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3lfavt]arli Collrsr libraro 




In<ilruclar in German in Hnrvud Univet^iiy 


Capuin in .he Mlh Mdi^s. Vols. 

1861-1863 J 


d. ScpU .., .398 J 

Received Sepl. 15, 1899 9 


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303 & 304, STRAND. 

' y- v-f • . / - 

linrviii-.. Golii^B ■ Library 

{:.i-t. i.; , 1809 

Kr»>r.; Library of 

aoor>?e Adttm Sc-:i::itt. 

igSm. MAY 151911 


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Fhilip Massingsk, the author of the nineteen plays contained in this volume, and ot* 
ci^itBen others, which, it is to be feared, are irrecoverably lost, was bom in the year 
1584; twenty years after Shakspeare and Marlowe, ten after Jonson, eight after 
Flttcher, and within two of Beaumont and Ford. ' Contemporary with him ^so were 

, Wdister, Peek, Chapman, Middleton, Shirley, Kyd, Decker, Marston, Daniel, 
Folke Gieville, and others of hardly inferior mark, " all of whom spoke nearly the 
language and liad a set of moral feelings in common." Such was the imperial 
manner in which Shakspeare and his brother dramatists of the great race took posses- 
sion of the English stage, and filled 

" The spacious times of great Klizabctli. 
With sounds that eclio still." 

Kcver before or since has the earth witnessed such a simultaneous outburst of *minds 
of kindled power. Napoleon and his marshals did not make their appearance in a 
thicker duster. When one thinks of the Burghley men, and the Armada men, who 
sinking one by one into their graves : of Bacon and Raleigh in the full flush of 
genius: of the Hampdens, and Cromwells, and Jeremy Taylors, and Miltons, 
who about the same time were bang rocked in their cradles : lastly of old Queen Bess 
henelf : — when one considers also that the entire papulation of England in those days 
was probably not more than that of our present Loiidon, — ^it is impossible not to feel an 
ODOtion of pride in belonging to the same " happy breed of men" from which they 
tfiuof, and in being bom like them in 

" This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England." 

The same authorities which give 1584 for the year, fix Salisbury for the place, of 
M— iiiy 1*1 birth. The books of its churches have been searched in vain for any 
fcoofd of his baptism, but as one of the principal of them fell down in 1653, and 
there » a vacuum in its registers extending over the period in which the name might 
hnrc appeared, it is probable that the infant son of Arthur Massinger received the name 
of Phttip at the font of St. Edmund's. Hartley Coleridge indulges the pleasing fancy 
Att he must have had for spohsor the greatest Englishman who has ever borne that 
nme^ die poet-soldier in whose "sweetly constituted mind no ugly thought or un- 
hndaome meditation could find a harbour; who turned all that he touched into 
ianges of honour and virtue;" and who himself derived it from the arch-enemy of 
kk country and his religion. And the circumstance of the sponsorship is in itself not 
iaiprobaUe, for was not Sidney's sister Pembroke's wife, and the poet's father was a 
Insted and honoured *' servant " of the Herbert fiimily. Arthur Massinger indeed 
mist have been a man of birth, education, energy, and high principle, for recent research 
Itts brought to light a letter from Henry Earl of Pembroke to the great Earl of 
Boighley, dated 28th March, 1587, recommending him in the strongest manner for 
die reversion of the office of Examiner in the Court of the Marches towards South 
Wales ; and ten years afterwards, when a matrimonial arrangement of some sort was 
Knding between these two powerful families, it was to Arthur Massinger that the 
delicate ncgociation was confided. — [A'»//r.« unff Ourrirs, ist S, \\\, 52."^ 



In the dedicalian to A .Vric Hdy ru Pay Old DrHs the poci sutn that ] 
bom a dnolEd tervint Id ihe thriK noble fimiily " Of lleilKrl:, and tbe proll 
tbH he wa> bfoaghl up as a page ■□ the CoudIcb of Pcmbrolic ai Wilton. ] 
siona to tbe pmition and mmute duties a{ paga are perpetual. In thai particu^ 
if uiywhere in England, he wouM Icam to admiic ^e combination of rank aa 
iliul alalely yet Sowing coune^, whicb in afifr life he wn so tond of betloitj 
hu hvounte characters. So iiiixeisfiil indeed if, he in thne delineations tha^ 
ibe knowledge that such in all likelihood had been his upbringing, a biogiaptl 
be led ID assume thai il was w in order to account Ibi the conlideni and com 
eve with which he (leadi the hallt, and a.«end9 the «tairc8«n, and enters l) 
and siu down at tbe banquett of hU great duka and emperors, and nccray«< 
con*uU. Bui beyond thii gcncnl idea which irresiscibly forces itself upM 
know nothing whatever of bis early lift. Not a single bet. not even a barren) 
come down to us until Friday, the 14th of May, lAoi, when "Philip Mai 
liialiibuiy man, the wn of a genttcman" (Suisburiensis, rn^ncnisi tllii), wu a 
Si. Alban's Hall iii the University of Oxford. He mutt ihm have been aboue 

After this brief gleam ul light, darkness again close in — darkness that nu^ 
Anthony ii Wutd tap that the young student's eapcnsoi al Ihc University 
liayed by the Esil of Pembroke, and that " he gave hit mind more to p4 
romances for about fuur years or more, than to logic and philosophy, which to 1 
have done, as he wav palroniied to (hat end." Langbaine. on the cont[<iiy, aM 
during hit reudence he applied himself closely to his studies; and that his wll 
port was drawn from his farher. Tom Davics, his neat biographer, considei 
vno very wrong of him to negle^i his logic and his philosophy, and thereby] 
the grim merriment of Gifibrd, who hinti that the worthy lellow (whom one 
for " mouthing a tcnccnce us curt mouih a bone," in consideration of hit hal4l 
doocd Boswell to Jt^iuon), neither iKKscstcd himself nor knew Ihe meaning i 
valuable •cqulsitioni." Gi^td himWtt adopts the view of Langbaine, both ■ 
(he nudiei and the meani of living, and, after calling Wood a osleltss drol 
that the young m>in " must luie u>plied himself to study with uncommon a 
his literary acijulsitions al this early pcriixl appear 10 be muliilarious and a 
The repiescnlativn of the "tasteless drudge" school might here retort on thelq 
caustic critic, and inquire the names of ihe vrorks in which at this period U 
acquisitions are made nianifint. 

It is agreed that Massingcr lefi Oxbrd in 1606 abruptly, and without takingi 
and, as it anMuij certain that his lithet died about the same time, it is rcasanaU 
nect these circumstances together, and thence to conclude that al the age of ti 
found himself cast pennilcn on the world. The old Earl of Pembroke bad 
January, i&or, and had been succeeded by his eldest aan, who, according n 
was " not only a grat favourer of learned and ingemmis men, but was himself 
lo oinirBlion ii>ilh a portical ^fi^," and " was Ibe very picture and rii'n « 
nolHli^." Clarendon, in more weighty language^ describes him a> " the mw 
oily bdoved and esteemed of any man of that age. ... of a pleasant 
humour, and a disposition afiiihlc and magniti«nt." On every aciiount, therr 
would have tuppiMed that a young man of sudi abilities would as a matte' 
hive been taken by Ihc hand by a nobleman of such dispositions, who ivoul 
an additional pride in presenting him to the world as the -ion of his bt 
cherished retainer. But the biographers, who agree in little else, are una 
saying that whatever may have been his claims lo patronage, no patronage ' 
was aHbrded to him. To account for this singular nejiccl. GiSbrd is reduc 
cannot but think tbe still more singular assumplinn, thai Masslnger bar' 
Earl ol Pembroke's lavour by " having, during his residence at Ihe 


igiotiotlut Ciiher for one at this lime the object of petsecuiion. hatidl, 
in Lhorl. he haid lumcd Roman Cjtholic It Tvqains a bold man (a 
ltd on any pxni connected with Massinget, but i« nai > change of th» 
kind of drcunultince the memory of which woald huv>e lingered lon)^! 
Wf» of whtt Bumm talk ihe Queen of Ciiiei ? Wood wis enttrtd at 
ic jatt after Mtsin^r quiind 3t, Albtu'i Hill, and ii it not nereiHiy 
there wm Dt. Rouihi in those dtyi in order to feci a>nvmc«d tbni he 
»of crmvening with mntemporsrio of thepoct. A ftohman of 186S1 
lum of mind, would be tolenibly certain to learn is much ax he caied 
lydiMlngulitwl character who bad left the Unlvcistiy in 181;. Besides, 
~ IC been of particular iniefciit (□ old Anthony, as he was himself again 
of exhibiting in hi9 wrilingia it rong leaning to all who were I^>t^ 
lined. But granting the force of the argumenlH as lu the convctsioni 
pEmbtoke a man likely to have been influeDceil as Giflbrd suppwi ? 
lUrendon b^s he was "a great lover of hia counlry, and of the leligion 
h he believnl could only support it; and his fricndsliipt were only with 

files ;" but it was PuritaniKm. not Roman Catholicism, that was run- 
lor*! head when he wrote these linen, and it must have been polllical 
111 muoni that swayed the Earl in the choice of his friendship. 
10 »y thai " he was clouded by grot infirmities, which he hul in 
-^-10 : he indulgnl to hinuelf the ptcnsures of all kindi, almon in 
nen he was immoderately given up." For such an one to have 
19 GIflbrd'a iheoiy Kcmi to tetjuire is 10 antidpate the pious fean 
a. In the eaquisilc dialopie in (he Citistn ijflht If'arld. 
la think that this estrangement wu iimlled ro William, the then head 
Heibert, aiut speaks of Massinger's imriouili/ avniiling all rrtenlion of 
■iconlnitrd with his prrprtuallij rrairrtiig to his heredltBryobligationi 
iirally. But as &t a* I can discover, hii mention of the Gunily at all 
(V occvtons (viz., in the dedications to TV BrnidmaH, 1614, the Ncm 
\ Dibit, i6jj,and in a copy of verses t6.i6),<othat ibelBrnu "an>Joua 
"pcipecua] recurrence" are al leal as strong u the clrcunulanoa will 
ct these dedieaiioos tWt hr cxpresslv <taies ihu so late is 1 614 he 
1 It dtc happiness lo be nude known to Earl Philip, who up to that 
hid neglected him u much as Earl Wlliam. Before dropping the 
I be out of place 10 mention that ihc dder of these brothers ii 
1 10 be rtie mysterious W.Hu the "only Iwgeiier" of sundry »forld. 
^-~. •nd that, only « year beftwe the date abm« given, a certain tolio 
dcdUaicd in the two enrlijoimlyas" the most noble end inoompanble 
' whosE "dimity" Ihe editors "could not but know to be groalct than 
nding at Ihcac triflts" — llic said tritica Includrn^, amongst other 
■, a<tmUl, Maclrlh, and Olhillo. 
it long digrrwion and ictuin 10 Massingcr. Helett Oilbrd in 1606, 
UB tohaveenliiitcd himself amongst " divers whose necessitous fortunes 
htii profexion." He Ihus wroic of hinisctf in the autumn ofhiidays, 
rdeiaoly well how hin lim' «n\ employed ; but of their sp ting and 
hanll; ny mure than ihxi they must have jiiianl away in one I 
^tuumce. The fitsi diatinci riconl of hii inilependeni il 
at Coun, in ifjii. of hit lo-i comedy of the H'l/men't Pk 
nj of Bfisen yeaJs'W must ti. , r productd 
Xady,iagedy. ' 
», oomedy. 
pwu £aMr(i oomedy. 
it aipfolUe, nagUcomply. 




J, ^nlonio and Voltia, comedy. 

6. Tht Ti/ranl, tragedy. 

J. fu( and H'etcome, comedy. 

8. T)a ffWoo'* Ptol. comtdy. 

It ii ad to think that the minusciipls of all these plays were in aisicnce m n 
middle of the last cenluiy, and that nol a tiace olchcm now tcmaiiu. They fell inb 

i hands of one John Wjibution, FJt.S. and F.S.A., Somenet Hciald, a vuIbbt, JUilc 

c, wirdid, and unprincipled ei-eiclseman. whoK pas^on ■( was to gloui up every 
lIuDB dlhei in print ot miniBcript which bore in any way on a Euhjcct which inte 
rated him, making the collections ova to the tsre of the donicstic who diKhaiged Ihi 
doublcdutiesof cook and librarian, until he could find aperwn with education enough l' 
write something fit for publication r^jarding ihetn. In this way he had cuUecud in 
las than fifty'five gcnuitu unpublished English dramas of the golden gierioil, unfoiti 
natdy wrillcn upon piper suited lor culinary purpo«4, every one of nhicli, cux% 
three at the bottom of the pilfe was appioptiaied leaf by Itaf by this wretched kitcha 
wench for coverings for her painy.* 

Besides these ~maityn of piei, n Pope would haie called them, the bur Isllaini 
surviving pUya must Ik put down to the same period : — 
9, 7^* Old Lau; comedy. 

10, Tht ftrgin Mertur, tiagcdy-t 

11. Tht tfaanlurel Cumlnl, tragedy. 
II. Vii Diikt tif Milan, liandy. 

But when, after a careful olculation, ii has been considered proved thai fifteen hmbi 
is the larjest sum thai even a wrins of ejlabliibed reputation could reckon upon dearii 
by a sittgle play, it is ctideni that Massingn muit have had other sources of support 
fifteen ye«ti thiui thee twelve drama* oould have aHbrded bim. But i< was ihc frequi 
bihion of those days, anila "noble practice" it was too, sayt Charles Lamb, for — ' 
more writers to join in the composition ot the same play, and Maningcr's p< 
ludi as peculiarly Btteil him tot the ready execution of this kind of mosaic. 
ha pteacned some doggrel which describes his Pegasus as an easy hack that 
■■ Amblr o'er 
Some three-score miles of fmcy in an honr ; ' 
and "he wiolt with that equability of alt the passions which made his Engliri 
the purest and most free from violent metaphon and harsh corulructioi 
diatnalins who were his contemporarin." My present task haa led n 
works many umes over, and again andag^n have his extraordinary fluency ai 
led me id compare his powers to Ihotc of the staicsman who could speak a|j 
speech ofT-hand.J That he lent such assisDnce no Fletcher, lor one, we know) 





two altogether independent sources. Sir Aston Cockayne, a true friend, if not a true 
poet, has mentioned the fiict on three separate occasions — ^the exact number which, 
aoooiding to Gilford, constitutes "perpetual recurrence." In the first, addressing his 
oonsin Charles Cotton, and speaking of Beaumont, he says : — 

" His own renown no such addition needs 
To have a fome sprung from another's deeds ; 
And nay good friend, old Philip Massinger, 
With netcher writ in some that we see there." 

Again, in his address to Mr. Humphrey Mosley and Mr. Humphrey Robinson, he 
to the same point : 

' ' For Beaumont of those many writ in few. 
And Massinger in other few." 

Lastly, in some lines to which I shall again have to refer, he says of the pair Fletcher. 
and Massinger S" 

" Plays they did write together — were great friends." 

To all this quasi poetical testimony from his " worthy friend" must now be added 
the following most prosaic and most melancholy evidence under his own hand. It 
WIS discovered by Malone among the archives at Dulwich College, and may be left to- 
tdl its own sad and instructive story : — 

"To our most loving friend Mr. Phillipp Hinchlow, Esquire, these: — 
* Mr. Hinchlow, — ^You understand our unfortunate extremity, and I do not think 
M so void of Christianity, but that you would throw so much money into the 
Thmei as we request now of you ; rather than endanger so numy innocent lives ; you 
libir there is ten pound more at least to be received of you for the play, we desire you 
tD^^lend OS five pound of that, which shall be allowed to you, without which we cannot 
W buled, nor I play any more till this be dispatched. It will lose you twenty pound 
m the end of Uie next week, beside the hindrance of the next new play. Pray, sir, 
Qomtder our cases with humanity, and now give us cause to acknowledge you our true 
%ubdA. in time of need. We have entreated Mr. Davison to deliver this note, as well to 
your love as our promises, and always acknowledgment to be ever 

" Your most thankfuJ and loving friends, 

"Nat: Field. 

The money shall be abated out of the money remains for the play of Mr. Fletcher 
ours. "Rob: Daborke. 

''I have ever found you a true loving friend to me, and in so small a suit, it being 
I hope you will not fiul us. " Philip Massinger." 

It WIS of course impossible to refuse a request at once so urgent, so reasonable, so* 
■dett» and so " honest," — t.c., honourable ; but still it is satis£au:tory to be able to 
^ wMncribe the following endorsement, which I copy literatim in order to show the spell- 
I HH of the names, which no doubt to a certain extent preserves the pronunciation : — 

By ^ Rec by me Robert Davison of Mr. Hinshloe for the use of Mr. Dauboern, Mr. 
HLh^ Mr. Messenger the some of v/. " Robert Davison." 

B: Tins document is vrithout date, but it must be before January 1616, when Henslow 
and therefore, which is worthy of note, during the lifetime of Francis Beaumont, 
died on the 6th of March of the same year. The date of the tripartite letter is 

him in one of his "Rural Rides," "Ycs^j-w* toud snoftint; benvfen' Is. it 
le for words to be more graphic ? 



I conjectuicil to be mmc time in cither itljor 1614, and the research of Mr. C 
I discovried yd snoiher (liicuineni in ihe simc quany, which mutt ilso be 

' ' ■■ Xoverinl Uoiversi, &e., 4° die Julttj 

"The condition of Ihn oUigaiion it nich, that if the above bounden Robett 
and Philip Mini ngcr, oreiihetof ihem, dwuld p^ or oiuc to be piid anto t" 
imned Pnilip Hcniiowc his eiecuiort, adtninisiratOH, or asaigtis the full K 
ium of three pouorti i>f Uwfiil money of England, at or upon the first daji o 
next ensuing the date of tiiBC prcKnli. u the now dwelling -houfie of the a., 
Menilowe. liluate on the Bankiide. without fraud or larthei delay, then 1 
ihencefbrih thb prcteni obligation to be null and void and of no eSect, 01 " 
main and abide in full pawcT, tErengih, and viituc. 



When ojch uncommon pains are taken about so small a sum as three poiu 
1 am afraid, evidence that the circumstances of the borrovfcrs were such as to 
Ichdn to apprehend some difficulty in recovering his adiimce. 

Wiih rhe exception of Ihe brief note of Sir George Buck lepirding tb 
Martyr, the lirsl mention of MiSiLnger'i labours in the OHicc-bouk of the H 
Ihe Revels, ii on the jtd of December, 1G23, when 

1.1. TAf Baadmaa, itagi-comedy, 
wiis brought upon ihc boards, Philip Earl of Montgomery was present at iM 
(Kilbrmance, on which ticcasion. as Massinger statea it, his " lordship's liberal ti 
aught others (0 allow it for current." When in the Ibtlowing ymt the pla; 
printed and dedicated to the Earl, it is to be hoped that the " liberal sufftagc" uai 
u man: substantial shape than the forty shillings which was the customary paymei 
I 1hae compliments. Massinget's old comrade Feld, as Mr. Collier tells us, wh 
t'rinied his play tfoman it a fVealhrrcotk, addressed it to "any woman that Hath 
no weathercock," boastingly asserting that he did so "because tony shillings I cat 
for." Matters M this time must have been better with him than when he pennn! 
ud tripiirtite letter. 

On April 17, 1G34, Masslnger produced 

1 4. Thi Rrnrgado, Tragi-comedy ; 
and on Novtsnber .( of the same year — 

15. Tlu Parliamtnl nf Love, Comedy. 
Tlley were both acted at the Cockpit, and are entered in Sir Henry Heibcrt'lJ 


16. Thf Spanish HctrO), Comedy, 
which was one of the martyrs to Mr. Watbunon's pies, is supposed to 

■ of allusions to Gnndomar, the Spanish Ambasiwlor, and stood no chance o 
llcenied by Ihe Master of Ihe Revels. The players therefore nsolvcd to u 
own tcspoitsibility, and for this piece of insolence or of independence were requil 
make a most hurable apology to Sir Henry Herbert, and 10 sign a promise " not I 
any play without your hand or substitute's hereafter, nor do anything that may [ 
tlicc the authority o( your office." 1 find this circumstaiKe recorded in the L 
John Lowin, and as Mr. Collier makes no allusion to Massinger being ihe auti 
the play, and as the dale of the apology, December lolh, treads 10 clinely on ih 
of performance of the Pnrliameiil of Lave, I am led to suspect that Gifibtd 
have admitted Tht Spanisk yicmy into his list on insufficient grounds. M 
however, mentions that a play of Massinget's called The Spanith yieerny { 
•r ifflVomt:!, was entered at Sutioners" Hall for Humphrey Mosely V 
indeed, Mlssingcl were the author of a play in ridicule of Gondomar 
en, would it not settle the question of his having become a I^pisl } 


\ On October iitb, 1636, the King's Company performed-- 
17. The Roman Actor, Tragedy. 

In dedicating this piece three years afterwards to Sir Philip Knyvett and Sir Thomas 
' Je^r« be says, with manly self-confidence, "if the gravity and height of the subject dis- 
iHte such as are only afiected with jigs and ribaldry (as I presume it will), their con- 
• iiiiiHiUlon of me and my poem can no way offend me; my reason teaching me such 
\ flnlicioiis and ignorant detractors deserve rather contempt than satisfoction." He adds, 
i *I ever held this the most perfect work of my Minerva." And surely {pact Giffbrd) 
I -te character of Paris is a noble conception, upheld to the end with a grand consistency. 
I h these respects it is only to be surpsosed by that of Charalois in the Fatal Dowry — a 
I Munlet whose mind has not been sicklied o'er by the pale cast of thought. 
I Of his next play, 
I 18. The Judge, 

i I find only the fiict that it was acted by the King's Company on June 6th, 1637. It has 
lushed, and left no trace behind. It does not appear to be known whether it was a 
mgedy or a comedy. 

19. The Great Duke q/ Florence, Comedy, 
was acted at the Phoenix, Dniiy Lane, on July 5th, 1637, under the name simply of 
the Great Duke, 

30. The Honour ofJVomen 
was acted May 6th, 1638, and is now lost. If this were indeed the same as No. 16, The 

' I Spanish Viceroy, the perilous stuff must have been purged out of it to adapt it for 

31. The Maid of Honour, Tragi-Comedy, 
acted at the Phoenix, Drury Lane, but the date of its first appearance is unknown. 

33. The Picture, Tragi-Comedy, 
first acted June 8th, 1639. 

33. Minerva's Sacrijice, Tragedy, 
ferisbed by the hands of Mr. Warburton's kitchen wench. It was first acted Nov. 3rd... 
1639, hy the King's Company. 

34. The Emperor qfthe East, Tragi-Comedy, 
was acted Marcn nth, 1631, at Blackfriars, and was printed the following year. 

We now come to 

35. Believe as You List, Tragedy, 

vhich was always described as a comedy, and bdieved to have been one of the many 

victims of that insatiable barathrum of the drama, the oven of the pie-eating Somerset 

Herald ; and that one copy did so perish there can be very little doubt. Colley Cibber, 

however, had mentioned his having seen a transcript of it, with the stage directions 

^bserted in the margin ; and in the year 1844, "concealed in a vast mass of rubbish,"^ 

^is very transcript turned up once more. The lucky discoverer, Mr. Beltz, was fortu- 

Jately a liberal and enlightened man, and lost no time in making a present of it to the 

jublk^ through the medium of the long-defunct Percy Socie^.* It was issued in 1848, 

finder the nominal editorship of Mr. Crofton Croker, but might just as well have had 

I io editor at alL I have not myself seen the manuscript, nor am I aware of the place 

.•f its deposit. An attempt was made to correct a few of the grosser errors by a writer 

in the fburth volume of the " Shakspeare Society's Papers," under the signature of a 

* Member of both Societies." Of his capabilities for the task I will only giw two- 

* The publisher <^ the present edition has not asked anybody's permission to make- 
fliis reprint, •imply because, when finder, editor, and *' Society" had all alike gone to 
■Iheir graves, he was unable even to guess the quarter in which it would have been 
tourteous to make the application 



" The end orEpllogua is In inqiure 
riiiT (on/nn or Ihe piay. or ID deun: 
I 'union (or whal's amiss." 

The word "conjure" in ihe KconrI line is of counc absurd, and tbeci1tic| 
^haugE ic to f'lrtuae, which js not much beitcr in meaning, and vciy 111 
"^ liuc word, no doubt, ii censure, which in ihose days, I 
vmc,<inf usei fat jndgmml. Congreve»mc«hereinviioa'*i 
In the Prologue MaujngEr had txggnl pardon in caie it ihouw 

"What's Roman here, 

The critic miut needs have it thai the "late and sad example" could onlfi 
file of Charles I. ; and at that king naa not executed till cigtitcen yean aT 
of the play, he bad to post-date the pcrlbrmance, which brought it to a p 
acting WIS pluhibiledl He Bndi loa the closesl lesemblance between tta 
Chaiic* and Maasingcr'n Antiochus, while beyond the sajmons-io-buth style i 
there is literally no sirailaritj' whatntr. On my o»n first peiusal of the ; 
thai no one individual of antiquity could possibly be identified with t"" 
Massinger. and the intrcKluctionof a PtoeDniui of ^lui/aiiia, and the talk al 
aid from the Balanians led me to suspect that he drew from a much m< 
souicc, T then icmembcrcd that Mr. Ccillieiin his "Annali of the Stage " (ii, 
mmiion of " Sit Henry Herbert on the nth January," i6ji>-t, 
play by Maainger, (AriMjmc^ipikieA Af rfoejnol ji«, "because it "■ 

first book ofre&rcnce at hand, and discoveied, as I expected, that Ihe story ^ 
At yViu Lift was, down to the most minute points, identical with that of t 
Portugal. The book from which Massingrr must have deriioi it b, "' 
Hisiaty of the Lalf and Lamaileblt Adventures of Don Sebastian, tUng of 
after hti impritonmcDl in Spain until this present day," London, 1601.* ' 
what the criUc calls "those mysterious words, a lale and sad example," 1' 
tendered plain, and at the same time a point in Massinger's history cWeJ 

Sir Henty Helbeit must have made a good thing of his ofHce as Mm 
Revels. In this matter of Belieie As You Lul, he seems to have acted or -"-^ 
■of the allomey in Joe Miller, who made the double charge, " To callinL 
tt.lU.; to not linding you at home. 6s. Sd." After noting Ihc refusal. be 
in his book, " I had my fee notwithstanding, which belonp to mc t 
over, and ought to be brought always with a book." In tome rcspe 
■quite Pepys-like in his communitativencss. On the i;ih July, 1616, Ii 
mings pays him £3 "for a coutttsie done him about their Blackftiai'sh 
(he iilii April, 1617, the same Mr. Hcmmit^^ gives him £s, "10 fort 
of Sbakspeaie'i plays to the Red Bull Company." Two ysrs later, nM 
actors came over from Fianc^ and made their appearance here, which is Ibl 
of by Piynni^ in his Hutriomailii, "Some French women, or monsierit' 
Michaelmas term, l6jij, aitempted to act a I'tench play at the playhouir ■' "" 




an impudent, shameful, unwomanish, graceless, if not more than whorish, attempt.'* 

For this attempt Sir Henry Herbert says he received £2, which was a high fee, 

considering that the poor people were " hissed, hooted, and pippin-peltcd from the 

Ib^" He had another fee '^ for allowinge of the Frenche at the Red Bull for a day, 

tind Nov., 1619;" and again, "for allowing of a French Companie at the Fortune, to 

ibf one aftemoone, this 14th day of August, 1629, £1" to which he adds the 

Uowii^ characteristic note, — " I should have had another piece, but in respea of their 

fUxtant I was content to bestow a piece back T Well may Gifford call him "a mean 

miA npadous overKer." These notes are so necessary to a right understanding of the 

«Me of the Stage in Massinger's time, that I make no apology for inserting them, 

?«vept to my old friend Mr. Collier, from whose work they are stolen bodily. 

I T6 the refusal to license the Believe As You List, on the nth January, 1631, the 

ipoec appears to me to allude in the prologue to the Emperor of the East, which was 

Eapoken on the nth March following, when he sa3rs — 

' "He cannot 'scape their censures who delight 

To misapply whatever he shall \\Tite ;" 

from the desponding tone of the second prologue to the same play, which was 
..'fiompoted for an occasion considerably later than the delivery of the first, and subse- 
quent to the acting of Believe As Y<m List, I cannot help thinking that both these 
pbjn were ''damned" on their first appearance. In no other way can I account for 
\ the opening words of the Prologue to the Guardian, which was spoken October 3ist» 

" After twice putting forth to sea, his fame 
Shipwrecked in either, and his once known name 
In two years silence buried." 

S6. The Uf\finrtunate Piety, a Tragedy, 
MM first acted by the King's Company, June 13th, 1631. It is lost. 
97. The Fatal Dowry, Tragedy, and 
«. A New Way to Pay Old Debts, Comedy. 
•9. The City Madam, Comedy. 
The Guardian, Comedy, 
be spoken of in another place. 
jl. Oleander, Tragedy, 

toacted May 7th, 1634, by the King's Company, and drew Queen Henrietta Maria 

Bhdcfriars. "A remarkable circumstance," says Gifford, '*at that time when our 

were not accustomed to visit the public theatres. It is to be hoped that it 

the poet's benefit day. The circumstance is recorded by the Master of the 


^2. A Fery Woman, Tragi-Comedy, 
W be spoken of in another place. 

33. The Orator, 

llris play, which is lost, was first acted June loth, 1635, by the King's Company. 
The Basl{ful Lover, Tragi-Comedy, 
be spoken of in another place. 
35. The King and the Suljeet, 

fint acted June 5th, 1638, l^ the King's Company, and Is now lost. Of this play 

Rtnarkable anecdote is related by the Master of the Revels who would appear to have 

doubts about the propriety of licensing it, and referred the manuscript to King 

for hui own decision. The following is the entry in Sir Henry Herbert's 

:— "At Greenwich, this 4th of June, 1638, Mr. W. Murray gave m= power from 

King to aUow of The King and the Sulfject, and told me that he would 

— It. ' 



" Monies I we'll islse supplies whu wa; 
And force you lo subscribe >o blanks. 
We'll mulct you as we shall Ihlnkfil. T! 
In Rome wen: wise, acknowledging no la' 
Bui what Iheir swonb did nilify ; (lie v ivi 
.\nd daaghlen oflbe Kaiilors bowing lo 
rhdrHiil, asdeUies.'*»*c. 


p Mniscngci** play called The , 
Sll^jtcl. and cDieted here tor ever lo be remembered by my son, and tl 
thdr eyes on It. in hoitoor of King Charlet. my muter, wl>o, n ' 
Newmukci, »l hii mark upon the place with hii own liand, 
This u Im inioleni and In h changtd. Nirte, that the poei mn 
king, Don Vdm or Spain." Had thejuiJ|(Tneii( ol King Charles been ■ 
If vns eicrllent, the histoty of England might have b«n diflerent I 
. .1 It. He would at any rale have madea very different Master of the R 
Henry Herbert, as witncBthe following entry in the latter"* book, under a 
l6.l4:— "The King U pltased to take/oiVA, dealh, tlifhl, for assei 
oath^ to which I do humbly submit as my maaccr'i Judgmeni ; but ui 
cdve them ■>> be oaths, and enter them here to declare my opinion a 
And this is the tnao who icmred money ftom the poor painted women ■ 
and from the English players and poets who were poorer still 
36. Alcitui.ot the Chasle Loner, and 
jf. The Fair AtKlmrca i/f Pauiiliptifi, 
acted nspcciiitdy on Sept. ijlh,, and Jan. 16th, 
company, are the twa list plays of Massinger which appear ii 
of the Hinels. and, although Gifibrd was not awareof thecirc 
'tammii. It is impossible (unv to discnrcr whether they were nally hislatestd 
ir merely two unacted plays of earlier date (bund among his papersalter hw 
former, it b hardly pmsible to overrate the value of what we have lost ; fbli 
mind was nm one ol those barren soils which forfeiied any of ila fertility by ■ 
cropping. His tix last plays have all the vigour of his six first, hut tbejud' 

...:... ,.! ^ jj fjpjf jmj rnore nermc. Strange to a^, hit kumaar 

last. The Neic tf'as '•> Pav Old Detia and Tkt CiM 

I fineMt comedies in the English lonK — ~ '"" '' — ' — 

I <• stands altogether by it«elf Ibr the el 

I history of Mcssingei iluring thoe last busy years ni 

■ be jjlcaned frOm hints dropped in his di 

tmly manly confessions of poverty, and tr , _ 

' of Pembroke and Momgomcry sixms lo have made ■ 

own and his brother's early ncglecl ; and bis aon^n-lng 

' likewise betriendcd bim. Without the aid of Sir Ftaid 

.i„.M illand. he tells us, " he had hardly subsisted ;" and he '^ 

c noble Society of the Inner Temple for thsr so frctiueofl 

Heatsoderive " ""' -• ■• 

love, which w 
Sir Alton Cockay 

This life ol 
1639— not 

• It 

lo ihe noble Society of the Inner Temple for thsr so frctiueot 
lerived "eitraordituuy content " from the "remembrance" of Li^ 
ch was conveyed to him by his lordship's nephew and bis own bI 
1 Cockayne. 3 

fe of roil and care was suddenly brought to an end about the mida 
31 164a as stated by Giflcird and all prc^ious biogiapheis. HeJ 

OS probably this passage sshich led Malonc to suppose that this p) 

] Thf Tjrrml. one of the ■' Martyrs of pics." Sir H. Herbert t 

■'changed."* but whether to ar /ram Tlii King and IJU Su 


s^ I^ngbune, and wai fbuml deail in Ihe niorning; In hii own lioute 
e. He was burial in Itic chuich of Si. Saviour's, Soulhwuk, ind Ihc 
Mints" give this record of the circumslnnCE :* — 
I iSth. niilip Muiingcr. tininsei, m the church . . . i 
Iveycan eitliet the luilowinB entry a (bund in the same glouray leninl : — 
John Fletcher, a |iocl, in the church." 
br Fletcher's grave are entered ax Ms., and is. foigi: and cl : (the 
' le del k). The chirgei h>r Ma»inger were probably being 
61 non-)urishioneT. Sir Asttm Cochnyne. who ctidcnily wax ercmtly 
wrote ihe (oHowing " Epicaph on Mr. John Flcicher and Mr. Philip 

" In the same ernvv Fleicher v»s buried, here 
Lies IhestHgc poet Hiilip Massnger: 
riayfi Ihey did write logelher. were great friends : 
And now one gnvc iDcIudei ihem ol their ends : 
So wham on ennh nothing did pim, beneath 
Here, in their rames, they lie In spiglil ofdealli," 
am 10 dit&r from so cmineni on auihonty u my friend Mr. Dycc, . 
'nme stive " meBni noihin;; rnvre ihsn the " same place of inter- 
lltill be oUetvcd that the idea i* repealed io the lourth line, in a yet I 
■pe, and the whole epitaph, (d my lliinkiivg, ban unmlstakolble tnorlu 
al by Its writer lor cutling on Ihc slonc whid) covered iheit common ' 
case myiKlf by inugininK that the arrangement <m mode in uccoidanoe 
!d wish or Mraoinger himxIF. '. 

y Church of St. Saviour's was. neil Io Si. Paul's and the Abliey. the 
la London, and not bcinj; hernmed in us niw bv warchdusii and ) 

rtlway station^ nor «hom<ii its fair proporli nut 1 \ fi.i' ! > ■ .n; 1 re 

"m have dominated like a caihednl ovet the li'"' . < i - i.ii-nt 

it. Miieinj^t could not have croned the anr 1. 1 i.<i-i( 

Of Qucenhiihe without bavins ■( c^' '" '''~ ''"^ 

Bof his life, wliat ii more natural (o suppoic th.. II i. n '■■ ■',-■•■-■.'••' ■^iifn | 
ing in peane by the »idc of his illustrious IHcnd and irllow hbourcr? 
qiecuhie on a point which an ncvef be dedded. In Gifibrd'i bme 
every ftatrnent of a intone was euunincd in the hope of findlni; tome 
ic particular spot where these great pceti were inierTcd ; and had ihac 
' le dupe o( an intcription regarding either, it must have been dis- 
ifinally pmshcd in ibe general levelling and deitrucaon of i8.ii. The I 
' lat dry old iHck Gower win then remnvol lo its pteaent site and " painted I 
t the ptoua are nf his ntmesike^ the Duke of Sutherland, hut the dim 
fTltr FBiHifutShiftrirrdw and Tir fatal Doii-rii mmt probably has 
•tinG-ptace under the kitchen door of iuinie house in Doddinglun Oiovc^ I 
(v., which is buill, we ate [old, im ihe " Ihree feet surliicc of earth" ' 
'l. Saviuui'a, Southwark. I 

foUnwvd Maisinger to his grave, and beyond it, I have only to leeard 
fine of his work". The lut piay acted durinj; his lift, and the two 
ituced immediaCElyaJln hit death, have perished, as have alw fifteen 

t wits llBII mmclly printed b 
I sbowod ihal " stranger " m 
I powt oudhM.Miudi iCjS 
^'- '.'oilier lnhl«"MeiuQi« 

i!4i edilor of C;iniphcirs "Specf- 
noihing more Ihnn non-pa risbioner. 

. 11 March 16*9— not Match. i«39-4a. 

MeiuoHS of Actors, " p. xtil. 





; others. A much-damaged transcript of The Parliament of Love was discovered by 
Malone, who made it over to Gifibrd, when he first anpounced his intention of 
becoming the poet's editor. In sending it to him Malone said, "the piece is in such a 
mutilated state, wanting the whole of the first act and part of the second (to say nothing 
of its other defects from damp and time), that it is feared it can be of little use" 
, GitTord worked diligently and reverently, and in six weeks sent Malone a transcript 
' which ''quite astonished" the veteran commentator. The circumstances under which 

Believe ax You List was recovered have been already detailed. 

( Po))ular as Massinger must have been during the latter part of his life, he was utteriy 

! forgotten during the rule of the Puritans, and scarcely remembered for many years 

! after the Restoration. During this period* indeed, the dramatists of the preceding 

; generation seem to have been valued in proportion as indecency predominated in their 

i writings, and Beaumont and Fletcher were greatly more popular than Shakspeare. 

> But the public caste in every way was perverted, and if others had been as honest 

' as Samuel Ptpys we should have had many such records as — "To Deptford by 

, water, reading Othello, Moor of Venice, which I ever heretofore esteemed a 

* mighty good play, but having so lately read The Adventures of Five Houres, 

it .sct^is a mean thin^," Betterton indeed detected the fine opening which The 

I Boniiman and The Roman Actor afforded to his grand powers of declamati<nv 

but it is probable that the exhibition was attended with more pleasure to the player 

, than to the public At length Nicholas Rowe, sixty-four years after Massinger's death, 

; determined upon collecting and publishing his works, but after mature deliberation 

I considered it more judicious to plunder the dead man rather than attempt to revive 

, him. Nothing can show more dcdsively the oblivion into which Massinger had &llen 

than that Rowe should think it possible to escape detection in his wholesale looting. 

For a time, too, he v?as thoroughly sucoessfiil. His *' Gay Lothario" took such a hoki 

in the English mind that he still dwells in the English tongue, and nearly eighty years 

, later, when Johnson pronounced this shameless plagiarism to be " one of the most 

pleasing tragedies on the stage, where it still keeps its turns of appearing, and probably 

, will long keep them, for there is scarcely any VTork df any poet at once so interestiiig 

i by the £ble, and so delightful t>y the language,'* he was evidently not aware that eveiy- 

thing in the play really deserving admiration, except the mere harmonious versifica* 

. tion, was the work of another man. And jret Johnson was himself a Shakspearian 

commentator! Of the baseness and shabbiness of Howe's conduct in the affair it t» 

impossible to speak with patience, and one feels quite grateful to the Earl of Oxford for 

leading him that famous dance about the Spanish language. Time too has already pot 

' the matter square. The once feshionable Fair Penitent is read by no one, and will 

probably never be reprinted, while The Fatal Dotcry is perused year after year by iiw 

' creasing numbers with increasing admiration. 

" Massinger thus robbed and abandoned by Rowe, was after a considerable time taken 

up by Coxeter," whose gatherings formed the basis of the first collected edition of r75t. i| 

This was re-issued in 1 761, with new title-pages and introductory matter by Tom Davies {/ 

and George Colman, and is considered as the second collected edition. The third was 

brought out in 1779 by a Mr. John Monck Mason, who mentions in his preface that 

, he had never heard of Massinger till two years before he edited him. It is not William 

, Gilford *s fiiult if everybody who now hears of Massinger does not hear also of John 

; Monck Mason. The gentleman's only crime was his being inferior as an editor to the 

' man who came after him ; and to that man, as he appears in the Massinger volumes^ 

. very few " editors " would not be inferior. Gifford's knowledge of books was very great, 

although in the particular line of old English literature he may have been excelled by 

others who have taken up the same work; but in knowledge of mankind, in knowledge 

of the language and ways of thinking of all the different professions and ranks of lifeTn 

England, none of them have approached him. He had witnessed, while quite a child, hb 


nng into the gnvc uwrnhelmed with diink and with debt — iudf a terrible 
He hud ticlil tlir plough ; htbid been not onlya "thip-boy on the high and 
I," bui al»i> in Ihe cabin, where foi i whole twelvemonih every menial office 
loL He had been appicnticoJ to a scnlid shoemaker, who debaned liiin 
ir>ki and |Bpef, (ill he was reductd " to beat out pieces of leather u nmooth 
'i and wurk ba problem! upon ihem nith a blunted awl." He hid boca the 
" A autac'ription for purchiiing ihe temainins lime of William Gilford, and 
n^ him m Improve himwlf in wiiiing and English gnrnmEir." He ' 
xivfd the fun bcncftu cf an Oiltn-d cdutacion, and hid been Invited . 
to ralde on nrni! ol aflcciion and esteem wUh one of Ihe greucn noblcnicn 
il. Few men htiie ever passed throu;^ ^uch a varied career, and a cuteful 
his notci on Masiinger will find that dicre is hardly a portion of thai ca 
not been made to throw light on the tat or bis author. Besides thic, he 
with an enthusiasm which led him to regard Masiinger first, and Ben Jonson 
, with the fierce affection which a tigress bears to hei cubs. He considered 
:b and Monck Mason had not done their duty by Masilnger, and there is 
Igc in his (but thick volumes in which one or othei of these ^nllemcn was 
1 at. or anarled at, oi louded with gross abuse. Charles Lamb, in some of 
minE notes which he appended to his " Specimens of the English Dramatic 
d, as 1 venture to think unjustly, underrated the powtis of Masringti, as 
with Tomeof the Icssknownof hisconreoiporarlcs, and tblsnadouht was the 
«i unbap|)y parage in the QuatterlyReview,lbr the writing of which Gi«bnl 
hue tatiowol with the same depth of feeling which aclualetl Sir Will 
en he wrote his noble tetter to Itic mother of Sir James Onlram. The result 
lualitio and qualiftcatioiis was the production of what is said to be the veiy 
a thai tat cier appeared of an old English writer. I am told, on comjietent 
that Iheume |>ains are not by any meaiu litiblc in bis reproductisn ot Ford 
IiRMun, Hhik' he ihows hiiruelf, if pouible, <tiU more acrimonious 
iDd his thalii beine too often covertly umed at higher game than those 
Mason mil Coxettt. whom nobody csro to be angry about, the nnics 
nnuiiig, ami apprai to have a great dcil more of nriogance and jelf. 

c cilia who have wtiiicn upon Maeineet, Hallam probably wat the ableal, 

cminly the or>c who hu aalgued him the highest position. \t a iiagle 

ippoui m him second only (O Shakspcare ; and, in the higher oumedy, he 

' lUnt bim inferior to Jonson. His genius, he says, was not eminently 

or eneri^e enough to display the utmoal Inlensi^ of devMkui, but il 

1 In svrccincB dnd dignity, was "apt lo ddineaie the lovelinera of virtue, 

ghl ill III recompense aflei liial," " His most striking Ezcdiencc i> hit 

n( cfuracier.'" anil in ihia he inclines to ^Iice him above Fletcher, and, if 

:nim In I) i(. alme Jonson also. '■ He is free liom the hard outline of 

' ■ '• l'">«ncH» of tlie other." He thinks him dcficieal in variety. 

i^^Jtion. He shows grtoi mastery in the dellnoiilon ot vil- 

itxm led him more willingly (□ pictures of moral beauty. A 

' lure of gentleness and benignity with noble daring belong 

ill JCten : to Rsandet in Tht Bmdman, to Arnonio in A I'tru 

. :i Faliit Duu-ry. It may be readily supposed chat his lemafe 

III thene graces. He «ems to haie more variety in hi* 

: >o, and thai thcy are lea mannered than the heioinci et 

. 1 . , . L,f error ot passion in Sophia, Eudocia, Marcelia, without 

.ivoi both to prevent the monotony of perpetual reclinukv 

id to bring foiwaid the ilevelopmeni of the sloiy." | 

gnee and digiuiy of aeniimtmt in Masnngct" HiUuti v^^Q^!'^ 


1 h's Mf Ic. " Eveiy TO 

I beauty uf hii lunEuaj^ In I 

c hat been iiruck by ihc p 

t humonioiu swell of numbers, 
■ ledilistncc ■ 

1 hi* pure I 

I pnuiiw iduim, which a mt by good IbTmiK und the diligence of its tut editor, fdi Iob 
fc-comipt thsn tbai at Flaehcr, enables us to enjoy, wc find in unccuing cKirm. The 
K'fMelial tatcDU of Muainger were vei; oonsidenible, his tuie (Dperioi to that of hit 
Kieonteniponrin; the coluuring of bi< imigoy ii rarely overchugcd; x certain reduft- 
■ dincy at Mme miy account it, giro (ulncu, or what the pninlels would call im^oilK 
ID his BiyLe:, and if it might nut always conduce to efleci On the stigc, i^ on the whch 
•uilabk to the cbaractcr of hi> romposiiion." 

To ay thai a wrilec u in tragedy second only to Shaksprarf, and in the luehs 

Pcomedy not inferior tu Jon30n> while in com-ciilion of chariicici he enccls both BR) 

Wmi Klelchct, i> in e&ci to a»ign him the highcsi place among the illustriuui brtihna 

^ of (he unlpprmdMhie Svran of Avon. Char1c> Lamb hai pronounceil a % cry difieiOM 

LvEnlict,and regarding their merits from his own spodal and peculiar puincofvieWiJii 

'" K inclined to dlipuie the opinions he has cxpreued. IJis love and rcveroHi 

old writers was so extreme thai he dealt with ihem as a connoisseur i) 

f another dcMription dais with his calunei of costly liqueurs. He treated them iikeit 

nuM precious cordials, pouring them into the smallest glasses, and only allowing (h«» 

to trickle drop by drop over his palate. In this way, and in this way alone, in M 

humble opinion, could he have arriied at tlw conclusion [hat Massinger was vltmi 

inferior in the higher branches of poeljc art, not la Ford and Webster only, but V 

DEckn-, Marston, Middleton, Heywood, Toitmeur, Rowley, aiiJ uthre,. Uni Mili 

■btne any writer with whom I am acquainted, requires to be judged of in U|i 

Bughl. Not only should no scene or no act be read separately, but Ibr A 

VtliDrough Tclish of him too great a pause should not be made between ptay and pla 

" " m, 1 bate no doubt, penned bis critidam frcth from a conlinuouk perusal of lU 

% and I can easily undvntand, Ibcrofore, bow two judges, each in his way t 

■dmiraUy igualilied a? himself and Lamb, should have arriveij at such >ciy oppoA 

DOnclusions. Am I wrong in thinking that the general opinion of the public ii4l 

ftwith the historian of the Middle Ages lather than with the author Of the Essays < 

■|EliH? Massinger, indeed, never has occupied, and never will ccciipy, the same space I 

ndte public eye, or the same place in the public heart, which ha> Itrng Ix-cn hilod t 

P<Itare Old Ben. He wa» certainly not his equal in general lileiary abibtics; and J 

I'that mixvl popular of all accomptlsbments, the art of paying eiquisilB compliment 

B«fhBther in polished and honeyed stanias, or in vigorous though rugged couplets, Ji 

■' Is alltsFtber without an equal. Masslngcr could never have wiiitcn the maivi 

I "Drink to me only with thine i^efc" the "Epitaph on the Countess of Pembroke," 

^Knci on " Lord Bacon's Birthday," or those "To the memory of my beloved f 

n Shalcipeaie." It oidy n 
m and condnct of his plots, and ( 
K^ttDllMrlty on such a qwstion admits of lu 

ayt Sir Walter Scoti, "are altogether irrc; 

ofailrongand defined interest: and in i 

often diipl>Q^ the managem 



speak of Masslngcr's 
1 this point a writer may be quoted wj 
dispute- "Although filassinger's ph 

ular, yet he well understood ■' -■ — ^ 

iraiciling the intricacy of hi 
An, therefore, not peihaps i 
II valuable senses was Massinger't as Well as Jonson's. at 
comp«ition, many passages of his plays arc not unworthy of Shakespeare. Via 
to dillinguisb Masaingei^ peculiar excellence^ we shouki name that first of dn 
iributd. a full conception of charsctir, a ilrcngth in bringing nut, und ooniiilei 
■dliering to it. He doa not indeed always introduce his jierMinagcs to the audiei 
their own proper character ; it dawns forth gradually in the progress of the piece, 
the hypocriliod Luke or the heroic Marullo. But upon looking back tve are iS' 
'id dcllghlcd to trace from the very beginning intimatiuns ol what the 
prove as the play advances." 


[Tat Vocis-Mjiiitvb.] Of this Tragedy, which appora to hare been t 
I popdlar. Iheie are four ediuons in qoatlo, 1611, 16.^1, 1651. and i66t ; ihc U 
irtiich is inHnitely tbe worn. Il ii not posnble to aicenain when it vaa dru pmd 
tmt it WIS cenainty amongsl the suthor'is earliest elibrit. In the composition of 
' «n ■sMsicd by Dreket, a poet of no mean reputation, and the writer of levt^ p: 
much esteemed by his contemponiriB. — W. G. 

Charter Lamb extracts ihe scene between Aogelo and Dorothea (p. ij), und a, 
■This tctae has beauties of so very high an order that, with all my respect ft_ 
Hasainger, I do noi think lie had poetical enthusiasm capable of furnishing them, 
Hi* assodaie Decker, who wrote Old Farluaalui, had pocliy enough for a 
tbiDg. The veiy impurities which obtrude themselves aTnoDi; the sweet pieties of 
play (like Satan among Ihe Sons of Heaven) have a strength of contrast, a rac 
■nd K glow in them, which arc «bove Massinew. Tticy set iiS the religion of the le 
MHDehow as Caliban serves to show Miranda." 

This play was frequently jalched and altered. In Sir George Buck's Officc-bt 

ihe fbllowing cnlty, " 1620, Oct. 6. — For new refntming The t'ir/ria-Martijr for tb 

Ked Bull, +01. j" and in Sir Heniy Herbert's book, " 1 614, July 7. — Reccired lax tl 



fTiit Ukkitubii. CoMBJT.l Of this tragedy there is but one edition, which w 

Cited for John Wateison, in 16.19. '' '^"^ "<" "''"" '" Sit Hoity Herbert's OfHoe- ( 
bj to Ihatit isproliably ofavery early rlatei and indeed Massingis himself calls it 
•n "olri iraRedy." Like the yirgin-Mnriyr, it has neither Prologue nor Epilogue, 
fcr which the author aceoums in his Dedicaiion by observing that the play wascompo ' 
n a Dme •■ when such l^.*ti!amcnts mete not advanoed above the ftbric of the mh 
wort." It is said in the title-page to have been "ptcented by the King's MajesI 
Scnanti, at the Globe,"— W. G. 

[Tiia Duxi: or Mii.if.] Of thi> tiagcdy there aie iwoedl 
EfM, which 19 (cry (tiitect, mid now very mre, bcsrr dale i6t.t 
nltie, t6j8. ll dors not appeal in the Offico-book of the licci 
mj be titelly cenain that il wo* among the auihor's earliest peifo 
In the Ulle-page^ la " have been often aclori by Hit Majesty's si 
J,.' '-i»n."— W. G. 


1 W. C. Hflil 

tx^.'] The Bondman was allowed by [he Masici ot the Reveb, and 
e Cockpit in DruTy (,nnc, on Ihc fti December, 1611. It was printed 
ig ycai. and again In f^lS. This laot edition is full Of eriois. Mr. 

I [Tin RimotDO.] This tragi-comerty. 
Offlcp-book of the MiisWr nf the Hevels, 
' April t^Ih. 1614 : il WIS nol gifcn to the 
J die Stationers' Register. braiiiiK <lale Mori 
I w hl*e been " often acted by the Qucvn'i P 
I Dnjtj Lane,"— W. G. 

ingir temu it, apptata, fmni ll 
m first producol oil 1' 
neial yean after; the entry ll 

vuitt at the privalu playhouse 

rriia P^iButtiisT m tovi.] A oomedy of this name was entered on the boon 
BfottSnUoiicn' Company, June igth, i66»i and a nunusciipi play »i called, and saML 
Wtewrtnen by W.Rowley, was in the oumbet of those dwirojol by Mr, Wutnuwjt:*^ 


mat, I suspect this to be tlie iltatna beloic at. It b. Iieyonil all possibillly of doubt, ' 
c genuine woik of Miisunget, and ins licensed foi the stage by Sii H. HeiberCon the 
nl Juue, |6>4. 1 hive clscwbeie menliimcd m^ obligaltons tci Mr. Malone lot the use 

uttlie muiiucripi. Tile pUy was aclod ■( tbc Cockpit in Dnuy Lane. — W. G. It 

wan lint ptinlol by Giffonl in iSoj. 

[Tut Roms AcTOH.] Thiv iragerty w»i Ijcenswl by Sir H. Herbert, Oct. iitb," 
1616, and given to the pnsi in i(li). Thit play was succcMful in ihe rqircsentalioq, 
■na appeara tu have beai well recdved by the criljci of thme tima. smce it is preceded 
by CommEudataiy copinof verses ftom FotJ. Harvey, May, Tlylor, and ulhen. Tiyk>^ 
ln iidmirablc aclur, who plKyel thcput of Paris, rails it "the beat at many gnod] 
Hid Mamnger himielf dilara that he " ever held it aa the most perfect birth of tut 
Minerva." Too much itrcu must not be laid upon this eipression ; it u proptx in 
adverting to It, to consider how kvi dtauiatic pieces MaKungcr had produced nrbett if 

This tragedy was revived by Bcticrlon, wlio look fbi himself the part of ParU, ii 
which he was highly celebrated. The old title-page says that it had been "divert tl ma ]j 
acted with good allowance, at Ihe jitivate playhouse in the Black Friars, hy the R' 
Majesty'. set™its."—W. G. 

I iJur. Gkkit Duke or Florekce.] The " Gnat Duke" wa* licensed by S 

I Herbert toi the " Queen's Servants." July 5th, 1617. This, IVIi. Malone conJcc 

villi every appeaiance of probability, to tie the "Comiol History" belijrc u 

' play was not committed to the press till 1636, when it was preceded by two < 

I datoty Mpies of versa by G. Donne and J. Ford, Though highly, and ii 

I deservedly populu, it was not reprinted- Itwu acted "by hei Majesty'* >cr ^ 

I die Phvnii in Drury Lane," where, the title adils, it was " often pieienled."— 

[The Miio ut HuiuUH.J This tiaj^-comedy does not appeni, unilci the 

' title, in the Office-book of Sir H. Heiben; but a play called Tl,e U.ino;r iflfim 

I was entered there May 6th, t6)8, which Mr. Malone conjecture! to be the piece bd. 

I us. He ipeaks, however, with wme hc«tation on the lubject, as a play of MaMiDgg 

OiUed the Spanitk ficeroy i or, Ihi: Honour •tflt'cmen, was entered at Stationen' V 

■or Humphrey Mosdty in 1653. Mr. Malone sayi that the Maid <j/ Hannur wupiii 

in 16.; t. Ail the copies whi(£ I have xen (for there i> but one edition) arc dated i< 

which was probably the earliest period of iu appearance. This play was alway 

bvourlte, and. Indeed, with strict juilioe j lor it has a thousand claims to admirat 

and qiplitusc. It was frojucntly acted, the old title-page tells ut, "at the Pliuenix 

Druiy Lane, with good allowance by the Oueen's Majesties Servant*." — W. G. 

[Tm Picturi.] This tiagi-comcdj, ui as the old (to calls it, rtiis " iru.- I 
garfan History," wai licensed by Sii H. Herbert, June 8th, 1629. The plaj 
miuA approved at its lirst appcaranix, when it was acted, as the phrase is, by the v 
■Iraigth ol the house. Maswiiger himself sptaks of it withcomplacency; and, in 
its claims to admiration are of >io common kind. It was printed in t6,;o, but •u 
not tu have reached a second edition. It is aaid, in the title-page, to have been " 
presented at Ihe Globe and Black Friar'i pliyhousei by the King's Majesty's set 
An unaucoessful attempt was made to revive this play by tlie Rec. Henry Bats: 1 
rxiiiil nuiu. We tolerate no magic now but Shakspcare's, and, without it, the Pi 
on have but litUe interest,— W.G. 

Charle* Lamb quotes the lim scene of Act U anti adds, " The good seme, i 
fondness, and chastiied feeling of this dialogue, make it mote ralmble than m 


those scenes in which this writer has attempted a deeper passion and more tragical 
interest. Massinger had not the higher requisites of his art in anything like the degree 
in which they were possessed by Ford, Webster, Tourneur, Heywood and others. He 
never shakes or disturbs the mind with grief. He is read with composure and placid 
delight. He wrote with that equability of all the passions, which made his English 
style the purest and most free from violent metaphors and harsh constructions of any 
of the dramatists who were his contemporaries." 

[The Emperor op the East.] This tragi-comedy was licensed for tlie stage, 
March nth, 1631, and printed in the following year. Notwithstanding the excellence 
of this play it met with some opposition at its first appearance; its distinguished 
merits, however, procured it a representation at Court, and it finally seems to have 
grown into very general &vour. It was frequently acted, as the title-page tells us, *' at 
the Black Friars and Globe Play-houses, by the King's Majesty's Servants." — W.G. 

[The Fatal Dowry.] This most excellent tragedy does not appear to have been 
licensed by Sir H. Herbert, nor is it accompanied by any prologue or epilogue; circum- 
stances from which Mr. Malone concludes that it was produced previous to 1620. 
However this may be, it was not printed till 1633, before which time the title-page 
says it " had been often acted at the private house in Blackfriars, by his Majesty's 
Servants." Massinger was assisted in the writing of it by Nathaniel Field. 

From this play Rowe borrowed, or, according to Cicero's distinction, stole, the plan 
of the Fair Penitent, a performance by which he is now chiefly known. — W.G. 

Richard Cumberland in an elaborate and masterly criticism has established the im- 
measurable superiority of the old dramatist over his copyist. I have ventured to insert 
the songs in their proper places, and in one of them to print a single line as a couplet, 
of which no one will dispute the propriety. The songs were retained by Gifford in 
ignominious banishment, but at p. 377 the dramatic action was injured by their 

[A New Way to Pay Old Debts.] This comedy does not appear in Sir Henry 
Herbert's book; it must, however, have been produced on the stage before 1633, in 
which year it had been printed for Henry Scyle. It was extremely well received on 
its first appearance, and, as the quarto informs us, "often acted at the Phanix, in 
Drarie Lane." It has been revived at different periods with considerable success, and 
still holds a distinguished place on the stage. — W.G. 

Hallam says very truly that Sir Giles Overreach is an "original, masterly, and inimi- 
table conception," and sufficient of itself to establish the rank of Massinger in this great 
province of dramatic art. 

[The City Madam.] This comedy, of which it is not easy to speak in appropriate 
terms of prai!<e, was licensed by Sir Henry Herbert, May 25th, 1632, and acted by the 
King's Company. It was received, as the quarto says, with great applause ; but was 
kept in the players* hand till 1659, when it was given to the press by Andrew Pcnny- 
cuicke, one of the actors. I have seen one copy with the date 1658 on the title. It 
was probably thrown off in 1658-59. — W. G, 

[The Guardian.] This "Comical History" was licensed by the Master of the 
Revels, October 31st, 1633, but not printed till 1655, when it was put to the press, 
together with the Bashful Lovrr, and the Fery Woman, by Humphrey Moselcy, the 
general publisher of that age. This popular drama was produced "at the privute 
house in Black-fryers." From a memorandum in the Office-book of Sir Henry 
Herbert, we learn that shortly after its appearance it was acted bcfote \S[vtV\T\^. ^' T\\e 



n Sunday, rhc iiib of 
".IJ- "y <i>c King i playcn uia wcu iikic — n. \j. 

[A Vmv Woms.] This " Magl-comaly," as il i» called, was lionunl for Ihe stage, 
June 6th, 16,14, I''«»m Iht girologuc il iippeira to be » teuiiion of a formcf pliv which 
kid bcETi well raccivot, ud which Ihc autbtii mudoily insinuates that he was induced 
to rnirn' by the n>mnaiK3 o( his poinm. tf ihii pauon was, as it has been supposed, 
At Exit uf Pcmbmke, we ue indebted 10 him br one of the most delightful compoa- 
tiominthc EnRliiLh Ungtnse. The prcKm play was most fiitourably recuved ; aid • 
often (Clcd, the old litle-pige itys, " at the private house in Black Fiian, by hi* late 
MiiBHv'ii Servanti, ■rith gica applause." It» poputariiy seems to have tempted ibe ' 
aathnr*! jtood fiiend. Sir Adon Cockainc, lo %cnluce on an imilalinn of it, which he 
kai necuied, doe very hapiMly, in hu comeily of Thir Ohilnale Lady. It wa* prinRil ' 
wilh Tfi« Bttil^ul Uftr and Thr Guardian in 1655.— W. G. 

[Tlli Bimrut L«vi;a,] This tiaKi-comedy was licensed bj* Ihc Muiei of the 
RevcW, Muy 9th, i6j<S, It is the latest of Mamnger'i pieces which arc come down'u 
1I-, ih"iii;h he continued to write for the stage to the period of his doth, which 
ti,i|i|i. ri'-rl ahfiut four yean after the date of the present play, li was extremely wdl 
ri .1 ml .11 m first appearance; it continued to be a favourite, and was "often acted," 
ilii i.ll ,-n|iv «y«, " by his late Majesty's lejvanti wilh great applause." Il was per- 
V.niH.I nt Blackfriars. This play, lorather wilh Thr Guardian and A Vrrtj Ifam 
wai piinred in 8vo by H. Monelcy, 1655. I know of no prior edition.— W. G, 

[Tilt Or.ri Liw.] Of ibis comedy, which is saA 10 have been wiitloi J 
Moulnerr, Miditleton, and Rowley, in conjUDCtion, there is but one edition, the qi 
«t 1656, which appean lo be hasty traosiHipi from the prompter's book, 1 
*a 1 hue obaerved, when Ihe necessities of the actors, now jirievouily oppid 
by the republtcani, compelled them ibr a temporary tesouicc to tuke advanii^C ■ 
popular nam^ and brinK Curwaid luch pieces as they yet pos^^cxied in manuscript. I 
Middjelon atid Rowley 1 have spoken elsewhere, and need only repeat my pcrsua 
that the share of Maisingcr in this siian^e composition is not the mast consideniUE 
the ihrct. This drama wis very popular. The title of the (|uariD it " T 
comedy called The Old Lau; or .-( .Vnr ff'oj, lf> Pleau Yui,. Acted bcfore| 
Kini; and Qu«n at Sallsbuiy House, and at several other places, wiit 
applaune."— W. G 

Charles Lamb says of it, "There is an exiiuisitencHof moral sensibility, mah 
to Kiish out lean of delight, and a poetical strangeness in all the imptobable 1 
tcancei of this wild play, which are unlike anything in the dramas which Massif 
wrote alone. The pathos is ofa subtler ed|;e. Middleion and Rowley, who 01 
this )ilay, had both of them finer geniuses than their asMCiaCe." 

The Virgin-Martyr. 


King of Pontus. 

King of ^^it^. 

King of Macedon. 

Sapritius, Governor of Cxs&nsL. 

Theophilus, a zealous persecutor of the 

Sempronius, captain ^Sapritius' guards. 
Antoninus, son to Sapritius. 
Macrinus, friend to Antoninus. 
Harpax. an evi/spirit,fo//owing Theophilus 

in the shape of a secretary. 



SCENE \.—The Governor's Palace. 

Enter Theophilus and Harpax. 

Theoph. Come to Caesarea to-night ! 
Harp. Most true, sir. 
Theoph. The emperor in person ! 
Harp. Do I live ? 

Theoph. 'Tis wondrous strange I The 
marches of great princes. 
Like to the motions of prodigious meteors. 
Are step by step observed ; and loud-tongued 

The harbinger to prepare their entertainment : 
And, were it possible so great an army, 
Though covcr'd with the night, could be so 

The governor cannot be so unfriended 
Among ihc many that attend his person, 
But, by some secret means, he should have 

Of Caesars purpose ; — in this, then, excuse 

If I appear incredulous. 
Hiif'p. At your pleasure. 
Theoph. Vet, when I call to mind you 
ne\er fail'd me 
In things more difficult, but have discover'd 
Deeds that were done thousand leagues 

distant from me, 
When neither woods, nor caves, nor secret 

No, nor the Power they serve, could keep 
these Christians 

Angelo, a good spirit, serving Dorothea in 

the habit *fc page. 
Hircius, a whoremaster, \ servants of 
Spungius, a drutrt>ard, j Dorothea. 

C^^"*' } ^^'^^"^^ e^Theophilus. 

Priest of Jupiter, 

British slave. 

Artemia, daughter to Dioclesian. 

ChS^eta, } ^^Sf^^^r^ to Theophilus. 

Dorothea, the Virgin-Martyr. 
Officers and Executioners. 


Or from my reach or punishment, but thy 

Still laid them open ; I begin again 
To be as confident as heretofore, 
It is not possible thy powerful art 
Should meet a check, or fail. 

Enter the Priest of Jupiter, bearing; an 
Image, and followed by Calista \i/r</ 
Christeta. i 

Harp. Look on the Vestals, ! 

The holy pledges that the gods have given | 

you, I 

Your chaste, iair daughters. Wer't not to . 

A service to a master not unthankful, I 

I could say these, in spite of your prevention. 
Seduced by an imagined faith, not rcabuii, 
(Which is the strength of nature.) quite 

The Gentile gods, had yielded up themselves 
To this new-found religion. This I cross d, 
Discover'd their intents, taught you to use, 
With gentle words and mild persuasions, 
The power and the authority of a father. 
Set off with cruel threats ; and so rcclaimd 

them : 
And, whereas they with torment sliould 

have died, 
(Hell's furies to me, had they undergone 

it !) [Aside. 

They are now votaries in great Jupiter's 

temple, ^ 

And, by his pric?il 'inslniclcd, gto>»m^Ave\\\\^x\ 


U !l)c mysteries, nay. Ihe n 

c my dnughlct 

„ (or ever the Cltiijlijui way. 
To your opinion? 

Ptiat, And are comliUU in It. 
Tliey teach rheii tcuchcB irilh ihcit depth 

And are with argumenls able to convert 
The enemies lo our (;ods, and answer all 
They can object ■gainst us. 
TJtaipA. My dear dauEhlets ! 
Cai. We dare dispute against this Dew. 
^mmg sect. 


rfl. My best lady. 
retscver in it. 

CAris, And what we maintain. 
We wni seal with our bloods. 
f/arf. Brave molniion 1 
t'en grow tat to see my labours prosper. 
T'lbiuM. I VDunE again. ToyourdevoUoni. 
Harf. Do— 
[j prsyers be present with you. 

[Emnt Prifst, CaL and Cbiii. 
ThKph. O my Haipax ! 
lou engine of my wishes, thou that steel'st 
My bloody resoluliong, tboti that arm si 
My eyes 'gainst womaniib Icon and soFt 

To ItKi the firb and with them moke one 

men. as beasts, in beaits' skins torn by 
Wrgini and miilrons lire the eioculioneri ; 
":l [.unsatisfied, tliiiik their lomienls cosy— 

Hirf, And in that, just, not cruel. 

Thio^. Were all sceptres 
That gracethe bondsof kings, made into oiw, 
And offer'd me. all crowns laid nt my fiet, 
Iwouldcontemnlhemal!,— thus i]Hlal them; 
So I 10 all posterities might be call'd 
The strongest champion of the I'agan gods. 
And rootci out of Chtistiani. 

Harf. Oh. mine own. 
Mine own dear lord I to Iwther this great 

I ever live thy slave. 

Saf. Keep the ports (Joiv, ntid b 
guanls be doubled ; 
Disarm the Christians -, call It d 

E^'ord. o 
Srmf. [ stiBl! ht 

n his he 

careful, sir. 
become you. 
refuse to offer sacrifice 
To any of our gods, put to tho lotturcl 
Grub up thisgrDwinsmischlerbylhcl 
And know, when we an merdml to tb 
'e to ourselves ore cnieL 
Scmp. You pour oil 
On fire that bunis already at the bi 
' '(now the emperor's edict, and m, 
id they shall lind no Tavoui. 
Tieofh. My good lord, 
lis csue is timely for the entenali; ..__^ 
'ourgceat master, who this lUght in pf 
Comci here to thank you. 
Saf. Who I the emperor? 
Hatf. To clear vour doubts, h 
turn in triumph. 
Kings hickeying by his triumphant cl 
'""' ■" this glorious victory, my lord, | 
vcan ample share: for know, youf 
'er-enoiigh commended Anionimi., 
5o well hath llesh'd his m,ijden sword, d 

HissDOWyplumessodeep in .. , 

That, brailles public gmce beyond his h^m, 
There are rewards propounded. 

Saf. 1 would know 
No mean In thine, could this be tn 

Harf. My head 
Answer the forfeit. 
Sup. OfhisvictDiy 

There was some rumour : but it wa. . 

The army pass'd a full day's journey higtMV 

Harp. It was so deleiminod ; 
But, for the further honour of your sr 
And to oljsen'e the government of the cSSJt ' 
And with what rigour, or remiss iodulgcatc^ 
The Christians are pursued, he makes M«' 
stay here : [TruiHtist. 

For proof, his trumpets spent his near ann^ 

Saf. tiaste, good Sempronlus, draw up 

And with all ceiemotuous pomp receive 
The coniiuering army. Lciourgorrisonspe^A: 
Then- welcome in loud shouts, the city shew 
Her slate and wealth. 

Semf. I'm gone. 

Saf. O, 1 am ravish'd 
With this great honour I cherish, good Tl 

I vfill prescni them 

ig sdiolflj. Send [fo 



i and daif. 
ihem. tjood Harpan, 

[£jcii Harpox. 
IS at lit kasioftlagiiaTi, 
wgtkrttHHgt ttHiul; An- 
hMctiiuu tearing tit Em- 1 
I: IXoclesiBn ui'lA a giH 
iuad. ttaHitf in Anemin - 1 

t all pans I fLod CKsarea 
ii*d: Ihc licenlioui soldier 
bC limita, and the people 
— ' noL compdl'd vrilh 

» of I he conquec'd world ; 
l» tcnice irf Ihe gods, 
rred, ihaU good Sapriilus, 
. jou for jrour i ' ' - 

nihisglobc of emb Ungual 

KB kings tlial slir A^insi ii. 
■ efhii inimonal iroiiliies 
' «rw ; whose conqiuihog 

«ann.u deadly kills 

kt hat« deserved 
!, 'th in mr humble care 
be hODOUC □■ Ibose gods. 
Aut he u : my leal to them 
«*<! In my fell luue 
'aaMd Ihal. wllhineblow. 
Bi to lu tmknown Powirr,' 


To shower your favouis upon such as ai 
The boldcsl chiuniiions of our religion ; 
Look on fiiii reverend man. {foiKls lo ""' 

fhlliii.\ Xo whom liie pawur 
or sciuching QUI. and [lunkhing such 

Was oy youi choice commlllcd ; and, J 

He haih desened the grace jmpcsed u; 

And with a fait oad even hind proceeded 
Putlal lo none, not to himn-lf, oc thuss^ 
Of equal nearness to hiniself ; behold 
ThBDiir of virgins. 

ihxit. What ate these? 

Sap, His daughters. 

Arteni. Now by youi mcied (bnuDC, lU 
are fair ones, 
F.incaliuB lair ones: waiild 'tweiE i 

To make ihcm mine t 

T/teafk, They are the gods', great 
I They wero most happy in yoiu'servia ._ 
On thor. when (hey [ell from tticlr falbe 

I used a judge'! power, e 
(They being seduced) lo win Ihem to _ 
'Hie holy Powers we worahlp ; t put oa j 
'Hie scarlet robe of bold authoncy. 
And, as tbetrhndbeeusnangefsiomybt 
Prcwntcd ibcm in the moil bonid brm. 
All kinds of lonurcs ; part of which d 

Wth Roman constancy. 

Deing n father, to behokl tbcit limbs 
EiiciKjed on the rack t 

rUKfA. t did ; bul must 
Coitfes there wasasIrangecontenllonStiq 
Bclween the impwiial omce of a judge, 
Andpity of a father; iohel(»jiaiice 
Rrllgiun slept In, mider which odds 
Compassion fell r — yet ilill 1 vfas » ' ' 
For e'en (hen, wben the flinty hnngmn 

Were woro with stripes spent on their lei 

kneel'd, and wept, and bcgg'il II 


idwlihme: mymilaad 

tnfum. but honour all 
- vard, 


Which I V 

!i they w. 

9. ihcy vrould take d 
airs; DOW note asuddenchiup 
h joy remember ; Ihosc. w' 

Nor fear of dealb could (erri^, w . 

By seeing of my suftdtngs ; and (o woa,« 

RelurnUigtolhefailhthat the ■" — 


1! rocks, be deaf 

Diecli. Thou ilfscrv'st thy place; 
Slill hold It, ana wlih honour, Things 

ihiu order'cl 
Touching Ihc gods, 'tis lawful lo descend 
To human eircs. and oxercise ihai power 
HcBven has confetr'd upon me ; — iihidi ihat 

Rebels and truton lo the power of Rome. 
Should not with all eilremities undergo, 
Whal can you urge lo quality your erlnics. 
Or mitigate my anger I 

K. ijEfirt. We are now 
Slaves to [by power, thai yeslerdny were 

Aod had command o'er olhen ; we confess 
" . ruis tribute, yet left us, 
,A9 thdr forefalhETS had. de^re ot fre«dotn. 
' id. Ifvou Romans hold ii glorious honour. 
ODt)' 10 defend what is your own, 
lo enlarge your empire, {though our 
Deain (hnl happlne^) who can accuse 
TliE famish 'd mouth, if it aiiempt lu feed? 
Or lueh. whose fciteis cat into their frce- 

Jf they desiie lo shake Ihcm olT? 
K.tfPontia. Wejtand 
*■- luc examples, to prove how unccnain 

tC. of Miie4dem. That spoke, which now 

In Fortune's wheel, must, when she turns it 

Detiine b« low as we arc. This consldei'd. 
Taught the .l^gypluui HeitTules, Sesostris, 
That had his chaiiol drawn bj- capits-e kinKS. 
To free them from thai slavery ;— but to Iiupe 
Sitob mercy from a Roman, were mere 

■We are familiar with what cruelly 
Rome, since her infant greatness, ever used 
Such as she triumph 'd over ; age nor sei 
Eaempted from het lyranoy -. sceplcr'd 

Kept in her common dungeoua, and Iheir 

In scorn uain'd up in biuc mechanic arts. 
Far public bondmen. In Ihe t^talogue 
Of those unfortunate men, we cipect to hava 
Out names remember d. 

Dixit. In all groiiing empires. 
Even cruelly a useful . some must sufTer. 
And lie set up oaunple* lo strike tBrror 
'" ~' — ■'lough far off : bui. when a stale 

It raised lo her perfection, and her bniD 
Too firm to shrink, or yield, we may 

And do*t with (atcty i but to whom? not 

whose baseness shames Ihc con* 

siiciory, asn-c^ Pencus 
. Know, thereloie. kings 
and of Maeedon, 
Thai'l with counesy can use my prisooefs, 
As well as make ihcm mine by force, po- 

That they are noble 

1 mode you mine ; and. since jma 

Dejectedly, and base, do slavery 
Hod been too easy for you : but such i* 
The power of noble valour, that we love It 
Even in our enemies, and taken wllh it. 
Deshe to moke them friends, as 1 will yoa. 

K. of E fin. Mock us not, Caaar. 

Diixk. By Ibe gods, I do not. 
Unloose their bonds ;— I now in ImdA 
embrace you. ■■ 

Give them their crowns again. 

K.e/PuHlU]. We are twice 
By courage, and by courtesy. 

K. a/MaadiiH. Bui this latl 
Shall leach us to live ever faithful 
To r>ioclc5Jon, and the power of Roi _. 

A*. afEpin. All kingckims foil belbre 

K. t,/AmlHi. And all kings 
Contend to honour Ckesar I 

Diocli. 1 beliet-e 
Your tongues arc the tme trumpets of 




With true felicity ; faithful subji 

Here bold comnundcrs. here with new-maqp 

Bui. what's Ihe crown of all, in thee, Arten^ i 
M J only child, whose love lo nie and dulf, < 
Slri™ to enceed each oihct I 

Arltm. I make payment 
Bui of a debt, which 1 stand bound lo lendet 
As a daughter and a subiect. 

Dinelt. Which ns 
A rclribulion from n 
Tied by a father's caic, how to Destow i 

)t will 1 Iherelore longer Iwep lliue fton , 



of creation, marriage rites ; 
lou may St with greater plea- 
i of, 
: like with mine eyes, but thine 

kings, forgetting they were 

:mbering not they are my sub- 

of any : By Jove's dreadful 

ank with thine, 
i a bounty 
of great princes seldom meet 

ake up breaches in the state, 

her public ends, are forced 

•e they affect not. May my life 

vour ! 

ik : I long to know 

wilt make happy. 

lat titles, 

same of Queen could take me, 

fix mine eyes, and look no 

aits to take a mean-bom lady, 
>oldly may call Caesar father : 
»ring honour unto any, 
ng that lives receive addition : 
; and virtue by my fortune, 
)w estate, were greater glory, 
greatness with a prince that 

that name only. 

mmend thee ; 


hen, of men beneath me, 

) be made, where shall I seek, 

se that best deserve from you ? 

red you most faithfully ; that 


:t to you ; that have interposed 
IS shields of proof, to dull the 

bosom ; that have spent their 

• brows with laurel ? 


f Ix)ve, be now propitious to 

3.] Now mark what I foretold, 
eye's on mc. 

Q, draw forth a leaden dart, 
may hate me, transfix her 

ds wilt use a golden one, 
behalf of any other : 
I am thy votary elsewhere. 


A r tern, [advances to Anton.) Sir. 
Theoph. How he blushes ! 
Sap, Welcome, fool, thy fortune. 
Stand like a block when such an angel 
courts thee ! 
A rtem, I am no object to divert your eye 
From the beholding. 

Anton. Rather a bright sun. 
Too glorious for him to eaze upon. 
That took not first flight from the eagle's 

As I look on the temples, or the gods, 
And with that reverence, lady, I behold you. 
And shall do ever. 

Artem. And it will become you. 
While thus we stand at distance ; but, if love. 
Love bom out of the assurance of your vir- 
Teach me to stoop so low — 

Anton. O, rather take 
A higher flight. 

Artem. "\Aliy, fear you to be raised ? 
Say I put off the dreadful awe that waits 
On majesty, or with you share my beams. 
Nay, make you to outshine me ; change the 

Of Subject into Lord, rob you of service 
That's due from you to me, and in me 

make it 
Duty to honotur you, would you refuse me ? 
Anton. Refuse you, madam ! such a worm 
as I am, 
Refuse what kings upon their knees would 

sue for I 
Call it, great lady, by another name ; 
An humble modesty, that would not match 
A molehill with Olympus. 

Artem. He that's famous 
For honourable actions in the war. 
As you are, Antoninus, a proved soldier. 
Is fellow to a king. 

Anton. If you love valour. 
As 'tis a kingly virtue, seek it out, 
And cherish it in a king; there it shines 

And yields the bravest lustre. Look on 

A prince, in whom it is incorporate ; 
And let it not disgrace him that he was 
O'ercome by Casar ; it was victory. 
To stand so long against him : had you 

seen him. 
How in one bloody scene he did discharge 
The parts of a commander and a soldier, 
Wise in direction, bold in execution ; ' 
You would have said. Great Csesar's self es* 

The world yields not his equal. 
Artem. Yet 1 have heard, 



Encoimlcriog liim alone in ihe head of bk 

I Vou took him pruoner. 

K. sfKfin. "Tis a. Imlh. grcal printess ; 
111 not detract fram ralour. 
1 At^it- Twos men farluiw ; 
CsaraEe hod no hand \a it. 
TTlUqU. Didercrnuin 

— to animi his own fi^xxl ? 

„, ^. Spiritlus vilUin ! 

f-How I am lonund I ^ (he inimcitnl gods, 
I BOW Gould kill him. 

DiKli. H(dd, Snprilius. Iwld. 
On auc displeasiae bold ) 

Hcttf. Why, this would make 
A father mad ; 'Ii» not to be endured ; 
Vour hoDoar's lainted in't, 
I. By heaven, it is ; 

Iw M fu gone In fotid afleclion to ymi. 
'■'" that I am retire, my honour safe ; — 
uy, bcicafier, that [hou hmt nc|tlrcled 
~l. but seen in poueasion of another, 
make Ihec mod with envy. 
- \. In her looks 


Anton. UniciouB madam, hear me. 
Artim. And Ijc again refused ? 
Aniim. The tender of 
Mjr life, mjr service, or, smce you vouch- 

a valley of security. 
\\ up to the htll of ma 

Wliat kn«w 1, but your grace made Irii 
DarBt 1 presume to embrace, where but 1 

With I 

unmannct'd hand, wis death? 

When he saw firat Ihe 
Was almost dead with fear ; the second view 
Only a tillle daunted him : the third. 
He dUfSl taluie him baldly : pray you, ap- 
ply this : 
And you shall Qnd a little ' 
To look with more familiar eyes up 
Than duty )^t allows mo. 

Sap. Well MCiocil. 

Atttin. Vou may redci:in all yet. 

Dialt. .\aH. tlitil he may 

lave means and opportumly <o do SQ^ I 
Artcmia. I leave you my sutfitili'" 
In fair Casarea. 

Sap. And here, as yourself, 
We will obey and serve her, 

Diocli. Antoninus, 
So you prove hers. I wish no other li^rd 
"■■■ ■ ikon't:— becarefulotyourchMjfe.ll 

Sapniim. be you my dat^ghler' 

company I wish, confedei _ 

r Dalmatian wars ; whkh fiRi^e4l 
victory 1 hope, and MaximimHi 
jrolher and copartner in the d ' 

At my request won to confirm as m . 

Tlie kingdoms I took from you we'll m 

And make yau greater than you went b( 

[Eicunlall i>B/Aiiloainus and Mftd. 

Autos. Oh, I am lost for ever! . 


The anchor of the wretched, liope, fon 

.A.nd with one blast of Foitune all my U| 
"f happiness is put qui. 

M.II. You are like to those 
That ore ill only, 'cause they are too well [,| 
That, surfeiting in the excess of blessings, ■ 
Calltlieirabundancewant. What coidd jfdb I 

And with a princess, whose excelliog la 

Though drunk ia gold ; and Edl I 

To me. ready to starve, a painted 
And no essential food. When Ian 
With lire, can flames in any other qi 
Whailsherlocetome, greatness, or em 
That am slave to anollier, who alone 
Can give me ease or freedom ? 

Mill. Sir. you point at 
Your dotage on the scornful Domrhca : 
Is she, (housh fait, the some day ti 

With best Anemia ? In all their coursi 
Wise men propose their ends : with s 

There comes along pleasure, security. 
Usher'd by all (hat in this life is precious : 
With Dotothi:a(ihough her l:dnh be noble, 
I'he daughter to a senator of Rome. 
By him left rich, yet withaptlva' 



. is neac ; the princess' heavy 

fou will shiink ; jam latber'c 

tl. fax (nety foil^ds ;— 
mberihal atie sunds suspected 
'Ih« OnliUBn sect ; she brings 
BE (Mored dvMfuctlonwfih her. 
ih'd, and prefeir'd liafore 

_ MhM : iberFforc leave tier. 

whai Ihou tbiuk'st thou an 

I, MoeriDus, and most roolish. 
jo match above bis lank, 
bis Uben;. Witb Artemia. 

. . jjm enjoying 

._. . . 11 rule, 

I a husband ; for the dangar, 


-. Bat thai it A kiclilsh jidc. tellow 
Spuneius. Have not 1 aa much cause to 
complain as thou hasl? Wheol 
tbere was an infidel punk of mine. _ . _ . 

! come upon Inisl for my conretling i 
_ : on yoar Cbrislian cocfcalrices I (hey 
err. like poulterers' wires : — no money, no 

"pan. BacchBa. Ihe god of brew'd wino 
siy^, grand patron of rob-pou. upsy- 
ly tjppleis, iuul super-nicuhim lokets ; 
. -Baccbua. who is head warden ofViatnec's- 
hall, ale-Gonner. mayor of all victwUins- 
hoiud, the Mle liquid bencbclor to bawdy- 
houses ; huiecpretade to red noses, and in- 

If, then, Ihou an my Iriead, 
ihDu on. (ind will not lake 

thee, be my helper. 

:. and will do any- 

; leUbert have worn. 
Oei J have fought, her ficure, 
my heart, whicii. like a. deity, 
ttotei me. Thou catui speik 

loiecsl language spore a little, 
mdeisiand bow much I loveho-, 
guUiforher. Bear these jewels, 
■y of lacrifice, not service, 
lets : all lets thrown behind me, 
naydclerme, say, this moining 
Iher by the naine of friendship : 
oontnuUct iliis. 

IvaQ ihil way be ill spent, 
> resdier wlU by Uie event. 


A Kennt in Dorothea's Hamr. 
Spixngius, a»d Eiircius. 

_ Mins. iTbe 

t. Uke a hoe 

pimpled, deep-scatleied, rubified, and ar- 
buncled faces 

Hir. 'What ot all this? 

Sfvn. This boon Bacchanalian skinkeCi 
did I make legs lo. 

Hit. Scurvy ones, when thou wen drunk. 
Sfiun. There is no danger of losing a 
an's ears by making ihesc indentures : he 
that will not now and Ihen be Calabinjjo. Es 
woise than a Calamoolhe. When 1 vna n 
pagan, and kneeled to this Bacchus, I diust 
DUI-dtiok ft lord; but yonr Christian lords 
oiil-bowl me. twaslnhope to lead a sober 
lit^, when Iwas converted; but, now amongst 

of one alehouse, but I reel into another: 
they have whole streets o( nothing hul drjnk- 
ing-Toonis, and drabtnng-ebambers. jumbled 

Nir, Bawdy Priapos, the Ursl stJiooV 
master that tiiught butchers how to siiek 

know'st, was the only ninglc that I cared 
for imdcr the moon; but, rince I left hhn lo 
follow a scurvy lady, whit with her praying 
and our fasting, if now I come lo a wench, 
and tiSa touscheranjnhinghaidly, (lelluig 
ber. being a Christian, she must endnivi) 
she presently handles me as if 1 were ■ elore. 
and cleaves mc with disdain, as if I were > 
t:Airs head. 

A/*B. 1 see DO icmedy, fcUow Htrdiu, 
but ihal Ihou and I must be half pagoui. 
and half Christians ; for we know very fboU 
thai an; Christians. 

Hir, Right ; the quarters of Christian* 
are good for oollxing but to (eed craws. 

Sfan. True : Christian hrokim, tbou 
know'st, ore made up of the rioarten of 
Cbnslions : parboil one of these togoe*, 
and l.e is not nie^i for a dog : no, no. 1 am 

shew i carry a Chtistlai^ s Ulc. 

Hir. Tni 1: 



Stun. Our whimpf ring lady and raistresj 
KOI mc will) iwa gnat baskets lull of bwr, 
" inKon, vad, and gooK. fellow Hirciu*— — 

Hir. And woodcock, fellow Spuneius. 

SfHn. Upon ihe poor lean aK-fclTow. on 
which I ride, lo hII ihc itlmswomen ; whnt 
Ihink'si ihou I Vast done wilh ill this good 

Mir. Eal il : or be choked 

were In thy 

deml-paxao, 1 raid Ihc vlcluals, and coined 

'' c money into pollle poti of wine. 

V/.y. ThOTiu Ihou shc^edst Ihysdf a 
pnfGcl deroi-Christian loo, lo Icl (he poot 
beg, none, and bang, or die of ihe pip. 
Our puling. snotly-Doie ladj sent mc oul 
Ulwwaa wilh a puree of momqt. lo relieve 
and relcBso priionen t — Did 1 lo, think you ? 

.■>/■«. Would thy nba were lutned into 
{ralia of Iron then. 

Hir. As I am a total pagiuii I swore (hey 
■bouM be hanged lint ; for, sirrah Spun- 
giiu, I lay al rny old ward of lecliery, and 
cried, a 1KIX on yourtwo-pennywards I and 
sol lot* seurvy common fleshlor (he money. 

JiMM. And wisely done; for our Inch, 
wBding il Id prisoners, had heslowed it oiit 
npan lousy knaves : and thou, (o save that 
labour, cast'st ii awa;^ upon rocicK whores. 

Hir. All my fear is of (hat plnk-un-cye 
}a(ik-«n-«pes boy. her page, 

Sfun. As I nm a pngiin from my cod- 
pleee downward, that wtille-roced monkey 
Sght- ' — '- ■■- - ■■- -■■'■-- 

Speaking the lieavenly Unguan? 
Spun. Why, fellow Angelo, 


you (he baskets emfd 

which your l.-idy 

S?n(, from her charitable hondi, lAWM 

That dwell upon her pily f 

Sfun. Emptied (hem I yes ; 1*4 kc 

I have my beily so empty : yet. 1 BOM 

munched not one bit of them ndtiicr, 

jfo/. And went your mcncr tD- 

Mr. 1 

Wilh the dirty pudding I so he did 
me once wilh a oow^iurd, which in knavery 
I woulit have cnunb'd Into one's porridgir, 
who was half a pagan loo. The sinug dan- 
dipmt smell* us out. whatsoever we arc doi ng. 

SfiuK. DoesheMeihim rakeheed Iproi-c 
not hi> bock-friend; I'll make him curs- ■-- 
smelling what I do. 

Hir. Tia my lady spoils Ihc boy; (< 
It cnt at her inil, and she ii never well 
in his company. 

£alir Angela ailA a *wt. unrf a I 
lighltd; laiig *"". ""y iw""' 

Aa^. O I now your licurts 

J heaven, when yout 

Hir. Wentl 

; I carried H, Hid \ 

ft (he devil's wKf, 

The way of hot damnnlion, way of IlM] 
And you, to w-ash away the poor mu^ bH 
In tnwls of dninkenncH? 

SfHH. Drunkennets I yes, yes. I um : 
_mnk : our next neighbours mao. a 
Christopher, liaih often seen me drunk, 
he not? 

Hir. Of mc given so lo the flesli 
cheeks speak my doings. 

Ang. Avauni, ye thieves, and hot 
hypocrilcs ! 
Yoiu- fienits 10 me lie open like black bM 
And there I read your doings. 

SpiB. And wlietdoyoureiidinni 

Hir. Orinmitic? come, amiable 
beat the flint of your brains. 

Sfun. And lei's see what sparks of 
fly oul to kindle your cerebrum. 

Aag. Your names even biund you 
are Spungius call'd, 
.^ud like a spuitge, you suck up licL 

Till your snil reels la hell. 

SfuKg. To hell 1 can any ilninkurd' 

Asg. for blood of gmpM you : 
widows' food. 
And, starving them, 'tis mutter ; 

H Ircius youmame, andgoaliihisyoui 
You snalcb the ra«u out of Hid p 


To lalten hariols \ is not this hiD la 

No angel, but Ihc devil, wails on yc 

Sfna. Shotl I cul his thioiM 'f 

Hir. No; betterbumhim.lor 1 

is n witch : but sooih. sooth htm. 

Sputt- Fellow Angelo, true il 


of wicked he- 



falling into the company 
Christians, for my jxirt^— 

Hir, And she ones, for mine, — ^we 
tbem swim in shoals hard by 

Spun, We must confess, I took too much 
out of the pot ; and he of t'other hollow 

Hir. Yes, indeed, we laid Jill on both of 
us ; we cozen'd the poor ; but 'tis a common 
thing : many a one, that counts himself a 
better Christian than we two, has done it, 
by this light! 

Spun. But pray, sweet Angelo, play not 
the tell-tale to my lady ; and, if you take us 
creeping into any of these mouse-holes of 
^ any more, let cats flay off our skins. 

Hir. And put nothing but the poison d 
tails of rets into those skins. 

A ng. Will you dishonour hersweet chant y. 
Who saved you from the tree of death and 

Hir. Would I were hang'd, rather than 
thus be toM of my faults I 

Spun. She took us. 'tis true, from the 
gallows ; yet I hope she will not bar yeomen 
sptats to have their swing. 

Ang. She comes.— beware, and mend. 

Hir, Let's break his neck, and bid him 

Enter Dorothea. 

Dor. Ha\'e you my messages, sent to the 
Delivei'd with good hands, not robbing them 
Of any jot was theirs ? 

Spurn. Rob them, lady ! I hope neither 
my fellow nor I am thieves. 

Hir. Delivered with good hands, madam ! 
else let roe never lick my fingers more when 
I eat butter'd fish. 
Dor. Who cheat the poor, and from them 
pluck their alms, 
Pilfer from heaven ; and there are thunder- 
From thence to beat them ever. Do not lie ; 
Were you both faithful, true distributers ? 

Spun. Lie, madam ! what grief is it to 
see you turn swaggerer, and give your poor- 
minded lascallv servants the Tie I 
Dor. I'm glad you do not ; if those 
wretched people. 
Tell you they pine for want of any thing. 
Whl^pMer but to mine ear, and you shall 
furnish them. 
Hir. Whisper! nay, lady, for my part I'll 

cry whoop. 
Ang. Play no more, villains, with so good 
a lady; 
For. if you 

Spun. Are we Christians ? 

Hir. The foul fiend snap all pagans for me I 

Ang. Away, and, once more, mend. 

Spun. 'Takes us for botchers. 

Hir. A patch, a patch ! 

[Exeunt Spun, and Hir, 

Dor. Nfy book and taper. 

Ang. Here, most holy mistress. 

Dor. Thy voice sends forth such music, 
that I never 
Was ravish 'd with a more celestial sound. 
Were every ser\'ant in the world like thee, 
So full of goodness, angels would come down 
To dwell with us : thy name is Angelo. 
And like that name thou art ; get thee to rest, 
Thy youth with too much watching isopprest. 

Ang. No. my dear lady. I could weary stars. 
And force the wakeful moon to lose her eyes, 
By my late watching, but to wait on you. 
When at your prayers you kneel before the- 

Mcthinks I'm singing with some quire in 

So blest I hold me in your company : 
Therefore, my most loved mistress, do not bid 
Your boy, so scrxiceable, to get hence ; 
For then you break his heart. 

Dor. Be nigh me still, then : 
In golden letters down I'll set that day. 
Which gave thee to me. Little did I hope 
To meet such worlds of comfort in thyself, 
This little, pretty body ; when I. coming 
Forth of the temple, heard my lx;ggar-boy, 
My sweet-faced, godly beggar-boy, crave an 

Which with glad hand I gave, with lucky 

hand I — 
And, when I took thee home, my most chaste 

Mcthought, was fill'd with no hot wanton fire. 
But with a holy flame, mounting since higher. 
On wings of cherubins. than it did before. 

Ang. Proud am I,that my lady's modest eye 
So likes so poor a servant. 

Dor. I have offer'd 
Handfuls of gold but to behold thy parents. 
I would leaire kingdoms, were I queen of 

To dwell with thy good father ; for. the son 
Bewitching me so deeply with his presence. 
He that begot him must dot ten times more. 
I pray thee, my sweet boy, shew me thy 

fxirents ; 
Be not ashamed. 

Ang. I am not : I did never 
Know who my mother was ; but, by yon 

Fill'd with bright heavenly courtiers» I dat^ 
assure you, 



And pavn Ihoc Cfu upon it. ■»■ Ihis hand, | Wbo« Ologs shoot ihroagh his cjotif 
My talhrrisialmveii : und. ponlTmBlress. whose pooonoiu Kpawn ^^ 

It roufUluitnuushourgUs spend UisuH). I ■" "- - ' — ' — "■ 

No wone Ihan yet i( does ; upon mj life. 
Yon uul I bnlh ilall moa my iailiec IlKre, 
And he ihoU bid you vrelcome. 

Dtr. A blesMd d*y I 
Wa iJl luDK to be (here, but Iom Ihe way- 

SCENi; 11— A Strtti. ntar E)araih»-s 

r<tfc>/*. I'hc Sun. god of Ihe day. guidi 

Mm, And ihe*. Theophiliis 1 

Tkti-fk. Ulad*» thou in such seom? 
I call my wish back. 

Atiie. I'm in hajl«. 

Tluef*. One word. 
TbIic the leasi hand of lime up v-sray. 

iUc. Be brief. 

Tluefh. As ihougbl: I prithee tell me 
good Macrlniu. 
How heallli nod ourfairprinoesslaylogelhe 
Tbis night, for you cnn lell ; counien hnvi 

That liuix all news unco them. 

Mac. She slept but ill, 

TktPfh. Double thy counesj ; how doe 

Hat. ni, well, stiaighl, ciDsli'd, — 1 linow 

TiiofA. Once more ;— 
Thy head is full of windmills 1— when dolh 
the princess 

11 a. bed full of beauty, nnd bestow it 
On Antoninus, on the wedding-night ? 

riir.'fh. No '. thou art the manusctipl. 

ILirf. Honesty is some fiend, and itights 
him hence ; 
h many counien love it not. 

Tluofk. What piece 
Of this state-wheel, which winds up Aolo- 

k broke, it nins so j-irringly? the man 
Is from himself diriiled : O iliou. the i-yc, 
rhich 1 wonders see. tell me, my Harpu, 

Snd-ily tidilcs this Macrinus so, 
laging up the toll, tic breaks thus 

//dr/. Oh, sir. his biam-pan is a bed of 

, Ingendensuch a fry of speckled Till 
That, onless channs mote sCroog Ih 

. . Romnnangcl's wines dull n 
And Cjcs3[*s diadem Ik ftoni litt bead 
Spum'd by base feet ; ibe Uurd iriach 

Rciuniing victor, he enforced to kiH 
-" - ■ ■ ■ It hales, Ihe fire. And ai 

Thb .^nioninus-Engine. bong mtde tm 
I'o so much mischief, keepasindy motlM 
Hb eyes and feet, you see, jive si 

TAb^fk. I'm luni'd a maiblc slalue 
Which printed is in such ciabb'd chnract 
It puldes all my reading: what.intbCM 
OlPlmo, nowishatchmg? 

Harf. This Mactinus, 
The line is. upon which love-eirands no^ 
'Twiit Aatooinus and that ghost ottr 
The bloodless Dorothea ; who in pn^er 
And medilntion, mocking all jout godi,. 
Drinks up her rtiby colour ; yel Anlonin 
Plays the Endymion to this pale-faced M« 
Courts, seeks to catch hereyes — 

Tiaph. And wlial of this f 

Half. These ore but creeping bf. 

Not got to shoie yet : but if Ootolhea 
Fall on his bosom, and be fiird with \an 
(Your coldest women do so). — had yon I 
Brew'd from the infernal Styx, nc " " 


firmament of cloi 

Cnn make a thing so foul. 
Disgraces, buffeting*, and 
Upon the bright Anemia, 
Great Ciesar's daughter. 
Thmph. Inowconslett 
Harf. Nay. mi 

With Jove's aitillery, shot down at 
To pash your gods in pieces, eanni 
With all those thunderbolts, so da 
To the religion there, and pagan k 
As this : iat Doroth^ hales foot £ 
And, if she once blast Antoninus' soul, 
Mnkingit faulllkeheis,Oh! theei 
ThafA. EatsthtDughCarsarea*sh 

Uquld poison. 
Have 1 invented (orlurci lo tear Ch 

stand aloof here o 



May-games to those of mine ; has this my 

Set down a Christian's execution 
In such dire postures, that the very hangman 
Fell at ray foot dead, hearing but their figures ; 
And shall Macrinus and his fellow-masquer 
Strangle me in a dance ? 

Harf. No :;— on ; I hug thee. 
For dnlling thy quick brains in this rich plot 
Of tortures 'gaunst these Christians : on ; I 

hug thee I 
Theoph. Both hug and holy me : to this 

Fly thou and I in thunder. 
Harp. Not for kingdoms 
raed upon kingdoms : there's a villain page 
Waits on her, whom I would not for the world 
Hold traffic with ; I do so hate his sight, 
That, should I look on him, I must sink down. 
Thioph, I will not lose thee then, her to 

confound : 
None but this head with glories shall be 

Harp, Oh ! mine own as I would wish 

thee 1 \Ex€unt. 

SCENE XW.—A Room in Dorothea's House. 

Enter Dorothea, Macrinus, and Angelo. 

Dor. lAj trusty Angelo, with that curious 


Of thine, which ever waits upon mv business, 

I prithee watch those my still-negligent 

That they perform my will, in what's enjoin'd 

To the good of others ; else will you find 

them flies. 
Not Ijring still, yet in them no good lies : 
Be careful, dear boy. 
Ang. Yes, my sweetest mistress. \_Exit. 
Dor, Now, sir, you may go on. 
Mac. I then must study 
A new arithmetic, to sum up the virtues 
Which Antoninus gracefully become. 
There is in him so much man, so much 

So much of honour, and of all things else, 
Whteh make our being excellent, that from 

hn store 
He can enough lend others ; yet, much ta'en 

from him. 
The want shall be as little, as when seas 
Laid liom their bounty, to fill up the poorness 
Of needy rivers. 

Dor, Sir, he is more indebted 
To yoa for praise, than you to him that 
owes it. 
Mac. If queens, viewing his presents paid 
to the whiteness 

Of your chaste hand alone, should be am- 
But to be parted in their numerous shares ; 
This he counts nothing : could you sec main 

Make battles in the quarrel of his valour. 
That 'tis the best, the truest; this were 

nothing : 
The greatness of his state, his father's voice. 
And arm, awing Caesarea, he ne'er boasts of; 
The sunbeams which the emperor throws 

upon him. 
Shine there but as in water, and gild him 
Not with one spot of pride : no, dearest 

All these, heap'd up together in one scale, 
Cannot weigh down the love he bears to you. 
Being put into the other. 

Dor. Could gold buy you 
To speak thus for a friend, you, sir, are 

Of more than I will number ; and this your 

Hath power to win upon another woman, 
'Top of whose heart the feathers of this 

Are gaily stuck: but all which first you 

And now thislast, his love, to me are nothing. 
Mac. You make me a sad messenger ; — 
but himself 

Enter Antoninus. 

Being come in person, shall, I hope, hear 

from you 
Music more pleasing. 

Anion. Has your ear, Macrinus, 
Heard none, then? 

Mac. None I like, 

Anton. But can there be 
In such a noble casket, wherein lie 
Beauty and chastity in their fiill perfections, 
A rocky heart, kiUing with cruelty 
A hfe that's prostrated beneath your feet ? 

Dor. I am guilty of a shame I yet ne'er 
Thus to hold parley with you ; — ^pray. sir, 
pardon. \Uotn^. 

Anton. Good sweetness, you now nave it, 
and shall go : 
Be but so merciful, before your wounding me 
With such a mortal weapon as Farewell, 
To let me murmur to your virgin ear. 
What I was loth to lay on any tongue 
But this mine own. 

Dor. If one immodest accent 
Fly out, I hate you everlastingly. 

Anton. My true love dares not do U» 

Mac. Hermes inspire thee \ 


— untnus ihe cod- 

Dieoe-pcAil of our revrard, no malter If thr 
oncchd of CDiucleaee full oboul ourbccb. 
Thtt^. The gold you eani Is line ; dam 
up your tnouthi. 
And no woitfi of li. 

Hir. No : nor no w ' ' 
much dunning ndih< 
Mil ihenuelvH dnlly, n . . 

'" " why mny not wc, then, bcltay a 

. ftom ihe galirm-s. and, 

_ .. proverb from bruaking his 

we'll muig her. 
JlUvpi. 'Tb well done ; go. go. you're 
my fine white boys. 

Sfmi. !f your red boys, 'tis well known 
mote ill-favoured faces ihnn ours nrc painlcd. 
Saf. Thow fellows trouble \a. 
Thtofh. Away, nway I 

"■'- ' ■ Bwect plBckct. 

10 myfiillpot. 

{ExfuHl Hir. una' Spun. 
Antm, Come, let ine lane you i-^glnie 
not thui yoor eyes 
With self-love oT a vow'd vtiginily. 
MAlie every man your glass ; you see our sex 
Do never murder propagHiion : 
We all deire your sweet society. 
But if you bar mc from it, you do kill me. 
And of my blood are guilty, 
Arltm. O base villun I 

ly fortunes, 

Melhlnks my dear affeciion makes you mine. 

Z^rjr. Sr. for your fortune, vcn they 
mines of gold. 
He that I love ii richer ; and for worth, 
Vou nre lo liim lower than any slave. 
b to a monarch. 

Sif. So insolent, bnsc Chrisiisn I 

Dar. Caa I. with wearing out my knees 
before liim, 
Gee you bn( be his servant, you shall bonst 
You're equal to a king. 

S.if. Confusion on ihee. 
For phtf ing thus the lying ureniBs I 

AaleH. Your mocks an: great ones ; none 
benenih the sun 
Will i be semtnl to,— On my knees I bpg i'. 

On which you Christians lean. 

Fret out my life with wi " 

Sirrah I 

Would, when I got thee, the high T 

Had struck tliee in (he womb ! 

Mac. We are betray'd. 

Artim. Is thnt the idol. 1 
thou kneelst 
Trampling upon my beauty ) 

Theopk. Sirmh, bandog 1 
Wilt Ihou in pieces (car our Jupiter 
For her? our Mare for her ? out bti! for her? — I 
A whore 1 a hell-hound 1 In this globe flT" 

Where a whole world of furies [i 

Have foughl, as in a chaos, which si 

These noils shall grubMcg hi 

To Hnd one horrlder ilian all. 


,<W«. 1 1 am thmiJerstiuik 1 Wcai 

both oerwhclinti 

Mae. With onn hlKli-meing billow. 
Oar. Vouaauldler. 
tnil link bmath Ihe viulmce of « 
AHtfifi- A wiatuin I a mcng'd 

IcKikRl for, 
Dut tmi-inLl even) 
'l1io subjert of bei 




Dor, That fear is base, 

3f death, when that death doth but life 

[>iit of her house of earth ; you only dread 
The stroke, and not what follows when you're 

dead ; 
rbere's the great fear, indeed: come, let 

your eyes 
Direil where mine do. you'll scorn their 


Rt-tnter belcw, Artemia, Sapritius, Thco- 
philus, a guard; Angelo comts and 
stands close by Dorothea. 

Arttm. My father's nerves put vigour in 
mine arm. 
And I his strength must use. Because I once 
Shed beams of favour on thee, and, with the 

Play'd with thee gently, when thou struck'st 

my heart, 
111 not insult on a base, humbled prey. 
By lingering out thy terrors ; but, with one 

Kill thee : — hence with them all to execution. 
Seize him ; but let e\'en death itself be weary 
In tonuring her. I'll change those smiles 

to shrieks ; 
Sive the fool what she's proud of, martyrdom : 
In pieces rack that bawd too. 

{Points to Macr. 
Sap. Albeit the reverence 
[ owe our gods and you, are, in my bosom, 
rorrents so strong, that pity quite lies 

drown 'd 
Prom saving this young man ; yet. when I see 
iVhat face death gives him, and that a 

thing i^nthin me 
Says, 'tis my son, I am forced to be a man, 
Vad grow fond of his life, which thus I beg. 
Artem. And I deny. 
Anton. Sir, you dishonour me, 
To sue for that which I disclaim to have. 
I shall more glory in my sufferings gain, 
rhan you in giving judgment, since I offer 
S/iy blood up to your anger ; nor do I kneel 
To keep a wretched life of mine from ruin : 
Preserve this temple, builded fair as yours is, 
Vnd Carsar never went in greater triumph, 
rhan 1 shall to the scaffold. 

Artem. Are you so brave, sir ? 
Set forward to his triumph, and let those two 
3o cursing along with him. 

Dor. No, but pitying, 
"or my part, I, tnat you lose ten times more 
3y torturing me, than I that dare your 

tortures : 
rhrough all the array of my sins, I have even 

Labour'd to break, and cope with death to 

th* face. 
The visage of a hangman frights not me ; 
The sight of whips, racks, gibbets, axes, fires. 
Are scaffoldings by which my soul climbs up 
To an eternal habitation. 

Theoph. Caesar's imperial daughter, hear 

me speak. 
Let not this Christian thing, in this her 

Of proud deriding both our gods and Caesar, 
Build to herself a kingdom in her death, 
Going laughing from us : no ; her bitterest 

Shall be, to feel her constancy beaten down ; 
The bravery of her resolution lie 
Batter'd, by argiunent, into such pieces, 
That she again shall, on her belly, creep 
To kiss the pavements of our paynim gods. 
Artem. How to be done ? 
Theoph. I'll send my daughters to her, 
And they shall turn her rocky faith to wax ; 
Else spit at me, let me be made your slave, 
And meet no Roman's but a villain's grave. 
Artem. Thy prisoner let her be, then ; 

and, Sapritius, 
Your son and that, be yoiurs : death shall be 

To him that suffers them, by voice or letters. 
To greet each other. Rifle her estate ; 
Christians to beggary brought, grow des- 
Dor. St ill on the bread of poverty let me feed . 
Ang. 1 my admired mistress, quench 

not out 
The holy fires within you. though temptations 
Shower down upon you ? Clasp thine annour 

Fight well, and thou shalt see. after these wars. 
Thy head wear sunbeams, and thy feet 

touch stars. [Exeunt all but Angelo. 

Enter Hircius and Spungius. 

///>. How now, Angelo ; how is it, how 
is it? 
What thread spins that whore Fortune upon 
her wheel now ? 

Spun. Com' esta, com esta, poor knave ? 

IJir. Comment portez-xvus, comment 
portez-vous, mon petit gar(on f \ 

Spun. My pretty wee comrade, my half- ! 
inch of mans flesh, how run the dice of this ! 
cheating world, ha ? 

Ang. Too well on your sides ; you are hid 
in gold. 
O'er head and ears. 

Hir. We thank our fates, the sign of the 
gingle-boys hangs at the doors of our 


oh of Ihe t- . 

would itilok that we, o 

a gidden O) 


the vrorld. thould jet see the 

iirticn 56 litlla stiver b stirring ? 

/A>. Nn)', who ciu) say any dliim is an 
an, (or kxtding his own tack with money 
till hit xoul cracks ng*ln. only lo leaw his 
Km like B gilded coxcomb behind him t Will 
not iny fool take me for n wise man now. 
Mslnx me draw oul of the [hi of my Ireuury 
tbU lillle EDd wiih hii belly full ofeol')^ 

SfUH. And Ihli, full of the same meBI. 

Ang, That sold will melt loprAioa. 

SfmM. Poison I woulil it would I whole 
pints (or healths should down my ihroot, 

Hir. Cold. ptMson I theie is never a she- 
Ihnsherin OenrEa, that lives on die Bail 
ef money, will coll it so. 

<f ■/. like tlwes you sold your souls for 
ifolden dross, 

Sfim, It WHS an easy mnller to save u 
dM Mine so welt back'd. 

mr. The gallows and we fell onl -. : 
the did bul part us. 

/tug. The misery of that mistress is mil 

She boggar'il, I left wretched. 

Hir. 1 can but let my nose drop : 
MMtow, with wel eyes for her. 

SfMn. The pelliramt dC her eslale 

jlig, For love you bear lo her, for so 
^X)d turns 
Done you by me, give me one piece of sili 

///r. How I a piece of silver I if ll 
wert an angel of gold. I would not put thee 
IdEo white money, anless 1 weighed Ihee ; 
and I weigh thee not a rush. 

Sful. A TBcoe of silver I I never had bul 
two calves in my life, and those my motbci 
kit me ; I will ixlher part from Ihe (al of 
them, than from a musiiud-tokea's worth 

long as this b full. 

Bolt. And «> long BS this, K 

f/ir. Spuogius, youaraa^-..^ 

S/UB. Hircius, thou hast niRun'd >■ 
'g as /—not so much money is left •■ 
buy a louse, 

Hir. Thou art a thief, and thou Ih 
Al gul ibrough which thy wine r 

eu. demi-dLUidiprat, a 


Illr. A 

Stmn. . . 

Alt- Slay, — one word yet; you 
full of gold. 

Hir. I would be sorry my dog wi 

Spun. Or any sow of mine of Ihe mcaxls 

Ang. Go, go < you re bcggus both : you 
That leather on yi 

Hir. Away, away, boy I 
Spun. Page, you do notMng 
alchcs on the soles of your Jesis, 
Aag. I am glad I tried 
»! I w - 

Sfun. Thou liist deejier I 
of mine enraged pocket, if Ihou offronti 
Ang. No blows, no l»lter langu— 

all your gold gone I 
SpKn. Can Ihc devil creep 1 

breeches ? 

Hir. Ves. if his horns once get iata IhEl 

A Bg. Come, sigh nc . , - 1 

iVith that whose loss kllb you. that, seell 

All yours : divide the heap in eiiual shut 

Spun. If she were going lo hanging, tWT 
allows should part ui. 
Hir. Lei us boll) be lumed into s rOj 

Aug. Follow BC, Ihon; repair your b 
deeds past ; ' 

lappy are men, when Iheir best d 

Stun. True, master Angelo ; pr 
lead the way. \E-iil i 

Hir. Let him lead that way, but 

ou me Ihb way. 

SfluH. t lire In a gaol 1 

Hir. Away, and shift for oursi:. _. 
Shell do well enough there ; (or jiilsoneoi] 

are more hungry afier mullon ■' *■ 

|x}1ea alter prisunen. 

.9Ma. Leiherslnrvclhen, 11 
will nol Gil her belly. 

ACT 111. 
Sc£NB I.— A Swm >■ Dorolliea's , 
Enter Sapiitiui, llieophllua. Priosl. Calt 
&tf. Siok lo Ihe dmlli, 1 lo 
TitoM. I mmel your mwww 



le's a witch, 

s. Theophilus ; my son 

I by her enchanting eyes ; and, like 

made of wax, her beams of beauty 

to nothing : all my hopes in him, 

s gotten honours, find their grave 

age dotage on her. Would, when 

id loved her, that the earth had 


3w'd both alive ! 

There's hope left yet. 
3t any : though the princess were 

her love surrender'd up ; 
>y Christian is so transported 
religion, that unless my son 
im perish first !) drink the same 


her belief, she'll not vouchsafe 

lawful wife. 

But, once removed 

opinion, as I rest assured 

IS of these holy maids will win her, 

1 her tractable to anything, 

>ntent or his. 

If she refuse it, 
iii damps, breeding mfectious airs, 
rake's shrieks, the basilisk's killing 

fill lightning that does crush the 

- singe the skin, shall not appear 
to her, than my zeal made hot 
unto my gods. I have deferr'd it, 

draw back this apostata, 

ill be g^reater honour than her 


father's faith ; and, to that end, 

ight my daughters hither. 

id we doubt not 

at you desire. 

et her be sent for. 

1 your good work ; and were I not 
the princess, I would see and hear 

I am commanded too, 
ou company, 
ive them your ring, 
er as in triumph, if they win her, 
r highness. [Exit. 

. Spare no promises, 
OS, or threats, I do conjure you : 
vail, 'tis the most glorious work 

tier Dorothea jn^Angelo. 

She comes. 

. We leave you ; 

Be constant, and be carefuL 

[Exeuni Thcoph. and Priest. 
Cal, We are sorry 
To meet you under guard. 
Dor. But I more grieved 
You are at liberty. So well I love you, 
That I could wish, for such a cause as mine^ 
You were my fellow-prisoners : Prithee, 

Reach us some chairs. Please you sit 

Cal. We thank you : 
Our visit is for love, love to your safety. 
Christ. Our conference must be private^ 
pray you, therefore. 
Command your boy to leave us. 

Dor. You may trust him 
With any secret that concerns my life. 
Falsehood and he are strangers : had you^ 

Been bless'd with such a servant, you had 

Forsook that way, your journey even half 

That leads to joys eternal. In the place 
Of loose lascivious mirth, he would have 

stirr'd you 
To holy meditations ; and so far 
He is m>m fiatteiy, that he would have told 

Your pride being at the height, how miserable 
And wretched things you were, that, for an 

Of pleasure here, have made a desperate sale 
Of all your right in happiness hereafter. 
He must not leave me ; without him I fall : 
In this life he's my servant, in the other 
A wish'd companion. 

Ang. 'Tis not in the devil. 
Nor all his wicked arts, to shake such 
Dor. But you were speaking, lady. 
Cal. As a friend 
And lover of your safety, and I pray you 
So to receive it ; and, if you remember 
How near in love our parents were, that we, 
Even from the cradle, were brought up 

Our amity increasing with our years, 
We cannot stand suspected. 
Dor. To the purpose. 
Cal. We come, then, as good angels, 
To make you happy ; and the means so easy, 
That, be not you an enemy to yourself. 
Already you enjoy it. 

Christ. Look on us, 
Ruin'd as you are, once, and brought unto it» 
By your persuasion. 
Cal. But what follow'd, lady? 


Mving tliose blessings which mir gods gave 

Ml shower'd upoD us \viih i prodigal hand, 
. to be nuble bom, jrouih. beauty, veallh, 
And the free use of ibse wiihour control. 
Cbeck, curb, or slop, sucb is our law's in- 
All happiness lorsook us ; bonds nnd fellerSi 
Fm amorous iwincs; ibe rack and huig- 

ftta place of d 

c delights ; oar patents' 
neglect, oonlcm pi, 

'fDMrailoTblessines; icani, 
Fril thick upon us. 

Ciriii. 'rhis oonsider'd wisely, 
Wc miutc H fair leireii ; and reconciled 
To our foreaken gods, we live agnln 
In nil prosperity. 

Cat. By out ewimple, 
Bequealblng misery to such as love it. 
il>aim to be happy. The Christian yoki 

suchadaintyneck: it was framed rather 
' IheshrineorVeous, orapllltir, 
precious than ciyslal, lo support 

, Cupid's image : our religiou, lady, 

lA but a varied pleasure ; youis a Idl 
ires would shrink under. 

Have you not cloven feel ? arc 
Dare any say so much, 

That is omnipotent, wt 
Than in a bad cause Id 
Your gtKls ! your temples ! hrolhel houses 

Pursued and practised. Your religious rita 
Oil ! Cfdl them mther ju^ling mysteries, 
TTie buils and nets of hell : your souls the pic 
For which (he devil angles ; your false plet 

A Sleep descent, by which you headlong (a 

Cal. Do not tempt 
Our powerful gods. 

Dor, Which of your powerful gods? 
Vourgold,yoursltver, brass, or wooden one 

Most pitied women I will you sacrifice 
To such.^^ir call them gods or goddesses, 

Yotir patenli would dlsd^n to be the sam 
Or you youraelves ? O blinded ignorance 
i^Titll me, Calitla, by the truth, 1 charge ya 

Desire youi father an adulterer, 
A ravisher. almost a parriCide, 

Cal, That, pidy 
And duty answer for me. 

Dor. Or you, Chrislela. 
To be hereafter regislec'd a goddess. 
Give your chaste body up to the embraces 
Of goatish lust? haveitu-rilonyourforpbeiwl. 
" This is the common whore, the pruMituie, 
The mbtrcss in (he art of wnnlonmss. 
Knovt^ every trick and lobyhntli of dcaii 
That are immodest?" 

Ckrisl. You judge better of me, 
Or my affection is ill placed uu you ; 
Shall 1 turn siiumpet ? 

Dor. No, I think you would doi. 
Vet Venus, whom you wonhip, wasn whi 
Flora, (he foundnss of the public stews, 
.^nd has. for that, her sacrihce -. jourgnai 


1 loose adullcrer, 
hhiadster: read I 

Than, in chaste language. I 

n speak thoa 
subject II 

or human weakness, a 

Unchaste loves, anger, bondage. woulMfat 

Here, Jupiter, to si 

The shape, indeed, in which he stole liurop«; 

"ipiune. for gain, buiids up the walls Of 

a day-labourer ; Apollo keeps 


the forge for I 

And thousands more, on 

Bestows a deity. Will yt 
For I would have you sii 

: rronieilwts 

I, pay your devo- 

iwanyinmgyou l.oW moredrnr, 
[wt nave him ilcineil lo postcHly, 

Their good deeds in (heir Images. 

Dor. By whom fashion'd? 
By sinful men. I'll tell you ashon tale, 
Nor can *ou but confess it is a true one : 
A king of Egypt, being to erect 
The image of Osiris, whom they honour, 
look fnim the malroiis' necks the richest 

And purest cold, OS the mnierials, 



s work ; which perfected, 

nity he set it up,. 

and served himself his idol ; 

jive him victory 

;mies : but, being overthrown, 

St his god, (these are fine gods, 

lan fury !) he took down 

hing, and melting it again, 

>in, in which eunuchs wash'd 

s feet ; and for this sordid use, 

t scn'cd : his mistress proving 

1 do so, and grace concluded 
and the priests, of the same 

od a.-jain ! — Think, think, of 

idcr, if all worldly honours, 
lat do leave sharp stings be- 

win such as have reasonable 

ust in dross. 
It I had been bom 

Y to him 
for ever, 
not so ; 

r all vet : the attribute 
s Godhead most, is merciful : 
per to the fiends you worship, 
ike without his leave. — You 

enly shower ! celestial balm 
oundcxl conscience ! let it fall, 
1 it ; and, when that is spent, 
1 another of my tears : 
rue ref>entance prove the child 
TOW, never mother had 

I caught ourselves, 
take you ; and, asstired of 


1 that you triumph : 

id been eternal loss, 

loss immortal gain. Fix here, 

feel yourselves inwardly arm'd 

5, death, and hell : — but, take 


gh weakness, threats, or mild 


.ther, you fall not into 
X worse apostacy. 
oh never ! steel'd by your 

orst of t>Tanny. 
•'s our warrant, 
I and witness it. 

Dor. Be confirm'd then ; 
And rest assured, the more you suffer here. 
The more your glory, you to heaven more 
dear. [Exeunt. 

SCENE II. — T'A^ Governor's /'a/ia^^. 

Enter Artemia, Sapritius, Theophilus, and 


Artem. Sapritius, though your son deserve 
no pity. 
We grieve his sickness : his contempt of us, 
We cast behind us, and look back upon 
His service done to Coesar, that weighs down 
Our just displeasure. If his malady 
Have growth from his restraint, or that you 

His liberty can cure him, let him have it : 
Say, we forgive him freely. 

Sap. Your grace binds us, 
Ever your humblest vassals. 

Artem. Use all means. 
For his recovery ; though yet I love him, 
I will not force affection. If the Christian, 
Whose beauty hath out-rivall'd me, be won 
To be of our belief, let him enjoy her ; 
That all may know, when the cause wills, 

I can 
C^ommand my own desires. 

Theoph. Be happy then. 
My lord Sapritius : I am confident, 
Such eloquence and sweet persuasion dwell 
Upon my daughters' tongues, that they 

will work her 
To anything they please. 

Sap. I wish they may ! 
Yet 'tis no easy task to undertake. 
To alter a perN-erse and obstinate woman. 

\A shout within : loud music. 

Artem. What means this shout? 

Sap. 'Tis seconded with music. 
Triumphant music. — Ha ! 

Enter Sempronius. 

Semp. My lord, your daughters. 
The pillars of our faith, ha\'ing converted. 
For so report gives out, the Christian lady. 
The image of great J upiter borne before them, 
Sue for access. 

Theoph. My soul divined as much. 
Blest be the time when first they saw this light ! 
Their mother, when she bore them to support 
My feeble age, filled not my longing heart 
With so much joy, as they in this good work, 
Have thrown upon me. 

Enter Priest with t/ie Image 0/ Jupiter, in- 
cense and censers ; followed by Calista and 
Christeta, leading Dorothea. 

Welcome, oh, thrice welcome, 

Daughters, both of my body and my mind 1 




: blesi event. 
JW. Wc never gnin'd so in 

TW/A. O my dear girt. 
Iff gocts reword ihpc I 
Oar. Nor was ever lime, 
-Oq my piirt. beller wkbi. 

Chriil. We u 

rio^. MybratChrisiMa 
Madam, If ever you dkl grace 
VoiKhuJeyout princely liand 

Ariml. Mosi wiUlnsly 

Do vou refuse it 7 

(Ml. Ld us Gisl deserve il. 

Tktepll. M)- own child still 

^od ; prepare 

The incenie quickly : Come, ; 

1 will mysell support you ; — no 

And poy your viws to Jupiter, 

Dor. I shall do 11 

ThaafA. Tlicy shnil guide you, 
Tbi:y are familiar with Ihe sacrliic 
Forward, my " ' 



camfon, and, to teach 

il daain, ami 

Mala n joint ofTering. 

Ciriit. T\ms—{l/mMhipit, 

Cat. And thus — [Hr~" " 
ifiirii il. 

Htirp. Profane, 
And impious I nand youtiowlikeasUtue? 
Are you the chnmjilon of Itic gods ? where ii 
Tfour holy »»1. your anger? 

Thu^. I nm blnsicd ; 
And, as ray feet Were rooted here, I find 
I have no motion r 1 would 1 had no sight 

■GivemZSi^' , 

To expiate this madness in my daughters ; 

for, being themselves, they would have 

And e'w me patience lo demand 

Der. 'Twns liravely done. 

Tieefh. Peace, damn'i! 

pEim I— I shonlil look on yon 

'Witheyra mode red wilhdiry, and my hand, 

sli.ikes with mgc, should mucbDUtstriii 


And seal my venKmncc on ycior hearts ;- 

m Uiil have fallen m 
Oh I lio> 



The angerof great ]t _. 

Dar, Alacli. poorjoi'e I 
He is Qo swi^gerer ; how smug he Standi 
Hell take a kick, or anything. 

S,if. Slop her mouth. 

Dor. Il is ilie p!itlen)"st godJing 

He would not hurt the thief that stole i 
Twooir hit ^Iden locks: indeed he cwildl 
And still 'tis the same quiet thing. 

T^tofk. Blasphemer I 
Ingenious eiuelty shall punish this 
Thou art past hope : but for you yet, dear 

Again bewiich'd. the dewof mild forglvEms* 
May gently fall, prorided you deserve it. 
With true contrition ; be yourselves agfiin ; 
Sue to the offended deity. 

Chriil. Not to be 
The misUeii of the earth. 

Cal. I will Dot offer 
A grain of incense 10 it| much less kneel. 
Nor look on it but with contempt and sooiii. 
To have a thousand years confeiT'd upon roe 
Of worldly blesangs. We profess ounclns 
To be, Ute Dorodiea, Christians ; 
And owe her for that happlncsi. 

Thuph. My ears 
Receive, In braring this, all deadly chamis, 
Powcrfbl to make man wretched. 

Atlem. Are these they 
Yon bragg'd could convert others I 

Sap. That wnni strength 
To stand, themselves I 

Harp. Your honour is engaged. 
The credit of your cause depends upon il ; 
Something you must do suddenly. 

Thaph. And I will. 

Haip. They merit death ; but, falling by 

Twill be recorded for a jusl revenge. 
And holy fury in you. 

Thnih. Do not blow 
The (umacc of a wr^Ul. thrice hot already ; 
^tnn is in my breast, wiMlire bums here. 
Which only blood must quench. Incensed 

Which from my infancy I have adored. 
Look down with favourable beams npon 
The sacriRce, though not allow'd ihy priest, 
Wliich 1 will offer lo thee ; nnd be plenaod. 
My fiery leol inciting me to act. 
To call that jusliceolhers may style munler. 
'.&. thus by the 





Before this holy altar ; thas look on you, 
Less pitiful than tigers to their prey : 
And thus, with mine own Iiand, I take that life 
Wliich I gave to you. [Kills them. 

Dor. O, most cruel butcher i 

Thtoph. My anger ends not here : hell's 
dreadful porter, 
Recei\'e into thy e\'cr-opcn gates. 
Their damned souls, and let the Furies' whips i 
On them alone be wasted ; and, when death 
Closes these eyes, 'twill be El)'sium to me 
To hear their shrieks and bowlings. Make 

me, Pluto, 
Thy instrument to furnish thee with souls 
Of that accursed sect ; nor let me fall. 
Till my fell \'engeancc hath consumed them 
all. \^Rxit •ujiih Harpax. 

Ariem, Tis a brave zeal. 

Enter Angclo, smiling. 

Dor. Oh, call him back again. 
Call back your hangman I here's one pri- 
soner left 
To be the subject of his knife. 

Artem. Not so ; 
\Vc are not so near reconciled unto thee ; 
Thou shalt not perish such an easy way. 
Be she your charge, Sapritius, now ; and 
Suffer none to come near her, till wc have 
Found out some torments worthy of her. 

Ani^. Courage, mistress ; 
These martyrs but prepare your glorious fate; 
You shall exceed them, and not imitate. 


SCENE III. — A Room in Dorothea's House. 

Enter Spungius and Hircius, ratted ^ at 
opposite doorsA 

Ilir. Spungius I 

Spun. Sly fine rogue, how is it? how 
goes this tattered world ? 

Hir. Hast any money? 

spun. Money ! no. The tavern iw clinp^ 
about my money, and kills it. Heist tliou 
any money? 

Ilir. No. My mone>' is a mad bull ; and 
finding anv gap opened, away it nms. 

Spun, i see then a tavern and a bawdy- 
house have faces much alike ; the one hath 
red grates next the door, the other hntli 
pceping-holcs within doors : the tavern hath 
evermore a bush, the bawdyhouse sometimes 
neither hedge nor bu^h. From a tavern a 
man comes reeling ; from a bawdyhouse not 
able to stand. In the tavern you arc cozcn'd 
with paltry wine ; in a bawdyhouse by a 
painUxl whore : money may have wino, and 
a whore will have money ; but to neither can 

you cry. Drawer, you rogue ! or, Keep door, 
rotten bawd ! without a silver whistle : — Wc 
are justly plagued, therefore, for running 
from our mistress. 

///>. Thou didst ; I did not : Yet I had 
run too, but that one gave mc turpentine 
pills, and that staid my running. 

Spun. Well ! the thread of my life is 
drawn through the needle of necessity, 
whose eye, looking upon my lousy breeches, 
cries out it cannot mend them ; which so 
pricks the linings of my body, (and those 
are heart, lights, lungs, guts, and midrilT.) 
that I beg on my knees, to have Atropos, 
the tailor to the Destinies, to take her shears, 
and cut my thread in two ; or to heat the 
iron ^oosc of mortality, and so press me to 

///>. Sure thy father was some lootcher, 
and thy hungry tongue bit off these shreds 
of complaints, to patch up the elbows of 
thy nitty eloquence. 

Spun. And what was thy father? 

Hir. A low-minded cobler, a cobler 
whose zeal set many a woman upright ; the 
rcmcmbmnce of whose awl (I now having 
nothing) thrusts such scurvy stitehes into my 
soul, that the heel of my happiness is gone 

Spun. Pity that e'er thou trod'st thy shoe 

///>. Long I cannot last ; for all so^^ierly 
wax of comfort melting aw.^y, and misery 
taking the length of my foot, it boots not 
me to sue for life, when .ill my hopes are 
scam-rent, and go wet-shod. 

Spun. Tliis shows tliou art a cobler's 
son, by going through stitch : O Hircius, 
would iliou and 1 were so happy tobecoblers ! 

I/ir. So would I ; for l>oih of us Ijeing 
wcnry of our lives, should then be sure of 

shoemaker's ends. 

Spun. I see the beginning of my end, for 
I am almost star\'ed. 

J/ir. So am not 1 ; but I am more than 

Spun. All the memlx^rs in my botly are 
in a rebellion one against another. 

///■/•. So are mine, and nothing but a 
cook, l)eing a constable, can appease them, 
presenting to my nose, instead of his painted 
btafi", a spii full of roast meat. 
' Spun. But in this rebellion, what uproars 
do they make ! my belly cries to my mouth. 
Why dost not gape and feed me? 

Ilir. And my mouth sets out a throat to 
my hand. Why dost thou not Uft up meat, 
and cram my cliops with it ? 

Spun. Tlien my hand hath a flinc^ at mine 



, . (bey look nol out, aod iliaric 

foe victuab. 

t/ir. Which mine eyes seeing. Cull of 

an, ciy aloud, uid cune my rc«i. for nol 
ambling up and down lo iced colon ; silhencc 
it Sooi meal be ia any place, 'lisluiown tay 
feet can smBil. 

Sfiun, But then my feel, like laiy logaes. 

:sliU, and had miliEr do nolhing, Ihon run 

I and (to to purchoK anything. 

/fir. Why. among »o many tiilllions ot 
people, should thou and I only be misemble 
taUerdemillions, ngamufiitu. and lousy 
deaperaies ? 

S/un. Thou an a mere ••nm-an-o, I-am> 
an-ai : consider the whole world, nnd'liiiis 

Loiuy, beggarly I Ihou \thore3on 

SfKn. Worse ; all (ollering. all out of 
fouilc, chou fooliamini I 

//ir. As ho«-, arsenic? come, matte (he 
□rid sman. 

SfiUH, Old honour goes on crutches, 
bcggaty ridcj caroched ; honest men nuike 
feniu, knaves lit at tables, cowards an: 
lapp'd in velvet, soklien (as we) in rags ; 

Slop, look I who's yonder? 

. Fellow Angelo I how does my 
little man P well? 
'^ng. Ves; 

would you did so loo ! Where arc 

dr. Clolhes I You see ev(try woman 

Sia her loou govn, and why should 
ve our clothes loose ? 
«. Woidd Ihef mm ioose 1 
»"/. Why, where are ihey? 
^--i. WhCTe many a veK-el cloak. 
I, al (his hour, keeps (liem comjnny ; 
IB pawned to a broker. 
img. Why pawn'd? where's all Ihe gold 

Ileft wl(b you? 

Kir. The gold 1 we put that into i 

serivener's bonds, and he haili cown'd us, 

SpKa. And thcrefoic, I prithw. Angeli' 

"' ' " "' letit beconSsiaii 

Tame your nild Besh by labour ; eat (he 

Got with haid hoods; let sonow be yoiu 

To draw drop* of repentance from your 

When I read (liis amendment in your eyes. 

Vuu shall not wanl ; till then, my pity dies. 


SfuH. Is it not a s1;ame. that this scun; 
puerilis sbould give us lessons ? 

air. I have dwdl. Ihou kno« 
time in the suburbs of conscience, and lh«r 
arc ever bawdj- ; bni now my heart shaU 

Ufihl u: 

1 '*"*[. . 

I Your guill-wins'd pieces Hew. 1 niU no 

le a house williin the w 



Entcrliarpax behind. 

Spun, O you drawers of wine, dtai 

no mute to the bar of bcggaty ; the sound 

iif A'drcii fM!r of MrJi. is worse than ■"-- 

tiuiaf of a 5coliliii3 oyslerwcnch. or two 

Harp. This must cot be— I do not like 
wlii-n conscience 
Thaws ; keep her froam still. \Cfma 

formard.\ How tunv. my moilen ! 
Dejected? drooping? drown'd m lean? ' 

Leon, and ill colour'df sighing.' where'* 

the whiriwind 
Which raises all these misducfef I hniie 

seen you 
Drawn better on't. Ot but aspirit told m 
You both H'ould come to this, wbeu la you 


:o the service of that lad^. 

inly n< 
Wliat good got you by ^Taring oui yourb 
To ma □□ scurvy errands to the poor, 
.\nd to bear money lo a son of toguis. 
And lousy ptisonets ? 

