. a m. pr. j^v a 
m. 8. 

niipttwai — foiM 9 c^ B.1 
Mk Uit. VM. a Yat. BM. 

di)]diyaii.a I 

loinc] foi«e« Vmd. F. 

cUix^ivhl Ita Lob. Vind. BI>F. 
Mon. B. Aid. e/L Vlnd. B. Bas. 
ab. Steph. et recentioretf , ut mi- 
pra IK 

tpa -m iffd««yopc»«»i»nr J Mhl 
B. bi» dainoepa aeripta^ a«d «ab 
ncioribia paaeta babet. ait mi .mm^ 
m p^Uatf <opMiaAila qmiddam ih»* 
riio mmmpmm V^ ▼amaa iater- 
punctioiipm ■eontoa, ^fgjBuo Scsblei- 
ermacheniln non fefeniL Va?go 
non port fpav^ y aed post sTrm 

detrimento. Cf. p. 479. D. VmiA 
F. «Ivobiqne conniia babet^ Bn 
Tvu \n Lo\ Vitid- R V*L M, U^ 

ofttv VimJ. B» 

CK^ottf] nxpo(Oi Plof, V. ll 
Vbid, F. aa^ojtf eu tMBllt 
acfiptTim eit itaf ut panjii 4 

p. tn. *<i. 



CIVITA* -LIB. V. 479 


f^mmya^, Im lAw ym^, ' d^^wim mmto ^bmzh Mm$ 
mmpa^mfjHHtBomfm^ wig |i^ 4i%Q09ii ta. SmQai m^ th f^ 
wccif^ td fmnkif SmmdMmt99n ^ •vjofiwf; OStm. 2b^ 
m0s^ ^ ^omHiikmtv k9iyikm fm, n^9 «ol Aiiiinn4 

ir#^ ifi(AA«vi^ fufi^dm» 4if%itmt id fkm mmta. m t hi 

peiMet fBm. S2- «vm VM. A 

p. 476. <X «fco a» mU1o9. * 

a^«i] wltttU^ Pw.DK. 
Mc Bekk. Ymt BL voi Tliid. B. 

nlEUMrff} wkI wcUov^ Bm. k 

ifrel^} fMtoi Tfud. r. Bta. 
B. irm. i W Ai^UT. 4i^- 
rm Pttr. DK. mo. B«kk^ • 

M ft^v-] PMMim ^ TiilfP 
•e in Mafore oodiciim poite «mh- 
MHi «ir Par. A. Yiiid. D& Ym. 
Bi Tmt. H. Flor. ACVw ow iyii q - 

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got et qoioBa oto^H «ooe, kiter^ 
cedeptif nfmficatio numme mo 
koc looo mn^ia nocpo «^ b W>^ 
commodiiio fj&cl^ndo, co^cami^ 
tM diiiongio potiao 
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eaiu Mip^^llMWi e«Mtll_ 
fectaiiii quam interpoUti 
Ean* , ut t. TI. fi 4mt 
et it^nitn ^ 
rot^iri arguor, ._ 
|iHa iterati |i^ • 
ClhaTit, p. W 9. o |h^ 
tpips. coUoili •• ^ 
473. O. 

tim tta 

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mente «cri|>tori8 minime aberrui#. 

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et ui infr» <f>iiaofuv pott o «^ 

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md fiormam yerbomm^ sed ad ar^ 

-lentum et iententiam referen- 

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et ««oN^/rov drcaiOpoaita kiboti 

q|mb«8 fomua compelian« boonm 

Tiram Socratei neceMario oti do* 

^*«jt , poteratane hic iocos ad 

•^o^tam qnstndam eiaidem verbi 

•?|5S?^ ^^ ffl. p. 416. A. iHii- 

r^^«^ adl^ri. Itaqoe «oera- 

*^ A«o poHUb ad dieenilicfli Mi- 

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faof aot ii *PT^ 
Aora ^*****^^^* 

^, 473. O. ~"^^|M 



itaArmg ipm^^^ «<>^ ^ ^^ ^*^ ^^^^ imivog d 

loviv, ^ ovx «£ci2)(^v ^nnni^ntk; mA tO^ itnmi&p^ 8 
ovift «iMfioi^; W Tmr 6o/0Vf o oifac «yotf^or; Ovae, aU' 

Bovi; m4 ifiiod p«ripiciiitft4&i gnb- 
tU PImhnWd. p. 10db B. fiMtem 
vitam S» iraciiis v^r #ikf :tfii(i{* 

ovTOff, ^ g^vmv Miumf. lifiiU' 
prpr i| aUa &ftxa soMrvTtf e^ 
yaayiiviTr , « rovToir. cc&X^oe tc 

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ftty ubi oodex Angiistaniii mlte- 
nnn f^ poit .TC^n^r .onit<jti 
i^leiii insigaMiidM et distiB^e»- 
dae notioiiMi cnuna b. I. fien |k>- 
twMO Tidetnr. .Haiic taim vim 
fnkp cMmiuiem habet con y^, 
^Md ^joia adlma «cl aflceoetr n*> 
qaa de Oppoaito oa|[;itari iaborel, 
miima aptam bic erii. Cf. Vo). I. 
p. S29, a. et p. aia Ji|. 

%at& zait&] xorro; TOVTaTiad* 
BF. navatavta Lob. 

fl^tfttVT»; l^|;ov«cKy} J ^nfa* 
t^ ixov^av Lob. Vat. M. iyov- 
tfor «f ^^e^ Yiiid. B. 

Ixcrros d 9»lo4^£a|UDir .Mrl] 
Haec Terba, qiiaa Ficiiiiia et jnil^ 
ofcrtc re6M tffwtandU dedituB ifr- 
(arpreUtnr, ia Yen. B. omiM, 
Aatins in sec* et. tort.. BeUienia 
«t JStallbMmina in pr. noda in« 
dwerant; cuius aaapicionia tf/9 
milam eaLcniatioiMm jnTanio» nisi 
iai eomipta Tcitenim edit^nm in* 
terpQnctiane» qaaa iUi post l;||;ov* 
Oflty pnnotum rei oolon» post rp- 
(UtH nnllam indiionw, poat ^i- 
Xo&eafnov cmnma habentes in al- 
toro tertioqiia et ipai ( ^tallbau- 
nnni «tiam in aec) aecntt oiTen- 
Amem «ocipare pataanut. lam 

paat vojiEi^ 
oum per aa «uffia ~*' 


' otlda^«l ovflcrfU)^yen.B.T1nd. 
B. Vai H. Flor. ACTV. BaB. b. 
(o^BtcfiT Steph.) 

av} idv Par. K. sec. Bekk. 

vaXla] t&Ua Lob. t' aUa 
Vind. fi. T&Ua Viml. BF. Man. 
^ 3tepli. Aat 

' VI tativ] vl iattv Lob. Vind. 
BDF. Mon. B. Ald. Bas. ab. t» 
iiftlv Steph. Aflt. pr. sec 

..ov'x aiaxfov] od %ai ai^jp^ 
Moa.B. Flor. U; ■an tarjM ^oCmmi 
. W — adMtov;} a«. Vat. H. 

' 6ala}v]66tov Bas. b. 
8] om.Vind. P. 
m' dvtl^] dXlit dvdyitfi 
Lob. &XXavdYKri Vind. F. 

7Y Si;)eit noXXa] vit dl v^B 
nqXXa Vind. F. Flor. R. W tel 
vit «. Par.. A. Vat BL Fter. 
ACTV. l^/ ^^ Tc^ «. AM. Baa. db. 
S^ Fidnaa omimt. . 

99^/08«] ijfUava Vlnd. P. 
dc^rXceoicr] dtsrAairta idem. 
Wl dl Flor. T. 
futXXova] &XXoo rmd. B. 

9»fAD^] t^4ofi$v Vlad. F. 
Flor. a. Ald. Baa. «b. tf c^y ^'- 
Mfief» , TOVTa Ficinua Mta in» 
terpretattta est. 

Ti^ayr/a] toivavtta y!iid.B. 
Viad. F. . . 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



Xw S Sp ^i^ifaifftaV) tadta %900qtiShf6$tM r ^ tawwria^ 
Ov», dUt' iial, I^, Sna^ov dp^att^mif l^au JZoEvi* 
Qov ov¥ ItfTi fL&XXoVj ^ ovK l6xiv Sxa0tov tmv xoX^ 
XtSv tovto, o ov Ti^ ^g «vre «2^(4; Tols hrtaio 8M** 
a6i6iv, Iqy^y iaafitpotBQliov6tv fans Ual ttp tov xat" Q 
9mv alvlyfuxt^^ t^ xbqI tov §vvov^ t^ #<^Q0 ^si^ 

• liMm] Epirai Tvad. F. et M» 
I mp«r z Aoff» B. 
ovir] omi Pic. 

Icrr«] ^m VWd. BD. AU. Bas, 
■b. Steph. Itfrl y»d. F. Ast. pr. 


Tovro] rovff Bas. b. 

Miff] TOlAkl. 

hcTidatciv] iar, Mod. B. 

C fo«^9ort^/i:oiw«r ] TiMeiui 
)ex. p. 107: iwxfuptneolaca'^ Ufi 
vfupipolUnf dfoyBlv riv Xoyov^ 
quam «loeeem RnhiilLeBiue ed t«»* 
ba BBtbyd. p. 300. D. 6 aaa- 
^; 099 i^ft^ori^MM rov 4^)^» 
in 4|ii]Imu TimaeiiB im/^or^wo 
legerit, pertiiiere eetendena y^ 
rierime a!d noetram lecum ineptam 
ease inimit. Nam nt possit inaf$» 
^sqltsiv tranaitifam flipiilic»- 
tioaemhabere, qnam iezicen Bek^ 
keri aneed. p. 258, 4. ei tribnit, 
iMafttpots^ai x6 ra (ta^itvM^ 
§ig dfuplfiolov wfiKft^tai ibdem 
Teri>ia , «piibua Etymoloipciim 
^{fs^ora^fft, interpretaiMf bio 
certe intranadmm. ert et ambi* 
gnaa eanntiationes ipaaa eandem 
rem negantes atipe affirmantea 
et io oooTiriia ioa canasa propo- 


ni aoKtaa denotat, qnale aeaifma 
de eoiracho eat, qnod ezempU 
)oco aobiicitnr, t6 ovfuto4umo9 
iHilvo yfupads^ n^ogkrifia, nt 
Eoatatiiiina in II. T. U. p. 309^ 
7. liips. appeilat. Yerum tamen 
iieri potnit, nt Timaeaa seciia 
statneret et generia indici 
pili, qoed plermMine ad 

coi2« imafii^}0K9Qii9»M 
senttno baberet «i reaUvif ■• 
iam debebat, tmnsitiva potcftala 
praeditou atque eodcm leie nm^ 
do, qno in anthydeme, «ypirna 1 
dnm pntaret. Siauie qniA'-Athe-> 
■aeu aod^uae videnniai qni L. X. 
p. 452. C. hoc ipsnm aepigma« 
Panarcis secnndimi Ciearchnm i»» 
▼entum, a Platone m qmnte £•} 
gum oonmemorari liiaTerbiaaGriFr 
bjt: ro^ vmr r§z*^d^9i ^pUo^ 
96^^999 (ez hnitta libri p. 475« 
B.) roit^ iv risfff is*iix0f#t« 
iMtifupozs^099w iomhaA 
x^ xmv naldwv alvlyf/mi^ sm 
MB^i rov tiovovx^ 9tif fiokqi 
miifi rfjg vmM^og^ 4p9al a^ 
ov- ovrof' witifv (id ood. Pal. «t 
oL pr. omittnnt) oA^^rrorrsri ^a- 

iotnBl dg ioots Lob. Tlnd. B. 
Yat. M. 

aivlyfiOMi^ r^] akfly^uai ioi' 
99 iidcm et Yat. B. 

rov] rmv Vind. B. 

fiolqg] povXrig A\i Bas. abi 
quod praeeunto ^cino et in ed, 
p. 100. Comario corroxit Stepha- 

x^fi] sffi «odi««s a m9 Tiai 
et editionaa ante Bekksknm. m^r 
phanns in aaiiot. paf • 22« nbi ab 
Bnstetkoe ad B. L «. «BLhihitBm 
aeniffmatia aolnti«Bem celato an-r 
otons noauno propooit, «s^l, 
«oad antea inter trfjf» et v999sqI- 
doa ooUocari TOUerai, plane to^ 

igitized by VjOO-QIC 

96f fMf dvai ifMk» uiimm hftmtiv mtytmg noytel oiii^ 

yih» 0L noalu <il iUi, at n* 
miil %al «nto c^? ^oX$6 iniere- 
ret , cniQs aidAtamenti anctorem 
HDbnft inbare pitaiM ilryMMnm 
iukbebat, qai illiiii interpretatio- 
nem menigmaH pmerarum cirea 
m mB pcj|MrwiafMt jpef" 

in Ml. fNMT. 4f WW MOfca 

irfalMit peraiiMieiif »»« 
iBvti. ~ In aee. 84epliamim iimpl^ 
eifev ieanl aMduit, in eenteilv 

«^g #VMr. poanil, partim GDmn- 
lie ^ee« «ni eff anol ti/s eov 
iiiiNN^cov pokngj ntu «moI trfa 
dbendmn eonleoit f^ldl 
noca ntum mntandam eaae 

rd acdam, BeMdi^ia 
CooieGteiii a. 1906. 
efilia p. 11. atqne itn aeripaemnl 
BalLlLeni, Ait lart. et 8talib« 
Cf. Bendiaf^y tfut png. te8. el 

«iil em. Pnr. K. aec. Bip. d 
Flor. AGRTV. Yiod. BSF. Aag. 
Bl Vat H. A<iMa. Aatitti in iee. 
el lert. ot StaUbenniiM. Idem es 
Atbenaeo redpiendnm italnerat 
Stflflianni annot p. iSt iecntni- 
one eit Sclildermacbemi ea n^ 
oone, ^^*^ Piato iimpRciorem 

et Teipertilianera nibtt nirf 
Irnticem, ni ipae interpretatiir, 
et pnmioam contbentem reapexii- 
■e Tideatar. 8ed boc ipanm illnd 
eit, de qno dnbitatnr. i^aam* 

qne in boc f^enere ideoi et anti' 
qnhiinnnn oiie a we non nb- 

nMffet ideDqae 

Infea el icbolieB nllennn ~nd no^ 
ilnun loenm el Snidai in «Jrog 
exidbenl, timan Platoai aecn»* 
dnm bi prierl icboHo el bi fine 
Antbeioghe eiilaHtem atqne nb 

1 Ci et ab 
M|4 TQonant png . 7. aq. (Muaei 
crit Tratiilav. 1890.) ^Scatam 
liDndnm cogidtwff «nl 1 
non dijziiam Tbam fniiae pro < 
to araimari neqnit Atl 
tnrba baec annt: nai %6 JhePtUt- 
novs d' i<rrl cotoicor, mg mei 
Klia^og h v^ ns^l yoitpmr^ ovt 
§dXoi £vl9 re %al ov ^i^ wtfhi- 
l»4pfiP ^SifPd^a tu^ OM Sf»#tt 
Anj^ tB %al ihi ijm}^ M^ «0 
%al 01I 1^0». rovtanf ydq loTi*» 

iil B^povxoQf tb dh Tda^QiQ, %id 

/unjfUMriifii * toig tav tixvd^i- 
mt etc. . CBc ii niliii praetermiiit, 
boeoo ^rani ante ocnloe bnbere 
potoil, qnoa eoE mnrgine Pnr. A. 
a RnbnlLeaio 'et BeklKei 
Bredevii Bpilolk Pn- 
png. idS. pronoaitam 
II ^ lr t fmy og e#K S»^ 

'Oa¥t»a no^ S^pt^^ d>M»g <e^ 
p^a dh, 'Sml tvlop rt «o^ l^ 
lev mUhi/dPfiP Al^ §aldp ^ 
»01^ Mm SidXmmf. qnamm fiw^ 
laMe pnmo praefizoa emi ia» qni 
looo piW apnd Bnidam eal: ll- 
f^g ttg imPy mg ihr^f 
dpiif f' eitremaa nntani 
qoem Mdaa ext w an i penilt 
Ai»f w wo^ Ud^ (UAAp duiX^ 
mp. Becnnda fonnnln ia piioii 
idiolio bnec eoli KUd^jp^ iqd:- 
qwg' AMt vig ictWf iig OTTf 
et wmin dph^ Oopi^ MOifn So- 
n&* idmv m ko/» i84p 1M ^ 
iomvtwoi tvXov na^fipAniP Ai- 
^ t9 noii Ud"^ (i«iei m nmi 
^loK in qnibiii tertio mn 
iolnm tf nv4 naJ^tjfUpfiv 
idi ab BoilBddo et anumaD 
oaptam el bi nuajriae eadiebBI 
B. (<M9 «oAumtPy Spmp no4n- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LIB. V: 479 m 

i$lm «iMi t9i ii^jftwr tt^ )%> M» «MMtfim^ 
fi4 ^^ «f^ ^^ jMbUM |i^ Olm ^MM oltt 

9fiP. fi^Xe uodJaU. W^ n^ 
^9>.) etiam reaQuu daobiui tam- 
qnaa migbi ad rM |MrtiiMiift 
prikdtttioii, iore delerw^ BkMdr 
fltedios ct Bekkems , nefae in 
8O0 ezeaipkri ixmaii tt rt MHAJ i ii . 
la hM i^tor Mx iMbet im;^^ 
TSQliovra non uMpte cenponta, 
qnenim c JimidioM partoB Plnto 
Doioe illo mg breviter et tuneD 
io to ili ^ emlboo «otlo penplene A- 
yiificare potoit» instranieiitnm- ^-^ 
oo^eontttlotiem iadeotis et 
Cfveiltiuii. Ita^ite qttntt ciKlltea 
optiad oam partScdaitt praebeant^ 
non aoliim anctorftia ftonitu o\h 
a^f viHiday a^ etnm vto dnMtl 
aocniidiim ^Mhi dscerlieiida <ft ihh 
tMft olieHas ftriBiflao nHoa ad« 
indicaiida ^idetor. 

7ud hp* ov] ss i^pofo Loby lUfi^ 
9>oo Vind. B. Yat. M. luxl tpdv" 
xH Par. WL tpfht$^ IWtm. B. 
Flbr. U. 

tUvlvKOVtai §aXiZv]BaUlv cU* 
Plttoptoii ntd o4 BttUW Mon. B, 
Flor. U. 

tatvettf} md-t49vttt MmI. B^ 

ix€[fupott^ltBtp] Ita Moii. B. 
•ed com dnofa^ penctis sob v* 
itMii^otSQitH Tbid. B. Aatiim 1« 
sec et tert. StaUbcniidas in pr. 
et ftcUeienBnchefns. .(Aoeo ttim) 
amlHgum nuU Fic Infinitims a. 
▼erbo locxa pendet^ qao4. mm 
ita mnlto ante imuar- 
fpott^ltfimotP poflitnii Mc eo Hr 
dfias inteUigitor : niti f orte ma^ 
▼is ez seqnente Aii^irroy oofligere 
eognatttm Audyiafi loqtranfis ammo 
ol^efseliQm infiiiitivi dkoasam ttt- 
sdtittie. Btallbomkdes tx vedi>o 
aMttovtm per zedgma otomta 
Td simiBe qnoddmn Itttelligeddaiii 
itoWUy ifim baec tdgmis qnae- 

dim mtitdfiim ojrtni^, 'iMi «ar 
ipsia pmwtiitlibon PiaMo» ^ 
losopniae deprompta sententia sit 

onfrofrl ceord Yind. F. Anf. B. 
FJor. fc • ' 

^<ml#} ita. Hnd. 91 ' 

artff /mg] iXmdo aH fMm ca«i 
•ociderit, fnod Phryniebos Bek- 
keri aneed. p. 41, 16. In eomft- 
•ifldo Torbo iir o n yo ta t /» !» hoo 
ip«o Toeabiao Mu eati rA f4k 
wmyktg iv t% p ^ t Xm imWm wm 
tnfwttuPy iSiU Mil jod#a Mdod-* 

va^cai ] yetpMdaU K^ 

oh"} o&wo YhmL PF. Fliiw 

oddire^oy ] oiidhsQa ilon. 6. 
ovy] om. Vic 


10* «i ftallbiiapite 

5r«diJ ffjh? LM. VlitA. 
Tttt. BM. Ai^. B. Flolr. Vrr 
f»oi^ t^ar. BK. Moo. B. Flcr.U. 

. ^'esig] 4M€9t§ Bas« «b.. 

&itottodittt0aj otottiBBtfiifa 
Ylod. F. «IftnnW Flc 

|M^ jfvit} roo fi4 Ifvitf MiiC. 

tiQdt) ~~' <^cn^tftir<)?i] Mt. ideiil. 

^ €&«» -^ |««IAAoir D,}, oim, 
Lbb. .Yiiid.: By Vak BM. Vmw C 
Piir. JOL Blojr/jU. . 

g)<rvoj£pa] Ita Pdr. A. fb*. n 
B. Tind.B. Vrt. H^ f^or. AC. 
fav6ttqu Mon. A. Flor.V. Aid. 
Bas. ab. Idem ^t paallo ' ^est 
ivtat pro jlvroi in Yeh. C 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

p L A r ON IS 

j«i4ir<li:Mp4 vov Ts fi^ otvof mI f oti^ owo$ diAM^m^. 

'•jSui«MMmr. i3(rofl^iof(iM|Uif ii ya>, ^ %i «om»mm»v 
^pmitq^ iolai6%Q¥ ofkof dH* 01I yyoOTOV dsiir lij^stf froi, 
T £ itfsa^v dvy^fMi YO |tKa£« mlitnnitav ^eJUoxoficvor. 

E "^oiloj^tMfisr. 2Vi)g Sffa uoUiit naXu t^mfikpws^ otH 
t6 il x6 oudov fii} SgSwag fiqd' alAfi Iss' avro ayovzi 
iwaiUvovg Sss^^dai, aal «oiUfl: ^^naiai avtd ih rS il" 
9uaa¥ ftif nol xipta ovroi dofiffeiy 9>^0oft£v a%avza^ 
1f^/vm4i$»w i\ Av io^ioivM ovMr. -^aymif iqnj. Tl 

pMMt Aitns In Me. qne 
«oeai Bekkflnif kMc emikt 

iftMtAitnsln eee. 
Bekkenif kMc 

Fortesee in 
lHi>et lectieMai Al- 
^flnre^rcftt reBi|ai oedi- 
I, 8teph. Aet. pr. eee. nt 
478. C. dariar Flc. perperem 
e4 ^^e<y 

oe- ' Uyisa&iu] Xifk^ Par. ICeeG. 

T0 ^fl^l EBji praq>oiUiui 
in editis ente Bekke 

69vo$] lvr«g AU. Bee. nb. 
vov {rrofi idqae onte ^ceyesre^ 
Blon. 9« 

vofufia] ¥6ii9iiut Yind. B. 

«o^ «• fvh SvTO^ %td eov Xir- 
fOf eUMfM^ JMoifK«iier.] Ylnd. 
S. (Ven. B.) ner. AC et dBtie. 
nee nnte Buemm s rov re £r- 
VO0 Kfld cov i4 Srgog, ££Uium- 
ratf eioijiucpsv, Nee aliter Fi- 
einaei (laedio mter) onmlno enf 
«# mmhIm mia Mfl oeiiMHiliir. 
Glnn. Jboeolaini olnne. Bekke- 
mi motata iecanaam oodioei ne^ 
getieaii iede iiiterpaactionem eam,' 
qnani In HDn. B. et fMTtiiie in 
alBi tiderat, adhibait et locam 
in Integmm reititait. In Vlnd. F. 
neqne poit Srro^ neqae aote £v- 
^fluiiir interpandio oit. eiU- 
noipmg «no iecandam Lob. Yind^' 
BDF. Bfon. B. Ald. eeripoL V. 
ad p. 477. A. 

roMwrorlrovror Ven. C. rov- 
rmv LoB. Vind. BD. (luc ▼nlg. 
in m.) Vat BM. Pcr. DK. Mon. 
B. Flec U. 


Par. D. n m. i. Iial>et expreerit- 
qae an iaa iponte inienut Fici- 
noit el cian merfiem permiipelHrt 
w^edia eooipre&endt polenlio. la 
^>poiitioiie, cniai haec Initar 
eant, neqae nal ferri, neqae are, 
qaod Stalibaamiai pro eo deeide- 
rat, doiiderari debet 

• «lflerf}rdir] itXatnivmp Vlnd. B. 
dXtmLOiiepovi] dlMoMePoi^ ; 
Lob. Vind. B. 

. ^SlfMloyiJTUtfUvl dfioXori^afuv 
Ven. B. cnm editii ante Bekke- 

noXlit naXit] pnlchm hnecanl- 

Sh r6 Kttldrl di) rd K. Lob.E 
Vlnd. B. Vat. M. et a ok pr. B. 

^XAei] iXlo Vind. P. 
> rb d/meior] «0^ Shmow Ang. 

mivta] oifnFie. 

wiiaofuv Sxavraf] ^ijoofuv; 
S%uvta. Lob. Vind. B. ^aofuw: 
axawa: Vind. D. 

yivvoioxiiy 1 yur. Vhk^. B. 

oiSip.] o^Sh; Lob. Vmd. B. 

TlSl av tovs] Stephanai et 
Aitiui m pr. et iec poet ai a- 
mm intenonandi, deinde poit 
ovva cam Ald. Bae. ab. comBa 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


^Avdywvi «al xavt». Oibtovv mik ttmKiiint^ml m «al*^'* 
ImSiv XQfitw^ ^ taStm ^moi^Biff iqf olg yvtMg i&tiv, 
kt»lv0vg Hky bp* olg M^a; ^ mi fi^fioMt^OfMr, 2n fM»- 480 
vag x% acal {fdag xaXag %ai %d toutvta Itpafiw rovrovg 
pilMv m aal fksSe^m, avto il to aaXiv ovi' wito» 
<^ai Sg ti ov; Mziiv^naX^ Mi^ ovv «i «Jlf/fifKAiJtfo- 
luv ^iAodi^ovg xaXovvtig avtoHg inaXXov^ q ^iAood- 
9>Pv$; aal iga ^fkZv OtpodQa %aJimavov6Wy av ovtm 
X6yai$9v; OvXt &v y ifLol aMmvtai, fyq* ttp yag aXi^ 

POMMnmi. Pro 8h in Par. A. 
Vat H. Fbr. ACV. dal ledtn^, 
Stcpluunis ct reoQBUores d^ ha- 
bent. dl Doa sohiiii in Lob. Viiid. 
DBF. Flor. U. Ald. Bm. ab. ged 
etiam in Viiid. B. Mon. B. ez- 
«tat, qnod' taceiw BeUceRU idem 
in afiia noglezerit. QiiaaiqiiaBi 
do Par. K. Bipontiiii qooqne ta- 
oent, et Flor. RT. cnm Stqiha- 
BO fiftoere Tidentor. Pro iti to^bg 
Lob. Yind. BF. avrois odu- 

xal dsfi «ttl om« FSc 
TttVTce] Ita Lob. YiBd.BDEF. 
Vat. BHM. Ven.B. Aiiff.B. Flor. 
ACV. vii a^A reBqnrciim edn 
tioaibBB ante BeULemm. Conf. 
Yol. L p. LTni. 

ov] Ita Mon. B. a m. pr. ovv 
a m. a. om, Ven. B. 

yiyv4o<nut«r] ynr. Viiid.D.(Flor. 
RU.) Ald. Baa. ab. Steph. Soid- 
ifiiv Flor. T. 

&XX* ofi] dXlit |(m) Lob. Vifld. 
BD. Vat M. dUd Vat BH. 
Vind. E. Flor. ACTV. 

doidiBi9 ] yvjfvdMtw Fhnr. T. 

Owtovv — Tttvra] orn. Yind. 

««I dcicdtiBC^fu] wA oM. F!c 
480 9\ i9'] d' V rind. F. Anf. 

%ald$] rijrttg Vind. DB. Vat. 
a Flor.ACY. (ootoref) 

TOittVTttj roMvvr' Viad. F. Ang. 
B. Vat H. Flor. ACV. 

«iMifieXif 0Of»«y ] Ita Yiadob. 
BDBF. Mon. B. Ven. C. Ang.B. 
Vat. H Flor.RTU. et oorr.Par. 
A. ftlfjfifuXijcmfisw reliqid cnm 
oditia nnte Aitinmy qni ia pr. ed. 
•ecnndiim Ven. C. et Stephani 
ooniectnram in margiiie pr^sl- 
tim Tcram reititait. 

*aXovvtig] post «ilro^s Lob. 
Vind. BD. Vat. BM. Flor. T. 

aod] neiv Ven. B. Boi. b. Att 

S^a] Ita Vind. F. Flor. RT. 
et correctoa in accentn Mon. B. 
Retiqai mei et Flor. com editia 
ante Bekkemm &Qa habent, qnod 
Stephanns in m. cnm illo permn- 
tandum ant %^v of^tt, anod in 
qnibosdam ezemplaribus sit, scri- 
bendiun censebat Fidnos pro 
ntroqne quanquam posnit 

XaXsnavovM] xaXtaaivotctv 
Vind. D. et aote ovrr. F. 

Xrymfisv;] Ita Mon. B. Xiyoy- 
luv, editi ante Astii sec 

&v y iffton Ita Ven. B. Vmd. 
DB. Vat H Flor. ACTV. &v yi 
fM$ refiqni editiqne ante Bel±e- 
mm. Cf. Yol. L p. 7. 

«s^^flmrtti] atUhnftai Vind. 
F. et, iop. mi B. 


tU rLATOMS QtflTAS LI& V. 480 

ime^o/J9^]md — ' oM- Z)(2«0«aUntoi^':U^tAt 

rafttur et diUgunt Flc. e. Vind. D. a ib. a. TiXog 

%Xi]thp;] Ita Lob. «XiTr^or. «ov noUtniAt^ II mi^X Si' 

edid «ite BekkennnL Mrfa«iK4MM.(9M|Ei<KovBte.) 

ovyj oJv. oi fft^ ^ 9)iAoao- ^dyov. AU. Bm. ftb. 
^oir 4^ 9* iyd: Vind. P. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

I * 

AO r o r B K Tos. 

469 OC tilv ^ q>iX6€oq>o$y^ 6* iyAj A /Wicov, mI a( 484 
lirj 8ia iiaxQoS tivog dui$l96vtog Xoyov iiofig xwg 
av&pdvri^av^ oZ d6iv ixdtBfoi. '76og yag, Iqf^^ diM 
§Q€cx{og 0f6 ^^ii^v. Oi ^vstat, iheov. ipoX yovv tt$ . 

lTUetca¥oQ TCoXacBmpy .oi. Lob. 
fcoJUxBiiSv Xoyoc 9ktos Yind. B« 
8. Vind, K. tino£: Vjnd.F. Flor. 
R. nXccTmvog noUtsiSv htri Moiu 
B. Flor.U. (noUTmv)nc.)ILU' 
Ald. Baa.ab. Fior. ACV. UOAI- 
TBiaN jdlAAOrOZ hTos Ste- 
phan. t BdLkonu et StaOb. pr. 

484 01] i Vind. B. 

dtd ] oim Von. B. « ou pr« 
IMncyov] fiwvov Vat. £L Flpif* 

duifl^ovTogJ SuiMivtH 
Vind. F. Ang. B. Fbr. R. Aatiui 
in Mc. ed. coias in aSdeiuUt no« 
Binatlviim htmc abflofaitiim ttatnity 
rcfiragante verbonun diapocitioM. 
9uitlifflv0dTOg M on. B. Flor. U. 
qnamquam hunc StaUbaoBiina w 
Df. ed. dictclv^OTOff^ in aecunda 
fibjlv^OTOs, quam lectioneBi Bek- 
kema e Monaoenu perperam x^ 
fert, ezlubere demonstrat; 

liyit»] tov l^ov Twd. IL- 
(Vcn. B. Vat. H. FUr. A€rr.) 
oui eifitkwbaa anta Aatii 100. 
Artknlum fitaUbaaadoa, qA Jlta- 
lcaMivoo iM a praaporitioiia 
ditt ragit^ oed abfokite ptnii—M 
«Ma et ioyor ipatan di^ fm^adi 
Tw6s Midif^lv dioi pntarot^ 
oadtton non debobnt. Sed pra^ 
noBlen qiioqno oivdo irt» inter* 
pntatioiu obotat IMihi duk ot ia 

Glauconfa responto, tta in hlt 
Socratis tecbls id si^ificare ▼!- 
detur, ooins quasi adminlcalo non 
Olne laboro eflectiim esset^ ut 
philosophorum Indoles tandem ap- 
Dareret. Nec frastraadditum eot 
oiBiBl^ovTog. Non prios enim 
appameraty quam ad finem per- 
▼enisset longa disputatio. 



Vlnd. F. 

rmd. B. 



Ita Pa 

A. et a m. pr. 
C. qooo iooatns cot Bekko- 
rao. BoSqai oodiooo editSonfsqna 
oM oBhaMBt, cania infeerdam lo- 
00 Sg poni a Platone Heindorfius 
ad Phaedr. $. 46. demonstravit. 
Aliud exeaiDlum est infra p. 493. 
B. et L. VIII. p. 559. A: xoot- 
Xdfuta Sij Ti nce^ddBiyuu kxa- 
tiifmv (jhte^fumvy at BCaiVy tvu 
tvnm XitBttifUv cr^ras; etMenon. 
p. 92. C: «oi^vol^s yovv oHfa^ 
dT bUbv. abi ooaiadam uaam 
Coisl. naram ooastanter olbiprao* ' 
BolfconnB aMrito dos^ 

ad Soph. AL 1238. ^ FkiBttai 
Qifolet pAtloos|lA« sm*, ot 9M«iot 
910 oImiu aphUoBophia^ o Glaa- 
00, vit tandem tonga orationo 
ooftftillf. Is auidem' ofo^ legisse 
▼idetar, sed das auctoritas nihil 
oontra iDos co^ces Talet 

yovy] oiv Vind. E. voro Fic. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T t> N I S. 

• io9ul Sv fiiXttovafg q>txv^ai , d mQl twtov jiovov &ii 
fHf^^vaiy xid fiiq MoXla za Xoi/ica duMBtv lUkXovti %a- 

B t6ifB09ai I %l 6iaq)iQH filog dlxaiog adlxov- Tl ovv^ ' 
Sqni,f to fi€Ta tovto ^fuv; Tl d* aXXoj ^v 8' lydj ^ 
td ii^g; lxs$8^ q>iX66oq>Oi [uv ol tov asl xatd tavta 
m6avtag ixovtog dwafikBvov l^axt66^fiUf otdi f»i^, dXi 
iv xoXXolg xftl navtmg l6%o%}6i icXavd^Bvoi ov ipiX66o- 
^oif notiQOvg d^ dunoXsmg ^BHovag flvat;. Il&g wv 
Xiyovt$g av avto, fq^ij , jUtQlQkg Xiyoiiuv ; 'OnotsQOi Sv^ 


donti] dmuit Lob. Yliid. B. 
Vat BM. ei a m. 8. Teiu B. 

§Blri6pag] Ita Par. A. Mob. 
B. Aog. B. Vat BL Flor. ACRTUV, 
et a m. sec Vind. F. BeXriovog 
cnm 09 0uper o Vind. B. §iXzLOv 
mg Ven. C. Par. DK. et a m« 
r. Vind. F. pilviov reliqui co- 

ice« cnm editis ante Bekkerum 
et Afltio in tert. Cf. Buttmannus 
gramm. 11. p. 269. qui tamen Al- 
cib. I. p. 127. E. pelriovms apj- 
co/iBv a Bekkero ex uno Cobl. 
pro §ilriov 9%. receptoiil recte 
non admisit. 

' rovrov iMvov] fiovov vovron. 
Vind. F. Aiig. B. Flor. R. rovro 
_ t*ovov Lob. Vind. B. Vat. M. 

«oUa r&] vcoXloTva Par. K.' 
M Bekk. noW &rra Mod. B. 

/E&iUom] /McUoV ri Flor.RT. 

B §Loi] post 9(xoLiog Vind. B, 

ro] oiR. iidem et Lob. ro Mon. 
B. ^ 

fiBroL rovro] (isrcerovro Vind. 
B. Mon. B. Ald. Bas. ab. 

d'] om. Fic 

«d H^s] vo afi^ff Lob.. v6 iiijg 
AM. Baa. ab. Hoe interaam, fu- 
rit rovro oontra ac Rfidcertos ad 
S^mp. pag. 27. statait, «xternam 
oooseqnentiam siguficat. 

Ta4rdt] xavra Lob. 

maavrtogl maavros Mon. B. 
a m. pr. 

I dwdfuvoi] dutvoovftsyoi Vind. 

iipdfnBa^ai] Sxrsa^cu Flor. 

ol] bI Vat M, et a m. pr. 
Vind. B. 

ndvrag] navrolag Vind. R. 
Flor. R. et y^ Ven. C* Id re- 
ponendum suspicabatur in aec. ed. 
Astius , reposuit in utraqne Stall- 
baumius, quem non reprebendam. 
Sed tamen quod ita comparatum 
est» ut ndvrd ylyvsaJ^aij auodr- 
Itfret fteri^ non recuset, navrag 
fxetv , ommmodis $e hahere , dici 
potnisse ^detur. Certe non mnlto 
aliter r6 ndvrmg x^LqeLv didtoc 
Gorg. p. 495. B. et ledvrmg vcqo- 
rnileauei ib. p. 527. A. Flcimis 
haec ndvrag an navrolmg tazov- 
va mutMUa interpretatns est. 

iaxovai] ^x^vai Vlnd. B. taxav- 
atv idque post nXaveifi^oi Lob. 
Yittd. B. Vat BM. 

o^] oi Ub. Vat BBL el a m. 
pr. Vind. B. 

dii m] dsl dil Par. DK. et 
oorr. Vind. B. cnm editis ante 
Bekkemm. dij ^fj Vind. B. aate 

elvai ;] etvaiy Ald. ^au Sfeeph. 
Aon vitiose ; nam interrogatio non 
directa , et totum hoc inet9ij fpt- 
Xoaotpot — iiyefi6vag etvai de- 
daratio iUios est, quod v6 H^g 
dictum erat; quam Ipsam ob rem 
dij dei pdtlus, qnam dsl di^ sen^ 
bendum fuit. Itaqne nnum inter- 
Kogandi si^nm post ki^g posi- 
tnm, vfHy ibi si colon fieret, (vt 
L. L p. 349. C. extr.) hic poot 
stv€u poncndum snfficiebat: ta- 
mcn perspicuitatis cbusm utrobi- 
qne poai praeitit. Ct L. III. 
p. 396. B. pr. 


CIVITAStlB. V1484 


buniMfma moiemp^ tovwvg %m»i6tW9» ^fivimae. C 

tvqMv ilY8 o^tt; of&vta XQn Vvi^am jrq^^ 6t99P¥. 
Kal migf fkpti^ ov t^(Mf; ^H ow ioMovifl' t^ m^Xmv 
iiMtfiQHV ol t^ ovT^ tov ovtog kni^tov itffi^^fiA^o» 
ff 9 ^mMig %ai fL^Stv IvoQylg Iv f jf infxy ftovt§g mo- 
Qoiiif^ IMldh Swifuvoi» w^$Q yQ«9fg $lg ti aXflH^ 
9%aamf aaofiihiovtBg namt4$ dtl dva^ovtig tt xtA 

9wmol ipalvwnm ] posntnt 
Fic. S, tpaivwxai Yind. R. Bas. 

rs] ma, Vind. BB. Vat. H. 
Flor. ACTV. et a m. pr. Vcn. B. 

9sdXea>y] dintaits Fic. 
G xa'9'itfrayai] ac. Xiyovx^y h. 
e. xsZfvovrc;. 

'0^90} 6ril99 Ajur.B. Yiad. F. 

Td^e ^] Ita .Fmd. £. FJor. 
T. StaUbAimuiui in pr. ed. tods 
^ Vmd. F. Fior. ACRV. StaUb. 
in floc t66u 6' Lob. Vuid. B. 
Mon. B. Fior. U. ani duo deio^ 
€ep0 'fp y iy^ eaduo^, qiu>niin 
medio iibrariua/Mon%Gensi0 iittora 
«y praecedenti autem d* iittera ^ 
iApoaita Vddfi / ^v 6' iyA ie|^ 
Toluit. To Sl Sij editiones anto 
Bekkerom , qui Toda, omiMO djj^ 
odidit atqae in comm. rd^fi in 
Par. ADK. V€p,C. Viad.B. VaU 
BBM. Ang. B. rd^e / a m. aee. 
Ib Mon. B. rdda 6' in Vat M. 
rd^e ih in Ang. B. ti Sl dil apud 
Stephanum eicatare docet,' de Ven. 
B. mhii, de Par. K. ailentio Bi- 
pontinorum flaspeetamy de Moo. 
B. nmncnm, de Vind, B. falflum, 
de Vat M. et Aiig.B« repnfaan- 
tia tradenfl* Neque vwo abm* 
ptnm illud rdds per •• probablle 
Qflt. Itaqne ouum esaot iater d)) 
et dh aeu d «iigendum, prki» 
ob mdicefl potiflflimom optimae fa- 
miiiae adfl^ptoa, tom ipfliufl cana^ 
fla MCBodam ea , qoatf Vol. I. 
p. 147, a. obflemita amit, praeh 
tiJE. Idem legiflde videtar Fi* 
aaoH: Hoo H0pt9 ponfivmm 

a(fa] a^aFlor. R. BeUcenu 
et Stalibaumiufl , liic cum signo 
iaterropndi post driovv. auod 
in Beuen editione, niri forte 
i^a ipso insdo pro &(fa irrepsit, 
operarum cntpa omissum yidetor. 
8ed interrogationi minus contenit 
Glanconis responsnm, quam affir- 
mationi, cui a^a, tdUeetf inser- 

o'|^] Ita Moo. B. fled «on 
obeio sob i^ et soperforipto a m. 
fl, w. 

oQmvra] d^atr Par. DK. Moo. 

B. Fior. U. 

«pdXflOMx] h. e. eiistodts Ueo. 
thv <p. Vea. B. Viiid.B. Fior. C. 
e^ti aiito BelLkeram. 

*H] 3 Lob. Vind. B. Vat.BM. 
il Viod. F. $1 Ang. B. 

oiv] om, Fic. oiv ov Flor. 
U. et com puncds a m. s. sul> 
ti fiictis Mon. B. 

rt] oln. Lob. Vlnd. B. Vat. 
BM. Par. DK. et a m. pr. Ven. 

C, ook Mon. B. Vind. B. (Ven. 
B. Vat H. Flor. CU.) cum cdl- 
tis ante Bekkeram. Ubi Fic €)f.' 
Vol. I. p. 167. cxtr- 

dM^Qe$v} oi d. MOII.B. Fior. 

t^ Svtk] zmwtt. Vind. E. 

yQatpf^g] Ita Pte. ADK. «oe» 
Beklc Lob. Vind. B. et a ». pr. 
F. Vat BHM. Ven. BC. Flor. 
ACV. AeUqid et rmd. F. a m. 
s» editiqiie ante Bekkerom y^- 
^tg. Cf. Vol. L p. 157» a. * 

9i9] M. Viod. EL 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



M$6M Y<, iffV ifxi t/dvtf^irt, Httl Tff iulfLmHt qmlm- 

. huhmKP llkdM6vtug fu^d* Ir <AA^ (iqdcrl ftiQU iifBti}g 

v0t$ffov¥tuii "Atomw fLivt* Svf l^, ab; £Uot^ «rl^cr- 

4^m^i d yt tilka ftij iXXBlMOiVto* tovtip fdg «^«df 

485 Cxiiov ti t^ fL9yt6t(p Sv xfoixouv. Owcovv tovto d^ 

JUcJ ^rUh. Ylnd. BB. Vat 

dia^i^et} Snttpiifeiv Mon. B.^ 
Flor. TU. Bekkem, Ajitios m 
terC et Stallhanmiim. Suc^iQU 
impersonale ^t^ nt pag. 496. A. 
abi etiam meliores libri duxq}i' 
OHV exhibent, errore satia fre- 
«leiiti. Yid. L. V. p. 467. C. 
469. O. 8ed noatro looo a nut- 
nn emendatnra illattun yidetnr in 
Mm. B. ot Plor. U. 

ovf^l om. dc. 

Vv q9 ] fMMl 1^4? 'Oit PkU 

0^} ouooiio IdenK 

fi^' ip] i^ "h Vkd. B. uA 
elofnto BonijhU priori i. fii) d^ 
Iv Vind. P. 

ifldvl] ii9j8cu MoBU B. A jn. 

^%JU«] x& SXXa rmd. B. «&- 
la Yind* B, et a m. pr. F. Mon. 
a SteplL 

rovro y«0 «vr^l rovro v&^ 
a^tb Yind. F. An^. B. yd^ F». 
cimu omirit. 

%(f6izotsv} »Q06ixoi$p Lob« 
Mon. B. Yat. BM. Yen. C. Par. 
DK. aeo. Bekk« Flor. U. et a m. 
pr. Vind. B. 

lo&Mii] MiiBdht Par^ K. 

iftiP;] IxMi^. Ald. 

^QXopepot } L. y. p. 474w B. 

4c7] Pr» eo dfilv Bekkenia in 
Par. AD. ^at B. Ven. BC. et 
rud. B. StalbaMdna in FKor. 
T. cni in sec. od. oodloea AC. 

addit, acriptnm eaae testaniiir, 
qnemadmodnm legltnr in AJd. Baa. 
£. Sed Vind. U cnm r«ltq«i 
qoatuor a me coUatia dc2 exhi- 
bet , cai propter finitam post xa- 
tafMi&sZv periodian , et qjnod 
L. y. 1. c. noc prinitim oonside- 
randnm eaao diotna non faerat, 
acoedenie nonnnHa* do qnin^ne 
oodicibva iatia ao^pieioiie $Hf 
praeferre non anstimil. Bfiam 
Stelibanmina aenaiseo hotaseemodK 
aBqnid tidettfr. 

iav} ^ i^ ViAd. B. non 
male. ei ri iitv Vind. F. Ror. 

otfn &Xloiv^] oi^xdXlovg Viad. 

Tovro (jAv ^ — ^o^;.] 
Hoc looo naoa «st Thomiatina ah 
Aatm laudatna or. XXI. p. 250. 
B. Cw Hard. huic in modnmt 
Tit Sh Xotnct iip^fitiov o&ufoXa 
ra nul yvmQUiMtta^ ci wee^a d* 
vayxri roo ^iXom»^ iptevaQd' 
X^ai r^ 9$avola fuilUv , 4 rofjp 
neXonldaif t6v iX&pdvttvov i- 
itov, tl ^ fietit tavva 6 ndvoo- 
fpoq nxdvav iaUnjfiov tcoaa t^s 
tmv npirxmv tiytvslag; iyd lifHV 
dvayvtS4oftai &pBfijt ^ tSv Ixe/- 
«0« tffftdtmv. SiatQ #r rotg -9^- 
ua&trjolotg oi ^ro^ef i* tvv 
roo voftov YpOfBftdtmv, To^to 
fihv dij ifAoXofBl^&m tifs 

?tXoo6ipov fpvatmg ittol 
ri ftaihijftatof 9iot ov* 
tot navtdgy ixt' 8 iv 
iMBivfiv dfftoZ t^v o4oi- 
av, tfjv dtl oioav %a\ ft^ 




iif0IMii¥f tbm «^««r. ohl Y Uommi i^t oMk i 

vm!cm fov loyiov iUyofmt^^ t^ ^pifl)6i¥ rnihw s^dhrw 
dfljMtffffi^Oiiv* *al oliuuy Ut¥ indiMjv^ i^imi^g opoi^ 
fr^M^Hff, Ofieiloy^fif^ Nol Ssi <4o<: «« TaAMr %«y ot 

j^ %outoo^ MiBgi Tovto phf^ I9 tiv ipiloooifm» ^vu 
«imr .«i(f4 ii^kyfiqO»m qfiir, ofi tuJ^iiiucfig y% mI 

dSife iMd v4 .^UmmiUviig vma fndoomg «oi p^Qm$. 

TOV ir0fH>^fo0O dUH^tioflipOV T€l 

|lflC#i{fM«rtt^. «iv ipotrc^f tff<^ 
Mlpcuto^g tptXocofpavg , Jiai' iri^ 

tpiQtw anmna mam$Q.9i$ Mmu^ 
9O¥.fU€C90 •qiMB qttum noa de 
•cripto, iod meiiioriter rodtota 
efie »ppareft, ad Dostrmn Tocomy 
pneserom ttnimii emendaiidvm 
Bihil fadonty i|>fa Uriter Gonli- 
pta Ae emendanda Tidentor t tpv- 
oms xioi y Svi fioOiiiiatog / 
dfol, oetto» mmvhg^ dll* etc. 
JBtiam Plotardma Cia. p. 861. & 
bne dmnl afti|ne oH L. V. f»;i75. 
C» reipexit: vBvoiiBPog S\ Aan^ 
o nXdtmv a^iotvilp (ptXo^iaO^ 
%al q>tl6ooqfop wvaiv, otogaoica'- 
i$cOai mav gAaOnifia %al fi^^niSkv 
lovov fM8l naidelag dtifuiiM 
tloogy iiivv nvg nqo^fn6tf(fOif 
kA notfitmtfv» 

miMloyiMm] . 
Vim. dftohoyMHm yiiid.Bfi. Yeik 

B. Yat a Flor. AGTV. InLolk. 
et Yat^ M. 4 et ?/ nper o et 17 
icripta stmt. 

dsl] Sv liob. Tind. B. Tat Mi 

B 0] Ita Par. A. Vlnd.EF. Vat 

a FTor. ACTT. et a m. pr.Teo. 

C. ReMooi codieef editioneflqiie 
•nte BekKemm oca liabeot^ qned 
dne offeniione tnlerant Stepha- 
mu odoet p; A AatlBa f • eqm- 
mentario et Matthiae grfnmal 
|L 811. Nmi deimit «mmplo no- 
meri pinralia fimiliter poiij fingo» 

lUiti. Or. Tol. I. & idB^ 
b. Tim. p. 38. A: t6 dl dil «a- 
t& t«6ta ixov dwtjtmg o€tt 
«mfO^vel^ otlfta oim T i y o» m^o- 
mfOii ylfvioOixi -— t^ «v^Mim 
U ondiv 04« yiptmg toZg iv 
mUOtfaH 9t^ootfro«o gfomj ^f ^ 
8ed od?erbU cfi^ ao ▼10 oity of 
eer^o» fooiMiam .nnoq 
pore ab ilJii amatam dlidp 
eo^tari iubeat, conii indolem ot 
natnrmm potfaii , qnam nni^erd 
generio» in qoo oeotineatort «mo- 
plezom difiolri cooaentaoeom eat« 
pr aeom l lm qoom oonnoctfrfni par* 
chi fnnctna aeqnator. No* 

me ooi, qni 8 in ooa 

m mntatio oeninlta ert fada. 


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ia reipexiaie, iod go* 

9 qni ieqnitnr, pofiplMro 

le, qnio enm verbo ctfM- 

' mtm paiio ridenohary ob 

i odoiiie I 

ete od 

ab AatioL e. 

d^Iovo fdofna n 
iynt p. 151'. p mpe 
nm deaiqoo a Stephono 1. e. i(b 
omiiio ygoimg l e^e tlf oi, qoad 
praeoeimioel nf^mmmo plarolii 
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errani partidpem £adt SMan» 
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per eam diUgunt dMctpItnom, (pu» 
tUii oolfor jUa niaOmra fHo, fWM 
«eaiper eif oe^e i^eaerolioof , el 
corrvpltone mnlolvr. 

M{ror(] oitmg Leb. VhiA. B. 
Tat M. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


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ovtB Jkifioti^ f^hovg iitoiftBgdifUinm, momp iirvo% 
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ivaywt] tdv iQoniwSg tov q>v6Bi Siovta Mav to fivyyB- 
vig ^ iuA olmiov tSv tmiut^v JtyoMfv. 'OgMg, igpf* 

Vmd. B. Ven. B. Yat. M. FW. 
ACTY. ofioXoriaOm Yind. B. 
iii^l09W<«^» Yat H. dfioloyii- 
oOio cnm d et e/ miper o et if 
Lali. ct Yao. C. 

xaZ ortl xaZ oni. Lob. 
Mon. B. Yat. BM. Flor. 



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qnod ^nnk nro o m ani et tale nt, 
ttt aenan mtni anbandin po»it| 
la^ritn fiaohmt, onl fMcd^TOaopg 
aan hMrtifuiq vl flio ^^ijincrvog 
icilioat offueodnni eo^e huc re- 
ferenda statannt^ ESna enim, i|«od 
oat, v^ ovaiug^ ninltae aecniH 
dnm Pi»bonem pnrtes annt, qnaa 
ideaa nppellabat et dignitate i|nO" 
ona^ doeorn , praeataiSia . inter ae 
CBfferre otnaebat, «|namm aiiae 
ope*diflaplioamm imfaH 
jitqne oognoacnntnr, ani-< 
Yttro ipaam illam oiBUm 
«l&dnnt, onina «mantcn nooeia»* 
rio diflcipiinaa qwH|ne omnea uno- 
M ooBpfootnntnr. Simnl inteili* 
gitnr, cnr pnnUo ante i^i^loi: t$9 
OfioiuB diceri malnaiit» qnam x^^ 

xal] om. Par. K. 

tf/MXfOv] pkoiffov Flor. Y. 

o^re dtifiotiQOvl onL Bas. b. 

iui|K>vs] yi^ovB Flor. T. 
go Fior. R. et 79 Ang. B. 

ip rofc m^oo^tp) UY. h ^^^* 
D. aqq. 

rtj ye Par. DK. Ald. Baa. ab. 
Steph. Aflt. 800. 

%eA] om. Par. D. n ni. pr. 

T68s] tb 91 Tmd. E. ^ 
fitroi Tovto] futatovto M<hi. 

B. Ald. Bas. ab. , 

o2] Ita Tmd. F. a m. pr. n 

n m. a. 

iliYOfkav] X^ympav Lob. yiBd.C 
BF. Mon. B. Par. DK. itc Bip. 
Ang. B. Yat M. Flor. U. 

T6 flro?oi';l om. Vind. B. Se- 
quentia adhibuit Themistiiu th 
Astio laudatna or. XXI. p. 257. 
C : thaq^ov 8% tvnov elval 9«- 
civ tijv aibev8Uev %al to Mvtag 
stvai /ifjohv tMj9a/in %Q068ixi' 
oOai r6 ijfsvhogy alla fiicelv, 
ti)ir d\ d^Oeutv oriof&v. ^«- 
fuu' 009 ^ 7ud vavTt '^ ^ 

hiovtag] tviovta Flor. T. 
(vriBaitff] f^fjdafi^i e^itionef aate 
Beldcenuh. ' 

Yi] sii rmd. s: / riiA£- 

An«. B. Vat a Fto. ACIiTy. 

ye] om, Yind. B. 

fpO»] tpOog Lob. Viad. B. 
Vnt. M. 

' vovl^voo Lob. «Bto ooir. «9 
Par. IJK. . 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



mS^; n i* h' % ow 9watav*dwu v^ a^fifr ^^ip 
9>iAod09ov %§ %td fd/tnlmvd^; OvAftfulip ft. 3Vv 6gm D 

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ni^viiv avt^g xi»»' ttvt^ $Uv Sv^ tag dl duc %o8 od- 
fuetog ixislMOiw ^ il pi^ Mmltt0fiiva>g, dlX* dXfi^mg 91- 
io0o^p6g t$g d^. M^yaXn dvuymi. Hm^Qmv fn^ 3 yi E 

Mff AUI. 
*H] 1} Vina. P. 
oiv] mn. Fic. 

Sir] oim. Lob. Vind. B. Vat 
M. ante dln4yslccg Yind. F. Ang. 
B. Flor. RT. 

"H] ^ Bas. b. ^ rmd. F. 

D .f# '^^ ] ^m. Fic ^mwni 
Ylni. E. T«ir om Yen. B. 

dsX] &h ymd. F. anto oorr. 

0V9] Ita Yind. F. aed corr»- 

Zciuv xov Sri ] ofli. Fic. 
Tdllal rSi,Xa Tind. BEF. 
Mon. B. St;eph. 

otfsrt^] dg Par. D. ooir. Sed 
■a^s crediderim ad seqoeno ^SU 
eam varietatem spectare , et Tero 
po«t illam, qoae ad dn4»%mv(U' 
vov spectat» in oommentariisBek- 
keri ponta et tamen eo Tersos 
mmero notata cst, ut bno roferri 

lxe7o<] cdio Fic 

dxmxBTSVfUvov] ditoxnw^fU' 
vtu Vind. F. An^. B. Flor. R. 
StaUb. pr. hcmi9zev(khov Par. 
K. sec. Bckk. Moo. B. et in Par. 
D. i saper d positDm. dnox^ 
xtvofuvov (Ven. B.) Ald. Bas. 
ab. Ste^h. Ast Genos participii 
■d prozimnm nomen aooommoda- 
tnm est, nt L. KL p. 401. D. 

PiiATOinfl Of. IL 

fyovM. Sindlia, non eadem, iUn 
svnt, miae YoL L p. 320, b. no- 
taTi. Cetenun lectionem a Stail- 
baomio in prima ed. reoeptam 
Themisthui secntns Tidetar or. 
Xm p. 269. D : 8tip ydq dvd^ 
Big 9v VI voioi^tov (nvfiBlaVy xi- 
^a4fi4frixf^v etc.) al imiOvfUm 
naoai ^lnov^iy rovtt^ d\ o4% 
Av tlg tdfuivm ylyvotvro tptUat. 
i0XV9^^ f non$Q ^tvfut ini r6 
n(faviw$ifov dnoretifaft^ivai, 
Sed idein or. XXI. p. 260. A. 
nSoai avrovy inquit, ai t^g ^fv^ 
Xfjg im^fUai dnh rmv fucOtifid' 
xtem imtaB ktoxtgBvaovrm Scnt^ 
^BVfiM htl rhv nffoviote^ to- 

dij] dl M0D.B. Pir.DK. Flor. 
U. A(d. Bas. a. Steph. Ast pr. 

avriig] ri^v Ang. B. Flor. R. ^ 

%a& nevr^v] xa^avrijv Ylnd. 
F. %a»' kavri^ Fior. R. 

bUv] e/tf|y Vind. F. 

i%Ulnoufv] hllnouv Vind. B. 
Cnpiditates illias totae ad disd- 
pfinas conrersae animiqne Tola- 
ptatem appetentes droa oorporis 
▼oluptates flaccescere dicnntnr. 
Ad rotg repetendnm ex soperiori- 
bns est nsqL Cf. Vol. I. p. 366, 

nBnlaefiivmg ] nBnlaofi4vog 
Par. K. et a m. s. Flor. C. 

dW] dXl^ rmd. F. 

ftiiv o yt] yi jtilv 6 Par. K. E 
Fior. U. ys fi^v Syt Moa. B. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



fMvrct ima xolUis «««t^ diwWj»«, ««9 *^«^ f»*^ 

486 mv x«t i;d<a ds» tfxo«MV, $r«fr u^lve^ piUgs 9>t;tf«9 
V«JU)tf09>ov Ti xal fiij. Td «orovj Afcj /te H^ ftfirf- 
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X^ovf mda^o Hk ovtia^^ oldv fff oC» toM^ f^raj» 
doxMV e294» f^ (Mf^^flHMMv i)£oy; U^vvatop, ^ d' oo- 
BOvaovv «al ^dravov o^ ^Mydv tc i^yiqoatai otoumtog; 

Mfpesdt Prodqf ia Alob. T. IL 
p. 265. Coiis. inBl ual h IloUr 

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t^g q>tXo40<pov ivaBiog e2ra»y ^ 
m«r xfmiuivmif vaB^omMov, 


ttXlip vitrl] poaft fi&Uov Flor. 
T. flcliU»! ri Lob. AU6 Ti Fud. 
. B. VM. M. 
• «^OM^KF»] oflR. Yiiid. F. 

Ovvo.] 0{^a>6. BokkMm* efc 
4ft6 #i^Um 1 fiiUMff Flor. V. /^ 
;i|7 Par. B. EtUn ia Mob« B. « 
a m. B. denMUB exppesiiim. 

w^civ] tpvau Fior. T. 

JtfiiJ^nya Yiii4,F. 

1^] ;u ^17 Aog. B. Flor. 

dVeltvO-fi^aff) ilBV^BQiag Lob. 
Vind. B. Yat. M. Coof. Yol. L 
p. 232, a. 

0/Mic^oJloy^] f»eic^loy^ >lnd. 
B. Fior. ACTV. Aldnou ifag. 
c 1 : ivawidtoxov ya^ fumfolo- 
yla ipvxv f*sU^^ ^smQBiv ta 
^bUic %al dv^ifdnsMfa, 

I9rooi£eo0>ai] ixoqiyBO^at editi 
ante Bekkemin. 

*JFfi — diavoLa] m — didvom 
rind. H. Yat M^ Ihc cam aitero 
acnto ooper oi, et a^ fuper vitl- 
ma. 4 — 9i4voia Vat H. o» — 
ttimtoff Vind. B. Mon. B. Ane. 
B. Flor. RTUV. et «inpflM 

«eiiptai babent Lob. Ven. C. 
Par. D. «fi Buper a Lob. ^ — 
diavoiag Astiua in secnnda^ ci 
StaUbanmiuB recej^rwit , Fkini 
qooqne interpretatiooe et M. An- 
tonini auctoritale adducti , oni 
TiBv tis ^avrdv L. VJI. c 35. 
boc nXaraiviyidv posuit : ^Shi. oiv 
vnaQXit' 9idvoia f^ecXoiCQiKffg 
fial ^moia *- odo^as', «f oe «&< 
vovvqt^ ISxswd YO, qine Imb 
ad. ▼orboi deacripta ez eodlee 
«Mo ipparet. Ficinani quidem non 
intercedo quo nunua tp et dutvoiag 
legisse credamus, quamqnam in 
iequentibug pauUo iiberiua vemr 
tus videtnr: Nempe evi eogitm- 
tionii adewt magtHftcenUa et to^ 
<Mct temporie totmaque mtbetOHtime 
oontemplatio , JhmMmi vita mA- 
^fntim qvid videri uaa poUuL 
Glaa. /Vofi pro/ecto. So, Bfmm 
mortem kieterribilem eadaMMt? 
Glau. Mmime. Sed €Mile intelr 
li^^ltnr , qnid iUam «iectionem pe- 
pererit. duxvoia non faGttltatem 
actionemye mentis^ sed ipiam 
mentem flisnifiGat, ut inflra B: 
fyftevQOv Sifa nai B^xaQW iffvm' 
fuv ngbg xojg £Uot«. ^ukvouof 
^pvon. multiflqne locifi, qnas Inr 
dicatHeindorfiM adPim«dr. $.34. 
Hmc ijptnr rovr^» rede et qnad 
•na spflote saccedit fiie CMif. 
p. 523. E: «tti xov uQvei^v M 
fVfMfhv §lvtUy voOvomvaf eevvfj 
vi ^^ «v's)9 ti^v ffrvxit r 

igiti2edby VjOOQIC 

^ptttS «A^im}g, ig SmMW, odn Av fL^^hi. Ov fi^» lov 

poUg ij Sdimg fhw»^; pdw fori. JTiii «o«ro A^ t«^ 

Mhlm&, 4bI Spm Iknala tc imsI qfat^og, ij dP6mw9iv9g€og 
tml <l)*^ Zfim; ^h» o«V. Oi; ^i^ o^<2 «oAs «nfg^ 
^^^, «^ fy^^ ra woiop; Mifui^gy ^ dv^^i^a»^ C 
^ sryoiJdoM^^ srorj ntf^ n tHouSg Av #fif|iM, o «yi^ 
wp av AXfW¥ %% nQami wA poyig '^itPfov Mm»; 
Oiu &p yivomo. Tl i'i bI putfi^ iv f^Oi 6diM ^ 

ovy}re«r<Dfr Mrl funaXm^a M 
tijs Y^g «v^tt #M€rro«r «^ «<^ 
«fH»', rv« dnucla ij Koiats y. nbi 
■on offendit Stallbatimiu. Cete- 
mm huc . pertinont Terba Procli 
in Paruu T. V. p. 90. Con». 816 
xal iv IIoXn^La zatq (piXocofpote 
(pvCBOiw^ oMovgfm t6 usyaXonQ^ 
^$ , mg v^ifjovg xai [Jisyi^ovg 

. o& i post tvvttg^ yind« B. efiy 
Par. K. 

^ei^l 9oii£7 Aid. Bas. ab. 
hk Moii. B. — etv eofrectam ex^ 
stat, in Vind. F. p aitera aeri^ 
ptlone additam eet 
B TOiovvog ;] toiovrog, Ald. 0te- 

di}] Ita Pltf. A. Mon.B. yiod. 
B. Vat. H. Fior. ACTUV. 8h re- 
HqQi Kbrl com editis ante Bek^ 

mg hnnav'] ante ahfe^ivilg Lot». 
Vind. B. Vat BM. om. Fil:. 

ftetstri] fienJH ViBd. F. fie- 
re/oi Par. K. aec Bip« (tniqifj 
Ald. Ba«. a. 

T/ ovtr;] om. Ffe. 

onfff] 6^«oi Par. K. see» Bekk. 
Conf. 487. A. Tid. Lobeek. ad 

Vind. F. 

Otfie fon] oiMf» VatH. O^ 
Mtiv BeklDentf. 

d«M#^ ] Ita Vind. F. Ang. 
B. Vat. H. Flor. ACRT. et Tko- 
mMoB er. XXI. n. 254. B. e». 
!■» Terba, qiaa aalio ncigotio po9- 
«ont ab anoqnoqiio emeadariy gfc 
nt Tnlgo lepiiitnr adMripel. dlX' 
ti 9h fcoAf 6 X6^g fi^tttfidfiih- 
%ev (q>* hi^ov tmv yv»Qt0fi»-' 
tmvy fMiXteta itai tovto iHftijv 
iietdiov piX6oo<p6v t$ itai fiM, 
iietanii^^st yitQ 17 notvmvnai «8 
«tfl ^ftKQog n^^g to^g naUhlag 
htt^vtkovvtag , ^ ^mioivdviftog 
.^ %uA dy^la. — ReHqvi oodioea 
el editioBee ante Aetieoa huaui^ 
^ hatloat 

diJtakt} ginatd yind. F. 

dvoHOivtivfitog] Ts Ttiigd ante 
Bekketram et m Aatii tertia ed. 
addltam aen niil in Lob. Viad. 
B. Yen. B. 01 Vat BM. regitnr, 
aThemie^ tfunen et ipeo ieet«m 

' ^ dvofta^g] oin. Mon* B. ( 
• tt] em. Lobi Vind. B. Mon. B. 
Vat B. Ven. €. Pkur. BK. Flor. 
U. JHikl Fic. 

InavSg } om.- Flc 

dkySv] df^ym^ WXor, T. 

OjuniQbv] punif^ Vind. F. 

avvtmp ] dtvTtmw Ven. B. 
Vat H. Flor. UV. editlonei nn|e 
Bekkernm: £h>pb. peg. fao. A. 
anae ex andeyigiiiti Par.F. dv^t- 
rttf» , 261. B. qaatner cnm St*- 
phano dv^ttmv^ djmp. 217. C 
Par. F. flwttopy htg, VIIH. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



fiij Tcwdg $lvai; KaX mms; 'Avi^a d^ xovmv ov«, dto, 
avay9uMn^9ZM T&Utmnr avtiv ts iu0uv 9ud tijv toiov- 

D ttiv MQpil^v; Dmg d' o^; *E9t%kq6fMva OQa iwxipf iv %ai£ 
tmavmg 9ao66fpoig fi^ motB iyxQlvmptsVf oUa iiviuiovt^ 
miv «viqir {^cSfMV iBlv dvoi. Ilavtama^i pev ow. 
UJU' o^ fnnv t6 yB T^ff afUiv6ov tt «ol atfx^^fioiio^ 91^- 
g40g «Ailotfj soi oy «MU^sv fiUciy, i^ «{^ afiBtQiuv. 21 
fU}i^; '^A^£Mcy di afKv^^ nrv ^W««^ «^«*» 5 ^W"- 
tglfi 'E^tQUf. "EnimQOV aga %al svxoQiv C^rcififiv 
mQog toig oiAoig iuivoiav «wdii, ^ isl v^ tov ovtog 

E 24^ &4<fvav vo o^ogwlg svaj^ej^ov sra^ilsi. iZis 


881. A. Ten. B. et StalwMis 
av6vgovCif Aziodi. 369. D. nul- 
ku e Bekkeri oodidbiui dvvtru* 
qnod Tulgatmn est, habet. Sed 
loieiii owie« nbique tenent. 

6'; bI) 6ei Vuid. F. a m. pr. 
Sicnuni mterrognndi Bekkertui po- 

ttliatg] nUog Mon. B. n m. 

. Avd%Xsmg Vind. F. Ang. -B. 
'ior. T. et in B. A. 

i2^'] V Vmd. F. -- noMie 
orjl meRtia oaciiait? Fic. 

*A96niza\ dvorfta Par. A. (ad- 
4Msripta lec. Faeheiiun in marciiie 
Tulgata) et a m. pr. Veo. €. £a- 
dem Tarietu eet Tim. p. 44. C. 
dmiwtaf qnod ArtittA ad Legea 
p. S13. et in tert ed. n Platone 
profectnmrajpicatnr, minuaaptnB 
«et. Nam dvilwtog novog Phry- 
aiclio interprete Bekk. anecd. 
p. 13 , 26. 6 noli^g ttt %al ov 
o^r <>t6v T£ Butvvcau 

iri] il Ven. €. Bion. B. Par. 
DK. editi ante Bekkerum; non 
minus recte. oero Fic 

ofee] om. Fic otu d( Flor. 
T. (ofn) Steph. A^tiui in pr. et 
•ec et fikalib. in sec comma priue 
Bonnnte ohiy eed ante negationem 

Ementea innflitatum loquendi geniu 
trodncunt. Cf. L. VIL p. 530. 
B. et Hipp. mai. pag. 298. At 
c/ dnini^waifuSia t^ ^^acit 
huivtp dv&i^nf^-^jaiM av^ otsi^ 
afhiv tov ^qoMovg hUcxotitev; 

Li t«t AMins et in pr. atd^tn- 
miufl Mcundum Bekkerum uimmr 
que commn Mstnlerunt. Priorco 
tantum poet novav inddunt. 

dvayKaadifc^Tai] dvaynaffOyi' 
ctc^at Lob. Vind. B. Mon. B. 
Vat. BM. Par. K. Flor. U. 

ttUvxwv^T^Uwmv Lob. Vind. 
BB. Mon. B. Ald. Bas. ab. 

cevro'»] av. Vind. BEF. 

iy%4flvafuv ] hnt^, Vind. F. 
%Qivetfiev edili ^ante Bekkeram, 
tacentibua de Par. K. Bipontiain. 

ifltSfiev SbIv slvat] el.. d. t 
Flor. T. Pco Shv Ven. B. n m. 
pr. et Vind. E. SbI habent. 

(i^v] iLTi Par. A. Ang. B. e^ 
tionea ante Bekkerum, tacentibna 
Bipontinia , quod Aatius in 
ad L. I. p. 365. ad tfmfisv 
Tulgatum referens, ai ctv 
iliuiv construebaty recte mne of- 
fensione tulit, ferrique etiam nnnc 
reoepto optadyo fpatfi» ad eom- 
que relata, ut ddbet, pnrticala 
av poMet, si Socrates yereodum 
negaret , ne illud aliqna eonditio- 
ne proposita statuere possent. Cf. 
Vol. L i^. 116» b. Sed conditio- 
nis sigmficatio etsi non omnino 
inepta, tamen non ita necessarin 
h. L erat , ut dictione minus nd- 
tata ov ftij fpaiiuv ctv uti scri- 
ptorem cogeret Neque yero co- 
dices magnam dnbitationem re- 
linquunt. *AXX* ov ^r snqneiite 

igitized'by VjOOQIC 



d* oil!; It oiv$ fii^ jKq domoSfih Mft oi» awfuSiu, ha" 
^tu diBisiJMipai Mal wofimc dXiailoig t^ ^Aloi^ 
'wv Svro^ tnapmg tm meI tBUmg tvtg fMolijtMa^ai; 
*Avayigai6taxa ^ avVf l^. "jEtfriy oiv Av^ f^f^lfV 487 
iroiojfvoy IviTifdMifia, o fifmr' av rig oloff %b yhnf^a 
txavOg hunjdBveait «^ fu/ 9)1^11 «£7 fiMTfioy, t^fia*^^ 
fcaT^oaoiB^caK^ff, s^o^cff» 9>filo$ vs «ol l^fyr^iS ahfiBlae^ 
d&xaio^vpfig ^ Mplag, 6Q9^pifoaup^gi OH* av oMm/iog, 
tffni^ %6 fB TOMvxop fiif$i(fmto. jIXX', ^p d* fyoi» %^ 
iBim^Biay xolg toiovto$g Mmdslqt tt wd ^Xiatlf ofa ov 
ti6voig Sp tfpf M6iBP bBitQiaoig; KeA 6 UiBlfunftog ^tl 
SmaQaxBgj lyq, a^ig fiiv %aS%a «01 oiidslg av oUg %* B 


78 bU MnQ«ps legitiir Polit 
p. 290. A. B. 

Tsl awL yiad. E. et a m. nr. 
Ven. B. 

ofUotfil ^Alo Bi AM. B««. a. 

«Oi dyj «o^ Viiid. F. a m. 
r. nri 3v Viod. B. Mod.B. Pkr. 
^K. editiones anto Bekkeraak 

q^alfisp] Ita Par. A. Ub. Viiid. 
B. Vat. BM. Ven. BC. Bas. b. 
fpa^ Vind. F. Ang. B. ^gZfUP 
Vind. B. ^iftw Vat H. ^fiey 
Mon. B. Par. DK. Ald. Bas. a. 
Steph. Ast. pr. et fec. De Flo- 
rentiniB StaUbaanuns tacet. Viz 
credi potest oaHies tpSfuv habere. 

OfiSTQicevJ] dfimflttv; Ald. Ba«. 
ab. Pollox IIII. 167. ri}y iy x^ 
«odl Htti n^dg vj Ivifa dfisvQlav 
ex Platone afifert. — Ficsnus hanc 
Socratis ^6iv ita interpretatar; 
AkmmaproHerea cl huontuma na- 
twra ad intemperiem $e$nper trakiU 

4r$l 4y«2: Vad. F. Anf. B. 

^ ififuv^;] aa emm tempartB 
potiae? Flc. 

'Eftftat^,] am. Lob. Vind. F. 

(v ] f} Mon. B. cam litnra. 
'^itev] sidiavy sup. a m. 0. i, 

yM. F. 

Bvdymyov] «ttl efidy. Vind. & 
Flor. RT. 

Ti oiv;] am. Fic 

daHovftiv] dwMfdv Lob. Vbd. 
B. VntM. 

b4% d»«jpuda] oi ndvayntda 
Vind. B. 
TsXims] xtUimg Mon. B. Flor. 

ovr] om. Fic. 487 

fiififpff ) /E«4*t» Viod. F. Aog. 

B. Plor. R. recentiom. 
huamg] hugv^g Lob. Vind. BB. 

Vat. M. 

fiviifietVf nifuM^g} perepieaxy 

X9] dl Viad. F. 

Inyyfii^tf ] avyy. ViBd.B. Flar. 

dvdifiag ]dv8otiag Lob. l^nd. ^ 
F. Fior. ACaiTv. StaUb. Conf. 
Vol. I. p.ll5. et ^nae ad p.490. 

C. notavi. — Hanc Tirtntnm eno- 
■Mrationem resMcit Procins T. U. 
p. 289. ei T. V. p. 184. Coos. ' 

roMvrorl votovto Lob. Viod. 
B. Vat. BM. 

'jlXl'. nv] &lln9 Vmd. F. n 
m. pr. dXl' iiv Vmd. B. Parti- 
ddam Fidnns emisit. 

relMm^siiSi] vsXHmltmu Par. 
K. sec Bip. 

MoiSsia — fjXiaiif] aeui^Bia'^ 
liXmia Ald. Bas. ab. 

a^a] iifa Vind.BF. oau Mon. 

Siv] om. Vind. B. Vat B. Flor. 
T. et a m. pr. Ven. B. 

imvQimoig]initQi7cmB Ite.T. 
«I, iop. oi, ViM). HL 





wt$ff iuicxots & vvv UyHS' ^yoiwtai H Amh^ov tov 
l(^0tqp tB xal ixoxQlin^m vxi ttv Idyov %a^ ina&tw 
t6 j^r^ ^iuxQov xaQoyoiiBVot a»QOiMhnw» tAv 
6piuiQWV IjA ««AavT^g tSv loymv piffa to 6^>alfux %mi 
hfovtloV' toiq arpaSTOi^ Avatpatv^tHtaLy %al SeactQ wko' 
C tiSv nmsvuv deivoiff of fii} tsJimftdhftBg oMoxUtovtat 
mi otiy ifffvetv Sti q^QnOiVf ow» 9mA ^^ug «ciUv* 
t§»vteg «boxAi^sd^ xol ov« %£Mf S«i il^otfMr v9o 
99tt9(ttt£ a£ tavt/iiq twdg itiQaSy om kf i^oi^f alX 
hf l&yoigi buX to yt aknfitl^ oviim ca fioUosr raM|| 
tietfv. iJkym 9* dg td naQdv amfilhlfag. vov^ y&Q ^abf 
av tlg 601 Xoym iiiv ovx ix^iv xad' i%a6tov vd iQarci^ 
fovov havtwv69ai^ fyyfp il.OQ^Vt OMt av Ui 91X0- 

B dwBinBtv] ccvtMstv Vind. E. 

TOMMt ti} Tofoy divi Vmd. F. 

S] int. ▼ers. habet idea. 

vvv] on. Fic. 

Ttl om. ^od. BF. Ven. B. tt 
a C. yat.H. Flor.AGRTV. 

mh Yov loyov} om. Flc dw6 , 
%. X, Ald. Bas. a. 

rd 4^dl«i2^] OM, Flc* 

«a^oydfWf^o»] ira^ayavd/UMit 
Vind. EF. nuQcefvdfivoi Ang.B. 

MQOiMvtoMt] «4^^ 91 Ang. 
B. Flor. R. et int. ver». a m. •. 
ViBd. F. 

6tux(fwv] fuxQtSv Flor. AOV. 

ini tBUvtfig] ix^vtXtift^ff Vind. 

fi^fya t6 ctpdXfia] fittA t6 mp, 
Flor. ACV. pmt errorem ofgiMf 
flaiacimm Vic 

dvaipalvsc^ai] dieofpaLvB^ai 
Lob. Vind. B. VatBM. Ifistttna- 

otfire^] ng Veiu C. a m. pr. 
£ 'f^ftofUc^of^tt*} c2oioie;U/MmcM 
cnm duobus pvnctii sqb priori.n 
MoB. B.^ a)ro«i6/ovo» ViAd« B. 
eoereenltfr et eonohMbmtnr Fio. 

tpi^m^OfA Ita enm editis «iniis 
Vind. B. ReUqui codices omneo 
qf^ovHiv liabent, neqae aliter 
ante oorrootioneir ooriptan fuit 
ia ]li»n. B« sed ex enwiidatione 
factom est ;i^«tNttff, ««u .slatiii 

•nbiangitnr ^no nsttBlag etc. d»- 

cem ▼ocabolis omiMio. 

. cfBtg] ctpag Par.K. Mcandiim 

t^LBVtwvtig] tBlevtSvrag idni 
MO. BeklL. et Vat. M; et a ro. s. 
Par« D. Btiam Lob. — Tfl»rrai 
miperscriptam Tul^to bobet. re- 
AooftiDiF tB Ald. Bai. a. . 

cnroxl^/ftf^ai] co|^ concludi^ 

Iriiir] lxov<fiv Vat, B. 

Uyotaiv] civ Xiya^civ Flor. T. 
Uyovciv Flor. U. (Mon. B.) l£- 
yotfy Vind. B. 

av] ovv Par. K. sec. Bekk. 

Xoyoig,] Xoyoig, Ald. Bas. ab. 

to ys ] t6 y Vind. F. Ang, B. 

Tav«|y].«avci7y Plu; A^ Vind. 
B. Vat. H. Cf. yar. leet. L. V. 
p« 4G9. A. -ex BtueU&o noUtam. 
' Sdlicet — 171 non mlnns filctte in 
if oonnmpl potomt, ^pymi — m 
in — mtr, de qno cf. mtetpreteo 
ad Ch^gor. Cor. p. 265., taAvtj^ 
esteo modo, 900 Soeroloi fem 
habere dieai et diBptOandi mie 
•oineat. Pronrtw ab baina loci 
sensu aberrayit Ficinos Imac indn 
ab vn6 nsttBiag ita interprela- 

duBOBs fwmdoquideHL oettm aifc 



CIVITA8 L1B.V1487 


VM vioi SvtBs ogBoiUttrviMfMc», iJMt ^Mexpira^^ov hiut- ' 
«p^^iMi, twg fAff xlLiiatovg nal »dpv illM^tavg yv- 
^ofUvovg, tw€t^^ na(ixoviiQavg ilkofinr» tovg dh imu- 
mB0tawovg dowmnag S^g tom6 yu imi to€» ixtvifdsti^ 
fMcvoS) ov 6v iMmv9Sgf xa^ovtagj ix9V^^S taig ai^ 
la6i j^$yvofUaovg. Kak fyoi itoii^g (kit. oipy dxoVf 
tovg tavta Hyovtag ^i^svdso^ai ; Ovx olda^ ^ d* og' 
dkkd to 6ol doxcvv '^diwg Sv ixovOLin^ 'Axoioig aVy E 
Sfg^ ilioiys q>alvovta& tahfiHj iiyitv. Hmg oiv^ Sgnf, 
ti fin iiytevj oti oi XQottQov xaxiSv xaudovtai al 
Moistgj nQ^v av iu avtaig ot qpiJUttfo^OA Sg^oMf ovg 
dZQ^^Otovg ofioXoyoviitv avtalg dvat; ^EQ&t^gy ijv d' lyc), 
iQmtmfka dcoficvov amox^ta^ 8i dwivog AiyofiiM}^. 

nihU hae€ duo inter «e digerepan, 
Cf. quae Schaeferus lo adnetaftio- 
De ad Gre^ipr. Cer. pig. 60l de 
SUanbrydkelii ezplicatioiie hwoM 
loci retulit. 

iz^tv ] ^x^i Plof. T. 

d' bIsJ dh Big Lob, Vlnd, BF. 
dn 'g Vind. B. ante corr. 9* ut 
Mon. B. a m. pr. 

ditopxi^^aq,] In Bas. ab. pim- 
ctam ante hoc partidpinm potl-; 
tam est. Ajrtias, BeVkeruf et 
Stallbanmitui cololi fecerunt. 

xiq coi] xi 901 YiBd. F. riaoty 
inserto a ra. 0. attaro Cy Mon.B. 
Wffy «BiiMO 901 f Ang. B. Flor. 

loy^] loyov Tind. E. 

¥^* hmcxop to iqmtdiupoi^] 
Am ouae propomintar Fic iMt&i^ 
T. I. Vind. BF. 

^looo^lay] fpiXocoipictig Ald. 
Baa. ab. 

ftBoaiiwcQtLt,] «oiMttf^a» 
Vmd. B. Yen. B. Vat H. Fler. 
ACTV. a^oaeiMtdeva^ai cM 
ante BekMu^. 
\ ixttlldTeairtai] d^ceXXdttoih' 
m Vind. F. Flor. &TV. 

ivduict^iif(wc^] ipdun^ifpiccaf 
Viad. B.^ 

tfJUoxovovd] dbmrdoe et m ro^ 
iuaAMimMiitfionoiFii. Timaew 

Kec. p. 24 s dtXinotov^ itn^- 
yiiivov. Cf. Rnbnkenius et Bek-- 
keri aneod. pag. 14. Blmnfield. 
€Mo«. in Aeieh. B^ r. 804. 

xa/ix6v^(fovf] PoOux VI. 16S. 
XcefLvdvfjffOv m magno numeiv 
Yerborum ex nav a PiatoBe com- 
positorum refert. 

dl] y Vmd. B. Vat. H. o». * 
Vind. F. , 

oiimg.] oftag Lob. ^d. B. 
ofuog d{ Ymd. F. Ang. B. Fkir. 

^96] M Lob. Vmd. B. Vai 
BM. Ven. C. Par. 0£« •aeaBdnm 

ixttfi&s^iuctog] ixittdBvftatog 
Mon. B. 

inaivtlg] ixaiw^g Ald. Bai. 
ab. • 

^ 8' og '] RecentSorei pro colo 
comma habeot. 

to lol] t6 cot Aat stc per- 

'Aitofiotg av] His Fidooa addit £ 
m id rogt». 

Jlmg — l^fir] 0«. Lob. Vind. 
B. Vat BM. Bomm krae Vat. 
B. a m. a. %al habet. Pro Ifti 
iB Bas. b. Ixtiff lecitnr. 

i^A] ^yA Ald. fyi Td Far.K. 

•Ld^os ) uittivmQ ViBd. B. 

igitized by VjOOQIC 


ElaVf djtov 0Mmmug ifnfiBfil^tttis fis dg loydv ovwm 
488 8v6€m&isiii!%av } Sxovs d' oiv t^ dwivogy tv hi |i£U 
lov Mgs» dg yii6jj^ dataim* ovxm yiq jukmov %6 
ua9og xmv iMmxs^tatatv^ o moig %dg %6istg mmav^m^ 
atVf mav ovd* i6nv iv avihv uiio toioihav smmav^ag» 
diJLa isi ht $toiJLmv . avto fpvayayslv aixaiavta xtd 

di ya] y Lob. Viod. B. Vot 
BSI. fquos tres Bekkenis tantttm 
yt omittere diclt.) liys Yin^ F. 

elxoveiv] ot%6vaiv yind.F. Bt- 
*6vog Ven. B. Vind. B. Yat H. 
Flor. AdT, jier umUitmdimem 

£&r] 0«. Fic. 

mtdutBt^] muifntt Yea. C. 
mmmni Lob. cnaxrfi Vind. B. 
Yat M. et, fop. Btg^ B. 

488 Y^Zif^l yUaxmg Ald. yU" 
€X9»g st%dtmv tstyUxofisvog ro« 
thatsiv (nt Phaedon. p. 117. A. 
yUXOfisvos voo tSv wu tpsiBoitt- 
vog ovdsv6g hi ovtog d. Criton. 
pag. 53. B. yU^xi^mg kti^iislv 
• * tv^} V^ ttaitsi Gupiditate compa- 
raadi tenetnr, nt aegre ab eo 
divelH se patiatnr ime priug ai- 
n^e dimittet, qnam cum pni- 
fiacaio excnflaerit, nnde fit, ut 
▼el ieiunae, ezilefl, anxie qnae- 
iUiM , Tel pntidae , Terboflae , an- 
dieatibw taedinm creantefl oom- 
porationefl ezaifltant Cf. Wyt* 
tenbadunfl. anim. in Plnt T. L 
p. 269. flo. BelLkeri anecd. p. 32, 

yAtf] 0«. Fic. 

tb xtt»og]nMog Par.A. Yind. 
B. Tat H. Fior. ACV. et a m. 
pr. Ven. B. qnod diflpfioere non 
minufl debet, quam si Latine di- 
> catur tam iniqua conditio optt- 
inor«m eii ea, qua apud eivitates 
uhmtur. Atque ut poflflit articu- 
lofl mora inter xoc^b^ etmdo; 
interiecta aine ambicuitate omia- 
flUfl Tideri, qnemadmednm est 
L. IIL pag. 413. B. et lodfl ibi 
VoL L p. 316. dtatifl, tamen li- 
brarienmi pofnifl, qnam flcriptorifl 

^vasntodstittov] iviutx69e»t09 mns. 
Ang. B. £t 

negligentia omiflsam -crediderim, 
praeflertim quum Faebflio teete hk 
margine oMldfl optind «xatet 
Nam quod BekiLerufl slmplidter 
narrat m Par. A. leel y^ itXijaog 
(pro aro^c) ille rd nhqa&g m 
aufl marcine flcriptnm refert. 
Cetemm mfra p. 491. C. eztr. 
eofldem oodicefl Par. A. Tmd. B. 
Vat H. et a m. pr. Vea. B. in 
aperto Titio conflentientefl Tide- 

£€t'] «DOtr Vlnd. BBF. 
o4a'] o^% Vmd. B. 

%v oiSSlv] iv o^Ssvl Lob. Viod. 
B. et addito l altera scriptioae 
F. Mon. B. Vat BM. Par. DK. 
et a m. s. Ven. C. 

&llo] aUo Vind. B. Mon. K 
Per. K. Vat M. et « m. s. Ven. 

toiovtov] Ita Pur. A. Lob. 
Vind. BF. Vat BHM. Ven. BC. 
Ang. B. Flor. ACRTV. roiovra 
Par. K. see. Bekk. roiovro tt 
Vind. B. TOiovro Moa. B.Fier. 
U. (Par.D.) cum «ditif uite Bek- 

xsxov^^g} MSXovMg Vind. 
F. Xii»og Vmd. B. In Mon. B. 
pnnctis notatnm est 

dXlci] quare Fic. 

dsi] d^ Vind. F. et anta coir. 

dnoXoyov(Uvov ] i^ica^onrolo- 
yovfLsvov Vind. F. i$«l^ dmX. 
Ang . B. Fidnns verba sttdtov- 
ta ual dTCoXoyov/ttvov vasl^ wi- 
xmv ita conTertit: oompararv 
cam fttf «Eenjfiie, et oittasfiw Ah 
oioem espljoare rattraem. 

yqwpslg] yifaqmg Asdns in soc. 
et tert ed. et BdLkarus, oontra 
Cf. VoL L p. 157, n. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



90vg %a\ ta %out6t« fivfvAvttg YQwpoo6u v6^6ov yig 
xotovtovl yw6fkwov d^c %o7LXdiv vtmv %iQi sIts fiAa$* 
vttvMhiQov fi9yi»u fiiv «ol ^a>fii7 vxl^ tov^ Iv vg M}t 

V*fvm0MOvt» mbqI vaotatmv St»Qa toiavta, tovg-dl vav- 
tag 4ta6$iiovtag XQog iiXqlovg 99q\ tilg ovfiBQV^OBmg^ 

(uywiiitgig ] fuyvvvTBg Viiid. F. 
Mon. B. Ald. Bas. ab. 

yoi/ffOir] VWfK^V Yiiid* B. 

votovroyl] roiovtov Vmd. F. 
Ang. B. toiiToyl yind. E. Yat 

fttaS'] fu«6> Ijob. Yind. B. 
Vnlgo poflt (udg naUa iDterpaa- 
.ctione otnntQr et post miivnXfiifop 
comflia poDunt, quad noXlav 
vmp nBQi vavulfjQog dici poMit 
eodem sensn , qno vavxlijQog 
noHnv vsmvy qnemadmodam dQB- 
Ti7( Tciffi Mamtalovg Plato dkat 
Menon. p. 90. B. tlBog Xiycaiv 
Tciqi a^. L. ni. p. 392. A. et 
alia, quae, etsi Muamo sensu 
mIvo carere praepoaitione pos- 
sant, nexom tamen laxiorem nn- 
naaqne neoeMarinm, qnam qoi 
solo genitiTO indicatur, aignificant 
et fere additum 9er6tim habent, 
quo praepositio aeqiie atque ad 
noniefi reapiciat sed dominum 
inter et rem poMessam nexns in- 
tercedit toI maxime neoesaariui, 
eoque minnf hic periphrasi iati 
looDa erat, qnod plnrium iUe an 
nuua navis deminos oMet nibU 
referre dieeretnr, auae ennntiatio 
ampUcem rationia ipaino, cni g»- 
mtiTua inaeryit , dedarafionem 
pootnlabat. Neqne vero ad rer- 
biim reapicere praepodtio potest, 
qvnm yfyv^sO^ai vsmv %i^i vav- 
«Xi|^oy Don maips, qnam Blvai. 
pcobabile sit, toiovzov y£yv$60ai 
aotem sensnm prorsos aUenam 
exMbeat et dondnom oogitari in* 
beat talem erga naves sese prae- 
stantem, qnalem seqQenda do- 
eent. Accedit, qnod ad «niYer- 
san phiribui scitieet partibQi 

constitQram simiUtudinem 
quam ad nnam eins partem nec 
ipsam grarissimam adyertendns 
Adimantus erat, qoi sensns no- 
stra inierptMictioae elftcitor: 'Fmo 
kuiu»eemodi aUquid de mvUie ntk- 
vtftvs, stoe de ima «ao<t, mc»- 
dtsse: domtmuR rofrore omnes sif- 
perare noiitat etc. Atque ita fere 
finita eomparationeinfraB.rotov< 
Tiov drj «£^1 Ta9 i^avg ytyyoft^ 
vwv didt : quum taUa navibu» ao- 
eidunt. Initio Tero comparatio- 
nis genitiro ndtnr, qnia nihU 
aUud nisi fioes, intra qnos yev6- 
fisvov Ulud yersetur, describera 
et de naTibns sermooem futunun 
demonstrare vult : exposita re pro- 
pins idem ad naves admoyet ipMS- 
que eo aCfid accusativo significat. 
%nod diaorimen quum ex ntrius- 
qne easns natnra prodit, tam lo* 
co Leg. L. Vim. pag. 869. B. 
confirmatnr : nol ra fiikv d^ fiiatd 
Tf *al dnov^ia %al Tuetit zov 0«- 
fi^v yiyvofieva «s^l qtovovg 
furqCng bI^cOoi' xa Hik «s^l 
ra h%ov cta %al %az dduUa9 
Ttaoav yivvouBva^ xoioxmv ni- 
o i %al inipovX-^g St f[vKag ij^ 
oovmv xa %4d imOvfumv %ai 
tpOovanv^ Tovra fter' hitiva if- 
ftlv XMmiov. Hic eandem rem ' 

Srimum accQMtiTo(9oyov«)y dein* 
e, qiiia idem casns ad eias rd 
partem ([t^ ixovota) adhibitna 
est, genitivo (tovtow) utpote la- 
tios qaid designante posltam vi- 
demus. Conf. Bemlmrdy syni. 
p. 261. et 262. et qoae ex Stw- 
lii dispntatione Schaefems in in- 
dice ApoUonu refert p. 67S. 
ndvxat] ehutvxag Vind. & 
ren. B. Flor. C) cnm editioDi- 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ftQii XC^voV) Iv 4 iff^oLV^WBy m^ di «otnFOi^ ^a^mv^ 
far f*9ii AitaKvoy fi2vai, ikkk xot voy lifwta^ Ag di^ 
daavoi^, ktolfj^wg %axmifMV$iiv , o^vg M ouv^ acl «^ 
vaml^Qip MBQiMxv^ak dco/i Jvov^ oal sovra OMMoiivf o^, 
Samg av 6^fH %6 mtjiaXiOV i«tr(^^9', Mot$ i\,av /19 
9(Mm6iVy dlla aXkoi [laXkov, xovq lihf aXkovs ^ axo- 
attwvvtag ^ bt^aXXovtag 1% fqg VBfag^ tov 81 yawaiov 

B ^'v« h^^] f^*' h^^Ptm Flor. 
iovro^] ktvt^v Bat. b. 

^yOfletffi] indvd^ayBP Ylnd. 

oif dt^orxrdvl mg (hvathv Par. 

lro//tovff] Holfiov Ba8. b. 

G mI] mt. Fic « 

n$QtiuxvaOat ] jrf^lnfi^vtf-Oai 


o?if 09/tfi] fift^ C(pufi Bekkerus, 
Astios in tert. et Stalib. Bed 
• opposid hu aUi sunt. 

IsKtr^i^i;] Ixctfvfi^ B«b b« 
iUliqaae oditiMiea aDto secoBduft 
Attii com Par. D. Mon. B. Flor« 
U. iniT^iifOi haboit Cf. Bn^ 
«Ihardtatf ad Lach. p. 15. m. 

d'] 6h Viod. F. Mi. Aag. B. 

dXlSi] dlXa rmd. B. &Xla 

Bas. b. et scholiasteft in lemmate 

apud Riihnkenium et Bekkerum: 

' SXXa aXXoi] dXX& iJkaXXov tcbI- 

^'mctv^ dnb notvov, 

dncamwvvtag] dftawtuvifvtag 
Vind. F. Ang. B. 

hLBdXXovtag] hi6aX6wag Par. 
K. sec. Bekk. Vat H. Flor. AC. 

vst^g ] vhiog Viad. B. et paoUo 

funfdifaydif^] fujtvdQayoga A\d. 
Pe ■aadragwra cf. WyttoBbachiHa 
aoira. Sn Plat. T. I. p. 179. et 
ftftreiumliDs ad Diosooiidem L. UII. 


^ fUdTj] fj (Mn YmA. F. 

^ Ttvi aXXip ] om. SV. 
0vfino8lattvtag] (vfisr. Flor. 
T. Stailb. 
ivovct] ivovetv Vind. B. 

nXBtv »g] xXstSvmg Baa. b. 
nUlov tSg Lob. Vind. BF. Mon. 
B. Vat BM. Ven. BC. Flor. U. 
nXijv ag Vind. E. Vat R Flor. 
ACV. nUTv eig Vind. F. Ang. 
B. Flor. R. 

«0 siitdg] vQ9iu6g Lob, 

rot^ff TOt0vro«(] sdl. ^nr. 
In Vind. B. iegitur rorg roiov- 
totgy quod etiam Stephanus ia 
margine pro y. I. poifuit Fldmu 
Iiaec inde a nXslVy pro qno nX^v 
legisse Tidetur , sic interpretatna 
est: sed ita dueenta^ ut kmhu- 
modi honUnes dticere verinmiie 

^vXXat^dvst^] cvXX. Lob. Vmd. ] 
B. tvXoftS. Tind. F. 

fyii Vind. I£* 

&9iovatv] Ita Par, A. Vind. 
SF. Veo. C. Ang. B. Vat. R 
Fkr. ACRTUV. S^imuv retiontt 
et editionea ant* Aatii aeo. GL 
Vol. Lp. 371, a« 

ni^t ] Bina looo lacnna e«i in 
Vind. F. sMi Vmd. BB. 

fiftia'] fiffdi YnkLF. 

iTtatovtig] Ita Par. A. Vind. 
B. et a m. pr. F. Vat BB. Ve^ 
BC. Flor. ACTV. Raliipii codi- 
cea et editionea omms inaJtovtug 
(Ald. Baa. ab. inatdvtag) ba- 
bcnt, <pied per aTutaxin neeaa- 
aarinaa acribaraBi emre» qnalaBi 
p. 487. C. a qnibnadain eouunia- 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


6a9tag t^ wm^ ^^W^'^ XP^IV^^ ^^^ hmvP^j mA 
ntvinnag x% %u\ numjfiWfAvovq nUifif^ dg «o tktaq voof 
v^iOMovg, «i^of il timtotg iMmivowtaq^ MevrMUH» fifv . 
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fiBvoi in animo retinentes, sub* 

iecti, quod vocant, diversitatem 

non saUa diHgenter" animadver- 

terint f ttnde omnes olofievoif 

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rint, qnis ilios credat, qnnm pro- 

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ddndo longo intervallo omnea in 

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8ed qnne a rebas eKtornis petnn» 

tnr Teritatis indicia, ea nestraa 

loctaoiilsapersant. • Ad seosnm 

▼ero dura quidem est tiomauiititi 

incGossiO, Oed nin sino exemplis. 

^bnodr. p. 841. D. qnne 8ocr»« 

tii ^zifiset i&U' 4i9t OM tilo^ 

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4mv ye, inqnit, iiMovv wit6v 
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Mtiniiei. Ad eom loonm U<»- 
doBfini aSnm ndacripait per eao* 
don «lallami otiam iiabigmun 
fcetnm, Lec. L. X. p. S86. Cs 
aiiovfiev dfl y aadami^ vf»*lg 
^iuinettB «i^l ^dffmf^ nglv dTUt- 
Utv rifuv oilrjifiog vftagy nifO* 
eeooy idftxii^ely n$i^s$v nal di- 
daCMiv , mg iial OkoX , vnc^ij^ 
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ita conformata snnt, ut initio non 
iMi, qni loqanntttr» wt9o aliqiiid 
^niio demonitKaiOP, ied illia, qnoa 
aUoqnnntnry idem iniuniAam omo 
crotti per impemtiTnm a siif a eOat 
Simaiiter nertro iooo periodi pme» 
longae eoqne &cilins mntatioaem 
rodpientii finii ita inititni no* 
toiiio ▼idotnr, nt m principinm 
ooiAp&m tfoi «Oioovooi fsv^fuvom 
iniaiet. Ao niicio^ a» ipBi nanur 
nntiri illi • nnos StnUbau 

dirorsoi' nliqnoi ab luoco 
rmitjtai ot flfMinniJfrtit 
itatnit, «obititnen^ ca 
dmn occoiionflm non libcnriis, iod 
icriptori dodmint. <tni ri etiam 
^iyovttg posniiiet<y ne e riM i ir 

tu^ ptopter inmvomvtmg ieimit, 
mox. Tilnt impntieni tmmria din 
' pnritiipmr ^ ^ deflnmt 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



huidUiw mouU^iu hnavtw wA 69A9 tcal miQtawS 
mI a6tQm^ mA MVBViUnmp %al minnam %Av ty tip^ 
SfiHiqxot^anr, d iUXXh t^ Spt$ pwg dQximg {<9MteC| 
E ommg 8b uvfi$Qvii6Uj idv ti ttvtg fiovluvta& imr «« 
fii}, liifCB tixvn^ toitov pt^B luUtfiv olofuvoi Swatov 
Blvai iafiBiv ofia %di t^v xv§BQiVfiuaiiv. towvtmv i^ 
mbqI tdg vavg fiyvoi$ivB9v tov mg aln^mg xvfiBifmjtuiov 
ov% fjfi av ttp ovtt lutBOkQO&xoxov tB. xal adoUaxK/v 
489 SMcl axn^ov ^tOi xaUiodai vxd tmv kv taig ovtm 
uatBOxBvMfLivatg vmol »XmtiiQB9Vi Kal ik&ka, hfti 6 
"AdBliMvtog. Ov dij^ n^ d* fym, olfLai 8Bi6»al 6b <£e- 

tempegtotes goat, qaaium 
Mnlm CKMpte ingeniimi est, q«euH 
•dmodam et muio ipd, qui pro- 
plerea ab eis difltiqgwtar; ne qaii 
d^v per abttndantiam aut per 
%9 duk Svolv adiectum ant de ai»- 
gttlomm diemm partiboa cnm 
icfal^ermachero et Stallbaamio 
diotam patet. 

tr^] om. Viad. F. ADg.B. ilor. 

/UUct] (UlXoi rmd.BB. Flor. 
.T. - 

M im vBtig ] movri vUbb 
Yind. S. 

dh] vB Lob. rmd.B. VatBM. 
Ven. B. et in iee. ed. StaUban- 
mins Aatii oaniectnram in tert 
propocitam aooatna, non animad* 
vertens hoc, «jfood yerbii Snm^ 
mr^fifirif oci , ionf xi x$vBg fiov" 
Ubvttu idp TC /wf^oontinetar, mi- 
mu edam artia ezerdtatioaiaTe 
rcm atqae ipcam illad, qao an 
gttbematoria constet, iatic fideri, 
qoam qoae in prosdmis vero ga* 
bernatori neoessaria esse dfw nttn 
stmtum est, ideo^ne rocte, post- 
qaam ne Ula qaidem necessftria 
inteliigere dicti snnt, ita ooati- 
: «1 oem gmbar^ 

nety cen qm oeitnC sen 




fa€$m «t, ctmnl giifreraolorMmi 
est regendi ars. 

oamnc id onice respicmt, fpiod 
eis oommodnm et atUe c^ Qnne 
Platonis sententia plnribos eipli- 
caU legitnr Pelit. p. 293. qui le- 
oos nostmmy pmecipae ycrim 
idp xi xufBg Bovhavxm iaw tf 
CVf ^fP^^c illttctrans ab ia( 
pr^ibns negligi non debebat. 

%v§Bifvn6H ] xt7/7c^t^oi7 Lob. 
Vlnd. BEF. Mon. B. Par. DK. 
sec Bekk. Ang. B. Vat HM. 
Flor. ACRTUV. Tantus consen- 
sus dubitationem de reliquis qna- 
tnor Godicibus Bekken inudt. 
Nihilo minus coninnctims ferri 
nequit, quum 07t<ag ad tovtov 
spectaDS modum et rationem po- 
tiuc, qaam finem signifioet. Cf. 
Vol. I. p. 274, a. 

BovlmvTcu] §ovXbvi9VX€u Par.E 
DK. sec Bekk. 

o^^oc] Ita Bas. b. Ast. soo. 
Stalib. pr. et omnes oodioea. GC 
qnae snpm ad ituttovxBg dida 
snnt oiofUvovg Ald. Bas. a. 
Steph. Ast pr. tert Bekk. fitatt- 
banm. sec 

TOiovToifr] xoiovxov Vlnd. F. 

dij *c^ xitg vaog yvfvofthmv] 
oss. Ang. B. ^ 4K. T. V, Tfvfvoft»' 
V9V Vind. F. 

mg] om. Viod. B. Vat H. efc 
a m. pr. Ven. B. 

ihf ] m^V Ang. B. Flor. R. 
^ytH^ snp. ^ , Vlnd. F. fiyBl Art. 
■ec tect Bekk. SliUb. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



dl^vovg g^dotfd^ovg t^ iui9u6w ioiMv, ikkk futu- 
9dvuv o lifm. Kal f^ik\ figpq. IlQAtw fiiy tolvw 
huww Tov ^fmfut^iawtm , St» ot ip%lo6oipoi oiJ t^LWVtai 
iv talg «oAadiy l^UitMi ts tijv stnova mal iMQm ml^ 
9siv , 3t$ MoXv av 9avfiM0t&UQov ^, sl kinmvto* B 
^JUa diidimf S^ Kal Stv tolvw taJLtfi^ Hy^Sf ^ 
^Zn^^^ ^^ ^oUots ot busioietatoh f «v iv yUotfo- 
9^9' T^s liivto$ dxn&tlag tovg fiq XQ^Hi^ovg jUigvu 
alt$a6&mf iiJid fi^ tovg iMUtMHg. oii yaf ^c» ifv4iv 
avfisfvipnfv vammv isiotm a^saftM vfp avtoVf oiiil 

rtf ovTi] toorri Vind. B. xm 
#yr4 BAon. B. 

futm^ooH^w Tf] fmreai^o- 
«»»«0«^ AU. 

139 navsoHBvaaiiiptttg^ %avtte»Bih 
aaftivttig Vat. H. 

(Mltt] fmX* Vliid. F. Mon. B. 
Aog. B. Flor. R. maxiwM quidem 

Ov'] lU rind. F. a m. pr. 
tASxoi a nn. s. 

ify d' ^o)] pogt oZj^ai Vind. 

izls^tti tfc] d. tfoi Vmd.F. oc 
d. Par. K. 

Ti)y] di& tijv Yha, B. Vlnd. 
EF. Flor. AC. — Fidoiu haec 
Ov dij olfjiat etc. ita explicnit: 
Htmdqmaqiuan 9pu» €$ae mrbitror^ 
ut iibi UUiu» expHcemy quemmd" 
ModiMi ad prepotitaecomparaiio^ 
ni$ imagimem iia iu eieiiaiilm» 
e^eeU $umi adoereu» vero» p&ilo- 
•opftoo Moet, ui m etiwniod» n»- 
•&iit ad oermm guharmaiorem 
mamfaei »ed uUeUigero ie exita- 

fittv&dvHv] (ittv^ttvsig Lob. 
Vind. B. Vat. M. iBlnei zif^ ^^ 
«. mp. habet Vind. F. 

tidX'] (idXa Vind EF. Flor. 
ACRTUV. Stallb. 

dldtteni re] didttOKSteu Vind* 
F. a m. pr. 

B liysigl l^uv Vmd. B. Vat 
H. Flor. AC. et, fop. <r, Ven.B. 

Idem le^t Ficuwa: Adiida» et 
' Jkoc jH-oeferea , oero lo^» eoe, 
md diemKi. Sed Sti> cnm infiai- 
tivo stare h. 1. non poteot. N»* 
<pe TOfo Xiyetg ipram pnoeede»- 
tram cavieay tom ob seqneos %i- 
X»v» ftare poate yidetnr, ideoqiie 
liyti a Stephano in maifiiie com» 
mendatum prinram ab- Aotlo ia 
tec. deiiide m Par. D. inrontnm a 
Bekkero et StaUbanmio roeeptom 
cit; qnoram mdliua in his, quao 
infia D. legvmtur, lud lyc^ owt- 
«cD^tfa dXffO^ e» Xiystv, ettmh' 
disse miror, qnao hand dobie ad 
illa p. 487. B: dnovoig etv ^ Sv» 
iftoiys fpttlvovttti vdXfid^ Xiy»ia 
refereoda» si Adimanti pwsonam 
nbiqne ab eo, qneim loqnontem 
fadt, aoonrate distinf^ voinmns. 
pro Titiatii habore et, id qnod 
Sdileionnadienim non fiigit, «t 
111 ys mntare debemns. Sed di- 
stingiieodi necessitas nnUa erat, 
qnnm Adimantns illins tenttntiam 
ita retntisset, nt ipso adnime afi^ 
ans ab ea videretnr. Itaqno So- 
crates non inidicnle praeter ex* 
spectationem p«rsona mntata ani- 
mnm eius perspectnm sibi signifi- 
cans dtcot iUi 9 inqnit « otriMi ie 
dicere imttUe» vulgo opfimo» eo- 
gtti pfttlotopAanliir» dfctn-' 

v<p' tt^vov] iSfc' avvav Par. 
DK. M avvov Vind. B« Moa.B. 
rVat. H. Fior. ACUV.) com odl- 
oa anto BekJcomm. 

igitized by VjOOQ.IC 



Mv$ S^Hpo^g hA tJtg tiSp nlw6tmp tvQmg ihmiy «U* 
C «If^ffi IibI UnQmp ^ttg livtu^ m1 «difm tov cc^jm»» 

dtOfi8V0y Isl tffd tW «pjjrftV 0W«plrOV, OV T^^Vff^O»» 

m <ecod«i TcOfv <{pzofft^v«»v fi^x^^^^ ^ ^ t^ ahfi^lm 
t$ S^Blog ]$. ikXit twg vw MUrix^^ &p%Q^9g mMU- 
wi%mv olg &Qn iliyoniv puvtmg ovx aiMCQnni^^ uai 
vofJ^ vu6 TOffvmr ^jipijo^ot;^ ilafoplifofiff mI fcerMo^^oJU- 
Ojrcr^ coti? 09$ dXij^dg %v§SQV^aig^ *OQf^may Ifnfi 
"[E!» rt tolvyv tovtmv ual iv to^oig wi ^idtov midaMtr^ 
(isiv to ^iXti6tov l%itiqdsvfLa vzo tav tdvavtta hci- 

i«l] e/c Ub. VM.B. VatM. 

MXovciiov] xhjalov Yat B. 

o rovro %of^8V9dfUP0g] jnm 
hoe fHmas iaeiavit Fic Pro 
rovvo Vat. B. et Lob. rotfrov 
' onm cirGaDLflezo anper acato et 
o 8nt>er oltlma babont. VeHmi| 
«ofii^eiieoOaf , quod iam a4 
L. UIL pag. 436. D. moneadmn 
«rat, 'Rmaeua In lericon retnlit 
p. 154: 7ien6fMpnTai' 7t9%%/&d* 
vvorai^ nbi cf. KobnkeniiM. la 
acbolio ad nostram loenm Bttbii«- 
hu nesdo avis cum Socrate ool* 
loqnens rod^ ao^ovg 6(f^p itd 
ralg rov nlovalwf Mftfi^ %»- 
^tnidowag ideoqae malle ■• dtt- 
titem esse, qnam saplenteBi di- 
xlaae dicitor. Mihi Plato Simo- 
nidem potina tetigiaae yidelmr, 
qnem Ariatoteiea Rbetor. L. S* 
«. 16. Hieronia ozori eadem fere 
reapaiidiaae tradit, q«o diritiaa 
prae aapientia ezpeteBdaa eaae 
doeeret Cf. CSt. L. L p. 335. 

uafivji] xdfkvrjs Vind. E. 

Uv€u] clWctt Vind. F. Ang. B. 

vavTatg] avzaZg Vind. F. a 
m. pr. Li Mon. B. ^ a m. aec. 
int. yera. additnnu 

d^M09^9H] Ita Par. A. Viiid. 
BP. Yen. C Ang. B. Vat H. 
Flor. ACRV. iJfM^nfoeif Lob. 

Vind. B. Vat BM. Vai. B. A^ 
(aeenfay (Par. MC. fVr. TU.) 
Mon. B. Ald. Baa. ab. Steph. 

fi^tBW^Xiaxag] futm(f, AU. 

iDffl 0«. Viod. F. Ane. B. 
Flor. 11. ^^ 

'Oifd^ovara] oQd^cSTccvtt Tind. 

fiilr^avov] fiiytsvov Vind. B. 
Vat M. 

vmVf recentiorcs. 

iKoXv] noUi^ Par. K. D 

yfyvEvat] ylv, Vind. BfiS. 

9>tXooo^/^] Ita Beidceraa ae- 
oandam Par. ADK. (tacBipont) 
Ven. C. Vat. H. qnibaf aooadoHt 
Mon. B. Vind. BF. Aatnw in tert. 
et Stallbainnias seoandmn Flor. 
UV. pro fptloaoipUtg, ooa» wt^ 
qoorom et priornm editMmnm I»- 
e^ non deterior eat, a uip a ai— fc 
Ang. B. q>tXo<ioq>lav liabet 

ra voiMvvfii] voiavva Baa* b. 
rotlfra Vind. B. vct voiavva ad- 
yersus vdvawLa positom. 

- 9l}^] 9>f ff Vind. F. Ct Vol« L 
p. 42, a. 

91] d' Vind, BB. 

dXrfiif] dXfi^\g Lob. Vin^BF. 
Flor. R. r<tli^^ Vat B. Vea. 



tifimmftmv* mohi tt p^yUitfi na\ l&ptfaigatij tu^tol^ j) 
yifPKM yi Ao ^yfy i*i2 xc^ tm xoiavta q^iaawta^ in- 
tijd§v9iVt oS$ 9fi 94 qn^s tov iyaalovvta ty fpilo^oqda 
kifMV y mg xotfMivf^oi ot aiwHoi tmv lovtmv hi ai^ 
t^y oC ih imiBOibStmo^ SxQifitoty %ai iyA Owex^iin^ 
iS^ii 6% kiy^. ^ yag; Nai Omcovv t^ f^hv tAv 
humoAv dx9^^^^9 ^ altlav duliiAv9aiiBv; JJTai fiala. 
Tqg dh tmv moXXmv movfiQlag t^v avaymiv ^ovXh ti 
IZBta tovto diiX9m(iSV, aal oti ovil tovtov q>iXo6otpla 
altla, av iwmfLB^aj mvQa^i^BV iul^ai; Ilavv ftlv avv. £ 
*AnovmfiSv iij %aX Xiyaftsv ixBi&sv avafiiV7i09evt$g, o&bv 
iLyfLsv f^ (pvOWy olov dvaYXtj tpvvai roi/ TtaXiv ss 

C. qiubus perperam Ykid. B. ad^ 
dit Bekkcrof. 

«] Tc Lob. Vind. BP. Vat. 
BM. Ven. C. Par. DK. sec. Bekl:. 
ys Mon. B. Flor. U. V. ad li- 
yue B. 

if 1 fj Vind. F. 

mTiitvJ hUtv Moa. B. a m. 

SuXfilii^ct^iv ] iknXv^aitsv 
Vat. tt Flor. AY. 

Tvig 61] T^ffae Ald. T^cde Baa. 
ab. ^ 


Lob. Vind. BB. Mon. B. Ald. t^ 
^TOTOOTO Vind. F. Bas. ab. 

^dWm(i&f] iiil&ofitv Ald. 
Bas. ab.^ 

TOVTOt;] tovTQvg conx tov SOr 
per ov£ Vat. B. 

E 'J%o^o»ft9v dy xal Hyafxv) d*- 
uovof^Bv d^ UyotuvykiA.F. Per^ 
gmmvB ttd haee Flc. 

diffitv] dtijcificy editi ante 
Bmcenim, qnam Ibmam (dtiyei^ 
^) h. ]. hob. Vind.B. Vat.BM. 
L. I. p. 328. B. Ojstfi») pauUo 
plures, sed ne ibi quidem eptimi, 
BpUt. VIL p. 345. A. (duiiJH' 
fisv) nnus Par. b. Phaedonla Tero 
p. 59. D. {eicijuifisv Tel ijstftsv) 
Aiignfltano excepto omiies exhi' 
benL Refiqnis locif, qnos Mat- 
thiae flramm. pag. 417. indicaTlt 
(Civ. X. 609. B. dt^fiev. Prot. 
81& A. aifO0j$tev. 362. Bntfiyd. 

304. B. daffiav.) nuUa eet de 
contracta forma ubromm disse»- 
tk>, nisi quod ClarkiaiRM in fine 
Prota^rae dififipLiv flic nt Phae^ 
^n. I. c. Augutanufl et CiT. L. L 
Vind. B. Ififtev habet. Phitenii 
igitnr eo^cee non obfltare Tiden* 
tnr, qoo miniH Blnsleii a Mat- 
thiaee 1. c reiatam diphUMmgl 
fattprobationem in hac quidem per» 
eena probemns. Rt Bekkenis qne^ 
oue in Phaedone Btaifttv edidil. 
Ad interpmictionem ouod attimtti 
oomma a pierisque eaitoribus (u» 
nns Bekkerus» quem in pr. e4 
8taUbanmius nt fere in enmiboa 
huc spectantabns imitatur, Terba 
dnovofiev &ij nsqne ad iodfLevov 
lAuo nlla indsione scripsit) anle 
Tf^v tffV6tv pesitnm post ea Tetba 
ooUocari, qnia cum seqoentibnp 
«oastmi sine molestissio» tMito^ 
logia neqneoBt et haod duliie «d 
raeoedentia dvoft/vff^iweg et 
Sftiv y quin edam ad dnovmfuv 
flt Xijv^ftBv referri-debent, hee 
sensn: aiiiiKiiniit ieitvr st lUea- 
«Hifl tUtnc memerui repeienfoi^ 
«61 esposvtmns iiafiirMi , fm 
■fvatditme ssm ileieot e»r iaiii 
et Aofiestiii fiHunu^ Nam o#sr 
per attractionem pro osHwposl» 
tnra yidetnr. Demque inter d^» 
fttv et vijv Vind. F. ffotat ▼«! 
ffOta snperseriptnm habet, i|aed 
qnid sibi yelit non Tideo. 
901HM] fp4va$ Lob. Vind« B. 

)igitized by VjOOQIC 



490 Miya»OP i66/aifw. rffuxo d' ovr^» d wp Sgjug^ ^ 
tw fiiv al^uar n^ iMUBw cmw uAmag xol m&tmi 
' Uuj n aiMlovi ovu lin^any [istSLvai ipilo^o^lag di^- 
9$v^g. ^Hv yoQ oSta kBy^i^svov. OwoHv 8v fuv tovto 
^dga ovxm naga ioiffv toig vvv doaovf^oig mb^ 
mvtov; Kai (itala, lyq. W ovv «9 ov lUtQlag omo- 
loyifiofi^ay ott %Qdg to ov Msqnmmg Oii ffficAJUitfO-ai 
8 fB ovtag ^UiofLc^g uai ovu isffi^o» kd tolg do£a- 

M^yoMir] %4y. edid tuito Ast 
ual aya»6v Vind. F. 
490 iiyslt9] ^yUrm Lob. ijya* z£ 
Vat H.^ 
*'] d^ Tind. EF. 
a4z^] avtav YUid. BF. Ang. 
B. nuu^igo Flor. A. aivov Mon. 
. B. 

trqi] Iv 9 mariso Fior. A. Ir 
. p^ Flor. RT. Vind. KF. Ad^ a 
0t Int Toni. a m. s. adacnpta 
praepotittone Vind. B. Mon. B. 
Bandem a Stephano in m, oom* 
niondataBi Astiu^ ne in tertia qai- 
dem ed. onuttendam pntavit Vnl- 
gatam et ratio et linguae nsoi 
taetuc. Qnemadmodnm in dictio- 
nibua vtf JmP^^^ (Herodot IIL 
143. V. 91. VIII. 19. cl. m. 41. 
51. ubi oodicet quidam h ad- 
dunt) wo&fl la|3£ry(Herod.VIIII. 
10. ubi item snnt qui iv additum 
babeant) Xoy^ lafialv (Leg. I. 
538. C. et saepe. cf. Boeckhius 
«d Min. p. 124.) X^i^ la^%X» 
^armen. 130. A.) ita in hac da- 
tkroM instnimenti eat, quo perce- 
ptnm animo , %b siXrifi/AivoVf qno 
ainnft excidat, retinetor. Atque 
ita Butbyphr. p. 2. B. qacm 10- 
cnm etiam Bd±eni« in oomnu 
conferri ioAsit, sf v$va v£ ix^tg 
Iht^iu Milfitov vcl MiUtov 
amnei libri uno Ven. B. excepto 
• pro Tulgato sf tiv iv v^ izf^ 
babent, et Herodot V. 92. ciuui 
Stallbaumiua menttonem fecit, JTft- 

Ql€tv8^£ i^ CWUls tO TCOtTjOhf 

lud vo^ tc%mv y £s ol ineti^e- 
vo BoaavpovXog vovcf^ vvBHfo- 
%ovg tmv d<fv(oiv <pov8VOai con- 
stang et carta lectSo est Sed 
llhi infink ivna aequitnr. ut aupra 

L. L pag. 344. D. (h v^ tlgn 
dmivai) 11. 362. D. (iym fihf iv 
vm slxov tt liyBLV^ praepositio 
al^eMe nequit ^ 

ndvtmgj^ ndvttav Lob. 

fda]_loj7 Mon. B. a m. pr. 
Met Fic 

dXaiovi Sirrt] dla2;oV«dmLeb. 
TSmaeoa lex. pag. 21 : dlatinv' 
^Bvdijg. Cf. Rnhnlcenhis et sy- 
nag. Bekkeri anecd. p. 374« 20: 
nxdtmv dh dXatoCiv dwl toi 

ftriBafij] (tfjSofii} editi «ite 

ly] iv Vlnd. F. a m. pr. 

ftkv] ftkv ovv Par.K. secundmi 

ovtai] ante ctpoSQa Lob. Viod. 
B. Vat BM. maie. ovtm ex Adi- 
manti verbis repetitnm et prae- 
dse dictum ett pro ovro lcyo- 
f/kivov ijy. 

naifct do^av] ncc(faS6iav Vind. 
B. Qnod opinioiubuft opinionem 
tribuit, cni id repugnet, quod 
ipfti dixerint, neglig«itiaft fortaftse 
nictam eet, sed minime tale, ut 
oormptelae snftpicionem iidicere 
poftftit, non magifty qnam iflnd 
ovtm^ in ono Stailbaumina hae- 
sit %a^d o6iav idem aignificat 
quod ivavtlov, t Conf. L. VIL 
p. 534. A. 

cnfvov;] cciIt6v. Lob. Vind.B. 
Vat M. adtov. editi ante Bek- 

udXa} fidX* Vind. F. Ang. B. 

!^^']5^^Vind. F. 

dnoXopjaofu^a ] dnoXoyrfiit 

eofAse-a Par. K. AfttiiH in see. 

offenftusoptativift fteqnentibuft dx$- 

Xoyrfadfiti^a scripftit, quod si hi 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



iofthogg thai naUMIg l»fttfro««, diX* foi mI otiii d^ B 
fikwoito ovd* dMoXijyoi tov igwtogf mqIv avtov o Itfrcv 
bca^tw t^g ifiiesmg a^a^t^ui, 9 MQO^^xsi imx^ ^^ 
netf&a» tov voAOVfov* MQo6ipm dh ipyf9PiX' ^ jdq- 
tft^ttfffff %al [i^iyAg t^ ovt$ Svtmg ytvwi^ag vovv »al al^ 
9»uev yvol^ ts xal akifiSg f^ ual r^iyoivo nal oHtti 
hiyoi ddivogf mqiv d* w}'Sig Mv t% Igpq, finQidtata. 
Tl ovff; rovT^) t^ itsti^tcu ip^dog iyan^v^ ^ uav toii- 


codidHnu eMet, proburi pofset 
QaamqaaiB enim Socrates timi, 
n pdmiim plukeoplii natoram 
riberet, noii rai defendeiidi 
a« qmppe noiidiim a qniH 
UBp«giiatD8, enm id, qnod 
eat, non posae non amara dixe- 
rat, pofltea tamen, qnnm esset 
ob TeiteineDtiorem ▼eri amorem 
philoaoplio contra omniiim Mfr- 
tenttam attiibutnm reprehensna, 
eadem illn descriptione ad mm 
defendendnm nranu iam . egiMe 
canisam anam aMererare poterat 
Sed libri onuMS in fntnro oonste- 
tinnt, et Tore fatnra erat, non* 
dnm praetmta, defensio. Itaqne 
recte habet thtoXoyrioofu^a, Qno- 
niam Yoro id, qno conotitnra ea- 
set defewno, iam dietnm, et So- 
cratis intererat hoc signlficare. 
nihU noiri ant inanditi ad iilnd 
aaqddoiop tnendnm reqniri, sed 
sna sponte id ez ante dictis ^t 
conceMia effici, pro indicatiTis, 
qwM futnmm Mqni oportebat, 
optativos posnit , e^ et iaifUpo$f 
enndemqne modom m reliqnis t^ 
ndt, qnae qoamTis totidoBH tct- 
bis sopra nondnm dieta, argn- 
mento tamen eis, qnae dMta 
erant, adeo coniuncta snnt, nt 
ea qnoqne iam dixisM sibi nde- 

vvpvTtAg] «<9nmd( a m. pr* 
VM. B. et Mon. B. habebant; 
idem a m. s. in Vind. B. sori- 
ptnm est* 

ivtas] ovtmg Lob. Vat. M. 
Par. DK. sec BoUe. ofcm Vind. 
B. Mon. B. Par. K. sec. Bip. 

ioifUvoi] iatfUpH Vind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. Vcn.9. Par.K. 

VimATojxw Op. II. 

do{aiofiipotgJ doioftipoig Bm. 
dftplvwono'] Cf. V(^ L p. 427, B 

'o^a'] o^dl Tind. E. Flor. 
ACTV. et Themistins Or. \XL 
p. t56. B. nbi ▼erba fot ntd ns- 
qne ad i^mzog de aiia re nsnv- 

o Imy] o httv editi ante* 

a(fOinj%8t] oi^mJKOt Vat. H. 
cnm editknibns . ante Bekknria- 

TOiovron*] TOioifTOV.Ald.Bas. 
ab. Steph. ToconTon — Ast. pr. 
TOiOi^Tov, Ast. sec toiovtov; 
Bekk. Ast. tert. Stailb. qni omnM 
infra post mfhf d' o^ pnactnm 

^oyyep^l] Wj/y. Vind. B. Flor. 

tS ipti] tmopti Vlnd. B. In 
Ven. B. edtasqno ante Bekkemm 
ipti pMt iptmg legitiir. 

fifppfioag] fvnnicact Pur. DK. 
sec Bip. 

ypoin te ] ypoifi tc Sp Mon. B. 
Ftor. U. 

dln^Sg] <^6 4^ruid. B. 

i^] £.T« Vind. F. Ang. B. 

o#Tm ] ovTo 9^ lidem ot Flor. 

lifyoi] ^yBi Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat. BM. iajyTj Vind. F. FUr. R. 

Ti ow,-] o». Flc . 

TOVT9» T<] ti tovtm Vind. F. 
In Flor. R. editisqne anie Bek- 
kerom t» omissmny in Lob. Vind. 
BB. Mon. B. cnm acoto scriptom 


futieta*] fuUo^ Par. K. 
sec. Bip« 






C mm(ov /Mu¥; Mi6Mf, l|pq. 'Ifyavf^kinig iJj iU«»t(«g 
oil» &v «ott» olfuti^ ^aifuiw wki xo^dy naxAv dxoiov^ 
•^fu. IMg yiQi WU' i)}^ «a mA dlnmov ij%og, ^ 
««l om^QoOfhniv ku0»M. 'Of^mgr l^. £sl d^ %om 
SaXov tl^ ipiXoo6q>ov 9v6img xopov %l dtl maltp i{ 
dfx^ ipttfumio9tu %d%%mv; fifkvrflui yaq mov^ 8u 
tuvtfki mfO0^uo¥ %o6%oig apd^la, ftgygitoargfa i aur, 96/m*^ 

Mi6ilv] em. Vind. F. Aiig. B. 

^Syw^fJmfg^ ihtoZtfvO^^ac ] 
«zoerpsit Stobactu ' serm. XI* 
p. 137. 

Ml dl Vmd. E. 8tob. coa. A. 
%i. Gaiff. dU^ff Stob. Gom. d^ 

«ortl «OT^ Lob. Vina. B. Vat 
oljtttti] o2]f(e Mon. B. a m. pr. 
tpaUiif] tpofAv Vina.F. Stob. 
XOifov] 20^(09 Vind. B. anto 

cbiolovO^tfan 1 
- r. U. 

Mon. B. Flbr. U. 

Hdg yd^;] „Ab endtm per- 
omin lortaflM cootinnaii haec pon- 
MBt Mt f^ ; dll* ^iig vt 
ete.«« Bteph^ ndn. p. t2. Pofltint; 
fed pmllo tamen mfllore com am- 
■d motn, qnam qni hnic looe con* 

diuaiop] (Uv^iov cnm edkifl 
anto Bekfcemm nmui Ven. B'. qnl 
tamen SiMUOv pro ▼aria tectione 
adMiptnm habeti qned plane ne- 
leflflafittm eet, ne nna omnittm 
pracfltantiflflima iofltitia onnflfla flit, 
■e^ t e m p mn n ti a moderatioamn, 
a qna non differt, fleqni dicatnr. 
4tnod aotem flnpra paf . 485. B. 
eadem flecnndum Hiter Tirtntofl et 
prositnm a Terftalifl amoie locnm 
obtinet, inotitia poflt fortitndinem 
demnm commemoratnr, qna in re 
StaUbanmlnfl offendit , additnm 
vydg docet Socratem Idc fllteram 
ouafli fadcm Toritatifl reflpicere 
eniflqne amorem enm intelUgi 
Telle, qni non rebnfl, nt flni^^ 
oognoflocMfl , flod ^ctomm fado- 
nunque oonfltantiae a dolo et fal- 
kda abhorrenti atndeat. Conf. 
Leg. I. p. 630. B: siordt fAv 

ip WOtB yUoitO &P99 gviHM^rC 


dti] dij Bafl. b. 

^««Wl ^««pyijff Lob. Viirf. 
B. Par. IL floc Bip. 

dvayudiowta] Ita eiMiefl no^- 
cofl pfmeter Ven. B. qui «mOo^ 
Bdvovta cnm editb habot BtiBm 
ridnnfl pro hoo et floqnento tov» 
Tfltr nnnm rtcenflorfl ponee« vidn- 
tnr dvayndiopta potinfl» qnam 
dralaf^pdwopta l^flflo et nen 
reddidiflflOy qnia non intelliMPflt 
B^ Toro non inteUipDt qnid ro> 
owtiorefl a oodicnm tecdoiin md- 
pienda ahfltennierit. ^tnnm fai en- 
" i Bocratefl inde a p. 4SS. 
imbnfl mdolem phiio- 
«mmaTerat, bena nnoen- 
flwio ex ipflo flapientiae nmem 
deinoepfl progredi et natnrafi in- 
ter flo Tincnlo oentineri probaflset, 
ita nt etiam admrflaril» 
dcinde Adiiumtnfl partefl 
perat, nunmqnodqm 
oo^rcntnr. qnnmqne 
Terbifl dXX liyiig te etc. altemm 
qnoqne Tiaw ad idem probnMnm 
patere innniflflet, nonc iieratam 
einfl rei expoflitionem •openmca- 
neam diotnrafl fuid ofmt cit» inr 
qnit, reh*9num pkUoaopkaa \ 

cnm neccfMtotw «cmonw rwi w ig 
ordinmro? dnntyndtiw et hemi- 
nem et flermonemy qni argnmnB- 
tb Tincat aoflttiflionemqine qnaoi 
expn^et, aatifl freqnenter didi 
hiter omnee ooufltat. Neqne in 
hoc flonlentiamm nesn el poat 
illa, qnae AdimaBtafl p. 487« ^ 
xerat, metnendum emt, ne qnifl 
dvapidtiimm ad f oo^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



$uc9»ij6Btai dfLoXoyOp olig iifOftev, Uiiktg di tov^ i4- D 
yovSf ilg aitovg ibro/lii^aff, «9I «i^ 6 iU>}rog, «mk^ 
o^cev ovvflDV Tov^ f^if ixi^tovgf tovg dl MoUiovg nm^ 
icovg.maeav HonlaVy t^g ^5q iiafiolqg tijv altUti» kur 
^xoxovpt$g kd tovtn vvp rtyovafMf, tl jpod' ol m^lol 
naxolf ual TOt^ov d^ Svsaa %ahv ivsdij^pafuv tijv tiSv 

dum pntaret, quasi singnlae vir- 
tntei ia chonun eogiy noii a«- 
dieDtes ad uaentieDdtiiii adi^si di- 
cerentar. dvaXtt/ificlvovta vero 
baod dabie ex uveilijipufUVj qnod 
jn&m D. legUnr, faetum eat ab 
alicmo , qm avayxccSovTa non in- 

TavgHv'] tlxtiw Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat. M. 

srov] om, iidem et Vat. B. 

tovvoigl vovTOvg Ald. Baa. a. 

dvSgia] dv9qnta Lob. l^. 
BF. Flor. ACRTV BtaUb. Pro- 
bum eiae dvSifsl» etiam Ariato- 
|riiim&i locns dooet Nob. 506: 
dlV lO^i xf^l^mv T176 dvS^lat 
evvsKa Tcetmjs* Hec tameo Iogo 
VindoboneniiB E. com Tolgata 
eonsemrai mag^i, qnam Bekkeri 
iilentiam ab eo redpiendo me de- 

tofidS^Bta] s^fioi^la Ang. B» 
Flor. RT. 

fivnfi/ij] em. Ang. B. 

0oy] Tov Yind. £. ; 

\' idaag 8h vovg l6yovg'] idaat 
ihv. X. Vind.fl. terbuqne noftrw 
omiitw Fic. 

^lfl-] Cf. ad L. V. p. 466. A. 

r&^g fthv] ftkv om. Par. A. 
Vind. B. Vat.H. Flor.AC. (ocp- 

xo^g ih notXovg] parfmi Fle. 
vt «oUoi^ff non legiiae Tideatnr. 

^dn} om. Far. A. Yind. EF. 
Ang. B. Vat H. Flor. ACRTV. 
amie Flc Stepkanni in m. pro 
T^g if9ri rel Tijg d^ , qnod 8tail- 
bnvmini in pr. ed. probabat, Tel 
petini vijeda T^g y quod Aidoi in 
tert commendaYit , acribendnm 
eiie ooniedty qnonim wntram 
codioei cofflprobunmt. NeqoeTmpa 

eiicienda ieonndom cotimnm co- 
dicem particnlay aed mrraM ii- 
mili ei» qno paoUo ante fihv, io 
eo dusqne aiiedis onuiiay cete- 
mm eom8taUbaamie in aec panl- 
lolnm traieGta statnenda et ad 
inuhionovvTBg , non cum Bem- 
hardyo synt p. StS. ad dtafoX^g 
referenda 'videtiir. Pro interpe* 
iata emm ob ipsam collocatiemi ' 
iosolentiam liaberi neqnit, ad dia- 
fioX^g antem relata cnminatiooem 
ez eo deoHimy qnod Iste alios 
philosophaBfinm inntiieiy (ileroe* 
qne Toro pessimos dixiseet, m- 
tom signilicnfeti aBnd e^ 1} 
^&if diafoXij nihil esse potest, 
nisi qnae iam exstitit et eaie 
coepit, qunm anten nnlla IMioet; 
id Tera, qned iite dixerat, tan- 
tnm abcit, nt occadonem crind* 
nandae philoiopUae dederit, nft 
ipsnm cnminationemiam dimlga- 
tam continiierity qnemadmodnm 
Socmtes pag. 489. C. ostaBdit; 
eontm cnm ifumumevvrag can* 
stracta sensnm optimnm praebett 
qamm tm iHmd Modmm^ nes iam, 
auod pfox im m m faeit m d m m pide- 
haimty md imveetigmndmm ermu- 

mi hamc ^^er v e mim u » qumeeUonem^ 
Ad positome lioendam simile est 
Sopbodenm Oed. Tyr. 1245: xse- 
Itl t6v ij9ff Adimv idXai veu^v. 

duxpoXqg] futapoX^g Ang. B.. 
JPIor. T. 

kmtaHonovvTsg] detmmxonovv^ 
TBg Mon. B. Flor. U. 

itcl TOVTtpi] intTmmTmv ViBd.B. 
M T^ieir Ang. B. ietl Todrmv 
Vind. F. 

sroUol nsmol] ndLol moail^i 
Baa. b. 


, Digit 



P L A T O N I S 

aXn»mg 9iXa66ip&v qw6iv xal H avdyiuig 69iaa^a. 

B^Etfuy, lyq, xaHta. r«tfwjg «^, ^ *' kr^y ^fi 9w- 

0i»ff <si: 9Ba6aMai tag ^oQag^ mg dioUvtai. iv xol- 

UXgj efMiOQOv 8i %i ixg>B6yBiy ovg d^ ^ol ov xovfjQovg, 

iXjQ^6tovg il %aX6v6r aal ftsra towo av tag inpoy- 

491 f^ivag tavtnv %al slg to btixijdsvfuii %a»i4ta^ag av- 

t^gf olai ov6ai qfv6%ig ^fviAv Blg avd^mf fud iUitav 

iavtSv aq>wvovfL&nu iMtnSsvfLa xoUaxn «AflfifwAov<y«t 

xavtaxq wd i%l xdvtag do^av oiav Xfysig ^iXo6oiplf ^ 

MQOOn^av. Tlvdg 8i, lijpq, tdg 8iaq>»0Qdg XiyBigi 'Eyw 

' 601^ dnoVf av ol6g ta yivafiai, mtQdiSopLai 8uMttv. 

t68B fikf ovv, oliiai^ xag nc^lv 6fioXoyjq6Biy tounkfjv 

ipv6iv Tial xdvta iiov6aVy o6a XQ06std^aiisv vvv iij^m 

B bI tBXl&g fiiXXoi q>iX66oipog ysviodat, oUyding Iv ov- 

^Qmcoig ipiSBOf^ai aa\ oXCyag. ^ ov% oUi; 2kp68Qa yB. 

dUfimg] 9h «X Vuid.B. Moa. 
B. Fior. if. Stollb. pr. 
i£ thayiajg} if^. yind. BB. 


tp^&g] qpO-ooaff Yind. F. 
duiq>»o^g hig. B. Fior. RT. 

dioHvTw] duiXlwai Vmd. F. 
dtoUntat Vmd. B. diolXwtoi 
Pur. K. aec. Bip. In Mon. B. 
altenim 1 a m. s. int. yers. ad- 

ovg 8^] Ante haec Fidnvs 
umnpe el hoe mnimadvertendum 

r:& vovTo] fuvatovvo Vind. 
Mon. B Ald. Ba«. ab. 
ai rc^cl mStag Vind. F. ot 
adioliastea aec Rohnk. ( av t&g 
aec. Bekk.). 
491 a^^i] aiitolgf rap. 970, Val 

fj^OBig] ipvatig Mon. B. a m. 

dfpmpovfisvai ] d(pt%6fABPtu 
achoL In Mon. B. o a m. pr. 

noUapi ] ^oXXaxov Par. K. 

aaptaxfj] %avta%ov idem. poa- 
itm Fic 

«ffl hX ndvtag] %ul iamdvt. 
Vind. B. om. Fic. 

tpiXoaogfi^ ] q)iXoooq>ia Ald. 
Bas. ab. 

61] df^ Vind. a Vat. M. 

9ia<p9^0ifag] ducipoQdg Vat. B. 
diawooag Vind. B. 

&v] idv Lob. Vind. B. Vat 

nsiQdaofuul nei^damfuu Vind. 
F. Ang. B. Flor. R. 

^fioXoyiicBi] ofioXoy^acu Vind. 

ndvta] ndvt* idem et onna 
vel plures Bekkerianoram , qoi 
notam omisit Ftaerit Ang. B. 

n^oaBtdiafisv ] mfOBtdioftev 
Par. K. 

dij] dhy snp. 97 , Vind. F. 

tsXimg] tBlBimg Mon^ B. Flor. 

fiiXXoi] fiiXXsi Par. K. sec 
Bip. Astius in tert et 8taUban< 
mios praeennte Matthiaeo graram. 
p. 942. et Heindorfium ad Par- 
men. §. 71. conferri inbente, aai 
noftnulla exempia dictionis c/ fuX- 
iUi apposQity ui qoibus iadicati- 
vus ita, ut ipso Parm. looo, sane 
requiritur. Nostro locp etsi ferri 
pUXX§i posset, tamen fiiXXoi, ob 
praeteritum n(foaetdiiafiev piane 
tngitimum est 

igitized by VjOOQIC 




Tovtnv A} %»v iXlfmv ^hozu mq woiXol cUMfOi ml 
jftefcxAoi. Ttvtg diq; t) fi^ ndvtwv 9avfLMt6t«tov 
aKov6mi Stft iv f%a6%ov Av ixnvUafOv t^g ^vtfwg 
an6XXv6i X1IV iiov6av ifviiiv %ai aMo6%^ fpdMotpla^ 
Xiym Sk ivdQlav^ 6enpQo6vviiv xal ancvra, a ^njXOo- 
liav. "Axonov^ Itpvi^ a%ov6ai. *Bti xolvw^ ^ d* iyA, C 
XQog xovxoig xa l^fuva ayat^A ndvxa q>9BtQH wA 
oMo^Oa, aaXXog nal nlavxog smA l4xdg 6wiuctog aai 
iuyyivsia i^mpLkvfi iv %6Xu nai Mivta xd xofknv oU 
Mux* Hl^^ y&Q xiv xvmov iv iiym. "Bxm, l^q* aak 
ydimg y Sv i%Qi§i6x9Qov a Uysig mAolfiijv. JafioiS 
xotvw, ^v d' lym, oXov avxov ^Q^mg^ %ai 60i cvd^ 
X&v xt ^avtlxai^ %ai ov% axona i6%H xa nQOBiQfi(ilva 
nsQl avxmv. Ilmg ovv^ l^i^, jcaiUvaft^; JlByrdg, ^D 
d' iyni, onkQiiazog niQi ij (pvrov, clta iyytlmv cftc 

Q SUyag} Stepbairafl in m. <{jU- 
fotg ooniecit wA iv oUyoig^ qiMm- 
admodiim Fidmu Ieff«rit: raro im 
paueiaque orhi. Sed baec Ficini 
verba seiuram Tu^atae codicm»* 
qoe omnhim lectionis aoenrmte de- 
^] ^ Vind. B.'*H Ald. 

NtflfisyttXoi] om. yuid.E. ma* 
simique Fic 

"O fi^vl Nam ptod Fic. 

O-crvfMrotoraroy] 9'tcvfuicuttta' 
xov Yind. B. 

daooa^] noaxd idem. plorHw 
9110 lieeor^twl Fic. 

dvdQlavl dvdQtlav Lob. Vind. 
F. Flor. ACRTY. Stailb. Conf. 
ad p. 490. C. notata. 

& dt^X4hi^ev ] ii 9VV ^ 8u 
Vat. M. 

rolvw] om. Lob. Yind. B. 
Yat. BM. Fic ivi volvw , porro 
oero , in enomeratiombnf dici ao- 
let nbi Tentnm est ad aliqmd, 
qaod raazime argnmento oouinn- 
ctnm maximeqae nwic commeno* 
randnm et .raperioiibui adden- 
dum Tidetnr. Sic panllo poat 
p. 49^. A. Criton. p. 52. C : hi 
tolvw iv aitp ty dinifi iffjv ooc 

fpvy^g Ttpi^<tu0Qatf $i ifo^lou. 
Phaedoo. p. 109. A: «^tor f^kv 
tolvw^ 17^'offy nwro aiM9§» 
Ofutu Ktd d^Qmg y\ hp^ i Stft* 
fUag. 'Efti tolvw , m^ , ndp^" 
ya Ti tlvat w$t6. 

ndXXog] 0«. Mob. B. 

Jv} Sv Yind. B. Yat. M. 

/ iv] fd^ Vind. F. Aag. B. 
Flor. R. 

ftffQoifinfv] aoU^oifaiVy sop. a 
nu a. V, Vind. F. 

tolvw] om, Fic 

el^^fiXwts] ivihjlAv tt Vind. 
B. Vat. Bi. T« om; Vat B. 

&tona] &to%ov Par. DK. 

86iBi] doidtn Bas. b. 

jtoosHffifthw] dicta Fic 

avtmv] avtov Lob. Vind.BF, 
Mon. B. Vat BM. Ven. C. Par. 
DK. Anff. B. Flor, RTU. 

Ilavtog] ndvttog Paf . A. Vind. 
E. Vat H. et a m. pr. Ven. B. 
Contrario errore Tim. p. 51. A. 
Par. A, Vind. CCCXXXVn. et 
pauci deteriores wxvtdg pro ndv- 
tmg scriptiun babent 

oniQfunog niifi rj 'tpvtov ] 7. J 
n. fj cn. Mon. B. Flor. U. ^ df/v- 
tov om. Fic. 

eyyslttifp] dyytltov Flor. AC. 
ei , sop. c f Vat H. 

igitized by VjOOQiC 



tu^ imetpf /nid^ m^n f^^ tinw^ 069 Sv h^^mf»- 
vianfw ^» irotfoih^ xU^mv Ma %£v XQEMovmf' 
aya9f yuQ MW tuxu^ havzidtBfW, ^ x^ fiiy dyalt^. 
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td i»9yala aiiuiinata nal t^v SKQatov movtjQlav iag 
^oAltig, ftJU' Ofix ix vumaijs ^6mg tQOf^ iioloiU-- 

i4i»(iiPiMQ9Pl iif^ftspicvB- 
Qog Yat H. Fior. AC. iQifmfiB- 
, wmiifmg YmL B. gmentm» m» 
vehtmenHuB Fk. 

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n] ir d. ovaa xq, Yiiid. F. Bi 
vSb advena forma tmtriahar Fic. 
lad* Hoiudiiui spcc pag. 29. ip 
dXlot^ vQceipttaitP t^wj^ fcri^ 
bandimi oonaecit, parom elegui'- 
tar, nt milii Tidetiir, et male of- 
fenMia conparatiTo , qoi prt^priam 
ht !• Tim obtinet* 8ocratea eoim 
hoc didtf ax doabua Batnria, 
qiianim oaa optiauiy altera vilia 
iBt, «bi neiitn oooTaaieiMi mitri- 
tio obtif^ty optimam jfwu ea 
re affici et maiiia detriBMMbim 
capere, qnam Tilem» <|aia mafia 
adYersa et alieoa iratritioiie uta- 
tnur, qaam iiia. Phtribiia eoim 
opiis kabeoa pkia aibi deeato 
aentiat neceiae eati aXaiiifmp iv- 

xcauop dnaXXdtvBiv] ielerio' 
rem evadere Fic Id yero neque 
ex antecedentiboa efficitar neque 

- omnuio ▼erum neque verbia Grae- 
€u aiipiifieatam est, qnae qnomo- 
do ia^lijsenda putem, moao dud. 
Minbne iaitur probandumy quod 
«L Boeclchii ooniectura in Min* 
p. 108. proposita Stallbaumius in 

, textnm recepit» xaidoif dnuXXdv" 

favXfjt. ''ExBtJ] fpavXfi^ ixHv. 
Lab. Yind. B. Nec aliter ia Vat 
Bl icriptom ridetar, ex qnoBek- 

kerua «t ez Vind. B. fxBtv eno- , 
tarit, de interpunctiooe tBfnit 

naiBaywflai ] siflnicrycayEdrcE 
rind. B. PoUux n. 20: luxl if 
natdayayla «a^d ITXdtmvi. Gf. 
Tim. p. 89. D. 

yiyvBe^ai;'] ylv. Yind. B. yl- 
yvBO^ai, Ald. Steph. 

anifatov] du^otdvtfv y^ Tco* 

B. ejrtremoai Fic. 

v^ofpi} ptoifqm Flor. C. mb. 
Lob. Yind. B. Yat Bl. 
dwXoftivfig] Ita Par. A. Vea. 

C. Flor. C. (ut quidem in.aec 
StalLbanmiiia docet; io pr. SiexO' 
ai^S in Flor. C. 9ioXvfUvrj£ io 
Flor. y. a m. s. tcriptum idqoe 
a BeUkero receptum tradideralt.) 
ety sup. a m. s. V, Tind. F. oor- • 
mplo (jngemo) Fic 9iBXofiivnt 
Yat H. diBip^aQitivrj Yind. fi. 
^toXlofiivtis reliqai codicea. edi- 
tionesgue praeter BeUerianam; 
quod t«rri nequit. Non dnm cor- 
rumpitar natura, aed quum cor- 

rupta est, egreda illa factnora 
edit Nostram Tectionem taetur 
et Paasaniae locua ab Aatio iam 
significatas L. VIL c 17. §. 3. 
Bekk. dnMvn ovv ig vovvomoi 
xw Ni^nvog v6 igyov dp^ot»- 
vtt Bl^fjniveu IlXdtmv i^VBto^ 
6 'Aoiavmvogy ondaa ddm^fuxta 
fuyi»H md voXfuffuttliavivxfU- 
mpxoTcr , ov vav huwiovtmv 
Hvai TOoTtf dvOifmfcmVy ^pvfi^ 
OhyBwalag V96 dvoftov fOuSBiii 
yiyvtaOm) yafioBm Flor. T. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



fiiy» a2fMU, iu*^69mg «oo^fimitf^ fiin» €<g sitfM 
0099^ u/^ifiai ovSai^ii^ «^UfvaiWwi, lav M 119 2ir 
iifotf9iio^g tfM^iitfa fa «al yvfivMte foiyffw, i^ 
«dbva Tiewavf/a ov, Uv |ii} fif ovfg (lof»«tfa(? »Hh 
tvj[g. 9 imkI ^v nrVf «iMif otifoiUol^ tMtyAfifOfUMVO 
fivi{$ cZvoi vini €oipii4tAp «^^, ^frfM^ovfa^ di n* 
voe tfo9i^ii( JfMMvaov^, ofi oal £|iov io^mi, itU' odb 
avf 0V9 f ovg fovf a iUjroiffag i$Byt0tovg fAv dvai 00- B 

•tvB — oits] oel — ««{ Fic 

liCffOtti:] IaiaO«k AM. 

Ov» , «Utt] oi^x dUtt Yiiid. 
B. ov» &lla Yind. F. Ficiinu 
AdiBuitiui Nqh cerU TMpoadcii- 
tem f<^it. 

%W1 ^tr Fiad. B. 
492 it^) /toi) Lob. Vat. Bf. ctpiu* 
ctia ciroonpoiitif Yind. B. 

^XH] tix9i liob. Btaain Yiad. 
F. 04 anpar 17 adfcriptam habet. 

d^etiiv ] €iqnr^ ^ Ald. Bai. 
ab. Stepb. Ast pr. 

ttiSl£«nwfi^f' 1 Ita Bekkenu 
MCQBfdiim Par. ADK. do quo Bi- 
ponlini tacent, Yea. C. TatBM. 
yind.3. Mon. B. Aog.B. qQibas 
accadoilt Lob. et Yind. F. iin^£o- 
fikipfnf Yind. B. et qaanluin cx 
Bekteri et Stallbamnii aiientio 
efficitor, Yea. B. Yat H. Flo- 
Tentiniqae oainea onin editii ante 
BeldkaniiB. eemper pri(ficiendoFic, 
Imubo ^nii mdoleMt. 

Iii/ iv] iv fifj editianef ante 
Bekkenna, <|iii aecandum eofdem 
codices, qai tcv^uvofuhijv prae- 
bnernnt, it^ iv fcripfit, de Yen. 
B. Vat H. itenua nihil oftendit 
/117 iv Biei qnoqae et Florentini 
omnef habent et Bipoatini ex 
Par.K. enotanut Cf. Leg. L.IL 
1». 671. Dt ^ p^ot d^iivtmv 
d^offvPcw, Eurip. Phoen. 536: 
oif» ev Xiyst» X9n f*^ '^ ^^ 
itfpng neiloig, et aba «xampla 
inter ea , .qaae Fifchema oontalit 
ad Critofi. p. 1S7. fq. 

cnaQ$Uoi u ntil |pvfiiOiSl«] 

Haao AatiiM in tart mo$ \tm\Br 
fit, qnnm in pr. et fec aiaa ao^ 
ta traniSfiMet Neqaa Taro dur 
bitandnm eft, qnin Becrateaala 
nfqf nty nt ftatim ab initia ti- 
tae edneaUanem nm foam «cia<- 
rere demonitruat -* la YeB. C» 
ri.oaiifimn eft 

avtn BotMgag ^sdv] epi, O. 
fi. Lob. ». wi. fi. Vatll ^.iri^- 
T«» fi. Vind. B. ofltii fimf^eUuii 
(a VL f . id correotma in '^0ecg) 
4^i£v Vind. F. 

fvxv] ti^%oi Lob. 

«]VUb. Vind.B. 

mv) ^y*^ Vind. F. et rcea»^ 

9uiq4^»toofUve9g] d. fUv Man. 
B. Flor. U. 8taUb. (ikv faepa in- 
terpolatom eft Cf. VoL L p. 162, 
a. n. 7. 184« a. n. 1. 

Stir «ol «£co9 iUSyov ] Haet*. 
. verba Ficinof non omififfe, fod 
perperam ^ intellexiifa ndetor, 
qnum ita f it interpretatof : An iu 
quoipie paf at, gneniiMfmodam anil- 
fj, ««rnm «ff« g no i if o m oilo- 
l<»ceiife« a sopftitflf comfaip^ 
cerTvpUftee veto eofiim fopaiilof* 
Tttoitdam efse privateBt «e «ao 
ees poHMe etc Inter recentiarra 
mivf Af tiof in tart ▼ernm fea» 
anm aflfecntnf eati •— ^ eomi- 
pforet eiflf fophliliif pnvofof, 
«Mfeo tif fif dJainim fiia^ «o w wf 
moretnr, 8cilioet nonnnUam 001^^ 
mmpendi vim fophiftif 8ocrati>« 
oan^Bdit, aad hoc ' 

para tam 

ipfiim corrw»- 
niilJiof meamnti 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



^otJJlarwi eboi xcA viiwg tud MffscfivtiQavg ttal avdQag 
iud yvwuxasi IUvb ihj; ^ d' 5g. "'Orav, sZjrmt» Sti}w- 
^ofuvoi d»f6oi xoXiol slg imJtqd/a^ ij fl^ duMtfrq^ut 
^ dior^ ^ tfT^oromda ^ r<ya «iUoi^ xotvov gclqdoog 
{vAlofoy {f)v soiUU^ 9oqv^ xu fAv i^ifmoi %mv Itfo- 
fUvw 1} kQottofihmVf ta M kuxivmOiv, vMSQfiaUiv^ 
C M( jjc^a^ sMd Iv^m^cg ml «f otout^, UQog d* od* 
roftg «r va flrfa^ai «ai o t&to^, hv ^ Sv iow^ hofgovV' 
tdg dtMXd^wv »6gv§ov uaQi%m6k tov ^ifov aai imaU 

MteBdit •— xol ofli. yind. B. 
Tat. H. Fldr. ACTV. et « m. pr. 

tohg] m. rmd. B. Vat H. 
Flor. AC. 
B 9iude6si9 Sk TsXitivata] n, n 
rtl. An^ a Flor. R. Vmd. F. 
lUoere iiem franu$ Fic 

Wovff] viovog Vind. B. 

£9^1x9 1 afd^ff^ Ald. 
. dij] Si Lob. Vind. B. Vat. 
BM. et a m. s. Ven. B* 

ivyMa&Bioftmfoi] evyK. Vind. 
F. Flor. R. 

htatlficlag fj ilg diMaatfj^ui] 
di%. V ^k ^iO. Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. 

&ittvifa ] sis O. Fior. T. 

scXiT^ovffl xo% nl, Mon. B. 

titXoyov] evXL V]nd.B. Mon. 
B. Flor. U. 

kov ] ehv Vind. F. 
' ^iymei] ipiyovei idem et Fbr. 

apanoftivmp ] «^ettvafUpwv 

Sh] 8' rmd. B. Vat H. 
htatvmeiv] iMaivo^eiv • YuA» 

C '«' aikok] 8h tte. Vind. B. 
Fior. ACTV. 

cr? Tc nh^ uai 6 voaoq^ iv 
f (Stv «ttfttrl parieU$ quoqw et 
ImqHeeria Fic. Videntur mpes 
mo Attico iraminentet et thea- 
tnim Attieum significari. — Pro 
niv(fiu in Mon.-B. a m. pr. erat 

naQixioei] naf^ixovei Viad.F. 

vov ^iyov wd inalvov] lanr 

ame Fic ~ Liter ^oyov et %al 
Vind. BF. Ven. B. Ang.B. FJor. 
ACRT. cnm editis anle Bekke- 
ram re interpoaitom imbent. 

9^] 9h Vind. F. Ang. B. Flor. 
R. et, snp. dijy Par.K. Mattliiae 
g;ramm. p. 1209. knnc locom in- 
ter eoa refereos, qni &ij in apo- 
dosi Imbeant, non ammadvertit 
ovav initio prozimi sermoois ad 
novs dj; referendum ideoque j 
htalvov plene interpu 

v^ voio4vqt] volg votovvoi/g 
Ang. B. Flor. R. Li Vind. F. 
olg — oig a m. 8. anpeiscriptuM 

v6 Isyofuvov] vov Z. Vlnd. B. 
Vat H. (naoletc6a<m)ittttmFic 
,,Affertur et alia Kectio, vov Xs^ 
yoiisvov : sed mendosam esse p«- 
to. 8ic sogra [p. 13. ad Tbeaet 
909. B.] vmv iiyoftivmVy pro il- 
]is ipsis yerbis v6 XsyoftepoVf 
qnae proYerbiis praeignntnr , ir- 
repsisse ostendimus.** Steph. an- 
not p. 22. 

vlva] vlva &v Mon. B. Flor. 

fezHv ] I^£f9 Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat BM. Bas. b. 

a^vf] rwmoribuM hisoe (oW- 
etere) Fic Refereodnm est ad 

iSimvix^v] lHimvfiv Vind. F. 

%avaatXve»sieav] «oroxliMN^ 
eav Lob. Vat B. Pkr. K. sec 
Bekk. nunaXvfhiieav aec 
%at(x%Xve9siea». Vind. B. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


iHw. hf 9^ tS «0ftoi^9 w¥ «rloy, to JiBy6iu»ov^ %hm 
ohi lumiUey i8%m; ^ Molav Sv avvip MatSUav Iduxni^ 
Tti^ avM^Wf ipf w %ataxlv69H6av ikd tw tomvtov 
tdyov ^ budvov oljpj^§6^ '^a^ofiivQV xata ^ovv j iv 
oitog ^ign^ %ai ^p^uv ts td aitit Tovtoi^ aaXd %al 
al6%Qi[ Blpai, %al ixmid$v6uv Smbq dv ovtoi^ 9uA fo»- 
o^ai toiovtov; I7oiUii, ^ d* ogy lo IkixQatsgi iiwyxii. D 
Kai fiqy, ^ d\ iy6f ov%m v^ liwyU^tf/v AvaytniP bIqij^ 
%afav. Ilolav; iq>^. %v 1^^ MQoOtMaOi loyf fig 
joi^ovtsg ovtoi ol xaiimnal t% %tA 6o^i€taL ij o^ 

vo«f} Mi. Lob. Yiiid. B. Yat 

o/XV7<reolNa] oihe o^. iidem et 
Bas. b. 0V1C ante o/xijoso^ai ^ex 
qiiod&m Tet.** afiEeni inonmt etiam 
Steph. p. 9SL emnque particalam 
ita tantum locmn hab«re posse 
statoit, ai loco fuo pelJatnr ea, 
qoae est ante %ecvaiXv^l6av, 
„nam dnas qiiidem negatlonee 
apnd Graecos m mnltis loqnendi 
generibaf ma{pa negare noo igno- 
ro, Temm hae non diversis eo- 
dem tamen pertinentibiui verbis 
iongerentar, aed nni eidemque 
o/;pftfe#&ai. neqne enim ov qnae 
eat ante participium xovaxXv- 
oOstdar cnm ipao iongitnr, aed 
com oixJJcnsO^ai: quanw non 
acribatar, ov», ied oii/* cnina 
adnotadonia eztrema pars mihi 
pamm dicna Stepbano yidetar. 

tpgifOfiS^ uava ^oyv] «. ^. q?. 
Yen. B. «. vovv tp, Vind. B. 

tf 1 ot Yen. B. Vind. B. Mon. 
B. Vat.H. Flor. ACTUV. Stdlb. 

ipim] ^iffot Yen. B. Tind.B. 
In Ald. punctnm , in reUqois fere 
editionibua rignnm interrogan^ 
appositmn eat, coiua ioco ob ae- 
qnentinra nexom artiorem cum 
Aat pr. sec. comma fed. Nam 
quod yerbi tpijcHv aUud atque 
TOfbi o/;p70EoOai sobiectmn est, 
non obstat, qno niimis yerba ipsa 
pariter ad otst referenda et non 
aliter distingnenda sint, qnam si 
leseretnr: ovit ofsi t^ %aid$Un 
am^ o/pfoftfOai, %al a4%o9 

^CHV, Quid qnod ne oonmiato 
quidem ^drunenda forent , nisi in- 
teriectom esset j Stv oitog ipiifp, 
Nam illud a^x6v non per ellipsm 
omissuffl , sed ex soperioribns ro- 
petendum est, quasi ot^ of» ai^- 
Tov r^s naidslag intXii 6Hs0ai 
Tel ^x^iroe^o^ai praecessisset. 8i- 
mili uiodo subiectiim mutatur 
Phaedon. p. 6#. B : OSnovv olmg 
doKst OOi , iipn , i/ Tov tow6tov 
^ifccYparsia ov negl t6 owfia el- 
yai, alXot naOooov Svvatat d- 
^tcxdvat avTOv , nobg dh Triv 
'f^vjfyv TfiT^aqpO^ai ; E^tys. in 
«l^uibus Torbum dvvarai sequen- 
tia a9>80rayai et TCT^a^^at ad 
Tov TOiovTOv potius, qusm ad 
eius nifayfiOTBlav pertinere do- 

intTfjdBViSHv] htmfievstv Ald. 
Bas. ab. In md.F. o iot Tert. 
a m. pr. posttom. 

ovTOi,] o^TOi,* filtepb. 

Toiovrot' ; ] TOiovrofr. Ald. fias. 

«^oOTi^^aoi] TiOiaat FJor. 1*. 
Praepositio ad eds spectat, qui* 
bus necessitas odmooetiir. Per- 
peram Stalibammus in sec com^ 
ma, qno Stephanns non inepte 
post nQoaTt&iaet erat usus, post 
My9 posuit atterumqne post ftii 
icBf^ovTBq addidit et haec Terba 
sic interpretatus est: qiaam ip90 
faeto orationi adiungvnti nen 
«tentes perniatione, prwieiiles istt 
mmgiBtri atque sopAittae. qoasi 
ot^ nMovtsg esset. 

4] ^ Lob. 


igitizedby VjOOQI^ 



ovt^ &UU>f^ €o^^i^ ofoft ^ m(ovg MMDTiiiof)ff ioyovg 
E hHtmUi «ovroitf vofirovMe x^inqdtiy; (ApM fkv aidbfOf 
9 «' o^ Ov yitQy ^ 8' iym, HXa «ol %6 buxuQOn 
MolX^ &VOUL ovta ficQ ylfVBtia ovvs yiyovsv ovds o6v 
fi^ fivtitM dUioiov ^og XQog iQstijv noQpt t^v vov- 
tw MOidetav Mnuuiwftivov f «yfrpcSmov» m haSQ$' 
9ilov lUvto^ nata vfv xaQO^Uav l^a$Qmiuv icyov* su 
yaQ XQV Udha^f oum9q Sv omttig «< ntA yhnjtai olov 
493 dii Iv touevtji uataOtaHBi Moliteimv, 9bov fioiQav avto 

r6p] t6 Ptr. A. Yit.DL PUr, 
ACV. OBod noii obdiiio inoptaiii, 
•od mnlto deiaiaf uL 

fuila] ndl' Viiid. F. Ang. B; 

Tiwuj tl¥* iidaB ot Flor. R. 

aohvs] qif§ atto§ Fic 

rbvroiiO Tovtovg Ald. BM.ab. 

va/rof^ofi] tsitnnrca Par. K. 
ie<^ Bokk. asiOo9^a£ Lob.Yjad. 
B. Vat M. 

»Q€etncur] %^€miku Yiad. B. 
Vat H; Fbr. ACTV. 

Otiuu, ^ ovdipa\Ndami eerw 
1« o r a t iai im Fic ForteMe ov« 

difWtf legKt 

ijr d^ol 0». Lob. Vmd. B. 
lioii. B. Vat. BM. Veo. C Par. 
DIL Fior. CJ.^ 

. ylyvetai ovte ydyovBv] yfyor 
P99 o^tt yLyvwtai Mon. B. Flor. 
U. (fMgne etwR) fmt im^iHMi nee 
M Fic. 

oi^dl] oiia' Vind. BB. Conf. 
VoL L p. 20(1, a. 

aoKOideofUvov] n(UMai9. Vind. 

iiatQmfUP ] excioiamuB fle. 
IfiaZ^fl» Vind. E. (Ven. B. FJor. 
CT.) Ald. Baf. ab. Stepb. iioi^ 
Oai Ast. aec. qaenadmodum vulr 
gatam oorrifendam eaae oatende- 
. rat Heindoriiiu ad Theaet §. 51. 
iialqpiu» Vind.F. Par.DK.Ang. 

B. Flor. R. Ven. C. aec Ast. 
^aii^vfu» Mon. B. Flor. U. 
iiaiopiuv Par. A. Lob. Vat 
BHM. Vind. B. Flor. AV. Ven. 

C. src. Bekk. qood servatom in 
pr. Astios in tertia ed« et Stalt- 

banmios praeennte Bckkero pro- 
perispomenon fecenint - Cf. Bu- 
ad Sjmp. p. 24. qnea 
L p. 240^ a. ii 

iam VoL 
re dtavL 

loyov] loyop Lob. Ald. Baa. 
ab. „in praeced. edit male io- 
yov, nnde male qnidam interpre- 
tantnr cnm BrasBM», IHrinnmeK- 
dpio sermoDen.'' Steph. ia m. 

owOf tB] 0€tO^B Ald. Bas. ab^ 
Ts om. Flor. T. 

dcii di) Vind. F. Aflg. B. 
Flor &• 

a^r^] ttdroo rifld. F. Aag. B.493 

Tuamgl mtmv Ald. Bas. a. 

Ov'd' W aXkmg ] oiA §M 
oU' dg Vind. B. 

'*jE«aoroi] "Eauiatov Ang. & 
Steph. Ast sec In Mon. B. g 
cum iitnra, sed a m. pr. ezara- 
tum est ^ la praeced. edit scri- 
ptnm est htaotog^ qnnm tamon 
seqnatar nai6&oHv et %aX£iv. At 
Fic qunm deberet Amcovov vgm* 
tare in IWaoro( [immo huiittog 
in huMtov] mabiit, retiflendo 
htaotog , ex «atdnisis^ et vaUlv 
facere natdsvu et %mWL yertit 
enim, Qnisqne eonna qni priva- 
tira aocepta mercede bomines ern- 
dinnty qoos quidem soplustas et 
aemulos artinm af^eUant, nihil 
aliud docendnm pntat, qnammn^* 
torum sententias, in quibns conr 
sentiant, qnotics oongregantur : 
atque hano sapientiam Tocat Ge- 
Baina tamefl lectio est hutmov 
illis infinitivis, qnia pcB^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



doiuX. 'jEn tiUvw 601 j ^ V iydf ac^ tovung mI 
vo<8 doiixm. To Moiw} TSkaOfog xmv §u&IN^fV9vv9mv 
UimTmVj ovg d^ oil^o* 60^10%^ %aio90i ml iv%i%i^ 
tvovs ^ovvxai, fn} &3ilu maidmiBiV^ q xavta tit tiv 
xoXXmv doyfLotaf & dojagovOky, Stav iltffoMm0tj wA 
60fplav ratfr^ Ttalhlv^ oUv %ZQ Sv d ^Qififiarog fM*- 
yHov xoL lajcvQov tQBfpoitivov tig Soyag tig m) im-> 
th)fdaq KatmdvtavBv, o%tj t9 %Q06%)Miv iQi^ aal OM^ B 
&ifa60M Ofitov, aal 6x6t8 %altxmtatov 17 MQaitaaov 
%al bc tlvoiv ytyvtxa$, aaX q>mvag di} iq>^ olg iaiaxolii 

deot haec a T«ii>o ^oithm^* 
SCepli. |>. 22. <)pi n psuUo w^ 
Das feBtmasMt, mqi&e noBinatx- 
▼mn non feroDdum, neqQe ¥\c\r 
mim non alio in errore ▼ersatom 
statolMet Nam SoSara isoi IWa- 
tfrog neuSsiSsiv nullam reprefaen- 
iionem habet; Ficinai aotem pro- 
cqI dvbio ita le|^bat: Ixaoro^ 

ovff Brl ifo<ptaT&g naiovai %al 
dvttxijpvovg y ifyovVTai (lil &Xla 
aatdtvetv etc et ijyovvTat pro 
otovrat dBiv acdpiebat. 
ovfi] o^tf t« Vind. F. In Flor. 

A. SxB ioper ov( dij acriptnm 

rttvva] om. Ven. B. Vbd. B. 
Vat H. Flor. ACV. 
doY/^ciTa] om* Vind. F. Anf. 

B. Flor. R. 

Sv} om. Vat. B. 
ti] ^ Vind. F. a m. pr. 
xtttBfidvi^aviv] KttTBldftpaviv 
Flor. T. 
B 0107 rc ] Snot xt Vind. B. 
a^rovl cnl. Lob. 
XaUneaTOTov] xaUniatavaVvx. 

nQtt^Tatov] nffaotata ideo. 
nQttStBffov Vind. B. et, iop. t 
•uper c^y Vat M. («l^* Baa. 
ab. Steph. Ait pr. sec.) 

tlvatv] Mon. B. extremnm v 
int. Ters. a ro. i. habet 

Iqp' otg hidatott] Ita Vmd. K. 
&g i(p htdatotg Mon. B. Flor. U. 
Schleiarmacbenii et StaDbanmioi. 
I9' otg iiucatog reliqiii oodiomi 

editaeaeiqino praeter Aolit oec —* 
dam, in qna &g kff' otg htdatat' 

eoL ooniecsara acnptua eat mTot* 
mt ne hic locoi tnm prepter Au»* 
0ro«, et otg^ qnod ad vetbown 
mtoXot^Utcv 9VBL orationia itrtt- 
ctaram, tom propter ^l^^coOe», 
qnod ad «eninm attineti tandem 
vero m^catna iom hmatog qni- . 
dem in htaatav, et otg In a/fy 
at ^iyytaf^a$ in ^ilyta^ai mn- 
tari debere. nt rit hic loci bnina 
■enmi , Et Tocei cjnaa qmHn eC* 
fert unninqaodqne ilhmm anima» 
linm (qnamTii aingnlari niitaa 
nani fnerit) iolet demnloeri. Id 
eat, qnai qunm efiert, intfcuit 
ipiom demnlcerL Sic tamen «t 
#ic. ▼ertit qnaii kger etnr, taH 
tpmv&g dfl Sg haarog hp* hrni^ 
atoig ttm^ ip^iyytMai. nam l^ 
waatog etiam retinett qnamrii 
non haboamoi (ut opinor) qne ro- 
ferre poiiimui. Vemra ita tUe^ 
.Vocoi item qnai in flngnlia qoi^ 
qne iolet ezprimere. qunm tanM 
haec praeceaiorint, Vehrti m qnia 
vaati cainidam' animaKa bmtf, 
robnsti admodnm, et ab hondna 
enotriti, iras et cupiditatea soh 
l^das obserraTerity^ qnAvn ratione 
adire hoc deceat, qua attrectare: 
item quando vei ferodns est, toI 
mitini : ct ex quibui caniiii tala 
fiat Quodsi extaret in qnopiam 
oxemplari haec lectio, nal tpmvdg 
&g tip indatoig ixaatov cfmOi 
^iyfta^at^ minime reiidiMidam 
' Steph. ann. p. 22. sq. 





^fLSQointd xt ml dyffudv», TtatafM^m Sk tavta xavta 
iuvov&lf tB aal xffovov tQiP^ ooq^Ucv t$ «liUtfas «ol 
dg tipniv ^v^itffidiuvog hil dtdaaaaXlav tQhcoitOf fi^ 
^iy MAg t§ dlifislq: tovtmv t£v doyfulxmv ra md hu- 
tvfMOVf oti xalov ij al^Qov ij dya96v 17 naxov ^ dl^ 
C noMV y a8$MOVf dvofk&i^oi 81 xdvta tavta iml taig tov 
fMyalqv {aJoti i6ia$6y olg fAv xa/904 buivOf dya9^d 

NM ••qMnda otug ai &tlov 
^pd^ogUvov iKNrtnim ipftiyyM^ai 
ad ip0iim animal referri iaberenty 
iip' otg iwxOTog retineri et pro 
M vovrofg & ftuMTo^ aeeipi aft- 
qae ita ezpUcari poeeet , at aal- 
■al ad ea, ^aaa qviaqiie ademi- 
tnim promintiare soieat, et ipcnm 
Tooee qaaadam enuttere dicatnr. 
Ac nescio an non afiter Ficimu 
haac intelligi Tohierit ti voee$ 
exprimere ea fignfficatione dise- 
rit, qna ab optimis qaiboM|Qe et 
a Caesare GalL L. I. c. 32. $.3. 
dictiim eft. Vemm et seqnentia 
obfltant, et ipcnm efods mnlto 
magia animaU, qnam adenntibas 
conTenire apparet Qnom igitur 
Tiil|ata et codicnm phirimonim 
lectio ferri non poMe rideretnr, 
qvam minime ab ea discedendam 
et seGondam libram liaad conte- 
unendura huievoTB pro inttifvog 
acribendiim , M onaoeniem Tero 
emendationem quamris ipedoflam 
procttl liabendam putari. o^, ut 
initio huina libri oT, pro oSbig 
poflltiini, et oensas loci bic esti 
0tqite ettam vocee ammtUie c(h 
gmoeeeret^ quibm» oeeaeienibne ea» 
miolMt o^erimimr wnttere toloot. 
Qitod qai norit, ez Todbne ool- 
ligere potest, qnid animali aoci* 
derit ^ qno modo affectnm rit, 
idone ctiam utiliaa nntndo isti 
rioeri debet) qaam ex occasioni- - 
bos coUigere posse, qnas yoces 
animal missaram sit, qui sensas 
Monaceasis lectionis est 

ofag] oZuig Mon. B. Par. DK. 
Vat HM. Flor. U. cmu editU 
auta Bekkenmi, quod aeqne pr<K 
babile erat. 

iffu^ovtal tu Tud dy^uilvH] 
irritatwr vd pUuatMr Fic 8te- 
phanas annot p. 23. particalaiu 
aal (ifluno atramque» re xod,) in 
^ mntandam Td pro ea aoriptco- 
oam statoit, qaornm oentnun ▼«- 
mm. ve xal est oel — od. 

TiavafutMv dh] Nesdo, cnr 
Matthiae gramm. p. 1247. de re- 

Setita post parenthenn particnhi 
h agens hunc locnm oonferri ins- 
serit, nisi forte optativos, qai 
sequoiitary non ab iUo el ante 
O^ififificevog y quod cum indicafifo 
TUttBfiavO^cev^ constructiuii ride- 
rety sed a Tcri^is otov ygfff ar 
pendere statnens haec omnia (il 
O^Qiftfutvog — dyQuiUvBi^pereg^ 
thesis loco habuit. Sed ilrad av 
non esse ad naXieBiB referendua 
subiecti defectns arguit, qtram 
olov nBif Siv v$gy bI vaxafid^oi 
dicendnm fuisset, eodemque mo- 
do, quo in xdv tl et (iicavhly ad 
omissnm ehi pertinet yd nulli 
▼erbo adiuQctum per se fere (et- 
100) sigmficat. Optativus autem 
in sequentibus plane legitimus, 
indicatiTas in praecedentibus ideo 
positns ridetur, quod neminem 
saonm illi t^ cognoscen^ae ope- 
ram dare simul significaret Bum 
Tero, qui daret, sapienUam hanc 
yocare magis iam credibile erat 

vavva ndwa] snigwla Fic. 
adwa om. Ycn. B. a m. pr. 

tiwovcl^] evv, Vind. F. 
wtXicBu] TMlioBiBv idom. 

inl didaanaXlctv] kctdid. Yind. 
B. M Mamidlia Par. K. sec 





icalmv, olg dl Sx^oito, xcaui , SiXov dh fcgdiva ^oi 
loyoy mqI adtSv^ aXla tavayicala iliutia MaXoi aa\ 
occcXa, t^ 61 Yov ovayTialov xal ayat^ov ^6iVf S0OV 
mdiaipiQBi t(p ovrt, p^e ioQoxmg Ori ftijtB duiip iwatoQ 
dBl^at. toiovtog i^ mv^ itQog ^iog^ ovx atoxog av tfoi 
ioxBt Blvai MmiBVtijg; "EfLoiy, Sgp^. 'fl oiSv n tovtov 
ioxBt iiaq>iQHv 6 tijv ttov xoUav xal navtoianSv £u- D 
VMvtav igy^v xal ^iovag xatavBVOiptivac 6oq)lav .ijyov' 

C ^^^i^ofiaiog 61] ivoiuitn 91 Lob. 
yind. B. Vcn. B. Yat. M. (nbi 
forte Bekkem Ycnetnni perpe- 
nm pro Yindobonenn, qnen omi'- 
sit» «nuficaTit.) dvo^^oi tI Anf. 
B. Fior. B» ivo^iBvat, e cott. 
dvoiidittf^^ Vind. P. 

ndvra tavta] nngula Fic. 
ravva Trdvxa Lob. Vmd. BBF. 
Vat. BHM. Ven. B. Par.K. Ang. 
B. Flor. A.CRTV. StaJIb. jtdvra 
hand dable grayios b. I. qaam 
rorvra^ contra ac paollo ante, 
obi xavza merito in omnibna co- 
dicibns priorem locnm tennit, qni 
hic nlten recte in Par. A. Mon. 
B. Ven. C. Par. D. Flor. U. c^- 
tisqne reliqnis assignatnr. Sensns 
enim non is, quem Matthiae 
p. 1168. et Stallbaumins statnnnt, 
quem alibi dictio 6vofidieiv xi 
inl xivt habety scd hic Tidetur: 
omnihus ftis wminibus $eeundum 
magni animaU$ ophnoneB utere- 
fvr, ita ut eis utens totns pen- 
deret ab istis opinionibns; quem- 
admodnm inl xivi ilvai et simi- 
lia dicuntnr. 

ZalQOi] xalifBi Lob. Vind. F. 
Ven. C. Par. K. Vat. HM. Flor. 
ACRT. In Viad. B. xal^ oom 
oorr. in o scriptum est. 

iTtstvo] ixBtva Flor. AC. et, 
Gommate anteposito^ Vind. E. 

dya»^] dya»6v Vat B. Vind. 
F. et, snp. dy Lob. 

fto*] izBt Vuid. F. Flor. RT. 

xdvayuata] xdvavyuata Ald. 

TtaXol] uaXolri Vind. B. uaUi 
Vind. F. Vat. M. Ror. RT. eL 
«np. oJ, Far. K. 

m oirr»] tmovxt Vlnd. E. 
alXip] aUi» Fic. 
dwax6g] 9wat69 Bas. b. 

ds7£ai.] de2£ar Astins. Mat- 
thiae granm. p. 1017. etiam mU 
nore cum interpunctione haec le- 
gere Tidetnr. 

&v] ov Vmd. F. 

BouBl] Ita Par. A. Vmd. F. 
Moo, B. Ang. B. Vat. H. Flor. 
ACRTUV. Bekkems et in pr. 
Stalib. dou^ reiiqni oodices Bdc* 
keri, Lob. Vind.B. Aid. Bas. ab. 
Steph. Ast. pr. douohi Ast sec 
probante Matthiaeo 1. c douoX 
Vind. B. Ast. tert. StaUb. sec 
oiiieUltir Fic Cf. L.Iin. p.422. 
B : tU nvuztfg dg otov re udXXi' 
oxa inl rovro noifBauevaOftivog 
Hvotv fii^ nvuxatVy nXowfloiv dh 
ual ntovotp ovu Sv 9outt oos 
6(y6£mg ftdxeo^ai; quo iooo iten 
dou^ in parte codioum et in edi- 
^onibus antiqnis leatnr, neque 
Stallbaumius ctv tA inilnitiTum 
pertinere non Tidit, qnod nostro, 
cuitts prorsus eadem ratio est, 

"Eftoty'] ifiotvs Lob. Vind.B. 

ovv] om. Fic 

wj r^ Vind. E. o». Vmd. F. 
rovroa;] xovxo, a m. s. ro«- 
rm, Vind. F. 

0] o rmd. E. Iden in Vind. 
F. ante Utnram fuisse Tidetnr. 
Sxi Lob. Vind. B. Par.DK. Vat 
M. et a m. pr. Vat B.Ven. C 
o ro Mon. B. Flor. U. et a m. 
s. Vat B. oOTifi marco Par. D. 

B o^i av] ooviag lUbo. B. . D 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I S 

huKii on fAv fOQf i«P xig Tovrotfi o(uly IscAaMvii^ 
vog ij xolffiiv 4 Tiv« aUiTiv d^tovfyUxv ij mSXbi iut* 
mvUcVj WQlavg mtov momSv toiig xoUiovg xiQa xmv 
ivmyxmlmVf ff Jioyk^iua Xayofkhni aviywi %ouXv ami 
tavta^ & av oito$ iMaivmOtv' mg d^ aaX dya»a ml 

efr^lrfi.] cfc^ If». Moa. B. 

ai}] d^ Vind. E. 

OTi /ty y&g ] paiet emm qaod 
FIc. suppleos qaod fcriptorein 
OBikiMe putaret. BOam dtallbaa- 
miui ellipsin itatuit veH>oruin 8^^ 
2oy sea j>€tift^6v ictty eamque 
oomparat yii , qoae post tl ii^ 
vsitata eat. Sed Diomedeamy qtta- 
U» m provorMo «ily nece^nialem 
iUi imunf^i mm^feetum dioere So- 
ctmtea yix pot««it ita, ut hoc 
wumtfeeimn supplendnm relin(|oe- 
rot, neqae ezemplom taOs ellipsU 
m Stalibawdb ant ab aliquo eo- 
nm, qnoa citavit, aUatun eat. 
Iteqo« oonitnictiofle potina ezd- 
diiM scriptorem , «t qvom oti 
fAp yd^ j iecp xtg To4toi9 opul^^ 

OT» imt&o pomtae oUi* 
tom ofae dizerim. 

6fuXjl} 6iuXoZ ante coir. Yind. 
^} om. Ald. Baf. a. 

riva &Xlnv1 uXXfjv xivit Lob. 
Vifld. B, Yat M.^ Bas. b. minaa 
bene. xig praepom aolet, ubi in- 
certi notio, &jlIo$^ ubi diversi 
pnevalet Sic panllo ante p. 492. 
b. ^ xtva illov notvbv niijOovg 
^lioYOv^ 496. C: 17 yao nov 
xtvi iXlqf ^ ovdevl xav tfiix^o- 
•i-ar fiymn. et aaepe ailbi; ideo- 
qne ftt, vt, qnotiei^ Morticak 
eompanM i} ieqoitar, nre air 
Xog xiSj oerte malto freqoentiai 
boc, qimm xig &XXog dictam in- 
vematnr. GT. Pbaedr. p. 246. B. 
«58.A.S68,D, OoBtrm aeMl in 

eodem dialofo^p. 273. A« — Fi- 
cinai xiva aXXtjv drj§uovffY^ 
aUerive arti» opa$ interpretatoi 
Ttra negierit. 

«oXci] a6Xii»g Bai. b. Idem 
in Elor. T. iaper vatgato adacrl- 
ptam et aStephano io m. nt me- 
Uoa notatom est („Ma\im mo- 
Xsngy at in ano Tot'') Of. Ber»> 
hardy aynt p. 93. 

avTov] Ita BeULerai annm 
Ten. B. anteatatai, de reliqma et 
de Tulgata scriptura taceoi. Btiam 
Mon. B. avxoVf Vind. B. pon- 
ctum pro ipiritn aaper a poatom, 
reliqui mei com Ald. Baa. ab. 
Steph. Ait Stallb. avroa ha- 
bent, aaod Ficino qamjiie placoit, 
qm esMeatTiie oulro imUemmdi 
operM aiccterftatem SUra neeeaaa- 
na scripsit avxov Astina et 
Stallbaamiai ad praegreaia noiti- 
aiVf dfifiwvQyiav et StOMOviav 
referentea et verba ni^ xmv d- 
vaynaUav io^entibai iangentea 
necessitatis signiiicationem altra 
modom et inaadito looaeBdi ge- 
nere aagent, contra imai, qai 
sese multitadini probari atadety 
abiectionem non aatii notant 
Quamvii enim paiom digno fii- 
dat qdl mnltitadmU io^cio operm 
aoa iobiidat idqoe ratnm faabent, 
qaod ilU de e&a iodicaTetint, «t 
qaam?ii credibUe nt eioimodi 
artifioem^ mhU fiioerey qnod po- 

SIo minui placere iusplcetnr, 
si tamen neqnit nallo modo Iberi 
poiio, quin ea faciat, qnae ilK 
plaeeat, qala hiter ^aaeodara 
oUiTiid deeretorom moltltaAfUi 
et ingenu ioi fanpeta ferri ad 
aUa et mefiora poieit Sed qoi 
«t " ' ' " 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



utAa tmStm tj iUi}9s/f y f<9 jMMTOci tov ^ntnHfa^ M^ 
tA¥ ioyw dMwtog w tuttuyUaatov; Ol^ ii y\ ij 
i* oVf ovd' asotiiloftftft. Tavta toifwp %cnm ivM^Mff E 

iMOtt^ 17 flcvvd vi S7ta0to¥ xcA fi^ ra «oAld &MttfM l#8^ 
Samg mi^og dvil^ai ij ftfiflwa^ tS»ox\ "IhuOtd y\ If^ 494 

^«s tradiderity eum qoati ma»- 
ctpiiim oportet in omnlbitf eiiis 
•ententiam seqni. Venim enim- 
Tero qsodamnodo obmb, qol 
opera sua vel artia Tel ▼irtttti« 
•pectari et pnblice exstare to- 
lont» popnli indido se fnbfioera 
approbanaiqne et reprobandi ar- 
'bitcium et pormitiere oognntnr: 
ifii pvoban Tnlgl appcobatieiiem 
HMi cogiintar; et n qnie tamen 
hoioa qooqne rei neceMitatem 
•ibi iapoait, ia «ip« tmv dvtft» 
nalmtf nv^lQmg ttivov 9omw toig 
moXXoi^ did potoit. Itnqne eum 
BelLkero et mitov aafibeadom et 
oonuan, qnod Ald. Baa. ab« ct 
Aatin0 poet «ollo««, Stephaont 
et in aec. SMUbonmina ibidm et 
poat avitpMlmv poancnii 
looo diilMdo» potaTi* 

^iofMfanii] Ita liob. Yiod. 
BBF. et a fliu a. Men. B. itn 
Ald. Baa. ab. JtopufisUL MeB.B. 
a m. pr. fiteph. et recentiecea^ 
tocito anolegiam Tolgarem seenti, 
«Mun hoe mb pertioere dooet 
Ariit^ania Tenna Bodea. 1029: 
JTeei vccvT^ dvuyvfi futSotif JB. 
^aofniSuut yi. Itoqoe ad i|dv^ 
«WMTet rdiqna» qoao PaaaoTnii 
" ■ ■ ' IL ff. 

qnod achefiafteaAriatophad» 
i rege DiooMde eom* 
est, iUioa lod 

fictom et mocia probobile S^ 
detor, qood io acholio od nostram 
locnm de Tydd filio namtor, 

leyomivff] i. if Lob. Vind. B. 
Vot M. 1. 4 Yat. B. 1. f Vea. 
C. l.ifVeB.B. Ib V]iid.F.poat 
I tfOft iin i «t poflt Afjijpai 

nouZv] nout Vlod. F. eom 
iitora in fine. 

vuvtal navta (Ven. B.) editi 
ante Bekkerom. 

mg] zl Lob. Vmd. B. ig Vat 

di xctl] xal om. Vind.F. Flor. 
R. et Astii pr. et sec ed. type» 
thetae negligentia. BekkenUy qd 
d\ %a\ cnm reKquia edidit, in 
oomm. crit. dl xirl pro 9ik In Vat 
HM. legi tradena, nid orrad^ 
o>( di nuA %al in atroqoa inve- 

dyaJ^ Mfl vmXd] waXk tal Af. 
Lob. Vlnd. BF. Vat BM. Ang. 

tov] em. Par. K* 

H'/] tifo Vhid.BF. 

Tavta toiwv ndvta] tnivta £ 
tolwv tavta Vlnd. F* Ang. B. 
Flor. R. 

hiiivo] e« flioil Fic 

4lyoyMrife#ijrt*] dvafmnljo^titif 
Bteph. Aflt. pr. sec Piiorefl nol* 
lam, poatenorea pleamo iflflfli^ 
poiictiooem habent 

xeao^. 1 om. Veiu B. a m. pr, 
xftXa. Ald. Baa. ab. Stcph. 

avtoti) aiSto^i Bt^h. Ast. 
pr. tac Bip. 

xol] iwl dXXA Aag. B. Fl«r, 
RT. quamqomn fai 

xolf an emittaiit» Btallbaomiofl 
ambignnm roUqnit 

^atfro] ^<mr« Ald. haotay 
Bafl. ab. Steph. 

9]o«. Vmd. F. 494 

y] ya liob* Vind. B. 

Digitced by VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I S 

wu. *Jdvvtttw. Kal TOt)^ q)iXo6ogHmvtag &Qa avaytai 
^i)ff€0fria v«' atkmv. ^jivdyxfi. KiA vmo xovtwv i^ 
tmv Idianmv, o6oi xifoOoiiilovvtBg of^ d(fi4u9cv avtm 
iMifh)fbov6i. ^lov* ^B» d^ roi^iDV tlva off^g tfo»v^ 
flav g)ilo66q>ip ^wtfa», S6t* iv tm iMittjdsvfiati ndve^ 
6av XQog tiJiog il9siv} iwoH d* ix tSv IfMQoO^w. 
B mfMkoyiitai ydg d^ ^niv ci/fui&aM %al iiv^fMj aal av- 
8Qla «al (i^aloMQixBia tcnittjg ilvai Tigfg q>v6emg. NtxL 
Ovxovv hv(h)g iv jca6iv 6 toMVtog MQmtog Sotai iv 
ana6iVy alkmg ts aal idv ro tfcSfia q>vy XQo6q>SQijg rgf 

9tl6ifotpop] wtXacotpmp Vind. 
B. Yerba <piX6cotpov ukv ovv^ ' 
^v 8 * ^e^y nXfjd^og atfvvcctov 
ytvioOiu. siiie auctom nonuDe 
posttit Clemeni AI. Strom. L. V. 

L655, 11. Bekkenu et Stallb. 
c et proxime seqoentia Socra- 
tem interrogantem facitint , illa 
▼ero ncd vnd tovtmv etc. qoo- 
ram tamen ratb eadem , non 
item. B|ihi propter fi^ haee 
omnia affirmatiom propriora yi- 
dentnr. Ceterom poat Hvai etiam 
Lob. intenogplioiiii notam habet. 

&^ dvdyiai] dv. &Qa yind.F. 
Ang. B. Flor. K« 

^i}rc«dtt»] ^«vdetf^a» Bar. K. 
•ec Bekk. 

^ aiitmv] i^ aiitov Bas. b. 
ol eo (ac Tnleo) FSc Cf. Bem- 
hanly synt. p. 288. 

^AvdyxffJ] %al dvdytfj Vind. F. 

«1^9] avto Vind. F. a m. pr. 
a6tov Flor. AC. 

i%Uhf(iov6L] hu^fMvciv. Bek- 
kenu. Ficinns hanc Soeratis ^rj- 
M iU oontraadt: Et a qiOnuque 
Pffvhplaoero ooIenlAt». 

B dvdQla] dv9QBta Lob. Yind. 
F. Fbr. ACRTY. Stallbanm. nt 
p. 4dl. B. 
tavtij^] tavti] Yind. B. 

tpvcimg.] ^eng; Ald. Bas. 


sc aeqoalcc 

iv tcaciv] a| 
Potins mter onui 
Recte Tero hoc 
statnit Ficmns, qnod 
sita eiO^g et d toiovtog argnnaty 
^norum prins etiam inenntis aet»* 
tis sigaificatioaem oontinet, nt 
propterea opns non sit Geevii 
ooniectara diatr. in polidces Plat 
prindpia p. 58. necunv pro aaoiv 
refnirentis, onod Astlns in scc 
edidit, in tertia, ot StaUbamnins, 

Srobabile sibi Tideii ostendil, nd- 
ita tamcn altera oonieefauna BfS- 
Mg i% naiSog. Neqne Tero am- 
bigoitas ob seqnens iv Snastfv 
▼ulgato advmariay fanmo minor, 
quam in Geerii iectione est, d 
nuM mascnlinnm esse ceitH 
est. Simiiiter n&M et anasnv 
ad diversas res spectare ▼idenUii 
Leg. L. im. p. 723. C: rd fdv 
irot fitydXmv niffi Xeyoftivmv yo* 
pMv %al Cfunqmv §i oiiolmg acpo- 
ouudtBoOcu n^otdttoiftev y oi% 
ff 6^9 Hyouuv. ovHh ydQ 
fofuctog oidh loyov navths dsT 
to tou>vtov .9QJtVy TuUtoi nkpiV' 
%i ye Blvai naowy dXX' ov zon^ 
otiov &na€uf. sc mfooifUotg, 

6 toiovtog — SnaiSUf] om. Vind. 
B. Vat. M. 

nifmtog] post Utai Par. K. 
Antiatt Bekk. an. pag. 111, 16: 
nffmtovg' tovg aQictovg. UXd- 
VMT Uoktt^y *a^6dotog nQm- 

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C I V I T A S LIB. VL 494 


ifvxSf 3t d' ov fdHlBi; fjpi;. Bovl^6ovTtti d^y offiai, 
4mifp iin^9aif ix^Ulw xQB^PvtBQog ylyvritaif l«l ta 
avtmv MQaynata ot ts oUbIoi xal ol xolttai. Ilag 
d' ov; 'Txox$l6ovta^ aQa dBoiitVoi nal TiyLmvtiq^ tcqo- C 
M€CzaiafLfiavovT$g xal MQOHoiaxsvovtBg t^v iiaUov6av 
avtov dvvofiiv, 9iXbI yovVf fgnjy ovro) ylyv969ai. Tt 
ovv oXiij T^ d' i^cj, Tov toiovtov Iv Tolg toiovtoig 
xoiiq6%iVy aJJimg ti %a\ idv tvxji fi^akKig MoUmg mv 
xai hf tavfg 9lov6i6g ta xal ytwaiog xal hi zvBidiig 
xa\ liiyag; uq* ov M3ifiQm9i]6B69ai a^nffjivov iXaldog, 
liyovfisvov xirl td tmv 'ElXijvayv xa\ tit tmv fiaQfiaQon^ 

ip ttmtfav] Ha«c Terba 
B. pnQctif ftb anteoedentlbiui et 
a Mqaentibiu digtincta qaasiAdi- 
nianti exbibet; cni ratioai ad am- 
bi^tatem , de qna sopra dixi, 
eTitandam ezoo|;itatae proziiBe ae- 
qoentia repujgnant 

n} ^pvf^ xpoif^pv^ cam HneA 
tero Mon. B. 

XQoaqiSQrjg] nQoatpiQtig Yind. 
F. nQoafiB^h Vind. B. Vat H. 
Flor. C. HQOCtptQhg Yind. B. 
Flor. AUy. com editift ante Bek- 
kernm , taceotibas Bipontinifl. 
^Legitor etiam nQOOipBQflg tg 
ipvxj : qnam lectionera alteri 
praefero." Stepb. annot pa^. 23. 
Utrnm Fidnna legerit, ambignom 
eat: n* eorpus natiira uaetu9 Ut 
mimo conforme, Maacalinam Ste- 
phanna non sine canssa praefere-^ 
Dat, qaia longias ab interpola^ 
tionia spede remotnm est, de- 
gantiasqae verbum tpvj ad prios 
aubiectam , qnain ad noTnm (am- 
pa) idqne genitiyo avxov aegre 
carens raertar. 

^BtSdp nQBcpvrtQog ylyptmu] 
emm adoUoent Fic* Pro y/yrr;- 
tai Par. DK. Mon. B. Flor. U. 
editiqne praeter Beldlc. omnes yi- 
VTjrai habent, aaod Stallbaomio 
onice Tenim viaetary qnia sen- 
tentia iiaec sit : gttinn oetato ma* 
gie yrovoatu» faerit, Bam tameii 
sententiam nihil obstabat qoo mi^ 

pLAToro Of. U. 

nns ita dedararet Socratess 91111« 
prtmtim prooeetiortt aetottt ette 
mc^iat. hcudav etiam atibi onm 
praesente poni constat; eias Toro 
temporis, qno qms «^ctf^TC^Of 
did possft, initinm incertnm est; 
deniqne iUonun intererat taii in- 
-rene primo quoqae tempore atL 
Simili fere modo nQScpvTBQOi 
ytyvofiiPOi L. VL p. 878. D. di- 

ttvTcoir] ml. Lob. Tind. BEF. 
Ald. Bas. ab. 

9ro^(Tai.] KoXlTai. Lob. Yind. 
B. xoUvai; Ald. Bas. ab. 


9h &Qa Ven. B . Vind.B. Q 
Flor. ACRTV. 

Svvofuv] vtrfvlem atjtie po- 
tentiam Fic 

yovv] om» Fic. 

ofstl post ^v a' iym Par.DK. 
Mon. B. Flor. U. editi ante Bdc- 

^v] om. Ven. C. 

9coa]6Hv,] noiijosiv, Ald. «onf* 
cuv; Bas. ab. Stepb. Ast pr. 
nh«s;\ ttiyag. Ald. Bas. ab. 
ftV] &^ Vind. F. . 

xhiQeMiaBal^eti] nhfiQml^tO' 
tai y en. B. 

iXntSoq,] iXnlSog; Ald. Bas. 
ab. Stepb. 

'BXliftmw^fiaQfiaQtov] /J.— *. 
ib. Vuid. B. Vat M. 

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P L A T O N I S 

D ixecvov foctf^m HifittHVy xul inl vovtoig vt^lov i^al- 
QBiv avxov^ 0xii^€eti4SfU>v xal ^)Qovijiiatog ntvov Svbo 
vov liixixlofitvov ; Kci (juil% lq)ij. Tm i^q o^tto dta- 
ti9B(Uv(p lav rtff i^pifux 7tQo6BMav talTiWj Uyy, oti 
vovg ovH Ivtdtiv €cvt<p y dittai ih ^ t6 js 01/ xtf^tov pij 
dovXBvCavti rgf Hti^dH avtoVf aQ* Bvmthg oUv dvai 
Bl6axovOac did toCoirmv xaxav; iToAXov y$ dBlf ^ d* 
8g. 'Eav d* ovVf ^v 5* iywy dtd to sv XB^>vxivai xa\ 

C to ivyyBvlg twv Aoyov dg ata^aviital tI n^ xal xafi- 

Ixccvov H^ead^ai] l. bIvcci Yind. 
B. Vat M. sufflcere Fic. 

«QdwsiVf] Ita Ald. nqavtttv. 
Bas. ab. n^Arcstv; 8tq>h. et re* 
€eiil.iore«« 8cd i^aiq^v cuni SX17- 
Mlhjtfcate» potius, quaai cuia 
BM^s^ai aot ic^OKfBiv cenntniea- 
dum etse aatis per te liqueC. 
T\ ^tU^uv] iia^fw 'Viod. F. 
^9£iir Vind, B. Vat. H. Anj^ 
B. Flor. ACRTV. quoinadaioduffl 
fitepbano annot. p. 23. scrib«iH 
dam videbatur. Cf. Vol. I. pw 62^ 
b. ct Bernhardy «ynt p. 371. 

ctvtov] ttv. Vind. BiF. kawav 
Mon. B. 

cpjfJtazuffiov %al tpi^T^fiatos 
nBvov] 9^. X6. nal tf;i;. Liob. Vind. 
B. Vat. BM. Simites dictiones 
oongessit Wyttenbachius ad Plut 
I. pag. 70. Of. Ruhnkenius ad 
Tim. g. 245. 

dvBv vov] Prinstererins Pro- 
sopo^r. Plat p. 105. St^Ibaumio 
referente haec verba ex glosse- 
mate orta snspicatQry cui sttipi- 
doni ansam praebere potuit The- 
raistius, qui or. XXI. p. 251. B. 
hunc locum imitatos ista omisit: 
ital inl tavfQ rw i^ovaUf. vipri' 
X3r i^alQBiv avtov , qxfovTjiia- 
xtafLov ifinutXdfiBvov. Sed quae 
Sequuntnr, 8ti vovg otr» ivs&riv 
ttvt^y ea i^enuina esse docent, 
eadfinque Damasdus apnd Sui- 
dam in Eilsrs/^O^iog , qnem locum 
WvtteBbachitts indicavit, legisse 
ridetur : %evov '(pvaTJfuctog Svbv 
vov ifimnXafiivaiv. Ceftenim Pe- 
taTius ad loenm TbemisCii hunc 
nostmm dtins seici» qne'«actMM 

ita scribit : xorl inl tovtoig v^tf- 
Xov i^aiQSiv avtov axijfiatog xc- 
vov y avBV vov y ifminldfievov. 
et 990M7|Mrroffpto<f{iifuc^€eeri- 
bendum eciMet. 

fidX'] fidXa Vind. B. 

dij] pai Lob. ViBd. B. Vat.M. 
em. Fic. 

Siatid^Bfiiv^] Ita Lob. sed sn- 
perscriptis e saper ti ct u soper 
ve. Praesens isterum reniu, qaae 
animum adolescentis corrumpuDt, 
continuationem demonstrat 

liqifue] 17^. Mon. B. ante oecr. 
Fidnus hoc cnm tribus sequeoti- 
bus ita declaivfit: ooitce nmisel 

tdXrj&^ tdXfi(^ Ald. Bas. ab. 

ivBatw] i0tiv Fior. T. et a 
m. pr. Ven. B. 

ro ^1] TO^fi Vind.E. om. Vbnd. 

%t7iv6v] tcMtov Ald. Baa. a. 

dovXeijaavti tf xtifffst] iov- 
Xsvaavta rg ntian Vind. F^ 

Biaanovacu] Pollux L. n. 62: 
nxdtatv dh iwijnooi lud eiaa- 
xovtfcec Bit audieado qnad. in- 
trarsns ad se recipere. 

9bI] om. Vind.B»'. 

d' oiv] om. Vind. B. Vat M. 

IvyYe/vlq] avw. Mob. B. (Par. 
IXK. Fier. ACRTUV.) Ald. Bas. 
ab. Stepb. In Mon. B. commate 
perpenam a tmv XoytMf diftii^;ui- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



utff^ai %A ilMfq^M nfdg yUotfofkv, tl o2o|Mta ioA' ' 
6HV indvoyg mdg ^ywftbnwg ixoXkivay ovvoi; x^ 
tfidav f8 nuA ita^Qtlav; ov »&if fikv i(fyovt lefiv 8' kcog 
Uyovtag rs xol XQottokftag scol xbqI amov, om»g Sv 
inf nsiMy^ nuA srsp) toi^ nMovta^ omg av fcij oUgt* 
i f «meI Idl^ luifiovltvovtag xal i^{uo6lf dg Aymvag aa- 
^iOtavtag; IloU^y ^ d' &gy mvdyxfi. "Eauv ovv ixmg 495 
6 toMVtog ^piiioeogMi^H; Ov %aw. 'Qg^g ovv^ ^ d' 
fyiiy m oti aattdig iXiyop$Vf mg oQa aai avta td t^ 

tor. Cf. L. m. p. 402. A: 9/ 

Og aia9^9tiv9ci] ots uL Yind. 
B. Par. K. eec. Bekk. ^d' uL 
loh. TvbA. B. y«t M. ^UaUi». 
ViBd. F. o/ffO'. (fiaasm fli) Ang. 
B. dietufe^dvTjval Mod. B. Flor. 
U. et BtoUbftimuiM , nesd«iM, 
quid iflto elg faciendnm nU Sd^ 
hcet roi^ ovto diceri^iftevav «K 
superioriba» ia meote habeoA non 
videbat hic nen iam euodem, sed 
uiTun aliquem ez eodem numero 
desi^ri eomqii« &a did, qiuA 
de ploribos idem praedicari non 
posse videretor. 

E xi] ex Par. A. Tcn. C. a Bdb- 
keiro additam «t a Stallbaamio 
in eec i«oeptom eat, qnod iiti* 
qua illonuB libfonm anctoiiiati 
Uibu debet BeKqu eo carent. 

ttzTjrat,'^ dodgeiv} ijUyitxiu 
— Bqdacuv Yind. F. 

dnoTMviu] meoUvvat. idam. 
FiciBna hoc eom eex aaqoaotibaf 
perperam monjtor» iUiu» mm et 
' ■dmeocbleabeiilei 

nittTvn 9ucvMcHv tA oi$ fcaji- 
t^ai in fine periodi poat xa#'a- 
9vdwa% deaiderat, qnia doactm 
hand apte repeteretor. Contra 
Aatiua in comm. par(icipia,'qaae 
aemnnbir, ad ol6(ul^a refert et 
innnitiTomm loco peaita atatoil, 
iqnaai oX^ aa Uyowa idan ai- 
goificaM poaait, quod otfiai ae 
XifetVy atijaa, ut poaait, hie non 
ftitari jpotiDay ^qmm praaaeatfte 
tempona parlicipia popenda ftua- 
a^t Mihi haec partidpia ganuk- 
diorum Tim habm at appaaitio- 
nis moda ad TexbB vl ^fiasty i»- - 
ferenda Tidentort tMtiaailaieJiim 
UlM frawnfljiirna Mtaa ? mm 

pt interpretatoa ideeqna a Sto-' 
phano p. 2d. notataa aat 

haiQslav] Iroeiip/fltr Lob. Tind- 
BSF. Ang.B. TatBf. Gf. ToL L 
p. 137, a. Pro aigno intenrof^di 
Ald. Baa. ab* comma appodtaia 

«;] wd Baa. b. Idani ftor 
phanoa p. 2di mUI una mt cKaoH 
pkri" lagi agtendenn Toigataa 
pac^MHiit, a» taman watftda^ iofi^ 

omma tentimiio etc. T 

S' taog tfyowag] tfl spoal^ 
yowag Ten. C. Par. DK. Sh ^^ 
fta nQocliyowag Mon. B. et a 
BL §. Flor. U. d* htrj liyowag 
Tat B. In mar(^ Par. D. Id- 
yov acriptnm eat 

o^ToV] avvmv Tind. F, 

(lyiDytf(] dymva Ten. B. com 
editia apte Bekke 

9ti^o9if#€i]9»lo«o9ifo}Tind. 495 

*Oii'] JCai Baa. b. 
, 'Ooae] 5^ Par, A. Viud. R 
«f or Flor. AG. 

oivj om. Lob. TSnd. B. Tat 
BBi Fie. 

ifv] int Tera. a m. a. Tin^.F. 

ixiyofi^] Uyofi^ Tind. E. 
Tat tt Fkr. T. Cf. p. 491. B. 

a>9 — Swuf] om. Tiud. F.^ 

wl^aivd] 00. Fic 

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vHxta XQMov xwd xw iiKkB6uv Ix xov imtfi8evti(nog^ 
ual xa kiyoiuva aya»d , mXoikol xb xol n&6a ij xouai- 
xfi maQa67csvii; Ov yaQ, dH' OQ^fSgf Ig)!}» 2^z9^. 
Ovxo£ d^9 tlxop, J ^aviid^Uy oks»Q6g xs xal 8ia- 

B ^oQa xo6avxi] xt %(A xoutvt^ x^g fitXxl^xiig qw6tci>g 
slg xo aQUlxov Imx^SwfLa^ oUyfig %al alktag ytyvopir 
vfjg^ mg ^fmg fpaiUv. %al i% xovxan^ I17 xtSv dvdQov 
fud ot xd fttyi6xa %a»d iQyatoiiSvoi xdg %6ksig ylyvov- 
xa% %aX xovg lHuoxag , xal ol xdya»d , ot av xavxy 
xv%m6i ^ivxsg" 6i$i%Qd dl (pv6ig ovdlv iiiya ovdifcoxa 
ov8iva oHxB Uiokfp^ ovxb nokiv 8q^* ^Akrfik^xata^ ^ 

C A' og. Ovxoi fiiv 8^ ovtag hixbnovxBg, olg fuiki^a 

DK. MoiL B. Flor. U. xal vwSg 
IB^mtag Lob. rind. B. rat.BM. 
Yen. C. 

ol tdya^a'] ot tdy, Vat B. 
Ven. B. Par. D. oTt aya^a Ald. 
Bas. ab. o2 ra/. Stephanus, qao- 
cum Bekkenis Ang. B. Vat. HM. 
et Mon. B. consentire tradit; sed 
in Mon. ol ra dya&d legitiir , et 
oi mei omnes habent. 

o^ ctv] oTov Vind. F. o/ ehr 
Par. K. gec. Bekk. Ald. Bas. ab. 
unde Stephamu in m. coniecit ol 
▼el -f dv Tvztooi , Tovrj;. <^ 
matatione opiia non esse Astias 
docnit, recte Mnsam ynlgatao 
luuic declarans: tt qtd forte kmo 
iad 6ofmm ei virtutom) fenmtur» 
Minus recte Schleiennachems ; 
neqae Ficinas haec satis intelle- 
zisse videtnTy Terba %al ol ra- 
yod^dr usqiie ad ^viwBg ita inter- 
pretatas : 0(9110 item qui mmt et 
prtacrtw et eMtaiibM» bomormm kt- 



yivfitcu] Huic in Vind. F. int 
▼ers. a m. s. ys praescriptam. 

arr<al aixla Vind. KF. Par. 
DK. sec Bekk. 

TQonov] xQoeeov Ald. Baa. a. 
fr^o«« Bas. b. 

^»n7d£if/Mnro(y] iiKitriMpM'- 
xog; Steph. Bekk. StaUb. 

mlovxol] %hmA Vind. F. 

aaifomunrii ] 9etQemu4ri Ald. 
Bas. a. 

Ov] ov Mon. B. Ald. Bas. ab. 

yaoA yao;' Vind. E. ydq; 
Vind. B. 

dn] om. Fic. 

iioipf^oqd] tp^oqd Mon. B. 

roffovrn re %aL roiavnj] toUt 
ae tanta Fic rc om. Par. K& 

a(fiexov] do^uttov ante oorr. 
rmd. F. 

• Iffinf^ev/tia,] Perperam Ste- 
pbanus p. 23. conmia delendum 
eenset, ut inteUigamus yiyvofii- 
vfjg 6Uyfig slg v6 aQi&tov inttii' 
dBVfuz, Verba stg rd &qtetov 
htitiidiVfMi ad ols^Qog et Sia- 
ipd^oi^d referenda eeae quum ipso- 
rom collocatio ostendit, tum prae- 
positionis eig usus et significatio 

oUyrjg] om. Flor. T. 

xal aJlimg] admodam Fic. 

q>auiv] iisimu» idem. 

wxi vovg tduotag] om, Par. 

tpvoig] fpveeev Ang. B. 

iii^] om. Lob. Vind. B. Mon. 
B. Vat. BM. Ven. C. Par. DK. 
sec. Bekk. Flor. U. 

nifoaiq%H] 01S %(f. Lob. Vind. C 
B. Vat M. quod Terum putat 
Stalibaumius : y,eteDim yix ez an- 
teoadentibus rovro rd imvfjdtv- 
(uc oommoda hic r^atieris.'* Sa- 
ne yarba rov hmscBZv ix vov 
ixfVfiSevfusvog longtof 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



sr^oiJjjacst, ifmiw Tuzl otBl^ fpiXo6oq>lap iBbtoinBg avxol * 
TB piov ov fiQo6ipiovta ovd' dkfjtHj gStfc , t^ 91 S^mbq 
SQq)cm^v ^yy&ffSv &lkoi lxBi,6BM6vxBq dvditoi H^xv- 
jf&v XBjtai ovstdfi MQvijifaVy ola xal 6v q^g ivBidliBiv 
tovg ovBidltovxag , i&g ot ^pvovxBg' avxy ot ffiv ovdsvog^ 
ot di noXXol MoXXav naxAv aiiol il6$. Kal faQ oiv^ 
iqyrjf xa ys Xsyoiisva xavxa. Et%6x(og y*^ ^v d* iyA^ 
XsyofiBva. xa&oQmvxsg yoQ aXXo^ dv9QmMl6HO^ nsv^ vjv 
XaQav xavxffv yiyvoftivyvj xaXSv 61 dvoiidxayv xal 
%Q06xri{idxwv n§6t^, &6nsQ ot ix tidv stQyinmv slg id D 
tsQa dxodUSQd6xovxBg f a6i$Bvoi xa\ ovxot sx xAvts%vSv 
hmjiA^iV slg tj^v q>iXo60ipUtv ^ ot av xo$if4f&taxoi ov- 
tsg tvy%avm6i xbqX t6 avxAv tifff^iov, of^os yaQ dij ' 

aed nibil obstat, qno mi- 
n^B ez proxiiae seqaaittbas tpiXo^ 
cwpla buc referatar. Neqae ap- 
paret, car (uxXtsva e^ dicere ma- 
merit, qaam fjxma, Ficinae 
Ovroft asqae ad avvol V8 sic 
coBTertit: Cviii pUnque ad phi^ 
loBOpkandum naim'a idonei ah hoe 
studio dHorquemitirjpkilooophiQm^ 
que impetfeetam et deeolatam de- 

iBlnovTBg] iBut&PVBg Ven. C. 
XtnowBs (Par. DK.) Ald. Baa. a. 
Stepfa. Ast pr. eec. 

dlrfi^] dU»ii Ald. 

fvYfwSp} avyy, Yind. B. Flor. 

iusml^otfxsg 1 iiutaidvvsg 
Vind. B. 

9^Cl 9^ff Vind. F. coflraieaio- 
rahas rlc 

dl phf} ol filv oiv Vind. F. 

wu%mv\ xaXmv Vind. B. 

sial.'\ sialv. Bekkeraa. 

vcevva] roicrvTa Yind. B. In 
Vind. F. cnm sex seqaentibus ob 
hoiaoeoteleutoa ezcidit. 

y'] yfi Vind.B. Fior. ACRTV. 

yuQ aXXoi] yuQ ol oAXoi Vind. 
F. An^. B. Flor. R.^pro/ecto aUi 
plerique Fic. yaQ eev aXXoi Mon. 
B. Flor. U. BekJcerus et Stail- 

TtQoaxrfftavtav] Tiuiaeas lex. 
p. 221: ftifoax^fMx ' nffOKdXvftfta 
vov f}&ovg 9 ^ n^dtpaetg, qaorum 


neatmm ad nestmm locam qaa- 
drat, posterius ad Hipp. mai. 
286. A. hand ineptom "ndetar. 

ic Toro idem est, qnod uaXXd- 
xtcfta y quo nomine deciaratar a 
Tbema Maf . p. 758. Cf. Vol. I. 
p. 135 , b. 