Hir. l*D]t on them I I never prospend 
since I did il. 

Spvn. Had I been i 
not hai-e spit white ti 

I him It 

mc, because 1 turned Chiisiian. and he ci 
Hob I 
Hitrf. You'r? rightly sen'ed 
pwvish Indy 
Had to do with you, wome 

Flow d In al . . , . 

Hir. O, those dfl« I those da 
Hftrp. Benl not your breasts, 1' 

"°"~ I 


21 : 

', Spmn. I have seen you, sir, as I take it, 
, m attendant on the lord Theophilus. 
I Harp, Yes. yes ; in shew his servant : but 
I — iark, hither ! — 
Take heed nobody listens. 

Spun. Not a mouse stirs. 
I Harp. I am a prince disguised. 
I Hir. Disguised! how? drunk? 
; Harp, Yes, my fine boy ! I'll drink too, 
and be drunk ; 
I am a prince, and any man by me, 
I Let him but keep my rules, shall soon grow 
Exceeding rich, most infinitely rich : 
He that shall serve me, is not starved from 

As other poor knaves are ; no, take their fill. 

Spurn: But that, sir, we're so ragged 

Harp. Youll say, you'd serxe me ? 
Hir. Before any master under the zodiac. 
Harp. For clothes no matter ; I've a mind 
to both. 
And one thing I like in you ; now that you 

The bonfire of your lady's state burnt out, 
I You give it over, do you not ? 
j Hir. Let her be hang'd I 

SpuM. And pox'd ! 

Harp, Why, now you're mine ; 
Come, let my bosom touch you. 

Spun. We have bugs, sir. 

Harp. There's money, fetch your clothes 
home ; there's for you. 

Hir, Avoid, \*ermin ! give over our mis- 
tress ! a man cannot prosper worse, if he 
serve the devil. 

Harp. How! the devil? I'll tell you 
wnat now of the devil, 
He's no such horrid creature ; cloven-footed, 
Black, saucer-eyed, his nostrils breathing fire, 
As these Iving Christians make him. 

Both. Ko! 

Harp. He's more loving 
To man, than man to man is. 

Hir. Is he so? Would we two might 
come acquainted with him ! 

Harp. You shall : he's a wondrous good 
fellow, loves a cup of wine, a whore, any- 
thing ; if you have money, it's ten to one 
but 111 bring him to some tavern to you or 

Spun. I'll bespeak the best room in the 
bouse for him. 

Harp. Some people he cannot endure. 

Hir. We'll give him no such cause. 

Harp. He hates a civil lawyer, as a soldier 
does peace. 

Spun. How a commoner? 

Harp. I ovcs him from the teeth outward. 

Spun. Pray, my lord and prince, let me 
encounter you with one foolish question : 
does the devil eat any mace in his broth ! 

Harp. Exceeding much, when his burning 
fever takes him ; and then he has the knuckles 
of a bailiff boiled to his breakfast. 

Hir. Then, my lord, he loves a catchpole, 
does he not ? 

Harp. As a bean^ard doth a dog. A 
catchpolc I he hath sworn, if ever he dies, 
to make a scrjeant his heir, and a yeoman 
his overseer. 

Spun. How if he come to any great man's 
gate, will the porter let him come in, sir? 

Harp. Oh ! he loves porters of great men's 
gates, because they are ever so near the wicket. 

Hir. Do not they whom he makes much 
on, for all his stroaking their cheeks, lead 
hellish lives under him? 

Harp. No, no, no, no ; he will be damn'd 
before he hurts any man : do but you (when 
you are thoroughly acquainted with him) ask 
for anything, see if it does not come. 

Spun. Anything ! 

Harp. Call for a delicate rare whore, she 
is brought you. 

Hir. Oh I my elbow itches. Will the 
devil keep the door? 

Harp. Be drunk as a beggar, he helps 
you home. 

Spun. O my fine de\'il I some watchman, 
I warrant ; I wonder who is his constnl)lo. 

Harp. Will you swear, roar, swiiLjger? 
he claps you 

Hir. How ? on the chaps ? 

Harp. No, on the shoulder ; and cries, O, 
my brave boys I Will any of you kill a man ? 

Spun. Yes, yes ; I, I. 

Harp. What is his word? Hang! hang! 
'tis nothing. — Or stab a woman ? 

Hir, Yes, yes ; I, I. 

Harp. Here is the worst word he gives 
you : A pox on't, go on ! 

Hir. O inveigling rascal ! — I am ravish'd. 

Harp. Go, get your clothes ; turn up your 
glass of youth. 
And let the sands run merrily : nor do I care 
lYom what a lavish hand your money flics, 
So you give none away to beggars 

Hir. Hang them ! 

Harp. And to the scrubbing poor. 

Hir. I'll see them hang'd first. 

Harp. One semce you must do me. 

Both. Anything. 

Harp. Your mistress, Dorothea, ere she 
Is to l>c put to tortures : have you hearts 
To tear her into shrieks, to fetch her soul 
Up in the pangs of dealh» "^tV t\o\. \o \i\»i^ 




JItr. S'jfipr/ie IhH she. and that I had oo j 
han^ii. here's my teeth. . 

.S>M/r. Suppose this kh«c, and that I bad no 

teeth, tiere's my nails. 
Utr. Ii*jt wUl not you be there, sir? 
Jl-irp. So, not for hills of dianionds ; the 
l^ran^l master, 
Wlio 'ch'xvU her in the Christian discipline. 
Abhor; rny company : should 1 be there. 
You'd tliink all hell broke loose, we should 

v^ '•pi-'.m:!. 
MyyoM th. .business; he, her fleshwho spares. 
Is lo:>t. mul in my lore never more shares. 


Spun. I Icrc'i a master, you rogue I 
lltr. Sure he cannot choose but have a 
Ijorriblc number of servants. [Exeunt. 


SCK.M: l.-'Thf Govemofs Riljce. 

Antor.inu ; on a couch, asleep, with Doctors 
about him ; Sapritius and Macrinus. 

Sap. ( ) you, thxit are half gods, lengthen 

thai hfe 
Their fluti*-, lend us; turn o'er all the volumes 
Of your mysterious yKsculapian science, 
T' incrcMsc the number of this young man's 

(l.iy:> : 
Anrl, for tach minute of his time prolong'd, 
Your fif shall be a piece of Roman gold 
With (;;i-.:ir's stamp, 4uch as he sends his 

When ill the wars they cam well: do but 

save him, 
And. SIS he's half myself, Ix; you all mine. 
1 J)oct. VVliat art can do, wc promise ; 

physic's hand 
As apt is to destroy as to preserve, 
If luMvcn make not the mcd'cinc : all this 

Our skill hath combat held with his disease ; 
I'.ut 'li-. so arm'd, and a deep melancholy. 
To be such in part with death, we arc in fear 
Tli<> ^\\\\t' must mock our labours. 

At>ii\ 1 have been 
His iM-ip r in this sickness, with sucli eyes 
As I hav. s 'cn my mother watch o'er me ; 
And, iiom that observation, sure I find 
It is a midwife must deliver him. 
S,tp. Is he with child ? a midwife ! 
M,i,. Yi\H, with child ; 
And will, 1 fear, lose life, if by a woman 
I lo is not brought to bed. Standby his pillow 
Sonu'littlowhilc, and, in his broken slumbers, 
1 Iit\» shall you hear cry out on Dorothea ; 
And, when his arms fly o|x*n to catch her, 
Clositi^ together, he falls f;ist ;isleep, 

Pleased with embradngs of her airy form. 
Physicians but torment him, his diyasr 
Laughs at their gibberish language ; let him 

The voice of Dorothea, nay. but the name. • 
He starts up viith high colcMir in his face ; 
^>e, or none, cures him ; and how that can be. 
The princess' strict command barring that i 

To me impossible seems. 

Sap. To me it shall not ; 
111 be no subject to the greatest Caesar , 

Was ever crown'd viirh laurel, rather than 
cease ! 

To be a father. [Exit. 

Mac. Silence, sir, he wakes. 

Anton, lliou kill'st me, Dorothea ; oh, 
Dorothea ! * I 

Mac. She's here : — enjoy her. 

Anton, Where ? ^Tiy do you mock me ? 
Age on my head hath stuck no white hairs yet. 
Yet I'm an old man, a fond doting fool 
Upon a woman. I, to buy her beauty. 
(In truth I am bewtch'd,) offer my life. 
And she, for my acquaintance, hazards hers : 
Yet for our equal sufferings, none holds out 
A hand of pity. 

I Doct. Let him have some music. 

Anton. Hell on your fidling ! 

{Starting from his couch. 

I Doct. Take again your bed, sir ; 
Sleep is a sovereign physic. 

Anton. Take an ass's head, sir : 
Confusion on your fooleries, your charms ! — 
Tliou stinking clyster-pipe, where's the god 

of rest. 
Thy pills and base apothecary drugs 
Thrcaten'd to bring unto me? Out, yoa 

impostors ! 
Quacksalving, cheating mountebanks ! your 

Is to make sound men sick, and sick men kilL 

Mac. Oh, be yourself, dear friend. 

Anton. Myself, Macrinus ! 
How can I be myself, when I am mangled 
Into a thousand pieces? here moves my head. 
But where's my heart ? wherever — that lies 

Re-enter Sapritius, dragging in Dorothea 4l^ 
the hair, Angclo Jht/owing. 

Sap. Follow me, thou danm'd sorccre^ ! 
Call up thy spirits, 
And, if they can, now let them from my hnikl 
Untwine these witching hairs. 

Anton. I am that spirit : 
Or, if I be not, were you not my father, 
One made of iron should hew that hand in 



That so defaces this sweet monument 
Of my love's beauty. 
Sap. Art thou sick ? 
Anton. To death. 
Sap. Wouldst thou recover? 
Anton, Would I live in bliss ! 
Sap. And do thine eyes shoot daggers at 
that man 
That brings thee health ? 
Anton. It is not in the world. 
Sap. It's here. 

Anton. Totrcasure.byenchantmentlock'd 
In caves as deep as hell, am I as near. 
Sap. Break that enchanted cave : enter, 
and rifle 
The spoils thy lust hunts after ; I descend 
To a base office, and become thy pander, 
In bringing thee this proud thing : make her 

thy whore. 
Thy health lies here ; if she deny to give k. 
Force it : imagine thou assault'st a town's 
Weak wall ; to't, 'tis thine own, but beat this 

Come, and, unseen, be witness to this bat- 
How the coy strumpet yields. 
I £)cct. Shall the boy stay, sir? 
Sap. No matter for the boy : — pages are 
To these odd bawdy shufflings ; and, indeed, 

Those little young snakes in a Fury's head. 
Will sting worse than the great ones.— 
Let the pimp stay. 

[Exeunt Sap. Mac. and Doct. 
I^or, O, guard me, angels ! 
What tragedy must begin now ? 

Anton. Wlien a tiger 
Leaps into a timorous herd, with ravenous 

Being hunger-starv'd, what tragedy then 
Dor. Death; I am happy so; you, hitherto, 
Have still had goodness sphered within your 

Let not that orb be broken. 
Ang, Fear not, mistress ; 
If he dare offer violence, we two 
Are strong enough for such a sickly man. 
Dor. What is your horrid purpose, sir? 
your eye 
Bears danger in it. 
Anton. I must— ^ 
Dor. What? 

Sap. [wi/^>i.] Speak it out. 
Anton. Climb that sweet virgin tree. 
Sap, \withiH,'\ Plague o' your trees ! 
Anton. And pluck that fruit which none, 
I think, e'er tasted. 


Sap. [within.'] A soldier, and stand fumb- 
ling so ! 
Dor. Oh, kill me, [kneels. 

And heaven will take it as a sacrifice ; 
But, if you play the ravisher. there is 
A hell to swallow you. ^ 

Sap. [wi/Ain] Let her swallow thee ! f 

Anion. Rise : — ^for. the Roman empire,. 
I would not wound thine honoiur. Pleasures 

Are unripe apples ; soiu", not worth the- 

plucking : 
Yet, let me tell you, 'tis my father's will. 
That I should seize upon you, as my prey ; 
Which I abhor, as much as the blackest sin- 
The villainy of man did ever act. 

[Sapritius breaks in with Macrinus.. 
Dor. Die happy for this language ! 
Sap. Die a slave, 
A blockish idiot ! 
Mac. Dear sir, vex him not. 
Sap. Yes, and vex thee too ; both, I think, 
are geldings : 
Cold, phlegmatic bastard, thou'rt no brat of 

mine ; 
One spark of me, when I had heat like thine,. 
By this had made a bonfire: a tempting. 

For whom thou'rt mad, thrust e'en into 

thine arms, 
And stand'st thou puling ! Had a tailor 

seen her 
At this advantage, he, with his cross capers. 
Had ruffled her by this : but thou shalt curse 
Thy dalliance, and here, before her eyes. 
Tear thy own flesh in pieces, when a slave 
In hot lust bathes himself, and gluts those- 

Thy niceness durst not touch. Call out a: 

slave ; 
You, captain of our guard, fetch a slave hither. 
Anton. What will you do, dear sir? 
Sap. Teach her a trade, which many a. 
one would learn 
In less than half an hour, — to play the whore. 

Enter Soldiers with a Slave. 

Mac. A slave is come ; what now ? 

Slip. Thou hast bones and flesh 
Enough to ply thy labour : from what country 
Wert thou ta'en a prisoner, here to be our 
slave ? 

Sliive. From Britain. 

Sitp. In the west ocean ? 

Slave. Yes. 

Sitp. An island ? 

SlaVe. Yes. 

Sap. I'm fitted : of all nations 


Our Roman swords e'er conquer'd. none 

conici near 
The Brifon foi true whoring. Sirrah fellow. 
Whal woulilst ihou do to gain Ihy lilwity > 
Slavt. Dol liberty I ficht naked wiih a 

Vcniun; to pluck ■ standard from Ilie heart 
Of BD arm'tl legion. Ubetty I I'd thus 
Beslride a nimpire. and defiiincc spil 
r Ihe lace of deolb. Ihist, wbsa [he bBllor- 

. .'ta fetching fals cueer backward, lo piuh 
He with hii honu in pecca. To shake my 

chains oiF, 
Anil tlial t eonid nol do'I but by ttiy drolh. 
Stood'n thou on Ibis diy ihon:. 1 on a n>ck 
""in pymmidi hich. down wouU I leap to 

km thee. 
Or die myself : wbal is for man lo do, 

Sicf. Thou Shalt, then, be no slave, for I 
will set Ihee 
Upon a piece of work is fit for man : 
Brave for a Brilon :— dtag ibai thing niide. 
And mviah her. 

SUvi. And ravish her I is this your manly 
A devil scorns lo do it ; 'tis for h beast. 
A villain, not a. man : I am, as yel. 
BuilialfAslavc: but, when that work is past, 
A^tlanincd whole one, a black ugly '" 

Upon Ills naked belly, two buudrcd blows. 
Sum. Thou art more slave than I. 

[//e is ii. 
Der. That power supenial. on wltom 
waili my soul. 
Is captain o er my choslily. 

Tie more you wrong her, yoursclf's vei'd 

Saf. Plagues lighl on her and Ihce '.— 

Thy harlot, ihmbyihehairnailhcrtocarlh. 
Clll in (en slaves, lei evety one iliscover 
What lust desitEs, and suricil here Ills fill. 
CoU in ten slaves. 

£Btcr Slavei. 
M-ic. They 
Saj.. Oh, o! 

JlHftr Thcophilus. 
T/UofA. Where is the govTra 

Sir, at mireal 

TAnt/h. My loi 
That witch there— 

Tkeoph. Gone. Eone ; he's pepper'tl. It 

(1 can no mitncles work.) yet, from my^nul. 

I'r.iv to those Howeral serve, he mav rceon-t. 

thmfh. He stirs— help, raise him up. — 

my lord r 
Saf. Where am I ? 
Thapli. One cheek is bbsted. 
£,ifi. Blasted I Where's the Ininia 
That tears my enlrails? I'm bcvritdl'd; 

Sat. Kick harder: Eoout.wilchl 

j'liftiit. O bloody hangmen I Thine own 
gods give Ihec bicnth ! 
Each of thy tortures is my several death. 

SCRME 11.—^ Putlic Sfiart. 
£nfrr Hnrpax. Hircius, ciri'^ Spungius. 
//arp. Do you like my service now ? say, 

A rijster woith attendnjieo? 

Sfun. Attendance I I had rather lick 
clcitn the soles of your dirty boots, than 
wear th? richest suit of any infecIMi lord, 
whose rotten lib: hangs between the two 

/fir. A lord's suit ( I would not give tqi 
ckmk of your scr^'tce, lo meet llie splay- 


e onlipodes ; because ihey ate unlucky to 
liirf. This day I'll try your loves 






ne hole 

If r meet 

Hie tbai'i 

an my 


will treep on my 
my Utile team of 


Hear me 




I cannot teach you fencing with these cudgels, 
Yet you must use them ; lay them on but 

soundly ; 
That's all. 

Hir, Nay, if we come to /nauling once, 

Spun, But what wahiut>trce is it we must 

Hat p. Your mistress. 

Hir. How ! my mistress ? I begin to have 
a Christian heart made of sweet butter. I 
melt ; I cannot strike a woman. 

Spun. Nor I, unless she scratch ; bum 
xny mistress ! 

Harp. You're coxcombs, silly animals. 

Hir. What's that? 

Harp. Drones, asses, blinded moles, that 
d2ure not thrust 
Your arms out to catch fortune ; say, you 

fall off. 
It must be done. You are converted rascals, 
And, that once spread abroad, why c\'ery 

Will kick you, call you motley Christians, 
And half-faced Christians. 

Spun. The guts of my conscience begin 
to be of whitleather. 

Hir. I doubt me, I shall have no sweet 
butter in me. 

Harp. Deny this, and each pagan whom 
vou meet. 
Shall forked fingers thrust into your eyes 

Hir. If we l^ cuckolds. 

Harp. Do this, and every god the Gentiles 
bow to. 
Shall add a fathom to your line of years. 

SfMH. A hundred fathom, I desire no more. 

Hir. I desire but one inch longer. 

Harp. The senators will, as you pass along, 
Clap you upon your shoulders with this hand. 
And with tnis give you gold : when you are 

Happy that man shall be, can get a nail. 
The paringi — nay, the dirt under the nail, 
Of any of you both, to say, this dirt 
Belonged to Spungius or Hircius. 

Spun. They shall not want dirt under my 
nails, I will keep them long of purpose, lor 
now my fingeis itch to be at her. 

Hir. The first thing I do, I'll take her 
over the lips. 

Spun. And I the hips, — we may strike 

Harp. Yes, anywhere. 

Hir, Then I know where I'll hit her. 

Harp. Prosper, and be mine owti ; stand 
by, I must not 
To tee this done, great business calls me 

He's made can make her curse his violence. 

Spun. Fear it not, sir ; her ribs shall be 

Hir. I'll come upon her with rounce. 
robble-hobblc, and thwick-thwack-thirlciy 

Enter Dorothea, led prisoner ; Sapritius, 
Theophilus, Angelo, and a Hangman, 
who sets up a pillar ; Sapritius and Theo- 
philus sit; Angelo stands by Dorothea. 
A guard attending. 

Sap. According to our Roman customs, 
That Christian to a pillar. 
Theoph. Infernal Furies, 
Could they into my hand thrust all their 

To tear thy flesh, thy soul, 'tis not a torture 
Fit to the vengeance I should heap on thee. 
For wrongs done me ; me ! for flagitious facts, 
By thee done to our gods ; yet, so it stand. 
To great Ca'sarea's governor's high pleasure, 
Bow but thy knee to Jupiter, and ofier 
Any slight sacrifice ; or do but swear 

By Caesar's fortune, and be free. 

Sap. Thou shalt. 

Dor. Not for all Caesar's fortune, were it 
chain 'd 
To more worlds than are kingdoms in the 

And all those worlds dra>\Ti after him. I defy 
Your hangmen ; you now shew me whither 
to fly. 
Sap. Arc her tormentors ready ? 
Ang. Shrink not, dear mistress. 
Spun and Hir. My lord, we are ready 
for the business. 
Dor. You two ! whom I like foster 'd 
children fed. 
And lengthen'd out your starved life with 

You be my hangmen ! whom, when up the 

Death haled you to be strangled, I fetch'd 

Clothed you, and warm'd you, you two my 
tormentors I 
Both. Yes, we. 

Dor. Divine Powers pardon you ! 
Sap. Strike. 
\jrhey strike at her I Angelo kneeling 
holds her fast. 
Theoph. Beat out her brains. 
Dor. Receive me, you bright angels ! 
Sap. Faster, slaves. 
Spun. Faster I I am out of bieath, I am 

Hir. ~ 

. my he»d. 
Dor, Joy above joys I are my tonnenton 

tn loRtuing mir, RTid. id my suflbriniis, 
I &inling tn no limb I lytnnls. slrike home. 
And (east your fury full. 

Thtoph. Thuse dogs uo ciirs. 

Which snsrt. yot bite not. See, my lord, 

her fice 
Has more bewilchiuE benuly than before ; 
Proud whore, il smite ! cannol on eyo start 

With these? 

Hit. No, sir ; nor the bridge of hf r dom 
&11 : 'Ui full of iron worit. 

Si^. Licl'3 vie* the cudgeb, are they no! 

I ; — thy glo- 

Not iboms, but ioks. sball bear up iby fi^t : 
There Cut Ihine eye slilL [A'ji/. 

^^1 D^. Ever, ever, ever 1 
^^^L Salir Horpax. sneaking. 

^^^^3%tefk. We're mock'd : these bats hsve 
^^Br power lo fell down giants, 
^^1 VU bar skin is not scarr'd. 

' Sat. What rogues are these? 

ThtBph. Cannol these force a shriek 7 

\Btals Spungius. 
Spiiii. Oh I a. woman has oae of my ribs, 
and now live mare are broken. 

TAeopk. Cannot this make her roar? 

[Bials Hircliu : lu mars. 
Sat. Who hired ihcK slaves ? what ore 

SfHU. We serro th-Tt noble gentleman, 
there T he enticed m lo this dry beating ; oh I 
I Ibr one half pot. 

I Harf. My servnnis ! two base rogues, and 
I sometime servants 
I To her, andforthatcauseforbcarlo hurt her. 

Sap. Unbind her; hang up these. 
I Theeph. Hong the two hounds on the 

I Hir. Haog us ! master Harpox, what a 
devil, sball we be thus used ? 
I H(srp. What bandogs hut you tvi-o would 

worry a woman ? 
I Vour mistress? I bulchpt you, youSeWOn, 
I Say I should gel your lives, each rascal 



It Utt tl 

it you, cry ou 

ThiBph. Whystay they triflinghere? 
ro the gallows dti^ them by iho ' ' 

Spun. By the heels 1 do, sir, wehavel 

Hir. Ay. nj 

IS thai service. 

if no in 


sight, away vr 

Harp. Dispatch them. 

Span. The devil dispatch thee t 
\EteuHt, Guard ^Bitk^^ian^\a tntd\ 

Sap. Death this day rides in triumph. 
Sce^this witch made nway too. 

F.nttr Antonii 

Anion. Is this the place, wheis vi 

And heavenly t 

To makeaf, 

Is it, Maerinus? 
Mac. By this preparation 

it assured thai Dorothea 
3tu is to die here. 
'». Then with her dies 
stract of all sweetness that's in womiin. 
le down, friend, that, ere the iron hand 

Tokemylast leave both of this light and hi 
For, she being gone, the gloilouj 
To rae's Cimmerian dartaiess. 

Mac. Strange affecdon I 
Cu[»d once more hath changed his i1 

with Death, 
And kills instead of giving life. 

Antan. Nay, \vccp not ', 
Though lean of friendship be a 

On me they're cast awny. It is decreed 
Thai I must die with her ; our dui "" 
Was spun logplhcr. 

Mat. Yet, sir, 'lis my wonder. 
Thai yoQ, who, heating only what she s 

m eyewitness \ 



Of her last tragic scene, which must pierce 

And make the wound more desperate. 

Anton. Oh, Macrinus ! 
Twould linger out my torments else, not 

kill me, 
Which is the end I aim at : being to die too, 
What instrumentmore glorious can I wish for, 
Than what is made sharp by my constant love 
And true affection? It may be, the duty 
And loyal service, with which I pursued her, 
And seal'd it with my death, will be re- 

Among her blessed actions ; and what honour 
Can I desire beyond it? 

Enter a Guard brining in Dorothea, a 
Headsman be/ore her: followed by Theo- 
philus, Sapritius, and Harpax. 

See, she comes ; 
I How sweet her innocence appears ! more like 

To bcsiven itself, than any sacrifice 
1 That can be offer'd to it. Bv my hopes 
1 Of joys hereafter, the sight makes mc doubtful 

In my belief ; nor can I think our gods 
I Are good, or to be served, that take delight 
In offerings of this kind : that, to maintain 
Their power, deface the masterpiece of 

Wiuch they themselves come short of. She 

And every step raises her nearer heaven. 
What god soe'er thou art, that must enjoy her, 
Receive in her a boundless happincso ! 

Sap, You are to blame 
To let him come abroad. 
Mac. It was his will ; 
And we were left to scr\'c him, not command 
Anton. Good sir, be not offended ; nor 
My last of pleasures in this happy object. 
That I shall e'er be blest with. 

Tluoph. Now, proud contemner 
Of us, and of our gods, tremble to think, 
It is not in the Power thou serv'st to save 

Not all the riches of the sea, increased 
By violent shipwrecks, nor the unseorch'd 

(Mammon's unknown exchequer,) shall re- 
deem thee : 
And, therefore, having first with horror 

What 'tk to die, and to die yoimg ; to part 

All pleasures and delights ; lastly, to go 
Where all antipathies to comfort dwell. 
Furies behind, about thee, and before thee ; 

And, to add to affliction, the remembrance 
Of the El>-sian joys thou might'st have tasted, 
Hadst thou not tum'd apostata to those gods 
That so reward their sor\ants ; let despair 
Prevent the hangman's sword, and on this 

Make thy first entrance into hell. 

Anton. She smiles, 
Unmoved, by Mors ! as if she were assured 
Death, looking on her constancy, would 

The use of his ineN-itablc hand. 

Theoph. Derided too I dispatch, I say. 
Dor. Thou fool ! 
That gloricst in having power to ravish 
A trifle from me I am weary of. 
What is this life to mc? not worth a thought ; 
Or, if it be esteem 'd, 'tis that I lose it 
To win a better : even thy malice scr\'es 
To me but as a ladder to mount up 
To such a height of happiness, where I shall 
Look down with scorn on thee, and on the 

world ; 
Where, circled with true pleasures, placed 

Tlie reach of death or time, 'twill be my glory 
To think at what an easy price I bought it. 
There's a perpetual spring, perpetual youth: 
No joint-benumbing cold, or scorching heat. 
Famine, nor age, have .iny being there. 
Forget, for shame, your 1 cmpe ; bury in 
Oblivion your fcign'd Hesperian orchards :— 
ITie golden fruit, kept by the watchful 

Which did require a Hercules to get it. 
Compared with what grows in all plenty 

Deserves not to be named. The Power I". 

laughs at your happy Araby, or the 
Elysian shades ; for he hath made liis Iwwers 
Better in deed, than you can fancy yours. 
Anton. O, take me thither with you ! 
Dor. Trace my steps, 
And be assured you shall. 

Sap. With my own hands 
I'll rather stop that little breath is left thee. 
And rob thy killing fever. 
Thcopk. By no means ; 
Let him go with her : do, seduced young 

And wait upon thy saint in death ; do, do : 
And, when you come to that imagined place 
That place of all delights— pray you, ob- 
serve me. 
And meet those cursed things I once called 

WTiom I have sent as harbingers l)efore you; 
If there be any tiuth in your religion. 


In ItumfcfolneM to mc, Ihat wilh care haWen I As you bcbevcil, my tamish'd moulh. 
YourloufBcyiliithrr, prnyyimspiidniesome' 
JinioU iilllaaw of Ihnt cutious (ruil you boast 



Anton. Grant that I Buty go 1% itii her. and 

(hy lost minuu dainn 

.bi». oftcB;:^! 

Sap. Witt thou 


Thi^lt. The gnie* lo hd 

Dor. Know. iTiou tynini, 

"Thou ngem for (he tlevll. ihy ttrntt 

Tliough (hou art mosi uoivonlij 


1, and will. 

Enlir Aogdo, ii 


,Wh«n Uihi may n«vi 
' ««/*. Wliais tli._ 

'^tf. This is prodigious, and confirms her 


TI»jM. HoTTMX. my HarjKU. speak ! 

ffart. I dan: not slay : 
.AbouUl I but hear her once more. I were lost, 
Sotne whiriwiad snatch roe from Ibis cursed 

To which compared, (uid wilh what now 1 

Heil'i tormcola arc iweM ilombcra I \ExU. 
Sat. Follow him. 
Tkttfh. He is distracted, nnd I niiut no) 

'Thy chirnu upon my 
Give thee a t^oit renri 
TlUmyretum. \E^ 

toA, cursi^l wiieli, 
, l*t her not die, 
SaD. and Tiirupii. 
: what object 

She minds htm 

It her eye tix'd on? 

AaliB. Marl( het. 

Dor. Thougloriousminislerof ihePower 

(For thoii art more than mocta],) is't for me, 
Poor sinner, tliou nrt pleascil awhile loieave 
Tliy heavenly hihitaiion. nnd vouelisalest, 
Tbouc'i Klorified. 10 lolie my servant's 

Tor, put off ihy divinity, so iooiid 
My lovely Angelo. 

Aug. Know. I am the same: 
Anil «lll Ihc jCTvnni to your piety. 
Your smIous pmycn, and pious deeds Hisl > 

(nui 'iwiu by Hh command to whom you 1 

sent them) 
Tn([uideyoursleps. I tried your ch-inty. 
When in ii beEgar* *h.ipe vou took me up. 
And Glutlmd my nalied limbs, nnil after fed, 

Willi ^ 

Angela desire on aims. 

Nor will 1 now ; for I am sent lo cnfly 

Your pure and Innocent soul lo joys elcmal. 

youtmonynlomonceEulfer'd: andbeforeii, 

Ask any thing from me, and real aaurcd, 

Yuu shiill obtain it. 

Dor, 1 am largely paid 
ForaitmylormcDls. Since 1 (tnd such grrace. 
Gmni that the love of Ihb young man lume. 
In which he languisheth to denth, may 
Changed to the love of heaven. 

Aug. I will perform it : 
And in ihnt instant when the sword sets 
Your iiappy soul, his shall have liberty. 
Is (here aught else? 

Otfr. For proof (hat I forgive 
My penecntor, who in scorn dccred 
I'o l.iste of Ihni most sacred truit 1 go 
After my death, assent fioininc, be pleased 
To give bim of it. 

A ng. Willingly, dear mimesK 

Mae. I am omaied. 

Anton. I feel n holy fire. 
That yields n comfortable hent within 
I am quite alter'd from Ihe lliing I was 
See 1 1 cao stand, and go alone : thus kneel 
To heavenly Domlhea, touch lui linnd 
With a Rligions U^. IKnttls. 

Re^nltr Saprilius inil Theophilui. 

Saf. He is well now, 
But will not be drawn bock. 

Thtopli. It mailers not. 
We can discharge this work without his hf 

S^tfi. Viliaiu ! ' 

Being so near our ends, i 

Tirofk. I'll quickly moke nscpataiioQoj 

Hast Ihou au^ht else to say 
Dor. Nolhmg. iMii to bl.ii 
Thy lardinosin sending me ._ ., 
My pence k mode wlih heaven. 



Anton. O, take my soul along, to wait on 

thine ! 
Mac, Your son sinks too. 

[Autoninus falls. 
Sap. Already dead ! 
Tkeoph. Die all 
I That are, or favour this accursed sect : 
I 1 triumph in their ends, and will raise up 
' A hill of their dead carcasses, to o'erlook 
The Pyrencan hills, but I'll root out 
These superstitious fools, and leave the world 
No name of Christian. 

\Loud music: Exit Angelo. having 
first laid his hand upon the 
mouths 0/ Anion, and Dor. 
Sap. Ha ! heavenly music ! 
Mac. Tis in the air. 
Theofh. Illusions of the devil, 
Wrougnt by some witch of her religion, 
That fain would make her death a miracle ; 
It frights not me. Because he is your son, 
Let him have burial ; but let her body 
Be cast forth with contempt in some high- 
And be to vultures and to dogs a prey. 

____^ [Exeunt. 


SCENE I. — Theophilus discovered sitting 
in his Study : books about him. 

Theoph. Is 't holiday, O Ciesar, that thy 
Thy provost, to see execution done 
On these base Christians in Caesarca, 
Should now want work ? Sleep these ido- 
That none are stirring? — As a curious painter, 
"When he has made some honourable piece, 
Stands off, and with a searching eye ex- 
Each colour, how 'tis sweeten 'd ; and then 

Hinfiself for his rare workmanship — so here, 
Will I my drolleries, and bloody landscapes, 
Long past wrapt up, unfold, to make me 

With shadows, now I want the substances. 
My muster-book of hell-hounds. Were 

the Christians, 
Whose names stand here, alive and arm'd, 

not Rome 
Could move upon her hinges. What I've 

Or shall hereafter, Is not out of hate 
To poor tormented wretches ; no, I'm carried 
With violence of zeal, and streams of service 
I owe our Roman gods. Great Britain, — 
wlial ? [reads. 

A thousand wives^ with brats sucking tluir 

Had hot irons pinch them off, and thrown 

to swine ; 
And then their fleshy back-parts, hcw'd with 

hatchets, \ 

Were minced and baked in pies, to fceS \ 

starv'd Christians. \ 

Ha ! ha ! 
Again, again, — East Angles,— oh. East \ 

Angles : 
Bandogs, kept three days hungry, worried 
A thousand British rascals, sited up fat , 
Of purpose, stripped naked, and disarm' d. 
I could outstare a year of suns and moons, ! 
To sit at these sweet bull-baitings, so I 
Could thereby but one Christian win to fall 
In adoration to my Jupiter. — Twelve hun- : 

dred I 

Eye^ bored with augers out — Oh ! eleveit 

thousand \ 

Torn by wild beasts: two hundred ramm'd 

in the earth 
To the armpits, and full platters round ' 

about them, ! 

But far enough for reaching: Eat, dogs, ! 

ha ! ha ! ha ! \_He rises, j 

Tush, all these tortures are but fillipings, 1 
Fleabitings ; I, before the Destinies j 

Enter Angelo with a basket filed with fruit 
and flowers. 

My bottom did wind up, would flesh myself 
Once more upon some one remarkable 
Above all these. This Christian slut was 

A pretty one ; but let such horror follow 
The next I feed with torments, that when 

Shall hear it, her foundation at the sound 
May feel an earthquake. How now? 

Aug. Are you amazed, sir? 
So great a Roman spirit — ^and doth it 
tremble ! 
Theoph. How cam'st thou in ? to whom 

thy business? 
Ang. To you : 
I had a mistress, late sent hence by you 
Upon a bloody errand ; you entreated, 
That, when she came into that blessed garden 
Whither she knew she went, and where, 

now happy. 
She feeds upJon all joy, she would send to you 
Some of that garden fruit and flowers ; 

which here 
To have her promise saved, are brought by 
Theoph. Cannot I see this garden ? 


Tbtaph. Tb a tempting fniil, 
And the mosl brighl'dieelc'il child I CTCT 

Sweet imelling, goodly rniit. What flowen 

■re these? 
In Dioelesian'i gardens, the 
Compared wilh Ihese, ate weens : 

lie HKond day she died? frost. 

Id what country shall a 

My delicate boy, — gone I vanisb'd ! within 

JuJianus I Geia I— 

i£«in- Juh'anus Gela. 
ma. My lord. 
'Thrafk. An my gales shut > 
Gita. And giianli-d. 
TMeo/iA. Saw you not 
A boy? 

""' 'Vhcre? 

, '. Here he enlcr'd : a young tad 
A Ihouiand blisssings danced upun his eye 
A Emuutb&ced glorious (hing. ihat brouglit 
thit bosket. 
Geta. Ho, sir t 

TAttfiA. Away— bii: be in reach, if my voice 
callsyou. [EieaHl }a[. aorfGeta. 


l from iliat viicti to 

-be Ihou 

This Is osemjal, and. howe'er ll grows, 
■Will taste it [£,,1, Qfthcfruil. 

//fl^. [«./«/«.] H.i. ha. ha, hj I 
Tkeeph. So good I J'll have some more, 

Hiirf. Ha. ba, ha. ha! great liquorish fool! 
.^Th^h. Whalnrtlhou? 

Sarf. A fishcmum. 
knt^. What dost Ihou catch? 
\S*rp. Souls, souls ; a Gth call'd souls. 
■7)U)^. Geta I 

Xt^nUr Gela. 
Cda. Mylont. 

Jfatf. [witkiHA Ha, ha, lia. bal 
TAei^ Wh£t insolcnislave isthis, dates 
laugli at me ? 
Or ttiuu IS 'i Itie don giini s< so ? 

G/ia. I neiihw know, my lord, at what, 
nor whom,- for thcic is none wilhoiit, but 

3, and he is moXing a 

liff to 


my fellon- J^ 
land for Jupncr. 

Tirofii. Jupiterl allwitliinmeisnolwcU; 
And yet not sick. 

Harf. [oh'MirO Hh. ha, ha. ha! 

TAto,'>i. What's lliy name, slave? 

Harl>.\al<iHHiJofilu room.] Go look. 

Ocla. Tis Hirpa*' voice. 

Tktffpk. Harpax t go, drag ibe cailiiT to 
my fool, 
■null I may stamp .., _.. 

Harp. Ulthtflherrnd.^ Fool.thou! 

Gira. He's yonder, now, my lo-* 

Tluofk. Watch tliou tliai end. 
Wliilst I make good this. 

Jfarf. [iHlhi Biiddk.y Hn, ha. Iia. ha hal 

TAtofh. He is at barley-break, [uid the 
liM couple 
Ate now in heU. 
Search for him. [fnVGeta.] All this ground, 

meihinks, is bloodv. 
And paved with thousands of those Chris- 
tians' eyes 
Whom I linvc lorlareil ; nnd lliey slare upon 

What was this apparition ? si 

A shape angehcal. Mine eyes, thOQ 

And daunted at first sight, Ic.. .._... ._ 
Apair ofglorious wings: yes, ihey were wiilj 
And hence heflew:— -'tis vanisVdlJur°" 
For all my sBcri&ces done to him. 
Never once gava me smile. — How can M< 

Or wooden 'aoi^ lough? [niuif.) Hal9 

Such music gave a welcome i 
When the fair youth came ' 

the ail, 

docs shine. 
Nay, drown'd and damn'd forever in Chris- 
tian gore. 
flarf.[viilhiii.'\ Ha, hn. ha I 
TRafk. Again!- What dainty relish o 
my tongue 
This ftull hsill left I some angel halh me fed 
If so toothfull, I wilt be banqucled. 

{Hats again, 
JEn/cr Harpax ii) a/tarfiil xkapi.^rtfioAf 
Harp. Holdl 
Thtofh. Not for Casar. 
Harf. Dut for me thou shnlt. 
Tha<^. Thou an no twin to hln 



Ye Powers, whom my soul bids me reverence, 
i guard me ! 
IVhatart thou? 
\ Harp. I am thy master. 
Tktopk, Mine ! 

Harp, And thou my everlasting slave : 
! that Harpax, 

Who hand in hand hath led thee to thy hell, 
Am L 

7%wpk. A>'aunt ! 

Harp. I will not ; cast thou down 
I That basket with the things in 't. and fetch up 
; What thou hast swallow'd and then take a 
' drink. 

. Which I shall give thee, and I'm gone. 
I Tkeoph. My fruit I 
I Does this offend thee ! see ! [Eats again. 

Harp. Spit it to the earth, 
I And tread upon it, or I'll piecemeal tear thee. 
Theopk. Art thou with this af^ightcd? 
see, here's more. 
, \PulU out a handful 0/ flowers. 

Harp. Flmg them awayv I'll take thcc 
else, and hang thee 
I In a contorted chain of icicles. 
! In the frigid zone : down with them 1 

Theofh. At the bottom 
One thing I found not yet. See ! 

[Holds up a cross o/Jlowers. 
I Harp. Oh I I am tortured. 

TktoPh. Can this do 't? hence, thou fiend 
iniemal, hence I 
I Harp. Clasp Jupiter's image, and away 
with that. 
Tkeoph. At thee I'll fling that Jupiter ; for 
; I serve a better master : he now checks mc 
j For murdering my two daughters, put on by 

By thy damned rhetoric did I hunt the life i 
I Of Dorothea, the holy virgin-martyr. 
' She is not angry with the axe, nor me, 
I But sends these presents to me; and I'll 
I travel 
O'er worlds to find, and from her wliitc 

Beg a forgiveness. 
Harp. No ; I'll bind thee here. 
Thtoph. I sen'e a strength above thine ; 
this small weapon, 
Methinks. is armour hard enough. 
Harp. Keep from me. 

{Sinks a Utile. 

Theofh. Art posting to thy centre? down, 

heU-hound! down! 

Mc thou hast lost. That arm, which hurls 

thee hence, [Harpax disappears. 

Save me, and set me up, the strong defence. 

In the Cair Christian's quarrel ! 

Enter Angelo. 

Ang. Fix thy foot there. 
Nor 1>2 thou shaken with a Caesar's voice. 
Though thousand deaths were in it ; and I 

Will biing thee to a river, that shall wash 
Thy blbody hands clean and more white than 

snow ; 
And to that garden where these blest things 

And to that martyr'd virgin, who hath sent 
That heavenly token to thee: spread this 

brave wing, 
And serve, than Cjesar, a far greater king. 

Tkeoph. It is, it is, some angel. Vanish d 

Oh, come back, ravishing boy ! bright mes- 
Thou hast, by these mine eyes fix'd on thy 


Illumined all my soul. Now look 1 back 
On my black tyrannies, which, as they did 
Outdare the bloodiest, thou, blest spirit, that 

lead'st me. 
Teach me what I must to do, and, to do well. 
That my last act the best may parallel. '{Exit. 

SCENE 11.— Dioclesian's Palace. 

Enter Dioclesian, Maximinus, the Kiu^^s of 
Epire, Pontus, and Macedon, meciini* 
Artemia ; Attendants, 

Ariem. Glory and conquest still attend 

Triumphant Caesar 1 

Diocle. Let thy wish, fair daughter. 
Be equally divided ; and hereafter 
Learn thou to know and reverence Maxi- 
Whose power, with mine united, makes one 

Max. But that I fear, 'twould be held 

The bonds consider 'd in which we stand tied. 
As love and empire, I should say, till now 
I ne'er had seen a lady I thought worthy 
To be my mistress. 

Art cm. Sir, you shew yourself 
Both courtier and soldier ; but take liwd, 
Take heed, my lord, though my duU-poiiitod 

Stain'd by a harsh refusal in my servant. 
Cannot dart forth such beams as may intlame 

You may encounter such a powerful one, 
That with a pleasing heat will thaw your lieart. 
Though bound in ribs of ice. Love still is 

Love • 



didil Lb« loiife pL-iins o[ Phanuilia covcr*d 
'Ilh the dead cuKauB olittuuoa. 
kl Ditlnni of Roma, when ihe world lincw 
lo other lord but lilm, stnick ilccp in yaus 

.. d men ^y-bau'd largit Ihc liulj o( 

* m m11 Ihls, medinE fi^r Cleoiuun. 

--pliant loo, (he magic of lier eye. 
in hia pride of conquest, toolt him 

— ore you mole SMure. 
IX. Were you dclbnn'd, 
U, by the gods, you arc mosi eicellwit,) 
iir pavliy and discreiion would o'cicomo 

id t should be more proud in being pnioner 

r your fnlr vinuo, Iban of all the lionours, 

Wealth, title, empire, thitt my swonl huh 

DiatU. This meels my wishes. Welcome 

swrvcd thee for Ihif b 
TTiis happy m 

I brings n 

a coniioucd league. 
. J?ix/t. Hymen himsolt 
I Wl!lbhsithiim.irriiige, which we'll solemniie 
In the pnaence of these kings. 
K.efPmtHi. Who rst most happy. 
I To be t^ewilncsKB of H match that brinj 
Peace to the empire. 

Dixit. We much thank yourloves: 
Bui wheres Sapritim, aurEOvemor. 
._j — 1-^ pro»eHt, good T 


rc blesi 

1 1t«^ 

I ApibLiua Ml ijL-atii ; bui lH>][i I'hi-ophiliis, 
WIio lor the snmi: t^iust, in iny preu-ncc. 

I KisbdynngEronhistlaugiileis'hrar!!; 
Havinfiwrih icprturesfinc irwtl loconi-crlher. 
Draggd the bewitching Christian to Ihe 

And «nw her lose lii-r head . 
Dixit. Me ii all worthy : 

^\'itb such confempt and scorn, (t knovrhi$ 

Thai rather 'twill beget your liighiiess' 

Than the Icnsl pity. 

DincU. To tliat end I would hear it. 
fnWr Theophiliis. Sapritius, iib</ Mncrinus. 

Arttm. He comes : with him the goTemor. 

Dixit. O, Sapritius, 
I am to ehido you for your tendcmeu : 
But yet, rrancinbenng that you arc .1 faihtjr, 
I will forget it. Good Theophi!us. 
I'll speak with you anon,— Neotcr. your ear. 
I. Tt Snprithu, 

Thtefh. [A siJt i<< iliJKAimi,] By An- 
toninus' HWl. 1 do conjure you. 
A nil though not [or religion, forhufricndshtp, 
Without demanding whats the cause that 

Kcceive my signet ; — By the power of this, 
Go to my prisons, and release all Christians, 
That are in fetteti tlicre bv my command. 

Mac. But what shall follow? 

Tliiafi, Haste then 10 the port ; 
Vouihere shall find two tail ships ready n'gg'd, 
In which embark the poor distressud souls; 
And bear them from the rench of tyranny. 
Enquire not Whither you ore Uuund ; die 

That ihey adore will give you prosperous 

And make your voyage such, and largely 

Your hninrd, and your travail, Leitve me 

There is a scene Ihnt I must act alone - 
Haste, good Mociinus ; 

guide you I 
Mac. I'll imdertake it 

prompts me lo it ; 
Tis to save innocent blo< 

liy moral men themselves cMccm*d 

Dixit. Voit know your charge ? 
Sap. And will wiili cate observe 
Dixie. For 1 profess he is not 

ThnI sheds a tear for anv lortore Ih 
A Clirlninn suiTcrs. 

incl the gresTGod 
there's sometMiqf 

Welcome, my bcM 

My ftin^lul, iciilous provost '. Ihon h-ist.toli'd 
To satisfy uiy mil. ihougli i 



Mlhee deliver, and for my sake do it, 
IK^thout excess of bitterness, or scoffs, 
Before m^ brother and these kings, how took 
The Christian her death ? 

Theoph. And such a presence. 
Though every private head in this large 

Were circled round with an imperial crown. 
Her stonr wUl deserve, it is so full 
Of excellence and wonder. 

DiocU. Ha! how is this? 

TM»ph, 1 mark it, therefore, and with 

that attention, 

As you would hear an embassy from heaven 

By a wing'd legate ; for the truth deliver'd, 

Both how, and what, this blessed virgin 

And Dorothea but hereafter named, 
You wHl rise up with reverence, and no more, 
As things unworthy of your thoughts, re- 

What the canonized Spartan ladies were. 
Which lying Greece so boasts of. Your 

own matrons, 
Yoor Roman dames, whose figures you yet 

As bdy rdics, in her history 
V^l mid a second urn : Gracchus' Cornelia, 
PuiUna, that in death desired to follow 
Her hn^nd Seneca, nor Bnitus' Portia, 
That awallow'd burning coals to overtake 

Thoqgh all their several worths were given 

to one. 
With this is to be mention 'd. 
Max, Is he mad? 
Dioelt, Why, they did die. Theophilus, 

and boldly ; 
This did no more. 

Tktoph. They, out of desperation. 
Or for vain gkny of an after-name, 
Futedwithufe: this had not mutinous sons, 
As the rash Gracchi were ; nor was this saint 
A dooting mother, as Cornelia was. 
This lost no husband, in whose overthrow 
Her wealth and honour sunk; no fear of 

Did make her being tedious ; but, aiming 
At an imm(»tal crown, and in His cause 
Who only can bestow it ; who sent down 
Legions of ministering angels to bear up 
Her spotless soul to heaven, whoentertain'd it 
With choice celestial music, equal to 
The motionof the spheres ; she, imcompell'd. 
Changed this life for a better. My lord 

Yon were present at her death; dkl you e'er 

Sadi ravishing sounds? 

Sap. Yet you said then 'twas witchcraft. 
And devilish illusions. 

Th€oph. I then heard it 
With sinful ears, and belch 'd out blasphe" 

mous words 
Against his Deity, which then I knew notr 
Nor did believe in him. 
Diacle. Why, dost thou now? 

Or dar'st thou, in our hearing 

Theoph. Were my voice 
As loud as is His thunder, to be heard 
Through all the world, all potentates €jBt 

Ready to burst with rage, should they but 

hear it ; 
Though hell, to aid their malice, lent her' 

Yet I would speak, and speak again, and* 

I am a Christian, and the Powers you wor^ 

But dreams of fools and madmen. 
Max. Lay hands on him. 
Diocle. Thou twice a child ! for doating^. 
age so makes thee. 
Thou couldst not else, thy pilgrimage of life 
Being almost past through, in this last mo- 
Destroy whate'er thou hast done good or 

Thy youth did promise much ; and, grown a 

Thou mad'st it good, and, with increase of 

Thy actions still better 'd : as the sun, 
Thou did'st rise gloriously, kept'st a constant 

In all thy journey ; and now, in the e\'cning. 
When thou should'st pass with honour to thy 

Wilt thou fall like a meteor? 

Sap. Yet confess 
That thou art mad, and that thy tongue and- 

Had no agreement. 

Max. Do ; no way is left, else, 
To save thy life, Theophilus. 

Diode. But, refuse it, 
I>cstruction as horrid, and as sudden. 
Shall fall upon thee, as if hell stood open. 
And thou wert sinking thither. 

Theoph. Hear me, yet ; 
Hear, tor my service past. 
Artem. What will he say? 
Theoph. As ever I deserved your favour, 
hear me. 
And grant one boon ; 'tis not for life I sue 

Nor is it fit that I, that ne'er knew pity 



To any ChruUaa, being one myself, 
ShouM look for any : no, 1 raiher beg 
The ulniosi al your cmetly. I sland 
Acoamplnbls Sot tbouund. Ctuistluis' deadis ; 
And, were It possible tbal I could die 
A day lor evciy one, then liire ig^n 
Td be again lormenied, 'twere Co me 
An easy penance, and I sbould pais llirotigh 
A genile cleansini; (ire ; but, lliat denied me, 
ll Mine beyond the sttengih of fcebie nature. 
My suit Is, you would have no pity on me. 
In mine own house there an a thousand 

Of itutjied craelty. which 1 did prcpsre 
For mlsemble Christinns ; let me frel, 
As the SioHian did his braien bull. 
The hoitid'jl you can find ; and I will say, 
til death, that you me metdfui. 

XMueU. Despair not ; 
In tliis thou shall prevail. Go fetch Ihem 

hither: [Etil somr of tAi Guai-J. 

Death shall put on a thousand shapes lU once. 
And so appear before thee ; racks, and 

Thy flesh, with burning pincers loin, shall 

Hex. He endures beyond 
The sufTenmce of a man. 
Saf. No sigh itor groan, 
'o witnew he hath feeling, 
Daclt. Haider. i,-illiuns ! 

E»ler Haipat. 
Harp. Unlcssihalhebliuphen 

11 lurtnenls ever could 1 
Let these compel him !■ 
My ancient enemies agi 


and here, before his 
t_~ut Ittcin in pieces. 

Thafh. Tls not in Ihy power : 
It was thefint good deed t ever did. 
They »re removed out of tby nach ; how 
I was determined lor my sins to die, 
I first took order for their libelly ; 
And still I daiE thy wont. 
Jit-tnitrGvaiA nuVA racliand vtitr in 

Di«ti. Bind him. 1 say 

■w crack 


¥ I'U force thee 

^ TMtufh. Never, never : 

4b)bn»th of mine shall c'e 

be spent 


But what shall speak His 


For heaven's sake more ; 

my brett 


eward that was pro- ' 
e are oimi yet, and 

ing fonh despair. 

ii :-Oh me ! 

1 ! [Fa III dffu/a. 

. ind Cbmiea. fillcmiiig. 
all in white. Put Uss glorious: Angelu 
kolds ml a crsoiH la Theophflus. 

Tktopk. Most glorious vision ! — 
Did e*er so hard a bed yield mm a di 

Confimi'd,' you blessed spirits, and make 

To take thai crown of in 

Vou offer to me. Death I till this btc^t 

I never thought thee slow.paced : norwould 
Hasten thee now. for any pain I siifTer, 
But that thou keep'st me from n glorlou 

Which through this slonny way I vrauk 

c all these wourtdi and 

A«g. Haslctothyplneeappointed.ei 
f Harpax rfnii K>i<A 'A BHrfff- a« 

Dioctt. 1 think the centre of tbecanh be 

Yet I stand sf ill unmoved, and will go oi 

The pcrsecutton ihni is licre begun. 

Tlirough all the world with violence shall 

run. [FLiiiriik, Exeunt. 

The Unnatural Combat. 


Pe a iif o rt smidTt governor ^Marseilles. 

BeanfditJuniM', his stM, 

Malefort senior, admiral of hlsasailds. 

y/Uk£oirt junior. Mis son, 

Chamcmt, ) 

Montaigne, > assistants to tAe governor, 

Lanoar, j 

Montzeville, a pretended friend to Malefort 

Bdgarde^ a foor captain. 

Three Sea Captains, of the navy o/MHefort 

A Steward. 
An Usher, 
A Page. 

Theocrine, daughter to Malefort senior. 
Two Waiting-women. 
Two Courtezans, 
A Bawd. 
Servants and Soldiers. 

SCENE,— MarseiUes. 


SCENE V—A Hall in the Court of Justice. 

Enter Montreville, Theocrine, Usher, Page, 
and Waiting-women. 

Montr. Now to be modest, madam, when 

you are 
A smtor for your &ther, would appear 
Coaiaer than boldness; you awhile must 

part with 
-Soft silence, and the blushings of a virgin : 
Thoogh I must grant, did not this cause 

command it, 
They are rich jewels you have ever worn 
To all men's admiration. In this age. 
If, by our ovm forced importunity. 
Or others purchased intercession, or 
Conupting bribes, we can make our ap- 
To justice, guarded from us by stem power, 
We Uess tl^ means and industry. 

Ush. Here's music 
In this bag shaU wake her, though she had 

Or eaten nundrakes. Let commanders talk 
Of cannons to make breaches, give but fire 
To this petard, it shall blow open, madam. 
The iron doors of a judge, and make you 

entrance ; 
HVben they (let them do what they can) with 

Their miaes, their culverins, and basiliscos, 
Siiall oool their feet without ; this being the 

That nerer iftils. 

Mimetr, lis tme, goM can do much, 
Bnt beauty matt, Wefe I the governor, 

Though the admiral, your father, stood con- 
Of what he's only doubted, half a dozen 
Of sweet close kisses from these cherry lips, 
With some short active conference in private, 
Should sign his general pardon. 
Theoc. These light words, sir, 
Do ill become the weight of my sad fortune ; 
And I much wonder, you, that do profess 
Yourself to be my father's bosom friend. 
Can raise mirth from his misery. 

Montr. You mistake me ; 
I share in his calamity, and only 
Deliver my thoughts freely, what I should do 
For such a rare petitioner : and if 
You'll follow the directions I prescribe, 
With my best judgment I'll mark out the 

For his enlargement. 

Theoc. With all real joy 
I shall put what you coiuisel into act. 
Provided it be honest. 

Montr. Honesty 
In a fair she client (trust to my experience) 
Seldom or never prospers ; the worid's wicked. 
We are men, not saints, sweet lady ; you 

must practise 
The manners of the time, if you intend 
To have favour from it : do not deceive 

By building too much on the false foundations 
Of chastity and virtue. Bid your waiters 
Stand further off, and I'll come nearer to 
z Wom. Some wicked counsel, on my life, 
a Wom. Ne'er doubt it. 
If it proceed from him. 

O a 



t/i». TTioo-rt a child. 
I AsddostnoluiKlerstandanwhat 
Thlsfiionlship's mised belwi 

ihis M 

And 01 


Monsieur Malefort : but I'll 
s they have been joint pur- 
Irack'd together. 

From Ihy yi 

I fagt. In fin: and 
I UiA. Commodities, doj, 
I Which jiQU may know liereai^er. 
Pagi. And deal in Ihem, 

When the trade has given you ore 

The Increase otyour high forehend. 

l/i». Hetc't a crack > 
I think Ihey suck this knowledge 


ive tied, 
Mt lady's garlCT, and 
ri*. Peace, infant , 

out of school I likke he«d, you will be 


I Mt lady's) 

Iri*. Pe 
I breech 
I :!!;::: 
I T»M. \ 
'nuin Bi th 
Afenir. ' 
Vn, 1, 

My lady's colour 

She bib off 100, 

TSjw. Youareanaughtyn 

'Afenir. Take jout own 
Your modest. legal way t 
Nor mouming halnl. no 

To ho*L, and CTj'. whi 

perish with my falber, 

6 nol your veil, 
}'ou begin li 

, Wll do it. 

vben there's . 

These coutses in an old cmne of threiacore. 
That had seven yents together tired the coun 
With tedious peiitions, and clamours. 
For (he lecovcry or a straggling busbaud. 
To pay, fotmoth, the dulies of one to her ;— 
But tor a lady of your templing btaulies, 
Youryoulh, and ravishing features, to hope 

Here's bra* 

oung Beaufon, 

■ — jToIMaraallds. one that holds 

In more 




ciamra'd with crowns of 

the sun : 
Do you think he cares for money ? he loves 

Bum youi petition, bum it ; he doals on 

Upon my knowledge : to liis cabinet, i 
And he will point you out a certain coi 
Be the cause tight ot wrong, to have 

Released with much facility, [Exit. 

Thfot. Do you hear? fl 

Take a pander wilb you, |fl| 

Btav/.jan. I tell the* there Is neilbcr^^l 
Employnienl yet. Dot money. ^| 

Bdg. I hnve coromflnded, 

In hope to raise a fortune 

But hopes prove seldon 
Bilg. If no ptEl^rmen 

Or drunkenness, or lechery, Iheyll ne'ei 

Shall I have that ? 
Btau/.jua. As our priies are brought in ; 

Pbilosopher-Dke, carry all 
Btlg. But bow shall I di 



!o satisfy c« 

BtaMf.jnn. That's easily decided ; 
My father's table's free tor any man 
That bath borne arms. 

Bttg. And there's good store of 

Beaaf.jun. Never fear that. 

Btlg. I'll seek no other ordinair 
But be his daily guest srithnut innt 
AndifmyatDmaclihold,nireed50 . ...^ 

! fair TtiTOcr 

heaniljr, I 

^oublesome ; 
in the (rout 



Buff jerkins must to the rear ; I know my 

manners : 
Tbis is, indeed, great business, mine a gew- 
I may dance attendance, tliis must be dis- 

And suddenly, or all will go to vrreck ; 
Charge her home in the fljuik, my lord : nay, 

I am ^ne, sir. [Exit. 

Beau/, jun. {raising Theoc. from her 

knees.] Nay, pray you, macUm, rise, 

or I'll kned with you. 
Page. I would bring you on your knees, 

were I a woman. 
Beauf. jun. What is it can deserve so 

poor a name, 
As a suit to me ? This more than mortal 

AVasfoshion'd to command, and not entreat : 
Your will but known is served. 
Tktoe. Great sir, my fother, 
IMy brave, deserving father ; — ^but that sor- 

Forbids the use of speech—— 

Beauf. jun. I understand you, 
Without the aids of those interpreters 
That fall from your £air eyes : I know you 

The h'ber^r of your father ; at the least. 
An equal hearing to acquit himself : 
And, 'tis not to endear my service to you, 
Thoop^ I must add, and pray you with pa- 
tience hear it, 
'TIS hard to be effected, in respect 
The state's incensed against him : all pre- 
The world of outrages his impious son, 
Tam'd worse than pirate in his cruelties, 
Express'd to this poor country, could not be 
With such ease put in execution, if 
Your father, of late our great admiral, 
Held not or correspondence, or connived 
At his proceedings. 

Theoc, And must he then suffer. 
His cause unheard ? 

Beauf. Jun. As yet it is resolved so. 
In their (fetermination. But suppose 

iFor I would nourish hope, not kill it, in you) 
should divert the torrent of their purpose, 
And render them, that are implacable, 
Impartial judges, and not sway'd with 

"Win you, I dare not say in recompense. 
For that includes a debt you cannot owe me, 
But in your liberal bounty, in my suit 
Toyou, be gracious? 

Thme. You entreat of me. sir. 
What I should offer to you, with confession 
That you much undervalue your own worth, 

Should you receive me, since there come with 

Not lustful fires, but fair and lawful flames. 
Rut I must be excused, 'tis now no time 
For me to think of Hymeneal joys. 
Can he (and prav you, sir, consider it) 
That gave me life, and faculties to love. 
Be, as he's now, ready to be devour'd 
By ravenous wolves, and at that instant, I 
But entertain a thought of those delights, 
In which, perhaps, my ardour meets >vith 

Duty and piety forbid it, sir. 

Beauf. jun. But this effected, and your 
father free. 
What is your answer ? 

Theoc. Every minute to me 
Will be a tedious age, till our embraces 
Are warrantable to the world. 

Beauf. jun. I urge no more ; 
Confirm it with a kiss. 

Theoc. [Kissing him.'] I doubly seal it. 

Ush. This would do better abed, the busi- 
ness ended : — 
They are the loving'st couple ! 

Enter Beaufort senior, Montaigne, 
Chamont, and I^nour. 

Beauf. jun. Here comes my father, 
With the Coimcil of War : deliver your pe- 
And leave the rest to me. 

[Theoc. offers a paper. 
Beauf sen. I am sorry, lady, 
Your father's guilt compels your innocence 
To ask what I in justice must deny. 
Beauf. jun. For my sake, sir, pray you 

receive and read it. 
Beauf. sen. Thou foolish boy ! I can deny 
thee nothing. 

[Takes the paper from Tlieoc. 
Beauf. jun. Thus far we arc happy, 
madam : quit the pLice ; 
You shall hear how we succeed. 
Thcvc. Goodness reward you ! 

[Exeunt Theocrine, Usher, Page, 
and Women. 
Mont. It is app>arent ; and we stay too long 
To censure MaJefort as he deserves. 

[ They take their seats. 
Cham. There is no colour of reason that 
makes for him : 
Had he discharged the trust committed to 

With that experience and fidclitv 
He practised heretofore, it could not be 
Our navy should be block'd up, and, in our 

Our goods iDiids prize, oar silois sold for 

By his prodiEious issue. 

Laii. 1 much grieve. 
ARcr io many bravi: nnd high uchievemcnu. 
He shmld in one ill forfeit all Ihc good 
tie vta did bis countiy. 

Btau/. Jilt. Well, lis granted. 

Btavf. juit, I bombly [bank vou. sir. 

Battf. tin. He shall ha.-e bearing. 
His irons icoslmck off; bring hini Utoreus, 
Bui seek no fuithei favour. 

Beau/.JKn. Sir, I dare not. [£riV. 

Blai/. siH. Monsieur Chamont, Mon- 
Isiigne, Lanour, Bssislonis. 

conunission clom tbe most Christian 

In punishing or freeing Malcfotl. 

Oui late great admlira] : Ihougb I knon' you 

Instmelionj from me, how to dispose of 
Vounclvcs in this man's trial. Ihiil enacts 
Yourdennstjudgmcnis, give mc leave, with 

To c^er tny oj^nion. We are la hear him. 
A Utile looking bock on his fair actions. 

By the general voice already he's condemn'd. 
Bui it we find, as most beheve, he hath held 
lolrlllgence with his accursed son. 
Fallen off from all allegiance, and lunl'd 
(But for what cause wc know not) the meat 

And fatal enemy this country ever 
Repented to bavc brought forth ; all com- 

g>f his years pass'd over, all consideraiion] 
fwhal he was, or may l«. if now pardon d; 
Wa sit engaged to censure him with nil 
Hxttemity and rigour. 

Cham. Yourlonbhip sliews us 
A path which we will tread in. 

Lan. He thai leaves 
To follow, ns you lead, will lose blmself. 

MoHl. lit not be singular. 
Xr-fntfrBeautonjnHiiir. with Moiitteville. 

Malefort sinter, Belgnrde, nnrf Oncers. 

Btaaf. sm. He comes, but witb 
A tmnge distmctnl look. 

Afali/: ten. Uve I once mors 
To tee ttice hands and arms free I these, 

Ibat oficn. 
In themoEl dreadful horror of a light. 
Have been as seamarks to teach lucb as were 
Seconds in my atlempts. to sEccr between 
Tlie rocks of too much d-iring. nnd pale fear, 

Tosuch Bsdarst behold ill lliese i 

That, when our ships were grappled, carried 

With such swift motion from deck to deck. 
As they thai saw it, with amaicnwat died. 
He does not run, but flies ! 

Mint. Hestillielains 
The greatness ot his spirit. 

Half/, im. Now cnimpi with ironl 
Hunger, and cold, tbey liardly do support 

Bui I forget myself. O, my good lords. 
That sit there aa my judges, to determine 
Thelife, anddeatb of Makfort, where are now 
Those shouts, those checifid looks, those loud 

applausi , 

Wilh which, when t retum'd loaden with spdl, 
*' tain^dyouradmi "* '" '' 

,nd I sli 


if which I am as free and innocent 

'e from any private mniice. 
Or envy to your pcrwin. you ate quesiiol 
Nor do the supqiosilions want weight. 
That do invite us to a strong as 
Your son 

Malc/.ia. My shame I 

Bi.tnf. tiK. Pray you, hear with patienof, 

Wlhoul as 

Could, wiih ihe pirales of Argieis nnd Tunis, 

Ei'en those thai you had almost twi 

Acquire such credit, as wilh tli'rm to '- 
Made abaoluie commander ; (pray )i 

U there had m 

n serv'd, you nould 


Ckam. Had he from 
envy coukt inlerpr 


isl ncgTed, 
ir a wrung? 
. your choigcv 


WhiL _, _.,.. 

Lai. Or. ifyouslept ni 
how could 

So many ships as do irfesi our ec 

Asd have ill our own harbour shut outiuut'. 

Come in unfought wiih.> 

iliau/.JHH. Ihcy put him hardly to 
Hall/. „H. My lonls, witb as mudi 


:vily as 1 Ci 

:h panJcular objection 



With which you chaige me. The main 

ground, on which 
Yoa raise the building of your accusation, 
Hath reference to my son : should I now 

curse him. 
Or wish, in the agony of my troubled soul, 
Lightning had found him in his mother's 

You'll say 'tis from the purpose; and I, 

Betake him to the devil, and so leave him ! 
Did never lojral father but myself 
Beget a treacherous issue ? was 't in me. 
With as much ease to fashion up his mind, 
As. in his generation, to form, 
The organs to his body ? Must it follow. 

Because that he is impious, I am false : 

I would not boast my actions, yet 'tis lawful 
To upbraid my bene^ts to unthankful men. 
Whosunk the Turkish gallies in the streights, 
But Malefbrt? Who rescued the French 

When they were boarded, and stow'd imder 

By the piraflssof Argiers, when every minute 
They did expect to be chain 'd to the oar. 
But your now doubted admiral? then you 

The air with shouts of joy, and did proclaim. 
When hope had left them, and grim-look'd 

Hover'd with sail-stretch'd wings over their 

To me, as to the Neptune of the sea, 
They owed the restitution of their goods, 
Their lives, their liberties. O, can it then 
Be probable, my lords, that he that never 
Became the master of a pirate's ship. 
But at the mainyard hung the captain up, 
And caused the rest to be thrown over- 
Shomkl, after all these proofs of deadly hate. 
So oft express'd against them, entertain 
A thought of quarter with them ; but much 

(To the perpetual ruin of my glories) 
To join with them to lift a wicked arm 
A^nst my mother-country, this Marseilles, 
Whidi, with my prodigal expense of blood, 
I luive so oft protected ! 

Beam/, sen. What you have done 
Is granted and applauded ; but yet know 
This glorious relation of your actions 
Must not so blind ou; judgments, as to suffer 
This most unnatural crime you stand accused 

To pass tmqucstion'd. 

Cham. No ; you must produce 

of more vahdity and weight. 

To plead in your defence, or we shall hardly 
Conclude you innocent. 

Mont. The large volume of 
Your former worthy deeds, with your ex- 
Both what and when to do, but makes 
against you. 

Lan. For had your care and courage been 
the same 
As heretofore, the dangers we are plunged in 
Had been with ease prevented. 

Malef. sen. What have I 
Omitted, in the power of flesh and blood. 
Even in the birth to strangle the designs of 
This hell-bred wolf, my son? alas! my lords, 
I am no god, nor like him could foresee 
His cruel thoughts, and cursed purposes : 
Nor would the sun at my command forb^u* 
To make his progress to the other world, 
Aflbrding to us one continued light. 
Nor could my breath disperse those foggy 

Cover'd Writh which, and darkness of the night. 
Their navy undiscem'd, without resistance. 
Beset our harbour ! make not that my fault. 
Which you in justice must ascribe to fortune — 
But if that nor my former acts, nor what 
I have deliver'd, can prevail with you, 
To make good my integrity and truth ; 
Rip up tins bosom, and pluck out the heart 
That hath been ever loyal. 

\A trumpet within. 

Beau/, sen. How ! a trumpet ? 
Enquire the cause. [Exit Montreville. 

Male/, sen. Thou searcher of men's 
And sure defender of the innocent, 
(My other crying sins — awhile not look'd on) 
if 1 in this am guilty, strike me dead. 
Or by some unexpected means confirm, 
I am accused unjustly 1 [Aside, 

Re-enter Montreville with a Sea Captain. 

Beau/ sen. Speak, the motives 
TJiat bring thee hither ? 

Capt. From our admiral thus : 
He does salute you fairly, and desires 
It mav be understood no public hate 
Hath brought him to Marseilles; norseekshe 
The ruin of his country, but aims only 
To wreak a private wrung : and if from yoa 
He may have l&ive and liberty to decide it 
In single combat, he'll g^ve up good pledges. 
If he foil in the trial of his right, 
We shall weigh anchor, and no more molest 
This town with hostile arms. 

Beau/ sen. Speak to the man, 
If in this presence he appear to yon* 
To whom you bring this challenge. 

Cift. 'Til to 

Biauf.fiiH. Sinnge and prodieimu ' 
Itttlif.trn. Thau»ai I slum] unmoved 

1 Ihy YOice Ihunder, 

d nol shake mc ; say, wlial would 

The merence a folher'i nanic 


And duly of B son no mOK nrmemb 
He does dely lliee iii the death. Goon. 
Catt. Andwilb hl&swordviillprc 
thy head. 
Thou ait a munlerer. an alheisl ; 
And that all aitribules of men lura'i 
CaDDOl eipnss Ibce : ihis lie wil 

If Ihou dar'tt give him meeting. 

MaUf. It*. Dare 1 live I 
Dare I. wheo mounlaios of ray a 

At my last gasp ask for mercy I Howlbless 
Thy coming, cajunin ; never man ID me 
Arrived so opportunely : and tliy message. 
However it may seem to threaten death. 
Docs yieEd to me a second life in curing 
My wounded honour. Stand I yet suspected 
A» a confederate ivitli this enemy. 
Whom of all men, against all ties 
He marks out for destruction i you are jun. 
Immortal Powers, and in this mereifu' 
And il lakes from my sorrow, and my 
For being the father to so liad a son. 
In that you are pleased to offer up the 

To my eorrection. Blush and repent. 
As you are bound, my honourable lords. 
Your i!1 o|Hnians of me. Not great Brutus, 
The lather of the Roman liberty. 
With more asnired constancy beheld 
Hit traitor sons, for labouring to call home 
The banish'd Tarquins, scourged with rods 

Than I svill shew, when I take back the life 
Thw prodigy ol mankind received from me. 

Sauf.iiH. We aicsony, monsieur Male- 
fort, lor our error. 
And are much l.iken with your resolution ; 
6ul thedlspnrily of years wid Mrenglh, 
Between you and your son. duly wnsider'd, 
We would nol so expose you. 

MnU/. H*. Then you fiill me, 
Under pretence to save me, O my lords, 
M you love honour, and a wrong'd man's 


Should any other but myself be chosen 
To punish t!iis apoitaia wilb death. 
You rob a wretched father of a justice 
That to all after limes will be recorded. 
1 wish his strength were centuple, his skill 

To my eiperience. that in his fall 

Tbepowersandspirits of twenty strong mm 

My daughter Theottine : as 

My It 


And IS all love a soldier, second me 

[ Thry all me lo Ihi Got^mor. 
In this my just petition. In yotulook* 
I see a grant, my lord, 

Biaiif. un. You shail o*erbear mn : 
And since you aroso confident in your cause,. 
Prepare you for the combat. 

Malif. iin. With mote joy 
Than yet I ever tasted ; by the next sun. 
The disobedient rebel shafl hear from me. 
And so return in safely. [To Iki Captain.] 

My good lords. 
To all my service.— I will die, or purchase 
Rest to Marseilles ; nor can I make doubt, 

To edge my sword, s 


SCENE \.—Ah opiH Spaa wMeut th 

En/er Ikra Sea Captains. 
aCtpl. Hedid accept theehnllenge.lhenir 
xCipt. Nay more, 
Wosoverjoy'd in 'I ; and, as it had been 

And not a combat to conclude with death, 
He cheetfully embraced it. 
iCapt. Areth — '~ 

Cttpe. ! 

With much unwillingness the govctnot 
Consented to them. 

Against the father? 

I Ca^l, Never ; yet 1 have. 
As t,ir as manners would give warrant to il, 


With mj best curiousness of care observed 

I have sat vnth him in his cabin aday together, 
Yet not a svUable exchanged between us. 
Sigh he did often, as if invrard grief 
And melancholy at that instant would 
Choke up his vital spirits, and now and then 
A tear or two, as in derision of 
The toughness of his rugged temper, would 
Fall on his hollow checks, which but once 

A sudden flash of fury did dry up ; 
And laying then his hand upon his sword. 
He would murmur, but yet so as I oft heard 

We shall meet, cruel father, yes, we shall ; 
When 111 exact, for every womanish drop 
Of sorrow from these eyes, a strict accompt 
Of much more from thy heart, 
s Ca//. Tis wondrous strange. 
3 Ca^, And past my apprehension. 
1 Caft, Yet what makes 
The miracle greater, when from the maintop 
A sail's descried, all thoughts that do concern 
Himsdf laid by, no lion, pinch'd with 

Rouses himself more fiercely from his den. 
Than he comes on the deck ; and there how 

He gives directions, and how stout he is 
In ms executions, we, to admiration, 
Have been eyewitnesses : yet he never minds 
The booty when 'tis made ours ; but as if 
The danger, in the purchase of the prey, 
Delighted him much more than the reward. 
His will made known, he does retire himself 
To his private contemplation, no joy 
Express'd by him for victory. 

Either MaMoTt Junior. 

a Caff. Here he comes, 
But with more cheerful looks than ever yet 
I Kiw him vrear. 

Motif, jun. It was long since resolved on. 
Nor must I stagger now in't. May the cause, 
That forces me to this unnatural act 
Be buried in everlasting silence, 
And I find rest in death, or my revenge ! 
To either I stand equaL Pray you, gentle- 
Be charitable in your censures of mc. 
And do not entertain a false belief 
Tliat I am mad, for undertaking that 
Which must be, when efiected, still repented. 
It adds to my calamity, that I have 
Discourse and reason, and but too well 

I etn nor live, nor end a wrctclied life. 

But both ways I am impious. Do not, there- 
Ascribe the perturbation of my soul 
To a servile fear of death : I oft have view'd 
All kinds of his inevitable darts, 
Nor are they terrible. Were I condemn'd to 

From the cloud-cover'd brows of a steep rock. 
Into the deep ; or, Curtius like, to fill up. 
For my country's safety, and an after-name, 
A bottomless sibyss, or charge through fire. 
It could not so much shake me, as th' en- 
Of this day's single enemy. 

I Capt. If you please, sir, 
You may shun it. or defer it. 

Male/, jun. Not for the world : 
Yet two things I entreat you ; the first is. 
You'll not enquire the difference between 
Myself and him, which as a father once 
I honour'd, now my deadliest enemy ; 
The last is, if I fall, to bear my body 
Far from this place, and where you please 

inter it. — 
I should say more, but by his sudden coming 
I am cut on. 

Enter Beaufort junior and Montreville, 
leading in Malefort unior; Bclgardc 
following, with others. 

Beauf. jun. Let me, sir, have the honour 
To be your second. 

Montr. With your pardon, sir, 
I must put in for that, since our tried friend- 
Hath lasted from our infancy. 

Belg. I have served 
Under your command, and you have seen 

me fight. 
And hancbomel^, though I say it; and if now. 
At this downnght game, I may but hold 

your cards, 
I'll not pull down the side. 

Male/, sen. I rest much bound 
To your so noble offers, and I hope 
Shall find your pardon, though I now refuse 

them ; 
For which I'll yield strong reasons, but as 

As the time will gire me leave. For me to 

(That am supposed the weaker) any aid 
From the assistance of my second's sword. 
Might write me down in the black list of those 
That have nor fire nor spirit of their own ; 
But dare, and do, as they derive their courage 
From his example, on whose liclp and valour 
They wholly do depend. Let this suffice, 
In my excuse, lor that. Now, if you please, 



On both poTti, to CEticc to yonder mount, 
Where j-ou. us in s Roman thealre. 
Maj sec the bloody difference ddeimined, 
Vour favouri meet my wishes. 

MaUf.jvn. 'Til approved of 
By me ; and I command you [ To his Cap- 

tains.] lead the wny. 
And leive me to my forlune. 

Btaa/.jua. I would gladly 
Be B spectator (since t am denied 
To be an nctorj ol each blow -ii.d tliiust, 
And punctually olfierre them, 

MaUf. jun. Von shall have 
All you detire : for in a word or two 
' — ■»! make bold to entertain the time, 
give sulfinge to It. 

-A/ ««. Yes. I Mill ; 
Illheaitbee, and then kill thee : nay. rarewell. 

Maltf. Jkh. Embrace with love on both 
sida, and with lu 
Leave deadly hate and Tuiy. 

Mitltf. itK. From this place 
You ne'er shall see both living. 

Btig. What's post help, is 
Beyond pTEveDtion. 

[Tiny tmirati sn taii lii/ei, and Ijit 
Uave stvtrally of the father <ind 

M-iUf. stn. Now we are alone, sir ; 
And thou halt liberty to unload ihe burthen 
Which ihougroan'st under. Speak Ihygricfs. 

Mahf.jam. 1 shall, sir ; 
But in a perplex'd form and method, which 
You only can interpret : Would you had not 
A guitly knowledf^ in youi bosom, of 
The Umguage which yenj force me (o deliver, 
So I were nothingi As you ate my faiher, 
I bend my knee, jnd, uncompell'd, proless 
My life, and all that's mine, lo be your gift ; 
And that in a son's duty 1 stand bounil 
To lay this head beneath your feet, and run 
Alldcsperale hamrdiforyour ease and safcty: 
"■■• Ibis confcaf on mv pari. I rise up, 

not as with a (ather, (aJl respect. 

Love, fear, and nverence cast oIT,) but as 
A willed man. I thus expostulate wijli you. 
Why have you done that which ! dare not 

And in tlie action changed Ihe humble shape 
Of my obedience, to rebellious rage. 
And Inuilcnt pride? and with shut eyes 

To run my b;irk of honour oi 

t shelf 

nd mankind trembles (o see me pursue 
What beasts would fly Iram. For when I 

0. agninst your head. 

InamomenlRuedandiuin'd. ThaiyoucouUl 
(From my grieved soul T wish it| but produce. 
To qualify, not excuse, your deed of horror, 
One seeming rciuon, (hat i might fix here. 
And more no further I 

Maiif. St*. Have I so far lost 
A father's power, thai 1 must give aceounl 
Of my actions to my son ? or must I pteod 
As a fearful prisoner al the bar, while he 
That owes his being to me sits a judge 
To censure that, which only by myself 
Oughttobeijuestion'dP mountains soonerfall 
Beneath their valleys, and the lofiy pine 
Pay homage to the bramble, or what elic is 
Preposterous in nature, ere my longue 
In one short syllable yield saiiifaction 
To any doubt of thine ; nay. though it were 
A certainty disdaining argumenl 1 
Since, though my deals wore hell's black 

Tolhee they should appear tiiumphal robes. 
SeiG^with glorious honour, thonbeingbound 


Id thai te 


It cannot, wrelch ; and if thou but remember 
From whom thou hadsl Ihb spiril, (hou dor 'si 

Who train'd ihee up in arms but I ? Who 

Under my shield ihouhasl foug'i 
As the young eaglet, eovcr'd widi Ihi 
Of her fierce dam, learns how and wl 

All thill is manlv in thee, I call mine . 
But what is vrcBK and womnnish. thine _ 
hsA what I gave, since thoit art proud, 

Presuming to contend 
Submission is due. 1 will take from thee. 
Look. Iherelore, lor eitremitics, and expect 

A little loneer. wilh Infecllous brralh. 
Would render all things near him, like itself. 
Cuatagioiis, Nay, now my anger's up. 

ITbo Ibousand nrgins knwline al 
And wllb one general ccy howung lur lacit^y, 
Sbtil not redeem Ihee. 

$SaU/. ptn. Thou incensed Power. 
A«h!k forbear tliy ihunilcr ) let me hnir 
N« lid in my icvcogc, if bota (be grave 
Mv moiher— — 
malf^, OH. Thou ihult never name her 
more. [Tlicyfigki. 

itortjuKiir. MonlreviUe. Belgude, jitd 
1 Mrw Sea Cnplains, afftar m tit 

i. the duf 
<^fl. The odmiml'i slain. 
M»iiir. The fatbet it Glorious! 
>. I^ iBhaile 
itolaH his conquejl. 

ttBDc of Uk son. 

/ jua. Willi ulmost speeil 

— ^ ol the gatemoTVTiihihe Good Eiicccss, 

lilliu h« nuy entertain, lo bis tuU mcrii, 
I Tbe hther of bis eountty's peace ami safety. 
' [Tluynlin. 

iUttf. »«. Were a new life hia in each 

lIi, riiid Hnd it r and howe'er I 

. If^fi fleaZi. I glory in it.— 

. . ille ^I my fears, 
J'MUies, wbicli have sd 1o(1( 

iluel on, I lieing above 

r f.iM, (iLgun lo nutkc me 

■ <npiitiirr. Monirevillt, BeU 
./ iht Iknt Sen Capuinf. 
All lionourlo ilie oongutroT I 

Your higli-su'oiro (Ide of huppine 




Malif. Tis, Belgan 
Above all eslimatlan. and a IJIlle 
To beeialled wltb il eannot savour 
Of orronnce. Thai to Ibis arm and swonl 
Marsdlfii owes [he freedom of her lears, ^^ 
Or that my loyalty, not long since eclime d. IM 
Shinn now maie bright Hum ever, ate M^H 
things T^l 

To be lanicnled : tbougli, indeed, Ihey nU^f^H 
Appear loo dearly bou^t, mv folline gloilM^H 
Being made up again, and cemented 
With ason's blood. Tistnie, bewasmyson. 
While he was worthy; but when )i« shook o^ 
His duly 10 mc, (whieh my Ibnd ladnlgencc. 
Upon submbiion, might pectiap have par- 

And grew his couniry's enemy, I look'd on 

As a stranger lo my family, and a Iraitor 
Justly proscribed, and lie lo be tewarded 
That could bring in his head. I know in tl* 
Ttiat I am censured tugged, and austen 
That vrili vouchsafe not one sad sigh or) 
Upon his slaughler'd body ; bu" ' — 
W ell satisfied in myself, b^ng i 

Ejrlmordinaij virtues, when iht, 

Too liigh n pitch foreommonsiBhu to judg'^ 

Losing theirpcopcr splendour, are condcmn'd 
"or most remarkable vices. 

Bmb/. jHH, 'Tb too inic. sir. 

I llie opiniun of the multitude r 
But for mysctr, that would be held y 

And hope to know you by a nearer munt 
"TiCT ale as they dtserve. received. 

Uatrf. My daughter 

lall thank you for the favour. 

BtaHf.ian. I con wish 

a luippuicu beyond it. 

I Capi. Shall we have leave 
To bear the corpse of our dtuil admiral. 
As he enioin'd u>. from this const ? 

M.tU/. Provided 
The articles agreed on be observed. 
And you depart hence nilh it. making et 
Never hereafter, but as IrfendS, lo lOUBh 
Upon tills shore. 

I C,tf>. We'll Lilihliilly perform It. 

M^ltf. Then as you please dbpose of iL 

That I coultl wish rt 




I Capt. He shall have 
A soldier's funeral. 

[ The Captains bear tJu body of, with 
sad music, 
Male/. Farewell! 
Beau/, jun. These rites 
Paid to the dead, the conqueror that survives 
Must reap the harvest of his bloody labour. 
Sound all loud instruments of joy and 

And with all circumstance and ceremony. 
Wait on the patron of our liberty, 
Which he at all parts merits. 

Male/. I am honour'd 
Beyond my hopes. 

Beau/ jun. 'Tis short of your deserts. 
Lead on : oh, sir, you must ; you are too 
modest. [Exeunt with loud music. 

SCENE II.— ..4 Room in Malefort's House. 

Enter Theocrine, Page, and Waiting- 

Theoc. Talk not of comfort ; I am both 
ways wretched. 
And so distracted with my doubts and fears, 
I know not where to fix my hopes. My loss 
Is certain in a father, or a brother, 
Or both ; such is the cruelty of my fate. 
And not to be avoided. 

1 Wom. You must bear it 
With patience, madam. 

2 Worn. And what's not in you 

To be prevented, should not ca^use a sorrow 
Which cannot help it. 

Page. Fear not my brave lord. 
Your noble father ; fighting is to him 
Familiar as eating. He can teach 
Our modem duellists how to cleave a button, 
And in a new way, never yet found out 
By old Caranza. 

1 Wom. May he be victorious. 
And punish disobedience in his son ! 
Whose death, in reason, should at no part 

move you, 

lie being but half your brother, and the 

Which that might challenge from you, for- 

By his impious purpose to kill him, from 

He received life. {A shout within. 

2 Wom. A general shout 

I Wom. Of joy. 

Page. Look up, dear lady ; sad news 
never came 
Ushcr'd with loud applause. 

PAeoc. I stand prepared 
To endure the shock of it. 

Enter Usher. 

C/sh. 1 am out of breath 
With running to deliver first— 

Theoc. What? 

Ush. We are all made. 
My lord 1ms won the day ; your brother's 

slain ; 
The pirates gone : and by the governor. 
And states, and all the men of war, he is 
Brought home in triumph : — nay, no musing, 

pay me 
For my good news hereafter. 

Theoc. Heaven is just ! 

Ush. Give thanks at leisure ; mAke all 
haste to meet him. 
I could wish I were a horse, that I might 

bear you 
To him upon my back. 

Page. Thou art an ass. 
And this is a sweet burthen. 

C/sh. Peace, you crack-rope 1 [Exeunt, 

SCENE IIL— ^ Strut, 

Loud music. Enter Montreville, Bdgaide, 
Beaufort senior, Beaufort /unior /Male- 
fort, /illowed by Montaigne, Chamont, 
and Lanour. 

Beau/, sen. All honours we can give you, 
and rewards. 
Though all that's rich or precious in Mar- 
Were laid down at your feet, can hold no 

With your deservings : let me glory in 
Your action, as if it were mine own ; 
And have the honour, with the arms of love. 
To embrace the great performer of a deed 
Transcending aU this country e'er could 
boast of. 
Mont. Imagine, noble sir, in whatwe may 
Express our thankfulness, and rest assured 
It shall be freely granted. 
Cham. He's an enemy 
To goodness and to virtue, that dares think 
There's anything within our power to give. 
Which you in justice may not boldly chal- 
Lan. And as your own ; for we wU ever be 
At your devotion. 

Male/ Much honour'd sir. 
And you. my noble lords, I can say only. 
The greatness of your favours overwhdms 

And like too large a sail, for the small bark 
Of my poor merits, sinks me. That I stand 
Upright in your opinions, is an honour 
Exceeding my deserts, I having done 
Nothing but what in duty I stcxxl bound to : 



And to expect a recompeiKse were base, 

j Good deeds being ever in themselves re- 

• Yet since your liberal bounties tell roe that 

1 1 may, with your allowance, be a suitor, 

; To you, my lord, I am an humble one. 
And must ask that, which known, I fear you 

Censure me over bold. 
Btauf, sen. It must be something 

' Of a strange nature, if it find from me 
Denial or delay. 

> Male/. Thus then, my lord. 
Since you encourage me : you are happy in 

- A worthy son, and all the comfort that 
Fortune has left me, is one daughter ; now. 
If it may not appear too much presumption. 
To seek to match my lovniess with your 

I should desire (and if I may obtain it, 
I write nil ultra to my largest hopes) 
She may in your opinion be thought worthy 
To be received into your family, 
And married to your son : their years are 

And their desires, I think, too ; she is not 
Ignoble, nor mv state contemptible, 
^id if you think me worthy your alliance, 

. Tii an I do aspire to. 

' Beau/, jun. You demand 

! Tliat which with all the service of my life 
I should have labour'd to obtain from you. 

sir, why are you slow to meet so fair 
And noble an offer? can France show a \irgin 
That maybepandlel'd with her ? is she not 
Tbepheeniz m the time, the fairest star 
In the teight sphere of women ? 

BwoMf. sen. oe not rapt so : 
TboDgh I dislike not what is motion'd, yet 
In what so near concerns mc, it is fit 

1 should procee d with judgment. 

Bnter Usher, Theocrine, P^ige, and 

Bian/.iun. Here she comes : 
Look on her with impartial eyes, and then 
Let envy, if it can, name one graced feature 
In whioi she is defective. 

Male/ Welcome, girl ! 
MV joy, my comfort, my delight, my all, 
Vl/iiy dost thou come to greet my victory 
In sncfa a sable habit ? lliis shew'd well 
Wben thy father was a prisoner, and sus- 
pected ; 
Bat now bis faith and loyalty are admired. 
Rather than doubted, in your outward gar- 
Tott m to eipress the joy you fed within: 

Nor should you with more curiousness and 

Pace to the temple to be made a bride. 
Than now, when all men's eyes arc fixt upon 

You should appear to entertain the honour 
From mc descending to you, and in which 
You have an equal share. 

Theoc. Heaven has my thanks, 
With all humility paid for your fair fortune. 
And so far duty binds me ; yet a little 
To mourn a brother's loss, however wicked* 
The tenderness familiar to our sex 
May, if you please, excuse. 

Male/. Thou art deceived. 
He, living, was a blemish to thy beauties. 
But in his death gives ornament and liistre 
To thy perfections, but that they arc 
So exquisitely rare, that they admit not 
The least addition. Ha ! here's yet a print 
Of a sad tear on thy cheek ; how it takes 

Our present happiness ! with a father's lips,. 
A loving father s lips, I'll kiss it off. 
The cause no more remember'd. 

Theoc. You forget, sir. 
The presence we are in. 

Male/ 'Tis well consider 'd ; 
And yet, who is the owner of a treasure 
Above all value, but, without offence, 
May glory in the glad possession of it ? 
Nor let it in your excellence beget wonder. 
Or any here, that looking on the daughter, 
I feast myself in the imagination 
Of those sweet pleasures, and allowed de- 
I tasted from the mother, who still lives 
In this her perfect model ; for she had 
Such smooth and high-arch 'd brows, such 

sparkling eyes. 
Whose every glance stored Cupid's emptied 

Such ruby lips, — and such a lovely bloom, 
Disdaining all adulterate aids of art. 
Kept a perpetual spring upon her face. 
As Death himself lamcnt»Ll, being forced 
To blast it with his paleness : and if now, 
Her brightness dimm'd with sorrow, take 

and please you. 
Think, think, young lord, when she appears 

This veil removed, in her own natural pure- 

How far she will transport you. 
Beau/ jun. Did she need it, 
The praise which you (and well deserved) 

give to her. 
Must of necessity raise new desires 
In one indebted more to years ; to me 



>e heigliL 

That flnm« already 
Matff. -No more ; 
I do believe you, and le< me fninl you 
FindKi mucli credit ; when I mike neiyouia, 
I do posHss you of a gift, wMcli I 
With mucli unwillingness pari irora. My 

good lords, 
PortJear your runher tioiihte ; give me leave. 
For on Inc suildea t ani indisposed, 
To FEtlre 10 my own house. euiJ resi : to- 

Ai you command me. t will be your gucM, 
And having dcck'd my daughter like liecseif. 
You shall have further conterence, 

Bauf, »■. You are master 
or your own will ; but fail not, I'll expect 

M^f. Nay, I will be excused : I must 
part with you. 

[ To yimng Bcaufon and tht nil. 
My dearest Tlieocrine, give me Ihy liand, 
1 will support lljee. 
Tktx. You grtpc it loo hard, sir. 
Maltf. Indeed I do, but have no further 

But love and lenderaMs, such a 

And you must giant. Thou ml 

And to be cherish 'd. 

Tktac. May I still deserve it I 


SCENE \.~A Ban^/aeling-moM in 

Beaufort's //i/hu. 

Enter BeauTon sin'i/r, and Slewan). 

BtQvf, stn , Have you been careful ? 

Stem. With my best endeavours. 

Let ihem bring slomiichs, there's no vranl 

of meat. sir. 
Portly and curious viands me prepared. 
To please all kindi of appelilcs, 

Beauf. Kit. Tis well. 
1 love a tahle fumisli'd wilh full ptenly, 
And store of friends lo eat 11 1 but Wilh this 

For some men ihai come rather (o devour 
Than to present their service. AtlMstime, 

Without tnvilemcnl. 

Slew. Wilh your favour, then, 

QU must double your guard, my lord, for 
^j mv knowlediTC. 

Dya file of musketeers : and 'tis tesidangei, 
I'll uDdejiakc. lo stand at push of pihe, 
With an enemy in a breach, Uiai under- 

And (he cannon playing on it. than lo stop 
One harpy, your peqiciual gucJl, from cn- 



Were not made up of a much tougher stuff 
Than his buff jerliin, there were no defence 
Against the charge of hii guts ; you needs 

He's eminent for his eating. 
Beai-/. ifH. O, Belgarde 1 
iSfrw. The same ; one of the adndCBl's 

Who swear, (heic being 

The only drilling is to eat devoutly. 
And to be em drinking— tlioi's allow'd of. 
But Ihey know not where lo gel il, (here's 
the spite on 'I. 
Bau/. m. The more Ihcir misery ; yet. 

For this day put him off. 

S/nn. Il is beyond 
The invention of man. 

Btaa/. len. No :— say this only. 

And as from me; you apprehend me? 
Sine. Yes. sir. 

Bean/, an. But il must be done gravely. 
Slrai. Never doubt me, sir. 
" " . We'll dine m ihe gieai room, 


but let Ihe I 
And banquet be prepared here, 

SInv. This will make him 
Lose his dinner at the least, and IhalwiU 

As for the sweetmeats, when Ihey are trod 

Let him rnke his share with the pjgesand 

the rushes. 



Enter Belgarde. 

Tis near twelve ; 

ratch within me never misses. — 

master steward ! 
'ou are most welcome, sir. 
[as thy lord slept well to-night? 
le to enquire. 

olish dream, that, against my will, 
e from my lodging, to learn only 

ic's in most perfect health, sir. 
«t me but see him feed heartily at 

elieve so too ; for from that ever 
certain judgment, 
t holds surely 
wa constitution, 
jid in all men's, 

est symptom ; let us lose no time, 

Troth, sir, if I might, 
offence, deliver what my lord has 
d to my trust, I shall receive it 
ial favour. 

V«'ll see it, and discourse. 
x>verb says, for health sake, after 

after supper ; willingly then 
I mile to near thee. 
May, good sir, 
>rief and pithy, 
hithee be so. 

ie bid me say, of all his guests, 

>st affected to you, for the freedom 
Hess of your manners. He ne'er 
ved vou 

t dish about, you did not like of, 
pleasing to you ; or to take 

venison, or stale fowl, by your 

a solecism at another's table ; 
•utig eating of them, did confirm 
•r were delicious to your palate, 
they were mortified, as the Hugonot 

«ir part grows greater ; nor do you 

: with the sauce, keen hunger being 


er, to yoiu: much praise, you bring 


fQVL with impertinent relations, 

a master-piece when meat's before 

ir teeth, to use your nimble tongue, 

e feat you come for. 

te advised, 

four jeering ; for, if you proceed, 

You'll feel, as I can eat I can be angry ; 
And beating may ensue. 

Stew. I'll take your counsel. 
And roundly come to the point : my lord 

much wonders. 
That you, that are a courtier as a soldier. 
In all things else, and eveiy day can vary 
Your actions and discourse, continue constant 
To this one suit. 

Belg. To one ! 'tis well I have one. 
Unpawn 'd, in these days ; every cast com- 
Is not blest with the fortime, I assure you. 
But why this question ? does this oftend him ? 
Stew. Not much ; but he believes it is the 
You ne'er presume to sit above the salt ; 
And therefore, this day, our great admiral. 
With other states, being invited guests. 
He does entreat you to appear among them. 
In some fresh habit. 

Belg. This staff shall not serve 
To b^t the dog off ; these are soldier's gar- 
And so by consequence grow contemptible. 
Stew. It has stung him. \ Aside. 

Belg. I would I were acquainted with the 
In charity they might furnish me: but 

there is 
No faith in brokers ; and for believing tailors. 
They are only to be read of, but not seen ; 
And sure they are confined to their own hells, 
And there they live invisible. Well, I must not 
Befubb'doffthus: prayyou, report my service 
To the lord governor ; I will obey him : 
And though my wardrobe's poor, rather 

than lose 
His company at this feast, I will put on 
The richest suit I have, and fill the chair 
That makes me worthy of. [Exit. 

Stew. We are shut of him. 
He will be seen no more here: how my 

Will bless me for his absence ! he had 

starved them. 
Had he staid a little longer. Would he 

For his own sake, shift a shirt ! and that's 

the utmost 
Of his ambition : adieu, good captain. 


SCENE l\.—The same. 
Enter Beaufort senior, and Beaufort /tf««tf^. 

Beau/, sen. 'Tis a strange fondness. 

Beau/, jun. Tis beyond example. 
His resolution to part with his estate. 
To make her dower the weightier, i^ nothing ; 


But to observe liow curious he » 

In his o*n person, lo add ornament 

To his daughter's ravishing fcalurcs. it thf 

I senl a page of mine in the wajr of courtship 
This morning lo lier, to present my service, 
From wham I understand all. There he 

found him 
Solidlous in whal sliape ihe should appear ; 
This gown was rich, but Ihe fashion stale ; 

(he other 
Wasquninl, andneni, but Ihc stuff not rich 

enough : 
Then does he curse Ihe lailor. and in rage 
Falls on her ihoemaket. for wanting an 
To express in every circumstance the form 
Of hetmost delicate toot ; then sits is council 
With much delibenuton. to find out 
Wluit lire would best adorn her ; and one 

Voiying in his oixnion, he lean ofT. 
And stamps it under foot: then tries a second. 
A third, and fourth, and satisfied at lengtli. 
With much ado, in that, he grow.'- — '- 
Peiplex'd and troubled where lo 


mlikwhite paps, disputing oa it both 

[icn taking in his haad a rope of pearl, 
(The best of France,) he seriously considers. 
Whether he should dispose it on her arm. 
Or on her neck ; with twenty other trifles. 
Too tedious to deliver. 

Btamf. »H. I have knoM'n him 
From his first youth, hut never yel observed, 
In oil the paiKiges of his life and fortunes, 
Vulues so mixed wrlh vices: valiant the 

world speaks him, 
Butwith that, bloody; liberal In his giltsToo. 
. ... io maintain his faodigal expense, 
A fierce extortioner ; an impotent lover 

ih, but, his fins quctich'd. 
Hating as deadly : the truth is. 1 am nul 
Ambitiousof thismalcb i nor will I cross you 
In roar affections. 

Seauf. jva. I have ever found yon 
(And 'tis my happiness) a lovine lather. 

And careful of my goDd :— by the loud music, 
As you gave 

Butcr Maleforl. Ntontaigne, Chamont, La. 

nour, Montreville, Theoerine, Usher, 

Page, jiirf Waiting-women. 

Bern/, sat. You are m«i welcome. 
And what 1 speak to you, does from tt;y heart 
Disperse Itself to all. 

Miilrf. You meet, my lord, 
Vour t^uble. 

u/.iiB. Rather, sir. increase of honour. 
When you are pleased to grace my hou 

BtaKf.jun. The favour 
Isdoubledon my pan, most worthy sir, 
l>ince your fair daughter, my incomparable 

Deigns us her presence. 

Malef. View her well. Iirave Beaufort, 
But yet at distance ; you hereafter may 
Make your approaches nearer, when the 

Knth made It tawfiil : and were not she min 
t durst aloud proclaim it. Hymen riever 
Put on hb laiTron-colouni'd robe, to change 
A barrenvirgin name, with more good omens 
llian at her nuptials. Look on her again. 
Then lell mc if she now appear the same. 
That she was ycsiBrday, 

" w. Being herself, 

I but be excellent ; these rich 
IS dressings, which in others might 
Cover deformities, ftom her take lustre, 
Nor can add to her. 

Malif. You conceive her right, 
.*nd in your admiration of her sweetness. 
You only citn deserve her. Blush not, girl 
Thou art above bis praise, or mine : nor can 
Obsequious Flattery, though she should nit 
Her thousand tnl'd longues la advance thy 

Glvenught. {for that's impossible,)bi]l take 


ingraces land even then. 

That, losing her own ser\'itc shape and i 
-She will be thought Detraction : but I 
Forgetmysclf ; and something whispers 1 

My proper issue, and, like the foolish crow. 
Believe my black brood swans. 
Btauf. sea. There needs not. Sir, 



The least excuse for this ; nay, I must have 
Yourann* you being the master of the feast, 
And this the mistress. 

TAeoc, I am any thing 
That you shall please to make me. 

Beauf.jun. Nay, 'tis yours. 
Without more compliment 
Momt. Your will's a law, sir. 

[Loud music. Exeunt Beaufort se- 
nior, Malefort, Theocrine, Beau- 
fort junior, Montaigne, Cha- 
mont, Lanour, Montreville. 
Vsk, Would I had been bom a lord 1 
I Worn, Or I a lady ! 
Page. It may be you were both begot in 
Though bred up in the city ; for your 

As I have heard, loved the lobby ; and 

there, nightly, 
Are seen strange apparitions : and who 

But that some noble faun, heated i»ith wine. 
And doy'd with partridge, had a kind of 

To traxw in sprats? this needs no exposi- 
tion : — 
But can you yield a reason for your wishes ? 
Ush. Why, had I been bom a lord, I had 

been no servant. 
X Worn. And whereas now necessity 
makes us waiters. 
We had been attended on. 

a Wont. And might have slept then 
As long as we ploused, and fed when we 

had stomachs. 
And worn new clothes, nor lived as now, in 

Of a cast gown, or petticoat. 

Pa^e. You are fools. 
Apd Ignorant of your happiness. Ere I was 
Sworn to the pantofle, I have heard my tutor 
Ptove it by Xo^, that a ser\'ant's life 
Was better than his masters ; and by that 
I leam'd from him, if that my memory fail 

211 make it good. 

Usk. Proceed, my little wit 
Jm decimo sexto. 

Page, Thus then : From the king 
To the beggar, by gradation, all arc ser- 
vants ; 
And you must grant, the slavery is less 
To study to please one, than many. 
£/!*, True. 

Page. Well then ; and first to you, sir : 
you complain 
You serve one lord, but your lord serves a 

Besides his passions, that are his worst 

masters ; 
You must humour him, and he is bound to 

Every grim sir above him : if he frown. 
For the least neglect you fear to lose your 

place ; 
But if, and with all slavish observation, 
From the minion's self, to the groom of his 

He hourly seeks not favour, he is sure 
To be eased of his office, though perhaps he 

bought it. 
Nay, more ; that high disposer of all such 
That are subordinate to him, serves and fears 
The fuiY of the many-headed monster. 
The giddy multitude : and as a horse 
Is still a horse, for all his golden trappings. 
So your men of purchased titles, at their 

best, are 
But serving-men in rich liveries. 

Ush. Most rare infant ! 
Where learad'st thou this morality ? 

Page. Why, thou dull pate. 
As I told thee, of my tutor. 
3 Wont. Now for us, boy. 
Page, I am cut off : — the governor. 

F.nter Beaufort senior and BcAufort Junior; 
Ser^Emts setting forth a banquet. 

Beau/, sen. Quick, quick, sirs. 
See all things perfect. 
Serv. Let the blame be ours else. 
Beau/, sen. And, as I said, when we are 
at the banquet. 
And high in our cups, for 'tis no feast with- 
out it, 
Especially among soldiers ; Tljcocrinc 
Being retired, as that's no place for her, 
Take you occasion to rise from the table. 
And lose no opportunity. 

Beau/, jun. 'Tis my purpose ; 
And if I can win her to give her heart, 
I have a holy man in readiness 
To join our hands ; for tlie admiral, her 

Repents him of his grant to me, and seems 
So far transported with a strange opinion 
Of licr fair features, that, should we defer it, 
I think, ere long, he will belie\'e, and 

The dauphin is not worthy of her : I 
Am much amazed with't. 
Bcauf. sen. Nay. dispatch there, fellows. 
[Exeunt Beaufort .senior and Bcslm- 
ioTt Junior. 
Serv. Wc are ready, when you please. 
Sweet forms, your pardon I 
It has been sucli a busy time, I could not 




Tendfr Ihnl ceremonious raped 

Wliich you deserve ; bul now, the great 

wotk ended, 
t wDl nllend Ihc less, and with all care 
Obscrre and serve you. 

Puge. This is a pcnn'd speech. 
And serves as a petpelua) piefocc to 
A dinner made oT frasmenls. 

Ui». Wc mut on you- [Eitunt. 

SCESE m.—TAt same. A SaniUt/ itt 

isr. Male-. 
lontieviUe, anif ixrvaDls. 

fan. Mo 

Biauf. sin. You arc not me 

A/ah/. Yes, my good lord. 
You have giv ' 

(dl cares :■ 
And yet I nourish strange thoughts, wliieh 

Most viillingly destroy. [Asidt. 

Btauf. itH. Pray yoa. lalie your place. 

Seat^, Jan, And drink a h^lh ; and let 
it be, if you please. 
To the worthiest cf women.— Now observe 

IS ample means lo drown 


M<>1>/. Give me the bowl ; since you d 
me the honour, 
I will begin i(. 
Cham, May wc know ber name, sir ? 
Maltf, You shall ; I wiU not choose 

foreign queen's. 
[or yet our own, for ihal would relish of 
Jtame flfltlciy ; nordolhdrheiEhl of title, 
'Or absolute powcT, conflrm ihelt wortli an 

These being heaven's gifts, and frequently 

On such as are beneath ihem ; nor will I 
Name llie king's mblress. howsoever she 
' ■ ' esteem may cany ii ; bul if I, 

le gives liberty, may use my freedom. 
Not swayd this way oi that, with confidence, 
(And I wQI make it good on any equal,) 

'o her whose oulwnrd form 

beauty & 

with justice can pretend 

_ .._j so sacred health. 

Bul my fair daughler. He that only doubts il 
do pronounce a villain : this lo her, then 

MiMt. What may m think of (his ? 

Btaaf. Ita, It matters not. 

£dH, For my put, I will sooth him, rather 

rislit ; if 

Beaaf.jnH, It has gone round, s 

Malif. Now you have di 
there be any 
Worthy to second this, propose it boldly. 
* a.m ycur pled^. 

Bmvf.ttn. Let's pause here, if yoaplcase. 

- ■■ "lertain the time with something else. 


I hisc 

lofty St 

That I gav 
-'hi Soldii 


Ir wlio dans 

order for ; the new one, a. 
■j DcUehl. 

\Masic and a ScKg. 
EnliT Belgatde lo armstir. a tail of 


it 1 appear not 
rich and glorious habil llinl 

Jlele? Whet court* 

Renders a m 

Withitaleond ... 

Accoutred, I may enter ? Or what fe« 
Though all the elements at once 

To store il with variety transcending 

(Where princes only, and confederate kings. 
Did sit as guests, served and attended on 
By the senators of Rome,) at which a soldier. 
In this his natural and proper shape. 
Might not. and boldly, 511 a scat, and by 
His presence make the great solemnity 
More honour'd and remarkable? 

Beau/. SOI. 'Tis acknowledged ; 
And this a grace done to me unexpected. 

Monl. But why in armour? 

Afali/. What's the mystery? 
Pray you, reveal that. 

Btlg. Soldiers out of action. 
Thai very tare • • • • • 

• • • • • but. like unbidden guests. 
Bring their slools with them, for their own 

hould feed in guantlets ; they mny 


Their fingers ci 


Thai never charged beyond a mistress' lips, 
Aiesllll most keen, and But lo you. 
Whom it does most concern, my lord. I will 
Address my speech, and, with a soldier's 

In my reproof, return the bitter scoff 
You threw upon my poverty : you contei 
My coaiser ouKide, artd fixitn ilial concluded 
(As by your groom you nude 



1 was unworthy to lil U your Cabit?. 
Among These tissues aad embroideries. 
Unless I changed myhatnl : I havedoneit, 
And ibcw myself in tliit which I have worn 
in the heal and fertour of a bloody fighl ; 
And then it VI3S in fashion, not as now. 
Ridiculous and despised. Tliis liuli past 

Wllh Ihii. as still you see it, fnsb 

tic charged througli lire Ihat would have 

singm your labls. 
Bbclc (ox. and ccnunes. and dianged the 

pnmd colour 

ic trapping 
Iminil Dinl 

My licliesl suit, a suit I must not pan from. 
But not regarded now ; and yet remember, 
"Id wc that bring you in the means of feasts. 
Banquets, and revels, wbicb, when you 

Wf h baiiMTOUS ingratitude you deny us 
To be niade sluiiers in the harvest, which 
isuy reapd. and Son 

fur you. 
the silks you we 

This massy plait 

u, we with our blood spin 
', that KiiXi the ponderous 
cnplxiaids ciack, «i 

nr the long and tedious wa] 

1 .iniersofthe deep, thatvrai 

...^ iiili ready to devour us.) 

.1' olherworld. Letilnotthei 

!ji .i.'Lci .\'^'-i. ta your shame be spoken, 

That yuii. with no relenliDg eyes, Itxik on 

Dnr innts that feed your plenty: or coi 

in gifts on drones. 
11 wijh liie haiaid of our lives 

pncss In you. aod 

UpoB the tiaiTBi mrrfs, but spring ud fruit, 

ran, H 

Such as you long have vrish'd for. And Ilie 

Of your profession, like you, discontented 
For warn of means, shall, in their present 

Be bound lo praise your boldness 

I will take order you shall have no ca' 

But in the face ol an cncmv ; not as i . , 
Among your fneods. To ihai which is du6 

To fiimisb you like yourself, of mine own 

I'll add fire hundred crowns. 

CAdW. I. to my power, 
Will follow the example. 

AfffH/. Take this, captain, 
'Tis all my present store ; but whtm you 

Command me fiirther. 
Lan. 1 could wish it more. 
Bi/^. This it the luckieil jest ever a 


lo other seribe to diaw 
TTic form of his peiiiion. This wiil speed 
When your Ihrice-humblesupphcalioDs. 
With prayers for increase of heallti and 

To their grave lordships, shall, as loc 

Be pocketed up, the cause DO man 

member-d ; 
When this dumb rhetoric lylsidt.\~Vfta. I 

have a life. 
Which 1. in thankfulness for your gnat 

My noble lords, when you please lo coni- 

Must never think mine own, — Broker, be 

These golden birds fly to Ihec. [£jeil. 

BiaMf. 111. Vou arc dull, sir, 

taken with the passage 

You saw presented. 

hfalt/. Passage f I 
My thoughts were el 


Mmlr. What chlmenu 
Work on your fantasy t 

Malt/. Kanlasicsl Ihevare Imths. 
Where is my Theocrine f you have plotted 
Totobmcof mydaulhla; briag mc to hav. 1 

You are inhosratabla. 


Voui daughiei's safe, and now exchanging 

Willi myson, herservant. Why do you liear 

Wi!h uichdiiiractcd looks, since 
you broughl her hilher? 

Malif, Tis confisid I dW ; 
But DOW. pray you, pardon me; and, Stysa. 

Ere sbedelivers up her virEin fori, 
I would observe wbat is the on he uses 
In planting his aitiUerT ngoinsl il ; 
She is my only can. nor nuisl she yield, 
Bui upon noble tenns. 

BttM/. sat. Tlssodcterniined. 

MaUf, Yet 1 am Jealous. 

Meal. Ovennucti, I fear. 
Whajjassiaasatelhesi:? \Asidt, Than 

Btaiif. ttn. Con 
Where yr "^ 

fan. Montre 
Bia*/. stn. Yonder Ihey v 

is yet well, 
ly take (hen 
itb a thousand bui 

Sweat 'lis the anchor (o 
Tkac. You may. sir. 
Malt/. Somewhat loo 
Beau/.juit. And Ihis < 

L, wilh these, i 

will bring you 

i may they lose the 
When they seek other obiecl 
Mall/. This b more 
in give ci 

le. view myself 

iiyirf sight. 

■The love-scene acted. 

Mo«lr. Th, 
Than lalheTly love in Ihis. 

M<mf. We wait u 


tr Hoom in Beaufort's 

£Httr'BKaaSoTt junisr, anrfTbeooine. 

Btau/.jun. Snce (hen you meet my flames 

with equal ardour, 

At you profess, it Is your boualy, mistress, 

Hot must 1 call it debt ; yet 'lis your glory. 

Ttal your excess supplies my want, and 

supplies my t 

Stmag in my weakness, which could D> 
9at iti yoiii good opinion. 

nix. You leach me. sir. 
What I sbould say ; since from youi su: 

I, like dim Pliabe. in herself obacuie, 


V that you will o' 

hnd I dare not contend, were you but pleased 
To make whal's yet divided one. 

Thm. I have 
Already in my wishes ; modesty 
Foibiib me lo speak more. 

Bia^f. jun. But what Bssuianee. 
But still wilhout oflence, may I demand, 
That may secure me that your heart and 

Join lo make harmony ? 

TktK. Chocseany. 
Suiting your love, dislinguisbed liroai lutt. 
To ask, and mine to giant 

Biaa/. jun. And a kiss 
Thus primed onvourlips,wi!liioldisli 
Matt/ Hcrhpsi 
MenlT. Why, where should he kla ) are 

Btav/. jum. Then, when Ihu holy man 

hftlh made il lawful 

Malif. A priest so ready loo I 1 must 

Biau/.juK. And whal's spoke here is re- 
gisier'd above ; 
I must engross thoie favours lo myselT 
Which are not to be named. 

Thm. All 1 can give, 
But what they are I know no I. 

Btau/.jun. I'll insltuci )-ou. 

MaU/. O how my blood boils ! 

Montr. Pray you, contain yourself; 
Melhinks his courtship's modest. 

Bmu/.tHn. Then being mine. 
And wholly mine, the river of your 
To kiosmea and ^lies, nay, lo yo 
(Howe'er out of his lendemess ii 

Must in the ocean oFvOUr atreeiio 


jr father. 

'd up. and 
Compued wilh whal you owe iim. 

TMeoe. 'Tis most fit, sir. 
The stronger bond that binds mc to you. 
Dissolve the weaker. 

Malt/. I am niin'd, if 
I come not fairly off, 

Biau/. stn. 'rhere's noibiug n^ntiiig 
But your consent. 

Malt/. Sotne strange Invention oi ._ 
This I )-es. it must be so. iAsi& 

Montr. Why do you slagg'*''. 
When what you seeln'd so much to wish, fs 

Bolh potties twing agrwd lo 


Biavf. iin. I'll not toort 
A grant from you. nor da I wrons y( 

Though I 5.1)- my son deserves her. 

Makf. Tu far from 
My humble IhoughB to undervalue hitn 
1 cannot priie too high ; for howsoever 
Prom jay own fond indulgence I have &u 
Her pratsci with too prodigHl a tongue, 
That tf nileincss laid by, 1 stand confiim'i 
All that ! fancied excellent in her, 
RalajiL-cd H iih what is really his o*m, 
Hcilds u-ei^hl in no piDponion. 

Mimtr. New turnings! 

Btaitf. an. Whilher tendj this? 

Muttf. Had you observed, my lord. 
With what a sweet gradaiion he woo'd, 
Aa I ilid puociually, you cannot blame her, 
Tliotish she did tisien with a gieedy eai 
iS his Mr modest offers : but so great 
A good as then flow'd to her. should have t>een 

lib more dulitiermioti enlertaln'd, 

with tueh haste iwallowd ; she shall 

bapiMneEi. and with what oulstittch'd 

flMB/>l., TbisiS 

Bi-yond cinmple. 

Malcf. Lei 11 Ihen begin 
From me : in what's miive own 111 use my wi 
And yield no fiinber reOMn, I lay claim . 
The lihcny of a subject. [Xuiia firwanl 

and mui Theoc.}-FaU not off, 
Bm be obedimi, of by ibe hair 
ril drag thee home. Censure me as you please, 
m take my own way—O, the inwaid fiia 
Thai, wanlinc vent, consume me I 

(/;»i/ iffrt Thcocrine. 

MtHlr, Ta most certain 
He's 1 

•hHllw.ilkin clouds, but tlldiirovfrMm: 
Am) be shall Ond and feci, if be eicuse not. 
And with itroDg tcasoni. this gross injuiy. 
' — m»k« uv: of my auihoriiy. [£^niHl, 


— A Xoom ft Malefort's 
EHfir Malcfoil. 

ThelorchthalfmdilhemwBS not lighted at 
Thy allais, Cupid : vindicate thyself, 
And do not own it ; and confinn it rather. 
That this Infernal brand, that turns me 

Was by the snake-hair'd usten thrown int<r 
My gnilly bosom. O that 1 uraa evtr 
Aceuis'd in having issue I my son's blood, 

gTiat like the poison'd shin of Hercules 
roM's to each part about me.) which my hate 
Forced fitim hua with much willingness, may 

wicked lust) 
1 rmi uo^ pu^uG ner, ts a grcaECT cnme 

should afBict her innocence. With whttt 

I have betray 'd myself, and did not feel 
The icorching heat that now with fury rages I 
lATiy was I tender of her? eover'd with 
Hiat fond disguise, this mischief stole upon 

ugbi il no oRence lo kiss her often. 

rine mine arms about her softer necfcjj 
And by false shadows of a father's kinds 
I long deceived myself : but now tbc r"- 
Is too apparent. How I strove to be 
Id her opinion held the worthiest mar 
In couttship. form, and feature! envying 
That was pieferr'd before mo; and yet I. 
My wishes to myself weie not dbcover'd. 
But siai my firas increased, and with deliglit' 

lid call her mistress, vrlllingly forgetting 
The name of daughter, choosing nubcr she 
Should style me servant, than, with revereDce, 

t, waking, I ne'er cherish'd obscene hop«^ 
It in my troubled slunr.beis often the ' ' 
e wa;s too near to me. and then sli 

At my imoginnlion ; which piss'd, 
(My eyes twing Open Dot condernning il, 
'" s ravlsh*d will] the pleasure of the dr< 
. spite of these lempMlions. I lutvere 
I'hat pleads ngaintl them, and «r 

Exifnjpiish these abominDble fins '. 

will do it : I will send hertuck 
To him iJiflt loves her lawfully. ""' 


Baitr Tboocrine. 

Thex. Sit. did you call ? 
Uati/. I look no sooner on \\a, 
But all my boaslnl power of reaum leave 
And pusion nenia usurps her empira.- 
Dod none else wail me ? 

Thtet. 1 ttin wretched, sir, 
Should anyowe more duly. 

AUltf. This is worse 
Than (Usobcdience ; leave me. 

rhioe. On my kuea, sir, 
A* I have ever squared my will by yours. 
And liked and loath'd wilh your eyes, I be- 
seech yon 

1 teach me wbal the natuic of ni^ fault is. 
That halh inceni'd you ; sure 'Oa one of 

id not of malice, wh ieh your gcntlerlempcr, 
_n my submi^on. I hope, will pardon : 
Which emnled by your |ucLy. if thai I, 
Out of llie least neglect of mine heieaflcr, 
Make you remember it. may Isiokevec 
Under yout dread command, tit. 

MaUf. O my slais ! 
Wbo can but doai on this humility, 

That sweetens Lovely in her tear* 1 

The (etlCTS 
That scem'd lo leraen in their weight but ddw, 
By IhlSBTOw heavier on mc \Aii<li. 

TAmc. Dearjir— 

Ma/i/. Peace 1 
I must not hear thee. 

TioK. Nor look on me? 

Mall/. No. 
Thy looks and words are charms. 

Tint. May they have power then 
To calm the tempest of your wrath 1 Alas, 

Did I but know in what I i^ve offence, 
In my repentance I would show my sorrow 
For what is past, and. in my caie hcreaflcr, 

i^ee hie. wilhout your favonr, is lo me 
A load J would cast off- 
ifale/. O that my hear! 

IS method, 

. . jn: That which all ihe world 

Admires and cries 1^ in theefor perfecdons, 
'~~ !a unhappy mcfaul blemishes, 

mulcts in nature. If thou hadlt been 

Deforni*d and crooked in Itie fcaliucs ■:>C 
Thy body, as the manners erf thy mind ; 
Mool-lipp'd. flat-nosed, dim-eyed, an 

With a dwarfs siature to a giant's waist ; 
SouT-breath'd, with claws for fit.sers on ihy 

SpUy-fooled, gouty-I^g'd, and over all 
A loathsome tepro>y h.-id spread itself. 
'1 math: thee shunn'd of human Icllow- 

I bad been blest. 

TAoK. Why, would you wish a monster 
(For such a one, or worse, you have de- 
To call you father? 

Maltf. Rather than as now, 
(Though I had drown'd thee for it in tlie sen,) 
Appearing, as thoa dost, a new Pando 
With Juno's fair cow.eyes. Minerva's bi 
Aurora's btuibing cheeks. Hebe's fresh 

Venus' soft |ia|>i, with Thetis' silver feet. 
Tke»(. Sir, you have liked and iovcd 
them, and oft forced. 
With your hyperboles of praise pour'd a 

My modesiy to a defensive red, 

Strew'd o'er thai palcDCsS, which you then 

were pleased 
To style tiie purest white. 
M„Uf. And in that cup 
I drank the poison 1 now feel dispersed 
Through every vein and artery. Wherefore 

So cruel to me ? This thy outward shape 
Brought a fierce wir against me, not to be 
By flesh and blood resisted : but to leave mi 
No hope of freedom, from the maganne 
Of thy mind's Ibrcei. treacherously tliOU 

dnVst up 
Aiuiliaty helps to strengthen that 
Which was already in itself too potcnL 
Thybeautygavethefint charge, but thy duly, 
Seconded with Ihy care and watchful studies 
To please, and serve my will, in all that might 
Race up content in me, like thimder brr '~~ 

All opposition ; and. my ranks of reasoix 
Disbanded, my victorious passions fell 
To bloody ciecution, and compell'd m« 
Withwillmg bands to tie on my own cbaios, 
And. with a kind of flalteiing joy. to glory 
In my captivity. 

That. 1. in this yon speak, sir. 
Am ignorance itself. 

M^Uf. And so coniinue : 
For knowledge of the arm: thou bcar'sl 



Would make thee cuise thyself, but yield no 

For thee to help me : and 'twere cruelty 
In me to wound that spotless innocence, 
Howe'er it make me guilty. In a word, 
Thy pluiisy of goodness is thy ill ; 
Thy virtues vices, and thy himible lowness 
Far worse thanstubbom sullenness and pride ; 
Thy looks, that ravish all beholders else, 
As killing as the basilisk's, thy tears, 
Express'd in sorrow for the much I suffer, 
A glorious insultation, and no sign 
Of pity in thee ; and to hear thee speak 
} n thv defence, though but in silent action. 
^^ould make the hurt, already deeply fester'd, 
1 ncurable : and therefore, as thou wouldst not 
By thy pcesence raise fresh furies to tormcut 

I do conjure thee by a father's power, 
fAnd 'tis my curse I dare not think it lawful 
To sue unto thee in a nearer name,) 
Without reply to leave me. 

TlkMC. My obedience 
Never leam'd yet toquestion your commands. 
But willingly to serve them ; yet I must. 
Since that your will forbids the knowledge of 
My fault, lament my fortune. [Ext/. 

MaUf, O that I 
Have reason to discern the better way. 
And yet pursue the worse 1 When I look 

on her, 
I bum with heat, and in her absence freeze 
With the cold blasts of jealousy, that another 
Should e'er taste those delights that are 

denied me ; 
And which of these afflicdons brings less 

I hardly can distinguish : Is there then 
No mean? no ; so my understanding tells me, 
And that by my cross fates it is determined 
That I am both ways wretched. 

Entir Usher and Montreville. 

Uth. Yonder he walks, sir. 
In much vexation : he hath sent my lady. 
His daughter, weeping in; but what the 

cause is. 
Rests yet in supposition. 

MoHir, I guess at it. 
But roust be further satisfied ; I will sift him 
In private, therefore quit the room. 

Osk. I mm gone, sir. [Exit. 

Mal^, Hal who disturbs mc? Montrc- 
ville ! vour pardon. 

MotUr, Would you could grant one to 
yourself 1 I speak it 
With the assurance of a friend, and yet, 
Before it be too late, make reparation 
Of the gross wrong your indiscretion ofTer'd 

To the governor and his son; nay, to yourself; 
For there b^ins my sorrow. 

Malef. Would I had 
No greater cause to mourn, than their dis- 

fleasure ! 
dare justify 

Montr. We must not do 
All that we dare. We're private, friend. I 

Your alterations with a stricter eye. 
Perhaps, than others ; and, to lose no time 
In repetition, your strange demeanour 
To yotir sweet daughter. 

Malef. Would you could find out 
Some other theme to treat of ! 

Montr. None but this ; 
And this I'll dwell on ; how ridiculous. 

And subject to construction 

Malef. No more ! 

Montr. You made yourself, amazes me, 
and if 
The frequent trials interchanged between us 
Of love and friendship, be to their desert 
Esteem'd by you, as they hold weight with me, 
No inward trouble should be of a sha^ 
So horrid to yourself, but to me 
You stand bound to discover it, and unlock 
Your secret'st thoughts ; though the most 

innocent were 
Loud crying sins. 

Malef. And so, perhaps, they are : 
And therefore be not curious to Icam that 
Which, known, must make you hate me. 

Montr. Think not so. 
I am yours in right and wrong ; nor shall you 

\ verbal friendship in mc, but an active ; 
And here I vow, I shall no sooner know 
What the disease is, but. if you give leave, 
I will apply a remedy. Is it madness ? 
I am familiarly acquainted with 
A deep-read man, that can with charms and 

Restore you to your reason : or, suppose 
You are bewitch'd,— he with more potent 

And magical rites shall cure you. Is't 

heaven's anger? 
With penitence and sacrifice appease it.^— 
Beyond this, there is nothing that 1 can 
Imagine dreadful : in your fame and fortunes 
You arc secure ; your impious son removed 

That rcnder'd you suspected to the state ; 

And your fair daughter 

Malef. Oh I press me no further. 
Montr. Are you wrung there! Why, 
what of her? hath she 
Made shipwreck of her hoaour, or conspired 

Agtaat TOUT life ? or staid a csnuaEt iriib 
The dev^ of hcU, fat llie moicry of 
Hct young tnamotau' 

3tjif/. None of Hie* : 
Anil ret. what mLBI inirraie Ihe wonder 

BdnK innocent in herself, she huh m onnded 

But where, cnqoice nol. Vel. I know not how 
I am tMnuodcd, from my coafidencc 
Of jrour yow'd lo*e to me. lo irust you wilh 
My dearesi secret : pny you chide me for it. 
But with ■ iind of pily. not inmlUng 
On my caUmily. 

Momtr. Konriud. 

MaUf. Thb nine daughler 

Mentr. What b her bull? 

Mall/. She is loo bit to me. 

Mmlr. Ha 1 how ii (his ? 

MaW. And I bave looked upon her 
MoR than a lather should, aod longuiih to 
Enjoy her as a huib.ind. 

Where nreyour promised aids, yourelvanns. 

Your deep-ieod scholar's spells and niLlgic 

Canalllhesedisenchnnlmc? No.lmuslbe 
My own physician, and upon myself 
Pnctise a dopeiBte cure. 

Monlr. Do not contemn me : 
Enjoin mewhat you please, with anyhaiari 
I'll undertake it. What means have you 

To quench this hellish fire ? 

Mall/. All I could think on. 
But to no purpose ; and 

Does yield a kind of intermission ( 
The fury of Ihe fit. 

Mentr. Sec her no more, then. 

Mattf. 'Tis my last refuge; anc 


And ttill 'lis. todeiire 
Mmtr. Command it. 
Malef. Thus then : you ha' 
which you are 
The nbsaluie lord, whither. I p 

. I pnly you, bear 

And that the sight other may not agnin 
Nourish those flames, which I feel something 

By nil the lies of friendship I conjnie yoti. 

Aud hy a. solemn oath you must eonfirm II, 

That though my now calm'd pnsslons should 

rage higher 

Persuasions n 
add ID It, 
That I. this failing, should with hands hi 

Kneel at yourfect.aQd bathe them with tnr 


Only lo look upon her, thou);! 
You still must be obduniti 

Your pleaf 

r. that I shall be unntoved. 

Inaorable, as you would prevenl 
The grenlcM mischief lo your friend, Iha 
Could throw upon him. 

Mmlr. Well. I wiU obey you. 
But how the goi-enior will be iinsivcr'd ycU 
And 'lis material. Is nol contider'd. 

Male/ I.eBTethat to me. I'll piesenlly 

How you shall surprise ha ; be not frigliicd. 

Her eiclomations. 

Your resolution, I will not fail 
In what concerns my part. 
Mall/ Be ever bltss'd for'l 1 \_Ex, 

SCENE \l.—A SIrat. 
Enter Beaufon /Hm'nr, ChamODt, ai 


Cham. Nol lo be spoke With, say you? 
Baa/ian. No. 
Laa. Nor you 
Admilled to have 
Btaa/jun. Hi 



friend or enemy ; but 

Ciaia. Nay. be not mored. s 
L«l his passion work, and. like > 

Twill quickly lire itself. 

Btau/ Jan. Or in his deal h, 
Whieh, for her sake, till now I have forburn, 
I will revenge the Iniury he lialh dona (i 
My true and lawful love. 

itfl». How does your father. 
The governor, relish it? 

Biau/jim. Troth, he never had 
Affection lo Ihe match ; yet in his pily 

Nor will he be denied ^ and if he find ni 
Strong and iait reasons, Malcfon will bear 



Cham. In the mean time, 
Pkay you put on cheerful looks. 

Enter Montaigne. 

Btauf.Jun, Mine suit my fortune. 

Lan, O, here's Montaigne. 

Mont, I never could have met you 
More oppo rtu nely. I'll not stale the jest 
Bv my rdation ; but if you will look on 
Tne malecontent Belgarde, newly rigg'd up, 
With the train that follows him, 'twill be an 

Vf orthy of your noting. 

Beau/.jun, Look you the comedy 
Make good the prologue, or the scorn will 

Upon yourself. 

Mont. I'll hazard that ; observe now. 

Belgarde amus out of his house in a gallant 
keMt; stays at the door with his sword 

Several voices within. Nay, captain! glo- 
rious captain I 
Belg, Fall back, rascals ! 

Do you make an owl of me ? this day I will 

Receive no more petitions. — 

Here are bills of all occasions, and all sizes ! 

If this be the pleasure of a rich suit, would 
I were 

Again in my buff jerkin, or my armour ! 

Then Iwalk'd securely l^my creditors' noses, 

Not a dog mark'd me ; eveiy officer shunn'd 

And not one lousy prison would receive me : 

Bat now, as the ballad says, / am tum'd 

Tberedoes not live that thing I owe a sous to, 

But does torment me. A faithful cobler told 

With his awl in his hand, I was behindhand 

with him 
For settmg me upright, and bade me look 

to myself. 
A sempstress too. that traded but in socks, 
Swore she would set a serjeant on my back 
For a borrow'd shirt: my pay, and the 

The governor and the states bestow'd upon 

The city cormorants, my money-mongers. 
Have swallow'd down already ; they were 

I grant,— but that I should be such a fool, 
Against mv oath, being a cashier'd captain, 
To pay debts, though grown up to one and 


mora reprehension, in my judg- 

Than a shopkeeper, or a la^\7er that lends^ 

In a long dead vacation. 

Mont. How do you like 
His meditation ? 
Cham. Peace ! let him proceed. 
Belg. I cannot now go on the score for* 

And where I shall begin to paM^n — ay, marry, 
That is consider'd timely ! I paid for 
This train of yours, dame Estridge, fourteen 

And yet it is so light, 'twill hardly pass 
For a tavern reckoning, tmless it be. 
To save the charge of painting, n:urd on a 

For the sign of the feathers. Pox upon the 

Thatacaptain cannot thinkhimsclf acaptain. 
If he wear not this, like a fore-horse 1 yet it 

is not 
Staple commodity : these are perfumed too 
O' the Roman wash, and yet a stale red 

Would fill the belly better, and hiut the head 

And this is Venice gold ; would I had it again 
In French crowns in my pocket ? O you com- 
That, like me, have no dead pays, nor can 

The commissary at a muster, let me stand 
For an example to you ! as you would 
Enjoy your privileges, videlicet. 
To pay your debts, and take your letchery 

To have your issue warm'd by others fires ; 
To be often drunk, and swear, yet pay no 

To the poor, but when you share with one 

another ; 
With all your other choice immunities : 
Only of this I seriously advise you. 
Let courtiers trip like courtiers, and your 

Of dirt and dunghills mete their woods and 

In velvets, satins, tissues ; but keep you 
Constant to cloth and shamois. 

Mont. Have you heard 
Of such a penitent homily ? 
Belg. I am studying now 
Where I shall hide myself till the rumour of 
My wealth and bravery vanish : let me sec. 
There is a kind of vaulting-house not far 

Where I used tospend myaftemoons, among 
Suburb she-gamesters ; and yet, now I think 



I IrnvB crftck*d a ling i 
ra lo solder : No — 

t Cturf. O I have we spied you 1 
Bated, Upon him witlunil ceremony I 
now'i ll^ time. 
While he's in Ibe paying vein, 
3 CbhiI. Save too, brave captain ( 
Btaa/. Jan. 'Stght, how he WnnB I Ihey 

ore wone than ituNwolveji Lo Uim- 
Btlg. Shame me not in Ihe sUeels ; I was 

coming lo you. 
I Court. O, lir. you may in public paj 
for (he fiddling 
Yoa had In private. 

3 Court. We heai you are full of crowns, 

Court. And therefore, knowing you are 

Before aU be destroy'd, I'll put you in mind, 

Of your young heir here. 

a CoHit. Here's a second, sir. 
Tllal looks for a chilli's portion. 
Davni. There are reckonings 
For muscadine and eggs too. must be 

Ihoiighl on. 

Or 1 will anger yiu. Go to. you know m 
' * do not vci mc further ; by my sins. 