^(fyftmv] si^Sv Par. K. 

iefuvoi] In Ald. Baa. ab. com- 
ma post aoftsvot , non ante id 

val oirro«] om. Fic. 

tijv] em. Vind. B. Vat H. 
Flor. V. 

o1 3v ] ot 8v Pftr. D. Ald. Bas. 
ab. ota com iitara Vind. F. 

wyxdveaot] wy%dvov0it Vind* 
F. 9ce(ftvvyzaveHft Leb. Vind. B. 
Vat BM. Veo. C. Par. DK. 

v6 a4vSv] etdv6 Pttr. DK. v6 
adv6 Lob. rmd. B. Vat. BM. 
Ven. C. vd avvmv Vind. BF. Ald. 
Bas. al^. non iditiose. 

vixptov] Ita Par. K. sec.Bip. 
Lob. Vind.BBF. Mon.B. vipdov 
ecfiti. Bekkernset StaHbaumias 
de codicibaA tacent. Cf. Balt- 
maanoe (p-amm. II. pag, 334. qui 
vsxvlov onias lod IKphili apod 
Athen. L. 11. p. 55. D. scriptnra 
▼nigata sads tutam liabere non 
debebat. Nanc et ibi vixv^ 
scribendnm ridetnr, ati scripsit 
Dindorfius, qoi de oodicibos et 
▼etwtis editionibas pariter atqne 
Schweigfaaeasenis vtzviov exhi- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


r L A T O N I S 

XQog fB tics HXliKg zifffag nabnQ ovvo> 7^f9ettcii6iig ipilo^ 
6oiplag td a^UDiut luyaloxQBxtiftBQov XilnBtah oti d^ iq^ii- 
fi«yo4 noXXol dtsisig fihr tag <pii6iigf v%6 dl tAv t^r 

bm tftcet , et Svetoo. Ner. 
c 40. tbtij^iop it&9€t yala t(fi' 
9ti pro TiilgatD tszviw re«tita-. 
eadion. Cetenim qiiod ouie ti- 
fifM in Mon. B. Flor. U. inter- 
poUitiim eft dtif qaod Bekkenu 
et Stalfbanmius recepemnty non 
magi* h. I. mihi genoinnm Tide- 
tnr, qnam L. U. p. 860. A. ant 
III. 397. B. nbi iidem ez cladem 
id scriptori obtrasemnt. 

«pdtf ysl fcifig t9 Vlnd» B» 
* Vat M. Ald. Baa. a. 

fttyaXoxQmi^BffOP ] ^sloir. 

ipUfUPot] kpd9fuP0iJJiL Ban. 

a^in Vind. F. deletvn: 

tB] 91 Vind. F. 

dnfuoP^pnSv ] tm9 d. Lob. 
Vind. B. Vai. M. &tifuov^a9 
.Vat. B. 
g ovyKotlacftiwn] ovyMMJleMyjti- 
pot Vat R Fler. ACV. ovpis- 
tlBifiiPOi Vind. B. ivyn&daafU* 
poi Par. A. Bekkems; qnem le- 
qni non dnbitaisem» ai t«1 nniia 
reliqiiomm eodioam acoedereti qno 
■unus scribae pottus. qnam fami- 
liML deberi boe £ rideretnr. . 

dnotB^^fifiiii ] ibsoTsOoi»* 
OfUpoi Meii.B. dnotaJ^f€rti9fUro$ 
Blephnnas ai m. nt Tnriam iectio- 
nem Imbet. Idem in Flor. U. 
exstase Tidetnr, quamqnam Stall- 
bnnmins eam leetionem in ntra- 
qno editione oum Bas. b. oommn- 
' nicaty quae dmoti^i^avftipoi ka- 
bet, nt Tideri possit hoc potius, 
qnam dftotad^faocfu seribere el 
in Flor. U. Bas. b. nperium ai^ 
^ai6mro Tolaisse. 8ed qnoniam 
ipae Barileensem posteriorem noa 
B>«|02. qttun priorem ant Aldi- 

Stepbanianamre ocnlis sais 
periastraTit, sed Astiam in ea- 
mm lectionibas mfoendis aecutus 
est, Astins antcm h. I. BasUeen- 
sem b. yy dxota&^fiivot (d%o- 
tB&Qovcfiivot, ? ) <« exhibere scri- 
psit (etiam Bipontini a«or»Oftt»- 

Cfiivoi ex illa editiime aitalerant) 
Stallbaamio irem inoertam ita 
definire placnity ut duotBd^^ccv- 
Ofiivoi^ qnod ez Fior. U. enota* 
tom Tlderet, etiam in Bas. b. 
legi denecneret Sed ea, nt &t, 
djcotB^QavfUvoi babet, et in 
Lob. super antepcnnltima Tuiga^ 
tae av oeriptnm cat. Utmmqan 
oj;, interpretatione Talfatae origi- 
nem dlicere Tidetur. Magis an- 
eeps iudiciom est de alia iectioiic» 
dnovBd^mfUvoi, quam StaUban- 
ouus in pr. ed. mar^nem Fior. 
A. in sec marginem Fior. U. ex- 
Ul>em didt^ qnamqne Timnons 
in ano oodion inTentam Ims in If- 
zico posoity p* 44: dnotBf^pvm- 
fUvoi' dmt^o^^DfUvoi. Bt^cu 6k 
%ata futmpo^v dnd tmv tt- 
O^pvoMT, ascs^ bIcIv ayova xoi 
£ypM( ipvtd, et p. 24S : x^s ^ 
«ffs dftotB^ooafUvoi' dvtl tov 
amiy^mfiivot %ak ayovot. Ad 
pciem Enhnkenius: ,,Cnm Ti' 
maeo ad Terbum congrait Lexi- 
oon SangnmL MS.<« (Bekkeri 
aneod. p. 437» 8 : datotBf^tfviBfU' 
VOQ' dnrjy^twfUvoe» Biontat. ,dl 
luetot fiBtatpoQav tijv «nrd vSv 
^vmvy &MB^ itfriv ayova wai 
&y(fia qnjtd. — d-^mv Bekkn- 
ras de Bnhnkenii oa ni ect M n sori- 
psit pro tB^Qvav , quod in oo* 
dice est.) „ At Snidas et ex eo 
ApostoUus ProTcrb. p. 4a lecont 
dxotB^^QtmfUvoi ct TcO^lmr, 
Aj^ostolius etiam Idzapa pro ipv- 
ra. JSandcm g^am sic sori- 
ptam Timaeo repetiit schoiia- 
stes Plalonis: dnotBe^fifiivof 
dnrjyifiiofUvot, Biffvitat natd /»- 
tawo^kv ti^v dnh tav ^^mv^ 
S iatt §otavfi Tig dytfla vai &- 
yovog.*^ Mihi non fit Tcriniule 
auctorem hnios . scholii oirore- 
^ffVfifUvot lcjgissey neqne ioso- 
lentia Terbi cut&&(fvovab'aty ant 
adinncto avyxBjdaofiivoty aut de- 
niane Philonis loco t9&ivftfUvov 
nal «arsaifdrog tcol aiaxiiatov 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



XV&^ XB w\ diiiuovQfiap &^Q tu ctoiiatm XBldfhiPtah 
ovtm «al tdg ifvxas 4vyKSuka4nipoi ta %al iuoti»Qv^^ E 
fftivoft dii tag /Snt/ixvd^as tvyiavov6iV. ^ ovu dpoynii; 

piov componentb tantniD effici 
mito, qQantum RQhnkenins, qat 
TimMnm monstro lectMius decapi 
se paMam miratnr. Quod antem 
Hemsterhosio interpretationem et 
procuratiooem nMmatri teotanti 
atqne dno^ovi}v60'cc$ nt dicoQ' 
vsova^aif anoUJ&ovts^ai y dno- 
9fiQiovif&ai enm did atatoeati» 
qm in utneeam ^tut el hi$emUem 
omnU boni naturam «uleliir, oe»" 
tra dnoTBQ^QviiiLiinfiP ipvxflv pro 
vB^QVfifiivriv non magis, qnam 
d^ractof nioret pro frae^oe {<^ 
renti RQhnkenina obiecit, dno- 
&'QvnTBa^ai pro d-QvnrBC^at non 
miniia dicere licaisfle, qnam dno- 
4kifavca^at pro ^QOvsod-aif et 
ai tamen displiceat» leiissima ma- 
tatione le^ posse dnotevgvfiivo$f 
aUHHt confeeti^ id qno iore 
egregie dispiitatam cootra Hem- 
sterhasiam dixerit StallbaamioSy 
non asseqaor, quum et praepoet'- 
tionis, aoa ille maxime offendo* 
bator 9 vu ab eo neglecta et ▼nl- 
gatae' patrodido deserto etiam 
nova lectio proposita sit. Quid 
qnod ne Toupium qaidem satis 
refellere RnbnKenius Tidetur, cu- 
ios inteipretationem lectioais dno- 
vs^ifViOftivoi emend. ia Soid. 
T. ni. p.l91. (p.467. ed. Lips.) 
ezhilntam : got «fMMw habent de- 
vmea» et in $erram mere iunei 
paLu9iri$ dedinatae propterea 
prorsus alienam pronnntMt, ^uo- 
aiam r^ aatnrae repagnet: lan- 
com enim tam rectam stare, at 
ne ▼eotomm qaVdem yi stemator. 
Yerom hoc, neooe Toupio inco- 
gnitnm ; sed is oe capite iunci ia 
terram prono cogitabat atque in- 
de metaphoram ductam statuebat. 
Parum sane probabiliter; sed eam 
ob caussam, quod capitis incli- 
niUio in ianco mioime iosigois 
nec taiie est, ut ideo animom 
deBissom hal>ens io iaocum mu- 
tatus dici possit Atqoe oamioo 
Q^voVf qpuuoTis &yovo9 et A- 

YQioVf quam neqae humi serpat, 
neque rigoris ant asperitads qoio- 
quam io se habeat, iiea £acilo 
▼erbo ad humilem aut inseosilem 
animum notandam idooeo, qoale 
hic roqolritary erigiaem dare po- 
tnit. Praeterea ▼alde mirom» 
qood, si Piato illos dnove^Qve»- 
fUvovg dixerat, aemo ooraoi, 
qoi ▼erbis Platenicis sao p e et 
multom otootar, ot Themistiuo 
et reliqui, hoc item nsorpa^it. 
Contra dnove^QvtfiUvot vag f^ 
2« 6 propria ▼erbi ^ifvnvuv fA 
praepositioms significaftiene sor- 
▼ata dici possoot ii, qoorom eO^ 
mis qoast arboribos cacomma do* 
fracta et ▼ires ad eniteodam oo- 
oessarioe debilitatae soot$ idqoo 
aiteri, evf%eKXaefUvo&f moito ma- 
gis Gomreiiire liqoet» Has igitur 
oh coossas dnovB^QVfif^ivoi sor- 
▼aodum pntavi. Idem Astio, qoi 
hi pr. ed. Tiomei lectlooem reco- 
perat, io sec et tert. placiut; 
sed qood io comm. ait dn6 io 
eompositione significare rei per- 
fectionem ▼ei oonrectionem, ideo- 
q^e dnovi^fvftfiivovg esse pror- 
sus seo penitas fractos seu con- 
fractos , qocmadmodom^ Ficimu 
interpretatos sit, noo animad^er- 
tit ad ea verba , cfaao primitiFam 
praepositionia sigmficatiooem ad- 
mittant^ traoslatiMn iUam adhiberi 
non posse, d^ifvnveiv t^abeok h. L 
000 ita dici, atLatioi /r«^ore 
DMtaphorice dicebant ( qoo seosa 
Stephanus io thesauro Tom. I. 
p. 1594. A. hnoc locum respiciens 
dnots&ffvfifiivov fraetum oeZicia» 
Iiuru eorruptumf moUem redditum 
et indfeeiUem , oeUit fractoe deH- 
eiis viree hdbentem interpretator) 
quod ab opiikibas et fiavixvaoig 
prorsus alieoom est. -^ Ficioo 
otrum avyuenlaafUvoi ao^ dno- 
vB^ifVfifiivoi eovfraeli ▼isi siot, 
non consUt: habet defreiei a^oe 
i?«(6l vrig Mon. B. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



adtovg UBiv d(fyfSQiOV x^6a(itivav xalxiag ipalaKgov 
aal 0pLi%QOv, VBa6%\ ^ ht dB^iuSv kalvfiivoVf iv fia- 
XavBtcp dh iBkovfiivov, vBOvgyov lfi<itu>v ix^vrog, iig 
wiig)lov xaQB^fuva6iiivov f iia XBvlav xal iQintlav %ov 
496 iBCMotov t^v ^h^YOxiQa (liXXovtog yafuCv} Ov xawj 
lyij, diaipiQBL. noV azta ovv Blxdg yBvvSiv tovg toiov- 
tovg; ov vothz wA fpavka; Ilolkii avayxti. Tl ii; tovgi74 

Pamtvalag] BoewtxcUig Vind. B. 

rvYxeh^ovotiPj vvyx<ivo9tsg M on. 
B. Plor. U. 

^l 17 Lob. 

OVK dvdynvf] o^nopdpiri Vind. 

o4p] om. Fic 

^aittMifov %al oiuKoov ] pwrvo 
ealooqiie idea. (paL wnfiatifov wd 
fii%QOv Vtnd. B. Hanc locDmresp^ 
zitThemistins ab Ast. laadatuf or. 
V. p. 64. C: vo^g tpccXcntffo^g ^h 
9uxl vo^bg xahiiag , vo^g iiuvk^B- 
ftipovg vS S$09tol9fi SifipapsvOsl-' 
&g, oif% inolBt niaviov 67jfuov(f^ 
yovg dvO^omivrig (laTtaiftovfivog, 
et or. XXr. p. 2i6. D: vl y&Q 
&XI0 iovlf nQ6g /Itog^ ti (id der- 
lendnm Tidetur) 6 xahtjevg kMtr- 
vog^ 6 fpaXa%o6g «cel Cfunpdgy 
6 ysotfrl vmv oBOptSv XsXvfiivogf 
6 v6 oeuv6v Ifidvtov nB^t^ifts- 
vog . fieXXtav intxBtQStv v^ ds- 

iv BttXavslip 6h XsXovfiivov] 
o». Vind. B. Vat. M. Pro pa- 
Xaveltp Vind. B* ante corr. fia- 
XiavUp habebat. 

vsov(^6v] Hmaeiu lox. p. 18$ : 
veovifyov * vemmii eUfyaoptivov. 
Bandem glossam Photios (Pors. 
p. 295, 21.) et Soidas a Rahn- 
kenio dtati exhibent. 

Ifi^vtov] Ifidvov Ald. 

naQeoxsvacftivov ] naqamtev' 
a6ftivov Bas. a. 

fiiXXowog yaftetv] (^*) m ma- 
irimonium siM contiaijni Fic. 
496 dtaq>i(fet] dtatpipeiv Ven. B. 
Vind. B. Vat. H. Flor. ACTV. 
differre exuiimo Fic. 

nof&vva] not* awa Vind. 
B. not* awa nuila interpunctione 

praeoedente Ald. Ilot awa Bas. 
ab. noldwa Loh« Vind. B. noi- 
dwa Vind. F. 

ovir] om. Vat. H. Pic 

vowvvovg;] votovvovg Ald. 
Bas. ab. 

di] 8al Par. A. Vat H. Flor. 

avv^] tt^vol Par. DK. Ang. 
B. Vat. H. Fhnr. ACR. Ald. Bas. 
ab. et cnm litura Vind. F. cto- 
votg Vind. B. 

fiijl om. Vind. E. Flor. ACT. 

%av dilav] Ktarailav Vind. 

«02:' ^rrtt 1 at •opm Lob. 
Vind. BBF. Bas. ab. 

dtavoijfiavd] PoUux L. H. 228: 
xttl dtavofjotgy eig UXdvtov, ual 
dtavorifiava, Cf. pag. 504. B. 
Tim. p. 71. B. 

do] ap* Vind. BF. 

ov% f&q] ovvmg Vmd. F. 

o^6\v] ov6l Vat. H« Flor. 

ov^^ tpqovi/ioemg &itov dXfjOi- 
vijg ixofisvov] ov6k w(f. &itov dg 
dX. ix» Ven. C ot^^ 9^. dX. dg 
aitovix. Vind. F. Flor. R. ovd^ 
tpjf, dX. aitov ix, Ang. B. nihU 
dignumj nihU mrudmiiiae verae 
eonveniens Fic Ficini anctoritate 
Stephanus in m. conieeit ovde 
&^tov ov8h tpQovijosmg dXrfi^tvrjg 
ix6fievoVy quibus Astius in pr. 
ed. iocum in contextu concessit. 
Idem in se«. et tert yeterem le- 
ctionem restituit, sed &itov in 
sec ut insitidum uncb incluAt, 
<|uod 8tallbaumius Imitatua e«t, 
in tert. suspectum sibi videri snb 
contextu demonstravit. Quum ro- 
ra sententaa pariter digno von 

igiti^edby VjOOQIC 



iva^ovs naUhv&i€$Sf SmP' aik§ ff2i|dMctwTS8 ifiMhi 

%ai i6iiu%; OQ ovi^ wg di^Sg XQO^iimnntt dM0v6ai 
6oq>i6fLata xal ovdiv y¥^6yov ovdl ^otj^0«<pg «(ibv 
dXfjd^w^S i%6fu»ov; iTavratflS^ fUv ovv;, ly^. naw6^ 

%ax* a^op 6(MXovvtw ipilo^Ofpl^ , ^ xov vmo 9>v}^ B 
sua$aiiiq>»iv f$vveSov %a\ tv te»Qaf^Uvov ^9og, dnoQlqL 

iBtdlicMitia atqoe ei 
dki pouit, qtudiii ntroqiie m^ 
miiie nmol appellatom a scriptera 
fltataamusT praesertim qaum oon- 
hmcta iiU esse neqaeat, msi ea 
dl^a est. Itaqoe &^tov apposi- 
tionU modo ad $x6(ji^ov referen- 
dom, ut xiUov ad iBlByfiivof 
Pofit. p. 280. B: dXX' ovx Iffr^ 
sa> TBXsoVy i naly tovto XtlB* 
vftivov, jeoXv ad ftyv6(ABvov Lec; 
L. I. pa^. 633. B: t6 xbqI t&g 
uanfteQT^asig tmv dXyijddviov xo^ 
16 noQ i^fthf yvjfvdfuvov, et n- 
milia luiad rara, eademqa» bre* 
iFitate Latioe dicere liceat miUI, 
fttod vera dignum inttUigentia 

ndvifiu%QOv] Ita Par. AD. 
ViBd. B. Mon. B. Vat BM. Ven. 
C Flor. U. nav CfUMQov .Lob. 
Par. K. Vind. F. xdw OfUMifoiv 
reliqai eodices, Ald« Bas. ab. 
Steph. Ast Formam a BeUcero 
receptam bis at Platoiiicam com» 
memorat Poliox L. lUI. 163. et 
L. VI. 163. Eadem ▼nisata est 
Leg. L. X. p. 903. C. et Theaet. 
pa{^. 174. B, pro nAfv Hfiaiifoc 
optuni codices ndvcfuxi^a exhi- 
bent, qood. Bekkeras merito prae- 

iiprpf iyci] hpri iv d' iyw Par. 
A. Vat H. iv d' iym Ven. B. 
. Yind. B. BeUams, Astins in 
' tert et StalllMiamius. Ilkd non 
innmtatun , (cf. p. 507. A. L. L 
p. 337. B. 341. D. HL 399. A. 
413. A. im. 425. B. 426. B. 
427. B. 436. D. 439. G.) sed ta- 
men aliqnanto carios, qoam boe, 
dtias in hoc cormmpi a librariis, 
^iam^ effingi ex eo potoit 

Xikfttas] MR. VcB.' B. n m. 

na^ dikcp} uatuileev Viiid. 

{ xov] ri nov com drcnmflexo B 
snper ^ Lob. ^ nov Vind. P. 
^jfov Ald. Steph. Ast 

vn6 9vyqs] i)ffroq?vy$9 Vind. 
B. . 

^ataXritp^hfliiMtaXHtp^ Vind. 
BF. Mon. B. Ang. B. Vat H. 
Flor. ACRTUV. Astias in sec, 
et Btallbaamtus in pr« ed. ^ 
olnnn ad philoiophtam (exibo) 
iiancttfcunfttr Fic In sec. Stall- 
banmins nataXrjtpdhf restitnit et 
secnndum C. Fr. Hermannum in- 
terpretatar ab estiUo d^cfcensps 
sen qnibus eouilinm aocidit, qno 
sensu ivfupoQ& dicatnr aUquem 
ttataXa^slv, Cni interpretationi 
non solnm vno tpvy^g, pro qno 
tpvy^ ponendam erat, sed etlam 
hoc obstat, quod huiosoe modi 
Tiro exsilium minime calamito- 
sum, sed opportunnm potius et 
faustum Tideri debet. Bquidem 
nataXafipdvsiv eadem stgmfica- 
tione, qua panllo post %€ctixfi.v 
dictum accipio et per exnlium re- 
tentos intelugo, oui, si in civitate 
mansissent , haud dubie philoso- 

Ehiam deseruissent, et oxymomm 
oc arbitror simUe ilU , qnod 
p. 485. B. notaTi. Ceterum xor- 
taXBup^lvy quod etiam Heusdio 
placuisse Geerius de polit. Plat 
p. 63. refert, non damno, modo 
ne vno com illo in dno mute- 
tnr , qna motatiDiie faeto es fv^a 

3er9t^ dicerentnr , qusm li» 
t>as exsiUnm relineiidae philo^ . 
sophiae camsam attnlerit, i^aso 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I S 

^ftiWQ^ s6A» %tttv luyHii ifvx^ ^vy xm\ at^id6a6a td 
t^^ 0iiX80g vMiQliji ' fiQox^ di ' %c4 ti nul dx' &3Jiiig 
^^P^ dMia^ at^($i6av Bfhpvlg hi avt^v av iMt». d^ 
d* Sp aal i tov ^pieeiQOv halfov BMoyovg %aJUvog olog 
aataOfiiXi»* aal yuQ BsiyBi %a fAif aiXa uavta scaQ^ 
Oamiaotai tCQog fo bauosiv ^fAloOo^plagf ii dl tov Om^ 
fmog voOotQOfla iMBlQyovOa avtov tm xoJUumSv 

tpvyilq %atuliUftHivu$ Jc xfi 
ipiXoeotpla did potaiMe Tideaii- 

ytryfftbv] Piimnm v Mon. B. 
int. vers. a m. •• habet. 

fikUoBopmae adotnU oooMpaUoM' 
hu$ Uberi Flc. — 8ia<pe(f6w€oip 
cam » aoper t Vat B. 

Tuxva qtvaip'} KazawvM Yuid. 

c/u%oa] fUHQa idem. 
ifvx^ 1 '^vin Vind. KF. 
vxe^iiji] vmQiSoi Lob. 

nov vt] rt 9ro« An^. B. YiBd» 
F. Fior. fL 
«^ffT £Ui7ff] 9tiin7ig Yiad. F. 

vixmjg] vix* futaXapovoa Ang. 

dTifidaav] dzifidaaaa Par. DK. 
Vind. F. Plor. U. Idem in Mon. 
B. acriptam, sed pundaa notatam ' 
fuit, quibus a m. s. deletis ulti- 
mae syllabae linea subiecta et in 
m. littera v pofltta est. Ficinus 
haec a pQaxv inde sic conyertit: 
ac muUo magU contemptit reU- 
auarum artium opifteiis. quo duce 
Stephanus p. 23. va ante df^ 
&XItjs inserendum et ante Bvqnthg 
hypofltlgmen ponendam , tcI etiam 
ncd v6 M aXlaq viruag diMalcog 
dviiidaav svqntlg^ legendum pu- 
tat. Frustra. Obiectum partici- 

rii dvuidaav nullo negotio e yer- 
is dx allTjg viivrjg petendum. 

^ c^ IX^»] Ante Astii sec «- 
WldiM scribebator, ^uod iiie ez 
oonieetara divistt, dlruamqiie le- 
gtar in V«i. B. Moik B. Ste- 

■baBos L c dvil/Oa walehnt, qiiod 
k Vind. B. Vat Sl «xstat. £•- 
Hqiii divilOo$ habeot. 

Ival(f0v] hiifov Bas. ab. 
%avaaxBlv] ^avdafl Vind. P. 
naffhayL^aavat ] lii eo tlof» 
fucrant Fic 

voaovpotpla ] AeHanns V. H. 
L. im. c 16: liYBt Sh wd iZUe* 
vmv vov BBaynv iptXoaotp^aag 9i 
ov9lv &lXo y rj Sid vijv vaaotoo* 
Vlctv, BifYovaa yu^ cevvov hdni 
vmv noXivtDutv awijXaasv siavov 
vfjg ao^Cag iffmva, 

o^x S^iov] ovB' 8J Vind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. mmc non d^oef 

. of^dtfrl] ov'dW Vind. F. C£ 
Apol. p. 17. B: ovrot /tkv aiv^ 
mavtf iym^ Xiymf 1} v^ tj ov9hv 
dXffilg s/^atfcv. in qnibaa Ter- 
ha ij vt ^ ^ndgo omissa er oodi" 
eibai optunis » inter qnes Lob. 
est, redniendk finsse Bekkerns 
sero intellexitk Siailiter iain He- 
rodotos L. m. c 14D: dvafiddn' 
%8 d'ij vtg fj ovSi^lg %m na^ ti^ 
fiiag ctvvmv, tnm Xenopbon et 
alii, qnos Vaidrenarins aignificn- 

ot yevofiBvoi nnl yaaadfuvoi] 
Ite Par. ADK. sec Bdek. Vind. 
P. Vat B. Ven. C. Flor. BU. 
et cam svo soper bvo Ltb. oi 
yBvofisvoi Ang. B. ol ysv6fuva€ 
Ven. B. a m. pr. ^'cnn^ gn- 
aUnU Fic ol yevofuvoi %ai ycv- 
adfisvoi reUqid codicea (Mon. B. 
in prioris pniticipii iittaais 
oorrectnB) et oditi omnea, ^ 
inter paaoas illoa ease 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



d^fmbif * q jrir^ «ov irm Jf/U^ igf cnid9vi tmv ifmQo^^w 
yiyovB. %al tomm¥ tfj tmv iilfmv ot yenofKim scol jrav* 
^afiwoiy 6g ^iv %€& fgttxafiw to mvfMCf m1 «Ar «oA^ 
iUiy oJ buttmg Idimg t^ lundmv^ %ai St$ ot/dslg o^ 
dlv ^tig mg iaog dmm mbqI ta twf MQitov XQottu^ 
oH^ i&tt Ivfifiaxog, fic»' ot09 t%g Uov hA ripf t^ i9f- H 
Moiip §o49uav 6dii(M* av, iU' S^iQ dg »fiQla £i^.. 

<[w HHi ettiriinlitf si^pitn -^^^ 
mini, qnoa tamen m» contigit, a 
giribiui proinie dimni MwerM 
■t q*i ccporiaiititr; «li, i&ynPiS* 
fMMfo* oodon poviiaMt, ^uo yav*» 
•ttftnro», et Bu dnloediiioni amr 
Titateinqiie experientet si^nfieet, 
nwn inter eos, qid quum mavime 
Tol identldeBi ezperiiintnr, et qnl 
aliqno temporo eiperti tHamt, tan- 
tnm dieorimen interoedit, nt prae» 
Mns irel erebra experientia rimnl 
cnm praeterita trilNnada eit ine» 
ritf Nonne gatie oft irel fleBei 
iHnd gUfltaMeV Itaqne ywopmwm 
prnetolit Aerum pnnoenMnmm»* 
\ relali^ sen qnibue oontigii 

inter eos refeni et partem 
fieri. 8ie Le«. U YL p. 754. Dt 
ol 9^ 9i) 7£ir6/Mrot eoifr kmzk xttl 
vi^Mrnovrtf. et supra L. IL p. d^IX 
A: Mv dyyiUnf ywMm, Na> 
que siiie canssa ric potins, qnam 
ovtoi dtj ol ^Uvoiy feV§€tft9f1H 
scriptnm est Bcilioet nen per se, 
sed diyino nnmine talea mcti et 
iHomm in numero eonstitnti nal^ 
ai faunrcSg] om. Fie. 

td ^ om. ^ar. K. 

n^attBt] nQcittot Lob. Vind. 
BB. Vat BHM. YeH. B. Flor. 

iati] Mti yind. P. ante corr. 
. i^fifiazog} soctttt aliqidi et ad- 
kitor Fic. 

Iii»* otov] iis^otov Vlnd. BP. 

D T^ tm dautim Bmfi^Bttiw] Prn 
niP fioii^Mcv ipo^&mai» Aid.) 
MoB. B. Par. DK. Flor. U. c^ 
forj/Mttf pm eip dnuxi^ 
omnes, ut ridetnr, oodioes 
editis vmr iaudav 

VM. W. «xesptii qd ni tMMte 
n ik pr. scriptnm et ir a m. sec 
int. Tors. «tnqne nddltam halwt. 
Guius fibri satis yetnsti et boni 
ancteritatcm secntns snm, qnin 
earam sigmficatiennm ^ onas Tut* 
gata habere poteot, nnUn aptat 
ea yero, qnae apta. est» Tnlntae 
non certo inesse ridetnr. Nam 
. fj t&v dttuUmv §oii^nu anzilinm 
est Tol a instis toI rebus in instis 
(cL Xen. Mem. n. 6, 25: rol^ 
ipiXotg td dhutta fiofj^elv') Tii 
contra iastes sen iusta (ef. Plat 
Gorg. p. 509. G : fiotj^iutv dsv 
%ioav tijv. xov Smi(fov uanov 

lUtt tqltV(V Tf)T TOV ToioOV) ii^ 

tam Tol ferendnm: insne toI hoN 
miiiibus toI rebns fermidDm ne» 
sdo aa Platooi qnidem seBi|>er 
flj Toifi iauttot/i aofi^^titt dicatar. 
Bie Qor^. p. SSt D: ti&gTi Y^ 
vtg ^o^exa iavt^ veoXlthug if* 
ftir tifioXoyrittu Ti^atiotfj ihm. 
Tbeaet. p. 168. C: t^ htaSQf 
tov Mif poiiQttaw. ^b. L p. 11& 
At tiqv Sifa iv t^ ftoXifup totg 
t^iXotg fitni^tutv^ Omnino Pla» 
tonsm lianc datiri stmctaram fror 
qnentcr asorpasse ad p. 493. ]>. 
abserratnm est; neqae ca, quaa 
MattUaa cramm. p. 681. eomma* 
moraTit, ti^ vmv JOsav ^ficttttf 
^ TOiH Osov iUrr^s^tt et slmilla 
hae dictloae comparari poa^ 
it^ qaam snbstantiTa illa noa 
sed rem toI statnm, 
at genitiTi . aoa ebiectum , sed 
^ssessorem tcI orminem slgnifi- 
cent, Geterum facfflame — «t in 
— av mntari ad p. 487. C. m»- 

i6bo$9'} Ofiiu tT yind. £. Ald. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


r L A T OW I s 

t^QMog ifoMiip oiStt iwadwM^ it^iXimf ovts txav6s 
wv dg 9&6%v offlotg &vtt%tW9 scqIp n x^v xoJiiv ^ 
q)Uiovg 6v^6aiy ngoaftoXoftivog Avmipsliqg ccvtS xb na\ 
t6ig aXloig av ytvottOf tavta udvta loyi6ii<S Xccpdv 
fflv%ittv l%m xol ta motov %qatxm^ olov \v xBifimvt 
TCovuHpilod m1 t^iig vao svtviunog ff^fOfihfov vx6 
t$i%tov iiMtagf dgmt tovg allovg xatamiiMafiivovg 
dvofUag iyak^^ tl m^ avtog ua^aQog diadag te xcel 
avoolav iQymv tov ta ivt^ddi piw fiUioetai xai trpf 
dMalKaYi[V avtov fLStd ttal^g Hxldog tkmg t$ scol e^ 

rov €ip6d^ dXlisaOai. %cA t^ 
altnfpog 6 0(p69(fa nXovffwg. Ilo^ 
hx%i(f otov itf xstfiap$ v%6 »o- 
VUHfVOV JCftl t^&lfj^ vwo wvs6(»u- 
vog iptQOfUvov vnovslxiov 4hfo^ 
crdg, Badem fere 8uida# balM 
in tctXffy quae in ed. Basil.^ita 
scriptaaaat; Zulfjv, fuy dlfjv ala. 
dno vov Ofp69^a dXiieaO-ttu vak 
tdnXowos, 6 CfpoBga nl/ovotog. 
nXdxmv noXtxBla. ofov iv XBiftmvt 
dno .vovto^ov y %al tdXtjg vno 
nvsv/iaxog tptifOfUvov ^n6 xsixa 
'vnoaxdg. Longiiia a nostrifl oo^ 
dbiu et a Teritate diaoedit llie- 
nuatina or. VHI. p. 104^ C. honc 
locum ita laudans: SonBoiv £a- 
Xv xovtooxifv f tprjci» 6 hXdxmvy 
vn6 nvsvfutxog tpsifoftivov oifSv- 
vsg xo^g dXXitvg vaxttntunXtttti- 
«roos ddixiag xs ital dvoftmv iif- 
ywv cnlrol indvxBg vno xstxiov 
x6 y^ fi^ xd avxd na&Hv votg 
TUiTXotg niifdog iqy^oovxau Lon- 
giasime Tero Maximns Tyr. diM. 
V. p. 34. Steph. (XXI. p. 416. 
Itv^s.) ovwnooxauig ^ walv 6 
Hantfdxrig^ vnb x6 xeixLov xovg 
SXXovg oqS idXfi %aX dfirixavUf 
%v%mftivovg, Fionus baec oltiv 
— tpBifOftivov pamm accurate in- 
terpretatus est : ac velut m pro^ 
cetfa, dam ct furho agitahtr et 
venti perHant et offuftditur pvl- 
vere coctitm. tdXrj hic imbrem 
significat yento agibatamt ftsxit 
Bpifiqov nvo^Vy ut est apud He- 
sychiamy cuitis prima eiplicatioy 
ovaxQoail dviftmv ftsydXmv (jts- 
ydXfi deXXa Photii) ad altennn 
Piatonb loonn Tim. pag. 48. G. 

ifiatBOs^] katsa^ Vind. B. 

a/ff) xolg Par. DK. et, ut ri- 
detar, Fior.T. (|nem Stallbaaniins 
in pr. huxvhg av naatv oum Par. 
K. exldbere tradit 

ni(occnoX6fisvi}g ] iK^oosnroXd- 
fuvog Yind. EF. Fior. AC. 

ttvx^] a^. Lob. Vind. EF. 

y^otro,] In -editaonibus ante 
Bddcemm plenius hic interpuogi- 
tnr, BeUcems autem, quem^ Stali- 
Imnmius et iLstias secuti sont, 
oonmaii linMm abruptae constcu- 
olionis indicem addioitb Sed nn« 
meri mutatio proximis tam est 
aooommodata, nt omnia 
tenore prooedere Tideantar/ 

lu§€av] Xafiovxsg Flor. R. Xa- 
fisMfxBg Ang. B. XaSmv, snp. a 
m. s. orrcff, Vind. F. Bimiliter 
in sequentibus irovxsgy n^dxxov^ 
rcff, o^i^Sff, ayanaatv et av- 
rol ftaOtcQol Flor. R. ivnvxsgy 
nffdxxeivxig 9 oifiovxBgy dyanS' 
aiv cum a super penultima, av- 
rolg et %€cxaifolg ooniunctis utris- 
que lectionibus An^.^ B. tnfxsg 
super nltinris pardapiorum ijt<or 
et ftifdxxoiVy vxsg super ultima 
in v«ooTC^9, (pro quo vnoaxd- 
aetg in Flor. R. scriptom esse di- 
Gitur) xBg super nltinm in oifwv, 
Ui&atv super dycataj ot et ol 
•oper txvxhg et fuJ&a^hg Vind. 
F. a m. s. habet, elfc Fidnus quo- 
que ubique plnralem loco singu- 
laris posuit. 

avxov] av. Lob.- Vind. BF. 
Ald. Bas. ab. 

t^^fjg] Photius Pors. pag. 44. 
UpB. tdln ' f*^n «^eUo. dnh 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ai^ dioMQtt^aiuvog tMoUUmo^to. Oidi ft^ dmoPj %m 497 
I$fyi4ta, ^3} TvxaJv %o3U%Bl€tg ufo4iptov^* Iv ydff 
%Qo4ipcovOy ixitog vc it&kkov avl^69tai %ai fistd tmv 
Idtiov tit -xowa 4fa>tfa. To likv ovv t^ 0pilo4oq>lag iv 
ivma diafioX^v akijfpBf 9cai oti ov duudmgy ifiol fihv 
doifBt iietQlag €^^<fdai, bI fu} fc' SUo kiyug ti ^. 
^AUl ovdiv, ^ d* og\ Ir» iifo xbqI tovtov' aiJid tijv 
%Q06^uov6av avt^ ttva t£v vvv kiyBig noJutnmv; 
Ovd' ^vuvaovv , ilxov , dild tovto «al htawMjkai^ B 

ftpposita est^ qQfim port noftmm 

lattdant Soidas et PhotiiM« zctla- 

ifl9y qnod Astios in sec. pro £«- 

Z979 h. 1. sGribonduin ooniiciobAt, 

merito ia tert. ed. non itermn 
^proposuity neqne idhfi ita inteUi- 
*gendum est, qood StaHbanmins 

statnere Tidetar, qui Astio elos- 

sam leKid Coislin. obiidt: iulfi* 

lono ffvfvfutvog] i^«o«yev/Mr- 
Tog Yind» E. 
in6 wziov] vnovBixlop idem. 

v%6 vbIx^ov Vind. F. a m. pr. 
vn6 TOizlov Mon. B. Flor. U. 
nUra pmrieUs Fic 

««otfrorg] Ita Par.A. Yind. 
Basilias ioco ab Astio oomm. p. 544^ 
relato. crdg Fior.V. vvo^ag re- 
liqni cum edit. ante BekiLerum. 
tvti permanent Fic. ^ Cf. Polit 
p. 272. £ : sig v^p etvtov w^m»- 
fnjv dnicTfi. Bjrmpos. 175. B: 
kvLoftB dnoCTag 8noi 3v vvxfjf 
ioTTiiuv. Vfd. Schaefems ad He- 
cnbam Porsoni Lips. 1824. p. 61. 
sq. Badem significatione Latini 
o&stttere dicont. Sic ^lantns alibi 
et Mil. II. 2, 46: tlivc ni «ide, 
yiew o dma rf um o&ttittt. 
E vov TB ivd-d8e§iov] om. Fic 

fiim4ET€u] ^MiaovTat Fior. R. 
et, snp. 8» Ang. B. In Viad.F. 
ov snper e a m. s. scriptum est 

a^TOy] ctvrdv Fior. R. et, 
sop. o«i An^. B. «t^ovy sup. a 
m. s. m», Vmd. F. 

tlBdg] Vind. F. sm a m. sec 
sii|^ »g iiabet;^ item tZg soper 
uiama nominis ivfuvifg. 

dnaHditvcu ] dnaVid^ovTai 
Flor. R. et, snp. e, Ang. B. 
dnaXldi$Taiy sup. ovy Yind. F. 

av] om. Lob. Vind. BB. Ven. 
B. Vat. HM. Flor. ACTV. 

dnalXdTTOtTO. Ovdi] dnaX" 497 
IdTTOiTO. ovSi Ald. dnaXldT- 
TOiTOj oddi Bas. ab. 

«rvCi/tfcvc»] pn^/lm€t emteaUl- 
fiie Fic 

^Tc^ TO«r idimp Tet xonvu ] It» ' 
Par. AK. see. Belclc. et corr. in 
^d D. Vind. i^. Mon. B. Ang. 
B. Flar. RU. et maig o A. et a 
m. pr. Ven. C. t^ t&v Idiw t& 
notva Ald. Bas. ab. xit twv idimv 
nal rc^ tiSv %ot)v£v Lob. Vind. 
B£. Vat BHM. Ven. B. Fier. 
ACrV. vd t£v idimv wd xd wotr 
vd Steph. Ast pr. sec 

ifkol] ifiot Vud. F. 

s^^at,] tiifii^au Bas. ab. 
Beklc ti^^at' Steph. 

Ir'l Jki, Lob. Vind. BB. 

rovrov] rovro Vind. F. 

ftvri] avTolg Lob. Vind. Bl^ 
Vat BHM. Ven. 0. Ang. B. pAi- 
lotopAis Fic. avt^g Ald. Bas. ab. 
qnod Stephanvm ex coaiectnra 
correxisse eius annotatio p. 23. 
docety in qna dnbitat', utram 
€tvT^f m avTOig secnndnm Fici- 
nnm scribendum sit 

Tiva] Tivot Vind. F. 

Tmv] rijg Par, K. 

nohxtuov ; ] nolitttmv. Ald. 
Steph. • ^ 

^vttvaovv] ijvTiv* ovv Vind. B 
F. Ang. B. ijWit^' ovv Flor. R. 

dXiM-^inmfidmtitdtmvC.] ok- 



. . aotpov ^pv6$ms ' dfto nai OtQiqMihd zb moL dXXowv09ai 
avtijVf S6mQ ^BvlM/iv Cniiffia iv yy ally dwi^ftavov 
iiftfiXav ilg to btixwQtov ^ftXsi %Qa^ov{iavov Uvai, otkm 
aal tovto to yivog vvv phf ovh X^ihv vi^ aiitov dtf- 
vaiiiVf akk' dg dUHtQiov ^%og inMtMBtiv* hl Sklippgtm 

C ti^ iQlavfiv woXmiav^ S6x$q koI aito oQtOtov hftij 
t6ts IhiXmau, 8n toiko fiiv ttp om &Biov ijv, td dl 

oeipnt SMaeaf iem. XXXXL 
p. 259. am. Trinc. 

rcoyl vijv Par. K. Stob. exce- 
pto God. A. secandum qum Gak- 
fordius tmv •cripsit. 

iutTdovaaiv -^ d»o] Kcndara 
8i6y omiBsiB mediisy Ang. B. 

manBqi] tityue ¥ic Et xal ahte 
noKBQ in«ereBdiim coiuedt in ni« 
Stephanns. Contra Stallbanmiui 
faaec appoaitionis modo addita 
oenset et colo a praeoedentibvs 
distingnit, qnae ratio «libi iniri 
potest, boic loco propter maio- 
rem sequentiam amDitnm, praed- 
pue Tero pronter iilnd iihf poit 
vvvy qood neinceps dicendii i»* 
tentmn magis, qaain antea diot»» 
, mm explicationem moKeatem an»r 
nmm procUt) non oenvenit. maxs^ 
arte enm praeoedentibos oolmercii 
minns arte ovvo, sed ita, nt ae 
hoc qnidem pleiuorem interpnn- 
otion«m adnuttat Refertv eaim 
ad Saxsify non «liter ac ai id 
nnilo cum snperioribos nera oon- 
iunctnm , sed ipsina advmrbii de- 
monstratiTi oanssa positnm esaet; 
mae negii^entia sermonem find- 
liarem band dedecet et ia faif 
dialogif freqnentissima eft 

yjf] T^ Mnd. F. 

iiltfiXw] iiivtXoi^ iden. 

v6 yhog ] ro om. Tind. B. 

tcxuv ] tc%09j omissa post ^tf- 
vuiuv partBoiia ilU% fiitolMeas 
(exoepto cod. A. qni tcrifp et 
«lU' habet) et editt aate BdUce- 
nmi, mi da Ven , B. tacet, reii- 
qves inMMiviBa et 

liabere testatnr. Aoeednnt liia 
Florentini meiqae omnes. Bipoa- 
tini ez Par. K. tantmn t^av^ 
non etiam cuU' enotayenint. Fi* 
dnus taxw iegisse ▼ideCnr : ita 
et faoc g«mtf, prc|Miammc «nwa- 
9a etrMe « in oltciiam «pecioHi 
pemnitnter, Neqne Astins ia tart. 
ed. Bekfaenun ieqni ▼olnit. 

ovrov] av. Lob. Tind. EF. 

^Ox>q] Ita Par. A. Vmi. C 
Vind. F. Ang. B. Stob. ood. A. 
Reliqoi cedices cnm editis ^09 
iiabenty qnod satis iMMiam et ad 
yhoi magM aocommodatom videri 
non nego. 8ed tamen philoaepfaa 
indoles, quamria retinere Tim ac 
iirtntem snam. neqoeat, mmqnnm 
Ha mntari potest, nt in a&id ge- 
iins aiiamqne natnram 
non magis, qnam ex aemine 1 

grino indigenae piantae snecies 
proTenit. Itaqne nlg dXlovQiov 
M09 iwthneMf non proprie di- 
cetnr, sed metaplmrice, in alieni 
neneris aimiiitadinflm al^fae; atqae 
id ipsnm proprie dictum est ttg 
dllovQiMf iqO^g hmitmtPy n sni 
feneris more desciscere et ali»» 
nnm indnere. Cetemm Bndaens 
comm. p. 745. ed. Bas&L 1556. 
bnnc iocnm landans nesde qna 
«nctoritate tig dUov^iov Mog 
T^ff 9KoUrs^( htmtMtu scripsit, 
qnod pronms faMptnm est additn- 

jNir/xccisr] hmimu Lok Vfaid. 

BB, Vat BHM. Ven. BC. Fler. 

rofa] «ote 8tob. ood. A. C 
iAv] fLh w Par. K. Ait pr. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS Lia VI. 497 


alXa ttpl^QmuvKf ta «a rwt^ fp66$np ual xmv^hntiffitvL 
IMtttmv* dqflog iij ovv dy Sti fimi Tovro l^ijtfe», ttg . 
etvr^ 17 «oAtrt^a. Oi}j( lytr^ig, fgn^* tv ya^ tavto Iftalr 
Aov, dAA' d aikrif ^ ^^91^ dtsifjlv^aii^v oUdiovtig 
r^ noXiVj ^ £Ui7. TA ^h» aUM, ^v i' iyo, m^* 
Tovro dh avvo i|^^9}0q ftb^ scal r<(v0 , ot» dc^tfoi m a«l 
hmtvai iv ty swUsft Aofw %^ rqg MohtUaq tov avtov^ D 
Sm»^ 9Mtl ifv, 6 ffOftoAlTfg, %0M^ rotif vifkovg iti»$^ 

rm Sm] T»4^i l^od. & 

del om. idcBi. 

jcai rcov] xcfl rc? Tcoy Vind. 
BP. Par. DK. Ang. B. ilor. R. 
Ast. sec 

d^ ovv] oiitem Fk:. 

(ux^ TOVTo] fiercnrovTO Viiid. 

iffifMl Ita Par. A. Ven. C. «t 
a m. pr. Vind. F, Reliqiii mei 
(et Bekkeriani) com editia ante 
Aatinm ti^o^, 

Ov% Myvmq] wS* lyvtD , addita 
a m. a. g, Mon. B. ov% iyvofv 
Vind. K.^ Flor. ACT. ovx fycoyj, 
in m. alXa£' ovn iyvav, Klor. 
R. aiXov oJx }Iyvo»v ovx iymy 
Ang. B. In Vind. F. fyvoDS a 
m. a. in &<Dy£ mntatum est. 

ilAsXlov] iiiiislXov Ald. 

#/1 ^ Vmd. B. Vat M. 

avvrj) Ita Par. A. «vn) Ven. 
C. at;^i7 reliqni editionesqne ante 
Bekkemm , qnod mnlto «st dete- 
rins. Et ovTij in reBponilone 
cgt^ ♦ 

nv] 17V Lob. 

iHa] &U& Aid. 

miTij — * hAcu^i tm. Moo. B. 
Par. DK. Flor. U. Pdo mSvn 
ViAd. E. oMi hab«t 

ofdxh] o». Fie. 

ro'T«] Videtnr L. im. p. 4^ 

E. res^d. 

a«7tfo>] Ita Par. A. Viiid. P. 
VA. C. Aa^. B. Flor. R. Bek- 
Inras, Aftios in tertia et Stall- 
banmiua in sec. ed. Ceteri tfoif* 

hfOimil %v dvm ¥at.K ToA 

F. Ang. B. 

it^ tiH\ ijcovw tfg Par.lML 
Mon. B. fjroyy T^ff Vind. F. ante 
corr. ix^^'9 Vind. B. xrjg Vat 

ffyirs^] ofoarfi^ Vind. F. Ang. D 

hiJ^Big] lT/6i7ff Par« K. Bek- 
kenia et in tert. Aatins. Baiidem . 
Ibmam optimo iore BoklEonM 
L. Vn. p. 528. D. leadtBii et 
Gof g. p. 500. B. ndgati hl»ow 
lo€o seonndnm moliores oodioea» 
qnibus Lob. Vind. G. et hi^Miv 
exhibentes Flor. FP. 
hi/fhiv seripsit. Sod Mei 
p. Sd6. B. awtvU^ aon ^eCar 
cmn awtvUhi , qnod Par. EP. et 
ft m. pr. Ven. B. babenl, perm»- 
taadam, multo Toro minns'^^0«» 
Log. L63aE.et6SLA.oon- 
Ira ooyies «odioes teteresqoe odi* 
tiones oorrigendnm <mfse, qnod 
Bekkeri «xon;|ilo Mt StaUba». 
hi^ rino Mta in conteite 
et tamen in BleneMao 
ovPBti/^H rotinens. Eodom modo 
siatneadnm de 1^9x^4 Lya. p. iSSL 
B. pro quo Bekkeras ex oonio- 
etnra soripsit ifq>/i7, et de kpim. 
Lacb. p. 183. S. enkn ti — '- 
tionsm intaotam rebqnit, 
seenndom Ven. B. Par. 6. 
et ifittwfmi» edidit. Hnod 
ad i^4«ir attinet, qnod Bn%d. 
p. m A. WMM Aim. CL Mici»* 
ritate Bekksras in ^^ mvta* 
Ht, ratEoaes aBnttmanno gramm. 
L p. 54S. ad Tnlgatam defendeiH 
dam allatas probare non p 
e^ Td sina codloo if^^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



'Bf^fi^fl yiQf ^- '-^^' <fvx Ixavmgf sbw, idi^Aai^, 
q>6fiq^ 'mv vf^dig dvnkaftfimuofusvoi d^lsMotB itccjtQav 
ual %aXt%iiv avxw t^ dxodsi^f iml »al t6 lotxop 
ov advtmg fftftov ihsXl^slv. To xoiov; Tlva tQoxov 
fiStaxBiQiioiiivij xokig fpiXo0Oiplav ov dioXsitai. td fdg 
' d^ iisydXa xdvta btutqjaX^^^ xal, t6 ^ofisvoVf td xtxXd 
E tip Svu xaisxd. ^AIX* ofuogj Sq»jj Xccfik& tiXog ^ dxo- 
dsi^ig tovtov g)avsQOV ysvoiaivov, Ov vo /iij fioiiXsatatj 
^v 6* lydj dXX* slnsQy to (i^ dvva69ai duaiwXv6si' 
xaQ&v Sk tiqv y l^rj/v nQO%vpiav efcfg* Moorsi Sk %€& 
vvVy wg «Qo9vii&g %al naQaxivdvvsvtixSg piXXa Xi- 
ysiVj 8ti tovvavtlovj ^ vvv 5st tov iitmidsvfiatog 
xovtov scoXiv axtB09ai. IlSg; Nvv (isvy ^v A' iya^ 




i8rjltD4hj] om. 
DK. Flor. tJ. 

vfistg] i^fiBBg Lob. 
Ald. Bas. ab. Idem ia 
ante oosrccdoaem erat. 

Kixl^l^ttXaaE^y] pdst avrov Par. 

dTf^Ssi^iv y] dnodBtitv, Ald. 
Baa. ab. Stepb. 

%ai] om. Fic. 

ntmmg] Bekkenui ndwanf re- 
qnirit Coatra Stajlbavmina ndv^ 
vng hic simiiiter^cum superlatiTe 
iuoctum monet, ut duttpsqovtmg 
Tfan. p. 93* C. et «dw quibaa- 
dam Lu«aai loda. Non opua est 
ezempHs , ut %dv%mg paavov 
onnino et omnibua modis fadUi- 
miim did potaiMe demonstvetaf . 
Qoo enim alio modo dioerent9 
Neque ilhid metuendom, ne res, 
quae omaino faoiUima esse oy^ 
tar, partim ^ase fadUima afnr- 
mari videatur. Nam eadem mo- 
deratione ol^ %dvtmg 6a(no9 di- 
cebant, qua ot^ %d9v ^dtop* 

a] om. Vind. B. 
Tud^ Tiu Swi xaJMd 1 O^ 
•choliastes ad Cratyl. p. 384. A. 
qvl in Civitate qnoqae hoc prcH 
Terbio usam Platonem animadTer- 
tit Usus est iam supra L. HII. 
p. 435. C. — rmorrf— Vind. B. 
BbtBg, ] Comma Astius in seo. 
paaendtBUi ostendit. Anlea dee- 

Mon. B. Par. rd ] roo Vind. F. zm to Ang. 


6uaimXvoei'J wdIvoh Mon. B. 
Flor. U. Par. K. sec. Bip. 

/ if^^v] y« f^V^ Vind. F. Ald. 
Bas. ab. 

t%] BtoBi Vind. F. Flor. R. 
et, sup. Tj , Ang. B. com recen- 

axonBL] oitottri Vind. B. 

S\] age Fic. 

fllo^Vind. E. 

noXiv] Ita Par. ADK. Lob. 
Vind. BEF. Vat. M. et fortasse 
a ro. pr. B. Ven. C. Ang. B. 
Mon. B. Flor. ACRTUV. yedXtv 
Ven. B. Vat. H. (et a m. s. B.) 
jMd gns. ab. Steph. qbod frostra 
tderi conatqs est Grossmamius, 
theologiis Lipsiensis, vir prae- 
stantissimos , epistolae ad BAat- 
thiaeuraetRaroshomium Altenbur- 

£IIL Kal. Febr. MDCCCXXVn. 
tae p. 7. 

SntBae^ai] pii anv. Vind. B. 

Nvv filv ] Porro mmc ¥*ic. 

ol] of Bas. b. bI Ang. B. Fbr. 
R. Vind. E. et a m. s. F. 

Kttl ] punctis notatum in Mon. 
B. offi. Fio. 

td fisrcrl^] rofwra£^ LAi.496 
Vind. B. et a m. s. B. Ald. 

otxovofUag] oinovofUag te Ven. 
B. Ald. Bns. ab. Stgph. Ast. U- 
ceatibas de Par. K. Bip. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



ol xai ianifi^oi ^uqAuui &vtm S^ti ht ntMm t6 fis- 498 
tvJ^ olxovofUag xal pffnuaMfuri} MktiCM&lKvttg mitov 
t^XaX^Mutat^oMaUiittovtiu, ot ^iXo&o^pdtatoi mowv- 
fufvoi* Xiy& il %almdtatov t6 mbqI tw^ Xiyovg* iv 
di t^ tMHta y idv nal aXXmv votito MQ€m6vt(ov uoqo^ 
HoXwvfuvoi a^HuHHv aitQoatalylyvB^aif /uydXa tffwv^ 
taiy MaQSQyov oUfOvoi avto SbSv XQattwv Mgig ih to 
yiJQag hctog 8ij tiveav oXlfmv aMoOfiiwwt€U moXv ftaX" 
Xov Tov 'HffauXsitslov ^Xlov, S€ov av9ig odn i^aMtov- B 
»4. ^$Z 91 jvog; Sqn/. nSv toihavttov * fLiiQdMa f^ 
ovta xal Maidag f^iQoamidii na^ddav xcA ^iXaCo^lav 
lfMax$iQliBMai tmv t$ 6mfLdta»v f iv 9 fiXaatdvu ta 
xal dvdQOvtaif 9& fidXa iMifttX%i6&ai 9 vxfjQtatav 91^0- 

. avTOv} a^6 Par.K. In Ang, 

B. <o super ov positnm. 
XaXenmvdTtp] Hoc in texta per 

oompendiom «criptom in Mon. B. 
sed in m. adscripto %(itlsx(6t€ctov 
explicatam est. 

d-KuXldtxwxtu ] fmdo poti 
diBeedmt Fic. Regpicere debe- 
bat fkBHfdiMx ovtu* 

0% fpilooofpmtatoi noiov(Uf»oC\ 
ol fpiXoootpcivcetcc nou Vind. B. 
etMM» qui aapienUoB apprime ftu^ 
dioti fore egittimaniwr Flc. Pro 
noiOVfMTOi Astins in aec ^o«ov- 
(uvot coniecity caio9 significaiio- 
nem iUnd h. 1. ut L. YH. p. 538. 

C. (^ttSv aXXav Ttoiovfiivmv ol" 
%dM) et VnU. 573. B. (ixil^ 
lUag Tcoiovnivag XQvietag) habere 
Tidetnr. Nam fieri fpiXocoipt&ta^ 
roi, ut StallbaamiaB interpreta- 
tur, dnm phihMophiae yaledicanti 
non amplias poasont, Cf, Paaso- 
▼ii lexioon in noisZv 3 , b. 

vq^s] om. Mon. B. 

%al] om. Fic Male Stephanua 
et Aatina in pr. et aec. oomma 
antepo«uerant ictv 7ud i^iXa^nv 
coniongenda sont. 

yIyvm&cu] yiv, Vind. B. 

Tljovvtai] ijyo^fisvoA Yen. B. 
Flor. V. Conmrina ed. p. 100. 
TJyovvtai in dyalovtui yel a^ 
vovvtut, mataQdam oensebat, ^uaa 
coniectaraa Stephanna p. 9S. mre 

Platohis Op. n. 

&KOoQivvvvtai'\ dnocpiwvtM 
Vind. F. Flor, R. 

noXv fucXXov tov 'HifOitXutil' 
ov] fucXXov noX^ tov nQtxKleltov ■ 
iidem et Aag. B. noXXi etc Ald.' 

otfxj oi^z ^^ *• B 

Ilav tovvuvtiov'] om. Vind. B. 
Vat M. Bekkerut et StaUban- 
raiua interpanctione fnblata ae- . 
miendbaa naeo iangant, cui ra- 
tioni fikv adyersatur. Bgo ,pro 
poncto priorum oolon cam Aatio 

naldttg] natdsgf sup. ug, Ycn. 

fptXocofplav] oo^/oy* Tind. F. 
Ang. B. 

tiSv ts cmftute»v] tmv 91 o. 
Tind. F. Non aliter scriptam 
yidetur in Flor. R. de qno Stall- 
banmios ita: tcSv dh oc9fidtc»v] 
ts Flor. R. 

uvdoovtctt] Ita omnes codices 
ono Ven. B. excepto, qui cnm 
Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. (tacentiba$ 
Bip.) ttd(fovtui habet, quod a 
Bekkero senratam Aatius qooqne 
in tert. ed. et Stallbaamias ser« 
▼arunt Quura haec omnia ad 
pueros spectenty corpora eorom 
adoiescentia «(vd^ovo^aidicij^osae 
▼identur» h. e. virilia et ▼inli ro- 
bore praedita fieri. Neque pro» 
pterea, qnod allbi fare honune» 
ipsi dvd^fABVoi, uvdqo^^ivtsg, 


igitized by V3OOQ lC 


r L A T O N I S 

6oq>la HvmiAivovg' m^o^v0fig dl %^g ^Xwlag^ ^vi 
ifvxil xBXBioiSe^mi. Sqx^^^9 inmlPSiP ti imhtig yvfivd* 
C 6ia' Stccv ii Xi^yy fili^ 17 ^c^fti;, noXiuxmv ik m44 ^xqu' 
tsimv iMog ylyvritai^ t6xB fiSfi dgyivovg viiisotai 9ui 
pLijiiv SXko nQdxtSiV, jrri ft^ «aQSQyoVy tovg fiiXXovtmg^ 
svSaiitovag fiidssff^ai xal tsXsvxiioavtag t^ ^m upi7S 
Ps^imidvtp xijv iHsl fiolQav btiOtij&eiv fCQimv6av, '^ 
aXri^iSg pLOt doxstgj Iqpi/, Xiysiv ys nQO^viimg, m £0»- 
XQtctsg* offittt fiivtov tovg noXXovg tmv dxov6vtmv 
XQo9vn6tsQOv Iti dvt$t6lvsiv ovi' ixmouovv msiaofit' 

^ifd^9fftipoi y i^avdifovfiipot etc. 
«pp«Uari Aolwit, Teluti Eudp. 
Herc. far. 42. Phoen. 32. SuppL 
713. Arbtoph. Eq. 1233. Hero- 
dot I. 123. nn. 10. 155. V. 92, 
19. VI. 52, 9. Aristot. Eth. Nic. 
X. 9, 9. Zell. rerbtiiii a corpori> 
\u» alienain pronuntiandam et 
contra codices agendam pato. 

fv fidXa] om. Flc. 

VTCTjQtatav 1 vnvQt^lee Lob. 
Vind. BB. Vat. EnVl. ^TCtiQtoiji 
Flor. AC. 

ipiXoootplal tptloooiplcev Lob. 
Vind. BB. Vat. BHM. Ven. G. 
Par. K. Ang. B. Flor. ACRTV. 
Basiliog M. T. H. pag. 182. C: 
xotsovxov dvOsnTiov qvtov (ro^o 
ooifMxtos) Oisov, iprjitl IlXaraiv, 
VvrjQSciav tpikoaotpitf xtaifiivovs, 
Bt vmjQsalav (piXocotplag nvtofii' 
vovg formala hinc petita didt 
Themisthia or. X3CI. p. 260. A. 

iv vl HU Par. K. fiaXnna 
«upersoriptiun habet. 

tBXuovaO-at] vBXsovoO^m Lob. 
Vind. BEF. Mon. B. Vat BHM. 
Ven. C. Par. DK. sec. Bekk. 
Flor. ACRTUV. Bekkenis et 
Stallbaomias , qaae fbrma asita- 
tior Piatoid sine codicam discre- 
pantia L. V. p, 466. E. paacia 
non optimis dissentientibns Leg. 
L. IL p. 672. C. Symp. 192. A. 
paullo pluribus neque malis alte- 
ram exhibentibas (in his Mon. B. 
a Bekkero praetermisso ) supni 
I*. II. p. 377. B. lerftar. Item 
tileog et tiXiiog in nis dialogl^ 
multo frequentiora sant Conf. 

Mckertus ad S7mp; p. 180. 8ed 
tiXHOg infra L. VJU. p. 546. B.. 
et Leg. V. 730. D. et tiXtiov 
Phaedon. pag. 110. A. oo^cum 
omnium consensu itrmantar, at- 
que ipsnm tsXsmOwsi hmes Kl>ri 
pa|^. 487. A. extra dobitatioiiai 
positom \ddemns. Similiter poe- 
tas Attioos utroqae usos esso 
Gonstat. Itaque res ad codices 
redit, qaomm optiflMis nostroloco 
cam unb bono ^Ven. B. ) altero- 
que diyersi generis (Ang. B.) ift- 
solentins 'tenens non contemneD- 
das, nedum L. VHIf. p. $87. E. 
in tsXBta^liSfj y pro qoo tantQm 
Vat B. Ven. C. Par. DK. et 
Lob. rsXemO*. exliibent, desereo- 
dos Tidetor. De Polit p. 272. 
D. mihi non liqoet, «tram com 
Bekkero ivBXt€iOij seeandam 
Clark. Vat A. Ven. C. ^ an eam 
reliqnis ivsXstd&Tj scribi praesteC^ 
•ed |Mrias tutias puto. 

inttsivsiv] intvsivsi Vat. H. 
Flor. ACV. 

iytslvrig] insivmv Vind.B. Flor. 

XiJYjj] Xiyji Ald. Baa. a. Lob. 
Vind. B. Vat M. C 

tsvQavsuSv] avQOtimv VM. BF. 
Ven. B. Par. ML Vat H. Flor. 
ACTV. Ald. Bas. ab. atQattm^ 
t£v Lob. Vind. B. Vat M. 

^irj] om, Vmd. F. 

pttocsaO^at] ftd^a^at Mop. Bb 
ante corr. 

tsXswn^amta^ vsXe9til€a9$vt 
Bas. b. 

ftotQov ] ftoiQO» Vind. B. 

• DigitizedbyCiOCWlC 



d' 1)^^» l^i xal SQtt&vpMxw Sptt tptiovq yvywikmgf D 
^Mh n(f6 tov ^l^pot)^ Svtag. M^Qag yip o^dip Mfid^ 
1^9 Smg Sw ij jwfotffisv %al wStav nml xcvg aiUot^ 
^ XQoCoyw %i Miij^mgup $lg htOvav %dv plw, hav 
Dci^ig yBvoftBvoi toig rouwroig ivtvtio^t IdjHHg. Elg 
pwQov y, t^y xQovov dgfiKag. Mg ovihv piv o&r, 
^9*^9 ^ YB XQog tov ttitavta» ti fthtei i^ MBl»s99m 
Tolg Xsyofiivo&g toi^ noU&vg 9mvi»a ofidiv^ o^ fAQ 
xAxots ddov yBv6(i9vov t6 vvv Jisf6fk9VOV ^ iiUA 

inionjcBw ] hnl imfffCiy Lob. 
fgwy] Mtpnv Par. K. sec Bip. 
yel re Vmd. EP. Flor. ACR. 
om. Vat. H. Fter. T. 

dvviTBivai»] Hiiic in m. Moo. 
B. a m. s. Sv praepontam esL 
Stephamis io m. dvtittviiv con- 
iedt , quam eoniectiiram Afltius 
quum in comm. Ficiui quidem wt- 
terpretationi (wriitrmr autem plu- 
rimoMf cum haec audiverint^profnr' 
ptiuM quoqae repugnaturoB, ate te 
minime pertuatoti) congruore, aed, 
qina praesena rem ccrtius' aignifi- 
cet, necessariam non esse 8t«tuia- 
•et, in tertia ed. ipse «lo nomine 
propoanit atqoe in interpretatione 
aecutuB esU Mihi praeaeoa alium 
camqne BBaime iaeptiua fietuum 
c£&eere Videtur honc: ta inagne 
cum studio ag^ia, sed maiua etiam 
eoram «todiom poto, qui * te 
di«entiant, hoc est, plerormnque, 
^ui taiia dicentem te audiant. 

dnb OQaavftdxov] dxo^^cv' 
jtdxov Yind. B. 

dtdfiaUs] iid§aU Ang. B. 
Flor. R. et a m. s. Vind. F. 

^€Kti^ftaxov] uQiaiJthcvg ad- 
dunt Lob. Vlnd. B. Vat. B. Ven. 
C. Par. DK. sec. Bip. Flor. U. 
Moik B. (hic com pnactia) et 
bas. b. 

> y&yoriragl In Lob. Bvut «kiper 
9oTa9 legitar. 

nffi vov] TCqottiv Stej^. 

ml^g] ntlgag Viod. F. 

mlamfuif] ntiaoptiv Lob. Tind, 
Bf, Slor. R. 

AXXovg] om. Lob. YiAd. B. 
Vat M. 

noajemfiev] noti^wiiiv Lob. 
Vind. BF. ilor. R. •— Proclus 
in^Aldb. T. H. pi^. 2S6. Coas. 
OVTO> yo:^ 8iq 7ud o Iv 27oUrs(^ 
HaniQdvrjg nsffl GQa^vfidxov 91^ 
alv, ovi si %od nqog v6 na^hv 
in) ninstaval fioi, nffog yt vhv 
Intixa fiiov ittj dv vt nQovQyov 
yeyovog. -^ Sequentia nsqtie ad 
Xoyoig Fidmis ita convertit; od 
eofn eiftfm , tn ^ptmm otffn peroe* 
nefinf , naec aieta repenent» 

fitnQov^ lia%q6v Ang. B. Flor. 
R. /tfxpov cnm a snper i VHid. 
F. Ofitxqdv Ven. B. Flor. C. tft 
recentiores. Cf. Vol. I. p. S87, <k 
nbi Flor. C) oblitiis snm. 

g, Eig] fft^a^, «ft 

/] ye Lob. Vind. B. 


ot^ltr fih] Ka Men. B. antto 
corr. oiSdiv e corr. 

ttdov] iBov Vmd. F. (Veh. C. 
Par. D. Ang. B. Flor. AOITUV, 
de qinbns qmdem Bekkems et 
Stallbanmius tacent, ut consea^ 
tire cum Stephano Tidetatar.) Ald. 
Bas. ab. Steph. Ast. pr. tcoeati- 
bos de Ptt*. &. Kponfhiis , qaem 
Bekkems itdov habere testatnr. 
idov ferri non posse MattUae 
^nm. p. 313. pr. ed. Ittn «b* 
oervaverat, sed ndnpv, ^ta^ 
fdem probabili c oole c t i m a dMoi 
a Platone positnm etiam sec edb 
p. 449. sDspicaUir, oodieesaop 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



E MJlv rmiXov toiavt Sma ^tjiutta li^tffiBg ftiUfloif 
iftom^a^ aiU' oi% a%o tov avtoftatov oiMfp vip 
OviMCtOovta' avdga dh dgsty Mag^mfdpov aal «Sfiau»- 
f^vov (lixQ^ tov dvvaxov tBiiag iQyqk ta %aX Xiyq^y 
iwaOtwovta Iv noXu itigqi towvtji , ov 9KCMM»Tf 
499 loiQdxaOiv ovti Sva ovt< nXslovg. ^ ohi; Ovdofimg y$. 
Ovdi y9 av koyav, d fiaxapia, ualmv tB xal ilBv^t- 
Qonf tnecvmg ixi^oi ysyovaOiV, oiov Si/fSiv fifiv to alfi^ 
9€ii l^tBtaiiivmg itc «avtog tQoxov tov yvavai xag^v^ 
toi dh aofki^a ta %al i^iOuxa %al (A^daiioos aXJioOa ta^ 
vovta, q %Qdg do^av xal ^QiV^ xal Iv dUaig xal iv 

noXv] noXloi Yind. B. YatH. 
Flor. ACTV. om. Fic 

£ xoiavT aTTcrl toiavTdtTti Lob. 
Viii(t BF. toiavxa atta Yind. B. 
toucvtl yo Par. A. 

cnfro^TOi;] avt. A]d« cum leni 
■nper v, 

avfutsaovta ] |v/u3r. Viiid. EF. 
Flor. ACTV. Stallb. 

noQUSiouivov ital daoiai(iivov] 
noQiaafUvov %ai «DftouDfiiyoo 
Vat B. 

ioyqi re xol Xoyqi] Comma a 
prionboi editoribiu ante haec 
pofiitnB Bekkems recte postpo- 
•nit. Vitiosam interponctionen 
etiam Ficinn«.8ecutus est: otnini 
«nrtem, (uoiidySert poteit, virtuta 
perfeetum^ ao mmmopera facti» 
el 4iiGiM taU quadam m ctoitale 

499 otu] xal oUi Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat Ai. 

iln^i^oMr] iX£vdfi^/«Mr Par.K. 
lec Bip. 

hiavA^] om. Fic. 

Mi%ooi] htBliiooi Bai. ab. 

yeyoyom] ytyovaawaaiv Vind. 

oW] Ita Par. A. (cnm o inpcr 
m.) Mon. B. Flor. U. et a m. a. 
Vat B. otovy lup. mvy Ven. B. 
o2bv reliqni cum editie ante A«Ui 

{wmo^ms] awt, Vind. F. 
Flor. R. i;wt8tay(iivng Lob. 

Vind. B. Vat M. ^msa^Lp^mag 
ante corr. Mon. B. 

tQonov] nqoamnov Par A. ad- 
icripto tamen, ut Faehnna tradity 
in-m. ▼nlfiato. 

iQtatixa] iQstati%& Vind. EF. 

xal fifjdaftoae ] %al om. Ald. 
Bas. a. Fic. Aet aec. In tert 
restituit, sed etidendnm snqNca- 

d6iav] opim*onem, Inoiiemg;!»- 
riam Fic 

danaf^ofiivatv ] dana[6/uwot 
Vind. B. 

Torfl om. Fic B 

didiitsg] dBdsi6tgg Vind. F. 
ante corr. 

tdXfjfiwg] vov dXffOovg Vind. 
BF. Flor. AGR. tng dXffiiwg 
Vat H. • 

o4ts noXigl ots n, Vind. E. 

o^diy'] oid' Vind. B. Fler. 
T. Btiam in Ven. B. Vat H. y 
omissum esse Bekkems refert. 

fiij nots] (iijnots Ald. Bas.ab. 
Steph. Ast Ct ad L. V. p. 473. 

T^Zeos] tiXog Vlnd. F. Vat H. 
tiXsiog Vind. B. Ang. B. Fbir. 

oXiyoig] ts addnnt Lob. Vin^. 
B. Vat M. et a m. s. Ven. B. 

%SiiXfi(iivoig] fi&tXfiQm(iiv0tg 
Lob. Viftd. B. Mon. B. (hic onm 
punctis sub ^.) Vat BM. Par. 
DK. sec Bekk. Flor. U. Ficinus 
haec a yerbis «cd ov novri^tg 
ita interpretatns est: qai mmmaH 

igitized by VjOOQIC 



zmPj iq>ij. Tovtwv toi x^P^^f ^^ '* h^9 *^ rttiha B 
XQOOQdfUvoi iqfABig t6x9 xal isdMtig o(uog i^opisp vno 
rdXfff^ovg fjvayxa^iiipo&j on ovts n6kig otrtt noUtBla 
^m y avfJQ oiiolag f»^ notB yivtitai tikBogj UQiv av 
%olg g>$Xo66g>oig tovtoig toig oXlyotg xal ov novffQolgf 
^tn^wig Sk vSv MxA^fiaforg aviyxfj tig iu t^xns m- 
QafiAXyy BltB PovJLovtai gttB ^ff^ noXBog huiuXfid^ai ' 
nal vg noXBi xat^xooi yBvi69a&, 9 tidv vvv iv twa- 
^ttlatg 17 (kLOklBlmg Svtav vli6w fj aikolg fc tivog 
StBlag iMutvolag dXfi^iv^ q>iXo60flag aXfi^ivog iQwg C 

fMo iiMiftle* MMit, fit vnigo esuii^ 

ftOQaBiilff] Ita Yen. B. Vat H. 
Flor. AC. ciiin editl«. * cmtt^erte 
Flc noQapdXXff Vind. B. gror^a- 
Xafy Flor. T. %iififi<iUij Yat. B. 
ntQipdtji reliqiii oodices, ^od 
qnamqiiaiii defentionem recipit, 
quam fgsff^iiXXiw siipiifieationeui 
inhingend] et iaponendl habeat 
(e. g. BuTip. Jon. 843: w^a»vl(f 
avT^ nBptfiixXitv ifuXXt yrig) et 
anbfltantivi looo infinitiTus (jhcifu- 
Xrfirjvaif ysvifS^i') certe non 
Titiosaa Tideatnr, tamen altenim 
nt pcor 0« probabiliQS et reli<(iii8 
dictionibafl l^o? f/*7^<t7 y dvtcynvj 
yiyovev (C) dvaynri yhfjrat 
(500. D.) acoommodatins neqne 
a oodiGibiu prorsufl infirmum, in 
fadllimm illanim praepositionum 
' permutatione , de qua Vol. I. 
p. 436, a. dizi, 0ine periculo te- 
neri poteet. 

^ xoenfxoot] iuctij%oi Yen. C. 
Scholiastes: «iitnfxooi, dwl tov 
wtvmLOVOfievoi, In eandem sen- 
tentiam Ficimis (oel a civilm» ejr- 
amdiantur} et Schleiemiacherus 
haec interpretati sunt, sed Schld- 
ermarhero pro uanjxooi Piato 
7tav7i%6ip scripsisse Tfdetar, ciii 
assentitnr Stallbaumins, simu) eon- 
ferri iubens illa p. 502. Bt dXXd 
fulfv^ fiv 9* iym, slg havog ys- 
votuvogy n6Xtv i%mv mUtoiiivrfVy 
7t€tvT hutsXioai zdvvv dntotov- 
M 60 ipso loco OTiiim 


Inm {acultate non magis, qnam 
phllosopha principis natnra carens, 
sed etiam sna sponte et sine ulla 
Ti secutnra proponitar, ut tix 
yideatar nostro loco tamqiiam ne- 
cessitate aliqua fortuita ezpri- 
menda commemorari et ita oarae 
ciyitatis a phiiosophis sasctpiendae 
coninngi potuisse. HaoeTero enra, 
atpote ab invitis et dTitatis aKo- 
mnn pentnrao gratia snsdpienda, 
obedienda erga dtitatera appel- 
lari eamque snsdpientes ty noXet. 
Mmfxoot yevicQai did poterant, 
etiam si non ipsa ci?iam Tooe 
Tocarentur ad rd pnblicae admi- 
nistrationem. Quum autem haec 
quoque tox accessura et legisla- 
tor philosophis gubernacalam d- 
Titatis tra^tums esset, multo ma- 
gis illam dicdonem probabilem 
Tideri necesse est. lam oonfer 
iUa L. yil. p. 520. D: dnBi»f 

60V6tP OVV Vfi^^^i Ofst, ol Y^- 

atfiot tavt* axovovt$g ««1 ovh 
iQiXijaov6t fivgtnoveiv iv vj noXtt 
hut^ot iv piifst^ T^y dh noX^bv 
Xqovov fts'^ dXXrjXtav oixslv iv 
t^ ita&a(ffp ; et quae sequuntnr 
usqne ad ev ohtovftivTf p. 521.A. 
et xomfxoo* non sollidtandnm 
esse intelliges. Nam quod ad no- 
minativum attinet, pro qoo dati- 
Tos exspectari poterat, interpo- 
sitom fovlovtat idoneam ( 
tfonem praebet. 
vUiitv}vU6wy\m^. ¥. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



jdrlf adupatav^ kym ^iv ouSiva q}iKU Sg^ Xoyov. ov- 
.%m yaQ av i^fHis dmalaq Hoxayalfpt^^a y 10« aUmg si- 
j^ Sfto^m iiyowas, ^ ovj^ ovtiag; Ovzms* El xoUnm 
auQoig dg q>Uio6oqilav xoks&q ug ivayuii SM$iuXiifi^vaB 
^ yiyo^sv iv t^ OMlQtp t^ M^fA^v&OK^ as^OK^, ^ aud 
vvv i6tlv iv tpvi fiaQfiaQ^uS towp ssA^i^ ^v bofog 
D ovti tifa iqfutiQag izotlfwgf il .ml Stfftw j^evjgtffitimt 
X9qI tovtov hoiiioi tm koyi^ ikafuiffO^r A^.yifovw 
4 dQfriiUfvri. »ol$xUa ml i6ti Kal ymftfmct jfe, St«v 
mtfi ^ Movoa, nokwg. ifi^t^g ykvipkain ov ^oq dihi^ 

dh novBQa] d* ovozbqcc Mon. 
B. dh onovfifsL Yeii. B. iTior. U. 
ot a in. «p Yat. B» (a m. pr. dl 
ff.) cwn oditi» anto Bekkemm, 
mtemadffloduB infiBa p. 509. A. et 
aUbi. Sed x^tbqov eadem. sigid- 
ficatione dici Ueindorfina ad The- 
aet* p. 145« A. docnit. 

iavlu] iaviv Lob. yiiid.£. Ald. 
Bas. aU. 

hBiv] peit Xoyim Yind. E. 

&] om. Yat B. 

HiKva/y^idaBOa] itavu^Blmfu/^ 
(Ub.). A^Bm. Bh^ 
' XiyovfHg^] U^fnngaii Men. B. 
ante corr. 

OvTmg] ofii» idem. 

&KQ01S,] &i»Q i Yind. B. 

ztg ] ra Viad. B. Vat H. Flor. 

dvdywii] Blq dvdmv Par.. K. 
am. Lob. rmd. B. Vat M. 

inii$iX3/]dii/ifcUl iaH^Zij^.Par. 
DK. 8ec. Bekk. 

^ 1 f Bfitf. b. 

«9 nBtQBlfiXvOoti] Gf« VoL I. 
p« 147, a. b. 

inlv] Uviv Bekkenia, Astioa 
in tert» eit Stallbb vvv vim maio- 
rem habet 

*ov ^Kvds] Qfn* Lob. Yind. B. 
Yat, BM. ^rdff 0«. yeo.B. editi. 
i^te Bdbkerum. 

9K^l zovtov ] in ,&06 oerte re- 
rtfiit Btoii^ Fio. 

s/j^ltt^] i^iEMvi^a Vind. B. 

avn;] ««'1:37 Par. A« yen. B. 
Vind. B. yat. H. Fknr. AC. 

77 J OM. Viad. F. Ang.B. 

yivrixai] BlvatTOi yind. £. 

4£dt»t»im»0] «^dihHVTOH BI01V T. 
et editionea ante Bekkemm, «ni 
de Bar. A. Ven» B. (Mt, x^- 
a4)iry<xro0 habere 


sed ^detur d9vv€a;ov legpMe: 
Jieri cerU id poiotU 

6fAoXoyBZT€u] coucesBm Juenm^ 
Fic Li Ald. Be& poactini, aed 
oemma qipositaiiu 

Kal] om* Vat. B. 

or*] om. Ald. Bai. ab. Stepk. 

i^Btg;] Ita yiAd.B. Ald. Bek- 
kerus, Asttas< io tert» et Stailb. 
ii(Bi£. Feliqaae editieiief» 

sMnr^d^A.] wetri^QBAy dtaph.E 
Ast. pr. t^rt. natfjyoifBi * AsL eee. 

dUoUev Toi.] Ita Par. ADK. 
aec. Bekk. Veo. €. Mon. B. dW 
olav To* Vind. F. Bas. b. du: 
0*1 avtol Viod^ B. dil' oZa» to» 
Lob, Vind. B. (Flor. ACKTUV.) 
Aid. Baa. a» Stoph. AaL pn tert. 
oerifm quid (eoB optnafaroa esi- 
ttbnofi) Fio. De reiiquia B^eri 
oodicibug non conetat. Verom 
Aatius in aec de cooiectara exlii- 

Uflvatv] ixovoiv Lob. Viod.B. 
Ven* B. Fior. T. 

idv] Ita Par, A. Vat H. „«t 
fbrtasse Vea. C^ iv relicpii 00- 
dicea et Ald. Baa.ab. Steph. Ast 
tert Stallb, pr. £/ Aat sec. 

tv edam scholiactes legit» coias 
explicatio baec eet: oti BVfABtd" 
fiolov rd t»v noXXmv tBXdjOoSf 
drjXoi xai "OtnijQog dnBmdtP>v tijv 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



Sh M(d sr4^' fjp^w oi^oXvyHMai. Kal jjtol, £9»^, ovra 
doMsU ToZe ds mUoig^ ^ d' l^, Sn 011 jc av iouu^ 

Ovr49 T«»v svoAAoi^ xatTiYOQU. alXolop T04 io|at^ fi|ov^v» 
im cvtiTOis fiij yUof^sixijSf' 9 dAAa maQaikv9ov(uvog aal 
&mokvoiitevoq tipf t^g ipiiotiia^sias diafioX^ iviuuvvjf 
ovg XiyH$ tovg ^i3ios6q>oyg , Mal dkOQlty S6x9q aQtk 
t^v tB q>v€iv avtmp xal tijv initi^w^Wy tva ^^ '^ywv* 500 
tal d€ Xkyuv ovg avtol olovtai. ^ wil iav o^m 9$av- 
tai, dXloCav roi q>ij6B&g avtovg do^av Aif^tf^ai xal 

offft/^v avToSv nvfMtat navzolmv 
dvBiimv xal T0I9 Totovroic. dllu 
xal vvv TOVTO ileysi , ori Tuiv 
toyip Tig avrofs iyd£/|mrca xriv 
dXr]^ fpiXocofpiav , iav ovtcS 
F^y^ TOiovroff jf^ iptuvofiavog^ ^- 
d'io>^ cHy neiasi avvovs > Horl ro- 
0ovr^ ^qtov , otf^ clt' sIei' nlsl- 
o«(. «mtI ya^ oi nXilovg /idlXov 
tS TTJg vXfjg dza^ia dvaXoyovai 
%al fidXXov BvdXcoTOt nQog hid^ 
re^tf, ^n^Q ol dXiyoarsQot, Nec 
HOD Ficinns: n non contentionis 
Mfvdio j 8td amiei'9 momtts , disso- 
hrta plulosophitie adveraa calu- 
mniay oHendae^ quo9 potisBimum 
viro9 appeUtU philo80pho9 , ef , ut 
ntf|wr, distkfffuaa etc. 

avroigl cifvroi; Ven. B. Par. 
K. Bcc. Bip. Ast tect Stallb. pr« 
^^ovaiv iv avTolg, etiam Bntt- 
maimiis coniecerat teste Morgen- 
Bternio aymh. crit. 1815. p. 4. 

ftrj] tl p.ri Mon. 0. Par. K. 
Stallb. pr. 

r^] am, Lob. Vind. B. Tat 

tpiXofiaQ^tiagl (pdo^d/a? Vind. 
KF. Ven. B. Ang. B. Vat H. 
Flon RT. 

iydcntw^] Ita Par.ADK. sec. 
Bekk. Ven. C. Mon. B. h^w 
nvvu Vind. F. Ang. B. Flor. 
ACR. iv9Bi%vvHv Viod. £. iv- 
dc/xw Flor. T. ivSsinvvs Lob. 
Vind. B. Ven.3. VatBM. (Flor. 
UV.) Ald. Bas. ab. Stepb. AiL 
pr. tert ^ydiixyvgAstBec.Stallb» 

ovg] oSbvff Ang. B. Flor. RT. 
. XiyBtg] fyXiyug vel Xiyn Flor. 

diOQifyi] Itaiidem, ani ivSBi- 
%vvfj habent, et Flor.TUV. dio- 
Qltu iidem, qni ivdBtxvvBi^ et 
A«t sec. StaUb. pr. diOQiiBiv 
Vind. B. diOQitov Lob. Vind. E 
Ald. Baa. ab. Steph. Ast pr. 
tert Idem in reliqtiia Bekkeru- 
nis exBtare yidetar» de quibua 
nihil oatendit 

njf/ T8 ] rc om* Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat BM. 

^ xal] xal Vind. EF. Ven. B. 500 
Ang. B. Flor. ACRT. probante 
Schleiermachero et sine interro- 
gatione haec dicta existimante. 
9 o^x Mon. B. Flor. U. Stallbau- 
mitts. 17 %ai Astios itt sec. et tert 
ciun colo post dnoxQtvBia^aif nbi 
Ald. pnnctom habet. Fidnus: vel 
•» ita eonceperintf faUi eo» opi' 
nione dixerie nec ad proposita r^ 
9p4md0re? Si irnlgatam lectionem 
sequimur, hanc dXXoincv doiav 
diversam ab illa, quam Socratea 
plerosque habituros esse asseve- 
raverat, eique et veritati contra* 
riam intelligere debemus. Id, quia 
notio rov dXXoiov necessario rc- 
lativa ct ubiqne ad proximom re- 
ferenda cst, fieri pos^ videtur. 
Quemadmodum igitur Socrates dX- 
Xoiav TOt fiojov Igovotif inquicns 
respexerat illa, quae Adimantmi 
de vnlgi opinione ominatits^ fue- 
rat, eamque diversam et philoso- 
phiae fiaventem fore , m vera eis^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

P L A T O N I S 

£Ua oxoitQi^dMai; q oYa» upu xaAcxa^yaiv t^ fn^ x«' 
IsjM 9 9>dov£{v T^ fii7 q)^o¥BQip &^oviv XB 9ud XQaov 
Svuti iym fAv yoQ 6B %QO^d^aq iifm^ Su iv oUyiHg 
%%6\v 'fyfovfkai^ aXJJ ov% Iv t^ »X^Bi zaXix^ oStm 
B ^vtfiv ylyvs6^ai. Kai iyA dfLilH , l^^ , iwolofuu. 
Ovxovv %al avt6 tovto iwolBVf tov xaXsxSg nQog ^ 
iodofplav tovg «oAilovff dia%H6»ai kalvovg cdtlovg bZ- 
vai tovg M^ibAbv ov %qo6^xov kcBi^xBamftaxotag j iloi- 
doQOVfiivovg tB €cvtoig xal ifnlaxBi^fLOvmg ixovtag 
%al aBi %bq\ dv»Qw%mv tovg koyovg %Oiovfihovg, ipuafta 

pUloMplu imago ottendmtory pro 
certo proinmtiaTerat, ita Adinuui- 
tas , etiam si ▼eram imaicinem ▼!- 
deaat, nihilo mimia auter ds^ 
atque Socratea aperety ?!<«& in 
affirmatam^ nmiu confideiitia dh- 
toUtP ro« 86^09 hftjfopvai wd 
iXla dieo%ifi9ovPTai dicere idqne 
nnm factanu sit» a Socrate inter- 
xogari poterat. Qaae interrogatio 
qiram negationis Tim habeat, non 
exspectato reaponao altera iteni 
negatiTa adiidtar : ^ ofei etc Ge- 
teram ne reliqaae quidem ledio' 
ne0 , qnanun alteram Sdildenna- 
cbenis , alteram Stallbaamhu se- 
catoa est» ad sententiam ineptaOy 
«ed perqoam langoidae Tidentor. 

ovTto] mhai Yind. F. Ang.B. 
Flor. ACR. avto Fior. T. avvoi 

ro«] Ti Ang. B. Stallbaomina 
in gec. probante SchieiermacberOy 
cniafl tamen rationi rot non ita 
nt Stallbaamio obstabat. Sery»- 
tii Tcro Terbia i} tuxI hoc qnoqoe 
aerrandam ease apparet. Nec 

frnstra^ codices etiam qm 


dxo%(fivBtoOai] dxoKQhseOcu 
Pftr. A. Vat H. Cont VoL 1. 
p« 52, b. collecta^ secandum quae» 
sl onas et alter illiaa famiJiae li* 
ber acceaaiaaet, praesena redpi 

^ ofa] im censcs, tn^iiam Flc. 

&qffhi9on ] ' Antiattichtes Bekk. 

B. facere aoleat» id reti^ 

png. 81, ^t &tf>ftopo9' x6v fn^i 
<p9o90vvtcc IHdtmv IIoliTsiag 
tetdifttf^, qnod ad noitnim locom 
pcrtinere pnto. 

ydQ €b] ydQ ah Vind. B. Bck- 
kenuy Astias in tertia et StaD- 
baaminsi qaasi Socrates iym fi^ 
dicens non omnino aUis, sedAdi- 
manto soli sese opponeret 

yiyveo&ai] ysvioO^ai YmL B. 

dfiilBi] om. Fic. Bekkeros^ 
StalibanmiuS commate a praece- 
dente iyo^ separant , mio admisso 
non iam adYerbii« sea imperatiYi 
Tim habere stataendum est, cui 
usos rq>ugnat Cf. SchBeidenia 
ad Cyrop. V. 2, la. 

ilwolH] fiwolov Moa.B. Flor.g 
U. In Ald. nnlla interpoBCtiOy in 
Bas. ab. Steph. interrogaBdi nota 
apposita est 

tov] tb Vind. B. 

duotsiaOm] duatosXa^fu Lob. 
ante corr. 

htslvov^] post altUiv^ Yind. 

ot^l o>9 (tTf Mon. B. Flor. U. 
Par.K. ov /ui) Ald. Bas. ab. Bbe^ 
Idem a m. s. in Par. D. positom 
Tidetur, quem Bel±erus a m. pr. 
ov TtQoa^Kov 6am reliqais habere 

insi^nisiuofMtK^tag] imuntBKO' 
fUM^tagy sup. o, Ymd. B. 

XotBoifovfiivovs] lotSoQOVfki' 
vots Ymd. F. loidoQovfiivfj Par. 

avtotg] Vulgo «dro^» quod 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



9>iAotf09(^ MQkfw xcicvtftmg. Ilohi y , hn- OiSk foQ 
MoVf i jitBlnavtBj ^oX'^ ttp yt Aq dXffidg ngog tolg 
oici^' \ffif dwvoue» M%ovtt ndtm fiXbtBW slg «i«9pii- 
nmv nQceyncmlag xal 'lucxoiisvov avtolg ff^vov tB %a\ G 
8v6iuvBlag ifaUnlaai^at, alX' alg tstayfkiva Stta %ai 
nata tavtd aal f%ovta o^mvtag aa\ ^Bmfkivovg oih^ 
idtxoSvta o6t* dd^novfova v%^ iAX^^Xav^ xoOfiip dk 
ndvta «a\ Hotd Xoyov ixcvta, tavta fC$(nl^al ts %ai 
or» ftdXi&ta dq>oiioiov6^ai, ^ olsi tivd fiijxccv^ tlva^ 
8^9 tig ^i^iXBi dfdfLBvog, p^ fufLH69ai hnvo; ^Jtvva- 

Flcfanis Aonmiet wmeidU T^iiMim 
laeefsmif interpretatiis ad vove 
«oXXoig, StaUbaninhui ad pldlo- 
sophos refert per ffynetin ex prao- 
cedenti fpiXwswplav petendos. 
Neutmm in istos igrcMmexojEMCxo- 
xaq y qoaletf tnpra p. 495. C. do- 
■cripti snni, eadere Tidetor, qnip* 
pe qni et Tnlgo plaoere et ob pni- 
toflophiam, qnam profitentnr, ma^ 
gni fieri cupiant InTicem Tero 
obtrectare, alter alteri phiioflopbi 
nomen tribuendnm ' ne^u^ , ita 
philosophiae ipsl magnam InTi- 
diam conflare solent. Itaqne ai$- 
toiff acripsi. 

icoioviiivwfi , ] nowofkhwq ; 

mfhtov] TtQhewvag Par. DK« 
%Qino9Ta Mon.B. Flor.U. Stali- 

srototlfvrflrff.] YnlgD noiovwag; 
Ita acilicet initiam periodi com- 
paratnm erat, nt cnm interroga- 
tione terminatnm iri Tideretur. 
Sed Adimantns ei, qnod 3ocratea 
in fine dixerat, assentienfl inter- 
Togationem panllatim in affirma- 
tionem abisse dooet, qnemadmo- 
dnm Yol. I. p. 228. in negatio- 
. nem conTersam yidimns. Atqae 
ipsa illa ovxovv %al cevrd xovxo 
(pvoiu ita pronnntiari poterant, 
nt magis amrmantis essent, qnam 
dnbitantis; et ovxovv a schoiiaste 
per xoiyocQovv explicatnr. 
r 7CifaY(HCxsltts y ]• nqayiuttzidg, 

m&ovov^l tpovov Vat H. 

^iliniiflac^i ] ifait%Xa^ai 

Vind.P. Ald. Bas. «b. ipaelfatXa- 
9»w Yen. B. Cf. Vol.I. p.283. 

£/«] e^ Yind. F. 

xsxayfiiva ] xvtayfki^ Vind. F. 

Strral flfrrtf Lob. 

xdt^xa] xavxa Vlnd. F. 

^Qmvxag %al ^Bmfiivovg] con- 
iemplatvr Fh. 

ddtxovfteva] d9t%o4fi9vov Vbt. 
AK. Lob. Vind. BB. Vat. BHM. 
Ven. C. Flor. ACTV. Beiam 
Par. D. Tnlgatam cum' litnra et 
Ven.B. ov super uitima eins syl- 
laba exhibet. Brroris onginem 
deinonstrat Bastias conna. pal. 
p. 818. 

wtl] om. Vat. B. a m. ot. 

ftifttU^all fup/v%lc^al Ald. 
Bas. a. Ad bos infinitlTOS eii^li- 
candos zeugmate opns non Tide- 
tur : o^% loxtv etfixotg cxoXij %d- 
xm BXinstVy dXXoi pufUMat per 
se cmra sunt. 

oaiXil] ofuXel Vind. B. 

dydftsvog] Ita Lob. sed cnm o 
snper d. dyofiBvog Ald. Bas. a. 
qno Stephanns p. 23. dydfisvog 
postqnam mnlto apthis esse do- 
cnit, „ideo, inqnit, Teteri libro 
de eo in contextnm redpiendo 
smn assensns, piaeaertim qnnm 
et Fic. agnoscat.^ (011 oim omoro 
adnnrabundm adhaeret,') dyaeO^ai 
tamen aoiTjxt^^, aaitem «otfixt- 
%dxeqov fatetnr; qnod Piatoni 
secos Tisnm. Cf. L. I. p. 329. 
D. IL 367. B. 

^] om. Vmd. F. Vat.H. Blor. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

P L A 

5vf«; iy» ,«fr jhJ* f« f I 

lo0O9>tay rovg «oAiov 
Ao90ti(A^ovff ** ^^ 

tfw,ctbm»iv«rwniiiia i 
deaDty mbilo mtniis a 
atque Socratei JP««* t ' 
amnnatanii^ iiiBiii co™ 

aom facAoras «it, a So 
rogari potcrat Quae 
qmim negatioiiis Tim 
exspecUto responao ■ 

negatira adiicitor : fj 
terum ne rdiqoae c 
nea, qaarom alterar 
cbentB, alteram S< 
catos est, ad sent^ ■ 

•ed perqoam lango 

avrm] cwJr» V 
Flor. ACR. avvo 
Vind. B. 

ro*] TM Ang. ' 

in sec probante 
ciiia« tamen rat 
nt StalliMiamio < 

tifl veto verbl-^ i 

Ang. B- 

zed by GoOgle 

lil Jl-fit .4^ u » 

V %99a iin 

Ov xo^ 
Jt; d' iya^ 501 

\v ^ avtol 

Ofl tOVTO, ftd 

fiius duo Xe- 
|)aedia ad»cr!- 
i L. V. c 4. 

tCTTxoTtt dwi 
atasv y Sxi^ il 

d^ — nekevH 

I ^'^V» ^'^' ^ 

B ȣ, Xafidtf ctv 

og CV9 avt^. 

konim oodioo» 

veris habentary 

dt€VEyx£iv mn- 

<L particulae ot« 

pe obliqvae addi 

' licebit. Etiam 

"111 infinitiTQS ia 

seqoitar EpiBom. 

d*' 17/uov xolg %oX* 

: avtlov idoiev, St$ 

^aavtm^ ngtxtTitv, 

ip. Kti^t^bitim ari- 

vidillUl!» ll!)LtElllOrdll 

»er€ , cjito Idco IVIori. 
I a iiekkero cuiii SLe- 
iiUre tmiiitur. Hiibet 

^m 6kiv j jioii 6e£. 

, liimrrjv \ at. H. 

fUv] yQuq^si VijifJ, E- 

ii^ tJI jrpa^f) MntL F. Ald. 
ab. jj Ttgiv Vut. B, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


toVf ^i 9Uqi &7 nuA xo^tUe^ 5 y$ ^tH^&^pog &iu2Miv < 
D n66iiMg ts utd &i£og alg ti dtnfatw ov^^oix^ ylyvetai' 
IfimPoX^ i' iv Mtfi xoUL^. nuvta%a6^ fAv o^. "jiv 
ovv Ti^, ahtov, avt^ mvaynfi yivfjtai a hul oq^, §1^ 
lmq6a^ hlg iv^Qcituov ^^9 xal lilqt tuA d^fio^ vi^i- 
vai nai fi^ ftovov iavtovximttB$Vy i^a naxiv iiuuovQ- 
yov avtov vUk ytvi^^BfSt^aL 6m^pfo6vvfig ta xal dixaio- 
4vvfig Tcal ^/laratf^g t^g i^fi^u^g oQBt^g} "HMtta ya, 
1} d' og» ^AiX^ lav ir^ (&6^mvtai ol sroAiloI, or^ akr^ 
E M^ avtw liffofkwvy %al£JUtvov6v d^ toig^ ^Ua^oq^oug 

Bsim i^ — ^fio^Uif woafoeaaf. 
501. C.] iMidat Bimbius pmtm^ 
L. m p. 348: a-8^ ^i) K(d %6' 
Cfm yc ete. 

o ye ] orc Bas. b. 

xoitfiiog xB xa2 ^slog] djoimif 
^•e aiquiB doconit Fic 

y/yir£TCtt] yiverou Busob. 

d^] dh Vind. F. Buseb. 

«£«&] «ci<n7 Yiad. F. ftote 

ovv] int. yera. a m. s. Yind« 


yivrjTat ]. ylyvTftjxi iden. 

f*&UT^tfai1 /M»X£TOoaA Mon. B. 

»al f»J7 /t»oiiOt^ kcevTov'^ nfmtie 
te tantum , 9ed et alioB Fic Pro 
pi6vop Vind. F. «oVov JiabeL 

apa] «^a Plor. ACT. c?Ua 
Vat B. a in. pr. 

wctiLhv] Pcioren ayllabam Yind. 
F. inW Terfi. a ui. s. habot. 

97i(uovQy6v] d^ drjpL. Bn$eb. 
Afit sec 

at;r6»] pOJit ofst Ven.B. Vmd. 
E. Vat. H. Flor. ACTV. 

9rjftoviie^g] drjfJuoTut^g &Ion*B. 
dB6fi(otiMn9 Vind. F. 

'JW i^di^] SiFic 

afifd-emat ] aMovtai Flor. 

' dxutTijeovat4f ] anwTijeeovciv 
Vind. F. ante oorr. Sequentia 
Hierocles de providentia L. IL 
apnd Photium cod. CCIJ. j). 464, 
b. 13 — 27. Bekk. hunc in mo- 
dnpi cotttracta exhibet: 3cal tov- 
TO iv noliTBicc nttifadi8mcif rois 

piXo06q>ovg Uyav aqxovtag^ raig 
»6Xsaiv itp^dvaif ^a ii^iatai 
mne tSv woBtmv , m dg ovx &v 
aoTB svdaiftoviioBiB «oUs» (.ita 
Bekkenu secundttm oodicea pro 
vnllSato evSoiufiijaBte noUtg scri- 
pait) bI fvfj aiin^v dufyQatpBtav 
ol T^ d^Bim TutQadBiyfMXTt z/ifm' 
fievou Tig o 6 TQoxog tijs dia- 
y^fp^g ; STt XapovrBg cooxe^ xi- 
vaua noltv tb %al ^^ dvd^ffti- 
ttMttv TtifmTOv ftkv xa^^affuv aovf^ 
aetav , xal fiBTa tovto vnoy^- 
il>atvTO av ro axnf^ t^S nolt- 
Teiag^ htBiTa^ oliuUj dnBQya- 
iofiBvot ttvxnv nv%va civ hutri^ 
^atas dnofileaoeBVj s^e rs ro 
<pvaBt di%tttov %tti %aXov xal oci- 
fp^ %aX ndvra r« rowcvra, xol 
a(fdg (<ttfi in codicibof est.) ixet- 
vo av y 6 Totg dvd^ifmnotg iftnot- 
cS, ( id oodicea omittiuit]|^ 0« xal 
nta codieea pro xod 109) Ofwjifoq 
I997, t6 ^BOBiSig TB (t. r«) xal 
0-BOBi%BXoVy xal v6 fji£9 iiaXel- 
o>oi«ir, t6 6h ndhv i^^dtpotev, 
ig ori (orov ood. Paris. bombjc) 
fuUuna Td dv^qmnwa fj^ ^BOr 
<ptX^ notTJaBtav. 

&v noTB] dnovTS Veri, C. Ad 
sequentia cf. L. V. p. 473. B. 

naQaSBiyuccTi ] 


17] ^v Mon. B. Fior. U. 

idvnBQ ] iav Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. 

dff ] poat tiva Vat B. « 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

C I y I T A S LIB. VI. 501 

xal am^vi6o¥6iv ^v Hfyoif^Vy d^ wix Sv X9€S £l- 
x^ d^fij^ noi^adBlyfumt. Xgdfiwot {loy^a^M» Ov t^iisr 

cSd«9 9i(/«^a3«oi «oiUv «s %a\ ^9i} «i^cimr «^mov fifiv 
%a»aQiiv xovq6%iav av, t ov %ivv ^iwv' aXk' ovv 
476o2^*» oti rovi^ £v ev^vg rcSi/- alXfov iuv&ywlvi %qi 
fiijrs Ididtov (Ai^s xoXsmg if^sX^dai Sv &ilfa69av (ii]Sl 
fOdqiuv vofam^^ XQiv ^ s^OQaiafiuv uad^oQav ^ avtol 

501 9uieyf€Cfp^^; jMpawaoldHtY^ 
ffijq XuQqvzh «n« iatmiKictiMia 
Vind. S. iUfteri Tud. F. a nu 
MO. ol 9«Xo0O9a* sapwtQviptiim 
n^l pofit dv^^maatv Flor. T. 
c$v> oj tty o^tfr Flor.JEL o^cr, 
e corr. ^^ef^ , Yiiid. F. o^s» 
Anf • B. Pro oonunate, <|iiod dua 
Afltio inteipoflQinutt , reliqiii ed*« 
tores MDCtmn feeenuit. 

dVf Qvv oXa&^] tm nsteU-^? 

Fic. enioa auctontate A«tiiia dXJj 

ovn olaO^ — ; Boripoit, idem m 

Baa. b. exatare 6J0O niintiaiio. 

i^iod Socrateo Adimantiim hoo 

iain acirD pouit, id eodein, qu» 

aUa io hia seniioiiibui, perUneti 

at priiio bahita cum eo coUoquio 

reM>icere videatBr. — ola^a Lob. 

Viod. B. 

sv^g] frmdgm Fic 

dtev«yx€i«'] ^Mf/iyKOtf y Mon. B. 

Flor. U. Bekkenia et StaUbaiH 

mius. disviynatsv BuMb. ez qno 

Astiua in sec. et tert duviy%stav 

fecit, pamm tenax eius, quod 

recte ad Alcib. p. 305. obserya-- 

▼erat. Stephaaiu p. 24. oti aut 

expungeadiun , ant sicati post ot- 

Buy Bv olSa, Mtf tv t6J^iy ita 

eUam post ohsO^a poMo nlsovci' 

tHv statoendiim ceniebat. Cf. 

Phaedon. p. 63j^ ^: injv dh $v 

fore y ovA nag' avdifag tb iln^^a 

dtpiie^ai dya&oflog' waX xovto 

l^ ovx Sv naw du^pfMCaliupr 

OT&IAivTOi aaifci 0-$ovs occMr^oro 

vdw dya&oig ^^Hv 9 Bv tcte, 

Qtiy shcii^ T^ aUo tiSv TOiovratVy 

duepfiii0alivq;v oiv xal tovto, ad 
quem h>cum Heindorfiufi duo Xe- 
nophonteoB ex Cyropaedia adscri- 
pait noatro anil&mea L. V. c 4. 
§. 1 : i% Sl Tov ra9dva hricacoO 
Twv dw€tT<Sv Ttg dvdffSv (g^el 
hiOQa avTbv dips<fTrpiOTa dnd 
tov *AaaViflov , hoiiMv , Sti, tl 
Tt ovTog ndO-oi , ovr^ff Sv la- 
fieip nOQOi tov 'JaitVQhv vtavra 
vot ra/iata, ovvm d^ — xekevu 
-^ Uysttv t^ 'Aaav^tpf otty si 
fiovXotto ivsdQsifoaty Xa§eiv oiv 
raSdtav Ttal roie ovv avt^. 
quae quum optimoniun oodiou» 
fide merito pro yeris habentnr, 
He nobis qmdem BteveymXv mn- 
tare et orationem particulae ort 
oaasfla, qwiin flaepe obtiqnae addi 
coBBtat, erigere lieebit. -Etiaio 
91MI •i^ficantem infinitivos ia 
obtiqua oratioae aequitur fipinom. 
p* 982. D. roti^ fi(i»v tolg %oy 
Juoig avtb tovvovtIov iSoisVy oti 
tiSt avta wd doaiktog nQdtTBiiifj 
^fvzfii^ ov% ixBiv» BoBebium au-r 
tem iam supra L. I. p. 347. A. 
pro infinitivo ▼idiinaa usitatiorem 
modum exluberey quo looo Moo. 
B. perperam a Bekkero cum Ste- 
phano oonMntire t^ditnr. Habet 
cmn pleriaqme d$iVy noO det. 
iikcitov] i^tmvtjfif Vatt H. 

l^tXriaai Sv] l^eXilaatsv Eu- 

yQdtpHv] yQdqfBi Vind. E. 