Tills in 

Caart. What, and in 
Such a glorious suit t 
Bilg. The likcr, wrelehed things, 

Bawd. You may pawn your clothes, sir. 
I Coart, Willyoujeeyourissueilnnc? 
a Court. Or the molhem beg ? 
Bilg. Why, you unconscionable strum pets, 
would you hni-e me. 
Transform my hat to double clouls and 

My corslet to a cradle? or my bell 

To swaddlebands P 

Or to sell my s 

Bmai. But slaid your le 

m hasly. sir. 

id laai^en wiih 

a Ctart. 'Tis Gl you should be puH* 
here's a boy, sir, 

Pra<r you. kiss him ; 'lis your own. sir. 

I Cenrl. Nay. buss lliis hrsl. 
It hatb just yout eye: : and such a pro- 

That, if the sign deoelve 

'Twill provea notable ilriker. like his father. 

Bclg. And yet you laid it lo another, 

I Court. True, 
■While you were poor ; and il was policy ; 
But she thai Las variety of Gilhers. 
And makes not choice of taim that ca 

Ne'er studied Aristotle. 

tan. A smart quean I 

Bilg. Why, braches, will you woiry me 

B C(mn. No, but ease you 
■Or your golden burthen ; the heavy cairiag 

,\nil do nol vci me further ; 
And your diseases, which are 
Whate er you think. I am not master, at 


3X breecliei I 

for soap and 
I chargeable devil 

To fetdi him oSl [ Tkty tonit fimard. 

Ettlir Beaufon leiiior. 

Mont. Your Either does it for us. 

Bnvid. The Eovemor I 

Btauf. an. What are these? 

1 Court. An it like your lordship, 
Very poor spinsters. 

Bated. I am his nur» and laundress. 

Bt/g. You have nurs'd and buTider'd me, 
hell take you lor il I 
Vanish I 

CiaiK. Do, do, andlalkwilhhimhereeliter, 

I Court. "Tis our best course. 

a Court. Well find a time lo li( him. 

lErtunt Bawd and Courtetsns. 

Beaa/.itn. Why m Ihls heal. Belgardcf 

Bclg. Youarelhecauseof'l, Who, 1? 

Bilg. Yes, your pied livery and your gold 
Draw these vexations on nie ; pray you strip 

And let me be as I wn* : I will nol loM 
The pleosuresand the freedom which I had 
1 n my certain poverty, for all the wealth 
Fair France is proud of. 

Bmuf. ita. We at better leisure 
Will learn the cause of [his. 

Bmuf.jau. Wlint answer. «r. 
From the admiral? 

Biauf. un. None ; his daughter is removeii 
To the fort of Moniteville. and he himself 
In person tied, but where, is nol discover'd 



I could tell you wonders, but the time denies 

Fit liberty. In a word, let it suffice 
The power of our ereat master is contemn'd, 
The sacred laws olGod and man profaned ; 
And if I sit down with this injury, 
I am unworthy of my place, and thou 
Of my acknowledgment : draw up all the 

As I go, I will instruct you to what purpose. 
Such as have power to punish, and yet spare, 
From fiear or from connivance, others ill. 
Though not in act, assist them in their will. 



SCENE I.-— i4 Street nearMBLlefoTi's/fouse. 

Enter Montreville and Servants, with Thco- 
cxine. Page, <zm/ Waiting-women. 

Montr, Bind them, and gag their mouths 
sure ; I alone 
Wai be your convoy. 

X Worn, Madam I 

a Worn, Dearest lady I 

Page. Let me fi^ht for my mistress. 

Serv. lis in vam, 
Little cockerel of the kind. 

Montr, Away with them, 
And do as I command you. 

[Exeunt Servants with Page and 

Tkioc, Montreville, 
You are my Cither's friend ; nay more, a 

And if a right one, as I hope to find you, 
Thouj^ in a lawful war you had surprised 
A city, that bow'd humbly to your pleasure, 
In hoaour you stand bound to guard a virgin 
From violence ; but in a free estate, 
Of which Tou are a limb, to do a wrong 
Wbkfa noble enemies never consent to, 
b sodi an insolence 

Montr, How her heart beats I 
Mnch like a partridge in a sparhawk's foot. 
That with a paming silence docs lament 
The &te she cannot fly from ! — Sweet, take 

Yoa are safe, and nothing is intended to you, 
Bat love and service. 

Tkeoc. They came never clothed 
In foroe and outrage. Upon what assurance 
(Remembering only that my father lives, 
who will not tamdy suffer the disgrace.) 
Have you presumed to hurry me from his 

And, as I were not worth the waiting on, 
To snatch me from the duty and attendance 
01 ny poor servants? 

Montr. Let not that afflict you. 
You shall not want observance ; I v^ill be 
Your page, your woman, parasite, or fooL 
Or any other property, provided 
You answer my affection. 

Theoc, In what kind ? 

Montr, As you had done yotmg Beaufort's. 

Theoc, How I 

Montr. So, lady ; 
Or, if the name of wife appear a yoke 
Too heavy for your tender neck, so I 
Enjoy you as a private friend or mistress, 
'TwiU be sufficient. 

Theoc. Blessed angels guard me t 
What frontlcss impudence is this? what de\il 
Hath, to thy certain ruin, tempted thee 
To ofifer me this motion ? by my hopes 
Of after joys, submission nor repentance 
Shall expiate this foul intent. 

Montr. Intent I 
'Tis more, I'll make it act. 

Theoc. Ribald, thou dare«t not : 
And if (and \^ith a fever to thy soul) 
Thou but consider that I have a father, 
And such a father, as, when this arrives at 
His knowledge, as it shall, the terror of 
His vengeance, which as sure as fate must 

Will make thee curse the hour in which lust 

taught thee 
To nourish these bad hopes ;— and 'tis my 

Thou darest forget how tender he is of me. 
And that each shadow of wrong done to me. 
Will raise in him a tempest not to be 
But with thy heart-blood calm'd : this, when 
I see him 

Montr. As thou shalt never. 

Theoc, Wilt thou murder me ? 

Montr. No, no, 'tis otherwise determined, 
Tlic master which in passion kills his slave 
That may be useful to him, does himself 
Tlie injury: know, thou most wretched 

That father thou presumest upon, that father, 
That, when I sought thee in a noble way. 
Denied thee to me, fancying in his hope 
A higher match, from his excess of dotage. 
Hath in his bowels kindled such a flame 
Of impious and most unnatuml lust, 
Tliat now he fears his furious desires 
May force him to do that, he shakes to 
think on. 

Theoc, O me, most \4Tctched I 

Montr, Never hope again 
To blast him with those eyes : their golden 

Are unto him arrows of death and hdl. 


Punued, is offer d to me. uid by liitn 
Glvui up lo niy po&scuion : do not teller 
'lliy&dfwilh an imaeiiuiry hope. 
But Uul I'll lake occation by the forelock, 
And malce uie of my [ottune. As ve walk. 

Titirt. I will not stir. 
Aftmtr. ril force theft 
Titet. Help, help 1 

TAm. Inmcmybrothorsblood 
Is puniih'd at ibe ticJebt. 
MtHlr. Tbe coach there 1 

Tluet. DEflTHr 

idmir. Teus, curies, prayen, are alike 

I can. BDd must enjoy my prrsenl pleasure, 
And shall take lime to mourn for it at leisure, 
{Hi hiars krr of. 
SCENE It.— ^ Spaet it/ore tkt Ferl. 
Enter Malefort. 
I havepUy'd the fool, the gross fool, lo believe 
The bMom of a friend will hold a Mcrei. 
Mine own could tiot contain ; and my industry 
. . king liberty fram my innocetil daughter. 
Ont of false hopes of freedom to myHlf. 
Is, in tbe little help it yields me, punish'd. 
She's absent, but I have her flgure here ; 
And every grace and rarity about her, 
Aie by tbe pencil of my memory. 
In living eolouis painted on my hear). 
My firo (00, a short interim closed up. 
Bink out with gieatei fury. Why was I, 
I 'Inns my ^e, and not to be declined. 

jis so tender-conidenced ? Say I had" 

Enjoy'd what I desired, what bad it been 
"jl incest ? and there's something here that 

stand accomplable for greater sins 
t never cheekd at. Neither had the crime 
Wanted a. precedent : I have read in story, 
TboK first gieal hcroe>. that, for iheir brave 

Were in the world's first infanq' styled gods. 
Freely enjoy'd what I detiied mvself. 
Old Setum. in the golden age. embmced 
His ^sier Ops, and, in the same degree. 
The ThimdeiCT Juno, Neptune Thetis, and. 
By their example, after the first deloge, 
Deucalion Pyrrha. Utuveisal nature. 
As every day 'tis evident, allovrs it 
To creatures of all kinds : the gallant horse 
n ihe mue to which be was the ure ; 
. ._ bird with fertile seed gives new Increase 
To her that lialch'd him : why should envious 

What by the iirsi was granted i Let old men, 
That arc not capable of these delights. 
And solemn supetsiilious loob. pracnbe 
Rules to themselves; I will not t:urb my 

I Said. With your pardon 
We must forbid your entrance. 

Maltf. Do you know me? 

^SsU. Perfectly, my lonJ. 

Malif. I am [your] captain's friend. 

xSald. Ilraaybeso; but liU we know h 
You muit ejicuse tis. 

a Sold. We'll acquaint him Willi 
Your wailing here. 

Malt/. Wailing, slave I he was erer 
By me commanded. 

tSald. As we are by him. 

Maltf. So punctual I piay vou theu, i 
my name entreat 
His presence. 

a Sold. Tlial ve shall do. (£*«»/ Sold. 

Maltf. I must use 
Some strange persuasions (o woi^ him tc 
Deliver her, and to forget the vows. 
And horrid oaths I. in my madness, made him 
rake to the conttajy : and may I gel bcT 
Once more in my possession, I will bear bo 
Into some close cave or desert, where we'll end 
Our lusts and lives together. 



The foif eit of your live*, lo execute 

What t command. \Exaail SoliUos. 

Mall/. Mootrevillel bow is '1 friend? 

MoKtr. 1 am el^ <o see you wear sw 
cheerful loiju; 
The world's well altcr'± 

MaU/. Ves, I thank my stars : 
But methinks thou art troubled. 

Moalr. Some light cross, 

Maltf. So 1 hope ; beware 
Of sod and impious thoughts ; you know 

They wrought on me. 
Montr. No such coiiie neoi me. sir. 



u, no daughter, and much 

)een curs'd with one. 

ed. I am most happy in her. 
glad to hear it 
cestuous fires 
quite burnt out ; I love her 

no further, 
lere then 

ace. and do not try a second 
Q her. 

riend, though she were 
egrees more excellent 
IS ; nay, though she could 

I to take my frailty, 

: and therefore, Montre- 

t next her, I come to tell 

id I are reconciled, 
and with all possible speed, 
satisfaction to young Beau- 

I have so much wrong'd ; 

ler custody, of which 

;e thee, there is nothing in 

rtunes, but shall ever be 

)romise fairly, 
performance ; yet I would 

)orted to have been 
xasion of your falling 
or but suppose, out of 
my nature, and assurance 
1 can hold out, I could con- 
know there are so many lets 
nst it, that it is my wonder 
motion ; having bound me, 
imprecations, on no terms, 
uments, you could propose, 
Imit you to her sight, 
?e her to you. 
c soldiers, 

)eyond my knowledge 
)ore worthy, than in Keeping 
h more our vows, 
;n F>nrdon all 1 
isands, in our heat of wine, 
ay, and in our younger days, 
r say, between ourselves, 
\, have we to answer for, j 
rupulous that way ? | 

M ntr. You say well : 
And very aptly call to memory 
Two oaths, against all ties and rites of 

Broken by you to me. 
Malef. No more of that. 
Montr, Yes, 'tis material, and to the pur- 
pose : 
The first (and think upon't) was, when I 

brought you 
As a visitant to my mistress then, (the mother 
Of this same daughter,) whom, writh dread- 
ful words, 
Too hideous to remember, you swore deeply 
For my sake never to attempt ; yet then. 
Then, when you hadasweet wifeof vourown, 
I know not with what arts, philtres, and 

(Unless in wealth and feune you were above 

You won her from me ; and, her grant ob- 

A marriage with the second waited on 
The burial of the first, that to the world 
Brought your dead son : this I sat tamely 

down by. 
Wanting, indeed, occasion and power 
To be at the height revenged. 
Malef. Yet this you seem'd 
Freely to pardon. 

Montr, As perhaps I did. 
Your daughter Theocrine growing ripe. 
(Her mother too deceased^) and nt for mar- 
I was a suitor for her, had your word, 
Upon your honour, and our friendship made 
Authentical, and ratified with an oath. 
She should be mine: but vows with you 

being like 
To your religion, a nose of wax 
To be tum'd every way, that very day 
Of courtship to her, the wind of your ambition 
For her advancement, scatler'd the thin sand 
In which you wrote your full consent to me. 
And drew you to his party. What hath pass 'd 

You bear a register in your own bosom. 
That can at Isu^e inform you. 

Maltf. Montreville, 
I do confess all that you charge me with 
To be strong truth, and that I bring a cause 
Most miserably guilty, and acknowledge 
That though your goodness made me mine 

own judge, 
I should not shew the least compassion 
Or mercy to myself. O, let not yet 
My foulness tamt your pureness, or my false- 




loyal fnilll ! 
[ii'd by you. will add 
h good ; and lo o'ero 

Divert (he lor 

My ills, if not 

Limre to yoiu 

Wilh noble : 


"d tciiunph o'er my weakness. If you 

please too. 

bUck deeds b^ing Only known to you. 
' " "urreoderinEUpmydauEhlcf.biiricd, 
alone mate me your slave, ((or 1 
in do dewrve die name of friend, ) 

... , our own breasl raise a monument 

Of pily toa wretch, on whom with justice 
"ou mny eimrea all cruelly. 
Mentr. You much move me. 
Afjle/. O that 1 could but hope it ! To 

>□ injury, is proper lo the wishes 

)f feeble women, that want strength to act it : 

hil to have power lo punish, and vet pudoQ, 

I Sold. Close the port and leave then 
Afjrr/. Hoi who is Ihts? how altei^'d ! 


Thai may Eprok my subnii 
(Though I well know f" " 

i. See ! these knees. 

Is there aught beyond 
m pride 

Their best peifec 
When they had 1 

TAeac. Tis most true, sir ; 

un dead indeed lo all but mlseiy. 

come not near me sir, t am infectiom : 

I look on me al distance, isas dnngeratu 
As, from a pnnade's doud-klssing spire. 
With giddy eyes lo view the deep descent ; 
But lo acknowledge me, a cettain ruin. 

Afjlef. Speak. Theocrine, force me not 
To further question ; my fears already 
"ave choked my vital sfarits. 

7"*«K. Pray you turn aw:iy 
Your !»oc and hear me, and with my last 


r growing appeli 

To be sought lo this poor way ; yet 'lis so 
AUndofsallsraclion, thai I will 
Dispense a little with those seHous oaths 
You mode me take : youc daughl 

iwrnT" " 


it sa^. as you deliver'd her, 

ihe IS. yini may dispose of ber 

As you shall think most requiiile. [Miif, 

Mali/. His last words 
Arc riddles lo nw. Here the lion's force 
Would have proved usctess. and. agolnsl 

CoiupelVd me from the crocodile lo borrow 
Her munterfdl tears : Ihere's now no turn- 
ing backward. 
May I but quench these fires thai rage with- 

£»(«■ Soldiers if/™-, Ihmlingfi 
crine ; hrr Farmenis laasi. Af I 

a Sold. Yoii musi be packing, 
Tltbx. Hath he robb'd me of 

"mys'h^et "'""'' 
r. My lord the adnural 
your ladyship. 

as boiUes dead are, 
s, from what they wi 

Of goaiiih Monli 
A/.i/^/ What hslh he done? 
Tliiec. Abused nie, sir, by violence ; and 

this toU, 
cannot live to speak more ; may the cause 
In you find pardon, bul the speeding curse 
"' " ~ "" '"■"' maid fall hivj. heavy on 

Beaufort, my lawful love, farewell for ever. 

Mill/. Take not ihy fliHhl so soon, im- 
maculBte sph^l I 
'Tis fled already.— How the innocent, 
As in a gen lie slumber, pass ayray I 
" ■ offlheknolly Ihteadoflifc 

Theedgcofherswith the sharp point of mi 
But thai I dare not die, till 1 have rent 
This dog's heart piecemeal. O, thai I had 

To teale these walls, or thai my hands were 

To bore their fliuly sides, that I might lirtng 
The villain m Ihe reach of my good sword 1 
The Turkish empire oRefd for hit ransom. 
Should not redeem his life. O Ihil my volea 
Were loud as ihunder, and with horrid sounds 
M iglll force a dreadful passage to his eaa, 
Andlhroufhthem reach his scroll Libidiooiit 



Fool lavisher I as thou dunt do a deed 
Which forced the sun to hide his glorious face 
Bdiind a sable mask of clouds, appear, 
And as a man defend it ; or, like me. 
Shew some compunction for it. 

Bnter MontreviUe oh tk* Wails, ahcve, 

Montr. Ha, ha, ha ! 

Male/. Is this an object to raise mirth ? 

liomtr. Yes, yes. 

Male/, My daughter's dead. 

Mouir. Tnou hadst best follow her ; 
Or, if thou art the thing thou urt reported, 
Thou shouldst have led the way. Do tear 

thy hair. 
Like a village nurse, and mourn, while I 

laugh at thee. 
Be but a just examiner of thyself, 
And in an equal balance poise the nothing. 
Or litde miscnief I have aone. compared 
With the pond'rous weight of thine : and 

how canst thou 
Accuse or argue with me? mine was a rape, 
And she being in a kind contracted to me, 
The fsuA may challenge some qiLilification : 
But thy intent made nature's self run back- 
And done, had caused an earthquake. 

Enter Soldiers a^ovi. 

X Soid, Captain I 
Mvntr. Ha! 

a Sold. Our outworks are surprised, the 
lentinel slain. 
Hie corps de guard defeated too. 
htomtr. By whom? 

X Sold. Tne sudden storm and darkness 
of the night 
Fcxbkls the kno>»1edge ; make up speedily. 
Or an is lost. { Rxatnt. 

Montr, In the devil's name, whence comes 
this ? {Exit. 

\A storm : with thmnder and lightning. 
Maltf. Do, do rage on I rend open, iEoIus, 
Thy bnxen prison, and let loose at once 
Thv stonny issue ! Blustering Boreas, 
iUaed with all the gales the pilot numbers 
Upon his compass, cannot raise a tempest 
Through the vast region of the air, like that 
I feel within me : for I am posscss'd 
Whh whirlwinds, and each guilty thought 

to me is 
A dreadful hurricano. Though this centre 
Labour to bring forth earthquaki^, and hell 

Her wide-stretch'd jaws, and let out all her 

Tbcy cannot add an atom to the mountain 
Of feus and terrofs that each minute threaten 
To fall on my accursed head. — 

Enter the Ghost 0/ young Malefort, naked 
from the waist, full of wounds, leading in 
the Shadow of a Lady, her face leprous. 

Ha! is't fancy? 
Or hath hell heard me, and makes proof if I 
Dare stand the trial ? Yes. I do ; and now 
I view these apparitions, I feel 
I once did know the substances. For what 

come you ? 
Arc your aerial forms depri\'cd of language. 
And so denied to tell me. Uiat by signs 

\The Ghosts use various gestures. 
You bid me ask here of myself? "fis so : 
And there is something here makes answer 

for you. 
You come to lance my scar'd-up conscience ; 

And to instruct me, that those thunderbolts, 
That hurl'd me headlong from the height of 

Wealth, honours, worldly happiness, were 

Upon the anvil of my impious wrongs. 
And cruelty to you ! I do confess it ; 
And that my lust compelling me to make 

For a second wife, I poison 'd thee ; and that 
The cause (which to the world is undis- 

That forced thee to shake off thy filial duty 
To me, thy father, had its spring and source 
From thy impatience, to know thy mother, 
That with all duty and obedience served me, 
(For now with horror I acknowledge it,) 
Removed unjustly : yet, thou being my son, 
Wert not a competent judge mark'd out by 

For her revenger, which thy falling by 
My weaker handconfirm'd.—[/'jf//jwrrr</j//V/ 

by signs.'\—"Y\s granted oy thee. 
Can any penance expiate my guilt. 
Or can repentance s<ive me ? — 

[ The Ghosts disappear. 
They are vanish *d ! 
What's left to do then ? I'll accuse my fate, 
That did not fashion me for nobler uses : 
For if those stars, cross to mc in my birth. 
Had not denied their prosperous influence 

to it, 
With peace of conscience, like to innocent 

I might have ceased to W., and not as now, 

To curse my cause of Ijcin^ 

\He is kiird with ajhuh of lightning. 

Enter Belgarde, with Soldiers. 

Delg. Here's a night 
To season my silks ! Buff-jerkin, now I miss 



Thou hast endured many foul nights, but 

One Hkc to this. How fine my feather looks 

now ! 
Just like a capon's tail stol'n out of the pen, 
And hid in the sink ; and yet 't had been 

To have charged without it. — ^Wilt thou 

never cease ? 
Is the petard, as I gave directions, fasten'd 
•On the portcullis ? 

1 Sold. It hath been attempted 
By divers, but in vain. 

Beig. These are your gallants. 
That at a feast take the first place, poor I 
Hardly allow'd to follow ; marry, in 
These foolish businesses they are content 
Tliat I shall have precedence ; I much thank 
Their manners, or their fear. Second me, 

soldiers ; 
They have had no time to undermine, or if 
They have, it is but blowing up, and fetching 
A caper or two in the air ; and I will do it, 
Rather than blow my nails here. 

2 Sold. O brave captain ! [Exeunt, 

An A larum ; noise and cries within. After 

a flourish, enter Beaufort senior, Beaufort 

junior, Montaigne, Chamont, Lanour, 

Belgarde, and Soldiers, with Montreville 


Montr. Racks cannot force more from me 
than I have 

Already told you : I expect no favour ; 
I have cast up mv accompt. 

Beau/, sen. Take you the charge 
Of the fort, Belgarde ; your dangers have 
deserved it. 
Belg. I thank your excellence : this will 
keep me safe yet 
From being pull a by the sleeve, and bid 

The thing I wot of. 

Beau/, jun. All that have eyes to weep. 
Spare one tear with me. Theocrine's 
Mont. Her father too lies breathless here, 
I think 
Struck dead with thunder. 

Cham. 'Tis apparent : how 
His carcass smells f 

Lan. His face is alter'd to 
Another coloiu:. 

Beau/ jun. But here's one retains 
Her native innocence, that never yet 
Call'd down heaven's anger. 

Beau/, sen, Tis in vain to mourn 
For what's past help. — We will refer, bad 

Your sentence to the king. May we make 

use of 
This great example, and learn from it, 

There cannot be a want of power above. 
To punish murder, and unla\i'ful love I 


The Duke of Milan. 


Lodovico Sforza, sufposed duke o/WlIaxl 
Francisco, his espectal favourite. 

Graccho, a creature ^Mariana. 

&„ni. }'<>"^'- 

Charies, the Emperor. 

Pescara, an imperialist, but a friend to 

Hernando, 1 

Medina, > captains to the Emperor, 
Alphonso, J 

^SlCE^'E't— for tht^rft and second acts, in Milan; during part of the third, in the Imperial 
Camp near Pavia ; the rest of the play, in Milan, and its neighbourhood. 

Three Gentlemen. 


An Officer. 

Two Doctors. Two Couriers. 

Marcelia. the dutchess, wife to Sfona. 

Isabella, mother to Sforza. 

Mariana, wife to Francisco, and sister t9 

Eugenia, sister to Francisco. 
A Gentlewoman. 
Guards, Servants, Attendants. 


SCENE I.— Milan. An outer Room in 
the Castle. 

Enter Graccho, Julio, and Giovanni, with 

Crae. Take every man his flaggon : give 
the oath 

To all you meet ; I am this day the state- 

I am sure against my will ; and if you find 

A man at ten that's sober, he's a traitor, 

And^ in my name, arrest him. 
Jul. Very good, sir : 

But, say he be a sexton ? 
Grac. If the bells 

Ring out of tune, as if the street were burn- 

And he cry, ' Tis rare music ! bid him sleep : 

Tls a sign he has ta'en his liquor ; and if 
you meet 

An officer preaching of sobrioty, 

Unless he read it in Geneva print. 

Lay him by the heels. 
Jul. But think you 'tis a fault 

To b^ found sober? 

Grcu. It is capital treason : 

Or, if you mitigate it, let such pay 

Forty crowns to the poor : but give a pension 

To all the magistrates you find singing 

Or their wives dancing ; for the courtiers 

And the duke liimself, I dare not say dis- 
temper 'd, 
But kind, and in his tottering chair carousing^ 
They do the country service. If you meet 
One that eats bread, a child of ignorance, 
And bred up in the darkness of no drinking, 
Against his will you may initiate him 
In the true posture ; though he die in the 

His drench, itskills not : what'saprivate man, 
For the public honour ! We've nought else 

' to think on. 
And so, dear friends, copartners in my 

Drink hard ; and let the health run through 

the city, 
Until it reel again, and with mc cr>', 
lA>ng Uve the dutchess ! 

Enter Tibcrio and Stephano. 

Jk I. Here are two lords ;— what Ihinkyou? 
Shall we give the oath to them ? 
Grac. Fie ! no : I know them, 
You need not swear them ; your lord, by his 

Stands bound to take his rouse. Long live 
the dutchess ! 

[Exeunt Grac. Jul. and Gio. 
Ste/>h. The cause of this ? but yesterday the 
Wore the sad livery of distrust and fear ; 
No smile, not in a buffoon to be seen, 
Or common jester : the Great Duke himself 



' In his face '. which, waited on 
er, siilcr.nndhisfaireililutcheiJ. 
1 sUent moutning Ibraueh a1. 

gnat blow bad been givtn Ibe 

Or wcic ol IcasI eipecled. 

Tii. Slephano, 
I know 03 you uie noble, yon an: boneil, 
And capable of iecms of more weigVn 
Than now I shall deliver. Iflhiil Sfora. 
The procnl duke, (ibough his whole life 

liafh keen 
Bui one conlinoed pjlglinuge [hrough 

AfTnghti. and horron, which Ids foctune, 

Bv hisslrone jiidEmcnl, slill halh overcome,) 
_»ri nowshnkcn, Itdeseives no wonder: 
that hit youih haili Inbour'd for, ihc 

:h hnmid : 

SttfA. I know 
His guards ai? strong ond sure, his cot 

"The people well aflccled : and so wisely 
His provident cnre luUh wrought, thai 

inough war rogci 
tn most pans of our wesitrn world, there is 
No meA near us, 

Tii. Dangers, thai we see 
To threaten rain, arc with case prev-nlcd ; 
But Ihose strike deadly, that come unex- 

The liehlning is far oS, yet, soon as Mien, 
Wc may behold (he turrible efFecIs 
Hwt it produceth. But I'll helpyourknow- 

: make his cause of iVar faniilidr to you. 
irais so lon^ continued between 
emperor Charles, and Francis the 

I Have inleccss'd. in dther't cause, the most 
TOfihe lUttian princes; among which, Sforcl. 
I As one of grmlest power, was sought by 
' both; 

It Willi assuraiice. having one his ftiend, 
- je otho- lived his enemy. 
f'Sl^. Tii true : 
mad 1VMS a doubtful choice, 
' TVil. &■( he, well knowing, 
Hind liiktingtoo. it seems, iheSjranish pride 
Lent his lusiilancc to the king of France ; 
Which halh so far ince»aed the empemr, 
That all his hopes and honours are embtuli'd 
, 'WiibliiijEmipuron'tlDnune. 

Slef*. Which stands fiur, 
For HUghl I yet cnn hear, 
_7V*, Bui should it ehnnge, 

undone. They have dtaivn tt 

Of equal spirii lo dnie. and power to do ; 
So near inlrench'd, ilial 'lis beyond all hope 
Of human counsel they can e'er be seven.-(l. 
Unlil it be determined by Ihe sword. 
Who hath ihe better cause ; for the sue 
Concludes Ihe victor mnocenl. and Ihe 

MosI miserably gniUy. How Ui 
'I'he fortune of Ihe war is, chihlren know ; 
.\nd. it beln.^in suspense, on whose futteni. 
Wing'dViclorywill make her glorious siand, 
You cannot blame the duke, though be 

Porple«'d and (roubled. 
SltfA. But why. then, 
In such a time, when every knee should bend 
For Ihe success and safely of his person. 
Are these loud triumphs? in my weakopinion, 
They are unseosooable. 

But only m Ihe cause lo be excused. 
It is Ihe dulchess' birthday, onoe a yenr 
'■"' 'rd with all pomp and ci" 


» his ot 

Nay. every day, in 
For never man so doaled ;— hul 
Thelenlh partof hlsfondness IG 
Would argue meoTliclion, 

srtft. She's, indeed, 
A lady of ' ' ■ 

Tii. S 
And iiow 

le knows 

Tit. On my life, 
She's FOKstnni 10 his bed, and well d^^Ficrve 
His IsrKest favouis. Bui, when beniity is 

And blown by flatteren grealer than il it 
Tis seldom unaccompanied with pride; 


le Ihal 

The duke's aFteclion. and her own desert, 
She bi*r» herstli with such a miiiesty, 
Looking nith scorn 00 all as things bencalh 

Th« Si'ona'i mother, that would los 

Ofwbni wasofiechrr own. nor his fair sister, 
A lidy loo acquainted with her worth. 
WlII brook il well ;Bnd howsoe'et their h 
Issmollier'd lor a time. 'tis more than tei 
U will at Icsfilb Imeok onl. 



Stepk. He in whose power it is, 
Turn all to the best i 

Tib. Come, let us to the court ; 
We there shall see all bravery and cost, 
That art can boast of. 

Sieph, ru bear you company. 


SCENE ll.—A ttofJier Room in ike same. 

Enter Francisco, Isabella, and Mariana. 

Atari, I will not go ; I scorn to be a spot 
In her proud train. 

hob. Shall I, that am his mother, 
Be so indulgent, as to wait on her 
That owes me duty ? 

Fran. Tis done to the duke, 
And not to her : and, my sweet wife, re- 
And, madam, if you please, receive my 

As Sforza is jrour son, you may command 

him ; 
And, as a sister, you may challenge from 

A brother's love and favour: but, this 

Conner he's the prince, and you his sub* 

And not to question or contend with her 
Whom he is pleased to honour. Private 

Prefer their wives ; and shall he, being a 

And blest with one that is the paradise 
Of sweetness and of beauty, to whose charge 
The stock of women's goodness is given up, 
Not use her like herself? 

I sab. You are ever fo^^«'ard 
To sing her* praises. 

Mari, Others are as fair ; 
I am sure, as noble. 

Fran. I detract from none. 
In giving her what's due. Wereshedcform'd, 
Yet being the dutchcss, I stand bound to 

serve her ; 
But, as she is, to admire her. Never wife 
Met with a purer heat her husband's fen'our ; 
A happy pair, one in the other blest I 
She confident in herself he's whollv hers. 
And cannot seek for change ; and he secun^, 
That 'tis not in the power of man to tempt her. 
And therefore to contest with her, that is 
Tlie stronger and the better part of him, 
Is more than folly : vou know him of a nature 
Not to be played with ; and, should you forget 
To obey him as your prince, hell not re- 
The duty that he owes you. 

Isab, 'Tis but truth : 
Come, clear our brows, and let us to the 

banquet ; 
But not to serve his idol. 

Mari. I shall do 
What may become the sister of a prince ; 
But will not stoop l>eneath it. 

Fran. Yet, be wise ; 
Soar not too high, to fall ; but stoop to rise. 


SCENE III. — A State Room in the same. 

Enter three Gentlemen, setting forth a 

z Gent. Quick, quick, for love's sake ! let 
the court put on 
Her choicest outside : cost and bravery 
Be only thought of. 

2 Gent. All that may be had 

To please the eye, the ear, taste, touch, or 

Are carefully provided. 

3 Gent. There's a masque : 

Have you heard what's the invention? 

I Gent. No matter : 
It is intended for the dutchess' honour ; 
And if it give her glorious attributes, 
As the most fair, most virtuous, and the rest. 
Twill please the duke {Lo^ud music]. They 

3 Gent. All is in order. 

Flourish. Enter 'XWxno, Stcphano, Fran- 
cisco, Sforza, Marcelia, Isabella, Mariana, 
and Attendants. 

Sfor. You are the mistress of the feast — 

sit here, 
O my soul's comfort t and when Sforza bows 
Thus low to do you honour, let none think 
The meanest service they can pay my love, 
But as a fair addition to those titles 
They stand posscst of. I-^t me glory in 
My happiness, and mighty kings look pale 
With envy, while I triumph in mine own. 
O mother, look on her ! sister, admire her ! 
And, since this present age yields not a 

Worthy to be her second, borrow of 
Times past, and let imagination help. 
Of those canonized ladies Sparta boasts of. 
And, in her greatness, Rome was proud to 

To fashion one : yet still you must confess, 
The phccnix of peneciion ne'er was seen. 
But in my fair Marcelia. 
Fran, She's, indeed. 
The wonder oi all times. 
Tib. Your excellence, 





Though 1 confcu. yougiveliprbiiilit 
Force her niMlMly lo ihe defence 
Of a nvcct bUah. 

Sfir. U neetl nol, rair Marcelia ; 
WTim m06l I slrive lo praise Ihec. 1 
A poor detToctoc ^ fcit ihuu — ~"'" 
So absolute m bitdy and in mina. 
Thnt. bui to spnik the liauc pan 

Would iisk an angct's loneue, and > 

In silent ndmlraiion! 

/lai. You still coun her. 
As if she were a aiisuess. not your svifr. 
Sfir. A mislresi. mother 1 she is tn 

And every day deserves more (o be sui'il 
&ich IS are clov'd with those Ihey h: 

May think Ihdr nocang done : 

But Is a btidal one. where Hymen lights 
His iDTcbes fresb and nen ; and those dc 

Wtiieh are not lo be cloihod in niry sounds 
Enjoy'd. b^ct desires as full of heal, 
And jonal ^rrour. as vrhEo Knt I lasted 
Her vi^n fruit.— Blest night > nnd be i 


liappy o 

ill lUc sli 

Conferrd upon. ..._ _. 

Afart, My worthiest lord ! 
TV only ob|ccL 1 behold with plcasirc,— 
My prMc. my glory, in a u-oid, my all I 
Bear witneu, lieaven, thnt I eslrcm myself 
In nothing worthy of the mwuieil praise 
Vou can bBiow. unless it be In this, 
Thai In my heart I love and honour you, 
Asd, tnit ihm it u'ouM smell ot urrognnce, 
To speak my strong desire and bmI Id sern 

I then could sav. Ihese eyes yet never snw 
The risine tun. bul that my vou'i nnd [imyen 
for Ihe pruspet^iy 

Were sent 
Had other 

Worthy your favour ; nnd that my embtnct 
Might yield n fruitful harvest of conleni 
For all vour noble iravnil. Iti Ihe piirclin^e 
tl: By Ihe 

Whicli. ponlon me, thai 1 presume i 

ilch. ponlon i 


Sfir. O su 
Mar^. I ni 


may re 

Sfir. "Tis believed. 
Believed, my blest one, 

Mari. How she winds herself 
Inio his soul I 

Sfir, Sit all.— Let others feed 
On those gross ealcs. while Sforia banquets 

Imniortil viands la'en in at his eyes. 
I aould live everlhus.— Command the eiinnclt 
To sing the ditty tbat I List compncd. 

Enlrr a Coorier. 

Inprajseof myMorcelin. Fnsm whence? 

"■■ - from Pavia, mydrcad lord. 

le alhty 


Mari. Thisll 
To his hoi possiD... 
Sfi<r. Though it bring death. 111 rend it : 
M-iy il plbtsi ytpr txirtUact la timitr- 
iland. thai Ike vtrj hoitT I vinU Ikii. f 
iearJ a htd itfianft tlilhtrttl iy a krtald 
from Iht tmpetar, whiek lau cknrfliify rr- 
ttivti ty Iktiin^i/Franii. ThtUtMila 
fting rtady In jam, and Iki vnugaarll eoiH- 
miltid la uy fharge, tnfirra mi to tii£ 

Vtur Highntsis hiimile it: — ' 

m nothing. 

Jfiaily lejoin /—By ih 

Or my eiiaie weurt. i ^u.ur. 

Ataii. My lord. 

S/ar. To doubt. 
Is worse than lo have Unt ; and to despair. 
Is but to antedate those miseiies 
Thatmuslfallooiis; all my hopes depending 
Upon this battles fortune. In my soul, 
Mclbinkt. there should be that imperious 

inform me what I a; 

But then, the haughty Spaniard is nil fire. 
KoI In his executions ; fortunnte 
(n his allenipis : married To vk(ory :— 
Ay, there it is llwt ihnkcs me. {.Iii.lf. 


One gale of your sweet breath ^^iil easily 
Disperse these clouds; and, but yourself, 

there's none 
That dare speak to hun. 
j Marc. 1 will run the hazard. — 
; My lord ! 

Sfor. Ha! — pardon me, Marcelia, I am 
I troubled ; 

' And stand uncertain, whether I am master 
. Of aught that's worth the owning. 
I Marc, I am yours, sir ; 
I And I have heard you swear, I being safe. 
I There was no loss could move you. This 
I day, sir. 

' Is by your gift made mine. Can you revoke 
! A grant made to Marcelia? your Marcelia ? — 
' For whose love, nay, whose honour, gentle 
I sir. 

I AU deep designs, and state-affairs defcrr'd, 
Be, as you purposed, merr}'. 
: Sfor. Out ot my sight I 
1 \Tkr<no5 away the letter. 

And all thoughts that may strangle mirth 

forsake me. 
\ Fall what can fall, I dare the worst of fate : 
> Thoiwh the foundation of the earth should 

' The glorious eye of heaven lose his splen- 
Supported thus. I'll stand upon the niins, 
' Anrl seek for new life here. Whv arc vou 
\ sad? 
I No other .sports ! by heaven, he's not n)y 

. That wears one furrow in his face. I was told 
' There was a mas<iue. 

Fran, They wait your higlmess' pleasure, 
, And when you please to hase. it. 
\ Sfor. Bid than enter : 
Come, make me happy once again. I am 
I rapt— 

j 'TIS not to-day, to-morrow, or the next. 
! ^it all my days, and years, shall be eni- 
' plov'd 

To do thee honour. 
' Mare. And my life to serve you. 

[.-I horn without. 
Sfor, Another post ! Go hang him, hang 
him, I say ; 
I will not interrupt my present pleasures. 
■ Although his message should import my 
I bead: 
I Hang him, I say. 

I Marc, Nay, good sir, I am pleased 
I To grant a litde intermission to you ; 
Who knows but he brings news we wish to 

To heighten our delights. 
^/8r. As wise as lair I 

Enter another Courier.- 

From Gaspcro? 
Cour. That was, my lord. 
Sfor. How ! dead ? 

Cour, {Delivers a letter. "^^ With the de- 
livery of this, and prayers. 
To guard your excellency from certain dan- 

He ceased to be a man. {Exit. 

Sfor. All that my fears 
( 'ould fashion to me, or my enemies wish. 
Is fallen upon me.— Silence that harsh music ; 
"lis now unseasonable : a tolling bell. 
As a sad harbinger to tell me, that 
This pamper'd lump of flesh must feast the 

Is fitter for me : — I am sick. 
Marc. My lord ! 

Sfor. Sick to the death . Marcelia. Remove 
Those signs of mirth ; they were ominous, 

and but usher'd 
Sorrow and ruin. 
Marc. Bless us, heaven ! 
/sab. My son. 

Marc. What sudden change ib this ? 
Sfor. All leave the room ; 
I'll bear alone the» bunlen of my grief. 
And must admit no partner. 1 am yet 
Your prince, where's your oljedicncc ? — Stay, 

Marcelia ; 
I cannot Ixi so greedy of a sorrow. 
In which you must not share. 

[Exeunt Tilx?rio, Stcplmno, Francisco, 
Isabella, Mariana, and Attendants. 
Marc. And cheerfully 
I will sustain my part. WHiy look you pale ? 
Where is that wtinted constancy and cou- 
That dared the worst of fortune ? where is 

To whom all dangers that fright common 

Appear'd but panic terrors? why do you 

eye me 
With such fix'd looks ? Love, counsel, duty, 

May flow from me, not danger. 

Sfor. O, Marct'lia ! 
It is for thee I fear ; for thee, thy Sforza 
Shakes like a coward : for myself, unmoved, 
I could have heard my troops were cut in 

My general slain, and he. on whom my hopes 
Of rule, of state, of life, had their depen- 
The king of France, my greatest friend, 

made prisoner 
To so proud enemies. 



S/,.t. All this were noiliing, 
Tliougli I add lo il, thnt I nm nssorrd. 
ForgivinB nid lo ihLs unronunate kin^, 
Tbo cmpcroc, Incens'd, Inyi his vfliiiniawl 
On hb vl(.-Uiri<ins uimy. flizh'il wllti spoil. 
And bold of a>iii|u«i, lo march iip ngainsi 

AndKLieoDniytslatcs: suppose Ibut done 

My mother, in my ^ighi. loss d on ihdr pika, 
AndilsiCT ravWd : ODdmjtHirbouniUhii 
In clmint, lu ijcnce Ihnr triumph ; or whut 

Thai my MnrcrlU, lowhoni oil llwse 
Aiv but as atoms to Has grmlest hill, 
Musi sufTcr in my cauK, and for ni.- sulfcr ! 
All rarlhly tormeius. nay, rim ihost the 


Hml Tur in bell, ue gcnlle slTDkes, cam' 

Towbnt I fvd, MnrcclU. 

Atttn. Good sir, haw pHtiencf? : 
I can le well pnnnkp your odversi? (onunt!, 
Al 1 thus long hare had an ample shan: 

Of %i<e to nllcr ni'c : (or while I urn. 
In spile orit, I'm youn. 

Sfiir. Bui shmild Ihiit will 
ToV: so [b«] forced. Mnrcella ; and I Ji^'c 
To see lliosc eyes I pdR above my own. 
Dan favours, Ibongli cumprird, upon an- 

Or lliose swtn lips, yielding immonul necnir, 
Be (WDtlv touch d li^ auv bul mj'selt ; 
Think, mink, Marcelia.'uhntacunert ililng 
1 were. bcyoDd npmaion I 

Mart. Do luM feed 
Those ypnlous ihoughts ; [be only bleujng 


Is. thai 'lis in our pleasure when lo die. 


Bc»dcs, were I now in anolhcr's porti-r. 

And 1 presume yoii ve heard ll ; bat lo give 

Tbere ore so many ways lo lei oui lite, 
1 would not li"e. tor one short minuic. his: 


I was bom only youra, and I will die m. 

Your sod disaster l«^. 

fifir. Angels reward ihe gmxlncss of i his 

Sfir. Youareallgoodncs.; 
And I givE up mysnlT to be dii^jiosed of, 
As in your wisdom VDu think fil. 

woman 1 


To hope you cm hold oul n^uinsl Ihi: ein- 

Al! I ean pjy is aolliinfi.~Wh}. uiic;.ird 


:^_ : 

Were (tnuety inyounctf, to your undoing ; 

r. UuU makes me 

Ihm pros 
Upon yoorpriiuci 
The marq^uis of t'l 
Ktilh iHisiness Ihi 

.And with niecd, lu iniitiri. 
SJbr- VVoil on him liiiher. 

[ffrilt\ . 

rhy closci. Let thy pr.iyeis 

.Assist my' '" 

.I/»n-, Tospiire liiiprecolions 
j\gliiDM myBtlf, nilhoutyou I am nolhlng. 


add [his. — lo ^r I 
Sfi/r. My dear Peaoiia ; 
A miracle in Ihcse limes 1 n friend. 

Cleaves to a falling foctuie I 
/Var. If it were 

At well In my wenk power, in oel, t 

As 'lis lobear o Dnit or sorrow wilUjiilli5 
Yon then should luiiv j'— 

Look'd nol ujxm your Male, but on y 

Wlien he niade suit lo be writ in the ii^i 
0( those you fnvour'd. Bm mybasir 

All Gompliment ; tints, ihun, sir. lo ihc i 

Tlie cAuse that, iinatlcndeil, broughi 


le Ihol you c 

Theicfare, Ihe ittax c 

1>. (o gi\r up youT^Lf lo lilt disrrpiion, 
Before you be compeU'd ; for^ resi .-isiored, 
A voluntary yielding may find graix. 
And will admll defence, ai least, cicuie : 
Bui, should jDU linger doublful, till Uis 

Have lelud your pcnan and eMaleipcirorcc. 

i^rr. I undemond you : 
Ado I will put youi counsel into ad. 
And Epcedi])'. I only will lake onlrr 
** ■* leal nK ' 


Prav lahe yout rest. 

p,,^!, 1 have travfiU'il loud ; 

■f.iceyofir counsel. [£xit. 

'i^.-fnend. Slay you. Fnnciaco. 

And if Ttii: la'is of my poor lil 
A MCTlBee to rciiore them a.' 
1 willinsly would liiy ii doui: 

4fi>r. [Ihlnkso: 
Kftr I haie ever tbund you l 

Whkh "mnkei me love the t 

In miir ,ulra 

ue and llmnk' 
lildlns I hdvc 

on you. And. belicre mr 
luld repent my favoun li 

tiaun : llial I thought yoi 

i»l my Ininlly, 

tn mode you next myscll 

Aad BOy khjape, Ihal you wouM have n 

And from me most deserving, such mi 
And strange condi lion is. thaiihoual.... 
Must know (he faialserviee. and perbnnft I 

Fran. These pttporations, sir, to woik ■ 
Or 10 one unocquainteil with yourbountl...^ 
Mi^hl appear useful ; but to me \tiey am "j 
N«:dles impenlncndis : for 1 dart do 
Whnle'er you daie command. 

Sfiir. But you must swear it ; 

And put into the oath all joyi 01 

I'hal fright the wicked, or canAmi the gi 
Not to conceal It only, that is nothing. 
But, whensoe'ei my will shall ipeali, f "* 

To full upon't like ihund«r. 

J'r.ia. Minister 
The oRlh in any way or form you please;. 
1 slant) resolved to take It. 

Sfir. Thou must do. then. 
What no malevolent star will •. 

It is so wicked : for which men 

For 'tis a deed of night, of night, FranciM 
Tn which the memory of nil good actic— 
We can pretend lo. sliull be butied qu 
Or, II we be remember'il, It ihaU be 

That Bavc outgone 
That were bclore ui 
Tliough taught In : 

I precedents of villains 
Bnd such u succeed. 
Us block achooli s' 

An thou not shaken yi'i ? 

/Van, I grant you move mo ! 
Gut to n man coofiini'd 

Sfiir, I'll try your temfjet; 
What think you of my wife? 

/■riM. As a thing sBercd ; 
To whose fair name and mcmoiy t pa|r 

These tigns of duly. 

ri loFtured 10 command I 
riio a rullian fleih'd in m 


Of all thai* 

In rhe 0C(^3^ of: 
When I think of them 

/■'ma. Now I find 
Of all; 


To bf done f 

ct lady. If ibe have 

Thai she would have removed 

AlBsl Francisco, 
niesi enrmy is iicr eTOttol kiver ; 
Fet, Tn Ihat haired. b« idolaler. 
lae iinile of hen would nuke a nvjge 

I may come back : then (his is bul a Iriil 

To Durchase lliee. if il wreie possible. 
A nearer place in my aficcUon [—bat 

It of ll 

longue WDDid calm the 

we ihcre 

Though all tlic windi al « 

(ur empire. 
Vcl I.far-wliomshethinlisall this loo lillii 

i Should I miscany in this prcxnl journey. 
From whence it u nil number lo a cipher, 
'1 ne'er return with honour, by thy hand 
IduH have her murder'd. 

" ■. Murder'd I— She thai loves so, 

deserves to be beloved again I 

And 1, who samedmes you were pleased I 




An open tpace 

A wish'd companion to me in both (ortun 
Anil slronG nssurance of Ihy lealout fnilh 
That gives up to Ihy trust a secret, iliat 
Kiuks should not have forced from me. 

There n no heaven without her ; nor a hell. I 
Whereshersidea. I nskCromherbut justice 
Aud what I would have paid to her. hac 

_ ; any other accident, divorced 

Her paita soul from her unspoiled body. 

Tlie slavish Indian princes, when they die; 

Are cbeerTully nttemded 14 (he Hre. 

By Ihe wife and slave thai, living, Ihey loved 

To do them service in another world : 
Nor will I be less bonoufd, that love more 
And Iherefaie trifle not. bul. in Ihy looks, 

es a ready purpose 10 perform 
Wlial I command : or. by Marcelia's soul, 
T'liii il Ihy latest minule. 

Fran. 'Tib not fear 
or death, but love to you. nukes me em 

Ealir Tibciio and Slc|AanD. 
SItfk. How I lefl the court ? 
Tit. Without gii3td or retinue 
Fitting a prince. 

Sl^. No enemy near, to (brce him 
To leave his own strengths, yet deliwr ^ 
Himself, ai 'twere, in bMids, to the discretion 
' ' m that hales him I 'lis beyond example. 
lever beard the ntotives that induced 

To this strange course? 

Tii. No, those are cabinet councils. 

And not to be communicated, bul 

To such as nie his own, and sure. Atns 1 

We hll up empty places, and in public 

Are luighl <o give our sufliages to that 

, Wliicb was before delcrmincd ; and an 


? If you please toslisn 

What wu 

I shall, though with unwillingness and hotror, 
Perform your dreadlul cliarge. 

'. 1 will. Francisco : 

ill remember, th Jt a prince's Secrets 
Are U-ilm conccal'd ; but poison, if dis- 

Durtng his absence) can Hilh ease resolve 

Sli^. WeU, be shall not be 
My CEJUpus : 111 rather dwell in ditrkness. 
Bul. mv good lord Tiberio. this FrauciKu 
' I, on the sudden, slningely raised. 
Tit. O sir, 
[e look the ihriving counc ; he hod a sister. 
fair one loo, with whom, as it is rumour'd. 
Theduke was too familiar; bul she, oasloJf. 
(What promises soever past between them.) 
Upon the sight of this, forsook the court. 
' ■ ' seen. To smolherlhls, 

lil to purchase silence, 
Francisco liist was graced, and, step by siep. 
" , raised up lo this height. 
Sltpk, But how is 
:is absence botn? 
" " Sadly, il 

ft the t 

For the most part she hath kept hi 

Or deeply counlerfcited : pomp, nod slMe, 
And brnvery casi ofT : and the. Lbnl Uucly 
Klvall'd IVippzB in her varied shapes. 

In ubie c->liiitn, as ber hu!l»nd'j dani^rs 
Scnui4[1«l ill lier (he mc of any plcuuiv, 
tLounu fur Ftis alseDce. 

Sttf*. 1 1 tcroiMs her virtue, 
And docs coDtrnn whal wn$ tpponol of 1i 

Tii. Vou take it rigbl : buc. dd ibc oU 

r, Mnriaait. 


<• full of mirth. 

Batir Gmccho mth Piddlns. 
KMe I ber (avourite, and aoconipanied. 

-. You shall Mrapc and I will vne 
\ hciirvf <1itry 1oas:urvy luni^ 
1 K^MIK who diuws. 
' I /■'iJ. But J we should ofrcnil. 

te dutchcM having si lencod u> ; Bud thiae 

tf l9tDhal^us.— 
r: [tnd. for thi- dutch CSS, 
netiy for her pkaiore, 

„ Jt Graorbo. 
Oftte. A poor nun. sir. a lervuil to the 

Bdi fio. gmii lonUond counsFllots of italic 
Wl^om I ttuid bi<uiul lo revvrcncc. 

rH- Comr; .e ktio* 
Vtn an ■ mnn in gm». 

<7/n^. Fie! uo; I gran i, 
I War my fvnuno p.iiii;nily; serve llw 

And have iiaxa at nil limes to ber ckset, 

a my irnpudoDiE I whrn your fraxt 

An niitst*n of the modmy lo ailcad 
TTine hours. n«y lomtiimes tout ; and then 

bid wall 
Vpaa her lb* nni niomiiig. 

Sflf*. He .Irtides us. 
r Tit. Pray you. whni nrws ta lUTiiog? 
- uLnowall. 

r. Who, I ? aim I 1 ve niiuiieiliftencB 
neDorftbroul : I only sonieiimei guess 
'' — C of tlic times : 1 should ask of 

! Who ore to keep their honours, vrbo la 
Who [he dutchcsa smilei 
whom ftown'tl. 

, only tan resolw me ; wc poor wallers 
Deal. lU you see. in mirth, aiid fcxilish Mdles ; | 
' ' lur clemeni ; and — couU you le 
! point ofstate *ils ihat 1 am conm 
uslcnip Ihls music, on mine bonestj'i J 
You aliould much befriend m~ 

■ Sinall. you pow «_.,. 
\nd would be laid b^ the beds. 
Not by your lordships, 
Wiihout a special warmni ; loolc ii 

[ committed, here come Ihosc u 
Mi! mo: 
Pnliups, we ratghl cbFtnge pUces to 

ing rogue t 
tK sliould Hoop 

anything of mine. — Go, gul yOB home. 
J lo yout servanls, friends, and flatterers, 
How many dcsOTnts you're noble :— look W 

The smooih-chlnned courlien arc abroad^,! 

Tli. No way lo be ■ frueman I •] 

[EnuHl TIberio oa^ Slrpliwm . 

Gnic. Voar l^cellence bath Ilie licsC gffl 

lo dispatch 
'bese anas pictures of nobilily. 

Grir. And cover so your Uiitcr pills witb; 

Of prinedy Unguuge lo forbid reply, 
"ITley ore greedily iwallow'd. 

tiab. But Ihe ptirpoie. daughter. 
That brings us hither' Is It to besio« 
A visit on this woman, that, bocmise 
fihc only would be thought truly I" griev* 
The absence and Ihe dnngns of my son, 
ficclaima b general sadness f 

Mm. If love* her 
May be inlcrpreled lo do her hoi 
She shall Itive many uf ihem. I'l 

my lord now govcnu al 


Mybrocher, bring not by now lo prolwl Im 

Grae. Of a lifile thing. 
It is » full of sail I A devil of this tia-. 
Shotiid llieynm for a wager to bespilcfiil, 
Cms notahorw-iieadof her. [AiM 

U/iri. On her binhday, 
We wer* foiced (o be nteny, nnd now she 

We mint be sad, on pain of her 1 , 
Wewill.wEwllll ihbiiherpcitatei 

Whow. Uke on hypocrite. 

I Attending her like i 

(G wiD have la 


indatv li^v. 

I- Marrelin aftiai 

1 tlact. 

Jtah. Slie frowns as if 
Her loolcs CouM fright lU. 

itari, Mny il [deiue your gienlness, 
We henrd ttial your Iste phyiic tuth n< 

And tbil breeds melonchuly, as your docic 



which, ■ 

, that ale bom v 


tici. 'Twould shew rare il Bdng intendrd fi 

Iiat. Fie I she will, 
Be il nc'erso mctin ; she's made of ct 
Atari. The mistress of all bauu 
ile. i pi 


I On your poor servants, or a fiddler's ire i 
Coming from those fitir hnnds. tliuugli but 

We will enshrine it as a boty relie, 

Jiat. Tls wormwood, and it works. 
I Marc. If I lay by 
' Mjr tears nod griefs, in which you should b 

I If doling age could let you but remember, 
I Yon have ■ 


I ^-"- 

Qntlera impuili 
a sisier ; ana. in making s 
I was most unlil for you to 
o hear, borrow of " " ' 
A an sprvi^t, on 


Kcmembering wlial 1 am, ai 
Put on the despemle boldnc 
Tlie least of mv retirements. 

M.,ri. Note' her, now-. 

Mfirc. For both shall undcrslund, thougli 

And useless too ; — but I am merciful. 
And dotage signs your paidon. 

In>i. 1 defy thee ; 
Thee, and thy pardons, proiid one I 

Marc. For you, puppet 

Mnri. What of mc, pine-ipM? 

Marc. Little you are, I gnint. 
And have as llllle worth, but much less «il ; 
You durst not else, the dufcc being wholly 

Mart. To you ? 

Marc. Tome: and therefore, as 
From (his hour leam to serve me, 

Aod, as a priocv^ punis)i it, 
Isai. A princess 1 
Mari, I had rather be n slave 

Than know thee for my equut. 

Iiai. Seomlill thing I 
Proud of a white face. 

Mari. Let her but remember 

lie issue in her leg. 

Isa6. The cbai^ she puis 
The stale lo, for perfumes, 
i howsoe'er 

Slie 5 


e up. ■ 

She stmks above the ground. O th 

The little ime you scom so. with bcr n: 
Would tear your painted face, anil ec 

those eyrj ouL 

lint come down. 




Marc. Were there no other way, 
But leaping on thy neck, to break my own, 
Rather than be outbraved thus. 

\Shc retires. 
Grac. Forty ducats 
Upon the little hen ; she's of the kind. 
And will not leave the pit. {Aside. 

I Mari. That it were lawful 
I To meet her with a poniard and a pistol ! 
; But these weak hands shall shew my spleen — 

' Re-enter Marcclia below, 

I Marc. Where are you, 
I You modicum, you dwarf ! 
I Mari. Here, giantess, here. 

I Enter Francisco, 1 iberio, Stephano, and 


Fran. A tumult in the court ! 

Mari. Let her come on. 

Fran. What ^ind hath raised ti>is tem- 
Sever them. 1 command you. What's ilie 

Speak, Mariana. 

Mari. I am out of breath ; 
But irc shall meet, we shall. — ^And do you 

bear, sir ! 
Or right me on this monster, (she's three feet 
Too high for a woman, ) or ne'er look to have 
A quiet hour with me. 

tsab. If my son were here, 
And would endure thb;, may a motlier'^ curse 
Pursue and overtake him ! 

Ft an. O forl)ear : 
In me he's present, both in power and will ; 
And, madam, I much grieve that, in his ab- 
There should arise the least distaste to move 

It being his principal, nay, only charge, 
To have you in his absence, served and 

As when himself perform 'd the willing ofiicc. 

Mari. This is fine, i' faith. 

Grmc, I would I were well off ! 

Fran. And therefore, I beseech you, 

madam, frown not. 

Tin most unwittingly he hath dL>ser\-ed it. 
On your poor servant ; to your excellence 
I ever was and will be such ; and lay 
The duke's authority, trusted to me. 
With willingness at your feet. 

Mari. O base ! 

iiab. We are like 
To have an equal judge I 

Pran. Bijt, should 1 And 
That you are touch 'd in any point of honour. 

Or that the least neglect is fall'n upon you. 
I then stand up a prince. 

I Fid. Without reward, 
Pray you dismiss us. 

Grac. Would I were five leagues hence I 

Fran. I will be partial 
To none, not to myself ; 
Be you but pleased to shew me my ofteneo. 
Or if you hold me in your good opinion, 
Name those that have offended you. 

Isab. I am one. 
And I will justify it. 

Mari. Thou art a base fellow, 
To take her part. 

Fran. Remember, she's the dutchess. 

Marc. But used with more contempt, than 
if I were 
A peasant's daughter ; baited, and hooted at. 
Like to a common strumpet ; with loud 

Forced from my prayers ; and my private 

Which with all willingness, I would make 

my prison 
During the absence of my lord, denied me : 
But if he e'er retur n 

Fran. Were you an actor 
In this lewd comedy ? 

Mari. Ay, marry was I ; 
And will be one again. 

hah. I'll join with her. 
Though you repine at it. 

Fran. Think not, then, I speak, 
For I stand bound to honour, and to serve 

But that the duke, that lives in this great 

For the contempt of him in her, commanch 

To be close prisoners. 

Isab. Mari. Prisoners! 

Fran. Bear them hence ; 
This is your charge, my lord Tibcrio. 
And, Stephano, this is yours. 

Marc. I am not cruel. 
But pleased they may have liberty. 

Isab. Pleased, nith a mischiei ! 

Mari. I'll rather live in any loathsome 
Than in a paradise at her entreaty : 

And, for you, upstart 

Steph. There is no contending. 

Tib. What shall become of these? 

Fran. See them well whipp'd. 
As you will answer it. 

Tib. Now, signior Gmccho, 
What think you of your greatness? 

Grac. I preach patience, 
And must endure my forlune. 



luch a huntVup. nor was so lewudcit. 
niH. Ij:I IliEin Rrsl kiunr IbcmbeKu, 
mid how you ue 

be served and hoDour'd : whtdi, whcii 
Ihey coiir«3. 

may agoia nceive iheni to your favour : 
And then ii will shew uobly. 

.Uart. Wilh my lluiiks 
The duke shall pay yon his. If he lelum 
To blest us with his preaence. 

J-'ran. Then is lUXhitiK 
Thai am be added to your fait aoceplance ; 
That is the pciie, indeed; all else are bianlu, 
And of DO vmIuc As. In virtuous actions, 
The undertaker finds a full rewiuxl. 
Although conferr'd upon unthankful men ; 
So, ;Lny vrvice done to so much sweetntas, 
H..n,viT il.inyerous. and subject to 

'■■ I! amotion, in your favour litidi 

I ' I 'I ' . -ljilI glorious end. 

I.'.' l-i.KTi you, I takclhii 
\- '■■! 1 1 'imy ; but, in any other, 
ii ViOuJd a[^)car gnst flattery. 

l-ruH. Klaltery. madam I 
You ore so rare and excellent iti nil ihingi. 
And raised so high upon a rock of goodness. 
As lluu nee eaiuiut reach you ; wiio Imt 

looks on 
ffUi Mmplc, built by natuiv U> peifecKon. 
miut bow lo it ; ami oul or that wal, 
only leant to oduie it, tiui to Jove it ? 
^farc. WhithBrwllllhlsrellow? [^Iiide. 
/VuA. Panlon, ihercfun;, madam, 
! of humble duty, 
!. and though it be not in 
n to iiictil such a bieailng. 
piety, for it is more than love, 
^ay find reword. 

.(/.in. You hive it in my ibnnks ; 
And, on my hand. 1 am pleued that you 

shall t^e 
A full possession of it : but. take heed 
•^ — ' - ' — and feed no hope beyond 

1 by CI 


An. In our age. no mirades in the grealesl ; 

And, ihepefore, lady 

.l/arr. Keep off! — O you Powers 1 — 
Libidinous beast I and. add to iliat, i 

thankful I 
A ciiinc, wliith cmiurcs uauiing reason 

fly from. 
.Are all the princely bouiKles, favours, 

Which, with so 

Thy lord and r 

c prejudice to his 

ier hath confcrr'd upon 

A^ic hurlcil? Hath In 


Beyond thy rauk, and entettaln'd thee, a 
A friend, and not n servant ? and is (his. 
This impudent attempt lu taint m 

The fair return of both our ventured favours I 

/•'ran. Hear my excuse, 

Afan. The devil may plead mercy, 
And, with as much auurance, as ihou yield 

GroOT. up t. 

No woman can content thee -. and, add 
His wife and princess, to whom ihou art lied 
hiall the bonds of duly?— Rend niyhfe. 
And lind one net of mine so loosely cniricd, 
*I1utt could invite n must self-loving fool, 
Set off with nil ihni fortune could throw on 

To the least hope to find way to my favour; 
And wlial's the worst mine enemies could 

wish me. 
I'll be thy sinimpet. 

Fran. ■Tisacfcnowledge<l. 
That your whole course of lifi' hath been a 



To stop you in your full career of goodness: 
But now I find that he's fall'n from his for- 
And, howsoe\'er he would appear doting. 
Grown cold in his affection ; I presume. 
From his most barbarous neglect of you, 
To offer my true service. Nor stand I 

To look back on the courtesies of him. 
That, of all li\ing men, is most unthankful. 
Marc, Unheani-of impudence ! 
Fran, You'll say I am modest, 
When I have told the stor>'. Can he tax 

That ha\'e received some worldly trifles 

from him. 
For being ungrateful ; when he, that first 

And hath so long enjoy'd, your sweet em- 
In which all blessings that our frail condition 
Is capable of, are wholly comprehended. 
As c^'d with happiness, contemns the 

Of his felicity ; and, as he reach 'd not 
The masterpiece of mischief which he aims 

Unless he pay those favours he stands bound 

With fell and deadly hate !— You think he 

loves you 
With unexampled fer\'Our; nay. dotes on 

As there were something in you more than 

woman : 
When, on my knowledge, he long since 

hath wish'd 
You were among the dead ;— and I, you 

scorn so, 
Pefhaps, am your preserver. 

Marc, Bless me, good angels, 
Or I am blasted ! Lies so false and wicked, 
And fashion'd to so damnable a purpose, 
Cannot be spoken by a human tongue. 
My husband hate me 1 give th>'self the lie, 
False and accurs'd ! I'hy soul, if thou hiist 

Can witness, never lady stood so bound 
To the unfeign'd aflection of her lord. 
As I do to my Sforza. If thou wouldst work 
Upon my weak credulity, tell me. rather. 
That the earth moves; the sun and stars 

stand still ; 
The ocean keeps nor floods nor ebbs ; or 

Tliere's peace between the lion and the 

Or that the ravenous engle and the dove 
Keep in one aerie, and bring up their young ; 

Or anything that is averse to nature : 
And I will sooner credit it, than that 
My lord can think of me. but as a jewel. 
He loves more than himself, and all the 

Fran. O innocence abused ! simplicity 

cozen'd ! 
It were a sin. for which we have no name. 
To keep you longer in this wilful error. 
Read his affection here ; — \Gh»aherafaper.^ 

— and then obser\'e 
How dear he holds you ! 'Tis his character. 
Which cunning yet could ne\'er counterfeit. 
Marc, 'Tis his hand, I'm resolv'd of it. 

I'll try 
What the inscription is. 
Fran, Pray you. do so. 

Marc, [reads.] You know my ptcasure, 
and the hour of Marcelia' s death, which fait \ 
not to execute, as you will answer the con- \ 
trary, not with your head alone, but with I 
the ruin of your whole family. And this, \ 
written with mine own hand, and sijjncd '■ 
with my frixy signet, shall be your sufficient 

LoDovico Sforza. 

I do obe)' it I every word's a poniard, 

And reaches to my heart. {Swoons. 

Fran. What have I done? 
Madam ! for heaven's sake, madam ! — O my 

fate ! 
I'll bend her body : this is yet some pleasure : 
I'll kiss hur into a new life. Dear lady ! — 
She stirs. For the duke's sake, for .SfonKi's 


Marc. Sforza's ! stand off ; though dead. 

I will be his, 
And even my ashes shall abhor the touch 
Of any other. — O unkind, and cruel ! 
Learn, women, learn to trust in one another ; 
I'hcre is no faith in man : Sfurza is false. 
False to Marcelia ! 

Fran. But I am tnie. 
And live to make you happy. All the pomp» 
State, and observance you had. being his. 
Compared to what you shall enjoy, when 

Shall lie no more rcmember'd. Lose his 

And look with cheerful beams on your new 

And know, what he hath plotted for your 

Fate cannot niter. If the emperor 
Take not his life, at his return he dies. 
And by my hand : my wife, that is his heir, 
Shall quickly follow :— tlien we reign alone ! 


Formlh ibii nrni I 

Or make a btidge, a 

Dcoresl. ond best of w 


All Bllilbulei of aidi-vlllains made into on<?, 
■Cmnoleiprpss thee. J prrfenhehate 
Of Sfbrw, though it matU me for the grai-e, 
Before Ihy base nlT«:lion. I am yet 
Pore and unipotled in my true love ID liim : 
Net shall ll be corrupted, [bough he's 

Not will I part wilh innocence, became 
He ii found gulliy. For ili>'sdf, (bou art 
A tiling, ihat. equal »ith the devil hinuelf. 
1 do detest and scotti. 

ffan. Thou. then, art nolhiae : 
Thy life is in my power, dudofnjul womaa I 
Think on'l, aiulVeinhlc. 

Mtrc, No, ihuua'i ihoii ivctt now 
To play thy hauKman's pan.— 'ITkhi mvU 

My eiecutiuiwt, and art only fit 
For such employment; but ne'er hope lo have 
The ieail gnue from me. I u-ill neve ~ 

E OF MII-,\N. 

Tbc haiard of a dreadFul day. and forced 
A fassage wiih our swords through oU tli 

Thai, page-like, wait on Ilie »i<ccu of W3t 
And now eipecl reward. 

/firn. Hell put f 
Tlic enemy's mind i 

And. making haste 

:l. make my peace wil 
langman. [£x-i 

*H. I ai 

jrsd hope, ihnt flailerd nic, that wrongs 

A nranger to licr guudiicss I all my plou 
nim biuJi upon myself; but 1 .-un lu, 
*iid must go oD : and, sinw I have put off 
iMn the there of innuixnGe, guilt be ~ 
my pilot ! 
Revenge lirst wrought me; murder's his 

twin brother ; 
One dwdly sin, llten. In 

ACT 111. 

SCENE l--ya« Imperial Camp, ii/on 

£ n/zr Medlnn, Hernando, jai/Alphoiiso. 

iffit. The ipoil. Ihe spoil I '(li Ihnt tlie 
loidiet flghtt for. 
Oiir victory, u yet, alToids us nothing 

II tt'oundi and empty honour. We have 


And what is that way given, lorthe most pari 
Come) lo (he emperor's cotlen to defray 
llic charge of the great aciloii. m '111 ni 

U1icn, uiually. tome thing in gmec, that 

: cannon's roaring tongue, hut at a I 

5 in, and for his intercession sh;ircs 
lliat we fought for ; the poor suldier left 
To starve, or HII up bospilals. 
^/fA. But, when 

Te enter towns by force, and cttn'c 
lleasure wilh pillage, and Ihe richesl v 
Open oui shrunk-up veins, and pour 

Mtd. I long lo be nt it ; 

see ihoe chuffs, (hat every day may 

A toltlicTE enleclmnmenl for a year. 
Yet moke a third meal of a bunch of 
These sponges, that suck up a kii 

Riiienlng like scarabs in the t 

To lie s<[uceied out by the rough hand of 

And all that their whole lives have lienp'd 

By cownnge, perjury, or sordid thrift, 
With one gripe lo be ravish'd. 

NfTTi. 1 would be lousing 
Their fair madonas. that in Uttle dogs, 
Monkeys, and poraqultlos, consume Ihou- 

Ycf, for the advancement of a noble r 
Kcplnc (o pan with a poor piece of cighi ; 
Wars plagma upon ll - ■ ■ 

Tlieir scornful n 

1 liave SI 
s fini, ihcti s 




Though all Taricties of stink contend tlicrc ; 
Yet praise the entertainment. 

Med. I may live 
To see the (atter'd'st rascals of my troop 
Drajf than out of their closets, with a ven- 
geance ! 
When neither threat'ningp flattering, kneel- 
ing, howling. 
Can ransome one poor jewel, or redeem 
Themselves, from their blunt wooing. 

Hem, My main hope is. 
To b^n the sport at Milan : there's enouf^h, 
And of all kinds of pleasure we can wish for, 
To satisfy the most covetous. 

Aiph. Everyday 
We look for a remove. 

Med. For Lodowick Sforza, 
The duke of Milan, I, on mine own know- 
Can say thus much : he is too mucli a soldier, 
Too confident of his own worth, too rich 

And understands too well the emperor hates 

To hope for composition. 

Aifm,, On my life, 
We need not fear his coming in. 

Hem. On mine. 
I do not wish it : I had rather that, 
To shew his \'alour, he'd put us to the trouble 
To fetch him in by the ears. 

JiJed. The emperor! 

Flourish, Enter Charles, Pcscara, and 

Chart. You make mu wonder : — nay, it is 

no counsel. 
You may partake it, gentlemen : who'd have 

That he, that scom'd our profFcr'd amity 
When he was sued to, should, ere he be 


gVliether persuaded to it by base fear, 
r flatter 'd by false hope, which, 'tis tmcer- 
First kneel for mercy? 

Med. When your majesty 
Shall please to lastnict us who it is, we may 
Admire it with you. 

Chart. Who, but the duke of Milan, 
The right hand of the French ! of all that 

In our displeasure, whom necessity 
Compels to seek our favour, I would have 

Sforza had been the last. 

Hem, And should be writ so. 
In the list of tho&e you pardon. Would his 

Had rather held us out a siege, like Troy. 
Than, by a feign'd submission, he should 

clieat you 
Of a just revenge ; or us, of those fair glories 
Wc have sweat blood to purchase i 

Med. With your honour 
You cannot hear him. 

A I ph. l*he sack alone of Milan 
Will pay the army. 

Cliarl. I am not so weak. 
To be wrou|?ht on, as you fear ! nor ignorant 
That money is the sinew of the war ; 
And on what terms soever he seek peace, 
Tis in our power to grant it, or deny it : 
Yet, for our glory, and to shew him that 
We've brought him on his knees, it is re- 
To hear him as a suppliant. Bring him in ; 
Hut let him see the effects of our just anger. 
In the guard that you make for him. 

\Exit Pescara, 
Hem. I am now 
Familiar with the issue ; all plagues on it ! 
He will appear in some dejected habit, 
His countenance suitable, and, for his order. 
A rope about his neck : tlicn kneel and tell 
Old stories, what a worthy thing it is 
To have the power, and not to use it ; then 

add to that 
A tale of king Tigranes, and great Pompey. 
Who said, forsooth, and wisely ! 'twas njore 

To make a king than kill one ; which, applied 
To the emperor, and himself, a pardon's 

To him an enemy ; and we, his servants, 
Condemn'd to beggary. \A.side to Med. 

Med. Yonder he comes ; 
But not as you expected. 

Re-enter Pescara '^cUh Sfor/a, strongly 

A I ph. He looks as if 
He would outface his dangers. 

Hern. I am cozen'd : 
A suitor, in the devil's name ! 
Med. Hear him sfxiak. 
Sfor. I come not, emperor, to invade thy 
By fawning on thy fortune ; nor bring with me 
Excuses, or denials. I profess, 
And with a good man's confidence, even 

this instant 
Tliat I am in thy power, I was thine enemy ; 
Thy deadly and vow'd enemy : one that 

Confusion to thy person and estates ; 
And \^ith my utmost poMfcrs, %nd ^csr^nait. 





Had they been truly follow'd, further'd it. 
Nor will I now, although ray neck were under 
The hangman's axe, with one poor syllable 
Confess, but that I honour'd the French king, 
More than thyself, and all men. 

^f€d. By Saint Jacques, 
This is no flattery. 

Hern. There is fire and spirit in*t ; 
But not long-lived, I hope, 

S/or. Now give me leave. 
My hate against thyself, and love to him 
Freely acknowledged, to give up the reasons 
That make me so affected : In my ^'ants 
I ever found him faithful ; had supplies 
Of men and monies fix>m him ; and my 

Quite sunk, were, by his grace, buoy'd up 

again ; 
He was, indeed, to me, as my good angel 
To guard me from all dangers. I dare speak. 
Nay. must and will, his praise now. in as 

' high 
And loud a key, as when he was thy equal. — 
The benefits he sow'd in me, met not 
Unthankful ground, but yielded him his own 
With fair increase, and I still glory in it. 
And, though my fortunes, poor, compared 

to his, 
And Milan, weigh 'd with France, appear as 

.\re in thy fury burnt, let it be mention'd. 
They served but as small tapers to attend 
The solemn flame at this great funeral ; 
And with them I will gladly waste myself. 
Rather than undergo the imputation 
Of being base, or unthankful. 
Alph. Nobly spoken ! 
Hern. I do begin, I know not why, to 

hate him 
Less than I did. 

S/or. If that, then, to be grateftil 
For courtesies received, or not to leave 
A friend in his necessities, be a crime 
Amongst you Spaniards, which other nations 
That, like you, aim'd at empire, loved, and 

WTiere'er they found it, Sforza brings his head 
To pay the forfeit. Nor come I as a slave, 
Pinion d and fetter'd. in a squalid weed, 
Falling before thy feet, kneeling and howling. 
For a forcstalld remission : that were poor. 
And would but shame thy victory ; for con- 
Over base foes, is a captivity. 
And not a triumph. I ne'er feared to die, 
More than I wish'd to live. When I had 

My ends in being a duke, I wore these robes, 
'Diis crown upon my head, and to my side 

Thb sword was girt ; and witness truth, 

that, now 
Tis in another's power, when I shall part 
With them and life together, I'm the same : 
My veins then did not swell with pride; 

nor now 
Shrink they for fear. Know, sir, that Sforza 

Prepared for either fortune. 

Hem. As I live, 
I do begin strangely to love this fellow ; 
And could part with three quarters of my 

share in 
The promised spoil, to save him. 

S/or. But, if example 
Of my fidelity to the French, whose honours. 
Titles, and glories, are now mix'd with yours. 
As brooks, devour'd by rivers, lose their 

Has power to invite you to make him a 

That hath given evident proof he knows to 

And to be thankful : this my crown, now 

You may restore me, and in me instruct 
These brave commanders, should yoiu* for- 
tune change. 
Which now I wish not, what they may 

From noble enemies, for being faithful. 
The charges of the war I will defray, 
And, what you may, not without hazard. 

Bring freely to you : I'll prevent the cries 
Of murderd infants, and of ravish 'd maids. 
Which in a city sack'd, call on heaven's 

And stop the course of glorious victories : 
And, when I know the captains and the 

That have in the late battle done best service, 
.^nd are to be rewarded, I myself, 
Accordincj to their quality and merits. 
Will see them largely recompensed. — I have 

And now expect my sentence. 

Alph. By this light, 
'Tis a brave gentleman. 

Med. How like a block 
The emperor sits ! 

Hern. He hath deliver'd reasons. 
Especially in his purpose to enrich 
Such as fought bravely, (I myself am one, 
I care not who knows it.) as I wonder that 
He can be so stupid. Now he begins to stir : 
Mercy, an't be thy will I 

Chart. Thou hast so far 
Outgone my expectation, noble Sforza, 



For such I hold thee ; — and true constancy, 
Raised on a biax-e foundationp bears such 

And privil^^e with it, that where we be- 
hold it. 
Though in an enem^, it does command us 
To love and honour it. By my future hopes, 
I am glad for thy sake, that in seeking favour, 
Thou did'st not borrow of vice her indirect, 
Crooked, and abject means ; and for mine 

That, since my purposes must now lie 

Touching thy life and fortunes, the world 

Tax me of levity in mv settled coimscls ; 
1 being neither wrouglit by tempting bribes, 
Nor servile flattery ; but forced into it 
By a fair war of %irtue. 
Hern, lliis sounds well. 
Ckarl. All former passages of hate be 

buried : 
For thus with open arms I meet thy love. 
.And as a friend embrace it ; and so far 
I am from robbing thee of the least honour. 
That with my hands, to make it sit the faster, 
I set thy crovb-n once more upon thy head ; 
And do not only style thee, Duke of M ilan. 
But vow to keep thee so. Yet, not to take 
From others to give only to myself, 
I unll not hinder your magnificence 
To my commanders, neither will I urge it ; 
Bnt in that, as in all things else, I leave you 
To be your own disposer. 

[Flourish, Exit with Attendants. 
Sfor, May I live 
To seal my loyalty, though with loss of life, 
In some brave service worthy Ca»ar's favour. 
And I shall die most happy ! Gentlemen, 
Receive me to yom- loves ; and, if hencefonh 
There can arise a difference between us, 
It shall be in a noble emulation 
Who hath the fairest sword, or dare go 

To fight for Charles the emperor. 

Hern, We embrace you, 
As one well read in all the [>oints of honour : 
And there we are your scholars. 

Sfor, True ; but such 
As ias outstrip, the master. We'll contend 
in love hereafter : in the meantime, pray you, 
Let me discharge my debt, and, as an earnest 
Of what's to come, divide this cabinet : 
In the small body of it there are jewels 
Will yield a hundred thousand pistolets, 
Which honour me to receive. 
Med. You bind us to you. 
Sfar. And when great Charles commands 

me to his presence, 

If you will please to excuse my abrupt de- 
Designs that most concern mc, next thb 
I mercy, 

. Calling me home. I shall hereafter meet you, 
And gratify the iiivour. 

Hern. In this, and all things, 
We arc your servants. 

Sfor. A name I ever owe you. 

\Ex€ttnt Medina, Hernando, and 
Pesc. So, sir ; this tempest is well over- 
And all things fall out to our wishes : but. 
In my opinion, this quick return. 
Before you've made a party in the court 
.Among the great ones, (for these needy 

Have little power in peace,) may beget 

At least suspicion. 

Sfor. Where true honour lives. 
Doubt hath no Ix^ing : I desire no pawn 
IVyond an emperor's word, for my assurance. 
Iksides, Pescara, to thyself, of all men, 
I will confess my weakness : — though my 

-And crown's restored me. though 1 am in 

And that a little stay might be a stej) 
To greater honours, I must hence. Alas ! 
I live not here ; my wife, my wife, Ptsicjira, 
Jieing absent, I am dead. Prithee, excase, 
And do not chide, for friendship's sake, my 

But ride along with me ; I'll give you reasons. 
And strong ones, to plead for me. 

Pesc. Use your own pleasure ; 
1 11 bear vou company, 

Sfor. Kirewcll, grief ! I am sioretl with 
Two blessings most desired in human life, 
.A constant friend, an uiisas])ected wife. 


SCENE II. — Milan. A Room in the Castle. 

Enter an Officer with Graccho. 

OJj^c. What I did, I had warrant for ; you 
have tastt^ 
My oflice gently, and for those soft strokes, 
Flca-bitings to the jerks I could have lent 

Tliere docs belong a feeing. 

Grac. Must I pay 
For being tormented, and dishonour 'd? 

OJff. Fie ! no. 
Your honour's not impair'd in't. What's the 

letting out 
Of a little corrupt blood, and the next way 


There b no surgeon like mc. to take off 
counier's ilch tlinl's rampant oi gmxt 

r tums knave for ptefetmcDt. or gnyn 

Othu T\dx cloaks and suits, tbough got by 

And so forgets lib betters. 

tirai:. Very good, sir : 
But am I Ibc first miin of qoality 
llial e'ci came under your lingas f 

OJic. Not by a Ihoiuond ; 
And they hove said I have a lucky hand 
Both men and women of aU Hi 
Under this se 
Tlwl could ei 

reigns o'er 

TfireodbaTE and lousy, and in 

I Dischareed bv ntiollwr thai set 

I have seen him 

I Cap i pH gnllant, Bnd hi; stripes wash'd 0? 

I Wdh oil of angels, 

I l}fit. Tliiru H-BS a sectary too, tliat wonki 

Conformable to tlie orders of the cliiu^Ii, 
Nor yield 10 any argument of rrnson. 
But slUt rail al authority, brought In me. 
When I had wonn'd hi^ tongue, and truss't 

his haunches. 
Grew a Sne pulpil man, and was beneficed 
Hod he not cause 10 thank me I 

Crae. There was physic 
Wai to the purpme. 

Offic. Now, for women, sh-. 
For your more consolation, I could idl you 
Twenty finestorici, but lUend in one 
And 'tis the last that's mcmorabk'. 

Grae. Prithee, do ; 
For I grow wenrv of Ihee, 

Ofic. There wiis lutely 
A fine sh^WBiter in the court, llmt dol 
Ewremely of a genllemBn, that had 
Hi> main dependence on a signior's fa 
I will not name, but could not compa.'^ 
On any terms. This «-anton. at dead 

Grac. But what foUow'tt? 
Prithee be brief. 

OSc. Why this, at -. She deliver'd. 
Had store of croniis assign'd her by her 

Who forced thegeiiUeman.lo save her credit. 
To many her. and say he was the pnrly 
Foimd in Lob's pound : so she, that, before. 

Would hive been his whor 

' Nor dares he grumble at il. Speak bi 

J 1' Is not my office lucky ? 

I Grac. Go, there's for thee ; 

E . But what will be' my fonntie ? 

Ogit, If you thrive not 

I After that snfl correctinn. com^ n^aJn. 

t Grai. 1 thank you, knnvr. 

Offie. And then, knave, I will fit you. 

Grac. Whipt like a roguc 1 no ligiitcr 

punishment serve 

To balance vriih a little mirth I 'Ti» well ; 

My credit sunk for ever. 1 am neiw 

Pit company only for pages and for footboys. 

That have perused the porter's lodge. 

ffl/crjullosi^ Giovanni. 

Giaii. See, Julio, 

Yonder the proud slave ii. TIow he looks 

After hii QUtlgalion 1 


r. genllen 

Was found at the exercise behind Ihi 
With the 'foresaid ^ignior : he got el 
But she was seized on. and, [o G 

ndured Ibe : and. tliough I in^ 

Curyel and caper, she Mould never ti 
/ K'tH/ playd at poitipin with her. 

7'f- 1 

SliBnee stories of the passive fortitude 
Of men in former ages, which I thought 
Impossible, nod nut to be believed : 
But now I look on you, my wonder 
Grar. The reason, sir ? 
yuf. Why. sir, you have been Whi7rt. 
Wilpt, signior Graccho; and Ilie nl ' 

lake It, 
Is to a gentleman, the grefllot trial 
t That may be of his patience. 

Jt deal with you. 
Unless I have a licadic for my second 


ught jM 

n7>'. • H 

Cnit. Sir. 




I Jml. Farewell, poor Graccho. 
' [Exeunt Julio and Giovanni. 

Grac, Better and better still. If ever 

Cookl teach a wretch to find the way to 


Enter FYancisco and a Servant. 

Hen now inspire me{ How, the lord pro- 
Mj judge ; I thank him ! Whither thus in 

; I will not see him. [Stands aside. 

Fran. If I am sought for, 
Saj I am indisposed, and will not hear 
. Or suits, or suitors. 

Serv. But, sir, if the princess 
. Enquire, what shall I ans^K'er ? 
I Fran. Say, I am rid 
Abioad to take the air ; but by no means 
Let her know I'm in court. 
, S£rv. So I shall tell her. [Exit. 

Fran, Within there, ladies ! 

! Enter a Gentlewoman. 

GeniUw. My good lord, your pleasure ? 
Fran. Prithee, let me beg thy favour for 

To the dutchess. 

Genilew, In good sooth, my lord. I dare 
She's veiyprivate. 

Fran. Cfome, there's gold to buy thee 
A new gown, and a rich one. 

GeniUm. I once swore 
If e'er I lost my maidenhead, it should be 
With a great lord, as you are ; and, I know- 
not how, 
I feel a yielding inclination in mc. 
If you liave appetite. 

Fran. Pox on thy maidenhead ! 
Where is thy hidy? 

Gentlao. If ^ou venture on her. 
She's walking m the gallcr)' ; perhaps, 
You will find her less tractable. 

Fran. Bring me to her. 

Gent lew. 1 fear you'll have cold entertain- 
ment, when 
You are at your journey's end ; and 'twere 

To tiike a snatch by the way. 

Fran. Prithee, leave fooling : 
My page waits in the lobby ; give him sweet- 
meats ; 
He is train'd up for his master's ease. 
And he will cool thee. 

[E.\'£uttt Fran, and Gentlew. 

Grac, Abr.ive discovery beyond my hope, 
A plot even ofier^d to my hand to work on ! 

If I am dull now, may I live and die 

The scorn of worms and slaves ! — Let me 

consider : 
My lady and her mother first committed. 
In the favour of the dutchess ; and I whipt ! 
That, with an iron pen, is writ in brass 
On my tough heart, now grown a harder 

metal. — 
And all his bribed approaches to the dutchess 
Tobeconceal'd ! good, good. This to my lady 
Deliver'd, as I'll order it, runs her mad. — 
But this may prove but courtship ! let it be, 
I care not, so it feed her jealousy. [Exit. 

SCENE III. — Another Room in the same. 
Enter Marcelia and Francisco. 

Marc. Believe thy tean or oaths ! can iL 

be hoped. 
^Vfter a practice so abhorr'd and horrid, 
Repentance e'er can find thee ? 

Fran. Dearest hidy. 
Great in your fortune, greater in your good- 
Make a superlative of excellence. 
In being greatest in your sanng mercy. 
I do confess, humbly confess my fault, 
To be beyond all pity ; my attempt 
So barbarously rude, that it would turn 
A saint-like patience into savage fury. 
But you. that are all innocence and virtue. 
No spleen or anger in you of a woman. 
But when a holy zeal to piety fires you, 
May. if you please, impute the fault to love,. 
Or call it beastly lust, for 'tis no better : 
A sin, a monstrous sin ! yet with it many 
That did prove good men alter, have been 

tempted ; 
And, though I'm crooked now, 'tis in your 

To make me straight again. 

Afarc. Is't possible 
This can be cunning ! [Aside. 

Fran. But, if no submission, 
Nor prayers can appease you, that you may 

'Tis not the fear of death that makes me sue 

But a loath'd detestation of my madness. 
Which makes me wish to live to have your 

pardon ; 
I will not wait the sentence of the duke, 1 
Since his return is doubtful, but I myself , 
Will do a fearful Justice on myself, 
No >vitness by but you, there bcin^ no more 
When I offended. Vet, beiore I C.o it. 
For I perceive in you no signs of mercy, | 
I will disclose a secret, which dying with tae« 
M.iy prove your ruin. 


.i/fljr. Spcsk it ; it will uke from 
The burthen of ihy conscif nee, 

Fniit. Thus, (hen, miidam : 
The H'orraal by my lord sign'd for jouf 

By your unspiiiied truth, i 

Or I end here aliniiHly. 

Man. Hy my hones 


That rorccd hit 

And. i/ 1 HiernlHrH, (to said great Sf 

JVa tiviix """• 'Ititi^iig I" '"/or 

M* Imi Maralia, loUM Uu Jiril naat 

not lam d€ai, l/ar its man a/tir mi 

Afua itr mjn her.) fail net ta till At 

Bui UU ceHain pnief 

Asturt tha I am lost, {these were his w 

OtitrBt and henenr Atr. at if tki out 

^VH/man'i ffiodiua M/y ifuic/l in htr. 

"niK trust I have ahused, and basely 

wrong'd : 
And, if the excelling plly of your mind 
Cannot forgive it, as 1 dnra not ho]>e it, 
Ralher than look on my oRended lord, 
1 aland resolved lo puniab It, 

jZ)niuu his JB 

Mart. Hold ! '(ii forclvea, 
And by me freely pardon 'd. In thy bir life 
Hereafter, study lo deserve Ihis bounlv, 
Wliich Ihy true penitence, such i believe 
AgBtnst myresolution hath forced from me. 
But that my lord, my Sform, should eslec 
My life fil only as a page, to wait on 
The various course of his uncertain fonunea ; 
Or cherish in himself that sensual hope. 

Nor does hb envy Icisdesetve mine anger. 
Which though, such is my love, 1 would noi 

Will slack (he ardour that [ hod to we him 
Ketum in s»fely. 

Should give ihe least gtound lo his jealousy, 

To raise up an opinion I am false. 

You then destroy your mercy. Therefore, 

(Though I shall ever look on you as on 

Of human piiy,) would you but vouchsafe. 
In company. lo do me those fair graces. 
And lavouts, which your innocence and 

May safely warrant, it would lo the duke. 
1 being to your best self alone known guilly, 
Moke me appear most Innocent. 
, Han. Have your wishes ; 
And somclhirg I miiy do lo try his temper. 

At least, to make him knowaconslanl wife 
Is not so slaved lo her husband's doling 

But Ihal she may deserve lo live a widow. 
Her fate appointing it, 
Fran. Il is enough t 
N,iy, all I could desire, and unll niakc way 
To my revenge, which shull disperse ilsclf 
On him. on her, and all. 

[findV and txil.— Shout aadjleiiriih. 
Mart. What shout is ihai? 

Enter Tiberio and SSIephona 
Tii. All happiness to the dulchess, [hat 
may flow 
From the duiie's new and wlsh'd ret 
Marc. He's welcome. 
SIrfh. I^Iow coldly she meives it 
Tii. ObserT.-e the et 

I will not do ill offices. 

Have flown into my armi. and on my I 

Have printed a deep welcome. My di 

To glass myself in these fair eyes, have 

In Einy If mple, or lo any s-iinl 

To pay my vom and thanks for my re 

Till I had seen thee. 



My love and duly in _. 

Such OS might suit widi die behaviour 
Wonelhal knows herself awifc, and how 
To temper her desires, nol like a wnnton 
Pired withhotappctlte; nor can il wrwig oie 
To lovB discreetly. 

My passions lo you are in eilremes. 
And know no bounds ;~ciHne; lilss mc 

r. By all the joys of love, she 

As If [ were her grardfalher I What wilch. 


I cuncd spcUs. halh quen 
[ JTIml lived upun (hoc Ups? Tell mc 

loyour subsllluli?. 

And KM much dotage rnibcr nrgua fotly 
Tlnn tnie aSkaiaa. 

tlrae. Observe but this. 
Aid how she ptaiwd my lord's care n 

And thenjurlge, madani. If my inlElUecncc 

My lord, from whence 

llfir. Il b more, dear my IWend ; 
[Tor I am doubtful whether I'l-e « being, 
I But oenain that my life'» a biirOen (o me. 
iTakc me back, guod Pcocara. shew me 

ay. wuTM. cioira co 
r cqu.ili'd. gn"" il 

IB be tnyvAt, and thus slinki 
n of fond dutaEC. From ni; 
— Jy i (o( 1 nm npt lo do 
_ [may rcpcnr.— l&i' .li 
wlio would placu 
)iness fn most accursed wom 

To all a free example of deltglil. 

We will have sports of nil kinds, and pfo- 

!K l.—7lu'umt. A R^am iu ilU 

Bnltr Ptandseo and Gnccho. 

issible thou ihouldtt'Jy 

Fnit. A 

A wrong of mch a nature, and 
Mv safely and conlent? 
'Gnu. Sit, bul ollow tne 

•■m llie 

Id you m, , . 
n injuries from 
re noble favoun. Is' 

found myseK In be onolhtr thing ; 
Not what I was bcforw. I pasjod then 
Fora prciiy fcllon, aai of pretty poniiof 
And uiu pctbups rceutt-cil lu ; iHiI, one 

T)ic llbvral counlos made me muster of 
Those virtues which 1 ne'er knew in mywlf: 
II t [>n:lended lo a jcsl, 'Iwu made or - 
By Ibeir inlflrptetatian ; If 1 oflei'd 


Would swBtr Ihot I. by nature, had mi 


I Thnn olhen could acquire by any labour 

Nay. all I did, indeed, whiib in nnolhor 

J Was not TCniBi^ble. in me shew'd rarely 

Gnu. Bullhenlheyiasledofyourboim 

j__^yair. True : 

ie Ihose good parts I was I 

' And, by my intereeMioti, Ihcygol Ihat 
Which, had I cn)ss*d them. Iliry ilur^i t 
have hoped for, 
Ciar, AU Ihisisorade; andshall I, ihi 
For a foolish whtftping, leave lo horn 

Thai hold) the wheel oT fortune ? no ; tl 

Too much of Ilie ancient freedom. Since 

great men 
Receive disgraces and give thanks, poor 

Most hnve nor spleon, nor anger. Though 

My hmbs as well asajiyman, if you 

r (o kick me lame into an office. 
Where I might sit in stale and undo others. 
Stood I not bound lo hiss the fool iliat 

snange, tbere have been 

' And, add lo them, this farm, to have my 
Coniined and limited I I delight m change, 
ad sweet variety ; that's my heaven o 

)[ whicli I love life only, t confess. 
My wife pleased me a day, the dntcliess. 

(And yet I must not iof I have enjoy'd her.) 
"■■t now I care for neither : IberefotB, 

So far I am from stopping Mariana 

nnking her complaint, ihnt I derire 
To ui^ her to it. 

Gr/u. That may prove your ruin ; 

The duke already being, as 'tis rcporiec 

' iitul she ham play^l falw. 

in. There thou art coien'd ; 

His dotage, like an ague, keeps his cou 

■ - -■ now 'tis strongly on him. But I 

In.thc memoiy of m 

/Vffn. But to tile 

Aad then, that sen 

And therefore know, whether tlio 

Thou art to be my instrument ; am 
Of the old saw, thai says, II * 

• ■ - : to be false. 

"hb is a language. 
My lord, I understand not. 

J-'ran. You thought, sitial., 
Tu put a trick on me for the relalion 
"* '-It I knew- before, and, having 

veigbty secret from me. in revenge 
To play the traitor. Know, Ihou wrotcht 



itij Wife. Ibou SRy'il, is jealous I am l< 
*Sfnili3t with the dutchess. 
Grat. And ineensed 

bcT commilmenl in her brother' 

And by her mother's anger is ipurr'd t 
To makn discovery of It. This her purpose 
Was trusted lo my charge, which I decUneii 
As much as in me lay ; but. finding * 
Detenninalely bent to undertake it, 
Tliou^ breaking my biith to her 

My credit with your lordship. I yet i 
Though at my peril, 1 stood tuun 

Fran. 1 Ihank (by care, and will 
this secret, 
tn making thee acquainted with n i 

thou wert wbipl; and 

I'll have 'thee' freshly tortured, if thou miss 
In the least charge that I Impose upon thee. | 
Though what I speak, for the most part, is 

y. grant thou hiidst a thousand witnesses 

3 my 

dull Gmcclio. 
My ponernnd honours 

Canst thou tl 

.And that shall fall upon thee. Tlioii 

a fool 
To hope, by Ix-ing acquainted with my 

To curb ;md awe me : or Ihnt 1 ihouM live 
Thy sL-ive, as iliou didit saucily divine : 
For prj'ing in my counsel*, still live mine. 



Grac, I am caught on both sides. This 
'tis for a puisne 
Inpolicy's Protean school, to tiy conclusions 
With one that hath commenoed, and gone 

out doctor. 
If I discover what but now he bragg'd of, 
I shall not be believed : if I fall oit 
From him, his threats and actions go to- 
And there's no hope of safety. Till I get 
A plummet that may sotmd his deepest 

I must obey and serve him : Want of skill 
Now makes mc play the rogue against my 
will. [Exit. 

SCENE II. — Anoifur Room in the same. 

Enter Marcelia, Tibcno. Stephano, and 

Marc. Command me from his sight, and 
with such scorn 
As he would rate his slave I 

Tib. Twas in his fury. 

Sie/Jk. And he repents it, madnm. 

Marc. Was I bom 
To observe his humours ! or, because he 

Most I run mad ? 

Tib. If that your Excellence 
Would please but to receive a feeling know- 
Of what he suffers, and how deep the least 
Unkindness wounds from you, you would 

His hasty language. 

Stepk. He hath paid the forfeit 
Of his offence, I'm sure, with such a sorrow, 
As, if it had been greater, would de<;cr\'c 
A fuU remission. 

Marc. Why, perhaps, he liath it ; 
And 1 stand more afflicted for his absence, 
Than he can be for mine : — so, pray you, 

tell him. 
But, till I have digested some sad thoughts, 
And reconciled passions that are at war 
Within myself, I purpose to be private : 
And have you care, unless it be Francisco. 
That no man be admitted. 

\Exit Gentlewoman. 

Tib, How ! Francisco ? 

SUfh, He, that at every stage keeps 
livery mistresses ; 
Hie stallion of the state I 

Tib. They are things above us, 
And so no way concern us. 

SiM. If I were 
The duke, (I freely must confess my weak- 

Enter Francisco. 

I should wear yellow breeches. Here he 

Tib. Nay, spare your labour, lady, we 
know our duty, 
And quit the room. 

Steph. Is this her privacy ! 
Though with the hazard of a check, perhaps. 
This may go to the duke. 

[Exeunt Tiberio and Stephano. 
Marc. Your face is full 
Of f(*ars and doubts : the reason ? 

Fran. O, he&t madam, 
They are not counterfeit. I, your poor 

That only wish to live in sad repentance, 
To mourn my desperate attempt of you, 
That have no ends nor aims, but that your 

Might be a witness of my penitence, 
Which seen, would teach you how to lo\'e 

your mercy, 
.\m robb'd of that last hope. The duke, 

the duke. 
I more than fear, hath found that I am guilty. 
Marc. By my unspotted honour, not from 
me ; 
Nor have I with him changed one syllable. 
Since his return, but what you heard. 

Fran. Yet malice 
Is eagle eyed, and would sec that which is 

not ; 
And jealousy's too apt to build upon 
Unsure foundations. 
Marc. Jealousy ! 
Fran. \ Aside.] It takes. 
Marc. Who dares but only think I can 
be tainted ? 
But for him, though almost on certain proof. 
To give it hearing, not belief, deserves 
My hate for ever. 

Fran. Whether grounded on 
Your noble, yet ch;iste favours shewn unto 

me ; 
Or her imprisonment, for her contempt 
To you, by my command, my frantic wife 
Hath put it in his head. 

Marc. Have I then lived 
So long, now to be doubted ? Are mv fuvoun 
The themes of her discourse ? or what 1 do. 
That never trod in a suspected path. 
Subject to base construction? 13c un- 
daunted ; 
For now, as of a crca^re that is mine, 

I I rise up your protectress : all the grace 
1 1 hitherto have done you, was bestow'd 

I With a shut hand ; it shall be now more freei. 
Open, and liberal. But let it not, 



Though cDunterfcilKt lo (lie life, teach you 
To nourish saucy hopes, 

FraH. Hny I bt bitlilcd, 
When I proifc audi a minulcr I 

Hare. I will siund Uien 
Between youandDlldanger. Hcafaullknow. 
Suspicion overturns what confidence bultds : 
Anil he that dares but tloubl when ilierc'a no 

Is neither to liiinsclf nor others sound. 


Fnn. So. let ii work ! Her goodness, 

that denied 

My service, branded willi Ihn name of lust, 

avail now desiray; itself ; and slie shall find, 

When he's a suitor, Ihnt bringi cunning 

And chastity 

Hold but thy nxlure. duke, oiid be but msh 

And vialenl enough, and tlicn al lehurc 

And 1e: my plats produce Ihlslong'd -for birth. 
• evcnge I hore my heaven on e«nh. 

.SCENE Ul.—AHothtr Ram it Ihi lami. 
EhIct Sforta, Pescara. and Ihnt Cenllemen. 

Pta. You promised to be meny. 

I Gem. Tliere are plensurea, 
And Of all kinds, to entertain the time. 

a Gtnt. Your ciceiltnce vouchsafing lo 
mike choice 
Of that which best nfTecls you. 

SfiiT. Hold your prating. 
l.eam manners too ; vou are nide. 

3 Ciisl. 1 hare my answer, 
Befure 1 ask the ([uestlon, \Aiidi. 

fru\ I miuT borrow 
The privlh'ue iJ a frienit, and will : or else 
I Bin like iliiac, n servant, or, w ha I 's worse, 
^ona A«is>ii|i$ 

I In »pii 

■of re . 
Prav jou, use your freedom ; 
fat, if you please, allow me mine, 
.._j you oiily ; not to be conipcll'd 
lake your mi-ral potions, I am a mm 
\ though piiiloDophy, yourmlstnss.rn 

Now I have cause to grieve ! must tic sat 
And I dar« shew il. 

Pat. Would it were bcsiuiv-d 
Upon a wonhlL-c subjcci i 

Sfor. Take heed, trictid. 
You nib a sore, whose pain will make I 

And I 

■n (orget myself and you. 

or a greoi emperor, Ihoi vow'd your niin. 
Tliuugh by a desperate, a glotious way. 
That hnd no precedent? nnt you retum'il 

with honour. 
Loved by your subjects? does your fortune 

Or ruber iny. your coutnge does ccmmnnd 

Haw you enva proof, lo this liourof your 


—Yet I have seen her cquak, 

S/iiT. Gixxl PesCBin, 
Tliis language in another wenj profiine r 
Inyoirit is unmannerly.— Her equal I 
I tell ynu oi a friend, and tell you plainly. 
(To all tnc'i else my sword should inake 

Her gonilnrss dora disdain compatison, 
And. but lierself, admits no paruQeL 
But vou will say she's eross ; 'tis fit ihe 

"Twas a pitvenlion of n mnier sin 

Ready lo fall u|)Dn me ; (of slie's not igno- 

IJui truly undcisiandi how much I love her. 
And tliBt her mic pans do deserve all honour. 
Her exoellence increasing with licr years 

I might hare fallen Into idolulry, 

And. from the admiration of her worth. 

Been taught lo think there is no Power 

r, of her, Kince your happiness, 
till have it. has alone dependence 
Upon herluvour, from my soul I wish you 

my subniivien. 



Enter Tibcrio and Stephano. 

Bfiay work her to it. — O t jrou are well re- 

tom'd ; 
Say, am I blest? hath she vouchsafed to 

hear you? 
Is there hope left that she may be appeased ? 
Ijet her propound, and gladly I'll subscribe 
To her conditions. 

Tik, She. sir, yet is froward. 
And desires respite, and some privacy. 
Stfpk, She was harsh at first ; but, ere we 
parted, seem'd not 

Sfor. There's comfort yet : I'll ply her 
Each hour with new ambassadors of more 

Titles, and eminence : my second self. 
Fkandsco, shall solicit her. 
Siepk. That a wise man. 
And what is more, a prince that may com- 
Should sue thus poorly, and treat mth his 

As she were a victorious enemy. 
At whose proud feet, himself, his state, and 

Basely begg'd mercy ! 

S/or. wTiat is that you mutter? 
I'll have thy thoughts. 

Sit^. You shall. You are too fond, 
And feed a pride that's swollen too bii^ 

And surfeits with obser\-ancc. 

S/or. O my patience 1 
My vassal speak thus? 

Sieph. Let my head answer it. 
If I emend. She, that you think a saint, 
I fear, may play the devil. 

Pesc. Weil said, old fellow. {^AsiJf. 

Siefli. And he that hath so long engross 'd 
your favours, 
Though to be named with reverence, lord 

Who. as you purix>se, shall solicit for you. 
I think's too near her. 

rSforza lays his hand on his sioord. 
Pesc. Hold, sir 1 this is madness. 
Sieph. It may be they confer of joining 
lordships ; 
I'm sure he's private with her. 

S/or. Let me go, 
I scorn to touch him ; he deserves my pity. 
And not my anger. Dotard I and to be one 
Is Uiy protection, else thou durst not think 
That love to my M nrcclia luith left room 
In my full heart for any jealous thought : — 
That idle passion dwell with thick-skinn'd 

The lmdese^^ing lord, or the unable ! 
Lock up thy own wife, fool, that must take 

From her young doctor, physic upon her 

Because thou hast the palsy in that part 
That makes her active. I could smile ta 

What wretched things they are that dare be 

jealous • 
Were I match d to another Messaline, 
While I found merit in myself to please her,. 
I should believe her chaste, and would not 

To find out my own torment ; but, alas ! 
Enjoying one that, but to me, 's a Dian, 
I am too secure. 

Tib. This is a confidence 
Beyond example. 

Enter Graccho, Isabella, and Mariana. 

Grac. There he is — now speak, 
Or be for ever silent. 

Sfor. If you come 
To bring me comfort, say that you have made 
My peace with mv Marcelia. 

Isab. I had rather 
Wait on you to your funenil. 

Sfor. You are my mother ; 
Or, by her life, you were dead else. 

Mart. Would you were. 
To your dishonour ! and, since dotage makes 

Wilfully blind, borrow of me my eyes, 
Or some part of my spirit . Are you all flesh ? 
A lump of patience only? no fire in you? 
But do your pleasure: — here your mother 

Committed by your senant, (for I scorn 
To call him husband.) and myself, your sister. 
If that you dare remenil^er such a name. 
Mew'd up, to make the way open and free 
For the adultress, I am unwilling 
To say, a part of Sforza. 

Sfor. Take her head off ! 
She hath blasphemed, and by our law must 

Isab. Blasphemed! for calling of a whorCr. 
a whore ? 

Sfor. O hell, what do I suffer ! 

Afari. Or is it treason 
For me, that am a subject, to endeavour 
To save the honour of the duke, and that 
He should not be a wittol on record ? 
For by posterity 'twill l)c believed. 
As certainly as now it can be proved. 
Francisco, the great minion, that sways all. 
To meet the chaste embraces of the dulchess, 
Hath Icap'd into her bed. 



Sfor. Some proof, vile creature ! 
Or thou hast spoke thy last. 

Mari. The public fame, 
Their hourly private meetings ; and, e'en 

When, under a pretence of grief or anger. 
You are denied the joys due to a husband, 
And made a stranger to her. at all times 
The door stands open to him. To a Dutch- 
This were enough, but to a right Italian 
A hundred thousand witnesses. 

I sab. Would you have us 
To be her bawds ? 

Sfor. O the malice 
And envy of base women, that, with horror. 
Knowing their own defects and inward guilt, 
Dare lie. and swear, and damn, for what's 

most false. 
To cast aspersions upon one untainted 1 
Yc are in your natures devils, and your ends. 
Knowing your reputation sunk for ever, 
And not to be recover'd, to have all 
Wear your black livery. Wretches ! you 

have raised 
A monumental trophy to her pureness. 
In this your studied purpose to deprave her : 
And all the shot made by your foul detrac- 
Falling upon her sure-arm'd innocence. 
Returns irpon yourselves ; and, if my love 
Could suffer an addition, I'm so far 
From giving credit to you, this would teach 

More to admire and serve her. You are not 

To fall as sacrifices to appease her ; 
And therefore live till your own envy burst 
I sab. All is in vain ; he is not to be moved. 
yfari. She has bewitch'd him. 
Pc<;c. Tis so past belief. 
To inc it shews a fable. 

Enter Francisco, speaking to a Servant 

Fran. On thy life. 
Provide my horses, and without the port 
With care attend me. 

Seru. \}oithin.'\ I shall, my lord. 

Grac. He's come. 
Wiiat gimcrack have we next? 

Fran. Great sir. 

Sfor. Francisco, 
Tliough all the joj-s in women arc fled from 

In thee I do embrace the ftill delight 
That I can hope from man. 

Fran. I would impart, 

Please you to lend your ear, a weighty secret, 
I am in lalx>ur to deUver to you. 
Sfor, All leave the room. 

{Exeunt Isab. Mari. and Graccho. 
Excuse me, good Pescara, 
£re>long I will wait on you. 

Pesc. You speak, sir. 
The language I should use. {Exit. 

Sfor, Be within call. 
Perhaps we may have use of you. 
Tib, We shall, sir. 

{Exeunt Tib. and Steph. 
Sfor. Say on, my comiort. 
Fran. Comfort ! no, your torment. 
For so my fate appoints me. I could curse 
The hour that gave me being. 

Sfor. What new monsters 
Of misery stand ready to devour me ? 
Let them at once dispatch me. 

Fran. Draw your sword then, 
And, as you wish your own peace, quickly 

kill me ; 
Consider not. but do it. 
Sfor. Art thou mad? 
Fran. Or, if to take my life be too much 
As death, indeed, concludes all human sor- 
Cut off my nose and ears ; pull out an e>'e. 
The other only left to lend me light 
To see my own deformities. Why was 1 

Without some mulct imposed on me by 

nature ? 
Would from my youth a loathsome leprcKv 
Had run upon this face, or that my breath 
Had been infectious, and so made me 

Of all societies 1 Curs'd be he that taught 

Discourse or manners, or lent any grace 
That makes the owner pleasing in the eye 
Of wanton women ! since those parts, ^^ iiich 

Value as blessings, are to me afflictions, 
Such my condition is. 

Sfor. I am on the rack : 
Dissolve this doubtful riddle. 

Fran. That I alone, 
Of all mankind, that stand most bound to 

love you, 
And study your content, should be ap- 
Not by my \vill, but forced by cruel fate. 
To be your greatest enemy ! — not to hold 

In this amazement longer, in a word. 
Your dutchess loves me. 
Sfor. Loves thee 1 



Punucs me hourly. 
S/ir. Oh! 

• PraK. Ant! from hence prw 
Her IaW neslrci of yon. 
"'ftr. O Bomcn I noincn ! 
■ds. I Uboui'd Id dlven lier bv per- 

Then urgol your much love to her. nnil ihi^ 

sshewtt. — Stand you itarin)"? Go, I 
And put niy will in act. 1 

SMh. TTiere't no dispnting. 

Tii, But 'tis a tempest, on >he sudden 

Wbo (lunt have dniun'd of? 

[fijM.rTlbcrio and Slephmo. I 
_ S/ir. Nny, since slie daiei dnmnniion. 

Denied her. and with scorr 
Sfyt. 'I'viBi like thyself, 
/>dn. Bui when I sail 
beard her say. 
Your l9ie and extreme doiage. as n cloak. 
Should cover our emhntces. and your pni 
Fright -■^— '--^ ■■— -■' -" 

imd aU fa- 

Tim should p rescne her ii 
GFf lial inveried 10 be used hs oawos ; 
I could not but in duty (though I know 
Tlui the rdatlon kills in you all hope 
Of peace hereafter, and in me 'iwUl shew 
Vfm Irise nnti poor to risc^ up hei aecUiPr) 

iTi^il plagues 
< rtake her I for her sake, 
:>' may he prove a cuckold, 
^111;, a thing so miserable 
/ not express him. Ihit gives 

• Tn all-deeeiving women ! Or, since il Ii 
, The will of heaven, 10 preserve mankind. 
\ Thnl we must know and couple with these 

I Heroirter use his wife with more respect 
T%an he would do his horac (hot docs liim 

. Yet, great sir. 

not in yotir lury ; she's yet suflly , 
Only in her inienl. ' 

S/kt. IntEDl, Francisco I 

does include all fact ; snd I miglit ec 

Be won to pardon iteason to my ci 

" Il'd my father. 

And luiovi what'i best to do :— yet, if jn 

To prows her temper to the height, say at 
That 1 am dead, and ihcii observe bowfil 
Slie'il be transpottcd. 1*11 remi 

Howe'er. IH shift lor 01 


in being in hrr creation made 
HMO. But. 1ikeavil1«genunc 
nr ciining and eonsidenng, wIil.. 
: tool would do <—Wil)iin there 1 

Whetc is Ihij monster. 

This walking tree ol jealomy, Ihi) 

Tliis horDnTbeiisI thai m'ould \xi Ob 1 1 

Is iiln your commandment orollowanoq 
I am Inusbaselyused? Which of ' — 
My labours, services, aad caies 

For, to a man suspicious and imih.inkn4 
Without ablush I maybe mine own truim 
Invites this barbarous course? diiic you n 

Abused, know* no drgrce m Iiij.-, 

Habi Tibctio ajtJ Stcplmi 
ra. Myloid. 

Sfir. Co tt 

« rlmmbrr of that wicked 

SMt. \V1»I wicked svoman. Mr? 

.•jlOr. The devii. my wife. 
PoiM a rude ernry. and. If she refi^g 
To follow you, drag her hither by th 
.VnilkDOwiiajplty : any gentle usage 

Without a seal of shame? 

S/or. lmpudei\ce. 
tlow ugly ibou appear'st now ! Thy InM 

To miike an honest blusli : ivhat luul a 

Marl. Retum'd ihce the dishonour 111 

Though willingly t had given up myself 
To every common lelchr- 
Your Chief mini 




Dues knovf no otiicr objcei : 

But he, Ispealciltolhy leeth, tbaldunl 
~ Jealous fool, iun be a murdcMr, 

id Vnows nn end In mllcliivf. 

Sfir. I begin now 
In ibb myjtaticc. tsttillii 

.Van. Oh ! I have foord Riyseif 
Inio my grave, nod only grieve for Ibai 
Which, Vihen jou know you've slain i 

Vou nredi must mfler. 

" " ■-. An innocenl I I«l one 

I Francisco; — forhellrra, lilecreatui 
[Exit Stephac 

■eing CFuly ; 
bawd and ; 


a property to your \ 

Re-ealir ^-tephoso. 

SItfh. SignioTFranLisco,sir,butcvcn nov 

Took horse wilhoiil Ilie ports. 

.!/drt. Wc are tiolh abused. 

And boih by him undone. Stay, death, i 

Till I lure clear'd me to my lord, and then 

- Jyobey thev,-- O, mySforsi! 

Francisco was not tempted, but the tempter 

" " a hp thought to win me, shew'd tbi 

That you siga'd Tor my dealti. 

Sfirr. Then I believe thee ; 
Bcueve thee Innocent too. 

Marc. Bui. being contemn 'd. 
Upon his knees with teats he did beseech m 

Not to 

Judging hbpenlte 

I, jott-hi 


Lindnrai lo lie senteni»d by 

And now— be 

d the is 


er jweet soul has lelt 
Her licauleoui prison. 

TSiti*. Look to ihe duke : he Stands 
lb if he wanted motion. 
" TA Grief hath slopp'd 
Snie oigw) of his speech. 
SltfM. Take up thb body. 
And call fur hi5 physicians. 

" 'or. O, my henit-ilrinei I [Bxty 



Fran. Why. could'slthouihink. Eugenia, 
that rewards, 
Graces, or favours, though strew'd thick 

Could ever bnbe mc to forget mine lionour ', 
Or ihfll I Inmely would sit down, before 
I bad dried these eyes still wet with ^tiower? 

By the fire of my revenge? took up, my 

For that proud fair, lliat, thief-Ilke. stepp'd 

Thy promis*d hopes, and n 

1 thee o: 


Almost in ihy poswssioT . 
With horrid proof. hIi:ot-e, she thougbl bee 
Eloty. _ 

But hnstened her sad ruin. 

Eng. Do not Hatter 
A grirf that is beneath it ; for, hom 
I1ie credulous duke to me proved bite Olul 

It is imuossible be could be wrought 

■" ""'" "' "cya ofdotflgi!. 

To look oi 

And so to 

Fran. Such, indeed. I grant. 
The stream of his afi'vction was. nod 
A constant course, till 1. with < 

(Love banish'd from bis heart,) lo fill 

In a wonl, know the fair Morcelia's dead 
Eug. Dead I 
Fran. And by Sfona's hand. Doesit 

How coldly yi 

ill te> 

I eipecled 
great a bicjsmg, 
Domeproodly on the wings of sweet revenge 
Woulil hare call'don nsacrifite of thanks. 
And joy not to be bounded or conccnl'd. 
You cnlcrtain it witli a look, as if 
You wish'd it were undone. 

Eve- Indeed I do: 
For, ifmy sorrows could receive addition. 
Her sad late would inereose, not leswn tlium. 


I Unlets 70U would impulEUasacrlnie, 
[Sw mu mure fair ibanl. luidtiiulducrclion 

liiJt to deliver up her virgin foil, 
I ITioiiKli sir.iit besEeged with llatleries, vowi, 

I !i had mode il sarc and la 
,1 1 liemislresn of hecjudgi 
■ umppr, skilful in the k 

I Ut nun i 111.1 hcious falsehood. I had ne 
UfKM lua licll-di^ oatlii 10 ranny tnc. 
Gl*m up my fair nanie, and my nmiJen 

To hto foul lust ; uoT lived now, being 

In tlip forehead for his whore, Ihv scorn mid 

Fran. Still mine own, and dearer I 
And yet in lliii you bul pour oil on Hn, 
-And offer your BMistiun« where it needs nc 

F''"!. ll.iveyoii iben nogall, 

■ • 'rrn. ramilrarloyoutWX? 

' ill', ihal you could see 
-■-ss what was your due. 

, ...^.■....^^^■.iicme. There's no iKission, 

I A maid 10 tnjiired ever could pxrlake of, 
I Sullhavedeiu'lyiiufFcr'd. TheKthrti years, 

I 'itr-tr™! 1.1 1. Ill, 1 hnveiaMtmed the throes 
■ ■ imcn ; and will hiuanl nil 
■ 1 nic, bul 1 will reach 
nc SIoim! You liave tiiflol 

■ : ■. ■ ■Med wilh Ihat fiery lefll, 
I 1 itxik.l lot frntn n imither of youi spiril. 
I Somnr tonake mc, nnd all signs uf grief 
Kotcwell for ever ! Vengiauicc. armd with 

I % Ihe i" . „ , . , . , 

By w-lioiing her, to cucLold him : thai fiiOiog, 
t did begin his tmguly in her deaib. 
To which it served as prologue, and will 

A nirinorable sloiy of jrour fattunrs 
In my assured revenge : Ooly, best sltier. 
Let m not lose oursclvei in the peTformojicc. 
I)y your lash undertaking : we will be 
As sudden as you could wish. 

Sag. Upon those lermi 
1 yield myself and cause to be diapuscd of 
As you (tunk fit. 

Ealtr a Servant. 

Fran. Ttiy purpose? 

Srrii. There s one Ciraccho. 
Thai follow'd you. it seenu, upon ihe tn 
inceynu left Milan, t! -' * 

. ... Bring film to mc. [JlrdlSt , 

Though he hath laid an ambuih fol' my lit 
Or flpprehemion. yet I will |irei*nt hUn, 
And work mine own cndi out 

Crat. Now Ibr my whippii 
And If 1 now -■■'—■- '■^- - 

And 1^ a new nnd strange way 

I'll sweat there are svorms in my bmlns. 

him not, and cal^ 

Fran, Now, i 

" mly fenrs, thy poor delays. 
:liilnesi equal wuh death ; 
y wttint. else, ami the sramliil which eaj 

E wasli'il oK from our house, hut in hi. 

Would have silrr'd up a coward 10 a deeil 
In itbich, though he hod Gillen, (he bmve 

U«d crawn'd itself wlih a fair montuneni 
or Doble rcsoluiiun. In ihli ihape 
l)Ki|iclngctac<9u:end. Ihen, wllhahajne, 
Hrarine my sudden eiecutiun. judn 
WliMi honour thou hail losi. In bein( 

ygooil Oraediol 
ive meei as iwere by mimcle. 

Gfor. Love, and duly, 
And vigilance in me foi my lord's sofdy, 
'"■ St laughl me to imagloe you " "^ ' 
d then to follow you. All's ihwuc 

Thai you eould wish eonccal'd. 
dutch ■■ 



n the duke's rage put honii% yet gave 


ro acquaint him with your |>ractices, whlCh 

Fran. This I eitpected : 
iul sura jiou come ptovided of good co 



Wh7, dar-sl thou IhTnk il can faU in thy mil 
To outlive what 1 determlae ? 

Gnu. Howhe»»(5mel f/»riA. 

m. Bcbrief; H'hBlbrousbllliectiilhFr? 
Gnu. Care to inTomi you 

arc a condemn 'd inan» pursued ami 

And j'our head rated m (entbousimd ducau 
To him that biingi it. 

Fran. Very good. 

Grac. All paoagcs 
* ' ilcrcepled, nnd choice troops oF borK 
o'er Ibe neigbtiourplains ; yourpicture 

ir mm banila, mock thdr 


And, Taiiing by 

And dreadful preparations. 

J^u. 'Tvvouldshownobty; 
But Uuil the honotir of our full revenge 
Wcra iosj in the rash action. No, Eugenia. 
Graooho is wise, my fticnd too, not my 

^H 9brni 

jll the duke — tl^en. fall what con upon 

..Juries arc writ in bnus, kind Gniccha. 
not lobe forgotten. 
Cna. He inslnicls me 

1 should do. {Aiiili. 

H. Whal'slhat? 
Grae. I iaboor with 
AslrongdMirc to assist you with my service ; 
And now lamdeliver'dof't. 
Fran. ! told you. — 

" .echo. 

f men in debt that, lay'd for by dieii 

In aU luch places where it could be thought 
They would tnke shelter, chose, for & 

L Their lodging* underneath (heir credi 

' Or nenr thnt prison Id whiirh (bey were 

If apprehended ; confidenl that there 
They never should be sought for. 
SI'S- TisBstmngconel 
/Van. But what infer you froln it f 

In Milan only, or. what's more, in the court. 
Whither it is presumed you dare not come, 
Coneeol'd in some disguise, you may liw safe. 

Fmn. And not to be disHiver'd ? 

Grac. Bui by myself, 

Fran. BythEel Alas! I know thee lionesc. 

nd I will put Ihy counsel into act. 
And suddenly. Yet. not lo be ungrsieful 
"or all Ihy loving travail to preserve me, 
Vhat bloody end soe'cr my Mars appoint, 
~hou Shalt be safe, good Graccho. — Wlio'i 
within there? 
Grac. In the devil's name, wlut means be I 

Enter Sen'anls. 
Fran. Tnke my friend 
nto your custody, and bind him fott : 
would not part wiih him. 
Cj-iic. My good lord. 
Fran. Dispatch : 
— ' your good, to keep you honest. 


Heinic of asott and wax-like disposidon. 
To play Ibe traitor -. nor a fooliih iich 
To be revenged for yourlaieeicellcnt whi 

Give you the opportunity to offer 

My head for salisfaction. Why, thou fool T 

1 can look thiougb and through thcc ; thy 

Appear lo me as HTitte 
In plain and easy chon 

in Ihy forehead. 

That from a prince expects a scarlet dye. 
Thou now Wert dead ; but live, only to iiray 
For good success to crown my undertakings ; 
And tlien. al my return, perhaps, I'll '■ — 

To make me further sport. Away with him I 
I will Dot hear a syllable. 

[ExtMHl Servants viith Graed». 
We must trust 
Ourselves, Eugenia; and though wi- i 

The counsel of our servants, that oU spent. 
Like anufls tluit do offcnil. we tread il 

Mitb half an eye, may sec 'ti 


E IT.— Milao. A Xcem i» Ui Celllt. 

!r rcscara, Tiberio. and Steptiann. 
r. Ttie like WM never read erf. 

\ In lay {udgmcnt, 

fhM shall bill beat it, 'twill appear 
tt Impossible &ble. 
■ "w Frandsco, 

a ihe less, becanse iherr are 

which hare nRcr 

t sa.-] bluspbemed,) and cried 

u was sacTcd in her^lf, 
-■■t all oihois innocent. 
. convene with liCT. Thm i 

I hal (he wns accused 
.iiid his sister; thtioc he curs'i 

-. despemlf hand his on 111 

igcupoiitiiiiiMilf ; 
<=, looking oil 
LV bis reuly hand, 

■ : mIiW lie wish'd. 

' il ^ l.ow, 

On whom 
Will bind 

Support her gcnll 

Pa. Now, be > 

1 am prcvcDlcd, 

EKlit^iorvi, Isabella, Mariana, r 
and Servants wilh Hi tody ^MnrueUi^ 
Sfor. Carefully, t beseedi yoti. 
The genileii touch toniients het : and di 

What I shall sufler. O sr>a earthly eocbi'^ 
You s«ond n -"- ^ ^ 

Whoj " '' 

ipon himsel r thcThunderer's BD 
p^ic laugEii thoK hidden secrets that rl ^ 
To life deatb-wouaded men ! you hi 

lo express the excellence of ofvH 
even heaven your d«blor, lboa|n 

To mal(e your hands Ihe organs of n work 
The saints will smile lo look on, nud good 

Clap their celestial wings (o give St plnudils. 
How pale and wan the looks i Onmlonnii-. 
Tlinl I presume (dyed o'er with btoody gtiili. 
Which makes me, I confess, far. <ia mi- 

To touch Ibis snow-while bond. How oM 

ill ' 
This oi 

'rissotome. Hoivtlow bet puls^ bent loot 
Yet in ihls temper, ihe is nil pcrfeclioo, 
And Dibtrcss of a heat so lull of sweeliies 
The blood of virgins, in Ihelt pride of you 
Are boll) of snow or ice «onip.-ir«l uaio b 

Atari, I] i»l Ihis strange ? 

Inti. Oh I eross him ni,[, dur dauj;hter ; 
Diu- consdence Idls m we have been nbuwd, 
Wranyht 10 accuse the Innoccnl. and witJi 

him 'A 

Are guilty of a fact ■ 

Enttra Scrrant, and tohiifm PcscOHfc"! 

Atari. "T'a now post help. 

Ptv. With mef What is be? 

Stni. He has a strango oipccl ; 
A Jew by blrtli. Mid a phjisidan 
By his i>rDfcss!on, as he says, who, hyaline 

undertake to render hi 

His life 

l-cifecl , 

Your lunlship't I 



And your power with the duke a safe pro- 

Till the great work be ended. 
Pesc. Bring me to him ; 

.\s I find cause, I'll do. 

{Exeunt Pesc. and Serv. 
Sfor. How sound she sleeps ! 

Heaven keep her from a lethargy ! How 


<But answer me with comfort, I beseech you) 

Does your sure judgment tell you that these 

That cover richer jewels than themselves. 

Like envious night, will bar these glorious 

i-'rom shining on mc ? 

1 Doct. We have given her, sir, 

A sleepy potion, that will hold her long. 
That she may be less sensible of the torment 
The searching of her wound will put her to. 

2 Doct. She now feels little ; but. if we 
should wake her, 

To hear her speak would fright both us and 

And therefore dare not hasten it. 

Sfor. I am patient. 
You see I do not rage, but wait your pleasure. 
WTiat do you think she dreams of now ? for 

Although her body's organs are bound fast, 
Her fancy cannot slumber. 

I Doct. That, sir, looks on 
Your sorrow for your late nish act, with pity 
'Of what you sufler for it, and prepares 
To meet the free confession of your guilt 
With a glad pardon. 

Sfor^ She was ever kind ; 
And her displeasure, though call'd on, short- 
Upon the least submission. O you Powers, 
That can convey our thoughts to one another 
Without the aid of eyes or ears, assist me ! 
Let her behold me in a pleasing dream 

Thus, on my knees before her ; (yet that duty 
In me is not sufficient ;) let her see me 
•Comjxsl my mother, from whom I took life, 
And this my sister, partner of my being. 
To bow thus low unto her ; let her hear us 
In my acknowledgment freely confess 
That we in a degree as high are guilty 
.Vs she is innocent. Bite your tongues, vile 

And let your inward horror fright your souls, 
For having belied that pureness, to come 

near which. 
All women that posterity can bring forth 
Must be. though striving to be good, poor 

And for that dog Francisco, that seduced me, 
In wounding her, to rase a temple built 
To chastity and sweetness, let her know 
I'll follow him to hell, but I will find him. 
And there live a fourth fury to torment him. 
Then, for this cuns'd hand and arm that 

The wicked steel, 111 have them, joint by 

joint, . 
With burning irons sear'd off, which I will 

I being a vulture fit to taste such carr'.on ; 


I Doct. You are too loud, sir ; you disturb 
Her sweet repose. 

Sfor. I am hush'd. Yet give us leave. 
Thus prostrate at her feet, our eyes bent 

Unworthy, and ashamed, to look upon her. 
To expect her gracious sentence, 
a Ddct. He's past hope. 

1 Doct. The body too will putrify, and then 
We can no longer cover the imposture. 

Tib. Which, in his death, will quickly be 
I can but weep his fortune. 

Steph. Yet be careful 
You lose no minute to preser\'C him ; time 
May lessen his distraction. 

Re-enter Pescara, unth Francisco, as a Jctm 
doctor^ and Eugenia disguised as before. 

Fran. I am no god, sir. 
To give a new life to her ; yet I'll hazard 
My head, I'll work the senseless trunk 

I 'appear 
To him as it had got a second being. 
Or that the soul, that's fled fromt, were call'd 

To govern it again. I \nll preser\e it 
In the first sweetness, and by a strange 

Which I'll infuse into her mouth, create 
A seeming breath ; I'll make her veins run 

high too, 
As if they had true motion. 

Pesc. Do but this, 
Till we use means to win upon his passions 
T'endure to hear she's dead with some small 

And make thy own reward. 

Fran. The art I use 
Admits no looker on : I only ask 
The fourth part of an hour, to perfect that 
I boldly undertake. 
Pesc. I will procure it. 

2 Doct. What stranger's this ? 
Pesc. Sooth me in all I say ; 

There's a main end in it. 






f^mn. Beware ! 
Emg. I am wam'd. 

Pesc. Look up, sir, cheerfully ; comfort 
in me 
Flofws strongly to you. 

S/br. From whence came that sound ? 
Was it from my Marcelia ? If it were, 


I rise, and joy will give me wings to meet it. 

/Vjst. Nor shall your expectation be 


Rut a few minutes. Your pliysicians are 

Mere voice, and no performance ; I have 

A man that can do wonders. Do not hinder 
The dutcbess' wish*d recowry, to cn(|uire 
Or what he is, or to give thanks, but leave 

To work this miracle. 

S/or. Sore, 'tis my good angel. 
I do obey in all things : be it death 
For any to disturb him, or come near, 
Till he be pleased to call us. O, be pros- 

And make a duke thy bondman ! 

jExeMHt all but Francisco and Eugenia. 
Fran. 'Tis my purpose ; 
If that to fall a fong-wish'd sacrifice 
To my r»'enge can be a benefit. 
Ill first make fast the doors ;— so ! 

Ew^. You amaze me : 
What follows now? 

Fran. A full conclusion 
Of all thy wishes. I.ook on this, Eugenia, 
Even such a thing, the proudest fair on earth 
(For whKe delight the elements are ran- 

And art with nature studied to preserve her,) 
Must be, when she is summon'd to appear 
In the court of Death. But I lo^e time. 
£mg. What mean you? 
Fram, Disturb me not. — Your ladyship 
looks pale ; 
Bat I, your doctor, have a ceruse for you. — 
See, my Eugenia, how many faces. 
That are adorned inoourt, borrow these helps, 

\ Paints the cheeks. 
And pass for excellence, when the better part 
Of them are like to this. — Your mouth smells 

sour too. 
Rut here is that shall take away the scent ; 
A precious antidote old ladies use, 
Woen they would kiss, knowing their gums 
are rotten. [Paints the lips. 

These hands, too, that disoained to take a 

From any lip, whose owner writ not lord, 
i\re now but as the coarsest earth ; but I 
Am At the charge, my bill not to be paid too. 


Jinter Guard. 

Graf. I am got off, sir Jew ; a brilx; liaili 
done it, 
For all your serious charge ; there's no 

Can keep you from my knowledge. 
Sfor. Speak. 
Cirac. I am out of brcalli, 

But this is 

Fran. S|>are thy labour, fool, — Francisco. 
yill. Monster of men ! 
Frufi. (jive me all attributes 
Of all you can imagine, yet I glorv 
To l>e the thing I was born. I AM Francisco ; 
Francisco, that was raised by you, and made 
The minion of the time : the same Francisco, 
That would have whored tliis trunk, when it 

had life ; 
And, afcer, breatlied a jealousy upon thee, . 


To give them seeming beauty. 

[Paif/fs the hands. 
So ! 'lis done. 
How do you like my workmanship? 

Fnir. I tremble : 
And thus to tyrannize upon the dead, 
Is most inhuman. 

Fran. Come we for revenge, 
And can we think on i)ity ! Now to the 

And, as it proves, applaud it.— My lord the 

duke ! I 

Enter with joy, and see the sudden change i 
Your ser\'ant's hand hath wrought. 

Re-enter Sforza and the rest. i 

Sfor. I live again j 

In my full confidence that Marcelia may ' 
lYonounce my pardon. Can shespeakyct? I 

Fran. No : 
You must not look for all your joys at once ; | 
That will ask longer time. ' j 

Pesc. 'Tis wondrous strange ! 

Sfor. By all the dues of love I have had 
from her, 
This hand seems as it was when first I 

kiss'd it. 
Tlicse lips invite too : I could ever feeil 
Upon these roses, they still keep their colour 
And native sweetness : only the nectar's 

Tliat, like the morning dew in flower}- May, 
Presen-ed them in their beauty. 

Enter Graccho hastily. 

Grac. Treason, treason I 

Tib. Call up the guard. 

Fran. Ciraccho ! then we arc lost. 

Ai kiUine as IliOH! damps thai belch ont 

When iSe fomwiaiion ofiheenrth is shaken': 
I made th« do a deed heaven will not pardon. 

I Sfiir. Call forth the tortures " 
For all that flesh can fed. 
FraH. I dare [he want. 
Only, lo yield some reason lo the world 
Why I pursued ihis com™, look on this facCi 
Made old by thy base falsehood : 'lis Eogeiiia. 
^W-. Eugenia ! 