*%qIv TJ} notVTf Vind. F. Ald. 
Bas. ab. ^ «^^^ Vat B. 
Tta&aQdv] kaecpmgaia Fic 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 

P L A T O N I S 

v%oyQifpaa»ia Sv to 6jny^a %^q fcoktitslagi H fiipf; 
B^ExHxa^ oliiai, dxBQyatofuvoi mnva av ixaxiQm6B dMo^ 
fiXhto^eVt JCQog ts x6 q>v6H dlnaiov xal uaXov xal 6»^ 
^QOV xal xdvxa xd xoiadxa xol nQog kxslvo avy o hf 
xolg dv^Qcixoig iiutoMlsVy ^viiiuyvvvxBg xb xdk xtgcev- 
vvvTsg i» x&v InixffihvyMxmv xo dvdQttxB^^ dx" bul- 
vov rsxfftoipofm/ofr, o dij xal "Of^fiQog ixdXt6sv iv xoig 

ab. (Ast) 
y'] ya Baseb. 

Chhovv] ov% &p Vat H. Flor. 



fut€i tttvta]- ftftatctvTtt Lob. 
Yind. B. Moa. B. Ald. Bl». ab. 
ofet] cfi7 Vind. B. 

Ang. B. 

B kitatii^B] Ita Vlnd. F. Mon. 
B. Ang. B. Flor. RU. Hieroclea, 
Boseb. Ant. sec. huzxiQio^ Bek- 
kernfl, Astiiu in tert. et Stallbau- 
miiu. kaaTiQnq reiiqui codices et 

hilvo] Ita Vind. F. ante corr. 
hulvm e corr. 

ttVy o iv Totg dv^^t&at^tq ift^ 
noioUvy] Ita Ven. B. Ald. Baa. 
a. Btepb. (tacentibnB Bip.) Aat 
pr. et sec aiJrd iv v, d, i. Lob. 
Vind. B. Par. K. sec. Bdclc Vat. 
M. Baa. b. av t6 iv r. d. L re- 
liqui codices, inter quos Flor. T. 
iltatoulv y Mon. B. th linea hota- 
tam et pro eo o a m. a. in marg. 
ficriptnm habet at^ ttemm ad 
humanfls et ad tuperiaris tUiiit 
\plar humana dUptment Fic. 
et ipae t6 le^sae Tidetar. 
Tdem Beickenu, Astins in tert. et 
Stallbaumiafl rec^mnt et post 
dv^Qtoxoig incifiionem fecerunt, 
quo facto ifiaoiolev ad flequentia 
reiatum copuia caret, qua ciun 
dnopXsTeoiBv iungatur. Itaque 
Afitiufi kal «OAOtey pro eo ficri- 
bendiun , Stalibaumiufi rao^X^- 
nouv in daofiUatnftug nintan- 


dum, Schlaecmadicnifi , qai ct 
ipse BekJceri lectionem fiequitor, 
XB ante ^vfifuyvvvteg ponendam 
fiOfipicatur: quoram nUdl non dn- 
riufi long^usTe a codicom flcriptn- 
ra difltanfly quam Tulgatam ▼ide- 
tnr. Accedit quod, qnuai attemm 
illud , quo pictorefl xeflpkiaBt, 
aliud eflfie non pofifiit, nisi ipM 
imago, quam^nfonnant, aea fii- 
mulacrum idfiti, pulchri ^ reii- 
quorum, quod emoere in tabala 
raaa student, id ipsam non fline 
inagna ambiguitate to iv tolg dv- 
^Qmnotg diceretnr, quibus Terbifl 
propter oppoflita rd tpvoBi Stiua- 
ov Tud nalhv Tei ▼irtntnm illannB 
flpeciefi in Tirifi hominibos obvia 
potiufl, quam adombrata in ta- 
bala , ▼ei idea quaedam fca i waitge 
iofititiae pulchritu^nifiqae ^versa 
ab ilio notirra ioflte pulchroqne 
flignificari Tideretar. Hu de cam- 
flifl vulgatam iectionem restitiB, 
in qua fienflufl oertufl et aptas, 
optatifiis autem ad hypothelacam 
orationis formam legitmie acoam- 
modatufi est. ^ 

^fifuyvvvtsg] cvfift, Vind. B. 
i:vfifuyvvvtig Vind. F. Mon: B. 
Bufl. Ald. Bas. ab. 

re] om, Vind. B. 

iieifawvvts^] %S(fawvvteg Vind. 
F. Mon. B. Bufi. 

-dvS(fel%eXov ] Timaeofl lez. 
p. 36 : dvdQsl%eltiv • woa iiutfi- 
oela mg 9t(f6g dvdffog fUfii^civ» 
qnae explicatio non ma^ in Imnc 
locnm quadrat, qnam in aHerom 
Cratyli p. 424. B. ubi pictorea 
interdum mnltofl colorefl miflcere 
dicuntor , olov Sttit» dvSQiiiulop 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


'Of^iDf, iqni^ Ktti vo fiiv SVf olfitai, iialBlq>ou¥, x6 
dl nah» iyyQaipoiw, ^mg Zti iidXiMa dv^Qmxsia ^di} G 
slg O0OV ivdixiBtav ^iofpil^ xoiiiOitMV. KaXUoti] yovv 
Sv, ff^, ^ yQaq>^ yivoito. ^Aq^ ovv, ^v i* iym, %hl^ 
^ofUv mi btBlvovg, ovg duit9ta(iivovg ifp ^^ag f^iydda 
Uvaif cSg toiovtog i6tv xoXmiSv tmyQagiog ov tot 
ixyvoviiBv MQog avtovg, di ov ixBivoi ixaXiMaiVov, ou 

enivdiaMHv ^ &llo v$vmv vowv- 
vmv, Utrobiqne iKMDiDis imagiaem 
iyyiyvofuvov] ifftv* Vind. B. 

^BOBlxelov] ^iobUbXIov Lob. 
0'BmBUBXov Ald. BaB. a. 

G ^g] (Dff Lob. Vmd. B. Yat 
BM.' Qnod Yulgo additam legitor 
2y, onam noooisi iq Par. DK. 
MoD. B. Flor. U. et apnd Bnae- 
binm exstet, recte omiAnim eat a 
Stallbaomio in aec ed. Cf. Leg. 
L. VL p. 752. Ci Bl9h lulvai- 
ftiv «090 voaovvov ;|^^ovoy, i^og 
ol yBVOUfiBvoi nocldBg vtSv voftatv 
%al iwxffamivvBg htctvtSg fw^- 
^Btg ve ttvvotg yBvofASwot vmv- 
cS^;i^atQ80MSy vv nolBt ndc<sji Ttot' 
vioviicBtav. rhaedon. p. 59. D: 
»9Qt8fiivofttv oiv htdavov8f img 
dvotT&eln vd dBaucmJQtov, Ib. 
101. D: waetvvag av 9t9olfig (Xo- 
yov) &Xhfv av ^%6J^B6tv vno&i- 
ftBvog — iatg inL vt htavov iX- 
9otg, Qnibns omnibna locia id, 
fuoad mique faoere aliqnid alifjnia 
ostea^tarn^ intra einsdem cogita- 
tionem qnidem ▼ersari, aed sioe 
dnbitataone ei liitamm OMe vel 
fieri tamen Dotae irideri aigpiifica- 
tor. Sed ubi id tale est, nt a 
facientis ▼oluotate peodeat, arbV- 
trarii aigoificatio per particnlam 
Stv accedere potest Itaone et 
nostro loco ferri qnodanunoao po- 
terat c^y, et Pliaedonia loco jpro- 
ximo paullo ante yerba atata 
recte oabet vulgata: si di vtg 
avv^g vijg vno^iaBmg ixotvOf 
XalifBtv i<ptfg stv Ttal ov% dnoxol" 
vatOj 8mg av vct dai ixBlvijg o^ 
fUf^iwa aKiilf€Uo. iieqae opna 

est, nt av in av matetnr, qnem- 
admodum Stallbaamitts opinatur, 
qni, dnm Sv optatiyo ab img peo- 
dcnti innip poeae rimi^Giter a»- 
gat, discrimeo significatioois oe- 
glexit et oostram img cnmalterOy 
qnod est. quamdiu , confwidena 
disstmUes locos Theaet p. 155. 
A* ot Menon. 97. C. pro simili- 
bus liabuit. 

dve-QeinBta'} vd d, Yind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. Boseb. (Hier.) 
Ast sec. tert male. or* fuiltata 
non pleonastice additora, sed ad 
dvO-qmnkta referendum est, qnod 
Schleiennachemm non fngit 

KaXXLavTf] %aXXifavri Vind. B. 

Iqm] ofli. Veo. B. Viod. B. 
Vat H. Flor. ACTV. 

'n 1 om. Lob. Viod. B. Moo. B. 
Vat BM. Par. DK. Flor. U. 

>'l &^* Viod. F. 

ffv d'] 0«. Viod. B. 

nBt^ofLiv ] «v9-6fisvoL idem. 
9Bt»oftivTj Vat H. Flor. AC. 
Male StephaoQs p. 24» ftsL^otfuv 

i%BLvovg] vkLvovg Vind. F. Ang. 
B. i%Btvot Vind.B. 

diccvsvecftivovg ] dttnvtaptpi- 
vovg f e corr. 6tav8V€Cfiivovgf 
Moo. B. dtavBtayfiivovg Veo. B. 
Ang. B. (Ftor. RT.) com editis 
aote Astu sec. V. L. V. p. 474 
A. lo Viod. F. soper ^mx a m. 
' s. dwt scriptum est 

roT ] Tore Vind. F. 

hvGvovfuv] inawovfttv Flor. 
T. fnovovftsv Vat B. Mon. B. 
saperscripto alter fjy alter at so- 
per no. 

Svk] Svs Mon. B. Flor. U. 

igitized by VjOOQIC 

r L A T NIS 

tdg ^dlng avt^ naQedid<^$v, tcal t$ (ittkov oM vw 
dKOvwvsg XQavvwtai; Kal moXv yB, ^ 9* ogf d 6»- 

D ^QOvov6i* n^ yAg dfj Si^6iv d(itipt6fifit^6ai; xottgov 
fii; tov ovtog ts xal dXfi%slag igaiftdg dvai toig q>iXo- 
Oo^ovg; "Atonov fiht aVf £9^9 eli/* 'Alld fii) t^ 
^v6iv ovtAv olKBiav dvai roo dglotov , ^ VP^ ini^" 
^ofLSv; Oai tovto. Tl di; t^ toiaAtijv tvxov6av xmv 
v$Q06fpc6vtmv ixm]9€viidtaiv ovx dyal^ tslia^ i6s69ai 
xal ipiX66oq>ov, sXxbq twd aiXrpf; ij hcslvovg qnjouv 

JE paXXov^ ovg ^ftBig dpG>Qt6a(i€V ; Ov ii^ nov. "Bti oSv 
dyQiavovOv Xhy6vx(ov ^(liSvj Sn xqIv dv noXsog to q)i- 
lo6o<pov yhog iyxQatlg yhtitav^ oCts ndXn ovts xoU- 

nal Ti] Ita Vmd. B. Flor. 
ACTV. xal vl Par. A. V«t H. 

lud ht reliqai eodioM oditjqiie^ 
qaod qai retinent, ita kiterpre^ 
unri neoesse habeat, ut placati 
aniiiUy^ qao illi nunc utantari 
tranfulliitaa maior dicatur indi- 
l^natione*, qua antea usi siivt. 
Nain quod ipsa verba «uadent, 
ut ad hi fiailov cogitetur TJ ro* 
're , 0T£ avzov inijvovfuv n^ug 
€tVTOvg y id ob seqaentia 9i' ov 
insivot ixtxUnaivov fieri neqait, 
nisi eudem tempore et ^j^aXfira/- 
pttv et itffavvetfbat eos dici fta- 
toinMU. IUt vero interpretationi 
ea, quapi nostra lectio (liinpKceni 
et facilem habet, ob id ipsam 
hand dnbie praeferenda, neqae 
codicum auctoritas ita comparata 
est, at deteriorem seqoi cogamur. 
Itaque cum Schleiermachero rt 
praetuli , cuf etiam Adimanti no- 
Xv melins, qiiam vulgato respon- 
dei. Nec aliter Ficims: nunc 
vero atqnhri tttdmo hoc audimntf 

avTol om, Ang, B. Viad. F. 
aiv^ Mon. B. 

nffO^roifTai] n^avvovtat AM. 

noXv] maxiwte Fic 

cl ccHpifOvov^tl ^, e corr. s/, 
tfe>q^ot^ov0i Vlnd. P. ^v ^mpQO' 
vovtft Lob. c/ gfffovovat, sop. 
00 inter si et 9^, Vat B. ^v 
a40<p(fovMt Ven. B. Viad. B.' 

Vat M. Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. si 
itm(pif9Voviftv B^keras. iqv «o- 
^ifovmin non vitioAim, sed nnmis 
usttatnm. Cf. Vol. I. p. S76^ a. 

yoQ 8^ ] stfiio Fic 

rov Swog] eontm quae ven 
ittfit idem* 

(livz^ av] (ikv X av Vind. £. 
Mon. B. (ikv xSv Vind. F. 

I9017] post Btr} Vind. EL 

Si] Sal Par. A. 

dya&ijv] dya^bv AU. Bas. ab. 

xwa] xtv* Vind.F. «i}v Ang. 

xpijeHv] fpwfBt Vind. F. Aitf. 
B. ipijeBt^ rar. BK. Mob. B. 
(Flor. RTU.) cam edititf ante 
Bekkerom. (eel eos)*pro6abim( 
(mofis) Fic ^aamqoam Iraias 
infinitivi eadem, qoae proximi 
ieBitOm. ratio rcMMi potest, at ab 
F£ovoi XiyBtiv pendere statoatar, 
qoam ^ctionem a Socrate in lo- 
cam eias, qaam posaerat, Qov- 
atv d(ttptieprrn}eat aubsdtatam e»- 
se ex eo colligltar, qood ov% d- 
ya^tr, non (ti^ diarit, qna rafio- 
ne probata sensus miiume incom- 
modos procedit Mc: polenmtiie 
iftcere niifte nohiram noft perfeete 
honam et phUowpham fititiramt 
amt oete lUot iiraelaiaroe esse, 
qno8 not ettdugkni»? tamen ^ptr- 




CITITAS UB. n. 502 

Mig X9mmv flr#ffita Iwtaiy o^i 17 «oilmdr, ^ fii^oAo*^ 
9^vfc«v Aoyy, i^o> tikog i/i^stca; Ttf^f, l^pij, ^wofi. 
■BotiAse ow, ^v *' i);ei, pLfj ^ttov tpAfiBP autwgy iUA 
navTpAxtcCi mQoovg yByovi/pai %al XBMHOt^at, 7v« sl ^ 502 
Ti alioy oUlxw^ivtBg 6fiokoyii6»6i; Iliw fAv ovif, 
Sgp^. OiStOL fiiv totvvVf fjv 8' iym^ tovto «nWMTfilyo» 
S^v»v' tovdB Ifk jflpi i^ it^q>i6^^v^siy mg otfw iv 
tv%0€9v yBviptBVQi fia6tXimv biywo$ 9 Swa€mSv tag 
gmfBtg ^X66og)oi; Ou8' av «fe, lf)jy. Totovtovg 8h 
r^^fofii^wvg 6g moWi iv&y%fi dtanp&oQ^aiy Siht ttg AA- 
yBiv^ tig fiiv yoQ xalszAv 6m(Hjvat^ xal ^itug tvytn- 
Qovi$ev * mg 8h iv xavtl ttp x»^9 '^^ mavtmv ov8i%ot B 

CMiv ob le^cOia, pro f^a/vtu l™^ 
ptnm , hoc iratera pariter oqbi illo 
Aeye«9 ad Fgova^ reCNreaduin ita- 
tuere maliin: jMiciwftie Ao» wm 
fore perfecte bonoB dieere, amt 
•Uo« poiMM talee fitiuroe e^Jkma'- 
re? Aliter Stalibaainliis : ,f<pif09Mf 
dicitar^ perinde ac ti pcaeoesai»- 
set ng yoQ ohi ISav avxoi^^ 
dfificpTivrjaaiy x. r. A." cui aob- 
scnberein, si /ui) ayadijif prae- 

E «17] «i Vat H. 

oiv] om. Fic. 

ori] om. Ald* Bas. ab. 

q>iX6ifOipov] tptXocov Viiid. E. 

noUi} noXBcog Par. K. 

noXiTiia] noUxla Moo. B, 

fiv&oXoyoviiBv] av&oXovcSiut 
Vind. B. Vat. M, 

ovv] om. Lob. Vind. B. Vat 
17»] ^v Vind K 

^i^] om. Lob. Vind. B, Vat 
BM. Vcn. C. Par. DK. 

Sva] tv' rrnd. B. 

502 sl] om. Vat. H. Flor. V. et 
Ficinus: neforte erubeicentii dU- 
guid aUud eonfit^antur. 

&ilo] 4itias in tert. dlXit 
QoaiMit; aon maie. V. p. 509. JX 

Siioloy^ioct;] 6(ioXoyif<ftiaiv; 
Bekkems. ' 

Toilfro] VOV909 Viod. F. Aog. 

lorflM'] Itfvonr Viad. £. 

Tie] tlg Vind. E. Ald. Bi(^. ab. 
r/ff Lob. Vind. B. Mon. B. Stepli. 
Ast pr. scc. r^o Vind. F. Jn- 
terrogativum per se liaud ineptum 
ei , quod Adimantus respondet 
uiinus convenit. 

Mvyovoi] iyyovoi Vind. F. 
T&g] ol vetg Lob. Vmd. B. Vat. 
Bl Bas. b. Stepb. 
noXXii] noXXovg, Bn^^^, Par. 

vig] vlg Vlnd. B. 

Xdyetv ; mg etc.1 Ifa Lob. Vind. 
BR Mon. B. BekkanM et Stallb. 
UYi9v> ek etc. Ald. Bai. ab.St^ 
Xsyeiv eh «tc. Ail. pr. see. Xi- 
vitv («i— {«n<»9iviiefr), AstSni 
in Iwt peiiime 0^9 ^ et og ^^ 
diToUeni. Socrates ita interro|^t, 
ot AdhMUitnm negatarom ezspe- 
ctet, eiasque exipectationii ratio^ 
imm addit: eig fthv yA^ eto. 

yoif] om. Vind. F. Ang. B. 

i^X»QOv(i9v] 0vyz. Mon. B. 
Vind. F. Pior. RU. 

ih] d' Lob. Vind. BE. Vitt 
* oiiinov'] oiidiwoti Viod. BF. B 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


MAg; 'Alia fiqv» qv d* iymt ^ Ixmog yBvofLBnog, 
%6Uv tiw ««dofiit^y %avv kxmliCM xa vw «»- 
ovovfi8va. ^huxvog yoQy l^i^. "Aifxovxog yoQ xov^ ijv 
y lyA^ tt^ivtog xovg vofiovs aa} xd huxfi6$vfMeta ^ & 
duXfikv9aftBv, oy dij xov advvatov k^HBtv 9toMv xovg 
moUxag. Ov8* oxa^tiovv» ^jiJJia 9^ Souq ^iuv dom$i, 
doloi aal ailoig ^avfuatov t^ aai alhivatov} Oi% o2- 
C fuzt fyfl^c» V 8* og. Kal fkfjv on y$ fiiitMea, Sm9q 
dwata, Uavng iv xolg SiutQOOt^BV, mg iy^fux^j dajir' 
ftofav. 'btavmg yaQ* Nvv d^y dg loixfif iufLfUdvu 

F. 5if tiv9^h tob. Yiad. B. Vat 

0CV19] Sw Ven. G. Par. DK. 
seo. Bokk. Yat H. et, at Yidotur, 
a m. pr. Moo. B. 

dfuptaBfjnjCBt] Ita Par. DK. 
800. Bekk. Mon. B. Flor. U. «?/»- 
tpus§rjinjiS£ms^ Ven. C. dfupicpTj- 
TTJcsis reliqm codioei com editio-. 
nibufi ante Aitii gec. qui in ad- 
dendii' ve\ Sv adiidendum vel 
dfKpicPfjnjcsi scribendiyn docuit. 
Cf. Yol. I. p. 91, a. Pfo fligno 
interrogandi Stmhanns pnnotam 

Kcdnwg;] om. Mon. B. 

ysifOfisvog] om. Mon. B. notii-- 
ra «tc in$titutu» Fic 

xdvz'] ndvTtt Lob. Tind. B. 

initilicai] inivslicsi Par.DK. 
SM. Bip. Vind. B. 

"Aifxowog ydq nov] Porro 9i 
prineeps oUontt Fic a. y&^ dij 
nov Lob. Vind. B. Vat M. 

xtd-ivTog] TtJOivTtt Par. K. 

dMTjlvOofisv,] duXfiivd^afisv ; 
Vind. B. 

noXlTog* OiSd'] noUvag ovd* 
Viiid. B. 

oTMMfTiovv.] onmcTwvv. Vind. 
B. Qnng. t£ ovv. Viod. F. 

d^ ansQ ] fiijv ons^ Par. DK. 
06C Bekk. Mon. B. fi^v Sns^ 
Ald. Bas. a. Steph. Ast. 

««1] Ita Mon. B. a m. pr. av 
a m. s. 

i^aviMtiv Ti lud ddvvatov] 

^. te X. d. Vind. B. Mon. B. 
Par. DK. Flor. TU. #. v «. iL 
Vind. B. ^avfianic ical ddvvata 
Bas. b. ^fL^tnr etiam d^avfut- 
ctd ts xal advvma^* Stqih. in 

Oihtolftai iyays] Nom,u$mt- 
hiiror, Fic 

ys] om. Lob. Vind. BB. Vatr. 

pilTUfTay sfnsQ 9watci,] fHr 
TUSTat Vind. E. 

nsqlTTJg vofuA-sclag] Rectiua 
in Ald. Ba«. ab# Stephl coiuna 
hifl pofltpositnm, <|oun in Astii 
pr. et flec antepoflitum est 

Xiyoasv] iliyofuv Vat H. 
Flor. C. 

^fiPttlvst] t;vfipalvsiv Par. K. 
flec Bekk. . 

Ovxovv ] owt. Fic 

ro^iro] rovrd idqoe post fto- 
ftg Vind. B. 

fi6ytg] Ita Par. A. Vind. EF. 
Mon. B. Veo. B. Anc. B. Vat 
H. Flor. ACRTUV. fioltg reUqri 
et editionefl ante Beickemm, qni 
nno Axiochi loco p« 368. B. fAO- 
Xig cum omnibufl codicibnfl temiit, 
in reliqnifl pancifl, qnibufl idem 
▼nlgatum erat , fwytg flcnpnti 
partim inbentibafl oodicibna, ut 
hic et L. X. p. 620. C. AwA.tU 
B. 27. C. Phaedon. 108. B. par- 
tim refra^ntibufl , nt Theaet 
p. 142. B. ubi y tantnm in tii- 
bufl PariflieMibui €BF. 




9f»;y Mpl xijg vono»i&l€ig Sft^a ftiv dva$ & Ajyofitr, 
si riyMro, x<<l^ 'i T9vi69ai, w ^dmot advpata y%. 
jBfvfifialw yaQ^ iy^. OvKOvv In^Mi xovto i»6y$g tiiog 
f^s» x€t ixUoma dif fmit toSto ItMtioy, tlva tQOMO¥ D 
i9|ft&V' Mcl 1» rfoiDy na»^(unmv ts aal, iamfiMVfuhmv ot 
dwt^Qtg ivi^optat t^ xoXitBlag^ xal xatd Motag^U- 
fUag Sxa4tot ixd^mv axtoiuvot; JbxzIov ftivtot^ t^ 
Ovihv, fjiv d' lymj so Oot^ov fio» hyiv9to n^ t% tm^ 
Ywainwv t^g atii^img iv^iiQtutv iv ttp stQoMw %aQ»- 
Ximdvti> «ol aatiofovtav xal t^v tw anivtmv aati^ 
^xaOw^ Motij mg ial^p9ov6g ra xal xoilMV ylyv$0%ai ^ 

•Griptnm, ct p. IGO. B. ubi in 
imo Par. B. a m. •; et in doo- 
bos CH. et Hmp. min. p. 364. C. 
nbi in Ven. BI>. qnibui Flor. R. 
aoondity ftdyfff inrenit, et Tfan. 
85. C« 86. A. qnonui loeoram 
pnori omnes, pofteriori pleromjno 
(UXtg com otephaao exhibera 
oftendit. 8ed in Theaeteto prae- 
irtantissinios Lob. et bioi Floren- 
tini, in Timaeo yero optinmj 
Vind. CCCXXXVn. formam a 
Belckero receptam mannopere 
eommendant, qna qama anbi Pla- 
tonem crebro nsun esse eodicam 
conaonan^ doceat (tnpra L. I. 
p. 350. D. Phaedr. 240. B. J254. 
C. 9ymp. 190. C. 213. D. Lyf. 
222. B. Bpiat IL 313. C. 314. A. 
rin^li ant biniy flnmmnm qna- 
tnor diMentiunt) in Hippia qni- 
dem, nt in Axiocho, iik6Xi9 fo- 
rendnm, in ceteria fMytg acri- 
bendnm ridetnr. Unns est fln- 
thydemi locus p. 282. D. (415, 
6 Bekk. rd fA» ^hiv nui^dBuyfM 
— roiovroiry Idmtmdv foiDff »ai 
(toyis 9ut fun^mv I9f6(t9ww) nbi 
nesclo an (i6Ugj in qno omneB 
Kbri , nndevigintl nnmero , in iia- 
qne Clarkianna conaeatinnty ser- 
irari debnerit. Nam et alia Pkto 
singularia habet, nt Q^aXdcoriqy 
de qno cf.' Vol. L P« 21, a. et 
In hoc ipao vocabnlo Thocy^dea, 
qni plemmqne ii6Xi£ nsnrparit, 
alteram tamen formam aemel et 
Cf. Bokkoms ad 

PilAToni Op. n. 

Tlmc. L. L c 12. ot Poppo 
VoL L p. 108. 

ftCTo( Tovro ] ^erorovro Vind. - 
BB. Blon. B. AM. Baa. ab. 

xha — Atmiov D.] om. Vmd. 
B. Plro xha Anf . B. Swumry 
Vind. F. Flor. R. Srttva habont. 

nal h] %ai om. yind.F. Aaf^ ]) 

Mcovzai\hrovrai Ven. B. Vat. 
H. (Ftor.ACTV.) onm editiaante 
Bokk. iMtnictt ermit Fic 

lncrormr] Mor» Vind. F. 

chrroftevo* ; ] Si^nm interro- 
gandi Bekkema fecit 

fiivto$] fUv ro« Stepb. 

OvdM oii9l Vat. B. a m« pr. 

0090V J 0iSfpQ6v Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat. B. Mon. B. Ven. BC. Pte*. 
DK. sec. Bekk. Flor. U. 

^Ojt^pei^nr] anto rvg «nfoems 
Lob. Vind. B. Vat BM. d^^Um^ 
tdiem aique moUiiiam Fic 

vaoaXm6w$ ] na^ediiM^vwi 
Ald. Baa. a. MaoaXihcovti Vat 
H. Flor. TV. 

8/dori] iid' 8ti Vmd. B. < 

r«] om. Yind. F. Ang. B. 

XaXmij ] xaXmd Aid. Baa. a. 

ylyvicOiu] yiyvitat Vat B. 
Blon. B. yiyvicQai com r snper 
oQ Ven. B. XiyicQai Vind. F. 

ri] Ita Ven. B. et o corr. Vat 
B. if Vlnd. B. f / xal Mon. B. 
Flor. U. Btallb. ^ i«liq»l cnm 
oditia ante Aatinm, qni in aec 
^ m textn poonit, in oenm. 1} 
a Btephano in m. primnm, 



igitizedby VjOOQIC 



E iKitA dtMHP. seol td inv d^ vtfy yvtHasMV ta xmi nal-- 
imv Mtdfwvta&f %6 dh tmv aQi6vt9W &6nQ 2£ ^#Z9$ 
fittilStlSiv del. iXiyofLBV d%M fivtifUfvevHgi 8hv tcvtaig 
503 ^iXoitoXidag tB <palv§6^a$ ^6amioiUvovg iv ^dovaZg ss 
xai Xvnaig xai t6 ioyfta tovto fiiit iv %9votg f&qr iv 
qfo^ig fif(i iv mixi wi^f^i^ fLBtafiol^ q>atv^ai^ Jjc- 
fiJiXXovtag^ ^ tov ddwatovvta amoxQitiov, tiv 8hMaiv~ 
taiod dxiiQatov ixfialvovta S^xbq '%qv66v iv xvqI fia6a-, 
Vi^ifi&Hiv otatiov RQxovta xal yiQa dotiov xal iAm 
X(A tiXsvTii^avti^ xal a^Xa. touivt Stta f(v td Ixyo^ 


aimot p. S4. commeadatiim re- 
«Mpisie profiUtar, ui tert t«o 
prmeennte Bekkero reccpit^ ipto 
nihil terine. Neoue iUnd 8te- 
phannm fngii, rerba s; xavrsAog 
Ahtfii^q tantnm ad xwf dQXOV' 
Twm uettdcvaci» peiiinere. ScilK 
oet mai^atrmtuam conatituCioaem 
t^mamUM L. lU. p. 414. A. iU 
pertractaTerat, eig Iv vvwp^ fii) 
di duqifielagy Biff^a^m^ qnibns 
Tetbis aocnratiorem qnandam eina 
rei ezpositioMm designabat, qnaa 
h. I. invidEae et diffienltatia ti- 
more adhne snbterfofisse confite- 
tnr. ^ inq»tum esse apparott 
etiamsi emn Comario tidoti mg 
iaUp^wd rfi «ai xaXsnit y^t- 
^aij ^ nwntXmq cUt/^ scniHi- 
tnr, neqne a Fidno apte reddi 
potoit : noieetom emi , 

OMUesa ret eiiet faelmQmt iitfii^ 
!••, «el omn ino eero* Sed uwai 

probabile ▼idetnr, 
accnratisfliBmm qaodq[ne ob 
mm et difficillimnm fiicte 
eaM% soleat 
yd^\ iwtem Fic. 
flwrd] tfi^T^fr yind.F. An«.B. 
Flor. AR. eRfTo fitallb. sec per 
m o». Yind. B. 
ra] om. Lob. Vind. B. Mon.a 
Vat BM. Par.DK. Vea.a Flor. 

« dmi\ ii^9 Lob. r»d. 

tanitanf94eig] fmnMnvBnif Vind. 

fftifr' iv novoig'] ftiivt iv «.503 
Flor. R. fmv' h ^dveis Baa. b. 

paiv hf il^] lirivi kv &. Viod. 

fitvafolS] Mer«|}oiL37 idem. 

aawaxom amiifavov ix^etlpoy- 
%a J fw pflMeim ttttosms et ineoi^ 
rmpttt» eoadii Fio. 

y^a] yiqag Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. Antiatt Bekk. p.87,22: 
y^oa* IRdvaMV iutqt itolevslat, 
BUam L. m. p. 414. A. V. 4G0l 
9. 465. D. YII. 616.^ C. 

t$X9wiicaw$ nai a^ia.]reinK 
vifaawi xoel a^^Xa Ald. Teieonf- 
oocyri. *al dd-la Bas. ab. Ttlev- 
vtjaawu %al dUa Vind. B — ^* 
^Xeu Mon. B. Vitiosa inteipiiA- 
ctione post viXewijaawi deoeptnt 
Fidmis Beqnentia peiperam aic 
conrertit: IVaemMi oero Udim 

mmt , Areoiter Jkoo perciirrviife el 
fiMMi ter^eersaRte «ermoiia» |ay 
pe ctim res» at \ 

votavv awa] voutwdwa Viad« 
BF. Ald. Bas. a. rourvr« «e*a 
Vind. B. FkNT. T. voutwa &wa 

xa^fantahmtoidvav] ^ina^- 
ndfaantoQa^ fortasse Far. hJ^ 

Kswofijitivov ] m^oPfjiUpov^ 

*AX7jQiavata] Fera Fic 
iUiii9^§Mu] iUftwiCai, Fler. U. 
ei, iop. a a. s. ^, Bian. & 




ItfHg* fLifmffm^ yi^. "Owvog yof , l^, J» 9^* h^f 
Blmiv tA vvv «xotmoliifif^K' vvv Sk wvto fiiv tt" 
toXfifio&a 9l$cAv , 8vi xovg ixQifiiiNdtovg^ tfvlmtmg ^ 
XoOo^ovg dsi 9ga»i4t€cvai. Elifijo»m yaf, i^. Noii&ov 
d^, tig shukmg oUyot i6ovwl Ooi. fjv fo^ t^il&ofaiv 
qiv6iv dsZv vxaQxsu^ avtotgy slg taito £vfi^€tfdflr< av^ 
^S vff ftifri SliydMg l^iUi, tit ftoUim dh AiaMvd^Uiff 
qwnai. Ilmg, ignjf Uj^»g; ECfta^Big fuA fmjftovBg C 
xal dyxCvoi xal o^sig xai Sca afla tovtoig &istai, olM\ 

ril dioare eo0, «pii >int itiBseii- 
tkriini cMtBtu cwtodcs, reddi 
•|MBrt«r« pldloMplioi. Aa weons 
vvlffttae idcA eit etqiie ri dixi*- 
iet ou v6v TO^g «M^ifiiowdtavg 
^leams xa^m^dpat, fUXXorga 
^pdoaofpovg dit ua^Hnavai. FV 
ciinB qooqM minui aceonte Imm 
interpretatui eet: No§ vere lii 
prmmeMiia id mm 
qwmd ottite«Iei 4 li 

'Owo^-\ Ite 
boe (nam de Par. K. qaem Bek« 
ken» olaieit, Bipentinorum ezstat 
testimoninm) Mon. B. a m. pr. el 
wholiastesy qni oxvo^* dvdSvciSy 
euldpeiei^ dvtepolTi ad h. 1. ad- 
leripnt. ttnvovv margo Par. D. 
et, cS in margine posito, a m. 
t. Mon. B. mnvow editionee 
omaee. Cf. ^L. V. p. 450. Di 
Bio Si^ ual onvof vig tevvav tt" 
sKiS^at, qnae de hac eadem re 
dicta nullam dnbitationem relin-' 

rit, qmn 6iwog cemiinnm sit. 
ellipsi imperfecti rjv Schae- 
felnia melet. p. 44. egit. Addo 
Aeflchin. ady. Ctei. $. 71. Beklc. 
rd£ iv ftioip, tucI xuQ^ftBv vj 
vovi^alu iig vijv iiatXrjolav. 

Upvtv, mtflXiy iyA^] J wiXi 
Jbmv fyA Yind. F. Ang. B. Hprjv 
iyi a tplXi Vind. B. Comma 
poct iyA Stephanus et rccendores 
oaittentefl pronoBMO ad nvivmov 
refemiit, qnod ionmua distat et 
fadte eo caret. Serrata Tero 
codicnm leetioDe neoeMarie ad 
hpiffv leferendum est , eui aliqno* 
tws additum ad p. 495. A. este»* 
di. Nemie interpesitas yoeatims 
aUam offensioaem habet Conf. 
HeindoWEras et Stalftaanias ad 
Phaedon, p. 78. A. 

Tci^ vvv\ vavvv Vind. F. 

/Eilyl filkv diq ideih et Ang. B. 
•Flor. R. 

na&utvdvai] %t^icvdvai Lob. 
Yat B. Bbs. b. Id Stallbaumius 
in ifc xaoepit, qvia 

mg ibb6ivmg iUyoi howai ioi] 
qmam ponci tole» trumi Fic. 

mv y^9] ii yd^ Vmd. F. ijv 
ydf iH Yiod. £. r EW. ACT.) 
cnm editis anU BelLkennn. 

ii£] olg iig Lob. Viiid. B. Vat 

ievvfig] iimei« Aag. B. Vat. 

'iOilii] i»iXiiv Yimi. F. 

vd xoXXd] vaaoXXd Lob. Steph* 

iumaaoftivfi ] damaaoftlvti 
Vind. B. Siigaagftiva Aag. B, 
Fl«r, T. St^ Ast. Stallb. pr. 
^ln pmeeed. edit ^ssftaofiivijt 
aiteram antem lectioaem agnoscit 
et Fic«' Steph. p. 24. (fMi^et) 
diriwiGloe (neiMtnliir) Fic Ut 
hk qtvoiv^ ita ftovdda Phileb. 
peg. 15. B. dMSMXo^^viify dicit 
CcCerum duoaaCfUva , ' si per 
oediees iiooisset, ferri potulsse 

«^iviul tpalvivat Mon.B. Par. 
PK. seo. fiekk. Flor. U. 

3wl Zma &Ua vamntg Smioai] 
om. Fic 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



fgiyaXoxfaca^ tig dim^ff oloi %a6pUmg ^d ^itvj^g 
%a\ ^^awttpeog i»ik&,v gjif, alk" ol xoiovtou vxo 6^- 
tntog ipiQOVtat^ o«ij «v tvxaO^, wd to fii^iov Sfuev 
avtiSv Holz^oi. Uhfi^y i<ny i^^S' Ovwovv ta j8l- 
fiaia av tavta ^ %al o^ BV(Utafiola , olg av rtg477 
D iiallov &g 9$Otolg xQiioatto, «al iv t^ noXifiip VQog 
tovg q>6fiovg dvOxlv^a ovta XQog tag (lafhjostg av 
xoM tavtov* dv0iuviit&g ix^i %al dvffpta^ag Som^ 
anovsvaQxmiiivaj %al vxvov tt %ai {aOfiqg iiixlMlawai, 

Kttl vBavt%6l] wd veetvlcnoi 
Viiid. E. Ftor. ACTV. Handor- 
fias ad Theaet p. 144. A. xol 
hoc looo delendiim et ante ofoi 
iBserendnin tiispicabetiir , qnod 
vtniinqQe Astius in sec. et tert. 
fedt, qnasi inTenilis aniimia et 
magnificaa tranquillitatis et sta- 
bilitotia amana esse aoleat Stali- 
banmhui in pr. nostnun ical nncis 
inchisit et oloi secnndnm dnos 
oodices in otovg mutaTit, in s«6. 
nnoos remoTit et Tud olot cnm 
Heindorflo et Astio dirersa tamen 
aententia scrtpsit Vnlgatam sa- 
nam esse perspexit reiSeque ex- 
plicuit Schlmermacbems , sed no- 
minatiTis t^futOstg , (ivi^itovH^ 
dyilvoi^ ^{fiS, vtmfOLoly /ieyor- 
Uyic(fe*BiQ snbiectum significari 
itatneM doo postremos perincoin* 
mode locatos et subiedi descri- 
ptionoDi verbis ad praedicatnm 
pertinentibus insdte interpeUatam 
mteri coactus est. Mihi praedi- 
cati sifuificatio eis inesse, suIh 
iectum verbis ofoi nM^filmq — ^ 
OiXitv t^v dedarari videtur, hoc 
sensn: ^id ita a natura oompo- 
mtt sttfif , ut nkoderato , tranqmi' 
le, graviter vioere veUnty ftnHil 
tfoeiMt, memoret, togfaces, acnft 



MOfiie tuveiiill et nutgmftw 
fraed&i e$$e non «olent. Sic 

nsque ad teig Siovolag 
nnum enuntiationis membrom ef- 
fidnnt, nec one ration6 duo ex- 
tcema utpote mores speetantia a 
qnotnor priorfbiis ad uitellectnm 
raerendis «eparata snol 

ofot] ol 09, Tulgato in mar- 
adscripto, Flor. T. otovg 
DK. Flor. U. et, ut vide- 

tnr, a m pr. Mon. B. ofoiidem 

a m. s. habet. 

xoCfjUmg] noCfUa Vind. F. 

i^ovxlag^ lud BBpaiotfjTog'] ^av • 

vlag xal ^iuf^otrjtog Lob. Ven. B. 

Vat M. Bas. b. fj(iB(f6vTfvog %ai 
'ovxlag Vind. B. fifiBQoziitog in 
lor. T. int. yers scriptom ei a 

Stephano in m. pro ▼ana ledione 

■otatnm est 

olvotovzot] ov voiovxot Vat. 
B. ov vmovTOi otoi Lob. Vind. 
B. Vat M. Sunt ii, ^ui talcs 
sunt, quales tranquillitatis amanr 
tes non esse oonsueTerunt 

^%6] V7i Vind. F. Ang. B. 

Zm\] onoi Vind. £. (Ven.B.) 
editiones ante BelLkerum. 

ai6xe»v i|o/%«rai] tavtmv iffU- 
Zetat, Vind. F. rce^rm ^i^stoi 
Ann;. B. ^| o^rcov il^^eroiFlor. 
T. i| onrrttfr oifetca Vind. B. 
(Veii. B. Fior. C.) Ald. Bas. ab. 
Steph. Ast Verbo i^olxeoOai 
■sus est Homems H. VI. 379: 

Lh UOffvahjg iiolxsttu — ; et 
phodes Oed. Col. 863. Rds. 
— Fidnus: sea6i7ilatM ommt et 
^aottaiM expertet» 

oiix svfutdpola] iyi ftsteifola 
Ven. B. a m. pr. 
fiaXXov] maximcFic. 

t^tfftcro] xit^^at Lob. l^iid. D 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



OTOV %i. dig xoiwtw diOMOvsw. "Eexi, xavttty Igpq.' 
^Hfiiig di f* Ifpafiw afLfpotigmv dtSv «v ti %al uaXtSg 
(istkxjBWy ^ fi^fi xaiSiLag t^g ixQifiBfftatfig duv avtf 
(i9ta8id6vai ^4[t% tiii^g fii}T8 dfxijg. 'OQ^eig^ ^ d' og. 
Ovxovv onaviov aino olu ioeo^aif Ilmg i* 06; Batfa" 
vi6tiov dij l» t$ olg totB 2jU)^ofC8v %6voig tn %al q>6fioig E 
9cal ijdovm^, %aX ht dij o t6tB xaQBiiiBVf vvv XiyoiiBV^ 
9iti xal iv iia>&ijna€i noXiolg yviiva^tiv dBi €uo»ovvtagy 
bI «ol ta lUyufta ^aJ^^funa dvvat^ i6ta$ ivByTCBiVn flra 
fud oModBiJiuieu &6U9Q ol iv toig SXXoig a%oiBi3UdivtBg. 504 

B. Vat BM. Z9ii69tM Ytn, C. 
Par. DK. 

«all rc^ %al Mon. B. Par. DK. 
Flor. U. Ast sec. 

avifiMnjTaj ovmtwiftot Vind. 

aMvsraifKmftival vtvoQfnmfLi' 
va Mofl. B. Vat BM. Ven. C. 
Par. DK. aee. Bekk. Flor. C. 
v99^%QiD(iUva Lob. ^lnd. B. 

%al xdsfim] luA int yers. a 
m» ■. habet Mon. B. 

ilkninXixvTaC^ iiunlnXaxtulAQiL 
B. ifinlfinXatat. Flor. C. a m. a. 

"Eavi vccvra, iqnj] §mv aAij- 
(Hj itpri Tccvxa liyBig Ang. B. 
'AXriOii y I917 y rctvra XiyBig mar- 
go Flor. R. 

y' iq>afiBv] i^ofisp Vai. B. yf 
$otfikv Vind. F. Ang. B. margo 
Flor. R. ys hpafuv Vind. £. 

andviov] inavibv Yind. F. 

Baaccvtariov] paaavufria Mon. 
B. Par. D. Flmr. U. 

T9 olg] Tovg Ang. B. 
E ,, ror«"l ore Vind. B. Vat M. 
Vind. F. in m. a m. s. habet. 

«a^eZfiev] iica^er^nr Vind. F. 
a ra. pr. na^iA» Ven. B. Flor. 
T. Bekkenu, nesdo qno gram- 
matico anctore. 

Xiyoftev] Xiyiofuv Lob. Vind. 
BB. Ven. B. Vat M. Fior. T. 
Cf. L. V. p. 471. C. extr. 

noXX&ig j «liirtmt» Flc. 

yvfivdisiv] Hunc locnm Proclo 
T. V. p. t66. Cons. obrersatnm 
opinor, dmn Terba Parmenidia 
p. 135. D. iXnvaov 91 atmov 
xal yvftvaaai ftaXXov di& tfjg do> 

«ovtfiM djnfr^atov shoL «al va- 
Xovftivrig 4n6 t£v noXXmv ddo- 
Xsaxlag explScatanu ^r^d ndvranf 
&iltov 9 inqnit , ^if^o dio^/aa- 
aO^ai y tL Th yvfMmartiw^ ^ r^c 
diaAe»riicnff rovrijg' %al ydif 
iv TIoXiTsltf JSa%Qdvfig yvfi/vdist» 
^al 9i avr^ff ro^g ntudavofii- 
vovg. qoamqiiam ad rem aeqae 
appoaituf erat ille L. VII. p. 539. 
D: d^i 9^ inl Xoymv fiivaXn' 
^st (islvat MsXsxmg xal {viTOr 
vmg iiridlv dXXo nifdrTovxt^ dXX* 
dvTiaTQOtpatg yvftvaioftivtp volg 
nsQl r6 aSfta yvfMfaalotg ifn| 9^- 
nXaata^ ^ rors; 

dwanj] In Ven. B. snper nl- 
tima scriptum est hg^ et ^warbg 
reqvirit StaHbanmius in sec ouia * 
ad dVMm) Tix ex anteoedenaoiis 
17 tpvatg avTOV intelKgatur. Sane 
nomen tpvatg longius abest, et 
rerbi dnoSstXtdast snbiectnm ho- 
minem ipsom potius, qoam eios 
naturam esse additnm ol dno9st' 
XtmvTsg argnit Nthilo minuSy 
mnim ferendi fecaltas naiwrae 
sit, et per totum huoc locom eiu»- 
dem subiecti significatio rarie fiat, 
et qnae primum tpvatg et ipvs- 
ad-at dicta erat, pro eamox bo- 
mines ipsos, tom ijdij, d«ade 
rursus oomines {iftnlnXccvTcu')^. 
post hominem (avroi), deniqne 
^&og iaiho) dici TideamuSy vnU 
gatam retinendam censeo. 

dno9stXtda9t]dno9tXtdaHyfnL * 

dno9stXtmvTsg] tr^fidaai at- 504 
qua dejidunt Fic 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



IlQiMi yl tot i^, ^9^1 9 oi;v(0 ^tUMiiv. dXlm mola i^ 
liy$^ fu»9iiiiata (Uy^ta; MvtjfiovfvBig fiiy mv^ ^ 
d' iy<Of on tQittm Mif in^x^g du»6tfi6iii9V0i £wc^i- 
fiatonev diMOio^vvf^ ts xtffh xal tfo^potfvvff %al itv- 
dglag xal 6og>lagy S Btuc6tov «fir. *Afij yoQ fmi($ovBV€9p^ 
S^, ta iomd av cZifv diKoiog ft^ oicovuv. *£f »al to 
B ^H^o^^q&^ avtAv; To »olov di}; *E^iyo(ki» nov, ati 
mg fiif iwatov ^ 9UtXkk6ta avtd vmiiuv, aUtf fta-^ 
mfotkQa ^ MQiodog » ^v mQiBX&ovtc naxatpav^ yLyvotr 
tOf tav nivtoi i^syo^&iv nfOBiQfffdvenv inofiivag 0x0- 

S^ ] 0m. Par. K. Ftor. T. 
itpn} <»"• Viad. B. Vat M. 

dm ] UlXct «(Ktiones ante Bl- 
pontiiHmi et Airting in pr. Btiaui 
in Yind. B. ante mM signttni 
matatae peraoiiae exstat. 

<svc^ (Lv. Ald. 

£^i] ot8 Mon. B. Flor. U. 

t;vvBpip4SpP'»l ^vv. Mon. B. 
Pac DK. Flor. RU. Ald. Ba«« 
abs Sta|>li. Tlmaei gkuiam j». 241» 
cvfipipdcst ' (avfipifiaGii est apnd 
Photiiuii PoraouT) eig ovfLpi^civ 
nal QMkX^iav sW-bI» %B^i twoq 
a Rabnkenio vole huc relatam, 
neqne avfiPiBdiBiv , ut iUe puta- 
bat» neutrauter hic positiim esse 
lecte monnit Aatius. Cf. L. IIIL 
p. 427. E. sqq. quo loco Tariia 
radonibua componendia Tirtutam 
defi&itiones , quales in civitate 
ease yiderentur, quaal conquire- 
bant, quo facto simill methodo 
Qsi p. 441. B. S({q. coUigebanty 
quid eaedem in singulari homine 
essentf atque hunc ipsun cona- 
tum Socrates nunc designat 

ai^$ Mttl] 9ud ns^l Vlnd. F. 
Ang. B. 

uvSQiagldvSQBiag Lob. Yind. 
F. Fior. ACRT. StaUb. 

s^.} Bhf ; Vind. B. 

iowd] Xoin' Vind. F. VatM. 
Flor. R. 

£%] Bffj Lob. Viad. BF. 
Vat BM. V(m. C. Ang. B. 

fti^ ttxovBtv] Uu Ficinna afti 
le insemit Poat dMOVuv Bas. 
ab. comma Imbent 

!ff] ^ Lob. rmd. BKF. 

xccl] om. Mon. B. Par. K. sec 
Bip. Flor. U. in au habet Par. 

n^oii^hv] w^ocr^^^ Par. K. 
nQOffrjetv Ald. Bas. ab. 

or*]^«)f, aap. n 

Pr. Stty B 

mg fihv dwatbv ^v] t^ iofih 
8wcct6v 17» Vind. B. icflkp Sv- 
pav6v ^v Vind. F. Bwttthv f^v 
ijv Bas. b. SwttTov fj^ 1JV (Veo. 
B.) Steph. Ast tacentibas Bip. 
^v ut iz9V^ ^ similia dictom. 

ndXXtsttt] fidXltata, in ». a 
m. s. X, Mon. B. 

&X2JJ] dXX* ^ Par. D. dU' ij 
Ven. C. du: bI Lob. Vmd. B. 
Vat BM. Par. K. sec Bip. dlXa 
Ven. B. Par.^K. sec. BekL Mon. 
B. a m. s. (aA>li7 a m. pr.) Ald. 
Bas. ab. Steph. Ast. Ct Vol. L 

{>. 394 , b. aXXrj etiam Ficinua 
egtt, ceterom totum locum ita 
pervertit: Dismuu certo qmpUBri 
quodam aUo oratiomB einmta 
exaetiuB ea po$$o cofwoset: oe- 
rum comafdim me , ut ifwnn 
8tratioHe$ euperiorAue magio am- 
Bentaneae indueeremua. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



%aL ovm da} li^ti %a tota tijg (ghf Mfij^BUcs, mg i^l 
i^palvmpo^ iiJUx^, d dl vfuv aQS^mvtmg, viiBlg Sv 
vovto ^btovt^. ^AUk IpLOVfhy hfni, f^BtQlotg' iq>alvsto 
fftqy nal totg alXoig. *AU\ iS g>lX$f ^v 6* tytlif lUtQov C 
xiSp TCMtoVw omoIbImov mI otiovv Tov ovtog ov zaw 
iUtQlofs ylyvitai' atni^ yoQ ovSkv oddevog {litQov. 
doMU d* ivloti ti6w iMovmg 115^ Ixsiv xal ovdlv dtlv 
MiQoitiQm {qtsm^. Kal /iaA\ bpti, ^vivol xa6%ov6iv 
avto 9ha ^t/StviiUev. Tovtov di ys, qv 6* iym^ tov 

Mi^Mog] 4 n. Lob. Viiid. B. 

Mi^ul069vi] nBQl iXdo'frTi Aid. 

xmv'] vm Vind. E. D6 geni- 
tiTO ab hco^as peodoiite c£ 
Berolmrdy gyot p. 148. 

Ofov T eft/] olov V8 itv€Uy 

praeposito int. vers. dg, Vind.F. 
dg olov r' dvcu Aag. B. dtolov 
VB elvtti Flor. R. 

ovTfo 1 olfre Vind. F. 

iqfali^^o] fpttlvetai ante corr. 
Vmd. F. 

i^liXv d^BtntSwng] om, Ang.B. 

$tMom] Bfjctixe Lob. Vind. B. 
Vcn. B. 

M<pfii om. Vat. B. 

|H)fr] om. VaL H. fOf Vind. 
B. fih Baa. b. dl Ven. B. Flor. 
T. Ald. BaB. ab. Steph. Ast. 
Smim aMensnm Adimantna qmun 
ita dedarasaet, nt de reliquis ni- 
bil affinnare veTle videretBr, hos 
qnocpie assensos , recordatas pro- 
feetOf inqntt, oi<le6atiir et reli- 
quis. Cf. L. m. i>ag. 410. B: 
€n$Tct fi/^v va yvfivdeia etc. Fl- 
cimis neqne hanc particit^am ne- 
que interpnnctionem post pat^imq 
cnrans Adimanto haec tribnit: 
At vMderate dietum e$ mihi et 
aUie eet viwm. 

G dnoUtnov ] Ita cam editis 
Vind. F. Aag. B. Flor. ACRTV. 

cft» vt Faebaiaa refort, majrfo 
Par. A. dicoUlnav Par. A. ipse, 
Viod.^ B. Ven. B. Vat H. i%t>- 
XMimv Ven. C. dnoXmen cnm 
o saper a> Lob. Vat, B. dnoU' 
nbv Yind. B. Moa. B. Par. DK. 
Vat M. Flor. U. 

driovvj drovovtr Vind. B. 
Btiam Mon. B. • cnm litnra ba- 

rov SvTog] toiovtoq yg Par. 
A. Idem Faehaius in «tns codi- 
cu margiae «zstare testatur. 

fitr^/off] ftiriftov y^ Par. A. 
(in m. teste Faehsio.) Id Bek- 
kems in textnm redpiens «K le- 
pide dicto frigidam effedt Nam 
qnimi Adimantns eommode iibi 
exponi visa dixisset IHa, onibiis 
tamen ad veritatem nonnihil de- 
esset, pro modo et mensura Im- 
mm remm imperfectom qnoddam 
et a veritate remotmn pooneraty 
idqne Socrates panim eommoffe 
ieri demonstrat 

fUrgov] fihifov Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. Ald. Bas. a. ftitQe Bas. 
b. fUTQltoSf qnod Bekkems ct 
StaUbanmius vulgatnm fenut, 
nnsquam exstat 

diiv] dsX iiob. Viod. BF. Vat 
BHM. Ven. 0. Par. DK. soc. 
Bekk. Ang. B. Flor. ACRTV. 

fuiV] ndla Lob. Vind. B. 

diys] dh Fidau non reddi- 
dit ye om, Bas. b. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


r L A T ON rs 

• jra&9fiaro$ ijiMta $tfo6i6l fnileau uolBdg ti %ak v6fLmv^ 
Elxog, ^ i* S^' TijP (laxifotifav xolwv^ i £riM(^ 

D ^9>i7i^> mgutiov t^ rofotnr^i xal ovj ^ov (uevt^ivwvi^ 
novritkov, q fvykvaiofkivtp* 19 o vvv i^ iktyoiuv^ vo6 
fLVfUtov tt %al fkolMta XfoCiptoviog fu^fiatog bA 
teXog ovxotB q^Si. Ov yaQ tavta^ l9q« fUfi^aj alX 
Iti u fisttoy iauuoCvviig cs aai iv iiijMofUv; KA 
fisi^ov, ^ d' i}^oi, «ol ai;rfiiv tovtmv otfx vxoj^aynpp 
der S61UQ vvv tBd6ao9ai, aXXd t^v rcAsonrarqv aare^- 
ya^lav fifj itafUvai. ^ ov yslolov ixl liiv aXXoig ^fu- ~ 

ifiUBta xgOBdtZ tf6Xd»u] Ita 
Ptr. DK. Mon. B. Flor. TU. 

J^Mra %oo9Mxtu «pviUm Par. 
. Lob. Vind. BBF. V». C. 
Aiifr. B. Vat HM. Flor. ACRY. 
fj%ma n^ocSBlvai gwlam) Yat. 
B. Yen. B. Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. 
Atft sec 7]7U4na MifocdBi xv tfv- 
hau Aai. pr. a etutode — em 
<Mef aliemttimum Fic Qunm 
optimonim codicum lectio integra 
■errari non posset, qyiXcau nt 
ain^Kciiia et lequenti t^ totov^ 
T9> convenientios ex ea aerrare 
mahii, qnam n^iBtxtxi. I^em 
fecit Bdckemf, Astiua in tect. et 

MoMg X9] xi ual noXimg 
Par. K. sopeipoiitui t ut Bekke> 
nia. tndit, dnobna pnnctia snper 


17 9* Sg] ^v d' iyd Vmd. B. 
Vat M. et ante corr. Lob. 

Ikpnv] Igoij Lob. Vind. B. Vat 

futp&dpovxi] lUcvMvovci Ald. 
Bai. a. 

xovfixiov] nouixiov Mon. B. 
Par. K. flec Bip. 

$ yvfwaiofiivip — fuyiiOxov xb] 
o». Par. A. ^ YvavaiofUvm etc 
Ald. n yvfivatofUva etc. Baa. b. 
Pro altero ^ Par. K. slg habet 

fMlusxa] (idla Par. D. 
Mon. B. Fior. U. 


ixi] iiix$ Ven. B. Par. K. «ec. 
Bekk. iw lec Bip. 

Ti] om. Lob. Vind. BF. Ab£. 
a Vat M. 

xe] om. Lob. VUid.B. Vat ML 

Kai] val Mon. B. F!or. U. 

fuZtov] fi* xovxatv Par. K. 

tt^xmv xofhmv ] sc dtnawev- . 
n/g re «cd ov dtitfldt>iiev, quod 
Stallbanmium fiigere non debd»at 

vvv] va Par, K. 

T^y xBlsmxdxfjv dnsnYteelaw 
fu) xo^tiyai] aftiotoai ralioficai 
oofnpreftendere Fic 

4] ^^0 Vind. F. In Vind. B. 
mutatae perionae aignam prae- 

&llotg] SUov Vind. F. Flor. 

CfUH^ov] Ita Par. A. Vind. F. 
Mon. B. Ven. C Anfl[. B. Fion 
RTUV. fuMQOv reliqni et editio- 
nei ante Aitii iec Cf. VoL L 
p. 287, b. ia re&iii mtntmie Fic 

dilotg] d^totg Vind. F. 

dx^tpicxaxa xol xoO^a^rora] g 
«cK^ooiorara xal aTiotfiicxaxa 
Vind. F. Ang. B. Flor. R. 

(t^nl ^^ Par. K. om. Vat H. 
¥ior. AC 

ditovv] poflt criraft Vind. B. 

Kal (tdXa, I997, &iiov x6 9ul- 





KQCv ii|(o»$ JMev no^^iv ^vptHvofihwgy S$cmg 8n ixQ^ E 
fii6tma ttal xaS^ttQckata i^i, tmv Sh fLsyl^mv fi^ jm- 
yl4tag af^ow ahai %al tag dxQ^fidag; Kai fLoXay Iqpq, 
aiwp To dmvofifLa. o fLivto^ ftfyt6tov fLof^fta xal miQl 
oti avto Xiysigy olsi taf Sp 08 <, Stp^f dq>Blvai fL^ i^. 
tij€awa, tl i6tiv; (M MavVf 17» 6' iyd* ^Jila %ai 6d 
iQe5t€c navtmg tnko ov% oXifauig dxijxoagf v6v tk^ 
ov% iwosig- ^ aH dtavoy ifLol MQayfLOta naQi%siv dvti* 505 
XafLfiavofLSVOg. olfLa$ dl tomo fLiXXov, imd oti y% ^ 
tov dyai^ov Idia fLiyi6vov fLothifLaj nokXaing dxijuoag, 

v6ritia.] ual f$aX* I917 a. x6 d. 
Vind. BF. Ang. B. Itidiciiliisii 
prartu» Fic. Ba, ut Tidetar, in- 
terpretataone seducti A^tiiu, Sdild- 
ermachenui , Stallbaumins Terba 
a^iov t6 ducvoijfuc eiidenda yel 
improbanda yel corrigenda existi- 
marunt;. qni n Adimantnm haec 
non tam respondere qnaerenti an- 
ne ridicolum iatad nt Socrati, 
qnam contrarium postnlanti auf- 
iragari statoiuent, nullam, opi- 
nor, offensionem accepiuent. Ceirte 
maximanim remm accaratusimas 
fieri debere explanationes senten- 
tia sapienti non indigna iridetur. 
Nomen yero ducvdrffia inter Pia- 
tonica relatam iupra yidimus 
p. 496. A. 
fUYUtvov'] fuHyMov Yind. B. 

«e^ Svt] wifUzi Viad. F. a 
m. pr. 
ohi] om. Vat. H. ofov BM.b. 

Tiv'] r/y' Vind. B. Aid. Baa. 
ab. vLva^ a m. 0. ttvcL^ yind.F» 

&v] om. Vind. F. Ang. B. 

oe] om. An^;. B. tese olifiieoi 
eontenliinmi Fic. 
^]} ] fikv Flor. C. 

iQWtri9avTa\ iqmti^^ata yiiid. 

dlX^ ] 'JXkiL m. Baa. ab. 

l^aTtt] iif£xa Ald. Baa. ab. 

ndvtwq] Vind. F. int vers. a 
m. s. yitif addit, qiiod additnm 

ert in Aeschyli Prom. 333:^«al 
vvv latfov, fMTiH tfoi fuXriGdxm' 
ndvvaq ydg ov nBlang viv, Et 
inest in Socratis yerbis iroqica 
caussae , cur iuterroii^e eum iu- 
beat, significatio. ES yero solum 
ndvtcog sufficere exempla ab 
Heindorfio ad Theaet $. 3. a 
Ruckerto ad Symp. pag. 8. et a 
Stallbaumio ad h. 1. adscripCa • 
docent Similiter Aeschylus Prom. 
1050: ndvtois ifii y ov ^ava- 


vvv d\ — axtfaoa^ 506. A.] 
om. Vind. B. Vat M. 

^ 0^«] ^ om. Vind. E. Mon. 

17 irJ] oel pofitis Fic av ad 
initium libri y. spectat et ad in- 
iectam ab eodem Adilnanto de 
nxonim commnnione quaestionem 
operosissimam, auo loco Socrates 
yerbo ivuXanfiavsad^ai nsns erat 
p. 450. A. 

dicevo^^dutvoBty sap. a m. 0. 
^ , Vind. F. dutvoet ceoentiores. 

dvtiXofipavofAtvog.] dvtilaf^ 505 
Pavoftsvog: Vind. B. 

idia] Mia Vind. F. a m. pr. 

ftiyictov] fkiyusto Ald. 

voJXdnui^ dnijiuKeg] noUdmg 
fikv «vrov^ TJdrf nai n^ottgom 
dmi%oivai ^i/olv , tig &9^ xovt6 
iatt to dyaJ^oVf ov ndvta kpU- 
tai. Proclus in Ciy. p. 425, 20. 
a f . 

igitizedby VjOO^IC 



y dlxata mI tiXXa mgo^xm^aiuva fjfn^ifLa xal thft- 
Jiifka ylyp§xai* xcA vvv 6%wSav OI0&', &» fiiiUU» %wto 
XiyBiVy xal MQog xomp^ oxi iinn;i}v ov% tuavwg I^Mtr* 
d th (iij iC^Wf avtv i\ xavxfiq d oxk luUufxa zaHa 
im6xal(u9af oZdd*', Sxi. oiSiv ijfuv o9?£Aoff, mMJBQovlt 
B A xBxxi^fu&a XI avBV xov dyaQ:ov. ij o&i r^ sAiov f&«i 
%&0av xx^^Civ ixxijMaif |i^ /iilyTot a}^a9i7«^» 9 Movxa 
xakla tpQovHv avw xov ay^if^ov, xaXov di xal afa%6v 
f^rjilv tpQwnSvi Ma ^V ovx fff^ty hn* *AX3ia fi^v 

^ Vat. H. et a m. pr. 
Vind. F. 

dixaite «all Ita Par. A. Yind. 
B. Vat. H. Flor, ACV. ^ij xal 
Lob. Vind. B. Vat M. Flor. T. 
. -iud dhccia xal reBqni codices 
com editis. Paullo aactios etiam 
Procliu L c. p. 426: sino^v y&g, 
Sti fi rot^ dya&Qv Idia ud^fia 
t6 (liyunov icti» , ^ xarl zot dl- 
xa^a %4d vSHa nQoax(fTiadfLSva 
XQiJ6tfLa xol tomilqia dnOTslBi' 
xaiy xal STiavTTJv ov% i%avmq 
taftiv etc. cuiiu tainen anctoritas, 
qnum potins rem spectaverit, 
^vam Terba, oeqae ad recipien- 
oum articulnm, quem ia ■ecunda 
Stallbaumii ed. V. C. F. Rostius 
sine ratione desiderabat, neque 
ad tnendam particulam xoi ad- 
▼ersus optimos codices yalet 

TdUa] TaXXa Vind.BF. Mon. 
B. Stenh. Ast r aUa Vind. E. 

oU^I «cito Fic. item paullo 

rovr^] rovro Vat 0. 

il dl firj t0(iBv] otn, Ven. B« 
ft m« pr. 

avev 6h ravfivfi] et stiie ipBa 
Fic Repetito oh oiSensns Mor- 

fenstemius sjmb. 1815. pag. 18. 
vev ye ravtfje malebat, assen- 
tieote in tert Astio, dissentie&te 
Stalibaumio in sec. et verborum 
c/ 6h fifj tcfisv sententiam cam 
qaadam gravkate iterazi statoen- 
te; sed exempla, qniboa utitur, 
minae aptaeMe ipee seaait. Snnt 
eoim partim talia, quale Apol. 
p. 38. A. idv X av Xiym. 6ti 
xal Tvyxdvet fiiymov dya&ov Sv 

dpd-Q^ixa rovvo , hidtfv^e fiiU- 
Qag ȣ^i o^er^g rov^ loyovg 
noiBtcd-atf — ravra d* iri ijr- 
Totr nslaso^i ftot Xiyovvt, qnae 
ad anacoHithon pertinent; |»aTtim 
bimembrem habent ennntiatioaem 
alteri item bimembri sic oppon- 
tam, nt membrum ntrumyis sbo 
dh instmctnm sit, velnt Phaedeo. 
p. 78. C: oifxovy ansQ ^ffl xorra 
ravrc^ %al cSaavTotg Jtxst , rovra 
ftdXutTa efKogstvatTd dgvi^era, 
Td Sh &XXoTdXXmg xaljtnTdfirore 
xard^ topSt^ , vccvva Sh slvcu rd 
fpv^STa; Nostro vero ioco id, 
cni alterum dh insertam est^ ad 

Erins membmm ita se habet, nt 
oc ipsum ad antecedentia, nec 
qnicquam ofPensioni esset , si 
omisso altero s£ verba sic contl- 
nuarentur : sl dh ftif tcftev , avsv 
6h vavvrjg aXXo ovtovv hctcvd- 
fts^a , oM&\ «r^ etc kaqoe oon 
particulae ds, sed coniunctioaia 
e/ repetitM ratio reddeoda 'est, 
quae quum primum cum in<itica-r 
tivo , deinde cnm optativo con- 
stracta sit, alteram oondltionem 
aliter atque priorem comparatam 
et ignorationem quidem boni ut 
rem in facto poaitam, oogmtio- 
nem autem reliquomm idbsque 
boni scientia nt prdbabifitate si 
miaus facuttate carentem oojpta- 
tam esse consequitur, quae ipaa 
repetitae voculae oooditloiialis 
canssa exstitit 

raXXa) vaXXa Vat. H. „ut 
«olet** raUa iidem, qni sopra. 
v&Xla Vind. B. 




xai Ttids y$ o209te, Su totg fiiv seoUUne iJAov^ ioMi 
slvnci^ %6 wyal^ov, tois i^ MOt^ipotiQOH VlfiiniOig* Ilmq 
d^ oH; £«l St$ ys^ ol <pUiBf ot tovto ^yovfuvoi ovu 
Sxw6i id^j fjttg ^fovti^tgf uU! avayxdiovtfu TaAsv- 
tavtag tijf» tov Aya%ov qfdvai. KaXiikaiM, bfni, yslolmg. 
Ilmg yoQ otizl, igv d' ifm, d ivBidl^ovtig f$, ou ovu-C 
Xppaiv %6 dya^oVf Xiyova$ %alw 6g M66hi fQovf/mv 
yoQ mto q^aavv bIvoi dya^oS ig av ^$ivtmv igiiuiv^ 
St$ Uyov<fiVf imaiddv to tov dyaStov 9%iyimftai ov 

ifeuFraifts^a] inidtdfLB^a Vind. 
P. Flor. RT. 

cwa* €^] ovM Tmd. P. 

kenu, Afttios in tert. et Stall- 
baniniuB. Indlcatiyns , qnem Bek- 
keruA plerosque cum Stephano 
exliibere ostendit, non minus pro- 
bandoa hie, qnam paullo ante ia 
$i Sh fii^ tofkBV. 

7^ otu — Tov dya^w 1 om. 
Vind. B. 

«aioy] aXOop Lob. Vat fi. 

Btvcci] tidhai Par. ADK. Lob. 
, Vind. B. Vat. BM. Ven. C. Blvai 
et Mivai non raro a librariis 
oonfusa snnt, e. c. Phaedon. 
pag. 101. B. Cf. Schaeferus ad 
Gregor. Cor. p. 249« 

inrnts^ai'^ tenK^c^at Par. K. 
sec. Bekk. 

TceiUff] xaiXa iidem, qp^ sn- 

avnn to^ Aya^o^] Haec terba 
Staltbaumius in sec. unds incln- 
sit nt spuria , Morgensternfi su- 
apicionem 1. c. propositam secu- 
tus. Mihi non superracanea 'vi- 
dentur. Bo enim, quod quis re- 
liqua onuiia excepto bono inteDi- 
git, efificitar, ut nihil, quod pnl- 
chmm et bonnm sit, intelligat. 

Mit Jl'] tidSt /Ud. 

iyoiYg} fymv Ymd. BP. 

todB yB] to8B / iing; B. Vat 
H. yt om. Lob. Vind. B. Moii. B. 
Vat BM. Ven. C. Par. DK. sec 
Bekk. Fidnus initiiim honim 
CAlXa fi^v -^ KoUok) praeter 

oonsnetudinem contraxiti Plun^ 
vero. — Proclus in Civ. p. 426 1 
tovtmv oJv ^e-ivtatv m^ayBVj 
otL to wjfm»wf ol pikw ^^&vr}6iv. 
ol mfMpot^fOiy livovoiVj iu 8i 
ijSovijv ok vM o dTt^atiqi s»s 

oar yvmvai tijv rov XmKoatovq 
HBffl tovtmv Tt^^iciv. 6 9\ , Sri 
ftlv ov% hsti t^ dya^6v ^Qdvfj- 
tig ovi' avtidovij, 6wr6fmg 
EdBiiBv. i^atmfiBvoi ydQ, tfnf^tv, 
ol tavta iiofiiovttgf ti naca 
fpifovrjoig to dya/^^ , olov vaX 
^ tmv ^vlivmv otiBvaotmv nal n 
tmv aXlmv , oii% d^iovoiv. dXm 
nqooti^iaci thv tov aya^ov 
tp^ivnoim dyaOov s2if a«, yBl6i6v 
%i nuopnftBgj iv t^ ofip roi^ 
ifjtovfiivov th {ifgovfttvovHt4t6 
na^Xa^vtegy %al ai^tg rijv 
i^Sov^v dya^ovtid^ivtBg dvay%€f 
ipfuvoi ofioloyBtv '^Sovdg ilvat 
tivmg %a%iLg nBiftdyovttu sig t^ 
HyHiv dvcU tiva luniot r»fr ofcc- 
Mv- tovto Sh ddvvcetov. 

Ilmg d' oii; — fpQOVffOig,] onb 
Aa^. B. Iiiter iBi^ et ^tig 
fpQomjgig Fidnns it inUnogevHar 


dvaymiovtaC] dva»ay%aiovtai 
cnm panctis sub altero vm Mon* 
B. dvy%uiovtc^ Ald. 

fpdvcu] fpdvai Vind. F. 

o4%, Ssfi»] oMcfisv Mon. B. 

dya»ov] dyaJHv Vkid.B. Ast 
see. «ert Stellb. pr. Cf. Prodoo; 

hcHddv ro ] tb om. Flor. T« 

^iy^cMftcu] tpe-iyioivtaYvaA^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


6Qi>i6ii9VO& (liv fiij v« iXatrovog sclcanig MfMcXtoi xmv 
itigmv; ^ ot; xal omog dvayxdiovtM OfioXoyBJLV iqdovds 
dvai xaxdg; SkpodQa ys. i3!v(ifialvBi dij avtoig, otfia^ 
D Sfi^oXoyBiv dyad-d bIv(u koI xaxd tofitd. ^ ydg} Tl ft^; 
Ovxovv on ftkv (iBydXat xalnoXXal d(ifpi6fititi^6Btg xbqI 
avtov^ g^avBQOv; Ilag yaQ ov; Tl di; t68B ov fpavB- 
QOVj wg ilxaia fiiv xaX xaXd xoXXol av SXqtvto td do- 
' xovvtaf xav fci} ^» ofM9g tavta XQottuv xat xBxt^o^at 
xal doxBLVy dya^d il ovdsvl ht dQXBZ td doxoGvta 
7na69at, dXXd td ovta ti^ovCtf t^ Sb doiav hftavta 

*AXri^htatu\ Fera loquerU ilct 
Tl dai;] Ita Par. A. Flor. 
ACV. quod huic loco yalde aptnm 
Stollbaimiio ia sec vulgato 

tI di praetuli tl S^ Mon. B. 

fMDv] fi^v Vind. F. 

fMj vi] uij^ vo( Viad. B. 

nXdvtjg] la m. a nu s. habet 
Mon. B. 

ifMlsoi] ifixUa Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. iitnUoi Vind. F. 

hiQatv] hsfdqmv Vmd.B. Vat 

^l if Lob. ti Vind. B. 

ov] o». Lob. Vind. BB. Vat 
HM. o^. Ald. olf ; Bas. ab. omnes 
onm oommate poit htiffmv. 

i^9ov^q — ifioloyulv] om.Vind. 

tfvftpalvii] Ih^aivti Steph. 
a qoo Bekken» Par. A. Mon. B. 
dimen^ non ostendit. Sed Mon. 
B. cum refiqnli habet |. Contra 
de Par. K. tacent Bipontiai. 

olfiat] om. Par. K. Flor. R. 
ante wdxolg poflitnm est in Vind. 

%a%a J xoTtt Vlnd. F. 

xavta] Tuvva Lob. Vind. B. 
vd avtit Vmd. F. Flor. R. 

^) jj Vind. F. et editi aate 
Astii lec. 

Ti 9i; — xaXit] om. Vind.F. 
Ti.dl v698 etc Ald. Bas. ab. 
qnae utraqne post fpavsQbv si- 
gnum interrogandi habet. vi ^al 
etc. Vat. H. Flor.' ACV. quod 
Stallbanudiu in sec. asdvit. •-- 

Proclu« 1. c. p. 426 : wtl 9i) wd 
€tiSv6s idCdaisv ixayceye^v y ori 
dlnaia fikv xal xala^nollol iiv 
iloiwo xttl vd doxovvva x£xr$- 
a^ai, dyad^a 91 ovSbvI dQftul 
vd 9o%ovwa xvdc^ai^ dXXd vd 
owa irjvovaiv, 

%al xaXd ] %aX int ren. a m« 
t, habet Mon. B. 

%dv (lij 17I Ita Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat. BM. %av firj Btq reliqui com 
editionibug ante Astu «ec. qm 
%dv el fi^ strj de coiiiectura scri- 
psit idque in teit. tennit. Nec 
aliter Stallbaumias in pr. Idem 
in sec cum BeUcero conhudiynra 

vtevva] vanvd Mon. B. qni in 
anteoedentibus comma non post 
Btfif sed poflt Sfuog habet. 

%al xexrijtf&ca] %dl om. Vat 

xal ^oxeti^l et vtderi homtRlfrnt 
haec liabere Fic. Quidni absolnte 
dictum sumamus : ef flpeciem prae 
$e ferre? Certe Astii coniectura 
%al 8tt6%Biv nihil opua leflt. 

91] om. Vind.-B. VatH. Flor. 

oiS9svl] ovd^» Vind. F. Ang, 
B. Flor. R. 

%vda^ai] foaa^a^ Pac; D. 
Xif^a^cu Par. K. 

tjfivovat] omna ^fiutanmt Fic 

«di7] om. idem. 

ivifidl^it;] dvtfidisi, Ald. 

fidXa] maximo qMm Fic 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



fiifl nm^ miuitBii Kal ^aXmj £9)17. ""O Hi iuhtu fiiir E 
«MMa ipvjn^ mI twtov Sv&ia xdvta xgdttBi oMOftm- 
tmoiiiv^ ti dvai^ amoQw6a ih aal ov% l%ou6a lafiBip 
txavag^ tl not l^tXv^ ovSk xl6t$i xQi^6a6f^ai fLOvlfi^^ 
ol^ xa\ xhgl taXXaj i%A tovto il axotvY%avH %al tav 
aklmvy d Tt 6ip$Xog 17V, xbqI i^' to toiovtov %al ro- 
6ovtov ovtm tpmfiw itlv lOKOtSo^a^ xal iiutvovg tovg 506 
^Atletovg iv ty noXu^ olg navta if%%iQiovfttv\ "Hxi* 
ilBOtd y\ Ifpfj, Olfkai yovv^ elxov, ilxaid ts xal xaXa 
dyvooviisva oMt/ noth dya^d iotiv, ov xoXXov ttvig 
a^iov qyuXaxa xB»v^iS9ai Sv iavtmv tov tovro dyvoovv^ 

y a^) 8 61 Ven. B. Bomim 
^flddem Flc 
E nawa] am. TmA. B. Blor. C. 
et a m. pr. Yen. B. 
^ n(f(xvTSi] Ita yind. F. sed ciiin 
litura in fine. 

ti ^^vc^t] 9t ti elvai pro ta eT* 
vai Flor. T.*« An zol pro r* ha- 
bet? . 

dno(ffiv6a Sk] dMiai iamen 

noT icxlv] noThxtv Vind. F. 
notz imlv Vind. B. 

ronoatf^ai] XQ^^^^ Vea. B. 
Vind. E. Vat H. Flor. ACTV. 
Bas. b. 

oE4^1 oTaty e corr. oZcUy Vind, 
F. otai Bekkenu in decem snis 
inyeniue ait, de nno Yen. B. ta- 
oensy aed Vind. B. habet oTa, ut 
Lob. Vind. E. et Ald. et in Mon. 
B. legitnr of^. oTa Bas. ab. 
Steph. Ast. pr. sec tacentibafl 
Bipontuiia et de Florentinia Stall- 

rSXXa] t&XXa rwd. BF. Mon. 
B. Steph. Ast. ra aXXa Vind. B. 
Flor. ACTV. 

8m tovvo d\ ] Suctovto 81 
Lob. Vind. BF. dtSt tovto d^ 
Mon. B. duetd to dh Ald. diit to 
t6de Baa. a. di& tovto Bas. b. 
aigue icdrco Fic. De repetito ^ 
snpra ad A. dictom; hic tamen 
non |>er anacolnthon iUatam, sed 
perspicnitatis gratia itemra pontom 
Tidetnr, de qno genwe ^ 

mis egit in excoTsa adDemosthe- 
nis BAidianam p. 169. 

it Ti BipeXog ^v] tum ptid 
Mflfs itl iudiemro pergii Fic. Peo 
il in Vmd. B. mv, in Vat SL 
Flor. ACy. o legitor. 

^^ja^Par. K. 

roiovrofr] Toiovro Vind. E. 
Mon. B. Par. K. sec Blp. Flor. 

iyxsiQiovfuv] comntllMiict Fic 506 

/] 78 ViBd. B. 

dyvoovfuva ] Fidnns addidit 
ui nune fere aeddii, 

noth-^tpvXana'^ om. Vind. F. 
In o^laatf reliqm mei et Flo- 
rentmi cnm plerisqne Bekkeriar* 
nis et Bas. b. eoMentimit: ^if- 
XoKCy qnod reBqnae editiones ante 
Bekkemm eziimeBt,. tantmn in 
Par. DK. de qntbns Bipontim et 
Bekkenis taeent, repertnm Tide- 
tnr. Id St^hanus in m. ita re- 
tineiidam oensebat, si &iia logo- 
retnr: 9,nt dicat iilorom bonomm 
possessionem non magno pretio 
fore castodi.** Scilioet nesaebat, 
qnid post uentijifO^ai in codicibBs 

etv iavtmv] Ita Par. ADK. 
Vind. F. Mon. B. Ven. C. Flor. 
UV. iAv iavtmv VatB. &v hav- 
TttiLob. Vind. B. Ang. B. Vat 
M. Flor. RT. iSiv havtlv yen.B. 
Vat H. Flor. AC. ihaud nudH 
faeiendum eane ciistodem) ee 
^emm exkibere poeee Fic aih^ 
YM. B. sfofi^ eiudg yvwnu orf- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


w fiomvofurt 81 mdha tKvta kQitS(fov jpraditffria 
Uavmg. Kalmg fcrp, 19)9, iiavu4fi. Ovmovv fjptSv ^ 
Mhmla tBHiag UBxo6(iiJ6stiu j Utp 6 towvtog ctvt^ 
B hciaxoxy qyvkaif 6 tavrmv bu6viifuov; 'Avayx^^ igMf. 
aXkd 6v 8^^ A JkiKQOtBg, $t6tBQw buOt^iufv vo i^- 
&oy ffyg $lvaiy i} i^ioviiVf ij allo ti %aQa taSta; Ov- 
tog^ ^v d' iyAj avijQ xaXogy tjo9a %al nalai xataxpa^ 
vijgf 5ti tfoi ovn dnoffffifioi, to toHg akkoig do^tovv «^ 

t& Ald. Bu.ab. Ste^h. et Astins, 
qoi simul 'dyvoovvva pro dyvo^ 
oviieva scribeiidum et fiij inter 
tovro et dyvoovvta inserendam 
in tert.' siupicatary in Becanda 
et qfvUau et dyvoovfteva serrar 
▼it, fiTj Tero post tovto insemit, 
qnarum lectaomim neatra non 
inepta Tidetar. Aldinam in pron^- 
pta cst originem debere illi qni^ 
lcnUf qao reeepto qoum co^mtlo 
iustorom et pulchronim, nisi ra- 
tionis, qua «adcm bona essent, 
cofnido Bccederet, Bnllius pretil 
ihtura eustodi ciyitatis dici yid»* 
retar , Tarba ctv iavtmv pro ine- 
ptis et Titiosis habeti necesse 
erat, et qvoniam in seqaenttbus 
Socrates ipsam ioiCoriim ti pal« 
cbroram oognitioBem ne eootui- 
ffore qnidem ms, qoi ratisnen 
. 31am perspeetam noa habeant. 
pease . 4enons(brat , cKilftit qoa 
lam hic «andem sententiam oom 
dabitatione pronootiatam ab eo 
existimans ilforam in locom haec 
iinB^ einog yvSvat a^rd: sabsti- 
toeret. Aliad glosscma pauUo 
post deprehendemos. Ceterom 
iovtmv od tpvXoiuc referendom, 
noB ad dyvoovvta^ qoo retolit 
BerBhardy synt. p. 151. interie- 
ctnm acticQlom noo rfeipiciefis. 

rovro] /tti) rcrvrcr Vind. B. 

dyvoovvta • ] dyvoovvta; Vind. 

dl] ^ Vmd. F. Flor. AR. 

fnidiva] fiij Vind. F. fi^ uv 
iva Mon. B. (^^a*) Fior. U. 

«oossfoi'] post yymoMtei BIob. 
B. (Par. DJi.) com editis ante 
Bekkem, qoi perperaa Mob. 

inter motati ordinis ioctores re- 
fert, de Par. DK. niliii ostendit. 
Sed Bipontinonim silentium et 
ipsorum librorum mdoles et oo- 
gnatio oonsentire eos com Mon. 
et e£tioni>as antiqnls Terinnule 

liucvmg] Mon. B. et a m. sec 
margo Fior. U. xqIv Sv nnQl ixv- 
roii tdyad^ov o icti yvm addunt, 
^ood gloflsema ioeptnm est Nam 
ipsam boni natnram Socrates et 
sopra p. 505. A. satis perspeetom 
hominibus negavit et infra D. B. 
expficare recusat. Itaqne ad xqo- 
tBQOv ex superioribos sapplendum 
est kqIv Sv omj not\ dyceO-d 
iati yv^, Edam Ficinus ^om 
ftottttm addens a Tero aborrant. 

ftavtsvii] fiavtsvBt Vxnd. F. 
et recentiores. 

tBlias] «avTBlme Lob. Vind. 
BF. Mon. B, Vat BM. Ven. C. 
Par. DK. Flor. ACU. BeUeras 
et Stallbaamias. (petfecU Flc.) 

dXl^] 'AiU Ald. Bas. ob.B 

927ff] fp^g Mon. B. Vind. F. 

9 il9ovijVf] ^ i^Sovijv; Steph. 
Bekk. Aitt in tert et Stallb. 
qood Adimanto e Socrate non 
tam otmm ex dnobos, qoomm 
neutram ei placere iam sciret, 
qoam qdd oomiBO beonm statoo- 
rat, sciscitanti ainos aptnm ▼!- 


%a(fa ravra] ncc^atavta Vind. 
Oitog] o»fO>g Vind. F. Aag. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


vnmi td.tov SUmp i»iv l^av bImhv daffKora, ra d* 
avtov fii}^ to^ovtw. xQovov Mtfjl tavta XQay§ustBv6iu- C 
vov. Tl d'; 7Jv d' i;piD' ioxsi &oi dlxaiov dva$ «^l 
iv xig fiq oljs, iUyaii^ 6s ddota; Ovdaiimg y\ iqni f dg 
BlSota^ ig liivtoi olofLSvov xav^\ a obrai, idiJUcy 
Uybw. Ti di; dxov' ovx ^tfO^qMi tdg avtv hu6vlifi^g 
doiagj mg aratfoi al^xfal; iv at §Utii6tai tv^al; igf 

Adimantet etc. Flcl 


A^ijV icaZoffl Ita Par. ADK, 

Lob. Tind. B. Yat M. Flor.TV. 

cum e&tioiiibiu praeter Beklce- 

rianam, qnae secundum reUquos 

codices tulIA^ pro xaX6g exhibet, 

Vt maior post at^^ , qno loco 

yind. B. etiam pnnctom habet» 

qaam ante ijtf^a pansa fadenda 

nt: Aeiis« inquam^ tu^frobe iam 

dudma apparebai etc. cni rationi, 

si codices iuberent , acoedere non 

recusarem, qnamquam illnd ov- 

rog dv^Q paullo seTerios sonans 

(cf. Gorg. pag. 467. B. 489. B. 

505. C.) et interposiCum ^v d* iyA 

assensnm nonnihil remoraretur : 

nunc vnlgatam optimi codicis au- 

ctoritate mnnitam teneo, nt oora- 

pellatio magis beneyola simnl et 

locosa sit: Aeiis tu, in^om, vir 

cximief iam dudum mparehat 

etc. Terborum autem dispositio 

sinulis illi Symposii initio : o ^ce- 

liKfBvSy ig>7ij ovzog *AnoXl6Sah- 

Q0£j ov nsQtfiivBig; Pronominis 

et casns nsnm expiicnit Lenne- 

phia ad Phaiar. ep. 19. De epa- 

theto nalbg cC Beindorfimi ad 

Hippiae iaitinm. Qjatod ad mter- 

pnnctionem attinet, sigiie ezda- 

mandi, qno Astins et Stallban- 

nuus post %aXdg usi snnt, non 

mags hic locus est, qnam post 

J SioTiifCctBg et similia. 

^a»u] oU»a Yat fiL et ante 
Vmd. F. 

0ot] col editiones ante Astil 

dxoxonM vi ] iaog^wifo' 

VindF. dnozQ^ati xb Lob. Viad. 
BE. Yat BM. Yen. B. Flor. T* 

Ovdl y&Q ] Haud Fic. 

I917] om. Lob. rmd.B. YatM. 

/^v] om, Vind. Bw Vat H. 
Flor. ACT. et a m. pr. Ven. B. 

Tc^ r } t6 d* Lob. yind. BBF. 
Vat BM. yen. B. Ang. B. Flor. 

ovro^ avTOv yind. EF. Mon. 
B. Ald. Bas. ab. 

Toaovzov] post xQovov Ang. B. 
Flor. R. et ooinniato apposito 
Vind. F. 

nBQl zavza nffayfLaztvoiiWOv} 
tn ki§ oerfaftim Flc 

Tl if;] zl dal Par. A. VatBL 
Fior. ACy. zl i^ Vind. B. Flor. 
T. Ti a*, Steph. PrioKS milkm 
interpunctionem liabent 

Oi9daiuSgy'] odd. 70 Vind. B. 
/ Mi. Mon. B. 

tav9^] zavzu' Vind. F. 

77] zl Vind. B. Haec nsque 
ad doidf^ovzBg ezcerpsit Stobaens 
ed. L. n. c. & fr. 35. Heer. 
p. 200. Cant 

8i] dol Flor. ACy. In Ald. 
Bas. ab. ne liic qnidcm interpttn- 

hlnov] om. Stob. 

imiMzfifigig] iMziffUig Vind.B. 

M&tai] Scnagai Sioh* 

algxQoi;] aia%QaL Ald. o/- 
^^1, Stob. Bas. ab. Ast 

mv] V» Vat H. Flor. AC 

vwplai;] twpXai' Stallb. aee. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I.S 

domvdl %l dor tvipXav iutipljfmf Hiv 6g9mg «09S90- 
idvov of Sv9u vov dlii^ig xi ioiiiovtsg} OvdiPy Igpf. 
BovXu ovv €thx9d dfiotfao^ai, twpli tB %ai ^xokut, 

D |{dtr xaQ &Ujov dxovB^v tpava ts wd noXd; M^ XQog 
Jtogy ^ d' og, a SdxQotBgf 6 riawuoVf m6fUQ ixi 
tiXu Sv dmetgg. dQxi6u yaQ ^iuv^ aav SexBQ doMruH 
Ovvijg sciQi xal 6(og>Qo6vviig xdi tav aiXeiv ivqXf^sgy 
ovta xal xbqI tov dyal&ov dUXXtgg^^ Kal yoQ 1^1, igtr 
d' iyd, cS italQBy xal fidXa aQxi^w dXX^ oxiog ^ij ovx 
oUg 'i foofioiy XQO%vy^yb\iBvog Sb dapiiitovmv yiXmtm 
6ipXii6m. dXX\ Ji (laxdQioi, itvtd luv tl xo^ l6t\ to 

E dya^oVj Id^mfiBv to vvv Blvat' xXiiyv yaQ ftoi ipaCvstin, 
^ xixtd vqv xaQ0v6av 6Q(i^ iipixi69iu tov yB iomSv- 

T^] pofl vwplm^ Flor. T. 
0Oi] ta9 Stob. Heer. om. Cani. 
Twplmv^l TwpX^ Stob. Cant 
{^Bwplmif ood. Aogostan.) 
duttpiQBiv^l dtaipi(fBi. Ald. 

nOQ€VOfliP€9V ] S0O£V0tteir09 

Viod. P. 

vov] o^» Stob. Cant (^vov 
et ^ pro ol ood. Aa||r. et Vatic) 


ovv] Ita Par. A. Lob. Viod. 
BEF. Vat BHM. Ven. BC. Aog. 
.B. Flor. ACRT. yovv rel^iii 
editiqtte ante Bekkemm. 

^Batiati9'at'] ^saa9-ai Vind.E. 
Comma in editb ante Bekkemm 
appositimi et ab boo lubiatum 
recte Stallbaamiiu in aec resti- 

^^f^] iS JyViod.F. 

J) ipeafd] fpawd Vind. F. ipdvat 
Par. K. sec Bekk. (pecvsita Ven. 
B. Vind. B; Vat H. Ang. B. 
Flor. ACRT. 

TC] om. Ang. B. 

^ d' off] post <J SeinQiitBg 
Par. K. 

tiimsif hcl vilsi Sv] S^nsQ 
intvslslav Lob. Vat. M. ScnsQ 
M vsUlmv Vind. BF. Vat B. 
Par. D. ScxsQ M ijUimv Par. 
. K. emm prope coleem perpenertt 

dnonvg] dxtct^g Ven. B. 
Vat. H.Tnor. AC 

dQxicsi] aQiifxst Flor. T. 

fjjitv, tAv] Ita Ald. Bas. ab. 
ijfuv n^Vf Stepb. qnam Interpon- 
ctionem Stailbaomius , qni in pr. 
i^fiZv %av sine commate com Bdc- 
kero scripsit, in sec propterea 
re^etiit, quod xal in *3v ^sA 
nniYersam, quae deinde enontia- 
tnr, sententiam refertnr, perinde 
ac ii scriptum esset aQxicsi y&Q 
ij/uv nai vovTOf iav^ eSansQ d. 
K. T. 1.'^ Recte; sed hac ratione 
comma inter x et Sv ponendum 
esset Qnod quom fieri non pos- 
sit, clv potius, qnam nid respi- 
ciendom videtar. 

niQi] tkqI \iDiLE. 

^vd' iyA] ^v dl Svj ftascri- 
pto in m. a m. s. iyAf Mon. B. 

haiifB] kraiQS tud nsQl rov 
dya^ov Stil&rjgs cnm linea sab 
sapervacaneis Mon. B. 

dQniasi] aQxiarj Mon.B. aQi- 
c%st Vind. B. Post Imc Vmd. F. 
yotQ 'qfiXv etc. osqne ad hoc a^- 
lUast itemm habet 

ovji;! vi% Ald. Bas. a. 

dn^ J etcl Prodos in CSr. 
p. 426: dXXd rd dnXSg {dya»Qv) 
csHriXmiisv slnmv ' dXX% a iuata- 
QtSj a^rd fi^v tL nori icTt ro 
dydd^Vf iacmfiev t6 vvv shiu' 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


tog iiiol xd vvv Sg di ixyovog tt tov ayed&oi gmlvs- 
tm xal 6noi6t(nog ixslv<p , liydiv i»Ha) , el xal ifiiv 
^lXov, bI di fiij, j^v. 'MX\ lifnif kiyB\ Bl6av»ig yoQ 
tov nazQog dzotl6Big njv diijyii^^v, Bovloliiiiv Sv, sU 
«ov, ilii tt dvvao^ai amrjv dxodovvai %al vf$ag xoiU- 507 
6a0&ai, dXid fi^ S6mQ vvv xovg toxovg fidvov. tovtov 
dl d^ ovv xov toxov tB xal ixyovov avtov tov dyaH^&v 
X€kfgl6at»t* ^i,afihiG»8 (iivtoif iiij arq i^oMatijam vfiSg 
Sxiov xl^SfiXov dssodidovg tov Xoyov tov x6xov, EvXa^ 
fitjifofia&a, h^^ xatd dvvafUfV' diXd novov iiys. dio^ 
fiokoyn^dfuvog y\ f^qv Jyci, ^l dva(iv^6ag vfutg xd 
ta iv xolg i^Qo^w ^ivxa xal akkoxh ^«iy molkaxtq 
dmiitipa. Td mla; ^ «' Sg. nokka xakd^ ijv «' fyci, b 

%Xeov ya^ ^o» qmlvstat^ ^ xend 
vi^9 doKovoav oQfti^v dtpixia^cu 
Tov ye doKovvTOs ifioi vvv, 

l<rrlj Moxiv Yiiid. F. 

x6 aya^ovj vdya/^bv V«o. B. 
Vlnd. B. -Vat H. Flor. ACV. 
Bekkerus, Astivs in tert et Stali- 
bamiuiis. V. Vol. I. p. LVn. aq. 

idoioiuv'\ idcofiev Aag. B. 
Ald. Bas. al>. et ante conr. Vind. 

t6 vvv] tovvv Vind. BB. 

E nXiov — Ta vvv] est etdm^ 
ui mihi videiur, praeseniem au- 
pra contempltttionem Fic. — va- 
vvv Mon.B. — TCcvvvLoh, Vind. 
BBF. cum editis ante Aistii sec. 

d^ioTOTOff] df»OM>T0(TO€ Vind. 
F. a m. pr. 
viilv ] ^iiiv Flor. AC. Ba«. ab. 

i^vl i&v Bas. a. iS Mon. B. 
Flor. U. 

'AXX% itprj, Xiys] dXX& Xiya 
iqpti Tmd. B. In Ven. B. Xiys 
a m. pr. oDussnin. 

iiaccv&tg] Big avOig Vlnd. F. 
BioavOig Vind. E. 

dxoTlcaig] dnovlcBiv Vat. H. 
Flor. AV. pairem vero poetea 
dec2ara6»9 Fic. 

W TOVTOf^] TOVTO Lob. Vat. B. 
Pir. DK. Ven. BC. Ald. Ba0.ab. 
9h] om. Par. K. 

nLAToms Op.*II. 

oiv] om, Vind. F. Ang; B. 
nofUoao^B] TtofdoacO^ai Vind. 
EF. Vat. H. 

evXapBlo&B] B^Xa^BZoOai Vind. 
F. Vat. H. on. Bas. b. — Pro- 
diis 1. c. pag. AS7 1 7t(f6Tov fikv 
naooMXBVerai ToZg dxQoenalg 
wqatpvXaTTBtv y fiij xlfiSfjXov 
dnod^ t6v Xoyov rov toxov, 
Toy fUv fjXiov t6%ov dnotuxXmv, 
To 81 nlfidrjXov dnb t(Sv iv vo* 
fkiofiaci Tvntov fiBTayayeiv, 

nrj] nrj Vind. F. om. Vat. H. 
Flor. AC. 

ifiag] yjftdg Flor. AC. Bas. 

E/iXa§rj96fi^a] EvXaPavoftB' 
»a Ald. 

^utfkoXoyrjodfisvog / ] / oai. 
Mon. B. Par. DK. Flor. U. d* 
eins loco est in Ven. B. Vind. B. 
Vat H, Flor. ACTV. editUqae 
ante Bekkenmu Cont Phaedr. 
p. 228. D: Hjv^ ftivTOt duivoucv 
— dlBifu dgigdfievog dnb tov 
nQmTov, 22». dBJJ^ag vb nifmTOv, 
dH tptXoTrjgy tL UQa iv t^ dQi- 
OtBn^ iXBig vno Ttp Ifurtlat. 

dvafMnjaag] dvafLvijcdt Vlnd. 

vfuig] rjfi&g Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat BM. 

Ttt T€] T» T Lob. Vind. EF. 
Ang. B. Vat HM. xi t Vind. B. 

ftUoTe] aUA TB Ald. Bas. ab. 


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•P L A T O NI S 

dio^Sofify T^ ^9- <l^tffih; j^cfp. JiTal o^^ iri mA^ 
4MkI o^to aj^o^oi^ xal ovtid srs^l sravroM', a xotB dg 
MoUA itl»BiiiPj maXiV «S xat lHav ftlap hta^ov dg 
luSg ov6fi£ .tt»ivThg o i&tiv ixa<ttov nQOOayoQa^oftav. 
'^ti tavta. Kal td fAv dii oQoMal ^aiuVf vosStfta» 
C d' ot;, tds d* ai Idias vo£6ffat luv, oQdifthu d* ov. 
navtaMaai iilv ovv. Ttp oiv oQSfUV i^fuiv aiikdSv ta 
oQ^fiBva; Tg Sifsi^ tqnj. Oinovv^ ijv d' fyd^ mI 
&iog td dxovofttva %al talg aikaig aMij^B^t nivta 
td ojMtitd; Tl ftijv; ^jiQ* oiv, ^v 8* lyA^ twsvS^puig 
tdv TM^ aUlthi^imv dfifnovQydv^ Z^m molvznU^tdtfip 
t^ toi OQav t% %aX 6Qd69ai dvvaiuv IdtifuovQYifii^ ; 

B wA Snacva] %al om. Par. K. 
perperam prolNUite ScMeieriBa- 
dim. Qaemadmodian pnldira et 
beaa, ita hista et refiqaa omnia, 
qoae prae^cari poflsant, nmUa 
flont, qaomm Bin||ala genera doo- 
bas ilDfl nonuDatifl per eopoladi 

$tval fpafiip] Talgo $lvai ^- 
fUv, Item paoOo poat d^o^m 
fpafih. • 

avrd ^ xaXbv] ai ho9ipiaX 6p 

Vind. B. av. 91 %. Mon. B. 

fn?Td dvaMv 1 aiitoaya^hv 
VTnd. B. 

d t6te]^ a4v6 r« Vind. F. rrfr«, 
qnod Ficinafl omiflit, ad ean^ 
quae modo §uik eat, nmltoram 
conimcmoatlonem apectat. Sie 
infra p. 510. B. tots t&tB tfnj- 

furr* idiav] nattSiav Vkd. F. 

S iattv ] o ittiv codicefl mei 
flt e^tlonefl ante Bekkernm. 

ar^oett^o^Mfo/ttflv] nQooayOQi4' 
mftev Vind. B. n^ooee/oqtvofu-' 
vov Par. DK. sec. Belck. Mon. B. 
Ftor. U. 

"Eati tavta.] Ita Par.A. Yind. 
BF. Yen. B. Ang. B. Yat. H. et 
Stallbaamio in atraqae editione 
tefltante Flor. ACRTU. Sed qoam 
)b pr. Idem in Flor. U. ar^oMP- 
f0^tv6fi9vov %al tit f»kv deineepfl 

leci tradat, nos ez eo, aad ex 
Ffor. y. -iatt tavta a Foiia emn 
tatam falMo, in Flor. U. at fai 
oomparl Mon. B. et in rettqaifl 
codidbofl editiflqae ante Bekkeram 
atrumque deesfle Tidetor. Ftra 
haee mmL Fie. ez qao Aatiafl in 
•ec 'AXi^ flnxit, in tert Imc 
ipsam. vel ''JSm Tcrtfra flibi inter- 
nendora ▼ideri demonfltiavi^ oo- 
inopia nentrum redpmre 


Kal tit — oQaoQ^at d' ov. C] 
laadat Proclns 1. c p. 427. 

dii oQac^oU] dtoifSMat Ang. 
B. 9ii om. Procios. o^ , d^aoOou 
If ov Moo. B. undedm 


d' ot^l 9% oi Pred. itflm nHero 

S' «9] a> idem. 

idiag} Miag Vind. F. a m. 
pr. ^ C 

Ilavtdaaot] ttdvta jtasiYM. 

T^ oiv — ra oQtSfHva;] Qica 
potefilui e amIIis , qttm» habemvsy 
auae potant oohZm, cernimiis? 

dnovoiuva] dKovofUva; Stepli. 

V] &9* Vmd. P. 

t6v tmv] t6 tmv VatB. Ven. 
C. Vlnd. F. Flor. T. 

n^ Tov] rov Ven.B. Viad. 9. 
Vat- HL 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


Otl Miwy tfti. 'AJX ^B 0m6mi' E6UV Sti Uffo^ 
dxey oud ^iovi ftvovg aXXov dg vo ti}v iihf itwvHv^ 
t^ dh a«ot^e0»ca, S iav fti} xtiQityivfitai tQttov, ^ phv U 
oiJ« dxovMai, ij de ovx dHov^6inai$ Ovdsvdgy fyt/. 
OliAM di vz, ^ d' ir€i, ovi' aUmg ftpXXalg^ Hra ff^ 
fltmmj 8ti ovdBfu^, toMvtov MQOoda av8sv6g. ^ &i nva 
hf^ig Blxsiv; O^K Symys, ^ d' Sg. Tijv dh t^g SfBmg 
xal xov oQovov oix iwoBtg y on UQO0dt!ta$$ n£gi 
'Eivof&0^G fcov hv 8pLfut6%v ofBmg aal bu%9$Qovvtog t^ 
ix&vtog xnO^aB ofky, MtQov&tjg 8h »<{«^ iv aitoig, 
iav iiil MtQoyivritai. yivog tQltov 181^ hi atki tovto E 
Mtgwnog, oJ6»ay ot$ ^ tB oi^ig, oii8hv o^mi %it9XQ»' 
iiata t^tai aoQoxa. Tlvog 8^ XiyBig^ l^fl, toiitovt 

r» J om. Lob. Vind, B. VatM. 

^Qaa&ai ] tov oo. Udmt ai 
Vat. B. 

sgQoodBZl nifdgdBZ Ymd. B. 

clxo^ Hul ipc9vffl dnoii lud tpO' 
»j) Vind. F. ' 

SUov sigj &lXov: tig Ykd. B. 

rrlv ai] Ita codices mei et 
FUrentiiii cnm Ald. Bas. ab. tnv 
9* Steph. Ast €t Bekkanui, qni 
de S1U8 taeet. 

i^xovf tfd-ai, ] dKOVBCl^at; Lob. 
Bm. ab. Stapb. Bekk. StaHb. 
dnovs^eu. Ald. 

f OVX dltOVC^C£T€u] OlSwXXOV- 

ce7J6BTai Yind. KF. 

oya* ] oftdh yind. F. Flor. R. 

aXXaig] &XXag Aag!, B. Non 
alig&ijasiti rapplenddm est, qnip- 
pe qnae non amplius tres super- 
^at , sed dvpdftBCi tbI 8vwdfiBtav 

ov'd€f**a] oi^SBfUa Vind. F. 

ovStPog.] oiSdBrogs Vind. E. 

ov tiva] tfd tlva Lob. 

hf^) %» Vind. E. 

otfx iwoBig — z^^ai aihi] 
AK. Vat» B. 

IliSg; 'Evov^] luSgivoiimig 

BftfiaM] emfuni Vind. B. 
vov] om. Pitr. K. 
^oi^og] ixov Ven. C. 
a4vy] atitipf Vat. HL Flor. 
M3V. iw'«oig, a m. a. — ^, ]|fba. B. 

2^tffirff] ;);^oag Vind. F. ZQ^i^6 
Flor. A. 

^ orvro^] om. Fie. (frae$eKto 
iiem eolore) Fraepofitlone offenil 
Mor|{enatemiQs , Aftina et fitall- 
baomiiui ille conmiate post ZQoag 
postto Iv cif^roic ad seqnentia re- 
lenri, Iioram prior in tert h^ 
ro iv scnbi, posterior in sec. 
dderi inbet: qaomm nihil ne- 
cessarinm et iv retinendnm fto- 
prieqne aodpiendnm «sse Dtacit& - 
de cobribns Hm. p. 67. 6. soq. 
exposita intnenti patebH. Nec 
a£ter Homerica dictio h iqf^aX- 
fioietv iSiif^ai intelligenda yiie- 



vn ] fiifv Ald. Bas. ab. 
fivog] yirog tl Mon. B. Flor. 