Fran. Does i( start you. sir? my sisler. 
Scdiic«i and fooi'd by Ihee : but thou must 

The fomit of thy falsehood. Does ii not 

work yel 1 — 
Whale'erbecDmesofmc, wluch I cslcem not, 
Thou art mai'k'd for the grave \ I've given 

Ibee poison 
Inthiscup, now observe mc, which, thy lial 
Carounng deeply or. maile thee foiget 
Thy vow'd faith lo Eugenia, 
I hsc. O damn'd villain I 
1 flat. How do yon, sir? 
A S/dr. Like one 
aTlut Icams 10 know in dcolh what punish- 

■ WoiU on the breach of failh. Oh ! now I 
\ foci 

I An *nia in my entrails. — I have lived 

, — I bum, 1 bum I yet crc Ii 

Thai wilty cnielly can i 

Pac. AwnywilhhimI 

Tib. In all things we wHI serve you, 

Fran. Farewell, lister ! 
Now I have kept my word, tocmenls I set 
1 leave the world willi glory. They are 

And leave behind their 
That, WTong'd, do right themselves before 
Uiey die. 

[Exi»«l Guard atlh Frands 
Stefk. A desperate wtetcb ! 
Sfir. I come : Death I I obey Ihet 
Yet I will not die raging : for. alas ! 
My whole life was a freniy. Good Eugenia, 
In death forgive me.— As you love me, benr 

To some rcU'gious house, Ihwe let hct 5p«nd 
The remnnni of her IHe : when t nm asb«s. 
Perhaps she'll be appeased, and spare a 

For my poor ami. Bury me with Mareelia, 
And let onr epiraph be ' *" * 

Tii. Hii speech is atoiqid. 

Sleph. Already dead I 

Pcsc, II is in ivin lo labour 
To call him back. We'll give him funeral, 
And then determine of the itnle nlTaifs ; 
And leam, from this example, There's 


The Bondman. 


Timoleon, the general, o^Corinth. 

Archidamus, prator ^byracusa. 

Diphilus, a senator of Syracusa. 

Cleon, a fat impotent lord. 

Maiullo, the Bondman {i.e. Pisander, a gen- 
tleman o/^Thebes ; disguised as a slave.) 

FdHpYttont friend to Manxuo ; also disguised 
as a slave. 

Leosthenes, a gentleman of Syracusa, en- 
amoured AT Cleora. 

AsotDS, afbohsh lover, and the son ^ Cleon. 

Timagoras, the son ^Archidamos. 

Gracculo, ( , . „ ., 

Cimbrio, r^*^^- 

A Gaoler. 

Cleora, daughter ^Archidamus. 

Corisca, a proud wanton lady, wife to CIcon. 

Olympia, a rich widow. 

Timandra, slave to Cleora (i.e. Statilia, 

sister to Pisander.) 
Zanthia, slave to Corisca. 
Other Slaves, Soldiers, Officers^ Senators. 

SCENE, — Syracuse, and the adjacent country. 

ACT I. . 

SCENE I.— rA« Camp ^Timoleon, near 


Enter Timagoras and Leosthenes. 

Timag. Why should you droop, Leos- 

Uienes, or despair 
My sister's favour? What, before, you pur- 
^courtship and fiair language, in these wars, 
(For from iier soul you know she loves a 

You may deserve by action. 
Least, Good Timagoras, 
When I have said my friend, think all is 

That may assure me yours ; and pray you 

The dreadful voice of war that shakes the city. 
The thundering threats of Carthage, nor 

their army 
Raised to make good those threats, affright 

not me. — 
If fiiur Cleora were confirm'd his prize. 
That has the strongest arm and sharpest 

rd court Bellona in her horrid trim, 
As if she were a mistress ; and bless fortune, 
That offers my young valour to the proof. 
How much I dare do for your sister's love. 
But, when that I consider how averse 
Yoor noble father, great Archidamus, 
Is, and hath ever been, to mv desires. 
Reason may warrant me to doubt and lear, 
What seeds soever I sow in these wars 

Of noble courage, his determinate will 
May blast, and give my har\'est to another. 
That never toil'd for it. 

Timag. Prithee, do not nourish 
These jealous thoughts ; I am thine, (and 

pardon me. 
Though I repeat it,) thy Timagoras, 
That, for thy sake, when the bold Thcban 

Far-famod Pisander, for my sister's love. 
Sent him disgraced and discontented home. 
I wrought my father then ; and 1, that 

stopp'd not 
In the career of my affection to thee, 
When that renowned worthy, that, brought 

with him 
High birth, wealth, courage, as fee'd advo- 
To mediate for him ; never will consent 
A fool, that only has the shape of man, 
Asotus, though he be rich Cleon's heir, 
Shall bear her from thee. 
Leost. In that trust I love. 
Timag, Which never shall deceive you. 

Enter Marullo. 

Mar. Sir, the general. 
Timoleon, by his trumpets hath given 

For a remove. 

Timag. 'Tis well ; provide my horse. 

Mar. I shall, sir. [Exit, 

Leost. This slave has a strange aspect. 

Timag. Fit for his fortune ; 'tis a strong- 
limb'd knave : 
My father bought him for my sister's litter, 

^1 I 


O pride of tfomtm ! CoacliRi an: loo com- 

They wrtat in the hapioaex of pe]u:e. 
And ladivs think Ibev kee\> nul ^laie Ltinugli, 
If. for iheirpompRru)eaw.ilieyan;Doiboni 
tn Iriuinph on msn'i sbouldcri. 

iMJt. who comnaiid!! 
TTic Carlhas'nian Heel ' 

: Conhas' 

And tbi ourluppli 

One never Uiuu'u m anna, uui caviK' 

To (ill witli ladies' Irps, than crack s lau(f 
Ravah a fealher from n mistress' fun. 
And wear it as a favour. A steel Iielinet, 
Made horrid witbaglorious plume, Mill crocl 
His woman's neck. 
LiBtl. No more of bim.— The motives, 
' That Corinth giv-ss us aid ? 
I TrfniV- The comttloa dani^r: 

For SicSy being afire, she ii not safe : 
I ll bdng appsticnl that amldtioui Canliagc, 
IImIi to eiiinrge her empire, stnves lo fastei 
I An unjust gilpe on lu that live fne lords 
"' " - - euSB. will not end, til! Greeci; 
(Ifdge her their sovcreisn, 
JLm/l. I am sstiilied. 
Ilal think nni of our general ? 
Timag. He'sattian [Tromftlixiiirk'ii 
' — ince and rcsened pons ; hut a great 
Iiumpels cull us, I'll lotbear his ctio- 

B law young fellow 

/, in til 

itnle-house. nl large 

itnt. I'll follow yon. [£.\fiiiit. 

!NI£ II,— Sytaeuse. ^ JfaiiK it Clton'i 

Resuly invites templnllons, and slion heels 
Are soon irippd up. 

Cen's. Deny me ! by my honour. 
You t.-ike DO pity on me. ' I shall En-t>on 
I As soon as you are atncnt ; ask my man else. 
' Von know he dares not tell a lie, 
2^Gnic. Indeed, 

irenaxKmer onlofsieht, but she 
fiKlsltange qualms; thcnsentls torhcT 
young doctor. 
Who minisicn phyuc to her on her lioek. 
Her ladyship lying ns she wen: entranced : 
"'"'! peep'd in nt The keyhole, and otjservBd 
them :) 
And am ha potions uen-r fail to wort. 

le lick 


pleasant ia the taking ihcm, ^^M 
ignin. ^M 

id aU*s to make you merry, ^^M 

ni flatter me ; I lUU old, ^^^| 
1 dies. Beware I ^^^H 

d I dudt. To me ^^M 

ning Adonis. ^^^H 

ell said, Venus 1 i^^^l 

icVulcanshim. [A^^ 

.. . Andall'i 
When you 

Clma. You 
Anid wisdom cries. Beware 
^ ■ Old ! dudf. - 
ing Adonis, 
'ell said, Venus 1 

ill aol change lliee 
For Ifl-cnly boisterous yoimg ihlngs without 

Utesc bristles give the gentlest liiilUlions. 
And such a sweet dew flows on them, il cures 
My lips without pomatum. Here's a round 

belly I 
'Tis a doun pillow to mjr back ; I sleep 
So quietly by it : and this (unable nose. 
Faith, when you hear it not, alTorda sucb 

That I curse all night-hddleis. 

Grne. This is grosi. 
Not finds slie flouts him I {Aiiae. 

Corii. As I live, t am jealous. 

ClfoH. lealousofme. wile? 

Ceiii. Yes ; and I have (tason ; 
Knouing hDW lusty and active a man you 

CliBa. Hum. hum ! 

Grac. This is no cunning qtiean ! "slight, 
site will ntoke him 
To think that, hke a stag, lie has east b» 

And is grown young again. 
Om. You have forgot 


What you did in j-our sleep, anc 


, when you 

OrM. It was in his sleep; 

For, waking. I duist trust my 

mother w illi 



Curis. I long to see the m. 

noi^ war: 


and rieli 


I will not miss the show. 

C/am. There's no Eontending 

For this lime I lun pleased, but 

hi no mon. 



SCENEIII.— r^-Sdw. ThtStnalt-^inf. 

luj, Olym- 



Yet we are happy that our ndghbourCorinth, 
Pitying the unjust gripe Carmage would lay 
Oa Syracusa, hath vouchsafed to lend us 
Her man of men, Timoleon, to defend 
Our country and our liberties. 

Viph. Tis a favour 
We are unworthy of, and ^^'e may blush 
Necessity compels us to receive it. 
' Arehid, O shame! that we, that are a 

populous nation, 
Kngagcd to liberal nature, for all blessings 
An lisfiind can bring forth ; we, that have 

And able bodies ; shipping, arms, and 

The sinews of the war, now we are call'd 
To stand upon our guard, cannot produce 
One fit to be our general. 

CleoH. I am old and fat ; 
I could say something, else. 

Arr9Ud, We must obey 
The time and our occasions ; ruinous build- 
Wliose bases and foundations are infirm, 
Must use supporters : we are circled round 
With danger; o'er our heads, with sail- 

stietch'd wings. 
Destruction hovers, and a cloud of mischief 
Ready to break upon us ; no hope left us 
That may divert it, but our sleeping virtue, 
Roused up by brave Timoleon. 
Cleon, When arrives he? 
Difh. He is expected every hour. 
Arckid, The braveries 
Of Syracusa, among whom mv son. 
Timagoras. Leosthenes, and Asotus, 
Your hopeful heir, lord Clcon, two days 

Rode forth to meet him, and attend him to 
The city ; every minute we expect 
To be bless'd with his presence. 

\Sh(ntti within; then a flourish of 
I trmnpeis. 

Cleon. What shout 's this ? 
Diph. "VU seconded with loud music. 
Arehid. Which confinns 
His wish'd-for entrance. Let us entertain 

With all respect, solemnity, and pomp, 
\ man may merit, that comes to redeem us 
Frum slavery and oppression. 
Cleon. I'll lock up 
I My doors, and guard my gold : these lads 

of Corinth 
I Have nimble fingers, and I fear them more, 
within our walb, tlian those of 

The/ are fiur oir. 
Arckid. A3od, ladies, be it your care 

To welcome him and his followers with all 

duty : 
For rest resolved, their hands and swords 

must keep you 
In that full height of happiness you live ; 
A dreadful change else follows. 

[Exeunt Archidamus, Cleon, and 
Olymp. We are instructed. 
Carts. I'll kiss him for the honour of my 
With any she in Corinth. 

Olymp. Were he a courtier, 
I've sweetmeat in my closet shall content 

Be his palate ne'er so curious. 

Coris. And, if need be, 
I have a couch and a banqueting-house in 

my orchard, 
Where many a man of honour has not scorn 'd 
To spend an afternoon. 

Olymp. These men of war. 
As I have heard, know not to court a lady. 
They cannot praise our dressings, kiss our 

Usher us to our litters, tell love-stories, 
Commend our feet and legs, and so search 

upwards ; 
A sweet becoming boldness ! they are rough. 
Boisterous, and saucy, and at the first sight 
RufHe and touzc us, and, as thoy find their 

Fall roundly to it. 

Coris. 'Troth, I like them the better : 
I can't endure to have a perfumed sir 
Stand cringing in the hams, licking his lips 
Like a spaniel over a furmenty-pot, and yet 
Has not the boldness to come on, or offer 
What they know we expect. 

Olymp. We may commend 
A gentleman's modesty, manners, and tint 

His singing, dancing, ridinjjof great horses, 
The wearing of his clothes, his fair com- 
plexion ; 
Take presents from him, and extol his 

bounty : 

Yet, though he obsene, and waste his estate | 

upon us, I 

If he l)e staunch, and bid not for the stock j 

That wc were bom to trafhc with ; the truth i 

We care not for his company. 
Coris. Musing, Clcora? 
Olymp. She's studying how to entertain | 
these strangers, 
And to cngroKB tlHtm to herself. 

CUo» No^ was€tf \ 
I wm not dmpen any Q& Kbff&i ^miA) 



Till you have msuSc your market ; you will 

I know, at any rale. 

Caiij. She has giiea il you. 

Olymp. No more ; they come : the first 
kin for Ibis jewel 
Fhuriik ef Irumfili. Enter Tfmagoras. 

Leofithenes, AmIiu. llmolcon ii black. 

ted in by Aichidamus. DiphElus, and 

Clcon ; /olImBid ty Manilla, Giacculo. 

Ombrio, odrf ollttr Slax-ei. 

Ankid. II a your seal : whicb, wlib a 
geneml suffnagc. 

[Q^nVif Timoleon Iktslali, 
As to the supreme magistrate, Sicily tendeis. 
And imivs Timoleiw to accept. 

Timai. Such honours 
To one ambitiou* tA lule at titles, 
Whose heaven on earth la placed ia lus 

And absolute powec o'er others, would with 

And vcliu swollen high with pride, be en- 

They take nol me ; Tor I have ever loved 
An equal freedom, and pntcloini'd all such 

Rebels to nature, to whose bounteous bleas- 

All men lay claim as true Ie£ilimate sons : 
Bat such as have made (orfeii of themselves 
^ nciom cDunes, and Ihelt bitthrighi lost, 
Tis not injustice they aie moik'd tor slaves, 
To seme the lirtuous. For myself. 1 know 
Honoun aod great employments are great 

And muxl lequire an Atlas to support Ihem. 
He that would govern others. fi[>t should be 
The master of himself, richly endued 
With depth of understand uig, height of 

And those remarkable graces which I dare 

Ascribe unio myiclf. 

Archid. Sit, empty men 
Are trumpets of their own deserts | but you, 
That arc not in ojnnion, but in proof. 
Really good, and full of glorioui pans, 
Leave the report of what you axe to fame ; 
Whtcb. from the ready tongues of all good 

Aloud proclaims yon. 

Difk. Besides, you stand botud. 
Haring so huge a field to eierci^c 
Your active virtues offet'd you, to impi 
Vour strength to such as need it. 

TimoU Tis conless'd : 
Aad, iiaeeyoaH have it so. mcfa as 1 

For you, and for the hticrty of Greece, 
1 am most ready to lay down my life ; 
But yrt consider, men of Syracuso. 
Bdbrc that you deliver up the power. 
"" Ich jT!l is yours, to me, — towhom 'I 

an impartial man, with whom n( 

Nor prayers, shall prevail ; for I must sl« 

1 tainted in the world, and foully 

In whose remembrance I have ever worn. 
In peace and war, this livery of sorrow, 

inous usurpation. With grief, 
tremember it ; for, when bo pemiosion 
Could win him to desist from liis bad 

To change the arislocracy of Corinlh 
Into an absolute monarchy, 1 chose rather 
To prove a pious and obedient son 
To my countiy, my best mother, than to lend 
'— ^stance to limophanes, though my 

That, likeatymnt. strove tosel his toot 
Upon the cily'sTtcedom. 
Timag. Twasadeed 
Deserving rather UBphiei than reoroof. 
Ltoit. And will be 

If you forsake not us. 
Diph. IfyoufrtwSidly 
ram barbuous Carthage' yoke. It Will be 

1 bim you slew a tyrant. 

Arckid. But, giving way 
To her invasion, not vouchsafing us 
That fly to your profeclion. aid and comfort, 
'Twill be believed, that, for your private cmls. 
You kiU'd a brother. 

Timel. As I then proceed. 
To all posterity may that act be crown'i.. 
With a deserved applause, or branded with 
The mark of infamy I — Stay yet ; ere I lake 
Thb seal of justice, or eagage myself 
To fight Ibr you abroad, or to reform 
Yourslate at home, swear all upon my sword, 
And call the gods of Sicily to witness 
The oath you take, that whatsoe'er I ill 
Propound for safety of your commonwealth. 
Not choumscribed or bound In. shall by 

Be willingly obcy'd. 
Arckid. Diph. Clan. So tfUfWA nfaper, 

As we (rixy in all things I 










Timag. Lieil. jimt. And oteervo 

Hollnw with want ; and they, thai wiU not 

Timel. Do oM repent it. { Tikes Iht ilaU. 


Orieialenitorlheeomnion good, to feed 

Ofyvtf. He iBtd Dol oiir conseni. 

The pride and bravery ol their wives, con- 

tivi". He's a clown, I tvarranl him. 

Olymt. 1 oSer'd myself twice, and yet the 



C-m* HnrearlS" "*""'''■ 

CVrij. Lcl liini kiis his dram 1 

niymf. We thought we were foiKOl. 

niBvemyliF.. 1 resi on it. 

Clio. But it appears. 

Olymf. He tbinks womeD 

You will be treated of. 

Csri,- He ihiOl find 

Timol. Yet, in this plenty, ( 

And fat of peace, your young men ne"o | 

were tfalVd 

la martial discipline ; and your sbtob 

■ : Then, a wort or two. but 

unriggU ^ 


But thought nnuseful ; ns if that the gods,. 

Indulgent to your sloth, hod granted yoa | 

, .^.-«U3t.i.oble3i, and most rich. 

No change fear'd or expected. NowyoaSnff 

Stincl, in iht first file, guilty. 

Clan. Ha 1 howi this? 

That Carthage, looking oo jour slupV 

Timcl. Vou have not, u good psiiiols 

And duUsecnrity. was invited to 

ihoiild do. Mudicd 

Tlif Dtiblic Ffloil. but your paniciUar ends : 

Invade your lemloiies. 

Arckid. You have made us see. air. 

To our shame, the country ssloluws : nmib' 

reiving poUcy; 

from you, 

As from a careful and a wise physician, • 



Timel. Old fcsler'd sores 

TiPiag. The beller. 

TinuH. Vout fciule-housB, which used 

Must be lanced to the tguick, and caiitCriMdl 

Which bom with patience, alter I'll anplT 

noctoBclmil . Soft unguents. For the maintenance of Ihi 

A man, however popular, to siand war. 

At the Mm ol govemmcni. whose youth ' It is deen«d all monies in the hand 

was not 

Of private men, shall instantly be brougW 

Made glorious by action ; whose Expetianee, 
Crowny with gray haira, gave wariani to 

To the publin tpeaaury. 

Ttamg. This bites sore. 

1... LO,„^l5, 

Clion. The care 

r.ji.oivEd with reverence, a now 

Is worse Hum the diseaso ; 111 new jll 

What could the enemy, though vietoriodi 

. or when iheirsated lusts 

Inniclmoreonus? All that my youth hi 

■MK ; or supplied by those 

loil'd Ibr, 

.nboseansand sordid thrift. 

Purchasd with industry, and prwerved wl 

, -L- their wealth, not lor Ihdr 

FonHHl fram me hi a moment 1 

..isontbaltoholdaplaM This rough cour« 

..iudi was once esteem 'd an 1 Will never he allow'd of. | 

Timnl. blind men t 

ic.r virtue, haib quite lort 

Ityoo refujo Ihc fiisl meiuu that i« dter'A 


To give you health, no hopes left to rwwi 

ii' ^paalahone. 

Your deuwiate sickness. DuyoupiiieyM 

J.™^;, Tiom whcT.™ il proeeedt. 

To br mnile liondmen. tlian 10 pari with l3a 

Th« the irawur^ or the Cy i.m.rnw'd 

Towhlch already youaresluvo.' Orcanl 





Wing'd wilh pure iimt 

And, while you knwl in niin. «ill ravish 
frDm jaaf 

— But Uili your own tioys ; brood u[>on 

Rncnlice lu yuur idol, ond pmcne 
prey eiitipe, luid merit the report 
jTcfiil swirards : yield a juit nccouni 
'our proud mnslen, who, with whipi oC 

:, bearing them 
ihc godi enn civc 

Willi caKiia aad niiilKr, n here Ihey an 
To feist and wvel; wliilt, lite scrvilu 

You wail upon their trenchers : feed tlieir 

Wiih musy pUUc. utilit youi 
With tbe wci^t ihni ihi.'y i 

And daughwR in at mnny vmied iliipei 
v\t there nre nalions, to provoke llicir lusts. 
And let iliuin lie emhmced before your cyts. 
'HkE object may eoDlentyuu 1 and/taperit'ci 
1'hcir enlcrttunmenl, Dllcr up your mmis, 
And nble mta, for slars: wliile you. il 

I'niit for labour, oic spum'd out to siorvi 
Unpitled, in some draert. no friend by, 

Whose lorrow may spare one conipaiflQm 

In Ihe remtmbrano! of what onec you ivc 
Ijiiit, Ttic blood turns. 
Timtig. Observe hou old (.'Ion ilmka 

For alt prosperity tli 

To one whosn piety muii eiaci iih:i[ am, 

Thus low I ofTer. 

Timal. 'Tts a happy omen. 
Rise, hlesl one, and ipcaV boldly. On iiij 

[ am thv narrant. from so clear n spt^ng 

Clfo. llien. thus to you. 
My noble father, and these lords, id whom 
I neit owe duly : no respect foiKotten 
To yon. my brother, and lltuse bold j-ouni 

I (Such I ' would have them.) thM arc, o 

The city's EViWd and target of defence. 
To all of you 1 speak ; onA, if a blush 
lileid on liiy cheeks, it is shown to reprove 
Yoiu' paleness, willingly 1 would not say. 

r feoi 


Hilt In the bowels of ihe earth, or 

In Neptune's unt'ry kingdom, can 

When liberty and honour fill one kuIei 
Triuiuphani Jusiio: silling on (be beiuiij 


Their blood and'lives 

I* hMatu 

■ For' 

Tiorunt prl. bear w ilnes, beovrn I talatin i 
I priic a soldier, thai. lo gire him PW. ,^ 
Wilh such devotion as our Hamens offiaCj 
Thar sacriticeB at the holy nllar, , 

; 1 do lay down these jeweu, ivill mnkc ^^ 
or my superHuooJ wardrobe, to supply^ 
"" ineantbC of their wonls. 1 

{l^iyi ieun itrjnofli, £t, ,■ Ihi n 

Cito. [tomitixfvnMinl.] Ifa 
Whose speech w.isncrvi-iuilicr 
One knowing r,,.,.l, -i .,;.! 1.;;;., 

3'imag. Krer my denrsifler, 
Bui now our fiunilv's glon ! 
inu/. W'ero she defomid. 
Tlw virtues of Iwr mind wuiiUI force n 
To sue (o be her ser^'aac. 
CAw/. I must yield ; 
1 Aod, Lboughmy Iwan-btoatl |i*nwiiiill,{i 





TimoL We have money ; 
And men must now be thought on. 

Archid, We can press 
Of bbourcrs in the country, men inured 
To cold and heat, ten thousand. 

Di^. Or, if need be, 
Enrol our slaves, lusty and able varlcts, 
And fit for service. 

CltoH.. They shall go for me ; 
I uill not {lay and fight too. 

CUo. How ! your slaves? 

stain of honour ! Once more, sir, your 

And, to their shames, let me delhrer what 

1 know in justice you may speak. 

Timol. Mostgladlv: 
I could not wish my thoughts a better organ 
Tlian your tongue, to express them. 

cult. Are you men ! 
(For age may qualify, though not excuse, 
The tmckwaxdness of these,) able young 

Yet, now your countr>''s liberty's at the 

Honour and glorious triumph made the 

For such as dare dcsen-e them ; a rich feast 
Prepa re d by Victory, of immortal viands, 
Kot for base men, but such as with their 

Dare force admittance, and will be her 

guests : 
And can you coldly suffer such rewards 
To be proposed to' labourers and slaves ? 
While you, that are bom noble, 10 whom 

Valued at their best rate, are next to horses, 
Ot other beasts of carriage, cry aim ! 
Like klle lookers on. till their proud worth 
Make them become your masters ! 

Timol. By my hopes. 
There's fire and spirit enough in this to 

Tlienrites \-aliant. 

CIm. No ; far, far lie it from you : 
I^t these of meaner quality contend 
Who can endure most labour ; plough the 

.\nd think the>' are re>varded when thoir 

Brings home a fruitful har\'cst to their lords ; 
I-et them prove good artificers, and serve 

For use and ornament, but not presume 
To touch at what Is noble, u yoa think 

Unworthy to taste of those cates voaliBed on. 
Or wear soch costly garments, wffl yoa ipant 


The privilege and prerogative of great 

^\^lich you were bom to ? Honour won in 

And to be styled preservers of their countr>', 
Are titles fit for free and generous spirits. 
And not for bondmen : had I been bom a 

And such ne'er-dying glories made the jirize 
To bold heroic courage, by Diana, 
I would not to my brotherjnay, my father, 
Be bribed to part with the least piece of 

I should gain in this action ! 

Timol. She's inspired, 
Or in her speaks the genius of your country, 
To fire your blood in her defence : I am 

With the imagination. Noble maid, 
Timoleon is your soldier, and will sw^t 
Drops of his best blood, but he will bring 

Triumphant conquest to you. Let me wear 
Your coloiu^, lady; and though youthful 

That look no further than your outward 

Arc long since buried in me ; while I live, 
I am a constant lover of your mind. 
That does transcend all precedents. 

Cleo. 'Tis an honour, [Giirs her scarf. 
And so I do receive it. 

Coris. Plague upon it ! 
She has got the start of us : I could even 

With envy at her fortune. 

Olymp. A raw young thing ! 
We have too much tongue sonietiincs, our 

husbands say, — 
And she outstrip us ! 
I^osi. I am for the journey. 
Timag. May .ill diseases sloth and U*tchcry 

Fall upon him that stays at home ! 

Archid. Though old, 
I >\ill be there in person. 

Diph. So will 1 : 
Methinks I am not what I was ; h»T words 
Have made me younger, by a scon* of years, 
Than I was when I c;ime hither. 

CUon. I am still 
Old ('Icon, fat and unwieldy ; I shall never 
Make a good soldier, and ihcrefurc desire 
To be excused at home. 

Awl. 'TIS my suit too : 
I am a gristle, and these spider fingers 
Wm never hold a swonL Letnsalone 
To rale the shnres at home : I can so yetk 

ihi'm — 

^F us 


. Vau would be buithcDS t< 
UliKtd, Miat. (Q the temple ; 

Thai are, with ihor allownnec. well begun. 
[Etitin! ail int Mir. Grac. MrfCimb. 
Mar. Stay, Cimbrio and Gnicculo. 
Cimi. The biuineu ? 
Mar. Mew me to-morrow oiglit near U 

the grove. 
Neiebbouring the east part of the city. 

And maal be bold (o put a quralioa to you. 
Without oHencs. 1 hope. 

iMiit. Sir, what you please. 

Arehid. And you will answer trtily? 

Tima^. On our words, sir. 

ArtXid. Go (0, then : I presume you will 

That you are two notorious whoremailets— 
Nay, spore your blushing. I've been wild 

Black or so for physic does no harm; 
Nny, it is physic, if used modenlely; 

Neiebbounni; i 
Grsc. WeB. 
Mat. And bring the rest of our condili 
wiih you : 
X'lK sometliing lo Import may break t 

If you dare second me. 
Cimi. We'll not tail. 

n/ith £urgclj J and ManJIo. 
Archid. So. so. 'tis well: how do I look i 
Mar. Most iptightfuliy. 
Artkid. I shrink not in (he shoulders 
though I'm old 

There's stuff in'i, nndi hope will u 
■ \ well OS any beardless boy of yo 
Timag, I'm glad lo see you. s 
To enduie the bavail of the war. 

VlTiat will you infer upon il? 

Artkid. What you 11 groan for. 
1 tear, when you Cfjine (o the test. 

There's o mooth call'd October, wUch 

brings io 
Cold weather; there arc trenches loo. th 

In which to stand all eight lo the knees in 

In gillnnta breeds the foolhach ; there's a 

Named lying ptrduc, do yon mark me 

Which you must Icam 10 ploy at : now in 

Aitd choice variety of exercises, 
(Nay, I rome to yoa,) and fasts, nol for de- 
vour rambling hunl-smock feels strange al- 

And, in a frosty morning. looks as if 
: He could with ease creep in a pottle-pot. 
Instead of his mistress' placket, llien be 

le he spent In midnight visitatia 
1 And finds what besuperfluouslypancd with. 
To be reported good at length, and ivell 
f hut retrieved into his back again. 
Would keep him wanner than a si 

I shall endure, when sc 

you keep yoiir 
Ts: nay. L.eDS- ( 

For nil your flaunting fe 
>u are welcome loo, all friends and fellow} 

Zjw/. Vour ser^-3n(. sir. 
Artkii. Piihl leave these coi 
They stink In * soldier's mouth 

my gOYrn's off, fjjewe 

They SI 

1 could be 

You hove cut 0^ my discourse: but I wdl 

My lecture in the camp. 

Diph. Come, we are sl»y'd for; 
TliP ceneral's afire for o reoioie, 
And Tongs to be in acil<»i. 

At<.hid. 'Tls my wish too. 



itpan—mty. no terns, mybesi Cleora; 
I (tull meli loo. and iha[ *«re onunous. 
MlllHins oF bleuings on ihecl All tbst's 

I eivt: up (0 Ihy charge ; and, amh, look 

[To Manillo. 
Yon with llMl eareiad reverence oteerve iicr, 
Wbich vou would pay to me. — A Itiu ; Ure- 
'Htileiil 1 
JMfk. Peace wait upon you. fait one I 

[ifjrfiiirf Arctudamus, DlphUus, and 
TVcMf , Twere impertinence 
To vmh you (□ be careful of your honour. 
Tlal ever keep m pay a guard about you 
Of (Bllhful virtues: farewell 1— Friend, I 

Imm you 
TOwlpeourkiiKSoff: I know that loven 
Pari with mote circumstance and ceRoiony: 
Which ! Bive way to, [Etit. 

Litil- Til a noble favour. 
For which I ever owe you. We are alone ; 
Bui how 1 should begin, or in what language 
Speak the nnwiUing word of purling from 


m yet to learn, 
CUo. AndsUUcc 

le ignorant : 
rl io myself. 


ZjM. Yet li musi be spoken, 
Ot you will i;hide my slicknesi. Von have 

Whh Ihe heat of noble action lodfserve yon; 
And tbe least spnrk of honour that took life 
From your sw«t breath, still fann'd by it 

^ Mayll 

. IS a seamark, serve to guide true loven, 
Toss'd on the ocean of luiuiiQus wisha. 
Safe from the rocki of lust into the harboor 
Of pure aifeclion ? rising up an example 
Whldi iftenimes shall witness, toourgloty, 
Fii3t look from us beginning. 

'Tis a happinesi 
My duty to my counliy, and mine honour 
Cannot consent to ; besides, add to these, 
e. fortiliefl by persuasion. 

or so, to serve my own ends, and to gain 
pctiy WTealh myself, I rob you of 
certain triumph, which must fail upon vou, 
Ot Virtue's tumd a handmaid to iilind. 

How is my soul divided I to eonfirn 
In the opinion of the world, most worthy 
To be beloved, (with me you're at the height, Jl 
.\nd can advance no turther,) I m -' 

She » 

Gut grow enamoui'd of you. 

LwjI. Sweet, lalie comfort t 
And what I offer you, you mustyottchuTeM 
Or I am wretched. AU the dangers Ih " 
I can encounter in the war, are liifla ; 
ily enemies abroad to be contema'd ; 
The dreadful foes, that have the power Q 

1 leave at home with you. 

Ote. With me! 

ijoit. Nay. in yon. 
In every pan about yon, they are ar 
To fight against me. 

CUo. Vftiere? 

ZjbW. There's no perfection 
That you are mistress of. but m 
A legion ^aintt me, and ai 
To my destruction, 

Clio. This is strange I 

i*irt. But true, sweet ; 
Excsa of love can work such miracles I 
U pon this tVDiy forehead are intrencb'd 
Ten thousand rivals, n 

Supplies from aD the wi , . . _ 

Their comfortable beams -. these ruby lip^' j 
A rich cichequer to assure Iheir pay ; * 

This hand, Sibylla's golden bough lo 

Through hetl. and honor, lo the ElyiiM 

Which who'U 

Ic of certain diingeis, 

! For my artillery, t 

Thcfortiesotyou, , ..- _ , 

To make your blood nia high at ulema | 


.1 viands Ihal provoke ; 
riliiUres ; 

bawds IQ leinjil 

d corrupting at 


II simplidly anil Iniih wore al 

leenls I eroploj'd ; nnd when 

[liTb Bee you, it was niih that revrrai 
As I behelll ihe altan of the gods ; 
And Love, that came oJong with ne, was 

To [cave his BiroM's and hh tarch behind, 
' Quencli'd In my fear lo give oflence. 
-IfB. .\nd-iwas 
il iDodesly thnt took me. oud iiroervis 

E a fiBli rose, in mine ouii nnluml 

Whioh, sullied B'iih ihe loudi of impure 

looses both sccnf nnd bcnuiy. 

LtfUf. But, Cleocn , 
When I am abwnt, as I must go Trom vdu, 
^iKh is the cnicliy of my line,] and leave 

Unniai^ed, Id the vioteni nssaulB 
OIlixisi; icnipintionj; when the memorv 

-Of my I 

li lost 

of love and service 

BBy uieh I 
^ quest: 
Vfon tipc 

Iteep a cnlaloeue of their oon- 

'Von'tipciii credutc 

■Is hei* to owe you. brother lo advise i-ou, 
Nor your poor servant by. lo lieep such oil, 
^Ry lust InBlrocied how lo undertnine. 
And blow yourchosiilyup ; wlicn your weak 

. d. shall conspire agHinsl you. 

■VUm! piny lliR imJtuis to your suul. i-our 

u slnnd? 'I'~aiih. though j-ou 

e judge, before whom you then stood 

n of necessity be t« ins : Ihe younger 
lued only to drfeat the elder, 

I spoil him of his binhtlBbi? 'ilsnot tt-#l 

TBtubdngtopait,! will nut chide. 1 wlUnul 
1 Noi with one syllable or tear, ei^jFESS 
I How deeply I a 

At your return, how I have botn myself. 
And what an aiulox' punance 1 take on nu 
To satisfy your doubts ; when, likca V'csln. 
1 sliFW j;ou. to your shame. Ihe fire still 

Commillcd to my clinrge by Inie nftecti 
The people Joining «nh you hi the won 
When, by the glorious tplcndoar of mj 

The pryii>g eyes of Jralousy nro struck blind, 
llie monster loo that feeds on lean, e'ci 

For «-ant of seeming matter lo accuse me ; 
Evjieci, Leoslhcnes. a sharp reproof 
l''rotii mv just anger. 

Imu/.' What wUl )-ou do ? 

C/to. Obeynic, 
Oi from this mimite you are a sinngei ti 

And do't without wjily. All-sedng sun. 

Mine c}-es against thy comfortable light, 

Now bind iheni »_._ . ,, 

[Hibiniihtrtyav^ilkhtrsearf. I 

If. uncompell'd. ' 

Itooselhisknot, until (be hands thai mnile It 

This kUs, when you Come back, sliall be B 
To bid you welcome i nay, I have not done 

Xiimweul shall come from rne. Nowlomy 

My tomb, if you miscarry ; there I'llspead.i 
Myhoursin silent mourn log, and IhusianE^ 
Shnll be reported of me lo my glory, 
And you confess it, whether 1 live or<^' 
My chaslily tiiumphs o'er your jcalou 

EnSrr .^soliis, driving in Gracculo.'J 
AkI. You slaw ! you isig I down, a 
iifiW. Hold, good young tua:""" 

Grtu. So I do, sir t 
Your looks are agues to me. 

Alii. Are they so, sit 1 
'Slight. if IhadifiemailbisbivythatAoutnie, I 



And say I look like a sheep and an ass, I'd 

make them 
Feel that I am a lion. 
Grac. Do not roar, sir, 
' As you are a valiant beast : but do you know 
I Why you use me thus ? 
I Asoi. I'll beat thee a little more. 
. Then study for a reason. O ! I have it : 
\ One brake a jest on me, and then I swore, 
, (Because I durst not strike him,) when 1 

came home, 
That I would break thy head. 
t Grac. Plague on his mirth ! 
I'm sure I mourn for't. 

Asot. Remember, too. I charge yoUf 
To tcmch my horse good manners yet ; this 
I morning. 

As I rode to take the air. the untutor'd jade 
Threw me, and kicked mc. 

Grue. I thank him for't. [Aside. 

Asoi. What's that? 

Grac. I say, sir, I will teach him to hold 
bis heels. 
If you will rule your fingers. 
Asot. I'll think upon't. 
Grac. I am bruised to jelly : better be a 
Than sla\'e to a fool or coward. [Aside. 
' Asot. Here's my mother. 

Enter Corisca and Zanthia. 

She is chastising too : how brave we live, 
I That have our slaves to beat, to keep us in 
I breath 

. When we want exercise ! 
I Can's. Carriess harlotry, [Striking her. 
i Look to't ; if a curl fall, or wind or sim 
; Take my complexion off. I will not leave 
' One hair upon thine head. 

Grac. Here's a second show 
Of the family of pride ! [Aside. 

Caris. Fie on these wars ! 
I'm starv'd for want of action; not a 

gamester left 
To keep a woman play. If this world last 
A little loneer with us, ladies must studv 
Some new-K>und m^tery to cool one another, 
We shall bum to cmders else. I have heard 

there ha%'e been 
Sudi arts hi a long vacation ; would they 

Reveal 'd to me ! they have made my doctor. 

Physician to the army : he was used 
To serve the turn at a pinch ; but I am now 
Quite unprovided. 

Asot. My mother-in-law is, sure, 
At her devotion. 
Cmis* There are none but our sla\'es left, 

Nor are they to be trusted. Some great 

Wliich I could name, in a dearth of \'isitants. 
Rather than be idle, havp been glad to play 
At small game; but 1 am &o qucasy- 

.\nd from my youth have been so used to 

I cannot taste such gross meat. Some that 

arc hungry 
Draw on their shoemakers, and take a fnll 
From such as mend mats in their galleries ; 
Or when a tailor settles a petticoat on. 
Take measure of his bodkin ; fie upon't ! 
'Tis base ; for my p)art, I could rather lie with 
A gallant's breeches, and conceive upon 

Than stoop so low. 
Asot. Fair madam, and my mother. 
Coris. Leave the last out, it smells rank 

of the country. 
And shews coarse breeding ; your true^ 

courtier knows not 
His niece, or sister, from another woman. 
If she be apt and ctmning. — I could tempt 

This fool, but he will be so long a working X 
Then he's my husband's son : — the fitter to 
Supply his wants ; I have the way already, 
I'll try if it will take. — When were you witli 
Your mistress, fair Cleora ? 
Asot. Two days sithence ; 
But she's so cov, forsooth, that ere I can 
Speak a penn'd speech I have bought and 

studied for her. 
Her woman calls her away. 

Coris. Here's a dull thing ! 
But better taught, I hope. — Send off your 

Asot. Sirrah, begone. 
Grac. This is the first good turn 
She ever did me. [Aside and exit, 

Coris. We'll have a scene of mirth ; 
I must not have you shamed for want q% 

I stand here for Cleora, and, do you hear, 

That you may tell her what her womanr 

should do. 
Repeat the lesson over that I taught you, 
When my ^oung lord came to visit me : if 

you miss 

In a syllable or posture 

Zant. I am perfect. 

Asot. Would I were so ! I fear I shalt 

be out. 
Coris. If you are, I'll help you in. Thus. 

I walk musing: 
You are to enter, and, as you pass by. 



be bul bold enoueb, 

Selute my worn 
You'll spetd. I 

Jitt. Have am 

Save Ihee. sweelbean I 

Zanl. VeauB forbid. 

Carii. Tlib is well on both pans. 

Amt. How docs Ihy lady? 

Zanf. Happy in yout lordsbTp, 
As oft iLS she ihlnks on you. 

I. V«y good ; 
This wmch ¥iiU leam in Kme. 

jlut. DoM she think ol me? 

Zuiii. O. sirlandq)eaksi>iebe£t oTyon; 
Your wi(, your clolhes. discourse ; and 

You ate not (oiward enough (or a lord, you 

St complete and absolute mac, — I'll 

'Til of my lady : but, upon yout honour, 
You must conceal it. 

jIiM. By all means. 

ZaHt. Sometimfs 
1 lie Vfllh my lady, as the last night I did . 
She could not say her prayen for ihititting 

Nay, slie talk'd of you ia her sleep, and 
tigh'd out, 

smel AitlHs, sun IhoH art so iaiturard, 
Tkii I must ravish Ihti! and in that fer- 

She took me in her arras, threw me upon 

Kiss'd me, and hugg'd me. and then waked, 

and wept, 
Betause "twos bul a dreom. 

C^ris. This will bring him on, 
Or he's a block. — .\ gciod gill I 
Aial. I am mad, 
I Till I am at it. 
■1 2911/. Be not put off. sir, 
■«llh, Awaf. rdari n-:! .—Jii, y<m arc im- 
■ mtdtsl.— 

'li Uf tratktt'i af!—Afy/alher will Atar.— 
Shoot horpe, sii. 
You cannot miss the mark. 

Atet. There's for thy counsel. 
This is the fturest inlerlude — if it prove 

1 shall wish 1 were a player. 

Corii. Now my mm comfs,— 
I am cMcediDg lick, pray you » 

For young Asotus, I cannot live without 

Pray him to visit me; yet, when he's pnsent, 

Aiol. Not so. you ate caught : 
Lo, whom you wish ; behold Asolus here 1 

shall not spcaJi 
My thoughu m my private dumber, bul 

Lie open to discovery. 
Aiol- 'Slid, she^s angry, 
ZiihI. No, no, sir, she but «eenis so. 

her again. 
Anil. Lady, I Would descend to kiss your 

And lo presume lo taste your lip's not safe. 

Asot, She 1 at her tx 

Cerit. A kiss foe enlenainmcni is suA- 

Too much of one dish cloys me. 

Asol. I would seive in 
The second course ; but tlill I fear yOUt 

Corii. Vou are veij cauteloia. 

[Zanlliia tarns la itup. 

Aal. 'Slight, she's asleep! 
Tis pity these inslruclions ate not printed ; 
They would sell well to chambermaids. "I'is 

To play with my g 

d foilune, and your 

Yet to be taken, as they say : — a scout. 
To give ttie signal when the enemy cor 

[ExiuHl Zanthia. 
Were now worth gold. — She's gone towatch. 
A waiter so tmin'd up were worth a millSon 
To a wanton city madam. 

Coris. You are grown conceited. 

AsbI. You lescb me. Lady, now 

Ceris. You speak as it were yours. 

Asot. When we ate there, 
m shew you my best evidence, [Stltiii 

Cans. Hold I you fotgel, 
I only play Cleara's port. 

Asirt. Nom.nter, 
Now we've begun, let's end the Ml. 

Your father's vile I 

Aiel. Why, being his heir, I nm bound. 
Since he can m.-ike no satisfaction to y 
To see his debts pud. 


St-nier Zonlhia running. 
Zanl. Madnm. my lord I 
Or/i. Fall off : 
' I Dnut liiBe with the lime too, hell conf 

it I 
', Aiet. Plafue od his toothless chaps I he 

. Himself, yet hinden such as have good 

Bat caoDot find mjr slave) thai bew mjr 
' I am tiKd. Yotir shoulder, sod ; — nay, 
\ nrael. thy hand, too ; 
, A ttnti or two in the gaiden, and then to 

' SCEKE IIL— ^ Gmve ntar tht Walit of 

I Syracuse. 

I E*Ur Mamllo and Poliphron. A TaHe 

I tit eui vjith wine, b-e. 

I Mar. Twill talte, I warrant ih«(. 

nUfii. You may do your pleasure ; 
[ But, in my judgment, better to make use of 

The preMDt opportunity. 
! i£: No more. 

PfSfH. lamsil«ioed. 
' itar. More wine ; pritbee drink hard, 

I An4 ubm we'te hot, whalerer 

tr CUnbrio, Gnuculo, ■jnd • 

tr Slate 

[I down, here's 

words, nil welcome 
Starrs use no ceiEmony 
Polifk. Lei it run round, lill every 

Grac. Wc look Tor no waiters ;— this is 

As fice as our lords, [Drinks. 

Grac. Bui if they find we taste ll, 
Wc are all damn'd lo ihc ijuany during lile. 
Without hope of redemption. 

Mar. Pish I for (hit 
We'll talk anon : iinothcr rouse I we \ax 
Ume ; [Drint,. 

When our low blood'l wound up a little 

I'll olTcr my design ; nay, wc .ire cold yet ; 

These filasscs contain nothing ;— do m 

right, [Tata tlu telll. 

As e'er you hope for liberty. Tis don 

How do you feel younelves now 7 

To have sfiange conundrums in ray head. 


To loath base water ; I would be 

For one month of such holidiyi. 

J/iir. An age, boys. 
And yet defy the whip ; if you an 
Or dare believe you have souls. 

Citni. We ore no brokers. 

Grac. Nor whores, whose mar! 

of their mouths, they have no 

They hardly can get salt enoug 

From stinking above ground. 

Mar. Ourloids 

Grac. They are I 

Mar. But subject to 
Cold, hunger, and diseases. 

Grac. In abund.mcc. 
Your lord that feels no ach in his chine i 

Forfeits bis privilege ; how should thci 

siu^eons build else. 
Or ride on their footeloths? 

Mar. Equal M.iiure fiishion'd us 
All in one mould, Tho bear serves not th 

Not the wolf the wolf ; 'twas odds of stnngl 

That nluck'd the fir!l link from the goltle 

With which that TitiNC of Tmsos boun 

Why (hen, since wc are taugbl. by thcj 

Or such as know the cause of things, pa 

To ignorant fools? All's but the outwar 

And politic fonn. that docs distinguish us.- 
Cinibrio, thou art a sirring man ; if, inplac 
Of carrying burthens, thou hailst been train'i 

In martial discipline. Ibou might'it lav 

A gcneial, fit to lead and fight for Sicily, 

lliir, Thuu. Gmcculo. 

Gnic. Would I hod liinds. 
Or money iq Iwy u plituc I nnd if I diil 

Sleep on the bcncli vvitli [hi- droH-^itsl of 

Ihem. play with my clwln, 
Look on my walch. wfieii my guts cbiinrd 
iwclve, uid wEor 
alale beard. >vilh my hnrbcr's help, rank 

llieir most clioiee peculiar gifis : dogtadc 

And pat me lo drinlc waler agcan. which, now 
1 have lusted wine, wtn: poison ! 

Mtr. 'Tis spoke Dobly. 
.Xodlikcagownmnn; nonefifilicw, Ithink 

But would |>rove gDod buigliers. 

Gnie. Hum 1 the fools nre modest : 
1 know llieir iusides : litre's an ill-faced 

n llic H:1ling of lii> w 


InSyraciuclhaYeaoskill. Here's another, 
Oliserre bul what n cuicning look lie liiii ! — 
Hold up thy hmd, man ; if, for drawing 

to mortgngn for cominodilies. cheating 

With your new eounlcrfeil gold thread, aiul 

gumni'd velt-els, 
He does not (nuucend nil dial ui^nt befurc 

paiA the KS\ ; 11 

Clall ill his pau 
Suflicient becc05, 
■jXT ufi the cap of 

. 1 of sudi eminent virtues^ should be 

[ Cimi. Ourfonunu. 
Mar, TIs your folly ; diuiny men 
''CommiUHl and moke ihvic fittes. Say, nt 

1 long have Eurioitetl '\a\ and, nliiU ' 
rm you wllh poivur, VX strong hand I 

Your striuK, your unregnrdcd lotl. ihe prkle 
The Insolonce of such as Cicad upon 
Your iMtient suCTain^ : fill your fami 

With the fal and plenty of the land ; redeem 

From Ihe dork lale of seniCude. aind si 



a. cliurcb oi 


I, and dance tgr the 

. HM. I .... _ „ . 

Bul, if the culling of his throat uould woik 

He ihouk) etcusc me. 

Cimli. 'Slichi 1 1 wou. , 

1 might but haiK 


You shall T\ 

Grac. Ifcel 

Poliph. Donotloraien 

.\{,ir. Thus, then: Ourpt 
And oil the able freemen of the city, 

f^lifi. Observe but thMt. 
Mar. Old men, and such 

.\n: only left nt home 

tlrat. And the proud young fooT, 

My moster-if (liis take. 111 hamper liim. 
Mar, Theii oiscnal, their ireasure's in 

If Mchave houis roselR (hem. tfourkirds 

In the present aclkin, the whole coualry'> 

S.iy they nlum \ielorious, we have means 
To k«.-u the town agninsi tbeoi ; nt llie worst. 
To make our own conditions. Now, if you 

Fall on Ihcir daughters and ttior wiveSf 

break up 
Tlieir iron chests, tHnquel on their tidi beds, 
.Vnd cnrvc yourselves of all delights and 

You have been barr'd (noin, with OttC v^e- 

Ulirny 1 liberty ! 
All. Liberty I liburly ! 
M:ir, Ud ihet), and lake 




But shed no blood. [Examt Slaves.}— Sot 

this is well begun ; 
Bot not to be commended, till't be done. 


ACT m. 

SCENE l.—TAt same. A Gallery in 
Archidamus's House, 

Enter Manillo and Timandra. 

Mar. Why, think you that I plot against 

Fear nothing, you axe safe : these thick- 

skinn'd slaves, 
I use as instruments to serve my ends, 
Place not my deep designs ; nor shall they 

To lift an arm against you. 
Timand. Wi& your wiU. 
. But turbulent spints, raised beyond them- 
V^th ease, are not so soon laid ; they oft 

Dangerous to him that call'd them up. 

Mar. Tistrue. 
In what is rashly undertook. Long since 
I have considered seriously their natures. 
Proceeded with mature advice, and know 
I hold their will and faculties in more awe 
Than I can do my own. Now, for their 

And riot in the d^, I can make 
A just defence and use : it may appear too 
A politic prevention of such ills 
As might, with greater violence and danger, 
Hereafter be attempted ; though some smart 

It matters not : — however, I'm resolved ; 
And sleep you with security. Holds Cleora 
Constant to her rash vow ? 
Timand. Beyond belief ; 
To me, that see her hourly, it seems a fable. 
By signs 1 guess at her commands, and serve 

With silence; such her pleasure is, made 

^hokling her fair hand thus. She eats little, 
Sweps less, as I imagine ; once a day 
I lead her to thb gallery, where she walks 
Some half a dozen turns, and, having offer'd 
To ber absent saint a sacrifice of sighs, 
She Doints back to her prison. 

Mar, Guide her hither, 
And make her understand the slaves' revolt ; 
And, with your utmost eloquence, enlarge 
Their insolence, and rapes done in the city. 
F^BifeC not too, I am their chief, and tell her 
Yooatrongly think myextrcmcdotage on her. 

As I'm Manillo, caused this sudden uproar, 
To make way toenjov her. 

Timand. Punctually 
I will discharge my part. [Exit, 

Enter Poliphron. 

Polipk. O, sir, I sought you : 

You've missed the best sport I Hell, I think's 
broke loose ; 

There's such variety of all disorders. 

As leaping, shouting, drinking, dancing, 

Among the slaves ; answer'd with crying, 

By the citizens and their wives ; such a con- 

In a word, not to tire you, as I think. 

The like was never read of. 
Mar. I share in 

The pleasure, though I'm absent. This is 

Revenge for my disgrace. 
Polipk, But, sir, 1 fear, 

If your authority restrain them not, 

They'll fire the city, or kill one another, 

They are so apt to outrage ; neither know I 

Whether you wish it, and came therefore to 

Acquaint you with so much. 
Mar. I will among them ; 

But must not long be absent. 
Polipk. At your pleasure. [Exeunt. 

SCENE II.— 7%^ same. A Room in the 


Shouts within. Enter Cleorsi andTimAndrsL. 

Timand. They are at our gates : my heart I 

affrights and horrors 
Increase each minute. No way left to save 

No flattering hope to comfort us, or means. 
But miracle, to redeem us from base lust 
And lawless rapine ! Are there gods, yet 

Such innocent sweetness to be made the spoil 
Of brutish appetite? or since they decree 
To ruin nature's masterpiece, of which 
They have not left one pattern, must they 

To set their tyranny off, slaves to pollute 
The spring of chastity, and poison it 
With their most loath'd embraces ? and, of 

He that should offer up his life to guard it. 
MaruUo, curs'd Marullo, your own bond- 
Purchased to serve you, and fed by your 

favours ? — 
Nay, start not : it is he : he, the grand 




I Of ihoe libidinoiu beasu. Ihat have not 1 
I Ooe cniel ncl undone, tbat barbarcxu a 

relale my sullertngi, which I dare 


And he, to queaeh (he liie of bis base lust. 
By force, comes (o eiyoy you — do not wring 
Your innocent hands, 'li* bootless ; — "■"" 

le lo do. lilt, by some siad< 

'■w you ate pleased (o heir 

.jBi/, If you are. 

Hold birth your right hand. 

'Cleotii ioldjfiHA 

... 5o, 'tis done ; aod i 

I With my glsd lips seal humbly on your fool, 

■ My Bouf'i thanlts tor the favour : I (orbear 

To tell you who 1 wn, what wealth, what 

mode eicbiiiige of, la becotne your scf- 

'Tis no crime t 

Thai may preserve you. 

Avow wheoyouare forced loil ; shewyoai 

And with llie majaly of commanding 

Strike dead his loose offeelions : If Ihitl fail, 
Give liberty lo your tongue, and use en- 
There cannot Ik a breatl of flesh and blood, 
.prbeart somadeof fUnt. but most leceivo 
[rom your words ; or eyes so 

, _ie clear reflection of your tears, 

yVusI nieU, and bear Ihem company. Will 

tt these good olhces to yot:nelf? poor I, 

IrCU only weep yourfoitunc : here he comes, 

EMtr MonillD. iftaking at ike dtor. 

Afar. He that advances 
i'A fi»l beyond this, comes upon my sword : 
J You have hod your nuiys, distuib not mine. 
Timand. Speak gently. 
Her fous n;ay kill her else. 

Jl/itr. Now Love inspire me t 
Still aball this canopy of envioiu night 
I Obscure my auos of comfort? and Ihose 
,||' dainties 

itOf purest while nnd red, which I tnk< 
V'Hy greedy eyes, denied my fiimlsh*d 

: open ; 

Wto pv« Ihem warrant to convey iinio 
■YDUr undctstandinj! parts the sloiy of 
I A lonur«d and detpnlring lover, whoin 
I Xotfortunebutaffeciioninatksyourslave:- 
Shake not, best lady t for believ'i, you nn: 
I As far irom dnngcr iis I am Iroin forec ; 
II violence 1 shall oRer, tends no further 

And. though 1 knew wc 

(For sure he must be worthy, (or whose lo\'i 

You have endured so much) to be my rival 

I rage and jealousy counsell'd me (i 

ill hini. 
Wliich then I could have done wllh mtwh 

in now. in fear to grieve you, t due 

e, seconded with duty, boldly told me 
I man 1 haled, fait Cleora favotu'd : 
And that was hb prolectioo. [Cleora Amu. 
Timaad. See, she bows 
er head in aigo of Ihankfulnesi. l 

Mar. He remoi-ed by I 

ie occasion of ihc war, fmy fires Increasing ' 
By being dosed and stopp'd ilp,| tra— -■■ 

Prompted me lo do something in his abse 
That might deliver you Into my power. 
Which you see Is efieeted t and, even ni 
When my rebellious passion n chide my di^- 

how much I abuse my fortune, 
my power to beat rau liem 

I wishes hcte, (nay, tear 

But when Ihoy're freely oJTer'd : i 
Be pleased I nuy speak ia my i 


ce duty must not ti _ 
That 1 so far priie your conleni. before 
That willingly I enteruin despair. 
And, for your sake. cnibrBC« k : for 1 know. 
Tins opponiinliy losi, by nc — * 


"ti being ended ? and, wtial is a [ask 
Would iroubic Hercules (o undcruke, 
I do deny you to mysell, lo give you, 
A pure unspoiled piseni, to my tlvol. 
iMvesaid: KitdistBsienot, batof virgiTu, 
RewKRl my tcraperanee with some I»wful 

Tbough j-ou conlemD my person. 

ICIcora inarli, tlum full, off htrglmt. 
aKj efftrs kir hand lo Marullo. 
Timaad. See, she kneels ; 
And Menu lo call upon the gods (o pay 
The debt she owes your virtue : to pertonn 

As ■ sore pledge of friendship, she *ouch- 

Hec fair riglil hand. 
Afar. I an pud for ttU my sufferings. 

Now, when you please, pass to your pri- 
vate cbambet : 

My love and duty, faithful guards, shall 
keep you 

Ttaa oil dlstucbasce ; and when you are 

WlUi thinking of Leoilhenes. aa a fee 

Due 10 n]y service, spun one sigh for 

[EirVHt. Cleora maits a laai tanrliiy 

SCENE in.— 7Ai 


I BoKSt. 

E^sftr Giaccolo. AaiA'it/ Asilui in an api'i 
haiit. ■oiiDi a tkain about las Heck ; Zan- 
Ihla iH Corisca's tiMAu. it* ttaring vf 
lUT train. 
Grae, Come on, ■ 
Am. Oh! 
Gm. Do you gnjinble> you were ever 


To DC 


hold, I'U leach 
id do tricks like an ape. 

YouT momins'! 

Aitt. O no, _ . . 

Ojf. What for (he Carthaginiiins ? 

f AkXiu utakti n<^/fi.1 A good beail. 

Wluu (or ouiself, your lord? \pancti 

Exeeedine welt. 
There'i wrar reward, \Givcikim an afflt.] 
— Noi kits your paw 1 So, so. so. 
Xanl. Was ever lady, Ibe first day o( her 

Wilboul her pointing, curling, and perfumes, 
Like (he lasi day of January ; and itinks 

Than a hot biache in the dogdayi. Further 

5>o — stand there like ai 

But l 

Justly leturn'd upon me. 

Grai. How dost thou like 
Tliy Uidyabip, Zanlhia? 

Zaiit. Very well : and bear it 
With OS much siale as yooi loidship. 

Grac- Give me thy hand : 
Let us, like conquering Ronuins, walk il 

Our captives fallowing ; then mount otti 

And make the slaves our ibolstools. 

Zanl. Fine, by Jove 1 

Sol I 


bavuig n 

Down, I say— ate you stiff in the haiiis>— 

Andtleourihce: nowlrissit.andbehnHif, 

Crai. This Is state, indeed I 

Zanl. It is such as she taught 
A ticklinelicb Of ^[TCatBess. yourproudl 
Expect from their poor 

ctiaaged parts ; 
"^i- -■-- „jm| jiij foj^^ roe 10 do in her 

lladit^ H 
ehave !■ 


Ciini. Discover to a 
)r I will famish thee. 
Clrcn .Oil am pined already. 
Cimi, Hunger shall force thee I 

For earljonadoes. 
Pflifk. Spare the old jule, be'* fotuidei'd 

Grac. Cut his thioal tt - 

tyranny ; when I tnu. her lUve, 

She kept tne OS a sinnsr. to lip ■! her back 

Inli^si; nights, and fed m<:hi;(h with da<'>liis, 

Wliich still she had in bcr belly again ere 

morning ; 

id lo ivquilal of those Eovtexirs, 



I Having made one another (lee, we oie n 

I And, If you «i±h Mi joy, join wltb as in 
A dance at our wedding. 

Crac, Agtmi ; Tor 1 have Ibought of 
SI (numphanl one, which stiill txpras 

Grot. No. here's J«ne-of-apes shall sCTire; 
Carry yoor body swimroiog.— Where's ihe 

Falifh. I have placed it In ]Pon window. 

Grot. Begin Ihen sprightly. 

[.I/Brif, aHd Hot a danct. 

EHltr Manillo Sikind. 

PelifA. Well done on all sido ! 1 have 
prepared a banquel ; 
]^t's dnnk and cool us. 

Crae. A good motion. 

Cimi. vTtit here ; 
You have been liied wilh feasting, leam lo 

Groi. I'll have nnappleforjack.nnd may 

^lay fall lo youi share. 

[ExtuHl Gcac. ZonL CImb, PoUph. 
and Olymp. 
Cert!. Whom can we actiise 
Dai oiutclves. for what we suffer ? Thou art 

TUou all-creatlog Power ! and misery 
Inilnicis me now. ihai yesterday acknow- 
No ddly beyond my lust and pride, 
There Is ft heaven above us, Ihal looks down 
Wilh the eyes of justice, upon such as numi 
Those blei^inp freely given. In the accon 
Of tbdr poor mcrils : else it could not be 
Now miserable t, la please whose palate 
The eletnenn were ransack'd. yetcomplaii 
Of riatoie, as nol liberal enough 

I. Yes, 1 do wish too. 
It I fed my dogs with, 

ladeofflesh and blood, and thought 

and Ihe softest 

DO COUK to doihe 

CM hard to (le«p on : lliat dlsdan'd 
I Un virlue being in ra^^s, Ihatslopp'd i 

It frum those that served 

n natural 

For seeking lo cuckold iniiu 
father : 

Had I been gelded then, or used mjisetf 
Like a man, I had not been tiansfomi'd. an 

To play Ml ON-ergrown ape. 
CInn. 1 know 1 cannot 
Last long, that's all my comfort. Come, 1 1 

forgive both 
in vain lo be angiy ; let ns, 
lent logcllier like friends. 

Were this sad spectacle for sectue greatness 1 1 
Here they, that never see themselves, but hi 
The glass of servile flalleiy, might behold I 
The weak foundation uponwhkh they build ' 
Tlieir tiu&l in htunan frailty. Happy are . 

That knowing, in their Urths, tbeyaiesub-| 

Uncertain change, are still piepaied, and j 

For eiiher fortune ; a tare principle, ' 

And with much labour, Icam'd m wisdom's , 

For, as these bondmen, bylbeiractioi 

That thdr prosperity, like too large 

For their small birk of judgment, sinks the 

Swollen with the false opinion of their woi 
.^nd proud of blessings left tlicm. not 

That did be'lieve they couW with giant a> 
I'lthom the earth, and were above their fa 
Those borrow'd helps, that did support Ihi 

Fall of themselves, and by unmanly sufferi 
Betisy their proper weakness, and malTe 

Their boasted gtcotness was lent, not thei: 

e meal 1 they sit long. 

t inicmperaie feasts till 

3t thought on, not 

ir did we hold ouiselvcs served lo 



Asot^ We pay for 'r now : 
1 DOW could be CDnteni lo have my hend 
Brolie wilh a rib of beef, or, for a coffin, 
Be buried in the drippinf-pan. 

Kt-erltr Poliphrali, Qmbrio, Graccalo, 

- -- tnS'- 


Zintlita, s»d Olympla, jmitk e. 

Cimt. Do noi hold mc : 
Not kits the bride 1 
P^ifh. No, sir. 
CVW. She's common good, 
And so we'll use her. 
Gnt. Well have nolhing private. 
Uar- [camiHffirward.] Hold ! 
Z*»t. Here's Marullo. 

EwM. Hc'j your chief. 

iml. We Ble equals ; 

" know no □bedlence. 

Ko more, as jrou icspcci me. 
Pelifh. 1 obey, sir. 
Mar. Qoanel unong yourselves ! 
amt. Ves, 10 our wine, m. 
^Bd (CK out weaches. 
njBnr. Hdv could we be lonis else 1 
Z. '. Take heed ; I've news will cool Ihl; 
' hem, and make yoa 
jmnnber whal you were, 
''CSmt. How I 
Mar. Send off lliese, 
And then I'll lell you, 

[Zanlhia iiali C'orisca. 
Ofywtf. Thii is tyranny. 
Now she offends not. 
- : Tijforeieicise. 
. .- help dlgeili 

_ o>e, it wu her Unguusc. 
^ Uar. lead hei off. 
And lake heed, mndam m 
m.iy turn. 

Whal is she s 

Goto , _ _ 

Kvniember. he Ifaal Is a lord to-day. 
May be « shive to-morrow. 
CItaa, Oood morality 1 

r£««Jtf Cleon, Asol, Zant, OlyP 
sfnf Corls, 
Cimt. Uul what would yon iinpnn t 
-Var. What must invite you 
T» BFunrl upon your gunrd. and IcAvc yi 

- "-11 imagine whal il U lo be 

Most miserable, and ic 


if the cily, flesh'd with ipouT 
nnu pnniu at conquest : the atniado niDk, 
'1 he Carthaginian admiraJ, hand lo hand* 
Slnin by LfOithenes. 

Cimi. I feel Ihe whip 
Upon my back already. 

Graf. Everyman 
Seek a convenienl tree, and hang himself. 

Polifh. Belter die once, than live an age 

Nf * lortuia BYeiTf hour. 

ami. Say. we submit. 
And yield us lo Ihdt mercy ?- 

Mar. Can you flallet 
Yourselves wllh such false hopes ? Ordaie 

That your impaioua lords, that neva feil'd 
To punish with severity pelly slips 
In your neglect of labour, may be won 
To pardon those Ucenlious oiUisges 
Which noble enemies forbear to practise 
Upon the conquer'd? What hove ) 

That may call o 

Ihdr jt 

nudio] cruelly ? we have gone loo far 
link now of retiring . in our courage. 
And daring. lie» our safety : if you are noi 
"' 'Cs in youi abject minds, as in joui 

Since lo die is the wotst, belter eiipose 
Our naked breasts to Ibeir keen swords, 

and sell 
Our lives with the most advanuge. than t» 

.'oreaiall'd remission, or yield up 

Our bodies to the furnace of their fucy. 
Thrice heated with revenge, 

Oric. You led us on. 

Cimb. And 'tis but justice you should 

Grac. And 

Har. Hear then, and obey me 
And I Will either save you, or fitll wflh 
■•-- -1 lalls strongly, " ~ " ~ 

I with ymi. 
,e good the 

This desperate course: if they disdain to I 
"' —mposition, we have In oor powers 

aged Cuhen, children, and Iheir wl . _ . 
, to preserve ihemselves. miul wiUhigly 
Make intenressiou for uj. "lis not "'-- 


la DOwpropQ?ed(u;sCandtc£DlVFd for cither. 

And, like good btlowi. live or die logelbet. 

SCENE IV.— The Cmntrf mar Syracose. 

TJu Camf o/rimotam. 

Bnltr Lcosthcna and Tiinngocas. 

Timag. tun wfarlmm mvy. lam pioitd 

Vou buvc oucsUipp'd me in [lie race of 

O 'tvas a glorioui day, and bravely woa I 
Your bold performance gave such lustre lo 
Tlmoleon's wise directions, as the army 
Resis doubts, to wbom they stand mosi 

For Iheit so great success. 

Ltoit. The gods first boaour'd. 
The glory be the gmeral's ; 'ds far from me 
To be bis tinl. 

Tiitag. You abuse your fortune. 
To entenain her choice and gradous farouts 
vhib a contracted brow ; plumed Victory 
Is trulT painted with a cheerful look, 
Equally distauC from proud insolence. 
And baie ddection. 

Ltail, O. TlmagotBS, 
VoD only are acquoinled with the causr 
I'bU lotidi my lad heart with a bill of lead 
Whose ponderous wdgbt, neither my new- 

Can lessen or remove : and. would you please. 
Wltb fit consideration, lo remember 
How much I wrong'd Cleora's innocence 
Wlh my lasb doubts ; and what a giievous 

She ^d impose upon her tender sweelness. 
To pluck away the vulture, jealousy. 
That fed upon my liver ; you cannot blaiac 

Bui cali it a lit justice on myself. 
Thoneb 1 resoln to be a stranger to 
The thought of minh or pleasure. 

Timag. You have redeem'd 
The torteil of your fault with such a 
Of hooonrable I "' 

Uke a triumphaat 


The itnKli of Syiacnsi, the glad people 
Pressing to meet you. and the senators 
ConlcDdlog who shall heap most bonours o 

Tlieoien. crown'dvrilhgarlands, ledbefor 

Appointed for the sacrifice ; and the nllare 
Smoaking with thankful iacenie to the gods : 
The soldiers chanting loud hymio to your 

windows Gll'd witb matroos and K-ith 

Throwing upon your head, as yon pass by, 

The queen of love. «iih Ibeir particular vows, 
To be thought worthy of you ; can Cleora 

B 'hough, in (he glassof self-love, sbebehold 
er brat deserts) but with all joy adinow- 
What she endured wns but a noble tri 
You made of ber affection 7 Rod ber anger, 

Risingfrom vow too amorous cares, 

Inl.ethe, and forgotten. 


f those gloii 

:e mine, Ihey might plead 

ti her perfections purchased, a 


From her free boiuities;sheinsinred me 
Thai vaJour which 1 dare aol call mine i 
And, from the fair reflexion of her mint . 
My soul received [he sparkling bcami of 

She, from the magaiine of her proper good- 

Stock d me with virluou: 
To trade for honour ; i 

pniposes ; sent me 

nd, she being the 

Of the bode of my adventures. I must yield 

A just account of all, as fits a factor. 
And, howsoever others think me happj. 
And cry aloud, I have made a prosperous 

One frown of ber dislike at my ml am. 
Which, as a punislmient for my fan 

Strikes de»d all comfort. 

Timag. Tusb ! these fears are needl<._ . . 
She cannot, must not, shall not. be so cruel. 
A free cot^fession of a fault wins panlou. 
But. being seconded by desert, commands it. 
Tbe general is your owo, and, sure, ~ 

. . for myself, I ai 
-One d-iy shall be happy 
1, and your marriage. 



J I.eosi. May it prove so, 

j "With her consent and pardon. 

i Timag. Ever touching 

I On that harsh string ! She is your own, 

and you 
Without disturbance seize on what's your 

due. [Bxrunf. 


SCENE I. — Syracuse. A Room in 
Archidamus's House. 

Enter Marullo and Timandra. 

Mar. She has her health, then ? 
Timand. Yes, sir ; and as often 
As I speak of you, lends attentive ear 
To all that I deliver ; nor seems tired. 
Though I dwell long on the relation of 
Your sufferings for her, heaping praise on 

On your unequall'd temperance, and com- 
You hold o'er your affections. 

Mar. To my wish : 
Have you acquainted her with the defeature 
Of the Carthaginians, and with what ho- 
Leosthenes comes crown 'd home with ? 
Timand. With all care. 
Mar. And how does she receive it ? 
Timand. As I guess, 
With a seeming kind of joy ; but yet ap- 
pears not 
Transported, or proud of his happy fortune. 
But when I tell her of the certain ruin 
You must encounter with at their arrival 
In Syracusa, and that death, with torments. 
Must fiall upon you, which you yet repent not. 
Esteeming it a glorious martyrdom. 
And a reward of pure unspotted love, 
Preserved in the white rob« of innocence, 
Though she were in your power ; and, still 

spurr'd on 
By insolent lust, you rather chose to suffer 
The fruit untasted, for whose glad possession 
You have call'd on the fury of your lord, 
Tlian that she should be grieved, or tainted 

Her reputation 

Mar. Doth it work compunction ? 
Pities she my misfortune ? 
Timand. She express'd 
All signs of sorrow which, her tow observed. 
Could witness a grieved heart. At the fiist 

She fell upon her face, rent her fair hair, 
Her hands held up to heaven, and vented 

In which she silently seemed to complain 
Of heaven's injustice. 

Mar. 'Tis enougii : >\-ait carefully, 
And, on all watched occasions, continue 
Speech and discourse of me : 'tis time muj 
work her. 
Timand. I'll not be wanting, but sti 
strive to serve you. \ExL 

Enter Poliphron. 

Mar. Now, Poliphron, the news ? 
Poliph. The conquering army 
Is within ken. 
Mar. How brook the slaves the oWect ? 
Poliph. Cheerfully yet ; they do remse n 
And seem to scoff at danger ; 'tis yoi: 

That must confirm them : with a full conser 
You are chosen to relate the tyranny 
Of our proud masters ; and what you sut 

scribe to. 
They gladly will allow of, or hold out 
To the last man. 

Mar. I'll instantly among them. 
If we prove constant to ourselves, goo 

Will not, I hope, forsake us. 
Poliph. 'Tis our best refuge. \Exeun 

SCENE II.— Be/ore the IVa lis o/Symcusi 

Enter Timoleon, Archidamus, Diphilu: 
Leosthenes, Timagoras, ami Soldiers. 

Timol. Th us far we are retum'd victorious 

crown 'd 
With wreaths triumphant, (famine, bloot 

and death, 
Banish'd your peaceful confines,) and brin 

Security and peace. 'Tis therefore fit 
That such as boldly stood the shock of wa 
And with the dear expense of sweat an 

Have purchased honour, should with pic; 

sure reap 
The harvest of their toil : and we star 

Out of the first file of the best descrvcrs, 
(Though all must be considered to tlie 

To think of^ you, Leosthenes, that stand, 
And worthily, most deiir in our esteem, 
For your heroic x-alour. 

Archid. When I look on 
The labour of so many men and ages. 
This well-built city, not long since design' 
To spoil and rapine, by the favour of 
Ths gods, and you, their minisV«^^ -^"x 



1 ouinol. Id my belghi ot joy, but offer 
ThcK tcuTS for n glad sacHGce, 

DiflA. Sleep the dti«ns? 
Or lue Ihev overwhclni'd ni'llh the cxco* 
Of comrori thai Hows to ItiRin? 

/.evil. We receire 

Timbif. I long 

ExpccteJ (hal the rLrginE and the malrons. 
The old men Wrivlng with ihclr uge, ihe 

Canyinj; the ima^ of their gods before 

Sliould have met us with processioa.— H. 

(he gates 
Arc ihuc Bgnintl oi ! 

Arthid. And. upon tlie walls, 
Ami'd man seein to defy us I 

, Eattr alMit. en Ikt Walls. Mamllo, Po 
phron, Cimlirio, Graccuto. anil mh 

Difh. I should know 
Thew bees : (hey arc our slnva, 

Ttnsf. The mysleiy. rascals I 
Open the ports, and play not with an ang 
Thai will consume you. 

Timsl. I'his is at»ve ^ronder. 

Archii. Our bondmen Rund against u! 

I We - 

f. Seme such (h 

I remembmi 


I Lordsoifthctown, ors*— nay.benolaiiEry: 
Perhaps, upon good temis, giving lecuriiy 
I You will be quiet men, we may silow yoti 
Some lodgings in our gHrreis or outhouses : 
Your great looks cannot earry il. 

Cimh. The truth i«. 
We've tKen bold with yout wivet, loy'd with 

your daughtns 

Ltea. O my prophetic soul I 
Grae. RiHed your chests, 
"'in busy with your wardrobes, 
rimag. Can we endure tliis? 
Ltait, O my Cleora I 
" — A caudle for the gentleman ; 

' Timag. Scom'd Ii 

' r Hold parley »-iih our bondmen ', (on 

Th«l, vtllins, expect 

I rimit. Hold 1 Vo« wciir men's Ak. 
I And if. like mttn. you have renson, si 

Thai tcflds you lo this ilespciato a 
! whiBh must end 
/ loyoar desiniction. 

.-. Heil 

AnkiJ. Bay'd by out own mrs t 

Cimi, Take heed vou be not woniod. 

Falifh. We are sh^ set. 

Cipit. And sudden. 

Afiir. Briefly ihus. ilien. 
Since 1 must speak (or all— Your lyruiny 
Drew us from our obedience. Happy (Itose 

When lords were styled fathers o( families. 

And not imperious maslen 1 when they 

Tlieir servants almost equal wlih their sn 
Or one degree beneaih theml when their 

Were cherii 
Set 10 their 

Their duties or their wills, beyond Ihe power 
And strength o( their paifennancel " 

things ordcr'd 
With such decorum, as wise lawmakers. 
From each well-goveni'd private bouse de- 

Tlic perfect model o( a commonwealth, 
1 lum.-inity then lodged in (he hearts o( mer 
And (hoidiful masters can:(ully provided 
For creatures wanting reason. The noble 

That, in his Aery youth, (rom his wide nc 

■■ jh'd courage to tiis rider, and brake 

Groves o( opposed pi 

" ' " ■ iumphanlviclQiy; oid or wounded, 

. . It liberty, and freed fiom service. 
The Athenian mules, that from (he quarry 

Marble, hcw'd for the temples o( (he gods. 

Tile great worlc ended, wen- dismissd, and (ed 
At (he public. cost; nay, (aiihlul dogs have 

Tb«r sepulchres ; but i 

Appoials no end] to the sufferings of his 

« pride stepp'd in and rial, and o'enuni'i 
s goodly frame o( concord, tcnchin; 

Arc less esteem d than benits.— Ttiis you 

have pntcdsed. 
Praciiscd on iKniih rigour; this ha(h forced 


What we are now poscs'd of. 

' One bome iinfiRd. 

[ Cimi, Or lliroBl uncut of UuMC 

j We have in our ponrr. 

fWM. Sm will we fall alone ; 
ftat ihsll bu)' us dearly. 
^~^nmax, O Ihe godi I 

[£»»»' Mamllo diif Slates. 

I, We wrong ourselva, end we are 

alwilti bondnien, as if wo encounlei'd 
al enemy. 

itrf. Their IieIiI like derils ; 
m upon our swonia. as if their breosis 
N proof beyond their annour. 

- I.«>slhenE5 ind Timiigoms, 


j Cany severity and u^ 

Thcsight n(fire;Bndihm;, Ih.nt haw forgot 
Thai riiiiy |fOU ne'er laugh! (hem wiih your 

When, unexpecled. [hey behold ihase leirorj 
Advanced aloft, that ihey were mode ^ 

'Twill force iJiem to remember what they arc. 

And sloop to due alKdlcnce. 

Arekid. Here Ihey come. 

Enltrt/nm llu City. Cimbrio, Gmcculo. 

■tnd olhtr Slaves. 

Cimt. Leave not a mnn alive ; a woimd't 

To wbai we suAeT'd, beinK slaves. 

Grai. O, my heart I 
Cimbrio, what do we »ce? the whip 1 our 

Timae. Dare you reliel, slams ! 

I r*( Senators jirti* Ihiir whips, IQ 
Slates Ik rwi ataay Ihiir mcafcr 

Cimi. Mercy 1 mercy I where 
fihall we hide us from ineir fury ? 

Grae, Fly, they follow. 
O, we shall be lormenled I 

Tinuil ^nlfrwilh ihem, 
But yet foiliear to kill them : sllll rc..._. 
They are part of yoiir wealth ; and b 

disarm 'd. 
There is no iluiger, 

Ankid, Let us lirat deliver 
Such as they have In fetters, and 
Determine of their puniilmient. 

Ltml. Friend, to you 
I leave the ilUpoulion of what'* mine : 
I cannot ihink I amsafewitbouiyoursli. 
She is only worth ni^ thouelit ; aiid.liUIl 

SCENE 111. --Syracuse. A Sam b 

Archidamus's Houif. 

Enttr Momllo and 1 inuuid 

Mar. 1 know 1 .im punued : n 

I fly 

Atihough I he pons vrete open, am! 

Kvady to bring me off: Ihe bnseni 

"" 'Villnini. from the pride of all my lu^^ 

Ihrotvn mc to the txHtomltas alnm 

rror nml despair ^ had ibey stood fiiOt 

[ could hare bought Ct«on'« five ooosoA , 

With the safely of her father's life. i 

broihw's ; 
And farced Lecsthenra lo quit hll ciaJmr 



And suddaily re 

M<ir. All mj poor rortuoes 
\te at the stake, and I must mn the huard, 
Uiueeo, convey me Id Cleora's chamber ; 
For in her ii«hi, if it were pocible, 
I would be npprehendcd : do not enquire 
Tbe reason why, but belp me. 

[KHOtUiig aitiia. 
TimanJ. Make hute,— one knocks. 

[lin/ MuuUo. 
Jove turn all lo Ibc best 1 
I Slier Leoslhene^ 

' You nre welcome, sir. 

Z.e.'sl. Thon giv'st il in a heaiy lone. 
Tinand. Alas I sir. 
I We ijave so long fcd on ihe bread of sorrow, 
Drinking Ibe bilterwnter of afflictions, 
Made loatlisome too by our continued feais, 
Comfotl's a llranger to m. 

tjost. Fears 1 your sufferings : 

Forwhich I am so overgone with grief, 
I I dare not ask, without compassianaie lear^. 
I The villain's name that nibbed Ihee of ihy 

honour : 
I For being irain'd up in chiuiily's cold school, 
I .\nd laught by &uch a mistress as Cleora. 
Tirere Impious in me to think Timandia 
I Fell with her own consent. 

Timaud. How mean you. fell, sk? 
1 understand you nol. 

Ltoit. I would thou did'st not. 
Oi IhW I could not read upon thy face, 
i chnraclers, (he stor]i of 
I rape: confes$it. for you stand CD( 
Accountable for a sin, a^iinst whose strength 

Your o'cnnaiched 

nvoked ; the omaied 

Hiding his face behind a mask of clouds. 
Nor dating 10 look on II ! InherstA'rings 
.411 sorrow's coniprchended ; whalTunandia, 
Or the city, has endured, her loss conuder'd, 
Deserves not lo be named. 

Timand. Pray you, do net bring, Kr, 
In Ihoehimetaa of your jealous fenis. 
New monstens to afflight tis. 

Ltcil. O, Timandia, 
Thai 1 had faith enough bnt to believe thee I 
t shouM receive it with a Joy beyond 
Aauiance of ElysiaQ sliades hereafter. 
Or all the UessinEs. in this life, a moti: 
Could wish her children crovm'd with — but 

/ OiciwympcssibiliUes ; yet 1 


^ndout ihat whose knowledges a 

at kind of look he had that birccd thy 

?'hy ravisher I will enquire at Idsure,) 
hal when, hereafter. 1 behold a stnn^fer. 
But near to him in a^^l, I may conclude. 
Though men end angels should proclaim him 

To know she Is preserved, preserved on- ' 

tainted : 
Sorrow, but ill bestow'd, hath only made j 
A rape upon her comforts in your absence. 
Come forth, dearmadam, [£Bjiii /» Cleora. 
LcQil. Ha I [KiiaU. ' 

TimaHd. Nay. she deserves | 

The bending of your heart : (hal, to content 

you, j 

Hoskepta vow. the breach ofwhich a Vestal, i 
Though the infringing it had call*d upon her l 
AliuinE funeral, must of force haveshrunkat. | 
No danger could compel her lo dlspetue | 

Her cruel penance, though hot lust csjne 

To seite upon her ; when one look or accent ' 

Might have redeem 'd her, I 

Lissl. Might I O do not shew cne | 

A beam of comfort, and straight take It 

The means t^ which »he was fnred? speak. 

O speak quickly ; 
Each minute of delay's an age of torment ; I 
O speak, Timandra. 

Timand. Free her from hw oath ; ' 

Henelf can best deliver it. 

True light ii 

I for, s 

e these fairest 

Cover'd with clouds of your delerminale will, 
Denied their influence to my optic sense. 
The splendour of Ihe sun appear'd lo me 
But as some little glimpse of bis bright iKams 
Convey'd into a dungeon, to remcmbiT I 
The dnit inhabitants there, how much they 

Open these long shut lips, and strike mine 

With ran^emorehai 

May find a gracious hearing. K 



_< fbe Gnt fvtel articuiale soantli il utiers, 
lb tiga my whh'd-foc pardon. 
Citai. i forsim! you. 
£ief/. How greedilf I recdn; this 1 Slay, 

And let m« by di;gT«cs ascend the h«isht 

"mppincai! all W oncp deliver'd, 

oimf joyiwlUoverwliclia nn:; — 

liltK more ; and pray excuse me, 

inlon ejMciOT. 1 de>ire 

pleasant taste ihese cales dT comrort 


-" — loo loon be swallow'd. Have 

UEupoiled iraili 1 do conjute you 

rer uuif. niffci'd io your honouf. 

foMK, I mean, for in your will 1 ftee jaa, 
S&M I Isft Synicosa? 

This iias, so help n 

dues 1 wliich ', 

Hxa I loii uw you. 

JLteit. Miracle of nrtue I 
One pause more. I beseech you: I am like 
A nun whose vital spirits commned and 

Wab > long and tedious fever, unto whom 
Too much of a strong cordlaX ai once taken, 
Bring! deaih, and not cesUiies him. Yet 1 

~. ■ '■• !■ !ij( I iiusi emiuire the ninn 10 whom 

:^'it>:at Ml, though in Ihishand 

, 1 r res ihe world ' i am pire bows to, 

\\ ' :i:.l .. -'.•' me a poor bankrupt. Name 

i.m, l;i<ly, 
If of 4 nwan esutc, I'll gUdly port with 
My ntmost fortunes to hkm -. but if noble, 
in Ihmkful duty study how to serve him ; 
Or i( of higher rank, erect lum altnn. 
And di a god adore him. 
rXv. IT thai goodness. 
And noble lempeiance, the rpMtra of virtues, 
BlidUng rebellious ptualons, to wliose awiy, 
Sueb ■! have conqucc'd natioos have lived 

at preiervf 

To All a scat among the gods, and shake off 

niuriaJity, not by cold precept! 
^ergol u toon u told, hut by cxampla 
HtSnliue their purcncu. and drawnei 
ItMrcelBiialnaiures, I believe 


Z-fffit. Not yours, lady 7 

CU0. Yes : 
Loved me, Leosthenes ; nay, more, so iti 
(If e'er affeclions scomtng gross desires 
May without wrong be styled so,) llu 

durst not, 
Wilh nn immodest syllBble or look. 
In lenr it might lake from me, wham he mode 
The object of his belter part, discover 

IO the worth : : 

Ltosl. A rare temper I 
Uia. I eannot speak It 

I can bestow upon it will nppenr 

Envious detraction. Not to rack you fiiillier, 

Vet make the miracle full, though, of all 


Agnins! bimsidf, to serve you, 

Lioil. You concrai still 
T!ie owner of these eicellencies. 

Clw. 'Tis Mnjnllo. 
My fatber'i bondman. 

Lml, Ha. ha, ha I 

Clio. Why do you laugh ? 
£»!/. To hear the labouring 

Deliver'd of a mouse. 

Clio. The man deserves not 
This seoro. I can ossun you. 

Letist. Do you c;dl 
What WIS his duty, merit ? 

C/«. Yes, and place il 

As high In my esteem, as all the . 

Desoendcd from your ancestors, orlhegtorj, 
Which ^Du may call your own, got In Ihlf 

In which. I most confess, you have done 

And t could odd. as I desired, but thai 

1 fear 'twould make you proud. 

Lmit. Why, lady, can you 
Be won to give allowance, thai your slam J 
Should dare to love you ? 

Cite, The immortal godl 
Accejit the meaoEst altars, that are niied I 
Ry pure devotions ; and sometimes preli^'m 
An ounce of frankincense, honey or miiki>fl 

Before whole hecatombs, oi " ' 

OfTcr'd in ostentation. — An , 

Ofyourolddlseue? IIIHiyou. [Adi 

Ltoa. You term moHcd. 




CJe>. Zealous, I gnuit, in Ihe ddence of 

Why, good Leoslhpnes, Iliough 1 endured 
A penance for your sake, above exsinple ; 
I hate not so raruld myself, I lake i(. 
To be a.1 your devolion, hul I may 
Cheruh dcseit in otben, where 1 find it. 
How would you tyranni™, if you itood 

Leoil. One IdiE, and I am silenced. 

C/fo. I vouchsafe it ; 
Yet. I must tell »ou 'tii a favour Ihat 
Marullo. when I was his. not mine own. 
Daist not piesume to ask : no ; whenihecity 
Bow'd humbly lo liceniious rapes and lust. 
And when I wu, of men and gods roisakcD. 
" " ivr'd to his power, he did not press me 

jrace him wiih one look or syllable. 
Or urged the dispetisalioii of aa oalh 
Made for your laiiifaciion ;— the poor 

Having related only his own suflerings. 

-Ud kiss'd my hand, which I could not 
deny him. 

Defending me from olheis. never jince 

Solicited my favours 
Laat. Pray you. end ; 

The sloty does not please me. 
Cita. Well. lake heed 

Of doubu and feais :— for know, Leoslhcnes. 
eater injury cannot be ofTer'd 
nnocent chastity, than unjust su^jHcton- 
e MbjuHo's fair niind. not his peison ; 

Lei that secure you. And I here coinnumd 

If Ihavi 

! anjF power 


His temperance lo his folly ; If you fail 

No more ; I will not threaten. [Exit 

Ual. What a bridge 
Of glaai I walk upon, over a ijver 
I Of oerwin min, mine own weighty feats 
^C>acklng what should support me] and 
those helps, 
n:..i — ij i__j. .^ Qthcri. are from 

llich GooAdence lends 1 
vish'd by doubts, and wilful jealo 


BfiCENE \V.—Aa«llttrRo<minllutamt. 

1 Bntir Timagotas, Cteon. Asolus, Corlsca, 

ani Olympia. 

Ctttn. But *re you lure we are sale ? 

Timag. You aitA not fear ; 

ire all under gugjd. their fangs pared 
ounds their insolence gave you, u 

The thing I was bom. my lord? 
Timag. The same wise thine. 
'Slight, what a beast they have made thee I 

Produced the like. 

Asol. 1 think so :— nor the land 
Where apes and monk^ grow, like crabs 

On the same tree. Not all the catalogue 
Of conjurers or wise women bound together 
Couid have so soon Iransform'd me, as my 

Did with his whip -, for not in outside only. 
But in my own belief, 1 thought myself 
As perfect a baboon 

Timag. An ass thou wert ever. 

Aiot, And would have given one leg. 

For good security to have been a man 
After three lives, or one and twenty years, 
lliough I had died on crutches. 

Cltim. Never varied 
So triumph'd o'er an eld fiU DKul : I wU 
famish 'd. 

Timag. Indeed you are fallen away. 

Aat. Thiee years of feeding 
On cullises and jelly, though his eooks 
Lard all he eats with matiow, or his doctors 
Pour in bis mouth restoialives as lie sleeps. 
Will not recover him. 

TiPtar, But your ladyship looks 
Sad on the mailer, as if you had miss'd 
Your ten^crown amber possets, good to 

The cutis, as you coll II. ajid prepare yoa 
Aciive. and high, f"' — -'- - 

With a rough gamester, on your couch. 

You ore grown thnliy. smell like other 

The cDlleKe of physicianE have nol sat. 
As they were used, in counsel, bow lo lill 
The crannies in your checks, oi niiu a 

With mummy, ceruses, or Infanla' fat, 
To keep off age and time. 

Cert!. Pray you, forbear; 
1 am an aller*d woman. 

A part of your honour's mS lunds out oE 

Civil. No inatler, I hivt other llioughts. 


Th«n ibe Uas o( your good n 

bfyiai. 1 complain not. lir ; 
I have fiorne my fortune palienlty. 

Timar, Thou well em 
Ad eicelleBi beaiei : mi is all your Itlbe. 
Ityou may cbooie youi cairiogc. 

Bnler LcoslhenH and I^phHus with a 

How now, (ricDd I 
Looks our Oeora lovely ? 
£«ir. In my Ihougbls, sir, 
Tintag. But why Ibis guard? 
Difh. Ii li Timolcon's pleasure : 
Tlie slaves have been eiamin'd, and confess 
Tbeit riot look beginning ffOm your house ; 
And the lint mora ol ihem to rebellion. 
Your slave Mamlls, 

\Exiiinl Diph, andGuaii. 
LtBil. Ma I I more than fear. 
Timag. They may loircli bolclly. 
Enlir Ttmandia, sftatt'tig lo lit Guard 

Theres no Mumllos ihere. 

Where louml you him ? 

DifA. Close hid in your sister's chamber. 

Timig, U thai the villain's saactuaiy? 

/jvir. This confirms 
All sbe deliver'd, fabe. 

rimjg. But Ihat 1 seoni 
To rust my good sword in Ihy slavish blood, 
ThoU now wen dead. 

Mar, He's more a slave than tomme 
Or misery can moke me. Ihu insults 
L'^on imwnpoa'd Innocence. 

Timag. Prate you, dog t 

Mar, Cunmapal lions in Iheloil, «hoie 
Ftljl^led them, bdng freo. 

Ttmaf. AsawildbcB5k 
Drive bim before you. 

Mar. O djvine Cleon I 

L Du'st thou presume lo name bet? 
._ ... Vei, and love h<T , 

id may say. have desemd ha, 

Ti'neg. Slop his mouth. 
Load biRi with irons too. 

CUon. I am deadly sick 

Aiot. If be get loose. I know it, 
1 coper like an ape again : 1 leel 
The whip already. 

Timnnd. This goes lo my lady. 

Tiaag. Come, cheer you, si 
urge his punisbmenl 
To the full satisfaction of your anger. 

'""■■ "-''-"" worth my thoughts. N( 

t ; we'll 

Last. He I 

. ..Mleft 

In all die spacious rooms of my ve 
Bui is lill'd with Cleora : and tlie lapie 
She lios done upon her honour, with my 

samt. A XMm 


St wonhy, yet 1 will not. 

SCENE i.—TAi u 

Enter Archidnmus and Cleora. 
ArcMa. Thou eiK thine own dispner. 
Were his hontiura 
And glories centupled, as I must confess, 
Leoslhenes is m 

CUo. It DO^ ni 

Nay. love him truly ; yd would not Uv* 

To hu jealous humours -. since, by the hopes 

As 1 am free from violence, in a thought 
I am not guilty. 

Arikid. Tis believed, Cleora ; 
And much the rather, ciur grrai gods h« 

In that 1 find, beyond my hopes, no nen 
Of riot in my bouse, but all things onler'd. 
As if I had been present. 
Cla. May thai move you 

o pily poor 
ArAid. "1 



Tis my purpose 

alt the good 1 can, Cleon; 

fence, being af ainsi the 
;a public trial In them 
Be careful of^yotiixelf, and staod engaget 
No fiirtber to Leosibcnes, Ihan you may 

c your own, nor mine, but 
lo sem, and soEIet ^i^ uimwAAte. 



And not dispute then 

Clro. I am mucb diilTacIed : 

I can find nothing justly (o acoUM, 
°" his cictss of lore, wliitii 

yet sllll 
-. growi apan him. And, If I may call 
My siiFferings mciit. I statu) bound to tii 

MaruUo's dangera — Ihough I sate his lif. 

Both have deserved me ; yel, of force, m 

How now I whence flow ihcBc tears i 
n.ind. I have met, madrnii. 
iject of such ct^elly. as would force 
A s.ivagc to compassion. 
C!bi. Spenk, what is it ? 
Timand. Men pity beasts of rapine, if 
Though baited for their pleasure ; but these 

Upon a man that can make no resistance. 
Are senseless In Ihdr tyranny. Let it be 

Manilla is a slave, he's still a man ; 
A ca^tal oHendcr, yet in justice 
Not lobe tortured, till the judge pronounce 
His punishmenl. 

Clia. Wbereishe? 

Timani. Oragg'd to piison 
With tnoa" than barbarous violence ; spum'd 


it-Uke patience, he s 


I. nil face to their rude 

CItQ. O my grieved soul ! — 
By whose i:ominand? 

Timani, ItSMms. my lordyoutbrolher's, 
Fof he's a looker .on : and 1< lakes from 
Honour'd Leosthenes, to sulTci it. 
For his respect to you. whose name ia vain 
The grieved wretch loudly coils on. 

Cttsi. By Diana, 
' ria base in both ; and to their teeih I'll 

That I am wrong'd in'l. IGtiKg/aith. 

Tiinatid. What will youdo? 

CV<0. lit person 
Vi^i and comfart him. 

Ta the jealous fires whirfi 
I lord Leoslhenes. 
Cla. Let them c( 
am mistress of myself. Where cruelly 

There dwells nor Icvc. nor honour. {Exit. 

Timaitd. So I il works. 
Though hitherto I have run a desperate 

Fo serve ray brother's purposes, now 'tis fit 

Enttr Leoslheues asd Tiinagoias. 
I study mineovnends. They come ;— as: 
In these my undertakings. Love's fcreat 

As my intenU are honest ! 

Lioit. 'Tis my fault : 
Distrust, of others springs, Timagotas, 
From dilfidence inouisclves : but I will striv 
'With the asaunuicc of my worth and merit 
To klU this monster, jealousy. 
Timng. 'Tis a guest, 
wisdom, never lo be entertaiu'd 
On trivial probabilities ; but, when 
He does appear in pregnant pioofs, n 

^ idle doubts and fears, lo be rccdved : 
They nuUce their own horns thai oro'ti 

As well as such u give than CTOwth and t)ains 
Fram mere imagination. Though I priic 
Cleura's honour equal with mine own. 
And know wha! Urge additions of power 
lliis match brings lo our family. 1 prefer 
Our fiiendsbip, and your peace of mind so lar 
Above my own respects, or hers, ihnl If 
She hold not her true value in the lest. 
'Tis far from my ambition, for her oui: 
That you should wound yourself. 

Timaid. This argues for me. [Aiidt. 

Timag. Why she should b( " 

This mutiny, if he loved her. as, you say, 
She does confess be did, but lo enjuy. 
By lair or foul pby, what he ventured for, 

[Rusiti firvsird diitraitedly. 



■, Col 


Timag. CoUccl thy&eir, and spealc 

TiPuiHd, M you ore noblt. 
l»Te piiy, or love pielj. — Oh ! 

iMil. Take breath. 

Tinag. Out mUi it boldly. 

TiMAnd. O, the best oT ladies, 
I bar. ii gone for ever. 

Laal, Wbo, Cleora? 

Tiinag. Deliver, how 7 'Sdeatb, be a i 
sir ■—Speak. 

TinaHd. Take it Iboi in aa manys 
OS words, 

Timor- What of her? 

Timand. No sooner beard 
Manilla was imprisond, but sbc Cell 
Into a deadly swoon. 

Timag. But she rteova'd ; 
Sajr so. or he will sink too ; bold, sir ; fie I 
This is unmanly. 

Timand. Brought agaiti to lite. 

A with much labour, she awhile stood 

Vel in that iBIerim vented sighs, as if 
They iabour'd, fintn the prison of her flalt, 
To pve her grieved soul freedotu. On the 

TratBpQRsd on Ibe wings of mge and sorrxiw, 
She (lew out of the house, and, unattended, 
Kntered the common prison. 

Lual. Tills confirm 
What but before I feai'd. 

Timand lliere you roay find hei ; 
And, if ytra love her as a sister 

Ttmag. Damn her! 

Timand. Or yon respect ber safety m 

Procure Manillo'i liberty. 

Timag, Impudcnte 
Beyond eiprenian f 

LtoH. Shall I be a biiwd 

Timand. I knew 'twould lake. Pjidon 

me. fair C'leoia. 
Thou£h I sppuar a trailress ; wWch thou I 

»ih do. 
In pity of mj woes, when I make 
My lawful claim, and only seek in 

SCEtiE.ll.— A Priion. Maru!lorfiJ«i 

Enter Cleoia and Gaoler, 
Clfa. There'sforyourpiivaey, Stay, H 

bind his hands. 
Gaol. I dare not, madam. 
Clf.: I will buy tlly danEcr : 
Take mote gold ;— do not trouble me wilh 

Since, from the choice of all celestial Gkur^ 
He could not lake a viublc form so bul 
Of glorious sweetness. IfTnuti. 

CIro. Rise. 1 am flesh and blood. 
And do parlafce thy tortures. 

Mar. Can it be, 
Thai charily should persuade yon to descend 
So tar &oro your own height, as to vouchsafe 
To look upon my sufieringi? How I bliss 
My fetters now, and stand enjaeed lofortune- 
For my capdvity — no, my f^Eedom, rather I 
For who daiE think that place a prison, which 
You sanctify with your presence? orbeUeve, 
Sorrow has power to use her itiiig on Iiioi, 

Imptegnable. though lynmny raise at oiwe 
. All engines to nssaull him ? 
Cia. Indeed virtue, 
With wliich you have made evident proofs 

Arc slron^-ly fortified, cannot fail, IliDugh 

To hi 


Timand. Shell run mad, civ. 
Or do some violent Oct upon heisclf : 
Labours to gain hii freedom, 

Ltesl. O, the devil I 
Hm the bcwitch'd him too? 

Timeg. I'll liear Du more. 
Come, sir, we'll fidlow her ; and if no pcr- 

Witli the shock of fierce tcmplfttlonai but 

In spite of opposition. For myself, 
I may endeavour to confirm ytiur goodi 
(Asurerctreul, which nevrr will i"-—^ — 
And with unieigocd teon 


Dt help. 

^you-yj ■ 

Do you weep for me ! 
O, uve that precious balm tor nobler usts : 
I am unworihy of ilie smiiUl=t dtDp, 
Which, in your prodlgalily of pitr. 
You throw attay on me. 'len of Ihns [lenili 
Wcrr a Urge ransom lo redeem a kinplam 
Prom a consuming plague, or stop bedvcn's 


Call'd dovra by ojing i 
In dreadful fla^ha falling o 

the I 

m justly punish'd 
It of vialoice lo such pureness ; 
And all ihe torments llesti is sensiblG of. 
A soft and gentle penauce. 

Cl/a. Which is ended 
4n this yoiu free confession. 

£Klir Leoctheaa oirf TimHgoias itkind. 

Lteit. WhAl an object 

These Vfhilc and innocei 

eyes thus. 
"IVerc not to die, but in 
To be transpoiled. ui 

Which, you presume, nvill taint me 

Though jealousy use all het eyes to s[ 
"" tlaia in my behaviour, or envy 

any tongues to wound it, shall 
My best perfections. For, H 
' ■■- in my defence allege such reasons, 

ly ftccuseis shall stand dumb to hef 


When ii 

s fetteta this n 

But trul)' told, shall shame yi 

Which fortune claims a share in 
Tiimtg. The base villain 

5, Diphilus. tndOi 

itbclicv'i, Mirallo, 

much upon me, that ! know 

s in my grtl, but you may 

That happini 

Laiil. Are yoo yel satisfied ? 

Clto. Nor can you wish 
But what my vows will second, tliough it uerc 
Your freedom first, and then in me foil power 
To make a second tender of myself. 
And you receive the present. By IhU kiss, 
From me a virgin bounty, I will practise 
*" arts for your deliverance ; and that pur- 

whal concerns your furlher alms, I 
speak it. 

Do not despair, but hope 

[Timagoras and Leoslhunes comefuraard. 

Tittag. To have the hangman. 
When tie is married lo the cross, in scorn 
To sav Godi givt you juj I 
' nil. But look on me. 
be not loo itidulgent to your folly ; 
And then, but that giief stops my speech. 

What language I should use. 
Cla. Against thyself : 

^nkid. Whafsthcir 
On whom is your swonl drawr 

Or else ambitious of the hangman's office, 
ttcforeit t>edB3ign'dyou?^Vouar ' '' 
Unhand my daughter. 

IjosI. She's my valour's priie. 

Anhid. WilhWconsent.noiDlhcrwi! 
Vou may urge 
Your lille in the court ; ji il prove good, 

Timag. You'll hear 
Arihii. Ifyou have aught . . 
" '- ■ public ; all shidl find 



.A just judge of T: 

Diph. You mu; 
Of force now useyon 
\BitiiHt alliut Timagoras and Lsosilime^ 

Tima^. Vengeance rather I 
Whirlwinds of rage possess me. jou are 

Beyond a Stoic sufferance ; yet j-oii stand 

1 pay Cleora is another's due, 
And therefore cannot prosper. 

Timag. Melancholy; 
Which now you must not yield to. 

Ltoit, Tis apparent ; 
In fact your sister's innocent, however 
ChangMl by her violenl will. 

""' ■. If you believe so, 

weshaU fc 


{ Bui whil- 

Ttmag. CoUpci yourself i 

I SCENE in.— The Cmrtt/ytntice. 
n, An^idamns. Clcora, an 

Timol- Tis wondenius strange ! nor cai 
> m fall within 

A of my bduT, a slave shmiU be 
let of ■ rempurnnix whidi (hit age 
..jn hardly parallel in freebom lonb. 
^kilun pnjud of Ihdi puqile, 
^rthiJ. Tis mosi true ; 
L ihouiih a[ first ii did appear a fable. 
"IrDUinsUincei meet iq give it credit ; 
:h workx so on me, thai t am CHnprU'd 
t ■ suitor, not to be denied, 
_ a mof hive equal liearing. 
fV«. Sir. you paced mc 
i.ri.i .L , [i[i5(,[j,^njrn)isireH; bulmyforluni 

ly by the power you gave me. and plead 

Thfll, dnce I had abiUly ofspeec... 

Mf loneue has been so much inured to 

Timi!l. I II rather doubt 
rhc or.iclei of the pxls, than question ifha! 
I'our innocence dolivera ; and, as fat 
\t jiuitce and mine honour cw give way, 
lleshallhavcfuvoiir. Bring himin unbound; 
\Eifunl OiRceiB. 
id though Leosihpnes may challenge from 

For hli lalB worthy service, credit (n 
All ihings he can allege m his own cause, 
MaruLlo, w, I think, you Call his name, 
Slinll And 1 do rewrve one ear foe liini. 

To let En mercy. Sil, and Inlte your places; 
The right of Ihls fair virgin fiisl delcrinincd. 
Vottr bondmen shall be eciuuied. 
C&M. Wiih all rigour, 

Bnltrnlgnt door LeMihcna a nimmagonu : 
d( Iki oiktr. Officers teifk Manilla, anJ 
TinDl. Vour hand, I^osdienes : I cannot 


But with assured iiiumph. 

Lniit. My desols, sir, _ 

If wilhoulanogance. 1 may style lliem tutdb 
Arm me from doubt and fear 

Timol. ■Til nobly spolten. 
Not be Ihou dauntiMJ Ihowsoe'ffr Ihy fortune 
"■" " slave) lo spwit ihy 

Has mark'd ihec 
For virtue, though 

I rogx, may challenge 

e,selofrwithattihelrimofe mattic 
F-I-. I had rather fall under so just 
Than be acquired by a man cortupl. 
And partial in hii censure. 

Arthid, Note hblangDitge; 
It relishes of belief breeding than 
His present state dares promise. 

Tlmd. I observe it. 
Place the fmr lady in ihe midst, that bot^ 
Ixwking ■iHt\i covetous eyes upon Ihe priv 
'''-y are to plead for. may, from (he fair 

Teach Hermes eloqucnc 
Am Ifallcnso 

My lose, and. witness of my love, myservicft 
So undervalued, (hat I musi conlen' 
Wiih one. where my excess of glorj 
Mohe his o'erthrow a. conquest ? '. 

. .ily defects in such a thing. Dial 
Knew anything but want and emplines* ' 
■"" !, and keep it sur"" ""^^ 

Unequal competition? If my ptide 

"- -ny Imld assurance of my worth, 

pluek'd this mountain of dt 

juslly punish'd. and submi 
r been modest, and esieem'd myself 
niuic injured iti the tribute of the pmise. 
Which no desert of mine, priied bysdf-lov^ 
Ever exneted, may this cause and mlmiie 
c -\k fbrgotlen I I dwell long 

II if ^1 

Upon I 

_ . iiai I have deserved. 

Cite. Neglect and scorn 

From me. for thin proud van 

d almost prove what sc 

You arc all made up of passion : for, If ne 


Or judgmeDt coulil find 

Or that you i 

You look un. „ 

By the false light of your loo violent will. 
i ihould not need lo plead for itiu which 

With j^. should oCrer. Is my hlch binh a 
blembh ? 
r does my nvatih, wMcli all the vain ex- 



I call 

!, breed loathing in 
mine o«n, thoughi 

scandals i 

Am 1 defotra'd, or, for my father's ans, 
Mulcted by nature? If you inteiprEt these 
At crimes, 'lis fit I shomd yield up myself 
Most mKerably EuQly. But, pErhapa. 
^Which yet t would not credit,) you have 

liigdlanl pilch the bar. or beura burthen 
'ouM oiBch the shouldds of a weaker 

Or any other boisterous exerdse, 
Assuring a strong back to satisfy 
"your loose desires, tnsatiitie as the grave. 

Cleo. You are ftnil-moulh'd. 

AreMid. lU-manner'd loo. 

Lmit. I Epeak 
In thewayofsuppoHlian.aodcnlrealyou, 
With all the fervour of a constant lover. 
That you would free yourself fiom these 

: any imputation black-tongued slander 
Could throw on your unspotted virgin white- 

To which there is no easier way, than by 
Voucb&a6nghimyour favour; him, to whom. 
Next to the general, and the gods and 

The country owes her safely. 

Timar. Are you stupid ? 
'Slight, leap into liis am;s, and there ask 

Oh I you expect your slave's reply i no doubt 
We shall have a fine oration : 1 will teach 
My spaniel to howl in sweeter longuafe, 
And keep abetter method. 

Arckid. You forget 
The dignity of the place. 

Diph. Silence! 

TimaLUa Marullo,] Speak boldly. 

Mar. ~ta your autluoily gives me a 
1 sh(?uld be dumb else : and 1 am sccuk, 
I cannot clollie my thoughts, and jusl 

In such an abject phni 

As make nohilihr from pnxUgious Icnns 
The hearera undeistand not ; I tMing with me 
No wealth to boast of. ndlher can I number 
Uncertain fortune's favoun with my toErits ; 
: not force affection, or presume 
nsure her discretion, that looks on me 
weal: man, and not her Lucy's idol. 
How I base loved, and how much t have 

And with what pleasure undergone the 

Of my ambitious hopes, (ia aiming at 
'^'— ilad possession of a happinets, 

ibslncl of all goodness in mankind 
It DO port deserve.) wllb my confes^m 
□c own (ranis, is aU that con plead tor 


Foul thought: 

Retaining sliit the clearness of the spring 
From whence It took beginning, may be 

Worthy acceplance ; then I dare rile up. 
And tell this gay man lo his leelb, I never 
Durst doubt her consuucy, thai, like a rook. 
Beats off temptations, as that mocks itia 

Of the proud waves ; nor, from my jealous 

Question that goodness to which, ns an altar 
or nil perfection, he that truly loved 
Should rather biing a sacrifice of sen'tce. 
Than rate it with the engines of suspicion ; 
"' ivhicb, when bo can wash on .£lhiop 

Leostbenes may hope to free himself ; 

But, till then, 

I' the pride cj all his honours, birth, and 

He's mote unworthy than rnyself. 
Least. Thou licst. 

Timag. Confute him with a whip, and, 
the doubt dedded. 
Punish him with a halter. 

Mar. O the gods I 
My tlhg, though mode of brass, cannot 

My bean, swollen Ing with rage. The lie i — 

Let fury then disperse these clouds, in -which 

I long have mnrch'd disguised ; [ Thnyim oj 

hii Ji^^uiu,] that, when Ibey know 



Whom they have injured, they may faint with 

Of my revenge, which, wretched men I 

As sure as fate, to suffer. 
Leoit. Ha! Pisanderl 
Timag, 'Tis the bold Theban ! 
A sot. There's no hope for me then : 
I thought I should have put in for a share. 
And borne Clcora from them both ; but now, 
This stranger looks so terrible, that I dare 

4So much as look on her. 
Pisan. Now as myself, 
Thy equal at thy best, Leosthenes. 
For you, Timagoras, praise heaven you were 

Cleora's brother, 'tis your safest armour. 
But I lose time, — The base lie cast upon me, 
I thus return : Thou art a perjiured man, 
False, and perfidious, and hast made a tender 
Of love and service to this lady, when 
Thy soul, if thou hast any, can bear witness. 
That thou wert not thine own : for proof of 

Look better on this virgin, and consider. 
This Persian shape laid by, and she appear- 
In a Greekish dress, such as when first you 

saw her. 
If she resemble not Pisander's sister, 

Lwsi. 'Tis the same ! My guilt 
So chokes my spirits, I cannot deny 
My falsehood, nor excuse it. 

Pisan. This is she, 
To whom thou wert contracted : this the 

That, when thou wert my prisoner, fairly 

In the Spartan war, that, bcgg'd thy liberty, 
And with it gave herself to thee, ungrate- 
ful ! 
Statu. No more, sir, I entreat you: I 
True sorrow in his looks, and a consent 
To make me reparation in mine honour ; 
And then I am most happy. 

Pisan. The wrong done her, 
Drew me from Thefe, with a full intent to 

kill thee : 
But this fair object met me in my fury. 
And quite disarm 'd me. Being denied to 

have her, 
By vou, my lord Archidamus, and not able 
To live far from her ; love, the mistress of 
All quaint devices, prompted me to treat 
With a friend of mine, who, as a pirate, 
sold me 1 

For a slave to you, my lord, and gave my 

As a pfesent. to Cleora. 
Timol. Strange meanders ! 
Pisan. There how I bare myseh", needs no 
relation : 
But, if so far descending from the height 
Of my then flourishing fortunes, to the 

Condition of a man; to have means only 
To feed my eye with the sight of what I 

honour'd ; 
The dangers too I underwent, the suffer- 
ings ; 
The clearness of my intenxt, may deserve 
A noble recompense in your lawful favour ; 
Now 'tis apparent that Leosthenes 
Can claim no interest in you, you may 

To think upon my scr\ice. 

Cleo. Sir, my want 
Of power to satisfy so great a debt, 
Makes me accuse my fortune ; but if that, 
Out of the bounty of your mind, you think 
A free surrender of myself full payment, 
I gladly tender it. 

Arckid. With my consent too. 
All injuries forgotten. 

Timag. I will study. 
In my future service, to deserve yourfavour. 
And good opinion. 

Leost. Thus I gladly fee 
This advocate to plead for me. 

[Kissing Statilia. 
Pisan. You will find me 
An easy judge. Wlien I have yielded 

Of your bondmen's falling off from their 

Then after, as you please, determine of me. 
I found their natures apt to mutiny 
From your too cruel usage, and made trial 
How far they might be wrought on ; to in- 
struct you 
To look with more prevention and care 
To what they may hereafter undertake 
Upon the like occasions. The hurt's little 
They have committed ; nor was ever cure, 
But with some pain, effected. I confess. 
In hope to force a grant of fair Cleora, 
I urged them to defend the town against 

Nor had the terror of your whips, but that 
I was preparing for defence elsewhere, 
So soon got entrance : In this I am guilty ; 
Now, as you please, your censure. 

Timol. Bring them in ; 
And, though you've given me power, I do 
entreat „ ^ 



Such as liavc undergone their insolence, 
It may not be offensive, though I study 
Pity, more than revenge. 

Coris. Twill best become you. 

Cieon. I must consent. 

A sot. For me, I'll find a time 
To bo revenged hereafter. 

Enter Gracculo, Cimbrio, Poliphron. Zan- 
thia, ami the other Slaves, with halters 
about then necks. 

Grac. Ciive me leaxt; ; 
I'll speak for all. 

Timol. What canst thou say, to hinder 
The course of justice ? 

Grac. Nothing. — You may see 
We are prepared for hanging, and confess 
We have deserved it : our most humble 

suit is, 
We may not twice be executed. 

Timol. Twice ! 
How meanest thou ? 
Grac. At the gaIlo\\*s first, and after in a 
Sung to some villainous tune. There are 

ten-groat rhymers 
About the town, grown fat on these occa- 
I^t but a chapel fall, or a street be fired, 
A foolish lover hang himself for pure love, 

Or any such like accident, and, before 
They are cold in their graves, some damn'd 

ditty's made, 
^\'^lich makes their ghosts walk. — Let the 

state take order 
For the redress of this abuse, recording 
Twas done by my advice, and, for mv part,. 
I'll cut as clean a caper from the ladder, 
As ever merry Greek did. 

Timol. Yet I think 
You would shew more activity to delight 
Your master for a pardon. 

Grac. O ! I would dance. 
As I were all air and fire. \Caper7. 

Timol. And ever be 
Obedient and humble ? 

Grac. As his spaniel. 
Though he kick'd me for exercise : and the 

I promise for all the rest. 

Timol. Rise then, you have it. 

All the Slaves. Timoleon ! Timoleon ! 

Timol. Cease these clamours. 
And now, the war being ended to our wishes. 
And such as went the pilgrimage of love, 
Happy in full fruition of their hopes, 
Tis lawful, thanks paid to the Powers 

To drown our cares in honest mirth and 
wme. [^Exeunt, 

The Renegade. 


Asambeg, viceroy ^ Tunis John Blanye. 

Mustapha, basha ^Aleppo John Sumner. 

Vitelli, a Venetian gentieman, disguised as a 

merchant Mich. Bowyer. 

Francisco, a Jesuit Wm. Reignalds. 

Antonio Grimaldi, the Renegado Wm. Allen. 

Carazie, an eunuch Wm. Robins. 

Gazet. servant to Vitelli Ed. Shakerlcy. 







A Gaoler. Turks. 

Donusa, niece to Amurath Ed. Rogers. 

Paulina, sisUr to Vitelli Thco. Bourne. 

Manto, servant to Donusa, 

SCENE,— Tunis. 


SCENE l.—A Street near the Bazasii. 

Enter Vitelli and Gazet. 

Viiel. You have hired a shop, then ? 
Gaz. Yes, sir ; and our wares, 
Though brittle as a maidenhead at sixteen. 
Are safe unladen ; not a crystal crack 'd. 
Or China dish needs soldering ; our choice 

As they came from the workman, without 

blemish : 
And I have studied speeches for eachpiece, 
And, in a thrifty tone, to sell them ofi. 
Will swear by Mahomet and Termaeant, 
That this is mistress to the great duke of 

That, niece Co old king Pepin, and a third, 
An Austrian princess by her Roman nose, 
Howe'cr my conscience tells me they are 

Of bawds and common courtezans in Venice. 
Vitel. You make no scruple of an oath, 

Gaz. Fie, sir ! 
'Tis out of my indentures ; I am bound there. 
To swear for my master's profit, as securely 
As your intelligencer must for his prince, 
That sends him forth an honourable spy. 
To serve his purposes. And, if it be lawful 
In a Christian shopkeeper to cheat his father. 

I cannot find but to abuse a Turk 

In the sale of our commodities, must be 

A meritorious work. 

yitel. 1 wonder, sirrah. 
What's your religion ? 

Gaz. Troth, to answer truly, 
I would not be of one that should command 

To feed upon poor John, when I see pheasants 
And partridges on the table : nor do I like 
The other, that allows us to eat flesh 
In Lent, though it be rotten, rather than be 
Thought superstitious ; as your zealous 

And learned botcher, preach at Amsterdam, 
0\'er a hotchpotch. I would not be confined 
In my belief: when all your sects and sectaries 
Are grown of one opinion, if I hkc it. 
I will profess myself, — in the mean time. 
Live I in England, Spain, France, Rome, 

I'm of that country's faith. 

yitel. And what in Tunis ? 
Will you turn Turk here ? 

Gaz. No : so I should lose 
A collop of that part my Doll enjoin'd me 
To bring home as she left it : 'tis her venture^ 
Nor dare I barter that commodity, 
Without her special warrant. 

yitel. You are a knave, sir : 

Ltxnag yaut roguery, think upon m 

RcBicmba' Hiioc you vr ti 

: Ihougb Ibis 

We Bfe allow'd fncuading. and withvifi^y. 
Temper your toneue. and meddle nol with 

Tlicir manncn, nor rclision. 
(au. 1'nke you heed, bt, 
Wtiat coluun you vntx. Mot l«ro hours 

tlDCc. tbcte landed 
An EngUih pitau'i whoR, nilh a green 

And. w ibe watked Iht stceed, one of ibdr 

Wo rail them jaitsts U Venioe. wilb n roioi 
Cuu ll off, pellicoil, smock and all, and 

Atn^ied OS fnynoQ^thpyoung fry wondering 
What stnui(c beast ilsliould tie. 1 scaped 

My mliirtM'alnuk point, of that forbiddeii 

l^ini tied my codpiece; haiX 1 been dii- 

I bad been cnpon'd. 

nit/. And hnd been veil crrvcd. 
Huw to tlie ihop, and H>t my wore* In order. 
1 win not long tw abtcnl. 

(Toi. Tbinieh I ttiive, lir, 
To put oR melancholy, (owhieh you are ever 
Too nucli lucUncd. it «ha)1 not Itlader me, 
WUh my beat oatc to serve you. IBiit. 

Enttr Frnndseo. 

Villi. I believe thcc.— 

3 welcome, slrl tiny of my stops In this life, 

And GuMe to all niT blesacd bopca herenficr. 

What cumlorls, sir? Hare your endeavours 

protpct'd ? 
Have we tlml PoTtunc'I malice With out 

iKfciingi ? 
. . 1 111 Irntlti, ufier bo mnny (rowns, 
Piciueil tu voucliMlb oiw (lieetful look Upon 

Pram. You give loo mucli to tonunc and 

yonr paxjons. 

O'm wliich a wist man. if religious, iriumplis. 

That nimc fools wonliip : and tliua: lyranu. 


'v .iriH .ipiiist our better pirt, ourredson, 

MiiyiiJcl, liul iicvtr take (mm our affUciions. 

ViUh Sir, na I lun R sinful man, Iconnot 

/'ma. 1 exact not from you 
A funlluila insensible of cJumiiy, 

They ate niidc of fiesh and bl 

1 clinliiJnge, 
ts manly pdiience. Will yOU, that WCK I, 

In n religious ichool, where dirine m 
ScoRung comparison widi moral preoepU 
Were daily taught you, bcai your q' 

stancy'i trial. 
Not like vitelli, but n viQoge nunc, 
With curses in youi mouth, ' 

How poDiiy it shoivs in you. 

fuel. 1 am tcbool'd, sir, 
And will hereafter, to my uUK 
Study to be myself. 

" an. So snail you find me 
.-,1/91 ready to assist you ; ndtber have 

Slept in your great occasi. ' — ■'-'■ 

I havebeen nt the viceroy scoun. i 
As far OS thf^ allow, a Chiiilian 

The purpose of this journey. 

Vatl. Dear sir, whatisit? 

FrjK. By the commaud of Asanibcg. tl 
The dty swell» with barbarous pomp and 

For iho enlertainmcol of stout Muslapha, 
The buha of Aleppo, who in person 
Comes to rccdve tjie niece of Aniutoth, 
The fair Donusa, for bis bride. 

yttil. I find not 
How this may protit us, 

Fran. Pray you. give me leave. 
Among the lesi thai wait upon the i 
Such ashiLvc, under lllm, conimnndii 
Who, as you've often heanl, are : 

the shame of Venice, and Ihcscoro . 

OFoll good men. the perjured Reneqauo, 
Anionia Grimaldi. 

ViUi. Ha I bis name 
Is poison to me. 

Fran. Yet again? 

Villi. I have done, sir. 

Fran. This dcbauuh'd villai 
ever thoughi 
(After bis impious scorn done, in St. Maik'V 
To me, as I stood al the holy altar) 
Tbc thief that ravish'd your fair sawt fiofl 
you. A 

The virtuous Paulina, not long ^ee, 
As 1 am tndy given to undoixtand. ■ 

Sold to the viceroy a fair Chtisllan virgin 
On whom . maugte his fiereeoud cruel niituie. 
As;inil»i; doles cMrerody. 


Tis poor Paulina. Farewell all disguises 1 
I'll shoii', in ray revenge. Ihnl 1 am noble. 

Pnn. You ajc not mad ? 

Vitll. No, sir i my virtuous anger 
Makes every vein an anery : I fed in me 
The strength oT twenty men ; and, being 

Wtth my good cauK. to vneak wrong'd 

Pmt, Is ibis religious? 
yUil. Would you have me tame now? 
Cad I know ray sister 
Mew'd up in his seia£lio, and !n danger 
Not alone lo lose her honour, but her soul : 
The hell-bred nUoin by too, that bu^ sold 

To block destruction, and not h 

jihe devil, his tutor? To be pilientnow, 
Were, hi aootber name, to play the pnnder 
To the ticero/s loose embraces, and cry aim 1 
While he, by force or Baltery . coirpeta her 
To yield her (air oame up to his foul lust, 
And. aner, turn aposiaui to the faith 
That (he wns bred in. 

Fran. Do b«I ^ve mc heating. 
And yon shall soon grant how ridiculous 
TU) ehOdish fury is, A wise man never 
Attempts impoisitdtities : 'ti! ns cosy 
For any stogie aim to quell an army, 
As to eAxt your wishes. We come hither 
To leam PMillna's fate, and to reiloem her ; 
Leftte your rerenEc to heaven. 1 oEt have 

toll) you 
or a, lelic thai I gave her, which has power, 
It we niay credit holy men's traditions. 
To fceep the owner f™ froni violence : 
This on her breast she wears, and docs pre- 

The virtue of it, by her diuly pTmyeis. 
So, U she fall not By her own consent. 
Wtucb it were ^n to think, I fear no force. 
Dc, thoTefon:. patient ; keep this borrow'd 

. Ill lime Mml opportunity present us 
With some fit means to lee her ; wbich per- 

SCeSE II.— /< JPbm. .b Donusa's Ri/j«. 
Ealtr DoDusa, Manto, and t^mile. 

Don. HareyouseentlieChristiAncaptive, 
Tlie great liasita is so enamourd of? 

M<tnl. Yes, and it please your enwUen^, 
I look n full view of her. «heD she wa» 
Presented lo him. 

tyon. And is she such a Vfonder. 
As 'lis lEpoKed ^ 

Mint. She was drown'd in lean then. 
Which took much from her beauty ; yet. In 

Ofso ' 

Her well-proportion'd limbs invite affcctioi 
And, when she speaks, each syllable is mus 
That does etichani ilie hearets : but your 

highness, ' 

That am mit lo be parallel'd, t ycl ni 
Beheld her equah 

Dan. Come, yon flatter me ; 
Bui 1 forgive il. We, thai are bom gretf. ;j 
Seldom distaste our servants, lhoU£n Ihiin 

Moie than we cai 
That Christian lo 

Than such as «r 

Never permit their fa . ... 
But at the public bagnios, or the mosques 
And, even then, veit'd and guarded. Tho 

ril )qIh ' 

h you in any desperate cc 

Villi. You havpehann'd me, sir. 
And I DtH^y in all things : pmy yoo. pardon 
Tlw weakness of my ptuiofl. 

Fran, And cieusr it. 

A heai7 bondage. 
Car. Heavy I I 
By two stone weight, al 

serve you. 
But lo your question, madam ; 

For the most part, live like q 

country ladles 
Hsvc Ifljerty to liawk. lo bun 
To give free enlerlainmenl in 
Toialk. tokiu; then'saosuGhlbingknowa 

As nn Italian ^rdle. Your city iLime, 
Wiihoui leave, vreats the brenhra, lias ht 



Cor. She. 1 ikt 

Kdowi oalhlng bul her w . 

Her fooimen, net caroch, htr mhers, pasfei, 
'Uw dootur, cliapUini : and. as t have hunl, 
jnuy're in'ovm o( Utc £0 Ivarn'd. that ihcy 

iKmiKV potillon. which theic I 

*■-' ■ 31 confulc. 

Ihal. I firllhee 


Car. Many, Ihul ii 'i( not only fit. but 

Your mKUm iherv, her mudi rsl and high 

Duly CiJn«iilBi"i1, ihouW, lo tasc her husb.mrt , 
Be ullow'd a private friend ; they have drawn 

To 111 


To make me the unworthy imlnuiienl 

Of his command. Receive, divtnal Udy. 

[Vftivm a ' " 

This letter, tign'd by his vietotiaiii In 

And made ouiheniic by the Impertal m 

There, when you Rnd me mef' -' ' ' 

To Ihinli it mir ambition to presnnw 

Altuch a happiness, which ha powerftil vi 
yrom his great mind's mHgnlficencc. not m 

Haihsbower'duponme. B 

Join with his good opinion 

To perfect what his favours have bq^un, 

I sh.ill, in my obsequiousness and duty. 

I gT>od purpose, and, (he ni 

Doubt not to pan 1(. 

iJ»». We onjojt no more, 
Thai ara o' ihc Olhoman nun. 

AlW) all pleuure. I am dull ; i 
Take my ulwpllu) off. So, a lusty ili 


Who knocks I 



Who humbly makes lequesl he may preseni 

n like ourseir, and 
Hctp of eeremony, suitt 

e'l'hw^'i^i " 

vassal. Now admit 

•A the Persian halh so won upon hlm^ 
ihere's no grace or honour in his gift, 
Of which he con imagine you unwonhy ; 
. And, whnl's ihe grealest you can hope, o 

It Is his pleasure yon shouU be received 
Into his royal family— proiided. 
For ID for 1 am unconflned, that 1 
Alfect and like your person. I «pec( not 
The ceremony which he uses in 
Bestowing of his dauj;hlecs luid his nieces : 
As Ihal he should preseni you for my slave, 
o love you, if you pleased me : or deliver 
poniaid, on my lost dislike, to kill you, 
. :ich ^rctnnv and pride ngrfic not with 
My softer disposition. Let it suflice. 
For my fiist answer, that thus far I grace 


The room where the abides, with such de- 

As iillgiims pay ai Mecca, when ihey visit 
TIk- tomb of our great prophet. [A'hkiIi. 

Dm. Kise ; Ihe sign 

[Carniie tain uf l)n faatfjlts. 
Thai we vouuhsiifc your presence. 

Uuiia. May those Powers 
Thai raised the Olbomim em^re, and still 

Reward your high nejs for this gracious favour 
You Ihtow upon yoiu" servanl 1 ll halh 

. lie most Ini^ticlble, mlghtiesl Amumlh, 
(To speak his other titla would take from 

Freafter, some time spent Eo make enquiry 
_ ' [he good parts and faculties of your mind, 
You shall hear fuTther from me. 
Mnshi. Though all loimenis 
Really suffer'd, or in hell imagined 
irious fiction, In one hour s delay 
I hoUy comprehended ; I confess 
That I stand bound in duty, not to check at 
"VhateveryoQcommand, or please to impose, 
or trial <rf my patience. 
Don. Let us find 
ame other subject ; too much Of oi 

a full m 

a virgin's longing lo deacend 
So far from my own grealnera. as lo be, 
Thinigli not a buyer, yet a looker on 
Their iiningc commodities. 



Musta. If without a train 
You dare be seen abroad, I'll dismiss mine, 
And wait upon you as a common man, 
And satisfy your wishes. 

Don. I embrace it. 
Provide my veil ; and, at the postern gale. 
Convey us out unseen. I trouble you. 

Musta. It is my happiness you deign to 
command me. [Exeunt. 

SCENE III,— The Bazar. 

Oazet in his Shop,- Firancisco and Vitelli 
walking be/are it. 

Gas. What do you lack? Your choice 
China dishes, vour pure Venetian crystal of 
all sorts, of all neat and new fashions, from 
the minor of the madam, to the private 
utensil of her chambermaid ; and curious 
pictures of the rarest beauties of Europe : 
what do you lack, gentlemen ? 
Fran. Take heed, I say ; howe'er it may 

Impertment, I must express my love, 
My advice, and counsel. You are young, 

And may be tempted ; and these Turkish 

(Like English mastiiTs, that increase their 

By being chain'd up,) from the restraint of 

If lust once fire their blood from a fair object, 
Will run a course the fiends themselves would 

shake at. 
To enjoy their wanton ends. 

Vittl. Sir, you mistake me : 
I am too fiiU of woe, to entertain 
One thought of pleasure, though all Europe's 

Kneel'd at my feet, and courted me ; much 

To mix with such, whose difference of faith 
Must, of necessity, (or I must grant 
Mysdf neglectful of all you have taught me,) 
Strangle such base desires. 

Fran. Be constant in 
That resolution ; I'll abroad again. 
And learn, as far as it is possible. 
What may concern Paulina. Some two hours 
Shall bring me back. [Exit, 

Vitel. AH blessings wait upon you ! 
Gas. Cokl doings, sir ? a mart do you call 

this? 'slight! 
A pudding-wife, or a witch with a thrum cap. 
That sella ale undei^ground to such as come 
To know their fortunes in a dead vacation, 
Have, ten to one, more stirring. 
ViUl. We must be patient. 

Gaz. Your seller by retail ought to be 
But when he's fingering money. 

Enter Grimaldi, Master, Boatswain, Sailors, 
and Turks. 

Vitel. Here are company—^ 

Defend me, my good angel, [seeing Gri- 
maldi.] I behold 

A basilisk ! 

Gaz. What do you lack? what do you lack? 

pure China dishes, clear crystal glasses, a 

dumb mistress to make love to ? What do 

you lack, gentlemen ? 

Grim. Thy mother for a bawd ; or, if thou 

A handsome one. thy sister for a whore ; 

Without these, do not tell me of your trash, 

Or I shall spoil your market. 
Vitel. —Old Grimaldi I 
Grim. 'Zounds, wherefore do we put to 
sea. or stand 

The raging winds, aloft, or p upon 

The foamy waves, when they rage most ; 

The thunderof the enemy's shot, board boldly 

A merchant's ship for prize, though we behold 

The desperate gunner ready to give fire. 

And blow the deck up? wherefore shake we off 

Those scrupulous rags of charity and con- 

Invented only to keep churchmen warm. 

Or feed the hungry mouths of famish'd 

But, when we touch the shore, to wallow in 

All sensual pleasures ? 
Mast. Ay, but, noble captain. 

To spare a little for an after-clap, 

W^ere not improNndence. 

Grim. Hang consideration ! * 

When this is spent, is not our ship the same. 

Our courage too the same, to fetch in more? 

The earth, where it is fertilest, returns not 

More than three harvests, while the glorious 

Posts through the zodiac, and makes up the 

But the sea, which is our mother, (that em- 

Both the rich Indies in her outstretch 'd 

Yields every day a crop, if we dare reap it. 

No, no, my mates, let tradesmen think of 

And usurers hoard up ; let our expense 

Be, as our comings in are. without boimds. 

We are the Neptunes of the ocean. 

And such as trafhc shall pay sacrifice 

Of their best lading ; I will have this canvass 


Your bay wbus, lined with lisstie, and (he 
taste, 5«rv"d up in gold :— Though we 

_ IS. lavish dvirgins 

ToiUvciTulc ' ..-.--. --.- 


Gai. Do jroa hear, tir f 
We have nid lor our ground. 

Grim. Hum I 

(nu. And hum. loo I 
For all ]rour big woids, get you further off. 
And hinder not the proipect oTour ihop. 

Grim. Whnl will you do? 

Gai, Nothing, sir— but pmr 
Yotu wonhfp to give mc hand,scl 

Crim. {SritingJiim.] By Ihe con, 
Thm, lir, bf the enrs. 

M«il. Hold, bold I 

VUtl. VooTI still be prating. 

Grim, Come, let'i be drunk ; Ihca each 
man lo his whorE. 
"Slight, how do you look ? you had best go 

To pray in, and repent ; do, do, an 

It will shew fiat in pirates. 
Hail. WeiDustfoUow. 

Or he will spend our sliarcs. 
Boalna. 1 fought for mine, 
Jl/iu/, Nor am I so precise but I c 

We will not ^t out for oiu piirts. 
BeatJiii, Agreial. 

{EsiUHt Mast. Boatsw, Sdlots. 
Gat. The devil gnuw ollhis fingers ! If 
he were 
In London, among the clubs, tip went his 

orstri king of a prentice. — Wliat doyou Inck? 
What do you lack, gentlemen ? 
1 Tari. I wonder how the viceroy can 

The insolence of this ftllon-. 

a Tiiri. He receives profit 
From the piiies he brings in ; and thai excuses 
Whatever he commits. Ha ! what are these? 

BatiT Mustipha with Donusa viiled. 

I Tari. They seem of lanli 
obsetve Ihem. 

Cm. What do you lack ? 
please lo buy ; 
Wares of all sorts, most honourable madona. 

yitcl. Peace, sirtali. raak-a no noise ; 


Don. Is this Ihe Chiislinns' CI ... 
Ill Ihe venting Ihdr commodities? 