Ar' ait6 1 itfavto Vind. ^L 

otaf^a] oUa^ Vind. EF. Anc. 
B. Vat H. ^ 

ao^ara. ] doQccta:^ Vind. E. 
(h. e. doffata ; com si^ mota- 
tae personae.1 

1917} ofli. Lob. Vind. B. Vat 

tovtov) em, Vlnd.E. In Vlnd. 
F. Socrati aasicnatur, non omni- 
no male, nisi o^ post 8 obstaret, 
cni "tertias locns minns, qnam se- 
Gmidns coiiveidt. Itaotie tovtov 
eom tlvog coastiMiaaif more 
Platoni nsita*», qno «. «. 



igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I S 

(hi 6pLiXQqt &Qa Idi^ 17 xov opfv ale^ifiis xal 97 %oS 
506 6Qa69ai 6vvaiiis %mv aXlmv ll;ul%vlmv ziiiiazkQfp ivyA 
livynCaiv^ hliUQ fi^ an^ to iptSs. ^AXXd ii^, i^, 
nollov y$ iaZ atifkov tlvai* TLva ovv ^x^ig alztiaaC^a^ 
%av hv ovQav^ &Bmv tovxov xvQioVf ov ^(dv t6*q>£g 
Sipiv tB nom oqSv ou %aXki6ta xal ta oQWfuva OQd- 
69ai; ^Ovmbq »al 6Vi iqnj^ xol ot &Xloi' tov ijXiov yoQ 
d^lov ovi ipiDt^. ^Jq ovv miB nitpvKBv oifig nQog 

p. 43. C. Fhaedon. 71. B. vlva 
vitvvftv ; dixit , gemtiviu antem a 
nojiuiie yivog repetendus. 

tf^ TUtUig — voTB oQmfieva 
L. Vn. p. 515. D.] in Ven. C. 
ezciali foliis duobns desont 

CfUKQ^ a(fa Idia] Ita Pftr. A. 
hoh, (afUTi^ai — Idiai) Vind. B. 
Par. K. sec. Bekk. Vat M. (aui' 
%Qa — tdia') CfuiiQm a(fa loLa 
Mon. B. Flor. U. c/utlqA &Qa 
Uiia reliqui oodices editionesaae 
ezcepta Belckeri, qni nnna viae- 
tar sensoffl scriptorLi perspexiMe. 
Scilioet ut .L. II^ p. 37^ B. ov 
vi iffuxQ^, dV! ohp ct(^axoniB(B 
fisllatv noXiQ eivHa$ nonpauUOf 
9ed mUgro esercitu auctior^ ita 
hic (vyov ov afunif^ tdiif. vifuoi' 
viifov vincuhm non exifuo rerum 
genere ese^Uniiue diatur, cnios 
praeatantia tali genere ^nititar s. 
continetur per ipgiunque effidtar. 
Idia idem est, quod yivog, nt 
Polit p. 289. B. ^ vov vofiUma- 
vog iaiay neqoe datiTus offen- 
aionfem habere potest Ceterum 
non male, nt oontra Teritatem, 
Stephanus in m. ov Ofuxq^ aqa 
fjdB 97 vov 6q^v coniedt: iirad 
mimis perite fecit, quod ibidem, 
quum Ficinum ofuxq^ I6i(f le- 
g^Me ez dna interpretatione (non 
exigua quadam tpecie) coliensset, 
ei scripturae aeque ac TuTgatae 
magnom subesse errorem pronun- 
tiavit Cf. L. Vim. p. 579. C. 

^]VtB Mon. B. Flor. U. om. 
Par. J>K. Aflg. B. Vat M. 

37] 17 xal Ald. Bas. ab. om. 
Lob. Vind. B. Mon. B. Vat. B. 
Par. DK. sec. Bekk. (qui p^rpe- 
ram Ven. C. inter omittentes re- 
tttlit, Vind. B. Mon. B. omisit) 
Flor. RU. 

6Qaad'at] ooav Lob. Vind. B. 
Vat M. 

tviBvSBmv] Ita Bekkems m-508 
condum Par. ADK. de qno Bip. 
tacent , et Vat. B. Md Ebri cnm 
Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. avt. habent 

Tlva ovv] ovv Fidnns omimt 

ov] off Mon. B. Par. K. sec 
Bip. et a m. s. Fior. U. 

qnog] napixmv addit MoD. B. 
et a m. s. Flor. U. 

ori] om. Vlnd. F. 

oifoifiBva] MR. Ven. B. a m. 

itprj] iiprjg Vind. E. 

d^Xov ort] lU Vind. F. Flori 
R. StjXovovi reliqui md (etFlor.) 
cnm editis ante Astii sec 

iifonag] i(fmvag Vind. F. 

V] Ita Lob. rind. A Moo. 
B. &q' Vind. F. Ald. Bas. a. 
Steph. Ast pr. d(f* Vind.B. Baa. 
b. /tooero^. Fic 

e^B^v;] ItaLob. Vind.B. ^sov. 
reliqui mei cnm editis ante Astii 

nag; Chk] nmg o^ Vind. P. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


xoikov xAv »siv; Ilmq; Ov% Utw IjJUos ij iifig ovtB 
avr^ oiks iv ^ iyylyvBtat, § dij xaloviiBV ofifux. Ov B 
yaQ oHv. ^Akk' '^lio»di&eaT6v yzj olfLaiy tmv 9$qI tdg 
aUfdii^Big oQyavatv. IIolv yB. Ovxovv xal r^ dvva- 
fiiv, ^ ixBif bc tovtov taiLitvoy^vfiv S6KBQ inl^^ov 
nixtfjtai; Ilaw ftev ovv. ^Aq* oiv ov xal 6 ^iXog 
o^tff iiiv ovH Hativ^ atttog i* Sv avt^g OQ&tai v% 
avt^g tavtfig; Ovtmg^ ij i* og. Toinov tolvvVf ^ If iya}, 
q>dvai. i^B liyBW tov tov dya&ov ixyovov, ov tdya%6v 

riUog'^ Ofn. idem. 

i}] fl Vind. B. 

ov-re cc^rn ] Ita Viiid. F. a m. 
pT. oj^TC avTf^ a m. 8. Ficiniis 
ntnunqne omisit, item Boktoenifl, 
sed hic per errorem, non, vt 
Hermannns io annotatione ad Bu- 
rip. Med. p. 401 . stataebat, go- 
dicum auctoritate, quae si adea- 
aet, teneri potnisse Hemanno 

g ofifuc^l QVfiona Ang. B. 

Ov yoiif ovv, ] ovyaifovv, Lob. 
et e oorr. Vind. F. ov y&Q oi;y, 
Baa. b. 

rjlioBtdimcerov ] iJXoMi^^iTror- 
Tov Ald. Bas, a. 

otftai] Vnlgo sine commatis. 

^ Ovxovv] ovx ovvVind. F. 

vafjLievofihrjv ] vafusvoftivff 
Mon. B. Par. D. AJd. Bas. ab. 
et Par. K. sec. Bekk. vaiusvo- 
(levTig sec Bip. 

^Aq' ovv — va OQt&fi^a. C.] 
landat Baiebias praep. L. Xi. 
p. 318. Pro «9* o^Jv oii Vind. B. 
o, idque sine interpunctione cum 
prozimis cohaerens, Viiid.F. £p* 
ovQovov^ Ang. B. aQ ov habet. 
Qinn ettam 8ol — . Fic. 

o jjliog ] 6 om, Flor. T. In 
Mon. B. ad h. 1. in m. a m. pr. 
adscriptttin est: nlnv 6 ykv dca- 
<plg Ttal adiXogf o 81 vavawla 

%oviv] hvi Steph. Ast pr. sec. 

' 6^ttti] ce^eraf Vlnd. F. ante 

Ovvmg] oJTro Vind. B. om. 
Vind. P. 

Tovrov — oqmnBva. C.] laodat 
lolianus or. mi. pag. 133. A. 

volvw] om, Flc. 

tpdvui fit$] <pav9u fthv V]nd.F. 
g>aiv6fievog lulianl eod. Voss. 
^^i fu Mon. B. Fior. U. qnod 
ipsum Stephanus in m. dabitabat 
an liic et p. 509. B. reponendum 
esset. Sed cf. Matthtae cramm. 
p, 1072. 

Ixyovov] Proclas in Plat.theol. 
p. 380 : 9id *al 6 h^ IloUvsla 
£caKQdv7jg htyovpv ccvvbv (scil. 
vov rjXiov} dnoxalBt vov dya^ov 
xal Srjfitovifyov vov yewrjvov xal 
xawog vov iyxoofUov fpmvhg 
vrcoavdvrjv, Idemin Tim. p. 119, 
6. a f. ^ isvvsifov 8n nstpdXatov 
inl vovvm v6 dsixwovy ovt.xal 
6 nxdvmv inl filav difz^v dvd- 
yst ndwa , xaJ dno vmv iv IJO' 
Xtvslc^ Xoytov , iv otg vov fJi^v fj- 
Xtov alvtdvat vmv OQavmVy v6 
dh dya^dv vmv vornmv , avv6v 
dh av ndUv vov riXtov fyyovov 
vov dyad^ov nQOoayoQSvet, Ib. 
p. 259^ 14: d fthv yaQ rjUogy 
mg iftad-Ofisv^ iv HoUvsia ^ vijg 
dXrjQ^slag sixova v6 tpoSg vnitfvii' 

ov vdytt»6v] Sv v6 dy. Vind» 
F. of' vb dy, Bus. ov dy. luliani 
cod. Voss. ow* dy. Vind. B, Zv 
xdy. Vat H. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


f^ ximf MQ6g u poiSv wi %a voofifMa^ toSto tov^ 
to¥ h %9 OQax^MQig ff p#^m^ mI xA 6Q9ii$Bva* lUSg^ 
l9>q- Sr# dM»i fioi. 'Oif»aXt^\j ^d' iy6, ol6»\ &x^ 
Sxm pitffku tm* im»a x^q avxovq xgkqj , Jiv av %ag 

dvdXoyopl MCt hawf Lob. 
ykML B. Vat BM. l^ InUaiii 
.fiod. VoM. i9& Xoyov Actiiw in 
tec. et tert. scripBit praeeante 
Heindorfio ad Phaedon. Jg. 136. 
api adiectiTom omnino improlMure 
videtor. At eztn d«bitationem 
poaitam est llm. p. 69. B. dvd- 
Xo/a %ul aviiiUT^a, et li, 1. aptioa 
4fictione «dTerbiali, nt indolem 
ceniti potios, qoam glgnendi ra- 
flonem descnbi appareat. Cete- 
rom hnc respc^dt acholiastea ad 
Gorg. p. 506. C. (130,9. Bekk.) 
iv ntt(fiU9ldfi 81 f inquiens, t£- 
Uth»aov wi ntffl dyww tivbsj 
dUC anlmg «c^l dytUM «oitl- 
rot x6v loyov , iv IIoXitBlqi 9h 
di' dvaXoyltis tw6g. 

keoftf] kawov Mon. B. Qood 
Btophipoa in m. addeodom oe»- 
8d>at ludy id Stallbannuaa neoea- 
aariom caae recte negat et se- 
qaentin epezegesin antecedentiom 
fiic^e ftatuit« sed mtnas recte 
ea ad remotios Xiynv refert, 

Emea auidem aententia ad 
TjOBv reterenda sint: rd dya- 
^ fyiwfjee t6v vXiov zovro iv 
T^ oifOT^ t6nqt, 5ntQ avtd iv 
tqi vomot icrlv f ut ettet idem &i 
loco vuiUlif ^d iptMm eH i» 
eogitgbHL Pladtom ipsom tam- 
miBm saom proposmt CeLnu apad 
6rigenem L. VII. p. 863: ovala 
«al yivsoiQ voiit6v , 6qax6v. (t^ 
tA wciasfikv dXiiOBuXf (i^it 81 
ywiaemg nXdvri. *^^ dXnOB$€tv 
fihf ovv ini6tijai2f nuol ah Od' 
ttQOV 86^0, %ai voritov fiiv iott 
v6fjotSf 6^atov 8i S^ig, yivm- 
owi 81 voift6v tthv vovsy 6Qat6v 
81 6q>OaXfi6g. onsif ovv iv tots 

Satoig ifXioq ovv' 6fpOaXik6g mv 
V S^ibtgy eUX* ^tpOaXfi^ ts tov 
o^v ahiog wd S^n tov 8iav- 
roir owlataitOat Kod o^«rro2^ tov 

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yiyvsoOat naX fti^ a^og adv^ 
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oStB vorictg o^t inicvnftrjy dX- 
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voijoBt tov 8i ovrdr cJria nal 
inuftijftv tov 8i avtov ytyvS- 
onBtv %cu votitotg Snaoi, 

avz6] ovro Vat. H. yoQ av- 
rd Vlnd. B. Vat M. et cotrectna 
in o Lob. kevrd Inlian. 

re vovv] rs om, lul. rt vvv 
Ald. Baa. ab. 

rovro rotfrov] rovroy Vind. P. 
Boa. rovro Ang. B. Flor. R. 
CL L.VIIIL p.581. B: «ol xv^ 
Itdtanv tB rud 86irjg ijrMSta rotr- 
tmv rovrfl» fUX^t, ApoL 23. A: 
(%tv8wBVBt 0B6g) tv tf xin' 
Ofup vovrm rovro Xiysw. 

%al rdr o^fteva] noog ta o^t», 
■ap. a m. s. nal ra pXs et soper 
BXb oQmftevay ^md. B, 

itt 8UUti] ini8Um Vind. F. 
Cf. ad L. y. p. 449. C. dicta. 

'OtpOaXiMl] Proclus in CSy. 
p. 428, 6t BlnAv ydg 'OqtOaX- 
Itol . rjv 8' iym» otav ttg avto6g 
fffj inhistvatQinm mv tccgxQ6ag 
liftBQtvov^tpag inipty^ dfifiXve&t' 
tovotVy ozav 81 mv 6 riXiog %a- 
tcddfiinrjy oammg oQmot, taSz* 
ovv inl rdffr ooatmv ^ttXoftsvbgf 
to^agy tpmg^ omOaXfto6gy vXtov 
hnjvBynBv ti avdXoyw ruu inX 
voovftivmv Xiymv' ovtm sol t6 
Sftftatng i^gy 4 ^ vo^y S-- 
tav fUv t^im rcff ov ro ov s«d 
i} dXijO^Bta XoftnBty vomZ %aX y«- 
yvmo%Bty Stav 8\ slg rd tm oxo- 
tqt %s%Q€tftftBvov y t6 ytyvoftBvov 
%id to dnoXXvftivov , So^dlm zb 
Kttl dftpXvmttBi, 

oloO^y Stt] otoOa Stt Lob. 
Vind. BP. porro Ho. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 

eiVITAS LIB. VL 508 


SoMQ Qvjip hfov^ nu^iXQiig ot9mg, Kai fMla, S^ 
"Otai» di y\ olfuii^ £v 6 iHiog mavaXdiimfif 6aqmg D 
6f£6$9 aal %oSg aikoig tovtoig oiifMw iiwCoa 

8t€tv] ffr' atp Mon. B. Ald. 
Bm. «b. 8««ph. Aai. pr. 

ht hutvaj hii%tivd Vind. EF. 
Vat H. hi hiUva Ald. Bas. a. 
h^ huivoig Moo. B. 

tffinfi} xQijqj Yind. £. Ald. 
Bas. ab. 

^fiBifivhv tpmg] Antiatt. p. 98, 
29 : i^fUfftviv ipmg * JHdtatv TIo- 
lt.tElag tetd(ftq>, immo itntp» 

iniz^] htizoi Lob. Voii. B. 
ixizBt Vind. F. FLor. R. lUttim. 
fliot ottondttfiie Fic potivs o^d- 

«y] mg Lob. Vind.B. M00.B. 
Vat BM. Par. DK. 

tpiyyri ] 9^17 Flor. T. In 
« Viiid* B. aitemin 97 in fiae int. 
Tors. additum ost. 

dl^pivmttovat 1 dQivmttovo^ 
Vlnd.B. Ald. o^lvMOvOi Vind. 
F. Idem Flor. A. Tvlgato eaper* 
«criptun liabet eoeciitttml hair 
luaimlttnnie Fic. 

ve] ye Voii. B. Vind. E. Blor. 

tpaivovtat] tpaivmvtai Vind. 
F. fpaivnai^ Vind. B. Vat H. 
Ideai in Flor. CT. repertam yrh- 
detor, qnoe Btallbanmiue ia pr. 
irefort pi« 9«/vQfrir«« aiiqnid ha* 
Iwe» qvod nihili iaciendiuA eit, 
quid habeanty non docet 

TUt&affag] wx&a^Av Ald. Bae. 
a. Kandem tenninationem Bae. b. 
in ima pagina, qnem cnetodeni 
dicnnt^i exhibet 

o^Mmg^] i^Htg; Lob. Viad.B. 
Mop. B. Ald. Bteph. Beldc Aet 
tet Btailb. 

IMxAa] iid£ Viod. F. Aqg. B. 

fo?7] ^m9 Vat. H. 

fT ] ye Moo. B. 

JyJ ov idem et Flor. U. 
W umaXdftMv] Ita Par. A. Lob. 
^ Viod. BB. Vat B. Veo. B. Flor. 

ACTV. (Procke.) nataXdpacn re- 
Bqai com aditie. Qpmm Attlcoa 
oon tantum poetae, eed etiam 
ecriptoree eatie conetet in deecri- 
bcndo' ^^oicre eolnm BooDOoqoam 
coninoctiynm pronomiiu reiatiTo 
addere, qna de re cf. Matthiae 
gramm. p. 1025. coine exemplie 
addo Leg. L. V. p. 728. A: og 
ciniif ctv voftoOitTig aiaxifd Btvtci 
»«l %a*& 9ut^ifhiovfL8vog tdttv 
%al tovvavtiw aya^& «al tuM^ 
tmv (tkv dnixBoO-at ^ iO^ily ««• 
0» fi^ixav^f td dl itutrjSiVBiv 
ivunaaav %atd dvvctfuvy oih 
oloev iv tovtoig naai nag av- 
'^ifmnog ipvxriv kiUtatov Zv d" 
ttftotata %al xanooxfjftoviotctttt 
dutti^eig. Ib. p. 737.^Bx dv^- 
%hjtovg yctQ dsZ tag ovaiag nifog 
dU;ijXovg%ctta€iisvdt9ts^ctt dfwO' 
yinmgy rj firj nQoCivat nqotBQOv 
elg to^ftfKQOO^w hkovca bIvcu 
trjg &XXrig TUttaMvijgy otg ^ na- 
Xat& iynXiifutta nQog dXXijXovg' 
Tutl ocoig vov rtoL ffimQ^ M^» 
noetro ioco codtcibne optimie eo 
magie obtemperandnm eet,^ qno 
faolioe ex antecedentiboe mv Sv 
tdg X9^ctg t6 ^fis^v^ tpmg ini- 
Xji particnla reiatiTO addi eolita 
fepeti peteet Cf. VoL L p. 410, 
a. — ^ In Aid. eei|aeotie ▼ocabnM 
eyliaba priore hoic coniuocta oa* 
%aXdttn9$0a tpmg legitor. 

ivovaa] Ita Viiid. F. a m. pr. 
ivdvt» a m. e. Qood Bddceme, 
iLetioe fai tert et StaUbaomine 
ante boc ineaoemnt fr^iffy qnam- 
qoam dnrioe abesee nomen coor 
cedo, tamen codicnm Lob. Viod. 
B. Mon. B. Vat M. Flor. U. et 
Ficini anctoritatem ad recipien- 
duffl eiifficere non poto. Accedit, 
qnod non eohim o^i^ig^ eed %ad'a- 
QCL S^tg e^plendum yidetor. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


fpabfBtM. 21 fiqv; OStm tohfw wd to v^ if^ZV^ ^< ^^ *479 
orav fihf oi xatalaimu dl^sta tB «ol tS Sv^ sls 
toito uMBfBtafitaiy M^i tB xal Syva aOto aak vwm 
i^BiV q>€dvBtai' Stav 8h slg to t^ 6mtiif o&tQapkfWy 
td fVfv&fBBv6v tB %ai ixoXlvimwVf do£a{;eft ca %bA ofi- 
§Xvmtu Sva xol tcata tdg do^ag lABtafiaXkov jcol fo^ 
%BV av vovv od% ixovt^ '"Eonu yaQ. Tovto tolwv v6 
E t^v alij^Biav xag^ov toZg yi.yva6xoiiivoig kcA ta yt- • 
yvm6%ovti t^v ivvaiiiv caeodiddv tijv tov aya9ov Idiccv 
ipa^i Blvaif altlav d' ksfUitiifLtig oi^av xal aXf^Blag 
dg yiyva^xoiUvfjg (ikv diavooVf ovta Sk xctAcSt^ dfiqx^ 
tigmv Svtmv f yvm6B(&g tB xal dXfi^Blagf aXlo xal xdX- 

q>aivet€uA ipalptgai; Viiid. B« 
MoiL B. Ala. ipcUvsv€u: xed fuiV 
Em: Flor. RT. 

mds v6bi] 0» dij vobZ Piodiui. 

fikv] emm Flc. 

oJ] ov yat.H. oiv Flor. AC. 
afaTiiv Ang, B. Flor. T. et mar- 
go R. om. Yind. B. 

nettaXdfiiut^] fUcvaldfLxn Viod. 
BB. Vat. H. 

ivoTici tB] iw67iBtts cnlrd 
Vmd. F. 

&] *' Vind. F. Ang. B. 

%sii^a(uvov] xsKQafi^ivovyiaA. 
B. Flor. R. CProcl.) 

doidiBi T$] om. Fic. 

d(t§XvmTTSi'\ diipXvmtst Vind. 
B. Synif . Beklc. aneod. p. 386, 
81: dfifiXvmTTU' TVfpXmTTSL, Cf. 
L. Vir. p. 516. B. 

fiSTaPaXXov] fUTafiaXXov Viod. 
F. fiSTaBdXXmv Yind. B. fiSTa- 
f}a;i&fr Lob. rmd. B. Par. DK. 
sec Bekk. Vat M. furaBalAv 

av j[ om. Fic. 

Tovro — tpdd^i slvcu B.] lan- 
dat Basebios praep. L. XL p. 319. 
respidont ProdiiB in Parm. T. V. 
p. 155. Cona. et Damasdoa dnoff, 
wd Xvc. p. 66. et 90. Kopp. 

yiyvoMfxofievoig ] ytyvofiivoi^ 
Vind. B. Vat H. Flor. ACV. 

rflo] rd Boaeb. 

yiyvmmiovTt,] yivdonovTi Vind. 

dnodidbv] dnoBidovv BnaelK 
Idiav] sidiav Vind. F. a m. 

Va^»] Ita Lob. Vind. BF. 
Mon. B. Buaob. q>a»i Par. A. n 
m. a. Vat B. a m. pr. Aat. aec. 
tert Priorea cum Vind. B. ^pa/^i 
habent Cf. VoL L p. 407, b. 

alTiav d* ^ diovoov] Qom 
bonum Teritatia etiam tamqnam 
ideae canaaa ait, qaip^ qood 
omnibos idda hoc, ut amt, im- 
pertiat, idem Teritatia taniqnam 
oognoflcendae canaaam oatendere 
non ita auperyacanenm erat, ot 
viaum eat Aatio, qui in comm. 
iiaec Terba cloasematig manifeata 
eaae et nihiT niai praegreasa re- 
petere atatnit, eztrema ▼ero wg 
ytyvsMKOfiivrjg fihv dia vov, qoeaH 
admodum ante Bekkemm legeba- 
tur, nuria modia langnere idem 
recte cenauit Nam Teritaten 
alia re nulla , niai intdlectn co- 
gnoad poat ea, quae aupra de 
mtelligibili et TiaibiB dicta aunt, 
denno inculcandum non erat Ita- 
que propiua a vero abeaae Tide- 
tnr Aatias in tert haec eztrema 
delenda eriatimana, quam Stallr 
bamniiu , qui ea ob id ipram re- 

tinet, quod iiitellectiia 
ratio recte abease non poant 
Praeterea particulae Bh et ftkv 
cum ilia lectione consiatere ne- 
qneunt, quarum priorem 8taU- 
baumiua aut endendam aut cma 




ffti^ Sh %a\ iX4fituxVy Smb^ htBl ipag xb %al o^^^w ^Aao- 509 
tUt^ fAv vofu^v 6f9ivj ijXuiv di ^^Mai Of6% iQ%mg 
l^si» oStm %a\ hnavt^a aya^osUiij ftlv voitltnv tavif 
dfLq>otSQa oQ^dVf aya^inv Sk ifftSMah i»6ttQ0v avtmv 
ov% dotSvj dUi' hi ^Bi^ovmg tifitpsiov t^ tov ayaf^ov 
S^iv. ^j^pnjxavov 9ti3JLogy Igpq, i^Big, d ixMftijnfiv fihp 
xol dXii^Biav »aQt%ti , avto d' w\q tama koXIlbi ictlv ' 
ot; yaQ di^ %ov 6v ys ^dov^ cc&eo liyug* Eivq>iiiuij 
•qv d* iym- dlk^ ids fLalilov tijv d%6va avtov hi ijrft- 
Oxoffct. nag; Tov t^Xiov tolg oQmfiivoig ov ftivovy B 
olftai, trj[u tov OQa^ai dvvafLiv nitQixBiv q^Big f dlXd 

Asiio, cahM et ipriiui ooniectorae 
repngnat, io ys motuidam putat, 
pMteriorem iam Stephamis p. 24. 
ant expuD^neiidam ant potiiis ad 
afianid, quod post di^ vov exd- 
dent, quae etlam Geerii diatr. 

E.82. opiiuo est, referendam ar- 
itratur, Stallbaumius autem ne- 
sdo qno modo ezplicandam anta- 
mat. Bquidem cum Belckero pro 
8ut vov , quae Yind. B. Yen. B. 
Vat. H. Ang. B. Flor. ACRTV. 
eademque Pidni (seimHae et ve~ 
ritatiSf quae per mtelleetvm per» 
eifntw , eoimam) led^o est, scri- 
bendum pntavi daxvoov, quod Par. 
A. Vind. F. et a m. s. Vat. B. 
exWbeiit, a quo di& voov^ qnod 
in Lob. Vind. B. Mon. B. Par. 
DK. sec. Bekk. Fior. U. Vat. M. 
. et a m. pr. B. legitnr, parum 
aut niliil aiffert, atqne hanc sen- 
tentiam de bono scientiae et ye- 
ritatis tamqoam cognoscendae 
caussa primum veluti oonUnuatio- 
nem et expticationem prioris, qua 
cognoscendis yeritatem, cogno- 
scenti facnltatem eins rd imper- 
tire declaratum eiat, per 81 ad-> 
iectam, deinde Tero ut oppositam 
seqnenti , quae ipsum diversnm a 
sdenda et yeritate ao palchrius 
utraqne praedicat, per (uv signi- 
ficatam statno; cuins particnlae 
qunm proprins locns post aizUtv 
esset, ut dittvoov dl alxlav (ikv 
oieav etc. scribi deberet, con- 

dimitatis gratia, quonlam in prae- 
opdenti sententia imperativus {tpa- 
^i) post obiectnm collocatos est, 
hic quoque obiectnm iiiitio pori- 
tnm dque d\ copulans sabiuii- 
ctom, (Jihf autem fioitae obiecti 
descriptioni additum est. — Pro 
9* in Vind. F. d^, pro ytffie»- 
^ofiivrjg in Vind. B. yvyvocxo- 
(livTjs y in Flor. U. yiyvm<i%o(if' 
vrjVy in Mon. B. yiyveMnLO(tivmv 

* ijyjyo^] ijyrfoei Ang. B. Fior. 
B. et recentiores. 

i%icvii(ifiv] xttl in, Vind. EF. 
Ang. B. Flor. AG. 

tKsZ] om. Fic. 

(t^v] om. Vat. H. 509 

dl] 6' Vind. BF. Aog. 9. 
Vat^H. Flor. ACTV. 

ovro)] nal ovto» Lob. Vot. 
BM. Bas. b. 

iravr'] ravra Vind. BF. 

(leitdvag] Cf. Vol. I. p.d44, a. 
attiriMlJor eidm eet ipeiui froni mm^ 
ieeta», idXX' — Fftv.) ric. 

bI — liyBig ] om. Lob. Vind. 
B. Vat. BM. 

8*] dl Vind. F. 

xdXXsi iarlv] iuxXXbi bI %msv 
idem. TMXlierov Flor. RT. L| 
Vat. H. ri super £i scriptum. 

Evipij(iBi] si f a ro. s. ov, 
(prj(d Vind. F. 

aXX' mdB (laXXov] atgue ita 
planiue Fic. 

Tov fjXiov — v»B(fixovtog.] B 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

F L A T O N I S 

%QP 6v%u. nSg fdg; Kml wig yiywn^uoiUwQifS totvvv 
fft^ fMKW cd y9f¥m€n969m ^pdpM vso %m iya»ov fut^ 
Qwmif &kka xftl x6 ulpal t$ nmi %^ oMa» vsb' huL- 
VQV amoig «potfMfw», wnt av^lag Bvtog toS afa»avj 
oJX hi imbmva t^ ovolag %Q^^%Uf xal HwofM^ i&x9Qi^ 
toyrog. KA i rUaiimif |icUa ycXoto^ "AmlAw^ S^, 

landat BiiMbiiu praep. L« XI. 
p. 319L Prochii in Tinu p. 130: 
^l ^ §ifij %al &^a wd ^oimutva 
ndvta dii t& iv r^ xac(iq> kd" 
yu9 mg tod^fupa ndwwa 4%^ 
vov §actUms tmv 6if(xtmv dict 
xijg zov fpenbg fievadocsagy o 
niti h noUtnUf Hentifdtfig rpo- 
qf^8 aitwv cTve %ai ysviotmg 
tuufWf Sca fpmtlfsi, t^iastm 
fftQ &(K4fra ttXuovfuva iia tov 

aviriv} oBirjCiiv VvaA. F. Par. 
K. Ang. B. Fior. R. 

•V yivwv avt6v Svta] om. 
Viiid. B. %al y. ai. £. Lob. Yat 
M. 0« y. ofiti o. Par. K. 

lEoifi yd^] s. r* oi Viad. K 

yipfmCMfiivotg] yiyvoOK, Yiiid. 
R. yivmCK, BiiMb. et paidlo poat 

. tpdvat] ipava^ Viiid. F. Conf. 
p. 508. B. 

dUd — noocsivett] oai. Eiiaeb. 
— Bival ts rnv ofictav vmHslvov 
— Vind. F. 

01^« o^clag] wS%ovciag Vind. 

hi] om, Bnaeb. 

ini%sDva] ht S%iiva Vind. B. 
Antiattp. 94, 6i i«i%stvay i%^ 
tdis - nidtmv 9SqI ^z*7ff*P* 1 1^ 
B. qoo looo BeUcema sk i%slva 
«cripsit. JHctionem et iententiain 
lianc Procliia aliqaotiei coimnemo* 
ravit in dijMertatione nsQi tov iv 
JloXitsl^ l6yov tov dsiwvvvtogj 
ti 90ti Im tdyaO^^v^ prirainn 
p. 425» 9. a 1 nbi Varj» de bono 
diaputare Socratem docets totl 
phf mg »sol Tov iv fjfilv dya- 
^ovy toth al sig nsQl tov stSovg 
tioy dyoi&mv ndvtmv , toth dh 
tttf ^sifl JUov tw^g oita iv 17- 

fiZv Srtog o^ts.sl8i]ti%!^v ixf»tog 
ovcLav o48' oXmg ovcUtVy^ (t. 
ovcla) dX£ i*i%swa, na^dxsq 
tpricly tov slvai %ai ovclag vtedq- 
Zovtog, tom p.^429, S4: xdya- 
^•hv dh ovxl uovov r^g ovclag 
slnsv o £m%(f€ctfig hsi^siva, dl- 
Id iud toG' slvai, iterua ib, 7. 
a {. a/ ovv t6 ov ixtctfitov ^ to 
dl dy ai&ov oifo huctfitbvy %i 
&Qa dya&hv ov% lctiv 89 , (t. 
imt/Ctfitov) xol avtoglleysm ov- 
cia/g a4to liymv ini%Sifva fud 
tov slvai. Item ia Tlin. p. 93i 
*Axtt%6g dh aiitoO^BV tiv dfffuov^ 
yov sig tecfitdv ayst taya&^^ 
uahog dya4y6g fikv ualsltcu na- 
Od t^ nidtmviy tdyal&ov Sk od, 
Mfl vovg nQOCityoQSveteu , tdya- 
4^6v ilh tdtwv ndcrjg oiciag «al 
ini%siiva tov ivtog icthv , •( iv 
IloXtxsiy ftsua&ij%afi9v.^ Bimiliter 
Damaacina aso^. ftal Xvc, ^. 55. 
Kopp. dXX' oif tl ys t6 sayrcw 
tovtmv ini^uva (hic Koppina 
perperam ponctnm fecit) Iv ov- 
aauov dniipfic» ovdofU»^ du^ 
meI iv Zb^MTff tUhiCiiv avth mq 
%v m^ tov Svtog^ %al iv ZToU' 
tsi4fmg tdyai^6v bU%si,va ndfqg 
wiciaq, Bodem leapeiit Ori^ 
nes c. Ceb. L. VI. p. 3^i V 
wv^sMy notSQOV ini%siva ofi- 
clag sctl n^scfisla %aX ^wdfiu 
6 &s6g fistaMovg ovciag o^ 
fuvadldmci %atd t6v heevtov Xd- 
yov %ai eefitip Xdy^y ^ %ai cev- 
tog ictuf ovcUc. 

t^g] om Bnaeb. 

fuiXa ysXolmg ] Prodns ia CiT. Q 
p. 424: o^sv %al iv tolg inofid- 
voi/g Xovoag sinovtog tov JSamffd' 
tovg taye^ov ftif6 ovclag vipB- 
cvdvoi fccd avt6 naqdyuv ro Sv 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


di¥€ey7uit/aiv tA Ifftol doMiowna m$qI mitov iiyoiv. Kmk 
tMiia/uSg y\ ttftif iuev0\iy d fnj ti, ilXA vi^ M9I tiv 
mupv 6§$ot6nita ai dt^uiv, d «9 daolibtHg. *AXka 
fM^* ihtoVf Ovnyi fB AeoXeb^, M^h 6fi§at6v tolvvv^ 
iffijy ^aQaXlayg* Oliuti lilVf ipf 6* iyti^ xai aroAtt* 
Simg 61 o0a ft Iv tip naQovti iwatov, b(Av 

"AaoXUo/p^ hpifi 6 rXuf^nmPy 9aif 
fMvlag vntqpoX^gj tig ro i^«8- 
ifovctop ivmB9l6cu ftfj ^wrfiilg. 
nariywm (f, lud Tutriypm) xov 
^av/uewog 6 ZmKQfiTrig ftalu y«- 
lolag rovro BivAv unoHhlfM 
t6v rXavnmpeCf nal noXXu am«* 
rmv Sottovwmv airf nsql Ikc^- 
vov atmfeifot^tu, Ib. p. 426. sq. 
di6 %al h^g tlnAv vntffovciov 
slvat t6 ayaJ&hv vov rXavnmvog 
datfMvitev flvcu tpdwog vi)y ^- 
ngopol^v hshtXfij^^ yiXoimg (▼. 
ysXolog) a/ix6v aauiv dnotpvjvor 
(uvog, nW dg 7UVBfi6ato9vvog 
nQ6g Ti^y 4Htev tov navtmv inir 
icfcva ndXnv noXld tprjoi na^fo- 
XihpBiv hu6v slvat xmv iavtip 
io9uy6wtav ual fUvr/v vfjv ntQi 
r6y ^Xiov dvaXoyiav yvfivdauv. 

nsgl ccvTOv] t& neol aitov 
Vat. H. Flor. V. 
/] yt rind. B. 

«/ fiti xt , dm] Pro dlXd Par. 

A. Viiid. V. &XXa, riiid.B. Ang. 

B. et a in.'8. Flor. R. alXo ex- 
inbent, qaod Stephaniif pag. fA^ 
non ▼ideoi, qnld poft nl f$ij xi 
saiMia^ poMit, a Platooe pro^ 
feetnia comedt. Atqae ita p. 502. 
A. soriptoin TidiBasi Zva^ il fMJ 
XI &XXOy iticxpv^ivxMg ifioXoyii' 
omat. Sed oniisso aXlo adhibt- 
toque dUd, «t jiostro looo, Me- 
000. p. 86. fl. legitar ti ftij xi 
oiv, dXXoL OfUMQov yi ftot xng 
dox^g %dXaaov, qno excmplo ad^ 
Torsos Stephanom oias est Stall^ 
banmias. Minos etiam feBciter 
idem Stephaans ibidem ooniicio- 
bat naio^ iftol ht alXffV xijv 
nigl eto. Ficinas haec osqae ad 
iitl^uiv ita iBterprotattts eit: 

$gd mbgoho praeafpve soi^ «om- 

av] aixov Ymd. P. kof. B. 
ef] ij Mon. B. Par. K. sec. 
Bakk. ^ Par. D. 0». Vind. B. 

mj] noi Ven. B. Stephenns 
pag. 24. pn> eo fortasse xt legi 
posso moaet, sed Tolf^tam leotio^ 
■em defcosionein recipere cone»- 
dit. Stallbanmkis ▼ero hand dn- 
bie seribendum esse tf «17 m 
dnoXsinBtg pronantiat idqoe in 
Ten. B. scriptora latere sospica' 
tur. £go neque Fidni interpro- 
tationem m gidd ut prmeterwno- 
•aifli, neqne qood Socratea cvzvd 
dnoXiimiv fatetnr, qidbns arfOr 
mentie Stallbauinias asos eet» tan- 
tom Talere credidcnm, nt iUnd 
xt a librariis potiasy qnam ab 
ipso scriptore omissum statnere 
debeamns, praesortim qoam aUa 
dllipfiis iu eodem Terbo Platont 
quoque satis freqaens sit, o. g. 
Gorg. p. 497. Ct o4^tv ovv dni- 
Xtnegf dnomfivov. et iocis 'ab 
Heindoriio iU c^s. 

dnoltiatstg] dnoXsinotg Lob. 
Vat B. dnoXiinfig Par. K. sec 
Bekk. dnoXinrig Vind. B. Vat 
Bf. In Fior. A. t saper s« scriptem. 

ilnov — Olfiatfiikv] om. Flor. 

ysl re Par. K. 

roiyvrl om« Fie» 

noffaXtn^] na^aXglttrig Vind. 
KF. Ang. B. Flor. ACV. IBs 
Flor.T. addit SUllbanmins, qnem 
snpra haec omittere ostendit. 

^v 6' hy<6] xoivw ^v diyth 
Vind. B. 

Sh] S' Lob. Vind. B. Vat M. 

yi] y Vind. BF. Ang. B. Vat. 
H. Fh>r. ACRTUV. Stallb. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N 1 S 

D ov% tbcoX$liipm. Afij ydQf igni. Ndtfiovtolwv , ^v V fym^ 
m6xsQ kiyo(iBVf dvoavzA s2r<tt, xal fiaiUXBVBiiv x6 fiev 
votftov yivovg xb xal toMov^ xd i* av oQatovy Zva p^ 
ovQovov dxniv do^m 6oi 6o^plfiM€u -sesQl to ovoiuc 
oiU' ovv ixus tavta dma bUiij SQotoVj vot/tov. "Exp. 

ovx dMoXBlfpm ] ovndnoXilfpa 
Tind. B. 
i tolvvv] om. Fic. 

nenBff Xiyoftev] om. Vat H. 
Flor. V. Pic 

dvo] dvm Fftr. A. Conf. ad 
L. V. p. 472. A. obsenrata. 

avTm] avvm Vind. B. o^vo 
Vind. F. 

v6] om. Vlnd. F. Ang. B. 
Fior. R. Prodliu in Tini. p. 70: - 
h olg %4xl nB(fl xdyMov oioXc- 
ydf*m>ff lleyw wivo fia^iXiVBiv 
t» tS vorjt^ TOTcqt , xa^dnBff iv 
Tip offcerip t6v fjxiov, 

Tonov] TQ^nov Lob. YiaA» B. 
Vat M. 

av] om. Flor. T. 

ovQovov] dffcevov Lob. ot(y« - 
v6v Par. A. Vind. B. Fior. ACTV. 
Cf. Gofff. p. 521. D: olfiai fUT 
6Xly(uv ZUhpfoUmVf tva firj Btnm 
fiovog, inirBiQBiv t^ mg dXrfi^mg 
noXiTivfj ^BXv^. Cetenim accn- 
flativnffl non omiuno ntioram ar- 
bitror. $ub eoelo Fic 

tfoi] ool Steph. A<t pr. 

iXBig ] haheas Fic recte, ri 
Idem qnod habere te opmor eue 
voinit. BelLkems, Astioa in tert 
et StaUbaumioa poiit vofjT^v si- 
IKniiminterrogationifi fecenmt, qnod 
etiam Mon. B. babet, cni dXX' 
oiv refragatnr. Vid. ad L. VII. 
p. 526. D. 

avioa] Blg tca Ang.B. civ, tca 
Vind. F. otv taa Vind. B. Flor. 
ACRTV. Astina in sec et tert 
Stallbanmiaa in pr. dv' tea idem 
in sec Vnlgo onm , sed iam tnm 
dissentientibua codicibus, taa toI 
Blg toa iectnm fuiue scholion ad 
h. I. dooet, qnod ex Archytae, 
Brontim et lambiichi commenta- 
riis ezcerptom dicitnr. Bins ini- 
tium hoc est: yifccfifiijv 6ixa t6 
nffmTOv TetfiTifiivTiv, b^tb slg tea 

TfiflfifutTa lan* 'AffxVTOv nid t69 
Xahudia 'IdftpXixov , stTB %al 
Blg dvicay mg iv Tmv Tioiv dvTt- 
yodmmv tov IIXdTmvog evqffjTOiy 
Ta ovTa ndvTa dfjXova&cu Blg 
9vo %aT& nomvriv dudoBaiv re- 
ftvdfiBvaj TO votjt6v ofjXovoti 
%ai dffcnov. b£ fikv Blg taa, did 
TB T^v Tmv X6ymv fteTOvalctvTud 
xmv Bt6mv %al r^v Tmv (utbxov- 
TC9V nif6g rd; ftBT^ofteva oftoio- 
Trna %al t^ ri/fr avaXoyiav xijv 
avTiiv nmg Blvat in dftq>oviQmv 
Bt ok Big avtaa . dg iv aXlotg 
evfmtat , 6ta Trfv Tmv vofjTmv 
n^g rd: ala^hjTd tamg vnBQOx^ 
%ai dvoftowTfjta. Bandem lectMK 
nifl discrepantiam respicere vide- 
tnr Prodns ^in Cir. p. 431 , 10: 
ftUtv ftkv ovv yffaftftfjv ^&c^ tav- 
va XaftfidvBt , viftvBt 9h dlxce 
tavTfjv ov% Blg taa ftifmTBftvmv, 
dXX' Big avtaa , 9vo 6k Oftmg, 
Cniiu indidnm et codicom nostro- 
mm auctoritate et re ipsa plane 
oonfirmatur. Quomodo enim ae- 
quales partes exsistere possunt, 
81 in diridendo perspicnitatia et 
Teritatis rationem habere atque 
ita lineam secare inbemur, nt 
ouantnm alterius partis particnlae 
ouae perspicnitate et veritate in- 
ter se differant, tantnndem inter 
ipsam et aiteram diflcrimiola ob- 
tmeat? quod qnidem aperte de- 
daratnm est Terbis %al aot iavat 
aacprjvBla %al daatpila ni^og aZ- 
Zf/Ia iv fikv TdS oomftivm t6 jaUf 
hBQOv Tft^fta BUovBg, ro dh btb- 
Qov tp TOVTO iotxs, et certhu 
etiam iliis ^ %al i&iXotg av avvb 
cpdvat Stfjq^ad-at dXrj&Bla re xcrl 
ftrj; An forte cnm Stallbaumio 
magnitudinem partium seu ambi- 
tum lod utrioflque, Tisibilifl et oo- 
gitabilifl, parem a Soorate fltatui 
Meoque tca TftrjftOTa . flignifica- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



*i2<f«a9 tolvw yQoiifi^ 8t%a tttfiijfUvfpf lafimv &vi6a ' 
%§Aijfiata naXkv xiyLVh eKotBQOV to Tfnjffia dvd tpv av- 
xov Xoyov f to tB tov Sgmfiivov fhfovg tuA to tov vo- 
ovfA^vov, xal 001 iatat 6aipr[VBl(f %a\ a6a(pBl<f XQog ik- 
Xijla iv filv Tcp oQmiiivq^ ^o (uv StBQOv tpf^fia tlxoveg. K 

tione Tulgarl did credimiu? At 

hoc ipso ideae a rebiu sensui 

rablectia maxiine diffemnt, ouod 

illae unae, hae muUitadine lafi- 

oitae aunt, atqne hamm mrsua 

unaquaeque infiaita umbraram si- 

mnlacronmiqae multitBdine re- 

praesentariy neque i|Nianun idea- 

rufli numerua cnm theorematom 

mathematiooram numero compa- 

rari potest. ^ Itaque Tel sic aviaa 

riiigjfMXva dicenda erant Venm» 

de ambitn oocitandum non eaae 

seqnentia lUa docent, qoae diTi-» 

aionia rationem aperte demon- 

strant. Noo magis ea, qnae in 

schofio oommemorantnr, aeqoali- 

tatem praestant. Nam qnae pri- 

mo ioco ponitnr, ij rmv Xoyoiv 

JASvQvala %al tSv iiSmVy com- 

munio , quae rebns yisibiiibus et 

inferioribus com saperioribos, no- 

tionibns ifna&vog loyog oinelav 

nlt}^ovg fjyBlt€u secundnm Pro- 

dum T. lUI. p. 107.) et ideis, 

intercedit^ ntraramque oomplexum 

parem effioere non aliter potest, 

nisi ut unaqoaeqne idea in toti- 

d«B partesy quot res vfsibiles 

eioa partidpes sont, diTisa sta- 

tuatur, <|uo facto una, h. e. idea 

esse desmit. Similitndo autem 

inferioTum et seperiorom, iq xmv 

' fit^Bxovxnv %if6g xit (m^oiuva 

ofioioxfigy non est aequalitas, 

neque yero^ propterea partes duae 

aequales diid possunt, quod ea- 

dem ratione in binas particalas 

^isae sunt, xip t^v avaXoylav 

tiiv avrnv mag alvai ix' dfupo- 

tiifmv. Deniqae, quod grayissl- 

mlun est, niliii horam sequentibas 

oonyenit. His de caussis Procfi 

iudidum et codicum auctoritatem 

com Bekkero et Schldermaehero 

secutns snm. Sv^ qnod Asthis re- 

eapit, iileptoa esse a^paret. 

Pro dv' taa, qood Stallbaumio 
placait, Platonem, si praeter con- 
suetndiiiem ea praepositione uti 
▼ellet, dvoL tca dicturam fuisse 
arbitror. tig (cacam Ang. B. et 
Tolgatis oiim libris Stallbaamias 
scribere debebat. 

th tfiijfia] om. Vat. £L tfi^^fia 
Par. AK. sec BelJL. quod ferri 
posse Tidetur. Sed quum in pro- 
xinus utrumque tfnijfta oommemo- 
ratum sit, articuinm a tot codi- 
dbus oblatom tenera malni. Cf. 
Apol. p.»36. A: dXiit moX^ fidX' 
Xov ^avfuiiin huttiomv rmr ^- 
ipmv tbv yiyovota uQiJ^fLov. 

dvcL tdv witov Xoyov} Hia 
potissimom Torbls indnctns Stali- 
banmius toa tfiijfiata fisdenda 
putayit. „Nec profecto'* inqnit 
„recte subiiceretor'cfycl( thv fltd- 
t5v ilovov , si uniTerse dictom 
esset avi6a xfiijfuixa , nec ratio 
afiqna accoratius definita.*^ Con^ 
tra Schleienmcheros aheram in 
aeqoales partes diridonem nimia 
exijaisite dvoL xbv avxov Xoyov 
faaendam did statait, jrecte; 
qnamquam id ferendnm easet, sl 
accoratior, <juam Stallbanidas de- 
siderat, rationis definitio non se» 
queretnr et aeqoalitas onuuno lo- 
com haberet. 

yivovg] yivog Vind. B. Mon. 
B. Fk>r. U. Par. K. sec. Bip. 
Ast. pr. sec. 

caqnfVBla nal daatpil^] Ita 
Par. A. Fior. A. Vat. H. (hune 
eium per m, pro quo n esse 
debebat, significatom in Bekkeri 
oonunentariis opioor.) tfa^ilireui 
%td daatpta Mon. B. aamjvBia 
ov% dadtpBia Bas. b. yQ ov% (pro 
xol) vua-go Steph. lidem oif» 
snper *al «criptnm est in Lob. 
qiu com reliqniB oodidbus editia- 
que ante Bdckenuo pro datiTia 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

r L A T O N IS 

510 iiyo Sk ta^ d%6vaq %qwx<nf (ilv tag ^xutg^ hcsixa «d 
Iv toig via6i €pav%a6funa aai Iv xoi^ S6ai mxva %s 
xaL iaia aal ^pava iinfi6tfpi$y $uiX nav to towwov^ ^ 
uatavasig. jiUia xatavom* T6 tolvw hsQOv T^si ^ 
rovto ioutBy ta ts xsqI ^iidg ^a aai xav to tpvtmtow 
xat TO 6xtva6z6v oJuov yivog. Ti&futi^ iffj. ^H aal 

neminttiroft ceupijveta et dddfptut 
«xhibet, quo modo eadean nomiiHi 
L. V. peg. 478. C. in nonmilfis 
Ubris ooMnipta Tidimas. Vitiosam 
scripturam prava in editionibtui 
aeqnebatar interpmictio ^oit n^fbg 
^Unltfy qHA snblata BeUcerna 
omnia aaaa intellectaqae fadlia 
piAcstitits per HarUatU et obemf- 
fitatk Mter tttromie oftflneiiteni 
rottofie» owMe m tma^Mief et 
m ea, ^jiMnim imMpinea aimt, dl- 
•tem AoMw. DattToi, at solot^ 
mmmam ooniinet. CC Benhar^ 
aynt. p. 102. Fioionf cvtfira^ %ot* 
WV9 aaqae ad n^6g iXlrjXa ita 
iaterpretataa : penmie ae « oote- 
pent imeam ni ibiaf «egimleff «^ 
etom portioiiea et «tran^fiie rartiM 
jMTtem Mmtli roiioiie ittoifferli^tta 
Mme o6Iat«m Hbi gtnu$ umm vi^ 
iifttlf , inicmgWU dtmvm in ilim 
mreiif feoi mmtm «iaritaiem et o6- 

Teiblim addere eoft« 

rld^Et tS rovro ] rovro , ^ima^ 
Lob. rovTOy »tim Ylnd. B. Vat. 
BM. ilcimu pro r^ai eon^pro- 
Aefuiet et tamen pro xUhifUy qved 
seqoltnr, eie pono posnit, 

«atr] Pro eo laama eat \m 
llnd. E. om. Fidmif et Prediu 
in Cir. p. 431. Terim ^ xoBro 
fofxcv asqoe «d Slov yipoq ci- 

etna est: tii Miere finpp^ oieiUii 

Setanm in StSubanmii sec oo- 
^iaigi pro catptivaUf exonsam in 
tezta et ia anaotatione oorTeeto-* 
ris difigeatiam fiefelttt. 
610 Oiu&g] aiuag Viiid. F. 

h xqXs ^daat tpaprdofutraiud] 
om. Anc. B. Post lud edidones 
ante ^ickermn taoentibas Bip. 
thseQ addnat, qood in ono Ven. 
B. repertom oaamTis baad inele* 
gaas recte Bekkems omisit. Fi-* 
' ciatts vtrom iegefity aa non, in^ 

aaae ta a^tiii apparmd , et ipum 

tie ae faotrfiir- 
WSUcbl 001. Fie. 
I^] JC^ editi anU Bekkemm 

aal r6] v6 om. Lob. VM. B. 
MoD. B. Vat BM. Par. DK. 
Flor. U. 

Vf ] if Vind. B. ^ VM. P. 

i^iXois] ^dlotg Vind. F. Plor. 
R. »iX9ig Ang. B. id^iXstg Vind. 
B. Fter. T. 

air6] gmam Aoe Flc. Recte. 
Bft genoi Tisibile, ODaas secaa-» 
dam daritatem et obscaritatem 
facta diTlsio nuoc^seooiidam Teri- 
tatem eiosqae contrariam insti- 
fota ^dtur. BcUicet darites se* 
qoitar Teritatem, qaemadmodnm' 
L. V. p. 477. A. sqq. deaKmstra- 
tmn est» ideoqne pari iare dln^ 
^eUf re nal ^i) atqne aatpiiipma 
aal doaipeUf diTisiun iilud tfci 
poterat Ex eadem blMri V. die- 
patatione repetitam est, qnod 
Socrates diTisionem generis tM^ 
biUs pom» illostratoras similem 
inter dnas eios portes atqne ioter 
dojatrrdt^ et yvm9t6v ntaooem 
interoedere doeet, qna de re 
p. 479. D. seimo foerat. Itaqoe 
Glaaco slne haesitatioiie assem- 
tnr. Verba antem eartrena otTrm 
r6 ^ptomtlv «96^ x6 9I tt^tm- 
^ perspienitatis caussa ad ez^ 
pUcandom «^rd addita sont AII- 
ter ScUdennadieras , qoi oM 
^vai die Satike edbet hekaamtmt 
reddens avr6 illa t1 praemtom 
statait, qaam initio positom tel 
ante lelatimm hMid x«io habet^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


XB ^utl fii}, dg XQ do^etOtip i(fdg td yvntftoip, ovtm t6 
6fiouo9iv MQog td A 6fkoui%ti; '^wy\ i^>^n ual fiaAer. B 
Ik&Mi dij m %al t^ tov vof[tov tofi^f^ jl vfiipriov. 
IHi; ^Hi ti lihv avtov toZg totM ffiq^fiitfiv mg tU6€$ 
XQWffivfi iwxfj ifflHv dvayua^nai 2| vxot^i6$0v ov% ht 



(cf. Mattliiae gramm. 
rem ip9am Tero hanc didt, 
Bild wid Ding dureh diewlbe 
neHumtnari euMtmdeniHydureh 
weiehe DetMaree und Stehthareef 
«aaae sententia ipMm lianmi da- 
▼inemim omidmii nonoam «t i»* 
tionem oontineri arbitratnr. 

9>tfy«i] fp&reci Vind. B. In 
Vlnd. F* ad drcamflezmn additaa 
ett aontttf. 

ilAi7^f/^] dl^Btd Vmd. F. 

o^io] o#rm %ocl Fior. T. 

eifiOidOTt] dfMOidOn Bob. ab. 

"Eyet^] fyoya Lob. Yind. B. 

di)] dh Mon. B. Par. K. floo. 
Bekk. Flor. U. Bas. ab. om. Fio. 

ij irfifiriav] i) r. Yind. F. om. 

%] 9 Vind. F. H Bas. b« 
Cf. Vol. I. P. 386, a. et L. n. 
p. 376. B: ^AXXd ^i)if %opfip6p y 
fpaL99teu xb ftdOog etirov xijg 
w66Heg %sA eig dlriOAg fptX6ffo* 
ooflr. m 9^1 ""Hi, li^ ^ fyi6, 

T(tffOiUtv]ri(i7jOBZai9 Vind. F. 
tttfuiOaUtv Par. A. «t Procto in 
CiT. p. 482, 2. qnod, qmim ani<* 
mos maUmmticis qnaefltioaibiio 
oocnpatM non omnilNifl^ qnao in 
genereyifllbiiioontiiMBtar, lOd flu- 
periore taainm eiufl parte aoa Hfl, 
qnomm imaginefl flont, tamqoam 
iuAC»™^^ ntator, si v& x6xe p^p* 
MjOipxa eadem did noflfluit, qnao 
mfra p. 511. A. rdk wd x£v ««{« 
xm dfniMteOipxa tfcontnr , toI^ 
gato praeferendnm videatar. inii 
qnod ad formam Terbi attinet, a 
pafleiTa flignificatione eom noa 
abhorrBre qnnm mnltiplex 

gia, de qoa cf. BAattlttie crimm. 
p. 981. sq. tOB lod L.X.'p.599. 

A. et Leg. L. n. p. 668. B. do- 
oent, quomm piior xo fuftrjOii' 
eo/isvoPy poflterior etiam x6 ut- 
ftfiO^hv item paflsiTe ^etom exm- 
bet Qnid onod ne potnisfle qoi- 
dem aEter mteUigi ex freqnenti 
meffi fttftifeeceOeu om flatis pr^ 
babiiiter coUigafl. 8ed ipsnm vor- 
bnm fufuUOeu Tereor nt natiK 
ralem yiam, de qna Idc a^tur^ 
fimnamm repetitionem, qnaBfl in 
nmbrifl et flpeoalifl cemitnr, fll- 
gnifioet. Certe neqne h. I. alto* 
mm «iafl exoMhni exfltat, i 
L. m. et X. nbi frc 
oflarpatar, afiam nifli 
ImitatloncmdeflfgBat Aecedit qnod 
qnae In prioro diviflkme, iv «f 
xov iXdeoovog dtat^iett, nt l^nn 
dufl alt, exemplarfnm iocom ab 
inferioribnfl adombntoram obti" 
nnemnt, non nne obflcora et fU 
tfofla brevitate xA x6xi fUftffOivxa 
did potniflflo ▼ideotor.>* 
Mttum retuieoaam ot hoc qoiden 
tooo aniTenom gflmifl, in qoo 
illa, qdb«fl anlflraa tamqnam Ima^ 
gfaiibofl ntatnr, comprehenfla flint» 
farfra ir«m IHa ipfla aeoaratiaa a . 
Bocrato definita cxifltimo. 

9hL6et] poflt x^etfUvfi Flor. T. 

in^av\ OM. Lob. Tlnd^ B. 
Vat BM. Ven. B. 

^l inoOioMfp] i^, Mon. B. 
Vfaid. F. ii 4noOime^ Vat B. 
Ven. B. Flor. TV. 

o^ ^ dfjAv -* Ifi ^oOi^ 
teeH] «m- Vind. B. oikt ixfaffr^ 
«tc IflKvrtlovn)* etc itiexu>OwB* 
mg Vuid. F. •-. ii vnoOie$efV 
Lob. Vat BM. Ven. B. In Aag. 

B. V fluper g flcriptank x6 poot 
¥tt^ov f qoam in ooMnlMMi codr* 
dbofl exfltet, ddem «nflOfl non 
«nn, qaomqoam qaomodo CKpii- 
oem non haboo. ram pm xijv 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N.l S 

aQx^v arofivofftivQ, aiU' ^l tsXwtfjv, x6 d* av &€pov 
vo ^' apx9^ ovtiffo^stoi^ i{ vM&itf^oig ^otkfa jmcI ovw 
mv nBgl ixBivo dxivanf avtolg bUb6i dh avt£v vijv fii- 
^odov soiovfftif^. Tavt\ £917, a UyBiSy ovx Sxopmg 
C SfLoX^ov. *A)X av9ig, 17V 8* iyd- ^ov ydg tovtan^ 
XQOBiQfiiUvwv ftadq<T];. olfiai, yag 6b diivat, oTt ol Msgl 
tag ysaiiBtglag tB xal Xoyuffiovg xal td toiavta xga^ 


xal td 6xij(iata xal yaviSv tgtttd Bld?] xai akXa tov- 
tanf ddBXfpd xa&^ ixa6tijv iii&o8oVf tavta luv dg eU 

686v Bodpere per nfmn linguae 
noo lioet, neque aDposiUonU in- 
Btor Terba t6 k^ ct^X^v dwno" 
^hzov liaberi posgunt, quenad-. 
Bodam Stephanui pott ea inci- 
dens fed«e yidetnr, quum et 
iententiae et dietionb i% vxo^i- 
tfios lov6a et oppoflitonim ov% 
itf difxfjv leoffBVOfiivii ratio iov- 
ca own in dqxh^ construi in- 
beat Cetera vero tam plana et 

ri snnt, ut graTioris corn^te* 
aut lacunae aospicio exsbtere 
nw{aeat, Ulieriufqne, ut interdum 
&at, yeriatna esae Ficunis, non 
ajiqidd, quod hodie ezdderit, le- 
IPiae oeoiendui iit, ^unm verba 
9 xb fi^ Mque ad lov6a iic con-> 
Terterit: «immi qmdem ipahu go^ 
iwi ett, quod inqmrit ammiw, 
ftw nleiit vdMt imagimlnUf quae 
priuM dim$a mmty eompuUug e» 
mippomtiombue non adprimdjnHmy 
eed ad finem procedere. alterum 
vero^ quod eseogitat ani- 
mu9 os euppontione proeedene ad 
prine^^ium non iuppotiium. Que 
tnmfln duee, ii coniectnrae locoi 
detnr, leniiiima mutatione o pro 
vh icribi et mmori vetemm edi- 
tionum interpnnctione poit riXev- 
vi^v adhibita t6 htffov pro nomi- 
nativo accipi poiiit. Atque iupra 
p. 501. B. a pleriique in v6 
corruptum videmui. Quod Her- 
manno, apod quem oUm de hoc 
looo diiputabamui , me artionlum 
delente piro eo icribendum vide- 
batnr loy^, auam ooniecturan 
^ '^ in paetatione ad Draoo- . 

nem p. XXVin. propoiuit, pro- 
pterea minui probo, quod in 
priorii partii doicriptione facttUai 
animi, qua eam cognoicainiii, 
non commemoratnr, quam ii eniH 
dem itatneret Soaratei, ibi po- 
tioi, quam hic iignificare debe- 
bat, quo faciliui ad atramqne 
partem pertinere inteltigeretnr, 
iln diveriam, nihil caniiae erat, 
quifl priori aeque ac poiteriori 
suam tribueret. Bit Tero eadem, 
nec aliter partei diidngountur, 
niii quod alteram ima^aom ope ac 
deicendendo, alteram Bicendeiido 
et iine imiginibui ratio cognoscat. 
Itaque infira p. 511. B. quo looo 
Hennannui oonieotiiram snam tne- 
tnr, non Idyoff iimpliciter, ied 
cevv6g 6 loyog^ ratio per §e ipom 
et eolii, hanc partem attingiere 
didtnr. Etiam Aitiui v6 eiicieii* 
dum putat, et Stallbaumiui in 
iec Qncii induiit Ceterum ne- 
icio , an bunc Platooii locam re- 
ipexerit Ariitotelei Bth. Nic L.L 
c^ 4. $. 5. Zeil. fi^ Xetv^avitm 
d' lifutg , OTft diotpiifovaiv oi 
dm6 xmv do%mv Adyoi «ol oi iai 
xdg^ difxdg^ei ydi uai mdxmw 
ijx6qsi xovxo wd iSijxH. noxs' 
ffo/v dn6 xmv dffirmv^ \^ *^^ 
d^dg iaxtvfj^ odog^ moxsff iv 

tonii ridentur. 

/ovitfj iovei Vind. B. yat.H. 
Flor. AC. 

eiv nBQi] Ita Par. A. et nnte 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

ClVlTAS LIP. VI. 510 


doxsg^ »otfi6diiwoi vxoM6Big ixvva^ oidha X6yov oiitu 
ce&tolg offtB &klo$g Iri i^i0v6i mQl avtmv didiviu tig 
jrmrrl q>av%QA»j 1% torkw^ d' dQx6f$evoi ta Xoutd ^dij D 
di^dwBg tBlsvtmeiv 6fLoXoyovfiivwg hd tovto^ oi av 
btl fhiii^iv 6Qiiij6a6iV. naw filv oiv^ i^, tovt6 yt 
olda. Ovnovv tuA Sti toig 6Q(Oftivoig BldB6i xqo6xqSv- 
tai %a\ tovg X6iymg tibqX avtdiv xoiovvttu ov xbqI tov- 
taiv dutvooviisvoif dXX* l%Blvmv xiQi^ olg tavta SoiXB, 
tov vBZQaycivov avtov SvBxa tovg Xoyovg xoiovfuvoi 
9ial duxfiitQov avt^g, dXX* oi tavtrfg^ ^ yQdfpov6if 

yind. F. mvnto Lob. Vind. 
BB. Vat. BBl. Ven. B. tmv %s^l 
Vind. F. e corr. et reliqm cum 
«ditis, qnod ezpHcationein fad- 
Borem habet. Sed ne ilhid qm- 
dem impeditmn ant dnbimn, qnin 
pro &VBV rovroMr, atg neffl i%il- 
90 v^v fi49-odov «o«Ir«ttjper «t- 
tractionem poni potoerit. Fidmifl: 
«ee hnaginihua «fent, qtdhu dd 
gemu Merum uH •olemiit, ted 
tpns tpeciebm per ^eoB progre- 

avtoZg ] avv^g, *op* o^ffi P>^* 

itoiovfihri] KOMVfiivfiv Lob. 
Vind. B. Vat BM. 

Dcvd^ig] 8C. Xsyio^a vel Xiiatf 
idque cam praemonitione. Astiaa 
in fec. dvwg scripait , in tert. 
acribeddam snspicatoa est. Stali- 
bammuB oni^ig cnm siaccvd^ig 
confdndens exempiomm mnltita- 
dinem inatiUmn congeMit. 

(j yoc^] om. Vind. B. Flor. ACTV. 
et Ficinns, qni pro dXX' avO^tg — 
fue^ori haec habet : Ai etdm JO' 
eQhu per haee intelHges» 

osiifviiiipwv ] 


jifH] fMcdijeBi recentioies. 
ye^J om. Fic 
To iifviov ] t6 om. Flor. T. 

huiatriv] %a»eK. Vind. 

olfre] o6dl yind. F. Ang. B. 
Platohu Of. n. 

Flor. R. In Mop. B. r a m. s. 
in ^ mntatom. 

etvvoZg] onr. Lob. Vind. BEF. 
Ald. Baa. ab. et a m. pr. Mon. 

ovrc] oJdi Vmd. F. Ang. B. 
Fior. R. 

Iri] iv Yvad. E. 

diiovat] diiovfuv Lob. Vlnd. 
B. Vat BlSf. 

aavtQSv] wavtQov Lob. Viad. 
BW. Ang. B. Vat. HM. Aid. 
Baa. ab. Fidnoa liaec inde a 
tavta fi^ ita conyertit: JUe po- 
itiit • tmoiunn CTiiltfrrt m anj ftttttv 

dam mftant. 
d*] dl Vmd. F. 

J9fi] tJdfi Par. K. tec. Bekk. D 
fioloyovfiM»ff J om. Fic 
inl vovvo ] ^ir. Vmd. F. 

ird axiipiv] iaimieipiv idean et 
Vind. B. 

d^fN/tfaMriv. ] V cnm Bekkero 
(et Astio hi tert) Mcoodnm Lob. 
Vind. BF. adied. 

voZg 6(fmfUvotg ] 8i(frifiivoig 
Ang. B. volg BiQfifiivotg Viod. B. 
Vat H. Flor. ACRTV. et aargo 
Par. D. mtpra dfclit Flo. 

niot] aeQl Vind. BB. 

vovg X6yovg] wd ro^s X. Vind. 
F. Flor. AC. 

yodwovat — re iu4 B.]' om. 
Vind. F. Contra in Vfaid. B. 
haec eadem bis deincepf tcripta 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



E wUtalXu ovtmgt atita iisv vaSxa^ a uXmtoviU ta mI 
yffAqiQVCiVf av xoi 6mai koI Iv Hdaaiv dx6v£g sUl, 
tovto^ §iiv fog iUQ0iUf av xQnifuvoi ii/tovvtig «a mitm 

511 builva mav, a avx av oJUiDs IV04 ttg, ^ ty lUmvol^ 
'JXffinf lyijf ifytiC- Tovto tolvw vatftov niv to «J- 
iog iUyovj vw9ld96i i* dvayiutiQiikiviiv ^vn^xm^^ 


jiWit] taUa Bfon. B. Viod* 
B. Stflph. r' &n* Vind. S. atro- 

]i^l ^ «y Vlpd. B. vtrobi- 

aae. ubr o^ Lob. Vind. B. Vat. 
m. Bas. b. 

rovral m. Aaf. B. Flor.RT. 

ijff] liv x&lXa oSxmgf aptcL 
fihf rcrvrce ciim linea rab quinqne 
mipenracaneis Mon. B. 

«crl «yNMrl ntA ] icivl mixI Vind. 
B. Vat. H. ifKiai wA Fior. AC. 
Corpora el figiuras, qnibos ma- 
theuatici atantor, et umbras fa- 
oere et in aqnk niagiDei habere 
Bocratei ideo oonwnemorat, nt ad 
snperiorem generii Tiaibiiui par» 
tem referenda esse dooeat, ^ara 
radem partem bi anteoedencibaa 
(A.) ita descrlpBerat » nt dubinm 
eese posMt, ntram fignrae in ea, 
an In altera contberentnr. 

Twhotg fiiv] Lene anacoliitlioa 
mnltoqne mimu offensionis liabens 
illo, qnod HetndoTfiufl hnic simil- 
limum statnebaty Buthyd. p.28i. 
D: kf %6tpahal^ 6% l^v > «o 
Klsivla^ Mv9wsvn ftvfmavzoy 
fi x6 ^qmgo» i<paff^ ayo^cb bI- 
vatf ov nsql vovvov 6 Xoyog av- 
rotff tlvai , Srcmg avrd yt tucO"' 
avT^ fciipvTiBV dya^a etvatf dlX'y 
dg ioixBVy tSS' ivti' Gf podus 
Leg. L. XH. p. 949. A : xai «^i- 
v^v mv xoffSv (jip^v 8ti rh roc- 
ovsov> xal iKcc^fy^ fiMV^iaig ^ — 
^apictg lud dndvtw^' ono^a 
p^ qkiifji iti^Sog xaro: ri)« dv- 
^qmnlvriv do^v r^ /flrcp^ovy- 
tt-^xmv &% on6oa i^aifpifidvTt 
ica); ISo#(0#«^^ ^iifdogniYa ^oc- 
vBifhv Blvat Sonei, rotvra dh dt& 
9m&v Sq7$mv xtoiflg mfUfta&at 

gpawvtag tovg int%alovvtag 
HHootv ixv] tixoat Vind. F. 

Yen. a Aog. B. Fler. R. Em^ 
qaoniin imagines sunt, nunc wm- 
taia viee ipsa imaeiiMim instar 
habentnr. Btitm Wkaum eei oni- 

tfjtovvtig rs 1 iiitovvtBg dh 
rind. F. Ang. B. Flor. R. Ast. 
sec tert. 8tttllb. tritovvtBg Ven. 
B. qifeclaiaes Fic „Qoam prae- 
cedat rovrotff ii^ xifiofisvoty noa 
.dnbito qoin sequi debeat {ittovv- 
rsff Si.*^ BtepbuHis p. 24. hmo 
qoom praeoedat cn»ra y^ rccvra. 
Nun ipsa iUni» qnae fincani ac 
describant» dkens BoGiates de 
abis ab hia direins cogitabat» 
<|iiae iUonun ope quaerenda oppo^ 
Bitaras cas erat, et huinsmodi 
fere oradonem parabot: av'r^ 
p^ tavta, a nTudttovcl rs xal 
yodfpofvowy Bioo^WBg , kttlva 
9b idBtv ttjtovvtBg , a etc 8ed 
imaginam, <|aas eadem Ula lia- 
bent , mentione inteaeota fsotiiB 
esty nt ipsa pro imagimhucnet 
qnam iiupiei dicere maUet» ideo- 
qae mntato per anacolothon casn 
particiilam ftkv perspicuitatis gra- 
tla ex priori orationis Ibrma re- 
petens ilhid, quod per dh oppo- 
situnis fuerat, quoiiiam aliad in 
yerbis tog Bltiootv ov x^^M^*^ 
opposuit, hoic per rs iaijgit, hoc 
aensu: tpta ftuifem Aom» faoe 
jSiifttiil «c Jcteri^t , ^tiortiBt et 
ttm&rae et m 0911» tnariaet ttiJily 
fconfemplaafet, ted) ni$ qitidem 
imaginum vice utentee et ipeu tSa 
tfihiert eonanteey quae etc. Ita- 
qn» rfi retinui. „^oa recte an- 
tem dixeris , respondere sibi fjv 
et tiy sed est hoc dpaxdXoV' 
^ov.^* Hennannus ad locum So- 
pboclis Ant, 1148. hactenns no- 
stro similem. 

a] i^ YmA. P. 

igitized by V»OOQ lC 


^l tiiv ^pfM^ miTov^ ovK bi' iwi'^ lov^w, mq ot$ 
dwa^hniv tmv vModietmv dpmtiQm i»§alv$iVt «botf^ 
di XQOiiivifv avtois tvtg vno tm udtm dmiza6&§iei 
Mtd hslvoiQ x^s ixsSva mg ivaQyi^i ddSoiaaftivoig i« 
%ai tBtii9ii$ivo$g. Mavl^avmj lifrqy Sf» vo vni taig ygm- B 
lUtQlaig «8 nai talg tavtrig addX^paig tkxvoig iiYug. 

iXJMg] &lXog Lob. 

rif] tigSv Vind. B. 
511 Tolvw] cm. Fic. 

vwftdv] Ita Pte; A. ViBd.£P. 
Ven. B. Ang. B. Vat fl, Floc 
ACRTV. et SchleiermaGh^ro prae- 
eimte 8tallbaumiiui in sec «roi^- 
Tov reliqui oodicea editique et 
FiGinaa, qui generiw kaMgibUn 
liabet* Poterat id ferri, etiaiaal 
tr, quod Aetiue eC SeUeienDar 
dierQs deaiderabant, noa adesset. 
Mam auo^ voiTtov sUog ctrt, id 
hatd dobi« ei ipsuB eit voTftor. 
O09 90fjvov ^tan perfpicvitafte 
soa , tum oodicani auetoritate 

If] dl Vmd. F. 

'^v^v ^ 9wnxftiwrfv} om> Vind. 

o^] o^nStv Vot. H. F&or. A€. 
Ho8 Stallbaumios in pr. oiJx &p 
h^ difz^v iovacev exhibere oaten- 
dit, quorum extremum typothetae 
errore natam tddetur. 

he difxrjv] hcaQX^v Vind. F. 

4n6 ] id Mon. B. a m. pr. ' 


textn habet, sed a m. s. 
aotaium et in ai. inl 

vB xal xBTfirjftivoig] om. Ang. 
B. t8 Tud rmfirjfiipoig Vind.BBF. 
Vat. HM. Fkor. AC. et oorrectiia, 
ut videtnr, Fmt. A. Recepit Bek- 
kenis, Astius in tert. et qnaraTis 
de obscuritate fauius lod qperens 
StaUbamaias. llfihi qnid rideatur, 
sd p. 510. B. sifuifica^. Scili^ 
cet tSt Mihro ea sunt,. ifoae infe- 
flar ceneris risibiiis pars conti- 
net, n. e. imainnes; cqntra tqc 
"inb xmv %dt» aiuixao^ivta ea^ 
quorum simiiitudinem inferiera 
Eefemnt , td ts ars^l iifita£^ i£« 
et reliqua, quibus superiorem 
^i^-j — geaeris partem eoastare 

510. A. 

le qunm comparata cam infa- 

rioribu» pro veris habeantur auii- 

nlosvn per divmoeD iecQ»* 
veritatem et eius oontrarium 
factam acceperint, 7tq6g histva 
(tit %at€a) mg ivaifyij oedo|atff»i- 
va t8 Ttal tBTfiJjfiiva dicuntnr. 
Atqiie haee ilia aunt, qaibas anl-' 
mas iBferiorem generia jnfaiiici 
bilis partem iuTcatigaria taM|Btt» 
iteaginilNM utitnr^ qMiadnodaai 
p. 510. &• expasitiua csL ItMiiia 
▼ulgirt» laoti» aidiaM offeulaM 
habat, iiitflKpratia wtenfr BHRan 
in modum a sensu aberrarunt 
Ficinus : utatwfto imtlgiMu8 Mf, 
qitao o» h^iriorHm mmi ad mg- 
periormm fttttUtodlnem eoaqMm- 
tae atpie fl4 optaioiM ooRoepifle 
diiUacMMfiie saiit, qumti ad iUm 
pmtpiomo oorffenm*. Astiaal sail 
•aia^tmfrus «tein f|Mif UU^ ad 
rorum iuforiontm simUitudinmu 
deforiplff^ auuo ad sttof jiro eoi- 
cleiilJ6iif Aoieretiliir magmpm 
aefttmorenftNr. ScUeiermaderas-: 
fo dofs fte f tcft desf en olf BUdor 
bodienty umo voil deii 

MHngen dargottoUt Ufird^ 
momr dorer^ dio .im Vmfdeiek- 

mtt den miieni aif Aeil iciMt iklor 
oerAeirltoAt «nii ni Ebren gohed^ 
ten werdeu^ em interpreSitiaai 
lianc expHcationem adieciti JHat 
les;fen etwof $chwierigen Smtu^ 
und sswar derer elo. fcoRn 
tcA Mir eo» dem Vorssug der te- 
gebuaeeigem GeeiaUen oor dem 
ulnigen veretekenj wiei>ol niM 
aUeM rem kerauo kommti wedmlh 
dte Uehersemmg aueh niekt ge- 
nau ausfaUen konnte. Leider mo^ 
tet der Bekkor$eke jippmrat keine 
BiUfedar. Deniqtfe StaUbaumins : 
md taif gMhff titolvr illif ipeie 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



T6 tolvw htQQV fLav^avt rfi^fia tw «w^otJ Ibfovm 
pa rwto, oi a6tdii loyog &fw«» tb rov ««r Aiy «^» 
Awapc», T^C vacodteBiC noioifoivog ov% aw^ffi «^ 
f<3 ow v«odfa8*g, oloy l««<JaO«iS w awi *^f*^ffi ^«« 
fiix^ tov iwittAixov InX rii^ xov fUtPtog uqj^ fiiitr,480 
&pAymog avtn^y n&Uv av Ixofisvog xSv buUnig ixopi- 
vmvj ovtag ixl xBXsvt^ %ata^alvy al^ntm xovtaMO- 
G ^v ov«6vl «^oOx^oVfivos, ttXA' fiMcdiv «tJrofe «i oAtw 
dg avta, tuA tBlBvt^ dg aWij- Mav9dvay itpVy txmwg 
fAv oH' doxBig yoQ fioi 6vx;v6v ifyov i^HV^ ot^iUvtot. 
§ovXBt, dioQliti^v 6aq>i6tBQ0v Blvat to vxo tijg roii duc- 

fiMM a refait inferi» (mh 
tadmtihu) «ffieiae md Ur 
Utnm^ «Mlitiidtneiii esprtmM 
•Mit, et qmditm tUu, fHM ad 
alima eomparmiae pro emdeuUhua 
kabeutmr et magni aeeHwumiar. 
B yHtfuv^latg] yetf/Mr^uia^ Vuid« 
re] om. Ven. B. 
Town^s] roEvvoM^ Lob. Vat B. 
et, ftup. ijg, Vm. B. edidoiiM 
omiMB, taoenlibiif Bip. Em a 
tot Ubris et ab optiiiio exbibitiim 
aliigolarem praefore non dubita- 
▼i. Nam qaod StaUbaniiiiiia iiL 
• pr. (in aec tacet) ^ita etiam 
antea iv yBmfJLitffla SGribi de- 
bnisae^ antnmat, nibil^ obstare 
▼idetor, qno nunQs afifiaimn illa- 
mm, qnae ^roprie ymiASVffiai 
^cniitnr, disciplinamm oomplexna 
pro niia arte ponatnr. Tum Tero 
ipsa nnmeri diTeriitaB mimm non 
eet n librariis offeniioni fuit. 
Aooedit qnod ad raifTai£ param 
gnta ambignitate neadac, ntram 
ymfist^Uug, an xixvai^ aopplen- 
dnm sit. 
xoivw\ om, Fic. 
XifOPta fM ] Xiyorea fitvit 
Vind. F. Fbr. R. &llmg Uyomd 
fukof^, B. 

ocvrSg 6] 6 ttvrds Vind. B. 
' rov] vj om. Par. K. sec 

vn 1 

zS Erti — intfideits] vmowi 
— wiofiacHS Vind B. Proclns 
1h CSt. p. 429: liyH dl ovvmcl 

«e^l Tovrmy ^v fyci'*»af o«w 6i- 
Mdnmv , mg oi wh' aWuhu- 
ov^fuu doMveai uvai icoim¥vaL 
vas difzds ««oO^wff, ftovfi dh 
dutlsMVtxil in aiSvijv oQftmuivn 
viiv d^v dvatQBlv&g v«o^eoci& 
dg &v bSqV vifvukv ortmg ot- 
eav domv mg vsoOeoiv, alX 
\9vm9 dwno^etov. Idem in Pat^ 
men. T. V. p. 323: «od orc dia 
vng vno^ieemg rowwytf ^^*^"' 
ht' avvh v6 lir, onBQ €tfh6g «- 
wn6^stov h noUvBl^ nQoeovo- 
fMtst. ^ 

ai] om. Vind. F. Ang. B. 
Flor. R. 

iKBlvng] htBivotg Vmd.F, Vat 

ovvmg iid vBlswifv] ovtm »*- 
vBXewijv Vind. B. 

TtatoBalvfi] %avapaLvot Lob. 
Vind. B. Ven. B. Vat M. xofra- 
§aivBt Vind. EF. 

htavmg fikv o^ '] qeaaquammi^ C 
mme tiil^cMReer, «1 aiperem Fic. 
huxvmg fikv ovv Lob. Vind. BBF. 
Par. K. s^. BeU:. et a m. pr.. 
D. Vat HM. Flor. ACV. 

8o%Btg ydff fiot] doitBi 00* Vind. 
F. qni ante kuxvmg mntatae per- 
aonae indidnm et ante haec nnl- 
lam interpnnctionem habet. Aidns 
in tert. et Stallbanmins Tecbis 
doxstg — liyBw parentheseos si- 
gna addnnt. 

8u}QitBtv] Uystv Vind.B. Vat 

rlt6]^vm Vat H. Flor. AC. 


zed by GoOgle 



Ufs69m hti^inig tav Swog tt «al vfn/tov 9$mQo6^ 
vovy 19 to v%6 tmv tmyw nakwyAimv^ al^ ai v%o%k^ 
68$g igxal xal iiavoUf ficif avaYn&iovta^, alXa fn^ at- 
O^MiVy avtd 9%a6»au ot 9$di$9iH>i^ iia lA t& fifj U D 
dgx^v dvBMovtBg 6xomhv , dkX' l| Modtosov, vovv 
om Uxuv %tQl oAtd ionov6l 6oiy ualtoi vofp&v ovtmv 
fLttd dQx^g* iidvoiav il xaXBlv imi ioxBlg t^ ttSv 
yi&futQuuSv tB 9ud vjv tmv towvtmv £{*», dXX* ov 
vovv, tSg fista^ n ioiijg ts xal vov tijv itdvouxv ov- 
6av. ^Jxavaitataj qv i' iym^ dMBiH^. xal fLOi btl toig 
tittaQai tfLijfM6i tktafa tavta %a9i]iuxta iv rg ifvxg 

lutXovfihmw] lUiXovfiipm Vat. 
H. Ti naXoviUpnv Ven. B. Vind. 
P. VI TUcXovfuvov y]iid.B. vl na- 
XovfUvip Flor. AC. 

alg al] 0^9 V«ii. B. 

dutvol^] 8uevoia$y a m. s. 
dwvoiaij Viad. F. 

aMriMtv] aMjjcBi Viiid.B. 
Aag. B. ato9rioiv Vat R 

oi ^M»f»eyof] ol6(tsvoi Mon. B. 
a m. pr. 

dvBi^owBg] Ita Par. A. Lob. 
Viiid. BEF. Vat. BM. Ven. B. 
Ang. B. Flor. ACTV. dvBl»6v 
Mon. B. dvBld^ovtag reliqiii cnm 
editis. NomiDatiTnm seqnens do- 
«ov tf i tnetnr. 

futd] fuv Vlnd. F. An^ B. 
Flor. a. 

vaXBiv fU)i doKBtq] naXij ftoi 
BoKSis Tnt H. doxci^ fioi vaXBiv 
Par. K. Aflt tort. 

ndi vijv] tijv om. Lob. Vind. 
B. Vat BM. Par. K. 

ov vovv] Ita Par. AD. Vind. 
B. Ang. B. Flor. ACRTV. ov' 
vvv Vind. F. Vat H. ovv reliqni 
editiqae ante Bekkenim. Veram 
lectionem seaitaa ett Ficinn* in 
genere v£v yBiofiBtifwmv faWnf : 
«idmt atUem mUU meotntlriearvm 
«t Mtliiaii rervm \Mtvm eogh- 
taUonem petnu apipdlare 

ril jKov Vind. B. om. Vind. B. 

oieav] ioveav Par. K. •ndl- 
Xtov ovcav idem in mar^ne wto. 
BeldL (sec. Bip. nil nisi ovcav.) 

^lvaveitaxa] *hutv6tata Bas. 

dMBdiin] dxBdeilm Tuid. B. 
Vat M. Par. K. mc Bekk. et 
ante corr. Lob. 

tittaifei] tieoa^i Lob. Vind. 
B. Mon. B. Flor. U. Neane 
abest snspicio, qoin idem in aiiis 
Bekkeri co<ficiba8 ezitet, qoomm 
tam immemor fnerit, qnam fait 
Vind. et Mon. Ceteram Tolga- 
tam non soinm fleqnena r^ce^, 
Terum oonstans 9 nt Tidetar, tcri- 
ptoris nsns fla^itat Cf. L. V. 

L4G0. B. VIU. 544. B« Pbae- 
I. 104. B. PhUeb. 23. B. Hm. 
44. B. qaibna locia pio tBOo^ 
qaod in editionibns erat, nnnc 
seouidam oodicea Tcrr. lecitnr. 
Nam de Par. A. qoflm BelcEemji 
Timaei looo inter Atticae formae 
asflertoret non macb, qnamMon. 
B. qni eandem exbibet, nomina-- 
▼it, Vind. CCCXXXVn. in qn^ 
item ezstat, rix dobitare sinit 
Praeierea otf opptdo raro in oo* 
dicilKU singnlaribns binliTe ^>pa- 
ret, nt L. lU. pag. 400. A. in 
Amb. C. Flor. T. V. 449. A. in 
Par. D. FTor.T. Parmen. 127. B. 
in Clark. (tBOW^OKOVta} Menon. 
91. B. in Vat A. (idem) Tlm. 
56. B. in Lob. Par. Y. iTi^eotQa 
pro dvo) Ib. 60. A. in Par. S. 
L^. VI. 759. B. in Ang. B. 
L. XIL p, 963. C. in Pal. C. 
Flor. M. 

tftf^fWOi] tifkfifuMt, Vind. B. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


P L A T O N I S 

E r»V^^^ l^f^^f v6tiM (thf btl tqi ivarixm^ Mcvohcv 
dh Ui t9 dsvtiQ9f ^ t^ttV ^ ^l^^ dx6dog «al %^ 
t$l8V%aUp dna6lmf, »dk ti^w mka dva ioyw, S09dQ 
V oU <^^ ahi9itmg fiOT<x»fr, oSm tttSta Oa«inivBlmg 

. Utflt] ldf$ iMdieM wm et edi- 
OeiieB ante Bekkenun. Y. Yol. I. 
p. 389, b. — Prochis in Alcib. 
T.IL p.57. OoQA. (p.Si. Orenz.) 

h TLoXtxBitf diiu^ivB , z^ fiev 
itd^ nai ft9V0H8il tud POSQqi 
wmpu %€L vo9]zd ndvta cvivyag 
hmfftXVy vy dh ^icrti^/uof tx^ xal 
diavojfvaiij tiov sldmv dvel^u 
ual avv^ecu vo^g fjiicovg tav 
twmv X^yovg hMfMmMai^ 
.toltia Sk dnb t^g dXnO^alag tv 
otaA^eH di Stfydvnv Kponvvo^i- 
r|7 toiv oimimv yvimyrcDfr Tcb ai- 
mjtd ndvta SukiIqIvuv Siov^ 
vmgy t^ d\ ihutoti^i tb Xoucov 
Bvvdfiu tct iinaota tmv aiaOTh- 
Wfr il^SmXa tvyxdvovta yiyvm' 
9HUV, Idea in Oiv. pag. 429: 
aawiatata tov UXdviBvog hur- 
avifMpf[(ihf ixt tov 6vtog tdv- 
vovtog, nlattv d^ in\ t^ So- 
wo^vtl natg dvai wd aiaOnjt^f 
Sidvoucv dl inl totg diavovixoig 
%al iixmaictv ini telg iiTLaatolgm 
96iiav il inl toXg aiaOnfftoig %ai 
itlmatoU xol voviatv [^] inl 
tolg voffftotg %al iucvofitoig [%aX 
ainaatolg]. Iden in Tim. p. 75 s 
«oihFo d^ oiv iatlv 6 Xoyog , t6 
wooBv i^umv t(St vontd , xal ov 
(f. oiF) o iv IJoXitiia ZmnQdtfig 
vitnanp ilm t^v^ ivigyuav y mg 
didvoux» T^9 tmv ftiaatv yvmatv 
vofitmv xcel doiaatmv, Cf. ib. 
p. 105, 21. et in Civ. p. 431 > 2. 
dvmtdtm] dvotdtm Vind» B. 
dv€»tdtmt Lob. Brant enim qoi 
hnec adTerbia cnm t Bcriberent, 
«t ez Btymologioo ooliegit Fi- 
•chems nnlm. ad Well. II. p. 114. 
Hine non Mlom iyyvti^m L. L 
p. 330. B. in Ald. Baji. ab. aed 
etiam iyyvtdtmt et mffaitiffmt 
Soph. p. 265. A. et Alc II. 149. 
B. in Clariciano codioe scriptum 
est. Qnamqnam noatro loco etiam 
ipie datiyus videri potnit librario 

teqnieris nevi wnan ad 
transferenti. Cf. Bnttmanni gramm. 
L p. 277. II. p. 411. Sic tov 
dvandtav di^ Defin. p. 411. C. 
legitur, quod Be&Lkerus secundmn 
unum Yen. D. in dvmtdtm ran- 
tandnm putavit. <^nod in Stnil- 
baumii sec. hic item exstat avai- 
tdt(p , id ipso taoente typothetae 
cnlpae tribuendum videtur. 

dH ^ Vind. F. Ang. B. £ 

6S toltm] ti? om. Moo. B. 

: Dlt. Flo 



tdiov] tdiw Yind. BF. 

dvd Xoyov] dvdXoyov codioeB 
mei et editionea ante Astii aee. 

iq>* olg] itpoig Tmd. F. 

iatlv] iattv Beklcerua, Aslias 
in tert. et Btallbanmins. Cenf: 
L. VU. p. 534. A: ti^v a* ^ 
olg tavta dvaloyiav, nbi iatlv 
omissum est. 

dXtjMag] dXtiOsi Vmd. B. 

fiitixitVf ] Ita oum reliqoia oo- 
didbus Mon. B. sed subscriptis 
eKtremae littme pnnctis duobnSy 
quae Belckeri adem effugeranti 
quibus librarins ftstixii sciiben- 
dnm esse demonstn&at; idqne 
magnopere ToUem in bono alkpin 
libro repertnm. Nam qua ratione 
quatuor illae rerum spedes, ad 
quas animi afEecticBes qnatnor 
modo dictae pertineat, Teritntin 
partidpes essent, Socratea pro 
certo et ez snperi^Mribus iam sa- 
tis cognito ponere, non Gianconi 
eanstbnandnm relinqoere debelHit, 
quemadmodum secnndnm Tolgatam 
lectionem faoere Tidetnr, si qni- 
dem ad futixitw ez seqnentiiraa 
supi^endum est i^yg. Atque haec 
ipsa supplementi ex seqnentibns 
petendi necessitas nonnihil offen- 
nonis habet, qunm fere in ante- 
cedentibus Terbum finitom rda- 
tiTo necessarium inesse soteat. 
Sic Phaedon. p. 72. A: roi^voe 
dl 6vtog htavov nov id6%n ti- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



%dx€m dg UyBhg. 

%fi7jifiov stvaty oTi dvaynalov vctg 
TiSv re^M>raMr ipvxdg Blval nov^ 
o^ev di7 nuliv ylyveg^ai. uaL 
itpafisv , qnod latel in idoxu, 
Leg. L. nf. p. 677. A : Uo* oiv 
4fuv ol naXaioi Xoyoi dl^Biav 
Mzsiv vtvd doKovatv; Ki. JIoloi 
9fi ; U», To nolXdg dve^Qdnmv 
^oifdg yBfyovivw wxtaiilvefto^ 
re xal voooignal aXXotg noXXotg, 
#r oTg Pqoxv n xmv dv^dnmv 
Xsixsa^ai yhog. sc. tpaelv oi Xo- 
yot. Phileb. pw 15. Bt n^mvav 
fthf cf zivag dBi TOta^Ttxg ilvm 
fiovddag vnohxfifdvuv dXy^Ag 
o^cag' Bha nmg ai TOVTag^ 
fUcev kxdmpf ovcen dil v^v cr^- 
Triv nal fiiJTB yivaotv ^tb 6Xb* 
^ifov n^ocdBXOfUnfv y oung bU 
vai psfiaidTata fUav TavTtjv» m. 

lonoXaftpdvBtv 9bT. Deniqae «1 
uxtixBifv ad aeqnentia referri ye^ 
let scriptory aaidni omitteret po- 
tiuB et fenitin dXifi^lag pronnia 
eandem, igaam ffaipfivBiag condi- 
tionen &oeret? Ita^e n tamen 
scripgit furiruv^ non i^yf, lod 
oMa vel ^OvfiB^a in m^te 
haMaiM idqne ob aimilitndiMni 
010« y qood additonis erat, omi- 
sisf e ▼Kletar. 8ed amlto proba- 
Inliiis eg t furixBu 

{vj^io^»] tvy. Vttid. F. Idem 
post Xi^Btig imtinm aei|iientLi libri 
fLBTcttavTa di7 slnov dnBimaovt 
additnm habet. 

TiXog Tov noXtTBtifV («U^ 
nBtmv Ald.) ^ ire^l dutaUv 
thitotf l6yov. Ald. Bas. ab. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

AO r O 2 B B ^ O M O S. 

Mtti taOta d^ , bIxov, axUua^ov toiovtqi %i»u tt^ 
n^iQav^w^v %aid%lag tt MiQi wd dxaidsv6lag' Idh 
fdg dv»Qcixovg olov iv aataysCfp ola^^et 6xijkaimdai 

ml&fBavog xoXmuSVf .^. 

Lob. «oXfrtMDfr X6yog Ej^^oftog 
' Vind. B. |. Yind. B. nldvmvog 
noXtxu&v ۤd6iMj Mon. BC. Flor. 
IX. TtXdvatvog noUzBuu ^ «8^1 
dmudon hfidoiMii Flor. V» sXcboH 
vog noUxBuSv ij Ttegl duudov 
loyog Epdofiog Flor. AC. Ald. 
• Baa. ab. (hae nudnacalis Btteru) 
BSouog Steph. Z. Bekkenu et 

014 Mttit vttvra — ^- dtiptocl^, 
517. C. ] eKoerptit lamblichno 
I7(^f 69W. cap. 15. p. 228. sqq. 
ed« Kieasling^i a.1813. p.92.8qq. 
ed, pr. Aroerii a. 1598. Badem 
pancui oovplexns est Aldnona 

% uag. c. 27. p. 114; dfiouSa&cu 
fd^ xtrig aipqovag xoXg vn6 y^v 
dv^Qmnqig fuex^inMifUvotg xol 
^dtgfiAv f/kfjdinoxB lofiMffdv iah- 
(MWW y dfwS^g Si xivag cudg 
OQmai xmv %tuf fjalv nmftdtmv^ 
oioftivotg Sl 6wpmg dvxtXafi^d" 
vta^ai xmv Svxmv. dg yd(f roif- 
xovg xv%6vxag x^g i% xov l;6q>ov 
dvodov wA iig xb itad-ccqbv tpmg 
te(fOBl&6vxag siildymg wxxayvm- 
6B9^€t$ vmv x6xB cpavivxmv xai 
%oUn^6^9v kavxmv mg iiqna- 
xrifiivmv, ovxm dl xal xoi^g dn6 

airmov teipov fiexapoLvovxag 
xd %tn' dXif^Btav »Bta xaX 
naXd xmv fikv naXat ^avfuto^iv 
xmv a^xotg iunatpi^tJ6Btv , xijg 
Sb xovxmv d^Bm^flag 4t<pod(foxi^av 
HBtv SoBiiv. — In codiee lam- 
blichi (^ienii, quein Kiesalingiua 

eontnlit, initio fiBxavxa. in Lob. 
V]nd.B. Mon.B. Ald. ftBxa rov* 
va seriptnm eat. 

Blnov] iyei addit Mon. C. 

dnBbtaoov] dnBmdcai dBtha/t' 
blich. Pfodns in Ciir. p. 432: 
iv nQootftlotg xov h§d6fiov oxo- 
MBt xl <pri6tv dnBhta0tv (acnpse- 
rat fpTjotv. dnBUanov) x^v ^ft^ 
xi^av ipvoivy avT^v dijnov x^v 
dv^f^lvriv tmnvj o6 xa»' oaov 
icxlv ovala xal dvvauiv iXaxB 
xotdvdB il xotdv , dXXanatdBlag 
XB nifft xol dnatSBvalag. 

xotovx^] xotmdB Mon. B. Flor. 

niot' Kol dnatdBvclag] v^l 
wd anBdBvolag Vind. B. 

»^] Ita Par. A. acholiaates ad 
h. L et Porphyrina de antro Nym- 
phamm pag. 255. ed. Cantabriff. 
a. 1655. haec ofiqne ad x6 osrn- 
Xatov iandaiu. Nec aliter Pro- 
dna I. c. nbi haec ita l^nntnr; 
Bi dh yd^ dv^^novg iv %axa- 
yBUf enfiXaltp dtotxijgst, Reliqni 
oodioea cum lamblicho edituque 
ante Aitii sec tds. Cf. Thomaa 
Mag. pag. 468. et quae Vol. L 
p. 389, b. dicta sont. 

wxxayBlm] xaxmyslm Mon. C. 
iiax€eyi»YBlm lamblichi ood. Ciz. 
liaxayai^ Flor.T. a m. s. Phiy- 
mchus Bekkeri anecd. p. 47, 14: 
naxayBtov' ovxi xatc^atov dtd 
XTjg at dtfp^6yyov. Infira p. 532. 
B. xaxayslov sine diacrepanda 

^ oinT^CBt] oinBlttBt Ald. Baa. a. 
avx^fp xal o/x9foei Porph. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


UQ€tv «o^* &ay To M^lawvy .iv Tovfg I» miSofp ov- 
vog iy dfidfiotfi mI td 4xilii ml tov^ «iixivaff» S^ 
l/A»%w t% ovvovg alg f 8 to Xffoa^tv yy&vw ^fy» amd^ B 
da Tog M^ida^ v%6 tm.it6fkOv ddwatovg ««^yciir, 
^cOf^ ds avtoig WQog Svathv %al uo^^aS^w xaofuvop 
OMio9$v ixvtiSv, fotaiv dh «ov MVQog ml tmp dw^fM- 
tmv htavm oiovy xag* ^ Idl tuxiov «ap^xodofiqfU- 

j&pantstnapkivmf 1 dwctKWta" 
uhni ViDd. E. Vat R Flor.AC. 
lamblidii^ood. Ciz. 

9u(^ anav] »a^ soy laift- 
blichi ood. Ciz. et ed. Sjeflil. 
ir«^a»av Vind. RF. Bfon. C. 

t6 amjlaioy] vov osnltt/ov 
Vind. B. Flor. RT. In editiom- 
bnit ante Bekkerum h* 1. et in 
•eqoentibiia poft %BQuiyH9 et 
post crtJrav maior interponctio 
m^X?;] arihi lambL ood. Ciz* 
fiivBiv vb) t9 0«. Bas. b. 
cfg vel Blg Lob: Vat. M. et a 
m. pr. B. %al lig Mon. B. Flor. 
U. Par. DK. aec. Bekk. et a uu 
8. Vat. B. icixl fifs T8 Par.K. sec 
« Bip. 

B «^do^av] xffoa^B lambl. cod« 
Cis. Conf. Vol. I. pag. 125» a. 
▼en* 12. 

fMvov] om, Vat. M. 

«viU^ dh] TtvTilqi (jAp lambli- 

cbi codex Parisiensia a KieMlin* 

Ipo adhibitos. StaUbanmioa in 

aec. Terba nvTiXqi dh asqae ad 

nBifidyBtv praeoedentibas »6x9 

— oQ^v anteponenda .fiiisse an- 

tumat liaeretque in eo, qn^ in- 

femntnr demnm post illa Big rb 

nqoo^Bv ftovov d^y. Scilicet 

qui cervioes ▼inenlo adstrictas 

habet ita, nt nihil nin anteriora 

▼ideat, ei facnltatem cafntis in 

orbem circnmagendi deesse fadle 

intellintar. Nihiio minas aunm ad 

con^tionem istorom descnbendam 

pertineret maxime, anteaqae oi- 

dere tanfom, non etiam poMe 

nihil iiisi anteriora yidere dicd 

essent, expressis Terbis. addi et 

tamqnam alterum in isds 

derandnm proponi sine tantologia 
poterat. Bsse antem hoc altemm 
idqne ab idh pcndeas, noD ab 
aavBy particula dh et adiectivte 
ddvvdvovg ar^nnt, qoorom ne- 
que Astias in interpretatione (ea- 
pnl oero propter otnctila mefiuant 
ciremntferrB) neque Stephanus mi- 
nore post 6(faVf qnam post omf- 
latov et post nB^fuxyBiv mter- 
pnnctione nsus rationem haboit. 

ddwdvovg] d9wdvov lambL 
cod. CiK. 

vsv^bg] om. Vind. B. Scfaimer- 
machero accnsatiTom deslderanti 
t^g na6fuvov minns plaonlsse 
▼idetur, et solet tpmg fere dnvo^ 
fuvov y nvif yero ntaopavov diei. 
Sed qaemadmodamAvxyofffltd^ffy 
de quibns cf. Stephani thesanras 
T. 11. p. 174. F. H. hand secos 
f^g pnesertim ab igne profi- 
dscens TuxBO^ai did potoit. Bt 
v6 vov nvifdg (pag infra redit 
p. 517. B. 

iuc6iuvov] uat6fuvov Lob^ante 
corr. Vind. BF. FWr. ACR. 
lambL ed. pr. Bas. ab. 

futai^] Prodns L c fuvai^ 
yovv (ppcl vav vb dBOfmv/uv SbIv 
voBiv nf^ag %ai vov isv^g ixd" 
vm oSov, 

dBOftmvav] 8B0fiov£v Mon. C. 
lambl. ed. pr. AM. Baa. ab. 

fjv idh] ifvidB Vind. F. l^ 
idBlv Lob. Mon. B. VatM. Flor. 
U. Par. K. sec Bip. riv idBiv 
Vat. B. Par. DK. sec Bekk. fjv 
Btvai lambl. codd. Cis. et Par. 
et ed. KiessL nv fds Blon. C. 
^nd. BB. cnm lambL ed. pr. et 
editis ante Astii seo. BeomB qaem 
peaivB Bit eomBtrucUu mgmu ¥1- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

r L A T O N 1 S 

nQoimtai td naQwpQoiyitaxm^ tMp Aif tA ^avfuna dur- 
C «ymrtfiv. ^OQm^ l^^ '^OQa tolvw xaQct tauto to tujfiotf 
^iQOVtag <rr*pc6ff#vg onsiifi ts xavtoiamii vx9Qi%ovta 
515 fov twilnv wA avtQiovtai %al SXka ^ma At^va ts tud 
iiJava aal navtota UQyaOfi^i^a, olov bImSs, xovg fuv 
999yyoiUvovg ^ tovg Sk ovySvtag tmv xaQaxpBQivt&v. 
"Aumovy hfifj %byug dx&va xal de^iukag dtonovg. 

qai in hoc libro interpre^ 

miiJto Bberiiu , qaas in 

pciorilnu ▼«rsatiw pardiu dein* 

oeps a nobiB oomnMniorabitar. 

xBtij^iov] xQi%i9V Mon. B. Flor. 

«OfflWodOfll/fl^OV ] ^^KOdOfLff- 

fbhfop lambl. 

a^6] ngbg Bas. b. 

lutocapodyuava] naQadilyfutta 
Vind. B. Mon. C. 

Owifuna] Timaeiu lez. p. 140 : 
^avfuxta' vsvffoandafMxra, qnod 
docte et copioM illiutraTit Rnhn- 

S9t»v4a4m] Ita Par. A. Yiad. 
B. Mon. G. Flor. ACY. deatv^- 
avtw Lob. Vind. B. Vea. B. 
Vat. HM. lambL cod. Cia. ed. 
KieasL dtmpvowu laubL cod. 
Ptois. Baa. b. dslxvwftv Vind. F. 
diswvvatv reliqm libriy lambliclL 
ed. pr. Ald. Bas. a. Btepb. Ait. 
pr. sec Terminatioaem m ^ot, 
jpae Thoma Biag. (m itvywaai) 
indico pnlchrior, Moeridis testi- 
monio ailqnapto graviore (p. 127. 
171.) reoentioribQS (^ri^i^sen 
fdeoig) Atticis tam ositato, qnam 
TStoribiu ioif^ivots) in v0$ foity 

Flatoni pree nMera pli 

aparatio dooet. 


L. Vnn. paff. 586. B. ct Polit. 

t298. B. axmstiwvatt y Leg. 
Vm. p. 835. D. 6fiBw4aoi 
¥nlgo et in optimis iibris, -^o» 
in nnllo, -^ovoi in pands lea- 
tnr. Clr. L. nU. pag. 491. A. 
daoMaat et Gorg. p. 466. B. 
dnowetwvaoi secundiun oo^ces 
vnlgato — 4iov0£ praelatum, — vat 
nasqnam inyentnm est Denique 
^<^8* m* ^^ C* oodioes inter 

dnoKttvrdaci et — frovoc, Theaet. 
p. 158. C« inter anoXXvccat et 
— vovo» fluctnant ita, ut — ooboi 
> praeferendnm videitnr. Contra 
nnus est iocns Leg. L. UII. 
pae. 706. C. dnolkvat pro eerto 
ezhibens. Itaqne dBawviMw non 
frnstra hic in optirao codioe scri- 
ptum rectoque a Bekken» et se- 
quentibns reoeptnm est. Cetemm 
ne ea qnidem» qnam Tliomas el 
Moeris commuaem perhibenty ter- 
mmatione in vovat Piato absd- 
nuisse yidetnr, quina Gorg. p. 496. 
B. haud dvhio dnolXvBt^ non ut 
vnlgo legebHtur dnolvBi^ acri- 
psciiti unde dnUtatio progre^ 
tnr, Critin. p.«47. C. MXlvctv 
an dtoXlvBt, Tnn. p. 76. A. m- 
Qtfifuptivw an — wwSj Phileb. 
p.)25. D. avftiUfjfw an avfikfUywBy 
Leff. L. vm. p. 838. B. %ava- 
o§iIwvot an xavao^swiSBt ^ qno- 
mm vtnimris osdicnm anetoritnte 
ttOB contemnenda mnnkury potiQS 
rit habendum. Sed infra p. 513. 
A. dehtw extra dnbitatlonem po- 

'Op«S f Im.] ^^Owg Im. Lob. 
Yat. BM. OM. lambL 
"Oaa volvw'} ht toiwv iQa 

vstxiov] vsipov Vind. F. vtn-C 
Ziov Mon. B. Flor. U.^ 

tpi^owag } post dv^Qm nw g 
Flor. T. 

dvO^^novg] dv^sinotg, Mon. 

vb] om, Mon. C. 

vBtziov] votziov Mon.B. Fhr. 

tma] ntOia, ut solet, ,Pnr.515 
A.'' Etiam Ald. Bas. ab. h. L 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


'Oi^olovq ^fLW f ^ 8* Ifoi. vai;s V^Q ^QUtitavg MQmwap 
l»h¥ iavtmv xb xol oUqliov ob» Sv ti ioQmtivtu «Ua, 
9lijv titg 49Uttg tig vmo tov uvQog dg th savomM^ 
avtfSv tov eTnilalov ^Qo^mtov^ag; Ilmg yi^f l^, 
d dniv^tovQ y9 tag xBq^aldg ixHV ijvaynaepivoi $Uv 3 
Ikaplov; H ii tmv xaQaq>9Q0ii^eiiv; o^ «at^vov tovfo ^ 
Tl fiijV; El ovv 8iaXifB69ai olol t ihvxQog dHijlovgy 
ov tavta ;qyg av ta xoQovta aitoi^ voiU^v ovofkir 

ut alibi i^tt babent. Cf. Vol. I. 
p. 60, a. Poft tma Staltbaninins 
in sec. incisionis signiim fecit, 
qiiod ad wmmxm minime inaptBm, 
sed in bac ▼arbornm poaitura sa- 
perflunm videtar. 

aLymvxaq] tfiyoFvag cam m sii» 
per Yind. B. 

zeSv] in margba a m. s* lubet 
Mon. B. 

iwril om. Lob. Vat BM. 