Afustj. Vei, b(Bl madam. 
But you may please to lieep your Way, hen'sJ 

But toys and trifles, not worth your ob 

Dim. Yes, for yaricly's salie : pray yi 
shew us, friend. 
The cliicfest of your wares. 

nitl. Yourladyship'si- 
And if, ii - "' , 

My ignorance plead my pardon I 

Don. He speaks wcU. 

IVfrf. Taltedownthelooting-ghiss. Here 

Slecl'd so eiactly. neither taking from 
Nor flallering the object it rctams 
To the beholder, that Nan 
(And never grow enamour d of himself) 
View his fair featuiT! int. 

DoH. Poerical. too I 

Vilcl. Here China 
Though the voluptuous Peisan ,. . 

Here ctystal glasses, such as Ganymede 
Did fill with nectar (o (he Thundcrtfr, 
Whcnhedrank toAlcides, and leccircdMm 
In (he fellowship of the gods ; true to I lie 

CoiiDthian plate, slndded with diamonds. 
Conceal'd oft detidly poison : this pure melal 
So innocent is, and foithful to the mistress 
Or master that posesses it, that, la' ' 
Than hold one drop that's venomous 
It files in pieces, and deludes (he tr ... 
Dan. How movingly could tliis fellow 

A worthy subject, that finds Euch discourse 
To grace a triHe 1 

Vilel. Here's a picture, madam ; 
The master-piece of Michael Angelo. 
Our great Italian workman ; here's nnollier, 
So perfect at all pans, that had l^guiaUon 
.Seen this, bii prayers liad been made to 

quality : 

To be jested w: 

To hi 


it life, and his carved ivoiy 

rememlier'd. They ar 

beauties of the Christian world, 
Ana no wnere to be equall'd. 

Don. You are partial 
In the cause of those you favour ; I believe 
I inslanlly could sliow you one, (0 tbeirs 

Vitel. With your pardon, madam. 
I am incredulous. 
Don. Cnn you maloh me this ? 

[Lifli *cr ttil tastily 



Vitel. What wonder look I on ! I'll search 
above, • 
And suddenly attend you. [Exit. 

Don. Are you amazed 1 
I'll bring you to yourself. 

[Throws down the glasses. 
Musta. Ha ! what's the matter ? 
GoM. My master's ware ! — ^We are undone ! 
— O strange ! 
A lady to turn roarer, and break glasses 1 
Tis time to shut up shop then. 

Musta. You seem moved : 
If any language of these Christian dogs 
Have call^ your anger on, in a frown shew it, 
And they are dead already. 

Don, Theoflfence 
Looks not so far. The foolish, paltry fellow, 
Shew'd me some trifles, and demanded of me. 
For what I valued at so many aspers, 
A thousand ducats. I confess he moved me ; 
Yet I should wrong myself, should such a 

Receive least loss from me. 
Musta. Is it no more ? 
Don. No, I assure you. Bid him bring 
To-morrow to the palace, and enquire 
Forone Donusa ; that word gives him passage 
Through all the guard : say, there he shall 

Full satisfaction. Now, when you please. 
Musta, I wait you. 

\Exeunt Musta. and Don. 

X Turk. We must not know them. — Let's 

shift off, and vanish. \Exeunt Turks. 

Gaz. The swine's-pox overtake you! there's 

a curse 

For a Turk, that eats no hog's flesh. 

Re-enter Vitelli. 

Vitel. Is she gone? 

Gax. Yes : you may see her handywork. 

Vitel. No matter. 
Said she aught else ? 

Gaa. That you should wait upon her, 
And there receive court payment ; and, to 

The guards, she bids you only say you come 
To one Doniisa. 

Vitel, How I Remove the wares ; 
Do it without reply. The sultan's niece ! 
I have heard among the Turks, for any lady 
To shew her face bs^. argues love, or speaks 
Her deadly hatred. What should I fear? my 

Is sunk so low, there cannot fall upon me 
Aught worth my shunning. I will run the 
hazard : 

She may be a means to free distress'd 

Paulina — 
Or, if offended, at the worst, to die 
Is a full period to cakunity. [Exeunt, 


SCENE I,— A Room in Donusa's /\zA«^. 
Enter Carade and Manto. 

Car. In the name of wonder, Manto, what 
hath my lady 
Done with herself, since yesterday? 

Mant. I know not. 
Malicious men report we are all guided 
In our affections by a wandering planet : 
But such a sudden change in such a person,. 
May stand for an example, to confirin 
Their false assertion. 

Car. She's now pettish, froward ; 
Music, discourse, observance, tedious to her. 

Mant. She slept not the last night ; and 
yet prevented 
The rising sun, in being up before him : 
Call'd for a costly bath, then will'dthe rooms 
Should be perfumed ; ransack'd her cabinets 
For her choice and richest jewels, and 

appears now 
Like Cynthia in full glory, waited on 
By the fairest of the stars. 

Car. Can you gu^s the reason, 
Why the aga of the janizaries, and he 
That guards the entrance of the inmost port, i 
Were call'd before her ? 

Mant. They are both her creatures, 
And by her grace preferred : but I am 

To what purpose they were sent for. 

Enter Donusa. 

Cat. Here she comes, 
Full of sad thoughts : we must stand further 

What a frown was that ! 
Mant, Forbear. 
Car. I pity her. 

Don. What magic hath transform 'd me 
from myself? 
Where is my virgin pride? how have I lost 
My boasted freedom ? what new fire bums up 
My scorched entrails ; what imknown desires 
Invade, and take possession of my soul. 
All virtuous objects vanish'd? I, that have 

The shock of fierce temptations, stopp'd 

mine ears 
Against all Syren notes lust ever sung, 
To draw my bark of chastity (that with 



Holh kcpl a coiutmiL uod nn honuui'i: 

_..(o ibe gulf of a deserved iU-Came, 

With mine own liands, dig up a emve li 

The mDoumsnlfll heap of all my yean, 
Employ'd in uoblc aciions. O my (me I 
— But there is no misting. I obey Ihcc, 
tmperiotu god of love, and willingly 
"■« mine own tcllen on, lo grace ihj 

Twere ihmfore tnore lb»n cruelly in Ihee, 
Ta use me like a lyranl. What poor mean! 
Mist t make imt of now ! and HaKer auch 
To whom, till I belniyd ray liberty, 
One graclaul look of mine viou\d have 

D altar lo my serv 

kly ever infill woman : and Caraiie, 
Tboul "- - 

snioek employment, which has m 
a couniiy 1 could Dame, U» 

To younelf, and fear not la. 
Car. I knpw my bunhen ; 
I'll bear it with delight. 
Maul. Talk Dol. bul do. 

[Sxaat Car. aad Manx. 
Dan. O love, what poor shifu thou dial 
force us lol {Exit. 

SCENE It.— vi Court inlkt ume. 
Ealtr Aga. C.ipiaga, snd Janiiaries. 
Aga. She was cverourgood mistress, and 

Car. I 

It been failhful tc 
" t not e: " 

And should we check (t 

I little h.-u!ard ft 

is youra, but 

My U(e 

Will pan witli it, whene'er you shall c 

And think 1 fall a martyr, so my death 
May give life lo your plBnsuies. 

Maul. But vouchsafe 
To tel me understand wbal you desire 
.Should be diccted : 1 will undertake it, 
And cune myself for cowardice, if I paused 
To ask the reason why. 

Dt», t am comforted 
In the tender of your service, bul shall be 
Confinn'd in my full joys, in [he perfc 

We were unthankful. 

Cap. I dare pawn my head, 
Tis some disguisKl minian of the court. 
Sent from grnit Amuialh, to Icani from hci 
The viceroy's aciions. 

Aga. That concemi not us ; 
His fall may be ouc rise : whate'er he be, 
lie passes through my guards. 

Cap. And mine— provided 
He give Ibe word. 

Enter Vitelli. 

V»tl. To faint now, being thus far, 

'e been to you. All t oik. 

Yourself, by lbes« delayi. 

Den. Thus ihen 1 whisper 
Mine own shame (o you. — O that I shotild 

Msttt. blhiiail? 

Dea. Think it not base ; 

;h I know the office undergoes 

Would argue ro 

Apt. Stand : the word ; 
Or, being aChriation, lopp 
Forfeits 3ir life. 

Villi. DonusB. 

Aga. Pass in peace. 

[ExtuHl Aga and Janiiaries. 

yi//I. What B pririlegc her name beais ! 
"Hs wondrous strange ! if the great oBicer, 
The guarilian of the Inner por ' 

Caf. Thy warrant; Speak 

Cap. That protects thee ; 

Wltljoul fear enter. So :— discharge the 

wnldi. [£j^<ua/ Vitelli onf Capiaga. 

, SCENIC I[l.—-4BDofrr J?«MB.'«tt 

Enttr Caraiic and Monto. 

'. Though he halh past Ihe nga and 




Car. O women, women. 
What are you ? A great lady dote upon 
A haberdasher of small wares ! 

Mant. Pish ! thou hast none. 

Car. No ; if I had, I might have ser\'ed 
the turn : 
This 'tis to want munition, when a man 
Should make a breach, and enter. 

Enter V\\.eXu 

Mant. Sir, you are welcome : 
Think what 'tis to be happy, and possess it. 
Car. Perfume the rooms there, and make 
way. Let music 
With choice notes entertain the man the 

Now purposes to honour. 

Vitel. I am ravish'd. {Exeunt. 

SCENE W.—A Room of State in the same. 
A table set forth, with jewels and bags of 
money upon it. 

Loud music. Enter Donusa, (followed by 
Carazie,) and takes her seat. 

Don. Sing o'er the ditty that I last com- 
Upon my love-sick passion : suit your voice 
To the music that's placed yonder, we shall 

hear you 
With more delight and pleasure. 

Car. I obey you. [Song. 

During the song^ enter Manto and Vitelli. 

Vitel. Is not this Temp>e, or the blessed 
Where innocent spirits reside? or do I dream. 
And this a heavenly vision ? Howsoever, 
It is a sight too glorious to behold. 
For such a wretch as I am. 
Car. He is daunted. 

Mant. Speak to him, madam ; cheer him 
up, or you 
Destroy what you have built. 

Car. Would I were furnish 'd 
With his artillery, and if I stood 
Gaping as he does, hang mc. {Aside. 

[Exeunt Carazie and Manto. 
ViUl. That 1 might 
Ever dream thus 1 [Kneels. 

Don. Banish amazement : 
You wake ; your debtor tells you so, your 

And, to assure vou that I am a substance, 
And no aerial ngure, thus I raise you. 
Why do you shake ? my soft touch brings 

no ague ; 
No biting frost is in this palm ; nor are 
My looks Uke to the Gorgon's head, that 

Men into statues ; rather they have power, 
Or I have been abused, where they l)estow 
Their influence, (let me prove it truth in you,) 
To give to dead men motion. 

Vitel. Can this be ? 
May I believe my senses ? Dare I think 
I have a memory, or that you are 
That excellent creature that of late disdain'd 

To look on my poor trifles ? 
Don. I am she. 
Vitel. The owner of that blessed namc^ 

Which, like a potent charm, although pro- 
By my profane, but much unworthier, 

Hath brought me safe to this forbidden 

Where Christian ne'er yet trod ? 
Don. I am the same. 
Vitel. And to what end, great lady — par- 
don me. 
That I presume to ask, did your command 
Command me hither ? Or what am I, to 

You should vouchsafe your favours ; nay, 

your angers ? 
If any wild or uncollected speech. 
Offensively deliver'd, or my doubt 
Of your unknown perfections, have displeased 

You wrong yoiu: indignation to pronounce. 
Yourself, mysentence : to have seen you only, 
And to have touch'd that fortune-making 

Will with delight weigh down all tortures^ 

A flinty hangman's rage could execute, 
Or rigid tyranny command with pleasure. 
Don. How the abundance of good flowing 

to thee, 
Is wronged in this simplicity ! and these 

Which all our Eastern kings have kneeled 

in Viiin for. 
Do, by thy ignorance, or wilful fear. 
Meet with a false construction ! Christian^ 

(For till thou art mine by a nearer name. 
That title, though abhorr'd here, takes not 

Thy entertainment) that 'tis not the fashion 
Among the greatest and the fairest dames 
This Turkishempire gladly owesand l)Owsto, 
To punish where there's no offence, or nourish 
Displeasures against those, without whose \ 

They part with all felicity. Prithee, be wise, 


Iltit pcDonatcd passioa tends, (snee '(we» 
A crime in me dsernns deUb, lo Ihial: 

is <rottr cm. ) I iboold. lo nake yoa sport, 


OtNC, Spon I ibcm an cruel, 
. thai Ihou cuist inlcrpret ia)> descent 
From my high binh oiut gmiineis, bni Id I 
A pan, in wbich I ttuly a" myielf : 
'M I nnot bold tbee for a dull spectator, 
:tt ttlr not afiectlon, and inriie 

ipaulon for my suflbriiigi. Be Ihou 

— ighi 

. , Msmple^ lo mnke satiifaeiion 

wrongs DDjiutlj' offcrd. WilUngty 
I uo coDfisj my fault : I injured tbM 
In wme poor petty tiifles ; Ihuj I pay for 
ITie Itiapais I did to thEC. Here — taxiit^ 
These hap. sluS'd liiU of our impmal ohu 
"r, if ihij payinml be too lieht. tike bcre 
' — for which llie ilnrish Indion 

^^ gr, U thii p 
^^^glKK^ genu 

^^^np the batt( 

^^* miuds. 

But fancy any honour in my gift. 

Which is unbounded as the sulu 
And be powsi of It. 

Ci/ri. I am oveiwhelm'd 
With the wcijht of happiness yoD throw 

Nor can it fall In mr Im.-isin; 
What WTonf- you e'er liavo 

much lea 
How, like « loyol merchniit, 
Vour gnnt masnificcncc. 

Dait. Thcv an 
Not MidE, of ray ii 
These seedi of bounty 1 yet 

intend cd ftivours 

A gtebe I hare not 

thinkful ; 
The hnrvoi is lo come. 

rto/. What can be added 
To that which 1 oliWMJy have received, 
I cannot coinptthend. 

Den. The tender of 
Myicir. Why dost thou ttan ? and in t 


Full [ciUlution of that virgin freedom 

WUcdi tbm ban rcUi'd me of. Yet, I 

. so far ftut (be loiely l&ief thai stole it. 
That, were ii possible tboa cooldtt nslore 
WhitlbouUDinttinglThailTaTiih'd&om me, 
I should leFnse the jxEsenL 

/ comiint molulion ) and my ftesh. 
Rebellions to my belter pan. now tells me, 
'it were a strong deleoce of fcailly, 
mlt in a doen. tiench'd with pnjcn, 
Could not tesist this battsy. 

Om. Thou an Italian. 
Nny more, 1 know't. a natural Venetian, 
""h as are counieis bom to pleaa: fUr 

Yet come thus slowly on ! 

rUtl. Eitruse me. madam ; 
What impuuiion soe'er the world 
Ii pleased to lay upon ui, in myself 
I atn so innocent, that I know not oihaX 'tit 
That 1 should offer. 

Dbh. By instinct 111 tench ttux. 

nd with such ease as love makes n 
When a young lady iirings yoa by the hand. 

Or with an amorous lonch presses youtfoi 
Looks babies in your eyes, plays with yo 

not you iind. without a tutor's help, 
at 'tis she looks for? 
'itil. t am grown already 
Skilful in tbe mystery. 
Don. Or, if thus she kiss you. 

Then tasles your lipsagain [A'tnil Aim. 

ynil. Thnt Inner blow 
Els beat all chaste thoughts from ine. 
DcH, Say. she poiau to 
Some private room the sunbeams nevci 

Provoking dishes passing by, lo hcighteti 
Declined oppctlle. actire music uslu-rine 
Your fainting steps, the waiters loo. us boti 

Not daring to look on you. 

[Exi/. intiiiing him tefollmo, 
VIM. Though the dcvU 
Slood by, and roor'd, I follow : Now I find 

set upon by bcauLy and teward, \£rit. 
SCENEV.— ^ Hall iR AsaiDheg-^FaliUc. 
Eitler Aga. Capiaga, Grimaldi, Master, 

Uoatswain. and Sailors. 
A^a. The devil's in him, I think. 
Grim. Let him be damn'd too. 
II Inok on him. ihougli be stared as wild as 



Nay, I'll go near to tell him to his teeth, 

If he mends not suddenly, and proves more 

We do him too much service. Were't not 
for shame now, 

I could turn honest, and forswear my trade ; 

Which, next to being tniss'd up at the 

By some low country butterbox, I hate 

As deadly as I do fasting, or long grace 

When meat cools on the t^le. 
Cat. But take heed ; 

You know his violent nature. 
Grim. Let his whores 

And catamites know't 1 I understand my- 

And how unmanly 'tis to sit at home, 

And rail at us, that run abroad all hazards. 

If ^every week we bring not home new pillage. 

For the fatting his seraglio. 

^ff/!rrAsamb^, Mustapha,j;rif Attendants. 

Aga. Here he comes. 

Cap, How terrible he looks 1 

Grim. To such as fear him. 
The viceroy, Asambeg ! were he the sultan's 

Hell let us know a reason for his fiiry ; 
Or we must take leave, without his allowance, 
To be merry with our ignorance. 

Asam, Mahomet's hell 
Light on you all ! You crouch and cringe 

now : — ^Where 
Was the terror of my just fixjwns, when you 

Those thieves of Malta, almost in our harbour. 
To board a ship, and bear her safely off. 
While you stood idle lookers on ? 

Aga. The odds 
In the men and shipping, and the suddenness 
Of their departure, yielding us no leisure 
To send forth others to reheve our own, 
Deterr'd us, mighty sir. 

Asam. Deterr'd you, cowards ! 
How durst you only entertain the knowledge 
Of what fear was, but in the not performance 
Of our command? In me great Amurath 

spake ; 
My voice did echo to your ears his thunder. 
And ¥rill'd you, like so many sea-bom tritons, 
Arm'd only with the trumpets of your courage, 
To swim up to her, and, like remoras 
Hanging upon her keel, to stay her flight, 
Till rescue, sent from us, had fetch'd you off. 
You think you're safe now. Who durst but 

dispute it. 
Or make it questionable, if, this moment, 
I charged you, from yon hanging cliff, that 

His rugged forehead in the neighbouring lake. 
To throw yourselves down headlong ? or, like 

To fill the ditches of defended forts, 
While on your backs we march 'd up to the 

Grim. What would not I. 
Asam. Ha ! 

Grim. Yet I dare as much 
As any of the sultan's boldest sons. 
Whose heaven and hell hang on his frown 

or smile. 
His warlike janizaries. 

Asam. Add one syllable more, 
Thou dost pronounce upon thyself a sentence 
That, earthquake-like, will swallow thee. 

Grim. Let it open, 
I'll stand the hazard : those contemned 

Your fellow-pirates, sir, the bold Maltese, 
Whom with your looks you think to quell, at 

Laugh d at great Solyman's anger : and, if 

Had not delivered them into his power, 
He had grown old in glory as in years, 
At that so fatal siege ; or risen with shame, 
His hopes and thr^ts deluded. 

Asam. Our great prophet ! 
How have I lost my anger and my power ! 
Grim. Find it, and use it on thy flatterers, 
And not upon thy friends, that dare speak 

These knights of Malta, but a handful to 
Your armies, that drink rivers up, have stood 
Your fury at the height, and with their 

Struck pale your homed moons ; these men 

of Malta, 
Since I took pay from ycu, I've met and 

fought with 
Upon advantage too ; yet, to speak tmth. 
By the soul of honour, I have ever found them 
As provident to direct, and bold to do. 
As any train'd up in your discipline, 
Ravish'd from other nations. 

Musta. I perceive 
The lightning in his fiery looks ; the cloud 
Is broke already. [Aside. 

Grim. Think not, therefore, sir, 
That you alone are giants, and such pigmies 
You war upon. 

Asam. Villain ! I'll make thee know 
Thou hast blasphemed the Othoman power, 

and safer. 
At noonday, might'st have given fire to St% 

Your proud Venetian temple. — Seize upon 



T0 Ut Mb die : tku nn a he 

Tim doc'« vmwonhf ct To oer bh co«- 

thi riiiliiiiiiiMMM f 1 Till 1 

Bke(7 ol mm. aail hH »in mm. 
la 10 maof wMdof ibaUt, tikigtti 

Jc'*rWMnhii<lcapenUcfiMi. Wbob't 

Tin! doc* command yon f 
Grtm, 1> Ihn Ihc (cnrd 
For an nj •MvlcK, lUkdilicrape t nxJe 

Aiam. Div bin heoo v-be dlo. 

ITbil daIHe* bul a ninule. 
ipiinaUi u <Aiw-tf ^. «/' ««V avtrtd. 
B»M». WhM'itKmnu! oC 



prevail ta rnr. Fune glvti blm 

>br A dw ei vlnB fallow. 

Ahtm. At Aleppo, 
I dunt not pnu ynu no far : gli 
Touu mjF own will. uulinnimaT 
And. 1/ J«i plmir. my pritac)'. 

Multa. I wliltee you. 
Whm Ihte b>|h wind* lilown o'er. [£nV. 

Al^m. So ihftll you find mc 
Ready todoyouiervlce. Rage,nowlcaveine; 
"■ — ■ — '■• — ' -" ■'■T raremonioiu forms 

Of ail perfrijjan < any tinule 
Banw'd troa ' ■ -• - 

Thy umnatcb'd grac^ «1D (He up. an] 

For poor dnractioo. 

fitxi. I ilapiie thy 
"niui spit at ibein. and scom diOD : and 

bcmg arni'd 
Id the nannuiiv of my innocent Tirtae. 
t fttwnp upon all doubts, nil fdus. ^ tcnnrcs 
Tliy baitMniDi cruelly, or. wtwii *oue, th; 

Tlie won! >y parent of thy jealouqr, 

■7arf ihowrr upon me. %i 

Atan. If Ihoc biller tannis 4| 

Katith mefrntn myte1( and rnnkc ined|B 
My emdy eon reoEJrc Bngelical soundtffl 
How would Ihii tongue, luncdloalovnigQi^ 
Iniaile, and lake pnstenion of my s>ul, 
H'hidi then I diinl not call mine own ! 

/•,<«/. Thou an fal«, 
Faber than Ih)' teligton. Dobot think me 
SomMliIng above a bea ' 

^H AUendl 

AnA nil 1) 
formed Awunbeu. 


Where tho that 1> IntUmU'd. vommaadi hci 

- ' -- of the fWecneu I wai botn 


n qiinkent myfrowni, ni 

'ould, when fint 

Minn rym lad met with llghlnlns, and, 

OCheannEhrtenchnnllng tongue, iheihricb 
Of mandrnkct liad made mualc to my iluni- 

For now I only walk a Itnlng drMm. 

m blind, but 

And yvt nm blind, bul when Iwetheobjeet. 

^flrfmaiW^doioonli. Appent, brlghl ipnrk 

it^ttti a deer.- t^ulina ttmajerth. 

Would (right the ran la look oi 

If thIilNUe utase can iaviie nlfKllon? 
If to be- mewed up, and eiduded from 
Human wKldy; the uaeirf pleasures -, 
llw neccBaty, nol superfluous duties 
Of servants, to discharge those offices 

AsaK. Ofi. 
That I. Ihat di 
To look upon your beauli 
Myielflhe happiness toloi 

d (ben 

! Can you Ihink 
- ■ the » 

; thai 

r bought 
Shall once approach you?— There is soi 

Tlinl can worit miracles, or I am coiea'ii 
□lipose and alter teces. to my wrong. 
In ipUe ofnalUIC. 1 will bo your nurae. 
Vour wonmn, your physician, and your ft 
Till, wllh your free cotucnl, which I h 

Never lo foree. you grace me wllh a nan 
That shall supply all ihcK. 

Paul. What is it? 

Atam. Your husband. 

P.%hI. My hangman, when thou pleaseit. 

Aiam, llius I guard me 
Against your further angert. 


Paul. Which shall nnch lliee, 
Though I were in the centre. 

[Ataunbeg chin tit deor n/off her. an 



Asam. Such a spirit, 
In sach a small proportion, I ne'er read of, 
AVhich time must alter. Ravish her I dare not ; 
The magic that she wears about her neck, 
I think, defends her :— this devotion paid 
To this sweet saint, mistress of my sour pain, 
*Tis fit I take mine own rough shape again. 

SCENE VL—A Street near Donusa's 

Enter Francisco and Gazet. 

Fran. I think he's lost. 

Gaz. 'TLs ten to one of that ; 
I ne'er knew citizen turn courtier yet. 
But he lost his credit though he saved himself. 
"Why, look you, sir, there are so many lobbies, 
Out-offices, and dispartations here. 
Behind these Turkish hangings, that a 

Hardly gets off but circumcised. 

Enter Vitelli, richly habited, Carazie, and 


Fran. I am troubled, 
l^ubled exceedingly. Ha ! what arc these ? 

Gaz. One, by his rich suit, should be some 
French ambassador : 
For his train, I think they are Turks. 

Fran. Veskoa ! be not seen. 

Car. You are now past all the guards, 
and, undiscover'd, 
You may return. 

Vitel. There's for your pains ; forget not 
Jkf y humblest ser\'ice to the best of ladies. 

Mant. Deserve her favour, sir, by making 
For a second entertainment. 

[Exeunt Carazie and Manto. 

yitel. Do not doubt me ; 
I shall not live till then. 

Gat. The train is vanish'd : 
They have done him some good office, he's 

so free 
And liberal of his gold. — Ha ! do I dream, 
Or is this mine own natural master ? 

Fran. Tis he : 
But strangely metamorphosed. — You have 

made, sir, 
A prosperous voyage ; heaven grant it be 

I shall rejoice then, too. 

Gat. You make him blush. 
To talk of honesty : — you were but now 
In the giving vein, and may think of Gazet, 
Your worship's prentice. 

Vitel. There's gold : be thou free too, 
And master of my shop, and all the wares 
We brought from Venice. 

Gaz. Rivo I then. 
yitel. Dear sir, 
This place affords not privacy for discourse ; 
But I can tell you wonders : my rich habit 
Deser\'es least admiration ; there is nothing 
That can fall in the compass of your wishes. 
Though it were to redeem a thousand slaves 
From the Turkish gallres, or, at home, to 

Some pious work, to shame all hospitals, 
But I am master of the means. 
Fran. Tis strange. 
Vitel. As I walk, I'll tell you more. 
Gaz. Pray you, a word, sir ; 
And then 1 will put on : I have one boon 
P^itel. Whatis't? speak freely. 
Gaz. Thus then : As I am master 
Of your shop and wares, pray you help me 

to some trucking 
With your last she-customer ; though she 

crack my best piece, 
I will endure it with patience. 
ntcl. Leave your prating. 
Gaz. I may : you have been doing ; we 

will do too. 
Fran. I am amazed, yet will not blame 
nor chide you, 
Till you inform me further : yet must say. 
They steer not the right course, nor tn^c 

That seek a passage to reach heaven through 
hell. [Exeunt. 


SCENE I. — A Room in Donusa's Palace, 

Enter Donusa and Manto. 

Don. WTicn said he he would come again ? 
Mant. He swore, 
Short minutes should be tedious ages to 

Until the tender of his second service ; 
So much he seemed transported with the 
Don. I'm sure I was. I charge thee, Manto, 
tell me, 
By all my favours, and my bounties, truly. 
Whether thou art a virgin, or, hke me. 
Hast forlcited that name ? 

Mant. A virgin, madam, 
At my years ! being a waiting-woman, and 

in court too ! 
That were miraculous. I so long since lost 
That barren burthen, I almost forget 
That aver I was one. 
Don, And cou\d V.Yv'j ii\<iivO& 




KisiiA in tii> face, fity maidenbeikdgooe, that 

Hu'i i-t j/jM<'d whh it? 

A/'////. So, iiifUxfi: I paai 
I'ijT curi«-ijt ma-ny ytaumaiurT, til!, by fortttne, 
ly^fij^ uii'l '/^iitiniind practioe in the sport > 
l$iew u|y iii)r deck ; a hu&Uuid tiimi was f<niod ' 

l$y iiiy Jiiduli^eDt fatl^r, attd to Che world I 
All wu2> iiju<l<; w^iole at^n. What need you | 

TIjaf, at your pUrasure, may repair your 

J>iir«>i any mviouv or malicious tongue 
i'rounic lo taint it / 

!)on. WifH now? 

t\ir. Mu/lttin, tlie lxu»ha 
Humbly <l«-j>ire» QJCAJit%%, 

/in /I. U h U'dd \ttiin 
My nt^at Italian, iliou liadst met my wishes. 
Tell liiin wi' w<iuiil Ix; private, 

(tif. t^i I did, 
l^t lit' it) much )n)|Xirtunnte, 

A/utit. Ikfst desi>atch him : 
Hit) lini^t'iing here elsti; will deter the other 
i'roni mailing his approach, 

Don. II is entertainment 
SImll not invite a second viait. Go; 
hay wc urc plea^^ed. 

/inter Miistaplia. 

Miiilit. All happiness-^— 

Don. \W. hudden. 
'Twaij baury rudcness in you, sir, to press 
On my retirements ; but ridiculous folly 
To wabti- the time, that might be t)etterspcnt, 
In lomplimental wishes. 

t \ir. There's a cooling 
For his hot ena>unterl [Aside. 

Doll. ( oine you hrre to stare ? 
If yuu have lost your tongue, and use of 


kciiigi) your government ; there's a mute's 

placf void 
In luy uiu le'.s court, I hear ; and you may 

vsoik n>o, 
To wruc lor vour preferment. 

iMiiitii. Thla U htr.inge ! 
I know not, nwuhiin, what neglect of mine 
lltui lall'd tills hcorn uiM)n me. 

Don. T(i the puriwsc— 
My will's a reason, and we stand not bound 
To yitrlil account to you. 

Ktusta, Not of your angers : 
Thu with erected ears I should hear from you 
Tht' story of your good opinion of mc, 
Cuniirm'd by Jove ami favours. 

Ihm. Ho» dcserred? 
I bzvt oonskiert'd 3:00 from head to focA, 
And can find noihing in thai wainscot iace. 
That can teach me 10 dote ; dot am I takm 
Wtfh your grim aspbd. or tadpolc-iik:: 

Those scars you glo>r>- in. I fear to look on ; 
And had much rather bear a merry ta^ 
Ihan all your baltltrs >iion wiih blood £LDd 

Though you bekh forth the stink too in ibe 

And swear by your mustachios all is true.. 
You are yet too rough lor mc : poige and 

take phytic. 
Purchase perfumers, get me some Frcndi 

To new-creatc you ; the first shape yon w ere 

made with 
Is quite worn out : let your barber -nosh 

{rour face too, 
00k yet like abugbear to fright chiMren : 
Till when I take my leave. — Wait mc, Cara/ie. 
[Exeunt IDonusa and Carar:c. 
Musta. Stay you, my lady's cabinet-key. 

[^Seizes Manto. 
Afant. How's this, sir? 
Musta. Stay, and stand quietly, or yoa 
shall fall else, 
Not to firk your belly up, flounder-like, but 

To rise again. OflFer but to unlock 
These doors that stop your fugitive tongue, 

(observe me,) 
And, by my fury. 111 fix there this bolt 

[Draws his scimitar. 
To bar thy speech for ever. So! be safe now; 
And but resolve me, not of what I doubt. 
But bring assurance to a thing belie\ed. 
Thou m^Ucest thyself a fortune; not depending 
On the unccrtam favours of a mistress, 
But art thyself one. I'll not so far qui-stion 
Mv judgment and obser\'ancc, as to ask 
why I am slighted and contcmn'd ; but in 
Whose favour it is done? I, that have read 
The copious volume of all women s falsehood , 
Commented on by the heart-breaking groans 
Of abused lovers ; all the doubts wash'd off 
With fruitless tears, the spider's cobweb veil 
Of arguments alleged in their defence, 
Blown off with sighs of desperate men, and 

Appearing in their full deformity ; 
Know that some other hath displantcd me. 
With her dishonour. Has she given it up ? 
Confinn it in two syllables. 
Miini. She has. 

Musta, I cherish thy confession thus, and 
thus ; \Givts Mer jewels. 



Be mine. Again I court thee thus, and thus : 
Now prove but constant to my ends. 

Mant. By all 

Musta. Enough ; I dare not doubt thee. 

— O laud crocodiles, 

Made of Egyptian slime, accursed women ! 

But 'tis no time to rail — come, my best 

Manto. \Exeunt. 

SCENE IV— A Street, 

Enter Vitelli and Francisco. 

Vitel. Sir, as you are my confessor, you 
stand bound 
Not to reveal whatever I discover 
In that religious way ; nor dare I doubt you. 
Let it suffice you have made me see my follies, 
And wrought, perhaps, compunction ; for I 

would not , 

Appear an hypocrite. But, when you impose 
A penance on me beyond flesh and blood 
To unde^o, you must instruct me how 
To put off the condition of a man : 
Or, if not pardon, at the least, excuse 
My disobedience. Yet, despair not, sir ; 
For, though I take mine own way, I shall do 
Something that may hereafter, to my glory, 
Speak me your scholar. 

Fran. I enjoin you not 
To go, but send. 

yitel. That were a petty trial ; 
Not worth one. so long taught, and exercised, 
Under so grave a master. Reverend Fran- 
My friend, my father, in that word, my all 1 
Rest confident you shall hear something of 

That will redeem me in your good opinion ; 
Or judge me lost for ever. Send Gazet 
(She shall give order that he may have en- 
To acquaint you with my fortunes. [Exit. 

Fran. Go, and prosper. 
Holy saints guide and strengthen thee! 

As thy endeavours are, so may they find 
Gracious acceptance. 

Enter Gazet, and Grimaldi in rags, 

G.1Z. Now, you do not roar, sir ; 
You speak not tempests, nor take ear-rent 

A poor shop-keeper. Do you remember 

that, sir? 
I wear your marks here still. 

Fran. Can this be possible ? 
All wonders are not ceased, then. 

Grim, Do, abuse me. 
Spit on me, spurn me. pull mc by the nose, 

Thrust out these fiery eyes, that yesterday 
Would have look'd thee dead. 
Gaz. O save mc, sir ! 
Grim. Fear nothing. 
I am tame and quiet ; there's no wrong can 

force me 
To remember what I was. I have forgot 
I e'er had ireful fierceness, a steel d hearty 
Insensible of compassion to others ; 
Nor is it fit that I should think myself 
Worth mine own pity. Oh ! 
Fran. Grows this dejection 
From his disgrace, do you say ? 

Gaz. Why, he's cashier'd, sir ; 
His ships, his goods, his livery-punks, con- 
fiscate : 
And there is such a punishment laid upon 

him ! — 
The miserable rogue must steal no more, . 
Nor drink, nor dnib. 
Fran. Does that torment him ? 
Gaz. O, sir. 
Should the state take order to bar men of 

From these two laudable recreations, 
Drinking and whoring, how should panders 

Or thrifty whores build hospitals ? 'Slid ! if I, 
That, since I am made free, may write myself 
A city gallant, should forfeit two such charters^ 
I should be stoned to death, and ne'er be 

By the liwries of those companies. 

Fran. You'll be whipt, sir, 
If you bridle not your tongue. Haste to th& 

Your master looks for you. 

Gaz. My quondam muster. 
Rich sons forget they ever had poor fathers j" 
In servants 'tis more pardonable : as a com- 
Or so, I may consent : but, is there hope,. 

He has got me a good chapwoman ? pray 

you, write 
A word or two in my behalf. 
Fran. Out, rascal ! 
Gaz. I feel some insurrections. 
Fran. Hence ! 

Gaz. I vanish. [Exit. 

Grim. Why should I study a defence or i 
comfort, I 

In whom blackguiltand misery, if balanced, j 
I know not which would turn the scale?" I 
look upward l 

I dare not ; for, should it but be believed 
That I, died deep in hells most horrid colours^ . 
Should dare to hope for meic>j ;\\.>Nwi\^^aN^\^ 
No check or ieeWng m toeq. KtoiocfctiX., 



To Caleb « lins ihe devil iic*et laughl mim- 

kind yM. 
No ! I Riiul downward, downward : Ihongli 

Could bonotr all the glorioui irin 
My mouwainouj *dglu of : 

aide their pituons, 
And Mt* ihem to hell with me. 

/Van. Dreadful 1 Heu roe. 
TbiHi miserable man. 

Grift. Good sir, deny not 
But thu (here ii no puaishment beyond 

£iitf Mailer etiJ Baitswriin. 

Grim. Serve me I 

m a devil alrcBdy 

c bhslEd else I 1 

Stand funlier off, joa 

have heard 
Sdioolmen oSinn man's body is composed 
Of the four Blemcnta ; aud, as iu leaeu^ <i 

They nouriili life, so each of (hem ofTords 
Liberty lo Ibe soul, when it grows weary 
Of Ibis fleshy prison. Whidi shall I moke 

choice of? 
Tlie fire? no ; I shall feel that hereafter ; 
The eonh will not receive me. Should 

■ome whirlwiad 
Soalch RK into Ihe air, and I hang there. 
Perpetual plaguM would dwdluponlhceanh; 
And iboie superior bodies, Ihal pour down 
Their cheerrid influence, deny to pass il. 
Tbrouxh those vail regions I have intecled. 
Thesea? ay, that b justice: thercl plough'd 

Mliohiefasdecpashcll: there, there, I'll hide 
This cursed lump of d.iy. May 11 lum rocks, 
When plummet's weight could never reach 

Ihe sands. 
And grind the rlbsofall such backs aspms 
The ocean's breast in my unlawful course I 
I haste then lo thee ; let thy ravenous womb. 
Whom oil things else deny, be now myiomb! 
Uai'ir. Follow hiro, and restrain him. 

Fran. Lei this stand 

For a 


. . now myieeondcare; andmyprofesslon 
I Btnda aie to leach the desperate lo rvpcnl, 
*« /or 03 to connmi Ihn iooocenl. [iixaml. 


f nar Asambcg, Muslapha, Aga. and 

Too many know it. 

.^jaia. Leave the room : but be 
Within our call.— 

[Exiaal Aga. aurf Capiaga. 

Now, sir, what burning secret 

(With which. il lecms, you we lumd ciodeis) 

briixg you, 

1. : advice or power? 

To qoend] in 


I. The ill 

>fl«. Ml 


I. Andc< 

le both : 

For 'tis impossible 1 
till! with (he blood of (hose that kin<ile it ; 
And yet one vial of it is so pi>ecious. 
In bangborrow'd from Ihe Othomansp 
Thai better 'tis. I think, both we si 

Than prove Ihe desperate means tli3t 

You touch upon a string that, to my ca 
Does sound Donnsa, 

Mmla. You then undeialand 
Who 'tis I aim at. 

Aiam. Take heed, Mustnpha : 
Remember what she is, and whose vt : 
'Tis her neglect, perhaps, tluu you com 

And. should you practise to rev<enge ber 

With any plot to taint her In her honour, 

AfBi/j, Hear me. 

Asam. 1 vrill be heard flnl,— (here's DO 

1 su)>jec( owes. Ihat shall ou[-tliunder mine, 

ilusta. Well. I.ikc your w-ay, 

AsiijH. 1 then again repeal 1( ; 
If Musiapha dans with malicious breath, 
On jealous Eupposiliani, presume 
To bittsr the blossom Of Donuiii's fame, 

h men of equal, nay, of more dcsen, 

HsTO sued in vnin for 

Utala. MoiBl 


_. yiH. More. Twas I ipake it. 
"The biuha of Nalolin and mriclf 
^Veieriinlslbrher: either of m branghl 
More viclorin, more tro]^iies. loplrad focus 
Ta Dur great masKr, Ihan you daie lay claim 

Vet sliii. by hii allowance, ihe vna left 
To lier eleclion : each of ui owed nitture 
Ai much Tor outward fonn and iDward worth. 
To make way for ui lo her grace and favour. 
As jaa brDught wilh you. We were heard. 

repulsed : 
Vet (bought it no dishonour to lil down 
With the disgrace, if not to force aRBCtion 
May meril such a name. 

Umta, Have you done yol ? 

Aiatn. Be, Ihcicroie, more than sure the 
ground on wluch 
Yon raiK your accusation, nuiy admit 
Nn undirnninin}; of defence in her : 
For If. with pregnaot and ajiparem proofe, 
Such as may forces judge, norethaninclined. 
Or partial ui her cause, to iweor her guilty. 
Ycu win not me to set off your belief ; 
Neither our ancient friendship, nor the liDcs 
Of sacml hospltahty, to which 
I woidd cot offer violence, shall protect you : 
— Now, when you please. 

Muila. I will not dwell upon 
Much circumstance ; ycl cannot hut profess. 
With the auurance of a loyally 
Eqiiikl la youra, the leveience I owe 
The sultan. Mid at] such his blood mnkes 

That there is not a vein of mine, which yet is 

UncmptiKl in his service, but this moment 
Shoittd fn^i open, so it might wish off 
The stains of ber dishonour. Could you 

Or, (hough you nw it, credit your own eyes. 

>ler sei. the pride and gto^ of (he empire. 
Iliat liiiih dlsdoin'd you, slighted me, and 

A Fn>icn coldticss, which no appetite 

Or height of blood could Ihaw ; should now 

Be hurried with the violence of her luii. 
Ai, in It burying her high birth, and fame, 
Haiely dewend to fill a Chrlsiian's arins : 
And lu him yield hcrvlrgm honour up. 
Nay, lueioiilinioiikelt? 

But one, whose lips her foot si 
A poor mechanic pedlar. 

'49 [ 

Whom do yoa think she made her scout, 

To find him out, but me? What place 

make choice of 
To wallow in her foul and loathsotB*; 

lu loatusotBVj H 
:.iptainQr ^^1 

man of tnvK^H 
t^-ril pFonl ■ 

And. though I fail to shew her in the not. 
Glued like a neighing gennetlo hrrslolliou, 
Your incredulity shall be convinced 
With proofs 1 bhish to thloh on. 


B vision speak 

TwDuld make me doubtfiil of vay faith I— 

And, when my eyes and can are, like yours, 

My rage shall then appear ; for I will da 
SometTilng— but what, I am not rel 

lermin'd. [iiii 

SCENE Vf.—A» 0. 

Car. They are private tc 
Mini. OouUitnot. 
Gai. A pretty structure I 

Vauh^ and arch'd I O, h< 

Behind this arras. 

n Donusn's 

is frrah codsliFOd, 
'. I am out of tune, 
A you please. ^Mycc 


In Ibe day. I vrail on my lady when she 
Oury her panroflrs. ticar up ha train ; 
Sing her oskcp ui J^igliff aodi when 

Car. Hov he snrRis hirasdt I 
Go, I have hMnL ihai somr 
llat« fbolot ihcBocIns M court inlo good 

Ttml Btver hop«il to thrive by wit in the 

1/ they fiiw mc bearing : 'lis resolved— I 
jroui favour, s 

■7 I ^' 

WliM maj be r 

Were yoo bwn ■ courtier? 

" ■■ -■- - - 'tiydo yoK luk? 
thougbl that nc 
be pRferrcd, 
^^ ucb 01 were bi^ot there. 
, ■ Car. O, sir I many ; 
And, howsoe'er yon are Bcitiien boni, 
TfW ir your mother were a handsome woman, 
And ever longed to &ee a. masque at court, 
It Is an even l^y, but thai you had 
Aeounieiloyouc fsllier; and 1 think to, 
You bear yourself x sprightlr. 

Gai. Itm.iylK; 
But pray yon, sir. had 1 such an itch upon 

Tc change my copy, is there hope a place 
iMube hod here for monc)'? 
:C«r. Not without it, 

her baJfellw, 
r. How! her bcdfcilOW? 
And lie with her? 

Car. Ves. and lie with h«r. 
Gat. Orurel 

II be an eunudi. Ihoagh I sdl my shop for't. 
And all my wans. 

Cir. It it but pnning with 
ptTxious sloneoriwo:Ikiiow(heptioeoii'L 
Girc I'll part with all my stones ; and 
when I am 
An eunuch, I'll 


Pr^ yon help me 

Shall do you that 


•pa. I have a pretty stock, 

~A would not bare my good parts undls- 

._U places of credit are there? 
iOftr, There's your begletbeg. 


I most jirovc so, that come there. 

Car. Or your saniacke. 
Ou. Sauce-jack ! fie, none of that. 
Car. 'Vour cbious. 
-C«t. Nor that. 
Car. Chief gnrdencr. 
Cm. Out upon't 1 
Twill put mc in mind my mother was an 

MaKt. Caiaiie. qiu"i the room. 
Car. Come, sir ; we'll treat of 
'our busineu further. 
Uat. Excellent I an eunuch 1 [Eittiiif. 
SCENE V.—A» inner Snitit lit Ihi ranw. 
Enitr Dunusa and V'itelU. 
ViUl. Leave mc, or I am liul again : no 

1 penitence, can redeem me. 

d ordeform'd since yesterday? 

Viti!. You ate still, 
(Aliliough the sating of your Uisthatli sullied 
'^'-- immaculate whitencsi of your virgin 

Too lair for me to look on : and, though 

The swoid with which you ever fought and 
ravish d from you by unchiule desires, 
lu are too strong for and l;laod to 
treat with, 
TTlough Iran grates were inlerpo^'d between 



j To my embraces, you turn rebel to 
I The laws of nature, the great queen and 
Of all productions, and deny allegiance, 
Where you stand bound to pay it. 

VitcL I will stop 
Mine ears against these charms, which, if 

Could live again, and hear this second Syren, 
Though bound with cables to his mast, his 

ship too 
Fasten'd with all her anchors, this enchant- 
Would force him, in despite of all resistance. 
To leap into the sea, and follow her ; 
Although destruction , with outstretch'd arms, 
Stood ready to receive him. 

Don. Gentle sir. 
Though you deny to hear me, yet vouchsafe 
To look upon mc: though I use no language, 
Tlie grief for this unkind repulse will print 
Such a dumb elo<|ucnce upon my face, 
As will not only plead but prevail for me. 
Vi'tel. I am a coward. I will see and 
hear you. 
The trial, else, is nothing; nor the conquest. 
My temperance shall crown me with here- 
Worthy to be remember d. Up, my \'irtue ! 
And holy thoughts and resolutions arm me 
Against this fierce temptation ! give me voice 
Tuned to a zealous anger, to express 
At what an over-value I have purchased 
The wanton treasure of your virgin Ixjunties ; 
That, in their false fruition, heap upon mc 
Despair and horror. — That I could with 

that ease 
Redeem my forfeit innocence, or cast up 
The poison I received into my entrails, 
From the alluring cup of your enticements, 
As now I do deliver back the price 

[Returns the jnoels. 
And salary of your lust ! or thus unclothe me 
Of sin's gay trappings, the proud livery 

\Throws off his cloak and doublet. 
Of wickea pleasure, which but worn and 

With the fire of entertainment and consent, 
Like to Alcides' fatal shirt, tears off 
Our flesh and reputation both together, 
lucaving our ulcerous follies bare and open 
To all malicious censure 1 
Don, You must grant, 
If you hold that a loss to you. mine equals. 
If not transcends it. If you then first tasted 
That poison, as you call it, I brought with 

A palate unacquainted with the relish 
Ofthosedclights. which most, as I haveheard, 

Greedily swallow ; and then the offence, 
If my opinion may be believed. 
Is not so great : howe'er, the wrong no more. 
Than if Hippolitus and the virgin huntress 
Should meet and kiss together. 

Vitel. What defences 
Can lust raise to maintain a precipice 

Enter Asambeg and Mustapha, above. 

To the abyss of looseness ! — but affords not 
The least stair, or the fastening of one foot, 
To reascend that glorious height we fell from. 

Musta. By Mahomet, she courts him ! 

[Donusa kneels. 

Asam. Nay, kneels to him ! 
Observe, the scornful villain turns away too, 
As glorying in his conquest. 

Doti. Are you marble ? 
If Christians have mothers, sure they share in 
The tigress' fierceness ; for, if you were 

Of human pity, you could not endure 
A princess to kneel to you, or look on 
These falling tears which hardest rocks 

would soften. 
And yet remain unmoved. Did you but 

give me 
A taste of happiness in your embraces, 
I'hat the remembrance of the sweetness of it 
Might leave perpetual bitterness behind it? 
Or shew'd me what it was to be a wife, 
To live a widow ever? 

Asam. She has confest it 1—^ 
Seize on him, villains. 

Enter Capiaga and Aga, with Janizaries. 

O the Furies ! 

[Exeunt Asambeg and Mustapha above. 

Don. How ! 
Are we betray 'd ? 

Vitel. The better ; I expected 
A Turkish faith. 

Don. Who am I, that you dare this? 
'Tis I that do command you to forbear 
A touch of \iolence. 

Aga. We, already, madam, 
Have satisfied your pleasure further than 
We know to answer it. 

Cap. Would we were well off ! 
We stand too far engaged, I fear. 

Don. For us? 
We'll bring you safe off : who dares contra- 
What is our pleasure? 

Re-enter Asambeg and Mustapha, below, 

Asam. Spurn the dog to prison. 
I'll answer you anon. 
ViteL What p\mvs\\TCvt.ti\. 


Soe'er I uodecco, I nm slill a Chnilinn. 

[Cj-.r Guard B./MVitem 

Don. Wlial bold prcminpiioa'« [hii ? 
Under whni Uw 
Am I Id loll, ih.-ii set my foot upon 
Your Bimuics and d«crce>? 

Atuita. The tiime commilted. 
Our Alcoran csilti denlh. 

Out, Tush I who is hew, 
ThM Is not Amuralh'i iliVE, iiDtl So, onfil 
To sit ajnilge upon hit blood? 

Aiam, You have loil, 
And ihBmed the priiilvge of ii ; tobb'd m 

DffH. I do nppcal to Amuralb. 

Miam. Wc will oflct 
No violenoe lo your pcraon, UU wc know 
)li> Mored plocuure ; lill whea, under guatd 
Ymi Khali conlintw here. 

Dca. ShnUI 

Aam. t have Slid It. 

Von. Weshnll reincinbcrlhii. 

As»m, It ill liccomrs 
Such 01 are euilly. lo deliver ihrents 
AguiUl ■■-- 

t ooahl tor Ih'li flah 

But 'til In vHin ; nor must 1 lulli. but do. 

Ftnrlde a v,'ell-maan*d galley (or ConstanU- 

Sueh sad neiv s never cnme to ourgrem msslcr. 

As he directs, we must procuol, and know 

Kowlllbulhis, to whom what's ours wbowt. 



SCENE l.~A Room in GiimBMl's Houii. 

Enter Master and Bo.ilswain . 

Mm'. Hedocsbcslnlocai; 

Boalsw. A little, master; 

But our Ijeat hope for his recovery is, tfant 

Hii ravlni; teuves him ; and (hose dreadlul 

DamniUlon and despair, with which he ever 
Ended all hit di5«mtses. are lorgoiicti. 
Mast This slrangci is a most idigious 

And I am doubtful, whether his clinrity 
In the relieving of our wauts, or care 
To CUT« the wounded eonscienceofCrimaldi, 
Dcserm more ndlnimtion. 
Bmltni. Can vou gufss 
WJmi the reason should be. IhM nc nci-cr 

' the high a\iat, but \ia, 

trude pmnk he did ere he tum'd pintle ; 
r memory of wliicb. OS It appear. 

oaltia. Proy you. let me undeisIaBd it, 
t.isi. Upon a solentn day, when the 

^tsscd to St. Mark's. 

whole signiory. 
Helping to perfect (he rellgliKis pomp 
With which tliey were iwxived ; when oil 

Wen; full of tents, and groau'd beneath (he 

They cnnic lo U; absolved nnd freed ; 01 

Whether in scorn of those so pious riles 
He had no feeling of. or cbc drown to it 
Ou( of a wanton. Irreligious loodness, 
(1 know not which J ran to the holy nun. 
As he was doing i)i ibe work of grace, 
.\nd snatching fiDoi his Itands the lanciilied 

Dash d it upon ihe pavemenL 

It being a deed deserving death with lor 

Ji/iJj/.Thegcneralam.iiemenI of [he people 
Gave him leave to quit (he tcmplC: and a 

Of this, it seems, torments him ; aggravaled 
With asirong belief he cannot receive p.-udOn 
For (his (uul fact, but from his hojids, 

against wboni 
It was committed. 

Benlna. And what course Intends 
His heavenly physician, rei-erend Francisco. 
To beat down this opinion? 

To use some holy and religions Bnenesi 
To this good eiid ; and, in the nieani 

■'m. For theft, Ue (hat n 



Makes satisfaction ; and. for want of means 

To do so. as a slave must sen^e it out. 

Till he hath made full payment. There's 

hope left here. 
Oh 1 with what willingness would I give up 
My liberty to those that I have pillaged ; 
And wish the numbers of my years, though 

In the most sordid slavery, might equal 
The mpincs I have made ; till, with one voice, 
My patient sufferings might exact, from my 
Most cruel creditors, a full remission. 
An eye's loss with an eye, limb's with a limb : 
A sad account ! — ^yet, to find peace within 

Though all such as I have maim'd and dis- 

In drunken quarrels, or o'crcome with rage, 
A\Tjen they were given up to my power, stood 

here now. 
And cried for restitution ; to appease them, 
I would do a bloody justice on myself : 
Pull out these eyes, that guided me to ravish 
Their sight from others ; lop these legs, that 

bore me 
To barbarous violence ; with this hand cut off 
This instrument of wrong, till nought were 

left me 
But this poor bleeding limbless trunk, which 

1 would divide among them. — Ha ! what 

think I 

Euter Francisco in a cope, like a Bishop. 

Of petty forfeitures ! In this reverend habit, 
All that I am tum'd into eyes, 1 look on 
A deed of mine so fiend-like, that repentance, 
Though with my tears I taught the sea new 

Can never wash off : all my thefts, my rapes. 
Are venial trespasses, compared to what 
I offer'd to that shape, and in a place too, 
Where I stood bound to kneel to I. [Kneels. 

Fran. 'Tis forgiven : 
I with his tongue, whom, in these sacred 

With impure hands thou didst offend, pro- 
nounce it. 
I bring peace to thee ; see that thou deserve it 
In thy fair life hereafter. 

Grim. Can it be 1 
Dare I believe this vision, or hope 
A pardon e'er may find me ? 

Fnin. Purchase it 
By zealous undertakings, and no more 
I'will be remembered. 

Grim. What celestial balm [Rises. 

I feel now pour'd into my wounded con- 

What penance is there I'll not*undergo. 
Though ne'er so sharp and rugged, with 

more pleasure 
Than flesh and blood e'er tasted I show me 

true Sorrow, 
Arm'd with an iron whip, and I will meet 
Thcstripes she brin^ along with her, as if 
They were the gentle touches of a hand 
That comes to cure me. Can good deeds 

redeem me ? 
I will rise up a wondfer to the world, 
When I have given strong proofs how I anv 

I, that have sold such as profess'd the faith 
That I was born in, to captivity, 
Will make their number equal, that I shall 
Deliver from the oar ; and win as many 
By the clearness of my actions, to look on 
Their misbelief, and loath it. I will be 
A convoy for all merchants ; and thought 

To be reported to the world, hereafter. 
The child of your devotion ; nurs'd up. 
And made strong by your charity, to break 

All dangers hell can bring forth to oppose me. 
Nor am I, though my fortunes were thought 

Now vou have reconciled me to mvself, 
So void of worldly means, but, in despite 
Of the proud viceroy's wrongs, I can do 

To witness of my change : when you please, 

try me. 
And I will perfect what you shall enjoin me. 
Or fall a joyful mart>T. 
Fran. You will reap 
The comfort of it ; live yet undiscover'd. 
And with your holy meditations strengthen 
Your Christian resolution : ere long, 
You shall hear further from me. [Exit. 

Grim. Ill attend 
All your commands with patience ;— come, 

my mates, 
I hitherto have lived an ill example. 
And, as your captain, led you on to mischief ; 
But now will truly labour, that good men 
May say hereafter of me, to my glory, 
(Let but my power and means hand with my 

His good endeavours did weigh down his ill. 


Re-enter Francisco, in his usual habit. 

Fran. This penitence is not counterfeit : 
Good actions are in themselves re^'arded. 
My travail's \o wcv^ \\\\\\ ^ ^vw.\\i\*i. t\Q.>xw, 



elll oome off safe, and prora 
c inwid of hiE wikt a{rc>iliaiu>- 

, haic inidlifivnce : how IH 

_» these s»d loot* nndlcan? 
' Um. Tefln, sir I 1 lijire Imi 
llily wonhT maslet. Vour rich hiir see 

1 Would have her maghlxiure Ihink ie cries 

« he naji so long above 

!b are smok'd fa being anuj-calchen 

iinul Id pTiion; hte she-cusloEner 
lUdiirsnitrd wo; those arr things to weep 

jt itaat own loss conudcr'il, and what 

■^•^ had. as Ihey soj', snalcta'd out of n 
roald make a man ran mail. 
Jihtm. Iscaircchav'lcisure, 
I un M wholly taken up wi(h sorrow 
For my loved pupil, to enquire ihy liilc ; 
Yet I will hear it. 

Cat. Why. sir, I had bought a place. 
A plate o[ credit to 

For ever lake your leaw. no thnsiU : 

No JcaJoui doubts o( miiK dittvib 

!o r« d spies wait upon yoor steps : your 

,nd due coniideiaiion in yoiirself 
If what is aoble. are the laithful helps 
leave you, as ^upporiers. Eo detendyou 
From railing bosdy. 

~ il. This is wondrous twange ; 
Whence Hows ihis alleialion? 

■jn. From true judgment ; 
And strong assurance, ncilher gralea oflron, 
Hemni'dinwithwallsofbraE, strii.-i gDUds, 

high birth. 
The forfeimre ot honour, nor the fair 
Of infamy or punishment, can slay 
A woman skved to appetite, from being 
False, and unworthy. 

Paul, You are crown snliricnl 
Against oursex. Why, sir. I dursl produce 
Myself in our defence, and from you chal- 

A lesliniony that's not to be denied. 

All fali not under Iliis unequ-il censute. 

i, that have stood your flalleries, your 

Borne up against yotir fierce temptalions ; 

The cruel m 

IS you practised lo supplant 

□, an 1 bod gone through 

I thouid have been made an eunuch : Ihcre 
was honour 

a Inte poor prentice ! when, upon the 

u such a hurly-burly in the eour 
was glad to run anay. and cany 
__ic price ofmy office with mc. 

I^B. Is thai alt? 
Vou have n.nde a saving voyage ; we m 

think now. 
Though noi lo free. lo comrori sad Viielli ; 
Uy grieved soul suffers 

3ait. t am sad loo : 
But had 1 been an eunuch 
FnH. Think not on it. [£«■■/. 

SCENEll.— ^ Wr// (If Asambegs /"fl/flti. 
£'*Ar Asambeg ; A* nnSocti a door, and 
Paulina eomtforik. 
Aiain. Be your own guard : obseqi 
ihali win you lo be mine. Of nil 

Having no arms to help me to hold out, 
Bui love of piety, and constant goodness ; 
If you are unconGrmd. dare again boldly. 
Enter into the lists, and combat with 
All opposiles man's malice con bring forth 
To shake me in my chastlly. built Upon 
The rock of my religion. 

jfsan. 1 do Wish 
I could believe you ; but, when I iliall she 

A most Incredible example of 

Your frailty, in a prittca>.s. Sued an 

By men of worth, of rank, of cmincnoc 

By happiness itself, and her eo'd temper 
Approved by mnnyyears ; yei she to fall, 
Fad from herself, her glories, nnj, hersarely. 
Into a gulf of shnme and black despair; 
Uliink you'll doubt younself.or. in beholding 
Her punishment, (or ever be delon'd 
From yieliiing basely. 

Paul. I would see this wonder ; 
'Tis, sir. niy fitsi petition. 



Enter Mustapha. 

Musta, Sir. I sought you, 
And must relate a wonder. Since I studied, 
And knew what man was, I was never 

Of such invincible fortitude as this Christian 
Shews in his sufferings : all the torments that 
We could present him with, to fright his 

Confirm 'd, not shook it ; and those heavy 

That eat into his flesh, appear 'd to him 
Like bracelets made of some loved mistress' 

We kiss in the remembrance of her favours. 
I am strangely taken with it, and have lost 
Much of my fury. 

Asam. Had he suffer'd [>oorly, 
It had call'd on my contempt ; but manly 

And all-commanding virtue, wins upon 
An enemy. I shall think upon'-him. — Ha I 

Enter Aga, with a black box. 

So soon retum'dl This speed pleads in 

Of your late fault, which I no more remember. 
Wliat's the grand signior's pleasure ? 

Aga, 'Tis enclos^ here. 
The box too that contains it may inform you 
How he stands afiected : I am trusted with 
Nothing but this, On forfeit of your head, 
She must have a speedy trial. 

Asam, Bring her in 
In black, as to her funeral : [Exit Aga.] 'tis 

the colour 
Her fault wills her to wear, and which, in 

I dare not pity. Sit, and take your place : 
However in her life she has degenerated. 
May she die nobly, and in that confirm 
Her greatness and high blood ! 

Solemn music. Re-enter the Aga, with the 

C2^>iaga leading in Donusa in black, her 

train borne up by Carazie and Man to. A 

Guard attending, Paulina enters above. 

Musta. I now could melt — 
But soft compassion leave me. 

Mant. I am affrighted 
With this dismal preparation. Should the 

Of loose desires find ever such conclusions, 
All women would be Vestals. 

Don. That you clothe me 
In this sad livery of death, assures me 
Your sentence is gone out before, and I 
Too late am call'd for, in my guilty cauie 
To use qualification or excuse 

Yet must I not part so with mine own 

But borrow, from my modesty, boldness, to 
Enquire by whose authority you sit 
My judges, and whose warrant digs my grave 
In the frowns you dart against my life? 

Asam. See here, 
This fatal sign and warrant ! This, brought to 
A general, fighting in the head of his 
Victorious troops, ravishes from his hand 
His even then conquering sword ; this, 

shewn unto 
The sultan's brothers, or his sons, delivers 
His deadly anger ; and, all hopes laid by. 
Commands them to prepare themselves for 

heaven ; 
Which would stand with the quiet of your soul, 
To think upon, and imitate. 

Don. Give me leave 
A little to complain ; first, of the hard 
Condition of my fortune, which may move 

Though not to rise up intercessors for me. 
Yet, in remembrance of my former life, 
(This being the first spot tainting mine 

honour, ) 
To be the means to bring me to his presence : 
And then I doubt not, but I could allege 
Such reasons in mine own defence, or plead 
So humbly, (my tears helping, ) that it should 
Awake his sleeping pity. 

Asam. 'Tis in vain. 
If you have aught to say, you shall have 

hearing ; 
And, in me, think him present. 

Don. I would thus then 
First kneel, and kiss his feet ; and after, tell 

How long I had been his darling ; what 

My infant years afforded him ; how dear 
Heprizedhissisterin both bloods, my mother : 
That she, like him, had frailty, that to me 
Descends as an inheritance ; then conjure 

By her blest ashes, and his father's soul. 
The sword that rides upon his thigh, his 

right hand 
Holding the sceptre and the Othoman for- 
To have compassion on me. 

Asam. But suppose 
(As I am sure) he would be deaf, what then 
Could you infer? 

Don. I, then, would thus rise up. 
And to his teeth tell hira he was a tyrant, 
A most voluptuous and insatiable epicure 
In his own pleasures ; which he hugs so 




As proper and peculiar to himseir. 
Thai be denies a moderaie lawful lo 
0[aUdd.glUlDO[hBrs. And la iIh 
Unequal judge, 1 speak as niuc 

ehar^ ihee. 
. It with impaitinl eyes to look into 
Tliioelf, and then consider will i wha' 
Thou cuul prmiouQcc mjrsentenei 

With s 

Ambi. TLiis 
Than (he purtiog » 

Ten thousand deaths, and without Iiope U 

To make w 

Indulgent Mahomet, do thr bli 
Call my embnices nilh a Chriiitnii'death, 
Having my heatatid May of youth, loplend 
In my excuse? and yet wHnt power to punish 
lliese ihnt. with scum, break through thy 

cobweb edlctt, 
And laugh at thy decrees? To tame their 


And fweiy may enjoy her. At lhi» innani, 
1 kiww, unjust man, thou hast in thy power 
A lowly Clirislian virgin ; thy offence 
Equal, if not transcending mine : why, then. 
n^e being both guilty, ) dosl thou noidesccod 

Asam. She raves ; and we 
Lose time to hear bcr : Read the law, 

Dan. Do, do ; 
t stand resolved la sufTer. 

Aga, [reads.] // any virgin, ef n-hal 
itgru, or guafily lenir. torn a nalnral 
Turi, ihail ic convUlid of arfi^ral lonst- 
nas, anil imoHliiitiici viiih any CHrijUiti. 
Ifu ii, iy lAi doTii b/ uur gnat fnrflul, 
MtAiimtl, to last htr htid. 

AuitH. Mark Ihnt. then tax our justice I 

/tfa. Eitr fnrviJtd, Tkat t/i/u. l/uiaid 
i^iiuttr, iy any reauni. argmnHtlj, er ftr- 
tuaiian, can viin and frtvail Kith tit laid 
CArittimi Ending tmli ktr. A> altir till 
rtligiM, aiid many hir. that l/un llu win- 
n^ofatanltt t/ic Mahomtlan ird. ahjil 
acquit htr film ail shamt, iisgrait, and 
^unisimtnt vAatiorvtr. 

Dan. I lay bold on that douK, and chal- 
lenge from you 
The privilege of the law, 

Itmta. What will you do? 

Dtn. Grant me access and means. I'll 
To turn Ibis ChiislUn Turk, and many him ; 
This trial you cannot deny. 

ri^. O be 

a mark of infamy t 

a honour. 

Asam. lliink of your honour 
In dying nobly, you make satislu 
Kor your otience, and yau shall live a '. 
~il l»ld hermc courage. 

liiH. Vou shall not fool n 
Dut of my life ; I claim the 1 
\ speedy ttial : if 1 fail, you 
□eiermine of mc as you plei 



■ thy ways, and see thou prosper ii 
my power, 

For. if thou fall 

Thou shall in vainT after a tlioi _. 

Ciy out for death, that death wlucb now 

Ihou fliest from. 
Unloose the prisoner's chldns. Go, lead 

To try the magic of her tongue. 1 Ibllow : 

{^ExtHul all bnl As.imbeE. 

I'm on the rack— descend, my best I'auhna. 

[£j-i/ leith Pauliiui. 

SCENE III.— ^ Roam in Iht Priam. 

Enltr Francisco and Gaoler. 
Fran. I come not empty-handed ; I will 
Yourfavouratwhalrateyouplease. There's 

Gaoi. 'Tis the best oratory, t will hatatd 
A check for your content.— Below, there I 
•'•III. [M^.] Welcome 1 

liou the happy messenger, that brings 

Gael. \ 
■Enjoy it freely. 

[Plnfltj af VltcllL 
1 please, 

Ijoughtlt, sir; 

With the hands of virtuous and religious 


Tai this glad minute. Now you have made 

Mr expectation of you. By my order, 
Au Roman Oesnrs, that led kings in chains, 
Fast txmnd to their triumphant chariots, if 
Compared with that true glory and full lustre 
You now appear in; all their boasted 

Purchased with blood and wrong, would 

lose their names, 
And be no more remember 'd I 

Vitel. This applause, 
Confirm 'd in your allowance, joys me more 
Than if a thousand fuU-cramm'd theatres 
Should clap their eager hands, to witness that 
The scene I act did please, and they ad- 
mire it. 
But these are, father, but beginnings, not 
The ends, of my high aims. I grant, to 

have master'd 
The rebel appetite of flesh and blood. 
Was far above my strength ; and still owe 

for it 
To that great Power that lent it : but, when I 
Shall m^e't apparent the grim looks of Death 
Affright me not, and that I can put off 
The fond desire of life, (that, like a garment, 
Covers and clothes our frailty,) hastening to 
My martjrrdom. as to a heavenly banquet, 
To which I was a choice invited guest ; 
Then you may boldly say, you did not plough, 
Or trust the barren and ungrateful sands 
With the fruitful grain of your religious 

Fran. You do instruct your teacher. Let 

the sun 
Of your clear life, that lends to good men 

But set as gloriously as it did rise, 
^Though sometimes clouded,) you may write 

nil ultra 
To human wishes. 

Vitel. 1 have almost gain'd 
The end o' the race, and will not faint or 

tire now. 

Re-tnter Gaoler with Aga. 

Aga. Sir, by your leave. — nay, stay not, 

\to the Gaoler, who goes out.] I bring 

The viceroy, taken ^ith the constant bearing 
Of your afHictions ; and presuming too 
You will not change your temper, does 

Your irons should be ta'en off. [TAev taJU 

of his irons.] Now arm yourself 
With your old resolution ; suddenly 

You shall be visited. You must lesLve the 

room too. 
And do it without reply. 

Fran. There's no contending : 
Be still thyself, my son. 

[Exeunt Aga and Francisco. 
Vitel. 'Tis not in man 

Enter Donusa, followed at a distance hy 
Asambeg, Xnistapha, and Paulina. 

To change or alter me. 
Paul. Whom do I look on ? 

My brother? 'tis he! — but no more, my 
tongue ; 

Thou wilt betray all. [Aside, 

Asam. Let us hear this temptress : 

The fellow looks as he would stop his ears 

Against her powerful spells. 
Paul. He is undone else. \ A side. 

Vitel. I'll stand the encounter — charge 

me home. 
Don. I come, sir, [Bcnas herself. 

A beggar to you, and doubt not to find 

A good man's charity, which if you deny. 

You are cruel to yourself; a crime a wise man 

(And such I hold you) would not ^\illingly 

Be guilty of : nor let it find less welcome. 

Though I, a creature you contemn, now 
shew you 

The way to certain happiness ; nor think it 

Imaginary or fantastical. 

And so not worth the acquiring, in respect 

The passage to it is nor rough nor thorny ; 

No steep hills in the way which you must 
climb up, 

No monsters to be conquer'd, no enchant- 

To be dissolved by counter charms, before 

You take possession of it. 
Vitel. What strong poison 

Is wrapp'd up in these sugar'd pills? 
Don. My suit is. 

That you would quit your shoulders of a 

Under whose ponderous weight you wilfully 

Have too long groan'd, to cast those fetters 

With which, with your own hands, you 
chain your freedom : 

Forsake a severe, nay, imperious mistress. 

Whose service does exact perpetual cares, 

Watchings, and troubles ; and give enter- 

To one that courts you, whose least favours 

Variety, and choice of all delights 

Mankind is capable of. 

Vitel. You speak in riddiek 



IT what matnss. or whal 



^■1 You 

I. Those »! 
lie mtMrcn you _ 

To t>Ear ttilh &lave-like pBtiencc, 
"ftiJ. Hill 

. Jill, How limvely 
TluU viituou* anKEr slicm ? 

Dim. Ele wUc, and n-ciEh 
Tbc proipeniui socccu o[ ihias' '. " til«s- 

A« doiuiliiiei from heaven, (whiih, you 

muil Biant. 
Wcreblaspliemy toquesion.) and i hat 
Tbcy are caird dovra and pourd on such as 

Most giacioux wilh Ihe great Disposer of 

Look on our fioutiihiog empire, if the 

The majiaty, and ghr/ of i( dim not 
Yoar feeble lighl : and then tum back, nnd 

vr boundi oT yours, yet Ilml poor 

, - — many fadtiuns and opinions 

At you have petty lungdoms ;— and then, if 
"~" -~ — obstinate against — ■" "~"" 

And ihon thou art victorious. \y4side. 

Aiiim. How he eyes lier 1 

ifviU, As il he would look through Iter. 

Aliim, His eyes flame loo. 
As threateaing viuEenee, 

t'Utl, Bui ihni 1 know 
The devil thylulor, hliscach pari about thee, 
Ami thai t cannot plav ihc cioieist 
thee, unless I tl 

-..J . \b by limb, nnd throw 

The Kur&a, Ihal espwi ii ; 1 would 
Pluck out (hat wicked tongue, that halh 
bLiiphci - 


if the world shakes. Dare you 

' Tfoor juBsling prophei in eompnrlson wilh 
■i Tlui matt inscmtnblu and mbnile Essence. 
I TluU mode this Ail. and ix>mpreliend& hii 

I The pluce is too prafane 


is SBcnnl. O Doni 
V much, in my companion. 1 Eiiff , 
t ihou. on whom this most excelling 

lin in ignoiance of hint tlial can: : 

I will aoi foul my maulh tospcak the sort 
Of your reducer, bu liasc birili, hil whore- 

His strange imposluns ; nor deliver tow 
He Uughi a pigeon lo feed in his eir. 
ThQ] inade his credulous followers believe 

I I was ui angel, thai instrucled him 
In the framing of his Alcoran — pray yoo. 

ViUL Vou 
To be of your belief, proceeded fi . 
Your fear to die. Can there be iltERgth ia. 

cligion, that sufFen 

t that which every day, nay hour, we 
hasle to? 

Den. This is unonswenble, and thcri-'» 
something tells me 

err in my opinion. 

l^iU!. Cherish it, 
. . is a henvenly prompter . . 
This holy motion, andwearon your forehead 
llie sacred badge he arms his servanis wiih : 
You shall, like me, with seom look dowix 

angina tyranny can odi-ance lo baiter 
Yoot constant resdulion. Then you shall 
Look truly fair, when your mind's purenc ~ 

Youi outward beauties. 

Doa. I came here to take you. 
Bui I perceire a yielding iu myself 
To be your prisoner. 

t'ilcl. Tu an overthrow. 
That will outshine all victories. O Donusa. 
Die in my faith, like me ; and 'lis a marriaxe 
.^t which celestial angels shall be wallers 
And such as have be^ sainted welcome ut : 
Are yaa conGrm'd? 

Dm. I would be ; but the means 
Thai may assure me i 

Vilfl. Heaven is merciful. 
And will not sulTcr you to want a man 
To da that sacred oflice, build upon it. 

Dbii, Then thus 1 spit at Mahomet. 

jljam.yamiig/i/npiird.] Sloplierniouth: 
In death to tum apostata I I'll not hear 
One sylbble from any.—'Wnlehcd creature I 
With Ihc next rising sun prepnn to die, — 
Yet, Christian, in rewardol thy hnvecourage. 
Be thy faith right or wrong, receive liiis 

In perKin I'll Bltettd thee to thy death : 



f challenge all 4hat I can give. 
5 not in my grant, which is — to 



E I.— A Room in the Prison, 

tier Vitelli and Francisco. 

ifou are wondrous brave andjo- 

iVelcome, father. 

Sparc cost, or not wear cheerful 

wedding day, it were ominous, 
'd I did repent it ; which I dare 

marriage, howsoever sad 
t ceremonies that confirm it, 
for ever arm me against fears, 
ce, doubts, or jealousies, and bring 
comforts, peace of mind, and quiet 
id couple. 

[ well understand you ; 
ull joy to see you so resolved 
ifds cannot express. What is the 

for this solemnity ? 
The sixth : 

g before the setting of the sun, 
our last leave of his fading light, 
I our soul's eyes seek for beams 

s one scruple with which I am much 
I and troubled, which I know you can 
ne of. 
This, sir ; my bride, 
first courted, and then won, not with 
s, poorllattcrics.apish compliments, 
xi and religious zeal, yet wants 
badge that should proclaim her fit 
: celestial nuptials : willing she is, 
to wear it, as the choicest jewel, 
lir forehead ; but to you, that well 
i that work of grace, I know the 

er grant access. Now, in a case 
ecessity, I would gladly learn, 
, in me, a layman, without orders, 
ot be religious and lawful, 
) to our deaths, to do that office ? 
A question in itself with much 
answer'd : 

s. upon necessity, perform it ; 
;hts that, in the Holy Land, fought 

dom of Jerusalem, when full 

Of sweat and enemies' blood, have made 

their helmets 
The fount, out of which, with theirholy hands 
They drew that heavenly liquor ; 'twas ap- 

S roved then 
e holy church, nor must I think it now, 
In you, a work less pious. 

Vitel. You confirm me ; 
I will find a way to do it. In the mean time» 
Your holy vows assist me I 

Fran. They shall ever 
Be present with you. 

Vitel. You shall see me act 
This last scene to the life. 

Fran. And though now fall. 
Rise a bless'd martyr. 

Vitel. That's my end, my all. \ Exeunt, 

SCENE ll.—A Street. 

Enter Grimaldi, Master, Boatswain, and 

Boatni: Sir, if you slip this opportunity,. 
Never expect the like. 

Afast. With as much ease now 
We may steal the ship out of the harbour,, 

As ever gallants, in a wanton bravery. 
Have set upon a drunken constable, 
And bore him from a sleepy rug-gown'd 

watch : 
Be therefore wise. 

Grim. I must be honest too. 
And you shall wear that shape, you shall 

observe me. 
If that you purpose to continue mine. 
Think you ingratitude can be the parent 
To our unfeign'd repentance? Do I owe 
A p>eacc within here, kingdoms could not 

To my religious creditor, to leave him 
Open to danger, the great benefit 
Never remembered ! no ; though in her 

We could stow up the tribute of the Turk ; 
Nay, grant the passage safe too ; I vnW never 
Consent to weigh an anchor up, till he. 
That only must, commands it. 

Boatsvj. This religion 
Will keep us slaves and beggars. 

Mast. The fiend prompts me 
To change my copy : plague upon't ! wc 

are seamen ; 
What have we to do with't, but for a snatch 

or so. 
At the end of a long Lent ? 

Enter Francisco. 

Doatsvo. Mum : sec who is here. 
Grim. My father! 



Fran. M31 good convert. I am full 
Of serious l)Uslnc«:> whicti drain me le 
To hold long eonfcrcnc* wilh you ; only 

Briefly receive ; a. day or iwo, ai Ihe most. 
Shall malte me til to take my Icare of Tunis, 

I, Days nor years, 
Provided that my iinv may do you serciM. 
But to me shall fx: m'inula. 
Fran. I tnuch itiank you r 
In this small scroll you may In privale read 
Whnlmymtcntsarc; and, as they grow ripe, 
youfutther: In Ihr mean lime 
Borrow) out laiediit meted looks and jiiaiure ; 
more dejected you a)>pear. ihc less 


He chc=[fu!. mmlCT. something 
Thai shall reward itself in the perk 
And that's Itue prite indeed. 
Mail. I am obedient. 
Saalsvi. And 1 : theie's no conic 

[^Exeiini Gritti, Mast. Boauw. and 
Fraa~ Peace to you all I 
Prosper, thou Great Eiislcnce, my en- 

JVs they religiously nre undertaken, 
And distatit equally from servile gain, 

Itr Paulina, Caiaiie. and Mania. 
Or glorious ostentation I — I am heard. 
In this blest opportunity, which in vain 
1 long have waited for. I mual show myself. 
O.shchssfoundmc! now if she prove right, 
All hope will not foreake us. 

And in thai distance know your duties (00, 
You were bejiow'donmeasilnvesto serve me. 

IS spies to pry into my actions. 
And after. lo iKliny me. You shall find 
If any took of mine be unobserved. 
I am not Ignorant of a mistress' power, 
And from whom I receive it- 
Car. Note ihU, Manto, 
The pride atid scam with which she enter- 

Now wc arc made her^ by the vii 

''s gid ! 

Real in her death wail on her? tieivrusi 
WIthsuchconieiupi. I would he had sei 
To Ihe gullies, or the gallows, when he 
gnrc me 
. To this proud little deill, 
M««l, I expect 
^ tyrannoiu usige, but I must be patient 

And though, ten timcsad^y. she tear 

Or makes this face her footstool, 't 


'TIs a true story of my fortunes, 

Xfy chastity preserved by mimclf. 

Or your devotiom for roe ; and, bcllwe It, 

What outwatd pride loe'er ] counlerfdl. 

Or state. (0 these appointed to attend me, 

I am not in my diapociikm allerd. 

But Mill your humble daughter, and share 

with j'ou 
In my poor brother's sufTetings : — all bell's 

Revenge it on accura'd Grimaldi's soul, 
TTial. in his rape of roe. gave a hi'Einnrng 
To all the miseries that since have foTlowd | 
Fr4m. Be charitable, and forgive hUn, 
gentle daughter. 
He's a changed man, and may redeem hb 

In his fair life hercafler. You must bear too 
Your forced capliviiy, for 'tis no lietlor, 
Though vou wear golden fetters, and of bim. 
Whom death affrights not, learn (0 bold 

Paul. You ore still the same good coun- 

Fran. And who knows, 
(Since what above is purposed, is inscru- 
May be the p-treiit of o happier birth 
Than yel our hopes dare fashion. Longer 

May prove unsafe for you and me ; however 

(Perhaps for trial) he allowi you freedom, — 

[Dttntti a fnftr. 

From this learn Iherefoie what you miul 

Though Hilh Ihe liamrd of yourself : heaven 

patience t then I doubt not 

guard you. 
Id gii-e Vitelli 


SCENE lU.—A Hall in Asamhegs pjl,ut. 
Enttr As.imbeg. MustnpNa, Agn, •md 

As-tm. What we commtmded, see per- 
form'd : and fail not 
In nil Ihings to be punctual. 
As'<. We shall, sir. 

\F.!itK>it AgB eni Cnpingn. 
Masla. 'Tis strange, ihfti you should use 

To ,T delinquent of so mean eoniiiiiuii. 


L Hndhr appeared in 

lupiised grcitnes ci 

It bearing olliis pn 

la. If you doubl hiin 

I man boilt up forgrca t emplciymenC 
I a cunning spr, seni to niplore 
ty'i strength oc wealincis, you by 

ircc him lodlsttnvt ii. 

H. Thnt were base ; 

je J do such injury to virtue 

lid uauna courage : neither con I 

I (□ think, but if I ahould mtempt it. 

t against the miwn. He iltat both 


tij^lesl battery, that captivity 

nvrbring to shnlce a constant temper ; 

:d the fawiungl of a future gnalness, 

itty, in her (iifi perTectioa. leiider'd ; 

CMi of death as of a guivt slumber. 

>ni the surplusage orhuawnfinnDcas. 

ewomitn ; will not, Muitapha. 
rVf In his soul for any lormenis 
n aJSiet his body with. 
la. Do your pleasure - 

offiM-d yirjii ii friend's advice, 

i 1 -grace caJI'd on him, 

:, ilic difleience 

c. iohl 10 miscliiiib, rapes, and all 
lake a ibve retentleaa and otiduratc. 
himself wanting the in'Aiird strengtlis 
ihouU defend bim, sinks beneath 


0( a num : whereas this merchant, 
Died only with a civil life : 
in luinsdf, inireach'd and forliBcd 
it own vlHue, valuing Ufe and death 
lame pric«. poorly does not innle 
IT, but eominuids us to do him tight , 

□ugh drcndfu! to the ear, sound 

Gaxe not with wanton e)'e£ upon my bride. 
Not for Ibeir servire are repaid by mo 
With jealousies or feats : nor do they envy 
My passage to those pleasures from whicb 

Caimol deter mc. Great sir. pudba me : 
Imagination of the jon I faasle to 
Made me forget my duty ; but the fona 
And ceremony past. 1 will attend you. 
And with our constant resolution feast yon ; 
Not With cooise cales, forgot as soon ■» 

Rut such as shall, while you hove memoiy. 
Be pleasing lu the pialale. 

Fran. Be not lost 
1(1 what !;ou purpose. [£rrt. 

'r ri i . C j3] you this a marriage I 
Ii ililTcrs Imte from hanging : I ciy at it. 

I'ltil. tin, where my bride appears 1 !M 

As if ilie virgins that bear op her tmin 
Had long contended to recdve an honour 
AUivi^ their births, in doing her this service. 
Nut conies she fearful l« meet those deligbts. 
Which, once post o'er, immortal ple^uce^ 

I need nal, therefore, comfort or encouragv 
flerfonvirdilrtis; and I should oETer wronj 
To her mind's fortitude. slioulJ I but ask 
How she can brook the rough high-going 

111 sliip. well rigg'd 

transport . 
Nor H ill r tell her, when 
Which tempests shall tv 

The elonuence of all boasted in story. 
Though loln'd together. 

O-i. 'lis enough, my d«iresl, 
1 dare not doubt you ; as your liumblr 

L*nd where you 



9l life 111 aiJt, I 
\xtl a Few minul 
aik ; *lis grained. 

3 take our L 

And grown of one belief, I do desire 
I I may have your allowance id pCTform i 

But in (he (asbion which wc Ctuistiaai 
I Upon ihelUu occasians, 
AialM. Tia allow'd of. 
yHt/. My service ; hasle. Gaiel. le 
I ncit S[iing, 
' And brine me of il. 
I Gai. Would 1 could as well 
I Ftfcb you B jwrdon ; I would a 

And be Here in a rnomenr. 
I A/hjM. What's Ihe mjsleiy 
I Of (his ? discover it. 

r,ftl. Grcaisir. I'll (en you. 
I Each coantiy hath its own peculiar ritca ; 
I Some, when they arc (odic, drink slore ■ 

j Which, pDur'd in htjerally, does oft beget 
I Abastaidiilour, withwhicbarm'd, thcybc; 
' The not-to-be declined ehoigc of denlti 
j With lerafearand astonishment; othetstal 


Though ready to i _ ..^ 

Cannot take from me : !ei mc kbi ibc buid 

Thai did this miracle, and seat 

Upon (lioSB lips fror 
words voniih'd. 

Tfaal fneed me from the ERiellest of ndsom. 

Blind ignorance and misbcUct. False pro- 
phet I 

Impos(or Mahomet I 

Vou do abuse my favours : sever 
Wretch, if thou hndst another lifi 
This blasphemy deserved ii ; — iru 
Ctar/ them to (heir deaths. 

We part now, blesl 
To meei hereafter in a kingdoi 
Hell's mahce shall no( icadi us. 

P.IUI. Ha 1 ha I ha I 

.■fjflw. What means my mislrcss? 

Paa/. Whocon bold her spleen. 
When sucli ridiculous follies nre presented, 
The scetie, loo, made religion? O, my lord 
How from one cause two contrary effects 
Spring up upon the sudden 1 

Asum. Tliis is strange. 

Paul, That which hklh fool'd her in b« 

lat hitherto have 

1 bve in bU delight. 

Pail. 1 

borr'd myself from 

IS fiercely to your 

■er longiug v/o-nnn did. be 
On (he swift wings of appetite. 
"i/tl. O devil j 
Id/. Nay, more; for there 
r)dds betwit:! us, 
1 (urn Turk. 

II. Meat of your tribe d( 

When they begin in whore. [Atiilc 

Asom. YoUBie serious, lody? 

Paul. Serious I— but satisfy mc in a suit 

That to the worid may witness ihat I have 

Some power upon you, and lo-motrow 

Whatever'* in my gift ; for 1 Will be 
At your dispose. 

I. That's ever the subscription 
damn'd whore's false e^tle. \Atidt. 
iM. Ask this hand. 
Or, if thou will, the heads of these. I am 

Beyond n^tf with joy. Speak, speak, 

PukI. But twelve short honn' reprieve 

for this base couple. 
Aiim, The reason, since you bala tbcra ? 
Paul. That 1 may 



Have time to triumph o'er this wretched 

Ill be myself her guardian ; I will feast, 
Adorned in her choice and richest jewels : 
Commit him to what guards you please. 

Grant this, 
I am no more mine own, but yours. 

Asam. Enjoy it ; 
Repine at it who dares : bear him safe off 
To the black tower, but give him all things 

useful : 
The contrary was not in your request ? ' 
J^aul. I do contemn him. 
Don. Peace in death denied me ! 
Paul. Thou shalt not go in liberty to thy 
grave ; 
For one night a sultana is my slave. 
Musia. A terrible little tyranness ! 
Asam. No more ; 
Her will shall be a law. Till now ne'er happy ! 


SCENE IV.— .4 Street. 

£nter Francisco, Grimaldi, Master, Boat- 
swain, and Sailors. 

Grim. Sir, all things are in readiness ; 
the Turks, 
That seized upon my ship, stow'd under 

hatches ; 
My men resolved and cheerful. Use but 

To get out of the ports, we will be ready 
To bring you aboard, and then (heaven be 

but pleased) 
This, for the viceroy's fleet ! 

Fran. Discharge your parts ; 
In mine I'll not be wanting: Fear not, 

master ; 
Something will come along to fraught your 

That you- will have just cause to say you 

Made such a voycige. 
Must. We will stand the hazard. 
Fran. What's the best hour? 
Boatsw. After the second watch. 
Fran. Enough ; each to his charge. 
Grim. We will be careful. [Exeunt. 

SCENE V. — A Room in Asambeg's Palace. 

Enter Paulina, Donusa, Carazie, and 

Paul. Sit, madam, it is fit that I attend 

And pardon, I beseech you, my rude 

To which the sooner you Mrill be invited, 
When you shall understand, no way was 

left me 

To free you from a present execution. 
But by my personating that which never 
My nature was acquainted with. 

Don. I believe you. 

Paul. You will, when you shall under- 
stand I may 
Receive the honour to be known imto you 
By a nearer name : — and, not to rack you 

The man you please to favour is my brother ; 
No merchant, madam, but a gentleman 
Of the best rank in Venice. 

Don. I rejoice in't ; 
But what's this to his freedom ? for myself, 
Were he well off, I were secure. 

Paul. I have 
A present means, not plotted by myself. 
But a religious man, my confessor. 
That may preserve all, if we had a servant 
Whose faith we might rely on. 

Don. She, that's now 
Your slave, was once mine ; had I twenty 

I durst commit them to her trust. 

Mant. O madam ! 
I have been false, — forgive me : I'll re- 
deem it 
By anything, however desperate, 
You please to impose upon me. 

Paul. Troth, these tears, 
I think, cannot be counterfeit ; I believe 

And, if you please, will try her. 

Don. At your peril ; 
There is no further danger can look towards 

Paul. This only then — canst thou use 
means to carry 
This bake-meat toVitelli? 

Mant. With much ease ; 
I am familiar with the guard ; beside, 
It being knoNVTi it was 1 that betray 'd him. 
My entrance hardly will of them be ques- 
tion 'd. 

Paul. About it then. Say, that 'twas 
sent to him 
From his Donusa ; bid him search the midst 
of it, ' 

He there shall find a cordial. 

Mant. WTiat I do 1 

Shall speak my care and faith. [Exit. 

Don. Good fortune with thee ! 

Paul. You cannot cat ? | 

Don. The time we thus abuse j 

We might employ much better. ' 

Paul. I am glad 
To hear this from you. As for you, Carazie, , 
If our intents do prosper, make choice, 




. U Ileal ■wnjt with your iwo mlslmtes. 
Or lake yaar rotlunc. 

Car. Ill be gcliln) twice fiist ; 
Hang hliD ihu ilayi bcliind. 

foHL t wail jmi, madam, 
Woe but my brother off. by the cotnmiind 
Ot (be doling vkcroy iheK s no suird dure 
lUy me; 

nd 1 will ufcly brini! you l« Ibe place, 
Where we mual eipett blni. 

thn. Heiivn be srodous to us I [EtifMHi, 
SCENE VI.— ^ *«.« ,■ tie Blatt Teuvr. 

iliT VileEli. Ag«. and Guaid, ol lit <l<ier. 

I'Uil. I^ulina lo fall off thus 1 'tis to me 
Men lenible than death, and, like an carih- 

„ -r .. ;e my vital spirits, 

is pompous pTTparatloD for my (Ictlll. 
But I am lost : thai good man, Eoai l'~mi 

Aga. Thii ChrislL 
I Feiranat.itieems,tlKi 
I Whose second rise he never must loaiie. 
Enlir Manto vrilk Ihe baked-Kial. 
I Guard. Who's thai? 
. 3 Cuard. Siand. 
Aga. Manlo! 

ilanl. Here's the viceroy's ring. 
Gives vrarraiit to my entrance ; yel you m.iy 
I Partake oT anything i shall delh*et, 
] "Di but a present to adying man, 
Sent from the princess that must sufler with 

[ ■ -■ 

I This liii last ooniemplali 

I ViM. O, 'lis weU I 
He has ttslored all, and 1 at pease agnin 
With my Paulina. 

Maul. Sir. the sad Donusa. 
I Gneved for ytsui suHtrings. more than for 
her own. 

Which privately she wislifs you shoultl insle 

And search Iha middl? pari, where you 

shall find 
Somelhing ihn( hath llic □pent] ion to 
Make dealh look lovely. 

Vittl. I will not dispute 
WlUK she Eouimands, but serie H. {B.\i/. 

Api. Prithee. Manlo, 
How hath the unibnunate princess speol 

this nighi. 
Under her proud new mistress ? 

Afanf. With such inlirii^ 
As it o'ercomes Ihe other's ins^nce. 
Nay, triumphs o'er her pride. My mndi 


rU^ivB you satisfaction to II{efuU 
Of Bl hath pass'd, and a true cEubCIct 
Of Ihe proud Christian's iionuc {Stit. 
^ga. Break the watch up ; 
ai should we feat i' tlie nixlst of . 

but (he baslia's jealousy. F 
soldiers ! [, 

WE WU.—jih MppirRoffm iHtieiaA 
EaferVileRi leia 
'iui. There's someihing more in thb 


le search the mldM : tbut. 

— Hh ! what ii Ihis? a scroll 
pnckthiead 1 

at mar the mystery be ? [Ktadt. 

in. Ul dauHlhis facklknaiaHlunai 
viisdaai af tki caslh. Byityau ituiltdraw 
Mf a laider of rofts. ly nlul mjk majt 
dtiand ; mur diaral nennia vritt lit rttt 
o/yoarfritnds ittmu atliad ytti. Utavtv 
froiftryou I 

O best of men ! he (hat gives up liimself 
To a ime religious [ricnd. leans not uniin 
A false decehing reed, but boldly builds 
Upon a rock i which now with joy I find 
In revTTcnd Francisco, whose good vows. 
Laboms, and walchings, in my hoped-for 

Appear a pious miracle. I Come, 
' come with confidence : though llic descent 
lerc steep as hell. I know 1 cannot slide, 
sing calld down by such a faithful guide, 

SCCNIZ Vtll.— ^ Sacm in Aumbeg's 

fflCcr Asambeg. Mustaplia. aodjoniiarici. 
" im. E.tciise me. Musl^Aa. Ihough 
liis night 10 me 
Appear as itxiious as that Ircble one 
Wnslotheworld. whenJo»eiin'nirAlcmcna 
Ifcgot Alcldcs. Were yon loencounier 
"*' ise ravishing plcH>ul««. Whidl Ihe 
paced hours 




(To me they arc such) bar me from, you 

With your continued wishes, strive to imp 
New feathers to the broken wings of time, 
And chide the amorous sun, tor too long 

In Thetis' watery bosom. 

^usta. You are too violent 
In your desires, of which you are yet un- 

. certain ; 
Having no more assurance to enjoy them, 
Than a weak woman's promise, on which 

wise men 
Faintly rely. 

Asam, 'Tush ! she is made of truth ; 
And what she says she will do, holds as firm 
As laws in brass, that know no change : 

[A chamber shot of. 
What's this? 
Some new prize brought in, sure — 

Enter Aga hastily. 

Why are thy looks 
So ghastly? Villain, speak 1 

Aga. Great sir, hear me, 
Then after, kill me : — we are all betray 'd. 
The false Grimaldi, sunk in your disgrace, 
^Ith his confederates, has seized his ship, 

And those that guarded it stowed under 

With him the condemn'd princess, and the 

That, with a ladder made of ropes, descended 
From the black tower, in which he was en- 

And your fair mistress 

Asam. Ha! 

Aga. With all their train. 
And choicest jewels, are gone safe aboard : 
Their sails spread forth, and with a fore- 
right gale 
Leaving our coast, in scorn of all pursuit. 
As a farewell, they shew'd a broadside to us. 
Asam. No more. 

Musta, Now note your confidence 1 
Asam. No more. 
O my creduUty ! I am too full 
Of grief and rage to speak. Dull, heavy fool ! 
Worthy of all the tortures that the frown 
Of thy incensed master can throw on thee. 
Without one man's compassion ! I will 

This head among the desarts, or some cave 
Fill'd vdth my shame and me ; where I alone 
May die without a partner in my moan. 




The Parliament of Love. 


ST/Siii''"'""- IKS)"""--""- 

Date If Nemours. Dinant, pkyiMnn h IKe taurt. 

CluoDOTl. a noUimani »nt€ giiariim lo Bellisanl. a n^ii /«<V, 

Belltsam ■ Lamfra. IM> lo ChamonL 

Phnamour. j ^„,/„„ Beauprf. (.•//wfrf CoUiln, ) Bv>i /.. CUmn- 

BcUlsant. Crnrinda. lui/t to Diiuml. 

Clpremond, in Imi it-lA Ij:onorn. 0!*tr Caurluri. Pritsl. f^tm. SirtTnUr. 

Clanndore, a mid ranrtitr. frv. 

SC'ESE,-raris, and tlu ad jaunt cw«lty. 


(Since, next unto the princes of the blood. 

SCENE IV.— ^ ^««» .■B«lliMnisft™«. 
£<if<rChamontflNrf Bdlisatil. 

The eytB of all are fiv'd on you,) but give 
Iwmc wountts, which will not gIob- without 


In suffering such a crew of riotous gallmls. 
Not of the best repute, lo be so fiequeni 

i did iaohi^ Ihc tniit imposed upon nic." 

^/?^s'^lh lmihackno>vledB«l. 

Both in your house and presence : this, 'Us 

CAom. Tile lore 1 llicn bore to you, and 

Little agrees with the curiousness of honour. 

Or modesty of a maid. „ 

To do )Fou all good offices of a friend. 

Btlt. Not to dwell long 4 


Continues wilh me, nay. increasea, lady ; 

Upon my answer, 1 must thank yourgoeilj 

And, ou( of Ihii asurance. I presume. 

ness, ^ 

Wl.«. from a truehaan, 1 ilmU now deliver, 

And provident care, ihni have iniiracteU MS 

Will meel <l gentle eeniure. 

BM. When you spoak. 

How far I may eipend ; and yet I fiLid not 

Whale-er the sabjtct be. I glailly heat. 
Cham. To Idl ymi of iSo grenmess of 

That 1 begin (o »^le : nor would 1 add 

To what 1 noK- pos»ss. 1 am myself ; 

And from whm noble stock youure derived. 

And for my fame, since I am innocent herft 

lliis, for the worlds opokra 1 

Were bui impertinoncc, and a common 

Cham. Take heed, madam. 
That [world's] opinion, which vou gllfht. 

Since you uvll know both. ^MlU I am to 


speak of. 
Touches you oearer ; therefore, Bive me 

This lady for immodest, and prodnms 

Another for a modest ; whenss the first 


Ne'er knew what loose thongbls wore. kA 

To say. that, howsoever yonr grral bounties. 

the praised second 


Maygruo you Ibo opinion of some few 

B,H. t dure not argue: 

Ofabravegenaous spirit, (ihe best har.-esl 
Thai you can hope lor from such costly 

Bol wlmt means lo prenmt this ? 

Chia. Noble mnniage. 



Bill. Pardon me. iH-;»l»d do not thinlcl 


Vou cannot yel, amongst llie inullilude, ' scam 



^■^^B 1^^^^ 






Your grave advice, which I have ever fol 

Though not pleased in it. 

Would you have me match with wealth ? 

ncxd it not : 
Or hunt for honour, and increase of titles ? 
In truth. I rest ambitious of no greater 
Than what my father left. Or do you judge 
My blood to run so high, that 'tis not in 
Physic to cool me? I yet feel no such heat : 
Bat when, against my will, it growsupon me, 
I'll think upon your counsel. 

Cham. If you resolve, then, 
To live a virgin, you have 
To which you may retire, and ha- . 



And live cont- 

Bell. What proof 
Should I give of my continence, if I lived 
Not seen, nor seeing any ? , Spartan Helen, 
Corinthian Lais, or Rome's Messaline, 
So mew'd up, might have died as they were 

By lust untempted : no, it is the glory 
Of chastity to be tempted, tempted home too, 
The honour else is nothing I I would be 
The first example to convince, for Uars, 
Those poets, that with sharp and bitter 

Proclaim aloud, that chastity has no being, 
But in a cottage : and so confident 
I am in this to conquer, that I will 
Expose myself to all assaults ; see masques. 
And hear bewitching sonnets ; change dis- 
With one that, for experience, could teach 

To write, a better way, his Art of Lcrue : 
Feed high, and take and give free entertain- 
Lend Cupid eyes, and new artillery. 
Deny his mother for a deity ; 
Yet every burning shot he made at me. 
Meeting with my chaste thoughts, should 

lose their ardour ; 
Which when I have o'ercome, malicious 

Must, to their shame, confess it's possible. 
For a young lady, (some say fair,) at court, 
To keep her virgin honour. 
Cham. May you prosper 
In this great undertaking ! I'll not use 
A syllable to divert you : but must be 
A suitor in another kind. 

Bell. Whate'er it be, 
*Tis granted. 

Cham, It is only to accept 
A present from roe. 

Bell. Call you this a suit ? 
Cham. Come in, Calista. 

Enter Beaupr^, disguised a» 1 Moorish 

This is one I would 
Bestow upon you. 

Bell. 'Tis the handsomest, 
I e'er saw of her country ; she hath neither 
Thick lips, nor rough curl'd hair. 

Cham. Her manners, lady. 
Upon my honour, better her good shape : 
She speaks our kuiguage too, for being sur- 
In Barbar)', she was bcstow'd upon 
A pirate of Marseilles, with whose wife 
She lived five years, and learn 'd it ; there ] 

bought her, 
As pitying her hard usage ; if you please 
To make her yours, you may. 

Bell. With many thanks. 
Come hither, pretty one ; fear not, you shal 

find me 
A gentle mistress. 

Beau. With my care and service, 
I'll study to preserve you such. 

Bell. Well answered. 
Come, follow me ; we'll instantly to court. 
And take my guests along. 

Chamb. They wait you, madam. 


SCENE v.— A State-room in the Palace. 

Flourish. Enter Charles, Orleans, Nemours, 
Philamour, and Lafort. 

Char. What solitude does dwell about our 
court ! 
Why this dull entertainment? Have I 

march 'd 
Victorious through Italy, cnter'd Rome, 
Like a triumphant conqueror, set my foot 
Upon the neck of Florence, tamed the pride 
Of the Venetians, scourged those petty 

That . . . den of the world, to be 
home, nay, my house neglected I 
{New Speaker.) , . the courtiers 
would appear 

therefore they presumed 

(New Speaker.) . . the ladies, sir, 
that glad time 
the choice. 

Enter Bellisant, Leonora, Lamira, Cla- 
rinda, Chamont, Montrose, Clereroond, 
Clarindore, Perigot, Novall, and other 

Phil. Here they come. 

Iliaic servaius' guardsliip. or tin- svimnls. 

ReCiue to oBer il ? V<hi all ivisir sail lonk» ; 
On PcHgot nppean noi (hat blunl minh 
Wliicli ha face uxd lo prombc ; on Mun- 

I Mnphofhiishatjinns; noy, these ladie 
I Whose spukline eya did u» to lirr ihe 
' W\[h vnnoia Inrenliotis at drliglK, 
I'an with Ihdr splendour. What'sihccanse? 

ftotn whence 
rroeeeds Ihb all«tMi<m ? 

Plri. lamlroublBd 
Wilh Ihe toothache, or with love, I kngw 

nol whether ; 

'There is a worm in tnlh. f. 

Ctariw. ll Is Ibeir pride. 

Btll. Or jMiir unwoithines!;. 

I Clfr, TliB honour that 

1 The French dames hcM (or couripsy. above 

I AH iadii^ of the earth, dwells not in these, 

' That elnfv in thdr eraelty. 

Ctni. The desert 

The chrvaliere of France were truly lords of, 

And w Inch your grandsiras really did possess, 

AW/. Ere Ihey dunt 
rreiuire to offer service lo a lady. 
I tn penon they pcifaim'd soms gallanl acts 
Tbe (ame of which picpared them gmcioiis 
, heating, 

I Eie Ihey made their approacheii : whni coy 
' ' ihe. then. 

' ugli great in birth, not to be porallel'd 
nalmc s libcml boiintiia, both set off 
Ih focllmc'i liappinj;^, virnllh : bul, wilb 
[ Gindly acknowlcdgol such a man bei 

I To whose heroic courage, and deqj wisdom. 
The flourishing oommonweiillh, end thank- 

fnl kins, 
Confess'd tlicmselvesfordeblors? Whcrens, 

If ywi have Imvelli-d Ilalv, iind brought 

Some rotnnanuof the lanBungc. and cans 
\om (iKis in some stranp! hikJ ne'er-sei 

Dance a. lavolta. anil be nide and fiiucy; 

In tfie detTOvIng minor of wif-loire. 
You do cooelude there hnidly IB 
That eita be worthy of yoii. 
Atirnf. We «ould gitinl 

We are nol equal lo our Bar 

In noble underlBkings, ifwelhoOKhU 
I n us a free conlescion would penui''' 
Nol to deny your own most Wilfill a 
And wheic'you lax us for unseivicei 
I never knew a soldier yet. llinl could 7i 
Aiiive into your favour : we may n""~ 
The n-intcr^ frost, and icorchliig s 

WlienlbehotUon'sbiealbsiogellitbeGtlib. ' 
To seek oul victory ; yet, at ouf return. 
Though honaor'd in our tasnly woaods. irril ' 

You s.iy they do deform us, anrl tin 
Of much blood that way, i«nden n 
To please you in your chambers. 

Claris. I must speak 
A little in the general cause ; Vottr tx 
Are charms that do end 

Knowing that we are f;isLened In your KM 
In which to struggle, or strive to biBiilt M 
Incirasfs (he captivity. Never CIrw, 

Sated with fuch she pBrpo«"' " 

Or cunning Siren, for whost 

Nought biU the hearer's death cotildMl, 
Knew leu of |4ly. Nay, 1 daro go furl 
And justify your majesty halh lost 
More resolute and brave coumgeoui tf 
In Ihissamc dull and languiihi - - ' - 


And Froncfl si 

Shall we, that keep perpetual fiailiar 
For petty suits, or Ihe least innity 
Offer'd die goods or bodies ofoursult^ 
Not study a cute for the skknesa of Ihc ■ 
Whose venomous conlNgion hiith inCsoll 
Our bravest Ecrvunu, aiid ihc diol 

Our court is proud of* These aie »-ohi>c1s 

A kingly surgeon, and the honour worthy 
by us 10 be Accepted. 
fiAiJ. it would odd 
Totbc lesl of your great actions. 



Laf, But the means 
Most difficult, I fear. 

Cham. You shall do more, sir, 
If you perform this, than I e'er could read 
The sons of Saturn, that by lot divided 
The government of the air, the sea, and hell, 
Had spirit to undertake. 

Char. Why, this more fires me ; 
And now partake of my design. With speed 
Erect a p^ce of justice near the court, 
Wbkh well have styled, the Parliament 

OP Love : 
Here such whose humble service is not con- 

By their prood mistresses, freely may com- 
plain ; 
And shall have hearing and redress. 
Nov. O rare ! 
Piri. I like this well. 
Char. And ladies that are wrong'd 
By such as do profess themselves their ser- 
May cite them hither, and their cause de- 

Or by their own tongues, or fee'd advocates, 
Find sudden satisfaction. 

Ncrv. What a rascal 
Was I to leave the law ! I might have had 
Clients and clients. Ne'er was such a time 
For any smooth-chinn'd advocate. 

Peri. They will get the start 
Of the ladies' spruce physicians, starve their 

Though never so well timbcr'd. 

Char. Tis our will, 
Nor shall it be disputed. Of this court. 
Or mther, sanctuary of pure lovers. 
My lord of Orleans, and Nemours, assisted 
By the messieurs Philamour and Lafort, vire 

You have worn Venus's colours from your 

And cannot, therefore, but be sensible 
Of all her mysteries : what you shall deter- 
In the way of penance, punishment, or 

Shall . the trial ; a month we grant you 

amours, which expired, 

make your complaints, and be assured 

. impartial hearing ; this determined, 

• • . rest of our affairs. [Exeunt. 

ACT ir. 

SCENE I. — A Room in Garindore's Mouse. 
Enter C\siXvaAoTe, Montrose, Pcrigot, and 


Peri. I do not relish 

The last part of the king's speech, though I 

Much taken with the first. 
Nov. Your reason, tutor? 
Peri. Why, look you, pupil ; the decree^ 

that women 
Should not neglect the service of their 

But pay them fix)m the exchequer they were 

bom with. 
Was good and laudable ; they being created 
To be both tractable and tactable. 
When they are useful : but to have it order'd. 
All women that have stumbled in the dark. 
Or given, by owl-light, favours, should com* 

Is most intolerable : I myself shall have. 
Of such as trade in the streets, and scaped 

my pockets. 
Of progress laundresses, and marketwomen^ 
When the king's pleasure's known, a thou^ 

sand bills 
Preferr'd agaJnst me. 

Clarin. This is out of season : 
Nothing to madam Bellisant, that, in public^ 
Hath so inveigh 'd against us. 

Nov. She's a Fury, 
I dare no more attempt her. 

Peri. I'll not venture 
To change six words with her for half her 

Or stay, till she be trimm'd, from wine and 

For any new monopoly. 

Mont. I will study 
How to forget her, shun the tempting poison 
Her looks, and magic of discourse, still offer» 
And be myself again : since there's no hope,, 
'Twere madness to pursue her. 

Peri. There are madams 
Better brought up, 'tis thought, and wives 

that dare not 
Complain in parliament ; there's safe tradings 

pupil : 
And, when she finds she is of all forsaken. 
Let my lady Pride repent in vain, and mump^ 
And envy others' markets. 

Clarin. May I ne'er prosper 
But you are three of the most fainting spirits. 
That ever I conversed with ! You do well 
To talk of progress laundresses, punks, and 

beggars ; 
The wife of some rich tradesman with three 

And twice so many hairs : — truck with old' 

That nature hath given o'er, that owe Ihcil 

For an artificial lifo, that ;vt<i sio ^viwav^ 



1 That a (ound plngiK inniuit 

( but despair. 

] t give you over : nei'et hope tt 

] A velvet petticoat up. or lo coniniii 

I With an Italian cuiwork smock, when lom 

I iloHt. And what hops nourish tou? 

I CUrin. Troth, mine ore modcsl. 

I I am only coniidcnt to win %\\t lidy 
Vou darcnol look on. luul DOW, in Ihelieigbl 
Of her conlempi iinil scorn, to humble licr. 
And icBch Iwr at whnl e""* her mother 

When ihe was got : nnJ, cloy'd wilh Ihosc 
I poor toys, 
I As I find her obedient and pieaung. 

[ m^y perhaps descend to many her ; 

Then, with n kind of stale. I lake my chair. 

Command a sudden miuni of my servants. 

And, after ivra or three majestic hunn. 

it being known all is mine, peruse my 

Myself for a Ihousand. 
"" -J. ni not out for a 

iigin cm slond coc 
iriH. Leave Ihai 
To the trial : lei us lo a . . . , . 
the condillons, see the 

^■46 being 
^HEto such H 

That pleased me in my youth, but r 
grown stale, 
things first ordered by me, and c 

^Ht . grown 
^■U|h>e Ihini 

^■Tk ouiof h 

out of her own lands, I do assign her 

Some pre) ly jointure. 

Ptri. Talk's! ihou in ihy sleqi? 

Nw. Or an Ihou mad? 

Clarin. A little elevated 
With Ibe asiurance of my future fortune : 
Why do you state and grin i I know tl 

And then I will not cry, St. Dennis for me iT 
"ut— Love, blind archer, aid me ! 

PtrL 1.00k you tlirive: 

would not be to jecr'd and hooted at 
s you -will be else. 

Cbxriit. I will ran the liatard. 

SCENE 11,—^ Raem in Leono 

Enltr Leonora and d Servant. 
Sirv. He will not be deniwl. 
Lton. Slave, beat him back, 

Strv, Madam, I rattled him, 
Rattled him home. 

IjoH. Rattle hira hence, you rrucal. 
Or never see me mure. 

Ealir Cleremond. 

Sen. He comes ; a sword I -^ 

What wonU you have roc do? Shall I ciy 

Or raise (lie constable? 

"^cnee. you shaking coward I 
am glad I am so i^-oif: hen's 

nd sum \Le9iiHg at his ma»ty. 
Foe a few Utter wonls ! Be not shook on, 

I'll see none shall disturb you. 
CItr. You might spare 

' - d lady, on m. 

it bin 

And I will lay Ihr^e thousand 
A month 1 will etTecI this. 

Mant. How 1 
, Cltrit. Give proof 
J have cnjoy'd foir Bellisant, evidenl proof 
U feare pluck'd her \-irgin rose, so long pre- 

KM, like a play-iricl;, with a chain or ring 
'en by comiption, bul, against her wiD, 

^ ie her confess so much. 

V SitKi. Impossible. 

Chiria. TWi the disgrace be mine, tin 

* profil yottrs, 

■ - ou think. . _. .. 
je moreil or shaken. 

K/t flalicrer of myself, or over 

■ le pay for my foolery. 

These frowns, good lady, on me ; they are 

!hot through and through with yout 

And on my heart the darts of scorn so (hick. 
That (here's no vocanl place left to rrcove 
.Another wound : Ihclt multitude Is grown 
My bcEl defence, and do confinn me that 
You cannot bun me fiinher. 

Liaa. Wert thou not 
Made up of Impudence, and slavi 


r noble bl 



And loathing to thy person, thou wouldst 

Focoe from a blushing woman that rude 

Thy baseness first made me acquainted with. 
CUr. Now saint-like patience guard me ! 
Leon. I have heard 
Of mountebanks, that to vent their drugs 

and oils, 
Have so enured themselves to poison, that 
They could dieest a venom'd toad, or spider, 
Belter than wholesome viands : in the list 
Of such I hold thee ; for that bitterness 
Of roeech, reproof, and scorn, by her de- 
Whom thou professest to adore, and shake at, 
Wbic^ would deter all mankind but thyself, 
Do nourish in thee saucy hopes, with 

CUr. Hear but mv just defence. 
Leon. Yet, since thou art 
So spaniel-like affected, and thy dotage 
Increases from abuse and injury. 
That way I'll once more feast thee. Of all 

I ever saw yet, in my settled judgment. 
Spite of thy barber, tailor, and perfumer. 
And thine adulterate and borrow'd helps. 
Thou art the ugliest creature ; and when 

trimm'd up 
To the height, as thou imagin'st, in mine 

A leper with a dap-dish, (to give notice 
He is infecdous,) m respect of thee, 
Api^ears a young Adonis. 
CUr. You look on me 
In a falseglass, madam. 

L€<m. Inen thy dunghill mind, 
Suitable to the outside, never yet 
Produced one gentle thought, knowing her 

Of faculdes to put it into act. 
Thy courtship, as absurd as any zany's. 
After a practised manner ; thy discourse. 
Though fuU of bombast phrase, never 

brought matter 
Worthy the laughing at, much less the 

hearing. — 
But I grow weary ; for, indeed, to speak thee. 
Thy ills I mean, and speak them to the full. 
Would tire a thousand women's voluble 

And twice so many lawyers' — for a farewell. 
I'll sooner clasp an incubus, or hug 
A fork'd'tongued adder, than meet thy cm- 
Which, as the devil, I fly from. 

CUr. Nowyoa have spent 
The utmost of your spleen, I would not say 

Your malice, set off to the height with fiction. 
Allow me leave, (a poor request, which judges 
Seldom deny unto a man condemn d,) 
A UtUe to complain : for, being censured, 
Or to extenuate, or excuse my guilt. 
Were but to wash an Ethiop. How oft, 

with tears. 
When the inhuman porter has forbid 
My entrance by your most severe commands, 
Have these eyes wash'd your threshold .' 

Did there ever 
Come novelty to Paris, rich or rare. 
Which but as soon as known was not pre- 
Howe'er with frowns refused ? Have I not 

The braveries of France before your window, . 
To fight at barriers, or to break a lance, 
Or. in their full career, to take the ring. 
To do you honour? and then, being refused 
To speak my grief, my arms, my impresses, 
The colours that I wore, in a dumb sorrow 
Express'd how much I suffcr'd in the rigoiu" 
Of your displeasure. 
Leon. Two months hence I'll have 


CUr. Stay, best madam, 
I am growing to a period. 

Leon. Pray you do ; 
I here shall take a nap else, 'tis so pleasing. 
CUr. Then only this : the voice you now 
You once did swear was musical ; you have 

met too 
These lips in a soft encounter, and have 

An equal ardour with you : never lived 
A happier pair of lovers. I confess, 
After you promised marriage, nothing want- 
But a few days expired, to make me happy, 
My violent impatience of delay 
Made me presume, and with some amorous 

To ask a full fruition of those pleasures 
Which sacred Hymen to the world makes 

Before his torch was lighted ; in this only. 
You justly can accuse me. 
Leon. Dar'st thou think 
That this offence can ever find a pardon. 
Unworthy as thou art ! 

C/er. But you most cruel. 
That, in your studied purpose of re\'cnge. 
Cast both divine and human laws behind you, 
And only see their rigour, not their mercy. 
Offences of foul shape, by holy writ 
Are warranted remission, provided 
That the delinquent undergo the penance 



Hll Vou 


IrDpoicd opan him by his eonreuor : 

Bai you, ihst should be mioc, and onlir can 

Or punish or absolve mc, lire so (ar 

Frooi diHug me right, ihat you disdnin lo 

LteH. Novf I may each him in my long- 

My hale help m^ la Hoik It I [/tiiJt.]— To 

wlul purpoie, 
JPooi and pale spirited man, should I expect 
'?n»n ihce the ■alisfuction o(a wrong. 
(Ownpated to which, the murder of a brother 
'Were but a gmtJc injury ? 
Cltr. Witness, heaven, 
All biBungs hoped by good men, and all 

The wicked shake at, no sajnl left unsworn 

Thai, uncompell'd, I here give up mywlf 
Wholly (o your demotion ; if 1 tail 
^o do whuever you please lo command. 
To exi^te my trespass lo yotir hoaour. 
So thai, the toih pcrfbnn'd, you likewiKi 

shatp and lingering 
Than evei (ymnu found out t maymy friends 
With scom, not pity, look upon my lUffer- 

And at my lost gasp, in Ihe place of liope, 
SoiTDW. despair, possess mc I 

Most miserable foolTbut fit to be so ; — 
And 'lit but justice Ihat thou ait delivered 
Into ber posver that's sensible of a wrong. 
And glones to revenge il. Let me study 
Whai dreadful punishment, worthy my fury, 
1 shall inflict upon thee ; all the malice 
Of injured women help me I Death? that's 

'Tis. to a conscious wnHcb. a benefit. 
And oot a penance ; else, on the next Iree. 
For sport's sake 1 would make the« hang 

Cltr. What have I done? 

IjnH. Whal cannot be recall'd. 
To romfor seven years In Ihc Turkish gallia ? 
A flea-biting I 'ro be sold lo a bralliel. 
Or a common bagnio ? tliat's .1 trifle loo I 

The loshesof their whips pierce Ilirougli Ihc 

I'U imitate them :— I have it too. 
C/tr, Retnemba 

' vn, I ham: heard tliee bout, 

of all blessings in llieearih neil me, 
lumber of ihy trusty, iailLtaX Iiicn^ 

[t of these, 1 

Made up Ihy happiness : 

charge I bee. 

And by ih ine own repealed oaths conjure thee, 

~ kill tlie best deserver. Do not m 

hnvenootherpenance, Thentopr 

To find some means he thai deserves thee 


Cltr. But l*ai me. 

And till (ben, never see me. [£j 

CUr. I am lost. 
Foolishly lost and snnk by mine own bn 

nl sny oiily. 

With a heart-breaking patience, yel not la 

And I must have Ibee leant to know thy 

There never was a sure path to the mistress, 
Bui by her minister's help, which I will pay 
for : {Givis Air Aii farst. 

But yet ibis is but tiash ; hark in thine ear — 
By love ! I like thy person, and will maks 
Full payment that way ; be ihou wise. 

One of my dark complexion I 

Chrin. I am serious ; 
The curtains dmwn, and envious Ug^l shut 

The soli touch heightens uppeiile, nnd takes 

Bui never tliought on In ber midnight re 
Come, I musi have ihee mine. 

Clurin. Bespeahingslillmy pisiseslotby 

ow much I love and languish for her 



Enter BellisanU 

Biau. My lady 1 

Btii, Be within call :— 

[Aside, to the Sen-ants within. 
How now, Clarindore, 
Courting my servant ! Nay, 'tis not my ensy — 
You now express yourself a complete lover, 
That, for variety's sake, if she be woman, 
Can change discourse with any. 

Clarin. All are foils 
I piactise on, but when you make mc happy 
In doing me that honour : I desired 
To hear her speak in the Morisco tongue ; 
Troth, 'tis a jM^tty language. 

Bell, Yes, to dance to : — 
Look to those sweetmeats. \Exit Beauprd. 

Clarin. How ! by heaven, she aims 
To speak with me in private ! \Asidc, 

Bell, Come, sit down ; 
Let's have some merry conference. 

Clarin, In which 
w •*..... 
That my whole life employ 'd to do you 
I service, 
' At no part can deserve. 

Bell. If you esteem it 
At such a rate, do not abuse my bounty, 
Or comment on the granted privacy, further 
Than what the text may warrant ; so you shall 
Destroy what I have built. 

Clarin. I like not this. [Aside. 

Bell, This new-erected Parliament of 
It seems, has frighted hence my visitants : 
Howspoid Montrose and Perigot their hours? 
Novali and Cleremond vanish 'din a moment ; 
I like your constancy yet. 

Clarin. That's good again ; 
She hath restored all ; [Aside.]— Vity them, 

good madam ; 
The splendour of your house and entertain ■ 

Enrich'd with all perfections by yourself, 
Is too, too glorious for their dim eyes : 
You are above their element ; mod^t fools. 
That only dare admire 1 and bar them from 
Comparing of these eyes to the fairest flowers, 
Giving you Juno's majesty, Pallas' >\it, 
Diana's hand, and Thetis' pretty foot ; 
Or, when you dance, to swear that Venus leads 
The Loves and Graces from the Idalian green , 
And such hyperboles stolen out of playbooks, 
They would stand all day mute, and, as you 

Some curious picture only to be look'd on, 
Presume no fixrther. 

Bell, Pray you, keep your distance. 
And grow not rude. 

Clarin. Rude, lady ! manly boldness 
Cannot deserve that name ; 1 have studied 

And love hath made an easy gloss upon 
The most abstruse and hidden mysteries 
Which you may keep conceal'd. You well 

may praise 
A bashful suitor, that is ravish 'd with 
A feather of your fan, or if he gain 
A riband from your shoe, cries out, AV/' 

ultra / 
Bell. And what would satisfy you ? 
Clarin. Not such poor trifles, 
I can assure you, lady. Do not I sec 
You are gamesome, yoimg, and active? that 

you love 
A man that, of himself, comes boldly on. 
That will not put your modesty to trouble, 
To teach him how to feed, when meat's 

before him ! 
That knows that you are flesh and blood, a 

And bom with such afiections, that, like me. 
Now I have opportunity, and your favour, 
Will not abuse my fonune ? Should I stand 

Licking my fingers, cry Ah me ! then kneel. 
And swear you were a goddess, kiss the 

Of your proud garments, when I were gone, 

I am sure 
I should be kindly laugh'd at for a coxcomb ; 
The story made the subject of your mirth. 
At your next meeting, when you sit in 

Among the beauties. 

Bell. Is this possible ? 
All due respect forgotten ! 
Clarin. Hang respect ! 
Are we not alone? Sec, I dare touch this 

And without adoration unglove it. 
A spring of youth is in this palm ; here 

The moisture tum'd to diamonds, heads his 

arrows : 
The far-famed English Bath, or German 

One drop of this will purchase. Shall this 

Run useless, then, to waste ? or . 

these lips, 
That open like the mom, breathing perfumes 
On such as dare approach them, be un- 

touchd ? 
They must, — nay, 'tis in vain to make resis- 
tance, — 
Be often kiss'd ;md tasted : You seem angry 
At • . • \ Yvaxt ^"y^<eas«^>i^soL. 



BrII. [fi>/jb!Servanisii'iM<i.l ... . 
^^ lanx. 

Enter Scrvanis wiM drawn ttnanb. 
Chrin. Howslhis? 

in round with dcnth. and if 

" -Or but Presume to speak, tUl I allow il, 
"rJIs body be tbc navd la the wliecl. 
.n whico foia rapieii. like so inany ipokcs, 
Shall mwt andfi* themwlves. 
Claria. Were I off with Life, 
This foe my wager I [AiiJi. 

Bill. ViUain, gbakc and tremble 
Al nw jU5< anger t Which, of all my actions, 
Confined In vinuoiu liniili. bath given lite 
And l»nh to this picsumplion? Hail thou 

■Obanvcd in me a wanton look or geslaie. 
Not suiting with a virgin? Havellieen 
Prodigal in my favours, or given hopes, 
To nouriib such attempu ? swear, anit sweai 

What in tliy soul thou tbink'st of mc. 

Claiin. As otone 
Made up of chastily ; and only tried, 
'hi lepcnl.wQal ■"-= ' 

Which 1 lepenl. v. 

this miglii work upon 
j^rvesnot death ; but, 

Bill. The intent Jcscrvesnc 
simli, know 
"ITs in tny power to look thee 
ClariH. 'Tla eranled. 
StU. I am not so cruel ; yet. (or this 
, insolence. 

ik^oibear my bouse for ever : if you are hot, 
■'Too, mflilin-Uke, mny (oice a parting kiss. 
n.^ fram a common gnjneaicr. 
' Clariit. I lun cool : — 
$hc's A virago. {AsiJt. 

_Bt/l. Or you may go boaSl, 

I: How tiravdy 

2 i will not bribe your nienc 
at bun headlong 

of itoots, and 
pass my thtcsbold. [ 
platpus light o 

Oana. 'Ill 
My darinf : all 

ThitlsBya, Fainlkairl but it 11 stale. 

Strv. Prayyou walk, sir. 
We moil shew you llie way else. 

CUriH. Be not loo officious, 
t ftin nobnr lor vou to iiy your strength on. 
Sil quietly by this dij^rncc 1 lannol ; 
Some other course I must be forced to tnl 
Not for my wager now, but lionout's saki 

ACT lU. 

SCENE l.~A A'mm in Chflmonts #dbj(. 
£ir/*r Cbamont, Perigot. Novall. Dioani, 
Lamiia, and CUrinda. 
Piri. 'Twas prlnce-likc entertainment. 
CAam. Vou o'erpriie il. 
£>u. Your cheerful looks nude every dish 
a least. 
And 'tis that crowns a weleome. 

L-iHi. For my part, 
I hold society and bonesi minh 
The greatest blessing ofn civil life 
"la. Without goi«l tompaiiy, i 

Lose their tnie relisb. and, like panted 
v only seen, not lasted. 
.V», By this light. 
le speaks well, tool I'll have a fling al 

le is no fit electuary for a ' 

juiap ^ " - 

. __.Mlsf( 

The night grows old : piay yon often be my 

.Mtbou^h not crack'd with curious ileliciites, 
Have hlicny to coramanil it as Ihcir own : 
1 may do the Uke with you, when yiiu t, 

Ptri. Yes. lis likely. 
When Ihere'i no forage to be had nbroidi 
Nor cindulous husbands leii to father ch: 

Of bachelors' begetting; when i:ourt wivts 
Are won lo grant variety is not pleading. 
And ihnC B friend at a pinch is useless Ic 

1 but (ill thai 

Clum. You have n metry time oTl ;- 
But we forget ourselves ;— Gilliints, good 

Good master doctor, when your leisnn 

Visit my hau5c ; when we leasl need Ihcit 

Pbpieians look most lovely. 
bi«. .Ml tlints in me, 

Monsieur Novall, in what I may be useful, 
Prny you command rae. 

Nffu. We'll wall on you home. 
Din. By no mennl. itr ; good nighl. 
lExiunl all iuf Novall and Pengoc. 



ftt: Tbe knave b jealous. 

la a disease few docloB cnre 
ihemselvci of. 

fan. Iwould be were mj patient ! 
bii wife's coment. the yny is CiiEy. 
, eonclade so; tor myKlf, 

ver was so laken with a woman, 

ever had less hop?. 
Be not dejccicd ; 
bal m)' directions, she's your own : 
tbeeinacoutSFitiaisball not full.— 
tby choice i but inoie of that 

I Adullcrjtiiaufeuutscerel sin; 

I The purchase o(a maiden head seldom quils 
The danger and the labour : bufld on this, 
He ihat puis hotne shall find aU women 

Tlir iniirn Hcllisuil ev« ereepted. 

r.MiM vwi tioUcve ihe fair wife of Cliamont, 
A l.i.!> [i.jver tainted in herhooQur, 
i.h™jk). ,M tlii; &rat assault, (for till this night 
i ii< \< 1 ' < oiiL-d ber,) yield up the foit 
h liopt so long? 

'ondrous stnuige. 

-: l.inguageused jou? 

s, take a woman, 
-ir heaven ; and Le tliat givts 

be bath sRvngtb to tame tl^eir hot 

." aie«iiiri'> ihdir heave 

8 be bath stn^ngi 
pnniiling oratt 
ten ev«s I tri 
M pa feeiil maw 
iralght iba wru 

il masque, lo draw the e>es 

_ .. lieiin the court upanmc, 

nialght iba wrung m]r hand, iml on 
ill my minrtss coukt uoi but be happy 

ADd she. nor oaj. nor shy, straight enter- 

Eattr Clariadore. 

Nn: Fortiear : 
Here's CTarindore. 

/Vn'. Wc will be merry with Uim ; 
I have beanj his entertainment. Fc^n 

with me, ■" 

And we will jeer this self-oplaion'd fool 
Almost to rnadacs. 

Afw. lies aheady grown 
Exceeding melancholy, and lonie «iy 
I'hni's the first sicp to ften^j. 

Ptri. rUupontiim.— 
Save you, good monsieur 1 DO reply ? 

Of your success? il is not well 

Clar. -Tis come oul ; these go 
Have heard of my 

jVflf. Wegratulale, 
Though we pay lor'l. your happy i 
IVceniin liivouis. nay. the sun 
Of madam BeUiaant. 

CliiriH. The young whelp loo I— 
'Tis well. eicecdinE well. 

Piri. 'Tis so, with you. dr ; 
But bear it modestly, taiih il will bccomeyim; 
And being arrived at such a lordly nvcnue, 
As (his youl happy match instates you with. 
Two tlwusond crowits from me, and tmta 

Though we nlmoii confess the wagctlost. 
Will be a small addition. 

AW. You misfate him ; 
Not do 1 fear, out oT his ncride nature. 



A htdy of a constoniry like a [tick, 

id held iniprcgnable. 

Should yield at Ihe Rrsl assault I 

.V«>. Tisiherewnrd 
Of a brave daring spirit 

PfH. Tush t we are dull ; 

d privacy of discouTMi 


1, 'lit&ald, opaleni 
Is grained him. if nny maid Ik chaste, 
For him lo humble her. and n new name 

given liitn. 
Thu scomful-virgin tamer. 

ClariK. I may lame 
Your bufloon tangoes, ir yM pioceed. 

flW, No anger. 
t have heard that Delliuinl wu to talien vkh 
Your manlf couiagc, that She stnughl pre- 
pared you 
A lumptuoui banquet. 

^/n.Vel his enemies 
Report it was a blanket. 

AW. Motioc I mRlicc ! 
She WIS shev-fng him her chamber too. and 

call'd for 
Perlmnra, and eambrie sfiews. 

/Vn. When, tec the luck on't I 
Against her will, tier most unmannerly 

for so 'lis rumoui'd. look him l>y iIm 

And ihiusi him out of doors. 

A'ov. Fnith, sir. resolve us ; 
How was it? we would gladly know the Irulli. 
To atop the mouth or calumny. 

ClariH. Troth, sir. I'll tell you : 
One WA meliy the nose thus, ~and n scconil 
"'-■' '■■'-' -■'■■■ ~s thus— but one word 

A'w. This is nolhmg 
To the doctor's wife. 

Ptri. Come, we'll oonsult of it. 
And snddeitiy. 

-Vmi. I feel a H-onun's longine 
Till I Bin at II. 

Pin. Neva fear ; she's Ihine own, boy. 

SCENE U.—A Stmt. 
Enter Cletemond. 
Clir. Whni have my sins been, heaven? 
yel thy great pleasure 
Musioolbenreued. Was wretch CN'er bound 
On sach a block adventure, in which only 
To wish to prosper is a greater cm «: 

Ofreason, nnderslanding.andmiejulgmenl. 
'Twcre a degree of comfon lo myse'f 
1 wereslwk madr or, Kkeabeaat of prey, 
Prtek'donbygnfring hunger, all my th Mghls 

And racullies were wholly lahen up 

To cloy my nppeiilc, and could look no 

Bui I rise up a new eiampte of 

I new e:iamnte i 
lumitv, transcending all be 
d I should g;ld my tniscry w: 

If I cnmpared it wilh an Indian slave's. 
Thai, wiih incessant labour lo search out 

' r. dives almost lo Ihc 

And, if then found, nolihank'd of bis proud 

iny unpamlti 

of (he choicest jewels 

3f the earth, or wlial Is hid 

As soon as found deslroy it. O most cruel [ 
And yet, when 1 consider of the many 
llutt have professed themselves my friends. 

Their lives were not their own, when my cc 

at my devotion. 

Khoukl summon them 

Not one endures the u 

Of the world's received opinion, thnl holds 

Friendship but a "' ' ' 

Than to the altar— to it 
Here comes Montrose. 

c, that binds n 
re with safcfy. 

'.Hltr Montrose and Beauiir^. 
\^'haI sudden joy tiaiuporls lum i 

With crowns of ihe si 

O blessed, bIrssKt 
fair hand. 

But made so by (he touch 

What shall I answer? Say, 

Or, if thou canst find out a word, Ibat may 

Ei|>ress subjection in an humbler style. 

Use it, I prilhce ; add too, her commands 

Shall be with as much willingness pcrfomi'd, 

Ai 1 in this fold, ihb, receive her Ikvoura. 

Beta. I shall return so much. 

Afoul. And that two houn 
Shall bring me to attend her. 

Bciu. 'WiUi aU cure 
And circumstiince of service from yourself. 



Mont. I am still your debtor. 

[^Exit Beaupr^. 
Cler. I read the cause now clearly ; I'll 

slip by : 
For though, e\'en at this instant, he, should 

Himself, which others' falsehood makes me 

That constant and best friend I go in quest of, 
It were inhuman in their birth to strangle 
His promising hopes of comfort. 

Mont. Cleremond 
Pass by me as a stranger ! at a time too 
When I am filled with such excess of jov. 
So swollen and surfeited with true delight, 
That had I not found out a friend, to whom 
I might impart them, and so give them vent. 
In their abundance they would force a pas- 
And let out life together ! Prithee, bear, 
For friendship's soke, a part of that sweet 

Which I shrink under ; and when thou hast 

Fair Bellisant subscribed, so near my name 

■ too, 
Obser\'e but that, — thou must, with me, 

There cannot be room in one lover's heart 
Capacious enough to entertain 
Such multitudes of pleasures. 

Cltr. I joy with you. 
Let that suffice, and envy not your blessings; 
May they increase ! P\'irewcll, friend. 

Mont. How 1 no more ? 
By the snow white hand that writ these 

It is a breach to courtesy and manners. 
So coldly to take notice of his good. 
Whom you call friend ! See further : here 

she writes 
That she is truly sensible of my sufferings, 
And not alone vouchsafes to call me servant, 
But to employ me in a cause that much 
Concerns her in her honour ; there's a favour 1 
Are YOU yet stupid? — and that, two hours 

She does expect me in the private walks 
Neighbouring the Louvre : cannot all this 

move you ? 
I could be angry. A tenth of these bounties 
But promised to you from Leonora, 
To witness my affection to my friend, 
In his behalf had taught me to forget. 
All mine own miseries. 