«y«s] l^uv Vind. B. — 
Moh. B. in ima pagina, coiiii 
boG eztremEom Terbam est. a m. 
pr. SGripta haec babet: wnara 
fttMaltBg dn69fpafBlftewa , fui^ 
datttpiag yQdq>ovtat9 

^Ofiolovg i^itiv ] post ijv ^ (dh 
Mon. C,\iyi Yind. B. Mon. C. 
oftolag iju^v Vind. B. dfto^g i}- 
fuv Par. p. Mon. B. lamblicbns 
liaec ab arotcov inde in «iJjf di| 
&t09tov ihova vavxtjv %al vtAg 
dB0tuitag tovg (id om, ed. pr.) 
dtonovg (dx^vovg ed« Kiessl.) 
^^ Blvat oftoiovg (ofioimg Cib.) 
i^ftiSv motant. 

ftkv] om. Lob. Mon. B. V«t 
BM. Par. DK. Flor. U. 

re] oflk laa^L cedd. Ciz. el 

%atayti»if^ ] xatohmx^ Yind. 
F. xav' ayTM^ lambl. ed. pr. 
Ald. Bas. ab. 

Umg ytCQy ?997,1 Post yaQ in 
Ald. Bas. ab. nnlla interpunetio 
esty Stepbanos signnm interroga- 
tionis fecit, quod Bas. ab. post 
I997 babent. ovS\v aUo. %£g ya^ 

h^iv] om. Vind. F. Ang. B. 
B Blov;] piov. Ald. Bas. ah. 
Ti Sl] tb 61 Mon. B. In Ald. 

post dh comma positom, ,post 
naQatpSQOftiviov Yero nt in Bas. 
ab. emissa intcrponctio «•!$ bm 
onnino male. 

TOVTo] om. hunbl. eod. CSs. 
et is, qno nsns est Aroerins, nec 
non ed. Kiessl. 

Tiftfifv;] om. lambl. 

oloi t'] otoi T8 Vind. F. otov 
c^ Mon. C. 

tctota] tavta sine aeccsta 
Vind. B. rovVc^ Far. A. Vat H. 
Flor. AGRV. Mon. C. Vind. BF. 

1779] 4y^l Vind. F. Ang. B. 
Fler. IL AMins in aeG. et tsft 
Bekkenm et StaUbanmias. 

naffovta] naqiovta Fler. T. 
Astins in sec. et tert et Stali- 
benmias ; qood Talde ineptnm tI- 
detnr, siye com Stailbaomle in* 
teipr^eris! iioniie jwlnt eotres, 
qum praeiefferre M harf sno fn»* 
dam modo etse nominafnroe, fium 
qmdem vidonnt? srre oomAstio: 
nomie eeiwes eo$ reB praeierlmtm 
arhitratmot eme nomhumdoBqmae 
videreni? Jioa erim lioc root 
Socrates, an nomina nmbris kor 
nonenda exlstimatari ant re Tm 
impositori esscnt, qafipp^^ qMd 
cstra erroram filcere ds lioeret, 
sed an baec , qnae riderent, taniF- 
qnam res. pracsentes* nen tnm- 
qnam nmbras appeUare, de pran> 
sentiboa, non de absentftns loqni 
sese opinatttri essent Qucmsen- 
som et Talflatae lectieai sdbesse 
ei seqiicn«MM aniee conveinre 
apparet Fere eodem redit, qaod 
lamblicho ex codd. Ciz. Paris. et 
Aroeriano restitait Kieaslin||^ 
ovta ,. quod etiam Preclos le^sse 
yidetnr 1. c (p. 432.) scribenst 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

P L A T O N I S 

6i»miQWP i» tov uatavtiMifv ixoij &MitB n^ tm «o- 
ifUvtmp fMyiaito, olu Sv aiio n avtovg ijyHd^ai 
TO qft^ByyofLfPOV ^ ^ tifv Magioikfav Oaidv; Md dC ov% 
G Jbymy\ Un* IIama%a6i ftj, ^v d' hym, ol toiovtoi 
ovu dv oiUo ti voiUioiw to dlffihg, fj td£ tav Oxbvo^ 
6tmv 4fuug* /ToJU^ dvayiu^, S^. SmoMi tfq, ^ d* 
iyAf avtmv lv6iv tt xal la6iv ttSv tsdfuSv utd t^ 
;, oTa tig av df/, bI qwiSti toidds ^fifialvoi^ 

xi^ mudg 9tm9 dt6fuat»v i 
mtsvm9 ^ a dij uak ti^v d ,_ 
iwa 90fUiovci9 ol dscitmrai Oi 
Jtxaidtwfiav. SimI inteltigHiir 
iUnd vofit&f quod ia optimo li- 
bro OKstat» allqiuteinu forri potte : 
eadem, qmaievidermit^ ami aUa; 
led qaomam alia illis non mint 
piaoter ea, qnae lident» tavva 
■lalto meliui eft. Ficinas Socnti 
haec tribait: Si m-go Mioicem lo- 
gai Uemet , noiifie wta quae eo- 
rmm oidermii loqmi opinarentar? 
ex qoibus niliil ego Mni eiioere 

90fUtei9] 6wpuit$af Lunbfidi. 
ood. Paria. om. oodd. Cis* etAr- 
oarian. et ed. KioMl. 

dvo^tetir] om. Yind. BF. «ol 
(^•Flor.RT. et poot &me^o^tff 
Anc. B« 

d^er] oomptev lambl, ed. pr. 
oom ip ood. Ciz. 

i'; Bi] 8bI Yind. F. ^ ti Ald. 
Bas. ab. Stenb. 

ftal ifx^ ] Horom ioco in lambl. 
cod. Paric. lacona oit «fld ^z^ 
Vind. F. 4!am corr. in ^. 

decitemoiot ] dfonornDioir 
Vind. B. 

xavavtn^fv] iMrr«yTiic^s Flor. 
R. HatdvtiMffvg Vind.F. Ang. B. 
aat dptiMff^ lambl. ed. pr. 

Ivoi] iz^i Vind. B. 

ffYeicO-ai] liyijod^ai Vat. M. 

maoiovaav ] « o^ovoav Lob. 
Vmd. B. Mon. C. Vat.HM.Flor. 

Mit M' ov% iymy', £9^17.] ov- 
dhv aXlo. lambL — Sla Mon. C. 
^EyetYt idem et^Lob. 

dH ] om. Flor. T. 

^d' iyei] o^IambL 

Ti] om. Lob. Vat. M. C 

t6 dXrjO^g] tdXffi^g Vind. F. 

t. B. th ilnOslg Ald. 

/] ^ Kol Vind. B. 

ONiaff] muag Vind. F. 

ayffyKi;] 5v dvdywi Vai. H. 

lom] om. lambL 

diji dl rmd. F. Angp B. oof 

^v d' iyA]om. lambl. 

r<»y deafimv ] Vulgo interpom- 
tom rs oum Par. A. Vind. BB. 
Mon. C. Vat R Flor. ACRV. 

ottt 1 ofo Vind. F. lambl. cod. 
Gs. oZa Lob. yind. B. ^ 

ei tfr6ozi toidde] 47 ^oi^ roia- 
^8 lambL cod. Ciz. qtvou toidSe 
Lob. Vat BM. Par. DK. qwom 
toiddtet Mon. B. qfvati eitoid'' 
dt Flor.U. etStailbannuufl. Idem, 
aed commate pott tpvaH^ non 
ante id posito, probat Sdiieier- 
macbenis. Mihi vnlgata meiior 
Tidetor, inodo ne Astiom et Stall- 
banmiom toidSt pro feminino Im- 
bentes et <f>vati re vera interpie- 
tantes Boqnamar. Sensu hic est: 
ei ree et oatara fcrrei , vt haee 
eie eoniingerent. 

^vfiBalvoi ] f;vfi§alvei Lob. 
Vind. F. Mon. B. Vat. BM. Ven. 
B. Ang. B. Flor. RTU. Ald. Bas. 
ab. Steph. et, sap. 01, Par. K. 

Iv^tlfj] Iv^olrj Par. K. sec 

dvlatao^ed] dvlatettai Vind. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


avtOi$' 6uit$ Tiff Xvt^ln xal dpayxaioiro igo/^rqg ipl^ 
&ga6ft€d ts wd MBQiiysiv tov av%iva %aX fiailltw na\ 
nQog t6 q>iSs avafiUxsiVy navta ii tavta no$Af dXyol 
ts xal tut tdg fkaQiMtQvyig ddwatoi xat^OQonf buSva^ 
mv tote tdg 6iudg ieiQay tl dv oXu avtov dntlv^ d tig D 
avT^ Xiyoiy ot% tdtt fAv imQa iplvaQlagf vvv i\ li&ir' 
X6v Ti iyyvtiQm tov ovtog xal MQog futXXov ovta ti^ 
tQa[iiiivog oQdotiQa jSAiffOf ^ xal iij xal Sxa&tov tmv 
xaQi&vtm iuxvvg avt^ dvafxdioi iQmtiHv d$(oxQlv909aiy 

9mg dpa§li7CBi9] tpnQ &9m 
Plimw Yind. S. &vm ipmq fiXi-^ 
mof Flor. T. 

I) ot^Toy ii^stv] BlnBtv ccvTOVy 
nip. p a y Yind. B. 

«vrcS livo»] ttvrd iliysi larabl. 

(imXXov rij VI om. Lob. Mon. 
B. Par. DK. Vat. M. Flor. U. ?t 
a m. pr. Vat B. Par. A. qni si 
a mana recenti additam habet» 
retinendi caussa non Yidetor, 
qnamquam facilins omitli, qnam 
assni a librariis potuit. 

%ccl] ofR. Lob. Vat M. 

zBVffafLfiivog] xB^oofmivoq ii- 
dem. vmf€eyf$ivog Vind. B. 

6(f^6vsQa ] 6q^6vBQov Vind. 
BE. Mon. BC. Par. DK. Vat.H. 
Flor. ACV. lambL oodd. Ciz. et 
Arcerian. et ed. Kiesfil. d^ors- 
9<Mr Vind. F. Ang. B. Pluralem 
Astina ma^s Atticum, Bnttman- 
nus ^mm. II. p. 268. pol^ticnm 
perhibet: mild usn minns tritus, 
ceterum eodem looo habendns Ti- 
detnr. Cf. PoUt. pag. 276. B : 
f^rfiinvtQa vov diowog eigv{t6- 
r6v paadia %al vvQawov gtwi- 


§Xi«oi] pxinsi Mon. B. Flor. 
U. lambl. codd. CSz. Arcer. ed. 
Kiessl. Bekkems, Astins m tert 
et StaUbanmins; sine necessitate. 
Post iila st vig a6vti Xiyoi , or* 
opCatiyns praeseotis le^timas est 
baud secusatqne aoristi Phaedo- 
idsinitios oSva vtg iivog dqfhtvai 
Z96vov wpfov hui»9Vy S^tgdv 

ifttZr ^wpig vi. dyYslXat oi6g v 
i[v KiQi vo4vmvy nXijv yt 9^ Svi 
tpdifua*ov mAv dnoS^Tivoi ' v§5v 
dh aXXmv o48hf dxe mffdteiv. 
Noque Yero praecedeos indicall- 
▼ns kmQa aiterum subseqnentem 
habeat necesse est Cf. ib. p. 96. 
B : xoXXdntg ifucwdv &vm %dvm 
(uvipaXXov cxoxmv — «ore^o* 
ro atfAU icviv f tpoovovfievy 
17 6 dnQ ^ vd xvpy f} vovvmv 
phf ovohv f 6 8b ipu^aXSg 
icv IV o vitg aMijceig xoQipov 
vov dnovetv xal oq^v %al ocfpqal" 
veaO^air. i% vovvmv 8% yLvvot- 
vo livmnj %al d6ia, i% 9e ftinf- 
fmig %at 96t;rig Xapovaijg v6 ihft- 
futv %cctd votvTa ylvvec^ai m- 
anjfiriv. et p. -95. D. ubi post 
^v item obliqua in oratione in- 
fertur £917 et ciaroUvoiro. — 
Post pxinot Steph. et in pr. 
Astius signum interrogandi fece- 
mnt. In Vind. B, mntatae per^ 
sonae nota apposita est, 

%al 97j %al] Alterum %al om. 
Vind. BB. Mon. C. Vat H. 
Flor. ACV. 

«cwioipro»^] m^oyroMr*Vind. F. 
An«. B. In pr. StaUbanmias Flo- 
rentannm T. naq6wmv ^7} ftca- 
ovov exhibere tradens qnomm ea 
loco ibi exhibita sint non osten- 

dvayndiot] dvayvdtu Vind, F. 
et, sup. oty B. Mon. B. Flor. 

dnoxqivea^at ] dno%Qlvaa>^ai 
Vur. K. sec Beklc. lambL cod. 
Ciz. et ed. Kiessl. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


Sti i09w; ov» oCm cakov dxoQiiv xb S» nml ^fiU 
tf&fti %k %6%B ofiifBWa crl9^itfri9«, ij %a vvv dtmvo^ 
luvw, Ilokv y\ ^prj. Owovv %S» d s^d$ avxo %6 ^pmg 
avayjuiioi autov ^Umbcv, dlyiiv t€ av %a optfuna «id48l 
E ifivyBiv aMo6%QBq>6iisvov MQog ixuvaj a dvvmai, Ttal&o^ 
Q^Vf %a\ vo(ilf^BiV xama %^ ov%i 6aq>ia%BQa %£v iu- 
awfiivmv; Ovtwg, Mq^ij. El i\ ^ d' iyA^ iv%B69ev 
SiMOi %ig avtov ^Uf Sia tQax$lag %^g avafid6omg aal 
dvdvtovg lud (iij dwhi , %(^ i^BiMvosiev elg %6 %o6 «^ilov 

f] la Lob. et 
enditiooB est , oxytMwa ui YtiMi. 
BB. MoB. C. laiiiU. ed. KietftL 
fiMeph. Ast. pr. Pro signo iater- 
coguidi Ald. Boo. ab. Ast. pr. 
MC itett lambtidii oditioaes coai^ 
ma habent. 

ttitov] oedzh lambt. ed. pr. 
Ald. Bas. ab. 

«or T<(rc] %d %i UmhL codd. 
GiK. ot Paris. 

dXffi^iifvsifa] Redft h. 1. Ven. 
C. Cf.adL.VL pag. 507. B, 

xd ifvv] tavvv Viod. P. BImi. 

UbXt; y, i^] ndpv f Jkpti 
Vmd. B. M6n.C. 9dw€9g (hjnov 

9iSveevm] ^'Svtarctti Vind. B. 
Mo& C. Vat H. Flor. AC. et a 
m. pr. Ven. B. lambl. ed. pr. 
Ald. Bas. ab. 

t^ ^vvi] vta6wi MoB. Gl Viod. 

eatpi<rvt^u] Ctt<p4iftata Mon. 
C. ante corr. 

d$mwfLivMv ] 
Vind. B. 


OvTAgy 19»]:,] om. lambi; 

& d'] Bl Sl Vind. BBF. Mon. 
C. et lamblichas, qni seqaeatia 
^v 9' iyt9 omiBit 

9t& tQozslaf] 9ta9(f. Vind. F. 

«9« dvt^digBmg] Ha ec r a ni i ait 
Pktinas Bmi. IL X. VHn. c «. 
p. 203. F. (Bas. 1580.) BiBovmw 
%al 0a(pmg tmv *EXlrivatv dtv- 
fptag X^ovtaw dvapdceig in rov 
CTerjlalov %al xcerd fiifaxp slg 
4^itep dlifi^favi^ttv fUtlXov xal 
ImUlov fCifolLOVcag, 

Kttl dvdvtovg ] ceuvoi^c aal 
lambL cod. Paris. 

dvBbi] Ita Par. A. a m. pr. 
dvloi Vuid. B. Mon. B. Flor. 17. 
dvlfff sop. oi, Moo. C. dvin 
Lob. Tuid. BF. lambL ed. pr. 
Ald. Bas. ab. dvlv Steph. tacoi- 
^ua Btpoolaais. Idera la lefiqou 
Flor. et ia Bekkeri oodidbas» de 
qnibas nilul slgoificat, oec noo 
ia Far. A. a ol s. scriptom iri- 
detor. Sv ofe^ lambL cod. Par. 
&v eJ^ Ctz. ex quo veram endt 
Kieasiin^as^ ideai in Piaiooe re- 
jmu iubens. Cootra Stephaaos 
flignifioatioiNia tantma carans oe- 
qoe modam rei^deBa «yg acri- 
bendum statuebei anoot. p. 24b 
ciu in pr. ed. obsecaius Asthis 
ia sec dvaifi de conieetara re- 
s^lait. Mogico jpenaitfcrflt qak- 
quam tupicere Fic 

aQa otfj|rl SBw&aO^al] ov dv- 
Vttci-ai itaaakh cod. Gis. oiwa-' 
0&ai ia sao oodiee aohDn iiMra- 
awse videtuff Arcerias a(fa o^^fi 
e Plateao oddidisao dcmoostraiia. 
oq' oif:;! c^. Vifld. F. Aog. B. 
,«f oi^ oa. Viod. B. Sqa m^ 
^ Vi£d. B. Mmi. C. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITA5 LIB.m 516 

fiSBfav^ uai iMttSii ai^dg rd q>ag lAAoi, avyijg av %oi/«« 516 
va oit^iata iii6td ogqiv ovd* av iv ivvac^ai tav vvv 
Isyoiiivmv oXifiAvi Ov yaQ av^ Sqnj^ i^alifmig y%. Sv^ 
vii&Mlag dijt olftat^ dioit* aVf 9I fiiAloi ta avo Si^i- 
^Ki, 2ta\ XQitov i»kv tag 6ULas av QfCta KOl^OQip tcal 
l$fitd tovto iv tolg v8a6i td ta tAv dv^QmJCmv %a\ td 
tAv aUimv MmXa, vCtBQov dl avtd' ix 81 tovt&v td 
iv tfp ovQavip nal avtdv tov wQavov vvxtmQ av ^ov 

T9 ctv] Prini offl. Vat. M. po- 
fltorins Yind. BB. Mod. C. Yat. 
H. Flor. T. et a m. pr. Ven. B. 

hXno/ifvoVfl hXxofjuvov; Steph. 
Ast. pr. sec. 

516 ctv ixowa] dvizopva Vind. F. 
izovta Ang. B. Flor. RT. Haec 
et illa, ^nae infra £. kgnntar« 
Prochu refpeadt in Tim. |^g. 6. 
extr. mg nov xal avxhg it^ipnev 
6 £aKt^pn29 iv IloSUtilfy zovg 
h avyp vaQuif^ T^(fafifiivov$ 
dfi§lv4»VTUv Big t6 ^n^louov 
utxtufidvzag vno vov iuel oxo- 
rov^y ScTSB^ nal rovg dvaBdv' 
wg in Tov ^TiltUov Siic vo ^^ 
dvvaa^al nn if^bg rd ^mg av^ 


ovif a^ 1?v] o^^ Sv krablidt 
cod. Arcer. oi^(f ctw iv Ylnd. F. 
Ang. B. (httne enim significafe 
voluisse Bekkeram saspicor, non 
Vat. M. qaem sieaificat, post- 
qaam enndem ov(fctv%v exhibere 
demonstraTit.) ov8\v ctv Vcn. B. 
Vind. B. Vat. H. Plor. ACT. Ald. B8s.ab. Steph. 
ovdh otviv Ast. pr. ovlf ctv^v 
Kiesslingnis secundnm codd. Ciz. 
et Paris. in lamblicho scripsit et 
in Piatone scribendom esse do- 
oiit, quod relionoitmi fibroram 
cons«isas oomprooarit. 

Ov^yd^ oiv, ^qni ^ i^cUfpvrig 
ys.].eSazB i^cdqnrr}g avzoig a^oo- 
fidXXovTccg lambl. 

$ii] 81 (Par. DK.) larabL ed; 
pr. Ald. Bas. db. St^b. Ast. pr. 

fiilZot] fiiXUt Par. K. sec. 

ra ava] Tavo» Vat. B. Bek- 

rdg OKidg ] vd axoUd Vind. K 
tdg oxoXidg Vind. B. Vat. H. 
Flor. AC. cuias utnusque in mar- 
l^am lei^r: y9 ^^8 €M*df o 
sal ndUiov. 

xad^OQm] Ita Pftr. A. Lob. 
rind. F. Vat. BM. Ven. C. Pw. 
D. Ang. B. Flor. RU. xo^o^ 
Par. K. sec Bekk. na/&Oifdvy e 
corr. — ^v, Vihd. E. uc^(fav 
Vuid. B. Mon. C. Vat H. Fter. 
ACTV. TtaJ^offcif! Ven. B. Men. 
B. sed hic correctns in nltima, 
qaae a m. pr. <ot vel av ineriC, 
et lambl. cifm editis. Cf: Vo)« I. 
p. 366. sq. 

xal] osi. Ven.B. Fic. editi^e 
ante Bekkerum. 

fiBTd rofiro] fUrarovvo Vihd. 
F. Mon. B. Aid. Bas. ab. /fcrdr 
ravra Mon. C. post hae^ Flc. 

rS ov^f] Tco om. Lob. Viad; 
B. Mon. C. Par. K. Ast sec. — 
Proohis in Cir. ^. 499: find^dh 
ravxd qnjaiv avrov idtiv '^dm 
rbv oAoi» ovQctvhv iv^ wnri %cu 
td aardfa rtSv vonrSv ovra i^ 
fioicifMtta Tud rd h avrolg <p<S* 
TCK , %a&6 TfXtOMtd^ ndvra iarlv^ 

«tnrov} «iJtfoi' Sv (Ven. B. 
Vat. B.) lambl. ed. pr. com edi- 
tis ante Astit sec. 

ctv] om. Ven. B. Vat BM. 

igitized by VjOOQIC 

P L A T O N I S 

B 9$a6uit0y Mfoefilihtanf to xSv &6tQefv %b %a\ 6eUiVfiq 
9^9* V M^' wh^ ^^ ^liov tB xal to tov ijUov. 
Ilme t* oG; TeXBvtaiov dij^ olfUUf tov ^liov wi» iv 
vda6iv ovd* h &llotQUf MSq^ q>avtd6nata avtov, iAX 
tfvtov %a9* crvrov kf rg avtov %AQff dvvait* av xat$- 
iuv %ai 9$a6a69ait olog iotiv. 'Avayxalovy tq>ii. Kal 
liszd tam av ij(hi ^vXXoyl^oito %bqI ecvtovy OTt txMg 
6 tdg te SQag %aQi%ayv %di ivutvtovg %ai xdvta ix^ 
tQOM^mv td iv t£ SQmfdvm toxtp %a\ htelvm^ Av 

C 6tftlg idQcaVj tQoxov tivd %dvtmv afuog. ^^Xov^ l9>ig, 
ofi ixl tavta av fut iuBiva iX^oi. Tl ovv; dvafu- 
fLVffinofLBVov avxov tijg %QBitiig obaj6Bag «al r^g ht» 


&avQ€9v] dati^wp Yind* F. 
Aii«;B. Flor. K. 

eiXrivnq'^ CiXriviSv lambl. oodd. 
Cis. et PariB. t^j csXiivtjg Par. 
K. et Aftiaa. Gf. Vol. f. p. 435, 
a. eztr. et a Stalibaamio ianda- 
tua loou Polit. p. 271. Cirijv 
fihf y&(f v£v &<STQavvB *aliqXlov 

fiBV* rifiiifav] fufhtfi, Mon. C. 
iier' iqniqav lambL ed. pr. Baa.a. 

T8 %al rd ] xal Flor. RT. 

iqXlov] to tpmg addmit Aiig.B. 
Plor. RT. Cf. VoL I. ^7366, 

Ilmg If ov;} om. lambL 

drj J dl MoD. B. Flor. U. — 
Procliia in Cit. p. 432. extr. rs- 
Xiwatov fprfoi 6etv iv t^ oQav^ 
t6v ^Uov oifffv» 

t6v ^Xmv] Vttlfio Gomma ad- 

o^d'] dXX* rmd. B. 

Sd^a] am, Mon. C. Vat H. 
Bina locaa ia Vind. B. ▼acnua 

%a0^ a^6v] x«&cevrof Vind. 

who^ ] av, Lob. Vind. BBP. 
Mon. BC. lambL ed. pr. ood. 
Ciz. Ald. Bas. ab. qnod non ▼!- 
tioram eflt oi&t^ Far. K. 

natt^siv^ lud wniSBiv VatB, 

otog] olog tb lambL cod. Ciz, 
aacnndnm qnem Kiesalingiua 0^0« 
t* eiiliibmt» qnod mnlto detenna 

iativ] fmv Vind. F. 

'Avaynaiovy tipri,] om. lambL 
CAoYnaZov Ald.) 

/aera tavt &v ] ftfta tavt Stv 
Lob. Vind. B. Mon,B. futittav- 
ta Vind. P. Btiam Ang. B. Sv 
omittit. . 

avtog] Ita Par. A. ViBd. BB. 
Mon. C. Vat H. Plor. ACTV. 
d toiovtog lambl. cod. Pnria. eC» 
omisso 8tiy Arcerianna. Reiiqni 
codioes et editionfs omaes ovtog 
exhibent, qnbd ingratae sciUcct 
repetitioius eritandae canssa In- 
ctnm ▼idetor. 8ed ita sapra 
L. V. p. 462. B: mifa av dq 
inaviivai i^fuv i%i tijv i^futiQav 
rtoXiv %al td tov Xovov ofioXo- 
Y^fiata cxoxBiv iv avtff Blav- 
ttf fidXiOi^ iz^^f ^^^^ *^^ dXXgi 
tig fiaXXov, quo )oco Bekicems 
avtrj a Mon. B. oblatnm recte 
oontempsit. Omnino Plato hnhia- 
oemo^ repetitiones minime fuipt. 
Nec sine ▼! casui obliquo reetna 
statim succedit Ceteram Tnlgo 
pronomini additnm i6t§» in nno 
Ven. B. repertnm neqne in lam- 
blichi tribus codidbus exstana 
merito delerit Belckems, Aslina 
in tert. et Stailbaumius. De ea 
eilipsi ef. VoL I. p. 104, a. 

f%it^orc$vmv ta] i%iit^orts6' 
mvta Vind. K 

tortqt] tvrt^ Vat M. Lob. 
In Stephani ed. oolon, in reliquis 
oomma additnm est 




ikHplag tulI iw x6%b ^dt6(imtw ovn &v p&i ktvtw 
(lev tddMii&pl^tip tfjg fmafio^g, tavg d* iXsHv$ Kal 
(liia. Tifial dh xal Saawoi bZ tivsg aitolg ^6av tot% 
nag dXX^Xwv xal yiga tip 6^tata ua^wvtt, tit na^ 
Qidvta Ttal fivfiiiovivovti (idXuitaf o6a ts xQotBQa ov- 
tmv %a\ v6tBQa bIw^bi xal afka noQBvs^^ai^ »al ix tov^ D 
t9»v dij dwatdtata anofutvtwoiiiv^ to fiiXXov ^air, 
ioxBtg Sv avtov ixi&vfiijtixag avtSv IxBiv xa\ iriXovv 
tovg ^naQ^ ixslvoig tifgtofiivovg ts xtd ivdwaotsvovtag^ 
ij to tov ^OftijQOv av nsnov&ivcu xa\ 6q>6dQa fiovXs6%m 
inaQOVQOv iSvta (^ijtBvifLBV aXXtp dv8Q\ naQ* dxXiJQq^ 
xa\ oTioiJtr av nsnovdiva^ fL&XXov^ ij^TiBivd tz ioid%HV 

kttiviov] huLvag Mon. C. 

gftrjQfc ] Pro piucto Mon. B. 
correclV interrogandi notam ex- 

itpfj] ydff lambL 

ixi rotvva'} ixiv, Yind. £. 

oinijcmag] «yijovaiff lamblich. 
ced. Parifl. 

ofe»] ot^ lambl. cod. Giz. 

hemhv 1 avvov Yat. M. Flor. 
RTV. aitdv Lob. Vind. BBP. 
MoD. C. Ang. B. Vat. H. larabl.. 
cod. Ciz. et nnns rel plnrea Fior. 
quos iignificmreStallbanminfl obli- 
t08 est. 

vovg d*] Tovg 8h Lob. tovg 
81 Mon. C. Vind. BBF. Flor. 

fjtdla] fiaXXov cnm acnto ante 
circnmflexam et ta mper Xlov 

en or Lob. Vat. BM. 

aiftolg] post 17009 lambl. 

na^' dUMloav} na^alL Vind. 
BF. 9U(fl dlX. lambL codd. Ciz. 
et PariB. 

Sivtata] d^vttxtai Lob. dfp- 
tdtm Vat. M. el a m. pr. B. 
6ivtiitmg ^ m. M. ^ 

naoiovta] naqopta Lob. Mon. 
B.'Par. K. Vat M. Flor. U. 

r£ x^oTf^a] td it(f, Vind. F. 

BiM^Bi] atatd^ lambL codd. 
Ciz. et Paria. 

nak afia] %al om. Vlnd. BB. 
Mon. C. Ang. B. Vat' B. Fior. 

Platon» Op. II. 

8watc»tata ] d8wmiAtata 
Vind. F. Ang. B. 

8aMig] 8o%oig Vat B. Vind. 
B. 8o%ig lambl. codd. Ciz. et 

civ]om. lK)b. Vat BM. 

ctvTor — avtmv] avtmv^a4' 
tov Ven. B. 

tovg] Ad hoc Totff pertinere 
▼idetar, qnod Mon. B. in mar* 
gine habet. 

Mvvaet^ovtag^] iv8waat9V' 
ovtag; Bas. ab. Stepb. 

^ «0] om. Vat H. tS om. 
Flor. AC. 

Toi? '0/E»i7Vov] tov om. Vind. 
B. Locus UonMri iam L. III. 
p. 386. C. citatoa et ibi proscri- 
ptns eflt Odyflfl. XI. 489. 

%al a<p68(fa ] om. Mon. C. Fic. 

6ovXB0f^€u] /JovAcvM^fl» Lob. 
Vat BM. Ven. C. 

htdi^ovQOv] inaQovQov Vind. 
F. iis &(wv(fcaf Vind. B. Moa. C. 
Vat H. a(fov(>av Vind. B. 

^^ivifisv alXqt ] ^wevifiBv 
&XXo Mon. C. 

TCcc^' oxXifp^] ntt(f€e%Xij(fmhtihl 
Vlnd. BF. Mon. C. Vat M. Pest 
d%Xii^ in Ald. punctan^ in Baa. 
ab. comma est; Stq>hannfl (Ast 
pr. aec.) interrofatiofUfl fli^pnnm 

Cnt , cetenm verflanm paftica- 
Knei» tranflTtaifl ante ^i^av- 
iusv et mainflcnla prima nominifl 
av8(fl fligaificandafl patayit; de-^ 
niqne S^taUbamninfl Terba ind(fov- 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 


E luA UbIw^ Htp; OStmg, i^» h^ ^^*» ^ f«*^ 

^9 iwa^4Wy n^ d' lfc(. d nihv 6 roAOVvo^ xam/Ue 
dg wv aMv Mfitw M»/CoiYO, ig" ov tfje^vot;^ ayw- 
xAfoig ^o^ jro»fi 09)»ttAfiov9 i^a^f^^ i»aMOv fe sov 
ijKov; £«1 fMia r\ i^n Tag ik «9 ^iuJtg iuBkmg 
nmh/v A dUi wzw fWi^/LM¥b%wm i$mtukUMmg tmg 

^ — q%Xii9fp didactioribiM litr- 
Im* icril» iumL Cbnf. VoL I. 
. p. 14, b. 12a> a. b. 130, a. 

dwoiJv] ori Vind. F. 

c^y] 0«. Flor. T. 

fl •»ct»eJ] ^ ^ftva Lob. Vind. 
BKF. Mon. BC. Vat.BHM. Ven. 

B. Aii«; B. Fior. ACRTUV. 
lambL Ast sec. tori. Bekkenia 
ei StaUbaiimias. ^ rulpa prioree. 
Cr. Vol. I. p. 154, b. 

hislvms] ixBlvm Vind. F. 
E im'] om. lambL 

o^,] Comaa Stalibaaiiiaa 
in aec. appoanit; in Viad. B. 
atiam pnnrlii eii. 

it9 ditu€»«u] avft&Uow di- 
(flEodtti Vat. H. Nec aHad iii 
Flor. AV.repertom fuerifc, faoa 
StaUbavmiM in pr. n&v ctvfUtl' 
lor di{ao#«i pio. mof futlXov 
Sv diiaff^ccif quod nnaquam le- 
gitur, esdbibeM tradiL 

vdae] wre Lob. Vind.B. Moa. 

C. Vat. HM. Fk». ACTV. voxb 
dl lambL ood.Arcev. «ovvoVuid* 

iv r h^] om. lamU. 
il] el§ Mon. C. 
• rowStog] St$ oivog Par. A. 
Vte4 B. Moa. C. Vat. H. ct a 

m. pr. Ven. B. 

^aitov] Ita rud. F. Par.lNE. 
Fk>r. RIV taxov Aog. B. ^cocosr 
Pkr. A. Vat. B. Ven. C. Aat 
•ee. tert Bekkema et jSUUbam- 
miui. ^mmov ralifai oodicea et 
Ald. Baa. ab. quod 
Tbemas Maff. p. 430. potticum 
Mrliibe*, um lonioom potina 
bab«Bdbm otao doeet Deacoentn 
■escm cur secos abatoerit h. L 
Bekkeros, qai anecd. p. 26S, 26^ 
9wuu* Kofm^tu» ediierit atqoe 

a longura esse baud dubie noa 
ignoraret. V. Bopk. Ant. 9B6: 
,£?g '^aQ maXcuov d^axov oqivtXto- 
OKonov. Aristoph. Ran. 1511: 
zavxa «MiTOm* «v #1 rov M- 
%ov, 1518: tifidinov ig zov M- 
%ov Tov ifAov, Nub. 99S: %al 
TfSv 9a%mv Tolr m^f^oflmi^oig, 
Qnin igitur preperisptomqia 
debeat, non ambigendnn^ 
idque altero Platonis loco 
tnendom, Polit p. 286. A: 
xmv ^ v^TOV &9QOV cldog »»- 
UMrmv mafmoXv^ vmromriov-^tv 
ovofui ixov f BuQTi %av irtMa tt^ 
vog i^iiQ€tg kotiy ^awog dUxmt 
ytyvdfievov, que bce si qais pro 
neutro habeat ex eoqne codicia 
Rarenoalis Nubium L c scripte- 
ram ^ha%mv defeMli poase «Bflti- 
met, a «ero noa aber ra verit 6i- 
milia ▼. in Buttmanni gramm. L 
p. 208. not 4. 

%a^^ono] wMtofxo llBa. B. 
Ftor. U. 

i^'] 5^' Vmd. F. 

dvanXH^g] dvdnXsm idcm < 

litnra post m. Timaei ^ 
p. 80. dvdvAamg' dvaxBr^riGfU- 
vog. jtfqfvflii ih ifA rov f^ael»- 
OfUvov^ mtims recte hoc pertiMre 
st^tait Wyt t e a b a chiM aHm. in 
Piut T. L p. 292. 

diio/37] De boc oflaliTa p rae 4er 
Platoais coasuetnduwm partieala 
civ destitnto cf. VoL I. pag. 91. 
Aate dvdnUm^ tamca yia taxli- 
cola fiLcilKnm excidare petuit 

Kak] oaa. Vind. P. Ang. B. 
lambL codd. et ed. pr. (Kieodin- 
gius ex Piatone addidit) 

fkdUL /1 ^^ r« ^Man. C. 
lamU. fMm Vind. JL Vat BM. 
fuiX' Lob. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


AA d90tuittt$g inBlvoig^ h m €Cfifiiv4itt$$ , mqW uatm- 517 
tfrqfya» td ofiffOTa, €titog d* 6 XQovog in^ nipv i^lyog 
bXi2 t^g ^vi]^lag, ig* ov yUmt Sv mqoOxoi^ nal U- 
yotto Sv xBQt avtov j dg Amfiag &vm tiHp%aQpktvog 
^XBi %d S($(iata, xal oti oii% a^iov ovdl M9iQa€t^ai aivm 
Uvai, HtA tdv ixiXBiQOvvta XvitfV ts %al oviyHV^ d' 
nmg iv taig x€9<fl*dvvacvro lafinv aal itMoaitUvuVy 

iq>ri ] om. lambl. 

«oSliy.] oM..Vind. E. Fic. 

yvmfutrivoifTa] Ita •nuies co- 
dices niqu^ editionet, iioc «iitor 
legisoe vidttsr TiBaeiHi , cuivs iii 
lexico Bcriptiiin yvmfiavtSofitga 
Rulinkenins p. 7% e Suida et lioc 
ipoo Platoais loco, <|aeai iexico- 
grapho obTersatttiD esso probabile 
eat, in yvmfuniviHfta nrataTit. 
TinMeas explicadoiiio caassadMe- 
nQivvpva nal 9wtfWf6muiVTa ad- 
' scripsit. In schotiis eit dMocf^- 
yot^cr, 9utY§(wm0nmna OH^ifimg, 
SduMidenis in lezico m nftroriwi 
mentione deceptas ambras in gno- 
moiie ocmtantem proprie yvofMi- 
Ttvstw did staudt, Stfmolofas 
Tero plaiie ineptit e y^d^ et 
futrmim caaflatom enstimans. 
<^um yvmfta indidom et doco- 
tnentam significet, yvmuaxsvsinf 
fere ickm, qnod yvm(fltstv esM 
intelii^tary in qoaerendo indicio 
Torsari, cognoscere. 

diifiXvciwsi] d/i§lvmTTHvMon, 
9* onte corr. dftpivmneZ lamb). 
eodd. Ciz. et Paris. ed. KiesaL 
dfiBlvmTTOi Mon. B. Flor. U. 
BoklLerus, Ast. tort et Stallban- 
mitts , sine neceaaitate. lUum ali- 
qnantisper caecudre neceMe est. 
Proeli Idcum haec reapidentb 
anpm ad A. indicaTi. l>e Torbo 
ipso cf. L. VL p. 508. D. Ind- 
nonem yalgo omissam com Stall- 
baainio in scc fed. 
517 td o(t(iaTa] t6 o(t(ta Yind. BB. 
Hon. C. Vat H. Flor. ACTV. 
. 'd'] Sl lambl. Male Astins in 
tert Tciba ovrog (f — &wfiQtiag 
parentheseos si^is drcnmdedit, 
fuem JEkaUbaamias secandan eo, 
qoae ad p. 515. C. adscripsit, 

seqai debebat. OptatiTam Btti 
ita at dii ab $i pciidara paitl- 
caia lii) doeet. 

dJ] &oa Tmd. F. 

yiXmr ] yilmra Mon. BC. 

«a^(£o{ot] miQdoxn cum oa 
snper 17 Mon. C. »^tfo;|^o» Vind. 
F. va^ixoi lambL 

Xiyoiro] Xiyoit' Lob. Yat M. 
Por. K. aec. Bip. 

dvafiitg] dvafioldg lambLoodd. 
Cis. et Paris. 

lyiui] ^^s* Aag. B. ^wo$ Par. 
P. Mon^ B. Fior. U. lambL cd. 
pr. et KkssL (mm ctidd.) editl- 
qno aaite Beklceram. 

opfutTOf] oftftara; fiteph. 

avm livm] dmivm lamblicb. 
codd. Cis. et Paris. ed. KieaaL 

nMamg] Snmg Lob. Yat. M. 

Mf^cuyso} domxifo Viad» JEB. 
Vat H. Fior. AC. 

lurl dxontBivsi», dnmnvwvvai 
&v; 2kp.] wtti om. Mon. C. Pro 
dnonriivstv idem et Vind. BB. 
Yat H. Flor. ACTV. (dgmM 
Flor. T. in Stallbanmii pr. |Mr- 
peram emissnm' dnsqao looo ito- 
nim Flor. A. 
dxwKtvstiv^ Ven.^B. 
stvj editi ante Bekkermn etlam- 
blicfa. ed. pr. dnoaajtvvvw ox- 
Itibcnt Pro dnmxswvvm in Leb; 
Mon* B. Par. K. sac. Bip. et 
lambL cod. ds. dntmTtmvvvat^ 
in Vind. F. Anis. B.. «naoKTairv- 
v€Uj etpro S» m Vind. BBL 
Vat H. Flor. ACV. ai legitar. 
Cetaram edid ante Bekkeram ot 
Luablichi editioaes alia pcfsonnr 
ram distindione «tantnr etCrlan- 
coni *AMmBetwvvat &v Ofpm tri- 
bonnt, cai Bekkens soeondum 
Ven. B. Vind. B. Par. D. nil dd 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 


oMMtiwvpai &v; 2kp68Qa y\ iqni* Tmmf» xolmv^ qv 
A' lymy xif» Blxova^ & ^plks TkavKc^v, XQo6axtiov aM€t- 
B (fav toig iyMQOO^rtv ktyo^ivoiq^ tijv fthv di oifemsq>atr- 
vofiivfiv idQOv T^ irov dedfAOV^ptov oIx^6sl aq>o(iOioi}v~ 
ta. ro dh tov WQog iv auty q>»g ty tov ^klov dwa- 
fi€ft* Tijv 8b avm dvdfiaOtv xal ^iav tmv avm tijv slg 
tov votitov ro«of' t^g iwj^^g avoiov tiX^hXg ov% aiioQ- 
t^^Bv tiig y i(i^g ikscldog 9 iTtsii^ ravtrjg ixi^viutg 

Ikp69Qa^M\ffiamt. Btiaiii Lob. 
et Flor. U. ante atpodQa miita- 
tae penonae indicem, Mon. B. 
yind. (B)B. interrogandi aignom, 
Mon. C. Plor.ACV. panctQm ha- 
benty in Vind. F. Tero ante %tel 
et post dnoxtdvBtfy pnnctam, 
ante atpodga comma pontum est. 
Bekkeri distributionem aecuti snnt 
Aatias in tert. et StaUbanmius, 
sed locom corroptum pntant Sd- 
Ucet Qon apparet, qno infinitivus 
<^«o»nvrv9<arefereQdassit Nam 
Ficioi ioterpretationi dicetta-que 
mmquam ad npera eaniemdendum 
etse, et eiimf qui foloere iciite^ 
ei inrtiiiii fiticerey tt iicpreAeiiilci- 
iur^ pretimf ocddendum? Toia 
haee tmago etc qaum interposi- 
torum sf «M»€ Svvaiwo aenteotia 
narrantas haad dabie multo, quam 
iatoram ipsorom orationi conve- 
nientior, tom linguae ratio Id' 
yeito Sv ns^l a^tov dTNnttuntV' 
ita» S9 iilo sensa dici neqnaqnam 
patientis repiignat Sed si pro 
rerbis Sff' 01^ yiXan' Stv naffd- 
0|ot %al liyoito av Socrates oi»w 
orei yilmi^ oiv etOtov ntxQaaxtZv 
%ai liyBe^ai ctv dixisset, iufini- 
tiTus iile salva perspicoitatft sab- 
iecti significattioQe careret, et 
qaia liyseOai Stv ideni, qaod 
HbIvov9 ttv ktn$lv Ibret, hoc 
Jpsnm Ixs/vovff nulio negotio sub* 
luidirfiar. Hac igitur explicatione 
Qtendam ezitomque orationis non 
•b eo , qao asa est , ingressu, 
sed ab altero illo, quo ati pari- 
ter potnisset, repetendam censeo. 
NezQs aatem horum extremoram 
et anteeedeiitiam per anacolnthon 
MNi tellitQr. Itaqae comma post 

avm iivaij quod Bekkerns et se- 
quentes in signnm interrogationia 
matanint, festiiui.- Non mnlto 
aliter de h. L sensisse Tidetar 
Bernhardy synt. p. 368. hanc in- 
finitifom poreiitAettcimi nonuiiaiia 
similemqae siatuens ei, qao He- 
rodotas L. III. c 110. extr. ei 
Plato Phaed<^. p. 96. B. in ver- 
bis supra ad p. 515. D. adscri- 
ptis usi sint, tm IMhtea Abepnmg 
oon dem indikaiiv umd OptaUvj 
et uiutationis canssam in ellipsi 
«ottotiif ctiiiiffilam sit6iecf toae, qoa- 
lem yerbara liym yd i^yovfuu 
contineat , positam exbtimans: 
nisi forte supplementum illud ex- 
trinsecus, quemadmodum in di- 
. ctiooibus slg "A&Sov^ 6 'Affietmvo^ 
et sifflilibua, adsdsGendum statait. 

2kp6d(fa y, ifpri ] e(p68(f* I917 
Par. K. scc. Bip. ctp6Sqa Ifpri 
Mon. B. Par. K« sec. Bekk. 090- 
d^a yB lambl. (om. Fic) 

Tavtffv — 9wdfiH B.j laodat 
Porphyrius de antro N^mpb. 
p. 256. 

^vS' iym] om. lambl. Porph. 

o tpllB rionfxcDt^] om. lambl. 

asraaair] anaai VumLF. Ang. 
B. et, sup. cavy Lob. ScmMOf 
Flor. RT. 

Totg HfinQoa^sv] votg fftnffo^ 
tf^c Vind. F. Flor. V. Cf. supra 
p. 514. B. 1. et V0I.I. p. 125, b. 
yers. 21. o)c ali^^io^ rot^ lambl. 

leyofAivoigy] siqvifiivot^ ^ ^ ™*B 
a m. pr. Isyo , Mon. C. Xsyofii' 
voigt Vind. B. kByofkSvotg, Ald« 
Bas. ab. Stepb. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ttXOVHv ^dog di nov oldsVf $1 Hrj^g oica tvyxdvu 
ta 8* ovv J^ol q)aiv6iisva ovt& q^aivitai^ ivttp yvm^ 
6tiS thltvtala ij tov dya&ov Idia xal itoyig OQaa^at^ 
og>^Bi6a 8i 6vXkoyi6tia dvaty (og aQa na6i mavtiav^ C 
avtif oQ^Sv tB xal xaX&v odtla^ iv ts oQtetip ipmg xal 
tov toritov xvQiOV tsxov6a Sv t% voffcS avti^ xvQta 
i^&Siav xal vovv uaQa^xofiivfi^ xaX oti 8sl tavttpf 
I8slv tov lisXXovta ifiq)Qovag nQa^siv ^ I8lf ^ ^rjf/MUf. 

dsifpUBTrjQlov] dscfjuynjifltyv enm 
m raper o Yind. B. 

dfpofAoiovvza] dtpofiouivvrag 

T^f ^VZ^S] om, Vind. B. Vat. 
H. Flor. AC. et a m. pr. Ven. B. 

dftit(fviJ6$t] Ita Par. AD. et, 
snp. 01? , K. Vind. F. Ven. C. 
Ang. B. Vat. H. Flor. ACRTV. 
lambl. cod. Ciz. et ed. pr. ofiaQ- 
TfftfCi larab]. cod. Paris. dftaQnj' 
arj.Ymj. B. Mon. BC. Flor. U. 
dftanvijcstg "reliqai codices et 
editiones aate Bekkeniau ex qni- 
biu KieasUngias idem lambticho 
impertiendum patavit. 

T^g y ift^g] rng ys ift^g Lob. 
r^g iff^g Jin"- ». r^s o iftijgj 
e corr. r^g iftijg , Mon. B. zijg 
dXTjd^stag,^ avr^ (^ovttj ed. Kiessl.) 
'di Ttov ovza» tpalvsTat etc. lamb). 
omissis iXnldog — (paivoftsva, 

iiesiS^] inslFsir. K. 

imdvftsig] intdvfisZ idem sec. 
Bip. ixri^ftslg Ald. 

^sog] Ad b. ]. Mon. B. in m. 
a m. pr. scripta haec habet: xa- 
l6g X^stg, 6 ^shg navra rjdsv, 
dXX' ov dUvrjoi zd 'tltsvdsi naivd 
dXtd^sly onla: et in ina pagina 
haec, quibas boni qaae sequitur 
descriptio carpi Tidetur: oftovS^ 
ndvra iv vods ro ftigt (S vswals 
cwl^Qtaag, reoirjrtTiijv xal ^troH 
^tx^y, xal aofpiaztx^v. oars di^s 
dvay%a^mftsvog ^ zrjv d%(fCprjav 
vijg ^avftatonaqag, 

dXrj^g] dXrfilg Mon. C. 

x& 8* ovv] radovv Vind. F. 

tpalvsvaty] Editiones ante Bek» 
kerum pro commate colon Tel 
pnnctam habent^ qaonim prina 
ferri potest, qoia ovto» partim 
ad sequentia pertinet. Maeis yero 
ad antecedentia referendum et 
qood seqoitar pro appomtione ha- 
bendam, cui conuna aptias vide- 
tor. Cf. p. 528. A. 

TsXswala] reXevrortorViAd.BF. 
Bas. ab. TsXsvralmg lambl. — 
Proclos in Civ. p. 433: ort Sh 
%al ndXiv Satftovimg sTfmtat^ ts- 
Xsvtaiav iv ro) yvfoaz^ tvv dya" 
^ov idiav oQuad-at xai ftoytg 
(xofl yccff rovTO n^oai^rptsv} Aj-. 
Xov av yivotTO voi^aaaty diori 

Idia] siSia Vind.F. 

avTrf] avvrj Lob. Vind. F. Q 
Par. D. Ang, B. Vat. M. (iion 
Mon. B. quem Bekkeras quartum 

oQcery ] t^ off, laoibl. cod. Ciz. 
et ed. Kie 


Ald. Baa. 

tvyxdvst ] 
Vind. B. 


idem et 

* T^ovaa] rsKOvaa, 
ab. TS%ovaa' Stepb. 

vorjTO}] T(S vo, (Vcn. B. Flor. 
ACRTtrV.) lambl. ed. pr. et 
Kiessl. Ald. et reliquae ante Bek- 
kerura nec non Stailbaamii pr. 

avTTJ] Ita Lob. Vind. F. Mon. 
B. Vat B. Par. DK. sec Bekk. 
Ang. B. Flor. U. «vt^ Ven. C. 
avrrj reliqui codices cum lambl. 
et editis ante Bckkerum. 

naQaarofiivrj] nagsxoftivrj lani- 
blich. cod. Ciz. et ed. Kiessl. 

Sti] om. lambl. cod. Ciz. 

Srjftoalsf ] SiffUialovg idem. 



P L A T O N I S 

Swotoiiai, fiipq, %al fyA, Sv f8 itj tpomv d^ai»m. 
r»* Tofpvv, nv i' ir(if ««l t6d9 IwoA^d^ xaX 1(9 
^at^fUMrgs, Sri o£ iyfttCi9a Il»i{inr6ff ov» iA^AovOi rd 
tdtv dv^fmMOP MQottuvj dXV Svm aA kcdfovtm 
D aitSv at tnoL iuetQlfiuv* d%6g yaQ mov ovta^, dnsQ 
aS omA vqv mQOB^QiuUviiv daova tovt* h^ Elnog 
pivtoij l^. Tl (U; tid% olu Vf 9avfia6t6vt d dno 
9$lmVf ^v d' iy^, «smQ^iSv iml td dvitQmJtui tig U- 
(tmv xaxd d<fXfiiiovst ts x«l ^alvstav i5(p65Qa ysloTog 
Iri df^kv^ttmv %tA mqIv twxvmg iSvv^^^g ysvU^ok t<p 

Svvolo(uuJ SovotofMu Stejfik. 
Mon. C. Flor. U. 

' iyfl& ov] inoiuu otfov (ig oco9 
Fkir. U.) mkt' i^9 Moa.B Flor. 

u. • 

Tolvvv] om. Lob. Viit. BM. 
^ xolvw rmd. BF. Voo. B. 
Kn^. B. Flor. CRT. edki anto 

ijir 9* h^ ] p08t TOdk VlDd. F. 

Ang. B. 

x69z] xi TmfL fi. 

ol] d Vai B. om, Vmd. fiF. 
Aog. B. Vat. H. Flor. ACB. 

dA hcelyowcu awrdov] mi. in. 
4sl Flor. ... In Vind. B. Moa. 
C. ovTcSy post al ^;i;al le^tor. 

^ Sun(fipetv] dcl a. Vrnd. B. 

eUhg yoLQ etc — ^Z^^-] ^- 
aj] 0«. VaC Bl 

c^Va] e&c^i^aMa Vind. E. 

rovir' ] Ita Par. A. Vind. BBF. 
Mon. C. Ang. B. Vat H. Flor. 
ACRV. Bekkenis. xavv nliqni 
codices et editi. 

I917.] I917 ; Stalib. sec 

xoda ofet xi] xo diot ^ xlYmA^ 
P. In Vind. E. Mon. B. non ante, 
led poot xoSb interpungitnr. Si- 
militer Fidnnfl : Quid wUem hoe? 
mirandum jmtot etc. 

inb J^lmv] oarod. Vind. B. 

xct dv^odnBux} xdv&o^ua 
Vind. BF. Mon. C. Ang. B. xa 
dvQ-qwnwd Vlnd. E*. 

aojp]|u>v£i:] dapiiuivBSv Lob. ^ 

yBlolog] yBXolag Ven. B. Vat 
H. Flor. V. 

iu dftfiloaxxc9v] imaadlvmx- 
xm» Vind. F. Ang. B. Fior. R. 
Btephanna aignwn mtemgaiidi 

(nctfrf»] axontfi Mon. C. ante 

4fch xav oMjv] Ita Mon. B.g 
▼idetnr a m. pr. acriptnm lia- 
bntsse, sed xmv in xrjv corre- 
ctuin et in m. ab eachem mana 
i)n6 x^v ceiTtjv appositam est 
Post avnjy Lob. VatM. ixBlvipr 

(nrj nmnoxB] finjnm nox* Vind. 
F. nr^ncanot' Ang. B. fujnote 
Lob. Vat M. Flor. T. et ante 
corr. Vind. B. 

IBovxmv] el86xctv Viod. P. 
Ang. B. FkNT. R. 

Ov8' onmOTiOvv G-avgittOrdv] 
fi^^ onoaaTiovv :, oif ^•avfiactov 
Mon. B. Flor. U. sine interpon- 
cttone post Mvtmv. fi^^ etiam 
Par. DK. pro o^9' habent. lo 
Vind. EF. ona>aTiovv acriptnm. 

iqnjj] aiite Owfiaaxov Vind.F. 
Ang. B. 

yfi] om, Lob. Vat. BM. fer. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


$tov Jiymyfii^m «fpl vcMr vov iinahv Mwv ^ iyai^ 
pmmy wv at CMoi, m1 dMrfiiiLUetfd«a«rsfl«otffov, 6in| 
• «oti viroAafijSmM» imhrK iM ti0 aik^ tfiaNtto^lvirqy E 
fp) mmotM Idovtmv; (hid* oMMmotilv «^m^itMiM^y i^q. 
'«(tfJU* «£ vomf )^€ 1^01 ng, ^ d' 1)^, 1^^' ^y 6tt 518 
<m«l icffl ibw divnoy ftypwtmi btvtoQil^ 6nfM6iVy 
Sh ts gmnog $Ig . Mitog fi^i^taiUvmw wctl 1« <ni^ov0 
dg qf£g, tavta ik tavta vofUdag ylyvB6t^ Ttal M€(fl 
tvxiqvy oxotB idoi ^OQvfiovfdviiv uvit ual i8watoi0av 

F. Mon.B. Pftr. IL Ang.B. Flor. 
RT. Hffij cum X super tp Par.D. 

518 ^lf^y] ^ addmit L«b. Vat M. 

fupvft'] (Upoffft Lob. Moii. 
B. Yat. B. (hic cam ol «nper i/) 
HM. V». C. Par. JDK. aecHMhim 
Bekk. Bas b. pifi^oit* Vwd. B. 
Flar.T. |Bc^oiv'yen.B. Mott.G. 
et oorr. in o« Vind. B. {ante oofr. 
erat ia hoc qaoqae pioparoxy- 
tonon.) ftiftnjfuu , onisso ttv^ 
Yind. F. An«. B. (Uft9^ t Ald. 
pi^m}[t* Bas.a. fUfii9^' Aft.lert. 
. et Stallbanmius rataoni a Butl- 
manno framm. L p. 442. exoogi- 
tatae ^secatns. Coi qamn ati- 
ctor ipse ib. 11. p. 422. ab Her- 
manno mooitu aiffidere eoeporit, 
ia re dabia grammaticonun % 
I>obreo ad Aristoph. Plat 991. 
citatorom praeoeptDm et codids 
Par. A. andoritatem cam Bekkero 
seqai et Slephanianam scriptnram 
soTTare maini. Qoamqnam de 
Par. A. dvbitatio qoaedaro oriri^ 
ez eo potest, qvod Mon. B. qai 
clare fiifMVfit exhibet, mentionem 
Bekkeros non macis , cioam iilins 
iniecit , et quod idem ille Par. A, 
Le|r. L.V. P.731.C. 742. E. VT. 
776. B. Xl. 931. BL opUtivam 
(nam is abiqae reqniritar) pei^ 
fftcti %i%tf!puu itu nt reliqni ni- 
ntrjfto facit. Noqno nostro loco 
FlorentSnos qoiBqao, de qdbas 
Stallbanmias tacet, cam Stephaao 
crado. Sed 

ooram oonsensns rationi oertoMNi 
repugnans in hac re phis Talet. 

^rral] d^tira Ald. Bas. ab. 

dno] ««d rmd. F. Ang. R 

yiyv^mai] yhowtai Mon. C. 
yfypotvt* ctv Lob. Vat BM. (Pan 
K. sec Bip. Flor. U.) oom edi-^ 
^ibos airte Bekkemm. 

itutaifcv^eig ] Poijax IT. 65: 
voaiifia Sh 6tfivaX(iMVj itpf^aX- 
fila, iTUtdmaiig ofifidtanff necod 
nidttovi yiMfufVy maX Irjfifv. In 
quibos verba tcaifd Hkatttivi ad 
omnia qnatnor referenda Yidoii- 

ix ts] i* ys Ald. Bas.a. Steph. 

fue^t^apUvmv ] fu^tetafiivw 
Ven. B. 

i%] iy adscripto in m. a m. 
pr. ht y Mo*. B. 

mtorovff] OHi^rov (Par. K. seo. 
Bip.) Ald. etc ante Bekkeram. 

tavtd dl tavttt} Ita Par. AR. 
sec Bekk. Vind. B. et corr. B. 
Mon. BC. Ven. B. Ang. B. Vat 
M. Flor.ACRTV. tavtadltav 
ta Lob. Vind. F. et ante oorr. 
R Ven. C. Vat. BH. tavta dl 
taytd (Vwr. D. Flor. U.) oditt 
ante Astu sec. 

vofU^at] «ro/it^^ TI9 Lob. Par. 
DK. Mon. B. Vat. M. Flor. U. 
et a m. a. V«n. B. curo editis 
anle Astii sec 

6n6t8 eioi] inSt efdoA Vind. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

r L A T O N 1 S 

u ^xAoQqv^ oin Sv aloyUtwg yBhpf diX' kuanomol 
Sv, %6%hQ0v Ix qxxvoikQov ^lov ^nov6a vxe dfi&Blas 
B lo^tmuiy fj i£ jxiMcdlag uislovog slg fpav&tsQoy lov6a 
vno iaftZQOtiffov iioQiiaQvy^g ifMixlq^zaij aal oSxm 
A^ tijv likv 9idaiiiOvl6BUv av tov ndd^ovg ts %al filavj 
T^ di IkBij^Bts^ aal sl ysi^v hi avty §ovkoitOf ^tov 
av %atayHa6tog 6 yeXmg avt^ hlfi^ ^ o ImI ty Sva^Bv 
bt g>mt6g iqKov^y. Kal iidla, l^q, fUtQitifg XiyB^g. 
ML d^» fiJarov, ilV^Sg tOiov^B voy^Uai %iq\ avt&v^ £2 483 
xavza aXffii^^ triv xaiiilav ovx oiav uvig kuayyBkXd- 
l$BVol q>a6w dvai , toiavtriv %al Blvai. ipa6\ di %ov ovx 

ysl^] Ita Par. A. Yind. BF. 
" .Vat. H. et a in. 


Sr dtoylatios ] dvaloYlavme 
Vind. BF. 

«- 'U 

Mon. C .vat. H. et a in. pr. 
Ven. C. om. Plor. AC. ysZwiy 
reiiqai codicea (addito av Vind. 
E.) et editi. Cf. Vol.I. p. 366, b. 

ixutiumot ] i%t9itonoifi Vat. 
BM. Ven.B. Viiid.B. (hic omiato 
&v) Fior. T. Stallbauaiias. 

fpccvordQOv ] Ita Par. ADK. 
iec. Belclc. Lob. Vat. BM. Ven. 
e. a m. pr. Ang. B. Flor. T. 
Ald. Bm, flb.wavBffaTiffov Vind. 
B. Mon. C. Ven. B. Vat. H. fpa- 
vBQmTaTOv Vind. E. fpavtoTigov 
Mon.B. Vind.F. (Flor. ACRUV) 
Steph. Atft. pr. sec 

^xovaa] ijx, Lob. Vind. BF. 

dfieBlag] Ita Par. A. Vind.BF. 
Mon. C. Ven. B. et corr. C. 
Ang. B. Vat H. Mor. ACRV. 
dlrid^sUxg Lob. Vind.E. Vat. BM. 
Plor. T. et a m. pr. Ven. C. 
dfiad^elag Ald. Baa. a. dfiad^lag 
-Mon. B. (addito hic coromate.) 
Par. K. et corr. D, Flor. U. item 
oorr. et Steph. Aat. pr. 

i| dfia^ag] i^afi. Vind. F. 
ii dfia&Blag Lob. Vind. E. 

<pav6TBQOv] (pavsQcSTBQOv Vind. 
BF. Ven. B. Anff. B. Bas.b. Ast. 

8r. (pavmTtQov Mon. BC. (Flor. 
lU.) Steph. A8t.sec. tpavdtSQOv 
cnm reliquiji Par. K. sec. Bekk. 
M<sa] iovaav Vat H. 
XafinQotiQOv] StaUbanmias im~ 
perite pro femihino habet. Hunc 
tocnm expreMtt CeUns apnd Ori* 

genem L. VI. p. 321. tpaMoVf 
ovg av Tig slg XafinQOv fptSg i% 
{ntOTOvg nQoaydyn y rovrovg fiij 
dwa(Uvovg avt^^siv talg ooq' 
fLaQvyaig noXdiBa^cu trjv o^iv 
xai pXdxtsad^ai noi vofUifitw «17- 

. svdaifiovla$uv dv] eiBatfumi' 
asisv av Vind. BF. Mon. C. V«a. 

B. Vat H. siiSaifioviicste Lob. 
Etiam Vat BM. civ omittiuit. 

T6] ofn. Ven. B. Par. K. 

6}] d' Vind. F. Ang. B. 

iXsTJasts] Ita Lob. Vind. BBF. 
Mon. BC. Vulgo tacentibns omni- 
bvB ilsijaBt^. 

in avvg ] iaaVT^ Vind. E. 

fidXa ] fidX' Vind. F. Ang. B. 
Fior. T. 

Jst dij ^ titQamai. 519. B.] 
ezcerpsit lamblichus «^or^fstr. 
cap, 16. p. 241. sqq. Kiessl. ini- 
tio hunc in modnm relicto: 'Eri 
tolvw y sl tavta dlrfirj ^ Ssi 
vo^aai %sqI a^dtmv roidyde ri* 
rntr Katdslav etc. vorjaat pro vih 
fiUcUy snperscripto tamen a ra. 
pr. Tiilgato , etiam Flor. T. ex- 

tavTa] TccvT* Vind. BB. Mon. 

C. Vat H. 

dXr^d^*] Astius, Bekicenis et 
StaUbaumius pro colo comina po- 
nentes incertuni relinqoant, utnim 
verba sitavta dlrfi^ ad sequen- 
tia pertineaut, an ad anteoedea- 

ruudslav] natiUtv Moa. C 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



kmMN}s iv.ty iffvxy ixt6t^fifig 6iptig hni^haty oloif C 
tvipXolg 6q)^€tkiiolg oi>iv IvtMvtBg* 9a6l faf otii^ 
Sjpiy. 'O ds ys vvv Xoyogj ^v V iyci, 6ijfialvBi tavtijv 
fqv ivov6av Iffilrtftov Svvaiuv iv ty iwx^ xal t6 o^a- 
vov^ (S xatajftavf^dvsi &ea<5To$, olov tl o^pka fii} Swa- 
tov fjy akkmg^ ^ ^pv oXm t^ 6myLati 6tQig>siv XQ6gt6 
^avov Ix tov 6%oT(idwgy otlfro) gw oAg ty ifvxv ^^ 
vo«; ytyvoiiivov jtSQiaxthv alvai, eag iv stg to Sv xal 
YOt; ovtog to q>av6tatov twatij yivfitat dva6xi6tai 
^SQi^svq* tovto 8* slval (pafuv tdyaltov. 17 yaQ; NaL D 
Tovtov tolwv^ ijv 8* kyAf avtov tixvri av st^^ f^g 

Ttaidilav, Steph. Bekkenis et 

Qtaif tivks] otov Ti/ng Iaiidi>l. 
ed. pr. et cod. Ciz. olavnvsg 
Ald. otdv Tivsg Baa. ab. Aatiua 
anta oZav inciflionem fecit. 

inayysXXonBvol] dicayYElXefU" 
voi Ald. Baa. a. 

otpElQ ] Ofpag Yind. E. ctpBt 
Vind. F. om, lambl. 

lvTt^^«g] ivTi&Bvtag Mott. 
B. Flor. U. 

^aol ydq ovv , ifprj, ] om, 
lambl. item prozime sequentia 
^v 6' fya>, m qoibua Mon. C. 
pro 6' ante corr. 6h habebat. 

ivovoav'} hvovaav Viad. E. 

kitdffTOv] h7uxaT<p lambL Ait 
tert Cf. p. 527. D: oti iv tov- 
Toig Toig fta^ftaoiv kxdarov 
iffycevov ti ipvpjg hata^alQBTcu. 
Phaedon. p. 117. A: iag av oov 
pdQog iv TOig oxiXeot yivrjrai, 
Symp. p. 215. ^: ot;^ k^oifV' 
firjTO (iov 97 ^vp/. quibus loda 
dativus aeque commodos erat, 
genitivus autem non pro eo po- 
situs aut eius vi praeditos videri 
debet, quemadmodum Stallbaumio 
yisu^ est Cr. p. 538. D. 

^] Vind. BF. Mon. C. Vat 
H. Flor. ACR. lambl. cod. Oz. 
et ed. pr. 

otov ei] oIovbI Lob. Vind. F. 
Vat M. ofoir el Yind. E. 

fuli ^warhv 179] e&tti u^ ^y. 
Lob. Vat. M. etvai (irj ow. tfv 
Bas. b. 

&lXmg] &XX0 Vind. F. Ang.B. 
Flor. . . . (^R. opinor.) 

Hvv oXtp ] ^oXm Vind. F. 
Ang. B. 

mavov] tpasivbv lambl. 

tvv oXji]^ ^woXri Vind. F. 

orro9 To] Td om. lambL ood. 

q^avoTcttov] Ita Lob. Vlnd. BB. 
lambL cod. Ciz.^ et ed. pr. Ald. 
Bas. ab. (pavciTaTOV Mon. BC. 
Yind. F. lambl. ed. KiessL Steph. 
Ast pr. sec^^ Bekkems et StalU 
baumius hoc taotum demonstrant» 
tpavootarov vulgatum esse, de 
Godicibos taceot, Stallbaomius for- 
sitan recte, Bekkerus haod dabie 

yivrjTai] yivoiTai Mon. C. 

dvacxio^ai d^scafi^ivrj] dvov- 
XBto^at 0". lambl. cod. Ciz. tpt- 
culando transcendere Fic. 

tOvto 6'] TOVT Yind. BE. 
Mon. C. Fier. ACR. Etiam Yat 

17 ydq ; NaL] om. limbL Pro D 
i Vind. F. 97 habet Atdos, Ste- 
phanus et Astius in pr. et sec. 
H dederunt. 

TovTOv ] TovTO editioncs ante 
Astium (Ald. tovto) et fortasse 
Par. A. Yat M. quos quidem 
Bekkerus in eis, secundum quos 
TOVTov scripserit, non refert Sed 
non magis in eis refert Mon. B. 
qui tamen tovtoii exhibet, quae 
necessaria reliquorum onuiiam et 
lamblichi lectio est 

17 V if hfm] om. lambL 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


Iig9a6tgtupij0etm, oii tov iiiMM^04u uAt^ ti 0(9 v» iiX 
mg iiovti fA» u6t6, ov% ogf^mg dh tnguiiftimp ovik 
fiXimovti ol Uu^ tovto dia(nn9evij4a6»ai^ "Boum yag^ 
i^. At fAv tolwv &Um aQBtal feaiovfitwm ifvpjq 
%kvdwevov0iv iyyvg ti $lvai t£v tov dmfiatog * t^ ovti 
yaQ ovH ivov6ai XQotdQOv v4tBQov IfuroiSidteft idwrf 
£ ts nal d6K^€e6iV' ^ 81 tov ^pQW^ai uavtog §uUJio» 
^MioziQOv tivog tvyxavUf «S$ ioixBVy ov6a^ o t^ fu» 
ivvafLiv oiUmotB u%6Uiv6uVf vzo Sk t^g x$Qiaymy^g 

que aliiM cn- 

ff^Ov] OM. TBt H. 

Btfif] Comma adie appoMdt 
Bekkenis. Artem non inferendaa 
animo scieiitiae neom 
iiupiam rei , sed nii 
qnae modo oommemorata lit^ coo- 
▼ersioma efficiendae cmo Socrates 

xsQUtycay^g,] «c^l dytoyng, 
lambl. ed. pr. Miffutywyrig. Ald. 
Bai. ab. 

xlva t^onap mg] That^nopf 
m*g Ald. Tlvtt tQoxov; *Slg Baa. 
ab. tlva v^o«oy; nig lambl. ed. 
pr. Pro tiva yind. F. ttivdf 
Lob. ttva habet. 

ov twl avtov Vind. B. Vat. 
H. Flor. AC. 

avtm] avt6 Yind. BB. Mob. 
C. Ven. B. Vat H. 

t6] om. lambl. cod. Cifc 

avvo ] aMv Par. D. a9t£ 
Vat H. 

tttifttfifiivco] tBtQctfL(iivog lam- 
blirb. cod. Ciz. 

dtafiffxttinjaaa^at ] dfj fiijz^ 
vricac9ai Mon. C. Vind. B. Vat 
H. Flor. ACV. lambl. cod. Ciz. 
Ast sec. tert d^fi. Vind. JS. et 
a m» 0. Pdr. A. Idem in lam- 
biScho reqnirebat Bcali^r, recte 
imprebante KieMlin^o. Cf. Leg. 
L. V. p. 746. C: tovt* avto dta- 
/MTfwytttfOfl» Saag civ ylyvrpeoi. 
Epist VIL p. 348. A: d 9\ Sta- 
fiirfXctvdftavog , tiva tffonov dva* 
aofiijaoi fu. quem locom Stepha^ 
nns in thes. hiibet 
"Eoutt ya(f, h^'] om. lambl. 

iyyvg ti ] tt om. Mon. C. 

Tm oml tmivti idem «t Viad. 

vottifWf] om* Mon. B. 
ifiaouMai] ifkait&MmTwA, 

B. Mon. C. 

«] om. Vind. F. Mon. B. Fmt. 
K. Anff.B. Flor.RU. bmbt cad. 
Cm. * 

navtog fkaVuov] f^ vt. LobwK 
Vat B. Flor. T. aavthg Yat M. 

Svvofuv] dtupOutv Vind. B. 

Xifiiat^ th ] tt oflk Pltf . AD. 
Ven. C. quod ob reliqnonnn et 
affininm aissensioiiem librariaram 
negligentiae impotandnm TidMtnr. 
Cetemm necessariam paitionlun 
non poto, sed aptam. 

&%qriazov] &xifti8top Vind. B. 

yiyvtttu] yiv. Vind. B. Moa.519 

iwtvorjtag] ftJkv V9v6^wag Mon. 

C. ivwofpiag Vind. F. ivvtv vii^ 
oagLob. jh^fvoi^oaffVatM. Com- 
nMi a Stephano, Bekkero etStall- 
banmid additam deleT!, qnia ge- 
nitiTi, qui seqanntor, non nttma 
a praecedente Terbo, quam a oo* 
mi«e snbseqnente pendcnt 

ftovi](fmv fi^v] fihf 9C. lambL 
ftkv om. P^. K. sec B^k. «snr. 
f/^v Ald. 

dotav] dffvfi^ Mon. C. 

plenst] piinsiv lambl. cod. 

ravra] ndvta (Ven. C.) lambL 
ed. pr. Ald. BaS. ab. Steph. Ast 
(eo Fic.) 

Stallb. pr. 
titQtJtntcu] tffinBtat Mc^. C 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



j^ifi^ M ml mq>i3Ufwv wA ^(«qtffot^ 0V Kol ^2«^ 519 
^dv flyvsuu. 3f otMiM iwcvoqiMts tev UroiUvmv irov^ 

mI o£i«i9 f^? tuvta^ igf S tit^ttxtaif ^ ov ^pavltiv 
fxov tjj^ o^tv, Xfluei^ 4' ^i/aj^Na^iivoirvsrq^nv, «Sdvt 
oOqi ftv d|vrs«ov /3Aiivg, to^cf» ic2c/a» uaxu hv^ti^ 
luvw; nivv (ikv ovvy i^. TovtQ fiivroi, ^v d* If^ 
to tijg toiovtiig yvOMfi d i% mmUHg sv9vg wMto^wov 
n^fi&tox^ ta t^g yivi6mg ^vrrBV^, ^4M9q polvfiiUmgj B 
€& d^ ifi€o8aig te luX to^twv ^iovaig r« 9uA JUx»Ua$g 

•»(] St§ Mom B. Flor. U« 

ixovl l%wf Vind. F. et, 8V|». 
o. Lob. 

«*] d^ Yfaid. F. IobU. 

ijtwynuafUpop ] ijpaynaafUmj 
lanbl. ood. Cii. s^aTxaoyiii^ 
cod. FArio. 

vmjffkxeiVj] 4xtfatnlv; Steph» 

floiifre] 01». Ang. B FJor. RT. 
StaUbaomiitt. Astio in tert. %al 
• eiufl loto ponenduiD ridetar. Sed 
Mtios ftierit parddpinA i^ytci^- 
(ievoVf ^TQ qno iiden libri, aul 
-«f<rr£ omittant, cnm Vea. B. a^' 
YaoBtuiy Ang. B. etiam pnmpo* 
aito Tariae loctionls indice &ll9gy 
exbibent, vel yerbi Antti pote^ 
state praeditam «tatnere, qna 
mtione nau est Bemhardj gymtl 
p. 471. yel ooniunctioni mirrt ita 
SQbiunctnm habere , nt sl pro ea 
iMcl oSxiag sen lurl 3i& tovto ^ 
ctnm esaet. Cf. L. II. p. 362. 
D: lotfrs %ak«^^ eittSds iViel' 
«rti, inaftws. et Leg. L. VUL 
p. 834. D: «itfTS £ov<o %al rotn 
T9V %at9ui^ V^Q^P ^ifH ^ ^^ 
dyfovLa. c^uibns locis impenitiTiis 
a coniunctionis natnra certe hand 
minus alienns eodem modo expli- 
candus videtur. 

ndw pkv ovV y 1917.] oiD. 
lambl, nav (i^ etc Lob. Yat. M. 

fiivTOi] bis deinocps s c riptum 
in Vind. E. 

^v d' iyd ] om. lambl. 

MMrrd/Eisvor] MO«rd/itvoy yfaid. 
F. lambl. cod. Cib. m^aumtO' 
(uvov Yiiid. B. 

nt^uaimi] «tfmd«8» luBhL 
cod. Ciz. 

td] Totg Vuid. BF. Mon. B. 
Par. DK. Blor. ACU. Yen. C. a 
m. s. et lambL 

^vyyevij] tvyytpeli mm sofaim 
illl Godices, qui ta£ habent, (Ven. 
C sine correctione ) sed etiam 
Vind. B. Mmi. C. Vat H. «t 
Flor. R. tvyysvvi Ang. B. tvy- 
yev$lag IraabL Comma Stallbau- 
mius in sec nnllum addens yerba 
sequentia moirt^ (lolvfiSiSai ut 
artins cum his, quam cnm yerbo 
nt(fit»6itfi osaiuncta yideantw% 
fectt; quod si yeruffl putaret, tifg 
^vyyevBlg praeCerre debebat. Ai- 
que id ipsnm Schleiermachenis 
dnbitabat an^ praestaret. Mihi 
Plato, si tdg scripsisset et iam 
bic fiolv§6liag m animo habuis- 
B^ , aon iivyytviigy sed alind 
massae plumbeae magis eonye- 
niens adiectiTnm positnms fiiisse 

ftoh)88lSag] ftolvfiSlvag Fkir« 
AC. f»oU§Mag Mon. B. Vat.B. 
nt est apnd Origenem ady. Cels, 
L. Vn. p. 334: fitc^ftivff (^ 

^) 4x6 tmv trjg%4aUag fMoXifiil» 
et in «no Clementis AL 00* 
diee Strom. L. IIIL p. 570. haeo 
imitati: dtd tavta ov6h acciOa* 
Qov dnolvovtiv ti^v iivf^Vf dXV 
mo9Uo fiolv§6ldag titg hu/d^fUag 
fuO^ \avtifg tpi^ofUvTfv» 
. idndaig] aUmiaig Vind. F. 

toiovtmv] tmv toto^tmv Viiid. 
EF. Veo. B. Ang. B. Flor. R. 
lambL ed. pr. et KiessL (aon 



igitized by VjOOQ lC 

P L A T O N 1 S 

Mif06q>vsls yvyv^ikww, mbqI %d naxm 6tQiq>ov0i %ipf %^ 
ifvx^g oifiv mv sl dxidlccyhv uiQiBOxQiipsto dg tit 
dXfj^f «al hiBiva av t6 avto tovto %mv avtwv dv~ 
9Q4iumv 6^vtata imQa , &6%bq xal l^ S vvv tktQoxttu. 
Elxog f\ l^' Tl di; tods ovx bIxoSj ff» i* hy&^ «ol 
avdyxri ix tmv UQOBiQfiiiivahf ^ fii^a tovg dstaiievvovg 
xaV dlfj^Blag dxslQOvg tTcavmg av %otB JtoIUv hurQo- 
G 9Bv6at, iit^B tovg iv xaidBla iaiiivovg iutzQlfiBiv iid 
tiXovg^ tovg fikv^ oti 6xondv iv t^ fiUp ovx ixov6iv 
Sva^ ov 6toxaioiiivovg isl oMavta fCQattuv ^ aav ftQat- 
tmOiv lil^ tB 7ta\ irifL06lfff tovg Sky oti ixovtBg Blvai 
ov XQdiiov6iVf i^j^ovficvot iv (laxdQOW tri}<^ot^ tSvtBg iti 

codd. Cn. et Paru.) Ald. Bu. «b. 
Steph. (tacentibiu Bip.) etAstiafl. 

Tfij em. Vat B. Viad. B. 

Uxf^^^^i] Uxvlaig Vind. B. 
XvfPhiai^ lambl. eodd. Cis. et 
Paru. Ivx^laig Mon. C. 

yiyvofiEvai] yv9^ Viod. B. 

ra] wn. Par. -A. Vind. BP. 
Mon. C. Vat. H. Flor. ACV. 
Ven. C. et a m. pr. B. ro Lob. 
Vat. BM. Ang. B. Flor. RT. et 
& m. 8. Ven. B. qnod aeqoe bo- 
imm et a codidboa aeqne linnDm 
ac Yulgatum xk yidetar. Itaque 
incertum eat , atrom genuinum 
sit. Nisi forte etiam «e^l ia da- 
bitationem yocare ▼olumua. 

hl] om. Lob. Vat. M. 

«s^icor^^^eroj «f^afrr^^^otro 
y^ut Tidetur'^ Par. D. m^wx^i- 
tpoivo Mon. B. Flor. U. 

Tct ixlTjd^] ItaLob.Vind.BBF. 
Mon.BC. Klor.ACRTUV. lambl. 
ed. Kiesal. dlfjOij lambl. ed. pr. 
Ald. Bas. a. xaltiO^ reliqaae edi-« 
tiones, Belckero et Bipoatinis ta- 
centibus. Ceterum quod Stall- 
baomius in sec ^temerario oon- 
mlio 4>ost tlg xdX^iHj interpun- 
ciioaem iu ceteris editionibus o- 
missam esse^* qoeritur, de iis, 
quas cootolit , hoc est, de Beldce- 
riana , Astii tertia et ipsius priori 
interpretandam est: reliquae ouwes 
contma babent 

i%sl»a ] bI hutva Vind. F. 
Fior. AC. ^ i%. Ang. B. 

hfB(fa, Sitxtif] om. lambL codd. 
Cis. et Paris. „Post d£^ in ms. 
nostro erat Ucima , qoam pro- 
clive erat toUere ex Piatooe.*' 
Arcerius. k6i^a S. Ald. 

%al ] om. Ang. B. Flor. R. 

/1 yt Lob. Viad. B. Mon. C 

d{] 9ai Par. A. StaUb. sec 
Cf. Vol. I. p. 155, b. In rmd. 
BB. oon hic, sed post rd^s in- 
terpunctio est. Similiter FScinua: 
Qiiid iahtd ? nonnt prohabiU etc 

otix Bi%bg] Ita Mon. B. ante 
corr. ov%tL%o9 c corr. 

inixffOKsv^at ] ixix^oxMt 
Vind. F. i^xQoxivaBtv Ang. B. 
Fior. R. 

did xiXovg,] ^mtt. Vind. B. C 
9t& xiXovg. Ald. Bas. ab. dia xi- 
Xovg; Steph. Ast. pr. sec 

<nio«6v] OTtonciv Vmd, F. 

IxoviStv — 9U — Xffd^ovciv ] 
fxovai — dij — Ttodiimciv Idem. 

iavxBg] ^fSvxeg xb Vind. BF. 
Ven. B. 

ixt] om. Vind. F. 

dnmniff^i] dxaneta^at, idea, 
dnoKBiaO^ai Ang. B. Cf. Polit 
p. £84. B. Pro signo interco- 
gandi editiones ante Bekkennn 
punctum habent. 

Efprjli Xiyeig Vat M. 

*H(AexeQOv'j Ifn Par. K. prioiia 
litteris v/i superscriptnm. 

oi*i<txmVy] Vnlgo comma abest 

dfpixicO^ai — ova^aOivD.] lau- 
dat Ciemens AL Strom. L. V. 




iyiOy x&v oli^i6%mVy tdg n fiBktlCtag {pv6eig avayxi^ai, 
d^ixio^ai TtQog to (id^fLa ^ o iv ttS ngoC^BV Sipafiw > 
Blvai ikiyiCtov , Idalv r< to dya^ov xal dva^^vai ixBtviiv D 
r^f/ dvdpa6iv , xa\ kxBiddv dvafiavtBg Ixavmg Zdayait 
(ATJ iniXQBnBiv avtoig o vvv imtQijtBtai. To noiov 8ri; 
To avtov, ^vd' tymi xata(iivBiv xal iifj i96XBiV«dkiv 
xatafialvBiv naQ ixBlvovg tovg dB6ficitag fiiidh fiBtixBiV 
tciv naQ ixBlvoig novanf tB xai ti^mv^ B%tB tpavXothQai 
bTxb anovdaiotBQai. "EnBit^ Iqnj y d8ixi}6o(iBv avtovg 
xal noii^OoiiBV xbIqov i^v Swatov avtolg ov afiBivov; 
'EnBkd^oVf riv d' lyAy ndXiv, cS q>lkBj oti 1/0/19 ov E 

p. 729. ex «oque Eusebiiu praep. 
ey. L. XIII. pa^. 404. ciim hac 
praefatione: eiKOT<og volvw tuxI 
(Bus. o pro nal habet)^ nXdv€OV 
wLihi xcL^ pBXxietag tpv€sig. Pro 
dq>i%ic&€ci Par. DK. Mob. B. 
Flor. U. itpi^niad-cci praebeht , et 
in Vind. B. dtpt correcttoni de- 

n^6c9^Bv] Ita Par. ADK. sec. 
Beklc. Lob. Yind. BF. Mon. C. 
Vat. BM. Ven. C. Ang. B. Flor. 
RV. Cle]n.Eu8eb. ip^nQOcO-Bv re- 
liqiii codices cum Ald. Bas. ab. 
Stcph. Ast Stallb. pr. 

Tf] om. Enseb. 

t6 dyad-ov] dyad-dv Vat. H. 
tdya^o'» Clero. Euseb. 
T\ SeafMOizag] deafioTag Ald. Ba«. 

ddtwjcofisp] dSixtjcfBfASv Vind. 
F. et, sup. 0, Ang. B. Flor. R. 

avTOvg] avTOvg; Steph. In 
reliquis fere comma additum. 

noi^cofiw ] noiijcmfuv Vind. 
F. et , sup. o , Ang. B. 

XSi(fov] %Bi^m Mon. C. 

^^v] Ita h. 1. AlduSy qui t illud 
plerumque omittit. 

Bvvatov avzolg ov afuivov; 
'ExsXd&ov^ jjv ^ i^fli, ndliVf 
<9 q>iX$ f ozi vofup ov vovzo f^i- 
Xii] Uorum loco Ven. C. a m. 
pr. nihil nisi ^vvaTov habebat, 
cni recens manus reliqna addidit. 
In Vat. B. Par. DK. Bekkems 
9vvavdv vovvov fiiXBi, pro iis 

scriptum idqne in Par. D. in dXX' 
ov vovvov ^v d' iym corrcctione 
nutatnm, hoc ipsimi yero in Vat. 
M. (sine litura et a m. pr.) exa- ^ 
ratuin tradit. Sed Parisiensem K. ] 
dvvcetov vovvo fiiXst habere Bi- 
pontini testantur, et Vaticano B. 
ac Parisiensi D. (ante corr.) ipse 
Bekkerus postea rovro assi^piat. 
Lob. dXX' ov Tovvov, ijv d* iytOj 
fiiXu habet. Singularis et ad la- 
cunam explendam non omnino 
inepte excogiUta est lectio Mon. 
B. haec : cv 7}V ^ iyA ioMag int- 
XBX^cd^ai o noXXdxig iv voig ifjk^ 
nffocO^Bv ^(pafisv, ovi dvdQl vo- 
fioO^ivrf ov dwcnrhv vovvo ftiXsiVf 
qnae eadem in Flor. U. sed in 
margine et a m. s. scripta exstat, 
addito ibidem proxime sequente 
Sncng, qoo certtns inter i^v et 
onag ista inserenda esse consta- 
ret. Neqne yero difficile erat ex 
eis, quae Glanco respondet, sen- 
smn eorum, quae intercidisse «p- 
parebat, colligere,'sed ndXiv m.-* 
▼inando assequi ille non poterat, 
quia Glauco nondum oblitns ilkid 
erat, sed Adimantus initio libri 
quarti immemorem se conmlii ad 
totius dvitatis felicitatem necea- 
sario pertinentis exhibuerat, cuius 
obliTionis Socrates hic Glauconem 
arffuens non ipse memoria lapsns, 
sed eadem libertate usus est, 
qoam Vol. J. p. 170, b. et 182, 
b. .demonstraTimus. Hanc eoim 




P L A T O N I S 

tovro iiiXii, onmg Sr t$ yivog ir JcdAn dtafpBf&Ptt^g ti 
irp«{6«, ill' iv iXy tgf sJAs» rovfo fii7X«Weva( lyyeri- 
09m IwcrpfftovTOt» Tovs xoUtag %Si^ol ti xal dvayxjf, 
moiav f^BtadUlivtti aXXijlo^ t^g mipsXBlag^ ijv Sv hcaetoi 
620 t6 aoivov ivvectol m6iv (&fpsXBtVj aal €cvt6g ipnoiSv 
touwtovg Svdifag iv ty uoXBiy ovx tva aq>lji tQixB69ai 
Swfi Sxa6tog fiovXBta^f aXX* tva xataxQ^at avtog aAtoig 
ImVtov fifviftffiov tijg x6XBmg. jiXfjtHjf I917* ^slo^o- 
fiqy foQ. £xii>ai totvwy bIxoVj cS rXavxmv^ %tu ovif 

iaterpretationem alteri praefero, 

rm fifftvrifuci ilKid GlaiiGonlg 
y. p. 466. iu commendare ali- 
cui poMit, nt Socrates hoc dicat: 
•emet tu rteordatui , tlcmm ohU" 
iua et. 8ed utraoJibet adsd^- 
ria, nccXiv sqpra interpolatoris 
, captnm fmMt fateberis. noXXdxtg 
▼ero obtmdere Platoni non debe- 
baty qnnm re yera non ampKua 
bis dietom ia soperioribna esseC 
Non mag^s feliciter ei in nomine 
dfwirr6y, qQodante tovto (iiXn 
anperesse yidebat, cnm reliqna 
oratione oonstrnendo res cessit, 
neqoe in ▼eri>onim fnjxccv&tcctf 
f;v9U^ft6ttmv et reliqnoram snb- 
iecto oomectura eum non fefellit, 
nt panllo post apparebit 

iv afmvov] Ita Par. A. Tind. 
F. Ang. & Flor. IL et a m. s. 
Yea. C. afiBivov ov Yind. BE. 
Moa. C. YaU H. Flor. ACTY. 
St&Ub. pr. Sfuivov Ven. B. editi 
ante Beikkerum; qua lectione non 
iteruffl uti debebot Matthiae gjtaak- 
mat p. 1112. nt omitti boc par- 
ticipiwn posse doceret Quam- 
qnam hoc ipsum reoia statnare 

g MaXt»] om. Fic 

v6fia] Fta Par. A. l^d.BBF. 

Mon. C. Ven. B. Ang. B. Vat 

'H. Flor.ACRTT. bocest, omnes, 

Sii inte^m hunc locum exfaibent. 
ec aliter in supplemento Yeneti 
C, scriptnm est, et Fidnus quo- 
qne Ugi posuit, Itaqne vofiofti- 
vfff quod in omnibus editionibas 
eaortati millaffl a librorom testi- 

fflonio anctoritatem habet At per 
80 optimum est Neque ▼ero al- 
terarn ineptum. Cf. Tim. p. 24^ 
B : t6 ^ ttv nsifl r^g cpifovjjcBaii 
OQ^g nov vov voftov rjde Serfw 
inifAiXstav inotiJ9«TO B^- 
9^g noT e^QX^^ *^^ ^^ t^ *<>' 
oftov SnavTa ftizQ* fiavriii^g ual 
/crrpMif g ir^^ vylHuv ht Tovtwv 
9Umv ot^evF $ig t& dv^^mvuva 
dvevQcivy oca tb aXXa TovTOtg 
hterat ftai^^ftccTaj ndvTaxTTf^ 
adftBvog, Simillima his nostro 
looo ftiXit, ftfixovoTaty £mwo- 

S\TTmVf notmv habemns: €tvTog 
notmv ▼ero et tva «0*0x^*0^ 
a^T^g si qnis iusto andaciua de 
ipsa lefe praedicari censeat, de 
legislatore dicta pntel enaUage 

rovro] Hoe qnoqne ob fibro- 
ram anctoritatem in locura ▼ul- 
gati TOVTOVf quod tantum Lob. 
Ven. B. Vat M. ezhibeat, snb- 
stitnendum putari. Le^tnr in 
Par. A. Vind, B8F. Mon. C. 
Ven. C. (a m. s.) Ang. B. Vat 
R De Pnr. l^ Vat B. supra 
dictnm est. Nec non accedere 
▼identur Fler. ACRTV. qnibos 
Stalibamnias in pr. (in sec neqne 
hoc neque v6ftm commemoratione 
dignnm puta^it) vovTm trHyuit 
Cr. p. 588. C. et Timaei locns 
modo cilatas, qni jpaullQ ante illa 
liaec liabet : otg ovolv Sllo nXi^ 
t€t mifl t6v n6Xfftov vn6 tov 
voftov nQoa$Tdx9ri ftiXitv. Btiam 
Bernhardy sirnt p. 150. tovro 
h. L redpieomun saspicabatQr. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



^•M|#ofmr xovg mmq* ^fuj» g>iio66(povg yiyvaii^hwg^ 
oUm iUxa$a u^ag tnitovg i^ovyiey M^mayiULiomBg 
rmp aJdwv hcifLiXBia^al y« xai qwlatiu^. J^ov^fv yag^ 
Sti oi ffiv iv %alg akXatg 96l%6i roiowo» fvyv6faim>i, B 
tlxita^ ov fitv^jrovor tmv iv avtalg uovwv * avroftmiM 
9^p 2fft9>i$OMtti axoi^vig t^g iv iua^hrg mXmlag y dlxiiv 
d' i%$k vo T^a cn^o^v^ fkfiddvl tffotp^ o^bUov fi^' 
iicWvsftv tip «^odvfts&Miri m t^^uk' iJfiag d' iJfi«Mr 
t;^*y rt «vtoAff rgf r< «iU]; xoAfi oMcp Iv afkipnaim 

niUi] /lilXfi Flor. ACRTT. 

iv nolsi] post dior^e^dvroe 
YmA. B. BfoB. C. 

«^afc»] «pa^ Par. K. sec. 
Bekk. iiQdfy Mon. B. (taoente 
eodem) Ald. Bas. ab. « 

^cv^^dat] inaiwslc^ai Ymd. 

{vya^^drTflM'] £crp/udiT(Dv ViDd. 
B. iwoQf^otzov Lob. Yat BM. 
Ven. C. Par. DK. A[d. Baa. ab. 

dvdy%%'] In editis ante BeK* 
kerum ante «ei<0t>2^ iitterpnngitnr 
non sine coneinnitatis detrioiento. 

huxGzot, ] hutaxo^ Yind. B. 

520 »«l] tw. Ang. B. 

^^spomSv] ixnottSv Yen. B. 

TOiovrOv^] roiovrov^ Vind. B. 

iv] 001. idem. 

uipdfi] dipti§ Bekkenis, Astioa 
iiB tert. et StaUbavmioa. Cf. ad 
L. y. p. 458. B. >~ FicinQS haee 
iiMle a verbie dXl* iv olji ita iw- 
tarpretataa cst, ut qnaedaoi ail- 
ter legifse Tideaturs 9ed «t ioUt 
ciMlflt. ptofnio ad hoe eivm ifOf 
jMrsmwoBO et tinjMMoit» sofu»- 
Uaif facHqao a$ matm sese ad- 
i M B s nt comaiimcmfae pro ••rfkis 
Mttljfatem colont. nempe les cMK 
coetii &omiiies eongregatj non «t 
IMrmittstf •«>. 

v(fini<s&ai] zQinerai Vind. F» 

8mi] 8noL Lobw Vini. B. Vat 


|?ovil€Tai] povlfivai ediU ante 
Astil see. tacentibifs Bipentiois. 

ttvtdg] post ovTOiff Fior. T. 
cevTOig Vind. B. ante corr. 

inl] iv fj Vind. F. 

^vSBapov] cw. Vind. B. 

Btnov] Btnev ViQd. B. Bln(ov 
Mon. B. & nv pr. 

yiyvofiivovg] anto tpdoaStpotg 
Fir. D. anle corr. Ald. Bas. aK 
Stepb. Ast In Bekkeri aditione 
excidit, in eomm. soo looo reati- 
tatnm cst. 

inifJuUtad-al r«] rs oin. Moa 

yd(f 1 dl Yat M. Ald. Bas. a. 
Steph. Ast. pr. sec. tac. Bip. 

fikv] om. MoB. C. 

cevTo/iOTOf} tt^dfieno Baa. t. B 
«tdv6itetta Bas. b. Stepkamis baec 
nsffne ad t^^smt parentbesin 

v6 y« ] 'v6 r« Lob. Vat M. 

6<pBllov] 6%>b(Ibi,v YiaA. B, 
Mon. C. \at H. dtpBXXtiv Yind, 

m^] iiri di Yind. F. 

htxlvBiv] i%vBivBiv Yind. BBF. 
Mon. C. Fior. ACTY, 

vm] v^ Vind. F. vei ante corr. 
Yind. B. Mon. B. v^ editi aate 
Bekkermn, qnod Stephanus io 
snppiemento anntt. p. 79. in rc» 
mntandnm docuit 

vd\ om. Tat B. 

d* rjfiBlg] S\ i}. Vkd. P. 

^piiv] 97>«r Vind. B. Mon. C. 
Ven. & Flor. T. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I S 

. ^sfiovag tB xal fiaailiag 2y<t^'Mfi8v, afUwAv %b tuA 
C xsJ^xBQov iH$lvmv xsMOidwiiivovg $cal iiaXlav iwazavs 
d^MpotiQaiv liBtixuv. xatafiaxiov ow iv (leQBi Ixadro 
Blg Y17V tdiv akkmv ^nfolMqOw xol 6vv^i6xiov xd tf»o- 
xuvd ^Ba^aO^ai' ^B&i^OfUvoi yaQ plvqI^ fiikxiov oi^B- 
0^B xmv ixBl fia\ yv66B6^B B%a6xa xd Bl8mka axza i^xl 
Httl av, did x6 xdkij9^ imQaxivai utdov xb xal dixaUov 
xal dyadfSv xiQt, %al ovtmg vsxaQ ^uiv Ttal vfiiv 17 MoJiig 
olxiJ6BX(aj dkk* ovn ovaQ, mg vvv al xokkal vxd etua- 
D fka%ovvxmv xb XQog dkkijkovg xal 6ta6iat6vtav xbqI 
tov aQ%BiV olxovvtai, dg fiBydkov tivog dya^ov ovxog. 
xo 8i nov dkrfiig d8* ixBi' iv noksi y ^xiOxa xqo^v- 
(ioi aQXBiV ot fiikkovxBg &Q^BiVf xavxijv aQi6xa x€tl d^xa- 

liytfiovag] i/y^diro; editio Bek- 

kndavip] Snaevov Vind. BP. 

2en. B. Ang. B. Flor. ACR.) 
d. Ba0.ab. 8tepb. A«i. sec. tert. 
Stallb. pr. qaoo sequitnr Mattbiae 
gramm. p. 840. invitis non lin- 
gnae legibus, aed codidbQa. 

f^vvolnrjaiv] o&9}Oiy Tind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. 

ewe^iaviov] giw. Flor. T. et 
aeptem ilLi, qui supra inaavoVf 
et Astins, Beklcerns , Stallban- 
mios. Cf. p. 530. A: ovtfnftfa- 
ad^cu , ovva t/wiavavai, 

^sdaaa^at] ^Baaftai Yind. B. 

£w€^ti;o/Mvoi ] aw. Yind. F. 

(iviflip] fiv(flo9V Ang. B. Flor. 

pilviov] PbIvIovi liob. Yat 
BM. pilvUv vs Vind. BF. Yen. 
B. Ang. B. FloA. CR. cum editis 
.ante Astii sec Btiam Par. K. 
de quo Beickems tacet, Biponti- 
nis testibns re omittit 

6ilfia»e ] o^Ba^at Vat H. 
Id«m Vind. B. ante corr, yidetnr 
babuisse. Sfpsa^ai Ang. B. Fior. 
R. et ante corr. Tind. F. J^e- 
af^B idem corredns ab eadem 

ymDOSoO-c] yvt&aua^oi, Ang. B. 
«t,^sap. £, Vind. B. 
avta] axva Vind. B. Mon. B. 
raZ97^] dXrfin Vind. B. 

%almv Tt ] Xttlnv vfl Mon. B. 

TciQi,] «f^l Vind. B. 

ovTO^i;] ovvm Vind. BF. Mon. 
BC^ Flor. R. Ald. Bas. ab. ^ 

vicag] vnuQ, e corr. varfp, 
Vind. B. xa(f' An^. B. Flor. R. 

i^fuv %al vfiiv] V. %al if, Vind. 
F. Flor. R. 

vov] vh Mon. B. Far. I>K. 
Fior. U. Ald. Bas. nb. 

vo di — ivctwUag. 1 excerpsit 
Stobaens serm. XXXXL p. 259. 
Sed in cod. A. eztremn inde a 
vifv (fy in Trinc omnia desnnt. 

©a'] ©a' Vind. F. mde Vind. 
B. Mon. C. 

17] om. Lob. Vat M. Conf. 
L. VIII. pag. 552. D. et Bem* 
bardy synt pag. 203. ^ Qnam- 
qnam quod seqoitor vtevvjifv (cn- 
ius loco Stobaei cod. A. et ed. 
Gesn. vavvri exhibent) taie est, 
ut Socrates sibi non h vc6Xh^ hf 
^, sed iv i n6lei &isse Tisns 
▼ideatur. Aliter, sed noo minQS 
dvanoXov^ctg^ baec eadem 1 

tia pronuntiata est L. L p. 347. D. 

davaaucavovata] davaaUmva 
Stob. cod. A. 

vijv ^] vifv dl Flor. T. 

axovaav ] tazovaav Ang. B. 
Flor. R. et marco A. larvaav 
Vind. F. 

i^fiXv) om. Vat B. 

vavv ] vavva Vind. F. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIV1TA8 LIB^m 5«l 


6iaat6tma Apdynni chuSMai, v^ d* hamiovg oEpxof^ag 
tfjeratfW hamlas. Jlaw itip iy6vf Igpq. 'AmilHi&avaifv 
wv ijfiiv, obfr, of f(^9iftoi TW^ intoiiotfsip imI omi 
^fiAi^tfovtfi CvftsroyfiiV iir tfi xolii haOtoi iv fdfih 
4SStip dh xolvv xQovw (Ut aiUqAaw oIxOp ip t^ iiad«- 
Q^; *JSvvatop , ig>9i* iUuua yaQ d^ diTudatg hutaiQ- E 
fov. xavtog iiijv itHJiov mg id avayxalov avtiv Suaatog 
tlot to Sqx^v^ tovvavtlov tmv vvv iv ixaOtff moImi 
&Qlovtmv. Ovtm yitQ ^si, ^ d' lyaj n italQB^ d 
Itiv filov iitvQ^^sig AnBlvm tov &Qluv tolg piilkovOw 521 
aQiHv, fon 6ot 8watij yHfi^tat x6Xig bS olaovitiv^* 
iv fkovxi yaQ avty &Q^6tv ot t^ Svti nlovOiotf ov 
XQvotov, aXX ov 9Bi tov tvdaliiova xXovtBiv, po^S iyat^ 

i9vS]ipmiu YioL F. Adc. 
B. FIor...(R?) t^ 9m. Par. K. 

nol6v\ KoXlAv ante oorr. Moa. 
BC. xoX^v Ald. Bas. a. 

fuv* dXXijXafv] futalX. Vind. 

'Jdvvittov] 'Advvaatov Ald. 

dUaia ] lAtiiiiam Viiid. B. iat. 
▼ars. a m. 8. babot 
l dil] om. ViDd. B. Yat. H. 

dnutioig] divalmq Vlnd. F. 

^ dvay%aM] ifcav. idenL 

Siiactog sUi] iiaatog tlcl idem. 
iHaatog elclfj Lob. Vat B. fica- 
ctog shnsi Vat M. kKaatn stg 
Moo. B. Par. K. Flor. U. Wd- 
etn bI Par. D. iuactog Bfrj emB 
margo. haatog bIci. y^. margo 
Mon. B. a m. 8. 

IvJ om. Vlnd. B. Yat H. Flor. 

I^ei] l%uv yvoA. F. 

HaX^B'] ktalot^ Ald. Stepb. 
A«t. pr. aec htalQB. reliqvae. 
o«rio ma^8 ad aeqaentia perti- 
aet, qoiboi Socrates aTersationia 
aGianoone demonstratae eaoMam 
ei neoeantatem eipooit: ro«te Im 
de UUt augwran$ , el ofwt eat, «f 
kmU impmium tuttipianis nam 
Ua re§ kabet : n viiam imperato^ 
Ha mMtrem norint , quam coi»- 
flntiliire eam itta non hmI ooacli 
't dvita» beae 

I9 pol«rii 

PLAToifia Op. n. 

vov &^siv] Non legiaM Imec 
dicai sdioiiaatfii, qm ita acii- 
|Merit; ii fihv fSQOtg, qnfcL §iov 
dfuivm «piXocotpov §iov. Xlyot ff 
av Osov ftovov* %al yetQ Otbg 
dfuivmv mtXocStpov fi4ivog. 

ictt] icti Lob. Stepb. Aatpr. 521 

9watii ] 8w€tt6v Par. K. aec. 

iv fi6vfi — cKiUmr %6Xiv.] babet 
Stobaena aerm. XXXXI. p. 259. 
Trinc. non babet 

etvtv] ttvr^ Vind. F. atvroi 
Ptor. T. 

v^ Bvtt] tetdvti Vind, B. Mon. 

'ov] om. Lob. Vind.F. VatM. 
et a m. pr. B. Ven. C. Par. K. 
ei a m. pr. D. 

00] oii Lob. Vind. BF. Vat 

dyaO^g] aveg dyaO^g Lob. 
Vat M. Baa. b. „Bx 
Tet libro annotatnr alii 
qnam aatia adrari non 
ie^^g ivtQ dyaOijg ve etcT <tnid 
eidm bic &tiQ agett qind alind 
qoam praedaram aenteotiam cor- 
ronmett — Sed tamen ne booc 
qoiaem yQatpijv didtpo^ celare 
te Toioi, ai forte ipae aliqaid in 
ea perapicere poaaia oood meerom 
ooolorom aciem fogiai: alkiqai 
binc diacaa, in boaia otHun likia 


Oigitized by VjOOQIC 


P L A T O N I S 

•A^ Ittmw Isl %d Affio^ia fotfir iimufrsv «rfofMm 
xiyaMv UiP ^fwSacy» ov» fi^i* m«ifi«xqrov /it« «i 
lB|q(fi9 yi^WfWPOV 9 oib(€ibs «v «ol Mov 6 MiothPOfi 
s6il8yf09 «dvotig ra imiULv6^ nai tifv SiJiipf uoiUw. IM^ 

«olmsim ^M^ ««v«9>povowvat V ^^v vq^ al^fdm|g 
^iJUMfo^toff; Oti fi€^ Tov ^^a^ 17 d' o$. ^Jkld fiivtoi ist 
fB pnj iQMvug zov a^uv Uvm 1%^ avto* d Sh foi, 
oty$ AvtBQm^iA imc%ovvw&. Ilmg d' ot^; Hvug 

«licraando valdft nMlti y^ti^ag in- 
teraum iiiTeiiiri. Bx eo eoim 
Qnde sniDpta est llla exemplari, 
non paacornm emendationes loco- 
nim Bont profectae/* Steph. an- 
not p. S4. Proxime pcaeooden- 
tem lectio»i« Tarietatem intoenti 
oe hmos qnidem «rigo obsc«ra 
esae poteat. 

TSj om. Mon. C. 

Bi] ol Vind. J5. 

Caeiv] ^aiy Yind. BBF. £«- 
01V Stob. cod. A. 

oUiisvot ] idfuvot ViDd. F. 
Flor. R. 

dBlvyhi^ yera. Mom C. 

011» iavi] oi^x i0uv Vind. B. 
et ante corr. Moo. C. Hanc ie- 
ctioiiem Stephanas !• c ferri miUo 
modo posse statuens ov i^fvi com 
hyposfigme sGiiheodQm sospicatur 
et Ficinam quoqae ita legjsse, 
sed ea Terba nulla interpimetione 
odhibita. cum seqoentibus con- 
iunxisse putat; utramqae perpe- 
ram. Ficinus yulgatam recfee est 
interpretatos : iin autem inop€$ 
hmMfmt proprik oacot md pMi- 
oa mdventm>erint 9 hona UUnerm- 
pere enpientei., ekriUte tlto /slnr 
etse oen peierii , nmm ubi de prm- 
o^af tt ooffilaR^lor, oiim proprMon 
kee dt et Aitetltmmi heUum^ Imi 
eot foi tte piig^afsr, tum rslj- 
joam ctmiotem perdit. Stepha^ 
mm e o t em nomioaiiyi abso&oti 
ne^tfuipitmv v6 i^fXBtv yiyvoiu- 
tw fieMKsse ndentur, si absolott 
diemidi mmt qui ^ene eedem iore, 
ooDileg mp o n6' 

Xxpo^y cuffl verbo dnolXvm 
strui possunt Similem nominativi 
usuiD, sed magis iam anacoluthi 
manifestum habet iocos Leff. 
L. VIUI. p. 866. B: ic^ d* 6 
m^eijnoav SfY^xmtm /e»i) imilfi 
t^ mm&ijpitcti , t6 fUacfut mg t^ 
etvtov xeQtBhjlvO-ig tov tuMv' 
rog nQO<itqamo(tBvof9 «^r Ma9fjVy 
6 §ovl6(isvog kcB^BlQ-mv tovty 
dinrjv vivtB fnj ctnooxic^ai tffg 
avrov matffiSog dvteyitaiitm ua- 
ta v6fiov, 

nBqifMLXJitov ] ms^i^x^f^h/v 
Vind. F. 

ywvdfuvov] ytv. Moo. B. 

oviWff te\ et^tvvg ued Ang. 