Cler. Do not misinterpret 
This coldness in me ; for alas ! Montrose, 
I am a thing so made up of afiliction. 
So evc«y way contemn'd, that I conclude 

Mv sorrows are infectious ; and my company, 
Likesuch as havefoul ulcers running on them. 
To be with care avoided. May your happiness, 
In the favour of the matchless Bellisant, 
Hourly increase ! and — my best wishes guard 

you ! 
'Tis all that I can give. 

Afont. You must not leave me. 

CUr. Indeed I must and will ; mine own 
Call me away. 

Mont. What are they ? I presume 
There cannot be a secret of that weight, 
You dare not trust me with ; and shduld you 

doubt me, 
I justly might complain that my affection 
Is placed unfortimately. 

Cler. I know you are honest ; 
And this is such a business, and requires 
Such sudden execution, that it cannot 
Fall in the compass of your will, or power, 
To do me a friend's office. In a word, 
On terms that near concern me in mine 

I am to fight the quarrel, mortal too. 
The time some two hours hence, the place 

ten miles 
Distant from Paris ; and when you shall know 
I yet am unprovided of a second. 
You will excuse my sudden parting from you. 
Farewell, Montrose ! 

Mont. Not so ; I am the man 
Will run the danger with you ; and must 

tell you. 
That, while I live, it was a wrong to seek 
Another's arm to second you. Lead the way ; 
My horse stands ready. 

Cler. I confess 'tis noble. 
For you to offer this, but it were base 
In me to accept it. 

Mont. Do not scorn mc, friend. 

Cler. No ; but admire and honour you ; 
and from that 
Serious consideration, must refuse 
The tender of your aid. France knows yon 

And that you might, in single opposition. 
Fight for a c^o^^^^ ; but millions of reasons 
Forbid me your assistance. You forget 
Your Gvm designs ; being, the very minute 
I am to encounter with mine enemy. 
To meet your mistress, such a mi.stress too, 
Whose favour you so many years have sought : 
And will you then, when she vouchsafes 

Nay more, invites you, check at her fair offer? 
Or shall it be repeated, to my shame, 
For my own ends I robb'd you of a fortune 
Princes might envy? Can you even hope 



If youncfleclhetnowy—Bcwbe, clearfneiu!, 
And, in your prodlgoliiy of goodoes, 

Dl undo younelf. Live long ond liappy, 
And leave me lo my dangcis. 

Mont. Clcremond. 
t bftve with paiiencc beard yon. and con< 

The strength tX your best argumenls ; 
wcigh'd the dangers 
ran in mine ovfn (orlunex : but ognin, 
When I oppose the saeicd name of friend 
Against those joys 1 have so long pursued, 
NdlhET the b«uly of fair Belltunt. 
Her wealth, her ■ ' " -•..'- 


To have It to posterity recorded. 
At such A time bs this I proved □ 
And cUTTcnt in my friendship, sh: 

A thousand mistresses, and such _ 

As leave no sting liehind Ihem ; therefore. 

I am lesolvcd. unless you beat me olT, 

1 will not leavr you. 

•^tr. Oh 1 here is a jewel 

ni tat the cabinet of the greatest motutrcb 

,^^MMt. Come, be chewful ; 
I Sood fortune will attend us. 
CUr. That, lo mc. 
To hnve the greatest blessing, a true friend. 
Should be the greatest cuisel— Be yel itdvised . 
Aftmt. It isln >-Bin. 
Cier. That e'er I should have cause 
To wish you hod loved less 1 

Mm(. The hour drau-s on : 
We'll talk more as we ride. 

Cler. Of nien most wretched! [ExniH. 

SCENE tU.—A Seem in Belli*anfs //auK. 
EnttT Betlisnnt buS Beaupr^. 
BtU. Nny, pray you. dry your eyes, or 
your snd sloty. 
Whose every accent still, methinl 
*^ i with such passion, and sui 

Will make mine bear youra com 

Tbe rigorous repulse this wotsi d 
Fsisc, peijured Clarindor 

-I a 

»i!l deter him 

peiiured i 

Keoeivcd at his la 
From coming agsin. 

Btan. No i he's resolved 
And haibrlbod mc, with hnlard of youranfier. 
To get him accas, but in another shape 
Ttie time pretbi'd draws near too. 

/rongs done by such as scotntolly deride 

( Walkt usiaU. 
'f-nfirBeaupt^ ailk Clariiiilore disgaisid. 
Bean. Sir, I hanrd 
ly service, in this action. 

'o be the mistress o( thyself and others. 
Iflhntmv; ^'sat the Slake now: 
' ' IS the die falls, I am made most happy. 
Or past espression wretched. 

Bea. Hat who's that? 
Wliat bold intruder usher yoli ? This nide- 

From whence ? what nonld he ? 
. . iH. He brings Icllets, madam. 

As he says, from lord Chamoni, 

Clerin. How her frowns frtghl me I 
Bill. From lord ChamoW ? Arc they of 


ir paj:l[ct, sir ? 

Deliver'd lo my trust and faith are «-ril 
In such mysterious and dark characlets. 
As will require the judgment of your soul. 
More Ihaa your eye. to read and under^land 

Btll. What riddle's this? \Discmirring 

Clarin.}-Ha I am I then conlemn'd? 

Dare you do this, picsumiiig on my soft 

.And gentle nature 1 — Fear not, 1 must shew 

\ seemmg aneer. {Asidt to BeaiiimS.}— 

What new boist'rous courtship. 
After j'Qur hue loose language, and forced 

Come you 

If you imagine that you 

pmctise? 1 know u 

Will stand lame lookers on 

Ctarin. If I britif with me 
One Itioughl, but ofsubmlssioD asd sorrov 
Or nourish any hope, but thai yoiD' goodnc 
May please lo sign my pardon, may 1 peiif 
In your displeasure ! imlch, to me. is iQor 



Than fear of hell hereafter. I confess, 
The violence I offered to your sweetness, 
In my presumption, with lips impnire. 
To force a touch from yours, a greater crime 
Than if I should have mix'd lascivious flames 
With those chaste fires that bum at Dian's 

Tlat 'twas a plot of treason to your virtues, 
To think you could be tempted, or believe 
You were not fashion'd in a better mould. 
And made of purer clay, than other women. 
Since vou are, then, the phcenix of your time, 
And e en now, while you bless the earth, 

Of their angelical essence, imitate ^ 

Heaven s aptness to forgive, when mercy's 

sued for, 
And once more take me to ycur grace and 
, ikvour. 

Bell. What charms are these ! What an 

enchanting tongue I 
What pity 'tis, one that can speak so well, 
Sboulcl, in his actions, be so ill ! 

Beau. Take heed, 
Lose not yourself. 

Bell, So well, sir, you have pleaded. 
And like an advocate, in your own cause. 
That, though your guilt were greater, I ac- 
quit you. 
The fault no more remember'd ; and for proof . 
My heart partakes in ray tongue, thus seal 

your pardon ; [Kisses him. 

And with this willing favour (which forced 

from me, 
Call'd on my anger) make atonement with 

Ctarin. If I dream now, O, may I never 

But slumber thus ten ages ! 

Bell. Till this minute. 
You ne'er to me look'd lovely. 
Clarim. How ! 
Bell. Nor have I 
E'er seen a man, in my opinion, worthy 
The bounty I vouchsafe you ; therefore fix 

And make me understand that you can bear 
Your fortune modestly. 

Clarin. I find her coming : 
This kiss was but the prologue to the play, 
And not to seek the rest, were cowardice. 
Help me, dissimulation ! [^jiV/^.]— Pardon, 

Though now, when I should put on cheerful 

In being blest with what I durst not hope for, 
I change the comic scene, and do present 

With a mott tragic spectacle. 

Bell. Heaven avert 
This prodigy I What mean yon ? 

Clarin. To confirm, 
In death, how truly I have loved. I grant 
Your favours done me, yield this benefit. 
As to make way for me to pass in peace 
To my long rest ; what I have tasted from yon, 
Informs me only of the much I want : 
For in your pardon, and the kiss vouchsafed 

You did but point me out a fore-right wav 
To lead to certain happiness, and then will'd 

To move no further. Pray you, excuse me, 

Though I desire to end a lingering torment. 
And, if you please, with your fair hand, to 

make me 
A sacrifice to your chastity, I will meet 
The instruraent you make choice of, with 

more fervour 
Than ever Caesar did, to hug the mistress. 
He doated on, plumed Victory : but if that 
You do abhor the office, as too full 
Of cruelty, and horror, yet give leave, 
That, in your presence, I myself may be 
Both priest and offering, \praws his sword. 

Bell. Hold, hold, frantic man ! 
The shrine of love shall not be bathed in blood . 
Women, though fair, were made to bring 

forth men, 
And not destroy them ; therefore, hold, I say ! 
I had a mother, and she look'd upon me 
As on a true epitome of her youth : 
Nor can I think I am forbid the comfort 
To bring forth little models of myself, 
If heaven be pleased (my nuptial joys per- 

To make me fruitful. 

Clarin. Such celestial music 
Ne'er blest these ears. O! you have argued 

For me, than I could for myself. 

Bell. For you I 
What, did I iPiveyou hope to be my husband? 

Clarin. Fallen off again ! {Aside. 

Bell. Yet since you have given sure proof 
Of love and constancy, I'll unmask those 

That long have been conceal'd ; I am your$, 

but how ? 
In an honourable way. 

Clarin. I were more than base, 
Should I desire you otherwise. 

Bell. True affection 
Needs not a contract : and it were to doubt me. 
To engage me further ; yet, my vow expired. 
Which is, to live a virgin for a year, 
Challenge my promise. 


Ctiirin. For a year 1 _... . 

nay nol ihi: lyranncsi ; du nol jjive mc hopes. 
Ami in a moment dumgc ihem to dspur. 
A year I a1a«, this body, thoi'i alt fire, 
tf you refuse (o quench it with your favour 
Will in three daysbe cinders ; and your meicy 
Will come 100 late Hicn. DcansI Isity, 

Is but a ecremony ; and a hunful vow 
ts in the breacli of it belter commtndrd, 
Than in the keeping. O I 1 bum, I bum ; 
AikI if you lake not pity. I must fly 
T» my lost refuge. [Ofiri to il.,i kinulf. 

Bell. Hold I Say 1 couM yield 
This nighl, to satisfy you lo ilie fill!. 
AndyouihoDldswear, until the wedding day, 
To keep the farauis I now ginnl eonceal'd -. 
You would be talking. 
Claria. May my longtie rot out, then ! 
Btll. Or boast lo your companions of 
your coni^uest, 
m'foA of my eaitness. 
I ' CUriH. Ill endure the rack first. 
If Btll. And.havingwhat youlung for. coEl 
n me off. 

Aa you did madam Beaupi^. 

ClatiH. May the earth 
nral gape, and iwallow me ! 

Bill. I'll pies you no further. 
Go in, your chamber's ready : if you have 
A bedfrllow, so : but Hlence I enjoin you. 
And liberty to leave you when I please : 
I blush, ifyou reply. 

Dii. Take comfort, sir ; 
I find not. by your urine, nor you 
Or any outward symptom, that yi 

M these o 

■a the < 


L)o but your pans. 
DiH. Sir. ihey ore 



le'er hBM>y I 


I Baa. What tneans your ladyship ? 

I Bill. Do not ask. but do 

I As 1 direet you : though at yel we Irf ad 

A rough and thorny way. faint not ; ihtii^nds 
I 1 hope 10 reach shall moke a large amends. 

doctor, tbey prove 

you while I live, 

your service. 

Of your inward temper ; then, as I lind 

Some gentle purge. 

AW. Yes. 1 must purge : I die else : 
Bui where, dear doctor, you siiall not Snd 

This is a happy entrance, may it end wi 
ni mount your nightcap, Doddipol. [.Ii 

Din. In what pan. 
(Wo are sworn to secrecy, and you mus 

DiK. Then, in my judgincnl, 
Vou had best leave Paris : cho 

That does help much in physic. 


SCENE '[.—A Hoomin Dinani 's //n«j 
Enlir Novoll and Dinanl. 
Dili, Vou arewelcomefiiilisir: andthat ' 
spoke, receive 
' A faithful promise, nil (hnt an, or long 
Experience, hath taughl me. shall enlarge 
ThemselvBi for your recovery. 

AW. Sir. I thank you. 
As far as a weak, sick, and unable man 
I Has power to express : but what wants in 
I my tongue. 

My hand (for yet my fingers feel no goul) 
I SmUl speak in ibis dumb language. 
' [Gives tim Jtiieuru. 

I Din. You are « "' " 

:r fais the horw: ; and 

a fit of a bumin). 

Oiks mote than what you miutster. ' 

tended on by ignorant gnxans. ' 

a college of your at 
ind every boy you keep, by you inslr 
k pretty piece of a Caleolst: (hen the 

From yonr most fair wife lo your kitehei 
familiar vrlch your lenmed a 



1 herb, they know to make thin 

•ccasion serves, to cheer the heart, 
igredient I shall have raost need of, 
' cocks o' the game make a strong 

It's eggs a caudle. 

im glad 

»u argue with such strength. 

larinda, and whispers Dinant. 

flash, sir : 

feel my fit again. — She is 

f all perfection ; any danger 

to the enjoying so much sweetness 

at the height : I am ravish'd with 

magination. O happiness ! — 

ow's this ! One from the duke 


;, sir. 

s rank : 

of my wife hath forced him to 

rfeit : [Aside.] — I now guess at 

you not 

e gentleman stays you. 

come to him presently ; in the 

ime, wife, 

)f this monsieur ; nay, no coyness, 

ilute him boldly ; his pale lips 

3t in the touch. 

rs do, I'm sure. 

ss him again. 

this is more than modest, 
xlest ! why, fool, desire is dead 


aritable, pious work, 

I his spirits. 

s, indeed, sir. 

: ease in it. 

u-k that ! and would you 

c man comfort ? meat's against 
physic, must be granted too, 
wife . you shall, 

wait on him ; nay, hang not oflF, 

ihall : this night, with your own 

u air his bed. and when he eats 
u have prepared, you shall sit by 

jome merry chat, help to repair 
ppetite ; watch by him when he 
his page's part : more, I durst 


ur wedding day, you vet a viipn, 
tedfeUow ; for well I know 

Old Priam's impotence, or Nestor's hernia is 
Herculean activeness, if but compared 
To his debility : put him to his oath, 
He'll swear he can do nothing. 

Nov. Do ! O no, sir ; 
I am past the thought of it. 
Din. But how do you like 
The method I prescribe? 

Nov. Beyond expression : 
Upon the mere report I do conceive 
Hope of recovery. 
C/a. Are you mad ? 
Din. Peace, fool. 
This night you shall take a cordial to 

Your feelMe limbs : — 'twill cost ten crowns tt 
AVt'. No matter, sir. 
Din. To-morrow you shall walk 
To see my garden ; then my wife shall show 

The choice rooms of my house ; when you 

are weary, 
Cast yourself on her couch. 
Nov. Oh, divine doctor ! 
What man in health would not be sick, oit 

To be your patient ? 

Din. Come, sir, to your chamber ; 
And now I understand where your disease 

(Nay, lead him by the hand.) doubt not I'll 
cure you. [ExeitnL 

SCENE ll.^An open part of the Country 
near Paris. 

Enter Oeremond and Montrose. 

Cler. This is the place. 

Mont. An even piece of ground, 
Without advantage ; but be jocund, friend; 
The honour to have entered first the field, 
However we come off, is ours. 

Cler. I need not. 
So well I am acquainted with your valour, 
To dare, in a good cause, as much as man, 
I^nd you encouragement ; and should I add, 
Your power to do, which Fortune, howe'er 

Hath ever seconded, I cannot doubt 
But victory still sits upon your sword, 
And must not now forsake you. 

Mont. You shall see me 
Come boldly up ; nor will I shame your 

By paning with an inch of ground not 

With blood on my part. 

CUr, Tb not to be question'd : 


ThM wblch I would euUciU, (and pray you 

It, ihityouwoiildforgetycniruiualsorines;, 
Youi foe bdng itl youf mercy ; 11 lialii been 
stom in you, which t dsre not pr^se. 
. inj disann"d your etiemv of his jwoti 
To tempi your fate, by yicmng it ngaiu ; 
Tlten run K second huard. 

Atm/. When w« encounlet 
A Dobte fue, we canool be (oo noble. 
CUr. Thai 1 confess ; but ho lliat's now 
lo oppow you. 
IknowforaQBrclivilUintODelhat halhlost 
All feeling of humanit)', one that hala 
Coodnsi in oihvn, 'cause he's ill himself; 
osi uiietBi<Jul wmch, (Ibe namF't too 

All allributes of wickedaiss ci 


Should he appear like man. Ba 

And lall thy ablest spirits up lo gu-iid tljee 
From him dial's tutu'd a Fury. I am made 
Her minister, whose cruelly but named. 
Would with more horror strike die i»3e- 

Than all those dreadful words wluch con- 

To fright iheirdamu'd^unllian. Look not 

As 1 am Cleremond ; I have rarted with 
The essence thai was his, and cnterlaind 
Tlie Eoul of some fierce ligiess, ota wolf's 
New-hangd for human slaughter, and 'li' "* ' 
I could not else bear "" ' '" 

Mmit. To my knowledge 
I never wiong'd her. 

C/a: Yea. in being a friend 
To me she hated, my besi friend ; her maUcc 
Would look no lower : — and fur bdng such. 

Cler. True. Moaccos«. he is so. 
Afric, Ihough fertile of strange prodigies. 
Never produced hisequnl I be wise, therefore. 
And if he fall into your hands, dbpMch him : 
Bly to him Is cmetly. llie sad father, 
^bBI sees liissoD slun^ by ■ snake to death. 
" ly, with more justice, suy liis vengeful 

let the worm escape, than you voucb- 

rSo sold to hell and mischief ; thai a, imiioi 
To his most lawful prince, a chuicb-robbet, 
A parricide, who, when hb gamers are 
Cntinm'd with the purest grmn, suffers hit 
nng old, and weak, lo starve for want of 




Of such a ciiised nature : if long-lived, 
He would infect mankind : rest yuu aswred. 
lie lindi from me small courtesy. 

I! ;Wot honourable waundt. 
"\JtMil. 1 would I bod him 
HitUn my sword's length I 

Cit. lUve thy wish : Thou host I 

[Cleremond drii-ais Ait rwerJ. 
I Nay, draw thy Eword, niKliuddenly: lam 
I TT... "oniler, (eniple-robbct, pomcide, 
..... ill wretch ; fdend-haler. or what else 
/ Maka up thegetka figure of the de^'^, 



And n 

Some Utile slop in Ihy career ol kindnc_ . 
Why would'st thou, to confirm tlic naine of 

Despise the favoura of fair Bellisa..., 

And all Ihose certain juys Ihut waited for 

Snatch at this fatal offer of a second, 
'Which odien fled from? — lis in va 

When there B i 

, ; and therefore, good 

Rouse thy mot! manly parts, and think Ihou 

Achampionformorelhaaltingor oDunlry T 
Since, in thy tail, goodness ilsdf must suflvr. 
Remember too, the baseness of diif wnjng 

. fiiendship; leliledgethyiHoid,. 
And kill compassion \a diee ; and fotgel not 
I will take all advanlages -, and so, 
Without reply have al ihee L 

{Tkrffigkt. Clercmondywa, 

Maiit. Sec. how wreak 
An Ul cause is 1 you are alirady falleo i 
What can jou look for now ? 

Clir. Fool, use thy fortune : 
And so he counsels iliee, that. If we had 
Clianged places, instantly would have c 

Ihy throat. 
Or digg'd lliy heart onl. 

Mont, In lequilal of 
Thai savi^ piupose, I must pity you ; 



Witness these tears, not tears of joy for con- 
But of true sorrow for your misery. 
Live, O live, Cleremond, and, like a man, 
Make use of reason, as an exorcist 
To cast this devil out, that does abuse you ; 
This fiend of false afi'ection. 

Cler. A^ill you not kill me ? 
You are then more tyrannous than T^eonora. 
An easy thrust will do it : you had ever 
A chantable hand ; do not deny me. 
For our old friendship's sake : no ! will 't 

not be? 
There are a thousand doors to let out life ; 
j Yon keep not guard of all : and I shall find, 
I By falling headlong from some rocky cliff, 
I Poison, or fire, that long rest which your 
I sword 

Discoiuteoiisly denies me. {Exit, 

I Mont. I will follow ; 
And something I must fancy, to dissuade 

From doing sudden violence on himself : 
That's now mv only aim ; and that to me, 
■Sucoeding well, is a true victory. {Exit, 

SCENE in. — Paris. An outer Room in 
Chamont's House. 

Enter Chamont disguised, and Dinont. 

Din. Your lady tempted too ! 
Cham. And tempted home ; 
Summon'd to parley, the fort almost yielded, 
Had not I stepp'd in to remove the siege : 
But I have countermined his works, and if 
You second me, will blow the letcher up. 
And laugh to see him caper. 

Din. Anything : 
Command me as your servant, to join with 

All ways are honest we take, to revenge us 
On these lascivious monkies of the court. 
That make it their profession to dishonour 
Grave citizens' wives ; nay, those of higher 

As 'tis, in yours, apparent. My young 

That thought to cheat me with a feign'd 

I have in the toil already ; I have given him, 
Under pretence to make him high and active, 
A cooler : — I dare warrant it ^\'ill yield 
Rare sport to see it work ; I would your lord- 
•Could be a spectator. 

Cham. It is that I aim at : 
And might I but persuade you to dispense 
A little with your candour, and consent 
To make your house the stage, on which 
,we'll act 

A comic scene ; in the pride of all their hopes. 
We'll show these shallow fools sunk-eyed 

And triumph in their punishment. 

Din. My house, 
Or whatsoever else is mine, shall servo 
As properties to grace it. 

Cham. In this shape, then, 
Leave me to work the rest. 

Din. Doubt not, my lord, 
You shall find all things ready. {Exit, 

Enter Perigot. 

Cham. This sorts well 
With my other purposes. Perigot ! to my 

Aid me, invention ! 

Peri, Is the quean fallen off? 
I hear not from her ? — 'tis the hour and place 
That she appointed. 
What have we here? This fellow has a 

pimp's face, 
And looks as if he were her call, her fetch-^— 
With me? 

Cham. Sir, from the party, 
The lady you should truck with, the lord's 

Your worship is to dub, or to make free 
Of the company of the homers. 

Peri. Fair Lamira ? 

Cham. The same, sir. 

Peri. And how, my honest squire o' 
dames? I see 
Thou art of her privy council. 

Cham. Her grant holds, sir. 

Peri. O rare ! But when ? 

Cham. Marry, instantly. 

Peri. But where ? 

Cham. She hath outgone the cimning of 
a woman, 
In ordering it both privately and securely : 
You know Dinant, the doctor ? 

Peri. Good. 

Cham. His house 
And him she has made at her devotion, sir. 
Nay, wonder not ; most of these empirics 
Thrive better by connivance in such cases, 
Than their lame practice ; framing some dis- 
The fool, her lord 

Peri. Lords may be what they please ; 
I question not their patent. 

Cham. Hath consented. 
That this night, privately, she shall take a 

clyster ; 
Which he believes the doctor ministers. 
And never thinks of you. 

Peri. A good wench still. 

Cham, And\3MTO» V\v\vomV?ms^^cki — 


PeH. EicelkLllI 

make Ibis lord my cuckold ? 

The reverend drudging doclor. my copiutnet, 
And Trllow band : netl year we will htm! 

him waiden 
Of our »ciety. 

Ptri. llieiEt Qieicl I shall bunt, 
I am so swollen <Kith pleasure ; nu mon; 

Drar keeper trf Ihe vantling Aoai ; lead on. 

CkaH. Charge you as boldly. 

Ptri. Do not fear ; 1 have 
A staff to laint. and bravely. 

Ckam, Save the ^Unteis, 

[I bieak in the cncaunler. 

Ptri. Wilty rascal I [Einiit. 

SCENE IV.— A room in Bellisanl's //oait. 
Enler CUnndore. Beltisani, and Beaupr^ 
Ctarin. Boast of your favours, madam 1 
Bttt. Ponlon, sir, 
My fenrs, since it Is grown a general custom, 
■- our hot youth, to keep a catalogue 
..'CanqUBSUIliiswaygoi ; nordolheylhink 
Their victory complete, unless ihey publish. 
To Ihdr disgrace, that are made captives to 

How tar Ihey iiave preml'd. 

Clarin. I would have such rascals 
Hnl celdcd. and then hang'd. 

Btll. Remember too, sir, 

O whai oitremKies your love had brought 

And, since I saved your life. 1 may. with 

By silence chaige you to preserve mine 

Mliich, howsoever to my conscious self 
t am tninted, foully tainted, (o the woild 
I am free from all suspicion. 

ClariH. Can you think 
111 do myself thai wmng ? although f had 
A lawyer^t mercenary tongue, still moving. 
,Te this preriooi carcanet. Ihew jeweb, 
, . o( your magnificetice. would keep me 
A Pylhagorean. and aver silent. 
No. TQt secure, iweel lady ; and eicuse 
My xudden and abrupt departure from you : 
fitiA if the fnull makes forfeit of your grace, 
Aquick rEium shaJl ransomc and redeem it. 

Betl. Be mindful of your oadis. 

[ iVallis aiidi wili Beauprf. 

Clarin.. 1 am got olT, 
And leave the memoiy of Ihem behind me. 
Mow, if I can Bnd out my scoffing gulh. 
Norall ant) Perigot, besides my wager. 
Which is already sore. I shall return 

I value. The vise sa 

"nielr bitter jetls. aitd wound ihcm with my 

Much deeper than my sword. Oh 1 hul the 

I hare made to the u 
Of which 1 should b 

Wllh me ai 

That the whole fabric < 
Than wind or fcalbcis : what b (hen lur 

Akind of nothing ;— not to be preseived 
With llic hss of so much money : 'tlssouni 

And I vrill follow it. [£p»'(. 

ft//. Prithee, be not doubtful ; 
Let the wild coll run his courw. 

Bi,iti. I mu<,t confess 
I cannot sound the depth of what you piir- 

Bul fmuch fi-nr— — 
Bill. That he ivlll blab 

Till he halh vented what , 
He should conceal ; — bu 

md for' 


SCENE V.~A Boam in Dinanfs Ha, 
£n/tr Chnmonl. Dinant, Lamim, Cl.irindn. 
anrf Servants. 

When I brought liim to the chninbet I 

And stretch'd his limbs, preparing tllem lor 

And, taking me to be a pander. 

Twasmoredelighl to havaalord his cuckold. 
Than to enjoy my lady!- *'■-— ' ' '■ ' ' 
In GODtemplatioti. gr-""" 
Lanura'B presence ; I 
I Imve prqnied him other visiinnls.— 
You know what you have to do? 
I Scrv. Fear not. my lord, 

npnnt edi 

int edge. 
His lire : 

Din, For his pupil, 
My wife's Inamomio, if cold weeds. 
Removed but one degree from deadly poison. 
Have not forgot ihcii certain opemtion, 
Vou shall see his courage coord ; aiul in 
that temper. 



Tin he have howl'd himself into my pardon, 

I TOW to keep him. 
Nov. [within.] Ho, doctor! masterdoctor I 
Din. The game's afoot ; we will let slip : 

Yonrsolves a little. [Exeunt all butiyinzxii. 

Enter Novall. 

Nov, Oh ! a thousand agues 
Flay at barley-break in my tK>nes ; my blood's 

a pool 
On the sudden frozen, and the isicles 
Cut every vein : 'tis here, there, everywhere ; 
Oh dear, dear, master doctor ! 

Din. I must seem 
Not to understand him ; 'twill increase his 
torture. — [Aside. 

How do you, sir? has the potion wrought? 

do you feel 
An alteration? have your s>vellings left you? 
Is your blood still rebellious ? 

Nov. Oh, 'good doctor, 
I am a ghost I I have nor flesh, nor blood, 
Nor heat, nor warmth, about me. 

Din. Do not dissemble ; 
I know you are high and jo\'iaI. 

Nov. Jo>'ial ! doctor ; 
No, I am all amort, as if I had lain 
Three days in my grave already. 

Din. I will raise you : 
For, look you, sir, you are a liberal patient. 
Nor must I, while you can be such, part with 

Tis against the laws of our college. Pray 

you, mark me ; 
I have with curiosity consider 'd 
Your constitution to be hot and moist, 
And that at your nativity Jupiter 
And Venus were in conjunction, whence it 

By necessary consequence, you must be 
A most insatiate letcher. 

Nov. Oh ! I have been, 
I have been, I confess : but now I cannot 
Think of a woman. 

Din. For your health you must, sir, 
Both think, and see, and touch ; you're but 
a dead man else. 

Not*. That way, I am already. 

Din. You must take. 
And suddenly ('tis a conceal'd receipt), 
A buxom, juicy wench. 

Nov. Oh ! 'twill not down, sir ; 
I have no swallow for't. 

Din. Now, since I would 
Hare the disease as private as the cure, 
(For 'tis a secret,) I have wrought my wife 
To be both physic and physician, 
To ghre 3roa ease : — ytm you walk to her ? 

Nov. Oh ! doctor, 
I cannot stand ; in every sense about me 
I have the palsy, but my tongue. 

Din. Nay then, 
You are obstinate, and refuse my gentle offer; 
Or else 'tis foolish modesty : — Come hither. 
Come, my Clarinda, 

Re-enter Clarinda. 

'tis not common courtesy ; 
Comfort the gentleman. 
Nov. This is ten times worse. 
Cham, [within."] He docs torment him 

Din. She is not coy, sir. 
What think you, is not this a pretty foot, 
And a clean instep ? I will leave the calf 
For you to find and judge of : here's a hand 

too ; 
Try it, the palm is moist ; the youthful blood 
Runs strong in every azure vein : the face toa 
Ne'er knew the help of art ; and. all together, 
May serve the turn, after a long sea- voyage, 
For the captain's self. 

Nov. I am a swabber, doctor, 
A bloodless swabber; have not strength 

To cleanse her poop. 

Din. Fie ! you shame yourself, 
And the profession of your rutting gallants. 
That hold their doctors' ^ives as free for 

As some of us do our apothecaries' ! 
Nov. Good sir, no more. 
Ditt. Take her aside ; comute me ; 
I give you leave : what should a quacksalve, 
A fellow that does deal with drugs, as I do. 
That has not means to give her choice of 

Jewels, and rich embroidered petticoats. 
Do with so fair a bedfellow ? she being 

To purge a rich heir's reins, to be the- 

Of a court gallant ? Did you not tell her so ? 
Nov. I have betray'd m)'self ! I did, I did. 
Din. And that rich merchants, advocates, 
and doctors, 
Howe'er deserN-ing from the commonwealth. 
On forfeit of the city's charter, were 
Predestined cuckolds ? . 

Nov. Oh, some pity, doctor ! 
I A^Tis an heretic, but now converted. 
Some little, little recpite ! 
Din. No, you town-bull ; 

venge all good men's wrongs. 
And now will play the tyrant. To dissect 

Eat thy flesh off with burning corrosives. 


Or write vrllh aqaaJbtlJs in Ihy rorehead, 
Thy last intent to WTong my bed. were jiislio 
I And to do lea were foolii plly io me ; 

U ifitv. Perigol I Perigol 1 
^Woe to thy cuned coiuucl. 

St^itttf Chamont ani LamiiiL 
Cham. Perigol ! 
IMd he advise you to litis cauise> 
Nm}. He did. 
CtdM. And he lias his lewiuil Ibr'I. 

S«h7 li 

That boys in the streets shall hoot at tlue : 

riumph g'ti him.— Dost thott 3cc lllls 

My wife, whose honour foolishly Ihou 

To undemnine, and make a serranl to 
Tliy brutish lusa, laughing n( thy nfflicl 
And, ta a sign the scoriu thee. »l Iwr . 
Upon lliy head? Do so ;— SJcnili I 

And must endure it. 

Cham, Spurn him. too. 

Lam. Trodi, sir, 
I do him loo much gmce. 

Cham, Now, 01 a schoolboy 
Does liiss the rod ilmi gave himchMiiseii 
'"'- - ■■ " -,lttYe, meet, with lliy Up*, 

Sweet walk oT ii. rr, 

Stm,' I wnrranl you 'tis tender, 
nuts no cooking; ; yd, If jou tbmk h 
We'll bruise it agBin. 

Peri. As you are Christians, spare me 
I Un Jelly wilhio already, and willioul 
Embrokfered all o'er with staiuie lace. 
'Whkt would you more ? 

Nov. My tutor in the gin, too I 
his is some comfort : be is as good 
drench'd ; 


11 both bi 

Clmm. What, ia'i i 
301) hare encounter a, monsteur, you are 
{ scnLtch'd so? 

Uj lady, sure, forgot to pare her nsils, 
S<9ore your soft embraces. 

Dill. H« has lo'co greai pains : 
What a sweat hc'K in ! 

Omih. 01 he's a master-dancer, 
Knows how- to cuper inlo ■ lady's faiinir : 
One lofty trick more, dear monsieur. 
tftv. That I had 

strcnglh enough 10 lasgh .U lilm I 
binnketted like a dag, 
' '"-- a cut-purso whipi I I am sure ihai 

'Peri. May oo( a man liave Irnve 
To hang himsfilf 1 

Cbiin. No ; that were loo much mercy. 
■f tJfe to be -wrelched -, live to be the talk 
) XH the conduit, and the bakehouse. I will 
clUTcdas rhouart now. and Ihywholeslory 
/ fuw 'ojome villninous tun: in alGwd ballad ; 
^JMfDnlctJleesuitolorious lo the woikl. 

Have you done yet? 
Dia, How lilee a pair of cresI-faUeii jades 

they look now ! 
Cla. They ore not worth our scorn. 
Prri. O pujMl, pupil I 
.V«'. Tutor, I am drench'd : let us 

dole togelber. 
Cham. And Where's the tickling ilch now, 
my dear nionsietir, 
Tosay, Tliis lord-smytttikoldl—ltaniaKA-. 
'lliat we had fresh dogs to himi ihcm I 
Enltr Clarindote. 

/Vri. Clnrindorc ! worst of all : — Ibr U 

Io know this, j 

Is a second blanlielting to me. 1 

AW. 1 agiun ■ 

Am drench'd to look on him. \ 

Clarin. How b'l? nay, bear up : 
Von thai commend adultery, I nm glad 
To see it thrive so wclL Fie, Pcrigot I 
Dejected? Haply ihou wuuldst have 1 

This is the hist time that thou didst cuivd. 
.\ndcomealoftinablanfcel. BySt.OennisI 
Kereareshiewdsctalctiesloo: butuMhlnslo 
A man of resolutioD, whrne shoulders 
Are of themselves armour of pmrf. against 
A bastinado, and will tire ten btadles. 

Piri. Mock on ; know nometcy. 

CLirin. Thrifiy young man I 
U'hai a charge is Ktvcd in wenching ! and 



A certain wager of three thousand crowns 
Is lost, and must be paid, my pair of puppies: 
The coy dame, Bellisant, hath stoop d ! bear 

This chain and jevrels you have seen her wear. 
The fellow, that her grooms kick'd down 

the stairs, 
Hath crept into her bed ; and, to assure you 
There's no deceit, she shall confess so much, 
I have enjoy 'd her. 

Cham. Are you serious ? 
Clarin, Yes, and glory in it. 

Cham. Nay then, g^ve over fooling. 

Thou liest, and art a villain, a base villain, 
To slander her. 

Clarin. You are a lord, and that 
Bids me forbear you ; but I will make good 
Whatever I have said. 

Cham. I'll not lose time 
To change words with thee. The king hath 

A Parliament of Love to right her wrongs, 
To which I summon thee. [Exit. 

Clarin. Your worst : I care not. — Fare- 
well, babions I [Exit. 
Din. Here was a sudden change ! 
Nay, you must quit my house : shog on, 

kind patient, 
And, as you like my physic, when you are 
Rampant again, you know I have that can 

cool you. 
Nay, monsieur Perigot, help your pupil off 

Your counsel brought him on. Ha ! no reply ? 
Are you struck dumb ? If you are wrong'd, 
Peri. We shall find friends to right us. 
Din. And I justice. 
The cause being heard ; I ask no more. 
Hence ! vanish ! [Exeunt. 


SCENE I.— /4 Court 0/ Justice. 
£«/^Chamont, Philamour, and Lsdori. 

Phil. Montrose slain ! and by Cleremond ! 

Cham. Tis too true. 

Ixtf. But wondrous strange, that any dif- 
Especially of such a deadly nature. 
Should e er divide so eminent a friendship. 

Phil. The miracle is greater, that a lady, 
His most devoted mistress, I..eonoTa, 
Against the usual softness of her sex. 
Should with such violence and heat pursue 
Her amorous servant ; since I'm inform 'd 
That be was apprehended by her practice, 

And, when he comes to trial for his life, 
She'll rise up his accuser. 

Cham. So 'tis rumour'd : 
And that's the motive that young Cleremond 
Makes it his humble suit, to have his cause 
Decided in the Parliament of Love ; 
For he pretends the bloody quarrel grew 
From grounds that claim a reference to that 

place : 
Nor fears he, if you grant him equal hearing. 
But, with imanswerable proof, to render 
The cruel Leonora tainted with 
A guilt beyond his. 

La/. 1*he king is acquainted 
Already with the accident ; besides. 
He hath vouchsafed to read divers petitions 
Preferr'd on several causes ; one against 
Monsieur Dinant, his doctor, by Novall ; 
A second, in which madam Bellisant 
Complains 'gainst Clarindore ; there is a 

bill too, 
Brought in by Perigot, against your lordship ; 
All which, in person, he resolves to hear. 
Then, as a judge, to censure. 

[A flourish loithin. 

Phil. See the form ! 
Choice musick ushers him. 

Cham. Let us meet the troop. 
And mix with them. 

Phil. 'Twill poize yoiu* expectation. 


Loud Music. Enter Charles followed by 
Orleans, Nemours, Chamont, Lafort, and 
Philamour. A Priest with the image of 
Cupid : then enter Cleremond, Clarin- 
dore, Perigot, Novall, Bollisant, Leonora, 
Beaupre, Lamira, Clarinda, an^Z Officers. 
Montrose is brought forward on a bier^ 
and placed before the bar. 

Char. Let it not seem a wonder, nor beget 
An ill opinion in this fair assembly. 
That here I place this statue ; 'tis not done. 
Upon the forfeit of our grace, that you 
Should, with a superstitious reverence. 
Fall down and worship it : nor can it be 
Presumed, we hope, young Charles, that 

justly holds 
The honour d title of most Christian King, 
Would ever nourish such idolatrous thoughts. 
'Tis rather to instruct deceived manlvind. 
How much pure Love, that has his birth in 

And scorns to be received a guest, but in 
A noble heart prepared to entertain him, 
Is, by the gross misprision of weak men, 
Abused and injured. That celestial fire^ 
Which hieroglyphvcaWY V& dcacfC^QRA. 
In this 1ms bovi. Yms «vm\n«, wi^>Kv&\sscOci, 


<] iheic bltKxlt, lund after gai-E a 

drew men, diffeiing lullc ihen fro 

vil govenunent ; or brDed Aldda, 
The lyraBl-queUet. ihai refused ihe plain 
Anil easy path leading [o vidoui pleiuiue 
And ending in a precipice deep ns hell, 
To icaLc Ihe ragged clifT, on trticse Arm lop 
Vlnue and Honour, crawn'd with wieall^ 

Ciir, Should I riie up lo plead my inno- 

Though. wilh the favour of [he court. I «ocd 
Acquitted lo the world, yea. though the 

Of my dead friend, {which, like so many 

With bloody lODgncs, cty oul aloud against 

By your authority, were dosed ; yel here. 
A not to be comipicd judge, my consdence. 
Would not alone cotidemn me, but inflict 
Such lingenog tortures on me, as ihe hiag- 

. ... :o those andeni limes. 

And Ihetefore 'twere impenlneni and ledioi 
re precedents of that reverend ag 
Bui mlher to endeamuc, as we pur|ime, 
To give encouragement, by icward, to inch i 
' I with Ilieir bat nen'es imitate thai 

tnolice, could not cqtuL 

And, V 

-EkKin: r 
be first, a 

10 reform 

■X bills. 
1, roy loitl ; 'iwi 

:l till my cause be heard, oi 

Off. Back ! keep back, Iheie ! 

A'mr. IVthee. gentte officer. 
Handle me ging^y, oi 1 fall to f 
Before I can plead mioe. 

if your laws with greater rigour punish 
11 invent a mischief, than llie oigans 
am 'tis put in act, (they truly being 
The (itsi great wheels 1^ which the l^er 

Then stand forth, Leonota; and t*ll prove 
The white robe of my innocence lainted with 
But one bladcspot of guilt, and even (hat one 
By thy hand cast on me : but thine, dyed o'er. 

: Forbear the 

CMor. l^orbear these clamours, you shall 
■" be heard ■ 
> conliTm I am no partial judge, 

ery deddc it ; here's no favour. 

UU is first. Lafon? 

[ TAe nanuj are drmni. 

Laf. 'Tis Cleremond's. 

Char. The second? 

Laf. Perigoi's; the tliinl NoMili's. 

Not'. Out cases are boih lamenlable. tutor. 

Ptri. And I am glad they shall be heard 

fe eimnot stand asunder. 

C)uiT. What's Ihe last? 

Lnf. "Hie injured lady Bellisont's. 

Ciar. To Ihe fiisl, ilien ; 

lid so pTDcmd in order. 

i'kU. Stand to ihc \tsa. 

[Cicr tmiui JitTWitri . 

Lam. S^ak, Cleicmond, thy grief, as I 


iof youi!sdC 

Cler, Fronliess impudence, 
And not to be rej^ied be I Sli 
And these subordinale minisl 
I turn my speech : lo her I di 
I e'er vouchsafed a syllable. My birth 
Was noble as 'lis ancient, nor let it ndish 
Of Bnoganee, to say my father's care. 
With curlousness and cosi, did train me u; 
In all those hberal qualitiB ihni commend 
A gentleman : and when the tender dovro 
Upon my chin told me 1 was a man, 
I came to court ; ihere youth, ease, and ei- 

First made me feel ihe pleasingpangsof love : 
And there I saw this woman ; saw. and loved 

With more tl 

n ordoor : for that 

/^•V. A Gonlident lillle pteiuler 




Not loose but loyal flames, which aim'd at 

Who came with greedy haste to meet the 


. ing, that my captive heart was made 
Love's divine artillery, 
. preserved . . no relation. 
But the shot made at her was not, like mine, 
Of gold, nor of pale lead that breeds disdain ; 
Cupid himself disclaims it : I think rather, 
As by the sequel 'twill appear, some Furv 
From burning Acheron snatch'd a sulphur 

That smoak'd with liate, the parent of red 

And threw it in her bosom. Pardon me, 
Though I dwell long upon the cause that did 
Produce such dire effects ; and, to omit, 
For your much patience' sake, the cunning 

In which she caught me, and, with horrid 

Emhark'd me in a sea of human blood, 
I come to the last scene— 

Leon. 'Tis time ; for this 
Grows stale and tedious. 

CUr. When, I say, she had. 
To satisfy her fell rage, as a penance. 
Forced me to this black deed, her vow, too, 

That I should marry her, and she conceal 

me ; 
When to her view I brought the slaughter'd 

Of my dear friend, and labour'd with my 

To stir compunction in her, aided too 
By the sad object, which might witness for 

At what an over-rate I had made purchase 
Of her long-wish'd embraces ; then, great 

sir, — 
But that I had a mother, and there may be 
Some two or three of her . . . sex 

less fisiulty, 
I should affirm she was the perfect image 
Ofthedevil, hertutor, that had left hell empty, 
To dwell in wicked woman. 
Leon. Do ; rail on. 
CUr. For not alone she gloried in my 

Forswore wliat she had vow'd, refused to 

touch me. 
Much less to comfort me, orgivc me harbour ; 
But, instantly, ere I could recollect 
My scatter'd sense, betiay'd me to your 

Which I submit to ; hoping, in yourwisdom, 
That as, in me, you lop a limb of murder, 

You will, in her, grub up the root. I have 

said, sir. 
Leon. Much, I confess, but much to little 

And though, with your rhetorical flourishes, 
You strive to gild a rotten cause, the touch 
Of reason, fortified by truth, delivered 
From my unletter'd tongue, shall shew it 

dust ; 
And so to be contemn'd : You have trimm'd up 
All your deservings, should I grant them 

With more care than a maiden of threescore 
Does hide her wrinkles, which, if she en- 
The rain, the wind, or sun, the paint wash'd off. 
Are to dim eyes discover'd. 1 forbear 
The application, and in a plain style 
Come roundly to the matter. Tis confess'd, 
This pretty, handsome, gentleman, (for 

Led to the gallows are held proper men. 
And so I now will call him,) would needs 

make me 
The mistress of his thoughts ; nor did I 

For truth is truth, to grace him as a servant. 
Nay, he took pretty ways to win me too. 
For a court novice ; every year I was 
His Valentine, and, in an anagram. 
My name worn in his hat ; he made me 

As if he thought that ladies, like to flies, 
Were to be caught with sweetmeats ; quar- 

rell'd with 
My tailor, if my gown were not the first 
Of that edition ; beat my shoemaker, 
If the least wrinkle on my foot appear 'd. 
As wronging the proportion ; and, in time, 
Grew bolder, usher'd me to masques, and . 
Or else paid him that WTOte them ; 
With such a deal of p 
And of good rank, are taken with such 

gambols : 
In a word, I was so ; and a solemn contract 
Did pass betwixt us ; and the day appointed. 
That should make our embraces warrantable, 
And lawful to the world : all things so car- 
As he meant nought but honourable love. 
Char. A pretty method. 
Phil. Quaintly, too, deliver'd. 
Leon. But, when he thought me sure, he 

then gave proof 
That foul lust lurk'd in the fair shape of love ; 
For, valuing neither laws divine, nor human, 
His credit, nor my fame, with violence bom 
On black-sail'd wings of loose and base de- 

As if llli naluial pans had quite roiSDCik him. 
Awl Hint the plraiura of ibe nuniage bed 

Than tmiic beasu touple.— 1 ja tiliuh lo 

a with a most vir- 

Whal either of you have deserved, and « hy 
Tboe insftuments of our povrcr are bow 
ihouglii useful : 
shall hear mor^ nnou.- — - 
kr. I like not ihis. [yfrffc 

eoK. A dreadful prepuraticii] ! I ooniiss 
I 1 1 shakes my cunfidcncp. [Andt. 

Ctitrin. i presumed this court 
; Had been in sport erected ; but no* find. 
With soiTowio Ihcitrongesl hopes I built on. 
'Ilial 'lia not safe lo be Ihe nibjcci of 
The . . of kings. 

[JVae SJitaicr.) To the second cause. 
i.1/. . . Perigots. 
A'li!', Nay. lake mc along too: 


Reviled, and 

Tbsi 1 should take th 

e deities he scom'd, 

To shut my gales against him : but, vhi 

Disdain, hate, or coDlemglt. could free n 

His loatlisotne importimities, (and fired to . 
To wreak mine injunid honour,) I took 

Advantage of his execrable oaths 
To undergo what pennncc 1 enjaln'd hit 
Then, lo llie terror of all future ribalds. 
Thill make no differenix bciwcen hive and 

Impcecd ihia task upon bim. 1 have <>a 

Now. when you please, a censure. 
CAitr. She has put 

The judee& to ibefr whisper. 

JViw, What do you tliink ot Ihcse pro- 
oeedings. tutor? 

Ptri. The truth Is, 
I like iiol Ihe severity of the coun ; 
Would 1 werr quit, and in an hospital. 
1 could let Ui tny suit I 

fi/tiv, 'Til slill your counsel. 

CA"". We an tisolvcd, and with 
equal hand 
Will hold the 6calc of Justice ; pity shnll 
Nor passion Uonsport us : let a priest 
And headsman \x in readiness i— do you 

', Tis knovm I was an able, lust; man. 
Fit <o get soldiers (o serve my king 
A _j „*.._._^ jji jijp ^ajs - tm^ howsoevi? 
am not valiant of myself, 
ker, one thai could strike home 

Thai others father, ttrigs of m 

And such by-blows, old stories say. 

lunate captains : now. whereas, in jusdee. 
ould have had a pension from Ihe Stale 
For my good service, this Ineraleful dodor. 
■ ■ iving no child, and never like lo liave one^ 
rcause, in pty of his borrenticss, 
ilotled how (o help him lo an heh. 

To hear Ihein named? 
To lake a 

Some Utile pause 

Thai the great Turk may tr 

Cupid, if he be ihe god 
Of couphng. OS *lis said ; nnd will undo. 
If you give vay to this, all younger brolhen 
Thai cony Iheir lei-euuc in ihdr breeches.^ 
Have 1 not nick'd it, tulor? (Aiiifita Per,. 

Ptri. To a hnir, boy : 
Our bills shall pius, ne er ft 

II is the same, sir ; my inti 

CA"m. PiMd it not again, then : 
It lakes mucli tnm ilic dignity of the cc 

I. [vfi-V..]- 

But to give audience to such things as these, 
That do, in their defence, condemn them- 
And need not an accuser. To be short, sir. 
And in a language as far from obscenencss, 
As the foul cause will give me leave, be 

To know thus much : This hungry pair of 

And most inseparable pair of coxcombs, 
Though bom of divers mothers, twins in 

Were frequent at my table, had free welcome 
And entertainment fit for better men ; 
In the return of which, this thankful monsieur 
Tempted m^ wife, seduced her, at the least 
To him it did appear so ; which discovered, 
And with what treacheries he did abuse 
My bounties, treading underneath his feet ' 
All due respect of hospitable rights. 
Or the honour of my family ; though the 

Deserved a stab, and at the holy altar, 
I borrrow'd so much of your power to right 

As to make him caper. 

Din. For this gallant, sir, 
I do confess I cool'd him, spoil'd his ram- 
bling ; 
Would all such as delight in it, were served so ! 
And since you are acquainted with the 

That did induce me to it, I forbear 
A needless repetition. 

Cham. 'Tis not worth it. 
The criminal judge is fitter to take • 
Of pleas of this t^se nature. Be 
An injured lady, for whose wrong 
I sec the statue of the god of lo%'e 
Drop down tears of compassion, his sad 

And fair cheek'd Graces, that attend on her. 
Weeping for company, as if that all 
The ornaments upon the Paphian shrine 
Were, with one gripe, by sacrilegious hands, 
Tom from the holy altar : 'tis a cause, sir. 
That justly may exact your best attention ; 
Which if you tmly understand and censure. 
You not alone shall right the present times, 
But bind posterity to be your debtor. 
Stand forth, dear madam : — 

[Bellisant conus forward. 
Look upon this face, 
Examine every feature and proportion, 
And vou with me must grant, this rare piece 

Nature, despairing e'er to make the like, 
Brake suddenly the mould in which 'twas 

Yet, to increase your pity, and call on 
Your justice with severity, this fair outside 
Was but the cover of a fairer mind. 
Think, then, what punishment he must 

And justlv suffer, that could arm his heart 
With such impenetrable flinty hardness, 
To injure so much sweetness. 

Clarin. I must stand 
The fury of this tempest, which already 
Sings in my ears. 

Bell. Great sir, the too much praise 
This lord, my guardian once, has shower 'd 

upon me. 
Could not but spring up blushes in my cheeks. 
If grief had left me blood enough to sp«dc 
My humble modesty : and so far I am 
From being litigious, that though I were 

Of my whole estate, provided my fair name 
Had been un wounded, I had now been silent. 
But since the wrongs I undergo, if smother'd, 
Would injure our whole sex, I must lay by 
My native bashfulness, and put on boldness, 
Fit to encoimter with the impudence 
Of this bad man, that from his birth hath been 
So far from nourishing an honest thought, 
That the abuse of virgins was his study. 
And daily practice. His forsaking of 
His wife, distressed Beaupr^ ; his lewd wager 
With these, companions like himself, to 

abuse me ;" 
His desperate resolution, in my presence. 
To be his own assassin ; to prevent which, 
Foolish compassion forced me to surrender 
The life of life, my honour, I pass o\'er : 
I'll only touch his foul ingratitude. 
To scourge which monster, if your laws 

provide not 
A punishment with rigour, they are useless. 
Or if the sword, the gallows, or the wheel. 
Be due to such as spoil us of our goods ; 
Perillus' brazen bull, the English rack. 
The German pincers, or the Scotch oil'd- 

Though join'd together, yet come short of 

To their full merit, those accursed wretches, 
That steal our reputations, and good names. 
As this base villain has done mine : — 

Forgive me, 
If rage provoke me to uncivil language ; 
The cause requires it. Was it not enough 
That, to preserve thy life, I lost my honour, 
in recompense of such a gift 
. publish it, to my disgrace ? 
whose means, unfortunate I, 
Whom, but of late, the city, nay, all France, 
Durst bring in opposition for chaste life, 

An now become 
In miDcoHn coui 


w Chrtucui w«U. 

"^ mo™ rat 
ill* iruE. CUnodorc? 
Vto. Oil t u nrr WK. aif ; 
- braCE'dofitionir. 
. Ptn, And me. 
Hqt, noce we muu be cviuDied, mH givr 

f'TIa oomCori lo lu»« Tellows in afflidton : 
I-Vm ihall DM 'Mspc fine mon«kur. 
L'tana. Pracs, you itsK-botU I — 
_ Mr. 1 >ddrB* ni^lf to juu. ud hope 
I'YoB haiic ptoenvd one ou fcir my drfencc, 
V*3lic other fiacl]! giten to mi)' iucumt : 
J^Tidt lad)>. that cuni|>llini of tDjiny, 
Itlfahehaicu!]!. washcndf ihcuuio 
VTbai brauabt it to hct; (or being young, 

n whnh ha chutliy ww uranglj' niisd : 
"-H WM bra] B counier. and mvcd 
-M my whole life unlcr CupM* erulgns. 
Id not, In juniM, bnt Inuqprci this 
.jn almiu lo the gnM god ofiein, 
■d all hii fbllowBTs, If she woe not brought 
■ ' ■ ■■ ■ ■ s. sir. 

vC^ what I nrore, It iklUs not ; (iJoce'tis 
Id Inily, Jtiplla ind Vsnui wille 

"Aid t enjoy't 
And nil Buch 

fc young 

. .«* ;) 10 be brief, >he gelded, 
her; irihii br Bcrirne, 

11 oift^ ihi» piciuani way 
mc u> IK jiunbh'd, 1 am sure you wouM 

Fnr followen in ibe court 

And whu would you in luc 
/.afi Forbear. 
rii/. You are rude nnd i 
VUrln, Good wonli. EciiIIejiulitcS' 
have no otl'd tungiie: and I hope my 

IfWin noro")^!]. 

Char. But did you boast yout eonqoEU 
ClariK. AflM vIciDty ; 
aldfcr'n mouih 

UUI« ^ry In n 

luve being u kind of w 

It could not but lake from my 
f Bniilei the wager of three Ihousand croviu 

Uade sure by her omfe^oii of my serviee,^ 
IS it bad iKen cooccal'd. 

Char. Who wouki have thought 
That such so impudence could e'er have 

In (he hean of ajiy gentleman? In this. 
Thou dost di%r>dF ihywlt o( nil the hODOun 
Thy ancslois left lh«r, and, in Ihy baK 


It thsu thou 

. . .-- Lppaicnt thsu 
Boait ol a lad/e lavov 
Thou an the captain of that 
Thai glory in indr sint. and 
With name of oouRship ; cuA 
Great women's bounties, and rcpuls'd a 

Commit adultery 
And never touch I 

For your take. ml. _ __ 

Such lepanktlon for vou in your honoor 

As I desire ; Ibt. if I should compel hlM ~ ' 

To many you. ii were lo him n blojinjt, 

'iDyonapuniihinenl; hebeiagsounwttfthy: 

I therefore do resign my place to you ; 

Be your own judge : whaic'er you shall de- 

By my crown, I'll see poform'd. 

To stand at a woman's mercy. {Atidt. 

Btll. Then thus, air : 
1 am no) bloody, nor beni to levenge ; 
And study his amendment, not hit ruin : 
Yet. since you have given up yout powvr to 

For puniihmeat, I do enjoin him la 
Mariy this Moor. 

CCarin. A devil I hang me nitber. 

Ckar. II is not to be atcrU 

{ood for Ihec. View hi 

lish from her (a« w 

ind expTcssioi 
idH. Ay, too 

And Iben, (his var 

Thou shall find Beaupri 

CI-iriH. Benupr^I 

Jitll. Yes, hit wife, sir. 
Biu long fay him with violence cast off; 
And in this shape she terv'd me ; ^ aiy 

ming to m 

r majesly may ni 

iiirin. It needs no( [ 1 receive her, : 
oik panlori 
Of her and you. 

Btll. On both our pnrti 'lis granted. 
This v«is your liedfeUoW, Wid filld 



When you thought 3rou embraced me ; I am 

A viigin ; nor had ever given consent. 
In rov chaste house, to such a wanton passage, 
But that I knew that her desires were lawful. — 
But now no more of personated passion : 
This is the man I loved, [pointing to iJU 

bieTtl that I loved truly, 
However I dissembled ; and, with him. 
Dies all affection in me. So, great sir, 
Resume your seat. 

Char. An unexpected issue. 
Which I rejoice in. Would 'twere (n our 

To give a period to the rest, like this. 
And spare our heavy censiire 1 but the death 
Of good Montrose forbids it. Cleremond, 
Thou instantly shall marry Leonora ; 
Which done, as suddenly thy head cut off, 
AjoA corpse interr'd, upon thy grave I'll build 
A room of eight feet square, in which this 

For punishment of her cruelty, shall die 
An andioress. 

Leon. I do repent, and rather 
Will marry him, and forgive him. 

Clarin. Bind her to 
Her word, great sir ; Montrose lives ; this a 

To catch this obstinate lady. 

Lton. I am glad 
To be so cheated. 

Momt, \ris€sfromth€hi€r\, . . Lady, 
deceived ; do not repent 
Your good opinion of me when thought dead. 
Nor let not my neglect to wait upon you, 
Considering what a business of import 
Diverled me, be thought unpardonable. 

Bell. For my part 'tis forgiven ; and thu» 
I seal ...... 

Char. Nor are we averse 
To your desires; may you live long, and 
happy : 
Nov. Mercy to us, great sir. 
Peri. We will become 
Chaste and reform'd men. 

Cham, and Din. We both are suitors. 
On this submission, for your pardon, sir. 
Cham. Which we in part will grant : but, 
to deter 
Others, by their example, from pursuing 
Unlawful lusts, that think adultery 
A sport to be oft practised ; fix on them 
Twosatyrs' heads ; and so. in capital letters 
Their foul intents writ on their breasts, we'll 

have them 
Led thrice through Paris ; then, at the court 

To stand three hours, where Clarindore shall 

His recantation for the injury 
Done to the lady Bellisant ; and read 
A sharp invective, ending with a curse 
Against all such as boast of ladies' favours : 
Which done, both truly penitent, my doctor 
Shall use his best art to restore your strength. 

And render Perigot a perfect man. 

So break we up Love's Parliament, 

which, we hope, 
Being for mirth intended^ shall not meet 

An ill construction ; and if then ^ fair ladies .-^ 
You please to approve it, toe hope you'U 

Your friends to suit fien, with delight. 
• [Exeunt. 

The Roman Actor. 


DomUianiu Cssnr J, Lowin. 

Paris, Ihe ROMAS ACTOK J.Taylor. 

jKliiia Lamia. ") f T. Pollanl. 

Junius Riailcui. („.,,„_ J Rob. Benfield, 

I'alphurhu Sura, r""""" "J w. Palridie. 

PiinheniiB, Casar's/mJman R. Shiirpc. 

Antinoi. Ctesar'f lev . . E. Swaruloni'. 

Slqibanos. OoaihiMi/ntJiaiiii. 

.litmus, 1,,.„„, fR. Robinion. 

Latinus. fF'"J"r' JC. Greville. 

Philtrpa, a n'lh mi'irr ; /a(Air la Panhci^ua . . . A. Smiili. 
Asdeluio, an n-strolostr. 

gSit, i"«>™'-" {,°Er 

Domitia. K'iA' B^i£liiu Lamia j. Tomjson. 

DomllilUt, touna-gfrman I0 Qisac 
Wlin, daughter afr\ta 
Ciena. V '— " 

W. Trigfii:. 

1. VeaposUui's tencuiiiit . . . . 
A Lady. 

TriiuKa, Licton, CiHlmtitHi. Sttditrs, HiiHgmia, Setvaali. Caflhi 
SCENE,— Rome. 

j SCENE \.—Tke Thtalre. Etler Paris. 
Latjaiu, and JZiOXiai- 
fBiep. What do we act (o-diy > 
i<i/. Agave's fnniv, 
prfth Penlheus' bloixtr end. 
,,, /Vjr. h skiUi not what ; 
^l)e timra are dull, and all that we recdve 
Will hnnlly satisfy Ihc day's eipensc. 
The GTfvks. 10 wliom we owethefint ia< 

Tlul reign in evety m 

and humble lock, 

Dobie family. 

^ ; and our ifiealre, 

rompey'a woik. that balb given full 

' ' (he eye and ear of Gfly Ihousand 
_^. .. an in one day, as, if it were 
Some unknown desart. or great Rome ui 

"Is quiW forsaken. 

Litl. Pleasures of woise nalurei 
li .AKgtadlyenlertain'diandlhcyihatshunu 
Li pmctise, in private, sports tl 

To bay diseases fn 
Them ■ - ' 

, a Elorioii 


Nay. of tbe garded robe, the s< 
Esteem an easy purchase. 

Par. YelgnHlgeuE, 
That with delight join profit, and endeAVonr 
To build their minds up fair, andonthest^e 
Decipher tolhe life wbat honours wait 
On good and glorious oeiions. and the sllame 
That ucadsupanlheheelsofV!«, il 

jEsof. For the profit, Paris. 
And mercenary gain, they arc things be- 
Since, while you hold your grace and power 

with Ci^r. 
We, from your bounty, find a large sup( 
Nor can one thought of want ever appro 

Par. Our aim is gloiy, and Id leave 

To aflerlinic. 

Lai. And, would Ihey give us ieavc, 
There ends oil our ambition. 

.Hiop. We have enemies. 
And great ones too 



The consul Aretinus, Caesar's spy, 
Said at his table, ere a month expired, 
For being gall'd in our last comedy. 
He'd silence us for ever. 

Par. I expect 
No favour from him ; my strong Aventine is, 
That great Domitian, whom we oft have 

In his most sullen moods, will once return. 
Who can repair, with ease, the consul's ruins. 

Lat. 'Tis frequent in the city, he hath 
The Catti and the Daci, and, ere long. 
The second time will enter Rome in triumph. 

Enter two Lictors. 

Par. Jove hasten it? With us? — I now 
The consul's threats, i^sopus. 

1 Lict. You are siunmon'd 
To appear to-day in senate. 

2 Lict. And there to answer 
What shall be urged against you. 

Par. We obey you. 
Nay, droop not, fellows ; innocence should 

We, that have personated in the scene 
The ancient heroes, and the falls of princes, 
With loud applause ; being to act ourselves, 
Must do it with undoubted confidents. 
Whate'er our sentence be, think 'tis in sport : 
And, though condemn'd, let's hear it v^ithout 

As if we were to live again to-morrow. 
1 IMt. Tis spoken like yourself. 

Enter iClius Lamia, Junius Rusticus, and 
Palphunus Sura. 

Lam. Whither goes Paris? 
z Lict. He's cited to the senate. 
Lat. I am glad the state is 
So free from matters of more weight and 

That it has vacant time to look on us. 
Par. That reverend place, in which the 
affairs of kings 
And provinces were determined, to descend 
To the censure of a bitter word, or jest, 
Dropp'd from a poet's pen 1 Peace to your 

loidships 1 
We are glad that you are safe. 

[Exeunt Lictors, Paris, Latinus, and 
Lam. Wnat times are these ! 
To what 's Rome fallen! may we, being 

Speak our thoughts freely of the prince and 

And not fear the informer ? 

Rust. Noble Lamia, 
So dangerous the age is, and such bad acts 
Are practised every where, we hardly sleep, 
Nay, cannot dream with safety. All our 

Are call'd in question ; to be nobly bom 
Is now a crime ; and to deserve too well, 
Held capital treason. Sons accuse their 

Fathers their sons-; and, but to win a smile 
From one in grace at court, our chastest 

Make shipwreck of their honours. To be 

Is to be guilty. They are only safe 
That know to sooth tne prince's appetite. 
And serve his lusts. 

Sura. Tis true ; and 'tis my wonder, 
That two sons of so different a nature 
Should spring from good Vespasian. We 

had a Titus, 
Styl'd, justly, "the Delight of all Man- 
Who did esteem that day lost in his life 
In which some one or other tasted not 
Of his magnificent bounties. One that had 
A ready tear, when he was forced to sign 
The death of an offender : and so far 
From pride, that he disdain'd not the con- 
Even of the poorest Roman. 

Lam. Yet his brother, 
Domitian, thatnowsways the power of things. 
Is so inclined to blood, that no day passes 
In which some are not fasten 'd to the hook, 
Or thrown down from the Gemonies. His 

freed men 
Scorn the nobility, and he himself, 
As if he were not made of flesh and blood, 
Forgets he is a man. 

Rust. In his young years. 
He shew'd what he would be when grown 

to ripeness : 
His greatest pleasure was, being a child. 
With a sharp-pointed bodkin to kill flies. 
Whose rooms now men supply. For his 

In the Vitellian war, he raised a temple 
To Jupiter, and proudly placed his figure 
In the bosom of the god : and, in his edicts, 
He does not blush, or start, to style himself 
(As if the name of emperor were base) 
Great Lord and God Domitian. 

Sura. I have letters 
He's on his way to Rome, and purposes 
To enter with all glory. Theflattering senate 
Decrees him divine honours ; and to cross it. 
Were death with studied torments: — for 
my part, 

O a 




I HDuldbe [hankful. 

Wllh safely UK the Bcdve. Id's ms 
The passive tortitude. with this sa 
Thai the slale, ilckinhlm. Ihegodi 
TlunigtiiUlbewoist, wiUDowbc£iii 

f ' 

I SCENE IS.— A J/aom in Lamia': 

£■!./«■ Domilia nad Panhcni 

£hm. Tome ihii rei-erence ! 

J'artA. I pay il, Udy, 

Asadebldue lohH that's Ccesar'E 

For imdcnl3Dd with joy, he Ihnt cc 

All that the sun gives wannih it 

Thai wait upon Aug;us)a, for Ihnt mm 

Ew long, comes lo you :— siiU you doubt 

your vassal — [J^rntnli a liller. 

But, when you've read this letter, writ and 

With his Imperial hand, you will be Tired 
Prom fear Hud jealousy; and, I besi-ech you, 
When all the beauties o( ihe earth bow to 

!3e happy feel ; 


When every smile you give is a prefeinient, 
And you dispose of provinces to your crea- 

Think on' Parthmius. 

Dem. Rise. I am transported. 
And hardly dare believe what is assured here. 
inic means, my good Parthenius, Ihal 

wrought Caesar, 
Our god on eortli. to east an eye of favour 
Upon his humble handmaid? 

Patih. What, but your beanly? 
When nslure framed you for her mnslerpiece, 

She liad no other ends but lo design you 
To Ihc most eminent place. I will not say 
(For it would imeU trfarrogance, to insinuate 
The service I have done you) with what leal 
I oft have made relation of your virtues. 
Or how I've snng youi goodness, or how 

Was fired with Ihe n^lnlion of your story : 
t am rewarded in Ihe act. and happy 
In Ihnt myprojetl prosper d. 
Dffm. You are modest ; 

il in myw.iyofyouih, p 

I hEid with joy given up my virgin fan. 
" the first summons, lo his soft < - ' 

il 1 am now another's, not min 
Vou know I have a husband 

Paiih. Aiif heduTSt 
Be Casor's rival I— here he comes; witbease 
I will remove this scrtiplc. 

Lam. How I so private I 
My own house made a brolhel I [Asiit.'\ — 

Hold conference wiib my wife ? As for you. 

1 shall hereafter treat 

Parih. You arc rude and snuey. 

Not know 10 whom you speak. 
Ijim. This is fine, i'faiih I 

Parlh. Your wife t Bui loueh her, 

respect forgotten 
That's due to her whom mighlicsl Caesar 

And think what 'lis to die. Nottolosel 

Cannot a man be master of his Wife 
Because she's young and fair. wllhOUl m 

1 In my own house nm an emperor. 

And vrill defend what's mine. Where are 

If such an insolence escape unpunisli'd — 



Parih. In yourself, Lamia—Csesar hath 
To use his power, and I, his instrument. 
In whom, though absent, his authority 

Have lost my faculties ! [Stamps. 

Enter a Centurion with Soldiers. 

Lam. The guard ! why, am I 
Design'd for death? 

£hm. As you desire my favour 
Take not so rough a course. 

Parih. All your desires 
Are absolute commands : Yet give me leave 
To put the will of Caesar into act. 
Here's a bill of divorce between your lordship 
And this great lady : if you refuse to sign it, 
And so as if you did it uncompell'd. 
Won to 't by reasons that concern yourself, 
Her hcHQOur too untainted, here are clerks, 
Shall in your best blood write it new, till 

Compel you to perform it. 
Lam. Is this legal ? 

Parih. Monarchs that dare not do unlaw- 
ful things. 
Yet bear them out, are constables, not kings. 
Will you dispute ? 

Lam. I know not what to urge 
Against myself, but too much dotage on her, 
Love, and observance. 

Parth. Set it under your hand, 
That you are impotent, and cannot pay 
The duties of a husband ; or, that you arc 

Rather than want just cause, we'll make 

you so. 
Dispatch, you know the danger else ; — de- 
liver it. 
Nay, on your knee. — Madam, you now are 

And mistress of yourself. 

Lam. Can you, Domitia, 
Consent to this ? 

Dom. 'Twould argue a base mind 
To live a servant, when I may command. 
I now am Caesar's : and yet, m respect 
I once was yours, when you come to the 

Pnivided you deserve it in your service. 
You shall find me your good mistress. Wait 

me, Parthenius ; 
And now farewell, poor Lamia ! 

[Exeuni all bui Lamia. 
Lam. To the gods 
1 bend my knees, (for tyranny hath banish'd 
Jostioe from men,) and as they would deserve 
Their altars, and our vows, humbly invoke 

That this my ravish'd wife may prove as fatal 
To proud Domitian, and her embraces 
Afford him, in the end, as little joy 
As H*anton Helen brought to him of Troy ! 


SCENE \\\.-^The Curia or Senate-house, 

EnterlJicXOTSt Aretinus, Fulcinius, Rusticus, 
Sura, Paris, Latinus, and iEsopus. 

A ret. Fathers conscript, may this our 
meeting be 
Happy to Caesar and the commonwealth ! 
Lict. Silence! 

A ret. The puxpose of this frequent senate 
Is, first, to give thanks to the gods of Rome, 
That, for the propagation of the empire. 
Vouchsafe us one to govern it, like themselves. 
In height of courage, depth of understanding, 
And all those virtues, and remarkable graces. 
Which make a prince most eminent, our 

Transcends the ancient Romans : I can never 
Bring his praise toaperiod. What good man. 
That is a friend to truth, dares make it 

That he hath Fabius' staidness, and the 

Of bold Marcellus, to whom Hannibal gave 
The style of Tai^et, and the Sword of Rome? 
But he has more, and e\'ery touch more 

Roman ; 
As Pompey's dignity, Augustus' state, 
Antony's bounty, and great Julius' fortune, 
With Cato's resolution. I am lost 
In the ocean of his virtues : in a word, 
All excellencies of good men meet in him, 
But no part of their vices. 
Rust. This is no flattery ! 
Sura. Take heed, you'll be observed. 
Aret. 'Tis then most fit 
That we, (as to the father of our country. 
Like thankful sons, stand bound to pay true 

For all those blessings that he showers upon 

Should not connive, and see his government 
Depraved and scandalixed by meaner men. 
That to his favour and indulgence owe 
Themselves and being. 
Par. Now he points at us. 
Aret. Cite Paris, the tragedian. 
Par. Here. 
Aret. Stand forth. 
In thee, as being the chief of thy professfon, 
I do accuse the quality of treason. 
As libellers against the state and Caesar. 
Par. Mere accusations are not proofs, my 
lord ; 
In what are we delinquents ? 

itOlMB aet w to Kvdi'd al : aad mdsx 
of nftk nd 9Mln «f bgcb KIM. 

JM ^ jMiukc allb &eB IB O^ w 

r. An! yoa on th* ilifi; 

/•jr. The wbob iioiU bdof oor. 
Tbhplaot ti KM oranpMrl: and I cm 

TTiat I could oWl 1'ami, In «hoae ctM 

All klngt >» uwnpu h un dtd. mi » Jwlge. 
To liatr uiu |>Ira, kdd Ihca dElennliu of ui.- 
II. lo i-ipn-M a man mU io bli huu, 
Wjuiliii(ilwtrHuurec<hb lime ood fortune* 
In »uiitiin<Ial]iUKC, and Io wImI wd end 
A art'i'.'li t]]4l > loclnn ovct iloc* omrei 
DrIriiirrE oirrlt-M jiiuih, hy lili ciamplf, 
From ii.di IlL-niild.. i.pui^t ; Living ope 

Ti> chooH fair vlrloo for ' 

■■'i.T.*.! olhi-firp? 

^■1 To to 
^H WhIcI 

Thv wtlli colli picu'pi-i ||M'ilii>]JS uldom 

Dtllwr, what an hwieurnblo thln^ 
The ullve vinne b : Inil don Ihnt Hre 
Thf blood, orawcll lliavclnin'lihFniulittlon. 
To be both good and grmi, njiml la ilut 
Which It pracnieil on our llivalnir 
* lt a |[uod Dclor, in a lohy acene, 

grtai AlcIUM bonour'd In the iweai 

brine a nee HHo Iheitv 
off nnpnnahd? OosetD 

Co home changed m 

Othcn to trcHl in Ibeir (wtiddca sicpst 
Wc fthnr do arts erf LyciEan poadensm, 
Corinltilan pooons. PcnuA ttatleiies, 
8ul niulcud to In Ibe oondoooo, thai 

hat wcic IO iDdiEwd 
. And, for tradudoe 

That Me above us. publitbin|{ to the vorid 
Thdr lecret crimo, we ate as innoceni 
AiNldloimbDnidunib. When we preseni 
An heir, that does compile against I)k !ife 
Offais deupaienl, numberiDg cieiy hour 
llcUvesWodioiuiohim: if (here be. 

He 11 of Ihe some mould,— WE CAXKOr 

Or, bringing on the iiageo loose odaltcien, 

TliHI does maiiilain Ihe riotous expense 

Of him thai feeds her greedy lusl. yetsoBb 

The lawful pledges of a fonncr IjkI 

To utaive Ihe while for hunger ; if a mtilrol 

However great In foniuie. blnh, or tilles, 

Guilty of such A foul unnatural sin, 

Ciy out, 'Tit writ for me,— WE CAimav 


A falcon in one day 

lis man's ciprcB'd, w 
number, and whose lord- 

he SO sordid in . „ . „- 

As not to aftbrd himself (he neccsiaries 
To niiiintjiln hfc ; if a pntriciao, 
(Hiough honoui'd with b connilship,} ttod 

Tooch'd to Ihe quick in this,— WB cannot 

Or, when ^^cslleu' n judge Ihol li cornipt. 
And will give up Ills »ciil«ice, as he favours 
The person, not iheinusi!; snvingthe guilty. 
If ol his faction, and b oft condemning 

^ .Z' 



The innocent, out of particular spleen ; 

If any in this reverend assembly, 

Nay, even yourself, my lord, that are the 

Of absent Csesar, feel something in your 

That puts you in remembrance of things 

Or things intended, — 'TIS NOT IN us to 


I have said, my lord : and now, as you find 

Or censure us, or free us with applause. 
Lat, Well pleaded, on my life 1 I never 
saw him 
Act an orator s part before. 

^sop. We might have given 
Ten double fees to Regulus, and yet 
Our cause deliver 'd worse. [A shout within. 

Enter Parthenius. 

Aret, What shout is that? 
Parth. Csesar, our lord, married to con- 
quest, is 
Retum'd in triumph. 
Ful. Let's all haste to meet him. 
Aret. Break up the court ; we will reserve 
to him 
The censure of this cause. 
All. Long life to Caesar ! [Exeunt. 

SCENE W.^The Approach to the Capitol. 
£ir/«r Julia, Csenis, Domitilla, and Domitia. 

C<mis. Stand back — the place is mine. 

Jul. Yours I Am I not 
Great Htus' daughter, and Domitian's niece? 
Dares any claim precedence ? 

Canis. I was more : 
The mistress of your father, and, in his 

Claim duty from you. 

Jul. I confess, you were useful 
To please his appetite. 

Dom. To end the controversy, 
For I'll have no contending, I'U be bold 
To lead the way myself. 

Domitil. You, minion ! 

Dom. Yes ; 
And all, ere long, shall kneel to catch my 

Jul. Whence springs this flood of great- 

Dom. You shall know 
Too soon, for your vexation, and perhaps 
Repent too late, and pine with envy, when 
You see whom Cassar favours. 

Jul, Obser\'e the sequel. 

Enter Captains with laurels^ Domitian in 
his triumphant chariot^ Parthenius, Plaris^ 
Latinus, and ^Esopus, met by Aretinus. 
Sura, Lamia, Rusticus, Fulcinius. Soldiers^ 
and Captives. 

C<zs. As we now touch the height of human 

Riding in triumph to the capitol. 
Let these, whom this victorious arm hath 

The scorn of fortune, and the slaves of Rome, 
Taste the extremes of misery. Bear them off 
To the common prisons, and there let them 

How sharp our axes are. 

[Exeunt Soldiers with Captives. 
Rust. A bloody entrance ! ^Aside. 

C(Bs. To tell you you are happy in your 

Were to distrust your love, or my desert ; 
And cither were distasteful : or to boa^t 
How much, not by my deputies, but myself, 
I have enlarged the empire ; or what horrors 
The soldier, in our conduct, hath broke 

Would better suit the mouth of Plautus' 

Than the adored monarch of the world. 
Sura. This is no boast I [Aside^ 

Cas. When I but name the Daci, 
And gray-eyed Germans, whom I have sul>^ 

The ghost of Julius will look pale with envy» 
And great Vespasian's and Titus' triumph, 
(Truth must take place of father and of 

Will be no more remember'd. I am above 
All honours you can give me : and the style 
Of Lord and God, which thankful subjects 

give me. 
Not my ambition, is deserved. 

Aret. At all parts 
Celestial sacrifice is fit for Caesar, 
In our acknowledgment. 

Ctrs. Thanks, Aretinus ; 
Still hold our favour. Now, the god of war,. 
And famine, blood, and death, Bellona'a 

Banish'd from Rome to Thrace, in our good 

With justice he may taste the fruits of peace. 
Whose sword hath plough'd the ground, and 

reap'd the harvest 
Of your prosperity. Nor can I think 
That there is one among you so ungrateful, 
Or such an enemy to thriving virtue, 
That can esteem the jewel he holds dearest. 
Too good for Caesar's use. 



Lam. Out Ijbcnics — 
FhI. Our children— Woallh- 
Ani. And throats. 
Fall wiUinsly bcnr-aih hU fc«t. 

What Romsn can endure thii? \_AHie. 

Cos. This cnlli on 
My love to all, which sprctds iuelf BlTKing 

The beauties of the titnel [suii'glkiladiei.'] 
Recelre the honour 
I kiss the hand which, rear'd up 

:e or a calm. 

A princeB ol 


^^ That 

m \ Domitllio. ' 
K blood, 
rungc his piidc 
Alfbrds no EiEattr courtesy to ladies 
Of siieh high binh and tank. 
Sum. Your wife's forgo! irn. 
Lam. No, she will be remembet'd, fear i 

She will be giBced and greased. 

Citi. Bui. when I look on 
Divine Domitia. niethinks we sliould meet 
(The lesser Eodt applauding the encounter) 
^Jupiter, the Giants lying dead 
'^ the PhiegTsan plain, embraced his Juno, 
-=- '- '- your honour that she's mine, 
11 are too great to be gainsaid. 

Tlml fear our frown, or do affect our tivour, 
Vfilhout eiamining tlie reason why. 
SaluLe her (by this kiss t make it good) 
With the title of Angusla. 

Dovi. Still your sen-ant. 

AU. LongliveAugusta, giEalDomilian's 

Oj, The WBis ate ended, and, our arms 

We Bicforsoft delights. Conunand (he poets 
To use their choicest and most rare invention, 
To entertain Ihe time ; nor bo you careful 
To give it action : we'll provide the people 
Pleasures of nil kinds.— My Domitia, think 

[flatter, thougli thus fotid. — Ontolbecapilol; 
Tis death lo him that weara a sullen brow, 
"i, when alone 


ACT 11. 

SCENE \.-A Slat, Soem it, 

Pi rati. 





/. My son to tutor me 1 



uestion not my will. 

1 waal ecmpelld to wish a 



atisyouis: orhadlfrve 

yeits, or thought you liv 


too long. 

You then might nourish ill opinions of m 

"' """" "' ■' that 1 prefer lo you 

' ' aim'dfiotalyourgioi 

d after 

Phil. In the name of Pluto, 
Wtiat wouldsl thou bavc me do ? 

Parth. Right to yourself ; 
Or suffer me to do it. Can you imiigine 
This nasty bat, this talter'd cloak, rent shoe 
Tliis sordid linen, can become the master 
Of your fair fortunes i whose superfluous 

Though 1 were burthensome, eoold clothe 

The costliest Penian silki, studded with 

Tlie spoils of provinces, and every day 
Fresh change of Tyrian purple, 

Phd. Out upon thee ! 
My monies in my colTers melt lo hear thee. 
Purple I hence, prodigal I Shall 1 make ray 

Or tailor heir, or see my jeweller purchuo? 

Parlh. ya decency would do welL 
Though, for your outside, you will notbo 

1*1 mc prevail so far ycl, as lo win you 
Not lo deny your belly nourishment ; 
Neither to think you've (easled, when 'tb 

With mouldy barley-bread, onions , and I ecks. 
And the drink of tiondmeit. water. 

Phil. WouUst thou have me 
Re nn Apiciui, or a Lucullus, 

Wise nature with a lit 

And, following her, my guide. I 

Parth. But you destroy her in your want 

blush to tee, and ipealc it) lo maintain her 
...perfect health and vigour: whenyausufler. 
Frighted with tbechaigstjpbysii;, rlieoms, 



The scurf, sch in your bones, lo grow upon 

And bmWn on your faw wilh too much 

Wfien a cheap purge, a vomit, and good tlici, 
MA]r lengihca U. Give me btu leave lo send 
The empetor'i doclor to you. 

Phil. I'llbeboniefirac, 
HalfrolKn. lo thefire Ihnt must consume me I 
His pIUs. his cordinls. his elecluiuies. 
His s^ps. juUps, beioar stone, not liis 
Iinagiaea unictrni'sboin, comes in my belly; 
Uy meulh shall be a draaght fint, 'tis re- 

No; I'll TiolleMea my dear golden heap, 
Which, erery hour increasing, does renew 
M]t jroutb >ild vigor ; but. if lessen d. then, 
. Tun my poor htart-atrings ciadc Let me 

My soul, my all : but when 1 turn 
AiidpBrtfrt>mvk'hat is more esteem d, by me. 
Than all the gods Rome's thousand altars 

imoke to, 
Inhcril ihou my adotnlion of it, 
And, like me. serve my idoF. [Exit. 

Patlh. Wliai a uiange torture 
Is avohce lo ilseiri what man. that loob on 
Such D penurious spectacle, but mi;sl 
Know what the HaUc meant of Tantalus, 
Oi the ass whose back is crack*d with curious 

Yetleedionthisllis. Somec« 
To make my falher know wl 
He uKs 00 himself. 

Ftr, Sir, with your pardon. 
mah? boLrfiipniiiilrfthcrnipcror'a |rieasure ; 
'nr licini.' bv Im" lornmiinrted to alUmJ, 
'.■-,v.< I II ^, what's his Will 

'ar. 1 acknowledge 

clemency \o my wf akness, and. if c 
m^ abiiM it, hghtning strike me dead 
^^ gitice he pliuues lo oonfct upon m( 

tmpluy il lo wrong ihciimooentiortD incense 
Ills rury, 

< ' ihey ne'er hopnl for; end 

Par. You still bie my good palron ; 
.\.nd. laj II in my foriune to deserw if. 
You ihouldpereeivclhe poorest of yourcllenB 
Td his bsl ubiliiles ilmakful. 

Parth. 1 believe so. 
Met you my father ? 

Par. Yes, sir, with much grief. 
To see him as he is. Can nothing woiltliin 
To be himself? 

Partk. D, Paris. *tis a weight 
Slis heavy here ; and could this right hood's 

Remove il, it should off ; but he is deaf 
To all ptrsiiaaion. 

Par. Sit, with your pardon, 
I'll offer my advice ; 1 once observed. 
In a. tragedy of oun. in which a murder 
Was acted to the Ufe. a guilty hearer. 
Forced by the terror of a wounded conscience, 
To make discovery of that which torture 
Couldnotwringfromhim. Norcanil appear 
Like an impossibility, but thai 
Your foiher, looking on a covetous mnn 
Presented on the stage, as in a mlitor. 
May see his own deformity, and lonib it. 
Now, could you but perstiade Ihe emptror 
To see a comedy we have, that's styled 
The Curt e/A-varia. and lo command 
Your faJber to be o spectator of it, 
He shall be so analomiied in the scene. 
And see himself so personated, the basencsa 
Of a self-torturing misemble wretch 
Truly described, tliat 1 much hope the object 
Will work compunction in hin- 

Piirtli. There's your fee ; 
I ne'er bought belter couucl. Be yoa Ii 

I will cfTect the rest. 

Par. Sir, when you please ; 
Wc'llbcprepar'dloentcr.— Sir.lhecmpe. 

Enter Desar, Aretlnus. and Giuud. 

C<ei. Repine nt aa 1 

Artl. "la more, or my Informers. 
Thai keepsirlGiw.itdi upon him, aredc' 
In tlieir inlelligence : therp is a list 
Of maleonlenis. as Junius Rusticus. 
Palphunus Suia. and this MMas Lamia. 
That murmur al your triumphs, ir 

And, at their mklnlght meetings, tu f 

(For so I style what they call tyranny.) 
For Pn-tus'llinKva's death, as Itlnhim 

=-01£.\.V -WITCML 

T» hv rM bcMw »Mi AapMa't Me, 

A Luenw oocw, • CtikiiaK, aad a BiMw : 
Bu ncxbiH Ronai M DOW lMt,iB)PBK 
'Ibc tuu orTmnUa. 

Cri. Vc^ loi ni*^ and iconi 
CHtoch n lldali thii cw mliBriKil ponnr 
Can be ooafined- l>am LamU p*rlcBit 
An lafiml lo ihat whieb I eltl mtoe : 

h(((--T. [ff// (ioaid 

I'll (:ivrMme«il«e»»Uhli«r.<tl«T Itid 
furifi/t hn i/wn UDw, ilun I'er manion't 

MibII we be drcimncrlbctl ? 1^ (uch at 

t)y foru moke good iheir ■clluni. Ihouj[h 

Or Um coniinD'il by Roniuliit and Numa, 
Shall I.' 1.rM ....-..•rl, 

■'--' ^' ' ''' •■!■'■, take from nw, uui Alliu* tliuulilen 

1 liiMe full, (iho lun, Iho MOOn, 

lii'it lluht and comfonabtc heal,) 
iiilrMi tliBl any Tatilc of mine 

S. 1 ymi jwMirvB jfour power, 
liiirilil. ri|u»l uiid ontnlpotent hen, 

'.-i^k llqiiaKfnd'Bdl. 

iEril A 

Uj oikIIj *iib X - * 

Rcmsc. iihefi h . - _ 

Wall grcMei rlakace ; and bMc cIodKd ii 

Striket. and viih horror, dead the vieldi 

St-enlir Coord tfiei Ldmia. 

Our eood Lamitt. welcome. 
illlngniss on your part conlciT'd 

la. 'Til benealh yourfole 
To be obliged. Ihai in your cum hand gzjop 
The meant lo be maEDifici.m, 

Cari. Well pal off: 
But yet it must col do : ihe empire. L,aiiua, 
Divided equally, tan hold tio wight. 
If tolanced with your gift infidi Domilia — 
Vou. that could pan with all delighia ! 

The mogailBE of rich jdeaiuKs bang ta 

Orilv 10 ? ulHlie : 
-r. lllliKcomMly full 

unoampell'd. dallvtr'd 
es4r. in your ms, 

la herpcrfiwllons,- 
Ai H pnseni >ii (or ( 
WithteanoTJoy. m 
You sloty In youi at 

Laa. Derided w 
Sir. (hb ii muie 

Cat. More Ihnn I 
Illincknowkdgcd.Uiinio. There 's no drep 
OF melting necmr I tute from her Up. 
But yields a lauuh of immortality 
To Ihe blat tTceiver ; evcty grace and 

So ravithing, and lier action >□ ollmclivi', 
Thni 1 would pan with all my other ams 
Pnivlddd I might cvfTsec and bear her. 
Tlie pleosuret u( her bed I dare ni 



Tbe winds 

. cDvy of mj- hsppineo, 

From oil Ihe gods upon ~ 

Lam. Your comr 

for Hut would diaw 

forbearing to intuU 

You sing unto hcc praise. 

Domilia afpiars al lie amii(mi. 
Cas. 1 sloe her pmbe I 
'Til Ciu Tiom my ambillon lo hope it ; 
" * ing a debi sheonly can lay down, 
no longur else discharge. 

{Ht mini Ail hniui. lifasic flfcw. 
Hark ! 1 rhink. prompted 
Wllb my consent that you once marc should 

She docs begin- An univEraol silence 
Dnell on this place ! 'Tisdeatb.H'iili hngit- 

To all 111 

I dare disturb her. — 
A SOHC iy Doniiti: 

AndfJaHnoldovnandworsbip? Inmyfoncy, 

(But lomething sbort of ihii,) sung Ceres' 

And grisly Pluto's rape on Prosetpine. 
The motions of Ihe ipbera are out of time, 
Ha muilcal noies but heard. Say. Lamia, 

Ii not hiBr voioe angelical? 

Lam. To your ear: 
Bnl I. alitt ! am silent. 

Cat. Se so ever. 
TW without adminuion canst bear lier I 
: lo my felicity strikes thee dumb, 
. m thy hope, or wish, to repossess 
What I love utore ibait empire, I pronounce 


removed. — Descend, my 
lids sliall no mocr 

Plurality of husbands sliall no motr 
Bteed doubts or jealousies in you 

Dam. atavi.'\ 'lisdlspalch'd. 
And with as little trouble here, as if 
1 had kill'd a By. 


Now you appear, and in 
Thai glory you dserve I and these, (hal stoop 
To doyou service, in Iheaot muchhonour'd 
Julia, forget that Titu* was ihy father ; 
Camis, and Domililia. ne'er remember 
Sabinus or Vespasjan. To be slaves 
To her is more true llbetty,.than lo live 
Pailhtan or A^ queens. As leucr slan. 
Thai wail on I'hicbc in herfuil of brightness. 
Compared to her, yo« arc. '^'- - -"■ - ' 

By Catsar's side, commanding these. Umt 

Were Ihe adored glories of Ihe ti] 

To witness lo Ihe world ihey are your vaaals, 

Al your feet to attend you. 

Dvm. 'Tis your [rfcasure, 
And not my pride. And yet, when 1 conside 
That 1 am yours, all duties Ibey can pay 
I do reouvE at ciicumsloncaduc 
To her yoM please to iionour- 

Re-fBltr Partheiuus wi'tt Pbibusm. 

P>ira. Cicsar'jwill 
Commands you hilho'. Dor must you gaia^ 

lo see an interlude I must 

e court : ^^| 

ctiarge. ^^H 

lebclld ^H 

rartbeniui, is thy hlbtt^^| 
ss him ^ I had held ^H 

nssible in Ihe scene, -^M 
le subsiann,— Sirrah, nVH 


rTf>n, KiaaKuiln: 

V I now vanicd hcai of janlh. ibne ifrH, 

iBpnunkvtiru.woDldihawhlifriimi blood. 

Enit'hri).' Iiiin In grt a tccutkl Hector 

/Jm» " - ' 

Ssltr Para. /ii< d ^K/Kr w' /Ayj/c lai/ 
i^iopui : Lulnuii it hvaghl fsrik ailaf 

JfMJft. OwiiuttTiaUtr.htiiptUncirvtrj: 
A ItlAargy talli ttittd kim : and, hrwrvtr 
Hit iltif ratmilt dtath. kii yiattkfiii lari 
Togmtri IhitS Irtaiun ht tarn tutki ns 

-Wtrkt tlrangly /■ kit leul. 

Par. WhafilkalktlmUi 
Sffyl Muua kit Urth t 

Xtcp. Tkt kfr Ikal Bftni 
Mil iron tkali, iravimdmlk accuntdntd. 
Smty uilh Itng imfriioHmttil. TArr^i us 

Im mt, kit ait. Her aafidinct la/riadt, 
Tkal can ftriuadi Mm la dtliver mt 
Tkalta lit truil tf aay. 

P/iU. He i> (he wi«:r ; 
We wm ruhhm'il tn one mould. 

JEtiOp. Hi taO viith il; 
And witK dtutlian talb kim to Iki limtli 
0/ Memmin. alum, p/ alt 

knali to, 
That ktid thai iiill. kU on 
Ner uill kt. Ikaugk lit i 


Andfilltack sitim aid arltry.—Loudtrjttl 
—' Til efitn, and ninady ki ieginj 
ilk wial tnuili. 

grrJj, kt 
■allk of Romi 

Il mil m, 

Like MM in rttrert dnom'd, makt kim 

Te hiiUslgiitf.takalkiin liftkilddtamt: 
Aid. i/lhat il vnnpettiilt in nelnrt. 
Wmldiarry it leilk kim le Iht olkirVKirld. 
Pkil. A* I would do 10 hell, mlhcr tian 

/t»p. ti kt Hal dtad t 

Pnt. Laiig limtf la all goad adinu. 
Qr to klatiiif. ar alkm, /hrwkitk aiii mm 
Dttin ta livi. Va» naf wilk tafttfpiack 

Or tHutrr /Hi uttti ilUk itHdIii. fit kt ilin 

Amxiaatftar I 
Rtmdmkii ta 

O/kii miad; Iktrt 

lata ^at lot samlt 

Aniyitdtspairmil: Ikavt»MlrieiU 
Xaof. Wkalisitt 
Pu. flBillraaif/iatfaldrtam 
Ta iltal inla kii/anej. and diihtri il 
Wiik ikt karrer %t Magiwilk il, and tt frit 
Hit hadfs orga - 

irhe weR indeed ■d(>cuir, a: Ihe pbynjn.' 
He should be sworn myicrvnnt; — ' — 

my ilunibets, 
And Riininer lo me waking. 

Par. I/lkii/all. [A iktil hvugkl im. 
ritgitt kim <f~ <■ ' 

BauHduf infttttn. 

O/wkal kivaliui kigktr, 'Iv/ill 


St bap 1pm Ikt 

Rttnon kitjewtti. and kit iandi- — Again, ' 

RiHgaiaandgaldinfial, Hitiyttnrtafim: 
He slant ai kt kad inn MidMia'i ktad. 
And wtri lum'd martli. — Onn murf. 

IaI, Mnrdtrl murder I 
Tkiy ami la murder me. Afy lan in m 

Tkau went tianparri, 
Te ilriki tkyjatkiri ht 

Tki Fnriu in kill prat 

idtl i/iliiH 


My glad fatstsiien aflkimjbra 
EsliHguhking Ikt laftrefmy I 

Par. Slim hM lit mil 
Lai, Hai'i /, lo /ftii 
Tkt ms ,'f haman Uing; n. 


A m-i-J o/lrtaiure. utkift kad So/i 
Tki l.ydiiia Crirsni kad affarrd , 
Pixmii ikiteigartmit Andyetl. 

Ika ritk. dtniii 
,g; itraptd a 


Ih ketfiiag a ptrptlu-ilfat 

Salkitaai la i«c> 



Staald I distant nHt ftiiHjr la their u 

tty Heir migM eirii mt. AkJ, k 

'k BHttimrd or 

in, / did nfoie 

flu gold myfrodigalaa. whilii«m IMng, 
Canlaily icillirs, 

" - . Weuld jmid diifalch and di. 

Ml, THAT it fy 

r, AndvAalllamfillirw. 
Sid lariHg. 
i Ml/-i^Jelim t WAm yaur itarstd 

Ttini'd lofirgatltit dmi. Ihii hoftful youlh 
Urintt ufen yenrmenHmiHl. nitrrmttm- 

Htm math for him yaa sufer'd ; and thtn 

Ta Iki mrnfaniani of his laili and rialt. 
ni lull you aid enduri on larlh, lo liavt 

Largimianslcitanipiiari:. and Mfiait 
Mil mm alt al emr. <i Ji.iff'i'iea 
Van »ntT granted lvy.-ariil/. Your goU. 

vixalioa, and fratrved vllK 

ilttri. foHdirs, and 

Thai fvafdamiialioni lo yeur memory, 
Pttr In-inr it IvHg here. 

IM. llviillbno: tietil— 
O. Md/ / nuld redeem Ike lime thafifast I 
l^tmU live and die lite myself; and m.tie 

tywkat wey induilry fiurthaitd. 

Par. Cnelemt men, 
/Ur4itgene/aolin Ihegravt. lament tatver : 
Bui graal thai / ty ^rl could yd rttmer 
Yt*r deipttalt liiineii, lengtAen tml year 

L i^nMJg lint OtM, 

■r my hiir ikemld have /ml taute ie 

} long, for iiiiigclsie-iaiiiitjlo kit. 

yv»r daires. 

ing me, I will nfair 

HildiHg ef year Aealt 



An gvod end .• it being a drviet. 
nii to sAfui the Cure of Avoricv. 
Ifinnr Paris. Lfllinus. uttd JEsopta. 
be g«JJ'd Ihus 1 had 

lo be alla'd, 

PAil. An old fool, I 


D,!m For Ihe tubjeet. 
I like it no[ . it wa* filch'd out of Homes. 
— Niy, I have lead ihi; peels :~but the feUow 
That play'd the doctor.did it well, by Venus : 
He had a tuneable tongue, and neat de^ 

And yet, in my opinion, he wotjld perform 
A lover's port much bclier. Pnihcc. Ctesar, 
Fur I i^w weary, let lu see, lo-morrow, 
IfAit and Anaiartli. 

Cat. Any thing 
Fot thydeUght, Domitto ; loyonrrtat, 
Till 1 coni« iodisi|uiei you ; ivalt upon her. 
There it a business thai I must dispai""" 
' ad I will iliaighi be with you. (& 
ArtFt. Dom. Julia, Cnnis, and ~ 

PartA. Now, iny dread sir, 

ndiMvoiir 10 prevail. 

II cun him, never doubt iL 
Thou wrciclird ihitig, hast tbon 

u miser is? Dost l^ 

Noir. ■ 




To be 

FAil. This enurd body's Cissar'S ; 
But (or my mind 

Cn. Trifle not with my aneer. 
Cansi thou malie good use of what was now 

presenied ; 
And imiiaic. in thy sudden change of lift, 
The miserable tjch man. that eipress'd 
What thou art to the life 1 

Phil. Pray you, give me leove 
.odicas t have lived. 1 musttuKvvAVlb. \ 


C«i. No : br ktincm. thou Aah never 

F(«l the lent touch of annoe: Take hss 

And hang him iiuianlly. If there be gold 

in hell. 
Enjoy il :— Ihine here, and thy life togMhti, 
U fondled , 

/•in. Was 1 seal for to thit poipoK? 

FarUk. tlcrcy (or all my xrha : Ca-sar, 

Cai, Sboald Jo*e plead (or him. 'tis 
resoUod be diex, 
And be thai speola oae sjllable to dissuade 

AodlhereforelcmMmeDcK. Ilkbul Justice: 
Since inch as wiltutly woold hourly die, 
Miut nx IbcDuelves. and not my cnielty. 

ACT m. 

SCENE I.—.-* Ifoom in Ihi PaLiit. 

falrr Julia, Domitilla. uigj/ Siephanos. 

"fvl. No, Domiliila ; if you but compai 
wiml I have luflcred with your injuries, 
(Though great ones, 1 confess,) tbey wi 

LUk molqhills (o Olympus. 
Demilil. Vou on: lender 
Of your awn wounds, which makes you lose 

(be reeling 
'"' . . . «-. . ii be commilted 

( the woitd durst • 

s being borne head- 

,..,_.,.... he would 

Solute you wiili the lille of Auguslo, 
Your faint denial show'd a full consei 
And gmnl (o his tsmptailons. 
That would not yield, but was 

To serve his lusts, and in a kind Tiberius 
At Caprece never piucllseit. have not here 
One coiuclous touch to riie up my accusei 
1. In my will, being innocent. 

with violence 

presume to tell 

Great princesses, though : 

Wasting your time in childish Inmenlalions, 
You do degenerate from the blood you 

Fortheri: a something 

i>oin Tiius' daagbler.and bit uncle's heir. 

WhiflimenycaimoCpBidoiL Bnl toqH say, 
Your hands an weak, aad tboiild you but 


This prodigy of mankiad. bloody Domilij 
Halh ready swards at hii command, as h 
As islands to eonliiieyou, lo remove 
His doubts, and fears, did be but enterla 
The least suspicion yon cootriTed oc plotted 

^nl. 'Tis true. Stephanos; 
The legions thai sack'd Jerus^em. 
Under my father Titus, are sworn bis. 
And I no more remcmber'd. 

Di/miUI. And lo lose 
Onrsdves by building on imporable he 
Wire despnale madness. 

Strfh. You conclude too fast. 


And you my gracious patroness : my wealth 
And liberty your gift ; and, though no soldier 
To whom or custom or eiamplc makes 

~ 1i appear less terrible. 1 dare die 
service in a tiir revenge ; 
And it will better tutl your births and 

To bit at once, than to live ever slaves 
To bis proud empress, that insults upon 
Your patient sufTerines. Say but you. Cu Di 
And I will reach his ticart. or pensh in 
The noble undertaking. 

Damilil, Your free offer 
Confirms you rlhankfulnes. which Iitcknou'- 

Asa' * 


Upon uncerUkin grounds, batard so grateful 
And good a servant. The immortal Powers 
riotect a prince, though sold to impious acu. 
And seem lo slumber, till bis roaring crimes 
Awake ihei r justice T but then, lookingdown, 
And with impartial eyes, on his contempt 
OF all religion, and moral goodness, 
They , in their secret judgments, do determine 
T. • ■.-_ ._ u.-. w[^edDe3s, which stnka 

When hi is most secure. 

7u/. His cruelty 
Increasing daily, of necessity 

Already lo the senate : Ibcn foiuken 


Of his supporlers. and gnma Cenible 
Even to himsKlf, and hec lie now so doats on, 
We imy put Inio >ct what now with salKiy 


rograce Ibe room or persons. 
Ta/- Spd^, where is ' ^ 

. confideni he deserves much man* 

^TJnl vindicate! his country from a tymot, 

Eaitr Oenis. 
W. O, hire's Cccnb. 
" " W. Whence eomejrou? 
.. . . Ftom the empress, who seems 

In Ihot you wail no bcUer, Her pride's 

To such a height, thai she disdains the 

Of ber own women ; and esieenu herself 
Neglected, when lheprincess«sol the blood, 
On entiy coarse emplojmeDl. are not ready 
"To stoop 10 her co -*- 

Dim'lil. U'hen 

C«iiM. Where 
could dcscen 

Among the players; where. 

She does caquuc who acts this put, who 

And in uhal habits? blames (he tirewom 
For want of curious dressings;— and. 

She is with Paris, the ira 
That is lo act a lover, 1 1 
She would have courted him. 

Demitil. In the mean lime 
How speuds tiuT emperor his liour^? 

Cariit. As ever 
He holh done heretofore ; in being cruel 
To innocent men. whoje virtues he raJls 

Aim], bill this moming, if 'l be possible, 
Hehalh outgone liimulf, having condcmn'd. 
At Arellnus his informer's suit. 
Palphuiius Sura, and goodjuniui Rusiicus, 
Mea ol the best repute in Rome for Iheir 
tnunily of li/e ; no fiiuil ohjecled. 
Bat that Ihey did lament hit cruel sentence 
On IWus llirasea, Ihe philosopher, 
Their patron and imirucior. 

SItth. Con Jovesae this. 
And hold his lliandeil 

Dtnitil. Nero and Caligula 

mlwhicfs : but our Ctesor 

Jul. What we cannot lielp, 
ft mny deplore with silence. 
Csmi. Wearecoli'dliw 


: Wei 

'bile must sutler. 
Sicph. It is true fortitude lo stand 

All shocks ofEtie, when cowards faint at 
In ffflir to suffer more ealamiiy. 
SCENE W.—AHolhrrRianin 
Csi. They arc tiien in fetten ? 

Purtk. Yes, Mr, but 

Cas. But what? 

rik. Nor lei yoursacfcd majesty believe 

vassal, that with dry eyes look d upo" 

His father dragged to death by your con 

pity these, that durst presume to eensui 
What ym decined. 
Cats. Well ; for^va^t. 
Firth. Tismyreal 
111 to pEiserve your clemency admired. 
Temper d with jusiiee, thai emboldens me 
To offer mv advice. Alas ! t know, sir, 
sc bookmen, Rusticus aivd Palphuriiu 

Deserve all tc 

They being poiiular senators, and cried up 
Whh loud applauses of Ihe mulifiude. 
For foolish honesty, and beggarly vinue. 
'Twould relish mote of policy, lo have them 
Made away in private, with what cxiiiiisitc 

You ptcose. — It skills not. — than lo havelhem 

To the Degrees In public : for 'lis doubted 
I'bnl tile uid object may beget compassion 
In Ihe giddy rout, and cause some sudden 

Th«l may disturb you. 

Cirj, H«oce. pale^plrited coward I 
Can we descend so fiu beneath ouisclf. 
court llie people's love, oi ' 
irsiofhaie?" ' 
befoielhcwhlHwlndofourwlll.. . 
Add any moment to us? Of IllOU Ih 
If lline arc gods above, oi „. ~ 
But wise Minerva, that's mineown, a 
Tlmt the^ have vacant houn to lake 
Their serious ptoleclion, orciif*. 
Tlii* many-hended nionslci? Mnnkini 
In trw, as potent inQiiaiAA.«>A>X«ai\«c\\> 


id all ihiHc glariom comlelblioru 
bai do adafn (he lirnuinwnr. ftppr^nted, 
ike groonu. with Iheir Imglil influence t 

_ he actions □( kiogs and emiKron. 
They being Ihc greater wheels that nun 


[Eiil Rutheniiis.]— Ici mem: 
at man ao lost, as but lo iiily them. 
nd though there lay a million of muls 
-jiprison'd in lib Hesh. my hangmen's hool 
SbouLd rend it oit, and gire (hem liberty. 

Rf^Httr Pnrthenins, 

Am. Tls peat Cicsai's fflensurc, 
That with fiK'd wo you carefully observe 
The people's looks. Charge upon ntiy m 
That with a sigh or murmur does cipresi 
A soemiog sorrow tor Iheie Iniilots' deati 
You know his will, perform it. 

Cci. A good bloodhound. 
And fit for my eiiiploymenB. 

Sura, Give us leave 
To die. lell tyrant. 

Stul. For, beyond our bodies. 
Thou hast no power. 

r. Yei ; l^U at 

lur souls, 

10 Ibe Stygian 'ake. 

And force thei _ 
Prepared Cor such to hoi 
The power of princes, thai ore gods on earth. 
Tremble to think how lerhble the drearo a 
After this sleep of dealb. 
Kail. To guilly men 
It may bring terror : not to us, that know 
What 'tis to die. well laughl by his cxampU 
For whom we luflet. In my thoughl I see 
The labslance of that pure unroinled soul 
Oi Thraseo, our m^ier. made a star. 
That with melodious harmony invites us 
[Leaving this dunghill Rome, made hell b] 

To trace his heavenly steps, and Gil a sphere 
Above yon crystal canopy. 

Cos. Do invoke him 
WUh aU the aids his sanclil}- of life 
' Bftvc won on the rewardeis of his 

cyihall not lave you. — Dogs, do you grin? 

Predominant over fire, were useful for you. 
Again, again. Vouinfte. Noiagioan! — - 
Ismyrageiosi? What cursedchannsdereni* 

Search deeper, nlliuns. Who looks pile, o 

Patih. Idarco 
Align of sorrow; 


ometiUno*. For my sake roar a tt 
ihew you are corporeal, and not Cutn'd 
1 spinis.— Will it D0( do ? By Pdlas, 
. . _ jnkindly done lo mock his fury 
Whom the world styles Omnipotent I t am 

1 their want of feeling to 

'. Uvc 

n deride thee, our calm pa- 

Upon the neck of lyranny. Thai securely. 
As 'twere a genlle slumber, we endure 
Thy hangman's studied tortures, is a debt 
Weowe to grave philosophy, that instru els uj 
The flesh is but the clothing of the soul. 
Which crowing out of fashion, though it be 
Cast cC or rent, or torn, like ouis. ' ' " 
Being itself divine, in her best lustn 
But unto such as thou, that have nc 
Beyond the present, every little scar 

The want of rest, excess of heat or ■ 

That does inform them only they are mOrtoL 
Pierce through and throurt them. 

Cai. We will hear no more. 

Rail. This only, and I give t 

Ttiough it is in ihy will lo grind this earth 


They shall seem te-eollecled lo thy sense :— 
And, when the sandy building of Ihygrealne 
Shall with its own weight totter, look to st 

As I was yesterday. In my perfect shape : 
For I'll appear in horror. 

C'ai. By my shaking 
I am the guilty man, and not the iudge, 
Drag from my sight these cursed ominoc 

hey BIB DDw. like lo double-laced 


111 IT 

k rule. 
13 and Sum. 

Shall V101A3 fright 

No, no ; the fcver doet begin 

JfjillfrDoinilia. Jutia, aadCssai; Stephanos 

Or. veic it dcailly. from ihtii living founlAln 
I oould renew the vigour of my youtb, 
And be n second Virtilui. O my gloiy I 
My life I command ! my all 1 


, "Ilioui 


Am. When we are abed 
I'll Ibaak your good opinion. Thou ihn 
Snehaalphiaof lliy Firis! — ■mv\, to humble 
The pride of Donulilla. thnt nrglei:u me, 
(llowe'eT ihe li yourcoiuin,) 1 have forced 

How do you like 

ijii,L=. j...i, ,i. .• >i'-, (JHrf i*at an 

Ttv/oul la afnti ho, \ er itstmitfd noil}'. 
Or mi. or firtunalt. ari to Uln tmlhi 


/•, lo my lavt~iiti, laMgviiAiHgioiil. •> nddit/ 
Aitd viilH mort itifitully tt it iisBihi'd. 
Than thai the mam/ir SfhrKs, frvm Ot 

Oftt'd te eEiipui. Imftritui Ijav, 
As at liy euofiaucitig allan Iphii. 
Thy ntvtr-lirtd wHary. hath frtsnilid. 
Wish icaUing ttan, whtfe httjlvnt 

/•ri/trrlHg thy fmtr, <iiii Ihy /'afAian 

Bifhn the Thuiiiittr'i. NtplOHt'i. er Piute'. 
\ that, sftir Saturn, did iivtde Ihi vmld. 
And had Ihi iway uT things, yet wert fdin. 


By Ihy iarvitiiU Ihafls layiild. 
And fight under Iky tntigut] lit c- 

\nd fight under Iky tniigm] tt auifiilaat 

Observe wiih what ■ feeling hi. _. 
His orisons to Ci^id : I am rapt wltli't. 
Iphis. And/rain Ihy ntver-tmf lied fuia 

A goldtn arm/, le transfix her heart. 

And /iie,-i htr levt tiki m* : iTtuTtmyaou* 
With a Ir.idea our. that may ttgrf in me 

d fi/rgti/nlneii ef tehal't new my 

my frayir: / kavt ti 

Bat I ,all iaci 

la my taih wish : 'tis I th.1l an unwerlhy .- 
Bat iJU all mtrlt. and may tn jusliee ihal- 

Frem lie assuivnci e/hrr tictlltaeiit, 
tJol tevt kut adgrativn. Yel, hear nrilntis, 
AIIJamBingPineersI IMngahMgwilh mt. 
As faithful advocatts la matt ialcrealian, 
A loyal heart wilk fun and huly Jiamti, 
With Ihifimlfirei ef lust new fututtd. 
And, as I liuik kcr thnsheld. iMik aitk 

My limi's Ituumfd vilh tflJ. I oft havt 


'glad lift Ikisi this tirth, i 

I VilhJreqticnl/avoisTSfrBm htr diUtaU/mr 
Dom. By Ckut's Lie lie weep* I «lld \ 

Unnlly to keep him eompnny. 

Iph&. Blistgnmnd.lkffariin. 
If I fTpfan, ilwilkJbriiJdinslifi. 
I must prtsMmtla hmk—and ytt allintt 1 
WilA such a trtmiling wmertvtt, at if 
My hands \uxTe ■<™i\ Attd up (« u^otu 


Pan. H*i ira« tMcir ttDT r 

DamL WlM>dnirihhloalithisknaveha*l 
Poft. Ktym. lirrti f 

D m mMfi *dHrinyt» iaut. liu. 

Oim. CInulBh dnil ! 
BMlhat 1 ibonlddblurti the scene, ail Utc 


hh fcno so ttanhlT. How (he load 
Al Uw ctbn'i twett burDilily 1 
I Ca. 'Tb his port ; 
* «t Ibcm prooml. 
.0M>- A fDgue's put will ne'er leave him. 
^b. Atjaa JLivt, gmlU iir, lit Aaffi- 

mjmtflMH) ta btkeld the fgttrt sf 
maHrrfitne/ibHun. lima itaihi life, 

w.« iMfflUnI 

Aiytit ana man, aii'i did net meHhtmilk 
(ffwelvti, ani tigtrs. er a methtr tf 
A lOM^tr Itmfer, rut somt means thtit lyts. 
BtArt Iktj are ^vtfl est. may myoiir lady. 

Port. Tkaiij^llaamyflaafifi'l, 
I tan ielit fat «o Imrtr. 

Dtm. Now he meris, 

Enlit DomhlUa <u Anaxareli;. 
An*!. Wha<aUs} What nijal havi 

Dam. Your comin keeps licr pioud st 
nil] : i iliink 
1 have filled her for n turt. 

AftuL. Did I not cA-ifx^ tha 
/ ne'ir misfit itr thh iking moil t 

IphH. Tam. iHiitd. 
Whit Iking Y, ■ 

g wafltiu.- a 

tSima. tr^alttt e/ieam^n I 
ra, tf't miUmg Jttti. mMC* fM tt/M 
Tial ii am tytttrt ttyam. 

Adu. Wr^ck. Ilam Jarst net : 
Tiat win Ikt last and grttlalwvitt/i wie 
Tlv doling Ixn anld tasjt t/. Wkat dall 

..L Fj .._. -lyg^tUringkoff. 


Canld t'tr dacmd So loot nftm ttr lovrnas, 
MMih lai constnt to matt mtlerd i/rmt 
rd not oittfl. tAongi offn'dfor my tiavi t 
ily titngtls jroiif Hot JO Imr. 

Dom. Tbeie's ber true tal<at : 
No petiooaied scom. 

' I arong my WBTlA, 


a syltoi. 

H V/* om afar itiuati as 
Iptab. Vtt tola had, 

Tati lutd a/fridr, and mrionsty eontider, 
Haa iritlli Hufiandalioa is. en Kkiik 

YfH labeur lo advanti it, JViott, 
PrSHtl o/Atr nnmtreai iisni, duril contrni 
Latonat daaile turlitu ,• tutttkalfillirai'dr 

Tkt heaatyyon o'afrise so, tinu or sick 
Cj» ihangt to liMttKd d^rmity:jotiru\ 
Thi fnr 0/ IM<Vls ; qmem Hituia, Troy 

t'lysses' bendo»man: lul the lavt I iriitg 

!fer limt, nor neinest, vletent i 

Can ravish /rem you. 

Dom. CeuUl iho oracle 
Give bcltercDonu.-l t 

Iphis. Say, will you retintyii. 
Revoking your darn that I should dlit 
Or, ihali I de vikatyttt ammand f rtio/vts' 
I am imfatitnl o/ delay. 

Anax. Diifaiehlhcu: 
I shall Uok en your tragedy unmoved. 
Peradventuri laHgi al it,- fir it will prmt 
A comedy to me. 

Dom. O devil I devil ! 

Ipliis. Thin Ihia I takt my last leave. 
All the n 

cwilemn'd. shall 

in lAc aiigaiiA of hit soul, tagfve a aame 
To a scorn/iil. cruti mistress. M him only 
Say. TAii mast iivdy vt -" ' " 




The ruins you have made: for Hymen's 

That should have made us one^ this fatal 

For ever shall divorce us: at your gate ^ 
As a trophy of your pride and my affliction^ 
r II presently hang myself. 

Dom, Not for Uie world — 

[Starts from her seat. 
Restrain him, as you love your lives ! 

Cos. Why are you 
Transported thus, Domitia? 'tis a play ; 
Or, grant it serious, it at no part merits 
This passion in you. 

Par. I ne'er purposed, madam, 
To do the deed in earnest ; though I bow 
To your care and tenderness of me. 

Dom. Let me, sir. 
Entreat your pardon ; what I saw presented, 
Carried me beyond myself. 

Cas. To your place again. 
And see what follows. 

Dom. No, I am familiar 
With the conclusion ; besides, upon the 

I feel myself much indisposed. 

C(ts. To bed then ; 
111 be thydoctor. 

Aret. There is something more 
In this than passion, — which I must find out, 
Or my intelligence freezes. 

Dom. Come to me, Paris, 
To-morrow, for your reward. ' 

[Exeunt all but Domitilla and Stephanos. 

Steph. Patroness, hear me ; 
Will you not call for your share ? Sit down 

with this. 
And, the next action, like a Gaditane 

I shall look to see you tumble ! 

Domitil. Prithee be patient. 
I, that have suffer'd greater wrongs, bear 

this ; 
And that, till my revenge, my comfort is. 



SCENE \.—A Room in the Palace. 

Enter Parthenlus, Julia, Domitilla, and 

Parth. Why, 'tis impossible. — Paris I 

yul. You observed not. 
As it appears, the violence of her passion, 
When personating Iphis, he pretended. 
For your contempt, fair Anaxarete, 
To bang himself. 

Parth, Yes, yes, I noted that ; 

But never could imagine it could work her 
To such a strange intemperance of affection, 
As to doat on him. 

Domitil. By my hopes, I think not 
That she respects, though all here saw, and 

mark'd it ; 
Presuming she can mould the emperor's will 
Into what form she likes, though we, and all 
The ;nformers of the world, conspired to 
cross it. 

Can. Then with what eagerness, this 
morning, urging 
The want of health and rest, she did entreat 
Caesar to leave her ! 

Domitil. Who no sooner absent, 
But she calls, Dwarf/ (so in her scorn she 

styles me.) 
Put on my pantflfles; fetch pen and paper ^ 
I am to write : — and with distracted looks. 
In her smock, impatient of so short delay 
As but to have a mantle thrown upon her. 
She seal'd — I know not what, but 'twas in- 
To my loved Paris. 

Jul. Add to this, I heard her 
Say, when a page received it, Lethimwaitme, 
And carefully, in the walk call' d our Retreat^ 
Where Caiar, in his fear to give offence, 
Unsent for, never enters. 

Parth. 'This being certain, 
(For these arc more than jealous supposi- 
Why do not you, that are so near in blood. 
Discover it ? 

Domitil. Alas ! you know we dare not. 
'Twill be received for a malicious practice. 
To free us from that slavery which her pride 
Imposes on us. But, if you would please 
To break the ice, on pain to be sunk ever. 
We would aver it. 

Parth. I would second you, 
But that I am commanded with all speed 
To fetch in Ascletario the Chaldacan ; 
Who, in his absence, is condemn'd of treason. 
For calculating the nativity 
Of Caesar, with all confidence foretelling. 
In every circumstance, when he shall die 
A violent death. Yet, if you could approve 
Of my directions. I would have you speak 
As much to Aretinus, as you have 
To me deliver'd : he in his own nature 
Being a spy, on weaker grounds, no doubt. 
Will undertake it ; not for goodness' sake, 
(With which he never yet held correspon- 
But to endear his vigilant observings 
Of what concerns the emperor, and a little 
To triumph m the ruins of this Pa.t>&, 
That cross'd him m lYie s)Mi^VRA\wks«.. — 



Enltr Arelinus. 

Or I much err. alnody. My dnlgns 
ComRutidme hence. grvat ladies^ bul 1 leave 
My viihes wllh you. [Erir. 
Artt. Have I CBUgbl your " ' 

ind my fine Roman A 

Tij wiy well. I nw 
Thb raie diwoTciy : 
or my in- - 

Disposing offices and p 
To my kinsmen, friendi 

Demitil. This Is mw 
Than usual wjib him. 

?■/. Arelinus ! 

Artt. Howl 

When you were prin 

/ Tv. confcss'd Ihal title, 


To break your lellcn. as lann'd gnJley.!laves 
Pay such as do redeem them from th( " " 
1 come not to entrap you ; tnii aloud 
Pronounce Ihat you are manumiofd 

Your liberty sweeter, you 

I DDmltiA, — whiit ) 

Thai triumph'd in you 

Domitil. Were you 

To prove your accusal 

CMTAnd I. 
Jul. And I. 
Am. No atom to n 

Her quick dissimulation t< 
Her bffing tnuisporteil, i 

/ bribed the boy that did eoniey tiic Icllcr. 

And, tntiing paused it. made it up a\ 
Yoor pheli and angen are lo me Inmi 
—Thai Pans is brouEhl to her, and hi 
He shall be templed. 

DamiHL This is above wonder. 

Artt. My gold can work much stranger 
Than lo corru] 

'Tis a complaii 


Here, ioi 

</ a pr/itioi 

W1.M we've su 
Can. And wilh vehc tnenco. 
Domitil. I wiU deliver it. 
Artl. Leave the resi to me then. 

Enltr Camr, viiU hii Guard. 

Cat. Let out lieutuniuiis bringusvicloty, 
While we enjoy the fruilsof peace at ' 
And being secured from our Inlestinr 
(For wotse than foreign cnenues.) duubu 

Though all Ihe sky were hung with blaiing 

Which fond asirologer^ give out to 1 

lAnd deaths of monarchi, we. undaui 
Guarded with our o*n lliunder, bid i 
To Ihem and fate ; we being loo slroDgly 

For Ihem to wound us. 


More tlian a man 

CiiH, Lci not thy passions bi 
Rebellious to thy rmson— 



This trint of your consta 

As you go 10 or Irom the capuoi. 

Thanks given lo Joi-c forltiumphi. 

Cfl-i. H;il 

Damitll. Vouchsafe 
A while to Slay Ihe lighlning of your eyes, 

look □ 


Of yours Ihat rises uith high 
An eanlKiuake lo us. 

Domilil. And, if not kepi closed 
With more ibon human piillence. 

but is 

■ Repine It 



Artt. Which on sure proofs 
We can make good. 

Domitil. And shew she is unworthy 
Of the least spark of that diviner fire 
You have conferr'd upon her. 

C<KS. I stand doubtful. 
And unresolved what to determine of you. 
In this malicious violence you have ofTer'd 
To the altarof her truth and purcness tome, 
You have but fruitlessly labour'd to sully 
A white robe of perfection, black-mouth 'd 

Could belch no spot on.— But I will put off 
The deity you labour to take from me, 
And argue out of probabilities with you, 
As if I were a man. Can I believe 
That she, that borrows all her light from me. 
And knows to use it, would betray her 

To your intelligence; and make that ap- 
Which, by her perturbations in a play, 
Was yesterday but doubted, and find none 
But you, that are her slaves, and therefore 

hate her, 
Whose aids she might employ to make way 

for her? 
Or Aretinus. whom long since she knew 
To be the cabinet counsellor, nay, the key 
Of Caesar's secrets? Could her beauty raise 

To this unequall'd height, to make her fall 
The more remarkable ? or must my desires 
To her, and wrongs to Lamia, be revenged 
By her, and on herself, that drew on both ? 
Or she leave our imperial bed to court . 
A pubh'c actor ? 

Aret. Who dares contradict 
These more than human reasons, that have 

To clothe base guilt in the most glorious 

Of innocence? 

Domitil. Too well she knew the strength 
And eloquence of her patron to defend her, 
And thereupon presuming, fell securely ; 
Not fearing an accuser, nor the truth 
PtYxloced against her, which your love and 

Will ne'er discern from falsehood. 

C<K. 111 not hear 
A syllable more that may invite a change 
In my opinion of her. You liave raised 
A fiercer war within me by this fable, 
Though with your lives you vow to make it 

Than if, and at one instant, all mv legions 
Revolted from me, and came arm d against 


Here in this paper are the swords pre- 
For my destruction ; here the fatal stars 
That threaten more than ruin ; this the 

Death's head 
That does assure me, if she can prove false, 
That I am mortal, which a sudden fever 
Would prompt me to believe, and faintly 

yield to. 
But now in my full confidence what she 

In that, from any witness but myself, 
I nourish a suspicion she's untrue, 
My toughness returns to me. Lead oUr 

And, by the forfeit of your lives, confirm 
She is all excellence, a3 you all baseness ; 
Or let mankind, for her fall, boldly swear 
There are no chaste wives now, nor ever 
were. [ExeunL 

SCENE W.—ApHvate Walk in the 
Gardens of the Palace, 

Enter Domitia, Paris, and Servants. 

Dom. Say we command, that none pre" 
sume to dare, 
On forfeit of our favour, that is life, 
Out of a saucy curiousness, to stand 
Within the distance of their eyes or ears. 
Till we please to be waited on. 

\Exeunt Servants. 
And, sirrah, 
Howe'er you are excepted, let it not 
Be^et in you an arrogant opinion 
Tis done to grace you. 

Par. With my humblest service 
I but obey your summons, and should blush 

To be so near you. 

Dom. 'Twould become you rather 
To fear the greatness of the grace vouch- 
safed you 
May overwhelm you ; and 'twill do no less, 
If, when you are rewarded, in your cups 
You boast this privacy. 

Par. That were, mightiest empress, 
To play with lightning. 

Dom. You conceive it right. 
The means to kill or save is not alone 
In Csesar circumscribed ; for, if incensed. 
We have our thunder too, that strikes as 
Par, "Twould ill become the lowncss of 
my fortune. 
To question what vou can do, but with all 
Humility to attenci what is your will, 
And then to serve it. 



lo keep ll ? 
f^t. Though It ragtd wilhin m<? 
I Till I lurn'd oiadeis. It should ne'er hnve venl. 

■ To be an nge a dying, and with itPiiure. 

I Only ID be thought worthf of youi couiud, 
I Or tictualF wlial ymi commaad to me, 
n A wrrichcd obwiire (hing, not worth your 
I knowledge, 

■ Wan a perpetual hnppiness, 
I Dam. We could *ilh 

That we could credit Ibee, anil csinnDl tiod 


t pleases i 


ion, DObte. wise, 

. and what virfuts ell 

adom you with ; 

sHIl paitake the odour 

us liquon (hey conloin'c 

'— "^'do n. 

I Is (he 
Of (be 
I do 

Of the 

Thou must be ranlly, In sonM 

The thine (hou dosi prcsem. 

Wc seriously believe it, and presume 
DorParii is the volume in which all 
Those eicelleat gifts the stage hs' 

Are curiously bound up, 
Pjr. The argument 
"' - jamc, great Augusta, that ' " 

cold n 


Or uiy olhei weak and vicious peru>r 
Offbrcetmujtbesuch. Cgmac""- 

appear In the sceoe. my pnrt being 

I am no niore, nor less, than what I was 
Before I enter'd, 

DviK. Come, you would put ou 
A wnfUl ignorance, and not understated 
What 'lis we po'mt nL Must wc in plain 

Agninsl the decent modeslT of out sex. 
Say that we love ihcc. love thee lo enjoy thro ; 
Or that in our desires thou an prefcrr'd. 
And Ciesar but thy second ? lliou in justice. 
If from the hwghi of majesty wc can 
Lookdown upon thy lowniss, and embrace i t. 
An botmd wilh (eivor to look up 

Par. O. t 

! hear me with a patient 

Aod be but pleased toundcrsland the reasons 
Thai do deter me from a happiness 
KJngs would be rivals for. Can I, thai owe 
My lite, and all llial's mine, lo Oesat* 

Beyond my hopes or merits, shower'd upoi 

Hake payment for Ihem wilh ingralitudc. 

/ Make pay 


Falsehood, and 

Might tempi Hi 

To help or hurl 

Let loyally and duty plead my 

Though I refuse lo satisfy. 

Dom. You arc coy, 
Eipecting I should court you. Ij 

Use piayers and entreaties to Iheiri 
-- Hse up inslnimenu to sa 

ileasures ; 

□r Augusta so lo Lose herself. 
Thai holds command o'er CiEsar' 

■c poverty of ijrfril. Thou iml 

moderation. Take 


Is poor in the adiancemenC of her li 
But wanlonues mngoiSceiit : and |j 

To have the salary of vice weigh dow 
Thepayof virtue. So, wlihoul moreB 

" r. In what a sirail am I brougnj 
1 1 know ihat the denial's deajw 
can my grant, discovcr'd, B 

Yel, to die in 

Kor all posterity to report, that I " 
Refused an empress, lo preserve mfl 
To mygreatmBster: mlruejudciM 
Show fairer, than lo buy a ITuilly IQ 
With wealth and honour. Tis lb) 

I dare not, must not, will not. 

arm. Howl conlemn'd? 
Since hopes, nor fears, inlhet 

Deny not thai yet, which a brofhe* 

Enter Casta. AretimiS. lulift, Dfl 
Ctenis, and a GuanI Min 

Kiss closer. Thou art now my Ti 

And I thy Helen. 

Par. Since it is youi will. j— 

Cai. And 1 am Menclaus : but I 

Something I know nol yet. 
Dam. Why lose we lime 

And opportunity? These are but 

To shaipen appetite : kH us lo ih 
{Cenrtiig Paris w 



"Where I shall wish that thou wert Jupiter, 
And I Alcmena ; and that I had power 
To lengtlien out one short night into three, 
And so beget a Hercules. 

Cas. \Cotnts forward^ While Amphitrio 
Stands by, and draws the curtains. 

Par, Oh! [Falls on his face. 

Dom. Betray'd! 

CVrj. No ; taken in a net of Vulcan's 

Where, in myself, the theatre of the gods 
Are sad spectators, not one of them firing 
To witness, with a smile, he does desire 
To be so shamed for all the pleasure that 
you'\-e sold your being for ! What shall I 

name thee ? 
Ingrateful, treacherous, insatiate, all 
Invectives which, in bitterness of spirit, 
Wronged men have breathed out against 

wicked women, 
Cannot express thee ! Have I raised thee 

Thy low condition to the height of greatness, 
Command, and majesty, in one b^c act 
To render me, that was, before I hugg'd 

An adder, in my bosom, more than man, 
A thing t)eneath a beast I Did I force these 
Of mine own blood, as handmaids to kneel to 
Thy pomp and pride, having myself no 

But how with benefits to bind thee mine ; 
And am I thus rewarded ! Not a knee, 
Nor tear, nor sign of sorrow for thy fault ? 
Break, stubborn silence : what canst thou 

To stay my vengeance ? 

Dom. This. Thy lust compell'd me 
To be a strumpet, and mine hath rctum'd it 
In my intent and will, though not in act. 
To cuckold thee. 

Cas. O, impudence I take her hence, 
And let her make her entrance into hell, 
By leaving life with all the tortures that 
Flesh can be sensible of. Yet stay. What 

Her beauty still holds o'er my soul, that 

Of this unpardonable nature cannot teach me 
To right myself, and hate her ! — Kill her. — 

O that my dotage should increase from that 
Wliich should breed detestation. By 

If I look on her longer. I shall melt, 
And sue to her, my injuries forgot. 
Again to be received into her favour ; 
Could honour yield to it I Carry her to her 

chamber ; 

Be that her prison, till in cooler blood 
I shall determine of her. 

[Exit Guard vnth Domitia. 
Aret. Now step I in, 
While he's in this calm mood, for my re- 
ward- — 

Sir, if my service hath deserved 

Cas. Yes, yes : 
And I'll reward thee. Thou hast robb'd 

me of 
All rest and peace, and been the principal 

To make me know that, of which if again 
I could be ignorant of, I would purchase it 

Re-enter Guard. 

With the loss of empire : Strangle him ; 

take these hence too, 
And lodge them in the dungeon. Could j 

your reason, 
Dull wretches, flatter you with hope to think 
That this discovery, that hath shower'd 

upon me I 

Perpetual vexation, should not fall i 

Heavy on you ? Away with them ! — stop 

their mouths ; 1 

I will hear no reply. j 

[Exit Guard vnth Aretinus, Julia, 
Caenis, and Domitilla. j 

— O, Paris, Paris ! 
How shall I argiie with thee ? how begin 
To make thee understand, before I kill thee. 
With what grief and unwillingness 'tis forcnl 

from me ? 
Yet, in respect I have favoxu-'d thee. I'll hear 
Wliat thou canst speak to qualify or excuse 
Thy readiness to serve this woman's lust ; 
And wish thou couldst give me such satis- 
As I might bury the remembrance of it. 
Look up : we stand attentive. 

Par. O, dread Caesar ! 
To hope for life, or plead in the defence 
Of my ingratitude, were again to wrong you. 
I know I have deserved death ; and my 

suit is, 
That you would hasten it : yet, that your 

When I am dead, (as sure I will not live,) 
May pardon me, I'll only urge my frailty. 
Her will, and the temptation of that beauty 
Which you could not resist. How could 

poor I, then, 
Fly that which follow'd me, and Caesar sued 

This is all. And now your sentence. 

C(£s. Which I know not 
How topronounce. O that tliy fault had been 
But such as I might pardon. \ \1 ^traiVAsS&iL 


In wantonness. IJkeNeru. Sred proud Rome. 

Betiay'dan army, bulchei'd the whole: 

if my Minerva. 


! hud prevenled any inloxasslon, 

And (reely sign'd thy pntdon. 

Par. Bui im tliis. 
Alu ! you cannot, nay. you nnul not. sir ; 
Nor let it lo poweriiy be recorded, 
Tlial Casar, unrevenged. suffer'd a wtoiib, 
Which, if a prfraic nmn should all down 

Cowardj would baffle him, 

' I. With such true fnling 
ThoQ orgiKsl againti thyietf. that il 
Works more upon me. tlian if my ^ 
ThegrandproleeltesjoTmylifeand . ,. . .. 
On forfeit of her favour, cried aloud. 
Oesar. show mercy 1 and, t know not hovr. 
* am inclined to 11. Rise. I'll promise 

noibing : 
Yet clear Ihy cloudy fears, and cherish hopes. 
What we mml do, we iball do : we remember 
A tragedy we oft have seen with ph^aauEc, 
C^l'd the Fata ServiiH. 

Par. Such a one we hive, sir. 

Cm. In which a grtal lord takes to ills 

A man forl^, Ipving him ample power 

To order and dispose of his estate 

In's absence, he pretending then a journey : 

' Bulyetwith this resu^nt that, on no terms. 

I (This lord stiipecting his wife's constancy, 
Shcbavingplay'dfalsetoaforinei husband,) 
'~ hough soliciied, should con- 


Par. That 

5, indeed, the argument. 


Didst thou play in it ! 
Par. The FiIh SinianI, sir. 
Cai. Tbou didst, indeed. Do the pLiyec 

wait without ' 
Par. They do, sir, lUid prepared to u 
the stoi7 
Yoor mjLJcaly mcntioD'd. 

CcJ, CidI them in. Who presents 
The injured lord I 

„da Lady. 