'Mtf^iatata] dUtf^. Mtm. B. 

VDvd] em. ViimI. B. 

noliztKmv] n, ttvmm Loh. «. 
twmv Vat tL 

to»v Lob 
TOff Par. K. 

dXriO^iviig] dXt^ivfig Vinl E. 

^ia] Si' Leb. Viod.Btt. Vat. 
HM. Btd Ald. 

«&. 'AUit] og, dUi^ Ald. 

in avto] inavto Yiod. F. et 
pauilo post inupvUne^v. 

o^ nsQl) ol «c^ Loh. roML 
£. offlFEp Mea.B. Par.DK. Flor. 
U. edid anto Astu sec 

covrmyj tavta Yiod. B. 

Ti] em. Vtod. F. Par. K. Ai^. 
B. Fier. Stoini. 

tpfovifkeitetto^] yfe»<^o sw o < 
Viod. B. et a m. ^. Moo. B. 

/^Aht] ^/ov AJd. Bm. ok 


ccMOfiooyTtt] «SBr«9)fo«^ovr- 
lob. Vat. M. nata^pQovovv- 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 

CIVITA8 LIB. mssi 


n$^l XOVtmv %i ^PQQVHMOXaVQlj iC 0V &Q^tn uoX^ o{- 

MBMUj ixov^t %$ tifidg &Uiaf ocfA filov a(idv§9 tov so-- 
imKovj Ovdtvaf uUovgf l(pq. BovXh ovv tovt ^dii C 
axQn&jifVy tlva t^omov ol toiovxoi lyy$vi]iiovtMf 9uA 
ofoig ug dva^ei, avtovg dg ^cop, &0MeQ i^^Aidov Uyov- 
tat. d^ xLvag dg 9sovg aveJi&iiv} JlcSg yag ov fiovlo^ 
luu; Sipij. Tovto 6^9 cog Soutiv, ovx dctQcijiov av efq 
MeQi6tQoq)rj , dkka ^vx^g XBQtayaytj ix WKtSQtv^g tivog 
^liiQog dg aXti9tviiv tov ovtog ov0av ixavodov, ^v dij 

' OvSivai aXlovg] (ydSivag al- 
Xag Tvad. £. ovdlv &£ dll7Jlov6 
Viod. F. 

TO»r ^Sti] Tovzl «9j Viod. F. 
Ajig. B. Iden Flor. R. exhibere 
videtnr, ^uem. Stallbanimus ita 
pro TovTO S^ y quod paullo post 
Witur, scriptum habere tradit. 

^"AiSov] iidBov Vind. F. Ija 
editis ante Bekkerum nomeD a 
■inuscula iuclpit 

X^ovxai ] XiyovxBq Vat H« 
Flor. ACV. 

TowTO ^ — ■ fpiigofLsv slvai»] 
Undtt ClemeiM Al. Strom. L. V. 
p« 729. ex eoqne EasebiuB praep. 
er. L. XUI. p. 404. Tovto dh 
etc Clem. De testm cf. in prijnis 
Hermias ad Phaedruffl ab Astio 
fditmi p. 90. 

mois L c. h. IIU. p« 575, 40: 
«lyir ^ uetaczifotpiqv t^v itd tit 
O^sla oi iihv Szoaixol ix HBza§0' 
l^g tpacl ysviaO^aif IlXdtmv dl 
trje ^pvx^9 inl za dfj^Biva nsffia- 
ymyijv lafiovcrjg xal ti£taezQO- 
ip^v ht wnTBffiv^g vivog ijfii^ag. 
L. V. p. 715, 18; ndUv^ ts ai 
6 IHdzmv kv /Ji^v ztp i§d6fM ZTJg 
IloUzsiag zrjv ivzavva jjiiiQav 
wmf^ivi^v TthXjp^nf dut zovg 
ttocfAOHQazoQag^ olftcUf zov a%6' 
zovg zovzov. 

^ftigag] uolifag Bloii. B. 

orTop] ovzmg Vind. B. Qem. • 
cnius cod. Flor. Svtmg livtog, 
Otloboiv vJSEo Svzog babet. 

•voor] om. Ven. B. lovaag 
Ald. Bm* al>* iovmig Mob. B. 

Par. DK. Flor. U. Steph. et re- 
centiores ; . ^uod mihi non solua 
propter codices respuendumy sed 
etiam per se multo deterius Tide- 
tur. Nam lovCTjg '^pvjpig mQia" 
y<oy73 siipiificata h. I. es»e nequit, 
ouippe ^uae nihil aliud sit, nisi 
aeturbatio mentis et a recta via, 
quam ingredi iam coeperit, in 
pravam reyocatio. Itaque ea in- 
telligi debet , qua meos iovca 

d^iv^v 1 

atque ita Stephanum eiusque aa- 
seclas intelligi voluisse comma 
ab eis post nsffucyayy^ positum 
declarat. Sed eandem nemo non 
Tidet breyius et certius ipvpjg 
nsifiayayyriv slg dhjd-ivijv ivavo- 
Sov dSid. Ne^e obscurum eaw 
potest, ^uid sit Toii Svzog ind* 
voSog, qua dictione Alcinons quo- 
que in hac re ntitur isag. c. 7. 
Cf. Bemhardy sjpt p. 174. et 
ApoIIodorus Heynii p. 200. zffg 
"AiSov TjMtafidcsmg €z6fuov ea- . 
dem ratione dicens. QiuHi autem 
ad dhfiQ^tvT^ etiam ovcav addi- 
dit, partim.proxiffli Svtog cansaa 
liactnm viden potest, mafiis vero 
ad augendam yeritatif significa- 
tionem pertinet. Sunt enim ek 
aJiae iimdvodoi o^% dXffiuftxi ov- 
caiy opaA ynlgares ililns aevi 
magistn (ol stg tpiXocotpLav dvi - 
yovzsg p. 529. A.) monitrabant 
ab ea pnilosophia, qnam Socra- 
tes yeram stataeret, longe re- 
moti. Itaque lo sequentSbus non 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



^ila6<MpUxv dXfj^ ^ij60fiw tlvai. Hievv ftiv wv* Ov- 
%wv dii 6%<mBt69aif %l t£v fgathjiMctaiv ix^ vomev* 
D tijv ivvatiiv; IlSg yaQ av; Tl &v odv dfif i rXav- 
«lov, fLothi^a iwx^g SXmov omo tov YiyvopLivov imi to 
ov; tods d* hvoa Xfymv Sfui' ovx a^lrjtag fsivroi m- 
kiliov iq>aiuv tovtovg avayxaiov slvai viovg ovtag; 
''Ripaniv f&Q. dH Sga nal tovtO XQOoixHV to lialhifuc^ 
o i,fitov[iBV, «Qog hiBtvip. To noiov; Mij a%Qvfitirv 

frnftrm HerAta aDpellatio est: ^9 
d^ iptXoooiplccv dXfjd'^ qnjoousp 
Blvau abi Vat.B. perperam ahj- 
4H7 omittit. Sioiilem hatas par- 
ticipn usum habet Iocub Leg. 
L. V. P. J28. B : hvt 9h 1} /m- 
yUftfi (t^g ncaLOvgylag dlwi) t6 
-6p4>iovc^ai volg oiSai xecKolg dv- 
Sifdciif, Sic codices optioii, Par. 
A. et Yossianas, et Stohaeus, 
Quos recte secuti sunt Astios et 
Bekkefus, qnum Tulgo ovot de- 
esset, quia superyacaneum Tide- 
retar. Ceteram eorum interpre- 
tom, qoi in hac Terborum com- 
positione dlrj^ivijv non ad ind- 
vodovy sad ad i^fiiQctv e prozimo 
petendum spectare censent, ra- 
tionem non magis habere possom, 
quam qaibus aui indulserunt con- 

917190/Mfr] tp^ao(iai Clementis 
editiones. Sed tfnjcofov codd. 
Parfs. et Ottob. 

M] Sil Tioii, F. 

tz^i] post voi(t6trjv Vind.BB. 
Mon. C. Ven. B. " " ~ 

Vat H. Flor. 
I ivvafuv;] dvvofuv. Mon. B. 
Ald. Steph. 

Tl Sv oiv-^mg d* o^; 522. 
B.] redtat Busebius praep. ot. 
L. Xim. p. 435. Pro Sv ovv 
Vind. BF. Mon. C. Ang. B. Fior. 
R, ovv 9v habent. 

fftj, J.] itnn Vind. F. bTij 
Mon. C. 

oIkov] 6X%6v Vind. EF. fXxofr 
Lob. Mon. B. Vat BM. Par. D. 
Ang. B. Flor. RTU. et a m. s. 
Ven. BC. Cf. p. 524. «: ovV 
av oXtbvffn im tr^ oiSolav. et 
527, B : oZxoy ilnfx^S ^Qog dXjj- 
^eioy sl^ Sv. qnoram locomm 

nteraue similem ledionis Tarieta- 
tem habet Erant fortasse qoibas 
lioc adiectiTum oamino minas 
probaretar, ouemadmodum foisse 
constat qm oe hominibos dicen- 
dum negarent, quos contra Anti- 
• atticistes Bekk. p. 111, 1. dlxoff, 
inquit, flff^^anroi;* nxdtmv Ilo- 
Xitslag niiixta, orjfialvei Sl tov 
hXuvettKhvy iieaymfov. non qao 
alicubi in hoc libro (in qointe 
enim hon exstat) mascnlinom in- 
yenisset, sed quod nihil obstare 
existimabat, qno minus id, oaod 
neutro genere usnrpatom a Fla- 
tone Tideret, etiam masoolino 

inl] om. Par. K. 

toSe S*] to ^ Mon.C. Par.K. 
sec. Bip. toSe sec Bekk. 

iwom] iwoav Vind. B. Moo. 
C. Flor. ACV. hoiS, sap. v a 
m. 8., Mon. B. 

dvaYTuxiov] mg dv. Moo. B. 
Flor. U. dXX^dv. Vind.BB. Mon. 
C. Vat. H. Flor. ACV. Ast sec 
et Ficinus: fidppe nom aMHmi 
€09 htXU e$st d$simu9 : $ed neoet- 
softiifn , duM fvosiics svtit ^ liilet 
esM. Brrorem ex eo flozisae ap- 
jiaret, qnod ov cum Interrop,- 
tione dictam non caperent «t iM- 
memores essent leci L. III. p. 403. 
B: dd^lfjtal fihf yaq ol avSQSg 
tov fuylotov dyavog. d. VHL 
543. B:. eSaxBQ dd^Xfjtdg vb spo- 
XifAov «(rl (pvUioiag. 

cc^aical] &if€L xal Lob. qoae 
interpanctio sequentiaB yerboTam 
deprayatioaes pq>orit . 

%(foaixttv] «^tffji^otf Lob. Vat 
M. xmg ivBtv aloa. B. fcoQigum 
Vind. B. Ven. B. Vat B. 





xoifB^^xotg dpifa6iv «2vai. JbI nivtoif bp^^ dMiQ olov 
ts. rvfiva^Tix^ ff jjv acal pov0ixy Iv yt t^ »q669iv . 
InaidBvovto ijfitv. ^Hv tavta, l^q. rvfivaotiufj (liv E 
nov m$qI yiyvonivov nal axoXkvii$vov tsttvtanB' 0eir 
l^atog yoQ av^g xal (p&lcsmg hu6tav$l. Oalvstat. Tovto 
^lv dij OVK av slq o %7[vovfLSV it&Shjiia- Ov yuQ, ^JlX 522 
aQa fLOV0i%ii S6t{v to xqozsqov diijMtoiisv; ^AlX t^v 
kxslvij y, ^njy dvtl6tQoq>og t^g yvfiva^vinijgy sl fi^fcy^- 

Sl om. Lob. yat.BM. et a n. 

pr. yen. C. Par. D. 6 Viod. B. 

iflTovfkep] iqvmp^ Lob. Yat. 

M^cw] Mifoci AU. Bas. a. 

ifpi]] xal Bas. b. 

rvfwa^vai^ — iqnj»] om. Yind. 
Bi. yvfivMtuLri t^. Viiid. BF. 
Mon. C. 

fiijv] «17 Biueb. fUvxoi Lob. 
Vat BM. fih «Off Moo. B. Par. 
DK. Flor. U. odki ante Bekke- 
mm. y^9 Astios ia tert. quod 
ipsom ia sec ex Moo. C. affert. 
oed is com reliqois fiiqv babet: 

f»ovtf*)(^] /ftovtftx^ Vind. BF. 
Mon. C. 

fjryf] fvTfi Flor. T. 

rvfivaaxniLii] %aX yvfiv. Vind. 
Fr Vat. M. Boseb. probaote Ste- 
pbaoo annot. pag. 24. Sed nov 
repocnare Tidetar. 
]g fi&] fth yi Mon. B. 

yiyvofuvov] yiv. Vind. B. v6 
fiyv, Lob. 

tsvivvctKs] Ita Par. A. Viod. 

B. Mon. C. Vat. H. (bi Ttvsvvu- 
Tiiv. Cf. Vol. I. p. 123, b.) Flor. 
ACRIT. Boseb. t^evrome Vind. F. 
et, 79 T^Tcrvxs* Ang.B. rera^j^a- 
ra».... Vind. B. r^evxe Ven. 

C. correctos et reliqui eum editis 
ante Astii sec. i^maeus lex. 
p. 253: vBwdimv' Tt^wffunwo- 
fi9V09f Munifl§iov, PoUox L. 
Vnil. c 137: xal vo vBwdtHv 
M€CQd VB IRccvwi Xffl &XXoii t£- 
ifilfiivov * dlX' ov %qocUfMU roS- 
vofuu Pliotins Pors. pag. 504: 
(Lips.) TtwdtBiv — Cfjfialvn 
dh xal v6 onovSdiBiv IIoXivBlag 
{^. Cf.Badimanni anecd.L p.386. 
3. ' Sed in primis cmiferaida eat 

doctissima Rohokenii annota<ao ad 
Timaeam, in qna edaai b. L vb- 
vBvvmts ex Bosebio male a St»- 
pbano (p.24.) contempto et ve- 
tere grammatico apod Photiom, 
Suidam et Btymolocam, coius 
testimontinn e Photio Forsoni Te- 
rum libri nomerom ({;) pro reli- 
quorom vitioso (dc)^ exhibepte 
adscripsi , et ex codice Parisino 
(A.) recipiendom taMio docet idem- 
que a scnoliasta ad h. 1. compro- 
bari perbibet, ooius tamen nol* 
Inm in ipsius aut Bekkeri oolle-' 
ctione hic exstat scbolion, de ipso 
deniqne Terbo vBwdiBiv recte 
reretur, ne mendose scriptum ori- 
ginem dederit Yerbo vetwdiBiVf 
a quo Schneiderus in lexico per- 
peram Ruhnkeniom aoctorem fe- 
rens vBwdiBiv ducere originem 

aSifjs] Ita Mon. B. sed in m. 
a m. pr. avitarig habet aviij^' 
tfemff Ang. B. Fior. RT. et tri- 
bos litteris extremis iot vers. 
soperscriptis Vind. F. 

Kp^laBag] 9^crem« Ald. 

Ov] ij Vind. B. 

'AXX^^aQa] dXX& Lob. Vat.BM. 
Pro «^a Vind. BF. Mon. BC. 
(Fkr.ARTUV. Par.K. secBip.) 
et editiones ante Bekkerum &(fa 

. Sariv] oifq Mon. C. rjv Vind. 
F. Ang.B. Flor. R. o€ov Par.K. 
Ast sec. tert 

TO iCQOTBQOv] vo om. Vind. F. 
Ang. B. vonff. Lob. Vind. B. 
Mon.BC. Par. K. sec Bip. (Fb- 
rentini) cum editiombaa ante 
Astii sec. 

iftuLvn ] ixs/ Moo. B. vti in m. 
a m. s. ' 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 


PL A T ON 18 

dai, f&ctf* nat8»6ov6a tovg fp6ltaiag, ««rf ts oQpopUtlf 
BvaQtio6ttav ttva , otJx huot^iin'^ , ^adUtov^a nai 
xata ^pov BiQv9ftlavy fr te «oig Ao^^o^g itBQa rou- 
tCM^ adfAf^iTy f9>ijt Stta tiov6aj «al odot f&i^iDdsi$ 
tSv Xoymv %ai o6ot AXTfitvcitBQOt ijoav' fLa^yka il 
TiQog totovtov tt rfyitfrov, olov 6v vvv ^ritilSy ovdhv ^v 
B iv avt^. 'JxQtfihtava, ^v 8' iyrf, dvafitfkVipHstg fu- 
t^ ydQ ovti tOLOvtov ov8iv tliiv. dXk\ cl 8atpi6vi% 
rXavnmVf tt av «lij toiovtov; oS tt yaQ tijpfai fidvav-^ 


9nuoiM9tLav\ %ai €«'. Lob. 
Vat. BM. 

nuqaiidov6a\ «or^or^ovtfaPar. 
DK. Ald. Bas. ab. et in secnnda 
ilstitui cnm Mon. G. nt falao exi- 

xal «crra ^v^fiov vd^»(ilav^ 
His Vind. B. mutatae personae 
indicium (:) utrinque appositum 
habet xol %ttu d^i&fiov. Par. K. 
wd lutta ^v^ftov Mon.^ B. Par. 
D. »0(1 xonr difiJd-iidv sv^v^iUcev 
Vind. F. — ^««'ittioir — Vat M. 
^ sii^(fv»fUav Vind. B. 

iqnj] om. Flor. T. idifj Vina. 
F. Anf. B. Flor. R. et • ffl. s. 
Ven. C. cum Basebio: „Em«iH 
dationem Insignem (nbi fallor) 
■fferam, qnae Basebio debetor. 
apnd eum enim vera iecdo inTe^ 
mtor, ubi hnnc locQm affert Ba 
aatem est i^ pro Btprj. Cai 
emendationi connrmatione opus 
non est , meo qnidem indicto s 
praeflerthn qunm praeoedat, i^set 
«aidsvovca Tovg qfiilaiuxg,'^ Ste- 

Stian. annot. p. 24. „Bed ivtifa 
vta non ad iOif in praeceden- 
tibns spectat, sed ad svaQfto&tlcev 
et svffv^filav,'^ Astius In sec. 
p. 564. Id Tero Stephani senten- 
tiae non obstat. ^ Magis obstat 
arvaf tum codicnm auctoritas 
et Tolgatae lectionis praestantia. 
Iteratnm enim ^917 memoriae fia- 
cnltatefflGlaaconis magia insignem 
reddit atqne ethicam, at ita jdi- 

cam, yim lml>et. Similem, sed 
alio spectaaten obtinet Phaedon, 
p^^^ 78. A: «ro^ev ovvj itpff* a> 
£m%Qetvsg. tmv votoiixmv aya- 
»6v ifopiov Ifi^ofiS^-a, ixsiS^ 
a^, ifpVi VP^^^ dnolsifcsig; nbi 
intendendae pronorainis ov sifini- 
ficationi ioservit, quemadmoSom 
snpra p. 51-7. D. iDSolentiori loco 
positom ^v d* eyo) angeado nood- 
nis ^slav ponderi. Sed qaa« 
Hdndorfins et StaUbanmins ihi 
lidscripsenint repetifaonis exempla, 
ea ad vulgaris sermonia imifea^- 
nem facta sunt. 

Svta] atta Vind. F. Mon. C. 

wv X6yvtv] tm Xoym 
a ffl. pr. et Fior. U. 

91] om. a ra. pr. Vat. B. et 
Ven. C. 

roiovtov] x6 xoiovxov Par.K. 
toio^to Vind. B. Mon. C. 

dyaid^ov] ov dya^ov Ang. B. 
«y Vind. F. om. Flor. R. &yov 
Bnseb. et y^ Ven. C. Id Ste- 
pliano p. 25. mnlto raagis, qnara 
dyaO^bv probatnm Astias in sec 
ex Ensebio recepit ,,postalante 
sensu et praeposidone ir^i^ff, qnae 
e Toce fid^fta pendere non po- 
test.*' Pendet Tero a nomine dya" 
d^ov et eam rem significat, enos 
rei respecta sea ratione Imibita 
aliqnid bonnm seu atile dicator. 
Sic L. Vin. p. 559. A : ngog ovahr 
dya»6v. Alcib. I. p. 109. CzfiiXxiov 
n(f6s x6 TcoXsfASiv %al pft. Xen. 
Mem. im. 6, 10: ap' oiv xovg 
pkv dyoi^o^g n^t ta 9ffpcL wi 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



4ol Mv omtfM iSofiw sZyco. JliDiff 4^ •£; m^ fu}t^ «^ 
fe' £Uo As^mcitt iui»fii$a, ^oviSiif^f scid ftifiya(fciiBi|g 

Sh» fri imog Tovfiov fjCOf^ lu^v ^ xAt hu xAvta 
%%%vev%90v %i Idfimfuv. To mqTov; Olov rotfco fo aeo^ 
vAVf 9 m&0€u s^o^pafvTa» vix^^ ^ ^ 8idvoia$ tuA 
ixiCt^a^f o nal xavtl iv MQ^itotg avayxij (lav^avuv. 
JbMVi iq>ii. T6 ipavXov tovto, ^ d' ijrio» rd Sv ra 
smkI ctt dvo iMil td tQta iUaytfveicxativ' Xiya dc avto 

B, Flor. R. tft;£i7T€?v Vind. P. 

3 «r^ ycc^ oyri.] rivya^dm Viud. 
K. Todyv« yd^ Mon. C. 

crr Ts] Ita omnes codlres, etiam 
Mon. C. quem Afltiiis in »ec. rs 
onuttere tradit et qaafll omitten* 
tem in tertia quoqne sequitur. 
Cf. Vol I. p. 167, a. Qoid ad- 
dere Socrates in animo habuerit, 
GlauGonis intercipientis rerba do- 
cent: «orl fLtjv xt ix' &XXo XBins- 

BavcpvaoC} wtl B. Mon, B. Par. 
D. Cf. L. yi. p. 495. B. 

Snc^cai] poflt Mdo^av Wad. B. 
alnaaat Mon. C. 

tlvdu] Hvic in Mon. B. et a 
n. i. ia «. Fior. U. xoi o^ is^o* 
caxTBov avrmv ov noliiuKOig 
dvdffaai additun lecltnr, ^aod 
Bekkerns et StaUbanminj reci- 
piendnm non patamnt. Soilicet 
ilind wA in Par. D. ante /Sayctv. 
00« ioaertam reqnirero alteroBi 
atiqoid ▼idebatar. 

»al] Kul Baa. ab. Stephanos. 
Btiam Ficinas Socratia perMoam 
lu 1. interponity deinde pro ^fi^fi» 
^v ^ iyeif age Uaque pergentem 
fadt. Sed boc ipsom ^v d* iyd 
in distribaendia partibua seqoi, 
porro indtatnm Glaaoonifl cursain 
non fubito inhibere,. sed paulla* 
tim levocaroy deniqae Socraten 


CMuaa iteram peae de- 
in scenam prodaoero 

It ] h$ Lob. 
xmv] xe Vind. F. 

KSxoHfiatiivov] nsxtoQiafiivmv, 
sup. oi^, Par. D. 

ndvxa] xavta Ffor. T. 

xi Xdpoffiev] xl XdfimfiBv ; Mon. 

Otov] otov AM. Steph. 

xixyai] om, Lob. Yat. M. 

iv n(fa}xoig] post dvdyKtj Vind. 

fiav^^dvstv.] nav4^dvEiv; Mon. 

TIoZov ; ] ^ Vnlgo ^ T6 notovj 
qno quom in proximo nsus stt 
Glaoco, crescenti eius admirationl 
panllnlum mutatam Terboram for- 
mam satis conTenire existimana. 
articalnm secondnm Par. A. Viad. 
BB. Mon. C. et m. pr. Ven« B. 
omisi. Cf. Yol. L paff. 341 , a. 
Infira p. 527. C: %al y&^ xd nd" 
IfBQva w&xov ov o/fttx^or. Thta: 
rt Hr Sg. 530. B: i^fietg 61 na^i 
ndvxa rovTor qivXd^ofHv xd i^fii- 
xBQov. IIolov ; Plnra cottegit HeiiH 
dorfius ad Soph. $. 52. 

9iayiyvm^iutv] ytyvmcnstvWea. 
B. a m. pr. ce^oMere Fic. dio- 
yiveioHstv Yiad. BB. Mon. BG. 
(Florentini et Par. K. sec. Bip.) 
et cum y saper tv Lob. Btiam 
Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. hoc y omit- 
tont; fortasse recte. Y. ad L.y. 
p. 472. A. 

Xay€9] Aiya» Steph. anteposito 

^igitized by VjOOQIC 


xwtm %M» Jbg %S6a ti/gmi «8 «al hmat^^ii duayxd" 
fjnM avtfSv iittaiog ylypB69M; JSCol fMsiUx» l^. (Mscow, 
^ 9* iydf Kol iq Jtoisiuxij; IfoiUi|)i £gpq, avayxti* Ilay-' 

D filowv yoSv j i^ptiv » €tQaviiyov jiyafiiftvova iv taig 
tQoyqUflaig IlaXaf^d^g btd^tot» dmoqHxlvBi* ^ ova iwB- 
voipiagy 8t« qnfilv aQil^ftov Bvffdv tdg vt td^ug tip 

. ^Qato%i8ip %ataat^0ai bv 'lUq^ smeI il^0i9ii^6€u vaig 
t$ %al taila %dvta j wg Ofo tov dvaQf»fik^tmv Svttoiv 

B. Flor. y. moL «ditu ante Bek- 
kernin Cf. loa. p. 531. B: 01I- 
tLOVv h %&pctlalip l4vnftevy tag 
6 avTog yvdastai dsl w^l %mv 
avxmv «ollmv Ixfi^ivxmv^ Zcxig 
%M fv Xi/ei %ai Sctig xanmg, 
Soph. 232. Bi dvoto {itj x6 T^ff 
cbmloyix^g tixvifg a^' oiS% iv xc- 
^aXalqf nsQl navrav Xif6g df^ 

f}UfPifTn6iv Ixavij vtg dvvafug 
Oix' sivai}^ Symp. 196. B: j» 
^4 acpimt iqfiag ftojftviflqt pftj- 

^hg iv t»paXat4p %aaav noLtioiv 
v^v %aT€C fMVMiiv, Sed eig iv 
nitpalala cmii iafiidtivo, Telut 
tinuvj ixavaX^Btv ytX ihnili ooor 
•tnii 0olet. 

vipfti Ts] X8 oflB. Mon. C. 

avrSv aixoxog] f^v. avxmv^ 
sop. ^ a^ ideou av.fiixozo^ Vind. 

y/^fi4f&af 1 ylv. TukL F. 

/ialal ^X* idem et Ang. B. 

IJayyilaiov — fjnlaxcexo ; D.] 
Inndat Theo Smymaeos a StaA- 
iMLnmioiiigni&cataB de arithmetica 
pag. 7. c3. de Gelder. oam hac 

?raefat]ones Iv Mll x^ hpdofupx^g 
loUxetag fCBql dqU^firixiadig li- 
ymv fllff l<rrt dveeYHatoxdxrj na- 
omv fprjoiv, iicuxaf^^g dsl vcd^ 
taig ftiv xBxvaigf ndaaig 8h dta" 
voiaig «ol in§oxijfuug %al xi 
aroXe/EMKJI. xayyilowv etc. vecevyf- 
Xoiov etc. Vind. F. 

vovv] ovv Vind. BB. Mon. C. 
V«5n. B. Vat. B. Fbr. ACTV. 
Asidna in sec. et tert et StaU- 
banauaa, cni «yMateatiannn ra- 

^** id poitnkra Tiia eit. Sed 
neccflfariam impentori aritiimeti- 
cen etfe neqnaqnam adhnc didif 
ita probatnm erat, nt ooitcliulcre 
ex eui Socrati lioeret perridion- 
Inm etns inscientia imperatorem 
fieri Agamemnonem; neqne , A 
easet probatnm , Agamemnenio 
oommemoratione opns erat. Con- 
tra eo, qnod exadverans Dnmeri 
inyentorem non poMet non ridi- 
cnluB inqMrator Tideri, hand dn> 
l>ie Teruinule fiebat belli dnoem 
Coamm arithmeticae oMe debere. 
Itaqne argnmenti loco Socrates 
hoc ipsnm samens Cerfe valde rt- 
dtmlamj inqnit, tmperatorea» A- 
g wn gi w ii snc m w /bMm Pnlmne- 
oet faeere eelet nf fcflfteinmui. 
ipsam Tero necessitatem in se- 
qneotibns Glanooni agpuMcendam^ 
proponit: £lZo xi ovv fidOijfut 
dvayHaiov etc Bz his yovv 
oiv in^tnm esse in- 


Imr] lgi»i7_Vind. F. Moo. C. 

Ald. Bas. ab. om. Hieo. 
j o^ iwsvoifvag , ori ^fjolT 1 D 
mol yof Theo. (^sdmcaff Vind. 
B. IvftroiTicag Vind. F. sws^fjoag 
cnm V snper o Mon. C.) Verba 
ipsa, qnae sequantnr, Palamedis 
incertnm eat ad nnam qnandam 
fabnlam pertineant, in qna «i»- 
mero «neefito onltiief oonsfttmio 
eMretfitt ct novet reitoiiasfiie res 
ofmiet eimmerasfe glonaretnr, an 
plnribns oommnnem locum et ho^ 
nefidomm istorom commemora- 
tionem respidant, qnalem eft fst- 
balae argameiitnm reqoirebat, et 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



tlx&p sUitogf fbs^ iQt»fiHV iitfj^6tato; nalto^noiov 
tiv aitov oX$i ^tQwnffov slvai; "Atonov tvJ^ Sfpij^ fymys, 
d ifv tpm alffi^ig. "l^AAo ti ow, ^ d* 1^^, fkd^iut E 
dvayKdiov MoX^u^mp dvdgl %^6oiuv xdl KoyliB69al tt 
Xfld dgi^imv ivva6^ai; Ilavtmv y% Iqnjj fMxiUtfra, d 
luA itiovv fLiUiu td^BWv ixaUiVj i^aklov A' sl xal av- 
f^QiUtog 16$6&€U. ^Ewostg ovv^ shcovy nsQl tovto to 
fur^fftff oxsQ iya; To Moiov; KiviwsvsttAv %Q6gTq;p 

Aeschyliim pariter atqse Bnripi- 
dcm in soa Palamede posiiinie ex 
earoB fragmentig (p. 114. Schi&tz. 
p. 246. Matth.) apparet. Neque 
Sophoclem* qni et ipae Palame- 
den docoiMe fertoTy in diyersa 
abiiMo crediderim, qaum Plato 
otBiotieacimqoe in scenam prodeat 
FalamedeSy h valg TffceYqfdlatg 
hui€tOTS y ridicahim fieri A^me- 
auMnem dicat: de eina tamen 
Nanplib, qnam Schleiermachcraa 
hic rignificatam eue pro certo 
poBit, propterea non cogitandiim 
Tidetnr, qnod ipse Palamedes nn^ 
las in eapartea habebat. 

Tfli mifceTa%i9f ] poat «cfrtf- 
tfr^Otti Theo. t^ om. An^, B. 

wxttc&rfjaiu] xaerfjiftu Mon.C. 

'IXl^] nXltp idem et Vat. B. 
iXlm luA viUia n^wa Ang. B. 

viliXa\ vdXXa Vind.F. r' aXXa 
Vind. B. T^^Xa yind.B. Mon.B. 
(Flor.) Steph. Ast 

Tcaway'] ndwa; Stepli* 

«^ Tov ] TC^avov Mon. B. 
(Flor.) Theo Geld. cnm parte 
eodienm, Steph. Ast pr. 

^oifMif] ioixB Vind. B. 

o4^ — ijxl&ceeto] ovdh Sifovg 
bIx^ Tfodag tld6voq^ Btys fiil ijnl- 
cvato aQt^giBlv Theo. 

viv*] viva Lob. et ante oorr. 
Mon. C. 

otBi ^arrffbv Btvat] evifatvf' 
yhv otsi YByovivat Flor. T. 

vtVy itpfj]^viva Mon. C. 

"AXXo VI vSv] dXX' Svtovv Lob. 
aXX 'Svt oiv Yind. B. et a a. 

j^r. Mon.B. (manos secnnda o ex 
o fecit.) 

^v ^ kym] poat (iddTjfta Lob. E 
Vat. BM. 

dvayTiatov] om. iidem. 
lud Xoyltsad^al] Ita Par. A. 
Vind. B. Vat H. Flor. ACV. ^ 
v6 Xoy. Mon. C. Vlnd.B. ftalXov 
Xoy. Vat. M. ftaXXov ^ Xoy. editi 
ante BeUcemm et, nt yidetar, 
Ven. C. a m. 0. coi GlaoconSs 
respomram aperto repugnat Astioa' 
in sec. vb pro fuclXovi] scril>eii- 
dom SQspicabatur, in tertia, ot 
Stallbanmios , secntns est Bekke- 
non cnm oeteris codidbos (Ven. 
C. a m. pr.) fiaXXov rj sfanplid- 
ter omittentem. Mihi xai, qood 
codex optimos hal>et, genninnm 
et ex eo primum ^, in quod saepe 
oorroptom est, tom fiaXXov ff et 
reliqoa Tarietas originem docero 
yidetor. Bt aliarom rerom et 
arithmetices peritom imperatorem 
esse dooet. 

dvvao^ai] dwccftivtp Par. DK. 
( — va sec Bip.) 

y'] ye Vind. F. 

ftaXKiva ] fi. vovvo Mon. C. 
Vind. B. Id post illud ^ vo nti- 
qoe necessariom erat, Astio rero 
in sec praeter neeessitatem etiam 
deleto if redpioidom videbatar. . 

(f Bi] dBl Vind. F. Sh Bi Lob. 
Bi Vind. BB. Mon. C. Par. 0K. 
Vat R Flor. ACV. 

'EwoBlg] hoBlg Mon. C. 

bUiov] om. Lob. Mon. B. Vat 
BM. Ven. C. Par. DK. Flor. U. 

KivSwBifBi — o^olav. 523. A.] 
Haec Thoo L c. Mperioribns illis 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

P L AT ON 18 

d* oviAg avt^ o^df^, iJUcfMSo o/ifti »avtaMa6i MQog 
av6lciv. Jlmg, i^j Uysig} 'Efd «ftfoM^ai, 17V d* ^^ 
xi f ifAol ia%oiv dfih5€a$. S yif dia^QOVfuu nag l^oo- 
ttp aymya t% dvai ol Xfyofcev ttai imj , ^uv^Bat^ ytvo- 
fLhvog |tif»9>adft ^axuxBy Zva xcA tovto OatpUstBi^ MofAtv 
U i6ttv olov iiavtsvofiat. ^bUvvj Sqoi}. ^BluwyLi i^, dxw, 
•I xaS^OQag , ta fciv iv Tatg atedif(f€tfiv ov tucqoxu- 
B Aoiiwc Ti)v vifiotv slg ixl6iiu^Wj 6g Uavmg vmo Tf^ 
al0^66mg xgivoftsva, ta 81 navta%a6i, dtatcaXevofuva 
liuLvT^ ixiOxitlfaO&ai , mg t^g ctUsd^^^Bmg ovdiv vyug^ 
uotov0tig. Ta m^^a>9BVy ^9^1' q^aiv6(iBva d^lov Stu 
UyBvg xal ta iaxictyQafprjii^iva. Ov k&w^ ^ 8* hym^ 
itviBg ov Uym. Jlola (ii^v , iqni , iiyBvg ; Ta §thf ov 

>9X yB (mi i/lnUtKto dffi^ftBlv coa- 
liiuuit: KivSwBVB^ yovv Tood» 
Scalig. ovy) nv nf^g voriciv 
dyovziov q>v€H BlvcUf nal ovisig 
avvm X^froi hlHzuufi ovti Mifog 
\ oSv] Ita Par. A. Yiiid. BF. 
Mon. C. VeQ. (X a m. s. (ov a 
m. pr.) Ang. B. Vat H. Flor. 
ACTV. Ven.B. re- 
Uqai Godiceft editiqne ante Astit 
•ec in aaa yeram lectionem ao- 
carata Monaceoftift C. ooUationo 
defttitatttft Fidno praeeante (qu^ 
Ua mo$ perquirimus) et ftimilift da- 
ctu loci p. 525. B. mv irixovftBv 
UQa fAa^fucTav av cffj refttitaitk 

^] Sh Viad. BF. Mon. C. d«' 
Ald. S*i Baft. a. 

oa^mg'] om. Vea. B. a m. pr. 

ro y' ^f^i] toys fkO$ Vind. F. 
Ang. B. 

o/] Ita Par. A. oi Vind. F. 
om. Ang. B. Flor. R. ota reliqai 
oodioeft et editioaea ante Bekke- 
ram, item Ficinoft: quaUa noo 
dicmuB. Ferri rix poterat 

f»^] fvqv Par. D&. fioi Ang, 

&nBiMB ] dmin^lv Viod. F. 

tva]Si Vind. F. 
fdm/ftey] Bldafuv Vat. M. 
4€^] dft^yv' Mon. B. d«^ 

nwB Ang. B. FJor. R. dBwvvg 
Vind. F. Cf. sopra p. S5a 

JeliHWfu] dUwfu MoB. B. 
^ox6A ftM Vind. fi. de« ooa Vat 
H. Fior. AC. 

^97 ] dBt Vind. F. ante corr. 

naJO^Oif^g,] Comma B^dkero de- 

ta fihf] Stcphanoft in m. vmv 
addendam ftoftpicatar, qoo epaa 
non eftfte Afttiuft docuit» 

aio^OB€iv ov] aic^0B6iMua. 

dg] om. Lob. Vat. BL B 

UuiviSg] liiav6g Viad. F. 

imOTii^^aeO-ai] SiofntiifaoO^m 
Pftr. K. ftec Bip. 

noiovaifg] Astiuft voovotfg coo- 
iicit Platonem scripftiftfte et legiftoe 
Ficinum: ^ihui •ftMHt in et» niAtl - 
aificere iliiiiifMtt. Sed aioQi^OBmg 
non est vohv^ et Fidaaft sesftam, 
non ftignificationem verbi propriam 
ftecataft eftt, qoamqaam et ipftam 
egregie huio ioco ooavenientem. 
Nam qaae ftenftuam ope percipino- 
tur, quum ita comparata ftuot, 
ut eftse aiiquid et ftimoi non eftfte 
yideaatur vel diverftam et 

trariam ftpeciem pariter extiibeant, 
senftuft' falladbuft nuntiift et in&dift 
interpretibaft ftimileft fiunt et milul 
Binoere agere merito argnantary 
et oMhfiotg Ofitk» vytkg mmvw 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVltAS LIB.m523 

at6^0iv S/iix* ta d' ix^alvovta mg xaQaxaHovvta tL C 
^liif in$Utdv 1} at6^7i6vg niiisy (mXXov tovtOf ^ vo 
ivavtlov iiiloly sXt iyyv^w XQo6nl%tov6a %lt% no^Qm^ 
^9v. id$ is & Xiym 6aq>B6tSQov Bt6ji. ovtoi , ^afihvf 
tQBig &v dw ddxtvXoij o te 6fiMQ6tatog ^aX 6 dsvtB- 
Qog nal 6 fi80og. ildvv y\ Stpri. 'Slg iyyv9w tolwv 
SQmf^ivovg kiyovt6g fftov d$avoov, dXka fiOi nsQl afkmv 
tods 6x6nsi, To nolov; ^dutvXog fiiv aitm ipalvsta$ 
oiiolwg &aOro$9 nal tavtj/ ys ov6bv 8tag>iQSif idv ts D 
^i; iii^ip oQ&tai, l&v t iv i6%dtipf idv ts Xsvxog idv ts 
yAXag^ idv ts naxug idv ts Xsntog^ xal nav ott toiov- 
rov. iv n&6i yaQ tovtoig ovx dvayx&%stai rav noXXSv 
4 ll^Z^ vi}v v6ri6iv insQi6&a^y tl not i6u ddxtvXog* 

eodem inre dicitiir, qao dvijq 01?- 
dlv vyi^g siifyucfiivog Arifltoph. 
Pia. 855. Gf. ib. 60: €&g cwodff 
^tfrl avfitpiifov t6 ftridhv ccwtv 
vyi^g #r ry vvv^ Z9^^9' Simili- 
ter infra B : ^ tSSs vioieZ hicicTff 
avrmv nQfavov fihv etc. in oai- 
bus amplificatam prosopopoeiam 

qfaivoftBva] (patvofisO^a Mod» 
B. a m. pr. 

d^lov Sri] drjXov^tt Lob. Vind, 
BB. Moo. BC. Flor. ACTUY. 
(Par. K. sec. Bip.) editi aate 
Astii lec. Cf. Vol. I. p. 16S. sq. 
ov] ov Vind. F. 
Tlota'] nola Vind. E. 
hi§ttivn] hpaivrj Lob. Vind. 
BF. Mon. C. Veii. B. Ang. B. 
Vat H. Flor. ACRV. 
r* td (f] T€t 91 Mon. C. 
^ ' inBiSiStv] inBUt av Vlnd. B. 
IBfr'] bW Vind. F. 
nQOGnlnrovaa] nlntovaa Mon. 
B. Flor. U. 

& J o Ang. B. Flor. R. fuod 

aatpioTBQOv] aatpiatsifa Moo. 

Bta^rj ] Bia Vind. F. ^ Ang. B. 
BtaBi recentiores. 

' ^v bUv] bIbv ctv Vllid. F. Ar 
bIbv ctv Ang. B. 
ndw /] ndw ys Moo.- C. 

toSs] iSSb Flor. T. 

fikv] fiiv nov Vind. F. Ang; 
B. Flor. R. Ven. C. 

nal ravTigi yB ] %al Mon. B» ] 
idqae in fine rennis a m. «. ad 
hiaCTog additam. 

idv tb] idv r' Vind. F. Ang. 

iv fiiaip ] h tS fi. Flor. T. 

idv T*] idv TB Lob. Vind.BF. 
Mon. C. 

ftiXag] fiiyag Lob. Vat Blil. 
Ven. C. 

nay^g — XtnThg] Xtwr^g — 
naxbg Vat. B. 

rocovrov] rocovro ideiiietLob. 

T&v nolXmv] Haec verba ABtiofi 
qmim in commentario secundam* 
Ficinam (jpiid e mvUh rit digi' 
tus) cam seqnente rl oonstroenda 
esse docaisset , in addendis et in 
tert. ed. glossematis sospecta lu* 
bet et eiicienda opinatur; nco- 
tram recte. Snnt enim «d rerom 
nataram perscnitandam facta in- 
genia , qaae etiam colore oonspe- 
cto aliave re non contraria, sed 
tamen ab ipso, cui inbaeret, di* 
▼ersa sensuum ope percepta exci- 
tentar, at, qaid illud -ipsnm sit, 
anqoirant et caassam explorent| 
eor digitas, ut Socratls ezemple 
iitar,qiiem albam Tident, digitot 
sit poon, qoam color nlbiis. M 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



oidiCftav yig ^ Sifis avty &fia i6if(iiips coi^ tdxtvlop 
tovvavtlov^ ij daxtvkov hlvau Ov yag ovv, Eqnj. Ov- 
xovv, ^v 8* hyeif dxotag to ys totovtov voijcaag ovx 
E av MaffaxlijtiMov ovd' lyBQttxov ^fj. Blitotag. TL Sk 
d^; to lUyB^og avtSv xal t^ Cfu^KQOtfjta ij o^^ oQa 
tnavwg oq&^ xai ovSbv aOt^ duxtpiQSt iv [U^qt tiva av" 
tmv XBi0^ai q Isr^ i^xatq^ » %al dcavtmg itaj^og xtd Ac- 
motfjta igf ludaxotfita xai Cxli/Qotiita 17 i^piji xal al 
Slkai aMhjCtig oq ovx iv8Bag td roiovTa d^Aovdiv,* 

ii pand smit: pknimonni aniiiiiis 
nou nisi contrariis aniinadvenia 
aollicitari eC ad pluioiophandiim 
impelii golet. 

imQic^ai] hciqBC^ai Vind.F. 
Flor. R. inat^^ai, Vind. BB. 
Mon. C. Vat. H Fior. ACV. ad 
dUeeptandum provoeare Fic 

Itfri] l<Frl Lob. Vind. BB. 
Astius in tert 

a^xn 1 Ita Par. A. aSvTfi Lob* 
otFt^ yind. BEF. Mon. C. Ven. 
B. Ang. B. Vat. H. Flor.ACTV. 
etvvri reliqui com edida ante Bekr 

afuc] om Lob. Mon. B. Vat 
BM. Ven. C. Pto. K. Flor. U. 

iciifnivs] Ita Par. AD. Vind. 
F . Mo n. B. Ven.C. Ang.B. Flor. 
ACTY. ic^fnfipi tB Fior. U. Par. 
K. sec. Bip. icfi(ifivt sec. Beklc. 

gio^fuuvB Lob. Vind.BB. Mon.C. 
?lor. R. et, nisi fallor, Vat. 
HM. Ven. B. de qmbos Bekke- 
ms item nt de Yind. B. tacnit) 
cnm Ald. Bas. ab. Steph. Ast 
pr. sec Aoristum etiam Stepha- 
nos Tidetnr desiderasse, etsi p. 25. 
acripsit: wVide annon potins ioff- 
fuuvB scribendum sit.*' At id 
ipsun ediderat 

Ov ydif Qvv] o^yaQWif Lob. 

v6 yB] th yind. F. Ang. B. 

TOfOvvoy] TOM>vro Lob. Vat 

01$^ iyBQtviiv] owL Ven. B. a 

E "'^/'ai di}] xL 8€d dif Par. A. 
ai) o». MoB. B. Par. DK. Flor. 
U. onm editis ante Bekkemm. * 
StaUbanndns hi vtraqoe ed. etaam 
apud UmbHchMi id eistare m»- 


net , sed lamblichi locum non si- 
goificat, nec ego inreni. 

Ofujc^OTiTra] Ofux^rara Vhid. 
F. Flor. R. 

a^a] &Qa Lob. Vind. EP. 
Flor. ACUV. et a m. pr. Mon. B. 

huxvm^ ] 1%, jcal Mon. C. 

d^^,] 09^; Bas. ab. Steph. 
Ast pr. 

^ar»} iaxdvmv M0D.B. Par. 
DK. Flor. U. editi ante B^e- 
mm. tn ejrtremif Fic. 

dq^;] In Vmd. B. Mon. B. 
Ald. Bas. ab. nulk h. I. jnter- 
pundao est 

aio^ifsig] Hic Ahl. . 
Bas. ab. interrogationis 

Sfjlovotv; ] dijXovOfv 
Bas. ab. quod ferri potest 

^ code noieZ] steSde notti Yat 
a Ven. B. Bt «r inoUi Lob. 
Vat M. (SdB nouX Par. D. a m. 

6r d* inoui Par. K. sec 
iip. . . . . d* inolsL sec Bekk. ^ 
moi nfj Vind. B. ^ ovx a>d£ noiBl 
Mon. B. et oorr. Flor. U. Id 
Sdileiermadienis secntus est et 
Stallbaumius in sec. reoepit Sed 
(|uae pnecedunt, a^' ov% ivdsmgf 
idem significant, quod J^' dvtv- 
iBmg sen hutvag. 

aihmv' ] avvmv; Bas. ab. 
Steph. Ast nr. sec Stallb. sec 
aiffvmv y Bd±erus , Ast tert 
Stallb. pr. 

vivayfiivfi] vs vBvaffievfi^ e524 
oorr. jre vayfiivfif Mqo. B. 

ifvdyxaavai} fjvdyfuxo^^ai Bloo. 
C. ante corr. 

r^] fikv Bas. b. 

fM^ayyiXisi] xoQayyiUt Vkid. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


99 xmsayfiivri al69^6^ ^vdyjca6ta^ %al bA t^ fMloMa 
%9ti%9a^ %a\ uaQayyiJJiBi ty i^vxQ lug tavtov ^nlfi^iv 
XB %al fiaXa%6v al69avofiiv^ ; Ovtmgj iqni. Oikovv, 
^ d* iydf avay%aiov Iv rotg toiovtoig av x^v ifvxv^ 
anoQBiVy tl nox% o^iialvBi, avtfi 1} (d6%7i6ig ti 6%X^Q0Vy 
BXnsQ x6 crvTo %al iiaXa%dv Xtyei^ %al 17 tov %ovq>ov 
xal 17 xov Pafiog, xL t6 %ovipov %al fiaQVf il to X9 
fiaQV xovipov %al x6 %ovfpov fiaQd 6fifialvBt; Kal yctQ^ B 

F. ^Crediderim TUc^ayyiXXsi mii- 
tandam eue ia nifoaayyilXH.^* 
Steph. annot. pag. 25. Sdlicet 
naifoyyiXlnv yolgo non factnm, 
sed &<aendQm dennntiare, hor- 
tari, imperare significat, et ita 
Plato Cnton. p. 50. D. Phaedon. 
59. E. 116. C. et alibi eo utitur. 
8ed ea qnoqne , qvae agi et fieri 
non poMunt, sed credi et vera 
haben et, si res ita ferat, pro 
norma ajg^endi obaerrari iabentury 
naifayyiXXsifO-ai dicit Sic sapra 
L. IIII. p. 429. C. nbi fortitadi- 
nem eam Tim esse demonstrat, rj 
dia nctvrbg ^maei ti^v nBQl tAv . 
dsiviSv do|cnr, ravrd vt anivA 
etvai «al Toictvza . S tb %al ota 
6 vofio^irrrig naqnyyBOiSV h rj 
naidBlif. et 442. C. tom fortem 
aliquem praedicans, orair avrov 
v6 Ovfiofidhg dcatfo>£« did tsJLv- 
ntSv %al fjdovmv t6 vn6 rov X6' 
yov naifoyyeX^^ dsivov ts xal 
fifij. et sapientiam in ea animi 
parte ponens, 8 ^(fxi t' iv avTip 
xeel TOVTa naQiiyyMiv. "Confer 
L. Vm. p. 5^. D. Ita hic «en- 
sam oontraria nuntiantem utraque 
eredere animom iubere atque 
ita roagna pertnrbatioBe implere 
eignificat. Aliter res habet Ke- 
noph. Anab. VI. 3, 22. qao loco 
nagayyiXXoviH iure ■ecandnm 
optimos libroa in dnayyiXXcvif$ 
mutatnm est. 

aUOavop.ivfi'] ai&Oonivri com 
ttvo super o Ven. B. Signom 
interrogandi cam Mon. B. appo- 
sui propter sequena ov-riDg, qood 
magia refpondends, qnam asseiH 
tientii Yideretiir. Idon Astiai in 

tert et Stailbaomios in sec. fece- 
runt Bekkerus punctnm tennit. 

iv] iv ys Vlnd. F. Ang. B. 
Flor. R. ^ 

av rijv] avT^v Bas. b, av di- 
Tersam liaram perceptionum ab 
illis , quae animum morere non 
solent , indolem demonstrat 

«^tij 17 aftf^tftff ] ita Par. A. 
Vind. BEF. Mon. C. Yen. B. 
Ang.B. Vat.H. et Fidnas: (diirO 
Af «eiisti*. Pro (xvrrj io Mon. B. 
Flor. ACUy. a^TTJ , in reliquis 
et Tulgo avvj legitur, quod fa- 
dlios, si opos sit, ad ai]fialvei. 
qoam avTtf , c|ao opas est, ad 17 
atisOfiaig cogitando addas. Non 
entm facultatem aut instmmentum 
percipiendi, sed ipsam perceptio- 
nem b. ). intelligendam esse se- 
quentia 1} TOtli %ovq>ov xal ij rov 
pagiog docent , qnibus avrrj if 
atdOTitttg , hoc est, 17 Tiyvifilrj- 
^ov afnOTjaigf optine respondet. 

iniXfiifdv] ifnXTf^dv Bas. a. Ge- 
nitimm , quem Ast^s in tert re- 
quirit, post avTff nemo deridera- 

xal] 0«. Vat. H. 

XiyBi] Xiyoi, Vind. B. Ven. B. 
Vat. H. Flor. AC. In Bas. ab. 
signnm interrocandl adiectom. 

1} TOti paifiog] paifiog Lob. 
Vat. M. Tov gaifiog Vat. B. Ast 
pr. sec. ii Tov BctQimg Vind. F. 

TO T«] T« TO Vind. F. T^Tf 

Ald. Bas. ab. „ts to] totc Ang. 
a^* Bekkerns ad h. I. adnotans 
cam Vind. F. potins , qoara c«m 
Ald. oonsentientem si^iuncare co- 
dioem AngE^cam Toloisse ridetar. 
^fuUvti ;] 9rffudvs$. Ald. Stepk 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


Mhftmg da6fM»au ELw&%m% oq, ^ d' iyrn^ iw xoi$ 
tou^Qig %Qm%o¥ nh¥ XBiffitai loyi^pLW xb koI yidgtfitr 
ilfvx^ 9taQ€CHalov6a ku^Mmlv^ «Iv« tv dx% tvo i€x\v 
Sxaaxa xmv d6ayyBiXonhav. IliSg j' ov; Ovtcovv lav 
ivo q^aLvfflac , bxbqov xs ml tv indxsQOV ipalvBtai ; NaL 
El aga hf ixdtBQov, aiitpotBQa dh dvo^ xa ys diio xb- 
XOQi^iiiva voi^^BL' ov yaQ av dxaQUSxd yB 8vo Ivda^ 
C ftJU' Sv. *OQ»iSS' Mkya (i^v xal otlfig xal oiuxqov lci^K^ 
ipaiuVf dll' ov KBxmQiOfiiifov , dkXd ^0vyxBx;uiUvov xi. 
i^ yaQ; Nal, did Si x^ xoikov ^af/njvBiav fiiya av 
tud C(^lxq6v ^ vorjCig ^ayxdc^fj ISbIv ov CvyxBXviUva, 
dXkd 8i(OQi6iiiva , xovvavxlov , tj 'xBlvti. *AXij&ij. Ovxovv 
ivxBv&i» xo&Bv XQotov IxiQXBxai iQio&iu i^fuv, xl ovv 
fcox %6ti x6 niya ai xal x6 ^pitxQov; Ilavxdnaii phf 
ovv. ■ Kal ovtm 8^ xo luv voiixovy xo 8* oqoxov ixor 

Bdckenii ci Stailbaaiuiu io pr. 
qoae ratio seqaeDtibos aeqoe con- 
Teoteoa loinus oooyenife praeoe- 
deotibua et illi oi^xovy videtar. 
« avW] Ita Par.A. Lob. Viod. 
^ BfiF. Moa. C. et a m. s. B. (a 
m. pr. aixa) Vea, B. Aog. B. 
Vat. HM. avW (Flor. Par. K. 
•ec. Bip.) editii aote Astii sea 
qai FiGio«m(A«€ — mterpretatio' 
mm^ •ecatos eii. De reliqoiaBek- 
ken lihris oon cooatat 

«il om. Flor. T, non male. 

«9 ] dq>' Bas. b. a^a Lob. 
Vind. BBF. a^a Mon. C. 

tB] om. Lob. Vat BM. 

^X^J ^Zi9 Viod. F. 

ftve Jp] Bilp Ald. Bas. a. 

dfupoTBQa dh ] dfuDovBoa VB 
Lob. Vat. BM. 

vdyB] vd VB Mon. C. 

^ofi* ] ipvou Vat. H. kpog 
Bas. b. 
C %ccl oifig] Ita Par. AK. et « 
m. 8. D. Vind. B. Moo.BC. Vcn. 
C. Vat H. FJor. UV. 8^ Lob. 
Vat BM. 9cai 17* o^i^ An«. B. 
Flor. AC. Viiid. F. et poet »«l 
^MMKfOF B. ij oipis (Fior. R.) 
Ald. Baa. ab. Steph. Aat Stitlib. 
pr. Idem ia Flor. T. aed poat 
Mii ^luMQiiM kiitar, Jh Ven. B. 

•t m. pr. Par. D. Bekkema oikil 
oatendit ma^^fiii» quidtm et por- 
9um aapectium mdere dieimu»^ 

ajuHQOp] (UMQov Moo. C. 

if] 3 ViDd.F. Mon.B. 'HAld. 

0/U9iQiv] c int Tera. Mon. C. 

laBtv] 16 Bi», Bas. ab. Stepk. 
StoUb. sec. 

S 'KBlvfi 1 lU Par. A. Lob. 
Vbd. B. Vat BHM. Ven. BC 
Ang. B. et, nt videter, Vind. F. 
^ uUvfj Flor. ACTV. et corr. 
Mon« C. ^ biBiafti idem ante oorr. 
€um rdiquii et editis. CL VoL L 
p. 154, b. 

moObv] om, Mon. C. sd^cr 
Vind. EF. 

n(f£vov] om, Viad.B. Mon.C 
post ^niifXbtai Lob. Vat Ktf. 
Flor. T. n^vov fihr Vind. £F. 
Ven. B. Anfr. B. Fior.ACR. edi- 
tiooes ante Bekkerura. 

i(fie^ai] Sic Bekkema secnn- 
dum Ven. B. Par. DK. de qno 
Bipontini tacent. Non aiiter Lob. 
Vind. E. Mon. B. Relk)W mm 
ot Florentini onm edttia anto 
Bekkemm l^fiote* habent. 

nov Uti] Ita Lob. nozHau 
Viod. F. «or' inl YmS. BB. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


%d^vp A^tt^, dg ti filp fca^axlrpmd t^g dwvok^ 
i^fi^ xd d' ov, m pAv dg t^ cMhfiw Sfw «oC^ foffv^ 
siocg iavTOft^ Ifnrtem, mip^ncibfVMfa jfiC^^V^^^' ^^ '^ 
fi^> otk ifBQtiTid tijlg voij^amg. Mmf^avm tolvw ijiii^ 
S^» xmi doHBt fioi ovfou Tl oiv; a(fi%i$6g ta ml td 
Sr jeoTi^iDV AoKCt aJvoi ; Ov ^pwomf l9>i/. "i^lA' ix tnv ^ 
9Q08iifitfUvafw 9 i^pi^Vy dvaloyl^ov. d fthv ydg htavmg 
avtd xait* avto i^arm ij AXXji twl a^i/Ofii lafifidvBr' E 
tm to Sv, ovx Sv ohtov bXti iml t^ ofi^lav^ S^miQ 
iml rot; daxtvlov Uiyofuv* %ld* dsl vt avtip Sfux oqS- 
Wft ivccvtlmfLay S4te fcijdhr fi&XXov iv^ ij xcA toivavttov 
^lve^tav y vov imxQtvovvtog d^ Uoi uv ^iki , ^ nul 
dvay%d%oit av iv avttp qyvx^ dTtoQsiv xal ^fpsBlv xivovOa 
iv ictvry t^v tvvoiav xal dvBQOt^Vy tl not l6tiv avto 
vo ivf xal ovtm ttSv dyoyfAv av Bhj xal iista^tQBmiMtav-SiS 


Mon. Ba JUd. BoA. ab. Steph. 

9fuii(f6v] fU9Q6p Lob. Sigmiai 
ukterrogaii£ in Ald. et l^ph. 

t6 ^] rd d* Lob. 

'Oo^oTMv'] ov^ra^ Mon. C. 
io^ixata Lob. i^nzaxa Viiid. 

td d*] raa' y]nd.F. td^ Mon. 
B. r& r Ald. Bm. th. tddh 
Vind. BB. 

Ti^sr] «m. Floc. T. 

l«v«o^] om. Mon. B. 

6(fiS6/isvog] i^aiopBvog Vind. 
F. et JBtf(Se Flor. A. 

ovtidJ ovTfl»^. Bekkenu. 

Ti 0^9 ;] In AM. Ba«.»k jnlla 
bic diftinctio, aed deinde MNst 
%v cowna eat. Simli aodo Fi- 

nori^v] vtdrt^ Mon. BC. 
Vind. BfE. Flor. T. et a ro. {ir. 
Ven. B. n^tBQOV Yat. £L Ftor. 

i^v] Im Vii^. F. 

htav»^] imvog idem. Deiade 

jly d;ix6s^] £iro2ieoir Leb. Mon. 
B. dy ^ANOir Pac. K. «ee. Bekk. 
Flor. T. In Vat Bl lacona «f t 
CL fopra p. 276. 

ri aittfi] vB, e eorr. tt^ ait6 
Vind. F. 

17] otn. Vind. B. 

Toivavxiov] tov vaivtlov AU. 
Bas. a. 

iHj] om, Vind. E. Fler. R. 

avayiui^oit'] dvayxdioi r* AM. 

fcvrfli 'V^^Jt'? "^" ^^avta tavta 
528. C.] •«. Vind, B. Mon. C. 
Vat H. line nilo iacwae indicio. 
Hes iptnr trei ex «10 .deriTatoe 
habemos, in emo caan aliqm, qoar 
lem L. VI. p. 507. B. Veneto C. 
acGidisfle vidimug, ista interierant. 
Pro ovT^ Fior. T. Baa. b. aiti 

ia^V\ ^avT^ Ald. ,tAlia ctiam 
est lectio, Tuvovaa iv ait^ np * 
ivvoucvs sed iv lovr^ retiaea- 
nraa necesse est.'* Steph. p. 25. 
Vereor, ne haee leetio noa fi- 
▼enui ait ab ea , ^oani aodo ex 
Baa. b. retoiimus. 

ti sor' Ifriy] lU Lob. Vind, 
F. — l«rlr dvo relimii mei et 
Ald. Baa. ab. fiteph. Aat 

T^ ] oni. Ven. B. a m. nr. 

dfmymv] dvafiVfSv Um. B. 525* 
IW. DK. Fhr. U, et n «. e. 
Ven. C. 

fieraor^MrrciuDy] fUTa^tQmt^ 
wiv Vind.& ^ fl tf fo arrw marLob. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


bA Tqp tav Svwg fHm» ^ «pl ti Sv fiH&ifii^ 'AHk 
fAnnoif I99, tovxo y %9ft oii% ^fuOfut 1} dsQk aM 
o^rifi* &lta yoQ tavtip 6$ iv ta ifmfu» %a\ 6q axu^a 
to nl^og. Ovxovp JhnQ to Sv, ^ i* iytif xal {vfiMc 
aQiX^liog tavtov xkaovttB to6to; IlSg d^ ov; ^AlXa pifv 
ioyiOttaif ta xal dQi^f^f/tiwj mqI apiXtfLOV maOa. Eai 
B fM^Jla. Tama H ys ^alvttai ayioya tCQog aXijttiav. 
'7}asQfpvmg (ilv ovv. ^Av S^rovfiev oQa, mg £n«8, /La- 
9fipidtav av tlif nols(iuUf (ihv yoQ dut t&g tS^iug 
avafoaXov iml9bZv tavta, ipUo66^>ip 81 dia ro Tqfi ov- 
6lag - aMtiov slvai yeviosag ij^aivvti , ^ p>fi8ixots 
XoyiOtm^ ysfvio&ai. "Eoti tavt\ 19)17. 'O 8i ys ijfiirc- 
Qog ifviali aoUfWi6g ts xoL tpiho^otpog TOj^avsi Av. 

Yind. F. Vat BM. Aiig. B. Fior. 
ACRT. ficraT^esrTixdy , mp,mVy 
Yeiu B. 

tttf^tfiff] adOtaig Ald. 

lt3lX&] akXA Ald. Ba8.b. Steph. 

/] ye Yind. BF. 

f}] ^ Par. K. aec Bekk. et, 
vt Tidetttr,' a m. pr« Moii. B. 
iUm Ald. Baa. ab. 

a^v6 ] Ita Vind. BF. Ang. B. 
FUr.ACTV. et a m. pr. Ven.B. 
vd aii%6 reliqni onm editis ante 
Bekkerum. At nondnm aiiud quio- 
i|iiam de nne praedicatom eat, nt 
liec tanquam altenm eidcm aad- 
gnandnm proponi potnerit. 

v€eih6v 1 ravro Ven. B. vs 
ttfho Vind. B. Ang.B. vb aivip 
Vind. F. iptum Fic 

& re] ivzl Vind. B. 

nl^Oos, Ovnovv] al^Oog^o^^ 
novv Aid. 

sttUQ] vaho Vind. B. 

veevvhv] Ita cnm fiekkera, 
Astio in tert et Stallbaumio ae- 
cnadoB Par. A. Ven. C. pro vav- 
v6 scribendom potayi, quia iidem 
librarii alibi , vdut Tim. p. 44. B. 
Par. A. et infra p. 530. A. Ven. 
C. roiird ante eandem a eilu- 
bentes non praeoeptum aliquod 
de pleniore forma nbiqne reprae- 
•entanda, sed exttnpfarium mu^ 
ram scriptnram li, 1« aecnti n- 

523. B 

tovvo] 0«. Vat. M. voifvm 

Par. A. qnod mnlto 
quia Socrates non qnidYis, sed 
cerUun quoddam, de qno modo 
dixerat, nniverso numero pariter 
atqne nri aocidere sicnificat,^ 

Par. K. sec Bekk. 
ii yB] ys om. Flor. T. 
^Slv] Vlnd. B. Cf. p. 


aoUfu»f] aoXmixmg Vind. B. 

fikv] om. idem a Fler. T. 

vijg ovalag] vng o». Ang. B. 

vavv' ] vavva Lob. Vind. B. 

tpilocoipog ] ^filooo^ofr Ald. 
Bas. a. 

r^ fiixOyifM] v6 om. FbMr.ACV. 

fuOiifiiv] fMtiiv Ven. C. et 
n m. pr. Par. D. 

&rl loyiovtn^v] kuXoy, Vind. 
B. iid loycorixoy Flor. V. 

iMdmB&Oeu] Utv Owwb^Oiu 
*Vind. F. Hanc Socratis ^««9 
Hieo Smpnaens de arithm. p. 8. 
Geld. mmus accurate reatat: 
daviov d^ v^g (id cod. ScaL 
omittit.) loyuntvi^g aif idimvmmg^ 
dll' dg Siv iai Oiav v^g vmv 
dift^ftmv opvtftog dtplTtmwat vy 
iroiftfct, ovdl 9t(fdcsmg td^» ^^ 
flrdpcM^ 4 itaanjlmv fiBXevmwtg^ 
dXX ivBxa fvxrjg^v^g h^ dhi- 
Ouuv «fld OV0&V odov. 

avv^g] avvtSv Par. K. 

dXX'] dXld rmd. F. dXXit vai 
Flor. ACT. 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ai fii^; IlQoc^aw d9 to fuxfhffuz «v ^, <d HovxoMr, 
vofi0»st^6€u tmA mI»9w tovq fiiUUmaq iv %y tcolm 
tmf ftMylemt lu^i^ew im iaytotiniiv lipm$ ual wA&^ C 
#ts#^ai ciih;^^ ^ l^mtmmqy uU\ emq Sv hilMw njg 
tfOv dgi^fuSp ^Mog mplxmvtm t§ voi^Obi aivtf, aux . 
mv^ ovSk m^io$mg j^v mg IfisroV^ V MMPflotis 
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ig^itridBvy^ akXd fi^ Toi; xastiiXevuv. Ilij d^; iq)ti. Tovto ySj 

ce^/iMMYiu] wplwovttu Viad. 
R Flor. R. 

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Ita yind. IBF. Mon. B. (bic cam 
gravi a ih. g. saper a po^ita: 
fttc&inqwp^s} Vat B. Ven BC. 
Par. D. FU»r. ACR13V. et Ald. 
Bas. ab. (hae cnm pnncte post 
^X^9) Ast. sec. tert Stallb. nec 
aliter Tlieo tidetiir legiase. ifro- 
Xijg ^a&cdvTjg xal ftBvaarifOtpTJg 
Lob. Par. K. Ang. B. Vat. M. 
Flor, T. Steph. A«t. pr. fffvx^g 
^ix<tTmvrjg te f*ttttav(fo<pjjg Par. A. 
Bekkema. qnod etfli ferri poi^t, 
ita nt VB, quemadmodnm tucI sne- 
pios, epexegesi inserTire statua* 
tnr, qualem Leg. L. V. p. 744. 
B. in Terbia xoXXmv iv&ux tav 
T£ %m^ noXiv xatqmv icotrjtog 
SvsKa facere yidetur, eoque aacito 
particnla %al qnomodo in codicea 
nonnullofl yenerit faciliua intelli- 
gatur, tamen qunm ts in nno 
tantnm libro ezstet, pariter atque 
%al ad eTitandum genitivorum 
concursum iaterpolando additum 
crediderhn. Quem concursum acri- 
ptorea non reformidasse Mattfaiaei 
eoiempla gramm. p. 699. n. 2. do- 
cent. ipvjc^g ^actdvrj antem (ts- 
taatffotp^g non ineleganter oon- 
ditioQem animi eo, quod iam fa- 
dlitu conrertatnr, meJioran red- 

Platonis Op. n. 

dendaan m^pnfieat et ita iffvt^ 
'^e^tmvij dicitur, nt ainnl ^mt- 
otifOfpijg ^aatfovfj ease demon- 
aCretnr. Pari brevitate Tim. p.d4. 
B^ 17 t^g onXUstmq cnhmv 9%i4ig 
danid€»v xal ^o^ttrmv onmit«rae 
eonon raiio tit e^peonmi et km- 
9iarum unt poiita appeliatQr, qaafi 
dicatnr 17 t^$ onUasmg axiatg 
Aanldwv xai doifdttav axiatg 

in dXrjOstdv rs] ts in dlif- 
OBtav Vind. B. Flor. ACR. 

v^ xtfll om. Vind. R. soi 
Flor. T. vvv Vind. P. Flor. R. 

iwom'} iwoip Ald. 

noXXaxffl noXXax^ Ald. Bas.a. ] 
(Bekkerufl et Stallbaumiufl/) nol- 
Xaxti Vind. F. noXXaxov Par. K. 
aoXXaxoZ Mon. B. 

ovrd] avtmv Vtad. E. avuS 
Vat M. 

nij] nmg Vind. E. Flor. T. 

Il9irc» y«] Tov tj6^9 Ald. — 
Theo i. c. post oSov ita pergit: 
TOVTO yd^ Svm &yht trjv '^2^9 
ital mpl avtmv tmv d^t^umv 
dvavxdiH dtaXiyBaOat, oint dno- 
dsxoftivov, &v ttg avt^ampata 
^ avtd o^atd f^of^ra di^t^iftovg 
{dQiJ^ftdv cod. Scalig.) nifoa^>9' 
ifoitsvog dtaXiyrjtai. in quibva 
, Gelderus fj avta et ixfwta 00- 
cnndnm Platonem in dntd fj tt 
'itowag nmtavit. 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 

TL AT« Nr* 

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ifwX^ jfol %Bfi mkiv xm¥ i^ibpm imiymifj^h h mli 485 
TnMvTii 9v<fltftjl iSxolcxtfisvofr^ Wv «ft« ««# 09«WC 1( 
4smi tfiDfim a %%wtag ^i^fkomg mifovm^pLW9$ iudifii- - 
E^m. olMa fOQ »00 «mg mpl voora fctrovs» 0»^ liikr 
«r« «^A so 9fr imxavg tfp iif^ tiffvmiu^j 9uauty$lm0l ' 
«s nal od» iMoSixovta^, dUJ ii» mi OBQfmlifig om^ 
htihfo^ molkttMlaOiw^v f anila^fsffroi', fnf sorc ^MOif 
td %p n^ iVy dkka %oX3id ^Qia. ^Jh/fifictmta , Jltf% 
50ivUfifff. 17 ovv loltt, «{ riilatiiMiv^ ol «t^ l^voiimroMd, 
\a ^Mij^m) ^Cfl «ofw A^iX^fbmlkaiii^ty iv ok 
<fo <v olov vfuig diiiovti ktnVf loav v$ hmmtov mm 

«of] ntj Mon. B. Par. DK. 
^tor, U. «di^ ante Bekkmm; 
-mndy ^HML re^ .ttdTerbb &w 
^Higoata aatii 'Wrta et in ante» 
aedcntibas MrmMiilNis definita eft, 
alicai tenendnm «vidari rpaaiil 
-fied «lui ofatftat, qno 
non nd tetuni clfyoy aed ad «mu 
fparteni vefeiMaQi : in nljfnani «i- 
;|MnarJrr«fiontt iocMR. 

wi^ccfnjli /Mofiff YM. F. 

dnodsxofievov] dnodsxofUPtg 
*ldr. T. 

«tf»jfl €tvtn ^md. rF. FJor. 
AC. aiSto ial Ang. B. mf»tij¥ 
i«l cff Plor. T. 

airra] ro«tf «« Vind. 8. 4{«o 
T«i Flor. AC. inl zd Flor. T. 
iarl rd c?«prc2 Ang. B. 

h(mtas] ixowa Ang. B. Flor. 

df^fio^g] dQiOfibv lllon. B. 
m m. •• Quid a m. pr. foerit, 
non liqnet. In m. a m. 0. yo. 
oio kabet 

s^orciydfM^] poatdAi4^Ttti 
:F!or. T. 

jrQ«].om.«Lob. Yat. M. 
Tovtf ] nofcio oidns omre 10 
Aft. pr. «t.ia«c..^«idit. 

^hmoig^ » > «0 ] ^t if^o^^ dlvo «iff 
>Pftr. A. VAt. ^. .Ven. C. Hoc 
•M), rcoina cigD in n^s Ubria 
•mUuffl /festiginm 4^preh^idi, non 
•babeo, ^aiide oKtwn ant quo re- 
f fBrondnm diqaffl, qim forte ,notae 
cnipiam nnmero ,§ 

«cholion in Par. A. adacriptnm, 
tovg diftfkfu^mtpgf ad bnnc nan- 
textuA partem et ad wrba ^opg 
«€^l tavvm dMkvopg areTooaaatnr, 
originem debet. Nam dno tanCnm 
arithm tt i w i, iqni^piidem iMcao- 
mtne digni eoMnt, qneuiqwmi m- 
.gnificare volnliie ^oii cradntf 
.pBieiOitim qunm illi obdioei ab 
oiuiinadi ^glniiematii liberi «Mm 
ooicant; ^|ood ipium impedit, qno 
minai ez mterpretaminlD sig 94o 
•oA ieqneBtf v^imuv appoitto b»- 
-aiduum exiatimemni. 

%ts] re Mon. JB. E 

dXX] dXU rmd. B. 

noVMmXoMPM] wMd^har 
movoiv idem. 9so2»»lam4nmp 
Lob. yat.M. 

^^ttvn ] q>ctva Rar. JL 

/117 fv^ dXXd noXXd] dXXd Moo. 

.o£e<] oUO^u Vlnd. S. oUd'' 
Bor. ACT. 

d^vti ia^w ] dtiovvt^ im^SStS 
Xob. Vat. BM. uiu>vvT€ itnl 
Yon. C d^ioizB fovitr Vind. £F. 

laov] laov .Lob. cnm editii 
,ante ^B^eruni' taov Mon. B. 

^4M»t^6v] o^pc^o Yind. S. 

iiiafpiqov ] Stepb^um .iatecro- 
ig^tiooiii Uf^tam , reliqfii .e^toseo 
.no^ma adi^nint. 
^niqkov.xB] ftoQiov zi .Vind^S. 

aUis ^ ] dXXag dl Vind.|aP. 

ovyl M. Viod. JB. et a m. #r. 
Von. B. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



mtvxl Mxl miil ^fUMQw itaipUtov ni^i&v %% l%w h 
iavz^ oiUv; tl m oXu «utov^ ixouQiva69m^; Jbvfo 
iytoyB, oti mbqI %om€»¥ XbyovCiv^ mv diovoiftHjvui il6^ 
vov lyjinQtl, iiXng i* wdafUtg fUftaxBifttU^a^. iwa^ 
tov. 'Ooqig ovv , ^ d' iym, d ^Ua, Svft c^ om 
AvayaaZov i^fiiv %wivv%vu tlvai td initbUMa > jffMiq 
^alvBtal ya %Q06avafyitaijov avti t ^ voij6u %Qij09aB B 
ttiv iwjn^ h^ awqv t^ alf^uavi JJTai ii)v itj^ igpii, 
0q)iiQa ys noul avtd. Tl ii; toia tiiii ixiOKiifm, ag 
oZ tB q»i6u Xoyuftiaol Blg xdvta td fut&^iiata mg Saog 
bImbIv o^BHg fiovtaif oZ ts PQaiBig, av h toffttp nai- , 
igv^mot 9ud yvnvaOBovtat^ Ttav ii^^iiv oUa ApBli^m6iVf 

ijr]^©». VW. F. Flop. AC. 

«fi 89%1'i v«or*t Viod. SL 

dwayuaiov 'Afnm tuifSwsvsi tt* 
Mr<1 «. 6. a. 1). L«bb V«t M. x. 
4. JL §. Flor. T. 
B y») 99 Flor. V. 

M^0W9aytui[ow] nQoatamyiui^ 
tiMf Lob. 

cn^TJf Tjl] Tjf •»• Par. A. eC 
ooito iioa Deeofouiiim oet 6ic 
L. mi. p. 437. S. avTov nmgiu-* 
itoty hniai JitNti p. 517. BL «v«' 
oi^ diii«iO#ifin{ir leginuii. 8e4 
<|iiiiv in reiiquio oo&ilHis omni- 
1mi8 exf tet et posl advg faciUime 
praetomiCAi < librario potnori^ 
pfo geniaiio habendiiBi ▼idolkir. 

^ ifvxn^] «5 ^Pnn Vind. F. 
¥at B. Flor. AC. 

Is' anJn^] inw. Viiid. B. 

fiy\ (iilv Par. DK. (Flor. 
RTUV. ) om ante Bekkomm. 

- TLdi;] TMff/; Stanbaumius 
in sec. cum Par. A. coi in hoc 
▼ocabulo nilul tribuendum euo 
«aepo ezperti tumiu. Neque voro 
hoc , quod se^ uitur , tanti ad 
summam quaesUonis momenti est. 

^9ri] om. Par. K. Sequcntia 
Thoo 1. 0. p. 9. in haec ooatra- 
xit: h$ ol loYUtrinol sig ndvw 
(tinmntvt ood. Scal.) xd ^uMi' 
fkma oiBlg tffoovvaiy of va |?^ 
d%St Big tA iivjtooi {otoTi^ov 
(ood. ThnsB.) «iiTOi ^id duo codd. 
Baiw.«mittint) aitmv ytivit^ai* 

loyMmxol] loymol LoU Vat 

^QVxa^] Ita Pbr. A* Vind. 
ISF* Ven. C. Ang. B. Vat M. 
Fkor. ACRT. et Theo. fpalvov^ 
taif fup. vov, Lob. tp^Uvovtm 
reliqui septem cum oditia. ^'^- 
<iir Flc. falvovxai non 
eot et fem debebat, donoc l^tOi- 
bat meliuat meliua ett f^ovxM 
propterea, quod acomen lUod at- 
que ingenii sollertiam, quae nar» 
turali arithmotioes &ciiltat« piae- 
ditis ad onuiem sdentiam adesse 
soleat, item naturalem, non arta 
avt «xercitatione paratam osso 
certius et sine ulla ambiguitato 
^igniftcat» ex quo fotndtaUm 
ab ipsa natura instituto coosortio 
Socrates futnrum coniicit, nl qqi 
orithmoCioeB ii|e doceanliiry iidem 
vofiquam soieotiam optimo jMrc»- 
piaat^ Neque repugnantiae spo^ 
des, quum ol tfv^H loymiauly 
qooa tamep natos esso oporteal^ 
priusquam tales aominaii possipty 
iterum 6iu% ipvsod^iu dicauiftar, 
deterrere nos debet Sit enim 
prolepsis quaedam, qoa ad sub- 
lecci descriptiioiiom interdum rof 
praedicato non antenores tem- 
poroy sed posterioros adhibenturt 
oi q)vm ioyiaratolf qjd ^uidem 
postinodnm tales apimntan san^ 
iisig fpvowsu eo scilioet teouMH 
re, qno ^vosi toytatmol noDdiim 


Bodflm modo 


igitized by VjOOQ lC 


Bfi&s slgyBtd didtsgoi avtol avtm yt>vtd*«t «awag 
C biUtiSoaCiVi^Eeuv, Igwj, otn». Kid fi^, dg fy^t^ 
Sya fia/S» %6vov ^agix^ iiav^avovtt wd luXttavth 
ov% av ^dlms oiith MoUid &v eugoig 6$ mOto. <hi 
fuQ o6v. Ilmvtwv iii ivtxa tovtmv. ovtt aq>stiov %6 
Iti^nfia, &iX ol oQiOtoi «ag fpA^g tmitmioi iv «v- 
t^. SivmV^^^ n *' 5s- '^^^ «*^ toLvwy dmovy %v 
flfilv xUotho' divtBQOV ih to ixoiisvov tovtov ox&lH6iu»a 

caodiis est Phaedri locus p. 253. 
C: dUanstitt, dl dii 6 aUf sd^elg 
TOidadt TQonoi. et Leg. L. VIIII. 
p. ^. A: idv f^ 6 TBXevnicceg 
xqIv TslevT^6cci t6» dQdaeevTa 
q)6vov dtpiQ hnnv. Ceteram vcr- 
Imm qpveo^i non femel in fpaL- 
VBCf^a^ corrnptiim est. Cf. supra 
L. VI. p. 508. B. et Leg. L.llll. 
paff. 712. A. ubi pro ^trai ia 
Ven. B. Vat. CM. et Flor. C. 
tpahsvaiy in Flor. AW^ tpaletai 
cmn V raper al lesitar. 

dr ^ J iAv iv Ven. B. iAv 
Vind. EF. ctv Ang. B. 

rovr^)] Tovrm cnm csrcmnflezo 

snper acnto et o mper o Vind. 


neu8ev0m6i] natdBvd^diaiv Lob. 

firfdhv] pnfiSi Par.K. secnndum 


6ivT9QOi] 6tf^SQOV Vind. F. 
^g. B. 

avTmv] aii. Mon. B. Vind. BF. 
Ald. Bas. ab. ktVTSv Lob. Vat 
M. Flor. AV. 

intdi86aaiv ;] ini8i86a6iv. c* 
snpra tpalvovvai ; editl aate Aatii 

ovvm,] o^Tixfg. Bekkenu et 
Stallbauminfl, qni alibi Bekkentm 
in hac re non fleouitor. 
5 tfye] dys Vind. F. 

fisitm] futiov Lob. Vat. M.^ 
novov) n6vmv A!d, — Ut dif* 
ficlle esset quod diseerent futori 
dntatii cnstodes et philosophiy 
Socrate» L. VI. p. 503. E. re- 
qubiTerat, eoque magis nunc ari* 
thmetlcen proDat, quod non fa- 
cile alia ea diffidKor disciplina 
idt. Scholiastes contra : famg tov- 
TO fioiXnai liyBtv 6 nxdtnVf 

8vi viSv fisvit nollov n6vov we- 

TOQ&OVflivmV TS%V1DV ovx i^vtp 
ovSsfila TOiavTTi s^Tiolog , mg if 
(id Rabnkeuua omiait) cl^i^|pM|- 
Ttxjf. Haerebat in particola mg 
ante tovto, quam quum ad oom- 
parativum fultm referri non poase 
intelligeret, comparativnm ipnm 
per se accipiendum, adTerbiom 
autem I^Simg pro adieetiTo ha- 
beadum statuebat. Sed iUod mg 
ita dictum eat, ut si avvm fikfow^ 
Bon fuliBi praeoMfliMet Con€ 
Apol. pag. 3& D: ov% k^ ovi 
fidlXov 9Eo^fle o^Tcog, mg v6v 
voiovvov (tvdQa aivsie^atj joM 
yn fiaXXoVy ^ sCvig vftSv — re- 
vin^rjHCv 'OXvfiMidaiv. ubi exprea- 
flom yidefl quod Idc nAiccAiir. 
Nofltro flimillimns eflt Origevis 
locus adr. Cels. U IHL p. 200: 
vLg dv aXXogXdyog huavq&pi^vsr 
Qov mfoadysi ti/v dv^tqmmivfj^ 
tpvaiv vm ev £^y , mg 17 «teTig«— ; 
Adde Theocriti et Buripi^ ter- 
flus a Mattbiaeo gramm. p. 851. 
c. coramemoratofl. 

Ov y&Q ovv] ovyoQOVv Lob. 
naidswiot] naidtVTaloi Vlnd. 
F. Fior. RT. 

slnov ] poflt infUv Lob. Vai 
BM. Flor. V. 

%v] iv Lob. Vind.F. VatBM. 
Vcn. C. Ang. B. om. Fic. 

TotJrov] Tovro Vind. F. Flor. 

OTts^mfue^] au^ipuftedte Un. 

i^d Ti] Ita Vind. B. Meo. B. 
Aflt. sec. tert. difa vi Lob. Ald. 
Bai. ab. Soa vi Vini. F. Flor. 
ACRTV. Stallb. pr. d^a, vl Ast 
pr. i^a vi StepJi. Btekkomi et 



CIVITAS LlB.Vn. 526 

Hyng; Avxo tovto^ ^v i^ iyw. ^Ooov fAv% Itfni^ %^g 
%it %oUfki%a avxoii xUvu , di^kov 5xi xqoO^hh' ^Qog q 
y&Q xag . 0xQaxo9BdBv6BLg %al KcmrAif^ig xmgUov xal 
0wayB9yas ual ixxatfBig oxQaxiag xal o6a d^ aJUa 0jp7* 
ftaxtiov^i td &BQ€tv6nB3a iv avtalg xb iaig fidxaig hcA 
moQBlmgy ducq^iQOL av aAxog avxov yBWfisvQixog xal faj 
JSv. ^ATX ovv d^, bImov^ XQog ^h^ td toutvta fiQajp 

BtBObBXEama in tet. hoc pro iifa 
nQ04ii%tt ijfUP itaU zl x^oaijitsi 
iffiZv acdpiens et Matthiaei ^amm. 
S« 630. conferri iabens, qui §. 488. 
12. n. 2. p. 919. duarum inter- 
rogationiunana eniintiatanim exem- 
pla qiiaedam significaTit , quale 
eat Platonicom nmg rl Theaet 
pag. 208. B. et alibi usurpatnm. 
Sed ttQU tL neqne Heindorfius ad 
GBpp- $• . 40. neqno alinfl , qnod 
sciam , sic ionftam monstravit, 
•t ut poasit alfqnando de re ipsa 
dnbitans aiiquis eamque dubita- 
taonem per J^a ostendens subito 
qoasi non amplius dubitans mo- 
dum rei exquirere et priori inter- 
rogatioiu alteram per xi enuntia- 
tam copulare, hoc quidem loco 
iniisitatae dictionis pro usitata 
recipiandae canssa non videtnr. 

2*liXv,] i^ftlv; Lob. Mon. B. 
. Bas. ab. oxe^o^/Md-M hor- 
tantis est 
D mvvov ] om. Yind. B. ovra 
Ald. Bas.a. Steph. avr6 Ast pr. 
avvij idem in sec ,,Leffitar etiam 
ovvov. ut sit Sifov 1XVT0V, q. d. 
ea eius pars quae ad res bellicas 
pertinet.^ Stenh. in m. 

xsIvh] Btfi Vind. B. et Ang.B. 
gi Vind. P. Flor. ACT, 

d^Xov OTi] 9i7^otroTtLob. Vind. 
B. Mon. B. Ald. Bas. ab. 

«^oinfxci] ofl». Viiid. BF. Ang. 

wxrahj^siQ ] veig «. Lob. Vat 
BM. et a m. s. Ven.. B. xuva' 
h^ Vind. F. 

%mi^lmv] vmv %, Par. K. sec. 
Bdclc. %toQLov Vind. F. 

hndcuq] ^vo^ Vind. F. ixrds 
Vifld. B, kag, B. Fior. ACR. 

UBvdwtg ksgisso Tidetai Theo, 
qui J. c. post ysvic^ai hoc addit: 
tvi iv vip aiivm wijci' wd iv »o- 
Xifim d* (xal a iv nolivtiup cod. 
Scal. ) av %Qrjctfiov «Qog vag 
CvQccvonhdsvaBig xal navabj^fpHg 
%mQLa)v Ttal iwaYtoyocg %al f££- 
vdOBig avQatiag, Gelderus htvd- 
ang ex Platone exhibuit 

GVQceviag] evQavtLag Vind. BF. 
Vat B. Ang. B. Flor. ACR. Id 
Lob. st super t positum. 

cxrjficcviiovtn J cxTjfiaviiovaa 
Lob. Vat. M. 

Btatpiifnt] dtawiQBt Flor. AC. 

ainrov^ Ita Par. ADK. sec 
Belck. Ven. C. avrov Mon. B.^ 
lavvov relioui cum editis ante 
Bekkerum. Cf. qnae ad p. 533. 
D. adscripsL 

yBto(iBVQt%6g] Ante Bekkerum 
yBmfiivQinog vi legebatar , ut in- 
tra p. 527. C. e&amnom lefptur 
inftftevog vs ysmfUVQiag %al fnf, 
8ed h. ). vB Bon solmn in Par. AD. 
Vat. B. et a m. pr. in Ven. C. 
quos Bekkems secotmn se proft- 
tetur, sed etiam in Mon. B. et 
Bipontinis testibus in Par. K. et 
in Lob. Flor. DV. omissam his 
invftis non est quod retineatar. 

dij ] om. Par. A. a m. pr. quo 
remoto fieri potest, ut non tam 
adTersatarus , quam noTum qni- 
dem, sed ez superioribos colH- 
ffendum adiectaras Soorates hoc 
dicere yldeatar : Std quonimm hu^ 
nu rei menJtionem iniecitti , ittud 
addam^ ad dusmodi unm etc 
Accedente Tero per illam partica* 
lam afArmatione graTiori hoc di> 
dt: Sed^ gu&mam hmc de re di- 
eere eoepitti , profeeto ad eiMf- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


u Sv ^iH^ f§c9fL9€Qlas r$ xal loyi6fuSv fioQWV' xi 
E ii sroAv avt^g nal uo^QoniQm %Qoiiv exama^ai d» 
a ti XQog Ixmro xbIvh^ XQog x6 Muiv xaxiMSv qSov 
x^ xav dya^QV Mav. xBlvBidh^ 9^fi^* Movza ovrotfa, 
oea avarHaUt' *wz^ »te Uuvov xov xomov lumOvQi- 
9Mf»M) iv 9 i6zl td wdai^viotatov xav wxog^ S du 
aitnv Tutvtl XQOTUf Ideiv. '0q9£s^ *W» ^^S- (hinovv 
8i fiiv ovOtav avoffxdiu »Ba6aO»ai^ «^otfifm, d ii 
yivsOiV^ ov srpoif ^xci. Oafth yt dij. Ov tolvw xomo. 

modi ete. Cf. fnpra L. VI. p.501. 
A. et 509. D. abi alX' ovf^ posi- 
tum est, cttin L. VIIL p.SA. A. 
flt Phaedon. p. 100. A. nbi dU,* 
ovv di^ legitor. De dXX' oifP 
OBiiiiiio probabiliter dispataTit Hoo- 
gereeniuA doctr. part Gap. I. 
•ect XI. aed Tim particnlae di^ 
■on reapexit 

To:] om, Lob. Vat B. 

fiocizv] xai fioaT^ Vind. £9*. 
V^: a Ang. B. Vat. M. (Flor. 
ACRTUVO Ald. Bas. ib. Steph. 
Aat tacentibas Bip. Id , si per 
codicea liceret , tenendnm fuisse 
Statlbaamhun noa fngit 

i^a^xoi] iia^l Vind. F. 

loYtafmp] Ita P«r. ADIL mo. 
Bekk. Lob. Mon. B. Vat BM. 
Flor. UV. Ioyi0fk6v Ven. C « 
m. pr. loftOftov reliqai libri cain 
Ald. Bas. ab. ateph. Ast SiiH 
gttUMTi BMM «it Fkto Phaodr* 
^g. 274. C : rovnov 9h n^mzom 
tkfi<9ifi6tf ts nal XoYi0f^P w(f€iw 
iMtl yBmiitvQlav %al dovQovoiUoif. 
Batbjphn p. 7. B: M Xoytgfidv 
iXd-ovttg VBifl yB tSv %0MV%av 
mtt%v Stv dnaliXayBif^iv» Pfainti 
«npra L. VI. p. 510. C: oX greol 
titg yaf$fnT^$ «a %al Xoytafiovg 
Md v^ ToiavTaa^fmsvofi^oi. 
et hnuui libri p. 525. C: ^ffi-iv- 
VOflr coi «£pl ro^tf lloy«o^ovg juo- 
fnifuctog. «t p. 596. D : v^ ^air 

t^iAv «ol «atfi^g vjs iv^ojMu- 
deiag, itcn lUiiophoii Mem. 
L. mL c.7. §. 8: MXcvs Sh 

xal loyiefM^g fucv^dvtof, l^ 

locam Schndderaa in lexioo re- 
ctins, quam in indice libri Xe- 
nophontei interpretatns est. 

th] Tf anp. ol, Vind. F. va 
Flor. AC 

a^oibv] «^otfiov Par. A. XQoimv 
oom o Buper «& Viad. F. 

&£ifro ] hiBtimv Par. K. Mc. E 

TiivH 91] TBlvBtV 91 ViBd. B. 

Mon. B. Par.K. aec. Bekk. Flor. 

avT6cs] oiiTot Tc Vind. B» ook 
Flor. UV. 

htl] g$Ti Ast tert Stidlb. 

8] ov Par. A. q«od ^itiosom 
«it, qaU rolativnm ad ro evim- 
fgoviaTOTOv pertinet 

XiyBig] om, Lob. Mon.B. Vat 
BM. Par. DK. eit n m. pr. Ven. 

Bi Bl yivB6iv , o4 «^otfifxti ] 
om. Ang. B. 

rovro yt] yB om. Viad. BF. 
Ven. B. Ang. B. 

dfuptaBfgnjeovctv ] damtafn-stJ 
Tovctv Vind. B. Fk»r. ACET. 

0fUH4fiL] fwi4f€t Vind. BF. 

Xoyotg] om. Von. B. 

^ff^] To^ v%i» Via4.BF. Ang. 
B. Flor. ACRT. 

fidXa] fidXtara iidem (ftdliaTU 
Viod. E.) et Ven. B. 

l)?trtt}nMr(0>9]j|IIIIS» COAdSM^ 

Fic V. L. Vl. f . 510. B. — 
5ll. A. cutas loci considoratio 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

civiTAa i.iB.m s»7 


«(o^ ig/Bir tfijjg Iv wfg i6y(H£ ktyaiiivQi^ vxo tmu ^xa- 

%994ifityt9vtifiiv %9 wl m^iQavBWiv Hok %Qo6ti9i»tcci xal 
m^kn^a ovtm qfiBjtfOimoii' ti A' f(fx$ %ov. uiv %q ya- 
^•n/L» f^viA^c^ Bvpio, liutiiiBv&g^Qu. Uavzism^ fim ovv, B 
fUff^i. QvnoGv tovto iu iiOfiQlqyijtiov ; To moiov}. ^Slg 
xov a«l ovtog yvd^Bmgf dUL' ov tov noti ti yiyvoiUvov 

eos, qin hlc ilKiis aevi geometrw 
reprehendt avtiimaiit, non metho^ 
dnnk idonim, sed Titiom qnoddam 
Ipmiie scientiae notari dooebit, 
qnae qmim rea aensibilea adhihere 
•d theoremata sna expHcanda oo- 
gatnr, Terbia qnoque efficieotiam 
•enaiUlem aigidfioantibns oti de- 
beat; qiiamq[uam liic locns ipse 
el «pMM Socrates vel panllQltim 
geometriae peritos secnm oonsen- 
snros affirmat, idem docere eoe 

ovvm] evTot Lob. Yat B. 

%d r iifti) «6 a* iorl Lob. 
Mon. B. Yind. B. Steph* Aet pc 
eee. T^ l^ Arrt Ald. Bas. ab. In 
Imc fcnDnla, cnins nsom exemplii 
ttandoHins ad Theaet. $.37. ra* 
iioiiem AsHns m opmm. nd L. I. 
p. 363. expKcnit, rerbom snb- 
alantinnn ft^vmnlfm excipiens in- 
cKnari rOcnsat. Cr.Protag.p.344. 
Bi ri d* lor< ys^i^^vfi fi$9 jmt 
txu^, ivptn^ dh Madir, V 
liwtt& ih ttdvyorov. ftc nnns m^ 
ter reoontiofes BeldLems: reKqni 
tS a* hri. Cf. Dc 
Q T^ 9olw;] om. Mon. B. 

*Aff rov ]. Ita onm reliqnis 
emnibns Ven. B. a m. pr. In 
editionibns ante NUcemm r^j; 

ri] otn, Vind. KF! Ang. B. 
Flor. ACRT. Fic et StalThaumins 
in sec. incertnm ntmm significa- 
tione magis, an casn pronominis 
ofifMisus. Sed significatio Dnllam 
^iificoItateB) babet: ad casnm 

qnod attinet, sane soloecismo si- 
milis et Graeci pariter at<pie L»- 
tini partieipii natnrae contraria 
est haec nomiMtiTl cnm geniti^ 
oonstmctio, et tamea, qnemad- 
modnm rd sKor^ r< yiyvoiuPUP^ 
ita etiam rov sror^ xi ytypofUpov 
dici potnisse ridetnr, i|Ma roca» 
bn!i breritate el ambi^^nitate vi* 
tinm occnltante. Stmili iibertate 
Galenns de Hipp. et Plat decr. 
L. yilf. in. T. V. p. 649. KQhn. 
oiidlv (0( jeQbs ra na^ovtce.BuC" 
tpiffOVTog dixit, maiore OrigaBoe 
adY. Ceb. L. IIIL p. 200. inf. 
dg /i6fnjg fpvi^g ^W^ ovaijg 
Jd-sovy mazima ipse Plato Polit. 
p. 279. B: W9ag Munrig rijg 
^pvpjg v&g y&ficug a«QdsdfH 

fO^ , rotfovra tig yHv cnignata 
9UOov€Tig^ At<^e ni haec ob co- 
dicnm ducrepmntiam p(e oormptif 
haberi, Origenis inyo» antem fa- 
cile in Ifyov mntari possit, Ga- 
leni qnidem o^d^ eztra dnbita- 
fionem positnm et ad rt tnoDdnB 
snfificere ridetnr. Nec magnopeie 
obstat Aldnons bsf . c 7. haee e 
nostno loco rqietens: rd ys fii^r 
scord ri^ yBmastgUtP imn^dsio- 
roroir %td avr6 n^g ti^v rov 
uya&ov yvmctfv , orcry yi tig ^ 
teQteiemg fvixsp futlji yhmfietiffUcv, 
dXloc 7tQ09f(omaevog a^rf mg im 
x6 ov dii dvUveu jiai ftij iiatgi^ 
fiuv «e^l «o yjiv6iuvov aalibKoi- 

yt/^Ofiivov] ytv, Vind. B. 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


x(A dxoXkvp^ov. Eiofioldy*itov , I9M} « %ov yop 
aal ovtog 17 T^coftcr^tm/ yv&6lg i&tiv* 'OXxAv oQa^ m 
fBwalBy ifvx^ TCQog AXij&uav cfq &v xal dn^a^timv 
q>t3Lo66fpov ducvolag XQog xo avm 6%uv a vvv xdtm ov 
diov l^ofitv. 'Hg olov tb iiaU^fa, Iqn]. 'Slg olov V apir, 
C "^v d' iydy fi,dki6ta stQOOtaxxiov ^ o%ag ot iv ty koX- 
iat6Xsi eoi itrfitvl tQontp yBmiiBtQlag d^p^ovtai. ual 
yaQ td «dQSQfa adtov ov '0iiiUQd. Ilola; ^ d' og. "A ve 
8^ 6v BlxBgt ^v d* iyeiy td icbqI tov xoXBptov^ xdi Aj 

EvofioXoYrpiov] Stof^oXoyriTsop 
Ang. & Fior. ACRT. eJ dco^o- 
Xoyrjvioif Par. A« adscripto, ut 
Faieh8*u« refert, in mari^ae vul- 
gato. Fortft»se Plato avSiofJLoXo' 
ynvop scripait! 

ycr^] dl Lob. Vat M. 

ym{ikBvifi%^] In Ald. Bas. ab, 
Steph. comma additum editoribus 
hoc nomen sobstantiTum visuoi 
esse arguitk Mihi adiectiyiun vi« 
detnr. ' 

'OhL6v] Ita Far. A. Ang. B. 
Flor. ACRT. o^x^ Vind. F. 
•4kovv Viofd. S. SXmv Ven. C. 
a JiL s. et reliqui cum AldL Bas. 
•ab. fiteph. Ast. Cf. ad p. 521« 
D. dicta. 

fpvx^g icifog dl^^eutv J Sic i^ 
dem, qui ohKov^ et Vmd. BF. 
Ven. C. ^xi^v «^o^ dXijd-Httv 
retiqui praeter Ven. B. qui onm 
editis supra significartis ae^g ceiif- 
^BUtv iwxfl^ exhibet. 

&] iv Vind. F. 

0^'vTloroVra Viod. BF. 
) itaXXixoXBt] xccXXBmoXei Vat. 
B. KuX'^ «roiet' Ven. C. a m. & 
xtfW<rv|7 ^oXBt .Ven. B. Bas. b. 
Steph. „In praeoed. edttionibus 
HaXXinoXBtf pro quo qnidam vet. 
TMlXiatfi TToUi. Alioqui nderi 
potuiaset scribendum KaXfj koXbi. 
oed superlativum gradum agnoscit 
et Fic.^^ idem in tii. (qui praeda'' 
rinimam hanc habilant civitatem 
Fic.) Themistins or* XXI. p. 248. 
A: §a6aviimjifta , 0^1; &uu^^h 
Tovs mXoootpoyg hf tj KtdXtno- 
XBt Kou dnBt^daaTo TsXBtoTSffov, 
4 ^stdlag ta dydX(uxTa. quem 

locum Astins de Platone etnsane 
civitate agentem recte. ad stabi- 
nendam lectionem KsxXXixoXBt ad- 
hibnit. Sed ne Stephanum qui- 
dea sine ratione redpere eam dn- 
bitasse et tamen redpiendam esse 
ex eis apparet, qnae Lobeckius 
ad Phryn. p. 600. sqq. de huius- 
modi compositionibus ▼erbomm 

00«] oov Vind. BF. Ang. B. 
Flor.ACRT. Aid. Bas.ab. Steph. 
Ast. sec 

dffsiovTat] Ita Lob. VaLBM. 
Refiqui oodices (Par. K. sec 
Bekk.) et editi ante Steph. «V^ 
i0ivx§» habent. 

atitov] ^Qaomodo qiua toeci 
poflMit goiitivam avxov wm in- 
teUigo, qnum genitivo opus sit 
qui KBifl v^g yBotftBT^lag dicatar, 
cuius nomea praeeessiL Nec vero 
dnbito quin sonptum ita faerit in 
Fio. libro: qm hunc locnm ita 
vertit •— quae fraetar ipnm pro^ 
pontum quodaanaod0 eme videm- 
ter — .'< Steph. p. 25. qnsm mir 
reris tam cito obfitum esse itto- 
rum p. 526. C : rj ysoifUTiflav U' 
ystg ; ailvd toHto. «t alia per- 
mnlta taceam, qnae significavit 
Matthiae gramm. p. 819. Mq. Ct 
Vol. I. p. 364| a. 

Iloia] nola Vind. F. 

Btnsg] In Ven. C. ag super e$ 

noXsitov,'^ Ita Astius in tert 
et Stallbaumins. noXsftov, vel Tci- 
Xsfiov reliqui editores. 

Kal 6il xal] Ita tar. A. Vind. 
BF. Ven.B. Ang.B. FIor.ACRT. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITA9 LIB. VU. 5«7 , 


Kal ngdg nd^ag fAo^tfci^, S6ts xaXXiov dnodiiB69§n, 
fofiEi/ %ov oti ttp 8lfp %a\ navti diol6Bi '^iiftivog tt 
ysmiiBtQlag nal nrj. Tm %dvt\ filvvoi vij ^L\ hpri. 
dhvtSQov di] tovto ti9mfitev gi^dthjiia tolg vioig; Ttdio- 
fi8Vy ?9i}. Tl di; tgltov dSiiiv d6tQ0V0filav ; fj 06 io- t) 
xBi; "Eiioiy ovVy lipij * to jfaQ xbqI SQag Bvai6^i]totiQmg 
t%Biv xal iii]v£v xal kmavtmv ov fiovov fBaQyla ovdi 
vavtikla nQ06riXBi , dUA xal ^tQatifftq^ ovx ^tov. 
'Hdvg tly fjiv i* ly6y oti Sotxag dBdioti tovg nokXovgf 


Steph. Bekk. Ast tert. Stailb. 
%al diq reliqui. 

oSoTe] ds v6 Lob. Vat. M. et 
a ni. pr. B. Ang. B. Flor. RT, 

tiffisv] ieiiiv Ymd. E. tacag 
(Uv Flor. R. Ang. B. 

yso/AET^/as] xal 7. Lob. Vat 
B. Vcn. C. V. z\ Vind. E. 
' iLivtoi\ (liv Vind. BF. Ven. B. 
Ang. B. Flor. ACRT. 

dsvTSQov — I997. ] om. Lob. 
Mon. B. Vat. B. et a m. pr. M. 
Par. DK. 

vioig;] vioig. editi ante Bek- 

^9"?] ^fl ^^^- ^^- >• h^^ 
Bas. b. 

Tldi;] zllf iq>rj VatM. Tt 
dal; cum Par. A. Flor.T. Stall- 
baumiiui m lec. In Vind. B. 
Mon. B. Ald. Bas. ab. sine di- 
fltinctione vl 8h zqItov etc. scri- 
ptiun et in Mon. B. post ^miisw 
interrogationis gignum poBitum. 

"Efioiy ovv] EfioLyovv Vind.F. 
'fyol yovv Bekkenu, Astiua in 
tert. et Stallbaumiua , quemad- 
modom est in Lob. scrlptcim. Cf. 
Vol. I. pag. 30. Hoc ▼ero loco 
etiam verbi ellipAis Bekkeri ra- 
doni adversatnr. 

ro] :t6 Vind. E. Tb Bas. ab. 

vcevTiXlcc] vavvrilla Vind. £. 
Flor. R. 

"tiSvq etc.] Theo 1. c. p. 6: 
t6 t£ xQV^^^^^ naQademvvg tcSv 
lia^littTmv <p7}6lv i}5t^s Bly 
(i<STlv cod. Scal.) 8ti lot%ag de- 
oiivai, iiij axQfjffTa ra lucdijiiaTa 
jtQOCTaTTomi. (%al nifoOTdTTOiiit 
ood. Reg. 8. xQoavatrmitiv cod. 