Entir Siopoi, Lalinus, 

^sof. Tls my part, sir. 

Or/. Thou didst tH>t 
Do It to the life ; u'c can perform il belli 
Off with my robe and wreath : since N 

I The fMibllc theatre, we In private may 
/ Dapart ourselvfs. "'■"" -'--'■ — ■ *■ 

Will fit the person, 
yfiif.*. Only. sir. 
The point and edge nbiieij, v 
To do the murder. If you please lai'3 
And lay aside your own iwocd. 

In iSit nor eame>t (his parts nevtrll 
We'll have but ■ "^ 

the lady 

In an imperious way commands 111 
To be undiankful to liis |alron ; 
My cue's to enter, prompt me : * 
Anddoilspiightly: though bi 
When I cocne to execution, yc 
No cause to laugh at me. 

Lai. In thenameofwonde 
What's Ciesar's purptae 1 

i^iof. There is 

Cat. Why, «■ 

Pir thy lift H kis ckarity; nor , 
Ofwkatnu^foHmi. ilMKgim m_ 
To mould hint any may. 

Ntr f.hhcrtalnr/.iH my naitifiilm ., 
/ knaayoK 'rtyeungamifair; itvitf^ 
AndleyaHohiihcd.thatkaik ' "* 
To tht Mghl efhappinas. 

Lady. Can my Imt-sick htai 
Be cnrid -auk cttinitIT ordar. 
Oftr toput in an exploded flea 
In the court e/ Venus T Myduiram 
The leait delay; and IhmfOre inif' 
Give me la anderitaiid what I min\ 
For, 1/ / am refined, aHdntltnjn 
TAasr ravishing plcti 

ni netiir unto my lord, alhil flmm 
{MaitHg vshai I diOver good with H 
That braliskly Ikon ntuUtt kttPt 



tV/kat I make suit for. And them hit imagine 
What 'tis to die, with these words, slave and 

With burning corsives writ upon thy fore- 
And live prepared /br't. 

Par. This he will believe 
Upon her information, 'tis apparent; 
And then fm nothing : and ^two extremes. 
Wisdom says, choose the less, [Aside.] — 

Rather than fall 
Under your indignation, I will yield: 
This kiss, and this, confirms it, 
ASsop, Now, sir, now. 
CVn. I most take them at it? 
yEsop. Yes, sir ; be but perfect. 
Cas. O villain/ thankless villain /^l 

should talk now ; 
But I've forgot mv part. But I can do : 
Thus, thus, and thus ! [Stads Paris. 

Par. Oh ! I am slain in earnest. 
Cets. Tls true; and 'twas my purpose, 

my good Paris : 
And yet, before life leave thee, let the honour 
I>e done thee in thy death bring comfort to 

If it had been withm the power of Caesar, 
His dignity preserved, he had pardon'd thee : 
But cruelty of honour did deny it. 
Yet, to confirm I loved thee, 'twas my study. 
To make thy end more glorious, to dis- 

My Paris from all others ; and in that 
Have shewn my pity. Nor would I let 

thee fall 
By a centurion's sword, or have thy limbs 
RoBft piecemeal by the hangman's hook, 

Thy crime deserved it : but, as thou didst 

Rome's bravest actor, 'twas my plot that 

Shouldst die in action, and to crown it, die, 
With an applause enduring to all times. 
By our fanperial hand.— His soul b freed 
From the prison of his flesh ; let it mount 

upward I 
And for this trunk, when that the funeral pile 
Hath made it ashes, we'll see it enclosed 
In a gcdden urn ; poets adorn his hearse 
With their most ravishing sorrows, and the 

For ever mourn him, and all such as were 
His glad spectators, weep his sudden death, 
The cause forgotten in his epitaph. 

[Sad music ; the Players bear of Paris' 
hody, Caesar and the rest following. 



I. — A Room in the Palace, with 
an image <y Minerva. 

Enter Parthenius, Stephanos, and Guard. 

Parth. Keep a strong guard upon him, 

and admit not 
Access to any, to exchange a word 
Or syllable with him, .till the emperor pleases 
To call him to his presence. — [Exit Guard.] 

— ^The relation 
That you have made me, Stephanos, of 

these late 
Strange passions in Caesar, much amaze me. 
The informer Aretinus put to death 
For yielding him a true discovery 
Of the empress* wantonness ; poor Paris 

kiU'd first. 
And now lamented ; and the princesses 
Confined to several islands ; yet Augusta, 
The machine on which all this mischief 

Received again to gp-ace ! 

Steph. >fay, courted to it : 
Such is the impotence of his affection ! 
Yet, to conceal his weakness, he gives out 
The people made suit for her, whom they 

hate more 
Than civil war or famine. But take heed. 
My lord, that, nor in your consent nor wishes. 
You lend or furtherance or favour to 
The plot contrived against her : should she 

prove it. 
Nay, doubt it only, you are a lost man, 
Her power o'er doating Csesar being now 
Greater than ever. 
Parth. Tis a truth I shake at ; 

And, when there's opportunity 

Steph, Say but. Do, 
I am yours, and sure. 

Parth. I'll stand one trial more, 
And then you shall hear from me. 

Steph. Now observe 
The fondness of this tjrrant, and her pride. 

\They stand aside. 

Enter Caesar and Domitia. 

Cas. Nay, all's forgotten. 
Dom. It may be, on your part. 
Cas. Forgiven too, Domitia: — 'tis a 
That you should welcome with more cheer- 
ful looks. 
Can Caesar pardon what you durst not hope 

That did the injury, and yet must sue 
To her, whose guilt is wash'd oflf by his 

Only to entertain it ? 


wnlched to rectiv 

a bare acknawicdgifient. Itinn If, 
By sllEhllng and contcmninf; it. as now. 
I dawd ihy uimast lury. Though Ihy 

Ptreuoile thoe, thil th^ niurden, lusts, nn<] 

An Tlitim tn Itiee ; and vhil pleases Cj 
I Thougb nem ao unjust. Is riitni and lawful ; 
I Otwn^in ibcesfalsebclid'tbiii thou 
I JM more than monal ; yet I to Ihy l«elli. 

I When circled with thy guaids, thy rods, thy 

II And all Ihc ensigTU of Ihy boasted power. 
1 Wilt say, DoroiiiM, nay, add to il Cicsar, 

a wcelc. feeble tnaa, a bondman to 

- . is violent pasiiiDnE. and in thsl my &lave ; 

I Nay. more my slave tlian my uflcctions 

3 my lovKl Riris. 
Cai. Cau i live and hear this ? 
■ Or hoar, and not revenge it ? Come, 

; for Ihsueb 'I 

I Willi too rnueh cmelty 
1 gmnlcd 
I 'Thai l.ydian Otnphale hm 
1 O'er Heiculei, than you usuirp a'et ine. 
J Reuon may teach me to ihake off the yoki 
CM my (ond dotage. 

Dfm. Never ; do not hope it : 
cannot be. Thou bang my beauty'' 

. id not to be redeem'd. my empire's largei 
Than thine. Domitian. which I'll eierciic 
Wtlh rigour on thee, for my Purls' death. 
And, when I've forred Ihose eyes, now red 

Irop down lean, in vain spent to ap- 

II be, though siill kncel'd for, 
_ still denied (lice. 

B^Thdl ihoa with Innguidimenl shall wish my 

P Did live aenin. so Ihou 

I 'To fe«l upon those delicnlcs, when h 

Cia, O my Mi _. _ 

Dem. There she is, [Fi-ikIj to (ie slalui.l 
Invoke licr : 

Date none or yaudowhal 1 ihakelo 
And, in thit '- -■ — ■■ — " 

\Mien ihy liui forced me from bin 

At the height revenged ; not • 

But that Ihy love, incrvasing wlt 
May add unto thy tormenli ; so, 1 
Conlcmpt 1 can. I leave Ihec. 

Citr. 1 am lost r 
Nor am I Caesar. When I first bl._ 
The freedom of my faculties and m 
To this imperious siren, 1 laid do» 
The emjun of the world, and of m 
At her proud feet. Sleep i^ (^ 

Or is the magic of my dotage such 

That do increase mythraldom ! Vj^ 
anger! j 

For shame, break throtigh tins letha| 

C<ts. Who wnits there ? 
P..r,h. [»-%/««««/.: 
Cai. Sol 
These, Ihnt command arm'i 

And yet a woman sUgbts them, WtJ 

We diarged you to felch in? j 

Parih. Ready lo snffet J 

What death you please lo appoint Ip 







Boa wllh the stun, and dare prefix 

loriics me to repote mytdL \A tetui 

and hour in which wc anrw pan 

ir«.ffitiH.-\ Ut music. 

: and empire, puoduaUy toieteUing 

With some choiee dilcy, second « :-[Sxa 

Part henins.]— The main time. 

vould purtbasc crcdii to yoiir an, 

Best there, dcnr book, Which opcn'd, wboi 

me. sRce yoB an asmtrd of us. 

I wake. 


(!,^yi tAt »«a «»rf.r kOpiiifa. 


aiaU make «me sleep (or cw. 

1 knowledge, mid us lurc as l1iQ» 

[Mmic and a long. Cxsar lUifii. 

: to-morroiir, beiag IbF fourtemlh of 
ndi of 0«ober, the hour live : 

praventioo. thl» cateaia ihiill be 
d dfi'OHretl bf dogs i—flnd lei that 

Dom. Wiitcmxnamft 



He dnrsl not, could not. 

Ubv our body, wntdi. 

wnoblCTicpolchn!, ifthi* 

■ on ihce 1 Are wc the gfCKl clispoKt 

After some litlln pasaSon. but modi iatj. 

nd death, ret oanul mock the sitrs 
t trifle > Hence with the itnposiot ; 

Hi divw It out : whow death he sijrn'd, I 

know not ; 

tne cut liis throai, etcel n pile. 
Mth soldiers, till his eunfd tnink 

Bui in his looki appenr'd n r«o1ul>on 


. and lliein. polorm >1. 

Will fall on you, or me. or boih. or any. 

Tit in vain ; 

His pleasure known lo the tiibuncs uul oen- 

iBi 1 horeforclQWijmadcnppaitnt, 


to think what ftiUuMra, 

One him hence. 

Now. ir, oul of Ihe con^dence of jour power. 


The biQodr Mtaloffue being null about him, 1 «.iwievcr 
' fulive, 

As he steeps you dare peruse il, or remove il, 
You may instnicl youi^lf, or whal lo suffer. 

D^m. 1 would iJot be caughl 


With too much confidence. By your leOM. 

sir. Hal 
No motion !— yon lie oneasy, sir. 

>> va„M^iv-„M,.^„, 'r.ii>^i>^« 

u ft uiidioul fiuuluxii, cunoin bate 

Ul me mend your pillow. 

ed and alliance. «r ^1 Wrron 

[Talii iiK.iy tin teat. 

ien- doubted blih. or people* nge 

PaHh. Have you ii> 

V«H. Til here. 
t*>. Oh 1 

innlotu Ihloff «yled wtreclence b 

Purf*. You have waked him: sotlty. 

While we an unfciiowD 1 and then oonndt 

atl.l.ur,v \F..ct»»l. 


Bffisible oT all mf ikctioni. 

>V"'". '''•«'*" '''""W^'-WM'i/. 

It ihts wolhaj-er but even no* (ore- 


A dnaro dlituib me Drtng my 

Tlicte tunes borne thee? t« m» rt*» anJ 

^.. ll™ : 


I am batbi3do'ci«kthibcco\&c««A4«aais 





These Mwiilegiom 5piols. 

Kobbdof D-ybopeiiindbelng? No.Ili»e — 

Yes, live, and liavcdisconne. Id know myscir 
Of eodj and men lotsaken. What occuut 
Wlrtiin me cii« aloud, I have deserved il, 
Inbcrng JDsI lo ndthcr? Who dues speak 

Am I nol Ctesar?— How I again repeat i<? 
PiTaumpluous tnulor. Uiou sliall die ! — 

Whfll iraJlor? 
He thai balh been a (railor lo himself. 
And Uwids convicled here. Vet who can sit 
Awmpelcnlji>dgeo'erC«»ai? Ciesar. Yes, 

'l»M nndream.bQt amost real (nilh, 
That Junius Ruilicus and Palphuiius Sura, 
Although Their uha were nut in the sea, 
Were ^j Ihcir innocence made up again, 
And in corporeal forms but now appear'd. 
Waving tlieir bloody swords above my head, 
* ~ at their deaths they Ihrealen'd. And 

Minerva, lavish'd hence, whisper'd thai she 
Wax, for my blasphemies, disarm'd by Jove, 
Andoouldnomoreproieclme. Ye5,'iwasso, 
{Thsmdtr and lightnimg. 
His thunder doei conliTin it, against whicli. 
Howc'crii ipaie the laurel, this proud wreath 

Eiler Ihrie Tribunes. 

Ha I come you resolved 
To be mv encutioners? 

I Trii. Allegiance 
And faith forbvd ihat we should lift an aim 
kgainsl your Hicr«i head. 
1 Trii. Weralhecsue 
•or mercy. 

3 Trib. And arknowrledge that injustice 
.hu' lives are foifeilcd foi nol performing 
What C«sar charged uj. 

Trih. Nordid we tmntgrFss il 

BUT want of will or care ; for. being but 

lite gods fighting ai, 

Caa. Sp^k. in what 
Did ibey express ihelr anger? wc will hear it, 
But dare not say, undaunted. 
Trii. In brief ihus. sir: 

Riven by ycMir imperial tongue, 
. _ ..._ nstrologer Ascleinrio'sdfsiih. 
With speed wiis put 
Cta. Well. 

, a. pile being raised of Did 

TlieslulT. Ihat was miHiapt. 
But suddenly, lo the nmaaemeni ( 
The fearless'soldier. a niddeo flail 
OritghtniDg, Ineaking through tbi 

Wiihsuchahorrid violenccforeed il 
And, as disdaining all heat but it* 
In a moment qnench'd the arti(ioi« 

Had m his secret purposes dele 
An imiveisal ruin to the world. 
This horror past, nol at DeucttliDn 

Such a alormy shower of tain (ana 

Too narrow to eipress it) was e'eri 
Imagine rather, sir, thai with less fl 
The waves rush down Ihe calnmcoj 
Or that the sea. spouted into the ak 
By ihc angry Ore, endangefing 1^ 
But sailing near it. so falls down i^ 
Yet here the wonder ends not. Inifl 
For. as in vnin we Inbour'd (o conif 
The wiiard's body, all Ihe dogs d \ 
Howling and yelling like 10 lamisfclj 
Brake in upon us ; and though Ihona 
Kiil'd in th' attempt, somedid ascenB 
And with their eager fangs seiBJ 
carcass. \ 

Cat. But have Ihey torn it? 'I 
I Trii. Tom it, and dcvour-d Kj 
Cti. I then am a dead man, 4 
prediclloDS l 

Assure mc t am lost. O, my love# 
Your emperor must leave you t yey 
I cannot grant myself a <;hDn i^irit 
! freely pardon you. The fatal M 
Steals fast upon me : 1 must die thM 
By five, my soldiers ; that's Ihe laH 
You e'er must sec me living. i 

In our swords lies your ral«, ul 

eunrd it. ' 

Csu O no. it cannot be : it is aJ 

Aliove, and bynostrengihheretaH 

Let proud mortality but look on Cl 



Fitthoming the earth ; that would be styled 

And h, for that presumption, cast beneath 
The low condition of a common man, 
Sinlring with mine own weight. 

z 7W^. Do not forsake 
YooBelf, we'll never leave yon. 

a TH^, Well draw up 
More cohorts of your guard, if you doubt 

Cms, They cannot save me. Theoffended 
That now sit judges on me, from their envy 
Of my power and greatness here, conspire 

I Trii, Endeavour to appease them. 

C<Rf. 'Twill be fruitless : 
I am past hope of remission. Yet, could I 
Decline this dreadful hour of five, these 

That drive me to despair, would soon fly 

from me : 
And could you but till then assure me 

z 7W^. Yes, sir ; 
Orwell fall with you, and make Rome the urn 
In which well mix our ashes. 

Ccf. Tis said nobly : 
I am something comforted : howe'er, to die 
Is the full period of calamity. [JSxeuHi, 

SCENE lh--Another Boom in the Palace. 

Enter Parthenhis, Domitia, Julia, Caenis, 
DonntUla, Stephanos, Sejeius, and En- 

Partk, You see we aie all condemn'd; 
there's no evasion ; 
We must do, or suffer. 

5iMi4. But it must be sudden ; 
The feast delay is mortal. 

Dom. Wou^ I were 
A man. to give it action I 

Domitil. Could I make my approaches, 
though my stature 
Does promise little, I have a spirit as daring 
As heis that can reach higher. 

Stepk, I will take 
That burthen from you, madam. All the 

art is. 
To draw him from the tribunes that attend 

him ; 
For, could you bring him but within my 

sword's reach, 
The world should owe her freedom from a 

To Stephanos. 

5^'. You shall not share alone 
The glory of n deed that will endure 
To all posterity. 

EnU I will put in 
For a part, myself. 

Partk, Be resolv'd, and stand close. 
I have conceived a way, and with the hazard 
Of my life 111 practise it, to fetch him hither. 
But then no trifling. 

Stepk, We'll dispatch him, fear not : 
A dead dog never bites. 

Partk. 'Thus then at alL 

[Exit; tke rat conceal tkemselvts. 


Enter Caesar asid ike Tribunes. 

Cos. How slow-paced are these minutes ! 
in extremes. 
How miserable is the least delay ! 
Could I imp feathers to the wings of time. 
Or with as little ease command the sun 
To scoiuge his coursers up heaven's eastern 

Making the hour to tremble at, past re- 
As I can move this dial's tongue to six ; 
Mv veins and arteries, emptied with fear. 
Would fill and swell again. How do I look ? 
Do you yet see Death about me ? 

I Trib. Think not of him ; 
Tliere is no danger : all these prodigies 
Thatdoaflright you, rise from natural causes ; 
And though you do ascribe them to yourself. 
Had you ne'er been, had happened. 

CiBS. Tis well said. 
Exceeding well, brave soldier. Can it be, 
That I, that feel myself in health and 

Should still believe I am so near my end, 
And have my guards about me ? perish all 
Predictions ! I grow constant they are false. 
And built upon uncertainties. 

I Trib. lliis is right ; 
Now Cnesar's heard like Caesar. 

Cas. We will to 
The camp, and having there confirm'd the 

With a large donative, and increase of pay. 
Some shall 1 say no more. 

He-enter Parthenius. 

Partk. All happiness. 
Security, long life, attend upon 
The monarch of the world ! 

C(cs. I'hy looks are cheerful. 

Partk. And my relation full of joy and 
Why is the care of your inip<'rial body, 
My lord, neglected, the d hour being 

In which yoiu* life was threaten'd ? 

Cas, Is't jxist five ? 



Partk, Past six, vpoQ mf knoiitalge; 
and, in justice, 
Your clock-roaster sbonlil dle^ that hadi de- 

Your peace so loog: There is a poit neir 

That brings assured inteUlgence. that your 

In Syria have woo a glorions day, 
And much enlaiged your empire. I have 

kept him 
Conceal'd, that 70a ndgfat fint partake the 

In private, and the senate from jomadf 
Be taught to underttand how much thej owe 
To you and to your fortmie. 

Cos. Hence, pak fcar, then t 
Lead me, Parthenhs. 
z Trib. Shall we wait yon? 
Gex. No. 
After losses guards are nsefuL Know yoor 

[ExatniCwtataamd Paitbemos. 
3 Trib, HowstnngdyhopesdehKlenienI 
as I live, 
The hour is not yet come. 

I Trib. HoMre er, we arc 
To pay our duties, and observe the sequd. 
[Exeunt Tribunes. Domitia and the 
rest come forward. 
Dom, I hear him coming. Be constant 

Re-enter Caesar €Md Parthenios. 

G». Where, Pajthenius, 
Is this glad messenger? 

Siepk. Make the door fast.— Here ; 
A messenger of horror. 

Gtj. How! betray'd? 

Dom. No ; taken, tyrant. 

CiEs. My Domitia 
In the conspiracy ! 

Parth, Behokl this book. 

C«r. Nay, dien I amlost Yet. thoi^ 
ni not fall poorly. [< Xw < iiww Stf p ha no fc 

Sttfh, H^me. 

J?ii/. Thtis,andthQs! \Tlktyjta$ 

S^\ AreyoQSolooga&IUnff?/ Atm. 

Cat. Tis done ba8»r. [J^ia, 

Partk, This for my ftrther's death. 

Dom. Thbformy Ruis. 

fmi. This for thy incest 

JDomita, This for thy abuse 
QfDomitiUa. \Tkoy uveralfy sM kim^ 

Trihaut. [witMrn.} Poree the dooo I 



What have yoo done? 
Partk, WhatRomeshallgheiathMktte^ 
Stetk. Disoatch'd a monster, 
z Trii, Yet he was oor prinoe^ 
Howofcr wkdsed; and, in yon, this mu^ 

der, — 
Whidk wiMsoe'er snceeeds Urn wOl teveogns 
Nor will we, that served under Us ooamaad.. 
Consent that sudi a monster as thysdf, 
(For in thy wickedness Augusta's title 
Hath quite forsook thee,) thou, thtt wert 

the ground 
Of all tbcse mischiefs, shaU go hence un* 

Lay nands on her, and drag her to her sen- 
tence. — 
We will refer the hearing to the senate. 
Who may at their best leisure censure you. 
Take up his body : he in death hath paid 
For all his cruelties. Here's the dilteenoe; 
Good kings are moum'd for after life; butiU, 
And such as govem'd only by their will. 
And not their reason, unlamented fiall ; 
No good man's tear shed at their funeral. 
[Exeunt; the Tribunes bearing tke Mtjof 


The Great Duke of Florence. 

Codmo. Jala of Ftorenoe. 
Giovanni, ntfhne to tit dukl. 

Cu9la Charomonte. ffii>vi.iini 
Contorino, atriliirv to lAi dui 


ronlmo, J 


U t» Cluromonlc. 

A Gtnllim. . 

Fiorinda, dmhtii u/'Uttim. 

Lidlo, iavghtir la Qiurainonte. 
Hippolito. Vttniitlltn e/slali. CnlainiiiLi, Hrvant la Fiorindii- 

Hieronlmo, J Poironalla. afooliih ttrvanl h Udla. 

I, a mtrry /tllinB, anvHl la Gto- 1 AlltndaMi, Senaiits, Sre. 

SCENE,— /'rfrt^jB Florence, and fartfyet lit rttidtnct e/Chtmmome in lit ivniitiy. 

ACT t 

Enter OuaomoDte and Contnrini). 
CUr. Yaii bring jroiu welcome wlib yoa. 
Cant. Sir, I find it 

Clur. Agiun mosi welcome. 
Yet, give me lean In wbh (und pt»j you, 


To my poor house upon some oUier heriii 
Nol this yea ore iteilfpi'd to : tint his wil 
Mutt beoliey'd, bowe'er il ravish fromin 
The happy conversation of one 
■ ■ ^f lo mo u iheold Romans lield 

Itr.i; tliold Lars, whom they believ 

.1 i:Lijnl 

r ; nor can the duke 
■ nephew, And 'iwe 
M, Ihm ntorannt, 

■ .:.ity 

Not in n Fulgni and pcdonlk form. 

Of what s mul lo him. but 'lb straight di- 

And inily made ha own. His gtavc dis- 

In one no iiitve indcbied onto yeiu^, 

henr him : honemaiuhip, 
■■- VTnpon. ftie by piaclicG 

And ikill , ^ 

Fitmlilar (o him : as for knowledge 

leeds Jl not, it bdng bom 


All ihiil he (peolu being with nich gRwe 

mokts pcriect harmony. 
. Youdes:n~be 

Sir, he'is 

And ih.-u there may be noihing wanting ih 
Mny render liim complete, the n — ■ 

nil tfejioiitfi - - - 

*"'"""" 't±- 


To Ihe mm 


»rt of mj 

, <I:e U 



now Uaa willi bll presence? 1 
He it now J 











I Running al the ring. atwhiultbe'seiceUeat. 
He doe* allot tor every ei«dse 
A icveni hout; farslotb, (he nuise otvica. 
And run o( adion, b a snuiger to him. 
But 1 (car t am Icdioui. lei lU pass. 
Uyou plcau. (u ume olhet subset, though 

DeUvcT him »s he dcservei. 

CaHl. You have given him 
A noble chaiBder. 
I Ckdr. Aad how. I pray joa, 
IFor we. thai never look b^and our vilkj, 
Mual be mquiiitive.) are stnle aSairs 
Canted in court? 

Cmt. Theie's lillle aileraiion : 
SomeiiK. and olhen fall, as it stands niih 
The plsuute of the duke, thdr great dis- 

Ciar. Does Lodovico Sanuarro hold 
I Weight, and Eiace with him? 

Cunt. Eveiy day new honours 
I Aie ihower'd upon .him, and without the 



The service done o 

'OalnM nia anil Sienna may with ju&tice 

Claim what's conferr'd upon him. 

Ciiw. "lis said nobly ; 
Pm princes never more make known llirir 

Than when they cherish goodness wlicre 

Ihey find it : 
They being men, and not gods, Conlarmo, 
They can give weallh and titles, but no 

That is without their power. When they 

iofjudgmenl, but dcedving fancy, 
An undcservinf; man, bowe'er set off 
With all the trim oT gieatness, slate, and 

And of a creature cTen grown terrible 

To him from whom he took his giant fann. 

And when the bounties feeding his false fire 

Begin to fail, will ofilsclf 

And what was dreadful, pi 

But in our Sanaiarro 'tis not so. 

He being pure and tried gold: and any stamp 

Of grace, to make him current to the world. 

The duke is pleased to give him, will odd 

To the ijreat bcslowec; for he, though 

His majesty in full luslre, 

CbkI. He, indeed. 
At no part does take from it. bul becomes 
A partner of his cares. 

With viiViag ibouldera, of a bt 

He should alone sustain. 
Ciar. Is he yet mimed? 
Coal. No. siguiot, still A-f 

It is apparent that the choicest il 
Forbsiuty, braveiy, and wealth, l| 
Would, with her port — ' -'"■ - 

Were his ofTECIion and intent bl 

CJhtr. So 1 think too. 
But break we off— here o 

Giirv. Pray you, forbear 
My hand, good signior ; 'lis 

With mutual amis. 
CflBA 11 is a favour, tir. 

I grieve to be denied. 

Oiirv. You ihaU o' 

But 'tis your plcai 

Good fortune leave me I) you ha»g 
A second father, and may justly I 
For training up my youth in artq 
As much (Mpeoi and service, a* % 
To him that gave me life. A4 

Or will believe from me, how mN 
Good Charomonle hath broken,; 
To build me up a man, you miif 
Chiron, the tutor to the great A4 
Campled n-ith hi m, deserves notH 
And if my gracious uncle, the H 
Still holds me worthy his consHi 
Or linds in me aught worthy t»l 
Thai liitle rivulet flow'd from Hi 
And so from me report him. i 

Cent. Fame .tlrsidy 
Hath fiU'd his highness' evs 4 

Of what 

u are. and bow modi 



For, though his tenderness hardly could con- 
To have vou one hour absent from his sight, 
For inll three years he did deny himself 
The pleasure he took in you, that you, here. 
From this great master, might amve tmto 
Thi^ theory of those high mysteries 
Whidi you, by action, must make plain in 

Tis, therefore, his request, (and that, from 

Your excellence must grant a strict command, ) 
That instantly (it being not five hours riding) 
You should take horse and visit him. These 

his letters 
Will yield you further reasons. 

[De/izm a packet. 
Cai. To the court ! 
Farewell the flower, then, of the country's 

This B our sun, and when he's set, we must not 
Expect or spring or summer, but resolve 
For a perpetual winter. 
Char, rray you, obser\'e 

[Giovanni reading tlu letters. 
The frequent changes in his face. 

Cont. As if 
His much unwillingness to leave your house 
Contended with his duty. 

Char. Now he appears 
CoHected and resolved. 
Giov. It is the duke ! 
The duke, upon whose favour all my hopes 
And fortunes do depend. Nor must I check 
At his commands for any private motives 
That do invite my stay here, though they are 
Almost not to be master'd. My obedience. 
In my departing suddenly, shall confirm 
I am his highness' creature ; yet, I hope 
A little stay to take a solemn farewell 
Of all those ravishing pleasures I have tasted 
In this my sweet retirement, from my 

And his incomparable daughter, cannot meet 
An ill construction. 

Cont. I will answer that : 
Use your own Mrill. 

Giov, 1 would speak to you. sir. 
In such a phrase as might express the thanks 

My heart would gladly pay ; but 

Char. I conceive you : 
And something I would say ; but I miLst not 

In that dumb rhetoric which you moke 
use of; 

For I do wish you all ;I know not how, 

My toughness melts, and, spite of my dis- 
I must turn woman. [Embraces Giovanni. 

Cont. What a sympathy 
There is between them ! 

Cal. Were I on the rack, 
I could not shed a tear. But I am mad. 
And, ten to one, shall hang myself for sorrow. 
Before I shift my shirt. But hear you, sir, 
(I'll separate you,) when you are gone, what 

Become of me ? 
Giofi'. Why, thou shalt to court with me. 

YTetkes Char, euide. 
Cal. To see you worried? 
Cont. Worried, Calandrine I 
Cal. Yes, sir : for, bring this sw^eet faOv 
to the court. 
There will be such a longing 'mong the 

Who shall engross it first, nay, fight and 

scratch fort, 
That, if they be not stopp'd, forentertainment 
They'll kiss his lips off. Nay, if you'll scapeso, 
And not be tempted to a further danger. 
These succulxc are so sharp set, that you mast 
Give out you are an eunuch. 

Cont. Have a better 
Opinion of court-ladies, and take care 
Of your own stake. 

Cal. For my stake, 'tis past caring. 
I would not have a bird of unclean feathers 
Handsel his lime twig, — and so much for him : 
Tliere's something else that troubles me. 
Cont. What's that? 

Cal. Whv. how to behave myself in court, 
and tightly. 
I have been told the very place transforms 

And that not one of a thousand, that before 
Lived honestly in the country on plain salads, I 
But bring him thither, mark me that, and 

feed him 
But a month or two with custards and court 

And he turns knave immediately. — I'd be 

honest ; 
But I must follow the fashion, or die a beggar. 
Giov. And, if I ever reach my hopes, 
believe it. 
We will share fortunes. 

Char. This acknowledgement 

Enter IJdia. 

Binds me your debtor ever. — Here comes one 
In whose sad looks you easily may read 
What her heart suffers, in that she is forced 
To take her \xsX leave of you. 

Cont. As I live, 
A beautv without parallel ! 

Lid. Must you go, then, 
So suddenly? 








Giov. There's no evukm, lidbi, 
Togain the least delay, thoiq^h I would bujit 
At any rate. Gneatnes, with primte men 
Esteem'd a blessing, is to me a cune ; 
And we, whom, for our high Xmibs^ they 

The only freemen, are the oohr slavo. 
Happy the golden mean ! had I been bom 
In a poor sordid cottage, not nnn'd up 
\^^th expectation to oommand a conrt, 
I might. like soch of your condition, sweetest. 
Have ta'en a safe and middle coarse, and 

As I am now, a^nst mj choice, compell'd 
Or to lie grovellmg on the earth, or nosed 
So high upon the pinnacles of state, 
That I must either keep my heigbt with 

Or fall with certain rain. 

Lid. Your own goodness 
Will be your faithful gnaid. 

Giav. O. Lidia! 

Cant. So passionate ! [Aside, 

Giav. For, had I been your equal, 
1 might have seen and Uked with mine <yKn 

And not. as now, ^*ith others ; I might still. 
And without observation, or envy. 
.\s 1 have done, continued my delights 
With you, that are alone, in my esteem, 
The abstract of society : Hte might walk 
In solitary gTO\-es. or in choice gardens ; 
From the variety of curious flowers 
Contemplate nature's workman^p, and 

wonders : 
And then, for change, near to the murmur of 
Some bubbling fountain, I might hear you 

And, from the well-tuned accents of your 

In my imagination conceive 
With what melodious harmony a quire 
Of angels sing above their Maker's praises. 
And then with chaste discourse, as we re- 

Imp feathers to the broken wings of time : — 
And all thb I must part from. 

Cont. You forget 
The haste imposed upon us. 

Gi(n'. One word more, 
And then I comt^. And after this, when, with 
Continued innocence of love and service, 
I had grown ripe for Hymeneal joys. 
Embracing you. but with a lawful flame, 
I might have been your husband. 

Lid. Sir, I was. 
And ever am, your servant ; but it was. 
And 'tis, far from me in a thought to cherish 
Soch saucy hopes. If I had been the heir 

Of an the globes and aoeptres manUnd 

bows to. 
At my best yoa bad deserved me ; as I am, 
Howe'er unwocthy, in my viigin neal 
I wish you, as a partner of your bed, 
A princess equal to you ; such a one 
That may make it the stody of her Ufe, 
With all the obedience of a wife, to pleaK 

Mar you have happy isne, and I five 
To be thdr humblest handmaid t 

Giav, I am dumb. 
And can make no reply. 

Comt. Your excellnice 
Will be benighted. 

Giw, This kiss, bathed hi tears, 
May leani you what I shook! say. 

Ltd, Give me leave 
To wait on you to your horse. 

Ckar. And me to bring you 
To the one half of your ^mey. 

Giov, Your love puts 
Your age to too mnch trooble. 

Char, I grow young. 
When most I serve vou. 

Cont. Sir, the dufce shall thank ytn. \ 


SCENE II.— Florence. A Room ia :Ae \ 
Palace. \ 

Enter Alphonso, HippoMto. </ff</Hieronimo. 

Alpk. His highness cannot take it in. 

Hip. HoDt'ever, 
We with our duties shall express our care ' 
For the safety of h is dukedom . > 

Hier. And our loves 

Enter Cozimo. 

To his person. — Here he comes : present R : 


[Th^ kneel, .\lphonso tenders a paper, 
Cos. What needs this form ? We are not | 

grown so proud 
As to disdain familiar conference 
With such as are to counsel and dhect us. 
This kind of adoration show«l not xktM 
In the old Roman emperors, who. forgetting 
That they were flesh and blood, would be 

styled gods : 
In us to suffer it. were worse. Pmv )t>u, 

rise. [keads. 

Still the old suit ! With too much curious- 

You have too often search'd this wound, 

which yields 
Security and rest, not trouble to me. 
For here you grieve, that my firm rcsohrtion 
Continues me a wklower; and that 
My want of issue to succeed me in 



My government, when 1 am dead, may 

Distraction in tlie state, and make the name 
And family of the Medici, now admired, 
Hip. And with strong^ reasons, sir. 
Alpk. For, were you old, and past hope 

to beget 
The model of yourself, we should be silent. 
///Vr. But, being in your height and pride 

of years, 
As you arc now, great sir. and ha\ing, too. 
In your possession the daughter of 
The deceased duke of Urbin, and his heir, 
Whose guardian you arc made ; were you 

but pleased 
To think her worthy of you, besides chil- 
Tlie dukedom she brings with her for a 

Will yield a large increase of strength and 

To tna»e fair territories which already 
Acknowledge you their absolute lord. 

Cot. You press us 
With solid arguments, we grant ; and, though 
We stand not bound to yield account to any 
Why we do this or that, (the full consent 
Of our subjects being included in our will,) 
We, out of our free bounties, will deliver 
The motives that divert us. You well know 
That, three years since, to our much grief, 

Our dutchess; such a dutchess, that the 

In her whole course of life, yields not a lady 
That can with imitation deserve 
To be her second : in her grave we buried 
All thoughts of woman : let this satisfy 
For any second marriage. Now, whereas 
Yoa name the heir of C'rbin, as a princess 
Of great revenues, 'tis confess'd she is so : 
But for some causes private to ourself. 
We have disposed her otherwise. Yet despair 

not ; 
For you, ere long, with joy shall understand 
That in our princely care we ha\'e proNnded 
Otit worthy to succeed us. 

Enttr Sanazarro. 

Hip, We submit. 
And hold the counsels of great Cozimo 

Coz. My Sanazarro ! — Nay, 
Foibear all ceremony. You look sprightly, 

And promise in your clear aspect some novel 
That may delight us. 

Samaz, O sir, I would not be 

The harbinger of aught that might distaste 

you : 
And therefore know (for 'twere a sin to torture 
Your highness' expectation) your vice-ad- 
By my directions, hath surprised the gallies 
Appomted to transport the Asian tribute 
Of the great Turk ; a richer prize was never 
Brought into Florence. 

Coz. Still my nightingale, 
That with sweet accents dost assiu^ me that 
My spring of happiness comes fast upon me I 
Embrace me boldly. I pronounce that wretch 
An enemy to brave and thriving action, 
That dares believe but in a thought, we are 
Too prodigal in our favours to this man. 
Whose merits, though with him we should 

Our dukedom, still continue us his debtor. 

Hip. 'Tis far from me. 

Aiph. We all applaud it. 

Coz. Nay, blush not, Sanazarro, we are 
Of what we build up in thee ; nor can our 
Election be disparaged, since we have not 
Received into our bosom and our grace 
A glorious lazy drone, grown fat with feeding 
On others' toil, but an industrious bee. 
That crops the sweet flowers of our enemies. 
And every happy evening returns 
Loaden with wax and honey to our hive. 

Sanaz. My best endeavours never can 
The service I should pay. 

Coz. Thou art too modest ; 
But we will study how to give, and when. 

Enter Giovanni and Contarino. 

Before it be demanded. Giovanni ! 

My nephew ! let me eye thee better, boy. 
In thee, methinks, my sister lives again ; 
For her love I will be a father to thee. 
For thou art my adopted son. 

Giov. Your servant. 
And humblest subject. 

Coz. Thy hard travel, nephew, 
Requires soft rest, and therefore we forbear. 
For the present, an account how thou hast 

Thy absent hours. See, signiors, see, our care. 
Without a second bed, provides you of 
A hopeful prince. Carry him to his lodgings. 
And, for his further honour, Sanazarro, 
With the rest, do you' attend him. 

Giav. All true pleasures 
Circle your highness ! 

Sanaz, As the rising sun, 
We do receive you. 

Gioi\ May this never siitt 

** -_-\ 



But shine upon yoa ever I 
[Exeunt Giovanni, Sanamro, Hferonimo^ 
Alphonso, and Hippolita 

Coz. Contarinol 

Cont. My gracioas loid. 

Cos, What entertainment found yon 
Fkom Carolo de Chaiomonte? 

Cont Free. 
And boiuitiful. He's ever like himsdf^ 
Noble and hospitable. 

Cos. But did my nnhew 
Depan thence willingly? 

Cont. He obey'd yoar summons 
As did become him. Yet it was apparent. 
But that he durst not cran your viU, he would 
Ha\-e sojoum'd longer there, he ever finding 
Variety of si^-eetest entertafamwnt. 
But there ^-assomethini^dse; nor can I blame 
His youth, though with some trouUe he 

took leave 
Of such a sweet companion. 

Cos. Who was it ? 

Cont. The daughter, sir, of signkNrCftmlOb 
Fair I^dia, a virgin, at all ports. 
But in her birth and fortunes, equal to him. 
The rarest beauties Italy can make boast of, 
Aru but mere shadows to her, she the sub- 
Of all perfection. And what increases 
The wonder, sir, her body's matchless form 
Is bctter'd by the purcness of her souL 
Such sweet discourse, such ravishing be- 
Such charming language, such enchanting 

With a simplicity that shames all courtship. 
Flow hourly from her, that I do beUew 
Had Crirce or Calypso her sweet graces. 
Wandering Ulysses ne\-er had rcmembcr'd 
Penelope, or Ithaca. 

Co:. He not rapt so. 

Cont. Your Excellence would be so, had 
you seen her. 

Coz. Take up, take up.— But did your 
Note any passage of affection 
Between her and my nephew ? 

Cont. How it should 
Be otherwise between them, is beyond 
My best imagination. Cupid's arro¥» 
Were useless there ; for, of necessity, 
Their years and dispositions do accord so^ 
They must >KX>und one another. 

Coz. Umph! Thou art 
My secretary, Contarino, and more skill'd 
In politic designs of state, than in 
Thy judgment of a beauty ; gi\-e me leave. 
In this, todoubt it—Here. Go tomycabinet, 
You shall find there letten newly recehred, 

Tondiing the stale of Uibhi. 

Pray you, with care peruse them : ledcvc tbft i 

search ! 

Of this to us. I 

CoKi. I do obey in all things. [Ar//. 

Cos, Lidial a diamond so long coooBal'd, 

And never worn in court ! of soch tweet 

And he on whom I fix my dukedom's Ixmes 
Made capthre to it I Umjph I 'tis somewnat 

Oar eyes are everywhere, and we will make 
A strict inquiry. — Sanazarro ! 

i^^^c* Ar SaoaxanoL 

Samas. 2^. 

Ctf. Is my nepliew at his rest? 

Samas. 1 saw him in bed, sir. 

Cos. TIs well; and does the prinoQB- 
Nay, do not bhish, she is ridi Urbin's heir. 
Continue constant in her favours to yom ? 

Somas. Dread sii^ she nay diqiense tta» 
as she pleases ; 
But I look up to her as on a princess 
I darc not be ambitious of. and hope 
Her prodigal graces shall not render me 
Offender to your highness. | 

Coz. Not a scruple. J 

He whom I favour, as I do my friend. 
May take all lawful graces that become him r ; 
But touching this hereafter. 1 have now i 
(.And though perhaps it may appear a triile) { 
berious employment for thee. | 

Sanaz. I stand ready 
For any act you please. 

Coz. I know it, friend. 
Hav-e you ne'er iK^ard of Lidia, the daughter 
Of Carolo Charomonte ? 

Sanas. Him I know, sir. 
For a noble gentleman, and my worthyfriend; 
But never heard of her. 

Coz. She is deli>-er'd, 
And feelingly to us by Contarino, 
For a masterpiece in nature. I would have 

Ride suddenly thither to behold this wonder. 
But not as sent by us ; that's our tirst caution : 
The second is. and carefully observe it. 
That, though you are a tochelor, and cn- 

dow'd with 
All those perfections that may take a ^'irgin. 
On forfeit of our favour do not tempc her : 
It may be her fair graces do concern us. 
Pretend what business you think fit, to gain 
Access unto her father's house, and, thnc. 
Make full discovery of her, and return me 
A true relation : — I have some ends in it« 
With wiiicfa we will acquaint you. 



Situas. This is, sir. 
An easy task. 

Coz. Yet one that must exact 
Your secrecy and diligence. Let not 
Your stay be long. 

Sanax. It shall not, sir. 

Cot. Farewell, 
And be. as you would keep our favour, 
carefal. [ICxcunt. 


SCENE I.— The same. A Room in 
Fiorinda's House. 

Enter Fiorinda and Calaminta. 

Fior. How does this dressing shew? 

Calam. TIs of itself 
Curious and rare ; but, borrowing ornament, 
r\s it does from your grace, that deigns 

to wear it. 

Fior. Thou fiatter'st me. 

Calam. I cannot. 
Your excellence is above it. 

Fior. Were we less perfect. 
Yet, being as we are, an absolute princess, 
We of necessity must be chaste, wise, fair, 
^^y our prerogative ! — yet all these faU 
Tb move where I would liavc them. How 

Count Sanazarro the rich scarf I sent him 
For his last visit? 

Calam. With much reverence, 
I dare not say affection. He express'd 
More ceremony in his humble thanks. 
Than feeling of the favour ; and appear'd 
Wilfully ignorant, in my opinion, 
Of what it did invite him to. 

Fior. No matter ; 
He's blind with too much light. Have you 

not heard 
Of any private mistress he's engaged to ? 

Calam. Not any ; and this does amaze 

me, madam. 

That he, a soldier, one that drinks rich wines, 

Feeds high, and promises as much as Venus 

Could wish to find from Mars, should in his 

Be so averse to women. 

Fior. Troth, I know not ; 
He's man enough, and. if he has a haunt, 
He preys, far oft', like a subtle fox. 

Calam. And that way 
I do suspect him : for I learnt last night. 
When the great duke went to rest, attended 


One private follower, he took horse ; but 

He's rid, or to what end, I cannot guess at. 
But I will find it out. 
Fior. Do, faithful scrxant ; 

Enter Calandrino. 

We would not be abused. — ^^\'ho have we 

Calam. How the fool stares ! 

Fior. And looks as if he were 
Conning his neck- verse. 

Cal. If I now prove perfect 
In my A B C of courtship, Calandrino 
Is made for ever. I am sent — let me sec. 
On a How dye^ as they caU't. 

Calam. What wouldst thou say ? 

Cal. Let me see my notes, lliese are 
her lodgings ; welL 

Calam. Art thou an ass? 

Cal. Peace ! thou art a court wagtail, 

[Looking on his instructions. 
To interrupt me. 

Fior. He hns given it you. 

Cal. And then say to the illustrious Fi-a- 
rin-da — 
I have it. Which is she ? 

Calam. Why this ; fop-doodle. 

Cal. Leave chattering, bull-finch ; you 
would put me out. 
But 'twill not do. — Then^ after you have made 
Your three obeisances to her, kneel and kiss 
The skirt qf her gown. — I am glad it is no 

Calam. And why so, sir? 

Cal. Because I was afraid 
That, after the Italian garb, I should 
Have kiss'd her backward. 

Calam. This is sport unlookcd for. 

Cal. Are you the princess ? 

Fior. Yes, sir. 

Cal. Then stand fair, 
For I am choleric ; and do not ni]^ 
A hoix'ful blossom. Out again : — Three low 
Obeisances. — 

Fior. I am ready. 

Cal. I come on, then. 

Calam. With much formality. 

Cal. Umph ! One, two, three. 

[Afakes antic curtesies. 
Tluis far I am right. Now for the lost. 
[^Kisses the skirt o/hcrgon'N.] —O, rare I 
She is perfumed all over ! Sure great women. 
Instead of Uttle dogs, are privileged 
To carry musk-cats. 

Fior. Now the ceremony 
Is pass'd, what is the substance ? 

Cal. I'll peruse 
My instructions, and then tell you. — Her 

skirt kiss'd. 
Inform her highness that your (ord \ 



Calam. Who's tint? 
Cal. Prince Giovanni, wiio entnats jronr 
That he, i^ith yoar good fimmr, nugr have 

To present his senrioe to yoo. I think I 

have nick'd it 
For a courtier of the fiist form. 
Fior. To my wonder. 

Enter Giovanni and a Gentleman. 

Return unto the prinoe—tNit be pievents 
My answer. Cauminta, talce hun off ; 
And, for the neat ddivenr of his message. 
Give him ten ducats : sacarare partsas yours 
Axe to be cherish'd. 

Cal. We will share : I imow 
It is the custom of the court, when ten 
Are promised, fi\'e is fair. Fie ! fie ! the 

Shall never know it, so you diqiatch me 

And bid me not come tO4n0Row. 

Calam. Veiy good, sir. 

[Exeunt Calandrino and Calaminta. 

Giaz: Pray you, friend. 
Inform the duke I am putting into act 
What he conunandcd. 

Gent. I am proud to be employ'd, sir. 


Gicv. Madam, that, without warrant, I 
To trench upon your privacies, may aigue 
Rudeness of manners ; but the free access 
Your princely courtesy vouchsafes to all 
That come to pay theirservices, gives me hope 
To find a gracious pardon. 

Ficr. If you please, not 
To make that an offence in yourconstrucdon, 
Which I receive as a large faTour from you. 
There needs not this apology. 

Gun: You continue. 
As you were ever, the greatest mistress of 
Fair entertainment. 

Fior. You are, sir, the master ; 
And in the countiy have learnt to outdo 
All that in court is practised. But why 

should we 
Talk at such distance? Vou are welcome, sir. 
We have been more familiar, and since 
You will impose the province (you should 

Of boldness on me, give me leave to say 
You are too punctual. Sit, sir, and discourse 
As we were used. 

Giw. Your excellence knows so well 
How to command, that I can never err 
When I obey you. 

/^dar. Nay, no moce of this. 

Yon shall o'eroome ; no moiei I pnf yoo, 

sir. — 
And what deUghts, mr fon be Uberal 
Inyoor rdation, hatn me ooimtiy life 

Giav. All pleasnres, gradooi majjtm . 
But the hujpiness to confene vfth your 

sweet virtiies. 
I had a nave instmctor, and mr bom*' 
Design'd to serious studfes yiektod me 
Pleasure with profit in the imowledge of 
What before I was ignonmt in ; the signidr, 
Carolo de Charomoote, being ddKol 
To guide me tfaioqgh the labyrinth of ^Hd 

That laboured to imprison my free soal 
A slave to vidons sloth. 

Fior, Yon speak him wdL 

Giop. But short of his deserts. ThenCbr 
Of recreation, I was allowed 
(Against the form foUow'd by jealoas potente 
In Italy) full liberty to partake 
His datijghter's sweet society. She'savh^n 
Happy in all endowments which a poet 
Could £ancy in his mistress ; being herscif 
A school of goodness, where chaste maids 

may learn, 
Without the aid of foreign principles, 
By the example of her life and purcncss. 
To be as she is, excellent. I but gi\*e >'OU 
A brief epitome of her virtues, which. 
Dilated on at huge, and to their merit. 
Would make an ample story. 

Fior. Your whole age, 
So spent with such a father, and a daughter. 
Could not be tedious to you. 

Guv. True, great princess : 
And now, since you have pleased to grant 

the hearing 
Of my dmc's expense in the country, give 

me leave 
To entreat the favour to be made acquainted 
What service, or what objects in the court. 
Have, in your excellency's acceptance, pra\-ed 
Most gracious to you. 

Ficr. Ill meet your demand. 
And make a plain discovery. The duke's 

For my estate and person holds the first 
And choicest place: then, the respect the 

Fay gladly to me. not to be contemn'd. 
But that which raised in me the most delight, 
(For I am a friend to valour,) was to hear 
The noble actions truly reported 
Of the brave count Sanazano. I profess 
When it hath been, and fen'enthr, delivcrd. 
How boldly, in the horror of a fight. 


4 wllh Rre and smoke, md. ai IT 
ml him wings, like ligblnlDg he baib 

ever can repent. 

h 1 :i. 

n young Aniinam 

i"!-- ; nil Ihe graces thai 

ciccllcncc will ihnnk 

Till you nre nuule onr, and wtth holy riles, 
And we give suflhigc lt> il. 

IHk: You sn EiBcioiu. 

Cm. To ounei? in ihis : but now hnok 
oS; 100 much 

Taken nl once of Ihe moat curioui rijinili, 
. iha sharp edge of nppetiK. We ore' 

Tli^il yoii shall k«p ta 

' iif, Wc wielia yot 


'. Kny. wiihoui clrtumtlance. 
'/. Thai lou would nlc^ic 
leoeeasionlomiiVB''- " '- 
you. with his olluu 

nolchlesl VlrgUi. Liilia, (ofwhotti 
iot»p«»klo«iimch.)lo»Bil uponyo 
luch a onf, upon Tin forfeit of 
[OOd opinion of mi-i thai will no< 

□ diiiurb you. Yua arc 

<intn. A IfallU 

Bernardo. Cnponi. aai Potnichio. 
Is my lord stirring? 

ake. I hen. 

«at ilOKaf 

aipons, may presenfc ihrtr 

Ci\f. N. . 

Pit. Let lu take, ihcn. 
Our morning draught. S 




With that thin compostliim call'd snisH hwr. 
As.'Ibidkl.lheydfiinEnglanrI, Dui Itallaiu, 
Th«l think when ihey have wpp'd ujwn on 


Brm. Have ihcy not 
Store of wine tlicxe ? 

Cap. Yts, and drink more tn iwo hours 
Than ihr Dutchmen or iht Dane !n four and 

1 of :^iwin. with Webb 

v. Unqdll — rileiDbnicc. Curprincot, 

j Tlicy QUI iiBht, and thofs llitii 


£iUtr SonaauTO and Senmnt. 

^■di. I'll make bold 
Tojn™ a llitk (unliCT. 

An. Who is Ih'a. 
Count SonaxuTO? 

Pa. Yra. I know bim. Quickly 
Removt Ihc flaggion. 

Snnai. A good iSay In you, Tiiends. 
NBy.donoIMnCMlrourphj^Ici lapproveii, 
' nil. if TOU plouc. will be a pallenl wilh you. 

Ptt. My noble lord. [Dri-ii. 

Sana: A heallh lo youm. [Drinks.] Well 

I see you tore jounel ves. and I com mend you : 
Tis the besi wisdom, 

Prt. May It please your honour 
To vratk » turn in the gallery, I'll acnthiinl 
My lord with your being here, \Eiit. 

For a viilt only. 'Tis n handsome [Mle ihis. 


Ctf. Why here ii a brave fellow, and a 


Nor wealth nor greatness makes him proud. 

Too few of Ihem ; for most of our new 

(Whose lathers were familiar with Ihepricra 
Of oil and com. with when and where to 

And left ihdr hdis rich, from ihcir know- 
ledge (hat way.) 
Like gounls ilial up in a night, disdain lo 

Bul lo cloth of tissue. 

fa/ir Charomonle in a vi/htgimm. 

Pelnicblo /tillBKiKg, 

Chnr. Stand you prating, knaves. 

WbeatuchagueslisundermyTDof I Secall 

" rooms perfumed. This is the man that 

The sway and swhie of Ihe court ; and t 

had rather 
Preserve him mine wi( 

But I'U mat 
Trim berselfup to Ihe height 

with honeti offices, 
impnrisons, Rid my 

RTpects to wriggle further ; tf hefl 

I Shalt deceive his hope* ; for I'll S 
ily honour for "" 

Caf. To Ihe round ^ecy. 
U fils hit worth and quality, bul ■ 

SCEVElll.— ^ Galkiyiaa 
EuUr Sanamno, 

apprehend, ji 

The great duke docs employ me hila 
What does increase ine minde, 

Ol Lidia. lUi lord's datighUT. and J| 
In what she's excelknl, anduhirreibr 
Tis a hard task i be that will und 
To make a Judgment of a woman'. 
And see through all her plasteti 

Had need of Lynceus' eyes, and wl(| 


II the in 
.o«rt ^ 

May look, Uke him. through nine mdi) 
■ban make , :' 

A true discovery of her. But the iq 
And secrets of my prince': 

Served, and not scardi'd 

Enlir Charomonlc. 
CKar. Most noble sir, 
Excuse my age, subject lo ease a: 
That with no greater speed I havi 
My service wiih your welcome. 

Sanat. 'Tis more lit 
Tliot I should ask your parda 

Yout ret at this unseasonable ho 
carry me so neu 

Youi hos|Hlable I 


Cli,ii: Offend, my lord! 
I fed mysT'lf much younger Tot 111 
How is it with tnu gracious mnsH He. sir. 
■folds still 

Himsellyourdebior, lor 
To il>e prince- 



Tbe mikk dispatch of what I was design'd to 
WoQld have hoensed me to see you. 

Char, I am rich 
In his acknowledgment. 

Satios. Sir, I have heard 
Your happiness in a daughter. 
. CMar. Sits the wind there ? [Aside. 

Samat» Fame gives her out for a rare 

Ckar. "Tis a plain village girl, sir, but 
obedient ; 
That's her best beauty, sir. 

Samat. Let my desire 
To see her, find a fair construction from you : 
I bring no loose thought with me. 

CAar. You are that way. 
My lord, free from suspicion. Her own 

Without an imposition from me, 
I hope, iftlll prompt her to it. 

JSuUr Lidia and Petronella. 

As she is. 
She comes to make a tender of that service 
Which she stands bound to pay. 

Sanas, With your fair leave, 
I make bold to salute you. 

Ltd. Sir, you have it. 

Petrom. I am her gentlewoman, will he 
not kiss me too ? 
This is coarse, i 'faith. [Aside. 

Ckar, How he falls off! 

Lid. My lord, though silence best becomes 
a maid. 
And to be curious to know but what 
CoDoems myself, and with becoming dis- 
Mi^ argue me of boldness, I must borrow 
So mtKm of modesty, as to inquire 
Prince Giovanni's health. 

Sanas. He cannot want 
What you are pleased to wish him. 

Lid. Would 'twere so ! 
And then there is no blessing that can make 
A hopeful and a noble prince complete. 
But should fall on him. O ! he was our 

north star. 
The light and pleasure of our eyes. 

Samax. Where am I ? 
I feel myself another thing ! Can charms 
Be writ on such pure rubies? her lips melt 
As soon as touch 'd I Not those smooth 

gales that glide 
O'er happy Araby, or rich Sabsea, 
Creating in their passage gums and spices, 
Can serve for a weak simile to express 
The sweetness of her breath. Such a brave 

Homer bestow'd on Pallas, every limb 
Proportion 'd to it ! 

CAar. This is strange. — My lord I 

Sanaz. I crave your pardon, and yours, 
matchless maid. 
For such I must report you. 

Pttron. ITiere's no notice 
Taken all this while of me. [Aside. 

Sanaz. And I must add, 
If your discourse and reason parallel 
The rareness of your more than human form. 
You are a wonder. 

Char. Pray you, my lord, make trial : 
She can speak, I can assure you ; and that 

my presence 
May not take from her freedom, I will leave 

you : 
For know, my lord, my confidence dares trust 

Where, and with whom, she pleases. 

If he be 
Taken the right way with her, I cannot fancy 
A better match ; and, for false play, I know 
The tricks, and can discern them. — Petro- 
nella I 

Petron. Yes, my good lord. 

Char. I have employment for you. 

{Exeunt Charomonte and Petronella. 

Lia. What's your will, sir? 

Sanax. Mad^, you are so large a theme 
to treat of, 
And eveiy grace about you offers to me 
Such copiousness of language, that I stand 
Doubtful which first to touch at. If I err, 
As in my choice I may, let me entreat you, 
Before 1 do offend, to sign my pardon : 
Let this, the emblem of your innocence, 
Give me assurance. 

Lid. My hand join'd to yours. 
Without this superstition, confirms it. 
Nor need I fear you will dwell long upon me, 
Thebarrennessofthcsubject yielding nothing 
That rhetoric, wiih all her tropes and figures, 
Can amplify. Yet since you are resolved 
To prove yourself a courtier in my praise. 
As I'm a woman (and you men affirm 
Our sex loves to be flatter 'd) III endure it. 

Enter Charomonte abn-e. 

Now, when you please, begin. 
Sanas. [turning from her.] Such Lscda's 

paps were, — 
(Down pillows styled by Jove,) and their 

pure whiteness 
Shames the swan's down, or snow. No heat 

of lust 
Swells up her arurc veins ; and yet I feel 
ITiat this chaste ice but touch'd fans fire in 




Lid. Vou nerd nol, noble sir, be Ihus 

Ot itouUc your iiiYention to cipiess 

"sut thoujiil of me: Ihe plainest jOmut 

snd language 
Tbol you can use. will he loo hl|;h a Main 
For such an humble theme. 
Sanai. If ilie Ettat duk* 
Modethb biaend lolrymycoiisttihl temper. 
Though I am vnnqolsli'i), 'tis hii r>u]l, nol 

Fui I amflahond blood, xnd have airiviian& 
' B othei men. Who e»n behold the 

Or holj altara, but )be objMB ii 
Devotfon in him ? And f nuv 
Walk viti burning iron with iHire leei, 
And be unscorch'd, u took upon this beauty 
Witbonl Adire, and tliat detlre pursued loo. 
TUI ft be qiwnuli'd with lb* cn)oying Ihose 
DelfehD, vhteh loaehleve. dinger is noih I ng, 
Aadl^iy but a woni. 

iJd^ I tie'er wu proud ; 
Not can find I am guilty of a thought 
Deserving ibis neglect nnd stntngenES from 

Nor nm 1 nmorous. 

Did injury, yet 1 an> sensible 
When I'm contemn'd al ' 

SuBflt. Will you plea 

IJd. OthcdiHerenceofnatDNsIti 
A prince in expectation, when heH 
Stole cotutesy from heaven, and ivoi 
The meanest sen'anl in mr failn " 
Have kept such distance. 

Sanai. Pny you. do not iMok I 

Unworthy of your ear; il w "" 

Thnttum*d me statue. I cnn 

Lid. And I can hear. The hai 
your courtship 
Cannot corrupt my couT 

Sanai. Will you heni 
If I speak of \a\t t 

Lid, Provided you be modeil ; i 
1 v/rn uncivil, else. 

CAar. They are come to r-ai 

Sanat. You ore a rare one. 
And such |but Ihm my haste i 


lie choice of m< 

1 could convener 

With Icnve to vis 

/.id. So you, 

To caU o ^ 

And u that tnstani cruelly deny him 

To loste of what he sees. Allegiance 

Templed too for is like the trial of 

A good sword on an snvil : as that often 

Flies In jSecM without service to the ovmcr, 

So trust enforced too farproves Ircachery, 

And b too late repented. 

ii'rf. Pray you, sir. 
Or license me to leave you, or deliver 
The reasons which invite jmi tooonunand 
My tedious waiting on you. 

C»at. As I Uve. 
I know not vrhallo think ou't. Is't his pride, 

SiiiaM. whither have my thoughts 
Camci) me from myself ? Inthismydutness, 

I've lost an opportunity 

[Turin It, htr. shrfallioff. 

Lid. Tij true. 

Nor shine in rich embroideries iiml |>earl. 
As they, thai Hte the mislressa of greal 

'Ut you vxiuchsafe 
Your our, sweet lady ? 

LM. Yet I may bo bold. 
Pot my Integrity nnd fume, to n 

; jeu again f 

__ 'a tender of my humble I 

To tlie prince GiuTanni. 
S-mai. Ever touching 
Ij'pon that string 1 [.Hiidf.] And 
give me hope < 

Of future happiness ■ 

/.id. That, as I shaU find v.. . 
The fori that's yieldvil nt the' fine 
lly worth the raking. 
St-niir Choronionle icbi 

u. SheisumBBuineofall) 
i death lo pan from her. yd 
■ " ■■■ fair maid, 

usiom grants yon. 
itar. A homely breakfast t 
your lordship. 
h as the pUce affords. 
BHiii. No ; I have faui__ 
Already here; my thanta.aiidsO'Sl 
1 w!U sue you again.— ml this tw' 
I was never lost, nnd whM u^ 
I Imvc not yet detennhied. 

_ Char. Gone so nbr— -'- " 
"" . iwy strnngc. 
■"' "--"-"vourf 

A poitinc kiu. 
Lid. That ci 

', Under ¥( 
coming hilh 
a,.yLhing 1 I 




Char, Take heed, Lklia ! 

I do advise you with a father's love. 

AiMltendemessofyourhonour; aslwouldnot 

Have you coarse and harsh in giving enter- 

So by no means to be credulous : for great 

Till they have gain'd their ends, are giants in 

Tbdr promises, but, those obtain'd, weak 

In their performance. And it is a maxim 

Allow'd among them, so they may deceive, 

They may swear any thing ; for the queen of 

As they hold constantly, does never punish, 

But smile, at lovers' peijuries. — ^Yet be wise 

And when you are sued to in a noble way, 

Be neither nice nor scrupulous. 
Lid. All you speak, sir, 

I hear as oracles ; nor will digress 

From your directions. 
Char. So shall you keep 

Your fiame imtainted. 
LAd. As I would my life, sir. \Exeunt. 


SCENE 1. — Florence. An Anteroom 
in the Palace. 

Enter Sanazarro and Servant. 

Sanas. Leave the horses with my grooms ; 
but be you careful. 
With your best diligence and speed, to find 

The prince, and humbly, in my name, entreat 
I mav exchange some private conference with 

Befbre the great duke know of my arrival. 

Serv, I haste, my lord. 

Sanas. Here I'll attend his coming : 
And see vou keep yourself, as much as may be, 
Conc^ d from all men else. 

Serv. To serve your lordship, 
I wish I were invisible. [Exit. 

Sanaz. I am driven 
Into a desperate strait, and cannot steer 
A middle course ; and of the two extremes 
Which I must make election of, I know not 
Which is more full of horror. Never serwant 
Stood more engaged to a magnificent master, 
Than I to Cozimo : and all those honours 
And glories by his grace confcrr'd upon me, 
Or by my prosperous services deserved. 
If now I should deceive his trust, and make 
A shijjwreck of my loyalty, are ruin'd. 
And, on the other side, it I discover 
India's divine perfections, all my hopes 

In her are sunk, never to be buoy'd up : 
For 'tis impossible, but, as soon as seen, 
She must with adoration be sued to. 
A hermit at his beads but looking on her, 
Or the cold cynic, whom Corinthian Lais 
(Not moved with her lust's blandishments) 

call'd a stone, 
At this object would take fire. Nor is the 

Such an Hippolytus, but that this Ph?edra, 
But seen, must force him to forsake the 

And Dian's huntmanship, proud to serve 

Venus' soft ensigns. No, there is no way 
For me to hope fruition of my ends. 
But to conceal her beauties ; — and how that 
May be effected, is as hard a task 
As with a veil to cover the sun's beams. 
Or comfortable light. Three years the prince 
Lived in her company, and Contarino, 
The secretary, hath possess'd the duke 
What a rare piece she is :- but he's my 

And may with ease be frighted to deny 
>\'hat he hath said ! and, if my long ex- 
With some strong reasons I have thought 

Cannot o'er-reach a youth, my practice 

yields me j 

But little profit. I 

Enter Giovanni with the Servant. j 

Giov. You are well retum'd, sir. \ 

Sanaz. Leave us. — [i?jr// Servant. "J Wlien 
that your grace shall know the motives | 
That forced me to invite you to this trouble, i 
You will excuse my manners. i 

Giov. Sir, there needs not 
This circumstance between us. You are ever 
My noble friend. 

Sanaz. You shall have further cause 
To assure you of my faith and zeal to serve 

^nd, when I have committed to your trust 
(l*resuming still on your retentive sil^ice) 
A secret of no less importance than ^ 
My honour, nay, my head, it will confirm 
i What value you hold with me. 

Giov. Fray you, believe, sir. 
What you deliver to me shall be lock'd up 
In a strong cabinet, of which you yoursrif | 
Shall keep the key: for here I pawn my , 

Which is the best security I can give yet, 
It shall not bo discover'd. 

Sanaz. This assurance ! 

Is more than I with modebV>f com\^ ^^kxxvwA 




Krom Hich n paymmlet ; but I inuii b 

And llierefore. to tito piupoie. Can you 

In your InagliiMhin. conEclvc 
On what design, oc wliithcr. ihe dukr'i \\i 
Commanded mc hcovc lou nijilii? 

Giav. tin, I osim rmi ; 
And i( hod been a nideneo <□ en{|iiin: 
Of tbIU 1 WM IKM eall'd lo. 

Sana!. Gnnt me hearing. 
And I Mill truly mnke you undctsland 
it only dM concern you. 

Cure. Me, my lord ! 

i&'iiiidt. You. in your present stall', nn 
fului« fortunes : 
I For both lie at the stake. 

Giav, You much iimiijc me. 
Pm you, resolve this riddle. 

Smat, You Jtnow Ilie duke, 
If be die usueleis. as ye( he is. 
Determines you his heir. 

Gito, II liath pleased liis highness 
I Oft to profess so niuch. 

Sjmai. But say, be should 
Be won lo prove a seeond » ife, on whom 
He may beget a son, how, In n mumenc, 
Whh mX (hose glorious expeclatians. which 
Render you reverenced and reniarkable. 
iSe b a moment blasted, houc'cr yuu arc 
Kll nueh-lov'd slster*s son '. 

tlii/v, I must liear it 
With palicDce. and in me rl is a duty 
That I WIS bom with ; and 'twere mucli 

l-'or Ibe receiver of a beneht 

'I'o offer, for hisosi-n ends, to prescribe 

Sinat, Sweetly ansMin-'d, 
And like your noble self. This your rare 

So wins upon me. that I would not live 
(Iflhalfay honeslnrts I can prerenlil) 
To we your Iwpes inode fnuirAic. And but 

How you sIibII \k tmnsfurm'd from what 

Shoul<t(hI»(»sheaven(ivertlir) ever happen. 
tl must disturb your peace : for whereni now, 
ived for the lieir ap- 

Thal must hereafter rule, ; 

Gceat Indies beg your picluiv, 
To thai, despairing lo enjoy the sa 
And, but the last nlghl, whr~ 

That you were come lo eourl, m if yO 
By sen past hiiher from nnolher world 
What general shouts and Dcclanuilio) 

The bells rang loud. 

Werr dnmk, and blush'd not nl UJ 

A happiness lo part with f 

Giev. I allow these 
-\s flourishes of fortune, with w 
Are often sooth'd ; bui n 

For real blessings. 

Sanat. Vet all IhcK wcie paid 4 
To what you may be. not to wliU f 
For if llie Great Duke but shew H 

A son of his own. you shall, lib; "f 

Pass unregaided. l| 

Gift: 1 confess, coinmnnd \ 

Is not lo be conicmn'd. and if my B 

With Willi ngshoukters. But. n 


II, but wonder'd at ; 
c slept ; aiid, as you 

'J'he faihiir. pointing with liis Hnger. tells 

Tliough I appear incrcdulons ; l 
My knowledge, he ne'er saw her J 

Saius. That is granted ; 
But Contarino hath so sune 1 
And given her out (or such ■ 
Tlinl he's transported With It. sir M 
SiMb sometimes through ll 

As well OS by the e] 



Heard her described, but I was sent in post 
To see her, and return my judgment of her. 

Gtov. And what's your censure ? 

Sanas. Tis a pretty creature. 

Giav. She's very fair. 

Sanaz, Yes, yes, I have seen worse faces. 

Giot'. Her limbs are neatly form'd. 

SdNttz. She hath a waist 
Indeed sized to love's wish. 

Gi(n: A delicate hand too. 

Siiiiaz. Then for a leg and foot — 

Gun'. And there I leave you, 
For 1 presumed no further. 

Sanaz. .\s she is, sir, 
I know she wants no gracious part that may 
Allure the duke ; and, if he only see her, 
She is his own ; he will not be denied, 
And then you are lost ; yet, if you'll second me, 

iAs you have rea.«>on, for it most concerns you, ) 
\ can prevent all yet. 

Giai'. I would you could, 
A noble way. 

Sanaz. I will cry down her beauties ; 
Especially the beauties of her mind, 
As much as Contarino hath advanced them ; 
And this, I hope, will breed forgetfulness, 
And kill aflfcction in him : but you must join 
With me in my report, if you be question'd. 

Gi<rj. I never told a lie yet ; and I hold it 
In some degree blasphemous to dispraise 
What's worthy admiration : yet, for once, 
I will dispraise a little, and not vary 
From your relation. 

Siiuiiz. Be constant in it. 

Enter Alphonso. 

A I ph. My lonl, the duke hath seen your j 
man, and wonders 

Enter C'ozimo, Hippolito, Contarino, and 

You come noi to him. Sec, if his desire 
To have contcrcnce with you hath not 

brought him hither 
In his own pt^rson ! 

Coz. They are comely courFcrs, 
And pnMnise swiftness. 

CoHt. 'llicy are, of my knowledge. 
Of the Ixjst mce m Naples. 

Cc'. You are, nephew, 
As I hear^ an excellent horseman, and we 

like it : 
Tis a fair grace in a prince. Pray you, make 

Of their strength and speed ; and, if you 

think them Ht 
For your employment, with a liberal hand 
Regard the gentleman that did present them 
From the viceroy of Naples. 

Giffv. I \r\\ use 
My best endeavour, sir. 
Coz. Wait on my nephew. 

[Exeunt Giovanni, Alphonso,. 
Hippolito, and Attendants. 
Nay, stay you, Contarino : — be uithin call ; 
It may be we shall use you. 

{^Exit Contarino. 
You have rode hard, sir. 
And we thank you for it : every minute seems 
Irksome, and tedious to us, till you have 
Made your disco ver>*. Say, friend, have you. 

This phoenix of our age ? 

Sanax, I have seen a maid, sir ; 
But, if that I have judgment, no such wonder 
As she was deliver'd to you. 
Coz. This is strange. 

Sanaz. But certain truth. It may be, she- 
was look'd on 
With admiration in the countr\\ sir ; 
But, if compared with many in your court,. 
She would appear but ordinary. 

Coz. Contarino 
Reports her otherwise. 

Sanaz. Such as ne'er saw swans, 
May think crows beautiful. 
Coz. How is her behaviour ? 
Sanaz. 'Tis like the place she lives it>.- 
Coz. How her wit, 
Discourse, and entertainment ? 

Sanaz. Very coarse ; 
I would not willingly say poor, and rude : 
But, had she all the beauties of fair women, . 
The dullness of her soul would fright me 
from her. 
Coz. You arc curious, sir. I know not 
what to think on't. — [Aside, 

Contarino ! 

Re-enter Contarino. 

Cont. Sir. 

Coz. Where was thy judgment, man, 
To e.xtol a virgin Sanazarro tells me 
Is nearer to deformity ? 

Sanaz. I saw her. 
And curiously perused her ; and I wonder 
That she, that did appear to me, that know 
What beauty is, not worthy the observing, 
Should so transport you. 

Cont. Troth, my lord, I thought then— 

Coz. Thought ! Didst thou not affirm it ? 

Cont. I confess, sir, 
I did believe so then ; but now, I hear 
My lord's opinion to the contrary, 
I am ot ancHher faith : for 'tis not fit 
That I should contradict him. I am dim, sir; 
But he's sharp-sighted. 

Sanau, This is to my wish. {Audw, 


Cfs. \ 

o think of ihlt; 

Rt-oila Ukivanni. HippolHo, 4>d 


DciemiiDenublyof il. [Aii4t'j-~Hv« tie you 

My nvpfiew's horvmanship ? 

Ilif, In my judfpnent, »ir. 
It is Mxn and rare, 

Alfll. And, to mjt fancy. 
He did present grail AleJHniler mouniol 
On his Rucepllufiu. 

foj. You nie right eourtiers, 
Anil know it b your duty lo ny up 
Alt actioin ofa piioce. 

Stmii. T>o not belni)' 
VouMell, you're safe ; fhnn 

Would H-nnl wotdi lo i 

Cot. I'lBy vou, maki __ 

Tiie HcliEsi of our furniture lor lb. 

And take my nephew with jou ; ■"■ 
Will follow his diivMiom. 
V. Could 1 find tiQW 
Tlie prinoss Floiindo. aiul pc 
To be silent in the suit ■ "^ 
M\ were secure. 



t;»i', I thnnk you ; 

Not will [ bit. 

Cm. What's your <^!nion. 

Gimi. Two of them nre, in my judgment, 
ThebeslIcvertHick'd: I mean the roan, ur. 
And the btDWi> bay: but for Ihi: cheanot- 

■ Md. 

This emrcise hath put you iitto a i-neeX : 
Take this and diy It : onilnowlcontmatidyon 
To uD me tnily what's your censure of 
'Charomonte'i daughter. Lidla. 

.\ novice in my judgment of a lady ; 
Bulsiichas'lis.yaurgrace shall haveil freely. 
I ttould not spe.ik ill of her. and am sorry, 
If 1 keep myself a friend lo iruth, 1 cuinot 
Report her as 1 would, so mQCli I oive 
Hct tBverend father ; bnl I'll give vou, sir, 
At near as 1 can, her charB«ier in little. 
GOadly stature, and her limbs 

And serious mediialioi 
Tlion this young inwi 

.nd she was such a sifler. w . 
could not ptiM ICO tnuch : nor 
1 ake known how dear I hold be 

i for hsr £iiDe, It is 

Far from deformity ; yet (hey flatter her. 
That style it eHxlIeni : her manners arc 
Simple and innocent ; but her dlscoutsn 
Am! wit deserve my pity, more Ihan pnut 
At the be^t, my tora, she is a haiidiome 

And. thai said, all Is spoken. 

Cut. I birlluve you : 
I ne'er yet found you false. 

Gi«e. Nor over shall, sit. — 
Forgive me, mntcblessUdial loo mucli love, 
And jenlous fear to lose thee, do compel me, 
Against my will, my reason, and my know- 

To be a poor dettador of Ihal beauty, 

Name it, m.idam. 
With confidence to obtain i 

To lay a. strict' command on CT 
To bring his daughter Lidla to 
And pray you, think, i ' 



, hath given bi^r 
for such an abstract oTpl 
ish'd for in I 

Inall that can be 

, noluMfrt^ 



That I am much ambitious (thoueh I shall 
Appear but as a foil to set her off) 
To be by her instructed, and supplied 
In what I am defective. 
Coz. Did my nephew 
Seriously deliver this ? 

Fior. I assure your grace, 
With zeal and vehcmency ; and, even when. 
With his best words, he strived to set her 

{Though the rare subject made him eloquent,) 
He would complain, all he could say came 

Of her deservings. 

Coz. Pray you have patience. 

[ Walks aside. 
This was strangely carried. — Ha ! are we 

trifled with ? 
Dare they do this ? Is Cozimo's fury, that 
Of late was terrible, grown contemptible ? 
Well ; we will clear our brows, and under- 
Their secret works, though they have digg'd 

like moles. 
And crush them with the tempest of my wrath 
When 1 appear most calm. He is unfit 
To command others, that knows not to use it. 
And with all rigour : yet my stem looks 

shall not 
Discover my intents : for I will strike 
When I iK'gin to frown.— You are the 

or that you did demand. 

Fior. 1 1 hank your highness ; 
But speed in the performance of the grant 
Doubles the favour, sir. 

Coz. You shall possess it 
Sooner than you exfject : 
Only be pleased to be ready when my secre-\' 
Waits on you to take the fresh air. My 

I And my bosom friend, so to cheat me ! 'lis 
I not fair. [Aside. 


I R£-(nlcr Giovanni and Sanazarro. 

I Saiiaz. Where should this princess be? 
nor in her lodgings. 
Nor in the private walks, her own retreat. 
Which she so much frequented ! 

Giov. By my life. 
She's ^^ith the duke ! and I much more than 

Her forwardness to prefer my suit hath 

Wluit with such care we built up. 

Coz. Have you furnish 'd 
Those coursers, as wc will'd you? 

Sanax. There's no sign 
Of anger in his looks. 

Gio^\ They are complete, sir. 

Coz. 'Tis well : to your rest. Soft sleeps 
wait on you, madam. 
To morrow, with the rising of the sun, 
Be ready to ride with us. — 'ITiey with more 

Had trod on fork-tongued adders, than pro- 
voked me. [Aside and exit. 

Fior. I come not to be ihank'd, sir, for 
the speedy 
Performance of my promise touching Lidia : 
It is effected. 

Sanaz. W^e arc undone. [Aside. 

Fior. The duke 
No sooner heard me with my best of lan- 
Describe her excellencies, as you taught me. 
Hut he confirm 'd it. — You look sad, as if 
You wish'd it were undone. 

Giov. No, gracious madam, 
I am your servant for't. 

Fior. Be you as careful 
For what I moved to you. — Count Sanazarro, 
Now I perceive you honour me, in vouch- 
To wear so slight a favour. 

Sanaz. T"is a grace 
I am unworthy of. 

Fior. You merit more, 
In prizing so a trifle. Take this diamond ; 
I'll second what I have begun ; for know, 
Your valour hath so won upon me, that 
'Tis not to be resisted : I have said, sir. 
And leave you to interpret it. [Fxit, 

Sanaz. This to me 
Is wormwood. 'Tis apparent we arc taken 
In our own noose. What's to be done? 

Giov. I know not. 
And 'tis a punishment justly fallen upon me, 
P'or leaving truth, a constant mistress, that 
Ever protects her servants, to become 
A slave to lies and falsehood. What excuse 
Can be made to the duke, what mercy hope 

Our packing being laid open ? 

Sanaz. "Tis not to 
Be question 'd but his purposed journey is 
To see fiair Lidia. 

Giov. And to divert him 

Sanaz. There's now no looking backward. 

Giov. And which way to go on with safety, 
To be imagined. 

Sanax. Give me leave : I have 
An embryon in my brain, which, I despair 


Mn)- be Ijcouglil lo forai and (nihloB. pro- 

Yuu vrill be oprn-biMilinl, 

Gift'. 'Tti no (Imo now, 
Onr donects being equal, to concenl 
A Ihougnt from you. 

Aisat. Whal punvr huld you o'rr IJilta? 
Do van ihink (hM, with some haurd of her 

Sh> u-oidd piwmi yoat niln ? 

Qioi; I presume so : 
If, in the luulerlaking li, f,\« sinty not 
From what bccomn Tier innoccinoe ; and I 

"Hs far {mm me la press her : I tnyadf 
Will railiei suaer. 

Saiac. Ti* enough ; this niglii 
Wrilc to her by jfour »f vnnl Cnli»ni[riiio, 
Ai 1 ihall give direclloni ; my nion 

£illtr Colandrino, jbjrAii/f<ii//i' ilrrurd. 
SfanllbMrhitnconipnny. Secslrilomj-wis 
Ho does ngiKir ; Imi mncli tmiufunn'i 

from Hluii 
Be was whm lie come hlihcr. 

CiiL I confess 
I Bin BOI very wise. Itnd yel I find 
A fool, M he be nurrxl knave, in trnxn 
May flourJRii nnd grou' rich. 

Uiev. Colandrlno. 

Cal. Peace I 
I am in cootemplation, 

&w. Do noi you know mo? 

Cal. t (ell thee, iioinnforfeli nrmypUcc. 
I must not know mvBcIf, much Icis my father. 
"Bai by pelUion : liini pciitlou lined too 
With gohten liiids, that sins to the lune ol 



Gim. But you've your iiense of fBclinif. 

[Offiring to s/rite Aim. 
Sahai. Nity. pray ^ou, torbetr. 
Cal I havesfl Ibnl'smiubllc 
To Ibe making up of a signior : tny spmce 
I ruff. 
I My hooded cloak, long stocking, .ind poned 

My case uf loot h picks, aud my silver fork 
To convey on olive neatly lo my mouth ;- 
And, what Is all in nil, my pockets ting 
A golden jieal. O that (he peasants m tl 

My quondam feltowi, but sav me as I an' 
How ibey would admire nnd worship me 

Ciif . As ihey shall ; 
For inslanlly you must ihilher. 

Cal. \ty gnuid sigaiiir, 
Vonnkiafe a lt!» lii maa^s, and a eilHgt 
C^ tht lasl tditUn. 

Gim: You must ride poKI win 
This night lo Lidi.i. 

Cat. An it pleue your fi 
Shall 1 use my cou,*h. or Ki 

" "— widgeon. 

Vou a 

make t& speed ; i 

aim'. Follow for your in 

Cnl. 1 bnve 
One suit loyou. mv good 

Samt. Whuiis'l? 

Cal. That you would g)«e m 
A subile eourt-chnrm. lo d-'— 
The infectious air of Ibe co 

Oiat!. What's the reason. 

Cal. Why, as this ooun-ai 
knavlsb wit. 
By which 1 am grrmn rich, < 
Should lum me lool nnd honcMi^ 
fiucwell! * 



Gi^i. Leave fooling, and 

SCE.VE t,-The Counlry. 
Charomonie's Horn 
£ii/crCharomonle. am 
Ckar. Daughter. I have o 
-■--— -iclefiu.' 

(Whose absenee I mou 

Sad and retiivd thoughts, and pi 
That freedom and alacrlly of — * 
'Vilhwhkh you used lochec 

Lid. Pot the count, sir. 
.411 thought of" ■ 

And wilhout stuto, I hope, ai 
'When he made this house a 

Char. His in us 
To keep it 50 viiihout him. 

knd all n-e can complain 

praised fort, 
a loo much plenty; and we will ■ 
Enltr Caponi. Renuirdo. Petifl 

All lawful pleasures. How ni 
ire hare this hutf^mnT^ 



a!*d. Willi your 

istd young miswea mcny 

am. in pnvate, la confer awhile 
Viih thii lignora : buirupawniny he 
That DCiLbcr my tene tiuiguB^. JI1 ' 



il huh ipoird him. 

vts young, 

a CBpcr on a piiiliacle : 
'■■ "~1 wise. — K«]i yoBt 

Shall render ber eniuiraut'd. 

CAar. Take your pleiuurc; 

lillle of rhese ipish litckimay pa 
Too much is lediom. 

Cal. The prince, in this paper, 
Presenls his lervice. Nay. II is not 


SignionoClhcijiila. I'll descend la be 4 
Familiu'wllh yon. 

C<ip. Have you forgot to ilnnco ? 

Ct/. No. 1 am betler'd. 

/■</. Wmyoujoinwithus? 

('<•/. As 1 like the project. 
Lcl me warm my bnUos fir«l n llh the i4(^ 

\nd then I'm for you, 


longing I feel on m 

I ye<.(. 

* in your nalulalhras, 

lo. may you lout; eonunuc 
1 the etumbET ! 

Whiil he hnih fiuitmetl, rashly, m.ivHptlfl 
A laucy rodenen in me.— I mutt do i«. \ 

(Nor can I ebe icora hb commands, o 

But With inch reverence, u 1 would o| 
'loty writ, wboM grave ii 
II down 

t'kasli Lidit, HufiVoHnan itpt^l^k 
O* fi fy you iOH/irr'il. that ■ ---— ™ 
T/u liaH jJ,l,lion la lArm. i 
.Uay arfmt mt e/htsikUu imfudint 
Bui, imh an my tilraui. tfym di 
.1 faiihir gmt, I miul m«fit)M dUT!^ 



The dmkt my uncle, and, I fur, yoifU 

Not with a sacred t kui unlawful love. 
If he see you as you are, my hoped for light 
Is changed into an everlasting ntght ; 
Haw to prevent it, if your gmness find. 
You save two lives, and me you ever kind. 
The honaurer of your virtues, 


Were I more deaf than adders, these sweet 
I channs 

I Woidd through my ears find passage to my 

And soon enchant it. To save such a prince. 

Who would not perish ? virtue in him must 
I suffer, 

And piety be forgotten. The duke's lust, 
. Though It raged more than Taxquin's, shall 
I not reach me. 

All quaint in\'entionsof chaste virgins aid me 1 
' My prayers are heard ; I have't. The duke 
I ne'er saw me — 

Or. if that faiU I am again provided — 

But for the servants ! — They will take what 
I form 

I please to put upon them. Giovanni. 

Be safe ; thy servant Lidia assures it. 

I>et mountains of afflictions fall on me. 

Their weight is easy, so I set thee free. 
I [Exit, 

, SCENE II. — Another Room in ihe same. 

Enter Cozimo. Giovanni, Sanazarro, 
Charomonte, <?m</ Attendants. 

Stinaz. Are you not tired with travel, sir? 
Coz. No, no ; 
I am fresh and lusty. 

Char. This day shall be e\'er 
A holiday to me, that brings my firince 
Under my humble roof. [ Weeps. 

Giov. See. sir, my good tutor 
Sheds tears for joy. 
I Coz. Dry them up, Charomonte ; 
And all forbear the room, while wc exchange 
Some private words together. 
I Gico. O, my lord, 
How grossly have we overshot ourselves 1 
Sanaz. In what, sir ? 
Giov. In forgetting to acquaint 
\ My guardian with our purpose : all that Lidia 
Can do avails us nothing, if the duke 
Find out the truth from him. 
Sanaa. 'Tis now ^asX. help, 
And wc must stand the hazard : — ^hope the 
best, sir. 

[Exeunt Gioximni, Sanazarro, and 
Char. My loyalty doubted, sir ! 

Cn. 'Tis more. Thoohast 
Abused oar trust, and in a high degree 
Committed treason. 

Char. Treason I "Us a word 
My innocence understands not. Were oqr 

Transparent, and my thoughts to be dis* 

Not one spot shall be found to taint the 

Of my all^ianoe : and I must be faokl 
To tell you, sir, (for he that kiiom do guik 
Can know no fear, ) 'tis tyranny to c^creuige 
An honest man ; and siicb» till noar, I've 

And such, my lord, I'll die. 

Cm. Sir. do not flatter 
Younelf with hoipt, these great and gh>> 

rious ivords. 
Which e\'eiy guilty wretch, as well as yon. 
That's arm'd with impudence, can with ease 

And with as fiiU a month, can woik on ns : 
Nor shall gay flourishes df language dear 
What is in fact apparent. 

Char. Fact ! what fact? 
You, that know only what it is, instruct mc. 
For I am ignorant. 

Coz. This, then, sir : Wc gave up. 
On our assurance of your faith and care. 
Our nephew Gio\'anni, nay, our heir 
In expectation, to be train d up by you 
As did become a prince. 

Char. And I discharg'd it : 
Is this the treason ? 

Coz. Take us with you, sir. 
And, in respect we knew his youth was prone 
To women, and that, living in our court. 
He might make some unworthy choice, 

His weaker judgment was confirm 'd, we did 
Remove him from it ; constantly presuming. 
You, v^ith your best endeavours, rather would 
Have quonch'd those heats in him, than 

light a torch. 
As you have done, to his looseness. 

Char. I ! mv travail 
Is ill-requited, sir ; for, by my soul. 
I was so curious that way, that I granted 
Access to none could tempt him ; nor did 

One syllable, or obscene accent, touch 
His ear, that might corrupt him. 

Coz. No ! Why, then. 
With )'our allcwanoe. did you give free u-ay 
To all familiar privacy between 
My nephew and your daughter ? Or \\ hy 

did you 
(Had you no other ends in't but our service) 


f snd together, ii Ilicy had 

1, grammar, rhelorh:. 
/, and interpret lo them 
nptailoni ofloKiriotu poets? 
r, (t>r«iestillliBds)M<siipon)>ou, 
i present, when, byyeniT advice, 
^Iheuseol hit weapon, horse- 

iwinunlnK, b 

led, cover'd with 
f lEcnsliun tot him, 
I butmclFtl tn those graces 
Ity.) he. bioughl to admire 

Aig. while lo her voice her 

lantl, tins applauded. 

Miendod walk into 
s, and hear the am 

tUiniine: there.abubhllng 

of hyacinths and lllla; 

iiisinal could move lolust. 
._. monte. (should I ETUQt 
eqiuils both In birtli and 

:n the Inimi 

F ]uil delenOE, sir ; 
art my iiriim, ii will not 

acknow ledge with ablinh, 
IkHI you hare txen 
plten, aod jmIous luppo- 

itidx of reasoa. You liul 

noty!) ihai 

Ifaiih, aod. 

i«e bralce thioufh In t 

Eoiitd say more. Nay, you youndf. drowl 


I gloried in, chough now it pravn a cum 
■ an only daughter. Kor did you c< 

Above aRectlon. she now ! 
A stranger lo my core. I 
Is that her fault, or minci ^„. ^,v, •,•> 
Hold lieauij' in his issue for a bleinbh ? 
Her education and het manneis tempt loo I 
If these offend, they are «ul]y rvmoved - 
You may, if you think Bt, before my flue. 
In recompense of all my watchlngs tor you. 
With bnining cotroslvts tnniForm h«r to 
An ugly leper ; and. this donr. to liuni 
Het sweetness, prostitute her lo a biolhol. 
Thii 1 will nttticr suffer, sir, and mon-. 
Than live suspected by you. 

Cbi, t^ not passion 
Carry you beyond yoiit wison. 

Char. I amcnlm. sir; 
Yet you niiisl give me liavc to pievc I Had 
"- -itioos miiinterprrted. Aln» I sir, 
Lidin 5 desire to serve the prince 
1 an offence ? or did she ptaclitr to 
■■e his youth, beenuscwith her best rcil 
Andfervour shecndeavouTFd tonlleDdhlmf 
'Tls a hud consttuetion, Though she be 
my cl;inghttr. 





How to sDfwr tlMt» wUtk iriUdi wi oobb to 

diaigs her. 
And howsoever K mi^ bo vBcuvBd 
As a foul bfoidi to bonitafale rita^ 
On thir ■Wrgiinw? ad bomed fidtiL 
Nay, lorfett of thy head, we do oonnie thee 
Oose prisoner to thy chamber. tiUalldoiibts 
Are dear'd. that do coneeni as. 

CAar. I obey, sir. 
And wish your grsoe had ioDowad flqr heaise 
To my sqxddir^ flvy loyalty misaqiected. 
Rather than no w b ut I am siknt, sir. 
And let that speak mj dnty. [SxH, 

On. If this man 
Be false, ditgidsed treacbenr ne'er put on 
A shape so near to troth, within, there I 

Pe^mter Gionuittitfiuf Sanasano* udUritiig 
in PetioneUa. Calenririno muL nUUn 
sttHmgJirrtk a kmmfmtL 

Samas. St. 

Cm. Bring Lidia forth. 
Giav. She oomes, sir, of hend( 
To present her aenrioe to yon. 

Cox. Ha I this pefsooage 
Cannot invite affection. 
Sanat. See you keep state. 
Peiron. I warrant you. 
Cox. The maimers of her mind 
Must be transcendent, if they can defend 
Her rougher outside. May we ivith your 

Salute you, lady? 

Pttron. Let me wipe my mouth, sir. 
With my 'cambric handkerchief, and then 
have at you. 
Cox. Can this be possible? 
Sanax. Yes, sir ; you will find her 
Such as I gave her to yon. 

Petron. will your dukeship 
Sit down and eat some sogar-plums? Here's 

a castle 
Of march-pane too ; and this quince-mar- 
malade was 
Of my own making ; all somm'd up tether. 
Did cost the setting on: and here is wine too. 
As good as e'er was tapp'd. Ill be your 

For I know the fashion. [Drinks all of. — 

Now you must do me right, sir ; 
You shall nor will nor choose. 
Gicv. She's very simple. 
Cos. Simple 1 'tis worse. Do you drink 

thus often, lady? 
Petron. Still when I am thirsty, and eat 
when I am hungry : 
Such junkets come not eveiy day. Once 

more to you. 
With a heart and a half, i'fiudi. 

Ok. Pfci^ yoo, pflBW a Btda : 
If I hold your cams, I ahall put down Ai 

I am not good at the nne^ 

iVerv*. 'Then ni drink for yon. 

Cm. Kay, pnqryonstaj: III find yon o«l 
Thatsballsapphrmyplaoe; arhataUfonoi 
Thb complete ^nior? YoaaBaaJnao^ 
And in soch state mutt fsait thhjiiptar : 
What think you of hhn ? 

Ptirom. I desire no betteCi 

Cm. And yon will imrtcrtaht tUi avrin 
Yon are good at the sport. 

Gi/. Who, I ? a piddler. air. 

Cm. Nay, you shall lit an th nm eJ . and 
As yon were a duke. 

Ct/. If your grace wfll 
in eat and drink hlceai 

Cm. Take your place then : 

[Cahmdrino ilai» /(If Doloe'a ^Aair. 

Giav. This is gross: nor can the impostuR 
But be discover'd. 

Sanax. The duke is too sharp-sighted. 
To be deluded thus. 

Cal. Nay, pray you eat fair, 
Or divide, and I will choose. Cannot you use 
Your fork, as I do? Gape, and I will feed 
you. [Fttds kar. 

Gape wideryet ; this is court-like. 

Petron. To choke da>%*s with :— « 
I like it not. 

Cal. But you like this? 

Petron. Let it come. boy. [They drink. 

Cox. What a sight is th» 1 We oouki be 
angry with you. ^ 

How mudi you did bdie her when you told ns 
She was only simple ! this is barbarous rude- 
Beycmd belief. 

Giov. 1 would not speak her. sir, 
Worse than she vizs. 

Sanax. And I, my lord, chose rather 
To deliver her better parted than she is. 
Than to take from her. 

Enter Caponi, with kis fellow Servants for 
the dance. 

Cap. Ere ru lose my dance, 
ru speak to the purpose. I am, sir, no 

But in plain terms must tell you, we are 

Of a lushr hornpipe. 

Cox. nithee. let us have it. 
For we grow duD. 


Ta^. Bni <□ moke up Ihe mcdlej. 
For it bof sevmil coloun, vie init.1 botroi 
Yonr gmce's ghost here. 

Cal. Vtax yqm. sir, depose me : 
II will not da cllc. I oin, sir. Ihe engine 

{Rim. and ttiigat Mi clwii 
Bf which it moves, 

Ptiivn. t win duwe with my duke xoa ; 
I wfn nol out. 

Cm. Bf^nihen,—[7'»o'i»an«.}— There' 
more In iliia, 
TlMn yet I have discovn'd. Some O^dlpui 
ReK>1v« tbis Tiddtv. 

fiilrsH. I»d I not foWil roundly. {Falls. 

Cet, As I live. uaA drunk ! >w«y wlih hei. 
We'll rewiinll you, 

n the cellar, 

Caf. Heawn preserve you I 
Cat. We pily '"^ 

In s d3U|;liter. nxy, i 

llie ploee grows tedious ; ourremove shull be 
■WIrti ipnd: we'll only, in a i 
Take leave, and comfon him. 

Saitiu. TwUl rather, sic. 
tncieasc your sorrow, ihnl you Vnow bb 

Vonrcntee may do it by leiicrr. 

Cat, Who sign'd yoti 
A patent lodiraci us ? Wnil our cominE 
In Ihe garden. 
cUtv. All will oni. 
Sanat, I more (hsn fotr it. 

[Riiunt Glovnnni oiiil Sanaxniro. 
Oei. These ore tmnge chimi-riis lo lu : 
whal to judge oTi. 
I Is past our apprehiaulon. One command 
Oiaratnuite lo aitcnd ui. 

\Exi>BH Atleiidanl. 
Cm <l be 
TlHM Coninrino could be so Ixsotled. 
As to admlrethis prwllgy I or her father 
Todont upon it I Or doo slie prrsonnie. 
F« wme ends tinkngwn to us, ibis rude be- 

h**1onr. f 

WUch. in ibe scene presented, would appear 
JtMknlaut and impassible 1—0, you are 

Enlir ChAramon:c. 

'a now sclinowkdje the mudi wrung u 

In counship. was, 1 hope, supplied in d 
And modcil enienr= 

Cos. Pray you. l_.. _., 
And uuly. we command you — Did you new 
Observe she was given to drink? 

Chur. To drink, sir! 

Cnt. Ves, nay more, to be drunk ? 

Char. I hod rnlber see her burled. 

Cet. Dare you trust your own eyes, if yc 


id her DC 

If your I 

is fiiiud. Anit if I 

Tojirani me liberty, as she is I'll felcb hi 

Cat. Look you do. and foil lu 
On the peril of your head. 

Char. Drunk 1— She disdains... , 

da, Suchconuarielieswereneverrcndofw 
Charomonte is no fool : 
H is confidence buili on sand. VTcareflhased^ I 
'Tis too appitrent. 

' Jii~tHltr Charomonle w 

Lid. lamindiipoied, sir: 
And ihsl life you once (ender'd. niucli eif>- I 

Chiir. Here she Is. 
Suddenly sick. I grant; 
Speak lo my lord Ihe duke. 

Lid. All is discover'd. {KiKtISr 

Cm. Is (his your only duuehler? 

Chor. And my belt, nr; 
Nor keep I any woman in tny house 
(Unlets for sordid offices) bul oiK 

1 do mainiain, cnmm"'' ■" ^ "" 

To make ber sport : 

And will take too much of it ; and, pcrhnii 

for mirth, 

was presented lo you. 
.PI, ll shall yield 
Nos[:orl tolhecoDtriveis, 'TislDOtdainnc... 
Her pnseno: does confirm what ConUuiiKJ 
Dnhver'd of her 1 norconsicknendlin 
The splendour uT her beauties : bring hov I 

self, then, *" 

She must exceed his praUe. 

Ud. Wm youc ence bear me ? 
I'm fnlnl, and can tay lilile. 

Cia, Here aie accents 
Wliosc eveiy syllable Is moslatl ! 
Pray you, let me mise you, nnd iwhili 

False banotariD. treaclictous tikiviitiiu 

>r. Keie'saitormKxocftlMd, 


Of diMbedient Ireicheiy. Where is now 
Mr banowd ifrealntu. or the proniiscd Mm 
"' ' illowing courticra echwng my will ? 

momeDt vaoi^'d I Power ihiU stands 

Its proper base, which is peculiar only 
To abulutc princes, falls or rises with 
Tbdr frown or tivuur. The great duke, 

I. as one unknown, or unregjiilnl. 

Dnpili«l tuflcr. Who oiilos inicroosion 
To his rncTcy for mc, now i who does re- 

The servioe I b«ve done him 1 not a man : 
And nicb u spalw no lunguage hul my lord 
TliF favourite of I'uscaDy'i grand duke, 
Dcnile my madaess. — Hal what naiie ot 

[fit looks iml al the buti u-i.rf.w, 
AgooillylrDopI This back part of my prison 
'"~ws meUwity to«eiuul know ihen<. 
, .. lanno ! yes, 'tii he. and Lodovico ; 
And the dutchcis Fiorinda, Urbia'shdr, 
A pttoces* I have slighted ; yet I wear 
"ar tavDDix: and, (o teach nw what I vn, 
lewhoRi Iscom'd can only medialeJor me. 
This my she ninkts, yet stKak lo her I dare 

And how to mnkc suit lo her ii a task 
Of IS DHKh ditlimlly.— Ves. ilwu blessed 
pledjBc \Tiilta i^tkt nng. 

IB affection, aid me f Thii nppliei 
wont of pen and ink : and this, of puwr. 

list tie so : and 1 in my petition 
CISC and pithy. 

A pane thrown from the windaw, m 
sliirini: t 
CaltiM. And at your feel too fii 

CoKl. Some courtier. beUlic, would havo; 

He wore a diamond. 

(Wan. Ka I ills directed 
To tlic pnnces Fioduda. 

fwr. We will nad it. [Reail. 

Hi. TOkam yaufUasfdlofirtviir, i 

!/. iy your gratioHs mtoMi, k4 taniial katt M 

' farden .•—aHdHulgal, ht livtiyourilm 

OfmtH the meit iiitraai. 

beloved: and 1 will save th 

bumble inierMssiDo to the duke 
f.nier Codmo axi Chnromonte. 
allnot with him. Here he corns : d 
Shall not make lets my benefit. 
What wc purpose 
DOW no change, and therefore m 

In the gml slalst it rawi 
flor. The dllkpi pU.-.TSi 
Commands us till her. 

. , „'mQi Charomimtr, 
To see y<ium«ll«ice bis gurjl. Will ihink 
HlRHttf most happy, 

"«-. Tie m;^ shoe.— [/■** fa»t /■ilii 

«,)-wWi I 

SItall k 

We were made as properties, and wliu W 

Dricnnine of them counot be voll'd rleouti] 
Uulrudile justice. Wlien they proved ilitloyiJH 
Itiey wen! cruel lo themselves. The ptiMi 

that pardons 
The Grtt alTronl ollitr'd lo mujesly, 

Ruhjedi (lionid trvmUe ai, conlcmpUbtc, 
Ingratitude is a monilcr, Carole, 
To be suinglcd in the binli, nol 

Madam, you're happily met with. 

When I made choline to 
Vow'd to tlf ny mi 

Co: To this m ... 
We have conhmi'd it. Wliai'a your booafl 

llml now under ywir lieni 

Would bo good untoyoucselt. Itis 
So many, am! so grew, (your •liirni 
Calmdby your liMia judgmriit.) i 

form you 
Snmo little tlij", 
From Uilanlc 


Aad. I ancanfidaii. Km 
Ome moic into jremt ami 

Cm. Ton b)' well. 
Yon *fr iptonat in ihc luunn of hii bah ; 
Wlbdi when r<M imlcnund. ■* I 

Mljr willim 


To he [Ttimlnl- 

To jrou. to w, to gratiltute ; ami In ihai 

All crimr» an: tomprchcnded. 

fiar. IfhiHoikno! 
Ala'd al ma only. whsUoe'tr it it, 
Til (nciT ponlon'd. 

Cn. This eoDipauiofl ia you 
MnU Rukr the colcur of hu niili loon? ugly. 
Th« boiwun wc ha"e houily hcapd upon 

The liito, Ihe revranli, lo the enry of 
IIm old noblLily. as Itie common pn^lc 
"'e now forheiu to loucb al, and will only 
aM on his ftots wrongs to you. Vou iten- 

FotKelting both yourself and propi-r grenl- 

To favour him, nay, to court liim lo cnibtaoe 
A IiMipln«». *hii:ti. on his knees, Mllh joy 
HxthoiildhaveiUEdfor. Whonrpined noint 
The grace you did him? yet. in recompense 
"* —HIT \argc bounliei, [he disloyal wietrh 
a yOB a ttale ; and, u-hai he might be 

To the terviee of anwher. If you can 
rat thli with patience, wc must iny you 

Thehlllemeu of upleen. or Ireful passioni: 

FMnlUar lo women. Panae upon il, 

And when you eeriouily have ureighVI his 

Move uinitaia. if your nosonwill alUnr it, 
Mia Ireochccy known : and then, if you con- 


K for hiin, we, perhaps, bccituse 

Our tlaepint: mercy. CaroTo 

Cannol hul tpcnk my poverty of spirit ; 
But un Inferior, more ; yet tme love miul not 
iwDrdegreet.ordlttnnces. Lldiamaybe 
Am far above me In bee lorm. u she 

his fear of what ca 
For he is to collected, and p 
To welcome that jou fell 
As if his doubu and fean were eq 

he's not acquainted irii 


e telling oi 

Underyonrp«rdonsIi . 

Than olhera. that pretend lo conMM 

Theircrying secret sins. 1 

Cat, No mote : Ihb gloss 
Defends not Ihe eotnipiion of the n 
Uige H no more. ^ 

[Charomonle and lie e/i/rt uM 

Pur. I once more must make bill 
To bench upon your pntiCDCe. I ha) 
Consider'd my wrongiduly: yellb 
Divcn n- * ■-- ' 

grace, like me, once w 

A suppliant loyou. thai you wanUn 
The hearing his defence, and tha" ' 
With your nllowatice. see ntid coi 
Then, haying heanJ all thai he o 
In hli excuse, for being false to y 
Cenjure him as you please. 

What you desire, and tell him, herf 
A ipeedy trial ; in which. 
To sit a judEC, beutu^ 



m Coiimo I 

Ofhap[rii.__ _ 

XEteani Mont 
Alpk. Was il no mon 
Char, My honoar's p 
Cent. I'll second you, 
Htp. Sines il is (or A* »«vi 

or Ihe hcpeful prince, btl what 4 

The dcipeiaif haaanL 


/«(r. Bei DD frimd lo virtue 
TluU doei dedine it. 

I /■*(f all camt forwrd and intil. 

I. Ha J whalsucyoufor? 
Shall we be ever traublnl ? Do not lempt 
Thai anger may coruunic you. 

C*«r, Ut ii. - - 
The tea t» less, though 
Thuk (tax your -=- — '- 

Under yoar fury. Shnll we Tear 
rhal grace for him, ihal are your 

should fa 

amy s queen, 
. Let myncphr- 
Be kd n mumph under hct comiuaiid ; 
Well tWTC ll so : anil Siuuuarro Iremlile 
, To ihAik wboin he hilh sluider'il. We 

I Owlve* a linte, and prepare lo meel 
A btaatBK, which tmogination lells uh 
\ We on not wonhy of: and then can 
I fonli. 

I But wllh inch revema. hi i1 1 werr 
lljncU Ihe prieal. the lacnflcv my bmn. 
To tSia ai ihc Hltac of ihal Eoodnett 
Tlw nul or kill or »v. mt. [fx. 

I CJur. An 001 lliese 

■OUn^ cunbols ID ih« dokc I 

Alpft^ Gr^at princes have, 
Like meaneT men, Iheii nmkncss. 
Hit. And mai ute it 

Without coniiol or check. 

Cenl. Til fit llicy thouU : 
Thdr pdvikse were less die. lliiui Ihcir 

Hut. Lei them have thcirhumouti : ihcre'i 

no crouing ibcm. \Ejittiiil. 

SCENE III .-.^SU/;-w«rt/A«M■lft , 

Enttr Fiorinda, SanatniTO, and Calnmiiiia. 

^iitiu. And can ii be. your bouniie* 
ihould lull doii'n 
In showers on tny ingratitude, or Ihewrangl 
V'our emineis shuutd revenge, teacli you to 

What rciribmion can I make, whoi jenlce 
Pay to your gooduesi. that, in wnie pro- 
May to then arid exprvB I Would be thankful? u 
Since my cngHGcmenlsiuc so great, that all fl 
'lybesi cndiMvours lonppcnr yourcreatu— 

an bul proclaim my WEinti. and what lov 

o your magiitCiceuce. 

Fisr. All debts an! discharged 
In this Bcknowledgment ; yn. since yi 

I shall iinpiaeM)me termsof lalisfiietion 
For ihni which you profess youiMlf obUEed f 

TheyshnlHiegentleonn.iuidiuchBSMJllnol, I 
I hope, nffllci jou. 

.Vaaiu, Make me understand. 
Great princess, what Ihey arc. ani 


Shall, wlihaiicheetrulwiliinsnca, sabMdbefl 
To what you shall eomniand. 

Pitr. I will bind you to 
Make good your promise. Flrsl. t lliea-| 

enjoin you 
To love a lady, thai, a nolile way. 
Truly dSccIs you ; and thai you would taka I 
To your ptolcction aitdcare the dukedom 
OfOrbtn, which no more is mine, but nwis. 
And ihnt, when you have lull pos»essi«n of 
My|wnon as my fonune. you would UK me, 
Not 01 a prinoess. bui Inslnici me in 
Tlic duties of on humble wife, (crtudi, 
lliE privilege of my bWh no mora re- 

I yriX\ be 10 vou. Tliis consetitn) Ih 
AH ir.Juries rorgollen, on your Upi 
I thus sign your qaitlvi. 

Sawai. I am wretched. 
In having but one life to be emjiloy'd 
A* you please lu dispose II. And, believe II, 
U il be trot already forfeited 
To the fury of my prince, as "lis your glA, 

^^^^^^ '^^HU ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 


Mlh nil ihc faeuliiea of my sioul I'll ilud*. 

I /W. I •m happy 

Enlir Ciovinni, anJ Udia- 
s usurucc. Wbal svwl lad;'* (hk' 
tat. Til Lidta. ni»d«m, the — - 
r. 1 undcnUnd jiou. 
biuihnoi; bymy llfe.tlw isiirarcone' 
UXrA. \l I were your Judge. I would nol 
hUnie you 

I To ><' 

i: be). 

H Awl I presume » on your eomlnncy. 
n Thai I dsre not be jcuoui. 
II SiiJWt. All ihoufhuofher 

I An in your goodneis buried. 
" J-iJ I'rayyou. tir. 

Be comroned ; your Innocence should no 

|] Whac "lis lo loir ; and if thai you bul look o 

II The guanU IhM you have in yourself, yo 
11 cnonot. 

II Tbc duke's your uncle, sir, nnd, though 

H Ijllle 

Ulnccnied agaiiisl you, when he sees you 

J Hemuslbe'remndled. What rugged Tartar, 
■ •Or caimlbil. though bath'd in human core. 
T But. looking on youi sweetness. »-ouldfor£e( 
II HU cruel nature, and let fall lib wenpon, 
II Tbouglt then aim'd at yrar lliroiU ? 
N CiM'. OLMla. 

11 >Of maWs the honour, and your sen s glory 

1 Ii Is not fear to die, but to lose you 

[ That brings this fever on me, I will novf 

I Dlsoo*eiloyDu, that which, till this minuie. 

Idumnoltrusllbeairwith. Ercyouknew 

What power the iracio of jour beauty had, 

I was enchanted by il, liked, and loved it. 

My fondness still increasing with my years; 

. And, Battered by false hopes. 

Some blessed opponuniiy to i 

— dukewithliisconsentton 

ractolhed t» M 
an angel s, 
iL now 'tu folilfd up in u 
is terrible to look on. 

ever gated on. Thcrcanom 

In her (air faee. bul is a eo( ' 
Which would, discoois'd w 

clear arch'd brows ', whil ^ 
Conrending with the roses in bet 
Who shall most set them off. 

Or unto what can I compaie her na 
But lo a rock of cijsial ! cvciy iir"- 

Propoition'd lo love's wish, nn 

le riches of her hslnl 


I did attend 

re, he can'nc 
ID enjoy you. 

I And t as wi^ In reason may 
I'Toglvenway bis crown, asiuimn num 
I A jewel of more value, audi you are. 

Yet howsoever, when you ale his dutchess. 

And I tm tumd into forgotten dual, 

Pray you, love my memory :— 1 should say 

But I'm cut oft 
enter Coidmo. Charomonlc. Contarino, 
Hierenlmo, Hippolilo, aW Alphonso. 
Saaat. The duke I That countenancr. 

A sut^ much unworthy. 
Cm. Howl unwonhy> 
By all (he vont which lovers ofTt 
Tiie Cyprian goddess allapt, e1< 
llielf presuming, as you are. to . 
Would lie struck dtunh !— And w 
vou deserved then, 

{Giovanni and Si 
{Wretches, you Itneel too la 

To spout the poison of your blacx dl 
On this immaculate whiteness' ■'— 
To her perfections I or-^— 
Fior. Your high ncsj prom i 

Sieious hearing to the coo 
d. And prince too 1 
o not make void so just a grant. < 
Cin. We will not ; 

nd strongly, ere their weak tl 

. /e leat you here, as judges, to 
Of vour gross wrongs nnd oon. 
[Statj Ike Ladies in Ihf (A 
And now, reniemherlng 
Whose deputies you are, be 
Ot with partieular splem, oi 
For neither can become yai 

Char. Therc'l some hope^. « 
Since they have socli gentle judge] 

("or. Rise, and stand foith, t— 

■my lo lh)«lf. [7\ 
slwm li«r hiBli lllalil 
Ol towtnng gnalnes lo innw Ihy lownesi 
To looli up lo il, and wllh mmbk w' ~" 
Of EtnliliKle couldst ihou (brbcMlo 
WciE licr (avoiin boundless in n noUe WAy, 
And wairanwd b* our allowance, jret, 
In ihv aidTiiaiion. tliere apjwar'J no sign 
or n ijuflk-.t ihonkfulneisr 

'. .)tii] pardon'd. 

And whnllh 

W'l.Lch •itxTb cauccra ourseir, in which bo[h 

E<|UaJ ofhndeis, whal ^v« shali speak points 
Indlflcnmly al dlher. How vre railed thee. 
Furgeirul Sanararro I of our grace. 
"^ - t-11 oeion of power and honoun, 

!|I known, we'll nol remember. 

1 wen, ruh youth, in exptcta- 

ch headlong iliou hut thrown 

li'it all Tuscm)' enii wimtss, 
IL Tanffiure thy hopn. 
I in.'ilsuit ID a wKlowed bed, 
iiiinelf those lawful pleasures 
^rma and height of blood 

■ key» thai opm'dour heart's 

s|Eike. believed as otscIci : 

1 all. to whom you owed your 

mninutlinowltdp. which DurH^f 
' UirhconToiaguilty cal 

I f.ttdm. We hare spolcei 

■ , nmlor. Ihal lirinjt tnore troth 
iliH.MK lo mnkc guoil Ini accmation 

You were mark'il out the judge of life and 

With nvmljtiiig fau. your doom. 

I-hr. We do resign 
This chair, u only proper to yourself. 

(liin: .\Tii. since in juilice we an: loUil 
we fly C 

Unio your saving mercy. [All inHllngiU 

&i«ai. Which (c 
. prine 


That being a iwin-bom brother to affectHjOii,! 
Better than wreaibi of conquest, 

Hur. Hip. CbmI. Alph. We all speak 
Tbdr Linguage. mighty sir. 

Cm. You know our temper, 
And iberafoTE with more boldness vi 

.\lld, wouldnolourronwntlo, . _ 
Deprive us of a happinvss bRreitfler 
Kver to be despair a of, v,it. perhaps. 
Might hearken nearer lo you ; and o 

Of Kfief we parted 
id with whi 

(Icl I 

clemency lo fe 

with wliat ImpBliency 
" ■ Clafimt* .^ 

imprecnLinns on 
hopine e'er to see her isi 
Ne'er lo nuke trial c?a second choice, 
[f RDtute ftamed not one Ilint did Gl( " 
As this maid's begjity prompts Di t) 

I yci. with otuhi then mlii'd Will' 


{As she's nol to be pained with the d 

Nnv. all tlielr vinues bounil up in t 
tor which roine is scan* an CptW" 
If vou thouM take hrr as a wile, tl 
0[fCiur(«}uii« would sink you. 1 
I liail told yon this belon- 
(W. Th mnmg cnnii. Cando .- 



And >-ct, what was nec e aity in us, 
Cannot free them from treason. 

Char. There's four error ; 
The prince, in care to have you keq> yoor 

Made unto heaven, vouchsafed to love my 

Lid. He told me so, indeed, sir. 

Fior. And the count 
A\'eiT'd as much to me. 

Coz. You all con^re. 
To force our merqr from us. 

Char. Which given np, 
To aftertimes preserves you unfonwom : 
An honour which will li^-e upon your tomb, 
When your greatness is foigotten. 

Coz. Though vre know 
All this is practice, and that both are false : 
Such reverence we will pay to dead Clarinda, 
And to our serious oaths, that we are 

With our own hand to blind our ejres, and 

K now what we understand. Here, Gio\-anni, 
Wc pardon thee ; and take from us, in this. 
More than our dukedom : love her. As I 

With her, all thoughts of women fly fast 

from us ! 
Sanazarro, we forgive you : in your ser%ice 
To this princess, merit it. Yet let not 

That are in trust and grace, as you have been. 
By the example of our lenity. 
Presume upon their sovereign's clemenc}'. 

Emttr Calandrino and Petrondla. 

Ail, Long live great Coamo ! 

Cal. Sure the duke is 
In the giving vein, they are so load. Come 

on, spouse; 
We have heard all, and we will have our 

Cox, WhatlHt? 

CaL That your grace, in rememfanowsof 
My share in a dance, and that 1 pla/d yonr ' 

When you should bav dnmk bud, woold 

get this signior's grant 
To give this damsel to roe in tbe cfamch. 
For we are contracted. In it you dull do 
Your dukedom pleasure. 

Cm. How? 

CaL Why the whole race 
Of sudi as can act naturally fools' pflfti; 
Are quite worn out; and thqr that do iui flu. 
Do only any us : and we will bring you. 
If we die not without issue, of both 
Such chopping mirth-maken, as shall 

Perpetual cause of sport, both to your gnice- 
And your posterity ; that sad melancholy 
Shall ne'er approach you. 

Coz. We are pleased in it. 
And will pay her portion. — [Comes forward. 

May the passage prove . 
Of what' 5 presented, worthy of your lavt. 
And favour, as was aim'd; andwehaxxall 
That can in compass of our wishes fall, 


The Maid of Honour. 

" '/snamralinlhtr.aiiiigU 

Ftnllnand. Jaiit/VMn. 

I ^MalM, giKtral It U 

AAnto, « 

ttUKiillar e/ ilali. 
_ _„ tkt miniim tfKtitiaxa. 

SlCnlor HyUl, afiolttk stlf-lintt. 

SCENE.- Air/^ !■ Sldly, 


/^ilittV Paulo, a print. Camioln's lonfiasr, 

Amtkusiiir/nim tki dnkit/MMn. 

A Biihef. 

A Pap, 

Aurelis. JnUMtti ^Sienna. 

Camlolo, t», MAID or honour. 

Clariddn. itn-nwuiaK. 

Sci'Ml, XsliUrs. Gnobr. Aimi<intu 
Slrv^»li. fiv. 
andfartly m Iht Siennese. 


SCENE l.-'r]tleniio. A Slatt-roam i* 
Enltr AWuUo a»i Adomi. 
Aitr. Good iLay loyaiitkmiatiip. 
All. Tluinla, Ad.irni, 
A^n May I ptoumc lo aik If ibenm 

Employ'il b|r Ferdinuid. llwUukcof Uilnn 

Thu may RMitv yax. 
Adtr. t Bill move bim. 
F„r If yo..-™ a >uii. ; 

tannol deserve ,i ir-. 

A/. li seems you anr ignorant, 
t nellher apeak noc hou niy peace tat 

nothing ; 
And yet. lot once. I eare rot if I nama 
I Ode (iojln Illicit inn. (Talli. 

AJBr. I much thanli you. 
tiaih ihr ainbuuilor auiliriKe, tir, t»4lay? 
^ Jf«/. Vet 

AiiDr. At what hour? 

FmJ. I promiKd not so much. 
A syUable you bem;'d. my charily gave hi; 
Moi-e me no further. ' " 

Alt. This you wonder al ; 

AJtr. Pray you, tir. "#hol l» I . 

.I jA a geiillenun, yet no lord. He tiad|fl 

or Ihe king's blood running in llii vdl 

Some (CD degncs off. His rcvenuir lies 
In a namjw compass, ihe king's ear; n 

yields lilm 
Kvcty hour a fniiiful horvesL Men may li.._ 
Of ifiiec crops in ii year In the Kurtunaulj 

I made by viool ; bi 

His shecfshearing, nay, shaving-|oihe qi: 
Is In every qunner of ihe moon, and oc — 
lu <he time uf Irussing n point, Itecai 
Or ninkp a man : his piny or recreall 
Is lo nUM this up, or pull down that ; ai 

lie never yn Kmlt orden. malos d 

In Sicily, ihan ihe pope himsdt 

Is the nabinl brother of Ihc king— abjr-blpv^,.. 



Ador. I understand yoo. 

Gasp. Morrow to my unde. 

Ant. And my lateguaidian :— but at length 
I ha\'e 
The reins in my own hands. 

Ast. Pray you. use them well. 
Or you'll too late repent it. 

Bert. With this jewel 
Presented to Camiola, prepare 
This night, a visit for me. [£x// Servant.] I 

shall ha\'c 
Your company, gallants. I perceive, if that 
The king will' hear of war. 

Ant. Sir. I have horses 
Of the best breed in Naples, fitter iar 
To break a rank than crack a lance; and are. 
In their career, of such incredible swiftness, 
lliey outstrip swallows. 

Bert. And such may be useful 
To run away with, should we be defeated : 
You are well pro\'ided, signior. 

Ant. Sir, excuse me ; 
All of their race, by mstinct, know a coward. 
And scorn the burthen : they come on, like 

lightning ; 
Founder'd in a retreat. 

Beii. By no means back them ; 
Unless you know your courage sympathize 
With the daring of your horse. 

Ant. My lord, this is bitter. 

Gasp. I will raise me a company of foot ; 
And. when at push of pike I am to enter 
A breach, to shew my \'alour, I have bought 

An armour cannon proof. 

Bert. You will not leap. then. 
O'er an outv^'ork in vour shin ? 

Gasp. I do not like 
Activity that way. 

Bert. You had rather stand 
A mark to try their muskets on ? 

Gasp. If I'do 
No good. I'll do no hurt. 

Bert. Tis in >'ou, signior. 
A Christian resolution, and becomes you I 
But 1 will not discourage you. 

Ant. You are. sir, 
A knight of Malta, and, as I have heard. 
Have ser\''d against the Turk. 

Bert. 'Tis true. 

Ant. Pray you, shew us 
The difference between the city valour. 
And service in the field. 

Bert. Tis somewhat more 
Than roaring in a tavern or a brothel. 
Or to steal a constable from a sleeping watch, 
Tlicn burn their halberds ; or, safe guarded 
} Your tenants' sons, to carry away a May-pole 

FVom a neigfabour village. Yoq will not find 

Your masters of dependencies, to take up 
A drunken brawl, or, to get yon the names 
Of valiant cbe\'a]ien, felfows that «iU be. 
For a cloak with thrioe-dyed velvet, and a 

cast suit 
Kick'd down the stairs. A knave with half 

a breech there. 
And no shirt, (being a thing mperfhiGus 
And worn out of his memory.) if yon bear not 
Yourselves both in, an^ upright, with a 

provant swozd 
Will slash your scariets and your piosh a 

new way ; 
Or, with the hilts, thunder about voar ean 
Such music as will make your wonnips danoe 
To the doleful tune of Lack rym m, 

Gasp. I must tell you 
In private, as you are my prinodly friend. 
I do not like such fiddlers. 

Bert. No ! they are useful 
For your imitation ; I remember you. 
When you came first to the court, and 

talk'd of nothing 
But your rents and your entradas. cvor 

The golden bells in your pockets ; you Iw- 

The taking of the wall as a tribute due to 
Your gaudy clothes ; and could not walk at 

Without a causeless qu.'urel. as if men 
Of coarser outsides were in duty bound 
To suffer your affronts : but. when you Irad 

Cudgell'd well twice or thrice, and from the 

Made profitable uses, you concluded 
The sovercip^n means to teach irregular hciis 
Civility, with conformity of manners. 
Were two or three sound beatings. 

Ant. I confess 
They did much good upon me. 

Gasp. And on me : 
The principles that they read were soup.d. 

Bert. You'll find 
The like irist ructions in the camp. 
Ast. The king ! 

A Nourish. Enter Roberto. Fulgen'.Jo. I 

Ambassador, and Attendants. I 


Rob. [ascends the throne.'] We sit prepared ! 

to near. \ 

Ami. Your majesty ; 

Hath been long since familiar. I doubt not. 

With the desperate fortunes of my lord ; and 




much ihflt yout confeJerate liall 

You being I'is lasl nrfuge, may petsuade yoi 
Kot *lone to compauioniue, but to lend 

laeb upon 

I. witb Ihc danger 

1 inheritance : 


O(b!o. , , 

Bolh plead and mediate 

An eiror In lum, being denied the favours 
Of the Mr pdncoi of Sienna, {lliough 
HCHMght Imin a noble wny.l loendpavoii 
To tone nlTccilon, by surprisal of 
Hv ptindpl seat. ^ona. 

Set. which now proves 
Tlie KOI of his capiiriiy, not Iriumpb : 
Heaven Issiilljuit. 

/fmt. And ycl that juslicc is 
To be with mcicy icmper'd. which heJiven': 
The injured 



The honour of hit order. (I mUil praise 
Vinue. thougti in ancncniy.) he whofip Irghis 
And conquests hoid one numbrr, mlljlngup 
Her scui«i'd iniopi. before we could gel 

He huh 


d may avoid. Lei olber monnrcb) 
a be made gtotious by pmud war. 
mill, iTiiii the blood of thvir poor subject!, 

Increase of emp ... „..._ _,. 

In lEMping thai which wtu by wrongs ex- 

Giidlng unlriil inviuinns with the tr... 

or elorioiu conquests ; we, that would be 

Tlic fiitlier of our people, inoursuid)' 
And vigilance for I heir safety, nniilnotcb»nip_ 
Thfir ploughihares into iwordi, and fotaa.ll 

The secure shade of their m 

Expose their lives to ruin, 
^mt. Will you, then. 

'" ' ' iljr, forsake your fiiend ? 

Your fBliirr') son, and 
Yoti are t^oI heir to 


A: to hii liinj 

*p*. Hi 

■■-"' — - 


Virtue. ITnolinaotii 


■1 irarnment of reason. 


>nrvlf? ShMir«i-t<oit« 

Our health, bntadi 

na-f. WelluiBed 

/{•/. PerfMt wha 

lum.? Tlie IcBsue rro- 

Mmt. And bind 

h.,a l<> aid 

ffvt. Hniibraiiid 


. 'ii.''l,orano<>uiw. 


^^^ ^B 



Where your commMid lies : 'tis not, sir, in 

Spain. Germany, Portqgal, Ixit in Sicily ; 
An isl(ind. sir. Here ore no mines of gold 
Or sih-er to enrich you ; no worm spins 
Silk in her womb, to make distinction 
Between you and a peasant in your habits ; 
No fish Uves near our shores, whose bkxKl 

can dye 
Scarlet or purple ; all that we possess, 
With beasts we ha\-e in common : nature did 
J)esign us to be warriora, and to break 

Our ring, the sea. by which we are en^iron'd ; 
And we by force must fetch in what is 

Or precious to us. Add to this, we are 
A populous nation, and increase so fast. 
That, if we bv our providence are not sent 
Abroad in colonies, or fall by the sword. 
Not Sicily, though now it were more fruitful 
Than when 'twas styled the Granary of great 

<Can yield our numerous fry bread : we must 

Or eat up one another. 

A dor. The king hears 
With much attention. 

As/. And seems mo\*ed with what 
Bertoldo hath delivered. 

Ber/. May you live long, sir, 
The king of peace, so you deny not us 
The glory of the war ; let not our ner\'es 
Shrink up with sloth, nor, for want of em- 
Make younger brothers thieves : it is their 

swords, sir, 
Must sow and reap their har\'cst. If examples 
May move you more than arguments, look 

on England, 
The empress of the Europetin isles, 
And imto whom alone ours yields precedence: 
When did she flourish so. as when .she was 
The mistress of the ocean, her navies 
Putting a girdle round about the world? 
When the Iberian qiuiked, her worthies 

named ; ^ 

And the fair flower-de-luce grew pale, set by 
The red rose and the white ! Ix't not our 

Hung up. or our unrigg'd armada, make us 
Ridiculous to the late poor snakes our 

Warm'd in our bosoms, and to whom again 
We may be terrible ; while we spend our 

Without variety, confined to drink. 
Dice, cards, or whores. Rouse us, sir, irom 

the sleep 

Of idleness, and redeem our moitpifled 

Your birth, and Justly, daims iny fiUbei^s 

kingdom ; 
But his heroic mind des c ends to me : 
I will confirm so much. 

Ador. In his looks he seems 
To break ope Janus' temple. 

Ast. How tnese younglings 
Take fire from him 1 

jidcr. It works an alteratifMi 
Upon the king. 

Ant. I can focbear no longer : 
War. war, my so\'ereign I 

FuL The king appears 
Resolv'd. and does prepare to 

Jdod. Think not 
Our counsel's built upon so 
As to be overtum'd. or shakra, «ith 
Tempestuous winds of words. Ml,mflmik' 
Before resolv'd you. I will not 
My i)erson in this quanel ; neither 
My subjects to maintain it : ycC» to 
My rale is gentle, and that I htm feeliBg 
O' your master's sufferings, sinoe these 

gallants, weary 
Of the happiness of peace, desire to taste 
The bitter sweets of war, we do consent 
That, as adventurers and volunteers, 
No way compell'd by us. they may make trial 
Of tiieir boasted valours. 

Herf. We desire no more. 

Ifod. 'Tis well ; and, but my grant in this, 
expect not 
Assistance from me. (jovem, as yoa please. 
The province you make choice of ; for. I \'ow 
By all things sacred, if tliat thou miscarry 
In this rash undertaking. I will hear it 
No otherNvise than as a sad disaster. 
Fallen on a stranger : nor will I esteem 
'Iliat man my subject, who. in thy extremes. 
In purse or person aids thee. Take your 

fortune : 
You know me ; I have said it. So. my lord. 
You have my absolute ansu'er. 

Amfi. My prince pays. 
In me, his duty. 

Ifod. Follow me, Fulgentio, 
And you, Astutio. 

[Flourish. Exeunt Roberto, Fulgen- \ 
tio. Astutio. and Attendants. 

Gasp. What a frown he threw. 
At his departure, on you f 

Bert. Let him keep 
His smiles for his state catamite. I care noL 

Ant. Shall we aboard to-night ? 

Amb. Your speed, my lord. 
Doubles the benefit. 

Bert. I ha\-e a business 


Requim illspaicti ; tome two houn hence 
I'll IBL-CI you. [£ttiial. 

Camiala's H<mii. 

Ealer Signior SfUl miainj; /antatlirulfy. 

fiiMKii fy C>nilo1adii3riaiinda. 

Sfl. Wbiu*t gntdoiu abroad, 
Mum be in pnvaie piaciised. 

C'lar. For yonrminh's sake 
Let him alone : he has been all tbit morning 
In prvctue with a peiuked gentleman-usher. 
To loach him bu tnieamble. and his posluno. 

alii aaltingtr. ani fniilisiiig, 
ka before a lady. 
Sri. Van may, mailam. 
IMMps. believe Ibat 1 in ihis use an. 
To mike ¥00 dote upon me, by enposing 
Mymoretnan moslrarefealuiestoyourview: 
Bui I, B> I have ever done, deal simply ; 
A mnit otaweel rfmpLdly, ever noted 
Is Ibe fnmll^ of the Syllis. Therefore, lady. 
Look not Willi too much contemplation on 

dcis do you use. 
nothing In 

■ S^ 

That you never hear me sing, for I'm a%nui : 

Kyou observe, when 1 W]Ul)le. the dogs howl. 
As raniali'd with my dillies ; and you will 

SvL Keil'. when I di 
And come aloft ihus, [capirt.'] c 

sheep's eye 
Upon the quivering of my calf. 

Cnm. Proceed, sir. 

Syl. Bui on no terms, fur 'lis a m 

O' th' slicnglh of my back, lliou, 

bear a hunhen 
Wilh any porler. 

ip. tin you I 

Syl. Nor I y 

Pcrform'dlhe _ 

My pletly spider.lingei 
That (winUe on both i 
Cam. Was Ihere ever such 

A piece of motley heard o(l [A 

nifAio.] Who'sihat? [£nf CUriodl!) 

The catalogue of my dangetii. 

Syl. No, good modem ; 
I have not lold you half. 

Cam. Enough, good signior ; 
If I eal more of such sweetmeats. I 

Rt^enltr Clarinda. 

:r of the king. 

CUr. The b 

Syl. Nay, ti 
Thebrotherof thcklngl i^hoDomocc? 
Were li the lilng bImsRif, f'd ^ve hun leave' j 
To speak bis miud to you. for 

And. tfl assure your ladyship of K ..... 
I'll mhn him in, and, thai done— hhle my- 
self. [Asidf.aniettl. \ 
Ccm. C'amloU, If ever, now br con 
Thisis, Indeed, a sul lor. whose sweei|>rr 
Couruhip, anil loving language, .VOUld bl 

The chuic Peitclope ; and, t 
■" ■"" " ' - ■ " modaty fijrtild it 

St-ntir Sylll viilA BetloUo. 
Syl. I must 
You lend your 1i 


Syl. Come, vrench. will ihouheorwitdoni? 
C!jr. Vis, from you, sir. 

[TMry wall aiiJi. 
Bcri. If forcing llilsiwecl favour f ram your 
Upi, {/Ciwiitr. 

Fair mulBin, argue nie of too much boldnras, 
When you ait pleased lo undL-istnnd I l»ke 
I A porting kiu, if Tiol eicuse, ut least 
I 'Twill {[Biiltfy ihe offeocc. 
I Cam. A ponitiE Uii. ^ ! 
. What nnllon, eavloui of the happiness 

Dclngbolhbclovedandhonour'd; ihenonh- 

And ^idcT of hJI hearts ; and, to sum up 
Yoar full accompt of ha])pinKS in a word. 
The brother of the king ? 

And witb an unexatnpled cniElty. 
Enforce my absence, and deprive me of 
j Thote b1easiD{p which you, with a poltsli'U 

I urau luiiBiiiiuLE iiiu I do possess. 
And yet tBJi me as being guilly ot 
My wllfbl exile? What arc iitica to me, 
' 'Ot popular suffrage, or my nenmeu la 
I The Bng in blood, or fruitful Stdly, 
' ,Tboughlt confess'd nosuverelGn but myself, 
'When you, that ore the cisenee of my being, 
I The anchor of my hopes, (liu real substance 
' Of mytelicily, in your ■■'-'-'- 
Tum all to iDding and 
"m. You tax me i. 

ig shodoH s ? 

Bttt. Vol 

er love with love, anil scliI Ihe CD 

' In theunilingofoursouls, howgladly 
' ' fThough now I were in aetion, and a^uml. 
I Following my fortune, thai plumed Victory 
Would make her glorious slanit upon mjr 

Would I put off my armour, in my heat 
' Of conquest, and. like Antony, pursue 

I MyCleopalral '""" — ■ '-' 

; Wlbaneyeoffa 

\ Cam. Truth bear witness for mc, 

', That, in (he judgment ol my soul, you ai 

or such a eompelilion. you al 
Should wear the garland- 

Your favour from me ? 

Cam. No mulct in votirself, ^ 

We are not parallels; but. like Hmx 
Cannc'ermceiinonccenlre. Youib 
Without addition, weni an anCte dt 
For one of fairei' fortunes : and (hit 
Were you ignoble, far aUne all viJi 

To Ic 

Your matchlrssstoiY : but all t 
Together in one volume !— gii 
Wilb odmlRUion lo look upon ri 

But no) pnsume, inm) " 

I may or can eajoy thi 
Sirt. How you ruin 
What you nvuld seem to build u[ 

One aerit with proponion ne'e 
The eagle and the wicn :- ~'- 
In Ifae same garmeol. i 

Thai H-bal's in you eicesiin 
And my desert supplied ; the at 
Religion, stops our enitance : " 
A knight of ^Iel1a, by your o> 
To a single life ; you cannot 
And. I assure mj'self, you ai 
..- . — though my frailty rfi 


Berl, A dispcnsatioi 
WiU easily absolve ii>e 

Cam. 6 Hike lieetl. 
When what is vow'd ti 


lady. 4 

serve our ends on enrUi, 4 
nd not a blessing. 
/Itri. is there no hope left n 
Cam. Nor to myself, bol is n 1 
Impossibility. Trae lo " ' 
On eq— ' *■ '- -' '■ 

■1 feel ; 


, fairest cmell i 

Bert. Andllilsi 
Deteimimile scnie 
Cam. Not lo bi 
Btrt. Farawdl 
' Ihouehu In mc 
Of womeQ pcmh. Let Vat glorimis light 
or noble war uiinsuish Love's dim Upcr, 
I Thai only lends niE ligbl lo see m)| fidly '. 
' Honour, M iluiu my ever-llvinc nuslrcES, 
And fond oflcolion, a» ihy boad-slave, mvi 

Cam. How Kxm my sun ii set, be beinf 

.v.::\sa I V/hril n fierce bnltle 
■IT my pasiions I — methinlu 
' kL&sd 01 potting. 

n It : now Riusl I star) in 
I o cnmlon lict. j n«Kiy&nmR/.J You luive 

luund, 1 bope. iwcul lady. 
SoRi*dIfl«reDCEbctw«en>youthof mypitcli, 
And tills bogbur Benoldo : men uc moi, 
Tba king's toollier is no more ; good ptuli 

Wtwn UllB fail DcspcuT not ; I may be 

Cf«. Be 
Lights for my chamber. O my lienn ! 

iExtunl Caffliola and Clarinda. 
Sfl. She now. 
t know. Is going to bed, lo ruminate 
Wliieh way to glut heiSAlf upon my pctsm ; 
Silt, for my oalh'i sake. I wiil licep her 
^^ buagryi 

^■Htt to grow full myself, I'll sitiughi— lo 
^K Wpper. [/?*"- 

I iiHIir Roberto. Fulgenlio, asi Allulio. 
J Het. Embark'dto-nighl, doyoumy? 
1 Ful. t nw bim abourd. sir. 

Bui. Awl withoul taking afhisksvc? 
<4tf. 'T*nu strange I 
A'0^. Are we grown sa contemptible ? 
Fol. Tlsfu 
Fran me, sir. to odd tiiel (a your angeF. 
Tlui, lo your 111 opinion of bim. burns 
Tlio hot already ; else. I thould aSlmi. 
It was a gius m-glect. 
Ha6. A wilful scorn 
<~lf iluiv ^iid allc^liuiDe : you gire It 

' <:iiE - bul weshall ijiink oa*t 

:, umbers neiE, thufottow'i 

FuL More than you think, sir. 
All ilt-nlfcclcd spiiils in Paternio. 
Or to your govemmeni. or person, wiih 
The tutbolcni Bwordmen, such whose p 

verty forced them 
To *rish a change, are pone along with hi 
Creaturea dcrowd lo his undcnaKings, 
Innghlorwrong: ondi-tocipre 
And readiness lo serve him, ere ther wt 
Profanely look thesacnuncnt on their ki 
To live and die with him. 

Roh. O most impious I 
Their loyalty to us forgot ? 

Fml. Ileirso. 

Alt, Unthankful as they .ii« ! 

/'■«/. Yet Ibis deserves not 
One irouMcil thought in you. sir 

re from licncc m 

I hold that their n 

For your securily than danger. 

Reb. Trtie; 
/Vnd. as I'll fashion it. Ihey slmjl (eel M 
.\stuiiOi you shall pieaenlly be dispalch'd 
With lenert, writ Mid sign'd with o 

To the dutchess of Sienna, in exrate 
Of these forces sent ogainsi her. Ifyauqi_ 
An oath, to give it credit, that we never I 
Consenletl to it. sweating for the luDg, 
Though false, ii U no perjury. 

They are noi fit to be sut« agents, sir. 
That without scruple of their con^dencQ 

Be prodigal in such Irifles. 
Fal. Biglit, Astulio. 
Rob. You musl. beside, Irom 

Pn--i«. . . 

All. With the wings 
Of loyally and duly. 

To iiui your majesly lo mind — 

Hat. or my promise, 
And ajds, lo further you in your omoroi 

loiliefoicaiuIrichCamloU? there's i 
Whalcvrr you shall aay ihM I enlrei . 
Qrcancommandtiypowet.l will moke go 

FhI. Et«r your majeny's creatun:. 

RiA. Venua prove 
rro)ullous to you 1 I 

Ful. All sans to m>r wislin ; 
BerMdo was my hindmnce ; he tenur 
I lunr mil court W in ihe oonquKRU'i .. 

e, MR Mtdowrwwfc''— B^l 



Pagf. Sir ; your pleasure ? 

Fui. Haste to Camiota ; bid her pcepare 
An entertainment suitable to a fortune 
She could not hope for. Tell her, I vouchsafe 
To honour her with a visit. 

Page. 'Tis a fevour 
Will make her proud. 

Ful. I know it. 

Piige. I am gone, sir. [Exit. 

FhI. PIntrcaties fit not me ; a man in grace 

May challenge awe and privilege, by his 

place. [Exit. 

SCENE U.—Tke same. A Room im 
Camiobi's Mouse. 

Enter Adomi, Sylli, amd Clarindo. 

Ador. So melancholy, say you 1 
Clar. Never gi^-en 
To such retirement. 
Ador. Can you guess the cause? 
Clar. If it hath not its birth and 
\ The brave Bertoldo's absence, I confess 
! Tis i>ast my apprehension. 


Syl. You are wide, 
I The whole field wide. I, in my understanding, 
I Pity your ignorance ; yet, if you will 
I Swear to conceal it, I will let you know 
' Where her shoe wrings her. 
Clar. I vow, signior, 
By my virginity. 

Syl. A perilous oath. 
In a waiting- woman of fifteen ! andb. indeed, 
A kind of nothing. 

Ador. I'll take one of something, 
If you please to minister it. 

Syl. Nay, you shall not swear : 
I had rather take your word ; for, should 

you vow, 
D— n mo, 111 do this !— you arc sure to 
Ador. I thank you, signior ; but resoh-e us. 
Syl. Know, then. 
Here walks the cause. She dares not look 
' iijxjn me ; 

. My beauties are so terrible and enchanting. 
She cannot endure my sight. 
Ador. There I believe you. 
Syl. But the time will come, be comforted, 
when I will 
Put off this vizor of unkindness to her. 
And shew an amorous and yielding face : 
And, until then, though Hereules himself 
Desire to see her, he had better eat 
His club, than pass her threshold; for I 
; will be 
Her Cerberus, to guard her. 

Ador. A good dog I 

Clar. Worth twenty porten. 

Enter Page. 

Page, Keep you open home here ? 
No groom to attend a gentknum! O, K 
spy one. 
Syl. He means not me, I am snre. 
Page. You, sirrah sheep's-head. 
With a face cut on a cat-siidc, do you bear? 
You, yeoman fewterer, conduct me to 
The lady of the mansion, or my pooiud 
Shall disembo«ue thv souL 

Syl. O terrible ! aisemJbogue! 
I talk'd of Hercules, and liere is one 
Bound up in dteimo sexto. 
Page. Answer, wTCtch. 
Syl. Pray you, little gentleman, be not id 
The lady keeps her chamber. 

Pa^. And we present. 
Sent m an embassy to her t but here ii 
Her gentlewoman. Sirrah! hold my cloak. 
While I take a leap at her lips : do it, and 

neatly ; 
Or, having first tnpp'd up thy heels, I'll 

Tliy back my footstool. [Kisses Clarinda. 

Syl. Tamberlane in little ! 
Am' I tum'd Turk ! What an office am I 
put to! 
Clar. My lady, gentle youth, is indis- 
Page. Though she were dead and buried, 
only tell her. 
The great man in the court, the brave Ful- 
gent io. 
Descends to visit her, and it will raise her 
Out of the grave for joy. 

Enter Fulgentio. 

Syl. Here comes another ! 
The de\'il, I fear, in his holiday clothes. 

Page. So soon ! 
My part is at an end then. Co\'er my 

shoulders ; 
When I grow great, thou shalt serve roe. 

Ful. Are you, sirrah. 
An implement of the lK>use ? [To S]^. 

Syl. Sure he will make 
A jointstool of me ! 

Ful. Or, if you belong [To Ador. 

To the lady of the piUce, command ber 

Ador. I do not wear her livery, yet ac- 
A duty to her; and as little bound 
To serve your peremptory will, as she ii 


ur nimmans. 'Twill become 
r leisure ; ihen. her pleoiure 
■bB may preseni your duty. 

VArf . Duty I SUvc. 
^B teach you manners. 

SI leanuDg ; moke not 

WjfKi. SJiall I be braved thus } 

»- [Tity^nriB. 

f. D, I am dea^ I and now 1 iwoon. 

[Fail, a» Aii/J«. 

Chr. Help I munlei I 

J\^. Recover, liciih ; Ihe Indy's here. 

Cam Wbm insolence is this? .Uomt, 

I- life, he had dependence 
...r. I«'s a Kenllemao, 
._. . :i li yoonelf. I'ul on your hat. 
/■■«/. In my pieienoo. willioul leave I 
Sjrl. He has mmc, inndam. 
Cam. And I musl ictlyou, sir, and in plain 
titmci:! vour glitleriDg oulaide promise 

ui ciurirtge iind bcba^ur 
jiirser tiling. 

:'.-Ier, for WAnl of 3 beller. 

A (bol lo his kinsman. — no way meaning 

Fu/. Vou hare heatd of Fulgcnlio ? 
Cam, Long since, sir ; 

Report among good men 1 ever heard of, 
For bribery and extortion : in ihclr pniyrn, 
Widows and orphans curse him (or a canker 
And caterpillar in the slntr. I hope, sir. 
You are not Ihe man ; mutb less employ'd 

As a saiock-ngenl to nw. 

1 like a sharp wit well. 

Sji/. I cannol endure U 
Nor any of Ihe Syllis. 

/"*/. More : I know lot 

To the well-iaiied observance ftnd icspect 
Yon uill hereafler pay me, lieinK made 
Familiar with my eiwjil with Ihe king. 
And that (contain your joy) I deign to MJ 
you. 1 

C>H. Lo^'e me I I am not rapl with tt ' 

Fh/, Hear't again ; 
I love you lioiteilly : now you admire me. 

Cum. I do, indeed ; It being a u-ord n 

Heard from a courtier's moulh. Bui, pray 
you, df»l plainly. 

rnduciiig you to leave Ihe freedom of 

A bachdor'i life, on your sofi neck K 

Tlie slubbom yoke of marriage ; and, ofaBll 
The beaulia in Palermo, lo choose m 
IVKtrme? Ihat is Ihe main pwnl you n 

/^/. Why, I willlellyou, Ofal 
You ate a preliy pent. indlAennil bir lo _ , 
And, like a new-rigg'il ship, bolh lighl 01 

^V'cll Iruss'd lo liear : virgins of gtant sIM | 
Are Kiugganls at ihe sport ; oat. for tt' 




Cam, My wealth, sir. 

FmI. You are in the right ; withoiit that, 

beauty is 
A flower worn in the morning, at night trod 

on : 
But beauty, )'oath, and fortune meeting in 

I will vouchsafe to marry you. 

Cam. You speak well ; * 

And, in return, excuse me, sir, if I 
Deliver reasons why, upon no terms, 
I'll marry you : I fable not 

Syl. I am glad 
To hear this ; I began to ha\-e an ague. 
Fill, Come, your wise reasons. 
Cam. Such as they are, pray you take 
First, I am doubtful whether you are a man. 
Since, for your shape, trimm'd np in a lady's 

You might pass for a wxMium ; now I love 
To deal on certainties : and, fortheDnimess 
Of your complexion, which you think will 

take me. 
The colour. I must tell }'OU, in a man, 
Is weak and faint, and never will hold out, 
If put to labour : give me the lovely brown, 
A thick curl'd hair of the same dye, broad 

A brawny arm full of \*eins, a leg without 
An artificial calf ; — I suspect yours ; 
But let that pass. 

Syl. She means me all this while. 
For I have every one of those good parts ; 

SylU ! fortunate Sylli ! 
Cam. You are moved, sir. 
Ful. Fie ! no : go on. 

Cam. Then, as you arc a courtier, 
A graced one too, I fear you have been too 

forNvard ; 
And so mucli for your person. Rich you arc, 
Dc\ilish rich, as 'tis rcported, and sure have 
llie aids of Satan's little fiends to get it ; 
And what is got upon his back, must be 
Spent, you know where; — the proverb's 

stale — One word more. 
And I have done. 

Ful. I'll case you of the trouble. 
Coy and disdainful ! 

Cam. Save me, or else he'll beat me. 
Ful. No, your own folly shall ; and, since 
you put me 
To my last charm, look upon this, and 
tremble. [Shews the king's ring. 

Cam. At the sight of a fair ring ! the 
king's, I take it? 

1 have seen him w^ar the Uke : if he hath 

sent it. 
As a favour, to m e 

FmL Vca^ 'tis very likdy. 

His dying mother's gift, prised at his 

By this he does command you to be mme ; 

By his gift you are so t^-yoa may yet re- 
deem aiL 
Cam. You are in a wiOQg aooonal atilL 
Though the king may 

Dispose of my life and goods* my mind's 
mine own. 

And never shall be yoms. The kiog^. 
heaven bless him I 

Is good and gracious, and, being in himself 

Abstemious from base and foatah loow* 

'Will not compd, against their wiDs, cbaite 

To dance in his -minion's drdei. I be- 
Foigetting it when he wash'd his lumdir 

you stole it, 
Witlf an intent to awe me. Bm yoo am 

oosen'd ; 
I am still m}-self, and will be. 

Ful. A proud haggard. 
And not to be reclaim 'd ! which of your 

Your coachman, fool, or footman, ministei^ 
Night-physic to you ? 
Cam. You are foul-mouth'd. 
Ful. Much fairer 
Than thy black soul ; and so I will i»rodaim 
Cam. Were I a man, thou durst not speak 

Ful. Heaven 
So prosper me, as I resolve to do it 
To all men. and in every place : scorn 'd b}* 
A tit of ten-pence ! 

[Exeunl Fulgcntio amd Page. 
Syl. Now I begin to be \'aliant : 
Nay, I will draw my sword. O for a brother ! 
Do a friend's part; pray you, carry him the 

length oft. 
I give him three years and a day to match 

my Toledo. 
And then we'll fight like dragons. 
Ador. Pray, have patience. 
Cam. I may live to have vengeance : my 
Would not have heard this. 

Ador. Madam 

Cam. Pray you, sparc 
Your language. Prithee fool, and make me 
merry. [ To Sylli. 

Syl. That is my office ever. 
Ador. I must do. 
Not talk; this glorious gallant shall hear 
from me. [Excuul. 




Drtt. There is not 
Three days provision for evenr soldier, 
At an ounce of bread a day, left in the dtj. 

Liv. To die the beggar's death, with 
hunger made 
Anatomies while we live, cannot but crack 
Our heart-strings with vexation. 

Fer. Would they would break, 
Break altogether 1 How willinglT, like Cato, 
CouM I tear out my bowels, rattier than 
Look on the conqueror's insulting face ; 
But that religion, and the horrid dream 
To be suffcr'd in the other world, denies it I 

Enter a Soklier. 

What news with thee? 
I Sold. P'rom the turret of the f6rt 

By the rising clouds of dust, through which, 
I like lightning,' 

The splendour of bright aims sometimes 
I bi^e through, 

I did descry some forces making towards ns ; 

And. from the camp, as emulous of their glory. 

The general, (for I know him by his horse,) 

And bravely seconded, encounter'd them. 

Their greetings were too rough for friends ; 
their swords. 
' And not their tongues, exchanging cour- 
I tesies. 

By this the main battalias are join'd ; 
; And, if you please to be spectators of 
! The horrid issue, I will bring vou where. 

As in a theatre, you may see their fates 

In purple gore presented. 
Fer. Heaven, if yet 

Thou art appeased for my wrong done to 

Take pity of my miseries ! Lead the way, 
friend. [Exetnit. 

SCENE v.— TJU same. A Plaim near the 


A long Charge : after which, a Flourish for 
victory: then enter Gonzaga, lacomo, and 
Koderigo wounded ; Bertoldo, Gasparo, 
and Antonio Prisoners. Officers and 

Gonz. We have them yet, though they 
cost us dear. This was 
Charged home, and bravely follow'd. Be 
to yourselves 

[ To Jacomo and Rodcrigo. 
True mirrors to each other's worth ; and, 

With noble emulation on his wounds, 

{Points to Bert. 
The glorious liverv di triumphant war. 
Imagine these with equal grace appear 

Upon yomadvei. The bloodj 

have suffered 
In this laborious, nay, toilsome harvait. 
Yields a rich crop of oonqiMBt : and thvipoil. 
Most predons balsam to a aoldier's hartik 
Will ease and cure them. LetmekMikvpoii 
[Ga^iaro «iu^ Antonio «#v JrMgil/ 
Theprisonen &oes. Ob, how madi Una- 

From what they were I OManl wcrolhcae 

toys fashion'd 
To undeigo the burthen of thy sKviea? 
The weight of their deficnsive an 
Their woSl effeminate limfaik and waold 

have forced them. 
In a hot da^, without a blow to yUd. 
Ant, This insnltation shews not naiilr in 

GcnM, To men I had fotfaonia H ; yon 

are women. 
Or, at the best, loose carpet-knights. What 

Seduced you to exchange your ease in ooofC. 
For labour in the field ? perhaps, you thought 
To charge, through dust and blood, an 

arm«l foe. 
Was but like graceful running at the ring 
For a wanton mistress' glo\>: ; and the en- 
A soft impression on her lips : — but yon 
Are gaudy butterflies, and I wrong myself 
In parling with you. 
Gasf. Vee victis / now we pro\'e it. 
Rod. But here's one fashion 'd in another 

And made of tougher metal. 

Gons. True ; I owe him 
For this wound bravely given. 

Bert. O that mountains 
Were heap'd upon me, that I might «cpire, 
A wretch no more remember 'd 1 \A^e. 

Gons. Look up. sir ; 
To be o'ercome deserves no shame. If you 
Had fallen ingloriously, or could accuse 
Your want of courage in resistance, 'twere 
To be lamented : but. since you perform'd 
As much as could be hoped for from a man, 
(Fortune his enemy,) you wrong yourself 
In this dejection. I am honour 'd in 
My victory over you ; but to have these 
My prisoners, is, in my true judgment, rather 
Captirity than a triumph : you shall find 
Fair quarter from me, and your many 

Which I hope are not mortal. H-ith such care 
I xx>k'd to and cured, as if your nearest friend 
Attended on you. 
Bert. When you know me better. 


:□ jfour mctnoiy? 

bur holy pwron, 1 am ni. .. 

Nay. thiDideistnidi wlih tliy apotiacy, 
And pKdpice from ihe motl solemn vov 
Made tinio heaven, wben Ibli, Itw glori 

F out RcdccnRr, wax vmfeTr'd upon il 
Ry llic gmi masiB, Ihan if 1 had Ken 
■ -_.._i .-^^ gn nthfist, Turk, orTanar, 

ir rcltgjon ■ 

t loak'd lor 

par nn reply : 

;. for Ihey are yours, be highly rated. 

I do bul righl. and l« II ' 


Than u^ in ibings sacred, tn ny rage 

[ M-afi 
I ihed these U the functnl of liU vinue. 
Fatth. and religion -—why, I will tell you ; 
"e wu a eenileman so (min'd up and 

">rtnn world liati stood opposed 
" inttian race, lo try the lonone 
r> f, — Ihls Ilenolda had been, 
Il ij^e Id direct, and nmtchleu 

The vutn of sood men. chceea general ; 
I As the prime soldier, and mosl deMTving 
Of ntl [liaL wear the croB : whidl now, : 

^irrrr GalUBi^ Astulio. Roderico, 

Oem. What 1 have done, sir, by the taw ~ 
of arms 

These lellen apeak 
inc xin|; my master ft love lo you, and ^'~ ' 
Vow'd service to Ihe dulcbes!!. on w 

1 am lo give allendjiBce. 

Gem. AI Ihli intianl. 
She's at Flenia : you may spare the tr 
Of riding thither : I have ailvertised her 
Of our suooess, and on whal humble wma 
Sienna stands ; though pmenily I can 
Possess il. i defer ii, that ihe may 
Enter her own, and. as she please, dtspowci ■ 
The priwiners anit (he ; — * ^*" 

^ri, 1 thank you, si 
In thctnena time, If I may horcjrourU 

I havea nepl-- — ' 

l-'or whose 111 

Hake composition. 

Gam, They are. as I uke It. 
Call'd Oiupata and Antonio, 

^H. The fame, sir, 

Gimt. For them, you must treat wt' 
Ihese : but, for Berlolilo. 
He it mine own : if the king will ransom hit: 
He pays ilown dby Ihmisand crowni ; if ns 
He live* and dia my ilave, 

Alt. Pray you. ft word - [jItlittlaOeta. 
The king wUI miher Ihank you to detain him. 
Than Jive one crown lo free him. 

Cinu. Al his pinuure. 
I'll wnd the prisoners under guard : 

Calls me another way. 


•3 1 




Jac. I find not, in my commission, 
An officer's bound to speak or undentand 
More than his mother-tongue. 

Rod. If he speak that 
After midnight, 'tis remazkablc. 

Ast. In plain terms, then, 
Antonio is your prisoner ; Ga^xuo, yours. 
Jac. You arc in the right. 
Ast. At what sum do you rate 
Their sc\-eral ransomes ? 

Rod. I must make my market 
As the commodity cost me. 

Ast. .As it cost you ! 
You did not buy' }-our captainship? yoor 

I hope, ndx-ancrd you. 

R(hI. How ! It well appeus 
You are no soldier. Desert in these days ! 
Desert may make a seijeant to a oolonel, 
And it may hinder him from rising lugbcr ; 
But, if it ever get a company, 
A company, pray you mark me, without 

Or private scr\-ice done for the general's 

With a commendatory- epistle from her, 
I \vill turn lanceprezado. 

Jac. Tray you obsen-e. sir : 
Iser\'d two prenticeships, just fourteen years. 
Trailing the puissant pike, and half so long 
Had the right-hand file ; and I fought well. 

'twas said, too : 
But I might have serv'd, and fought, and 

ser\''(l till doomsday. 
And no tT liave carried a flag, but for the 

A bucksoine widow of threescore bequeath'd 

me ; 
And that too, my back knoM'S. I labour'd 

hard for, 
But was IxMter paid. 

A$t. You arc merry with yourselves : 
But this is from the pnirpose. 
R(hi, To the point then, 
i Prisoners are not ta'en ever)- day : and. when 
Wc have them, we must make the best use 

of them. 
Our ]x\y is little to the pon we should l)ear, 
.And that so k>ng a coming, that 'tis spent 
Before we have it, and hardly wipes off 

At the tavern and the ordinary'. 

Jac. You may add, too. 
Our sport ta'en up on tnist. 

RkhI. Pcice, thou smock \-ermin ! 
T>isco\'er commanders' secrets ! — In a word, 

\Vc have inquired, and found our prisoners 
rich : 

Two thoosand crowns apiece our mnnwmiw 

cost us; 
And so much each of us will have, and that 
In present pay. 

Jac. It fe too little : yet. 
Since yon have said the wocd, Tam ooatent ; 
But will not go a gaaeC les. 

Ast. ^nce you are not 
To be brought lower, there i»no efadfng ; 
I'll be your paymaster. 

Rod. We doire no better. 

Ast. But not a word of what's i^grced be- 
tween us. 
Till I have school'd my gallants. 

Jac. I am dumb, ^r. 

Emter a Guard with Bertoldo, AntoaiOb «md 
Gasparo, in. iroMs. 

Bert. And where remo v ed now? hath tbe 

tyrant found out 
Worse usage for us ? 

Ant. Woise it cannot be. 
My grevhound has fresh straw, and scraps*. 

in his kennel ; 
But we have neither. 

Gasp. Did 1 ever think 
To wear such garters on silk stockings ? or 
'Iliat my too curious appetite, that tum'd 
.A.t the sight of godwits, pheasant, partridge. 

I.Arks. woodcocks, calvcr'd salmon, as 

coarse diet. 
Would leap at a mouldy crust ? 

.4rtt. And go wthout it. 
So oft as I do ? Oh ! how have I jeer'd 
The city entertainment ! A huge shoulder 
Of glorious fat ram-mutton, sec^mdcd 
With a psur of tame cats or conies, a crab- 
With a worthy loin of veal, and valiant capon, 
Monificd to grow tender ! — these I scorn 'd. 
From their plentiful horn of abundance. 

though invited : 
But now I coiUd carry my omu stool to a 

And call their chitterlings charity, and bless 

the founder. 
Bert. O that I \\ ere no further sensitilc 
Of my miseries than you arc ! you, like 

Feel only stings of hunger, and complain not 
But when you're empty : but your narrow 

(If you have any) cannot comprehend 
How insupportable the torments are. 
Which a free and noble soul, made captive. 

Most miserable men!— and wliat am I, 






. ipnss liiuc thr.-ililoni : ntid uU ilelicnivs 
Ptopaml by Median cooks li>r cplcuna. 
Whrn not our o>to, iint liiHcr ; quilts filfd 
'ilh gissiuncTe and roses, cannot yietil 
The body saFt repow. Die mind kepi wnking 
With oneuiih uid nfHinion. 

All. l3» food lord 

Btrl. llin is iio lime nor pinoir for flat- 
wiy. sir: 
PtnyytHi, ilylc me as I am, a « relcli foi^ 

or the world, Ds tnyscir. 
All. I would il wete 

In mc to help yon, 

Bitl. II that you n-nnl power, »ir, 
Lq>-(iMnliiit QUlnoI L-urr mc. Vrv/ yoa, 

ta mine own private ilioughls. I Wnliitv. 
Ail. [C""" fiimin/J My rnlbnt nc- 

And my more ilinn Hoi'likc wnid ( t am 

"il LiFwu: iheveiy sound of it 

' iry, ind I'll rou hrrmAer 
Ml \iax anwJi^or point ; 111 

I pern liiuuijUi upon before. Al nhiil pncc. 

little gaiiick too, Igt your 

Or the horns msy chuak >'au ^ I am m 

j^ fl. Yoo hliall have my row of i 

Guifi. And my villa; all 

Ant. All that we have. 
All. Well, have more 

.. it. Do. do: 

If you are oun ognin. you know your price. 
Ant. Piay you dispatch us ; t ihal' 

am B free man, till I lel my foot 

1 Sicily acaia. and drink Palermo. 

nd in Palermo loo. 

Alt. The wind ata fair, 
Voushnll aboard to^^iigfai: vriih the rising* ifl 
Vou may touch upon the cuast, "— — "■ 

your Invei 
Of Ibe lute general firat. 

Giitf. I win be brief. 

Ant. .And I. My loid. heaven keep yottHJ 

Gaif. YoiiTs, louse " 

In (he way of pracp ; but a& your loldteq 

AhI. a pnx oI war ( nomoreof* 
[Sinnl Rod. Jac. AnL am 
Btrl. Have you 

Authority to Unmo llielr bond.s, yel In 
Thebroiher of your king, whose worth b| 


■, acuejit iifd 

Yoiirirlf, my loid, whi-n fiufritrd lo IhelU 
"-- t- • - -J— inrj in cold blood it — ' 

I'or .1 foul murder, and in cold blooi 
I ivtuW vour Ufr my gift, mid recone 
To ilii^fnonnscd king, and got your 
— be««T ingiailiude I know you i 
Aiul may piiy down the sDm. 
Alt. I migbt, my tonl i 

i 368 



Bert, And will Astiitio prave, then. 
To please a passionate man, (the Idn^^'s no 
j more.) 

I False to his maker, and his reaaon, which 
!• Co.nmands more than I ask? O sommer^ 
' friendship, 

I Whose flattering leaves, that shadow'd us in 
Prosperity, vrith the least gust drop off 
In the autumn of adversitT I How like 
A prison is to a grave ! when dead, we are 
With solemn pomp brought thither, and our 
i heirs, 

. Masking their joy in false, dissembled tears. 
Weep o'er the herK ; but earth no sooner 

The earth brought thither, but they turn 
' away, 

' With inward smiles, the dead no more re- 
membcr'd : 

: So, entcrd in a prison 

Ast. My occasions 
Command me hence, my lord. 

Bert. Pray you, leave me, do ; 
And tell the cruel king, that I will wear 
These fetters till my flesh and they are one 
Incorporated substance. \Exit Astutio.] In 

/\s in a glass, I'll look on human frailty. 
And curse the height of royal blood : since I, 
In being bom near to Jove, am near his ' 
thunder. | 

' Cedars once shaken with a storm, their own | 
Weight grubs their roots out. — Lead me | 
where you please 

I am his, not fortune's mart>T, and will die And rich ones too. 
The great example of his cruelty 

A tributaiT dn^. IH have tnmething 
To give, ii my mtdligence prove tme. 
Shall find acceptance. I am toU, near this 

F^dgentio, evory morning, makes hismaifccta 
With hb petitioners ; I may jxesent him 
Withasbaip petitwn!^— Hal 'tis be: Wf 

Be ever bless'd for't I 

Enter Fulgentio oMd 1^46. 

Fml. Command such as wait me 
Not to presume, at the lenst for hatfan boor. 
To press on my retirements. 

Pa^. I will say, sir. 
You are at your prayers. 

FuL That will not find bdief ; 
Courtiers have sometlung else to do 

gone, sir. 
Challenged I 'tis well ; and by a frooml dB 

Was this shape made to fight? I bftia i 

tongue yet, 
Howe'er no sword, to kill him ; andnrfaat w«r. 
This morning I'll resolve of. \Rxti. ' 

Ador. I shall cross 
Your resolution, or suffer for >'OU. 

[Exit/ollawimg kirn. 

SCENE III. — The same. A Room in 
Camiola's House. 

Enter Camiola, followed by Servants with 
Presents ; Sylli, <7ff</ Clarinda. 

Syl. WTiat are all these ? 

Clar. Ser\-ants with several |»esents. 

SCENE II. — Palermo. A Grove near 
the Palace. 

Enter Adomi. 

Ador. He undergoes my challenge, and 
contemns it. 
And threatens me with the late edict made 

1 Serv. With her best wishes, madam, 
\Ex it guarded. Of many such days to you, the lady Fetula 

Presents you with this fan. 

2 Serv. This diamond. 
From your aunt Honoria. i 

3 Serv. This piece of plate I 
From your uncle, old Vicendo, with your 

arms j 

Graven upon it. 

Cam. Good friends, they are too 

'Gainst duellists, — the altar co^-ards fly to. 

But I. that am engaged, and nourish in me ; Munificent in their love and favour to 

A higher aim than fair Camiola dreams of, : Out of my cabinet return such jewels 


.\s this directs you : — [ To Clarinda.] — for 
your pains ; and yours ; 

Must not sit down thus. In the court I 

dare not 
Attempt him ; and in public, he's so guarded. ' Nor'mustyou b« forgotten. 
With a herd of parasites, clients, fools, and ^ Gives them 

suitors. hfonour me 

That a musket cannot reach him :— my ; With the drinking of a health. 



Admit of no delay. This is her birthday. 
Which, with a fit and due solemnity, 
Camiola celebrates : and on it, ail such 
As love or serve her usually present 

I X Strv. Gold, on my life i 

' 3 Serv. She scorns to give base sflvcr. 

I 3 .Serv. Would she had been 

. Bom every month in the year,! 

I I Serv, Month I every day. 


a Stro. Shew sucb nnolhrr maid. 
3 Strv. Ail happineu wail you ■ 
tUr. I '11 see your wilJ done, 
t£jWH/5ylli, ClariDdn, anilS 
Enltr Adomi iMsailid. 
Ciim. How, Aftonil wounded 1 

Voui obscrvaiion : I bring nal, nadoni. 
In honour of irour birthday, Antique plale, 
Or pcsrl, [or which, ihe sava{^ Indi&n dive 
•"*■ ihebotiom o(the »ea i nor dismondi 
n fniin sleep rocks willi danger. Sucl 

re proteci 
giro. M 

To Ibosc ihal have, »!ial they ihrmselwa 

A eI.uI 

■\wm wiih profil : yci, despiw not 

.If iticftliai of your favour; 


' >>l<al'>preKnted; since H b 

...1. almoilforiaitd. 

.^ nil tloudsol infamy, redwm'd, 
15 n.iiural splendour, witli adilliion 




Not la hold you In siispeiue, I 

bring you, madam. 


uodcd reputntion cured, (lie sling 


m malice, fulering your (air name. 


uui and trod on. That proud man. 

Itself; but argued, gives n kind of credit 
To a IbIsc oGCuiatioii. In thb, your 
Most inemoiahlc mvicCi you beiievsd 
You did me rtglit ; Inn you bnvo wrong'd i 

Jie-tattr CUrinda. 
Yet. under your coireclion. )ou wisll'd 
Brrtoldo had be«n pn-sent, 

dm. True, I did : 
Bui lie and you, sir, are not piuallds. 
Nor must you think youisclfso. 

^ifiif . I am what 
You'll please to have ine. 

Cam. If Bettoldo hid 
Puni^b'd Fulgeoila's buolence. 11 had shM 
His love to her Hrhom. in hiijudgnieni, I^ 
Vuucbrafed to make hb wile ; a beigtrij: 


Coni[iGll'd by me. 

d, yet durst, 
put TOUT tune, 
himself Ihe Ue, 
It : — you may 

And in his own 

FulpBfio snlacribed. [Ofmlg a faftr. 

jiili'r, [idoadocrveit. madam. Common 

Is hi f«) liinds. and the reward propotllon'd 
Toi!ir!riT,-i.iiiions: therefore, look not on me 
A^ ;] [ of your fmhcr's foitunea, or 
< ' < liii on yours; — you fanwn I 

ITIlIi more than rude presumption t Siiia 
Ab Ueli tn iry ynurilrtpenttevaloul. wIic(b- 
1,1 ihe war.' Couldtl thou 

ul Ihy rub iivani lo guard U 

„- jlmirf*-_ 

Can hinder It, stiall not tuffisr in my srfvlfli 
This is suoulhinc yet, Ih0u|fc' 

.'d the mark I shot a>. 

dm. Thisgenthrniau iioranuUc 
And I too banh, pcrlupi, in i 
Wat I not, Chuinda? 

(Air. lamnoltodiuun- 
Your aciJoni. nuulam ; but tlicra 

l.adin. nnd o( good fame, in lucli « 
Would be prvud of audi a icrvani. 

it me offend in Uib kind Why. uncaU'* 
lor? ' 

Strv^ llie ilgniort, miulun. Gosfiaro at 




Selected friends of the renown'd Bertoldo, 
Put ashore this moming. 
! Cam. Without him? 

Sen.'. I think so. 
I Cam. Never think more then. 
Sen: They have been at court, 
Kiss'd the king's hand ; and, their fiist duties 

To him. appear ambitioiis to tender 
To you their second service. 

Cam. Wait them hither. [£jrx7 Servant. 
Fear, do not rack me ! Reason, now, if ever, 
Haste with thy aids, and tell me, such a 

.As my Bertoldo, is, «ith such care fashion'd, 
Must not , nay, cannot, in hea\'en's pro\idenoe 

Enter Antonio and Gaspaio. 

So soon miscarry! — pray you, forbear; ere 

you take 
The privilege, as strangers, to salute mc, 
(Excuse my manners,) make mc first under- 
How it is with Bertoldo. 

Gasp. The relation 
Will not, I fear, deserve your thanks. 

.■Int. I wish 
Some other should infonn vou. 

Cam. Is he dead ? 
You see, though with some fear, I dan.' 
enquire it. 

Gasp. Dead ! Would that were the w orst ; 
a debt were paid then, 
Kings in their birth owe nature. 

Cam. Is there aught 
More terrible than death ? 

Ant. Yes, to a spirit 
Like his ; cruel imprisonment, and that 
Without the hope of freedom. 

Cam. You abuse me : 
The royal king cannot, in 1o\t to virtue, 
^Though all springs of affection were drieil 

But iKiy his ransomc. 

Gasp. When you know what 'tis. 

You will think other^^ ise : no less will do it 

j Than fifty thousand crowns. 

Cam. A petty sum, 

. The price weigh'd with the purchase : fifty 

thousand i 

' To the king 'tis nothing. He that can spare 


To his minion for a masque, cannot but 

i ransomc 

Such a brother at a million. You wrong 

I TI1C king's magnificence. 

I .-//;/. In your opinion ; 

But 'tis most certain : he does not alone 

In himself refuse to pej it, but fiorfaids 
All other men. 
Cam, Are jou sure of this? 
Gasp. You may read 
The edict to that purpose, pnblish'd by him; 
That will resolve yon. 

Cam. Possible ! pray you, stand off. 
If I do not mutter treason to myself, 
My heart will break ; and yet I niO not 

He is my king. The news yoa have de- 

Makes me weary of your company ; well 

When we meet next. I'll bring yoa to the 

Nay, pray you, no more compliments. 

Gasf. One thing more. 
And that's substantial : let your Adocni 
Look to himself. 

Ant. The king is much incensed 
Against him for Fulgentio. 

Cam. As I am. 
For 3rour slowness to depart. 
Both. Farewell, sweet lady. 

[Exeunt Gaspnro and Antonio. 
Cam. O more than impious times ! when 

not alone 
Subordinate ministers of justice arc 
Corrupted and seduced, but kings themselves, 
The greater wheels by which the lesser move. 
Are broken, or disjointed ! could it be, eke, 
A king, to sooth his politic ends, should so 

Forsake his honour, as at once to break 
The adamant chains of nature and religion. 
To bind up atheism, as a defence 
To his dark counsels ? Will it ever be, 
Tliat to deserve too much is dangerous, 
.\nd nrtue, when too eminent, a crime? 
Must she ser\e fortune still, or, when 

stripp'd of 
Her gay and glorious favours, lose the 

Of her own natural shape? O, my Bertoldo, 
TIjou only sun in honour's sphere, how soon 
Art thou eclipsed and darken'd ! not the 

Of blood prevailing on the king : nor all 
The benefits to the general good dispens'd. 
Gaining a retribution ! But that 
To owe a counesy to a simple virgin 
Would take from the deser\'ing, I find in me 
Some sparks of fire, which, fann'd with 

honour's breath, 
Might rise into a flame, and in men darken 
Their usurp'd splendour. Ha ! my aim is 

And, for the honour of my sex, to fall so. 


n never prove Inglorious. — lis icsoh'd : 

t. Clar. 1 am liappy in 

Such aa employment, madam. \S.rll, 

Cam. HeVanum, 
I know, thai atamerealduiancelovn me ; 
And Eiich are ever faithful. What a sea 
Of mellinij ice 1 walk onl ulial slnuigc 

Rt-tHitr ClBTinda nilh Adomi. 
A^r. I obey 

' YoursummoDi. nudam, 

I Ciiiii. Leave (be plnce, Clarinda : 
One WDnum, in s secret of lUch weighr, 
WiM men may ihink (oo mudi ; [£n/ 

' Ckrlndt.] neonr, Adoroi. 

' 1 warrant it with samilc, 

Cam. To doubt 
; Voiitreidydaire 10 serve mpvMprepaityoi 
' With the RpclilionuTfomicrtnetiU. 
Would, in mv diGSdcnce. urong you ; Init 

And wiihout circunutitnee. in the tnul llial 
Impcsc upon j-ou. free you from suspicion. 

You ,,rr, AdomI, by the low you owe bib 

1, but whxt may saJu! 

idiDit no livali. 

i^werwclit You have heard 

nejjleel ; the (.tent- 

I "Ccplivily. luid ill 
Icr hi* oiriinin 

.Idor. "l\\ in wonder of 
Yoiir virtue, madam. 

'.".iM. You must, ihercfore. t. 
Sieiinn for me. uul pay to Goniuga 
'I'liii ranwine for hii lAieity; you iliall 
Hitve lulls of Eichange »\tmg with yc 

Ij» lilm twcnr 
A solemn uonirnci to me ; for you must I: 
MyprincipKd wlmess, ifhc should— I 
Dol entcrrain these MousieB? V 

Ador. I'niihfully, madoni— but not U 
long Jiier. [ ' ' 

C'lm. One thing t had forgot: I 

his freciloni, 

He may want lUcommodKtioni ; (iimlsh MHH 
Accoiding to liis birth : and from Condoli^fl 
Deliver this kiss, printed on your lipi. ' 

Seal'i) on his luuid. Vou shall not 

blushes : 
I'll Instantly dispalcli you. 

AAir. 1 am half _ 

Hanc'd out 0' the wb/ ahcidy.— Wax then 

Poor [over so employ'd ocainsl liimself. 
To moke way for his rival? I mutt do ■■• 
Nay, more. 1 will, If loyally cui iinil 
Reeompente beyond hope or imngiiulion, 
Let it tall on me in the other wortd. 
As a rEWBCd, tot in lliis 1 dare ntil hew rl. 

£*I(r Ooniaga, Pierio, Ruilerigo. m 

GnHi. Vou have seLkiI ctpon the cji 

and dls.-ira)'d 
.Ul thdt could moke reactance ? 

Done that, before we came; noma 

CompelI'd 10 seek for prey; the lomilhW 

In hope <>f mercy, as a sacritict' oCkt'd 
All lliat H-as worth the taking, 

Gom. You ptocloim'd, 
Oti pain of doatti, no violence ti 





For half a mouldy Insciiit, sell hendf 
To a poor bisognion. and without shriddng. 
GoHz. Where is the duke of Urbin ? 
Jac, Under guard. 
As you directed. 

Gant. See the soldien set 
In rank and file, and, as the dntdMSSpuses, 
Bid them vail their ensigns; and diaige 

them on their lives. 
Not to cry Whores t 

Jac. The devil cannot fright them 
From their military license. Though they 

They are her subjects, and wQl part with 

To do her service ; yet, since she's a woman, 
They will touch at her breech with their 

tongues ; and that is all 
I That they can hope for. 

[A shout, and a gemeral cry withim^ 
Whores ! w^hores I 
GoHx. O the devil I they are at it. 
' Hell stop their brawling throats. Again ! 
I make up, 
' And cudgel them into jelly. 

Rod. To no purpose. 
Though their mothers >»ere there, they 
would ha\'e the same name for them. 


SCENE U.—Thc same. Another Part of 
the Camp. 

Loud music. Enter Roderigo, Jacomo, 
Picrio, Gonzaga, and Aurelia under a 
Canopy. Astutio presents her with letters. 

Gonz. I do beseech >'Our highness not to 
To the want of discipline, the barbarous 

Of the soldier, in his profanation of 
Your sacred name and virtues. 

Aurcl. No. lord general ; 
I'x-e heard my father say oft, 'twas a custom 
Usual in the camp ; nor are they to be 

punish 'd 
! For words, that have, in fact, dcsen'ed so 

well : 
; Let the one excuse the other. 
All. Excellent princess ! 
Aurel. Rut for these aids from Sicily sent 
against us, 
To blast our spring of conquest in the bud ; 
I cannot find, my lord ambassador, 
How we should entertain't but as a wrong. 
With purpose to detain us from our o^^n, 
Howe'er the king endeavours, in his letters, 
I'o mitigate the affront. 

Ast. Your grace hereafter 
May hear from me such strong assurances 

Of his unlimited destrei to wer^ejaa. 
As will, I hope, drown in foigetraliwsB 
The memory of what's past. 
Aurel. we shall take time 
To search the depth of *t limher, and pio- 

As our ooondl shall direct as. 

G^mx. We present yon 
With the keys of the city ; all lets are nsmov'd* 
Your way is smooch and easy ; at Toor feet 
Your proudest enemy fiiUs. 

Aurel. We thank your vakxiii : 
A victory without blood is twice adueved. 
And the disposure of it, to us tendered. 
The greatest honoar. Worthy *^r***— l 

My love extends itself to all. 
Gomt, Make way there. 

\A Guard drumm mp; KxafittLfmntf 
tkrmgkthtm, Lumdwuuie. 


HI. — Sienna. 


Bcrtoldo is discovered in fetters^ reading. 

Bert. Tis here determined, (great ex- 
amples, ami'd 
With arguments, produced to make it good.) 
That neither tyrants, nor the wrested laws. 
The people's frantic rage, sad exile, want, I 
Nor that which I endure, capti\'ity. 
Can do a ^^ise man any injury. 
Thus Seneca, when he wrote, thought. — But 

Felicity courted him ; his wealth exceeding 
A private man's ; happy in the embraces . 
Of his chaste wife Paulina ; his house full ! 
Of children, clients, servants, flattering 

Soothing his lip-positions ; and created | 

Prince of the senate, by the general voice. 
At his new pupil's suffrage : then, no doubt, | 
He held, and did believe, this. But no sooner - 
'I1ie prince's frowns and jealousies had thrown 

Out of security's lap, and a centurion 
Had offer'd him what choice of death he 

But told him, die he must ; when straight the 

Of his so boasted fortitude fell off. 

[ Thnnvs irway the hook. 
CompLiining of his frailty. Can it then 
Be censured womanish weakness in me. if. 
Thus clogg'd with irons, and the period 
To close up all calamities denied me. 
Which was presented Seneca, I wbh 
I ne'er had being ; at ksist, ne\-er knew 







Wb«t happiness »TU; M argue wiih hravens , [n my Imaginntion, yet cannol 

jusiice. GiiL-si viho Ihis phitnis should be ■ 

Tcanng my locks, onil, indefinnce, thrijuing 

Ad^r, Tis Camiola. 

Doit !u (he ait? or, falling on the ground. 

Sirt. Pray you, speaktag.un ; Ihere'snrasie 


Wlh my nails and tnlb to dig a grave, or 

°£r?ISr '"■•"■ 

The bonds of (he earth, my slep-mollier. 


And not a niuural paienl ? or Ihua pcaclise 

fiirf. Curs'd athei:t that I wu, ' 

To die, and, as 1 were inicMlhle, 

Only to doubt it cmikl be any other : i 

Believe I had no molion? {Falli „« kh/act. 

Sinte she alone, in the absinct of heraelf> ^ 

£MltrGonae^. Adomi.dsrfGaoto. 

That small but ravishing subsianoe, cong 

Gtm. There he ll : 

WkS^yali. or can be wish'd. in the 4 

I mm saiFsfcd ihai I have ii ; nor allege 

Idea of a woman 1 what service, fl 

Or sacrihce E>f duty, om I nay her, ■ 
IfnollciliTeanddieherctiarity-ssUTe, V 

One leatoa to exoue his cruel usage, 
As voii m^y in[cr]>rel il ; let il auffice 

. . 'ir.,laveitio. Heisyounnow, 

/f Ar. She eipects not ^ 

;. you please. [Ax./. 

Such a dominion o'er you ; vet. ere 1 j 

' r I hale him. 

Deliver her demands, give nie your haul \A 

■ 1 More me, being omM. 

On (his. as she enjoin J me, wlili my Bpe -J 

■■•■mypitjf. Kr^hesleep.:— 

Or u^ hi: 'liidP would he were ^ saint in 

I |>rinl her love and service, by me sent yiNB 


^J^. You tnust no*. ^ 

•TttsllihehunlwishUm, But. I wu not 

Which is the sum of nil that sh« desins, . 

Don IDsoch happiness [AsMt,] Knnh 1, 

By a solemn coniraei bind youtseif, when dtf 

kin.} no, he breathe*-ojme n«r. 

And. iCiW possible, without his feeling. 
Take off his if^-[^u WW Ititm qff.]- 

Requires it, as a debt doe for your foHlogg, 

To marry her. 

Btri. This does engage me fimher i 

So; now leave usprivnle. 

A payment 1 an Incnsse of nblieuion. 

[l-ii/ Gaoler, 

To marry her )— 'twas my ml milra ever i 

The imd of my amWHon. Olhunow 

■■■ ' . . f il rtrenm. bow he states ! and 

To join our hands, but with ilml speed MC 


bewt T 


Wishes mine eyes might *ee her ! | 


--1 Ministers of merev. 

Ad,>r. You must s*wr (hit. \ 


.'Niiy. Hal 'ilsnovisiont 

Birt. 9wtit It 1 Collect aU oaths and M' 

■ floppiest thiit ever 

..^nlfleshlHWshf™? his face 

Mlomi;— but soma glonous 

Ulnislei'd to me in a form more dn^iHlful ; 
Set heaver and hell before me. £ will take 

livinity in his shape. 


riiiradc, it lielnE not an ael 

False to tjimlota 1 never. -ShJl 1 now 

i:...n. Ke»)lve B>c, i( lliou ' Bfgin my vol. Ho you ? 

1 ^rfor, 1 am no chiinhman ; 


Such a one munt file It on rccoid : you ue 

:I...W, at. 1 

(r«; ' , 

And, thai you may appeu- like to y«urMlt 
(I'-orMshetvUliUj l-aVs gold, with wllig 


'-Z,K : bui iho bcnc&t 


you may 3 

Redeem your tninks and Wmuilf. iM 


whatever J 

Whose S!»il they weif : h^ nanie Is Hodotftft 

Ont. 1 know him. 1 

, .jUm: Ihavt^doneBwinns. jf 








As I am ever youn ibi^L Nov, mrfWnlw, 

I walk in air 1 Divine CunioUi— * 

Bat words cannot expnas thw : ITlbaikI to 

An altar in mr soul, on wikh IH Ota 
A still-increasing sacrifice of dotar. [fixH, - 
Ador. WHkt will beoomo of me aovb 

WheUier a poniaid or a halter be 
The nearest waj to hell, (fori mmt tfaHber, 
After I've kiU'dmysdi;)iaiOiBewhatdoubtfiiL 
This Roman resolutioB of adf-BBOider, 
Will not hold water at the high trflmnn]. 
When it comes tobeaifoed ; mrgoodGcnfam 
Prompts roe to this oondricimtkwL He 
That kills himself to avoid mlniy, fean it. 
And, at the best, shews bat abattud vakmr. 
This life's a fort committed to ny trot. 
Which I must not yidd up tiU k be toned : 
Nor will I. He's not valiant that dans die. 
But he that boldly bean calamity. \Bsiin 

SCENE IV.— 7)lf jKiM. A SMeTmm 

A Flourish. EmUr PSerio. Roderigo, 
Jacomo, Goniaga, Aurdia, Ferdinand, 
Astutio, airi/ Attendants. 

Aurcl. A seat here for the duke. It is 

our glory 
To overcome vtith courtesies, not rigour ; 
I The lordly Roman, who hdld it the height 
! Of human happiness tohave kingsand queens 
To wait by his triumphant chariot-wheels. 
In his insulting pride, depri\'ed himsdf 
Of drawing near the nature of the.gods. 
Best known for such, in being merciluL 
Yet, giv( me leave, but stm with gentle 

And with the freedom <^ a friend, to tell you, 
{ To seek by force, what courtship could not 

Was harsh, and ne\'er taught in Lo\'e's mild 

Wise poets feign that Venus' coach is drawn 
By do\'es and sparrows, not by bears and 

I spare the application. 
Fcr. In my fortune, 
Heaven's justice hath confirm'd it ; yet, 

great lady. 
Since my ofience grew from excess <^ Iwe. 
And not to be resisted, having paid, too. 
With loss of hberty, the forfeiture 
Of my presumption, in your clemency 
It may find pardon. 

Aurel. You shall have just cause 
To say it hath. The charge of the long siege 
Def ray 'd. and the loss my subjects have sos- 


^^^■V^a^^B ^K^^^^VSf ^BBH^H^av VMV 4i^^v • 


Yon ham jcair Ubeitya 
Ar. I coold not nope for 

CSentler oonditioBs. 
AMnL IfyloidGcnagB. 

Year pnaonei^ brave BBrtoldou 
Gmu. SachoBOBai 

Madam, Ihad. 
AtL And have ado. sir. I 
Gist. Yoor hopes deoeiva 


Atim Dr artioai. I piaj yoo. ifar? 

Give Yon had beat eiM|uiwi 
Ofyonrintdligencer: lamno 

AsL lUkenottfaik .{AsUt, 

Atwwim He ilk as 'tis rnctted* 
A foodlj gentleman. andofnoliiaiMtij:': 
A brotiber of your oider* 

- He 

Tilt he. againit his oath, vmnifd foiv.a. 

Which his religion bound him firan. > 

A tire/. Great minds. 
For trial ci their \'alours, oft maintain 
Qnarrek that are unjust, >'et without malice ; - 
And such a fair construction I makeof him : ' 
I would see that brave enemy. i 

Gotu. Mydnty 
CcHum^nds me to seek for him. 

AmrtL Prayj'oudo; 
And bring him to our presence. 

[£xi/ Gonnga. i 

Ast. I must blast \ 

His entertaiimient. [Aside.'] May it please . 

your excellency. 

He is a man debauch'd, and. for his riots, I 

Cast off by the king my master ; and that,. I ' 

hope, is j 

A crime sufficient. I 

Fer. To you. his subjects, j 

That like as your king likes. i 

Aurel. But not to us ; < 

We must weigh with our own scale. | 

Re^nier Goniaga, wilk Bcitoldo, richfy 
hahiUdt and AAoxm. 

This is he, sure. 
How soon mine eye had found him ! what a 

He bears ! how well his bravery becomes 

A prisoner 1 nay. a princely suitor, rather ! 
But I'm too sudden. [Aside. 

Gau, Madam, 'twas his suit, 
Unsent for. to pRsent his service to you, 
£ie his departure. 




Hun!. Wiih what 
He bcon hinuclt ! [.iimi. 

Au, Tne devil. I llilnlc supplies ]iini. 
Rnmoined, uid (bus riEh [oo I 

AHrel. You ill dciorve 

[Bcrloldo iHrtling, kiiut hir ^auit. 

The (ni'Dnr of our hand we are not well, 

~|ve ■as more ah-. [Dritfnds mddrnly. 

'Cavi. Whal sudden qunlin is this 1 

'^'^un/. —Tli»i lilted yoois^^JnsltoB. 
Tbxa. onee mote. 

. ]Mr*(. ^re liii lips oie polson'd, 
And thnni^li thoe vdnx rorcc passage Id 

my hean. 
Wlilch is slnsdy sriied on. {^i»ff. 

These ruddy lips, Of whose ficili colour 


1 ro«« WW* bul copies, shoulil gro* « 

wnne of ntctar? ar Itiesc Icifs, iIibI iir 
A hiirthen of more worlh thitu is suj^Mited 
By Alias' wearied slmuldeB, sliould "-- 

Witiiilieweighloriron? O, I could dH'eU 

To know wtiat your coninuuids aic : my C 

« in uunher place. 

', Before 

You have oui license (odepan I If manneii, 
CiriUiy of rnannera. catinol teach you 
"^ ■ ' " " II tell you. sir. 

a I am had you 

Or pit/ of mo? 

Aitnl. In your charily 

Believe me InnocEal. Now you are i 

prisoner. "' 

- YoasIiallhavefairerquBtler?youwilisIi 

llui place where you have been, should ;rB 

1 t3 fiw: him. 

nt lodging), and It ihou 1 

Btrl, To the centre. 
Such aSybilln guiding me. 

[£n-jaaf Amelia, Bertoldo, », 

ho spuks first f 
iland 33 we luu) sEen Mediaa'l 

Omit. V 

1-ir. Wi 


II whnt to think, I am ■ 

Against Ilie law 

Aurtl. Bum. 

Wliy, hath you 

In your rolmlri. that, wilh Ihe wings of fear. 
"ill Monld fly from ii? 

L.imuiird of 111-, (rilefs, ordelighling 
<-oM ur hunger, or Ihol would in reaf— 
iT-r^i:.'/ Ill a dungean. beliin; 

iFid It had been worse, 

Kttl. Amued 1 I aitt ihiindorslruck. 
yaf. We are enchanted. 

ilid this is HitDC illusioQ. 

In dark dspnir il shews abeam of hope t 
Coninin thy joy, Adomi. {AiiiU. ' ' 

A<l. Sucli H prlncod. 
And of so hmgHTxpenenced reserr'dnms. 
Break forth, and on the stiddco. hilo Sasbcs 

Gaiit. Thnr come again, 
Smiling, Ds llivcl hlsanndrclineherwaiM. 
' ■ " Ji mad : — Some fiiry hMn pouesi'd 

.ie*s bounties, know no plij 
iliem. Look on him wlir 

If 1 speak. I may be blailed. Ha I I'll 

A prayer ortwo, and cfoss myself. 
Though the devil fnn fac. have al 

Jlt-ialer Berloldo, and AuroUa. 


ym r 



A princess, what I do is above cennm^ 

Axid to be imitated. 

Bert. Gradoas madftB, 
Vouchsafe a little ptne ; for I am to not 
Beyond myself, that, till I have ooUecled 
My scatter'd fjBColtiei, I cunol tendsr 
My resolution. 

Aurel. Consider of k, 
I will not be loQff firom yoo. 

I Bertoldo wsZlt h9 anuuy. 

Gomt. Pray I cannot. 
This cursed object strangki my dovotkxi : 
I must spsak. or I bunt — Ptay you, lair lady. 
If you can. in oouiteay diiact me to 
The chaste Aurelia. 

Aurtl. Are you blind? who are we? 

Gomz, Another kind of thing. Her blood 
was govem'd 
By her discretion, and not ruled her seaMo: 
The reverence and majesty of Juno 
Shined in her looks, and. oooiiQgtothecamp, 
Appear'd a second PidQas. I can see 
No such divinities in you : if I, 
Without offence, may speak my thoughts, 

you are, 
As 'twere, a wanton Helen. 

Aurel. Good ! ere long 
You shall know me better. 

Gonz. Why, if you are Aureha, 
How shall I dispose of the soldier? 

Ast. May it please you 
To hasten my dispatch ? 

Aurel. Prefer >'our suits 
Unto Bertoldo ; we will give him hearing, 
And youll find him your best advocate. 


Ast. This is rare 1 

Gonz. What are we come to ? 

Jiod. Grown up in a moment 
A favourite ! 

Ferd. He does take state already. 

Bert. No, no ; it cannot be :— yet, but 
There is no step between me and a crown. 
Then my ingratitude ! a sin in which 
All sins are comprehended I Aid me, Virtue, 
Or I am lost. 

Gonz. May it please your excellence- 
Second me, sir. 

Bert. Then my so horrid oaths. 
And hell-deep imprecations made against it ! 

Ast. The king, your brother, will thank 
you for the advancement 
Of his affairs. 

Bert. And yet who can hold out • 

Against such batteries as her po^A-er and 

Raise up against my weak defences I 

Oi^Ms. Sir, 


Do you dream vuUiy? 'SQglit, riieli here 

again 1 
Walks she on wooDen foet I 

Amni, Yon dwell too kieg 
Injrour dniflwrsHon, and oomo 
Wtth a crinpte's pace to that vkkh yon 

Biri. It is oonfiBSs'd : yet why ibcmld I, 

Firom you. th a fhamn iaHtoaypooiaoaim; 
By folse pfay send you off a neer fkomPme ? 
I am already tooy too arach fcngi^ed > 
To the king my brother's auger; aat who 

But that his doubts and poUdcfiBH^ AoDkl 

Man me his equal, m^ draw 
Yourtenitories? Were that 
I should with joy embmoe what mam I 
To feoiidi but with due revesBBOC^ 

Amrti. That Undenaoe 
Is easily rsmofed. lowetheUnif 
For a royal visit, which I straight will pay 

him ; 
And having first reconciled you to his fiivoor, 
A dispensation shall meet with us. 

Bert. I am wholly yours. 

Aurel. On this lxx>k seal it. 

Gomz. What, hand and lip too ! then the 

bargain's sure. 

You have no employment for me? 

Aurel. Yes. Gonzaga ; 
Provide a royal ship. 

Gcmz. A ship ! St. John. 
Whither are we bound now ? 

Aurel. You shall know hereafter. 
My lord, your pardon, for my too much 

Upon your patience. 

Ador. Camiola! [^ jm/« i^ Bertolda. 

Aurel. How do you ? 

Bert. Indisposed ; but I attend you. 

[Exeunt all but Adomi. 

Ador. The heavy curse that waits on per- 


And foul ingratitude, pursue thee ever ! 
Yet why from me this ? in his breach of 

My loyalty finds reward : what poisons him. 
Proves mithridate to me. I have perform'd 
All she commanded, punctually ; and now. 
In the clear mirror of my truth, she may 
Behold his falsehood. O that I had wings 
To bear me to Palermo ! This once known. 
Must change her love into a just disdain. 
And woric her to compassion of my pain. 





SCENE V.-Palemo. A Rmih in Ca^ 

miola's /feMii. 
EHierSyMi. Caniio:ii, nsrf Clarinda, at 

Syl. Undone! undODel— poor 1, Ihal 


d niige of taj hoiue. si 


Tumd to ihe piiUuIlest anlnul 
O' Ihe linenee of ilie Syllts ! 

dm, Wh[al'i die mailer? 

Syl, Tbc king— bicali, girdle, break ! 

Can. Whjr, whalofhioi? 

Sfl. Heanng how fai you doued on my 

Growing envious of my happlneis. snd 

His IirotbcT, dot his bvouriie. FulgcDiio, 
Could get ■ sliecp'i eye from you, I being 


Sj>l. The king. Yi 

Soionyfor hisown, i 

If the klni; should cacT 

^Vhat n loicr ibould ' 

make you 

'. 1«^tll ibeftwl 
Oh. uli.'obi 

Though grsat men tremble b[ your frowni, 

Haoud my head, your majtsly, ! 
With terror, cannot fright her. 

Rt/i, May ihc answer 
"r,«P«''"'''n ! [AiiJt. 

Fai. There she is. 

Cam, My knees thus 
Bent to the earth, Hhile 

toviag Sylli Is nol 
you. otyou bear hi 

Affbnt you luch a hutluiMl. 

c the king is so inclined i 

Dismiss his Ii 

1 lighting fi 

Whispering Fulgentlo In tbcci 

Emttr Robnrto. anil Fulgcnliu, 

, Indy. that you tuny report 
The king, to do you honour, made your bouso 
*■'- ' ' ig there) hii court ; but to 
bbomdi--' *■ 
I, isuld 
WHh this humfliiy. 

Cam. A pardon, sir ! 
Till I un consdoui of an offenci'. 
I will not wrong my innocence 10 beg one. 
What is my dime, sir? 

Hoi, Look on him I favour, 

By you scom'd and neglected. 

Cam. Isthalnll. <iir> 

Ret. No, minio 

much. How 

Answer the setting on your desperate brM 

; ihcjugh thai were toa |H 
n you ^m 

n your desperate bnM^H 

rive, I must not kn«tff,^H 

: but thus rise vp ^^| 

■■ unfi^! ihc'tklly! ]^H 
llenge ai a king, putt^H 

Vv^lch you in> 

- -u never read In holy writ. 
That lubiects on thdr loyalty, wm obliged 
To love ilwir sovereign's vices ; your grace, 

To such an undeserver i* no virtue, 
" r. What (hinh you now, ilr? 
B. Say. you iliould low wine. 

mywrlf. 0$ylU,Syllil 


lb your |»lna. sir. lo 


I be ever drunk? Tytanli, n< 
olcncfi, from humble vassal^ I 
iljeny o( their souls. 1 eould dm Iom] 

And to eomp^l nflfcetlon, as I take it. 
Is not found In your ptirogniive. 

R<it. Encnllent virgin ! 
How I admlrt her tonfidcntc ! lAtUt. 1 
Hecomulain. * 

j done him: lai(, h 

Unless yeu tli) nw right. Elum)>iNrde 




And of your laws and atatufeef makea fim 
To thaw the frosen numbiieai of ddiaaiMBts, 
If he escape unponish'd. DoTOuredicti 
Call it death in any man that neaks into 
Another s house, tonbliim, Chom^ of trifles; 
And shall Fulgoitio, jonr Fiilg«inti(v Ibn, 
Who hath committed mon tnan 
In the pollution of niT dear ftmsb 
By his malicious slanden? 

I^od. Have you done this' 
Answer truly, on your life. 

Ful. In the heat of blood. 
Some such thing I r e p o iH id. 

/^0», Out of my sight 1 
For I vow, if by tme penitence thoa win not 
This injured viigin to sue dot thy paidon, 

Tb y grave is digg'd already. 

/«/. A^ my own Iblhr 
I havenadeafBurliandoft. 


Rob. You shall know, lady. 
While I wear a crown, jmdoe diall nw her 

To cut offenders vtU thoagh nearest to ns. 
Cam. Ay, now you shew whose deputy 
you are : 
If now I bathe your feet with tears, it cannot 
Be censured superstition. 

Rob. You must rise ; 
Rise in our favour and protection ever. 

Cam. Happy are subjects, when the prince 
is still 
Guided by justice, not his passionate wilL 



SCENE I. — The same, ARo&miu 
Camiola's House. 

Enter Camiola and Sylli. 

Cam. You see how tender I am of the 
And peace of your affection, and what gxeat 

I put off in your favour. 

Syl. You do wisely, 
Exceeding wisely; and when I have said, 
I thank you for't, be happy. 

Cam. And good reason. 
In having such a blessinf . 
Syl. When you have it ; 
But the bait is not yet readv. Stay the time, 
"W^ile I triumph by myself. King, by your 

I have wiped your royal nose without a 

Yon may ay, WiUm^ wiUmi far |oar 

in only say, Gvib^/ Ibr ay linn fimniilfeeb 

LObb apOTpy'to'er aliif me nty pot,whiteSiHI, 
Oat of hb two4eafed dtmrfiKaam wh. 

drinks nectar I 
I cannot bokl oat 9Bf^ao|px\ 

give me I 
*Tis not the first oath I have 

A little lor a DRDasathe. 

Cam. Dynoewans. 
Ifyoa lbi ' s ire ai yoa rs etf,wc! 
Ill xmther k»e my kngtng. 

S^L Prettysoull 
Howcarefolitisofmel let ma 
Thylittledafaityfootfor^: tint, rmsanihii 
Oat of my oath. 

CkM. Why, if thoa canst di^pmo-vidit 
So &r, in not be sc n i p ukn» ; aochaftMUr 
My amorous shoe-maker stcoB. 

Syi, O most rare leather 1 

[Kisses her shoe ofiem. 
I do begin at the lowest, but in time 
I may grow higher. 

Cam. Fie I ^ou dwell too long there : 
Rise, prithee nse. 

SyL O, I am up already. 

EmUr Clarinda, hastily. 

Cam, How I abuse my hours! — What 

news with thee, now ? 
Clar. Off with that gown, 'tb mine ; mine 
by your promise : 
Signior Adomi is retum'd ! now upon en- 
trance ! 
Off with it,, madam t 

Cam. Be not so hasty : 
When I go to bed, 'tis thine. 

Syl, You have my mnt too ; 
But, do you hear, lady, though I give way 

to this. 
You must hereafter ask my leave, before 
You part with things of moment. 

Cam. Very good; 
^Vhen I'm yours I'll be govem'd. 
Syl. Sweet obedience ! 

Enter AdomL 

Cam. You are widl retum'd. 

Ador, I wish that the success 
Of my service had deserved iL 

Cawt. Lives Bertokio? 

Adar. Yes, and retoni'd with saliety. 

Cam. Tis not then 
In the power of iate to add to, or take from 


My pnfEcl hnppineis : »nd yei~he thoi 
Have mode mc bis finl visit. 
jld^ir. So I Ihink 100 ; 

Sy). Dum not aroear, I bring preset 
Tkal'i his excuse, I vntmuil you. 

Cam. Spesk, where is he> 
Will) whom ? who hiitli deserveil more 1 

him ? or 
Can be ur equal merit? t in Ihis 
Do not except the kJns, 

Aifar. He's al the poUlw, 
W'nh ilic duichtss of Siennn. One ci 

1 rUmkksHaiionioyon 

I A luultnnn (ur your tilr[uurc. 

Cam. Tlicrc lAserre 
1 llie dnieluas' train. And enlerli 

AJor. He's not worth 

Cam. Teli me, when yoH MW Ih' 

Did not jiou grieve, as I do Dow to 

j^iior, Hisprecipicefromgoutlne 

Anil serving as a. Tdl to KI my iUth oflT, 
I had llrtle reason. 

Cfim. Inihis wmeonfcss 
The devilish milice of }>nur diipoailion. 
s you were a man, you slood bourn 

Inmrnt it ; 
nd nol, in (lullciy of your bise hopes. 
glory in it. when good men jnireue 
"he pncb mork'd outliy virtue. Ihe blesls^ots 
Viifi joy look on it, and seraphic angels 
CLip their nIesliEil wings in heavenly 
dill. m 

see a scene of grace si well pMbr 
! fiends, iind men nuide up of 
WherciU now. on the eonttaty, as tai 
[lieir divinity can pannke of pauion, 
iih me ihey weep, bchaJd>n£ ft fair temple^ 
.. lill in Rertoldo'i loyally, lum'd to ashes 
By Ihellamnof hislneonslnncy, ihedatnn'd 
Rejoiclafi In Ihe ob)cel.— "Tis not wet! 
In yon, Adomi. 
Aiiirr. Whai a temper dwells 
. In this rate virgin I [Aiiiff,] Caajonptf, 

-'■ ^L'y to Jnfortn yoii. inntljun. 
-•aiiti lo me, niul diKhatged 

■ ' loytilduty, 

I'ltn. nnd supplied MEWnnCe — 

v-poken; and wbnl vows 
iii.idir to me, ts appnrcnl ; 
-Mil] wonder too, perspicuous 

iple. Vou, perhnps. 
--'-' Mek fecovcry 

— and with 

ToMoopsohiw. I'll lute > nobler < 
And. confident in Ihe jiuiice of my 
'lite king bis Inothcr, an4 new mi: 

Ravish him (rotn ber arms. Yoa hat 

''.'lUi : and Iheir n UlJuB linnds 
:i il, hui arEnuivewaipDbliili'd. 

O BenoMo I 

In which he swore to marry me? 
yti/ar. Tis here, mndam. 
Cim. He sliul! be, then, against his 
my hiiiband : 
.\nd when I huve him. I'll so use hit 

Ouulii iim, 

Hut tliul. your lioncaty being unqiieuioo'd. 

This writing, wiih yonrtnllniony. cluamall. 

AJar. And liutiia me In the dork mfa- -' 

Cam. I'll pRicnily lo coun ; (my ym. 
give onlcT 
For my osach. 



Ador. A cart for me wen fitter. 
To huny me to the gaUows. 

[Aside madtxii. 
Cam. O false men I 
Inconstantl perjured 1 My gocxl angd hdp 

In these my extremities 1 


Syl. If you e'er will see brave liglit. 
Lose it not now. BertoldoaiidtbedatGlies 
! Are presently to be maiiied : tbeve't sodi 

And preparation 1 

Cam. If I marry, 'tis 
This day, or never. 

Syl. Why. with all mr heart ; 
Though I break this, 111 keep the next oath 

I make. 
And then it is quit. 

Cam. Follow me to nqr cabinet ; 
You know my confesMHr, ftther Budo? 

Syl. Yes : shall he 
Do the feat for us? 

Cam. I will give in writing 
Directions to him, and attire myself 
Like a virgin bride ; and something I will do. 
That shall deserve men's praise, and wonder 
Syl. And I. to make all know I am not 
Will have my points of cochineal and yellow. 


SCENE II.— 7*^ 5tfM^. AStaU-roomin 
the Palace. 

\ Loud music. Enter Roberto, Bertoldo, 
Aurelia, Ferdinand. Astutio. Gonzaga. 
Roderigo. Jacomo. Pierio, a BUhop, and 

Rob. Had our division been greater, 
Your clemency, the wrong being done to you. 
In pardon of it. like the rod ofconcord. 
Must make a perfect union.— Once more. 
With a brotherly affecticm, ^-e receive you 
Into our favour : let it be your study 
Hereafter to deserve this blessing, far 
Beyond your merit. 

Bert. As the princess* grace 
To me is \»ithout limit, my endea>'ours. 
With all obsequiousness to sen-e her plea- 
Shall know no bounds : nor will I. being 

Her husband, e'er forget the duty thai 
I owe her as a servant 

Aurel. I expect not 
But lair eqiiality, since I wdl know, 

If that soperiority be <lne, 

Tis not to me. When yon ase 


AH the praxigathics of my Iik||i birth 


111 practice the obedieaoe of a wtfe^ 
Andfredypayit QaeemthenMh^tfllMj^ 
Make dioioe of tbor inferioa^ odtr aimiinf 
To fieed tbeir sensual appedtei, ana lo ic|£a 
Over their husbands, in soma Und'oQpun 
Antfaorind whoredom ; nor villi bafjafll^ 
In my intent of such a criBia. 

(MS. This done. 
As it is promised, madam, may iwBUMMiiBr 
A precedent to greatwomen : Ditt^' 

The griping hunger of deiim is doqfdt ■ 
And the poor fool advaooed, bm^lhlaDhSa 

Most of your eagle lined, IHaotaiqfalt 
Ever eaoepting yon. cbaUenga 
What, in hot blood; they partad^ 

AmrtL Yon aie ever 
An enemy of onr sex; bntyoo, Ihqk%,«||^ 
Have better thoughts. 

Bert. I dare not entertain 
An ill one of your goodness. 

R(^. To my power 
I will enable him. to prevent all danger 
Envy can raise against your choice. One 

word more 
Touching the articles. 

iSff/er Fulgentio. Camiola, Sylli, a»^ Adomi. 

Ful. In vou alone 
Lie all my hopes; you can or kill or save me; 
But pity m you will become you better 
(Though I confess in justice 'tis dcsued me) 
Than too much rigour. 

Cam. I will ma^e your peace 
As far as it Ues in me ; but must fixst 
Labour to right myself. 

Aurcl. Or add or alter 
"Wliat you think fit ; in him I ha\'e my aU : 
Heaven make me thankful for him I 

Eob. On to the temple. 

Cam. Stay, royal sir ; and as you axe a. 
Erect one here, in doing justice to 
An injured maid. 

Aurel. How^this? 

Bert. O. I am blasted ! 

Eoi. I have given some proof, sweet lady, 
of my promptness 
To do you right, you need not, thcxefore. 

doubt me; 
And rest assured, that, this great work dia» 

You shall have audience, and satiifaction 
To all you can demand. 

Exxcts your procni am, 
or no delay. If, crc my 

The guilty maDi whom t accuse ; xad you 
Stand boniKl m duly, u you nrc supreme, 
To be impnnial. Since you are a Judge, 
As a delinijocnt look on nlm, and not 
A> on a bruther : J ustice pninli'd blind, 
Infera h<r mlniiict* are obliged lo henr 
TfaL-<=iiue, and truth, the Judge, deteimlnc 

And not swa/d or by fav«rur or aClcrtlon, 
"f k fabc glou, or wmled commenl, nllG 

he tnie intent und teller of the kw. 

Kit. Nor wiU I, madnm. 

j1 anl. You seem troubled, at. 

GnKt. Hiscolour ch.inips loo, 

Cam. Tb* aliprailen 
Grows from hii guilt, Tbe goodness of my 

stand her 

n advooitc ; and my 

I Dellvirr'd in the plainest languap-. will 
Malie good iImU ; oor will I. ifilie kit 
" ~ ll. butadmil olyou. 

ny. and Ibis sliangcr prlntie. 


relewda ail M 
dyou ^M 
lis hoaoar,.IH 

Must gninl him my infenor, Imn^m: 

Yomawhim now in feller*. With his hoe 

His liberty lost ; with her black wJngi Despair 
Circling liis miseries, and this Goniaga 
TrompTlng on bis alfliciions ; ibc great sum 
Proposed for his ndeinplion ; the king 
Forblddiiigpaymenlofit ; his near kinsmen. 
With his protesiine foilowcn — ■" '-' — "- - 
Falling off from hi ' ' 

forsaken ; 
Dead to ntl hope, and buried in tbe grave 

What she deser*'d, 


Thai, as his better nngcl, in her bountia 
Appi-nr'd unto him. his great rsnsom pal^'L 
Hi! vtxnu, and wiih a prodigal bond, wp^ 

Whether, then, brine my manumlsed sblTv; 

ring my n 

iselFio me 


n his silence 'lisaclcnooledged. 

/ffft. In hi 

Com. If you want 

witness to this purpose, I'll depose ii. 

Cam. If I have dwelt loo long on ' 

olUi^unlbankfiilniao, pray you pnnlon 
The otuse required It, AJid though now Ii 




And, if they are not ptmites. tiicgr matt 

For beauty without ait, though you atom 

at it. 
I may take the rigfat-haiid file. 

Corns. WeU saM, r fiiith 1 
I see fiur women on no terms will yidd 
Priority in beauty. 

Cam, Down, proud heart I 
Why do I rise up hi defence of that, 
Which, in my cherisUng of It, hath undone 

No, madam, I recant.— ^on are all beautr. 
Goodness, and virtue: and poor I not woitliy 
As a foil to set you off: enjoy your oonqnest; 
But do not tyrannise. Yet, as I am. 
In my lowness, from your height you mtf 

look on me. 
And, in your suffirace to me, makehfan know 
That, though to all men dse I did appear 
The shame and soom of wooien, be stands 

To hoki me as the masteqaeoe. 

Hod. By my life. 
You have shewn yourself of such an alqect 

So poor and low-condition'd, as I grieve for 
Your nearness to me. 

Fer. I am changed in my 
Opinion of you, lady ; and profess 
The virtues of your mind an ample fortune 
For an absolute monarch. 

Cottz. Since you are resolved 
To damn younelf. in your forsaking of 
Your noble order for a woman, do it 
For this. You may search through the 

world, and Aieet not 
^Vith such another phoenix. 

Aurel. On the suiddcn 
I feel all fires of love quench'd in the water 
Of my compassion. — Make your peace ; you 

My free consent ; for here I do disclaim 
All interest in you : and. to further your 
Desires, fair maid, composed of worth and 

The dispensation procured by me. 
Freeing Bertoldo from his vow, makes way 
To your embraces. 

Bert. Oh, how have I stray'd. 
And wilfully, out of the noble track 
Mark'd me by virtue ! till now, I was never 
Truly a prisoner. To excuse my late 
Captivity, I might allege the nudioe 
Of fortune ; you, that conquer'd me, con- 
Courage in my defence was no way wanting. 
But now I have sunender'd up my strengths 
Into iht power of Vice, and on my forcliend 

Branded, with mine own bandi In ghqmIbI 


barred from 
Human society, and Uss'd into 
Of men and women, lining w e Jndg li 
Upon mr gnflty self, I nnist cobbbm 
It justly nfis upon me; andooetaai^ 
19ied in compaiiion of my snlliaciaigi^-mn 
Than I can nope for. 

Cam. This co m p u nctfcm 
For the wrong that you tune dona me^ 

tbongh you should 
Fix heTOi and your true 


Wm, in respect I lowed onoe^ 
Two ^uingi of sorrow for yon. 

Btrt* In 3Pour pity 
My cradty shews more momtrons : ynt I 

Tliough most ingreteCul, grown tO'ffHk ii 

Of impudence, as, in my wisfaesonh^ . 
To ask your pardon. If, as now I laJl 
Prostrate before your feet, you 'vnW vouchsafe 
To act yoiu- own revenge, treading upon me 
As a viper eating through the bowels of 
Your benefits, to whom, with liberty. 
I oi»*e my being, 'twill take from the burthen 
That now is insupportable. 

Cam. Pray you, rise ; 
As I wish peace and cpiet to my soul, 
I do foxgive you heartily : yet, excuse me^ 
Though I deny mvself a Uessing that. 
By the favour of the dutchess, seconded 
With your submission, is o^er'd to me ; 
Let not the reason I allege for't grieve yon. 
You ha\-e been false once. — I ha^-e done : 

and if. 
When I am married, as this day I will be^ 
As a perfect sign of your atonement with m^ 
You wish me joy, I will receive it for 
Full satisfaction of all obligations 
In which you stand bound to me. 

Bert. I Miill do it. 
And, what's more, in despite of sorrow, live 
To see myself undone, beyond all hope 
To be maide up again. 

Syl. My blood begins 
To come to my heart a^n. 

Cam. Pray you, signiorSylli. 
Call in the liolv friar : he's prepared 
For finishing the work. 

Syl. I knew I was 
The man : heaven make me thankful f 

Rob. Who is this? 

Asi. His father was the banker of Pa- 

Wu nol hereditary. 

A>/. TTiou^ you know mp not, 
Your mBJfsly owes me a round sum ; 
A sea! or wo to witness ; yM, if you 
To wear my c«Ioim, and dance 


Xai. And f 11 pant your stiit. 
Sjil. Gracious madonna, noble j^ersl. 
Brave coplalns. And myquondam nvak. weni 

SincE I am confident you dure not hartKiur 
A thought but that wny cunenl. [£jil. 

Aurel. For my part 
I cannot guess the issue. 

Rc-ttittr SyDi vitk Father Paulo. 

Syl Doyourtjury; 

id with all speed you can. yon may i 

PqhI. Thtii. Ds a principal 
the church, 
I uiie her. 
All. How! 

Rai. So young, and so reUgioi 
Paul. She has (oiTOole Ilic wor 
Syl. AndSvlUloo! 

(h the tool I— [Sylll it IhtusI 

PuiL L<vktntktlVi, 

i;,ii,,/. This fair hair 


is the mnrriBge ! this tlie port 

Fill my spreading 

With ihc pure wind ofyourdcvolions for me, 
llml I nuiy toudi the secure hatvn. where 
Eiemal hapi^ness keeps her 
Temptations to Iraiily never 
I am dead to tlic world, and 

Of whni Ileai'cbchiiidmc: 

My ilalc into three parti, I Ihusbeipi 
The first to the fair nunnery, to wl ' 
I dedicate the last and better fiart 
Of my fiHii life ; a second portion 
To pious uses ; and the third lo tli 
Adorni, lor thy true and fiuthfill .. . . 
And. ere I lalcc my last raicweH, with n 
lo find a grant, my suit to you is. that 
Vou uuuld, for my sake, pajdon Itiii young 

And (0 his merits love him, and no further, 
R-jli. I Ibiis cDnfirm it. 

[fiii^ kii b.%Hd b> Fulgeniio, 
Cum. And. us e'er you hope. 

[Tt Benoldo. 

,- I'iuf 
Ilnively against the enemies of our tailb, 
" Icem your morfgagBd honour. 

Genx. I restore th 


)nce more brothers 

Utri. I'll live and die BO. 

Cam, Toyoumyptmuwished And. 
All dllTereTicis. cinil sir. I beacvcli you 
To be an nrbiirator. and compoui;d 
Tile quarrel long continuing 
'Hie duke and dulchoi. 

Kia. I ■* ill lake It Into 
My special 


. Ini 
Conduct mc 

[Emiii Vwin a«J CiunlolA, 

rell dcterves 

HE Maid of HaNOUR I May 

To all iKBleriiy, af»ir< 
For noble molds lo Imli 
In H'ealth nnd plcosur 

The Picture. 


Ladislans. 4tJV'€/'Hiiiigur R. Benftdd. 

Ferdinand, ^nMra/^/Morwf R. Shupe. 

Eubalus, aii«Af«nMJicA!ir J. Lowin. 

Mathias, aibi^pUi/Bohemia T. Taylor. 

^i^5:}-«"-*" {i:IS!S2«. . 

Julio BtLpQMt/t, a grmtsekoiar W. Pen. 

Hilario. Mrmw/i^Sopbla J. ShandBB. 

Two Bojn, rtprumiimg Apollo amd I^hs. 

Two Couriirs. 

A Guidt, 

Strvauis to tki mmk. 

Servants to Matnias. 

Honoria, Ao qmotm ....••••••••?. Thonuon. 

Sophia, wykto Mathias J. Hitnnirtnan. 

t^fj»^erw.r |*-<^ 

Corisca, Sc^hia's woman W. Trigge. 

Maskers^ Attendants^ Officers^ Captains, &»c. 

SCESK,— Partly in Hungary, and partly in Bohemia. 


SCENE l.—TJU Frontiers ^Bohemia. 

Enter Mathias, Sophia, Corisca, Hilario, 
u*itk other Servants, 

Math. Since we must part, Sophia, to 
pass further 
Is not alone impertinent, but dangerous. 
We are not distant from the Turkish camp 
Above five leagues, and who knows bat 

some party 
Of his Timariots, that scour the countxy. 
May fall upon us? — be now, as thy name, 
Tnily interpreted, hath ever spoke thee. 
Wise, and discreet ; and to thy understanding 
Marry thy constant patience. 

Sofh. You put me, sir. 
To the utmost trial <^ it. 

Math, Nay, no melting ; 
Since the necessity that now sq»iates us. 
We have long since disputed, and the reasons 
Forcing me to it, too oft wash'd in tears. 
I grant that you, in birth, were far above me. 
And great men, my superiors, rivals for you ; 
But mutual consent of heart, as hands, 
Join'd by true love, hath made us one, and 

Nor is it in me mere desire of fame, 
Or to be cried up t)y the public voice. 

For a bra\'c soldier, that puts on my armoor : i 
Such airy tumours take not me. You know ' 
How narrow our demeans are, and what's 

Having as yet no charge of chikiren on us» 
We hardly can subsist. 

Soph, In you alone, sir, 
I have all abundance. 

Math. For my mind's content. 
In your own language I could answer you. 
You have been an obedient wife, a rig^t one : 
And to my power, though short of >'our 

I have been ever an indulgent husband. 
Wc have long enjoy 'd the sweets of kw-e, 

and though 
Not to satiety, or loathing, yet 
We must not live such do^uds on our 

As still to hug them, to the certain loss 
Of profit and preferment. Competent means 
Maintains a quiet bed ; wont breeds dis- 

Even in good women. 

Soph, Have you found In me, sir. 
Any distaste, or sign of discontent. 
For want of what's superfluous ? 

Math, No, Sophia ; 
Nor shalt thoo ever have cause to repent 



In goodness, it hearcn 

My honest undertakingt. Tis fbl Ibw 
That 1 (um loldicr, and pul fonh. dearesi, 
Upon ihit tea. of action, ai a factor, 
To inule for rich tntieriiUi to adom 
Th; nnbli; pBiB, andshewtbem In Tull lunre. 
I pluah liinl Mba ladies, less in beauty 

to jeweU and vnTiety of wardiobcs ; 
While you, to wlmse fiWecl innocence boll 

■Compared are of no value, wonting these, 
l^ass unregarded. 

SefA. If I am so rich, or— 
In your opinion, why ^bould you borrow 
Addilions forme? 

iViUA. Why 1 I should be censund 
Of ifOorance. possessing such a jewel 
Above all price, if t forbear to give 11 
The bat (domamenu : then-fore, Sophia, 
In few words know my pleasure, and obey 

To bf g I n 

Vou cuuimi 

B^ Dighl or , , . 

li 1 dwell long upon your lips, ci 

[A'iim iim. li 
After Ihis feast, the griping fust that follow^ M 
And il wilt be excusable; pray turn from mi^U 
All thai I can, is spoken. iMrifjt 

.t/jrf. Follow your mistress, ^ 

Forbear yourwishes for me; letm 
At my return, in jour prompt « 

f/i7. For my pan, sir, I will grow li 

Yet beinv I 


ar fortunes ; and from these com- 

Obedience to you. as lo myself : 

To ih« utmost of whni's mine, live plenli- 

fuUy;, ere the r^mnanl of out store be spent. 
With my good sword I hope 1 sluU reap for 

A him-rst in sach hiU abnndanoe, u 
Sbalt nuke a merry winter. 
Si-fA. Kioce you aic not 
To be divcned, sir, from vhai you porpose, 
All arKuinenls to stay you here are useless : 
Co when you |rieiue, >ir. Eyes, I charge 

One drop o( soirow ; took you lioanl all up 
TOl in my widuw'd bed I call upon you, 
~ll iben be sure you hil not. You blest 

Onanliani of hunum life, 1 al this insistii 
"" ' I Invoke you : al our parting, 'IwCTc 

- « iih yon, uid, when you are 
iih nod botror, seek and 

To have lae light so high, I'll But be e<; 

But slind a-Iip-ioe fot't, 
Afitli. O. bueweti, girl I IXiuei 
HiL A kiss well beggd, Corisca. 
Corii. T»-a*myfce: 

Love, how he mcLls I I cannot blame 

LfnwilUngncii lo port with such manna 

Tliere will be scrambling for them 

And wcio it not for my honesty, I 

wish now 
I were his leaguer laundress , I would iindj 
iToap of mme own, eiioueb Id w) 
Or 1 would strain hard for I, 

Carit. Would 

ly Luiy sr 


riiii Iravcii (aim luraunl lo 
>.-ijaii, 'loidlyoiiwhiu 

yiMit absence, would shew 

Almiiu-- ■ ■..i, 

I'hough HUli my lou til being. 

Dealt with a frimd of mine, • g 

One deeply tend in nntiire'i hlddm le 
' ' ihouKh wlih niuchunwllliDgncss. h 

To dij ai miuili as an oin, to t 

" itij that lollow B— To my w ii 


A thousand IcagQcs. as if von 

m all pollution 

jGlio BoptBl 

And thercfoiE, without 

loitnict mc what 1 sni- 

Bafi. I could «-iih yoD had 
Made tri^ of my Io«« some ott 

Milk. Nay. this is Irom Ibe j 

Sd/f. If you can 
Propoirion your dmire to any r 
1 do pronounce yoo happy ; 1 1 
^ certain mlo of aR. yoni mnlchlisi wife 
Is to this pniseDl hom in 
Free, and untainted. 

Malh. Good. 

Bjfl. In reason, Ibereforc. 
You ^uuld fix heia. vid dl 

Of what may (all hennftcr. 

BdI when I am absent, and my coming' bock 

Not tobequench'dliylav,-ful means, and she 
The absolute dispceer of herself, 
Wilhoul control or curii ; nay, more, invited 
Sy opportunity, nnd all strong icmpiaiions, 

Bafl. .\i. no doubt, she will. 

Math. Those doubis must be mftde e«- 
Cainties. Baptista. 
By your sssiuance ; or your boasted ait 
Deserves no admiration. How you (riOc, 
And plav vrilh my affliclion ! I am on 
The mci(, till you confirm mc. 

Bafit. Sure, Mathlas. 
I am no god. nor can I dive into 
Her hidden thoughts, or know what iiK! 

Intents arc : 
That is denied lo art. and kept conceal'd 
E'en from ilie devils lUemselves : they ca 

but guess. 
Out of long obscrvnlion. what is likely : 
" positively to fortcl thu shall be. 

You shall know truly wlwrn she is solicited. 
And how far wrougiit on. 

Math. 1 desire no rnore. 

BafH. Take then this htllemodelof Sophia, 
With inoie than human sicill limn'd in the^ 
life: [Gir'a kim a fietun. 

E,icb Uneand Uncamcniof il,inihcm<rine, 
So punctually observed, thai, baditmotioo, 
*T so much 'twere herself. 

AfaUi. Il is. indeed, 
An iidmitable piece 1 but if it have dm 
Some hidden virtue ibal I earmot gOiB mX. 
la what can it odvantacc me ? 

Bafl. I'll instruct yon: 
Cany it still about you, and as ofl 
.^3 you tlcslre lo know how she's aHbcted. 
With curions eyes peruse It : while it kee^ 
The fi^re it """" " ---'---'--. 

<a may ec 

All Ic 

I will dofocyou; when you ore distant from 

She Is 



From the true form, and what's 

c's with all violence courted, but m> 

It if it turn all black, 'tis an issmanci 
The fort, by coniposiiion or smprtae. 
Is forced, or with her free cooseM 

talk. How much you have enga w d me 
for (his hvour, 
The service of my whole life shdl make glied. 
Hafl. We will not part so. lUaknigaWl 

id it is needful : with Ihe rising son, 
le armies meet ; ret. ere Ihe dghl bc^^ 
spile of opposiiion, I will place you 
And near his person. 

.t/cj/il. Asmy beiierangel. 
You shall direct and guide me. 

Bail. As we ride 
I'll ((HI you more. 
Math. In all things I'll ob^ ycFU. 

SCENE II.— Hunsoiy. AOa S^aUi. 
A Slalt-nem in thi Palate. 
Buttr Ubaklo a»d Ricanio. 
Hie. WiencamelheposlF 
Ubatd. The last night. 
Rie. From Ihe camp? 
ViaU. Yes. OS lis said, and the letter 
wril and sign'd 
By the general. Ferdinand. 

Rk. Nay. Ibcn, sans qoesl ion. 
It is o( moment. 


Viald, IlcoDKi 

Df Iwo gicat -iraiit 

ffK. Was i( cUc 


Ubali. ...... 

The onnics were in 

Having prodaim'J a publla fui and prayer 

For (he good uicccst. [bcj dupatih'd a, gea- 

Olhii privy c)uimb(!r to thr gmeral 
Wilh absolute Bulholily (him hiin, 
To try Oie fonuni: of a dny. 

Kic. No douU th(-n 
Tbe general will come on, uid fight ii 

Heaven prosper lilm t This mililaiy art, 
I grant to be Ihc Mblcsl of piofeuioni ; 
And yet, I IfaBnk my si, • - • - 

for. I 
Wth ihe Ion of limlis ot tifc, Is, 

TM deal a pumhcue. 

f*8/rf. Give me OUT eourt warfare 
Tbe ditngnr it not gntil ' 

itk. Fait and Mund logethc^r 
Dovciy w«ll, Ubaldo: tiul such un. 
With dieBfuliy, lo tw found out ; luiil wben 

they Itnow 
Tbtit value, plural loo high. By thy own 


My good parts ore 

But yields ere it I 

There's none tin bi 

Satiety cloys mo ; i 

Half my estate, nay 

~ id thai only pi 
That could holcl oui 

L. and of much mote c 
ire my curses : Iheie't i 

i have mude my 
I would pan 

« a ganister, and since 
Stui^iillkindsoffenwlci, from lUcnlgbt- 
To the great lady in her cablnci : 
Thai sp«ii upon ihee more in cullises, 
To ttrengtlicn thy weak back, tlian woold 

TMlve KUndere marcs, and as many 
nning horaa : ' 

__., 1 apotbecaiics and surgeon*' bills. 

VtiA upon all uccasioni, and iboae frviiuml. 
UUU. You toUc, Ricaido, m if yet yr - 

I would venture my neck to a halter— boP 

we lalk u[ 
Impossibilities : as she hath a beauty 
Would mnki: old Ncstoi young ; sucli 

Draws forth a iwordof letrorto defend it, 
.^s would fright f uru, though the queen oT 

Vowd hei best fiuiberanee to I 
you observed 


The gniviiy of 1 

Uaguagc, mii'd with 
rhat distanoe she nierves 

SU. The 

When the king himself makes hlsapproncii 

t^tild. A) >he were still a virgin, and \ 

trkild. And to fjr the king I* 

The I 

<. All lib imaginalinni and tlnughu 
i An bulled in her ; the iuud ni ' 
Cannot Make liim. 

Uiald. At this vcty iiatant, 
\Vlicn both hit life and cn» 

He only stnilin her content, i 
'~'iv't |iI«aiHl 10 ihow hcnel 





Are with all care and ooit provided for 

Ric. This night flhe pramiied to appear. 

Ubald. You may 
Believe it by the diUgenoe of the kiiv. 
As if he were her haihiofer. 

Enter Ladislaus. Eubuhs, and Attendants 




Ladis. These Tomns 
Are not perfumed, as we directed, 

Eubu. Not. sir ! 
I know not what voa would have ; I am 

sure the smoak 
Cost treble the price of Uw whole wedc*s 

Spent in your ma|esty*s fcitdiwu. 

Ladis. How I scorn 
Thy gross comparison I Wbenmy Honoria, 
The amazement of (he pnaeitt time, and envy 
Of all succeeding ages, does desooMl 
To sanctify a plaioe, and in her nt eae no B 
Makes it a temple to ne, can I be 
Too curious, modi kss pnxligal to receive 

But that the splendour of her beams of beauty 
Hath struck thee blind — 

Eubu. As dotage hath done you. 

Ladis. Dotage ? O blasphemy 1 is it in me 
To serve her to her merit ? Is she not 
The daughter of a king? 

Eubu. And you the son 
Of ours, I take it ; by what privilege else, 
Do you reign over us ? for my part, I know not 
Where the disparity lies. 

Ladis. Her birth, old man. 
Old in the kingdom's service, which protects 

Is the least grace in her : and though her 

Might make the Thunderer a ri^-al for her, 
lliey are but superficial ornaments, 
And faintly speak her : from her heavenly 

Were all antiquity and fiction lost. 
Our modem poets could not, in their fancy, 
But fashion a Minen'a far transcending 
The imagined one whom Homer only dreamt 

But then add this, she's mine, mine, Eubtilus ! 
And though she knows one glance from her 

fair eyes 
Must make all gazers her idolaters. 
She is so sparing of their influence 
That, to shun superstition in others. 
She shoots her powerful beams only at me. 
And can I, then, whom she desires to hold 
Her kingly captive above all the world, 
Whose nations and empires, if she pleased. 

Hie humble tribute of my love 
Nay. tflsafctofndowtlon. tolNr, 
I did not err? 
Eukm, WeO. sinoe yon tng jonr 

~ BlViM 

In Love's name wear them 

and that 
Coododes yon wise : yowtt • powttfol 

- "k 

Whkh we. that aie foolirii iiri^QM Mt 

And vrhat m a mean man I ArwIJ wB iaBy, 
Is in yonr majesty remaifaAila vMbm ) 
Bat for me, I snncrifae. 

Ladis. DOk and look np^ . ' 

Upon thii wonder. 

Lomdwuuic. MnUrUiofoaAkimtiiti^ mtdrr 

4tiMf Acuithe. 

/*m; Wonder! ItbmoRiidi^ 
mmU, A laptme, an 
iP«r. What tmnk yon, dr? -: /•- 
Ewkm, As the king thinks ; IM It tte 

surest guard 
We courtiers ever lie at. — ^Was prince e\'er 
So drown'd in dotage ? Without spectacles 
I can see a handsome woman, and she is so : 
But yet to admiration look not <» her. 
Heaven, how he fawns I and, as it were his 

With what assured gravity she rec ei ves it ! 
Her hand again! O she at length voudisafcs 
Her lip, and as he had sucked nectar finom it. 
How he's exalted ! Women in their natures 
Affect command ; but this humility 
In a husband and a king, marks her the vray 
To absolute tyranny. 

[ Tht king seats ktr om kis ikrvme. 
So ! Juno's placed 
In Jove's tribunal : and. like Mercuiy, 
(Forgetting his own greatness,) be attends 
For her employments. She prqxires to 

speak ; 
Wliat oracles shall we hear now? [Msidt, 

Hon. That you please, sir. 
With such assurances of love and favour. 
To grace your handmaid, but in being 

yours, sir, 
A matchless queen, and one that knovi'S 

herself so, 
Binds me in retribution to deserve 
The grace conferr'd upon me. 

Ladis. You transcend 
In all things excellent : and it is mygk>iy. 
Your worth weigh'd truly, to depose myself 
From absolute command, surrendering up 
My will and faculties to your disposure : 
And here I vow, not for a day or year. 


Bai tnjf whole life. » 

F. O forb 

iO( my lipa i 
Frini your i\iegi 
No Dihor fnlty. 

Ladh. cSmdomiovercigo I 
BonndLoi in bounly I 

Ellin. Ii nor here fine finliiif; I 
Hc'squcatiootess. bewilcli'il, Wouldlwere 

So that would diMochant him I ihough I 


Mjt life fori. 1 mini jpcak.— By jmur good 

learc, »ir— [Poising ttfart tki king. 

I have no toll lo you. nor can you grant one, 

HavinK no pouier : you are like me, a subject. 

serene niajesly being present. 

tl doo brloDg lo your place, 
Hb ha$ given nvray hiA cro 

Tho prmlrgeodiiibonntt. 

1 1 in whitt? In folloitlnB 

Bui wmjy of li, t now bend 
To her dmnlly, nod disirc b 
From het mote llun magnifi 

//m. Take it rm-ly. 
Nay. be ttol moved ; (or out 
Di tteur lilm. 

Mmkm. Tv, bul tc 

quntion : Hare 

n the purpose : 'Ilili Niniu wai i 

lie'i none ; [his Niou» (piay you 

a king's daughter, yel. t 

M yuur 

Ijkeher, a wuraan;) thisAssyrinnnv 
Of whom iliii is n pallem, lo cxprcu 
His love and service, sealed htr, asyou W. 
In his regal throne, and boond by otih U 

Korgelliog all allegL 
One day lo be her aut^ecls, and lo put 
J II aiecution whatever she 
IMea&ed to impose upou tliem i^-pmy youi 

wmmnnd him 
To minister the tike to us, and Ibea 
You shall hear what fuHuw'd. 

Liidii. Well, lif, lo your iloiy, 

Euht. You bave no warmnt, stand lyfi 

Your pleasure, goddess. 

Han. Let this nod hbiuii! you. 

Eain. Goldess-lilie. indeed 1 us I 
preiiy idol 1 
She know ing her power, wisely made us 
Aai fesring his incontuncy, :ind mpentnnce \ 
Of wluU he, had granted, (as, in resMi* 

You may do his, ) that he might never hav 
Power to recall his gnul. or (juesllon her 

n gove 

stanlly gave 

I commends 

To have hb bend ilnicJc off.' 

Ladh, U't poialbLe ? 

Eiiku. The sioiy uiy&M. i 
her wisdom 
For making use of her authority. 
And ii is worib your imiwiion. madam i 
Me love* subjection, and youoienoquL 
Unless you make him feel the wciabl oTIlL^ 
You iiie more than all the world 1 
and that 

He may be )0 lo you, and not i 

When hi] delights are sated, mew him afi ' 
In some oleae prison, (If you let Iiim My*, 
Whicb is no p<djcy.) and tbere dkt turn 
As you think Hi. lo feed your appdlle ; 
Since there ends his ambition. 

1,'taid, Deviliih counsel I 

Rit. The king's amand. 

Viald. The queen app- 
Ofdeepimagini- '^ 

Kaihiiut bmhi 

Kic. Now she seems resolved ; 
1 long to know tlie issue. 

[HonoTin 'Iftendt frem tiu lir. 

apDcon. t( 
: Eufanlui 


I One dcubt Hooona dues abuse ihc pcma 
With H-hich slip IS ini-«ied by your ftw-our : 
Or (hal she «w can make use of il 
To the injuiy of you, the great beUuwer, 
Takes Aora voui judgmenl. Il wai yoiT 

To seek ia me with more Dbscquimanesc 
Than I desired : uid Hood it villi my duty 
Xoi lo receive whal yon were pleased lo 

I do but act the pin you put upon me. 
And thciugh you nuke me pmonale a queen. 
And Tou my subject, o-hen the pby. your 

li at a period. I an iriut t wai 
Refore 1 enier'd. slill yoar hunUe wife. 
And you tny royal soveragn. 

/iu. Admirable ! 

f/ea, 1 Liavehsafdofcopuinslakenmotr 
vi-iih dangen 
Than the rewards ; and if. in your approaches 
To those ddighu utiid] are your omii. and 

To heighten yi 

Bevood mv just proponion ? 
IJiaU. Above wonder I 
Ladis, Heaven maJce me IhankJiil (or such 

The state 1 look to satisfy vour pleamre. 
] cliaoge to Uii* humilit)' ; and Ibe oath 
You made lo me of homafc, 1 ifam cancel. 
And MSl yon in yonr own. 

\Liaii Ikt king ta tki tJkrtmr. 

Liidii. I am mnsponcd 
Ilryood mvielf. 

HtH. Aud now, to your wise loidship : 
Atn I proved ■ Seniiramb f or imih 
My Ninus. Bi maliciously yon made him. 
(.'juise to repent the excess o( favour lo mc. 
Which you call dotage ? 

tjrfij. Answer, wreldi t 

And ay, bmceva the event may plead 
I n your deleBce, yon had a guilty cause : 
Nor w;i£ it wisdom in \n'j, 1 r e p ea l ii. 
To lead] a lady, bumble in heraeir. 
With Ihe tidiciilous dotage of a lorer, 
I'o be ambiticus. 

Han. Eubulus, I am so ; 
Ta rooted in me : you tnutake my temper, 
i do pra(»i mvseif to Ik the moM 
Amiiitiousof mjriei, but nol to bold 

.\m tgnonwl how much I can deservv. 
fiivi mav Kith justice chiilk-nce. 

£«;i.; Thbllook'dfor: 
After this seeming humble eWj, I knew 
.\ gushing tide n-ould follov,-. \Ande. 

HnK. E^ my triiih. 
And liberal gifts of tialurc, as of ronune, 
From you, as things beneath me, I upect 
What's due to majesty, in which t am 
A 5liarer wiib 

Good ngni 

Hii«. . 

In all my actions I would 

Ijidii. You need nol tear > livol. 

Him. I hope not; 
.\nd till I find one, I diMkiin to know 
What envT is. 

LaJii. You are alxn-e it. maikim. 

Hon. For bcaiily without 
and free 

From affectation, with yiYaX graoesebe 
Can in the wife and daughter of a king 
D — -'■'d. I dare prefer myself, as 

. 1 

Blush for 


With hoi 

No oil-tongued pa 

To be your own g 
Lailis. Bedumi 

Tliou spirit of con 

I, lady. Trumpet yoor i 
a by tlie people had been hei 

.4 kom latiaaal ttitHa. 

;. I fear, unlooky for. 

Laifij. That girat Power. 
Who at his pleasure docs dt^mse ofboltlis. 
Be ever piaued fot'l '. Read, snect, and 

lish'd, and mth lilllclass 
Mhlch our joy is doubled, 
nol ejtall ) ou ; benr it, sir. 
nnd pay what you owe 

Lidii, I anderslnml iIkp. Kubulut. Ill 
lirniuliE panicn1aix.~[£cif Conhrt:!— Out 
d.'1i|;h(i defiTT'd, 

THE I'ICTl';(E. 

the lempla : ihcic tell 

£iiter Hibno and Caruca. 
' /fil. You like my speech ? 

Ctrii. \a, it you give il action 
In ihe dcUvciy. 
HU. in l^Kiu. 
, 1 b^»e plar'd iha loot bdbrc ; tlUs is atji (bt 
first iioM, 

I Northall Ik, I hope, the last. 
Cw/j, N«jt, I think so too. 
I //il. And ir I put her not out of her 
I dump* wilh Uiigliter. 
Ml moke her howl &t anger. 

' r.'rrii. Not loo much 

I CK tlHU, good fellow Ilflario : our ud lady 

I Hiuh dnuik too often of thiu biltci cup : 

If undure to hear of i 
• K "Ul of doubt ho m 

le death of 
ly miicatT)*, 

ilcknmes have wept 
dny ; but being once 

'I pCTfttl, 1, against my 
o[iiIi woman ne'er we 

Iiinwir IV prlsonw ti 

I am provided cap^-pie, and h 
Mr prapenies in rmdlniss. 
'."iafiii. ItBifJUH.] Bring my veil, there ■ 

JiH/ir Sopliia. 
S«fi. I Vila fintiu'd once, I 
but now 
Tum'd a prodipous meteor, and.'lil 
Hang in the air between my li«>s an 
And every hour, the Uttle Muffbumt oat . 
Thiu yields a waning light lo dying com' 
t do i^ipeci my fall, and cenaia ruin- 
In wretched (hingi man wrach«d ii de ., 
And Hope, a parasite to me. being n 

.'\ppear3 more horrid Ihui Despair, and M 
Uiktmclion wone than madness. Even ■ 

When with most real tent upward, a 

With strong [maginnry doubts and teaa, , 
And in liieir sudden precipice o'ejwholm — 
Drenms oiul bntastic vbrnii walk the to 
About my widow'd bed, and every slnmt^ 
Hroken with loud alarms : aulhcsebnq 
But sad pivsages, girt ? 
Cnrii, You nulte them so, 

And anledntr n lo« shull ne'er fail ol 

(Sitcei In your KUlntw.) thould pradofl 

Or leave tbe see no modeli otyouiselvai 




I whom t mighl 

i^ent. Ill news, madAtn, 
Aiesn-BlIow-wiog'd, but what's good walks 

on cnilchcs : 
1A^Ih pndeoce expec (, And, crc long. 
No doubt you sbiU1 1 u- fretn him. 

{A *flr» triUMl. 
Sopk. Ha! WhafslhU? 
Ceris. The lool has got a 101 t's 

horn. {Aiide.\ A post, 
As I lake it, madam. 

S^. ll makes ihlj way Hill; 

Caris. From the camp, I hope. 
Enter uni disg»iitd ai a Courier, viish a 
torn ; Jb/fiiwed tji Hibirio, in antic 
arrnBur, Biili long wiitr kair and irard. 
Stfi, The meoengcl appenn, and in 

Heaven I if it be lliy will 

Jlil. It is no boot ' 
To Mriw ; our horses lired, let's walk on 

And that the caslle. uhich is very near us. 
Togiveusenten.iinment, may soon hear us. 
Blow lustily, my lad, nnd dmwing nigh-a, 
Aslc for n Wy which is cleped Sophia. 

CoriJ. He names you, madam. 

Jfil. For [o her I bring. 
Thus clnd fn nrms. news of a picttr Ihtn;, 
By name Mathias. [£Trf' Courier. 

Soft. From my lord? O sir, 
I am Sophia, thai Mnthias* wife. 
So mny Mflrs favour you in all your batllcs, 
AsyouMilh speed unload meoMhe bunhcn 
I Wwur under, till I am eonfirm'd 
Both where nnd how you left him ! 

//H. If thou ait. 
Aa I believe, the [Mgsney of his heart. 
Know he's in h^ih, and what's more, full 



5i^. Have you no lellen from him? 
/iil. No more words. 
Id the ciunp w-e use no pens, but «-rite with 

TTet. as I nm enfwn'd. by word of mouth 
I will proclaim his deeds from north to south; 
But tremble not. while t relate Ihe wonder, 
Though my rye<) like lightning shine, nnd my 
voice thunder. 

Sffti. This is some counterfeit braggart. 

Com. Heir him, rondain. 

//i/. The rear maich'd liral, which fol- 

/low'd by (he van. 
Aadwing'd'withlhabaltnih, nomnn 

Durst slay lo shift a shiit. or louse himsetf: 
Yet, ere the armies join'd. ihai hopeful ell. 
Thy dear. Ihy dainty duelilinE. bold Malliux, 
Advanced, and stared like Hercules or 

A hundred thousand Tuibs, it is no launt, 
AssoiVd him ; e\'ery one a Termaeaunl r 
Bui nhat did he. ihenl wilh 

He c 

ih tut kecn-edsc 
I (hem : here aiul 

t.ay Ic^ and arms ; and. as 'tis sali 
Of flevis, some he quarter'd all in I 

Sapt. This is ridiculous. 

/fi/. I must take brenlh ; 
Then, like a ni^lingaJe, I'll sing h 

Sept. His death I 

.■liidt It Cotis. 

Carii. Recover, dnnder-head. 

mi. How he escaped, I should ImvT 
sung, not dinl ; 
For, Ihoi^h a knight, when I uid So. I liut. 
WeaiT he w.ts, and scarce could stand up- 

And Ic 


[ round for some courageous 

Cmi. He has spoil'tl oli; 
&M, Are vou the man of aims. Dm? 
Ill make' bold 
To take off )-our martial beard, you bad 

Enough wilhotit it. SLii*e ! how durst ihou 
Am I groivn 


I have spoke hkc 

&>f^. Hence, you rsscal ! 
I never but wilh reverence name my lord. 
Aitd can I hear ii by thy longue profaned. 
And not coiTEcl thy folly ? but you nre 
Transfomi'd, and tum'd knishnrranl ; 

And w^ncler where you please :fijr here I vow 
By my lord's life, (nnoalhl will not bmk,) 
Till his n-'lum, or cerwinty of hb safely. 
My doors nre shut against thee. tCirf, 

• HoH 



Voii lind a foolish ilch lo I 
Anrj Riny tiroU whcrr you 
llil. Will you buy my 5 
t iTiJ- Noi dtflainly : I tear Ihaw aliHid)' 

Too much of mine own: I'll o-"- 

\s ili« Ixxdcs say,) Ihus (ar hrip 

Ru. O. ii wci 

lo disinn 
Inking my Iciive, 

' 100 grcnl A stomwh, harinx 

: Whnl will become of I 
irmour, aintstenlliljiwii 
; losliind In a comlield, 
ly liic unms. fur biciul and 

)l!ow tree <n Ihe liiE)wn». 
AniJilwre. imlil my lord itturn. sell swiiciia : 
- - ...-,1 [lllario. but Dokniu oow. 
111 weei) my eyis oui, ami be blind orpuipoM 
To in«n; compiuaion ; ood so I vanuh. 

SCIiJJE ir.— .Iff,? A'.'W'i- AnaHtt-rvom 

Emiir Eubnlui. Ubaldn. Kidudu. auit 

Eniu. Are the genilcmcn seni before, as 
it wKS ORlec*U 

By ihc klai^i direL-llon, 

igjinffp; ihfy !>y ihit hftrc tli 

An admirable fnece of work ■ 
Uhald. And yei ricli tools 
Throw awoy iheir clmriiy on hi. , 
Vat beggars and Umc soldlen, und mWH 

The due rcgnid locomplimen 

Mrillcfs of muie import : an 
The glories of a monarchy 1 
Eh^m. 'I'liCM, no doub<. 
.\r¥ slate points, gallant!. Icmnfess; but, sure, 
Our coun needs no aids this way, since ii it 
A ichool of nothing cbe. There are soma 

Whom I forbear lo namp, whone coining 

An> the minis of nil ticw faihluns. that have : 

More hurt lo ilic kingdom by raperfluoo* I 

Wllich the foolish genlry imil 
Or II lone fiimioc ; all the Ir . , 

Thii fom enccss. is got Into tlie merchoB. 
Embrnlderer. silkmnu, jeweller, tailor'shig 
And ihe third pan of Ihe land too, tl 

Rit. Were be len Benenils. 1 ( 
And know whkl I wUl do. 
F.ii»ti, Pray you vhat. Ricardo? 
Rie. Til fiehi at complimeni with hi 

"■ W. I-UduirEBhr 

~i..i ik,.i\ ■ , 



Ferd. You undervalue whnt I ouutot ic( 
Too high a price on. 

£««». WiihHfriFnd'i true heart, 

Fcrd. Neit to the fiirour 
Of the great king, I am happy iu youi 

Utald. Bycounship.coarseonbothsidesl 
Fcrd. Pray you, nceive 
This stranger la your knowledgr ; on my 

At all parti he deserves it. 

Eniu. Your report 
Is a strong osjuiance to nw. — Sir. most 

Sfalk. This said by you, the reverence of 
your age 
Commands mc to bdjere it. 

Sic. This was pretty ; 
But second mc now. ■! cannoi iioop loo 

Sic. Vot being, as you are. the soul t 

And bulB-aii of Bellona 

Vtald, The protection 
Both of the court and king 

Sic. And the sole minion 
Of mighty Mais— 

Utald. One that with justice rnay 
Increase the number of the worthies — - 

£«**. Heyday 1 

Sic. It being impossible in my arms I 

Such giant worth 

Utald. At distance vte presume 
To kiss your honoui'd gauntlet. 

Eabii. What reply non- 
Can he moke to this foppery ? 

Ferd. You have said. 
Gallants, so mucb, and hitherto done «o little. 
That, till I loun to speak, and you to do, 
I must lake time to thank you. 

gape now 1 
SU. This was hanh and scurvy. 
Uiald. We will be revenged 
When lie comes to court the Indies, and 
laugh at him. 
EHtu, Nny, da your offices gentli 
and conduct 
The general to the presence. 
Sic. Keep your order, 
Uhli. Mate way for the 

That, u'iih judicious eyes, looks on a soUitT. 

hat profession, than all kinds else 
! pursued by man ? They, in a stn 
ut as surgeons to wounded men. 
lesperate in their hopes : While p.iin 
nd anguish 

Make them blaspheme, and call in vitin lot 

Their wives and children kiss the surgeon's 

Promise him mountiiins. if his saving hiind 
tore the tortun^d wieiL-h to fbnner 
strength : 

But when glim death, by ii&sRnkpias' s . 

tsfrigbled from the house, and heiUiti appears 
Bguine colours on the sick man's tuw, 
[ fcH^I ; and, asking bis tcwanl. 

He's paid with curses, often receives uminds 

t'rom him whose wounds he culed: so 

Though of more worth and tise. meet the 

Sain. What woe man. 

I way for the general. 
\Exttint all i»t Eubulus. 

With palsies sh 
His dreadful he 
The place when 
Resolves to resi 
The tradestnai 

1 such like scarabs bml in the dung of 

In hope of their protection, humbly ol 
Their daughten to their beds. Iurii3 tc 

akingdom. hath put o 
t, aod with terror (ills 
like an unnelcatneguesl 
OM the lords of her. lJ:e 
nerchanl, nnd liligioi 

And wash v 
But when ;f 


s their 

war, that menaced , 
frighted state, i 

Aie, by' their brvalli, dispMScd. and awt- I 

And famine, blood, and death, Bellona's 

WTiipt from the quiet continent Id Thmce ; 
.SoldiLTs, that, like iJie foolish betlgE-sparrow , 
To their own ruin, hatch this cuckoo, peace, 
\fe stmight thought buithensome ; sloce 

Growing from want of action, breedi con- 

And that, the worst of ills, falls to Iheir lot. 

Their service, with the danger, soon forgot. 


Iniu, FcnliniUKl, llonoiia, Maihlos. Syl* 
via, Auanlhe. Baplutn, Caplaios. anJ 
othtrt. As thtf faa, a Sang in fta' 

i dclighls ; ^( (iisl, fm 

" Relaikm, wiih erected ton, I'll hear 

".ndins in vklor]'. 

ArdT. Koi to trouble 
Vour m^estiEs with diaeription of a battle 
Too fall of borror for the place, and to 
Avoid puticulars, wbich 3)i<«Ul I deliver. 
I must Ucnub longer on jour pBliflnce. Ills 
My nMnncn will gtveway 10 ;~la a word. ^ 
HvU fuughl on both sides, luul c ' ~ ~ 

I of delay 
IT {Mime gEnlleinc 

ThcltrnatntiBitBlia, nndwithlhdrasstsis 
; but, when I vrai almost assui 
ThM they were ronled, by 
Of the tubtUc Turk, wlio 

his troops on either side, 
!o fM engaged, for I 
nl myerTOra, tliai i knew not 
h honour 

By wbw he did. we boUIr n^ bidiew j 
All thai it writ of Hector. ' 

_ M^lh. General. 

y spBie tbt^sc slra 

■hi. Do not bluslT 
TohearainMh ; herearespnlrofmons 
Had Ihey been in your place, would hai 

And ne'er changed fminrrrinniT 

Uhald. "Wt have your good word it . 
Euiu. And shall, while you dcsenc it. 
/'i, Siknce; on. 
Fm/. He. as I said, like dteadful lighlni 

From Juptlei's shield, dispcned Lbe ai 

With which I wnsenviramd; I 

Sbmnk Hoder !iis HtmiE nm 

Friehted. the voluuit flnl, uitU which 

Mynridien, (likeyottngeagleUprFyineiin 
The wings of their ficrrce doni,) as it bum t 
They (ooii both sptrii and Gie, bravely ca 

By him I was Temounled. anrl inuiired 
With ticUe counge ; and sucli M lied bi-Ic-re 
Boklly mode bent again ; and, to conllrm ' 

ilr mode 

iddenly ' 


And Pallai. bound u] 
Apollo, wilh hii Imp, 
Serve (or ihe ioduciii 

Bnltr Masquers, 6v. ; Pallas, acitmpauitd 
by ApoUd M Uu Mt. 
TTaa^ at aiaimpLsU to irfrtsi 

Thetlary t/your happinai. 
That, bfynartinai^ttlam, Kavc bttn 

So Irmi a Victor, thai ma sin 

Ceuld tvtr taint yaa aitk a iiamt 

Ta iuien your datroid faau. 

Or. theugk m amlind Ht lit 

Yaar mrlk in Otfiiil ktifkl, er nil 

Ctlcilial singtrs eraam'd leiti hayt. 
Wiik JUariAa ta irta your fraist : 

Yea Immayomr am^aat; tut year Uery 
Liva in yonrtriVKfkamt glory. 


n, whal sliall be du wttli a hoop 
of dsamood io il ? though ycfix 

Rc-vtUr Acantbe i 

Ik a CaiSbrl. 

>m TDuc nujony's 
'alue. H« mutt 

For the gfealer 

Twill nol incr 


Rich suicsi (he ga; capaiiton o( conrdl^ 
Kevd and leui, which, the war endeft N 
A soldjel's );lor7 ; and 'lis fil Oku w^ 
Your bounty abould provide tot him. 

Hon, Youarenide, 
And by your 

V IhoLigbU 

irf,/. Onr than 
"To ihe banquet ihals i 

[Exinuf Masquen 


Ladii. Why should you de^n 
What it )'our own 7 whale*et it be, jou an; 

an. I am boppy in 
Your giant : my suit, sir, is, that your com- 

Especially this stranger, may. as I, 
la my diicrBtion, shall think good, receive 
What's due to iheir deserts. 

ttiit, Wiiat you determine 
Shall linow no iteration. 

Euiu. The soldier 
Is like to have good usage, when he depends 
Upon ber pleaitm: I Are all the men K> bad. 
That, lo give satisbiction. we must have 
- jmantttnsurer? He\\-en help all! 

un. With you, sir, [ Ta Malhias. 

.1 begin, and, as iti niy esteem 

an most eminent, expect to hare 

What's fit for me lo give, and you to lake. 

The favour in the quick diipolch being 

Go fetch my casket, and with speed. 

[Eiil Acanlbe. 
Evhi. The kingdom 
i 1 very bare of money, when rrwaids 
Issue from the queen's jewel-house. Give 
him gold 
/^4niiiiofe,noqueallQnlhcgcntlcman wants it. 

What 1 will 

Of Oeopalra. Op™ 

[Honoria Aeiifnasjnm at fiat. 
The lojMdafy's idol '. Gold b trash, 
* id apoorsalaiyfit for grooms; weartbcw, 
\ studded stats in your amtour. and m^kf 
(he sun 
[xmk dim with jealousy of a greater Uftar 
Than his beams gild the day with : wheaitk. 
Exposed to view, call tt Honotia's {iit, 
The queen Honoria's gift, that loves acoldiec : 
And, to give ornament and lusUC lo Um, 
Pans fteely with hei dhd ! Yet. not \a take 
From the magnificeno; ol the king. I will 
Dispense his [ 

off lit king's ligntL 

To wait on mine ; for other Ic 
A hundred thousand ( 

dear sir [Tji, 

And this shall be thy » 

I was cheated in this w 

Hon. This done, oii 

Be paid unto Ihe captains, and tbeii troops ; 
With a large donaiim, lo increase ibeji tet' 
For (be service of the kingdom. 

Enbii. Better stUl : 
Let men of aims be used thus, if ib^ do DC 
Chargcdespcratelyuponibe cannon's nuMlh, 
Though the devil loat'd. aod fight like 

dragons, hang me j 
Now (hey may dnnk sack : but small beer, 

with a passport 
To beg with as (hey tratcL and no money. 
Turns tbeir red blood to buttermilk. 

Han. Are you [rfeascd, sit, 
Wiih what 1 have done ? 

LaJii. Yes, arid thus confirm it. 
\V1th this addition of mine own ; You hai% 


For ynur liTe liaiardrd in the buc nclian : 
And. thai we nwy (ullnw lier gmt rxampte 
tn chertfbine wlour. willioui limii ask 
Wtul vuu fracn us can wuJi. 

'«M. If it be inie, 

Id Mr, u 'lis allirm'd, Ihni cveiy muI, 

I khould fix hen, where bleuingi beyond 

From jroH, the spring, like riven, flow nnlo 

JfireolUi wete my BmlHiion, by the queen 
J nin nud« ikh dnwdy, to the amainneDC 
Of aQ Ihai see. oc shoii hereartcr rend 
Thetfoiy afhiT bounty ; if lo jpend 
Tbf remuiint of my life in deeds of una 
No tegkn ii moie fertile of good knight: 
From wlKHn nyluumlHlge that way may be I 

Thaa this yttui muilke Hungaiy ; If favour, 
Or gncB la i;ouit rould tolie me, by yotir 

Tta. br, bejroBd my meiii, t may make 
In youn a lrc« alectioti ; but, Bins I sir, 
1 ta not ndae own. but by my dotiuy 
/Wtnch I cannot rrsisi) forced lo jirefer 
MTCOOntiy't sniqkr, before the glorious fire 
WUb wtuch yoar bounlles wnnn me. AU 1 

■■k, ^, 

Thoosb I oauBot be ignomin it mnM relish 
Ot fad ingmltude. Is your gnidom license 

I Fbr my depanuie. 

I iaflSi. Whither? 

.Wfl/i, To mv own liome. sir, 

I yir own pnor tiomi- : whith will, nt my te- 

LS letleis, vows made for her sei- 

Ind is impregnable. 
//«n. Whafslliut? 


'alh. Her fair figure. 
Liiilii. As I live, an cacellenl tact I 
fivH. Vou have seen a belter. 
Luttis. I ever except yours :— nay, &own 
not. sweetest , 
The Cyprian queen, compared lo you, in my 
Opinion, is a negro. As you oPder'd, 
1 11 see the soldiers paid ; and, innivabsei 
I Ptay you use your powerful ai 

, //fl». I will do 
, My parts, 

LttJii. Onto the CI-.,. 

[Kxanl Ijidislnus, Ferdinand, Eubn- 
lul. BapliMH. and Ollicns. 
Han. I am full of Ihuuehls. 
And sometlilng tliere Is here I must giv^H 

Thoueh yet 
Have no busioes with the aoldlet, h 

embtyon; [And*.] YoOf I 

w fcnclope; 
by tinxliKal 

Wilh iIjc disease of jcniouiy, since he leaiV 

Thus private vriih you. 

.l/d/A, It were in him, tnidam, 
.\ ^In unpardonattlc lo distrust such pi 

■ iitp. might LegrtKi 
■ Imi moreollliliheienflaj 
I liy the honours you hue wun, and b 
l>ncml tojroar dear wite, lo onlwer CC 


rA. You need not uie 

u lo Ihis purpose, mndan 

I. Tfll me, then. 

ig yourself OSSD 
iuliy with ODES 

Of handsome ladies, you were never tempted, 
And so your ftulh'i imiried yet. 

Math. Surely, madam, 
I am na uomaa-buer : 1 have been 
Receiied lo the society of the best 
Atid fairest otoorclitnau " ' '"' 


;r felt 

The !e 

Hut. Strange! and do you think slill. 
Id Lethe all remembrance of the favour 


Math. Natuir' 
Some other mould la fashion i 
Fairer than her Pandora, ere 
Guilty, or in my wishes or mv 
To my Sophia. 

I pren-e 
though IE, 

/TtfU. ! 

Not 01 

osider belter ; 

M.ilh. Wdl. since there is 

a way to shim ii, 1 will stand (he liacuil. 
And insiaotly make ready iDy dispatch . 
TUl (Iwn. Ill leave yoliriDtjesry. \Eiil. 

Hon. How I tninl 

'iih envy, that Ihcte M\ts. besidn tnysclf. 
One fair and loyal Homan ! '(was Ihe end 
Of my ambition to be KODided 
The only wonder of the i^. nnd shall 1 
Give way to a compelilor ? Nay more. 
To add to my affiiciion, ihe a^UFsnees 
That I plandiDtnybeauiyhavedeectmlme: 
I thought one amorous slancc of mine could 

All hearts lo mysubjeclion ; but thb itrangsr. 
Unmoved as rucks, contetmB me. But 1 

Sit down so with mine honour : I «iU gsia 
A double victory, by working him 
To my desire, and taint her is her honoor. 
Oi lose myself : I hare read Ihai 

Is useful — To supplant her, I'll emjilay. 
With any cost. U'txddo and Rleanto^ 

In all Ihe windings of lust's labyrinth : 
And in corrupting him, I Kill^outgo 

it,Uk, I am constant lo 
My resolution. 

Hea. But dare you s(and 
The opposition, and bind ; oitrsclf 
By oath foi (he perionnancf ? 

ihlk. My fnjth else 
Had but a weak Idundaiion. 

/it'll. I lake hold 
Upon youi pfomise, and cDjdn yotir s(ay 
For one month here. 

MalA. 1 am ouighl [ [Aiidt. 

Hon. And if 1 do not 
Produce a lady, in thai time, thai shall 

To impose upon n 

> your chas(e wife, acquaint her with your 
fortune : 
The jewels that were mine yo 

For belter coafitmaiion. ill pi 
Of Iruiiy messengers : but liov 
is she? 

Malh. A day's hard riding. 

Hon. Thece is no retiring ; 
IIlbiiiclyDU to your word. 


slia( his 

Against my Syreii notes. 111 boldly swenr. 
Ulyssa lives again : or that I have iomid 
A fnuen cynic, cold in spite of all 
Allurements ; one whom beati(yc3lUKil man 
Nor softest blandishments entlee to Iok. 

SCEMC I.— Bohemia. A Sfnu mtar (U 

Enlr^nci o/Uaxtiai: Hmu, 

Ealtr Hihirio, vilh a filcktr gf awftr, 

and a uraUii, 

iiision I I am dielal 

hawks 1 and, to keep 

me waking, 

My ctoafcingguls make a perpetual lartim. 

Here 1 stand ceniinel : and, Ihod^ I flight 

my l.idy's gate, in hope to have 

Hil. Thin, (bin pi 

A greater share, 1 And 

I took'd this morning in my glasi. ibe lirer. 
And there appear'd a (ishcili'dapoot Jidin, 
Cut with a Icnlen face, in my own liketus ; 
And it seem'd lo speak, and say, Gsai 

No man comes this waybul has a Sing al me . 
A SBigeon passing by.' Hsk'd n( what tale 
I nould stA myself ; I answerMl, Vat n 1ml 


oul iliacclian ; nnil, Indeed, lie hac 

[ *Di KouT'd vrllh Uiis poor [nirgc K. 

Tlicj- tay ilui liuneer dwells ia iJic camp 
•xt 111! 

ani letums, or curiam tldingii of '. 


M (triiik 

Eutir f biiKlo, Ricardo, .i«J ,i Guldt. 
tiKiJ*. Ttuu'i ber casllc, 
Upon tay Oxtnin knovfledyF. 
{/*■•//. Our hoaa held oul 
To my desire. I am afire to be al it. 
Jtii. Tnkv the jadis for lliy remud ; 
before J rati bCBce, 
I hope Id be hetlcr raniird. Give llie the 

cubinel : 
So : Icoit IB now. 
Gmi/t, (ioud (orluue Id you, gailanis I 

I Hilt. 
ViaU. Rdng Joint ogenls. in a design Of 

For Iho Hnice of the a(imrn, and our own 

■I U9 prouei'd willi jtnlgincnt. 

Sir. U t lake Dot 
TUitfoit al llK finl auiiult. innU' iiie on 

eiinucli - 
So I mav ha.iv piocedcnw. 

.in/ Ib.iIi io plity one prla: ; lie Ihat 

c 31 .irLJiiiiK oTihli mine, iliall cocry it, 

no Instnielion ; 
uriuivll. I'll give Brc 
linMock 1 if (hi- {Hiwder be 

le loiidi-bote 1 Who Imvc 

<ri dU'OU? 

~ir I my dwelling ii 
ihnt goodly hoiucn. 

-. Ncs'er so v cll l [conduct vs, 

Brcnk. pildi 

To Ihe lady. 

Out oT my ^ 

AiidwBllei, late my cupboard, I bM|ueaUia 
Tolheticsl bsEEar; ihou, icd liening. s'"' 
TolheRMlStangain: metblakslnma' 
Knuckle deep in ibc fleshpols ; and, tl 

Of wine and plenty 1 

Sie. Whoi* tile myiicry 
Of Ihisslrwigei 

To my ludy') prcwnce. 1 ar 
There you tliall know all. 

ouiMrip you. 
Rnow I run for inv liclly. 
Utald. A mul (t'llow. 

scene: It.-rf Ra«iu ia MmhiM' J/i-m 
Kaltr Sojihin and Coritoi. 
Soft. Do not ntr-iin delwlo me. 
Corii. HI do. 
Send rne il ^nng with my reilow, H 
I Hood ii£ you commanded, in iLe tui 
ObscTvlng nil Dinl pua'd by ; And evel 
I did dlH»m a pnir of cavalten. 
For sach their outside spoke them, i 

Iheir eitide, 
Diimounlln^ from llieir hones ; tl 

To our hungry ccniinel, that made hi 
And triik III ilic mt for joy : and, to 

See, modnm. lh«y'i 
Mititr HiLuki, Ubakli 


.../. News ftom my lord! 

Tkhngs of joy 1 thcM are no co 

ilul knights indeed. Dearmndom, m 

That I muy feed niptin, vut ^di il 

crumlK ; 
I have had a long fiut ol il. 

Scfi. Eat, I luTKivH ihe". 

Hi/. OcomioTuililcwonbl £at. 



Without inquiry, I presume you are 
The lady of the house, and to sahxte yoo. 
Ric. This letteF, with these jewels, from 
your lord. 
Warrant my boldness, madam. 

[Delivers a UUtr and a easl^, 
Ubald. In being a servant 
To such rare beauty, you must needs deserve 
This courtesy from a stxaimer. 

[5a/«Ay Corisca. 
Ric. You are still 
Beforehand with me. Pretty one, I descend 
To take the height of your bp ; and, if I miss 
In the altitude, hereafter, if you please, 
I will make use of my Jacob s staSl 

[&t/«i!ef Corisca. 
Coris. These gentlemen 
Have certainly had good breeding, as it ap- 
I pears 

I By their neat kissing, they hit me so pat on 
\ the lips, 

At the first sight. 

\In the interim^ Sophia rtads the UiUr^ 
and opens the casket. 
Soph. Hea\*en, in thy mercy, make me 
Thy thankful handmaid for this boundless 

In thy goodness sho^»'er'd upon me ! 

Ubald. I do not like 
This simple devotion in her ; it is seldom 
Practised among my mistresses. 

Ric. Or mine. 
Would they kneel to I know not who, for 

the possession 
Of such inestimable wealth, before 
They thank'd the bringers of it? the poor 

Does want instruction, but I'll be her tutor, 
And read her another lesson. 

Soph. If I have 
Shewn want of manners, gentlemen, in my 

To pay the thanks I owe vou for your travail. 
To do my lord and me, hou'e'er unworthy 
Of such a benefit, this noble favour. 
Impute it, in your clemency, to the excess 
Of joy that overu'helm'd mc. 
Ric. She speaks well. 
UbalJ. Polite and courtly. 
Soph. And ho^-e'er it may 
Increase the offence, to trouble you with more 
Demands touching my lord, before I have 
Invited you to taste such as the coarseness 
O f my poor house can offer ; pray you connive 
On my weak tenderness, though I entreat 
To learn from 3rou something he hath, it 

may be. 
In his letter left unmention'd. 
J^u: I can only 

Give joa assurance that he is in healtlw 
Graced by the king and queen. 

(/Said, Andin ttie court 
Wth admiration look'd on. 

Ric. You must therefore 
Put off these widow's fannenlSg and appew 
Like to vonnell 

UkUd, And entertain all piciuwi 
Your fortune marlu out for you. 

Ric There are other 
Particuhv privacies, which on oooasion 
I will deliver to you. 

Soph. You oblige me 
To yaiai service ever. 

Ric. Good ! yonr serviee : mark UmL 

Soph, In the mea