. Scal.) rd (f ^tfrlv (rovr^orctr idem.) 
ov naifv tpavXoig, AXXa natfi xa- 
Xsnov (raX. na, idem.) iriorPD- 
^vtti, orc iv vovTOig votg lut- 
^liaoiv hidavov oTov 6(fvdvoig 
ro '^XV^ ixiueO^aiQBvai %al dva- 
ianofQBlvat oiiiia wtpXoi^iievov 
xorl dnoffPewviiBvov vno vmv 
&lXatv inivridiV[idvcav , %ifBZrvov 
dv oca9^vai iiVQtmv 6iipdvmv 
uovtp y&q avv£ dX^^&eue (i| dl, 
idem.) o^arai. Nicomachos isag. 
arithm. L. I. c. 3* Pf^ff- 71. Ast. 
^aO-oc %al 6 M(^ot nXavmvi iv vj 
HoXivila 2!m%oavfig vov noooSia- 
Xsyoiiivov alviag viv&g evXoyovg 
inupiquv do%ovwog volg ^«M- 
IMcaiv — ininXijwanf qw/otV* ag 
fjdvg bI, {XtSave addit cod. 76.) 
ori iot%ag dsStivat, /uij &Qa oix^' 
ava vavva (id om. idem.) rd; ua- 
^ijliotva nffoavdvvotiii, vo di iavi 
nccyxdXinoVf (idXXov dl ddvva- 
vov ' 6(iiia y&Q VTJg (om. idem et 
cod. 48S.) 'fvxrjg vno v&v dlXa>v 
intvrjdivnavatv dnowfpXovptivov 
«al xaro^rr(^/Ei£f^oi' 6id vovvatv 
It6vmv dvatamvifiTvai xcel dvS' 
yilQivai , %Qitvvov dv aosdijvai 
HVqIcdv aa>uavt%mv ^midvoav * 
Ii6v(p ydo avvm ?} niQl vov wav- 
vog dXijmta o(f avat, — Pro ^^vg 
Mon. B. Par. DK. Flor. U. oag 
fjd^g- exhibent, quod Astius te- 
niiit. Etiam Ficinus : ^uam dtd- 
€18 vir ea. Atque ita Gorg. p. 491. 
E : 0)0 Tqdvg st Hipp. mai. p. 288. 
B: dgyXv%vg sT, cpijaity S Zoi- 
%QavSg. Sed siipra L. I. p. 337. 
D : rjd^g yaQ if. quem ad locum 
Timad glossam (ijdvtf* tiSij9rig 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


Qv xdvv ifiCcvlQVf dXid %akm6v mam^ai^ oti bf xov- 
troft^ roftfi fio^^f^^^v Imtfv^i; o^avov xi ^pvi^g ixmi- 
E 9alQStal %b im dvaiamv9$it€^ d»o3MiuiWV W tmpiov- 
' ^SVQV vsd Yov aiUaii; iasMrQdcviiatiM^t MQ^txov Sv tfo- 
^vaifiv|i«>y olfftfMfrwv* ^v^ ydg avx^ akffitia oqaxai. 
ol^ ftiv evv YovTa {w^o^^i i^i^Zavofi ii^ bv ioiu^ 
Ufm^ ^OL 91 xovxov |i^^a|ig ie^fUvoi d^lv^ d%6- 

xal &ipQ€»v,) a Rahnkenio illn- 
stratam sigaificaTi. 

Bt] bI Vind. E. 

iBdiQtt] De hoc datiYo a>Bf. 
Heiiidodius ad Crat. p. 416. B. 

^ovjfgl ^0N«»$ Flor^ U. et a 
B. pr. Mon. B. 

^^/(taTal Ttf/». Par. IL 

T^ dh voT Ald. Bai.ab. xodi 
Lob. coo^ Vind. F. vovdc Flor, 
ACR. irovTO t* Vind. £. Apg. B, 

lonyj In editift ante ^tallbau- 
mii «ec. ieflp scriptum est, qno 
iUe tadte in Imv matato sensaui 
lod fere eandem, qnem Tbeo, 
tieo (rtatoit: Itfdd^ o^t 9^^ 
«crtri MiieorM, ne &emmea pu- 
|e«t te invtilef di$cipUna9 prae- 
•eri6erc. liliMi oero Aaud lose 
faeil^^ »ed dijficile ert ad pernta- 
fleif<{ttf!i« Amc6 dffctpltiiM etc. qoo 
iaterpretatione adbibita (uin ap- 
paret, quo iure Socrates Gfla^cp- 
neni ietbd Yereutem reprehendere, 
aut h«nc intelligendae utilitatifiv 
qnam istae dieciplinae habeant, 
difficultatem oppooere epeciosae 
earum inatilitati potuerit. Itaque 
lioc potius dicere yidetur: iu ve- 
reris , $te inutiles diBcipUna^ prtfe- 
upere videari»^ quum tamen mi- 
fdme centemnendam j quam^f^ 
ad credendutn diffialem uUUia- 
fem lumc habeant , quod etc. et 
ita demum f<rriy aptiun et neces- 
•arioin est, ut paullo ante ^d A. 
demoostjnvimua. Nicomachi inter- 
pretatioy si iotegra est, ionge a 
▼ero aberravit. 

hi49zov] Ita Par. ADK. Lob. 
Vind. EF. Mon. B. Ven. C. Ang. 
B. Vat M. et a m. pr. B. Flor. 
ACR. Tbeo et scholiasllies, 0%d' 

oroo dvdifhg xov (utv^dvowog) 
quos merito secutns est com Astio 
10 tert Stallbaiuaius. Roliqiii co- 
diccs et editi hLdevOi^ habeot, 
qvod etiam ambigiiitate labor^t. 

o^avdy r*] o^^tcvov w Vind. 
SF. Ang. B. Flor. AC. quibus 
Stallbaumius Fior. V. oddit, ex 
oao poetea of^avov rtT^c affert. 
Videtur rs pro ri iii Fior. R. ro- 
portam fuiifte» ri x^i^ io V. ez- 

rf ] Ti Loh. 

x^trroy 8« eie.] FhitardmsE 
symposiac L. VIII. probL ^ quo 

Suaerit, ncig TDmxwv lUye rdi^ 
^tbv aEl yeafietQBtv ^ p. 718. D. 
hnac locupt et Phae^oo. p- 83. D. 
simul respidens i&iiofuvri ya^, 
ioqnit, (se. ij Sidvoit^ ««d rov 
CfpoSQct %ovHv xal ^Baad-ai xiS 
%bqI rd ccifHcra nlavqr^ 71000- 
XB^v <Dig ovxt xov cclrfimq ovrog 
xv(plovTat yol x6 (ivqlatv dwd- 
kiQV o^i^xmv (ita ood. Vulcobii : 
ovofMCXGiv ed« Ald. Bas. cmpd- 
xenv Ste[^l)^;| OQyavof^ "^yr^? »«^ 
cpiyyog anollvciv, <S udv9 S^aa- 
xov icxt xo ^ilov. lamDlichns 
de vita Pythag. c 16. S- 70. 
P^^ 143.^EiefsI. ^o ^ftov Sppfc 
XQBtxxov ov Md^vai xcetd xqv 
nXdxava fWQloiv ^aqidvaiv ofi- 
fjfdxviv. Aicinopis isag. c 27. P. 1 14: 
o^BV ^ xo^ ffeyaZiov re xal ^av- 
paalmv xdg x<p oi^ri iptlojs6q)OV£ 
"fpvxds hpaoKBv dvccfuaxovf %cd 
fisxd x^v xov ccif^os dialvetv 
CuvBOtlqvg ^bqIs ytvofiivag xai 
HVfinBQtTtolovaag xai x6 x^g alij- 
^flag jfBdlov ^apivag , ircBinBQ 
xal iv x^ iyv ialBvxq x^gint- 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


tmg ^Ji^avtal 6$ Afyiftv oiidiv' akkifP fiQ iai mitmv 
w% 6qw0$v ailw loyov d^ksucv. 6moxu ovv ofMdtVf 
ngog notUfOvg diaXiyyf 7} scQog ovdttiQovgf Hia tfov- ns» 
xov hf^ua To ykiyi^tov noui tovg loyovg , ^ovolg fi^y 
ovd* av aXXtp, e% tlg tv ivvatxo d%* avtmv ovaMa%> 
Ovtag^ tqnj^ atQOvi$aip kiiavtov SvMxa to xUiatov JLi- 
ysiv r« xal iQm§v %al amouQlvs69ai» "jivayB tolvw^ 
^v d' lyfi» 9 tlg tovxl60' vvv d^ yoQ ovn iQdmg 

ScnBQ Ti Sfifta ifvx^s hauc^ffcc- 
fUvovs xal dvttimnvqvaawag d- 
nolXvfiBvov rs nal dnow(pXov' 
fuvov , x^ltTOv dv adSBoO-ai 
fiVQlayv oftfidTafVy dwceroi^c yir 
vBoO^ai hcogiiaoO^ai r^g vov Xo* 
yixov navvbg <fyv6$mg, 

dfttjxdvag tog] eSg om.Moii.B. 
Par. DK. mg. Bekk. Flor. U. 

firjdaft^j ] ftrjdafii^ Vind. F. firj- 
dafiij Steph. Aat, pr. sec. 

^^^ftfvoi] i^VTjftivotg Flor. 

01$%] om. Lob. Vat. M. 
dtaXiyfi'] diaXiyst Ang. B. et 

n jCQog oi^SBriQOvg'] Ita Vind. 

BP. Veo.B. Ang.B. Fior.ACBlT. 

et Fieums : cn forte ciob nwiris. 

Reliqni onm editb ov inter fj et 

nqog interpositam liabent, coi, 

n post ovaa^at cam Astio in pr. 

et eec. et StaUbanmio in sec m- 

terrogationis si^nm fieri debet, 

hie non est locus. Nam qni ti- 

dere aliqnem inbet, cnm ntris 

dispatet, non petest simul opinfMri 

oum cnm nentris dispntare, ne- 

dnm IwBc opinionem tamqnam ra- 

tionem , cur illud inbeat, pronnn- 

tiarej qnod ntmmqne secandnm 

illam ledionem Socratcs faoit. 

Cf. U VI. p. 605. C: ^ ov xal 

ovtot dvay%diovT€U oftoXoyitp 

TJSovag ilvat woidg; et aio sex- 

centies Accedit quod Glauoo ov- 

tmg aUfovftat respondens optio- 

nem aibi aiiqnam a Soci^te da- 

tam, non af&rmandnm aiiquid 

propoMtum ostendit. Itaone post 

Zvaa^iu cttm reliqnis eeitonbvs 

panctnm et ante 1) o4 nen eolen, 

2aod iidem babent, sed comma 
iciendum erit, ut Socrates tI- 
dere eom iubeat, utmm eligere 
altemtros, an neglijgere utrosqne 
malit. Verum ne sic ^nidem n^ 
^tieai locns, et dietionis xQog 
notiqovg pro jtotSQOv «^&c ino- 
tiqovg accipiendae brevitas in~ 
eonmioda, et obscnra Tidetnr. 
Quare • ov delevi : Flatonem iat- 
men e^ pra eo scripsisse anspi- 

noiBt] Ita Par. A. Vind. F. 528 
notBtrj Vind. E. not^ cum $1 
super ^ Ang. B. notnt Lob. not^ 
Mon. B. rcQfj Ald. Bas. ab. 

9^01^02!^] tp^ovBtg Lob. Val 
B. et a m. s. Ven. C. fp9ovBViP 
non Stephanus, ut Beklceri t>po- 
theta Yoluit, sed Mon. B. 

ftijv] ft^vTOi Ald. Bas. ab.Stepb. 
Ast. et fortasse Ven. B. a m, pr. 
Hunc enim correctum Bekkems 
tradit ftijv exbibere cnm retiquis, 
inter quos etiam Mon. B. refe- 
rendns est, coins notam itle prae- 
termisit, Tel, si Bipontinoram si- 
lentium non falHt, cnm Parisien- 
sis K. nota confiidit. 

tt] om. Par. K. sec. BdUc» 

6va0»«t] Sva99at.Uai, Ba«. 

Ovtmg] o^rm y' Vind. BF. 
Ven. B. Ang. B. Flor^ ACRT. 
editi ante BekkAmm. 

XiyBtv] om. Vind. B. 

"AvayB] dvdyay$ idem. "Ava yB 
Ald. Uifa yi Bas. a. &Qa yt Bas. 
b. et Par. K. sec Bekk. 

dij] om. yiBd. S. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

P L A T O Nl S 

%D i^ ilafioiiw Tg ysmfiSTfla. IlSg Xafidvtsg; Ifpij. Msta 
inl%s8oy^ ^ d' i/oiy iv xsgitpOQ^ ov fjdfj 6tSQsav ila-486 

B fiovtsgj mqIv aCto Kolf^' avto kafistv ofMg 8s ^ci 
i^g i$na SsvtiQav avliqv tgltfiv lafifiavsiv. &fTft 9i xov 
tovto nsgl ti^v tmv^Hvfiaw ccv^v xal vo fid^vg fLSti- 
%ov. "E^ti yaQ , itpfj' aiXa taSta ys ^ d IkiKQotsg, 
doTCfZ ovnm svq^O^i. ^vtta yoQ^ ^ t* iydy ta idtur 
8ti ts ovisiila mkig ivtlfmg avtd ix^h aO&svmg ifjtsltai 
%aksxa oi/va, ifMttdtov ts diovtav ot Ifitovvtsgf avsv 
ov ov% av svQOisv ov XQotov (ihf ysviotas xaXsxovf 

C hcBita xal ysvonivov ^ 6g vvv txsi^ ovx uv xsl&OLvto 


Toe£$gViBd.E. T6iifjg 

S. F. 

vy yeio^^/aj t^la Mol. B. 
' In Lob. i}v supef rji et ov snper 
a seriptttnu 

iv] Hinc io Mon. B. ro int 
▼en* a m. s. praescriptam est 

%a»' €eiito] %aOwi/t6 Vind. F« 
Ko^avrd ro Vind. E. 
B 9^ IXM ^tns] ^V h^'' Vind. fi. 
— Alcinous isag^. c. 7: %ccl fiijf 
^ yB cts^op^tiflct (t. ^ te ysa- 
l^stqla) xifrjtiiMotdtTj * (jstd yuif 
ti^v dBtftSQctv av^aiv dnoXov^og 
n Mxr' avtrjv O^emffla tQltrjv av- 
i,riciv l%ovoa, 

rovro] om. >^nd.EF. Ang;. B. 
Flor. ACRT. 

pd^ovg]_Bd»os Lob. Vind.F. 
Tat. BM. Flor. RT. 

doKsl ovnca] Ita Par. ADK. 
Lob. Mon. B. Vat B. Ven. C. 
Flpr. UV. oinca donsls Vind. B. 
ovTtca Sorisl reliqui et editiones 
ante Bekkenim. 

or« rc] ori om. Ang. B. re 
om. Lob. Fior. V. Vat B. et a 
m. pr. M. 

acO^Sg] daO-wtSg ts Mon. B. 
Par. DK. Flor. U. Fic. (et wm 
inventu difflciUa sint, haud ar- 
denter quaermturi) Ald. Bas. ab. 
Steph. Ast 

irjtsZtai] fi/rfire Lob. Vat M. 
et, sup. at, B. 

ini^dtovts] xs om. Par. A. 
ft m. pr. In Lob. eius loco ante 
oorrectieaem d\ erat Astins in 
tart ye pro «o reqairit 

&vS!v] pest ov Vind.EF. Veo. 
B. Flor. ACRTV. Vat M. a m. 
8. Staltt). pr. 

Sv]^«V Vind. B. 

«^wroyl r^owor, in m. «^- 
tov, Par. I). 

ysvofihov] ysvofisvovs Bas. b. 

sl di — «et-O-oiirro] om. Mon.C 

fwe^rtoronrot ] S;wsrcl6tatoi 
Vind. F, ^wsnUtatai Vind. E. 
{vvexictatsl Lob. Vat M. Flor. 

%al] In Mon. B. a m. s. roi 
int Ters. additum est 

texAs] ovfT. Vind. F. 
M»9] svtovng Vlnd. £F. 
Flor. RT. et com v sap^t v Ang. 
B. h/inovoks Mon. B. Par. DK. , 
sec Bekk. Fior. U. 

Ijre*l f;co* Mon. B. Fior. UV. 
■Stattb. pr. 

vdv vno] Vnlgo additum fdv 
quamTis bonum secondum Par. 
ADK. (de qao Bipontini tacent) 
Lob. Mon. B. Vcn. C Flor.UV. 
et Vat M. a m. pr. omtsi, qm- 
bns libris hoc eodem iure debe- 
tur, qno obseqmvm in ovtcosijL.) 
doKSt ot^«a> (jB.) et avsv ov ne 
a Bekkero qnioem negatimi; prae- 
sertim quum fihv ob sequens il 
librariis necessarinm Tideri po- 
tuerit et aUbi non semel interpo- 
latum reperiatur. Conf. Vol. I. 
p. 162, a. n. 7. et 184, a. n. 1. 

uoXovofUva] xovXovoptfvahch. 
*C9Xv6fi^a Vind. BF. An^. B. 
eC a m. pr. Ven. B. Idem Fici- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS Ll«. Vn.528 


ol 9$fi mita ^fitijtixol, iisfaloqfpovoviikiPOi. d ds MoJUg 
Slti ^tsci6tatolf ifnlfMog^ SyQv6a avtdj oitol t^ ov 
jHBl^ivtOy Tucl ivvex^9 i^€ Sv %al ht6vwg gqroiifuva 
ht^pavij fivQitO osui Sxw imsl umi vvv vxottSvnoUdP 
atifici6fi6va leal noXovofuva , vmA dl tmv iijtovvtmv 
kofov ovK ixovtmv^ xatt* ou XQV^H^^^ Ofmg uqo^ Shcavta 
xmvta §Uf vuo x^Q^^^og av^avBtai^f nal ovdiv 9aviia6t6v jy 
txvtq^ ^avipmi. Kal {uv 0^, S^pif, to ys hdxoQi aa\ 
diafpBQovtag IJjj^e^ dkka f$oi 6aq>i6tSQ0v slaik a vvv d^ 
iXeysg. ti^ fAv yaQ mov tov ixinBdov MQayftatiCav 
yomiiitQlav itl»ijg. Naij t/u d' ifm. Bltd y\ i^f/j to 

nas legisM Tidetnr: quamquam 
ei vulffM ifta conlemmt et prM" 
het. Nec vkoltnin mterest. Sd- 
lioet eoy qaod nilgo «tereome-i 
triam contemnebant, fiebet , nt 
minora incrementa caporet Al- 
temm obstacnlam erat, quod ^ni 
ci operam dabant, atUitatem eius 
et cnm altiori mathesi conianctio^ 
nem nondom perspexerant , qua 
inteUecta et rectius et atadiorios 
eam tractatori fniMent Cf. Hi- 
wUma prohiemati$ de eM dupl*- 
eatione ovctore JV. T%. Reimer» 
(Gottin^e 1798.) c.yi. p.d$.8q. 
In Terbifl antem hoc altornm de- 
monstrantibug participiam, Tclnt 
9uoH6(UPa yek gijrov/^cr, post 
I|r^i7flrffia omiBaam, et quoniam in- 
crementum disdplinae a qnaeren- 
tibus ilfia qnamTis otilitatifl eiUB 
ignarifl prondflcebatur, hoc ipsum 
cn^lafrerac cnm ^o TtSv ^ijrovr- 
xayp confltructum, hisque inter- 
poflituin iA quafli primitivae ora- 
tionifl monnmentnm relictnm eflt. 
jMTale igitur Stallbanmius nal ko- 
Iliyv6(i9va post xifi^^^^ ponenda 
snspicatnr. Unde tandem incee- 
menta caperet arfl, nisi 4nb tSv 
iriTo6mmv? Nequo probabiliter 
Schleierinachernfi : da ne sehen 
jeet , vfiewel ven den meisten gar 
nieht geaehtetf sondem eher ge- 
hemmtj und von den Foreehenden 
etihst y welehe die reehte Einsieht 
nieht-haben^ nur eo weit aU tie 
nuzlich itt , dcnnoeft dem aUes 
aam Troz vermdge ikreg kmenr 

Reizee gedeiht. Propiufl ad Grao- 
ea acccflflerint haec: da e$ aueh 
jetzt eehon von der Menge ver- 
achiet und unterdrHekt und ven 
sneftemien, die ni^t ansmge^en 
oiffen, wiefem e$ itutzt, gleii^ 
wohl treie alien dem unwiUkQf^ 
lieh wegen eeineeReizee grdteeren 
Beetand trhdlt. 

na^ Stt] %a»6t4 Lob. Yind. 
BF. Mom B. . 

a^S^dvBtai] aviaiPiCd^ai Vind. 

B. Mon. C. 

avtd] tttvta Vind. BB. Mon. 

C. Vat. H. Flor. ACTV. Ast 

to ys] to / Vind. F. 

^ei] ixoi Mon. C 

Tov miici^w nqaypbattiav] 
Prodafl in Eudidifl libnim I. (Bas. 
Idda.) p. 32: toXi (tkv nalutO' 
tiifoig t<Sv fpiloeovenv ot^x iSd- 
%et t^g initpavtlag tldog r^a- 
a^er» t^ ininBSov , dXl' mg to^ 
To kiidtspov nai^Xaft8dvetv $ilg 
itetQdataetv TOti> dixfj aiactdvrog 
fuyi^ovg, ovre» yoc^ xal 6 d^itog 
IJXdttov trjv ytmftBtiflav rmv iTCt- 
niBcoP itpato ^miftjttMilv Btveti 
njf^g tijvetsifBOftstQiav avtijr 
dvttdtati^Vf tog av t^g avtijg 
overjg t<p intnidtp t^g intfpa^ 

itUdTig] Ita Par. A. Vind. B. 
Mon. BC. Ven. C. Vat H. Flor: 
V. kri^stg reliqvi mei et Floren- 
tlnl et editiones ante Bekkemm 
et SUHbanmins. Vid. ad L. VI. 
p. 4d7. D. In Vind. B. Hbn« C. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


%mQH6a^ laupdmv fciQj tfn^f tmxu navtm ii^OM^ 
fuUiay fiQoSvvm* ii^g ypiQ ovamv xifv fii%ovg a0£qg 
fJ»aiw^ oti TQ iqtr^ yOoUog tiu « vxiQfiag «^«9* 
£ pma ytwiiewQlav a&tQOvopLla» iXeyav , q>OQAv ovOa» 
fld»ovg. 'OQ^ms^ ifp^, UyBis. Tita^tov tolwvy ^ 
A' Ifo, xMifLBV lic^pui dotQOPOiUaVj dg vmoqxovO^ 
Tqfg vvv xaQalamoiikviig , iav avt^ TCoXig fittbf. Eir- 
aigf V '' ^* ^A^ o ys vvv dij fMi, cS JEoiitQatBgj bti- 
niaiiag %bqI dotQovofUag ^wg q^oQtiamg buuvovvti^ vvv 
529 i av tutioxB bcamS. «avrl ydQ ftot toxti i^lov, ot$^ 

Bm. Ab. mgvnim cit iotflcnK 

y] y« Moa. C. 

patd f «vn/f ] Ita Par. A. Viiid, 
B. y«Q. B. Ad«.B. VatH. Flor* 
▲CRTV. Bafl. b. «t anta aotr^ 
wtUotw Viad* B. Mmi. P- P»»" 
xavta r^v, ViDd. F, ftii< inlT^ir 
jNliqui iibci avipti et •difiu C^ 
p. 529. B. 

f] A Lob. 
- dv^xdiffica^] dvBX^QWtg Ald. 
9a«. ab. 

ftDnvl ippn J«ob* 

^£4( 1 H ^9 Vind. B. Pra 
aspero Viad. F. « €om laiiein 

ftdO^t] §€cOi>i Vind. F. 

«^tn9 1 «^£17» Lob. VaL M. 
'^£j70i«r VUid. F. Flor. R. nVat. 
M,<« PutoApCrB, 

ytjiolms] ycXoioff Bas. b. fr»^ 
Mmt ixf^v rS tntnc$i dicitiir 

^tereoiMtria no» M^nia ita e#t 
DOmparata, e$ eam dicmiirere ri- 
jd&fulnin BiP^ qneoiadmooiun Stai^ 
hMipiiaa eiplioat» «ed iqaia imper 
rite tractabatuf. Cf. p, 589. Bi 
t^^ifiTU nhf fyw das^aalqi, 

(tsva yMtofLevfUev'^ ^eroey. Viod. 

i fidfmfg] fia»og I4m «nte oqrr. 
Quod a^tronomiam qfoohvf Bm 
uiOQdfv fppQag, appellat, eadem 
brevil^ p. 5^. p. fSg ^6s dr 

fi£r/|7] ftnUt. Vind.B. Moa.C. 
ftittilv Ald. Bak ab. 

90x1] f xol Vind. B. JM editi 
ante Astii aec 

£a%^€Kis] uMnQtiKg Vind. 

dtfWQOvofdas ] dgvQtMmftiat 
Baf . b. 

av futi^) Ita Par. AK. 
Vind. BBF. Mon. C. Vai. BH. 
Ven. B. Ans.B. Flor.AC&TUV. 
o^ fUtiifXM Mon, B. 09ftftfwiQxa 
Ub. (-^0 Ald. Bao. ab. Bleph. 
09 ftniqx^ reoenCiofee , intct 

rs BeUceru o^ futt, ez Mon. 
et reliqnia «eptem anpra indi- 
catis «Seim» termiaatieiiem in<> 
oertam reliqnit ■eqoe de Ven. Cl 
Par. D. Vat. M. qnioqnam mcni- 
fieavit, 3tollbawnini antem wh 
fisti^u 10 Florentiaia, Men*- 
oeiwi (C.) et PariflMosi(K.) msAr 
ptum of tendit. 

ya^ f*ot] bi$ Mm. GL 529 

d^;i0y] dvcu idem et Vind. B. 
addmit. Tbeo 8m. p. 9; hf vt 
9oie h^s bsamSv Tfjv ms^ e« 
xomdtft ua^iAota osrov^ir yhh 
ft^^la ffivy qnjclvj ia%i niol trjv 
wov imitiiov Otaqlav , datQO- 
POfUa al «€aI tifv tov otBQioo 
^OQiiv y avtfi dh dvamUitBt mIq 
. t6 ava OQifv, %al dno rmv iv- 
»ivdfi iuioB iyei. 

pvvm] ovTmt Bar. K. lefr 
Bip. et rei^ofeo. Ct Vol. I. 
p, 398, a. inf. 

ol} o3 Bu. ab. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


wai fs mafiuitsi ^^vxfv §lg ti «m ifStf umi dno fw 
hf^kfi^ btmat afu. ^^g, nv i^ ifd^ lutptl i^l9¥ 
Ml^ ipol' Jfiol ytcp ov iomi oSt». 'MAu miS^; l^f. 
'Af ^y viw mvnip fimtjfltQliaptM ot dg ^iJlMOf»^ 
tamywmg^ m&n mqmv $omtio plixHv. ILSg, 2§^, U' 
f9§g; Ov» myiwmg poi ioMi^, ^v t* fy^, tipf mqI tm 
avm ik&&fi6tv XagifidvHV Magd Oavtfp ij l6ti' uivdwsvBtg 
fmQ iMd d tug Iv 04foq>y noimUmMta d^oS^troff dvaatv- 
Mtarv TUcmfLOV^dvoi^ n, fiYhl^^ai, av avtov voi^eiy diX 
ovm oiiikoCu ^BOH^iv. l6wg ovv xalmg ^yy » lyni i* Bvrfi^ 
mmg. iym ydg «nJ ov ivvapiah iXXo xi vofd6ai mvm moiovv 


dnniyonH'] &yopvss Flor« T. 
Gt p. 521. C. Secw Schleier* 
MolMnu: wtlehe de aU PhiUh- 
MfhU efkebe» woUt^ 

dymfvmg] dyipwe Yind. E. 
Flor. U. et, fap. a uu s. altere 
fr, Mon. B. Cf. Phaedr. p. 2&L 
B : ifiol fihtya^ ido^ mg piq- 
ikw eidozi ovu dyjBvvmg ro ixidp 
BiQij^€u tfS yj^fpowi. uon mm0 
gemroea Jiiuda. 

|ioi io%eXs] ofli. Moo. C. 

» ] fl Par. K. sec Bekk. et a 
». B. iu Voa. C ^ Vind. K. $ 
Baa. b. ^ 

Kipivpfvug] Tuvdvpevu Vjuid. 
F. Aag. B. JRlor. lU 
B »cd] oflB. Moo. a 

c!ir«anMmoy ] aP€atalvmtmp 

ycnmfAfo^ayo»] naxaiMXpd-dpH 
Mon. j}. VeiL B. jcara^iiv^^ir 
^Qnm 01 M joper oltijiio y Mon. C. 
natalofiBdjPU Yat M. CjE: L. V. 
p. 476. t>. 

fcvt^l eevviiv P^r. K. fl#c. 

vonral Ita Mon. BC. Par. K. 
iec BMi. Ang. B. Flor. RTU. 
et cum iituf a post ei Vind. BF. 
voeXp zi Ven. B. uUelUgere FIc. 
ponosiv reliqui com eoitis antp 
iBekkemm, ^ood Stephanos p. 25. 
in «rosZy. Porsonua Toro tegtantet 
ut Stalfhaumina commenoraTity 
Malthbyo in Morelti thei. pro4. 

L603. jec^mdum co^qes gnoflr 

dnm docuii. Bgo poijoiiv , si 
sequoretiir 6QaP , ob temponun 
diverntaten aoUnritaadum non pn- 
Carem, cniuft ezempla YoL I. p.52. 
monstiraTi, neqoe ipgmn Terbuai 
non aptnm haberi potest; fed 
SfSiittOi ^^'tm^Xp, qnae dictio^ in- 
iwieotior eflty prao flii^p&ci o^v 
juMi aliter» jufli «juod vo^ou prai^ 
«eflfliflflet, placMiflfle flcopton vlr 

011« SfAfuud] Ita Iiob. Viiid. 
BE. Mon. B. (hic ovitofiiHio^ 
FUm. ACETUV. Bafl. b. et StaiJr 
.bauminfl. ov% Sfifuc^ilt Mop. C. 
rmd. F. JUd. Bafl. a. Steph. 
Xtacentibufl fiip.) Bekkerufl itcn 
tacenfl et Atftmfl. Coaf. V|il. L 
P- ^3, b. 

^yy] riytl Par. D, |Bt roceA- 

^ jrijntomg] isv. Vind. E, 
moiovp ] Pro eo Heindorfiofl 
ad Theaet {. 83. oblter ostendit 
aouXp flcribenduflo, cui Aatiufl por 
Hiiup freqnenter cum partidpio 
looo infinitiTi coniungi dictitanfl 
duos Xenophontis iocofl obiecity 
qni nihil probant Unufl eflt Ana)>i 
VL 6, 24: v6fuie ^, idv ifA 
vvy dmoiaBlpjjg y di' ofvd^ ^£4- 
lov TB xal novTjffbp &pS^ dya- 
^hp dxonxBLwop. Alter de rep. 
((AC. I. 6: 9Mid tovvo ovfffpij^ 
vy BioyovL^ vofiltmp. Neque egf^ 
wemplifl refiitare H^ndorfiniii 
pofl8um« flod aliud eafle puto yp* 
i/kioa^ %f moufVf fliad mowjfv 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 



. ifvxn^ fiUMst$f fjMtfiyka , ^ lacaw , ^ &y ^lfi ^ 

%&em 4viAHSfiVHmg twv al6»ijtciv iiu%UQy ti (tavt^amuv^ 

ovTS lia^iv av Mini qrtfHki a^rov, hu6tfiikif» yoQ ovdiv 

G h^iv tm toiwtmv, orvs &va^ JHlk %atm mvcv /Ui- 

miv tipf ifvxnv^ xSv i| vTitlas vk»v ivyi^ ev »ahmii 

idaae huic loco magis aptam, 
soltcet noa «olam facere s. fa- 
ciendo la praesentia occapatam 
esse, sed vim et cbnsuetudiaem 
facieadi habere aliqaid exiatimare. 
Nec nihil alteri infinitiyo §linsiy 
et variandae orationis studio tri- 
bnendum videtur. 

x6 iv] v6 otn» Mon. C. 

«^] yeiyir Yind. K. 

doi^atov] o^arov Par. K. sec* 

ittv vi vtg — (iccv^dvBtv] idv 
vi vtg dvm Tisppfe^g rl iccv re xa- 
vm &vfifisfiviuog. bI di vtg ala&fj- 

' vSv ^iifi uxtvQ-dvtw ifu%zt^^ 
Vind. B. Badem est Mon. C. 
lecdo, praeterquam quod pfo 
inftftBuviAg simplex fiBfivTuognti^ 
bet. idv vi vtg dvn xBpjvmg ij 
ndvo (SVfifXBuwuog vovvfov vt 
fiuvddvff' iiv f avm nov xfy»?- 
Vfog ^tovv vwv alo&rivmv £r^ 
%Bt(m fucvd^dvstv Mon. B. et, 
vovvav — drtovy in m. a ol a. 
Dositis, Flor. U. Hanc lectionem 
'Bekkerus et in sec. Stallbaumius 
receperunt. Reliqui oodices et 
Ficinus hi nostram ciim reliqois 
editionibus consentiant, nisi qnod 

• Ficinus pro ij xdrm avfift» nun- 
^am conversus deorntm posuit, 
quasi ftn x. tf. legisset, et pro 
idv vfVmd, P. Ang. B. i&v di, 
pro iiB%rjvAg Vind. P, %B%rjv6gy 
pro ^ Vind. B. Vy pro cvfifiBfiV' 
uA^ Lob. Vat. M. ftBfivnAg, Vat 
B. Ven; B. uterque a m. s. vB- 
vBmtmgy pro vt Ang. B. vb ha- 
bet, quod ipsura vi in Lob. omis- 
sum, in Par. A. Ven. B. Vat. 
HM. eo qno nos posuimns loco, 
ih reliquis et in Ald. Bas. ab. 
Steph. (quem falso BekkeruB coipi 

Par. A. consentirtt sienificat) Ast. 
et Stalib. pr. aute Im^Bt^ vel 
i«t%BtQkty quomodo in Viad. EP. 
Flor. AC. Bcriptam est, legitnr. 
I^uae omnia exigui et ad minuen- 
dam vulgatae auctoritatem nnllius 
momenti easo apparet. Ehud mui- 
to maioris ea siint, quae Sdilei- 
ermacherus et ipse Monaoaitem 
Bekkeri secntns obiicit. Priravm 
aegat rebus sensibilibas intentom 
non solum ori» xB^fjvova, sed 
etiam xarm cvftfiBfivxova dki de- 
buisse, qnod Fidno queque of- 
fensioni ftiit. Sed hoc omisso cor- 
poris statiii erecto et ori ap«^ 
non tam ef&ciendae oognitionis 
vis negata, quam imp^endae 
tributa videretur. Itaqne Balla 
einsmodi vi praedita illa et omni- 
no inefficacia demonstratoras So- 
crates tt qui$ ttmum apertoy io- 
quit, vel cIoimo deornoii ore feii- 
wifnle guid eogno$eere tiudet, ne- 
que eognoeeere mihi neque eumm 
tpectare animo videtar. Dciade 
in particnla vs post Htv offendit 
et contrarii signifiGationeai desi- 
derat , non animadverteiis daai 
negationes , oif dvvafuu et o^ 
iprjftty recte per vs copulari, et 
81 aecessariam esset 9^ , id unum' 
servatis ceteris ex Ang. B. vel 
etiam ex conieotura restitni po- 
tuisse. Bekkeri lectJoni praeter 
codicum auctoritatem hocraaxime 
obstat, quod viro gravi et gra- 
vissimis in rebus denxo personam 
comicam , rcoooancov x€;p7vdg^ ad- 
iicit. Accedit qnod sensibilibi» 
intentum noa quanwiey sed ^iiod 
dvm xepTVfl&g sit, oognitione pri- 
vare videtnr, et quod non appa- 
ret , citr ^ xaro) ovfifisftvitdg po- 
tius, quam §dv vs x. a. dicatnr. 
Atqne hac ez parte mttlto oiagis 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



dXXa nSg 9ij Uiyig d$iv d^tQovoiilav i$aiv9ivstv MaQa 
S vvv f$av9ivw6tVf sl iniXXoisv d^%]iifuag ngog & ik- 
yo§i8v pta^6i6f^ai; ^HiB^ ^ A' lyd' tavta filv td iv 
tm wiQOvm xoixiXi^atUj hmlxBQ iv oQatS MixolmXtah 
udXXi^ta fikv ^sUf^ai aal axQ^fii^tata tmv tou>vtmv D 

d paQllo mode- 
Monacensis in- 

slior esfe alteriiu Monacensis 
terpolatio, quem Sclileiermaohe- 
rvtB pro iinitili abiicere et ctun 
Bekkeriano confiiiidere non debe- 

9Korc] om. Yind. F. Ang. B. 
Flor. R. 

iX^iv] Ix^i iidem. 

rmv TOiovTOov] rot^ roiovrov 
Lob. Vind. BK. Mon. C. Ven.B. 
Yat. HM. AsL aec. tert ^cien- 
tiam enim adipitci hunc nego 
Fic. Cf. prima lectionis yarietaa 
in D. 

dXXii] ovtB Viod. F. Ang. B. 
Flor. R. 

Q ii vmittg viw] viiovy pTO 
mio Vat BM. Ven. B. et, snp. b^ 
Lob. vttituv, Par.DK. sec Bekk. 
vtmvy Par. A. Mon. C. Vat. H. 
^, Vind. B. fifjv, Vind. B. 
iitvmlag nt F.) fti} exhibet, Fi- 
chraa ioGen» porait , Btephamui 
p. 25. recte negat in viov mor 
tandnm aut pro h&biian» acd- 
piendum*, qunm sit natan», Pol- 
htz VU. 138: vthf if' i^ ^Jttiag 
fid^(MC molvfk^mv 'Aifntrotpd' 
vrjg dn$ %ai IlXdvmv» M&ob^ 
qoi in pr. v^vmv dederat, in aec. 
metaphorice dictom pntat, nt i^ 
4mlag vimv niliil alind ait, inri 
•uBNnia. Atqae ita Galenna in- 
teltexiise ant vimv non legisae 
^etur de usn part L. III. T. III. 
p. 183. Kuhn. ad haec respiciens: 
rb Sh ftriSl nidvmvog aih&dg 
diapioivai liyowog, mg ov rovr' 
iarri x6 avm pxinttv, otav tig 
4iveTWV ai6rhv dvcntUvm xaeiua- 
fuvog , dll' otav , ^ olpMi , roi vy 
viiv r<ov oyriDv ^vflrcv i/KtffKonr^' 
xut , duvc^g dXlYmQOv, Sed hnic 
interpr^tioin per ae non nimis 

Pl^iTonis Op. IL 

probabili etiam addita iv y^ if iv 
d^aXdttjj panim conyeniunt, et 
mare natantem, qui proprie dica- 
tur , requirit - Neque yero pro- 
pterea opua est , nt cnm Mon. B. 
Flor. U. iv ^aXdttp ^ iv yfi 
scribatur, ouod Staltbaumins in 
sec fecit. Namqne in ea ori>is 
terramm parte, quae yri Tocatur, 
non minus, quam in altera natarl 
potest. y^ non idem est, quod 

Jiwjv] vvv Ttftmifiav, schoMa- 
stes; recte. Cf. Xenophon Cy- 
rop. Vn. 2, 24. et ibi a Schnei- 
dero citatns Lysias epitaph. $. 7. 
Bekk. p. 59. Reisk. 

dUd] 'AXXd Ald. 

dij iXByig] dtiXtytg Viad. E. 

m^a] xap* idem. x^og Pur. 

fiiXXotsv](tiXXoi.y9it H. fJkiX' 
Xoifiiv Vind. B. Flor. ACT. et 
Ficinns: ti eiut nohin perceptio $U 
ad ea, quae dicimus^ prt^utura* 

Xiyoftev] Xiyotfuv Vind. F. 
Ang. B. Flor. R. 

tip] om, Vat H. et StaUban- 
nuo in pr. referente Flor. ACT. 
Sed idem in Par. K« onissum 
dicit Itaque iv ov^avtp pro i» 
o^or^ e Florentinis illis notatmn 
accepisse et perperam huo retn- 
lisse yidetnr. Nam pro d^ov^ 
Bekkems et Bipontim testantnr 
in Par. K. ov^av^ legi. Idem 
legitur in Vind. B. eratqne ante 
corr. in Lob. 

tmv rotovvmv] viv totovtov D 
Vmd. BB. Mon. C. V^tH. Flor. 



igitizedby VjOOQIC 

fi. A ro N I s 

' %A n ^^ fiiQmdwttig iv uji ai^i^ Afi^f^ wu ffcdi 

fiMrl td iv6v%€t ^Iqh' S AiJ Xoyf ^h' n^AmPot^ A««m, 
S^i d' w. ^ €v oIh$ Ov^og, Sq^if. Omow, aSvoir» 
vgf 99^ ziv ovQWov m>wi3Uf mv«da^fi«tfft xn^^^^ 
t^g ngdg Ixsiva fiodjftfcog hfsxUf ofiolag Sozbq &v d 
£ tig hnv%Oi izo ^u^diXov 1} znvog SiXov iiifuovQyov f 

tm9 dh dXifiwmv] r^ dh «X»- 
Otvbv VM. a Moa. C. to ^^ 
ijif}^^ YiAd. B. 

Hg] a Aog. B. & Flor. R. Id 
CMaUlMMiiiiiiii in mc probat atqiie 
«xtrenka «c ■cripta Telit : m^ci 

%a Mvttt piQii. additque inter- 
pretadonem, qnae quoaiam fun- 
damento caret , oommemoranda 
non ▼idetor. AstiiM av pro Sg 
acribendiim et poit BffccSvT^g oeia* 
aate posito tuxI inserendum id- 
qne pro ual ct aodpieadnm sta- 
tuit; cui multa repugnant; Ittud 
▼ere monuit, 8g non pertinere 
ad r£v dXij^iivfiv , qnari hoc eit 
lieniininnm et tpogdg per attra- 
cdonem pro tpoQav positum, quod 
' nnper placnit Beivhardyo synt. 
p. 802. Denique Schleiermacfae* 
ms in Tulgata ecquiesdt , i ed 
una cnm ▼erii mom^ns sensibiles 
simttl significari totamque enuii- 
tiationem ellipticam, summam au- 
tem saitentiae hanc eaie cengct: 
9& iv Tp o^uv^ noXv %Av dXrf- 
^w£v ivdsi xcnct %dg po^ttg, 
Ego neque a grammatica, neque 
a feasu qoicqvam obstare pato, 
qno nHnns ad riSv dXTfitvciv ex 
anteoedentibus repetamns nonuX'- 
puhmv,^ tom ▼eraram Tarietatnm 
desciiptienem contiiieri pvtenms 
▼erbis Sg th dv td%og etc. (po(fdg 
t$j»^6g HXXfiXa ^iQEtai %al td 
Aroirra fp4^Hy quast dicat tSv 
dlijOcvav «otJttifwirw, ro^r* 
ivrt t^ fpo^v, ^g etc Qna 
ratione Tera celeritas , et verm 
tarditas omimr inaieem /trri , fiim 
- mtMU Jmre dieantnr, ha«d 
* ^ intellecta nec non sigii^ 

ficatum a Schleiennadiero cst 
Quemadmodam enim sensibiliseeeii 
▼arietas eo efficitur, quod stellas 
in ooelo conspicuas alias oderior, 
aiias tardior motus per definita 
temporis spatia certasqne figuras 
drcumagit , qui motns est non 
▼erae, sed sensibiiis celeritatis 
tarditatiBque et per mimeros at- 
cjiie figuras item sensibiles decor- 
nt, ita veram varietatem Teia 
oeleritas et tarditas effidnnt eo, 
quod yeras stellas secttndum re- 
mm numernm Terasque figvras 
movent, qiu motns partim ipsa- 
nun est» qnia oderitas et tardir 
tas motu oarere aea possanty 
parUm ad res inetas acu Teras 
stellas pertinet» qnae r^ ivovta 
dicuatur, quia celnritas et tar^ 
tas onm ma sese coniuageBtea eas 
ampleotnntur et oontineat Cf. 
Produs ki Tiia. p. 244: «^citf» 
Mor' dffi^^v 6 mg dXtjj^ng f^o- 
vog y ct^fiwv ra ^reroyra (▼. 
<x. fMrafisr^gorro) ovrov mbU «iT- 
res Af vo^iAg di^i^bg^ Sv nai 
£canQdtiig iXeys wd yWtfffsro^ 
nvixa jXsjtv , iv t^ dXn^tptS 
aQt^fim Xiyatv dvat th ««rorcc- 
go^ xia t^v avvoBQodvtiitamotB 
auupi^ %ct vnd rw —^ — 
dift&fiopiisva , ^dttov ij i 

ti^ov mvovfievcu et in 

T. IIII. p. 158: m€n$^ tmv ivi^ 
iiwv ^ icasax^Q ual dvMi%a%(U 
^« N«i ^aSvtiiQ ^ ^9 dXai^i' 
v^ d^i»p4py i^^O^wt/iiV ivIjA' 
lirWf. ia ^uibus post ofiO^ 
Bonnttlla exmdisse snspicor. 

td^og] xd^ Yiiid. F. et iDt. 
rers. Flor. A. 

fi^aivttis} Ita Yiod. EF. fi^ 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LlB.m 530 

nfaq>img duup§fivtmg y9y(fafiiiho$g ml bacmav^iU»oi$ 
duiyQip^iv. in^6mto yuQ &v nw vi# IfMH^ yi»^ 
fLBVQUtg tdmv w touxGta xaUMta i»kv ijfii¥. oMBQya^ 
yrtoiov pt^ bu^XMHv tmvta tfMtiAgf »g w^ al^uav 
iv avtoig itiifoftgvov Uav ^ ^KlaOtmv ^ aliaig twog 510 
^(iliWQlag. n <' otr fiiUst ftiiotov Blvai} S^. Ty 
ovti dij a&tQovopuMoVf n^ d' fya, ovta ova oXu tm^* 
tov %zi^69rai, Blg tag tAv a&tgmiv qfogdg axofikimovtai 

&wilg reUmii mei cmn editif, 
oontra Herodiani, Bcholiafltae Ve- 
neti et Eiutathn (T. II. p. 149, 
5. Lipi.) praeceptum. Cf. Batt- 
maDaas gramm. II. p. 324. Idem 
l>efin. p. 415. B. ex duobus co- 
dieibaa Bekkeri imoqne Hob. 
DXIIU. pro Talgato p^aSwijg 


d^] am. Tind. B. 

Xipnoi] XsjtziL Vind. B. 

r ] Hi, Lob. 

^]^^ Vind. F. Mon. B. 

Chodafimq ^9^} Mi- Mon. B. 
o^dapMs fs J^ Vind. F. (Fkr. 
▲GR.) ovdaitmg / ^^ 
Ven. B. Ang. R Ald. Bas. ab. 
Steph. (tac. Bip.) Aat. 

fcm^^Uyfuui ] naQctdslYfutn 
Vind. B. et oorr. Mon. C. (ante 
corr. — tfA Steoh. Aat. pr. aec. 
e x emp U Fie. In Lob. t» soper 
. €€ scriptwD, De Vat M. (et Vind. 
B.) Bi^lcenia nihil ostendit. 

hiBiwa} haXiwa (uOHienmg^ Vind. ^ 

ki^XOi^ Jrrojro Vind. BF. 
E ^W««**©] ijyif«fa»a Vuid. F. 

01^] idem iot. T«n. halwt. 

»aUi<rra] %dlX§stw Vind. B. 
Men. C. In Men. B. ndlU va, 
wup» a m. f. 0, ieiptwr. 

ditM^aalal dmnfmtrlap Vlnd. 
F. ' Ang. B. Flor. R. Cf. p. 528. 

f»i)y] uiv Viad. F. Ang. B. 
Vat. H. r Vind. B. ^oi Flor. 
TV. Ald. Bos. ab. Steph. Ast et, 
nt ▼idetar^ Ven. B. itaem BeUce- 
M tndit (ii^v pvo varin leottMie 

(yq) «odnbercL CeDf. p. 528. A. 
Perp^am, ut alia, Stallbanmiaa 
in 8ec. (jlIv Toliratnm Mue didt 

imewo%9w j loxoffair Vind.,B. 

Tcrvra] avror Lob. Vind. F. 
Mon. B. Vat. BM. Par.DK. Ven. 
C. et y^ B. Aog. B. FJor. BU. . 

oxovd^'] om. Lob. Vat BHL 
Ven. B. sed i* jpro nur. lect« lia- 
bet In FUr. T. ante vmvtm \»- 

«ff] n^hg Ven« C. Pnr. DK» 
et, nip. eig, Vat B. %if6g t6 
Lob. Vat. M. 

IryilfOfiBvov] Xtyipofievog MoB. 
C. lijf^oiumovy rap. a#9«W| Ven. 

fo<ovl in t Ang. B. 

•^] S Lob. oii. Vnt, M. 530 

ItilXB^] fiiXXoi Fiof. T» . 

bIvcu] om, Vat. H. 

Ttff &mi ] r«dvri l^nd« B. 
Mon. G. rd ro ivti Lob. Vat 
M. Tdr ta ovtt Mon. B. Flor. 
TU. Idem inreniMe lidetor ach»- 
lii avotor; d r^ ove») ^i^^^v 
«hrs^ofro^^ff etc. Articnhun n- 
Cttvii StaUbanmina. 

db)] di ITmd. B. Mon< C. 

^v d* ift^] post 0«^« iidem. 

oifx ofci taix^ mi0B4^m$] 
offl. Lob. Vat M. Pro fVVT^ 
Mon. C tdv cnrrdvy Ven. O. 
rovro, Vat. B. miti habet. Pro 
nsloBod^aif at videtar, nom ▼•»• 
«us nnimeraa non congrait* «ifffe- 
o^m Bekkerna in Par. K. legit. 
Bipontini silent /dem fuofiie /g - 
ehmtm pmtaro d B l g mu B mthm 
«flfronomimi etc Fic 

diftQaiv wo^icg] iet(fm ipgm- 
^g Mon. d 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ffOfimv fi^, dg oIqv r« naUi^a ta totavta H^a ^v- 
0f^aa9atf avw iw^tavaix^ tw ovQfivov JT^Tfuov^ 
ecdxov ts xcA td iv avt^* t^v Sk vtwuog UQog ^jiSQav 
fivfifMV»^ «al tovt(»v XQog ik^iHi %A fM^og XQog h¥tr 

B wt&v %al tm 6Umv otftQmv XQog ta tavta xal ^g 
SXXnla ovH atoxov , ofw, ^6stai tov vofUtovta yIyvb- 
6»al ts tavta AbI 66avtmg x«l ovda^y ovdhv «aQal- 
X&ttsw, 6mtia th i%ovta %ai oQiifUva^ xal ^titsTv «avrl 
tQOXtp tqv dk^»Biav avtSv kafiBiv; 'fifiol^ yovv do%Hj 
hn, 0OV vvv dxovovti. IlQ0^kn^a6iv aQ, tjv d' lym, 
jUQ&yLBVoi S67CBQ yBiOiiBtQlav ovta %al dcxQovo^lav gii- 
«ifia^i td d' hf rcp ovQavtp ld60[uv^ sl (uU^iabv ovtmg 

C d6tQOvoiildg iiBtaXafifiavovtBg xqt}6iiiov ro q>v6Bi fpQO- 
vifiov Iv ty ifvxQ i^ djfpfitw) %oiifiwv^ ^H xoUxmXd- 


oSTm] ov T^ Ald. Bm. ab. 

ovifocpov] (yioava Yiod. P* 

te&T6v TC] ttvvov idem. Panllo 
pMt ivenva et evfmtvffltev «t 
nif6g ve vcewa, 

ohi] Veii. C. a m. reoenti u 
ftdditum habet Cf. L. VL p.486. 

^yiftfCToti] ^yi/tfcif&ai Mon. B. 
«t ante corr. C. Ang. B. Flor. 

ytyv^ui] ylv. Vind. B. Mon. 
C. Ald. Bas. ab. Stepb. (non 

o^dtcftj] o^ao^ij Vind.F. ov- 
•^a/ttn Stepb. Ajt. pr. aec. 

cmfiec] tit iSmfMxvA Vind. F. 
Flor. A. Piotinus Bnn. IL L. L 
c 2: %£g yet^ 5v, yiytfl, tf«- 
fuetti ixovta xol 64fdfisva dna- 
^aXkoatxmq ^bi «crl th fan c^e/?) 
doetvtmq ; ovy;|fo>p<o^ xorl ^«1 toii- 
xmv di^Xoydrc tcS Hj^le^^ mq 
0* ^ff) ^7^ ^^^ *^^ ^^^ ^Xeotr 

I^of^oc] ijp. «^tA Flor. T. 

xol iejftBtv] %al om. Vind. F. 
Abs. B. 

dXifdsMxy } fioi^Buev Tmd ^ F. 

Dtt^TiSt' ] «VTioi Lob. tevtm 
Vat M. 

^olyoHt^] fyoiyovv Vind. F. 
&oi/ oiJy Mon. B. Vid. ad p. 527. 

dwtitowt] dxovovtog Par. K. 

£o'] &9a Vind. BEF. Mob.C. 

Jaooittev] idcmftev Vind. F. 
Mon. C. ( bic sup. o ) Par. DK. 
Ang. B. VaL M. Flor. ACRT. 
Ald. Baa. a. 

fiiHofisv ] ftfUotfitv Vind. B. 
Mon. C. Vafc. M. et a m. s. Ven. 
C. ftiXXovtes Vat H. Flor. A. 

^S «eX^OTOv] i^axif* Vind. E.C 
H ^QZ^9 ^^ cumsr saper t Vat. 
B. i£ d^vis TOi Lob. Vat. Bl 
(hic Tfl») Ha^X^g Mon. B. Par. 
K. Flor.U. HQog dxqiiotov\M. 
F. Ang. B. 

'iT]^ Vind. F. 

«^ooTceTTci^l nqootdaoui Par. 
K. sec. Bip. In Baa. ab. aigaum 
interrogandi additom. 

clffov] hfiftv MoB. C. 

TaUa] talka Vuid F. taVjx, 
Vind. fi. taXka Vind. B. Bfon. 
BC. Steph. Ast 

tq^ov] loyom Ven. B.^ 

dg vofto^etmv] poet 09»cloff 
Lob. Vat BM. 

dUct ] *Alld idqao nt novi ca- 
pitis initiom ezhibent editionea 
Bekkeri, Astii tertia et StaUban- 
mit Sic Tl di; p. 527. C. oKte. 
TovTo ftkv 526. C. BovXst ow 
521. C. et m sBperioribas «tq«e 
inseqnentibas libns certis ™>*— - 
dam iocis, ubi transitas 
rem fieri videratar. 
siones ego , si solmii 

igitized by-VjOOQlC 


6ioVf Sf^f t6 ifyov, ijdgvvv i&vQovoimtaiy nQo^k^ 
TSftff. Oliiai di ySf Bljuyv, xal talla xaxd t^ a^itiv 
tQonov %Q06x&iBW ^fuig, iav ti ^ftav oig voiiof^mv 
og>Blog i. dkXa yag tl IxBtg vwofLV^^ai tmv XQo6fpt6v^ 
tayv lut^ftatan/ ; Oix ixiOf i^njy vvv / Ovtwal. M fi^ 9i% 
dkXd nXBl&, f[v d' lyA^ bXSij naQt%Btai 1} ^Qa^ dg 
4S7iyip(ia$. xd fiiv ovv %avta X6mg o6tig 6o^g S^Bi stxBlv D 
& dl xaX ^iv XQOfpavfj^ ivo. Iloia di^; IlQdg tofiup^ 
^v d' iydy avtl6tQOfpov avtov. To noiav; KtviwmiB^ 
SqnjVf mg nQog d6tQ0V0iilav oiiftata xinijyiv, Sg nQog 
ivaQfiOViOv q>OQdv fita Mayijvai , %al avxtu dXliiXanf 
id^q>al twBg at imax^iiai Blvai, mg ovxb IhAayoQBi^d 
q>a6i 3 xal '^iiBig , cS rkavxayv y 6vyzwQovitBv. ^ nmg 
noiOviiBv; Ovtmgf ifpfi. OdTtovVf ^v d' iymf inBidij 

Sg] ovTog Yiiid. F. Ang. B.' 
Flor. R. et iat rtn. AT, ovr» 
Ven. C. a A. 8. o^ Lob. Vind. 
BK. Mon. C. Bu. b. AbL pr. 
oisAtL Mc Hermnnnnii de eaeMl. 
rat gr. ge, p. 113. iecvtne, qu 
tamen poetea ipse u«nm oertnm 
maloit, qnam doctrinam inoertam 
aeqni. Ct Phaedr. jk 241. D : 

eeqinmtnr, — . 

tnrae, de qna Yoi. I. p. XIL sq. 
dixi, minna ooBvenientes et ita 
demum, n qnod extrineecns TOi 
alio conrerii colioqnii> vei imrra- 
tionia reqniefcentis indidum ao- 
«edat, aduiittendas enstimo. 
yd^ ri] yaq t» Yind. T. 

h^^\ ^ *"*• ^•'■- 

habet Mon. C. 

ft®l fy»y' Mon. B. iV«ya 
Flor. U. 4» / «^ ^^ J^- 
kemm, qilii / ab octo inonim 
abeflse demonstrans de Par. DK. 
mliil sigi^caTit Etiam Bipontini 

7'] om. Moa. C. ye Flor. U. 

o4%m€C\ ovTiotf^ Mon. B. Fior. 
U. Ald. Bas. ab. In Vind. F. 
post i Ktnra est Conf. Yol. L 
p. 12, a. 

aiiv] fi^ov Vat H. 

Br&n] ^9ri Vind. F. Mon. C. 
Ang. B. Vat. H. Flor. ACRTV. 
Btdfi , snp. 17^ Vind. B. 

^ooc^] 9>^ Mon. C. 
^ VOVT91I vovTO Lob. Vind. BF. 
Ang. B. Vat. M. et cum a- snper 
nltiina B. tovt» Ald. 

Mimrfiv] %i%eiys¥ Vind. B. 
AldnoQs isa«. c 7: SaiUQ yito 
«^ datifOPOiUav ofifuna^vifl'^ 
ovTOff dnfiil Xifog to 

€&g ;iv3tot i^ cS/flnriD^, Sg.nal- 
da (fiJuovctv iotMxaL Protag. 
pag. 338. ^A: &g ovv noiij^m, 
326. Di iDinrir^ oi yoa/ifunicvtA 
— dvayiidtov9t — ag ih nal in 
%6Xiq — ditayndiu etc qnea aa 
locnm Heindorfins nostmm et dno 
Sopbocleos adscripsit. 

ai] o». Mon. C. llieo Sm. 
p. 9 : «oi ^v 9ij mpljtoviUM^g 
Bp vm adx^ qniclv , ot» dvciv 
(aL dvoty) dBUai 1} tiSv Svtibv 
^wqia , dovQOvofUag x«l dQuo- 
viagy vai avvai ddilipal ai intr 
evfjguuy dg ol IIv^teyoifatoL ol 
lihf ovp vdg dttovonipag etc C£ 
p. 531. A. 

•Iva»] iithp Lob. Bas. b. ubp 
Par. K. 

ilvdfleydof 10/ ] nv^ayoQHOi 
Yind. F. Bion. C. 

lifuig] ^iulg Ven. B. 

ovyxm^ovfup] ivyx. Flor. T. 

ij Mg ffotovMCV ;] vel ^iuilfia» 
I? Fic ? nug xoiSfUP; 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


§aivmp fuA dtt^ aUo MQog tovto^' i^ftfig Se Maga savc« 
irovtra yvlo^oftm^ vo iffilfcpov. ILkov; M^ mirl aAtw§ 

iHil oii» ilqfiMir iwM^s «Ssl^ ol ffavva <£i i^xuv, ototr 
jf^i sK|^ Y^g ^ov^ofi^ iliy^ar. ij orix o2tf&% 8» 
5ai nnk MQk uQf^ovlmg StsQov toiovtov miovtfi; tig yoQ 
Awwiofiii w g at; Ovntpmlag siol 9^770116 oAAi^Aoiff mo- 
IWffovvrf^ (b^wvo cSi^srs^ ol citfrfoydfioi irovovOi. Niq 


yind. EF. Yeiu B. Aog. B. Flor. 
R. Cf. y»l. I. p. 168. 

i^ov, Jxc/yanr] If^oir Ixc^aMry 
e£ti ante Bekkeruin. Verain dl- 
ilaaedmeai ^derat Ficiniui. Cf. 
p. 531. B. eztr. 

ntM^fud^a] iroDfstf/uda Vind. 
& asv<fmfLB»a TmL F. 

«chrtM TOVTa] Jta Par. A. 
Vfod. BBF. Mon. €. Ven. B. 
Asf. B. Vat.IL Flor.ACRTUV. 
wtnna nmnna reliqni mai cob 
«ditis airte Bekkerun. 

9wlce|o^] 9v^c^<o|ftey Vind. 
F. Mon. C. Ang. B. Flor. R» 
Ot cuai o ■aper « Voa. B. 

17^6^0«».] i7^r£^; Baa. ak 
Ait tert At noiUun aoqqitar 


581. CJ laadat Bqaobtua piaep. 
L. Xim. p. 485. Pro |Kif W 
in Lob. Vat. M. (iiq v exalat 
Pioit whSv Vind. B. «loy addit 

ot) oS Vind. F. 0«' Fior.R. 

«tt' 'tt 1 ntiwctg Boaeb. 

M "^? Vea.B. VatfiL Flor. 
ACIfr ^ 

^fyfj^^iiif] dmfnm Buaob. qnod 
8tq>Ka«ina anaot. pag. 25. rodiM 
conaot Idom thea. T. 1 
1690. C. iqnptsw coniicit 
jiaenans et ▼ecbi dq>t' 
WfZc»ai y quod infra p. 581. H. 
ia aifliyi ro poaitiiHi eat , analogia 
▼ulgatxun quamvia c?«a£ Xsf^fu- 
vov aatia tuetar. 

$] ^ editionea aale Aatiam. 

TOMvTov] totovTO Vind. BB. 
Mon. C. ^ Thoo Bm. p. 9 : oi 
fAv oOv Titg dnovofUvag 

vlag €tv %al tp&^yyovg dXhflotg 
dva/UToodvTsg iav. dU. eod. 
Scal.) avijvvTa novovcf TBlslmg 
naQa§dXlovT£g tol aStay otdv kt 
YBitov€9V (paivijv Oijaiafii»OLy oi 
fiiv ipaatv aMVBsv iv fiio^ Tivit 
ifiov «ttl fuN^OTCBror dvai iic* 
StflfUt TOVtOy ^ fuw^iovy oi 
dh dfupia^ovcm , dg^ oftotov 
ifitj ffkwfyofkivov j tk mtm .coi 
vov n^omadfuivoi y %mg j^oq^ 
teiff npofmata moQigooct» hd 
tav Mollafimv {voiqfiMfimv cod, 
Eeg. X, aoxlttpor nniego ood. 
Reg. B.) CTQeplovvTsg, (ov^O- 
piovvtai Rag. A^ 

cvutpmviag ] PoUux 11. 114: 
vutQO Bl THdTmvi «ayi^caiiti ««cl 
duiipetv§l lud ovfupaivUt tuel Suh 
mmvla. VoilHun freqneBtiaa eat 
Cf. L. V. p. 463. £. X. 617. B. 
Orat 436. Bl et PhaedoD. 101. 
D. quo looo com altero oontrar 
riiun aignificante imietani eat 

dvafuvQOvvoig ] fUTfoovrsg 
Ven. B. 

dvifwta} dv6v9jTa yind. BF. 
Flor. ACR. et, anp. 17 et «, Ang. 

dnT^ovopoi] doTQolofoi Baa. 
b. Idem ^in qoodam Tet iibco 
legi^ monet Stepbanoa p. 25. 

novovci] aotovct Lob. Mon. 
B. Ven. B. Par. DK. aec. Bekk. 
Vat M. Fior. U. Baaeb. Ald. 
Baa. ab. novovaw Bekkerna. 

ysXolmg] ysloUt ^d. BF. 
Ang. B. Flor.R. («ila^ Theo.) 

aiwomfui^ &Tta] m ' — 

rcetra Lob. Vind. F. anr 
^rra Vind. B. oraftfior o a < 

igitized by VjOOQIC 

CIVITAS LlB.m 631 


rovg %§ov's , I9M} •, tml f§liUwg ys ^ fcvtmifutt itta 
ovofuiiQVtBg uai %aQ«^kkovv^g %a mta , olov In y$it6- 
^wv tpcnnfv ^iKftvofiBvoi, , o( fUp ipa6iv f ri HotunoiiHV * 
iiv pi^fp tivi 172^ 9yA ^UQOttnov $lvm toOto dtaOt^ 
lia, tp ^sr^qrioV^ ol ii ditipt6fifitovvt$g mg Sfiofov ifiif 
^^hfyoftivmv f i(MponQot mta tov vo6 fCQ06tfi6afiovou B 
JEv phv, ^v i' iycif toHg xQ^ovg Hystg, tovg ta!g 
%op8aig tCQoyiuita tcaQiiovtag $uA fiaOavttovtag , hA 
MoiJLofaov ^QifiloSvtag' tva 61 fu^ funoQOtiQa ^ 

oocimi cofirettiofie» Fic fremeH- 
immmaa aeUii L. L c 11. et V. 
1. quae lcaieograplii huc refenmt, 
qnamqiiani oeoaiidam Graecnm 
Toeabulnm dicta yideatur, ab hac 
tamen re aSena snnt haud miiraa, 
qvam fnqMnU» chordarum ^^ 
mUme$ tami experimdi emtnm^ 
qnm alii hic inteUigiiot Artis 
■m, qnem tenainmA te* 
I ¥Ocant, pronmen atta^ 
OMM, et yeibom 6vo/ut- 
$09789 hand dnhie iijidicat , idqoe 
rom, nen oetionem eignificare ipea 
BomioiB ratio docet. lam ^oom 
Ariotozenns interraUa iUa minon 
In tetrachordo ad genno chroma* 
tionm et kiamionicam aptato, qoae 
Imm minima eomprehondoBt, m* 
%md appeUoTeiit , (ekm« harm. 
L. h i* i24. Moibom. avnv^ ^l 
Uffiw» %6 hi dvo dtaonifidtwv 
awveavfpihg, S awnMwa iXcrr- 
«or dimattifui ffs^ifei oov'iM- 
noiUvom ^$aetiifunog h t^i Bim 
orfOtfa^enr.) Iiaec ipea vcv%va. toI 
olia pawa et tameo oooqmf ita 
intorraUa iam ante Arietoxenom 
oimili nomine nv%vdiia%a a qui- 
bnedam propter eoaorom in an> 
gnoto spatio qoaei confiirtonun 
froqnentiom dicta et in dubitiH 
tiooem ▼ooari eoUta ceeo credi 
poteet Cf. BnUialdue ad Theo- 
Mm p. 206. et 279. ot BoodKhiae 
de motrie Pind. p. 208. Sed pro 
certo ponendum non pnto. 

Of^w6ii»»oC\ Oriifmfisvoi Mon. 
C. et Theo p. 10. eed p. 23. woct' 
a %al avxbsy inqvt, o nXihaiv 
«9qy€&a* liyav » dg ot %f^ 

mcmq ht yHT^vmv (rSvmv Rec. 
C.) fpmviiv fhjifivofiivovg «^- 
yfueta aaQixuv taig zoQdaJg. 
oeltft eicimore loco oooem tpeom 
oenoiitee Fic. qoae interpretatio 
non magfe probalnlie ▼idetw, 
qnam qna Scnl^ormacfaenie oene 
oet : ole oft ete licra Tbn oon ee^ 
fiem Nackhmr aUmiaekem «roiiten. 
Bpdom* modo ieti ad ehordae, qoo 
ox contigaa domo Tocem awm* 
pantee^ od parietem onree aAno- 
Tore dicnntor. 

(paiiiv hi] fpaatv Sti Par. K. 
fpaM Vind. F. Btiam Ang. B. 
Fior. R. iti> omittunt. 

«ovro] to9to th Flor. T. 

^] mg Lob. Yat BM. Flor. 

91] d' Bneeb. Pro dtttpuipff' 
ta^vtng exepectabatmr dfvpid^ii'- 
ooooie^, quM praoeodonli ^awf 
iteponderet; atqne ita ecriptom 
a Theono Tidimoe. 8od redlt 
oratio od poxticipinm, a qno fo- 
oerat initinm, quaei etiam fpd' 
^MOvtag^ non <patlv poeitnm oo» 

tp&syyoftivmv ] €pO$ffjfOfM»av 
Ven. B. Yat. H. 

o^ore^oi] ttfi^ooa^ Bueeb. 

v^foatfi6ttfiavot ioifoifodfuvoi Q 
Ang. B. et margo Flor. R. Idem 
fiber a m. e. dclafievoi d^Mf- 
tBg Tulgato euperecripta habet 

^ ] ^ 01^ Fbr. T. 

noUoamv] %oliiutv Moo. B. 
Flor. U. «oUo«ia»«r Par. K. eec 
Bq>. quod einc articulo aatie com-> 
modum ewet wakXonmm Vat M. 
woUoumv cmn (9 eoper « Vind. 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


F L A T O N 1 S 

dmv ylfV9i%4u ttX^HtQq» ts %Xfffmv y^yponivap ual %a- 
t^yoQlag xiQt^ %al l^aQVijOBag wu dkatovslag lOQimv, 
navofkay tijg tlKOvog xal ov q)fUii tovtovg Uyuv, iU! 
htilvovg, ovg Iq^ofkW vvv i^utQl aQfMvlag iQii6s4S9ai. 
C tafkov yoQ ^toiovoi tolg iv ty a6tQ0VO(ilf' rot)s yoQ 
, iv twutcug taig Ov^qi&vUug taCg dxovopihaig oQi^navg 
^fltov6iV^ dkk* ovx Blg XQO^Xi^fiata avla6iv iMMXsiVj 
tlvsg ivfbqHOVot dQi^iiol %ai tlvsg ov, acol dia tL htd" 
tSQOU Ja^kiviov yaQf iqni^ %Qay(ua kiysig. Xqi^i^ 
ykv ovVf fyf i* lyfo^ nQog fqv tov xaAov V8 xal dya-' 

B. wXd§m9 FW. T. »oUa/?oir, 
ut Theo scripsit, Timaeas leguae 
videtur, cuius glossa est p. 161: 
wolXa^or xa xmv xoQdSv kuxo- 
vut, mXXoxwv 8choHa0te0 a^o- 
scit et per Kollapmv exphcat 
Iii Flor. R. a m. 8. naccctXlinuov 
foperacriptom eft. Cf. Ruhoke- 
0108 ad Tim. 1. c ubi Bekkeri 
aaeodotoa Antiatt pag. 102, 33. 
protttlit. Poat noVionmv Euae- 
bius %ai addit, quod StephaauB 
p. 25« refecty noa-probat, ut ait 
Valckeaariui ia epiat ad Braft- 
atium p. 167. TUtm. qaem coii* 
ferri iu^ait Stallbaamiuf. Idem 
Stephaaof ia refereada Eusebii 
lectione xmv ante noXXonav omit- 

xaxriYOQlag ni^H «. «£^1 Viad. 
B« HoG quoaae artif Tocabulum 
eafe liqaet. Alii^ item metapho- 
ridf ifti, quum de plectro ci fi- 
dium percaanoae loquebaatar, usi 
ftaerint, quae Socrates breYiter 
mgnificat Terbif nXtJTnQqi nXrjymv 
ytyyofihffov, Ficini interpretatio 
liaius loci vel ad mutilam iibrum 
facta Tel ipfa mutila Tidetur: 
Sed n« longhu haeo provokaiur 
ttmiUtudo drcaphctri occiMatio- 
nemTuc et negationem ac elotto- 
fiem c^rdanim» imagini iam huie 
ftntm tmpono. 

dXaiovslag] dXatovlag Moa. C. 

shovog] ia editiooibuf ante 
Aatii aec. maior h* 1. interpuactio 

o^ VVf^] otl ^fil Lob. Viod. 
*B. MOD. BC. com editif 

Af tii f ec P^rperam haec ioter- 
pretatur FIcuhu : iieftte Au dieeii- 
liiim astero , fed ilUt etc Aliter, 
aed item perperam Schieiefma- 
oheruf : fmd iongiie, dott ilMfe 
lieute etwae eott derSaeke eageOf 
mmdem vidmekr jene «tc quam 
Xiyuv xi fcriptom eafet Neqoe 
io eo affeatlri riro egregie peo- 
fom, quod fequeof «oiovff» com 
Af tie et Stallbaumio ad empirioee 
a Glauoone uitrodnctof rrferenH 
dom putarit, quae opiuio eom ad 
illam ioterpretatioiiem ridetar ad- 
^uxiffc Sed quo modo ifti, qid 
toti ex auriboe peodebaat, 
rof ioTef tigare et qoed ia i 
rif coof iftereot oeqoe 
eoram f cratarentor» reprelieDdeiidi 
diri poteraotf Qaam Tero Terbo- 
rum DOftromm feoteotia alia effe 
neqneat, oifi haec: noii Aot, fooa 
tu memorae^ ted tUof, ^rHOf okmIo 
de hmrmonia interrogandoe dise- 
rumvty «1 menfe JkMeftam, ^iwaf 
InoMcm a qeiSbaedam iu hae dUei- 
frima ttem ut iu aftroNonnfi Ui6o- 
rem eonmnm et noba a iaU ejua 
tractatiene oooeniliaa et te Jemon 
ftroftam, fequitor, ut Pythago- 
reof eofdem ,• quof aatea reiiqoia 

Eraetolerat, ouoc ab eo repre*- 
endi et qoamrif empiridf noa 
comparandof , tamea yerae ratio- 
nu oe ipfof qoidem ^jhnoiao com- 
potef did ftataamof . 

hpafiev] qfofi^ Viad. F. Aog. 
B. Flor. R. 
^l dh Moo. B. 
i^CE0^€u] Ita Par. A. 





pov t^t^^^t SJHiog ih fiwtadttoxoiMVov &jufri0tov. Elx6g 
y\ iqiti» OZfift» di yjffvi* lym^ %0lI 17 tovtmv ndvtmVi 
£v iuliikv^aiiav^ fci&odog iav filv inl tijv dXXi^kfDV D 
uoivmvlitv wplwitai %aX ^vyyivsiav , xal t^U^ia^y 
tccvta y iotlv dXX^Xotg ol%Bla , qfiffsiv tt oAtAv dg S 
fiovXofuf^a tifv %Qay(uetalav j %aX ov% dvovfjta novaiMai, 
d di fii^, dvovqta. Kal iyd, ^ffflf ovtm fiavtsvoiiat' 
aXXd ndftnoXv igyov Xiysig, m £€ixQatsg. Tov nQoot" 
fklovj ^v d' iydy 7J tlvogXiysig; ijovx HiSiiBVy ovt ndvxa 
tavta nQooL(ud iattv avtov tov voftov, ov dat iia9etV'i 

BC. \M. BF. Vat. B. et a m. 

0. EL Ven. BC. kng. B. Flor. 

ARTUy. Bi^c^cu Eiueb. al^ij- 

6B6^tiu Vind. B. Flor. C. et, Bup. 

i, Lob. Iden^ in editis ante Astii 

Mc. «istat, taoentibufl de Par. K. 

ffipontinis. Ne<|ae Bekkeriu, qaid 

in eo aut in Par. D. et Yat. M. 

legerit, ostendit 
G ^aig cvfiqiaHfUug ) tatg om, 

Bfon. B. 
^ifofilijfutva ] nQopXrjfidtp» 

Flor. AC." 

dvla6tv] dviuotv Par. K. aec 
Bekk. Vind. B. Buaeb. 

dta xl] dunl Lob. Vind. B. 
Ald. Bas. a. Suttl Mon. B. Bn- 
aeb. Ba«. b. 

y&if] om. Fior. T. Theo Sm. 
p. 10: old^ dydi&ol dgt^ftfivnKol 
gfjvovoiv ixtOKonovvTBg , vivBg 
^vftqwpoi' diftJ^fiol dQtt&fiolg xccl 
vlvsg ov. nal vovvo %ffrloifiov 
MQhg vifv vov dyaJ&ov xixl xaXov 
(vov %alov ood. Scal.) iijvTiaiv, 
alXag 8h a%qviovov. xal vovvav 
vidvvcav (id omittont dao Reg.) 
1} fiiOodog ctv fikv ktl vAv (im- 
no v^v) dlXrilMv dtplnrivat notr 
vmvictp xal ^lXoyia^ , ij lavlv 
dXXfjXotg oiKBla ^ (▼. oAce/a) tpi- 
QBi avvmv (^avvS Reg. C.) 1} 
WQCt/fUiVBia Ha^ov. ol dl vavva 
dBtvol dtcULBitvnKoi* 01» y&if fin 
d v vatwcci Xa§Biv vb xal dnodi- 
iaod^ca Xoyov ov% otov vb dl 
vovvo fiif 6t htBivofv iX&6wa 
vmv fiaJ&riftdvaiv * 6Bhg ydo im 
9t' a4vwv i«l vifv vmv owatv 
^iav iv v^ dioXiyeaftai, qoornm 

priora parom accurate excerpta, 
poflteriora Tero Platonis scntentiae 
oontraria esse apparet. 

&XXmg di] Pro 8h Vind. F. 
Flor. R. vB f Ang. B. vt habet 

y] yB Vind. B. Mon. C. a* 
Par. K. sec Bekk. 

y] yB Lob. Vind. BBF. Mon. 
C. ^ 

d<piitijvat] dcpiXrjvcu Ald. 

Sv^Xoy te^l ivXoy. Vind. F. 
(fvXL Flor. T. Steph. tacentibaa 

j] 1} Vind. B. orMon. C. S 
Mon. B. Flor. U. 

xf^fuevBiav^ n^ayfutvavBiav 
Vind. B. 

ovx dvovrjva] oiS%cev. Viad.F. 

novBtoO^at] noBtaO^cu Bas. b. 

Kal] om. Ang. B. 

XQOoifiiov] Alcinoiis iaag. c 7i 
iavt yaQ i^ vav fuxfhffidvartf ixi- 
oxe^ig oSg av «Qooifitov vt vtifig 
vfjv vdSv Swatv i^Bmifiav, 

ri vivog] ij vtvog JSas. b. 

rcdwa] om. Lob. Vat BM. 
Par. K. 

mfooifud] fCifooifiotd Mon. B. 

iavtv] iavt Ald. Baa. ab. 

ov] Astios in tert ^ acriben- 
dom saspicatar, recte diaaeatieii" 
tibas Schleiennachero et in sec 
Stallbaamio. Cf. Tioi. p. 29. D : 
v6 fikv ovv noooifitov d^avfiaaiatg 
dnBdBidfiB^a aov , vhv dh S^ 
v6fiov ^fuv itpBlrjg niifaivB. Ita 
enim aecandnm codices iegendam, 
non XdviMfy qaod Stalibaamius ex 
qaibusdam pro vofUfv reoe|^ 
Acoedit P^odi attCtoiitas , qai 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



E oti yaQ ncv iQHov^l yi 6oi o£ tavva iMfol di^JisxriMoi 

tlvoi' Ov lut %ov jdla^ Ifti^, bI ^^ iiaXa yi rii^fg diUyo» 

flSv iya lvxB%v%ii%a, ^Akk* ^dti , s2«ov , fe^ Jvtr«ro/ xivtq 

Svtas dovval ti xal dnoii^a69ai Xoyov d0B6t^al xoti 

• ti dv fpafihv itlv dihoi; OJd' av » ifpff , tovto ys. 

5St OvMOvv'f BlmVj «I navxaVf ovtog ijiti avtig l6tiv 6 

p. 108. yerbomm si^ificatioDem 
4)emoiiitrftt: 6 Sh vofiog BUifsnw 
dn6 TtSv nuOa^fpBixdiv vofKov. 
oizoi iikv oiv sial u^Xrj ttv& 
itBnomfiiva tol uhv AQit^ai%d, 
%QL d\ jQBinaf^ it€U ta fi^v ivOsa- 
(ttiauLj zd 9hc%0fia9aM (f. «<o- 
tfrixa) vwv ijOmv. itQO di} tSv 
vofMov Tovtmv Mooolfua n^otdt- 
tBiv iUoOactv y a %al Btd tovto 
nQO^nXamjfuna i%dlow. — %al 
ya(f ta ftilrj vofiovg htdlovv, Sti 
d^ dxlvrjta tfUVB , %a\ oTt dta^ 
VBvifiijTo ta TCQinovTa iq>' htd- 
OTOtg. (▼. d<p* htdaTtjg.^ Conf. 
Heindorllas ad Crat. ^. 73. 

01^ yaQ vov ] ov ya^ nm Vind. 
PB. Mon. C. Vat. H. Hor. 
ACR.TV. 011 ydif nov cum m m- 
per ov Ang. B. «ofidimi entm 
Fic. ffm Astius in fec. pnetulit, 
i|iiod ferri poterftt, sed «zplieait 
ita , ut ferri non posset : ttondum 
etpoammmu Hhique persttoMimuSy 
m hi» A. e. in pkUoaopbim tiileUt- 
gentet este dialecttcot. In tertia 
ttov reetitttit et yeram interpre- 
Ittkionem aecatns est. 

. el tavta BbivoI ] Ita Par. A* 
Vind. BBP. Mon. C. Ven. C. 
Ang. B. Vat. H. Flor. ACRTV. 
o^ tavTa ShvoI Vat. BM. oil 
vavra Sstvol ol Lob. Blg tavtm 
iitvoi Par. PK. ol elg tavta 
dstvol Moo. B. et a m. a.. Fior. 
U. tavta dswol ol Ven. B. itum 
oditia ante BeldLemm. 

Blvttt.'^ elvat; Ald. Bas. ab. 
non onmino inepte. 

Jia] ar rmd. BEF. Ang: B. 
Vat H. Fior. ACRTUV. Hos 
Mootus ei^ BtaUbaufluni. 

eLfn^] ^ Akl* Bas. a. tlfU 
Bas. b. 

itftetvpgKa] ivtetvx^itm Lob. 

Vat. BM. In Ald. Baa. al 
ma appositum. 

'AU^Ijdri] dlldfjdfi Vind.BB. 
Mon. C. aXXd H TtoA. F. Ang. 
B. Fior. AR. c^XT ofci Mon. B. 
Flor. U. At emm Fic. \iXXd 8ii 
Astins in sec e coifiecCnra pooi- 
tnm in tertia tennit enmqne ae- 
cntos est Stdlbanmins. Sed snp- 
plendnm est idoiav , qjiiod ipanm 
Glanoonfs Torbis magis acoom- 
modatnm ost. qnam Souovti, 

fiij] el itn Vind. B. Ang. B. 
Vat. U. oT^ Par. A. Vind. a 
Mon. C. 

Bwatoi] iwaetaL Mon. B. 

ttvBg ovtBg] ovtBg om. Flor. 
T. et editi ante Bekkemm, la- 
centibQS Biponfinis. Xstans in sec 
cnm Mon. C. ttvtg omitiendinn 
et ol ante fiif recipieiidom stn- 
tnit et in teitia ol fu^ Swtttol 
6vtBg scripoit. Bed m Mon. C. 
nt in reliqnis omnibus ttvBg otr» 
teg legitor. Articnlns antem etai 
oonsistere qnodam nodo eam tivhg 
possit y nt ii y qni non sint aiiqoi 
ez nnmerD valfliitiinn, ol ^017 00- 
vazol ttvBg SvtBg eadem ratlone 
dtcantur, qnn iUay qaae VoL L 
p. 810, a. commemomii, tamen 
insolcntius positns ndetnr, qmam 
qui panoonun lii»oram teStimnno 
rectpi debeat 

etoBoOai] ereeo^ Flor. RTU. 
In Vind. F. incertum est — «t 
prius scriptnm fuerit, nn — e, sed 
illud magis clamm. 

isZv] om. Ven. B. a m. pr. 

siBivai;] eldivai. Stailb. sec. 

o«r rd dtaXiyea^at neoaivei]5aA 
Ita Vmd. F. Mon. B. Ajbc. B. 
Flor.ACRTUV. ov nd itM&»ai 
naQOivsl Mon. C. (onntA Crat 
p. 425. B. MJc^ onidam in 
0§a3Jyec^ ^mv^em.) ov to 

igitized by VjOOQIC 

CIVITA8 LIB. m532 


voftog, ovto dtaAi/addat hbqoIvu; Sv iMd Svta vofitov 
fMfio» Sv ^ t^g SifBo^ ivvapLigy ijv ikiyoiiBV ^^s ffvra 
^ifl tA t^a hn%HQnv anofiUmw xal «^09 avta actga 
tt aal t%X^tulov Sri ngog avtAv tov^^ktov; oStm xal 
otav tig t^ iiaUyB69ai imiBiQy avsv na^mv tmv aL 
6^fl0%fov dia tov Xoyov iic* avtd o i6uv Sxa6tov 6Q(i§n^f 

dittlfY^Oi iutQ€Mf$t reliirai c»- 
dices et Aslias ici sec. xd ditf- 
Uf^tti fCBQeUvmv edidmies uite 
Asltii sec quae (lez) perdi$$erendi 
artem oflfamfiW Fk. Qaam vo- 
pbog h. 1. df^iioem 8igai6€atioaeiii 
liabeat, ooam ex safjerioribus re- 
teatam, qaa prooemio oppesitam 
modomm compacem sea composi* 
tioaem ipsam deootat, altecam 
▼ttlgari propiorem leeitimae agea* 
di rationis, qaam mferiora se- 
^pmntar, ▼erlmm v^aivuv ita 
ad priorem accommodatom est, 
at suaal posteriori^conYeniat: sm 
Ufitmr Aie, qui reddenda aee^en' 
daqtte ratione continetw , modiis 
tBse eetjqui exeipere prooemtum 
aehet^ ia edUeet^ quem dialectica 
peneqmtur? Itaqae nec yalga- 
tam olim ledaonem, neqae easi, 
qaae in optimis tibris est , ferri 
posse, et n^alvu onice Terum 
esse apparet. Pro signo interro- 
caa^ Ald. Bas. ab. ponctam, 
Bleph. colon , Astios in pr. et 
sec oomma habet, quoram pro* 
pter partioolam oihtovv et ma- 
lorem ante ov %al faciendam pau- 
sam nifail non deterias ridetar. 

fUfioZv] «a^ctt V Yind. B. «ct- 
j^uixolx com dnobas punctis (:) 
Sttper priori r Mon. C. 
riv] ^v Bas. a. 
xot iAu\ om. Mon. C. (xd i<pa 
Ald. Bas. ab.) 

xov'^Uov] x^ om. Moa. C. 
Post ijXiov Stephanos et reoen^ 
^ores pancto toI colo asi sunt: 
mihi nexus his cam proximis in- 
tercedens, simiiis illi, qui L. VI. 
p. 506. C. et aliM per relatiTum 
efficitor, tam optattvos fUfioZt' 
^y haec qaoqoe cum interroga- 
tione pronontiata esse persnamt, 
pnaade atiam ia fine ver- 

borom Socratis post oqoxov , uU 
Ottmes editiones punctom Imbciit, 
signum poBendum falt. 

duiiiyBif9ai> htixstifBZ FW. U. 
qoae iectio ad sequentiom Terbo- 
rum difficoltatem explicaadam noa 
prorsus inepta , oeCerom aallius 
pretii est Btiam Par. K. sec 
tep. «9 pro xqt habet. 

naaav] om. Fic 

avxo ] avxm Vind. F. 

o iaxiv ] o iaxiv editi ante 
BeUurum cum Lob* Mon. B. 
Vind. BB. et ante corr. F. 

^naaxov] om. Vind. BB. Mee. 
C. Vat H. Ftor. ACV. ' 

ii^^fr] Sic Astios ia sec et 
tert. e coniectura scripsit, quem 
ego Ciementis Alez. acoedente 
auctoritate sequendum exisUBmiri. 
Ita enim iile Strom. L.y. p.690: 
9wttv^ d^k wSiv T9> duxlffBC&tti 
t^ TutxafLtttfx&iBcO^ai xov ^sovy 
ictv hux^ti^ xie &VBV TUiaSvxdv 
uMricBanf Btk xov Xoyov in o^- 
x6 o iaxiv ixaoxov ogft^v ueA 
fiij dnoitxaxBZv x<ov ovxanf , «^lv 
hcaivaBabmv inl xol vnBonBlfiwa 
uvxm o iaxiv dja^hv avxy voif- 
€Bt id§fi iT^ avxip yt)v6fiBV0£ x^ 
vov vofjxov xilBt lutxcL nxdxmvet. 
Sdlioet OQfi^y quae nostrorom 
oodicum et retiqaar«m editionom 
ledio est, ri deinde, at codioes 
ittbent, aa\ fif^ dxocx^ tcaeri to^ 
iamus , pro coniaactiTo haben 
ot commate post imxBiQ^ porito 
(quod Astias ia sec. reete deU- 
tam in tert. nescio qua ratione' 
restitBit) ad explicaiidam hoc nna 
cnm pi^ dnwsx^ additam stataerc 
oogimar: 9$ qmi» diaU e Hoae eht^ 
det^ koe e»t 9 remoH» eeneSkm 
ad ipsam faoil 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


r L A T O N I S 

B xal fii; oacotfcy , 9CqIv Sv ^fixo 8 l6t^v dy€t^v 
avty VWJ6BI iMfiyf 1«' ovr^ ylyvstai ttS xov votfcov 
xiJ^iy Smsq insZvog xoxb ixl x^ xov OQotov; Ilavtd' 
%a6% fclv oiv , Ixpfi^ TL ovv ; ov diaXsxtiKtjv xmx^v 
xipf xoQBlav nakBlg; Tl fii^; ^H 8i ys^ ijv d' iym^ kv6^ 

detUtit etc. Qaam ¥10111 a Bek- 
kero et Stallbauoiio in pr. tenta- 
tam valde irapeditam reddit oo- 
pulae poat ixixfii^ defectua et 
miod conunate iilo in loco posito 
neri yix potest, anin oi^ftoi indi- 
catiTua et in apoaosi oMe Tidea- 
tnr. Itaque inter %td et fiij dno- 
cr^ ali<^nid inserendum erit, qnod 
oonionctivum regat alteramque 
protasin efficiat com verbo ylyvs- 
VM stc, iit priora ilia Stov ng 
t^ diaUyBO&ai imxtsilfi cum op- 
f(cc cohaerentem. Ac Stephanns 
quidem idv Insemit, Flcini, ut 
opinor / totnf retationem secutns: 
ktmd 9eeu9 eum qma ad dialteti- 
cam artem diaeerendi «e eonfert 
ab^que etnsibn»^ ratione duntaxat 
ad ipsuM , quod ett , quodUbet 
nititurj qui m non ilett iterit pWiit, 
quam ipmm , 91101I etf 6ofliifm, ii^ 
teUigentia ip$a perceperit^ tune 
demum ad ftnem inteiUgihiU» 
ipdu» itm porvenitf «t tUe alter 
ad fnsikiU» ftmem ascendit. cui eo- 
dioes noB, ut alibi, aasenaum 
praebuenint. Minns etiam pnn 
bari potest si, qnod Ang. B. ha* 
bet. Snperest rjv , qnod ex Vind, 
B. aliatom Schleiermachems et 
in sec. StaUbaumius asciverunt, 
qnod etiam Mon. C. exhibet. Id 
nrri posse non ne^, (^uamquam 
foteor neqoe in protasi iUa di- 
ctionem inixBiQsiv r^ dutXiysa^ca 
^post panllo ante positam iMi/x^t^ 
Qstv d%o§lhetiVy netpie apodosin 
Ipsam ma(nopere mihi placere, 
qaum Socrates ^eohan potiuB, 
quam conntum dialecticae descri- 
bere ideoque rectius apodosin illi 
reaervare, hunc in protasi deia- 
oqis significare, denique, si ipse 
h. L enm, f ui dialecticae studei^ 
mtione ad id, quod est, oonten- 
dero docait, minos «pta iatenro^ 

gationem illam xl ovv; ov dta- 
ItKTtx^v vcevvriv rijfv KOffstav xet- 
Islg ; sobiicere videatur ; sed ante 
omnia co^ees respiaeodos cen- 
seo, in quibus Sfffiotv haud dobie 
fadiios in o^/ua miitari, qoam ^v 
omitti potuit Per se vero o^ 
fiav opthnom esse quis negeif 
T^ diaXiyeo^^itt ut Latiiionim ge- 
rundii ablativus ocfMmem, dut 
vov Xoyov rem , qna id , qnod 
est, consequi aiiqnis studet, de- 
monstrat. Nec firnstra liic non 
simpticiter o^pMV in* avrd ioriv 
iuaOTOVy sed qnia rea ma^mo- 
liminis est, inixstifsZv OQ/tqtv item, 
nt ille ixix^i^lv dscopxiMstv di- 

o ioTtvl ioTtv codioes mei 
editiqne ante Bekk^ram. 

cniTJ^ ] av Tj Ald. Bas. a. Par. B 
K. sec Bekk. cevT^ tj Bas. b. 
Vind. B. Ven. B. et articalo a 
m. s. in m. posito Mon. B. 

Xafi^] Xdfothoh. Yen. B. In 
editiombns omnibos nna Bekkeri 
excepta post Xdfiii kguntur ver- 
ba TOTS o^ , quae qunm tantom 
Vind. EF. Ven. B. Ang. B. Fior. 
CRT. et fldni anctoritate nitan- 
tiir, neqne tam limc «leOTvm, non 
' prius , quaHii onuiino perveniri 
illnc ea, qua dictnra fiierat, via 
Socratis interease videatnr osteo- 
dere, ad haec rdrs pauUo post 
alia^ stgnificatione positiim sit, 
merito Bekkems omisit. 

ttoroi] cevT6 Lob. YoL B. av- 
rov Mon. B. 

vlyvsrat] ylv, Vmd. iS. 
^ iuslvos] &eiyfj idem. Sdfioet 
12 r^fi oij^sag dvvofttg. 

tS tov] Tp om. Lob. Viod. 
BB. Mon. C. Vat BHM. Ven. B. 
Flor. ACRTV. rov om. Par. A. 

a m. pr. 

Ti oiv;] 


igitizedby VjOOQIC 



ixl ra BXdaXa %al x6 ^>mg xccl 1% xov xaxayzlw 
Blg xov t}Xiov ixavodog xal ixBl HQ^g (aIv xd ^ma 
%B xai qnnd xal to xov '^Uov tpag hC ddwanlf 

in Mon. B. yind. B« editionibas- 
qne ante Astii sec. male oiiua- 
snm et sine distinctione r/ ovv 
o^ etc. scriptum est. Pro ovv 
Ven. B. Se Wbet. 

ravzrjv] om. Mon. C. 

!H]*^H Ald.':if Ba«.a. ^ Vind. 
B. Bas. b. 

ye] y Bas. b. 

fuvaoTQOipii] fmcn^otpi^ Bas. a. 

indvodog] Ald. Bas. ab. pun- 
ctnm, Stephanna colon, reoentio- 
rea coinma addunt. 

h^ d9w€t(Ua] Praepontionem 
Yind. F. Ang. B. Floc R. omit- 
tnnt, et Yen. B. pro ea fffriir 
habet. Pro dSwa(Ua in Ang. B. 
ddwafUeofy in Ven. B. a m. pr. 
SwofUa scriptnm est. in dov- 
9fiCfii^ fiUnBiv is dici posse vi- 
detor, caios visio sen videndi 
actio cnm unbeciUitate coniuncta 
«i robore destituta infirmo quasi 
fnndamento nititur et effectu ca- 
ret. Certe aon muito aliter^prae- 
poaitione usns est Buripides Tro- 
ad. 329. Seidl. knl Simfvai lutl 
yootai t6v d-tevovtu Twtiqa na- 
^giSa T8 tplXctv nataczivov^ 
fym> et Pboen. 1571. Pors. ov% 
in* ovbISbc^v ov^ huxdQfiaaiv, 
dH' odvvatCk liym, quos locos 
Brfurdtins ad Sopb. Ant 755. 
adhibens Terba, quae ibi lecpn- 
tnr, Creontis dXX' ov^ tov^O- 
Ivfinovy tad^ or^ xalQtov inl i^d- 
voiOi dBwdoBis ifii eodem modo 
intellexisse Tidetnr , que Bem- 
hardy , qui ea ajnt p. 250. una 
cnm his nostris inter exempla 
praepoaitionis ^«1 cum dativo 
contimcfioiiefli signlficantis retflit. 
Similis buic est alter Sopboclis 
locns Bl. 108 : inl Tunvr^ tAv- 
de nat^mv ngo ^vifwv ijx<i'^ 
naai nQwpmvBlVj quo Brfnrdtiua 
item Tfxo^ inl xomvr^» per lix^ 
^'ifvjvifKix^v interpretatnr. Yerum 
Sopbooes nagis propcie et sao 

more locntns fnerit, si dictionibna 
inl ^oyoiat et inl ntoxvTa re- 
prehendendi caueea et Itictiit 
provoeandi eamea significaverit, 
quemadmodum Hermannus statnit^ 
Neque Platonicae consuetudini 
aliud convenientius, quam dictio- 
ne in ddwafii^ propter imbeeil- 
Uiaiem significatum statuere. Ita- 
aue Steplmnus in mar^. ^17 ante 
pXineiv excidisse conticicbat et 
annot p. 25. Non dubium eat, 
inqnit, quin depravatus sit bic 
locus: quem etiam in iis quae 
margini adscripsi, aliqna ez parta 
restituere conatus sum. Postea 
autem banc eius ezpositionem in- 
veni, Et iilic quidcm visus ad 
animalia, et plantas, et solis luf 
men: in videndi vero debifitate 
ad spectra in aqnis : eiane expo- 
sitioni «ubiunctam hanc lectionem. 
Tucl iitei filv o^ipis n(f6g tcl itSa 
TS xal g>VTa , %al ro rov i^Uov 
tpmg* ii^^ divvaaia^dl rov fiXi- 
neiv y nffos ra iv vSaot q>avTd^ 
Ofjuna. Ego autem iegens ftij 
pXineiVy iunffebam cam praece* 
dentibus , n^og fikv^ td Qmd rc 
%al <pvTa xal ro rov i^Xiov fpmg^ 
tan^uam iv ddwncfU^ seorsum 
positum esset." Ead^m, qua Ste- 
phanus et Comarius (nam Cor-- 
narii est expositio iUa et lectio, 
quam postea invenisse Stephanna 
ait) de praepositionis vi opinione 
ductus Morgensternius symb, 1815. 
p. 14. sqq. commate ante t6 rov 
fiXiov fp£g posito haec ipaa ver- 
ba non a praecedente nQog^ sed 
a sequentibus in dBwafUif, fiXi- 
netv regi autumat et alia quae- 
dam parum probabilia proponit, 
quae omnia probavit Astius in 
tert. Platonem sic scripaisse con- 
iidens: xal itteiukv nQogTaiad 
xs xarl 9vrar xol , r^ zov fjXiov 
tpmg hi dSwofUtf, pXinstVj nQ6g 
%d iv vdaai tpavrdofuna , ^- 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 



C (ikhtHVr $C(fos th tA ip Sdu6i ffmniMpma &£Sbm1 mm$ 

StaDbauDiiiitf m lec. Tidetur. 
qnuB Stephani coniectiirae < 
oea omnes refiragentar, si pla 
praepositionem omittcorent , ant 
lnaereDdae potivs, qnam omitten- 
dae cauasa librariis faiase yidere- 
tur^ cum Vind. F. Fior.R. ddv- 
wttfUa SGril>endam idqne citm in- 
finitiTO pXinHP sio nt dvmfug 
enm d%tt&4^ai L. II. p. 364. B. 
C. onvog cam &mB6^ai , XiyBtv^ 
f/i»etfr V. 460. 0. 473. B. VI. 
503. B. coBstmctam' statneiem: 
nttw Tiilgatam rettBendam et s»* 
eandam Euripidem eo, quo supra 
offtendi, modo interpretandam, ad 
aeqnentia «969 91 t& iv ^daoi 
mavtd6(ictta antem contrarittm 
hRus cnm imbeciilitate comonctae 
Tiflionissapplendumexistimo, quam 
rationem Schleiermachenis quoqne 
Mcuius est Transitns a substan- 
tiro ad infinitiTom, 17 indvoSog 
nai plinsiVy nullara offensionem 
habet. Sic infra p. 535. B: d^i-^ 
fi^vrita dfil avtolg 9C^6g td fut" 
^funa ijdffx^iv %al f»iy x^^ 
xmg (lav^dvHv* 

plineiv,] piintifvt Vind. R. 
plintt». Afd. Bas. ab. 

fpavtd^funa ^ta] Hia 'VbW» 
qnataor Torba ivtctv&a dh nq>6g 
9pa9td4fLata interposita legantar, 
qaibas reeeptis descriptioni vin- 
ctorom et solntionis eorum immi- 
seetur aliqnid ex disdplinis ma* 
thematidspetitam; ivtavQ^a etAm, 
ad reiponem intelligibiiium refe- 
rendnm est, qnam ipsam Socrati 
etiam quam iiiBl diceret obversa- 
tam statmint, quasi e speca ad 
iolem prodoctos atromqae regio^ 
nem simol ingressoa cogitasset; 
et Terba naca avvrj 17 niftxvfLa* 
ttlu^ qaibns tamen recentiores 
flposiopesis Tel anacohitlii signom 
praefigiint, cnm initio 1} d^ 7« 
Hoig etc grammatice cohaerent. 
et solntio*iUa et ccnversio et ad 
solem asoensio et imagfnum visio 
pariter ac mathesis hsnc yim ha- 
bere didCnr, ol rationem adboni 
laeam dMUpieiendttn ei^akat, qnod 

et p«r se ioeptnm «^ . 
illis oScnBQ tots tov cafpsstdtav 
ete. oontrarinm est Tm um 
apparet, qua ratione theoranata 
mathematica ^tevtdgfutta 6«ijt 
dicantBr, mnlto minns qna Mm- 
Xmv ojtutl esse negentiir. Ismb- 
ginam nmbris isti intenti faewDA 
Si specu vincti: at regioiieni i»- 
ffressi intelligibilem qnibas ei 
ipsi umbris ideanilli inltio ope- 
lam dant, eas si cnm aliis nm- 
bris longius a yeritate fcnotia 
comparare vellet Socrates, non 
cnm illis comparare debebaii qnaa 
in specu oontemplati eosent, sed 
eum iis, qnas sohiti m regiQae 
visibili ocatis Inci iioadun assne- 
factis insplcerent , quipy foae 
eondem in hac legMae» ooem 
theoremata raatliematica in aftem 
locnm tenerent Itaqne Imiim aalr 
tem incommodi vitandi rrniisa s^ 
dmXa aliter saiie, qaam panilo 
ante, oorpora ipsn intorpralHri 
et commatn post tiddlmfv muAif 
qnod Stephanna poenit, serarte 
participiam dnomtutioptiimig ad 
muccg tdv 8vtew refi»tfe «t fce* 
Q<yv toiovtov tpmg venm Inmen 
sen ideam boni, qnaa omn arie 
OMnparata reapse vennn lnmca 
sit , (tictmn stataere debebnnt ii^ 
qaxbas nddltameHtmB isted giwa 
nnm videpetnr. Vemm res aalvm 
est. Godioes omnes «no Vea. R 
ttccepto, cuim hic qno^ Aldno 
vestigia prearit, verim ^f wfr st 
dh nifdg tpavtdafuttm uniittuuC* 
Qoae si ad sensum «eeeaanria ant 
ntilia ant deniqae noii onmlao 
inepta essent, ob homeeotclentea 
a ceteri» neglecta hi tmo HhM 
isto qnenMdinodwn alia fidoHler 
servata videri possent; qnam vero 
iis eiectis omnia plana et eoqiedita 
fi#t, qnis non ij^ossena ex malo 
intellecto adverbio ixil vei H&de • 
Hbet oriandnm et de indmrtrin 
homoeoteleuton fictam ngnescatY 
Scilicet tit iv vBa^i fpmvtdcfuetu 
^Bta aoHs dei (v. L. VI. p. SO^ 
A.) imagines in aqnis oai^picuae 
qaao eodem aomitfe mqpra 

igitizedby VjOOQIC 


^arraff/tora . offensiani esae d*- 
bet, quum non indolem aut oon- 
4iftionem ima^iniiny <ed orfglnei 
significet ideoqae non multo ar- 
tiu0 cum substantiTo cobaereat, 
qnam gentilia aat proaonnna po«- 
seMiva, quae siuuli modo inter- 
dum postposita reperiuntur , ut 
Phaedonis initio riotr «oXixiSp 
^XiMGlfoVj (t70fi ttfuem Landaif»- 
ten OM» Phliu») quod codices et 
lexicon Belckeri anecd. p. 352, 25. 
et aliquot Paasaniae in buiusmodi 
rebus auctoritate non facile de- 
stituti dictioncs (cf. Siebelis ad 
L. I. c. XXV. §. 6.) satis tuen- 
tur, Soph. Ai. 570. 6 IvfMp 
ifiog , Eurip. Hippol. 683. d yer* 
p^a^ ifios, Tbeoer. Id. XXVU. 
53. Tmiiotixovov ifiovy qoae omirfA 
eontra libros corrigere non au- 
sin. Accedit qood Teiba iw ^d«€i 
inter v€t et f^wnu^fhotu epitiieli 
loco posita altemn epitbelon «t 
laxias necti sobstantiro et prae- 
dicati instar extrinsecos adiici 
possit fiiciont Sic Thaeyd. VI. 
31: c/ va^ ri^ iJLoyicato n^ O 
v^S noXtms dvaX&HSev (hj^MUev 
wd M» ^^m$oa^mv tJiv Wr 
tev. Aristot. Bth. Nic. VI. 11, U 

tdh nalovftivrj yvmfaj ^ 17 tov 
tsaiove i&tl nqlois Oifiif, qooo 
locos significaTtt Bernhardy aynt. 
p. 323. Omnino Platofiem qoo- 
q«e adieetivum nonnunotMm 001»- 
tra consuetudinem posmsse prae- 
ter Phaedonis lecom illa Leg. 
L. nu. p. 713. D. doeenl: taS- 
v6v di} iial d 4^e6g £^ xal ^*- 
Xdv^^Qanog c5y rd yivos &fistvop 
lif^v kplatri rd tmv Sa^ovmv. 
Itaque nec tA post 9oirTa#/ianry 
qoamris facile exddere poinerit, 
inserendum nec d-fia in via m«* 
tandom pato, qoed Aslius in aec. 
post alterom tpaptd^fuita ^ qoam 
de glo M emata nihil sospicaiM et 
hut antrom, htav^a locam sob 
divo fignifioare pesse opinana de 
mbo taatnm, qao alterun ir^^ 
pertineret, sottlataf easet, pro 
Viia in ooadexta poeitam in a4» 
^mik §XiMW a 

p. 516. B. iv viact tpavtdaftata 
tt^tov dicuntor, quas, quia ipsiua 
lanen ferre nondnm queunt, sointi 
primom inspicere^ debent. His 
accedunt o%uxl tcSv ovrmVy um- 
Iwao remn naturaliun , ^oae res 
licet proprie oyra non smt, ta- 
men cum rerum simolacris in 
ineca appareatibos comparatae 
ovra did possunt utpote fiaiXov 
ovra, (515. D.) qoarum propterea 
ombrae recte mdXav €ntai esse 
nogantnr, quales in specu per 
aliud lumen et ipsum itdtoXoVy 
non Terum, si cumsole compa- 
retur,'h. e. per ifincm illom sto- 
pcme accsQsam emciebantar. Ita- 
qtto flocrates, poftqoam metfaodi 
aeo legia diaiecticae effecton et 
ilBen denonstrarit sniilen illon 
ei, qoem (egitima Tiaoa exercita- 
lio habeat, disciplinaron nathe- 
natiearom , de ooibaa adhoc dis- 
polaTerant , atililaten ac Tim, 
qna sint ad illom effectom prae- 
parandum instroctae, declaratnros 
atqoe ita diaieodcae ipsiuo nato- 
ran illoslrataros primnn menlio- 
nem facit nedioinae, qoan Tin* 
oHs in a^feeo adhibendan initio 
Imios libn dixerat, sinilenqae ei 
diidplinannn illaron Tin slataeni 
aoliilfo o wnt lonwi , inquit , et ro- 
ijfoa tHw fadtwia Mijo ortinn 
itaiiio reipoitdent , am4 quidem 
ratiomtm so rfen moiio oii itfeam 
6oni, 9110 iUa oeolon ad aolit 
oofii|ieetnn , evoktrt oomtmdit,- 
Longiore aoten oonm, qoae Tin- 
otia £eri dixerai, repedtione osoa 
ab instituto orationis curso defle- 
«lit et Torbnn, qued ad nomina- 
IItos Xvats, fntaotgofpfj etc. per» 
tineret, ^nale foret dvflfara» 
(raor6fr Tff tmv tszpoiv xifayfut-' 
t$Uf) Tol fUfisZtat (tijv n^fuxr 
rt/ay), omittena iraoa oil^ etc. 
dicit , ut si initio nv 6i y$ ij[ Xv- 
Oiff etc. Bvvofuv B%u Tcl simile 
qoid dixisset. Coius anacohithi 
seo nominatlTi absoluti exempia 
Vot. I. p. 377. ostoadi. Neqno 
Toro postpositam sine aiticolo ad« 
ieetiTam ^efo poal v& h t^daoi 

igitized by VjOOQ lC 


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